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File: 1580531178487.png (694.65 KB, 818x616, 1579651596728.png)

No. 754389

Previous thread >>748569

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>745355

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
> Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes - old accounts of hers have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Tay and Elijah Daniel swat Jonny during a Twitch stream over a (false) gun threat (lots of links for this one) >>746153 >>746158 >>746171 >>746179 >>746186 >>746192 >>746195 >>746200 >>746203 >>746216 >>746242 >>746250 >>746374 and Elijah’s involvement >>746381 >>746394 >>748190 >>748192
>Jonny’s teasing a tell-all podcast appearance >>745872 >>748145
>Claims Jonny took $140k >>748227
>Girls night out featuring ‘impulsive shots’ mixed with her Subs >>747854 >>747970
>Jonny pictures finally deleted >>747349
>Still stuck on Subuxone >>747115
>Bad hair decisions incoming >>747094
>After the Keemstar incident, money is thrown at some koalas >>746893 >>746911 >>746978
>Keemstar and Tay fall out when he uses a twitter account’s clips in a video about Jonny >>746845 >>746851
>New, expensive anemone is acquired as an ‘investment’ >>746797
>The gifted calfskin bag is still around >>746710
>Taylor claims an OD story >>745997 repeats rape and assault claims >>746007 and adds a suicide story to the mix >>746873 >>746876 in total >>747148
>Taylor sends Jonny a forgiving email, which she then publishes to get ahead of him revealing its contents >>745882
>Elijah Daniel joins with Tay to attack Jonny >>745867 >>745945 together they try to get Jonny banned from Twitch >>745947 >>746634 but instead he gets a partnership >>746082
>Heroin origin story changes again, this time Jonny pressured her into it over several hours >>745727
>Nope she’s not leaving Jonny behind in 2019 (too many posts in thread to cite) >>745659 >>745673 >>745699
>7 months sober from heroin >>745528
>She’s happier than ever before! according to Jen >>745485
>Implications of legal action continue >>745383
>Star is losing weight >>745371
>’Mystery romance’ has fully evaporated since NYE
>Vice video was released and people talked negatively about her in the comments >>750592
>Taylor continues to skinwalk Syd, copying her piercings
>New boyfriend revealed @forestdavis57
>Got fingers tattooed to distract from track marks/bruises seen on hand
>Still balding >>750635

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: -

> Recent Known Deaths: –
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: -

Unconfirmed Milk:
>Jonny claims the cats killed some snakes >>745878
>and claims he took care of animals for days at a time >>745880

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 754395

File: 1580531991173.png (2.09 MB, 1242x2208, E901A7AB-8ED2-4598-9E06-A1D2F1…)

No. 754397

File: 1580532179003.png (875.21 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20200201-052111.png)

somehow he feels like a downgrade even from the fuckwads she was with before

No. 754399

File: 1580532443264.png (296.92 KB, 1073x944, Screenshot_20200201-064554.png)

sure you do lmao.
>moooommm go look after my animals I can't get out of bed because of muh EDS

No. 754400

File: 1580532588257.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20200201-064929.png)

I love the fact that every time she takes a mirror selfie there's 'feet' written on this idiot's fingers.

No. 754403

File: 1580532920486.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1125x1935, EF47A94D-73CE-4882-8262-D2A230…)

No. 754404

File: 1580532951420.jpeg (752.8 KB, 1936x1452, F251D65C-9B90-4726-9A55-B2F94E…)

No. 754405

Is… is it possible that his face tattoos are worse than Jonny's? Actually no, let's not compare. They're face tattoos, what am I thinking.

I lol'd. I thought she just needed a reminder of her birthdate but feet is better.

No. 754408

File: 1580534942149.png (106.68 KB, 500x500, AD1F2184-72DF-4A5F-BE59-551156…)

Honestly I think his face tattoos are worse only because he looks like pic related

No. 754410

File: 1580535273672.jpeg (233.88 KB, 1125x969, 83D527B4-604C-4927-B9E6-3E3AB3…)

There’s the magic number 2 again… yet she’s NEVER mentioned getting hand tattoos lol

Would a tattoo artist actually refuse to tattoo someone’s hands? What she says makes logical sense, but reality and money are another thing.

No. 754411

YES, exactly! Jonny has that weird red shit that's almost an attempt at some beard-like thing, but this guy's is so THICK. His middle schooler stache isn't helping his case either.

Also, tinfoil, but anyone notice Jonny has his birth year on his face and now Taylor has hers on her hand? Probably reaching.

No. 754412

Sage for non milk but a lot of artists won't do hand tattoos if you don't have any other visible tattoos, as they're serious job stoppers.

There's even some studios that won't do them if you're below a certain age for the same reason, and to stop you picking something retarded like your date of birth to be on your fingers for life

No. 754419

File: 1580536845588.jpg (481.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200130-171933_Ins…)

No. 754420

File: 1580536885561.jpg (372.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200130-171956_Ins…)

No. 754421

File: 1580536908521.jpg (569.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200130-175951_Ins…)

No. 754422

File: 1580536937625.jpg (671.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200130-182244_Twi…)

No. 754423

File: 1580537271589.jpeg (440.4 KB, 2048x2048, 84F9F994-1209-44DE-BECA-058477…)

oh taylor…reaching new levels of skinwalk cringe every day

No. 754425

Blog but hopefully it'll pass to fact check this bitch. Trying to seem like a hardass. " i had enougj tattoos to get them" cause shes always gotta say how special she is. My first tatt was hand. And my bf got both his hands when he only has one other tatt. Lol poser

No. 754426

And by different artists. Most artists will definetly tattoo hands. I've heard what she says about face tattoos though. They arent strict bout hands and neck

No. 754432

He has the mustache of a 14 year old edgelord

No. 754433


I'm surprised no one has commented that were back with the number 2. She loves 2 so much she should have gotten that tatted. Everything is always 2 years, 2 months…etc with her. I'm not buying it anymore

No. 754434

File: 1580539968520.jpg (652.23 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200131-225324.jpg)

Getting ready to become completely bald

No. 754435

File: 1580540058217.jpg (520 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200131-225456.jpg)

Your cats wouldn't get stuck if you actually took care of them and cut their claws.

No. 754440

She looks so much better as a blonde, brown hair just makes her look older. She needs to bleach it again ASAP for her own good

No. 754443

Because holding a snake when you have a fresh hand tattoo is definitely a good idea.

No. 754444

File: 1580541976865.jpeg (319.18 KB, 1242x2192, AA7E86B0-C4EE-4B02-BE23-19701F…)

No. 754446

File: 1580542079419.png (3.33 MB, 1242x2688, 1CFFBA86-B7AA-47FB-9A11-DCB5FC…)

From yesterday

No. 754447

File: 1580542120974.png (7.75 MB, 1242x2688, 05041220-7024-4AA6-81D2-E46B50…)

Yesterday as well. Just thought I’d share because of those pupils.

No. 754448

File: 1580542177238.jpeg (86.16 KB, 1010x703, 80A78F90-B467-4CE8-BF46-34B073…)

This is sanitary (lol)

No. 754449

She definitely did it on purpose

No. 754452

Does she really think anyone buys that Johnny would immediately start terrorizing her phone number? She's leaning way more towards the crazy ex than him considering the whole police incident.

No. 754454

>>754419 I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner to be honest. A very low amount
of infections compared to the amount of body mods.

No. 754457


That poor hedgehog looks a little rough. Wonder if that's the one that got mange.

No. 754464

Never thought I'd say this, but he's definitely worse looking than Jonny. This guy is insanely ugly… great match for Tay's personality.

No. 754466

Something about Taylor makes it painful to track her; it's just one bad decision after another in quick succession, and occasionally she begins to approach some form of self-awareness but ultimately makes up a stupid excuse for her own stupid behavior and/or blames her problems on something beyond her control.
Relationships aren't a zero-sum game; both people can be "crazy". Johnny has a long and documented history of being a complete POS with a history of harassing his exes so it's weird that you'd assume that nobody would even suspect that he would blow up her phone given his history, though she didn't even mention what she thought would happen if she called her so that was a moot point to begin with.

No. 754485

I guess my confusion at face tats becoming popular means I am now officially old.

No. 754487

oh my god, she looks so methed out

No. 754489

File: 1580560591116.jpeg (227.96 KB, 750x1208, 5BBBDD67-BC67-488B-9679-3C8742…)

In the replies, she names where she got the piercings (Dandyland in SA). I find it very strange it got so bad, since you should be cleaning new piercings multiple times a day.

No. 754493

>>754489 I did wonder if she was going to blame it on someone/something else, but it's on her for not researching the studio if nothing else. You don't just impulsively get cartilage piercings.
Still, I'm impressed she managed to fuck it up in just over a week. Bets on her ranting about how she did everything right and the hospital was so impressed by her care?

No. 754504

File: 1580566018266.jpeg (448.14 KB, 750x1294, 72AEEE54-1DE1-4CE5-A436-804CEC…)

correct me if i’m wrong but why does taylor keep trying to engage chelsea when she hasn’t responded to one of taylor’s tweets since like, september? fucking embarrassing.

also really fucking weird to post this publicly instead of just texting her. what’s wrong with you taylor? not everything has to be public jfc. especially when you know some of your braindead fans harassed the shit out of this poor woman when you were still defending and dating your precious rapist ex.

No. 754505


She was willingly in contact with him trying to patch things up until the pregnancy was announced, so? Does she think people just forget these things?

No. 754508

Except Taylor has no concept of “work”. Lol. She seems to find enough time to go to clubs. Her situation is NOTHING like Chelsea’s! Dumb C U Next Tuesday!

No. 754510

this is such a fucking lie. she has an iphone and i do too, just tested this and no. you have to EXPLICITLY click the call button in order to call them. the only thing being an emergency contact really changes is that they can get thru do not disturb.

No. 754514

>Relationships aren't a zero-sum game; both people can be "crazy".

I do think it is kind of funny how even though he is a horrible, horrible person he is making her crazy(er) simply by taking the ~high road~ and ignoring her crazy obsessed ass.

Rebound guy is a huge OOF though. For God's sake Taylor: think about your life; think about your choices.

No. 754519

File: 1580569947969.png (205.92 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20200201-171258.png)

No. 754522

Yea hard pass…

He looks like the quiet fat kid in middle school who didn't have any friends.

No. 754524

God dammit it’s so annoying that she says yo at all let alone constantly.

No. 754525

That piercing makes me immediately notice his lips aren’t directly under is nose and are a little to his left

No. 754528

Lmao he took out a nose ring and doesn't match Taylor anymore

No. 754529

Tbh I have that piercing, the post in the picture is nowhere near long enough, and cleaning, ime means not wiggling the piercing, just spraying with that saline solution with the nozzle that goes up your nose.

I dont think she's clean and has a fucking hedgehog hog who regularly poops then runs through it on her fresh tattoo, but still. He piercer didn't provide anywhere near a long enough post to heal with.

No. 754531

Tinfoil: Taylor is getting all these trashy tattoos and all these impulsive piercings because she is playing on her parents heart strings.
>> Taylor: I’m just going to get all these tattoos and piercings you don’t approve of so I can’t get an actual job in the future, then you’ll have no other choice but to enable my insufferable life.

I truly believe she is setting herself up so she doesn’t actually have to work in the future. I know a lot of anons don’t think she’s smart enough to scheme like this but she’s manipulative af. She’ll do anything at this point to just sit on her lazy ass abusing anything and everything she can.

No. 754532

that could’ve been avoided if she took 10 minutes to do a bit of research on what the ideal situation for that piercing would look like, instead of impulsively getting 2 or 3 all at once that she obviously didn’t even bother to think twice about. even teenagers on youtube piercing themselves in their bedrooms know to make sure to get a long post for swelling.

No. 754534

Knowing Taylor, the piercer probably advised her to get a different earring, but she chose the pretty 5-pronger anyways. Even though she has EDS and should probably be extra careful stabbing new holes in her body.

No. 754536

Lol, this bitch is a fucking stalker. Thank goodness she doesn’t have that gun anymore because I can actually see her making a trip to LA. She is so out of her mind crazy and jealous that there is a baby on the way and JC doesn’t want her back.

No. 754537

Tinfoil she got all these piercings to set the stage for this scenario, but inb4 her doctor offered her painkillers and oops…relapse. How convenient she was going to the trauma center anyway

No. 754546

>>754534 You're typically pierced with a stud that allows for swelling, changing it 6-12 months later, to prevent it from doing this.

Tinfoil, did she just ram in her own stud and fuck it up? Knowing how much she loves instant gratification I wouldn't be surprised, she can't show off with boring earrings. And seeing as the studio doesn't seem to sell that earring, I doubt she was pierced with it.

No. 754549


Earrings aren't stuck with one stud ever. Piercing studios usually have a ton of studs to fit the decorative post into. I've had 3 or 4 sizes for my same post in this same spot.
She was also in the studio when she took the picture. Honestly the studio fucked up here, she didn't ram a new one in, it'd have been super swollen and bloody if she had.
Honestly yall are making this out to be more than a bad studio giving the wrong size stud. She enough of an idiot without us giving her the credit of harming herself or replacing her earring herself. That's beyond her.

No. 754554

is one of her nose piercings missing as well?

No. 754556

File: 1580578632327.png (31.28 KB, 737x187, Annotation 2020-02-01 123701.p…)

I suggest at least washing your ass and hair once and a while, then you wouldn't need a lizard to do that

No. 754563

I know this is just an attention whore tweet, but still c'mon. Like bitch you've had to rehome so many animals due to neglect and hoarding you shouldn't even be joking about adopting more pets. Or acting like you've ever adopted any of your pets when you exclusively frequent chain pet stores, Craigslist backyard mills, unscrupulous designer breeders, and any avenue for wild caught specimens. Fuck that. And need I point out persistent lack of self awareness and general tone deafness about getting a "big ass lizard"? Because impulsively buying that monitor you misidentified and had no clue how to take care of worked out so well for you the last time lmao. Poor arboreal Kronos couldn't climb, was stuffed in an dismal excuse for a cage (lacking enrichment and enough space), and God knows what else. Pretty sure his diet was shit and Taylor was terrified of him too. It's no wonder that pathetic husbandry resulted in him looking so sickly and depressed. But what else could we expect from someone so self-absorbed, incompetent, and feckless? Literally she's so stupid she thinks an ectotherm would be a good option for providing her "warmth". I'm losing brain cells just reading her rambling, narcissistic delusions and failed attempts at humor.

No. 754564

File: 1580581155234.jpg (682.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200201-131942_Ins…)

No. 754565


Ggggggggod. Everything she posts up could just be cut down to one sentence. I read the whole thing in case there was some milk but no. Just her bleating about herself for a coupe of hundred words like she always does.

No. 754566

There’s those 2 years again. Bitch, you haven’t had your shit together for longer than that

No. 754567

why did she just copied Chelsea's tweet and just reword it to fit herself? JFC.

Even if she went to a cheap ass place, hell.. even do it herself, she wouldn't have to deal with this if she knew how to take care of herself and know proper hygiene. She's a greasy mess with >>754448 evidence that she doesn't care about her fresh scars/wounds. She's absolutely gross.

No. 754568

No. 754574

This is random but does anyone have that livestream mama Dean did when Taylor was refusing to see her at the beginning of the relationship? I vividly remember how she talked about Taylor desperately trying to get with Post Malone and how she talked about wanting the experience of being with Jonny. It'd be interesting to hear that again, since everything she said about Taylor's shitty relationship with Jonny turned out to be true…

No. 754575

File: 1580584620222.jpg (514.83 KB, 1068x1899, 20200201_141627.jpg)

Except don't most antidepressants take at least 1-3 weeks to start working?

No. 754576

Yeah and they don't tend to work well when you have no schedule and abuse other drugs. Depression meds sure feel great when you can pop em after 2 or 3 subs…

No. 754577

Changing the stud immediately after being pierced is super difficult, but theres no way a professional piercer would put a stud in that's way too small.

No. 754578


Also once you start taking them most depression meds will give you acute withdrawals if you don't take them every day as prescribed.

No. 754581

Pharmfagging: but yes, typically antidepressants take 4-6 weeks to see noticeable improvement in mood. No one is going to see a difference after 3 days and that’s why adherence and patience is stressed to patients when they first start taking antidepressants. But Taylor is speshcial and she’s ALWAYS the exception to science (she should donate herself to science because then the world would learn about her special kind of heroin addiction and chronic diseases).

You’re never supposed to abruptly stop taking antidepressants without being tapered. The exception to that rule is Prozac due to its long half life.

No. 754593

File: 1580591600891.jpg (760.62 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200202-080636_Ins…)

Saged for no milk but interesting Syd took the hearts away next to Jonnys name

No. 754596

Mine took 2 months. Weeks would be so fast and helpful for anti-depression meds

No. 754600

File: 1580593833097.jpg (945.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200201-135111.jpg)

No. 754601

File: 1580593891802.jpg (395.56 KB, 1242x1644, EPtsas9WkAESkDy.jpg)

That hair

No. 754603


Oh boy. Sounds like someone's having a tantrum at mommy.

No. 754604

this sounds SO much like a jen tweet lol.

No. 754605

File: 1580594983290.png (74.5 KB, 741x543, Capture123.PNG)

here's mama dean's reply, in case you didn't lose enough brain cells already

No. 754608

This dumb girl really doesn’t know how to be by herself huh? She must of annoyed tf out of Jonny with her constant ~hug and spoon me~ bullshit. He doesn’t strike me as an affectionate kind of guy and doesn’t seem like he’d put up with a whiny needy bitch unless there was something in it for him… hmmm lol.

I just can’t stand girls who act like their whole world is ending because they aren’t being ~cuddled~ as if that’s the most important thing of being in a relationship to begin with.

No. 754609

Didn't she say she wanted to keep one arm clear of tattoos? Like, in the past couple months since finishing her sleeve? Next it's gonna be "I've wanted this tattoo for two years!!!" when there's proof of her saying the exact opposite

No. 754611

LOL! Omg, Jen is getting tired of Taylor’s shit and it shows. Too bad Jen’s parenting is limited to making passive aggressive tweets

No. 754614

I'm kind of here for Jen though, it's good entertainment and I imagine quite embarrassing for Taylor. I imagine her posting this for male attention and instead she gets her mom commenting and reminding her how dumb she is lol.

No. 754616

I've also been wondering how her hot temper to negative tweets translate into real life. She had the upper hand on Jonny because she was his sugar momma which I'll bet made her even more infuriated when ANYTHING didn't go her way. We know she walks all over her family but I've always wondered in a relationship what outweighs the other - the need to feel loved or the need to be an overbearing bitch? I want Jonny to spill the tea so bad. We know how shit he is, and it's always rinse and repeat with every girl but we don't know the full extent to Taylor's abusiveness.

No. 754617

the "get a blanket" made me laugh, but yeah Jen is clearly being passive aggressive here. Telling her daughter to shut up and stop trying to get male attention on the internet. Probably because she also doesn't like Taylor joking about adding more pets to the hoard, since it'll be Jen who ends up taking care of it while Taylor is busy sleeping off her latest crash from the drugs she does while out with her new brodick.

No. 754618

File: 1580599110215.jpg (674.37 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200201-151908.jpg)

Lol wtf

No. 754622

She knows Taylor isn't above skinwalking a pregnancy

No. 754623

File: 1580600396931.png (60.92 KB, 745x582, Capture123.PNG)

she's such a dumb boomer.

No. 754624

She is a genuine lunatic

No. 754633

Very good point anon! I’m sure she wore the pants in that relationship at least 80% of the time. Her leverage was the money of course. I’m sure she always threatened not to buy the heroin if he didn’t do what she wanted. I’m sure it was easy to make him oblige rather than arguing with her.

The only time the scum bag seemed to ever speak up is if his personal image was being dragged through the mud. The rest of the time it seemed like Taylor had to fend for herself.

I’ve personally met Jonny before and he has a big attitude problem, plus we’ve all read the way he verbally abuses people over the internet, so I’m sure the same could be the same about him being abusive.
I’m sure they both treated each other shitty. I’m sure when Jonny had a bad drug day, she’d take advantage of treating him like dirt and when she’d have a bad day, he’d do the same. Remember when he posted that picture of her looking like a whole mess while she was sleeping her heroin binge off? Even anons pointed out how he was subtly exposing her. Their relationship was toxic af and Taylor continues to thrive off that toxicity even after their relationship has ended. I think she finally realized that no one cared for more than a few days that she was abused by Jonny.

No. 754634

File: 1580604346449.png (2.76 MB, 1125x2436, 6CCE25AF-4B8F-4009-B1F2-29C19C…)

aaaand the pinned "7th month sober" tweet is deleted.

No. 754650

not saged, and no one cares

No. 754651

aw did someone stumble across the female dating strategy thread?

No. 754655

She cant wait to hide her shootin arm with ugly ink. Where's that blonde photoshop thot with the crazy brows when you need her? These two cows would make excellent friends for 5 mins and even better enemies immediately after

No. 754671


It can only be considered ‘ruined’ because you pick the shittiest quality of artwork and shoddy tattoo artists on top of it. But please keep on because the funniest stuff is when she posts her tattoos genuinely thinking they look good. KEK

No. 754698

File: 1580623521801.jpg (517.35 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200201-220604.jpg)

It never existed

No. 754702


why would any 20something adult woman take her public profile photo half-naked in a see-through bra? this is the profile pic of a sex worker, not a self-proclaimed "counselor" or abuse/mental health/animal advocate with a child audience

absolute trash

No. 754703

the attention about her "poor me I'm a victim" video is waning, so she needs to stir up some more drama for sympathy.

No. 754704


aka "Jonny hasn't been giving me attention anymore, gotta try to get a rise out of him."

No. 754706


her deliberately calling his phone didn't work, so she feels spurned and is acting out

she was worried they would out her for calling him so she outed herself and rewrote the narrative "omg i accident….sooo scared he's gonna harass me now!!!"

she's certifiably crazy.

No. 754709


"I dropped it when I almost went back to him bc I thought he'd be hurt.."

This bitch is so stupid.

No. 754712

“He’s an abuser who ruined my life but I was worried about his feelings even though he won’t acknowledge my lame attempts to reach out to him so instead I will do it via a restraining order”
Let’s hope her judge isn’t dumb enough to see through her bs. I’ve filed a restraining order before, once it’s served, both parties are required to attend a court hearing together; obviously, Jonny isn’t stalking her, she has absolutely no reason to file, she just wants an excuse to see him.

No. 754723

when I filed my protective from abuse order, I had to stand in front of a judge and explain what was happening and then the papers got served. This wasn’t in Texas, but if it’s the same, then the judge might not let the papers get served considering that Jonny hasn’t talked about her or threatened her or contacted her. Why file a protective order against somebody who’s not bothering you?

No. 754729

Funny How Johnny can get a restraining order much easier than Taylor probably could there’s so much evidence of Taylor harassing them online

No. 754733

File: 1580628607735.jpg (829.27 KB, 1536x1785, Screenshot_20200202-082841.jpg)

No. 754734

Exactly. It is MUCH harder to get a restraining order than people think. She has zero recent evidence of harassment, if any at all, and even if it went to court the whole thing would get thrown out based on her behavior over the last year.

No. 754735

File: 1580628656696.jpg (646.93 KB, 1536x1393, Screenshot_20200202-082733.jpg)

No. 754736

File: 1580628702183.jpg (437.95 KB, 1536x929, Screenshot_20200202-082539.jpg)

No. 754737

File: 1580628814413.jpg (253.92 KB, 1536x520, Screenshot_20200202-083336.jpg)

No. 754738

File: 1580628841453.jpg (309.49 KB, 1536x616, Screenshot_20200202-083408.jpg)

No. 754739

huh? she was going to let him die tho lmao

No. 754740

File: 1580629460667.jpg (633.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200202-184239_Twi…)

So Jonny was talking a little about her which I guess is why she's gone off and 'refiling a restraining order'. Both things he said here aren't even a lie so how does that hold up in court if she's just trying to stop him talking shit. He's no physical threat to her anymore

No. 754749


Hello judge, I'd like to file a restraining order against my ex. No, he hasn't tried to contact me…. in fact, he refused to let me back in when I tried countless times to get back with him. And he had the audacity to go get another girl pregnant JUST TO HURT ME! I'm so afraid he's going to contact me that I can't stop tweeting him and calling his phone and talking about him obsessively! WHY WON'T HE RESPOND TO ME? GIVE ME THE RESTRAINING ORDER IMMEDIATELY I'M SO SCARED!!!!

No. 754753

Can't believe Jonny has more grounds than her now for a protective order lol

No. 754763

File: 1580642150625.jpeg (279.06 KB, 1242x1066, 7FABD0B2-2F9C-4C88-A25A-314C31…)

No. 754775

Yikes. I can't wait for the 50 hour twitter sperg she'll haul herself into when she hears she's not getting a restraining order against Jonny. He's not harassing her online or in person, he's not repeatedly trying to contact her, he's not showing up to her house… Literally nothing. Wtf is she thinking. He has moved on and is having a baby with another woman, minding his business. Taylors huge yet fragile ego just can't take that.

