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File: 1532712176123.png (9.15 MB, 4000x1997, 1524908866748.png)

No. 648895

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/648850

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Jonny recently bought himself a milk snake and bought Taylor an orchid mantis

> Jokes about dead pets (hardly new at this point)
> They both continue impulse buying animals despite owning over 30
> Posted photos clearly showing off a number of suspect bruises on her arm
> Proof (kind of) came out on Twitter that Taylor smokes heroin with Jonny
> Posts picture of abandoned service dog looking overweight and with an unhealthy coat
> Uses her plethora of illness to excuse not posting, yet she’s somehow able to care for 30+ animals everyday
> Suddenly starts ranting about being vegan and saving the planet despite not even being vegetarian herself
> Finally got the cheese tattoo, looks terrible (not surprising)
> Got the new monitor sage, lies about its size repeatedly, still too small for the monitor and provided next to no substrate, hides, inadequate lighting, and climbing area for the monitor.
> Kovu died at 3 ½, Taylor claims it was a result of bad breeding and she expected him to die way earlier. He likely died of heat exhaustion in the wake of the heat wave that struck Texas when he was living in a tank, after months of neglect in a closet
> Jonny went on tour in Brazil, was drinking the whole time, holding open alcohol
> Started claiming that a breeder was going to give her a $7500 snake for free just for telling him who she was, then claimed it was only $50 for shipping, it’s still not clear if she’ll end up with the snake
> Decided to put all of her snakes into breeder racks
> Never bothered getting a proper set up for the mantis shrimp
> Posted a link to a podcast not realizing that it didn’t paint her in a positive light (link to the podcast and summary of the podcast with time stamps is in previous thread)
> Pacman frog is very unhealthy, legs splayed out, eyes blown out, bones and muscle deteriorating
> After months of neglecting to treat her bearded dragon for what started with a small tail injury and possibly losing just the tip of its tail, the tail became necrotic and about half of the tail had to be amputated.
> TLDR of said podcast: In reference to TND’s no showing at Playlist, Mama Dean says that part of the reason that she came to Playlist was because she thought something would happen. It was confirmed that TND didn’t stay at the Marriott, was instead in some house/apartment with JC, and a SWAT team shows up and question Mama Dean about JC when Taylor is still missing. TND arranges the lobby meet and greet and shows up half naked and eyes glazed over. She was supposed to go back to where her and JC are staying but that he just texted her saying he’s at a bar, so she can’t even get back into the apartment. Interviewer lets TND stay in her hotel room to wait and TND sits on the couch and stares at the wall for 45 minutes until she leaves to go back to JC.

No. 648912

File: 1532714255532.png (41.31 KB, 465x267, Picture 3.png)

No. 648913

File: 1532714268112.png (23.06 KB, 466x119, Picture 4.png)

No. 648915

File: 1532714394108.jpeg (146.01 KB, 1241x473, 735DCE38-1757-4E56-8DF9-522198…)

No. 648928

File: 1532715583836.jpg (597.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-122015.jpg)

Does he always have this much white/speckle-y stuff around his face?

No. 648931

Unless he's one that has vitiligo, that looks like either scarring or fungus, both bad

No. 648932

>interviewer lets TND stay in her hotel room to wait and TND sits on the wall and stares at the wall for 45 minutes until she leaves to go back to JC

That’s creepy af lmao

No. 648935

File: 1532716012445.png (344.66 KB, 465x652, Picture 5.png)


Mushu doesn't look great in pic I'm attaching but definitely doesn't have that long white streak on his face. Definitely looks like a scar or fungus.

No. 648939

He’s so annoying. Are his friends exactly like this? Cuz that’s just sad. He’s trying to boast about everything yet he wont live past 50

Poor thing. I bet TND going to try to “fix” it first before sending him to a vet too

No. 648946

This is assuming that she even notices that anything is wrong or she gets enough people calling her out on it. She can also use the excuse that there aren't many vets that treat exotics like axolotls. That was her excuse the last time Mushu had a fungus and nearly died after 5 weeks of not eating.

No. 648947

As for the interview being done in 'secret' the person did mention that they had scheduled an interview but it does sort of sound like she didn't know it was happening and found it to be more a 'therapeutic' moment

I sort of feel bad for her in the sense that she seems to have no one else to turn to but that doesn't excuse her being a shit person overall

No. 648949

File: 1532716911946.jpg (544.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180727-113301.jpg)

Sounds like she just wanted to interview Taylor as a fan of her videos. Jonny really fucked things up for her (life), it's plain to people who have never heard of them. Heres a screenshot from the replyall Twitter.

No. 648951

Mushu has these white spots all over their body, from head to tail. It does not look fluffy like fungus but I could be wrong

No. 648952

File: 1532717269570.jpg (345.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-124725.jpg)

I feel like Taylor won't care about her roughneck when he's this big and not really "cute" anymore. They definitely aren't as cute as adults as they are as babies, so I feel he'll be shoved into that inadequate enclosure for the rest of his very possibly short life

No. 648953

File: 1532717342414.jpg (639.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-124916.jpg)

You need to sage if you're not adding new milk.
And this is mushu a while ago, he definitely has some white markings but it's nowhere near as extreme as the white in her story

No. 648960

File: 1532717741281.jpg (687.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180727-115314.jpg)

Jennifer retweeted podcast interviewer praise lol

No. 648981

I know that pic is from dec but even in the more recent ones Mushu looks skinny. Females are supposed to be "chubby/chunky", Mushu looks underfed or dealing with a fungus/bacterial infection (again)

No. 649042

It's crazy to me that people at playlist we're freaked out calling the SWAT team and everything and Taylor's mom was just like "whatever"

No. 649047

She's claiming that Ella's new tank is 136 gallons and is 6x3 ft. It seems to me like she's exaggerating sizes again.

No. 649057

Yeah, I kinda felt that way too. But I have to guess her Mom is just so used to her daughter disappearing and not being in contact with her that it wasn't as alarming to her? Like if TND moved out because her Mom didn't approve of her boyfriend, I'm sure they fought about it a lot. This must just not be anything new to her.

No. 649079

She has so many animals I don’t even know which one is Ella? When did she get an animal named Ella?

No. 649084

File: 1532730704517.png (203.92 KB, 464x427, Picture 3 19-42-10.png)

One of her female hedgehogs. She conveniently showed pics of a new enclosure with "great ventilation" the day Kovu died (possibly from the heat in the closet). Just doesn't seem like it's 6x3.

No. 649087

File: 1532730949312.jpeg (134.03 KB, 1287x806, 3833F00A-1678-4466-A075-3066AC…)

Apparently she’s going to the same guy who did her deformed crocodile tattoo.

No. 649102

I thought the podcast was very sympathetic to her. It's weird she got mad about it. It was more about the pitfalls of YouTube celebrity than anything.

No. 649103

Okay but tattoos cost so much money. If she’s really trying to save, especially after buying the chimera supposedly, a whole sleeve isn’t really the way to go. Sigh. Is anything she says true?

No. 649106

So basically she's going to rip off someone else's nice tattoo and get a shitty knock-off like she did with the crocodile.

Not to mention a full sleeve takes weeks of work and thousands (?) of $.

She showed an example of the style she wants. It's dainty single needle linework. It will look terrible!

No. 649107

Who is also the white guy that blatantly stole IP from an artist of color, she really has low standards for her tattoo artists

No. 649108

Don't forget Johnny outed that they threw away money on two new phones (broke his literally at the store supposedly lmfao)
He constantly outs their ridic spending on useless shit and Taylor recently broke her third (second?) camera not to long ago and replaced it etc

No. 649112

I don't understand how what she's describing is a sleeve. And I also don't think that's soemthing romeo should be trusted with. She's going to end up with a blurry, horrible mess of an arm.

No. 649119

Now that her nails are done again, pics of her holding her snakes are back.

Also, since she can’t do anything else to her hair- she’s focusing on piercings and tats. Lol. Can’t take back tats. I wonder how much of this is JC pushing her to do it because it’s what he likes and is attracted to. And her being insecure, she’s like sure!

No. 649136

File: 1532736445406.jpeg (270.19 KB, 1261x1428, 55B254B5-EF7F-4DDC-AC4C-2159BA…)

Lots of empty cages that I’m imagining she’s going to fill soon. Also looks like the 6ft cage she moved her hedgehog into is the bottom one of these cages. Weird considering her reasoning behind putting them in the closet to begin with was so the reptiles couldn’t smell them (although we already know that was a BS excuse).

No. 649140

It's also obviously not 3ft deep. I've never met someone who lies as much as her. She also made a huge deal about these display cages then a few months later puts all her snakes into drawers.

No. 649148

omfg I when you said fix him and take him to the vet that you were referring to Johnny hahaha

No. 649152

All of the cages are only 2ft deep. I don’t know why she picks that to lie about when all of the cages she has are easy to find online.

No. 649155


But if anyone asks her about it she'd probably say something like "well, the company made these specially for me because I told them who I am/told them how big an animals cages should actually be!"

No. 649166

File: 1532739299790.jpeg (146.92 KB, 1242x471, BD1C2589-3415-4240-B443-D5E556…)

No. 649170

Is she back to shading her daughter on twitter again

No. 649171

So basically she was being greedy about space probably trying to free up as many tanks in this setup as possible so she could get more animals while leaving her hedgehogs to die inside the closet. Then only moved the other hedgehog into the setup after the one died probably from being in a hot stuffy closet. Cool.

No. 649208

Why does he talk like he's retarded

No. 649209

No. 649210

The only reason she doesn't have anyone because she pushed away and humiliated everyone who tried to help her. She doesn't want help, she knows she can get out and will have much more support and love from others if she does. She's willingly in this relationship. She doesn't leave because she doesn't want to.

No. 649211

Funny how she can sit through large tattoos but stubs her toe and can't film for a month. Her illness sure is convenient.

No. 649213

She's trying to/he's pushing her to look like his exes

No. 649218

File: 1532744378009.jpeg (209.29 KB, 1288x1258, 0E882543-1335-49FD-8730-B1B928…)

Her vet (Town and Country) only has one vet and he’s not an exotic vet. Just more lies.

No. 649233

Is he implying he is just now getting off of opiates?

No. 649240

Why would she lie about this? I just imagine her in bed eating Cheetos, getting Cheeto past on the screen of her new phone as she comes up with these stories.

"How do I make myself look like a good pet mom so people will stop calling out my shit care? Oh, got it! I'm taking my bearded dragon to the vet at 9PM! Only a good pet mom would do something so inconvenient! God… I hope that noise just now was Jonny drowning in the shower."

No. 649246

File: 1532746346557.png (77.37 KB, 428x334, Picture 15.png)

Blaming the breeders for her not knowing Twisty is male.

No. 649248

File: 1532746405564.png (31.94 KB, 424x137, Picture 5.png)

Blaming the breeder for Twisty's tail rot.

No. 649249

File: 1532746504687.png (39.5 KB, 436x179, Picture 13.png)

Claiming only she could have noticed the rot and helped Twisty, despite neglecting him for 8 months.

No. 649251


That does look like fungus :/

No. 649254

File: 1532746972627.png (89.89 KB, 418x481, Picture 3.png)

(sorry these screenshots are sloppy, I have a lot to go through from her instagram)

Her she's blaming the vet for telling her to use essential oils on Twisty's tail. When she's called out she claims she meant mineral oil but then still claims the idea for essential oils came from the vet. Which is it? Always blaming someone else.

No. 649264

Drug addicts are professional liars, it's Taylor and Jonny's entire existence to lie and bullshit everyone around them.

No. 649275

Isn't she suppose to be at petfest in the morning or did she cancel? I have a feeling an excuse is about to arise, from this appointment preventing her from going. Sage for speculation.

No. 649276

Petfest isn't until August 11th

No. 649277

Oh I read the promo wrong. Ticket sales start tomorrow. My bad.

No. 649285

File: 1532750573447.jpg (320.5 KB, 1080x1152, Untitled-1.jpg)

She's getting called out on instagram for lying about her vets in re: to Twisty's tail and the monitor.

We've known all along that she's been going to the Town & Country vet for months (maybe even years).

But she claims she was taking Twisty to a different vet who didn't want to amputate because the anesthesia would "kill him." Then she brings him to this great new vet who does the "correct treatment." Except this "new" vet is the Town & Country vet she always uses and is also the vet who just knows the monitor is CBB.

She doesn't want to take any responsibility for allowing Twisty to get so bad so she actually makes up an incompetent vet to blame and pretends her old vet is fucking brand new while simultaneously trying to pretend they've been telling her for months Kronos is captive bred.

…and her fucking stans actually believe this shit.

No. 649288

File: 1532750640338.jpg (412.83 KB, 1296x1152, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 649290

TBH Joce does comment incessantly over Jennifer and Taylor's anything they post. She's gross and a half. Not WK but I highly doubt this chick is in vet school.

No. 649300

She really doesn’t though? And you really shouldn’t derail the thread about someone who isn’t Taylor, Jonny or Jen And call them gross.

No. 649301

Is that in the rules? I must have missed it. This isn't the first time she's interjected herself and tried to post about herself in Taylor's thread. I'm not taking it back, ban me if you want.

No. 649303

By Taylor's thread I mean numerous lolcow threads. Won't blog post, but tired of reoccurring posts where this chick tries to holier than thou cuz she's a fake vet.

No. 649336

why does her setups look like something straight out of petsmarts/petco where the employees just ignores all the animals until it's empty or half rotting away?

No. 649368

File: 1532761065254.png (333.72 KB, 1080x998, IMG_20180728_075359.png)

Does Taylor not understand that different artists do different style tattoos? Not only is the porno tattoo artist that did her crocodile subpar at tattooing, his style is nothing like the picture she linked. I feel like she wants a dainty, pretty sleeve and is going to end up with something chunky and really out of proportion. Ahh well, it's her own fault for going to a 'model' for her tattoos instead of researching decent tattoo artists.

No. 649371


lol you'd think she'd go to someone who specializes in that form of delicate linework with the money she supposedly has but whatever, honestly, I'm excited for her to ruin her body even more

No. 649374

Wow, I just googled him. He's a god damn nude model. He seems more into that than tattooing. This is going to be fantastic (for us, not for her!).

No. 649377

Sorry for off topic but y'all will love milk anyway.
Joce is pretty milky herself. Keeps selfposting and saying she "Found someone" asking question from Taylor when it's clear its she herself humblebragging and her Instagram. She also changed Insta name multiple times after getting caught, including most recently today, it seems. Also few threads ago she was confronted about the selfposting which she denied but then again her Instagram magically disappeared.. Who knows, maybe our very own vet extraordinaire will find herself in a thread of her own some day.
Also based on what can be found on Tumblr she is pretty snowflakey and changed her name/url and blocked people when someone criticized a tattoo of hers.(off topic)

No. 649399

I like how she included her cats in one of the empty tanks

No. 649401

Someone should contact the company. She's basically slenderising them online(Cowtipping )

No. 649411

That's because the tweet was about her supposedly "calling them for 10 minutes" and then finding them both in the tank.

No. 649458

she obviously put them there for a picture. cats don't follow each other like that, aspecially into tiny spaces with one way out

No. 649467

sure they can do that but when it's Taylor we know she loves to exploit her animals for attention.

No. 649468

Especially with her “EDS”…it’s gonna look like a crap fest!

No. 649470

Who cares? She’s legitimately calling Taylor out as lying. I don’t give a crap about who she says she says is as long as she’s calling her out!

No. 649503

I know you aren’t excusing her shitty behavior but why do people feel bad for her? She has shut in and isolated herself. She was warned a ton about how Jonny wasn’t good for her. Her mom is always there for her (no matter how crazy Jen is) and would no doubt support her if she wanted to leave him. Chelsea warned her about him and told her she’d let Taylor even stay at her place if she needed to. Taylor has humiliated her in return. She turns away all people who try to help her, that’s her fault.

No. 649507

She’s been so bad about changing things about herself or getting something new done since Jonny came around. I’m sure he’s always in her ear about what she could do to look better. What I don’t understand is it’s like hes trying to groom her to look more like his exes, but he’s always bashing women with tattoos? He says women covered in tats is unattractive to him. I wonder if he purposely pressures her to get them so he can just berate her later about them. It’s like a sick mind game. Last tattoo (ugly cheese one) she got Jonny threw some indirect shade at her right after she got it on insta. She must constantly feel like shit about herself. Don’t know why she enjoys being with this piece of shit manlet so much.

No. 649513

Lmao did anyone see that Chelsea tweeted out the link to the podcast and then on her Instagram story posted a video of a fake fish tank mocking Taylor? I know it’s petty but it’s pretty funny.

No. 649519

I don't care how petty Chelsea is, I'm here for it. It's hilarious. She deserves to be dragged now and more people should be dragging her.

No. 649546

File: 1532794168081.jpeg (82.96 KB, 640x483, 17A3BC31-3C37-4061-8DAE-4543C4…)

I saw this comment on Taylor’s community post about pet fest. Even though Taylor’s fans are ignorant for supporting her, I hope Taylor actually shows to everything she’s supposed to for the sake of people like this who are spending money to come see her.

No. 649603

Not wk'ing but that pic he tweeted was clearly sarcastic. It was some "men only like tattoo-free virgins without debt" meme from a super Christian page people have been sharing ironically

No. 649633

File: 1532800979623.png (20.37 KB, 469x103, Picture 3.png)

This is hilarious to me because it's one more example of how uneducated she is. Newsflash, Taylor, Lush is anti-conservation, anti-zoo, and pro-PETA. Lush's treatment of the Little Fireface Project was terrible, especially considering that organization does actual work for conservation of the slow loris. No, Lush would rather give money to PETA and Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants, a bunch of rabid animal rights activists who don't care about animals at all.

No. 649650

I agree, I am SO here for Chelsea being petty. She has every right to be at this point lol let the sweet milk flow girl, we got you.

No. 649652

Is this bitch REALLY gonna talk about cruelty free products right now? Pretty sure all the products she used in her makeup tutorial are NOT cruelty free.

No. 649666

Twisty looked kinda young to sex when he was first bought, if the breeders told her female, they meant they were assuming female but usually until a beardie hits 6 months, you can't accurately sex them for sure.

No. 649688

Lol in the photos she posted of Nemo putting his foot in the bathtub you can see Dove's women deodorant in the background. She definitely doesn't look out for cruelty free, just buys as she goes and mentions c/f when it benefits her.

No. 649708

File: 1532807973776.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1575, 6F48C40D-4924-49EC-A92F-64AFF1…)

How can an apartment as nice as hers have such a filthy bathtub? How does she not notice literal dark dirt in the pics she posts

No. 649712

While i think bathing in a dirty bathtub is gross, i feel the bigger concern is how in the back of all her pics/videos there's clothes & various trash thrown around. But i guess she doesn't care what conditions her roaming pets live in. She should at least keep the animal room shut.

No. 649713

I was literally about to comment the same thing, so much grime, how can she even bathe in it. Makes me lol that in the video with Romeo she said her apartment is very clean lmfao in what world.

No. 649723

That’s one heavy black bathtub ring! Gross! Her mom obviously never taught her to clean. Way to go Jen!

No. 649732

Jen is too busy with Tanner and Disney..,she probably has a housekeeper!!

No. 649734


I'm seriously grossed out right now how do you even let your bathtub build up mildew at all? It's basic maintenance!! Why would you sit your entire ass down in a bathtub you very obviously haven't cleaned? There's literally a gray film!? What the fuck!

No. 649737

Tay's spending 7.5k on a snake and doesn't hire someone to clean once a week? Priorities.
Honestly how does she expect people to think she keeps her animals tanks clean when she lives in filth. She's literally in the early stages of being one of these people on hoarding shows with 18 dogs and rooms covered in mold and faeces.

No. 649754

File: 1532812485986.png (152.15 KB, 1080x675, IMG_20180728_220544.png)

Lmao yeah sure, Tay. I doubt most of the stuff she uses is cruelty free, I had a quick Google of the Designline silver shampoo in the background and couldn't find any confirmation that is was cruelty free, other than a tiny sentence on the website saying they don't test products on animals, nothing about ingredients, if they sell to China, if they're affiliated with or pay another company to test ingredients on their behalf etc etc, all pretty basic things if you're looking for cruelty free products. I honestly wouldn't judge someone for not using 100% cruelty free products, but don't try and act like you do and are also vegan lmao, what is with all the constant lying and proving she's a massive hypocrite time and time again. Just don't lie ffs.

No. 649755

But totally not a hoader
In all her stories there is clothes and trash everywhere
Jonny and Taylor sit in their asses all day but cant even pick up that?

No. 649757

She made a mistake by saying this. Pretty much just gave everyone the go ahead to make sure nothing she is using is cruelty free. She does this to herself, just keeps digging holes with her lying.

No. 649763

I know, she literally could have said she was in the process of changing but not everything is cruelty free yet, it's not easy to just suddenly switch everything you're using (also wasteful) and people understand that, but ofc has to lie for no reason.

No. 649766

Just watched her makeup tutorial video, checked all the brands and all were cruelty free except her primer (smashbox). Accidentally buying certain products happens but at the same time, you can order literally anything you need from cruelty free brands online with that kind of income. Not sure how many times she's been seen with non-cruelty free items though.

No. 649767

Petty Paige is live on youtube and said that the TND video is coming soon, apparently it might be 2 videos as it's so "layered".

TND agreed to a Skype interview but has basically ignored PP so she's releasing the video with her side.

No. 649768

She also used Tarte, Makeup Forever and Too Faced in her makeup video, all of which either sell in China (require animal testing by law) or are owned by a parent company that isn't cruelty free. Some people still class these companies as cruelty free as they don't test on animals in their own countries, but they're still involved with animal testing. It's personal choice but just thought it was worth mentioning.

No. 649775

Ahh i missed the makeup forever product. But too faced & tarte label themselves cruelty free despite parent companies so it's easy to get confused, but who knows what she uses on her skin & hair too.

No. 649781

Yeah I totally understand, I wasn't judging her for it or anything, but it just makes me think she hasn't looked into it very much, like how she researches animals and talks about veganism yet isn't vegan herself? haha

No. 649789


She said in her video with Romeo though that she has a cleaner come in. Yet another lie…

No. 649803

Wait really?

No. 649813

Taylor posted a photo of her hair being bleached then quickly deleted, wonder why? It's so close to all falling off..

No. 649815

Google states that LUSH does not give money to PETA so could you share where you found this information?

No. 649819

File: 1532818975884.png (8.27 MB, 1242x2208, B8BC5805-3196-4D62-B049-94C75B…)

No. 649820

She might as well be bathing in her trash can. It's a proven fact that bathtubs get dirtier.

No. 649822

File: 1532819378443.png (707.69 KB, 727x752, tnd hair.png)

Here's the tweet itself

No. 649823

File: 1532819474499.png (280.11 KB, 964x804, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 7.10…)

No. 649837

maybe instead of wasting cash on shitty lip injections she should buy a few chemical peels. those sun spots are pretty bad, they practically look like liver spots.

No. 649870

Sister noooooo…… I know James has had lots of scandals in the past but I actually really like him now. Ugh hope this doesn’t happen. This reminds me of when she and her stans were bugging Shane Dawson trying to get him to collab with her. I was so glad that never happened but then saw recently he followed her back :/

No. 649878

Lmao I don’t believe for a second that Johnny goes to the store for anything that isn’t alcohol

No. 649889

She needs those brows done while she’s there

No. 649908

Lol same. Her lies are so stupid.

No. 649916

>my boyfriend did the shopping that day!
>dove deodorant also in the bg

Aiight Tay.

No. 649923

How does her bf not know what deodorant she uses, and why didnt she tell him what kind to get lol

No. 649961

a very realistic scene you painted for us, anon. except one small detail - Jonny doesn't shower

No. 649988

I would unstan James so fast if he knowingly promoted a rape apologist…he must not know about her relationship with jonny or the details of abuse bc I don't think james is the type to associate with that…he's very conscious of his image on the internet.

No. 650000

File: 1532835101391.png (138.89 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-28-21-31-11…)

Taylor is going hardcore with those drug addict tweets.

No. 650011


She can think what she wants. This sort of enabling learned-helplessness attitude will just send JC to his grave all the quicker. If she is using, I hope she's ready to follow the same path because like most 'diseases', addiction has a nasty habit of escalating.

No. 650018

File: 1532836911291.png (27.64 KB, 468x137, Picture 3.png)

No. 650020

File: 1532837031707.png (31 KB, 467x133, Picture 6.png)

I hope for the fans' sakes that this doesn't become TanaCon 2.0.

