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File: 1535937350424.jpg (433.7 KB, 720x1280, 1535882512552.jpg)

No. 679440

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/679386

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Uses her plethora of illness to excuse not posting, yet she’s somehow able to care for 30+ animals everyday, stating that when she is too unwell to tend to her animals she pays "people" ~$600 to take care of them for her, as if that's somehow better

> Finally got the cheese tattoo, looks terrible (not surprising)
> Got the new monitor cage, lies about its size repeatedly, still too small for the monitor and provided next to no substrate, hides, inadequate lighting, and climbing area for the monitor.
> Kovu died at 3 ½, Taylor claims it was a result of bad breeding and she expected him to die way earlier. He likely died of heat exhaustion in the wake of the heat wave that struck Texas when he was living in a tank, after months of neglect in a closet
> Jonny went on tour in Brazil, was drinking the whole time, holding open alcohol
> Decided to put all of her snakes into breeder racks
> Still hasn't bothered getting a proper set up for the mantis shrimp
> Posted a link to a podcast not realizing that it didn’t paint her in a positive light (link to the podcast and summary of the podcast with time stamps is in #15 thread)
> Lying constantly about the sizes of her enclosures, sometimes within minutes of each other
> Finally got a slightly bigger enclosure for the monitor (though not the size he needs) that she hasn't bothered to actually fill in properly, nor set up the lights for it properly
> Pacman frog is very unhealthy, legs splayed out, eyes blown out, bones and muscle deteriorating
> After months of neglecting to treat her bearded dragon for what started with a small tail injury and possibly losing just the tip of its tail, the tail became necrotic and about half of the tail had to be amputated.
> Actually showed up to Petfest, but in a sports bra, tank pants, and a lace cardigan
> Still claiming that she isn't impulse buying her animals, and totes supports "adopt don't shop", despite buying a $7500 chimera ball python and buying another snake at Petfest
> Misidentifies the species of the snake that she just bought on twitter, despite claiming that it's one she's totes wanted forever
> Maui might be a female, she has apparently never bothered checking or getting him a general check up at a vet
> Stated that she'll "consult" an expert on how to sex him but didn't say she'd actually get him sexed BY an expert
> Orchid mantis is a male as was speculated on a previous thread
> Claiming that she is "quarantining" the two new snakes, but the chimera has been out all over the apartment for pictures (the "quarantine" tank is a tank in front of their loud ass tv where they were caught smoking pot around the satanics)
> Claims she is also quarantining the other new snake "Duck" in the bathroom, despite showing pictures of their bathroom with no tank in sight and no photos of wherever it actually is.
> Photos of the new un-quarantined snakes all over their comforter where other reptiles and cats hang all over
> Jonny posted her nudes on ig and made comments about "slamming" her in bed

No. 679447

Great job on the new thread!

No. 679450

I'm calling it now. She's somehow going to "find out" her nude got posted here and whine about it on Twitter, claiming it's some sort of slut-shaming and we're obsessed with her, while dismissing it was her shit ass boyfriend the one who shouldn't be doing posting this shit to begin with.

No. 679454

File: 1535938793689.png (65.01 KB, 415x419, Picture 5.png)

She's such a shitty, hypocritical bitch. It's okay for her junkie rapist bf to skate by in life hurting people with no consequences or accountability and then use the excuse of "addiction is a disease." It's okay for her lying, victim blaming, lazy, hoarding ass to skate by in life with no consequences for the animals and people she hurts and then use her "chronic illnesses" as excuses. But god forbid people with mental illness talk about being victims. This is so clearly aimed at the exes. It's just gross. Every mistake she makes is someone else's fault or because of her health problems. She is the epitome of "skating through life making themselves look like a victim."

No. 679456

The ironic thing is that when I edited it I covered more of herself than she did. I literally showed more respect for her than Jonny did.

No. 679479

File: 1535942167778.jpg (52.36 KB, 383x680, DmIoSnNXcAAxVFb.jpg_small.jpg)

from Emma's twitter.

No. 679495

Is she dying her hair purple?

No. 679520

she's looking literally like chyna from celebrity rehab, and about as alive, as well

No. 679523

I seriously hope she doesn't get a bird like how it was mentioned in the last thread. I can't imagine the poor thing picking up awful vocabulary from the two and choking to death 20 years too early from their smoke.

No. 679530


Yeah, she's a cunt. Like how she compared addiction to DEMENTIA of all things.

You can recover from addiction. You can't recover from dementia. She's a shitty excuse for a human being who will use whatever reason she can find to justify herself and her crappy life choices.

So of course she's going to slam people with mental illness for "skating through life" and "using it as a crutch" even though this is EXACTLY what she does.

No. 679535

File: 1535947002379.jpeg (234.23 KB, 1242x898, C37CEF7A-3A1D-4CE4-8BA2-73DC5E…)


No. 679536

File: 1535947085084.jpeg (395.56 KB, 1235x1745, 08014303-3D58-49BD-ACDD-813C13…)

No. 679548

File: 1535948280676.png (241.47 KB, 1260x595, Picture 7.png)

Right on fucking cue. It's pathetic how predictable she is.

No. 679549

(same anon)
This is also an awful lot of tweeting (fully coherent with no typos) for someone who was just diagnosed with a double ear infection and the flu. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 679550

>>679548 Honestly though I don't see a reason to hate on this. I mean yeah, her tattoos are bad and her lip job sucks, but she does make a good point. Its her body so she can fuck it up if she wants to. I think that people making fun of her looks here invalidates what is said about her animal care.

No. 679554

Thing is, folks were pointing out that Jonny posting her nudes for the world to see and her underage fanbase to touch themselves over; is trashy. For a change it's not really about how she looks or what she's fucking herself up over. She's doing damage control for Jonny right now… in a 'everything's fine I'm super sex positive and just like showing off my body' kind of a way. It's transparent.

No. 679558

Your point is valid, but my problem with what she is doing is this: she's purposely conflating separate things in order to manipulate her stans (especially those that don't follow her across platforms) and make herself into a victim when she isn't one. Some people criticize her animal husbandry which is warranted, some go after her looks (some more viciously than others). But people are not suggesting that her poor choices in clothes, tattoo artists, hair styling, and lip injections affect her animal care which is what she's claiming. Her fans have been asking questions about the nudes on two of her instagram posts all day. We've been posting about them most of the day. Her sudden need for "sex positivity" is in direct response to that; it's damage control and manipulative. And pathetically predictable.

No. 679564

You say her fans have been asking “all day”, but I saw only two comments ask with less than 10 likes on them. And all the comments in response to them are positive. If you Twitter search her name alongside these issues, you’ll see she talks about self love and being able to dress how you want for ages now. Of course if there’s drama arising in it she’ll bring it up again. You are looking too deep. The message she’s talking about isn’t bad. It’s not manipulative. If people don’t like her animal care, that’s something to talk about. It’s not manipulative of her to clarify that the rest is irrlevant after a gossip website literally used her body as the thread photo as if it’s some awful scandal. The fact of the matter is, she’s old enough to post whatever she wants, and if she gave jonny consent… it doesn’t really matter or is relevant to her animal care. Children see things like that online all the time. She didn’t show her nipples or her vagina, I don’t think this is something worth talking about. It just makes you all look dumb

No. 679565

She's missing the point though. It's not that she's sex positive, or a "sex positive female", like she calls herself. It's not even the fact underage kids will see that shit and masturbate to it as if they couldn't just go on PornHub.

It's the fact that someone who supposedly loves you is showing intimate pictures of you with no regard for how they can be used in the future and probably without your consent. Pictures like that are sent to someone because you trust them enough -not- to do exactly what he's done.

And look at his wording, too. He's not even referring to her as a person. He's showing her off as an object. "Enjoy my amazing gf's body" is just… really creepy. It's dehumanizing, but she has such shit self-esteem she probably feels like she's on cloud 9 because he's showing her off. It would've been an entirely different tune if she was the one who uploaded the picture on her own.

No. 679567

File: 1535950795374.jpeg (480.01 KB, 1085x1800, 345774BD-7DB7-48AC-BD91-37F053…)

No. 679568

Also, you guys say you have more respect by covering up the photo than jonny did… but why is showing a body “disrespectful”. If a women shares her skin, how is that her disrespecting herself? If she wanted the photo there, then there’s no disrespect. Also you edited it to make it look like there’s a vagina or nipples showing underneath when there’s not. You made it look worse for her than the original did lmfao. I disagree with her animal care, but this is SO so stupid

No. 679570

You can’t assume it was without consent when SHE said she gives consent. You can’t just say no she’s lying she didn’t. It’s her body and if she’s publicly posting she’s okay with it, then you going on here to say she isn’t is nitpicking. Some relationships are more sexual than others. Some partners share them having SEX online together. If they’re okay with it, they’re okay with it.

No. 679572

If kids want to see porn on the internet… I'm sure they would have done it by now. Its not her fault people are jerking off to her regardless. People have probably jerked off to much less posted on Instagram before.

No. 679573

Oh fuck off and learn how to sage.

It's trashy af.

Taylor's 'I told him to' reads like BS covering Jonny's disgusting ass. His objectification of her was gross too…

Making a prediction now: when her and Jonny go south, she'll point to this as one of the things he 'forced' her to do, and talk about how she had to cover for him.

No. 679575

No. 679576

If she wanted it taken down she could have reported it. Instagram's reports are anon.

No. 679578

No, just because I have a different opinion form you didn’t mean ill fuck off. You don’t get to decide what is true and what isn’t. I have an opinion and it’s that this is stupid as fuck to even talk about on here and it’s only motive is to talk petty shit, if she says it’s fine- who the fuck cares. We can’t ask for proof for everything she does. Like “oh if you consented let’s see the texts!” Theres shit that goes on behind the internet, we have to just take it for what it is. If she says she consented, who cares let’s go back to talking about IMPORTANT TOPICS

No. 679580

Also, if she wanted it taken down she probably wouldn’t have waited so long to even acknowledge it. She covers her ass as quickly as possible with mistakes… she’d be out protecting it in the middle of the night if it was a big deal to her. Clearly she didn’t care, she even tagged him in her story which someone who was trying to hide things wouldn’t. This isn’t worth discussing. It’s her body she can do whatever she wants with it. Her animals should be the only debate. This website isn’t fun to use anymore, it’s talking about irrelevant things than her pet care

No. 679581

"You say her fans have been asking “all day”, but I saw only two comments ask with less than 10 likes on them."
Maybe learn to read? Because I clearly said they were commenting on her instagram posts (of egg and salem), and I've posted more than two comments from those posts, none of which were positive. And you're making the same strawman argument as her…no one is claiming her trashy body affects her animal care. Like I said, "it's damage control and manipulative. And pathetically predictable."

I agree 100%. It's creepy as fuck.

No. 679583

Check again cause all the ones on Salem’s post are positive lol. Even the initial commenter said absolutely nothing was wrong if she gave consent. You’re also again missing my point, she’s claimed she can dress how she wants and be nude if she wanted for years now on twitter. Obviously she’s gonna bring t up again if there’s drama surrounding it. That’s not manipulation. She isn’t saying don’t critique my animal care, she’s saying don’t critique things other than that because the rest is her life apart from the animals so it doesn’t matter. It’s not manipulation to say that, it’s a solid point.

No. 679586

Stop samefagging everywhere. You can fuck off because you came here to stan and nothing else.

This is a gossip board… that means folks get to talk about everything Taylor… including how trashy she is. With the delay between her response and the instagram images I think it's 100% likely she didn't know until after and then Jonnyboy persuaded or otherwise manipulated her into leaving them up on his insta.

She's not going to fucking report them because she's in too deep with Jonny. kek. That's the point.

No. 679589

"Response to Taylor Nicole Dean's Hedgehogs Hate Swimming Video."


Taylor's stans have been brigading videos of people who actually KNOW what they're doing based on hedgehog "facts" she's given.

Bad enough that her pet care is below par, but she actively misinforms her viewers which leads them to harass people who responsibly care for their animals.

