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No. 807296

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23 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>787925

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have since had a son together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is tots coming

Taylor's Social Media Links:
Twitter: twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (Private): https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New Milk:

>Confirmation that current brodick uses found on his Twitter >>795323 and >>795419

>Totally uploading >>795723
>Taylor shows that in spite of being advised countless times, she continues to keep her cat litter in close proximity to reptile enclosures >>795729 endangering the animals, some of whom have already dealt with RIs
>Brodick vauge posts about disliking people who "dwell and mope" when they "have the power to change their lives when [they're] unhappy" >>795868 which is a key characteristic of Taylor. Goes on to make disparaging comments about mental health issues >>795987 and addiction >>796040 >>796041 and claims he tells Taylor to "off [herself] every day >>795988
>Brodick aggy, always classy, says he is on probation for a domestic violence charge but got "picked up" and will be charged with larceny >>796042
>Rats being killed in an inhumane way for food by the always striving for excellence brodick, Aggy >>796457
>Taylor decides she has BPD >>798355 again
>Momma Dean is over everything >>799698 >>801627 >>802373 >>802374
>September 4, Taylor claims she is in process of uploading a video >>801513 but POOF she vanishes - is torn to shreds via twitter in absentia
>Taylor comes forward, looking like a cabbage past it's prime, to virtue signal about voting in US electiong >>802468 but because it's still all about her she also makes vauge reference to "health problems" she's going through >>802467 >>802469
>Taylor clarifies that her health issues are in NO WAY related to current drug use >>802481
>Actually Taylor has had sepsis for like ever >>803208
>Brand new junkiest junkie to ever junkie pics >>803630 >>804228 with visible track marks >>804233 but there's not way Taylor is actively injecting drugs. They're just old bruises cause muh EDS >>804248 >>804252
>Mean old internet makes Taylor nervous, all the internets fault that she has not uploaded any YouTube contact within the year of 2020 >>804230
>Taylor shares a photo of Twisty >>804299 GASP an animal actually depicted, but anons spot something sus - perhaps a larve or shed issue?
>Big return announced (again) for December (this time) >>804949 Prepare the parade >>804953
>Different types of content >>804958 advertised, reinforcing the impression that Taylor could not possibly care less about her animal hoard
>Taylor pretends she deliberately took time away to heal >> as opposed to making numerous promises she broke and relapsing mult times and failing rehab some more
>The Furby fixation begins >>805125 >>805126 >>805127 >>805128 >>805130
>Requests for updates on Mushu the Axolotol continue >>805159 - no worries folks, she's now three years into the "process" of having her tank upgraded, gonna be fab
>Taylor back in hospital because her heart "went boom" >>806351 >>806363 so please attention and ass pats
>But don't worry, still well enough to be concerned with superficial crap like hair >>806355
>Forget all the living, breathing animals you're not asking about, FURBY >>806394 >>806954 >>806958 >>807007 >>807096

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General Pettuber Thread:
Jonny Craig/Syd Thread:

No. 807297

I've never made a thread before, hoping I didn't mess it up terribly. Let the milk flow

No. 807301

LOL she deleted her monday hair post, typical taylor

No. 807316

File: 1606975690431.jpeg (374.1 KB, 750x1249, D1A89062-47D0-44F2-BEE1-26B785…)

Brought this from the last thread because funny enough this heroine heroin correction has been done a lot in the jc and syd so psycho thread, so to see Taylor this kinda confirms she reads on there (duh)

No. 807321


Small nitpick but she said jan/early feb.

those are dated middle of march

and i swear she got it done again even more recently? but i don't think that was ever confirmed.

No. 807323

Definitely confirmed. It’s funny she still thinks about him.

No. 807324

I think using heroine instead of heroin makes anon the worse of all grammers on /snow.

Cabbage past it's prime has me rolling. Thanks for thread! Double spacing allows you to do consecutive links without breaking them in the future.

No. 807326

You do realize English isn’t everyone’s first language right ?

No. 807330

That’s always the reply, but you’d think after being corrected a thousand times it would sink in

No. 807331

Thanks much for the info! I’ll tuck that under my hat if I ever make another thread.

And glad my vegetable based humour isn’t only funny to me

No. 807336

File: 1606985154407.jpeg (955.2 KB, 1242x2688, 61986DA9-142E-47EC-AA9F-8D07BE…)

Didn’t she just say in a tweet that she personally can’t listen to DGD anymore even though their songs got her through stuff? (not sure if it was a recent tweet but it was shared last thread I believe. I’ll try and find it) but here she is still listening to DGD and if I remember correctly, this album cover was when jc was in the band?

No. 807337

File: 1606985204753.jpeg (969.76 KB, 1242x2688, 129B0C0A-7271-4078-8A5B-53EDED…)

I never listened to DGD so idk if this album was with jc or not, but yeah, so much of I cAnT lIsTeN tO tHeM aNyMORe lol

No. 807338

File: 1606985360144.jpeg (60.92 KB, 275x267, 9625B382-C71E-4EDD-901A-DC9825…)

Tweet found - it was shared in the jc thread. sage for nothing new.

No. 807339

File: 1606985392754.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2688, 6304CAB6-8299-4FCD-9392-A6A035…)

bY mYsElF

No. 807342

> "Art" saved my life

No. 807343

uwu figurin out how 2 b BEAUTIFUL!!! by myself

after all the crusty rehab cock appointments, of course

No. 807353


She's just making it really obvious she reads JC and Syd's thread isn't she lol.

No. 807354

between the autistic demiromantic pansexual they/them enbies and TND, why the fuck is the Furby community full of retards? sad

No. 807357

File: 1607007839658.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2080, 2926B3FA-D016-4203-BA89-01D213…)

guess she is doing it herself, lol.
she’s probably (hopefully) going to get it bleached herself and then put the manic panic in herself.
she’s gonna have fun trying to bleach out that black dye haha

No. 807360

she's already balding so why does she think she needs 4 tubs of dye for half of her hair?

No. 807363


Interesting that she's going to do it herself. Back in the height of her JC days she was always going to the salon to get her hair done and now she's suddenly youtubing how to do it herself. Taylor if you stopped buying creepy ass expensive Furbies you could afford to treat yourself and get a professional to do your hair.

No. 807364

File: 1607009931877.png (564.31 KB, 493x848, Screenshot 2020-12-03 103836.p…)

my adickshun is srs guise

No. 807367

Neither of these songs are JC, they are Tilian era. Just to clarify

No. 807368

anon, thank you for doing it!!! dw it's really well made

nitpick but her taste in music is so predictable lmao

No. 807369

yes, anon, thank you. Great work also putting in all her older threads, but jc and psycho's.
didn't she say she had an appointment?
also, the fact that she LOOKS like a drug addict, that color will do no favors for her. Why not dye it brown like how she had it when she first began? That would help her out a lot in terms of looks. UGH

No. 807370

Shes reaching the final stages of being a junkie. When you're addicted to drugs to the degree Taylor is she probably can't even go outside anymore and feel normal. Sitting at a hairdresser for that much of a bleach and dye would take her like 3/4 hours minimum. I highly doubt with the way she's been looking she can even go that long without some kind of jitters/shakes happening or maybe even shes too embaressed and knows how rough she looks but can't facetune out her meth picking and bruised hands irl.

Shes hitting rock-bottom again just like she did in that atrium house with JC.

No. 807372


Funnily enough I've always gotten the impression from Tay that she's not self aware enough to realize she shouldn't go out looking like a junkie. I mean she's posting greasy hair photos with bruises and injection sites clearly shown. But how long could she REALLY go out for? How long would she be able to venture out into the world before she needs to shoot up? Is there any drug anons that could enlighten us? I've been wondering if she shoots up around brodick Aggy or if she could be high for long enough to get her home before she has to shoot up again.

No. 807374

FWIW manic panic is garbage dye and she will need multiple sessions of color correcting to get that red and black dye out of her head.
This is gonna be truly bad, I can’t wait

No. 807375


She made it seem like she was getting it professionally done. Weird that she has to buy her own dye.

No. 807382

So she lied about consultant and was just too lazy to do it on monday LMFAO. Another day another lie.

No. 807383

i mean, shooting up in a public bathroom is not unheard of behavior for junkies.

No. 807385

File: 1607018418199.png (7.37 MB, 1242x2688, 3A0E0984-7F3D-4265-BC3F-7202EC…)

No. 807386

Congrats tay! You made yourself ugly!

Her skin looks really bad underneath that makeup, and her eyes lifeless and dead. don't even get started on the lips…

i'm not even surprised at this point, she lies about the most pointless of things. It's truly pathological at this point.

No. 807388

Honest question because I don't know, but to injection site marks or track marks stay with you forever? I've always doubted her sobriety so I think she's still using, but even if someone does quit, do you have those marks forever?

No. 807390

I actually think she looks better with a natural shade and the short length is cute, maybe when it's not styled in the soccer mom hairdo.
Honestly suprised she hasn't gotten her lip fillers dissolved though, they still look botched.

No. 807391

They can scar yeah but they'd look like a scar. Those look like bruises which would indicate recent use

No. 807392

the shoop on her nose, i'm dying KEK

No. 807394

holy shit did she really have to chop THAT much of her hair off? and i'm assuming she's going to have it bleached again before she does the green. yikes.
also notice she's showing the lighter side that the red was on, you can clearly see how dark the other side is where the black was

No. 807396

File: 1607021326101.jpeg (189.9 KB, 738x1096, tay 15.5.jpeg)

I feel like we're watching reruns lul.

No. 807397

Do I dare say this is the best she’s looked in a year? Too bad she’s gonna ruin it with green hair.

No. 807398

This girl is lurkin hard… It's just sad she treats it like a big joke. It'll end up killing her.

No. 807399

I feel like she was a lot more popular when she was not trying to be a alt girl. She should just keep this hair style, stop talking about drugs, and just go back to posting animal content without treating her animals like shit. She needs to rehome a lot, bc it’s never been about the quantity of pets. Boom, she would have a platform again.

No. 807402

File: 1607022797190.png (230.58 KB, 448x442, tnd.png)

she changed her "my experience with Jonny Craig"to just 'her ex. (((whos dangerous –but the most dAnGErouS thing he did was not cuddle her so she had to hold herself)))
Wonder why she un-named him.

No. 807403


Well that's really interesting…I wonder if she and Jonny have been in contact.

No. 807404

Don't hate it. If just would wash her hair every few days instead of every few months.

No. 807405

I like it too. She looks for once like a normal person… but we know it's not for long. Sigh.

No. 807407

Maybe she decided it's time to move one. (I know I'm grasping at straws)

No. 807408

You better watch out for the grammar nazi in this thread

No. 807409

File: 1607024532676.jpeg (522.34 KB, 828x1297, 83967F52-D83F-462F-A404-ADC683…)

“Its not coming out for like a month” smh its not uploading end of december then?? Can she stop setting herself up for missing another upload again?

No. 807410

File: 1607024610306.png (391.28 KB, 828x1792, 7C7D8812-B503-403E-8093-D56504…)

Sorry i just noticed she is getting featured, sorryx2 cause retarded

No. 807411

This was a joke >>807324 making fun of the heroine/heroin anon, and the worse/worst anon from Shay's thread. I even spelled grammar wrong on purpose. I'm just not very funny, sry.

No. 807412

Oh don’t you worry, she is definitely posting dec 31st or in a few month. No way in hell she is posting sooner. I would be so shocked if she did. I’m also exited for that tattoo feature, where she can talk about all the tattoos she ripped, how Steve Irwin is the best reptile enthusiast, this tattoo is about my abusive relationship, this one represents drugs rule everything around me etc etc

No. 807413

It was a joke too, I really don’t care if there is grammar police or not. Haha, we are all just here to watch this cow fall

No. 807421

I like it.

No. 807426

File: 1607030373591.png (407.74 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201203-181909.png)

No. 807427

File: 1607030397300.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201203-181917.png)

No. 807435

on but off topic, i saw some tiktok of a girl where she described the experience of trying to be an alt/edgy/goth girl and how it never fit right. the people werent for her, the clothes never looked right, etc. she decided in college to just be the "basic" girl that she is and she felt so much more comfortable in her own skin.

i wish taylor had that level of self-awareness sometimes. her prettiest was always the natural-esque sorority look. brown hair with highlighted ends would do her so many favors w her complexion and her eye color. normal makeup would fix so much. idk why she insists on wearing a style thats meant for petite 5'1" alternative lifestyle girls. its not her and never was.

the medfag anons saying that she wasnt in the cardiac unit or w/e make this post so much funnier. taylor its high bc u wont fucking stop doing meth

No. 807439

File: 1607032732322.png (4.33 MB, 1242x2208, B11DB02F-184E-49D8-9625-B74624…)

Anyone else think her thigh looks weird in this story? Sc for opinions but I think she may be wearing some sort of butt enhancing underwear

No. 807441

She’s probably wearing a fucking garter belt

No. 807443

I like how she accidentally tells on herself when she says "I suspect it's from drug abuse…" not from past drug abuse kek like no shit

No. 807444

Agreed anon. The whole girl next girl vibe was how she got popular, she seemed like a chill, funny, cool girl that was alot of fun to be around. She was pretty but never bitchy, but her jonny sage made her annoying and narcissitic as fuck.

LOL, gee ya think it's the heroin and meth tay. I don't understand how she can be so dumb. Good news taylor, there is a fix, it's called getting sober.

No. 807449

File: 1607033959029.png (5.44 MB, 1242x2688, 308656D8-14A0-4540-A6EF-0FBC7A…)

No. 807451

coincide with jonny posting syd ass pics? I think not.

No. 807455

did she tie her thighs back to make her ass look bigger?

No. 807456

lmfao I forgot about syd posting that. I definitely think she is still obsessed with/misses jonny and wants him to at minimum thirst over her/try to get back together with her.

Because of that I definitely think she's wearing butt enhancing underwear because we know from candids that her ass is flat as a pancake so even with garters her ass wouldn't look that big and she doesn't work out

No. 807457

So I guess the nice pretty pic from earlier was old. Damn I thought she had a moment of clarity and put some effort in today.

No. 807458

Is this an old photo? Why is her hair bleached blonde here but the shitty red/black duo here >>807449

That blonde color makes her look normal and less dumpster fire-ish

No. 807459

File: 1607040645252.jpeg (263.69 KB, 1125x979, 2EAA888B-FEEA-4E62-8A44-5F73D8…)

I’m not sure when she changed her bio, but she’s now “comin back December 31st”

No. 807461

its a wig

No. 807462

When she is trying to compete ass pics with syd. It’s just sad how much she is lurking.

Also she is wearing something odd under her pants

No. 807463


No. 807464

i just think she chose the wrong underwear for the pants

No. 807465

What a fucking lazy bastard. Anons have been calling this since july, i'm not surprised im just disgusted at her laziness.

No. 807466

No one, and I mean no one thought this was pass drug abuse. If she even tried that narrative I think it would make her fans more upset. She is obviously still currently using.

No. 807467

Maybe spandex or something ?

No. 807468

Just to add, nothing will change after this. All that we'll get out of this video is

>"im sorweee I did meth!!1!, I needed a break!!1! I'll post more videos sooon"

The cycle will just repeat, she'll put out maybe 2 videos then take another "break". Maybe a brief animal tour and some feedings.

That emoji tho She's gotta be mocking us at this point, I think her haturz are more into her than her fans.

No. 807469

I feel like I’m more exited for her new video, than her fans. It will be hilarious to watch another video about “poor me UwU, drugs, mental health, I’m sick, boo boo” when all her fans want is just animal content

If she wanted to make her fans happy just go back to being the girl next door (kinda hard with the drug tattoo) and film a “all my pets” video showing all their cages

No. 807471

She fucked up the easiest job in the world fr. If she just shut up about her personal life she'd still be raking it in.

>upload video once week

>Show cleavage
>Show off animals
>Don't fuck up your image (don't talk about who your dating)

It's hella funny watching the cope, I don't know how she's gonna get YT money now.

No. 807483

File: 1607046121270.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, DB8AF522-9640-4A81-88AE-79A925…)

Her hair would actually look good like this/with these colors or natural colors. Instead she’s stuck at being 14 mentally like Syd and going with that awful green, still trying to be an emo/scene girl in 2020/2021.

Because that’s what Jonny likes

No. 807485

I had that theory too. She is doing all this stupid shit to try to impress Jonny. Changing your aesthetic every man your with / trying to get with, is so odd to me. We all know she need male validation, but this is to a whole new level. It sucks she has the money to fund these crisis.

No. 807491

That last sentence tho lmfaooo

No. 807492

I personally don’t think she’s trying to impress him or get him back, more likely trying to score another band dude to make him jealous. The men she’s been with since Jonny aren’t gorgeous, but definitely a step up from that bloated pile of garbage.

No. 807496

Then why has it been proved that she reads Jonny’s threads?

No. 807506

Worst anon from shaynas thread strikes again? You’re the worse btw stop derailing over fucking grammar

No. 807507

I would like that to be the case. But the ass pic after Jonny posted a ass pic of syd is enough evidence that she wants him back to me

No. 807510

I mean we all fucking called it, really

No. 807514

Of she actually goes green I'll hardly be able to tell her apart from nika, swampy, strung out, green haired losers

No. 807520

Taylor wishes she was half as hardcore as Nika.

No. 807522

But who will burst their lips first?

No. 807524

Haha Youre killing me anons

No. 807528

File: 1607057277168.jpeg (27.36 KB, 147x275, 854A613B-09CC-4A63-9841-3A805B…)

posting cause we all know TND lurks her own threads and i wanna see her have a meltdown on the TL(offtopic)

No. 807534

You can stalk your ex and their shit show of a relationship and not want them back.. maybe she was trying to prove something with the ass pic? But to say she posted it cause she wants him back is a reach. Lets be real if Taylor wanted Jonny back she would have him. She was his cash cow and drug buddy, and we all know he loves money and heroin more than anything.

No. 807550

File: 1607071656883.png (6.41 MB, 1242x2688, ACA71ABC-6AB3-4428-AD1D-48B610…)

so the “merch” that psycho and manlet are wearing with the baby is from this guy. Anyone know if Taylor happened to just follow him or she has already been? Wondering because he doesn’t have that many followers so makes me wonder if this is yet another confirmation she is lurking lol

No. 807566

prob stuffed one of the dead rats down there or something

wonder what threads tay and her mom post in other than syd’s and this one?

No. 807576

If she wanted him back she could have him? Lol Jonny would love the control he has over her and my guess is he knows she's just vindictive enough to out him for cheating in Syd if he refused to leave her. Jonny knows how to manipulate women. My best guess is they've texted or talked on the phone at most. I think it's the other way around. If Jonny wanted Taylor back he'd have her. I'm just guessing but given he never stops using anyways I think he prefers Syd as she's not an addict and can actually function as a sober human being. Tay may be his cash cow but I'm sure even his mental health is better away from their drug den.

No. 807577


is this an old photo? how did she get her hair to be like this if it's not?

No. 807581

Maybe a wig?

No. 807594

jfc its a wig people

No. 807596

its a 20$ wig from amazon. Literally the first result when you search "cute wigs", I own the same one in pink.

No. 807597

Thanks for the head up, lol.

No. 807599

That’s literally just your tinfoil. It’s great you have one, but don’t tell everyone to take it as facts

No. 807601

hi syd(hi cow)

No. 807603

File: 1607101753777.jpeg (75.64 KB, 800x1000, 34c134e5-8149-4ac0-85ef-6afda1…)

She's wearing a pair of these, kek. You can see the butt pad inserts if you look close enough. Sad that her most recent purchases are a pair of underwear with booty padding and a wig.

No. 807604

I thought the same! Lol

No. 807615

Kek if that’s true that’s hilarious. I thought it was just funny too that she posts a shot of her ass right after Jonny posted Syd’s. It’s so obvious she still lurks them and I know damn well syd and Jonny do the same to make her jealous.

Idk about if she wanted him back, she’d have him… Taylor was so much better to Jonny than Syd, Syd is another level of batshit Tay never was. I think Taylor just doesn’t go back to him because she knows after all she’s said about him it would be SO bad for her image if they got back together. I think Jonny would take her back in a heartbeat. She literally spent tens of THOUSANDS on him?? All the computers, teeth, drugs, and designer clothes he wants? He would be back in heaven. Syd is fucking psycho but he jumped to the next easy target to manipulate because syd has no self esteem and he wants Taylor to be jealous of him. He fucked up by having a kid with her publicly though, if it weren’t for Storm I think Jonny would have dipped long ago.

No. 807617

Oh my fucking god she is !!! I thought it was spandex or something at first. This is so funny.

No. 807620

maybe they have been lowkey talking and she changed it up because of this? otherwise why would she?

No. 807622

i love when bitches do stuff like meth or heroin and ham up the healthy-body aspect of their lives. like come on, you inject poison into your veins for a good time, you certainly dont have the ideal body you try to portray if thats how low the bar is.

No. 807627


Tinfoil, but on Twitter when she talked about dying her hair green + “filming the first set of promos” and releasing her next vid, I think she might announce she’s starting OnlyFans.

I Ihave absolutely no problem with sw, but think this would be the beginning of the end for TND. seems like it would just enable her by

-justifying compulsively buying more low-quality shit clothing/wigs (for mUh Job!!)

-she can get her validation from strangers

- tbh I think she could probably make plenty of disposable income/drug money

- she can say that like YT, this is the perfect job for her because of her eds.

No. 807631

She would alienate herself. Her fans are all teen girls and maybe the occasional scrote but she's certainly not being surrounded by men who are giving her asspats. The only people who reply to her are women. Im sure there was a market for her a few years ago when she was active on YouTube but there's not going to be very many people who want to see a bruised, greasy, track mark covered junkie (I mean there will be some because scrotes are scrotes)

I doubt Taylor will stoop that low. I think even she knows spreading her ass on the internet is a zerosum game which is why she only posts thirst traps to her 13 year old audience.

>i have absolutely no problem with sex work

OnlyFans has ruined a generation of young women. Their freshly turned 18 nudes are on the internet forever and prostituting yourself for 3 dollars has become more normalized than getting a normal fucking job. More people should have issues with sex work because its fucking damaging and traumizing not some uwu body positive hobby these coomers want every woman to believe.

No. 807634

Hm, well… I guess I mean that I don’t have anything against it in that it’s no skin off my nose if someone wants to have their nudes online forever. It’s not hurting anyone but that person making the content.

unlike TND, when she was at peak pet tuber and actively harming animals.

Last I’ll say on it, didn’t mean to derail w/the “nothing against SW” comment

No. 807638

Taylor at least has some pride, she isn't like moo who has no self-respect whatsoever. The problem with Taylor isn't that she has no self-respect, it's grotesquely inflated, and she vacillates between manic and depressed cause of drugs. She was a perfectly content, basic white bitch before jonny. She only got muh depresshun, muh illness, after years of drug abuse and learning it would get her attention.

No. 807642

File: 1607116303221.png (10.12 MB, 1242x2688, 68BE82C5-F9E9-4A28-9C72-E9039F…)

No. 807643

File: 1607116691523.jpeg (682.67 KB, 750x1190, D3B6285F-FD2C-4004-85E5-B644C7…)

Yes having a fucked up heart because of drug abuse is sooo fashionable /s(repost, emailfag)

No. 807645

This isn’t a aesthetic. UwU my heart went boom from all the drugs I’m doing. Can you validate my victim hood ? Poor me I’ve been sick since I was 3 so sick

No. 807646

When you dress to show off medical equipment

No. 807647


My apologies, internet lagged so I didn't see you'd already posted this.

No. 807648

munchie attention whore's wet dream right here.

No. 807652

Nose tube saga when???

