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No. 618237

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/613294 (CURRENTLY BROKEN)

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Former friend Versatile Reptiles is now verified with a tripcode
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemmorage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Animals purchased in the last ~ month: Texas Rat Snake, Halloween Crab, 3 Rats, 2 Crocodile Skinks, Sinaloan Milksnake, Scorpion, Ghost Mantis
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 618240

Could somebody please summarize what the last discussions on the broken thread were about?

No. 618241

last I saw we were talking about V//R. some idiot decided it would be funny to pretend to be him and claimed that Kronos was dead. then V//R got a tripcode so that was sorted, but we're still kinda wondering about Kronos.

No. 618245

>>618241 Thanks for the information! I have been out of the loop for about a week now.
Was there any other information about Gucci's supposed death?
Poor Kronos, whether he's alive or dead he is/was in about as crappy of a setup as you could get with (supposedly) knowing what his kind of monitor actually needs.

No. 618248

None of the claimed deaths have been confirmed. Kronos and Gucci are agreed upon to be fake, since VR said that those posts were not him. Ursula is the only one that is up in the air at this point.

No. 618251

(I'm what ever) I know it doesn't really mean anything without proof but yeah Ursula is dead. She died because she mismolted after Taylor got Triton.

No. 618259


No. 618261

Why can't people provide proof or at least how they supposedly know this.

Even just knowing who said it is better than nothing.

No. 618265

Lol @ the thread image.
But personally I don't think a mothers club on which animal has died now is really at the top of problems she has right now, I mean it is because if more animals are dead jesus christ woman just admit you suck.

But what I mean is like, Taylor seems to be sticking to her period of silence, not only that but the only heads up to her fans was a instagram story that's no longer available, so basically those that never saw it before it went down or those who don't even follow her instagram have no idea where she is or what she's doing.
Her twitter is gone, she has no comments on her youtube channel or a video about it and her instagram posts after the fact just make her sound like she's taking her usual "I promised a video but I got sick hella bad but can still do all this other physically demanding stuff" break.
While it's kind of normal for her to vanish for periods of time, she still had her twitter her fans can kiss her arse on + stalk, now they have nothing.

No. 618270

Taylor is a dumbass, with this she's just wearing down the patience of even her most devoted fans. She's so lazy and flippant with her job, it's not even funny. She acts like a spoiled 16 year old. Her YouTube career is dying fast.

No. 618272

So now what? Sit back and see ads in her area about pets for sale? Because she's been periit hominem for almost a month. Those you tube ad bucks will stop.

No. 618274

I agree. A lot of people in the last thread kept saying this is the smartest thing for her to do. I disagree. Her refusing to show how her animals are cared for after promising it a month ago just proves how horrible her care is. Her radio silence is probably making even her most devoted fans annoyed or “uwu so concerned” for her.
She claims she’s taking a break to improve herself. But it just seems she’s avoiding criticism to just spend time with her rapist manlet. She’s a dumbass, I just can’t take her seriously. She’ll only be back when the money stops flowing in. Not because she truly loves what she does or cares about her stans. It’s always for the money/views.

No. 618282

That or her mum or jonny 'accidentally' post something regarding possible dead animals.
Waiting is boring I know but put it this way, when she runs out of youtube money we'll know and her race back to social media to fix it will be glorious.

Even the most unstable of special snowflakes on youtube don't just bail like this, they try to milk it for all it's worth.
Her underage fans will probably stay her fans but considering their attention spans are so short they probably have 30 other people they're subbed to and will eventually forget about Taylor since she never uploads.
As for the older fans they'll eventually get tired of the constant sob stories months after the problem had happen and she'd been silent during. People can and will be supportive but if you constantly bring yourself down and show no obvious signs of getting legit help they will just give up and tell her she can't be helped.

No. 618283

I've been talking to someone in the pet community that's in contact with some of Taylors "friends". I know it's annoying that I can't say who it is but I promised not to, those people need to come out about it on their own. I guess they think that if they stop supporting her they will lose the insider information and they will get kicked out of the group like Breeze did. Taylor really is the queen bee of Pettube, if you disagree with her you're not allowed to go to Petfest etc because she's the one that pays for it. Taylor literally pays people to be her friends, it's pathetic.

The thing about Bree that Jayce posted about is also totally spun in Taylors favor, imo Bree should come out with her version because all of Taylors leeches stopped talking to her because of those lies. Taylor also knows that Jayce posted on here but I guess that's not surprising.

(To my "source" if you read this: I hope you don't mind too much that I talked about this, I think these things are all pretty obvious.)

No. 618285

is there any possible way they could make names that is unrelated to their pet tube persona but obvious to us who it is?
Taylor could fact check current chats but if it's old the chances of her realising are low, I mean, she can never keep track of her own fucking stories so fat chance of her keeping up with chats.

No. 618287

I understand this dilemma. Thanks for responding and also for continuing to work on/care about this. I guess everything will come out in time

No. 618289

why would anyone strive to go to petfest? you get to hang out with a bunch of other people who don't actually give a fuck about animals, because if they did they wouldn't support anything taylor does. congrats i guess? i understand it's good for getting viewers and stuff but there are plenty of pettubers who don't go to fucking petfest and they still have a pretty decent following. ill never understand why anyone who claims to care about the wellbeing of animals wants anything to do with TND. they might think it makes them look good to be friends with a popular pettuber but fuck that, where's your conscience? and if taylor ever tried to hold anything over them they could easily come out and expose her for it. i know a bunch of y'all lurk here so come on, stop protecting this girl when she's straight up neglecting her animals. idk how they can live with themselves tbh

No. 618290

Most of it isn't talked about over chat so there's not really a lot of written proof. A lot of those people lurk and post on here so there's a decent chance that some posts of "what's up with this animal, Taylor probably did this and this" are from them, especially if those topics are randomly brought up.

I just wish at least one person would speak out publicly but I guess they are worried about Taylor sending them a cease and desist. I still think that they could just contact me on Twitter or something so I can verify that they're telling the truth while remaining anon, it wouldn't help with convincing the rest of the internet but at least we would know what's going on.

No. 618291

Saying Taylor's pet died when her pet died isn't illegal. She can send all the cease and desist letters in the world, they mean nothing because she would instantly lose in court.

No. 618293

Oh, I agree. I just can't understand why they refuse to talk about it unless they're scared or really just don't have any morals, especially since most people dislike Taylor at the moment. It's the perfect time to come out with it, most people would be supportive. And even if they aren't, who cares about follower numbers?

No. 618295

If the allegations werent true any smart person in her position would have used the publicity amd the attention to cash in on that “all my enclosures” video. Cant argue with the fact that those types of videos get the most views therefore most $$$. There are only two reasons not to make that video. 1: your setups are wrong/incomplete/dirty/etc. or 2: you’re extremely lazy. Filming and editing can be alot of work. Yes. But Thats the job u signed up for when you want to be a youtuber

No. 618311

I’m so sick of the pettube community. Animals are dying, people who don’t know how to take care of animals are getting them because their ‘idol’ is, and young girls think her relationship with an abuser is goals. Yet, they won’t come forward because Taylor PAYS for things?

If you guys are reading here, CHECK YOUR PRIORITIES. Y’all are just as responsible for the misinformation spreading around as she is at this point. And you’re contributing to every animal death when you won’t be honest and let her fans see the truth so she can stop making money off views to pay for her lifestyle. What the heck kind of ‘animal lovers’ are you

No. 618314

Does anyone else think it’s odd Taylor is so open about her animal deaths with the Pettubers? Like she doesn’t try to keep them a secret?

No. 618336

because she's a hoarder and gets attached to them even if she doesn't care for their needs as if they're just objects she puts in boxes. in her head, she probably thinks that telling everyone about their deaths shows that she cares about them but in reality, she'll just throw their bodies to her other snakes and buy new ones to satisfy herself and get views at the same time.

No. 618338

Im Whatever the one who told me a about Ursula’s death was Tyler, he also said she had to give away her rat girl because all of them got pregnant and didn’t know what to do


Im not neither of two, but guys seriously get trip code, and if you can’t even backup what you claimed don’t bother to bring it on. Just like me be and the other person who post false information, other people will do it and “we need to believe it because the person who say it wants to remain anon”
Whatever get a trip code already and please keep to yourself information that can’t be backed up

No. 618339

One more time for the lurkers in the back

No. 618343

If anyone doesn't believe it's really me I can tweet something out, I'm not sure how necessary a trip code is but if more people want me to have one I'll see what I can do.
I figured I'd share what I know just because these are all things that are pretty obvious but won't ever be totally confirmed unless a Pettuber that's close to Taylor comes out with it. No way will she admit that Ursula died for example.

No. 618348

use your fucking tripcode or leave.

No. 618354

Ok, leaving. Anything posted after this as what ever won't be me.

No. 618355

It's getting confusing now, so I think a trip code is necessary for anyone in this thread. There were just so many fake screenshots posted in the last thread. Who knows what posts are faked, too.
I'm wondering what motive these people (person?) have? To discredit us? Or they think anons are so gullible, go with it, baiting what ever or someone else to make a video about it so Taylor can show that they are still alive to make us look ridiculous?

No. 618365

Literally to discredit this site. Could even be Taylor, without Twitter I bet she's got time on her hands. Likely might be her manbaby Jonny too.

Milk =/= rumours. Folks need to remember to back their shit up with evidence. That means tripcodes or screenshots with names + numbers. Pettubers too chicken shit to do this are pathetic.

No. 618370

Whatever, don't leave because some anon is being crass. Just get the code or use your twitter instead. I'm all for backing up claims with evidence but some of you are legit chasing milk away lol

No. 618371

It's not Whatever, they literally said they were leaving after all the shit on their videos. Don't be dumb anon.

No. 618372

Honestly ironic giving that whatever basically discredited the site in her last video by saying a lot of it was speculation (without mentioning the amount of evidence to point towards the speculation).

This whole thing is just becoming dumb, sooner or later it will be another Emzotic thing we had with someone saying it was a 'social experiment' lmao.

No. 618373

I'm confused by this post and the first sentence to the last paragraph?

If this is Whatever, why does it read as V///R? and then 'not neither of two' Which one are you.

No. 618374

I left for a few weeks, I'll post something on my Twitter about the lolcow spreadsheet later to confirm it. I asked for a tripcode, hopefully I'll get it soon.

No. 618375

File: 1546028713909.png (1.69 MB, 1414x2396, 8adfa123-8223-419c-c1a1-9c964d…)

This site looks like 4chan.org
4chan.org wouldn't let this thread exist for more than a few minutes.
This thread is garbage and OP is a tool with too much time on her hands.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 618376

The point anon was making is that anyone can claim to be anyone. Evidence in the form of tripcodes / screenshots / phone numbers etc is needed.

Sincerely Taylor N Dean.

No. 618377

It's fucking gross that "animal lovers" care more about pandering to someone who neglects animals for YouTube money. They're all just immoral attention seekers who don't give a single shit about living beings.

No. 618378

I can't believe I'm witnessing the downfall of this thread.

No. 618379

I'm somehow not surprised, after what ever stopped the videos a lot of people started to speculate the dumbest shit

No. 618381


I thought Whatever just said they were stopping with the videos, not dropping interactions with this site. Forgive me for coming across dumb but that's the impression I got from her last video.

No. 618382

V//R already got a trip code, he posted with it in the other thread before it broke. Anyone posting without it is a shitposter and you should ignore them

No. 618385

I feel like there is self posting going on. Why are people chasing away potential milk? You guys don't have to believe it but at least hear people out

No. 618387

I think people are just upset with random people posting potential milk without any proof.

Also, wasn't Ursula dying posted with the fake texts?

No. 618388

That was Gucci

No. 618389

Still find it odd how only now does the person mention a specific name that we know, especially after we listened to V///R.

No. 618390

No, ursula is dead.

Someone is trying to discredit this thread, and this information did come out of a credible source that is choosing to stay anonymous.

No. 618392


Okay but anons want to know who is giving this milk. Hence the tripcode request. Even screenshots with the person's name blocked out would be better than this.

No. 618393

What credible source?

No. 618402

I hope I'm doing this correctly, I've never messed with tripcodes before.

The only proof I have would be like those screenshots of the person that leaked that Taylors croc skinks died, either part of a message or almost the whole thing blacked out because it was sent to me in a long text. I'm not sure exactly how much more trustworthy that'd be.

No. 618403

Something is better than nothing tbh.

No. 618407

We've exchanged messages and this tripcode is legitimate. Anyone claiming to be Whatever without the correct code is an imposter.

No. 618411

As confirmed before, I do have a tripcode.

I just woke up and was notified a new post was a made. Sorry about the fakes. They're annoying.

As for Ursula, I can confirm she's dead. Not sure if me and anon have the same source or not, but the source I got my info from is good, but also wishes to remain anonymous.

No. 618412

File: 1546031794778.jpg (449.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181228-220804_Sam…)

No. 618414

File: 1546031858223.jpg (143.03 KB, 952x904, Screenshot_20181228-221322_Sam…)

No. 618422


Why is it that all of the petfest YouTubers are cowards that don't care about animals? If you care about animals and know of animals dying because of inadequate care you speak out about it, you don't keep quiet about it just to try get famous.

No. 618427


Yeah, I have to question why Jayce is only coming out now about it all after trying to buddy buddy up with Taylor. Reminder everyone here; he's an awful pet owner too who handles hots and livefeeds + thinks it's OK to keep snakes in tubs. He has no formal education and hordes just as much as Tay Tay.

Now Taylor's blocked him, and he's vomited out all his info on her as some sort of revenge, what new info can he bring here?

No. 618432

Ok point but why does it matter if he is still telling the truth?
We are here to milk a cow, not to nitpick. You are chasing away milk.

No. 618434


Does it matter? No one here is praising Jayce or saying now that he's spilling tea all of a sudden he's amazing. If he has information to share why does it matter what his intentions are?

No. 618435

Lay off maybe? This thread was never about Jayce. I personally have no interest in picking apart his pet care here. What difference does it make why?? What is your goal here.. To get him to stop posting? They were never really friends to begin with.

No. 618436

Because he doesn't have any milk? That's my point. He's just here to stay relevant and we've already spent enough time in past threads on him.

No. 618437

Does it really matter? He's giving us true information and screenshots. Who cares if you don't like him. Seriously, why tf are you people chasing away milk? I feel like some of y'all are cows and derailing just to cover up a death.

No. 618438

Stop chasing away the people who are willing to bring information. We've been verifying everyone who emailed us and will ban users who impersonate those people without the proper tripcode.

No. 618439

i don't care about jayce but the milk he brings in and that goes to any other pettuber who decides to tell all. hell, i can't wait until jonny starts to tell everyone Taylor's "secrets" with her animals. I never met someone so fake, self-absorbed, and dumb like Taylor.. I'm not surprised that she has to BUY friends when i'm betting no one really likes her and her attitude and her illnesses has nothing to do with it

No. 618440


No, you're right, he should be in pettubers general for his shit care.

There is no tea. Unless he wants to post some revolutionary screenshots.

No. 618441

He has no info though. Taylor blocked him ages ago. He's leading everyone up the garden path for relevance.

No. 618442

Not like we didn’t already know it’s true, but it’s so pathetic that she literally has to buy people’s friendship with her. She truly has no friends or real family that support her because of what an awful person she is. Her mom is batshit crazy, but she’s the only family she has. All her friends are fake and continue to “support” her for the money, views, and free stuff. Literally the only human being that’s in her life mostly is her rapist druggy boyfriend Jonny. That’s so fucking sad and pathetic… how does she expect to get herself together when she has no real supporters? She needs to kick him to the curb and get some real friends. The only way she could do that though if she wasn’t such a terrible person to others.

No. 618443

Then ignore and report instead of arguing about what does or does not constitute milk.

No. 618444

He gave us info on why Bree was sent home, how much she makes and verified that he has also been told that Ursula is dead.

No. 618445

That milk's from Whatever though… but yeah it's not surprising.

No. 618446

A death was just confirmed and it's being derailed to talking shit about milk providers?
Is there a cow here?

No. 618447

It's because no one is really surprised Taylor's pets are dropping like flies.

No. 618448

Not surprising.. but poor Ursula. Honestly is sad that she never announces her pets deaths anymore. They are just things, accessories to her. I once saw on Twitter a Stan of here saying “omg these haters are mean I can’t believe they think you have to tell us when your pets die!!” Like… your animals are literally the reason you’re on social media?? Pet care and showing how you do it is supposed to be your job?? She is absolutely obligated to announce when a pet dies. When you owns over 50 pets but are too scared to announce a pet is dead, that’s when you know you’re wrong and you’re a hoarder

No. 618449

It makes sense they’d protect her if she’s paying for the trips as well as PetFesf.

They get a free ride and the chance of getting clout. But just like Bree, and Jayce, the moment she has a problem with ANY of them, they’ll spill the beans about how shitty of a person she is.

No. 618450

Honestly I'd really like to see what Bree has got to say about Tay Tay. I bet it's not pleasant. She ducked out before the rest of them so maybe she actually has a tiny bit of empathy for the animals Taylor hordes.

No. 618452

I'm glad you finally got a tripcode so anons can stop sperging about it.

I understand how annoying it is to get potential milk with no evidence and then it turns out it's false, but some of y'all take this so seriously and seem to get genuinely triggered about this stuff. I think it's better to ask those people to confirm their identity, and if they don't, it's best to ignore them. I also kind of agree that all the fake milk might be to throw people off. Though I don't know if Taylor herself would be doing that because, let's be real, a few of the animals mentioned are probably dead anyways. Could be a bored farmer or a screechy fan trying to discredit the threads.

If we're being real here and talking about clout, I feel like the Petfest crew would be better off actually coming out about Taylor's bullshit. The tables have turned and other than her 14 year old autistic stans, the vast majority of sane people are against her. I mean, what ever's video has 20k+ likes ffs. I don't know what they're so afraid off. If they want clout, they should come out, but I guess if they wanna continue mooching off Taylor then they should continue sucking her tit undercover.

Though I do appreciate the inside info that comes from people being fake so I ain't too mad.

No. 618453


Have the deaths really been confirmed though? I feel like until Jayce reveals his source and releases screenshots it's still just heresay. I'm sorry Jayce, I believe you but this still isn't really proof.

No. 618455

The death info came from Whatever, so more believable than Jayce who came here to troll before and hasn't provided any evidence.

No. 618458

Listen, I love lolcow as much as the next person, but "stay relevant"? Lmao. What would he have to gain from coming to a place with about 50 (give or take) people, who mostly don't seem to like him (or are neutral and only interested in milk). Even if he is just in to "stay relevant", his info still gave us something to discuss. He has no amazing, ground-breaking milk but eh.

She buys friends, a boyfriend, a bunch of animals to fill the emotional void etc. All she knows what to do is spend money and get something in return. She's a sad human being.

I can see why she doesn't, she'd just further show us she's a neglectful hoarder that should have her animals taken away. It is sad.

No. 618462

The screenshot comes from Whatever. I believe her, but I’m hesitant to confirm it because of how many degrees of separation are present. At minimum we have Taylor, Friend of Taylor, Person Messaging Whatever, Whatever.

Whatever is very likely being honest, but anyone else along the line could be lying. Allowing degrees of separation gives people new opportunities to try and fake milk. We need to keep some sort of standard, otherwise I see things quickly getting even more out of hand than before.

I think considering deaths to be confirmed should be limited to either Taylor herself saying it, or from someone verified with a tripcode showing messages directly from Taylor. Anything less should be considered rumors.

No. 618464

Completely agree, there's too much fake shit and stale milk being brought here.

However this stuff isn't going to be confirmed until Taylor is back on twitter, if she ever comes back… if she doesn't buy replacement pets. Ursula would be fairly easy to replace.

No. 618465


Alright, I'll take the bait.

Taylor killed the croc skinks, via dehydration.
Not an electrical malfunction. This was confirmed from Bree during our conversation.
Ursula is also dead, confirmed from Bree.
(although Ursula dying isn't much of a surprise, most people can't keep them alive in captivity for long, not an animal I support keeping in general personally)

Also, may not be groundbreaking, but I also revealed several issues with Taylors money management.
Shes 100k in debt to the IRS.
She makes about 30,000-60,000/monthly from YouTube depending on views that much and how consistently she uploads. This doesn't include any sponsorship or anything.

She has considered leaving Jonny multiple times and mainly hasn't because he has a key to their place.
Jonny hasn't ever been physically abusive to her, but emotionally? Very much so.
Jonny falls back into drinking heavily every time he leaves for tour. When he's on tour is when they fight.
When hes home, things go pretty well.
Jonny makes about 4,000/month from Slaves and other revenue from his music career. He pays their full rent. $2,000/month as his gift to Taylor and he spends the rest of his money on whatever he wants.
Taylor has a prior coke issue and when she went to Sacramento, Taylor brought coke with her. Taylor turned that blame on Bree as an out. Bree is the easiest one to target and exile from the group because she has no large platform to speak out on.
Taylor also confirmed multiple other drug habits with me at one point because I'm also a former addict. (over 6 years clean). So she felt she could tell me this info. Which at the time, it was safe. She has supposedly tried various pills along with heroin.
I'm willing to bet she most likely lied about trying heroin, but it's what she told me. Possibly trying to relate to me, being as heroin was my drug of choice that I was addicted to 6 nearly 7 years ago.

No animal of Taylors died during the time her and I were speaking.
Taylor did talk about how she has someone she pays to come clean the animals for her and watch them. She never confirmed a name to me either.

Taylor never blocked me. I have her blocked. I cut off communication because I don't enjoy being stabbed in the back when I'm trying to help someone. The only reason I'm coming out about this now, is because of all the info that's been coming out. The croc skink scandal and such, all pissed me off.
I wanted to give you guys all the info I had, that I learned while being friends with her.

Now, if you wanna try coming at me for MY pet care, you can sure as hell try. Good luck finding anything actually /wrong/. I'm not the topic of this post. Quit trying to make me the topic, if you wanna make me the topic, make a separate post and I'll have fun ripping it apart.
You don't have anything on me because I out myself on my social media all the time. All of my mistakes and improvements are public. I don't hide anything. I straight up 8 mile myself constantly because it helps me improve.

No. 618467

Give us screenshots of your convos.

No. 618468

idk why Bree is hiding when Taylor reads through here and will obviously see what Bree has been up to. If you're here Bree, feel free to spill the beans. It's too late to hide if everyone else is saying that you've said this and that.

No. 618469

idk why any of them are hiding actual screen shots that would prove all this stuff. Whatever's the only one who's provided evidence so far, and as the other anon said, that's 3rd hand stuff.

No. 618470


All of my conversations with Bree and Taylor were via discord or phone call.
I actually TALK to people. I don't sit behind a keyboard constantly.

I'm aware my info comes off as not "as good".
but it's what I have and felt like I'd offer. Take it or leave it, your choice.

You wanted people to start helping you guys, I was willing to do so. but If I'm just going to get attacked, then fuck it.
Take that long ass message, take what info of it you believe, and you can leave me out of the rest.

No. 618473

Do you have any other actual evidence though? Any screenshots of /anything/.

Last time you were here you just trolled, I'm not sure why you're so offended that you're hard to believe now.

No. 618474

I don't get how any of you are going to claim you give a single shit about animals when you have to hide behind this website to say anything. Make a video if you actually care.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 618475

I mean, she can change the locks and tell the complex not to let jonny in anymore while he’s on tour. But I guess she’s too stubborn to admit she fucked up so she’s waiting it out.

No. 618477


He's on the lease. She cannot do that.

No. 618479


I didn't "troll".

First time I was here, I was here to defend myself.
Second time, I confirmed Taylor and I were not longer friends because one of you posted about how we unfollowed each other.

This is the 3rd time.
None of the times, I was "trolling"

No. 618480

Can you show screenshots of Discord and Skype calls starting and ending? Honestly just post whatever you can provide that proves you were trusted by these people.

No. 618481

and lets not forget he threatened to burn chelsea's house down, sounds like she may need a protection order in the future too. funny how "fans" think he has changed.

No. 618482

Convicted felons are allowed to rent fancy apartments now?

No. 618483

I don't use discord, but is it possible to screenshot how long you talked or something?
Don't listen to the people that are just rude fucks that don't believe you, they are just a vocal minority.

No. 618484

File: 1546036784248.jpg (12.67 KB, 600x341, FXLThSZ.jpg)

No. 618485

There is absolutely no way he’s on that lease because he’s a convicted felon.

No. 618486

If he has a grudge against Taylor, it's entirely likely he'd lie.

If he's still talking to Taylor it's entirely likely he's providing false info to come out about later and 'prove' how everything else here could be false.

Some evidence is needed either way. It's really not that hard.

No. 618487

Technically felons cannot leave the country either… And yet he does go on tours. Idk

No. 618488

Taylor could also just be lying about him being on the lease.

No. 618489

File: 1546037051867.png (29.16 KB, 855x299, 0b8726c115c9dd54bfcf21f859d54d…)


Blocking out her discord name so no one can try and find her there.

I'm a massive message deleter. I delete messages and such with people all the time. I'm trying to see what all I have left.

No. 618491

Last Saturday?

Also you delete messages, why??

No. 618492

yeah i think shes just using him on the lease as an excuse to not kick him out, theres no way hes actually on it. shes probably scared of what he will do

No. 618493


Some minor OCD? Idk.
I just don't like having messages filling my inbox. I constantly delete them after a couple days. Literally cannot tell you why. I just do it impulsively.

No. 618495

Eh tbf I’m also one of those people who periodically deletes messages because I hate clutter.

No. 618496

My source was told during October, there was literally no reason for Taylors friend to lie back then.

No. 618497


Why in the shit would I ruin my own reputation to try and debunk what I say later to help Taylor? lmfao.
Actually think about that for a moment.

No. 618498

Discord isn't like emptying your inbox though, it'd be more like deleting your MSN messenger history. Tbh it's shady as fuck.

Because you'd discussed this with Taylor beforehand? She knows what you're posting / saying about her so she knows what to debunk to prove this whole site is 'false' and you can come out as her white knight that proved we all just want tea without evidence? It's not hard to imagine tbh and you were sucking up to her pretty hard before…

Mate, we just want some evidence that's all.

No. 618499

Y’all are being kind of miserable. You’re sitting here telling other pettubers to come forward but anyone that does you say has an alternative motive or is unreliable. Let jayce say his piece, believe it or not, and go on your way.

No. 618500

Come forward with evidence though. No point in gossip.

No. 618501

What's enough evidence for you?

No. 618502

Screenshots of convos / telephone numbers (partially blanked in texts) etc. Evidence like we've seen before?

No. 618503

I forgot how far some of you reach. lmao.
Granted, can't expect much from a website where people think rattlesnakes lay eggs.
but regardless.

I haven't had contact with Taylor since October 8th, since the falling out between her and I after the Sacramento show on October 1st.
She got mad that I confirmed her and I were no longer friends on this website and sent me a long ass message. Which I never replied to.
If you actually want to see that, then fine. Give me a few minutes to take screenshots and such.

No. 618505

That would be good. Should start with shit like that next time.

No. 618506

VR already showed a screenshot from Taylor. This is some real tinfoiling shit that's going on with some of you.

No. 618507

if other pettiness come forward, would you be this hard pressed for “evidence” (let’s face it though, it’s all here say, even if it’s from a “close” source)

No. 618508

Exactly, which is why texts or messages from Tay Tay herself would be 1000x better than 'she told me this but it was in a phonecall so I have no evidence'.

No. 618509

You can open DMs you've closed by searching for the user's name in the "find or start a conversation" field above your friend list, FYI.

No. 618510

And yet most people won’t have that since they have their Skype sessions and what not soooo stop??? Take what they say and either believe it or not. Stop being rude about it.

No. 618512

And yet most people won’t have that since they have their Skype sessions and what not soooo stop??? Take what they say and either believe it or not. Stop being rude about it.

No. 618513

You can open DMs you've closed by searching for the user's name in the "find or start a conversation" field above your friend list, FYI.

No. 618514

That all depends. If they're on parole or probation chances are they're not going to be able to get a passport. Nor will they be allowed to get one if they've been convicted of trafficking drugs across international waters. Otherwise it's a case by case basis. If Jonny does tour out of the country (I don't pay any attention to his band), his convictions are not considered security risks as far as getting a passport goes.

No. 618515

File: 1546038435950.jpg (1.06 MB, 2200x1940, 1.jpg)

I never replied to the first message because it sounded like bullshit.
It sounded too far fetched to be a real story. I saw her group walk around the expo a few times. (never saw Taylor herself). Looked like they were having a pretty stress-free time.
Bree confirmed with me that she saw the entire event, walked the entire place four times to be exact and loved it.

Taylor told them that I wouldn't be working the show and that I wouldn't be there. Entirely ghosting me.

I don't do pitty parties. They bother me. Just own up to your real intentions and be honest or don't talk to me.
That's why I never replied. Has nothing to do with being "hurt". It has to do with the fact I just don't like victim complexes.

Nothing in her text says anything about her taking any responsibility for anything.

This was my last contact with TND.

No. 618517

Let’s get real, though. Last thread screenshots showing her number got provided and people still called them fake.

While I agree that there should be a healthy amount of skepticism when proof is posted, to be this demanding has the potential of scaring away milk, which is the opposite of what we want.

No. 618518

Holy shit. Jonny is emotionally abusive? Look at this shit. She's batshit.

No. 618519

More of this. You have no previous texts from her?

Yeah but no one's calling screenshots fake here, just asking for them in the first place.

No. 618520

File: 1546038913071.jpg (22.38 KB, 539x960, 48905057_329872090958854_79737…)


Also, just to also prove that I constantly delete messages.

This is my inbox.

