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No. 607955

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/606597

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:

> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons

> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemmorage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Animals purchased in the last ~ month: Texas Rat Snake, Halloween Crab, 3 Rats, 2 Crocodile Skinks, Sinaloan Milksnake, Scorpion, Ghost Mantis
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 607958

thanks for all of the links to old threads, anon!

I wonder if any of the pettuber clique are even aware that Taylor retweeted that tweet throwing Emma and Lori under the bus to make herself look better and if they're mad about it or are just going to roll over and let Taylor treat them like trash for clout lmfao

No. 607962

Every time I think about this situation there's something new to be triggered about. I stopped watching her when she got with Jonny.. Validating him and promoting him in a positive light to her young fans. It scares me. If her fans can't bring themselves to care for her animals dying slowly, at least care about the women Jonny tortured?

No. 607968

File: 1543636196956.jpeg (319.22 KB, 1378x1432, 454B5FD3-1937-4CA6-A900-D6ABCE…)

They saw it

No. 607969

are we gonna ignore how she's literally darla from finding nemo LOL what a great pic anon

No. 607970

oh shittttt

No. 607971

The sad thing taylor reblogged it so she's technically promoting that tweet stating emma kills her fish
i too find it extremely hilarious


No. 607973

The thread pic…my sides…holy shit lol!

No. 607977

Lmao thanks y’all I took inspiration from the last thread when I made it. I take thread pic requests seriously haha.

No. 607979

I also put little “x”s in cheese eyes.

No. 607986

A quick question. Has there been any news about Star? I never saw any pictures of her after the initial ones.

No. 608004

You can see that Taylor’s friends are willing to stand up for her and try and fix her husbandry (i.e redecorating her enclosures) but they also use her for clout. I think it’s a really weird relationship. Some of them are still pretty young, and I hope they move on and develop themselves on YouTube away from Taylor, who is willing to throw them under the bus to make herself look better.

No. 608005

Star was seen in the background of the Cheese Death Announcement, and they’ve mentioned on Instagram stories that she apparently is defacating all over the apartment.

No. 608007

Yeah, it's not much of a friendship if you can't politely talk to your friend about issues you're seeing, but have to covertly correct their mistakes.

No. 608008


Like some commenters are saying, the DARVO is strong with her. She's saying she's close to killing herself at some points, and how horrible her life is with disabilities…then why the FUCK does she have that many animals? Stick with a few fish, a snake, and the cats, like jfc. Coping with it by buying animals constantly and just recycling them is not fucking therapy, you dumb bitch.

No. 608011

Thanks! I don't watch her videos and that thing with her not being litter box trained must have slipped by me.
Maybe I was also hoping against hope that someone recognized her and that she was taken out of that appartment.

Having three cats in a relatively small appartment must be horrible! We once had three in a big house with garden access for about a month and it was highly stressful.

No. 608016

File: 1543646442770.jpeg (219.57 KB, 750x1203, ED6900E7-3681-4A5A-A43F-2F8B58…)

No. 608018

Really she needs more trays than cats at this point, until things settle. But more realistically she needs to re-home this cat- three's a lot for an apartment and she has a whole room they can't go into as well. They need loads of stimulation each day which she can't give them, given how many other pets she is supposed to be monitoring and handling in between her 10-hour naps.

No. 608019

Having a cat pissing and shitting all over the apartment is a huge issue, especially because she's renting.

That apartment must smell like utter shit.

No. 608020

I have three cats in a two bedroom small house, however when you do it right it can work perfectly. However Taylor brought a “outdoor” cat inside , into already established cat territory, with male cats! This was a bad idea the moment she let the poor thing in the door. If she had went about this right, she would’ve had an area where they could see and smell eachother , but not interact, at least until they got used to one another. Star should’ve been given a small area like a bathroom to slowly transition to being in the home, let alone coming inside altogether. That’s cat adoption 101.
My first cat was a 3 year old abused rescue, we gave her the bedroom with her necessities and still didn’t see her for almost a week because she needed her space. When she was settled , she still found it hard to adjust because she was used to other cats ((being from an actual rescue)) so we brought a kitten in.

You know what I didn’t do Taylor? Plop her in the fucking other cats territory and hope it all worked out.

The kitten was put in a large kennel at night in the same room as the large cat ((with supervision until we were confident they were fine)) and guess what? They don’t piss all over my house, why? Because they were properly introduced.

No. 608028

I was going to say something similar! She has 0 idea how to handle cats or recognize their behavior. Her picture of Ghost staring down Star was alarming. I can't believe she doesn't understand you can't just open the door to any cat walking outside and let them romp around. She has clearly never looked into cat care aside from google for kittens on craigslist. She should have stopped after she killed that poor gray girl from manhandling her for photos.

No. 608042

File: 1543652543833.png (457.01 KB, 1787x548, craigslist.png)

Re Ghost:

This is post 443759 from the very first TND thread >>>/snow/438560

The whole reason people even checked San Antonio's CL listings when she got a new cat was because she tried to pull this "I'm gonna buy from CL and pretend it's a rescue" stunt before. Her followers called her out on it the first time bc she was careless and used the listing photos in her tweet.

She got a TINY bit smarter with Ghost and uploaded her own photos instead, but the fact remains that no agency would adopt out a 5 1/2 week old kitten and all the other details from that night are sketchy af.

It's useless to try and convince her stans. They're not coming from a place of reason so reason doesn't sway them. Best thing to do is continue calling out her poor care and hypocrisy in a consistent, dispassionate way so reasonable people can see she is not who they thought she was.

Honestly, her parents are such a disappointment. It's clear now why Taylor is the way she is. They really failed her. Instead of using this as a watershed moment to try and help her out of the abusive relationship she's in, they're helping her double down on delusion.

Taylor, you're not a kid anymore. You're responsible for dozens of lives, not the least of which is your OWN. Quit scraping by with bare minimum care. Pricy set-ups, retail therapy, drugs (if you do in fact use) will never be a substitute for quality care and safe, meaningful relationships.

Also, to any "friend" of Taylor's that genuinely thinks she may be considering self-harm: it's on YOU to report that shit to the authorities. If you don't ACTUALLY think she's in danger, using it an emotional manipulation tactic on others is flat out vile. If you actually give a damn about her or her animals, you know NONE of them are in a good place right now. Why not be a real friend (or PARENT) and reassure her the sky will not fall down if she admits her flaws and starts making changes. Give her a safe place to land before she crashes.

No. 608046

that "if someone committed suicide would you feel guilty" comment on the last thread popped up the last time taylor was involved in drama, and around that same time taylor was posting similar things on her twitter
I think those ones might actually be her.

No. 608074


i'm not sure if this is old milk but how far will someone go to bend over backwards for someone?

No. 608075

Use the youtube posting field next time, then the video will be embed.Yes we have this video of Maddie's posted in the previous Taylor thread.

No. 608076

I really want her to truly respond to the craigslist accusation, that to me is obvious af and if she wants to claim “transparency” she should fess up to it.

No. 608081

Taylor could really profit off of all of this. All eyes are on her. She could do a series where she goes through all her enclosures to upgrade heating equipment, lighting, enrichment etc. Views = money. She could also do some videos of her going to volunteer at shelters. Views = money. All the while she would be doing her own research and actually learning a thing or two, and then teaching that to her audience.

That would be a win for Taylor, her audience and her animals. The best outcome.

All she needs to do is fess up to her bullshit, apologize to the relevant people & move on with this mess behind her.

We know you read here Taylor. Listen to us for once.

No. 608084

Tbh they all use each other, yet clearly when its like this is suddenly wrong.

I think it depends on how playful her cats are really, I don't mean to defend her or anything but a lot of cats calm down as they grow older. That being said, there's still 3 cats in an apartment with little to no toys, two feeding stations at best and maybe 2 litter boxes if we're lucky.

I think that some of this may happen, but I don't think she will admit her mistakes on a full scale. She will dismiss any and all accusations about water/cage agression/whatever else with random bs (plus it's not that hard to fix, it's keeping it fixed that's hard).

If anything, the entire drama is just weeding out all the weak stans

No. 608089

Nemo and Ghost are barely a year old now and Star has (supposedly) been a stray cat for years. They are most likely all pretty high energy/very bored

No. 608093

Career….perfect time to use lmfao!

No. 608101

File: 1543669417852.jpeg (251.06 KB, 1227x1553, 15B3DA92-31FC-46CB-BA6E-E11F13…)

Tagged photo of jc at a show

No. 608102

Those pupils! The scabs! And why do his fingers look so swollen? He's such a vile human being, outside and inside.

No. 608103


Swollen hands are a symptom of intravenous drug use. No way is he sober. Either he's lying to Taylor or Taylor is lying to us.

No. 608104


Accidentally posted the wrong link. This is the correct one.

No. 608105

As someone who has been around countless alcoholics, I can assure you those swollen fingers are the aftermath of drinking. Probably a long night of partying, drug abuse, hard liquor, and ignoring Taylor for JC.
Here is a source on drinking being correlated to swelling in hands/feet: https://www.livestrong.com/article/510994-my-hands-are-swollen-after-drinking-liquor/

No. 608112

Jesus Christ his hand is so picked.

No. 608116

someone should link the evidence doc again since it isnt in the thread desc

No. 608117

he should get more face tats to cover his ugly ass picked skin

No. 608126


I didn't realise the thread was being made so I missed out on posting it before it went up.
Also my schedual as of late has been busy so sorry bout that skjlahda

No. 608129

So much for being sober. Just look at the mess he's made of his face.

No. 608131

Something that has been bugging me for a while is that Taylor goes on these fits where she sleeps all day long, completely dead to the world for several hours which she has admitted. How the fuck was she getting up with Nemo and his sister every 3 hours for feedings. when they are that young you cannot leave them for more than three hours, less if you think they’re sickly!

This is where I stopped following her bullshit, as someone who has worked with multiple rescues, I can’t fathom her choice, abandoned kittens are fucking hard work, and she can’t be bothered to even fill a water bowl sometimes.

No. 608152

Its aight I’ll add it to the next one. The threads fill faster so ive been making them sooner.

No. 608155

this is also true, but as Chelsea confirmed a couple threads ago, he is in liver failure and was given less than a year to live if he didn’t commit to being sober. the end stages of this can cause a lot of swelling. he obviously isn’t sober, so his liver issues are likely progressing.

I honestly think Taylor is aware of this and that’s why she just lets the manlet do whatever. his body is going to give out in a year or so since he won’t consistently stay sober, and she will get to be the victim yet again all while having her secrets covered because he’s dead. he’s a piece of shit but she can’t break up with him because he’s seen too much that would ruin her career in terms of the poor husbandry, hygiene issues, replacing, etc….knowing full well he drags his exes through hell and back, she’s trapped and i would seriously bet my life savings that she’s going through the motions and just waiting for him to finally croak. it’s so fucked up and toxic and a hoard of innocent animals are having to pay for it.

No. 608183

Didn’t at one point TND said in a text to Chelsea that he was like trashed or something and she was kind of hoping that was the end? I’ll have to double check but I can’t remember if it was her or Chelsea that hoped that

No. 608184

Wouldn't be surprised. In those messages she sent didn't she say when he was in the bathroom one night she was hoping he just overdosed or something so she didn't have to deal with him anymore?

No. 608201

you’re not wrong, different anon than the imgur one but I was going through old threads hoping to compile more screenshots to add to a master post of her tangled web of lies, since Taylor and her rabid stans always stand by there’s “nO pRoOF!!” to anything we discuss here. that text message was something I stumbled across again. old milk of course but a number confirmed to be Taylor’s texted Chelsea, saying she heard JC crash to the floor blacked out and that she didn’t care if he was dead. Tay said it, not Chelsea.

but relationship goalsZ!!!11!! amirite stans!! It’s a total sham.

No. 608204

I think the same. She's afraid he will post pics of her taking drugs or bad care on Instagram. That's why she's not leaving him.

No. 608208

She’s gaining subscribers again. Not a ton, but it looks like the hemorrhaging stopped.

No. 608209

She could've bought them. Somebody with a bigger following needs to speak out about the situation. Wonder if she will still make the videos lol.

No. 608210


It'll continue eventually. I believe someone said they were going to make a video about her response and behavior to what ever's video, and that will most likely get some more people to unsub.

No. 608212

I just wanna say; thanks TayTay. You cooking your pacman frog alive made me double check all my heating equipment and double research the supplies I had for my frog. I decided to upgrade and he's already doing 10x better than before.

At least Asteroids death wasn't in vain.

No. 608213

someone reached out to youtuber Primink and asked him if he could do a video on the situation, and he said he would look into it. hopefully he and it grabs more awareness

No. 608219

I think we just need to wait a while and keep an eye on views. That's the really telling number. You can have all the subs in the world, but it means shit if you're not getting the views from them.

No. 608220

I'm wondering if anyone else is going to come out of the wood works soon.

No. 608222

Dusty Hartl sucks. He put up a video about researching animals before you get them (the usual pettuber stuff) then went and stuffed a hamster in a tiny enclosure.

Sure he rectified it but he's still a hypocrite, just like Taylor.

No. 608226

Come to think of it, Taylor’s treating Jonny’s sobriety with the same care her animals endure. I’m sure once he croaks she’ll be able to replace him too, complete with a two page notepad sob story for her followers. “He was doing so well, all the doctors were so surprised he made it this long! I did everything right!!!”

No. 608227

Just watch her sink her dwindling funds into dialysis for Jonny when he does go into liver failure due to drink and drugs. :/

No. 608228


But it's all part of the RoCKsTaR exPerIEnCe

No. 608231


dialysis is for renal failure - ain't nothing you can do about a failing liver save for a liver transplant. they certainly won't give you one with as much of a history of recent drug abuse like Jonny. he won't live long if he truly has a fucked up liver. and I fully believe he does, even if you exclude the recreational drug and alcohol abuse: he ODed on Tylenol, the dumbest drug to try and off yourself with as it fucks up your liver SO badly if you survive. couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

No. 608233

Oop, thank you for correcting me - I don't know where I got the misconception dialysis was for fucked up livers. In that case, Jonny is proper fucked! As you said, what a shame.

No. 608234

File: 1543696415405.jpg (74.51 KB, 1167x383, 412426426542654.jpg)

For some more perspective here's the layout of her apartment and its size. I'm hoping this is okay to post, since she has shared the layout of the three bedroom apartment, and it doesn't show her address.

No. 608235

Eh, I don’t know. If she finally wised up and is staying off Twitter, like it appears, then she just needs to bide her time and most people will forget. People have a short attention span for this kind of thing. If nothing new happens after the initial blow up, it’ll be back to business as usual for Taylor. Logan Paul filmed a dead body for views(!) and he’s still pretty popular.

No. 608238

Maybe it'll be business as usual, maybe not. But she has a lot working against her. She doesn't have a regular upload schedule. She has an absolutely piss-poor attitude. And she isn't willing to admit she's wrong or change her ways. Logan Paul at least apologized. I don't follow him, so I don't know how sincere it was, but he was willing to make the effort to save himself. Taylor's going to be her own undoing.

No. 608239

File: 1543698187144.png (328.47 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181201-140208.png)

No. 608240

…How huge can you really get with another video?

No. 608241


Unless she is rehoming her animals to better homes, it's not going to count as 'huge'.

No. 608245

Looks like he missed the majority of his shot of dope in his hand

Can you imagine having these dudes ugly face and dirty fingers all up on you? Literal nightmare fuel/PTSD for life

No. 608246

For her lazy ass cleaning out the enclosures is huge. You go, Taylor. Reach for those minimum standards. Mediocrity all the way.

No. 608247


Hmm, maybe she’s moving to a bigger place? Has the added benefit of keeping people from (rightfully) calling ACS on her

No. 608248


I believe Taylor said on Twitter that she's currently too broke to move.

No. 608249


Not being able to buy a house outright, I thought - hardly too broke to move. She could get a bigger apartment or even a house for rent if she didn't want a luxury abode.

No. 608257

Maybe she's just meeting ACS? I don't know how huge it really is, but huge by their standards would probably count as giving animals water

No. 608258

Which closet does she stuff pets in…the snake room closet?!

No. 608259

I think Jonny's message sounds too positive for that

No. 608260

Bubble is such an insulting nickname to use in public. Why not just straight up fat ass?!

No. 608261

Okay, I'm finally done updating the imgur album through thread #24. https://imgur.com/a/luLGDEx

It's about Taylor's ever-evolving lies about her assistants, experts, and cleaner. I think this is one of Taylor's most dangerous lies, honestly. This is the crux of how she gets away with neglecting, hoarding and killing animals. Every time she gets rightfully called out she can trot out her worst and most dangerous lie of all, the one that morphs to suit her needs: that there is a whole crew of experts that she has hired to help her with her and her animals needs that can come over at the drop of a hat. Her stans will continue to believe nothing is her fault until they are disabused of the idea that someone is taking care of these animals 24/7. The truth is, Taylor sleeps all day, travels the rest of the time, and NO ONE competent is monitoring them.

No. 608264

Yes, it's the snake room closet, over on the left. She recently showed that the crested geckos were moved out of the closet, but that would still leave the satanics and her female hedgehogs in there.

No. 608265

Someone should @ her on Twitter with a link to the Imgur album.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 608266


No. 608268

Can this thread go one fucking second without cowtipping?

No. 608269


FUCKING THIS. Find your inner David Attenborough and just observe the cow for a bit, jesus.

No. 608270

File: 1543703537257.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3746.PNG)

When you try to hide your "blemishes" with the caption. lol

No. 608271

She's already self destructing, a link to an imgur album won't make her suddenly wise up.

No. 608272


Oh Jonny, we already saw the picture >>608101 posted. Nice try tho.

No. 608273

ugh he's doing that tongue thing taylor used to do.

No. 608275


LOLing forever that he considers himself a "fly boy". Maybe Taylor can spring for Lasik next? Or just… paper bags?

No. 608276

>>608270 I was just about to ask how recent the first picture was. This answers my question.
How much time is left in his tour?

No. 608277

Naw she learned it from him

No. 608278

Ugh, his tats are just so fucking trashy. How can she think he's attractive.

No. 608279


No. 608281

there's something so funny to me about how often the kratom pills are in a picture. Like it feels like they show them on purpose to show "how sober they are"

No. 608285

File: 1543705731269.png (182.45 KB, 374x697, Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.08…)

No. 608287

File: 1543705786097.png (979.22 KB, 1242x2208, E65197C8-8619-499A-980F-49EDC1…)

So, if she’s referring to the a New Yorker interview in this tweet, that means Bindi was in that empty enclosure at least a month, end of September to end of October, at least. How long does it take to “treat mites”? Jeez

No. 608289

I just watched the NY Mag interview for the first time, and she herself calls Kronos "very aggressive," the wording on the ACS complaint form.

No. 608290

and it's a shitty way to treat mites. From not using paper towels to keeping him in the same room with the other reptiles. She has no idea how to raise any type of animals besides just handing them food

No. 608291


At this point everything in her animal room probably has mites. They spread so easily and she seems to have taken exactly zero precautions to prevent that.

No. 608292

This is overlooking the fact that there are no actual mites, she was just letting bindi exist in a barren enclosure.

No. 608293

It's really quite heartbreaking, blue-tongued skinks are so cool and can be such sociable and fun pets when they're handled right.

No. 608294

The chances of her actually getting mites are relativly high since she never quarentine any of her pets, however i cant see how it started with Bindi instead of the resent snakes she bought lately.

No. 608295

Thing is, if there was mites on Bindi, she should have checked all of the reptiles in the room, so all of them would/should have had barren enclosures (which we know is wrong anyway).

Whichever way you spin the story, it doesn't make much sense. I've seen her stans try to defend it by saying that the enclosure was being cleaned hence why there was nothing in it (though I'd personally not put the animal back until it's decorated and all).

No. 608297

Anyone have screenshots of Tay saying the new cat is defecating all over the house?

No. 608299

Im pretty sure it was jonny saying it in an ig story

No. 608307

Lipstick on a pig is still a pig!

No. 608310


Now now, pigs are tidy, intelligent creatures.

No. 608312

Could have sworn it was in a thread screenshot

No. 608314

File: 1543711043869.png (4.27 MB, 1242x2208, 92DA6F97-06B5-4811-A885-075950…)

No. 608315

Love that. Did they even get Star tested for FIV,Rabies, Ringworm,FeLV, or worms before bringing her into an apartment that not only has two other cats, but also is a domain for 50 exotic animals? I doubt they even kept her in quarantine, or if they did it had to be for like what… 3 days.

No. 608316


Seriously! That's the point that most pokes holes into the "well she was a stray that just ran to me!" story - no way would you bring an unknown cat that's been living wild into the same space with your existing cats without quarantining for fleas at the very least. But this is Taylor, naturally, who's never owned cats before and doesn't seem to understand their behaviour, territoriality or medical needs either, so…

No. 608317

Is Taylors instagram down again?

No. 608321


It would appear so.

No. 608322

Did she get her cats fixed, by the by?

No. 608325

I've never owned reptiles, but do they need time outside their enclosures to run around like rats/rabbits that kinda thing?

Her apartment from what I've seen doesn't look very pet proof it's always very cluttered

No. 608333

I just realized she’s collected 4 cats in like one year? Including the dead one.

No. 608335

Most reptiles don't like to be handled, if anything she over handles some reptiles like her snakes. Others like her blue tongue skink and monitor should have multiple small handling sessions a week, especially to monitor for socialization purposes. She does this wrong because she just puts a leash on him and sometimes takes him outside on the leash. She should just handle him for a few minutes without a leash, inside.

No. 608337

I think Nemo and Ghost are fixed. Don't know about Star though. If she has a microchip that's not registered then she has at least been to a vet before Taylor "rescued" her.
I sincerely hope that they spay her if she isn't already because if she gets out of that appartment and gets pregnant I'd bet they'd keep all the kittens.
I am starting to suspect that she is another Craigslist adoption but Taylor was a bit smarter about it than with Ghost.

No. 608340

I feel so bad for her monitor. People like her give monitors a horrible reputation. People with "cage aggressive" animals need to learn how to spend time with their pets outside of just chucking food in there once a week.

No. 608341


Seeing someone casually talking about getting rid of their cat for a common behavioral problem is super icky.

No. 608342

As a comparison, jvloggers Rachel and Jun found a cat out in the countryside; the cat was tested, vaccinated and had extra worm treatment before entering the home. They also handled the integration stage with care. Despite all this, the cat still has issues. I've adopted an 'apartment cat' in the past and they come with unique problems and needs.

It's not just a matter of smooshing them all together and hoping for the best.

No. 608345

> I really wanna keep you
Implying that they’d “rescue” a cat only to get rid of it if it displayed some behavioural problems? I’m kind of glad Taylor doesn’t actually adopt pets, she’d give the poor animals and the shelter staff the runaround because neither she nor the manchild have the maturity and patience to deal with the kind of problem cases her saviour complex would want to take on.

No. 608346

re-homing would honestly be best though. they're crammed to the gills with pets with high needs and jonny is the highest-need pet of them all.

No. 608353

File: 1543715356506.jpeg (765.03 KB, 1242x1847, 92428CCF-47FF-491D-8D41-86C4E0…)

Any speculation on this?

No. 608354

Not an apology to South Texas thats for sure

No. 608356

let me guess… buying something

No. 608357

Star was allegedly already spayed and chipped during a catch and release program

No. 608358

Don't those programs normally ear-tip?

No. 608359

Not necessarily, it depends on the area. One of the programs in our area ear tips, the other puts a tattoo in their ear.

No. 608361

Depends on the region. My area doesn’t clip ears cause we get -40 weather for 3 months of the year, so most strays don’t have ears left anyways.

No. 608362

I've worked with catch and release programs in Texas before (not SA, but like an hour away) and typically they'll tattoo the kitties belly next to where the incision was. This way, if the cat gets brought back in and gets its belly shaved, vets can see the tattoo and stop. Ear tagging can be hit or miss because of the tendency of outdoor cats to fight.

No. 608366

>>608359 Thank you for the information! I am not from the US and I assumed that it was kind of standard practice.
Makes sense! Thank you. I knew about the tattooing but where I live spaying and neutering of feral cats is mostly done by private people.
Those poor kitties!

But do those programs also microchip animals? I can't really imagine they do.

No. 608367

It depends on the program, I know plenty that do, but others that don't. It mainly depends on the resources of the people doing it. For that reason I don't find it to be that unlikely that Star is fixed, because plenty of programs do chip/spay and release.

No. 608369

Pretty sure ACS is coming in for a video like she said, I'm sure she would consider this a 'huge thing' for her channel. (see >>607546)

No. 608372

Well now I am really surprised! I always thought only cats in shelters/with owners are microchiped.

Maybe because the closest experience at a bigger spay and neuter was a nice vet fixing the cats other people dumped at the farmstead of an old lady and they weren't marked afterwards.

Thank you, this was really enlightening!
Do they store any information on those microchips if they release the cats?

No. 608374

Usually if there is a microchip, the info on the microchip will redirect to the shelter or program that fixed them! That way if the cat gets recaptured, there's a reference for its past medical history of sorts.

No. 608375

So theoretically Star could have been a stray and maybe the group that fixed her just forgot to store the information on the chip?

No. 608377

Very possible. A lot of TNR programs will also chip so that if a lot of chipped feral cats start coming in, they know to go investigate the colony to see if there's a problem. I also am unsure to whether a TNR program would store a non-owners information on the chip, from what I recall you had to be an owner or guardian of the animal to have your contact info stored.

No. 608380

File: 1543718262044.png (831.01 KB, 1242x2208, 9B9044C8-CF92-4AFE-BEF2-579AAD…)

No. 608382



No. 608383

File: 1543718936649.jpg (55.98 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20181201-194852.jpg)

Still no instagram. I wonder what's going on

No. 608387

More like buying a house.

No. 608396

Please don’t tell me she’s pregnant. I know she mentioned it before about having a baby with him.

No. 608399

When did she mention that?

No. 608400

She's said she can't buy right now, maybe a lease on a mcmansion? It's definitely about her spending money on them both.

No. 608401

He was wearing a suit. Probably talked her into marriage.

No. 608402


But he said something big for her career, as well.

No. 608403

Her getting married might distract her fans, but whatever they are talking about already happened and it apparently went taylors way (via Jonnys twitter)

No. 608408


Lol, slaves is playing in philly tonight. He's dressed up for that for some reason. I don't think she's there.

No. 608409


Even if it didn't go her way, I doubt she'd ever admit it, even if no one knows what it is.

Think it's a new channel mascot? "Big for our family and her career" sounds like a new addition to pimp for views.

No. 608410

When she had her meltdown on Twitter and broke up with him, she was sperging about "wanting a family" with him.

No. 608417

If this is it, that would be a horrible move, especially since there are some on the fence about whether or not she’s an animal hoarder

No. 608426

It was probably ACS coming especially if Taylor tried to film parts of it.

I would imagine with ACS coming to investigate an aggressive reptile and neglect they'd want to come ASAP and not allow you to reschedule weeks later to clean out the cages.

Johnny probably thinks that her filming the ACS visit or even just having it done (since we all know ACS hasn't gone to her apartment before or she wouldn't have freaked out) that this'll show up the haters and prove she's a good pet owner.

No. 608432

ACS doesn’t know much about reptiles in general, so they know basically nothing about individual species’ requirements.

Plus even with cats and dogs they have pretty low standards and usually focus more on extreme cases of abuse/neglect. So if that is what it is it’s not going to prove much.

No. 608433


Jonny's reply to the one tweet said its not addressing the recent stuff because they're not pressed and "the truth will come out."

Maybe she's enrolling in some sort of education program?

No. 608434

Eh, I'm leaning more toward buying a house.

If you think about it, it's the most logical step for her. One of the complaints against her is that she's cramming a lot of animals in a very tiny space. If you remove that out of the equation, a lot of people will stop bothering her.

It might also get ACS off her back because the way she freaked out implies she knows, at least to a certain extent, that she'd have to rehome some of her animals.