No. 807656


Wow, imagine a cardiologist slapping a shitty cam patch on a patient with legitimate heart issues LOL

She literally cannot stop lying and it's infuriating. Go to your doctor and say "it feels my heart is messed up uwu" and you're getting an EKG, Echo, Stres or Tilt test and they're running labs (for instance, BNP can indicate heart failure).

they often slap cam patch (lolol literal munchie fashion sticker) and holter monitors on people who, despite all evidence saying nothing is wrong, will shut them up

you can literally request how long you wear it. they'll be like, do you want to do the 24 or 48 or….? it's really up to you when the evidence shows you're fine. but "just to be sure", you tell me how long you want to wear this cute accessory that we're making a ton of insurance money from

taylor, i hope you get your wish and you really do need to see a cardiologist for treatment someday

No. 807658

File: 1607124897016.jpeg (835.89 KB, 828x1460, 62D0DD4A-353A-40D6-B343-CFC1E6…)

Pics spam incoming!

No. 807659

File: 1607124954769.png (3.13 MB, 828x1792, 71ACF925-7F47-43CC-8333-DC44BA…)

She is a mess

No. 807660

File: 1607125016997.png (3.49 MB, 828x1792, 8066BC9C-F2CA-4A78-B8E8-1D595D…)

The hair… seriously why is she even sharing these, so people would watch her video come 31st??

No. 807661

File: 1607125048548.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, D54AC43B-F058-441A-ACA0-2F8E87…)

Followed by a cringe video of her posing awkwardly trying to look sexy/cute in the car again

No. 807663

File: 1607125196229.jpeg (266.19 KB, 828x1090, 757460E7-4A38-4EEF-B0C8-BD9B35…)

She said she took these 5 days after she had a 2 days relapse? What even?? So safe to say with the length of her hair and state of her hair colour - she was only recently “sober” ??

No. 807664

She’s also recently uploaded videos to her IG story “proving” her skin is just discoloured due to EDS and that there are no track marks but the lighting is also conveniently too bright to be able to see it all clearly

No. 807665


What an absolute pig. She truly looks like a junkie societal reject. How is this gross pig going to make money as a youtuber, when the market is SATURATED with girls way better-looking than her, who actually have TALENTS and personalities.

i really like how she's pandering after being a real cunt when she was with Aggie telling people "mind your own business, fuck off, i don't even like youtube anymore and maybe I'll never come back"

i hope her "career" is dead and she ends up working at a family dollar the rest of her miserable trash life

because bitch literally has no personality, no life skills, isn't likeable at all (by normal people), and has no talents or intelligence.

i wish i could see her face when she finally uploads her cash-grab shit video and refreshes to see the viewcount and finally realizes it's over

No. 807666

Yesss can someone post the stories sperg, I dont know how to and her hands are shivering you could see she is trying to hard to control it.

Also any anon want to tinfoil the timeline of her relapses just basing on her hair? Did she even touch up in between?

No. 807668

her skin is so discolored and patchy, honestly gross. cystic acne maybe? It really is sad how far shes fallen compared to what she was.

No. 807673

Not sure whats going on in her video, she sounds like she's having trouble rubbing two brain cells together to speak.

>its. all like. you know over the. place and. stuff my. guys. and.

She comes off really cagey and defensive. It makes me super suspicious, especially when she talks about how she's not on drugs.

No. 807674

Who's that in the seat behind her?

No. 807677

File: 1607126735983.png (1.07 MB, 1858x2048, Screenshot_20201205-000201.png)

No. 807680


No. 807681

Her lips look like they are going to explode. Did she just get more fillers or am I crazy ?

No. 807682

I know, she makes everything a competition with that poor boy

No. 807683

I think they're permanently fucked anon. She probably went to a shitty/new surgeon and overfilled them. Its incredibly easy/common to get scammed, there really isn't much regulation.

No. 807686

Jen has probably fantasized about taking her minivan over a cliff.

No. 807688

wait, who tf says that? after a 2 day relapse? you mean you were using for 2 days? She has no idea what sober means.

You aren't sober if your using casually ffs. I doubt she's on medication, in her mind she's "detoxing", cause she doesn't wanna go back to rehab tinfoil.

No. 807692

Even with a filter, you can see she has a severe breakout on her face. I wonder if her most recent disappearance was due to her skin going to shit, like back when she had "cotton fever" or whatever

No. 807695

It looks more like meth skin picking scars than acne

No. 807696

Not to tinfoil but it was interesting how she didn't show her upper arms whatsoever. I know she's covered them with tattoo's but if you're gonna sperg about old trackmarks and covering them, why not show it all?

No. 807698

tinfoil: is it just me or does it seem like at this point she's using just to fuck herself up more for that chronic illnuss munchie cred?

No. 807700

She’s using because she’s addicted to heroin and doesn’t take her recovery seriously.

No. 807701

That’s my tinfoil too

No. 807702

File: 1607133305765.png (72.65 KB, 1437x369, Capture _2020-12-04-20-52-53.p…)

Apparently she took her furby photos after a 2 day relapse…but posted the green care bear furby online 18 days ago and had not purchased it yet? So she relapsed within the last 2 weeks but is totally 100% doing amazing get off my ass I am glowing I am healthy I feel great new vids coming soon.

Sure, Jan.

No. 807703

I think it's subconscious, but yeah. She's got deepseated issues she needs to solve with therapy, medication, philosophy.

She's almost certain to die if she keeps going this way. You can only flirt with death so long. lmao 2 day relapse.

No. 807704

File: 1607133360370.png (1.95 MB, 1436x2289, Capture _2020-12-04-20-51-27.p…)

And pic of furby she now owns that was still online 18 days ago, not yet purchased. Mmmmk.

No. 807710

In her story right after this she admits she has covered her track marks and "scarring" with tattoos, and plans to do it again with the bruises currently on her hand

No. 807713

This is an image board, newfags. Not a discussion circle. Please post content or stfu.

No. 807715

not that anon, but if your gonna criticize learn to sage faggot

No. 807731

at this point, taylor is the worst at everything she attempts to be or do. she’s a pathetic youtuber, half-assed hobbyist, a terrible pet owner, will never win daughter of the year and even luna who can’t even be bothered to inject herself has the decency to edit or crop out track marks in her photos.

it’s honestly impressive.

No. 807735

File: 1607156227118.jpeg (208.14 KB, 1242x2289, 1002AACE-C40F-4236-BFC1-26F11C…)

Don’t know how to embed video but she has stories on about how her bruising/ scarring is because of her Eds. She is also a bit shaky.

No. 807736

File: 1607156366370.png (614.18 KB, 1242x2688, 7A7F1894-EF7E-4E86-AF55-356481…)

No. 807737

File: 1607156571459.png (5.83 MB, 1242x2688, 828E6DDC-F69A-4BFD-954B-DF79D7…)

Why does she do that shit with her lip?

No. 807738

File: 1607156617262.png (8.88 MB, 1242x2688, 5B4DAE11-54E1-4303-B185-4A6EA7…)

Also, if she already did her hair, why not post updated photos than this trash?

No. 807739

File: 1607156675577.jpeg (153.91 KB, 1242x861, 0BE4C4E0-8ACB-4243-8D46-14F582…)

No. 807740

File: 1607158256360.png (7.76 MB, 1242x2688, 4F95E27B-E45F-4BC8-93F4-CE24C1…)

No. 807742

Kek so if she posted the pics in the white outfit on the same day she took them then shes only 6 days sober but ~you dont have to worry about me guys and shes not posting this angrily! Just like the last time she showed all her animals totes not angry. Yikes yes its scared to the max but show the other spot Tay. No wonder she muscles so much and gets abscesses. What we really want to see is the uwu horrible legs scars. Love when she basically posts shit for us

No. 807751

I like how she claims she covered her arm with tattoos for the pizza burnt scar when the scar wasn’t even pointed out by anyone EVER, she is such a pathological liar and I m betting she is gonna say she covered herself in tattoo from self-harm scars very soon to earn her some victim points

No. 807758

Has a tiny pizza scar on arm, covers whole arm with tattoos, yeah makes sense.
And did she really say she didn't relapse often this year? Ok, when she was on one big bender she may count it as one relapse.

No. 807760

But if she is “5 days sober” it’s fresh bruising. She needs to get her stories straight

No. 807761

I bet she will too, even with tattoos self harms scars are visible in lighting, because the skin usually raises and it’s pretty noticeable. You can’t fix the texture of your skin with tattoos. Also the pizza scar was deep, anyone would have that for a few years before it would clear up.

No. 807762

File: 1607187487046.jpeg (733.4 KB, 1125x1126, 27F08D53-7B26-4623-883B-456B0E…)

ok But where the fuck are her teeth

No. 807763

Why does she sound like she was just in a terrible accident or something. Her voice is shaking like crazy, like she was crying.

I swear whenever this girl gets criticism she posts a shaky voice video trying to clear stuff up. She did it with the vet snake bill situation, she did it when she promised (her words) to show animal cages to prove they aren’t bad on a live stream (she never live streamed them and just disappear, bc she was high) she needs to move out of her mothers and grow up. Stop crying when the internet is to mean “and makes me use drugs UwU”. She needs to realize there are consequences for your actions in the real world, and mommy can’t always save you

No. 807764

Her gums are taking over her teeth. She also have veneers. Hahaha good choice Taylor. We have criticized her before for her gums looking unhealthy. I think she has the beginning stages of gingivitis, but I’m no dentist. All you need to get it, is not floss. I doubt she flosses because her hair is full of grease all days of the week

Last time we talked about it I remember she posted on her story someone is making rumors about her teeth and she doesn’t have gingivitis or teeth problems. It’s just like normal people ignore rumors and don’t feel the need to publicly defend themselves if it’s just rumors

No. 807765

I’m not currently using. Yes I did have a two day drug binge, but I’m five days sober.
Yes I am a drug recovery advocate. Stop being mean or it’s your fault I do drugs. If you were nice on the internet I wouldn’t do them. No I can’t take a break from social media until I’m 90 days sober. All my animals are 110% doing great. Well yeah sometimes not all their heat lights are on in my stories when it’s 11am, but who needs heat. I haven’t showed my animals in months but take my word for it, they are all doing awesome. I might lie when I’m high, but trust me on this my cats love using 1 litter box. Not like I have three cats or anything.


No. 807766

You’d think by now she would think to check herself into rehab longer to get this over with. Of course the pandemic hasnt been easy for anyone esp addicts but by god how does she still managed to relapse living under her parent’s roof during lockdown is beyond me!

No. 807770

>how does she still managed to relapse living under her parent’s roof during lockdown

Honestly tho, if she leaves there's only one reason why. It's not hard to figure out she only leaves to get drugs. Mama dean could easily stop this shit but she's too weak willed/ doesn't care anymore. Pretty sure she can't even legally drive anymore, does she even have her own insurance?

It's not hard to take the keys, cancel her phone bill, rehome animals, cut off access to the internet. Mama dean is a fat, lazy slob so I guess it's not surprising.

No. 807771

I’m pretty sure her drug dealer could just leave it on her porch / yard. Where she leaves money, like under a rock.

What her parents should do is put security cameras and censored lights, and a sign saying you’re on camera. No dealer would show up, and leave drugs for money, because it’s to sketch

Also all of this would be only 100-200$ to keep Taylor sober

No. 807774

nothing "keeps" an addict sober. they have to want to be sober.

No. 807775


It's completely pointless to go to rehab unless you genuinely want to get sober and are prepared to put in the work. Even then the odds are massively stacked against you. She always treats rehab as a holiday and so inevitably relapses as soon as she leaves. She should stop wasting her money and not go until she actually wants to quit drugs for real.

No. 807776

She is never going to “want” to be sober. She like the being the biggest victim of addiction. It will kill her before she thinks maybe playing the victim all the time, doesn’t put me on a pedestal. She thinking being a victim excuses her shit actions and animal care. It doesn’t

No. 807779

yea she identifies herself as an addict, it's part of her personality/identity/ego. It's like smokers who stop smoking, but they still IDENTIFY themselves as smokers. As long as they're like this they'll ALWAYS go back to the cigarette.

Taylor doesn't want to say to herself, "i'm not someone who uses drugs" She doesn't see any problem with how she's living.

The fact that her family/fans keep enabling her only makes it worse. I don't think she has the intelligence to unfuck herself from this situation.

No. 807784

Right but its sure easier to shoot up when you know mommy's gonna come clean your room and take care of your pets while you're on a drug binge with your junkie brodick. Addicts who shoot up in bathrooms and drug houses have no place to go, they are forced to see other drug addicts doing terrible things to get their fix. Taylor hasn't seen the dirty world of heroin addiction because she still has a safe room, is fed and has clean clothes (kek). Shes living in her childhood bedroom shooting up, most parents I know would have given the ultimatum "stay and get sober or leave" at the first relapse.

She started shooting up when she was at her peek fame on YouTube. Rock bottom for Taylor is not her ugly meth skin or strung out selfies even though shed love to believe that. Its having to face reality that she has to choose living a comfortable/nice life or heroin. Jen's giving her the option of having both right now which is enabling her to keep viewing her relapses with the most addictive life ruining drugs in the world as minor. Jen is responsible for the kids she decided to produce and one of them is heavily addicted to fucking heroin. Shes culpable if not responsible.

No. 807785

This bitch trying to gain sympathy from her "heart problems" that she fucking caused… fuck her. It's like trying to have sympathy for a cigarette smoker who gets lung cancer. You destroyed your own body, you're an insult to people with actual heart conditions. Stupid bitch.

No. 807786

That’s literally why I don’t feel bad for her. She didn’t do herion to cope with shitty living situations/ being poor. She did it to party and bond with her boyfriend while at her peak. She hasn’t been through hardship. She tried to put the narrative she has, and then romanticizes it. It’s just gross. It’s funny a lot of fans / past fans see through it and stopped supporting her. The only few amount that supports her left are underaged teen girls and a few morons who are adults.

No. 807788

Personal tinfoil but I don’t think Taylor even attempts to be subtle about using in her parents house. What are her parents going to do? They’ve already made it clear they aren’t going to kick her out or get rid of her animals, and they might be making her go to rehab but they can’t make her stay. She has nothing left to lose and nothing they can take from her.

I don’t know how she sells it to them, or how they justify it. Maybe she blames them when she uses? Maybe Jen is just such a codependent enabling twat that she’s the driving force in coddling Taylor for a measly 20 Twitter ass-pats until she finally makes good on her vague suicide bait. Who knows.

No. 807803

she doesn't have veneers she bought jonny veneers. not trying to wk but that's just not true.

No. 807804

I think Jonny got implants and she got veneers?

No. 807805

yes she does, it's in the threads. Jonny has dental implants not veneers. Taylor has no regard for personal hygiene or cleanliness, she's a heroin addict so it's kind of expected tbh. I doubt she can be bothered to even brush her teeth, she isn't looking after her animals thats for sure.

No. 807819

She does her teeth looked better before them

No. 807826

So she either lied and relapsed for longer than 2 days which caused her “heart to go boom” or she was in the hospital and shot up a few days later for 2 days? This girl is actually retarded either way but even more so for lying about the timeline. What happened to being open and honest?

No. 807832

kek she's never been open and honest

No. 807833

File: 1607226456424.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 9AE342C5-1CF0-4E7C-A377-3DA46E…)

Self aware Taylor?

No. 807834

File: 1607226526018.jpeg (870.83 KB, 2048x2048, 14B5C95E-70E8-4DED-A78D-A8F89C…)

Recent stories (1/3)

No. 807835

File: 1607226592345.jpeg (736.73 KB, 2048x2048, 9A8F5993-C6D1-4D77-9A94-446802…)


No. 807836

File: 1607226692524.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, ECEC143D-0970-4ED8-87A7-55DD6B…)


No. 807837

She doesn't have any track marks cuz she's doing meth this is meth. She has the power to stop. She doesn't want to stop though. Like one Anon said a druggie is an aesthetic for her. You know she could have had got cool points for being a pothead. No she just wants to do the hardcore drugs. This is a shame. I know most of us were fans of hers maybe if she took a different route buy filming blogs for life would be different. But I mean she's a lame-ass person what are you going to see her going to the mall let's go to Hot Topic type of blog.

No. 807838

Is she high now ? It must of taking her so long to write five huge ass paragraphs.

What train of thought did she have to think, yeah this is what I’ll post

No. 807841

File: 1607229270475.jpeg (209.22 KB, 744x1074, 58716389-0A21-457A-B10B-A07CEB…)

She’s REALLY milking this heart monitor thing

No. 807843

Idk what's more disgusting, the fact that she is flaunting her druggie heart problems and taking naked pics for her teenage audience, or the face on her ghastly tattoo

No. 807844

It’s funny how much of a try hard she is “brings back to 2010” “MySpace” it minds me of how when someone constantly talks about how such a nice person they are, but it turns out they are a real bitch. We get it girl you want a early 2000s egirl Aesthetic now. Watch the switch from emo goth baby to egirl shift.

Now the heart monitor romanticizing is no surprise. As someone with a heart condition it’s laughing she is treating a monitor like a prize she won at school to brag about. It’s a pretty weird flex, but I’m living for it for comical reasons

No. 807845

I smell an aesthetic change coming up.

No. 807849

File: 1607235763377.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, DB9904C0-2671-43FE-BFD4-8E06BD…)

No. 807852

Egirl early 2000s Sexworker soon ?? Any bids ?

No. 807853

Good, because this emo trash look does nothing for her.

No. 807854

It’s close to emo trash, she wants to be egirl trash now. I think she will have a fansonly soon. This is all my tinfoil.

No. 807859

I'm calling cyborg egirl (muh heart monitor, I am now part artificial) with some cybergoth/rave wear

No. 807862

Wtf I thought that was Blaire White

No. 807863

"never change but i'm trying to make desperate changes" how much do u wanna bet she still hasnt reached rock bottom

No. 807864

her wig is so fucking shitty lol, is it just me or does it literally look like plastic?

No. 807870

Her pupils are huge in this, even if she isn’t shooting up dope (highly doubt it) she’s met her the fuck out for sure, her vanity posting alone speaks volumes for that, but he’ll no is she sober in any of those recent posts, also backs up how shitty her skin is right now

No. 807871

her pupils actually look normal for once in that picture lol

No. 807872

Ugh it pains me to defend Jen but I don't think "most" parents of addicts would immediately kick their kids out after the first relapse. Actually I've only ever seen the opposite. The parent thinks throwing their kids out will kill them faster so they are afraid to do it. Even tho they know deep down it's the right thing to do. Junkies need to hit rock bottom. Plus Jen in particular likes having control of Taylor. She'd lose her completely again if she threw her out and she doesn't want that

No. 807873

I can’t see her doing the sex work stuff but you never know

No. 807875

File: 1607256178028.jpeg (332.86 KB, 2048x2048, 7BD8DFC4-6D9E-4E1B-9CED-0B4A4A…)

So used to seeing her eyes pinned that I can’t even tell what her normal pupil size should be, if she’s cracked out or not, but jesus for someone who’s 23 years old she looks years older

No. 807877

File: 1607256924005.jpeg (964.43 KB, 2048x2048, 848DCE1E-96B5-42DB-8C52-3CE78A…)

Top Left 31/10/2017
Top Right 17/02/2018
Bottom Left 14/11/2018
Bottom Left 23/03/2019

No. 807879

Her pupils may not be suspect here, but if one thing is for sure she looks completely dead in the eyes. It’s just plain sad how she’s completely lost any spark she may have once had.

No. 807880

File: 1607257593794.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, F0DF5FA1-3473-4A43-B895-9E389F…)

Top left 4/7/2019
Top right 13/11/2019
Bottom left 10/11/2020
Bottom right 4/12/2020

No. 807883

File: 1607259336605.png (910.7 KB, 906x708, tay 17.png)


this isn't milk anon, and whats with the flattering photos? If your gonna spam pics at least show a contrast from best to worst.

one of my personal favs from heroin saga.

No. 807884

File: 1607259447473.jpeg (504.05 KB, 1422x1982, tay 14.jpeg)

The famous botched lips, when she started going out with jonny. It all went downhill from here.

No. 807886

File: 1607259555300.png (399.38 KB, 451x598, tay 18.png)

Peak addiction

No. 807888

Does anyone else think comparisons are incredibly dull? We all know that her looks have deteriorated, just like they do for all junkies. It's not interesting and it's been done to death at this point.

No. 807889

I know it’s not really milk, was just more interested in her fast physical decline. I didn’t actually even think they were that flattering. Plenty of others over previous threads will sometimes post her old caps for comparison even if it’s not related to recent drama so I didn’t think it was an issue.

No. 807890

yea no need for picture spam, unless she releases something obviously shitty/funny. The threads are there for comparison, let talk about recent milk.

No. 807892

dead fish look, goddammit girl learn to smize at least

No. 807894

She … is absolutely high, very likely on meth, writing these. It's the same pointless rambling, just with a more positive tinge rather than her usual negative bitching. She's trying to "get sober from heroin" by dong meth for a few days. She posts like this when she's in that part of her cycle.

No. 807895

Its ok anon, her doctor said a little meth as an experiment is ok since it isn't her drug of choice. She's totally sober and don't you dare question it or she'll relapse and it will all be your fault.

No. 807897

File: 1607265661049.jpg (452.46 KB, 1078x1178, Screenshot_20201206-064032_Ins…)

holy shit I can't believe no one's posted this yet

No. 807900

Meth makes your pupils huge so if you do heroin and then a ton of meth your pupils will look more normal. A lot of addicts do that with meth or crack/coke to try to hide the pinned pupils but in this case her fucking face gives it away that she's tweaking hard

No. 807901

It looks like she's practicing for OnlyFans. Belle Delphine better watch out.

No. 807907

How dare you! our queen isn't a whore! Just because she dresses and acts like a slut doesn't mean she is one!1!! Jake was just a mistake, jonny was aboosive and aggy is a good boi!11

I doubt Taylor will turn camwhore unless things get really bad, like kicked out living on the street bad. She gets off blue-balling mid 30's drug addicts and 13 yos.

If anything she'll monetize the hate she receives.

No. 807908

Is that a new palm tree poster ? Im guessing she will have that in the background of her new video. Also this girl is going to look like ready2glare before we know it. I’m so exited for this downfall

No. 807909

also interesting timing with kiki doing similar

No. 807921

These are the very telltale self-aggrandizing ramblings of a person tweaked out of their gourd. Also the jaw clenched, “LOOK RELAXED!” blank expression. Girl is on one.

No. 807922


When she writes more than one sentence in a post it means she's definitely on meth.

No. 807925

File: 1607280363142.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1373, B5D59980-ED42-4184-9260-5A1BE1…)


No. 807927

I am living for these edits keep them coming

No. 807934

She is so high, anons. Look at that stare. #meth

No. 807935

Glassy red eyes, she is as high as a kite! wonder if she's gonna sober up a lil and delete these when she realizes how bad she looks lmao.

No. 807936

This is literally just what she posted herself on IG. It looks like something a farmer would make to mock her

No. 807937

Okay but this isn't Taylor's first experience with drugs and not even her first time relapsing with heroin under her parents roof. Jens coddling obviously isn't working and any parent could see letting their daughter waste away buying hoards of garbage in her room dabbling with hard-core street drugs and larping as the junkies junkie is enabling her. Shes going to die either way. Heroin relapse is lethal even if she treats it like a "whoopsie!" and she's already relapsed at least 3 times from her own admission with Jen. At this point she's fueling Taylor's life that's killing her, she's not forcing her to get a job or even make videos and its not like Jen is some unaware parent. They literally follow each other on social media and she can see each crazy methed up tweet Taylor posts.

Codependency is not an excuse for bad parenting and "not wanting to feel guilty uwu" is not an excuse for letting your daughter shoot up heroin in her fucking room while you clean her animals and bitch on twitter for a year and a half.

No. 807938

She’s starting to look like an even more busted version of Tana Mongeau

No. 807941

I can't be assed to find it but she definitely has veneers. She has mentioned a few times before. I'm pretty sure she blamed her lisp on the veneers in a "all my pets" videos.
You can also just compare her old teeth and her new teeth, they look very different.