No. 650022

File: 1532837087596.png (36.22 KB, 460x210, Picture 4.png)

No. 650044

I wonder if that many people are actually going…if it lets you get two free tickets maybe some people just got some to mess with them?

No. 650046

I know for a fact that many people got tickets with no intention of going. One less person to get sucked into subpar pet care the better

No. 650047

Taylor only preaches that it’s a disease because she loves playing the fragile creature and one more disease for her to have the better

No. 650048

It certainly seems like that's possible. I saw one fan tweet about flying to Ohio from NC for his birthday and how excited he is to meet Taylor. She probably won't even show up and all these people are brainwashed into thinking they're meeting animal experts.

No. 650049

She wants to come off as a savior to all. That's why she likes to show off all her animals and her drug addict rapist boyfriend…shes "saving" them all. Jonny is Taylors pet

No. 650064

I know this is old now but back when Amanda and him had recently broken up she posted something about how he always breaks his iphones when a new one gets released so it looks to me that he did it on purpose so Taylor would get him a new one lol

No. 650072

File: 1532844207036.jpeg (333.04 KB, 1242x887, EA8C8B7C-5704-40C4-BE4C-51B5B2…)

No. 650092

File: 1532847570870.png (526.91 KB, 1080x1553, IMG_20180729_075846.png)

Did this get posted already?

No. 650096

No, it hasn't been posted yet. Wow, what a disgusting hypocrite…

No. 650100

File: 1532849486701.png (284.79 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-29-01-26-07…)

Why I have the feeling that problem of unselled/selled tickets will be a problem?

No. 650107

TanaCon 2.0 incoming, not knowing how many people attending a con is worrying.

No. 650206

File: 1532866391547.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2027, IMG_20180729_131203.png)

Seriously what hairdresser is still willing to bleach this disaster.

No. 650217

Yikes. She is not taking care of herself. Her skin is fucked.

No. 650228

Ffs just leave it alone and let it heal. Do you want to just be bald?

No. 650244


Damn, look at how thin her roots and ends are? You can see how fucked and fried her hair is, why would she even bleach it again?

No. 650251

She needs to stop bleaching/dying her hair and wearing extensions and just let it heal. If she wants to look good for videos she needs to get a really nice wig. At this point a wig will look a million times better than anything with her hair until she lets it heal.

No. 650255

File: 1532871482996.jpg (311.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180729-093317_Twi…)

Does anyone know what happened with this?

No. 650256

File: 1532871535015.jpg (158.38 KB, 720x748, Screenshot_20180729-093337_Twi…)


No. 650258

Da fuck? How can her Stan's believe this shit?

No. 650264

This is so ridiculous lmfao Didn’t she say something similar years ago about how she knew so much about the animals on a tour at Disney that they “hired her” there too, and then she never mentioned it again?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a shitty fish tank in a doctor’s office probably never had a “professional” involved from the start lol let alone someone they would simply fire just like that. She lies a lot, she needs constant validation, to be told she’s doing a good job or she’s so smart and better than others etc. It’s sad as shit lol

No. 650272

sure jan.

also, I highly doubt there is separate person in company just working with fish tanks.
I work in office and we all have brought plants here and take care of them together. There is no "plant acquirer and caretaker" profession in the company.

Also, if her claim was true I would not be seemingly proud of getting someone fired.
Taylor reminds me of those Tumblr girls who pulling stories out of their ass. And then everyone clapped.

No. 650301

Coincidentally around the time she has been sperging about addiction being a disease so this read to me like
>If you get your partner addicted too, it will be "our" problem! Not just mine!

>If you find a partner that also already has addiction problems, it can be our problem together!

No. 650302

Lmao what the hell. I can't believe her stans don't see that she's a compulsive liar.

No. 650309

Lmao she really thought this picture was “sexy” like her hair is fried, died and balding on all sides. Her face is honestly grimy. It’s one thing to have acne but it just looks like she doesn’t wash her face and continuously caked on make up therefore making it worse. She needs to drink water as actually get a face routine because a good cleanser can clear up that diet and grime in a week

No. 650325

File: 1532878645662.png (153.41 KB, 750x1334, 142D05AE-4D9E-4089-A13F-8ABBCC…)

Lol Chelsea here. I find it hilarious that jonny is a relationship expert when this is how he actually feels

No. 650328

nothing is “ours” in that relationship. It’s all his and your voice has zero meaning. Never has and never will. Notice when they broke up the first time and she made it public and said something like “you have no idea how much stuff goes on” or however she worded it. THATS the shit I’m waiting to hear about. Cause I know exactly how that feels. I hate taylor but I do hope she escapes this life with him.

No. 650329

I'm amused at what her idea of natural is.. It would look way more natural if she had kept some of the darker root. Lol. There's nothing natural looking about that bleached looking blonde.

No. 650333

I think her saying “the natural look” was talking about no makeup on her face.

No. 650343

Yiiiikes, what kind of hairdresser would even agree to bleach this?? Her roots are beyond thin, she is going to go bald at this rate. I thought she was going to take a long break from dying for at least a year, to let it heal. Notice how she can’t seem to film videos and be productive without getting her hair done. God her hair looks awful. She doesn’t look like she takes care of herself at all

No. 650383

FYI. Once hair is chemically treated/bleached/colored it is permanently damaged. Only new growth would be healthy.

No. 650385

That shit's gonna snap off soon

No. 650386

I am living for Chelsea rn. Glad to know she wasn't scared off.

No. 650399

Yeah that’s what I meant. Stop bothering it and let it grow out and then cut off the damaged parts. Honestly her hair reminds me of that dog “this is fine” fire meme.

No. 650401

File: 1532886507522.jpeg (414.84 KB, 750x858, 2DE7B99B-C53C-4D0D-8A11-483229…)

I know this is emzotic so that’s a whole nother can of worms but lol @taylors mother completely missing the whole point about understanding consent. Also isn’t her stepson like 30?

No. 650407

At this point Idk why I even follow Taylor and her drama. She and her mom live on a totally different planet. Nothing anyone says will ever get thru to them because they hear what they want to hear. Taylor knows exactly how to lie her way out of any situation.. She knows if she plays dumb and shifts blame she can still be seen as a victim. I think Taylor is consciously aware of every lie she tells. She doesn't even believe her own lies.

No. 650428

Lmfao at this point I don't know who makes me cringe more, Taylor or Jen. They don't have two brain cells between them. Also why is she replying to a tweet from months ago? :s

No. 650440


Why reply to a tweet a month ago and why reply to someone that literally bullied your daughter anonymously online?? I would assume mama Dean is on Taylor's side in the whole EmzoticGate, but then again she could be trying to use Em for publicity

No. 650465

I almost want to say Jen. I grind my teeth at her twitter handle because she has two kids that are obsessed with Disney characters, yet she can't spell Timon and Pumbaa right.

No. 650484

File: 1532893648717.jpg (260.99 KB, 630x1200, MV5BM2M3YWRkN2MtZDg5OC00NmRmLT…)

wow the resemblance is uncanny kek
she has completely ruined her hair, it looks like it probably breaks when she even touches it! She needs to chill on the bleach, she looked better with dark hair anyways. Her skin though… She's only 21 and her skin looks like that, oof. Why is she just wrecking her appearance?

No. 650504

Looks more like bruises from a good beating! Hardly natural!

No. 650511

I feel the same. It just gets more and more ridiculous and frustrating that some of her stand are so thick they would believe literally anything she said. I’m just hanging in there waiting for the time it ultimately implodes.

No. 650515

drug addicts are scary. i was in your shoes. he would hurt me, love bomb me, threaten me, love bomb me until i just wanted him to OD.

No. 650522

nice crack whore look

No. 650543

File: 1532900876564.jpeg (610.02 KB, 2448x2050, 583027BA-CE5C-4CEC-A78E-2A4B37…)


No. 650544

I'm all for natural beauty and whatever but Taylor girl… what is you doing.

No. 650560


anything but washing her face and drinking water

No. 650568

File: 1532903917184.jpeg (153.33 KB, 750x1055, image.jpeg)

Also included the shitty comment + reply Jesus Christ

No. 650586

File: 1532904615220.png (261.33 KB, 460x600, 8B9CE82A-41D2-44B4-BD5C-6171F6…)

This is awful but I made an attempt

No. 650600

She goes to a chain hair salon at the mall attached to her apartment complex, it’s the smaller one of the two there and they don’t get as much business so the people there probably don’t give a shit about what she does to her hair

No. 650602

Taylor logic: why bother owning up to your shit when you know you can get away with lying and block anyone who sees through it so you can keep up the "I'm a good pet owner, I know everything, I'm always right and if anything happens to my pets its the breeders/vets fault" persona? She knows she's full of shit but she doesn't care.

She knows her stans will defend her no matter what so she just pulls shit out of her ass and they eat it up. Her lies don't even need to be consistent because they're retarded enough to believe anything she says. She can literally stab her cats on camera then say "they were terminally ill and suffering but the vet wouldn't euthanize them so I did it myself" and they'll still believe her and praise her for being a good pet owner.

No. 650610

File: 1532907154019.jpeg (213.39 KB, 1289x956, C2F736D1-D72E-4A93-91DF-64E993…)

“No filter”

No. 650614

"Freckles" is that what she's calling her acne?

No. 650618

"I'm not super familiar with facetune" hahahahahah she's so fucking bad at lying it's embarrassing

No. 650623

File: 1532908126087.png (84.65 KB, 413x623, Picture 3.png)

Did he get dropped on his head as a child?

No. 650626

File: 1532908698924.png (115.37 KB, 465x652, Picture 4.png)

She is so manipulative and self-centered. Nobody is claiming addiction isn't a terrible disease, but most decent people believe in being held accountable for the shit you do (like rape). Being an addict isn't a valid excuse. Go be a fucking addict with your scum bag boyfriend but maybe don't lie and pretend he's sober when there's photos to prove otherwise and then act like you're being "bullied" by people. The only mental disorder she has is pathological lying.

No. 650634

It’s good to see you around again, Chelsea. I love it when you call them the fuck out on their shit.

No. 650637

Jesus fucking christ. We dont hate Jonny because he's an addict… we hate him because he's a fucking rapist

No. 650644

Exactly. Rape is a choice. Dating a rapist is a choice. Victim blaming his exes is a fucking choice. They're both disgusting. And she has the nerve to sit there and act like we're all haters who just don't understand addiction and mental illness.

No. 650646

File: 1532910687555.png (159.02 KB, 1191x923, Untitled.png)

I'm not arguing with you…
I'm 50! Have a great day!

No. 650653

Wow. She’s looking more and more like a junkie you see at a low budget motel and less & less like that gorgeous girl she used to be. That’s so sad.

No. 650655

La Cantera? Don't they have an apartment attached there?

No. 650661

I didn't search you out! I searched for anyone who was talking shit about my idiot daughter!

No. 650665

She loves pulling the "stop hating my bf because of his drug problem" card as if THAT'S what we're mad about and not the fact that he beat and raped his exes so she can feel like she's a good person for "helping" him even though she's just enabling him by doing drugs with him. She loves being a victim so much. She doesn't actually care to get him help; not that he even wants to recover but she needs to drop the superiority complex and stop acting like she's "saving" him.

No. 650666

File: 1532913652107.png (143.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-29-20-17-28…)

She can't let it go lol

No. 650671

File: 1532914185194.jpeg (304.77 KB, 1290x1127, AC1F8BCE-711B-48C9-AA77-12298D…)

No. 650693

“recovering” that’s hilarious Taylor.

No. 650703

File: 1532918007495.jpeg (469.03 KB, 2000x1500, A1C2516D-2737-466C-99D6-8930C6…)

No. 650706

Can she just like, come out and admit she's a fucking addict.

No. 650710

Good lord Taylor please just lay off the coke. Not only do you look horrible from doing drugs and drinking, but you just sound incredibly stupid.

No. 650766

She's such a fucking idiot. While no one chooses to be an addict, they still make the choice to try drugs in the first place. I come from a long line of smokers, but no one forced me to spend my money on my first pack of cigarettes. I did that on my own because I was an idiot trying to be edgy.

No. 650786

I absolutely can't believe you're going to argue for tubs Taylor.. Why the fuck would someone who buys designer snakes shove them into shelves?? And there's absolutely no way they have enough fucking space its cruel for someone who claims to care so much and be a through and caring pet owner. There shouldn't even be a discussion about it since she literally put them on fucking aspen I can't fucking believe her audacity

No. 650794

File: 1532928011824.jpeg (167.85 KB, 1292x941, 59D13615-285C-407E-96C7-AD4FD2…)

No. 650795

File: 1532928027049.jpeg (284.34 KB, 1299x1307, A38469AA-BAE5-4067-94A0-EA2564…)

No. 650797

File: 1532928156271.jpeg (234.25 KB, 1291x1152, C5C5BF55-E9C8-4692-B849-6DF9BA…)

No. 650798

she thinks she's able to get a job and keep it with that work ethic that she has. LMAO

No. 650799

I think this was sarcasm

No. 650801


Here's the thing. People feel bad for addicts who are miserable, want to change and realize how their actions negatively affect their life and the lives of those around them. It certainly doesn't remove responsibility from mistakes they make or crimes they commit.

No one feels bad for you or your shit stain boyfriend, Taylor.

She's already painting themselves as victims so she has to take zero accountability (JC too) when things go sour. "It's a mental illness, I can't help it!"

No. 650806

Congrats on your stalking credentials I guess? Does the salon even matter. It's a crap job.

No. 650809

I can see why 12yos are drawn to this way of thinking.

No. 650822

Go back to school for zoology or marine biology, hahahaha omg I can't. She has absolutely no idea what these degrees are about, I honestly think she thinks because she has fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals etc she'll know everything already and it'll be easy lmao. Taylor, girl, it's nothing to do with caring about animals unless you take a zoo management module. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and you're not gonna be able to use your 'muh illness' excuse every time you miss a deadline. Hahaha I honestly don't think she'd last a month, if she even manages to get in.

No. 650903


Depression and anorexia aren't terminal diseases you thick cow. No, you can't "just think differently" and cure them, but the expectation is that people with these issues at least seek help and TRY to treat their illnesses.

And that includes addiction. Only idiots think addicts just "shouldn't do drugs", most people think you should GET THE HELP YOU NEED to get off them.

Taylor's fucking rich, there's no excuse for her to not seek therapy for both of them, she has access to resources that most people can only wish for. She could even shill it for "awareness" (read: money and asspats) on her stupid fucking mental health channel

But no, she's too fucking lazy to do anything like that - that sounds too much like work! And getting immediate asspats injected straight into the vein on twitter for virtue signalling and being "so brave uwu" is so much easier.

I honestly think all this addiction talk isn't just for her pet rapist's benefit. I think she's clumsily trying to preempt the backlash she'll get when her rampant cocaine habit comes to light.

No. 650909


What pisses me off is that she compared addiction to dementia too.

So fucking disrespectful.

No. 650914




No. 650935

Sadly not everyone is as lucky to be making a video once a month and therefore thousands… for doing nothing.

No. 651000

I wish she wouldn’t say I have “an addictive personality” correct me if I’m wrong last I read they still haven’t connected which genes are related to personality hence nature vs nurture. She sounds like an idiot by not saying because I have addicts in my family I’m more likely to face addiction. Also if she’s so pressed about that then why did she choose to do coke. All of a sudden it’s a disease the moment SHE becomes an addict. She’s missing the argument, people choose to do drugs but don’t choose to become addicted and they can still choose to stop. She’s trying to subtweet that she’s an addict and does not want to stop. We love our excuse qweeen

No. 651006

A tattoo isn’t what’s going to be why she can’t get a job, it’s going to be the fact that she doesn’t have an education. Everything is starting to push for college education lately and she wouldn’t even last two weeks in college. Her work ethic is also terrible. And animal neglect and abuser aren’t exactly hit words on a resume. If she had gotten her education in this field and hadn’t been pussy wet for attention she actually could be on such a different route. People would actually give her good attention

No. 651012

I agree. Also, going to college/university is way more difficult when you're older. She'd be better off going now why some of her education is still fresh. But let's be honest, she completely does think she'll either be "internet famous" all her life or someone from a zoo or animal sanctuary is just going to hand her a job.

No. 651015

I think she’s past the point of going because of the drive to go. The reason why people push to not take a year off is because you get the taste of no school work and never want to go back. She took years off already and even got the taste of what it’s like not even needing college. I don’t think she actually plans or wants to go back because if she was smart she’d go while she is 21 still. Because life comes at you fast. She just wants attention from people off the internet rather than actually try and be something. And now that I think about it…it’s weird as fuck to be so pressed over the attention of a bunch of preteens and people you’ll never meet lmao

No. 651017

she could set herself up for life if she invested into some major businesses but knowing her, she hasn't even thought about this.

No. 651043

She only talks about going to school the way other malingerers like her do, “I was totally an honor student but -insert relatively benign chronic illness- made me drop out!!! It’s not my fault! I’m still brilliant! I could go to school and I would be the best biologist ever but because of my ~illness~ I’ll never have to prove that to anyone!”

I don’t think she actually wants to have Jonny’s demon spawn, but it’s obvious they’ve talked about it. Considering he’s going to die at some point in the next year, that’s probably going to take precedence. Good luck taking classes with 40 animals, a toddler, a dead baby daddy, and a coke addiction Tay.

No. 651051

Yeah, she has a shit ton of animals that SHOULD still be alive when she's 30 (you know, unless her bad husbandry and ignoring their health problems kills them first), and no doubt she'll get more. She can't even keep her flat clean there's no way she could go to school and look after all those animals.

No. 651061

Taylor will eventually marry someone who will take care of her, are you kidding me with the work/school shit Taylor? She's one of the worst youtubers I've ever seen.. She had zero legit excuses not to have a poppin' channel all the time but she doesn't. If it's not her EDS or celiac it's her mental health.

The rabid fan base she has now, will not be tweens in 5 years. And the new group may not be interested in a 26 year old shut in who has never worked and does nothing but lay around all day every day. It doesn't matter who you are on YouTube.. You will eventually be irrelevant unless you make a point not to be. Nowadays Taylor's "brand" of fame is everywhere but that won't be the case forever. I wonder if she has anything saved.

I bet she's particularly bad with money because she never experienced having to pay her bills on a normal paycheck by herself. She literally went from being taken care of by her parents to taken care of by youtube. She doesn't appreciate the value of money at all which is actually really sad imo.. She doesn't understand how hard others have it who work wayyy harder than her.

No. 651075


As someone who works for a company that takes care of people like this that had it made when they were younger, never learned money management nor worked long enough to earn social security, I can see Taylor being my client 30 years from now. A few hundred thousand to a million dollars feels like so much money when you're a dumb fuck 20 yr old,but it's not. Especially when you're obsessed with having a lavish lifestyle and are making no attempt to save, invest or protect your earnings. She cannot even begin to imagine how much it will cost her to live her life because spending is just so bloated. I bet only her dad really knows what her expenses are.

No. 651082

As someone with an addictive personality, what she saying is utter manure. People with addictive personalities don't just "crave cocaine." She has ZERO understanding of what it actually means. It means that once we get hooked on something (Be it a video game, eating sugar, or hell, shopping.), we can become obsessed with it. Sorry for blogposting, but she literally keeps trying to tack on diseases in hopes of receiving pity and support from her stans, because Jonny gives her none.

No. 651178

File: 1532971268713.jpeg (92.03 KB, 1242x362, 9FD2F17D-E198-4C66-86C8-5B8DC7…)

What kind of person retweets this cringey ass shit about themselves

No. 651185

A narcissist lmao

No. 651190

I feel like the constant sperging about addiction being a disease and not the addict’s choice and her ~addictive personality~ is so when she finally admits her and Jonny are using she can be like “it’s not my fault it’s muh addictive personality!!”

No. 651205

She's been sperging about this so much I almost expect her to be preparing to announce she has a drug problem. It looks like she is trying to get her fans on her side or to see what they would think if she said she had an addiction or if they would still accept her. Kind of like what has happened to Demi. Like she is testing the waters. I could be wrong but I'd like to hope so. I doubt she would be freaking out this much about it just for Jonny.

No. 651228

seriously. I just listened to that "reply all" podcast episode about her last night and I was cracking up about how this lazy bitch was complaining about having to take care of her pets. it was right after she said Jonny never leaves the house. she said something like "I can never just relax at home, the only place I can chill alone is in my bath. Jonny's always there and I always have so many pets to clean, feed and take care of so I never get to just sit and think. it's overwhelming"

like really bitch? I give her a pass abput the Jonny comment, that'd piss me off too having a bf who's constantly up under me in the house. but the pets? you brought these poor animals to live in your trash infested, smelly, dirty apartment. and now you complain you never get to relax because of them? fuck you

No. 651241

I have to agree. Especially since she admitted to Chelsea that she was addicted to coke. If this comes to light, I think she’s trying to do damage control before the actual damage control

No. 651248

thank you. tbh I don't think she's an addict. I totally think she's done coke before but I don't even know if I believe her when she told Chelsea she smoked heroin w/ JC. I think she's trying to come off like she lives a rough lifestyle and has been through so much at a young age uwu.

I also think she is weirdly threatened by Chelsea and JC's relationship even though JC treated her like crap. she said to Chelsea in one of the newer screenshots "was it always so bad with Jonny? you at least had it good in the beginning right? with me and him I had it bad from the start!" it sounds sick but I think she wants to compete with Chelsea.

also, I think she's laying the "addict" thing on thick (without just outright saying it, publicly at least) bc Chelsea told her JC always wanted a girlfriend who uses with him, more than anything. Taylor told Chelsea she used to be a cocaine addict. I don't believe that.

like I said, I'm sure she's done it before and I'm sure she does it now sometimes and possibly dabbling in opiates due to Jonny (not sure about the opiates tho) but I don't think she's ever been an addict or had a true problem…yet at least. I think since getting with JC she thinks addiction is cool and edgy and wanted to "relate" to him by talking up her past experience with cocaine

not saying she won't end up turning into a junkie BUT I think at the moment she is exaggerating her "addictive personality"

No. 651250


Right? She can barely manage to upload regularly, there's no way she'll be able to handle assignments and exams. Sorry to blogpost but it's relevant; I used to have severe crippling mental illness to the point where I couldn't even perform the basic every day tasks needed to take care of myself without having anxiety attacks and I tried explaining it to my professor and she pretty much told me "I'm sorry you're going through this but you can't keep missing assignments and if it's that bad this class might not be for you then." Taylor's gonna get a real wake up call when she finds out "I'm sad" and "my wrist hurts" aren't valid excuses to hand things in late or not show up. The professors won't cater to you (unless it's something really serious and you're hospitalized.) If she can't handle school there's absolutely no way she'll be able to handle a real job.

No. 651251

samefag but also, I feel another aspect of it is that the 3 exes had almost identical relationships with JC (though Chels' was the longest). none used drugs/were addicts, the same cycle happened with each of them, he used them for shelter and money, etc.

and obviously Taylor's relationship is going down the same road, she's on track to become the 4th ex with the same old story of being fucked over by JC.

I think exaggerating her cocaine use and possibly using heroin with Jonny was one of the ways Taylor felt she could be different. like "I understand him. I'm an addict too. none of his exes get it and that's why they didn't work out. I totally understand what it's like, I did coke a few times in high school!"

also, despite the fact that Mama Dean is naive and ridiculous, the way she is up Taylor's ass, I'm sure she would have noticed Taylor being a "cocaine addict" while she was living under her roof

No. 651264

Yeah, it would definitely be a huge shock to her. She's not used to people telling her "no" and "I'm sorry but those are your problems not mine". Really she loves the idea of being a called a zoologist but has absolutely no idea what goes into it, how much math, stats, genetics, biochemistry and non-animal related stuff is involved. She probably thinks they put animal planet documentaries on for lectures lol.

No. 651271

but guiissse pets are good for your mental health. if she says shes stressed, someone should tell her to go stroke her crested gecko

No. 651274

I think she gets a high from getting new animals. she got obsessed with changing her hair, getting new pets, now piercings and tattoos. she's going to look like one of those before and after heroin photos before her 22nd birthday. gurl is messing herself up early.

No. 651289


That botched lip job already spoiled her beauty. There's no going back from that, she's already a before and after cautionary tale

No. 651290

am I the only one who thinks her lips look fine…? at least without the makeup

No. 651302

I find it amusing that she posted her pic on Instagram saying no filter no makeup right after she posted one where she announced she had TRIED to edit her face but it went wrong. Like we’re going to believe she didn’t redo it correctly in some way.

