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No. 662009

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread:
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean (currently deactivated as of 2/14/19)
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Colin from Slaves posted on here about his experiences with Jonny. His posts start at >>>/pt/637869
> Cannot keep story straight on rehab, has stopped posting about it
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Several animals that have been MIA were posted on Instagram after being mentioned on here. This includes several snakes, Ella, Mushu, Star, and Kronos
> Atrium has been shown several times with absolutely filthy water which the animals have been swimming in, from moving in at the beginning of April, by mid May the water has only gotten worse, and is shown often with animals playing in the water
> Claims she is totally sober from drugs but alcohol doesn’t count and her rehab coaches are completely fine with her using alcohol
> Released a video on how she moved Mushu to the new house, with an insane amount of misinformation, demonstrating her complete lack of knowledge about the nitrogen cycle, but at least FINALLY has a chiller for her tank
> Started going off about Dr. Phil’s poor hamster husbandry, even though she kept her hamster in a tiny critter trail cage for its entire life
> Left her rats on bare bars in their cage for weeks, then threw some fleece over the bars as if it actually protected their feet
> When the bare bars in the rat cagewere initially pointed out at the beginning of April, she promised it was only for a couple of days until the new cage came in, by the end of the first week of May the floors had some fleece down, but the ramps were still bare wire, no new cage
> “Found” a dog, broadcasted a sob story about the dog being beaten in a parking lot, and made a public spectacle of rehoming the dog
> Failed to see how it shows how she behaves when she actually rehomes an animal vs when she only claims she did
> When twitter users corrected her care regarding her rats she claims that she is “still learning!” And “always doing more research!” Even with the most basis husbandry
> Fans have noticed that other pettubers, particularly Tyler Rugge have not had much contact with TND, and Tyler brushed it off and attempted to distance himself from her ‘officially’ by saying he doesn’t talk to her and he wishes the best for her but ‘that’s really all there is’ then was still bantering with her back and forth on twitter
> Jonny posted screencaps indicating that he’s already been late paying rent, and they’ve only lived there a month
> Taylor has been posting increasingly more emo lyrics and vague comments about her relationship, liking tweets about abuse, calling Jonny a dumbass and Jonny has been love bombing her

> Recent Known additions to the horde of animals: Tarantula, frog

> Recent Known Deaths: Moon crab (Ursula),
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Satanic Leaf geckos, all fishtanks not including the 150 gal, other moon crab (Triton)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Claims to be attending an outpatient rehab program, where they receive Vitriol injections
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing stated that she will be updating mushu’s condition in a video, we will see if that happens
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes more empty and scummy water dishes shown in the new house as well
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese and her herion use
> Released a video on April 13th (2 months after she said she would return to youtube), slurring words in some clips, and showed alcohol in the kitchen and bedroom of the new house
> Cheese’s necropsy results were inconclusive (obviously)

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Still using herion despite claiming to be clean now
> Valentino was not returned to the breeder and is dead
> Her and Jonny were evicted from the apartment

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 662020

I don't know Jonny in person but he seems like the kind that will just say "No" and play his video games while Taylor is yelling him to get out of her house. lol She's going to need ALOT of courage to leave him and she doesn't seem like she does at the moment.

Also checked out his twitch.. he's cussing like a 20 year old on xbox while not interacting with anyone. He's boring unless you want to see a grownass man talk like a teenager while he breaks his controller while his girlfriend becomes an emo online because he doesn't pay attention to her anymore. lmao ReLaTiOnShIp GOaLz

No. 662021

That bad sofa making a cameo in the background of the OP, bless you anon.

No. 662023

omfg Jonny as a thumb-thumb I am laughing so hard

No. 662026

Tbh i cant take credit for it, another anon posted a thumb thumb when jonny was all swollen and i fuckin died so i figured id incorporate it

No. 662042

File: 1558070389494.jpeg (324.54 KB, 750x870, 3E779BB4-6BC8-4921-A8DC-EBB4BA…)

Someone in the last thread mention something about revenge porn, Jonny can try but like, idk if he’d reeeeeaaallly want to do that given he can’t even afford to feed himself.

No. 662048

File: 1558077096611.png (46.85 KB, 1038x236, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 12.1…)


No. 662052

lemme guess, taylor still won't order him uber eats.

No. 662053


imagine having a boyfriend who applauds people who commit suicide. fucking yikes indeed.

No. 662054

did not want to reply on the old thread: i wish people would stop sending chelsea the creepy stuff that jonny keeps doing relating to her. legit girl needs to move on.

trouble in paradise again?

No. 662058

Aw look who's having a tantwum poor wittle Jonny, what's wrong is Taylor not buying anymore toys for you? Have a Snickers, your not your when your hungry.

No. 662097

All speculation but they probably ran out of money finally and won’t be able to pay rent next month. So Taylor is trying to save face and create a plan to move back home and clear her name all while not admitting it’s only because she has no more money. This leaves Jonny with no place to go and he’s having a temper tantrum.

No. 662100

Woah, we got an edgelord over here. My life sucks so hard, my gf pays for my drugs, PC, food and lodging. Hur-dur I should just commit suicide because she wants me to get clean and a job or she'll leave me.

Pretty common to threaten suicide when a SO is about to leave them. Better keep that craigslist room tabbed.

I'm thinking she wants jonny out of her finances. Im guessing she gave him an ultimatum to get clean or get out. A while back she mentioned if either one of them got high again they'd break up. but she's a liar sooo.

No. 662101

This is funny considering Taylor and his ex agreed they just wanted to wait for him to die in their texts.

No. 662102


Good thing she only rented the house then instead of buying it.

No. 662108

If she posts a video within the next few days (month is almost over, though not sure how yt payments work) then that will be confirmed if they truly are out of money - also her card not working at the moment - getting him off her $$.

No. 662109

I think this is probably pretty close to the mark. The move alone would have meant she dropped 12k plus pet deposit, then we had Jonny building a computer, the purchase of the big cage for Kronos; I'm trying to think of just how much she spent in the past three months, but it's got to be close to 50k? Not even counting Jonny's dentures?

social blade says she makes between 850 and 13.5k a month, I'm guessing she falls somewhere in the middle. That 4k rent plus utilities ('I can't keep the house cool!') has got to be a bitch to handle, given the way she spends. Jonny blew through her money, it's kind of nuts. If she were smart she'd have a nice nest egg but she blew her money on funko pops, drugs and cider.

No. 662112


Good God, he must be insufferable to deal with right now.
Let's hope Taylor has finally become numb/immune to his tactics & finally cuts him off.

No. 662113

that's probably why he hasn't been able to eat in days. no credit card from the rich girlfriend to order whatever he wants

No. 662114


Factor in what they're paying for their cleaner, too, and it makes my head spin how bad they're with money. I know she's young but jeeeesus.

No. 662115

Yt is like any volatile industry, some months your making bank and some months you make next to nothing. I don't understand the YT algorithm but if you have 1.6mil subs and only upload once a month, I wonder how much money shes really making.

Her two latest vids haven't even broken 400k yet, pretty poor for someone with that large an audience. Pet tube as a whole is dying, Tyler rugge's vids barely make it over 10k. Hopefully this dumbass FAD of keeping exotics is coming to an end. Too many 12 y/o's asking how to keep their hedgehog alive.

No. 662117


>Hopefully this dumbass FAD of keeping exotics is coming to an end.

Not only keeping exotics, but keeping multiple different species of exotics to the point in which you're keeping both predators & prey in such close proximity to one-another; more so than they would ever be in the wild.

…And selling the idea that exotic pets are "Good 4 Mental Health uwu"

No. 662118

True. Her first video "comeback" is that only one that made it past 500k. Its arounf 600k something.

No. 662119

Tinfoil, I don’t think she’s out of money. I think she probably pretended like she is, and shut her card down (so J doesn’t have access anymore). Because by the looks of it all, she seems to be gearing up to leave him. She might be holding onto the fraction of what’s left so she can escape.

No. 662124


>And selling the idea that exotic pets are "Good 4 Mental Health uwu"

That video made me so uncomfortable. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why that's a bad line of thinking.

>"Well if one pet made me happy then 50 pets will make me 50x happier!"

She'll be the same person to claim animals aren't possessions and don't exist to make you happy. She's seriously sick in the head and needs to get herself some rehab. All that slurring and stuff is slowly turning people away, it only confirms the milk.

>she seems to be gearing up to leave him

She's a coward and a procrastinator and will leave nothing to chance. He doesn't leave the house so she's stuck with him in the day. She'll probably get her mom to pick her up at night and get the cops to evict jonny in the morning. She'll never tell him straight up to get out, he could easily fuck her up.

No. 662126

Honestly I hope the PetTube community doesn’t dwindle and go away, because a lot of quick google searches doesn’t tell you how to care for an animal completely. There are some intelligent and competent pettubers out there, (Rachel O’Leary, serpa design, etc) that are actually creating valuable content for those who love keeping animals for educational purposes as well as a pet. Taylor has barely put out any actual educational content, and she isn’t really doing anything someone else hasn’t already done before anymore.
So I hope the PetTube community stays, but improves and grows. Taylor really doesn’t much of an impact anymore with her vids, other than providing milk

No. 662129

plausable for sure

No. 662133

How long has betsy been around? a year?

1000 a week, thats 48k

johnny teeth 50k

old apartment rent was like 30k year

Snake 10k

Bracelet 6.5?k

food 150 a week 7.2k a year

fishtank, drug addiction, thearpy, clean slate clinic, vet bills, custom cages, new animals, heating, TAXES.

not counting all that it's already 151.7k

No. 662134

Rachel O'Leary is definitely one of the best fish youtubers out there. She reads a lot of scientific journals and writes articles on things like parasites and is generally super knowledgable AND likeable.

Taylor is just trash reality tv version of a fish keeper, if you want to watch videos with no education substance and misinformation then hers are the best.

No. 662135


Oh honey no. Rachel scammed her audience for medical bills in a go fund me. But put it in her fishroom. Just like her homie Joey the felon. I'm a fish/pet youtuber small creator but have been speaking out on the bullshit that the top does on my platform. Taylor is far from the only one in the top that is fucking trash. I honestly dont think that people should monetize the hobby. Taylor had the opportunity to invest in a business a non-profit and actually make a change. but no that didn't happen. YouTube is not forever she should have planned ahead. I would feel sorry for her but you just cant!

No. 662138

Ya there's a lot of greed out there rather than sharing information about the hobby.

Yt is a business for the big names, maby it was more educational/fun at one point but it always turns into a business.

The pet industry is kinda shit, Taylor had a chance to alleviate some of the worst parts (ignorance, improper care, impulse buys) but she fell into the druggie lifestyle before that could happen. All she does now is entertainment because her lifestyle is drying up and education doesn't sell.

No. 662139

Put what medical bill in her fish room? looking at recent videos of her fish rooms shows no big updates structurally. Source/info on this as she has legitimate medical problems & had no properly running fish room for months because her knee was healing?

Also, that doesn't make her videos less informational btw. Hers are still one of the best on youtube to watch. Taylor produces trash and acts trash

If you don't want the hobby to be monetised then why are you making videos about the hobby on a platform that provides revenue in advertisements? Why are you doing content while slamming Taylor for monetising the hobby.

No. 662140

Yikes, that's fucking painful. Looks about right, too. Didn't she also get dinged by the IRS? Can't recall if she was audited or was just stupid about paying quarterly taxes, was the herp keeper with a tripcode here the one who dropped that tidbit? Trying to think of purchases that would be over 1k, there's also the giant ugly couch, definitely some others I'm forgetting.

For sure, no one is watching her like they used to, wish I understood how yt payouts work, it would be interesting to see how her income from that has shrunk.

Unrelated but I wonder if not paying the rent is not only because she's broke but a move to get evicted again so that she can make a break from Jonny. She could honestly say that she was broke and has to move back home with her parents. Her future looks bleak regardless, she has a real taste for drugs, fucked up her face, alienated a lot of people with her treatment of the animals plus victims of domestic abuse and imo hasn't shown any sign of wanting to kick or to be a decent human being.

No. 662143

>She'll never tell him straight up to get out, he could easily fuck her up.
>She's a coward

See, that's just sensible when dealing with a violent fuckhead. It's not about being a coward, it's about surviving.

I don't stan Taylor but I don't want women being beaten and abused by their nutso boyfriends and husbands either.

No. 662144

Couch, Desk, Kronos cage, Jonny PC, off the top of my head.

If she does get evicted her credit will go to shit and she will have a helluva time finding a new place to live.

No. 662145

She could help so many young girls out there if she made a video describing how her relationship with Jonny started, progressed, & imminently failed.

Not only can she learn from this experience, but she can save others from it too!

No. 662149


Nothing about her tax history has been confirmed.

No. 662187

what did she upgrade in her fish room with medical bill money? …seems like rumors to me.

She was out of commission for a long ass time when her knee got busted. Her primary income is her online business, from what I can tell, and it was down for a while. Don't see anything wrong with crowdfunding some medical expenses if she has people willing to help.

Recently she put money from patreon into her greenhouse cover, but that's literally what patreon is for.

So unless you got some actual proof, Rachel o'Leary is still one of the best ones out there to me.

No. 662188

Can we not talk about this Rachel person? It's completely unrelated to anything.

No. 662196

Jayce mentioned she owed the IRS money because she didn't do her taxes. It would make sense considering that as soon as she started to get money from youtube she went on a shopping spree with pets, tattoos, the bracelet, clothes, plus all the shit she's bought jonny so far.

I feel like at first when she go popular her engagement with users was decent, but after a while it stabilized and now she's living above her means, and her horrible spending has finally caught up to her.

It's unsurprising she's feeling so overwhelmed now that she's starting to perceive less profit and JC is with her full time. At least when he was with the band she could be away from him for a few weeks at a time.

No. 662198

File: 1558119579083.jpeg (383.59 KB, 1125x1829, 4220CA89-6A77-454E-AE68-443F78…)

No. 662200


Too late Jonny, we already know how you feel about women.

No. 662204

Lol he's like a full two days late to this conversation. As if he gives a shit. More attempts at wooing Taylor back.

No. 662205


Exactly. Don't fall for it Taylor!
He just wants back into your wallet-er…pants.

No. 662209


He never fails to amaze me. The audacity of this creature talking about women's rights when he's got that many allegations against him.

No. 662211


Just another weak-ass attempt at saving-face & trying to hold another girl down.

No. 662216

File: 1558120781487.png (81.07 KB, 314x600, jcstory1.png)

No. 662217

File: 1558120806205.png (4.62 MB, 1242x2208, 5A607B85-47E2-434B-B1D6-D05C57…)

From her story, I screenshot it without her name so you could see more of her bathroom that we should ignore. How is she capable of taking care of all of her animals if her place looks like this?

No. 662218

File: 1558120866010.png (116.16 KB, 312x604, jcstory2.png)


He really out here trying to 'win' Taylor back by simply agreeing with her…

No. 662220

If Taylor’s considering kicking him out of atrium town I hope she’s looked into local tenant laws… idk about Texas but in a bunch of areas you can’t kick someone out of an apartment without weeks of notice even if they’re not on the lease or contributing to rent.

No. 662226

Landlords 99.9% of the time require all adults to be on the lease. Jonny is most likely on the lease and legally he cannot be kicked out unless there is a valid reason to evict him. I have a feeling they went into this with an agreement that Taylor would be paying the rent since he is jobless now. Unless Taylor gets domestic violence charges brought against him he's going to be able to live there rent free legally until their lease is up.

Sounds like Taylor mislead the landlord about her pets and now they could get evicted anyway. No way the landlord agreed to violating the HOA conditions because the owner is the one on the hook for whatever legal costs the HOA has to spend to enforce their rules.

No. 662228

Sometimes it's easier for people to take care of other people/animals than it is to take care of themselves. Not the case here, but it's possible.

No. 662229


Peep Jonny in the background there…

Wouldn't be surprised if he was hounding her now

No. 662235

not at all. that homeowner is going to be fucking pissed when he sees the state of the place, wew.

No. 662238

Jesus Christ. If you’re going to take pictures at least clean first or be wearing a cuter outfit.

No. 662239

Lol Jonny's obviously trying to win Taylor back. She's been talking about the Alabama abortion laws a lot on her Twitter so he's probably bandwagoning to appease her.

No. 662241

If she invested even half of what she makes/made off of youtube, she could probably live comfortably for the rest of her life off of dividend income. She seriously fucked herself over with her pet hoarding habit, addiction, manchild, mcmansion rent etc.; she's never going to make as much as she did at her peak, and at some point she's either going to have to get a real job or live the NEET life on disability for her munchie shit.
She may not be out of money, but she's living way beyond her means. One ill-timed emergency could probably sink her.
Yeah, social media rewards people who put out the most extreme and sensationalized content. Even if there are people doing great educational videos, they may start doing unethical things to get more views, and even if they don't, ultimately most people's exposure to 'pet care' is going to come from hoarders and/or people who can seem authentic and work the 'friend simulator' angle well, like Taylor

No. 662248

That non cruelty-free Garnier product lol. "Do as I say, not as I do" Taylor back at it again. (In reference to her saying not to use Morphe brushes bc they arent cruelty free)

No. 662275

>Sounds like Taylor mislead the landlord about her pets

Isn't that just speculation? There hasn't been any sign that anyone but farmers or other ~haters~ have been the ones reporting her. We don't know that the landlord wasn't aware of her hoard.

No. 662281

He’s so dumb. There are PLENTY of women against the murder of innocent babies…aka abortion(constant, neverending autism)

No. 662282

How is she not embarrassed of that house?? No one’s looking at your mediocre body Taylor, they’re looking at the pit you call home. Obviously you’re not cleaning it today or this year unless you get a crew and a dump truck. Filthy

No. 662283


Can we not?

No. 662286

File: 1558129273926.png (157.18 KB, 306x592, jcstory3.png)

No. 662288


No. 662289

so sad he has to use money he doesn't have to try and get people to join his streams

No. 662294

Even if the landlord was aware, she's violating the HOA's rules on pets, assuming that >>659936 is accurate

No. 662295

Are we sure that all these giveaways he’s been doing are legit?
Probably tinfoiling, but are the steam gift cards and stuff actually loaded with money? After his entire history of being shady with giveaways, and the fact that he seems pretty broke atm, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is another scam of his.

No. 662298

Shut the fuck up, this isnt the place.

No. 662301

So Taylor actually made it into Tana's vlog video, although she just calls her "somebody who follows me." @5:08

No. 662303

File: 1558133175744.png (527.81 KB, 718x510, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 6.45…)

Her left arm :/

No. 662306

lol tfw he is an old white dude talking about what a woman should do w her body

No. 662307

I just heard in a YouTube video, cant quite remember who, but they said that YouTube pays on on the 21st to 27th each month. If anyone has heard that before, back me up lol

That just means that they're waiting it out. Should get a payday in a little while

No. 662308

Youtube finalizes the amount the salary is gonna be around the 11th and then pays at the end of the month. Any views she got after the 9th to 13th won't get paid to her this month. I think that's why she didn't bother uploading lately

No. 662315

That’s too funny. Taylor probably thought her and Tana were besties because they hung out once. (That time when her dumbass brought a snake to a youtube party)

No. 662316

First she can fully dump the manlet, get clean off heroin for GOOD while learning AND practicing decent animal care. Then maybe she can share her 'wisdom'.

No. 662318

Taylor joined in on making fun of her during the whole idubbz thing, she's a mad leech lol

No. 662320

Not only self harm scars, but that also looks like a track mark bruise going up her left arm.
I don’t think her or Jonny should use the term “sober” for a while, lmaaooo.

No. 662321

The irony of a rapist caring about female bodily autonomy. Fuck right off.

No. 662322

File: 1558137070345.png (34.08 KB, 594x274, jctwit1.png)

No. 662327

translation: donate to my twitch so i can afford to move out

No. 662341

File: 1558141862167.png (15.46 KB, 600x206, tndtwit2.png)

No. 662342

Isn't that a bold faced lie? Or how long ago is she trying to say it was that she got that frog, the tarantula, and wasn't there a third pet that she wasn't mentioning? It's so hard to keep all these lies together sometimes, I swear.

No. 662343

What about the replacement crocodile skinks? And frog? And I have also heard of a new tarantula? Weren't those definitely purchased within the last 7 months?… :|
Someone needs to put together a timeline of this girls purchases/rehomes

No. 662348

File: 1558142654472.jpg (601.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190517-202245_Ins…)

Well. Looks like they're back on good terms. That lasted, what, a day?

No. 662350


Damn, well, enjoy suffering, Taylor.

No. 662351

She’s promoting him so he can earn his own $$$ and she can kick his sorry ass out the door!

No. 662352

The incident with the crocodile skinks and frog was 7 months ago (October). Is she saying the replaced those animals IMMEDIATELY? Either she's lying, exaggerating, or she replaced her croc skinks and frog (and acquired a few more animals around the same time) right after the originals died?

No. 662355

File: 1558143150404.png (406.33 KB, 582x496, tndtwit3.png)

Back to what made her famous

No. 662356

File: 1558143226573.png (223.62 KB, 308x592, tndtwit4.png)

No. 662358


I was suffering through his streams for a few minutes and when he saw she posted on her story he said "Uh oh, my girlfriend… Oh she made a post for the stream, what a beauty"

His first response was panic 😂

No. 662359

File: 1558143784165.jpeg (780.76 KB, 1125x1909, A5F8C3CF-1161-4B12-AC31-BB9978…)

She posted this April 13

No. 662360

Whelp. Raised our hopes for nothing I guess.


No. 662361

she DID replace them right after they died. That was the whole point. She was hoping to get replacements in before anyone could ask where they were so she could hide the fact that they died. I thought that was obvious and common knowledge, it was posted about extensively at the time

No. 662362

File: 1558144473874.png (66.49 KB, 280x320, tndtweet1.png)

Back to the old "Adopt Don't Shop" schtick I see?

No. 662364

there's google docs in the OP and have been for many threads.

it's only real if she posts after having done it. all this bio tweaking and bad mood hints are for attention, never take them as real signs.

a wild caught animal being smuggled in a tube in someone's suitcase is cool though hey taylor.

No. 662365

File: 1558144613292.png (13.95 KB, 570x121, tndtweet2.png)

She 'rehabilitated' Kida, but left her behind?


No. 662366

The Pekingese was from petland but ok go off

No. 662367

She wasn't around Kida long enough to rehabilitate her after being "BRUTALLY" abused???

No. 662368

I don't know why anyone got their hopes up about this ending because you're right. it doesn't matter what they say. this is Jonny's normal cycle. given his history there's still another year at least and a proposal ahead

No. 662369


Kida is the Doberman

Kiara is the Pekingese

No. 662370

the whole gaslighting from Jonny really gets Taylor to kiss his ass huh. At this point, she's STUCK. She has money, parents, and fans to help her escape but here she is back to giving everything to him while she gets nothing in return. I wonder when's the next time she'll start passively complaining about her relationship again?

No. 662371

also this kinda confirms that Kida isn't a service dog. if she's BRUTALLY abused, that's gonna be next to impossible to "rehabilitate" her all the way to service dog level of confidence and neutrality

No. 662373

I’m saying it wasn’t adopted

No. 662374

Okay, if she just made this post then a seven month period would go from October 17th to May 17th, give or take a few
days. Since October 17, 2018 she has gotten the frog as well as a pink toe tarantula at the same time (around the beginning of December if her math is true). She introduced Loki (scorpion) on Nov 6, 2018 and had gotten him recently. She got a ghost mantis, Dexter, and introduced him Oct 27, 2018 during an expo. That’s four new animals. And she got a new Sinaloan milksnake at the expo she got Dexter at (so October 28th) who she named Valentino and then apparently sent back to the breeder. That’s five animals.

No. 662377

File: 1558146145950.png (54.97 KB, 586x596, frogspider1.png)

No. 662379

File: 1558146577321.png (12.75 KB, 574x108, tndtweet3.png)


"7 months, half a year, whatever, who cares amirite? lmao"

No. 662380

File: 1558146645955.jpg (432.51 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190517_232836.jpg)

Can any of the heroin anons confirm or not if those are track marks?

No. 662381

I’m tired of her showing off her small self cuts. The photo is more on her arms then the actual animal. Yikes

No. 662383

File: 1558146965012.png (36.26 KB, 580x376, twit21.png)


…And as always stans gonna stan

No. 662384

at this point it's either a call for help or it's her just wanting more attention for being a fragile little girl and getting comments like "OMG Why do you have so much scars and cuts! please take care of yourself i LoVe YoU So MuCh!!"

No. 662385

File: 1558147332462.jpg (483.48 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190517-204056.jpg)

Just a quick screenshot from Google. That frog seems to be growing very slow. I keep bullfrogs not horned frogs so I don't 100% know what I'm talking about, but I still feel like a properly fed frog should be growing faster than that frog. She's probably feeding it a poor diet with no supplements, just like the last one. I wonder how long this frog will last?