No. 807943

Completely agree. I feel like people keep forgetting that Jonny didn’t bring her to drugs. She was already a coke addict, she boasted about it many time. What’s up with this girl and flexing about drugs. What a great flex.

No. 807948

the tough on any normal person just casually saying "i did meth but only for two days so it's ok" is insane to me

No. 807950

I like how she called it “two day relapse” to downplay it. I think she means two day drug binge. A relapse isn’t doing drugs for two days straight, that is a binge my friend

No. 807951

File: 1607290492665.jpeg (197.21 KB, 750x881, 64074F08-92AA-4186-9558-3DA65E…)

No. 807952

Hope she’s not following the “I’m not breaking my sobriety because I’m not shooting it!” logic that Jonny followed.

No. 807953

She’s always had a lisp but wore Invisalign for a time which made it more apparent. You can see her wearing the retainers on old videos sometime soon after she bought that little Honda. If those videos are still up.

No. 807954

She says this now, but what about when Gucci escaped. What about all the drugs she does. What about her cover up for Jonny.

She preaches how she will always tell the truth, but her actions has shown she twists the truth and lies to when it’s convenient for her storyline or narrative

No. 807958

File: 1607296945061.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, 463C8A7A-14E7-44A7-9F9B-658333…)

Two not yet posted

No. 807960

File: 1607297044655.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, 6ED31432-347D-48C0-913A-3E4CA0…)

>feelin’ it

No. 807962

Didn’t MySpace die in like 2009 or something?

No. 807963

Yes. She is just trying to hop on another Aesthetic, while also knowing nothing about it

No. 807965

She’s posted a set to her main now.
>everything green

No. 807966

Do you have screenshots ? I don’t have social media

No. 807970

I’m not seeing anything new on her page that hasn’t already been posted here. I think anon is just late to the game and didn’t bother reading the thread.

No. 807972

File: 1607308321287.jpeg (542.32 KB, 750x1175, 4D3AA905-0295-4FEC-9BDD-14E9BE…)

I already posted them, the two above. Didn’t want to clog up the thread with all.

But since anon >>807966 doesn’t have SM, here’s a screen record for you - all pics and some bickering in the comments.


No. 807974

Oh my gosh those comments. Thanks so much anon

No. 807975

Yes, which is why I said there wasn’t anything that wasn’t already posted here and anon probably didn’t read the thread.

Thank you for the screen recording as well!

No. 807977

Actually I already posted this above.

Anyway Taylor is way prettier than Syd, period. Syd could never pull off blonde hair. Taylor is trying to flex on her. As she should, Syd is living a shit life. Not that Taylor’s. Is any better. But she doesn’t have a child. She can come back from most of her mistakes. And she’s not with JC. That’s already a win.

No. 807978

I agree, even though Taylor has been looking like a hot mess lately, she is prettier than syd in general when comparing. Syd’s ugly evil behavior makes her 1000x uglier too. But that green hair she wants to do will not help though. I don’t get why she doesn’t just get a green wig and just keep her natural color.

No. 807982

it's hard to trust someone who's a pathological liar, fine and dandy to her means something totally different to everyone else.

No. 807987

File: 1607332874972.png (109.56 KB, 514x948, subs.PNG)

hair loss kek

No. 807988

these are so out of order and some are missing so it's impossible to follow, could someone post clearer caps for those of us without twitter? I want to know what she's saying about vivitrol because that was the first drug she ever mentioned wanting to try, long before she got sober, and we've never heard her talk about actually getting it before

No. 807989

File: 1607333707902.webm (14.75 MB, 720x720, Project_12-07_HD 720p.webm)

Tay triggered by people calling her a munchie. More attitude filled tweaked out rambling

No. 807990


these are in chronological order ffs, you don't need twitter to look this up. she posted 30+ tweets in the past few hours look it up yourself if you are so interested in the meth ramblings. this was just documenting the only milky part

No. 807991

>I can't imagine sobriety without suboxone
>I've been on them since I first startef [sic] recovery and I can't see myself without them. I tried a week off them in rehab and had a full blown psychosis!!

Woop. There it is. She is almost self-aware here… Her "sobriety" is just being on other drugs. She can't even wean herself off of the crutch drug bc apparently it makes her "psychotic". Always with the fucking excuses.

We already know she thinks that having constant relapses mean she's "sober" when she's not actively using H. The junkie logic is astonishing.

She cannot take care of herself on a daily basis, and she's been admitting to it for ages now - but we're supposed to believe her pets receive daily care and are in a perfect condition, even now. Right.

No. 807992

my bad anon, she's damn-near incoherent so it's difficult to understand at all without reading what she's replying to. I thought you had to log in to view tweets like you do with instagram.

I still want to know when exactly she tried vivitrol, since you can't get high, I wonder if that's the "reaction" she had. probably the only time she was sober (~from heroin~) for any length of time was when she had no other choice.

No. 807998

I think you have to read them bottom to top. Then it makes more "sense" (using sense here loosely)

No. 808001

Ok, so it's blindingly obvious she's not only on suboxone. I don't know what else, doesn't really matter at this point. She's only partially honest about her "relapses" well after the fact.

So what's the percentage of her actually keeping her December 31st return date? She never really left, per se, she still does videos. They are just incoherent drug induced ramblings.
It's so strange, she gets these paranoid moments at random times like she knows people think she's a lying junkie and suddenly has to explain herself. So she spews this verbal nonsense to 15 people that only want her to validate their own existence and have an internet personality notice them.
I'd say it's a shame because "such a pretty girl with so much potential, and whatnot", but I'd be lying. With out her photoshopping her Stonehenge head down to normal size, she's average at best. She is a dropout with no ambition so there was no potential. Well, potential to become a good milk factory for us farmers.

No. 808006

Just have to point out that these tweets (and other long rambling tweet chains) were all rapid firing at like 2:00 a.m. Tayter’s time. Meth spurgs back in full force.

No. 808007

File: 1607353486965.jpeg (268.89 KB, 1242x2208, 797C078A-573A-47DA-A8C5-22C6D6…)

She’s already getting ready to push her “comeback” into January kek

No. 808009

File: 1607355500863.png (3.67 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201207-093319.png)

Kek we've heard this SO many times. I guess she's going full munchie/druggie yt-er so I she'll be alienating most all her animal fans. Cant wait for this part of her downfall and what she'll do when she realizes that her career is dead and not coming back to life

Also side note but she sounds so funny when she tries to come off as "professional"

No. 808012

Zero doubt she's methed out. She looks absolutely insane in the eyes here regardless of pupil size.

No. 808013

"Unique video details and individual talking points" lmao what's she even on about, this girl can't even think for herself nevermind come up with anything new and unique.
Also, her plan for returning has been specifically catered to her health issues? Her animal videos had subpar editing and were just her rambling for 20 mins whilst occasionally holding an animal awkwardly. Does she mean to say she's going even more low effort than that?

No. 808020

>working on completing plan out

LMFAO "working on" means doing nothing and "plan out" means doing nothing.

She's literally planning to plan, girl just quit YT, it's obvious you don't like it anymore. She'll make one video about how she'll make videos and then ghost everyone again.

No. 808021

I am actually so bored with her wallsperg - same shit nothing new and she is does this ALL THE TIME. And her venting goes in circles and circles with the same cliche advice, boring tay!

I’ll give credit when I finally see her make any progress kek >>808009

No. 808023


"Professional" munchie anon. Taylor really isn't that interesting, she isn't doing it to "raise awareness" she's doing it to make money.

>eased into nicely… we'll see what I can handle…

Give me a fucking break, this is gonna be the most half-assed return we've seen yet.

No. 808025

lol probably wrote all of these "talking points" out when she was tweaking in the middle of the night

who knows, maybe meth will be good for her career and help her be more productive lolz

No. 808027

Ah yes, "ease into" the easiest fucking job on the planet, which she has not been doing for over a year. "Seeing how much she can handle" is going to be predictably hilarisad. Absolutely known for breaking her back with hard work and dedication, she is…

It'll be February 27th and she'll be making a teary-eyed, barely coherent IG update about being overwhelmed and "still so fragile", and her little fans will still eat up her shit.

No. 808030

File: 1607360235557.jpeg (560.93 KB, 750x1263, 31973EBA-8598-4A8D-9DB2-D0FE77…)

That’s just simply not true. If anyone has time to check her twitter, she really did 30+ tweets last night. Long long fucking tweets like each one is a essay.

No. 808031

Lol I was thinking maybe it would make her actually be productive too. Sadly for her though tweakers always seem to think they have brilliant ideas until they sober up and realize just how insane they sound/are. Unfortunately she hasnt learned yet that its the drugs convincing her of this shit and not based in reality

No. 808032

File: 1607360393387.jpeg (284.28 KB, 750x1235, 6B8D9AF4-4505-4F99-AFAA-D6DA7D…)

There is even more then these replyings to that tweet, but it’s just circling and pointless. Why does she respond to a single tweet with a fucking thesis

No. 808034

she said "plan" five times in that paragraph. she loves thinking about what she could do, feeling good about it, and then not doing it.

didn't she admit to having a coke problem before she even met Jonny, and that's how she knew she had an addictive personality?

No. 808035

Yup, when your addicted to anything your brain will try to rationalize anything that attacks the source of addiction. "uwu I can't do anything", "health issues", "not linear", "i'm learning", "Can't imagine sober with subs", all this bullshit is just cope and self deception.

She needs to get off the fucking drugs, it's so obvious to everyone except her.

No. 808036

If she can’t film one video, how can she take care of 15+ pets ?

No. 808037

Yes she did have a coke problem way before Jonny. smh

No. 808039

How, you ask? Obviously PERFECTLY, they're all in PERFECT health, don't you know! They're hand-fed only the finest neglect and plant-based subpar care.

No. 808040

Wow poor middle class white girl tay. Newsflash tay, everyone is going through shit but no one is trying to monetize their issues like you, killed animals from neglect and air it out on the internet while continuously lie to cover whatever image you have left.

She is one step away from onlyfans, I m calling it!

No. 808041

I have a tinfoil that most of the animals she supposedly rehomed from her first rehab stint could very well be dead, she said she was going to visit them and post updates. Surprise surprise no news after that.

No. 808042

>everyone is going through shit

This, pandemic shit, politics shit. Yet all she can do is bitch about HER problems, that SHE caused. All her wounds are self-inflicted.

People have their own problems but she still acts like she's the center of the universe. Bitch you ain't that important. Nobody is gonna swoop in and save her, she needs to save herself.

No. 808043

File: 1607361818131.png (2.51 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201207-112214.png)

Even her doodles look high af kek

No. 808045

Seeing her past art… umm are you sure she did this. Like this drawing isn’t great, but she jumped from super shit to okay real fast

No. 808046

Hahahaha it’s suppose to be her, look at the hair.

No. 808047

File: 1607362130877.jpg (51.21 KB, 649x384, aggypunk2077.jpg)

No. 808048

I know and whenever someone doubts her addiction techniques, her fans hammer on them “you clearly never been tho addiction how dare you give her an ounce of criticism your the reason she doesn’t post videos for me” like bitch just because these people don’t put on there sm their past addiction experiences doesn’t mean they haven’t been though it. (Honestly most addicts go tho way more than Taylor’s wealthy life style) Addiction is associated with shame and embarrassment. Most people don’t want to romanize a tragedy.

No. 808049

I think they are already fucking. Completely a tinfoil tho

No. 808050

File: 1607362916879.jpeg (365.79 KB, 750x709, 1EACFA60-1FD8-4808-B10A-91CD6D…)

Someone posted this in the tag, and I didn’t even notice …she can’t even remember her own lies. Also the “if you don’t like when people joke to cope than you don’t have to follow” personality reminds me of ari. With that same logic Taylor… if you don’t like the criticism you get from playing the victim, and from romanticizing drug addiction to children, and from your SHIT animal care, than you don’t have to be on the internet. Just log off

No. 808051

naw ya dumb bitch, the drugs CAUSED your heart problems. Just like they caused your shitty skin, hair falling out, depression, financial ruin, plummeting career, craving for more.

It's like she's fucking stoopid. I just can't with her today.

No. 808052

Not to armchair like this is just common Sense if you know anything about heroin

Heroin ods cause heart attacks and heart issues

Eds very VERY few amount of people get heart issues related to the diagnosis

She literally outed herself out for not being sober. The likelihood the monitor was caused by her recent two drug binge is way more likely than her condition that she has been diagnosed for YEARS suddenly caused heart problems the same time she did a drug binge. I think it’s funny she is trying to tell it as it’s muh eds. No Taylor it’s the drugs. So clearly the drugs.

No. 808053

File: 1607363735562.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, BC848134-332C-4E86-98AD-43AFC9…)

Have you guys seen this video. Summary “let people joke about what they are going through” basically she is pissy everyone is calling out abt the heart monitor. Where was the joke Taylor ? Like please point out one joke she had. It was literally many many post of just me naked only wearing a heart monitor. Look at my heart monitor. Mommy daddy I won a heart monitor look at my prize. People are upset that she seems genuinely happy to get this, I’ve never seen someone with such a victim mentality.

Glorifying ≠joking

Naked only wearing only wearing heart monitor = glorifying

Again I have checked her socials up and down no joke. All glorification

No. 808059

I think by jokes she's referring to the general nature she goes about saying it, "uwu my heart went boom teehee!". She uses the 2010 "rawr I'm so random lolz! xD" talk as her sense of humor even though it's not even funny at all it's just cringe at this point.
Holy fuck this has always bugged me about her but she is worse than ever before with this now. She overexplains EVERYTHING in 30 paragraphs to one person's 2 sentence comment and then follows up with "I just need to not explain myself to the haters, I owe it to nobody!!" but yet repeats the cycle over and over. She only does this because 1. she's on drugs and is sperging and 2. she is so caught up in her own lies she's left to try to explain herself out of it over and over, when in the end it makes absolutely no fucking sense. Just like this, >>808050 what a good catch, she can NEVER keep her own story straight.

With these pictures and comments alone, I don't know how on earth literally EVERYONE sees she's still on drugs but her. Her self awareness is just totally nonexistent at this point.

No. 808061

She wants to be labeled as “poor sick girl UwU” so badly

No. 808063

Imagine if she treated herpies or some other std like this heart monitor.

No. 808064

for anyone who missed it the full video was posted a few posts back: >>807989

No. 808065

this is literally not even accurate.

Heroin ods cause respiratory depression.

stimulant ods cause heart palpitations/heart attacks.

No. 808067

I didn’t want to blog but I’ve had two close family members die from heroin both the final factor was heart attacks… so looks like not every times is respiratory

No. 808068

File: 1607371734881.jpeg (496.16 KB, 750x1294, 07042D32-FC71-4C3C-A852-C390FB…)

Literally just a quick google search and got many websites talking about the effects on your heart

No. 808069


If you would like to start doing your own research that would be great. It does cause heart attacks and heart issues

No. 808073

File: 1607373967092.jpeg (276.03 KB, 750x688, DC2CCAB8-1915-4B39-B470-414574…)

Not really milk but it’s odd how she obsesses over things at level 100

No. 808076

Remember the episode of Intervention with that girl Christy who was on meth and writing all these incoherent ramblings in a notebook that she thought were deep, brilliant insights? This is what I imagine Tay's "plans" look like.

No. 808077

<recovering from suppressed childhood abuse

I'm sorry, what fucking childhood abuse?

No. 808079

Her hair is going to look like shit cause it's not light enough. It's barely even blonde. Needs to be white for neon colors. Also fuck her there is a pandemic your hair can wait

No. 808080

Daddy working and mommy taking care of her actually disabled brother. Her munchie pandering and rebelling with drugs and hoarding animals is her way of trying to get attention from her parents because she can’t deal with the fact her brother requires constant 1 on 1 attention and she doesn’t unless she’s munching or ODing in her childhood bedroom

No. 808085

File: 1607376894632.png (22.5 KB, 652x281, codependence.PNG)

He didn't hooold meeeee! cuddle abooose

No. 808086

File: 1607377088392.png (34.54 KB, 652x350, morefakery.PNG)

how bout you take care of the animals you already own?

No. 808087

What the fuck? She lives at home with her fucking family. Nothing stopping her from dragging her slimy ass downstairs and hugging her mum or her brother. Or even hitting up Aggy.

This is really infuriating for people who have spent this whole damn year alone due to actual autoimmune disorders and shit. She has the nerve to whine about not getting cUdDlEs when all she has to do is ask them from family or her brodick.

No. 808088

Fr, if he isn't Post Malone famous or better they're invisible to her. It's not that she can't get cuddles, it's that they're not the cuddles she wants.

She wants some dick, they gotta be hot, rich and famous too. Girl take a look in the mirror, you don't have much to add to the table.

No. 808090

She is talking about one video that got extremely viral on tiktok. The comment section destroyed the girl that threw the tortoise in that water. She was a stupid stupid minor. It’s old new Taylor. It was one incident. Kids are not throwing tortoises in the water left and right

No. 808091

File: 1607378410362.jpeg (169.62 KB, 750x1246, 8A01BF78-147E-4605-9B1B-B87826…)

She posted this on one of MC tweets. So is she saying she has always been bi and trying to push that narrative or is this one of her quirky “jOkEs”

No. 808096

18 videos is such a ridiculous number to promise, you absolute clown. she didnt even reach 18 video promises in 2020. could she make it any more obvious that shes on uppers and having a manic phase

and we got the classic tfw no coodle uwu tweet as well! she really is back in full force. and to nobody's suprise, absolutely nothing has changed!

No. 808099

> She wants some dick, they gotta be hot, rich and famous too
Sorry I’m just trying to figure out which one of the troglodytes she’s banged fit any of these descriptors

No. 808101

These tweets look like the texts tweakers try to talk to you with

No. 808104

Serving us Neopets MS Paint template "art" talent

No. 808106

She definitely got outed as a cokehead during one of the pettube get togethers, but no she "discovered she has an addictive personality" because one time when she was a teen she took one sip of vodka and then supposedly immediately considered suicide.

No. 808107

Did you forget the hep c saga?

No. 808109

She’s so into harm reduction I don’t understand why she doesn’t get on methadone. She obviously needs replacement therapy since she can’t stay clean.

No. 808111

She was on suboxone and I kinda thought she still was but she'd probably still have to have a relationship with a rehab to still have a script

No. 808113

File: 1607388192208.jpg (39.46 KB, 640x480, taylor.jpg)

I love this cow, its really funny how easy her problems would be to solve if she took a little responsibility.

Like what is stopping her? she has money, she's white, tons of opportunities for growth and influence. All thrown away for drugs LOLO

No. 808114

People need to start learning you can think a person is objectively pretty without being bisexual. Taylor has a girl crush on Miley Cyrus and now suddenly she thinks she's gay kek? Newsflash Tay, you're not gay or into women if you want to BE them, you're gay if you're into pussy which you're clearly not. Im so sick of seeing girls like Taylor LARPing as bi women because they simp for a celebrity. That's not the same as wanting to have sex with a woman.

No. 808115

I think she's more into the fame and attention. I don't think she'd actually want a relationship with a girl.

No. 808129

It’s just gross what she is doing. I don’t even know what to call it bi-fishing ? bi-baiting ?

No. 808131

File: 1607392109517.jpeg (266.93 KB, 750x746, 15E474DA-17B4-4304-9F98-A10287…)

There you go

No. 808132

File: 1607392560945.jpeg (475.91 KB, 750x1241, 7EDBCCA8-5DE9-4BE9-96CF-25AFAB…)

I was reading the tag (ik it’s shit most the time) but I saw Bree posted this. I feel bad for the girl Taylor ruined any change this girl had on making it big on YouTube by her false accusations. I sometimes feel bad for Taylor then I just reread the older threads, and lose all empathy for her.

No. 808133

Yup eventually from not breathing you will go into cardiac arrest.

No. 808134

Pretty sure she’s doing it herself considering she bought the dye herself. There was that one pic of her with manic panic posted somewhere in this thread. I can’t wait to see what a disaster it will be!

No. 808137

Manic panic washes out after a few weeks. This will be awesome. Can’t wait for the results tomorrow

No. 808145

Don’t know if it’s the same in the US but in UK it’s common for people to provide the dye they want themselves at the salon, might just be cheaper than using salon brands. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t kill her hair either way though

No. 808156

>>808145 In the US the salon provides the dye. Salons usually have some sort of deal with companies for brand loyalty. So a salon will only use one type of hair care product/nail polish/hair dye/etc.

No. 808160

i've never seen a salon in the US let people bring their own dye lol

No. 808163

Its because they don't. They use professional dyes you can only get with a salon license which is why you pay $100 instead of $20.

No. 808166

I never heard about anyone bringing their own dye to the salon in the UK.

No. 808169


this is fucking gold because she saw one comment about something then decided to sperg all over it and justify it. i love how she said she's taking a cleanse from social media yet comes right back to do this shit.

No. 808170

this is something i'd post if i was in gr 6, this is so fucking embarassing

No. 808171

obviously she's referring to intimacy, i dont get the same feelings hugging my mom as i do hugging my SO. that being said, she's being cringey as hell and infantilizing herself so much it's disgusting.

No. 808190

I know some places in the US don't have all the colors of the rainbow available, so the salon just might not have a lime green dye? That's the only reason I could think of for someone bringing their own dye to the salon but still seems a bit weird to not just do that part at home

No. 808191

Why are we discussing this so deeply? She's probably doing it at home. Or she's going to a salon. Either way it'll look like shit so who cares

No. 808195

you absolutely can bring your own fashion dyes to a salon. she had her consultation and the stylist probably told her if she wanted electric green she’d have to bring it herself.

No. 808197

it's going to look fucking awful unless they bleach the shit out of it again - so there are 2 results possible: taylor gets her fugly green hair but her already damaged hair gets even crispier, or the red isn't out of her hair enough and she gets a disgusting muddy color.

No. 808201

Oh no, not another split hair experience.

No. 808208

File: 1607438987504.png (5.29 MB, 1242x2688, D0B18BA1-A34E-425D-B4B8-38CF5E…)

We are too kek

No. 808209

Danger Hair for the girl who has Danger Everything already

No. 808217

Why do I feel like I have never seen her get this obsessive over dying her hair? She’s done this so many times hence why her hair is thinned and fried out at fuck, but she is like wayyyy obsessive this time about it… she’s horrible at overhyping something too soon, I will laugh if it comes out looking like shit. Is Jonny’s favorite color green or something? I mean why is she on this level about the green hair?

No. 808218

Well, it's not like she has got anything else at all going on, anon. She's fixating on this one thing because it's a simple, instant-gratification project for her that will get a ton of attention and allow her to post a ton of selfies… and if she gets it done at a salon and it looks shabby, she gets to play the victim and blame someone else for the end result. Win-win for Miss BPD Junkie.

No. 808220

She thinks she'll be hot again once she fixes her hair. That's why.

No. 808221

Green is def not the color for fixing it lol

No. 808226

The short answer is because she's on meth
And as >>808218 said she basically doesn't have anything else going on rn

No. 808227

I think she is really out promoting her comeback video, lol just basing off her sperg. It looks like she wants to milk as much attention as possible to monetise her return video.

Also this is so on point anon >>808218 she has nothing going on in her aside from drugs and poor taste in men. Everything she posts like addiction, animals etc gets pick apart. So pretty sure this is the only thing no one is gonna “bully” her about

No. 808229

excited as hell to see how it stains her skin

No. 808230

File: 1607451007324.png (2.83 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201208-120835.png)

No. 808231

holy shit, how are you getting THAT fucked up just to sit in a salon chair?? she looks gone, the poor hairdresser must feel so awkward.

No. 808232

At least she is with a professional hair dresser. Also it’s funny aggy is with her. I don’t even think her fans like him with his past tweets and the rat situation.