No. 679593

Sorry I wasn't glued to ig and didn't see the comment she made less than an hour ago. I'll make sure to keep refreshing her comments every 5 minutes just so I don't let you down uwu~~~

Anyway, back to the point so you get it. She can be sexual, show cleavage and wear nothing but a thong if she so desires, that's not the problem. I don't give a shit about "think of the children" because they can find sexually explicit content anywhere else.

The point is that when you send someone a nude or an intimate picture, there's an agreement that you don't post that shit. She said she gave it her ok just now? Awesome. That still doesn't negate the way he's showing her off is not as a person but as an object and it's creepy as shit.

And finally, stop bitching about what people should and shouldn't talk about in a thread about anything related to her. This happened at least 4 times before with her bra size. I personally don't give a shit and find it annoying when people talk about it but guess what bitch I scroll down, you should do the same and post what YOU wanna talk about instead of bitching and moaning about how no one is doing what you want to do.

No. 679594

That’s really your last thing to reply? Like just please shut up? Lmao. I am here to talk about her animal care. I don’t have to “stan” someone to say you guys are making yourselves look ridiculous debating about a women’s body, editing her photo to “cover up” something that was already covered up, saying she’s lying about giving consent, etc. I’m not here to stan, I’m here to not be an immature prick though either. So I really have to hate everything she does even with her body to be welcome on this board? That proves none of y’all actually care about shit then. Just to nitpick and get mad and probably ban anyone that says “hey that’s a dumb topic”. So ok, continue hating on her for doing something with her body that she’s fine with. Also gossip about her ear infections. God. I’m stupid for ever thinking any of this was credible shit. I’m out

No. 679597

You're a newfag who didn't know how to sage. You're here to stan…

Things we know about Jonny: 1. He's a serial abuser 2. He's a rapist 3. He's manipulative.

Him posting her nudes is a bright red flag. Her only commenting later and saying it was because she wanted to show off her body is another red flag.

She has a pool outside, she could have easily taken some nice pictures in a bikini if she wanted to show off her figure; not some grainyass picture of her topless with her nipples out kek.

Maybe you've never been in or seen an abuser… I don't feel sorry for Taylor any more… but this all screams manipulation.

>I’m out

Good, fuck off as I suggested earlier. No one needs or wants your goodbye notes.

No. 679599

I love the stans in the comments of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjz0A_HsbYU
All of them are just reciting what Taylor said without any research on their own. Sad.

"Actually, a hedgehog swimming is dangerous, and is probably borderline abuse. If water gets in their ears it can cause a very serious infection. Hedgehogs generally don't like swimming, and most of the time think they're swimming because if they don't, they'll drown.
Basically, it's terrifying for them. And can cause future problems."

"(According to research) THIS IS NOT CUTE!!! THE. HEDGEHOGS. HATE. SWIMMING. THEY'RE DROWNING!!!!! AND FUN FACT IF THE WATER GETS IN THEIR EARS, IT WILL MOST LIKELY LEAD TO A SEVERE EAR INFECTION! ♡ bare with me :/ im just trying to spread a message to NOT have your hedgehogs in water. (unless your bathing them, and in that case the water should be very shallow) ♡ Thank you so much and please spread this message. ♡♡♡ - Sophie"

"Watch Taylor Nicole Dean"

No. 679602

Her bad advice spreads faster than a fucking std. And there's no cure for stupid and brainwashed.

No. 679603

The arrogance of her stans is the goddamn plague. They just repeat what she says in the comments. Her Imbecile army thinks they are smarter then an experienced keeper from one video.

No. 679611

File: 1535955394564.jpg (291.07 KB, 1080x1098, 20180903_021514.jpg)

>I could be a nudist and still take care of my animals
If by take care of you mean just keep alive then okay, but how is that relevant to her claiming to be a family friendly youtuber? Wtf it's like she just danced around that part on purpose

No. 679642

i didn't realize that "not suitable for children" actually meant "nymphomaniac incapable of performing anything but lewd actions"

No. 679670


Oh honey, you are not exempt from any kind of criticism. No one is and you certainly aren't special.

No. 679684

File: 1535964855118.jpeg (351.2 KB, 1125x2330, 462BFF79-B1A5-4A61-BA0D-B9B48D…)


gross. also, “i did it, not you”. ok?

No. 679685

This is so fucking gross come on man.

No. 679690


no one is jealous of this gross dynamic lol

No. 679694

I think all of this is interesting because he used to post pictures of Amanda and Chelsea like this when they would never post something like it themselves. I really wonder what he says to them to make them want this kind of stuff posted

No. 679698

I love how all the Stan’s commenting and disagreeing with experts are like 10 year old girls. I definitely wouldn’t want Taylor to be my child’s role model

No. 679699

Are we sure this isn't some kind of performance art on unhealthy relationships? It would be comical if it wasn't so sad.

No. 679733

File: 1535973692940.jpeg (130.01 KB, 1300x953, 4C892A8E-3AD9-4DE2-BE2F-11B104…)

Someone call peta, Mother Nature is being cruel to this poor hedgehog.

(No idea if the fact it’s a European hedgehog would make any difference)

No. 679753

File: 1535976809110.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-03-08-05-47…)

No. 679755

File: 1535976895703.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-03-08-05-53…)

No. 679756

File: 1535976959232.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-03-08-06-17…)

No. 679757

File: 1535977030467.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-03-08-06-27…)

No. 679760

File: 1535977091108.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-03-08-06-33…)

No. 679762

File: 1535977149805.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-03-08-07-22…)

No. 679763

File: 1535977207344.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-03-08-07-29…)

No. 679767

This is not natural if you curl it lmao always lying about something for attention

No. 679770

Discount crackhead Marilyn Monroe. (imagine heart eye emoji here for full sarcastic value)

No. 679771

I wonder how disgusted Matt Dean would feel about this?
Also makes me wonder if Tay and Jonny are into the whole creepy DDLG kink. At the very least I’m positive there’s some icky baby talk going on.

It’s way past the point of me feeling sorry for Taylor, she’s cemented herself to Jonny and his trashiness like glue. She uses him as a shield for the behaviors she wants to exhibit herself but can’t bc of her fandom.
What Taylor doesn’t seem to get is she would have had way way more success in life being Bindi instead of Kylie. There’s a million Kylie wanna-bes in the world and none of them will hit Kylie’s status bc Kylie simply lucked out by having a big sis that was famous ultimately due to a sex tape.
While Bindi had a leg up bc of her famous dad, she chooses to do respectable admirable things with animals and conservation.

Taylor chose sex appeal over respect which is just disappointing to me bc if she took herself and her “career” seriously she could have made some cool connections and a real career with longevity working with animals.

No. 679793

I missed the picture when it was posted. Anyone have the banner photo unedited?

No. 679798

It's on the previous thread

No. 679834

why pay $7500 when you can pay $10000. excellent financial planning there.

No. 679840

I don't have any idea of how the America health system works but an ear infection counts like a emergency? And is it normal to explained what a ear infection is and what it caused it in the recipe?

No. 679843

Agreed it’s trashy. Not because of Jonny but because we /all/ know she’s insecure as fuck and her “consent” to post that was not coming from a place of power, rather a ploy for attention, it’s pathetic. I’m embarrassed for her.

No. 679849


Technically I guess you could go to the ER for an ear infection, but usually that's the kind of thing you just go to a regular doctor for, or maybe an urgent care clinic if you don't have a regular doctor or need one after hours. It is usual to have discharge instructions that include info like that from an ear infection, though.

I'm just speculating, but I really feel like she went to the emergency room for something else, found out she also had an ear infection, and told everyone that was why. Maybe she ODed on something?

No. 679850

Fuck it maybe he fucked her ear and came in it (sounded funny in my head) and shes freaking out

No. 679851

This emergency room is essentially an urgent care clinic. For whatever reason a lot of the urgent cares in the SATX/Central tx are being converted into stand alone ER’s

No. 679858

Does she think this makes her look good? It literally proves she was lying about having a double ear infection and the flu.

There is something seriously lacking in her care of Sabor if she gets bit literally every time she interacts with him.

I'm the opposite of jealous. They are vile. Also…"it's all mine" instead of "you're all mine." Gross.

No. 679861

If parents care, they can restrict access to such sites. As she promotes as family friendly…and provides info to Jonny’s social media…those wouldn’t be blocked or flagged. Trashy. Pure and simple.

No. 679865

Her calling him Daddy makes me throw up every time I read it. Gross. Just gross!

No. 679867

Not speculating or anything. Just throwing it out here that a lot of people in the US go to the emergency room when they’re broke because the ER can’t turn you away for not having money.

No. 679897

>I showed him that photo cause I liked my body
Sure, Jan!!
It totally wasn't in a sexual context! If you don't give a fuck then why lie? What a compulsive liar. She wonders why nobody ever believes anything she says. The girl that cried wolf.

Instead, how about you teach your young audience that they don't need to show their body to get attention? You know, Taylor, like how you gained your following in the first place??

It seriously doesn't seem like he asked her before posting it. Keep on being gross, Jonny. You'll never change.

No. 679898

I don't think she even cares, it's obvious she wants to get rid of that "family friendly" image
The problem is the thot world don't give a shit about animals, and she will lose all her fan base

No. 679904

I don’t think he did actually get her consent because if he did she would’ve posted that instead of them “laughing” about it. I am pretty sure he has a past of posting pictures of his exes like that without their consent too(from what I read in threads about him), I think he posted trying to rub in everyone’s faces that he’s fucking her when in reality no one wants to fuck Taylor Nicole Dean.

Also, Think she posted that text in general trying to be the cute suducting female that calls her man daddy when in reality she sounded weird af and clearly doesn’t know how to really use it. Wondering if that’s his kink and she is using it to please him and isn’t even into it like that

No. 679960

I disagree, she obviously cares about how people see her and I doubt she actually gave him consent to post the picture. She's just backing him up because that's what she's used to do by now. I doubt it went unnoticed.
>nobody wants to fuck Taylor Nicole Dean
What? Don't be delusional, anon, a lot of people would kill to have a body like hers. The one that's actually repulsive here is Jonny.
Honestly, her being with Jonny makes even less sense now that I've seen those pictures.

Taylor, seriously, WTF? I know you are stubborn but you can do so much better. Absolutely no one deserves to be with someone that treats them like that.

No. 679980

There are definitely people that want to fuck her, but Jonny and Taylor seem to think that an overwhelming majority of the people that look at his twitter do when in reality, there are prettier girls with better bodies and lips that don’t look like they’re swollen from a bad allergic reaction. There are also plenty of girls who aren’t one dye job away from waking up with all their hair on a pillow.

No. 680007

>It's all mine

He literally called her an it. She's an object, a thing to him. Nothing more, he said it himself plain as day.

No. 680017

Are you joking? There’s plenty of awful photos of her but based on that nude, she looks incredible. Jonny’s the one vile one because he knows she looks good and he’s trying to parade her as his property

No. 680045

Eh, one could argue it's all about angles. We've seen her in candids and she doesn't have pronounced hips or an ass, and she actually has kind of a beer gut. Lying on your back and bending your legs might give off the illusion that you have a flat stomach and an ass/hips. It's pretty much standard nude angle.

However, I do agree with the rest of what's been said. He's showing her off as his property or as an object. And honestly I don't buy the idea that she gave her consent. She probably got convinced and is obviously freaked out because it didn't go as planned. If you want to show your body weight loss progress, you post a picture that actually shows it. That picture was not taken to show that; it was a nude. And the way he refers to her isn't to motivate her, but for others to "enjoy her body". I mean honestly if you want to be an Insta Baddie just own it. Don't go around giving your half assed sob stories about how you're allowed to be sexy.

No. 680096

I’d be scared of what I’d catch after she’s been with him!

No. 680115

I love how she keeps pushing the lie that either of her new snakes are in quarantine when she's not even wearing gloves or taking any precautions at all. A responsible owner would…I don't know…film them in their god damn quarantine enclosures. But that would open her up to tons of warranted criticism. And she brought Duck into the bathroom without even showing her "quarantine enclosure" so I doubt it exists.

>I just never really looked into it too deep

That should be her slogan.

Good job, Sabor.