No. 662386

Does she ever dust her their food or anything? I've only seen her stuff random food in their faces without additional supplements or anything.

No. 662387

Handling with bare hands again?

No. 662388

Of course she's doing it for attention. Ever since the addiction news came out she's been talking about it nonstop.

No. 662391

better than handling in fabric gloves like she was. clean wet hands is often the best option.

No. 662393

File: 1558149871269.png (381.11 KB, 1125x2436, D189E067-2031-43DC-845D-64848F…)

Can barely take care of her basic needs daily but we’re supposed to believe she can care for ~50+ animals? Sure, Jan.

No. 662394

her hands look dry

No. 662395

I bet she didn't wash them, either. She probably just randomly decided to take a pic of the frog then just reached in and grabbed it.

No. 662396

god she's so fucking annoying

No. 662397

lol yeah no, she ignored her too. taylor is the only legend in taylor's world.

No. 662398


Deleted already? Damn Taylor, you’re speedy.

No. 662399

File: 1558150603043.png (83.39 KB, 312x594, tndstory2.png)

No. 662400

Sure there’s not as many reptile rescue organizations as there are for dogs or cats, but they do exist. There’s even some in her state, ffs. Not that any of them would adopt out an animal to her.

I’d have more respect if she said, “hey, I’d rather just get a cool morph/rather have a better background on the animal I’m getting than a rescue could give me”

No. 662401

she's a munch, of course she does it for the attention.

No. 662403

Most of us don't shoot smack, it helps

No. 662404

File: 1558151411779.jpeg (532.52 KB, 1111x2070, 996D4FEA-43A9-4A80-A3C6-9701C4…)

What tf is she even going on about? She owns exotic and designer animals. Adopt, don’t shop. We fucking get it. Clearly after all these years of saying it, you still don’t get it Taylor.

No. 662405

File: 1558151440134.png (32.83 KB, 284x668, crabs.png)

Looks like she finally admitted what happened to her crabs.

No. 662406

Ahhh privilege. How nice that she can admit to drug addiction and having no consequences while she talks about it constantly for attention. Oh well.. her body will age 100x faster than ours and she’ll look even more miserable and sad in a year.

No. 662407

File: 1558151843640.png (487.66 KB, 421x737, tnd cap.PNG)

So as a recovering H addict I noticed some things that she posted that I think are related to using 1st is either a cap or needle on the floor.

I know from that it starts to be so normal to you that despite being BRIGHT orange they start to blend in and you don't even notice them anymore and you end up missing some. I'm sure that's what's happening to her.

No. 662409

File: 1558151920446.png (620.45 KB, 390x736, tnd spoon cap.PNG)

same fag here sorry, next thing I noticed is in her tooth brush holder something with an extreme bend, MUCH like a spoon that's been bent to cook H in.

And finaly, those are definitely track marks on her wrist.

No. 662410

Oh Taylor, shelters arent the only place you can adopt from. Lets not tell her so maybe she can figure it out on her own once she’s up to date on this thread lol

No. 662411


if you count killing a kitten "rescuing" and buying off a craigslist breeder "adopting" then sure.

i think kida is her only legit rescue/adoption and she's just been left at her parents. i don't think there's anything wrong with buying from a breeder when it comes to exotic animals. however in taylor's experience, she's gone to a shitty hedgehog breeder multiple times (those hedgies all have cancer) and she got the rats from some feeder breeder. she really just needs to stop talking.

No. 662414

Definitely better than fabric gloves, yeah. Hopefully she washed her hands first, but she'd probably be better off with nitrile gloves or something especially given that she's not sober so who knows what toxins are in her sweat.

Exactly, I wish she'd just be honest about it! She could definitely buy from better sources or semi-rescue when people need to rehome reptiles and list on craigslist, but she's done that a grand total of one time so far. Also she keeps pretending reptile rescues don't exist or always have space, which isn't true. They fill up and can't take in new animals that need rehoming, just like any other animal shelter.

No. 662415

Her place must stink so bad.. all their garbage, junk, uncleaned tanks, soaked carpet in the bathroom, cat urine, Jonny, and now an atrium that has filthy water.

No. 662418

"ignore filthy bathroom, need to clean today" yeah right, lol. Her pics always show a damn mess. How is she not horribly embarrassed showing that to the world? If she cannot even keep the bathroom clean then why the fuck should we believe she takes care of 30+ animals properly? Not just making sure they have food and water, but also mental enrichment and quality of life.

No. 662421

File: 1558152925797.png (712.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-001023.png)

this was the other pic she posted. her hands are obviously clean and wet (apart from the frog dirt.) y'all can chill, she got called out on this like two weeks ago and she admitted she didn't know wtf she was doing ("I only handled him 5-6 times in those gloves!") so she's not gonna be dumb enough to post herself mishandling him again so soon.

and if you compare the pics from when they first moved in, it's obvious the house was never clean from the start, as the piles of crap are the same as they were right after they moved in, just bigger. she thought moving to a new house would be a fresh start but she brought her hoard, her mess, and her leech with her, so she hasn't escaped anything.

No. 662422

It really fucks me off that she thinks reptiles don't need adopting. There ARE plenty of reptile rescues out there and they do not get anywhere near the funding dog/cat shelters get. Most of the time they're full to capacity and can't take in more neglected reptiles, so yes, reptiles do suffer when you don't support rescues. I'd have no problem if she actually had some rescues, or she didn't spout off about how important adoption is, but she has this really twisted view of how reptile rescues work. I follow so many from the US who are constantly seeking fosters/other rescues to take in sick animals because they are full to capacity. The lying just to fund her designer pet addiction is sickening, and sending the wrong message to her young fans. Just admit you're selfish af Taylor and would rather buy a cooler animal than one that actually needs help.

No. 662424

File: 1558153528321.png (516.86 KB, 760x1148, Screenshot_20190518-012439.png)

Deleted tweet

No. 662425

File: 1558153551579.jpg (93.42 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190518_012447.jpg)

No. 662426

File: 1558153575745.jpg (109.9 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190518_012450.jpg)

No. 662427

Why didn't her friend just screenshot the earlier messages?
She was in her old house 2 months ago. Doesn't really prove she got him 6+ months ago.

No. 662428

File: 1558153854355.webm (1.05 MB, 853x480, taylor.webm)

Agree on the caps on the floor but I can't make out any particular item in that glass. Just toothbrushes and razors and stuff?

No. 662429

LOL yea someone's still on the smack. Her or jonny maby that's why they've been pissy.

No. 662430

File: 1558153916315.png (422.56 KB, 605x531, tnd1.PNG)

didnt she say 7 months at first. then 5 months. now its 6 months??

also is this normal for this type of frog? like the color changing and the fact that males grow slower? i know absolutely nothing about frogs.

No. 662431

I thought it just looked like tweezers tbh it's hard to tell

No. 662433

It could be a spoon, but it's hard to tell. the syringe caps are damning enough. If you're serious about getting clean you're not gonna keep reminders around like that.

No. 662434

File: 1558154476750.png (248.8 KB, 306x596, jcstory4.png)

No. 662435

ok bu she didn't buy an animal for 7 months or was that a year and a half, I'm lost.

totally, those caps are distinctive and still damning, they didn't exactly pack them in their moving boxes and sprinkle them around for fun. they already claimed to be clean when moving in.

No. 662437

So if she's so ADOPT DON'T SHOP, then why doesn't she buy reptiles, amphibians, etc. from people on sites trying to sell/rehome their unwanted (for whatever reason) pets? Craigslist and Kijiji both have animals that need homes on them. I'm sure Facebook groups exist.

She's just a liar trying to justify her buying morphs of snakes while trying to act like some paragon of animal husbandry ethics.

No. 662438

good point I didn't think about a razor or anything other than a toothbrush. They are NASTY but it would be a major infection risk to put a spoon they're shooting up with in the same cup as those things.

And wow I love how Johnny is creeping in the background.

No. 662439

to reply to a post, just click on the post number of the pst then add your reply to that. like this^

No. 662440

welp already deleted

No. 662441

Why did she even post this lol, she herself said it proved nothing?

No. 662442

Turns out, Jonny didnt pay for any of those giftcards he gave out. A viewer of his supplied them.

No. 662444

why is stan culture like this

No. 662446


I'd say his mother paid for them but does Jonny even have a mother or is he just a sentient trash bag that wandered away from the curb….?

No. 662447

File: 1558158585853.jpg (384.1 KB, 1080x1651, IMG_20190518_064932.jpg)

No. 662450

File: 1558159582010.png (56.07 KB, 760x301, Screenshot_20190518-030609.png)

She deleted this tweet

No. 662451

You sound a bit bitter. Her life is absolutely shit, no need to pine for her to age quickly when she's suffering enough already, albeit due to her own terrible choices.
There's nothing wrong with adopting from a dog from a reputable breeder either. Shelter culture tries really hard to lower their kill rates, which involves pushing unruly and potentially violent dogs on unsuspecting families. At the moment the 'adopt don't shop' mantra is really harmful for people looking for dogs that they don't need to constantly watch and train in order to ensure that they don't maul any other pets or people.
Would bet a couple grand that this is a drunkpost

No. 662457

Let's make a list of what died in the past year and see if we get to 20

2 croc skinks
Mantis shrimp
Pacman frog
Halloween crab

What else?

No. 662460

Are we sure that she’s actually the cause of death for the kitten? I’ve been fostering kittens and when they are little one can go very suddenly especially if there isn’t a mom and if it was weak to begin with.

No. 662462

Hmm lets see. Zero experience with kittens of that age or any kittens at all, nor full grown cats. No heating pad etc etc. No vet visit. Yep. I think we can say she lessened this kitten's chances.

The point of the list is to count how many died anyway.

No. 662463

Whilst I agree with the former part of your post and that the kittens death can be attributed to Taylor, I kinda take issue with the latter. Taylor is using the differentiation of preventable deaths versus not preventable as a defence. But as with the kittens she is trying to insinuate some deaths weren't preventable even though they were. So it makes more sense to list the deaths that were preventable only. Which I still think will be substantially higher than Taylor thinks.

No. 662464

She had two Pac-Man frogs die. Asteroid and Jupiter.

No. 662466

Did she rehome her seahorses or did they pass away?

No. 662468


I’m pretty sure she had a green tree python that died, she said it was sickly when she bought it.
Her sea horses aborted the babies,
Should there be like a separate section of animals that have been harmed in her care? Like twisty and Mushu. They aren’t dead but one had a tail amputation and the other is visibly scared.

No. 662471

then the mantis needs to come off as there's no proof it died of neglect or mishandling, just that it could have lived longer. some of the others are grey area too.

No. 662472

File: 1558164666493.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1440x2608, Screenshot_20190518-032835~2.p…)

Anyone else notice the bruising on her wrist in her last couple of photos?

No. 662473

maybe try lurking harder >>662380

No. 662475

anon that was five hours ago you can't expect them to read the whole history!

No. 662476

This could be just really stupid to bring up but-
How well is her mental health really? Like I don’t see those posts of her going off about people “hating” her as her drunk posting or something. It almost seems like she’s panicking or having like an anxiety attack.
And that’s not me being like poor depressed girl
I just mean to ask.. is she completely stable?

No. 662477

File: 1558165150426.jpeg (766.04 KB, 750x1243, CA87D076-17C2-41F8-A73E-1D17A1…)

If she got an animal from an expo, couldn’t she just look up the date the expo was to know when exactly she got an animal? Are there hella expos in Texas or something?

No. 662480

What ever happened to cercie ?

No. 662485

narcs go through wild cycles of ups and downs

No. 662487


she literally says in the post she still has cersei

No. 662489

Her frog definitely has stunted growth due to improper care. Lack of heat and humidity can cause them to be unable to digest their food properly and this is a really common issue with horned frogs because literally everyone thinks they require no heat. Maybe where she lives she can get away with providing no heat, though.

Lack of proper supplementation will do it, too. Again people think they only need calcium but they need a multivitamin as well.

My Pacman was severely stunted because care sheets for these species were all over the damn place. As soon as I fixed up the care I gave him, he gained more weight in 10 days than he had in months. As soon as you give them the proper care and they acclimate, they will grow like weeds. Males do not grow slower than females, that is nonsense.

Besides, there is no way she knows the sex of this frog. You cannot sex horned frogs until they are mature and either begin showing female characteristics, or do mating calls (which the males do).

That frog is stunted and I honestly wouldn't blame her given all the differences from care sheet to care sheet, I can be really hard to narrow down what's accurate and what will work for your individual frog. However, as someone who's literal job it is, she should have been really thorough and precise with her research and should have started changing up his care as soon as she noticed he wasn't growing rather than making up bullshit to defend herself.

Horned frogs can be finnicky but that is absolutely no excuse to allow your frog to be stunted for the first 5 months of their life. These times are the most important for them and the nutrition he gets now will determine whether or not he makes it to adulthood.

No. 662490


Her tarantulas enclosure looks bone dry. Avicularia avicularia, especially after a moult, require a little bit more humidity than usual and a water dish to ensure they can hydrate themselves. Lack of water & moisture after a moult is the fastest way to weaken & kill a tarantula. She needs to do a small little misting in there and make sure the T has fresh water (can't see if one is in there already).

No. 662498


Speaking of improper frog care, in that photo his enclosure barely looks humid at all. Their substrate has to be moist so they can burrow well & breathe properly.

No. 662499


The colour changing does not look normal to me. When a horned frog loses colour it usually means they are sick - usually toxicity in their substrate (ammonia building up due to lack of cleaning, this is really common with coco fiber/eco earth). But it could be caused by other things. An important thing to note is that most Surinams are wild caught, loaded with parasites and they struggle to acclimate in captivity.

In the wild, they eat other frogs, lizards & sometimes mice so again it can be hard to encourage them to eat in captivity, resulting in stunted growth.

She needs to be really careful with this frog and start fixing up his care now or he will never make it to adulthood.

Taylor, if you are reading this, please do vast amounts of research. Look into their native habitat to give you a good idea of what heat & humidity they require. Clean his enclosure in case he is suffering from toxicity. Make sure he has a water bowl if he wants to soak or help slough his skin. Make sure the enclosure is moist & humid. Get a thermometer for inside his enclosure and monitor it to ensure it reaches the temps you need - if it doesn't, provide him supplemental heat. Get a good multivitamin powder - vitamin D spectrum, calcium, all that good stuff. Pangea or repashy do good vitamin powders.

You may need to consider buying feeder frogs for him if he isn't keen on insects.

Taylor, if you don't fix this now, he will die. And then the heat will be on again because you will have another young animal that has barely lived meet its untimely demise. How will you explain that away? You have to fix this NOW.

(Can't believe I am really providing care advice to one of the biggest PetTubers who claims to produce educational content…)

No. 662500

… a petuber who told her friends privately that a previous frog of hers died from improper nutrition.

No. 662501

That’s so sad and pathetic …gg

No. 662503


If she can kill a pacman with improper nutrition she will most definitely kill a Surinam. They are much pickier eaters & it is much harder to find them food they will reliably eat in captivity. Pacmans are the opposite - given the correct parameters they will eat anything that moves in front of their face. If she doesn't change something now he will never survive.

No. 662507

Wow. So when Jonny says he’s live streaming being sober, he probably means he hasn’t used in like 2 days lol.

No. 662512

Isn’t it just over 2 years since she got reptiles? Maybe 3? I thought it was not long before she moved out of her parents place and in with Jonny? ~ 2017

No. 662513

Kitten died well over a year ago. Think it was still 2017, not long after she moved into that apartment

No. 662514

>However, as someone whose literal job it is, she should have been really thorough and precise with her research

This is Taylor we're talking about. she doesn't need to do research because she is a self-named ~animal educator~ and that means she never needs to do her own research, she was born with comprehensive knowledge about all animals. like how she thought her roughneck monitor was a blackthroat for over a month of owning him. she thought it was fine to keep her rats on wire bars. She thought it was normal to make a <5-week-old kitten "work" for her food and use hot water bottles as a heat source (and that kitten subsequently died.) She thought it was humane to knock rats out by banging them on the table before feeding them to her snakes. She thought bringing a stray female cat into a cramped apartment with two established male cats would be easy and was surprised when Star was too stressed to use the shared litter boxes. She thought a normal glass aquarium was suitable for a fucking mantis shrimp, who allegedly lived just two days after joining her hoard. She thought it was fine to handle her frog using fabric gloves.

bitch doesn't do research. if she really were an ~animal educator~ she would be doing constant research in order to always provide the latest, best, most accurate information. but she's not. She's just a heroin-addicted hoarder.

No. 662515


She didn't start collecting snakes until she moved out but she had crested geckos while living with her parents. Her geckos have been on her channel since the beginning so at least 3 years but she could have had them for a year before making her channel. But 4 years experience with cresties and then hoarding snakes and lizards that subsequently die due to improper care does not equate 4 years experience with reptiles in general.

No. 662519


She started getting snakes when she still lived with her parents. I remember because she said her mum had a 'no snake' rule but then said she could get one, so it was a huge deal for Taylor at the time. Pretty sure she then went ahead and got like two more snakes in the same week.

No. 662520

File: 1558188964521.jpg (644.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190518-081515.jpg)

This is the first post announcing her first reptile. Less than four years since she got the crestie, and that's one animal. She has not had four years of experience with reptiles, she's had three years of experience with a crested gecko.

No. 662521

She posts this once a month. How are the children that follow her not bored of her by now? Then she uploads a soggy, shitty ass video and has another mental breakdown and “gets her life together” again. She’s a broken record and nothing changes

No. 662526


The video in which she revealed Toast, her first snake, was posted on Apr 26, 2017. So she's been keeping snakes for roughly 2 years now.

No. 662527


Nothing will change until she drops the dead-weight that is her toxic bf.

No. 662531

Taylor never learns from her own mistakes. She'll just replace them when they get sick or die. It's sad to even think about it. She can say she's an amazing mother but even mothers who are constantly abusing their children will say that theyre an amazing mother. She really NEEDS to wake up but unfortunately, I can see her still act the same when she's 40.

No. 662534

File: 1558193535595.jpeg (206.12 KB, 750x866, 41F6419D-AFF6-4417-97C8-80337B…)

No. 662535


Yeah, she always pulls the "I LOVE my animals sooo much, therefore I'm not neglecting them" excuse.

Like, I'm sure plenty of actual neglectful parents genuinely love their kids, but don't have the time and/or money for them, or don't know how to care for them, & the kids end up suffering as a result.

No. 662537

File: 1558193686951.png (336.23 KB, 350x618, tndstory3.png)

Literally no one "wants" you to be a liar, Taylor. Most people are upset with you because you've been caught in several lies already.

No. 662538


I'm guessing that's what these tweets >>662447 were a response to.

No. 662540

Sounds like she should have done the $20k inpatient treatment and dropped her manchild. She needs like a hard reset away, locked away from the rest of the world. Its clear she's struggling with keeping up with videos and the stress is gonna get her.

Could be a metal tongue scraper. Even in the reflection of >>662428 its hard to tell what that object could be. Kinda also looks like toenail clippers which that would be fucking nasty to put in a toothbrush holder. But that definitely looks like it could be a cap. She hasn't admitted to a relapse at the new place yet has she?

If their "cleaner" junkies hydrogen peroxide is common in bathrooms and first aid cabinets in homes and it kills anything living.

No. 662542

What hate video is she on about?
Was there a recent call out video? If yes, can someanon link?

No. 662543

File: 1558195178324.png (67.05 KB, 588x366, RIPglare.png)


Probably this one

No. 662544

considering that taylor talked about a "faceless" channel (>>662450) she probably means the what ever videos

No. 662548

File: 1558196145650.png (254.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190506-193116.png)

she was SO proud of herself for posting three weeks in a row, and she used it as a pass not to post the fourth week.

two days from now, it will be three weeks since her last upload. lol soooo proud of herself. this shit is so predictable. she felt like she did enough by posting three videos (after FOUR MONTHS of silence) to deserve another month-long break. unfortunately the money won't last forever to allow for her shitty schedule.

she posted this tweet over a week after her last video went up (Apr 27). she's so lazy, she makes it sound like she had just posted a few days before. and it's been almost two weeks since, and surprise surprise, no video.

No. 662550


Oh damn, I just checked on this thread & there's a surprising amount of people who don't support/aren't supporting Taylor anymore…

No. 662551

File: 1558196416458.png (3.86 MB, 1242x2208, 86E4692D-1B4C-4A9F-95E7-1331FC…)

Did anyone else catch this comment Taylor left on Tana Mongeau’s video, where she unblocks Taylor on Jake’s Twitter. Looks like Taylor’s trying really hard to get any kind of clout.

No. 662552


She's always been a clout-chaser.
She was supposedly trying to date Post Malone, but since he was 'taken' she settled for Jonny Craig instead.

No. 662553

In the last thread there was a screenshot of her replying to a comment where she said she had track marks from using a few weeks ago

No. 662554

She hasn’t even saved herself yet.

No. 662556

This actually makes me so fucking mad. Dude, you’re a scummy ass rapist. You clearly do not give a flying fuck nor do you respect women and their bodies. Eat shit Jonny.

No. 662557

Yeah honestly Jonny trying to pretend he gives a shit about women is JUST alike when he was posting stories about dogs at the pound in Texas that needed homes. Claimed he was gonna do it every day, only did it for 2. It was all damage control and to put himself on a pedestal like he’s some amazing and caring person. What a disgusting human being

No. 662561

Ok I have officially searched everywhere looking for the information that Surinam Horned Frog MALES grow slower then females. I found absolutely NOTHING to support this claim. Males, like in most frog species, do stay smaller when mature, but they grow at the exact same rate.

Also judging by the frogs current size she would not be able to tell its sex as it would be too young to display Nuptial pads for breeding or exhibit Male vocalizations.

Taylor back at it spewing bullshit to support a lie. If the frog is truly the age she says it is (which also keeps changing from 5 to 6 to 7 months lawl) then it must be recieving improper care.

Surinams require more heat and a higher humidity gradient then their pacman cousins. Diet is also very important especially if the frog was wild caught it may have parasites contributing to the dwarfed size. Either way this frog should be at least 5 inches in diameter by now

No. 662562

I mean, are we surprised? She fed pinkies to a Pacman frog, and did not supplement properly. Mistakes will continue to be made until she actually learns from her mistakes.

No. 662572

Didnt she also say Male cowfish dont grow in response to when Cheese never gained size?

Is that like her default go to for Male species?

No. 662580

She claimed they don’t grow as much in captivity as they do in the wild, IIRC

No. 662581


Bet she will use Maui to explain away this concept. "Obviously males grow, just look at my morbidly obese ball python!!!! But all other males I have from all other species never grow. But Maui does so obviously everything is fine!!"

No. 662583

File: 1558207151316.png (980.32 KB, 750x1334, 2436D901-2E31-4981-A351-227681…)

I’ve never posted before (just lurk) but I’ve tamed grumpy hogs, to rehome. This is complete bull. You can tame a grumpy hedgehog pretty easy. You just have to handle them all the time. She is just to lazy.

No. 662584

“Never grow into being comfortable” um what are you talking about ? If you spend 3 hours a day with a grumpy hedgehog in a snuggle sack next to you, while you watch tv, it will start to get very comfortable. I hate how she just makes stuff up. My uncle is a hedgehog usda breeder. Tf is she smoking ?

No. 662585

please don’t believe you can only buy a hedgehog from a breeder, or it will be a grumpy hedgie that can not be tamed, no matter how much effort you put in . You can adopt a hedgehog too, plenty need homes

No. 662586

how old is her hedgehog again ?

No. 662588

All I read is "I ignore my hedgies 90% of the time so when I do wanna hang they're afraid of me as a stranger and I'm pissed, because I see animals as objects to play with when I want and to shove in a closet when I want"

No. 662590

File: 1558208576263.png (151.06 KB, 720x942, 20190518_154043.png)

No. 662591

I like how much he tries to defend himself.
“I have learned to love myself and accept change. Can you say the same for your self? Didn’t think so.”

Says the guys who “admired” those who could pull the trigger.
Get a fucking life JC. Nobody cares about you and your stupid giveaways and terrible streaming. Get a real job in actually serving society and stop sucking people dry because that’s all you know how to do.
I’m so tired of him putting himself on a pedestal, TND included. They think they’re such inspirations when they themselves don’t even have enough confidence to look themselves in the mirror and admit to all their wrongdoing. It’s fucking pathetic.

No. 662593

No one else has to say so because ONLY you do this shit Johnny.

No. 662594

so you think abusing women physically, sexually, verbally, and emotionally was a good thing for you? you're glad you did that? you can look back on that and feel good about the choices you made?


No. 662595

Apparently Jen is heading off to Florida for a vacation. I’m not saying she can’t have her own time/life, but Taylor is potentially trying to leave JC, and she picks now to go? I don’t get her as a mom, at all.

No. 662597

For all we know she invited Taylor to get away from Jonny but she backed out?