No. 808235

File: 1607452295025.jpeg (28.03 KB, 302x346, 7F15245E-C4B5-4106-BBDB-EC92ED…)


It’s already worse than imagined. Cackling

No. 808236

Oh come on, this is a good look on her - that mask covers half her face!

No. 808240

Damn, I was hoping she was gonna dye her whole head green. Looks like it's just the side that was red, as the other side is still black/brown?

No. 808241

The fact the she keeps bleaching half of her hair, and dying the other half black over and over again is not that bright. You’ll have one have of your head be way more damage/ split ends than the other half.

No. 808243


Yeah and honestly it's very basic hair information that black and red are some of the hardest colors to get out. Our cow never thinks things through.

His favorite color is red! I remember thinking about that when she did the split hair and was living her best red and black goth style life. Like who are you trying to impress here girl. Hmmm?

No. 808244

Not to mention the twitter fight with mama dean, remember when taylor said she would choose her family over any other man post-jonny? I member. Kek.

No. 808245

File: 1607454081179.jpeg (764.26 KB, 828x1792, 75FBBF76-3377-4308-ADE1-EF814A…)

Safe to say that tay’s new sudden obsession with furbies is again of course her desperate need to change her interest for her new brodick. Dang the girl has no real personality

No. 808246

I think hes just going through taylors phone again.

No. 808248

i think that's her phone, anon

No. 808249

I remember him holding onto an iPhone with a light blue type color so this is his phone I’d say.
Also, he’s so fucking ugly. Even with a mask on

No. 808250

File: 1607454796621.png (3.44 MB, 828x1792, 0539B87D-9093-4FC1-9812-5A470E…)

Is not tay’s phone.

No. 808252

File: 1607455006841.jpeg (736.43 KB, 750x1238, 33401F17-667C-4616-A0E6-2A9CFF…)

Hahaha Taylor is going a bit witch I think. I’m not sure but, that’s a tarot card ?

Then we got the crystals ?

I’m seeing it now : witch furby girl who is stuck in y2k. This is also a tinfoil, but I just noticed this and was wondering if anyone else has, or if I’m being stupid af

No. 808253

maybe he just borrowed something of hers again?? he's constantly doing that whenever they are together for some reason, I really don't see someone like him having a fucking furby obsession

No. 808255

hes probably love bombing her for clout, pretending to be interested so she keeps him in her posting circle and keeps his face on her acc

No. 808256

yea it's tarot card, doesn't surprise me she's into crystal mumbo jumbo. Like bullshit crystals are gonna fix the problems she has.

No. 808258

Lmao her hair is gonna be nasty swamp green cause it's orange

Also called it, she's going to a salon during the worst of the pandemic. Fuck her

No. 808264

wow that's going to turn out so fucking shit. It's been 2 hrs since he posted that and no update, over/under on it turning out so awful that she isn't going to post a pic?

No. 808267

In the pic with the crystals she says her phone 'bugged out'

No. 808268

This looks like one of those screencaps of someone fulfilling a dying kid’s Make A Wish. She looks like a corpse. I mean I don’t go to the salon with a full face or anything but Jesus girl. Wake up

No. 808269

Disagree. He’s dumb and cringe as fuck but dude has a jawline that most men would murder for

No. 808271


How convenient for her lol.

Doesn’t wanna show that she looks like a walking “Mr. Yuk” sticker they used to make for Poison Control pr (one she’d probably wear with a badge of honor)

No. 808273

wanna bet that she just went to the salon to bleach her hair and shes gonna dye it green at home? its gonna turn out like complete shit if her hair is still that orange lol cant wait

No. 808275

Ok but I’m talking about full frontal face ugly.
He’s the definition of a butterface

No. 808276

that hair salon looks janky AF. more proof that Taylor has no money, she has to go to a cheapass salon

No. 808279

Its a TONI&GUY salon, a chain that is usually in malls

No. 808280

File: 1607463737107.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x2450, Screenshot_20201208-213924_Ins…)

No. 808281


wowwwwwwwww looks like pond scum that's even worse than I thought holy shit

No. 808283

Was expecting shit and yet it's worse amazing kek

No. 808285

Um is she using a filter to make it look more green? Her mask was not that green in the pic of her in the chair…

No. 808286

this is the exact swamp green we were expecting

No. 808288

I bet she will say “oh it will take a few dyes before it’s the color I want” um no you just brought shit vegan hair dye. Going red to green was a stupid decision

No. 808289

Her mask and her eyes are very green in this photo, so yeah I would guess she is using a green enhancement filter

No. 808290

She's trying so hard to be an e girl right now. It's so crazy to me how after jonny and her broke up, the skin walking furby shit began. Like who changes their entire image after a break up. Taylor is so weird, she looked way better with a simple look. Even tho her head is huge lmao.

No. 808291

didn't syd had green hair in one of her photos??

No. 808292

File: 1607464814603.png (1.14 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201208-155932.png)

She posted this one too but its not much better kek

No. 808293

File: 1607464847372.jpg (401.92 KB, 1080x1339, 20201208_230016.jpg)

yes and it looked better on her than on taylor

No. 808294

Her hair is so fried it wouldn't hold the color except her roots lol

No. 808296

Omfg syds eyebrows look so much better here

No. 808297

File: 1607465379905.jpeg (82.18 KB, 476x698, 97E6DA80-4A0C-47A2-BA6A-3A70CD…)

Her hair is so pourous the color won’t adhere. Crazy because with as much as her hair color was lifted in the salon pic, she should have been able to achieve vivid green. Also this stylist fucked up big by bleaching her roots before attempting to correct the leftover red dye. For real what the actual fuck.
Like just for a basic comparison, this is a home lift and job after going from box black. There’s so many professional grade hair dyes out there now, I can’t believe she paid for this. Green is a pain in the ass color that looks like shit unless diligently maintained, which we all know she won’t do.
Saged for being a faggot and blogposting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 808299

Kek new growth is the only thing green the rest is swamp yellow. Great job Taytertot perfect junkie evolution

No. 808300

it certainly matches her crackhead aesthetics so there's that

No. 808302

even with half her face covered she looks exactly like she did in those pictures she posted when she admitted she was driving high (when they were home hunting iirc.) incredible that she wants us to believe she's sober. she looks like wax, and without the fake eyelash filter her eyes are fucking wild

No. 808303

Absolutely this.
This dye job is absolute dog shit but her hair is fucked anyway.
Just a fucking disaster. Knew it would be this way.

No. 808305

yea it's more yellow then anything, looks like a 90s anime blonde. This is really horrible, I don't even know anything about hair and I can tell this is a botch. It sure as hell aint green.

No. 808306

hairfag here, its not the leftover red dye. Its the leftover pigment from the last time she dyed her hair black/brown. Which only an expert stylist has the skills to correct, and it still takes multiple sessions. The red covered it well because the bleach lifted the dye to orange. Now its orange with green on top…which is brown.

No. 808307

It can definitely be the red dye. Some red dye won't bleach out, you need to use color remover. Red is notoriously hard to remove.

No. 808308

her hair was orange in the aggy video. Red dye lifts to light red or pink. Black dye lifts to orange.

No. 808309


She’s literally fried her hair to the point that the cuticle is too damaged to hold colour kek

No. 808316

Nah that manic panic dye isn’t awful….it works on hair that isn’t fried and the correct level of lightened. The dye brand isn’t the issue here….

No. 808317

File: 1607469896032.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1324, BBA1B3B9-99FA-4DF6-B6E5-314FE0…)

you can see in this pic that her red was on the same side as her sleeve. in aggys pic you can see her sleeve on the same side as the orange.
i’m honestly baffled at how dark her red still is in aggys pic. it had to have been AFTER bleaching because no salon will wash your hair immediately before bleaching…
unless her hair was ultra greasy which… honestly wouldn’t surprise me at this point lol

No. 808318

samefag but does anyone remember what dye she used for the red? i would think a semi permanent dye would have been way more faded and easier to get out than a permanent.
if she did put a permanent red over it after bleaching, she truly is stupid as fuck lol

No. 808319

It is shit dye, and will wash out and fade after only a few weeks. It’s off topic and doesn’t matter.

The reason her hair didn’t turn out is because of the past black hair dye still left on the red side, soooo only the roots got bleached properly. She should have not gone to a cheap salon, and gone to a professional salon that have to products to strip hair properly. Why does she spend hundreds of dollars on furbies but goes to chain salon.

No. 808320


wtf even is this faux-tribal look, we stan a cultural appropriate qween

No. 808321

check >>808317 , it wasn't the black that was bleached. it was the red.

No. 808324

What culture is she appropriating here, aside from shitty e-thot makeup?

No. 808325

okay yes but before it was red it was the dyed black. When you put bleach on top pf black dye the hair lifts to orange. thus all of that orange into ugly brass that was shown in Aggy's video.

No. 808327

even when she dyed it red she said it wasn't the color she wanted because the black dye didn't lift like she wanted. Red is an easy cover with orange hair. Green is not.

No. 808328

The bobble head culture kek

No. 808329

I know that dum dum, I was talking about before she got the red. It was all black. Then she dyed red over the black and the dye was still left in.

No. 808330

Anons here have already picked apart her hair to death but her hair is probably looking rough without a filter.
Is as high as the stylist could lift the red which is a 5/6 while Taylor's roots are an 8. Her roots are probably a lime/yellow green while the rest of her hair is a deeper muddy lime color. There's no way to control that if she had to buy her own dye. A stylist who specializes in "fun color" will have colors they can mix to darken the green so the roots don't look like hot roots if the rest of the base hair hasn't lifted enough. It looks like this stylist was used to working with regular clients who ask for normal styles and just layered the entire dye over the bleached hair instead of color correcting.

It would have been impossible to color correct the red since red + green cancel each other out but she could have at least made her roots less neon. Everyone like Tay thinks stylists can preform magic on their hair no matter what colors they dyed it before without thinking of compromising the texture/integrity of the follicle. Its stupid not to do research and go to someone who knows what they're doing but she'd rather spend her methed out time and money on shitty furbies than the hair that she said is FALLING OUT OF HER HEAD already kek. Shaved head saga PNP style when?

No. 808331

>shaved head saga when?

shes always flailing around for the next uwu special counter culture thing to feel unique (despite doing everything in current fashion) hopefully she does.
but she still likes to feel feminine and girly over anything. shed be a great pick me if it werent for the fact shes not looking to settle just out to get stray dick from f tier 'celebs'

No. 808332

File: 1607474033337.png (1.32 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201208-183306.png)

This reminds me of her Forest era Kek. Wonder if shes going to fuck up her hand some more

No. 808333

File: 1607474278037.png (2.05 MB, 1539x2048, Screenshot_20201208-193726.png)

Sheesh. Talk about impulsivity.

No. 808335

She has to be on a bender. She's only been talking about furbys for, what, a month now? And now a tattoo of them?

No. 808337

File: 1607475407320.webm (2.01 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_741…)

I think so too; she is gone gone

No. 808338

Where's mama Dean!? She can sit on her ass all day and complain on twitter about JC but can't see her daughter is literally on a bender with her junkie friend on instagram? She's willfully negligent at this point letting her heroin addict daughter prance around like this.

Come get your meth head, swamp haired psycho before she permanently tattoos a fucking garbage pail kids fuby to her thigh and goes on a "two day relapse" with her brodick after holy shit.

No. 808339

not to WK but maybe the manic panic is to dye clip ins since Taylor has barely any hair left(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 808340

File: 1607476149739.jpeg (496.01 KB, 750x1239, 47A430F8-1151-4BF5-85CD-699942…)

This honestly made my shitty day better. Taylor is making the furbie saga permanent forever.

No. 808341

>willfully negligent at this point
like she hasnt been all her life.
jen has the option of trying to control a druggie and hear how shes controlling and deal with im sure a lot of explosive mentally ill anger from taylor or ignore it and know that at the end of the day, her addled daughter will be right back in her bed at home albeit nodding off and not whoring herself out to the next sound cloud hit.

No. 808345

i can't even describe the noise that came out of my mouth when i saw this
fucking KEK she is a moron oh my god

No. 808348

It's not even safe to be getting tattoos at this point is it?

No. 808349

All this with a heart monitor in.

No. 808350

HAH and it’s cow patterned

God she’s wrecked herself

No. 808352



When you get tattooed you have to usually sign a form and it will ask you questions like are you drunk or high, do you have any heart conditions?

How did someone let her get in the chair wearing a heart monitor and blitzed out of her fucking skull?

No. 808353

Her tattoos are such a clusterfuck. There's no organizing force between them whatsoever, even in a loose way. It just makes her look dirtier and messier than she already is.

A fucking furby? seriously? I'd be embarrassed as hell to show my active track marks at a tattoo joint. Especially since she has hep C, she's literally endangering other people.

No. 808355

File: 1607478276927.png (17.88 KB, 799x414, gross.PNG)

She's so gross and selfish.

No. 808357

just think, after strutting around for the past week, picking up who knows what diseases. She still most likely has a follow up appointment/to return the monitor

Not like there's a pandemic that could easily wipe out a cardiac unit if infected or anything.

No. 808358

All of her tattoos don’t fit together. It’s like she is trying to cram every aesthetic onto her body.

No. 808360

holy shit she’s really going to get her newest everchanging obsession tattooed on her forever, what an absolute clown. can’t wait for her to claim she’s been planning this for 3 years.

No. 808361

I thought her legs were covered in 1000 abscesses and scarring from that one time she "almost" caught sepsis. They look completely fine here.

No. 808364

File: 1607481079906.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 590.1 KB, 750x1251, 48EA2081-E15E-4BB1-8DD9-0249D4…)

Oh my fucking god I forgot.

Okay okay let me get this straight. Her hands, arms, and shoulders, are all “scars” from months ago of herion use. Yet she had over 20 abscess with NO scaring ? Abscess leave insanely disgusting scars, even small one. She said she had over 20 and doesn’t have ONE scar, but she’s the queen of having scars take forever to heal bc “muh ed”

Who is she kidding ? Who will even believe this amount of bullshit. I bet she didn’t even realize she outed her own lies. Wonder if she will delete the proof she didn’t have over 20 boo hoo.

Also the photo is a example of how bad the scars can get. It’s pretty nasty stuff.

No. 808366

File: 1607482514370.jpeg (314.9 KB, 750x555, A5499F2A-8C71-411E-91DC-63E2BA…)


No. 808369

File: 1607482831592.jpeg (86.18 KB, 289x181, FBCEF3A4-440E-4B1D-A9E2-8F780B…)

I would call her and Tyler twins, but his hair is actually done nicely

No. 808370

Who wears a tank top to show their heart monitor? Like she really wants people to ask about it.

No. 808373

File: 1607483506249.jpg (26.02 KB, 750x932, 20201208_211342.jpg)

Somebody posted this on the twitter tag and I screamed

No. 808374

The dog has a better dye job than her

No. 808376

File: 1607483941304.jpeg (154.62 KB, 750x1018, 3A9E8991-5611-459B-9367-5E1968…)

I zoomed in and flipped the photo, so we can all appreciate what is permanently on her until she od’s and dies

No. 808377

Look at those random dark patches in her hair. She probably could have done a better job herself

No. 808378

im in the southern hemisphere so i dont know but like is it really tanktop weather over there? she's trying too hard

No. 808379

That line work is absolutely horrendous. How does she always manage to get the worst possible version of a tattoo every time she goes?

No. 808380

She’s talked about it in a video with Romeo the pedo, and said her legs get extremely shaking when getting leg tattoos. Maybe that’s why ?

No. 808381

why would you get it right beside a tattoo that's roughly the same size? The placement makes no sense at all. Just, wearing shorts and seeing that ughh.

Her tattoos are always just ploys for attention. She gets cheap ass shit so she can show it off online ASAP. She puts zero value on the art, she just cares about attention.

She hasn't changed at all

No. 808383

She lives in San Antonio, Texas, which has a very warm climate. Still munchie as hell to show off her heart monitor.

No. 808384

File: 1607486628652.jpeg (816.31 KB, 750x1254, 8EF3A5D5-8B6D-499D-9732-092D99…)

Actually it’s pretty chilly here. People just think Texas=Hot, but it’s winter.

No. 808386

Way OT but I used to work with this girl.(no1curr)

No. 808387

Off topic but she is cute and has nice tattoos(no1curr)

No. 808389


fyi, a person being treated for endocarditis, or any legitimate heart problem, would not be able to get inked.

No. 808392

File: 1607488690186.jpeg (156.67 KB, 750x1017, 92D4D10A-52CC-4A22-A3BF-8860EA…)

No. 808394

This will be a awesome tragedy. I’m guessing every character from disney will be colored and a different art style from one another.

No. 808397

I just realized this was a year old, I’m dumb. At least this proves that the frubie tat was impulsive

No. 808401

File: 1607490705581.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2952, Capture _2020-12-08-23-10-29.p…)

So aggy got a tattoo too by the shop apprentice which assuming they got work by the same guy explains everything Kek. The shop didnt post her tattoo but they announce walkins in their bio which is very much up taylor's alley lmao

No. 808402

i said this girl was on a one way trip to endocarditis town in the last thread and people were like LOL ITS JUST ANXIETYYYYY. I can’t tell you how many patients i take care of that are IV drug users, they need actual cardiac surgery to replace their infected valves.

TAYLOR IF YOURE READING THIS, USE CLEAN NEEDLES. idk if she realizes how deadly this is??

No. 808403

taylor if you throw septic emboli you may end up being a stroke patient. that’s worse than dead.

No. 808404


that's cuz it's nighttime retard. not trying to wk but the daytime temps are like 20C-27C. that's tank top weather even in winter. can't imagine what it's like in summer in that hellhole.

No. 808411


Pretty sure this is bc halsey is into it and she has no personality of her own so she does whatever halsey/syd/whoever else does

No. 808415

You can see the daytimes too, for the rest of the week. It’s 50-70f during the day. I literally live in Texas. Maybe before calling someone retard, stop and think if youre the one being retarded.

No. 808417

Should Taylor ever get sober she sure will hate all of the shit she’s left with.
Damaged hair, horrifying selfies/videos of her higher than a kite all over the internet, bad tattoos she keeps getting with random men, a bunch of shitty toys and pets she doesn’t care about shoved in the bedroom of her parents house.

What a sad life. She’s a shell of a heroin user and random men that want her pussy. That’s it.

No. 808419

To b quite honest, this color is “better”than that shit red black she had. Add on top she’s kinda changing her clothing attire too because that dreadful hair + loose black baggy emo clothing was not it.
this color + different style clothes is tolerable and doesn’t hurt the eyes.

BUT THAT TATTOOO holy shit. Even the color choices are barftastic. Like green and red? Wtf

No. 808422

File: 1607496861670.jpeg (576.8 KB, 1242x1761, 59DBBC31-46E9-4192-9DE4-1F9F81…)

No. 808423

File: 1607496892798.jpeg (362.73 KB, 1242x2178, A5C2770A-8FC6-4FC9-BDA0-9EEE04…)

No. 808424

File: 1607496925076.jpeg (656.45 KB, 1242x2049, B2B2A3E9-E830-459E-953A-179521…)

No. 808425

File: 1607496960291.jpeg (571.81 KB, 1242x1799, AF9CD97C-4634-4011-8460-EB9D61…)

No. 808426


nasty. this gigantic-headed troll has managed to make herself look like a disgusting gutter whore.

will aggie be her onlyfans photographer? will that begin when she realizes youtube is over for her or is that in the works rn and not yet announced?

absolutely vile-looking creature

No. 808427

Why is she wearing a mask in half of these if she took it off on the last one? Doesn't that make the whole point of wearing a mask moot?

Also shes looking rough in the eyes. Not even talking about her pupils, she literally looks like she hasn't slept in a week and her skin looks sallow and picked at.

No. 808428

aw she facetuned the color of her hair

No. 808431

she literally looks like all the images of her when she wasn't sober. i think it's safe to say when she's hanging out with that brodick that she's not sober.

No. 808433

File: 1607501956594.jpeg (74.43 KB, 750x307, 48324E45-1090-4F28-B2E3-D92C8C…)

I guess anon who thought the manic panic was for the salon was right? Anyway I love how wildly different her hair looks depending on what filter she’s used/how much she bothered shooping it, great job.

Aggy is imo by far the best looking of the men she’s associated with, although that’s still not the same as being hot.

No. 808434

I thought you were joking then I zoomed in on the photo and saw green smugged where there isn’t even any hair. Hahah I love how she literally photoshopped her hair a darker green.

No. 808435

Touching your face and not wearing a mask during a pandemic. What could go wrong?

No. 808436

I love how she constantly claims “I don’t support dollskill” but that whole outfit is from the company. When’s the last time she has worn an outfit without a piece of clothing from them. I’m surprised they don’t sponsor her or ask her to model in their photos. It would be so funny.

No. 808446

Yes…. But it said the high for yesterday was 81. Which is definitely tank top weather.

No. 808447

somewhere in this thread, an anon made a comparison between Taylor and a girl named Cristy from an Intervention episode. I just watched it and wow, it was disgusting and sad at the same time, to think Taylor smokes this crap, on top of that Heroin?

If only she’d take rehab seriously.

For anyone interested to see the drug Taylor likes to abuse:

Sage for quick side note.

No. 808451

Oh god, the ending of this is so depressing.

No. 808452

seems like what's gonna happen tbh. Slow decline where nothing changes, and addict refuses to get better.

Tay is on heroin and fucking dumb, it's her own fault.

No. 808457

File: 1607524945375.jpeg (481.16 KB, 1242x1849, F5503B90-CB57-478A-8E0A-E99EF6…)

She’s dumb enough to post this photo along side all the ones that she Facetuned to be more green. Bitch that shit is yellow and she knows it that’s why she’s “adding more green” on Friday kek

No. 808458

File: 1607525009238.jpeg (760.36 KB, 1242x1978, 0006D25C-7887-46B6-A301-08E5DC…)

Because her tattoo looks like absolute shit with 0 shading I decided to look at the artist’s page. Of course she would choose someone who does 90% b/w tattoos to do something with colour. To normal people that would be the first red flag but unfortunately Taylor is terminally retarded.

Sage for tattoo autism

No. 808459

File: 1607525569598.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1125x1876, 1606514178704.jpeg)

It's incredible they put an impulse furby on someone with a heart monitor during a pandemic. Seems like a really responsible and professional shop.
The bat in the second row would look good on Taylor too

No. 808460

But her roots are already darker than the tips….

No. 808461

Huh, it looks like her veins healed very quickly. I thought she permanently destroyed all of them.

No. 808462

File: 1607526263468.jpg (563.44 KB, 1080x1319, IMG_20201209_110155.jpg)

imagine actively working on making yourself unattractive on purpose when you used to look like this

they match each other very well kek

No. 808465

Fuck off with sperging on temps unless you live in Texas. It was warmer yesterday but it’s still winter and still chilly at night. She was underdressed not only for the month but for having a heart monitor. Shut up and move on.

No. 808466

File: 1607528257264.png (Spoiler Image, 3.69 MB, 750x1334, 1601689957157.png)

so he got a panther version of jonny's chest tattoo, nice

No. 808467

Boring. Not even related because tattoos like this are a dime a dozen. What we should really drag Aggy for his how little he is tattooed but yet he got his throat covered. What a dumb guy.

No. 808469

File: 1607529605038.png (9.93 MB, 1242x2208, 3ACC81CC-22C3-478F-AEEA-CD959A…)

Her arm?

No. 808471


So the furby phone was Aggy's after all. She's really gotten an ugly furby permanently tattoed on her because her latest brodick likes them… that's sad.

No. 808472

I just realized that this dude tattooed his own name in Japanese onto his cheek. Why the fuck? My theory for destroying his appearance is because he's only 5'3

No. 808473

She must be so flat chested if she’s warping her tits so much that her arm looks like that kek

No. 808474

smh all these anons jealous of her voluptuously curved forearms


No. 808475

holy fucking shit she looks like garbage. sorry but theres no coming back from this, shes started doing extreme, irreversible damage and its showing.