No. 680131

Why does she keep upping the cost of the snake? She said 7500 now it's 10000.

No. 680152

She says in the video that she rounded up for the title.

No. 680153

that's what she probably paid for the snake (as it was discussed here), despite claiming otherwise at first.

No. 680156

File: 1536015656057.png (463.11 KB, 916x718, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.59…)

Is it just me, or does it look like she put foundation in her nostrils in this newest video? Maybe covering up some rawness?

No. 680157


I think it's probably more likely that she probably makes too much income to qualify for health insurance and for whatever reason was booted from or doesn't use her parent's insurance. Urgent care is really her only option if she wants to be seen by somebody and just pay out the pocket costs for the privilege.

She's probably too dumb and useless to go through the trouble of shopping for an insurance rate and paying the premium rates which is surprising considering for someone with "severe" health issues, it'd make more sense for her financially to just get herself insured and have her medical expenses covered that way…but I am assuming she doesn't maybe because she can't afford that with her lavish lifestyle? Maybe she thinks it's cheaper in the long run to just play with fire and hope she doesn't get seriously ill enough for hospitalization.

No. 680167

File: 1536016526817.jpeg (92.31 KB, 744x748, 393F9431-3631-4E26-842D-B52358…)

Just… ew.

No. 680168


>makes too much income to qualify for health insurance

That's not a thing.

She should be seeing a PCP regularly to manage her chronic illnesses if they are stabilised and specialists if they are not.

No. 680170

She makes money off of younger people and feels no obligation to represent herself well. This is not a sex positive person. This is someone dating a man who has raped women. She is not strong, powerful, or empowered. She is a sex toy, sadly.

No. 680173

File: 1536017225464.png (407.18 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2018-09-03-17-26-30…)

Keking at this part
Much animal expert

No. 680174

I think they meant qualifying for medicaid, which does have income eligibility caps. And that she's too lazy to get her own private insurance (since she can't get it through an employer) or use her parent's.

No. 680181

I'm almost sure it's a softening filter.

No. 680182

Not to wk but honestly if she does have all these illnesses, it’s probably hard to get coverage due to pre-existing conditions but she’s still young enough to be covered by her parents. Also based on the address, she likely went with her mom since they live in Helotes and Taylor doesn’t anymore.

No. 680241

File: 1536022567911.png (461.7 KB, 731x408, sad.png)

I knew her hair was in rough shape but I didn't know it was this bad. No wonder she kept the top of her head out of the frame in most of the video.

No. 680252


yes this is what I meant, thank you, Anon, I'm sorry I wasn't clear it's been a long day and I am tired lol

No. 680278

Holy fuck shes actually thinning/balding really badly, gag

No. 680279

File: 1536025121132.jpg (345.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180903-213814_Gal…)

Her toothpaste tube cap is still off, kek

No. 680283


Restrictions based on pre-existing conditions are prohibited under the ACA.


Eligibility for Medicaid in states which did not opt in for Medicaid expansion is determined by more than income. In Texas, "You must also be either pregnant, a parent or relative caretaker of a dependent child(ren) under age 19, blind, have a disability or a family member in your household with a disability, or be 65 years of age or older."


No. 680314

look at how it clumps in tiny pieces, almost like she has short extensions, not the clip on extensions.

No. 680324

Wew those bald patches are about an inch wide. What the fuck is she doing to her hair to make it fall out in chunks? I can’t imagine the bleach alone did this.

No. 680326


Ehlers-Danlos can be disabling, so she may think she'd be able to qualify, but there are people with legit chronic illnesses in Texas who have to appeal their disability decisions multiple times because the process is like that, there's no way muh-celiac-only-flares-when-convenient Taylor would pass enough of a disability hearing to get medicaid or any kind of benefits like that.

No. 680334


She has not said that she is applying for disability. We have been discussing health insurance.

No. 680336

She's been abusing extensions for weeks now, so that's another reason. Plus her hair was already badly damaged when she decided to bleach it AGAIN.

No. 680337


Scroll up, read when someone just said disability is one of the requirements for medicaid in TX.

No. 680346

File: 1536030330047.png (28.51 KB, 420x186, Picture 8.png)

No. 680347

File: 1536030357488.png (19.94 KB, 417x119, Picture 9.png)

No. 680348

quick someone tweet her Taylor's bodyshot

No. 680360

Ok Emzotic stfu we’ve moved on from that

No. 680361


God, every excuse of hers is just deflecting and misdirection. She's not wrong that critiques about her appearance are kind of unwarranted, but this is the internet kek. Maybe if she had an ounce of self esteem it wouldn't be such an issue for her. That, and if she wasn't too egotistical and dense to take constructive criticism about her pathetic excuse for animal husbandry. She's not special for being bothered by random trolls like literally every other Youtuber, and she certainly doesn't deserve to be praised for animal hoarding just because she chooses to play the victim about it. Isn't she a little old to always be pouting and never learning from her mistakes like this? She must be even more self-absorbed than we thought if she really sees herself as completely innocent in this false narrative she's spun for herself.

Either way, her tweet is fucking hypocritical because she actually is hurting herself and others. She bullied abuse victims and now calls their serial, violent rapist "daddy". Neglecting her pets due to her own ignorance and pride also comes to mind. So she's lying straight through her teeth as usual. Lol and at first I thought she was talking about her drug addiction when I read "if I inject", which definitely is the type of self destruction she's not open to getting called out on like she claims.

The whole argument about how it doesn't matter how she spends her free time is total bullshit too. I can't believe she's so dumb she didn't even realize that hypothetically being too high, lazy, or busy traveling to take care of her pets is relevant. Ofc her ability to look after her animals is impacted by things we critique, like her unstable personal life and abusive boyfriend. When will she get off her high horse, and get it through her thick skull that she is absolutely clueless when it comes to proper animal care?

Being an arrogant airhead and attention whore is just the absolute worst combination.

No. 680368

she's too much of a fucking munchie to resist posting shit like this even when it exposes her serious lack of credibility. i think she loves flaunting her animal-induced injuries not only for the attention she's so desperate for but also bc she thinks it somehow proves she is devoted to taking care of her pets when of course it suggests the opposite.

No. 680374

Wtf does that even mean

No. 680379


That was me. But she has never said that she was considering applying for disability, so why are commenting as if she has?

No. 680390

I feel so bad for him having to deal with her stans. He's made two short videos in response to the comments he's been receiving because of her video; he's still getting hate comments from her stans. One comment was an 11-year-old threatening to kill him. The majority of other comments from her stans were that they were going to get his channel taken down for animal abuse. It's kind of funny, but it's also sad how much power she has over these kids.

No. 680443


damn, look at the endless amount of compulsive lies. i doubt she's put out that many videos all year. who does she think she's fooling by scheduling that many in one month? same goes for trying to call that over processed mess on her head "natural". yikes, it looks like it's starting to straight up disintegrate. her videos are way too dull and obnoxious to watch, but her dumpster fire of a life sure is hilarious. i can't wait for her to get sued by Twisty's breeder.

No. 680448

As someone with curly hair, I can guarantee that isn't natural hair. That's honestly infuriating, especially since we have countless pictures her mom posts on twitter of her as a kid/her high school pictures. ACTUAL curly haired people aren't fucking balding, Tay Tay. We have more hair than you.

No. 680449

File: 1536043055829.png (413.08 KB, 593x865, whatdoyathink.png)

No. 680450

File: 1536043069898.png (30.99 KB, 577x320, jenniferdean.png)

No. 680454

Jennifer making sense again? Whaaaat????

No. 680459


Right? I actually agree with something Jennifer has said. Wow.

No. 680470

Not to mention that what she does outside of her YouTube channel DOES matter, even if she wants to pretend it doesn't.

You can't just apply different personas depending on the platform you're in. Your social media outside of youtube become an extension for you to expand your channel. But it's almost as if it was never about the animals and all about herself. And like, not even when she's criticized about her animal care does she ever listen anyway. She always goes on these rants when it's very obvious it fucking gets to her. But as usual, she misses the point of the criticism that's going her way to make it look like she's the victim when she's just stupid.

No. 680473

File: 1536045426047.png (22.98 KB, 580x185, manipulator.png)

Ha, the manipulation and fighting begins.
It's Taylor's mom vs her boyfriend again.

No. 680474

not much longer til he completely isolates her from her family… again.

No. 680478

File: 1536046831474.jpg (205.15 KB, 1171x245, comment.jpg)

Clints Reptiles commented on Taylors new video saying the snake might not even be a chimera, and might just be a somatic mutation. Clint is actually good with his reptiles. He does his research, his care is 100 times better than Taylors and he actually has correct knowledge of what he's talking about. So the thing might not even be as "rare" as she's claiming it is. It is obviously a one of a kind snake but she massively overpaid for him if that is the case, and before she keeps spreading misinformation she might want to get him genetically tested.

No. 680485

To elaborate, a somatic mutation is where a gene is "turned off" on parts of the animal causing a different colour. So if this is a somatic snake then it's not two eggs born as one snake, it's just a normal snake with his colour gene "turned off" on his right side. It's nothing rare, just pretty to look at. So now i'm really curious whether the snake is actually a genetic chimera or just somatic. We all know she'll never get him tested though.

No. 680487

Which also would explain why the lighter side of the snake isn't an actual morph… it's just the representation of the colour what would be under a wild type morph. I really don't think this snake is anything special other than its looks. If it was chimeric, it would have two different actual morphs on both sides. The lighter side isn't a morph so how can it be a chimera.

No. 680540


He's giving Taylor the benefit of the doubt with this, she's not smart enough to read up on snake genetics or understand unless she's reading directly off Google lol

No. 680554

I don’t think Taylor would even think she’s wrong let alone understand what Clint wrote. Lmfao

No. 680567

yeah, let's not forget she legitimately thought she could breed for chimerism lol

No. 680574

File: 1536063577748.png (155.37 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-04-05-30-57…)

Sure Jane, they all just see you almost getting a nip slip in your last video.
You all deserved to be flagged, channels who actually help animals in need lose their ad revenue along time ago so yeah cry bitches. You don't deserve be paid to be a bunch of hoarders

No. 680578

And her father is in the insurance business…no way she wouldn’t have any, considering how important it is. I’m sure her dad wouldn’t allow it.

No. 680582

Lmaooo they caught that block real hard. Also "I hate your pic just as much"? Does she mean that Trish meme or the one of her daughter that they posted LOL?

No. 680612

He has a PhD and is an actual SME on reptiles. I hope her stans don't try to come for him. I love Clint.

No. 680615

>Age-restricted videos are also not eligible to be used for ads.
This is an indirect attempt to complain about demonetisation.

No. 680621

I am SO glad Clint commented about this! He is very knowledgeable and deserves more recognition for his work. I wish all the educational animal youtubers would blow up and leave TND in the dust.

No. 680624

I agree, Clint is awesome. He's such a great addition to the reptile community and i really hope Taylors mindless stans don't start attacking him coming out with shit like "she knows what she's talking about stop hating!!1!!11!!".
I can't see Taylor actually doing genetic testing on the snake though because she doesn't want to be proven wrong about the chimerism and doesn't want to make herself look like a fool for spending $7.5k on a snake that isn't what she claims, and actually has just a pretty simple somatic mutation.