No. 754777

Criminal justice anon… Restraining orders and orders of protection are 2 different things. Restraining orders are ordered in civil court, and there is no criminal penalty if someone acts against it. You get to sue someone if they violate the order. Orders of protection are criminal. You file, the recipient is served a temporary order and it is in effect bthen and there. THEN you have a court hearing, where both parties have to attend, and you get your chance to convince a judge you need the PO long term. Usually 2 years and it can be taken off the recipients record if they don't violate the order during that time. When a PO is in effect NEITHER party can contact the other, it isn't a one way street. There are serious legal repercussions, even on the petitioner, if the PO is violated. So… If Taylor is filing a restraining order it's nothing more than a legal tantrum for her and a non event for him as he is already ignoring her. If Taylor is getting a PO filed then she also has to abide by it and judges are not kind to petitioners who break them. Even for an "accidental" call. Based on what I see… She is far more likely to come out badly then he is. She's shooting herself in the foot over pride. She really is so stupid(lawfagging)

No. 754780

lol, suuuure. also: quads!

the quick and easy answer is that taylor lives in a dreamworld where she's stunningly beautiful, everyone cares what she has to say and wants to be her bff or fuck her. the truth is slightly different.

whichever anon said she's getting these tats so she won't be able to find work, spot on. she is that manipulative.

No. 754781

and she has the audacity to cry on twitter how JC almost let her overdose. fuck her, she's genuinely a piece of shit.

No. 754782

Restraining order for what, exactly?

No. 754783

people are allowed to say and do pretty much whatever they want here in the US so i sure hope she has some evidence. hurt feels aren't going to cut it.

No. 754784

as soon as she reads this she’s going to go for the PO as an excuse to see JC

No. 754787


Theory: She isn't going to do shit (and nor does she have any legal grounds to do shut. JC has a LOT more grounds at this time to get a restraining order or even a PO than she does). She just wants to appear brave and strong to her tweenie fans.

No. 754788

Taylor is being such a fucking baby.

>wahh! Men are such abusive assholes, they are evil and just want to abuse and degrade women.

Ummm, maybe it's because you only date abusive-drugaddicted-assholes? I feel like she's gonna suddenly go bi because all men are mean. Keep your fucking clam-wrapper on and stop hoping on dicks.

Nobody likes fucking whiners, take some responsibility for your shitty choices, then learn to forgive yourself.

Yea then she'll bitch and moan about not being able to EXPRESS HERSELF.

Like seriously Taylor fuck off. Your not unique or special in the slightest, 40% of millennials have tattoos. The only person she cares about is herself, she needs to have her animals rehomed in rehab.

No. 754789

>I feel like she's gonna suddenly go bi
she already claims that she's bi. until a woman actually hits on her, that is.

No. 754790


Oh be fair. She'll go bi as soon as a woman who is also a thirtysomething, drug addicted, face-tattooed loser who reminds her of her dad hits on her.

She's got a type.

No. 754793

She is definitely not bi, she told us all how she cried and cried when they threatened to have her go live in an all-woman sober home because she couldn't stay away from the dicks and getting other patients distracted.

No. 754795

this, and when she was absolutely outraged when a woman hit on her in a nightclub. she's saying it to get extra asspats from the lgbt crowd.

No. 754796

Don't forget when that Bree girl put her arm around her and Taylor cried sexual assault.

No. 754797

This puts into perspective exactly how Taylor fucked over his other victims.
Whenever someone would try to drag him before, he would straight up lie about it. In this screenshot, he's not even wrong.
Taylor's version of her "abuse" was him not cuddling her enough.
There also has been no attempt from him to reach out to her, she does that to him. If anything he needs a restraining order against her so this whole mess will stop already. I'd actually encourage that plus an NDA because girl needs fucking mental help. She thought coming out with a video would somehow finish him off and she made everything worse.
And now that people see he is actually telling the truth with things like this and that he did not force drugs on her, people are going to think, well, what if this means the other girls ARE lying and crazy as well?
Way to go, Taylor

No. 754798


Taylor acts like she's entitled to the richest, most famous, successful people.

She looks like she smells horrid, her breath probably reeks and her hair is a always a greasy mess. Not surprising the only people she attracts are druggie trash.

She's just not willing to work hard at all. I can't wait till her YT "career" finishes dying.

The same girl who cries men are evil dated Jonny craig, a known rapist, suspected pedophile, abuser, dead-beat dad, thief, scammer, user and allround asshat. Not only that but she tried to GET BACK with him after her bro-dick saga. I fucking can't with this ho.

No. 754804

Didn't she vilify Johnny for doing just this?

No. 754807

In my experience, both parties don’t HAVE to attend. I wasn’t in Texas though for my hearing. If the defendant doesn’t show up, you pretty much just get the order granted BUT it doesn’t mean that the defendant is guilty necessarily. If Jonny is nowhere near Texas, he might not bother showing up, and Taylor would get it granted. However, that’s only if Jonny actually gets served, and it’s doubtful he will considering she’s harassing him way more than he’s harassing her.

No. 754809

Taylor is just Narc power tripping, she never filed a restraining order in the first place. She won't this time either.

She wanted to get back with jonny and now that syd is preggers she knows it's over. Taylor is just hurt and lashing out because she's alone and scared. All this macho, I don't need no man, i'm a tatted up badass is just bargaining and denial. She doesn't want to deal with her hoard, her career or her family. All she wants to do is shoot up and get high but she can't.

The second she finds a better bro-dick she'll be UwU, my life is SOOOO much better guiz. Relapse rinse and repeat.

The cycle will just repeat till she learns to change her unhealthy behaviors.

No. 754811

She also hurt the chances of Jonny's actual rape victims being believed by claiming she was raped as well. Once it comes out that Taylor was lying about Jonny sexually assaulting her people are going to paint the rest of his victims as liars too.

No. 754821

She’s def high in these tweets, peaking on her high

No. 754836

Oh 100% this is a narc power trip. In her original video about her rehab stay video, you can see where she cut out where she held up "air quotes" as she smiled smugly about figuring out a way to get out of rehab, twice, so she could get that protective/restraining order.
She never had one and shes not gonna get one. Im not sure why she's even saying this now, when shes the one calling him at 2am.

No. 754837

Texas anon here. Ex beat me up with ectensive injuries and wouldnt stop contacting me i still wasnt granted an order of protection because i had no proof he caused the injuries and no text messages of threats. I had to pay 150 to get a restraining order which was civil. He contacted me and was given a warning. No consequences. Good luck taylor he doesn't even want to talk to you.(no1curr)

No. 754855

File: 1580681683995.jpeg (361.95 KB, 1242x1165, 594EE75A-346A-4C86-B49E-6FB8D8…)


No. 754859

lmfao!! that's hilarious and true

No. 754874

Good to know how it works in Texas, anon.

No. 754883

File: 1580688053272.jpg (232.4 KB, 1536x580, Screenshot_20200203-005937.jpg)

No. 754884

What I find hilarious is that he didn’t even mention her by name and gave one to two word answers to both of the tweets.

And why even tell the internet that you “accidentally” called your abusive ex whom you state you’re in the middle of a legal battle with? Stop trying to contact him you insufferable twat.

And tbh, since she isn’t even mentioned by name here, how can she even prove in court that he’s talking about her?
>>Taylor: Judge, he is talking about me because I’m an ex heroin addict animal eDuCATurrR that’s hoarding 20+ animals in my childhood room.
Obviously he is talking about her but like how can she prove that in court? Like he literally could be talking about any ex or ex hookup.

No. 754895

Kek. Ok. I'm "privileged" because I'm a responsible, creative human being who can manage to figure out who to have fun with people without using drugs or being drunk off my ass. That's the funniest think I've read in a while. So Taylor how stupid are you that you literally cannot think of anything to do in a social setting that doesn't include putting mind-altering substances in your body? How dull is your personality that you need to do that? Kek.

No. 754896

I hope if she goes though with the order (doubtful) he spills the milk on animal deaths.

Jonny knows she isn't sober, they've obviously been in contact during and after rehab. She's been scheming to get back together with him, the MCR was just a huge false front.

Regarding the animal deaths, Jonny has the power to screw her over and that probably scares her. He's probably just holding it as blackmail in-case she pulls some stupid shit on his career, or he'll probably end up spilling at some point, sounds like he's getting close to talking about it.

Taylor is slimy as hell (no pun intended) I don't see how anyone can believe a single word she says anymore.

No. 754907

Sweaty instead of sweetie really drives the point home /s

No. 754917

It’s been five weeks since she’s posted a video on YouTube. So much for that weekly schedule.

No. 754921

I'm under no illusion that JC isn't a crazy piece of shit, but it's Taylor who's looked worse and worse after she came out with their relationship story. She makes it clear that she was abusive as well. She had a right to tell the story, but she's been at it for weeks. It's getting creepier by the day.
JC has a grim history but my whole point was I can't really see why she has any reason to fear him. First she freaks out over calling him on accident and now she wants a restraining order? Why? He's been fairly toned down lately considering she talks about him 24/7. I'm actually slightly impressed. Unless there's something we don't know ofc.

No. 754922

But anon, don’t you understand? Her MeNtAl HeAlTh has been at stake lately and she needed time to heeeeaaaallll.

No. 754924

File: 1580701291050.jpg (205.8 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200202-194030.jpg)

Unrelated but lmao

No. 754927

File: 1580701707219.png (90.98 KB, 744x683, Capture123.PNG)

jen is a fucking lunatic.

No. 754929

You and I both know that the only reason she hasnt posted is because of the 2 stalKeRz n HaTerz that are sOoOo obsessed with her.

No. 754930

File: 1580702175270.png (236.01 KB, 421x466, Capture123.PNG)

damn jen you're such a prude but suddenly want to start grinding your fat ass on a pole? lmao

No. 754932

It feels like she’s been at it for longer than that. Not gonna lie, when I first found her threads it took me way too long to figure out she was a pet youtuber because her ex and her addiction are literally all she talks about.

No. 754935

Jen's not a lunatic, she's finally coming around to the fact that she's been enabling a free-loading, drug abusing, lying, manipulative e-thot for the last 8 months. She needs to get mad so she'll put her foot down and kick her druggie daughter to the curb, cheap lacy nips and all.

No. 754938

EDSFag - piercings and EDS don't go hand in hand, a lot of people with genuine EDS suffer horrific bruising, delayed healing and often suffer from rejection of the piercings because, well you know, it's a connective tissue disorder…

I am struggling, and have been struggling for a long time to believe the legitimacy of her EDS.

No. 754941

but she's not. all she's doing is using her daughters name to attention whore and making a snide remark about her boobs hanging out. jen has always been against nudity (won't anyone think of the children reeee), I assure you she's still perfectly content to coddle and clean up after her daughter. she doesn't want her leaving ever. jen is not a reasonable person.

No. 754943

issa joke, anon

No. 754944

Yeah, and? It's a spectrum, anon. Some people are lucky enough that their EDS is a minor inconvenience. Others aren't so lucky and have more serious issues. The way her elbows bend is a dead giveaway she had hypermobile EDS. I'm betting she's only suffering little problems and milks it when she needs to go all munchie.

No. 754945

Nah I read that as her saying it’s a generational thing. Like it’s normal for kids these days to post semi nudes on social media.

No. 754947

File: 1580708494298.jpg (385.32 KB, 1080x1069, 20200202_214143.jpg)

Old news but

No. 754953

Translation: you guys I’m such a big deal I’m in PEOPLE MAGAZINE, please give me the attention I am owed for this status trophy.

No. 754954

File: 1580709365397.png (121.29 KB, 1080x729, Screenshot_20200203-075645.png)

No. 754957

File: 1580709663449.png (173.76 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_20200203-075830.png)

>such a random thing that an article wrote about my pets hahaha
>talk about meeeee not my pets waah waah
>give me asspats for enabling a shitty person for 1.5 years and getting addicted to heroin

No. 754958

File: 1580712050777.jpeg (214.12 KB, 1125x1292, C820729A-2D6F-4414-8CA2-4CB8C2…)

Also found this gem in her likes.

No. 754960


Zero self-awareness. Wish we could all just live rent-free at our family's house and not have to go to a job every day while being miserable and could get tattoos and stupid shit on a whim like it's nothing.

No. 754963

im not one of those people to say that others deserve to be depressed but yeah she deserves to be depressed if this is how she behaves with everything shes got. imagine wishing to die because "depression" while you literally kill animals for drug money. idk taylor maybe consider that wish a bit harder for us all next time

No. 754966

File: 1580718453897.jpeg (581.98 KB, 1241x2183, 5618574B-6D23-4184-A7CB-D63A68…)

Long post where she reveals she relapsed.

No. 754967

File: 1580718478204.jpeg (375.53 KB, 1182x2048, E21FA3A3-C7C5-4273-B995-D436D7…)

No. 754968

File: 1580718502547.jpeg (337.75 KB, 1178x2048, BBE33417-7D6C-4A99-8A04-2D391D…)

No. 754969

File: 1580718526349.jpeg (347.19 KB, 1184x2048, 1DB44448-B5BE-4518-94CC-AE038F…)

No. 754970

File: 1580718562311.jpeg (347.22 KB, 1241x2006, 20772075-DFE9-45D2-9954-C33F95…)

ps guys don’t try to figure out who she relapsed with (aka forest)
I mean wasn’t it obvious she’s been relapsed? Lol

No. 754971

im surprised she admitted it so soon. timeline basically confirms she was high/relapsing when she got her finger tats, great choices per usual tay

No. 754972

"it's not my fault uwu ITS THE IOP'S FAULT"

No. 754974

My animals are tHrIvInG
Suuure sis

No. 754980

I think she only did it because she craves the reassurance from her young followers that it's okay to relapse. Why lie when they're entirely fine with her being a train wreck. There is no accountability with her fans, so she has no reason to.

No. 754982

Oh wow. Her elbows bend back. That doesn't automatically quality for EDS.
She's just a Munchie attention seeking little cunt to be honest

No. 754987

Personally I'm sick of all you EDSfags coming in here whining about how it's ImPoSsIbLe for her to get tats and piercings because you can't. Keep you damn medfagging to yourselves. We can't fucking diagnose her one way or another. Frankly I don't care what she has because I know whatever medical problems she might have or claims she has are being made out to be more serious than they really are so she can get passes and asspats. That's what really matters.

No. 754993

I'm pretty sure that the main (or origin rather) issue with her saying that she had EDS was that she used it as a cover for her heroin use most of the time. Whenever she was doped up/sick from the drugs, she'd be "having issues with her EDS (or sometimes Celiac)." That's why people question it the most. In the past, if her EDS was "flaring up" it meant she was on a binge or some other drug related issue. But yeah, none of us are her doctor, so we can't diagnose. Shit, even her doctor can't diagnose since she's such a fucking baby that she refuses to go to them.

No. 754994

All this says to me is that she was pissed she couldn't get johnny back because she found out syd was knocked up. Maybe she planned this to try and get him worried so he would come save her.

Either that or she has been abusing subs all along, ran out and didn't want to ask for help because then she would be exposed for abusing them.

But alas, she will never be honest and blame everything on everyone else. Typical.

No. 754997

This sounds more likely - that she abused them and ran out, maybe got kicked out of her iop for it. You don’t just forget to take your subs. Especially for three days. By day one, you’re feeling it. By day two you’re sick as fuck. Making it to day six unscathed sounds ridiculous to me. I

No. 754999

Tinfoil: her IOP kicked her to the curb because she wasn’t progressing in the program aka (too many) dirty piss tests.
How is her IOP getting in trouble for keeping her on a standard dosage of suboxone for treating opiate addiction once daily?

She wants to act transparent about her addiction/relapse when just the other day she said that she was going to rehab for “trauma.” Why even mention it then when she could have just brought it up now to begin with. Now she’s going to rehab for trauma and a “dabble” of addiction. Let’s not forget her denial of obvious track marks just last week.

I guess her stans were right when they genuinely told her to lay off of the Jonny sperg for her own sake, but she had to give the public ~updates.~ And if she really is trying to still get Jonny’s attention at this point, she’s clinically retarded. He’s high off his ass every day and doesn’t give a fuck about her per usual. It was her decision to act like a vengeful cunt when she found out that she wasn’t going to get Jonny back because Syd is pregnant. She’s never been in a good headspace since she’s left rehab so talking about Jonny was NEVER going to be a good idea for her.

And now she wants to be reflective about how she’s made mistakes along the way and isn’t progressing the way she should be at this point in her recovery? Ok, just sounds like her IOP set her straight about her not making any progress and why they were letting her go as a patient.

At this point it’s pretty obvious she relapsed with Jonny’s friend. I guess all those Vice comments about her just being a junkie are true. Too bad her parents are willfully ignorant and enabling.

No. 755001

Tried to keep it as short as possible lol. Taylor you ramble on and on…and on.
So is this a planned relapse or not. Did JCs public shaming (when???) lead you to a relapse or did the 3 days you forgot to take your subs lead you to experiment and go without, leading to withdrawals and relapse. Which one is it? Who we blaming this time - JC or IOP? Lol

Also Taylor, ALL of this being public is because you put it out there. JC barely said shit surprisingly, and when he did it was just to clear his name and refute some claims, and he did that on twitch with max 200 viewers not however many followers you have lol. Not trying to defend JC btw, but she is again trying to inadvertently blame him for her actions made on her own accord. People think you're crazy because you made yourself look crazy by ranting on and on about your ex for 8 months, particularly the last 2 month's when there's barely been a day rest. Give. It. Up. And it will go away. Stop drawing attention to it and adding fuel to the fire if you can't handle the public ridicule.
No claim you've made about JC is news, he's done it before, for 10 years as you keep harping on about. Your abuse story isn't worse than his exes, and a lot of what you previously blamed him for turned out to be decisions you made of your own free will. YOU have ruined your credibility and the weight and impact of your story.

Again, not saying JC isn't a POS but girl it's been 8 fucking months, stop talking about it constantly if you don't want people thinking you're crazy. Just another anon sick of her passing the buck.

No. 755002

I agree with this tinfoil. Unsurprisingly her story has holes, she can never tell the whole truth and she's too dumb to be convincing to anyone other than children.
No wonder Jen is back on Twitter having little jabs at Tay. This girl does fuck all in her room all day under her parents roof, goes out once and comes home with track marks lol. Jen has probably realised if this environment still wasn't safe enough for her to not relapse, then what's left? She doesn't want to recover and it's sad she's still a lying POS to her parents who have given her every opportunity to get better.

Jen has to support her publicly (most of the time) because these kids are going to listen to her mum as a source of truth and she needs to corroborate Taylor's storyline. If not Taylor will move out and stop talking to her again, where she's even less likely to continue recovery.

No. 755005

Ahhhh this bitch. Updates every second of her miserable life, but says she doesn't have to share that she relapsed.
No bitch, it just became too fucking obvious that even your teenage asslickers caught on that you were abusing drugs again.

No. 755008

She said she is now 4 days sober. Where was she 4 days ago?, with Forest. Keep being a failure at everything, Taylor.

No. 755012

Right! If you can go that long without then why bother taking anything. Isn’t complete sobriety the eventual goal? She’s so stupid.

No. 755018

File: 1580733165123.jpg (209.33 KB, 1536x375, Screenshot_20200203-132101.jpg)

I have zero connections she says

No. 755021

File: 1580733730599.jpg (193.83 KB, 1242x752, IMG_20200203_134149.jpg)

Here's the Instagram "I relapsed but I'm totally good and healing already" post.

No. 755024

And no surprise blaming everyone but herself.

No. 755025

i laughed. going to hell i guess.

No. 755026

super pessimistic tinfoil, but if she doesn't actually want to get better, ~admitting it early~ that she relapsed this time enables her to use that as an excuse and means to cover up for using in the future…
>"no i didn't relapse again??? i would say if i did???? remember how honest i was last time?????"

No. 755027

well, she's already claiming to be (four days) sober again, so if she wants to claim sobriety she's gonna have to admit that it was short-lived. Unless her story changes and she's not sober even now.

Also lol @ her "uhhh those aren't track marks, those are snake bites guise, even though it's a single puncture on the other side of my hand, don't question it" story. You weren't fooling any of us, dumbass. If you want to hide your relapses maybe don't post close-ups of your injection sites.

No. 755028

She was crying and pacing her house for 16 hours? Where was her mother lol

Also she says don’t speculate or try to figure out who she was with because it was no one she had been seen with recently. Sure Jan. You were with Forest during the exact time this happened lol idiot

No. 755029

File: 1580737785757.jpeg (965.15 KB, 1125x1903, 7642E040-56C7-42B5-AB7C-80EC2D…)

No one wants Taylor to relapse, people only have said she deserves to because she is exactly who this moronic Stan describes. Taylor is dangerous in the sense that she acts like being a heroin addict is some quirky personality trait when heroin literally kills hundreds of people every single day.

Taylor is NOT authentic at all and therefore is a terrible role model for those in recovery and taking it seriously. She acts however her tween fans want her to act and has even said herself that she’ll do anything to ~feel accepted.~ She tells her fans what they want to hear and not the actual truth.

Just a week or two ago she was sperging on twitter about how she feels amazing and doesn’t even think about relapsing blah blah blah. And now she’s sooo depressed and muh EDS when she was literally out with some drug addict getting tattoos AND piercings. This bitch is so clueless, it’s pathetic. I truly wonder how she has never accidentally OD’d because she’s not smart at all or at least she plays it that way when it comes to drugs.

No. 755030

Anyone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s possible for a heroin addict (especially one like her) to just casually and quickly relapse then quit and be totally fine? Also, notice how she says she is « around » 4 days sober lol. That probably means she shot up 3 days ago, took a shitload of dilaud two days ago but that didn’t count and took 15 strips of subs yesterday but that’s just her meds.

No. 755032

>she has never accidentally OD’d

I thought she said she had OD'd. I mean, that could be a lie too.

Also, didn't she have some issue with her suboxone prescription a few weeks back? I wonder if her IOP put her on notice at that time, and when it happened again they kicked her out.

No. 755033

Let's be real here, 4 day is her MOST RECENT relapse. I think she's been relapsing for a while, def on other substances.

The track mark with the bloody sabor hand means she's probably been relapsing longer. I bet she was relapsing right around the time she said

>"if and when i'm ready, I'll share if I relapsed"

She's been lying, IOP story sounds sketchy too.

No. 755035


Definitely. Here we've been saying she relapsed months ago. I reckon she's been using on and off for quite a while, but it's only recently started being most days.>>755033

No. 755036

I wonder when it will sink into her tiny brain that using other addictive substances instead of heroin (e.g. alcohol and whatever other things she took while she was out partying) does not mean she is ~sober~, like at all.

No. 755040

I thought she went to rehab because she overdosed, Jonny wouldn’t take her to the hospital, so her mom came and got her. I could be mixing it up. I definitely remember her overdosing at some point though.

Her stories confuses me- very thankful for those that go through and recap/point out inconsistencies

No. 755042

Dude right? All I could see was four pages of “not my fault” she’s delusional

No. 755046

Can someone make a timeline of her last week?
Did she relapse when she got her piercings ?

No. 755047

patiently awaiting mama dean’s sperg defense. to be a fly on the wall in that house would be insane. i wonder if taytay shot up in her childhood bed.

No. 755049

What she had described as an OD sounds more like she was high as hell but not OD’d. Most ODs have to be narcaned and that is not something a junkie can do themselves because they are out and not breathing. She never OD’d, she said it for junkie cred.

No. 755053


Highly doubt it, pun intended.

Seems more likely she shot up with forest or her meth head friends. She claimed earlier she was "planning" a relapse at the club but couldn't find any drugs. The fact that she defends her friends in sperg, despite being drug addicts, means she knows they're a bad influence on her but she doesn't want to be alone.

Mama dean is probably livid, probably brought up the whole 10 day back to rehab thing. Taylor is probably being forced into to it because she's abusing her meds and doesn't do her weekly programs. All Taylor has been doing is drinking and partying with lowlives, the tattoos and piercing probably sent Jen over the edge.

I'm sure jen threatened to rehome her animals again. She sure as hell sounds triggered.

>Don't tell me what I "need" to do next. Don't tell me I need to go back to rehab. Don't tell me I need to rehome my animals.

Sounds like a letter to Jen kek

No. 755055

Taylor is so deep in denial about everything that I say we are 100% going to get to the point where Mama Dean throws her out of the house and Taylor has to turn to eBegging.

No. 755056

>>Don't tell me what I "need" to do next. Don't tell me I need to go back to rehab. Don't tell me I need to rehome my animals.

What her mother ~needs to do~ is kick Taylor's ungrateful, unappreciative lying ass out until and unless she goes to and completes a reputable rehab program. Not some woo place that will let her skate or that ~dabbles in addiction.~

Taylor and Jen both need to make some serious lifestyle changes, and Taylor at least has shown literally zero signs of wanting to do that. It's all pretty disgusting.

No. 755057

I knew this fake ass bitch was lying (ok… we all did). Only 7 days of subs (see look I AM TAKING MY MEDS I GETZ f mah IOPee UH I CAN'T BE ON DRUGZ) when she was supposed to be ~8 months sober?