No. 651309

Are you kidding? Looks like someone sucker punched her in the mouth!

No. 651328

Could you image her in university and her sitting there trying to correct her professors, who probably have years and years of experience/ credentials in their field??

No. 651331

Oh god that sounds both hilarious and horrifying

No. 651332

They look better than they did, but there's still a big lump right in the front and a large slanted line where the fillers end

No. 651345


Lip injections only last 4-6 months max. If she stopped getting them, she'd go back to her normal lip size eventually. She could go back to her natural self if she truly wanted to, it would just take time.

No. 651361

Does she know the only reason some people make tweets like these is so they can get retweeted in hopes to gain more followers?

No. 651364

I can imagine her trying to correct her biology professor and start crying when her professor, with years of work experience and multiple degrees, shut her down. Lmao

No. 651371

I agree with this. Have a family friend who used to have millions and invested in businesses but became bankrupt when him and his new girlfriend started to spend thousands on nonsense just the way Taylor is spending hers. She might be “rich” now but sooner or later all her spending, animals, and Jonny will catch up to her and she’ll end up in the dumps thinking about the rich life she used to have. She’ll cry to her tween stans but by that time she’ll be too old to be relevant with them. She can’t fool people that are over 25 and are either finishing college or in college to know that people like Taylor are bullshit.

No. 651373

Hahahah omg don't.

I'm actually laughing about the thought of her on the first day of her degree and realising that most of it is nothing to do with animals and dropping out after 2 days because of "muh illnesses".

No. 651419

File: 1532987689473.jpeg (118.35 KB, 1242x625, E3C85766-633A-4AE3-83AD-BB0A3D…)

And the animals are alone again so she can chase JC on tour

No. 651488

She has pretty much admitted to being an addict without actually saying it. She was explaining how she has an addictive personality and has grown up around addicts. Why say that if you aren't saying that is the reason she is/was addicted.
I'm over her saying it's hereditary too. Both my parents did drugs and I grew up around lots of other people that did them but I have never touched a drug in my life.

No. 651503

She also said addiction usually happens in people who are codependent then a few tweets after that said she has major codependency issues.

No. 651504

Exactly. She is missing the point that it takes responsibility and a brain to recognize that "hey, my family has had problems with addictions and I have seen firsthand what it can do to a person, maybe I should not try drugs?" Nobody is forcing anybody to do drugs.. unless it's your piece of shit boyfriend forcing it onto someone, huh Tay.

No. 651537

She implies she grew up around addicts…who specifically? Not her successful businessman father or lawyer half brother? Definitely not her 13-year old brother. She was home schooled, so no class mates. Only one left is mama dean. Is she saying she’s a pill poppper?

No. 651540

Yep. Watching my brother with drug induced schizophrenia made sure I never wanted to go though that.

Also if she knows she has an addictive personality why is she hanging around addicts then? How is that not obviously a stupid idea?

No. 651601

Her reply to all this is probably, “guuyss, addiction is a disease and i currently suffer from an addiction personality! So i can’t stop myself!! I try sooo hard and people are making it worse for me!!” While she’s in bed doing drugs with jonny because he says so

No. 651626

yeah, next time she starts sperging about her post-youtube pipe dreams, someone needs to tell her marine biology is tough schooling, low pay for the amount of education and work you must put in, hard to find positions, and mostly involves searching painstakingly for funding instead of splashing around with the fishies like she must be imagining? maybe I’ll @ her and see if I get instantly blocked even though it wouldn’t even be attacking her, just dropping facts, but she can’t even handle that. She will never be able to function in the real world. I hope she’s still milk worthy when her bubble finally gets burst so I can see it unfold.

No. 651653

You guys are using situational evidence. Not to derail but she's oversimplifying the basis of addiction by saying it's hereditary. it's moreso that there are trends for addiction that are often seen within families because addiction is often comorbid with mental illness and mental illness may be inherited. So yes, Taylor is using a stupid oversimplification, she's 500% not helping the conversation of addiction as a disease, but your situational evidence does not negate the fact that statistically speaking if you come from a family of addicts you are far more likely to develop an addiction.

No. 651655


Fair point, except Tay doesn't have any addicts in her family that we know of. I'm sure we'll hear about some third cousin twice removed who struggled with addiction soon enough, but until then she's just sperging on about stuff she Googled.

No. 651660

File: 1533013588801.png (54.92 KB, 466x391, Picture 5.png)

The way they talk to one another is bizarre and childish.

No. 651664

File: 1533013747504.png (104.43 KB, 413x630, Picture 3.png)

She's criticizing her local aquarium (the one from her mom's vlog?). Such a hypocrite.

No. 651667

I don't think even children would talk like that with each other

No. 651669

Fair point. lol.

"wow my egg. wow." He's a real poet for sure.

No. 651672


Her 'I'm an egg' is the equivalent of 'rawr xd i'm so random holds up spork' that 13-year old's thought was quirky.

Pure and utter cringe.

No. 651718

File: 1533017969249.png (107.22 KB, 1080x506, IMG_20180731_071601.png)

Or just use your usual 'i ate gLoOoOoTeN' or 'muh eds' or 'i passed out!!!!' or 'muh depression'.

No. 651795

Instead of complaining about the standard of animal entertainment, she could just stop putting money into these businesses. No aquarium wants the animals to disappear to where the paying customers can't see them.

No. 651902

File: 1533035059236.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, IMG_20180731_130343.jpg)

What's wrong with her forehead?

No. 651918

Could the bleach burn or irritate her skin, since she has EDS? I'm ignorant on the condition.

No. 651941

I wouldn't blame this on EDS, might be a general burn/irritation from her hair being bleach to that point again. EDS has more to do with bruising and cuts.

No. 651944

I think it might just be dark from the mass amount of broken baby hairs

No. 651945

Possibly slight chemical burn. Guessing this pic was taken right after she bleached the crap out of her over processed hair.

No. 651961

Looks like shitty contour to me

No. 651994

Yeah definitely makeup. And yikes at her yellow roots and grey/greenish extensions… really not a cute look

No. 651999

Think she just has orange make-up caught up in her baby hairs along her hairline.

No. 652017

I'm sorry but she looks like a fucking alien

No. 652020

You can still tell that roots are yellow and her ends are more cool tone. I wonder how many more times she's gonna bleach it for Jonny??

No. 652023

she looks like 40 year old here..

No. 652027

She always looks so dirty to me. Please go shower, wash your face, throw in a hair mask for about 3 days, and lay off the contour and eyebrows.

No. 652028

I find it funny how this bitch thinks that people who keep monkeys (or any other exotic mammal that "crosses the line"), regardless of the care they provide to their animals, should be institutionalized while she is… y'know, herself.

No. 652030

I'm pretty sure her pupils don't exist anymore

No. 652033

Lol true. Whered her pupils go? She needs to stop messing with her hair.. it’s thin af now than before and it’s just gona go down hill from here if she keeps bleaching it. If i was her i would leave it a dark color so my eyecolor would pop out more and look younger at the same time but i guess being a “natural pretty” blonde white girl gives you more opportunities to do nothing while tweens worship you for it. Shrug. Fake beauty and daily lies doesn’t last forever sweetie. Wonder how she’ll manage in 5 years when she starts to look like she’s in her 40s

No. 652065

Is that boxed hair dye in the top right corner?

No. 652068

Agreed. In 5 years from now her current fans won’t be tweens. And any possibility of her getting a large amount of new fans is unlikely, who wants to watch a shut in who just constantly makes excuses about not uploading? Honestly at this rate she’s not gonna be shit in 5 years because she’s so bent on just staying in bed all day.
In that podcast done on her, she already admitted Jonny follows her around 24/7 and they just do nothing all day.

No. 652133

Also in 5-10 years she’ll be too old to fit in with new tween subscribers. She can’t be posting cringey highschool tweets like she does now unless she wants to end up like mama dean and her channel will be old news so people will search up other younger pettubers to follow. In the end, Taylor wasted all her opportunities to Jonny and drugs while all her animals suffer. So sad to think about what will happen to all the animals she’s hoarding

No. 652135

Yup! L’oreal!!!

No. 652137

Oh honey no….if she wants her roots to match her extensions she just needs a few rounds of purple shampoo…more dye is not the solution here

No. 652140

Soooo cruelty free. Guess JC did the shop run on that day too.

No. 652209

Her cringey high school “I am egg lol” “what a weird dog (skink)” personality wont last long. She is just full of cringe and the same stuff over and over, it will get old. She has don’t nothing with all the opportunity she’s had thus far.
When the day comes she can’t afford to take care of her animals anymore I pray that they get taken and rehomed to have a better life. I hope to god they don’t keep dying off, the poor things…

No. 652359

File: 1533067994483.jpeg (156.51 KB, 750x916, 27BB91CB-E76A-40F9-9ED4-615CD6…)

Her new video just popped up on her tattoos… did someone confirm that hooktube still gives her views+ad revenue, or is it still best to view through there? If hooktube still gives views, might as well just still use YT with ad block.

No. 652367

Wow her hairline looks terrible.

No. 652375

Yikes. She's starting to look more and more like Charlize Theron from Monster.

No. 652377


She's looks fucking filthy in this thumbnail.

No. 652379

Her hair is crap and the “natural” look she’s going for just makes her look like she got the worse end of a bar brawl!

No. 652394

Why does she always look angry/annoyed in almost every photo she posts.. is it her eyebrows, or her botched lips. I genuinely can't figure it out.

No. 652396

Not gonna lie, I way prefer her personality in this video, is this what she's like when she's not with JC?
Altho, it's clear that this was filmed yesterday or today, why does it usually take her so long to edit? lmao.

This is so nitpicky but it always makes me cringe when she talks about how much of an inspiration Steve Irwin was and how he inspired her to work with animals and wants to make the world better… yet can't even put in the effort to go to school and get a good degree and actually become educated on current issues in zoology/ecology/biology/environmental sciences. Does she actually think of her little boxes of animals as a sanctuary or something? If anything she promotes people buying from shops, buying baby turtles at the side of the road, buying wild caught animals, keeping animals inside their whole lives (other than dragging them around on a leash once) etc. Idk why it just really rubs me the wrong way, like this was not what Steve Irwin was trying to encourage people to do when he taught them about animals.

No. 652397

Honestly I think it’s both her messed up lips and eyebrows, but she always tries to make a “sexy” posing face, but she just looks terrible and it creates a horrible resting bitch face look. It makes her look mad constantly. Although to be fair I’d be mad all the time too with the kind of empty life she has with no real friends around her.

No. 652406

I always cringe when she brings up Steve Erwin and how much he inspired her, when in reality all the shit she does are things he never would have condoned. This is not what he wanted people to do when he educated people about animals.
I think she always does this because she wants the “oh my god it was so hard for me to lose Steve he meant so much to me uwu”. Like seriously shut the fuck up, imagine what his family went through losing him. His daughter really lives up to his name and does right with animals and education, and Taylor is a wannabe Bindi and wants to be revered as some animal expert.

No. 652413

It's obvious she's jealous of Bindi, I mean, who wouldn't be, she has an incredible life. Yeah her grandparents and parents paved the way for her, but she still went (or goes to?) school and she works so incredibly hard.
Taylor expects someone to just hand her a job at a zoo and to be congratulated for teaching kids about snakes for 10 minutes a week.

No. 652418

This is why Taylor is so insufferable. If she was actually inspired she would have pursued a career in animals, wether it was in veterinary medicine, zoological science, environmental concervation, etc. instead she made a YouTube, that isn’t even educational, and to hoard animals. Steve would be disgusted by Taylor.

No. 652427

She likes the image of Bindi and being surrounded by animals idea but doesn’t want to BE like her and her father. Bindi dedicates her life to animals just like her father and here comes Taylor trying to fool people that she’s another “Bindi” yet she obviously doesn’t give a shit about her hoard and doesn’t want to leave her apartment to do things that Bindi does. With Taylor’s youtube money, she can be doing all sorts of different things surrounded by animal conservation and education but nope, her image is better than her animals.

No. 652514

File: 1533075630641.jpeg (128.99 KB, 750x938, 87932EF1-FCFE-4EB0-BC2E-629163…)

she is literally balding. This photo makes my scalp hurt looking at it. What has she done to herself? There’s so much breakage and receded hairline, I can’t believe she posted. If I did this to my hair and it was falling out, I would be heartbroken and mortified. does she not notice or just not care?

No. 652529

File: 1533076356640.png (275.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-31-17-31-45…)


No. 652532

File: 1533076432118.png (396.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-31-17-31-53…)

No. 652561


It's not really balding, tbh. When you bleach your hair, it lightens faster at the root due to heat and normally is a shade(+) lighter than the rest if you're shit at bleaching. It's just a case of white hair blending into white skin, which makes it look sparse.

No. 652660

I’m almost positive that’s a chemical burn around her hairline- the hair covering it is so thin that it totally does blend in with her scalp. That burn however, it must hurt so badly.

No. 652724

As someone who regularly bleaches their hair, that is NOT what healthy hair/scalp looks like after bleaching. And if you bleach your hair properly it shouldn't be lighter at the scalp. I bet money she used the same strength of bleach all over her head all for the same amount of time and gave herself a nice chemical burn.

No. 652742


This is giving me straight up second-hand anxiety, I've struggled with hair loss due to stress and I can't imagine purposely destroying my own hairline for a bad dye job. How can you just pull your hair back and look yourself in the mirror and just think that this is fine, that all the damage you're doing to yourself is good and improvement? That ponytail with her fat shapeless lips only makes her face look so oddly bloated and round, jesus.

No. 652777

File: 1533082044001.png (548.07 KB, 757x532, DE6NH3r.png)


'Bare face' 2015 Taylor looks like a whole other different bitch from coke whore 2018 taylor, it's a shame, what a squander of youth and beauty.

No. 652809


Has no one told her that going blonde makes her look incredibly washed out? She suits dark hair so much better. Tay looks lovely here, compare it to the above pics and you wonder why she'd do that to herself.

No. 652843

Really funny to compare even just these two. Looks like one of those before and after drugs pictures.

No. 652847

I think it’s a shame bc it’s part of the whole “Instagram culture”
Girls that have naturally gorgeous looks like Tay used to, trade them in to look like every typical insta famous beauty guru with the block-looking brows and puffy lips.
Taylor’s insecurities caused her to trade in her uniqueness for a commonality any girl with access to sephora and some dipbrow, lip injects and bleach can get.
If you’re lurking Taylor, you genuinely looked pretty with the dark hair, softer brows and at the very least less bloated lips. You can get back to all that! Ditch the bleach and dipbrow! Go with gimme brow by benefit (it’s faster, lighter and easier to apply anyways!) and give the fillers a rest. You looked way younger, softer and more yourself that way. Plus it’s all less work for you.

No. 652948

She said that her hand tattoo (the one that looks like shitty lavender) is supposed to be blue bonnets??? Lmao it looks nothing like that wtf

No. 652968

her eyebrows are brown, her hair in that pic is dyed black. she should try just a natural brown color.

No. 653024

File: 1533091863287.png (1.07 MB, 610x844, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.4…)


Old school pic of taylor (came from her ex Will's online photography page but i think it's since been deleted), she's gorgeous and radiant here. Really depressing comparing the photos.

No. 653026

File: 1533091960724.png (71.85 KB, 958x262, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.5…)

Does roll have multiple meanings or is this really more self exposing?

No. 653028

Roll like Molly, maybe?

No. 653080

no one is gona comment on her new ear piercing? does she even clean it? looks painful

No. 653081

she looks super unhealthy. blink 4 times in a row if you need help Taylor

No. 653086


Too busy looking at her crusty face and hair to notice her crusty ears.

No. 653090

About a third way through the video she admits that she has to keep aquiring new 'things' to keep herself happy, and that she has issues with co-dependant relationships. I'm surprised she admitted to this considering how often she gets new pets… It just confirms her awful relationship and hoarding behavior

No. 653118

Jesus did she really admit she has to keep getting new things (pets) to be happy? Are her stans really going to continue to act like she doesn’t have a hoarding problem and defend her like usual even when she just admitted this

No. 653121

Holy hell. She honestly looked beautiful here. And lively too… she is not only horribly haggard looking from her botched lips, thinned out receding hairline, and awful eyebrows, but she just looks so… dead in the eyes all the time. She’s admitted before to Chelsea that after being with Jonny she doesn’t feel like herself anymore, that she feels dead and exhausted on the inside. Comparing what she looked like before vs now is incredibly sad. Too bad she has to make shitty life choices and permanently fuck up her once natural beauty. She really let the internet swell up her ego. Went for the typical insta-baddie look, and came out looking 20 years older and dead inside. What a shame.

No. 653137

File: 1533102939631.png (801.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-01-01-53-22…)

No. 653138

File: 1533102976598.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-01-01-53-35…)

No. 653139

File: 1533103004200.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-01-01-53-47…)

No. 653143

File: 1533103152599.jpeg (505.55 KB, 1345x1989, D1BA85BB-8734-4303-A27E-BDF9E3…)

No. 653146

File: 1533103226192.png (347.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-01-01-58-44…)

No. 653147

File: 1533103259702.png (347.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-01-01-59-05…)

No. 653148

File: 1533103278851.png (398.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-01-01-59-21…)

No. 653149

File: 1533103302346.png (321.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-01-01-59-34…)

No. 653150

File: 1533103326509.png (20.86 KB, 415x111, Picture 6.png)

Her tattoos are going to turn into an artsy pet cemetery.

No. 653152

What a liar. She said last week that the new snake would be here this Wednesday. Chimera is still for sale.

No. 653164

>taylor really trying to offer ink estimations
Is she serious

No. 653181

She will get tatto on her a kitty she didnt even name "Nemo's sister, the grey one" wtf?

Also all those references are way to diferent from each other and we already watch that guy just cant come up with an original idea.

No. 653200

Does she not realise how dumb she sounds all the time? I guess not because Jen is even worse.

No. 653209

she's getting another tattoo of another artist's work that she'll never ask permission from and wants her lame artist to copy. lol I wonder if it'll end up looking like a bunch of cabbages with worms around it

No. 653214

File: 1533107241280.png (652.61 KB, 1080x829, IMG_20180801_080445.png)

Who says this shit about themselves? Do both what? Lie in bed and also a wear a leotard? Wow skills.

No. 653216

File: 1533107409315.png (128.28 KB, 1080x453, IMG_20180801_080840.png)

How much do you reckon this new video will feature her new hair? So she's had no videos filmed this whole time lmao.
Seems like whenever she changed her hair all her illnesses disappear and she can film and edit videos in a day wow. Magic bleach.

No. 653232


I bet this "revealing" outfit will be the leotard she just posted on twitter.

No. 653235

get you a girl who can sit down AND stand up uwu

No. 653250

File: 1533108826514.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180801-033124.png)


$135 for that?? Damn, priorities right??

No. 653256

File: 1533109533674.png (259.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180801-034412.png)

How the fuck did that shitty croc take 6 hours??? He must be a very slow worker. I wonder why she isn't going to a better artist? It doesn't seem like he tattoos full-time

No. 653280

Just speculation but never seen TND wear Dolls Kill but she magically starts wearing them soon after they announce they’re looking for models to “be a doll”

Wonder if she’s trying to go down that route

No. 653281

When did Taylor become a tattoo expert? Lmao she does anything once and magically becomes a master of any subject

No. 653344

File: 1533117070042.png (471.59 KB, 1080x828, IMG_20180801_104906.png)

'they're'? Is she not sure it's female anymore?

No. 653351

It’s definitely a male. I’ve got my own orchid mantis and Egg has a brown ring on his neck, females have green. Mine is a bit too young to sex yet.

No. 653353

Oh you know that video is going to be sponsored by them 100% it’s like she waits off to make videos unless she gets sponsored.

No. 653354

Can't wait till she blames the breeder… again.

No. 653355


> dresses like this

Totes family-friendly guise!

On another note, more of her 'rawr xd so random holds up spork' sperging. It's embarrassing at this point. Also, doesn't she run her mouth off about 'being vegan'? Why is she talking about eggs?

No. 653364

With all due respect you can be a vegan and talk about eggs lmao.

No. 653366

Cost $600.
Was $100 an hour.
Therefore 6 hours.

No. 653390

Real question is why is she up so late attempting to look relevant? Jonny fighting with her? She wired on coke? Poor lil tay tay.

No. 653448

Late but Hooktube does nothing anymore, try invidio.us for Yt links instead.

No. 653466

Anybody else notice she still has underwear on that’s just hanging out? Kinda defeats the whole purpose of a bodysuit hahah

No. 653467

I don't understand why she tweeted 3+ times her snake was coming when she didn't actually buy a snake? Is she so stupid she doesn't understand she didn't buy the snake? Idgi

No. 653469

The purpose of a bodysuit is to be tucked into something like pants or a skirt, the only socially acceptable occasion that it's not is raves and that type of festival…. if she's just wearing a bodysuit alone….she's fucking stupid.

No. 653478

“When did I say rape was justifiable?”
Um, maybe when you started dating a rapist and laughing at his victims. That’s when.

No. 653480

Taylor’s a tattoo expert now guys. That’s just how it works. Buy 40+ animals = exotic animal educator. Get 5 shitty tattoos from google search results = tattoo expert.

No. 653485

Do coke once = drug addiction expert.

No. 653487

She always does this… promises she has new videos ready to be released within the week, then no new videos come for 2 weeks, and they all were filmed within a few days ago. When her hair is died and her nails are done, she magically has no illnesses and can handle filming videos left and right.
That’s a pretty sad life for a YouTuber, to only feel like you look decent when you go get it professionally done. If you can’t get ready at home without looking fried out and awful… Jesus. She really doesn’t take care of herself.

No. 653493

Oh my god I did and it’s so fucking funny like really defeats trying to look sexy. Chelsea posted a boomerang in one and looked fucking hot- no undies. (Shout out Chelsea)

I also can’t with this pigtail braids oh my god so awful

No. 653496

I’ve been using https://www.proxysite.com

Just have to get the link to the original video and paste it. And once you have one video you can search for others

No. 653540

I just started watching the tattoo video and idk why but it bugs me that she couldn’t even make her nasty bed for the shot.

No. 653542

There's also a snippet of the floor and there's so much crap on it. She needs to fire her apparent assistant that supposedly cleans her "very clean" apartment lmao.

No. 653548


Her apartment is disgusting, of course she doesn't make her bed.

She doesn't have someone clean her apartment, it's hilarious she even suggests that. Because then it implies that her and JC make ALL THAT MESS we see in the background within days… like really?

No. 653550

File: 1533141586925.jpeg (183.87 KB, 749x1089, 407012D0-89FF-41F7-A2F8-018C09…)

She should stop pretending like she gives a shit about issues like this when she’s dating a rapist that constantly degrades women on social media.

No. 653554


Tay always wants it both ways. She wants to empower women, yet dates a rapist. She wants to promote veganism, without even being vegetarian. She wants to be family friendly, while posting provocative photos. She wants her and JC to be sober, even though she and he definitely aren't. She wants people to adopt and not shop, even though she herself spends thousands on designer snakes.

She's a huge hypocrite and so two-faced that I don't believe she really gives a shit about anything at all.

No. 653565

Called it

No. 653566

For an entire sleeve? If she's doing any colour it will cost much much more than that. If she's doing colour it will most likely be a two day or more process, depending on her pain tolerance. She's probably not doing colour based on her previous tattoos but a whole bunch of uncoloured snakes and flowers is going to look odd on her arm…

No. 653574

File: 1533143745181.png (59.36 KB, 466x311, Picture 3.png)

No. 653602

It's just for show. She cares more about looking like she's a good person and acting like she's ~so inspirational~ and above everyone instead of putting in the effort to actually be a good person. But who needs morals when you're getting laid, right Taylor?
lol is this how she's trying to defend her rapist boyfriend? Can't say I'm surprised, she basically admitted she doesn't care that he raped anyone because he didn't rape her.

No. 653604

Taylor can’t breathe without throwing someone else under the bus. Even on the dumbest shit like this. Everything from her animals dying to buying products that aren’t cruelty free. She is never at fault. She makes no mistakes and is perfect.

No. 653607

She will do anything for a payday (besides consistently produce content for her YouTube ofc). No research into the companies she promotes, sponsored videos for food she “can’t” even eat. She’s a fucking fraud to the very core.