No. 680642

"I told him to post it" LOL sure Jan. If you had any sense of caring about your brand/business, you would have common sense to know that is a highly inappropriate picture to post. I'm all for feeling good about yourself and looking sexy, but that's just not the kind of image you share with the world. On the internet, once it's posted, it's there forever. She actually says she took it to track that she's in shape?? Uhhh if you wanted to do that you could just post a picture of yourself in a sports bra and shorts? Not a thong and tits out? lmao Jonny 100% posted it without asking and she once again is just covering up for him. I agree with anons that when they split up, she will use this as a poor me moment that she was manipulated. Incoming "storytime: my abusive ex released my nudes????" in the future when they inevitably break up.
Psssst Tay… it's not natural if you have to fry it, put loads of chemicals into it and curl it lol. Yuck her hair looks so disgusting, she's got more balding spots than I thought… idk why she didn't just let it go natural for a good year or 2. Don't know why she doesn't just begin letting it heal now instead of planning on dying it blue and frying it all over again before finally going natural.
Also kek her lips still looking horrid as usual

No. 680651

Wow… for once I agree with something Jen said. Jonny makes everything about him, it's part of his abusive cycle. Hence why he calls Taylor "it" when saying "it's all mine". He posted the picture without her consent because he wants to parade her like she's his trophy. I really think he gets off on the idea that people are jealous of his life, when literally NO ONE is. He "owns" Taylor, honestly it must be shitty to not be able to be your own person, and live your life just to please your deadbeat partner… but that's Taylor's choice.
Yep everyone's jealous of you "daddy" omggg he's so gross I can't. He seriously thrives off wanting people to be jealous of him, I almost feel bad because of how pathetic their relationship dynamic is.
I'm sure Jonny's already going hard with the manipulation and fighting for sure, probably trying to turn Taylor against her mom and convincing her she is "slut shaming" her. That's definitely how abusers isolate their victims from their families. I feel like the only reason Taylor ever sees her mom as is is because it looks good for social media.

No. 680657

From what I recall things regarding snakes auto get flagged because of feeding videos. It has nothing to do with hate groups.
YouTube has it's own issues regarding censorship. Just like anything about pregnancy for some reason gets demonetized.
Snaketemper isn't going to bring in Taylor a lot of money because it's about snakes. That's an entire month of demonetized videos.

No. 680663

Chelsea here.

As an ex of Jonny’s, he posted multiple photos of me naked without my permission. You are his object, he’s boasting about his possession. When he posted a very inappropriate one, I begged him to take it down, cried, he called me insecure and that I’m pathetic for thinking people “care”. It took his manager to force him to remove it. I guarantee Taylor did not approve and he’s now manipulated it bc that is what he does. Seems taylor is just feeding into his ways by responding “daddy” to everything because, trust me, it’s easier to just please him than argue.

No. 680665

Chelsea, what is the appeal? Is he somehow better looking in real life than his photos, does he not smell like old ashtrays and cheap beer?

No. 680668

He was hot when I met him. He looks completely different now. He just incredible good at manipulation honestly. Idk a real answer besides that. Makes you believe you’re a queen but treats you like complete garbage and you “deserve” it. Mind games all day.

No. 680669

Count yourself lucky that he's her problem now. I've been with one of those and it was like hell getting away. I was always afraid he'd do something to me.

No. 680680

File: 1536077824110.png (113.88 KB, 580x794, nicetry.png)

No. 680708

Yeah it makes sense, especially because of the way he refers to her. I’m also guessing he’s gonna try to paint her mom as the bad guy again because she disapproves of this?

No. 680723

I get Emma’s point but it’s literally against YouTube’s policy. Don’t like it? Don’t use YouTube. They’re not get demonetized because they have haters. It’s because they’re breaking the rules of the platform they use. If they have an issue with this, they need to get in contact with YouTube.

No. 680737

Okay wait, hidden or demonitized?? Or do they not show up in suggested as much if they're not monitized? Sorry, I just don't quite understand what she's saying. She's acting like youtube removed them.. When in reality people can still view them fine they're just not being paid for it??

No. 680740

I believe that once they’re demonitized they don’t show up in trending or in suggestions.

No. 680751

I don't know shit about genetics, but I've been confused since the start at how a chimera would have its spot pattern run so clearly through both sides. Pattern should completely chop off at the division line. It's clearly just missing the brown pigment?

No. 680755

This. I think it's really obvious in hindsight that this isn't a chimera.

No. 680774

Ahhh well either way,like the anon above said. They need to get over it. They can still promote it to their followers despite it being hidden or whatever.

No. 680778

I know a fair amount about ball python genetics and you're pretty much correct. You can see that the wild type patterning is still partly there on the lighter side of the snake, and the pattern has been partly "turned off" on that side so it's missing the brown pigment and patterning in some areas. The split down the middle is common with somatic mutations, not just in this snake but also in other animals like horses, dogs, etc..
I had originally thought it might be somatic mutation just from the looks of it, but was unsure. So after Clint mentioned it i'm almost certain that the snake is somatic, not chimeric. And i'm aware that Clint said he's not certain whether it's a breedable mutation, but if it's anything like somatic mutations in horses then it's not breedable.

No. 680779

Slow down guys, she's probably lurking here and you're probably losing her with this actual biology talk. You're gonna have to dumb it down a little.

I believe you Chelsea, he used to be better looking and his music and voice was a lot more appealing back in the day. He is literally falling apart now, plus all of the allegations against him. The real question is why would Taylor go after him. There are other band guys to choose from.

This. Youtube can't please everybody, it's a safer decision for them to just age restrict it. Youtube is not an adult site to begin with, so their age restrictions are going to be a lot more strict. If their underage fans really wanted to learn about animals, watch a goddamn documentary, read a book, go the zoo, or watch animal planet.

No. 680825

I don't understand how she isn't going insane over him posting a nude of her for the world to see. There's no deleting that off the internet now and he will use it further to abuse her when they break up, unless he dies.

No. 680836

I doubt she's off of her parent's insurance or too broke to pay $100 or so out of pocket at urgent care (my bf doesn't have insurance and that's how much he usually pays @ urgent care)… Her going to Urgent Care isn't even that weird… Why are you making it seem that way?

No. 680850

Oh she definitely is going insane over this.

She waited hours to finally address the issue after people pressed her about it. You can tell she didn't like this because she conveniently kept tweeting about how she's allowed to have a body and feel sexy.

Whenever something happens that affects her she goes on rants where she makes it look like she's being motivational to others but it's actually more of a self-reassurance thing. If she truly felt the way she did, she would've explicitly stated "My boyfriend posted a nude of mine with my permission and there's nothing wrong with that", or she would've posted it herself. Instead, on top of tweeting like crazy about it without really addressing it because she knows he fucked up, she gave a long ass essay on ig about how it was about her feeling bad about her body and here comes her knight in shining armor to make her feel better about it by showing a very obvious nude to thousands of strangers on the internet and making her look like a possession, because Daddy knows best lmao.

No. 680855

I love love love how one minute taylor was so confident that she didn’t want to appeal to children’s audience anymore, and “let” Jonny post her nude, but the moment kids can’t view her videos she’s whining about it. This may even be further proof that he did it against her will, though.

No. 680867

All they need to do is dispute the video. It's some sort of algorithm based thing, they just don't like snakes. Certain words will trigger it. Like pregnancy fetish videos maybe it has something to do with snake fetish videos. Who knows?

No. 680873

By they I mean the creators getting flagged.
There's no big conspiracy about vegans or haters. It's just YouTubes new policies. They don't always make sense. Even cat videos get demonetized.

No. 680894


You're not "educational" channels. You're entertainment channels with a focus on pets.

Animals eating food isn't some amazing educational video lol


This is incredibly ironic, as usual she wants it both ways. She needs her fanbase of children because they give her views, but she also wants to be the instathot with a "daddy" lmao

No. 680902

Specially since most of them always include a "they usually have to eat this or this, but today I'm giving them this cause I forgot to buy more food"
I hate how they keep praising Taylor, if her fanbase had more brain cells they would realize she just vomit the first website she found. She never did or will do a research on any animal, ever.

No. 680908

File: 1536093877781.png (468.29 KB, 851x533, Picture 3.png)

>Specially since most of them always include a "they usually have to eat this or this, but today I'm giving them this cause I forgot to buy more food"
Every.Single.Time. It's pathetic.

No. 680928


I've noticed this too, in her feeding videos there's always an animal that gets the "oh I'm out of this so they get this instead" treatment.

No. 681081

Or when she has trouble making her snakes eat at all, or not even feeding them the correct size prey.

No. 681091

its not really pat of heir natural behaviour, kinda like putting a guinea pig or hamster in water, it will swim but why would you? generally they get stressed out on slippery surfaces (thats why we recommend a towel in the sink if bathing is necessary). best case scenario the animal doesnt get stressed.
A curled up hedgie is signaling it wants to be left alone and it feels threatened, putting it in water on its back like seen in some vids linked here is cruel to put it mildly. i dont get why people put curled up hedgies on thei backs at all, this makes them feel more threatened.

as for the european hedgie swimming this is most likely because it got stuck in a flood. ive been around wild hedgies the last 25 years and ive never seen one swim if it wasnt absolutely necessary. BUT im not a biologist, work in the animal field though.

No. 681103

do yourself a favor and go on youtube to watch them swim in the wild, in parks, in sinks all voluntarily.

No. 681108


Ive never seen it in the wild, except when theres floods and they have to. Would love literature on it if it exists. My question on why you would want it to swim still stands though, theres literally nothing to gain from making/teaching it to swim. it can be done but to what benefit? (english is not my native language, sorry in advance)

No. 681123

they didn't teach them to swim. they just swam. do you believe you can teach an animal to swim like a human? they don't understand the words you're speaking.

No. 681134

do yourself a favor and learn how to respond properly so we know what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 681137

File: 1536113099347.png (119.14 KB, 820x332, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.58…)

the fact he can never talk about his life without it being in a bragging tone speaks volumes on his lack of genuine self confidence

No. 681147

"Our" as if he's contributing anything to it? Lmao hopefully Taylor doesn't get a mortgage with him and just does it by herself…

No. 681161

Exactly, if we were to translate this into a "normal" tweet it would read. "Excited to buy our first home with my wonderful girlfriend." instead his words are trash. Always.

No. 681163

Her apartment lease is up in three months. Where is she going as of December first? And all of her animals??

No. 681165

File: 1536115693647.png (30.69 KB, 600x232, waste.png)

The real reason flew home from break was to borrow Taylor's credit card.

No. 681178

It'll be all her because he has a criminal record.

No. 681198

Did anyone else pick up that on Taylor’s story she said “little known fact I love roaches and breed them :)” as if it’s something she’s been hiding this cool secret and on Jonny’s story he says something to the degree of “apparently we’re breeding roaches now” like…it had just started recently

No. 681213

Their time is moving along just fine? What

No. 681223

We can prepare for the death toll to rise during this move. I'd imagine that some of the pets she has are relatively fragile especially with the health conditions that they have after living in her care.

maybe she's being asked to move out by the building manager due to breeding roaches in her apartment. lol

No. 681266

Eh, I've moved multiple hours with over a dozen reptiles including some sensitive animals. Sensitive animals can be moved, I just doubt she can do it properly. She's probably going to end up with some stressed out snakes, dropped gecko tails, and probably some poorly packaged animals even if it's just an across town move. They'd still need to be packaged well if they're going to be sitting out of their enclosures for a few hours

No. 681318

I wonder how would that go if she were to move to L.A. and the amount of animals she would have to leave behind because they’re illegal to have over there.

No. 681393

Sigh. He's convinced her to buy a mcmansion she can't afford long term, hasn't he. He won't be on the mortgage so not like it'll be his problem when they inevitably break up.

No. 681394

>>681198 that explains why shes dating him at least

No. 681411

someone tell her apartment complex that she's now actively introducing roaches into the apartments. if she lets even just one or two of them escape they have an infestation on their hands

No. 681421

>not like it'll be his problem when he dies of liver failure.


No. 681500

Dubias aren't like house roaches, they suck at climbing and can't fly, if any get out they'll just die, assuming she doesn't have any fresh fruits or veggies lying around. Still, it's not very smart of her to advertise that she has roaches bc so many people automatically assume they're flying climbing trash machines.

No. 681523

File: 1536163692930.jpg (298.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180905-100845.jpg)

Does this mean another new animal?

No. 681551

Sounds like maybe Emma's animal they're trying to name, but I cant tell for sure. But I find it so odd shes thinking of a name based off Post Malone. She wants to be relevant to him so bad, it's weird..

No. 681554

They do require heat and love to burrow tho, in SA it's perfect grounds and we know how disgusting her apartment is.

No. 681557

I don’t think she can afford to move to LA. Buying a big house there is pretty impossible unless you are a multi-millionaire. I have neighbors that were from LA and the cost of living over there is just ridiculous. I think the biggest house she could afford in LA would be one about the size of her apartment or maybe a bit larger. She’s better off staying in Texas.