I am sure she stops her subs a few days before she plans to use (probably smokes/drinks/meths it up still), does heroin/opiates, and then retakes the subs about a day after her last dose of H when light withdrawal begins.

You're a baby, Taylor. You think you're fooling everyone, but you're only fooling your child audience who doesn't know any better. Until she is honest with her real issues and works on them, she will never move forward.

No. 755059

moving forward, anytime this hoe says "my friend" i'm 100% replacing it with "me/I".

"my friend just relapsed" what like 2 weeks ago? imagine that.

No. 755060

File: 1580744171884.jpg (106.72 KB, 775x905, tnd.JPG)

omg she doesn't understand the irony in her liking this tweet.

No. 755063


uhhh… fake accusations?

Everything here is closer to the truth than the fake news, Taylor has been peddling. Public figures get speculated about, it isn't a court case. Much of what is speculated here was later PROVEN to be correct.

Pointing out needle caps in photos doesn't count as bullying.

No. 755065

Just wanted to throw this out there - Taylor goes to IOP at NuHope. Pretty easy to find when she posted her sub Rx with her doctor’s name. Looking at the site her whole storyline of “if I was peeing dirty I couldn’t continue IOP” is obviously false.

No. 755066

She accused him of being physically abusive to her when in the first video she admitted he didn't tho.

No. 755067

>right after doxing her doctor to prove she didn't have track marks, taylor had a couple of ~real rough days~ >>749284 >>749287 >>749848
>15 days ago, her ""friend"" relapsed >>749687
>12 days ago, she was first seen with forest >>751116
>11 days ago, she got her piercings >>751440 and was out late at night with forest >>751578
>9 days ago, last iOP sighting >>752202
>6 days ago, she got the hand tats >>753255
>5 days ago, she started talking about the inpatient program >>753315

No. 755068

Hey Jen, the drug dealer knows where you live.
"Deliver to my house" it ain't YOUR house dipshit. If anything it's your disabled minor brothers HOME. Yet we should see her as the victim. Christ

No. 755074

I’m willing to bet that after pissing dirty and/or suspicion of abuse, her IOP asked her to bring in her prescription to count it and she couldn’t produce the missing meds. And she couldn’t use her dumb ass excuse of “I let a friend borrow one and they were going to give it right back.”

I often wonder if her “therapist” and “friends” from IOP look at her social media. I’m sure she can’t help but share that she’s an ~animal educator~ on YouTube. She has publicly said on the internet that she has taken more than she’s supposed to and that she goes for days without it. She always claims she doesn’t need to explain anything to the haters but literally has diarrhea of the mouth 24/7. Why did any of us need to know a 4 page note detail about her relapse? Anyone who talks that much is just full of excuses and fluff. I mean at least be truthful about why you were considering going back to rehab and not because of ~Jonny trauma.~ And please stop fucking pretending like your animal care is superb right now or ever. Give them up already jfc! Why should they have to deal with another bender of hers when she could have done the responsible thing from the beginning by just giving them up.

No. 755075

File: 1580749181740.jpg (863.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200203-105926_Ins…)

So she od'ed and mama Dean had to narcan her? Class act.

No. 755076

File: 1580749293672.jpg (478.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200203-110117_Ins…)

Another screenshot of her narcan insta story this time with her name on it. Had the first one paused to take the screen shot sorry about that

No. 755082

Omfg it's so evil how she is glorifying herself on twitter right now, right after confessing to have relapsed. Seems pretty obvious that she was using all along and only admitted to it when the evidence online got too strong (like last time). And then manages to turn it into a PR/asspatting festival.

No. 755083

Good timeline.

All those cravings she talked about around Christmas were either her beginning to get really bad with using again OR she was for sure planning this.

Taylor you are disgusting and so easily read. Get off the internet and get really help.

No. 755084

>Mommy i'm not done with my drug binges yet, here's how you change my diaper incase I OD!!

I really hope she does get thrown in rehab 30+ days. There's no need to put your family in charge of all your shit and animals. Hopefully more get rehomed while shes away, she'll hate it at first but she needs it.

No. 755085


At the moment sending her to rehab would be a waste of money. You actually need to want to quit before you go in.

No. 755086

this. she can go to all the world-renowned rehabs there are and still stay the same if she acts like a rebellious teenager while she's there. what she needs is start doing something constructive with her life since doing nothing but sperging about her ex on twitter clearly leads to relapsing.

No. 755088

Did she really just say her IOP cut every addict off their suboxone prescriptions cold turkey? I reeeally don't think any IOP would do that, as that would have severe repercussions. No credible doctor would ever do that.

Her story is contrived and fake as fuck, as per usual. She's forgetting she's already admitted to abusing her subs, and is now blaming the IOP and doctor.

A few Twitter users are saying he won't prescribe her subs anymore since he found out she doxxed him and was abusing them?

No. 755089

does anyone know if anyone contacted her IOP before? NuHope?

No. 755091

I would imagine if that happened there would at least be a media article about it? Maybe now she has tweeted this though and Taylor being a iNfLuEnCeR someone from the media is gonna try get a statement from the doctor or IOP.

Either way it sounds like bull. I won't be surprised if that is the exact scenario, someone maybe contacted her doctor about her abusing her subs and she got denied for more.

No. 755094

Let's assume Taylor is telling the true, so she got all butthurt because a doctor gave her the advice of use a VeinFinder to prevent more damage but she was okay with her doctor not lowering Suboxone doses when was needed, making the patients usage longer without zero improvement?
If that's the case (which I don't believe) it is a perfect example of big farma taking advantage of addicts

Taylor your stories are getting stupider with time, read a book or something.

No. 755098

File: 1580755160881.jpg (593.88 KB, 1536x1437, Screenshot_20200203-190715.jpg)

No. 755099

File: 1580755258364.jpg (292.67 KB, 1536x568, Screenshot_20200203-194127.jpg)

She's high again I bet.

No. 755101

I really hope no anons went out of their way to contact her IOP. Taylor is great at digging her own grave and doesn’t need anyone else’s help. I don’t want her to be able to have an excuse as to why this website is just “a bunch of haturzzz” who are out to get her.
But why would some regulatory board interfere with a suboxone clinic when they half-ass regulate opioid prescribing/dispensing to begin with. Taylor wasn’t on an outrageous dose of suboxone according to her prescription label. It was a typical maintenance dose. She can’t blame herself for her own choices so she had to pin it on IOP for taking away the precious drug that stops her from relapsing when in reality she doesn’t even take it the way she’s supposed to anyways according to her. She doesn’t want to admit it was the JC expose that made her relapse. She’s just a pissy cunt because her video had absolutely no effect on his career. She threw her fit on twitter for weeks straight and now is the relapse for further asspats.

No. 755102


She's so eloquent with words. Gosh, her wit.. what a treasure. I hope she gets into mentor-ship because she sure has a lot to offer!

Seriously though - HOLY fucking cringe! There are people who have survived their young children being kidnapped or killed who don't walk around this ass-blasted and vitriolic.

Is there anything more pathetic than a neet loser who does NOTHING in life aside of sperg online trying to warrior stance? Also, why are you trying to defend a poptart starlet? You can't even defend yourself. You have to scream and whine until mommy does it for you.

No. 755104

It ain't that deep. The first tweet is from a voicemail that got popular on TikTok.

No. 755107

File: 1580757374206.jpg (787.69 KB, 1536x1737, Screenshot_20200203-201705.jpg)

No. 755108

File: 1580757478854.jpg (342.02 KB, 1536x886, Screenshot_20200203-201828.jpg)

No. 755109

File: 1580757624507.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, 8716E084-12B6-43EA-8104-29A58F…)


No. 755110

File: 1580757675842.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, FF70BE73-5FBC-4413-BE4E-958892…)


No. 755111

File: 1580757711512.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, 8BFD9CC5-9831-49CA-A193-FC5E48…)


No. 755112

File: 1580757718674.jpg (455.3 KB, 1536x1000, Screenshot_20200203-202144.jpg)

Does anyone actually believe she is sober again after relapsing?

No. 755114

granted, i dont know the first thing about heroin use but do y'all think she'd be this much in a good mood after JUST relapsing from one of the most addictive drugs out there?

No. 755117

Ugh, yeah, crying and pacing in her room. I love how she shares her high-school-level temper tantrum as though it were the very definition of Rock Bottom.

No. 755120

there's no way she's sober right now. it isn't like she walked up to the dealer and was like could i just get one dose of heroin. she probably is currently binging and telling herself that she will be sober when what she bought runs out.

No. 755121

Or "she will just use until she goes to the 10 day vacation retreat for abuse victims". Bet she's gonna have "fun" today with Forest.

My tinfoil is that she's been dropped by her IOP for abusing her subs. Her story about the subs don't make any sense at all either how she didn't feel any withdrawals for 6 days.

No. 755123

Remember when it first came out that she was addicted to heroin but Jonny wasn't the one who got her addicted it was one of her good friends.

No. 755125

File: 1580760187515.jpg (652.05 KB, 1536x1580, Screenshot_20200203-210119.jpg)

Makes me wonder if mama Dean told her doctor about her drinking. IF she did, she for once has done the right thing.

No. 755127

I also have a feeling something happened right after the doxing. she was clearly going through withdrawals around that time. >>755067

No. 755128

jen is acting real fucking nonchalant on twitter today, she's still going on and on about the superbowl.

No. 755129

File: 1580761587523.png (461.08 KB, 729x630, a.PNG)

>Be me Taylor dean

>waking up from blissful heroin dreams
>lying in a reeking bed, a foul smell permeates the air; shit and dander
>It's hard to breathe here but that's ok
>unwashed,and sweating from the heat lamps I roll to my side, a bag of tendies and a DP on my cluttered nightstand.
>The grease bucket meal, my mommy got for me bloats me and I suck down my chemical concoction of caffeine-sugar
>Euphoria hits me
>Ahh that's the stuff
>I stares at my pale blue glow of the phone screen.
>My ex is the wall paper, I miss him so much
>I rub my face with my greasy fingers and scratch at my fresh piercings, then move my hand down to my crotch
>Still clothed, I beat myself off, thinking of all the good times we had together
>all those drugs, I climax from the thought
>Euphoria hits me again
>Time for my medicine
>I use a dirty hand and dissolve 3 strips in my mouth
>Another wave of euphoria hit's my user brain
>I check twitter and everyone tells me what a good girl i've been.
>I deserve this, I deserve to be happy
>Euphoria floods my head again
>What a great way to start my day

No. 755133

the FUCK

Yeah, it's been obvious for quite some time she's not sober but this is good old High As A Kite Taylor. It's exactly the sort of shit she used to post when she was getting shot up by Jonny (and also the exact shit she blamed on him, funnily enough)

Jen, it's past time you had your daughter 5150'd, her drug use is out of control and she does not want to get help for it either.

No. 755134

All these cows type the same way when they're on drugs. Is there something about being on heroin that makes average suburban white girls start tweeting like Iggy Azalea/Danielle Bregoli/nasty street urchins?
… gross.

No. 755136

>tendies instead of whataburger fries
>no mention of waking up at 8pm for a productive night of proving haturs wrong on twitter

No. 755139

File: 1580763964872.png (2.76 MB, 1242x2208, E26FFEDC-E0DF-4599-98F3-6B73E3…)

not milky but i found it kind of funny; i just noticed halsey has numbers tattooed on her fingers. i’m willing to bet taylor will have a lot of tattoos that she’s been “planning on for 2 years” that end up just being a cheap knockoff of something halsey has since taylor can’t have an original thought ever.

No. 755140


It's a tik tok meme, she just changed up "Rachel" to "G-Easy"
She's attempting to be funny by copying.

No. 755141

I wonder what really happened with her relapse. We'll prolly never know.

No. 755142

Watch her blame it on the fucked up ear piercing situation, the hospital giving her painkillers and oMg BiG pHaRmA

No. 755174

yeah I agree with this. As with most residential treatment centers there's usually a wait list (usually 1-2 months) and as others have said I feel like the 10days is just a detox. I feel like her mom said she had to and she's probably going to use until then(which most addicts do lbr).

No. 755180

Sooo predictable. She's become a boring cow. Call me when she ODs and Mama Dean finds her dead in her bedroom.

No. 755185

Honestly same. Its kind of funny how she made posted a novel explaining her relapse but no one cares we all already knew and clocked it weeks ago

No. 755199

> I’m doing so well with sobriety! Haven’t had a thought to use in months.
> I’m talking about Jonny so I can heal!
> Doctor wants me off subs, and so do I! I can do it.
> I can’t handle being off subs actually
> I’m literally abusing my subs
> New boy is so good (insert heart face emoji here)
> Sobriety is not sobriety is unless you’re sober for everything.
> Drinking but it doesn’t trigger me! I am still sober!
> Films a doc being sober
> Partying! Still trying to find people to use drugs with.
> Impulsive tattoo, relapses with dude.

So wait. You’re telling me Jonny Craig somehow knew Kronos was gone before Taylor said anything (which was confirmed to be true and he obviously found out because she was trying to run back to him.
She then has a complete meltdown over Jonny getting Syd pregnant, and Jonny somehow mysteriously knew she wasn’t sober. She ran off with this dude who was previously associated with Jonny.
She wants him so bad, and has the NERVE to pretend like she needs to get the restraining order on him?

I think Jonny was more involved in the picture than we think. A tinfoil but: I think she was still talking to him, and might still talk to him sometimes. Just because I have no idea why he’s remained so calm and collected over her, while she cries over him online all day.
And it’s not like Jonny can say anything, because his new cash cow (if you can even call her that) would bounce.

This whole story is just so mind blowing, and bizarre.
I think the most note worthy is how frequently she lies, and how often she will twist the narrative to be the biggest victim, the strongest victim, the saddest victim, the most broken victim.

No. 755200

unfortunately I think he still talks to her because he had it good with her always having tons of money to burn. I sadly could see him ditch Syd or Syd have a chance to leave him with her baby like his past babymama did and he doesn't want to burn such a fruitful bridge. Also since Taylor didn't initiate leaving him/going to rehab and was rather pushed into it it's easy to see why she wants to go back to what's comfortable. or was anyway. It's pretty fucked up and she's doing her classic saying one thing publicly for pity while also subtly/accidentally saying what she's actually doing for kewl girl points I guess

No. 755203

File: 1580785647283.jpg (52.09 KB, 670x605, tumblr_lytz10czyl1qzikspo1_128…)

This tinfoil makes a lot of sense given his demeanor this whole time: if he was talking to her even intermittently, he always was current on her situation and therefore had the upper hand given that he was still out of her life and she's been constantly melting down

You have a lot more control when you have information

No. 755204



It's not even difficult to tell when she's on drugs.

This is the first time I actually read one of her massive walls of text and it's… she contradicts herself so much.

So you say you don't wanna lie to your fans and want to keep their trust, yet you go and say that you're sober even though you're mixing subs and drinking, and you tell them that only 15% of people in the whole world can get addicted, to then backtrack when proven wrong.

You say you don't have "contacts" to get drugs, but wasn't Betsy a drug addict? And what about those friends you went partying with? You also ask people not to ask you who you relapsed with, so I mean we know it's most likely Forest but come on now. You had one of your dealers going off on you on Twitter last year. You really expect us to believe you don't know where to find them?

You sleep 12h a day, spend literally all night tweeting and sperging on social media, yet your animals are "thriving" and your "passion"? You haven't made any sort of actual content that is solely about your animals in months. It's all about the heroin addict redemption arc. You have three cats crammed in one room with one litter box. Like you can't even fucking take care of an animal that's considered very fucking common and easy to take care of.

You didn't make the decision to rehome animals because you were so concerned about their wellbeing. Your parents forced you to, and they're probably forcing you to rehome them again because you can't deal with shit. And saying that you "miss" the structure of rehab is just laughable because what structure? You got fucking kicked out for not following that structure.

Syd won't bounce on Jonny, because she seems to be on the same level of batshit as Taylor, and she thinks she's won because she's pregnant. I also find it weird that she's still moving within JC's circle.

No. 755236

Just stumbled upon this digging dirt on scum Taylor. Soo what if a person went to IG and trolled her hard. Like calling everything out from puffy wrists from “snake bites” covering her “track marks”, all the way to asking about her double fisting shots while on suboxone. Literally said something along the lines of “What therapist would condone drinking while on suboxone? Even if it wasn’t alcohol, why would an addict subject themselves to that environment?” A day and a half later she has relapsed with a reeking excuse to why it’s not her fault. Just a little curious if trolling the IG had anything to do with it. Everybody loves her so much on there. And. I. Just. Can’t. Even. Like no dude to the point of even calling her out on if she is so concerned for animals, why hoard to have to rehome…adding to the problem…when a person who really cares about the beings, would start a business. A day later the bitch puts something up about “maybe getting a business going”! This bitch is oblivious to everything. Let me know when she has drowned on her vomit. She deserves that for making heroin addiction seem glamorous. Called her out on that too, she even answered to that comment but sadly deleted it before I got the screenshot. The just was “when have I ever made H glamorous…” she must have realized I would have taken up 3 comment spots for that response. Have I mentioned she needs to drown in her vomit? How many young people are going to try H because Tay Tay made it look cool? How many more of her animals are going to die because they are forced to live with scum worse than vag-cheese. Eww imagine her vag-cheese. I bet it’s smelly from the sperm of any guy willing to put their D in that worn out V. Have some decency. Hey Tay-Tay! If you’re reading this (which you are, it’s your obsessive personality) get off your ass, take care of the animals that you exploit, move out of your parents (you’re an adult), YOU (not your haters) ruined your career so maybe find a new line of work, and last, but not least, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID ASS DRAMA. THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT DO ARE CHILDREN. YOU ARE AN ADULT, QUIT ACTING LIKE A CHILD. (Now Taylor goes and cries around for 9 hrs because she didn’t like what somebody said). Sorry this bitch is terrible.(read the rules)

No. 755237

File: 1580801645605.png (76.19 KB, 659x573, Capture12345.PNG)

No. 755240

>apologize 57 times and then apologize for apologizing
says the dumbass who has never apologized one single time in her whole pathetic life. go fuck urself taytor thot. there's no way u can even be fooling urself at this point.

No. 755244

I honestly thought y'all thinking she relapsed was too much since she lives with her mom right now but you were right

No. 755246

File: 1580807002125.png (257 KB, 1077x1432, Screenshot_20200204-110401.png)

No. 755247

File: 1580807176240.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20200204-110652.png)

No. 755248

Yeah. Except there's not enough hours in the day for you to do this for a long enough time with your cats, rats, hedgehogs, geckos, skinks, snakes, dogs, etc. Especially as a munchie addicted to heroin and social media. Plus you've been exposed as having no knowledge or compassion towards animals whatsoever! So how are we supposed to believe that an unbathed piece of filth like you can take care of a number of pets so high you deadass don't even know how many you have? Lmao the brainless bitch can't even take care of herself as an unemployed shut-in.

No. 755249

call them mama dean's pets because I'm pretty sure taylor wakes up to them fed and cleaned.

No. 755250

Very true, anon. That's definitely been proven. Even Jonny fucking Craig said he took over feeding and cleaning for the pets - which is fucking ridiculous on Taylor's part! While you made a great catch, the point remains that even with another person (e.g. Mama Dean, Jonny, or Betsey) doing all of the essential animal care for her, there is still no way that Taylor can socialize the pets. That's how far over her head her impulsive hoarding has gotten her.

No. 755251

Anyone else missing big gaps in this thread for the last 20 or so hours?
What happen

No. 755259

Tinfoil, but I wonder if Forest bought her the Versace glasses as an apology. They got high, he posted her on his story, but he wanted to make sure he’d stay in good graces when she sobered up?? It would be a worthy investment when you see how much Jonny got out of her. Either that, or she bought the glasses herself and pretended he bought them.. Her mom sees everything we see and she started damage control (the glasses, feeding the homeless, etc) when lol cow posted evidence he was an addict, too.

No. 755263

I couldn’t find this thread until today on google, I thought there just wasn’t one made yet.

No. 755265


You’ll find it here when there’s a new one.

No. 755266

>I can't decide!!!
So she'll dye her roots rainbow like Halsey.
Just say you want to skinwalk everyone and go. Instead she just alludes to it like she came up with the ideas. Why not get the short bangs and septum piercing too while you're at it?

No. 755270

I'm ready for all her stringy ass hair to fall out at the roots when she tries to bleach it

No. 755272

I'm actually surprised she hasn't worked up the nerve to shave her head yet. She's been clinging to her balding mess for years now, even though she always wears wigs and extensions. Shits looking super rough and she keeps making it worse in her braindead mania. Once she started stalking that douche Halsey I was sure she'd impulsively follow the trend to skinwalk her lame ass idol. I suppose it's probably down to her being profoundly shallow and rightfully insecure of her appearance. She can't pull off a buzzcut because her face's bone structure is plain awful. Tay straight up has the longest face ever, and it's boxy af too. Ot but she looks like a mix of Lord Farquaad, James Charles, and Spiderus from Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends animated tv show.

No. 755277

Wow, I truly hate this particular type of attention-seeking behavior (that's she's describing) more than anything else. It's not surprising that Taylor is one of the people who does it. More and more evidence that she's literally the Worst.

No. 755279

Oohh my goooddd Taylor when are you going to realize absolutely nobody cares? This is illiterate nonsense from an entitled, conceited nobody with an easy, insignificant life. It's been years and years of this same old crying wolf and woe-is-me bullshit. I'm tired of it, the followers you have left are tired of it. How are you not tired of it? It's beyond insufferable and yet we both know you'll never change.

For Christ's sake, maybe start by going back to school to learn how to proof-read and edit. Your poor grasp of the English language is indicative of your stunted maturity and mental capacity. So it's probably best to stop flapping your deformed lips. I can't believe you're too self-obsessed and utterly stupid to stop oversharing online.

P.S. Did anyone else's eyes roll all the way back into their head at that "okay I'm done" sticker? Because I'm past fed up with her anosognosia.

No. 755282

It's both obnoxious and very manipulative. Too bad we won't get a single shred of a sorry for all the vitriolic threats and bitchiness she hurled at us for pointing out her relapse. Still waiting on that public apology to all of JC's exes though.

No. 755298

As someone who was been treated in Texas and California, its against treatment center rules to cut cold turkey. Even if you get dismissed, have a dirty test (which they treat seriously and would never just get rid of you) can’t pay, or get caught in a bottle call back without your meds, they always put you on a (usually) 21 day taper. Never never never do they cut you off cold turkey and never do they cut off a whole clinic. If something was found to be not kosher at the clinic and they were threatened with closure, all patients would be transferred to a new clinic.

Taylor is a scum bag liar. She’s the worst kind of “junkie” (I hesitate to use that term for her. She’s a casual user and a spoiled brat.)

No. 755301

tinfoil but i think her relapse was planned and she quit her subs so she would be able to feel the opiates when she got high.

No. 755303

Or she was misusing her subs, ran out before she could get a refill/doctor dropped her because of the dox and relapsed with heroine since newdick could shoot her up (in place of Johnny since Taylor can’t find her own veins). Total tinfoil, but honestly not too far from other anons speculations that were eventually confirmed.

No. 755306


I think they still talk too…
Jonny mentioned someone has been in his DMs this morning but he made it so you can barely read it and its difficult to screenshot

No. 755307

File: 1580844755645.jpg (288.3 KB, 673x1346, 20200204_192906.jpg)

No. 755309

I honestly don't think she'd ever say anything negative to his face (or in this case, thru DM). She just talks about how shitty he is to everyone else. She's definitely never confronted him about any of the shit she alleges. He's probably talking about literally anyone else because there's no shortage of people eager to talk shit to Jonny Craig.

No. 755310

I'm guessing that she informed him of the restraint order, and blames the internet and us hAtuRs for being so horrible and forcing her to stay away from him. Maybe even finding a way to blame his unborn child, too, who knows.

No. 755312

taylor: btw did u know I fuckin hate u and I think about u all the time but it's only because I hate u

No. 755335

Is this about Taylor or Syd?

No. 755338

Lmao the SHADE. I thought this was one of the parody accounts at first

>today you woke up in my dm's talking shit
>the math equation in my bank account
ok Jonny I read this three times and am still having trouble with your fried brains incomprehensible thoughts

No. 755340

File: 1580850846748.png (579.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-02-04-16-13-24…)


Omg seriously its literally about neither of them the slide before was of a rando talking shit to Jonny.

Not every damn thing he does is about Tay…which most likely pisses her off lol but seriously whoever posted that is reaching for milk that isnt there

No. 755343

Damn I just spent 10 mins getting that screenshot only to see it's already up lol. It would have been good if he ended it at the sex of his child. Ruined it with talking about his empty bank account hahah.

Also I think he is just talking about a hater cause he posted a screenshot earlier in his story responding to someone's IG dm. Something about don't ever hurt another woman again. Anyway, not relevant but I don't think this story is about Taylor hitting up his dms.

No. 755353

File: 1580856045046.jpeg (408.73 KB, 989x1713, B1460C8B-6FC7-41F9-A854-4F9BC4…)

Didn’t see this posted, but here she talks about the process a little more

No. 755354

There’s just no fucking way this is true. “Corporate” did not come and make NuHope take every single patient off their maintenance medicine out of nowhere. Does she really think this is believable and that no one else would be talking about it or any public backlash?? She got kicked out of her program for continuing to piss dirty and drink while using and abusing her subs. The end.