No. 662599

Plus, last time Taylor went on vacation with her mom, she had to bail because of withdrawal symptoms.

No. 662601

File: 1558211857831.png (13.13 KB, 580x110, hator.png)


Typical Taylor reaction

No. 662603

I feel like her saying she’s “getting super old” means the hedgehog is already gone or will be dead soon. I think we saw one (or no) hedgehogs in her new reptile room video. Was Sarabi shown then?

No. 662604

File: 1558212303580.png (30.08 KB, 584x254, hator3.png)

lmao Taylor blocked this person & THEN replied!

No. 662605

File: 1558212630497.jpeg (564.6 KB, 750x1241, F12E7E9C-8BD3-451F-8680-77500C…)

I don’t understand why she is using the excuse that he is small because he is male on twitter, when she posted to instagram that she can’t actually sex him yet. You can’t just pick and choose facts based on audience and expect people to think you’re NOT a liar.

No. 662606

we saw both enclosures but not the hedgies themselves. both tiny and boring as fuck. one on the bottom of the display cases, one wire cage.

No. 662608

sorry just reading the recent deaths in the description… what kind of animal is/was Valentino?

No. 662609


Sinaloan Milk Snake , just like Gucci & Prada (aka 'Gucci-2')

No. 662610

She get's bored of her pets so quickly. Why bother getting them at all if your just gonna let'em sit in a corner and rot? She's a legit hoarder who gets off on keeping them until she wants to show how "quirky and unique" she is, it's so bad she's made it her personality, shows how she literally has nothing else. No one who truly loves animals keeps that many of them in tiny cages.

Her whole collecting animals mentality is toxic as fuck. They aren't even rare exotics or anything, just a hodgepodge of the most basic pets. She's 21? 22? where is she gonna be in 5 years, I guarantee most of those pets won't follow her wherever she goes. 26yo with a 38yo, she has absolutely no foresight or direction in her life.

No. 662611

File: 1558214825729.png (3.9 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-172609.png)

posted pics of Salem's (name?) growth and isn't even TRYING to hide that she's moved on to the finger veins.

No. 662612


We get it Taylor, you’re a JUNKIE junkie

No. 662613


She’s literally just “showing off” that she’s a poor wittle addict uwu. Fuck off. Get some help.

No. 662614

File: 1558215054887.png (2.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-172617.png)

full pic, her whole arm is beat up. I know one scar is burn from an oven but other than that

No. 662615

thought those up close photos of her hand was jonnys for a sec. starting to look nasty and bloated yikes

No. 662618

Literally what was the point in including her arm in this photo?

No. 662620

File: 1558215941253.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-174551.png)

size reference. the "before" pics were of him in her hand. so for consistent scale.

No. 662621

File: 1558216020334.png (24.87 KB, 576x226, tndstan9.png)

Regarding cowfish.

No. 662622

File: 1558216939533.png (127.76 KB, 760x544, Screenshot_20190518-190115.png)

aDdiCtiVe pErSoNAliTy

No. 662625


All she should be working on is getting mental fucking help. I really hope all that has unfolded in the last few days proves to anons that she will NEVER change. Even if Jonny was not around, she would never be capable of going on YT and helping young girls in abusive relationships without making an ass of herself. She would find some way of making her situation worse than anyone else’s and just missing the mark of education completely just like she does in every video about her animals. There is something wrong with her brain when she posts pictures of track marks and her filthy living conditions. She is a fucking COW period.

No. 662626


Her tats are pretty poor tbh. In composition and execution. All her artist are pretty mediocre, you'd think with all that money she'd take some time to do proper research. Her elbow tat needs to be lazered, no cover up will fix that. Her boo one is just horrid, It's gonna melt when she's older.

Her skin is probably pretty fragile at this point, probably not the best time to be getting more needles stuck in you.


What she doesn't understand is that drugs literally steal nutrients from other parts of the body. Your liver needs them to metabolize the poison your putting in your body. It's why she's all swollen and shit. The health of her skin is so telling in these pics.

I don't even want to think what she looks like without makeup on.

No. 662627

She definitely reads here

No. 662629


Same anon here. I forgot to mention that when she had no other choice but to come clean about her heroin addiction that she still found a way to make her addiction seem worse than someone else’s by saying she was doing “China white and had to have it every hour of the day.” Those aren’t exact quotes but she always uses ridiculous adjectives to describe a situation when she is lying (don’t even get me started on that).

No. 662631

She has absolutely no idea what she's doing. He was an impulse buy, she thought he looked cool at the expo. She doesn't have any idea how to take care of him.

I really just don't think she's that smart. She doesn't know how to keep humidity consistant, or heat consistent. It's obvious she barely cleans her cages. The only thing she probably does is feed them because its "fun".

No. 662633

File: 1558219610879.png (11.13 KB, 602x112, hat0rz1.png)

Don't start, Taylor.

No. 662634

File: 1558219627730.png (272.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-180416.png)

apparently her mother is responsible for her acquiring 16 snakes in a year, not her at all

No. 662635

File: 1558219964761.png (69.98 KB, 580x570, tndromeo.png)

They're talking about Romeo Lacoste

>"stuff came out abt him and underage girls recently"

No. 662636


The fuck kind of logic is that? I am not responsible for what I do literally when I reach my majority and can finally make my own choices???

Why am I surprised. This bitch couldn't take responsibility if it was made into an overpriced POS plastic toy and called a FunkoPop - and she likes those.

No. 662637

File: 1558220968094.png (185.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-190328.png)

how did you "adopt" a kitten from a "Petco shelter adoption event" at an age where the kitten is too young to be adopted? are you sure it wasn't the backyard breeder who had posted on Craigslist kittens of the same age at the same time? and she ironically "lost the receipt"

No. 662641

This is so distasteful after insinuating that girl was pocketing charity money with that morphe code

No. 662642

File: 1558222116982.png (62.3 KB, 588x538, tndtweet4.png)

No. 662643

LMAO. “queen of recovery” MY ASS.
More like queen of horseshit.

No. 662645

File: 1558223809375.png (24.24 KB, 586x230, twit68.png)

Her fans know what's up…

No. 662647


I remember that, it was just around the time she got with Jonny - she was @ing Post Malone on Twitter desperately trying to get his attention. It was horrifically embarassing to watch.

No. 662653

she likes to show off her "battle scars" and her ugly tattoos alot. the more you think about her photos, the more it's hilarious because her photos doesn't look aesthetic anymore and it's gone more trailer-trashy.

No. 662659

File: 1558228355730.png (33.93 KB, 610x286, jctweet2.png)

No. 662661

Apparently Post Malone blocked her and she acting as if she doesn’t know why lol

No. 662664

It's literally a symptom of animal hoarder mentality, thinking that loving your animals is everything that matters and it doesn't matter that they're starving and living in filth, because you love them so much.

There's this thing with young girls who are really into horses where they read all the horse fiction books for young audiences in which the protagonist ~saves~ this horse mostly just by loving them so much and having this somewhat magical connection with horses, and they think they have that too. But most of them grow out of it when they realize real life horses aren't like that. Taylor still thinks all her animals are like that.

It's like all her lies, there's no good option. Either she's telling the truth and the frog is 5 months old and severely stunted, or she is lying and she only got it recently. Honestly I'd rather her be lying if those are the options.

No. 662665

File: 1558230104055.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 72FBD2FC-C5A9-4F97-96F6-B083B1…)

She’s on his insta story.
Yup, seems confirmed that she ain’t leaving and is just as much a goner as he is.

No. 662666

File: 1558230128741.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, 951549B5-955B-488B-843B-2E45CA…)

No. 662667

Anyone who tattoos their face "Always Tired" is a retard, I don't care how rich and famous you are. That was before but it still doesn't change the person. She's got a thing for drug addled musician types.

The kind of people she wants to pick as potential life partners really highlights her shitty character.

Dude makes watered down pop-rap, he sucked the dick of every major pop label to catapult his career.

No. 662669


lmao she says "Post Malone blocked me" in this story.

No. 662671

I know those are bruises, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was dirt. Since she’s so grimy

No. 662672

File: 1558231075737.jpg (522.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190518-215644_Twi…)

No. 662673

File: 1558231100033.jpg (491.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190518-215649_Twi…)

No. 662674


Odd how we JUST posted about him on here & she brings hims up suddenly…

No. 662676

Love how she’s trying to act so casual about it when she was clearly so desperate for him. I mean so desperate that he had to block her. That’s so embarrassing

No. 662677

>"I don't drink anymore"

Consuming ciders = drinking Taylor.

No. 662678

as much as posty looks like hepatitis, you know it's bad when she's trashy even for him

No. 662679

File: 1558231784106.jpg (557.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190518-220802_Twi…)

No. 662680

Wow so quirky, so relatable

No. 662681

File: 1558231820575.jpg (594.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190518-220717_Twi…)

No. 662682

File: 1558231853769.jpg (562.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190518-220730_Twi…)

No. 662685

Honestly this is really cringey lmao. In her attempt to be quirky she proved her mom right in that she only dated JC for the experience, and not only that, but that she had to settle for that loser.

No. 662686

File: 1558232046031.png (331.83 KB, 780x538, June 29 2018.png)


>"At my friends moms 50th birthday party"

This was June of last year, while dating Jonny…

No. 662687

What a try hard lmaooo riding the coat tails. I wonder how Jonny feels about this.

No. 662688

This ho is only in it for the cash. Dude is worth 14mil, he doesn't want your skanky ass.

Is he single now? I don't keep up on this kinda trash. Who knows what she got from jonny's disease ridden carrot.

No. 662691

Even if he was single I highly doubt he'd give her any attention again. She came off as probably just another fan trying to get clout.

No. 662693


Wow, you’re sooo fucking cool Taylor because Post Malone blocked you. What a fucking weirdo bringing this up almost TWO years later when she has a boyfriend. No wonder he blocked you.

So I guess she’s always had a problem with alcohol even before the age of 21? I mean it’s a problem if you get so intoxicated and can’t control yourself and she mentioned it happened on more than one occasion. I’m sure she’s lying about being drunk when she would text him, but she sounds like a moron either way.

No. 662696

Dude probably gets more pussy than a litterbox. What does a YT nobody like Taylor have to offer to him anyway.


gasp was Taylor thinking about cheating? How could she do such a thing?! She'd never!

No. 662697

doggy clothes apparently

No. 662699


I mean, both Jonny & Taylor were 'the rebound' in each other's eyes…

No. 662700

i also wonder that. in his IG story while she's saying "he blocked me waahh" he seems fine with it? does he know the whole story i wonder!

in fact, they both seem fine with each other in that story, the two singing and having fun or something idk

No. 662701

Damn wonder what Jonny thinks about Taylor “drunk” texting another guy saying I love you

No. 662702


Oh please! Jonny used to demand nudes from teens, he probably thinks it's hot.

No. 662705

he's back in the calm area of the manipulation cycle. They'll be back at it in no time.


He probably cheats all the time tbh, def did when he was on tour. Now he just hides from the sun like the gremlin he is.

No. 662706


this is gross. knowing that taylor was trying to get with post just makes it worse because he probably rejected her. so her texting him 'i love you let's be more' while drunk is unwanted and borderline harassment. the dude ended up blocking her ass yet she's acting like it's such a quirky scenario.

if the roles were reversed, people would be calling the guy out for sending unwanted texts to the girl, who then blocks him. just imagine the guy complaining on twitter about it.

fuck her. she's just as bad as jonny.

No. 662708

File: 1558233892349.jpeg (94.58 KB, 1125x406, DB0E9BBE-09C4-4A7F-BF16-2E421F…)

soooo… basically got invited to post’s house while with johnny??

No. 662709

File: 1558234008125.png (14.81 KB, 582x148, tnd.PNG)

>i dont take full blame he replied to a selfie with heart eyes!!!!

what is this mentality

No. 662710

I've been clean for almost 6 years and photos like this make me start craving the needle high, man, they're so obviously posed. Does she have any idea what this could be doing to young, clean addicts who follow her as "inspiration/support" or whatever? God dammit Taylor, you're sabotaging your recovering fans you POS. Use your fucking legs, palms or feet if you have to but don't do this shit. It's a cry for attention and everyone knows it, we KNOW you're not out of veins. There are people who use for decades who still have paying veins. Stop it.

No. 662712

File: 1558234090554.png (1.64 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190518-214533.png)

Totally sober with beer

No. 662713


He doesn't want you Taylor. Take the hint.

No. 662714

File: 1558234165991.png (51.95 KB, 573x480, tnd3.PNG)

guys he sent mixed signals so it was his fault that she kept basically harassing him uwu

No. 662715


And she did ALLLL of this while still dating Jonny huh?

Guess you ain't all that, Jonny.

No. 662716

This is actually very disgusting. You're basically saying that just because you're drunk you're not capable of controlling your actions and that whatever happens is just the alcohol talking.

She's trying to sell it as a funny and quirky story but it's actually not any different than those Nice Guys who keep creeping on women and then saying it isn't really their fault.

No. 662719


I mean, she also decided that Jonny wasn't to blame for beating & raping his exes & that it was "the drugs"

No. 662721

LOL. Post probably knew this girl was trouble, they teach you not to date groupies in the big leagues.

No. 662722

which is funny, cause its the same drugs johnny and taylor are on currently. makes u think

No. 662723

File: 1558234675124.png (131.09 KB, 446x456, tndpost1.png)

No. 662725


Oh so now he was trying to pursue her? SHUT UP YOU DISGUSTING POS. The fact that she’s even trying to justify sending him harassing texts is infuriating. Funny how she doesn’t have screenshots of him asking her out and only has screenshots of him talking business with her. IN YOUR DREAMS TAYLOR YOU MISERABLE TRASH CAN.

No. 662728

she's probably talking about here

No. 662730

So Crazy Jen's supposed to keep her life on pause for the next five years while Taylor drops the occasional hint? Cmon now.

No. 662731

File: 1558235642159.png (74.32 KB, 590x622, tndpost4.png)

No. 662732

File: 1558235676208.png (343.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-231212.png)

she deleted this but she's admitting she was in love with him while dating Jonny. she can say she's joking, but it's obviously a little true

No. 662733


Let's be real, she never loved Jonny. He frightens & manipulates her & she submits. That's not love.

No. 662735

File: 1558235957634.jpeg (222.78 KB, 1289x1247, 61DA0813-4F58-4E56-84D5-9F1415…)

No. 662736

File: 1558235998256.jpeg (194.58 KB, 1294x1164, F3A3461D-1C91-4D6C-ADAF-617957…)

No. 662738

This is really cringey. And stuck with Jonny boo hoo. Shoulda gone to LA to "detox" with Elijah and chase some more clout. I hear Tyler Grosso is free.

No. 662739

Non celeb trying to appear celeb.. it’s not even believable. This is so cringey.

No. 662740


I mean, she's already pretending to be a millionaire…

No. 662746

File: 1558237712994.png (319.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-234504.png)

only posting these because she deleted them. she keeps saying she was "holding it in" for a year and a half, but Betsy's mom's party wasn't even a year ago.

but didn't she and Jonny start dating about a year and a half ago?

No. 662747


Yeah. She went for Jonny when she first discovered Post already had a gf.

No. 662748

she doesn't drink at all? wasn't she just saying like this month that she has cider to "calm her nerves" and wean her off heroin or whatever?

No. 662749

Lmao all the hate she gets from people who dont show their face. There are many people who have done videos on her ass… Guess what not behind a damn anime character.

No. 662765

Yes, she drinks cider daily yet considers herself sober.

No. 662766

File: 1558241887137.png (156.41 KB, 598x560, tndpost5.png)

Oh great, now her stans are gonna harass Post Malone

No. 662767

does she not even feel embarrassed. he ghosted her.

No. 662768

SHE WAS LITERALLY DRINKING A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. This girl can NOT keep her stories straight smh

No. 662776

It’s weird how she keeps saying this was “years” ago like it was 5+ years ago. It was a year and a half ago lmao

No. 662779

She is SO CRINGGEE. I bet every time she goes on one of these Twitter bursts she’s high. It clearly shows how unintelligent and naive she still is, and it’s not a good example to show her audience, which at this point, should they even be a “family friendly” age?? Like she has been cursing more and more on Twitter and Instagram comments, showing visible track marks, more revealing outfits, etc.
Like obvi she doesn’t have to be some Christian saint, but dude, you are nOT child friendly anymore. Every child in the US at least has an iPad or computer and more than likely know how to lurk. And you’re not a great example honey

No. 662780

File: 1558248328937.jpg (175.38 KB, 1080x1898, IMG_20190519_074403.jpg)

This is so not tea, but why does she write shit like this? Yeah that's how a deli works Taylor, you tell them what you want and they give it to you.
"I go to the restaurant and tell them what food I want and they bring it to me at my table!!".

No. 662782

File: 1558248502402.jpeg (387.3 KB, 750x765, D22414E7-A7D2-4334-B7CC-34A187…)

Ok so this recent shit storm hit me thinking, October was a very active month that doesn’t seem normal.
So I did some looking through her Instagram of the most recent ones I could find in the spam of a few minutes, aka what’s public without the need to dig.

Ok yeah congrats on not buying new animals since October but are we not going to talk about the fact that in that single month you obtained 9 animals?
There’s a chance I missed a few but the point still stands, what part of 9 animals in one month is normal?

No. 662784

Jeez, I had no idea she got that many in October.

No. 662785


she already deleted it lmfao
Pretty sure she's deleting anything people are dragging her on. Cowardice from a narc, shocker.

She's admitted to often doing cocaine before being an adult LUL.

No. 662800

File: 1558253905145.png (901.53 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190519-181550.png)

Is it just me or do Taylor's hands look swollen?
Puffy hand syndrome happens when you use drugs excessively.

No. 662801

File: 1558253941284.png (887.46 KB, 720x1356, Screenshot_20190519-181610~2.p…)


No. 662805

as a fat kid, yes, her fingers look like mine and I've got 80lbs on her.

No. 662806

for real I was about to comment "that's Jonny's hand"

No. 662809

shes totally fucking high again, rambling abt post blocking her in over exaggerated and too explanatory tweets. im very sad bc she was showing some hope.

maybe its because she was alone and sober since jonny kept ditching to see those movies that she finally thought that way. she really needs to move back in with her mom and fuck off from him

No. 662811

compared to >>662620


No. 662813

The anons who act like shes trapped can't really say anything when she doesnt feel trapped enough to not text other men while dating somebody shes supposedly scared of. I have yet to meet somebody in that kinda situation who took a chance on upgrading their bf rather than getting out of the actual "abusive" relationship theyre currently in.

No. 662814

She’s exploring her options before she comes out to claim she’s trapped

No. 662815

Yeah, scared women don't go publicly talking about that shit. He's trash, but she's not trapped with violence. She can go to her parents anytime, but I highly doubt she'd be able to keep using so easily under their roof, soooo….

No. 662817

That's literally it. Her relationship always has these edgy periods where they seem to be arguing but whatever is happening is clearly fine. She openly makes plans with other men or texts them and almost shit talks Jonny and she doesn't care. If the relationship was as controlling as his past relationships seem to have been we simply wouldn't be seeing any of this publicly and her friends wouldn't have spoke up about her situation either.

The two are clearly a perfect match in terms of personality.

No. 662823

File: 1558270458754.png (4.66 MB, 828x1792, CB9BAC40-DDA7-4F19-A0EB-BE7EC7…)

Guess we are back to love bombing

No. 662826

so she slept in the same outfit her lizard was rubbing on last night? isn't there something about reptiles and salmonella and basic hygiene? especially since her cats sleep in the same bed

No. 662827

her hairline looks rough as fuck

No. 662828

Yeah I’d be pretty mad too if my bf posted my visibly balding scalp and face without my permission.
What a gross form of lovebombing, it’s like he only does it when she’s asleep so that she can’t tell him to take it down. He’d just say oh sorry but it’s too late.
Jonny definitely has this obsession with showing her when she looks terrible, I’m sure it’s a way he keeps her insecure and staying with him. It’s like a way to get other men to not want her because of how much she’s ruined her looks.

Lately the track marks, swollen hands, and horribly cringy behavior on Twitter definitely show how high she is. Must be the only reason she finally stopped talking shit on Jonny. They finally gave in and got high, hence the “we’re really sick” thing for 2 days. I’m guessing she was high again last night because Jesus her rant about loving Post Malone is just so cringe.

No. 662830

File: 1558272744587.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190516-163802.png)

yeah she has so much thinning. she just posted those of pics saying "omg I looked best as a blonde" and she was like half bald. her hair has been looking better possibly because of the bangs. it was wild to recall what it used to look like

No. 662835

Lol at her STAY WOKE sign on her mirror.
You "stay woke" about what, Taylor?

Also, JC is so ugly in that insta story. He also started kinda like showing off after TND mentioned Post Malone blocking her. He seemed to react to that. LOL. LOSER.

No. 662846

Yeah, her insta bio just says “pet mom” now. I guess she agrees about nixing the “family friendly” part.

No. 662848


Kronos is still an insectivore and shouldn't be eating seafood weekly, Taylor. Also congrats on figuring out how delis work?

No. 662850

“So ugly in that insta story” he’s ugly all the time, he can’t help it

No. 662860


>"she would kill me if i posted this without covering her face"

Too bad you already did that several times.

No. 662866


Also, nice how he censored her face 'for her', but left that big bald spot open for all to see!

Gotta agree with >>662828 especially after the very detailed confession of her 'true love' last night, & hearing that other men will find her attractive.
Jonny's gotta stomp that shit out as soon as he can, but he's gotta do it discreetly by showing off how frumpy she actually is 'behind the scenes' & attaching a little "I love u MORE" message to make it look positive, so that Miss'No-Negativity' won't give it a second-look.

No. 662867

Tinfoiling here, but I wonder if she's passed out from being high and/or drunk and he's posting it as a little passive aggressive reminder that she's never getting clean and leaving him.

No. 662872

could be me tinfoiling, but didn't she say she "gets really sick" using black tar maybe 1-2 threads ago? It almost seems like "really sick" is code for them being absolutely dickered

No. 662878



Also he always makes it seem like she is always participating and/or in agreement with him in everything he says/does ("WE are laughing!" for example) Always feeling the need to convince & compensate.

So I wouldn't be surprised he's posting all of this love-bombing shit to try to convince everyone that Taylor's okay with him & everything he does now, when she actually isn't (And hasn't been for a good while, according to her friends)

No. 662881

Def swollen. It’s water retention from IV use. All newbie junkies use their hands when they start shootings themselves up because it’s “less scary” than going for an arm vein. It’s a dumb place to shoot tho, the veins are delicate and will collapse almost immediately.

No. 662883

I’m guessing why he did block her. She basically harassed him by overflowing his phone with her drunk and sober self. Post Malone might look dirty and smelly but he’s far from being a Jonny and is steering away from mess

No. 662884

Lmao she looks like she’s wearing a mask from the We Happy Few game

No. 662885

File: 1558298451037.png (380.02 KB, 750x1334, 3E807C34-69CB-448F-9CA0-FE8959…)

Regardless of how much people may say mean things about you in DMs, “celebrities” should know they’re going to get hate no matter what and be the better person. Jonny purposely sends his attack dogs to spam some random person. Real nice catch Taylor. You both are one in the same. You deserve him and deserve to be miserable together.

No. 662886

Also, she only refers to her drug addiction as "my health" or "my mental health" so like… BOTH of them being sick at the same time seems to be them being high. which is surprising that it would affect them that much, I didn't think they had ever stopped.

I think maybe they quit for a couple days after all that pointless talk of Taylor getting her life back, Jonny promised "I swear I can change just don't dump me on the curb", tried to detox together home alone and completely failed and now they're back together high again.

No. 662887

this clip was recorded in 1979, where 3 women dance and a guy sings, but behind this video the man who sings the music kills the 3 women, but relax that in this video only the music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-wqBIOVPfg&t=46s(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662890

I'm confused, what's the relevance of this to the thread?

No. 662891


i dont get it either

No. 662892


just report and move on, it's obviously spam.

No. 662896


a home detox won't work, Taylor's too weak willed and Jonny's too seasoned a junkie.

No. 662899

That's my point. they were both sick for 1-2 days because they couldn't last any longer before caving and shooting up.

No. 662903

TND needs to switch to drugs that make her film vids because this shit lifestyle they’re living rn is not sustainable in the least. They really are “just some kids” because this is ridiculous

No. 662904


"I fall more in love with you as each morning sun rises."

He types with phone in one hand while trying to rummage through her stuff with the other to find her credit card…

No. 662913

Does this mean he didn’t block her on twitter either? Because if he didn’t it’d have a message saying she can’t send messages to him…

No. 662927

Jonny has been on drugs FOR YEARS and Taylor, who knows how long, so they obviously can't get sober just by staying home and going to a clinic in the beginning for photos. I've seen people who gets addicted to drugs for a few months and they had to be forced to get into rehab because they can't stop. In my opinion, she's high everytime she posts all those long paragraphs on her social media. Her mind is probably racing with all new ideas every time she takes that hit then it fades away to a "GotTa PoStpOnE ThAt ViDeo CuZ Im NoT FEelIng Well" when she becomes sober again.

