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No. 735886

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>727691

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs.
> She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes!):
[former, now a troll account] https://twitter.com/reallyJenniDean
[former, now a troll account] https://twitter.com/tamonandpumba

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:

>Admits Violet's growth os off >>734134

>Gets involved in racial slur drama after defending Jeffree Star >>733810 >>733851 >>733987 >>734012
>It makes her sad when people take wild animals for no reason! >>733655
>Still craving the buzz buying a nw pet brings >>733417
>On Tinder, being offered drugs >>731830 >>731851 meanwhile kicked off another dating platform for posting a lewd pic >>732452
>Whiteboard addiction lecture video is released >>731061 >>731071 summary >>731697
>Shuffles the house move to January >>730374
>Admits she still loves Jonny >>730007 >>730025 >>730029 >>730538
>She never had Hep C guys! >>729983 >>729988
>Celia is still sick >>729740 >>729747 >>729953
>Schedule continues to be garbage >>729630 >>730431 >>730834 >>735059 >>735748
>New fish acquisition spotted >>729330
>Continues to keep the 3 cats cooped up in her room >>728859
>Cows are colliding >>728840 >>729197 >>729207 >>734053
>Purchase of a new Dollskill hat signals an Emo phase >>728816 >>728898 >>729297 >>730059 and it's possibly motivated by skinwalking >>730071 >>730491
>Queso (aka Cheese 2) has Ich >>728743 >>734222 despite her earlier claims of perfect health >>728771
>Implies she'll be taking legal action (against Jonny?) >>728660 >>728766
>Self-doxes her IOP >>728321
>Jonny acknowledges he got her on heroin but not by force, and that she was already using other drugs >>728047
>Implies she'll be making a video full of receipts against Destry >>727728
>Very sensitive about the two ciders, wrote multiple essays justifying and minimising while contradicting both past and present statements, and reducing the amount she drank to mere sips >>727706 >>727727 >>727751 >>727761 >>727764 >>727764 >>727788 >>727835 >>727841

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Banggai Cardinalfish >> 729329 New cowfish (Queso) >>707579

> Recent Known Deaths: –
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 735889

File: 1575092063005.jpg (795.86 KB, 1742x1080, back.jpg)

No. 735891

I love it, I would have used it as the thread art

No. 735895

Her makeup is so atrocious. She doesn't even try

No. 735896

File: 1575092676670.png (8.76 KB, 534x68, theprop.png)

Did she actually say this?

No. 735897

I can hear the cut-to-commercial theme music. It's perfect. Kudos anon!

Really telling how much she rambled at the end of her latest video. The last 1/3rd of it is literally defending herself and discussing her haters.

She stupid too, she spent like seven minutes trying to articulate "being taken out of context" but explained it in the most roundabout, retarded way without saying the actual word "context" once. Smh.

No. 735898

File: 1575093487847.jpg (618.85 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20191130-005758_You…)


Yep. I turned the captions on for ya.

No. 735901

Keking by the end
Go cry me a river Taylor, people don't need to change the context of the stupid things you say because they are stupid by themselves already
Nobody is changing anything you said
You said to remove the snake shade with twisers, yes your cat obesity is your fault, and Jonny wasn't the only shitty thing about you, your bad care and hoarder problems are too.

No. 735910

File: 1575096386916.png (2.24 MB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20191130-084505.png)

No. 735919


I wonder if she recognises the hypocrisy of her calling her snakes props and then later in the video saying "fish are not objects". Snakes aren't objects either Taylor.

No. 735925

silly anon, when she says it its a joke of course!

No. 735934

It's intentional. She's doing it to get attention because she knows people will notice it and then she'll say it was just a joke.

No. 735966

File: 1575123011571.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191130-090246.png)

Didn't she get all of these with JC?
For someone who is so disgusted and affected by her abuser, she sure seems okay enough to pay for storage of things that relate to him.

No. 735977

Wow, way to throw over $3.000 out the window.

No. 735989

Nice bait, Tay. She's trying to reel in her ex for the holidays.

No. 735994

In storage? Doesn't jonny have a tonne of stuff In storage he's yet to pick up?

I'm wondering if they have stuff in the same storage unit.. maybe he's not coming to get it because his new gf is insecure and Taylor's making more than obvious she misses jonny an wants him back so he's just letting his stuff sit there.

No. 735996

File: 1575131537275.jpg (29.29 KB, 281x374, V6tW8kG.jpg)

FFS, she literally looks like Mimi here. I don't want to do Mimi dirty like that, but this is really horrible.

No. 735998

Of all the snakes she could have used for her intro she chose to use tofu. A snake that's stressed by handling. She knew tofu would be stressed and strike at her and that's why she chose him, she used him as nothing more then a cheap joke. You can see the stress in his behavior right from the start and she moved her face closer in the goal that shed get tagged. She knew she would theres no way she didnt. Her constant baiting of this poor ratsnake and forcibly putting him in stressful situations all for "memes sake" is disgusting

No. 736001

She looks like more of a junkie "sober" than she did when she was using. Someone needs to tell this bitch you're not supposed to put blue eye shadow all the way up to your eyebrows

No. 736009

File: 1575135585133.jpeg (205.26 KB, 750x998, 1571431437735.jpeg)

don't forget that just last month she said he's come so far and doesn't feel the need to strike anymore.
(Sage for old milk, originally posted here >>>/pt/720056 my phone is bugging so couldn't get the exact post date)

No. 736010

Her new “intro” where she gives an extra greeting at the start of her videos for returning subscribers is obviously taken from other YouTubers, she can’t even think of her own concept she’s a compilation of whatever new thing she finds online.

No. 736012

File: 1575135883921.png (3.9 MB, 1374x2161, Capture _2019-11-30-09-36-46.p…)

Lmao this bitch always supporting problematic people. Thats kat von d . in sinner. How appropriate.

No. 736013

oof what a blatant ripoff of more successful and creative youtubers

No. 736014

I’ve seen Kurtis Conner use this one and Im not sure if any other YouTubers use it, but she presented the intro as it was this quirky thing she thought of on her own, we know Tay doesn’t have the brain power.

No. 736020

File: 1575138342636.png (2.9 MB, 1334x750, 0AA7EF40-EECA-4B35-A602-AEEDE2…)

taylor casually setting up an excuse for when they all die

No. 736025

She goes out of her way to say she's changed and doesn't impulse buy animals anymore, but she still clearly impulse bought this whole aquarium. She says she's setting up the cycle with one filter while waiting for a canister to arrive in the mail that she's going to change it out with… Why would you buy a cheap filter like that just to throw it out in a week? And the new filter probably uses a different type of media so she'll just have to re-seed it anyway. It's a complete waste of time.

She hasn't changed at all. Thankfully it's only plants on the line this time and not a bunch of sad petco fish. I don't understand why she doesn't go to a reputable fish store and continues to give that company her business when she bitches about them so much. This whole video was her trying to brag about not impulse buying a fish that "stared at her" (has a fish never looked at her before???) and then ignoring that she did no research on the types of plants to buy and just grabbed whatever was in the clearance section.

No. 736027

Idk, you could tell by her delivery she was insecure about doing that bit, and I think she thinks the whole self-deprecating “I hate myself uWu” thing actually requires self awareness to pull off. She just comes across as really fragile /having zero personality of her own.

No. 736031

I agree with both of these.
She goes on about how she’s changed when she clearly isn’t.
The entire time the video was “ehhh these might be good idk. This $40 substrate might be good idk. This expensive light might be okay but idk.”
Half excuses and half self doubt. I’m surprised she let it show instead of “I’m the best and most knowledgeable ever.”

No. 736039

Pretty sure he did pick it up, as discussed in the earlier thread.

Thread anon, I really have no idea why you link the troll accounts of Jennifer. Those cows behind the accounts don’t deserve attention. Also your summary needs some spell checks, and more detail.

No. 736042

Why nitpicking those were her old url handles. If you have a problem you SHOULD have made a new thread yourself…

No. 736043

File: 1575145585206.png (1.34 MB, 1304x682, goals.PNG)

She is beyond fucked if she wants a "serious" planted tank.

The tank she showed as in her video as "goals" easily costs 2k. There is so much knowledge that goes into those tanks as well as weekly maintenance.

Her Anubius and java ferns are incorrectly planted too. Looks like she buried the rhizome so it'll rot.

No. 736045

File: 1575145732918.jpg (530.91 KB, 1062x1888, 20191130_152623.jpg)

who wants to take bets? she's either gonna say "bc ppl can learn and grow/everyone deserves a second chance" orrrr "oh I had no idea of this controversy but will look into it more"

No. 736046

File: 1575145769254.jpeg (810.75 KB, 1242x1483, D07158BC-CCCB-4700-A4F5-0D7716…)

Because those are direct links to twitter accounts that do not belong to Taylor or Jennifer.
This thread is not about anyone else. >>736012
This is really funny that she spent this much money. Earlier yesterday a follower of hers asked for donations for top surgery, and she retweeted it but didn’t donate a single cent.

No. 736047

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she had a "beauty guru" phase, considering she's seemed to be moving onto makeup after getting her ass kissed for those pics on ig with the shitty J* palette.

I'd actually like to see her trying to do shit in the beauty community. People there are far more vicious than PetTube.

No. 736053

Yeah there's no way she'll have a nice planted tank. They require so much patience to get them well established. Not to mention regular trimming of some plants. She doesn't even have the patience or attention span to make sure her damn reptiles have water in their dishes

I bet she'll get a large algal bloom if she tries fertilizers

No. 736055

i can tell within the first 20 seconds that she’s high. she also stole kurtis conners intro

No. 736056

File: 1575150553199.png (968.27 KB, 2048x1429, Screenshot_20191130-164801.png)

1.8 mil subs
First 24 hours and her video didn't even hit 100k

No. 736060

File: 1575152223456.png (26.84 KB, 1201x230, tndintro.PNG)

changing the wording up still won't change the fact that you stole his idea. this is like momokun and her "oc" all over again.

No. 736146

lmao, bet she'll get bored of that idea pretty quickly. a nice planted tank needs correct dosing of CO2, daily and weekly doses of different macro- and micronutrients (with doses correctly calculated). she'll need to test the water at first to work all the dosing out (seriously though, why does this bitch still not own a kit). there's chemistry involved. taylor can't even string a coherent sentence together.

No. 736163

they're there since she's changing her url almost every thread now. I just bumped them down and added a note. imo it's useful to see which twitter she now has since last thread, and which ones she's dropped and have been taken over recently. it helps with reading the caps from recent threads where the account names are changing. as I say, I put a note on them to make it clear when I bumped them down - past addresses do get included with a note in some other threads.

make the next thread and dump them if you want, just make sure you check which address she's changed it to since last thread as she's quite likely to change it again. and if I end up being the next op I will dump them off the list and we can just police each other about the fakes, which we've been doing.

No. 736175

File: 1575170043599.png (272.54 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191130-221319.png)

Samefag. She's getting desperate now lol

No. 736178

That's sad and pathetic.

Taylor is lazy, and her stans have made her even lazier by watching her garbage, low effort content. She thinks she can take weeks long and months long breaks, and still come back to millions of views, but this won't last forever, it's already starting to go downhill. The algorithm will favor people who are consistent, and that's definitely a word that doesn't apply to her.

How many times can she talk about snakes - and spread misinformation - before people are bored? Even her stans are tired of her inconsistency and how often she breaks her promises.

No. 736180

This bitch is really begging.
Go get a job if you're that desperate, it's not like you're broke anyway, just greedy.

No. 736185

File: 1575172255382.png (351.83 KB, 593x806, cOunTleSS meThOdS.PNG)

COUNTLESS METHODS?? and you never even thought to make your cat play with toys? this bitch really doesn't know the first thing about cats does she.

No. 736193

Newbie here. I looked through the thread and can I ask how old Taylor is? If she's a teenager I'd feel a little bad ripping into her but her care is really quite bad…

No. 736195


She’s twentysomething, definitely an adult and past the point where she should be held accountable for the animals she kills.

No. 736197

>22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber

No. 736199

Ok thank you
I feel sorry for the stuff she's gone through and wanted to try and help but I came across this thread instead :( I hope she finds herself one day and gets/does better(:()

No. 736208

Good god she looks more like a crackhead now than ever before. What is her reference for her makeup/ clothes??? She’s so out of touch with reality and social acceptability, it’s unbelievable.

No. 736213

Poor star looks even fatter now than before

No. 736217

File: 1575177331295.png (8.96 MB, 1125x2436, 6E6B6D93-B326-487A-AC66-399C11…)

So has she never played with Star and a laser pointer before?? She’s had her for over a year. Yikes.

No. 736218

…giving treats to your cat for playing with a laser pointer…as a normal cat would…what.

She literally knows nothing about cats it’s ridiculous. She’s a cat, if she gets bored of it find her a new toy. Don’t let her associate a laser pointer with treats. If you hadn’t let her get obese in the first place this wouldn’t be a damn problem. Just fucking let her out, put her on a better diet, and fucking play with her so she gets exercise.

No. 736219

File: 1575177888005.jpg (667.43 KB, 1078x1728, Screenshot_20191201-002222_Chr…)

please don't do another "informational video" also, she just admitted to discovering playing with her cat to help her lose weight.. that's not someone i'd ask for cat advice.

No. 736220

No. 736228


I’ve been passively observing her for a couple years, used to be a fan before that. Her situation at a glance seems sad but if you listen to what she has to say for a while it really sours what you might think of her. Hate speech, doxxing, romanticizing drugs to kids & manipulating them in private forums, not to mention chronic animal abuse and neglect for the sake of clicks and attention. Heck, when everyone warned her not to get with Jonny at the very start she openly mocked the girls Jonny had previously abused. She’ll lie about all this until she gets caught red-handed (which happens a lot since she has a hard time with over sharing), at which time she either goes on drug-fueled rants, sics her child fans on anyone who speaks up, tries to cover lies with more lies, or all of the above. For a long time I thought the had the potential of getting over things and improving herself but I have very little faith in that anymore based on what I’ve seen of her. She’ll keep killing animals until the ad revenue and attention she gets for buying new ones runs dry. If she manages to turn herself around this forum will die too, but considering it’s on part 53 at this point you can determine for yourself how likely that is to happen.

If it weren’t for the animals she objectifies and hurts I don’t think I’d care at all about her life though.