No. 755358

"Corporate" who makes their money off you being dependent on Suboxone definitely wants everyone off of it so they can make $0 and go bankrupt. Sure Jan, that makes so much sense.

She is such a fucking idiot

No. 755359

For a recovery expert she knows shit about drug half life and why you won't get sick right away coming off of subs.

No. 755361

So she can "forget" to take her meds for 6 days in a row but she cant go down even 2mgs? How does that make sense

No. 755364


she went 6 days without subs to prepare for heroin/opiates. Subs have a long half life (~7days) and it’s heavily dependent on how long you’ve been using them & their mg.

Takes drugs, shes toooootally fineeee guyz (paces around house for16hrs & tweets for days).

When she’s out of drugs she might try to take her subs in the light withdrawal period when your withdrawals won’t be SO terrible.

She’s playing with fire.

No. 755365

As someone who was a drug addict for years it’s is very possible to quit cold turkey and the “pleasure” center in your brain that drugs make feel all nice and good isn’t an opiate receptor…. that doesn’t fucking exist.
As fat as being on a drug program personally I’ve never done it but I have friends who have been on it for years. They would never kick everyone off subs because they make so much money keeping people on them it’s too lucrative.
A lot of clinics don’t even want to taper you down because it’s beneficial to keep you on a substitute than to not be addicted to it or to relapse and give your money to someone else ..

She’s a pathetic excuse for an addict and an even stupider human being.

I feel so bad that she has this following of children to watch this train wreck of a life and excuses..

No. 755366

A more believable approach would be that they simply told her that she wasn't making any progress and that she was more of a liability than what she's worth and kicked her out.

Could be because she pulled the same shit she did during rehab, or maybe someone stumbled upon her socials and saw all the bullshit she was saying. It's not too far fetched to think she might've probably triggered people while in IOP.

No. 755367

OOOF you don't get off subs like that. Most people who take suboxone need it for the rest of their lives. Buprenorphine/naloxone help relieve nerve damage from opioids or from other etiology (which she claims to have) and also help people actually stay off drugs. There are a lot of doctors in the US who prescribe this medication for pain in order to avoid opioids. There is no reason to stop, and it can actually be really dangerous to "get off" it because many people actually relapse. The way she is talking about this is scary, and can lead people to hurt themselves. I hope she reconsiders.

No. 755374

File: 1580864793468.jpeg (182.51 KB, 750x1208, 15354C72-FD35-48FF-90EF-1AF9BF…)

Don’t you love how TND is known in her community? (Natalia PLEASE do a video on her)

No. 755375

clearly she did shit research on subs and only listened to the "legal drug and your prior opiate withdrawals will be pretty much over" part of the sales pitch. She can be yrs into recovery on subs and taper and still relapse because it's still half filling her opiate receptors and no matter what she'll have to go through withdrawal. Yeah it's an annoying withdrawal too, not sudden and super sick like from dope, it's like a dripping faucet that with a taper will go on FOR MONTHS. That is why it fails a lot of people just like methadone. People tried to tell her to get on vivitrol which helps with craving as well, but she clearly wanted something she could abuse in some sort because it's better than nothing. Congrats you're like every generic junkie except she tries to sell like these ideas are brilliant and a good idea for recovery never hinting that she heard bad things about any of her dumb af plans (ie yeah my iop group counselors said it was okay for me to drink on subs!)

No. 755383

Taylor will be on soon to freak the fuck out at this lmao

No. 755395

File: 1580870604125.png (598.47 KB, 760x1000, Screenshot_20200204-214404.png)

No. 755397

File: 1580870816444.jpg (377.77 KB, 1242x1610, IMG_20200204_214645.jpg)

"I know, if I shine a light on myself maybe it'll disguise my pinned pupils"

No. 755398

That fucking nose blush…ongoing relapse confirmed (jk) but honestly for her to think that looks good she must be high

No. 755399

At least she finally has her door open for her poor cats

No. 755400

File: 1580871400510.png (26.85 KB, 741x173, Capture12345.PNG)

>excited about hair getting healthier after abusing it for years
>wants to immediately dye her hair rainbow to ~follow a trend~
how is it possible to have this little impulse control.

No. 755401

>wanted to show you guys my new nose piercings

thanks, as if the 20 instagram stories and 8 twitter posts werent enough

No. 755403

She's a walking disaster at this point. She looks worse and worse with every new phase that she cycles through, honest the girl is a mess.

No. 755406

yet enough energy to facetune her tits put a fullface of makeup on on fresh peircings and and facetune the obvious bruises on her ditch from shooting up. She is gross and I will never understand this. Idk how her family hasn't kicked her out especially since her brother is still a minor and requires her moms full on attention. All I can see is them having backwards thinking that at least here we can find her if she od's and revive her…but often it is just find the loved one not revive them which is a fucked up thing to put on your family. She seems to like living in filth with no responsibilities tho ew

No. 755409

Those pupils in a dark room. A dark room that looks like a crack den. Her bed is always disgusting. It's so obvious she's not sober.

Why was she not forced back into rehab yet?

No. 755410

File: 1580872891442.jpeg (265.87 KB, 1124x1804, 29B48450-2E3A-41B8-BF48-DA51AC…)

No. 755411

man she looks rough. imagine this crawling out of a bedroom in your house. imagine the stench when she emerges from her neet cave and screeches for someone to bring her whataburger fries immediately.

No. 755414

File: 1580874107323.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1699, B7170337-303D-4FB3-A1E6-4F9E1B…)

Hands and in the inner elbow? Once again Mama Dean works hard picking up after Taylor’s slack but the heroin needle and spoon work harder

No. 755416

File: 1580874993573.png (506.64 KB, 591x567, wut.PNG)

does she mean the folds that happen to literally everyone when they sit like that? so speshul

this is just a thirst post, should have just left it at "i feel cute" and thats it

No. 755417

I think the fitted sheet coming off the corner of her nasty ass mattress really adds a nice touch

No. 755420

Lol she saw that trending video on YouTube about the woman with eds with the loose skin and thought “oh good another symptom I can pretend to have”

No. 755423

Eyes are red and glassy as fuck

No. 755425

Did she take this pic right after the other? Why put red pigment on fresh wounds, especially if you’re trying to show off the piercings? What the fuck is going on here

No. 755427

File: 1580876398842.jpg (384.93 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200204-202040.jpg)

Still buying from dollskill

No. 755428

File: 1580876494529.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20200205-062154.png)

ah yes, folds in your skin when slouching, the thing only people with EDS have.

also wtf is up with her mouth in the second photo, it's giving me creeps

No. 755429

Those gums are INSANE

No. 755431

She really think she looks good without make up but she looks 35

No. 755432

File: 1580876941974.jpeg (518.23 KB, 828x1411, 01AAB575-5267-4E80-88B9-872092…)

another one upper post

No. 755433

Tinfoil but I don’t think she ever fucked up her clavicle I think she just fell when she was fucked up on whatever

No. 755434


I hate that she talks like this. Does she scour the internet for "things the kids are saying" and try to emulate them? When you realise she's approaching mid-twenties and still talking/typing like this it's fucking cringe worthy. She's a legitimate embarrassment. At this age one should be starting or settling into a career, laying down roots somewhere, and treading a path for their future which may or may not include starting a family.

Taylor, however, is essentially jobless with no prospects and no skills or education to lean on–no close friends (in fact, no decent people in her life), no place of her own, no serious plans for her future.

She sits in her own filth while her mommy cleans up after her and fights her imaginary battles online, sleeps 20 hours or stays awake days at a time, creeps around her parents house in her nasty panties putting whore selfies online and pretending she's somehow living her best life. She can't even have a conversation where someone reminds her of a promise she made without falling apart and throwing herself on the floor like a toddler.

This girl is a fucking embarrassing dumpster fire.

No. 755435

But Eds is a collagen related disease. It has nothing to do with bone density so how did her super special disease cause her break her “clavical” (wasn’t it her shoulder blade in the vice video?)

No. 755436


35? You're in a generous mood tonight, anon. See >>755428 and try that again. She looks like some of the 40something moms in my college classes. Except they shower and groom themselves appropriately.

No. 755437

Gingivitis since she's too lazy for any hygiene

No. 755438

File: 1580877168172.png (7.41 MB, 1125x2436, 53CC1FD3-B82D-44FC-B6B5-6E2063…)

Pls don’t it’s horrifying

No. 755439

Totally called it.

I knew there was something up with the fact that she was still only getting a week of subs at a time, like half a year in.

She's high as a damn kite in all of her new photos too. Also, looking skinny and dead eyed, exactly how she did before.

Now? She no longer has Jonny to blame. He's not "forcing" her to shoot up. He's not shooting her up. She's done it allll on her own. Jonny even mentioned a while back that he knew she was still using. She might be going through their old connects who are still friends with Jonny.

No. 755440

I think she made her gingivitis look worse trying to eliminate the butt on her upper lip from her fucked up fillers that she keeps getting

No. 755441


It CAN effect bone density somewhat but she's still full of shit. She blames EDS on everything like it's some terminal illness that affects every atom in your body but it's really not that bad (the type she has, anyway). Vascular EDS, though? That shit is horrible.

No. 755442


Lying bitch. She isn't covered in stretch marks. Does she forget she posts her ugly greasy white skin in all her near-naked selfies she puts out for her child audience? Has she ever met someone with even MILD EDS? I doubt it.

She never SHATTERED her clavicle either. That's not a fucking medical thing that exists, even if a body hits the pavement from a 50 ft fall. Something a 12 year-old who lies for attention would do is say they shattered their bone when in reality what happened was a fracture.

Except that people with EDS don't fracture bones in their sleep. Maybe she should have went with a better lie, like, "i pulled a muscle" or "dislocated my shoulder" or "got a sprain".

She's so bad at pretending to have EDS, it's laughable. Apparently she's decided to pretend she has SEVERE EDS since she's "shattering bones" in her sleep (again, not a thing that happens).

No. 755443

Taylor responding to literally every comment where someone shares their story:
>omg same
>so sorry for you but
>me me me
>i had it worse
>lets talk more about me

No. 755444

She shopped her face skinnier/head smaller so her mouth is uncanny valley big

No. 755445

maybe that's the reason she had to have her birth year tatted.

she's a literal NEET. the fact that she's a woman keeps people from critisizing her lifestyle but it's true. she's on the same level as the mommy-bring-me-tendies basement dwelling incels.

No. 755448

she's so cringe i'm starting to feel bad for her again.

No. 755452

Like cartman calling for more hot pockets from his mom while he’s gaming WoW in the basement. And Jen even cleans up Taylor’s shit for her, too.

No. 755453

File: 1580879053284.png (117.94 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20200205-070427.png)

>this month

No. 755455

File: 1580879199363.jpeg (151.29 KB, 784x1024, 4B674B34-A9B6-457A-9E2D-EC8080…)

Underwear photos for her underaged fans that she has private group chats with about drugs and dick. Totally not weird or creepy at all.

No. 755456

File: 1580879486448.jpeg (413.43 KB, 1242x1863, CF3D85E1-930A-40EE-89F9-92E0E6…)

“I was totally relaxed” aka “I was high”

No. 755457

File: 1580879553883.jpeg (968.78 KB, 1040x1613, 887BF38A-6C21-4ACC-A117-3E02F2…)

what happened here?

No. 755459

File: 1580879626452.jpeg (157.31 KB, 1125x984, 53D333DD-685C-45EE-9F9E-9DBEA9…)

Why is one eye so fucking red??

No. 755460

File: 1580879725023.png (164.03 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20200205-071454.png)

promising more things that are never going to happen

No. 755461

Imagine your adult child doing this on the other side of the wall and posting it where you can see it. The disrespect is hilarious

No. 755463

File: 1580880979450.png (90.88 KB, 748x696, Capture12345.PNG)

>tolerance for activity
lmao what an interesting way to say laziness

No. 755464

There are people without legs who have a higher "tolerance for activity"

How is she not so embarrassed

No. 755465

Because red and/or pinpoint eyes go together with those outfits. She always seem to be spiralling when she starts the camgirl shit.

No. 755467

File: 1580882159097.jpg (877.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200204-225808_Ins…)

No. 755468

These new pictures are hilarious because we know what she really looks like when she doesn't use photoshop and perfect angles. Really shows her desperation for attention and narcissism. Imagine taking pictures in your fucking underwear and posting them online while living with your parents. Especially when your mother will see them.

She has zero class or self respect, lmao. All the shit piled on her snake enclosures (just rehome the poor things you dumb bitch) and messy bed are nice touches.

No. 755469

Her hair omg. Taylor. Stop shooting up so you can remember your dry shampoo

No. 755470

File: 1580882451630.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20200205-080123.png)

No. 755471

feel bad for the guys she tricks into meeting up with her. Poor suckers expect this just for Taylor to in reality have a pot belly

No. 755472

finally left her nasty room only to take more trashy selfies in the bathroom.
also, look at the pose she has to pull to look curvy lmao.

No. 755473

That’s one problem the heroin will fix I guess.

No. 755475

I don’t know what embarrassing the outfit change because she for once put on makeup or the fact that she forgot to put on mascara

No. 755476

File: 1580884457697.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1125x2436, AF42CE29-EB11-493D-A8DE-CB3FFD…)

Are we just going to ignore all the junk piled on top of her ~thriving~ animal's cage? How is this acceptable pet care? Can anyone confirm if this is a snake enclosure? I mean I guess it doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t but don’t most of her reptiles require certain temperatures? How is having a bunch of shit on top helping to keep a stable temperature?

Also is that one of her cats sitting on the stool staring at the enclosure?

No. 755477

looks like a microwave to me

No. 755479

these are definitely enclosures anon, she's posted pics of them before.

No. 755483

Just noticed the stains in the hot pink pillow or whatever it is on the bed. Nasty.

No. 755484


I can’t put my finger on why her face looks so weird/ugly all the time. Maybe if she filled her brows in? Curled her sparse ass eyelashes? She looks so unfortunate and would really benefit from more makeup than just putting lipstick on her blown out lips. She used to look way better in the face and seemed capable of doing makeup, now she’s got crazy eyes and a thousand yard stare in every picture. Even smiling she looks unsettling.

No. 755486

it's 90% the horrible lips, her eyes have also sagged somewhat. not sure I agree that she should just cake on more makeup… if anything she should use less products and body modifications imo
I can smell her through the screen

No. 755488

she’s got a big ass head still

No. 755490

No. 755491

File: 1580891153722.jpg (18.46 KB, 212x169, 20200205_002354.jpg)

No. 755492

File: 1580891209318.png (22.29 KB, 747x149, Capture12345.PNG)

No. 755493

File: 1580891242467.png (71.72 KB, 747x694, Capture12345.PNG)

No. 755494


Maybe its just me but she looks like scratch face Laura from the pro ana scumbag thread.

No. 755495

She sounds like Jen when she picks the most random thing to bitch about. Like yes, McDonalds is unhealthy but please tell us how much healthier Whataburger is genius. Next she’s going to preach to us about how Jonny Craig is an abusive scum bag… oh wait.

No. 755496

File: 1580891939778.png (25.17 KB, 760x180, Capture12345.PNG)

she sounds manic af tonight

No. 755498

File: 1580892303178.png (100.61 KB, 750x727, Capture12345.PNG)

No. 755499

File: 1580893188848.png (104.34 KB, 747x750, Capture12345.PNG)

she just keeeeps rambling

No. 755500


I know this bitch didn't learn anything at all being with Jonny, but her of all people should have seen first hand that somebody with talent isn't shit when they can't stay sober long enough to actually do anything with it. She's really manic in these like you said.

No. 755502

File: 1580893942239.png (72.45 KB, 746x524, Capture12345.PNG)

looks like she's practicing creative writing again.

No. 755504

"He was wOrlD rEkNown"

No. 755505

Agreed, and they both are really crazy.

No. 755506

Does your fear of failing extend to…everything? Because you don't try at anything lmao like pet care, a job, sobriety…

Oh sorry, you try very very hard to be the ultimate victim but yeah you fail at that too so you should probs stop trying ey?

No. 755510

File: 1580901272074.jpg (36.55 KB, 754x1024, IMG_20200205_121419.jpg)

Sober kween!

No. 755511

Well that's some prime new thread pic material lmao

No. 755512

This fucking blows my mind and I'm flabbergasted at her laziness and lack of incentive lmao

It's fucking February already, bitch. Any self-employed person has been hustling their ass off for a MONTH already. What have you been doing, exactly? Getting high, posting thirst trap pictures for your underage followers, and sitting on your ass in mommy's house??? Working your butt off lmao

The only thing I've seen this bitch put any effort to is the olympian efforts of dodging any and all personal responsibility for ANYTHING

No. 755513

File: 1580903761762.png (140.88 KB, 284x317, MuhEDS.png)

The fuck you on anon, her clavicles are CLEARLY shattered. Look at the bump on her shoulder where they had to put a metal implant in from when it shattered. Taylor our SoBeR QuEeN would never lie about something so provable and stupid. Never. Oh wait…

No. 755515

File: 1580905089335.png (550.94 KB, 828x1792, CFEF98C0-2C71-4436-BC9A-B71893…)

No. 755516

File: 1580905143558.png (275.41 KB, 828x1792, 4E69CB09-1EFC-4569-B3D7-E73AE5…)

No. 755517

Moving on in 2020. Seriously, she keeps reliving Jonny because that's the last time she was relevant.

No. 755520

How the fuck are her fans this stupid? She’s just setting it up to make some money from her second channel before rehab. She’s avoiding animal updates for a reason and I really just hope it’s because Jen rehomed them (and they’re not all just sick and dead)

No. 755522

Jesus, can't just admit she was stupid and thought she was special enough to fix him. Brainwashed??? Just admit you have shit taste because you're an idiot. Can't be held accountable for the shit company she keeps, ever.

I wish JC would spill all the times she's reached out to get back with him.

No. 755526

lol brainwashed
gotta have a brain for that, Tay-tay

You went in with your eyes open
You knew exactly what sort of guy JC is
You knew heroin was addictive

Who the fuck brainwashed you?

No. 755527

She's obviously not sober right now. Mama Dean enabling her to put off rehab for a month means every day she is closer to killing herself. I'm sure she plans to get super fucked up before she goes. If she even goes, I doubt it.

Her parents are such failures at parenting

No. 755528

I somehow think that her animals are technically still alive but they're probably beyond saving and not THRIVING it makes me sick that she's still so stubborn, she could probably spin it so that her fans worship her even more for giving up her animals but she's just plain selfish

No. 755532

File: 1580913203798.png (102.48 KB, 744x747, Capture12345.PNG)

ranting about her ~victimhood~ at 7am

No. 755534

Can you pick up on signals, though? 'Cause that's literally exactly what you said when you started dating Jonny but okay

No. 755537

b-but it's all his fault she can't function! or it's jen's fault, or tanner's, or her dad, or 'corporate' at her IOP.

she will never take responsibility and she'll be dead by 30 if her parents don't wake the fuck up.

No. 755538

it drugs

No. 755539

Junkies with access to food get fat. Heroin makes people crave carbs and sweets. All you need to do is look at Mama Dean. That's Taylor in ten years, if she makes it.

If she wanted to lose the gut she'd smoke meth. I think she uses opiates because she thinks they slow her down when in reality they keep her awake and make her crazy.

No. 755550

File: 1580915848116.png (216.76 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20200205-171814.png)

No. 755551

File: 1580915881615.png (119.77 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20200205-171851.png)

No. 755552


Girl…It's funny that you're sO oVeR him yet he seems to know a fucking lot about what's going on with you. For fuck's sake he released that you weren't sober before you did. And you're trying to convince us that you aren't in contact with him? Ok jan.

No. 755554

Then quit lurking lolcow, Taylor. Maybe go get a job.

No. 755561

when the hell does she do any of that? we already know every time she leaves the house because she dresses like a hooker and posts selfies.

No. 755565

Music is suddenly one of her biggest passions in life? skinwalking Halsey doesn't equal being passionate about music, dweeb
She's so ~passionate~but can give more than half an ass of effort into learning anything about it lol

No. 755566

can't* lol oops

No. 755568

I'm sure she's high as fuck and thinks no one will notice that she just googled "treatment for EDS", read something from the first page Google returned to her, and copied directly from it. Just like how she researches the care she should be giving her animals (if she puts in even that much effort.) She has never mentioned these things before and probably never will again.

No. 755570

So living like a trash slob, relapse, lying to stans, obsessing over JC, prowling around your parents naked looking gone as hell are the good things you have going? Tell yourself what you have to Taylor. It’s entertaining the way you mirror Eric Cartman.

No. 755576

Nope; she's just high. If not heroin, then opiates of some kind. She admitted to using again, and was "forced" to get off subs? Hmmm, seems like someone in this situation wouldn't be so happy without some kind of supplementary "help." It's just so sad that she's tweeting while high and pretending everything's normal and fine.

No. 755577

"Too much good going on"

Bitch, WHERE? Only good you have going on is you're not dead.

No. 755578

File: 1580923031863.jpeg (252.67 KB, 1242x1283, B304844B-ABBF-43F5-A77D-7FA6B6…)

Since you look the part of a crackhead / heroin addict, maybe stick to normal colors.

No. 755579

Why does she see it when she “got to that low place again..”? Does she not realize how stupid that is? She sees that it’s the same people “talking shit” and isn’t going to worry about it? Taylor, they only “talk shit” because you are too incompetent to realize you bring it on yourself. Quit being a wannabe junkie. It’s not a cool look. Quit being a disgusting waste of a human being, that is the reason your haturz hate. Stop alluding to your audience that you are doing great, it’s clear you are not. You can’t even put a sheet on your mattress, let alone take proper care of your animals. How do your animals get ventilation with piles of crap on top?

No. 755584

maybe I'm behind on what's trendy rn but why would you fuck up your roots of all things by bleaching & dyeing them bright colors like? your roots are the future of your hair… why sabotage your entire head or hair like that

No. 755586

Remember a few days ago when she "accidentally" called Jonny? Like, 4-5 days ago? Really, REALLY interesting how perfectly in sync that was with her heroin relapse! Was she calling to buy drugs from him, get some dealer contacts from him, get back with him to do drugs together, or….? Now that she admitted her relapse I don't believe for a second that call was an accident.
I bet the reason she's now refiling that cringy restraining order is to get a rise from Jonny since he didn't pick up, or refused whatever she had to offer/asked for. Her ego must be s h a t t e r e d.

No. 755588

Coloring your roots has to be the absolute highest upkeep color trend there is. Within days more color would have to be deposited because your hair grows. Cant even imagine how hideous this would look for any normal person who doesnt have a team of professional stylists to keep the color fresh.

No. 755590

She apparently did every phase I guess since she was also goth? Or wanted to be?

No. 755592

It's not like Taylor's roots are healthy, she's literally balding. I think she's going blonde again so she's dying everything not just the roots. Bright roots with dark hair would be ugly

No. 755593

File: 1580926620170.jpg (9.91 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

But that's exactly what she's talking about doing…. it's 'in' at the moment, aka it's fucking ugly but celebs are doing it.

No. 755594

It's hideous so of course Taylor wants it. It matches her Guy Fieri shirt.

No. 755595


Whew really starting to sound like Shayna with all these fake ass enthusiastic promises. Those drugs most be working overtime with her manic need to constantly boost her own self esteem. Can't wait for the comedown where she starts whining about how depressed she is. It's clear as day she's still using.

No. 755596


Because nothing says mature like 1997 tattooed on your knuckles…

This is def a tinfoil but I think she's smoking meth, the gums, manic sperging, and her weight swings from a couple months ago point to it for me.

No. 755603

I was thinking about this the other day, how is it that she supposedly broke a bone in her sleep but not a single bone was broken either time she was "raped" violently.

No. 755605

I definitely feel like if she did break it or more likely fractured it she probably was doing something she shouldn't have been doing and was trying to hide it until the pain got to be too much.

No. 755608

A break and a fracture cover the same thing. Is there a time frame for when she supposedly fractured her clavicle cause I don't think I've ever seen her in a sling? In fact she doesn't seem to have or wear any kind of slings or braces that many people who have EDS wear from time to time? $10 she posts a picture wearing a sling or brace in the near future.

No. 755610

TAYLOR let me do you this one favor: its hair chalk on Halsey. Don't burn your already thin hair off.

No. 755612

File: 1580934474779.jpg (276.68 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20200205-152851_Chr…)

If you mean Billie, I dont think its colored hair chalk. She can just afford to maintain a color like that without being too detrimental to the health of her hair. They might touch it up with chalk on a whim but it's most definitely bleached and colored.

No. 755618

why the fuck are we discussing this hair chalk so much who cares

No. 755619

They literally said "on Halsey." Because Taylor likes to skinwalk Halsey. They didn't mention Billie at all.

No. 755620

Why the fuck does she always talks like the tweet is dedicated to JC to read? Didn’t she block him on everything? This girl couldn’t even ask for asspat in the least cringy way possible.