No. 662928

Meth. Taylor should do meth.

No. 662930

Idk why y'all think I said it would work to try to detox at home? that's obviously what I'm saying wouldn't happen… Jonny knew it wouldn't work but that it would get Taylor to stop threatening to leave him. He doesn't have any intention of changing he just needed to put on a show of trying to detox for a couple days to get her to give up and accept her situation for a while longer. I know they would fail, that's why I said that might be what happened

No. 662975

she's probably saying a year and half since you said she started dating Johnny then. Making it seem like he spoke to PM bits before or right about when they began talking. But she's lying since the party was less than a year ago.

No. 662982

File: 1558351703395.jpeg (493.44 KB, 1125x1026, B60C9F34-BFFE-47A0-86F2-37E944…)

Now she’s is “the mother of snakes (and whatever other animals that I have that I don’t really care about at the moment because I want to exploit my snakes for money; can’t keep up with which animals the public knows I’ve killed so I’ll just focus on my snakes for awhile in hopes they forget)”

No. 662984

Lol she’s trying to hop on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. Bit late babe, series finale aired last night.

No. 662986


guess it's fitting because of recent episodes. dany kills innocent people, taylor kills innocent animals.

No. 662987

Not to WK but I think she was a fan of GoT before now considering she named her first tarantula Cersei

No. 662998

I’m not trying to white night, but it’s kinda f*cked up to wish her to do more drugs. I don’t like how she kills her pets too. If she does more drugs, more will die

No. 662999

…when is she going to get better :-( i just want to watch her videos again bros

No. 663000


She has been a fan of GoT. Weren’t anons talking the other day about how she’s claiming to be a “reptile expert” and it appears her new bio is somewhat alluding to that. Or she’s just being a try-hard?!

No. 663004

oh for fucks sake, it's a joke. But if she's going to do drugs, she should look into ones that don't make her lazy and useless. She picked the poison.

No. 663007

you can't unfollow a deactivated account.

No. 663019

Agreed, I wonder if when she’s high she’s really nodding off or if she actually has all this motivation and claims to have lots of plans for videos and stuff, but as the high fades she loses the motivation to do anything and then suddenly claims she’s having a “bad health/mental health week” as her excuse to not post for another month.
It’s sad, really. She loved boasting about how “consistent” she was for 3 whole weeks. What, consistently putting out 3 boring videos in a row?

No. 663025

I am in recovery for about a year and half but I don’t think she’s ever really tried? She doesn’t make me want to do anything but she’s a trash fire. And no kind of recovery program would be fine with her drinking?? And it’s always seemed to me that’s shes like oh I’m fine just cutting back. It’s not junk food it’s fucking heroin.
But more than anything else I know she’s not seeing anyone about her recovery because she’s not taking those bathroom selfies in the recovery center anymore.

No. 663026


I've worked with tons of addicts over the years, and she honestly comes off as the type that only an OD or close brush with death will wake up. Even then I wouldn't hold my breath, she comes off as too big a sheltered and spoiled brat with no idea of what she's doing or got herself into

No. 663027

She definitely is no longer at that clinic, nor at “clean slate” or whatever she said she was going to. If she wanted to keep up that lie she should’ve tried a bit harder.
It sounds like the rehab doctors told her what she needs to do to recover, she said “waaaa but I don’t wanna give up drugs/drinking/hoarding/overspending/abusive boyfriend” and eventually stopped going. If she isn’t an inpatient then no doctor can regulate what she’s doing, and with her addictive personality, outpatient was never going to work because she’d never take it seriously.
It’s classic addict behaviour. Convince yourself that you want to get better, then convince your friends/family you wanna get better, realize that you have to face withdrawal symptoms and give up other shit if you wanna be serious, then relapse because it’s all “too hard” and your “mental health” can’t handle it. Hence why inpatient exists, to keep you on track.

No. 663028

And obviously mental health issues are real and a problem in most people and often those issues are unresolved, but TND’s so called “mental health” down days are just code for “I’m coming down from a high and I don’t wanna do anything but sleep”

No. 663032


Has she made any posts about the importance of having Narcan on hand? Even Luna raises a quarterly alarm. Users should have two or three doses on hand because the risk of getting fentanyl is now so high.

No. 663036

File: 1558372004972.png (28.54 KB, 536x256, fent.png)

Nope, and she's even stated that she knew fent could be in it but she was gonna take her chances. Though I guess she could still have it on hand, but I doubt she'd admit it.

No. 663045

honestly I doubt taytay or jonny boy have the capacity to even think of using narcan on anyone when shit hits the fan. They can't even lie properly

No. 663060

File: 1558383301828.png (94.11 KB, 796x540, covert-narc-victim.png)

Taylor should definitely read this, especially after this recent episode > https://www.reddit.com/r/NarcissisticAbuse/comments/8ndlgw/list_of_covertnarc_traits/

No. 663073

File: 1558386155151.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1232x2020, CA67400E-6B9F-47AF-BDF5-D4262D…)

I really feel like an idiot for thinking she finally was putting her and her animals first by leaving him. I think I’m done with her and her drama once and for all. Believing her to be anything than a cow is exhausting.

No. 663075


That's nice Taylor, but that pop isn't gonna save you from depression + addiction.

No. 663077

File: 1558386943247.png (244.8 KB, 618x372, im.png)

No. 663078

i'm cackling anyone can sign it and say it was signed by robert downey jr himself

No. 663079


LOL. she just paid $180 for a signature. signatures aren't even worth close to that much. Especially just a squiggle one.

No. 663080

File: 1558387125291.png (839.99 KB, 894x590, tndspree.png)

I guess her card works again…

No. 663081


Gotta love that low-effort love-bomb! Man, Taylor must be so easy!

No. 663082

Same here. I feel stupid that I believed just even a tiny bit that she was starting to actually muster up the balls to get out, for her and her animals sake. But no. Back to the usual lovebombing and being bought material things somehow makes the situation better.

As much as I hate the things Taylor has done, I still wanted to see her leave him and have a chance of getting better, taking better care of her animals and just overall doing a 180 of her life. Doesn’t mean she’d be forgiven or past behavior, but it’s better than what she’s currently doing.

But now at this point, Taylor I’m happy you’re miserable and with that abusive piece of shit. Fans and ex-fans alike have supported you from the beginning of leaving that rapist, disgusting excuse for a person. And we were dumb to believe you were smart enough to care about your animals more than him.

No wonder your life sucks and you are miserable. Because you and you only allow it to be.

No. 663083

and instead of donating the money for an animal in need she said she couldnt donate to because her card didn't work, she'll just overspend on stupid shit she doesnt need!

No. 663084

I don't understand how she can go out and buy MORE stuff when she has shit literally all over her floor and bathroom.

No. 663085


Like, her last redeeming trait was that she donated to Gofundme for people's sick pets.

Guess she's not doing that anymore…

No. 663087

Yes! She obviously needs a little pep in her step these days. Gotta mix things up, diversify. Cider and heroin are only going to do (or not do) so much.

No. 663088

File: 1558388165882.png (128.74 KB, 1080x834, Screenshot_20190520-152024~2.p…)

On her Insta post of Salem

No. 663089

It's Taylor's APOLOGY gift for jonny. She probably freaked out he was gonna leave her alone.

No. 663091

File: 1558388928377.png (360.11 KB, 941x574, loungefly.PNG)

hilarious she'd spend $60-$70 on each of these backpacks when she says she doesnt go anywhere.

can't afford rehab tho.

No. 663092

are u kidding me this is soooooooooooo uuuuuuugly

No. 663093


All of those mini backpacks cost at least $40-50

No. 663094

Looks like she's following in Luna's footsteps and impulse buying plastic crap to numb the pain from her shitty lifestyle

No. 663095

All this shit is trash, once again proving that money cannot buy taste. Just mounds of unnecessary plastic.

No. 663099

ughhh, Marvel is the call of duty of the film world. Is she just doing this cause it's trendy to be a nerd?

Seriously $70 for something that was probably made in china that will break after a couple uses. The fact that she could've spend that upgrading her enclosures really grinds my gears. Bitch will probably only wear it once, and she has 3.

No. 663102

what does she even do that requires a backpack lol

No. 663105

most of her clothes doesn't have any pockets. She needs somewhere to carry her armband and smack

No. 663107

Hilarious when she's says jc bought her something with her own money. Wonder if he gets an allowance or has full access thinking he contributes

No. 663109


…But his rOyAlTiEs anon!

No. 663114

Pop figs are so ugly. How can anyone be obsessed with them? And they're just a fad. In a few years when she's broke as fuck she won't be able to sell them for anywhere near what she paid for them.

No. 663117


Some of them can appreciate in value if they're limited (I have some worth about 10x what I paid for them) but I totally get that like Beanie Babies in the 90s they're just a fad and won't stick around and will eventually not be worth anything.

No. 663118

Guess her card is working again. Hope she doesn't string these "major life changes" happening as long as the necrospy results. Or is that over now that she got paid

No. 663121

Yup, it's only worth what someone will pay for it. She won't have buyer's lined up for what she has, at the end of the day they're hunks of plastic.

No. 663133

Doesn't she keep most of those Pop things in a closet? What is the point in dumping so much money into them.

No. 663135

they keep Jonny off her back

No. 663152

The shit she spends her money on makes me so mad lmaooo it’s all so ugly. It’s either ugly ass clothes & ugly accessories or stupid toys (hello you’re not a kid) like give the money to me I’ll spend it better. Every time y’all post something she’s brought in like “ew” I’ve never thought “wow what a good purchase.” I’m salty.

No. 663156

She bought a $200 Funko Pop with RDJ's initial "signature" from Amazon and when you search up the item on Amazon, you can see multiple Funko pops with different signatures of RDJ. Sure, it's real LOL

No. 663157

File: 1558410731774.jpg (714.48 KB, 1371x888, 3fb7a3bcf9f5eae11458858a4754d8…)

I find no value in buying Pop figs with signatures online because you don't feel that sentimental value that it gives if you were to go to comic con or something and have it signed in person. What a waste of even more money that she could've spent on her animals.

No. 663161

all different signatures. god, this is sad.

No. 663169


lmao great half-ass attempt to 'win her back' Jonny! You bought her a damn counterfeit!

No. 663175

File: 1558412827686.jpg (4.62 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Lol, he probably did. Here's his signature form the credits of Endgame. At least we know that one's authentic.

No. 663177

File: 1558413963421.jpg (23.45 KB, 820x547, 3GG53.jpg)

The funny thing is that any valuable figures they get are definitely going to lose value immediately. Not just from having belonged to a pair of junkies, but also because storing figures, especially soft vinyl figures, in their boxes in a hot, humid environment means that the plasticizer is going to start leaking out. Their precious pops will soon be covered in a horrible sticky yellow fluid that can only be remedied by washing with dishwashing soap. Or on an especially hot day, they may start to just straight up melt. It happens. Pic related.

No. 663183

Problem is that Taylor (and her mommy) are both narcissists. She's been one for years, even before Jonny and her drug habit being exposed. She has always been incapable of acknowledging even the kindest, smallest criticisms of herself.

No. 663201


So first she says there’s “really no snakes in rescues” and now she wants to work with snakes in rescues??

No. 663202

she's probably saying a year and half since you said she started dating Johnny then. Making it seem like he spoke to PM bits before or right about when they began talking. But she's lying since the party was less than a year ago.


Taylor should go back to coke so she has all this energy, or maybe do aderall so she can stay focused. Watch her now tweet that people are telling her what drugs to take! OHMAHGAAA.

Seriously, what does H do though? Doesnt the high just last mere minutes?

No. 663204


Some people who sign a lot of stuff (like at ComicCon) have a shortened version of their autograph. But still, classy move buying her something with her own money Jonny!

No. 663205


It's not a high as such, and definitely lasts more than minutes like cocaine. The thing with heroin is people start out taking it because it makes them feel good and makes their problems feel smaller, but then they have to take it just to stop feeling dope sick.

No. 663215

everyone watches GoT though

No. 663220

Never said he didn't have a shortened version of his signature. I put the pic up there so anons could compare the writing itself if they so choose. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if it's fake.

No. 663247

this. aren't autographs for a memory of a time you met someone? buying them online never made sense to me.

No. 663252

I don’t think she really even cares about the experience of getting something signed in person. She just loves buying things for novelty then after the initial excitement of getting a new thing goes down, the pop just goes into a closet to be forgotten, and she’s on the hunt for the next stupid thing.
My friend has an “addiction” I’d call it to Pop figures. She will literally buy pops using her rent money, then complain about not being able to pay rent. Once she’s gotten a new Pop, showed it to people to get their reactions and reassurance that what she bought was cute, and the nostalgia goes away, she’s forgotten about how special it was to her and has to get a new funko. It sounds exactly like TND but amplified since she has so much more money to stupidly spend.

No. 663253

Also, Hoarding is a big problem. TND hoards funkos, clothes (most likely), animals, and who knows what else. Being a hoarder is hard to confront and usually caused by never feeling like they have “enough” to satisfy them. I know many hoarders, and the hardest conversations to have with them is the fact that they have a problem, and that hoarding costs SO much money and is not sustainable. With TND having so much money and being so young, she’s going to fill that new house with junk, probably get evicted or have to leave due to not paying rent, then start the cycle all over at a new place. Even without JC I could see her ruining herself with her terrible spending/hoarding problem.

No. 663254

Her ass needs to be in therapy. Taylor, get in fucking therapy and get yourself mentally better. YOU need professional mental help.

My entire issue with TND is that she's mentally unhealthy as fuck, yet has this huge platform of young followers, and many animals.

The reason it's unhealthy for her to have them isn't because of her depression, but because she uses pet hoarding to self treat it many issues.

She's toxic to the young community and needs to leave until she is better. She's perpetuating so many fucked up addiction habits.

No. 663263

make up

No. 663264

File: 1558465270627.jpg (255.41 KB, 1019x1088, GcdWmJZ.jpg)

Her fingers are super swollen.

No. 663268


no way that's got to be Jonny!

No. 663270

File: 1558466609815.jpg (225.97 KB, 1200x1200, D652J2aWwAAbbHb.jpg)


Nope, that's 100% Taylor

No. 663273

they're morphing into one another

No. 663276

watch her try and chalk this up to her EDS or some shit. if she says that, someone has to point out the fact that jonnys hands are literal balloons too

No. 663279

Is she ever going to release another video?
I’ve unsubscribed to her since I’ll likely see if she posts a video by looking at this thread lol. I cannot stand being a part of what’s fueling her terrible habits but the dumpster fire is so hard to ignore.
I was holding onto the small amount of hope that she’d get better and her animals would benefit, but seeing her relapse with Jonny really just proves nothing’s gonna get better anytime soon and it’s just so sad and infuriating to see.

No. 663282


This is the shirt she was wearing the night he took a picture of her sleeping. I remember thinking how ironic it was her shirt said ‘alone’ when she can’t be alone.

No. 663286

I’d be way more surprised if it wasn’t fake

No. 663287

“Nothing changes if nothing changes” Yes, you’re most likely in for a long wait

No. 663288

Yikes. I'm almost 9 and a half months pregnant and my fingers aren't even that swollen.

No. 663291

File: 1558475638028.png (197.98 KB, 280x540, jcstory6.png)

In the story he says:

"Say hello to Taylor's little sims rig that I got her, a.k.a my 2nd rig to take half of the load of the streaming/gaming"

No. 663293

They still can't afford rehab though

No. 663297


Of course Taylor needs her own gaming PC

No. 663300

More processing power doesn't make things faster. After a point, you gotta get in the games and optimize them for your rig, drivers, settings, software, changes, ect. Probably doesn't know how to do any of that shit so he keeps adding on cause his rig runs like crap.

I don't know his specs or anything but it strikes me as overkill on so many levels for playing decades old games like half-life.

No. 663301

File: 1558476881721.png (195.18 KB, 708x536, PC.png)


>"nothing insane"


No. 663302

I don't even know what to say at this point, why does she allow this shit?

Probably just keeps him off her back maby? he's using it as an excuse that he can't get big on twitch without it. So much wasted money here, or Maby he's saving in case he gets booted and can pawn it off for cash.

No. 663305


lol I think there are enough EDS anons to shoot that excuse down should it come up

> but i dislocated all my knuckles at once

No. 663306


hope all goes well with the birth anon!

No. 663308


He calls it a "Sims Rig" Not sure what that means…

No. 663309

Sims rig as in she will be using this to mostly play The Sims

No. 663311


Of course she would.
Virtual People & Animals > IRL People & Animals!

Plus it'll take her mind off of how shit her life is now!

No. 663312

the sims dont even need a high end pc to work fine. this is so unnecessarily way over the top.


No. 663315

Good lord now she's claiming her house is haunted. Is this her newest grab for fame? Like that Twitter thread from a couple year back?

No. 663316

Exactly.. I literally play sims on my dinky old laptop and it runs fine.. you know they just do it to flex. Imagine being a 30 year old man flexing shit like that when he doesn't even own a home or his own car

No. 663321

Doesn't surprise me that she's a gamer. "Gaming" is another one of those addictions that can make certain people mediocre losers for life. Not something a recovering drug addict should be getting into. She doesn't have any discipline to regulate what she spend time on.

No. 663326

File: 1558479810103.png (524.06 KB, 584x558, tndtwitter1.png)

No. 663327

File: 1558480057221.png (80.95 KB, 578x590, tndtwitter2.png)

No. 663328


>"My assistant"

Just say Betsy, Taylor.

No. 663329

'selling the house' lol okay

No. 663330

Is this her copying Adam Ellis to get followers, or is she using this an excuse for moving out so soon? Or both?

No. 663331


My guess is just boredom.

No. 663336

should just have that little dude sit in front of the smack and needles if he's so spooky scary. Boom. Cheap rehab

No. 663337


The Ghost of Junkies Past

No. 663341

File: 1558482717884.png (794.81 KB, 750x1334, D48CB9FB-04B4-466F-937A-65A1F2…)

Jonny is still on his sperg about keeping her in her place by reminding her how downhill her looks have gone. Jesus what the FUCK did she do for it to be balding that bad?? I would be horrified if I looked like that and my boyfriend purposely showed that for everyone to see… he even said in the previous Story “they can’t see you” and then in the next shows her really fast on purpose. She is hiding her face and everything. She’s so visibly insecure with him.
She’s stupid for not leaving, it’s incredible how they put up with each other. I guess buying her kids toys makes it worth it though, right?

No. 663342

File: 1558482818338.png (551.57 KB, 750x1334, 42F9A2E4-BA3F-4CE3-8212-013783…)

This one is super blurry but posted just to show comparison how both sides are visibly balding.

No. 663343

The way Jonny talks reminds me of Pruane2forever on youtube

No. 663344

File: 1558483107088.png (116.27 KB, 304x596, JCstory7.png)

No. 663346

File: 1558483211101.png (69.13 KB, 316x594, JCstory8.png)

No. 663347

File: 1558483340965.png (101.06 KB, 318x600, JCstory9.png)


>"im a great person"

No. 663348

>step one: put haters on blast publicly in an attempt to silence them

No. 663349

Jonny is so fucking dumb

No. 663350


No amount of 'self-love' is going to make up for what you've done to others, Jonny.

No. 663353


As if Jonny Craig will ever be capable of self-love lmao. You’re a fucking joke JC. If you had an ounce of self-love you’d stay sober for more than one day and leave your POS narc “queen.”

No. 663362


I have the same pattern of thinning (I'm also a woman, not much older than Taylor) and I have multiple deficiencies and autoimmune illness, but at the same time it could just be genetics. I doubt bleaching her hair was great for it either.

No. 663363

Might just be genetic, would need to see an older pic where her hair is pulled back and she has no make up (some girls powder there to fill it in) to say if it's 'balding'.

I have similar thinning as a woman and always have had it, and know lots of other woman with such thinning. It can be simply genetics, particularly woman with thinner hair naturally. It can be made worse by smoking, drugs, and pulling hair back too tightly. Likewise it can be made better by gentle styling of the area and massing oils etc into it. Or hidden with powder.

Her swollen fingers and dull yet greasy skin in the other hand is the result of her poor life choices.

No. 663364

As a woman who's had PCOS for 20 yrs, Taylor doesn't have it. I doubt her mom has it because OH HEY YOU DON'T OVULATE NATURALLY AND IT'S SUPER HARD TO HAVE KIDS!

Women with PCOS are usually over weight, we carry it in our stomachs and mid section. We have zero ass. You have facial hair (granted, she could hide that) Every woman I've met with PCOS has the same body type.

Can you be thin and fit? Sure. With a lot of discipline and exercise. But we all know Taylor isn't doing any of that. if If she had PCOS she'd be really fat.(no1curr about your PCOS)

No. 663366

why are you posting three-day-old milk like it's today's news >>662800

Inb4 her Sims die of improper care somehow

No. 663374

I just died!!

No. 663381

PCOS doesn't violate the laws of physics and create fat out of thin air. Also she is on heroin anyway

No. 663382

This is not true. PCOS affects 1-10 women. Risk is just higher with obesity.

No. 663394

File: 1558495242880.png (297.72 KB, 306x588, jcstory10.png)


It was for himself all along!

No. 663400

I don't know much about computers, but this seems like a ridiculous solution? pls correct me if I'm wrong but can't most people handle their stream on one computer?

No. 663401

This IS definitely overkill. He’s not even playing games that require much. He clearly has no clue what he’s doing when building computers, he’s just flexing. Probably paying that guy to put together his computer, hence why he’s prob not saying anything about how shit that setup is

No. 663403

Does he seriously have a monitor sitting on top of that tower….

No. 663407


Jonny is so fucking delusional. He thinks he’s better than everyone because of his gaming setup that someone else setup for him which mind you in the beginning he was saying he was going to learn how to build a computer blah blah blah. You’re spending thousands of dollars on equipment you don’t need so you can stream for 30 people. Meanwhile your “queen” says she wants to get “healthy” again but cannot afford inpatient rehab. The priorities of these two is grotesque. You both need to grow the fuck up and get a grip on reality. You can’t sit on your asses forever wasting oxygen and expecti to be wealthy. They can’t even stay sober longer than saying they’re sober. I once had some sympathy but I’m at the point where I cannot wait for this shit to blow up in their faces. Relationships only last so long when drugs are involved and they aren’t ready for the shit storm they created.

No. 663421

No. 663422


His personal genius bar guy may have been using it during set-up.

No. 663431

Actually, it does. Your liver makes sugar by breaking down protein. So let's say I ate nothing but healthy foods, my liver will be like, "fuck, I need sugar " and make it out of protein. It' why we don't die in our sleep. PCOS causes fucked up hormones and hormones are what control weight loss and gain. Her sitting around eating junk, she wouldn't keep that thin if she had PCOS.

No. 663432

Nooo, I have that same tower. Uggg.
Ruined. I'm hoping he paid more than me, though.

No. 663433

>and make it out of protein
>how does a science

that's not what happens

No. 663436

shut up about your body

No. 663437

Stopped by his stream a couple times. He cant even play games without someone holding his hand and constantly looking things up for him. This isn't suprising.

No. 663438

Yeah, i lurked once and never again. 90% is him cussing out and trying super hard to play a fps game. He doesnt talk to his audience at all unless he has something to complain about or ask from. Not surprised that he doesnt know shit about computers.. he needs 2 highend pcs to run overwatch, discord, and a streaming program at once? Lmao

No. 663446

Or she could say “my friend” too.

No. 663447

File: 1558509646192.png (893.42 KB, 760x2714, Screenshot_20190522-041927.png)

No. 663449

File: 1558509928990.png (345.3 KB, 760x1512, Screenshot_20190522-042524.png)

No. 663450

Damn she's really trying hard to string a cohesive sentence together that's readable.

No. 663452

no, this is not the first time the tank got this low.

I specifically remembering commenting on this forum just a few months back after she had posted a tweet or something about her sump running out of water due to evaporation.
So. Lie.

Too lazy to dig through threads, but if someone else remembers this then feel free to post proof of her contradicting this most recent tweet.

No. 663453

Well she's already deleted those tweets.

No. 663456

File: 1558510801046.png (525.88 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190522-173931.png)

No. 663457

File: 1558510822207.png (179.83 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190522-173941.png)

No. 663458


>I top off the water every 2 to 3 days

>flawless routine
>no unusual weather

Did she ever get her air conditioning sorted? Tho I doubt a malfunction bad enough to suck the tank dry would go unnoticed.

Or, you know, maybe she lost track of the days. It's easy to do when your life lacks structure. And you're on heroin.

No. 663459

File: 1558511047490.png (208.82 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190522-174410.png)

No. 663460

Okay she's going on a huge sperge rn and I can't be fkd ss more

No. 663462


Staring at the tank while shooting up doesn't count as looking at it, Taylor.