No. 736229

just what her room needs, an expensive cat wheel crammed into it. try the basics taylor, just play with your cats.

her inspiration is the dollskill catalog

No. 736233

File: 1575182497737.jpeg (553.09 KB, 1936x1452, 12C1FC3F-BC82-45C8-95D3-2032A4…)

No. 736238

>Taylor giving her pet drugs as a reward
Color me shocked

No. 736247

oof. that's a bad look for potential sponsors.

besides, a 30 minute video about a planted tank? no wonder her fans aren't clicking, even if only half is about the actual tank.

No. 736250


and the rest is about her "haturz". it's like shes intentionally including all the things her fans are either sick of or don't give a shit about. keep it up queen of pettube.

No. 736252

cats dont belong outside retard(derailing)

No. 736255

Yes they do, expensive breeds like ragdolls or Sphynx maybe not.
But your average cat should spend at least a few hours roaming in the backyard a day.

No. 736256

File: 1575187924508.jpg (799.56 KB, 2599x1400, Screen Sh.jpg)

Imagine poking your snake so hard in the eye they go deaf with the ears they never had to begin with. Does she ever have any idea what the hell shes talking about

No. 736258

Yes they do, expensive breeds like ragdolls or Sphynx maybe not.
But your average cat should spend at least a few hours roaming in the backyard a day.

It's highly selfish of you to think that your cat "needs" to be outside because of reasons. Housecats kill on average 3.7 billion birds a year, and that's just in the US. Think about that for a second. And then go actually inform yourself on the issue.

But I'm sure your cats anon don't fall into that statistic. You may think you are doing good by helping a single animal stay healthy, but in reality its terrible for the environment as a whole. Even taylor knows better than you.

No. 736262

Holy shit don’t start the catfags up again please

The other anon likely meant that Taylor should let her cats out of her room cause they’re cooped up in there all the time.

No. 736274

Where I'm from, it's considered inhumane to keep your cat inside a house for its entire life.
Not a debate, that's just the way it is where I'm from.

If it's not okay in the US then taylor should at least let them have roam of the whole house rather than one tiny bedroom with multiple other animals. That would drive them insane.

How has she not figured out until now that playing with them and stimulating their minds and bodies is good for their health?
It's like she's watched a few kids movies and was under the impression that every cat is your stereotypical Garfield, lazy fat cat and that it's normal.

It's scary how little she knows about cats, she lacks the intuition it takes to understand their body language, actions, wants, needs, she can't even hold them properly without them looking horrified.

Also side note, she hasn't mentioned anything about her fish in a while, I wonder if she's killed cheese 2.0 yet or if any of the other fish are infected.
She never updated whether the treatment worked or if the fish needed quarantine which should have happened in the first place.

She's got multiple sick snakes, a tank of sick fish, an obese cat, and she's still continuing to move onto the next project with this plant tank and wanting to add more fish to it. She needs to simmer down and focus on the problems her animals have before hoarding more.

No. 736281

File: 1575202787334.jpg (985.64 KB, 1078x1918, 20191201_231740.jpg)

Is taylor not allowing jonny to get his stuff back or something? I'm confused, I thought he took all his dumb toys with him until taylor mentioned she's got 200+ pop sockets in "storage" much like jonnys stuff is in "storage".

No. 736283

He didn't collect his so she's calling them all hers.

No. 736284

She was talking about bearded dragons, not to be rude but if you’re going to critique at least ~try~ to make a valid point.

No. 736285

this dumbo. diarrhea of the mouth, end stage disease. so desperate lol. she jumps in to any conversation going on around her so she can attempt to be relatable and/or come off as knowledgeable, but she is so. fucking. stupid. every single time she talks about anything, animals or addiction she sounds so phony and so painfully low i.q. then she starts up with another exhausting cycle of lies that she will forget (because stupid) and thus won't be able to keep her story straight (because stupid). like, it boggles the mind that she actually lived on her own without doing something terminally retarded to herself. of course, she was dumb enough to darwin her animals, fucking sad, what a shame. all those iv's lying around, how did she never manage to shoot a big fat bubble in her arm just to see what would happen, guess jc was good for something after all.

her pearl clutching and overall retardation about the garter snake last post was classic taylor. she always comes across sooo desperate in these 'friendly' 'concerned ' conversations with people who didn't ask for her fucking opinion anyhow. bitch has no friends and zero social skills and it shows.

seriously though, why the fuck would anyone? take the advice of this junkie??? who doesn't even know how to PLAY WITH A CAT???? and dresses like a blow up doll to boot???? taylor is a joke of a human being. top notch cow.

No. 736286

>How has she not figured out until now that playing with them and stimulating their minds and bodies is good for their health

she's an insane, self centered loser. she doesn't care about any of her animals and she's actually gotten dumber about them as time goes on. her brain is sub par.

No. 736323


Regardless of the animal, you'd have to really stab that thing in order for it to go deaf through eye contact. Poking an animal's eye shouldn't cause deafness

No. 736329

File: 1575224363746.jpg (168.23 KB, 602x859, IMG_20191201_111643.jpg)

When has she ever been open to sincere concerned criticism, or ANY criticism?!?

No. 736336


did u not watch her video anon? she totally takes criticism. when ppl got upset she took the 2nd litter box away from her cats bc they barely used it she put it back! ..in a different room.

No. 736339


Bearded dragons have eyelids and not eye caps. So shes still stupid

No. 736340

Starting up a planted betta tank - vid summary

>fake freckles, o my
>makes fun of her terrible blue makeup, calling herself a raccoon
>refers to tofu as a prop (as previously mentioned in this thread)
>she is fucking manhandling this snake and the he bites her
>brings out Louis
>rambling about animals saying hello to subscribers at beginning of video
>clip to her advertising June’s Journey and she’s wearing the shitty unibrow beanie

Betta stuff
>doesn’t know how many betta tanks she’s had, says “2 or 3”
>first betta died after 2 weeks, isn’t sure why but claims it could’ve been her lack of experience (kek)
>pic of Queso
>no pics of second betta bc she deleted a bunch of stuff from her phone
>says she can’t keep plants alive but has “been wanting to try this for a long time”
>tried to come up with a way to quick cycle the tank so she could rush and get betta 2.0 but didn’t cause she’s suuuuch a good person or some shit
>admits to buying Pac-Man frog from petco, “the one whose butt fell out” as well as Echo
>asking viewers to comment below with good betta breeders
>still self-congratulating for not impulse buying that betta as though she’s changed now
>this will be a mini-series evidently

>instrumental background music of unboxing the tank
>voiceover about filter she will be ordering in the future but got a cheap filter “temporarily” (but we all know how that goes with her)
>substrate; doesn’t know if any products are good yet cause she hasn’t used them before (god forbid she reads reviews or, you know, does some research??)
>rinsing substrate in bucket, rinsed and drained four times off camera and “back is throbbing” and she will “probably be out for a few days after this”
>adds substrate and water
>light setup
>adds beneficial bacteria and plants and stuff
>purchased “beginner plants” from petco on clearance to “test out the beginning phases of my tank”
>evidently everything is going to be entirely different, she’s just adding all of these things as a test (?!?!?!?)
>is open to suggestions, wants people to comment tips and advice
>preaching about fish not being objects so small tanks are bad; says people should give away their bettas to a better home if this is how they are being kept (this is a long rant)

Lecture time
>apparently that was a segue into her wanting to talk about things that “I do not fully appreciate”
>addresses things on Twitter because she doesn’t address things in videos but ThIs TiMe she’s addressing it in the video because she’s tired of tWiTtEr DrAmA
>”I’m really tired of people taking things I say, and stopping them mid-sentence and then just posting them around like I can’t believe she said this.”
>showing her pages of notes from her snake shedding video to show how much research she did uwu
>has never dealt with retained eye caps on snakes but is being super defensive about her tweezers advice
>shows some random texts with ppl saying apparently they use tweezers on stick eye caps
>clips from the video showing how she warned everyone about the eye caps thing
>wow folks we are STILL ranting about this
>apparently the group of people that don’t like her are the ones responsible for making people upset with her
>now we are bitching about people calling Star fat
>”I don’t get why people purposely take what I say and mix it up and put it out there”
>apparently she will be posting an entire video defending herself, with receipts
>evidently has added a second litter box which is in what looks like the laundry room of the house
>addressing prey size for snakes being based on what vet says
>now we are talking about how she added liners to her rat cage even though it was a temporary cage
>clips from lolcow again as examples of what she means by “hate” i.e. people mocking her heroin addiction, people making parody accounts of her mom
>again is going to make a video addressing all of this so she never has to defend herself on twitter again……..
>”that’s all this has ever been for me is a way to document my love of animals, share it with everyone, make peoples days better, teach you guys what I learn along the way and that’s it. It’s never me trying to come in as some ten year veteran expert that knows so much better than everyone because I don’t. I’m learning along with everyone.”
>”There’s been days I wake up dead set on filming, and then I see the hate and I get so sad and emotional and then I stay in bed all day and I get nothing done.”
>”The people who do those things are still such a small percentage of the people who watch my content and I mean, there’s still a huge majority of people being supportive of my content and I’m very aware of that.”
>apparently lots of people have come to her saying she has helped them with her addiction content etc
>thanks her supporters
>”I am perfectly aware that I have made mistakes. I know that. The last two years of my life was absolutely insane. Mentally I was not well. The fact that so many people supported me through that, I really don’t know if I deserved it. But I’m so grateful for it and I’m trying every day to better myself.”
>plug of her sponsor again

>please subscribe and like and stuff
>plug for other channel

No. 736343

Thanks anon! Was waiting for a video summary to be posted!

Did she really forget her first Pac Man frog's name? It's on her Instagram and, I'm pretty sure, in her video addressing it's medical issues…. It's name was Jupiter, Taylor.

Also, didn't she have a Betta sorority tank? Did she count that in her video? Really sad that she can't remember what she's had and their names…

No. 736344

Does she not realize how unprofessional it looks to use her sponsored video to complain about her haters? Low views or not, I hardly doubt this company is going to sponsor her again lol

No. 736355

I thought her frog’s name was Asteroid.

No. 736369

File: 1575238338188.png (37.51 KB, 512x482, namco.png)

A Pacman frog named Asteroid? Galaxian would have been more fitting…

…I'll see myself out

No. 736377

File: 1575241242547.png (635.54 KB, 1242x2688, 74506381-39A2-4988-8E67-9AC6A1…)

No. 736378

File: 1575241328349.png (3.15 MB, 1242x2688, 1F7FBD55-2775-40F0-9929-B83D2A…)


No. 736386


Very cool of her to essentually blame her mother for the extra weight gain. 'It got worse when I wasn't there! I'm never to blame!'

No. 736388

File: 1575243366036.png (35.11 KB, 603x326, 13543512.PNG)

what she fails to understand is that the cat got fat under HER care. she didn't adopt an overweight cat.

No. 736389

I would call a mother with an overweight child abusive too, Taylor, because it is. Allowing a being in your care (whether human or animal) to reach an unhealthily weight is abuse

No. 736391

File: 1575243959747.jpg (897.24 KB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191201_184530587.j…)


No. 736396

"muh cat's metabolism"

No. 736410


"ppl call me an abuser bc my cat is fat lol"

no bitch we call you an abuser because ALL of your animals are suffering. the fat cat that you didn't even realize was getting fat until almost a year later and who only got fat after you took her in is just ONE example. i hate her.

No. 736415

We call you an abuser because you killed a kitten you weren't qualified to take care of.

No. 736417

File: 1575247539413.jpg (256.53 KB, 1069x1089, 20191201_193558.jpg)

she's really playing that junkie card hard

No. 736420

An overweight child is a whole different thing so it’s dumb she’s bringing that into it. After a few years, kids are going to school and extracurriculars, friends and family members’ houses, and eventually even work. You don’t know what they’re eating for sure then but her cats don’t go anywhere. It’s only the food she gives them.

No. 736427

She's also conveniently left out the part of the story she told before, which wasn't that "all the cats get the same amount but only one gains weight!" but that she can't stop Star from stealing food from the other cats.

I hate the whole 'what if this were a human child" comparison because humans and animals are different situations in a million ways, but if someone had one overweight kid consistently stealing food from their two other kids, that would be considered a problem too.

No. 736429

You get called a fucking junkie because you immediately made it your primary personality when you got out of rehab. Also because you think BEING a junkie absolves you of any wrongdoing in the past year and you use it as a shield for any criticism. Is it mean to call Taylor a junkie? Probably. Does she deserve it? Yep.

No. 736434

File: 1575250164656.png (95.45 KB, 864x150, tndmakesmoney.png)

Looks like someone has found a new cash cow!
Trisha Paytas who???

No. 736442

Taylor has had two Pac Man frogs. Her first one, the one she had while living at her parent's exclusively that had an anal prolapse, was named Jupiter.
Her second one, that she had at her parents and at the apartment, that died from "overheating", was named Asteroid.
She's had so many animals that she can't keep their names straight.

No. 736443

One minute he's sucking Taylor's asshole and the next he's reading out this forum on her.. does he not realise that's gonna piss taylor off?

No. 736449

he has tons of videos about taylor, but lately he's switched up to kissing her ass instead of dragging her >>729207 this is why she's getting friendly with him now >>729197

No. 736451


>"he has tons of videos about taylor, but lately he's switched up to kissing her ass instead of dragging her"

Because that's where the money is right now.

No. 736454

File: 1575252768940.png (186.28 KB, 398x672, butRWSlovesTND.png)


Yeah, Taylor's stans are at least a bit more hesitant towards him than Taylor herself.

No. 736457

File: 1575253688874.jpg (704.42 KB, 998x2018, 20191201_211902.jpg)

1. Wtf is a blind accusation?
2. You were using a measuring cup since day one but there's video of you scooping food out with your hand?
3. Lmao @ "I'm sorry if quoting you made you too defensive to have that conversation" you know wtf you were doing when you quote tweeted her, and it wasn't "to publicly address a comment I keep getting"

No. 736459


>"…when my side actually makes a lot of sense…"

But… it doesn't?
It really fucking doesn't.

No. 736464



"nobody would've been rude to you if you just said you were misinformed and that you understand"

this bitch lol

No. 736465


People who have given Taylor 'gentle reminders' have gotten dogpiled by her shitty stans for being 'negative'.

I've officially given up on this woman.

No. 736471

File: 1575257685075.jpg (1 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191201_223305330.j…)

Sage for randomness but I officially think Tay just loves the number 15. It's literally her go-to number for everything. 15% addiction rate just sounded good in her head, like 15 lbs, 15 songs…etc. Dumbass.