My fiance telling me she's working till 6:20 and the other message is the guy I'm breeding Argus Monitors with. He's incubating my eggs.

The only place I don't delete messages constantly is instagram, but I've never talked to Taylor via instagram. So that doesn't matter.

No. 618521

jeez lol, she's so manipulative. you had every right to be a little pissed at her and she spun that whole thing upside down. fucking hell no wonder no one will speak out about her.

blogpost but I used to have friends like this, it's a nightmare.

No. 618522

She doesn’t even take the time to think about her manipulative tactics. She just throws a bunch of words out there and hopes some of them stick. Too bad you can’t just delete messages like you delete everything else Taylor.

No. 618523

I would love to know Bree’s side of the story now. I hope she comes forward about it.

No. 618525

This is TND stans threadcopping for her, is my personal tinfoil.

There is actual milk flowing. Let people show what they have.

No. 618526

thank you very much for sharing this.

No. 618527

What I don’t understand, though, is the logic behind telling her friends you weren’t coming? Why would she say that?

No. 618528

This is some crazy ranting. She's unhinged.

I don't know why people are questioning the death of Ursula? It's not unlike Taylor to neglect the animals in her 'care' till they die.

No. 618529

damn she's super manipulative. Someone gets mad at you for not saying Hi and rather than owning up to it and apologize, she just twists it around and says SHE's the one feeling down and SHE's getting hurt because of him. LOL damn. also LMAO at her for paying EVERYTHING for her "friends". no wonder they can't say anything because they're all bought and paid for.

No. 618530

I wouldn't be surprised if these are Taylor or her leeches trying to chase away milk.

Does anyone remember when VR first posted the screenshot? I'd like to know how fast she reacted to it to see how much she lurks here.

No. 618532

She is pulling the Onision kek
Just because you decide to pay the expenses of your friends doesn’t give you the right of holding that over their heads and dictated what they can or can’t do,Taylor.

When Ursula died, straight away after getting the other crab? The setting to begging with was shitty so it isn’t a surprise she died, she hasn’t speak about her in a while wish always its a give away from her

No. 618533

I just went back to the thread where it was posted that Taylor and Jayce were "no longer friends" and it was posted at 6:47, she literally saw the post within an hour of it going up. I am just honestly so happy that we have confirmed obsessive lurking lol

No. 618539

> no wonder they can't say anything because they're all bought and paid for.

Which is kinda funny because the shit she's bought them isn't that special. You'd think that at least they've reaped some benefits from being her friends, like gaining a following just by being associated with her, but most of them still hold tiny followers and aren't well known.

No. 618541

I totally believe that Ursula is dead, the problem is more about drawing the line of what we consider confirmed information.

Let’s say some rando wants attention and tells a friend that Kronos was taken by Animal Control. The friend then tells a Pettuber they happen to know, and they embellish the story by claiming that their friend knows Taylor. The Pettuber believes them and tells another Pettuber that Kronos was taken by Animal Control, and that they know it’s true because a friend of Taylor’s told them. This Pettuber happens to be someone who is verified on Lolcow. They then post screenshots of the conversation they had.

Hopefully that helps everyone see how degrees of separation can lead to false information being spread as fact. It’s safest to stick to direct confirmation, as I said in >>618462

No. 618543

Seriously Bree just needs to come forwards… at this point Taylor has no real support and no real power and she (Bree) has nothing to lose.

No. 618544

now I'm really curious to know if she posted here when shit went down and tried to ridicule Jayce for his incredibility at that time…

No. 618549

If Taylor pays people to be her friends I'm sure she pays them to he quiet too

No. 618550

samefag but here's the link to the first post if anyone cares to go see the timestamps/guess which posts are Taylor

>>>/snow/706982 (sorry I feel like there's a cleaner way to post the link but idk how and don't wanna do it wrong)

No. 618551

I get the feeling that once her money runs out (read: the IRS comes knocking) we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her friends coming forward.

No. 618552


I’m curious if during the time you guys were friends, she talked about why her mom went from being against Jonny & supporting his exes to saying they were lying and being friendly to him

No. 618558

Literally anyone could come forward and we wouldn't be happy because by affiliating yourself with Taylor in such a close manner, you're probably a shit person and have your own agenda so you're therefore gonna spin something here or there. That and a lot of these people seem to have no solid proof or very little of it.

I'm all for milk but we all know this is gonna go to shit until Taylor comes back.

No. 618560

Off topic but it's interesting that Taylor has so many nominations for worst cow in the nominations thread. People think she's worse than someone like Onision, that's an achievement.

No. 618561

Oh she absolutely does, I'd put money on it. She tried to pay Chelsea to be quiet when that whole debacle happened

No. 618563

Wait, really? was this confirmed by Chelsea?

No. 618570

It was in the screenshots of their convos. When Chelsea first posted some shit Taylor freaked out on her and said she'd "literally pay her to delete that" or something along those lines

No. 618584

Beating a dead horse but I might as well give it a go
@ the tuber messaging whatever or any other pet tuber who is lurking, you may as well come out, if you have incriminating evidence of Taylor’s actions and proof she’s paying people off use it, damage has already been done to her credibility and if someone from that inner circle snitches people will have a harder time trying to come up with bullshit.
If anything it’ll drag the others who are fine being paied into the spotlight because they will have to prove they’re innocent and not Taylor’s slaves.

No. 618585

I'm just amazed at how scared she has all of them. None of them will say a word against her, and when they even hint at something, she freaks out and they immediately delete it. It's amazing how none of them have any independence from her like. what is this? high school? you're allowed to disagree with someone for being a shithead even if they're more popular than you are. or do none of them have any morals?

No. 618592

If only we were organized/brave enough to promise these Pettubers that we’d have their backs against Taylor and her Stans if they spoke out against her. We’ll probably just have to wait until Taylor destroys herself or falls into obscurity.

No. 618594

In one way I can kind of see where they’re coming from, not saying all of them think it but if some do see her as a friend and are trying to help they’ll do anything just to keep her happy. I used to do something similar and unfortunately it takes time to break from that mindset.

However she can’t be helped, she’s abusive and whether she means it or not she’s not putting their best first.
If she’s paying people to stay quiet she doesn’t care.
If she’s lashing out at criticism she doesn’t care.
If she threatens to cut you off because you shared her faults then she doesn’t care.
If she threatens legal action then she doesn’t care.

Even if it’s not about friendship and about the fact Taylor can send her fans after them, that again shows she doesn’t care. Not only are they defending a hoarder but they’re defending someone who’s mentally abusing everyone she talks to for the sake fame.

No. 618599

Wait, twitter deletes everything after 30 days if you don’t log back in to reactivate.
If it also does chats she might be trying to delete all the evidence.

No. 618601

Oh shit, really? How long has she been gone?

No. 618602

If anyone wants to recover Twitter messages, they should be in your email address associated with the Twitter account. You should be receiving an email alert for every DM you receive with the full DM displayed inside.

No. 618604

Around 2 weeks, she deleted it pretty shortly after posting her most recent video.
(Loosing Thread 26 is already proving to be a huge pain.)

No. 618606

It’s hard to say this is her plan but considering the amount of tweets she has that shoot herself in the foot the easier option is to just tear it all down. Besides we can’t rule it out either because there would be a slim chance that’s what she’s doing.

Whatever and Jayce (if you’re in contact with the inner circle) tell them to back their chat logs immediately.

No. 618619

god I absolutely love the taylor logic here. jayce didnt pay for her tickets and shit, therefore he wasnt entitled to her time. really makes you think how everything revolves around money in her mind.

No. 618626

Apparently the concept of money can’t buy you happiness was lost in her.

No. 618635

Wasn’t she drinking vodka with the other two during this time? And making a bunch of Instagram stories with them fucking around? I understand it being personal but if someone fucked you over as bad as she makes it sound like wouldn’t she have publicly said something?
Also lol at the fact “I’m done with you but I want to tell you this, ok now I’m done but wat”

No. 618652

I've spoken with Bree and she'll be posting once she gets a tripcode from the admins.

No. 618654

Wut. Who the hell gets an email for every notification.

No. 618655

>self posting
you realise you're saying Taylor made this thread by saying that? Please don't use words or terms you don't understand

No. 618657

Aww yeah

I feel like Chelsea should have had a trip code as well, wasn’t she banned once for namefagging?

No. 618658

I think she got banned last thread, but there's no way of knowing if it was truly her.

No. 618659

It sounds like she didn’t want to meet up w him at all, which is why he’s mad?

No. 618660

Oh man, I am looking forward to this milk!

I’m going to be very upset if people scare her off. I hope everyone will just let her share whatever information she is willing to share without bringing up any personal grievances with her or her actions. This is a thread about Taylor, not Bree. Let’s take the milk without adding in salt and ruining it.

No. 618661

Speaking of Chelsea, have you guys seen the video of Jonny proposing to her? Can’t remember if this has been posted before.

No. 618684

Definitely off topic but Chelsea was way out of Jonny’s League. Look at her and look at him. Makes me feel like Taylor is right in his ballpark. Lol

No. 618685

All of johnnys exes are way out of his league.

No. 618686

To be honest I think Taylor was pretty when she was still living at home with her parents, without Jonny around.

But in a year she's managed to age like 5 years with all the shit she's done to her lips and hair. Not to mention that her skin has also gotten fucked up.

No. 618688

File: 1546066749687.jpg (152.4 KB, 799x1598, Screenshot_20181229-005719~2.j…)

No. 618691

ugh his face makes me wanna vomit

No. 618693

sorry I can’t delete my comment to add on this (idk it won’t let me.) I just noticed he’s got the drug nail going on.

On the topic of Taylor, she seems as manipulative as that dickhead. Not saying she deserves to be in a relationship with him but shit….she’s not much better.

No. 618700

Alright I can't believe I am actually going to post on this miserable site that has caused so many issues for myself and my friends But it's come to a point where I can no longer tolerate things being spun around in circles and lies mixing with truths to a point where everyone has no idea what they're saying and it's just creating more problems. The hole has already been dug and I honestly doubt I could dig it any deeper at this point.

I am not an Anonymous poster, never have been but have been reading here for some time like the many others who do. I do not like to hide, if I have something to say I will say it directly and reveal who I am. So here I am and I'm sure you all have many questions for me which I find amusing cause only 2 of you have reached out to me through a dm to inquire. You all speak so boldly about things yet when it comes to your turn you fail to come through.

I'm an honest person, I don't like to lie and I prefer to keep it that way. I will not spread hate or misinformation where it's not due. I will stay true to my beliefs and character. However, Anything I tell you I will have no proof, no screenshots no evidence. I'm an honest person, if you speak with me I want you to trust that I will never share what you have said. Other things have been shared in spoken word and I do not carry a voice recorder around. I value other people's friendship beyond everything and preparing to turn on people would be a breach of trust. The reason I share things now is because it seems things were not the way I saw them and I was not as valued as I was made to believe.

The reason I haven't said anything prior to now and deleted previous tweets was not because I was scared, trying to get back into the group or just didn't care it was because I couldn't figure out if what I was saying or doing was right. It may not seem like i have anything to lose to you guys but to me an Instagram and a YouTube channel honestly mean very little compared to the people I've lost or will lose due to this whole situation.

Let's get things straight, I'm not a pettuber. I was invited to petfest to help out by Maddie Smith because we're friends. I had only a small pet Instagram. I thought it would be fun to meet some people who shared my passion. I was urged to start a channel and I thank them for helping me out with it but I was never there for clout, popularity or subscribers. I could care less if Taylor had a million or a 100 subs. I ended up being invited into their group chat and I'd like to say I considered them all really close friends, I have very little to no friends in general so they meant a lot to me. We all supported each other. I grew to actually really like Taylor, I saw a lot in her that was like me and we had a fair bit in common. I think you guys get this thing in your head where you think she is a god awful person to be around but she truly isn't. She is quite likable once you get to know her.

While speaking with her one late night during Petfest I had inquired about her halloween crab Ursula and she told me she had passed due to an issue with moulting, she was indeed saddened by this as it was out of her control as the crab failed to burrow before the moulting process. Moon crabs being wild caught are hard to judge the age or overall wellbeing when caught and most do not survive long in captivity but she was terribly worried of what everyone would think. Having a large fan base I could see her point.

Her croc skinks did pass away unexpectedly one night though I don't recall when. Taylor believed it was due to a hydration issue as Texas had been going through a heat wave and her room had been very hot and dried out the enclosures quicker then normal. She was extremely upset when she told us this, again she does actually care about these animals.

Her pacman died a couple weeks after I believe, again I am trying to go by old memories that I didn't think I'd ever use. The frog was oddly deformed with splayed legs and a flattened snout so I had reason to believe it was either poor breeding Or supplementation or a mixture of both that led up to the early death.

I honestly didn't expect Cheese to pass sòo soon, I was sad to hear the news. I was not a part of the group when he died so I can not tell you anything more then what you know. I do however have a fair bit of knowledge surrounding Pufferfish and Boxfish and believe his diet was to blame for his small size, NOT the size of his tank.

She can be a little lazy, stays up all night sleeps all day. I will not nitpick health issues. She does have an assistant that comes in for her, though she has mentioned that she isn't the best. She has also said that she had someone come to maintain her aquarium, though this was only a single time so wether or not this is consistent I am not sure. I do think she is over her head as needing that much help on a daily seems to be less like her pets and more like someone else's.

About the whole LA trip. Taylor was invited by Jayce who then invited Emilee Emma and I to California to go to the Sacramento reptile expo. I don't make a lot of money due to some medical issues and most of it goes into my animals so I told her I couldn't afford to go and she offered to pay for my ticket and the hotel. I was shocked that someone could ever do something that nice for me and I took the opportunity. (I will throw myself under the bus here and say outright that at that time in October I was having addiction issues with the drug cocaine but I have since made the effort and become clean following this event). Taylor also struggles with similar issues and while we were discussing the trip she dmed me and said that she was going to bring drugs to LA, me also being in that mindset agreed with her and didn't decline. She did indeed bring the drugs on the trip and we did do a small amount of them. I said that she did not have to, and never forced her to do anything (So to the stans dming me saying I did pls stop thanx). After a lot of them talking in private or avoiding me for the rest of the trip I was met with a 5v1 scenario where I came out the loser and was sent home early on a 12 hour connecting flight home in the middle of the night. I was made to believe what happened was 100% my fault and had never been more hurt.

I did send them a long apology letter for what had happened. I left it for 2 days until I received word that they wanted nothing to do with me. I therefore deleted my Twitter but left my Instagram open and they all had my phone number in case they wanted to reach out like I hoped they would. No one ever came, I made a mistake but so did she and just as bad yet I wasn't deserving of a second chance? Eventually I started to see all the vlogs getting posted, myself being cut from them like I was never there, collabs being refilmed…etc. While they told me our friendship still mattered before they shipped me home I knew then It no longer did. I also started to hear that the entire situation was being blamed on me. False accusations are something I will not stand for.

Taylor is skilled at manipulation, and blame. Id say lying but she isn't so great at it anyone can find holes in the lies. Ive spoken to her recently after i tweeted about going public she texted me. The first time even though i had been trying to contact her for months once again making me feel like it had been me who got the story all wrong. It wasn't long after I came across Jayces dm where she so violently threw blame on me like I meant absolutely nothing to her around the same time frame I sat at home crying because of how much she meant to me. I can't stand by and protect a person if this is how they treat their "friends" the moment they inconvenience you.

I'm not sure what else you guys want from me but I prefer not to post on this site. You're welcome to dm me on instagram or Twitter with any questions away from this anonymity bullshit

No. 618702

You'll probably get shit from some people for not posting proof but thank you for sharing this. I hope you don't lose any more friends for speaking out but if you do, they're simply not worth your time.

No. 618706

Jesus christ and over a million people look up to this psycho?

But I actually sympathise with you in some way, granted it was a role play community but I had to cut ties with so many people I thought/wanted to be friends with because it turned out all they wanted to do was pretend they were perfect and throw others under the bus instead of confronting issues.
It hurts a lot, it sucks but once the pain fades a bit you finally start to realise that those people would rather sit in a circle jerk than consider the feelings of the people being nice to them. Taylor simply saw an opportunity and took it, she might not realise what she's done but in a way she would have considering the amount of blame she shifted to you.
Bree honestly it worries me that despite other people in her circle knowing what happened none seem to have reached out to you to talk and clear the air. They simply took Taylor's words as fact and continued on.

A lot of the pet stuff we already got proof off when it was tweeted to Twitter so don't worry to much about that, it's several threads back but the point is it's still there.

In the end I'm greatful for this information, even without screenshot proof it provides more insight to Taylor's behaviour.

No. 618707

Thank you for sharing, Breez.

No. 618711

Thanks for sharing all of that, i cant soeak for others but i never messaged asking about all the tnd shit because i didnt want you to be constantly bombarded with questions about her bullshit

No. 618713


Yikes. Thanks for sharing. Taylor sounds like she treats people even worse than I initially thought. The victim complex sounds consistent though.

No. 618716

So her moon crab died in August? She posted the Male on October 10th, talking about getting a few more girls.

No. 618721

What I'm getting from all of this is that it's a "with me or against me" type of deal with Taylor. Plus the victim mentality and never owning up for her wrongdoings. I think it's rather shitty to buy drugs, get someone to do drugs with you, and then pretend they were the ones who made you relapse. Shows how manipulative she is.

No. 618722

He was probably meant to distract while she got another female to replace, it actually makes sense now.

No. 618724

I noticed Bree didn't wait to get a tripcode.
However I can confirm that the post made was from her.
For anyone that's skeptical.

No. 618727

She sounds like she didn’t want to post further so it’s fair.

No. 618728

if chelsea wants to brink milk why not. it looked she was banned for a-logging though

No. 618732


I think taking this "break" is the smartest thing she could do for her mental health. Not that it excuses anything she does, but that girl has to have some serious mental health issues to live the way she does. Constantly obsessing over 'hate" on twitter and lurking here can't be helping that for her. Taking a break is a terrible idea for her career, though. Youtubers with previously consistent upload schedules might be able to get away with taking a break, but she's been taking breaks from youtube her entire "career."

>>618295 I agree. King of DIY does live "all my tanks" type videos all the time, and not because of criticism it's just because showing his fish is what he does. It's very telling that TND has never and apparently will never do one.

>>618499 I think this is exactly why more pettubers don't come forward. If they're going to get hate from Taylor's fans for speaking against her and on top of that people here sure aren't going to defend them because they're all going to whine about needing more "proof" what good does coming forward even do anyone, even Taylor's animals at that point?

No. 618735

VR or someone else that's in contact with Bree (I don't want to flood her inbox), can you ask if she still has the dm's from Taylor about the drugs? Or anything else?

No. 618738

I don't really get the argument of "I didn't post yet because I didn't want to lose people" when Bree already got abandoned by all of them because of Taylor.
I also think that Bree got very manipulated if she thinks that Taylor or anyone else in that group cares about each other or for her. I understand that Taylor might seem likable but everything about that group is obviously fake and I lose all my respect for people that associate with her and can't see how shitty her care is. The only person that made a video or spoke out at all for Taylor while the drama happened was Maddie because everyone else knows how shitty Taylor is. I wonder if Bree knew that Taylor has one of the most active threads on lolcow and I'd like to know what she means when she says that this site has brought pain to her and her friends or whatever.

And the croc skinks and pacman frog situation still sounds like she doesnt give a fuck to me. I don't care if she cried about them, her animal room should never have gotten that hot, especially because she keeps her crested geckos in there, and she should've fed her frog something other than mice if she actually cared.
How did her peanut brain come up with the heatmat story if there was actually a heat wave? When exactly was Petfest? How long have these animals really been dead?

No. 618739

Yeah it all sounds like such bull tbh, but I'm not surprised they're all druggies lol.

No. 618740

It's pretty obvious they all have incriminating shit on one another and wont come forward because anything they claim would be answered with their own shit behaviour.

No. 618741

Exactly. They're not coming forward because of their own issues, not out of some blind loyalty towards Taylor.

Honestly I think it's entirely likely that Bree /and/ Taylor brought drugs to the meetup. Bree's sob story doesn't completely add up.

No. 618743


If they did come forward now I’ve already lost respect for them all and it won’t be regained. I’ve seen how they treated others to protect Taylor and I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon just because it’s starting to be trendy to not like her.

No. 618744

I guess it depends on who comes forward. I have certainly lost all respect for especially Maddie because she made that dumb video with 50 ads, but there are more neutral pettubers in the group. Pickles maybe? Idk.

No. 618748

Breezexotics has emailed us and will post with her trip next time.

No. 618749

Dafuq anon? Bree said they BOTH brought drugs and doesn’t know why it become only her fault “Taylor’s relapsing” if she also brought drugs

No. 618751

Anon, do you know how to read?

>Taylor also struggles with similar issues and while we were discussing the trip she dmed me and said that she was going to bring drugs to LA, me also being in that mindset agreed with her and didn't decline. She did indeed bring the drugs on the trip and we did do a small amount of them.

Where does Bree say she brought any? She just said she did Taylor's.

No. 618753

Can some of you shut the fuck up? How many people are going to beg Bree to come forward then she does and immediately gets ripped apart?? No one cares if you don't think her story adds up.

No. 618755

Fuck off yourself newfag. This isn't an exposé site, it's an anonymous imageboard for observing milk without interfering. If you don't like that, find another website to wage your stupid moral crusade on. We only care about leaks if they're entertaining, if people are put off coming here to chat shit with no proof then GOOD.

No. 618776

Lmao OK well I am inclined to believe Bree over Taylor. She's been afraid to tell her side for how long what does she have to gain from purposely lying here. If she doesn't have SS, sure it can't be "proven" but that doesn't mean we can't believe the truth is somewhere in the middle of she and Taylor's stories. I don't see the point in talking shit about Bree and Jayce at this point it's just derailing.

No. 618779


I know some don't like policing comments but I'm inclined to agree. Who fucking cares how you feel about these two and debating if they're lying or not. They're giving us milk during a time Taylor is off social media. Keep the focus on the cow. If you got issues with Jayce and Bree, go to the pettuber thread. Don't even like them but damn.

No. 618780

Really it doesn't matter in the end who brought the drugs. Nobody held a gun to Taylor's head and made her do them. The whole point of the milk was that Taylor is once again playing the victim and deflecting attention from her own stupid actions.

No. 618782

she's got such a victim complex it's laughable. if Bree's telling the truth, Taylor basically went from "hey, I'm bringing drugs, lets do drugs" to "why the fuck did you make me do the drugs that I brought on a trip I paid for"

No. 618785

I, don't understand why people just, don't do drugs? Voila problems solved.

No. 618786

my favorite part of this is wondering how quickly Taylor found bree's post here, since in October she found jayce's post within an hour, and how much she is freaking out about it right now

we ALL knew your "electrical malfunction" was bullshit from the start, She preaches about how accountable she is, how open and honest she is about her mistakes, yet… three animals dead and she lies about all of them

No. 618791

I hope that Bree posts screenshots or something here since she did request a tripcode after all. The message from Taylor telling her that she's bringing drugs would be amazing. Best thing would be filming it like Chelseas roommate did but that might be asking for too much

No. 618794

She said she wouldn't post screenshots but I hope she does too. It would just make it all that more factual and concrete. I do feel like there's a piece missing from the story though, like the initial fight was about something else and Taylor made it about ~forcing her to relapse~

Bree, did Taylor ever talk to you about drugs besides cocaine?

No. 618797

Nice coke pinky mr. sober

No. 618814

I have no screenshots to account for. After the whole situation I removed myself from groups and deleted my Twitter. There is nothing left.

I'm more than happy to take responsibility for my actions and have realized it was wrong for me to agree upon drugs being brought on the trip followed by doing them as well. I have nothing to hide. I offer my complete transparency despite how it makes me seem as my proof.

I refrained from posting as I do still have one good friend who has stuck by me who's name I shall not mention here. The group isn't entirely fake I do believe there is some level of friendship involved but also in some way a pack mentality. Taylor's Care could use some big improvements yes, but you all do act like it is a whole lot worse then it really is to be quite honest. She is definitely in over her head and can't manage everything and it shows.

No. 618815

I don't know why you're still defending her tbh. Like her care requires improvement, she's in over her head, animals have died and she's a drug addict (and therefore not capable of taking care of a hamster, let alone her hoard).

No. 618816

What would you say is good and bad about Taylors husbandry?

I think most of us think her care is abysmal because, well, at least 4 animals have died because of neglect.

No. 618819

There's a difference between defending someone and telling things how they are. Opinion is not Fact and it's important to not stray from it. Taylor is working on becoming clean. I've seen some horrific care in the likes of pet YouTubers I.e Happy Tails and she is nothing in comparison.

She does provide the proper hides, stimulation, heating, thermostats…etc that are required. She however maybe doesn't always consider the sizes of her enclosures on hand or the space she has before purchasing animals. I personally believe her enclosures are too small for some but not all her animals and can be vastly improved upon (my animals have larger then minimum bioactive setups). I don't think she does as I'm depth research as she should as the group would offer her advice on things she should already have known. Saltwater isn't my expertise but I know the Naso Tang is far too big for her tank. I don't believe she quarantines properly as she did have a more outbreak but when keeping as many snakes as she does it's almost guaranteed to get mites at least once. She did handle the situation before it got too bad as it affected only a couple of snakes and her skink which will explain why her enclosure was so bare, why it remained bare for months however I could not tell you.

Proper diet for animals is very important to me and I did bring up to her that her frog likely could have passed to due it as feeding too many mice, and improper supplements can easily be the downfall of a Pac man frog. She does however give her blue tongue and monitor a pretty good diet, I don't think there's much variety but it's a pretty good base diet.

No. 618820

I her care was only subpar she wouldn't have such a high amount of deaths. And that's not even the main thing people criticize her for, it's the constant string of lies upon lies, bringing other people down and enabling that human garbage.

Unrelated but maybe Taylor was under some sort of influence when she came out with the story of the eletric malfunction? That's the only way that I can see her thinking that THAT stupid mess would be less awful than what actually happened.

No. 618821

Yeah but surely you can see 'working on becoming clean' isn't clean.

It seems for the 'Queen of Pettube' she's got a lot to work on to improve her care.

Did you see / discuss the amount of interaction her more demanding pets have? The rats for instance should be out of their cage for at least an hour a day.

No. 618822

I have not been apart of the group since October. Anything following I have no knowledge of. I currently have about 30 animals and 2 are birds they take up a huge portion of my time and I don't spend the day in bed. I honestly couldn't see her having enough time for them personally but if she has her assistant care for the reptiles then maybe she does

No. 618823

Not to push, but Bree how long ago did you delete your twitter? If you haven’t been gone for long you could probably reactivate and recover a lot of stuff.

No. 618824

Yeah, at the moment Taylor can just point to all this (Bree's admission and Jayce's messages) as prove Bree is a drug addict and lying. If Bree has anything to prove Taylor's involvement, bringing the drugs etc. it goes a long way to proving Taylor is the real liar.

No. 618826

This is more because it’s been a thing since the early threads, does she dust any of her reptiles food with Calcium powder or is she still avoiding it despite being told so many times to do it.

No. 618827

My Twitter has been gone for 4 months. attempts were made to recover it but to no avail from Twitter customer service.

She can spin things how she likes. She's a compulsive liar and it shows even she can't keep up with her own stories and she can't wait to find the next person to blame for her mistakes. I will take half the blame for what happened but no more, she played victim like she always does in a situation that she doesn't feel comfortable in. We were both at fault but she will never accept that because she would rather everyone throw her a pity party while I become demonized by her fan base.

No. 618828

where did the code go?

No. 618829

Must have glitched on that reply

No. 618830

Bree, why do you think Taylor has had 10+ animals (I believe over 10 have been confirmed at this point, it's too many to keep track tbh) die within the last month if her care isn't bad?

No. 618831

Thank you for coming forward Bee. And if you do lose friends from this they where never true friends anyway. They should encourage you to clear your name instead of letting someone with a huge platform publicly lie about you.

Also I have a feeling the reason she avoided Jayce may be because Johnny got jealous and told her he didn't want her with him. Seems like something an emotional abuser would do. Would make sense as well why she lied to the girls about it too.

No. 618832

How long were you in the group? Do you have anything to say about the others?

No. 618833

Her enclosures and setups may not be that bad but as I said she is now in over her head and has too many to keep track of. I believe if you require an assistant to care for your pets then you have too many. Work starts getting sloppy, feeding and supplement schedules are messed up. Her assistant doesn't know everything so there is a lot of room for error. Taylor is also on the lazy side. It's easy for her to overlook a croc skink cage in the corner that needs a spray down during a heat wave if she's been used to her assistant doing it for her. I also don't think she uses digital hygrometers thermometers on her tanks so she wouldn't be able to quickly glance and see what the case was. Her frog I believe was just due to a lack of overall knowledge regarding dietary requirements. Mantis shrimp shouldn't be kept in captivity period and it was a poor choice. Cheese I also believe was due to something she should have put some more research into. I cant remember the rest but most of it speaks to human error, lack of research or sloppiness

No. 618834

This is actually making me wonder if her first frog was actually sick when she bought it.
This was most likely before any group chat but if you guys happen to know anything info would be great but, the very first pacman frog she got she apparently bought despite knowing it was sick, several days later it’s butt fell out and she prolonged the suffering by getting it surgery.
I remember this because there’s a video on it and she only got paid back for the frog and not the vet bills she willingly paid for.

No. 618836

I was in the group from August to October. I left all the group chats prior to them shipping me home from California. I took the situation as a big fuck you despite what they wanted me to believe and it appears I was right as I never did get a reply to my apology letter and Taylor had immediately begun shit talking me the moment I had left.