No. 755622

Anyone else notice that strange shadow/fold along her philtrum on the side of her face she drew hearts on? It's like the corner of her mouth is jaggedly uneven and filler has migrated past her lips. I can't tell if she's swollen all the way up to her nose or if that skin is just being stretched too much. There's some strange bumps above both sides of her upper lip actually. Also she looks like a bloated Noel Fielding here.
And omg she has to be insanely high to post this pure nightmare fuel. Idk man I'm getting more and more convinced she has an actual intellectual disability, especially paired with her delusional caption. Tbh I don't think I've ever seen a person with such a hideously large mouth (with a gingivitis-ridden gummy smile to boot) and disproportionately tiny, droopy eyes.

No. 755623

I hope she knows that there are literal ex-fans of her here who find her constant bs like this and lying insufferable.. She is so white thrash basic it’s just sad now.

No. 755624

It's mentioned in her all my illnesses video. She doesn't mention when it happened but I just went back and watched the video and this is what she said. "One time I woke up and thought I had a cold so I went to the doctor and they found out I had shattered my clavicle in my sleep and it had already started healing and I didn't even know because basically my body hurts all the time so I'm used to it so I didn't realize I hurt myself."

No. 755627

Fucking exactly! She refuses to address that she knew all about Jonny's controversial past when she deliberately reached out to him online. When people warned her, she used the exact excuses she now criticizes to get wokeness points. Yet she's really trying to chalk it up to not knowing any better when her and Syd have got to be the only two cases of women knowingly choosing to date an abuser. They were both fully aware of the risks long before Jonny ever met them, let alone sink his claws in and give them Stockholm Syndrome or whatever.

And now she's done a 180 from her attempted murder to fish for pity points. Will the one-upping ever stop?

Pretty sure she's also going with the narrative that Jonny beat her too, although she changes her tune so much I can't keep up. Inb4 she claims Jonny broke her speshul bones.

No. 755628

Since we've established that there's no way for antidepressants to kick in that fast, how much y'all wanna bet that her antidepressants working was code for her being high off her flat ass on illicit drugs? Anyway, the more I think about Taylor blaming her IOP for her relapse, the more ridiculous it gets. That's like blaming your dentist for your cavities. She has zero tolerance for accountability, and will do the most unbelievable mental gymnastics to spin shit so she's faultless.

No. 755634

Could you imagine relapsing on heroin and then proceeding to post hideous “provocative” pics on social media… totes living your best life!

She hasn’t even mentioned attempting to find a new suboxone clinic, if so, then she would have over shared about that too. Or better yet what steps is she taking in the meantime to address her relapse. Her brain dead stans don’t understand that she needs accountability for her actions. You don’t just shoot heroin and then you’re all good a few days later. She’s insufferable. I don’t know which cycle is more nauseating, hers or Jonny’s?!
This whole situation is the epitome of white privilege…

No. 755635

Not to medfag, or wk, but Effexor can make you feel a difference in the first few days, and that pretty much means you have mood instability (bipolar) and it is making you manic, and the doctor should add a mood stablizer to TND's script.
That is, if she is actually taking any prescribed medication as indicated. I don't believe this is the sole cause for her spergs and mania though, it just happens too often to be the inital onset from med side effects. But if she is mixing drugs, who knows the results?

No. 755637

I started watching Taylor on YT right before she got mega popular. I enjoyed her pet vids and thought she was sweet and pretty. Once she started seeing J and stopped doing pet vids, I flopped and now just follow her and this forum cause I find it intriguing that other fans can’t see through the BS. I realized quickly how she didn’t actually care about her animals, but cared more about how other people thought of her for having so many cool animals and being a “pet-tuber”. The junkie stuff is just the icing on the cake.(no1curr)

No. 755640

File: 1580946475707.jpg (693.19 KB, 1536x1390, Screenshot_20200206-004707.jpg)

No. 755642

File: 1580946544046.jpg (339.73 KB, 1536x715, Screenshot_20200206-004758.jpg)

She loves to sound like the biggest victim.

No. 755649

This is the story with a lot of people on here. I notice a lot of her fans enjoyed her video until she got an animal they actually know about, and then they realized how bad her care actually is. I never knew anything about hedgehogs or snakes or saltwater fish before reading these threads, so I just assumed what she shows in her videos was normal care. It's when she got those kittens I first got suspicious, because I have a lot of experience fostering cats and kittens and knew she was not giving them what they needed.

She's got this victim complex about small groups of people trolling as haterz to bring her down, what she doesn't realize is that it's actually a very large group of people who used to like her, and who wouldn't even have come here if she had put any effort into her animal care in the first place.

No. 755654

Ah, yes. "Alright ladies – Never grow. Never heal. Never change for the better."
Great message to share with yer young fans, Tay.

No. 755666

I'm really getting sick of this narrative that "lolcow are only ex-fans that want her to do better uwu! Leave JC uwu! rehome animals and we'll never say bad things about our Qween uwu!"
It is not true. There are lots of us that are just here to laugh her. I don't care if she gets sober, and if she keeps being a lolcow, Imma keep hoping she keeps providing milk, destructive or not. She just quotes you ex-stans like you speak for all of us! And then makes us seem unreasonable because "They said if I XXX".
Check out Shay's thread if you want to see TND 2.0, and then Luna's thread if you want to see TND's Final Level. Quit speaking for all of us you fucking ex-stans that feel stupid you got conned by a narc.

No. 755667

File: 1580953751828.jpg (419.89 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200206-013922__01…)

Uh oh(nitpick)

No. 755669

File: 1580953793478.png (34.73 KB, 599x298, e21d5c9179122d0988fae37f6f2051…)


Bree confirmed Taylor never "shattered her clavicle."

LOL yeah okay, I'm sure you can go nuts on Twitter and eat your shit fries in your filthy pig sty bed while doing those therapies.

No. 755682

File: 1580954353136.jpg (1.12 MB, 1125x1675, IMG_9244.jpg)

what a catch Taylor, you sure know how to pick them….ew

No. 755685

Not to mention that breaking your clavicle is painfullll. There’s no way she didn’t know. I broke mine and could barely lift my arms for weeks. How could she not feel it unless she was high off her ass?

No. 755687

his pupils are HUGE. Guessing it's not from being in withdrawal but rather that he is also a tweaker. I wouldn't be surprised if she's doing meth and H with her manic rants and then h for when the crash comes.

No. 755689

As an ex “fan”, after all the stupid shit she’s done at this point I am just here to watch her screw up. I don’t feel bad for her, I don’t expect her to change. She’s dug her own grave and has made all these decisions on her own. I enjoy the free entertainment she gives us.

No. 755693

I mean, if so much good stuff is going on, you wouldn't have the need to announce it to everybody… Because you'd be focusing on that good stuff instead. But you know that we know it's not true.

Also if people are saying the same shit about you it's because you haven't changed at all. A lot of those people, myself included, were actually followers who quickly caught onto your shit.

He looks like Jared Leto's Joker, but make it trashier.

No. 755697

oh I don't feel bad for her either, I want the animals rehomed but it won't redeem her in the least. I'm just trying to say her enemies didn't just appear to victimizer her randomly, she created them by being shitty.

also I never spoke for everyone, I said "a lot" here not even the majority. take a gd chill pill.

No. 755701

Forest Davis is a wannabe Jonny Craig With those awful face tattoos and pink hair
Atleast Jc can sing

No. 755705

god when are face tattoos ever a good idea? almost never.
as an ex fan who only watched her videos, knows nothing about reptiles, and didn't follow her on twitter, snapchat, or insta, it was easy to fall into the narrative that she wants people to believe- which is that she is innocent and that people are haters. as someone who only passively knew she had a boyfriend and never saw all the crazy rants on twitter etc, I had no idea of all the mounting evidence against her until she came out and said that she had been to rehab. She was VERY good at keeping that shit off of youtube until she got out of rehab and became the queen of heroin, so I think that's how she has retained a lot of her fanbase.

No. 755716

I broke my clavicle on the monkey bars when I was seven years old and couldn’t use my right arm for four months lol(blog)

No. 755721


Those mutton chop tattoos are lol-worthy.

No. 755722

eds anon here to tell you what you already know. fully or partially dislocating things in your sleep isnt too unusual. you might not know what is wrong specifically, but you know something is off/weird. I would buy that she partially/fully dislocated her clavicle in her sleep and was in pain but didn't know what was wrong, and saw the dr for it. No way in hell she shattered something in her sleep. eds or not. does she think everyone is dumb?

No. 755728

This is the place to post all of your useless EDS nonsense anons:


She is a heroin addict, the milk is in no way related to EDS and continuing to discuss it only supports that she is the most special worst victim ever that has to suffer from multiple diseases.

No. 755731

Can “EDS anons” shut the fuck up already. Her lying about her symptoms to cover up her heroin use is old milk. We get it, you have EDS and know she’s lying because her symptoms don’t match yours. Nobody wants to read your long ass rants about it

No. 755732

Riiiight. And the suspicously cubistic ass, and the very very very long elbow shadow, and the shadow upwards from her left arm and hand while everything else points down…

She literall looks like a street junkie someone gave nice clothes to. Like that is it. Inflatable Steven Tyler realness, sans charisma.

… Still no fucking animal enclosure tour, by the by.

No. 755733

My situation is exactly the same as this anon. When I heard he had rape/abuse allegations, I immediately unfollowed Taylor and found more info here.

No. 755734

She's always contorting her body so much it's almost painful to look at her. She's boxy, has a a belly pouch, broad frame, and a gigantic head. You can even see her sucking her belly.

No. 755735

nobody cares about your origin stories, anons.

No. 755737


Eh, that's kind of normal? I'm no fucking prize but I do all sorts of weird poses for groups selfies too mate

… however I've yet to defy the laws of optics and have my shadows going both up and down, and then every way around, fucking hell lol

No. 755740

File: 1580968985799.png (1.12 MB, 1063x1201, 1580882159097.png)

weird how the shadow of your arm follows the curvature of your ass, taylor. must be your EDS.

No. 755742

File: 1580969556521.jpg (717.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200205-221319.jpg)

Lol this looks disgusting

No. 755743

green could suit her just fine, there is already almost growing moss on her.

No. 755744

Please go green, so your greasy ass hair can look like mold is growing on it. The red will looks
like severe scalp irritation with her thin ass hair.

No. 755745

>it'll obviously look much better when it's actually done lol
lmao she already hates it from the photo but still wants to go through with it to ~look like halsey~
what a fucking mess. can't wait til she gets it done and looks even more haggard than now.

No. 755747

File: 1580970412596.png (90.63 KB, 748x646, Capture12345.PNG)

No. 755754

Rainbow!I wanna see her looking like a unicorn crapped on her head.

No. 755755

Irl that would look like a weird yarmulke

No. 755756

Taylor maybe you should be prioritizing an appointment with your dentist not your hairstylist.

No. 755759

File: 1580976125040.jpeg (170.29 KB, 750x1254, 609C3585-79D5-47B3-B976-3EB4DA…)

It looks like she has gingivitis here

No. 755762

File: 1580978217334.jpeg (202.88 KB, 1242x1729, ECC005E9-90EF-4CEA-B454-C56836…)

Impulsive much? (who’s shocked? Lol) a few tweets back (minutes ago) she was indecisive and now she’s gonna go in today??? Lol

No. 755763

File: 1580978283143.jpeg (208.16 KB, 1239x1009, B7560659-B48C-4D0E-B9B1-AC01C5…)

Not sure if this was posted but her it goes anyway.

Gotta love how she says it was a gift card but a shop that sucks….suuuure Jan. A gift card. Just to excuse her STILLL shopping at this racist shop.

No. 755764

Lets be real, a normal, sensible, nice, mature person would stay the eff away from Taylor. Crazies attracts crazies, Taylor will continue to make horrible choice in man because she is a horrible person herself.

No. 755765

Good, keep impulsively ruin your body further and further Taylor. Actually just a suggestion to Jen, rehome all of Taylor’s animals if you want an effective punishment and we can call be happy Taylor spiral down this hell hole just by herself.

No. 755766

She really looks worse by the day, if you look back at her own insta post, she looks pretty decent.. hell she could even go into modelling if she could. Now she just looks trashy, desperate and showing more skin to say relevant.

No. 755768

I think you could be right as the new guy looks like a bit of a tweaker. Whats the relevance with her gums tho?

No. 755769

damn she has zero impulse control. is anyone surprised she isn't able to stay sober?

No. 755770


It could be from rubbing drugs on her gums. Idk if that's popular with heroin, but it's popular with cocaine.

No. 755771

duh shes still using. she admitted to relapsing not long ago.

No. 755773

She could be the only person shopping from Dollskill and she'd keep them in business, why won't she just admit she doesn't give a shit about unethical business practices? Most people outside of virtue signaling Twitter users don't either. It's no secret that companies like Chick-fil-a, Lime Crime, Jimmy Johns, Forever 21 etc. are problematic but that doesn't stop people from spending their money there. How long is she going to keep using this gift card excuse until she realizes that she doesn't even have to tell people she still shops there?

No. 755774

File: 1580980153185.jpeg (292.44 KB, 1241x1950, 37AD1DF5-8DCB-466D-8030-E7D8FB…)

get therapy instead

No. 755775

What the fuck is wrong with her face..

I know she's already said she photoshop her nose and chin to be all alien tiny or whatev but this is just gross. Again, looking high as fuck.

I think her face looks so old because when she scrunches it, there are no lines on her forehead or anywhere, similar to when a 40 year old gets botox which makes them look 60,for whatever reason. Just the weirdest face I have ever seen.

No. 755776

File: 1580980818249.png (462.42 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20200206-112059.png)

No. 755777

File: 1580980968271.png (146.96 KB, 1080x797, Screenshot_20200206-112150.png)

what FRIENDS, taylor? you made a twitter poll which your tween fans voted 90% in favor of blue which you then deleted after 10 minutes.

these children are not your friends, taylor.

No. 755778

File: 1580981109343.jpeg (303.76 KB, 1237x1365, 1822C9E9-C680-4553-8436-4E801E…)

Here she goes again

No. 755779

File: 1580981116654.png (647.82 KB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_20200206-112603.png)

No. 755780

Damn I can't wait til half her hair burns off and it's her hairdresser's, fans', and mom's fault all at once. She's gonna look great bald.

No. 755781

so today she's sitting in her room jerking off planning her hair colors to "cure her depression". hope she dyes half her head blue half red to achieve the full clown look.

No. 755782


Please just bleach half your head and stop there to achieve the cruella deville look. Doesn’t kill puppies but close enough.

No. 755783

well that would actually fit her brand perfectly

No. 755784

funny how we were able to pick up on brodick's criminal background history before she could. yuou sure know how to choose them tho, right taytay?

No. 755785

weird how actually being with a musician she never said any of this. that could have been her chance to actually learn something from jc instead of learning to take H.

No. 755786

wtf is this?

No. 755787

at least clean your shit before posting semi nudes jeez

No. 755788

emulating jonny here

No. 755790

I'm waiting for the day she decides to get a real face tattoo

No. 755791

she's so impulsive and unstable i could absolutely see her doing this sometime soon.

No. 755792

anons, I just remembered I saw (thought I screenshotted) her post (ig or twitter) about her double nose piercings saying "ive been wanting this since middle school?????" did anyone else catch that?
thought that was pretty funny since we all know she copied syd.

I'll try and search again but if anyone else happened to catch that tooo…. just throwing it out there.

No. 755799

I thought I remembered that too, and I thought I remembered her NOT wanting a septum. Then all of a sudden Syd shows up and Tay wants a shit ton of nose piercings? Gonna post pics idk if they’re relevant sorry lmao

No. 755800

File: 1580988690451.jpeg (84.28 KB, 828x405, 3D8953A9-58A8-43CD-867F-0F71C6…)

Wants a septum now?? She’s been considering it for a couple months now but didn’t she say she was on the fence about it and didn’t want one last year? Why is she trying to be Syd,, I feel bad for this girl

No. 755801

File: 1580988802794.jpeg (548.5 KB, 828x1068, 7D828900-148D-4E4B-A457-1FE9DB…)

Caught trying to make her mom look bad to her fans. Also the piercing thing again, sorry aaa

Haven’t been in the thread since she had a couple months clean. To me it seems like when she got out of rehab last year, she was extremely manic like she is now. She was definitely still using out of rehab.

No. 755802

this was posted ages ago.

No. 755803

anon here that posted quoted - she posted a photo of herself with her nose piercings and captioned the story “I’ve been wanting nose piercings since middle school!!!” Along those lines.

No. 755807

File: 1580994612850.png (1.1 MB, 828x1792, 95AADD09-425F-4EDF-99BC-0876AE…)

No. 755808


Gingivitis isn't about color dumbass. Your gums are swollen the fuck up because all you consume is bigred and fries. I'm sure drug addiction doesn't help.

No. 755809

Sure Taylor. Seeing him since.. November? You know places archive everything you post, including your tinder adventures, your thirst posts to other e celebs.

Glad to see you still lurk here. Maybe start taking our advice? XoXo

No. 755811

File: 1580995873939.png (233.56 KB, 596x806, Capture.PNG)

No. 755813

“I doubt my own existence everyday” oh lord… of course the type of men Taylor would pick are classic soft boi like this, they are perfect for each other.

No. 755816

File: 1580998393285.jpg (640.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200206-071438_Twi…)

No. 755817

File: 1580998481274.jpg (442.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200206-071510_Twi…)

You will come back once Taylor ditch you and you become his new abusive trope for her to exploit because "so abuse I don't know who is good for meeee~"

No. 755822

This is the first time she has talked about that guy in literally months, so I am on board with the theories that he doesn't exist and she fakes these conversations to show her little tweenie fans how much she doesn't care.
Taylor: Gingivitis is an infection of the gums caused caused by (among other things) improper oral hygiene. It causes puffy and sore gums and has nothing to do with their color.

My theory: She's been boning that tatted up meth head who is basically an almost literal reprise of JC.

It's OK to have a type, Taylor, but maybe you should consider (when you come down off whatever you are on right now) that bad boys in real life don't usually make good partners, and especially bad boys who are unemployable because of facial tats and drug abuse. As should have been obvious from your two year association with JC (you know, your ~abuser~ )

No. 755823

Why does she have screenshots of both sides of the conversation? Sure you’re not texting yourself, Taylor?

No. 755825

File: 1581000390735.png (287.4 KB, 974x779, Capture.PNG)

it's supposed to be the boytoy sending a screenshot back to her. it's fiction either way though so w/e

No. 755826

Imagine wasting this much money on lip fillers and veneers to look like a literal squirrel biting into an apple when you simply smile. Just stick to looking like a dead corpse in pics because smiling isn’t your strong suit Taylor.

Am I the only one who thinks he resembles Post Malone… maybe it’s just the face tats. But yeah, she definitely has a type. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this girl was riddled with STDs. I mean she goes after filthy looking dudes and ones who are desperate enough to share needles. She’s too much of a bimbo to ever seriously question their past drug use. But who are we kidding, Taylor would get HIV and claim to be cured from it 3 months later.

No. 755829


Taylor is just dumb, young and immature. There's nothing wrong with tattoos, piercings or any of that shit.

She has emotionally stunted attitudes because she's never had to deal with reality. Alot of this stuff people grow out of when they're teenagers. The emo tough guy romance sounds good on paper, he'll protect me, care for me, be brave ect. but many of the bad bois are just weak, cowardly, losers who can't take care of themselves. How does she expect a using heroin addict to take care of her?

>Like face tattoos? good luck getting a job. >Enjoy eating junkfood 24/7? Enjoy diabetes and health problems.

>Enjoy drugs and Heroin? Expect a premature death.
>Your friends are losers and drug addicts? I hope you don't want to accomplish anything in life.

It's not like anything is bad per se, but when it starts taking over your life at the expense of other responsibilities you've got a problem. She's lost the right to complain at this point.

No. 755836

So either this is Forrest, or a real guy she is cheating on with Forrest, or fake?
Sounds great in all potential situations, Tay! THRIVING

No. 755839

already deleted, not surprising

No. 755842

She probably didn't know what gingivitis is when she posted it.

Smoking meth will absolutely give you gingivitis and rot your teeth, and she has confirmed smoking meth. Mix that with her atrocious lack of hygiene and it wouldn't surprise me at all if she had it.

How many times a week do you think she brushes her teeth? I think her brushing her teeth at all is a stretch.

No. 755846

She is awake at this time? Surprise. Must be on some uppers. Hey Taylor, it’s obvious to adults that you are using. The children that follow you have lived too sheltered of lives to be able to tell. IMO dope would be better for Taylor, maybe she could spend some time cleaning her “cages”. Haha she won’t. Hey Taylor, take better care of your “thriving” animals. They can’t breathe under the mass of shit you have piled on them. Lay off the dope. That’s where you’re gingivitis came from. That, or pills. Go to the dentist Taylor. Have your Merrm take you. Make sure she bathes and feeds you first though. We don’t want CPS called on Jen for “neglect”. Grow the fuck up Taylor.

No. 755848

Multiple fuck bois is possible but unlikely imo.

Jake said she was a raging slut in rehab, but I don't think she seriously considers forest as long term compatible, just someone to cuddle till she gets bored of him.

Taylor is a coward and she won't get rid of him till she finds a replacement. That's just how she operates.

Now surrounding herself with multiple thirsty druggies for attention i'll buy.

I agree, she didn't know what gingivitis is, she looked like an idiot so she deleted it.

Could also be dip, that's how jonny's teeth rotted out.

It's these little things that really make me concerned for her animals. She's absolutely neglecting them, if you can't handle the bare minimum of your own needs you have no place owning animals.

No. 755853

the day is coming soon, she has zero impulse control. everything she does is based on whims.

No. 755858

This is very typical of Taylor, she goes like "yeah sure I have a heroin addiction now and my cats ate my snake lmfao" and then it all turns out to be true. She earlier said tinder dick (if he would have been real) dumped her after the Jonny ranting.

No. 755864

In the texts, you can tell she definitely told that dude about this thread. Hopefully he’ll actually read through it and see she’s not someone to be involved with.

No. 755868

If this dude even exists. It could be just her messaging herself to pretend there’s a convo going on where she found out about this

No. 755869

Of course he doesn't exist, her imaginary chat friend and these one way convos is just a reason to sperg about the hashtag and this site but still remain seemingly "unbothered". Which is good really, because then her fans will find these threads and stop following her dangerous advice.

No. 755873


Are you kidding me? Ofc Forest exists, the text faking tinfoil is just stupid. Texting herself is just too retarded even for her, and it's obvious she dating forest now.

>tinder guy existed
>tinder guy dumped her after jonny sperg
>Taylor found forest to replace him
>Taylor is lying saying this is the same as tinder guy
>Taylor is trying to pass off forest as the same guy she's been seeing to avoid looking slutty.

Taylor is trying to protect her ego by saying she's only dated one guy, she doesn't want to admit she got dumped by someone who figured out she was crazy.

Forest doesn't have a family, tinder guy does, it's in the threads, lurk moar.

No. 755874

If your gums are healthy and well taken care of, it won’t bleed or even be swollen like hers if you accidentally cut it or even floss hard af. LMAO she’s an idiot and I hope the girl doesn’t get shit from Taylor’s idiot brainless stans.

No. 755877

>avoid looking slutty
But anon, she loves dick! And dick is her life she said before. She’s just obsessing over the thought of one-upping Jonny and Syd so she’s appearing as though she met a PeRfEcT man so easily like how Jonny met Syd. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to move in with him and show the world how PeRfEcT they are to one-up Jonny

No. 755878

the person in the texts isn’t forest you retard

No. 755879

this dude was supposed to be off tinder or something but i feel like it was forrest from the beginning and this relapse bullshit started as soon as they hooked up, all the texts are definitely some soft drug boy bullshit which matches up

No. 755880


What a fucking dumb fuck.

She completely 180'ed her position. She was claiming she didn't have it.



hur dur, I cut my mouth… I CALL BULLSHIT! Grow a fucking spine Taylor and start taking care of yourself, Your entire mouth is puffy as hell, no way it's a cut. Why does she feel the need to lie about such useless shit?

She's not fooling anyone, her mouth is gross because she doesn't take care of it, just like her animals, her hair and her bed.

No. 755882

File: 1581016282082.jpg (283.52 KB, 1536x1010, Screenshot_20200206-195429.jpg)

No. 755883

File: 1581016439178.jpg (195.54 KB, 1536x541, Screenshot_20200206-195723.jpg)

It's a repeat of Jake all over again.

No. 755888

i’m 99% sure i know the guy she’s been talking to and thankfully he’s the exact opposite of jake. far more likely that he just wants cheap and easy sex from her with no strings attached so she’s in for a rude awakening when she scares him off by admitting she has hep C or something. but then again this is taylor so who knows if she even tells her sex partners that

No. 755890

This guy is following her hate thread and joining in by calling her “stank breath” to her face via text, and Taylor thinks that is 10/10 boyfriend material? Bitch…
Idk what’s more pathetic: the tinfoil that she is texting herself or she is actually with someone that calls her names and follows her hates threads

No. 755891

Taylor: I care less about what people think
Also Taylor: Lurks on lolcow so much that she knows people are speculating that the trashy new bf doesn’t exist.