No. 736474

I'm impressed by your attention to detail anon, what an odd little habit of hers.

No. 736477

That and the "2 years" "2 months" thing. She just did it again here: >>736377

No. 736490

File: 1575265131157.png (113.27 KB, 760x433, Screenshot_20191202-023536.png)

She just never learns does she? Weren't JC and Jake the absolute BEEEST and most respectful dudes when you first met them? Lmao
She also added another tweet saying she doesn't want to get too emotionally invested but we all know we'll keep hearing about this dude again for weeks.
Her entire life is just cycles repeating themselves.

No. 736503

if only she put this twitter essay energy into her animal care. imagine what she could achieve.

No. 736517

I’m betting she’ll latch on to any guy that’ll give her attention atm to get to Jonny once again

No. 736527

Taylor needs to stay far away from everyone while she's still lying about her hep c status

No. 736529

Sage because psychofagging, any reputable therapist would’ve told her to hold off on dating knowing her history…. so either she’s lying to her therapist or her therapist is an idiot. Taylor craves attention from men and from strangers, and her only identity is being a junkie-pet-hoarder and skin-walking Halsey and jc’s new squeeze.

Imagine going on a first date with her showing up in inappropriate attire and opening with “yeah I was a junkie but I’m sort of sober now, I love animals and my ex was abusive, let me show you his new gf’s instagram, I’m prettier right? Let’s take a selfie together kissing for my story.”

No. 736534

You hateful misogynistic dicks, stop hating on women for stupid shit. Obviously she isn't taking the best care of her animals, but hating on her for her ex or her sexual endeavours is fucked up and it doesn't fucking matter who or how many a woman fucks. IT'S HER FUCKING CHOICE. you are a dick/ass/oppressor/asshole to say otherwise. this website is so fucking toxic to women and you promote horrible mental health and foster ED feelings for anyone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736535


Go to sleep Anon.

No. 736536

She is a known sex addict.
Admitted in her video.
She got kicked out of rehab for inappropriate behavior with many men and had to be watched.
She needs to work on herself before going out with any one. I highly doubt shes out. She is probably eating curly fries with mustard in bed.

No. 736537

File: 1575274484629.jpg (55.81 KB, 640x640, 52461702_2442926465934888_7292…)


StOp HaTiNg On WoMeN. Bitch this isn't about her being a woman, this is about all the shitty things she pulled / continues to pull. Get a fucking grip.

No. 736538

File: 1575274623589.jpeg (415.85 KB, 1242x1540, 3C597343-4DBA-4D85-BC91-86368E…)

I think it’s funny wannabe Taylor is wanting To do a video about cats lol.
Tha shade

No. 736540

File: 1575276233593.png (849.53 KB, 1292x2316, Capture _2019-12-02-00-41-03.p…)

Dollar tree taylor actually suprised me with this. She admitted she fucked up and fixed it.
I wish taylor can do the same with her shit!
Taylor could never!

I'll give mini tay her props. But hope more bigger people in the community will start correcting themselves and not let egos get in the way.

No. 736545

>calling her out on her rape apologism and dismissal of his ex's abuse towards past partners = hate

No. 736550


Two things here, lol:

1) She's made "muh addicshun! so out of control! the biggest junkie in the world!!!" her entire personality; now she's so surprised people latch onto it?

2) I'm glad she's running her mouth about lolcow - the Streisand effect is a hell of a thing. Let's hope Kiwifarms doesn't turn its oozing eye to her.

No. 736552

How convenient, it got worse when she wasn’t around hence it’s not her fault lol

No. 736553

How was he close to sabotaging her sobriety? Anyone know the details on this? Don’t remember seeing that bit around here

No. 736554

She's already sabotaged it by having 2 ciders recently, allegedly anyway according to her.. but then she said it was only 2 sips.. it's also speculated she was doing meth with Jake.

No. 736556

I know that anon, thanks, but I’m asking regarding that rewired soul guy. The tweet said he almost sabotaged her sobriety? How do? As you said, Taylor herself has done this herself

No. 736557

File: 1575287029835.jpeg (487.29 KB, 1241x2162, C03AC5B4-B314-4C3C-AA72-C682E4…)

sure Jan

No. 736559

File: 1575287360463.jpeg (550.68 KB, 1242x2150, 04733B7E-24FE-4651-9065-E0A755…)

Didn’t see this comment posted

No. 736563

i'm sorry - are we not supposed to call the junkie a junkie? i never got the text from lcf telling me to stop, my bad. surely now, everyone here will leave poor sweet taylor alone.

i want to see a munchie phase again or a sex worker phase. this addiction 15% shit is borrrring. but i do love her autistic fixation on 15 and 2.

No. 736567

Trust me I was soooo anxious I’m so damaged even though I was fucking a dude in rehab moving on is so hard guys.

No. 736568

File: 1575292489622.png (456.51 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191202-081331.png)

At the rate she releases videos, this is her list of video ideas for all of 2020.

No. 736571


No. 736576

File: 1575298355959.jpg (649.02 KB, 1536x1364, Screenshot_20191202-155023.jpg)

No. 736577

File: 1575298567612.jpg (190.18 KB, 1536x534, Screenshot_20191202-155129.jpg)

She's so full of shit. Just in order to keep up this image of being the ultimate abuse victim. It's Jake all over. She gushed about him like crazy in the beginning.

Her and Jake also went on a date not long before he started wilding out.

No. 736586

love her trashy video ideas lmao. she's really going to ramble about her tinder stint for 30 minutes… watch her add even more ridiculous details to the story

No. 736596

I love how she just omits whatever the hell she wants to about her life simply because she wants to. Hasn’t been on a date in over a year? We won’t count the dates with Jake because she stopped liking him. Don’t forget she was TECHNICALLY single for like a year because she secretly hated Jonny so much! She’s also technically sober for x amount of months despite booze and pills. Will she ever learn that situations don’t magically become true just because she says they’re true? Or that the internet is forever and screenshots are a thing? Why can’t she casually mention something without trying to manipulate the hell out of it for whatever reason. She’s a deep level of crazy IMO

No. 736597

I’m pretty sure that Taylor bought or at least paid all of them.

No. 736606

>>Taylor: everyone is so mwean to me on that oneee website uwu
>>Also Taylor: over shares her entire life story.

What respectable man would ever date Taylor? Why would someone who is hard working and self-sufficient ever want to be with a junkie (not saying junkies can’t find true love, but Taylor has made this her entire persona), lives with their parents in a tiny room with a zoo of animals, doesn’t shower, doesn’t have a license (mommy dean drops her off on her dates), has no self-discipline, has daily meltdowns on twitter and is a failure at the “job” she does have. And who in their right mind that has internet access would ever want to date her. Trash attracts trash, period.

>>736529 nailed it on the head with this one. Just imagine this stupid ass girl on a date.

Taylor has ZERO self-awareness yet she can intuitively tell from ONE date that this guy is so nice. Give me a break. Remember when she said that her and Jake would spend 14+ hours/day with each other in rehab so they got to know each other really well lmao. Look how that quickly went south for her.

This dumb bitch is so desperate for male attention that she’ll end up going on a date with a predator because she’s too dumb to be vigilant and will ignore all the warning signs for the sake of saying she went on a ~successful date~. Not saying I wish something awful happens to her, but she needs to not be a fucking moron on these dating sites. She is the prime target for these disgusting predators on these websites.

No. 736611

Ready for the next train wreck because she seems to think it's proof that someone is a good person by spending one day with them.

She plays it off like she hasn't been able to go on dates because of anxiety but literally jumped on Jake's dick day one of meeting him. Also tried with Oscar. After Oscar fell through tried with Jonny again. It's not that she is so ~uwu anxious~ it's because she's a crazy messy bitch nobody wants to be involved with

No. 736621

the thing is, her 'fans' are willing to eat it up anyway, they don't hold her accountable for anything and if someone even DARES to speak up even a tiny bit they are bullied into silence. So she can spin her fake narrative all she wants because her echo chamber will look the other way even if there is solid proof she is lying time and time again.

No. 736624

This is just pure, ugly manipulation to make herself look pure and innocent.

No. 736632

File: 1575315906713.png (26.9 KB, 594x260, so sad.PNG)

she constantly has to remind everyone about her addicshun and whatever, for every stupid thing she says or does. god, it's tiring.

No. 736643

File: 1575317223184.jpg (212.9 KB, 834x960, thisweek.jpg)

"this week we start raw"

No. 736646

she sends like 50 messages to one tweet to overhelm people I feel,it's like you say one thing, then suddenly you have 6 messages from taylor and if you make 1 comment that she can't comment bomb you with she blocks you or something.

it's dumb, because more often then not, what she says in those 5 tweets is literally what she says in the first tweet, or something she has stated a MILLION times.

No. 736654

She says she feeds the other two cats the right amount….but in the same rant, says Star steals from the other two so technically those two are being underfed lol she keeps telling on herself bc she just can’t keep her mouth shut.

No. 736683

yes sure, I'm describing what she said about why the funkos are all hers since anon was wondering

No. 736684

Nemo was clearly underweight and Star overweight, the math is simple but surejan, 'the right amount'.

No. 736685

>>736442 She then got a new one called Nut or Tyrion

No. 736689

That wasn’t a Pac-Man though

No. 736693

But isn't one of the rules/recommendations about recovery to be single for a year, like, at least? I meany she didn't complete rehab but like, why is she looking to date anybody? It's like her identity revolves around the man she dates.

When she was dating JC she went ig baddie with her fashion and identity. When she was with Jake she had this weird DD/LG phase. When she had no man to orbit, she started skinwalking JC's girlfriend.

Like, maybe work on yourself first? If you're having flashbacks of the abuse you suffered in the middle of a date, then you shouldn't be dating or attempting to in the first place. You should be in therapy working through the abuse you went through and that certainly takes more than a few months to even feel remotely ready to date again.

No. 736694

File: 1575326461036.jpg (535.17 KB, 1536x1330, Screenshot_20191202-234054.jpg)

No. 736695

File: 1575326555906.jpg (510.76 KB, 1536x1453, Screenshot_20191202-234219.jpg)

No. 736698

File: 1575326672228.jpg (466.95 KB, 1526x1161, Screenshot_20191202-234344.jpg)

Sure, Jan. She's desperate for a relationship.

No. 736700

damn, you really hit the nail on the head on she completely bases her “style” off whatever man she’s chasing. she’s seriously like a preteen girl with all the phases she goes through.

No. 736701

“I met the devil through his eyes” oh god the cringe

No. 736710

I freakin knew the notorious beanie was just a bangs stand-in until she got up the courage to get the haircut.

Of course she was gonna get bangs again, cuz guess who else has bangs?

No. 736721

well-called anon, and here's the comparison pics from last thread to back it >>730071 and >>730491

No. 736724

File: 1575331156908.png (249.46 KB, 750x1334, E2AD0E16-58BE-44CE-A40D-4A2C4F…)

No she’s going to get a “modern day” mullet lmao this is gunna be epic! But not in the way she thinks lmao I can’t

No. 736726

File: 1575331294446.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 218D6CC9-44FF-431E-A413-C56086…)

Oh this is why cuz Halsey’s got one lmao

No. 736727

I can't wait for the Sephora vid. Not only will she give horrible makeup advice, she will have to either conveniently leave out the KvD stuff or spend half the video rambling defending it.

No. 736729

File: 1575331766217.png (183.8 KB, 750x1334, 46BA6335-9179-4B3F-94BF-3AB1EB…)

Reading the pop sugar article about this hairstyle and this is what it says about the new mullets. lmao none of this applies to Taylor but she wants to be edgy so bad that’s she’s willing to rock a Billy Ray mullet to do so! Hahaha I’ve had my laugh for the day

No. 736732

I’m betting she will leave it out of the video altogether and when asked about it on twitter she will just have to respond with something like.. “ well I didn’t know about KVD & it wasn’t makeup anyways so I just left it out of the video. Omg she did what??? I had no clue!”

No. 736736

File: 1575332576876.jpeg (455.27 KB, 1800x1800, 9FA7D51C-FCE3-4A10-927D-67A77F…)

Lmao she already got it and here is the big unveil..eww she’s not going to be able to style this by herself at alll…somebody just needs to go to the storage building and get a couple wigs for her to rock

No. 736739

>asked for the Halsey-meets-my-exes-new-gf

No. 736740

And yet I have to admit it's better looking than her oily I-haven't-washed-it-in-two-months look. Kek.

No. 736741

She looks dead inside

No. 736742

File: 1575333206556.png (140.11 KB, 750x1334, 98EFB4BB-0B46-4E0A-8CA1-4BE2A8…)

When her lil bro is smarter and has more awareness than Taylor it’s time for some self reflection. If this even happened at all her lil bro is calling it now! Lmao

No. 736743

File: 1575333226341.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x1932, D9481683-4092-4B05-B0B0-159EA8…)

No. 736744

she's just not a gifted storyteller, is she?
>and then everyone clapped

No. 736748

It's cute though.

No. 736749

tbh this is the best move she's made for her hair in years. it's been an absolute wreck and this hides the breakage and thinning. she just has to be patient and not bleach it, leave it dark and grow it out, don't damage it

No. 736755

She looks like a Chinese-made Joyce Byers blow up doll. The second she stops styling it or doesn't shower for a few days, it's going to look thin, flat, and greasy.

No. 736756

She really went and got the exact same hair cut as Jonnys new Girlfriend.

No. 736760


Jesus.. she looks like a poorly sculpted wax figure. The girl's a mess.

No. 736763

File: 1575335724014.jpg (316.2 KB, 1069x915, 20191202_201450.jpg)

No. 736765

File: 1575335922221.jpg (148.5 KB, 1067x773, 20191202_201730.jpg)

It's so weird to me that jc rarely mentions her yet she takes any opportunity to shit on him. Don't get me wrong, he's a piece of shit.. but she could be using that energy to oh, I dunno, take care of her fucking animals. Or focus on her recovery.

No. 736778

I’m sorry but her lips look like a dogs asshole

No. 736781

Her tats are disgusting, they just make her look dirty, she's also looking fat lol

She goes through these cycles of buying a bunch of shit only to stuff it in a closet never to be seen again. She gets a high buying and showing it to everyone.

How much makeup and clothes does she need? She just likes to play dress up so she doesn't have to deal with her responsibilities.