No. 608477

Maybe she is finally getting some boltons or another cosmetic surgery. Or yeah enrolling in some sort of education program. Or opening her own animal sanctuary kek

No. 608478

Nah, getting an education wouldn't benifet her! Silly you! She already knows everything there is to know.
But for real. Do yall think she's getting a hot? A couple threads back wasn't she talking about getting her permit or something? That'd be a major boost in veiws for her. Imagine her waving it in front of her face. The ad revenue.

No. 608488


I'm simultaneously hoping for and dreading this option. On one hand it would serve as some well-deserved karmic justice if she got tagged by a hot, but on the other it would just mean one more animal for her to neglect.

No. 608489

File: 1543735839985.png (56.77 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20181202-002800~2.p…)

Looks like her Twitter is gone again

No. 608490

Her Instagram is still gone too

No. 608491


What even is the point of this? Can someone please explain to me what she's trying to achieve with constantly deactivating her social media accounts? This seems like so much effort for literally no benefit.

No. 608494


She's probably mass deleting any tweets or insta posts that show her lying or providing her animals with inadequate care. Of course she'll say it was an "accident" or a "glitch" or something.

No. 608495


Lot of good that will do her, considering all of her discriminating posts have been screenshotted.

No. 608504

Whats a hot?

No. 608505


A venomous animal, usually a snake.

No. 608507

She’d probably end up killing several pets if she got one

No. 608509

or herself, i remember her saying snakes only attack in defence and giving how often she manhandles her animals (especially the ones she says don't like being touched) it will strike her.
I dont know how viper keeper is thought of here but ignoring whatever even his snakes attempt strikes even when they know he brings food.

No. 608511


Viperkeeper's care is quite problematic as well, but anyways. His snakes often try to strike BECAUSE they know he brings food and are anticipating to be fed. Snakes get excited just like any other animal. Taylor would most likely get too scared of the potential hot snake to even feed it because that's just what they do.

No. 608513

No. 608514


if you are licky

No. 608516


Sometimes it's okay to not keep new animals if they don't work out, but usually that's because of the animal's best interest, not the owner's or the gd carpet's best interest. I took in a stray cat a little before they did and wasn't sure I'd be able to keep him for a while because I didn't know how he'd do inside or if my other cats would get along with him. Since it takes weeks to properly introduce cats I wasn't 100% sure it'd work out for 5 or 6 weeks. Magically, that didn't seem to be an issue at all for Taylor! (Because she knows absolutely nothing about cats ugh.)

Since I know she reads here and maybe she'll pick up some advice: with three cats Taylor needs at LEAST four litter boxes in that apartment. (As well as 3 feeding stations and 3-4 different places for them to access water. Which shouldn't be too near the litter boxes.) She could try different litter, different boxes, litter attract products, etc. Enzymatic cleaner on whatever the cats pee on outside the box to deter them from peeing there again. The cat/s not using the box should also have a urinalysis to check for UTIs. Also, though I suspect Star wasn't really an outdoor cat, if she really was a stray her whole life then Taylor should try putting leaves and dirt from outside in the box for a while to make the box more appealing to a cat not used to having to use a box with artificial litter. I bet she's done none of that.

The grossest part about this is that Jonny is apparently more worried about the cat not using the litter box than about the cat scratching Nemo. You can't cram your living space full of pets, introduce them improperly, and then have the cats fight at the expense of the cat that was there first. It's cruel. Those poor cats. I wish she'd rehome them all to someone who actually knows how to introduce new cats and just give them the basic care I doubt they're getting.

>>608375 That or they could have shut down. I don't know anything about that area, but where I live it's not always easy to get the finances to keep smaller/private animal rescues open.

No. 608518

Well I just learned that Jen blocked me. Literally the only thing I did was follow whatever's Twitter haha

No. 608521

this is about emzotic (?) and I think was already posted. jen is someone who deletes and deactivates often, so use caps not links.

No. 608522

When I go on Jen's Twitter it says I'm blocked but when I go on Taylor's Twitter it says the account doesn't exist, has she still got her account deactivated or are there different types of blocking?

No. 608523

I thought Jen was staying away from Youtube… nope, new account.

She's so predictable. Needs to milk that money from Tanner while she can.

No. 608526

jonny craig asking someone to Please
not use the word retard is proof we live in a simulation. kek.

No. 608528

Taylor is deactivated

No. 608531

Star must be super stressed out to be crammed in a small new environment with two unfamiliar male cats. Didn't even really think about it til I read your post, now I'm pretty upset. Those poor kitties.

No. 608537

Wasn't Taylor supposed to upload a "day in the life with pets" video?

Why is she completely incapable with following through with any of what she says? Her enclosures probably aren't ready yet

No. 608538

unless that huge thing jonny was talking about was her deleting her social media for some reason?

No. 608548

It's not a great move for her career.
I think anons are overestimating her in every way with this.
They probably just got a new pet, maybe a cleaner/maid/actual assistant or called up ACS.
At most, I could see her rehoming some pets but it depends on how Jonny feels about that.

No. 608556

She keeps deleting her social medias because she knows she can't play a victim on the fact that she checked on her animals only once during a 22 hour period. If that's not neglect I don't know what is and people keep bringing it up.
No escape now, Taytay.

No. 608557

I think she might be deleting them anytime she's asleep or busy with something, because then she can't block all the haters lol

No. 608560

Fuck you're right. She's going to have a serious burn out if she thinks reading/answering to/deleting every single HATE COMMENT is good damage control. I almost feel bad for her mental health.
If only she could project this panic mode control freakery on, idk
.. her animals well-being, for once? 🤠

No. 608563

"Almost" lol yep. I don'tfeel bad for her anymore about anything. Sorry if that's harsh but I pretty much don't care what happens to Taylor. She deserves all the bad that comes her way. Karma is a bitch and she's hands down one of the shittiest youtubers and people in general I've ever seen.

No. 608566

Just so you new anons know: We aren't supposed to use emojis/smileys unless we are mocking the way someone talks or something.

But yeah. I also don't feel bad for her. All of this is her own fault.

No. 608568

File: 1543759541961.jpeg (359.38 KB, 1241x1475, B760FB01-B953-4CEF-B4C4-C20217…)

Yup def sober!!!

No. 608569

I know this has been said before but Jesus Christ his hands are so swollen

No. 608571


His hands are almost Amberlynn Reid levels of bloated.

No. 608574

I have to say, that's a massive amount of dedication

No. 608577

One thing that always blows my mind about Taylor is she genuinely thinks everyone is more stupid than her. These ridiculous lies she tells actually insult our intelligence. But because she's such a narcissist she thinks just saying something makes it automatically true. I've met people who believe their own lies but I don't think she does. She just reallyyyy thinks she's great.

No. 608579

That's actually a thing that turned me off her, other channels while they have this weird tone to them at times still feel okish.
Meanwhile while watching Taylor I never felt on the same level, she would go on about her woes and problems but almost every week she has something new and expensive to show off and how she's friends with so many store owners it's just, I get it you have more money than me please stop rubbing it in my face.

No. 608581

This reminds me. Does she use Snapchat? Because I swear when I used to love her I followed her on there and I remember feeling a type of way because she was always bragging about her expensive material purchases in her stories. Then as soon as she started getting a bunch of snakes I side eyed her HARD. When she got her very first snake I was SO happy for her. But then the novelty wore off when she got 10+ more within the next few months.

No. 608584

I wouldn't have a clue, I really only followed her youtube and instagram then her twitter for like, a month before I gave up, it is possible though.
But yeah I wouldn't care for the amount of animals she got over the year (this is of course if they got the correct care) if she didn't brag bout their price and/or morph, her bonds should be with the animal at the base not their fancy colours or species.

No. 608585

Come on! That’s apple juice! Lol

No. 608588

she had snapchat for a really small amount of time before she deleted it

No. 608589

File: 1543766704838.jpeg (87.68 KB, 750x276, 8B1BAF1F-4F81-43BB-A1A5-E8C6BE…)

She doesn’t use it anymore, but it does exist

No. 608591

i think the "huge thing" she did might really be that she deleted all her public social media, which tbh wouldn't be a dumb decision at all, if she can stick with it.

No. 608595


thats not a career move though? social media is a good way to promote your videos and get new subscribers, unless you're including deleting youtube too lol but thats the end of her 'career'.

No. 608600

unless she remade everything under a new name but again probs not a good thing because how are her fans going to find her

No. 608612

Idk, she's way too well known in the pettuber scene to pop up, let's say, months later with a ~brand new start. Either no one would give a shit anymore other than the most delusional fans, or she would just get dragged again.

No. 608614

Is it possible she disabled her social media in fear that ACS would look her up and find them? Or maybe for a job interview so they can't see how trashy of a person she is.

No. 608615

File: 1543773947443.jpeg (391.05 KB, 823x2129, 7F18AD4F-1B20-46D2-9CC1-1DC2C1…)

Jesus her stans piss me off.

No. 608619

>acting like all her pets are dead
>she wouldn't do that!

Is her own fan implying she killed the animals that died this month?

No. 608621

File: 1543774701007.jpg (671.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181202-121335_Ins…)

Haven't seen this one posted yet. Sorry if I missed it but my God this man is a fucking disgusting mess

No. 608623

He literally looks like a chode here

No. 608627

but taylor feels SO loved and comfortable and safe and that's all that matters


No. 608629

I don’t get it. She’s a pretty girl. Did she go for the first guy who ever gave her attention? How did they meet, anyway? They were already together in the first thread

No. 608632

According to Jen, (which I forgot if it was a tweet or interview) Taylor likes the Slaves when she was younger. If I recall, she was either 12 or 15. Apparently has always been a super big fan. It was probably similar to the Post Malone situation. DMed him on twitter and now they live in a tiny apartment with 50 animals with clever names like Egg and even if Taylor wouldn’t allow it, Boss Baby.
It’s a modern love story.

No. 608634

I don't know that much about the music world. Are they a big name band? What a horrible name, btw. But I'd never heard of them. Are they really that popular?

No. 608637

No. Jonny was in some bands that were popular (Dance Gavin Dance for example) but he got kicked out of them for being a shit person

No. 608651

In her all my pets in one video video, is her mouse in a critter trail? 9 mins in. The cage all her 'friends' on YouTube buy to make fun of/show people how bad they are

No. 608653

I'm not sure which crittertrail she has, but there are a few of them that are multi levels that are an okay size for a single male mouse. It's what many mouse keepers keep their males in.

No. 608664

File: 1543780872517.jpeg (219.57 KB, 1242x1047, 3908DF28-ADE7-4D14-9F2C-91804C…)

No. 608666

Kind of disconcerting that he’s the one announcing it, not her… That’s like the classic abusive boyfriend move “she’s totally fine, she’s just taking a break! no need for anyone to check in with her or ask any follow up questions”

No. 608668

I thought she was doing so great?

No. 608671

He's dressed like an uncircumcised penis lol

He's like an accessory for her and she's been trying to fix him since they started dating. With the amount of money that she's spent on his teeth alone she could have put a down payment on a pretty nice house. I just checked on Zillow and houses are cheap af in San Antonio. She can get a 4 bedroom 2,000+ sq foot house for over 300k and likely pay less on a mortgage than she does on her rent. As long as Jonny is around, she'll continue to hemorrhage money.

No. 608677


She's also 21 and has no education or life experience to speak of - even if Jonny was removed from the equation, little miss "I bought a 10k snake!!" would still be throwing her money away as fast as she can. She isn't striking me as financially savvy at all.

No. 608685


Ever since reading this >>608285 a few threads back, I'm convinced she's not going to get a house b/c she doesn't want Johnny to have his name on anything, or to have anything to do with it, really.

I can only hope she's just waiting around for him to die of liver failure so she can replace him with something shiny and new. She does it with her animals so it's not really a stretch…

No. 608686

Queen and king of "If I put it in a tweet, it makes it true!!!"

If she would NEVER hurt those animals why have so many of them died????

No. 608688

I’m annoyed that she keeps saying she has addressed all of the issues people keep bringing up. She thinks just saying “no, I don’t neglect animals” is addressing the issues. With no proof.

No. 608690

Even if he wanted to be on the lease, he can’t because he has a criminal record.

She hasn’t gotten a house either because she can’t afford it or because she’s saving up money for the million dollar house her manchild boyfriend wants.

No. 608691

I look at all these influencers and yourubers who are like under 25 and wonder if they have any plans for their future lmao. Youtube aint gonna be around forever and you’re barely making money on there anymore anyway as a creator. And I doubt any of these kids have anyone looking out for them or are smart enough to hire an accountant. Buy that house now honey

No. 608692

i'm going to be so pissed when she comes back and "changes" her care and finally does a live stream (after having two weeks to cover her own ass and fix things) and everyone believes her bullshit

No. 608693

blogpost but lmao “million dollar house” is such a sad flex to anyone living in a big city. One bedrooms here start at 2-3 million ffs.

No. 608694

If she changes her care for the better and keeps it that way, why be pissed? I hate her but if she fixes her petcare I'm going to be happy that her pets are doing better.

No. 608695


I think the way they think of it is that they’d never intentionally hurt animals so it can’t be true (although Taylor admitted to bashing rats and mice heads in??) so therefore there can’t physically be anything wrong. But what they’re not getting into their heads is you can still love, and not want to hurt your animals and still be negligent.

No. 608696

The one thing she can’t really fix (unless she buys completely new enclosures) is that 99% of her animals are in enclosures too small. The racks aren’t even 3ft. Also all of her animals in racks (the colubrids and ball pythons) should be given the opportunity to climb so she’d have to ditch that whole thing anyway. And the cages she got from custom cages, the top rows on both of them are 2ft long tanks which aren’t really big enough for any of her animals except her leopard gecko. The middle rows are 3ft long cages which would be okay for her hognose, possibly the male ball pythons (debatable, but in both cases it would be bare minimum), and her Kenyan sand boa. If she changes all of that it will definitely be a good thing, but also very obvious so she can’t say it was always like that.

No. 608697

I want her to do better for her animals also but I can see why some anons would be upset about what will likely happen (her fixing up her care for a livestream to show that "nothing was ever wrong and it was all bullshit")

It discredits any valid criticisms people had, have, or will have, as even if she goes back to being neglectful, she will just use this theoretical livestream as proof that she isn't

However, that assumes that she will only improve her care for the livestream and then go back to neglecting her animals.

No. 608698


That’s the problem, as much as she can claim she doesn’t, she has too many animals for her apartment, she could do with another wall of racks for all her animals, which I’m gathering is maybe the big change Jonny was talking about, maybe she’s got a bigger house for her ‘career’ I’m worried though because if she doesn’t snap out of her mindset, more space = more animals when she really need to perfect the care of her current animals before thinking or getting new ones.

No. 608699

But do we really think Taylor will do a live stream?? It'll be much harder for her to divert criticism in a live video when her enclosures inevitably still suck. I think she'll end up coming back and claiming she will put up a video instead.

No. 608700

In either case it won’t really prove anything. Because by now she’s had time to fix almost everything (besides enclosure sizes), clean up her apartment, etc.

No. 608702

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the complete freak out Taylor has had over all of this. How many youtubers and influencers have had drama surrounding them and been able to handle it leaps and bounds better than her lol. She is completely incapable of being humble or doing anything but being the victim. It's like watching someone hit their head off a wall over and over. If I had that many animals die I'd feel like shit and wouldn't be singing myself praises like she does.

No. 608704

talk about Manipulative. "She's hurting because she really does is love these animals and would never hurt one" when you can just say, "She's taking a break from social media to fix, not only herself, but also towards her animals. She'll be back with more knowledge to share with all her fans."

No. 608707

I bet the super amazing thing she has done for her family and career will be so underwhelming if anything is even announced at all. She’s the queen over over praising and under delivering. The message from Jonny just screams of controlling relationship to me. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s had enough of her freaking out. I really can’t see him in the caring sensible role.

No. 608718

Daddy will protect you bby, just open your bank account.

No. 608727


She just posted something the other day that was their first interaction I think. She tweeted him something and he said "not with that thing on your face" because of her profile pic with the tarantula. And then after that, I think she flew out to CA to meet him at a show and then he came to "visit" her and never left.

No. 608729

yeah it’s already too late for her livestream to mean shit. she’s being forced to get her shit together. if the claims made against her weren’t valid she would have shown her enclosures and apartment already.

sucks for you ig? why blogpost abt it lol

No. 608734

File: 1543796538179.png (649.33 KB, 1242x2208, A9E8FF8F-14D4-4476-A82F-ECA7A7…)

Happy Tails commented on what ever’s video.

No. 608736

Does HT honestly think she has any room to talk? Her care is so much worse than Taylor's.

No. 608743

Just because her care is bad, does not mean that Taylor's care is good.
One could even argue that HT can comment BECAUSE her care is bad. She knows what bad care looks like. She provides it.

No. 608750

Tbh happytails has a VERY low standard of care. If she thinks tays care is bad, that means tays care literally doesnt even meet happytails standards.

No. 608753

I never said Taylor's care was good, but HT's is absolutely worse. It's just funny that she says
>it's weird to see people that defender her turn around and attack me
as if she thinks her care is better than taylor's. Either way I guess it's good to have another pettuber(one with a decent audience) agreeing that taylor's care sucks though.

No. 608762

Why would ACS allow her to tape their visit? Who's to know she didn't set up a con to have maybe a friend of a friend pose as ACS? How wild would it be if she fast tracked to get a rental house to move in the middle of the night/weekend to avoid ACS?

No. 608779


… if she has any sense, this is the sort of stunt she should pull on Jonny. Just leave when he's away on tour, and leave no easily-found forwarding address.

No. 608787

File: 1543806460049.jpeg (281.09 KB, 750x737, F1868F7A-5C81-4950-8070-4587B6…)

Is she ok

No. 608788

Wait you can pay people to rant on twitter and stalk their own kids on social media? Wow!

No. 608791

is tanner telling her to get him someone so he can get away from her? im tinfoiling but gosh i would

No. 608793

if my child told me that as their mother I was replaceable, while the father wasn't considered so, i'd probably be nuts too

No. 608794

Smart kid!

No. 608798

Yo Happy Tails, if you lurk here, upgrade your guinea pigs' enclosures

No. 608808


Many larger lizards, such as monitors, blue-tongue skinks, adult beardies, etc. should definitely have freedom and handling time weekly. It helps keep them comfortable with handlers for things like tank cleaning, education purposes if you do that, and just keeping them from being overly-aggressive with people in general. They might seem small compared to an adult human, but adults of these lizards are still very big for a tank pet. They should definitely get exercise and allowed some roaming time.

No. 608811


Jennifer is a walking poster child for NPD. Not surprising that Taylor probably has it, based on her known behaviour.

She's a JustNOMom. I feel bad for any kids that inherit her as a MIL.

No. 608812

So I saw on some YouTube comments made by Taylor (don't think it was Twitter, 99% sure it was YT) that Cheese was, at time of death…an incredibly large 3.5 inches long.

At age 3. For a fish that lives up to 10 years, and is supposed to get 2 feet. In her "Meet Cheese" video, she even mentions it and has it IN THE DESCRIPTION. And she thinks she's a good pet owner? Jesus Christ, she posted it a year ago, and she's already thrown that "research" into the trash.

No. 608819

How has she gained almost 600 subscribers today.. she doesn't even have her twitter or instagram activated. On top of that, her latest video is playing with the dead body of the mascot of her channel. Something seems off. But in the words of TND… "lol"

No. 608822

Honestly I don't get why she and Taylor get all uppity about people "nOt KnOwInG wHaT hApPeNs OfFlInE" when they go posting shit like this. This is way too much oversharing for the internet. And for what fucking purpose?

No. 608824


Caring for Tanner would be terrible as this little interaction shows (assuming it's true). Regardless, that "#youjustwait" is creepy as hell.

No. 608826

File: 1543816501858.jpg (3.88 MB, 1152x2048, fuS2jSf.jpg)

Wow. She even acknowledges here that due to water quality even small cowfish should be in a much bigger tank than a 30 gallon bio cube. Yet didn’t she at some point say some shit about why would she put such a small fish like Cheese in such a big tank and that he was fine in the overstocked bio cube?

No. 608829

File: 1543816730400.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2208, 2EB9FC51-AD6F-4A0C-B5D1-24BE7C…)

those are not 35,000 teeth. I’ve seen better 1,000 Tijuana cap jobs. She only capped four and the rest were pulled. It actually looks more like a cheap bridge tbh.

No. 608831

Kids sometimes say awful things. Hearing shit like that once in a while part of being a parent. But for fuck's sake you don't go saying it to the entire goddamn world.

No. 608832

Regarding Jen as a MIL, no, don't feel bad for JC

They should get married so TND has a right to the insurance.

No. 608834


No, you should if you're Jen so everyone could reassure her that she's the best mom every - without any evidence.
Sound familiar?

No. 608837

Insurance as in life insurance? I doubt Jonny has ever been responsible enough to obtain and continuously pay for life insurance. And at this point he’s most likely ineligible

No. 608840

That flabby neck area and those teeth. Shudders

No. 608846

I was watching her subscriber count the other day and the way she was losing vs gaining was very odd. I'd wager to guess she's buying subs

No. 608851

I had to go back and really look at his flab and cheap teeth. My eyes were just automatically drawn to those horrible, horrible tattoos.

No. 608852

File: 1543823773522.png (63.53 KB, 273x249, ApplicationFrameHost_2018-12-0…)

Windows just made a shitpost for me

No. 608863


“If he lives that long” oof.

No. 608864

I guess she's hoping that the "haters" will lose interest if she stops using social media for a while. But I feel like a lot of her "fans" will lose interest first.

No. 608870

I was thinking about it.. And.. Realistically, anyone defending her doesn't give a shit about animal life.

Think about it.. If there was a young girl with a ton of kids on YouTube, always popping out more while barely taking care of the ones she has..would people defend her?

If she accidentally cooked a few kids because she slept all day and then left without checking on them.. Would people defend her?

Fuck. No.

No. 608871


Maybe she was warning someone who is pregnant or wanting to be, to 'just wait' until they have their kid, that they'll see what it's like to be a mom. It sounds like that's what she could've meant, especially with those smug emojis. You don't think …?

No. 608874

To me it sounds like "just wait til i'm gone, then you'll see". Your interpretation would make sense to me if Taylor was trying to get pregnant and I really hope she's not stupid enough to do that.

No. 608877

Does anyone here know if the name of the owner/one of the employees from the store Reptile Pets Direct start with a C? I don't want the name, just yes/no.

No. 608878

No. 608879

Have you been there and talked to them?

No. 608880

They’ve been living together a year. In the eyes of the law isn’t that like married? Isn’t she then responsible for his funeral
/burial and debt when he croaks?

No. 608881

Common law marriage doesn't usually happen until seven years, but depends on the state.

No. 608884

Common law marriage in Texas doesn’t have a time period. You just have to live together and both tell others that you’re married afaik

No. 608895

Common-law can usually only be proven/established if people intend to be married, someone takes the others last name, you hold joint bank accounts, tell people you are married, file taxes together, raise children together, etc. Most of the time, courts recommend a note signed by both declaring this, but in the end, only a judge can declare people informally married. It's not as simple as just living together and dating.

Texas doesn't seem to have a time frame to declare this, just any sort of proof as well as the knowledge that people are not married to anyone else and over 18.

I definitely do not think her big step is marriage. It sounds like it's some sort of education. It has to be regarding both family and career.. Career being that it would advance it, and family meaning she would make more money. That is quite literally all Jonny cares about.

No. 608898

fuccccckkkkk, he’s actually hideous. imagine settling for that thing because you want the “experience” like holy fuck. Taylor musta been fucking desperate to get with this ugly demon

No. 608899

I seriously, seriously do not get her picking Jonny of all people. He's not talented, or good looking, or rich, or a pleasant person. Or even a decent one. Why the fuck would you pick him of all people? It's not like Taylor didn't have options if she really wanted a live-in boyfriend - she's pretty and she makes bank and that's more than enough for a lot of dudes. But why on earth this particular dude.

No. 608902

Honestly probably has some sort of Savior Complex, but can't really say much without ever having talked to her, but just a guess from the animals, her boyfriend, the way she talks on twitter.

No. 608903

Kids do say some awful things without realizing it, especially when they have mental delays or other similar things.

However, Mama Dean actively encourages it and brags on it as being 'quirky' without trying to correct it. Like when Tanner called women something to the effect of "bitches". Mama Dean would rather post about it or show video of it for attention than try to correct the behavior and get him to stop doing it.

And she wonders why people think she's a bad parent?

>anyone defending her doesn't give a shit about animal life.

That's 100% the case. Just look at the majority of the responses people get for pointing out the truth. They all boil down to "Taylor couldn't have done X because she's a great person! And if something did happen it's fine because they're just animals that were blessed to be around her to begin with."

Very few of them actually give a shit about the animals, they just only care about the animals in the first place because they're Taylor's animals. If they were all owned by Johnny and Taylor never interacted with them then Johnny could've drowned them all in the background of a video and they wouldn't have cared so long as Taylor acted like nothing was out of the ordinary about it.

No. 608932

So many of these stans look up to her husbandry and many try to replicate the advice she gives. Saying her care isn’t good, or anything other than amazing, would be like shooting themselves in the foot by admitting to themselves that their care probably isn’t too great either if that’s their gold standard.

No. 608959

It's not as noticeable now because her social media is dead but for a period of time her stans were buying animals then several days later begging her for help because said animal was not happy/eating.

No. 608973

Every single Instagram post on her page would have people in the comments asking for advice about a pet they had, whether Taylor had one or not.
It was sickening. She's not a vet, she's had no training, she has minimal experience in all of these aninals. She has no clue how to care for a sick animal.

No. 608975


even as someone who has education or even a vet, giving advice over the internet is a terrible idea if an animal needs to see a vet her fans are so irresponsible its no wonder they idolize her too she probably makes them feel better about their own mistakes

No. 608990

I can’t believe I’m going to defend her a little, but she has said in the past that if your animal is sick, you should contact a vet. What makes me angry is when she responds with advice about care that’s clearly wrong, someone corrects her, and it gets ignored by both her and the person who originally asked. Like, I thought you said people shouldn’t just rely on you for care advice?

No. 609018

I haaate saying anything positive about him but he does have some singing talent. I had been avoiding listening to him for a while but gave in to curiosity. But I highly doubt he’s serenading her or her pets.

No. 609022

Ugh I finally listened to him sing too and I'm in shock.

He's not exactly a person you'd imagine to have a decent voice.

No. 609027

Listen/watch his live performances, he’s trash now.

No. 609034


Damn, his singing voice is p good but I'm surprised how light it is, I expected something more raspy and crinkly and trashy.

Too bad he's decided to be the shittiest human being ever, maybe more people would actually want to listen to his music.

No. 609045

Another reason Taylor might be “taking a break” is so when she returns, her views will flood back in. If she waits too long they’ll lose interest, but a couple of days?
Her stans will be like moths to a flame

No. 609049

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here lol he's good but he's not that great. If he was he'd be more popular than he is despite all his scandals. He just a washed up has been, if you can even call him a has been. The average person does not know who DGD or Slaves is let alone Jonny Craig.

No. 609051


Only reason I know who he is was because of TND. And once I learned more, he's the reason I stopped watching her. Blows my mind people can support a rapist because… Goals??

No. 609052

Who cares what he sounds like? The reality is if he didn’t have the voice he did, people wouldn’t keep listening to him. They justify it because they like his voice but that’s like saying it’s ok if Taylor does xyz to her animals because she’s pretty.

The whole reason he’s been in band after band after band is because he sounds great but can’t stay sober so no band he’s in ever truly takes off.

No. 609061

It's not really that uncommon to see women, especially late teenagers and young adults in their early 20's, having some sort of savior complex and playing cool girl.
He presents himself as a rockstar "riddled with demons" to a sheltered girl who's just been launched into a semblance of internet fame and independence, and well you have this as the result.