No. 681564

I feel like they have zero concept of how buying a house actually works.

No. 681569

I wonder if they’ve gotten preapproved or where they got the time frame of 6 months lmao it only takes 30 days to buy a house. It’s too early for them to start looking if they’re not planning to buy for 6 months. The market in SA is way to hectic right now so anything they find is going to be gone by the time they’re ready to buy

No. 681598

Totally agree, anon… he should be happy and excited to be buying his first home with her (even though he's not going to be contributing at all, kek). But instead he's focused on making sure he thinks everyone is jealous to inflate his ego. lol, I almost feel sorry for him. Sucks to have to live your life based on what others think of you, and not just live your life for yourself. He's such trash.

No. 681659

File: 1536175154527.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-09-05-15-18-16…)

Oh nononono. Not rats, please!

No. 681675

Fuck no, she's gonna murder that poor rat and probably have her live alone with no companion.

No. 681678


even so, theres no way at all that she has anywhere to put even a minimum sized cage for two rats, I was hoping she would never get them because they need so much time and attention.

No. 681679

I doubt they "accidentally" gave her that instead. And what the heck is she feeding live? I doubt she knows how to properly feed something live to prevent injury and stress…

No. 681683

"These rats have issues that cause them to die before they reach 2mo but I'm keeping her because she's cute even though she was probably sold as a feeder because of the issues she could have"

No. 681684

That too. They'll rot in whatever mediocre cage she shoves them in.

No. 681687

I've babysat rats before and HOLY HECK they demand a lot of attention, they constantly poop, and if you don't clean their poop daily they STINK. She should not have rats.

No. 681693

File: 1536177006717.png (71.56 KB, 416x525, Picture 29.png)

No. 681694

Oh god it’s so cute. There’s no way in hell they accidentally gave her that rat. I see she’s claiming now that they probably have it to her because she’ll probably die young? Any rat experts know if that’s true? Have a feeling it’s classic Tay covering her ass while she tries to replace the mouse she killed.

No. 681696

File: 1536177145657.png (37.15 KB, 416x268, Picture 30.png)

Then buy online. It's really not hard, unless you're lazy.

No. 681697

This just proves what a superficial person she is. Fine with feeding live mice, but as soon as she gets a 'cute' one she can't use it as food?

No. 681699

Wtf she orders live mice but can't order reptile safe earthworms? Yeahhhhh.

No. 681712

File: 1536177891631.png (22.08 KB, 418x135, Picture 29.png)

She's really laying the groundwork for excuses when she neglects it to death.

No. 681713


As much as I hate live feeding, this rat would be better off if she just fed it to one of her snakes. Her saying that she will get it a friend once it's older and knows if it will live is cruel. Baby rats need to be around other baby rats as it's crucial for their social development, and having this rat alone for any period of time is cruel. Return it and get what you actually ordered, but please do not keep the poor thing.

Rat's need more than to just be shoved in a mediocre cage in your wardrobe, they need to be let out of the cage for free roaming time for AT LEAST an hour every day, how will she do that on top of all her other animals and with her cats?

>>681694 it's true that it probably will die young, if it doesn't die from megacolon at a young age, being a feeder and being bred for food and not for other things like longevity, temperament and health, it's going to have terrible genetics and probably die a lot younger than a rat from a good breeder. It's not that there was a 'reason' that it was sold as a feeder, all feeders are sold with bad genetics and health thats just the way it is so I don't know where shes going with this. She's only going to encourage all her young stupid fans to go out and 'rescue' all these rats from feeder bins which only gives money to the industry, and they're going to have unhealthy rats that they just shove in a shit cage.

No. 681735

File: 1536179068013.png (15.9 KB, 415x107, Picture 30.png)

No. 681740


and where are you going to put them Taylor? Where are you going to put a decent sized cage? Because your pet room is full and anywhere else you put them you'll no doubt smoke in that room which is GREAT for their sensitive respiratory systems

No. 681745

Let's just pray she rehomes that baby. Rats are SO incredibly time intensive pets. Even with only two. They need so much space and so much attention. We have an entire office rat proofed and dedicated to free time. You have to spend 1.5 hours a day minimum on rat care between the very basic cleaning bowls and bottles and free range playtime. That's on a day they only come out for one hour, and a day that you DON'T need to clean their massive cage or launder their fleece bedding. Not to mention that rats are simply not the healthiest animals. Even with the top tier care, they can get sick so easily. Respiratory infections especially. I have a girl right now with an ear infection requiring multiple medications multiple times a day. They're just so time consuming. There is simply no way she could properly care for rats on top of her other animals. I just want to snatch that baby from her.

I can honestly say that rat would likely be better off being a feeder than being her pet. God knows she wouldn't get a proper enclosure and she'd probably shove it in a closet.

No. 681765

That rat is actually cute as heck. For sure she's going to shove it into Kovus old cage in a closet. Why keep rats at all when you have a small apartment, 2 cats and an abundance of snakes? I've seen her mentioning wanting rats before… its just an excuse to have a rat.. otherwise her excuse wouldnt be so long winded.

No. 681766

She won’t rehomed it because she’s a selfish brat. She can’t meet that animal’s needs, but that doesn’t matter to her because she wants it.

No. 681773

I will be so livid if she decides to keep her.

She has no space for them, no time for them and is too much of a hoarder to notice if one of them was literally on its death bed considering how good rats are at hiding their illnesses.
If she keeps her she will die alone, shoved in a closet just like Gus and Kovu did.
If she gets her a friend, then guess what, either she keeps rats indefinitely to always have at least 2 or she will go down to one at some point and let her suffer until she dies of loneliness.

She will just put her into Gus' cage, on her own, letting her rot in her own filth, and her dumb stans will just forget about it because nobody can even keep track of her animals anymore. And once she dies of something like a URI from being subjected to never having her cage cleaned or them smoking next to her, she will blame it on bad genetics and everyone will praise her for ~*doing her best*~.

And funny how suddenly because it is a cute live baby she wants to keep her.
What about all the other dead ones that are frozen food for your snake collection, huh?

No. 681777

You’re right and I bet she will get a hairless rat as a “companion” for this one just cuz it’s more “exotic” as a prop on social media ffs

No. 681780

This is so so so disappointing. She doesn’t have the time to take care of rats. They need lots of attention compared to all of her other animals, cats included. They can’t be kept in Kovu’s old cage (it’s too small), they can’t be kept in a cupboard (they will get uri’s), can’t be kept in the room with the snakes, will be loud as fuck in a bedroom and shouldn’t really be around the cats, they are very costly with their vet care, can’t be kept alone, are incredibly intelligent and if their needs aren’t met can get depressed and sick.

That baby also doesn’t look high white to me… although as it was ripped away from it’s mother so soon it still might not make it.

So much ugh…

She really is so fucking awful. She needs to give that baby to someone who might give it a chance; someone who can feed it formula and actually keep it alive.

No. 681783


she literally just said on her instagram that she 'has enough trouble feeding the red eyed white mice' but this bABY DUMBO. So shitty of her to prioritize an animal just because of its looks, but then again we all know how she favors designer looking animals only

No. 681786

I agree that she has no business keeping the rat, but Kovu didn't live in the closet. Her female hedgehogs do. She kept Kovu in the reptile room.

No. 681794

It doesn’t matter to her that she has nowhere appropriate to keep him. She would never show his cage properly anyway so she doesn’t care. She’ll be loving this. The announcement of a new animal and the pleasure of not actually having to care for it for any decent amount of time and knowing she can milk the sympathy for when it dies. She quids in.

No. 681795

Wow. That's even better.

No. 681802

If that rat dies, it will be 100% her fault.

Megacolon is obvious and progressive. That rat is too young to be taken from it's mother, doesn't look like it even carries high white, and will most likely die because it isn't with it's mother and she's not mature enough to find someone who is capable of fostering it.

No. 681807


Come to think of it, it will be like the kitten that died all over again. She really doesn't learn.

No. 681810

She definitely has no cage even close to suitable. Gus's cage was small even for a mouse, it would be pure abuse for a rat let alone two rats. Kovu's cage won't hold a baby rat whatsoever. The bar spacing is way too wide, it could stroll right out. A smaller adult rat could probably fit between the bars of a cage designed for a hedgehog. Or, God forbid, she stuffs it in an aquarium where it has no air circulation and dies of a respiratory illness. Speaking of that, they smoke inside. If they're willing to smoke around sensitive reptiles, no doubt they will around rats. I've watched rats get sniffly just because someone wore light perfume around them and that's nothing compared to what weed smoke will do to them.

(repost, sorry, didn't sage.)

No. 681813

It will be exactly like the kitten.

At that age, separated from their mother it's really risky. I don't have high hopes…

By keeping it she's being cruel.

By implying there's something wrong with it, she's trying to absolve herself of guilt… but the truth is most feeders can be sickly later in life but do just fine for most of their lives, particularly when they're young. There's also no clear signs of high white in the rat.

Honestly, I'm disgusted with her… I didn't think she could sink much lower.

No. 681816

Yup, especially considering her reasoning. She said it would cause problems for the females to live in the same room as a male. So she kept him in the reptile room and the females in the closet in the reptile room. But according to her the closet door is always open. So how is that any different from keeping them in the same room. Taylor logic at its finest.

No. 681817


Gus' old cage is so unsuitable it would be a joke.

Kovu's isn't big enough even ignoring bar spacing issues.

A glass tank is animal abuse. No rat should be kept in a glass tank.

Is she going to go out and buy a critter nation? All the fleece and hammocks and toys to go with it? Because that's what she needs to do if she's serious about keeping rats. Let alone the time she now needs to set aside every single day 1-2 hours at a /minimum/.

No. 681823

Why are we all talking about how she should rehome a rat she bought as a feeder? She should feed it to her snake and move on. >>681713 this anon makes a good point that she's encouraging her young and easily influenced fans to go buy badly breed animals to "rescue" them.

No. 681830

Because people shouldn't be feeding live animals that are intelligent enough to show compassion and empathy. It's illegal to feed them live in many countries where more humane animal laws are in place.

She's decided it's going to be a pet… fine… then it needs to go to a rescue so it doesn't suffer a slow and painful death from starvation and neglect.

This is a separate issue from her encouraging others to buy 'feeders' as pets. Which, as it supports the industry, is equally frustrating.

No. 681834

File: 1536184377036.png (230.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-05-17-51-13…)

No. 681841

Not all animals will take live, and if they do it may take a transitioning period. Which requires live/freshly killed prey. It sucks but we don't have good enough quality premade snake food like we do dogs and cats, at least she's feeding them. Tate was looking horrific up until she probably realized he had to eat and there was no way around it

No. 681842

I really hope she does go out and buy a critter nation and all the stuff, even if it's just so she can brag. I just hope at the minimum these rats have a decent house, considering their chances of having actually correct care are next to zero.

She has nowhere to set up as a free range zone. The pet room is full of snakes and a monitor, and she has cats. Her bedroom is cluttered full of junk. I doubt she's going to wanna sit in the bathroom with them to play every day. And most of the time they will pee on stuff so putting them on your bed isn't a great idea unless you have a cover over it.

She truly doesn't know what she's getting into. Rats are like birds as far as their intelligence level and need for stimulation and interaction. They're not like a hamster or a mouse that don't care about attention as long as they have food and toys and space.

No. 681844

AGAIN With the wanting more babies shit. Can she fucking get a foster or rehome for once instead of trying to be some sort of shitty YouTube animal savior? This is purely her ego and "aww cute wittle babwy uwu" kicking in, there's absolutely 0 thought as usual.

No. 681845


shes probably just going to go out and buy more feeders, taking them away from their parents. And if the original rat dies, she'll have two more rats anyway that she had no intention of having in the first place, impulsive and stupid

No. 681858

Why the fuck is she getting it companions? When it dies then she'll have two more rats to look after. As mentioned previously they NEED large cages and loads of attention. Theyre messy and can smell and females are very prone to tumours later in life. Any poor rat in her care will be neglected and stressed unless she can dedicate the hours every day to them and them alone. Certainly not in a small apartment full of cats and reptiles. Their nasal passages are so narrow smoke will hurt them as well not to mind dust, and she thinks keeping it because its cute is enough reason to have it? Grow up.