I do not know much about what happened with anyone's animals far before that besides the mention of Ursula passing prior to petfest don't know exactly when. I will not make assumptions as that would discredit anything accurate I have said

No. 618838

I think my big issue with Taylor's care is that she seems to think it's just about having the money and resources. It's what she said about why she took in the kittens or kept the monitor. I have the money and resources, so why not? She doesn't have the time for all those animals, and even if she has the money, she's not putting it towards the animals seeing how she's always running out of supplies and has small enclosures. She doesn't have the space required to give those animals what they need, but most importantly she doesn't research anything. That predator tank is a great example. Taylor is like those people who buy a hamster and put it in a tiny critter trail and claim it's "fine" because it's not dead yet. Having pets isn't just about keeping them alive. They should have some sort of quality of life.

I know Bree says she provides adequate hides and stimulation.. But from what Taylor herself shows, I don't agree. Bindi's bare cage, her poor monitor, the cats fighting, overstocked tanks.. She needs to do a lot more than just get clean. She needs to be fair to those animals and re home them. Sorry for the rant, the whole thing just pisses me off that her fans ignore all this.

No. 618842

Do you know if she actually spayed her rats? I've heard some troubling things about that.

No. 618843


I’m curious why you still follow Taylor? Obviously this isn’t my business or anyone else’s but the way you speak doesn’t indicate that you want to be friends again, especially since she has badmouthed you.

No. 618844

In terms of her enclosures I say she provides the minimum that is required. "Minimum" I of course would have preferred so much more. Especially if she has the funds then they could have so much more then the minimum. I spend days and weeks on my animals enclosures. Green tree pythons being a dream snake of mine would be in the most incredible display tank decked out with live plants and waterfall features…etc but being as I cannot afford all of that I have stayed away from them until I can. I wish she put the same amount of effort as I did being as she has the money and she sure as hell can make the time since she doesn't work. If I can make the time and I have a job and serious medical issues and no assistant she definitely can.

I know absolutely nothing about the rat situation but I do find it odd to have the females spayed as opposed to neutering the male as I do recall her complaining about how she didn't like his balls and spaying is very invasive.

No. 618845


My questions are:
1. Are there any animals we are not aware of?
2. Does Taylor and her gang blacklist people, like you, or VR?
3. And (not that I care to demonize it since it's legal in my state and I posses a medical card) is she lying about not smoking weed? (also its ok if you rather not answer this.
4. Did Twisty really come in injured, or is that another lie?

No. 618846

Guess you could say I still follow for curiosities sake at this point

No. 618847

Also not to double post but I want to add that if I didn't message you directly it's because I didn't want to spam you. I also did not want to bring up something that would upset you. Are your DMs open for people to talk to you?

No. 618848

Me too, especially since your dm's on Twitter are closed. I kind of assumed that you wanted to be done with the topic after you decided against speaking out originally.

No. 618853


You still like her photos though? I found that a bit confusing

No. 618854

Taylor is one mean bitch if she can be super sweet and nice in the beginning but change face once something doesn't go the way she wants. Having money doesn't help either when she can just ship "friends" home when she gets pissed at them. I don't understand how Breez and other pettubers still try to like her photos, follow, and even try to back her up.

No. 618857

The old thread is restored: >>>/pt/613294
Please keep using this current one though.

No. 618858


Old one still not working for me

No. 618859

Please clear your cache or give it up to a day if that doesn't work.

No. 618860


it sounds like she was waiting to see if they would still be her friend after everything, because they said they would. Its really sad behavior from the entire pet crew, honestly

No. 618862

thank you so much for coming forward and sharing what you know about this. I hope that this is the turn of the tide, and more and more people who know what she's lied about come forward. She doesn't deserve to be protected just because she has money. If she is killing her animals out of neglect (dehydration and improper diet for a start), she needs to be stopped

No. 618863

Did you bring drugs also, or were they all Taylor’s? How did she get away with acting like you are the one who caused her to relapse if she initiated it?

No. 618865

To Bree or Jayce, I asked in the last thread but it crashed before the question was answered. Taylor has expressed interest in hots, any word if she’s planning on getting some?

No. 618866

Did you try to tell them that Taylor brought the drugs? I don't really get why everyone believed Taylor when you could've just whipped out her message and showed them that she brought them.

Do you know anything about Jonny?

No. 618867

Also, as I wrote in another post: What did you mean when you said that lolcow brought pain to you and your friends in your first post?

No. 618868

People have ripped on Bree for being a nobody, self posting, etc on here if I’m not mistaken. And if she’s talking about her friends then maybe about the general pettubers thread?

No. 618869

That's all not that bad though, it comes with posting on the internet and associating with trash like Taylor. She made it sound like it's something that's ruining their lives.
I don't like that Bree is acting like we are all vile losers tbh, especially because she associated with a rape apologist and only stopped cause she got kicked out of the group.

No. 618870

>it comes with posting on the internet
>I don't like that she's acting like we are all vile losers

No one would want to read about themselves on here, and some people are more fragile than others. I'm not that deep into this particular drama but it seems that Bree wasn't a big internet personality anyway.

No. 618871

Bree kinda acts like it destroyed her life when all people in these threads did was say that she should just come out with it instead of being vague about shit for months. All I'm saying is that she doesn't really have any right to call dozens of people vile when she was friends with Taylor of all people lol

No. 618873

welp she's actually putting her name on here willingly while all of us are completely anonymous. cut her some slack maybe?!? jesus christ it's like half of the ppl on here don't wanna get actual info but just shit on everyone and everything

No. 618875

I appreciate that she's talking about it but she chose to talk about it on here, she could take it to Youtube or Instagram if she hates this site so much. She doesn't have any kind of evidence either so it's not like we can all take this at face value. At least Jayce had some screenshots.

No. 618878

She was confirmed by the mods with a trip. The fact that everyone now thinks you have to have "receipts" is ridiculous. There are three sides to every story and she's giving hers. Take it or leave it, but shut the fuck up about it.

No. 618879

All a lot of us are saying is that people shitting on her are prob TND stans, just saying.

No. 618883

ok so first it was like "waa waaaaa why is nobody coming forward such cowards" then "waaa waaaa jayce just wants attention" and now it's "waaa waaaaa if only bree were like jaaaayceeee" all spiced up with some "waaaa i cannot trust anyone who ever used to be friends with this person who dates a rapist" shut up and get a new hobby maybe

No. 618887

It's possible she bought another female mooncrab with Triton that she hasn't announced. But other than that she's pretty quick to announce new additions

Taylor has that mentality where if she doesn't like someone then it's preferred that everyone else shouldn't like them either. Jessica's Animal Friends, The Dark Den and a few others were immediately written off from attending petfest due to not being fans of Taylor, despite the Dark Den expressing interest in attending in order to meet fans. I personally don't believe I shouldn't have to dislike someone just because someone else does.

I did not bring drugs to this trip but I did agree to them being brought and therefore the group considered that worse then bringing them. Taylor does smoke. I don't believe she has hidden that fact either when she came out about the leaftails.

In reference to not liking this site it comes mainly towards the fact where people choose to focus on nitpicking things like appearance or things so minor that hardly matter and choose to leave more concerning matters unnoticed. I do have other friends in the pet community, smaller channels that still manage to get pulled apart for some very unconvincing reasons on here and I have seen what becomes of it to people's mentality. I was accused of posting on here many times in the past by friends when I never had and it made people paranoid. Especially when not everything said is true. Anonymity comes with a price. I choose to put my name out there so that my words are taken as myself.

I chose to finally say something on here as opposed to Twitter, YouTube or Instagram because I didn't want people to think it was some sort of attention seeking follower grab. I deleted my YouTube videos regarding petfest and the rest of them because I want to grow myself not relying on drama or clickbait to grab me attention.

My dms are always open. I respond to pretty much everyone looking for a reasonable discussion. I'm happy to accept critiques and suggestions or even to just chat.

No. 618890

>She was confirmed by the mods with a trip
All that was confirmed was that she's who she's claiming to be. People shit all over people coming forward with no evidence because they have experience dating back years and years of people coming forward about other lolcows. It pays to be sceptical. We can't just pat everyone who comes to a thread with a story about a cow on the back

>There are three sides to every story and she's giving hers. Take it or leave it, but shut the fuck up about it.

Who died and made you farmhand? You telling people, incorrectly I might add, what they are and aren't allowed to post is infinitely more annoying than people discussing how credible or interesting someones claims are or what motivated them to come here. You realise telling people to stop shitposting is still shitposting yeah?

It's funny how all the people minimodding and thread policing are obviously massive newfags. It bears repeating, this is not an exposé or callout site for making actual change in the world. It's a gossip offshoot of 4chan.

>In reference to not liking this site it comes mainly towards the fact where people choose to focus on nitpicking things like appearance or things so minor that hardly matter and choose to leave more concerning matters unnoticed.
Please see the last paragraph above. If you dislike this website for those reasons, that's absolutely fine, but it's kind of like complaining flickr doesn't support mp3s; it's not the purpose of the site in the first place. We're here for entertainment value, this is kind of like a website equivalent of tabloid press. It's best not to take anything said here too seriously or to heart. Also worth noting pettubers are not the main focus of this site whatsoever.(infighting)

No. 618898

Did she bring other substances in addition to coke on the trip? If so, what?

No. 618912

I outright at one point told Taylor that I don't believe shes ready for hots. She did express she has friends who keep them and she enjoys them but she doesn't feel ready for them herself, and I agreed with her.

I never personally encouraged the idea of owning hots onto her. I don't feel like anyone ever should. It's a dangerous part of the hobby the individual themselves and their spouse need to agree on, themselves.

No. 618915


I’m curious about something Jayce, has she ever spoken to you (or bree) about being in trouble with her apartment complex for the number of animals or mentioned to you about ACS visiting?

No. 618919

I don't want to be a conspiracy nut but certain people are hell bent on chasing away anyone has information by being rude to them. Why is that? Why do you guys keep doing that to Chelsea, VR and now Bree?

No. 618921

i still don't really understand what happened in sacramento that caused the whole conflict. so bree and taylor did drugs and..? sth happened due to the drugs?

No. 618924

If that truly is people's goal then they need to realise using this site to accomplish it goes not only against the spirit of the site but also probably hinders progress of their goal. I'm not saying that the fact this is a gossip site automatically invalidates any criticism posted here, but unless you're talking about someone as universally hated as say onision people simply will not listen if it comes from this kind of source. I also think it's extremely naive and to think this site would have any sort of positive effect on Taylor's care given the type of person she is, if anything it probably exacerbates issues she does have. Lots of people probably reconcile posting here morally to themselves by saying they're maybe ~saving an animal's life~ Taylor will never own up to her mistakes and anyone who thinks posting here is making it more likely that she will is a deluded fool.

>certain people
How can you possibly know whether or not it's certain people.

>Why do you guys keep doing that to Chelsea, VR and now Bree?

If you think it's something new or exclusive to these posters or this thread, then you're a newfag and of course you don't understand. Go and read some other threads and absorb site culture.

No. 618926

Some people are never going to be happy with what's presented. There's always going to be something they won't like and rip it apart. It's just best to ignore them.

No. 618931

NTA but jesus christ settle down would you? “certain people” was most likely just the first turn of phrase that came to mind for anon. as for calling them a newfag, lmaowhat. they didn’t act like it’s a new phenomenon, they just asked why people are doing it in this particular instance.

i’m starting to see what people like >>618926 , >>618919 and >>618883 are talking about. the sperging is reaching a fever pitch.

No. 618934


Can you quit your bitching "oldfag". I can literally point out your posts now.

No. 618935

I don't know why folks are so against being skeptical. Without the receipts all of this is hearsay at best. We won't know about deaths unless Taylor herself posts them; both Jayce and Bree have axes to grind. Listen to their sides, sure, but without either of them having evidence, it's all very suspect.

No. 618936

Dude shut up. People's disbelief of certain people's information, and rudeness in general has pushed people away from these threads in the past (aka Chelsea. She has been bullied out of here before.)

No. 618944

Putting the pieces together, what with Jayce's texts from Taylor as well as Bree's side of the story, what I think happened was that Taylor kept telling her clique that she was "working on her addiction problems" and Bree fucked that up. Following Taylor's logic, she probably wanted to do drugs, but freaked out about it so decided to throw Bree under the bus. Taylor really comes across as someone who will blame anyone, no matter who it is, just so she can look like the victim. Which, if anyone from that group is reading this thread, you should take that into account.

No. 618945

Well you'll never get proof from Taylor so this is as good as it'll get. It's not wrong to be skeptical of things that are posted here, and to be honest the only reason Bree and Jayce are posting is because they were wronged by Taylor, but bitching about how the proof that's given to us is not tailored (heh) to your tastes gets old really fast.

I'm not talking about you in particular, but in general.

No. 618948

I disagree, Taylor can't keep quiet for long so she always gives us evidence. She might replace some of her pets but tbh that will come out too..

I think it's fair to be criticising both Bree and Jayce when neither have any solid evidence of convos with Taylor because 'messages were deleted' tbh that just implies they still have stuff they want to hide.

No. 618951

That and it's just odd that they would be so willing to spill stuff like this?
At least Bree seems to be somewhat uncomfortable with it, Jayce just straight up doesn't care too much.

Idk it rubs me the wrong way sort of.

No. 618960

It's as if you all expected myself to be prepared to be wronged. I don't think in a way that's "oh hey I can use this against this person later in case they Stab me in the back so better screenshot" I removed myself from groupchats, deleted my Twitter, I have OCD so delete my text messages constantly because it looks messy. Especially if something or a conversation has caused me pain I see no reason to hold on to it. I have thrown myself under the bus to tell a side of a story where I was falsely accused no matter how terrible it makes me look. At this point I have no reason to lie, lying gets you nowhere and in Taylor's case has only gotten her into trouble. I tried to repair things with Taylor to see all sides of a situation, but it was lost and I refused to be manipulated any longer. I try to see the best in people and always believe in second chances and believe people can change. Likely foolish of me to do I get screwed over quite often due to it

No. 618961

File: 1546131289462.png (378.96 KB, 750x1334, 16900117-3435-4921-B1CE-8FB02D…)

Since Ursula was already dead by this point, I guess Emma magically lost the footage so she wouldn’t out Taylor. The next photo is supposed to be the female moon crab. Does anyone know if this is Ursula? (See next photo)

No. 618963

File: 1546131347059.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, C3CD86C4-D096-484D-B75B-465E1B…)

No. 618964

Post prior to crabs was my own the code keeps disappearing

No. 618965

>I did not bring drugs to this trip but I did agree to them being brought and therefore the group considered that worse then bringing them.
Wait, what? What kind of stupid mental gymnastics do you have to do that agreeing with something is actually worse than actively doing said thing? Fuck them, honestly.
I don't even know you, Bree, but I'm honestly so mad for you right now. That flight home must have been awful and humiliating ugh.

No. 618973

How is Taylor blaming anyone for her relapse? It's not like anyone put a gun to her head and forced her to ingest them. That's all on her.

No. 618974


This was never mentioned to me, no.
I don't know anything about her complex. Sorry.

No. 618980


And would you happen to know where all the cats really come from ? Ghost can’t be anything else than a purebred blue point ragdoll and she has shown many inconsistencies with the two rescues.

Have you also heard anything about the rats, their true origins and their spaying ?

Thank you for coming forward

No. 618981

I don't know much about the cats

The rats came exactly where she said they did and I have no knowledge of wether or not they were fixed

No. 618991

As a fellow rat mum I don't know how she has time for all those animals let alone rats, they need at least an hour outside of their cage each day for mental stimulation otherwise they get depressed, it can cause tension between the Rat pack as well, how you gonna do that when you've got 40+ other animals to take care of and maintain? Does she even have space or an area for them to free roam? As for their breeding I hope she got them spayed because they go into heat every 4-7 days for an average of 10 to 15 hours. They're only pregnant for a few weeks as well, no more than a month usually, Males can also become agitated and sometimes eat the babies and sometimes the mothers as well when new litters are introduced, if they are pregnant she will need to separate the males. That alone would be stressful enough much less the whole zoo in her apartment.

No. 618998

don't forget the rat cages right out in the open in her apartment where her cats have easy access to it. They must be stressed out having a predator right outside their door constantly

No. 619000

File: 1546139800695.jpeg (339.64 KB, 750x1187, 483F54AC-9E9D-4163-93AB-E48491…)

No. 619002

This site is for amusement not being Nancy fucking Drew. And yeh it is pretty much this thread that puts everyone through an ass check before they can entertain the mob. This isn't a larp like Q its people talking shit about someone we already know they know.

No. 619003

She can't even post her bullshit without taking a picture of some stressed out animal. I don't know much about snakes, but that posture looks very defensive to me.

Yelling snake is not going to take off as a meme, Taylor, you moron.

No. 619010

someone poked the bear haha.. wouldn't be surprised if TND wrote this reply

No. 619011

question for either bree or jayce who might know more about this, slightly related to the animal control question: is reptile hoarding looked at the same way as dog or cat hoarding would be?

also do you think it's easier to keep (or hide) too many snakes or herp species, without acs necessarily aware that there might be too many in one place? i know her setups are different now and probably take up more space, but weren't you advising her when she was getting them out of bins, jayce? can't bins literally be stuffed into drawers if you know the animal cops are coming?

also, in your opinions is it possible there's a question with odor or smell from all those animals in a two bedroom.

thanks to both of you and don't listen to the assholes. breeze, you were treated like absolute shit and tbh jayce, it sounds like she used you for your knowledge to help get her out of the shit she was in re: her enclosures.

sorry if these are dumb questions about snakes, btw, i'm clueless about them.

No. 619013

>>618515 I started reading her threads and I do not like her or how she treats animals at all, but she’s not throwing a pity party you self centered creep. You sound like a crazy fanboy that she brushed off and now you want to ‘go public’ for asspats from females who care about animals and hate jonny’s abusive ass. You’re a manipulative little bitch boy. You showing up here to run your mouth is a cringefest you’ll come to regret when your balls drp. Boo hoo she didn’t say hi, you’re a loser with an anime icon is this a joke

I never thought anyone would make me feel sympathy for her, not even empathy, but you’re that autistic middle school nightmare that stalks girls who have to play nice so you don’t ruin their lives in every petty way possible; get a grip. She made the mistake of being NICE to you enough you got her number, she didn’t even say anything mean to you when she should have told you to shove it up your ass.

I get it people want the milk but Jesus lolcow shouldn’t stoop to gassing up this fucking fedora for it, Taylor has murdered animals she has actual shit on her. Fuck this cunt.

No. 619014

Can you stop posting the same thing with minor edits, please? Thanks.

No. 619015

File: 1546141272432.jpg (426.1 KB, 766x731, 424b278819371eb64847e4fea9667d…)

With so many sensitive animals in her house in bewilders me why she would have giant scented candle burning in her apartment

No. 619017

Sorry I deleted and cleaned up spelling mistakes.

And no, not Taylor, I read these threads because I remembered JC from his MacBook days lol. I was just shocked af and it’s still weird, thought he’d be in jail. Like I said I’m not whiteknighting Taylor, im saying Bitch//Tits brought up no real dirt, she just didn’t say hello when they’re close enough to text? Shut up and write in your diary about it, attempting a smear campaign about that only waters down the real arguments against Taylor and diverts attention. Please take a moment to maybe look at this differently, I know it’s exciting when people who talk with cows post, but he’s making us look bad.

Everyone here has to have a memory of a Nice Guy just like him, come on. I don’t like her, loathe Jonny Craig, but this guy is a weasel.

No. 619018

I reposted once shut the fuck up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619021

I personally think Taylor is a weasel for going to an event he invited her to/told her about and totally avoiding him. Those text messages show how manipulative Taylor is and how she twist things around. She couldn't even admit to not wanting to talk to the poor guy. I mean if that isn't a coward I don't know what is.

No. 619023

It's another stan, showing up to defend the queen's honor. Jayce, please don't bother with bait posts like this.

No. 619024

Dude no one makes grown adults accept money they’re freeloaders. How is a board of women defending the Where’s My Hug Guy

No. 619026

I literally spelled out how I do not like her, she is a murderer, has real issues that are getting diverted from like her replacing animals, and I read because of Jonny Craig. Don’t call me a stan, invite a dual perspective where you don’t have to like Taylor or this neck beard. Ignore me if you have such a problem so people can talk about her real issues then

No. 619029

It’s more than just not saying hi, from what I understand they became friends, he invited her to a con he was showing at, she accepted and she flat out didn’t make time for him at the event both of them were at anyway, then lied to both him and her friends about it. She said that she wanted to hang out but actually didn’t and purposely avoided him. It’s just rude, it’d be the same if he was a girl. Not really a ‘nice guy’ scenario imo. I’ve been in that scenario before and it sucks when you have friends who are in the area yet don’t stop by to see you

No. 619030

>Just because you decide to pay the expenses of your friends doesn’t give you the right of holding that over their heads and dictated what they can or can’t do,Taylor.

Just because you tell someone about an event doesn’t give you the right to spew your emotional diarrhea publicly when she made a decision to take care of other shit and not say hi; he doesn’t own her. How am I explaining this to a bunch of women.

Men never apologize for shit and socially aren’t expected to, she didn’t say hi that doesn’t mean she deserves to have private information leaked like blackmail. She wasn’t even manipulative she was rambling submissively about private shit to get him to understand and not be such a low piece of shit. He literally has a RECORD of being a neckbeard towards her, how are people defending him? Stop sucking his dick when she makes it so easy what is this

No. 619031

Fairly sure he also mentioned her talking shit behind his back about him, it wasn’t just a simple “oh you didn’t say hi now I’m going to stalk your complex and tell the world you strangled the kitten with your bare hands” like you’re making it out to be. I dislike Jayce as much as anyone here, but you’re taking Taylor’s word too literally.

No. 619033

Taylor wanted to take drugs, she brought them with her, she took them with Bree, she felt remorse, she projected her own guilt onto Bree for also willingly taking drugs, thus absolving herself of any real responsibility for her own actions. You have to think like Taylor here: Taylor doesn't take drugs, Bree makes her take drugs is the logic.

No. 619035

I think you’re missing the point and that he’s annoyed bc she outright faked being his friend, not that she just didn’t say hi to him lol. Instead she lied and told the pettubes he wasn’t there when she knew he was, just bc she didn’t want to see him? That’s a shitty and hurtful thing to do when you’re friends w someone

No. 619036

This thread is about Taylor. Not Jayce. (Even if he tries to make it about himself sometimes.) Take it to the general Pettuber thread.

No. 619037

Thank you for responding logically. I respectfully disagree only because of his track record and how controlling he seems, a friend would just confront Taylor about being rude and solve it privately, not go spill to a message board about person affairs that don’t relate to her animal care. Everyone here agrees she’s lazy and incapable of basic tasks/exertion, why is it weird she (even admitted submissively) to being “intimidated” or overwhelmed to meet him? Things came up, she probably focused on the bare minimum.

Tbh she’s so image obsessed she probably didn’t want to meet someone when she was in over her head and dealing withal possible relapse and a friend having flashbacks? She’s surrounded by people accepting money to be around her, she has no real support. Which is her own fault but how is he not a meme when he can’t squash beef privately like a man instead of going to a gossip board.

Look I’m just saying we should laugh at Taylor and him, not look at Taylor differently.

No. 619038

How is HE making us look bad, exactly? We all got your memo that we as women should in unison tell him to fuck off, so you can probably let up now, thanks.

No. 619040

Can you stfu now and/or take it to the Petubers General thread, thx.

No. 619042

I doubt very much she and her friends were crying, throwing up or having flashbacks. Those are just lies she told because she's always the blameless little victim in any drama that happens.

No. 619043

I wrote about Taylor in every one of my posts, no need to be clueless and pendantic.

Fair, I can see that I just mean he really has no excuse and is a cow himself. She owes him nothing and any man expecting that after she set a boundary and talked to him privately is a bitch boy.

I understand. I missed where she brought drugs herself and I apologize, but that doesn’t absolve Bree. That makes them equal. We don’t know what Bree actually said and did, if Taylor lies she’d likely make friends with liars. Drug addicts are notorious liars, I think all people in this situation look like shit. I’m just saying Jayce and Bree with their ugly MySpace tier names are Where’s My Hug and the other a damn freeloader who both go to public message boards tied to her legal name to post private information and diary entries. All of them need to grow the fuck up and Jayse is a weeby creep ass, sorry I had experiences with clingers just like him.

No. 619044

fuck off already

No. 619045

He’s manipulating us to be on his side about petty drama that’s not milky and unrelated to her illegal practices and false rhetoric about mental illness. He’s a scorned reject and no one should care about his fee fees.

And don’t worry I’m done, just please stop sucking his pathetic little dick and Breezees drug addled brain they all suck.

No. 619046

But he did message her privately? The screenshot shows the next day that he called her out… ia w you that jayce has cringey past behaviour, and maybe it’s immature of him to come to this board about how he was wronged by her, but it was absolutely rude of her to do what she did and I understand why it upset him. Who really cares how he handled it, as other anon is saying this thread is about Taylor, not jayce. The situation reflects badly on her, period, as a bad friend, a bad person, and a bad liar. Idk why you’re so against the milk.

No. 619047

Wow astute contribution, take it to NEET general I brought up legitimate points and tried to defend lolcow as being above needing someone like him. Why does this offend you enough to shitpost

No. 619048


Please ban this person, they are scaring away milk.(use the report system)

No. 619049

Oh no, I’m gone, suck his lil pee pee all you want.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619050

Can you please stop shitting up the thread with you samefagging and blogposting? If you have a specific gripe with Breeze or Jayce you could take it to pettubers general.

Both of them were given trips to post here. One of them was given the trip today, so clearly the mods don't see anything wrong with them speaking here.

I for one see your posts as extremely sus and an attempt to shift the discussion that was taking place.

No. 619051

Lol get real no one is on his side. We are only here for the milk. Why are you so hellbent on chasing them away? We wanna hear about Taylor, it’s not about jayce and Bree. If they want to attention whore so be it, sperging out on them isn’t going to encourage them to post. I, like every other anon, actually enjoy the milk flowing and you are weirdly obsessive and aggressive.

No. 619052

Thanks for your continued contributions. You seem stressed. Have a beer. You can report back to TND that you did good. /pats head

No. 619060

It's time to stop all the infighting. Any further attempts at chasing away posters or policing the thread in other ways will result in bans.

No. 619064

Quick question for Jayce/Breez, if y'all are still around:

Do you know anything about Mushu's condition/set up?

No. 619066

>>619064 Mushu is on the top of the “most likely to die list” but we haven’t really talked about her much lately. Personally, I think she’s a perfect example of Taylor’s ‘low key neglect’ as I call it. If Taylor just took a bit of extra time to give her some better care, I think she wouldn’t be slowly deteriorating like she is. But since Taylor has so many pets, she just falls to the wayside. Honestly I think that’s what happens to a lot of her pets. Her care is sorta kinda borderline decent, but since she’s so lazy and has so many animals, she probably never takes the time to notice small changes that are signs of illness, or to realize that something about their care needs to be modified. So they die due to preventable causes, but since Taylor never bothered to notice what was wrong she goes “IDK why they died everything was perfect! Guess I just have bad luck! :/“

No. 619067

can either bree or jayce take a look at this? i asked just as the board went nuts and i think it might have gotten missed.

No. 619068

Ah, I see. Due to her condition, I had always thought that Mushu would've gone before Cheese.

And although I understand that she may be lazy/has too many animals, I still don't quite understand why she wouldn't make the small changes that would drastically improve their quality of life (aka, lessen their chances of dying). Was she good at taking advice? She seems selective of who she listens to, or maybe it's the timing…

No. 619069

I love how I'm constantly somehow called the "attention whore" or whatever, yet I'm not even the one focusing on myself.

I have no clue on Mushu. When I spoke with Taylor, as far as I know, he was in good health.
I honestly and admittedly don't know anything about his species. I lack knowledge on a lot of aquatic animals outside of Anacondas.

Animal hoarding is defined by the animals health.
A person who keeps 80 horses in healthy shape is considered a ranch owner.
A person with 80 neglected and sick horses is considered a hoarder.
Reptile welfare is different in a state by state basis on what is required for them and is even different based on species. The requirements for keeping venomous snakes is entirely different than the requirements to keep non-venomous in many states. I didn't have to have Fish and Wildlife check any enclosures of mine other than my rattlesnakes and get approved for them based on where I'm living since I live in a residential area. I would never need to do that for non-venomous in my state.
So, it's entirely up to the state F&W to decide what is required to own the animals and what is considered a good enclosure, and if the animals health passes, wouldn't be considered hoarding in most cases.
You could argue I'm a hoarder, but all my animals pass vet checks and so forth every year, and Fish & Wildlife has checked my venomous cages.

The idea of what's "too many" is different per person.
One person could consider 3 snakes too many, meanwhile I'm friends with people who keep and maintain over 300. Animal control really has no control over "too many" unless they're in bad health.

I live in a two bedroom and my apartment, among anything, smells like cats more than any other animal if we miss one day of scooping the cat boxes. Otherwise, we have no smells in my apartment otherwise. Reptiles hardly smell unless they've defecated or regurgitated. So I doubt it smells much unless she doesn't clean up after her cats.

and no worries, random anons who hate me, with no valid evidence on why, literally don't bother me whatsoever. I just suck at replying quickly because I have a life outside of posting here, lol.

No. 619071

In regards to the situation regarding drugs. I didn't state I was not guilty only that she shared the same blame as I did and yes we were equally at fault. The issue was that I somehow managed to have all blame put on to my shoulders.

No Taylor was not lying about the situation where others felt sick about what had happened and were stressed out. It was very poorly handled and resulted in a large amount of issues for everyone in attendance.