Taylor might be pretty and have a following but she isn't necessarily remarkable enough to attract someone with a lot of money and success. In this day and age there's plenty of people on youtube with 1mil subscribers so she's not exactly special in that sense either.

Plus, men like JC often manage to enter relationships with women who have very low self-esteem. If you look at Chelsea and Liz, both of them are really pretty, but both of them have (or had) low self-esteem. Having someone who's kinda famous paying attention to you when you have low self-esteem can make you feel like you're at the top of the world. And age is important too. It'd be a different thing if Taylor was, say, 25, because by then she'd have matured fully, and she'd be well into adulthood, but she met him when she was 20. A 20 year old is more willing to let your fuck ups slide than someone with more experience. That's why he's getting older but his girlfriends are getting younger.

No. 609090

How good can his voice be anymore? I don't listen to his shit, but I know heavy drinking and smoking can really affect your vocal chords.

No. 609091

I don't know that I'd call 25 "well into adulthood." The human brain doesn't stop developing until age 25, meaning that, biologically, 25 is the end of adolescence. Which is why all these pet tubers in their early 20s are such babies.

No. 609094

This guy made video about Taylor, it isnt milky but it is interesting watch this spreading


No. 609096

Check his twitter too, his opinion shifted more negative.

No. 609121

it's been posted, say his name next time so people can give you a heads up, we don't enjoy clickbait. learn to use the youtube embed box for your posts.

No. 609124

Yeeeeah, why dontcha tell the name of the channel and the Youtuber next time. You'd sound way less clickbaity and sketch.

No. 609127

Jesus he looks gross af. I don’t like Taylor but I know for sure she could do better than this slimey fucker.

No. 609131

File: 1543882178929.jpeg (47 KB, 575x1024, DcjAB4BV0AEQykY.jpeg)

Idk if this was posted before but I found this on Twitter. Looks like Jen DMed this to a girl regarding something she posted about eds and how her dad killed himself because of it. I think she's really an evil bitch.

No. 609133

File: 1543882251519.jpeg (67.6 KB, 575x1024, DcjAHp3V4AAyScA.jpeg)


Context for last screenshot

No. 609135

Yeah, this was posted in one of the older threads. Shows how Mama Dean truly feels about people.

No. 609136


Wasn't it the general consensus that these screenshots were faked?

No. 609141

Yeah it was

No. 609143


I think there was something about how they don't line up right like real DMs, yeah. Jen said some pretty shitty things to that girl publicly too though, idk if they're still on her twitter. I think Jen thought she was Chelsea on a fake account? If she is she's really dedicated, because that account is still active.

No. 609161

His pet care is not much better. He has a hamster in a critter trail with fluffy/cotton nesting material.
Critter trails are way too small, or as he words it air quotes "not the best per say," and cotton nesting material is dangerous and can strangle your ham from within it's body. When corrected he said "they like it so I mixed it with their bedding and I only use a tiny bit."
I'm glad people are realizing Taylor's care is bad but I wish it was people with actual proper care so they don't just seem like an ass. Literally watched one video and bounced.

No. 609165

I agree. I wish more people with decent pet care would say something, but they’re probably too busy taking care of their pets.

No. 609170

seriously. not to derail but that's like saying "i only put a tiny bit of chocolate in my dog's food, he likes it!"

No. 609179

Plus, had you made this post a year and a half ago I would have totally agreed that she’s really pretty. But tbh her smoking heroin with Jonny and not taking care of herself and overdamaging her hair has made her looks go down a lot… I question why with her good cash inflow and good looks she chose Jonny of all people. But now, I wonder how many guys would really want her after dating a rapist and accumulating so many animals so quickly. She looks so haggard now, which is shame because honestly she used to look so pretty.

No. 609187

Little late to post but SA does ear clip. My grandparents feed strays then catch them, take em to the vet to get spayed and vacced then released. All cats have ear clips

No. 609202

Pretty shouldn't matter in her line of work. She's not a model. It's part of why she can get away with the shit she does. There's this whole idea out there among some that pretty people can do no wrong. If she was ugly as fuck, people would have strung her up a long time ago.

No. 609203

Pretty shouldn't matter in her line of work. She's not a model. It's part of why she can get away with the shit she does. There's this whole idea out there among some that pretty people can do no wrong. If she was ugly as fuck, people would have strung her up a long time ago.

No. 609204

The only reason Taylor is popular is because she is pretty in a standard, boring sort of way. It's why other pet tubers try to look like her, and why other, better pet tubers who have great care and cute animals aren't more popular.

No. 609206

I have zero idea how to work this site but want to know what some Pet tube ppl are who have good husbandry.

No. 609208

Snake Discovery and Kitten Lady are both good.

No. 609209

No WK, but are we certain that she’s using along with him? It wouldn’t surprise me, being romantically involved with an addict that uses heavily will affect someone.

No. 609215

Shadow the Rat, Leopard Gecko and Solid Gold are good ones too

No. 609216

File: 1543903446964.png (2.26 MB, 1242x2208, 480E7E55-BB0D-4399-868F-E7F7C7…)

Isn’t kim Chelsea’s roommate/friend? Has anyone seen the screenshotted tweet?

No. 609219

File: 1543904428464.png (90.13 KB, 463x589, Picture 1.png)

No. 609220

File: 1543904449719.png (80.29 KB, 465x492, Picture 2.png)

No. 609222

Did.. did he just threaten to rape the op? Ummmmm???

No. 609223

No. 609224

I'm not sure then what he means then by that last reply. He probably just thought it sounded intimidating.

No. 609226


I swear "maybe if you say it enough times it'll become true" is something Jen has tweeted to people before for "hating" on Taylor. Did she copy it from him, or did he get it from her?

No. 609227

You can follow this link for the general thread to talk about Petubers in general >>>/snow/730730 and this one for guidance on posting https://lolcow.farm/info. This thread is for Taylor.

No. 609230

>anyone who knows me knows that fucking bullshit

Lmao he meant to write "that's" but by saying "that" he implies everyone who knows him already knows all that bullshit is true hahaha

No. 609251

It's a common expression that mocks the other person for saying something untrue.

No. 609258

kim has known chelsea for years. ive known about kim since 2012 and she was there for a ton of the JC shit.

No. 609265

her twitter seems to be back up…wasn’t much of a break

No. 609268

If I remember correctly, Kim is the one who showed a video of Chelsea scrolling through her texts with Taylor to prove they weren't fake.

No. 609269

File: 1543917085976.png (262.05 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-12-04-11-50-04…)

No. 609270


I see she spent at least some of her 'break' getting her lips done. Reaching for those blow-up doll goals.

No. 609272

I…did she post this picture HOPING people would bully her over it?? those brows, that hairline, those liPs oof

No. 609277

what has she done to herself

No. 609279

Now that someones pointed it out
It kind of looks like she tried using a brow stamp or stencil.

Different strokes for different folks i guess…..but she really has ruined how beautiful she was.

No. 609281

Ok,Taylor. Whatever.

No. 609282

Does emzotic have a thread? How do I find it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 609283

She's in the general pettuber thread in snow

No. 609287

So does anyone here actually expect the video she is gonna upload to talk about the allegations at all? I feel like she will ignore it until everyone forgets.

No. 609288

Hey all. I am new to this but something I saw in a previous thread that was severely overlooked - “tarantulas don’t need water / don’t drink”. I keep tarantulas and there are hundreds of pictures on the internet of t’s drinking. This is DIRECT misinformation that people seem to overlook but is still so severe.

Tarantulas die most commonly from dehydration. They enter ‘death curls’ while still being alive because without water their limbs get tight and they cannot move. Molting is also impossible while dehydrated.

Save the Ts!

No. 609289

try >>609227 and for bonus points, see her spergout at >>>/snow/624638

No. 609291

>>609269 what are her extensions holding onto at this point? Hope?

No. 609292

she's planning to distract everyone from the drama with her new cartoon eyebrows.

No. 609293

Bets on her barely acknowledging it after 10mins of completely unrelated content for that good YouTube cash.

No. 609298

I predict it's going to be 17 minutes of talking in circles with three ad breaks and minimal animal content.

No. 609299

File: 1543924396656.png (459.18 KB, 710x838, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.53…)

No. 609300

File: 1543924480984.jpeg (319.13 KB, 828x771, EF8A8589-57E0-4589-BD23-3781BE…)

Good morning

No. 609301

Already spent all of his tour money I see lol

No. 609304

Calling your video file poop poop after getting accused of being an animal abusing rape apologist… Can she take ANYTHING seriously?

No. 609306

So tired of her fans saying 'everyone makes mistakes!!!' as an excuse to forgive her animal deaths.

No. 609310

File: 1543927779523.png (3.24 MB, 1125x2436, 4ACE815D-1A98-404C-91EE-B98E0D…)

No. 609321

Nope, she can't take shit seriously. That pic suggests she took 1000 shots of herself looking for just the right cute, little pose to slap "let's talk" on.

No. 609327

File: 1543931409717.jpeg (468.37 KB, 2048x2048, 15713BD3-4252-479A-9EBD-4AAD5C…)

No. 609328

how do you just keep pushing off an apology video

No. 609330


"They're talked about in it!" is not an apology. So ~~excited~~ to see how quickly she'll walk through the steps of the Narcissist's Prayer there.

That didn’t happen.
And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
And if it is, that’s not my fault.
And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
And if I did…
You deserved it.

No. 609331

File: 1543932024736.png (772.55 KB, 640x1136, 73CFFBB5-4157-496D-B9A0-912292…)

Who tf brags about tank temperature like this? Like wow you’re doing the bare minimum way to go. Still on the high end of the range in December is concerning when she can afford a chiller. Show his gills in clear lighting first. His temperature could be fine and there could still be a host of other things wrong.

No. 609332


still no sand in the tank either

No. 609333

Its 44 degrees outside in san Antonio and her tank is still on the higher end of where it should be,It's 55 here and my tank is colder than hers without running a chiller which makes me mad.

No. 609336

Less than 12 hours… Sure, stuck in a time loop.

No. 609338

File: 1543935047694.png (189.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181204-094939.png)

>my animals are taken care of
except for when you only check on them once in a 22 hour period and three of them die as a result. If that's even what really happened.

No. 609339

you can tell this video is just going to be forty minutes her covering up lies with more lies (even though that method has CLEARLY not worked for her) and it is so unbelievably frustrating.

just get off your high horse and tell the truth. how can someone be so narcissistic that they can't even tell the truth after its clear the lies are all falling apart?

No. 609340

File: 1543936801611.png (645.36 KB, 631x953, 0C0D1D8D-435D-42FE-B045-404FA7…)

When flexing goes wrong and you accidentally reveal that you’re not so sober after all.

I mean, we all knew it, but this is hilarious.

No. 609341

It's truly baffling how he and Taylor's little pea brains operate. They literally think just saying he's sober over and over again makes it true. He's actually be drinking daily.. But he's sober you guys!!!!

No. 609344

I've been laughing at this for at least two minutes now. 53k on teeth down the drain. Ahh, that was funny as hell. Dude is straight up killing himself by drinking those (he is in kidney failure) and doesn't give any shits at all. Taylor really picked a winner here.

No. 609345

ESL here, is it possible that by "sober" they only meant off drugs but not alcohol? Surely he can't be this stupid

No. 609346

They could just think being sober means he doesnt do heroin
Yea it's most likely this, us american's can be pretty retarded sometimes

No. 609347

I think Taylor has stated that they both don't drink couple times, someone correct me if I'm wrong

No. 609348

Taylor has clearly said that they also don't even smoke anymore so I think she meant no alcohol either.

No. 609349

If she is going to preach about being sober and getting their lives together, then trying to show off by drinking isn't a step in the right direction. I forget the term for speaking for yourself, but as someone who goes to NA and AA meetings, they are really intertwined. There isn't I do this but don't do this. Addict alcoholics, like Jonny, can't stop at just ONE drink. A great example is the second Jack in that photo. It doesn't really matter what he means by "sober," because drinking isn't sober. Even the definition of sober is "not affected by alcohol; not drunk."

No. 609350

File: 1543939257217.jpeg (445.32 KB, 1158x2353, D8882A20-0BEF-4969-B378-A1C5F6…)


Two Taylor tweets re: Jonny’s sobriety as of 4 days ago.

“Completely sober” and “Looks healthier every single day cause he’s not even drinking”, apparently.

I think the point is that nobody really gives a shit whether Jonny drinks or not. It’s the fact that a huge part of her argument when it comes to defending Jonny’s awful personality and behaviour is around his new sobriety i.e. “it was all in the past!!! he made bad decisions because he wasn’t sober!! he only raped his ex girlfriends because he was an addict! he’s a good person now!!” etc. ad infinitum

No. 609355

This is exactly correct. When you're an addict there's no "little bit". I believe Taylor doesn't understand that. Or at least acts like she doesn't. She will justify his drinking by saying it's only sometimes but as you said, it doesn't matter. Easier than arguing with him I guess?

No. 609357

The fact that he has such little respect for Taylor to publicly post shit like this while she tries to defend him and say he isnt drinking is fucking astounding.

No. 609361

So how many ads is she going to cram into this video

No. 609370

I was thinking of making a twitter called Taylor's Deleted Tweets. Does anyone know if this is against Twitter's TOS?

No. 609372

File: 1543944602675.png (45.03 KB, 625x461, d8253822bea9aea86de7c38912f7d6…)

"what does drinking have to do with my teeth" … well lets see what happened with your first set and heavy drinking, JC.(Cowtipping)

No. 609373

Not to WK but drinking wasn't the reason his teeth got fucked up…

No. 609375

Can still cause gum disease, tooth decay, and mouth sores. It's the second leading cause of oral cancer. Maybe I was wrong assuming his first teeth got messed up from drinking (but other than that i thought it would've been drugs) just saying it can still ruin his new teeth

No. 609377

If she was really such a flawless pet owner she would just do a reaction video to What Evers video and explain how all of the accusations against her are untrue and provide evidence like Ghost's petco adoption papers. But she isn't doing that because it's easier to deny the accusations if you don't show the evidence of them.

No. 609378

Why even mention his teeth when the tweet of the other person didn't? Guy is so doped out of his mind he reads stuff that isn't there?

No. 609379

It was mentioned here “53k down the drain” so he’s clearly lurking

No. 609381

File: 1543945948677.png (78.27 KB, 600x753, fee9c4331bbe34095fdcc5bf72a392…)

He was responding to this comment from the person saying the 53k was down the drain

No. 609384

>big difference between sober and drinking

yes, there is a big difference. if he's drinking, he's not sober. johnny's fans are as dumb as he is.

No. 609387

This bitch is so fucking dense it makes my blood boil.
"People think my axolotl looks horrible because of wrong tank temp, so I'll keep posting pictures of the thermometer with passive-aggressive cowboy emojis to prove them wrong lmao!"
Fucking find the problem and fix it before you have another dead animal on your hands.

No. 609388

i like that she posted another passive aggressive photo of mushu's tank temperatures
which is still sandless,
even though she managed to go out and get her lips done this week

No. 609390

I temporarily subscribed to her because I want to see this video the second it comes out which is supposed to be right now.

No. 609391

Same here. I would have assumed she'd have set it to go live at exactly 1pm if she was going to stick to her promise…

No. 609392

she never posts on time so i wouldn't hold your breath.

No. 609393

Don't worry, it'll be up within the next 6 months I'm sure!

No. 609395

it'll be up right after she gets to that apology video for the breeder!

No. 609396

No video yet lol

No. 609397


This shit pisses me off. Sure, people with mental illnesses can absolutely take care of animals, depending on the illness and the severity of it. The difference is that most people with mental illnesses actually give a fuck about their animals. Blogpost, but I have fairly severe major depressive disorder and even I manage to take care of my animals because I genuinely love them and they give my life, purpose even on the bad days. Everything Taylor does just shows how little she cares about her pets and how they're just convenient photo props for her when she needs to take 'quirky animal chick' selfies for Instagram. Bitch needs to shut her bloated mouth about mental illness.

No. 609398

File: 1543950605875.png (148.36 KB, 640x1136, 0734D18A-0A52-47E2-A0F6-CAC1B4…)

But the door was closed in one of your videos Taylor?

No. 609400

is this comment from today? i swear this is the first time i've actually seen her agree to research something someone has suggested (even if i don't believe she will actually follow through with it).

No. 609401

File: 1543950842229.jpg (600.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20181204-201145.jpg)

Her fans are the best

No. 609402

If you look at all the people waiting for this video on twitter, it is pretty obvious she will be in deep trouble if she doesn't post soon.

No. 609403

She'll have a victim-playing excuse for it being late that her fans will eat up

No. 609404

But anon… her anxiety! She needed to rescue a pet! She fell asleep! She ate gluten! Her internet is down!

No. 609406

Silly me- I forgot she was physically incapable of making a mistake. I really wish she would have just posted this video. It has clearly been filmed and edited and, although small, there is a chance it could really help her.

No. 609407

Does watching the video with ad block stop her from making ad profit from my view?

No. 609408

With the whole youtube premier thing there is no excuse for her uploading this video almost a half hour late. Wondering what she is editing in or out

No. 609409

She can't even be on time for a video that might save her career…

No. 609410

If you have youtube red it pays the youtuber per minute viewed. Something like that. Yes ad block prevents ad revenue

No. 609411

This whole situation is so unprofessional. Disregarding what she's addressing in the video, the fact that she continually makes promises to upload and has been deleting her social media to manipulate her stans into coming back is just ridiculous. I feel like she really takes her situation for granted.

No. 609412

This glosses over the fact that he’s popping Kratom like it’s candy. I don’t know if I mentioned this in the previous thread, but I know someone who recently failed a piss test and violated their probation because of kratom. It’s definitely a substance that people abuse and Jonny is abusing it (telling by his massive bags of it). It’s either he’s abusing kratom or he’s detoxing from heroin, but if he’s detoxing then he wouldn’t need it now if he’s ~been sober~ for over a year at this point.

No. 609416

All we really need is 1 person from the thread to watch it and give us a rundown so that 100s of us aren't watching it

No. 609417

Even better would be an anon reuploading it

No. 609421


A few of us should probably at least download it since there's probably a pretty high chance she'll end up deleting it if she doesn't get the response she wants.

No. 609422

I have notifications on and will be downloading it and putting on dropbox immediately after it's posted.

No. 609424

If it is posted…

No. 609425

Awesome, thank you. Maybe it'd be easier to upload it on Google like it's done with Onisions videos?

No. 609426

Anyone else literally dying at the tweets she is getting for being so late? This is even better than the shitty video that she is gonna maye who knows upload

No. 609427

Heck yeah, thanks anon.

What types of tweets?? Don't have twitter but am very curious

No. 609428

Her instagram is getting some comments asking where it is as well.

No. 609430

she literally had a picture implying it was complete this morning, so what could she possibly be doing? did she change her mind about the lies in this one already?

No. 609431

File: 1543952925181.jpg (497.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181204-204834_Sam…)

No. 609433


My guess is that she's watching the video over and over again, racking her tiny little brain trying to figure out if there's something in it that will get her hAtE and CYbEr buLlyINg

No. 609434

File: 1543953161167.png (85.77 KB, 691x712, b879484966b010544c4034c936c2f8…)

For y'all without twitter to enjoy

No. 609438

Anon who made the meme-y video of her hypocrisy, can I suggest the next compilation is of her plethora of promises to upload and inability to follow through? Seems relevant.

No. 609439

File: 1543953505993.png (266.73 KB, 572x519, c1e4afb67aad8c15cbe565b67d5651…)

made this for the lolz

No. 609440

File: 1543953678301.jpg (251.82 KB, 1242x1350, 4Htva8P.jpg)

She’s an hour late and her fans are delusional as ever. No one is surprised.

No. 609443

File: 1543953908627.png (397.24 KB, 591x426, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.04…)

No. 609446

Why not take the door right off the hinges and store it. Then ventilation would never be an issue?!

No. 609447

why do i always expect her to change lol :/ why did I expect this video an hour and ten minutes ago lmao

No. 609451

File: 1543954455135.jpg (50.05 KB, 500x500, tn.jpg)

No. 609454

Literally thought the same thing!
Like these aren’t our animals yet we put in more effort

No. 609457

Inb4 the apology but I’m thinking she’s napping and like overslept or sth

No. 609458

she was obviously in an all night editing "frenzy" considering when this stuff was posted. There's no way she's on a sleep schedule where she wakes up in the am

No. 609461

File: 1543954717973.png (367.2 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5713.PNG)


No. 609463


At this point I feel like she might be aware that the things we've suggested she should do to improve her care are good advice, but she's simply too proud and full of herself to follow that advice because she knows we'd know where the idea came from.

No. 609465

my thoughts exactly

No. 609468

Video anon you have too much patience. I’ve been watching you argue with this person and fighting the urge to slam my head against my desk.

No. 609469

Sorry for being off topic but how many hedgehogs does Taylor have? Is it Ella and Sarabi still? Do they live together?

No. 609472

File: 1543955242176.png (416.52 KB, 412x625, dwnicoledean.png)

No. 609473

She still has the two girls. They live in the closet in separate cages. Sarabi might have been moved into the reptile room when she got her the bigger tank.

No. 609478

File: 1543955628055.png (103.93 KB, 642x834, c3d29cf519f0f32f797348b00b0742…)

then she said it was just bait hahaha how stupid are her fans

No. 609481

That person is legit brain dead. Also, no way was she "baiting", she just made that up real fast cause she got backlash.

No. 609482

Even if she was baiting… what the fuck would it prove?
What ever, you have the patience of a saint. I'm sorry you're having to deal with these idiots.

No. 609485

ok it's almost 3pm central time. still no video?

No. 609487

Wonder if her not uploading has anything to do with JC posting alcohol on his twitter today

No. 609488

Thanks guys, I inserted myself into the comversation so it's fine lol It's interesting to see what grown up Taylor stans have to say to defend her.

No. 609489

That or she decided to anxiously eat an entire loaf of bread to get out of posting it.

No. 609490

Someone needs to get Taylor a WATCH for Christmas!

No. 609492

File: 1543956147091.png (275.79 KB, 588x441, taylor crack dean.png)

No. 609495

I bet a pet store told her 1pm central time is perfect but it maybe wasn't her fault she couldn't upload because an expert told her animal abuse is ok. So she's sorry and she's only human and has migraines so she can't upload

No. 609496

This is the best one so far, how much to make it the next thread image?

No. 609497

Watch her post the video in 15mins and be like "oops i meant pacific time lol cowboy emoji)"

No. 609501

Too bad YT doesn't let you schedule videos to post at a certain time.

Oh wait….

No. 609502

it must be that darn internet again *cow boy emoji

No. 609503

Show adoption paper for Ghost. Really shouldnt be that hard. Rehome the monitor hes not tame and going to be destroyed if he ever bites someone. Rehome the rats. Theyre feeders. One is tame ok cool but the two girls clearly are not. Take down that horrible funeral video it is so distasteful ur playing with a dead body for young kids to see. Come on now. Act right. Apologize and get off the internet for a LONG TIME. if not forever. I have much more respect for “I was wrong” than constant excuses. I really think that Taylor just got carried away with her new found income and her own apartment. I dont think she had any malicious intent but simply got excited and accumulated more animals than she could handle and is just desperately trying to dig herself out of that hole. Its no excuse obviously but i want to stress that i dont think she intentionally is torturing pets for her pleasure. I think she just got carried away and needs to pick and choose who to keep and who to rehome. Its for everyone’s best interest. Quality over Quantity… a lesson she forgot because “meet my new pet” gets more clicks than a “updated enclosure” video. Stop “rescuing” pets and upgrade what you have! I think she has empty tank disease where she feels every tank needs something in it. I have empty tanks. Theyre great for travel, seperating to clean, and well QUARENTINE!!!

No. 609504

oh im sure that's exactly what she'll be doing

No. 609505

Don't her arms get tired from constantly digging herself into a hole

No. 609506

ACS can say shes doung fine because well… they deal mostly with dogs and cats. Unless a specialized Zooologist or Reptile Vet can verify i will not be convinced. General animal control will see a water bowl and a snake breathing and think its ok. Even ifthe temps/enclosure size is wrong. I really hope there is more too this video than ACS.

No. 609507

It's up

No. 609508

not showing up for me

No. 609509

she sounds retarded

No. 609510

not uploaded on my end

No. 609511

No. 609512

Let's all try to wait for the anon to re upload, guys!

No. 609513

Not a word out of her mouth is truth!

No. 609515

File: 1543957322212.jpeg (216.96 KB, 750x702, 15824E5B-45BF-4657-8304-86D9BA…)

She really has no shame whatsoever

No. 609516

Just started watching, in fact, this must be the first video of hers I've watched for longer than 10s, and it's just been two minutes of her reiterating the exact same thing (that thing being that she's just so anxious and stuff). Is her content always this… dull?

No. 609517

…it's fucking monetized.

No. 609519

So does she not know the difference between different time zones

No. 609520


Well duh, how else is she supposed to buy her pet primate new shoes every other day?

No. 609522


It wasn't until she got with Jonny, but after that girlfriend has spent most of her videos going around in circles, repeating herself, and sounding like a valley girl with none of the charm.

No. 609523

Of course it is. She needs to make money to fund her crazy spending and Jonny's apparent drinking problem.

No. 609524

Gonna watch this video all the way through, but I'm 5:30 in and everything is bullshit so far

No. 609525


she's like "there is no proof except a debunked tweet that i replace killed animals" and 2min later "people say i replaced my skinks and frog but i don't have a new frog!!" and then "i have new skinks but the breeder posted that publicly so i didn't replace them since it's public uwu" who. are. u. kidding. jesus f christ

didn't she also talk about "talking about" getting new skinks with a breeder, when she in fact already had ordered them?

yeah well, so i'm 6min in and it's already full of bullshit lol.

No. 609526

She's ignoring the fact that we saw the instagram post of her two new skinks (skinks?) and saying the only proof of her killing and replacing animals was a faked text conversation. Her content is seriously boring, I'd rather sleep for 22 hours than watch another second of this.

No. 609527

Jesus she's saying the only proof people have that she replaced animals is the tweet from that petuber? Even though we have screenshots of the new croc skinks that she put on IG.

No. 609528

She's not even really saying 'I didn't replace them/have the intention to replace them', she's just saying there's no proof. Hmmmmmmmmmm

No. 609529

Her whole tone in this video is so condescending and annoying

No. 609530

ok now 7min and she says when the skinks and frog died it took her a while to figure out why, thinking "why are they dying", but in her sob story she walked past the enclosures and there was heat coming from them ?!?!


No. 609531


Liar, liar, skinks on fire

No. 609532

She talks about how the malfunction could happen when ur 8hrs away at work, and if u had one animal. That is her justification. TAYLOR, your JOB is caring for 50 animals. Someone who works an 8 hour job shouldn't care for 50 animals!

No. 609533



i am cackling

No. 609535

“Fish are sensitive”

That’s why you don’t treat them with chemicals for something you can improve with improving your water quality.

No. 609536

File: 1543957869893.png (49.95 KB, 668x209, Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 22.10…)


No. 609537


here's the full video on drop box you have to add to drop box or download to watch due to video length. I'm dividing them and uploading in segments in just a minute for those whose don't want to do that. Please don't give her views

No. 609538

Thank you nonny! I love you!

No. 609539

This is laughable her video is full of lies lol

No. 609540

"i try so hard everyday and i think it's enough. i do."


No. 609541

> "I'm sure that there have been 20 living beings that I have bought into my home that have passed away"
What is it, 23 in the last year/two? This entire thing is surreal.

No. 609542

"i have never lost a reptile, so that says something"

yeah it says you lost pets of all other classes you own ?!?!? :'D

No. 609543

omg she is so aggressive in the video, she really doesn't see any flaw in herself.

No. 609544

>"I'm trying to talk about the situation without being too annoying"

No. 609545

No. 609546

On the plus side she's back to losing subs like crazy. Watch her live sub feed for a fun time.

No. 609547

i honestly don't know why the smallest bit of me actually expected for her to take any responsibility whatsoever. i forgot her narcissism is just too powerful to admit the smallest wrongdoing.