No. 663463


Her allowing it to evaporate too much has been observed and discussed several times

And [video related] >>>/pt/647811

>at the very end of this she shows a clip of cheese and the saltwater tank spitting bubbles because the sump ran out of water.

No. 663464

>"the house is hot but the tank temps aren't affected"
that's uh… not how water works? If the ambient temp in the room is high, her tank temps will also be high, hence the evaporation. They might not be fluctuating, but for a 150 gallon tank to evaporate THAT much fast enough she didn't even notice, the thing is probably practically boiling.

No. 663466

The reason I asked about her AC.

>Ideally, an air conditioning unit helps to reduce the temperature in your home and remove excess humidity through condensation.


No. 663467


tl;dr The air in her house is taking on humidity from her tanks. If her AC is rapidly dehumidifying, then the tanks will evaporate faster.

No. 663468

Another way in which this house is more expensive and time-consuming.

No. 663471

Okay I will never understand her pet care. I had one pet rat and even if I wasn't playing with her/about to take her out I was regularly making my little circuit to check on her and what she was up to. If I didn't walk by all the time I would've missed times she was overheating, times the food or water was lower than I'd like. What does Taylor do all day? I really think she is so depressed that she doesn't leave her bed/room for days at a time. My cage was out of the way as well but I made it part of my routine and always checked before I left the house, just in case! Apparently she just can't be bothered.

No. 663475

Not to mention, I'm sure that ridiculous computer setup is creating loads of heat and sucking up power like a black hole. Wouldn't be surprised if it knocks the power out in the whole house at some point and she has another mass animal death situation on her hands.

Sick of her talking about how "perfectly" and "flawlessly" she seems to think she's doing. Her life is such a mess.

No. 663480

When my depression gets at its worst, I'm in bed 13-16 hrs. Being awake felt like being asleep and being asleep felt like being awake.

However, I have a reliable husband who pulls my weight with chores on my bad spells, and we only have 3 cats and a leopard gecko.

I assume Taylor is probably in bed at least 12 hrs probably more and not paying attention to her pets when she is coherent. Just my 4 pets overwhelm me on bad spells to the point I shut down with the pressure of responsibility. I'd never have 3 cats if my husband weren't also a pet lover who cares for them amazingly.

This is why I can't stand her. She's neglecting living things due to her selfishness.(no1curr)

No. 663481


fucking Google. Yes, the liver makes glucose out of protein.(no1curr)

No. 663482

If the house is so hot, surely that will affect her axolotl and crested gecko. Both can easily die of heat stroke

No. 663485


It's not the heat, it's the humidity and how fast the AC is dehumidifying the air. If she just got her AC fixed it is working more efficiently to dehumidify.

No. 663486

File: 1558521451106.png (6.01 MB, 1242x2688, EA212143-9D62-410A-A362-6A25B8…)

He really does love filming her when she doesn’t want to. does it fast too. Ass.

No. 663487

Well, we do know Jonny doesn't like it when women tell him NO or set boundaries. Gotta get his kicks somehow.

No. 663488

It's sickening how he keeps doing this. He gets reassurance seeing her feel insecure about her appearance.

I don't like Taylor, I want her to step out of social media and think she deserves the hell Jonny puts her through. However, I hate trash rapists like him more than I dislike Taylor.

I just hope anyone like Taylor will see that this behavior of his is fucking mental abuse. Don't ever stay with someone who takes photos of you without permission when you're feeling ugly and then posts them online.

No. 663496


i agree, taylor has her own problems but holy shit how does she put up with this hobglobin manchild shoving his phone into her face to record her when she clearly is not comfortable with it? he just does it and forces the situation on her and she can't get too annoyed with him because he's recording.

how miserable do you have to be to let this happen. on one hand, she's deserving of it because she's been warned, supported and given advice about her relationship and jonny but she continues to think she can fix him. but damn is it sad to watch her boyfriend publicly humiliate her.

No. 663497

dang what happened? (obvi heroin but) she looks 10 years older than she did a year ago. her face is all waxy and lumpy, it looks like a mask or something.

No. 663501


gotta have that rare morph

they're just collectables to her

No. 663503

Okay so Taylor posted an 18 story thing about the tank problems on Insta. It’s a little different from that short twitter thread. I paired it so it’s 9 photos, gonna post it for anyone who cares.

No. 663504

File: 1558530521037.jpeg (602.75 KB, 1936x1936, 8B40ECE9-691A-4D0F-A860-828FA1…)


No. 663505

File: 1558530758187.jpeg (519.05 KB, 1936x1936, 43688F66-9C48-473A-B9F4-70D22C…)


No. 663506

Whyd she even tell on herself like that. No one would have known she neglected her tank unless she explicitly told her audience

No. 663507

File: 1558530895890.jpeg (572.82 KB, 1936x1936, 589FA9F2-C04D-4E6E-801E-45936C…)


No. 663508

File: 1558531056345.jpeg (513.45 KB, 1936x1936, 187C38D1-7B16-4D37-AC90-C1AE94…)


No. 663509

File: 1558531207241.jpeg (520.7 KB, 1936x1936, 969CE4D1-2691-4618-9A59-3E13FB…)


No. 663510

> Wahh wahh I’m hours away from losing all of my fish!
Why in the fuck are you posting novels to instagram instead of actually focusing on solving the fucking problem, you retard? She’s been rambling a lot lately.

No. 663512

File: 1558531327537.jpeg (468.68 KB, 1936x1936, B393EC30-6F8B-47B2-98C0-0792B5…)


No. 663514

File: 1558531436549.jpeg (672.17 KB, 1936x1936, 9E82CD3D-8FE0-4A81-80D9-41061E…)


No. 663515

File: 1558531528983.jpeg (604.91 KB, 1936x1936, DF880D02-EE07-469D-B587-3E1A74…)


No. 663516

She keeps slowly proving that she was responsible for Cheese’s death. First, she demonstrated that she doesn’t understand the nitrogen cycle. Now this easily avoided mishap with failing to top off her saltwater set up. She does this with her freshwater tanks as well. Let’s them evaporate and so the concentration of ammonia and nitrates build in those as well.

No. 663518

"I don't know what I would have done if I lost him"
Fan: what's his name?
Taylor: He doesn't have one

Does she rely on alarms I wonder?

No. 663519

File: 1558531961162.jpeg (732.01 KB, 1936x1936, CA4240C4-0B18-40F5-8204-4BFD9D…)


No. 663527

All of her sperging reminds me of Crazy Jen, except she doesn’t write novels. Just a million tweets that are supposed to be subliminal messages but make absolutely no sense with a splash of emo lyrics to spice the situation up.

No. 663528

She's preparing for a total tank failure. She knows it's going to happen because she's choosing to get high over properly caring for her hoard. She's going to blame the "unpredictable" temp fluctuations in the house.

No. 663531

Test your kH and gH weekly but don’t test your ammonia? What is she on??

No. 663532

taylor: writes a novel immediately after her tank went through some problem with a happy ending, both on twitter and on instagram

taylor: barely mentions that she rehomed her satanic leaf geckos weeks after the fact?

rip geckos

No. 663533

My thoughts too, or she's trying to play up the situation so she can seem like the "best fish keeper ever!!!1!"

>>663515 is what really indicates this for me
>I've basically succeeded in so many battles a fish keeper faces

No. 663536

Agree with both anons, she deserves to be miserable with him because she’s the one who allows it but at the same time a feel secondhand shame and embarrassment for her when her rapist boyfriend purposely makes her feel ugly to the world on social media.
This is just a screen cap but in the story, her reaction of putting her hand to her face to hide her face from him just really sets the tone of what their relationship is. Very sad

No. 663538

File: 1558539137969.png (329.39 KB, 516x506, 11-15-2017.png)


He just has to remind her that she belongs to him every now & then.

(Pic attached - Amanda describing his 'habits' with all of his girlfriends)

No. 663539

He is a complete dick. And yes to another anon, a half second later she put her hand to her face to cover up.

He loves making her feel insecure.

No. 663540


B-but he covered her face in that one pic of her sleeping, anon!

jk, but yeah, he sure is a scumbag. Nice of him to upload it online immediately as well, without even asking if she's okay with it.
(inb4 one of them posts chat-logs or whatever saying she actually wants him to post these or doesn't care, etc.)

No. 663543

Holy shit that tank is a disgrace. Look at all that algae on the rocks. Tells me she doesn't do water changes, not surprising with her tiny r/o unit. She must overfeed like crazy to let algae get that bad. Way too much waste going into that aquarium, with no way to get removed. Light must be on hella long time too, blue light "nightlights" are a bad idea for most serious fishkeepers, FFS her "saltwater" tank is green.

This is basic shit, she's obviously still a beginner when it comes to fish. Doesn't understand a cycle, tank overstocked and under maintained.

It isn't a problem with her equipment she just doesn't maintain the tank. She'd be better off tearing it down and starting over.

No. 663545

Taylor is barely competent in so many ways as a petkeeper, it's outright farcical. Doesn't know the first thing about cats, gets two kittens and kills one, then gets one more just for funsies. Smokes indoors around her pets, including her very fragile Satanics. Lets her cats near her rodents, including right up to their cage and onto the same bed they're on.

And then there's poor Mushu, which… I don't even have words. I wonder if Mushu's bit the big one yet.

No. 663551



No. 663559

Nightly rounds… #SureJan

That's how you lost your while sump's worth of water, right? She even says it's 60 gallons. Who would believe you lost 60 gallons of water in the course of a day to evaporation? It didn't even get above 90 in San Antonio yesterday.

No. 663564

At first I was like, good for her for giving info that could help others with similar problems. But then the more I read the more it seems like it was just a way to brag about all her expensive equipment/fishes and how knowledgeable she is, which is funny when you think about how her divine knowledge is what led this mistake to happening in the first place. Saltwater tanks are so delicate, anyone who has one should be checking water levels every day, not waiting two/three days and assuming everything is working fine. What if the sump broke and she had no idea because 'it wasn't making the gurgling noise'?

No. 663566

thank you, this was just what I was thinking about

No. 663569

File: 1558550634881.jpeg (160.71 KB, 1125x668, FA7F08EF-952B-40CC-ADF7-2D9BD5…)

She’s apparently got a new video with her rats coming

No. 663570

File: 1558550712739.jpeg (320.32 KB, 1125x1301, EF6D61E0-046B-4839-9266-103D6E…)

“I’m not even in it, just behind the camera. It’s mad dumb” ahh yes guess it’s not really about the animals

No. 663573

She really has no idea where her popularity came from, does she?

No. 663577


It does come across like "if it happened to my tank it could happen to yours" warning others?

No. 663579

Is there any anon that can screenrecord her rat Twitter videos and post them? She sounds high as fuck in them

No. 663580

No she doesn't, they don't watch her for education, they watch her cause she has tits.

She's like the cool, quirky girl you know in high-school that you were too afraid to talk to. The tomboyish, easygoing attitude, seems like she'd be a cool girlfriend that would be DTF. That's her appeal.

She then date's a string of badboy BF that leave her ruined. All these "nice guys" get strung along looking to bang her, and she's totally not manipulating them for attention.

Seen this scenario play out a couple times irl.

No. 663581

Hell, just look at her thumbnails, she knows where her "appeal" comes from

No. 663582


Idk what she's on about with "I've never seen them yawn". Rats yawn all the time lol Just proves that she never spends time with them

No. 663586


Can I ask why the blue lights are a bad idea? I've seen them in tropical tanks in aquariums at the zoo before.

No. 663590

I only know freshwater, so I’m not sure how transferable that is but keeping certain spectrums of light on can trigger algae growth, and potentially mess up a fish’s day/night rhythm and stress them

No. 663598


I think she said she lost 15 not 60, not enough the sump was empty just enough it couldn't pull water from the tank? But there's also no way she lost literally 10% of the water in her tank in 2-3 days. It's dry where I live and I keep my apartment pretty warm, and my bigger tanks still only lose MAYBE 3-4% a week to evaporation, at most.

Also, she says she put in more water than she usually did, but her salinity is still too high? Is that how it works? Shouldn't the salinity be lower if she added more than usual fresh water?

No. 663600

Taylor, like it has been said before, a good youtuber will get footage from DAYS of filming. Not like you did for Kronos - just filming that time you took him out.
Her excuses on why she doesn't post often is hilarious.

No. 663603


This. Fish stress and algae. As long as there is a "night" period without light (or very very little) the actual color shouldn't matter too much. Her night levels seem very intense blue for viewing reasons.

Fish don't have eyelids and are very sensitive to light levels. For super deep tank's like public aquariums it probably makes less of a difference.

She's just lazy. SA is pretty dry but no way should it evaporate in 2 days. She should at least put a lid on it if she's gonna be lazy about top offs.

No. 663604

To be fair, it usually takes a while for a victim of abuse to leave their partner. It's hard to get out once you're in the shit, especially if you have your own problems (which abuse victims usually do). At least she doesn't have kids, at which point the blame would be on her.
This entire rambling saga seems like it was written under the influence of something

No. 663605

under the influence of stupidity.

At some point enough is enough. Some people get trapped for years like this, at the end of the day it's her life shes wasting.

No. 663613

If it was empty enough that the sump couldn't pump water, then it has to be more than 15. That would leave 45 gallons as a minimum for the pump to stay running. Inlets have to be at the bottom of the sump for this reason - What is her layout, I have to wonder? Even if she's using a wet pump in the water the intake should still be lower than whatever 45 gallons looks like. I wish she would share photos of her set up if she's so proud of her care.

No. 663618

Idk, I'm just going off the insta post where she said at the end she put 15 gallons back in two hours and was done, and that makes sense because she also said her rodi system makes 6-8 gallons an hour so that math works out if 15 was all she put back to make it run again.

I don't think we've seen her whole setup in a long time. I remember seeing her sump in a video when she lost a clownfish in her tank for months and eventually found him in her sump, but that was two moves and a lot of spending sprees ago.

No. 663625

File: 1558568210575.jpeg (606.52 KB, 1123x2012, 69451818-8F46-413C-9190-B6D694…)

How little does she spend with her animals (and think other people spend with theirs) that she’s acting special that she “really talked to her rats for an hour”

No. 663628

File: 1558568664581.jpeg (851.51 KB, 938x1440, 2619F7AC-F530-4934-9EB2-620C5E…)

anyone catch this on anons original screenshot? why besides drugs would she have to force herself to stay awake at 5pm?

No. 663630


Actual animal lovers don't think it's 'mad dumb' to appreciate animals without inserting themselves into the situation.

No. 663631

Time zones are a thing

No. 663633

it was actually around 2am in texas at the time iirc

No. 663634


>what are time zones

No. 663638

>under the influence of stupidity.
Maybe this is tinfoil but when she rambles it really does come off as a drunken shitposting.
>At some point enough is enough. Some people get trapped for years like this, at the end of the day it's her life shes wasting.
Agreed, but Taylor pretty much embodies the part of domestic abuse that nobody wants to talk about. Her behavior is par for course when it comes to relationships like these, down to the victim shit-talking and otherwise doubting past victims. On a general level it's interesting to see the difference between someone's reaction to the idea of a domestic abuse victim vs. their reaction to a domestic abuse victim when they're privvy to all of the shit going on in the relationship.
Does anybody actually care about how people react in videos where they're not the subject? This sounds completely uninteresting

No. 663639


yeah this is just… really sad. i talk to my rats all the time, it's not some special kind of phenomenon that occurs once in a blue moon lol. okay cool, you spend time with your animals taylor, that's great. why is she acting like an hour is such a long time when it's the minimum you should spend time with rats anyway. every day.

what makes me sad is she thinks sitting at their cage talking to them for an hour is unique/weird… like girl. you should be taking them OUT of their cage for an hour to a play area so they can get some enrichment.

No. 663640

File: 1558570203935.jpeg (302.83 KB, 1125x1462, D76723F1-ED7D-41A7-B2D8-CA5DB0…)

she posted this earlier and I want to know why the options were her injuring herself (and I know pouring buckets of water for hours is painful) or her fish dying. Why couldn’t Jonny help her??

No. 663642


Probably because he's too busy streaming

No. 663643

he was too busy playing video games of course!

No. 663644

Idk if I'm dumb but I don't understand why she would have to lift buckets for hours when her tank was only missing a few gallons? Why not just fill water bottles or something and slowly fill it over the span of a few hours? Unless I misread her drugged out rambling and more than a few gallons were missing.

But then the question is how she couldn't notice that the waterline got so low if she says she checks on the tank "all the time".

No. 663646

ofc the rat came over to her, theyre sociable animals who like being with their humans ffs taylor

No. 663647

Sumps are also usually ground level (in a cabinet, as she even explained in her stories). Why was she filling directly into the tank? The sump would be a much easier reach.

No. 663649

I don't understand it either, especially since she said she "dripped" new water in, meaning she didn't need to carry/lift/dump a giant bucket all at once. I have back problems too but I manage all my water changes with a small army of 1 gallon buckets, why doesn't she figure out an easier way to do it? Especially when ro/di systems don't make water all that fast, so you can change out containers quickly.

Idk what actually happened to her tank or that poor fish, but it really seems like she's just playing up this story to emphasize how she SAVED them and hoping no one will question why her stories don't make sense, or that she let this happen in the first place.

No. 663656

File: 1558573927646.jpg (169.07 KB, 1000x803, tnd.jpg)

The end of this video shows her set up I think. I think she lets the water level get too low in the main tank so the overflow doesn't get into the sump.

Comes down to laziness and not paying attention to water level at all. No way should it have been that low.

Shitty pic for explanation

No. 663658

>Tells me she doesn't do water changes
She's telling us herself that she doesn't. She just tops it off when it evaporates. Because that's totally the same thing, right?

No. 663659

to be fair you should top off for evaporation regularly, especially with saltwater. Water changes are usually once a week, topping off is 2-3x a week. She clearly doesn't keep up with either though, judging by past photos.

No. 663661

Most people can afford an auto top of if they have a 150 gallon tank. 1.027 is getting up there for salinity, she probably doesn't even have a refractrometer. Her understanding of saltwater is so poor she just wants to keep it constant without doing water change calculations. Probably cause she's dumb.

That and changing that much saltwater is a PITA. she should at least be doing it once a month 20% or so. Probably doesn't have any drums or anything to store her mixtures in either.

No. 663663

No. 663666

and private chats with side hoe/s on discord, you know it's happening

No. 663670


Thanks for this anon. I've been reading this whole saga not really understanding any of it til now.

No. 663678

the rat yawned before she even said the word she's so annoying

No. 663679

I like how she posts about uploading a video in a few days right after it’s mentioned on this thread “when is she even gonna post another video” (not exact quote)
And she def was not working on this current video until after posting about it today since it looks like she only filmed for a day during one play session.

No. 663680

File: 1558586539693.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 3FE7735A-A757-41AB-AC8D-EA6D4A…)

Oh god, please don’t tell me she started doing coke

No. 663681

yikes, sounds like someone is on something else lol. H doesn't give you that energy lol.

No. 663682

Wah wah… (sfx)

You tried Taylor. Meth is one of the first that comes to mind. From what I hear it gives similar effects of coke but is alot stronger and cheaper.

Coke will do it too. That would be the rich white girl drug of choice.

No. 663684

Adderal pretty common and cheap too. Maby got a prescription to deal with "anxiety", Jonny knows people who can get all sorts of shit. Really sad actually.

No. 663692

A lot of heroin addicts do meth when they are going to be dope sick and can't afford heroin. Or maybe she thinks it's better to do meth than heroin now. Idk

Adderall is basically meth so it could be Adderall

No. 663693

Addy isn’t prescribed for anxiety, Anon.
My bet would be coke like other anons said, considering she has a history of use.

No. 663696

Stimulants aren’t usually prescribed for anxiety, being that they usually make anxiety a fuckton worse. I’d lean towards coke use, she has a history of though honestly meth wouldnt shock me per se, but I’d lean in the direction of the drugs we know she’s abused before.

No. 663700

I forget that coke can be injected. Does it leave track marks like H does?

No. 663702

Yes it does. Any drug being injected will too. Meth can also be used IV. I do think she's eluding to using a stimulant and interesting that she says "without my permission" tinfoiling but makes me think of Johnny forcing drugs on his exs, though I could see her think him not helping her is "forcing" her to use stimulants, or just stay up period.

No. 663703

I wonder if because she saw that people were criticizing her for not being awake often enough she decided she needed a stimulant and justified it in her head

No. 663705

If she is on a stimulant now, the fact that "people on the internet TOLD me to!!11!" will definitely be her excuse if she's ever outed.

Hey Taylor, lots of people have told you to dump Jonny and get clean, why haven't you done those yet if the internet has SO much influence on your life choices??

No. 663706

And Jonny didn't stream today because he's "very sick"

No. 663768

Finally some half decent milk (though poor fishies!) Tired of scrolling through all the nitpicky bullshit that doesn't have to do with anything. If I wanted to see every goddamn post by her I'd follow her twitter. This thread has gone down hill.

No. 663781

the "without my permission" part is probably an unconscious "slip up". when someone is trying to deceive you, they tend to say phrases that wouldn't deceive you more than they would when being honest (eg: "in all honesty", "truthfully", etc).

No. 663793

No one is forcing you to read here. You can leave. Bye

No. 663796

Your comment is just as useless as what you're complaining about lol

No. 663849

i like how the thread was just previously joking about her needing meth to do videos. jesus christ taylor

addy and ritalin ARE easier to get on prescription but they really tune up anxiety (even if you have none) and ritalin makes you unable to eat.

she could be snorting it?

No. 663859

Could she be in a manic phase? She’s been saying she’s really depressed and I know that when I get really depressed I sometimes go through that. Can’t sleep, racing thoughts

No. 663862

I mean, Taylor has shown us she is not stable, she’s got a lot of problems and I highly doubt she’s getting continuous help. If she was highly depressed it’s not a huge jump to assume she’s in a manic phase- which can be dangerous if no one attempts to help her out of it.

Or then again it could just be drugs, are a combination of both

No. 663864

She could be in an uppers phase

No. 663865

Lol ikr? My first thought was she read it here and it made sense to do and get some more pep in her step

No. 663885

"eh, I'm already addicted to heroin, what's a little cider? what's a little cocaine?"

No. 663924

Update: her insta follower count is now down to 264k. (Originally: 276k last I remember)

No. 663925

Sorry, typo. 274k now.

No. 663926

She does seem to be on a slow downward trend. I'm not screencapping because it's not mind-blowing in numbers but people are either unfollowing or spam accounts are being booted. https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/taylorndean

No. 663934

Exactly! A splash here, a sniff there. Just some kids, finding their way in this crazy, mixed up world

No. 663939

File: 1558702331260.jpeg (491.72 KB, 1242x1906, 8A973943-2F02-48F1-85F5-8A3F52…)

Sorry if this was already posted but I was going through her comments and found this. He really loves talking about money, especially that isn’t his. Also she doesn’t look like money. That wig looks cheap as heck.

No. 663942

>my queen so money
>so money

What does that even mean?

No. 663944

It means Jonny is trying to sound black and young and hip and failing miserably like the old turd that he is.

No. 663949

Sometimes I forget that Taylor owns a shit ton of animals and isn’t just a druggie with her human trash boyfriend. Really shows how little her animals make appearances these days. (Or maybe I’m just dumb.)

No. 663952

It's not just you and you're not dumb. After watching Emma's video about meeting Taylor's pets (https://youtu.be/q1Cv7z200-g) I was actually in shock. I have never seen all her pets like that slowly being shown and described. I never realized that her snake rack was pretty much full at one point (yikes!). I always think of her in terms of her addiction and Johnny…until she posts about some animal crisis (like the fish tank). Then it's like oh yeah there's a little hoard of animals being neglected…Also I've taken pics with people's pets and they look like her pics lol so I forget that they're literally her. They look like oh cool I'm holding a snake for the fourth time in my life and idk wtf I'm doing.

No. 663969

Probably in his small walnut-sized brain of his, he’s saying “my girlfriend has so much moneyyyyy”

No. 663983

Nah,”money” for “has it going on” is really old slang from the 1990s.

No. 664019

She’s going off about post malone again…

No. 664020

File: 1558732969097.png (58.16 KB, 588x476, tndpost7.png)


Yikes, no wonder she's dating an abuser.

No. 664021


lol, meanwhile she's posting songs on her IG story, including one with JC and calling him her boyfriend again.

"JC is my boyfriend, but I am not happy, Post Malone pls rescue me."

No. 664022


jfc Taylor, let it go, you had your chance with him & you blew it.

No. 664027

“I’ll never forgive him for ghosting me” sorry to disappoint you princess taylor, but no one owes you their time or attention. Especially since you were being fuckin CRAZY WEIRD.

No. 664028

LOL I am sure Post Malone is just weeping abjectly into his lacy handkerchief that some trashy little junkie girl in Texas will newew ewew fowgiwe him, waaah!