No. 653609

File: 1533145377931.jpeg (170.82 KB, 1234x1212, 0B082001-B66B-4227-B3C1-5AA72D…)

The irony.

No. 653610


She looks so flabby in that, did she gain weight?

No. 653638

Did she mean to say the grass ISNT always greener? Lol..

No. 653641

She’s tweeting at 5am…. I would assume by the thirsty pictures and time, she’s on coke and up all night

No. 653672

Lol the bodysuit is so desperate. I think she’s just trying to be like Chelsea or that’s who JC is pushing her to be.

No. 653688

I've always felt Jonny has a remaining obsession with her and Liz, he always indirects them even if they post unrelated things. It's been posted before he has a history of encouraging his girlfriends to get face tattoos, wouldn't surprise me if there's anything else he tries changing.

No. 653711

Looks like em is back(hi [cow])

No. 653727

Not everyone is em. Chill

No. 653738


No one cares if it's Em or not, anyway

No. 653752

File: 1533154752281.png (323.81 KB, 958x800, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.18…)

Jonny made dozens of songs literally about his ex's who are still hurting, he made a whole career off of it and continues to succeed in it. But you probably didn't stop to think about that Taylor

No. 653755

File: 1533154806942.png (212.59 KB, 950x504, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.19…)

No. 653760


Oh, the same way you're a bully for laughing at rape victims? Got it.

No. 653775

It's hilarious that she says this after she literally made jabs at two fucking CHILDREN for dating. And laughed at people who were "sensitive" over it and wondered why grownass adults were defending them, while she's a grownass adult throwing shade at them.

No. 653781

lmao she’s so fucking dumb. “Hers was sponsored! She made money! I did too, but she made money!!!” She must’ve made more than her lmaoo

No. 653785


Tay is just salty she couldn't milk her sponsor video because of the drama. It's so obvious.

No. 653787

Ummm what did I miss lol

No. 653791


Taytay was being bitter and shit over Millie Bobbie Brown and Jacob Sartorious. Basically making jabs at them, then going "I changed it so sensitive people- I mean millet- I mean Millie Bobbie Brown won't get upset" and retweeted someone asking why "grownass men and women are being protective of two kids who they have never met, are way more famous than tem, and don't give a crap about what others think"

Keep in mind these two kids are like 13-15 years old, it's not their fault they're in the spotlight and that their cringy moments are broadcasted for the world to see.

No. 653792

What happened to her whole "even if you were bad, you're trying to be good today and thats what matters" lmao… shes such a fake positive person

No. 653795

Wow shes such a fucking hypocrite considering how much she loves her fans defending her, like in this Em situation right now

No. 653796

File: 1533156957408.png (121.45 KB, 463x651, Picture 5.png)

No. 653797

File: 1533156972538.png (115.6 KB, 415x648, Picture 6.png)

No. 653803

She's such a vile person with no self-awareness or even basic fucking empathy. She gets pissy with people who want to support or forgive Em because "it's not their place" since they weren't the ones being "bullied" but then has the audacity to turn around and tell us Jonny has changed and deserves a second chance. Fuck, imagine how that makes his exes feel. It's not her place to forgive him for RAPING other women. God damn hypocrite with a victim complex. I don't like Em at all, she's shady and manipulative af. But Taylor is trash, too.

No. 653807

She's not even really profiting off the situation. She was being paid a sponsorship to talk about mental health regardless of if she mentioned it or not. If she made a video called "STORYTIME ABOUT HOW I INSULTED TAYLOR NICOLE DEAN ONLINE" yeah ok, but that's not the case.
What Em did was shitty, but stop playing the fucking victim Taylor it's getting pretty tiresome when you have to make everything about you. You and your manchild have ridiculed people online many times, so just shut the fuck up.

No. 653813

I just watched it (at 1.5 speed and skipped ahead a couple times) and there are no specific mentions of the forums… There's a cringey re-enactment referencing "dark times" where she thought and said horrible things, but that's it.

No. 653821


Taylor has to make everything about herself. I don't like Em either, but she shouldn't have to manage her life or videos over what Taylor might feel.

She tells everyone to give JC a second chance, but not Em? When we can all agree that what Em did barely even compares to what JC put his exes through. But that's not our place lol

No. 653824

File: 1533158847598.jpg (275.99 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20180801-162725_Twi…)


No. 653829

"She's a great liar. She's going to have a reason for everything." Kind of like you?

How is she going to preach about how bad bullying is when that cretin she's dating is constantly calling people ugly and worthless for calling him out on his shit and she enables it? She's so fucking pathetic and desperate for attention.

No. 653836

God. If she keeps dragging reptile shops, breeders, and brands/sponsors no one will ever want to work or associate with her. She has no clue how to behave.

No. 653840

God. Her fans assault is so annoying. How is Taylor a martyr for bullying when she has degraded multiple women who have multiple stories and of her bc raping and adapting them? Lol.

No. 653847

File: 1533159727846.png (1010.03 KB, 648x1152, IMG_0645.png)

Chelsea deleted, prob because Taylor's fans are psychotic.

No. 653860

pffff Wonder if that's true or not. Don't really care enough to do any digging

No. 653868

What a fucking hypocrite dear god.

No. 653872


Wish she'd leave it up long enough for people to actually notice it so she can get the truth out but I get why she doesn't

No. 653882


I don't blame Chelsea for not leaving it up, TND's fans are rabid dogs who can't even begin to imagine what JC's exes went/are going through. They only see that their 'Queen' has been slighted and they attack.

No. 653929


seriously, Chelsea was spot on in that tweet and I couldn’t have said it better myself. unfortunately I know she is weary and depressed from the constant backlash on top of dealing with how hurt she is from the things JC and now Taylor have done to her so I understand why she would delete.. it’s such a shitty situation and so frustrating, like the truth is never going to get out. I think call out culture is whack, but if people get fired over inflammatory tweets these days ALL of the time, how the hell are TND and JC still remaining impervious??

No. 653970

File: 1533163617603.png (67.21 KB, 414x538, Picture 7.png)

She gets rightfully called out for supporting a rapist and being a bully then tweets shit like this.

No. 653971


Yeesh… creepy JC back at it again

No. 653973

More like 'today I wish you'd overdose and die'

No. 654002

I just looked at Chelsea’s boomerang thing and she posted another one. She looks so much healthier and just prettier in general. It’s sad to see taylor trying so hard. Chelsea and Liz are so beautiful though. I hope they get their peace after all of this is over

No. 654011

Is this their attempt at being romantic and deep? Geez, no wonder he has to buy his lyrics.
Also I've never seen a couple showing PDA this hard.

No. 654059

They're trying so hard to prove they're "couple goals" on social media. Also their fans are retarded enough to believe that JC would never rape or abuse anyone, just look how nice he is to his equally retarded girlfriend online! Not anyone else though, if you criticize him even the slightest bit you're ugly and no one will ever love you!

No. 654067

I just started following Chelsea and LMFAOOO Taylor is trying so hard to look like Jonny’s exs. Total manipulation from JC.

Chelsea, you look beautiful and healthy as ever. Don’t let any man bring you down.

Taylor, get your shit together. JC is basically running your life inside and out. Good luck getting out the longer you stay in that

No. 654075


Looks like someone lost a sponser.

No. 654096


If she clicked on the link she would have seen that it was sugarpill not dollkill lol

No. 654120

Wats her Instagram handle?

No. 654122

Shows how much research she does when she can’t even take a moment to click the link and read.

No. 654125

I saw the boomerang and honestly the shade of it all lmao. Good for her. She actually looks healthier and even younger than Taylor. Really sad that she butched her face so early in life.

No. 654130

Anyone have a link to Chelsea’s instagram

No. 654133

No. 654135

No. 654147

She doesn't look a day over 16-20 while Taylor looks years older than 30…

No. 654153

It’s funny how Taylor’s been morphed into this mess. Chelsea looks pretty - I can see why Taylor would be insecure

No. 654158

Today I threw up.

No. 654160

Chelsea has a boomerang of herself in a bodysuit on twitter. It’s like one of those Chelsea is Gucci and Taylor is bootleg. We shouldn’t compare these ladies but damn does it fuck with Taylor’s mind when her manlet is obsessed with them more than he is with Taylor

No. 654161

How is it stalking? A bunch of people live in San Antonio anon. La Cantera is a major mall that has an apartment complex near it.

No. 654168

File: 1533173387043.png (375.41 KB, 414x605, Picture 3.png)

Gifts won't bring back all the extra tail that had to be amputated due to negligence. It looks like he ended up in one of the small cages from customcages.com, none of which to my knowledge are large enough for a bearded dragon, and his front claws look weird.

No. 654171

File: 1533173524506.png (19.95 KB, 465x142, Picture 5.png)

No. 654172

Not to mention Taylor herself shared where she lives (then whined when people called the complex to report her hoarding)

No. 654178

The biggest one is 6’, but there are only two which are already taken by her hedgehog and blue tongue skink. The next biggest size is 3’.

No. 654199

File: 1533175018424.jpeg (345.94 KB, 750x1044, FB9D297B-EE8D-4327-92C1-0A0F03…)

wtf.. tell me why I just saw this on my explore page. sage cause not new milk but I thought it was funny

No. 654207

File: 1533175535826.png (106.26 KB, 750x600, images.png)

Omg anon I had the same post in my explore page. I checked the comments and saw Jonny himself defending her lol.

No. 654232

But Jonny isn’t a bully!!!!11!1!1!!!1!! It’s only okay for people to bully as long as it’s not Taylor.

No. 654234

God Chelsea is gorgeous. She looks so healthy and happy in her ig photos. No wonder TayTay Is so jealous. I hope Chelsea heals from all the bullshit.

No. 654238

No. 654257

The thing is, if she had actually went to the vet, they could have amputated with local anesthetics. It would be like tail docking a puppy or removing the du claw. I also like how she said “ you’re big enough to go under anesthesia now” as if she can dictate that lol

She also said new vet again but it was her primary vet so it wasn’t all that new to her?

No. 654258

Four minutes in and she's already told so many lies.

No. 654267

Anyone else notice that the bottle of reptivite was unopened? Leads me to believe that she never dusted the food before but after lurking on here she went out and bought some more.

No. 654269

Not to mention she doesn't know how to dust them properly. She just dumped it on. Then there was a brand new thermometer in the enclosure which she claimed wasn't correct.

No. 654276

File: 1533179757539.png (306.01 KB, 732x436, Screenshot 2018-08-01 23.13.43…)

She looks bald as shit

No. 654295

Jesus she’s literally going to be bald in a few years at this rate lmao. Her hair has thinned and fried out to shit and it’s only getting worse. She practically has a receding hairline at 21.

No. 654307

Beardie fingers are just flexible. My beardie's fingers did that as well. Its completely normal, as long as it isnt constantly like that, sometimes their claws will just get caught on their fingers, like you see here. Hope it made sense.

No. 654309

fuck me I deleted the post I was replying to on accident.
Fuck, sorry, this was in reference to >>654168

No. 654318

I literally thought she was wearing a bald cap when I first saw this picture… I kind of feel bad for her but it’s hard to when her pets are being neglected and killed.

No. 654320

Reminds me of the lolcow banner featuring a bald kiki with roaches crawling out of her mouth.

No. 654322

She should really get a wig. Even a cheap one would be better than that mess on her head, that shit is fried beyond repair. No wonder she always has it braided, can’t imagine how awful it looks.

No. 654340

I just checked out the tattoo video she did with Romeo..I'm not sure why but I had issues with her sticking her foot in Kronos's cage. It also made me feel uncomfortable seeing her let the pets crawl all over a 2 day old tattoo…is that not still an open wound??

No. 654357


I don't even like her but… flabby? Gtfo

No. 654358

Way earlier than a few years if she doesn't give it a rest. This is the kind of stuff you do in your scene phase at age 13 and buying cheap bleach. Not when you're 21 and make thousands from Youtube videos. I'm begging somebody to give her some Olaplex

No. 654369

File: 1533186318238.jpeg (277.42 KB, 750x417, C8119777-36D8-42B3-87F8-3A640D…)

Sage for old milk, but I was talking to my friend about her monitor care and he pointed out how thin Kronos is, his tail, back legs, and neck aren’t filled out at all.

He also talked about how inadequate her feeding is, Kronos shouldn’t be on crickets, instead he should be eating feeders like rats, eggs, chicks, etc. He seems stunted because of this. From what I’ve heard Monitors fill out fast, and how long has she had him? A couple months? He should be growing but he doesn’t seem to be.

On a side note, why does Tay feed her animals crickets that havent been gutloaded? Thats basically the equivalent of eating iceberg lettuce.

No. 654376

She doesn’t dust them either, or at least she hasn’t in any videos we’ve seen. Also she’s had him since January.

No. 654383

They're actually primarily insect eaters in the wild. Too much whole prey will cause obesity and other issues.

No. 654396

She should be using roaches instead lmaooo they're SO much healthier than crickets. If I had the money to order bulk roaches I totally would. My guess is that her "quirky animal girl" facade only goes as far as occasionally handling Cersei. Any other gross looking bug is off the table

No. 654401

File: 1533188399045.png (6.14 MB, 3118x1656, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.3…)

I'm in no way a fan of Emzotic, but seeing what she feeds her bearded dragon (left) vs. what Taylor just showed she feeds hers is interesting. I feel like she really does the bare minimum for her pets

No. 654403

I know that but from what we can tell shes only feeding him crickets, and his growth appears stunted. He should be having other prey items mixed in. And if she’s going to be feeding crickets at least gutload them so they have some amount of nutritional value.

No. 654417

File: 1533189470012.png (79.98 KB, 469x433, Picture 3.png)

No. 654449

She was sponsored by a mental health support company right? Like….it's not like she was hocking MeUndies by talking about her mental health or something. Her little "artistic interpretation" was super dumb and cheesy, but there was definitely truth there.
That idea of perfectionism or overworking yourself to keep up appearances is almost never shown as a bad thing, even though it's a seriously harmful thinking pattern. It's always just shown as "I'm just a perfectionist lol!". If she was just full of shit and wanted money she could have just been like "I know what it's like to feel sad, I get stressed out too!!!". Seems like what she showed instead was a very real anxiety disorder.

No. 654450

File: 1533192922001.png (429.2 KB, 750x1334, 0DFDEF4D-70F4-41CF-B57A-45EF0E…)

Idk if this has already been brought up, and sorry if it has already. But why would JC leave HIS toothpaste at home if he’s on tour for god knows how long??? Are we just supposed to accept he doesn’t brush his teeth. 100% a lie. Sorry Taytay, your nasty habits aren’t gonna slip this time. It’s not that hard to cap a toothpaste even if it was your sick boyfriends.

No. 654456

I mean….you can buy travel sized toothpaste. I'm not saying she's not a liar, but this seems like a real reach.

No. 654462

funny how she blames it all on JC and even calls him an animal. lmao. if she was an actual clean person, she could just clean up after him and had a talk about cleanliness throughout HER apartment. if he's respectful, he would clean up after himself.

She's basically showing that he's the one making a mess and she's just looking at it and saying, "oh well, he's an animal what can i do"

No. 654465

File: 1533194066361.png (43.68 KB, 465x241, Picture 5.png)

No. 654466

It's hilarious that she keeps calling him an animal. His response here seems weird, too.

No. 654517


Either way it looks bad. She can take the blame herself, or she can shift it onto JC and indirectly call him an animal.

We've all see what her apartment looks like in the background of her videos and photos. Just crap everywhere thrown into piles. You can just imagine the smell, grime, cobwebs and dust everywhere.

No. 654524

File: 1533202562478.jpeg (187.89 KB, 768x1080, 50AF4601-9B92-4A1C-B512-3C6249…)

When she doesn’t stop with the hair dying

No. 654576

20 seconds into the video and its clear she's wearing too light a foundation, thats why it looks like a bad contour over her forehead.

No. 654584

his new setup is swilling with a beer.

No. 654625

Moderation is key. Monitors in captivity still need nutrition. Whole prey twice a week is fine. Three times a week the bigger it gets.

No. 654634

So from what I’m gathering the monitor is being neglected thus stunting its growth? We already know it’s lethargic and not doing well as it should be but idk much about feeding them

No. 654674

She should have done this before she bleached her hair once again. She should have just took an extremely long break from dying, I’d say at least a year, and chop off the unhealthy hair as it grows. With all the money she makes she could have got a really nice wig with the bleached hair look she wants. Even though imo dark hair suits her so much better, Jonny’s just definitely grooming her to do what he wants.
Especially with that bodysuit, I just can’t with that. I’m sure Jonny told her to wear it. She looks awful with it and the underwear sticking out just… defeats the purpose lmao. That boomerang of Chelsea in the black bodysuit is absolutely gorgeous, she looks so healthy and beautiful. That is what a real woman who takes care of herself looks like (shout out Chealsea, we see you and support you girl).

No. 654708

Honestly I'm getting slightly irritated with all this unnecessary praising to Chelsea
Besides saying she copy Chelsea for using a bodysuit it's a little bit reaching considering they are really trendy.

And yes, I'm saying Chelsea is deraling the thread to talk about her or Jonny.

No. 654715

That's not derailing. This thread is about taylor AND Jonny. Therefore, Chelsea talking about her past with Jonny and Jonny in general isn't derailing.

No. 654731

As someone that used to cosplay, you can find really high quality wigs that look and feel like real hair for under $40 on eBay so even if she was running low on money there really isn’t an excuse for her not to be able to find a good wig. It would look a million times better than her currently fried and balding hair.

No. 654770

Chelsea here. Not sure how I’m the one derailing ANYTHING considering I haven’t said a single word about myself to make you all “praise” me. I posted shit on my own social media. Don’t go blaming me hunny. I literally check this blog hoping to see when he dies and for a daily dose of laughs. I don’t need an anonymous blog to make me feel better or worse about myself. I’m a grown ass adult lol

No. 654773

Its just a few anon's that like to mini mod. ignore them. We are on your side.

No. 654775

Tyler Rugge posted a video about how he didn’t want to get an apartment because of the amount of animals he has (and his birds yell) so he went straight into getting a house and it made me think of TND because she literally is cramming all her animals in one room and giving them half ass enclosures and Tyler got a whole ass house because he doesn’t want his animals all in one room anymore.

No. 654790

File: 1533237110152.png (1.07 MB, 1369x1165, emzotic.png)

Sage for old milk, but looking back on Em's posts here after seeing that video is a little alarming. I know a lot of it was her talking shit and defending herself, but she really must have some deep seeded self-hatred to post some of this stuff (not all pictured). Some of it is so specific. The comment about her maybe not being able to have a baby actually makes me really sad. I hope she gets the help she needs, maybe more than just an app.

>inb4 "hi em"

just someone who is familiar with that type of anxiety and self loathing!

No. 654815

File: 1533238418624.png (777.63 KB, 914x832, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 3.31…)

Gotta love the emzotic subtweets from Jen even though they can apply to Jonny and Taylor just as easily. The irony

No. 654828

I'm tempted to make a twitter just to comment "I'm glad you're finally telling your daughter she can't keep blaming other people or her illnesses for her mistakes. Well done."(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654877


I agree.
I don't know if some anond are just talking about how pretty she is or whatever to annoy Taylor when she is reading here but jeez, she is really not that special clothes or looks wise. I feel for her and it's great when she calls out Taylor and Jonny, but all these anons saying everything TND is doing to herself is to look like Chelsea is dumb.

No. 654890

Oh my God this shit always happens. If you don’t like something, just scroll past it instead of bitching about it. You don’t wanna talk about something, then don’t.

No. 654910

I was a mantis breeder and tbf we do discriminate. If you only buy one it means you're not breeding, so it's not worth sending you a female because you're not going to give back to the community. Sending people who don't breed females makes species go extinct in captivity, and casual people are a good way to get rid of shit stock.

You can count the segments clear as day on that pic, it's undeniably a male.

No. 654937

I don’t think anons are saying everything Taylor does is copying Chelsea, but when you compare them you see someone who looks good and healthy vs someone who doesn’t. Taylor used to look super pretty when she was younger but now she just looks like a crack head. Just look at her hair or lips… Personally I’m happy for Chelsea that she is taking care of herself and fighting her personal battles, it really shows.

No. 654980

File: 1533246323116.jpg (406.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-154559.jpg)

Is she…making fun of a literal child?

No. 654999

What do any of these mean? Learn to sage and stop spewing nonsense into this forum. Nothing you're saying is making any sense, nor is it relevant (unless I'm horrible at decoding what you're saying and it's SOMEHOW relevant)

No. 655004

>>654999 they're bots. ignore them and report them.

No. 655005

She claimed her chimera/new snake would be delivered today. Funny how it's still for sale on morphmarket and she hasn't posted about it again, especially since she'll be joining Jonny on tour soon.

No. 655013

Bloody hell, it's almost unbelievably how desperate she's getting. All this just to get Taylor's attention, I would be tempted to say it's because this is the only contact she gets, but then again she's foolish enough to believe in Karma and God, so… High specs all around.

No. 655053

So I honestly cannot hate Em even with all the Taylor stuff. I see her as one of us that had her career at stake if she admitted how much she seemingly hates Taylor. Em isn’t perfect in herself, but I like her animal care a whole lot better and at least she’s not dating a literal rapist.

No. 655065

"Baaaaw, Em bullied me for months. She's soo terrible, guiiis. But not me. Not me making fun of a little girl's name."

No. 655090

I don't have sympathy for either of them. Taylor is a shit person and also genuinely stupid sometimes, but Em is also a shit person. Both of them use mental illnesses as a shield to excuse their shit behaviors, but what makes Em a teeny bit more pathetic in a very sad way than Taylor is that the bitch is 31 and genuinely did not need to do all the shit she did. She was already gaining traction to become a more legit petube channel, and her pet care was decent compared to Taylor's, even if it was still lacking in some areas. You could be in a dark place all you want, but it's not like you get blackouts and bitch for months about someone without being aware of what you're doing, just like Jonny can't excuse his abuse as "mistakes" or blame it all on addiction. Em could've just used Taylor as a social ladder and then drift apart without any drama, but she chose not to. They're all shitty people lmao.

No. 655097

Who the fuck is millet

No. 655101

Millie Bobby Brown, the girl from Stranger Things.

No. 655114

What bugs me is 1. She uses the wrong version of Millie’s name to like, scold her or be condescending? Kind of like when she retweets a “hater” while including their name. She’s a literal child, you bitch.
2. She puts in her two cents and is surprised Millie’s fans “attack” her. Kind of like your rabid fucking stans, Taylor?

No. 655120

I felt maybe the "millet" was a jab at her previous hairstyle. Millie+mullet=millet?

No. 655126

File: 1533253544883.jpeg (163.27 KB, 1291x1131, A28A852F-45BC-46EB-9D92-8AFDCB…)

No. 655130

What about the countless animals he's abandoned with exes? And the ones he's threatened to kill?

No. 655131

He loves animals so much he wants to flush them down the toilet!

No. 655135

But anon! Those were ~~~mistakes uwu
you're just a hater.

No. 655148

Weird how he uses his girlfriends as glorified pet sitters and how he only ever talks about cats unless he’s in a relationship

No. 655204

Didn't someone get him a pet (can't remember if it was a fish or lizard) while he was in the hospital and he didn't even bother to take it with him when he left lol

No. 655212

They’re all shit people. Em literally hated on herself in her threads and all the other petubers for months before posting those annoying ass posts mocking the farmers. Not to mention she’s a mom now. What mother spends her time pretending to be someone else on a gossip site and making a ton of posts?dont get me wrong Taylor is a shit person but at least she isn’t in her 30’s pretending to be someone else for months. Hella pathetic

No. 655214

File: 1533263870504.jpeg (320.5 KB, 1309x1309, 32BBE49F-D56C-44C8-9ABA-37A5C4…)

Taylor reminds me of the girl from the Mrs. potato head video by Melanie Martinez. Both used to be beautiful natural brunettes but let their insecurities and a manipulative man turn them into blow up dolls

No. 655235

She's been blonde and had botox prior to meeting Jonny

No. 655265

Not that anon, but still, she clearly craves attention. She exploits her animal's natural beauty in an attempt to accentuate her own, hence her always posing with her snakes on her face and whatnot. She is superficial and craves attention, but now because of Johnny, she is going full throttle.