No. 609548

Didn't watch the whole video, but I thought she was going to show all of her enclosures and interview animal control. Besides the fact that animal control would never agree to that, what happened to showing all of the enclosures and proving her animals are all properly cared for?

No. 609549

How fucking suspicious is it that people are constantly coming up to her randomly in public giving her animals (the kittens, this time).

No. 609550

I'll laugh if that ends up becoming a top comment. How long before she deletes it?

No. 609551

Summary of the video:


No. 609552

I love how she changed the thumbnail…

No. 609553

Wait I thought she found her kitten dead and managed to resuscitate her? Now she says she just stopped eating and she took her to the vet??

No. 609554

Notice the bandage on her left wrist? New tattoo?

No. 609555

Why is the video titled 'my mistakes' when she doesn't admit to anything? She's just denying it all.

No. 609556

>never lost a repile

the fucks a skink then

No. 609558

What's with the bandage around her arm? Is she gonna act like she cut herself?

No. 609559

Oh god the crying and the emphasis on “I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT”

No. 609560

She makes such weak points about the skinks.

“B-But guise! People leave their pets home to work all the time uwu, it wasn’t my fault! Could have happened to anyone hehehe stop being such a bully~~”

No one in their right mind would leave their pets home alone after noticing that the electricity malfunctions, they’d at least have people come in to check. You have 50 animals girl! You’re like a whole damn zoo and I seriously doubt zoos leave their animals untended to for 9 hours at a time. Not like that and not when they noticed something wrong.

No. 609561

She keeps saying that the skinks and frog was a mistake but not saything that she had a malfunction and didn’t check on them for the entire day after. Like no one is saying you’re bag for them malfunctioning but after one happens you HAVE to check on them every couple hours after that’s like common sense!!

No. 609562


taylor like 2 weeks ago: "IT WAS JUST A FISH LOL"

taylor now: "whenever a fish dies i cry. i am so sad. but fish are tricky. fish are sensitive. nobody can keep fish alive."

No. 609563

Lol her proof for ghost is the faked Craigslist messages.. what about the actual adoption papers ???? That would be way better proof but it probably doesn’t exist

No. 609564

She just lied about Twisty. She claims now that all the other dragons were healthy except for Twisty and that this is what she said online.

No. 609565

Does she know how to take the blame for anything? Accept the fact you fucked up and move on stop making excuses

No. 609566

This just in, croc skinks are amphibians and tree pythons are fish

No. 609567

She’s making it seem like the animals that did die under her care were no big deal lol. Sure they’re fish, but they’re fish that don’t even meet their lifespan.

No. 609569

when she talks about the bearded dragon she says "i was not sure who sold it to me." then why name someone? if you didn't know?

and then blames her fans for giving her that breeders name oh my godddd. she has succumbed to blaming her OWN FANS. and they'll still support her!!

No. 609570

File: 1543958803856.jpg (885.22 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20181204-142554.jpg)

The proof is still up on her insta that she said others were malnourished, and I'm pretty sure she mentioned in the past "lots had tail and foot injuries!!!" Which is it Taylor? They were all fine expect for twisty, or there was "hundreds" and they were malnourished and injured.

No. 609571

>glosses over the fact that she adopted him at 5 1/2 weeks old even though it’s illegal

No. 609573

"There is a difference between an impulsive buy and an unplanned buy." - Taylor Nicole Dean 2018

No. 609574

"There's a difference between unplanned buying and impulsive buying." @24:35
Which is what……exactly…..

No. 609575

"i wanted to save the kittens, i did what an animal lover would do, i wanted to do good" yeah well the way to hell is paved with good intentions. having a saviour complex is not the same thing as ACtually saving someone/thing.

No. 609576

yeah, I was very disappointed with her "apology" with south texas dragons, it wasn't really an apology at all.

No. 609578

Does she talk about the godawful rat care in this video?

No. 609579

yes at around 24 minutes in

No. 609580

"I adore these animals more than life itself" she says, shaking her head. That's known as contradicting body language, which is a very common sign of lying.

No. 609581

This. If I don't remember 100% who I got an animal from or know 100% who bred them, I don't say anything about breeder. If I'm not 100% sure that an defect an animal I have has was the breeders fault, I don't blame them. But then again, I have all of my animals breeders information stored, and most breeders at expos give out a business card with the animal. All of my expo purchases had a business card taped to the top. Somewhere, she is lying and full of shit. I don't understand what she is gaining from lying about the bearded dragon situation. Admit you made a mistake, attempt to make amends with the slandered breeder, and MOVE ON. Don't keep defending yourself, don't keep putting the blame on someone else.

No. 609582

Um….what? Buying an animal unplanned is exactly an impulse purchase. That's what an IMPUSLE is. Give this girl a dictionary.

No. 609583

"i hope that kitten is looking over her brother from somewhere sob"

p l e a s e

No. 609584

This all should of been a livestream because there are so many lies that no one can actually confront her about like the fact she seriously can’t post ghost’s adoption papers to prove he was adopted. She was the one who proposed the livestream in the first place,but instead made this 40 minute video so no one could say shit and her fans will believe her rambles

No. 609585

Watching her live subscriber count drop feels hella good

No. 609586

No. 609587

Can someone do a tl;dw? I can't sit through this

No. 609588

I didn't expect her to address every issue one by one. This video could have been so much worse. She's dumb as hell but a lot of you are just mad grasping for reasons to hate her.

No. 609589

40 minutes and 26 seconds of monetized lying

No. 609590

So does she talk about Jonny at all?

No. 609593

She lied about the grey kitty, in the video she says the kitten stop responding to eat and didnt poop anymore and rushed to the vet BUT in Twitter she said the kitten faint and she did RCP on her and took her to the vet and die in there when she arrived or something along the lines.

No. 609594

tldw its the same bs different video

No. 609595

It's a good job she didn't become an actor… because that weird fake crying shit at the end. Cringe.

No. 609596

File: 1543959422859.png (36.54 KB, 1009x349, months in review.png)

I'll admit a lot of what people say is speculation, and I do believe she gets heat on shit that is not worth it. However if she is confused about the count, how about she look at the google doc or sheet? inb4 she says that her $50-100 a head fish that died 4 years too early are 'just fish' and that they die all the time.

No. 609597

Sure she’s addressing it but she’s not actually proving anything and is lying about the skinks and didn’t even really apologize about the whole bearded dragon fiasco so there’s really no point to this video

No. 609598


She's still providing no proof, plays the victim, manipulates her audience, and just straight-up lies. This video is trash.

No. 609599

" [ … ] i feel like me just saying it isn't enough for you guys to believe me."

probably because of all the previous lies you've told.

No. 609600

I honestly wanted her to just come out and actually talk about the real issues. But yet again it's the same old bull shit. She seems to think taking on 2 week old kittens is ok because "she loves them and would die for them", she says she never said anything bad about the dragon breeder and that all the other dragons where healthy (also blames HER MISTAKE of incorrectly accusing the breeder on her fans who told her they could see their logo in the background…), but on the instagram it says there was 100s in a tub and some were malnourished, she mentions Ghost but doesn't mention AT ALL how she adopted such a young kitten or proof that she adopted him.
She talks about a period in her life months ago where she accumulated a lot of pets in about 5-6 months but that she's "slowed down now", since mid August she's accumulated at least 3 snakes, 3 rats, a crab, a cat, a mantis, a scorpion and 2 skinks. That's 12 animals in about 3 months…

No. 609601

If I go to the video itself but pause it, will it still count as a view? I just want to read the comments

No. 609602

I can’t fjnd it because her comments got flooded, but she told someone she lost the adoption papers for Ghost if someone has a screenshot of that.

No. 609603

Probably not if you pause on the ad that’ll play before it lmfao

No. 609604

I actually have some respect for her now, I think addressing everything is a step in the right direction. No one can know if shes lying or telling the truth because this whole situation is just he said she said

No. 609605


?? There's literally proof she's lying about the skinks

No. 609606

File: 1543960102981.jpg (76.4 KB, 913x362, whatacoincidink.jpg)

No. 609607

At the end she talks about having to try and get out of her lease early because she's being "harassed" I thought her lease was up in September and now she's living month by month? Which one is it Tay?

No. 609608


Can someone link me to the proof? If its not solid then I don't see how its 100% credible.

No. 609609

Never mind that it's literally illegal to "adopt" a 5 1/2 month old kitten.. wouldnt the place she adopted from have a copy of the papers on file?

No. 609610

Also, all this "proves" (even though it doesn't) is that that particular seller didn't sell to her. Not that she didn't get him from a backyard breeder. Surely where she adopted him from would have his adoption on record? She could just ring up and get it. Or did she forget where she got Ghost from too?

No. 609611


She's also lying about adopting Ghost. No organisation would adopt out a 5-5½-month-old kitten.

No. 609612

No. 609613

File: 1543960471768.png (64.22 KB, 947x279, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 4.53…)

No. 609614


"feeling prepared" < actually being prepared

No. 609615

Except an anon just posted a screenshot (within the last three threads, they go by so fast now I can’t remember which one) of their messages with the Craigslist person saying the kittens were sold already. Plus it was proved at the time she originally posted those screenshots that they were fake anyway.

No. 609616

Oh that's a new one. She worked at rescues now??

No. 609617

She is very immature in the way shes dealing with everything. Every response is manipulative and meant to make ppl feel bad for her that "crazy, illogical people" just hate her for no reason.

No. 609618

I just don’t see how making all these lies soon lies is easier than just telling the truth

No. 609619

Funny she never mentioned having experience raising kittens when everyone raised concerns in the first place, or in the video.

No. 609620

1. crocs and frog died while she was "out of the house", it was a mistake, it could happen to anyone, she didn't replace the frog and she did replace the skinks but it's not "replacing" since the breeder posted about it publicly

2. not that many animals died this year, maybe only if you "count every single fish and insect"

3. fish die all the time they are so sensitive but most of hers are doing super duper great. sth about fish often being stressed bc of being wild caught with cyanide…?

4. she is very good at animal care bc none of her reptiles have died

5. kitten died even tho she did everything right, she brought her to the vet twice on the day she died, the vet said she did everything right, it died at the vet, she starts crying, would die for her cats "i love all of my cats"

6. twisty was sold to her with a broken (? whatever) tail, she didn't remember who sold him to her. it's her fans fault she attacked texas dragons bc they suggested at them and she was like "sounds about right". she did apologise to them via email (pretty sure they wanted a PUBLIC apology to make up for the reputation damage, not some stupid email but ok). it was "miscommunication"

7. she actually kind of recognises that she fucked up with the monitor, but her care now is soooo good and he is "thriving"

8. she smoked in the living room close to her satanics. she didn't know you were not supposed to do that bc she "doesn't smoke often". her windows were open and her fan was on. also her ceilings are high. she doesn't smoke anymore, she "doesn't remember when she smoked the last time". the satanics are "thriving". she has had them "since a year".

9. rats: she bought them unplanned, not impulsively, she was prepared, well, mentally. so it's fine.

10. one time she wanted to do quarantine in her bathroom and ppl were like "that's not good" so she didn't do it (quarantine in general i guess lol). she takes advice sometimes and is very open to learn, but she blocks a lot for her mental health.

11. there was a "period in her life" and she only talked about this with, "like, therapists", and this period was until "like, april" where she accumulated a lot of animals very quickly. she prepared a lot for all of them though (you JUST talked about the monitor thing but ok). for instance her green three python is doing great. but she was not happy with herself and that's why she bought so many so quickly, it gave her a natural high, she still feels like that, but she has slowed down a lot, just got "a few snakes", nothing big (??????). she "plans on keep slowing down more". she's working her "butt off" everyday for them, so no worries.

12. she's very sorry and she never wants to hurt animals, she doesn't even show all of her animals on youtube, so she doesn't even make moneys from all of them. she would die for them.

13. she's learning more about her anxiety and mental health and dealing with criticism.

14. she rehomed the seahorses bc she was messing up with them, so when she thinks she cannot take care of an animal she doesn't keep it.

15. ppl keep calling her apartment complex and ACS, but ACS says she is doing very great. bc of the calls she needs to get out of her lease early (i thought she wanted to buy a house and her lease was already up and she extended it..?).

16. she won't keep addressing the drama

17. before, she wanted to be a marine biologist but the channel made people "so happy", that's why she changed her career plans, because before, she wanted to be an actress.

No. 609622

File: 1543961000222.jpeg (140.29 KB, 750x790, D0047C4B-0989-4A4C-837F-9FBBD7…)

Last time she mentioned volunteering was 2015…and as someone who does volunteer frequently and has for many years…if you’re just doing base level volunteer work, you don’t really get hands on with very young or sick animals. They leave that to experienced fosters and vets…

No. 609623

For someone who doesn't care about the "haters" she spends all her time trying to prove us wrong. Her stans would accept any excuse she has. She has nothing to lose by being truthful and admitting she's in over her head because they'd support her no matter what.

No. 609625


Lol she wanted to be an actress, good job she didn’t go down that career path she’s terrible at pretending to cry.

No. 609626

File: 1543961245327.jpg (247.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181204-160934_Twi…)


No. 609627

Not that I was expecting her to, but she didn’t address any of the other allegations regarding her being a rape apologist or supporting JC, a known abuser. Considering most of her YOuTube fan base has no clue about her antics on Twitter, I guess it makes sense that she wouldn’t want to draw attention to it.

No. 609629

She stated on her Twitter shes only going to talk about her animals, not her relationship. Shes trying not to dig herself in a deeper hole by talking about him.

No. 609631


It's okay, Jonny will do the digging for her.

No. 609632

File: 1543961666098.jpg (481.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181204-231418_Sam…)

No. 609633

File: 1543961688043.jpg (389.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181204-231423_Sam…)

No. 609634

File: 1543961694558.jpg (155.94 KB, 780x860, crestedgeckos.jpg)

According to her instagram her geckos are 3.5-4.5 years old… Why does she never know the ages of her pets? She's barely been keeping reptiles for 3 years.

No. 609636

Literally…what the fuck. How does she not know when she got her animals and how old they are. I have over a dozen and I can tell you the month and year I got them. How is she always this off when it comes to telling people how long she's had her animals for??

No. 609637


In the immortal words of the aNiMal QUeEn: lmao

No. 609638

A random person at the store claimed this? Where's the proof?

No. 609639


What DOPE are you on? We have twenty-something threads of her BS and her lies. It isn't he-said-she-said, it's "she keeps DARVOing all over the place and boohooing crocodile tears". Taylor is a proven liar.

No. 609642

I know it sounds sketchy and I'm not 1000% convinced either but everything is lining up as far as I can see

No. 609643

I'm with you. Sounds like bullshit to me, unless they post proof or someone can see some distinguishing differences between the pictures she's uploaded.

No. 609645

Definitely would make sure your sources are 100% before posting stuff like this…I understand that "leads" seem tempting, but I would have waited till the written statement. People always like to suddenly not know shit

No. 609648

I definitely agree (not sure if even I believe it), I wrote the store on Facebook but I don't think they're active on there at all and I'm not going to waste my money by calling them since I live in Europe. To be completely honest I don't really want to keep going with exposing Taylor or whatever because it's been super exhausting, so I figured I would put it out there now while the controversy is still fresh before I peace out for a while. If anyone wants to follow up on it they can.

No. 609649


Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!
I hate this double standard that she’s perpetuating that mental illness is real and affects your ability to cope with daily life, yet for some reason apparently it doesn’t at all affect the way you live your life? It’s such bullshit.

Yes people suffering from mental illness should and can have happy, fufilling lives, but acting like it you can still do all the things you would be able to do if you didn’t have mental illness is part of the reason it’s so difficult for so many people struggling with their mental health to get the support and resources they need to thrive.

Mental illness is a DISABILITY. That means that means it affects your ability to lead a ‘normal’ life.
If someone with debilitating back pain told you they wanted a job in a warehouse doing the heavy lifting, you’d think they were stupid.
If Taylor’s mental illness is apparently so bad that she can’t even keep a consistent upload schedule and struggles with basic human tasks like keeping her living space clean, why in the hell would she put herself in a living situation where she has so many pets she to be constantly working with them with no mental downtime in order to take care of them (properly).
It’s the same thing. These are situations that your disability limits what you are capable of. A person with severe back pain cannot be lifting heavy packages 8 hours a day, and a person struggling to take care of themselves cannot take care of 50 other lives.

Living with a disability means knowing your own limitations and working around them. If you have mental illness and want to work wth animals? Great! Me too! But you cannot put 50 animals worth of strain on your brain when it is already struggling? What the fuck!

Hell she could have made an amazing video series about taking care of animals when you have debilitating mental illness. That would have helped so many people.
But instead she acts like her mental illness doesn’t AT ALL affect her ability to take care of 50 animals? Ya right.

I’m so sick of her crying mental illness but never doing anything to help herself.
Blogpost but I want to use myself as an example: I have clawed tooth and nail to get where I am now. I will probably never be able to have a full time schedule. But I still go to couniling twice a week, talk to a different counsilor on the phone daily, and see a psychiatrist monthly. But I’ve improved. Living with mental illness is such hard work and Taylor just sits and doesn’t put in any of the effort, and still cries about how hard it is for her. She gets to sit on her ass as a job for fucks sakes.

No. 609652

you did great! it's good that you don't feel pressured into continuing. hope you can relax a bit after all of this

No. 609653

It was up in September. She said she signed for an additional 4 months, so now it’s up January 31

No. 609654

File: 1543963546182.png (47.9 KB, 609x430, mmm mommy milkies.png)

We're never getting those results, huh?

No. 609659

No doubt. I'm surprised you've put so much effort into replying to people. Take the time you need.

No. 609662

maybe because cheese was essentially a pile of fish goo by the time he was sent for the necropsy. but nah, we had to put him on a boat for views first.

No. 609663

She just denies everything. I wish she'd stop pretending to be an educator without the education.

No. 609664

She just denies everything. I wish she'd stop pretending to be an educator without the education.

No. 609665

She just denies everything. I wish she'd stop pretending to be an educator without the education.

No. 609667


Oh come on, surely you don't believe she actually sent him somewhere?

No. 609668


Oh come on, surely you don't believe she actually sent him somewhere?

No. 609670

File: 1543964627090.jpeg (187.11 KB, 750x561, D354F60F-378E-4D4F-8D2B-1AEAA0…)

No. 609672

My biggest issue with her that makes me sick to my stomach is how she uses mental illness as an excuse. Not to blogpost I’m taking care of a terminally ill pet I’ve had for ten years and have major anxiety and a job. She uses her mental illness as an excuse in one moment then finishes with “but people with mental illness can function too! It’s just mistakes.” Don’t use mental illness as an excuse, just admit that you’re literally a brain dead sack of lip filler.

No. 609674

You will notice that he doesn't endorse her pet care, however.

No. 609675


But he is essentially saying that all of the criticism = hate and cyber bullying, and therefore enables Taylor's lies and playing victim.

No. 609681

i'm so glad she got popular when I was a bit older because had I have eaten up the “but people with mental illness can function too! It’s just mistakes.” I feel I would have gotten all the different animals I want vs a small select few I know I can care for while being mentally ill. Taylor is genuinely dangerous in spreading that sentiment to her young fans.

No. 609686

I agree completely. There has been many times I thought getting another animal would make me feel better. But then being a normal person, you know you can’t push your means. She is so manipulative and she absolutely knows what she is doing.

No. 609687

The store is active on Facebook, just not very often.

No. 609695

Thx anon, doin’ the lord’s work
Cackling at these memes now I gotta figure out how to compile into a good header

No. 609705

File: 1543969265064.png (21.97 KB, 465x108, AD808F20-5384-433F-9115-07767D…)

No. 609706

Clint's a Mormon I think if he knew about Jonny he wouldn't support her.

No. 609710

Before reading your comment, when I read her title "My Mistakes (Involving Pet Care)" I figured she name it as such to clarify she's only talking about pet care mistakes in this, so people can't come at her for "what about Jonny" stuff

No. 609713

>Please try to watch this all the way through
Yes for that sweet sweet revenue.

Thanks for summarising anon. #11 is incredibly telling, she's admitting to having an acquisition issue, which is of course a major element of hoarding.

No. 609715

Lyin' cryin' TND. She still can not take responsibility for anything. Anything at all. Did she actually address one concern people had, or was it all just rugsweeping? Three guesses, first two don't count!

And I'm still waiting for a proper apology for that breeder. Or any apology, fuck. I can't help but find her fucking shallow and spineless.

No. 609716

I wish she would address it, but honestly what's she going to say? That shit is undeniable. Her animal care could be perfect and I would still have unsubbed over that alone. But of course her animal care is shit too.

>>609636 lying is more automatic to her than breathing at this point. If she were just forgetting their ages it's on HER instagram, she could just look it up. But nope, instead she lies and anyone who uses her own words against her is a hater.

No. 609718

File: 1543972134898.jpeg (193.71 KB, 594x738, 1237F899-FE68-4ABE-B0AD-BD7914…)

This is her email to the breeder that she claims is an apology.

No. 609719


This is fucking disgusting. She really can't own up to her actions at all and manages to be condescending to the point of offending yet again.

Taylor, you do not get to decide if you made someone else feel shitty or if you slandered them AFTER THE FACT. That's bullshit and manipulative as fuck. Learn how to say you fucked up and learn how to apologize. I hear they make Youtube videos of that shit.

No. 609720

lmaooo standard taylor "apology":
1. i did nothing wrong
2. everyone else did everything wrong
3. i tried so hard but people are mean to me, me, me
4. I Am So Sad

No. 609721

if x and y transactions are done to my satisfaction, I'll still consider making an apology for slandering your company, maybe.

No. 609722

I'm so glad my sperging has not been in vain and Taylor is finally being forced to answer for Mushu's care. She'll never admit how horrible the iodine was though.

No. 609725

So, she gets new animals because she's mentally prepared, but she gets animals because she's mentally unwell.

Good logic.

No. 609726

BreezExotics you literally self post in here like five times a week. Either give us milk or fuck off.

No. 609727

Uh that wasn't her who posted it you fucking dimwit. I posted it because I find it interesting that she seems to know something and yet wont come out with. She seems to be as fake as the rest of the stupid pet tubers.

No. 609728

This girls pic needs to be dispersed at every expo as someone not to sell to.
At least protect their reputation and best curb her impulse buying.

No. 609730

You aren’t fooling anyone. You barely have a following on any platforms yet somehow are constantly being brought up in this thread even though nobody knows/cares about who the fuck you are? It’s obvious you’re pretending like you have info on Taylor so we’ll give you attention. Pathetic.

No. 609735

Does anyone remember when the first green tree python died from dehydration and she slandered the company who sold them to her? this happened before twisty yet somehow she doesn't know the magnitude her platform has anymore?

No. 609736

Where did you find this?

No. 609737

it was in the video, she shared the "apology" email she sent them

No. 609738

so SHE offered to make the video apology and then still didn't do it?? not surprised.

No. 609739

File: 1543974920509.png (371.55 KB, 640x1136, B41FEB33-D456-447E-BBF9-EE051D…)

Replies about the necropsy…

No. 609740

At 21:36 into the newest video.

No. 609741

bet TND made her video 40mins long cuz Jenna Marbles did

No. 609742

Dude, chill. I'm a different person than the others, but I once had multiple screenshots of things I have said posted in past threads and people thought I was selfposting. It wasn't me and it was frustrating. Stop assuming everytime someone is posted a few times regarding tnd drama, that it's the person talking about the drama who is posting it. It's getting annoying and does nothing but cause arguments.

No. 609745

I don't even want to watch her video. it'll be like watching Trump trying to blame something else rather than climate change.

No. 609746

File: 1543976077466.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2039, 7D8C801F-054A-499A-BC0A-10AE2E…)

Maturity at its best! Hope the rat chews her headphone cord!

No. 609747

File: 1543976090881.png (92.83 KB, 643x745, just being girls.PNG)

Can we also mention that she said she spayed her rats, which if you didn't know is so much more dangerous than neutering. Especially since she has 2 girls and 1 boy. Since spaying or neutering a rat takes a lot of skill it costs about $50-$100. This makes me almost think she didn't even do it. future video "my rat was secretly preggers!!" where she blames the breeders.
P.s not all girls are "squirmy" they obviously both have a bad personality and are scared of humans.

No. 609748

>>609746 wonder what happened to her expensive airpods.

No. 609749

Taylor’s pettuber posse all seem to be going to Michigan but I haven’t seen Taylor mention going. I wonder if they didn’t invite her……….

No. 609750


I didn't think it was possible for her to look even more like a tranny, but here we are.

No. 609751

the face of someone who thinks they've gotten away with everything.

No. 609752

>>609749 she said a few days ago that the reason she wasn't on tour with JC was because now is a bad time to be away from her animals with all of the drama going on. i'm sure she was invited bc they would never want to be on her bad side.

No. 609753

Anyone else find is hilarious that Chelsea is at the Emarosa show tonight when that’s the band Jonny got kicked out of? Lol

No. 609754

you sound like mama dean with your "i know who you are" bullshit lol

No. 609757

File: 1543977820535.png (40.2 KB, 641x295, Ironic.PNG)

Lmao so ironic

No. 609763

b-but she has so many qualified assistants coming by each day

No. 609766

She's saying after the "electrical malfunction" happened she checked on the animals and then went out and left the house… i thought she went back to sleep for another 10 hours?

No. 609771

I put together a quick imgur album of Taylor never having what her animals need despite claiming that taking care of them is her job. https://imgur.com/a/NDX6zXA
If you have other examples let me know because it's hilarious.

No. 609772

I think in her most recent hedgehog video she said she was out of some food stuff? Also in her roach video she said she was out of roach food and water crystals or something

No. 609775

I don't know of any place that does 4 month leases. 6 month and a year are the standard. She's probably on month to month and has some hair brained idea that she can buy a house by the end of January.

No. 609776

The thing that bugs me about the kitten is she stated in an early video that she had no intention of ever getting a cat because she had no experience in dealing with them and now of all sudden she volunteers and has this knowledge of taking care of week old kittens, yeah fucking right.

No. 609778

My complex actually had different options from 1 month all the way to 13 months when we renewed our lease. I think it's a relatively new way to do things because I have never seen it before, but its possible.

No. 609779

That's interesting. Never seen that.

No. 609782

File: 1543983039432.jpeg (622.46 KB, 1242x1280, 65A2B071-4F2A-4851-B53E-C30000…)

Are you kidding me?

No. 609785

Incredible, and I bet there are so many more instances. Where the fuck are her tongs?

No. 609786

same. Idk about SA but where I live shortened leases are super popular with students and military because we never know how long we're actually planning to be there. It's also just available to everyone though.

>>609776 she totally got cats because Jonny always adopts new cats with his new girlfriends, apparently. I'm sure he wanted them and how could she say no to a new animal? She's TND afterall. Why she went with the two week old kittens I have no fucking clue though, there's a reason you're supposed to be trained and prepared to take on bottle babies. Where she really got them is another question. I have a hard time believing someone in a pet store HAPPENED to have these kittens and MAGICALLY stumbled upon TND.

No. 609787

Holy fuck she is so disorganized

No. 609788


If I had to guess, I'd say she doesn't own any.

No. 609790

That roach video was hilarious. Why not wait to make it until after you have everything you need?
She can't go one video without mentioning she doesn't have something.

No. 609792

Regarding spaying her rats, I'm assuming she had the females spayed instead of the male neutered because the females were kept with the male too long and they were already pregnant. I'm assuming she did an abort/spay so they didn't give birth. That's literally the only reason to spay female rats instead of neutering the male.

No. 609809

Heck. Thanks for the album. That was pretty nasty to look at. Her catchphrase is "I normally do this… but I'm out today"

No. 609810

I swear everytime someone posts about someone referring to Taylor that isn't Taylor it's considered a self post.

No. 609815

the worst part is that for videos, you have time to prepare and make sure you have what you need before you film. that would imply she runs out/loses things even more frequently but she just doesn't show it. gross.