In regards to Mushu. I have been keeping Axolotls for years and have never been a fan of Mushus set up. I do believe the method to treat Mushu was unorthodox and I would have recommended tea baths and fridging from my own experience. She does not appear to be the healthiest looking lotl. The set up is really just plain and boring and reminds me a lot of a breeder or quarantine set up. The lack of sand may be because it's easier for her to keep clean if she's not able to keep up with the heavy maintence lotls require. I have a sponge filter and an hob and do water changes twice a week. She has only a single small sponge filter so I doubt it was able to keep up with the bioload

No. 619073

Thanks for all the info Jayce! (And you too Bree).

Taylor has the biggest victim complex I've ever seen in any cow, and that's saying a lot. She can do no wrong, and even when she superficially admits she fucked up, she immediately goes on the defensive whenever someone blames her a little too much for her liking. She's fucking psycho and honestly, her and Sausage Hands McGee deserve each other. I have no sympathy for her. Does she deserve to get beaten? No. But she also knew better and chose to be with Jonny anyway. Poor little Taylor, always so victimized by the mean anons, her ex friends, her ex stans, literally every single human ever. She's such a littol victim. Taylor is the Regina George in sheep's clothing of YouTube.

Oh no, Bree is being a meanie to a bunch of anons on a gossip thread. I can't believe some of y'all are getting triggered for being perceived a certain way when no one who frequents fucking lolcow can be a moralfag.

Spergchans came out in full force, this always happens when threads start getting good.

No. 619074

Bree, what actually did happen?

No. 619076


The full length story is truly a sensitive topic for myself. Not that I'm hiding from it but I'm not so sure how relevant or necessary it would really be and how much insight it would really provide for myself to go into that much detail for a very toxic and painful memory that I've been aiming to leave behind. I worked incredibly hard to become clean after this situation and it is a brutal reminder of where I once was. If someone really does want a specific detail I might be willing to share in private but I don't want to recite the whole trip especially for everyone here to pull it apart and call me a liar because I don't have screenshots of what happened in person or because having addiction issues automatically makes me a liar

No. 619077

That was myself ^ my phone doesn't like to keep the code when I hit reply

No. 619078

Spreadsheet anon here, apologies to whoever required access before, I didn't know ya and I want to keep the file privileges shared with as few people as possible for obvious reasons.

I see people talking about Ursula being dead, is there a twitter/instagram/video about it yet?

No. 619079

Not that anon, but just want to know one thing about what happened with Taylor.
Were you alone with her when you were doing drugs?

No. 619080

Ursula is 100% deceased happened sometime before August but she never told the public. Judging by her post about Triton she hoped to either replace her or come up with an alternative story

No. 619081

Yes it was just Taylor and I

No. 619083

It makes sense that she'd spin it around to make it look like you were the one who brough the drugs, then.

Honestly, I don't know much about you or any drama involving you, I think it was rather shitty of Taylor to spring that on you.

No. 619084

holy fuck s t o p

No. 619085

thanks for the information! there's been a lot of discussion as to whether or not her apartment would smell, too, so it's interesting to get your thoughts. we know that she's not on top of care with her mammals or her herps, so i guess we'll never have a definitive answer, but i guess furry creatures really are much smellier!

No. 619108

Isn't there a picture of her crested gecko enclosures being covered in what looked like shit? This was a while ago, before the entire Jonny thing though.

Her rats are going to smell a ton though, especially if she doesn't do a spot clean in the most soiled areas though I don't even remember if she uses fleece/shavings/other substrates - that in it's own could be an issue since rats rely heavily on the smell to make them comfortable in their enclosure.

No. 619109

It was in one of her videos I’m pretty sure while she was living at home, there’s spots all over the screen of their enclosures.

No. 619110

What is a hots?

No. 619111

She uses only fleece/blankets and has a ton of other fabric in there, she said she only washes it all once a week. Her place is bound to smell like rat piss if she still does that

No. 619112

As I understand it, it's a term for venomous snakes. Maybe it also includes other venomous animals but I have only heard it in connection to snakes so far.

No. 619113

I don't know how much rats smell, but from someone who lives in a 3 bed house with three cats, a dog and a rather tiny hamster, it can really stink if you don't keep up with it.

Judging on how lazy Taylor is I can't imagine she cleans the cats' tray that often, so it must really smell. Especially as those cats are probably stressed as fuck and spraying everywhere.

No. 619114

If I don't clean the fleece of my rats cage every 3 to 4 days it starts to stink - and I use bedding in their cage too, unlike Taylor. She might've gotten away with it when they were still tiny babies but by now Goose is probably marking everything.

No. 619119

Ghost and Nemo might be marking also, male cats even when desexed are arseholes when they want to be.

No. 619125

Johnny also confirms that Star was peeing everywhere at least in the recent past. Which is a clear sign that she is VERY uncomfortable and feels like she's in unsafe territory. I also doubt that Taylor has four litter boxes for her three cats, which is the recommended number to have (n+1 where n = # of cats)

No. 619127

I wonder if the days of Taylor mass buying animals are finally over? I feel like even she knows it would be stupid to continue with the monthly new animals, as much as people hate her now plus with all that are dying.

No. 619132


I think the first step was her admitting she had a problem and was gaining animals too fast. To go back on that would be odd… although she has been having a ‘rough’ time lately so I think now more than ever would be the time for her to slip back into that mindset although I don’t think she would reveal any new animals even if she did get any so there’s not much point.

No. 619133

File: 1546189960723.jpg (105.05 KB, 1080x519, Screenshot_20181230-181205_Ins…)

Perhaps it'd be better for her to stay away completely tbh

No. 619135

File: 1546190380296.jpg (293.51 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20181230-181925_Ins…)

Taylor responding to a comment and letting 50 stans attack this 14 year old girl. Guess nothing has changed in that regard lol

No. 619136

File: 1546190824229.png (233.28 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20181230-102443~2.p…)

I love that instead of educating people on what this type of behaviour from snakes means, Taylor memes it. She's probably encouraging other idiots to harass their snakes to the point they get defensive.

Yeah, it could be a yawn, but he shouldn't be doing that frequently either.

No. 619143

Oh it's for sure defensive posturing. And of course it is, he's a very young snake with an instinct that everything is a predator and she put him on a counter where she is looming over him.

No. 619145

Soon she’ll be back to making snarky replies on twitter. She’ll never learn and she’ll never change. She’s such a spitting image of her mom.

No. 619147

Nope but that's okay. She'll continue to ruin herself, it's that simple. It'll only be downhill from here. Poor thing definitely peaked.

No. 619151

I agree. I feel although she has taken many ‘breaks’ before and announced how she needs time to ‘heal’ before she comes back to the internet, there is definitely something different this time. So many more people are questioning her and she can’t avoid that she now has a reputation for being controversial and people will forever know her for this. I think it’s tainted her and she knows it. Before she could just tell herself it was crazy haters but not this time. Hopefully she realises she can’t keep getting away with it.

No. 619196

I don’t understand how she can say she’s getting healthier when she’s with Jonny still. Either she’s in denial or lying. No one can be healthy with an abuser.

No. 619231

not defending her but stop bringing up the litter box thing. I have three boxes for four cats and it works fine. you should base it on cats needs, not a guided number, as well as home size etc. I don't know how big Taylors apartment is but four boxes is a lot for any space that isn't a house. stop nitpicking when we don't even know if this is an issue, it's a waste of time.

No. 619232

I have had three litter boxes in an apartment Taylors size. She has no excuse. 1+number of cats is standard with litter boxes, as it should be.

No. 619235


The litter box thing is pretty important, especially with a cat not using the box, n+1 is one of the most important rules of cat care. It does depend on needs, but if Star isn't using the box, obviously she isn't meeting their needs. I have 4 litterboxes for 2 cats in an apartment half the size of Taylor's, I'm confident she could manage it if she knew/cared about proper cat care.

No. 619236

I think it depends on cats too. My cat refuses to use the litter box if he's used it a couple of times so we have to spot clean it or fully clean it often. With 3 cats and 1/2 litter boxes that's a fair amount of work that she probably doesn't do every day because she sleeps for a good 20 hours half of the time. The fact that Star clearly doesn't use the litter box is an issue in itself.

No. 619238


I didn't know this. do you put them in different parts of the house?

No. 619259

yes. put them in separate rooms or near one another, it doesn't matter. cats don't usually make a preference if the litter is doing what it's supposed to. star is probably pissing everywhere from stress, not lack of boxes.

No. 619261

Late but thank you Bree for sharing! I was one of the anons hoping you would share. Losing most of your friends is very heartbreaking, I understand you completely. I'm glad you were able to turn things positive and got clean after the whole situation.

I'm assuming the rest of the group will fall apart in time. Shallow friendships like those just don't last.

No. 619263

Because her idea of self-care and recovery is doing shit like getting offline and fucking around with horses. She thinks that by “getting rid of the negativity uwu” she’ll be on a healthier mindset when no. The criticism and “haterz” are still going to be there when she comes back.

She’s pretty immature and, honestly, coming from such a sheltered background isn’t doing her any favors.

No. 619267

If she's only washing what's in the Rat cage once a week (if she's actually sticking to that) that's not going to keep it clean. Spot cleaning each day will, cleaning out any shredded material left outside of huts and hammocks, spot cleaning their poop if they haven't gone in their litter tray, and using a specific spray for rodent urine do break down the ammonia that causes the strong scent. Washing their hammocks once a week, and changing their fleece lining to new fleece will keep the oder down, also changing their litter everyday. The hammocks and huts will keep a light scent so they stay calm but everything else gets completely cleaned out. As well as food they stash any longer than 12 hours to avoid them eating off food. She didn't mention any of that in her video, even the actual cage itself needs to be wiped down because it can build up a smell. She also needs to put a couple more water bottles in for them because they stop working quite easily and need to be checked everyday and it's good to have several backups. Poor things are going to get so bored, also if she's handling the rats and not washing her hands and changing her shirt, then going to handle or play with her snakes that will make them aggressive towards her. As far as the cats go, you can make cats and rats get along, with patients, training and vigilant watching and proper introducing, but letting them lurk around the cage is not ideal. One of my rats loves my eldest cat, they chase each other around the house and sometimes sleep together so it is possible but I doubt Taylors going to take time to do that when she's got so much to take care of.

No. 619278

I'm not saying it's impossible to have fewer, but n+1 is ideal, especially for a new, formerly-outside cat. you're lucky your cats get along and share three litter boxes. she just added a(n allegedly) stray cat to a house with two established male cats. she will need to provide new litter for the new one to allow her her own territory. I think she didn't even consider this and that's why Star marks everywhere. she's thrown into a new, tiny environment and has no place of her own

No. 619307

Re: stinky rats

That cage definitely reeks. I have four girls in a CN. I use fleece because I haven't been able to purchase pans for bedding yet. If has to be cleaned every other day. The fleece is changed, hammocks switched, the burrowing scraps are changed, the paper towels in the dig box replaced, the litter boxes emptied, and the surfaces wiped down with unscented baby wipes. When I open up the bottom levels and use the whole DCN, I can go 3 days instead of 2 between.

If she's going a full week, it smells horrible guaranteed. If I get to day 3 it's stinky as fuck.

Fleece isn't ideal for rats. It doesn't absorb liquid and the ammonia builds up quickly. For someone like Taylor who isn't broke, she should buy mixing pans and use bedding instead. Especially since she's not washing it often enough.

Reposted for an edit.

No. 619356

Can we stop using this thread to exchange litter box and rat care tips and keep it about the cow. You’re clogging it up and nobody gives a shit.

No. 619364

Could've sworn I came to a Taylor Dean thread, not a how to care for your personal pets thread?

No. 619365

LOL this. Glad I'm not the only one annoyed. We get it.. Her apartment probably smells.

No. 619381

uh no. keep rats and cats separate thanks. otherwise you're just an idiot anon putting your poor rat in harms way like that.

at least taytay hasnt posted anything online in favor of stuff like that smh.

does she weigh her snakes? tofu looks the same weight and whatever from when she got him

No. 619386

Hots is a nickname used for any medically significant animal that could put you in a hospital via a bite or sting.
The term hot comes from "its hot, don't touch it or you'll burn yourself". it's essentially just a play on words to describe something as dangerous. Whether it be scorpions, tarantulas, lizards or snakes. If it has dangerous venom and it medically significant, it's a "hot".

No. 619389

I'll explain something for you guys in regards to Taylor getting more animals.
These comments being what I'm referring to.

Her entire job on youtube is revolved around views. Even if all of her videos were demonitized, she could still get sponsorship's from other places due to her having a high view count.
Her views rely on her animals more so than her.
If she stops getting new animals, her views will steadily decline and eventually hit a rock bottom.
The most attraction any pettuber gets on social media, whether that's YouTube, instagram or twitter is showing off their new addition. It gets some of the most likes, retweets or views when you announce a new animal, keeping sponsorship deals interested in you or keeping ad-revenue flowing.

To put it simply, Taylor wants to continue this career? She has to get more animals eventually to keep a large audience base interested. Even if she doesn't get a new animal in the next few weeks, it will happen at some point in order to keep her views up and social media active.

No. 619391


Agreed. With predator/prey interactions like that it's always fine until that one time it isn't and some pet dies.

Taylor hasn't said she supports it, but she seems to let her cats roam in the room with the rats and Jonny has posted at least one video in which he had Goose on the same bed at the same time as Ghost, so that's just a murderous accident waiting to happen.

No. 619394

I've had rats over 16 years they can definitely be safely and successfully introduced to cats, it's not uncommon for rat owners to know this either. Even popular rat owners like Yolandi have done this. It's not unheard of, its common knowledge among veteran rat keepers. If Taylors not going to do this which I don't reccomend since she's a newbie and doesn't even train her rats, she needs to put them somewhere the cats can't prowl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619399

Honestly I've always thought that she may feel immense pressure to just keep buying new animals for the views. A lot of the vids that come up on recommended are either "all my animals" or ones about the new animals she's gotten. I would imagine that if someone is bad with money and has an addiction to feed it could get out of hand fast, and by that time she may not want to admit that because concern is often seen as a personal attack

No. 619405

listen. idc if some "popular" person is doing it. fact is its wrong. i wont take you at your word for how long you say you been doing this. common sense dictates that you cannot control your pets. all it takes is one accident. taytay shouldnt do it at all and frankly no one should.

i would feel its quite obvious that she needs new and more pets to keep her views. her all my pets videos and heres my new pet seem to gain the most attention. issue is shes got herself stuck in this cycle because she has no other back up plan outside of youtube.

No. 619417

stop letting predators interact with your rats, fucking idiots. fucking god.

what does taylor mean by getting “healthy?” what is she doing other than staying offline? that…that’s not changing your habits or getting therapy or seeking help. she’ll come back just as fucked up as ever.

No. 619424

Taylor doesn't even make videos about the new pets she HAS. If you don't follow her on Twitter, you don't know about 1/3 of her pets. She has enough "fresh" content for months, she's just lazy.

No. 619432

I think a good solution to this problem of 'needing to buy a new animal for duh voos tho' would be if she went to places with exotic animals like zoos, sanctuaries, adoption clinics, rehabilitations centers, or even asking if she could film herself interacting with some pets in a pet store.
She could give facts on these animals and husbandry (if it is a pet animal and hopefully hopefully well researched) without having to add to a hoard of animals thats clearly overwhelmed her and led to the neglect and death of animals that could have other wised lived love, full lives.

But fat chance of any of that happening.

No. 619434

Agreed. She could showcase a pet once in a while and in between those videos film herself upgrading enclosures, feeding her pets a proper diet, etc. But she's too lazy to do that and her stans don't care about adequate pet care. They just want to see more animals.

No. 619439

Which is exactly what a lot of people ITT are concerned about and exactly what they criticize her for, and have been criticizing her for all this time (I am here mostly because of her rape apologism as well as her misguided idea of addiction recovery and mental health recovery, although I also do care about the way she portrays animal care).

Many of us are actually aware that it's never been about the animals. At this point it's pretty much a given with Taylor and her clique. So we KNOW why she gets more animals and we KNOW that there's a big, fat chance she'll never change.

Many people want her to stop getting new animals because she absolutely cannot deal with any more additions. She lacks the hindsight to understand that a YouTube career is incredibly fickle. Not to mention that even with sponsorships and views she still manages to give her pets subpar care at best.

Her YouTube career will tank eventually. Like, that's not me being catty or negative. It's a fact. A million subscribers aren't exactly that big of a deal nowadays, and her content is not that entertaining unless it's "all my pets" videos. There's going to be someone who'll steal her thunder eventually. There always is.

And the problem with this is that her animals will suffer in the end, because her new additions are decade (or more) long commitments.

No. 619441

Another good solution would be to do something along the lines of "New Ball Python Enclosure".. basically doing new/upgraded enclosure videos with a strategic title. Also, I think showcasing the personalities of the animals would draw in viewers and would keep them watching her videos. And, doing big, fun enclosures for her pets and setting up outdoor enclosures for outside times for the applicable pets would be cool and would draw people in and would set a good example for younger viewers.
I hope she gets her priorities straight and gets back into animal care in general. But, I do think "pettube" is a new niche on youtube and that she isnt limited to just "New pet!" videos, as the super intelligent Jayce "explains to us" is necessary.

No. 619473


That’s the problem with her channel and others who have a lot of animals. Only a few animals stand out as personable, the rest I have no idea what animals they even have or what they’re like. As with many of us here I did used to enjoy her videos once upon a time and I preferred it when she had less animals and she showed their personalities more. She has enough animals now to make new detailed videos on each one to last her a while, or a few years with how infrequently she uploads so she really doesn’t need fo get any new animals or af least not at the rate she does. I know a lot of pet tubers only get new animals when one passes and it fills a space, nothing stopping her from doing that in the future but she really needs to realise there’s a limit for any one person.

No. 619481

She doesn’t even get animals for views, most of her recent additions don’t event get to a video
Like her male new crab, her mantis shrimp almost didn’t made it, the scorpion, Star, the black manthis, most of her fish.

It’s a fact she gets some for the high of getting a new pet and the instant likes on Twitter (and maybe Instagram) and she even admitted

You don’t need to keep getting pets at such stupid rate if you are smart enough to milk how many views you can make on one animal. But Taylor is too lazy and stupid to even think about it.

No. 619496

We all know she won't stop getting new animals even if she knows its an issue. She seems to have no actual attachment or 'bond' with any of her reptiles (as much of a bond as you could have with a snake really) and sees them as a collectable pretty much like anyone with 100+ snakes/other reptiles does.

Even with her mammals (other than the cats) she seems to have no fucking bond. They die? Ah, sad let me make a twitter post about it.

She's basically not a 'normal' person when it comes to owning pets. Not because she has way too many but because she has no fucking care about the animal outside of their daily needs (half of which she probably doesn't meet). She's like a child that wants a toy for Christmas but throws them away like 5 minutes later because it's not that interesting

No. 619506

So she's isn't a recovering addict, she just exchanged drugs. Coke for instagram.

No. 619518

anyone know who this pageplex person is? i'm pretty sure she's like 14 or something but she's put up a cringey video defending TND. I only got about 30 seconds in and I couldn't watch anymore, anyone care to watch more? I just cant. the cringe hurts too much

No. 619520

She's just a brain dead rape apologist, I'm pretty sure her and her friend are druggies too. She's amusing to watch and talk to though, if she was more popular she'd be a hilarious cow herself

No. 619522

I agree. She buys animals for the high she feels, that’s why she doesn’t ever make new videos about the new animals she gets. She herself has even said care and informational videos are boring to her. She’s a fucking animal channel though??? This all boils down to the fact that Taylor doesn’t actually care about her animals, everything she’s ever done on the Internet has been for attention for herself and animals are the only thing that stuck to get her famoos~~~.

No. 619532

Agreed with other nonnys here, how tf is she really getting “healthier” by taking this break? Turning off social media and screwing around with your rapist boyfriend must be relaxing, sure, but how does it change anything?
Honestly I think the only thing is is going to “change” about herself (if she could handle it) is being very careful about the things she says/shows from now on. She knows that the criticism she gets isn’t all “haterz” just hating - it’s real criticism that she doesn’t know how to respond to. She’s probably going to be walking on eggshells so she doesn’t have to respond to any concerns.
That or she will be just like her mom and continue being the same lying, manipulative POS on social media. Her career is steadily falling. She really needs to grow up, stop being a rape apologist and kick Jonny to the curb, and focus on herself and her animals. 2018 proved to be a terrible year for her. 2019 will only be worse if she doesn’t get her shit together.

No. 619542

She’s not taking a break for her health even, what she’s doing is pretty much sticking her fingers in her ears yelling “LALALALA” hoping all the drama goes away.
I feel like her mental health is shit because mama and papa dean never told her no. They handed everything to her and made her feel perfect but now she’s faced with the real world which, shocking, doesn’t hand everything to her on a silver plater.

For it to go away all she needs to do is address everything, PROPERLY, none of this “I’m sorry but…” bullshit. But lol nope, gotta hide like the mature adult she is.

No. 619550

I know some pettubers have some animals they use for school shows/educational purposes. Does Taylor do anything like that?

No. 619553

No Taylor doesn't do any of that. She calls herself an animal educator but does next to no educating, and the information she does provide is usually false.

No. 619558

Different anon but in addition to the she herself has little to no animal education, and no higher education in general that I know of. She worked at Petco for a while and they have shit animal care standards for employees so I wouldn’t count that. If she moved away from the education part of her channel and focused on entertainment without perpetuating bad care or impulsive ownership that would be a big improvement imo.

No. 619568

File: 1546281329124.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20181231-113435~2.p…)

If you go waaaaay back, she did it once. Who knows how or why she did it with this class.

No. 619589

P sure her aunt was a teacher… She said it in a video when she visited a school. I could be wrong tho

No. 619600

She flip flops with being an animal educator a lot, depending on what’s more convenient to her that day. Sometimes she tries to take the “animal educator/wannabe bindi irwin” role, but when called out, she switches to “b-but I just want to spread muh happiness to the world through muh animals uwu”. To my knowledge, the only times she ever took any animals to school was in high school and she brought them to fuck around, kinda like “hey look at my cool pet”.

She’s a hobbyist at best but people think that just because she has a fuckload of animals she’s an educator or whatever.

No. 619606

File: 1546287142458.jpg (756.73 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20181231-104812_You…)

So is taking out the tarantula in front of her two cats better than Jonny holding the rat in front of the cat

No. 619632

That would require being responsible and keeping a schedule…so big fat NOPE!!!

No. 619646


Another case of TND thoughtlessly putting her animals in danger just to show off. I'm not sure a g. rosea could cause serious injury to her cat, but Nemo could have killed the t in no time. I don't get why people are putting all the blame on Jonny for holding the rat by Ghost. She's no better and has no excuse.

No. 619651


I think people are putting the blame on Jonny because he's the one who actually did it lol? Iirc he said Taylor was asleep at the time. Not that we know she'd have stopped him if she were awake, and of course she should stress the safety of her pets to him, but it's hard to blame her directly for that particular incident. There are plenty of others to choose from.

No. 619671


See, that makes sense, except for the fact she buys new animals then doesnt make any content about them. She announces them on twitter or instagram but not to her youtube followers. So if shes ammasing a number of animals and not making videos it's not going to make a difference to her views

No. 619675

File: 1546308998342.jpg (1.55 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181231-201355.jpg)

She looks like a burnt out mother after a day of spoiling her obnoxious child

No. 619676

Who is that on the left? Taylor? A teenage boy from the 90s? I can't tell honestly lol

No. 619678

wow much sober with that almost empty drink (maybe cider?)

No. 619684

from the tattoos it looks like taylor, but ooof what happened to her hair? And she looks…swollen
Also i'm triggered by his shoes being on the countertop

No. 619685

Her shoes on the counter are bothering me too. Who does that?! I'm not the cleanest person, but that's straight up disgusting and odd.

No. 619686

it looks like they're brand new, but still. shoes do not go there. I think he deliberately placed them in the photo for a flex but like…why

No. 619687

Wow i can feel the love from here. Such goals.

No. 619688

Are these people adults?

No. 619691

those shoes are definitely placed for the photo. It's weird that a 30+ year old man is boasting about shoes in every other post

yeah it looks like all of the hair on the back of her head has just died and broken off. She ought to cut it super short all around. it's rough honestly

No. 619696

If my hair looked like that, I’d stay off the internet too

No. 619701

Why is her hair blonde again? I thought she was back to box-dye brown? Shit looks wrecked

No. 619707

It’s a butterbeer from Lolli and Pops at La Cantera, the mall Taylor lives close to. The bags of candy and macarons are from there too. So, not alcohol. Just rotting teeth.

No. 619710

Cool, thank you for correcting me. I wasn't 100% sure based on the bottle type.

No. 619713

Is she blonde again cause all the brown dye fall again or she bleach it?

No. 619714

File: 1546319622394.jpeg (138.76 KB, 750x1019, 0A22EFAD-FED5-49BD-8319-69A578…)

Guess someone has to explain thats vape is not safe around the animals either

No. 619728

it’s a light enough brown it’s just reflecting weird in the light i think

No. 619742

In jonny’s Story she sounds fucked up out of her mind on opiates. Sounds like she slurs “thank you for not yelling”. Definitely getting better.

No. 619745

File: 1546338687037.webm (1.27 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_jonnycraig4l_497556…)

She definitely does sound fucked, not as bad as last time but still lol

No. 619747

she sounds like she just woke up after a 48 hour nap and is super pissed about being woken up.

No. 619754

Not as bad as last time?? Are you sure about that? She sounds like she can barely string those words together

No. 619755

Last time it sounded like Jonny kicked her in the teeth, this time she just sounds doped out

No. 619757


wonder if she's talking to one of the cats?

No. 619761

Even so, she sounds super fucked up on something. Not her normal self at all

No. 619769

her hair is so fried and damaged that the brown dye won’t stick. probably every time she washed her hair all the brown dye comes out.

she should just stop dying her hair altogether and wear wigs until it’s long and healthy again

No. 619777

She's definitely fucked up on SOMETHING there. No one speaks like that if they're sober. That's honestly scary. She's either drunk or doped up.

No. 619778

It could be opiates. She does seem quite nodded and the amount of sweet things they have around would account for sugar cravings.

No. 619779

I uploaded the two times she sounded high af on Youtube, could be useful to have them compiled

No. 619781


Food and water bowl under the stools, because cats feel secure eating under people's dangling feet.

Should she be burning scented candles in her open floorplan apartment?

No. 619785


She should definitely not have scented candles burning around all of those animals. Even cats shouldn't be around scented candles for goodness sake. I've mentioned it before but it seemed to get lost in some of the thread drama. Burning scented candles is almost as bad as smoking right next to the animal, if not as bad.

No. 619788

Dear god she sounds like Anna Nicole Smith before she overdosed

No. 619794

I know he tried really hard to make this picture a flex but it speaks volumes about how sad their lives seem to be.
It's just so staged and weird. Even the soda cans look staged haha what the fuck

No. 619795

I'm not trying to WK about the candles but come on, seems a little nit picky don't you think? Besides she probably has to burn candles to cover the awful smell in her apartment.

No. 619796

like what the fuck is wrong with her voice in the second one. She can't even get more than two words out before having to stop and take a breath. Is that really what opiates do? Or is it something else? I'm honestly baffled

No. 619798

No, it actually is dangerous. You're not even meant to light regular candles in a room with reptiles in them and her rats are really air sensitive.

No. 619799

Usually I'd agree but I even go out of my way to use soy candles because normal candles are super harmful. the fact that taylor uses them around her sensitive animals could very well be a reason they develop URIs or die. that is all i have left to say about the candles.

No. 619801

I think against all the other accusations lighting a candle and having food under a stool is a little bit nitpicky. Shoes on the table seems to me like bad parental education. If my boyfriend put his sneakers on the table where we eat I'd just tell him to take himself and his sneakers out of my house. I would never even consider going out with a person who does that. But that's just me lol

No. 619802

It’s not nitpicking when there’s literally research out there that proves scented candles are bad for rats and some of her reptiles.

No. 619803

Even the sneakers thing seems nitpicky. If they’re new and he hasn’t walked around outside in them yet, who cares if he throws them on the counter for a flex? Even caring that he shoe flexes is weird to me. He seems like a person who likes shoes. Nothing wrong with that. He’s also apparently at least paying the rent, so if he wants to show off some shoes, who the fuck cares? What’s more concerning is every time he shoe flexes lately, Taylor seems fucked up in the background.

No. 619804

To anons that aren't blocked by her, has Jen been posting anything on Twitter?

No. 619806

Most of this thread is nitpicky af tbh

No. 619807

Even the sneakers thing seems nitpicky. If they’re new and he hasn’t walked around outside in them yet, who cares if he throws them on the counter for a flex? Even caring that he shoe flexes is weird to me. He seems like a person who likes shoes. Nothing wrong with that. He’s also apparently at least paying the rent, so if he wants to show off some shoes, who the fuck cares? What’s more concerning is every time he shoe flexes lately, Taylor seems fucked up in the background.

No. 619808

Just to clear up the candle debate -

Facts on scented candles:
"Commercial candle scents are made from artificial fragrance components that 99% of the time are toxic or harmful to your (and your dog’s) health.

What types of toxic components are in the scents of commercial candles?

Benzene derivatives – linked to cancer
Aldehydes – linked to liver disease, cancer, and respiratory distress
Amines – linked to cancer
Ethers – linked to respiratory paralysis, unconsciousness, and respiratory irritation"

How is this considered nitpicking when it's literal facts? There is tons of research out there that shows scented candles are toxic. A good alternative would be beeswax or soy candles as they aren't made from chemicals. I can see how the shoes would be nitpicky, but the candles effect her animals directly. If she just took the time to do the research she would see the little things like candles do matter……

Exactly. They're also proven bad for cats and dogs.