No. 655278

God the love bombing just makes me want to throw up, ewwww. I can just imagine Jonny throwing out the social media love bombs as he wakes up after cheating on her again, and she responds “I loveeeeee you!!!” with a totally straight face. She’s probably hoping any day now while he’s on tour that he dies. She’s probably crying in the bathtub every night. Even though she wants him dead, imagine her without him. She couldn’t function because she needs someone to pity her and validate her 24/7.

No. 655287

File: 1533269037168.jpg (287.69 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20180802-220409~2.j…)

No. 655289

I know that, but it’s much worse now than it was before. Before she still looked young and like a normal person with blonde and Botox, but now she doesn’t even look like her old self. Her looks have fallen apart since Johnny.

No. 655323

What animal is she referring to? And when the fuck did she reply to fans begging for advice

No. 655335

This is actually on someone who she follows post. The girl she's talking to has a rescued chameleon who she is having worm issues with (she pulled a worm out of his throat) so taylor had to jump in as ms animal expert, despite pretty much ignoring anyone who gave her similar advice regarding wild caught animals and her monitor

No. 655381

File: 1533278080681.png (4.9 MB, 1125x2436, C2CAE80A-05F8-4C28-B5B6-9620E1…)

A clip of JC falling on stage. Yeah, he’s totally sober Taylor

No. 655384

the pinnacle of sobriety. i see those piss tests have been paying off

No. 655385

Isn't this from earlier this year, or did he do it again? Either way, that video perfectly encapsulates how much of an embarrassing loser he is

No. 655397

Watch him choke the guy at the end. Imagine that in the bedroom. How terrifying.

No. 655419

Here's the link to the video:

He fucking grabs that poor guy's face he fell onto at the end what the hell is wrong with him? People need to spread this on Twitter so Taylor's stans see how abusive and fucked up Jonny is.

No. 655497

Why would anyone pay to see that? He sounds like shit

No. 655511

Agreed lol. I hate when people say he's talented because if that were true he'd be a lot more popular than he is even with all his scandals. There's plenty of bands from his scene that have remained relevant and popular. I had never even heard of him until he began dating Taylor, despite the fact I listened to him in DGD as a teen. He's no Brendon Urie okay

No. 655529


I've never heard of him or the bands he was in, period. He's literally a nobody, but acts as if he's famous. Seeing the size of the concerts he does is embarrassing, when he acts the way he does.

No. 655531

I think the video is from last year. It circled around earlier this year or last December again when i Chelsea was calling Johnny and Taylor out

No. 655615


Eehhh you’re probably pretty young. Jonny was pretty well known 10-12 years ago in the post hardcore scene. He was in pretty popular bands in that genre, even was in s super group type project for that scene.
Taylor on the other hand, to me, was nobody until the twitter drama with her, her parents and Jonny last year.

No. 655616

who is millet?

No. 655633

Lol, so what if they're young. It just proves the point that he's not relevant anymore. I'm pretty sure the his only remaining fans are people who have liked him since those days.

No. 655650

File: 1533315498623.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1565, A782EB4A-6E6D-402A-A53F-F6E896…)

Stills seems inadequate to me…

No. 655658

I don't see a thermostat, thermometer, or hydrometer. In her first vid she claimed he'd have a huge water feature to soak in on the left side and that the small dish was temporary. And that basking lamp looks dangerous. It looks like the light is too focused and if it doesn't cover him evenly he'll get burns.

No. 655661


Age has nothing to do with it. He was popular over a decade ago so much that he has nothing to show for it in the present day? That's even more pathetic.

No. 655665

(same anon)
And there's still only about an inch of substrate, so no burrowing is possible. So much for the "cage liners" she was going to get.

No. 655666


I can't believe she can't even do something as basic and simple as lighting the enclosure correctly. Good job Taylor.

No. 655668

Not defending JC cause I’m sure he’s not sober at all and he’s a piece of shit, but this is an old clip. It was posted back in one of the older threads. I think she’s just posting this to remind people of this fact.

No. 655671

She never uses thermometers from what I've seen other than those crappy colour stick on paper ones that are totally useless. She mentioned on instagram that she has a temperature gun, which yeah great, but we all know she's not walking around with that every day checking the temperatures are accurate in all the tanks.

Has she ever once mentioned thermostats/thermometers/hydrometers in any of her "care" videos? I can't think of one but I could be mistaken.

No. 655678

I'm pretty sure anon was saying because they're young they haven't heard of the bands. Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa are pretty big bands, especially 10-12 years ago.

He's not relevant anymore, but most people have heard of those two bands, especially people who were into hardcore back then.

No. 655681

Wait what did she say about millie? Sorry I cant find it

No. 655791

She called her "millet"

No. 655864

File: 1533329529019.png (40.21 KB, 465x223, Picture 3.png)

No. 655868

File: 1533329771150.jpg (624.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180803-215547_Ins…)


No. 655871

File: 1533330016166.jpeg (376.86 KB, 750x841, 8C7323E7-D65C-4CCF-8441-0864D6…)

Oh goodness..

No. 655908

>>655868 I must have missed this- why does he hate her??

No. 655914


I have no idea, I'm also curious. My guess is he called out her shit reptile care or disagreed with her in some way.

No. 655916

File: 1533333583109.png (66.45 KB, 540x304, Screenshot_2018-08-03-15-54-01…)


No. 655919

File: 1533333674038.png (41.11 KB, 540x214, Screenshot_2018-08-03-15-54-20…)

Your blowup doll need new ones, Jonny.

No. 655927

we all know how disgusting Jonny is, but seriously, each new thing I see or learn about him makes me more sure that this whole lived up relationship him and Taylor have is totally fake. No way could a girl genuinely find his repulsive hideous face and attitude attractive! Especially since that recording came out of her I can totally see their days of literally lying around the house doing nothing and her not getting a moment alone without Jonny or his disgusting friends coming round and taking over. It’s actually quite sad if she is trapped with the high chance that Jonny knows secrets about her animal care that she doesn’t want getting out.

No. 655928

File: 1533334086759.png (48.96 KB, 737x341, screenshot.png)


This is all I could really find…

No. 655931

Essentially for the reasons we do. Poor care, and never acknowledging her mistakes, plus she's been downright rude to him. He's a very experienced reptile keeper and takes very good care of his snakes and monitor, so I'm not surprised that he dislikes her. I've spoken to him before and he is a very decent guy, it's unfortunate that taylor can't take advice from him and learn from him.

No. 655936

File: 1533334715545.png (126.38 KB, 466x653, Picture 5.png)

No. 655937

File: 1533334800251.png (414.63 KB, 732x646, screenshot.png)

No. 655939


How predictable. So Tay, he doesn't "hate" you, he just disagrees with your shitty pet care.

She 100% believes she's some pet-owning goddess who is exempt from all criticism.

No. 655942

File: 1533334962265.png (122.52 KB, 459x645, Picture 3.png)

No. 655948

File: 1533335164513.png (129.29 KB, 469x652, Picture 5.png)

No. 655950


"Just check with your hand"

LOL. This bitch is retarded, do you also put your hand in the oven to tell how hot is, instead of reading the temperature? I don't even own reptiles and I know having a thermostat is basic care 101.

No. 655951

The only thing I sort of disagree with what he said is the lighting thing. Royals don't need HEAT lamps, but I do believe they benefit from a proper day/night cycle. Of course, taylor has also been seen to use those horrible red/blue "night" bulbs. Which anyone who's done a small amount of research knows are horrible for any reptiles eyes, and can actually disturb their natural day/night cycle since they can see the light.

No. 655953

I know right! That's like saying "oh just go feel the stove to see if it's hot enough!" We don't have built in thermostats. Anyways, what feels sort of cool to us can actually be a fine temperatures for a royal python. A temperature in the low 90s isn't really that warm. If it's radiating heat it's probably too warm. I've tested heat mats before and an unregulated heat mat can reach over 120° in a few minutes. Taylor and this girl both need to use thermostats for the safety of their animals.

No. 655954

File: 1533335531020.png (191.18 KB, 418x423, Picture 6.png)

Yeah, I'm happy he's addressing the thermostat issue. It is so incredibly dangerous for her not to have them or even mention the need for them to her followers.

I disagreed on that point as well. A day/night cycle is beneficial as is full spectrum uvb light.

No. 655956

File: 1533335606007.png (113.77 KB, 417x604, Picture 3.png)

No. 655970

File: 1533336384930.png (194.35 KB, 417x437, Picture 7.png)

This guy's account is a goldmine of call-outs.

No. 655972

Seriously what an idiot. It's nice to see what type of people support taylor. Actually idiots. Imagine if thermostat was replaced with cohabbing? "It's okay because nothing bad has happened yet" is exactly what a lot of pro-cohabbers and pro-calcium sand people say. And in a way, what taylor says a lot to defend herself.

No. 655976

File: 1533336717190.png (86.27 KB, 415x455, Picture 6.png)

No. 655991

>they're very expensive
Then don't own reptiles, you fucking turnip

No. 656019

This guy is gold. So her version of people "hating her" is having actual critiques that she doesn't want to listen to.

This girl is autistic. It's impossible to get and keep the correct temperature without a thermostat. If you don't have reptiles, for reference, I've tried putting my hand on the bottom of a tank with a heating pad without a thermostat connected and I could not keep my hand there. So we can all assume Taylor's reptiles are not at all on the right temperatures.
They're also not expensive at all, they're sold on amazon prime.

No. 656022

File: 1533339873470.png (114.12 KB, 347x651, Picture 9.png)

He makes some good points here on her impact on the reptile community at large.

No. 656026

File: 1533340077212.png (136.49 KB, 419x653, Picture 3.png)

This is in response to Tate refusing f/t rodents. Taylor's animals could benefit from a more diverse diet. I guess she's never heard of Perfect Prey or Layne Labs.

No. 656029

There’s tons of African soft fur breeders here in San Antonio

No. 656079

Well now I think I understand why she has so many stans that defend her tooth and nail. They're really defending their own shit care and lack of knowledge.

No. 656119

Goddamn, Bohemiaaah is is stupid cunt. That "hun" instantly spiked my blood pressure. Fucking hate that shit.

Jayce is completely in the right regarding heat mats. I'm very active in the tarantula keeping community. And while heat mats are not used for tarantulas, they are almost always used to keep up temperatures in feeder roach colonies. It's common knowledge to always use a thermostat to regulate a heat mat and prevent them from reaching dangerous temperatures.

No. 656143

File: 1533348472210.png (109.46 KB, 417x568, Picture 6.png)

No. 656144

File: 1533348535107.png (102.89 KB, 411x549, Picture 10.png)

No. 656163

I fucking love Jayce. I've been following him ever since Ari had to give up his rattlesnakes after surgery and he doesn't take bullshit. Dudes an idol

No. 656169

File: 1533349926574.png (124.57 KB, 412x614, Picture 7.png)

I agree. I've gone through his twitter quite a bit today and I like a lot of the points he's making. He seems to be passionate about animal care and it's hilarious to watch Taylor's stans try to argue with him.

No. 656171

File: 1533350028268.png (23.38 KB, 417x106, Picture 5.png)

I wonder if this is in reference to Taylor's croc tattoo?

No. 656173

File: 1533350221614.png (73.28 KB, 415x369, Picture 8.png)

No. 656175

Most likely. He and his girlfriend also lurk here every now and then so.. this was also around the time she got the tattoo iirc

No. 656198

File: 1533353255329.png (104.3 KB, 417x634, Picture 3.png)

Barf. She is so shady and manipulative with how she twists things to get sympathy from her brainwashed fans.

No. 656206

Taylor, he’s never once said you abused animals. He’s had issues with your animal husbandry and such but never called you an abuser jfc stop acting like a victim

No. 656223

File: 1533355913094.png (26.75 KB, 417x123, Picture 5.png)

"at the bar"

No. 656277

File: 1533363383875.jpeg (365.93 KB, 1668x1985, 37F723C3-D2B5-4F6D-9ECC-B618E9…)

I blocked the number but she posted it on twitter with the full number visible.

No. 656280

File: 1533363456907.jpeg (63.72 KB, 1291x306, 6D3A6EE5-62E8-4391-9FB7-F847CE…)


No. 656283

Lmao she knew exactly what she was doing. She'll come back in an hour and be like 'sorry guis my bad!!! Honest mistake!!'.

No. 656295

Tbh they kinda deserve it.

No. 656305

You think they deserve to be potentially harrassed by a mob of Taylors 12 year old stans because they asked Taylor about her lips and coke? Are you stupid?

No. 656310

Well it wasn't genuine advice, they wanted to be a dick and hurt her feelings so they kinda do deserve it

No. 656311

You have twitter and comments for asking about animal care, you don't need to stalk her personal numbers and addresses. Creepy.

No. 656312

It's not about endorsing Taylor. This rando gave up their number voluntarily to the person they're abusing, lmao. I won't be clutching my pearls about the breach of privacy.

No. 656338

I have never seen a youtuber as "big" as Taylor publically shame haters the way she does. I'm sure all youtubers have had this happen and I have yet to see any post screen shots like that. She's so tacky and unprofessional.

No. 656344


Instead of being the bigger person, she's petty as fuck. She wants people to to attack this "fan" to teach her a lesson.

Youtubers bigger than her deal with way more shit and handle it professionally - ignore comments like this and move on. They don't even bother blocking sometimes, because giving attention tho these comments isn't worth it.

Tay can't help herself. Not only does she reply, but she posts the convo publicly with personal info attached. How sad.

No. 656353

Even if the person is wrong, Taylor shouldn't be revealing personal numbers like that and the fans shouldn't be revealing her number.

No. 656364

An old man? How old…35?

No. 656415

Ok yeah… this person is creepy for doing this, however even if this person is in the wrong, Taylor should be the better person and not show someone’s full phone number?? Plenty of YTers get hate and I’m sure creepy stalkers that find their phone numbers. Block them and move on! Taylor is such a fucking hypocrite “wahh bullies hurt me so much, Em is a bully, everyone bullies me :(“ but takes every opportunity she gets to let her angry mob of 10 year olds bully others. She must feel real powerful.

Honestly Taylor I’m glad you’re miserable and have to constantly change yourself and buy things to try to be happy. You will never be happy with this kind of life. Because YOU are the one who is a bully. You’re disgusting and pathetic, and I’m glad you know it.

No. 656432

Yeah I agree. Also by replying to this person she's just confirmed that that is her number. If she had just ignored it the person probably would have thought she changed her number or wasn't bothered. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she texted herself from an old phone just to cause drama.

No. 656435


With the lunatic redneck trash mother she has posting all the family's personal dirty laundry on twitter for all the world to see, are we even surprised that Taylor has no sense of class or grace?

No. 656439

File: 1533397921826.png (183.45 KB, 974x592, Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.5…)

Gotta love how Jen indirects her own kid but attacks anyone and everyone who does the same

No. 656443

I don't agree with texting her, but I wouldn't call it stalking when her phone number was posted in the last thread.

No. 656451

No one's twitter makes me cringe as much as Jen's. It's honestly concerning how much time she spends on twitter.

No. 656483

File: 1533404241350.jpg (525.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180804-133552_Twi…)

What a saint lmao. Donated $505 towards a dog's surgery. I wonder if she did this because of past posts about her sharing GFMs, but not donating

No. 656520

>even her fish love her so much that follows her allow across the tank.

Along from the grammar errors, the dodo-tier anthropomorphism on fish is could hospitalize innocent bystanders.

No. 656550

Donating is the ultimate damage control for more “famous” people when they do shit wrong or are being called out for something. Yes that’s great for the dog that she helped donate to the surgery, but we all know Taylor does it so she can be revered by her fans (as you can see by the first comment under the post).
That’s like me saying everytime I open the food cabinets my dog follows me around because it loves me so much. Yes my dog does love me but my dog also knows that she often gets fed when I am in the kitchen. I’m sure if she didn’t hand feed her fish they wouldn’t follow her. They have their own level of intelligence, as all animals do.

No. 656640

File: 1533417117638.png (19.14 KB, 464x123, Picture 3.png)

No. 656664

Why would he feel the need to add that she's safe?

No. 656693

Sorry to blogpost but my king snake was active, eating great, shedding perfectly and kept in proper conditions but still died. Reptiles don't really show symptoms of illness until it's too late. The most you can do is keep them in correct humidity, temperature, feed them a good diet etc and even then it's still not always guaranteed the animal is healthy, but Taylor doesn't even take proper care of her pets so there's no way they're thriving. Alive doesn't mean healthy. And no wonder her stans defend her shit care, their care is shit too and none of them want to hear they're mistreating their pets. They'd rather blame breeders/vets when the animal dies than admit they did something wrong.

No. 656731

Because she's safe with "daddy" lmao.

No. 656740

File: 1533425641878.jpeg (770.56 KB, 3444x3444, 9CB24376-60A7-4C46-8CDB-E2A737…)

Mama Dean is a real piece of work. First, step son is a lawyer and can’t spell attorney…secondly, she can spot a liar easily because she raised the best liar around, and finally, what the HELL does she know about maturity. She’s the most immature individual I’ve seen in a loooong time!

No. 656763

Mama Dean is lucky Taylor is stupid because that woman screams immature, self obsessed, and attention hungry. Not surprised Taylor turned out the same way.

No. 656826

Sometimes she gives me Margaret Palermo vibes, especially with her YouTube channel.

No. 656853

I completely agree. She seems self-obsessed and delusional. But it makes sense. You don't magically develop problems like Taylor has overnight, I bet she's one of the major reasons Taylor behaves problematically. Like, unhealthy attention seeking, codependency, remaining in an abusive relationship because she doesn't know what a healthy relationship looks like, etc.

No. 656964

I agree with this, Mama Dean is a totally nut job. However I don’t think it’s an excuse for Taylor to be the scumbag she is, just because of her mother’s raising. Taylor is a master manipulator and loves using excuses for EVERY little thing in life. Next thing you know, when dirt comes out on her she can’t defend, she will refute attack by blaming it all on her mom. Once you’re an adult you’re responsible for yourself, welcome to the real world. She’s old enough to know right from wrong, and she chooses to be wrong. She can never take blame herself.
Gross. I’m sure she’s real “safe” with daddy lmao. She loves her animals “so much” but she’s already leaving them all again. I feel so awful for her poor animals. Enjoy the short time you have that Jonny can’t cheat on you since you’ll be watching his every move Tay. He’ll just be right back at it again when you leave, all while he love bombs. But ya know “couple goallsss”!

No. 657000

Taylor probably made him tweet this to call off the side chicks that he’s trying to get

No. 657004

File: 1533451219362.jpeg (493.58 KB, 1668x2224, 4EE59E09-9D33-4808-A056-77EBB5…)

No. 657014

she looks bald

No. 657034

Maybe she’s been preemptively calling herself “egg” knowing that she’s going bald after all the shit she’s doing to her scalp.

She kind of looks like a recovering cancer patient here…sad

No. 657117


She looks like a man.

No. 657118

Agreed except I’m prerty sure her previous relation was healthy and that the guy really loved her. Plus she was warned about how toxic and abusive Johnny was. She just doesn’t want to leave because she doesn’t want to look wrong or become one of his exes he constantly bashes. I really think she’s just gonna wait for him to die tbh.

No. 657270

Who's going to be there when her new snake arrives?

No. 657287

I thought it was supposed to have arrived this past Wednesday or Thursday!

No. 657292

I thought so too. The chimera snake is also still available on morph market, not on hold or sold.

No. 657293


She either didn't get the snake (most likely) or she's just a shit pet owner who can't even be there for when the animal first arrives so she can help it settle in to its new environment.

No. 657393

Sage for speculation, but her burns don’t look like oven/pizza burns. They look very similar to burns I have on my arms from accidentally touching my quartz bowl on my dab bong. We already know her and JC were smoking weed, so it’s not a stretch to think they also smoked dabs. I’ve had oven burns and they heal much quicker than the burns from a super hot titanium nail or quartz bowl.

No. 657436

OMG I was thinking the same thing but I didn’t want to speculate. I have EDS and another connective tissue Disorder, so I bruise badly, and I’ve had a similar shaped scar for well over a year from burning myself on my dab rig quartz banger.

No. 657443

File: 1533508918299.png (348.16 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7888.PNG)

Watch as she deletes this two minutes later.

No. 657447

" I'm so ready for him! "
yea…so ready to show him off like a designer handbag, then shove him in the rack, and start obsessing over the next animal to purchase.

No. 657453

and the manhandling will be before the poor thing gets a chance to settle ofc

No. 657471


Even as someone who has never had snakes, the enclosure just looks so half-assed and lame. No wonder she always has to take pics of her pets being squeezed and scraped by her acrylics, instead of in their shit tanks. The fact that she is totally ignorant to the proper care for virtually every species she has (way too many), and never rectifies her mistakes makes it even more baffling that she can call herself a "pettuber". I know she's the poster child for hypocrisy, but omg is it disappointing to see her not give a fuck about her animals. She goes on and on about how her pets are her "full time job" and she's an "animal educator", and yet their enclosures are beyond inadequate. Moreover, she loves bragging about how much she spends on them, as if that proves she takes care of them, when of course she pays for overpriced stuff that doesn't meet her animals' needs (e.g. her pricey cages that aren't suitable sizes and can't hold proper substrate). She could provide her animals with so much better if she wasn't so selfish with her money and actually invested in her so-called business/brand. Even better, she could stop hoarding ridiculously overpriced designer animals only to abuse them. Adopt don't shop, my ass.

No. 657479

Yess they look just like a quartz banger burn, and the fact that they take so long to heal makes sense with her EDS and it also being from a source that is tiny & super hot. I can just see JC and her nodding out, as he tries to pass her the dab rig and she accidentally burns her arm on the side of the bowl. Regardless, I hope they keep the ~life’s so perf~ charade tweets going! Seeing her and JC behave exactly like stereotypical insecure ppl on social media makes my day. Definitely Sorrow TV worthy(emoji)

No. 657480


All her enclosures are shit and for no good reason, she has the money and the time to make them amazing but she chooses not to. Tay cares more about the price tag than the animal, and she cares more about the cost of the enclosure than whether or not it's actually suitable.

People with less money and time do better than she does and that's just sad considering pet care is her "job".

No. 657504

“I’m so ready to film” lol yeah you’re not so ready to love and care for the snake, you’re ready to monetize off your designer animals and have more relevancy for the next few weeks because your new animal. Classic Taylor. Just keeeeep on hoarding them. What happens when she literally has 50+ animals? 75+?? When is enough enough for her? I don’t understand how her stans don’t see 40+ animals accumulated in such a short time as a problem. They’re all delusional

No. 657537

File: 1533516834326.jpg (768.17 KB, 1075x1480, Screenshot_20180805-204758_Ins…)

I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up and can't find the video where she explains how she burnt her arm… I think she said she burned it on the top rack in the oven?? But the placement doesn't make sense? She's right handed, but it's on her left arm… And people normally grab things with their wrist up and thumb on top and that couldn't have been the case with the placement. So her story makes no sense with where her burn is.
The past few posts about it being from a pipe or whatever makes sense!! She is such a bad liar.

No. 657541

I'm not defending her, but I get things out of the oven in a way that could cause a burn in that spot

No. 657545


I’m guessing she will have enough money to actually buy it soon, I just hope someone does before she ever gets the chance to.

No. 657550

I agree and I wish Chelsea would chime in on this with her opinion.
I wonder if Jonny ever tried to burn any of his exes while high?

No. 657556

I don’t think the burn was intentional on anyone’s part, I just think it’s from smoking concentrate and not from a pizza/oven.

No. 657561

She just keeps pushing the arrival date of the supposed new snake further and further back.. is she hoping people will just forget about it so she doesn’t have to admit she isn’t actually getting it?

No. 657562

Because her stans don’t really know anything about the animals she has, so all they see is a really big cage and think that’s adequate.

No. 657566


I wonder if she's trying to butter up the seller of the chimera and convince him to sell to her.

As far as we know, the snake is still available. So unless it's a different snake then we'll just have to wait and see.

No. 657568

I bet she is going to pull something shady, like keep pushing the date back until she makes a video that the breeder was being dodgy and pull some sob story.

>>657566 this as well

No. 657578

File: 1533519887278.jpeg (263.72 KB, 1294x1172, 74F4915B-A043-4E99-96E1-68FBE9…)

Hang on…she has burns on both arms!

No. 657581

Didn't she say that was also from getting pizza out of the oven?? Why was her arm so far in there then lmao

No. 657602

I always forget Jonny's band is called Slaves. It's in such bad taste, but I guess that's what happens when white trash tries to be edgy. In academia, we've moved to the term "enslaved people" and similar iterations. It's supposed to give agency and personhood to the victims of slavery. Of course Jonny is too much of an ignorant abuser to care about the centuries of trauma he's trivializing.