No. 609818

Spaying females can also cut down on the incidences of mammary tumours.

However…. no shaved bellies = no spay. I've seen no evidence that the females were spayed in any photo or vid Taylor has taken of them so far, and it's very obvious Goose is not neutered. I sadly don't find it unlikely that she's using them to breed food for her snakes. :/

No. 609833

File: 1543997132620.jpeg (92.9 KB, 750x357, 02C11C28-F013-439F-B12D-E768A4…)

Is this even true or is she spreading another lie to make herself look better?

No. 609834

none of the videos are monetized… what ever even said that two threads ago

No. 609835

I don't think anon can even if she wanted to
You need a certain amount of views and suscribers ( and a partnership)
So that's bs

And why is she all butthurt that she couldn't monetizated Cheese funeral, yes Taylor you can't win money of your dead pets.

No. 609838

I couldnt watch the whole video, sh is just too annoying with her self pity and lack of self awareness but the kitten dying i can tell you without a doubt is NOT some fluke. The video of her and johnny trying to feed those kittens is what made me certain she has no idea about what shes doing. There are so many things done terrifyingly wrong in that video. I wrote a little about it on gurugossip back then and if video anon wants me to weigh in on a vid about it all i will. //vet nurse anon.

No. 609840

Transcript anon from the Raven Sparks thread here. I have stripped the html and srt codes, but the text needs to be edited for word accuracy and punctuation and numerals.

hey guys and welcome back to my channel today's video the funnest video I've ever made I'm just on a roll here with a really fun videos I wanted to preface this video by saying I really overthink situations like this the situation terrifies me I don't like being unliked but it's something I gotta get used to if I'm in the public you know I'm gonna mess up people are gonna hate it so I'm dealing with the situation right now there really really sucks and it's been like a week now of it going on and controversy just scares the crap out of me so I've just been sulking and dealing with my own problems offline and waiting until I felt sane enough to make this video I'm there now hello I'm going to try to focus on the people that don't hate my guts and want me dead I'm gonna focus on the people who are just concerned because there are plenty of people who are just concerned about the weird accusations out there right now so I'm just gonna focus on you guys hello then it will look four times I'm very nervous I'm gonna try to stay on every topic as best as I can because there is a lot to cover I'm sorry if I don't do it flawlessly I just I know people are going to be speculating every little thing I do in this video are my pupils big enough is my arm moving the right way like my posture it is it look like someone who's guilty I don't people are going to speculate the crap out of this video and it's just annoying okay I am sorry if I ramble I'm sorry if I don't do this fall asleep I'm trying my best okay the crappy side of the platform that I'm on is that I am going to be picked apart for everything I do but there's also a really good side there is you know . million of you guys that are just like you know aren't doing that crap and just wanting to know what's going on not even a tenth of a tenth of you know any of the controversy it's not that big but it's big enough where I need to address it because I don't want anyone who's watching my videos to be confused or not get to hear my side of things so yeah okay I'm rambling already let's get started for those who don't know there have been accusations floating around that lect abuse and just let my animals die off and replace them I'm hoping I can clear up some of the confusion and just talk about mistakes I've made in the past and yeah I have just chosen a few things I'm gonna talk about and you could just decide where you want to what you want to believe I just know what I'm telling and I know what is the truth and I'm the only person in this entire thing that's actually experienced any of this everyone else that's saying I've done this or I've done that all speculation no one has actually been here to witness anything I'm the only person who knows what's real and what really happened in my lifetime of owning animals and I'm here to try to clear up the air we're gonna start with the accusations that I kill and replace my animals that accusation is completely baseless no one has any proof whatsoever that that's true not one single person on this planet has proof and that's because it's not true the accusation originated on Twitter someone received a message from another person that said hey I used to be Taylor's friend she kills and replaces her animals that screenshot is the only thing people are using as proof that I've replaced my animals and the person who posted that screenshot literally took it down minutes later and said they had absolutely no proof that that was my friend or that that was true and that they shouldn't have posted something with no proof whatsoever so it does make me a little upset that those rumors are going around and the same people that started those rumors know for a fact that the person that started the rumor literally said never mind that that didn't happen or that they don't have proof that it happened it makes me really sad that people really wanted to fit that agenda that story line that I am replacing my animals so they didn't include the part where the person said never mind this probably isn't true or that I don't know if it's true so as far as that accusation goes it's entirely speculation there's no proof anywhere on this planet that I've ever killed and replaced an animal the thing that confuses me even more is the animals that I have claimed to replace where my crocodile skinks and my frog I don't have another frog I never got another frog so there's no frog that I replaced because I literally do not have another frog so I didn't replace him because there is there's no second frog I said he died and now he's gone there's no new one no reincarnated one he's gone and then with the crocodile skinks the proof is that I contacted a breeder for two new crocodile skinks but the thing about that is the breeder posted it publicly that they're sending them to me so how would I be tricking you guys and replacing an animal sneaking it getting behind you so you don't know they're dead if the person literally posted on their page I'm sending these crocodiles gangs to a new home and then tagged me in it that would kind of ruin my story that they're their original skinks it wasn't a hidden it wasn't hidden there's no exposing me we talked about it publicly I liked it I commented on it the day it happened it's all public knowledge anyone that was looking at their Instagram notifications would have seen that or anyone that was following them would have seen that there's no way I could have replaced them and gotten away with that I wasn't looking to replace them and get away with it on this topic if you don't know we'll move on to the heating malfunction that caused the death of my crocodile skinks if you don't know my crocodile skinks and my pac-man frog both passed away with the heating malfunction in my animal room it was one of the worst days I've had in a long time it was just absolutely heartbreaking and if you don't know about it I'll post a link in my description to my Instagram post about it it's been a really hard situation for me which is why I haven't talked about it too much other than on Twitter and Instagram anyway to sum it up I have heat regulators because I have a lot of heat lamps and a lot of heating pads and just a lot of heat in my animal room and so if I didn't have something to regulate the heat it would get extremely extremely hot in there and there'd be no way that each animal got the exact temperature they needed so I have heating regulators hooked up to my animals cages that have the temperature the max temperature that the cage can get to before the heating thing shuts off and my pac-man frog in my crocodile skink we're both in the same row of cages and my electricity malfunctioned while I was sleeping I woke up I went and took all I did was flip the breaker and I went right back on checked on all the animals and everyone was fine made sure they had water made sure the temperatures were good make sure you know the humidity was good make sure everyone was good and then I went out and did things and by the time I had finished with my day it turns out that the heat regulators never turned back on for the crocodiles skinks or the frog and they passed away because they got too hot I was extremely extremely sad about their deaths it took me a while to even figure out it was the heater and malfunction I thought you know I was like holy what did I why are they dying I was freaking out I didn't know what happened until I looked closely and figured it out it was so sad and awful and something that I carry with me every day I didn't hide it I didn't try to replace them I didn't try to pretend something different happened I went and I told people what happened and now that's back lashing really bad people are saying that I'm cooking all my animals and calling me stupid names and just saying I shouldn't own animals if I can't keep track of them and all this stuff but there's a difference in my opinion maybe y'all don't agree with me but this is my opinion I think there's a difference between a mistake and neglect a mistake is what happened the electricity malfunctioned another mistake it could be your dog gets out and get hit by a car another mistake could be you're out you're not home or you're asleep and your fish tank shuts off and they don't get oxygen and they die mistakes happen with animals and it's really really crappy but I don't think that means that you shouldn't own them based on that alone mistakes like like that was a one-time thing I've never had my enclosures overheat before so it's not like I'm repeatedly neglecting them it was a mistake and it's I'm so careful now and now I'm even more careful with them that I was before I did see a few people say that if you're gonna be away from your animals that long you shouldn't have that many but I honestly think what happened to me could have happened if you had one single animal like one reptile in your house or you had you go to work you do your -hour shift you come back something bad happened you can't be with your animals / you just camp rather you have one or a hundred you can't be with your animals / and when you leave something might go wrong I'm now being extra sure that nothing goes wrong and making sure that I don't put too many plugs in the one socket I'm making sure I like I'm trying to be so careful with these guys I try so hard every single day with them and I do think it's enough I do I don't think that I am in over my head with these guys because other than that heating malfunction I've literally never lost a single one of my reptiles so I think that says something I haven't lost a single other reptile I bought ever I don't know if you're including the green tree python I did buy a green tree python once it was super super sick on display before I even like before the day finish I'm pretty sure it died and then they sent me a new one free of charge because they recognized that it was their fault so I don't know like I feel like I'm doing good with these animals I do remember one time there was a fish channel that I watched and her entire gallon tank just died off and she had no clue what happened but I think she takes amazing amazing care of her fish tanks and so I just I think mistakes can happen weird things can happen with animals and it doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't qualified to take care of them and I'm not blaming anyone else for the malfunction it was literally an awful and broke my heart and it's still hard to talk about it so I kind of just emotionally shut off when I do also for the rumor that I'm making fun of my animals that overheat it because I called my snake and uncooked noodle it looked like raw spaghetti I wasn't mocking my animals like my snake looked like spaghetti I'm sorry I did I have I keep seeing people throw around the number like of her animals have died in the last year I don't know what you're counting I don't know if you're counting every single individual fish I don't know if you're counting snails because I did see one time when I announced that one of the snails died in my tank so one was like another one to her death toll I recognized that my praying mantids have died after six months each sure I recognized that but that's like their lifespan I recognized that I've lost fish I'd recognize I've lost other insects and then yeah here and there I mean my hedgehogs have died I've had other animals die but the way they're making it sound is like I'm just like they're just dropping like flies like snake after snake after snake and then bindi and then twisty and then all this but they're all doing great so yes I have had deaths but it's nowhere near the extreme that people are making it sound I'm not saying that that number isn't real I'm sure that there have been living beings that I've brought into my home that have passed away but they aren't things that are easy to you know it was like a fish a single fish in my fish tank of my betta fish my you know whatever and there's a lot of people that that's trial and error with fish tanks you do lose fish and I hate it I cry every time I don't know what happens and it tears me apart because I wish I could have done better I wish it could have lived longer but I don't fish in the fish keeping hobby fish die so I just don't appreciate that number being thrown around because it's making it sound like I'm chopping the heads off of like my cats and stuff when it's really you know a fish or you know a bug and I'm not saying that they aren't worth life they are but they're so sensitive that it should not be labeled abuse when a fish or whatever just you know passes on I just don't think it fish are all so sensitive you never know what happened to the fish before you brought it home sometimes fish in the wild are caught with things like cyanide I believe I'm gonna correct myself somewhere on the screen if I'm wrong but they are stunned with poisons to catch them and bring them back into captivity you don't know their genetics or how healthy their parents were you don't know where they came from what their locality was cowfish all over the world grow at different sizes at different rates male the females grow different rates if they are caught from this location or this location if they're caught with poisons things like that you don't know about what happened to a fish before you brought it and do your home you just don't and that's sadly how it is in the fish hobby unless they're captive bred you just don't know in in saltwater not a lot of fish are captive bred you could get a nitrate spike or your pH could drop and then BAM you lost fish I don't think I think that I'm sorry but I do think that's different than if you're like killing off all your snakes or killing off all your bearded dragons or things like that I do think fishkeeping is in its own category I just do and I'm extremely sorry that it disappoints people I really am because it disappoints me too when fish die it does but I do not beat myself up over it I know that I can't always control it but I can do my best to give them a good life and I could try and I could really really treasure these animals but fish just are tricky they're they're tricky I believe my fish tanks are overall good which is what you want to look for in a fish owner I have every single fish except cheese of the original fish and my wrasse in that big tank right there I did buy a pair of rats that didn't make it very long and then cheese just recently passed away but every single other fish in there that I got right when I set the tank up they're still in there anyway that's my little rant about that I'm sorry that I'm rambling I'm trying to do this right I'm trying to not talk too long or talk too short or too brief or too I'm trying to talk about the situation without being too annoying or too brief or too dry or too emotionally or overly emotional or whatever this is it's hard for me so I'm trying the next topic I will talk about are my cats when I lived with my family my family did not let me own cats because there were allergies in the family to cats so I wouldn't be able to have like my cousins over and my aunt's over if I had cats in my parents house so when I moved out one of the very first things I was so excited for was to get a pair of cats because I adore kittens I love cats I love them I love dogs too but I love cats so I was super excited about that I spent a whole day you know going to shelters and I didn't find any that day that really connected with me so I was gonna call it a day go home and come back the next day and continue my search I stopped at a Petco to get crickets and there was a lady there with a box with two newborn kittens in it and she told me you know Petco can't take these and my next stop is the pound do you know anyone that would be interested and I thought about it and I was like you know I would I want this like I can do this I'm gonna do it I would like to take these kittens in and I would like to raise them and foster them and potentially keep them if they you know if everything goes right for them they were covered in ticks they were skinny they were scared they were tiny I thought I was helping you know I thought if I take care of these guys that's one less animal someone else has still like foster and take care of that I'm contributing by doing this with my own money I felt like I was helping you know an animal lover you see a dog on the side of the road you pick it up you trying to take care of it things like that so I thought I was helping you know now the controversy of this is that I should have brought them to a foster parent and that I shouldn't have done it myself what's done is done and I wanted to take care of them myself I was very very bonded with them immediately and I wanted to take care of these guys and maybe that's not maybe that was wrong maybe and sadly at one point the female kitten did stop responding well she wasn't eating after an hour and an hour and a half of her refusing food I rushed her over to the vet they did a full workup of her they said that she honestly looked fine maybe she just was constipated to bring her back home and see if I can get her to poop and then eat so I brought her back home I tried to get her to poop I tried to get her to eat two hours later didn't get any better rushed her back over they looked her all over they said I don't I don't know why she's like this I don't know what's wrong with her you're doing everything right as we can tell with the male that you have you're doing everything right we don't know why she's declining but we'll keep her here and we'll try to get her better ourselves so I left the cat there went home and within a few hours they called me and said that she was dead it was heartbreaking I like fell to the floor crying I think about that cat all the time I think about that kitten all of it sorry my language all the time and I just hope that you know she's like looking over her brother somewhere or something but um you could look at it two ways you can look at it that Nemo is some miracle to survive my abuse that I put the kittens through and that I did then that I did indeed kill the other kitten like people are telling me I did or you can look at it that I did do things right because Nemo is amazing and he is literally my best friend and I would die for him I literally would so you could look at it that I messed up and then I killed his sister or you can know that I did everything I could and I Nimmo turned out pretty pretty good I don't know why out of all the accusations that's one of the ones that hurts the most but I was loved both of those cats so much and I love Nemo every day so being told that I should have just you know the kitten would be alive if he would have just brought it to a store or to something that just or you know to a foster you know that great kitten gonna have an amazing life if you would have just brought it to the pound instead of trying to take care of it that that hurts cuz I love my cat so much I love all my cats hmm I don't want to get emotional in this but that's my response to that you could look at it either way I do want to say while I was editing I noticed I did get extremely emotional maybe maybe he came across a little too defensive in that part about the cat basically I don't know why the girl died I don't and I'm not trying to make it sound like you can't blame me because it could have been something I did wrong but I genuinely genuinely think I did everything right and I think Nemo is a good example of that I'm not trying to get to defensive in this and I apologized that I got really worked up about that but that she was an extremely hard situation for me because I would die for a Nemo and I would have further Greg it and I would have done anything for her so I don't know why they died I don't have that answer for you answer shaking but I really think I did my best my other thing to respond to about the cats is the one that I brought in as a companion for Nemo after his sister passed away I brought in ghosts I got him in an adoption event but people insist that he's this cat from Craigslist I don't even know what I could say about that anymore people keep saying that I refuse to respond to that but I've been responding to that for a year now so that's why I don't respond to it anymore is I have a dress that I addressed that so many times a year ago because that's when it was scandalous the person that they're accusing me of getting the cat on Craigslist from is literally literally told people know people would contact her being like did you sell - Taylor Nicole Dean I love that kitten it and she'd be like no and she contacted me and she was like excuse me why are you telling people that you got my cat I posted that conversation a year ago people said I faked it again you're gonna believe what you want to believe but the Craigslist person themselves said I didn't get it from them so I don't know what else to tell you guys

No. 609841


there's a few more that I'm gonna answer and then I'm just I'm gonna stop yeah sigh I don't want to spend all night out here and there's just so many different stories like it could mean this or it could be this or it could be that so just gonna talk about a few more next one is the bearded dragon situation my bearded dragon was sold to me with the damaged tail I talked about it after I got the amputation and I talked about my story of trying all different things before amputating I did not know for sure where who who sold it to me I didn't I didn't remember I talked about it and I posted a picture of the booth and multiple people kept telling me oh it sounds like this company called South Texas dragons they kept saying oh that's the booth oh you know that flyer in the background literally has their logo oh this oh that and so I finally said you know that does sound right I do remember seeing South Texas dragons yeah I think I got it from them but they're there bearded dragons look great other than twisty and I literally said that in the video I literally said it in my video nothing bad about the company I didn't drop their name I blurred out their logo but in a post I did on Instagram I did drop their name and on its Twitter I drew I said their name once in a comment on Instagram and someone replied like I did not sell you a sick bearded dragon blah blah blah he was so healthy so I thought you know that person was one validating that they are South Texas dragons and to saying you're wrong it was healthy so that's when I stuck with the fact that it was South Texas dragons I shouldn't have done that I did not realize the magnitude of my voice on the internet I never do I just tell stories like they happen and then I don't realize people are going to like go attack the company and stuff I just I just don't I know that's stupid I should know better by now and I'm trying to remember that and watch my mouth but I people are constantly saying that I never apologized to them when I literally did months and months and months and months ago I'll pull up the email here people will probably say it's edited but we had a conversation I apologized forever ago to them it was just miscommunication and the person who did sell me twisty to this day insists that it was healthy when I sold it that my cats chewed on its tail that I Okin at the expo that it was bred that way they've come up with so many different weird excuses instead of just saying I'm sorry that you're unsatisfied with the bearded dragon I've told you I think the whole situation was extremely unprofessional I probably could have handled a lot better too I didn't have to talk about it online but again I just don't realize my magnitude of the magnitude of my voice so I'll be more careful and I'm sorry and I'm sorry that it made people so upset but I did apologize to South Texas dragons so there's that the monitor's situation I've said from day one that was a really crappy choice I am full spot a monitor I didn't even know what kind of monitor I had for a while it was really bad it was really really impulsive of me and i % would have given him away if i did not have the money and means to just step up my care he's in a gallon tank now he has everything he needs especially for his size he's thriving he eats great he interacts great he has a big pool he has areas to climb I've talked about that situation a million times over I've said it was wrong I've said it was crappy that I wasn't thinking straight I don't know what more to tell you guys about that but yeah it was a bad choice and I'm sorry and I really yeah that was crappy I agree with that now there is one story about me or my boyfriend smoking in the same room it's nice a tiny leaf geckos that's true we did i % thought I was being safe I don't really smoke much ever so I don't know much I know this sounds really stupid but I don't I don't know like oh you have to be this far else it's still dangerous like I don't I don't know I've seen people smoke in the same room as things before and I didn't understand how dangerous it was and I've definitely definitely research now more about it and know never to do it again but I did do it that one time and I had my windows open up here I had these windows open way up there they slide open I had my fan going up there and I honestly just thought these ceilings are super big and I honestly thought I was being safe it wasn't like we were chained smoking in here it was one little thing and and that sucks and I don't I don't even smoke anymore I haven't smoked in months and months and months honestly I don't remember the last time I have and I just I don't my satanic Tsar all doing great still they have a clean bill of health they are still thriving and people told me I was gonna kill those things in a week and it's been a year now and they're all thriving so it was a very stupid thing to do and I'm sorry and I hope you guys can still trust me and enjoy my videos even though I did that because honestly it will never ever happen again it was the rat situation people are saying I impulse bought them I think there's a difference between unplanned buys and impulsive buys I was not planning to have rats but I did think I was fully prepared to take on everything that needed to be taken on there was rumors that their cage was too small which was really dumb because I made it very clear that I was gonna upgrade them very quickly I went ahead and upgraded even quicker than I planned they are in a double critter nation now which is a great size for three rats the rats are spayed I made that very clear in the video so I don't know why people are telling me that I'm just letting them breed like crazy they are spayed and when it comes to taking criticism about things literally any time people give me suggestions I don't think people realize how much suggestions that I do take instead they focus on the ones that I ignore or don't see I don't respond to people that are rude or abrasive or they might tell me something they're just like hey don't do that but then I click on their profile and I just see tons and tons of hate towards me like mean things so then I just walk up because I don't want to deal with that I just want to take advice and talk about animals with people but I don't want to be I don't want mean stuff being thrown around so yeah I do block people if I've answered something a million times if people are being rude if people are being aggressive about it I do block it because I have extremely extremely bad anxiety I don't handle that kind of stuff well I find it better just to separate myself from it I'm sorry I'm so open to learning about animals extremely I always want the best for my animals so for example like one time I thought that I was going to do quarantine was one of my animals in the bathroom and I was like I'm gonna put the quarantine tank in my bathroom and a lot of people were like don't do that that's not a safe spot to do quarantine so I didn't do it a lot of people are saying hey don't feed your rats anything without falfa in it I stopped a lot of people were telling me hey don't use red heat lamps about a year ago I stopped I that's obviously just three things off the top of my head but like I am so open to learning more things about animals so I don't like that it's reflected you know that I don't and I guess maybe I did that to myself by blocking people and you know not responding to everyone and I'm sorry about that but I just do what I think is best for my mental health and I thought that that was the best way to go about it but I didn't realize I was making so many people so angry so I'm very sorry about that so I'm gonna end this on something that I actually do you think is a very valid concern and something that I never really talked about with anyone except like therapists and me there was a period in my life this is what I'm gonna end this all off on there is a period in my life where it was about last year last year until like March or April so like a good five months of me just buying animals like accumulating animals extremely fast I went from you know having one snake to having like eight or nine extremely quick I brought it twisty I brought in my crabs I brought in my satanic I brought in my monitor there was a period in my life where I was accumulating animals extremely extremely fast and I always always was very defensive about it because before taking them in I have spent so long like learning about animals so I knew what I was taking in like for example my green tree python is doing amazing and so even though I took him in probably way too quickly I knew what I was doing when I took him in and he's been driving for a year so I've been very defensive about that and refused to acknowledge that it was not a smart thing to do because I was just like you know the animals are doing fine please stop saying that I'm hoarding them please stop saying these mean things because they're doing fine and while that side of it is true to me it's also true to me that like I did some self-reflecting and there was a time in my life where I was just not happy with myself at all and the only thing that made me happy was taking care of animals and I always wanted a new animal to take care of I still loved everyone that I had but I wanted to bring in more wanted to keep taking care of animals and just explore all these different amazing creatures and it just gave me this like natural hi basically where I just felt so happy around these animals in euphoric I still do feel that way but I have slowed down a lot with my animals I haven't bought a million or anything I've gotten a few new snakes and stuff but nothing crazy in a while I plan to keep slowing down even more so it's not to say that I didn't like not gonna get more animals but I'm definitely gonna do it much slower and I'm never gonna go about it that way again where I got so many so fast I think it was part of like moving out on my own because you know once I left my parents house I got my own place and I could buy any animal I wanted and they couldn't tell me like I don't want that animal in my house or whatever so I was just getting every animal that might you know that I wanted and that you know yeah I don't want that to be my message on my channel I don't and it was an extremely extremely um I don't only use the word selfish but it was just not a good message or influence on people who watch me and it was reckless I guess that's that's a good word for it so while it was a bad decision and I'm extremely extremely okay was admitting that I hope you know that the animals are safe but they've never been in danger because while I was accumulating them really fast I was working my butt off every single day for them I was making sure that they were safe that they were healthy that their temperatures are great and their humidity and that they were fed and that they were watered and that they all this stuff I was making sure there was a period in my life where I was literally taking them to the vet every four months because I wanted to make sure that you know I'd get so nervous like what if they have something on the inside that I can't see like there was that's probably too much but I did do that and I've spent so much money and so much time on these animals and while I don't think that alone is enough to prove that you're fit for taking care of your animals I do think my animals are overall extremely healthy I don't think there are all these things that people take one image of from forever ago or one angle of and say oh it looks like this from this angle so I know it means this I just know that they're healthy because I take care of them every single day I every single day morning tonight I am with them I learned to not get so many so quick as what I'm saying I'm not suffering due to those actions I'm not you know regretting it or being overwhelmed now as the months have passed I loved every single animal that I've brought into this home but I'm focusing on them not focusing on new animals and that's not to say that you know I'm not gonna find other animals throughout the months that I might want to bring one or two more in snakes or something but it's gonna slow down so much and I'm really focusing giving my all on what's already in this home and I'm extremely out of everything I'm very sorry I'm very sorry if I let you guys down because of that but I promised I could redeem myself I'm sorry that I wasn't smarter about it I would never want to hurt these animals ever so um I will do anything for these animals and I always will um there is speculation that I got so many because it's how I make my money but I don't even talk about every single one of my animals on my youtube videos I don't like other than if I do in all my pets video you don't see every single one of my animals so while yes I do make my money by posting about them on YouTube I'm mostly post about them on Instagram on Twitter which I get zero dollars from I love sharing my animals I love animals I love talking about them I love showing you guys watching them grow with me watching you know what they do each day I love it YouTube of course like I said it's I love posting about them on here but it's definitely not money driven there's so many things I could have done with my life to try to make money on the internet and I chose taking care of twenty thirty animals and that's a pretty hard one to choose so I did it for a reason and it's not just for money I adore these creatures more than life itself I would lay down my life and a heartbeat for my animals I would I'm extremely sorry if it comes across that I don't take criticism I am still learning a lot about my myself and my anxiety shoes I'm still learning how they're affecting me daily because I haven't realized how bad they are until recently like with the way I respond to negativity and how badly it scares me and how much it hurts for me to be disliked I didn't realize that until recently and I'm working on it I'm working on accepting that some people are just gonna really really hate me and I'm working on still you know knowing that I could still love myself I'm extremely sorry if the way that I've handled myself has offended people and I don't mean that in a way like I'm sorry I've been offended you but I'm gonna keep doing it I don't mean that I mean like I'm legitimately sorry I always think that you know there must be something wrong with me if I made a person feel negatively and then I don't know how to handle it I shut down and I'm working on it this video it was so hard for me to make but I'm working on it only knows that yes I'm someone who has made mistakes as I've listed and some of the things I've defended and other things I've just been like yeah I messed up there if I ever thought I was in over my head if I ever thought these animals need to be somewhere else for their own safety they would be I don't know if you guys remember but I had seahorses one time I loved those seahorses God I'm such a baby um I loved those seahorses so much and literally one of the best parts of my day every day was seeing them but I kept feeling like I wasn't doing enough for their fish tank I felt like I kept messing up on it so I found all of them a new home together and they lived out their life together happily somewhere else because I knew that they'd be safer there I promise I will make sure my animals are as safe as I could possibly make them be and I honestly do feel like I'm doing a really good job at that I hope this clears some of the things up I don't want to say this and make it even worse but there are some parts in the internet that know where I live and they keep calling ACS pretending they live here in my apartments saying that I have dangerous animals running loose saying that I have animals that are dying of starvation being neglected hoarded covered in their own feces these awful things an ACS comes here every time just to clear me and leave I literally have never gotten a single citation from animal care services and they go through every single animal because by law they have to make sure every single one is okay and I've never received a single citation in the sad thing is people are gonna keep calling them and they can close my case for a number of months and then they have to by law reorder you like reopen it and come back and this has been going on for a year now and their recently coming back they just came back a few days ago I'm debating I'm gonna see if it's okay with them to film it next time they come so I could show you guys cuz I feel like me just saying it isn't enough for you guys to believe me people call my apartment all the time they called it and they say hi I live here I live right near someone who has so many animals and she's just dangling them off the balcony and she's doing all this stuff there's so many noises and it smells so bad and all that stuff they continuously pretend to live here and then my apartment will say okay like please come down and talk to us and then what hope they never do because they don't live here and people are pretending these things to try to get me evicted people are doing these things to try to get my animals taken from me so I get having concerns about the animals well-beings but for you guys to continuously keep calling them and calling them and calling them that's no longer concern that is harassment so you could keep being concerned online keep talking crap online by all means please be in your own little world on the internet and talk about me in any way that you want but harassing me in real life here I'm literally having to try to get onto my lease early and move and find a new house and I would really appreciate it if you stopped but I don't I don't see why you would but I felt like I'd ask umm anyway thank you guys so much for watching I'm sorry if this video disappointed you didn't give you the answers that you're looking for I guess at the end of the day I know what's the truth and that's what matters but I started this channel because I wanted to make people happy so I just want to keep keep trying you know keep trying to post content that makes people smile make people stay easier and thank you and I to keep putting out content just enjoying my animals and not about all this negativity not gonna keep addressing us and feeding it I'm gonna get right back into just sharing my love of animals with you guys anyway okay I keep trying like I said goodbye after I turn this off I promised myself I wasn't going to refill him a single thing that I was just gonna be my you know my initial answer is my answer kind of thing I'm extremely nervous about this video I am and I probably talked extremely awkwardly in this and I probably I probably could have answered some things better but that I'm nervous I really really like making people happy I don't care how crap like Dom that sounds the whole reason I made my youtube channel was to make people smile literally I love animals to death but I was gonna go to school for zoology and marine biology and just go work somewhere and like you know learn about animals and studying them and things like that and then I figured out I have this niche where I had this somehow this ability to and I'm not saying it's some magical special ability but it's just somehow it's worked for me that I could sit in front of a camera and I could talk to people with my animals and I could make so many people so happy and that's like my dream job honestly because before I've always loved animals but I thought about going into acting because I wanted to do something where people could sit down and watch me do something and smile and just you know escape their own mind gonna find out I had this ability to sit down into camera be myself not have to act and talk about animals and still do all that stuff it was amazing to me this is everything I've ever wanted to do and I'm not gonna just chicken out and leave because I've made mistakes I'm gonna keep trying and I'm gonna keep trying to be the best person I can be for you guys because literally nothing makes me happier at night than knowing that I've made someone else's day easier and that I'm able to do that while expressing my love of I thought so many people tell me like I was terrified of snakes before you and now I see their beauty and I you know used to hate this animal and you now make me smile with them and things like that and that is just everything to me so as negative as this video was I am so grateful for everything I'm grateful that even though I've made mistakes that I have this platform I'm so grateful I even have this platform to make mistakes on okay I'm so grateful that there's so many amazing beautiful people on this planet that I get to talk to every day with all of my medical problems and my struggles in life we all got him with mine I honestly thought that I wouldn't ever connect with people and that I was just gonna be like some shut-in and the fact that I've been able to do this is just a dream come true and I'm not gonna give up so thank you guys so much for watching my videos thank you and thank you for going on this journey with me through the ups and the downs and all that stuff thank you okay I love you guys I just wanted to end it on a little better note it was a little sad so ok bye

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2 Change the file extension to txt and open it in a text editor app

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5 Edit the text for word accuracy and to add punctuation and numerals (numbers are stripped in step 4). Auto generated subtitles are surprisingly accurate, depending on the person's enunciation.