Taylor is living in lala land, her room is muggy as hell, filled feces and stuffed to the brim. BUT SHE KEEPS BUYING CRAP. She doesn't need another fishtank, a BF or MOAR makeup, she needs to get her shit together.

No. 736789

This is such a weird narrative that she keeps trying to push?? Like going to the bar three different times in a day is so fucking weird?? And if she wants to play pretend that they were these hardcore alcoholics they would be buying liquor and have it in the house so they wouldn’t be “waiting at the doors” for a bar to open. It’s so strange.

No. 736793

Didn't she say she was the one going to bars multiple times a day.
According to this story, JC went to he bar 3 times a day/at opening, yet the bartender recognized her and asked where they (meaning both of them) disappeared too.

Makes me wonder if it's just another fun story she made up, or if she just confirmed her initial statement of also having an alcohol problem.

No. 736796

Her hair looks so much better in these pics BUT let’s not forget that it’s styled right now by a hair stylist. Her thinning hair can’t afford the heat damage of this hair style EVERY SINGLE DAY. She could also careless about showering so just imagine how this haircut is going to look weighed down by grease buildup.

I agree anon. This narrative is exaggerated af. First they leave the house all day long to drink at the bars, then she claimed awhile back that they never left their drug den. It would just make sense to buy alcohol and drink at home but whatever tickles her fancy I guess.

No. 736798

File: 1575340163639.jpg (964.8 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20191202_212853524.j…)


Yep she's said it multiple times

No. 736808


Good catch anons. I can't even tell anymore if she's lying or was just so fucked up on heroine and alcohol that she forgot she was sitting at that bar right next to him each time?

No. 736814

Jesus the hair makes he look even more like a sex doll

No. 736822

File: 1575342589162.jpg (1.85 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191202_220601634.j…)

lol I love her entire alcohol saga and the many twists and turns her "relationship" with alcohol has been and is. She is a walking, talking example of an addict making any excuse to put a mood altering substance in their body.

Here are a choice selection of tweets in chronological order showing how crazy she fluctuates. Whenever she bitches that ppl take her out of context, it makes me lol. Bitch isn't even consistent with her own context.

No. 736833

I just realized something. So if her bar x3 day narrative is to be believed since she wants to keep pushing it - then when she “left the house for 8 hours like a normal person with a job” (or however long it was) it’s safe to assume she was out getting hammered when her animals cooked to death?? But yes it was an honest mistake and nothing to do with her addiction nope nada.

No. 736834

Yep, assuming the frying story is true and they didn't just die of dehydration/malnutrition. It's bad no matter how you look at it

No. 736839

“Modern day mullet” does she fucking mean bangs? Because that’s what she has. Wish she’d spend more time googling shit instead of tweeting

No. 736847

Wait, how many "sober periods" has she had? I thought she just had one previous one where she went to outpatient for a few days with Johnny, but numbers 7 and 8 imply that there have been multiple sober periods prior to the 'cider incident' that she drank or and/or smoked weed - did she try to get sober more than once before inpatient or did she let it slip that she was drinking and/or smoking weed after she left inpatient?

No. 736850

And it’ll be in six months lol how many hauls later?

No. 736858

There were way more sober periods after the outpatient program with JC, which honestly I don't even count as a sober period at all. She's relapsed in one way or another like, every month. It's either weed, or alcohol, or sex. But it's totes mysoginistic to point out that her substituting h with sex is harmful, especially when you consider the platform she has, in which there are other addicts who might follow her mental gymnastics and relapse themselves.

No. 736869

I think most of us normally would be congratulatory or not remotely care if someone got a haircut, but why does she STILL blatantly try to skinwalk Halsey and Jonny's new gf? Is she really that lacking of an identity that she needs to try and live through them?

Still hilarious that she diagnoses the cat with a metabolic disease, yet has no receipts from the vet to prove that. She's in such denial that her lack of attention and care have made Star a landwhale.

And why can't this dumb bitch just REPLY on Twitter without retweeting?! She's just getting people harassed, or worse. Fucking cunt.

No. 736886

File: 1575366305178.jpg (483.17 KB, 1536x1652, Screenshot_20191203-104322.jpg)

Here we go again.

No. 736887

File: 1575366337765.jpg (288.08 KB, 1536x609, Screenshot_20191203-104341.jpg)

No. 736890

God get over yourself Taylor. We get you were abused and so so controlled by your ex and oh my you're suchhhh a victim!

All the anons that called this whole victim thing would happen were as usual right because she is so predictable it's actually getting boring.

No. 736891

“Here let me turn something small into a story about how I was super abused and my boyfriend forcefully shot me up with heroin but how he also didn’t because I asked him because I was such a junkie that I couldn’t go one hour without it. I also won’t date again even though I got into a relationship with some dude from rehab days after I broke up with my other boyfriend and then jumped to another guy.”
I really wish she would take a step back, and reflect on what she says/does.
This reads like she’s texting herself honestly

No. 736920

Why does this dude sound like her? Kek.

Oh. My. Fuck. She's fucking obsessed with talking about JC and addiction. She has ZERO personality outside of being an abused junkie. She literally won't miss a single opportunity to talk about how hard she's had it, and that she's the junkiest junkie and the most abused victim there ever was. That's not healthy. She needs to move the fuck on.

No. 736922

wanting to put it out there that the next album is about them so he makes his gf jealous.
also, highly doubt she doesnt listen to his music. since she misses him so bad, i bet she would and still does listen to that one single he did after leaving her. she is so transparent lol

No. 736924

What mature male would say “no she’s pretty” in a convo like that. She was def texting herself from a burner. Or else the guy is 12!

No. 736926

File: 1575378212603.png (289.58 KB, 1440x1401, Screenshot_2019-12-03-07-56-58…)


This is why I don't believe a bullshit thing that comes out of her mouth. She lies. Constantly. Only a few months ago she was adamant that he never physically abused her, now she can't touch a man's pinky without severe PTSD? Sure, Jan. You're a fucking liar and shame on you for demeaning actual abuse survivors.

No. 736927

File: 1575378262256.png (249.55 KB, 480x357, Stopyouviolatedthelaw.PNG)

No Taylor, just stop, stop buying all this crap to fill your empty life. She shouldn't be dating period, she needs to focus on REAL sobriety and her animals.

This dude is gonna be 30 plus, visible tats, and substance abuse issues I guarantee it.

No. 736928

The most disgusting thing is she didn't say shit about flashbacks or trauma until this tweet >>736557 prior to that response she was just gushing about the date. Up until the point she was reminded of this being something she can play victim with. She's been hopping from dick to dick and tweet about how men are scary in the same breath. She's a walking contradiction.

No. 736934

hi taylor, no youre getting it because of jcs gf because you have no personality

No. 736935

looks good. /kanyeshrugg

No. 736941


No. 736947

Interesting. It does sound like she's messaging herself but it could also be that she's seeing an emo weeb guy who also speaks like a simpleton and/or is a 12 year old going through the omgSoRanDomxD phase

No. 736948

didnt she say before that she would go this amount of times and it was not normal? shes omitting info again

No. 736949

ditto. I just said this. again, she cannot keep her stories straight.

No. 736951

who cares if she skinwalks a celeb, but the gf is just too much and shows how much she lacks a personality.

No. 736952

she just wants to fuck.
clearly they got fucking plastered.
also who holds hands on the first date? LOL
desperate AF

No. 736953

>also who holds hands on the first date? LOL
desperate AF

lol anon

No. 736957

poor syd, what a fucking skinwalker. how can she not feel the slightest bit of embarrassment when she's this transparent. gross.

No. 736958

More like who holds hands with someone they don't intend on starting a relationship with. I bet you a million that she hasn't told the guy that, she is just using him like penis bro from before. But that's okay quEeEN can step on anyone's feelings because her heroin sickness.

No. 736962

Imagine taking some "edgy" scene girl out and the next day she's telling all of twitter every tiny detail about how she had to be calmed down and brought back from having dissociative PTSD episodes.
Then goes on about how she has no actual interest in you, she was just getting a taste of being treated well.
Of course, this assumes this date was real, which we all know it wasnt.

No. 736970

Right we get 20 pictures of her in hideous makeup. 10 of the venue and her there. She didn't go out.
Blacked out?
What is she implying when she said black out?

No. 736971

Do we even believe she talks to a therapist at this point? I just don’t understand how someone can get “sober” and then talk a million steps backwards but ~soberiety.~ I just can’t imagine Taylor being able to manipulate a therapist. Usually they’re good at calling people out on their BS. She constantly talks about her old life on heroin with her vile ex. Most victims don’t sit in bed all day and relish in their trauma on twitter daily. I honestly believe she goes to group and thinks that the conductor/overseer (sorry don’t know their titles) of the meetings is her therapist. It would make sense that the overseer of the meeting might share in detail their experience with addiction. I can’t see her therapist giving every detail of her addiction with her client like Taylor says. It’s unprofessional and plain out weird.

Taylor has proven time and again that she is delusional and mentally ill. She definitely doesn’t care for her animals like she claims and not one of her ignorant stans is going to try and convince me otherwise. It’s clear that she has no personality. That’s why she takes drug experiences from group and embellishes them as her own. That’s why she is skin walking a celebrity and her abusive ex bf’s gf. That’s why she buys hideous clothes and makeup. She’s so lost in her own delusion. Too bad she doesn’t actually have a family who loves her enough to actually get her the mental help she desperately needs.

No. 736973

Exactly! And not to mention that we haven’t heard a peep from mama dean. Usually she’s the first to passive aggressively comment on her daughters behavior and choices on the internet.

I’m wondering the same thing about the “black out” comment. Like cool? You went on a date with another addict even though your 15% brain is programmed to relapse for the rest of your life in comparison to people who don’t have your 15% gene (I think I finally got the context right lol).

No. 736977

File: 1575392803937.jpg (213.28 KB, 612x1049, IMG_20191202_143257.jpg)

She actually addressed this yesterday! I screencapped, but didn't post because even I am getting bored of her.

No. 736978

File: 1575392877131.jpg (209.87 KB, 594x948, IMG_20191202_143331.jpg)

And then vomits her word salad all over a fan.

No. 736979

Wow this bitch is REALLY obsessed with being on her phone and what people say about her, it's honestly pretty sad.

No. 736981

She has the weirdest way of talking in circles. She can never just say something, she has to say it 4 different ways and then always end it with "but thanks for your input, I'll look into whatever you said! I'm still learning just like everyone else!"

No. 736983

she wants to exhaust people. She makes one post and the person goes, "okay well let me-" then there's another, then another, then another and then another and you are like, "Fuck it, i'm not about to read all this shit and respond to all of this" and then I've seen her do this and then block people are they make ONE response.

She could've said this in one response thing is,she doesn't care what the other person is saying, only that she can get all of what she wants to say out so people know that Taylor explained herself.
She talks at people, she's not interested in conversations. She ends it with something dismissing the conversation because she loves getting the last word. She doesn't want a response.

She's agaisnt cancel & callout culture but she's the main one using her following to silence and dogpile up on people.

Truth is, Taylor will only quote things that she KNOWS she has some answer too, even if it's wrong.

No. 736990


thought she only quote tweeted things she wants to address publicly? now she also only quote tweets ppl with accounts clearly dedicated to hating her?

oh, and love how she never addressed the part about how her fans dogpile ppl.

No. 736998

Did she just call herself an influencer? After all those times she washed her hands and said, "I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF MY FANS. I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF SOMEONE STARTS USING BECAUSE I SAID ONLY 15% CAN GET ADDICTED."

Taylor, you are choosing to have this life. You are choosing to have this platform. If you want to claim to be an influencer, you have to accept the consequences that come with it.

No. 737058

File: 1575413744596.jpeg (253.63 KB, 1242x600, 56188AAD-BAD6-46A5-BE32-ABB1CD…)


No. 737063

File: 1575414339689.jpg (227.11 KB, 606x1103, IMG_20191203_160412.jpg)

Gather 'round youngins for drug story time.

No. 737064

File: 1575414396578.jpg (234.83 KB, 602x1108, IMG_20191203_160435.jpg)

Tapering off Suboxone pt 2.

No. 737068

Has she always responded to everyone with five separate long winded tweets like this? Seems like some uppers fuckery is afoot, it's just SO MUCH RESPONDING

No. 737072


for the most part. i get the feeling she thinks the more she has to say on the subject, the smarter it makes her look. unless of course she's arguing with someone, then the wall of text is meant to talk her target in circles until they're too confused to continue bc wtf is she even on about?

No. 737077

Two pages of fast-talking when she really didnt need to say anything. Uppers & Excuses go hand in hand.

No. 737083

File: 1575416950682.jpg (494.19 KB, 1068x1461, Screenshot_20191203-184456_Chr…)

our addiction and recovery advocate who only wants to consume a specific type of info on the topic. I wonder if the documentary will mention her special 15%.

No. 737085

Well addiction isn’t all fucking rainbows and sunshine. Clearly, if statistics aren’t coddling her illness, then she doesn’t wanna hear it. Get over yourself.
Drugs and alcohol actually tear families apart and kill people. That’s the reality of it Taylor. She thinks because she did between 20-25 days in rehab that she knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Her rock bottom will be living on the streets homeless selling herself for her next fix because clearly she hasn’t learned one valuable lesson from her ordeal.
The audacity of her to say she doesn’t want to hear anything negative about addiction and recovery lmao as if these things are to be praised and enabled. Enabling and coddling is what led you to heroin Taylor, believe it or not.

No. 737086

"I get nervous anytime I watch stuff about addiction because I'm afraid of being called out on my bullshit by someone who isn't even talking to me."

No. 737088

What the fuck does this mean??
>Yeah he wasn't physical but he threw me around a little
What the fuck?
This is why I was waiting on her new Jonny experience video that probably isn't going to happen because her victim story isn't as "good" in her mind as his other exes. We all called it that he never actually physically abused her. What does being thrown around even mean if not physical abuse? She just wants the pity points so gotta throw that in?

No. 737120

If she's talking to someone, it's definitely someone who's either just qualified on paper but on practice sucks, or someone like a "life coach". You don't even have to be in the field to see through her bullshit. Common sense dictates an addict doesn't get to "experiment" with addictive substances, or get into a relationship, casual or otherwise, with so little time into "sobriety", which by definition she isn't.

I'd consider her "two sips of cider" incident a relapse. Why the need to try alcohol again when you said that three sips of vodka catapulted you into full addict mode? It doesn't matter if it's cider, beer, or vodka. Alcohol is alcohol.