The desperation is real.

No. 664034

Playing devils advocate, I can get why all of a sudden she’s talking about it - listening to his music def gets her feeling a type of way. Too bad you drunk tested and showed your desperation / fan girl moment

No. 664036

Oh please, she doesn't care about Post Malone. She is just name dropping to seem more important than she is. Like look at me, I got ghosted by a celebrity.

No. 664045

This. And also hoping he will tweet her back so she can get views and validation again.

No. 664047

She’s trying SO hard to be relevant again.
Like remember when she was referencing to her most popular videos saying they were so stupid but got SO much attention so she must make more stupid videos because she’s obviously losing followers and money for all the drama she’s been in lately. Now she’s purposefully making stupid videos just to get views and not even contribute to the pet tube community.

Like, she tries so hard to convince everyone that she’s so super duper smart, then after most her “educational” videos got criticized, she stopped uploading any worthwhile content and just content in general and is now switching to just “look at the stupid shit I do with my animals for money”.

Most other pettubers upload pretty frequently and always include something educational because the general public doesn’t know much about animals, (not giving any passes to the other bad pettubers tho) but Taylor just looks up the first google article and recites it, then continues to baby -talk to her animals because it’s “cute” and draws the attention back to her.

No. 664048

File: 1558744433179.png (464.48 KB, 750x1334, 1B22F2F6-E712-4D23-B73A-150851…)

No. 664049


>"He complimented me once"

Literally last week:


>"He kept asking to take me out, he gave me his number, etc."


>"He kept sending me mixed signals lmao"

No. 664054


>"He kept asking to take me out, he gave me his number, etc."

Not that Jen is the most reliable narrator ever, but at the beginning of all of this she said he and Taylor were texting until she tried to get with him, and he told her he was seeing someone and only wanted to be friends, so she hopped over to JC instead. Certainly doesn't sound like Taylor's version of the story, anyway.

No. 664058

WHY would you say this while dating someone else lmao

No. 664060

He should get a restraining order to make her shut up she's fucking creepy.

Imagine how much she would flip out and victimize herself if a guy did that to her.

No. 664067

She's starting to sound predatory while trying to name drop him so much so she can get noticed by him again while gaining attention from everyone else. All she's doing is making herself seem desperate and thirsty. No wonder Jonny has her wrapped around his finger.

No. 664068

Imagine being in a relationship where both parties have no respect towards each other yet can't even notice it because you're both high af all the time.

No. 664075

I love how Taylor's fans went from "omg Jonny and Taylor r goalssss" to "Please Post talk to her again"

No. 664076


She would low-key encourage her stan-army to harass him wouldn't she?

No. 664080

id rather her be with post tbh

No. 664088

File: 1558761359255.png (21.57 KB, 576x332, tndtweet5.png)

No. 664089

Wasn't all she did film them playing? like, a day or two ago? what does she have to spend 1-2 days editing?

No. 664091

Probably so she can edit her doing a dumb baby voice over them like it's them "talking"

No. 664093

I remember her saying on twitter (think she's deleted it now) that her "dumb" videos only take a few hours to make in comparison to her other videos that apparently have immaculate editing and take lots of time to plan lol.
Literally this "dumb" video is taking the same amount of time as her other videos so it says a lot.

No. 664105

post deserves better than this narcissistic, animal abusing junkie

No. 664113

File: 1558790587096.png (814.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-091946.png)

this is the first pic we've seen of the rats outside of their cage since the story Jonny posted of him squeezing the rat on the bed a foot away from the cat in their old apartment. before that I don't remember seeing them out of their cage since the day she brought them home (could be wrong on that though)

No. 664119

she just exposes herself.
jokes write themselves LOL

No. 664120


Taylor's taken many selfies with them outside their cage.

No. 664132

Definitely not since they've moved at least, I've always checked for cage bars in the background

No. 664144

Interesting that she let them into the atrium. It's a huge space for them but there seems to be a lot of places for them to hide or even possibly the danger of water and as others have mentioned before the likes of hawks. I realise it's a really nitpicky thing

No. 664161

why would you wish this trash on anyone?

No. 664164

Does it really count as "out of the cage" when she grabs them for a selfie and then puts them back?

No. 664172

File: 1558815233675.png (224.23 KB, 342x600, tndtweet6.png)

No. 664174


… you know, every time I think I've sprained my brain with dealing with the Deans, they manage to hit it out of the ballpark.

Welp. She really is Jen's daughter and no mistake.

No. 664175

The Deans IQ are so low that they expose themselves with every tweet. I’m glad her half-brother and his mother got away or else he’ll probably wouldn’t be a lawyer right now.

No. 664176

She thinks it's evil because her cats knock it on the ground?

She thought she knew enough to raise a newborn kitten but doesn't know that cats like to knock things down?

No. 664177

If by "flu", you mean dope sick, then sure.

No. 664183


"hey look guys i'm so cool and quirky hehe rawr xd am i still hip by mentioning spirits uwu"

like can you try any harder, taylor?

No. 664184

when I was finishing my withdrawal period I stayed up for about 4 days.

She's been awake for a not-very-impressive amount of time, tin foiling that she's on uppers or stims is not the dumbest, but is still pretty silly. I don't buy it honestly. She's probably just going through precip/regular wds.

No. 664185


this is 100% withdrawal. this, plus the tracks on her hands, needle caps in BG, still openly drinking…

you have to be so naive to believe she's sober. she's definitely not in treatment, or at least not full compliant.

No. 664192

inb4 she has the “flu” and that’s why he video won’t be up for another week. It’s already been 3 weeks since her last video. Classic Taylor is back. All her most popular videos are 1-2 years old - her current videos don’t even break 500k views. It’s over, Taylor. You fucked up.

No. 664193

I doubt she had the flu. She just wants attention. The ghost thing is weird. Why is she doing this ? Also how long does it take to edit ?

No. 664194

Finally caught up with this thread, disappointed to see she didn't leave Jonny. Yes these types of relationships are horrible and I wouldn't wish them on anybody but she doesn't deserve sympathy and this is why:
How many victims of these relationships do you know have had the support of not only her parents to get her out of it, but a huge number of people on the internet, plus ex girlfriends of this guy coming to her aid to support her and talk to her, all in the beginning? How many people in these relationships had a countless number of warnings and red flags, evidence, photos, text conversations, so early in the relationship? Reminder that she knew all of this, and before she fell that deep into it. Hell, if she listened to his music when she was younger, high chance she knew what was said about him on the internet before even talking to him. Not many people get the privilege of knowing what it is exactly that they are getting into. She dug her grave, because she's an idiot. Now she has to lie in it.

Also she's only name dropping Post Malone because she probably thinks her stans will harass him to get him to unblock her or talk to her.

No. 664196


Not only that, but have you seen her text convos with one of his exes?
He was miserable to deal with from the start, she even wished he'd overdose & die.

Something definitely happened after that, because it was like someone flipped a switch on her…

No. 664203

Maybe it's a Sunk Cost Fallacy thing, where she's put so much time and money into him now that she won't pull out. Couple that with an inability to be alone and bam, dependance.

No. 664214

Hopefully she’s not into meth or some other type of drugs that gets mixed with what they have now. Wouldnt be surprised tbh. I bet she has that mentally of “it’s easy to stop! Just like Jonny said it’s us against everything!”

No. 664242


>Something definitely happened after that

Heroin happened.

No. 664255

"My boyfriend is flexing probably close to 10k worth of shoes and computer parts draining me dry and it's only one of 38 other items my cats knock over AND my immune system is fucking garbage already but my house is totally haunted guys"

No. 664257

Speaking of Ghost. Have we actually seen him recently? I know we have seen Nemo and Star.

No. 664259

Yeah, he's been around. Iirc he was hanging out right in front of the rat cage about a week ago when Taylor was posting pics of it

No. 664264

Where the hell is she even getting that type of money? There's no way an essentially casual part time youtuber would remotely make the amount shes blowing on jonny boy, let alone her hoarding addiction + rent and utilities

No. 664267

So she cancelled her cards and now her debit card isn't working. I don't think that's a ghost, Taylor. Sounds like poor finances and dipping into your overdraft a few too many times. Try focusing on the real Ghost in your house.

No. 664271

this was two days ago, so where's the video?

I just checked and she hasn't deleted the tweet either, which is really unlike her lol

No. 664296

1-2 days is slang for weeeeeks…

No. 664309

She is lying again about how she's kept quiet about this Post thing. She either has posted about these dog clothes messages before, or they were flat out the same exact screenshots. I don't feel like sifting through the older threads but pretty sure they're in there somewhere. She has talked about this exact same dog clothes shite before.

It's interesting though she keeps going on and on about this, and her tweeting @ her ex. Someone who is in a situation where they're scared of their abusive SO wouldn't do this. They would be too scared of what would follow. She is just exposing herself more and more as the narcissist she is.

No. 664323

Why do people think she's had a low income? She has stated before (tweet I think) that her sponsorships started at $30k. Sponsors aren't too fussy. She was womping the money in, and probably still could womp in half of that if she got off her ass. Now she spent a load of it on china white for her and jonny but that's another story…

No. 664345

File: 1558918581474.jpeg (67.31 KB, 750x355, EF1F8B3C-1CD2-44A7-B2F1-7715D6…)

oh Taylor. Stop hanging out with addicts.

No. 664365

I’m with you, she’s definitely posted the SS before on Twitter. I remember seeing them ages ago and then wondering now why she said she’s “kept quiet about it” because she really hasn’t at all.

No. 664376

File: 1558925279682.png (18.44 KB, 420x433, taylor november.png)

I know it's old, but…. It seems like every November/October there's a lot of pet purchases, I'm chalking it up to an annual local reptile expo landing around that time?

No. 664384

She hasn't had that many sponsorships, though. I can think of maybe 4 or 5 times she got sponsored. Personally, I don't think she's broke, but she is very well living beyond her means.

No. 664393

yes same, I'm not trying to suggest she's rich, because she's spent it all no doubt. but that she's for sure had large sums of money coming in last year. plus the claimed 20k a month or whatever that figure was. the irony is, you can end up very poor after a situation like that, and in a lot of debt. she's pitched herself to this landlord based on those past figures and is struggling to get motivated to recreate her popular videos (the cute rat one she's promising) to bring i the thousands she needs to keep this place going every month.

No. 664463

Yeah, that's the tragicomedic irony of Taylor to me. She's got one of the easiest, low-energy, low-stress jobs in the fucking world and she's paid very well for it – and she can not be bothered to do it. It's practically free money, all she has to do is sit down for a few hours to film and edit in her own home, and that's it. Apparently that's still too stressful for her, though. The upper-middle class privilege absolutely reeks.

But no, what she does have energy for is minding her manlet and sperging on about drugs on Twitter, and throwing all her cash away on tacky shit and smack.

No. 664473

File: 1558952807620.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 94AAB799-E964-4C3F-987E-DC7AF9…)

(Replies to a video of a snake) I can’t with the guys reply

No. 664475


"you hotdog" literally has me howling, fuck

No. 664502

Taylor: "b-but those were all accidents!! How dare you accuse me without knowing me personally!! Everyone makes mistakes! "

No. 664510

What was the context? So funny now she can't even preach about animal health without being a hypocrite and called out for it at this point. At least we're at that point now.

Agree. Maybe also why she has been increasingly complaining about the house and wanting to move out. Maybe she wasn't even planning on breaking up with Jonny and she just knows she can't afford it much longer. I can't even remember how long ago she did a promotion. She had to have blown all that money by now. I like how she tries to be all quirky about her debit card ~mysteriously~ turning off. Continue digging yourself in a hole with your manchild, Taylor.

No. 664511


I looked up the tweet, there was a very short video where it looked like the guy's boa(?) struck at christmas lights, and had one in its mouth blinking.

Its kinda hard to see if it's just one bulb in there, but its mouth is still open and it's like a 5 second video.

Regardless, Taylor really doesn't have rights to comment given some of the questionable things she's also posted with her own pets.

No. 664512

this is wonderful to see and i hope every single time she opens her yap about someone else's care they verbally bitchslap her into infinity.

No. 664513

File: 1558968814800.png (2.5 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-05-27-10-49-20…)


Catching up on the thread and oh my god. That's literally the Clark fairy from a massive fairy garden manufacturer and there are hundreds of them. Search "fairy garden boy" and boom. Pic related.
She is literally stupid and obviously grasping at straws to seem quirky.

(Sage for fairy garden sperg.)

No. 664515

Ahahaha hotdog. I’m dead.
The fairy was total bs. She probably bought it herself, thinking it would be a good idea

No. 664516

Hahaha god if only more people she chased and criticized for attention would do this that would be great. Her lack of self awareness is astounding.

“New video in 1-2 days”
“It will take less time to edit this video it’s stupid”
lol honey it’s day 3 and still nowhere to be found. So much for it’s such a stupid video that is simple and won’t take much time to edit huh? Just another excuse for whatever drugs/alcohol she’s binging.
You still had the energy and time to go rant on Twitter about useless shit though didn’t you? She’s such a typical druggie it’s just laughable how she’s still pushing this narrative that she’s a “better” now than before. She’s already back in her old ways.

No. 664545

File: 1558980938327.png (434.59 KB, 750x1334, 9C381A97-9F7D-4AD7-A90E-BCB806…)

Went back to that guy who roasted her and i fucking can’t with these stans

No. 664546

"omg don't let your snake near Christmas lights"

Says Taylor who literally roasted her pets with electricity

No. 664554

Riiiight. Taylor, who has never never never endangered her pets through, say, unsuitable living conditions (Mushu) or maybe letting cats on the same bed where her rats were loose. That's just crazy talk!

No. 664559

Tb to that time she let Sabor strike an entire fucking ipad or whatever it was. Because it’s not like that isn’t dangerous for the snake.

No. 664580

If her job is caring for them the why does she pay Betty to do it fir her

No. 664611

You mean Taylor who left her animals alone for like 22 hours after finding the power out into he first place which indicates something is wrong with either the circuit or the power strip …?

No. 664615

Taylor who has three cats yet keeps lilies in her house that could quickly kill them. Taylor who puts animals out in her atrium including a dog, then reptiles, one after the other, with no thought to diseases or quarantine. Taylor who throws her monitor into the pond etc etc.

No. 664617


Speaking of, I'm sure her monitor will enjoy the atrium now that there's some rat scent in there…

No. 664619

>username has 'axolotl' in it
>doesn't see anything wrong with Taylor's care
[Mushu screaming while morphing in the distance]

No. 664621

File: 1559010200209.jpg (29.47 KB, 696x172, UgOlEQp.jpg)

[laugh track light comes on]

No. 664625

File: 1559010598000.jpg (47.91 KB, 749x329, i14yXRz.jpg)

No. 664626


Short answer: Yes.

No. 664627

File: 1559011163847.png (242.04 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20190527-203641~2.p…)

Now she's going to send her stans to bully the guy

No. 664630

Wow she never changes, does she? But when she gets called on her shit, she’s the victim right. God I can’t fucking stand this girl.

No. 664631

File: 1559011898406.png (189.31 KB, 760x639, Screenshot_20190527-235036.png)

Yes dig yourself into a deeper hole Taylor

No. 664632

oop, can't tolerate any hurt fee fees, must send army of 12yos.

No. 664634

>years ago
is that before or after the coke addiction?

No. 664636

It's damaging because it's true? She should definitely make that video though, I can't wait for all the inconsistencies in her stories about all the deaths. There's just no way she's going to come out of that video looking good.

No. 664637


God I hope she does. I can't for her excuses
"it lived its natural lifespan of 6 months"
"this one doesn't count because it died 5 days after I brought it home, obviously it's the breeders fault"

No. 664638


>"How many times is this number going to change randomly ???"

About as many times as your stories change randomly, Taylor.

No. 664641

I'm so incredibly sick of the "I'm going to make content" "I wanna make content!" Just to be followed with, "I'm not ready yet." "It takes a lot of work."
Sitting down, and filming a video for 20-30 minutes out of your whole entire day is a lot of work? The horror.

No. 664644

File: 1559013519363.jpg (102.73 KB, 1242x474, 0QVM9ss.jpg)

Taylor can’t fight her own battles. This much is clear.

No. 664657

he and his cunt GF both do heroin and other drugs near dozens of animals, they have 0 right to criticism anyone's animal care.
Also he and she have both blocked me on tweeter now OMEGALUL she's going on a blocking spree.

No. 664661

File: 1559014708556.jpeg (273.11 KB, 1242x1325, 36B647FD-3A43-4591-A2A8-93A6FE…)

No. 664662

File: 1559014741439.jpeg (455.67 KB, 1242x2192, 4ED2DBD4-5C83-4D1B-8BA2-FBBFF4…)

No. 664663

File: 1559014782123.jpeg (578.75 KB, 1242x2187, 0C1AB077-13D5-4EE3-BC49-3DDFB8…)

Some comments

No. 664666

File: 1559015046454.png (407.54 KB, 1125x2436, A3A8195E-273B-4723-A2E5-A79768…)

Are we just gonna ignore all the china white, Taylor?

No. 664669

Honestly, how does she expect people believe this bullshit after she admitted doing heroin HOURLY? That's a lot of money spent on drugs right there.

No. 664670

File: 1559015368222.jpeg (315.14 KB, 1242x1304, 9B71049D-8A50-4FF5-B683-FF6774…)

Can someone @ her and remind her JCs spending = her $, plus funkos and tacky clothes?(cowtipping)

No. 664671

oF mY oVeRpRiCeD hOmE

No. 664673

File: 1559015545482.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2688, 81B02776-4CBB-4630-B79E-4383BE…)

No. 664674

She calls this lies, but she promised an all my pets video back in NOVEMBER, to prove certain animals in question were alive.

No. 664675

2 croc skinks and a frog, 9
A cat, 10
A mouse, 11
2 hedgehogs, 13
Halloween crab, 14 or 15 idk how many she’s had
I’m possibly forgetting some but lol

No. 664676

She's going on a rant like she didn't start any of this shit herself.

If she was truly concerned about the guy's rep or whatever, she could have messaged him privately. Now she's over-explaining herself and like…. still lying? And sending her fans after him? Like, girl. Let it go yourself.

No. 664677

Sad thing is is that if she was more productive, didn't do drugs, and didn't have Jonny sucking her wallet dry, she could be getting even more money, subscribers, and opportunities in the animal world but here we are.

No. 664681

File: 1559015811862.jpg (165.85 KB, 1242x621, oKXQJ40.jpg)

Probably because you’ve caused more problems in your fishtanks than most people do because most hobbyists understand basic shit like the nitrogen cycle, which you clearly do not. We’re just going to forget that the shrimp likely died due to being put into a tank that wasn’t fully cycled though.

No. 664683

If Taylor is not careful and keeps thinking that her income will last forever, she's gona go bankrupt before she's 40 or even sooner because Youtubers don't last long especially if they depend on their looks and highschool slangs. Can't feel bad for her if she's an absolute narcissist and asshole though. My grandpa seen men become millionaires and suddenly lose everything due to their spending habits. So their flexing are laughable at this point.

No. 664684

nobody @ her, don't be idiots.

she digs her own holes perfectly well

No. 664685

I want someone to ratchet this number up to like 100, just lay on the hyperbole and let it catch on with the public.

No. 664686

File: 1559016670820.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2688, 99AA831D-B3C5-4790-988B-DB8466…)

Shocker, she’s gonna delete again.

No. 664687

File: 1559016708211.png (3.54 MB, 1242x2688, 8B1AB956-678A-4443-B0B4-6A26BD…)

No. 664689

File: 1559016750294.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2688, B35B2059-102B-44E5-BEAB-81F178…)

No. 664693

File: 1559016869488.gif (1.47 MB, 250x250, d8ov863-29690187-5070-4cf5-923…)


>"I legit tried to warn him and he insists it was an attack on him…"

No. 664694

Shut the fuck up Jessie, Jesus Christ it’s unbearable to watch her minions

No. 664695


wait what snake died on the drive home? Do we even know about that?

We know about:
(since 2015, via the google doc)

>pacman frog 1- died after 1 month

>pacman frog 2 (Asteroid) died, cooked alive
>Cheese - died from treating the tank with meds, likely
>Zazu- cause of death unknown, but lived in overstocked tank and definitely didn't live his lifespan (she had him almost 3 years, they should live 8-15
>2 seahorses (1 Kuda 1 Erectus) died, rest "rehomed"
>Two flame wrasses died shortly after her acquiring them
>Moon Crab, Ursula, died because of molting problems. Triton "rehomed"
>Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Larry, died very shortly after added to her tank. Excuse was that they sent her one that was already "old." They life 3-6 years.
>Budwing Mantis, lived w/ her 9 months
>Leaf Insect, lived with her one month
>Orchid Mantis, lived with her five months
>Hedgehogs: Nala, Kovu, and Piper all died, none lived past 3.5 years, hedgehog lifespan is 4-6 years.
>Mouse, Gus, died in 2018, was under 2 years old.
>Female kitten, died almost immediately.
>2 croc skinks, died when they were cooked alive
>Green Tree Python, died shortly after being brought home from an expo.

Anyway that's 22 animals and only a few could even possibly be considered to have lived their lifespan/not been her fault. And that's not counting the "rehomed" animals for which some of them are probably dead.

About the snake though, the GTP died at her house though iirc she made a video with it while it was still alive, so unless that Sinaloan Milksnake she named Valentino but said she rehomed actually died in the car, wtf is she on about?

No. 664696

You could just ignore it lmao.

No. 664698

wait wtf about the hedgehogs getting old? Does she know they're supposed to live like 4+ years? She got both of her current ones in 2017… idk what age hedgehogs are typically sold at but I doubt she got them at 2+ years old.

No. 664702

File: 1559017351079.jpeg (144.84 KB, 750x760, 4F12D3C9-C4E6-44FC-869A-AAE6BC…)

It’s obvious she relapsed. For a while, she was active during the day, but she’s back to sleeping all day and going on twitter rants at night. Ghastly has a whole job outside of social media and, as he mentioned, took his snake to the vet today. Her entire job is her social media presence. Now that she’s admitted to using, more and more fans are asking what’s up with her when she fails to upload or blows up on something on Twitter. She’s also now tweeting straight up lies about ghastly after she posted she’s done with it.

No. 664705

no wonder she has no friends AT ALL. She likes to talk shit about them behind their backs. She wasn't talking harshly about him until she blocked him and now she's on a rampage. lol If i knew her in person, I would definitely stay away from her.

No. 664706


ho boy where to start with the animals in danger? Carrying a hedgehog around school and amusement parks… rats with unpadded ramps… her halloween crab falling off her hand…snake striking at the iPad…. kittens locked in the bathroom… not noticing a fish had been sucked into the sump…. nearly killing all her damn tank last week cause she didn't check the sump… and that's just stuff I've seen her talk about or on video. I'm not even a reptile/fish/snake anon so I'm sure someone else would see far more unsafe practise.

No. 664707


Funnily enough you don't need a fuckin atrium to be a responsible pet owner.

No. 664708

at this point the only fans she has left are the ones that never liked animals before until youtube came along so now they're buying small pets in 10 gallons because their favorite youtuber has one. it's frustrating really

No. 664709


Yikes how was the frog and two skinks "cooked alive"??

No. 664710

anon read back, she claimed they died due to an electrical fault. she told friends he skinks died of dehydration and the frog died of poor nutrition. take your pick of ways she killed them.

No. 664711


Taylor kisses her own ass so much, it's not really surprising that everything that comes out of her mouth is shit

No. 664712

There was an electrical malfunction that ended up with their tanks getting overheated or some shit.

She didn't check their enclosures for like 10 hours probably because she was high, so the animals suffered a slow and painful death by being literally cooked alive.

No. 664716

File: 1559019676149.jpg (326.43 KB, 1242x1274, xPXQ7HX.jpg)

No. 664717


>"I just tried to warn him and he was so rude"

Welcome to our world, Taylor.

No. 664727

How can she not see how ridiculous she looks with this shit?

No. 664732

And the “one time” her snake escaped it ate her pet mouse Gus. Which she chose to keep in the same room as all her snakes.
Jesus she literally digs the hole deeper and deeper herself.
Also, she mentions earlier that she makes six figures from YouTube and spends every PENNY on her animals? How the fuck does she go on these shopping sprees that have literally nothing to do with her animals?
I keep some exotics and fish and two cats, and I know personally that I can’t remember the last time I could buy that much clothes/makeup at once, PLUS still have enough for animal supplies, my own food, gas, rent and utilities.
She acts like such a victim when she’s such a privileged little home schooled girl that wanted to live an edgy life so she got with a rapist druggie and ruined her life, and that’s exactly what she deserves.
Hopefully she eventually learns from her mistakes, but who knows and who cares at this point. She’s backstabbing and a liar.

No. 664735

Typical Taylor @ing verified accounts to stay relevant. It isn’t even working. She made a pretty big mistake with this one because he has a large fanbase, just making enemies everywhere.