No. 609845

Can someone please save her kitten video and i will go through it with comments later, im busy right now and dont know how to save. //vet nurse anon

No. 609856

File: 1544008129187.jpeg (410.13 KB, 750x1081, 65669B1E-813A-462B-8956-FF55DB…)

You’re an animal channel, if constantly posting about animal updates is boring then I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong community

No. 609859

add a youtube downloader extension to your browser or else use a website service like savethevideo.com, there are many options if you google, including android apps.

No. 609863

Her cheese video was monetized until people freaked out that it was! And whatever’s vid isn’t. She didn’t have enough view time and subscribers to start out to even be monetized. Taylor thinks just because there’s an ad on a video it’s monetized. Stupid cow!

No. 609864

When people say whatever is making the video for attention it cracks me up. If she was her name, and face would be in the video. What attention is she giving herself when no one knows who she is? Her stans need to stop using that as an argument.

No. 609867

File: 1544016462623.png (1.84 MB, 1125x2436, E5009CBA-BC32-4162-8ABA-5683D4…)

No. 609869

Her fans are absolutely exhausting, the amount of them that consider her faux apology video enough of a reason to remove the videos calling her out is concerning. I've been responding to comments (I'm not what ever, for clarity) as much as I can and some of them are terribly nasty. I wish some of their parents were aware of the language they were using out here, but Taylor is doing nothing to encourage them to partake in a reasonable debate, which should absolutely be done if you're going to engage.
I really, really hope that ACS sees something and stops her. Otherwise, she'll just get off with asspats from her stans and nothing else.

No. 609876

To be fair, she didn't have to make a video for them to feel this way. Ultimately she is making that video for the haters not for her loyal stans. There's a certain number of them who will quite literally forgive her for murder.

However imo she's not doing herself favors because there's more people who don't like her than she thinks. I think she's sooo used to getting away with everything but since people finally feel like they're not the only ones who dislike her they're unsubbing or at least starting to question her. In Taylor world she should have 1.5 million subs and not ONE of those people should question, dislike, or feel any type of way other than positive about her and her actions.

No. 609896

taylor won't do anything to encourage reasonable debate because she can't even participate in reasonable debate herself. it's seen all over her twitter that she just makes passive aggressive jokes out of any sort of critique or concern.

No. 609920

Does she even know what reasonable debate or self-awareness even mean? I mean, wasn’t she homeschooled? So she would’ve just be thought of things that her mom thought was right. That’s why theyre both childish and clueless about the real world

No. 609924

Yeah, I think she said she was "homeschooled" in HS because her health was so bad?

No. 609925

Hey guys, another anon posted that her kitten death story was inconsistent so I edited the two stories together. Let me know what y’all think, just threw it together for comparison.

No. 609928

Should add a Pinocchio nose!! Would be cool if someone could make a meme of her nose growing!

No. 609929

Curious. She just got her drivers license…who was doing the driving?

No. 609931

There were so many edits I wanted to do. Unfortunately my MacBook is a 10 yr old piece of shit. Treating myself to a new laptop come Christmas though so I might make a lot of these edits since it was pretty easy to throw together and she’s constantly inconsistent with her lies.

No. 609941


It'd be terrible if she lost it due to a DUI. Because you know this bitch thinks she's exempt from that law, too.

No. 609953

Ask Jonny for a new MacBook lol

No. 609955

File: 1544031893663.jpeg (244.58 KB, 1242x356, 8880DEC2-CB02-42D1-8061-41B19D…)

So…I’m not a snake person…do you really feed once a week?

No. 609956

No. The only ball pythons who should be eating weekly are hatchlings and very young juveniles. I feed my adults once a month, sometimes twice. During feeding season I pick it up a little to make sure females have some extra weight. She over feeds her ball pythons, something that some keepers refer to as "powerfeeding". Her ball pythons will eventually be overweight, and extremely obese. Most ball pythons in captivity are overweight to some extent, because people don't realize that they don't need food weekly throughout their entire lives. I'm pretty sure she was feeding her biggest male a large rat twice a month. I give my females (bigger than males) a medium-large rat monthly. Most males never need more than a small rat. Really, they should be feeding on birds. Long story short, she has no idea what she's doing when it comes to feeding her ball pythons.

No. 609958

One more thing, what snake of hers is still eating rat pups?!? I feed mine rat pups right from the start. Unless she has some super-sized rat pups, they're going to be much too small for her snake. So it's also very possible she's feeding too small of prey too frequently. Which is a different issue entirely. This girl is a mess.

No. 609959

wasnt she supposed to do a livestream

No. 609960


Gasp. Would Taylor lie??!!

No. 609961

that's what i'm sayin what happened to the live stream where she went and showed all the enclosures, but I guess then she can't edit out her messy apartment and JC drunk yelling

No. 609962

Rest assured anons, she considers this effectively swept under the rug.

No. 609967

Watched her video yesterday and saw a lot of comments still calling her out for not showing proof of adoption on Ghost, or not doing the livestream, still being skeptical, ect. Today it looks like the comments are much more positive/no skepticism.. Is she deleting comments or does she really just have that many blind fans?

No. 609970

I was wondering the same thing. On her Instagram posts for the video yesterday I saw a few negative comments. Today I only saw one and it had 55 comments from her stans attacking.

No. 609974

watching what she says on Twitter today I miss a couple of days ago when she said fuck all.(read the rules and usage guide)

No. 609977

I feel like it's a mix of both. She's admitted herself that she doesn't take criticism well.

No. 609978

I'm the same as everybody else here, was a fan but was quite aware that I had her tits in my face, when called out for it she basically said fuck u I'm doing it. it was the way she came across as well that rubbed me the wrong way. Jonny is such a cunt.

No. 609984

Wow, it's one thing to have small inconsistencies in a story, but she told two completely different stories there. I get the feeling that neither version is the truth.

No. 609985

Taylor retweeted someone praising her for taking on neonatal kittens because they would be euthanized if she took them to a rescue or shelter.

Something seems to have happened to it. Did anyone get a screenshot of it?

It drives me crazy when people praise her for this. There's an organization in San Antonio that deals in orphaned kittens, that is easily found with a Google search. (https://www.sanantoniopetsalive.org/programs/programs-neonatal-kitten/)

If she had cared about Nemo and his sister she should have given them to this organization instead of attempting it on her own. Maybe that grey kitten would still be here then

No. 609986

File: 1544037409453.jpeg (429.73 KB, 823x2129, 1E21EC3D-06C5-469C-B0F1-5B562B…)

No. 609987

File: 1544037443936.jpeg (320.93 KB, 823x2129, 442DCAF8-2884-463E-A2A3-3C5665…)

No. 609989

File: 1544037578489.png (1.93 MB, 1242x2208, 229F697F-8591-4F6A-AD27-BA1BC4…)


This guy maybe? He keeps flip flopping his views and is desperately using TND to try and get views. It’s sad af.

No. 610001

I don’t know why she can’t just….review her previous story and keep a lie straight.

No. 610004

I don't think this was it, but I didn't know this guy had the same train of thought.

Like yeah, neonatal kittens often are euthanized at regular shelters. Taylor had at least one organization to contact, though. There was no need for someone who had NEVER HAD CATS to try and keep the most vulnerable kittens alive.

No. 610014

On Ghost’s adoption papers, couldn’t she contact the Petco she adopted him from and get a new copy of the paperwork if it really existed? Most adoption facilities keep a copy of the paperwork and archive it. I know at least Petco does/should as someone who worked there years ago.

No. 610017

I don’t know how the rescues are in San Antonio, but speaking from experience with the ones in Dallas, if she had reached out, they would have either found her a foster or put her in touch with someone that could advise her on how to care for the kittens. She mentioned nothing about reaching out to a rescue, and that’s what bothers me the most about that situation. She didn’t even try, and people are speaking as if the kittens being euthanized if she had taken them to a shelter or rescue is a certainty.

No. 610045

So many things bother me. Lets talk about the live feeding… she made little to no attempt to get them on frozen thawed. Im sorry but your snake is not going to die if it doesnt eat for a few weeks even months. We are not talking about baby ball pythons here. They were purchased at a good size and I personally would have let them get hungry. Snakes are not stupid not going to let themselves starve to death. Dont give it a choice! If the snake starts to loose significant weight amd is at a real risk then try live but to attempt frozen once or twice and give up is just stupid. I think emzotic talked about this once and criticized nobody specific but probably in her own mind was thinking of taylor…

No. 610049

Its so unlikely that a shelter would euthanize the kittens, kittens are always the first to get adopted

No. 610052


This is what bugs me, too. She has zero experience with cats or caring for kittens, and surprise, surprise, she wound up killing one of them. If she really loved animals she'd get her head out of her ass and let someone qualified take care of them.

But we know it's not gonna happen. Taylor seems to be one of those people who's fucking convinced they're the smartest and most knowledgeable person everrrrr.

No. 610054

Neonatal kittens are a lot of work that many busy shelters don't have time or resources for. They do get euthanized, a lot. Once they hit weaning age they are more likely to be kept, but before that you need a dedicated person monitoring them and feeding them every 2-3 hours on formula.

There is some validity to praising one for taking in neonatals, but again - Taylor did it independently, without help from an organization, having never had a cat before, let alone babies.

No. 610057

Not to wk but lots of people feed their snakes live food. That doesn't excuse it, but it's very common.

No. 610059


Similarly, a lot of shelters have outreach programs that place neonatal/high need kittens with people who can care for them 'round the clock – people who know what they're doing, at that. Taylor could just have hit up Google and found those people at least to ask for advice, but that'd probably involve realizing she doesn't know everything.

No. 610061

File: 1544044064422.jpg (76.81 KB, 623x309, servicedog.jpg)

I was going back through some of her older videos and I found this gem. I love how a little less than a year later she would move out and leave Kida behind.

No. 610062

Most don't. And it's actually against the law in a lot of places unless it's a last resort for a snake who would otherwise starve to death. It's inhumane and dangerous to the snake in a lot of cases.

No. 610065

What she is saying about kiara there is identical to what she says about kida now.

No. 610067

File: 1544044777612.jpeg (68.5 KB, 720x1046, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

don't we know this guy? saw the post in a reptile fb group this morning

No. 610073

He wants to bang her. I think all the shit with him went down 3? 4? Threads ago. It's hard to keep track of. He was posting here for a bit.

No. 610075


Go into any snake group on FB and you'll find tons of people who feed live. I've never heard of it being illegal anywhere. And snakes will starve themselves to death, actually.

No. 610080

It's illegal in the UK. And an alternative to live feeding or force/assist feeding is tube feeding if the snake is close starving itself to death.

No. 610090

tube/assist feeding is incredibly stressful for snakes and could easily kill a snake that's starving. if a snake only takes live, you feed live. you minimize the risks by feeding supervised and work on finding a way to get the snake to take frozen in the meantime.
assist or tube feeding is when a snake won't even take live or is too weak to strike or eat. it's literally a last resort choice for when the choice is tube feed or death. please don't spread shit info if you don't know what you're talking about.

No. 610091

I literally said snakes will starve themselves to death. And just because a lot of people do it doesn't make it okay. Live is safer, and that is the general consensus in almost all reptile groups I am a part of. People who insist on only feeding live are idiotic, and Taylor is just as idiotic for feeding a snake live because it refused one or two f/t meals.

No. 610095

No one is saying "don't feed a snake live if it will only eat live". We're just saying it's less safe, and should only be done so IF the snake will only eat live, and If all other options have been exhausted. And yes, it is illegal in some countries because it is inhumane to feed captive snakes live when most will take f/t. Now stop arguing with us over it. It's less safe and arguably inhumane. End of story.

Now, back to Taylor. Her snakes that take live most likely have eating issues because of her husbandry and because she (at least in the past) moved to feed. If her animals are uncomfortable, not high enough heat or humidity, or if you handle them before feeding, they may not eat. We've seen before that her humidity isn't properly kept track of, so I'd venture to guess her humidity is low. Her enclosures don't offer enough security, so they feel unsafe. She needs to stop feeding live and take a lot at her enclosures and husbandry, as this is the cause of most royal python feeding strikes.

No. 610096

Well like i said, if the snake is close to starving itself to death, as in it will die unless it gets some sort of food, then tube feeding is another option for places that it is illegal to live feed. Maybe read properly next time.

No. 610097

There’s literally nothing wrong with feeding your snakes live food.

No. 610103

How is feeding live inhumane? ALL meat was alive at some point. You guys are always so OBSESSED with the little details of Taylor’s life that you miss the very real big issues. I doubt many of you are over 18.

No. 610106

>live feeder detected
nta but jfc you must be an idiot. mice aren't just going to sit back and let the snake eat them. even in the wild, snakes get injured by their prey constantly, but there, they have it alot easier to stalk and surprise prey than they do in an enclosure. mice still have a fight or flight response so in an enclosure they're more likely to attack the snake when threatened.

people who feed live prey to snakes are either just ignorant or edgy shits who probably have snakes cause they're #metal or some shit.

No. 610109


Those people are retarded.

Now shut the fuck up about it. Live feeding is bad, but it's just one issue on a laundry list of bs that TND does.

No. 610110


Just because it's common doesn't make it right and it's illegal in some places. From a moral standpoint, live feeding is horrific and is also dangerous for the snake.


I remember Emzotic talking about this actually, it was for one of her snakes she brought over to the US who went on hunger strike? She mentioned how she didn't want to live feed and sure enough, within a few months the snake was back to eating F/T. Say what you want about Emzotic, but at least she has the patience for that.

No. 610111

It's taught in veterinary medicine animal nutrition that it is much better to get an animal to feed pre-killed or frozen/thaw than to feed live if at all possible. For many reasons. Disease, parasites and other illness, stress to either animal, the potential to damage the snake, the economical reasons, storing, the issues with now having a humane mouse/rat set up, it isn't just one factor it's many factors for both animals and also owner.
Also not an argument, just because something else bad happens doesn't mean no one can argue another bad thing happening. Even so, slaughter in first world countries are regulated so animals are incapacitated beforehand and we don't eat most of our animals alive.

She also used to refer to Kiara as her dog, I guess until Kida came into the picture.

No. 610128

Yeah this dude was sperging about her for like 3 threads and then sent one of his friends to post for him about how she was so mean or some shit.

He’s a huge cringelord that we’re better off ignoring.

No. 610130

Stop sperging and derailing. Focus on TND.

No. 610140

File: 1544052064618.jpeg (163.4 KB, 1823x529, 5FCC7208-5258-43E4-BEBF-6DB147…)

The shit she retweets kissing her own ass is so cringy

No. 610141

Taylor is such a hypocrite!
I remember she claimed that some animals do better in the wild and should be left in the wild when she was replying to a picture of a whale in the ocean (or it was a dolphin, not sure), and now she’s talking about how cow fish usually don’t grow to their full size in captivity.
Those fish literally thrive in the wild yet she’s keeping them and throwing shade at aquariums for keeping fish that thrive in the wild in enclosures.

No. 610149

I believe he’s engaged. He was looking for followers…quit jumping to conclusions. Who would want her after Jonny?!

No. 610152

Do they not realize it makes them look worse that they keep deleting stuff they post? Now Jonny is doing it. He deleted the pic of the alcohol. If they stand by all their actions, and do nothing wrong, then why do they delete shit constantly? That only makes people scrutinize and document them all the more.

No. 610180

The logic that Taylor at some point gave was that she deleted things constantly because they were negativity.
But honestly if you don't want "negativity", then don't go around playing bad bitch only to delete shit afterwards. Fucking own it.

He's emotionally stunted and not very bright so in his case it's probably to make the h8trz back off.

Either way, both of them thrive on being in echo chambers that keep their delusions going. Which is why blind optimism often stunts self-awareness and why her stans actually do her more harm than good.

No. 610195

File: 1544059489519.jpeg (364.35 KB, 750x775, C40ACE5E-54F6-4404-9453-97876E…)

Just posted this for no reason

No. 610201

it is the only look she can wear that stupid weave with lmfao

No. 610203

ACS isn’t going to do anything. We can all say that her animals are neglected or abused till we’re blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is that none of her animals (with the exception of Mushu, perhaps) are on death’s doorstep. Unhealthy? Probably. Shitty cage set ups? Absolutely. Improper heating? Oh yeah. But dying? Not immediately, it would seem. ACS is probably overloaded with cases that are way worse than good ol’ Tay Tay’s. I mean…how educated do you really think ACS is in Satanic Leaf gecko care or axolotl care? Probably not very. So unfortunately, they’re not gonna do shit.

No. 610204

>they're not gonna do shit

uh actually if she has too many pets for her apartment footage they could do something. that'd be a health issue and the state would get involved then.

No. 610207


This is probably mostly true. However, it looks by the things she posted that she didn't have the proper permits for her animals and had to remedy that? Which shouldn't be hard to do for a normal person, but this is TND.

There's also the fact that Kronos isn't exactly tame and could be a danger. They might recognize that, lots of monitors end up in rescues because they're malnourished, stunted, and not handled properly. Even if ACS can't list off exact humidity/temp/feeding requirements, they probably know that much.

Most likely though, ACS can at least alert the property managers at her apartment complex to the actual number of animals she has in there. I'm not sure if they have to do this, but they may actually be required to. I feel like this is why Taylor is suddenly all about "moving out to avoid ACS." Maybe it's actually because the complex finally found out how ridiculously crammed full of potential flood, fire, escape, and health hazards that apartment is and is threatening to evict her.

No. 610209

So it looks like that brezotics chick you all keep saying is posting here is apparently going to be making a Taylor video

No. 610210

File: 1544063947756.png (4.23 MB, 1125x2436, 99EFE334-8B1B-44D5-A867-292077…)

No. 610212


Aw man, that'll really interfere with his busy schedule!

No. 610213

what is he getting surgery for

No. 610217

I think he said some of his dental implants weren’t taking correctly.

No. 610224

She was the one that made the passive aggressive tweet after Taylor posted her video yeah?

No. 610229

File: 1544066823784.png (200.37 KB, 470x376, hj35wHH.png)


that hair loss tho

No. 610230

She really should leave her hair alone. That's the kind of damage that takes forever to repair.

No. 610233

File: 1544067723659.jpeg (189.99 KB, 1242x920, F21ED50E-838A-4E7D-9274-C31D05…)

No. 610235

File: 1544067790296.jpeg (170.79 KB, 1242x1002, ECABE8F2-25AE-4633-A526-4DC1B1…)

Inb4 im accused of self-posting I just want to document this in case she actually says something lmfao

No. 610237

File: 1544067896365.jpeg (378.59 KB, 1068x1613, 2E8D0E0A-E7A6-44F6-AACA-061A14…)

just fucking say something if ur going to vaguepost and be all woe is me forever?

No. 610239

oh my god, can she just fucking post it? it's so obnoxious when people try to drag shit out like this, fucking cringe.

No. 610243

she also deleted all of her videos off of her youtube w/ the petfest crew.

girl now is the best time to post ur video while taylor's newest video is still relevant so you can get in the recommended. please fucking deliver

No. 610246

I don't really watch the petfest crew, but is Breez one of them? I've never heard of her before this. Either way, if she's got legit info, I'd be happy to see her share it. Maybe it'll get the other pettubers to act in the best interest of those animals instead of blindly defend TND.

No. 610247

Some of y'all got your panties in a bunch. So she's finally decided to commit to giving a statement about TND, cool. Let her collect her thoughts/film/edit/type and whatever. Then we'll see if it's actually anything of substance.

Depending on, this might involve more than just Taylor.

No. 610249

>>610246 before petfest i only followed taylor and emma, but breez/bree? was always kissing emma's ass and they became friends before petfest and met there i think.

>>610247 yeah ur right, i apologize. i'm dumb impatient

No. 610251

If I remember correctly it was an old lady the one who offered the kittens to her? Something like that.

No. 610252

And lord only knows how many times animals have died and been replaced and we’re none the wiser until someone steps up with proof! We are pretty confident that is what she does!

No. 610255

File: 1544070298372.gif (1.09 MB, 480x360, tumblr_oul28r0C851vbcnq8o1_500…)

So, like this?

No. 610256

Stop reaching! When did y’all become hair stylists?! Yes. Her hair looks like shit, and she’s damaged it beyond repair…but that is the lighting in the photo and the way her hair is pulled back. Stick to assessing her husbandry.

No. 610279

How do you know that no one on here IS a hair stylist? You don't need to be a stylist to know hair loss, you just need to have lost hair. That looks very similar to hair loss I've seen on myself and friends.

No. 610280

File: 1544073428173.jpeg (398.95 KB, 823x2129, 2954A5AB-2E62-4DE8-972D-0A9373…)

Petty paige just had this exchange w tay tay.

No. 610284

File: 1544073658909.jpeg (393.4 KB, 823x2129, C0690755-08A1-4F5A-9A3B-30B05D…)

Cut off the top a bit.

No. 610285

I think the point they’re making is that tay yanking her hair out isn’t milk.

No. 610296

I hope petty paige makes a video on her

No. 610312

lmao almost. Supposedly an old lady had took them from a construction site and was giving them away or something.

So Taylor the Savior adopted them.

No. 610313

Breezexotics deleted all her tweets that could have referenced Taylor and the post about going public. Silenced by the petfest clique or a case of cold feet cause she had nothing of use to share I wonder

No. 610318

Hasn't she said that she's working on it? That was months ago and nothing has come of it. I doubt she's going to.

No. 610340

Doesn't she make videos on shit already happening and shit that has absolute proof and hate from a lot of the community?

Taylor doesn't qualify as that. She may be popular, but compared to other 'scandals' and drama this is small and without much proof (especially if you have no idea what you're talking about), it's not worth the risk to start shit until the whole of youtube jumps of Taylor's back.

I think this has been a great wake up call for Taylor, but it will only last so long and her status as some sort of leader of this little group is doing her great good. That and our proof is mainly speculation, and it's hard to excuse seeing snippets compared to actually going to her house (even if we know that it's not the first time her animals have had no water). I'd love to see 'normal' people react to some of these images without much context and see if they come to similar conclusions or not.

No. 610342

>>610318 She said she was going to make one and then announced that she wouldn't. Idk why, maybe she started to do research, found out how ridiculous Taylor stans are, and didn't want anything to do with that.

No. 610352

I’ve been searching for posts of her admitting Ghost is a purebred ragdoll But found none.
Thing is I want to make a video explaining why he can’t be a mix with genetic charts (I studied biology and did a lot of genetics) and expose all the lies she said about him. I own a ragdoll and seeing her willingly take a baby from its mother pisses me off soooo bad I really need to address that because I can’t stand her minions protecting her.
But I don’t want to make a video if she admitted he was…

Sorry for the bad english, I speak French. And sorry if I didn’t post correctly it’s the first time I do.

No. 610356

I'm not sure if she admitted he was a pure ragdoll but she has said at some points she believes he's a ragdoll/Siamese mix or just a ragdoll mix in general, I have the latter one for you.
I find it a bit suspicious that a petco adopting out a 5 week old kitten didn't apparently know the pedigree of the cat they're adopting out.

https://lolcow.farm/snow/src/1513904947591.png // The speculation that he's a general ragdoll mix.

If I find more I'll get back to you, also don't worry you're English is great.

No. 610357

Leave the name and subject fields blank, here is more info: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 610358

i feel like you guys are being too hung up about the cat being a purebred, it's the fact that a petco supposedly let her adopt a 5 week old kitten. Unless that is also the issue at hand, then my apologies.

I think the bigger issue is how bindis cage had aspen substrate when she was treating mites. And her entire cage was bare. the lack of water in the dishes was also extremely concerning, if she was filling up water then the bowl wouldn't be bone dry anyways but it was DRY.

No. 610359

Petco works with rescues. Most of the time rescues don't know the pedigrees of the cats they get in. They get strays, mixed breeds and surrenders from people who have no clue what the cat's breed is.

There's a lot fishy about Taylor's story of how she got him but not knowing if he's purebred ragdoll or not really isn't. That's not uncommon if you get a rescue cat. Not that I'm saying she did adopt him from a rescue because I don't buy her story. Just saying not knowing his exact pedigree is not part if her lies about how she got him.

No. 610360

Tbh it’s both. It’s not that getting a purebred cat is inherently a bad thing, it’s that Taylor wants and accepts praise for “”rescuing”” cats yet at the same time secretly has to buy a designer breed. It’s not as if she got a free moggy on Craigslist. IA that proving the cat is purebred doesn’t much matter, as either way she can excuse it with “I just got lucky at an adoption event guise!!” But I think it points to Taylor’s overall attitude towards animals that of all the cats and kittens she could’ve slyly acquired online, she had to go and get a designer one.

No. 610362

A lot of people are just hung up about the fact she somehow managed to get a purebred ragdoll from a petco adoption event. Ragdoll kittens range $400-$500 (sometimes $800) for a pet and over $1000 for a show quality.