Hi Taylor, you go get a life!

No. 755892

Definitely the later one cause ya know she is been through abuse and actual rape that she doesn’t know how to make good choices in men.

News flash Taylor, made a mistake once its on the men, the rest is on fucking you. Genius.

No. 755893

Are you saying you know the guy or you are saying you assume he would 99% want cheap trashy taylor ass for sex? If you do know him, spill some milk. Lol grabs popcorn

No. 755895

Has she even dated anyone that she claims was not abusive? Afaik she has said they have all abused or raped her

No. 755896

File: 1581022174556.png (2.1 MB, 828x1792, C022E8E4-8329-4CCD-8A6D-E457F3…)

No. 755897

File: 1581022205680.jpeg (105.09 KB, 900x675, C38E4F6A-4C73-462D-805A-ABA90D…)

No. 755899

oh look, it's the spots anons were tinfoiling about when they noticed marks. What a coincidence topkek

No. 755900

aka I'm super dehydrated so they had trouble hitting my veins but in reality her pics from literally a night or two with obvious track marks prove those veins are working perfectly.

No. 755902

File: 1581022906826.png (293.45 KB, 828x1792, 420E2C95-81A3-4EF6-859D-7816D0…)

No. 755904

This bitch dumb af. Cool story bro.

No. 755907

This probably the 3rd time she's tweeted about this exact scenario, FFS we get it, you're the junkiest junkie that ever junkied.

boring cow.

No. 755908


Retarded flex, but ok.

No. 755909

File: 1581024046967.jpg (790.48 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200207-082022_Ins…)

You had no trouble tho did you Tay kek

No. 755911


yo, dehydrated people have shit veins and get poked more than once but lets pretend you were some epicccc iv drug user with "no usable veins"

she also coulda added those bandaids herself after the phleb left the room

No. 755912

for never healing? you’re literally on drugs. maybe try actually being sober like you claim and then you might see some differences

No. 755915

Christ… she really embracing 2020 with turning a new leaf by being worse….. I even hate her more now than before she dump JC gross ass and thats saying a lot!

No. 755916

Why are they doing needle stuff at IOP? This isnt normal for a drug test, is it?

No. 755917

File: 1581025588308.jpeg (234.91 KB, 750x651, 79C99BA1-7FB1-4DAD-B052-5C0462…)

Taylor is definitely dating the guy for his money. Lol

Hey dude if you are still lurking her, I hope you get enough action (and hep C) from your gifts investment.

No. 755918

File: 1581025990739.jpg (475.13 KB, 1536x1257, Screenshot_20200206-225403.jpg)

No. 755919

i have such a hard time believing this. as many have pointed out it's nearly impossible that a facility will just stop providing suboxone cold turkey to their patients.

No. 755920

File: 1581026151424.jpg (124.93 KB, 1536x380, Screenshot_20200206-225538.jpg)

Stan says she looks uncomfortable

Taylor goes to instagram to ham it up and say she was sOoOo uNcOmFoRtAbLe

No. 755924

"honest about the drugs in your system" meaning there clearly are still drugs in her system…

No. 755925

That’s because she can’t have an idea of her own. Pity points for the IG.

No. 755926

I am with the anons who tinfoil she got kicked out because of mixing alcohol with the subs. Her story doesn't match up. I'd imagine there would be record or media coverage about it. Low-key hope some media site that has covered her is curious enough to go after a story from the IOP.

No. 755927

So did she set up a timer on her handy and placed it somewhere while she was alone in there or did she ask the nurse to take this photo? Either way, it's just so desperate and I'm actually embarrassed for her

No. 755928

there isn’t any milk, he’s very white bread and unassuming. i don’t think he has any clue about these threads and doesn’t know taylor super well.

No. 755930

I was wondering that too. I have never seen that at any clinic. Urine is absolutely what they do because it will tell the doc what your sub levels are to make sure you are taking them properly.

No. 755931

Same or she could be such a nuisance at her previous IOP as you can very clearly by her behaviour online that they kick her out.

taylor, even if you think you have a life behind screen, you clearly don’t. You done nothing to enrich your own life before dating JC but at least you had your youtube income, but now you are throwing it all down the toilet with no one’s fault to blame this time!

No. 755932

Or the doc lost his privileges to prescribe suboxone. Which is possible if something shady was going on.

No. 755934

>look at my tits
>remember how I am world reknown junkie

she is beyond pathetic

No. 755940

File: 1581030611903.png (578.12 KB, 391x731, sure.PNG)

I haven't either only urine. They're very accurate when they're the ones sent to the lab not the strip ones that are easy to fake.

I noticed there are mutiple different tubes. Tinfoil but I'd be more inclined to believe that this is to check her liver/hep C. Subs can be hard on the liver so they sometimes check that if you have an already taxed liver. Like someone who is still using and has hep c. this just proves he followers are naive them saying she looked uncomfortable when clearly posing

No. 755944

Holy fuck, why is she going on and on about this shit? She is so desperate to be a special snowflake and get sympathy from people.

No. 755952

File: 1581033417703.jpg (291.87 KB, 1078x984, IMG_20200206_155659.jpg)

This must be why she ended up deleting it.

No. 755953

It's possible. Going by the number of tubes and tube types they're testing multiple things - maybe different drug traces, hep C antibodies, and a general work up? I'm not sure what they'd normally test on intake but the number of tiger tops and lavenders suggest more than just one or two things.

No. 755955

File: 1581033929670.png (57.39 KB, 608x557, uh.PNG)

Still spreading misinformation that ua's aren't accurate to see drugs in your system. People get dinged for having the wrong levels of suboxone and various other meds by those very ua's all the time.

Which I'm sure she is one of them because just like the weekly strip prescription they usually only test people weekly when they fail a ua and continue to fail them. Most people who are "thriving" lol, and actually sober usually get tested every month or so in an iop program like hers. She's literally in the lowest level commitment when it comes to group therapy.

No. 755962

Jfc this is such a stupid lie and I can’t believe she won’t give it up. NuHope did NOT stop prescribing suboxone - they stopped prescribing YOU suboxone Taylor. You were removed from the program.

No. 755963

Yes, I'm sure it's because she tried heroin once causing every vein in her body to immediately shrink into nothingness and has not a thing to do with dehydration from all the salt-laden whataburger fries she's constantly sucking down.

No. 755969

Just following simple logic and common sense. America is very happy lawsuit. Imagine if they really did what she said they did. They'd be in really deep shit right now.

There are two possible scenarios:

a) That the doctor that was prescribing the subs was doing some shady shit, like some anon said.
b) She got kicked out for abusing subs.

Given the fact she's been kicked out of rehab and two sober facilities, the second is way more plausible. It's also possible someone from her program snitched on all the shit she was posting on social media.

No. 755975

File: 1581038796806.jpeg (315.9 KB, 828x769, BB05BEDA-6DAC-4C68-8261-24ADFA…)

No. 755977

but your mom does pop off on you on twitter pretty regularly, taylor. it's actually pretty funny how hard it is to tell the difference between real and fake jen.

No. 755981

File: 1581040335980.png (70.44 KB, 594x626, Capture.PNG)

hilarious jokes, taylor.

No. 755983

File: 1581040460903.png (63.31 KB, 601x555, Capture.PNG)

>LMFAO, what kind of person sits around doing this??? Like don't you have a life to live and enjoy instead of sitting in your filth interacting with a troll impersonating your mom on twitter?

No. 755984

super cool to joke about stashing drugs under a disabled kids bed…

No. 755986

she's so close to realizing it. it's literally right there in front of her. not today, i guess.

No. 755991

Ultra kek

Ya ya, receipts or gtfo

No. 755992

File: 1581043590715.jpeg (419.07 KB, 1936x1936, 0E0071EE-ED02-4BBB-B2F1-E471D7…)

Mentally preparing myself for her new look…

No. 755995

I still think forest only came along recently. tinder boy was still living with his parents, forest definitely isn't. forest is also supposed to be filthy rich and taylor has recently started to get ~gifts~ so that checks out. pretty sure forest is the one taylor refers to as her "friend" lately >>749687 and >>753373 and >>751489
the guy she's texting with on the other hand (if he exists) is always referred to as "this amazing guy I'm seeing". I don't think they're the same guy.

No. 755997

What the fuck is that? That looks hilariously absurd. I can't wait for her chain (pun intended) of selfies with that shit on her nose.

No. 756002

nose chains? really, now? i'm so glad i'm retarded when it comes to trends.

No. 756007

Eww just when you think Taylor can’t get any worse she whips out chains and shit like this..I’m pretty sure she knows she’s a meme at this point lmfao

No. 756008

she's gonna get her nostrils infected/full of keloids with a chain on them so early on.
they need 2-3 months to heal before even changing the jewelry or putting other shit like a chain on them.

INB4 she ends up needing one or both of them cut out because she caught the chain on something and ripped the stud/s through her nose

No. 756011

Anon, youre joking. That is NOT a real thing, is it??

No. 756012

File: 1581049873855.jpg (51.54 KB, 600x600, 64206.otherimage4_grande.jpg)

yes and of course she loves them, they're tacky af

No. 756016

File: 1581050545917.png (11.18 MB, 1242x2208, 47683822-D154-4B47-85CA-20AC8A…)

I think it’s cute on some, but not for Taylor.

No. 756021

She can wear this with her bull ring beanie and she will be the ultimate edgy scene kid emo drug addict edge lord that she’s trying to emulate. Bonus points for tract marks in the photo so she can be super edgy & scary

No. 756022

File: 1581057220936.jpg (527.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200206-223352.jpg)

Mama Dean is not amused.

No. 756024

File: 1581057364904.jpg (482.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200206-223639.jpg)

It's really obvious where Taylor learned to be a victim queen from

No. 756027

damn that's pretty cold. I'd understand if someone was genuinely harassing them irl but taylor and jen literally go searching through tags to find this shit. it's ALL these "people" do.

what a shocker that the parody accounts keep popping up when you keep reacting to them.

No. 756035

My bets on that its the same guy, face tatts and “I doubt my own existence everyday”, perfect combo for Taylor.

And when Taylor says he is “patient” and how he is a perfect guy, she would say anyone is perfect and nice the moment she jumps on a new dicks. Said the same about JC and Jake, she is so basic and predictable.

No. 756037

well I mean it's all tinfoil at this point but every time she's been out forest (getting piercings, tats, etc) she's said she's with a "friend" not "the amazing guy I'm seeing".
she could be trying to intentionally cover it up since people found out about forest though. or the ~amazing~ guy she's texting started out as tinder guy and is now forest. who knows

No. 756043

can you newfags please stop being retarded and skimming the thread? it’s very obvious they’re two completely different people especially thanks to the fact that taylor posted texts with another person talking about the guy she’s been seeing,
and the first two letters of his name were definitely NOT “Fo” as in forest.

No. 756057

There's that and the story she posted on New Year's with some guy's hand that wasn't tattooed at all. That's literally the only reason why to me there for sure have been at least two guys (including Forest) because that's the only solid proof we have ever gotten about "tinder guy". Which is suspicious in itself because she can't help but sperg about every man. Actually, she has posted more stories about Forest as "my friend" than of tinder guy. Forest took her to get her piercings and tattoos we know for sure. So why wouldn't her "boyfriend" take her for all that? The whole situation is weird.

No. 756066

File: 1581091575348.png (83.13 KB, 1080x468, Screenshot_20200207-180546.png)

why does this dumb fat boomer care about her follower count

No. 756067

Because people gassed her up on twitter by saying “she has haturzzz.” She think she’s important because there are fake accounts of her. So of course she would act this way.

No. 756074

File: 1581094227692.png (97.38 KB, 452x521, Capture _2020-02-07-10-38-40.p…)

A Forest profile popped up on Twitter today. Not entirely convinced it's legit. Taylor isn't following him, but he follows her. Only 3 tweets and they're just interacting with the haters in the hashtag.

If it turns out to actually be Forest then it confirms Taylor is with 2 guys (or one fake guy) since Forest said the stank breathe texts weren't his. Take it with a grain of salt for now though, it looks fake.

No. 756075

File: 1581094276809.png (157.21 KB, 480x962, 2020-2-7_10-47-35.PNG)

No. 756076


I'd say 100% fake.

No. 756078

This looks really fake. The account was made this month and their username is just the name "forest" with a bunch of numbers tacked on at the end? Who makes a genuine Twitter account for themselves like that?

Its either fake (most likely) or this adult man decided to make a twitter dedicated to Taylor and talking to her stans lmao

No. 756092

File: 1581098971762.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x2317, inCollage_20200207_190945518.j…)

No. 756095

the location is legit (the same as his facebook) at least.
but man, I'm still not convinced the jake profile was real either. or maybe the guys taylor attracts really are just as happy to twitter sperg as she is.

No. 756096

does twitter auto generate usernames like that? If so then I could understand both of them making semi throwaway accounts just to interact with her/her stans/haters. I haven't made a twitter account in ages though so idk

No. 756098

Thanks for posting this, anon, i was hoping someone would

No. 756103

It's a thing. Go over to Etsy and you'll find a shop or two selling them to basic white girls who are desperate to be edgy.

No. 756110

Tinfoil but I guess it lines up in the sense that I assume Forest was the one who was spamming this thread since it was around the time anons found his criminal history and if hes willing to do that I dont put it past him to make a Twitter just because he wants to "clap back" at the stans/haters he probably sees on Instagram.

Still that profile looks a little fishy to me considering that photo hes using for his profile picture was a picture posted two days ago on Instagram while his first tweet was only 1 day ago and the tweet was to Taylor (which she didnt like or reply to). I'm sure Taylor will comment on it though eventually if it is fake so we'll have to wait for her day long Twitter rants to find out if she follows him back or not lmao.

No. 756112

We already know who spammed the thread it was some random loser on Twitter. Not Forest.

I doubt Forest has enough brain cells to find this site. The texting guy is either fake or some other guy since Taylor has no problem fucking like 10 guys at once.

No. 756151

File: 1581123878061.png (1.2 MB, 1242x2688, A5103EB3-0C8C-4AD2-B213-43AE74…)

*from heroin, but that’s it. Otherwise I’m ~THRIVING~

No. 756166

Fuck sake.. like mother like daughter. Does their life involves around followers counts and measures themselves by their internet fame?? Get a fucking life.

No. 756168

Same or different men, we can trust taylor to find the trashiest of trashiest men. Go forth and fuck up taylor! Sober qweeeennn

No. 756178

How does forrest have money?

No. 756183

Anons have said his family is wealthy.

No. 756187

Wait, but I could have sworn she blamed lolcow for scaring off this guy around New Year's? Too lazy to scroll back for the screenshot but something about how "the person she's been talking to for months decided to stop talking to her" after learning new info or something? So then how can this be according to TND "the same guy she's been talking to for months"?

No. 756204

No, he stopped talking to her because she went on a 3 day bender of tweeting 24hrs a day about the pregnancy and ignored him.

No. 756205

File: 1581134895218.png (204.58 KB, 1080x1273, Screenshot_20200208-060704.png)

jen's still infoiling that the troll accounts are JC lmao. stop fantasizing about jonny impregnating your daughter, jennifer, he doesn't care about either of you.

No. 756206

No Jen, young ass girls are who you daughter sends her nudes to in the secret group chat you're in. You know that.

No. 756213

File: 1581140117854.jpg (823.61 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200207-213602.jpg)

Any day now I'm sure

No. 756217

how can she sound so productive, successful and proud even though she hasn't done literally shit all year?

No. 756219

File: 1581141803816.png (66.29 KB, 532x540, Capture123.PNG)

No. 756220

This is just hilarisad. Nothing is ever her fault and she has NO ISSUES and doesn't apparently understand enabling…

… and then there's this dreamboard bullshit lol

People who bang on about what they're going to achieva and do and change all day long really seldom actually DO a shred of it. And people are sick of her lies.

No. 756222

>People who bang on about what they're going to achieva and do and change all day long really seldom actually DO a shred of it.

She's been making big changes even before she got forced to break up with JC, and at best, the changes are mediocre. It's all for self-validation and to get an ego boost from the people who still believe her.

She'll end up just like her ex, with like 4 people saying "yaaaas kween slay" at every dumb tweet she posts.

No. 756226

File: 1581145370010.png (33.1 KB, 540x267, Capture123.PNG)

so woke

No. 756229

File: 1581146192371.png (81.75 KB, 538x723, Capture123.PNG)

STILL going on about JC. it's february jfc

No. 756230

lol it's going to be February 2021 before she's through whining about JC and trying to get his attenshun

She really has nothing going for her in her own life, huh? Just circling the drain with the same old, same old, "I'm the bestest smartest hardest junkie ever, no one ever was abused like I was abused, oh poor pity meeee" with a rare side of her clutching one of her animals in her hand in a painful, awkward grip

No. 756232

Keywords-hoping to finally make changes-Bitch get real. Hoping doesn’t equal shit. Finally make changes. Just. Fucking. Do. It. Quit being a broken ass record. Taylor, you’re mom is an enabler, as well as all the people that tell you that you’re great. If somebody actually gave a fuck, they would knock you off the pedestal you put yourself on. Shit, not too long ago it was a weekly schedule for videos. Who’s paying the bills Tay? Why do you live with your parents when you’re an adult? You’re not thriving, you are a more deplorable version of an incel.

No. 756233

>instead of announcing you're coming back to youtube just do it
>but I'm not saying I'm coming back now
I'm losing braincells.

No. 756236

this is awesome. great job, anon. thanks for sharing.

No. 756237

File: 1581149721534.png (54.13 KB, 599x404, Capture123.PNG)

taylor sounds like the person who disappears for days to "find out who her real friends are" and throws a huge tantrum when no one checks up on her.

No. 756238

File: 1581149891431.png (56.89 KB, 596x425, Capture123.PNG)

seriously though, go to sleep jen, it's 2am.

No. 756239

The sun shines out of your daughter's every orifice, doesn't it, Jen? My god this family is a prime example of how not to parent if you want to raise a productive member of society.

No. 756241

File: 1581152902272.png (15.68 KB, 489x127, Capture123.PNG)

No. 756247

File: 1581158213085.png (901.8 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20200208-123707.png)


No. 756248

File: 1581158263781.png (376.91 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20200208-123817.png)

No. 756249

Dear Mama Dean,
Taylor is never moving out.
Common sense

No. 756252

but claims to call the police to swat JC no problem, make it make sense

No. 756253

This legit looks like a fucking mannequin at a salvation army in some ghetto neighborhood, her pallor is clay and her nose is fug

No. 756254

Ifa been said a million times but she makes it so clear that what she’s really upset about Jonny ditching her for Syd and getting her pregnant. “He just jumped into a new relationship!” Says the girl who was jumping on every dick in rehab before even breaking up with Jonny, kek.

No. 756256

File: 1581167936895.jpg (627.88 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200208-051909.jpg)

So she thinks she's 8 months sober?

No. 756257


Can you fucking read? She's literally saying she isn't 8 months sober

No. 756258

To be fair I read it as her claiming to be 8 months sober as well.

No. 756265

I love how’s she’s all “nobody would know that I started using again if I didn’t say I anything.” Bitch, we all know you’ve been using the whole time.

No. 756274

I read "when I hadn't" as "when I hadn't <shared that I relapsed>". So calm down.

No. 756279

File: 1581176105628.png (177.2 KB, 760x744, Screenshot_20200208-102837.png)

>whenever I go awhile without filming

that explains why every single video is incredibly awkward

No. 756290

Hey Taylor, filming should be easy if you’re “thriving.” You’re not though and neither are you’re animals. You’re ego is frightened as reality is sneaking up on it. Hence postponement of videos. Views are down and your ego just can’t, but she’s thriving.

No. 756292

also funny to have a "return video" every other time she uploads. it's not really a "return" if you disappear again immediately. better accept that you're just a channel that uploads once every few months, not once a week like you still seem to think.

No. 756296

Must be getting her roots dyed. At a mall salon. Lol… This should be good.

No. 756308

This bitch really has to go her hair and nails did for ANOTHER comeback video? Like now she’s actually putting forth effort into her appearance after she’s looked like a crackhead since her first YouTube comeback after rehab. Something tells me that she has to put forth the extra effort to distract her audience from her recent relapse.

Has anyone counted how many times she’s had a “YouTube comeback” in the last eight months? Lol this bitch needs to lay her YouTube career to rest already.

No. 756310

Didn't she just get her nails done at the end of January, and then pick them off within a few days? What a waste of time and money.

No. 756314

Must be hard to do heroin with those long ass nails

No. 756319

remember though, "$600 is like my $50"

No. 756323

Those tacky ass things were acrylic? I figured they were press-ons

No. 756332

File: 1581201046364.png (856.04 KB, 1242x642, etsy.PNG)

naw they were indeed press ons from etsy

No. 756345

top kek, what a fake ass bitch

No. 756349

File: 1581205960732.png (297.96 KB, 750x1334, 12CDC94C-6A4B-4815-AA8C-F4BBE3…)

The real Mama Dean commented this on a post lol whatever she means by that ..prolly being a sarcastic dumbass as usual

No. 756364

She is. It's the same account she attacked in >>756238

No. 756368

It's been almost 12 hours. Bleaching hair doesn't take that long. I think her hair fell out

No. 756369

Lol you're right. She must be in damage control mode

No. 756370

Lol she probably made the mistake of washing it first. A wash before a bleach will definitely cause massive damage. If she had her roots done and she did wash her hair before, it’ll be fried at the roots. Made that mistake with highlights as a child. She’s going to look like an old man.

No. 756372

Taylor? Washing her hair? I doubt that

No. 756374

Considering the coat of grease on her scalp, and how legitimately stupid she is, I do think it's possible for her to have washed her hair before going to the salon.

No. 756378

She has to put on a good show. It would look bad on her part going to a hairdresser with nasty hair. IMO she probably showered before her outing. She does that at least once a week right? She is stupid enough to wash her hair before getting it bleached. The illusion of “thriving.” I really hope this is what happened, but it’s going to look like trash anyways.

No. 756386

so much for the youtube comeback this month, I guess.

No. 756389

This girl has the rare opportunity to get to do what she loves for a living and make tons of money doing it and she just… sits at home doing nothing? Taylor if you actually wanted to film again you would. People who want to do things just do it; if not they’ll just keep making excuses. The more someone brags about their plans the less likely they are to get anything done because even just talking about it gives them the satisfaction of productivity. Don’t throw your life away because you’re lazy.

No. 756392

File: 1581228903087.jpg (61.98 KB, 540x540, iftheshoefits.jpg)

If only her faithful stans could see past their rose colored glasses.

No. 756393

>Don’t throw your life away because you’re lazy.

Let's be real, Taylor has always been lazy. Looking back, she's done the bare minimum for her animals, her education, and her choice in men. Or "resisting" shit like heroin. Hell, despite her numerous health issues, this bitch does not exercise and eats junk food like it's going out of style despite being oh-so-Celiac.

She's not got a shred of integrity because she was never taught accountability or consequences. And hey, Jen, since I know you're reading this thread: that means YOU.

No. 756395

If Taylor thinks she is thriving in this situation I can only imagine what conditions her poor animals are "thriving" in.

No. 756397

You make an excellent point, ugh. No wonder she thinks her animals living in their own filth without enrichment or even water is "thriving" when we've seen the stains on her blankets in the bedroom she doesn't seem to leave, and how often she doesn't shower. She eats trash too so no wonder she's fine feeding her animals nutritiously incomplete diets. People who can't take care of themselves absolutely shouldn't have animals.

No. 756405

File: 1581236005233.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20200209-101403.png)

No. 756413

No 600 selfies alone in her room? I wonder if her mall salon hair appt went bad.

No. 756416

Maybe she didn't went because was to busy getting high, she has state before numerous times that she went to get a tattoo done and only announced a few days latter she didn't went because she "forgot" or "was late".

If this happen again we can confirm she stills uses (she haven't tried to get clean after she relapse) and doesn't have intentions to get clean any time soon. The pattern is repeting, again.

No. 756417

File: 1581246114121.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20200209-130151.png)

No. 756422

File: 1581252674325.png (435.61 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20200209-145137.png)

No. 756423

Doesn't look like she went.

No. 756424

File: 1581253634578.png (235.98 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20200209-150535.png)

that's actually a solid plan, taylor. it's clear you haven't enjoyed your animals for a while now. rehome them and start doing shitty hauls or whatever, your stans won't care.

No. 756425

File: 1581253706988.png (180.65 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20200209-150912.png)

No. 756426

No word about actually taking care of her animals, or getting clean and staying sober.

Quelle surprise.

No. 756427

She actually responds to those messages? She IS that desperate for attention. "C that?, all my HaDuRz are dum"

Not to be a total fag but the upside down cross (cross of St. Peter) is an actual thing and not a Hollywood idea. Not suprised to see idiots of a feather flocking together.

No. 756430

File: 1581254215614.png (153.5 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20200209-151633.png)

this tweet is already deleted. pic attached was one of the other replies.

No. 756431

Oh no, she's almost self-aware! Almost.

She gets tired of her animals the moment they're not "new" and "exciting" anymore. I do not understand why she can't just rehome them FFS. I enjoy laughing at this cow but this is the one thing I wish someone would seriously help her with, or at least give her an intervention.