Being awake at odd hours, sleeping for hours, not going out anywhere (except for bars and places that could be triggering), lack of friends, having a diet consisting of sugary and fast food mainly, and reliving her trauma over social media (because it's the only place she gets validated) screams depression. She's in a comfort zone where she gets to be the perpetual victim, and as long as her fans keep patting her on the back, she's going to keep on going.

No. 737127

It means he probably shoved her out of his way during a spat and she took it as a deep personal wronging.

No. 737164

Not to wk but throwing someone around during an argument is physical abuse.

The same goes for punching holes into walls and doors, because it means that the abuser will do those things to you eventually.

I do believe she was abused, and I do think that at some point it got physical, but not like Amanda who got punched in the face. Holding her, throwing her around, pushing her, I can see those things happening, especially when you consider past pictures of hers where there were bruises on her arms, and they weren't from shooting up. Many people pointed those out and even mentioned it was a lowkey call for help.

I also believe that the abuse was more emotional than physical. It's not the same to abuse a regular person than someone who has some sort of platform over the internet. JC is stupid but he's not that stupid.

No. 737176

I was going to say this, but knew it'd get called out like it was here. >>737164

The likely story is they are both adficts, trying to get a fix and get in each other's faces, and he shoves her out of the way.
Abused women can ALSO be ABUSERS. You see how she treats her family and her fans, gaslighting and being a narcissist in public, on Twitter! Why would she treats her boyfriend differently?

No. 737177

File: 1575438063479.jpg (388.75 KB, 1068x1119, 20191204_003929.jpg)

Just found it interesting that not once did she mention her animals or anything concerning her animals during her super productive day.

No. 737178

this is so funny, she always said she doesnt have energy because of her EDS but now its because of depression?

No. 737180

Tinfoil, she feels this good because she "forgot" to take her Suboxone the past 2 days >>737064 and doubled up?

No. 737184

>Abused women can ALSO be ABUSERS.

And the sun is hot. Just because she was abused it doesn't imply she couldn't be abusive herself. They were both toxic to each other, but the point still stands. Shoving someone, even if it's "a little" is still physical abuse.

No. 737199

if this bitch constatnly forgets her suboxone then why doesn't she just stop taking it (with dr supervision of course) and get on the vivitrol shot? lol what a contradiction. She claims her cravings are ~out of control~ but yet somehow "forgets" the med that would take care of that? That just proves that she doesn't actually need it and that she is only taking it to satisfy her addict brain in that she is still "using" some sort of drug. Further proof how clueless she is about addiction. Can't wait to see her change her narrative after she reads this kek

No. 737206

actually anons this hair cut is pretty cute and works well for her face, its just that she has those diseased fucking lips and looks like a hooker with her outfit choices + deadface. wish she'd take care of herself.

No. 737211

so that means essentially she was gone for the whole day, who took care of her hoard then? who handled her rats and spent time with them?? she's such a cunt

No. 737216

It suits her in those pictures but that's after it's just been styled by a professional, no way is she going to learn how to care for the style properly so it's going top end up looking like trash. Also she'll probably get bored of it in a few weeks and change it.

No. 737224

>who took care of her hoard then?

Her mom, most likely. Jennifer took Betsy's place.

No. 737231

I mean sure, feeding them and all but a few of her animals need daily handling no? Who does the socialising? (rethorical question because we all know no one does that)

No. 737232

I can’t image anyone forgetting to take their suboxone…unless you have something to take it’s place, you’d be starting to feel pretty shitty the first day you “forgot”. Nothing makes sense with her.

No. 737240

it's because she lives on sm. miley cyrus tweeted about getting a mullet like last week so of course this moron latched onto it. anyone can see that it's a shag, there's nothing about her hair that even remotely resembles a mullet, but taylor gonna tay.

the poor dear is mildly retarded, so what can you do?

No. 737249

I'd nope the fuck out if my 1st date was posting our texts on their social media like this. Especially if they had a big following like Tay. Instant sign that nothing would be private in the relationship.

No. 737250

She only feels this good and productive because there's some poor guy out there giving her the attention and validation that she craves and she's probably on a "new love" high.

We all know she gets super giddy and upbeat when she meets a new guy.

No. 737257

Top kek that a productive day for her includes going to the mall, getting her hair done and going out to lunch uwu uwu. This girl is privileged beyond belief.
Also to add to her not mentioning her animals, she doesn’t even say this when going to IOP. Imagine if she actually put effort into it and didn’t act like it’s such an inconvenience to shower, dress decently and go for a few hours.

No. 737268

Tinfoil but i think they would pull her off of subs if she kept pissing dirty or was double dosing/abusing her subs.
I knew someone on methadone who would take a shit load of drugs to get the high on top of the methadone. It's a miracle he didnt od. If Tay is doing something screwy with her subs, that might be why theyre taking them away.

No. 737270

Just like any pain clinic. They have the right to check your meds if they feel you are abusing it or at any time. To see you have the rest for the month. Sadly most places dont. You gotta think how many people see the clinic. They can't check everybody's. That's why Taylor is getting away with it. I remember Taylor saying that she was even cutting her Suboxone strips in half.

No. 737271

Tinfoil but something tells me she WAS double dosing. Seems like she'd avoid taking them so she could take multiple in one day. Then probably went into cravings and relapsed on alcohol and or uppers.

It's obvious she doesn't go to the meeting consistently, and I doubt they would say anything regardless. Taylor is pretty low risk compared to most junkies, she's got family support and a place to stay, they've got bigger fish to fry for sure.

As long as Taylor got her prescription filled the same time they'd never know. Could also be complications with her liver, subs are terrible for your liver and hep c probably complicates things.

No. 737272

Same fag but she might also be scared of being addicted to the subs by now. If she was double dipping it's understandable why she'd want to get off quickly.

No. 737274

>Her mom

Not likely, since Mama Dean probably drove Taylor everywhere. Aka no one took care of her animals.

No. 737320

With her erratic sleeping schedule I can’t see her being able to take her pills at the same time every day. She’s definitely hoarding up on subs

No. 737322

Well of course she's addicted to subs, that's how they work. She's an idiot for thinking she'll follow through with filming herself tapering down on them (she mentioned doing this in one of her pile of words yest) - it isn't fun, she'll be uncomfortable and withdrawals will be creeping up on her. I don't think there's a chance she'll be able to get off them without either going inpatient or relapsing. She's too spoiled and impulsive to get through the hell of it at home.

No. 737361

File: 1575506098663.png (385.4 KB, 640x722, taytay.PNG)

More cryptic BS from mama Dean. I'm guessing Tay-Tay's date didn't go well yesterday, probably stuffing her face to numb the pain, she's been surprisingly quiet all day.

No. 737362

she’s makes it so obvious that she relies heavily on male attention to put her in a good mood. she did this same thing at the beginning of her relationship with jake - was all of sudden super optimistic/happy/full of energy. then they broke up and she spent the last couple of months doing nothing but moping around and watching the office in bed

now she’s going out w some new guy and suddenly she’s awake at a normal time, out of the house, is getting her hair done, etc. all while talking about how it’s insane she “feels so good”

like girl….you aren’t happy. you’re codependent and addicted to male approval

No. 737367

Isn't today her sobriety date? And not a word from our kinda-but-not-really-sober queen?

No. 737392

File: 1575509500143.png (650.22 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-12-04-20-30-25.p…)


She changed her bio and pic within the last couple of hours but no word on sobriety 6 month anniversary which you think would be a big deal

No. 737393


shhhh don't remind her LOL

No. 737397

File: 1575510064587.png (494.77 KB, 597x625, 6months.PNG)

welp she literally just posted this.

also a bit of a nitpick but the way she talks about it sits wrong with me. theres so many people who had been fighting heroin addiction for YEARS. i dont think she realizes how easy she had it.

No. 737405

It’s Taylor. She would buy a new pet she never seen before and say she’s an expert. She’ll have a tiny sip of alcohol and say she knows addiction. Taylor has privilege growing out her ass. It’s very irritating to see because she’s influencing teens the wrong way

No. 737406

File: 1575510693450.jpeg (738.36 KB, 1821x1212, FBDA2825-BE91-4D7B-88FE-0198CB…)

She looks HORRIBLE In this photo. Why would she post this thinking she looks cute? Jesus

No. 737411

because of the boobs. the angle is sooo bad on her face but she HAS to show her tits

No. 737414

Her eyes are literally going two different directions. It’s ALMOST sad how much of her looks have deteriorated.

No. 737415

There's a strange dent on her upper lip. Surgery?

No. 737416


That sad ass hedgehog cage in the back. Ffs.

No. 737417

File: 1575511535588.jpg (403.52 KB, 1080x1059, 20191204_210423.jpg)

From ig.

No. 737418

Ew her gums look gross

No. 737421

Jonnys deleted his pics on IG of him and his new gf, she's gone private, taylor is now skinwalking new gf.

Wot is happening.

No. 737424

He didn’t have pictures up of her.

No. 737426

File: 1575512279292.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191205-131630_Twi…)

She's pulling a Luna with those eyelashes, yikes.

No. 737440

File: 1575513887402.jpg (1.53 MB, 2400x1800, pt2019_12_04_20_43_54.jpg)

Pics from last week but it looks like she forgot to shoop her boobs in the third pic

No. 737443

File: 1575514276962.png (241.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191204-214950.png)

New vids soon… Maybe.
They're still in each other's bios

No. 737445

File: 1575514405848.jpeg (93.2 KB, 859x750, F5C802D0-4B4C-47EE-983D-925950…)

I call this one the Minced Meat Lips

No. 737447

I think she just isn’t pushing them together on the last pose

No. 737453

“Syd” deleted her pics with Jonny from her insta profile…. and she is following the #pregnancymemes
hashtag on Instagram…..(this is an imageboard)

No. 737464

>i am on a roll

that's honestly fucking hilarious. she's so delusional.

No. 737466

Just in time for him to move back in with Taylor when she moves out in January…


No. 737471

File: 1575518837482.jpeg (920.85 KB, 3464x3464, B2483993-58B5-4362-BFDD-2B404C…)

Anon, this is a fucking image board. Use it. JC had her tagged in a story 15 hours ago. JC is still in her bio.
If they did breakup, I bet anything Taylor and Jonny would end up back together.

No. 737483

Wearing her finest bra-with-straps-with-a-sleeveless-top again, I see. With all of her oodles of cash, you think she’d invest in a strapless bra by now.

No. 737489

File: 1575521078013.png (715.96 KB, 750x1334, B939FD1D-CF43-4BFD-A78F-909DA1…)

Lmao somebody said under her sober post “well meth was the way to go anyways” and this was her response lmao soberrrr qweeenn tho

No. 737493

Nobody cares go away

No. 737494

yeah it was weird going through the timeline and realizing she was only actually on heroin for 5-6 months

No. 737497


To be honest I don't think they broke up. I mean how many times did Taylor remove JC from her bio only to put him back in in like minutes? I'd consider this to be pretty average in terms of how JC's relationships are. I can see Taylor skinwalking this girl to get him back though. At this point the bait's too obvious.

No. 737499

now she speedballed. sure jan. how could she do so many drugs and be clean in just a few months. if thats true then shes deffo not sober or jst plain lying about doing that many drugs.

No. 737505

File: 1575523574650.png (768.95 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20191205-071927.png)

acting like an infant again. one would have though she'd know that popular accounts get spammed by sexbots.

but not crying for mommy online and appearing so uwu innocent would mean she'd need to grow up and be an adult I guess. not a literal helpless infant who just can't help anything that happens to her.

No. 737508

File: 1575524823713.jpg (73.75 KB, 1242x733, IMG_8671.jpg)

No. 737509

File: 1575524925717.jpg (1.69 MB, 1242x2301, IMG_8670.jpg)

No. 737510

I hope for the sake of her future, she's pro-choice and JC coughs up the couple hundo for a shushmortion.

No. 737513

Yeah but doesn't she have a kid already though? I thought the child Jonny is always "playing" with in his IG stories was hers? Maybe she had already been following the tag from that period.

No. 737515

File: 1575526225020.png (179.9 KB, 750x1334, E57E1447-B300-4031-9B76-C1DE84…)

Taylor admitting to abusing her subs ..she thinks getting off them is going to be easy compared to heroin it’s worse..she’s too much of a uwu baby and fragile she will never be able to get off them solo. She will prolly switch for something else like Kratom or meth..ya know the usual

No. 737516

I feel like she heard another addict saying this. Considering that she is living the exact same life I don't see where the change was that would promt her no longer obsessing. Also she claims to have only be on subs 4mo and I'd be shocked that an addict who was actually making positive changes would have such a drastic attitude difference. I still feel she misses days because she took 3days worth at once. She sounded very much like this when jake was in the pic and then oscar lol. THAT is why she is uwu happy and ready to get off them. Also agreeing that she'll be shocked at how hard/awful it is

No. 737524

Dunno whose, but no, that is not her child that is in Jonny's stories.

And no, I had checked her following recently and she was not following #pregnancymemes until now.

No. 737527

Why does it even matter? Her possibly being pregnant isn't related to Taylor. If you want to talk about her and Jonny make a new thread.

No. 737532

Coming off of subs is way harder than coming clean from heroin, so it won’t surprise me if chica relapses on meth or starts taking benzos.

No. 737533

As if her being pregnant wouldn’t send Taylor off the deep end

No. 737536

Taylor is fuckin lucky and better thank her lucky stars at night that she didn’t get knocked up with Jonny fuckin Craig’s baby..which if they had ever gotten pregnant while being together I could see them getting an abortion during their H days because A.) they loved heroin B.) they are both extremely selfish people & C.) Taylor wouldn’t want to ruin her uwu perfuct body.
Which if this major hypothetical situation ever happened I wouldn’t blame Taylor if she did. I hope whoever she is talking to now will finally get her over that JC hump so she will stop fuckin bringing him up every time something inconveniences her so she can claim victim points for maximum ass pats.

No. 737537

>other side of the spectrum

either you are sober or you are not

im new to this board so i apologize if i dont know the proper etiquette. But ive had enough of her justifying and minimizing her addictive behavior because she cant be rigorously honest with herself. I am 2 years clean and sober from heroin i went to rehab, detoxed, went to IOP did everything that was asked of me i go to meetings to stay sober and im saying all of this because in taylors case the easier softer way is to switch one narcotic for another and to constantly romanticize her addiction. In all honesty the drugs arent the problem in my opinion shes so neurotic and emotionally unstable that she cannot or will not be honest with herself. Its her misinformation about addiction that makes me rage the most my sobriety means a lot to me, i just dont shout from the rooftops If you have to replace a substance for another you are not sober(nobody cares)

No. 737540

File: 1575530877944.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, 259379F9-6523-46CA-9431-1892A1…)

Just posted on her insta story..God she just can’t help herself from trying to look like a pornstar every time she posts..why the fuck does she think this is cute? She looks unhinged, disheveled, & like she just got done getting dicked down..oh wait that’s her brand now.