No. 808476

The photoshop in that picture is so bad it’s sad

No. 808477

File: 1607531242015.png (3.75 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201209-102502.png)

Well she definitely lied about her leg ~scars

No. 808478

Or it's the other way around, who knows. Maybe she gave the sticker to him

No. 808479

That was literally the high point. This is getting off topic. You do realize the high point doesn’t make up for all day and it gets cold for most of the day

No. 808480

Why didn’t they shave her leg? Don’t tattoo artists usually shave the area before tattooing on it?

No. 808481

No scars because it was a lie

No. 808482

She not too hairy in that area, so it doesn’t really matter.

No. 808484


That was me. OT, but apparently Christy is somehow still alive, still using and has brought a child into the mix. So there's that. It's only a matter of time before Tay is having an outdoor naked fight with Jen.

No. 808487

It's so obvious she overcorrected for green in these pics. Litterally everything is green.

No. 808490

obviously it's because her EDS her arm be lookin like that kek

No. 808492

Titties so big they warp the steps and rug beside her arm too

No. 808494

File: 1607538928215.jpeg (236.48 KB, 1170x652, D757031D-80DF-40C0-A099-7B43A8…)

Apparently she’s a movie character now lmao

No. 808496


>Shit line work

>Poor colour saturation
>Totally flat, 0 dimension

Cracked a rib laughing at this. Trash work for a trash human. This why you don’t get ink SpOnTaNeOuSlY. Saged because tattoofag

No. 808499


I usually can't even tell if something is photoshopped so this girl must be high as shit if she didn't notice that shit. Jesus Taylor sober up and look at this pic again, love.

No. 808501

I thought her tit looked shooped in >>808423 but it's nothing compared to her wavy arm here kek. Also ridiculous that she paid a salon for bleach and colour application that she could've probably done better in her own bathroom (even though she's methed out of her mind)

No. 808502

>took the year off for mental health recovery

There's so much wrong with this sentence it exhausts me to even read. How is she trying to recover her mental health? Is hangingout with a violent junkie like Aggy her therapy or is it the meth and two day long drug binges? How can she possibly say this while posting pictures of her in the hospital, posting pictures of her recently unsober and getting impulsive tattoos? Thats the opposite of mental health recovery. This is a mental breakdown.

Shes way too far gone. Unless Mama Dean kicks her out or she suddenly comes to the realization that death by heroin OD isn't glamorous shes going to be found relapsed in her bedroom and this time it won't be a trip to the hospital it'll be to a morgue. She treats her health issues shes getting like a badge of junkie honor. "Muh heart monitor teehee" "oh my god I had like 20 absesses!! Im such a poor messed up heroin addict uwu". Her last pity hurrah will be her asslickers mourning her on her last post on instagram saying "we don't know how this could have happened!" And Taylor won't be able to milk a single ounce of attention because she won't even be here to see it. What a fucking horrible mess to watch these 3 years.

No. 808503

How could we have seen it coming? She was so young. She had so much to live for. What a tragedy. Nothing anyone could have done. RIP Furby McGreenlocks. Poor Jen, ought to sent her a Disneyland ticket

No. 808526

So we've seen her hands, arms, and legs. Where are the scars? I thought she was trying to say she looked like a fallout ghoul from junkie sepsis

No. 808528

File: 1607556077495.jpeg (808.5 KB, 2399x1799, 640C4470-F37D-48CA-B3B5-10F2CB…)

“Exploding open in random places” yeah… looks like it Taylor. She’s deleted all these tweets now by the looks of things. Obviously

No. 808532

it's so bad… why did she choose green of all colors. she decided to do neon green for her hair and her tattoo to match? why. there's no way that bitch is sober

No. 808539

IF she had abscesses liked she bragged about, her EDS would make them take a long time to heal and leave scars. Theres not a single mark or scar on EITHER of her legs.

No. 808541

File: 1607562965838.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1168x1804, 2A1B52D3-D5E2-4423-8F97-95C296…)

Taylor Nicole Dean, sole member of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Trackmarks

(edited color and contrast to make it easier to see the blatant inconsistencies between her bruising. oh. *scarring, according to her)

No. 808542


samefag, left photos/caption are from her november 9th instagram post, right photos are from today.

No. 808545

File: 1607565050699.jpeg (206.81 KB, 975x1059, IMG_3605.jpeg)

well this makes so much sense why her mother isn't doing anything about her constantly using and "two day relapse"

No. 808547

And because depression is a mental illness everyone who has it should just go ahead and kill themselves instead of seeking help and attempting to be well again? Well, guess I’ma head out, if this is how it works.

Major fucking pet peeve (which is ironically the only kind of pet these dumb fucks can keep alive and well) when people blame whatever fucked go behaviour they choose on mental illness, hiding behind it like a shield where no meanies uwu can touch them and they’re immune to the consequences of their actions and have no reason to try to better themselves. It just makes stigma surrounding mental illness worse. Yes, mental illness can be the cause of negative and hurtful actions, but hold yourself accountable. If you relapse, get your ass to rehab. If you self harm, get your ass to a psychiatrist. If you’re feeling suicidal, get to an er if needed. Apologise to people you may have hurt around you and get your shit together cause you’re making the rest of us look bad. You don’t throw yourself head first into the pit.

Christ. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in tbe angry dome.

No. 808548

So…. what's a recovering addict then? Traylor isn't doing anything but continuing to use and lie about not.

No. 808549

She probably started shooting in her tits too.

No. 808550

Jesus, in the pic posted here of the back of het head you can still see the red dye underneath. I definitely think the green is a step up from red, but can she honestly ever manage to look even semi decent?

No. 808559

Why did she have to pull her stupid pants down for a stomach/sternum tattoo. Pickme

No. 808576

File: 1607578635833.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1232, 0C578E1D-49D2-4D92-8E0C-F5EAA2…)

I call bullshit. She’s claimed this before and the “permanent” marks left behind after 30 days were less severe than what she see on her shoulders.

No. 808578

File: 1607579099791.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1169x1173, 1EBC84E9-D0C7-45F1-A853-046475…)

Also it seems she deleted this.
Here’s another example of her track marks before and after

No. 808584

File: 1607582677663.jpeg (416.99 KB, 1242x1778, 124C0130-9CE3-4C31-8C5C-CFC899…)

Enhanced color vs real color, posted by the queen herself lollll

No. 808585

Exactly this. Def not sober especially if she’s choosing these horrendous colors to also just match her current hair color? A mess

No. 808586

Watching that episode for sure had me think about Taylor getting like this. Or maybe she already goes through meth psycosis? Is this when she is sperging on Twitter? Or do these types of psychosis happen when using after sooo long?

No. 808591

File: 1607585645758.png (3.57 MB, 828x1792, 894D6239-DB76-4EDC-A9C8-B68544…)

Oh man her hair needed to be bleached more for the green to show. It’s like a deep yellow/brownish color

No. 808594

Wowwww. She looks to be in her late 30s in this, jesus. And she looks GONE.

No. 808595

File: 1607586833062.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20201210-075232~2.p…)

I was just going to say the same thing, it's so swampy.

No. 808597

File: 1607587324377.png (3.77 MB, 1242x2688, 457DB09F-0155-4AEA-9401-B36C3F…)

“Nobody knew” girl, everybody knew

No. 808598

File: 1607587558640.jpeg (171.25 KB, 750x1214, 611C6F95-B5B1-48CB-BDF8-86C423…)

she looks so bad in these the only reason I can imagine for posting them is that her pupils don’t look fucked up for once?

Also, she now apparently has BPD AND CPTSD. I swear she changes her mind about being BPD or not every couple of weeks now.

No. 808599

File: 1607588725728.jpeg (273 KB, 1242x1486, 14FDDEF4-1226-4E0C-A9FB-E03918…)

No. 808601

File: 1607588813841.jpeg (217.88 KB, 1242x1179, 5BED63ED-66D8-4A0C-A626-0F7439…)

No. 808604

File: 1607589824322.jpeg (213.68 KB, 1234x864, 06B90DB1-7490-460A-813F-AABB37…)

No. 808605

File: 1607589904399.png (4.2 MB, 1242x2688, 9B767872-D349-4556-89CF-59B5EA…)

No. 808609

File: 1607592710335.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2688, 13C24A70-1E52-4F9D-B779-FFBC48…)

Guys, she’s on one isn’t she

No. 808611

So much for being free from her ex in 2020, and all signs indicate this meth rant will continue into 2021. So now the story is she was forcefully injected, if only there were cuddles

No. 808614

I really tried reading that but its honestly same shit rinse and repeat with no milk. I can’t even finished it cause its so pointless!

Tay, why dont you just expose jonny how poor he is, how shit he was to his friends and how much drugs he used to wipe any ounce of career he has left??

I tinfoil think because jonny would expose her off her animal abuse kek

No. 808615

I love how this just proves that the only thing that he did to her was just not cuddle her. If he actually raped her or otherwise physically hurt her she would talk about it a lot more than just that on time in the video she made about him.

No. 808618

not to white knight but wtf. many rape victims dont come out due to fear of retaliation and fear of being ostracized. im not saying she was raped but this is a garbage attitude to have.

No. 808621

Are you new? She briefly talked being raped in her Jonny video and then never mentioned it again. You'd think that she would talk about it in a muh trauma sperg manifesto like this one if it actually happened.

No. 808622

File: 1607597793446.jpg (174.84 KB, 1080x1258, IMG_20201210_215327.jpg)

You can easily find comments tearing her apart for getting a tattoo during a pandemic but anything to do with her sepsis is getting deleted pretty quickly. She's really been dug herself a hole and jumped right in.

No. 808625

What soul? She's got about as much "soul" as a soppy bit of Weetabix.

No. 808628

This. This right here is why she will NEVER get sober.

It’s not her fault she started heroin, it’s not her fault she kept doing heroin, and it’s not her fault she keeps relapsing on everything. She has 0 accountability, no fucking self awareness or responsibility at all.
Legit this chick is gonna die with a needle in her arm and it’s pathetic

No. 808644

Ntayrt but I agree with you except for with Tay. She totally would milk being raped if it actually happened so its safe to assume it didn't. She'd be pretending to be the world's most tortured rape victim if it had actually happened. That's perfect fodder for her romanticized tragic backstory narrative

No. 808652

Don’t you remember, anon? She was ~aLmOsT sEpTiC~ not actually septic. She lies about the weirdest things.

No. 808654

Couldn’t read all of that but tinfoil, she wrote all of this after coming across a photo of psycho and manlet?

No. 808656

I love it when people diagnose themselves with memes. She always goes back and forth. I was diagnosed today, I was never diagnosed. Girl what the fuck is it. Oh wait self diagnosing.

Literally everyone knew, she was deleting comments on that weird sponsor, about people questioning if she is using

She dug her own grave

Please go read her tweets before she released the ex video. Anytime someone shared their story with her in twitter she tried to one up them. I’m pretty sure she also took parts of other peoples stories and tried to make it her own trama story. SHE WAS NOT RAPED. Please don’t whitenight. She was literally trying to be the biggest victim, because people were calling her out for being mad at not being cuddled enough. She even lied about jonnys restraining order she lies about everything. If she was raped she would become the biggest rape advocate. Constantly talking about it, and how she was the worst victim, and how no one can have a worst experience than her.

My question is, where are her over 20 scars. I thought muh ED would leave scars for years. But looks like they healed within week ? What

I literally can’t finish these ramblings. Is she joking.

Do you think she will ever get over Jonny ? Like girl please move onnnnn

No. 808657

She needs to stop trying to cancel Jonny. I thought the whole point of the EX video was so she wouldn’t have to bring him up again.

This whole story makes her looks salty about Jonny having a baby. We get it you two were drug buddies, but he has moved on and you should too.

She needs to stop milking this victim card, even her fans must be sick of it at this point. I don’t think there has been one time she has “came back” to social media and didn’t mention Jonny

No. 808658

This might sound dark, but how to you try to kill you self twice and not succeed. Much less not end up in the ER ??

Every tumblr bitch is always like I’ve tried to kms 5 times before, and it’s like bruh you must of not tried that hard.

No. 808660

What ever, where are you? We need you

No. 808662

when we needed them most… they vanished

No. 808669

Jonny canceled himself. She should just enjoy the schadenfreude.

No. 808681

She used to have that story where she got raped in a ditch. Years before Johnny, allegedly

No. 808682

Oh man I can't believe I forgot about this story. IIRC the story was that she was raped by an older man in a ditch on glass shards. It's crazy that she doesn't milk this story more.

No. 808684

lmao is she implying she only started using at the end of 2018??? Taylor, you yourself said that you started using drugs at the end of 2017, don't conveniently ignore it just because they were not your "drug of choice"

No. 808685

didn't she also have one that she was abused by an ex before jonny, back when she was 13 or something??

No. 808687

Yeah I remember and she said she was raped on top of broken glass that cut up her back badly. Yet again even with ED there are no permanent scars. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t know. But she has so many things pointing out she is lying somewhere in her stories

No. 808693

That’s what I could never understand - she was saying how she had this incredibly abusive relationship, but her dates were way off, making her like 12 or 13. I never believed it.

No. 808696

kek, next thread title

No. 808702

File: 1607642459143.png (472.96 KB, 863x1332, Screenshots_2020-12-10-18-20-2…)

No. 808703

Not every suicide attempt lands someone in the ER. And if they tried harder it wouldn't be called a suicide attempt.

No. 808704

more damn rambling about jonny while claiming she doesn't blame him for her addiction while going on to…blame him for her addiction. I mean she blamed him for her not making it to YT trending and killing her career it's obvious af that she blames him for every downfall since she went out with him kek. With mama dean enabling her and her blaming him she will die before every having a true moment of clarity

No. 808705

So the story has now changed YET AGAIN. I did it to feel closer to him! I wanted the experience! He tied me up and forced me! Now it's he promised to go to rehab the next day. She is such an unbelievable liar and idiot.

No. 808712

I watched her whole “My ex is dangerous” video and those are the same details she provided— That she wanted to feel closer to him and that he promised to go to rehab after.

Of all the lies she’s told and stories she’s changed, this isn’t one of them.

No. 808715

Yeah I believe she did it to be closer to him and has consistently interjected that concept when she is blaming him for injecting her. I just think she is leaving out that she willingly did it, not just emphasizing for closeness. At this point the responsible thing to say would be “I did heroin with my ex boyfriend by choice and I am not an addict” not “I’m an addict because my boyfriend injected me with heroin because he said he would go to rehab but he injected me which is what made me an addict and I wanted to be closer to him so now I am addict because he injected me”.

No. 808716

Now* an addict. Not “not”

No. 808724

File: 1607648459093.jpg (707.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201210-195839_Ins…)

Aggy out here posting an unedited pic of her hair jesus fucking christ it's SO bad

No. 808725

Damn why would her hairdresser let her leave with hair like that! It’s not even intentionally different like Billie eilish with the green roots into black.

No. 808731

Can we stop speculating about whether she was raped or not when she was a teenager? Yes, the stories don’t line up and they definitely have that Taylor “most SUPER serious rape EVER guys” spin to them, but posts like >>808656 saying it’s white-knighting to believe her, and how she couldn’t have been raped because she would “become the biggest rape advocate ever” (what?) are extreme tinfoil, shitty to do, and not milk.

No. 808739

File: 1607655235707.png (58.22 KB, 590x579, ohplz.PNG)

oh honey you're still in book it's obvious just like how obvious it was to people in in the past even though you thought you were "hiding it well"

No. 808740

File: 1607655299343.png (659.49 KB, 405x722, reagte.PNG)

kek this should be milky af. of course wanting to do music ~for yrs like everything else

No. 808743

she's had to have spent all of her money by now if she can't afford an $800 device for herself and have to ask mommy to help

No. 808744

pleaaase taylor share your music we're all… here for it and supportive!!!

No. 808747


Book 1: Animal Abuse
Book 2: Heroin Abuse
Book 3: Meth Abuse

No different from Avatar: The Last Airbender, really.

No. 808749

Only 30 days sober, huh Tay?

No. 808750

File: 1607657178778.png (612.47 KB, 406x722, 123.PNG)

anddd now she's backpeddaling hard trying to act like she hasn't been spending tons of time with other junkies not socially distancing/not wearing masks the whole fucking pandemic including in dozens of pics SHE posted. the brain damage and gaslighting is extreme

No. 808751

These inane ramblings remind me of the scene in Boogie Nights where Rollergirl and Amber are mowing down lines and talking about all the things they're gonna do when they get around to leaving the room. Same shiz, dif day/month/year, Tay.

No. 808753

File: 1607657282671.png (630.35 KB, 403x729, 44423.PNG)

and her utter hypocrisy

yes also fittingly reminds me of spun and how they're all gonna get their lives together

No. 808764


Did she not just post a pic of herself without a mask on in the tattoo shop …

No. 808766

File: 1607661961557.png (898.03 KB, 828x813, Screenshot_20201210-224450.png)

I just noticed when looking back at these her hand is sloppily blurred and what appears to be 2 track marks on her shoulder
Not sure if anyone else has pointed them out

No. 808767

File: 1607662460149.jpg (423.42 KB, 1080x1799, 20201210_225409.jpg)

Also she went to the hair salon in February not January lol

No. 808768

File: 1607662730367.png (1.16 MB, 817x824, PicsArt_12-10-10.58.32.png)

Adjusted clarity to 100% and you can clearly see she tried to blur her arm

No. 808769

File: 1607663175800.jpg (2.62 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20201210_220436248.j…)

She 100% got it retouched around July I want to say. Sometime between us meeting her new junkie friend and her admitting she was back in rehab

No. 808772

That no one knew about lololololoololol

No. 808776

it's clear that all her youtube money is going on drugs and bullshit that costs under $100, I'd agree most of the money has run out. I felt like the money ran out after her 3rd rehab stint, she's been hospitalised twice since then and Jen hasn't forced her into treatment? They can't afford it.

It's fucking hilarious seeing the mental gymnastics Tay is performing trying to convince people that she's BOTH a naturally destined junkie AND a tortured victim who was forced into addiction with "gaslighting".

Before she met Jonny, she was a weirdo with few friends living with her mom, trying to starfuck anybody on instagram with a higher follower count than her. Now she's a heroin addict with few friends living with her mom, trying to fuck anybody who can help cement her new trap queen aesthetic. There's barely even any difference, she's always been a vapid, lazy compulsive liar who cares more about appearances and fame than anything else.

She's bitter that her life will never be that good again. It's not Jonny's fault that she got lucky with her youtube "career" and it fell apart the second people noticed she was lying constantly, but given the timing and her victim mentality, I can see why she blames him.

Even with how toxic she and Jonny were, she'd go back in a second if she could. She could sit around getting high in her own home 24/7, buying whatever luxuries they wanted (Jonny's PC/teeth, Cartier Jewellery, exotic animals, designer clothes, daily takeout), not having her mom there to lecture her, feeling like she was hot shit because she was fucking a guy with a wikipedia page. Hell, she only ditched him because she thought she monkey-branch to another guy at rehab, and she didn't think he'd move on to another girl so quickly.
lol aggy didn't remove the bruising on that hand in the unedited pics of her from the salon >>808724 and >>808230

No. 808777


Jesus Christ. So she can go to bars and clubs and paties, get her hair done, AND get tattooed yet she's worried about a postmates driver giving her COVID? She's latching so hard onto a BPD diagnosis she doesn't even have when she should just go the autism route. It's way more believable.

No. 808785

check the dates, anon. May of 2019.

her walls of incoherent text show how much her writing style has changed to match her new brodick, and that she's still high as shit. gaslighting to hell and back that she's been sooooo careful, despite photos of her without a mask around strangers all year, as recent as TWO DAYS AGO in the tattoo parlor.

No. 808787

Go back to Twitter to clutch your pearls. She can gaslight you better over there and you add nothing to the conversation here.
We don't believe a thing that comes out of her mouth because she is proven to be a junkie that will lie about whatever suits her at the time to make her look "better". Tbh, she's probably told so many lies she believes them enough to convince bleeding hearts like you.

No. 808790

It’s saged, I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings. Yeah it is a tinfoil, never said it wasn’t. She has just proven again and again she is a liar, so it’s hard to believe whatever she says. If her stories would add up for once that would be really cool

No. 808791

File: 1607676814214.jpg (113.81 KB, 1080x783, IMG_20201211_194829.jpg)

Aaaand now she's a cemetery for those ~eDgY~ points. How is anyone meant to take this comeback seriously with this tacky furby makeover and the endless, repetitive rants?

No. 808794

Yep. This story is consistent and when she told that part of the story,she seemed genuine which was the only time I felt like that throughout the video. These recent tweets make sense.

No. 808796

"i've matured and learned so much." hmm let me see here:


"I learned a lot during that year, had a lot of growth and I had to go away for a while …"

video link will start there.
her body language too. yikes.
can't wait for NYE

No. 808798

I also think she lost followers. I remember her having 336k to 335k.

No. 808801

File: 1607683912460.png (47.81 KB, 924x620, ;(.PNG)

looks like she loses followers every time she posts a photo kek

No. 808804

File: 1607687334845.jpeg (512.86 KB, 750x901, 79D3B467-CB85-41F0-84A9-63C283…)

Yet another tacky collection of hers while her animals are continuously in the process of having their enclosures upgraded.

No. 808806

God why she always lyin’ kek !

honestly can she self-diagnose herself as pathological liar please? Remember when she broke lockdown rules and went to hang out with forrest then made a big scene while waving her victim card about how depressed she was and how “that was the only fun thing I did” ??

Funny how she is so drugged out and dont remember that happened literally in 2020.. the internet remembers tho!

No. 808810

That you have the education level of a special needs 3rd grader.

No. 808818

File: 1607694992670.png (4.32 MB, 1125x2436, 424FC7DD-3490-4A19-836F-BE4A3D…)

Here goes another self diagnosis..,

No. 808824

File: 1607697678089.jpg (674.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201211-093702_Ins…)

"I'm not trying to diagnose myself but I have literally all the symptoms of ADHD!" looks like tay tay is fishing for that sweet sweet Adderall prescription so she can get her meth legally. also she can't sleep but it was like 8AM CST when she posted this.

No. 808825

"typing my ass off again lmfaooo" you mean "tweaking on meth again lmfaooo"

No. 808827

It's almost like these are the effects of stimulants on people who aren't prescribed them

No. 808830

you can see Star in the background looking as obese as ever

No. 808833

“I’ve been doing more research” …yeah because cutesie lil memes are def legit research

No. 808837

Kek her mom added #adhd to her twitter bio like. Month ago and I was wondering which kid it was. So apparently mama dean supports selfdiagnosis (no surprise).

But lol if she actually had adhd meth wouldnt make her so fucking manic and crazy

No. 808844

File: 1607704014874.jpeg (261.54 KB, 1242x720, 69A10BE2-279B-4F65-97C5-06419D…)

Looks like she switched some words around in her bio, interesting. Twitter bio seems to still be the same with her saying she took the year off for “mental health” reasons

No. 808852

She also changed “returning to video” to “returning to YouTube”, guess she realized how stupid that sounded

No. 808855

>>808818 Lmao is she using mental health issues to shield her away from her responsibilities? This cow! I love her!
Maybe you’re a narcissistic sociopath tay can you look into that?

No. 808862

I think continued meth use would make anyone crazy? I’ve never heard of ACTUAL meth being a solution to adhd but I’m not armchair doctoring drugs here.

No. 808866

so meth is actually very chemically similar to amphetamines (which is what Adderall is), in fact they still have prescription methamphetamine (Desoxyn), although it's hardly ever prescribed anymore. Meth is technically a Schedule II drug in the US, just like amphetamines. The main difference is that meth hits your brain quicker than amphetamines, which creates the extreme euphoria meth is known for. meth is also much more neurotoxic than typical amphetamines. But it is indeed used on-label to treat ADHD (and obesity). You just won't see it happening. Not to mention street meth is nothing like pharmaceutical-grade meth, I'm sure.