Taylor also mentioned that petco were giving them out to foster so like,

If it is pure bred it pokes more holes in the story because from what I know, ragdoll breeders don't often give their litters away to pet stores and would rather sell them themselves to make sure vaccines and pedigree history is known.
Also who in their right mind would give away potentially thousands of dollars worth of kitten, and are still to young to be adopted, to a pet shop for the sole purpose of having someone else with possibly no experience to foster them.

No. 610369

Thing is… That is one hundred percent a ragdoll, there is no need debating about it and I can prove it to everyone. I don't care about the fact that she adopted a cat breed (hell, I own two so can't really throw stones here), what bother me are the lies and the hypocrisy.
She can't have had a purebred ragdoll from petco. Breeders have the ressources to find other mothers from colleagues/another of their own litters, or even bottle feed the kittens and in no way they will give it to an adopting center to be cared by stranger at such a young age, and loose all that money (mine cost me 1'500, say a litter has around 4-5 kitten you are looking at several thousands in loss), but I'll go ask the two breeders I know to see what they think about such attitude. But let's say she really has adopted it from petco.. then there's all the legal reasons she couldn't have bought it at five weeks and she is basically saying petco broke the law.

I feel the need to speak about it because it shows how much she lies and how far she goes to lie. It's not as if she made a mistake and covered it up, she just lied because she wanted to. I do not know about reptile care, so I can't speak up for them. But I know about cats, and if exposing some lies can bring up people to reconsider her actions then it would have been worth it.
So guys… good or bad idea ? Considering I don't really care about being attacked by prepubescent minions.

Oh… and the fact it comes from a breeder would mean she willingly took him younger than what needed to be. When ragdolls are such sensitive and high maintenance… If she is willing to take such risks what else is she capable of ?

No. 610392

Tbh her taking a "designer" cat over rescue cats that actually need homes isn't surprising, since she does the same thing with her reptiles. I think it was a thread back or so, but Taylor claimed buying reptiles from breeders isn't bad like buying puppy mill puppies, because there aren't reptiles in pounds needing homes… Even though there are and it's not uncommon for normal type ball pythons to be put down after a certain time frame because they are considered "unadoptable" compared to the designer morphs. Plenty of BP breeders also willingly euthanize or feed off perfectly healthy normal types from clutches because they know they won't sell.

So yeah, buying designer morphs is pretty similar to supporting puppy mills. On a much smaller scale, but it does contribute to the issue.

No. 610394

The last time she was asked Paige said she wouldn't be making the video on Taylor and that Taylor wouldn't return her calls or something along those lines.

No. 610410

So what do we think Taylor will do next? She said she wanted to start making what she calls "boring" videos and actually post about her animals. But.. Will she? The funny part about that is it's really not about the content she wants or doesn't want to make. It's that she is sooooo incredibly lazy doing that would require actual better care of her animals as well as effort into filming and editing. Which we all know she's allergic to.

I hope she keeps posting the same shit she has been because she's sinking herself and it's so fun to watch her lack of self awareness. I mean look at Graveyard girl. She can't get views doing the same shit over and over either.

No. 610418


I think her next step is to get Cheese’s ashes and sell “one of a kind” jewelry with those ashes to her fans with those ashes in them. Morbid, I know, but it seems right up her alley, profiting further off the death of an animal.

No. 610425

Concerning Cheese and his cremation, how long will it take until she should get his ashes?

No. 610439

It took me 5 days to get my rabbit’s ashes back

No. 610453

God knows that's what she's actually waiting on. Can't wait for her post about how nothing was wrong with Cheese and his premature death was spontaneous and not her fault at all.

No. 610457

She still has to wait for necropsy to be finished, assuming she actually had it done. She said something on twitter, the day her video came out, about not wanting to “nag” them for the results.

No. 610518

Not defending taylor but tbh I've looked all over for reptile rescues and it may just be my area but there just arent any. id much rather adopt a snake but the closer there is to it is craigslist which is … ehh. is there popular places who do adopt out reptiles?

No. 610534

there are at least two in her city and plenty more in Texas she could be contacting. She drives hours for expos, she could easily drive to a rescue.

No. 610540

According to the other anon, there are two rescues by her? Not sure about TX myself. But like… Petco has adoption programs with animals that are "unsellable" due to special needs or that customers surrendered. It depends area from area, but if you're serious about adopting there are options. You just have to look for them.

Just saying her telling her young fan base that supporting these mass breeders to get the morphs she wants doesn't effect impact the pet trade negatively is false.

No. 610544

Maddie smith blocked me on Twitter bc I liked a a tweet saying she was in the wrong talking about it and was manipulating people by implying that TND was going to commit suicide/is suicidal from the “hate”.

We love an open minded queen

No. 610591

notice how in these tweets, taylor says she doesn’t want to share her relationship online but assures us that her animals are fine. she never says “he’s not abusing me,” or “we’re in love and happy.” just that her relationship isn’t affecting her animals. it’s just weird because i feel like people want answers about her relationship because of the abuse stuff… not so much about the animals. i wonder if she deliberately phrased it that way. it was a very cold and weird response.

>people are concerned due to frightening things theyve heard

she never once in that thread says anything like “people are concerned about rumors but theyre not true!!!!” or defends him or says that he’s not doing terrifying things to her.

i dunno man. just cold and strange.

No. 610601

Given her twitter freak out when she thought he was using while on tour or whatever, I bet she's doing this on purpose. So she has an out if/when they break up or something else major happens; she can tell the "truth" and no one can find a video of her saying the rumors/etc weren't true

No. 610607


I wouldn't assume it's that calculated for views/sympathy. I don't like TND but abuse is abuse. I wouldn't be surprised if she's just not saying anything because she's afraid of him retaliating. I don't really buy their love story. I still feel like there's a lot of messed up stuff going on with Jonny.

No. 610614


yeah bc people would obviously blame an abuse victim for not being clear about the abuse she was receiving amirite?

No. 610615

So us this video the big, old life changing event Jonny was talking about? I'm underwhelmed.

No. 610634

To be fair, people have consistently focused more on her animal care than her relationship with JC, so I think it makes sense she talks more about her animals than him.

No. 610645

Idk if I’m doing this right, but I’ve been following this thread for a few days now, and I caved and listened to JC’s songs. Can we all agree that he’s a piece of shit who just so happens to sing really well?

No one listen to his music, it will confuse the fuck out of you.(namefag)

No. 610647

You're not doing this right. Please go and read the rules and don't post again until you've understood them.

No. 610652

I realize this is for Jonny too but can we stop complimenting him and his music. How many times will someone state "can we just admit he's got a great voice!!!!"? Why does it matter when he's a POS either way? I'm not going to listen to and support any band he's in and give him more drug money.

No. 610657

Real talk: don’t listen to it. You’ll regret it.

Tickets to his concerts are only 12-15$ a pop. No wonder he keeps looking for sugar mommas.

No. 610658

It’s not impossible to find a purebred at a shelter, just really rare. I have seen beautiful purebred puppies at my local shelter before. Sometimes people will buy from breeders and either not want them anymore or abuse them and they get rescued. You shouldn’t say it makes her a liar just because she claims to have gotten a ragdoll from a shelter. It is very rare but possible. It’s the other things that make her a liar, like claiming they adopted him out at 5 weeks old.

No. 610683

There’s two well known reptile rescues in San Antonio and quite a few smaller ones

No. 610712

Yeah I’m still waiting for the reveal of this massive life changing thing Taylor is doing for her career and family. Cos a video of her making excuses and not answering the real questions really isn’t it. I remember months maybe even a year ago Taylor decided to announce she was going to change her videos from more educational to just fun and random ones. Seriously, there’s been no change. She always put out shit cos we all know she’s too lazy to actually do the work that is required to make a video. And I don’t just mean the whole setting up and filming. But the whole interacting and caring for them and their enclosures. Looks like her live stream is totally out the window now too. Can’t deny she’s predictable as hell.

No. 610719

There are reptile rescues in my middle of nowhere hometown. I can find half a dozen within a few hours radius of my current home. It's not hard, and San Antonio definitely has rescues.

No. 610724

TX is riddled with reptile rescues it's wonderful, last one I checked had beautiful red-tailed boas and some really cool BP morphs

No. 610731

Don’t forget that there are regular all species rescues that take in reptiles too. If she really wanted to, she could definitely find some really cool reptiles in rescues.

No. 610736

but anon, then she couldn't flex about her $10,000 snake! /s

She could totally rescue reptiles, except that I'm not sure she'd pass an inspection/application. There's evidence she bought at least one snake off CL though (the one she claimed someone just happened to have and give her at a pet store but was also listed on CL) and I honestly wish she'd do that more often. It's not officially "adopting" but rehoming is still better than only buying from breeders IMO.

From what I understand you can get the types of snakes you want from CL pretty easily, especially if you're willing to drive a couple hours away. But if Taylor can't get fancy morphs, she probably doesn't want to do that.

No. 610737

No rescue worth their salt would adopt out to someone who already owns 40+ pets.

No. 610738

Since she lied about having to break her lease to move because of harassment, I’m assuming the big life changing thing has something to do with either buying or renting a new place, which I’m honestly dreading. Her having more space will be seen by her and her stans as justification for hoarding more animals. I don’t understand how they don’t think she’s at least a borderline hoarder when she confessed to buying animals to cope, but I’ve honestly given up hope that anything about this situation will change for the better.

No. 610755

How does what you said there prove anything?

No. 610788

I don’t care if she wants to drop big $$ on fancy morphs, it’s just the hypocrisy she preaches “adopt don’t shop,” yet, she clearly shops. I think that’s the biggest issue I have with her, instead of owning her BS, she makes up excuses and justifications.

If she had just said “yeah, so I wanted a fancy snake so I bought one.” Instead of trying to justify it, she’d be more likeable. Same thing with Johnny, if she just said “I’m in love with him despite x,y,z” instead of denying that “x,y,z” ever occurred, she wouldn’t find herself in this predicament.

No. 610797

I feel bad for her new scorpion living in a tiny bug keeper thing. Speaking from experience a single adult should be in at least a 10 gal. I kept mine in that and she used all of it. Why buy something just to keep it in less than minimum :/

No. 610808

I'm not trying to say she should be explicit about her abuse, I totally believe Jonny's an abusive asshole to her. But her options with the rumors are to:
1. say they're true and he's abusive
2. say they're false and he's not abusive
3. acknowledge the rumors but not really say anything either way

All I was trying to say is she's doing #3, she's not explicitly denying the abuse, but isn't lying and saying she's not being abused either. Not trying to say she SHOULD do #1

Also given how long it takes her to edit/upload, I wonder if Jonny's big event was just her filming this. Seems anticlimactic enough for them

No. 610826


Anon was saying that genetically speaking, from what Ghost looks like it's not physically possible for him to be a "mix" like she claims. And since he's definitely a purebred, there's no chance a 5 week old purebred kitten ended up at an adoption center. Two separate lies there.

It's more proof, I haven't heard anyone point out the genetics of that cat's appearance yet. But honestly we already have proof she didn't get Ghost from a shelter. The problem is just that no matter how much proof there is she manages to get away with her lies because her stans will support anything she says. And that's why her having a platform like this is so dangerous- you can't be untouchable with lies when you're 1 million teen subscribers are copying your "animal educator" pet care.

>>610788 I agree with this. Her justification for buying animals is always "it's not like snakes are being put down in shelters like cats and dogs!" but that's not exactly true, there are more reptiles in need of rescue out there than there are rescues, anyway.

No. 610830


I don't own scorpions, I didn't realize they needed that big of a tank. Not surprising she would give it such a small enclosure though, considering her tarantula care is sub par.

No. 610853

Ours had a 10 gallon to herself which is generally whats recommended for an adult. They also like it very humid and hot, and really should have like 6 inches of substrate for burrowing plus hiding spaces above surface. Taylors scorpion care is tragic, much like the rest of her husbandry.

No. 610867


Sorry to bring in another youtuber into this but what do you think about Dark Den's husbandry? he does keep many tarantulas and scorpions in way smaller containers than 10 gallons.

No. 610876

Discussion of petubers general >> >>>/snow/730730

No. 610879


Speaking as someone who has volunteered for a reptile rescue in the past, honestly it’s complete bullshit that she thinks she isn’t causing harm by buying instead of adopting.
Not to suggest that people can’t make the decision to buy, I just mean that she can’t be preaching adopt don’t shop if she is going out of her way to do the opposite.

But yeah the reptile rescue was so over crowded that the animals were in bare minimum enclosures, recieving bare minimum care, because at least that was somewhat better than their previous conditions, and would hopefully be a temporary situation for them. We were spread so thin we had to start putting a surrrender fee on red eared sliders. Sulcattas with pyramiding like you wouldn’t believe after being fed diets of dog food. A water dragon that’s skin was burnt to shit. Majority of the diurnal animals coming in with metabolic bone disease, some cases so bad they couldn’t even open their jaws to eat. Axoltols that are emaciated, missing limbs, and covered in fungus and and ammonia burns. An asian water monitor, an aligator, and seven, SEVEN caimen.

Not that Taylors care would be an upgrade from overcrowded rescues, or that she should adopt giants or dangerous animals (please don’t). But her arguement that harm isn’t being done by chosing to buy is moot. Like go ahead and buy, that’s your decision Taylor and that’s perfectly okay, but get off your high horse.

No. 610898

Honestly it’s a moot point wishing Taylor would adopt from the local reptile rescues because they are not fans of her whatsoever. I don’t think they would let her take home anything from them. It doesn’t help that the owner of the largest rescue is close with Joe from South Texas Dragons and Twisty’s actual breeders

No. 610902

If you think about it she's sort of shot herself in the foot. If rescues don't like her and all she wants is designer breeds it's most likely going to get to a point where all the animals she's bringing home have nothing but health issues and defects just because the breeder wanted fancy colours.

No. 610905

Its astonishing how little she values the wellbeing of non-mammals

No. 610922

She plays rescue bybuying animals that are her words exactly “sick on display” she literally said that about the gtp and that they chose twisty because of his tail… buys sick animals (animals she has no experience in yet) then they die.. or loose half a tail and its the breeders fault. Its both your faults I think she does this shit just to have “storytime” videos. I dont see why else u wiuld purposely buy dying animals. Lets not forget “my frogs butt fell out” apparently she forgot about her first pac because she left him out when she explained that only 3 reptiles died in her care. Try 4

No. 610924


I mean… Considering the dead kitten and then replacement kitten she took from its mother early, I wouldn't say her mammal care is anything spectacular either.

No. 610929

Don't forget the two dogs she abandoned with her parents as well, especially after she said she'd have Kida with her forever.

No. 610935

What makes me laugh is she says “boring” videos but to me all her videos are boring. Maybe they seem more boring because they don’t revolve around her.

No. 610936

+ the dog she got rid of bc she couldn’t devote time to potty training

No. 610937

Buying a sick animal isn’t even a rescue. Sure you (general you) might be saving that specific animal, but you’ve also just given the seller the money and space to replace it with a new one. You save one life and condemn another to the same situation. Though it doesn’t surprise me at all that Taylor wouldn’t consider this fact. She basically never thinks about the consequences of her actions.

No. 610938

Well I meant the wellbeing of non-mammals in shelters but all that is valid too lol

No. 610939

What's funny is her most boring videos are the ones where she just redoes old videos (all my pets and feeding vids)

No. 610940

File: 1544198089478.jpeg (498.11 KB, 750x1297, 3C44863D-8B72-41A6-94BF-966E74…)

I don’t get why she says stuff like this. Reoccurring theme despite both of her children having multiple incurable conditions

No. 610941

Honestly I think no one will ever really understand her. She is crazy. I would be so embarrassed to call someone like that my mother. Her presence on social media is just… really sad.

No. 610947

mama dean is the only reason i'll ever feel bad for taylor. this shit is like spitting in her face bascially. and it's obvious her loon of a mom had some effect on her.

No. 610949

Have stage 4 cancer? Cure it with vitamin b12 fam. Fucking retarded bitch.

No. 610952

if she's an anti vaxx mom, this will get 300% better kek

No. 610953

Frogs aren't reptiles but I understand what you're saying.

No. 610958

FOP? just take a pain killer and drink plenty of milk it'll be fine.
I don't know if shed be an anti vaxxer or just someone who skipped out on health class.

No. 610967

Hey Jen, why not tell Taylor that? Maybe then she'll finally feel well enough to look after her animals.

No. 610979

Next she's going to start pushing Jilly juice. Mama Dean confuses me. So is she saying she can cure her son's ailment with nutrition? If so, wouldn't she have already done that…?

No. 610983

I think people are taking this the wrong way. Either she's taking the piss out of these crazy people who think you can cure cancer by eating more broccoli, or she's just asking what if you could cure all disabilities with nutrients… she's never clear on her points and can barely string a sentence together, but having two children with disabilities I don't think she's inferring at all that you can cure all disabilities with proper nutrients.

Then again, she's bat shit crazy and seems like has something going on upstairs so what do I know.

No. 610989

File: 1544207710754.jpg (362.1 KB, 1080x1482, 20181207_103459.jpg)

No. 610991

I read that as her just saying she believes it helps with "some" disorders, as the person she's replying to says.
Maybe I'm just giving her the benefit of the doubt, I just can't see how someone with disabled kids can actually think consuming "proper" nutrients can cure all ailments.

No. 611020

>I just can't see how someone with disabled kids can actually think consuming "proper" nutrients can cure all ailments
They're the most likely people to think this, just like people with cancer are the most likely to fall for snake oil scams, people are stupid when they're desperate and will try anything as a last resort. If it's genetic and incurable, that means there's something inherently wrong with their genes and by extension your genes and there's no way to control that. If it's something trivial like diet then it's fixable and there's still hope and also not as much their fault.

People like believing they can make a difference. It lessens their guilt and gives them hope.

No. 611078

the way she says "what if… what if…" along with the photo, it's if she's saying that people with "physical ailment" or lack of nutrition, and "psychological distress" or lack of energy should consume better food but she's saying it in a way like "GASP!! Proper nutrient can better your body?!"

If she is then lol because she gives her own son soda.

No. 611105


This is exactly it. Even family members who logically understand the nature of incurable illnesses or illnesses like cancer without 100% cure rates can slip into that way of thinking sometimes, that they support their disabled loved one but they're still kind of waiting for a magic cure. Add in Jen's low IQ and whatever mental illness she's got going on and she probably really does believe in magical diets and such.

Maybe she wants to be the one to "save" her disabled kids. Maybe she's where Taylor gets her unhealthy savior complex from.

No. 611117

Reasons that kitten was not adopted

The only reason purebred kittens/designer kittens are ever abandoned is because there was some major health reason. Same with puppies. Purebred GSD puppys are abandoned all the time at shelters when they have severe hip/elbo dysplasia. No breeder is gonna put the time/money into a litter only to dump a healthy/sellable kitten. Lots of people who buy purebreds dump them as well, but that kitten is too young to have been bought and abandoned already.

Its illegal to adopt out a kitten that young, no store/rescue is gonna take that risk especially on a youtuber who has no experience, has 30+ other animals and a cronic illness that requires other people to care for them most of the time.

No. 611120

Is there a logical reason for a breeder letting one go that young? I'm curious.

No. 611123

NTA, but there is no logical reason for a GOOD breeder to let a kitten go that young. Kittens need a bare minimum 8 weeks with their mom/littermates to learn critical social skills. Good breeders will hold onto kittens for 10, 12, even 14 weeks before letting them leave mom.

No. 611147

Does money count as a logical reason?
If not, no there is no logical reason.

No. 611148

I think it’s a back yard breeder and it’s not purebred. Otherwise if it was she’d be Bragging up and down with its papers!

No. 611156

I’ve talked with local rescues , and one woman said most of the time when people take young kittens too early, they do it for the sheer fact they believe that’ll it force a stronger bond between them. Though she disagreed and hates the practice.

No. 611165

File: 1544237787066.jpg (767.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181207_205122.jpg)

Jonny manhandling ghost while taylor sleeps in the background. He keeps shoving his hand in ghosts face who is clearly stressed by it

No. 611171

Jesus christ hes so fucking rough with him

No. 611173

I think Jonny is a giant dickhead but any Siamese can handle itself when it comes to dickheads. He'll be sorry when the cat sinks its teeth into his puffy hands and fingers while its backlegs rakes the shit out of his forearms.

No. 611175

It's a ragdoll. They're so docile and floppy people are having to try to breed more fight back into them

No. 611189

I can’t get a good screenshot of it, but in Jonnys Snapchat where he’s pushing around ghost he pans over to Taylor sleeping and the hair loss is INSANE on the side of her head.

No. 611191

Instagram story* not Snapchat my bad lol

No. 611195

File: 1544242063685.png (848.17 KB, 640x1136, 4D1A487B-3859-4CF2-8CF2-0FE9B1…)


What the FUCK you were right

No. 611198

I actually gasped. That’s pretty fuckin bad

No. 611200

File: 1544242637316.png (46.02 KB, 154x170, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.1…)

First of all HATE how Jonny treats his cats, looks rough. Speaking of rough, Taylor… girl…

No. 611202

hair loss can be a symptom of EDS. Not that the dyeing and damage helps.

I hope those cats scratch the hell out of J.

No. 611204

It sucks seeing her balding because i know it can be a huge blow to self confidence. I wish she'd just stick to wigs or hats instead of damaging it more via extensions

No. 611206

drugs can cause hair loss too though.

No. 611209

Blogposting but my friend has a ragdoll who's an asshole. He'll bat at and bite anybody, even his family.
Just cause that's an expected trait from the breed, doesn't mean that every individual is that way. I kinda hope Ghost is that way too, so JC can learn a lesson about manhandling animals.

That being said, Taylor doesn't show ant of her animals enough for anyone to know what their personality is like. Contrast with Jenna Marbles, who shows each dog's personality through her videos

No. 611210

Something about the way ghost looks after Jonny initially pushes him back. He looks scared almost?

No. 611212

Also notice Nemo runs away when Jonny gets close

No. 611214

the way we've seen jonny handle beings before, i almosy hope ghot doesn't test him only for ghost's own safety.

No. 611247

Old milk but in Taylor's video "I HAD TO SHIP MY ANIMALS HOME FROM VIDCON"
It seems she was really high (who knows on what) i always thought that video was weird but since it was confirm she did coke at some point it makes sense now

No. 611250

where was coke use confirmed?

No. 611253


Coke use was never confirmed unless I missed something major. Also, pretty sure that video was something like 4 months before she even met Jonny.

No. 611254


New Lurker here.
Not to whiteknight or anything, but it is possible that Ghost isn't purebred. I can't say it's likely that he isn't because we don't know anything about the parents.

Studying genetics has been a hobby of mine for a couple of years, and while I'm less familiar with cats, it works the same as with humans. Ghost is a blue pointed cat. So basically that means he's a black cat with a gene that dilutes his fur into a blue-grey color. The point gene (Himalayan gene) causes the warmest areas of the body to lose their pigment, making the face, tail, ears, and paws still have that darker color. And at this point, due to all the stray cats and improper breeding, the pointed gene is no longer exclusive to particular breeds.

If you have a purebred ragdoll for instance and breed it with another cat who does not have the pointed gene and is not a carrier, you'll produce kittens that carry the pointed gene but don't appear to be pointed. If you were to breed that cat with another carrier, you have a 25% of producing a pointed cat. Breed two pointed cats together, you will only end up with pointed kittens. Breed two cats who don't have the pointed gene at all in their line, you will not receive any pointed kittens. The point is, if Ghost's parents had the pointed gene somewhere in their pedigree and they at least carried it, there is the chance Ghost is just some mix. Only issue becomes the diluted gene that makes Ghost a blue point and not a seal point, so that makes its chances of just occurring between two random street cats pretty slim. The diluted gene works the same way as the Himalayan gene.

Although this is all irrelevant because Ghost wasn't some rescue kitten, he was the offspring of an irresponsible breeder who gave that kitten away at 5 1/2 weeks old, since Petco wouldn't do that. Just thought I'd point it out though, since we can't one hundred percent confirm he is a purebred ragdoll or not unless the parents and their genetic histories are known.

No. 611272

No drug use with her (other than weed?) was ever really confirmed, a lot of it is wild speculation because Jonny uses and we see pills around that are probably his anyway

No. 611290

she confirmed in the texts to jonny's ex that she smoked heroin with him.

No. 611297


Doing heroin and coke was confirmed in the first thread in those texts to Chelsea. >>>/snow/438560 is the link to the first thread.
In a later thread is a video of Chelsea's friend scrolling through the texts on her phone, proving they weren't faked.

Taylor said "we keep getting high on coke and heroin." She also said, "we smoked the heroin not injected," we meaning both Taylor and Jonny.

No. 611351

It was also stated (but not proven) that she got high on coke so often during Jonny's tour that she was sent home. Someone said that she got so high she passed out. That's why they sent her home. For being sloppy

No. 611356

double post but I'm so sad BreezExotics (or whatever) caved under the pressure and deleted the tweets about posting a video telling the truth. she had been vaguely calling Taylor out on lying, then said she couldn't sit silent anymore, then nothing. Bree, consider telling the truth so maybe the animals will get a better life out of it. Don't sit silent while more animals' deaths are covered up by Taylor and her cronies. Break the cycle and give people the truth. You can even frame it in a "this is what I was told/this is my experience/I don't know everything but here's what I do know" way so it's not something you can be attacked for """slander""". just share your experience. we all know shit is different behind the scenes with these shady pettubers.

No. 611383

New video out

No. 611385

lol way too much coke is more likely to make you an insane lunatic screaming at everyone and ruining their high, which i can actually totally see taylor doing. passing out is more of a dope thing and they seem to be more or less ok with that

No. 611391

File: 1544290755623.png (137.17 KB, 748x456, Picture 7.png)

This is very interesting. This was filmed right before she killed Cheese. As I mentioned in my imgur album, she spent almost $2,000 on stuff for the 150 tank and then approximately 4 days later he was dead. I haven't watched the whole video yet, but she doesn't seem to be giving any indication anything is wrong with the tank that she's treating like she did in her excuse video about why he died.

No. 611393

No. 611397

Can't comment on a lot in her new video because I've never had a saltwater tank and I only know freshwater, so hopefully a saltwater anon can say more. But I do know water chemistry. Taylor talks about "high nitrites or high ammonia" and getting a product to"keep the nitrates and nitrites down" like that's regular. We already know this girl has no freaking clue what a cycle is in a tank, but it's as obvious as ever here. In a properly cycled, not overstocked tank, you should NEVER have ammonia or nitrites! Just nitrates, which you should remove with water changes in a saltwater aquarium, not rely on products to do it for you.

Also this video, in which she shows off $2000 worth of reef tank supplies and talks about changing things in her tank, like filter media and pH, was filmed shortly before Cheese died. Changing that much stuff couldn't have been good for him, was dosing with fluconazole even what really happened, or did she kill him because she raised the pH too much, and lost the cycle? Or did he not do well with the new wavemakers or some other random thing she didn't set up properly? It would explain why she never learned how to pronounce the medication despite "researching for two months" or whatever if she lied about the whole thing.

No. 611399

i don't know anything about tanks (and i don't pretend to, unlike taylor) but i have to comment on her hair extensions? i know it may sound nit-picky, but they are so tangled. it looks like she just pulled them out a random drawer and didn't even brush them out. considering the amount of time she puts into her appearance, you'd think she'd want her hair to not look like a matted mess. it distracted me during the entire video.

No. 611404

Well, it’s no surprise. Cowfish have a big bioload and so it’s recommended to have a 150 gallon minimum just for them. She should have additional gallons for each additional fish she added but she seems to think gallon minimum means you can stuff as many additional fish in as you want as long as it’s the minimum gallon for them. She thinks gallons means space, as evidenced by her referring to her monitor enclosure by how many gallons it is instead of the dimensions. She clearly doesn’t understand cycling and bioloads.

No. 611408

Looks like King of DIY's 'Frank' has also died, no wonder now as to why he made that video about Taylor and not 'blaming' her for Cheese. He's just as bad.