No. 756432

I love when cows make lists like these. It'll be fun to compare to what she actually accomplishes by the end of this year

No. 756436

Does anyone else find it odd that Jonny mentioned several times that he was going to be finding out the sex of his child soon, and hasn't made any mention of it since? It's been what, 3 days now since that doctor's appointment should have taken place? I was kind of looking forward to the Twitter meltdown Taylor would have had if Jonny had announced it was a girl.

No. 756438

I swear I remember him saying it was a boy in an ig story like a month ago. it wasnt posted here though. and no meltdown from tay either.

No. 756439

I haven't seen Syd post anything on her instagram story about the sex of the baby yet

No. 756440

calling it now, if she does attempt to go vegan she’s gonna follow some shit fad diet or just continue eating garbage and become malnourished because she knows fuck all about nutrition. then she’ll make some sensationalized video about why she’s not vegan anymore or why being vegan almost killed her

taylor, for the sake of your own health and the legitimacy of the movement, don’t go vegan. it tastes at least 2 brain cells of a smidgen of effort to do it healthily and we both know you don’t have those.

No. 756441

Do Whataburger do vegan fries?

No. 756443

well if they don't it's okay because veganism is a spectrum, just like sobriety!

No. 756447

Why tf is tofu still the same size as when she first got him like a year ago??? He def shouldve grown quite a bit by now

No. 756448

despite Taylor's insistence that she's fixed the problem, Star is still overweight.

That does not look like hair that's just been done at a salon. It looks like hair that's not been washed in at least a week.

>1. keep whining on Twitter about my uwu trauma I walked into with eyes and arms wide open
>2. continue to hide/deny my addictions (especially hoarding)
>3. maybe post a video every month or two
>4. Find another drug den to hide in
>5. drive without a license more
>6. continue to claim celiac while eating foods that would be unsafe for people with the disease
>7. learn what showers are
>8. get high
>9. kill another baby kitten I mean KISS! kiss a kitten

because she killed and replaced him. she has admitted that she punctured his lung while trying to inject him while she was high. then drove him to the vet, while high, where he was said to have gone "blue and hard". explains why he hasn't grown and why all his ~taming progress~ is non-existent and he still strikes at her constantly.

No. 756454

File: 1581264537169.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x2306, 074D389A-9836-4425-8E7F-5111BF…)

Taylor even your mom can stick to an upload schedule, and that’s even with having to pick up after your filthy junkie ass.

No. 756462

File: 1581269088281.png (5.54 MB, 1242x2688, C60E49FF-7853-4C13-98A1-67503B…)

Video posted. Snake’s tongue stayed like this when sticking back tongue in

No. 756465

File: 1581269493306.png (3.27 MB, 828x1792, E13B73AD-D6A6-4A0B-94BF-A3C589…)

Lmfao she has an answer for everything

No. 756466

the attention seeking is so desperate. put some pants on, tay.

No. 756467

WTF, did she really just take her pants off to post that pic and write that drivel after anon upthread mentioned Tofu's lack of growth?

We're having a productive Sunday, aren't we Tay? lmao

No. 756468

Another RI?

Her hair must be really fucked for her to actually post pictures of her animals instead of herself

No. 756469

More than likely she didn’t go and is just hiding it for now. I’m pretty sure she said she was going to get her nails done as well yesterday and looking at the photo she just posted her nails don’t even look done

No. 756470

File: 1581270713698.jpeg (156.71 KB, 1200x1809, 3AC197D9-51C4-446A-AC38-D672FF…)

So she obviously didn’t go to the salon to do her hair and nails. Jeez Tay wtf is the point in even saying anything. Bet you didn’t do shit yesterday. Put some pants on, nobody wants to see those saggy thighs. Tone yourself. Lmao yeah right. Why don’t you do a webcam girl gig if you’re that desperate, unless you already do. I see her doing cougar-like gigs…like the 40yr olds with a plastic face. That’s Tay’s style. She reminds me of Cher or that Chyna-Doll wrestler chick…just saying.

No. 756472


uncanny……..this looks exactly like taylor but in a world where she got implants and learned to shower

they both still look like 42 year old male to females tho

No. 756475

File: 1581272983597.png (1.49 MB, 1583x2048, Screenshot_20200209-132849.png)

Sage for old milk but this Tofu talk made me glaze through Taylor's Twitter moments of Tofu ( https://mobile.twitter.com/i/events/1129578196159139841 ) and it just infuriates me how much she instigates these poor rat snakes for the funny react while saying she cares about her "accessory". So many "he scream!!!" jokes. This video was especially gross considering she couldn't even put her phone down to stop her snake from BITING itself. Jesus Christ.

No. 756481

She legit made a whole ass post about his growth and taming process after it was mentioned on this thread… really ignoring the haturz this year arent we taylor lmao… I have no doubt og tofu is dead and she replaced them. Lucy texas rat snakes aren’t too hard to get your hands on

No. 756485

File: 1581277004597.jpeg (242.17 KB, 828x586, C072CA6C-419C-4089-82DF-282B7D…)

Ok Taylor

No. 756487

File: 1581277571196.png (472.71 KB, 396x547, 1579643603822.png)

Ya Taylor your hair is sooo healthy

No. 756488

I bet she lost her shit when this video came out. Can’t photoshop this shit eh Tay

No. 756490

Dumbshit question: so has she lost 50lbs since this interview? Is it the shirt making her look HUGE? Is it photoshop?

Im pretty well convinced she's on meth to get her weight back down to where it is now. In that interview she looks ROUGH.

No. 756491

She photoshops her pictures

No. 756492


Loooolllll I'm sure Taylor. These are the broadest, most general goals ever.

No. 756493

File: 1581278412843.png (2.24 MB, 1242x2688, 0D4A681F-FDED-40A1-AA7B-4CEECD…)

Her mom can actually think?(repost)

No. 756496

She deleted her tweet about getting her hair and nails done lol. She lies about the dumbest shit it makes no sense

No. 756500

File: 1581280606482.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20200209-223613.png)

don't worry, she's always said she wants to go vegan soon and it's yet to happen.

No. 756503

Wow. So healthy. So committed to getting better in 2020. (And good luck finding tater tots that aren't made in a production plant that doesn't handle wheat products too.)

No. 756505

Actually an upside down cross is called the St. Peter’s cross because he didn’t feel worthy of being crucified in the same manner as Jesus so he made them crucify him upside down.

So it’s actually a very religious symbol. Catholics use it as a sign of humility in the name of Jesus. So much edge!

No. 756508

I'm laughing so hard. fuck I really hope taylor keeps pushing mama deans buttons, bc with how passive aggressive shes sounding lately maybe shell actually make taylor account for her actions or kick her ratty ass on the street and rehome all her pets lmao

No. 756510

if she does go vegan its insanely hard to not have gluten, especially w meat substitutes, which her fat ass will be picking up from burger king or some shit. bout to get real bloated from all of that if shes not lying (lol) vegans get enough hate can we not have some cringe tard making the stereotype worse, and her whole personality revolve around it? plus w all that animal hoarding and neglect?? she doesnt give a shit about animal rights.

No. 756511

My tinfoil is that she hung out with her new bro dick to shoot up and wanted to do a similar thing as when she got pierced/tattood, but instead they were too strung out together or some shit.

No. 756513

1. Nails not done. Even if she had to wait till Wednesday for hair, her nail appt still was probably yesterday? So wtf?
2. I thought tofu was a leucistic with blue eyes. Why does it look like he has red eyes here?

No. 756514

Either she missed her appt or stylist told her hair was not ok to dye.

Bet she's waiting to find another one that will dye it because this one refused to.

No. 756519

File: 1581286974941.jpg (433.81 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20200209-142205~2.j…)

Here is his eyes from her post when she first got him

No. 756522

theres this effect when you announce what your goals are which actually does the opposite. you get a dopamine rush from all the validation of SAYING you're going to do those things, which the makes you less likely to actually do them. because why do it? you already got the validation you wanted

taylor shut the fuck up and just do it stop being a lazy attention seeking cunt

No. 756530

Please don’t do Cher and Chyna like that. At least they used their scary looks and some ~talent~ to make millions. And even some of that went to do others some good.

No. 756531

Huh, those eyes look completely different

No. 756535

File: 1581293231146.jpg (183.5 KB, 1536x532, Screenshot_20200210-010722.jpg)

Love that she casually leaves out she been driving while high on heroin.

No. 756536

File: 1581293314357.jpg (400.69 KB, 1536x1402, Screenshot_20200210-010638.jpg)

No. 756537


Welp, looks like it’s confirmed that she replaced Tofu. The nail in the coffin is that in the old post she SPECIFICALLY pointed out he was leucistic, whereas the new snake is very clearly albino and not leucistic.

It’s common for people who don’t know better to say “albino” when you mean “leucistic,” but if you know the word leucistic then you by default know the difference between leucism and albinism.

No. 756539


Maybe she’s replaced him several times and somewhere down the chain she forgot what the original looked like besides “white.”

No. 756541

Yep the newer photos the eyes are a lot redder

No. 756543

File: 1581294328647.png (5.09 MB, 1465x1401, tofu.PNG)

here is a picture of tofu from christmas, his eyes dont look as different there but still have a reddish tint to them that the original picture doesnt have

No. 756544

I just looked and I can see the blue iris on “Tofu”. It doesn’t look like a different snake and, IMO, this kind of theorizing hurts credibility. It’s common knowledge that animals with blue eyes, whether a Siamese cat or husky or BEL ball python, will have red appearing eyes at certain angles even without flash. Not to mention, albino reptiles almost always have yellow patterns including the albino rat snakes I’ve seen.

No. 756545

Agreeed. Tinfoiling about animals being replaced just makes us all look stupid af, especially when it comes from someone who has no idea what they're talking about.

No. 756546

its hardly ridiculous tinfoiling if taylor has said that this snake has turned blue and black before because she punctured his lung while high. it would at least explain his nonexistent growth rate.
also, what credibility? this is a gossip forum to laugh at cows lmao

No. 756547

Yikes did you get your feefees hurt? Obviously there's no credibilty coming from an anonymous image board but it makes all of us look stupid when people are constantly tinfoiling about her animals being replaced. If there's proof sure, but as it stands her word means nothing.

No. 756548

It's just the way the photos are taken. Albino snakes are almost never pure white, they still have pattern. Albino Texas rat snakes are yellow and white.

No. 756549

Taylor saying she punctured its lung and it had rigor mortis means it's dead anon

No. 756550

File: 1581296190620.png (1.88 MB, 828x1104, F3E33CDE-5E3A-4FEC-B1A3-F2DB55…)


I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks she looks like Chyna. A more trashy, second-rate version, however. Also Chyna did the shaggy looking hair a lot better than Taylor’s botched haircut.

No. 756552

Im aware that leucistics will have red appearing eyes in some lights and angles. But the first two pictures that were compared looked different, and not in a red glare sort of way.

No. 756554

File: 1581296880709.png (1.42 MB, 1125x2436, 9DE2DF55-31F4-4E23-813A-05F22D…)

Did Jen change her Twitter to private?

No. 756556

Probably…she changes it from public to private to public as often as she changes underwear.

No. 756566

I see the resemblance a little but Joanie 100% looked way cuter.
Sage for OT but seeing her picture makes me incredibly sad.

No. 756568

Not only does she know fuck all about nutrition, but whatever happened to…ya know, Exercise? If half of these dumb alt girls would think about going to the gym instead of the tattoo parlor, maybe they could actually improve themselves, but nah, you'd have to actually WORK for that. >>756425

No. 756571

anon are you okay

No. 756585

Yes. Chyna is all around better. ‘Specially since Chyna is waay older and Taylor looks waay worse. Taylor is more like a mash-up of Chyna and Lindsay Lohan. As, features like Chyna, but drug abusing-self modification of Lindsay.

No. 756616

Ratsnakes actually grow rapidly compared to other species of snakes. Have you also noticed how she worded her message? Not "does anyone with ratsnake experience notice slow growth rates?" But "if you have ratsnakes you'll notice they grow slow" as if its fact?

No. 756629

File: 1581355115046.png (81.14 KB, 593x607, Capture.PNG)

jfc em STOP inserting yourself into the TND drama

No. 756631

Tbh Em just wants to stay relevant. She's clout chasing mentioning Taylor all the time. Just look at her declining video views.

No. 756633

Em was spouting the same positivity BS on her youtube videos while simultaneously posting here about how dirty/disgusting/ugly Taylor was. If she really cared about being ~*positive*~ she would just leave Taylor alone. Theres no way after the kind of shit she posted here that she just changed her ways out of the blue (once she was outted by admins after baiting them kek) especially if she keeps looking at Taylor's stuff and haters. Why is she even engaging at this point when it has 0 to do with her if it's not because shes keeping up with the milk?

Taylor probably wants little to do with Em at this point but I'm sure she'll be friendly with anyone who wants to enable her destructive behavior.

No. 756640

File: 1581360143663.jpeg (196.35 KB, 828x529, 20BCE4FA-C99D-46CD-9029-15BA35…)

No. 756641

i mean… she's kinda right.

No. 756645

Nooooo anon, those accounts exist because they're all run by the same person!!!! More than one person who hates Taylor? Impossible!

No. 756646

Probably because she just stalks her hate accounts.
There's enough normal profiles giving her shit, but she blocks all of them.

No. 756649

File: 1581362984829.png (80.84 KB, 594x672, Capture.PNG)

No. 756650

File: 1581363099370.png (63.18 KB, 598x503, Capture1.PNG)

No. 756651

File: 1581363164089.png (49.84 KB, 596x393, Capture2.PNG)

No. 756652

File: 1581363202925.png (103.34 KB, 540x862, Capture3.PNG)

No. 756654

File: 1581363591617.jpg (377.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200210-114027.jpg)

They want you to fuck off, not get a response from you

No. 756656

I'll have to agree tbh. the people who go shoveling the cow's manure on twitter are potential cows themselves. and they always seem to be landwhales as well.

then don't give them a response, dumbass. stop searching through the tag only to argue with these people. you have no problem blocking people, why not block them? oh wait, you enjoy this.

No. 756657

Now he nearly killed her??? This bitch is so unhinged. Equating IV drug abuse to murder is disgusting coming from the bitch who said on video that she willingly did it to feel closer to him. He shot you up with heroin because you allowed it, you ignorant bitch. Seriously is this girl mentally handicapped?

No. 756658

SHE is also the one who told chelsea that she considered letting HIM die of overdose like 2 weeks into their relationship. shes insane.

No. 756659

Accusing someone of “almost killing you” is not a light accusation. Just because she ~feels~ like it’s his fault she got addicted to heroin doesn’t give her the right to accuse him of almost killing her. I could careless if Jonny stood on trial for fake accusations of murder but she literally said on camera that it was her choice to try heroin and even said it the other day on one of her Twitter spergs. I HATE how her story changes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Heroin was cool when she wanted to flex about spending hundreds of dollars on it and when she wanted to brag about China white. She didn’t care that her abusive ex was trying to kill her then, huh. What a fucking COW.

No. 756666

She nearly killed him by leaving him to OD in the bathroom. She's an abusive piece of shit too.

No. 756667

>The irony…over a man who nearly killed me
>muh trauma uwu
Says the psychotic bitch who left the man in question writhing on the floor for minutes, fully planning on denying him life-saving medication. I mean Jonny deserves to rot in hell, but pretty sure she came awfully close to committing manslaughter. Yet again, she proves she doesn't have the faintest idea what irony or echo chambers are.

This level of hypocrisy, ignorance, and plain vindictiveness is what makes Tay's milkiness astounding. Are her pathological lies caused by projection or delusion? Is convincing herself that Jonny could've endangered her life how she tries to rationalize that she nearly let him die in her underdeveloped brain? Or is she so desperately narcissistic that she is incapable of resisting exaggerating every little thing and flipping it so she's the victim? The mind wonders.

No. 756669

File: 1581366951564.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 5B257704-4178-4E69-BA29-BA7EBA…)

Jonny posted the countdown of his baby on his insta story and it’s what nightmares are made of..I don’t know how to link vids but here’s a pic of a “baby Jonny” and he’s cackling in the vid…it’s creepy as hell..and it says Syd made it ..they are weird AF but wonder if Taylor saw? Lol she really did dodge a bullet tho not having a spawn of his DNA marinating inside her..she thought slamming heroin was horrible just imagine what it would be like to mother a child that would have both their DNA ..the world is safe for now thank god lmaoooo

No. 756671

I hope she gets caught with a whole stash of drugs, gets sent to prison, and all of the poor animals are taken to places where they are actually properly cared for. - Happy end.

From personal experience I know that when you are on drugs all the time, you are unable to properly care for yourself, not to mention a whole hoard of different animals that all have their own special needs. What she is doing is so incredibly selfish, it´s making me fucking sick. I don´t feel sorry for her one bit, but my heart breaks thinking of the animals. Law enforcement PLEASE do your job!

No. 756672

24 days? That’s gotta be the shortest pregnancy on record…or am I missing something, since she hasn’t even been with Johnny close to 9 months…

No. 756673

I think it might be for the gender reveal

No. 756674

It's probably something like their next check-up or maybe when they find out the gender of the baby?

No. 756676

File: 1581368443314.jpg (110.01 KB, 910x381, 20200210_155745.jpg)

I wonder why people make accounts dedicated to calling her out vs using their real face and irl Twitter. It's not because shes used her army of stans to get people to private/delete before and is well aware of the kind of influence she has over them or anything.

Wouldn't you want to be publically blasted to 200k people too?

(Sage for old caps from the last few threads ago)

No. 756677

>protect and coddle him
Lmao so are we finally ready to admit you consciously chose to defend an abuser and lie about the allegations against him on your own accord and free will?

No. 756678

It’s weird cuz I remember them saying it was a boy a while back and now this weird date thing idk I could see her lying to Jonny about the baby and he’s too dumb to know the difference but who knows or care really ..sage for bringing them up not trying to derail.

>>>in other news I bet Taylor picks the blue hair and she’s gunna look a hot mess..the way she dressed in her videos on her channel was a dead giveaway that she was never sober, she was wearing a bra for one video, and one video she had her bra hanging out lookin dumb as hell…hope she sobers up for the animals sake if not anyone else.

No. 756680

I’m pretty sure that was just Jonny automatically assuming they’re having a boy and running with that without officially confirming yet. He strikes me as the type to really want a boy and not give a shit if it’s a girl. Just tinfoil tho.

No. 756694

File: 1581373021107.png (5.56 MB, 1242x2688, 9487A6D5-6C9A-4ED1-BA98-A6BBC4…)

You’re not slick Taylor
Grow the fuck up.
he’s having a baby with another girl. Get over it and work on yourself instead how about that.

No. 756699

I like how she says she isn’t upset or obsessed. How can this even be a coincidence ?

No. 756700

This is the type of shit along with her dead baby angel tattoo she got after the pregnancy announcement that really reveal how fucked in the head this cow is. (I know she claims some other bullshit for its meaning but it is still disturbing nonetheless how people typically use the same babies as symbolism for loss of a baby or miscarriages)

No. 756704

I think this will be very telling when they do reveal the gender of the baby. If it is a girl, then I think it’s safe to assume that Taylor still communicates with him.
I have a feeling the countdown is for their gender reveal/baby shower. I thought I remember the due date of April being thrown around. If so, then it would explain JC talking about the gender appointment since last week.

No. 756706

This is fucked up. So sorry Taylor that he’s pregnant with another woman, but wtf? What a twisted bitch. I see a very messed up symbolism in this pic.

No. 756710

and surprising no one, Violet is fat as fuck. look at how far her scales are spread, there's almost no overlap. and the fat rolls when she's barely curled

No. 756711

Honestly I didn’t even look at violet well. My mine was just blown with Taylor throwing shade at the unborn baby. Violet does look thicccc

No. 756716

Have been familiar with Tay since middle school- she’s always had a propensity for exaggeration on social media and playing uwu victim.

No. 756729

Give some details then. Don’t just say that and end it there.

No. 756732

File: 1581393151678.png (3.65 MB, 1125x2436, 6424EF86-F28B-41B5-A691-1414DC…)

The shade lol

No. 756734

It is pretty funny

No. 756736


This is beyond disgusting and twisted. What the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 756737

Can we find out who this lady is and start using her photos instead of TNDs in new threads. Cause goddamn if they arent interchangeable. She's gonna have a FIT when she sees this.

No. 756738

Selfish, sick and twisted.

No. 756743

I'd have to agree that it is pretty funny and basically describes Taylor lol. And given that it's apparently a satire site (according to their about section) I wouldn't be surprised if she was the actual inspiration behind it

I didn't get it at first but wow this is some fucked up shit

No. 756745

Sorry anons but this is not milk

No. 756746

Sorry, what's the symbolism that everyone is seeing in this image? I just saw it as Taylor being "edgy" and putting her snakes in a head planter.

No. 756752

Jonny posted a slightly disturbing video of a laughing baby with his face on insta, announcing a countdown to an "exciting day" in 24 days. Taylor can't bare any babynews, so she posted an equally slightly disturbing baby image, maybe in order to show that she still belongs to Jonny and that they are still so connected that they just happen to post slightly disturbing baby pictures on the same day. True love.

No. 756754

File: 1581405981627.png (5.28 MB, 1242x2208, 5C1A93E3-6B92-44E7-A5F9-B5B6C5…)

The pink baby head on top of what looks like a bag that says "broken promises". I wonder if that was intentional.

No. 756755

Wasn't this the super mega special snake that would NEVER turn yellow?

Also, of course it was intentional. She's still going at it with that cringe dd/lg aesthetic, and considering she called JC "daddy", I don't think it'd be far from a reach to think this was aimed at him.

No. 756757

not saying taylor is above low blows but this sounds tinfoily as fuck. what if it isn't that deep?

No. 756759

yeah it was this SUPER special snake that would stay purple hence the name, ridiculous

No. 756760

Sure. So, Occam time, it's just one hell of a coincidence… from one of our biggest cows… who's pathologically self-involved and attention-seeking… and super obsessed with her ex

But I'm sure it's NOTHING anon lol

No. 756769

just like the track marks were "nothing" and "really reaching" smh

No. 756770

I wish I didn't have to explain this because you seem so excited but this is a fake article like the onion. This isn't a real person.

Imagine how pathetic it is arranging these random things for the picture. None of these items are interesting or aesthetic but she's taking a "candid" of her snake. If this was some sort of photoshoot of an animal she cared about it wouldn't be lazily taken on meemaws death blanket with a random lamp that fell off the wall and the creepy baby head that no one's seen before.

No. 756772

K. You do you boo, but to anyone with half a brain, it isn't a reach. It's just Taylor being her usual histrionic, attention-whoring self. It's topical because it's in direct reaction to JC's baby story. LMAO connecting the dots indeed

No. 756792

hence why I posted it. def a double meaning there and she knows it.
not milk but def not "nothing"
I initially thought a strangled baby so she obviously would wish something bad happen to that innocent child

or as another anon said, maybe its a girl and it might show that she still communicates with jc? a way to let syd know she knows? thought that was an interesting tinfoil - time will tell .

No. 756796

I'm seeing it both ways. I'm skeptical and it kinda looks like a haul post disguised as a snake post because she has to flaunt her material possessions all the time. But it's a weird "haul", because I know the terrarium is from killstar.
But the broken promises brand is from dollskill, but she has said she can find their stuff on the brand's sites instead, and that bag is on the broken promises website.
However, the baby head IS ON DOLL'S KILL.
So she is still buying off dolls kill and lying about it.
So, it could be nothing and she just bought it along with the bag and whatever else. (That bag isn't on DK right now though unless it sold out?) But she is still lying about where she's buying her shit from at least.
The baby's head is sold out and the bag is gone, so she could have bought it earlier and now thought it was convenient to post same day as Jonny's baby post.
I have no idea, anons.(imageboard)

No. 756797

I though umbilical cord around the baby’s neck. It’s creepy whatever it is. This can’t be an accident. And if it was surely she has some kind of sense not to post it. What a weird thing to have laying around.

No. 756803

great catch, anon.
last time, she said she had a "gift card" when someone asked where she got her 2 piece bikini that she wore as an outfit.

I think she got the baby head because jonny is having a baby. it'd be interesting if does happen to have a girl.

No. 756806

I could see it being intentional. Major tinfoil but I feel like she bought that as a dope bag aka a bag to put her rigs cotton dope etc when she's out and about. Being edge lord level symbolic.

No. 756812

Tinfoil, but what if the reason she posted it is bc since she’s in contact with Jonny, he told her they are having girl and planing on naming her Violet?(tinfoil)

No. 756813


She's so bitter she can't have jonny. She's such a control freak, "If I can't have him nobody can" logic. This is public shooter vibes.

It's so pathetic she's fighting over this dying junkie, she's just mad he's getting away with his "cuddle aboose". She needs to grow the fuck up and stop whining.

Life isn't fair, tough shit. You chose to date a fuckwad and now you get to suffer the consequences. Stop being a lazy user cunt and maby your life will improve.