No. 681859

File: 1536186910517.png (17.54 KB, 415x108, Picture 32.png)

The beginning groundwork for why she's probably not going to quarantine the new rat, even though every.new.pet needs to be quarantined. Especially since it's a feeder, not breed for longevity or health.

No. 681864

File: 1536187021644.png (21.66 KB, 417x136, Picture 31.png)

Someone struck a nerve!

No. 681865


shes so bad at keeping up with her lies, she said the hedgehog was in the closet to keep it away from the snakes so that they couldn't smell each other, how do you achieve that with the door open then? and it was closed in several videos, so no NATURAL lighting or ventilation, keep lying Taylor

No. 681869

File: 1536187252038.png (21.55 KB, 415x132, Picture 29.png)

By her own logic, if she feels shitty and that means her editing/work would be shitty then that means if she feels shitty her animal care would also be shitty. But what is logic?

No. 681871

Yeah I had to delete it after I got dozens of people telling me to kill myself or some variation of sassy teen lingo within seconds. Wasn’t worth the headache to leave up.

Really nice fan base you have there Taylor.

No. 681873


I saw them swarm you and honestly I commend you for speaking out about it, couldn't have said it better myself

No. 681879

Honestly the whole thing has me livid. Rats are so intelligent that they posses cognitive thoughts. The idea of that poor baby sitting in a closet alone with no company or love breaks my heart.
Rodents are amazing pets to keep and so full of love, my eldest mouse lived to be almost 4.

No. 681880

I swear if she puts rats in a closet, I'm gonna rip my own face off. It's bad enough to do to other animals but rats LOVE being in the center of everything. They would be so sad in a closet with nothing to look at, no noise, no people.

No. 681881

File: 1536187851001.png (40.3 KB, 414x281, Picture 29.png)

Sure, Jan.

No. 681882

She's just in the throes of addiction right now. Nobody will be able to tell her, hey this might not be a great idea, because all she sees is an adorable baby and her desire to own it. She's not considering anything else. She's literally addicted to new animals like some people are addicted to shopping.

No. 681885

No. 681889


she has an addictive personality, drugs, animals tattoos, she can't stop.

I bet she hasn't even stopped to think about what type of cage shes going to get when they're big enough to go in a proper cage, where shes going to squeeze it into her apartment and what she's going to fill it with.

Right now shes just winging it and her stupid fans are eating it up, i bet that baby is just shoved in a bin cage or the box it came with, cold, hungry and alone while she tries to save her ass on social media…

I'm calling it now, shes going to house it in something small and 'temporary' and probably the size of her hedgehogs enclosures while they're young and promise that she will get a better cage for them as soon as they move into this mansion they're supposedly buying, and then her fans will forget she even has them in a couple of months just like they did with the hedgehogs

No. 681891

File: 1536188447921.png (21.47 KB, 418x140, Picture 30.png)

What a bitch. Literally no one has ever said chronically ill people can't have or take care of pets. But she's not taking any steps whatsoever to actually manage her "EDS" and she's admitted to forgetting her meds for up to three days at a time. She can't take care of herself, there is no way she can take care of all her animals without taking shortcuts, especially with important things like proper quarantine.

I love how she deleted these tweets, too. >>681869 >>681864

No. 681894


says the girl who's previously tweeted that shes been sleeping for like 20 hours because MUH EDS, thats caring for your animals how?

No. 681905

File: 1536189231323.png (19.28 KB, 415x121, Picture 29.png)

Uh huh. Sure. So she has an assistant 3x a week to help take care of her, in addition to the people that come multiple times a week for the animals that she pays hundreds of dollars. Yup.

No. 681911

File: 1536189621796.png (40.32 KB, 415x274, Picture 29.png)

I love how the standard of care she sets for herself is Better Than Death (tm). Her pets are so lucky.

No. 681914

She “went months and months without looking for a pet” ? She paid 7k for a snake less than a fucking month ago. She bought the other python that is currently crammed into her bathroom. “Months and months” in taylor time has led to at LEAST a dozen animals. What is she fucking talking about.

No. 681916


I love how shes not addressing any of the real concerns like where shes going to put them and what appropriately sized cage she's going to get, and where shes going to free roam them away from her cats and other animals, guess she hasn't thought that far ahead yet

No. 681918

So let me get this straight, from the things she's said:

She has three different people coming in three times a week to help her with various tasks. iirc one works at an aquarium and the other is a reptile "expert", plus her assistant. This would mean her assistant takes care of cleaning the house (which is always filthy) and probably the rodents.

This would mean that Taylor doesn't do shit and would explain why her reptiles are always biting her.

And this just contradicts her more. Either she can do all of this despite her illnesses, or she has 3 people coming to her place 3 times a week to help her because she fucking can't do shit. It cannot be both.

No. 681922

We all know that the only person that has ever taken care of any of her animals was her pregnant friend while she was on vacation. If she actually did have 4 different assistants or however many there supposedly are she would just name drop them just to prove us wrong.

No. 681926

Oh of course, but my point is that, using her own words, she's lying either way. She lies so much that her own words can be used against her either way you cut it.

No. 681928

File: 1536190645087.png (17.65 KB, 417x108, Picture 29.png)

Where is all of this magical space she has to quarantine 3 impulse bought rats when she has to "quarantine" Duck in the bathroom of all places?

No. 681930

File: 1536190727985.png (843.78 KB, 1242x2208, B0867730-C80A-4645-AB83-CE056B…)

No. 681931

File: 1536190747362.png (788.5 KB, 1242x2208, FEE70EAD-660D-4078-BBC4-778108…)

No. 681933

She's says that like she has a reasonable amount of pets. She has way more than even the healthiest person could possible care for.

This rat thing makes me so fucking angry. She's so self absorbed and obsessed with being a "savior" and a "pet mom" that she's willing to essentially torture something just to make her look good. I'm sure she'll use "the cage is custom and on the way soon uwu" excuse for months with this rat. And i'm sure instead of getting the companions from an actual rescue, which there are so many in shelters(but I highly doubt any would adopt out to this hoarder) she'll just buy more feeders.
sorry for rage post but god this annoys me on a new level.

No. 681934

File: 1536190842725.png (37.44 KB, 414x249, Picture 31.png)

How can she say with a straight face to impressionable fans that this rat, which has never been to the vet or had any testing, can't be contagious? Even if the rat is healthy she's showing a complete disregard for her established pets health.

No. 681936

She has already said she will be getting more feeders to 'save' them.

No. 681938

File: 1536190966224.png (87.01 KB, 415x600, Picture 30.png)

No. 681940

She better know without a doubt that her cats won’t have any interest in these rats. My rats love to sleep/eat/etc with their tails hanging out between the bars. She’s so fucking stupid.

No. 681941

File: 1536191312733.png (18.68 KB, 417x105, Picture 29.png)

She is so fucking painfully dense. Quarantine isn't just to protect the health of the new rats, it's to protect the hoard of animals she already has. JFC. Who am I kidding, how can I expect her to comprehend cross contamination and pathogens when she can't even cap her toothpaste?

No. 681942

You cant be " I love snakes they are so awesome uwu" and "baby rats r cute, want them all lol" at the same fucking time
Either you prefer snakes so you don't have trouble feeding them live or you just dont own snakes and don't feed them living things.
Has simple has that.
I wonder when her fans realize how fuck up this all is.

No. 681943

File: 1536191368501.jpeg (437.65 KB, 750x983, 300D08C1-E137-4DB6-8A01-6B7DD7…)

I was looking through the threads and this caught my attention. Taylor is a heartless cunt, if she were on the receiving end we wouldn’t hear the end of it. I swear she lacks any empathy whatsoever.

No. 681944

It's not just dangerous for the rats but also the cats. My girls have tried to bite my dogs nose if she comes too close to the bars.

Now she's saying that she wants to get the other 2 rats from the same litter as Goose is, if I am reading this correctly. So she will have 3 three week old baby rats that have shit genetics because they're all feeders.

No. 681945

sage for nothing new but she will buy a house and default in a few years. She's not tall enough or have the right type of features to model so Pettube is what she's got. that is not sustainable. she's not intelligent like Pewdiepie to reinvent her channel and besides Jonny will implode. then hundreds of animals by then will be without a home.

No. 681949

File: 1536191446604.jpeg (126.97 KB, 1358x729, 75C15BB0-BC5B-4E3B-AED4-601D0F…)

Yet she also had one of her female hedgehogs and still has her two crested geckos in the closet.

No. 681952

File: 1536191561740.jpg (27.68 KB, 680x383, U9fJtdnQitQfkyJw.jpg_small.jpg)

No. 681958

She was never right to model and the bunch of stupid ass tattoos she has fucked her up, unless she becomes an alt girl. Youtube is getting harder to profit from, and her core audience is eventually going to grow out of her content. It's happening to Grav3yardgirl and she's a considerably bigger channel than Taylor.

Plus, there's always going to be someone younger and better that people will follow. Just look at Antonio Garza. He's like 17 or something and amassed 1 million followers in like 3-4 months. Right now all of these people are basking in the glory because Pettube is a relatively new concept, but wait until someone way more personable comes along.

No. 681962


so shes planning on weaning them all herself? because that worked so well with the kitten lmao

Also can someone please ask her if she and Jonny intend to carry on smoking weed around the rats in the living room and giving them a URI? also how does she intend to ensure the cats won't bother the rats through the bars

No. 681963


from the same 'container' hinting at feeder bin. But didn't she say she ordered this rat and that it just turned up not being the mouse like she ordered? wow shes so bad at keeping up her lies

No. 681965

File: 1536192787570.png (320.84 KB, 416x652, Picture 32.png)

What is with her always having animals in her bed? And I'm sure the baby rat loves smelling the predators that have been crawling all over those blankets.

No. 681969

>> 681944

This. Her cats are still kittens and will absolutely try to get at the rats. One of my girls in particular loooooves to lure my dog over to the cage and slap him silly. But I'm responsible enough that they're not left unattended, aside from my dog being very gentle and actually loving my rats. I doubt she's responsible enough to keep an eye on things, ESPECIALLY if half the time she's in bed sick.

Her cats are gonna terrorize the poor things.

No. 681976

That poor rat, just ugh. Today was peak Taylor for me. She’s as sick as any trash hoarder out there. She’s always right, always has an excuse, always has room for more animals that, logistically, she cannot. possibly. care. for.

There’s no way that this move will go smoothly, that she won’t lose some animals due to the stress of it, that she can stop impulse buying animals for four weeks, let alone months and months, that she’ll escape Jonny unscathed.

It’s mean, but I can’t wait for her to end up alone in a giant McMansion she can’t afford. I’d rather see her animals rehomed but the sad fact is that most of them will die. What a trash fire her life is, can she even try to get it together.

No. 681980

File: 1536194452910.png (621.34 KB, 438x866, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.40…)

Cause that's totally safe

No. 681984

one claw scratch and Celia's a goner. jesus christ

No. 681996

I want to throttle him. Really.

No. 682000


"I'm gonna keep pictures of her to myself"
posts a picture

Also, y'all are missing the point of the nudes. I fully believe Jonny has posted Chelsea & his other exes' nudes without permission, but I also believe in this instance, Taylor approved/told him to post it. It's absolutely in her attention whore, instathot nature to want that out there and have people viewing and commenting on it. Does it correlate with her animal care sucking? No, I don't think anyone is arguing that like she's saying they are. It IS trashy af though. Normal couples, especially ones with a large following of children, keep that shit to themselves.

No. 682006

1. I can’t believe all these wannabe Taylor’s like Emma, Tyler, pickles, all actually support this bitch. Don’t call her out for her BS like ‘why the fuck are you getting MORE pets’
2. When she was talking about egg (the mantid, right?) she said he doesn’t have long and she’s looking into getting more, once he dies. Sure he’s an invert but it shows how cold she is, and how these are just objects. All it is is a new obsession of hers. Animals, tattoos, hair changes, stupid clothes - in surprised she hasn’t started piercing her face.