No. 808873

Wish I could actually place bets on if she will post a vid Dec 31st because I would bet she won't. The fact she put a date on it cements that much. She only did that so she can fuck around for the next few weeks lmao. She'll probably disappear again come new years

No. 808882

File: 1607720970906.jpeg (433.67 KB, 1798x1231, 783927F6-8684-4A17-A6D2-B80A60…)

What she posted on insta vs her new twitter pic. Looks like she cut herself out of the original pic in a way to make her hand, arms, and waist smaller kek. Guess the shitty tit shoop from the insta post wasn’t cutting it for her anymore

No. 808883

Of course she has every single symptom, she is a munchie.

No. 808889

File: 1607726843514.jpeg (541.47 KB, 750x1018, 21309185-640D-44B6-BACC-2F2ECF…)

Ik this has been posted but mainly posting the second tweet. Let’s see if she follows through on the animal posting.

No. 808890

File: 1607726907340.jpeg (809.19 KB, 750x1070, 4C84AC91-A204-4AC9-AC13-3F6612…)

She really went out in public with her tits completely out like that huh

No. 808891

File: 1607727032153.jpeg (196.15 KB, 900x1200, B6CD03AB-612A-4503-8126-B2E628…)

Her eyes in all her new photos look exactly the same as her eyes in this outfit for “dancing.” The resemblance is uncanny, even with the mask you can see it.

No. 808892

You have to be on drugs to wear that out in public, that's for sure.

No. 808895

She got a vive? I thought she supposedly didn't even have a working macbook? How does she think she's going to use that? This is giving me flashbacks to Shayna's "capture card" that was actually an elgato streamdeck.

No. 808897

She always looks terrified when she's high. It's what happens when you try to take selfies while way too fucked up, you get too focused on posing specific parts or showing something off and forget about everything else.

No. 808901

Just imagine your adult drug addict child sitting around in your comfortable suburban home dressed like a streetwalker. Getting that meth sweat ass all over your catalog furniture. how could you tolerate that level of disrespect? Jen is probably barred out and hitting the Franzia all day

No. 808906

That's so satisfying to see you have no idea, she deserves to experience what other junkies do. The horror, the homelessness, the sickness, isolation ,etc. She doesn't deserve ANYTHING GOOD like her youtube money for furbies. Stupid animal murdering bitch I hope her career goes to absolute shit and she never comes back

No. 808914

i still get such bad second hand embarrassment thinking of the video she posted when she went out in this outfit. the one where she was like clomping down the stairs into some regular looking bar as a group of people, all wearing completely normal clothes, stared at her

No. 808915

went out of her way to edit the fuck out of herself, but left the bruise on her shoulder lol. I guess she's given up trying to hide them

No. 808916

She managed to edit the one off her hand, but tbh it was probably accidental lol

No. 808920

Funny how the hand on her right was edited to be twice as skinny. Like who edits their hands smaller, it’s a odd insecurity.

No. 808922

she looks so retarded holy shit

No. 808924

This is deceptive science. Like saying hydrogen peroxide H2O2 and water H2O are almost the same because of "chemistry". Like taking a dip in hydrogen peroxide is almost the same as swimming in a pool (taking prescribed medication in appropriate amounts is almost the same as smoking meth).
Meth crosses the blood brain barrier, and therefore acts very differently in the body than Adderall, as you mentioned. Believing "lol it's almost like meth" is bullshit perpetuated by Tumblr fags who romanticize mental illness for clout, much like TND does. You seem smarter than that, anon.

No. 808928

She just wants a valid prescription for Ritalin or adderall

No. 808930

well she's dumb af because now that she's a documented meth head and junkie and has been to rehab twice for it I highly doubt she will ever get any adhd med that isn't something like strattera

No. 808932

Would make sense. Didn’t she tweet that she loveeed amphetamines awhile back?

No. 808933


If she starts claiming to be Pagan or witch or anything like that I'm going to have a fucking seizure.

No. 808934


A lot of 'suicide attempts' are cries for help or seeking attention (I dont mean that in the bitchy Attention Seeker way, I mean often people with mental health issues don't know how to express themselves properly so they 'attempt suicide' to let people know they need help)

Im a support worker for people with Mental health issues and people with BPD/ EUPD go to the extremes with self harm.

If someone genuinely wants to die they'll do it. Taylor talks about how she self harmed and wanted to die but I've never seen any scars? correct me if Im wrong but I think she had faint scratch marks once? With her EDS if she had actually tried cutting she would have some form of scar.

No. 808935

As someone who loathes her EDS diagnosis, you are absolutely correct. In fact, most of my scars keloid, even bug bites scar up. I’ve doubted her eds diagnosis since the beginning, if anything all of her issues are from her junky tendencies

No. 808936

Completely agree, where are her scars for everything she has claimed. As a normal person without ED, I have way more keloid scars from years ago by doing just everyday things, and getting hurt. Where are her self harm scars ? Where are her over 20 abscess scars ? Why is only her bruises (that she claims to be scars) only visible ? If she had ED her scars would be so much worst and she doesn’t even have any scars to begin with

No. 808939

She got clocked for having terribly swollen hands back in the Jonny days. It’s one of the things that led people to the conclusion she was shooting up since “puffy hand syndrome” is a complication found in intravenous drug users. Guess she’s trying to hide any evidence of sausage fingers lol

No. 808940

Okay that makes so much more sense. I was genuinely so confused on why she was editing her hands smaller. Hahah she should know her hands aren’t the only give away. Her crazy rants are my favorite high give away personally

No. 808941

File: 1607755080863.png (4.06 MB, 1242x2688, BEAE7871-D662-491B-92CB-676638…)

No. 808942

File: 1607755110818.png (9.03 MB, 1242x2688, 35B35476-F699-4609-BB85-7F891C…)

No. 808943

She has an iphone x. That thing is 3 years old. What does she expect, that her old phone will get faster over time?

Also you have to manually turn off the setting that reduces power to compensate for the old degraded battery, but then she'd bitch about it shutting itself off when it gets to 30% battery.

No. 808944

We all know she’s gonna start recording on December 30 with maybe so clips from dec 25? But she’ll be uploading and having internet issues on the 31st so for some, upload won’t be til the 1st (time zones)

No. 808945

Holy meth. She just won’t shut up will she?
Taylor please stop your ramblings and put that energy to good use by cleaning your pets cages or cats singular litter box.

No. 808946

File: 1607756615544.png (644 KB, 760x1146, Screenshot_20201212-035924.png)

Just one. Lol

No. 808947

Does she realize she isn’t the only person in the world with a mental illness. By her wording it seems like in her mind no one has suffered this before expect her. Also Taylor stop diagnosing yourself with tumblr Illnesses memes

No. 808948

It might just be the lighting, but does Salem have some scars ? Maybe from live feeding ? Besides that he’s so big compared to a year ago, also is this the only animal she was post ? In 48 hours of promised animal photos she posts one photo

No. 808949

I remember this too and I also felt second hand embarrassment. Cringy af and can’t believe I forgot about that for a minute.

Honestly, with all these ramblings, I hope she films while on one because I’d love to see how she acts in video vs just seeing photos of her high.

No. 808950

Oh my god Taylor trying to sound smart is so much more entertaining than it should be

No. 808955

Of course she can only show one of her pets… her phone died guys she JUST said that earlier today. And of course she could have showed any of her pets at any other time but then her phone wouldn't have enough battery to self diagnose and post amphetamine rambles?? Leave her alone she has a special mentally ill addict furby bwain.

No. 808956

I don't see anything, and also Taylor has never done live feeding. That would be a pain in the ass anyway, having a stock of frozen makes a lot more sense given her hoard.

No. 808958

Yeah I wasn’t sure, bc I’m blind. Thanks for clarifying

No. 808959

So in September her laptop broke before she could post her pre filmed video. In December her phone brokers hours before she is suppose to post animal photos. Hmmm a pattern ? No way we have no reason to not believe Taylor

No. 808961


u just reminded me of that video again and i wanna cry thinking about it, it's so fucking cringey

No. 808962


considering how she treats her animals, she probably hasn't treated that phone much better. i cant even imagine how crusty and disgusting her phone is. my iphone 8 still works perfectly so it's just her grubby neglectful ass complaining about something that's her own fault

No. 808969

God, she needs to get out of her head, in a non-drugs way. This hyper-fixation on analysing every thought that crosses her methed-out brain is stunting her as a person so badly (the drugs don’t help). A normie full-time job, no social media, maybe having to pay her own rent and bills like the rest of us do. You’re not “special”, Tay, or “above” supporting yourself, you just got very lucky when it comes to money. She needs to be in an environment where you have to engage with other people, build relationships with them, work WITH them, talk about anything except YOURSELF and your own problems all the fucking time. I think even a YT career if she managed to upload consistently wouldn’t help her much. She’d still be holed up in her room, talking about herself into a camera.
>it becomes easy to doubt there really even… is… a problem
So close to getting it. Yes, everyone has bad days, everyone has problems concentrating sometimes, everyone has emotions, everyone gets anxious and worries about this or that. That is normal. Again, you’re not special.

No. 808970

To add to that, loads of people have ~addictive behaviours~ too. Coffee, cigarettes, food, weed, spending money. They’re just as valid as you are. I bet you like 90%+ of normal people would get addicted to heroin if they tried it, bc opiates make you feel really, really good. Generally, normal people are smart enough not to do heroin in the first place. That’s the difference.

No. 808971

This is wrong. She used to feed around 5 of her snakes live because she was too dumb to get them used to F/T. Her parents did make her rehome those snakes when she went to rehab the first time because they didn't want to deal with it, though, so Salem wasn't one of the snakes that was fed live.

No. 808973


imagine how insufferable she was to work with at petco lol. anytime someone mentioned a struggle i bet she just told them about how hard that she had it.

No. 808975

This is beautiful. The more she tries to hyper focus on her "mental health issues", and spergs for 12 hours over each one really proves she's still using and never got sober. No relapsing when you never stop.

No. 808979

1) doubting that you have a problem? kek what’s new taylor
2) oh my god she thinks her social media rants are advocacy

No. 808982

Yup, and she only worked the till because muh EDS!!! lol
She hasn't brought it up in a while, but she used to pull "I worked at PetCo!" as a flex to show off her "animal expertise"… when she just rang people up.

Imagine what working with her must have been like. A know-it-all who's eager to mouth off her "knowledge" and who won't pitch in with any of the harder stuff of working in a retail environment, because she's "too fragile". I feel bad for her coworkers.

No. 808983

Thank god someone called this out. Thank you!

No. 808991

File: 1607786332075.png (2.67 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201212-091429.png)

Okay I thought this too. Up by his head? Posting bigger pics. I like how she posted one pic of absolute dog shit quality but the other day she posted a bunch of herself that looked exactly the same that she had to edit on the go but her phone was somehow fine then

No. 808992

File: 1607786371714.png (2.26 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201212-091436.png)

No. 809000

Oh cool I’m not the only one, by the head is exactly what I was talking about. It looks like mouse defense scars but I wasn’t sure, because it’s hard to see with my eye balls

No. 809002

File: 1607794246518.png (2.68 MB, 3120x1440, Screenshot_20201212-112134.png)

So she claims that her moms phone isnt working much as of late but her mom posted two vids to her yt recently filmed on her phone…like within the past couple days Kel. Also this was the best ss I could get of mushu still sadly shoved in a tiny tank in the corner of the kitchen

No. 809004

Definitely just a coincidence that her phone was working fine to take and over edit a bunch of trashy selfies and photos of her shitty new tattoo and furby collection and scroll Instagram for hours to fine mental health memes and drawings to use to self diagnose herself but once she promises photos of her animals (a tweet which is of course now deleted) it only works for like 10 minutes and is basically broken. Salem must have been the only one that was barely presentable enough to post. Those poor animals.

No. 809014

File: 1607800036937.jpeg (15.02 KB, 567x558, DE9EBAF1-1872-48B8-8EB4-2F8D23…)

No. 809020

File: 1607802680927.png (2.87 MB, 2392x1440, Capture _2020-12-12-11-51-38.p…)

Upgrade on Mushu's tank my ass. Tank is the exact same, just shoved in the middle of the counter and the tank with the betta is now gone.

Shitty ss from Mom Dean's spaghetti making video

No. 809025

What’s up with Taylor and putting her axolotl in her kitchen. There must be somewhere in that house mushi can go that isn’t a place to cook and dine

No. 809026

Fuck you anon I'm screaming this is too funny.

No. 809029

Its haunting how similarly she treats living breathing creatures as the garbage furby junk hoard she bought. Theyre just there for her to take a quirky "not like other girls" selfie and then they get shoved back in their bins. She doesn't actually care or have any attachment to things other than she wants to like… hoard them? If that makes sense. She gets into a thing/hobby and then buys needless amounts of it she doesn't need or even have the space for because she can't be comfortable just liking said thing, it has to be her complete identity in the moment. I dont think she can handle just enjoying things without being the "queen" of it.

Like her furbies and dollskill junk can be rotting on her floor in the same place for 9 months and she wouldn't care how disgusting it was but the moment someone tells her to get rid of it/stop buying stuff she makes excuses as if she has everything completely under control. Its the same weird mental gymnastics you see with hoarders.

No. 809030

Wow, this look is terrible. My tinfoil: she's skinwalking someone (perhaps someone she found out brodick is talking to), just like she tried to turn herself into a weird hybrid mix of Syd and Forrest's gf last time she altered her appearance. It's only a matter of time before we figure out who she's BPD-stealing her new personality from this time.

No. 809033

File: 1607809406936.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 828x1792, 783DF673-41D4-48D7-A100-CD0825…)

I swear Taylor only buys junk to pair with her pets so she doesn’t have to develop a personality and create “aesthetics”.

No. 809034

File: 1607809888737.jpg (105.3 KB, 768x1024, tofu.jpg)

Full image of tofu.
I'll admit I've never had colubrids but my Royal Python rarely exposes her stomach by choice and Taylor's snakes are almost always doing it in her photos. I can just imagine them wriggling and her grabbing them until they stay for long enough for her to take the picture

No. 809036

Agreed. Also appeas she tried to edit out more tracks down the outside of her thumb/palm. They really are just objects to her

No. 809039

Makes me think of that instastory JC posted a while back where she was sat on the floor of her "animal room" totally mishandling one of her snakes like it was a toy for a photo.

No. 809044

wtf is that? Please tell me she isn't holding something made of ice against her snake? Even if not, it looks sharp?

And they definitely don't move like that. She's got three sections of him in her fingers, look how tight the bend near his tail is. She definitely positioned him like that herself.

No. 809046

it looks like a crystal knife to me. holy shit how fucking irresponsible

No. 809047


It’s one of her many shitty resin knives

No. 809051

My MBKs are so much more grown than hers and both younger (1.1), I only feed a mouse every other week as adults.

No. 809052

File: 1607814629474.jpeg (312.15 KB, 1242x2035, B0F7D50A-24C5-4863-BA41-1C8C5A…)

No. 809056

Looks better

No. 809060

File: 1607817290474.webm (904.76 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_737…)

Not by much. Looks at best like a home dye job. Also Kel at her ubiquitous hand bruise

No. 809062

File: 1607819098423.jpeg (141.58 KB, 750x1200, AB8DDD2E-6F26-4AE4-91F3-A7C1DE…)

No. 809063

What? It looks way better, it went from swamp yellow to actual green

No. 809064

I'm talking about the choppyiness of the darker green. It would look way better and more professional if it was blended into the lighter green imo

No. 809065

wow it looks even more fucked. why leave the top part of her head yellow? it makes her looks absolutely retarded

No. 809068

>using a selenite athame as a photo prop

the woo-phase is coming

No. 809069

I finally got sober because crystals healed me gaiz ~not clickbait~

No. 809075

It'd be one thing if these photos were from a legit photoshoot with ~aesthetic props on a stable surface, but these are clearly half-baked candids. Is this the quality content she's been depriving her fans of? Or is she stuck at home with no friends, avoiding her family because she's fucked up, and using her props animals for attention

No. 809076

I feel so bad for Mushu. She's been through so much and it's not getting better. Days in a barely-filled 5gal bucket while Taylor moved, slowcooking on a kitchen counter, soaking in FUCKING IODINE (I will never get over that one, that's fucking animal abuse). I'm honestly kind of amazed she hasn't tried to metamorphose since they can do that in extremely bad conditions. Her stumpy gills indicate she's come close. I have a lotl myself and mine is so active and responsive compared to Mushu it breaks my heart to think of what she's been through. I wish Taylor would just give her away so she can live a better life for the remainder of it, but I know she never will because she and her family see Mushu as "easy".

No. 809081


yet again posting another picture of herself yet she can't post a single picture of her animals in their enclosures. what a fuckin idiot.

No. 809088

File: 1607827064986.jpg (730.51 KB, 1125x1725, IMG_2852.jpg)


"heading that route"

No. 809089

I’m happy this is becoming a thing. I predicted earlier in the thread she will be going down to witch town. The crystals and the card were dead give aways. Witch saga is what I’m living for now

No. 809090

"My phone doesn't work more than 10 minutes in a row~" It takes a lot more than 10 minutes to get your hair done.

No. 809094

File: 1607829346275.png (7.68 MB, 1170x2532, 4FE63DE3-973B-4565-8724-F9BED1…)

her stylist really outted her with this lmfao
she really showed up to the salon with greasy ass hair YIKES.
i called it that they had to wash her hair before bleaching… which is typically never done because you want a little bit of oil on the hair to protect it… but not THIS much oil. god damn.

No. 809095

How is it possible for the date to read 13/12/20 when today is only 12/12/20?

No. 809096


No. 809097

why in the fuck does she have to hold her animals along with some trashy color-coordinated trinket made by kids in a sweatshop? she’s so fucking stupid.

No. 809098

Yikes how does it get that greasy

No. 809102

She lays in bed all day and I guarantee you she hasn't washed her pillowcase in weeks or months. Grease factory.

She knew she was getting her hair done but couldn't be fucked to wash it a day or two before her appointment. I'm sure her animals are totally thriving.

No. 809103

File: 1607831897170.png (24.02 KB, 598x241, nasty.PNG)

well she's nasty nasty especially when using

No. 809105

You can literally take a shower and wash your hair in 5 minutes if you rush.

No. 809107


Jesus Christ why can't this bitch just answer yes or no. She always has to type a fucking novel.

No. 809108

Yeah, maybe in Europe…

No. 809109

Not to wk but I somewhat frequently get my blonde touched up and my girl prefers I don't wash for a day or 2,because of oil stripping in bleach products. But, her hair is super stringy but wouldn't be surprised if she just took the excuse to not shower

No. 809110

MBKs, especially juvis are notorious for glass surfing if they don't have enough space. Wonder what enclosure he is in

No. 809113

she posted a pic fairly recently and if her labels were true he was in a tub >>795729

No. 809114

Does your hair get that oily after two days ?!

No. 809115

Wait are the sizes of Tofu and Salem messing anyone else up? They shouldnt be around the same size?

No. 809117

No haha I said she probably took that excuse and ran with it, her hair is much thinner than mine too, she shouldve just swapped the sides with how swampy it came out tho

No. 809118

Yes they should be the same size. Tofu died, his eyes changed color from a black hue to a red hue. It’s a replacement. At least my tinfoil, because you can’t have your snake get blue and stabbed in the lung not breathing then somehow be alive and eyes changed and now is smaller

No. 809119

Also you can find those exact snakes on morphs market for $175 + $50 shipping

No. 809122


Im concerned that Salem might have been replaced too? Shouldn't he be much bigger than that? My MBK is only a year and she's the same size.

Like, lets pretend neither of them were replaced. Salem would be three or four and Tofu would be two right? They look like yearlings

No. 809135

I thought Salem should’ve been bigger too. That was the thought that came to mind.

No. 809136

She’s practicing their beliefs. Oh yeah right Taylor. She is such a poser

No. 809137

Salem is at least three years old, and tofu is at least two. Even for males, they should be bigger than that. Something's up. Even if they haven't been replaced or anything, they're being underfed and stunted is my guess.

No. 809138

Honestly her colubrids look fine, also they wiggle it’s just what they do. I do think Tofu was replaced based on his size but that’s not news. Salem looks good for his age though, honestly 90% of people over feed their king snakes her neglect might accidentally benefit him. At least in the body tone aspect of things, who knows if he has enough space or if it’s filthy or not

No. 809142

Fucking retards in this thread finding out Europe exists and Australia is a day ahead. I have no faith in you anons.
Nothing says great pet care and animal advocate by someone who can’t even wash their hair once a month.

No. 809143

Oh dear god, you can see the grease formed a patch exactly where she'd lay her head on her pillow all day. I'm surprised she doesn't have lice! Surely she'd catch some off her poor cats…

No. 809146

File: 1607857272290.png (1.1 MB, 1194x970, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 3.00…)

i mean don't be too surprised, she'd probably claim that as clean. this is an old tweet of her "birds nest" (more like rats nest) where she literally has this grease ball of hair and she claims it's washed.

No. 809147

I thought lice preferred clean hair but I googled it and apparently they care as little about hygiene as Taylor does. Quirky new pets maybe

No. 809156

Not to wk but you don't get lice from cats, and adults rarely get lice even if they're very gross

No. 809163

Not sure if anyone will get this but is she just trying to become the heroin addicted version of grav3yardgirl???

No. 809169

Can someone help me formulate a list of suspected replaced animals?
And what draws people to that conclusion for said animal.

I want to put together a side by side comparison of the animals, & what Taytor-Thot claims vs what can be debunked
Ex. The milk about Tofu's eyes(no)

No. 809189

Tofu is the only one if feel like was replaced recently, from photo evidence. We will find out more if she would actually show her pets

We found out Gucci was replaced from Bree, but then she found Gucci and ended up with two identical milk snakes

She tried to replace the crocodile skinks under the table but the breeder posted it publicly

She replaced cheese after he died with another cow fish publicly

After her few week old female kitten died she replaced her with a 5 week pure breed rag doll off of Craigslist. Told everyone it’s from petco even though that would be legal for them to sell it (still needed 3-5 more weeks with its mother, so Taylor supports taking kitten away to early) , also petco doesn’t sell purebreds and all their cats are shelter cats.

She has a really uncomfortable habit of replacing dead animal, even publicly. Did she even bond to the animal ? Clearly not, because no one buys a puppy a few days after their dog dies. Pets are like items for her, if it dies it’s no bigger bc she can just buy another

No. 809200

What pic was this comment on? Is the shitty knife prop supposed to be an athame?

No. 809203

Seeing TND say if an animal's dead she'll tell her followers and remembering the failed Croc Skink replacement is top kek.

No. 809207

File: 1607887295559.png (5.01 MB, 2858x1440, Capture _2020-12-13-13-17-10.p…)

Not milk but jen posted a vid that made me realize why Tay dgaf about covid unless she's lying because she got called out. It shows tanner at equine therapy and being texas NO ONE is even wearing a mask. We know tanner can tolerate wearing a mask as weve seen it before but mostly it goes to show that Jen is okay endangering her immune comprimised son

Sorry to repost but while there is social distancing here and they are outside earlier in the vid someone is leading the horse right next to him and in general a whole lot of crowding around which is generally not advised especially for someone immune comprimised when hospitals are full

No. 809208

pretty sure jonny confirmed waaaay back she replaced animals shortly after they broke up. Don't think it'll really go anywhere cause she's a liar and will just deny.

you really think someone whos shooting poison into their veins and drives high cares about covid?

No. 809209

No … "the universe kept showing it to you" because it's SUCH a popular ~aesthetic~ all over the internet that it's pretty much a cliche at this point. And being agnostic doesn't allow for as much posing with ~crystals~ and ~ritual stuff~.