No. 756819

Anon that's some dumb as fuck tinfoil

No. 756822

The tinfoils are fucking stupid

No. 756824

I think the whole tinfoiling Taylor throwing shade in her posts is really stupid. I don’t think that idiot is that deep and if she is trying to do a double meaning in her posts, it’s stupid and extremely lame! and y’all here reading into it is exactly what she wants. Please stop so we can just get back on her other shittier behaviour and nonsense.

No. 756828

Waiting for that JC podcast for some real milk!

No. 756829

Taylor = Psycho Amber Heard

No. 756833

File: 1581447471538.jpeg (195.88 KB, 828x464, 8E4EC187-AC5D-4AF1-8B0D-BB11C7…)

No. 756834

Taylor's potbelly got bigger so she thinks her already non existent ass got smaller

No. 756836

Someone give her ass back, pronto, so she doesn't have to, idk, go to the gym or something to regain muscle!

Golly gee I wonder why she lost the weight. Slimming through smack…

No. 756851

>heroin made me so skinny! I’m such a healthy weight now that I’m sober????
Taylor cannot stop outing herself about being back on H

No. 756856

that's what I was thinking too. She basically just admitted that it was more than a one or two time thing and rather a prolonged relapse…not that that's news to any of us. I wouldn't be surprised if she was using meth as well since Forest is also a tweaker

No. 756857

It seems a bit intentional since she’s using violet in the photo which is the snake jc “bought” her. She’s got like 10 snakes? She could’ve used any one of them.

No. 756869

File: 1581454532906.jpeg (55 KB, 295x479, 596E5A4D-274F-4765-96AF-94AE22…)

Can’t lose what you never had! Idgaf about TND’s haggard appearance except her dishonesty about it. Her attention whoring is seriously pathological.

No. 756870

File: 1581454732686.png (186.88 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20200211-225935.png)

jen's account is public again! since it's been closed, she's made tens of tweets reeee-ing about the parody accounts, trying and failing to get them deleted.

No. 756871

File: 1581454759827.png (223.77 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20200211-225725.png)

No. 756872

File: 1581454855265.png (226.21 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_20200211-225835.png)

No. 756874

File: 1581454988721.png (123.53 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_20200211-230356.png)

No. 756875

>Woman who nearly killed man: "He nearly killed me!"
>has several screws loose
The Dean ladies sure are a couple of pots calling the kettle black. It's comical how deranged and unaware the both of them are. Like mother, like daughter.

No. 756877


surprised we didn't hear about this at all from Taylor. She loves to use her brother (to make fun of, to get sympathy from others about). she either actually cares about him and his privacy and is focused on him and being there for him, or shes too high to care. I'm guessing high.

No. 756879

Your weird husband probably give it to them

No. 756881

What would you even lawyer up for? It's clearly a parody there's nothing you can do. Stop wasting lawyers time assholes

No. 756882

taylor 100% didn't even notice lmao

>freak of nature
what a nice thing to say about a person who you previously said was likely a 10-year old child, jen. guess all your wOnT aNyOnE tHiNk Of ThE cHiLdReN rants are just narc posturing.

No. 756883

Yet she allows her daughter to continue to bring drugs into the house. Mom of the year material right here.

No. 756886

I can't imagine having a son who, not by choice, has so many problems, as well as a daughter who, BY FUCKING CHOICE, is a live at home addict who got hep c from another addict

No. 756887

Pretty sure Taylor is the cause tinfoil

We all know she's a disgusting slob who sleeps in literal shit. Does she not understand that feces feeds germs? Probably smears crap over everything in the house.

"MOMMY GET ME WHATABURGER!!, I'll share with my brother!!!"

The animal dander, lack of nutritious food, unclean environment, honestly it's no wonder someone got sick, especially if they have medical issues. It probably hurts to breathe in that house.

All that crap in the air and high humidity from tank is a recipe for pneumonia.(tinfoil)

No. 756889

That's not how pneumonia works at all.

No. 756891

sorry but it is.

Pneumonia is an umbrella term for a host of bacteria that infect lung air sacs.

If there's shit in the air, dust, cat dander, organic crap particles, the bacteria will attach itself to break it down. When they enter the lungs certain strains WILL cause infection, bacteria also grow faster in high heat (a house filled with heat lamps) and high humidity (big ass fishtank) environments.(medfagging)

No. 756894

She didn't mention it because she hates when he gets the attention, and making someone else's hospital trip about you is not a good look. If she can't spin it to be"poor me", she won't talk about it.

No. 756904

damn she’s rivaling plasticnproud’s hank hill ass here. embarrassing

No. 756905

I bet she's selfishly peeved that Tanner's condition is more dire than the histrionic sob story she's always scheming up. I'm sure she was banking on her little hospital trip for the infected piercing to fill up her munchie narc supply for a long time, only for her little brother to be hospitalized for acute illness. Of course she doesn't want to redirect the pity her mindless stans give her. Ffs she needs to grow up and learn some empathy.

No. 756908

File: 1581466976481.jpg (409.6 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200211-162332.jpg)

They're always shitting on Tanner publicly. Wtf

No. 756911

Jesus, go to therapy, Jen. the resentment is palpable. Your son can't help being disabled, don't shame him for it publicly.

No. 756914

And doing so the day after Tanner was in the ER nonetheless! Do these two self-centered disgraces ever think for a moment that he didn't exactly get lucky by being stuck with their snide passive-aggressiveness either? I hate to say it, but maybe it's a good thing the kid has mental difficulties, so hopefully he can't pick up on what major assholes his family members are to him.

No. 756917

Is she humble bragging being skinny or humble bragging about having an ass at one point?

No. 756921

I’m going to take a ban for this, because I requested help already in meta but it hasn’t helped.

Can you newfags please read the rules? Stop nitpicking. Stop pushing your tinfoils as fact. Stop being lunatics and raging about your personal problems that none of us care about. Reading this thread is miserable with all of you going on about how “no this illness doesn’t work like this because I had it” and “Taylor is telepathic and communication with Jonny and using this pink baby head to do it”


No. 756928

Right so this "Christian" hugs and love mommy is all about the kumbaya until someone disagrees with her over-privileged kids online lmao

Mental health awareness and no judgement sure is super important when it's to get your useless junkie daughter off the hook but it doesn't extend to those other people with "several screws loose" huh Jenn

No. 756929

Trick question anon, Taylor has always had an ass like a crack down the side of a soft boiled egg and she's never been skinny lol

No. 756930

dude you need some chill pills.

No. 756945

File: 1581479927134.jpg (393.71 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200211-195933.jpg)

No. 756946

Okay. Let’s support drug abuse. Only because your daughter is an adult, doesn’t mean you stop being a parent. Wtf.

No. 756948

Good decisions? Taylor Nicole Dean?

Fuck, Jen is actually pretty funny! Doubly so because she's so fucking blind to how Tay never ever ever has to face consequences for her choices bc Jen is right there coddling her.

No. 756961

File: 1581489002492.jpeg (36.37 KB, 750x301, E8924053-3921-4B49-946D-3A2D08…)

I was skimming comments section of her Jonny Craig diss track video and come upon this ..don’t know if it’s real but I could imagine it would be lmao prolly from a while back though..just thought it was funny

No. 756962

The way she words it rubs me the wrong way. She's making it seem as if Taylor's bad choices were just oopsies that happened many, many years ago. Yes, your adult children are free to do whatever they want, but they're also to be held accountable for whatever they decide to do.

If Taylor and only Taylor got affected by her bad choices, then whatever man. But she unfortunately has a platform where she's spread and is still spreading misinformation not only about animals, but also about mental and physical illnesses and drug addiction, to children and/or people who are living in a bubble just like her and take her for her word.

No. 756964

File: 1581495084084.png (215.3 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20200212-101158.png)

here we go again

No. 756965

so it's good that Taylor has no fomo of… being a heroin addict? what?

No. 756966

She can't be mad at us when she ends up half-bald. Just like with Jonny, she was warned well in advance.

No. 756999

the only way adrenals don't function well is addison's disease. everything else is munchie bullshit. tanner has prader-willi, no need to make up hot garbage here jen.

No. 757000

CAI stands for Central Adrenal Insufficiency. Not trying to whiteknight but it's possible (and more probable iirc) to have comorbid conditions with PWS.

No. 757002

eh, seems fair
>CIA should definitely be on the radar of PWS patients and their caregivers. … Low cortisol levels during illness, especially with fever, a history of hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia during illness https://www.fpwr.org/blog/central-adrenal-insufficiency-cai-in-pws-update-on-prevalence-and-potential-effects

No. 757008

File: 1581521717595.png (22.65 KB, 657x167, capture.png)

damn you know you've got nothing going on with your life when you're this exited about getting your hair done

No. 757010

>2 years
shes gottta be trolling at this point

No. 757022

Why the fuck does this get done

No. 757032

I can't screenshot she's tweet sperging about how sick she feels with nausea, and how she is willing to puke in a basket at the hairdresser if she must. cOnsiDeraTE kWeeN might end up costing the hair dresser a week of pay because she has to stay at home sick smh

No. 757036

File: 1581531786595.jpeg (298.65 KB, 828x704, BBDD5E6D-0D44-4765-B3EC-9ED5B4…)

No. 757038

File: 1581531868518.jpeg (236.17 KB, 828x593, EA067A6A-72BF-4216-A199-14EA39…)

No. 757039

File: 1581531934022.jpg (87.58 KB, 720x798, paperskin.jpg)

She is so sensitive guise she was puking for a week, but migraine medicine made her so much better!

No. 757040

2 years is her time measurement for everything. It’s so fucking weird but also funny because she really can’t help herself.

No. 757042

All these sudden medical excuses for not doing things at the last minute point towards her still using. It's what she did for ages when she was hiding being on heroin the first time around. It's so transparent.

No. 757043

File: 1581532290311.jpeg (376.78 KB, 1242x1739, 19EC80B1-C4B2-40A5-8D2B-9EAC5C…)

This bitch is in withdrawal. This is the same shit she always complained about back when her and Jonny were “sober” for 2 days until she got too sick and then would use again. She already admitted she relapsed. It’s so clear she’s using regularly again and now she’s in withdrawal and bailing on her hair appointment. It’s extra disgusting when she affects other people’s time and livelihood. Such a selfish cunt.

No. 757044

File: 1581532330285.jpg (72.05 KB, 701x960, tots.jpg)

Her fans are starting to shoot her down (kek) but you see this queen can ONLY eat tater tots!! Wow idiot, anyone surviving on that for a week will have a hard time, even without the heroin withdrawals.

No. 757045

jesus fucking christ. “Potato based sides like French fries and tater tots” those are JUNK FOODS, Taylor. News flash, if all you’ve been eating for weeks are deep fried fucking potatoes you’re going to feel like garbage.

No. 757046

well whatever that tweet was it's deleted now. and this >>757008 as well, bizarrely.

No. 757047


Is it possible she's actually getting stupider?

No. 757050

File: 1581532763253.jpeg (280.61 KB, 1213x1508, ADAAC58D-AC3E-45FF-AE92-E76F69…)

Guys this idiot is going to go full antivax and put potatoes and onions in her socks.

No. 757051

File: 1581532801528.jpeg (367.27 KB, 828x697, 39590B50-AF2A-4523-8D8F-7C24DE…)

Can’t upload the video , sorry

No. 757053

File: 1581533452001.jpg (198.99 KB, 1530x769, Screenshot_20200212-195138.jpg)

No. 757054


I HATE her so much. I wish more people were calling her out on her bullshit. You don't fweel wewlll, boo hoo you dumb bitch. You made a commitment, get your flat-ass up and do it. You are canceling for some bullshit like you don't feel well? ADULT life doesn't work like that you greasy bobblehead.

We get up and go the fuck to work when we don't feel well. I worked and went to college during my whole pregnancy, and did my nursing clinicals taking care of sick people in Medsurg until days before I delivered. With an autoimmune disease. Sometimes sick. Always in terrible pain and out of breath. But I got up every fucking day and completed my responsibilities.

This sloth has a headache and is canceling on something she has to sit in a chair for? LOL. you can't sit in a chair, you dumb whore, and we're supposed to believe you are taking care of your animal hoard? I hate you and your fake illnesses..
I'll take my fucking ban now.

No. 757056

File: 1581533616413.jpg (356.95 KB, 1536x1169, Screenshot_20200212-195006.jpg)

I agree 100% this bitch is in withdrawal.

No. 757057

before anyone starts tinfoiling again, I'm pretty convinced she just bought it to be edgy

thanks for the laugh, anon.

No. 757059

No. 757062

File: 1581534665515.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20200212-210952.png)

on her way to ruin her hair after all, looks like.

No. 757063

last time she mentioned migraines, it was a cover-up for a heroin binge (the month she was doing "a bunch of snake videos for September" and then posted one in 5 weeks.) She came back weeks later with the migraine excuse, even though she hadn't ever mentioned them before. Later after the heroin use became undeniable, she admitted she had been using that month, and the timing lined up perfectly to prove the migraine story was bullshit. I'm 100% sure this is another drug cover up.

No. 757064

File: 1581534689118.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1937, Screenshot_20200212-211135.png)

No. 757066

Probably because Tanner wants to listen to that in the car. But poor Taylor can’t stand it just like she can’t stand Tanner taking away all the little attention she could have from her parents. god forbid if she tries to out-handicapped her brother again with more fake illness. #daddyissues

No. 757067

omfg what is she wearing. I'm actually speechless. And if you're gonna hide your face you should start with the busted af lips, I know the monster's inc pic has been posted before but it's amazing they haven't split open yet

No. 757068

must be dying her hair green considering her choice in accessories

No. 757069

Boo hoo your disabled little brother gets to pick the tunes played in the car.

Don’t like it, then drive yourself… oh wait. Pathetic bitch lol

No. 757070

God, her lips are disgusting. Imagine totally ruining your face like that at 22.

No. 757071


YEAH, someone suffering terrible medical issues has energy and willpower to get thotted up and with a bunch of stupid accessories. ever been in a morning class with a bunch of tired girls? they're in yoga pants and t-shirts. taylor is SICK and suffering and all geared up. makes sense.

No. 757072

yeah wtf is happening there it looks like the skin on the lip is coming off? Looks worse than dry lips, more like her lip tissue is dying.

No. 757074

Well we all know she NEVER goes out and I guess she tried to take the chance to show her rebellious e thot look at me I'm tatted up style. Even Luna Slaters dirty outfits look better than this mess

No. 757075

lol such a gamer gurllll. Not like the other girls. That outfit is laughable. She has no fashion sense. Just money

No. 757076

It's noticeable how all her selfies from the past few days have avoided her hair.

No. 757079


Why do her lips always look like they're peeling or busting open? Holy fuck. Is that typical with fillers?

No. 757083

I didn't think it was possible, but here we are…

No, not at all. They're just botched.

No. 757084

File: 1581539976157.jpeg (265.84 KB, 1242x1284, 2D83D852-38B5-493F-8C09-DC8544…)

Ah yes Taylor the queen of eating organic whole foods and not overly processed crap. Sounds just like her.

No. 757086

File: 1581540091046.jpg (877.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200212-154151_Ins…)

No. 757087

File: 1581540119157.jpg (910.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200212-154210_Ins…)

No. 757090

>realized if I just eat organic food I won't have a big issue
Lol. Sounds like maybe all your muh glooten problems uwu could be easily avoided if you take an ounce of accountability, and watch the crap you put into your body. Like why haven't you been doing this already, you numbskull? Also slightly ot, but is pisses me off that she uses Celiac disease, gluten intolerance/sensitivity, and food allergies interchangeably when they're not the same. Goes to show how much she knows on the matter, let alone about nutrition for dozens of exotic animals. Let's not forget she was clueless on how to feed a cat.
>to get kill
I can never tell if she's definitely high or just that illiterate.
Yeah, lifted straight off your scalp and disintegrated.

No. 757091

bold of you to assume she cares about colours matching

No. 757092

Her ends are dyed since she used to be blonde, so this indicates her hair was too damaged to hold onto the dye. A reputable stylist would never bleach hair in that condition. There's gonna be a massive chunk of hair in the sink when they wash it.

No. 757093

File: 1581541381613.jpeg (613.54 KB, 828x1093, D236D608-E615-429A-9594-9CBCBA…)

No. 757094

File: 1581541403105.jpeg (320.1 KB, 1242x1628, A77B9955-5DA4-4CB7-B4B4-90F4C9…)

No. 757095

File: 1581541436066.jpeg (295.83 KB, 1242x916, E88869BA-F5B9-4B2A-B4B5-CA5558…)

No. 757096

Yeah no way is this mess going to go uniformly blue without looking like hot garbage. Good choice Tay!

No. 757097


Two years lol

She must be sat there reading lolcow

No. 757100


kek her hair is so fried has her super special stylist ever heard of olaplex

No. 757102

tiny pupils….i wonder how she all of a sudden felt well enough to go get her hair done.
so far this looks terrible and i just can't imagine anything she does will end up looking good.

No. 757103

LOL your hair needs to be WHITE (level 11) for blue or green. The way she is going to "fix" it is to bleach the fried ends again. You should never bleach twice in one day or even one week. Bye bye hair

No. 757105


That necklace… Jesus Christ.

No. 757106

omg it’s not even parted down the center

No. 757107

File: 1581542670410.png (40.42 KB, 657x294, capture.png)

No. 757108

File: 1581542769963.png (36.06 KB, 651x259, capture.png)

No. 757109

File: 1581542834489.jpeg (382.94 KB, 1242x1851, D862A5BA-4556-45CD-956D-3C5909…)

Taylor’s hair was bronde in December 2018. She dyed it black again sometime in January 2019. No doubt at home black box dye since she was in full junkie mode at that time. But it’s Taylor so everything is TWO YEARS!!! I’m so ready for the string cheese melt from her bleaching her hair twice in a day.

No. 757110

File: 1581542843948.png (23.65 KB, 655x169, capture.png)

she really did bleach it twice lmao

No. 757111

imagine not properly washing your greasy ass raggedy ann hair for 2+ years, to the point drug store temporary dye is still in it

No. 757112

all of this could have been avoided if she would have told the stylist that she didn't have full virgin hair. Does she not realize that hair grows from her scalp and anything below it retains the damage of a previous dye session.

No. 757114

It wasn't temporary it was permanent box dye

No. 757115

thats not how box dye works. Black semi permanent and permanent dye is sold at drug stores and box dye can permanently bond to your hair, especially black. its just pure pigment

No. 757116

Yeah she totally lied to the stylist. I feel bad for her because Taylor will freak out and blame her and maybe bash her on Twitter now.

Any color she will get will be super dark, nothing like what she posted with that Photoshop shit.

No. 757117

And this isn’t something she went over with her stylist…that she died her hair black?? If you’re bleaching your hair this is something that’s discussed!

No. 757118

File: 1581543408295.png (112.77 KB, 657x820, capture.png)

No. 757119

Taylor stop with the lies we have photos of a black box dye in the atrium house, also yeah Taylor the other stylist probably knew you had black dye in your hair so they could strip it before bleaching. This is what happens when you aren't honest with the stylist, they even ask you if you have hair dye in your hair before they start.

No. 757120

How is black dye from 2 years ago when she was blonde until rehab? That's less than a year ago

No. 757122

If she’s dying her hair blonde from box dye black she’s honestly had a pretty good result. It’s not that bad or difficult. She just needs to exaggerate and lie about everything

No. 757123

She wasn’t blonde until rehab. The last time she went from her blonde/brown to black was when her and Jonny went to outpatient. It’s been black since.

No. 757124

That's still only 1 year ago, barely

No. 757125

Notice how she says that it was done at a salon but more than once. Which most likely means that the rest of the 2 years was box colour.

No. 757126

This is pretty typical idk why she needs to lie about it

No. 757127

Most definitely it was like January of last year - just saying it wasn’t up until rehab. Splitting hair really, either way she’s not honest with her stylist and her hair will look like trash. It’s going to be half black and half blackish-blue

No. 757129

I am just baffled by Taylor's confusion surrounding time. How do you possibly think a year ago is two years ago? It's pretty obvious she's just lying but why ??? She lies about the dumbest shit for no fucking reason at all. And ends up paying the consequences (like her hair frying off) when it was totally unnecessary.

The only thing I can think of is that she thinks she knows more than everyone else and can manipulate anyone into doing what she wants. Except it always fails.

No. 757131

I think her time perception might legitimately be off because she has done nothing of substance in the last couple of years.

No. 757133

Not sure why everyone is having such a hard time with her two year lie, she tells this lie every tweet she twats so it’s not surprising in any way at all.

No. 757134

File: 1581545002705.png (1.02 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20200212-230214.png)

Her pupils about to pull a vanishing trick.

No. 757137

File: 1581545281959.jpg (630.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200212-170825_Ins…)

No. 757138

File: 1581545339757.jpg (673.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200212-170838_Ins…)

No. 757139

This is such a convenient excuse for her to replace dead animals

No. 757140

Bitch stop. Nobody’s going to give their pets up to someone who abandoned them

No. 757141

When she first got out of rehab she was like “I’m going to visit them all the time and get them all back!!” She hasn’t even went and visited them once - 1) she wasn’t allowed because they were rescued from horrible conditions 2) they weren’t re-homed or surrendered because they were dead from horrible conditions or 3) she just doesn’t give a flying fuck because her animals are props. Probably a mix of all three, tbh.

No. 757143

File: 1581546639730.png (1.57 MB, 808x1424, Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 22.27…)

the split is off center just enough to really bother me

No. 757145

This is why you never start at the roots.

No. 757146

Bro that shit is gonna look uneven as fuck.

No. 757147

File: 1581546982057.jpg (Spoiler Image,410.94 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20200212-123007_Ins…)

Sage for nonsense,

a medical Instagram account shared this, a girl who kept getting lip fillers, got infected, the doctors had to squeeze the pus out.

Wonder if Tays lips will end up like this??

No. 757150

this made me laugh
taylor why are you running into zumiez and buying bp shit, you're like 23? so immature
does she still wear ripndip too?

No. 757152

File: 1581548242407.png (16.4 KB, 658x124, capture.png)

No. 757153

I’m confused by this entire hair dye situation.
1) what reputable salon/hairstylist are you going to that isn’t giving you a color consultation prior to drastically dying your hair like this?
As a stylist, how are you just taking a client’s word that they haven’t used black box dye and how is it not obvious that they have if you’re thoroughly looking at their hair prior to dying it? Why would you fry this poor blading bitches head lol

2) why are you going to the mall to dye your hair like this?
Most of the time it’s just salon chains that don’t have the most experienced hair stylists working there (no offense to them).

I’m not saying this is all the stylists fault, but do your fucking homework on your client. She has a social media platform and if anything goes wrong, she’s going to hang you out to dry. How is it not common sense that someone with dark hair isn’t likely to achieve that tone of blonde in one sitting. I’ve had stylists tell me this plenty of times and then proceed to tell me that they refuse to bleach more than once in a sitting and id have to wait 4 weeks minimum to bleach it again.
Obviously Taylor is a liar and probably begged for the stylist to bleach it more but that’s pretty negligent on their part to do it. It’s going to be funny when she learns that the colors she wanted are not going to come out the way she wants them with half of her hair orange lol. She really knows how to find the most enabling people to do work on her.

No. 757155

You answered your first question with your second one anon. Mall salons do tend to have entry-level cosmetologists meaning they may not have the experience to know to do a color consultation.
Taylor probably walked in and asked if her hair was healthy enough to bleach, they said yes, so she scheduled.

No. 757156

She looks like cruella deville!!

No. 757157


Yeah she was wearing a pill bottle ripndip hoodie like 2 months ago lmao.

No. 757158

the stylist probably had to part it unevenly to cover her bald spots. she's got very thin, very wispy hair and we've all seen how huge her partlines are in places.

No. 757163


No. 757167

File: 1581552629948.jpeg (495.79 KB, 828x867, 07B99616-43E7-41E8-B087-8F1AB2…)

No. 757168

File: 1581552668817.jpeg (142.46 KB, 842x1024, 74547677-35F8-4030-915C-AFA22F…)

No. 757169

File: 1581552689898.jpeg (232.15 KB, 870x1024, B619788F-0B27-48D5-A18A-91B15B…)

No. 757170

Lol her bangs make it so obvious it's not even

No. 757171

You can still see black like in the red side?? And I’m assuming she went with red because her hair pulled so fucking orange kek. Red fades super fast but at least she has the whole not showering thing going for her. But good luck getting your hair back to the same shade on both sides with your mall salon unless you just go back to black. Dumb dumb dumb.

No. 757172

Lmao I'm so glad she chose red, it looks terrible. A blue would've looked better against her skin tone

No. 757173

damn she looks like a clown. congrats, taylor.

No. 757174

File: 1581553440503.jpg (101.76 KB, 728x479, harley-quinn-artwork-comics-wa…)

Oh look. She's Harley Quinn now. It fits since she's batshit crazy.

No. 757176

What lovely pupils

No. 757177

i love how she's such an unreliable junkie that everyone thought relapse and not pregnancy. s2g it never crossed my mind, just thought she was dopesick.

No. 757179

and this is how you know this bitch has no friends, because real friends would never let you leave the house looking like this much of a retard