No. 657615

I'm guessing she had to pay it off in installments because she's broke. Maybe why it was pushed to the next month if she gets payed by YouTube at the start of the month?

No. 657617

Although I hate to defend the beotch…I have burned myself in this spot several times myself. Sometimes stirring or checking doneness…

No. 657620

It takes like two days to get a snake shipped. I bought a new snake a few days ago and it's shipping on Tuesday. I'm not sure why she keeps pushing back the shipment date, but it seems very odd. Is the snake still on morphmarket?

No. 657622


Exactly. And to make matters worse, she'd rather drop several thousand on a designer animal that fits her aesthetic, than put that money toward a decent setup for that pet or say idk, a rescued animal. If I were her I would be embarrassed to post about putting all these animals in such painfully amateurish setups. It's obviously hoarding and negligence at this point because she literally refuses to take care of them properly.

It's not even just the equipment, she also could be splurging on high quality food and vitamins. Is it really that hard to google her pets' needs? You had one job, Taylor. What a coked up piece of work.

No. 657647

it's odd, but not odd for her at all. she's a pathological liar, notorious for saying new content is coming out sooner than it actually is, and then deleting the tweets when she fails to deliver. don't u remember when she kept on pushing the date back for when the cages were supposed to arrive? as of earlier today the snake was still available. she's probably just lying to cover her ass while she figures out her next move.

No. 657671

File: 1533528196444.png (701.37 KB, 1242x2208, 56EDED48-C4DC-4784-AFB9-FE373F…)


No. 657681

File: 1533529053855.png (84.86 KB, 465x514, Picture 3.png)

No. 657685

True to form, she deleted the tweet. Chimera still available.

No. 657698


Like a manchild, he can't handle the truth and every comeback is just 'lol enjoy working'. Some people actually enjoy their jobs or are people we need in this world like doctors, but he's so far up his own ass he thinks everyone works at some minimum wage part-time.

How is Taylor not beyond mortified and embarrassed that he acts like this on social media? Calling women hoes and bitches every chance he gets and belittling everyone who calls him out or disagrees with him. He's like a 12-year old where he thinks he's won an argument by saying "your Mum's a hoe."

No. 657700

>"enjoy having a job and contributing to society, IDIOT"

ok lmao

No. 657737

LOL Sorrow TV could make a whole video based off the crap she's spewed. Prolly wouldn't be his forte tho lol

No. 657760

asking for peoples opinion and then getting a hissy fit if people don't care if he quits.

No. 657838

File: 1533560534552.png (1.05 MB, 1368x770, taylor d bruise.png)

anyone notice the bruises and marks all over her leg in the Cheese tattoo video?

No. 657840

“We had a discussion on how he talks to women hehehe” -Taylor

Grow up bitch, you can’t handle him and you can’t handle your 40+ pets

No. 657876

Not trying to white knight but I don't even have EDS and I have burns and bruises all over like that. Are we trying to suggest she is being abused by pointing out every scar and bruise she has?

No. 657881

I wish more people would call her out on Jonny’s disgusting manchild personality on social media. Suuuure you had a talk with him on how he treats women. You’re such a dumb fucking liar Taylor.
I know everyone’s wishing him dead but you know what? I hope he lives a long time. Be miserable with him Taylor. You’re going to be exhauuuusted trying to handle him for much longer. Especially when you can’t bring in the money 5 years from now when you look like a full on crack head with 100+ animals. God Jonny is so repulsive, she’s so damn fake for acting like they “looove each other so much uwu”.

No. 657886

was simply pointing it out. Considering every other mark on her body was pointed out I figured these awful bruises around her ankle should be as well lmao.

No. 657891

Around her ankle looks to actually be ink from the tattoo. You can see it on her sock and shoe as well.

No. 657913

Tbh, i don’t see Taylor and JC living the rich and famous life after 10 years especially if they decide to move to California. My friend lives with her family because it’s cheaper and she’s a Dentist. So, even if Taylor is getting 15,000$ each month, she has to feed, take care, and spoil her manchild along with all the designer pets she has trouble with. Beauty doesn’t last forever unless it’s natural, but for her, she ruined it all because she wanted to look like an insta-sexdoll. No work experience, no degree, and drugs once you’re too old for your stans? Good luck. By that time everyone will give up on Tay and JC will just get with another 20 yr old.

Sorry for a bloglike post but damn, she’s slowly abandoning her animals to make videos of her plain self

No. 657981

honestly, she must really hate her hair if she keeps it so tightly pulled back with extensions all the time. like, she cut it relatively recently - now's the time to show it off, no? or at least invest in a decent wig, with those waves of cash she and jonny are apparently bringing in, lmao

No. 658004

Hell I'm just speculating that she will spiral downward in the next 5 years, but god in 10 years, she'll be totally irrelevant. Spot on, looks don't last forever (which is what most people followed her for anyways), but in her case she prematurely ruined her young, naturally good looks. She looks like a 40 year old, and she looks like every other botched insta-thot. There's nothing unique about her. She will just be a gross 30 year old shut in who hoards animals to try to be happy, while giving them all crappy care. I also don't see her moving to CA though; some of the animals she has is illegal I believe. And she has admitted already she's a total shut in who rarely leaves her house, so why move to the hustle and bustle of LA for example.
She really should have gotten a nice quality wig. It looks like she's balding because she continues to fry the shit out of her hair and pulls it back so tightly 24/7. If the roots are that bad, I can only imagine what her ends look like up close - I think that's why she keeps it pulled back all the time. She should have just let the new hair grow back to let it heal. It's very sad seeing what she once looked like compared to now.

No. 658013

Did anyone get a screenshot of her actually posting that text message on her Twitter?

No. 658018

Pretty vague post. Screenshot of WHAT?

No. 658030

Some people do, but she just blocks them. She's a fucking coward who refuses to face the shitty things she does because it's just easier to run away from it and play the victim. She plays it off as "getting rid of negativity" like no bitch, all the "hate" you get is for a legitimate reason, get your shit together.

No. 658072

I'm assuming the anon is talking about this >>656277
when she fully exposed someone's number publicly on Twitter.
That guy was wrong for texting her like that, but she's disgusting for exposing his full number knowingly so her army could attack them personally. She should have been the better person, but she clearly isn't. And she knows that.

No. 658074

I read this and it made me think of someone:

In the last 20+ years, statistics have been compiled showing that 71% of abused women report that their partners had killed, abused or threatened to abuse at least one of their animals. In a 2007 study, 12 different states in the U.S. reported that up to 48% of female domestic violence victims stay with their partner because they are worried about the safety of their companion animals.

No. 658079

Is she just going to keep making tweets about the snake and then deleting them until she manages to find one identical or something? There's no possible way she could spin this without looking like a pathological liar and a dumbass after the "I'd pay double for the snake!!!" comments.

No. 658081

File: 1533585007586.png (22.41 KB, 464x106, Picture 5.png)

She's so anxious she'll probably accidentally eat gluten.

No. 658089

I don't doubt. The only problem with Taylor is, she could get Jonny out safely without him hurting the animals so easily. It would be one thing if he never left her side literally 24/7 (which he apparently does according to her when he's not on tour). BUT he does go on tour and while that's happening, he's barely home. Hell he will be on tour for the next few months straight! When he was away while she first broke up with him, everyone was giving her advice to safely get him out for good. She has plenty of time while he's on tour to get the locks changed and have the police ready when he comes home with all his shit packed so he can get the hell out. So if when she finally leaves him or he dies or whatever, she better not try to pull a "storytime I was abused! I was so scared for my animals and I love them so much, that's why I couldn't leave! I suffered for them!" or some bullshit like that.

No. 658096

God after the last time she was coked out and Jonny was out drinking and she was nowhere to be found but with the interviewer from that podcast, I would think she's not going to have the audacity to not show up again… Missing 2 events in a row like that would be too coincidental. She will probably show up full force, I wonder if they will have a live Q&A animal care panel or something where she can't use Google and she will give dumbass answers about her crappy animal husbandry. Can't wait to see what clown outfit she wears with her balding, fried ass hair lol. I don't think even she will miss this one after missing the last from her "i aTe gLOooOten!" episode.

No. 658099

I wonder if she told the guy the date her youtube check might be coming and told him once it did she'd buy the snake. Which would explain why the snake isn't even on hold if she hasn't paid him anything yet. However if she hasn't paid him at all that just makes me wonder if she spends all her money until she's 100% broke and then waits for the next check to blow again.

No. 658106

Pretty sure that's why she's staying. She knows she has the means and support to leave whenever she wants, but she doesn't. She's in this relationship willingly. She'd rather play up the whole "relationship goals, rockstar girlfriend" thing to brag on social media while attacking and blocking anyone who criticizes them and twisting it so she's the victim rather than do what's best for her. Then when they inevitably break up she'll come out about how abusive she was and milk it for more attention.

I'd have sympathy for her if she didn't know any better but she was warned by 3 of his victims from the start, all with graphic details of what he did to them and a play by play of how her relationship will end up. The shit with Chelsea was very recent, it's not like it was something that happened years ago (not like that would make it excusable). He didn't change and Taylor knew exactly what she was getting herself into from the start.

It's so weird how much she lies, and over the most insignificant things too. It must be exhausting. There's something seriously wrong with her. I can kind of understand lying to cover her ass when she did something awful to avoid confrontation (even though that's still shitty) but there is absolutely no reason to lie about the rest. It's not like anyone would get mad at her for not getting the snake, what is she getting out of lying so much??

No. 658114


Are you serious with this? GTFO with this SJW shit.

No. 658116


Yeah, I have no sympathy for her at this point. Even knowing he did all that shit would make me repulsed to even be around someone like that, let alone proudly date them and parade our relationship all over social media.

She's 100% going to milk this when it's over, saying how she survived the abuse, how she's a victim, boohoo for her, etc.

No. 658117


Or waiting for the seller to sell it to her friend betty, and pay her.

No. 658118


if she does buy it via proxy, does she think the seller will not find out? she's going to parade that snake all over twitter and make videos about it.

No. 658133

YouTube does pay out on the 15th of the month! Didn’t think of that.

No. 658147

I don't know if you've noticed, but this an anonymous gossip site. In academia, we don't have time to play at intellectual.

No. 658258

File: 1533595269542.png (13.54 KB, 590x132, twitter.png)

I've contacted the person who texted TND. She claims tons of fans are harassing her. Also made this post on Twitter.

No. 658272

File: 1533595681674.png (802.4 KB, 1242x2208, 1D529071-C08F-4789-AA0A-EB1746…)

No. 658279

Not taking a joke well does not justify doxing thot.

No. 658285

As immature as I think this person was (seriously, what was the point of texting mean things to Taylor's number?) taylor really should be aware of the consequences of posting someone else's number on her twitter. It's definitely not a good response to a dumb text

No. 658291

File: 1533596625482.png (727.55 KB, 750x1334, D7432600-A5A5-4C85-A220-3842DD…)

You don’t need permission to text someone number Taylor jfc(don't use emojis)

No. 658300


What a dumb bitch. How does she not realize how hypocritical and stupid she's being? You have over a million subscribers Taylor, if you suffered so badly from bullying then you shouldn't post someone's number no matter the circumstance? How does she not understand this logic, lol.

No. 658314


Two wrongs don't make a right.

The person who texted her was in the wrong, but Taylor you are so much worse in comparison by exposing her number. Go ahead and expose the text message, but really? You're absolutely fine with people telling her to kill herself?

You call yourself an advocate for mental health and are anti-bullying, but this says otherwise. YOU are a bully, Taylor.

No. 658323

Okay bitch you still have no right to post someone's number publicly where your thousands of rabid stans can see it?? Yeah that person was wrong for texting her but what Taylor did was way worse. What a fucking retard. She WOULD find a way to victimize herself in this. She's just as manipulative as that dick cheese smelling cretin she's dating.

No. 658331

File: 1533598846302.png (181.3 KB, 954x456, Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 7.40…)

our animals yet he just exposed himself not helping her take care of them at all? I have to laugh

No. 658334

File: 1533598922814.jpeg (291.22 KB, 1290x1024, 332F43F2-C4D7-4D38-98EE-DEDE84…)

No. 658335

File: 1533598991434.jpeg (344.81 KB, 1296x1327, F6854C15-7E4B-4174-8012-9EC606…)

No. 658336

File: 1533599073412.jpeg (393.27 KB, 1303x1358, 4DE22BD5-579B-4743-9F1D-14700D…)

No. 658338


amazing, she cleans out their unsuitable cages? what a goddess! let us all praise the girl who decided to hoard 40+ animals.

also, half her night? for 40+ animals? goes to show they get zero care or one-on-one time with her. i spend half my night with my rats alone.

No. 658339

File: 1533599136719.jpeg (105.63 KB, 539x717, 13B0CCDF-BD4C-434C-8067-6A3261…)

Sage because kind of unrelated to Taylor, but I just wanted to post this because it goes to show that no matter who you are and how much knowledge you have about animals, there will always be idiots (“fans”) commenting back like this. Image related are replies on JANE GOODALL commenting on a chimp’s living conditions on therealtarzann’s instagram post. Reads exactly like when experienced reptile keepers critique Taylor’s husbandry.

No. 658340

File: 1533599157371.jpg (609.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-174517.jpg)

Why is there so much shit on the floor…

No. 658341

File: 1533599172312.jpeg (194.28 KB, 1290x864, 3BECE4C9-7773-4716-8823-F519EE…)

No. 658342


Just goes to show what an ugly, horrible person she is. How petty and vengeful do you have to be to think that teaching someone a lesson involves exposing someone's number, so that her fans can go harass and tell someone to kill themselves?

No. 658345

File: 1533599298156.jpeg (307.89 KB, 1299x1282, 2E806EED-6428-40FC-810B-B07C08…)

No. 658347

Lol who's first reaction when getting a rude text is "I need to call them". No one's.

No. 658370

File: 1533601452191.png (10.78 MB, 1242x2208, F53A7B37-622B-4FE0-886C-B1D13F…)


No. 658373

I'm gonna go ahead and call BS because this would be the FIRST thing you would mention when doxxing a number, not an afterthought 20 minutes later. She is backpeddling hard. I hate how anyone with a big enough following can be such a bully yet claim to be the victim all the time and their rabid fans eat it up like a fat kid eats a cupcake.
Her logic is quite literally 'be mean to me and you will get death threats and wish you were dead', that should show them! How's that mental health channel going, tay?

No. 658375

so someone wanna explain why taylor has been "donating" to others to help their pets lately??
didnt she donate to someone the other day too?


only one thats coming up is to this cat earlier today

No. 658383

File: 1533602063395.jpeg (437.23 KB, 1206x820, 5EA3EC80-4283-409B-B589-25D57E…)

Seriously Jenn. Go get a life and learn reality. And Taylor retweeted it no less!!!

No. 658390

File: 1533602730124.jpg (424.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-184619.jpg)

No. 658398

Paying people “$100-600$” to take care of your animals on your frequent sick days, you clearly can’t fully provide for them. What happens when all your money is gone, animal expert goddess?

No. 658402

Whenever i see pictures of Johnny he reminds me of a serpent. Is that why Taylor likes him so much?

No. 658407

.. I know she thinks this is a big defense of hers, but.. It actually makes her look worse. You can't even take care of your animals yourself so you have to hire help? That's not normal. You are now running a zoo. Which she also sees as some badge of honor. I mean if love to adopt all the stray cats I see but if comes down to what I can personally handle. If I died tomorrow god forbid they'd have to be able to be easily rehomed.. You never know what could happen.

I know I'm beating a dead horse but she's so stupid and irresponsible it's insane. I HATE that way she talks down to people on her Twitter. I would bet money she'd never say that shit in person. She also only says this shit because she'll have 20+ stans validating her.

No. 658412

File: 1533604424196.png (356.88 KB, 750x1334, 443A2320-87FD-4716-A4D2-B1EC2B…)

Kinda relevant lol Taylor you literally can’t take care of your pets and have to pay for someone else to do so. I guess you’re hoarding by your fellow pettubbers standards

No. 658413

Exactly! Anyways, most of her animals are FINE without her for a day. I can't think of a single animal she has that needs to be fed on a daily basis, and for 600$ she could just invest in an automatical misting system for those that need misting every day (it's actually kind of dumb that she doesn't have an automatic misting system js). And that much money for one day of looking after animals? That's insane. And she has Jonny. Why can't he go switch on some lights and mist some enclosures? I have someone who knows my daily and weekly care routines just in case I get hospitalized or something bad happens, but for the most part, all of the animals she (and myself) have are COMPLETELY FINE for a day or two. They're reptiles, not dogs.

No. 658418


Her cats need to be fed on a daily basis.

Not sure about her hedgehogs, but pretty sure some fresh food for them would be nice.

No. 658426

Sorry, I was moreso meaning the animals that a regular person (Jonny) can't look after on a regular basis. Pretty sure anyone can feed cats and fill up a water dish.

No. 658427

>>658412 Apparently Emma doesn't know the definition of hoarding or realize there's another term for that "unable to take care of 5 pets" comparison. That's just regular neglect, having 5 guppies you don't give a shit about isn't hoarding. Gaining animals at a rapid pace for whatever reason (usually mental illness/disorder type things) and being unable to care for them properly due to being overwhelmed, is hoarding.

No. 658430


All good, she has a lot of low-maint animals that don't need daily attention… yet she stills need to hire someone to look after them, apparently.

Just goes to show she's way in over head.

No. 658441

What a fucking piece of shit. Obviously bullying is only bad unless Taylor's doing it, right?
He's too fucking retarded to do anything, we all know Taylor's the one taking care of "his" pets. He admitted he doesn't do shit, he doesn't even bother helping her. What a keeper!

No. 658467

So instead of helping her with THEIR animals so she finish sooner he just lay in bed waiting until 4 am kek.
She really doesn't get embarrassed when he say things like that?

No. 658490

She's constantly too high to care for them herself. Funny how she's perfectly fine getting huge tattoos and piercings but filling a water bowl is suddenly unbearable? Her illness sure is convenient.
She talks sooooo much shit online but is too nervous and scared to even say hi to a fan in person. If you even looked at her funny irl she'd probably have an anxiety attack. She's the definition of a keyboard warrior.
That retard can't even type a coherent sentence

No. 658546

File: 1533627317640.png (145.3 KB, 1080x580, IMG_20180807_082842.png)

Just wanna say I totally agree with the sentiment that declawing your cats is cruel, but this statement shows her childish mentality. 'I've had cats for almost a year and that has NEVER happened so if it's happening to you it's because you're less of an expert than I am!!'. Firstly, she's had cats for less than 9 months. My cats never scratched furniture when they were younger, but they loved wooden bannisters and bed frames when they got older (and this is from cats who had 3 scratchers and went outside). The anti-scratch stuff did nothing, and we just let them do it after a while because there was no stopping them lmao. Anyway, the point is I just find it hilarious when she thinks she knows everything about animals when she's had them for 5 minutes.

No. 658557


She doesn't even know how to hold a cat properly, so go figure.

Also cats do scratch up furniture, even with appropriate equipment. The trick is teaching them not to. But of course she doesn't mention this or give info what to do if you're having trouble getting your cat to use a scratching post. Great education, Tay! Keep up the great work!

Also yes, declawing cats is cruel and wrong so she's right about that at least. Unfortunately she's talking about people who literally won't take the time to train their animal, so this post is essentially useless.

No. 658562

My cats knew not to scratch furniture when we were around, but as soon as we weren't home or in another room it was fair game hahah. Honestly I think they got a thrill out of it, like a kid doing something they know they're not supposed to. Cats will be cats, we loved them too much to really care about some scratched wood anyway.

You're right in what you're saying though, her post is literally reaching no one that cares. She's one of these people who thinks she's doing good by posting on twitter.

No. 658565

Agreed. It's disingenuous to suggest that cats don't claw at furniture. They inevitably do and will. Even a well behaved and trained cat will do so because it's perfectly natural. Her exaggerations and lies are going to do more harm than good by encouraging misinformed people to bring cats home, only to abandon them as soon as the cat starts exhibiting natural behaviors.

You shouldn't declaw cats because it is comparable to amputating fingers, and is associated with a number of problems for the animal. You shouldn't declaw your cats because you're supposed to care more about your cat than your stupid furniture. But by Taylor's logic you actually should declaw your cats if they do scratch at furniture or you, which is just plain idiotic and wrong.

Also, I'm pretty sure she's assuaged commenters' questions about marks on her body with "don't worry guiise, it's just cat scratches" multiple times. I don't really remember exactly, am I wrong? It could be reptile bites I'm thinking of.

Regardless, I can't stand her arrogance on the matter. We all know the real reason she didn't declaw her cats is because she's too lazy to take them to the vet frequently. It's mostly just annoying how she made the whole thing about her and her allegedly perfect pet care, as usual. She neglected a kitten until it eventually died, but of course she's an expert. If the blatant lies she's spewing were true it could actually be a cause for concern that her cats aren't displaying such a basic feline behavior, and might be indicative of major stress or health issues. I shouldn't be surprised she's too dumb to realize that if she doesn't even know how to hold a cat properly ffs.

No. 658568

I just can’t believe you people are seriously defending this person, lmfao. “A joke” my ass. Taylor may be whatever you want to call her, but going out of your way to text her something like that makes you borderline psycho. It’s one thing discussing her on a dumb gossip website, it’s another thing to actually text her some dumb shit about her appearance. This person willingly gave out their number to a stranger and texted them something completely uncalled for, they’re fucking retarded and deserve to get doxxed.

No. 658570


the only reason this misogynistic pos doesn't think his gf abuses animals is bc the abuse he's familiar with is violently assaulting and raping women at knifepoint. oh, and flushing innocent kittens down the toilet. taytay treats her animals like shit, but her man-child somehow manages to make her look good by comparison.


well said, anon.

No. 658571

Correct me if I'm wrong but is she not the person who said she doesn't like to talk about/bring up money lmao?? Why is it that she can literally never shut the fuck up about how much she spends on any given thing

No. 658572

So true. She equates money to care. Normal people associate giving animals copious amounts of attention, love, and making sure they're groomed, cleaned, and have more than enough space, care. Taylor has way too many animals to give them all more than enough attention, and we've all seen her enclosures - oh but she spent 15k on them so that must mean they're great!! (news flash Taylor, animals don't give a shit about money).

No. 658574

It's always "I spent this much on cages", "I spend this much on having someone else take care of MY animals bc I'm too "sick"", "I'm gonna buy an animal for this much", etc, like we fucking get it, what makes her think the constant $$$$ is necessary? Maybe it's just Jonny's annoying ass attitude rubbing off on her? It's so grating though, it's like she can't go ten tweets without mentioning how much money she spends on shit.

No. 658575

You beat me to it, anon. It's just like the stereotype of rich parents who don't spend time with their kids trying to throw money at them to make up for it. Money can't fix animal neglect if you're too stupid to know how to take care of those animals, and it certainly can't buy bonding.

No. 658586


We aren't defending the person, we're calling Taylor out for being a hypocritical piece of shit by exposing the number so her fans will go harass them.

Do they deserve it? Probably. Was it the right thing to do? No. Not in any way was it right.

No. 658626

Ya Mama Dean, she’s as real as a 3 dollar bill!

No. 658694

It’s ok though guise she’s probably spending $600 a day while she’s away on tour with Jonny. Look how much she spends on her animals she’s so caring!! uwu
Honestly I do hate that she equates money to care, my guess is this is how it was in her household. She grew up a spoiled brat I’m sure who got everything she wanted because her parents didn’t want to be actual parents. She probably holds resentment for her brother taking away a lot of attention from her due to his disability. But as long as moneys around and she gets what she wants that makes everything better. So she has to act like the more money she spends on her animals, the more she must care. What happens when she’s accumulated over 60+ animals and the money runs out somehow? What happens when she can’t provide for that many of them?

No. 658704

No matter how much money you have, getting so many pets when you have a chronic health issue which means some days you can't care for them is just plain irresponsible. I'd like to know who this person is who drops everything they're doing to tend to her animals at night? What about the times she passes out from gluten or taking too many pain killers, the times where she's too sick to even text anyone? She's honestly so full of shit. She digs herself in so many holes from not being able to keep up with her lies.