No. 619809

Most of what I’ve seen is song lyrics…but I haven’t checked it in a few days

No. 619811

Okay, we get it. Some of you don't think it's nit picking. I guess since she's doing nothing interesting atm we have to analyze every single that she and Jonny do post for something to talk about.

No. 619813

nothing interesting or of note. just Disney shit.

No. 619815

Ok, thanks anons. Kinda hilarious how it sounds like we are talking about a 12 year old but she's actually a 40+ mom of 2

No. 619816

You know it's okay to not post anything when there's no milk right? Shit like "omg how dare she have candles" is exactly the shit she makes fun of to get her stans to ignore evidence and you're playing into it.

Same shit as claiming leggings on a horse is abuse or whatever the fuck that last thread was.

No. 619817


No. 619818

candles and vape? Were 2 for 2 here! I predict respiratory infections!

No. 619819

Wish I could upvote this

No. 619823

But her having candles around her house is exactly the same as her smoking or vaping around her animals. Snakes have one working lung. All reptiles have sensitive respiratory systems. She's an idiot for lighting scented candles around her animals. This is, in my opinion, different than the horse nitpicking. This is her risking RIs for her animals.

No. 619824

how is that not milk………. it is a used scented candle and there are literal tons of articles against it. I'm all for not clogging up the thread and not nitpicking but one search of scented candles and animals brings up tons of information on how that is harmful to her animals. if it was her smoking next to them you guys would say something but not with a candle???

No. 619830

if they recorded themselves smoking weed in their apartment, i'm sure they don't give a flying fuck if they have scented candles, febreeze sprays, and vape smoke in that apartment. Their place probably stinks af and are desperate even if it's bad for her animals because "im a WONDERFUL pet mom even though my animals are taken care by assistants all the time"

No. 619831

I'm sure you can search tons of household products and find shit that is harmful to animals and to humans in one way or another. She's a fucking idiot but her having a candle isn't that big of an issue when she literally sounds cracked out in the SAME insta story. I realize everything is fair game to discuss but it honestly just sounds insane to complain about her having a CANDLE. Some candles are safer than others too, you'd see if any of you acting like it's so important to you actually read past the first Google search.

No. 619842

No. 619847

honest query: why are some anons trying to tell thread what to talk about? candles aren't a nitpick, it's something that actually has to do with her animals, unlike anons tripping balls about her lip injections or jonny sneaker flexing or any one of the hundred other things we routinely sperg about.

both (all) conversations can exist concurrently in the same thread, no? threads are kind of organic and some people will talk about some shit that other people probably hate, it's nbd.

No. 619848

I honestly can't get over how she sounded. Is it possible she was drinking for NYE?

No. 619853


This. Candles aren't a nitpick, they can seriously damage rats & reptiles' health. A URI can easily kill a rat, especially when nobody is paying attention to catch it early. So idk how that's nitpicking.

No. 619857

does it say at what distance are these organic gases harmful/ what percentage/ time and spatial dissipation? No. Trying to prove you can use google scholar? Weird flex but ok. Even with this information you wouldn't be able to prove at what distance each animal is at every time she lights the candle. Some people have the candles just for decor and her animal room pictures and videos never showed candles. So yeah nitpicky. Let's move on to her more obvious mistakes (which there seem to be many), like I don't doubt they vape around the animals/ while holding animals (based on previous evidence of them smoking in the animal room). Also yeah, the shoes seem to be new and he does pay for the apt.. but jesus christ on the counter really? And what's up with all his snaps not caring how taylor looks, for a girl who cares so much about personal appearance why hasn't she said anything yet. Then again this is SO unrelated to her animal care…

P.s. all those carcinogenic derivatives that you mentioned are proven carcinogenic NOT from candle scent inhalation. If I agree to this it'd be just as bad as agreeing with anti-vaxx logic lol

No. 619861

The candle is used you can tell. This is super related to her animal care. Small mammals like rats and guinea pigs don't have the respiratory systems built for the fumes put off from candles. Reptiles like snakes only have one lung. It's not nitpicking it's common sense. I'm sure she was smart in her animal room pictures and videos and didn't show a candle in the background. And who is to say they wouldn't vape around the animals or even just in bed with the cats….. the didn't have a problem lighting up around the satanic leafs but you keep telling yourself that we are all nitpicking

No. 619864

Doesn't she have her cresties, satanics and rats in the living room? It's very much a problem if she lights scented candles in an enclosed space with animals in it. She also had Tofu right next to it which isn't great since snakes lick shit to figure out their surroundings.

Also, can everyone stop sperging about nitpicks and telling others what to say or not? We would've moved away from this candle business in like 4 posts if you guys would stfu about it. If you keep bringing it up the topic will never end. The infighting in this thread has become insane the past few days

No. 619865

That caption translates to: Taylor wants to stay off the internet for a while but i have compulsive flexxing dissorder and feed of he insecurities when i share unflattering photos. Ignore the fact shes hiding from the camera. Shes happy i swear you dont need to ask her yourself just take my word for it.

No. 619866

I come here to read about Taylor because I'm deeply concerned for her animals. If I was gonna throw a fit about a candle burning around a pet there's literally dozens of extremely popular non pet related channels you all can go after for their awful terrible act of burning a scented candle. If her care was otherwise fine I really doubt a candle would be such an issue. But because she sucks in every other way some of you just notice every single thing she does because you hate her. True or not, the candle thing is reaching for milk at best.

No. 619869

I get that a lot of people on this site nitpick, but candles are a big deal. You should keep them around anyone with respiratory issues, and animals who have weak respiratory systems. This is why vets suggest to bird owners to not buy candles. Paraffin is derived from petroleum, and it's generally not safe around animals because it does not burn clean. This has more to do with the temperature at which it burns based on the ingredients. Scented candles add another layer because of the ingredients used to create said odor. Beeswax and soy candles are okay, but you have to make sure it's not a mix. It's really complicated, but owning animals is a lifestyle change… They're living beings. This is why you don't keep certain plants around certain animals either.

No. 619870

I can't help it, everytime I see the word 'flex' used I think it's Moo posting, wtf

No. 619871

"I'm sure she was smart in her animal room pictures and videos and didn't show a candle in the background. " Why do we have to gravitate towards speculation when there's evidence of actual wrong doing if we look into other things? This is not milk. All candles don't have the same "fumes" at equal distances. We would have to look at the brand and composition of each specific candle in her house and see if it affects the animals in the other room at x distance.

Taking for example "amines", in your list of derivatives, there's a difference in carcinogenic effect based on type of amine. Nitrosamines for example, are more carcinogenic than nitramines. In general gas containing amines at exorbitantly high doses do cause harm in rats (maybe more so than 1000ppm) but most carcinogenic effects also require prolonged exposures and candles maybe have 10ppm of this at most.

In general, based on the little scientific data to back the effects of a candle in a different room I would assume that lolcow needs proof of candles in the animal room to proceed with this since the mammals are probably the ones that spent most time in other rooms (reptiles are only taken out for pictures).

No. 619878

She keeps some animals in her living room and I doubt she researched scented candles to that extent to make sure they're safe. She has a used scented candle which is dangerous to pets in her living room that she keeps animals in and had her snake next to. End of discussion jfc

No. 619879

"candles are a big deal"

Please leave and stop shitting up the thread. Candle obsessed samefag won't shut the fuck up when the topic is beaten to death. Get the fuck over the candles.

No. 619880

Hmm. Anon, I don't understand why you're so defensive towards the whole candle debate. Why are you defending the cow? She has her rats in her living room which is in open connection to her kitchen. Also, I wouldn't think she'd lock her cats up in another room while having the candle burn. I doubt you know anything about candles and their effects rather than what you read in an article. I mean sheesh.

No. 619883

There's multiple anons against the candle thing, not just one.

I stressed the mammals thing because the studies done with derivative gas effects were with rats and they concluded that no harm was found at levels lower than the 1000ppm (in some). She would have to have the candles on for weeks before they started giving those rats in the living room cancer lol

It's okay to let this one go. It doesn't mean we're defending Taylor it's just that if we want to use facts we need to know how facts are made, and that's by overwhelmingly accepted data by the scientific community. It's no biggie.

No. 619884

Different anon, it's not the cancer that's an issue so much with the rats. It's the perfume/odour in the air that irritates their sensitive respiratory tracts. All rats carry Mycoplasma pneumoniae which acts opportunistically if irritation / lowered immune system etc. occurs. Burning anything around rats is bad for them. Full stop. Anyone who keeps rats should know this.

No. 619889


This. If you don't like something, ignore it and just let it die. The threads always get shitted up with anons going back and forth on what is or is not nitpicking.

If there wasn't an actual screenshot of her sitting at the table covered with the same candy, I'd have thought the girl was talking in her sleep. This is alarming.

No. 619897

1. Amines:

"This study was aimed at investigating the pulmonary inflammatory potential of inhaled amines and degradants. It pertains primarily to environmental hazard from emissions, but may also apply to
occupational exposure. Other waste streams, including water or soil contamination potential, should also be considered for the potential unintended consequence of widespread use of these solvents. The results of this study suggest that inhalation exposure to amines at high concentration poses minimal
potential for lung inflammation under acute exposure conditions. "
2. Aldehydes

Pulmonary effects from direct tobacco-like smoke exposure, which means more than 1000ppm.

3. Ethers
Bronco-pneumonia only after direct inhalation (such as in the use of ethers as anesthetics.)

4.Benzene derivatives
This one is too broad lol. Pick a benzene. More benzene derivatives are found in liquids around your kitchen (even the water you drink) than the candle I can assure you lol

1. Potential toxicological effects of amines used for carbon
capture and storage and their degradation products. Annette, et.al.

2.Acute cardiopulmonary toxicity of inhaled aldehydes: role of TRPA1. Conklin et al.

3. Diseases of the lung. Babcock.

Hey maybe lolcow will start a new thread on this and we'll make a thesis on it. But now that you mention mycoplasma is this something rats should be checked for when you get them or is it something to be assumed, that you probably got a rat born with it? What other things can cause a flare?

No. 619898

Rats with poor genetics such as feeders like hers can get URIs from just looking at them the wrong way basically. People underestimate how sensitive rats are, they can die from perfume getting sprayed near them or, you guessed it, scented candles.

Can we please just agree that Taylor is a moron that didn't even think smoking next to her geckos was bad and stop with this topic? Whether candles are gonna kill pets and give them cancer right away or not doesn't matter, it's not good even just because of the rats alone.

No. 619902

>But now that you mention mycoplasma is this something rats should be checked for when you get them or is it something to be assumed, that you probably got a rat born with it? What other things can cause a flare?

I'm the different anon that mentioned Myco (wasn't involved in candlegate up there).

Basically it's assumed all rats carry Myco. In fact there are only certain lab strains that we know that are free of the bacteria.

Things that cause a flareup not limited to but including: Immune system response (immunocompromised), genetics, humidity, temperature (lowers immune reaction), age, irritants (smoke/room spray/air freshners etc).

No. 619904

Can we look at the vaping equipment and stir away from the candle topic? Is vaping bad to do around animals? I thought it was just glycerin vapor.

I think what anon was trying to say is the aroma=organic derivatives. So describing the effects of the derivatives is the same as describing the effects of the aroma/scent.

No. 619906

Vaping would be arguably better than smoking around rats, but most vapes have 'flavours/scents' which would be just as irritating as scented candles / room sprays etc.

No. 619907

Do you think jonny smokes around the rats?

No. 619908

is /pt really at the point where we need mods making lists of acceptable thread topics? seriously, scroll past.

No. 619910

We should probably expect the feeder rats to die sooner than expected. Which raises the question, should the feeder rats have been "saved" by TND?

No. 619916

Rats have a lot of issues due to the pet population's start as lab animals (which were bred to have an increased risk of mammary tumours). Both rats from breeders and 'pet stores' (feeder or pet) have this issue.

The main issue with 'feeder' rats is they're bred without regard to their temperament, if their line contains high white or any other genetic defects, or regards to their living situation (clean, dust free, females only bred 2-3 times and over 6 months old etc).

This means they have many 'disadvantages' over pet rats from other sources however it doesn't always mean they will automatically be more unhealthy. Sometimes you can get lucky… I would still expect her rats to live to 2.5-3 years if well taken care of and URI's/tumours treated promptly. I would however be surprised to see any of them over 3 years old.

No. 619924

That caption translates to: Taylor wants to stay off the internet for a while but i have compulsive flexxing dissorder and feed of he insecurities when i share unflattering photos. Ignore the fact shes hiding from the camera. Shes happy i swear you dont need to ask her yourself just take my word for it.

No. 619927

Vaping is definitely not safe to do around the animals the “clouds” are thick and linger. There ARE chemicals used in the juice products. I have one. Dont do it around my animals. Dont even do it at home to begin with. It sits in my car when im bored in traffic… ill look for the bottle to post the ingredients list..

No. 619932

The vapor contains propylene glycol, which is known to be dangerous to cats.

No. 619933

Probably everything she uses is dangerous to pets jfc.

No. 619938

ok we get it, vapes and candles are dangerous. lets move onnn

No. 619942

File: 1546384232822.gif (1.13 MB, 327x251, SardonicFlusteredBluewhale-sma…)

>candle anon's face every time there's a candle in the background of a pic

No. 619945

since i blocked tay i've gotten better youtube recs like
Snake Discovery
The 10 Acre Woods
Oliver the Beagle
Louie The Beagle

No. 619950

i don't understand the point in attacking the people who talk about her using scented candles like why cant you just not say anything? we are all here for milk on tnd

No. 619952

It does get annoying when you come on after a while to ten new posts thinking that something actually happened with the cow, but it’s the same argument about litter boxes and candles that made you stop paying attention in the first place.

No. 619955

The shit posting about the topic of discussion is worse tbh.

No. 619957

I think this cow is milkless until TND decides to come back from her break idk. We should be jumpstarting a channel like what ever's to raise consciousness of all the stuff TND is doing wrong so her followers are aware.

No. 619959

Taylor burning scented candles, which I guarantee a majority of anons on here and people in the world do with pets, is the absolute LEAST concerning thing she does. Not to mention the topic is old and boring as fuck. We get it. Candles BAD! The fact that Taylor uses candles isn’t milk.

No. 619961

Burning scented products is a huge issue with her having pet rats in particular though. idk about reptiles but it's not exactly the 'least' concerning thing she does.

Quit whining about anon's discussing it, folks like you make the topic drag on.

No. 619963

Yep, I agree. She will be back soon but I reckon she will deactivate her Twitter again soon after, she literally looks and sounds dead in the clip from insta.

No. 619964

I have to think you're trolling at this point, WE GET IT shut the fuck up about the candles if they're so unimportant

No. 619967

how to properly reply to a post: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 619970

Jonny is a new level of retarded, Taylor didn’t desactived her accounts just so he record her when is obvious she doesn’t want to (can’t blame her all most in every story Jonny has post she looks really fucked)

No. 619974

Working on a video rn
(video anon)

No. 619977

I thought what ever had a trip code now?

No. 619982

There’s a few videos but it might be sénoir rina

No. 619986

10 hours of candle samefagging

Quality content

We can see that you're the same person even if you claim not to be, btw

No. 619998

I'm the person that posted the initial links and references and I've been away for hours now after that post lol. Wth happened here? Anyways it'd be nice if you posted the link to that video when finished to get it jumpstarted with some views.

No. 619999

can't wait!

the trip is only supposed to be used when the information is vital, not for every post

No. 620003

Considering that I have responded to a comment or two regarding candles that weren't my own comments, how can you "see" that we're all the same person? Stop being a fucking lunatic about this whole candle thing, stop defending Taylor, and get over yourself. Burning a candle can kill reptiles and rats. Period. Now, please for the sake of this thread, stop with the candle talk. And stop with the "you're all the same person" talk. You just sound stupid.

No. 620011

I come back and everything is candles. fuck

No. 620012

Wait is that new video advertisement from what ever?

Also, can we get mods on this derranged person? Yeah we get it there's different people here we can tell. Thinking about the candle argument doesn't equal defending Taylor, you're not our lord and saviour jesus christ. Please put yourself to rest and leave candlegate behind.

No. 620014


yooooo shut the fuck. christ complaining nonstop about "nitpicking" and keeping the topic on candles.

just accept the fact that candles are bad and its another bad thing taytay is doing. and then go cry about johnny putting his shoes on the counter since thats what you care about

No. 620015

File: 1546404484012.jpg (961.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190101-234545_Chr…)

Are we not going to tall about the fact the some if not most of her candy that she brought isnt safe for Celiacs that she claims to be??

No. 620016

Is this the same stuff sold at the shop near her apartment? I checked if the butterbeer had gluten and it doesn't, but I didn't even think to check the candies.

No. 620026

Yep. This is a person who can't be bothered to water her creatures and dates a rapey hobbit but we should focus on the candle in her kitchen.

No. 620030

same anon that talked about the candy shop- I used to work there. We buy wholesale and I can confirm the brand of most everything we carried was not certified gluten free- and if people asked we had to give a shpiel about how “technically” some products do not have wheat but because of the nature of the store we say all bulk candy is subject to trace amounts and we do not reccomend them for anyone with gluten sensitivity.

It’s been a while since I worked there, so it completely went over my head, but yeah, she shouldn’t be eating any of it if she’s super sensitive.

No. 620031

The next post mentioning wax is going to get a heavy ban. >>620014

No. 620045

It almost sounds like she says thank you for not filming.

No. 620061

So I messaged one of the die hard stans that tried to defend everything she did, and when I gave points of why what she was doing was bad (( taking on kittens when never having a cat, the axolotyl , how her Pac-Man frog had a deformed face from malnutrition, how her water bowls being bone dry is horrible even if she was coming around to refill them because they shouldn’t get that low ever, etc )) and she was like “ I don’t know much about -insert species - but I’m sure she did what she could! “. When I gave more points of why it’s not, she became busy and has left me on seen for over a week, going to show when you have the evidence to back yourself up, they literally have nothing else to say(no1curr)

No. 620063

Taylor stans are all literally and mentally 13. Trying to reason with them is pointless. They're exactly like Taylor in acting like she can do no wrong, and if anything ever happens to her animals, it's definitely not her fault because she's such a good pet mom uwu

No. 620064

Her guts must be a mess if she does have Celiac. It might be part of the reason she looks so rough.

No. 620065

I've noticed that her stans are either 8 to 13 years old or grown ups that are also hoarders. The kids say that "she just made some mistakes!!!!" because they can't believe that their pet queen is shit and the hoarders defend her because they feel the need to defend themselves cause they're equally as bad.

No. 620068

She truly does remind me of Ariana Grande. Young people will worship anyone as long as they're cute and pretend to be a nice person. They can't understand that they only stan them because they're conventionally attractive.

No. 620092

at least Ariana has talent, this bitch has nothing

No. 620093

or like brother nature!

No. 620095

is he bad? aside from finding some of his vids annoying I didn't think he would be Taylor levels of bad.

No. 620099

aside from the fact that feeding deer fruit in the winter time can literally kill them, he's encouraging others to feed wild animals (so many people mimic his behavior, and none of them feed the animals nutritious food), which just causes so many problems that anyone claiming to care about nature should be able to see. he also endorses and advertises facilities that literally abuse their animals and his entire brand is just animal exploitation. he's a hypocrite, and he also uses the n word, despite not being black. he's lied about his account (before the whole nazi situation, he had been called out before for separate racist remarks, and he claimed that his account belonged to his cousin before he took it for his deer videos.) he also dates a racist and just generally messy influencer who has had her fair share of drama and racist remarks.

No. 620102

Damn this is a bummer. I genuinely liked this dude and follow his social media. Thanks for the insight anon.

No. 620103

He's another case where people say "he knows what he's doing!" if you ever mention anything he does wrong.
Kinda tired of social media animal "experts" having ignorant children defend them.

No. 620104


Damn he actually sounds just as bad as Taylor. I hope this isn't veering too off topic but thanks for sharing the info. I genuinely thought he was a chill dude.

No. 620107

yall are annoying, mods can u just delete this whole thread

No. 620113

Stuff like this belongs in the general pettubers thread I believe. This thread seems to be on thin ice so be careful talking about other pet keepers. This guy has nothing to do with Taylor, and is not relavent to this thread.

No. 620114

He doesn't keep pets, and he's not a youtuber but okay lol

No. 620118

Señor Ria is working on a video, I'm done with vids for now. They told me that they've interviewed/talked to Jayce so it's probably about that, unless this post is from another video anon.

No. 620119

I thought we all agreed to keep the Jayce stuff on here a bit back so as to not rile up her stans/cause shit for Jayce?

Anyway, I wonder if Taylor has any videos to release once she is back

No. 620122

Oops, I must have missed that. He did agree to an interview and asked multiple times for people to pick his brain so I thought it's cool.

I think she's gonna release some kind of all my pets video since she will need the money after being quiet for a month. Google must have paid her well for her to go quiet but if she really has been on drug binges like it seems from Jonnys stories she will need the money.
Her more personal videos don't even get 100k views nowadays.

No. 620125

I'd say most people don't care about her personal stuff, they want to see cool animals. That's how she got her subscriber count/following.

No. 620137

Except there are plenty of other Youtubers with lots of animals. Let’s be real Taylor’s IG style/looks are one of the main reasons little girls and boys click on her videos to begin with - they see a uwu cute girl with a tarantula on her face ~~~ she is breaking BARRIERS guys omg!!!!

No. 620139

Still doesn't mean they care about her personal stuff.

At this point, her high subscriber count means she's easily the most visible PetTuber. She would be more visible if she actually did her job and posted more frequently, but there you are.

No. 620142

Either way, I don't want to hear about him in a tnd thread. So take it elsewhere. It's off topic and doesn't pertain to anything we've been discussing.

No. 620146

can't post that shit anymore since her looks have been whack. she should cut the blond out of her hair, wear a wig for a year, and dump her rapist deadbeat dad boyfriend

No. 620150


I think we've all moved on from that guy.

Also didn't Taylor promise a video before her "break"? Maybe she'll come back with a late ass video with footage from 2018. For her money needs, she'd have to play smart and do an updated all my pets video. In their enclosures. But I doubt she will.

No. 620174

Sorry if this is off topic but when was the last time we’ve seen the hedgehogs? The only time I see on her Instagram is from August.

No. 620175

Currently arguing with a fan of tnd in the comments

She said she's a great pet owner but two of her cats died because they were basically unsupervised outdoor cats and had accidents happen to them.

Question: Is there such a thing as outdoor cats in this century? I thought we figured out how train cats and supervise them while outside.(no1curr)

No. 620177

Well fuck. This is going to open up a massive fifty=one hundred post argument.
>Question: Is there such a thing as outdoor cats in this century? I thought we figured out how train cats and supervise them while outside.
Yes very much so and it's absolutely pointless to engage with people who think it's okay. It's like arguing with antivaxxers. You can have all the science and statistics on your side but they wont listen because they perceive any argument against their actions as an attack against their moral character.
ps, please dont't redditspace or come here to report about petty arguments you're having with her fans in unsaged posts, especially ones that trigger offtopic discussions like this.

No. 620182

This. Blog post-ish but I have a friend who lets her cats outside for the bulk of the day, despite the fact that one of them has been hit by a car (plus many other accidents) and one of them got run over. I will never understand the logic of letting her other cats outside again after this.

No. 620188

If you let your cats outside unsupervised and they die it is your fault. The only way it's an accident is if they escape out the door.

No. 620192

Does anyone remember if Taylor ever chose a winner for the tank giveaway? It was a year or two ago, she was supposed to choose a winner when she hit 200,000 subscribers. There was just the announcement video where you had to sign up on her friends (?) pet website, and then nothing after that.

No. 620193


no I think the winner didnt contact her back and she was too lazy to pick another winner if i remember right, and im pretty sure she still has the tank? correct me if i'm wrong though

No. 620194

No wonder her and Jonny make a "good" couple. They both can't keep their word for giveaways

No. 620195

not trying to start at argument but do you mind me asking what country you live in? over here in the UK pretty much every cat is an outdoor cat unless they're blind or something. all three of my cats are outdoor cats, all my mum's cats (she's had like 12 growing up) were outdoor cats, and they've all lived to like, 20. Our eldest is 18 and he stays mainly inside, but he likes to go out sometimes.

No. 620197


depends where youre from, if youre in a more rural area or more small town residential (low traffic) I think its fine either way. my cats were never happier than when they were outdoor cats in a small town, never had any accidents relating to it, but i transitioned them to be indoor cats when I moved to the city. having pets is about more than just keeping them alive, its about giving them the best quality of life.

this argument also has nothing to do with taylor and should probably be killed.

No. 620198

I live in the UK as well. I'm not going to engage in your derailing beyond this; cats here are a non-native invasive species that decimate native wildlife by killing it for fun or directly competing with other native species such as foxes and Scottish wildcats, they have a much shorter average lifespan and often die painful deaths. Additionally they spread nasty diseases to people and wildlife and their faeces and urine are toxic. Keeping your cat outside isn't okay for it or the local wildlife, and anecdotes aren't evidence.

Just because it's culturally accepted doesn't mean it's actually okay or backed up by science or evidence. You wouldn't let a dog free roam, and cats do more damage to the environment and themselves.

No. 620199

This thread is for discussion of TND, not debating about animal care and practices. Not to discuss what your friend's cousin's boyfriend's Chihuahua's aunt does to her pets.

Please keep things on topic.

No. 620202


I don't think it's OT, especially compared to half the topics lately. You're right it's been a while. I think that both hedgehogs were shown in her interview with NY Magazine and in Emma's video of Taylor's pets, and I think those were both after August? So they're probably alive, but it's clear they're not one of the pets Taylor considers interesting enough to share on twitter or instagram anymore.

No. 620203

Just found this online lol: https://www.bonfire.com/its-just-a-fish/

No. 620204

comedy gold.
they need a picture of zazu somewhere though.
maybe picture of zazu ≠ picture of cheese

No. 620205

Person who made the shirt here lol too many colors= more expensive to the public

fell free to share honestly

No. 620206

this is so fucking lame, mods you need to ban this shilling selfposter/samefag.

No. 620207

File: 1546469070332.jpg (77.48 KB, 624x500, 2q92ek.jpg)

Waiting for the necropsy results here like..

No. 620209

"comedy gold" anon here. not the same anon as the other two, I just liked the shirt.

also about the necropsy results you're gonna be waiting a while if you think that's ever happening lol

No. 620212

Fuck i actually forgot about that… But yeah, what were the results? Didn't she say she'd share them once she got them?

No. 620213

She played with his body on camera for at least an hour in some random pond. Any chance of her getting valid results were ruined in her (monetized) funeral video.

No. 620216


She did, but if the necropsy was real she'd likely have gotten the results during her "break" or right before. Maybe she figures it's a bad move to come back with inconclusive results or results that show it was her fault. She could be hoping everyone just forgets about it.

No. 620218

Momma Deans Youtube channel is back up under the name Forever Disney

No. 620271

Yah I’m willing to bet good money, we will never see the results of Cheese’s necropsy. It was her fault, TND could very easily photoshop something but she’s too lazy (and, judging by the Jonny’s Ig, too high) to be bothered with it.

No. 620273

She's probably going to say they never sent any results and it wasn't her fault, as usual.

No. 620280


She's already said she contacted them because she hadn't heard anything. Taylor will absolutely play the "I never got the results" card.

Except when you pay for a service, especially a necropsy on a pet… you get those results one way or another.

No. 620290

So agreed, they love to spurge on social media about how much they love each other and are living their best lives but honestly Taylor always looks/sounds so fucking miserable in the stories Jonny posts. It’s so obvious they aren’t happy together. So I’m still really wondering if she won’t leave because her pride refuses to let her admit she was wrong about him, or that he has so much dirt on her that she’s banking on him dying. Either way, what a shitty way to live life. Sacrificing your happiness to be with a rapist is the dumbest logic ever.

No. 620293

It's basically the same thing she did to Mushu, except Mushu barely survived.

No. 620314

I think it's a mix between her being stubborn, and her being in an abusive situation, which makes the relationship even harder to leave. I think that her being so manipulative and having a hard time owning up to her shit directly stems from her insecurities. She's someone who has really, REALLY, low self-esteem, so of course she's not going to admit she was wrong because she simply cannot deal with that, plus the fact he is abusive and has dirt on her. It's not one or the other; it's both.

No. 620349

Yeah, and I don't wanna blog post but every person I've ever met as bull headed about as her, was an addict. I keep thinking wow, I've never seen someone so unwilling to admit fault but then I remembered a few addicts I knew.

I have zero sympathy for her whatsoever. None. She wanted this. She accepted that he is abusive for the sake of dating someone "famous". I mean has she EVER been so public about a relationship before? But she parades him all over like he's a prize. I don't care if it makes me a horrible person. Karma is a bitch and maybe Jonny trapping her in that apartment and treating her like shit is her karma for doing the same to her defenseless animals.

No. 620363

It was never a good idea on her part to bring up getting a necropsy. If she wanted this to look the best for her she should have just gotten it done in the background, and released the results only if she liked them. But she just had to show everyone that she's doing it because "look at me I did nothing wrong I think my care was perfect I can't imagine how he died and I'm letting everyone know that".

No. 620365

Didn't we agree that she lied about getting one done in the first place? There's no way she actually got any legit results out of it. And regardless it doesn't matter WHAT it says. It could say she pulled live Cheese out with her bare hands and tossed him on the ground. She'd still tell everyone that she did nothing wrong and he died of some freak illness bc he was wild caught. She'll cook up some lie as per usual.