No. 809210

No I don't but her and Jen pretend to care about tanner and this is just further proof that they don't

No. 809213

File: 1607888071447.jpeg (70.3 KB, 431x348, Witchtay.jpeg)

She does realize crystals and horoscopes are just marketing? I wouldn't be surprised if she goes fullblown crazy religious, It'll be woo-woo bullshit magic circles and crap before too long.

Not surprising she wants to play make believe and live in fantasyland. Especially with groups who use drugs recreationally for "religious" experiences.

No. 809234

This is so funny, shes gonna do white girl "magic"

No. 809235

It's starting to remind me of Jillybean, we know this all too well…

No. 809236

Hahaha I feel like she saw witchtok hashtag on tiktok, and was like this is a sign. I’ve been chosen by the universe. Honestly this is going to be my favorite phase she has. Hoping she will get witch tattoos in the next few weeks

No. 809237


“The universe” is a weird name for advertising algorithms.

No. 809257

File: 1607908096820.jpg (396.75 KB, 1080x1070, IMG_20201213_210218.jpg)

can't wait for this saga kek she's truly the embodiment of basic bitch

No. 809310

maybe tinfoil but the fact that she hasnt sperged tonight after a whole week of non-stop sperg about tattoos and hair and literally everything else retarded is just another sign that she's probably using

No. 809335

Confused. If she’s using because she’s quiet, but then is tweeting up a storm, would those be the after effects because she’s obviously on one when she’s typing reports?

No. 809350

Meth vs heroin

No. 809353

Thanks for the clarification, anon

No. 809357

If one things consistent its that Taylor goes MIA when she's on a heroin binge and loses her complete fucking mind on social media when she's on a meth one kek

No. 809362

Morbid as it is, I anticipate her dying soon. Something about the garbage furby tattoo really sold it to me that she doesn’t expect to live long enough to regret any of the decisions she’s made in the past year, in addition to her literally speed-balling obviously.

I bet her parents will use an old picture of her at her memorial. You hate to see it.

No. 809364

they should use a before and after picture

No. 809406


yea Taylor likes to work herself up, feel powerful, "bad bitch", attention uwu. This is when she uses meth. Then she wants to "relax" as she's coming off her meth high this is when she uses subs or dope. This is speedballing and it's supposed to counter the withdraw of the opposite drug.

This. She's almost up to trouble when she's quiet. She'll continue procrastinating her obligations, but feels alot of shame so she doesn't show her face. She's probably watching movies, brodick, shooting up or doing useless shit rn.

No. 809413

Drug sperg but no that's not speedballing. Speedballing is mixing the two into one shot.

No. 809414

oh shit u right anon. Tweaking, mixing, well whatever you call that she certainly is sober lol. I do think she's using subs/meth on and off to stay sober(tm) from heroin.

No. 809416

I could see her relapsing after an attempt to get sober then dying at home from an overdose. Her best chance is genuinely if Jen kicks her out. She needs to refuse to help her for a while. Let her fall on her ass. She runs a high risk of dying either way but letting her stay at home is the worst thing you can do for her if she won't stay sober.

No. 809424

Seems that she has ran out of living animals.

No. 809456


She's definitely high off her tits right now. She got her hair done. Boom. All her kiddos loved on her and made her confidence go up. Then she and aggy fucked off to a drug den. She wants to say she's doing better than with JC but literally every time she's with aggy she disappears for days. Suspicious, Tay tay.

No. 809457

Didn’t she say last year that she was like super in debt or something? She doesn’t even have enough money to take care of that many animals never mind be buying clothing, tattoos and other junk on top of that. She has a few pretty pricy snakes that she could for sure rake in some good cash for, at this point I wouldn’t put it past her to sell them for money under the guise of “I couldn’t care for them because of my mental health” or whatever dumb excuse.

No. 809459


Yes I couldn't tell you when but I think I recall her saying she was in debt to the IRS.

No. 809460

It was a few years ago when she was living with Jonny. She owed like 100k to the irs if I remember right. She never set youtube money aside for taxes, and got one huge bill during tax day. If that was her taxes her income must have been insane during her peak

No. 809462

She is over 200k in debt and said she didn't pay any of her bills while she was with Jonny

No. 809463


Yeah they were too busy going on vacations and buying new animals and shitty enclosures and buying designer things and drugs. She never paid fuck all when she was with Jonny cause she was too fucked up to come to reality. I'm interested to know how much she owes now. Because she definitely does not have that kind of dough now.

No. 809464

File: 1608064017001.jpg (94.98 KB, 1035x544, Screenshot_20201215-122523.jpg)

She's only making 4k a month at most, and generally people make way less than social blade says. No wonder she had to go to some cheap mall salon

No. 809474

Social blade is a joke, don’t take that as her income. They don’t calculate income properly

No. 809476

She said that ? I checked the old threads and can only find her saying 100k to irs

No. 809485

Her income really depends on her cpm (her rate per thousand views from YouTube)
YouTube ranks cpm on how advertiser friendly her content Is
So back when she just made animal videos she probably had a high cpm ~8$/thousand
But now I would assume it’s dipped drastically due to all the heroin content
And it’s not like she’s getting brand deals to make up for that so

No. 809493


Calling it now: next up, she's going to get a face tattoo. Aggy has them and it will be the next step in her "Gone Girl" cool-girl/edgelord/goth-witch phase.

No. 809512

anyone have the most recent Jonny & syd thread? Lost the link and it won't come up when I try to Google it.

No. 809516

Go to snow catalog and scroll for like a second. Or just google “ jonny craig lolcow part 3” and it’s the first result on google…

No. 809529


where did she ever say this? i thought the 100k was caculated by an anon instead of her disclosing it. i do remember her saying that she owes a lot of money

No. 809537

File: 1608086648816.jpeg (841.77 KB, 3464x2756, A2533C55-0FF7-4846-A1A8-098276…)

Do you have any screencaps? I can only find these ones.

No. 809538

It was originally leaked by another animal youtuber that talked to her personally for a long time about her addiction and Jonny here on lolcow and twitter, and then a lot of time later, she owned up on twitter. Its on the past thread somewhere, it was back when she was living with Jonny still, the year before they broke up.

No. 809543

File: 1608087465040.png (171.72 KB, 750x1334, 1545604101948.png)

I was wrong I thought it was 200k but it's 100k

No. 809562

It's so wholesome when anons disagree and actually post proof in the thread instead of sperging about being spoonfed.

I've said it before. At least with JC she had to keep up "appearances". She was a better junkie with him than without. And that's the most pathetic thing about her victim-hood, JC actually kept her somewhat accountable bc they had to look like "functional" addicts and now she is surrounded by people who will cheer her into her grave.

No. 809571

I truly think it wasn't even JC that made her hold herself to a higher standard but her title as "Pettube Queen". At the start of her career even before Johnny people were parading her around as the animal expert of youtube, even commenting on others peoples videos of animals telling them to get advice from her. Most of her "friends" she could look down on and be better than because most of them were pettubers themselves and she was the "queen" of them all.

I truly think her downfall started because of the failed pettube fest where she got outted for doing coke and accused Bree of sexually assaulting her. Thats the first time I've seen Taylor seem so unhinged on social media, desperately trying to cling to the "wholesome animal expert" persona she wanted everyone to think she was. Before that people even felt bad for her when Emzotic got outted here for talking shit. It wasn't until after pettube did we see more and more of Taylor's "friends" come here to anonymously out her then crawl back to social media to suck her ass. I think she knew the jig was up and stopped trying especially after she fried her skinks like 3 months after. I think after JC she realized she liked sympathy attention much more than she liked actually having to be a responsible pet owner to get attention.

No. 809600

you guys are going to h8 me but she looks really hot here. the top lip is way over done but her facial structure can handle it. her warmer blonde hair makes her look alive and youthful, and the darker roots give really pretty depth that contrasts with her eyes. her hair also looks nice and thick here. it would only take (tasteful) fillers under her eyes and really rehydrating/nourishing her body off drugs to get here again. aging is normal but amphetamines can really damage you, same with even ironically keeping up with internet trends. it just further disassociates you from life and she doesn’t need that right now, not that appearances are everything but they clearly seem to trigger her.

i never visit her thread or whatever, i really just want her to do better after Jonny, probably like most people. she’s actually really beautiful and i really want her to do right by the girl she was when jonny exploited her. she’s just what i think is texas normie pretty and she needs to drop this shit, it just makes being a user way too big of a part of her identity if she has to keep looking at it in the mirror..

No. 809603


You can get on payment plans for the IRS - I think the max they go is six years so that would be almost 1500/mo. So I definitely don’t see her moving out anytime soon if she’s paying off that and blowing the rest of her money on drugs, tattoos, and hair appointments. Must be nice to not do a damn thing all day and live with mommy and daddy so you have no bills.

No. 809606

This right here. It’s sooo obvious

No. 809607

Agree anon, I think she looks really pretty in that photo too.

No. 809608

Who anonymously outed her from her fake friends? and around what month and year did she burn her animals? asking so I can look for the threads

No. 809625


Angles my dudes. Honestly I was rooting for Taylor during the jonny saga, I thought she'd actually turn her life around and learn.

Turns out she's just a scummy humanbeing, just as bad as jonny. She's a manipulative, evil person who only cares about themselves and what they can get out of others.

The way she acted after they broke up proved jonny wasn't pulling the strings. She was making shitty choices on her own and blaming it on other people.

She was decently pretty, pre-jonny and people use it as an excuse to give her a free pass. I don't care how pretty you are if you kill your animals, drive high and enable monsters like jonny craig.

No. 809653

File: 1608145180557.jpeg (172.25 KB, 750x1084, C5FA10A5-DF2A-47B3-B643-81A1E6…)

Her mile-wide philtrum is the only thing I can see in this picture. She’s always had a weirdly prominent philtrum but with thin lips it wasn’t so noticeable, picrel. Fillers aren’t (and shouldn’t be) a solution for every perceived imperfection and 9 times out of 10 you end up looking worse. She supposedly hasn’t gotten lip fillers in over two years and her lips are still permanently fucked. More filler to balance out her botched filler is not the answer. See Moo’s face right now, it literally looks like her face is melting.

No. 809660

Im not saying this to rag on her appearance but it's all angles and editing. She literally shrinks her head in photos.

People forget she was a cow before JC, she was jumping from Brodick to Brodick and taking a ton of drugs back then. If it wasn't Jonny I think she would of started shooting up with some other scum bag

No. 809675

She never ever looked like this, bitch has been photoshopping herself since she got an internet connection.

No. 809676

Her face looked good in her original youtube videos. Definitely MUCH better than it does now.

No. 809706


This really reminded me of Taylor and her mother.(embed video)

No. 809719

File: 1608186182706.png (3.03 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201216-175330.png)

So taylors mom posted this today and it maked me wonder if Tay is desperate for cash and trying to save face by getting her mom to sell her shit or if taylor has drained her family by all her rehab/er trips and they are hard up for money themselves. Also if theyre not taylors did she get her mom into collecting these dumb things?!

No. 809730

Looks like they're at a store.
If that's their house they have hideous shelves

No. 809734

the fact that she's trying to sell funkos that have stickers saying they were 5$ lmao she's really hurting for cash and she still decides to get her hair done over anything financially responsible. i cant w this bitch.

No. 809737

Def a store, unless they got 3 identical mickeys at home.

No. 809738

Sad thing is, with both Jen's and Taylor's trash hoarding tendencies, it could be both.

No. 809742

Yeah I don’t think this is a personal collection but rather at a store. Could be a dig at JC as he horses them while with Taylor, who knows, but this is defs a photo taken AT a store and not crap they actually own multiples of

No. 809779

File: 1608226139908.jpg (345.14 KB, 1036x1171, Screenshot_20201217-122436_Ins…)

Just thought I'd share what an adult Mexican Black Kingsnake and Leucistic Texas Ratsnake look like in hand. These images are both of adult males. Taylor's snakes at their supposed age should be classified as adults.

No. 809780

File: 1608226167487.jpg (605.14 KB, 1079x1015, Screenshot_20201217-122621_Ins…)

Anon from above

No. 809782

probably just trying to sell it off since it's not her thing anymore. She wants to collect furbies now

Taylor looks 40 but with a 10 year old mind. I wonder which toy she'll be obsessed with in the next couple of months. I also wonder if the guys she hangs out with also influences her "trend"

No. 809785

File: 1608227037243.jpeg (388.32 KB, 1242x2030, 1526D30F-DEFB-497B-90B5-25F823…)

Saged because oldish pic but I just found this while snooping through aggys tagged photos. Nice pupils Tay

No. 809792

this has been posted before.

No. 809793

let’s put this to rest. she’s really not actually beautiful, she just knows how to work her angles and use decent lighting. the video she did for vice made her look like a beaky hunchback. it’s painfully obvious even in the thumbnail.

No. 809795

Her posture in all photos/videos that other people take looks like she always has a hunchback, like 80-90% of the time

No. 809800

Yikes the difference is jarring! These have to be replacements

No. 809804

Those are not her snakes, it’s the size her new baby white texas rat snake should be, but she replaced him.

No. 809806

File: 1608235632286.png (1.22 MB, 735x817, SMALLTOFU.PNG)

I tried to put these together with similar sizes and I think Salem is okay and could be perspective and just slightly smaller but wow Tofu is tiny, I don't know much about these types of snakes so I just thought they were meant to be small but they are meant to be around 5 feet. That is not the original tofu, and if it is he either has parasites, is severely underfed or both.

No. 809820

I know about Texas rat snakes, and it’s funny how Taylor tried to blame “they grow really really slow, every Texas rat snake takes this long” no you just replace them. Can’t wait to see her explain the eye hue change

No. 809837

Where did the idea that Taylor's family has any money come from? Unless I made that up. I felt like that was a prevailing theme but goddamn do her parents live in a tiny little ranch.

No. 809839

Wasn't Tofu the snake that bit her all the time?

No. 809841

Yeah he would always be hissing, in a defensive pose, or nipping her face and hands

No. 809842

File: 1608245232752.jpg (508.41 KB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20201217_174549.jpg)

Wow she's finally woken up from her latest bender, posting old pics kek god she's so much prettier here. It must kill her inside to look back at what she looked like before (I realize she's using filters in these but the fact remains)

No. 809848

It’s funny how every photo with her face has a Snapchat filter. What a grand comparison

No. 809849


Texas rats are notoriously great eaters and grow rapidly. This is not a species of snake known for slow growth like some others. Claiming he grows slow is just wrong

No. 809906

File: 1608263536156.png (2.95 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201217-214829.png)

So is she just not going to pist anymore of her pets? She posted a bunch of pics of her hideous hair aand awful tattoos but only 2 pets. She clearly doesnt give af about her pets or her core audience who fund her drug addiction and furbie obsession. Shes dumb af

No. 809912

File: 1608266432066.png (3.22 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201217-223705.png)

Incoming dump. Confirming that her phone works perfectly fine and that yes she still had her desktop this whole time. She is absolute scum. Actually she is beneath than scum. Also holy fucking clutter

No. 809913

File: 1608266633932.webm (1.46 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_888…)

No. 809914

File: 1608266655969.webm (1.02 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_884…)

No. 809915

File: 1608267143527.png (2.85 MB, 1440x2952, Capture _2020-12-17-22-50-50.p…)

Also found it interesting that the whiteboard lists "could sell". I know people sell shit all the time but with her mom starting things like ebates and rakuten and today an eBay store I feel like its more likely that the entire dean family is broke af

No. 809916

File: 1608268120344.jpeg (192.59 KB, 749x889, BFDCAF05-55F0-4AA5-A0F0-E382C0…)

Must be so exhausting for her to update us on anything and everything but her animals. This was posted 6 hours ago and still no animals pics but tons of pictures of her super ‘aesthetic’ bedroom setup.

No. 809919

Hahahah her fucking mouse pad, confirms she really is going into this whole witch thing with full force

No. 809920

File: 1608269107019.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, F1FAE186-71D6-4DE8-B57B-FAA599…)

Dude she is selling so much stuff, also the cut up baby doll, next to the black cat has me dying. Ooooo so spooky. I would love to see her start streaming, because I’d get a kick out of it. Unfortunately we all know she won’t though. She is setting herself up to fail with false promises

No. 809921

File: 1608269283592.jpeg (237.92 KB, 485x835, C0BEA66C-2872-47EA-AC05-4F88C2…)

Echo update.

I find her pastel baby girl aesthetic and badass satan witch bitch aesthetic a strange mix.

No. 809922

The idea of her as a streamer is hilarious. Girl can't even post a video on time and she thinks she can do regular streams? Most keep to a schedule - I don't think Taylor has ever followed one in her life.

No. 809923

the duality of (wo)man

No. 809926

File: 1608270599060.png (516.76 KB, 934x595, 1111echo.png)

yet again it is the one of the same animals as always never one we want to see. I wonder if the enclosures she is potentially considering to sell is a sign that she plans to announce a major downsizing. I noticed a snake rack on there but maybe it's just plans to buy a bigger one (I hope not)

No. 809927

It's not even done well, it's just cheap ass, tacky shit from walmart. She just likes to collect crap to try and fill her empty soul.

I highly doubt she's gonna upgrade anything at mama deans house. It's cramped as it is already, She's probably looking to get rid of crap so she can justify buying more.

No. 809928

Big lol if she thinks she's gonna get any kind of money for her enclosures or tanks. I'm thinking thats whats on her list.

> $3485.12

really does look like she's angling for more money

No. 809929

File: 1608271389581.png (355.88 KB, 821x1154, Screenshot_20201218-000224.png)

Taylor on Tofu

No. 809931

Taylor is a grown ass adult living at home, going half in with her mom on a dumb VR, with her bedroom like it belongs to a 10 year old.

For fucksakes, does it get any worse?

No. 809933

So she’s gonna get rid of her tub rack to upgrade or get rid of the remaining of her animals except Gemini? Lol

No. 809934

Can’t wait for the live streaming

No. 809935

why would she when it’s been painfully obvious that she never gave a shit about her animals and used them for sex, drugs and clout? i’m sure the way jen bitches and moans about tanner taught taylor at an early age that you need to have a good prop if you want to rake in that sweet, sweet attention.

video def related; taylor fake ‘ugly cries’ about her biggest moneymaker dying because of her shit tier care and then proceeds to make a LoL sO rAnDoM ex dee monetized joke about his death, repeatedly poking what’s left of his rotting body and laughing about it all. p. sure she went home and got jonny to shoot her up so she could deal with the pain.

No. 809937

a grown woman’s bedroom btw. the aesthetic is so lame ahahahah

No. 809938

tofu number one is dead so that might have something to do with it

No. 809939

Lol this is the vid that made me start paying attention to these threads. So deranged

No. 809940

I feel you, why sell stuff unless you need money. If she was trying to get rid of clutter (because we have all seen how much shit is in her room) they would be donating and not selling. The fact that they are making a point of how much money they could get says they need it. All she has to fucking do is film a god damn video to get the paychecks coming again. I think she doesn’t have her shit together and is worried about people calling out her shit animal care, or some pet died that she can’t cover up.

No. 809942

It was a big wake up call for so many fans. She had to turn off comments because of how disgusted people were. She should have taken down the video and posted a apology if she felt bad or any human emotions.Wrapping the corpse in I think was lady’s underwear was super fucking creepy

No. 809943


whyyyy is she handling him so soon after what she claims has been his largest meal. she can’t even do the bare minimum correctly


elaborating on echo’s stuck shed for a whole paragraph when she could just, you know, actually pay attention to his humidity so that it doesn’t get stuck in the first place


jfc “multiple weeks“ JUST SAY WEEKS the way she talks and adds unnecessary words to sound smarter drives me insane

No. 809944

Yes, me as well. You could tell just how high she was and how odd she was acting.
Yep. There’s no way a snake that went blue that she tried to give CPR while driving (?) makes it out alive. Plus we already know she has a history of trying to secretly replacing pets.

No. 809945

yeah, she comes across as super cold and heartless and it’s actually kind of creepy to watch her pretend to mourn cheese. taylor is always so dead eyed and toneless, she’s like a low grade sociopath.

No. 809946

Dont forget Rigamortus. She said her snakes body got hard.

No. 809947

File: 1608277931882.jpeg (423.94 KB, 2048x2048, B07F4460-2B75-495D-A1EF-A2EC16…)

are these tracks? is it possible to shoot into knuckles?

No. 809948

Technically you can, but when there are so many other places to choose that would be a odd one. For gods sake tho she shot up in her shoulders so she can show off her tracks in tank tops. So I wouldn’t put it past her

No. 809949

The smiley face next to "could sell tub rack" is very telling.
And don't forget the bit where all this is because she tried to give him a shot while high as hell and stabbed right through him. And did CPR to… save his punctured lung? She doesn't even understand what CPR does.

No. 809951

Big Luna vibes from all the cheap plastic shit and attention seeking uwu junkie behavior.

No. 809954

File: 1608287215765.png (5.75 MB, 828x1792, 4ECA29B4-7A72-4511-B813-5E7FAE…)

Lmao you wouldn’t be in this predicament if you would have listen to your parents and not date a known heroin junkie with multiple cases of abuse allegations because you wanted the rockstar life style.

For the love of god tay, stop hanging out with anyone with face tatts, that should be your first red flag.

No. 809956

This is beyond pathetic, a grown ass woman shouldn't want to be 10 again. 10 years olds actually have more responsibilities than her, they have to go to school, bathe, do homework, study. She just life without responsibilities and free shit.

Bitch what bills? we know you don't pay fucking rent, do you pay for electricity? medical bills? Home upkeep? All she does is buy tattoos and useless crap, maybe save money instead of spending it you tard.

No. 809960

This is definitely the kind of thing Taylor should be discussing with a therapist and not the tweens who read her stories, although that’s nothing new I suppose. Wonder if this is the gateway for her turning into one of those people who hears about age regression therapy and decides that applies to 24/7 ddlg LARPing?

No. 809964

File: 1608301386186.png (1.45 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201218-080304.png)

Yet another rant that is pretty selfish as usual about how isolated shes been this year. Like taylor read the room that has been most people who actually follow covid peotocol.

No. 809969

jesus fucking christ the walls of text. in real life she probably unhinges her jaw before she starts talking. look how small that text is lmao i can't

No. 809981

Uwu baby toddler woman and sexy badass satan chick are like the two most popular aesthetics for twenty-somethings on the internet right now. Since Tay has been doing speed on the daily, spending shitloads of money on updating her identity (I guess, ugh), and has no original thoughts … This is what her sad little room would start to look like.
The 2 most basic types of egirl vomited all over the walls. Her pets occupying a smaller and smaller corner of her room, and life. And all this in her mom's house, still.

Oh GOD the methsperging.

No. 809984


Male Texas rats are normally at breeding size by 2 years. Girl is spewing bullshit again he is definitely not at the size he should be for his age.

No. 809988

Exactly. And to me, what’s honestly more sad than the aesthetics she’s trying to cling to for her identity is the fact that she is putting this much time, effort, and money into her room like this. It shows she has zero plans of moving out of her mothers house. Which I’m sure she loves because it gives her no bills, real responsibilities, and her mother enables her so she can continue to buy drugs and relapse over and over. I mean there were literally needles in her childhood room for fucks sake. The only time Taylor ever talk about moving out is when she has a brodick lined up to move in with, the last time she talked about it seriously was with that psychopath, what was his name Jake? Aggy just seems like a fuck buddy, no real relationship coming from that but I just find it sad she has absolutely no drive to be on her own again. She just wants to sit at home and shoot up or do meth or whatever it is she’s doing these days, but useless shit she won’t be into in a year from now, and type walls of text to validate herself to strangers on the internet.