No. 737541

File: 1575531212311.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 9FFD9F68-2092-45A0-A85A-258F66…)

Who is she kidding, she looked just like this last week lol maybe with her new haircut she will actually keep her hair washed instead of dirty and greasy. But just like other anons said, she’s only fixing up and getting out of bed because of the new bro dick she’s been sneaking around with. Which I give about a week before she starts spewing about him and posting secretive pics of the back of his head.

No. 737543

wtf is going on on her hand? I can see her scars from her track marks 10x more than usual and what is with the black squiggly lines on them…when ur uwu thirsty af for attention.

No. 737547

i'm pretty sure that's just make up

No. 737548

lol her main reason for this post is to show she had bangs before (altho its a wig right?)
she loves her drugs lol

No. 737557

She goes through these classic narc cycles of self loathing and I'm the baddest bitch.

Shes so predictable, she's riding the newest thrill of her new bro dick. Girl was probably abusing her subs the whole time. As soon as this high is over she'll fill it with clothes or more pets.

No. 737561

File: 1575535206987.png (2.57 KB, 1023x37, lel.PNG)

Her numbers are going to shit again. Better be careful, Youtube is dying. The age of clickbaity tits out, and pet hoard is getting old. Watch out tay tay.

No. 737562

File: 1575535279100.jpg (562.41 KB, 1013x904, Screenshot_20191205-005943_Twi…)

Did she pull down her bra strap to show more her boobs? Kek

Just buy a strapless at this point already, Taylor.

No. 737567

Didn’t she say she had these huge D cup tits when she was banging Johnny? She’s flat without a bra. She lies about everything lol

No. 737569

Yea if you dig when she had that weird skin rash thing, it's censored, but her tits are flat and soggy.

Hard drugs have destroyed her appearance and she's never going to look as good as she did. She's damaged mentally and physically. Someone who gets tattoos on a whim for "therapy" shouldn't be in charge of living creatures.

She's not sober, she'll always be a recovering durdur junkhead.

No. 737573

The tattoos were definitely an attempt to get some sort of dopamine rush. And the Halsey one is just awful, she should look into lasering that off asap.

No. 737587

if she ever had an abortion (with jcs baby) thats the smartest thing she would have ever done. you saying, "B) they are both extremely selfish people, C) wouldnt want to ruin her uWu perfect body" who cares? if anything, she did the right thing if she ever did. /eyeroll.

No. 737588

this is actually a cute photo. too bad she cant buy a strapless bra that ruined the photo lol

No. 737589

at first glance it's cute because it looks like someone else took the photo. But then you remember that she is manipulative and alone.

No. 737593

omfg could she fucking not. Am I really the only one who thinks it's rather gross to have that porn mixed with pictures of animals? I don't see any other pettubers begging for a blowjob like that right next to pictures of fish and geckos?

No. 737596

I agree it would've been cute but she's such a fake person it's doesn't read as authentic.

Her entire persona is this giant, manufactured lie. Everything she posts is inauthentic, attention seeking bullshit. Deep down she's a terrified, needy individual, that's the quickest to fuck someone over. The amount of bullshit she regurgitates about addiction is borderline criminal.

There's a reason she doesn't have any friends, it's cause shes a shitty person. She's fucked over rape victims, her family, her pettuber friends, breeders, clients. Not to mention the body count and endless stream of lies.

No. 737603

Dammit. I was sitting here like that pic is pretty cute… and then I see the fucking bra. Why. Get a sponsorship from a bra company so you can do a strapless one my god.

No. 737619

already with the bedhead. comb your fucking hair, slob. she needs to trim that uneven shit on the left, the stylist didn't get it straight.

No. 737625

So NOW she admits she was abusing subs in the beginning (insert: while in sober living). She’s such a fucking lying piece of shit.
>> I gave a sub to a roommate and they promised they’d replace it with one of their own uwu uwu uwu. I didn’t know that was against the rules because I’m a lying manipulative wannabe victim uwu.
Even the fact that she’s using “easy” and “sobriety” in the same sentence at this point is comical. If sobriety is so easy then why were you depressed for months on end a few weeks ago, contemplating going out to a tent to buy heroin, and drinking ciders? Obviously all these emotions come with getting clean (sans drinking alcohol), but why does she try to write it off?

I was going to point this out yesterday but felt nitpicky but yes wtf! She was at the mall the other day buying shit for another narc cycle of hers and couldn’t be bothered to buy a strapless bra which most of the shirts she’s been wearing lately could use one? She’s garbage.

No. 737633

File: 1575558889354.jpeg (90.84 KB, 1125x1963, 4CD9C0FC-6554-4E20-8B2D-BA8AF4…)

Just thought this was interesting.

No. 737685

File: 1575573032218.jpg (545.26 KB, 1080x1695, 20191205_140959.jpg)

did we already add PMDD to the list of things Taylor has?

No. 737690


PMDD doesn't last all month… what an idiot. it's PRE MENSTRUAL aka before your period. it's literally just PMS but worse. that's it. it starts a few days before your period starts. and if she did have it, she'd be prescribed an antidepressant to take starting the week before her period. which she isn't, so.

No. 737699

File: 1575576332604.jpg (57.95 KB, 602x274, IMG_20191205_130235.jpg)

Pure Traylor Trash.

Also, what therapy group allows phones, isnt there a privacy issue? And why is she checking it anyway?Real serious about her recovery!

No. 737701

of course she is gonna have her phone, what's the point of therapy if she can't tweet about it?

No. 737711

I'm sure this really happened. May my eyes not get stuck in the back of my head.

No. 737713

Are you a female past puberty? Just wondering because almost any woman with a period knows that PMS is NOT just restricted to a few days before your period. For many people symptoms can start up to 14 days before their period even begins. So yeah…it is pretty much something that can affect you all month because for some, when they aren't actually mentstruating they are still experiencing mood fluctuations and other symptoms associated with PMDD. This isn't even to say that she actually has PMDD but her example there isn't inaccurate.

No. 737719


blog post, but yes, and i do have PMDD that is managed by taking birth control. it starts up to a week or so before your period (for me, it was like 5 days before). it does not happen all month long. it happens after ovulation when your hormone levels fall.

if her hormones are that wacked all month long, there is something else going on rather than PMDD.

No. 737720

File: 1575580087325.png (2.8 MB, 1125x2436, 57DC4443-A3BF-4E42-BE16-0604EA…)

New video is up about her Sephora haul…
She literally spergs out for the first two minutes about other youtubers being productive and filming new videos everyday and how she just films a bunch in one day… idk she’s fucking weird… like someone who’s on drugs and just won’t STOP talking at you weird.

No. 737722

She looks like a mess….

No. 737723

File: 1575580407569.png (2.82 MB, 1125x2436, 0DAEA785-974D-475D-90E7-BA1DB5…)

It gets worse…

No. 737725


Why did she even bother making this video? I just finished watching it and she clearly has no real interest in different types of make up and make up brands. She throws the stuff around, with most of it she says she cant be bothered swatching it, she doesn't know anything about most of the brands, she bought a lot of things from problematic brands, and she didn't know what most of the lipstick shades were when she was buying them…

She should just avoid doing make up videos if shes going to be completely ignorant and uninterested in everything.

No. 737726

she says she films a bunch in a day but then doesnt post when promised, and they all seem to be filmed the same day she posts some outfit or make up selfies. so, last minute.

No. 737729

I mean she literally got this haircut like 2 days ago so she has no problem uploading videos last minute. She uses the same excuses students do when they dont have the homework assignments - "I couldn't upload it to the website because my internet was down ALL DAY but pls dont ask me about the week before I had to do it because it simply took me FOREVER to get it done."

It's all lies but I mean basically every youtuber acts like editing a 10 minute video is equivalent to trying to make a documentary. I'm just surprised more people havent called her out for it, especially since she 1. Has a small zoo that she claims she takes care of 2. Tweets about laying in bed all day and or going out to places for fun.

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. Shes has no self discipline and is too distracted to have a career banking on her own ability to create and upload. A lot of us are, but the worst thing is she cant even admit it when the truth is staring her in the face. Taylor needs to take a break from social media. Shes literally going through addiction, relapse, an abusive relationship and basically a whole identity crisis online for everyone to see. Shes not some small town girl with 50 followers. This is too much for her to handle until she actually gets therapy and no longer needs random 13 year olds to validate her lies.

No. 737731

Okay few things here:
>>says she had 15 minutes to shop before Sephora closed.
>>claims to only use cruelty free items BUT bought brands that she doesn’t know if they’re cruelty free…
Let that idiotic statement sink in for a moment. She does admit however that she doesn’t care if she buys items that aren’t cruelty free or problematic because “who cares.”
>>bought a bunch of dark colored lipsticks without searching them at the store.
She was really disappointed that one of her lipsticks wasn’t black but rather a dark purple color. Apparently black lipstick is her thing now.

She cannot even articulate sentences in this video. The whole video is her saying everything incorrectly and then trying to sound quirky about it. It’s painfully obvious that her personality is like watching paint dry. Nothing about her is genuine and she’s manic af.

No. 737735

LOL Taylor would be the stupid inconsiderate self-involved bitch who comes in the store 15 mins before closing and expects FULL SERVICE and to take her time

I hope her Youtube career tanks and she has to go back to working retail, jesus fucking wept

I agree she comes across manic and frenetic as fuck, wonder what she's tweaking on

No. 737736

File: 1575583559057.jpg (952.55 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191205-140007_You…)

Did this bitch seriously put her match profile in the description?

No. 737739


She doesnt have a match.com account. In the video she complains about having her account terminated for inappropriate pictures. It could be some attempt at a joke?

No. 737741

lol she really put in her link. cant wait to see screenshots of that.
this just proves (confirms, really) that she films last minute (thanks, new haircut) because shes so lazy. all this "I have pre filmed video" is BS.

No. 737752

I fucking wish she would get back with jonny, that junkie house period was the most entertaining for sure

No. 737767

she literally impulse bought everything bc she has no clue what most of those are nor does she know anything about the brands. way to throw your money away on shit you probably wont even use and will just lay around the house

No. 737768

is that also jc's sweater? i could have sworn ive seen it before.

No. 737775

File: 1575588565408.jpg (133.14 KB, 753x702, taylor_pmdd.jpg)

Yes, here she claims it is a "definitive" diagnosis in August of this year >>>/pt/691876

No. 737777

no it's been removed, from last thread >>>/pt/732452

No. 737784

I'm 99% sure bpd is borderline personality disorder. I've never heard anyone refer to bpd as bipolar disorder. So which one is the person tweeting her refering to? And I guess Taylor herself?

No. 737787

yeah bpd is borderline idk what the fuck she's talking about

No. 737789

isn’t PMDD not a real disorder?? I thought it was just a way to sell prozac to more people under a new disorder name

No. 737792

Not to get too much into medfagging, but nope, PMDD is real - the hormone dip right before the period can do a real number, especially people who already have mental health issues.

IDK what it has to do with Miss Taylor though, and I fucking hate it that she's taking something that can ruin people's lives without access to treatment into yet another accessory for herself. She's disgusting.

No. 737804

Taylor really can’t helping supporting racists, can see? She bought multiple Kat Von D items - lipsticks, highlighters, perfume…and each time she acknowledged that “this person doesn’t have views I really like but….”

No. 737819


They have a thread on her, but it hasn't been updated since August.


The status of threads on other sites:

Last post October 16th

Thread #4, last post November 26th

She gets dragged on reddit regularly.

Google "site:reddit.com taylor nicole dean"

No. 737838

Yea just… imagine being this much of an overprivileged racist little rich girl. They're just "views I don't really agree with!" to TayTay. Then again she drops the N word and hangs out with Bigotty Betsy so…

It's fucking pathetic how she's desperate to be so woke and with it and can't fucking stop showing her own ass continuously like this

No. 737851

>The 9 symptoms of BPD
>Fear of abandonment.
>Unstable relationships.
>Unclear or shifting self-image.
>Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors.
>Extreme emotional swings.
>Chronic feelings of emptiness.
>Explosive anger.
>Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality.

From https://www.helpguide.org/articles/mental-disorders/borderline-personality-disorder.htm

I mean she checks them all. Just going off by her clear fear of abandonment, unstable relationships, impulsive behavior, and promiscuity, you can tell it's BPD. If it was PMDD, she'd be bitching about the pain constantly, for sure.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 737864

Racists and rape apologists too. KVD's husband talked shit about his daughter and called her a traitor because she slept with one of his friends, who was several years older than her, and when she was a minor (I think she was 14? I don't remember but there's an interview about it).

The video made me cringe in general. I see she's also trying to copy Antonio Garza's editing style in some parts of it. She tried really hard with the self-deprecating humor and the "quirky" attitude.

No. 737873

You're an idiot.
I have pmdd and mine starts literally after ovulation which is like almost 2 weeks before my period starts.

It doesn't just come a couple days before it starts.

Go back to health class or something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 737932

She seemed scared to throw herself to the wolves again. She knows that if she makes another animal video we will complain about how neglected they are because we catch details that her fried brain just can't grasp, and if she makes another junkie-teacher video we will complain about how wrong she is. I think she is slowly starting to realise that shutting up and selling her animals might be the best option for her. So a "neutral" makeup video was the only option.

No. 737941

File: 1575624361062.jpeg (403.57 KB, 1215x1775, 5E474E7E-A91A-417D-9B5F-526731…)

she wants her bangs shorter just like syd’s but she’s showing Halsey a pic to make it seem like that’s not really it lol

No. 737942

File: 1575626008721.jpeg (559.17 KB, 1242x1954, A2B2CFE3-606F-4310-A0A8-AE4929…)

No. 737943

yes yes I wanna kiss you and have you fall in love with me to make myself feel important, then throw you away like an empty bag of whataburgers and call you a psychopath when you get mad about it.