No. 620378

Is she buying subs again because her numbers are going up. Not that it matters too much because views are down, so she's not doing herself much good if she is.

No. 620380

I honestly think that she gets a lot of money/subs from her previous 'all my pets' videos so it could be that.

That and someone before said that social blade isn't the most accurate or something, so sometimes it just looks like an anomaly when it's 'normal'

No. 620381

File: 1546539690750.jpg (145.81 KB, 1440x1707, Screenshot_20190103-121810~2.j…)

Has anyone else seen this? Apparently she's going in a documentary called "The Dark Hobby"

No. 620387

It's probably just going to be a blink it and you miss it cameo. The documentary is apparently speaking out against wild caught animals so she will most likely be a bad example if anything.

No. 620417


I'm going to lose my mind if it's the other way and she's there to speak out against wild caught. Taylor is such a hypocrite because she says she doesn't like buying wild caught, but does it anyway because she wants the animal THAT badly to go against her morals.

No. 620421


Could this be one of the "big things" that fuckboy Jonny was alluding to?

No. 620426

The line up for the documentary includes actual professionals, I don't know why they would talk to a random Youtube bimbo that does what they're against.

No. 620445

Only thing I could think of is then getting the other side's perspective, but who knows

No. 620447


Maybe it's just a picture and a passing mention…"blah blah popular youtubers such as TND…"

No. 620499

I just saw an interesting video from dr evan about prolapsed cloaca and he was fixing a GTP and said it is very very common in them.. makes me worry about Sabor and curious to see an update on him. When was he last mentioned??

No. 620501

Because that's what happens when someone obtains a certain amount of influence in a community. PetTube is a relatively new concept, and she's the only one who has a million subs. And also because documentaries strive to get different points of view about a single topic.

This is the description of the docu (from their site):

"The Hawaiian Islands host many exotic fish species, and some of the most beautiful are now on the verge of extinction. Conservationists, scientists, aquarium fish collectors and breeders are locked in a controversy over the stunning “treasure of Hawaii” – the ornamental fish.

The Hawaii aquarium trade has been catching reef fish for U.S. and global hobby tanks for decades. There have been no catch limits, no limit on the number of catchers, and no constraints on rare, endemic or vanishing species. Fish advocates report that the number of fish has decreased drastically, decimating Hawaii reefs, and that taking fish from their natural habitat should be halted entirely.

Reef-based tourism generates hundreds of millions in Hawaii annually, and many Hawaii residents want aquarium collecting banned.

Others make their living from catching and supplying exotic fish to hobbyists, and still others breed fish in captivity to fill U.S. and global demand.

The lucrative trade who depend on reef wildlife to populate the tanks, and to drive sales of tanks and paraphernalia resist any change to the supply chain of reef wildlife caught in the reef.

The Dark Hobby is an entertaining expose on this crisis, and the ongoing political struggle. At any given moment, 28 million fish are in the aquarium trade pipeline from point of capture to home hobbyist tank."

Taylor will most likely argue in favor of capturing wild fish "for entertainment and education purposes", considering everything she does is the exact opposite of what a conservationist would do.

No. 620502

>everything she does is the exact opposite of what a conservationist would do
oh but according to every fan of her ever she knows SO MUCH about animals and only ever does what's absolutely best uwu uwu

No. 620523

This was a terrible choice for her to make. No matter what angle they take towards her for this documentary, it is not going to be good.
I love documentaries and it's kind of disappointing to hear one like this is including her in it, which means they haven't done any research about her at all. Her cowfish died. Didn't her mantis shrimp die? How could she argue to keep wild caught, beautiful fish if she can't keep them alive, doesn't breed them, and they apparently don't do well in captivity anyway??? They don't belong in someone's fish tank where they maybe can survive.

No. 620532

Maybe they found her through her Dori video? She's probably not a main speaker on the documentary, so I don't think they would go out of their way to research her life that much even though it's like asking Harvey Weinstein to talk about rape.

No. 620555



The film is complete and has already been shown in Hawaii.


Dunno if this has been mentioned, but Taylor has been criticized on reddit. I found this when searching for The Dark Hobby along with her name. She has probably been discussed in other subs, too.


No. 620565


Robert Wintner aka Snorkel Bob, the man behind the film, is a researcher and writer. I doubt her poor husbandry escaped his notice if it was on display in her videos at the time. Production began sometime in 2017 and likely ran into 2018. What was Taylor doing before and during that time in terms of her reef tank?

The focus of the film is on the damage caused by the hobby. More than likely she was interviewed as a reef tank hobbyist rather than her husbandry being criticized.

About Snorkel Bob


Does anyone recognize any of the other names in the cast?


No. 620610

In the IMDB site for the doc, it just shows a pic of her from her old video telling people not to go buy blue tangs after the Dory movie comes out

No. 620632

File: 1546570889897.png (412.69 KB, 800x1123, Screenshot_2019-01-03-19-00-19…)

No. 620634

old taylor 1
current taylor 0

No. 620654

Probably just a sample of her video used as a transition.

No. 620655

Yeah so I'm thinking that might be what they used in the doc. Idk if they used anything else from her, but I hope they'd know that she is now someone who has multiple wild-caught fish

No. 620679


Snorkel Bob had already made many enemies in the aquarium trade long before he announced his film project.

I wonder if Taylor is known to the greater reef tank hobby community? Will she be further exposed once the film circulates and people in the scene inquire, who is this woman who was chosen to represent us?



Bob managed to get the film made despite his Indiegogo failing.


Inhumane aquarium trade practices have decimated the beautiful exotic fish populations and reefs in Hawaii and around the world. The Hawaii aquarium trade has been taking reef fish for U.S. and global hobby tanks for decades. When caught, the fishes' bladders are punctured with a needle and their fins are clipped. It is estimated that approximately 15,000 fish die even before they are transported to the mainland.

The Dark Hobby documentary film is an entertaining expose on this crisis. At any given time, 28 million fish are in the aquarium trade pipeline from point of capture to home hobbyist tanks— 1,800 species. 99% will die within a year of capture, generating even more demand. Several species are missing entirely, resulting in imbalances in the hierarchy of fish living on the reef. Predators, algae and fauna are acutely affected.

No. 620682

I didn’t think it’d paint her in a positive light given the name of it.
A lot of her stans say they won’t care unless an expert says something so this will be interesting.

Which is sad because the only reason she she doesn’t care about wild caught fish now is because she got called out having them during her “I will not own wild caught animals” drama.

No. 620760

anybody else think her and jonny are on a major drug binge?

No. 620783


Sort of, yeah. I hope she is ok and talking to people other than JC. It seems like he’s completely isolated her and it has little to do with ‘healing’ as much as maintaining control over her and tightening his grip. I’ve also noticed how in any almost any pic we have seen of her for a bit now, she’s turned her head away to avoid showing her face. I think something more than “people were mean to me” is going on.

No. 620798

I agree and have really noticed that too. Jonny is always trying to post stories of her or shit he bought to flex, but she always either sounds drugged up, looks miserable, or just looks away completely to avoid showing herself. Their life is really sad. It’s her fault she wanted this, so I don’t feel bad for her. But this break really comes off as Jonny isolating her. When her concerned stans on twitter asked about her, Jonny answered for them and just does the typical “oh she’s doing great!! We’re so happy and just taking a break, take my word for it!!”

No. 620815

I have no doubt that there's stuff happening but she's never been too comfortable showing herself without make-up/good hair/whatever else.

No. 620857

I agree

True, she always was uncomfortable but at least a little less so that there actually were pictures posted of her without makeup in the beginning. I don't remember her looking bad per se, but just looking like someone who had no makeup on and threw their hair up, nothing wrong with that. Or at the time it was "bad". It's always crazy looking back at cows thinking that at the time they looked bad but in the present have ruined themselves even more, you forget how much better they looked compared to now. I can only imagine what she would look like now, but I'm willing to bet its disastrous.

No. 620860


True but I think she’s yelled at Jonny about him posting her. Example: that picture of her in his merch stopped specifically at her neck. I’m hardcore tinfoilin’ but I think something happened to her lips/face based on that one video we heard of her along with her disappearing & hiding her face. I think she will be back when it’s fixed.

No. 620905


She looked pretty normal in those pictures of her horse back riding, and that was posted after the first weird "have you heard my mouth" video. The fact that we only see her through Jonny's lens now is a little creepy though.

As someone who used to be a big fan, I do still stupidly feel sympathetic towards her situation. No one should be in an abusive relationship.. But I can't really side with her until she puts those animals before her ego.

No. 620923

How long has she been with him? I'm a little unsure of the time frame.

Did she move to la to be with him or were they together before she moved?

No. 620928

She didn't move to la? she's still in Texas. he moved in with her. I think they've been together a year now.

No. 620930

Oh oops lol. I seem to remember her saying she was moving to la in a video ages ago

No. 620941


She always said she wanted to move to LA, it seemed to be her life's dream. As soon as Jonny entered her life, like literally the week he entered her life lol, she stopped talking about that and the apartment she has now became her "dream apartment." Now she's talking about buying a house in TX for both of them.

No. 620958

File: 1546633493815.png (9.89 MB, 1242x2208, CAC6BA86-5673-44EA-ACE1-434C23…)

Back to buying toys for her man child.

No. 620994

Honestly she probably can't afford it. Which is her own fault because she could have. I don't even know about her getting one in Texas now because of her being in so much debt to the IRS.

This is the equivalent to giving a dog treats

No. 620999

>a good purchase
jfc Taylor

No. 621000

At least the dog is grateful.

No. 621008

>Can we like agree to comment on taylor's instagram and youtube videos?

No, we like, can't. It's against the rules to organise shit like this here, knock it off.

No. 621011

A lot of people dislike her now and most people that actively watch Youtube probably unsubbed from her after the anti TND vids got popular. She's got a lot of subs that aren't active on Youtube or don't give a shit about her unless she pumps out all my pets videos and obviously she can't keep doing that for years.
She still has her tween fans but they will all grow up eventually and realize she sucks or just lose interest. It's just a matter of time until she gets forgotten about and gets stuck with 40 snakes and no career. Every old school Youtuber that is still popular now has worked hard for it; they are actually likable, funny and most of all they have never been involved in a controversy like Taylor. Just think about Shane or Jenna and compare them to Taylor, she will never be able to stay relevant like them.
At least Jonny will probably die soon so she's got that going for her, I guess.

Also no cowtipping etc, though everyone is free to do as they wish in their personal life - just don't announce it or plan it here.

No. 621062

File: 1546644860758.png (1.24 MB, 1154x817, Untitled.png)

Looks like he's using video footage from her video on Blue Tangs- specifically them being wild caught and how poorly they do in captivity with beginners. Ironically one of the first videos of hers I watched and was super impressed with how much she seemed to know/care…..

No. 621095

I completely forgot that she has veneers or a flipper or something now to “fix” her teeth

No. 621100

doesn't she own a wild caught naso tang?

No. 621106

A lot of her fish are/were wild caught, cheese and Zazu were wild caught and I think everything in her salt tank except the clownfish are wild caught.
Don’t quote me on this though I’m not sure.

No. 621117


Apparently she thinks it's fine to own a wild caught naso tang and stuff it in a small tank, but BLUE tangs are just too much.

>>621106 not to WK at all, but I can see an argument that Zazu being wild caught might be acceptable because lionfish are invasive and harmful in many places so taking them from those places isn't a conservation threat like taking native, threatened species is. Taking an invasive species from the ocean to a less than 30 gallon biocube so they can die young because they're "just a fish" is definitely not humane, though.

No. 621126

She definitely can't afford it. A lot of influencers are placed in these big ass houses to share with others by management, or have to rent with roommates. She's nowhere near the ability to own property in L.A., and I highly doubt she's even able to afford a "MiLlIoN dOlLaR hOuSe" in Texas.

Not to mention that some of her animals might not even be legal to own in California.

No. 621130

No. 621134

It’s ok when she does it, but not when anyone else does it! That’s the mentality Taylor lives by.

No. 621178

File: 1546660769024.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 87ED8D65-581E-41B9-BEC2-238A17…)

Every time I see Jonny post some dumb shit like this I feel more amused at how sad their lives really are. Eating heaps of candy and sitting in bed 24/7 either watching TV or reading comic books is Jonny’s idea of flexing on others that have normal jobs lmao. Honestly I can’t imagine how boring it must be just sitting at home all day doing nothing productive with your life

No. 621193

She was in two minds about moving there a year back because she didn’t want to have to give up her hedghogs, however it seems that mentality has changed.
Either way she’d be looking not only at rent or Morgage fees,l and bills, but licensing for her animals which would add up considering the amount she owns.

The moment she tries to moves there, not even YouTube reavenue will be able to support her especially with her (her Manlets) spending habits.

No. 621219

Such goals. We should all be envious.

No. 621335

Didn't she "decide" at one point that she was going to rent an apartment in Texas as well as in LA? Or did I imagine that

No. 621402

she's not able to afford the cost of living in California. If she can, she would've done it already. Her apartment is TINY compared to other apartments that she can get, especially with the amount she gets per month by youtube AND how cheap it is in Texas (from a Californian perspective). If she can't even find a house or an apartment that is twice as big as hers atm, then she can't afford a 1 bedroom apartment in LA. so LOL for her plans that will never happen especially if she has a manchild that's weighing her down financially and emotionally.

No. 621403

Some of her animals are illegal in cali. Hedgehogs are illegal, and i believe the axolotl too.

No. 621449

File: 1546720115020.png (796.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-05-21-27-44…)

This is a weird thing to flex about

No. 621451

Is that a vacuum lol? Is it a thing for opiate addicts to have cleaning bursts or something?

No. 621452


He is a shallow creature. Any costly material thing is worth flexing for him.

No. 621454

it’s a mini shop vac, looks to be about 5 gallons. pointless to get one that small with the amount of debris on her floor. they’re wet/dry vacuums and will suck up pretty much everything

No. 621457

the axolotl is indeed illegal in cali

that vacuum is LARGER than 5 gallons. looking at the companys website you can see on top on the lid how many gallons there are available. theres a 5 gal, 12 gal or 16 gal. they have a 12 or 16 gal because you can see on the lid that the number is a double digit number NOT a single digit number. you just cant see which exact number it is. https://www.vacmaster.com/vacs-air-movers/beast-series/ this is the website

No. 621458

Alright, chill out. Does it matter what size the vacuum is. No.

No. 621461

correct info to the best of our ability is what matters. idc about the size of the vacuum

chances are they'll barely use it anyways. they should just get a roomba or something. johnny is going on tour at the end of january. wonder if taytay will start posting again at that time

No. 621463

Since when does he clean the cages?

No. 621473

File: 1546722890276.png (496.5 KB, 750x1334, 4B89CA5D-38A2-4435-A700-9FE87B…)

Looks like they have been on a bender.

No. 621476

"self inflicted bullshit", interesting. wonder if he means relationship drama or really drugs (probably both, i know)

No. 621505

Your icon is showing nonny.
Seems like the typical part of the cycle. They probably have had intense fighting and drug binges during their absence on social media (besides Jonny’s couple of stories). Now it’s time for the apologies and the promises to get better. He’s so predictable it’s not even funny.
But don’t worry guise I bet he’ll be so sObEr over his month long tour without Taylor.
I’m sure as soon as he goes on tour she’ll start posting again. What else is she going to do all day by herself? She is slowly losing her source of income. That, or if she still can’t handle the “haterz” when she returns she’ll go dark again and desire to follow Jonny all over tour. It’s a given that he’ll cheat and drink and use while he’s on tour either way.

No. 621510

No. 621516

File: 1546725903915.jpg (670.63 KB, 762x652, Inkedtwitterpic_LI.jpg)

It definitely looks like she has smaller lips. Maybe they really were fucked up

No. 621525

>starting some new medicine

I wonder if he's talking about methadone or suboxone?

No. 621528

I think jonny was referring to both of them tho.. I dont think jonny was the only one drug bingeing during the holidays

No. 621542

Is Kronos dead or did Taylor rehome him? Did anyone ever find out? I hope it's the latter instead of the former…

No. 621543

This photo is from January 2018, not this January, if you look at the Twitter thread of the girl who posted it she was posting photos of her favorite 2018 moments.

No. 621544

we haven't seen or heard of him since before animal control sent her that notice and asked her to call them concerning an aggressive monitor lizard in the apartment. no one really knows if/when animal services went to the apartment, and what happened with the animals. she claimed she was going to film them going through the apartment and get them to talk to the camera about how great she is, but no evidence that they were ever there has been shared.

No. 621547

Oh, ok. Sorry for posting and old pic then.

If you're talking about that one post from "VR" then that was a fake before he got his tripcode. Who knows what's going on otherwise, but I doubt she would give him away after going on and on about how she can take care of him.

No. 621548


There's been lots of speculation ACS took him, that he died, etc. We have literally nothing to go on except that he was mentioned on the ACS form she posted. As of now San Antonio ACS doesn't have anything online indicating that they have a monitor up for adoption, and I'd think they would if he were there.

Most likely he's not dead or gone, just chronically neglected and underwatered like all her pets.

No. 621554

He didn't make an appearance in the Google ad, did he? Weird since he was meant to be Betsys pet.

No. 621564

I'm the anon who just asked about Kronos. I was curious because I haven't heard anything about him since before the ACS visit like the other anon mentioned. I expected her to be flexing about how supposedly healthy he was despite the haters. Her silence on the topic is a bit disturbing IMO.

No. 621580

She posted a brief Instagram story with Kronos in it AFTER that ACS notice. Of course it could have been an old clip.

No. 621583

Jonny has already deleted his post. Slight TF but Taylor probably didn’t like it because of how obvious it was that they were “relapsing” (not really relapsing if you never stopped to begin with)

No. 621587


Oh you're right, his absence in the Google ad is suspect. Still, doesn't look like ACS took him from what I can tell, so there's not much to go on.

No. 621595

He probably wouldnt be posted for adoption because monitors in general need experienced owners and if he was deemed aggressive then he definitely wouldnt be publicly open for adoption. He would have most likely been given to an organization that deals with reptiles and large lizards

No. 621780

Robert Downey Jr said he was done when he decided he was done. Rehab didn't do it. He made a choice. Jonny isn't ready to be done, not really. I actually feel bad for both of them because he will drag her down with him and it will end (hopefully not) in violence or ugliness but they aren't going to be together forever. I actually have a lot of pity for them at this point because its obvious they are in a downward spiral.

No. 621820


Petfinder doesn't have any lizards at all in the area from what I can tell. I'm not local there so I don't know all the reptile rescues or where they post adoptable animals, but I'm not finding anything that looks like it could be Kronos.

No. 621847

not to blogpost or anything but i'm wondering if they already relapsed and that is why he took it down. and if so there goes the whole "putting all my focus on my mental and physical health with taylor" bullshit

No. 621883

So they didn't celebrate Christmas or New Years, which I'm assuming her mother hasn't heard of them during the holidays either? Has she posted anything about it? And so she has no problem with it and it isn't an indication that something might be wrong?
It's weird that they weren't flaunting their relationship for Christmas or New Year's. It's the biggest excuse and time to show off.
This post almost confirms drug use for them both to me.

No. 621902

Oh my god could you be more nitpicky about what people are posting. Anyways, it's a 14 gallon one, different model than the 5/12/16 gallon version.
I find it odd that Taylor wouldn't celebrate Christmas, there's so many things she could do "Christmassy" with her animals. Christmas pictures, take them to see santa (for more handle able less easily stressed ones), get them gifts, etc. Good way to get attention

No. 622045

File: 1546745095058.jpeg (118.83 KB, 1536x651, ACF8E9FA-9FE7-40DE-9C93-27EA01…)

No. 622083

Who has chipotle for Christmas dinner….

No. 622125


It's probably related to Tanner's PWS, chill anon. I suspect they don't cook a Christmas feast for the same reason they don't cook a Thanksgiving feast. Taylor has an old video on it.

No. 622444

Wouldve been healthier if they homecooked especially when mamadean has children who are sensitive to food. Maybe Jonny and Taylor visited them with chipotle and it was an instant party because he tends to flex on things that are minor

No. 622465

Not only are several of her animals illegal in CA, but most apartments have a pet policy that limits the number you're allowed to own. Typically it's no more than 2 or 3. Certainly not 50. Even pet-friendly apartments can evict you for having more than the allowed number of pets.

No. 622470

Yeah, it's so weird. I can't imagine getting on social media and telling everyone how awesome it was I had whatever food for whichever holiday. How boring does your life have to be to flex such shit?

No. 622494

Even then. Why wouldn't her mother cook even just a special-ish, healthy, homecooked meal? Chipotle isn't exactly healthy. Christmas doesn't need to be a feast, but it also doesn't need to be what is essentially fast food, especially when you have a kid with a special diet. Also, can celiacs even safely eat chipotle?

No. 622501

File: 1546784111617.png (311.17 KB, 750x1334, E3CEA422-05E2-4577-87C9-5AAC46…)

Is it just me or is it weird that he’s still tagging Taylor even though her twitter doesn’t exist anymore

No. 622504

Celiacs can eat chipotle as long as it doesn’t have rice. But even so, anyone I’ve known with celiacs would rather play it safe and cook their own food…. mama dean is an anti-Vaxxer right? So I’m guessing that probably means she also has a bit of Munchausen By Proxy. If she was really concerned about triggering an attack, she would’ve cooked.

No. 622515

Celiacs can eat rice. Celiacs don't have issues with all grains, it's specifically gluten, and rice does not contain gluten. The only issue she'd have is with a flour tortilla.

No. 622520

Shes an anti vaxxer?

No. 622534

there are gluten free options but it's not a gluten-free facility so they can't guarantee it's safe if you're celiac, like taylor claims to be. I think she exaggerates how sensitive she is

No. 622535

Sounds like
1. Making being "lazy" sound cool
2. Because neither of you have cars
3. Drugs and isolation

No. 622538

"weekends" i.e. "neither of us have regular-scheduled jobs so every day is a weekend"

No. 622549

Lmao seriously, I can’t stand people who make a big deal out of the “weekends” when literally they have no normal jobs so every day is the weekend for them?
I can see where you’re coming from but I still don’t understand where the pity is coming from with people… Taylor was warned that Jonny’s 1) raped his exes 2) a drug user 3) an abusive and manipulative person. The list could go on. Why feel bad for Taylor when she was warned SO many times over and over, even by he very people he hurt? Please don’t say age because I’m her age and would never choose to ruin my life with a scumbag like that. And definitely don’t feel bad for Jonny. Don’t pity rapists like Taylor does

No. 622572

Agreed. I feel like a lot of people that pity Taylor also pity Laineybot, and look what kind of shit came out about her recently.

Taylor is also an awful person. Not gonna say she deserves Jonny cause he's on a totally different level of human scum but she's definitely not some naive little girl, she knows what she's doing and she knew what she was getting herself into.

No. 622603

Taylor holds a lot of responsibility for her situation. She excused his rape allegations and claimed that his past victims were liars. Very fucked up. However, let's please not victim blame here. I'm not whiteknighting Taylor specifically, I'm just saying it's important we recognize that victims of domestic violence are often warned millions of times, yet stay in their situations. It's very frustrating to watch as outsiders and it can be difficult to understand why people pity her, but you never know the full circumstances. Nobody deserves to feel (or be) stuck with an abuser, no matter how much they may have contributed to their own situation.

No. 622606

Whether people are victim blaming is a matter of opinion.

No. 622621

It might make me a shitty person but I don't feel bad for Taylor at all. She knew the guy for a month before seeing him irl and was warned before she even met him by his exes, their friends and random people. I said this before: She has many more opportunities to leave him than a normal person, she could just fuck off when he's on tour and never tell him where she went. I'd say she can afford a second appartment for a bit if she has a salary of 50 fucking thousand dollars a month.

But, she won't leave cause he has dirt on her and THAT'S her own fault for being a shitty person. If she was a decent human being he wouldn't have anything on her other than nudes or something (which he already posted anyway lol).

No. 622749


Homecooking a large meal means there would need to be more food/ingredients around in the kitchen, the house would smell like food, cooking would take up time, all things you may want to avoid with PWS. Taylor's video said they try to avoid making food a special or emotional event so I'd assume that's what they were doing.

Chipotle definitely isn't a healthy option, but there isn't much open on Christmas, and who cares? This is such a weird thing to nitpick. Maybe they just wanted to relax on the holiday instead of cooking?

As far as gluten free >>622534 is right. The only ingredient that actually contains gluten is the flour tortillas, so if the employees change their gloves and use all materials that haven't touched any flour tortillas to make your food it's theoretically safe. Risky if you can't tell for sure that they did that, but overall it is possible to eat gluten free there.

No. 622761

File: 1546820290493.jpg (599.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190106-161602_Ins…)

Seems like maybe Taylor was trying to break up with him over the break. wonder if he relapsed, cheated, or if she's just done with his general negative impact on her life?

No. 622763


Also, look how low the water level in that tank is…I wonder if she’s draining it or neglecting it?

No. 622789

I was going to ask if everything in it is just dead to be honest.

No. 622791

true I don't see a single fish, but that doesn't mean it's completely empty

No. 622793

was just thinking of why she'd drain her tank unless she is deep cleaning it for an all my pets video (i don't know how she would move all her fish to clean it? but i don't have experience with fish) or if all the fish/inhabitants of the tank died…

No. 622795


In a normal situation, if you really wanted to deep clean the tank you could just put the fish in bags or a bucket for a bit. But hasn't basically everything in that tank died? I think there might've been corals and one or two little fish left after Zazu and Larry died, so maybe she's just ignoring it now that it's "boring." That or they died because she thought they were boring.

No. 622796

Maybe I'm wrong because hell if I can keep up with all her animals but isn't that the tank that has been empty for quite a while already? Didn't she have one like that in her living Room?

No. 622806

Zazu was definitely in that tank and so was Larry up until she claimed she sent him to a friend to be babysat. That’s if I’m remembering all these lies right.

No. 622818

She had a blue Toby puffer, a blue dot jawfish and her maroon clownfish in that tank.
No idea if she has moved them since, however the puffer and jawfish were in there because they were predators.

No. 622819

Replying to my own post but yes Zazu and Larry were in this tank also.

No. 622858

Late but this truly is the most retarded post, congratulations.
>celiacs can eat rice
>brother has Prader-Willi Syndrome, google it
>Munchhausen diagnosis when her kid has a real syndrome (see above)
>bonus antivaxx fantasy
>bonus waffling

No. 622864

The way Taylor “spoils” her manlet is so cringy. Honestly it’s hard to tell sometimes that these are adults. “Sorry for fighting with you and doing drugs with you, but I’m so proud of you for being one day sober~ Here’s some toys! uwu”

No. 622868

This looks like she shopped for a 10 year old

No. 622876


Imagine thinking this is worth flexing over.

No. 622909

This is truly just sad lol. Trying to flex literally every day about your funko pop toys and Spider-Man socks? Seriously how old is this dude? He must be furious he doesn’t have thousands of dollars anymore to spend on the newest Yeezy shoes so he has to resort to flexing about toys. God honestly I know this gets said a lot but imagine how boring it must be to be them. You may make a lot of money but clearly that doesn’t mean shit

No. 622923

You know that saying, “money wont make you happy”? Taylor has enough money yet tries so hard to make their relationship work and be happy by buying all these things for themselves. Lol they’re obviously trying very hard to be happy and yet dive into drugs at the end of the day

No. 622943

This shits just cringy as hell. What's next, Spiderman diapers and bottle for her baby boy man?

No. 622953

I’d say that tank is empty. You never ‘deep clean’ a marine tank like freshwater. There isn’t anything to clean it it. It’s all live and balanced. I’m guessing she just hasn’t bothered to top it off daily. It wouldn cause a salinity issue if there were fish in there.

No. 622989


I hope she's moved them all, if the water line just evaporated that low especially in a 30 gallon won't it throw off the salinity in there by a ton? I hope she isn't putting any conscious living things through that, how hard is it to at least top off the water in a tank?

No. 622999

I feel bad for her because at this point she knows he's couch surfing. He probably threatened to expose her during a fight, she agreed to take him back, he love bombed her and swore he wasn't going to actually do it. That is the MO. And yes, many of you didn't date someone like that but many others did. I have sympathy for her because at this point it is obvious.

No. 623011

God, how many toy present dumps is she going to do for this man child? This is like third one within a week or so. Why all the gifts???

No. 623013

That's depressing to think about. Mama Dean is a fucking psycho, but I'm sure living with someone like Tanner must be miserable as fuck.

It's just further proof of how shit Taylor is with money. I don't know how she's staying off YouTube/social media and why she thinks that's viable when it's her only source of income and she spends like she's a billionaire.

No. 623016

Because most of her sales come from merch. Didn’t she have Christmas themed merch? That’s probably where the money is coming from, plus sponsorships.

She’s still shit with money, though.

No. 623017

Does anyone actually buy that? I have only seen a handful of comments about getting her merch.

No. 623018

Most of the comments I’ve always seen when she announced merch have been “omg I want it but it costs too much money!”. It’s mainly tweens that have no money so they have to ask mommy to buy their TND merch. Plus her merch is honestly so unoriginal and boring idk why anyone would want it.

No. 623020

Same reason kids buy Jake Paul’s merch. His shit is literal clip art stolen from google images yet kids throw money at him. Some of those tweens probably asked for merch as Christmas presents.

No. 623023

>I'm sure living with someone like Tanner must be miserable as fuck.

What did Tanner do, other than have a medical condition?

No. 623024

It’s stressful to care for someone with issues as severe as his. I wouldn’t say “miserable” but it’s hard work.

No. 623030

NTA, but Jennifer spends all her time with Tanner, every single day. I imagine that having to be 24/7 with someone with PWS eventually takes its toll on you, considering people with that syndrome need to be heavily monitored so they don't eat shit they shouldn't, and they're also prone to outbursts due to delayed mental development.