She may call people on this forum sad, but I would not trade my life with hers, she’s a complete mess.

No. 682018

File: 1536198926729.png (322.16 KB, 415x651, Picture 33.png)

No. 682052

Ugh this rat is so cute. Just like the kitten she murdered. This bitch needs to be permanently banned from owning animals, she's killed so many already

No. 682054

So she basically pays for a mom to come to her house 3x a week. Such an adult.

No. 682064

File: 1536201825354.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, E5691456-19F2-49A0-B146-D4C7E7…)

The future of Taylor

No. 682081


If she doesn't get a Critter Nation, then she's straight up fucking garbage.

I live on the other side of the world and had to import one because they don't sell them here. If I can do it, then Taylor has ZERO excuse.

I'm already fucking livid that she's keeping this rat. The poor thing is going to die a slow death because of it's genes, and it was meant to be culled. She's a selfish, disgusting person. There is NO way she can provide the time needed to properly care for rats.

No. 682084

Are his feet swollen?? Holy shit

No. 682100

What do they have against holding snakes with literally any support? Like, arboreal snakes, fine, they’re adapted for it. But hognoses are burrowing snakes. Stop holding her like a savage!

No. 682101

File: 1536206242129.jpeg (364.63 KB, 1242x1852, 639D5025-0E56-44F4-9636-4E7F99…)


No. 682106

Yes, dangle a fucking snake in front of a cat. It totally doesn't resemble a cat toy in any way shape or form.

No. 682112

File: 1536208111823.jpg (997.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180905-212627.jpg)

Clean shaven. Is it safe to assume it's face picking time

No. 682115

It's funny, Morgan and Taylor kind of always reminded me of one another. They're pretty self absorbed and can't take any criticism whatsoever. It's mostly just the ridiculously botched lips, tho.
After all, Morgan actually cares about animals. She's vegan, buys cruelty free products, and doesn't own more pets than she can properly manage caring for.

No. 682116

this is the stuff of nightmares, he looks about 100x worse without a beard

No. 682127

damn he looks like a 43 yr old crackhead who'd be loitering outside a seedy gas station, stealing four lokos, and catcalling tweens. deadass seems like he'd smell like piss from publicly urinating everywhere while drunk. it's almost sad how none of that is very far from the truth. he's trashy and transparent. i'm glad that karma made him an ugly, insecure failure. he should still be behind bars.

No. 682135

imagine this on top of you

No. 682143


his face is just vile to look at. how anyone finds him even remotely attractive is beyond me.


this is an accurate description.

No. 682195

That animal does /not/ look to be high white. And it would be neigh impossible to tell without looking at their parents too. She's so full of shit.

No. 682196


Inb4 he cheats on Taylor with this chick

No. 682198


Thanks anon I just threw up in my mouth

No. 682200

next girl to replace Taylor? lul at him trying to get her to go see him and getting rejected.

No. 682203

It's just a friend guiseeeee, he doesn't cheat

Real question. What's up with the down syndrome eye shape?

No. 682226

If Chelsea is around I wanna know what shaving signifies for him? Like why does he have to shave when he gets high? Is it because of the skin picking?

Either way, shaving doesn't do him any favors. He ages horribly when he shaves lmao.

No. 682229

Does anyone believe for real that there is a chance of him dying young due to his liver problems? I’m not 100% sure he is still on drugs but we can all see he’s drinking daily on his tours which seriously can’t be god with his medical history from what I’ve heard. My god he disgusts me. On another note I find it harder and harder to read Taylor’s Instagram comments. Full of little stans asking her questions about how to look after a new pet they’ve got or stans literally staying Taylor knows everything and to leave her alone. For instance that rat comment, she’s never had rats before yet some stans get proper crazy when someone tries to give advice. Taylor isn’t an animal expert. She’s had no training, no educations, she literally does the minimum amount of googling. She just keeps a lot of animals. Big difference.

No. 682265

chelsea mentioned multiple times that him dying of liver failure is certain and actually should happen soon

No. 682266


My uncle drank and smoked heavily everyday and died at 60 only. So I doubt he will die because of alcohol. He will OD on a drug and die that way.

No. 682267


It's okay because she's wanted a rat for years!! /s

She's literally no different than anyone with access to Google when you think about it.

I can't wait to see what shit show of a set-up she puts those poor creatures in. If she gets a Critter Nation like she claims she will, I wonder what substrate she will use? CN have very shallow pans, so unless she gets some custom made there will be substrate all over the floor. I guarantee any rats in her care will end up with resp issues and she'll blame the breeder.

The cage will be bare minimum and it will show because CN's are quite big.

No. 682268

disgusting clown.

No. 682273

One can only hope…sooner rather than later!

No. 682280


shes going to end up just using fleece like the rest of the US rat owners, with a few hammocks in there an no proper enrichment for when she forgets about them and gives them no attention

No. 682302

I don't own rats nor do I plan to in the near future but what's wrong with fleece?

No. 682303

I’m so confused with the goose fiasco. Didn’t some professionals tell Taylor to NOT feed live just cause her snakes weren’t eating for 1-2 weeks? Why is she feeding live?? Didn’t she lie and say she fixed the problem and they were eating frozen again?

No. 682308

There's no problem with it, but you need to have an absorbant layer underneath and take the fleece out to wash it every 2 to 3 days because the cage will get filthy and stink.
Which Taylor won't do, let's be real. Her apartment is going to smell so bad, I really don't think she knows how bad even just a few rats smell if you don't clean their cage daily.

No. 682310


This is correct. Using fleece is only bad if you use it on it's own. It needs an absorbent layer underneath to soak up the urine, as the fleece is only supposed to wick it away. Changing every 2-3 days is mandatory otherwise ammonia will start to build-up.

However, this is Taylor so their cage is going to stink. They really do need their cage spot-cleaned every day. I spot-clean morning/evening, it only takes like a minute but she's so lazy so she won't do it.

No. 682312

And just think about all the other mischief rats get into. Chewing things they are not meant to chew, kicking out all their poop from their litter box, escaping from their cage/play area and running around the apartment (seriously, if one of them escapes she will never see them again. Either her cats will kill them or they get lost in her mess/behind cages/tanks), biting the shit out of your hands if they are unsocialized and scared, I could go on.

I understand why she always takes in the weak and young mammals. That way they either bond closely with her because she's their surrogate mother, they die early which she can blame on genetics or illnesses, or they are untame which she can also just blame on their "bad upbringing". It's really only positives for an attention seeking bitch like her.

I didn't like her before but showing how she just doesn't learn, even after killing a kitten under the exact same circumstances, just takes the cake.

No. 682313


she cant even do her own dirty laundry i doubt she will keep on top of it for the rats


fleece also is no fun for rats, they can't dig in it and express natural foraging behaviors. This can be provided through other things but i doubt she will give them it

No. 682314


Rats get especially destructive when bored too. She'll also have to treat them for mites and it's very obvious when they have them as they get red sores.

Yeah, she has a savior complex. She loves "fixing" things. Sick animals, "abandoned" animals, baby animals… JC. She wants to be praised for it which is why she blasts her social media whenever this happens.


Most people have dig boxes or other foraging activities/toys in their cages so this isn't really a problem, but this is Taylor so we won't see any enrichment besides a wheel, a hammock and some chews from Petco.

No. 682335

File: 1536245382378.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180906-104705_Gal…)

Is this another burn on her leg? Looks like the burns she has on her arms that some anons speculated were from a dab rig. Ironic how when Jonny comes home she suddenly has more burns

No. 682337

File: 1536245806930.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1920, 20180906_105511.jpg)

And here she is influencing and encouraging people to basically "rescue" more feeder rats. Shes a fucking idiot oh my god JUST TELL THEM TO GO SUPPORT THEIR LOCAL BREEDERS

No. 682340


She's a moron. Does she not realize that feeder breeders, even the good ones who care about their lines, cull certain rats for a reason? It could be literally anything from shitty temperament to bad genetics. Obviously this isn't for every rat, sometimes it's purely because they were bred to be food.

If you want a pet rat, go and support local breeders who DO breed pet rats for health, genetics and temperament… or better yet, go to AN ACTUAL DAMN RESCUE OR SHELTER AND ADOPT!

Also a pet store? Are you kidding me? Why would she suggest a PET STORE to buy a pet rat? They don't track their lines and typically just breed what's "popular" at the time unless they have a feeder breeder to get supply from, because no good breeder will sell to a store. They usually want to know where their rats are going to keep track of health/lines.

Taylor, you have zero knowledge of what you're talking about. Just stop. She's fucking infuriating.

No. 682341

In Jonny's story he mentioned that Nemo carries that little toy everywhere with him. Can't be good to have the rat sitting on it. The toy would smell like a cat and now the cat will get it and smell the rat.

No. 682342

I don't understand why people think they're "rescuing" feeder rats when they're literally bred to be fed to another animal. They're just taking an animal that was not bred to be a pet so they can make themselves feel better about pretending to rescue something. Exactly what Taylor has done.

There is no doubt in my mind that she didn't accidentally get the rat instead of a mouse. If she was responsible, she would have rehomed the rat to someone who knows how to care for it or fed it to one of her larger snakes, and asked the place she got it from to send her what she actually ordered. Most dumbo rats are adorable.. is she going to keep every single one she orders because it's too cute to be snake food?
Why is she even feeding live rats… even if her snake hasn't eaten for 2 weeks it shouldn't matter unless she's not looking after him properly and he doesn't have the weight on him to miss a few meals. And if she's that worried, then why not assist feed her snake instead of feeding it live prey. I mean you should only assist feed as a last resort, but if she jumps straight to live feeding when her snake doesn't eat for 1 week then why not assist feed instead. And she can't use the excuse of "he was eating live when i got him!!11!!1" because my own snake had been eating live rats from his breeder for 1 year before i got him. First feeding with me he ate a frozen thawed rat because guess what Taylor, if you do your research and prepare properlly then it's really simple to transition your snakes from live to frozen thawed.

No. 682344

God I just remembered in the previous thread someone posted a screen shot of some fan telling taylor to get an Umbrella Cockatoo (fucking retarded choice for a first time bird owner).

Said she wanted to get a house first.
Suddenly pushing even more for a house.

I want to pray that these rats will be the last of it but nope it's taylor she's probably going to go out and come home with 5 more snakes, maybe a few lizards, a bird she's always dreamed of and probably more rodents.
A new house will just be an excuse "oh I have the room so I can care for them"

room =/= you can care for them.

Besides where is she getting this money from anyway? I didn't think she'd make that much from youtube that she can afford several designer pets, designer cages, food for herself and all her animals, supply for her animals, bills, rent, tattoos???

No. 682346


you forgot jc with her credit card

No. 682348

Why is she acting so high and might for "rescuing" a rat, I doubt she's going to skip feeding that snake for a week so she'll have to get another mouse or rat that will die.

No. 682349

She’ll be making plenty from YouTube. Issue is she hasn’t used it to branch out into anything else so when it ends which might even be years away she will have nothing else. She doesn’t even utilise amazon ad links. She could be making thousands more. She really has no clue about planning for anything.

No. 682350


Yeah lol I realised I forgot the man child after making the post.
Though that would bring an even bigger question to where the money is coming from cause he would be spending so much of his and her money.

No. 682372

1. That 'girl' is one of JC's friends. He's made a comment before about how he's soooo glad he's with Taylor now because she lets him have female friends since she isn't as insecure as his exes.
2. I don't understand how she's suddenly 'in love' with rodents & owning them to the point she's getting new cage, making all these posts, etc. It's not like she hasn't had rodents before and she should of been so 'in love' with them
3. How can she claim that she can take care of her animals & STILL be getting new animals when she isn't even the one providing the bulk of the care to the animals she has? She admitted herself that people come in and do it for her
4. If they buy a house 'together', it's going to be just like his exes when they break up. They get left 100% with the bills and everything because nothing is in his name. And they are depressed, heartbroken, and in debt.

No. 682411


So if the feeder rat breeder will send her rat pups from the same litter as Goose, couldn’t Taylor have asked to buy the mother? That way the babies would be much more likely to do well.