No. 611411

I am side eyeing him because of everything with Taylor, but it does sound like Franks death was an actual issue of poor breeding and genetics. He also tried everything he could to save Frank as opposed to Taylor who saw her fish bottom sitting and went about life like nothing is wrong. I just hate that now people are going to use Franks death as a defense of Taylor.

No. 611418

File: 1544293188242.png (262.65 KB, 750x1334, AA304292-5247-4259-89CD-0299EC…)

Who is she talking about here?

No. 611420

File: 1544293239672.png (25.87 KB, 465x138, Picture 8.png)

Same anon. Just saw this tweet which is even more suspicious. In the video she claims the haul was the day before she's filming, so she's roughly filming on the 14th if the haul was approx. the 12th. But in this tweet she's claiming the filming was hours before he died. But he died on the 16th.

No. 611422

King of DIY. There was a huge blizzard up where he was and some water froze, but as far as I’ve heard no fish died. I

No. 611425

Emzotic had something similar happen before too, I think she lost 2 fish but she did try to heat the tanks up so eh.

She's missing the point to save herself here and try to start some shady shit with everyone else.

No. 611428

I agree that it seems like he tried to help Frank… but I disagree that it being poor breeding guaranteed his death at 2 years (for a fish that lives 10-15).

He makes an awful lot of excuses, just like Taylor does… oh it's the breeder, it's not me…

Frank's belly was never /that/ distended. It totally looked like he had some kind of parasite imho. And King of DIY now has so many fish (with Frank being one of his least favourite), so it's quite obvious he was likely neglected to the point where trying to save him did little to nothing. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Francine.

Along the same lines as Taylor he's also quickly bought a replacement.. oh and Frank died in OCTOBER. He could have made videos on Franks recovery / Frank being sick etc. He didn't… that's completely shady and Tayloresque.

No. 611439

Has joey actually said/implied frank has died? Not seen his last video. I deal with saltwater and it’s clear she doesn’t understand cycling from her past videos. In an established tank fresh or salt ammonia and nitrites are not something you should ever be concerned with once the initial cycle/adding new fish is over. They should stay at zero. I doubt cheese died because of any new equipment. It’s very likely it was the treatment. It is harmful to scaleless fish which cheese is. I bet she overdosed. However if she claims she spoke to her aquatics store for weeks about it ou would think they would have asked/she would have told them what was in her tank. However we all know she lies so chances are she didn’t consult anyone. She just bought the treatment and chucked it in. As for changing filter media that shouldn’t have a big impact. The live rock is the main filter in marine. However I’m unsure whether the flucanazole has the ability to kill BB like some treatments do. Combined they might have caused a crash however she said everyone else was totally fine.

No. 611440

Yes, it's in his new video.

No. 611441

King of DIY. There was a huge blizzard up where he was and some water froze, but as far as I’ve heard no fish died. I

No. 611442

If you want to discuss DIY go to the general pettuber thread.

No. 611443

It's relevant here. He discussed Taylor losing Cheese, it's clear now why he did that after losing his channels mascot.

No. 611444

File: 1544294385884.jpeg (182.26 KB, 750x1124, 09ED9FF0-F2D3-4876-91C3-D332E1…)

This reads like “I’m not starting drama i just wanted to make this about me once again and how i get bullied!!!!!!”

No. 611447

Thing is, she didn't check her fucking animals during the entire period once. You can't excuse that shit. Sure, if she wasn't at home there would have been nothing she could do but instead she chose to SLEEP

No. 611457

She's really just embarrassing herself now. You can't compare a winter storm, which is inevitable and in which he had many back up plans in place to protect his fish to fucking up the power in your apartments because you have no idea what you're doing

I don't even like him, but damn

No. 611461

Exactly. A winter storm blowing your power is inevitable and expected in some places, but you can't do anything other than have backup power.

Blowing the circuit in your apartment IS your own fault, considering how much she has in that room. Also, the story goes that there was a malfunction while she slept for 12 hours, she checked on them, and then she left for 10 hours. It absolutelt WAS preventable (if this story is what happened)

No. 611472

Of course she deletes it because even her stans started calling her out on that bs

No. 611474

Taylor really is a piece of work. I usually resent calling grown-ass women "girls", but here's one who will never grow up into an adult mentally - she'll be a girl making excuses all her damn life.

The nerve she has equating something uncontrollable like catastrophic weather to her own laziness and neglect is fucking astonishing. How do you get so far up your own damn ass? Is that why her hair's fucked up all the time?

No. 611475

LOL someone ought to make a Twitter account that hosts screenshots of all her deleted posts… call it @deleted_taylorndean or something

No. 611488

How was frank his least favorite?? He always will just show him because he knows his audience loves frank

No. 611489

He even admits in that video and previous ones he never was really attached to Frank and was annoyed when people liked him more than Buddy and wanted to see him more. He even bought Beans as a replacement (which was later given away because Joey has next to no attachment to his fish). It's pretty obvious if you've watched any of his videos that Frank was only ever kept because his fans liked him so much, not because Joey did..

No. 611496

File: 1544306514766.png (548.76 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-08-17-00-47…)

No. 611497

Jonny's name is gone from her bio?

No. 611499

Yes. On twitter too.

No. 611500

Looks like she’s having issues with her abusive manlet again

No. 611501

She has been talking about going more private about her relationship with him- perhaps this is it? Her name is still in his bio.

No. 611502


I bet they're fine and its her response to the criticism. Removing him from her career, as it should be considering her audience. Either way its for the best

No. 611503

Funny thing is, even if Jonny wasn't abusive, he sure is invasive, taking photos/recording her when she isn't all 'made-up'for the camera & posting it all over social media

No. 611507

Even if she claims she wants their relationship to become more ~private~, how will that work in an abusive relationship like this? Part of the cycle involves tons of love bombing on social media. She acts like she can control him, when in reality he does whatever he wants (example: her promising he’s sober, him proving he’s not).

No. 611513

…that is abuse

No. 611514

I agree. Like, he could have played it up for sympathy and fake tears and BS, but it was a really matter-of-fact video, and I'm really heartbroken. However, you shouldn't buy sick fish. (Although Frank had a lot of personality and was a very good boy.)

No. 611516

Her name was still in his bio back when she made those tweets about how shitty he was. Plus both have a very high school mentality where they'll take any chance to show the world how much in love they are.

No. 611526

Thats…not abuse but ok

No. 611530


Purposefully humiliating your partner is abuse.

No. 611555

If feels like her tweets about King of DIY are a convenient distraction. She wants to spin a new narrative (like always) of her being a victim of misogyny in the pet community by making false equivalencies between her neglect and his power outage. All the while no one is thinking about the fact that she released a new video today that proves her timeline and excuses about Cheese's death are all lies. It's so brazen. And yet she gets away with it.

No. 611564

Link >>>/pt/598530
Idk why we need a kf cap of a post from a live thread

No. 611580

Shit, misread the original post. My bad, sorry.

No. 611586

File: 1544323170445.png (295.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181208-213834.png)

She was supposed to be at that Pettube meet up today.

No. 611621

As per usual everyone shows up but her :/

No. 611642

So Emma can fly in from Canada but Taylor can't even make it. Figures, she probably was having a gluten attack

No. 611647

Damn. Yet another event where she's letting fans down by not showing up, when she's listed as definitely going to be there and has the biggest following of all of them and probably the most fans hoping to meet her. Has she said the reason why she wasn't there?

No. 611660

Video only has 59k views after 11 hours. Her views are definitely declining with each video.

No. 611661

Video only has 59k views after 11 hours. Her views are definitely declining with each video.

No. 611662

Video only has 59k views after 11 hours. Her views are definitely declining with each video.

No. 611693

Johnny still has her linked in his bio… I agree this is Taylor hungry for publicity and they’re fine.

No. 611717

File: 1544342764664.png (757.43 KB, 1272x780, kidfriendlycontent.png)

Taylor still at it with the kid friendly content. How is she okay with half her titty popping out like that?

No. 611724


Taylor has such tacky taste in clothing, for someone who wanted to model and be an actress she sure as hell would need to hire herself a stylist. Girl can't dress herself at all, not even appropriately for her kid friendly Youtube channel.

No. 611725

i m not a fan of emzotic but i have to appreciate how she deals with her animals being sick. grinchy was sick she took him to the vet and now tests the air quality on her house. tnd would probably go "i took him to a v goood vet that i trust so so so much and he said he was fine. i dont know why he died. probably because was wild caught and very old when i got him. he is now with cheese in heaven uwu"

No. 611728

How do you know she tests the air quality in her house? I didn’t see her post anything about that, unless I missed it?

No. 611729


It’s because this video was ‘boring’ in her and her viewers eyes. It’s not these kinds of videos that have attracted her large following which is why she’s stuck making the same MEET ALL MY PETS videos over and over. Most of her viewers don’t care about how to care for the pets she has they just wanna see something exciting. When I saw this video I thought it was her trying to rebrand her channel back into something less problematic, which is ironic considering she was shitting on educational channels saying she would much rather be entertaining.

No. 611731

In her video at 14.30 she says she doesn't have a problem with algae… Then why the fuck did she add fluconazole and kill Cheese?

No. 611732

>>611731 wow I missed that, excellent point. In her cheese video she made it sound like she's had this algae forever, she said she's constantly scrubbing and removing in, and that's why she finally decided to dose for it.

At this point I'm about 100% sure she didn't even dose meds, she just killed Cheese with poor water quality and made up a story.

No. 611734

Oh jeezs she must think her fans are retarded and wouldn’t catch something like that…

If a video anon does another comparison video, it would be really good to show her saying what caused cheeses death, then her at 14:30 saying “MY tank doesnt get algae” lol

No. 611738

File: 1544356298460.png (178.45 KB, 905x484, Screenshot 2018-12-09 at 12.51…)

graphic design (…and spelling) is my passion

No. 611739

Pet related MOST POPULAR CREATORS?!!! In their own minds maybe…
Taylor, 1,576,699
Tyler, 284,409
Maddie, 81,278
Pickles, 68,022
Emma, 42,576
Tori Lynn, 35,622
Emilee, 15,698
And missing Lori, 33,989

There are a lot more pettubers with more subscribers than these Taylor ass wipes!!

No. 611749

She said she's not going because the drama that's going on and she doesn't think it's a good idea to be away from her animals. Which I guess makes sense if she was to leave them now people would probably get more upset/specially with cheese passing and the tank probably dying off

No. 611769

Did she say she wasn't going to the meet up because of that though? I thought she was referring to Jonnys tour or something. Surely she'd at least let the organizers know she wasn't going to be going ahead of time. They said Taylor would be there only earlier this week. She's such a flake. She really thinks she can treat people however she wants and it doesn't matter.

No. 611771

Lol. Nice.

No. 611774

no it's because she might be deleting comments. Someone pointed out that there's 1.1k comments but so far not a single one is negative, be interesting to see if that comments gets deleted because if it does lol kinda proves it.

No. 611792

Exactly! This is what I was talking about yesterday. I can't believe her stans are so delusional that they can't put the pieces together. Or that she's so careless that she'd release a video that torpedoes her lies about why Cheese died. Then she tweeted about how this was filmed hours before he died, which if true would mean he had died 2 DAYS earlier than she said.

No. 611793

Did anyone else catch her saying the her lease isn't up for another 6 months? This is like the forth times she's changed that date. It's such a small thing why lie about it?

No. 611794

Ok but Taylor that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

A blizzard is a force of nature. If it knocks out your power then there's not much you can do until the power comes back on unless you have an industrial generator that can power your whole system.

Versus you who caused the outage by overloading your system and then didn't stick around to monitor your tanks after.

No. 611797

Christ almighty what did she do to her head? It looks like entire clumps of hair came off the side of her head and she's doing the baby hair look to try and cover it. No wonder she's favoring the fake ponytail look because if she let her head down she'd literally look like a chemo patient.

No. 611800

Something that's been bothering me is that in her "my mistakes" video, she says that she went out to do things after the power malfunction so she wasn't at home. But we've all been saying she went back to sleep for another 10 hours. Have we got proof or was it just speculation? Because if we have proof then that's another huge thing she's blatantly lied about.

No. 611801

It’s been a confusion on what happened. I’m pretty sure there was a screenshot of her going out, but some anons may have gotten it confused and say she went back to sleep. Either way, she didn’t check on them

No. 611806

I unsubbed Taylor a while back. Today I got a notification for her newest video which I found strange so I went to her channel and I was subbed again ?!

No. 611808

File: 1544377831080.jpg (310.1 KB, 1080x1491, IMG_20181209_104624_777~2.jpg)

She says the power goes out when she's asleep, and she says it's out for around 12 hours.

We can assume that she was sleeping for at least 12 hours.

She than says when she returned 9-10 hours later to check.

Regardless of where she was during that time (sleeping or out), not checking on them for 10 hours after a power malfunction is pretty neglectful. This is especially important because it's not like she left the house to go work. Maybe she had meetings or appointments but I don't think I'd be comfortable leaving my animals for 10 hours after a malfunction like that.

No. 611810

the timeline of this indicates that she routinely only checks on her 30+ animals twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. She checked on them at night, went to sleep for 12 hours, woke up in the morning (or early afternoon) and realized something was wrong with the power. Then, instead of paying more attention after a malfunction, she came back to check on them that night like she usually does to do the bare minimum care of feeding them, and turning off the lights. That's when she noticed the dead animals.

that is, if this is even what happened at all. There was that one person on Twitter saying (before Taylor's story even came out) that there wasn't even a malfunction at all and she just killed her animals through neglect.

No. 611823

Okay, first off, how does Taylor not notice how redundant she is when she edits? She’ll say the same thing like five different times the same exact way. I just don’t get it.

Secondly, in her fish haul video she seemed kind of emotional at the end when she was explaining how she puts a lot of effort into her tanks and when she didn’t understand why her previous lights weren’t doing well, but more importantly she did not show Cheese at all. Supposedly the video was taken only hours before he died but she doesn’t mention him like she said she did on Twitter when she talked about upgrading, and she doesn’t show him at all which is very unlike her and unlike Cheese. I feel like he was showing signs of being ill at the time she filmed or he was already dead and she lied about the timeline.

No. 611824

Bet she didn’t show bc her kratom wouldn’t make her feel good enough to travel. I’ve noticed she’s been traveling to further places less since Johnny moved in and she started allegedly using opiates.

No. 611856

Jesus, I went back through the thread and saw those 4/5 pics with kratom in them. How does she check on her animals often enough if she's spending 6 hours on the john every day to pass lumps of coal after popping kratom pills like candy? That can't be good for her bank account, either. It's also super weird that she'd show off her drugs like that.

I am genuinely concerned for when her income starts declining and the frivolous spending catches up with her. It's migraine inducing to think of rehoming that many animals, exotic animals no less.

>Okay, first off, how does Taylor not notice how redundant she is when she edits? She’ll say the same thing like five different times the same exact way. I just don’t get it.

Gotta pad the run time for the $$$

>I feel like he was showing signs of being ill at the time she filmed or he was already dead and she lied about the timeline.

I wonder if he was looking weird or sitting on the bottom of the tank and she went on with the video instead of tending to him.

No. 611863

File: 1544399570675.jpeg (362.52 KB, 1125x2160, CEEC6311-73F0-47C6-8457-BC0EC2…)

her usual excuse..

No. 611867

Pretty shitty of her to not make a statement about not attending, but then again she loves to sweep shit under the rug so it's not surprising.

No. 611869

Pet stores usually don't carry the adoption papers themselves since their adoption events are through local shelters, but she'd definitely be able to get it from the shelter.

It's actually less unlikely than you'd think. If the shelter is full and the shelter is a kill shelter, they would likely euthanize kittens on arrival. It seems silly because they're quick to get adopted but it's the unfortunate truth.

However, she should also have known Cowfish can secrete their toxin if they get too stressed out, and she should consider herself lucky Cheese didn't secrete any and wipe out some of her other fish. Playing with that stuff in saltwater aquariums is dangerous business. Not to mention she kept Cheese in her 150 gallon when the minimum requirement for Cowfish of his species is 250 gallons.

No. 611870

I'm gonna go with already looking sickly and she decided $2K worth of spending would resolve it all.

No. 611871

The kratom is Jonny's "sober" flex.

No. 611878

only affects her when she has to work. never when there's anything she wants to be doing.

No. 611880

What's with the bandage on her arm? She also wore long sleeves in her recent video, looks like she's hiding something

No. 611883

File: 1544403985194.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1189x2150, AAF802A8-5A94-49A8-A8F0-4712F5…)

I just threw up a little in my mouth…would love to use the emoji!!!

No. 611895

Lol @ taylor having to be shooped in because she's such a flake she can't show up

No. 611896

I really don't understand how she has the most following compared to the others when she doesn't even do the bare minimum.

No. 611899

To be fair, it is winter.

No. 611902


Maybe she's buying followers?

Still think Tay tay could kill a stuffed toy

No. 611903

Quite simple. First, she is conventionally attractive. Second, her content is more entertaining than educational. Third, her channel had Cheese as a mascot; she made a meme of him, similarly as it was with her famous hedgehog. Fourth, she is open about her depression and health problems.
It attracted a lot of kids to her channel, and they're not really high-maintenance. It's much harder to create interesting content for more mentally mature viewers.

No. 611905

Not video anon but I just noticed this in my feed.

No. 611910

I honestly don't get the "I'm too anxious to post anymore but here's another video calling her out" thing. Call her out, or take a break, either is fine.

No. 611916

not tryna wk but considering how absolutely AWFUL taylor stans are, i'm sure they're getting a disgusting amount of backlash for these videos. i don't think it's crazy to think after this video, they'd be done with calling her out for the sake of their own sanity.

No. 611920

File: 1544408319456.png (13.81 KB, 526x63, Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.18…)

Her fans are rabid and impulsive which what do you expect, they are children. Which is understandable for someone to stress out over or let get to them.
My advice for video anon would to not pay any attention to them and remember they are just young, impressionable, gullible, and emotional children. Some of the comments on the video are people thanking video anon for showing them the truth, that's huge.

No. 611925

They can just do like Taylor…delete the comments you don’t like!

No. 611927

File: 1544410524038.png (23.62 KB, 832x156, Bunny R.png)

Someone's looking for upvotes…

No. 611928

I can understand the anxiety this can cause video anon, but I don't believe she should delete her channel. At the end of the day that'd still make Taylor get away with shit that's not ok.

No. 611930

Yes, please, keep the channel & the videos up. It will give those concerned the courage they need to speak up now that they aren't alone!

No. 611931

Who deleted their videos?

No. 611932

johnnys still not in her bios…. she didnt go to petfest ir whatever…. she could just be stirring up drama, i know. and she DOES flake on shit all the time so its not surprising she didnt show for petfest. but given jonny being on tour and those tweets she ended up deleting about him being abusive basically (a few months ago, the other time she took him out of her bio) i cant help but wonder. i’m not a fan but i do hope she is alright and that all her animals are fine.

how long til his name’s in her bio again? or til they acknowledge each other online again? who wants to take bets? i give it 48 hrs max

No. 611938

File: 1544416226635.png (14.91 KB, 716x174, Bunny R3.png)


Love how Bunny R here goes from articulate condescension to "dumb f"

No. 611942

Idk if whatever is still here but don’t delete your videos! Your videos are still opening peoples eyes to the trash that is Taylor. Just ignore the hate - don’t look at the comment section and don’t look at Twitter if it’s too much. These are important videos that need to stay up and show people who taylor really is.

No. 611951

yeah I think just leave them up / and log out of the account / don't respond to tweets and comments if you don't want.

No. 611953

File: 1544418518695.png (65.33 KB, 848x560, Madisyn1.png)

>>"Here's my issue with YOU."
>>"I don’t have problem with you as a person, I just have a issue with your content."

No. 611960

File: 1544421932367.png (51.85 KB, 1223x189, hmm.png)

In regards to "the kitten in the ads looked nothing like Ghost" argument, I present this photo I dug up from the early threads + edited with later picture of Ghost for comparison.

No. 611961

File: 1544421999342.png (1.55 MB, 1463x649, ghost.png)

No. 611964

And here is full video from breeder which shows that the remaining kitten also has light grey ears like Ghost does. She's lying about Ghost. There's also the fact that Jonny preemptively texted that they were going to find Nemo a buddy and then she miraculously stumbled upon Ghost at a Petco adoption event who somehow illegally adopted out a 5.5 week kitten. She's lying through her fucking teeth.

No. 611966

I feel like it might be worthwhile making a video addressing the stans.
Like not so much as artistic screeching but as something that addresses just how fucked up this whole situation is.
Some examples

> Taylor often goes on about mental health and how people need to be respecful, yet neither her or her fans, her fans especially seem willing to practice what they preach.

> many of her fans go out and buy animals because Taylor has them and often have to either get rid of them or hope that Taylor answers their cry for help.
> despite what they think Taylor often never comes through for her fans, from the abandond giveaway to always being sick for meet ups. There has also been one or two times where Jonny has attacked her fans and turned them away only for her to say nothing on the issue.

It boggles my mind they defend her so much but she shows little to no fucking care for any of them unless her merch or reputation is on the line.

No. 611967

Google evidence doc anon, I’m actually somewhat tempted to try my hand at making a video but I however lack any programs for it.
Anyone have any good programs that ain’t movie maker for recommendation?

No. 611970

I don't know what anon was expecting, these kids will defend their "fav" to death. Their queen TayTay could record herself eating Cheese's mouldy frosted corpse and they'd still defend her "omg let TayTay cope the way she wants u guiz r so judgemental"

No. 611972

Saw a holly brown call out video with comments disabled but a mirror with comments open was up on porn hub.
The uploaded said they wanna see how far people are willing to go to defend their god and it makes me wonder if Taylor’s fans would be ballsy enough to make accounts on sites like that

No. 611973

Is it worth it for other people to make videos at this point? I don’t know. Seeing that Taylor’s stans will defend her even when she quite obviously killed their lord and savior and then that pathetic crying video she made, I just wonder if it will help anything.

No. 611974

The more people speak out, the more valid their views become. They'll eventually get tired of defending their 'queen' & move on.

No. 611975

Probably not but I’m a salty cynical arsehole who’s sick of Taylor’s shit so I might as well commit to a crusification lol

No. 612003

Nta but I’m 99% sure Taylor’s been using the kratom as well (and you really only use kratom if you’re a previous/current heroin/opiate user). The reason anons think that is bc she posted those kratom pics when johnny was away on a national tour for his band. He brought his shit with him, so why would the bag be open right next to her during the extended period he was gone? Also, looking at the pics, she was moving the bag around to different areas of her home. As well as her posting the pics while simultaneously posting many multiples of times about how “sick”, “ill”, feeling like total shit, etc she felt, but when someone asked what she was “sick” with she said she had…. an eye infection lol. A lot of the “sick” posts sound verbatim what heroin addicts say when they’re withdrawing. She cancelled traveling at that same time too. And the posts started when Johnny left.

Johnny most likely buys the drugs like Luna’s boyfriend does, then gives her kratom when he’s traveling by she’s either too much of pussy to buy it herself, or he won’t let her see his dealer alone.

Weirdly whenever he’s out of town or touring she’ll post on her snap and IG how she’s “sick” with a ~mysterious illness~ then when he comes home, not one “sick” post ever.

It’s pretty obvious that a current heroin addict (who Taylor and Johnny kept posting about how Johnny was ~so sober~ for months, extremely adamant and defensive when ppl questioned his sobriety, posted TONS of times about how he’s sober; only to admit he was using the whole time months and months later, but that hes ~forreal getting clean this time~, then never addressed the lies) who lives with his gf, used for around a year in front of her at their home, still to this day does drugs in front of her, probably gives his gf some of it too. It’s very very uncommon to have one completely sober partner who has never done drugs, living with an active heroin addict and not be influenced by it. ESP considering her posts and the area they live in which has plenty of heroin dealers.

She used to travel pretty far to other states for week or two at a time, but now will only do so if Johnny comes with her, and not that far anymore, for a very short period of time, and will drive there now (as opposed to flying, which she used to do. Ie: can’t bring drugs with you on plane)

So the pics, posts, traveling, and lying about sobriety and using, also not checking on her pets for 10-14 hours at a time. All together looks sus af.

No. 612010

tbf im sort of upset that the anon just admitted that a lot of this is speculation without seemingly mention that a lot of it has strong facts and Taylor is in no way a trustworthy source. I'm all for taking a break/stopping but… this is such a step back in a way. Eh

No. 612014

sharply observed anon. she is quite parallel to Luna, isn't she.

No. 612016

A lot of people use kratom for things other than getting off of opioids, including recreationally. It's not much different to drinking a cup of coffee unless you're taking heroic doses. That said, if she's been using it for weeks on end then she might have mild withdrawal symptoms from the kratom alone.

No. 612041

When I made a few YouTube videos the updated iMovie was actually ok to use? idk if that’s what you mean by “movie maker” though lol

No. 612042

Eah I wouldn’t use that kitten as absolute proof of ghost being bought. I fully believe she did buy the kitten but that one doesn’t have as much Greg around the nose and ears as ghost. Maybe Taylor already knew someone who bred rag dolls (they are a pretty common pure breed cat) and got it from there. We KNOW she did not adopt ghost but saying it was this specific kitten from this specific Breeder does make it look like tinfoil.

No. 612043

omg someone please do this lmao. her fans are crazy so I wouldn’t be surprised if they flocked to support their animal killing queen!!!!

No. 612044

This is why I was so shocked to see all those pictures of the kratom.

You don't want to take that shit consistently. The side effects suck ass and you build a tolerance quick. There isn't any reason to buy so much of it unless you're taking it regularly. If you only take it at night or after working out or something you put it in your medicine cabinet like a normal person instead of having huge open bags sitting out all the time.

If they/she is truly clean off heroin and getting high off kratom, I bet some of her sick is the shitty side effects of getting high from the kratom. It's easy to take too much of it if you're used to "real" opiates and the tolerance builds so quickly you'd have to up your dose every day. Nausea, irregular bowel movements, acid reflux (from those expensive ass capsules) and so on. Withdrawal brings on varying degrees of anxiety for a lot of people along with headache and fatigue.

You'd think since she has so many health conditions already she'd want to steer clear of that. Regular kratom use vs heroin is basically all of the side effects with 5% of the high. Either she's a complete dumbass and gets high off this stuff regularly or she has heroin withdrawal often enough to warrant stockpiling kratom. Either way it looks very bad for her and I have no clue why she thinks it's a good idea to show it off.

What is it about heroin that makes these twats so fucking dumb? I guess Taylor had to be dumb to begin with to move in a known abuser, rapist and using heroin addict.

No. 612048

Nah, I know what you mean. They did a really good job getting the word out and now they’ve backtracked - which in turn makes the rest of us look like liars. I get the heat can be too much but cmon, it’s the Internet! All you have to do is sign out or turn your phone/computer off. Just makes the hard work everyone’s done look kinda shitty now.

No. 612053

And Jonny is back in her instagram and twitter profile.

No. 612066

Do we know how much time there was between the photos and videos the breeder took and the photos Taylor took? Kittens with the point coloration are born all white, and gradually develop the coloring. So if there was a span of time between the photos, it explains the smaller amount of grey on the kitten in the breeder photos.

No. 612094

File: 1544462411346.png (11.19 KB, 618x96, JayJayCaligamer.png)

Taylor's fans are so sweet
(From what ever's recent video)

No. 612095

I also think Taylor is using heroin but kratom isn't just for opiate wd. I wouldn't even guess that 75% of kratomfags use it for wd, let alone virtually all. Probably way less tbh. So it isn't the kratom that makes me suspect heroin. It's all the other things you brought up. "Oops! I ate gluten and slept for 14 hours! Then I threw up in the car on the way over!" That kind of shit.

No. 612097

It seemed like they're referring to Taylor's fake crying

No. 612099

File: 1544463242471.png (22.4 KB, 574x192, PRRRROMOTION.png)