No. 658731

Yeah I don’t think many people realize how ridiculous California costs unless you’re from there. My parents got new neighbors from LA recently and they told us their $300,000 house would cost 4 million in LA. They were living in a tiny apartment before they moved here but moved to a new state because they wanted to buy a house. It’s not easy living there unless you’re a multi millionaire.

No. 658736

I used to binge Taylor's videos up until she got those lip injections, her personality completely changed. And everyone who commented negatively about it got hoarded by her fans.

I had no idea all of this was happening too.

What made her flip into this person? Has she always been this way or?

No. 658740

Yes, but of course she has idiot stans that call this ableism when it’s just the truth. Having a lot of pets can be difficult for people in top shape, so it stands to reason that people with health problems where they can’t even get out of bed some days shouldn’t have over 30 pets.

No. 658755

She's always been this way since her highschool years, she's just learned how to somewhat hide what she doesn't want people to see but it always gets out there eventually.
And even with all of the evidence stacked up of her animal neglect and hoarding, faking illnesses, drug abuse, bullying, and mocking of rape and abuse victims, some people still support and defend her because anyone that doesn't like her or what she does is a "hater".

No. 658756

Always been what way? A spoiled brat child that treats animals like toys? Yes.

She used to drag her animals around at school and leave them in her backpack all day. She bought a dog and then abandoned it like 24 hours later because she didn't want to take care of it.

When her parents spent money fixing up their house instead of buying her a MacBook she freaked out and threw a fit.

She also told Chelsea in her texts she's been addicted to coke for a while, at least before she started dating Jonny.

No. 658760

I don't believe she's addicted to coke. She lies about everything and just wanted to seem relatable to Jonny when talking to Chelsea. She's probably tried it like twice.

No. 658791


No. 658795

For what? Just go look through the past forums and you'll find all of that. Don't expect us to do it for you

No. 658826

It woundbt surprise me if she was just lying about her cats not scratching anything. While I agree declawing is wrong, I just highly doubt her cats are never going to scratch the furniture. She has a leather couch and cats LOVE leather because it feels very good to dig their claws into. It’s like a knife going into butter. Let’s see how long that couch lasts when they get older, and hopefully she won’t use that as an excuse to rehome them for a made up reason.

No. 658950

Didn’t she have a video where Nemo was trying to climb up the drapes and she had to take Nemo from there and hold him? Cats will always be cats and will eventually use their nails somewhere even if accidentally. I had a cat for 18 years and she was wild as they can get but not once did we thought about removing her nails. That tweet is useless and is only there to let everyone know that she’s such a pet tamer.

No. 658955


The tweet is only there for her fans to kiss her ass on her amazing animal insight lol

No. 658962

This. I talk so much shit on her stans but the idiots don't have fully capacity to understand what a shit human Taylor is. She knows EXACTLY what to say to get their approval.

No. 659083

File: 1533686465336.jpeg (382.82 KB, 1293x1612, 5DA7C710-FB7C-48A1-BA91-C21BDF…)

No. 659084

File: 1533686557637.png (27.86 KB, 462x157, Picture 3.png)

No. 659085

File: 1533686641966.png (63.1 KB, 464x348, Picture 5.png)

No. 659100

File: 1533687707319.png (119.85 KB, 464x629, Picture 3.png)

No. 659104

I am a different anon that went to HS with Taylor (the rare times she showed up) and she most definitely did bring a hedgehog to school on at least one occasion

No. 659105

File: 1533687968983.png (106.22 KB, 412x630, Picture 5.png)

What a scumbag.

No. 659106

File: 1533688186363.png (37.69 KB, 419x202, Picture 6.png)

No. 659107


Taylor must be so proud.

No. 659118

File: 1533689843428.png (297.3 KB, 417x513, Picture 3.png)

No. 659119

Yeah I remember seeing an old FB/twitter post on earlier threads where she talked about bringing a hedgehog to school. That really shows from the beginning it was never about animals, and only ever about using them to give her attention and popularity.

No. 659120

Why tf are her stockings always ripped??? I’ve never ripped mine before.

No. 659125

She just needs to buy bigger ones. She says she's too thicc for her tights.. so buy a bigger size?

No. 659129

File: 1533690452936.png (36.62 KB, 415x206, Picture 5.png)

No. 659133

I've never seen someone so desperate for approval from the internet..

No. 659137

I just saw on Instagram a woman who basically professionally fosters cats post about finding a few kittens and their mama while doing TNR job and then finding out a woman had taken two of the other babies and refused to give them up. She wouldn't hand them over to the foster despite begging and money offers.. Telling them she had it handled. It reminded me so much of Taylor because that's almost exactly what she fucking did and one ended up dying. Had she handed it over to a professional I bet it would be fine today. Another fun twist.. This woman has multiple other animals she seemingly doesn't care for properly. Sorry that's kinda off topic, but the only thing that sets Taylor aside from every other shitty abusive animal hoarder is her looks and money.

No. 659143

seconded. it's because she never leaves the house and her bf is such a scummy piece of shit. also maybe bc of mommy issues too (i don't blame her on that part, Jen is a certified nutcase). the validation she gets from socially awkward 12 yr olds online is the only thing keeping her frail ego intact. everything she does, says, or posts is textbook attention whore behavior. her self esteem is really low enough that she feels the need to photoshop her face and body beyond recognition for the praise of some middle school band geeks and anime kids. i wonder if she's ignorant to who her audience really is or not.

No. 659149

when you're such a shitty person, you're confused when people give you the benefit of the doubt.
taylor really knows how to pick them

No. 659153

File: 1533693465338.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1876, DA1EFC7D-0DFF-4F8E-BFFB-352238…)

I mean.. shouldn’t you be obsessed with your pets already? Even before they give you interent attention?

No. 659161

File: 1533693826417.png (20.78 KB, 419x108, Picture 3.png)

No. 659167

why does he need someone to buy him clothes lol doesn't he have money

No. 659175

Because now he's special and since she spun a story about "saving" him as usual she can use him as a potential money maker.

No. 659210

File: 1533697623870.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1632x3264, 37787D53-5926-4D3A-AD3A-9853AE…)

This is so fucking cringey and staged. Took all of her lizards out for a photo op with her ducking ripped tights and stockings for attention and then threw them back in their inadequate enclosures. She’s so fucking transparent but her stans eat it all up.

No. 659211

She likes bragging in general so of course she wouldn't pass up the opportunity to rub how much money she has in people's faces. And her retarded manchild likes to look down on anyone who isn't rich even though he's leeching off his girlfriends money.
I think she mentioned she hires her friend
who just had a baby, so in addition to a newborn, she has to look after all Taylor's pets even though she doesn't know shit about them.
God I'd be so embarrassed if I ever saw my partner talking to people like that. But then again she's just as awful to people so I'm not surprised she doesn't care how he acts.
Shut up Jonny you don't even take care of him
Did Taylor not give her manchild his allowance this week?

No. 659295

File: 1533705358248.png (83.48 KB, 420x516, Picture 5.png)

No. 659303

She always blames other people for everything, even insignificant things like her snake arriving later than she initially posted about. She didn't lie, its the BREEDER, never Taylor.

No. 659311

File: 1533706938284.png (22.95 KB, 417x102, Picture 6.png)


No. 659316

Is it just me or has she been tweeting more than usual about her ‘anxiety’ lately? Probably getting her excuse to skip Petfest all ready.

No. 659323

And…she deleted it. Typical. What's really pathetic is that the tweet she was replying to was like, "go to a concert or a restaurant by yourself, do what you want even if your friends don't want to go with you." She's actually saying she can't go anywhere by herself for 5 minutes without an anxiety attack? With a tattoo of the phrase "by myself"? Unreal.

No. 659328

File: 1533709122191.jpeg (300.86 KB, 1290x1024, 9794B564-F7CF-4EC1-97C1-A9CF73…)

Sage for repost, but did anyone else notice that Taylor said “and find my number on a hate forum”
Soooo I guess we’ve just confirmed Taylor reads all this
Hi TayTay

No. 659339

I actually would have given her some credit if she had said 'I asked the breeder if he could hold onto him for a little longer so he arrived after all my trips and I could be at home with him'… Why do you need a breeder to tell you it's wrong to buy a pet and then fuck off for a week, have you not had enough people tell you this already? My god she's a fucking idiot.

Also, I'm not speculating that her shrimp is dead or anything, but I just find it so bizarre how she can say shit like 'I've wanted one of these for YEARS!!!' and then literally not post anything about it after 2 days. I'd be fascinated by such an amazing creature. I guess it didn't get her as much attention as she hoped.

No. 659347

Totally agree with the shrimp. I personally would love to see it. Seems she’s hoping no one remembers it. It would make amazing photos so not sure why she wouldn’t have shown it off more?!
As for petfest, isn’t this just organised by another YouTube so nothing too official. I don’t think she’ll skip this one. She won’t need to as there isn’t going to be any question panels or places where she can get outed for not having a clue. She can just pose with fans and constantly be swooned over.

No. 659379


That's nice and all Taylor, but this doesn't override the fact that you're STILL in the wrong for this too.

No. 659423

And who really wants to look at a snapshot of her skanky crotch?!

No. 659424

I don’t get it. She lives in Texas where it’s as hot as Hades…why does she need tights? It’s not like she’s dressed up to go to work…she lounges between the bed and couch ALL DAY!!!

No. 659474

Most Texans I know blast the AC until their home is like an ice box, so someone wearing tights in summer isn’t that bizarre. What’s pathetic is her claiming her thighs rip her tights as if they’re really that big. No, she just doesn’t know how to put on tights and/or she buys cheap ones. Also wouldn’t put it past her to be doing in on purpose because she thinks it’s a cute look.

No. 659524

Well making her apartment an icebox can’t be good for the reptiles!

No. 659536

File: 1533744552354.jpeg (144.49 KB, 643x378, DA9C0AE7-1B1C-418B-B8A6-E75C60…)

The breeders of Twisty saw her amputation video and are decently upset that they weren’t contacted if Taylor truly thought something was wrong when Twisty was adopted

No. 659538

File: 1533744631859.jpeg (109.27 KB, 701x261, 95F81DF0-CE62-4FF9-8DF4-172D60…)

She also posted the wrong breeder in the video. They spotted their business card in the clips of twisty at the expo. It was their table

No. 659539

Sorry, purchased. Not adopted

No. 659543


She is such a piece of shit. I hope someone will call her out on this and question why she didn't contact the breeders for help/advice since she's claiming it was their fault.

No. 659638

File: 1533749184275.jpg (456.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-112619.jpg)

This…isn't true. I witness my snakes drinking regularly. Is she trying to say that snakes don't drink from water dishes often? Saying that is as bad as saying bearded dragons don't need water dishes and they can get all of their water from soaking in the sink.

No. 659640

File: 1533749251363.jpg (435.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-112822.jpg)

No. 659655

What's funny to me is that she genuinely thinks this kind of shit makes her look good. If she worked really hard for that money MAYBE she'd be a bit more humble. It's actually sad because there's other youtubers who make much more than her for much harder work and try to hide it because they don't feel they deserve it. Then here's Taylor who truly believes she works hard enough to earn all that money that she blows and screams about from the rooftops.

She's donating money now to get herself some good karma bc she knows she's a piece of shit lol. Notice the sudden influx of it being public donations. No way in hell is she making private donations, she's always gonna make sure people know.

No. 659668

Lmao she literally has a whole video about her shakes drinking water from bowls… wat

No. 659686

File: 1533752391924.png (365.41 KB, 856x480, Picture 3.png)


She's a walking self-contradiction. I guess by her logic if her snakes are drinking water frequently that means they're not getting enough food, or are injured, trapped, or dehydrated.

No. 659689

File: 1533752530786.png (373.01 KB, 853x480, Picture 5.png)

(same anon)
And seeing a grown ass woman say "sippy sip" that many times was cringe as fuck.

No. 659691

Not gonna lie I don't know a ton about snakes, but usually it's only desert species of reptiles that are able to store water/survive on little water, they also drink the early morning dew and don't get "all" the water they need just from feeding. From what I know most other snakes live near bodies of water or have access to other forms of water. Guess we know why her snakes often look dehydrated and water bowls look empty.

No. 659714

True. I don’t recall her saying the racks are heated. She also claims she keeps her apartment hot. I don’t know. It’s hard to keep up with her bullshit.

No. 659870

File: 1533764824269.png (695.19 KB, 794x692, Skärmavbild 2018-08-02 kl. 16…)


I got this photo from the day taylor and jonny got twisty, and still don't think anything's wrong with the tail here?
But I dont know anything about reptiles or reptile injuries..

No. 659878

If she keeps the apartment hot, does she have a proper cooler for Mushu? I know I have to keep my bedroom cold for mine because axols don't do well in water over about 70-74. But aquarium coolers are pretty expensive.

No. 659883


Generally with Taylor, if you have to ask…

No. 659889

You posted it yourself when you just had to prove to the haters that you took your kitten to the vet YOU DUMBASS. You literally doxed yourself and proved to everyone that Chelsea's texts are real.

No. 659910

actually, something is off about that tail. other than the stuck shed, the tail should be straight from base to tip. its not natural for it to corkscrew at the end like that.

No. 659924

The kink is a birth defect, BUT a kinked tail shouldn't start to get necrosis either. Plenty of dragons have kinked tails and live fine full lives

No. 659958


Here a 5 minute video is a girl who also had a beardie with a linked tail. This girl kinda shows that Taylor never went to the vet because the vet performed different tests on her beardie to see what was wrong but Taylor’s vet apparently never did that? Doesn’t add up tay

No. 659968

Is it possible that skin shed got stuck on the tail because of the kink, Taylor never noticed/didn't do anything and the stuck shed cut off circulation to the tail, which then led to necrosis?

No. 659983

With all the money she makes she should really go see a therapist because her pathological lying isn't normal. But then if she gets help she'll have to face her bullshit and work towards becoming a better person and it's just so much easier to keep playing the victim and avoiding accountability. She preaches about good mental health but puts in absolutely no effort into getting help because she wants to keep using her mental illness as an excuse. It's too convenient for her to fix it.

Yeah, in other words it's her fault and she's blaming the breeder for her negligence again. And I love how the breeder called her out on lying.

No. 659990


She didn't contact the breeder? What is wrong with her? Any reputable breeder worth their salt 100% wants you to contact them about health issues or care, especially if you just got them? They will either offer advice and/or see if they were at fault or take back the animal.

Of course, if it isn't a reputable breeder… WHY is she supporting breeders like this and giving them their business? It just adds to the problem as at the end of the day, they made a sale and they get the money.

She's so dumb it hurts as she can't even purchase animals correctly, which she seems so intent to do over adopting.

No. 659994

File: 1533773524479.jpeg (224.02 KB, 1242x889, 04ACC3D7-60B6-4C65-9B7E-5F044A…)

No. 659995



Also, did her first green tree python die? Oh, but right.. that wasn't her fault.

No. 659997

HA okay, sure. Someone at my BFs work BURIED their leo they thought died and it CLIMBED OUT AND BACK INTO THE HOUSE. so i mean congrats but it means NOTHING

No. 659998

She's an idiot… most reptiles are hardy… they're going to take years to die. How long has she been keeping snakes? Her geckos? Her monitor?


I'll eat my words when they all live full lifespans, but we all know that isn't going to happen.

No. 660002

I'm almost certain she'll end up rehoming the monitor at some point.

She can say it's tame and all right now because it's small, but when (mostly if), it gets to its expected size, that shit's either going to kill one of her cats, or cause real damage to her and/or Jonny.

Reposting this video that was shown in an earlier thread:


No. 660003


I don't understand why she even got a monitor. She's 100% going to end up getting bitten by it, unless she just stops handling him altogether and ends up scared of him… and you should never be scared of your animals.

No. 660008

It's all for attention. If you notice, she's been escalating in the type of animals she gets. Some of those reptiles are cool, but she's not skilled enough to take care of them properly, like the satanic geckos.

She cares more about the buying process and showcasing them for ig likes than the actual commitment they represent. It's all for validation and because she wants to be perceived as an animal expert and tamer who can handle any animal regardless of her level of skill and expertise.

Her train of thought with the monitor is probably "look how cool I look with my tattoos and my lizard on a leash walking down the street. I'm so unique and alternative. Such an Egg uwu".

No. 660016

File: 1533775631480.png (30.56 KB, 414x137, Picture 3.png)

I like how polite he is, he really seems to care about reptile care. I just hope he doesn't fall for her manipulative bullshit. She will never change or take his advice.

No. 660022


Oh I don't doubt this is the reason, her stupidity and desperation for attention just seems to override any logical decisions.

She really hasn't sat down and thought about how long these animals live, where she will be in 10+ years and if she has the time, money and resources to continue to care for them.

No. 660025

In her instagram story she's feeding her monitor with her hands which is a terrible idea considering her monitor is now going to correlate her hands with food.

No. 660026

File: 1533776254680.png (24.7 KB, 465x123, Picture 5.png)

No. 660028

Isn't this throwing shade at Tyler?

No. 660030

After what happened with Emzotic, I don't doubt it might be. I believe Em when she said everyone in that group seems to hate each other.

No. 660033

File: 1533776806465.png (500.16 KB, 855x538, Picture 3.png)

If you're concerned about it dying why are you holding it? It should be in a humid container to help it hydrate. She's like those people who take selfies with endangered dolphins out of water until they die.

No. 660035


She has a fucking savior complex. The mouse, the kittens, the snake, the bearded dragon, JC… she wants to fix or save things so people will praise her.

No. 660036

File: 1533776940609.png (499.12 KB, 852x479, Picture 6.png)

No. 660037


Doubt it, even tho she could afford one. She keeps Mushu on her kitchen counter, which is even worse bc you know it gets hot in the kitchen from all those frozen pizzas she's cooking in the oven. Might explain why Mushu has fungal problems and generally looks ill.

No. 660038


"Let me hold this dying animal in my claws for a picture uwu"

No. 660045

actually multiple pictures, anon. she seriously got different angles on a dying animal. classic TayTay.

No. 660061

Maybe not a reptile (yet), but a cat and hedgehogs on the other hand….

No. 660065

and a frog, bugs, a mouse, fish…

No. 660077

Lmao is it even possible to be a munchie and have munchie by proxy at the same time??

I also like how woke and adamant he is on the subject of Jonny. Not giving abusers the time of day is the right decision. They don't deserve any second chances, especially nasty ass Jonny.

I am also clueless on snakes, but as far as I'm aware basically the only animal that doesn't drink any water would be koalas. Even then, there are exceptions. It's irresponsible of her to suggest that snakes don't need water all that much, just because hers are always dehydrated af. And yet she seems to be under the impression that she'd be able to last a day in the zoological field?? What a stupid, narcissistic liar.

No. 660082


actually, there was some speculation in another thread that she had a satanic die. not trying to wk, but usually there's a whole lot of unsubstantiated claims of pettubers' animals dying on this site. in reality, it's usually just because the cows have hoarded too many animals to post about consistently. however, if you look at different pics of all of them together, it really does seem like she had more than just the three she claimed. of all the dead animal speculating going around, i'd put my money on the satanics.

No. 660094

Maybe to Brian since she totally doesnt like him now cause he is so mean to animals and she is such a good pet egg mom uwu

It is really amazing how the pet community is more shady between them than the beauty community lol

No. 660101

File: 1533780416862.jpg (730.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180808-130352_Ins…)

I noticed that Tay claims in her ig that she was going to take Kovu for check ups every couple months to ensure he says healthy. Last February she says he was only 1 year and 9 months. Yet he just died of "old age"??

No. 660137

File: 1533782015878.jpg (316.01 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20180808-203340~2.j…)

Born 2/5/15 but 1 year 9 months years old in February 2017?

No. 660150

She doesn't even keep track of her lies, she can pull anything out of her ass and her stans will believe it

No. 660166

File: 1533783572371.png (23.44 KB, 460x119, Picture 3.png)

What could she possibly teach us about hedgehogs other than how to kill them?

No. 660172

File: 1533783677327.png (27.98 KB, 464x138, Picture 5.png)

"My friend" bitch, who?

No. 660177

She swore in the past never to get a hedgehog again because they had a short lifespan, but she sees nothing wrong with still milking her hedgehogs even when they're already dead, especially Nala.

No. 660181

I'm pretty sure a majority of her snakes should be given the opportunity to soak not just have access to drinking water all of the time. I know ball pythons like to soak, and our King snake liked to soak too (not sure about MBK's as ours was a Cali)

I honestly don't understand why she puts them in racks. From what I understand racks are great for breeders because they mimic the sort of environment they would breed in the wild but she's not a breeder and she supposedly has a ton of money. She could afford beautiful display enclosures with space for them to soak and climb with plants.

It makes me so mad. She could do so much for them instead she treats them like designer handbags instead of pets.

No. 660188


It makes me mad too. We don't have snakes in my country, so I won't be able to own one and Tay has access to all these amazing animals, access to the money/time to look after them and she does… well, barely anything to help them thrive.

She buys the most expensive animal and then shoves it into barely adequate enclosures and uses them as props for her insta.

No. 660201

File: 1533785446271.jpg (49.46 KB, 680x510, DkHZLDzVAAEAtcz.jpg_small.jpg)

This would be a decent picture without her gross peeling finger in it.

No. 660204

Ball pythons actually shouldn’t be soaking, it’s usually a sign of something being wrong. But they should always have access to water

No. 660210


It can be a sign that somethings wrong like mites or low humidity but more often than not (if they're kept right) it's just their way of preparing to shed.

No. 660270

Ball pythons generally don't soak unless there's something wrong with their husbandry, they're not a "soaking" snake. Mites, too much heat, or dehydration will cause them to soak though.

No. 660282

If your ball pythons are soaking to “prepare to shed” your humidity is too low. They don’t naturally soak unless they need to

No. 660298

File: 1533793985040.jpg (351.17 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20180808-235326__01…)

No. 660300

Super small water dish, not a lot of space for climbing, and those lights are giving me anxiety. Also where does she have the UVB in there?

No. 660307

File: 1533794577197.png (322.25 KB, 468x467, Picture 3.png)

Those lights aren't diffuse enough to heat his whole body evenly. This is a burn waiting to happen.

No. 660337

File: 1533797835827.jpeg (271.42 KB, 1242x1236, 03C3B0AA-77AD-46EF-896B-14ED36…)

No. 660344

She should really look into stuff before posting because she continuously makes herself look like an idiot. Don't worry Taylor we all know you're incapable of researching or fact checking anything haha.

No. 660360

Probably some person she "talked" to once or twice on Twitter = my friend

No. 660364

File: 1533802291207.png (111.48 KB, 414x656, Picture 5.png)

God, don't encourage her.

No. 660366

File: 1533802403067.png (297.7 KB, 415x652, Picture 3.png)

No. 660370

My god she really is a hoarder. Already has loads of empty tanks but buying more with no idea what she even wants it for? Bloody hell.

No. 660383

Has her new snake even arrived yet?? While shes talking about more pets.

No. 660398

Wonder what ‘hate forum’ they’re claiming said that.
I love how she chooses to acknowledge only the absolutely ridiculous claims but ignores all the genuine concerns people call her out for

No. 660400

why is he encouraging her to get banded skinks oh my god
I adore these guys I put so much research into them, going out of my way to speak to people from their country and translate Chinese breeder's comments on them. they're wonderful but there are NO captive born ones in the US or UK. the only successful breeders so far seem to be in asia. if she gets one it will be 100% wild caught (I do not CARE what lies she makes up to say "it's captive born!!!") and will either die early (they are very prone to stress and refuse to eat until they starve or die because no importer knows their age when bringing them into captivity).
she will encourage young, stupid kids to buy these amazing skinks who do not deserve that attention until there's staple captive bred groups. I'll chew her damn ear off if she gets one and I'm NOT scared to do that on my public social media.

No. 660416

That you’ll admit to!

No. 660425

Do they even make “gluten free” frozen pizza?

No. 660429

Yeah, there’s tons of brands of it, you can find most things in gluten free form nowadays

No. 660487

What, are they friends now? He went from ripping her apart for her care to now recommending new animals for her to impulse buy. He’s canceled.

No. 660523

Twisty’s breeder messaged Taylor on Instagram yesterday and still hasn’t gotten a response

No. 660531


I'm surprised after Jonny said he'd out right assault him.
Jayce and Taylor should date and do "all my pets 5000+" videos together.

No. 660547

No. 660550

He might just be trying to get her to be open more to his criticisms in a desperate attempt to save her animals because she won't listen to anyone that isn't licking her butthole.