No. 664739

I wonder if she's high af right now and that's why she can't stop talking about this topic.

She's making enemies everywhere and then cries about it as if it's not her that's making herself look bad. never met someone so delusional, narcissistic, and everything in between before lol

No. 664740

Why the fuck would she say that "at least" one of her hedgehogs is going to die before the end of the year? I feel like that's pretty presumptive unless its on it's way out or already dead.

No. 664741

sure you've only had one snake escape, but you've also only had snakes since what, late 2017? You know some of them live 20+ years, right? Give it time.

No. 664743


why does she create all this mess for a dude with a verified account that didn't agree with her yet she leaves other people, who also disagrees, alone?

No. 664746

because he's verified and he hurt her ego

No. 664751

Are you fucking kidding me? Letting that snake strike that bulb was stupid and dangerous to promote online. Thought we were so concerned about the safety of animals here. Hur hur But because she has killed her animals she isnt allowed to care about any others? That's ridiculous. Just nc we don't like her doesnt me we have to stan this rando.

Also why does she gotta upload a whole damn novel everytime her feelings are hurt?

No. 664755

lol ok Taylor. First off, the video didn't show the snake striking the bulb. I would probably have recorded it to to show my vet as well. He took him to the vet. Taylor on the other hand won't do anything for her pets unless she gets bothered by tons of people telling her how to take care of her animals; example: her rat cage. She honestly shouldn't even be trying to teach other people on their animal care when hers are almost equally the same and sometimes worse.

She's taking the time to "care" and write paragraphs upon paragraphs about other owner's care but Bindi is probably still in an empty tank.

No. 664758


Yeeeeep. Taylor has no leg to stand on if she wants to run her mouth about proper pet care - and she has never been an "animal educator" or whatever the fuck she wants to flatter herself as. You only have to see the real deal to clock the difference between an akshual animal educator and Ms China White and Rapist Apologist here – hell, as dotty as she is, even Emzotic educates her viewers at least somewhat.

Meanwhile in this other corner, we have junkie trash Taylor Nicole Dean who… uh… well, she's educational in the "cautionary example" kind of way I guess?

No. 664759


We all know she didn't make that comment out of concern for the snake, it was purely for attention. Because when the owner clapped back, she immediately jumped on the 'HE'S SO RUDE OMG' train and blocked him. She can't have people calling her out for her shit, since people are supposed to kiss her ass when she gives advice.

No. 664768

She literally filmed Toast outside of his rack like a month ago, because he could slip through the gap in the top. She can't be referring to that as the "one kind of snake to escape before I changed the locks".

No. 664770

the best part is she didn't even critique his pet care, she just told him not to post about any possible abuse going on. our queen is experienced!

No. 664779

random verified dude: snake did irresponsible funny thing lol

taylor, condescendingly: gets involved

random verified dude: shut up

taylor in notes app: ….i was born on a crisp winter morning, oblivious of the hardships that would await me, yet .. …… …. ………

No. 664789

taylor: every penny i've made goes back to my animal care!!!1!!1!

also taylor: goes on multiple shopping sprees for overpriced clothes and makeup, buys hundreds of funko pops, funds her manlet's shoe fetish and very expensive wanna be gamer phase, buys 6.5k cartier bracelet and other high priced jewellery, rents a massively overpriced home for the aesthetic, hires her friend as a very expensive "maid", buys manlet new teeth for 50k, gets several tattoos, buys cases of booze every time she gets groceries, funds an 'every hour' heroin addiction for 2 people

or was all that bought using your bfs """royalties"""?

not to mention her rats walking on wires and piss covered blankets for weeks despite them being "all she thinks about"

you'd think after lying so much for so many years she'd be better at it by now

No. 664790

File: 1559052452288.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x2164, CBF5E639-ED7E-424C-8A96-A47D60…)

Anyone know what the full text of his bio is? I don’t have twitch so I don’t know how to access it to see

No. 664791

I wonder if Jonny fuckin Craig will stream more reliably than Shayna

No. 664792


the sad part is i'd rather watch the pimpled pussy princess over this hobgoblin any day.

No. 664793

File: 1559054506096.png (451.79 KB, 1060x665, hxciRA4.png)

Here's the full text, I think it's been posted before though.

No. 664796

Way to get some pity from pity "im doing this to stay sober."
hint hint donate

No. 664797


I believe it's changed from the original that he had posted. Also so blatantly obvious that JC didn't write this himself, it's too coherent with almost proper grammar and punctuation lol. He's literally so useless he can't write his own stream info.

No. 664798

peep how she says only one kind of snake got out, and how she doesn't say it only happened once. if I had to guess, I'd say that both her ball pythons were the ones to escape.

No. 664806

IM YELLING about this one. The added "I can keep going", after listing 8 animal deaths… meaning that she can continue listing dead animals??? Meaning… she's admitting to 8+ deaths?
What a fucking idiot, honestly

No. 664808

IM YELLING about this one. The added "I can keep going", after listing 8 animal deaths… meaning that she can continue listing dead animals??? Meaning… she's admitting to 8+ deaths?
What a fucking idiot, honestly

No. 664810

How many times does she need to be told to use feet or inches to measure her enclosure size, NOT gallons. It makes zero sense for reptiles. Because we need to know the FLOOR SPACE not the gallons it would hold if you filled it up with water. She's an idiot.

No. 664812

She can keep going because she never KILLED them. She just neglected them until they died which means that she didn't KILL them, they just died.

Taylor it doesn't matter if you didn't kill them, they rely on you to thrive so when you neglect them you're still very much responsible.

No. 664814


Her pea sized brain thinks because she didn't intentionally kill them by stabbing them or something, means that it doesn't count when she neglects her animals to death because "it can happen to anyone" or whatever bullshit lie she wants to say that week.

No. 664818

File: 1559062310892.jpeg (196.73 KB, 750x943, 01DD2E02-F85A-4247-B88D-23FA04…)

Not sure the context of why Jonny said that but it seems like Taylor always posts right after him, as if to mask his stupid behavior and act like she also didn’t do anything wrong. She’s always pushing “I just want to share my cute animals! That’s all!” Then how about you stop creating drama for yourself on Twitter, girl? She’s a mess and has relapsed for sure.

lol even her mom knows she should have shut up in that argument she had, and her mother is batshit crazy. I remember when Jen used to interject herself in Taylor’s arguments and defend her, making them both look like total fools. Maybe even Jen now understands Taylor digs her own hole for herself and is the one in the wrong for starting shit.

No. 664825

File: 1559063993652.jpeg (171.58 KB, 750x973, A2105648-DF92-4D66-80F1-AA3D48…)

This guy roasting her is so funny

No. 664826


I don’t understand how she doesn’t see what a hypocrite she is. “Don’t assume what I do, you don’t know what’s really going on” meanwhile she proceeds to assume about everyone else. She never misses a chance to try to appear like some all caring all knowing animal mom, I love when it backfires on her

No. 664830

She’s so full of shit that her breath must smell horrible.

“I just tried to help because I didn’t want him to get hate.”

Proceeds to call him out on her Twitter so that her 12 year old stans can flock to him and hate. Jesus. She didn’t learn from the Dr.Phil hamster thing at all. If it was her, she and the stans would’ve been crying about how the person could’ve approached her in private instead of publicly blasting her shit care, but this guy doesn’t deserve the same courtesy, I guess. Shit hasn’t changed since she harassed that girl in 2017. Fucking cry bully is what she is.

No. 664831


If she really posted it out of concern for him getting flak for it like she claimed, she could have just… messaged him privately?? And said “hey I think it may not be the best thing to show this on Twitter, others may not take it well.”
But no, she chose to PUBLICLY blast him, when in any other situation she would have cried “bully” because the other person didn’t handle something with her in private.
She has no self awareness. The hypocrite in her is just way to strong. She’s either so stupid she isn’t aware of it or she’s high out of her mind so her brain is incapable of processing basic information. Heroin really makes you a dumbass huh?

No. 664832

It’s obvious that Taylor is used to being told what she wants to hear and chooses to only listen to her stans and other people that will ignore the bad she’s done and say “well your intentions are good! So that means everything you do is justified!”
Then block anyone else who criticizes her to her face.
For someone like Taylor, who feeds off pity and is so used to getting her own way, there’s no getting through to her because no matter what she will never fully be in the wrong.

No. 664834

Honestly, like, if you actually cared about "helping" him, maybe you shouldn't have phrased it like such a bitch (or dmed him)? She's the first to pop off when anyone gives her the slightest bit of a harsh criticism but she can be a dick to everybody with no repercussions?

No. 664836

I noticed this too. Way to make it sound the opposite haha

No. 664837

File: 1559067486155.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, F22C729B-2F0A-4FED-ADB8-28F675…)

No. 664838

Not related to the snakes but her seahorses.
When she had them she knew the Kuda species she was buying (from the same store over and over( kept dying. It wasn’t until one got pregnant and aborted the clutch that she discovered it was parasites.
It was also only after this that apparently the store confessed to her that she was being sold wild caught animals.

What makes the last bit stupid is in a Instagram post detailing the whole situation, the store apparently told people who weren’t interested in the sea horses they were wild caught but told her and only her they were captive bred.

So basically, she glossed over her animals welfare for several videos before finally realising she needed to dump the evidence.

No. 664839


Ahh, I remember that pic, it was back before the drugs ravaged her. So sad.

No. 664841

File: 1559068121276.jpg (517.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190528-132759_Twi…)

Not really important but here's the context

No. 664842

lol guess Taylor got tired of seeing his background with his ex’s cats in them. Gotta keep the money supply happy huh Jonny?

No. 664843


>"crack head jonny lol"

…I mean, he isn't denying it…

No. 664845

Love how he’s continually calling her food…”hotdog”, “donut”. Kills me!

No. 664848

File: 1559070459649.jpeg (438.42 KB, 1125x466, C31829A6-ED8F-4D28-9D48-65BAD7…)

More sober fun lol

No. 664853

The fact that he has to throw the word “sober” into literally every sentence when he talks about streaming shows how not sober they really are. He’s pushing so hard for people to believe it lol it just sounds so cringe.

No. 664854


I knew they'd try this shit

"It's okay babe, we don't really have to quit drugs. We can just keep telling them we're 'sober', they'll believe us!"

No. 664857

Did he just dox that girl he's been talking to?(read the rules)

No. 664860

File: 1559074486389.png (68.77 KB, 800x365, Screenshot_2019-05-28-13-09-45…)


Which girl has he been talking to?

No. 664862

File: 1559074530889.png (44.47 KB, 800x277, Screenshot_2019-05-28-13-09-53…)

No. 664865

Interesting. She’s into reptiles too. Maybe his next thot when Taylor runs dry.

No. 664866


And 4'11… shorter than Jonny

No. 664874

File: 1559077893537.png (110.05 KB, 760x552, Screenshot_20190528-180958.png)

She mad lol

No. 664875

File: 1559078214263.png (100.39 KB, 760x424, Screenshot_20190528-181638.png)

so humble

No. 664876

Sounds like her stans LMAO. Like he said, she can dish it but cant take it.

No. 664877


Maybe you should stop clout-chasing, Taylor.

No. 664879

I have more subs and views so I’M MORE IMPORTANT!!

No. 664880

Wow that's pretty shitty of him. Tinfoiling but it almost looks like he purposely placed the comic in that exact spot just to show it (the address). I feel like if it is intentional that it's not so much geared towards the girl he doxed but moreso more shitty/abusive behaviour geared towards Taylor. Either way that's shitty of him and reminds me of when he basically doxed their new house and how Tayor called him a dumbass for doing so.

No. 664882

File: 1559081080909.jpg (170.33 KB, 1242x678, QFJzqge.jpg)

She’s been sperging so hard.

“I never had a snake get out except for the time a snake got out!”

No. 664884

File: 1559081243434.jpg (233.75 KB, 1242x961, pak7j8J.jpg)

“I’m kind of a big deal ok?!”

No. 664885

File: 1559081349414.jpeg (147.19 KB, 750x731, 333DAB55-E86C-49AB-9342-C568F3…)

Is this true? I thought she ordered the snake from a breeder she saw at an expo and it died a few days after arriving.

No. 664886

Wow, that's the absolute worst thing she could have possibly said if she wants to keep up whatever approachable/down-to-earth act she has left.

No. 664887


Holy shit she is FULL of herself

No. 664888


She can never leave anything alone. Learn to take the L and keep your mouth shut, Taylor.

No. 664890

Your recent videos don't get those views Taylor.

No. 664891


Why do i get the uneasy feeling that Jonny is her "manager"?

No. 664894


Yup, I can totally see a breeder bringing an incredibly sick snake to an expo and someone with very minimal snake experience taking it home to "revive".

No. 664895

She is a huge hypocrite. Just recently she almost killed off her fish by letting the water evaporate to a dangerous level. This is also the same idiot who had to have people tell her to cover the bars in her rat cage.

Get off your fucking high horse, Taylor.

No. 664898

She made this whole stink because she spoke on a situation she didn't have all the information on… Just like she says her haters do to her. See a random video of a snake trying to eat a light bulb? Better butt my head into this and tell them what they should be doing! Someone asks why I didn't check on my pets for ten hours after an electrical malfunction? You don't know my life and you've never met my pets!

No. 664899


…But… it died after YOU bought it???

No. 664900

File: 1559085014048.png (455.05 KB, 818x460, Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 4.08…)

If she's talking about the first GTP it seems like it might be true? I went back to this video from Oct 2017 and she doesn't say when the snake died, but that it died quickly and was ill at the expo.

Though apparently, she had time to take it out and bug the stressed, dying snake for a photo while probably in the car it died in!

No. 664901


Yeah, I don't think she bought that thing knowing it was sick & going to attempt to nurse it back to health. She wasn't too familiar with the species back then, so she probably thought it was a healthy baby snake.

No. 664903

Wtf that is so shitty of him… he covered up the letter but left her personal phone number AND address available to see clearly?? Holy hell what a POS move. Wonder if he’s hoping people will harass her and so he can be in her DMs more and apologize and “make it up to her” in some way. He would totally jump ship from Taylor to her if the money and enabling ran dry in this current relationship.

No. 664909


She's also married apparently

No. 664910

It sounds so legit, right? She's bullshitting as usual.

No. 664912

This has got to be so dysphoric for her to see considering how much she's changed in such a short time.
>dopesick for weeks
>ha ha good clean family friendly fun right
Quickest way to get someone to doubt your sobriety is to insist repeatedly

No. 664914

Yeah so at this point I have a theory that whenever she spergs like this, she's high. Nobody has this much time on their hands and she's out of her mind right now saying she has so many views while at the same time basically killing her youtube because she's probably also too drugged out to even upload. The things she is saying is a whole new level of ridiculous for her.

No. 664919

Most her vids have millions of views?
You mean the ones she posted at least a year ago that are probably barely getting new views now since she’s slowly digging her own grave?
I was rooting so hard for her recovery but Jesus Christ, she is such a bratty, arrogant “silly little youtuber” and every day she’s on Twitter she will continue to prove it

No. 664920


Speaking of, where's her new Rat video?

No. 664926

she has to make sure it is perfect! editing is hard work!

No. 664928

This is the "video in 1-2 days" tweet, posted four days ago

No. 664929

It was Gucci, who was missing for a while and ate Gus. Prada was said to be purchased as the replacement for Gucci when Gucci couldn't be found, and when Gucci was found Prada was announced as a new snake. This is the version Taylor told to her friends, who leaked it here after they got jack of her for various reasons.

~hope I have the snake names the right way round

No. 664933

File: 1559090628449.png (514.28 KB, 750x1334, AD13B194-7169-4235-A0A2-AEBA8C…)

How many times is she going to blast anyone who gives her criticism? It’s true. She IS a lazy YouTuber. She just uses her “disorders” as a convenient pity excuse. If her disorders were so severe, she would’ve been responsible enough to know that heroin does not make any of those disorders any easier to deal with.
She is such a biiittttcccchhhhhhh with her high horse shit

No. 664935


lol at that piss-poor attempt at a GoT ref in the comment below

No. 664936

Does that comment say 'protector of skinks' ?? I guess crocodile skinks dont count

No. 664937


(sighs) You already killed Dany, Taylor…

No. 664938

File: 1559091540666.png (793.81 KB, 750x1334, EBAFD228-095C-4079-B41B-A487E9…)

More explaining why she never uploads.

Read the whole thing, she’s just saying things she’s already said before.
I understand having an invisible physical disorder, I have fibromyalgia myself and I rarely tell people about it because of the fear they’ll automatically think I’m lying.
However, what I do differently is I don’t pray on people’s pity. She does aalllllllll the time, nearly every day. When you have a disorder, you try to learn how to live with it before taking on more than you can handle. I found out about my disorder recently and until now didn’t know I was taking on too much physical labor.
However, Taylor says she’s spent all her life dealing with this in the hospital and was often on bed rest. Shouldn’t all these years of being around doctors trying to help you, make you more aware of what to do to prevent flare ups/overworking yourself?
Js, she uses a ton of excuses and it puts a bad rep on people with invisible disorders who have to work a regular job every day, and have to just deal with the pain because that’s what everyone has to do. While she can just “sit behind a computer” and earn a 6 figure income for feeding 12 years old terrible life/animal advice.

No. 664939


The absolute WORST thing about people with invisible disorders like his, whether mental or physical is when they use it as an excuse to not contribute to society and garner pity from others. Taylor isn't helping herself by repeating this mantra over and over again. Mainly because filming/editing videos is too much for her which is about 90% of her SITTING DOWN but caring for 50+ animals every day which includes feeding, watering, cleaning and enrichment is apparently manageable. She's clearly lying about her disorders as an excuse to be lazy, it isn't as severe as she claims or it is severe enough that she can't do her job and take care of her animals.

Each scenario is not a good look for her.

No. 664941

Um I vividly remember the green tree python incident and she did have it home in an enclosure for what I remember being 3-5 hours maybe until it died. IT NEVER DIED IN THE CAR??? I REMEMBER HER SPERGING ON TWITTER EVERY MINUTE ABOUT TRYING TO SAVE IT

No. 664944


Well shit, was it another snake?

…Was this what really happened to Valentino?

No. 664946


OMG I'm so sad Gus got eaten :(
I'm so angry she didn't keep her reptiles and prey animals well separated. Poor Gus.(:( )

No. 664947


bitch, EDS ain't an autoimmune disorder (you know if she wasn't lumping it in that she'd mention it separately)

No. 664948


& why the fuck would you need to be in hospital for your "entire adolescent life" for hypermobile EDS? That isn't going to kill you. I know it can be genuinely debilitating, but everything else she does seems to refute that it is for her (aside from when she's in "too much pain" - see "withdrawing" - to edit). There really isn't much a hospital can do unless you have an active injury to treat, except give you the tests in the first place and yearly checks. First time I've heard her mention CRPS too. I'm wondering if she was already addicted to pain pills before the heroin now.

No. 664949

File: 1559094646611.png (80.08 KB, 526x612, LazyTND1.png)

Taylor quote-tweeted this, then deleted it once she got enough fans to go after them.

No. 664952

Yes exactly!!

Please tell me how it’s totally manageable to take care of 50+ pets daily, but she can’t manage to sit down for 20 minutes to film, and edit even just once a week for weekly uploads?? Her videos have NO crazy editing skills shown, she just makes cuts and boring, cheesy edits of typical black and white color, plain white text and background music. THATS LITERALLY IT. Her “style” involves nothing difficult whatsoever.

And she can’t give that bullshit excuse “well I have assistants that help with the animals but I do the video making all on my own to be original and make sure it’s my sTyLe!!” Like honestly, ANYBODY could make her type of videos. She could just sit there to film and have someone else edit. Plenty of YTers do that (but generally ones that legit don’t have the time because they are actually running businesses and whatnot).

Her using these so called illnesses (I totally believe in them for others but believe she is personally exaggerating hers for pity) to excuse her laziness is so fucking stupid. The pity party never ends for her.

No. 664957

File: 1559096007252.jpeg (269.3 KB, 750x1248, 0ACC4F12-6DCA-4DBB-B4E3-3B8ED9…)

“Not for pity” I’m actually laughing, Jesus Christ she can’t be serious. Her whole presence on social media is for pity.

Also I’m curious if she’s been like this lately because of Jonny’s streaming. I’m guessing he used to at least pat her ass and give her attention 24/7 while they were high watching TV together or whatever all day, but now Jonny is enthralled with his games and could care fuck all about her anymore. She can’t make a scene and bitch at him when he’s streaming because then it would look bad on her, so she lays in bed all by herself getting high and into arguments on Twitter to pass the time.

No. 664964

File: 1559097066356.jpg (177.15 KB, 1234x690, 835ts9F.jpg)

No. 664976

she tried to blame her current addiction on getting hooked on pain pills as a child. that and her ~ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY!~

No. 664977


I'm still betting it was the residents of the community who made the complaints. She just loves to blame her haters for everything wrong in her life, doesn't she?

No. 664978


Tough-shit, Taylor.
You moved into a community full of stuffy rich people.

No. 664979

Fibromyalgia is no fucking joke, I still don’t what to believe from her she’s the boy who cried wolf with it

No. 664986


This irritates me. I have a heart condition which has left me with no energy ever + I can't even have a fucking assistance dog because I can't care for it properly + give it the life it deserves but she thinks she has a "daily battle" yet has enough steam to look after 50 fucking animals properly giving each enough attention, food and socialisation (where necessary)? Give me a break, Taylor.(blogging)

No. 664987


fuck no haha
this is why doctors supervise pain meds, especially in a child. I think she's bullshitting as per. Also the only thing that creates an addictive personality is trying to fill a hole in your life. I guess the fish and cats and hedgehogs and snakes didn't quite plug the hole.

No. 664992

File: 1559102706551.jpeg (620.27 KB, 1242x1072, CF685242-8B9E-4944-97F3-1290DD…)

No. 664993

File: 1559103234192.png (1.63 MB, 828x1792, A2BFCCB1-D726-4391-854B-AF35FC…)

Here is the full text

No. 664994

File: 1559103264450.png (1.63 MB, 828x1792, 616A440F-D849-463D-97CB-694AE0…)

No. 664995

>i worked at petco (yuck)
>but got her cat from a petco adoption event (supposedly)

No. 664996

File: 1559103397142.png (1.64 MB, 828x1792, 44ED5E60-3913-4958-8305-431793…)

No. 664997


TL;DR: "I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep."

No. 664998

It makes total sense that she’d think she’s capable of moving out after getting tons of income from YT, and never having to deal with money issues because apparently her parents took care of everything.
Classic peppy rich girl problems.
“ uwu my parents paid for everything so I didn’t bother to learn responsibilities uwu “

She’s so obviously used to getting things handed to her that she doesn’t realize there are ways to live with EDS and other physical disorders similar to that while earning an income.
With her position she could be doing so much more, and it wouldn’t cause much extra physical labor, yet she continually makes excuses and honestly, every time she posts on twitter it’s like she’s shitting on the pet community and those with invisible illnesses.

No. 664999

File: 1559103489800.png (1.47 MB, 828x1792, 6827496B-3F7B-45C6-85A7-DFC49F…)

No. 665004


eh, Petco event, back of someone's car, what's the diff?

No. 665010

I agree.
Her illnesses are so coincidental. "I'm so sick I can't literally sit on my ass and edit a video, although I can go on many twitter rants and look after all my animals".
"my hands fail all the time making me drop and smash things, but trust me I can hold my animals in one hand and never drop them"
"I only have a small amount of energy each day, but I can walk around Disney land for multiple days in a row, and definitely have enough energy to look after my hoard"
"I can fall asleep for over 24 hours unexpectedly but dw I have assistants that just know when I fall asleep and can come and check on my animals"
"I'm extremely mentally unstable and spend all day in bed but I also manage to give all my animals the daily attention they need"

Urgh, it bothers me so much. She's quite damaging for people with invisible illnesses.

No. 665017


I find it interesting that May is EDS awareness month and she hasn't milked that for any pity points.

No. 665019


She will now, in the last few days of May, that it's been mentioned here lol

No. 665021

Inb4 “someone just let me know it’s EDS awareness month!!” and starts milking out more sob stories lol.
She’ll make it once again look so obvious that she lurks here constantly. Not like she does anything else with her druggie life.

No. 665023


That's kinda why i wanted to wait til the end of the month to mention it!

No. 665027

Nope Taylor, it's your own fault for moving the animals in without prior agreement. Not the actions of your neighbours.

No. 665029

Yeah you're right, I don't remember that and I didn't really think about it earlier, but of course it didn't die in the car or why would she have bothered setting up an enclosure for it AFTER she got a dead snake home?

yeah hospitals not on TV don't work like that, they are going to send people home as soon as they're stable because that's how they work, they need the beds.

I've been in the hospital a few times for EDS related issues, but I can't imagine Taylor has had a serious procedure like a surgery and not gone on about it for sympathy. So I have no idea what she's talking about, unless Jen just rushed her to the ER for every little symptom she had or said she had, and even then it's not likely she'd be in the hospital for more than half a day at a time before being discharged.