No. 737945

Dude, Run from this crazy bitch! For real she's blasting this dude on Twitter after a couple dates? Such class. Such Grace. Wait till she backs out and spins it on him LMAO

No. 737956

why does she feel the need to ALWAYS blast intimate conversations with men who like her online? it’s so fucking creepy

No. 737960

“Educate y’all…” educate yourself first, ignorant fuck

No. 737982


I think she might actually move out in january if she manages to get this guy. get ready for another round of post-fuck selfies anons

No. 737993

She really takes no time getting to know anyone before she acts like a smitten 14 year old.

No. 738051


Kissing on the first date? dude is playing her, this is some corny ass pickup shit. Sounds like she gave it up easy.

Where does she find these bottom feeders?

No. 738055

I'm just genuinely how anyone kisses her with those disastrous lips.

No. 738059

Nowadays it’s pretty common to kiss on the first date, it’s also not uncommon for strangers to kiss after just a few hours of talking. Yall literally find anything to say about this girl

No. 738063

stop wk, we all know how desperate she is. she has no class.

No. 738092

Ironic how no one would even know she kissed anyone if she didnt post a screencap of their personal conversation after one date of meeting him irl to her thousands of teen followers.

Funny how posting things that shamelessly on what is basically the equivalent to your business social media might get negative attention from the wrong people.

Taylor and other cows have a chronic case of the inability to not overshare. She knows her audience reach and knows who's keeping tabs with her and yet still chooses to post shit that even non youtubers would cringe.

The internet has millions of people on it. If she wants to post without the worry about backlash than she should make a private account for people that she knows irl to follow. She wants asspats though and the validation of her teenage stans and would rather risk nuking her entire online persona and maybe even future attempts at normal jobs to get it. It's not anons nitpicking for commenting on shit she chooses to put out there especially when two months ago she pulled the same stunt with a dude who ended up getting her a fucking GUN and threatening her via text with relapsing.

No. 738104

You all need help mentally if you think behaving like this towards another person anonymously(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738113

No one is holding a gun to your head to lurk and comment on this website.

You felt the need to open your internet browser, come to this website, and comment anonymously.

We don’t coddle cows like Taylor here. If you want to kiss Taylor’s smelly ass go do that publicly on twitter and IG. We’re allowed to not like Taylor for reasons mentioned in the previous 52 thread.

No. 738117

Hate to break it to you, but you’re delusional. Taylor is no angel and you’d be wise to educate yourself before you suck her ass so hard. Aside from that this is a website built on laughing at dumb, oversharing bitches, it’s not that deep.

No. 738123

This sentence isn't even coherent but no one cares regardless

No. 738124

Some do, some don't. There are different reasons for coming here.

Taylor's misdeeds should be easy-to-access though; her 'advice' could get animals and people killed.

No. 738125

Didn't she just tweet about how he was scared to hold her hand? Now she wants us to believe he kissed her too?

No. 738131

Comment didn’t say anything about kissing Taylor’s ass. I’m a long time lurker and a lot of stuff about Taylor I agree with but some of the stuff posted is just horrific, for example comments about her lips are not fair. How does somebodies lips relate to their ability to care for animals?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 738134

>>738131 >>738131
If you’re such a long time lurker then the whole lips thing is not something new. Don’t like it ? Don’t read it.

No. 738135

I mean. I agree with you. But everyone in this thread has their own reasons for being here.

Even if Taylor fixes up her animal care, people on this thread will continue to laugh and gossip about her until she's no longer relevant.

No. 738142

File: 1575668173964.jpeg (22.83 KB, 500x494, 46EDB077-B77C-473A-982C-ECD56A…)

Her haircut is horrendous, know the 70s aesthetic is in style but she is not pulling it off. She somehow looks both like a strung out Joyce Byers and a Midwest trailer trash mom that tries to still be hot.

No. 738148

As much as I despise Taylor, kissing on the first date is pretty much par the course if the date went well. In fact, no kiss on the first date is a pretty good indication there won't be a second date.

No. 738151

Tinfoil, this is Tay's new beau. She sent him here to see how victimized she is by the internet

No. 738152

'in fact'? lol what culture are you from? not everyone wants to get physical on the first date

No. 738154

A kiss on the first date is pretty usual in the US unless you’re a member of a very conservative religion.

No. 738155

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought she looked like a cracked out joyce byer. Literally my first thought when she cut her hair.

The haircut is cute, Taylor's face isn't.

No. 738159

To be honest, I feel like because she spends money that she could be spending to improve the lives of her pets on her frivolous shit like those horrid injections her busted ass lips are fair game.

No. 738165

File: 1575673676841.png (2.98 MB, 1125x2436, 26FE0FF8-D478-40CC-839A-AD28E3…)

Pretty sure she saw this comment and decided to post this. Of course she includes the price lol

No. 738176

Taylor: omg I was so nervous and had flashbacks the whole time! Am precious traumatized fragile flower uwu
( >>736576 )

Also Taylor: kisses on first date.

It also wouldn't surprise me if they had sex with Jake calling her a sex addict.

No. 738263

File: 1575691455804.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, 04CD4A48-7C95-4B9B-9E2F-754968…)

Sure Jan

No. 738266

I'm betting she just realized the ticket she bought wouldn't be honoured since she bought it from a third party site and they won't let you in if your ID doesn't match the ID on the original ticket….

No. 738276

absolutely, I'm also sure there wouldn't be a return option on invalid tickets from a third party reseller. she got swindled and is too embarrassed to warn others not to make the same mistake

plus this is Taylor, she's admitted to throwing just as much money away on stupid shit. she's already paid for this, and she's not one to miss out on exclusive opportunities that give her something to use for attention (see her """chimera""" BP)

No. 738284

Tinfoil, JC and gf are on the rocks because tnd's coming to see him in LA "for closure".

No. 738287

She spent 100$ on some piece of shit sweater you can find at a kiosk in the mall for 20$. Responsible is not her strong suit.

No. 738313

File: 1575703524067.jpg (648.53 KB, 1050x1868, 20191207_021319.jpg)

She doesn't respect anyone's privacy or boundaries. Major red flag for anybody dating her.

No. 738316

"My love" after literally 2 dates at max… Are they both 14? Also, didn't she say she wasn't trying to be in a relationship or anything but it just "felt nice to go on dates" or some stupid shit?

No. 738318

can't wait to discover + share this new guy's mugshots next

No. 738321

File: 1575705898586.png (630.18 KB, 760x779, Screenshot_20191207-030204.png)

samefag but she's lurking often enough, reminded her that she hasn't posted her most expensive prop in a while

or is another animal more expensive? I know the 10k price tag was never officially confirmed but none of her other animals have come close iirc (except for maybe Kronos but he's long gone)

No. 738326

I can't wrap my head around how stupid she is. First she got triggered from the date, but of course she's only looking for dates not a relationship no no and here she is clearly being so uwu in love? How does she justify this all AND posting screenshots of private conversation no less. Probably another Jake situation where she thought he didn't have twitter and she thought he'd never find her cringe tweets about him

No. 738333


I'm thinking it was more than a kiss, probably a full blown makeout/sex session. This dude sounds like a creeper, inb4 he pulls a jake and "goes crazy".

No. 738363

Him calling her love, her blasting their texts online. Can’t wait for this to implode.

Girl, go take a healthy relationships course. Even AA recommends five years of sobriety before starting to date.

No. 738366

She's just trying to save face, she didn't get her money back. Suck to SUCK LMAO

No. 738370

I'd be surprised if he doesn't pull a jake

No. 738380

File: 1575733292762.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2208, 8B45F3AA-C444-4849-9D2D-46AD38…)

i’m fully convinced she texts herself

No. 738381

File: 1575733408311.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2208, 4C75001B-D260-4C0A-BC10-F30FD0…)

No. 738382

File: 1575733548443.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 2B5990D3-BD99-474F-AF19-CA54D4…)

No. 738383

She’s pathetic whether it’s truly someone or not.

No. 738384

Holy shit could she try any harder to be ~quirky and relatable~? You're in your fucking 20s, dude, grow up and stop posting your private conversations to your collective of preteen followers. It's cringy as absolute fuck.

No. 738392

is she 12 years old? why TF is she posting this shit?? no one cares about how quickly you catch feels.

it's obvious she's only feeling better because there's a new bropeen paying attention to her. that's all she wants, all she bases her self worth off of. too bad she has abhorrent taste in men (or is just such desperately-low-hanging fruit only scumbags are interested)

No. 738393

It’s so weird she’s texting herself, I can’t be convinced there’s some guy out there who speaks exactly like her with her same “humor” yeah fucking right taylor, move out of ur parents house before u try to get some weird guy to fawn over u, freak.

No. 738401

She's a grown ass woman. Why is she posting so many screenshots of her texts with this dude? Oh wait - I guess since she was so poorly most of her life and out of school she didn't socialize enough and let shit like this stay in middle school like normal people.
Why does she thinks it's worthy to share some boring messages with a dude she hardly knows yet? I can't believe she doesn't see how cringy this is for her age. It's almost like I hope she's relapsed just so it could be more understandable.

No. 738405

Gemini was for sale for 10k but she claims she got a bit of a deal. So, she overpaid for a snake that has genetics that can't even be proven or reproduced. Her snake could very likely just be a cool looking paradox. Paradox happens a lot in certain morphs.
Kronos was a wild caught roughneck monitor and I believe he cost between $200 and $600.

No. 738407

File: 1575739914335.jpg (292.23 KB, 1061x858, Screenshot_20191207-123127_Twi…)

She also shared this totally real story

No. 738408


Gemini was 7500, she said he was 10k to feel special. Lurk more

No. 738409

She’s letting a total stranger from tinder come pick her up at her house. Smart move

No. 738415

File: 1575741213971.jpg (22.85 KB, 137x275, 1575740463117.jpg)

Seems like taylor likes to keep trying to make something happen between her and Sarah, one of Onisions grooming victims. Leave her alone, she doesn't want to be your friend!

No. 738420

thats a screenshot for ants, can you post a bigger version? i cant really read what it says

No. 738424

File: 1575742859826.jpg (603.52 KB, 1067x1878, 20191207_131739.jpg)

iirc didn't this moron say the date happened like a few days ago? but sure, it's been weeks.

No. 738425

she has only been on tinder for 16 days now. did she find a guy literally the first day she made an account and went out with him the next day? cause otherwise it hasnt been "weeks". why does she have to exaggerate every single thing in her life lol

No. 738427

I'm pretty sure that at this point, the only rational explanation for Taylor's inability to track time is that her brain is fully fried from all the drugs she totally did. Like, 1000% fried. Beyond saving.

No. 738429


Love how she refers to the neighbor as a "grown man," like she and the date are widdle teens. Really sheds some light into her mindset.

No. 738430

Meep i am sorry i can only use my phone to post things :( visit onisions thread, you can find her post there, too (it was posted very recently)(:()

No. 738431

File: 1575743521149.jpg (388.13 KB, 1071x1623, Screenshot_20191207-133104_Chr…)

Here's that ss the other anon was talking about with Sarah. I almost wanna warn her about Taylor's questionable relationship with her young fanbase.

No. 738435

Remember this conversation when things go awry between them a few weeks from now. She says she doesn’t want to date but is literally acting calling this dude “babe” and kissing him. Idk whether this guy is real or not, but he sounds into her… so is she just leading him on?

Idk I remember when Jake said she 1000% led him on into thinking she’d be there for him and that they were dating. I believe him even more so now. She is a lunatic. Seriously, stop calling this guy babe and making out with him if you cannot communicate that you only want his dick inside of you for twitter ass pats. I’m willing to bet this guy would consent just to get clout from her. EVERYONE saw the cash she dropped on JC and you really think some stable guy wants to be with her just because she’s this amazing woman? Don’t make me lmao.

No. 738437

My bad, I thought the 7.5k was the discounted price she supposedly got. Either way, she's said she didn't pay the listed price.

No. 738441

"so I can always laugh about how we met"
lol I can envision her dreaming about telling everyone the oh so quirky story of how she met her new man.
What on earth is she doing? She should be focusing on her recovery still not hooking up with men. If anything she should try to get some new friends but that doesn't give her enough of a dopamin rush, I guess.

No. 738456

She looks like she's posting all these tweets about this mystery guy in hopes to get JC's attention. If this guy wasn't around, she'll still be posting sad tweets about JC

No. 738457

im not going to judge her for calling out Onion, I feel more people especially verified people need to, but it kills me how she's the kind of bitch who'd call people out when it's "Safe".

Just like Jeffree & Shane, she felt it was "Safe" to like them again, which is why she decided to "forgive" problematic she didn't care about in the first place, to hop on their dicks like everyone else was. (including Oscar).
100% if no one was calling Onion out and taylor didn't lurk Lolcow, no doubt she'd be quiet and ignoring it.She only moves when its "Safe"and for asspats.
She knows that it's "Safe" to call out Onision, she's NOT doing it because she felt so moved and wants to do whats right, if thats the case, she wouldn't be defending Jeffree, Shane & all the other shit she defends. Like Taylor even kind of dogpiled James Charles when the shit happened, so it's all about public opinions, it's never about how she feels, it's about how everyone else feels. I can't stand people like her, like she's not going to call out other people because she hates "cancel culture" but she's always calling people out, because others are & then she backtracks and goes with popular opinions about other problematic people/things she supports.

All that said, I'm happy she's talking shit about onion regardless.

No. 738464

Leave it to Taylor to try and normalize doing coke/get involved when there’s discussion around drugs.
I don’t believe this story. She always has to dramatize these things to get more attention.

No. 738492

Any adult man moving this fast in a relationship via tindr is a red flag. Taylor is wearing her heart on her sleeve and making herself an easy target for the next dude to victimize her. She still doesn't have her guard up after dealing with a heroine addict boyfriend and heroine addict boyfriend pt2 only this time with the added bonus that he was emotionally unstable and able to convince her to get a gun??

I don't understand. Johnny was awful but Jake was just as bad - if not potentially even worse if she had stayed in the relationship longer. I genuinely hope its just her texting herself because shes gotten lucky dealing with crazy dudes so far (except for the fucking HEROIN ADDICTION)

Someone in her life has to be telling her that this is not only stupid and cringy but dangerous right? We cant be the only ones (people who she considers haters and apparently her little brother) to actually see the pattern… her mom is on social media all day. Idk how she can let Taylor live in her house, take care of her pets and still let her daughter make bad choices that might put her right back in the same situation she was a year ago.

No. 738504

File: 1575759391339.png (342.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191207-175454.png)

She got the wrong attention trying to insert herself into the Onision drama.
Don't forget about Taylor's group chats with minors.