It's not Tanner's fault to have this condition, but it must be a really stressful and frustrating situation to live in.

No. 623031

Um his condition isn’t a cake walk, he needs F/T care and there’s not a cure

No. 623033

I don't think Taylor's mim has it but you can totally still have Munchhausen by Proxy with a kid with disabilities. It's quite common, actually, since kids like Tanner are so mentally demanding.

You, now that you mention it, Taylor's personality makes a lot of sense. Having to grow up with a brother like that (plus her mother, of course) must have been quite hard, no wonder she is an attentionwhore.

No. 623036

I don't think Taylor's mom has it but you can totally still have Munchhausen by Proxy with a kid with disabilities. It's quite common, actually, since kids like Tanner are so mentally demanding.

You, now that you mention it, Taylor's personality makes a lot of sense. Having to grow up with a brother like that (plus her mother, of course) must have been quite hard, no wonder she is an attentionwhore.

No. 623037

I don't think Taylor's mom has it but you can totally still have Munchhausen by Proxy with a kid with disabilities. It's quite common, actually, since kids like Tanner are so mentally demanding.

You, now that you mention it, Taylor's personality makes a lot of sense. Having to grow up with a brother like that (plus her mother, of course) must have been quite hard, no wonder she is an attentionwhore.

No. 623038

I don't think Taylor's mom has it but you can totally still have Munchhausen by Proxy with a kid with disabilities. It's quite common, actually, since kids like Tanner are so mentally demanding.

You, now that you mention it, Taylor's personality makes a lot of sense. Having to grow up with a brother like that (plus her mother, of course) must have been quite hard, no wonder she is an attentionwhore.

No. 623041

Yes kids with disabilities can be a challenge to take care of but let's not shit on them. It's not their fault.

No. 623049

Yeah, no reason to be talking about him right now.

Also I will never feel bad for Taylor because of her relationship with Jonny unless he somehow does something worse than his ex's have described to her. Imagine after having every kind of warning possible and still going through with a relationship like that. Yeah, I would maybe understand if this guy were a celebrity, rich, or something, but he's not. He's some washed up singer with no teeth. They literally walked her through everything that would happen and her parents tried to get her out of it in the beginning. She deserves what's coming.
Also I like how she freaked out at Bree blaming her for the drugs but having an addict boyfriend was always a-okay.

No. 623052

well this is dragging on now and this disabled child is not the thread subject so it's officially reached the point of derailing.

No. 623236

At this point, i’m betting that Taylor is away from social media until this site gets tired from the lack of milk and dies off. But what if we’re still here Taylor? Now what will you do when your money runs out and you can’t pay for your 30 yr old child to stay with you?

No. 623272

Saying that Jen must have a miserable as fuck life because of Tanner is shitting on him. No it's not all sunshine and puppies taking care of someone with a severe disability, but it's not complete hell, either. That's all I'm going to say on it.

Taylor will be back. It's not just the money she craves, but the attention from her stans. She can't live without the constant validating asspats.

No. 623282

Taylor, Luna Slater’s thread has been waaay more dry than this. You will run out of money before we run out of free time. At the end of the day all cows always come back to the internet.

No. 623287

File: 1546951832782.png (680.12 KB, 1125x2436, FE2FD14D-BC9A-41FC-BF85-7BC24C…)

No. 623292

I don't think people will ever let him forget his horrible, abusive past. Perhaps they wouldn't be quite as hard on him if he actually made any attempt to reform, but we all know that he'll never change.

No. 623294


Let's be real, if he TRULY wanted to reform and be a better person, he would speak up about the shit he's done. He'd apologize and make a statement regarding the abuse. No, it won't make his exes feel better and it won't suddenly make everything okay, but he'd at least be honest.

However all we hear from him is his exes are "psychos" and "bitches". Go fucking figure. He won't change, won't own up to the sick shit he's done and overall, will continue to be a man child who manipulates and uses people. He deserves to be called out and he deserves to never live it down. Fuck him.

No. 623297

You guys do know if Jonny makes the minimal effort to acknowledge any wrong doing he can go to jail for any of the things he did right? He's not stupid enough to admit to something any of his victims still have no proof of.If he ignores this it stays like this just a bunch of people claiming things that aren't true. That she's just a crazy ex.

No. 623298

I had an ex admit some wrong doing to me and I just kept quite about it because I thought he had changed.

No. 623299


Like I said, if he TRULY wanted to reform, he'd do the time but obviously doesn't care or want to. So of course he's going to ignore it and just say his exes are crazy psycho bitches.

No. 623326

Has he EVER made any sort of public statement regarding the abuse and scams aside from incoherent Twitter posts? I didn't know about Jonny until the Taylor threads blew up. A quick google search showed that he's addressed his addictions, but nothing else. I'd have assumed he would've at least gone on record denying the claims

No. 623328

The only time I can think of is when he responded to Chelsea when he didn't show up in court when she got the restraining order on him. But it was just insulting tweets towards her, something to the effect of "why should I show up for a useless bitch like you".

No. 623339

her twitter must be close to being deactivated for a month now. when was it turned off? if she's not careful she'll have to start over. or maybe that's what she wants

No. 623343

I think she does. She's trying to delete evidence

No. 623348

Yup. Everything will be deleted. Every time she slipped up. Every time she was caught in a lie. Every DM she ever sent. This is intentional.

I thought she might be in rehab, but Jonny's posts have made it obvious she is on an even worse drug binge than usual. I wonder what the death count will be if she even comes back.

No. 623369

I went back and checked the old threads and it appears that 12/02/18 is when her twitter was deactivated. If that’s the case I think everything is gone? Isn’t 30 days the reactivation limit?

No. 623371

As much as she wants is all to go away, she seems to have forgotten there are plenty of people out there who got screen shots of at least the most incriminating garbage she's tweeted.

No. 623373

I don't think she's forgotten. She'll just say that the screenshots were faked.

No. 623374


She seems to think deleting her Twitter "on accident" will make everything go away. Taylor is not very bright. She's been known to delete tweets in minutes, so we screenshot them. We've already gathered so much evidence from her Twitter, this is jut another way for her to deny these claims. 'Those are fake lmao' or whatever bullshit excuse she likes to use when called out.

No. 623375

She's fucked anyway cos the near 30 threads don't lie. She doesn't seem to realise that the internet is forever and when you fuck up (and she fucked up big time) it's recorded and anyone can find it.

No. 623376

no, she deleted it a bunch of times before this time. I think at the start of december it was just for a few days, then she did it again shortly before christmas.

No. 623377

Was she vertifiied on twitter? (I don't Twitter so don't know how that works lol)

No. 623378

File: 1546979621579.jpg (66.82 KB, 576x1024, D2kVqG3U.jpg_medium.jpg)

Someone had wrote me a Twitter dm on 2nd of December and said that they reported Taylor and sent me this screenshot. Idk if it's fake or not but the person seemed genuine so I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. They had also argued with Taylor and she sent her stans after them so they might've reported her for bullying or something.

I've never been locked out of my Twitter accounts or anything, is it possible that Taylor actually lost her account cause of mass reports?
It seems weird that she didn't make a dramatic goodbye post on Twitter and just left.

No. 623379

That would be a wicked twist if it’s true! She is a bully.

No. 623383

File: 1546980885832.jpg (159.96 KB, 1079x718, Screenshot_20190108-215404_Sam…)

Including screenshot of chat just in case so some anons won't get their panties in a bunch again

No. 623385

I feel like it’s fake because usually when you report an account you can select tweets that are offensive and they have the account name in the tweet. I also usually get updates in my notifications tab, I’ve never gotten an email before. The language also seems off.

Personally think she ran from twitter on her own because she’s been getting exposed and is too high to come back. I also wonder if she’s reactivating then deactivating again because she’s gonna lose her verification and I don’t see her willing to lose it because she’s so full of herself.

No. 623395

I don’t know man, this is kinda questionable because it’s just a screenshot saying an account got removed, but it doesn’t mention which one.

If they provide something that links this removal to Taylor’s account, that’d be different.

No. 623404

Whenever I've gotten emails like this after reporting accounts, it's always listed the account that has been locked somewhere in the email. Not saying it's definitely fake, but I'm skeptical.

No. 623418

If Taylor's Twitter is permanently deleted does that mean I can steal her username?

No. 623435

File: 1546988986397.jpeg (8.32 MB, 4032x3024, 6B425FD3-4DEA-4525-869D-192B08…)

It’s not deleted yet.

No. 623446

Im willing to bet she logs back into twitter occasionally to check things out.

No. 623447

Suspension is more likely than a outright perma ban tbh. So no, you wouldn't be able to take her username.

No. 623451

File: 1546991943088.png (24.63 KB, 654x188, deany.PNG)

No. 623455

Then stop lurking here, Jen.

If Taylor's intentions are to make her thread stop, and the milk dries up, that's fine. However, I hope she knows that as soon as she comes back, even if it's a year (she'll be back soon, this is her income) her thread will just be bumped again. You can't escape lolcow unless you actually make an effort to be a better person, and people have escaped it, their threads buried with time, it's not impossible. But there are some people that will just never change.
The general pet tuber thread always gets buried, and that's including every other pet tuber. Even after the milk that was Emzotic. Taylor's never dies. That should say something to her.

No. 623461


If she made her animal care better, or was at least willing to show it consistently is basically acceptable, most of the ex-fans of hers that are on these threads would probably quiet down. But to get herself on the right track she'd also have to leave Jonny, stop being two-faced to her Pettube clique, and maybe mange to have half a work ethic and a basic level of maturity. Kudos to her if she did, I hope she can do it. But she certainly hasn't shown really anything in the last year of threads to indicate that she's willing to do any of that.

No. 623473

What on earth would her twitter get suspended or permanently locked for? Unless she told someone to kts like Momokun did, this is just an example of pernicious reporting and if the account was ever locked, it was probably for an extremely short time until the reported tweets were reviewed by a human.

This happened >>623385 because another well-known animal died or Kronos was removed by ACS, or both. She just can't face up to it and show the animals that remain.

No. 623495


She writes like she's a living, breathing fortune cookie. Hollow on the inside, with barely enough room for two tired lines of "wise" and "prophetic" bullshit.

No. 623499

Does this woman not have a fucking hobby or something? The lack of self awareness is always so astounding to me.

No. 623541

If her account was suspended then the page would say so, not that the page doesn't exist.

For an example, check the twitter account @dory which was banned not long ago. If she was suspended, it would look like that page.

No. 623603

No. She's always spending time with Tanner which leaves her with very limited spare time for herself. The only thing she can do is go on Twitter to ramble nonsense and cringe.

No. 623717

I, for one, can never figure out what the fuck Jen is trying to say. She writes like an angsty middle schooler whose first language isn’t English.

No. 623751

I think she will be back when he goes on tour. His first show is Jan. 24th in the UK. He’s notorious for doing things while on tour and this one is a bit long since it will be there ‘world tour’. Unless she’s planning on leaving her animals to travel the world with him, we will see how well all this love bombing holds up when he’s gone for a couple of months.

No. 623781

He's going to be gone for a month. This is the perfect time for her to run, I know she won't but I still hope she will gtfo of there for her animals sake

No. 623807

Honestly I don't think she'll leave. At the beginning she blew money during his first tour, but that was only across the States. She didn't go to Brazil, and I don't really think she has enough money to go to the UK for a month.

No. 623811

Honestly I don't think she'll leave. At the beginning she blew money during his first tour, but that was only across the States. She didn't go to Brazil, and I don't really think she has enough money to go to the UK for a month.

No. 623820

I could've sworn some time last year Taylor was planning on going to Australia or some place abroad with Jonny for the tour? Does anyone remember?

No. 623829

I’m guessing Taylor has been spoiling her man child because like VR said, when Jonny is about to leave on tour is when they fight the worst. She’s probably trying to keep him from the violent outbursts and arguments.
I really don’t see how she could leave with him on tour for an entire month. Regardless of how much she makes, she is shit with her money and has already been gone like a month. Every day she is gone she’s most likely losing the interest of her army of tween followers. So I’m assuming she’ll be back as soon as Jonny’s away for tour.
He’ll be gone an entire month. If she had any shred of intelligence and actual desire to better herself and her life, these next few weeks are the prime time to get him the fuck out of her life.
Taylor we know you lurk here daily, I really hope you’re smart enough to leave him. I have no sympathy for you if you continue to be a rape apologist and support him in your life. Life must be so miserable with him.. gtfo of that relationship.

No. 623838

Has anyone read the lyrics of this song? This could be about Taytay as it was written by JC last year.


No. 623839

Not a bad song or singing. Too bad he’s such an ass.

No. 623855

File: 1547085349519.jpg (14.38 KB, 236x354, 08e726fe77373b92ba88afb3136f74…)

My, how the mighty have fallen. This song sounds extremely auto tuned in an obvious, bad way?

No. 623857

Taylor when u read this: please leave, change ur number, never look back. He’s not gna change for u and u can’t save him, so save ur self and the bbs.

No. 623858

Eh, to be honest I don't think he's that outstanding. He doesn't have a bad voice but it's not really good either.

No. 623867

File: 1547087929082.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, 0443BF82-7D3E-4E53-98D0-C19E12…)

No. 623869

Her fingernails are absolutely vile. Hopefully in her time away from the internet she has managed to film and edit some videos. Doubtful

No. 623870

File: 1547088630634.png (11.85 MB, 1242x2208, EE94BB5A-1B8F-45BF-A222-7896A2…)

By posting it on social media

No. 623876

Nemo is super cute I wish I could save him.

No. 623880

“I’m being productive by scribbling and not spending time on actual videos”

No. 623881

What's productive about this lmao

No. 623883


Pretty sure she's being sarcastic but it doesn't really come across well.

No. 623890


She's quite obviously being sarcastic, but it just comes across as really pathetic if this is how she is actually spending her time.

No. 623975

Why are there two identical bouquets

No. 624040

Not to WK but what a nitpick. You can only see one nail and it looks totally normal

No. 624053

Aren't those carnations? They're toxic to cats.

The roses are fine, and her cats might not eat plants, but chances are fairly high with three of them in the house.

I know Jonny bought them but idgaf, he should know better and Taylor should have told him if he doesn't. I know they're only mildly toxic to cats, but still, having anything around that can make them vomit and have diarrhea is bad.

No. 624077

Sorry you have ugly fingernails, anon. Her thumb looks like the nail is dying.

No. 624079

I know she’s being sarcastic, but imagine how much time she spent scribbling this basic bitch bullshit just to post on IG.

No. 624120


she always used to have nicely done acrylics - she's clearly spending that money/time on drugs and lying in bed now instead of caring about her appearance. classic symptom of drug use

No. 624121

Honestly though I’m glad she no longer gets nails. It always looked like she was going to accidentally jab one of her animals in the eye and also the underside of the nails would have so much bacteria.

No. 624141

>>her fingernails are absolutely vile
This made me laugh out loud what the hell lol

No. 624143

I know we've been suspecting she's on a drug binge and this kinda confirms it for me. I did this kind of useless busy shit when I was on coke

No. 624144

That’s nit picky as hell, her making random doodles is hardly indicating that she’s going on a drug binge.

No. 624146

Maybe not just that but coupled with everything else it kinda does. Just Jonnys instagram stories are enough proof to me tbh. Her fingers have also been hella swollen.

No. 624154

this is my favorite exchange ive ever seen on this forum – fingernail anon, i agree, her fingernails lookin kinda funky

No. 624169

lol Anons wtf, her nails look normal. They're probably just a bit damaged from all the acrylic she's had on them. It'll grow out.

No. 624259

Nail biter??

So sad to see her waste away her young life by doing NOTHING but sounding high as hell, playing switch and doodling all day. Must be so fun to burn so much money and time without any selfawareness of where you see yourself in the next 10 years. Isn’t she like 21? I understand if you have a debt due to college but $100k at the age of 21 due to your lack of common sense is hilarious

No. 624260

Was the $100k owed to the IRS from college debt? I thought she didn’t go to college, just basically said “hurr hurr school isn’t for me” without even trying it.
I do believe school isn’t for everyone, but it’s sad that she calls herself an animal educator and has 0 backing to it. She doesn’t attend anything or branch out with programs to learn more, she acts like she’s so knowledgeable when she literally just Googles everything, and still gets things wrong… hoarding a bunch of animals in a little apartment doesn’t make you anything special.

No. 624263

She didn't go to college, she's just too dumb to file her taxes correctly or hiring an accountant

No. 624264


No, the $100K is from fucking up her taxes, which anon was saying is much worse than being in debt for a real reason like getting an education.

Also, I totally agree with you. College isn't for everyone, but she can't say she's an "expert" when she has no form of animal care background. There are so many ways to get something (associates at community college, online college, traditional, part time, etc.) as well as accredited animal behavior programs that she could do that aren't full degrees. She could also just get involved with local keepers and breeders, or volunteer/work with local shelters, but she's so shit at keeping animals none of them want her near them, plus she can only make enemies of local breeders like she did with the Bearded Dragon situation so many times before they don't even sell to her, let alone work with her.

No. 624278

Since we're in nitpick mode cause of lack of milk, florist anon and these are worse than grocery store tier wrap up flowers. There's no greens or added flowers to make it look pretty, and they're also the cheaper, lower quality roses and not full carnations but mini ones. He also put them in empty drink bottles (kek)
He must have gotten them from someone selling them from the side of the road or something

No. 624280

It honestly looks like a 3 for $12 deal I've seen at the grocery store before. They're small bouquets that are normally seasonal flowers. If I had to guess these would probably be Valentine's day ones.

No. 624287


Yes, but that isn't until March. So if things keep going the way they are; he will go on world tour for a month or so, she will begin posting again. She will be increasingly active as he is 'busy' or whatever is going on. Then, when she is at the point of maybe leaving, they will spend a honeymoon trip in Australia together and he will talk about how she's saved his life again.

Tinfoil hat moment: anyone wonder if she deleted Twitter and is staying off because JC caught her talking to people about wanting to leave him?

No. 624332

File: 1547165013828.jpg (359.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190111-010146_Ins…)

Does anyone know who runs the Petfest accounts?

No. 624341

What the hell. Wait. Does taylor not run the event?

No. 624346

Lol @ thinking Johnny is even remotely professional enough to make a public statement

No. 624363

What is this regarding?

No. 624387

I think pickles was?

No. 624388

about breeexotics saying on her instagram story that she wouldn't be welcomed at petfest when someone asked if she was attending. i don't have screencaps but it was from her q&a on instagram.

No. 624391

No. 624433

Everyone may be welcome at petfest But only those with 10k+ subs are considered creators. It's a shun to the small creators. They get free tickets but no discovery area nothing

No. 624476

This, so much! Why does everyone acts like he is Orpheus incarnated? Go to any theater musical group and you will find people with voices just as good but that put 10x the work he does in training. He was just lucky to be in a popular Band once.

No. 624477

This, so much! Why does everyone acts like he is Orpheus incarnated? Go to any theater musical group and you will find people with voices just as good but that put 10x the work he does in training. He was just lucky to be in a popular Band once.

No. 624518

yeah she'll be welcomed as a guest/fan but not as a creator since she got ostracized from the friend group for """"""forcing taylor to relapse""""""

No. 624691


Happytails and cataleah weren’t allowed to attend last year. And now apparently any creator who is even slightly unsupportive of Taylor has been added to a blacklist for the event.

No. 624703

Happytails I get because of her shit care but why Cataleah? Did she talk about that? And do you know of any others that are blacklisted?

No. 624748

Rules have changed now apparently happy tails, even emzotic are allowed to attend. Just not anyone with less then 10k subs . Just a place where the popular people can go to get more popular regardless of wether or not they have got good care. The smaller pet channels are the ones it seems most against Taylor anyway

No. 624749

It just sounds like a disgusting echo chamber of Taylor-defenders. I really don’t understand no matter how badly you want popularity and money, that can override your morals of supporting someone who is a known rape apologist, has bad animal care and is just a shitty person overall.
When some of the people who were previously friends with her, it was so weird how they would say she’s really not a bad person when you get to know her. It’s called having multiple faces? They try to show you that they’re a good person but to the rest of the world treat others like shit. And you become so captivated in how nice they’re treating you that you disregard what the person does to others.

No. 624764

It's really convenient that Taylor is off Twitter during all this R.Kelly stuff lol

No. 624770

Cataleah and Taylor have bad blood. Idk why, but I remember cataleah’s commenting in support of what ever’s exposé video on Taylor.

No. 624778

Cataleahs care is just as bad as happy tails. One of her "all my pets" vids showcased empty enclosures with nothing but substrate and an animal. No enrichment and no water dishes either. I'd honestly say she is slightly worse than Taylor.

Keep in mind if Pet Fest let creators with any amount of subs attend, people with 100 subs would flood the event. I do think there is a way they could allow for smaller creators though, even if they did like a handful of small creators that were voted to attend by fans? Idk

No. 624793

It's possible, they could have fought over it and then made up hence stuff like >>623870. But now she's caught in a corner with little or no outlet away from him. It'll be interesting to see how things progress from here.

No. 624807

how does that relate? johnny is nowhere near r kelly's scale of fucked up.

No. 624811


NTAYRT but I can see Taylor reposting some statement about how not supporting him, then come the comments like "Aren't u dating a rapist?" "Didn't Jonny try to pick up underage girls?", all posts conveniently disappear, twitter is disabled for a few days. Typical Taylor shit.

No. 624863

Bc they're both abusers whose victims werent believed/supported? Either way it doesnt look good for Taylor, so its convenient that shes off Twitter atm.

Exactly this

No. 624896

I just thought about the girl on Twitter that tried to start a thread to get Taylor to 2 million subscribers by the end of 2018, which Taylor herself retweeted, and can I just say lmfao
Within this last month she’s gained less than 20,000 subscribers. Her last upload a month ago didn’t even break 100k views. Her channel is performing very poorly. I wonder how long it will take her to run out of money.
Good luck buying your million dollar house for your manlet at this rate.

No. 624899

I think she ran out of money ages ago and is in credit card debt.

No. 624901

File: 1547244919861.jpg (414.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190112-091140_Ins…)

No. 624910

Who's that from

No. 624924

Happy Tails

No. 624953

lets be honest, taylor isn't that popular so no one is really gonna care - especially her stans who are just there for the cute animals.

No. 625050

I still don’t get why people pull the “oh I feel so bad for her, abusive relationships are horrible and I feel so terrible she’s with him!”
Like fuck dude she has had more opportunity than most to gtfo. Jonny is gone for days at a time. She has plenty of time while he’s on tour to get the locks changed so she and her animals are safe. Get his shit dumped outside the door and with a police officer when he gets back so he get get his shit and leave without anyone getting hurt.
I wish an abusive relationship on NO ONE. But when you were warned prior to getting into it, excuse the fact that he’s raped other women and continue to support him when you have plenty of opportunity to get out - I don’t feel bad for you.

No. 625096

To be fair, for some people it's hard to keep up with all the thing she's said because she's constantly deleting tweets and evidence of how shit she is, not to mention they might not even visit lolcow or any other site that talks about her.

No. 625112

He’s probably got a metric ton of shit on her that he would be more than happy to share with the world if she left him. Leaving him would probably destroy the remaining shreds of a chance for her to save what’s left of her career. (Being generous by calling it a career.) Not that I feel bad for her- she did this to herself and had every warning not to go with this guy. But at this point it’s probably smarter for her to put up with him until he inevitably dies of liver failure.

No. 625133

>>625112 I know we always say that on here, but honestly what could he have on her? Drug use, but that's already been confirmed by multiple people, and her stans still believe when she denies obvious facts. Replacing pets, but again she's already been outed for that. Dry water bowls, but again we know that. I doubt he really knows enough about exotic pet care to really spill shit on what she's doing or not doing re: cleaning or feeding schedules. At worst, he might be able to say where the kittens/snake/whatever other animals she claims magically fell into her lap really came from. But if he can play the crazy ex card so can she, and she can claim it's all lies. Then if she were to put out consistent videos people who only see her on youtube and not twitter or here wouldn't know about the drama and she might get decent views there. Sure it wouldn't help her career if he tried to shit talk, but I doubt anything he can say would ruin it any more than this past year already has.

No. 625166

It might be optimistic but I think it would even help her career. She could milk it for attention about how she got out of her awful abusive relationship. Many people that have unfollowed her think that her care has gone to shit after she started dating him. Those people would be reassured that she's out and she will go back to good animal husbandry and the rest of the internet will eat up her sob story - just look at Brittani Louise Taylor and her over dramatized abusive relationship, she's making a ton of cash from it.

No. 625169

I've personally always thought that she's not leaving him out of mere stubborness and also because in a way they enable each other. I feel like the dirt he has on her isn't related to animal care because he knows jackshit about reptiles, unless it's something extreme like confirming she's constantly replacing animals or something that would be noticeable even to the most inexperienced pet owner.

Considering he has the mentality of a high schooler, his dirt is probably along the lines of nudes, her admitting to doing drugs, videos of her doing drugs, or screenshots of her shit talking her clique. Even if it's been pretty much confirmed by other sources that she does drugs, it's still easier for her to say the screenshots are fake. It wouldn't be that easy to weasel out of shit posted by Jonny.

Not to mention that on top of everything, he's emotionally abusive. She's manipulative as fuck but she's still being abused, so he's probably thrown a couple I'll kill myself if you leave me's here and there.

No. 625170


Except BLT isn't scummy like Taylor. BLT is very oldschool youtube. I remember seeing her in Shane Dawson's videos. She also had a young child involved and it looks like she lost thousands from this relationship.

I really do not have sympathy for Taylor. If she's being abused then she needs to get out and take better care of herself. But her animal husbandry will not change. She wasn't a glowing example of husbandry before JC and unless she massively downsizes, she never will be.

We all know if they break out, Taylor will milk the situation for all it's worth and we'll get the entire sob story. She doesn't deserve the attention off it. JC's exes warned her. They went through hell and their voices were trampled on by Taylor. She's literally going to speak up over his victims so HER voice is heard, but not theirs. Taylor is an awful person. I hope she gets nothing out of this relationship when they break up, I do hope she's safe and happy but that's it.

No. 625194

File: 1547301666476.jpg (162.68 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20190112-131708_Sam…)

i wonder how taylor feels knowing that a lot of her friends not only follow emzotic but also jayce

No. 625195

File: 1547303288712.png (335.13 KB, 750x1334, 8F6CB593-EFE0-46F2-896E-B2D781…)

jens twitter is pretty interesting right now.

No. 625197

What does the person consume so much of?

No. 625198

Does Taylor go to the gym? I think exercise would help her be more proactive in her life.

No. 625200

Wow she actually sounds coherent here.

No. 625220

She doesn’t go anywhere unless a party is involved or she can flex how much she’s spent in one afternoon.
Slightly more serious answer is Taylor has never been to a gym and given how much she complains about how doing anything gives her Cronic pain I don’t think she will.

No. 625221

I have to kind of agree with this. Remember the first time she spurged on Twitter about how she was done with him, fuck boys, basically outed his abusiveness and whatnot? So many people were happy for her and supported her. She would honestly probably have a lot of support if she left him and yeah she could milk the hell out of getting out of an abusive relationship. And if he did pull the crazy ex thing on her, she could totally do the same and just say he is lying because of the drugs he takes and whatnot. He may have dirt on her, but if she was smart she could counter/own up to things and gain support from people by making a full turnaround of her life.
But instead for whatever reason, she chooses to sit and fester in this toxic, abusive relationship. They do enable the shitty behavior from one another, so I’m guessing that’s a big reason she won’t leave. Who else will pat her ass and give her attention besides her teenage stans? She’d have no one else at home in her life to enable her terrible behavior and habits. It’s ironic how she got her “by myself” tattoo when she really can’t handle being alone still.

No. 625222

She should go to a gym. Exercising correctly would be great for her EDS and probably her depression, too. But that would involve effort since she'd have to get guidance on how to exercise safely and then after learning that she'd actually have to commit to doing it.

No. 625225

Exercise is the single best thing she could do for her depression and drug addiction. Also, she could milk it on youtube. All the "what I eat in the mornings" she could do featuring her pets, her routines, her "how I got out of an abusive relationship " videos would make her more than with what she's doing now

No. 625226

Maybe those friends had a falling out with her? With her lurking here she can't not know what's been said by him, how likely would it be that those friends have also seen it, or even had a falling out before then and the reason she deactivated this time was to avoid people commenting on it

No. 625228

You guys put way too much faith in Taylor. She can't even look after her animals, how is she supposed to look after herself lol. No one actually gives a shit about her. All the videos she's done that feature little to no pets do not do well on her channel because she isn't entertaining and tries to be "quirky" and "unique" to appeal to a younger audience.

She's a pet channel, not a "what I eat in the mornings" vlog channel.

No. 625230

Exercise could be done in/around her apartment. She lives steps from the pool… Swimming is exercise. And it's not like she has the time.

She's just too drug addicted and/or lazy. I still can't figure out what she does all day. She has all this freedom and her life is so boring.

No. 625236

Her rats, monitor and cats would take up like 5 hours a day for socialization if she was actually taking good care of them. Include preparing food for the pets, tank maintenance, cleaning, health checks and human things like eating and putting on makeup and she already lost around 8 hours just on minimum effort daily routines. I think anons here underestimate how much effort and time her hoard is, even if she half asses it.

No. 625247

If she was actually half decently taking care of her pets yes. But let's be real here, we know she can't be bothered to refill water bowls or mist cages since we have confirmation that the whole electricity surge was a lie. So if she doesn't bother to do things that take seconds, do you think she's actually socializing her animals at all?