No. 660576

Even as “props”, once she does the first photo shoot she barely shows it again! She could be posting new shots daily…but doesn’t!

No. 660580

File: 1533831958214.jpg (209.71 KB, 1242x758, c99DgND.jpg)

No. 660581

As much as I am amused that she's once again caught in a lie, she'll weasel out of this by simply shifting blame to another company and apologizing for blaming the wrong one lol.

No. 660585

Awesome. I really hope something comes from this.

I would respect Taylor so much if she could ever own up to one of her many lies. But that's highly unlikely to ever happen.

Show no mercy, Joe.

No. 660641

Joe is a bad ass and has a big role in the SA reptile community, she needs to clear his name if she wants to go to anymore expos

No. 660667

in what picture was this? I want to give him a like to bump his comment.

No. 660668

It's the one with Twisty on her leg

No. 660678

It looks like Jayce is playing nice to get unblocked and spread facts under her posts. I’ve noticed he’s going behind her saying facts to her stans before she can spread wrong info

No. 660685

I’m really glad that her fans are attacking him or calling him a liar

No. 660719

New to this thread but Jesus her face is fucking botched. I don’t understand why good looking people stuff their face full of fillers and freezes they don’t need. What a mess.

No. 660727

It's actually a pretty simple explanation for why Taylor fucks her face and up with cosmetic treatments.

She has a fear of being alone so she needs to get as much attention as possible in order to always have somebody to interact with.

Combine that with her boyfriend always obsessing over his ex-girlfriends and you have a perfect recipe for insecurity.

No. 660729

Because her goal has always been to be a "model". It was never about the animals. And the ig model look is well, to look like that.

No. 660777

File: 1533848958455.jpeg (145.32 KB, 640x891, 6376AB70-CAAC-4E53-8E11-4FBD1E…)

I personally find it a bit suspicious that she purposely picked out the one with the “nubbiest” tail, and then a few months later it becomes an actual nub from the necrosis being left until it had to be amputated way further back than originally needed.

No. 660784


I really hope he follows through and this isn't just an empty threat. Taylor has been known to slander companies online and in this case it wasn't even the right one!

No. 660785

"they just had a few beardie babies"

In the amputation video didn't she say they had hundreds of babies in one container?

And she's claiming here not to know the morph but I could have sworn she's said it was a "super red" or some shit in the past.

Lastly, she wants us to believe that a breeder can't identify the morph of their animals?

No. 660792

File: 1533850452412.jpg (83.49 KB, 396x679, Di_XSEUUYAAEviL.jpg_small.jpg)

Which is it Taylor? Either the breeder was selling him as a "flame red" or they didn't know the morph. Were there only a few or hundreds of them? God how can her fans not see through her?

No. 660797


She lies about the weirdest and smallest things, it's unreal. It really makes you wonder what 'big' things she lies about, because she goes through so many that she can't even keep track of what she publicly posted on social media…

No. 660804

She really is a pathological liar.
I feel like she tried to spin the 'I saved an injured bearded dragon' narrative, but for some reason it seemed logical for her to also add even more to the sob story; 'they were all malnourished and 100s stuffed in a tiny box!', but it just makes her look even more irresponsible by buying from and funding a shitty breeder.
Tell me again Taylor how you support adopt don't shop? Because so far I mainly see pet shop buys, ridiculously expensive breeder buys, and many shitty breeder buys, according to your stories?

No. 660834

Alright, a bent tail doesn't always indicate it being broken or rotting. I hope I don't get banned for saying this but I have a tegu with a bend at the tip of her tail, similar to Twistys. She's had it since she hatched. She's three years old and it hasn't caused a problem. I'd post a picture but that'd get me banned for sure. But, this just shows that taylor has no idea what she's talking about. A kink in a tail CAN be caused by a break or rot, but it can also be mbd, previously stuck shed, or just born like that. And in most cases it has NO negative affect on the lizard.

No. 660837

File: 1533855384654.jpeg (538.99 KB, 1242x795, D2C9ABA2-D001-489E-961B-3169ED…)

Wonder if mama dean is going go to hold Taylor’s hand so that she doesn’t have an anxiety attack and have a case of gluten intolerance/EDS or whatever other illness she can come up with spur of the moment?

No. 660840


I can't get over how badly photo shopped that poster is lol

Should have just commissioned someone to make cute cartoon versions of everyone and an actual… you know, poster instead of this crop and paste mess.

No. 660845

If they can't take proper care of their animals they won't take proper care of a poster, anon.

I can just imagine that whatever animals they decide to bring are going to be stressed as fuck during petfest.

No. 660848


Oh, I know. The poster is just so cheap and tacky, so I imagine that's exactly what PetFest will be like. Great advertising, 10/10.

Ugh, are they bringing animals? That's so bad. No matter how you look at it, bringing your pet somewhere unfamiliar where there's lots of people is a recipe for stress.

No. 660852

File: 1533856908981.jpg (182.86 KB, 1080x755, 20180809_181954.jpg)

Sorry first time posting so I hope I'm doing this shit right but why does Taylor suddenly have an employee from a reptile store and an aquarium expert caring for her hoard when from everything she's said before it was just her friend who just had a child. Love seeing the lies evolve.

No. 660866

I wish the anons that made the recent Lainey videos would make some of Taylor, too. I can't remember if it was the one of the same anons that made the one that got to the top of the search results for Laineybot, but it'd be hilarious if there was one that got to the top for Taylor.

This happens every fucking time. I hope this time it isn't a joke. The chimera breeder better hope she does nothing wrong with his snake otherwise he is getting blamed, too.

No. 660881

So attractive. Every penny she spent on cosmetic surgery was wasted:(

No. 660896

I think it would've been great had she actually chose people who knew how to do their job properly.

No. 660910

If you have an experienced assistant there twice a day why do you need two other people?

No. 660915


Because she doesn't have an assistant, unless she means her friend who had a baby a while back lmao

Apparently this "assistant" also cleans her apartment? Given the squalor we see her live in, they clearly aren't doing a very good job.

No. 660917

Yeah her assistant is Betsy.

Apparently Betsy was the one looking after her animals but she's been saying it's actually three people for a while now.

No. 660919

File: 1533862795700.png (22.83 KB, 466x104, Picture 6.png)

No. 660936

File: 1533865184820.png (504.03 KB, 935x598, 123434.png)

I agree. She lies about the smallest most insignificant things. EX:
In this post she says SHE chose Twisty for Jonny and in this Instagram post I've attached she claims Jonny chose him. Which is it Taylor?? Why lie about stuff? Is it that hard to keep up with the truth? Lmao. Also it was posted June 5th. I like how Twisty's tail was purposely unphotographed…

No. 660937

Jonny probably didn't want one with a longer tail. Curious how he got his wish and the poor animal had to have it's tail amputated…

No. 660944

I remember there was a post where Jonny was looking at reptiles. Was it then when they bought Twisty?

No. 660947

Twisty was purchased at a reptile expo in December

No. 660960

File: 1533868321381.png (838.5 KB, 816x1111, 837487.png)

Don't know if this has ever been posted about so I'm not saging but after a couple minutes of going through Jonny's Instagram I found a video from when they first got Twisty.The video was very sped up. I'm assuming this was done to prevent people from noticing Jonny picking him up by his tail… More evidence to back up that it was Jonny's fault the beardie's tail had to be amputated. Possibly injured it from picking him up by the tail and resulted in necrosis.

No. 660968

File: 1533868608396.png (622.52 KB, 820x604, 89495872.png)

ALSO (this is the clearest point I can pause it that shows as much tail as possible) as you can see his tail looked pretty normal in this video. (posted around when they first got Twisty)

No. 660971

Goddamnit. Every time I think that I can't hate this piece of shit any more than I already do, more evidence of him being a scumbag shows up.

Fucker needs to do the world a favor and just OD already.

No. 660979

Woah, I feel like that breeder should see this

No. 660988

I've planned on making a throw away Twitter account and confronting Taylor about the situation. Should I confront her on a post related to Twisty or any recent post? Any advice on how I could best confront her would be appreciated. I'd love to hear what she has to say about this…

No. 660990

If no one else wants to send those to Joe aka the guy she's slandering, I will. Does anyone know who actually bred the dragon?

No. 660992

File: 1533869919766.png (841.4 KB, 591x776, std fb.PNG)

I'm glad to see that this won't go under the radar like the last handful of breeders she's blamed.

No. 660995

Yes, I do. They want to talk to Taylor about this before posting anything. I can pass along any information over to them

No. 661000

I’ve shared these with joe and the actual breeders, if anyone finds anything else I can pass it along(Cowtipping)

No. 661001

Can someone also save the instagram video before it gets deleted?

No. 661002

Got it

No. 661003

I've also got it. Saved it as soon as I seen the bullshit. (same anon from >>660960 >>660968)

No. 661005


I wonder how she'll lie her way out of this one lol

No. 661011

The breeder should just take her to court for slander anyway. All the evidence of the fake shit she's said is permanently saved here. She will have no proof she bought it from him to defend herself.

No. 661012

I don’t think she’ll be able to if they’re getting their attorneys involved. Taylor will have to remove everything and post a public apology if she doesn’t want to get into legal trouble.

I am looking forward to seeing her stans will react and how they’ll spin it so it’s the breeders fault.

No. 661015

Hopefully this will be enough to make some of her stans realize how awful she is.

No. 661016

She’ll figure out a way to make herself the victim

No. 661018


Video is unavailable.

No. 661021

yeah, I did a dummy and uploaded it on my personal so I just removed it. Still have the slower version saved though.

No. 661024

Not to WK but the tip of the tail is darker than the rest. Not sure you can call that normal.

No. 661025

File: 1533873836680.png (631.79 KB, 516x607, 7654567.png)

Found this. Is this safe?

No. 661027

Think they meant the tail was unbent. (pretty sure TND claimed it was bent when she got him)

No. 661028

You can buy nail polish for pets, but I highly doubt she did. So probably not safe

No. 661029

File: 1533873993764.jpg (402.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180809-220642.jpg)

Is he…actually falling for her bullshit? He also posted on Instagram that she seems nice and that he's been talking to her lately….

No. 661030

File: 1533874022951.png (336.41 KB, 515x433, 876543.png)

No wonder her hedgehogs die young. She thinks they're toys.

No. 661031

Dunners (twistys type of morph) usually have a darker tail due to the pattern being more compressed in a small area, it gives the illusion that it’s darker

It does look like the tail is in shed which usually does happen because it’s harder for them to get off but chances are it was stuck shed and Taylor never tended to it and killed off the end of the tail

No. 661033

File: 1533874247498.jpeg (91.56 KB, 720x960, 983C4A83-2659-475C-9FB0-2101F2…)

Here’s a picture posted by the breeder that shows what a dunner tail in half shed looks like, this is from a juvenile dragon so the pattern is bigger so not as dark

No. 661036

Where has he posted about her on insta?? I follow his personal and his reptile account and haven't seen anything

No. 661037

Sorry guys. I don't know much about beardies but I found that video going through Jonny's Instagram and found the way he was holding it by the tail disturbing. Thought it was something that should have been brought to attention.

No. 661045

His story

No. 661046

Oh he deleted it. Darn, I wish I had screenshoted it…. It was pretty much saying he talked to her for like ten hours and she seemed like a "nice girl" who could use some work on her care and he was trying to not be a "hot head" (I think that's what he said) about it

No. 661053

>>661046 God I hope he doesn't get sucked into her bullshit. I'm just praying he's trying to save her animals and doing some sort of double agent thing but who knows, she's good at manipulation.

No. 661065

File: 1533876838447.png (84.72 KB, 464x454, Picture 3.png)

I was really impressed with him when I went through his twitter for Taylor callouts, but this answer is straight out of Tay's playbook. No, there's no such thing as a cage that's "too big" for an animal. There are cages which aren't properly set up with the necessary hiding spaces and coverage for a sense of security, but no cage is ever inherently "too big." The cage they're talking about is the one that she impulse bought. >>660366
And if modified for more substrate she could make a really nice bioactive enclosure for some sort of bug or other really small animal. But he's encouraging her to put a snake or skink in it. Also note he went straight into "the open spaces stress them out!!" when the person above never mentioned the cage having open spaces. If you go back far enough in his twitter you can see that he wanted the attention of big youtubers. I guess now he's got it :/

No. 661072

Thank you for pointing that out. From the blurry screenshot it looked like it could be necrosis but also didn't know they have darker tails naturally

No. 661074

>>661046 Son of a bitch. I agree with 90% of what he says but this isn't it.

No. 661108


Well, any respect I had for him is gone. There is NO such thing as "too large". Yes, open spaces can stress some animals out and that's why you decorate the enclosure properly and provide lots of burrows, hideouts and other things to replicate their natural habitat or to provide enrichment.

What a fucking moron.

No. 661115

Completely agree with you. Do these idiots forget that animals live in the wild?

No. 661197

File: 1533895936834.png (879.25 KB, 1242x2208, 95E0ECAB-42B7-446C-9841-320E58…)

No. 661216

Holy shit… someone needs to compile all this proof and confront her with it. If jonny broke its tail and she’s trying to blame someone else she’s fucked

No. 661246

Yeah because that totally happened

No. 661311

Because uber drivers wouldn't have enough for a ball python enclosure??? They're not that expensive.
Compulsive liar. She needs therapy.

No. 661323


Going to have to disagree with you guys here.

My experience is with tarantulas, so it may not be relevant to other animals. But Jayce is specifically talking about scorpions here, so I feel that it's applicable.

The general rule of thumb for the height of a terrestrial tarantula's enclosure is 1.5x the leg span of the tarantula. More than that and they are at risk of hurting themselves if they climb too high and fall. Yes, you could fill a giant enclosure with a ton of substrate to get to be within the height restriction, but it's not practical.

Also, you need the animal to be able to locate it's prey. Tarantulas don't move much. So in a large enclosure, it's very easy for a prey item to avoid being eaten. Then the prey item can die without being eaten and cause all sorts of problems.

A common misconception is that the best enclosure is one that is as similar to a wild environment as possible. Animals die a lot in the wild.

No. 661419

Going to add my thoughts. As someone who's kept mantises; as nymphs it's important to keep their enclosure small to help them find food. Too big and they can literally starve to death.

However I do think it's a mistake to suggest as that guy did that these animals would be too stressed in a large enclosure.

They really wouldn't be.

The main challenge comes from getting their food reliably to them (when animals are older/larger they can be fed directly larger prey so this isn't as much of an issue then), keeping the enclosure clean, keeping the enclosure at a good temperature and humidity throughout and finally of course making sure it's safe for them (as with large spiders like tarantulas, making sure they can't injure/kill themselves from a fall).

With insects you have to take into account that their need for mental stimulation in the form of their environment, is fairly low. I make my mantis enclosures large and pretty for when they're adults… I grow live plants and decorate with all sorts of stuff. But that environment is mainly for /me/. So I have something nice to look at in addition to my pet. I imagine other people out there that make large enclosures do so for a similar reason.

So… basically I still think he's wrong; animals wouldn't be stressed out in a larger cage; but a larger cage isn't /necessary/, and it is more work.

No. 661423

I appreciate your perspective but I think you and Jayce (and Taylor) are making the same mistake. You're taking a conversation about the size of an enclosure and turning it into a conversation about enclosures which are improperly set-up. In the scorpion example it was brought up there was no such thing as an enclosure which is too big for animals (true). He countered with saying that all the open space would stress them out, but that's a derailment because literally no one is suggesting a wide open or improperly set-up enclosure. In your tarantula example you do the same thing. You're not talking about the size of an enclosure you're talking about an improperly set-up one. Wanting animals to have the biggest enclosure possible doesn't mean we're advocating putting them in improper set-ups (a terrestrial tarantula in a enclosure that's too high, an arboreal in a cage that's too low, a fossorial in a cage with no substrate). It can be huge and address their habitat needs. As for feeding no one is saying drop a bunch of food in a huge enclosure and walk away. Tarantulas can be fed off tongs so you know they're eating. As for your last sentence that's another strawman argument. This conversation is about the size of an enclosure not about subjecting our captive pets to all the risks and vulnerabilities of living in the wild. Having a large enclosure isn't the same as introducing predators into their enclosure or purposely making their cage dangerous or making it hard for them to eat. There's no such thing as an enclosure that's "too big", there are however pet owners who want to justify why their enclosures are so abysmally small on the basis that going bigger will "stress them out" or is "impractical."

No. 661451

File: 1533923787486.jpg (376.89 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20180810-124823_Mes…)

When people lie a lot, they will slip up from time to time and the truth comes out.

No. 661454

idk what you guys expected. this guy doesnt seem overly mentally stable. one of the first tweets when i checked his profile was him wanting to off himself. i can see how he's easily manipulated when taylor starts talking about her supposed anxiety and depression.
and he seemed way too obsessed with taylor anyways.

No. 661459

I see what you guys are saying, but if done correctly, there is no enclosure "too big". I don't keep insects as they're mostly all illegal in Canada, but for cresties, a lot of people say the same thing. "small enclosures for babies so they can find their food and don't starve to death!!" An easy way around that is multiple food sources. The solution is generally a simple one. Multiple places for food, and lots of folliage for some animals (like cresties). A large enclosure CAN be bad but it isn't always a bad thing.

No. 661470

Anons have their hope to high for a guy who wants to hate fuck Taylor.

No. 661480

Mantis anon here.

Honestly the easiest way is to keep a juvenile in a small enclosure and then upgrade to a much larger one once they're eating bigger prey items and you can ensure they get fed. Multiple food left in an enclosure can also be a bad thing, food dying going mouldy / ganging up on your pet.

Specifically with mantises, you're feeding fruit fly, so it'd be a pain to have to tweezer feed each one and is next to impossible at certain sizes.

As in my first post though, when they're adults or large enough to feed decent size prey to; there's no reason why a large enclosure wouldn't work. It would just be more effort to maintain.

You'd have to get something like a room dedicated to one spider/scorpion/mantis before it became dangerous / unable to feed / locate your pet etc.

No. 661507

File: 1533927184513.jpeg (184.92 KB, 1242x373, 497FB08C-D52D-42A3-AA14-2FFF14…)

For sober people, they spend a lot of time in bars and announcing they are in bars

No. 661521

From reading all of that I would say that technically there is no such thing as an enclosure that's "too big," BUT only for someone who is experienced enough with the specific animal/insect/etc to accommodate and work around the cons of a large enclosure.

Being that this is about Taylor, I would then have to agree that there is such thing as a too big enclosure, since we all know she won't accommodate adequately for whatever she chooses to put in the enclosure. She won't have multiple feeding spots, or super deep substrate, or a ton of foliage to hide in, etc. She'll have the bare minimum.

No. 661619




Two words JC says the most. Oh, but he's sober! Oh, but Taylor talked to him!

No. 661666

File: 1533936263482.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3444x3444, 535A5303-1936-4F2E-A27F-25F963…)

We’ll try again!

Looks like Tay Tay made it to Ohio and is having a party good time with her clinger ons…sorry to say she looks a mess!

No. 661676


Oof. Those are some rough photos of her… obviously not everyone photographs well, but literally everyone else there looks nice. Except her. The smile doesn't reach her eyes.

No. 661742

File: 1533942332583.jpeg (2 MB, 1242x1819, 1932A6E8-A03E-43A7-A817-4ABCFF…)

Here’s a much better one! Best I’ve seen her face look in a long time! And who on earth wears a touque in the summer! It’s not cold enough for those yet (thank god!)!!!

No. 661831

yep! sober people love to go to bars, especially by themselves.

No. 661833

Its amazing that taylor's celiac disease always disappears when it comes to chipotle chips.

No. 661835

File: 1533950134441.jpg (438.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-191612.jpg)

Why is Taylor looking at the alcohol menu if she's sober? (Taken from Emma's insta)

No. 661852

How many of them are over 21?

No. 661874

Most of them are gluten free, depends on the location but most use corn

No. 661875

File: 1533955958584.png (239.11 KB, 461x376, Picture 3.png)

No. 661879

File: 1533956890672.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4313.PNG)

Ughh. Now it's 100% confirmed deleted or not. I can't believe he got caught in her web of bullshit, you'd think he'd step away from the thought of becoming friends with this fried and lying druggie-supporting chick

No. 661882

Well, according to him, she's taking steps to improve her care and their friendship is contingent on that, so we'll see. It's probably more likely that she doesn't improve a single thing and they don't become friends. But maybe a miracle will happen and she'll actually improve her shit. This is what I hoped Emzotic would do. I hoped they'd be friends and then Emma would help her improve her husbandry a little bit.

No. 661887

Yeah yeah, but that doesn't explain at all why he would recommend her another animal after they talked a bit. Especially not with her "in-need-of-improvement-care" for her pets. What the fuck.

No. 661895

I think the anons speculating he is just trying to boost his viewership are right. Picking fights with the "big" petubers like Taylor gave him some views, now that he's actually on her fans' radar and being nice to her I'm sure he's getting even more subs/etc. He may care about his pets more than the average petuber, but he's still at his core someone that wants to live off youtube ad money

No. 661899

He's mentioned that he tries to watch himself because of the dopamine hits. He said he didn't want to become like Taylor or Brian where they stress their animals and do dumb shit for attention and fame and subs.

So much for that. Jayce is cancelled. He's on the path at least

No. 661901

Yes it’s corn but its cross-contaminated with gluten products, which is stated right on chipotle’s website. If she truly has celiac then she wouldn’t be able to handle the cross contamination.

No. 661903

File: 1533960234011.png (22.51 KB, 663x194, Capture.PNG)

Taylor has said before that she needs fast food workers to change gloves and Jonny can't drink beer with gluten then kiss her because she's so sensitive… but Chipotle actively warns against those with gluten-allergies eating their chips

No. 661929


Can her mother get any more cringey?

No. 661934

I used to have so much respect for Jayce. There's a difference between saying that she needs advice and giving her advice and trying to help her, and pretty much enabling the exact thing he used to judge her for. And encouraging more animals when he says she needs to work on her care.

He most definitely is cancelled.

No. 662001

What she's doing here is manipulating his perception of her care, rather than changing the care itself. He's obviously keen to be her friend based on his last sentence so he'll be easy for her to bring around.

No. 662017

File: 1533968727929.jpg (59.49 KB, 510x680, DkRKUOpWsAIJwH5.jpg_small.jpg)

No. 662019

File: 1533968905239.png (304.81 KB, 465x511, Picture 5.png)

This family is so cringe.

No. 662023


Did Jen POST THAT ON HER TWITTER? LMAO. How could she do her daughter such a disservice to show her dorky self nearly ten years ago?

No. 662026

File: 1533969306951.png (334.51 KB, 417x651, Picture 6.png)

She's been posting a bunch of old photos.

No. 662028

File: 1533970058145.png (45.92 KB, 465x225, Picture 6.png)

Her tweets are a fucking disaster.

No. 662030

File: 1533970227025.png (35.37 KB, 416x176, Picture 3.png)

No. 662032


I would disown my mother if she did this…

No. 662033

File: 1533970783096.png (306.29 KB, 462x497, Picture 3.png)

No. 662054

she looks like crypt keeper here. rough day i guess.

No. 662059

I would disown my mother if her twitter looked anything like Jen's. She makes me cringe so bad. All the lyrics she posts, the constant moaning about nothing, posting cringy pictures, trying to promote her YouTube channel in the cringiest ways possible, and then there's just her YouTube videos… My god. She really makes me a appreciate having a somewhat normal mom who isn't trying to be YouTube famous (it's never gonna happen Jen, stop embarrassing and exploiting your family for your own gain).

No. 662118

File: 1533995229257.jpeg (283.42 KB, 1241x701, BAAFD6D6-FA16-4C2F-8416-7B92E9…)

Who is the chick beside Tyler? Kinda looks like a younger, normal Taylor. Notice Taylor is doing “the Jonny” and sticking out her tongue? Have some class!

No. 662120

She usually looks disgusting whenever she does that "tongue out on lip" thing, ugh.. Especially with her botched lips.

No. 662135

She mistakingly thinks it makes her look cute like it does with some girls. But her face is so much rounder in other people's pics she just looks like a troll doll instead.

No. 662165

Anyone notice the other pet tube related feeds have gone quiet like Happy Tails and the general pet tuber - I’m pretty sure the ones in the photos are the main posters on there.

No. 662210

File: 1534006908807.png (28.25 KB, 460x132, Picture 3.png)

No. 662216

Happy Tails thread was DOA, the general threads been quiet for the last month or so.