I would LOVE if Repzion did a video on Taylor.

No. 738512

I 100% agree. She has no original thoughts or opinions, she literally only parrots popular opinion. It’s so fucking see through

No. 738518

ahahahaha wow. taylor taylor taylor. stay in your lane and leave sarah alone you fucking creep. you spend too much time oversharing nasty shit WITH MINORS in your discord to even be looking in her general direction. but then again we all know you share some shit in there that is a bit tmi, right?
hmmm. maybe someone is ready to spill, do you think? trashfire.

No. 738519

The way she acts in general would deter any type of guy that wants a serious relationship. I don't see her being with a person who'll love her truthfully if she lies about every single thing and exaggerates everything to feel important. Posting everything the guy does is also the cherry on top to scare off a person.

>Someone in her life has to be telling her that this is not only stupid and cringy but dangerous right?

I think Taylor is the type to never listen to anyone else because SHE'S the one who's correct all the time. If she can't take constructive criticism online, then she won't in person.

No. 738537

File: 1575769127978.jpg (319.59 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20191208-123848_Ins…)

No. 738546

jump off a bridge

No. 738557

File: 1575772225464.jpg (165.13 KB, 1536x504, Screenshot_20191208-032820.jpg)

this has the jake saga written all over it. bet she is love bombing the shit out of this guy.

No. 738575

Okay I'm buying into the tinfoil that he isn't real. She wouldn't be able to stop herself from posting actual photos of their "dates", even without his face in the photo or anything to allude to being on one with a real person.
So something is up. I think she is just trying to make Jonny jealous and wants to act like she is succeeding at dating when she is actually miserably failing at it. Nobody goes on tinder just for "cute dates" like Taylor is describing. Even if someone got lucky to get one and not just wanting a hook up, it would take longer than a day to find a guy like that on fucking tinder.
Plus the fact that she is going to LA only for a tattoo now? Okay

No. 738580

Well I mean she's gonna get pricked one way or another.

And hey, one needle is as good as another, right?

No. 738581

I'd have to agree that I'm starting to agree with this tinfoil. I would've been unable to tell who was who in those texts without the colours and positions of them. It all sounded like one person. And if he is real then he sounds like a 12yr old and will probably end up being just as shitty as jake and jonny.

Also loving the ~no one's ever been so sweet to me. Bitch you literally said that about jake 5mo ago lmao. She seriously needs to talk to her therapist about red flags in dating and how to avoid them. Oh yeah she admitted to lying to them and I feel like she probably lies to them about most things (outright or by omission).

No. 738590

File: 1575778445395.jpeg (557.54 KB, 1125x1773, 73E04DC5-8497-443D-8399-16A4D2…)

Didn’t see this posted here yet.

Our heroin qween loves a good scientific study about addiction.
As if Taylor even presented studies in her video “explaining” addiction lol. She just likes when people do the work for her. One of the first quotes in this study is that just because you may have genetic predisposition to addiction doesn’t mean you’re destined to only be an addict and that environmental factors play a huge role as well.

No. 738592

"i love discovering good studies on this" please taylor we all know that you don't read studies and probably couldn't understand them. You don't even do the bare minimum skim reading research on your pets that you "love" and "obsess" over. I just can't with this bitch and how obvious it is that she is too fucking lazy to put in the bare minimum effort in her low effort job. yikes.

No. 738609

two uneducated junkies discussing science. great.

No. 738614

lol…you just actually just reminded me that she claimed that she was run off (or something like that) tinder because within minutes she was offered pills and something else shady…and then she supposedly meets a guy from tinder. Yeah totes sober my ass. Wouldn't be surprised if he was a junkie. I don't think she's done yet with using h and especially once she moves out if ever.

Tinfoil but I feel like she's scared to live alone and is basically looking for a guy so she can move in with him. Because ya know she's not like other girls and can't get actual female friends or guy friends who aren't fuck buddies kek

No. 738662

File: 1575795454538.jpg (430.52 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20191208-035613_Chr…)

This is an excellent point. Who in 2019 doesn't FaceTime someone they're concerned might be a catfish? Or at least have them hoo on cam real quick. I'm believing her newfound love connection less and less.

No. 738667

Do we even know if that tinder guy and her new found love are the same person?

No. 738669

Based on >>738424 they're still talking. Seems to be the same guy every time she posts their personal convos so it's implied that these are all about the same person.

No. 738671

so much for being so uwu terrified of the phone. She definitely seems like one of those girls who would do anything for a guy but not for her family or friends or even herself. Super basic example would be family asks her to eat broccoli she says never it's disgusting over my dead body, guy she's interested in or dating asks her to eat broccoli she does it no matter how stressful/panic inducing it is. Which can be pretty sad but it's Taylor so if she's anything like this then I don't feel bad for her at all.

No. 738676

I said this a while ago but I think this whole trip to LA is to see jonny.
She's made one bullshit excuse after another to go there, I think she knew all along she couldn't see MCR and now that it's been exposed as a useless ticket, she's come up with this tattoo excuse. It's all a cover up to her real motive.

There's no way taylor will go to LA without trying to see him to "talk about it" or get her "answers" from him.

No. 738686

Where is it posted that the tickets are for sure fake? Or is she still saying she's going?

No. 738687


Perhaps try reading the previous threads, or even… and I know this will blow your mind… using the search function.

No. 738705

Since Taylor lurks on here:
All of us want to see your pet enclosures. We want to see the upgrades you promised. Last time we saw your enclosures you had animals in too small cages, with inadequate hides, a few with improper substrate, and no enrichment. Show us that your animals aren’t just SURVIVING but are happy and well cared for. We don’t want make up hauls. We want to see your animal care improve

No. 738728

Agreed with you anon, but she has proved that she’s no longer an animal channel. Her uwu heroin addiction has become her identity, which is ironic considering in the beginning of being “clean” she herself said she wanted to focus on her animals and not let her addiction become her identity. But look at her now. Her videos are about addiction “education” and makeup hauls. She will go for weeks before even posting an animal, which is why we have to speculate it’s dead.

Like she just posted Gemini the other day - god, how long has it been since she showed him?? I honestly almost forgot about him. The more she makes her identity about addiction, the less people call her out for shitty care, which seems to be the way she likes it. But the fact that she still rides that line and claims she’s an animal educator makes her look bad, because we all know her care has not improved much if at all. Imo it would be best for her to rehome ALL her animals, maybe keep a snake or cat, and just change the entire narrative of her channel. She honestly doesn’t care about her pets, as we all have been saying since the beginning, they are all just accessories to her.

No. 738734

It does seem like she's trying to go more the lifestyle vlogger (whatever you call it). But her animals are def a complication and she has made it clear that they aren't her priority compared to chasing dick and using seeing as mam is taking care of them. Unless she posts obvious such a good pet parent uwu vids of her cats out of her room for the first time in a week (and probably a very limited time). She really should swallow her pride and just get rid of them all

No. 738739

File: 1575829555733.jpg (566.03 KB, 1536x1274, Screenshot_20191208-192551.jpg)

No. 738740

File: 1575829627324.jpg (623.55 KB, 1536x1650, Screenshot_20191208-192707.jpg)

No. 738741

File: 1575829677941.jpg (271.6 KB, 1536x621, Screenshot_20191208-192758.jpg)

No. 738742

I second this completely, it’s so beyond obvious she doesn’t give a fuck about the animals anymore

No. 738743

File: 1575830096042.jpg (336.76 KB, 1536x887, Screenshot_20191208-193348.jpg)

While likely, it's so hypocritical of her to jump to this conclusion. Any excuse to talk about drugs.

No. 738744

well if we're going with that complete and utter lack of evidence and that's okay then that means that Taylor is most definitely not sober, also she is abusive and neglectful towards her pets in more ways than one and they need. Two can play her dumbass 0 logic brain

No. 738747

File: 1575831648429.jpg (97.56 KB, 602x481, IMG_20191208_115849.jpg)

I don't even have a clever comment for this crazy shit! Closest friend. 3rd date.

No. 738748

File: 1575832166625.jpg (709.18 KB, 1536x1393, Screenshot_20191208-200905.jpg)

It's good to see so many call her out.

No. 738749

Closest friend? What a moron, the guy wants to get in her pants, she never learns.

No. 738750

Every single thing she has to make about her and drugs, even death isn't safe from Taylor trying to low key talk about drugs and herself. She would'nt say SHIT if she could'nt make it about drugs and therefore herself.

All this dude was to her was an fucking topic and "He used drugs, so let me use his issues to make it about drugs, so i can bring myself up", not a person. She does NOT care about this shit.

It's just like with Jeffree & shane, Just like with MCR, just like Onision, she never cares about this shit, like I said, she only cares when other people care.

No. 738751

at this point, there's little difference between her and that Rewired Soul douche

No. 738755

Like this bitch is already verified on twitter, she has a million of subs (real or not) on youtube, Thousands of people who stan her without question, but this bitch is such a fucking clout chaser, it's so fucking obvious at this point.
Remember when that guy said he had HIV, Taylor spoke up making it about herself, every single thing that trends on twitter, that Taylor can fucking use to talk about herself she pounces on it.
Like has she ever even mentioned this dude? Was she a fan? Or did she google him, saw that he fucking talked about addiction and that's when her caring went from 10% to maybe 40%.

No. 738760

File: 1575834770112.png (622.38 KB, 1242x2688, 7305D34F-B72E-476E-A141-08860A…)

No. 738762

File: 1575835240107.jpeg (372.71 KB, 1800x1800, BA30A722-845F-4BDD-A44B-07ED85…)

This is why she is a VILE AND REPULSIVE POS. Just the other day she’s making jokes about heroin and now she wants to jump on her fucking soapbox and preach to us about how substance abuse is soooo bad uwu.

As if most of the fucking world doesn’t already know that drugs are bad but substance abuse and the opioid epidemic is much more complicated than she makes it out to be.

She really needs to shut her fucking trap and stay in her lane. Stop trying to act like your opinion is fact and valid when you’re a fucking hypocrite. Six months sober [from heroin] my fucking ass ~MiSS 0nLy 2 sIPs Of CIdER~ and ~iii ForGeT tO TAke Miii SuBS.~

No. 738766

File: 1575835715222.png (95.94 KB, 599x529, Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 2.07…)

She's literally "Lmao" at this man's death right now. Like god forbid someone made fun of Taylor's "sobriety journey", she'd have a NDA at their doorstep immediately.

She can make multiple videos crying about this thread for calling her a junkie but can laugh about someone else's death? Taylor is a literal child and it's disgusting.

No. 738768

Taylor really out here pulling a Holly Conrad god damn…

No. 738770


Read the rules and quit cowtipping.

No. 738771

oh my god she literally cannot stop flapping her stupid lips about anything and everything every damn day

No. 738773

File: 1575836218419.jpeg (639.38 KB, 1225x1853, AE52EA83-69E7-423F-8A87-7CF6DA…)

No. 738774

That "lmao" is so inappropriate and shows, like I said, this shit ain't serious to her, it's another trending topic, that Taylor felt she needed to inject herself into, so she can get her daily injection of talking about drugs, arguing with people, attention, sympathy and preaching.

No. 738775

Everyday it's the same thing.

1. Taylor makes a tweet
2. people react to that tweet
3. Taylor finds that one bad comment or pisses multiple people off and starts tweet bombing them with responses.Then she defends herself.

4.Taylor realizes she's wrong (but makes excuses & doesn't say sorry) or goes with the popular opinion.

5. Taylor deletes the tweet and may retweet people explaining her point or agreeing with her.

6. She posts about her animals, drugs or some meme to distract people.

7. Rinse and repeat.

No. 738777


This. This is literally the cycle of Taylor and to a certain extent, I think she's doing it on purpose to stay relevant. There's no way in hell you could tell me that she would've ever spoken up about Juice if it wasn't an opportunity to start something. I think she looks at it as an opportunity to gain sympathy points from her fans. "I didn't post a video this week and had to take a 'social media break' because people told me I shouldn't have spoken up about something I know nothing about."

No. 738779

sadly, she she needs her pets for views. She gets more views with videos that surround her animals than her other stuff. She obviously wants to do something else with her channel but no one cares for her boring self unless she's feeding her new animals.

No. 738782


So she'll delete the original tweet but keep going with the same narrative in another? Makes sense.

No. 738789

even besides that crazy overly attached shit, she completely missed the point…even if you consider him a “close friend” he’s a fucking stranger from tinder. she has no common sense, it’s infuriating

No. 738790

File: 1575840250223.jpg (371.69 KB, 1536x725, Screenshot_20191208-222300.jpg)

No. 738792

Do it's OK to speculate that someone died of a drug overdose because they had discussed taking recreational drugs in the past but its not OK to speculate that Taylor fried her animals because she was on heroin? Ffs

No. 738793

File: 1575840617479.jpg (422.38 KB, 1016x1468, Screenshot_20191208-162834_Chr…)

"I wasn't trying to speculate. I just saw he died and remembered him mentioning he did lean and percs and Xanax and assumed it may have had something to do with his death"

She's a fucking idiot. Like just apologize without all the added fluff and then shut the fuck up and move on. God damn.

No. 738794

Good stfu you dumb cow. Seriously, he could've died in a car crash, she's just using his corpse to push her buisness agenda.

No. 738797

Taylor must legitimately think she will die if she apologizes.
I just cannot comprehend how someone can be so wrongfully defensive and have no self awareness whatsoever.

No. 738799

Taylor thinks it's not even okay to speculate that she's USING drugs, but it's totally cool to speculate that someone else died from drug use

No. 738800

it was confirmed he was walking through an airport and he got a seizure and was bleeding from the mouth. that's where the speculation comes from i suppose.

No. 738810

She makes it known that she used drugs but nobody is allowed to speak on it and question her sobriety lol

No. 738813

Her definition of apologizing is deleting the controversial thing instead of using the actual words "I'm sorry"

No. 738817

and if she does say “sorry” it’s sarcastic and disingenuous.

No. 738822

File: 1575845961241.png (21.97 KB, 721x181, Capture.PNG)

says the bitch thats always on twitter crying

No. 738828

I find it intriguing watching Taylor try to Rationalise things Everytime someone calls her out or debates her, she coddles herself with fantasy rationalizations to excuse her shitty behaviour and shame anyone who dare challenge her lepton brain because she can't handle when her stupidity is made obvious to her just as dumb fans.

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