No. 809998

Exactly what I was thinking, this isn’t what you should be posting on your story. I feel like she vents way to much on her stories and preaches about mental health, but it’s like girl go to fucking therapy children shouldn’t have to hear this crazy shit. Like for gods sake this whole paragraphs point is advice for children. She knows her audience

No. 809999

this is so disrespectful, holy shit

No. 810000

She feels like she is “Isolating” herself. Everyone is, it’s the fucking pandemic. I hope to dear god she hasn’t continued group chats with minors and uses her mental health/ I felt lonely and needed friends as a excuse. While rereading those threads I felt onision vibes from her. With the group chats with minors, and the discussions basically being her therapy sessions, was so uncomfy, talking about drugs, sexual advances from a drug addict, animal abuse. We’ve all seen her public announce what drugs make a better high.

Children that look up to you aren’t your therapist.

No. 810001


This post or her? Bc It’s disrespectful af how she handled his death. So inappropriate and uncomfortable.

No. 810039

Threads moving again which means Taylor's on her meth binge right after spending a weekend strung out and high off heroin with Aggy kek.

She definitely uses meth as a way to be functional without shooting up (or at least she assumes she's functional) but she doesn't see how manic she types and how cyclical her disappearances vs her spamming paragraph of absolute nonsense at her followers are. She literally goes on weekend long binges with Aggy and comes home and does meth.

Any drug anons here know if meth is easier to hide the smell of or something? Maybe the needles are too obvious of a tell around mama Dean. Im curious as to why she seems to only disappear (do heroin) when she's with Aggy now. S

No. 810042

It's not hard to cover up smells, meth just smells like industrial waste? Very chemically smell that's Hard to describe.

Coworker always went to the bathroom and smoked meth, covered it up with febreeze and bathroom fan. My dumbass Didn't know it till he got outed. You won't think it was anything out of the ordinary, just bathroom chemicals or something /endsperg.

I'll be laughing my ass off when she has internet uploading problems again. The amount of cope, and gaslighting will be ridiculous in the next video.

No. 810052

My mom smoked meth my entire childhood. You can easily disguise the smell.

No. 810053

I know methheads too and agree very easy to cover.

No. 810061

You can also snort meth too. There'd be nothing to hide there but her baggie and razor blade

No. 810064

good points, anons. and meth smells like vinegar!

No. 810065

I bet she wishes she could sell Gemini. Reminder that >>>/snow/641568 she lied to everyone on Twitter saying the man was giving her the snake for free because he liked her channel and then got so ass-mad when people fact-checked her that she went ahead and forked out the $7.5k for him just to spite us. Bet you still had that money now don't ya Tay.

Also slight OT but rereading old threads knowing she was shooting heroin ~20 times a day~ the whole time is such a brand new perspective that it's like a completely different story. 10/10 would recommend.

No. 810067

this is so fucked up and stupid of her. not everyone has to be afraid of adulthood taylor, it’s actually a lot of fun being responsible and caring about yourself and other people. just because she fucked it up she wants other people to fuck it up because misery loves company—leave your tween audience alone, you evil witch.

No. 810076

File: 1608343219716.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2020-12-19-12-57-36…)

She's aaaaaaaaalmost self aware. To me this post looks like her trying to sus out if any of her fans would buy her junk so she can start a depop.

No. 810086

File: 1608347205756.png (484.26 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201218-210233.png)

Mama dean out here (not so) subtly outing taylor yet again kek

No. 810087

She is clearly a hoarder. She can’t hoard pets so now she’s hoarding weird objects she thinks are cool like ski masks. Get help!!!!

No. 810088


If she’s this aware of it I don’t understand why she keeps continuing to enable Taylor.

No. 810096

File: 1608348367526.png (995.5 KB, 817x938, Capture.PNG)

uhh what's with the munchie ehlers danlos poster? cringe AF

No. 810100

that was the point of the shot. that's why she even posted the picture.

she could've rotated 2" and covered it or gotten it out of the frame but no.

No. 810103

Crabs in a bucket, she's a fatass aging boomer whos miserable. A cow in her own right.

No. 810114

can't decide what is more funny, the south park funko from the stan goes goth episode, the ehlers danlos cereal box thing or the fact this bitch really bought a balaclava with patches and things embordered on it to fit w/ brodick aggy's aes

No. 810118

File: 1608359027153.png (129.33 KB, 640x1138, 2467400878393275506.png)

No. 810119

File: 1608359120637.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 84BCCAF7-1983-43B0-91A5-70C7F9…)

She posted she was “about to rant” like half an hour ago. This bitch has been sitting in her bedroom typing up a rant for half an hour, for her preteen fans. Please get a fucking therapist Taylor.

No. 810120

She really hasn't washed her hair since going to the hairdresser a week ago, huh? Disgusting.

No. 810124

in her latest IG stories she is zooming in so close to her face it's obvious that she knows her hair is shiteous

No. 810126

File: 1608360629711.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, C2BDA771-3291-41A4-8AEC-6CE313…)

Sage because seriously who cares.

No. 810127

Christ what a psycho.

I am sincerely waiting for this woman to snap with baited breath. I've known a few caretakers to have a mental break later in life after decades of devoted care and I can't wait to see what she does. Personally, I'd like to see her finally get a damn respite caregiver for Tanner and move across the country so Taylor can't leech off her family anymore. Let's see how she does without her family to coddle her while she makes zero effort to improve.

No. 810128

Does ANYBODY read these?? Anyone at all?

No. 810129

put the pipe down sweaty

No. 810130

That's just part 1/2. Lord. I'm just waiting for her to get the bright idea to write a self help book.

No. 810132

she posted that 16 mins ago now and hasn't finished part two… probably furiously typing out a run on sentence, re-reading, editing, deleting, and retyping, rinse and repeat like a typical tweaker

No. 810133

Wait that last part makes even less sense than usual. She cried more because she was crying, because she was crying, for no reason? And coincidentally at the doctor and definitely not trying to get something from them. Tay you're documented enough and so far past clean that there's no way you're getting another sub script. Maybe she was shooting for adderall, since she was talking about ADHD recently. Which would be hilarious, because they're pretty strict with prescribed stims.

No. 810134

File: 1608361131036.png (194.42 KB, 640x1138, 2467425339288994313.png)

Part 1

No. 810136

Delete this before she see it

No. 810137

File: 1608361475087.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, 2D268E81-4143-48E0-AD8C-108B2E…)

No. 810140

Jesus fucking Christ. How does she expect anyone to read that? The moment I saw it it was an immediate nope.

Doesn’t She ramble when she’s on meth?

No. 810141

how can anyone take this seriously with that faggotyass creepy furby face in the background

No. 810142

Sounds like someone was having a meth crash while she was Mia and the dope wasn't helping with it and/or she ran out of dope and had to go without any drug waaa! but shes all better now!

Also kek I bet a lot of the shit in this post came directly from those mental health self diagnosis posts

And how wonderful that her phone magically fixed itself!

No. 810143

Sweet baby Jesus this bitch is writing a second bible.

She does realize not all addicts are crazy like her. There is no way in hell I believe she is sober after this crazy diary entry

No. 810144

File: 1608362797820.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, D5FB7194-08E2-4A69-A01B-F8CEBA…)

No. 810148

Can anyone who has the strength to read this word splatter cans you please give me a run down of what it’s saying?

No. 810150

File: 1608365731122.png (293.51 KB, 356x512, IMXsHJq.png)

literally no point in tagging any posts because it's all of them. tl;dr she's explaining that she relapsed for all the same reasons anyone relapses (experiencing withdrawal) but acting like it's novel and, in turn, writing a novel about it

No. 810153

Andddd her hair is greasy again. Gross

No. 810155

Damn this is what dumb people are like when geeked tf out. Holy shit girl put it down and go to bed

No. 810157

>maybe cheese's spirit is living on inside me
lmao this bitch

No. 810163

Taylor has a major victim complex.
Whenever she starts getting hold of her life, thanks to expensive rehab centres and the like, she just slides back into something self-destructive and blame it on everyone around her.

Hell, even when the people are long gone, now it’s her own memories tormenting her. This is a woman who is or was cashing on money easily thanks to past videos, with a place to sleep and a somewhat supportive family. She literally has nothing to complain about and yet she manages to victimize herself.
What else does she need to finally get better and be productive? Absolutely nothing.

No. 810167

yawn, she's so boring. She just wants to live comfy without any pain or stress. She wants everything for free and doesn't want to do anything at all. She literally wants to be strung out and high allday.

She's so fucking lazy/pain adverse, the slightest amount of discomfort makes her relapse. She seriously needs to toughen the fuck up. She's gonna be a NEET, basement junkie forever at this point.

No. 810171

Such advocacy. Find a home group, get a sponsor, and get involved in your recovery community. Calling these rants “advocacy” just shows she googled it and saw that it involves conversation. Go volunteer. Go get a degree. Go get a job. Social media advocacy my ass.

No. 810172

She said she at one point was 9 months sober but when?? I don’t ever remember that being an actual occurrence.

No. 810178

she's forgotten to add her usual "sober from heroin!!!" catch. it was when she was first out of rehab, when she first got into meth with Jake, was out drinking with her female friends, and abusing her subs. she insisted that she could still drink even though she had talked about abusing alcohol with Jonny (and the infamous "two sips of vodka made me attempt suicide" story), and 'fessed up to the meth use much later. she hasn't been truly sober for any longer than when she's been stuck in rehab with no other options

delete/repost to close quote

No. 810181

I don't think she realizes people look down on her for these rants. People used to look up to her, now they've lost respect for her. She was supposed to be a source of authority and knowledge for them, but her sudden switch to junkie persona proves that all that YT stuff was a big lie for money. She's a failed parent who betrays the trust of their child.

Her fans don't trust her anymore, and rightly so cause its obvious she can't keep it together. All they see is a neurotic shell who can't look after herself.

No. 810204

I doubt she is seeing that tbh so many of her stans still give her asspat on her SM. Smh

No. 810228

File: 1608421283346.png (206.11 KB, 582x328, FB06C4E9-00CB-471B-9ADB-4656F2…)

>I dealt with a lot of relapses this year

No. 810230

lol. aka "I continued using with occasional withdrawal because I couldn't reup for whatever reason"

No. 810241

Sub drs are shady AF and will write a script for anyone who has the cash to cover an appointment fee. If you have multiple dirtys sometimes they kick people out briefly but its rare.

Once someone has a history of being prescribed suboxone on their interstate profile it's nearly impossible to get other controlled scripts though

No. 810282

who called weekend binging? No sperging on a Saturday night? Big sus.

No. 810320

Couldn’t read all of that. But funny how she’s methed out ranting on about healing and recovering

No. 810371

File: 1608527716650.png (374.59 KB, 600x482, wrfjen.PNG)

Jen is a fucking weirdo. I know Taylor milk has been a bit dry but wow her mom is still doing the creepy shit to random people on twitter. She seems to usually do this when Taylor isn't doing well/high af/not doing her "job"…aka trying to do Taylor's "job" for her

No. 810497

I think Taylor has gone quite bc the 31st is coming up. She is either in bed stressed af bc she has nothing filmed or planned oooooor maybe she is speed cleaning her enclosures and is actually going to surprise us with some video about how sick she is, and show us some enclosures for fucking once. Either way I bet she is high rn

No. 810506

or she's just high as shit again. she always does this. quiet for 1 week, back again with some ramble or rant, gone again. repeat.

No. 810525

File: 1608634343923.png (373.52 KB, 1326x240, Untitled.png)

Honestly I can't decide whether I should pity Jen or not. Half of her tweets (that one included) just make her sound like an attention starved, tired mom who just wants the best for Tay, but then the other half make it clear she's kinda cunty.

Tinfoil obv, but to me it looks like she saw someone on twitter who reminded her of Tay and she posted this weird tweet because she's lonely and Taylor's not at home? I'm assuming she's feeling isolated this christmas and these tweets are random cries for help. Not to whiteknight her completely, Taylor definitely got her "appearances matter more than the truth" attitude from Jen.

>aka trying to do Taylor's "job" for her

another tinfoil but pic related, it's Jen's recent upload schedule on youtube. Feels like she's passive aggressively trying to show Taylor that it's not hard to upload videos.

btw where the fuck is Jen's husband? Her most recent video about a solo trip to Six Flags sounds SO sad, doesn't she have a partner who can go with her? I swear Tay's dad was involved years ago, like he posted in the first couple threads about jonny? Were they divorced and I'm just misremembering?

No. 810526

>Tay's dad was involved years ago, like he posted in the first couple threads about jonny
samefagging, I mean I remember Tay's dad posting about Jonny in early Tay threads, not in Jonny's thread.

No. 810542

He used to actively defend her in Youtube comments and on Twitter, but he’s been quiet since he was exposed for DMing tea accounts.

No. 810547

My bet is she will put up a post or two about filming, get herself dressed up for asspats on her amazing hair and makeup. Then come December 31st she won't deliver. She will claim she tried to upload but due to new years eve internet traffic it was just faaarrr too busy and it failed or was taking hours and hours and she didn't want to put it out too late in case people missed it. Then she wil claim she thought while she had the chance she wanted to redo some of it to make it perfect and so it won't be out til a week into January!

No. 810575

He would defend Taylor very often in those threads and even ended up in a few peoples dms, he is also talking about Taylor’s childhood in the vice video

No. 810603

My guess is she will film on the 30th + have a photo shoot and upload in the afternoon of the 31st.

No. 810605

…you actually think she’s going to upload on the day she says? Oh you sweet summer child

No. 810607

It has gotten worse every time she has to upload, to the point where she tweets she's uploading and then disappears. How much worse could it get this time?

No. 810657

does she still use heroin or does she only use meth now. or is she just mentally ill/her brain is still recovering from the drug use?

No. 810662

Do you believe for a second she’s been sober longer than (barely) a few weeks and her stints in rehab the entirety of this year? She even said herself in one of the latest posts that she had taken some selfies not even a week after a “weekend binge” - well established at this point that whenever she is sober it’s a) completely not her choice to be and b) she only stops when she has no shit to get high off

Still a heroin addict for sure, when she’s methed up she posts lots of selfies and stupid rants no one will read followed by radio silence when she’s shouting up dope. A sad rinse and repeat

No. 810670


Do not pity Mama Dean. She is every bit of a cow as Taylor is. She was friends with Chelsea before she decided to switch up and enable the fuck out of Taylor. Then she started calling Chelsea a liar. This woman lies and covers up all of Taylor's bullshit just so that she can piggyback off of Taylor's fame. Not to mention she constantly bitches about how much of a burden her disabled kid is to her. She's an entitled middle class woman who thinks she is relevant because her daughter used to be semi-famous on youtube.

No. 810740

How can she afford the product. Where is she even shooting up, since she’s around her family and other people 24/7. I think she relapses but I’m not certain it’s heroin.

No. 810745

i mean shes a drug addict they will always find a way and a place

No. 810746

You’re being naive. Do you think her mom is in her room 24/7? People all over live with their parents and shoot up or do various other bad things in their rooms. Especially when they spend so much on drugs they can’t afford to live on their own anymore.

No. 810747

heroin and meth really aren't that expensive. and theres a reason she stays up all night and sleeps all day.

No. 810751

It literally takes about 5 minutes to shoot up. Are you joking?

No. 810767

I'll agree with you on meth, but heroin is at min a hundred per day when you're addicted

No. 810778

Meth isn’t cheap and runs about the same as tar. And I live in one of the meth capitals in the us.

No. 810813

Not for taylor. She admitted it took about an hr with jc's help. Even if it's exaggerated I'm sure alone she has a lot of trouble. It's clear she still doesn't know what she's doing. I mean there's a reason she muscles so much of her shit

No. 810816

Kek she can't even research how to shoot up properly. Pretty sure she's spent 70k on dope when she was using full time, she has enough to sustain her addiction indefinitely. It's not cheap but it isn't exactly expensive compared to other drugs.

With 7 days till her "return" (a half-assed promise for more videos prob) I doubt we'll see anything milky. All she does drug binge in private these days.

No. 810892

i know everyone schooled me in my previous post but i still cant think shes using as much as she used to. yeah shes been shooting up for like a year but like other anons said she was with johnny most of the time, who would help her, and probably struggled picking veins and cleaning up when she was alone so it wouldn’t take her just 10 minutes. it’s still realistic that jen wouldnt check up on her every hour while shes in her room so she could probably find the time, but then there’s the cost associated with it, she can’t be making shit so she’s either using up her savings or has switched to a low grade of heroin. i don’t know much about meth but im pretty sure it smells like shit and someone in the house would notice something. i think that she’s still using albeit not as much, when she does drugs she goes on those long instagram rants and then in between that is the lull where she’s not that active on social media or she’s out getting her hair done looking zoned out and irritated from withdrawals. her eyes just seem to be permanently fucked

No. 810893

actually this was just a stupid rambling tinfoil dont bother responding to it im probably wrong but who knows what shes up to

No. 810906


You can snort meth or heroin. And if she’s muscling shots it wouldn’t take very long for her to get one in. She probably has her bedroom door locked when she’s in there, Mama Dean is barely keeping her sanity let alone checking on her every five min. Probably in some sort of denial also. If she’s not piss testing Taylor as a stipulation to stay in her house rent free, then she seems to be content burying her head in the sand. But I mean TND puts her high antics all over social media, so how could you not know something weird is going on there.

No. 810947

File: 1608916378643.jpeg (513.03 KB, 750x1250, ED33FC4C-0E75-46C0-BA3A-AEF378…)

No. 810948

File: 1608916500393.png (274.36 KB, 750x1334, 6ED20DBE-9FA5-41FB-94DF-359744…)

Guys she’s a real gamer girl now. Hahaha I want her to stream so badly it would be a great saga. Live, can’t ignore questions on live chat. I know if she did it she would have mods at some point but still.

No. 810950

But you did anyway.
How can she afford pet care and the rest of her animals food if she can barely buy her cats food?

No. 810952

I hope she will stream, I want to see the bobblehead in its full glory. bet she'll be even shitter at it that JC.
>my art tablets
why would you ever need multiple, especially as a hobbyist

No. 810955

Funny how she buys all this tech, but still supposedly has the shittiest and most unstable internet connection.

No. 810958

trying so hard to convince the world that she isn't broke that it only makes it clearer that she is completely broke. Like you had to go halvsies with your parents and they bought you a laptop. her parents enabling will 100% kill her directly or indirectly

No. 810961

>4 more computers
I thought she said she had to break her latest video promise because she had no computer to edit on?

No. 810965

Come on anon we all know she never even filmed that video, that was just the same cheap excuse she’s used so many times. “I’m having laptop/wifi/YouTube problems”. For like a year she complained about her laptop malfunctions and then recently exposed herself as having a perfectly functioning desktop the whole time.

No. 810967

>>I have Barbie, Barbie mermaid, Ken, 2 Malibu stacies, Barbie corvette and ~4 Barbie dream houses!!!!!1!

No. 810971

Like a true NEET, not surprised she's too much of a bitch to stream.

I think this is the closest we'll get to a confession that her YT channel is demonetized. She ruined her YT platform with the heroin but the drama won't disappear just because she gets on twitch.

No. 810972

she has that many gaming platforms yet does she even play video games? she has only ever mentioned animal crossing before. damn, rich people are wild

No. 810975

>How can she afford pet care?

yea she can't. She doesn't have the time, money or desire to give her pets proper care. She's bored as hell and that's obvious, she's branching out into gaming cause it's easy dopamine and more interesting to her than her pets.

Her streaming career will crash and burn. It's her running away from her problems on YT, thinking it'll all go away if she starts over somewhere else.

No. 810976

I know, I meant to point out she doesn't even bother to keep up with her lies anymore or too high to do so

No. 810982

Why the fuck does she own all this shit when it probably sits there gathering dust. If Jen was a good parent she would have not given Taylor any gifts this year. But shes not.

No. 810983

Watch her claim money is tight after years of drugs and all these expensive, unnecessary toys lol

She won't use them to do her actual job…. if you can even call it her job after not working a day at it for a year. I'm sure she's wanted all of them for over! two!! years!!! though kek

No. 810991

I know it's been said a million times but I'm constantly surprised at her constant pathlogical lying. She literally is unable to ever make a comment on anything without overhearing and adding in details and backtracking on what she's talking about. Firstly it was I've asked for this for Christmas, then it was - I'm getting myself it for Christmas- my family and I are going half on it - they're only making a small contribution - they are actually only covering my cats food. So actually, your new gaming equipment has nothing to do with them. They are buying your cats food for a month as your Christmas present. What you choose to do with that extra money is then up to you and it's your money. Not from them. Jeez man.

No. 811025

Best case she got Jen to cover cat food so she can make one piece of content and hope for a business expense write off, getting into streaming without any interests is reflectively not interesting, our girl can't even do tiko tok without "planning videos for months"

No. 811027

Why is she all of a sudden ashamed she's living on her family's dime? She lives with them (uses their water/heat/electric), eats their food, has jenn drive her everywhere (im sure doesn't chip in for gas) but gifts on Christmas are "uwu i would never mooch like that off my parents". I guess she realizes how bad it looks that 9 months ago she was flexing about how spending "$700 dollars is like $20 to her" on shitty dolls kill clothes.

Id love to see her stream though kek.

No. 811039


Her pathological lying over absolutely fucking every aspect of her life, including insignificant retarded shit that no one would think twice about if she didn’t make a big deal of it ergo making her inconsistencies obvious, never fails to crack me up. I can’t wait to see what excuses she dishes up on the 31st.

>my cats are sick of sharing one single litter box so they peed on all four of my computers and now none of them work so I can’t upload my video

No. 811043

File: 1608996104711.png (1.33 MB, 1439x1648, Capture _2020-12-26-10-21-14.p…)

Merry Christmas from the Deans!

No. 811049

biding her time until Taylor dies under her roof. than she can have all the pity & the extra room for activities

No. 811055

This is so cringy, she's dumb enough to fall for the YT lifestyle FOMO videos. All that bullshit is obviously fake anyhow.

>"Uwu look at how nice and wonderful MY Christmas is"

If you couldn't already tell she was a narcissist this just proves it more. She looks up to the "perfect family" stereotype and feels cheated cause she made a junkie daughter and disabled son.

Mama dean is living in a hell she created and all she can do is bitch and moan to randos.

No. 811068

Just out of curiosity who thinks Taylor will post in 5 days like she promised ?

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she will post, but it will have nothing to do with her animals like her audience has been demanding. I’m guessing the video will be about her health or drug addiction. What I think she should do to please her fans is a all my pets video, but I highly doubt that

No. 811069

Christ woman, cut your daughter off already.

No. 811070

That could have been you, Jen, if you'd actually parented your daughter instead of molly-coddling her and not teaching her how to be a responsible, mature, self-sufficient adult. You made your bed.

No. 811071

literally me and probably the rest of lolcow thinking about our own parents

No. 811073

In answer to your unsaged question, I am 100% confident there will be no video. She hasn't even begun filming a video. She's been fucking right off, doing meth and rambling like a psycho. And she's about to crash, just in time for the "video" to be "released." It's such a predictable pattern. Her crash will be due to the drugs, and the imaginary pressure she's placed on herself by promising to make one lousy little video within a time frame. She just can't handle it. But she'll blame the haters – or her technology – or her fake illness – or some other excuse.

No. 811076

Not to mention that every time she actually films she spends a day posting her outfit because it's probably the first time in weeks she's gotten out of her pyjamas.

No. 811105

File: 1609051616549.jpeg (874.97 KB, 1125x1570, 6F8CD5FB-7EB6-4BA6-8282-CB7FFE…)

lmfaooo i was thinking the same thing as this person… she wishes she had a scene phase so bad, it's cringe and weird

No. 811153

Yeah, Taylor will be disappearing until well after the 31st. She's not even going to bother pretending this time. Her streaming tweet was to test the waters and it was not received well.

No. 811224

I, for one am hoping there will be a video. Even if it’s half assed. Lol. Otherwise, how is she gonna come back from this one…