THIS ugh so many actually, severely ill people would benefit from a service dog but can't care for it themselves. Which is why it makes me so much more angry that Taylor got her own "service dog" to train, and then clearly didn't ever need it, so she left it behind when she moved because it was more fun to get a bunch of kittens and new snakes and a rapist boyfriend instead.

Agreed. The whole, "I got addicted from a negligent doctor" or whatever story is popular in the news right now so I'm sure the story sounded good to Taylor and she just started using it.

Does she even know it hasn't been called EDS Type 3 for a solid two years now, it's reclassified as hEDS? Idk what the quality of EDS doctors where she is is like, but if she's as sick as she says she should be seeing specialists at least a couple times a year. I'm about as affected by hEDS as Taylor says she is and I've already had two different doctors decide to re-evaluate my EDS at appointments since the name/criteria for diagnosis changed.

No. 665030

Don't be silly anon, she's had medical procedures - endless colonoscopies. Even though everyone else just needs one. She sure is a magic case that only House can fix.

No. 665068

ugh this bitch makes me so mad! Not to blog post but I have suspected Crohns and have for 9 years (doctors have fucked me over with investigating it) but anyway I’ve been housebound/getting worse and I’m sorry but if I can realise I wouldn’t be able to look after 50 fucking animals then why can’t she? She is so delusional I can’t even believe she even has an illness that bad. There’s no way - if she has EDS and mental issues - she could support 50 animals all day every damn day.

Ngl I wish I wasn’t blocked so I could cuss her ass out. I swear every time she starts an argument and people call her out she suddenly pulls out the woe ist me card. Bitch, you’re lazy because you’re a fucking drug addict.
I know you read here so fuck you taylor and fuck ya druggie gnome boyfriend too(no1curr)

No. 665069

It makes me cringe when she mentions her 'career'. A career is something you work for, something you have genuine passion for and something you work at every day to be the best. Putting out one shitty video a month along with countless broken promises is not a career. Her income is pure luck. She is not special. She isn't the top of her game and she certainly isn't the queen of anything. Her best bet to keep her 'career' going would be to literally film one video a month and release it when it's done. Why bother spouting off every few days about filming and editing and working on one only to then break your word and come up with nothing. She knows she can't keep to a schedule so why the hell bother announcing anything. It's ridiculous she claims she has limited energy and we are expected to believe that each day she just rings Betsy at short notice and off she toddles to her house instantly. It doesn't work like that. Betsy has a new born baby. No way are those animals getting the daily care and dedication they each need.

No. 665070

LOL I just love how Taylor keeps trotting out "I worked at Petco!!!" like it means something. Like it makes her an animal professional or something.

In reality, homegirl worked the cash register - the lightest, easiest, most brain-dead job in a shop – and could not handle even that. Kept calling in sick, and eventually had the good sense to quit before she was deservedly fired.

Petco isn't fantastic about animal care, but miles better than Miss Tay-Tay. And that's saying something.

No. 665072


>bed rest

No. The best treatment is PT and exercise to build up core muscles yo support the joints.


She included "partial" CRPS in her video about her illnesses.

No. 665078


Yeah. That is what makes me roll my eyes so fucking hard at her. She's got something treatable, that she could improve and alleviate with a little daily exercise - but trust and believe her incredibly lazy skinny fat ass to get its only exercise while lifting a bottle of booze…

No. 665080

her whole attitude makes it sound like she's on coke again or something…the whole ego boost is weirdly unprovoked

No. 665081


The fact that Taylor jumps into flexing about her subscriber and view counts (and inflates them…) vs actually taking the note about minding her own fucking business and caring for her own fucking pets tells you everything you need to know about Taylor Nicole Dean, lol

It was never about the pet care or "being helpful", it's about attention. I GET MORE ATTENTION THAN YOU SO I AM BETTER REEEEE

No. 665103


If you can only do 5 things in a day and two of them are “eating” and “showering,” how does “flawlessly” caring for and socializing with 50 animals fit in to the other 3 slots?

No. 665113

File: 1559145174046.jpg (260.86 KB, 1242x1010, 31Jd9xf.jpg)

Here’s a follow up to what happened with the HOA.

No. 665116

still had enough energy to do “china white” hourly tho

No. 665117

Did she actually hire a lawyer or did big brother do it pro bono…

No. 665121

You'd think SOMEONE would tell her and Jonny to not share their address/general location lmao.

No. 665122

File: 1559146926964.png (804.67 KB, 750x1334, A322EB9B-7987-4B29-8E40-7793DA…)

No. 665123

File: 1559147236114.png (765.94 KB, 750x1334, 3E964742-C0D3-42E2-B671-E491D5…)

She is so obviously fishing for attention and validation. It’s so sad.
She’s grasping at any good thing a 17 year old will say to her and using it as “oh no, don’t say IM strong, YOURE strong!”
Like Jesus Christ. Stop perpetuating exaggerated symptoms of your illness and just shut the fuck up. You’re not the glass child you say you are, you just love to play up everything wrong with you and use it to further validate in your mind that you can’t do shit that you can most definitely do if you actually worked toward bettering yourself.
If she really cared about her animals as much as she says she does, then she’d put in the effort to try exercising and slowly build up her muscles to better support her body. But nope. Princess can’t do that either.

No. 665129

File: 1559148841243.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 7ECA5904-6FEA-48A1-8D5C-DFA76F…)

She just added “invisible illness advocate”
This makes me so mad

No. 665131

this. fucking ott munchie who kills animals for fame and cash. she is so awful.

No. 665133

File: 1559150255336.png (156.07 KB, 750x1334, 09A65625-EE3D-43BD-9403-9EC8FA…)

She does not have this disorder.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665134

Don’t you first have to injure yourself ?

No. 665135

Same garbage with her over and over. She so needs to learn a new trick or two.

No. 665138

She’s certainly invisible as an illness advocate, that’s for sure.

No. 665139

She’s an addict trying to diagnose herself. She convinces herself she’s a glass child so she must convince everyone else too.

No. 665143

>Invisible illness advocate
>Doesn't even know it's the awareness month of the illness she has/has never said anything publically

No. 665146

She is losing her hair quick though…

No. 665149

Yeah, but that's her doing with the constant bleaching.

No. 665152


lol CRPS is partial - that's why it's called Chronic REGIONAL Pain Syndrome, not All Over Body Pain Syndrome. She's an idiot.

No. 665153


unless she's getting some criticism and then tries to deflect it by pulling the EDS card

No. 665154

File: 1559155397338.jpeg (142.81 KB, 828x1792, 96A40D2A-CE8F-4975-8AE2-BF3978…)

No. 665155

Hey there Taytay, how's about you spend more than a week sober from your self admitted hourly dose of china white heroin before you start "advocating" for invisible illnesses, because we all know you stopped uploading because of your heroin use, not your self-diagnosed invisible illnesses.

She's giving everyone else with legitimate illnesses that effect their lives a bad rap, but of course she's too self absorbed to ever realize how damaging she is to those with legitimate health struggles instead of a chosen fucking heroin addiction.

Also, when the shit has she EVER advocated? Saying "boohoo I didnt do this commitment I made bc muh illnesses" sure as fuck doesn't count as advocating. Lmao.

No. 665158

I can’t wait to see how she responds to this.

No. 665161

That post is from 9-1/2 months ago…

No. 665165

I'm sure she said in a video that she had SUSPECTED crps but it had never been formally diagnosed

No. 665168

I don't get it. She's had EDS her whole life but it's only a thing now? Back before she was a heroin addict she uploaded videos with much more regularity and did more "work" as a result. Now suddenly once she's addicted she uploads way less… Almost like it's not the EDS holding her back. How does she expect people to believe this stuff?

No. 665170

Because they do. They’re lapping it up over on Twitter. She has people crying and sharing their stories and everything.

No. 665172

Is this confirming mantis shrimp death? Did we already know that? I wasn’t sure if she ever said it for real.

No. 665174


6:25 she states that her diagnoses were confirmed including being "on the spectrum" of CRPS.

No. 665175

File: 1559162800841.png (531.63 KB, 1242x2208, 1523598175793.png)


But she also posted this >>>/snow/554211

No. 665176

I doubt she’s taking any medicines for her illnesses and if she is, she’s an idiot if she’s mixing it with her drugs but i’m sure she does.

I also wonder if she was treated like that Gypsie girl where her mother lied that she has an illness for so long that even her doctors believed it was true. What’s it called? Munchausen syndrome by proxy? But not as severe, just enough to control Taylor as her mom takes care of her son that has a real illness.

No. 665177

I think it's more likely Taylor is a munchie herself. She saw her brother get attention for having disabilities and invented some for herself as an attempt to get attention. She's obviously desperate for attention since she was begging for it on Twitter when her and Jonny broke up for 6 hours

No. 665179

She did tell people it had died, but only after MONTHS of people asking why we only saw it the day she got it and never again, if she was ~sooo~ excited about it like she claimed. She said that Larry (shrimp) and Zazu coexisted in their tank just fine but that Larry was older than she thought he was when she bought him and he died of "old age" after a few months. I don't remember what she said Zazu died of but she announced their deaths at the same time.

She told her "friends" (other PetTubers) behind the curtain that Larry didn't last longer than two days in her house.

No. 665183

EDS anon here, I would believe that she has EDS or another similar generalized hypermobility syndrome, at least based on her old videos she seemed like someone who was mildly affected. You can see she's at least a little hypermobile, and I could believe she had a little pain and/or fatigue, but obviously it isn't bad enough to keep her from going to expos and Disney whenever she wants. Now it definitely seems like she just plays it up as an excuse for everything she does wrong because talking about EDS on twitter gets her even more sympathy from stans than pretending to be sober and talking about her addiction does.

I remember something back in thread 1 or 2 where her dad said she stopped picking up her prescription meds at the pharmacy and was missing doctors appointments, so maybe she isn't mixing them with illegal drugs now, or she's just gone off them in favor of heroin.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665193

So funny. She doesn’t even give out quality. Lol

No. 665206

I imagine it's only a thing now because when she was living with her parents they took care of everything for her.

It's pretty obvious that the person who took care of her animals for the most part was her mom. Jen might be batshit crazy, but I honestly gotta give it to her that she at least made sure Taylor had some level of control in her life.

No. 665212

File: 1559175382150.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, E1122843-1642-4096-91B8-99BFC6…)

No. 665213

File: 1559175425015.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, 66BE594D-A229-45EE-A780-8370FF…)

Track marks galore. And again casually showing her self harm marks.

No. 665214

Is it just me or does her snake look kind of underweight? I only owned one snake, a ball python which I’ve kept for two years or so now, so I can’t say for a fact that he/she is underweight but I remember reading they shouldn’t be a triangular shape on top, but much more rounded (but not round like a hose)

No. 665216

Her arm looks photoshopped in the second pic. Why is it all sunken in at the bottom right?

No. 665219

File: 1559176598302.jpeg (492.51 KB, 1115x1906, 7E74570D-E58C-40DF-A6C1-8C9023…)

No. 665221

File: 1559176655182.jpeg (445.97 KB, 1106x1915, 2B841F8A-0E86-4138-9AF9-1C4000…)

“so I could build a huge display cage for them” sure Jan

No. 665223

is she already trying to up his age to help her story when he inevitably dies? lmao "he lived a full life span!!1!"

am i the only one not seeing the "track marks galore?"

No. 665230

I don’t see them or the photoshop either

No. 665231

I see the old self-harm but I'm not seeing track marks either. I see one freckle?

No. 665232

File: 1559179936635.jpeg (140.58 KB, 750x1334, FE373E95-49A5-44BB-9652-EF5A59…)

No. 665233

File: 1559179957182.jpeg (152.36 KB, 750x1334, FB8E616C-5C8A-455C-A355-1AF981…)

No. 665240

Is she seriously bragging about her Crested Gecko being 6-7 years old? Their lifespan is up to 20 years or more. How many of her long lived reptiles do you think will actually live close to their max lifespan? I highly doubt a single one will. She will likely get bored and make up an excuse for rehoming or they will die.

One thing that bothers me. How can she claim to be a rat lover and feed live? Seems messed up. I don't believe her when she says she has done everything to get him to eat frozen/thawed. She is a proven liar and lazy.

Of course she has to take a picture of her left arm. Gotta make sure to get them self harm scars in the shot for the extra pity and attention.

No. 665242

File: 1559181522001.jpeg (373.21 KB, 2048x2048, D7xgWglXsAAQhh5.jpeg)

Download the images, don't screenshot.

No. 665244

File: 1559181587378.png (978.79 KB, 760x3651, Screenshot_20190529-225913.png)

People are encouraging her to buy a $10k snake but not use that money for rehab…

No. 665245

File: 1559181588468.jpeg (394.13 KB, 1998x2048, D7xgWgkWkAEMzti.jpeg)

No. 665249

What's with all the old milk and people not even reading a few threads back. There are no internet points to be had for reposting past shit with no context.

No. 665252


That bottom tweet…

She has shown herself to be on the brink of a mental breakdown literally every other night on Twitter so far. Another 'trophy' to add to her stress? Is that really worth it???

No. 665253

File: 1559182309698.png (431.74 KB, 750x1334, 8B674676-67C4-4D75-811D-7AA2E0…)

No. 665255

Here is what track marks look like for reference >>660967

No. 665256

She's feeling out whether she can get a boost in views for buying one of these snakes maybe?

That is pretty damning.

No. 665257

Panda ball pythons are super black pastel (sometimes super cinnamon I believe) piebalds. Super black pastel and super cinnamon have genetic issues (kinking, duckbilling, overbites and other jaw deformation). Why doesn't she do research before going after the next morph trend?

No. 665259

"You deserve a new baby" Yeesh. Is that how it works? A new present for being sober for one day?

No. 665260

File: 1559182760370.jpg (496.65 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190529-201915.jpg)

There's not one for 10k…why does she feel the need to exaggerate everything.

No. 665262

She already bought it lolololol

No. 665264

They're not even that nice tbh. You should probably keep your 2 month's rent Taylor.

No. 665265


…That is, if Jonny hasn't dipped into it yet…

No. 665266

I hope not. I think they're the stupidest "trendy" morph. Also, all of the ones listed are mostly white, just get a darker gene pied (like a single gene black pastel pied) for much less money and avoid the genetic issues. I'm pretty sure she's spoken out against the spider gene before, so it would be very hipocritical of here to support this gene.

No. 665267

what happened to adopt don't shop, no designer bred pets UwU

Or does that only apply to dogs with her?

No. 665268



No. 665271

File: 1559184144655.png (1.16 MB, 753x1245, tnddeleted.png)

Deleted Tweets

No. 665272


Stop. Looking. At. Snakes.

No. 665273

Oh look, more blood pythons that she can inaccurately identify. Why does she think it's normal for a beginner snake keeper to acquire as many snakes as she has in such a short amount of time.

No. 665275

So where is the silly video or whatever she filmed?

No. 665276

File: 1559185366256.png (257.58 KB, 760x1136, Screenshot_20190529-205850.png)

Same old bullshit reasonings

No. 665279

"someone [else] will adopt the ones for adoption" what a shitty thing to say when you allegedly have the money and resources lol

No. 665280

File: 1559185950498.jpeg (185.4 KB, 750x1008, 8D85F5DE-11DA-47F0-AFE5-8EF74E…)

I’ve never seen it brought up here or tweeted about by the multiple drama accounts. Just because the post is old, doesn’t meant it’s not relevant evidence of her inexperience/lack of research into breeders. Weirdly, she just tweeted calling him a rescue because of his tail.

No. 665282


"Eh… I've 'adopted' enough animals…"

No. 665285

Wow, that logic tho. So anytime someone buys an animal from a shitty breeder, thus keeping the shitty breeder in business, that’s now considered “rescuing”.

As far as I’ve heard, the breeder is an actually good breeder tho and twistys injury is probably from Taylor’s own negligence. So even with her screwed up logic, she’s still wrong.

No. 665287

Most reptile keepers say if you bought the animal, it's not a rescue and I feel the same way. Even if twisty was from a "horrible breeder" who caused his "tail deformation", since she bought him, it's not a rescue in many reptile keepers eyes.

No. 665289

File: 1559186551311.jpg (232.38 KB, 1080x2047, 1234.jpg)

Apparently she doesn't know that you NEVER leave live prey unattended with an animal. That is basic snake keeping 101, just goes to show how shallow her knowledge is

No. 665292

I know this is old news but that tattoo is HIDEOUS.

God. she can never go one day without showing how dumb she is or exposing herself. It's frustrating to see how she can be a creeper (towards Post Malone) and neglect all these animals and get away wit it because she's a young white girl with an illness. I really hope these young fans of hers finally realize how theyre all getting played by her

No. 665293

"as far as i've heard"
…you mean here?

Funny that Taylor says she's buying from responsible breeders when she blames them all when her animals die. She's the worst.

Snakes and reptiles that end up at shelters desperately need rescues and adopters because there's usually not enough resources for them, or people who specialize in their care.

No. 665294

holy shit. and you know she'll argue "it's only five minutes I'm just so fragile!!!" like yes your snake can lose an eye or a tail or worse in five minutes dumbass that's why you're never supposed to leave them alone with the prey

ffs she can't even feed her snakes live correctly

No. 665295

If you scroll up, today I had posted a screenshot of someone claiming they own Twisty’s dad and his tail looks the exact same. She says it’s just his coloring. I saw someone tweet it at Taylor earlier. I didn’t want to post their name, because Taylor loves to quote tweet people so her fans harass them.

No. 665298

>Most reptile keepers say if you bought the animal, it's not a rescue
It also goes to any pet as well. If you buy an animal from a bad breeder, you're just giving them more money to continue what they're doing. The real rescue is getting them from someone who took them from another home that couldn't take care of them or from a bad home.

She obviously posted this to make herself sound like an innocent little girl that is sensitive in the inside. You're not a tiny girl anymore, Taylor. Grow up.

No. 665300

Let's not forget when she bought the snake that "die" in the driveway, she went to the breeder to get another snake in exchange of the one that die. She never call the breeder out because she was happy she got another one.

No. 665302

Great, adding another person on a pile to the thousands who sour public perception of invisible illnesses
Even if she doesn't want to spend money on rehab (lol), shouldn't she be using it to improve the conditions of her current animals?
>be self-proclaimed "animal lover"
>buy trendy, genetically malformed, barely-sentient animals from irresponsible breeders
>show off trendy, animals to impressionable people, therefore perpetuating the trend
>feed animals other animals that are bred and raised in horrific conditions solely to feed barely-sentient animals
>refuse to buy more humanely pre-killed prey animals so that prey animals die as horrifically as possible
>trendy animals suffer and die from neglect anyway

No. 665303

File: 1559188607884.png (162.38 KB, 760x650, Screenshot_20190530-005527.png)

Mark her words, y'all!

I give it 4 days.

No. 665308

People are debating whether or not she's a munchie why? Let's clear it up right now, she's a munchie, a junkie, and a pathological liar. Her mother's time and care went to her sick brother and Taylor has spent her life attention whoring and clout chasing and saying stupid shit to get people to look at her. If she didn't routinely kill animals and act like a cunt to domestic abuse victims I might feel sorry for her but as it is, just fucking lol

No. 665309

File: 1559189641458.jpg (694.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190529-211215_Ins…)

Don't worry, she's not spending money on 10k snakes… just $200 coral. (1/3)

No. 665310

Literally just a snake with a black head, why consider paying so much for this?

No. 665311

File: 1559189682872.jpg (674.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190529-211220_Ins…)

No. 665312

File: 1559189780059.jpg (742.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190529-211226_Ins…)

No. 665313

Because snakes are collection items for her, nothing more than that.

No. 665314

She keeps surprising me with how much of a shitty human being she is. "Other people will adopt the one's for adoption". Imagine if everyone had that horrendous attitude of "oh, other people will do the good deed so I don't have to". No animals would get adopted. Majority of people are going to get their snakes from a pet store or a breeder. Very few people are willing or able to rescue/adopt a most likely plain looking snake with potential health and behavioral problems. Taylor, own up to the fact you do not actually give a shit about rescuing snakes. You just want the pretty and trendy morphs so you can brag about them internet.

No. 665316

I'm sure a lot of her fans don't even know about reptile adoption so she could even be spreading a good message instead of sending her impressionable bootlickers to morphmarket to buy the prettiest looking snakes for thousands of dollars. She's pushing their beauty when she should be pushing for their proper care. So awful.

No. 665317

There are plenty of snakes and reptiles in shelters needing homes. Why is she lying

No. 665320

File: 1559191025185.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 18056B80-E580-43E9-9EF1-50B5F3…)

REALLY old milk but I’m only remembering it now because I’m reading when she bought the GTP. She posted and @ the company about their underweight and sick GTP. This was a LONG time ago before I was on lolcow so no cow tipping… I called her out for being ignorant that by mentioning something, her stans will contact a company and bombard them. She said her fans do things on their own volition and it’s not up to her even though imo she should definitely say don’t contact the company. This stupid bitch always has to stick her nose in things Part 1.

No. 665321

File: 1559191055439.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 516A2780-2EB7-4C69-837E-E60320…)

No. 665323

File: 1559191076583.png (256.01 KB, 750x1334, D9D16FF9-84BB-48FA-9CE6-5F93F4…)

No. 665325

File: 1559191098088.png (248.36 KB, 750x1334, 905790B8-0D3A-4DD3-90BE-2B6E2D…)

No. 665326

File: 1559191132108.png (221.26 KB, 750x1334, 252286D0-B8D6-40AE-B0F8-AACEDB…)

(cringey cowtipping)

No. 665330


if there's a transaction with money involved - it's buying. it's not rescuing if you purchase the animal because you think it needs rescuing, taylor. there are people out there who take in rescues and pour their time and money into them to rehabilitate and nurse them back to health. you do neither of these things. you haven't rescued shit. taylor logic: i bought these rats to live feed my snakes but i fell in love so i saved them!


i don't own snakes and even i know this. it's literally BASIC snake care? she jumped the gun feeding live. i remember emzotic talking about how her snake wouldn't eat f/t but she never switched to live because she knew the snake would take f/t again. guess what - it did. i think taylor went like 3-4 weeks before feeding live so wonder she does it so irresponsibly. let's not forget this rat/mouse lover who takes live rats and mice, bashes them against a table or wall to feed off live. she's despicable.

No. 665332

What? Most rescues charge a fee for adoption. I get what you're saying, but this isn't a good simplification.

No. 665333

I like it how she pretends she knows what she's talking about by saying she's looking for specific morphs when she clearly knows absolutely nothing about the "specific morphs" she's apparently looking for.
Panda pieds are made by breeding two black pastels (pied or het pied) to create a super black pastel pied. Super black pastel is notorious for creating severely kinked and unhealthy babies. Great job at picking your "specific morph" Taylor. Maybe look up info about the morph before just deciding you want it because it's pretty.

No. 665334


i meant if it's from a shelter/organization/etc that specifically rescues animals. obviously there is an adoption fee. it's still not "rescuing" an animal, it's adopting a rescue. sorry if that wasn't clear enough.

taylor talks as if she actively rescues animals, but she just goes and buys animals that are in poor condition.

No. 665335

That's why they're so expensive, because not a lot of them live, but keep supporting that Taylor.

No. 665342

File: 1559194243310.jpg (108.38 KB, 805x960, 43489538_2098986423763753_5763…)

Her snake probably refused food because she over feeds. Ball pythons only need to be fed weekly as little babies. Once they gain size it should be around twice a month. They have very slow metabolisms. They can go months without food and as long as they aren't dropping a lot of weight then there is no reason to worry. She just wanted to be edgy without taking responsibility for her shitty decision.

Also idk why she bragged about a 6 yr old crested when they are 1. Probably THE easiest reptile to care for and 2. People literally still have WC Imports that are 20+ and still alive. Congrats Taylor he's reached a quarter of his life span.

Image for non-snake anons to reference her snakes against.

No. 665344

The last reply though…you earned it??? Lol.

Also, she says she has spare cages. Great, but will you TAKE CARE of it?

No. 665346

She always brings up having spare cages and it's like.. yeah you have a ton of spare cages because you're a hoarder. You never fucking get rid of anything. Thanks for driving that point home.

No. 665354

She def has to be on coke again. Lots of ego trips and rants. Stfuuuuu Taylor.

No. 665355

Speaking of ethics, every couple of months I check for availability of The Dark Hobby, the reef aquarium critical doc she was interviewed for. Nothing out yet and no screenings scheduled.


Will she use getting new corals as an excuse to upsize her tank?


>Occasional mommy

Still kekking over this.

No. 665357

File: 1559198579542.png (3.88 MB, 1242x2688, 01A23DFC-EB0F-413E-8430-9F2201…)

didn’t see this posted.
how are his pupils?

No. 665364


That red filter makes him all the more terrifying.

No. 665365