Plus she has an "assistant" she pawns them off on to.

No. 625262

Of course I don't think so lol, her poor rats are probably bored to death and infighting cause of it. But even if she doesn't spend time with her pets or do anything other than the bare minimum for them they'd still take up a considerable chunk of the day. She was whining about it in the Reply All interview and when she was still living with her parents and that was 30 pets ago.
The rest is spent doing what we know she does - sleeping for 15 hours, fucking around on social media and spending time with her gross man child aka doing drugs.

No. 625293

That’s the crazy part. I don’t underestimate how many hours in the day you could spend taking care of 50 pets by yourself. Which is why they’re so badly taken care of. She’s not a professional sanctuary, she’s a young girl keeping all these pets in an apartment. She has way too many to properly spend plenty of time with them and also have time to take care of herself.
I think she really went in over her head with the mass accumulation. From both not being happy with her life and her relationship, so it’s the only thing that gave her that rush of happiness, and feeling like buying new pets was the only way to keep the social media attention up. She’s such a god damn mess. I just feel awful her animals have to suffer because of it. If she wasn’t such a terrible person to others she’d actually have good people in her life that give a shit about her, not blind defenders forming an echo chamber of yes-men around her.

No. 625297


She collects pets like band aids to put over her problems.

No. 625417

Makes you wonder if we’re gonna get “say hello to my 60 new pets” when she comes back

No. 625423

I think it's gonna be something more like "oops 5 pets died while I was on drugs with my rapist boyfriend"

No. 625438

File: 1547353047446.jpg (216.99 KB, 1440x1808, Screenshot_20190112-221450~2.j…)

One of her videos was used in a report by BBC news

No. 625608

For those wondering. It’s literally a couple of 2 second clips of her saying welcome to my video and another saying it just hit me. Along with other youtuber quotes indicating pressure of being on YouTube.

No. 625615

Here are my new skinks / frog / crab / axolotl that are just the same but totally not replacements!

No. 625833

YouTube burn out? Ok, I can see if in a dedicated YouTuber who's uploading several times a week, doing the work needed to keep their content relevant, filming, editing and all that. Anything can cause burn out if you do it too much. But Taylor? Kek, BBC doesn't know her very well, do they? The only thing she can burn out on is being lazy.

No. 625961

People like Tati from GlamLifeGuru upload 5x a week without missing a beat. Taylor is the laziest youtuber ever, she has no reason to be "burned out".

No. 625983


She's literally nobody in the general Youtube community. How are they gonna pick a Z-list youtuber for this video lol

No. 626004

Senor Ria posted a new video. Perfect while Taylor is off the internet

No. 626006

good concise job. pity taylor can't use her twitter to make off-colour jokes about the claims in it.

No. 626053

there are people who are paralysed who have a more consistent schedule than her.

No. 626060

I feel like she isn’t even going to come back to making content. It’s kind of like when you graduate college and people say don’t take the year off or else you won’t go back. I think she’s already gotten used to not even having to worry about it, she just gets to sleep and be a junkie. She’s taking a break when she already wasn’t uploading lmfao plus usually when youtubers break they still put together some videos for when they come back, just don’t upload them. I genuinely think she doesn’t have plans to come back

No. 626073

She will probably still do sponsored videos but never upload otherwise, she'd run out of money very soon if she didn't

No. 626076

If she quits youtube, reality will hit her with a sledgehammer sooner or later. The only way she was able to afford getting 50+ animals in the first place was through youtube, not to mention the upkeep.
She may be getting enough views for now to keep it up, but those will slowly trickle down into nothing if she's not producing content.
Her options are either return, or give up most (if not all) of her pets, probably within the next year. I think she might be too busy nodding out to notice or care about any of this, though.

No. 626078


No one is going to sponsor her if she does that lol. Maybe at first this will work out for her, but soon sponsorships will look elsewhere.

No. 626079

She's been doing pretty much that for a year though lol She very often stopped uploading for a long time until she got a sponsorship

No. 626098

That’s the weird thing is her upload schedule (or lack of) was so shitty but people still wanted to sponsor her… or maybe she reaches out and begs for sponsorships.
But maybe then, she got more views to make up for it. Her last video which was sponsored didn’t even break 100k views in an entire month. That’s some really shitty performance for someone with over a million and a half subs. People have lost so much interest in her. She’s going to have to do better and kick her ass to get a normal schedule going if she wants any hope of reviving her channel. It may be sustaining her now but it won’t in the next year or two at this rate.

No. 626101

File: 1547484931346.jpeg (193.7 KB, 750x888, C1E8E848-8715-4485-B484-B75DBF…)

Double post but I just saw this on Twitter. Anybody know what’s going on? I’m not sure who these people are. I’m assuming just another generic pettuber blindly defending Taylor?

No. 626115

I posted the context in the Pettuber thread earlier, she's upset because someone wrote a comment on one of her vids saying they are disappointed that she's supporting TND. Sucks cause Munchie actually knows her shit when it comes to hamsters but she's actually just a woman child idiot. Sorry for derailing, let's talk about this in the Pettube thread

No. 626179

Ahh ok understood, thanks. Just thought maybe Taylor did something new. Just another dumbass supporting Taylor it looks like. I really don’t understand how people can be so hungry to be liked by anyone else more popular than them.

No. 626183

File: 1547503281284.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 80F88339-BAA4-4177-B84D-E79BF2…)

Idk why at this point whenever I see these stories I still have a little laugh. His stories consist of the same shit over and over. “New comic books” “damnnn new shoes” and that’s it. Honestly if I didn’t know how old he was and never saw his face, I’d guess that he’s a teenager. He sits at home all day reading comic books and flexing with shoes lmao. It’s really sad, imagine thinking this is the life worth flexing on people

No. 626189


#shit poor people do when they think they're rich

No. 626198

File: 1547505920500.jpeg (402.03 KB, 1242x1237, BF6EC42D-9C1C-4596-82BD-FE2BEE…)

He also posted about spending $440 at GameStop and how he spend 50k on his new teeth. Why does he always have to point out how much money he spends or how sober he is? Seems so fake

No. 626269

Gotta make sure that the lower class know he’s swimming in it.

No. 626278

Definitely having mixed feelings about TND and people here.

She's definitely proven beyond all doubt (IMO) that she is a toxic narcissist. The way she talks to Bree and Jayce, and the degree of DARVO and triangulation by this bitch? She's a screaming, flaming narcissist. Probably learned it from her fucking nutjob of a mother, TBH. Not that that absolves any of her sins whatsoever. She 100% ghosted Jayce and just used him. Bree was a convenient scapegoat to blame for cocaine usage to her friends, because Perfect Miss TND can do no wrong, she is a perfect human being, the rest of us are trash.

We're never getting the necropsy results. It's halfway through January, still nothing from anyone. I doubt it even occurred at this point.

Her deleting Twitter is both smart and dumb. I get it, you don't want to deal with bashing. It keeps you low-profile and out of the eyes of the public…but at the same time, if you're SO changed and take ownership of mistakes, why run and hide? Because bitch hasn't, and won't, change.

And to the people here "why didn't TND and Bree leave Jonny sooner, they had outs, etc etc" that's not how escaping abusers work. It's not easy. It's not as easy as just walking out and not turning back. Abusers are MASTERS of manipulation. They effectively brainwash their victims, and that is incredibly hard to escape. Shaming people for being victims of abusive SOs does not help them nor anyone else. Just don't.

I wonder which of the pets is next to be the sacrifice to get more attention? I'm betting Mushu doesn't have much longer, judging from the gill damage and spots. I feel horrible for the poor thing. That much damage to its gill stalks must be quickly decreasing what life it has left.

Also just a word to the above, but fluconazole (which taylor used in Cheese's tank) is safe to use with fish. It would not have killed Cheese.

No. 626281

Bree was never daiting Jonny idk where you got this information from, also the issue was cow fish are scaleless land very sensitive to those kinds of tank treatments, not to mention she most likely overdosed the tank.

No. 626285

Of course the vape is right on the counter. Theyre way too lazy to go outside every time they want to vape.

No. 626326

Most people here do hope Taylor gets out of her relationship and would even be supportive if she did. Some of us are just saying that she doesn't deserve the sympathy for this Jonny shit show because she knew EVERYTHING he did. She knew it a whole month before she even met him, she was told when they were just talking online for a few weeks. She chose to have a relationship with him knowing that he raped and beat women.

And flucanazole does effect sensitive fish like cowfish. I know axolotls are not fish lol but you're not supposed to use it with them either for example, it's not a safe medication. If that's what even happened but whatever

No. 626330

THOSE ARE FUCKING SPICE GIRL PLATFORMS YOU LOSER. You coulda got some platforms from sketchers circa 1999 and saved a couple dollars johnny

No. 626332

File: 1547537123248.png (667.76 KB, 1125x2436, 6F1B4B3E-5EAD-48E1-9177-30AFD4…)

No. 626333

File: 1547537159350.png (663.58 KB, 1125x2436, C6937BAA-6E2F-4E13-8E48-05D0C8…)

same anon as last post. Looks like he’s really taking care of those teeth that cost 50k

No. 626336

Aww, such itty bitty feet

No. 626338

Mmmm bad diet wouldn't really affect implants (the crowns at least) but yeah, bragging about how much candy he eats.. is he five? Their lifestyle is honestly so weird to me.

No. 626341

Why is he tagging her when her Twitter is down? He's so fucking dumb

No. 626351

He knows that's not something sober people do, yeah?

No. 626375

reading this post gave me heartburn. that does NOT sound like a good time

No. 626391

No sober person is going to sit there and eat 16 of those. Not even Momokun or Amberlynn would eat that many in a row.

So 16 gogurts in a day and 3lb of jellybeans in a week plus whatever else candy they hauled back from those update pics. Dude has to be on something to crave that much sugar.

No. 626414


Hmmm I think this person might be TND

No. 626424

File: 1547570237280.jpg (466.75 KB, 810x1728, 20190115_173202.jpg)

I've been talking to a Pefest member, they didn't want to talk about Taylor but gave me some info on how Petfest is organized etc. Nothing crazy but I figured I'd share since the thread is dead rn anyway

No. 626425

File: 1547570287062.jpg (565.36 KB, 808x2194, 20190115_173432.jpg)

Hid their name cause they don't want to be involved in drama

No. 626430

As someone who has done similar drugs as he did, you’re definitely right about that. When you’re on drugs, especially opiates like heroin, you have a huge sweet tooth and eat everything sweet in sight.

No. 626432

As someone who has done similar drugs as he did, you’re definitely right about that. When you’re on drugs, especially opiates like heroin, you have a huge sweet tooth and eat everything sweet in sight.

No. 626441

"the planning committee is everyone in the photo besides taylor" so every popular pettuber is putting in work and time to plan the event, except for her? yet she's still a featured creator… I'm gonna give her a 50/50 chance of even showing up.

No. 626453

I'm surprised Taylor didn't go to Disney with her mom and Tanner. I doubt it's because of her animals, but I wonder if she genuinely didn't want to go or if Jonny said no

No. 626454

It can if he doesn’t take care of his gums surrounding his fake teeth. He can still get gingivitis and his crowns can still fall off if you’re just snacking all the time. he is obviously not taking care of himself if he fucked his teeth before so i wouldnt be shocked if his fake teeth falls off too

No. 626457

Just to clarify. I had never stated I was part of planning Petfest. I attended the meeting with Fullscreen which Taylor was spearheading at the time. I had even said that I didn't need to go because I wasn't part of the planning. My information was merely outdated but not incorrect.

In terms of the original Petfest I did come as a volunteer. However, this part about me working the raffle is not true? I was never told to assist with the raffle whatsoever, had I been told I would have stayed there. The raffle table was run by Maddies mom and was not a busy table, I did stop by periodically and ask if she needed assistance. I helped with the t shirt signing as needed. I also had the security communications on. I mainly focused helping outside with the rescue as it was the busiest area and they were overrun with people. I did leave at about noon to go eat as I had not eaten and if I don't get food I will actually pass out from low blood sugar. Seems like an odd thing to penalize me for. The raffle went smoothly as did everything else.

All I know about this year's Petfest is that although everyone is welcome to attend only those with 10k subs get to be creators, anyone under gets a free ticket. No discovery creator area like last year and no opportunity for the smaller channels to grow. Whether they change this, which I hope they do, I will not know.

No. 626463

Why would Emma lie about the raffle? That's so random.

No. 626474

How do you know if it's Emma?

No. 626484

Emma has been answering petfest related questions and that is her speech pattern so she's the most likely person

No. 626485

Pretty obvious it's her from the speech patterns. It's gotta be one of the close Petfest group cause this person knows all of this information + Emma follows Jayce and Em. Tinfoiling I guess but I'm also pretty sure she's been posting here

No. 626486

I wouldn't be surprised if she was. I think it's odd they're all so willing to give out information so freely to a forum that's there to trash their 'friend'. Even if they're defending them.

No. 626496

Also cause it's a long ass name in the screenshots

No. 626497

File: 1547585254741.jpg (220.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190115-221125.jpg)

lets see how long it ll take for this comment to get deleted

No. 626502

“Rumours” is a good indication

No. 626523

Because that’s usually what people who aren’t really wealthy do as a means of validation. Taylor and Jonny are painfully new money, which means bragging and flexing on trivial shit as well as mentioning how much everything they buy costs.

It’s super boring and gets old fast, but Jonny genuinely thinks he’s above people for wearing ugly yet expensive shoes.

No. 626527

To discredit or make Bree look bad? Obviously she is pro Taylor.

No. 626530

Think about it guys.
They had a falling out with Bree, and she has brought many lies to light. Why else but to make her look like an angry hater? They continue to discredit her, and while editing a video, I realized they threw her under the bus time and time again. That's why when Jessica came out with the skink story Taylor said: "we know exactly who this came from because she is no longer in our group." That was a dig directed at Bree to make her feel bad, so she would stop talking. Taylor had no issue throwing her under the bus for the Sacramento trip, so why is this any different?

They have been bullying Bree right in front of our noses, but they are very cryptic to avoid backlash.

No. 626537

Honestly, it's good that she's gone. I hate that we can't see her animal care on ANY level right now and be able to call her out for it, but she never listened anyway. It's wonderful she's losing followers/interest. It's great she isn't here encouraging anyone to get any animals they are in no way ready to take care of. Her fanbase is young.. out of sight, out of mind. Longer she stays gone, the better it is.

No. 626561

They are changing things as I come out with them to further discredit me. Now there seems to be a Creator Corner for smaller YouTubers at PetFest. However when I spoke to many of the small pet YouTubers who had inquired they said they received no mention of such a thing. I apologize for outdated information but I by no means am lying if it is continuously changing.

No. 626597

>>626530 every single thing the "big" pettubers do seems like typical mean girls cliques in high school except to the extreme and for some reason they have fans enabling their behavior. And they call themselves "professional" animal educators or whatever. They're so far from professional.

No. 626613

Theyre basically the mean group in Mean Girls. They’ll probably like that title but it’s obviously sad because they’re basically the bullys that can push people to their limit and blame the victim instead. We’ll see where this whole “i’ll hide from the internet even if its my sole income” take Taylor. She’ll come back once Jonny drains her bank and she’ll owe even more to the IRS

No. 626622

Taylors back on Instagram for the time being it seems

No. 626631

Emma also recently unfollowed Bree, so she is well versed in the drama.

No. 626634

File: 1547610259758.jpeg (174.52 KB, 750x1133, CEB4BC11-6BEA-4022-AC74-022CFE…)

i.e. “Jonny is finally leaving & the money is running dry so plz give me views when I come back”

No. 626641

I'm assuming this three-picture photo set is of her cats. Is the third picture Star? I don't have Instagram but if tay has kept the cat I would love to see it, see how she looks. I feel so bad for her, getting crammed into that hoarder's den with two established male cats and nowhere to hide.

No. 626645

who the fuck is that first cat? Ghost has blue eyes and lighter face/paw markings???

No. 626649

That is ghost….his eyes are dilated and cats with Siamese markings can get darker over time (especially in their extremities)

She didn’t replace her cats, stop reaching

No. 626656

Picture is most likely filtered, giving a different color effect. That’s Ghost.

No. 626658

Star looked fine idk like a cat with pink beans

No. 626660

File: 1547613581233.jpg (137.64 KB, 2630x867, kittehs.jpg)

No. 626662


other than looking annoyed at the toy she looks okay. Poor cat probably barely gets any peace between Taylor, Jonny, and the other two cats she wasn't properly introduced to.

No. 626664

Welp, I do hope she is well/gets better. But I also hope that she owns up to her shit, and addresses things that have concerned all of us for a while.

No. 626674

Not enough spelling mistakes…she usually mis-spells at least 25% of her words!

No. 626681

I feel like it’s worse that she comes back when Jonny goes on tour. Could it be any more obvious that she didn’t take a break for her mental health like she claimed

No. 626685

so do people just post their cats here?

No. 626688

They are Taylor's cats if I'm not mistaken.

No. 626752

anon cmon, I quoted the relevant posts I was replying to, anons were clearly commenting about her cats in those posts. it's an imageboard so we post caps.

No. 626765

File: 1547650217861.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, EF988F2D-EE36-4F21-8349-635580…)

More childish gifts. He posted another pair of shoes after this.
The timing (Taylor announcing she’s coming back the second Jonny leaves for tour) is hopefully a sign she’s going to make some big changes while he’s gone. Jayce mentioned they fight the most when Jonmy is on tour, though. I wonder how this is all going to play out.

No. 626771

File: 1547652211792.jpeg (495.99 KB, 1234x1468, 140C6A8A-EE9A-447C-85C2-421CB0…)

No. 626772


> Jonny is leaving to tour

> Tay reconnects with her family
Could it be…?

If she is going to throw his ass out then I’m rooting her. She might be insufferable bitch but no one deserves Jonny.

No. 626777

I'd argue people that were warned and then mocked rape victims that tried to help them deserve Jonny.

No. 626779

but knows about it kek

No. 626782


Won't the video get a lot more views by using Taylors name instead of just TND? Especially if Taylor isn't being active on youtube, this would bump it significantly. Is there a way to edit the title after posting it?

No. 626785

I don't think so. I'd give it like a 5% chance. hopefully she proves me wrong though for her own good

No. 626789

Star looks sort of obese….which doesn't surprise me considering Taylors story about how they got star, I'm pretty sure she said something like "she was so hungry, she just kept eating!!" And gave her a ridiculous amount of cat food.

No. 626792

I thought the same, she looks a little chubby to me. It could just be the angle though.

Frankly, many MANY people have overweight cats and dogs. If her cats are free-fed and she's not able to track how much each of them are eating, I'm not surprised at least one of them would be overweight

No. 626793

I thought the same, she looks a little chubby to me. It could just be the angle though.

Frankly, many MANY people have overweight cats and dogs. If her cats are free-fed and she's not able to track how much each of them are eating, I'm not surprised at least one of them would be overweight

No. 626794

Wouldn't Star being an outside cat (because we all know she isn't a stray) have something to do with it too? I can't imagine she gets much exercise and wouldn't be surprised if the cats compete over food so eat more than they should

No. 626821


Sort of off topic but Johnny and Taylor are experts on buying the ugliest figures on the market

No. 626936

Those cats are really cute. Too bad they have to live with those two.

No. 626955


As a collector, gotta agree. They buy the cheapest, ugliest plastic out there. They love flexing that shit, but no collector is actually impressed if someone is flexing $20 funko pops or whatever that spiderman garbage is lol

No. 626961

That particular figure costs over $100 so not exactly the same as a $20 funko pop but still money wasted when they clearly have better things to be investing money into i.e clearing debt, caring for their living museum of animals, etcetc

No. 626964

Ghost was a bluepoint, now he's a seal point? Or is it the lens that makes him/her look darker.

No. 626965

Different filters and lighting in the room.

No. 626966


It can be really, really hard to keep cats at a healthy weight and most lazy owners (like Taylor) don't bother. Some cats absolutely need interventions like frequent exercise or metabolic diets. She's said she feeds Fromm cat food, which doesn't have a weight management line. It's also near impossible to keep cats from stealing each other's food in small spaces like that. She has the money to microchip all her cats and buy them microchip feeders so each cat gets all of the food they're supposed to and can't get the other cats' food, but I'm certain that's too much effort for her and she doesn't.

No. 626987

It's really not that hard to measure your cats food with a scoop and feed them the right amount of calories.

No. 626994


Cat anon here, I've worked in cat rescue for over 8 years. It's not hard to "measure food," but if you have multiple cats it can add extra steps to feeding. Cats, especially competitive cats sharing small spaces like hers are, are prone to stealing each others' food. Especially if one tends to graze and leave leftovers. Cats can be trained to eat meals rather than graze, but they're rarely like dogs that finish their food in seconds and can be fed completely separately. No one as lazy about feeding their animals as Taylor seems to be should have three cats.

Plus all cats don't do well on all diets, and cat genetics play a role in cat weight, which makes exercise important. That means playing with your cat or otherwise getting them to burn calories, and given all the other animals she has I can't imagine Taylor has that kind of time to devote to Star.

No. 627014


Never would have guessed, because it looks like cheap ugly plastic.

No. 627031

Taylor’s mom being this excited that Taylor is coming down, when it just so happens to be when Jonny leaves makes it just so painfully obvious how Jonny isolates her from her family. It’s so creepy and awful that her stans will never see it, but it’s such a huge red flag. She can only/is only allowed to go see her family when he’s gone. I guarantee he guilt trips the fuck out of her if she does anything without him when he’s home. He’s cried like a baby on social media every time she’s posted about being on a trip with her friends and whatnot so many times.

No. 627043

Can we comment yet or is it still under maintence?

No. 627044

File: 1547774051905.jpeg (483.03 KB, 1241x1940, 70E4E740-484C-4560-9290-C3FAD3…)

No. 627045

Jesus her lips..

No. 627047

Oh wow her face…

No. 627048

File: 1547774388676.jpeg (189.9 KB, 738x1096, 2D72C589-DC96-4F48-AB2A-BF4B40…)

No. 627049

File: 1547774410199.jpeg (265.18 KB, 750x1200, 447903C1-FE44-4EF4-9665-DA246F…)

No. 627052

Wow, that doesn't even look like her. You can tell she's been on a serious bender. I hope spending time with her mom helps her, but her mom is batshit crazy so who knows.

No. 627053

no surprise she couldn't come back to social media until she got a fresh batch of lip injections and validation from her disgusting boyfriend. looks like her biggest lips yet

No. 627056

What gets me is she thinks staying in her house all day and off social media is getting healthy. If you were in that much of a funk for that long, wouldn’t you get counseling? Or therapy? Real therapy not that better help scam. I know we haven’t seen much of her life but damn. Her and jonny buying each other toys and flowers isn’t gonna help your mental health, Taylor.

No. 627058

Does she have her license? She won’t for long if a cop catches her taking selfies while driving

No. 627065

She looks a lot nicer with her natural hair now

No. 627083

Getting clean also can make people look "rough".. even more so than when they were using sometimes. These pics are honest and can be a good sign, imo. The thing is that it can take a while to get to feeling normal again, and it can be near impossible to get thru it and stay clean when you're with someone who uses and you have money to spare. I hope she keeps it going and chooses to get away from jonny, at least for a while so she can recover. Else it won't last long, unfortunately.

No. 627084

Adding to above comment: She looks fine, and if she stays clean she will look better than ever in no time.

No. 627090

She looks so much like Blaire White in this picture, those lips are absolutely ridiculous.
I don't really buy her 'getting clean' crap since we know they have been drug binging this past 2 months but would be honestly glad for her if it's actually true.

No. 627091


If you think she looks "fine" then you need to look again. She looks exhausted and far from being fine. I sincerely hope she IS getting help, but isolating herself in her apartment with a her rapist druggie boyfriend is in no way "getting healthy".

No. 627104

She does look fine for someone who is getting clean.. I used to use years ago and have seen plenty of people getting clean, so I know how it is.
If she isnt getting clean, then i wouldnt say she looks fine.
To me, at this point, after hearing her in those recent vids.. she is clearly struggling with addiction. And I do think she is trying to get clean in these photos, which is great, and which is why I say she looks fine. However, I don't believe she will be able to maintain sobriety if she doesn't get away from the manlet for a while, which is unfortunate.

No. 627111

It really breaks my heart to see how far she’s fallen. She has sores and marks all over her face. Blood in her lips but I’m guessing that’s from injections?? I know she said she has an addictive personality but wow, I can’t believe how low she’s let jc take her.

No. 627115


Sorry, I know what you mean but I don't think she's getting clean. I think she's just avoiding social media and hoping all the drama will blow over while saying she's "getting healthy" and alluding to her mental health. In reality she's on a drug binge. She has a toxic and destructive personality. She's going to ruin herself and no one will tell her otherwise, because Taylor is so incredibly stubborn.

Just watch. She'll come back and not actually talk about why she took a break, but subtly hint it had to do with her mental health so no one will question her animals or care anymore. I sincerely hope people don't forget what happened to her skinks or frog or Cheese. Not to mention Zazu and Larry who weren't shown for months and then Taylor casually mentions they're dead.

No. 627131

Agreed anon… personally I think she really looks awful. Her fucking lips are atrocious… at this point I wonder if she can’t stop getting them done because imagine what they’d look like when the filler dissolves? But honestly they’re way too big, she needs to take a step back and actually become happy with herself.
Staying home doing drugs, sleeping all day, playing Switch, eating several pounds of candy a week and buying dumb kids shit with her manlet isn’t getting “healthy”. I’m sorry but I will never be able to take her seriously while she’s dating that rapist. I sincerely want her to get help and turn her life around for herself and her animals - but she’ll never do that with him in the picture. Just look at how isolated he’s kept her from family until he leaves for tour. That’s honesty sad

No. 627132

>She looks so much like Blaire White in this picture, those lips are absolutely ridiculous.
So glad someone else sees it too, I thought I was tripping. It really must be the baboon anus lips.

At least she left the house for once.

No. 627134

Looks like she re-activated her Twitter, all her previous posts from December still seem to be there. She must have recovered the account before everything was deleted like people were speculating that maybe she wanted to delete evidence. She must be loving all the attention and asspats she’s getting from her stans right now.

No. 627135

Taylor is what JC always wanted, more than anything, and for that reason i genuinely don't think she's ever going to get out of the situation. He wanted someone who was as destructive as him, hence trying to force his ex's into becoming addicts. No matter how sheltered she was i still don't understand how she got swallowed up in his abuse and drugs so easily/quickly

No. 627136

File: 1547782302942.png (646.04 KB, 606x912, Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 10.3…)

No. 627144


No. 627151

>too rough to go into detail
she's too lazy to cook up a fake story this time it seems

No. 627157

You absolutely could be right. It's hard to say at this point. But either way, it will be a lengthy process getting clean and back into good mental health.. it'll take more than a month or two, and she will def need to be away from the pos that is jonny for more than just a month while he's on tour.

I agree that it's more than doubtful she will get healthy or maintain sobriety with him around.

She got herself into a really tough spot, and it'll take work to get out. I think part of the reason she let jonny drag her down so far is because she was sheltered thru school and was homeschooled, so she was naive and probably felt she missed so much. She likely didn't have a real understanding of addiction or what she was getting herself into.

No. 627159

Do neither of them care about the health of their cats? Lilies are SO toxic for them!

At least the carnations were only mildly toxic, I would NEVER have lilies around my cats, even if they left plants alone.

No. 627164

I looked up who Blair was and I'm shook, pre transition she looked like Tyler Rugge and now she looks like Taylor lmao

No. 627176

damn good eye. Further proof Taylor has no real education or any fucking clue what she's doing when taking care of three cats. Lilies are a huge danger to them. Even just breathing in the pollen can cause acute renal failure.

No. 627186

Reading this made me so sad but it’s so true. Taylor really is what he always wanted. His exes didn’t cave in like Taylor, and they broke free from him, even though they were hurt in the process. She caved into his abuse, and her toxic and destructive behavior is probably more enabling than he ever dreamed of. I’ve never seen such a horrible train wreck of a couple, they really bring out the worst in each other. They almost deserve one another.

No. 627215

I can't believe some anons here think she is actually working on getting sober. Are we just gonna forget Jonnys ig stories? The last one was only like 2 weeks ago. The only reason they might not be using now is because Jonny gets pee tested by his record label before he goes on tour so he doesn't get high for 2 weeks as Chelsea once said. They're still probably drinking and fighting all fucking day.
They've been on such an obvious drug binge and Taylor is only coming back because she either needs the money or because she is going to be bored out of her mind while Jonny is on tour.

Saying she is getting sober is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard lol

No. 627222

As much as I want her to dump that POS and I truly want her to get better for both her sake and her animals’ sake, I’m with you anon. Idk how people think her disappearing on social media for a month = her getting “healthy” like she claims.
In fact this has probably been the most unhealthy, abusive time she’s had yet, I mean Jesus look how much they desperately tried spoiling each other lately. Like VR said, this is typically when they fight the most - so buying each other material things is the only thing they can do to even try keeping the peace.

No. 627225

File: 1547794275625.png (798.46 KB, 1080x1796, Screenshot_20190117-212041~2.p…)

Aaaaaaand we're back to her joking about hoarding animals.

No. 627227

Funko pops are so stupid looking. Idgi

No. 627237


Imagine collecting cheap plastic and displaying them on your kitchen cabinets.

No. 627241

File: 1547797233968.webm (2.43 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_taylorndean_5048054…)

posting the whole video to show how many fucking funko pops these people have. they can afford several hundreds worth of plastic but not a chiller for mushu

No. 627244


Funko pops are the Beanie Babies of the 21st century. Worthless crap a company tricks idiots into thinking has speculative value.

But Be