No. 682425

File: 1536255647275.jpeg (163.58 KB, 1242x338, 184BC7CB-47AE-4AB2-9C81-E693E8…)


No. 682448

So, this pet store keeps track of their genetics but also gave her a rat instead of a mouse? Am I missing something?

I'm really surprised nobody has brought up the possibility that she didn't actually get a feeder rat and instead one from a BYB. From what I understand, dumbo rats aren't usually the ones bred for feeders. Dumbo rats are the "cutesy ones".

I'm willing to bet that this rat wasn't actually a feeder, and she's just lying about it. Just like the kitten fiasco, she got it from a shitty breeder and wants to make it look like she didn't purposefully go out looking for this rat. If she just "ended up" with this "feeder rat", people are going to act like she rescued it just like she did with Gus. And if you just "ended up" with another pet, then you don't look like a hoarder!

No. 682458

I second this. I've never seen a dumbo as a feeder. They're always just standard rats.

No. 682459

>I don't understand how she's suddenly 'in love' with rodents

Because that's what Taylor does. She goes through phases of being totally besotted with one kind of animal before she moves on to the next. Happened with her fish, the hedgehogs, her "unique exotics" (axolotl/mantis/tarantula), lizards/skinks, her "service" dog, cats and most recently snakes. Only a matter of time now she's confirmed that she wants a bird before she starts talking about how nice an aviary would look in the corner of the kitchen :)

No. 682461


Dumbos are definitely used as feeders, they just aren't all that common in pet stores specifically.

No. 682477

File: 1536261605916.png (722.35 KB, 1074x840, jonny.png)

No. 682486

So Morgan has had pet rats. Anyone else find it funny how after Johnny comments on her pictures, Taylor has suddenly wanted pet rats forever?

No. 682487

I cant with this ugly freak. He looks like the bully from a Christmas Story with a bad perm. He's seriously disgusting. I don't think Post is that much better looking but at least he's funny. Whatever happened with her and the Will Turner guy?

No. 682492

I dont know who that is but Taylor is fairly young and relationships arent always meant to last.
Hoping hers with Jonny doesnt last more than it should.
Usually toxic ones are the hardest to end.

No. 682499


Correct me if I'm wrong, but she mentioned once in the past about wanting rats but "didn't have the time for them"… yet suddenly now she does?

No. 682541

In one of the previous threads there was a photo of her responding to a criticism of a tattoo, saying she didn't pay for it.
Or, maybe she's getting a discounted rate. It's also very possible that her artist is super cheap

No. 682543

None of this looks remotely good and that's the only thing he can brag about because he can't afford anything else without Taylor's credit card.

No. 682545

90% of her current image is because of Jonny, animals included. She's like a weird amalgamation of Chelsea and Liz. Just look at the women he associates himself with. Plastered in tattoos, with an edgy flair and highly sexualized (despite him giving Liz shit for being a stripper and calling her whore and slut whenever she'd go to work). Taylor, with that shit self-esteem she has, has to keep up with those women because she falls short. The animals give her that edgy flair too. That's why she gets so much reptiles, because they're "cool and edgy".

No. 682568

TFW manlet himself is pretty much an old dude kek.

No. 682569

Her cage is going to be disgusting. I believe she'll get a critter nation because if not the backlash will be hell. But she won't set it up properly. I use fleece but it's definitely a pain in the ass. Like some other anons mentioned, it will stink super quick. It needs changed every 3rd day at the longest. The amount of rat laundry is staggering between fleece and all of their burrowing scraps and hammocks, etc.

It takes a good amount of time to really set up a good cage. It should have tons of places to climb and hide. It takes a lot of time to hang a billion baskets and also keep them clean. I'm sure she'll just chuck in a couple hammocks and call it good when in reality a good cage should look cluttered to shit with toys and baskets and hides.

No. 682581

Taylor is so delusional for either believing Jonny doesn’t cheat on her or covering up for him. He’s 100% hooked up already with her or is going to. Probably already has before lmao, your man sure is a charm Taylor. They are both a mess. Taylor is insecure as hell, having to constantly fish for attention on the internet and Jonny has to flex to compensate for his lack of genuine self confidence. It’s just sad. Enjoy your shitty relationship girl

No. 682590

File: 1536276186924.png (1017.67 KB, 1188x1296, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 7.21…)

She got two more rats (in a paper bag) but still hasn't shown the setup or enclosure or anything like that.

No. 682596

Unless my Twitter is just acting up, it says she page doesn’t exist. She’s already deleted the tweet, lol

No. 682601


Not to WK, but Morgan has a steady boyfriend and there are no indications that she would cheat. I'm sure Johnny would if given the opportunity though.

No. 682609

File: 1536278256258.png (469.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-19-56-39…)

No. 682612

File: 1536278367134.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-19-56-46…)

No. 682613

File: 1536278393717.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-19-56-53…)

No. 682614

i mean its good for us that she feels the need to document everything AS its happening but like…why not just wait until everything is situated to post about it?

why does she feel the need to be giving play by play updates, its so desperate

No. 682615

either she got 4 new rats instead of 2 or those 2 she posted before will be used as feeders

No. 682616

File: 1536278463648.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-08-25-33…)

No. 682618

File: 1536278497642.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-08-25-41…)

No. 682619

File: 1536278524429.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-08-26-05…)

No. 682622


Wait… so she got Goose from a physical store? So how did they "send her" a rat instead of a mouse by mistake?

No. 682623

File: 1536278960150.jpg (414.13 KB, 1242x1711, nfOhRnd.jpg)

This is pretty much what happens every time someone gives Taylor good advice.

No. 682635

Yeah that doesn’t make sense to me.

No. 682637

Interesting. Somehow I doubt she'll cancel her week long (?) trip to LA and the reptile expo in Sacramento at the end of September.

No. 682651


but these rats look slightly older than Goose… she said in a previous tweet that they had already all been seperated from their mother anyway so how does she even know whos related to who?

No. 682654

Didn't she say in a recent video (i think the hedgehog one) that the marks on her arm(s) were from burning herself while putting pizzas in the oven or some shit or am I missing a joke? If I'm not then I'd like Taylor to explain how she gets burns from an oven on her leg.

No. 682662

“I will have my assistant come 3 times a day every day while I’m away on my trip!!” will be her response.
She is really so hooked on the high of new things. New hair (which she can’t do now that it’s gross and dead as fuck), new tattoos, new animals. I don’t give a shit about her constantly doing new things to her body - if she refuses to get help for herself and figure out why she can’t be happy without constantly changing herself, that’s her problem. But it’s just awful that she’s so bent on getting new animals every single month (love how she’s on and on about not getting animals for a few months - when she definitely gets at least 1 new addition per month). She’s constantly buying new animals but ALSO takes trips away from said animals and just pays off someone else to take care of them. Just shows how much they are really just accessories to her, and as long as someone is keeping them alive so she can take quirky inta-thot pics with them, it’s all good in her eyes. When will enough be enough for her? Why does she need to keep getting more and more like they are just collectible objects??

No. 682666


The rat in this photo is much more alert and more developed, I'd say it's about 4 weeks old, whereas Goose is about 3 weeks old at a push, I don't know what reason she has for lying or if shes just stupidly believing the store but theres no way these rats are the same age

No. 682670

Regardless, she’s going to go with the story that they’re all from the same litter because her stans will all jump on the “u reunited the siblings together ur the best pet mom ever!! uwu” train. She, as usual, is just doing all this for positive attention and because she is addicted to getting new animals. So she’s found an excuse to do so.

No. 682745

this is pretty sad, she got two rats bagged up and decided she wanted cuter ones, and let these go back as snake food

No. 682766


Agreed. I breed rats and Goose looks to be around the 3-week mark, these new ones look to be around 4-weeks.

Also… she got them from a pet store, so like an anon said above, how exactly did they "send" her a MOUSE by accident? Also what a great store that they can't even tell their damn feeder rodents apart.

Also a paper bag is not a suitable way to transport a pet? She'll probably say some shit like "they were only in there for 10 minutes!" which is not good enough. You're at a pet store, buy a travel cage for them. If the store supplies that bag for its live feeders, then it's still bad because she's fine transporting them like that. She's just awful.

No. 682772

Haha I'm dying. She has this thing down to a T now.
Conjuring up a story where it has a possibility to die in 2 months. So if it dies early she can just use the excuse "it was a feeder that's why!" or if it lives "I'm so good at taking care of animals guys, she wasn't even supposed to live!"
Plus, if it dies, now she can have her two new rats either way.
She's getting really good at manipulating. Probably learning from Jonny. She got all of her bases covered this time, that bitch lol.

No. 682778


yep she's setting the scene already, based on previous experiences she's gotta make sure everyone knows this rat is a) a feeder b) separated from its mother too early and of course c) potentially gonna die in a few months. mark my words, she'll be creaming herself when the time comes to reap all the karma from this poor rat's demise.

i can already imagine her stans saying how amazing she is for giving this rat such an amazing life and she tried so hard lol

No. 682785

Morgan has been on and off with her boyfriend for the last couple months, maybe year. Honestly, I have a feeling she’s an escort on the side, and wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny and others from Slaves (and other bands) are hooking up with her.

No. 682793

File: 1536287283158.png (68.82 KB, 414x496, Picture 36.png)

Which is it, Taylor? Are they super careful with genetics, or is she high white and discarded for genetic defects and doomed to die? She can't even keep up with the way she wants to spin a narrative of her own making.

No. 682795

I don't know shit about rats, but why do feeders have such short life spans? Is it because of their genetics? And isn't actually kind of advised against to live feed snakes or does that depend on the species?

No. 682797

oops replied to wrong post sorry.

No. 682800

File: 1536287617633.png (889.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-22-32-26…)

No. 682801

File: 1536287645972.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-22-32-37…)

No. 682802

File: 1536287667796.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-22-32-56…)

No. 682803

File: 1536287690538.png (2.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-06-22-33-05…)

No. 682804

im sorry but does this nasty fucker have his shoes on the bed. Absolute white trash

No. 682805

>And isn't actually kind of advised against to live feed snakes or does that depend on the species?
Yeah, definitely not a good idea unless there are severe extenuating circumstances. Thankfully, it's illegal in some countries. When it comes to ball pythons the vast majority of the time when people are complaining about them being "picky eaters" it's because of piss-poor husbandry. Which is what Taylor's problem is. But rather than spend time and money correcting it, she jumps to live feeding. She claims to be bothered by it but I've yet to see her express any real emotions when her beloved pets die. I have a hard time believing she genuinely cares for feeders.
Here's an example of what a small rat can do to a snake (GRAPHIC image): http://theexoticvet.tumblr.com/post/139494298256/this-is-why-you-shouldnt-feed-live-prey-this-boa

No. 682811

File: 1536288861043.jpg (592.12 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ool0j551IV1v9c4nto1_128…)


What a surprise. Not a Critter Nation, one hammock and one bed. Zero enrichment and some flannel(?) fabric just tossed in. What a fucking joke.

The cage itself is a good size, but it's a piss poor set-up. Look at how empty and miserable it looks.

I attached a pic of what it should sorta look like - every inch of the cage should be used to hang stuff for them to climb and play.

No. 682817

I think Jonny is Taylor's punishment for murdering animals. Especially if he is physically abusive/burning her.

No. 682823

God, my worst nightmare with Taylor has come true, she got rats. I'm so full of anxiety for these poor animals.

That cage isn't actually bad for now. I had the same one when my rats were babies, but they WILL need bigger fairly soon since they grow so fast. Babies that young don't necessarily need a fully stocked cage just yet, and keeping things on the lowest level is good for now. But if we know Taylor, we know she's going to leave them in this cage for far longer than they should and only have the bare minimum to live.

I'd bet money on her rehoming them within the next 2 months or tossing them in the closet when she realizes how much they stink if you aren't on top of cage cleaning every single day. Or they'll end up dead from URI's. My heart already breaks for these poor ratties.

No. 682846

Wheres the water bottle??? If that dish in there is for water (dumb ass idea, they are never going to have clean water and thats if they dont spill it first) then where tf is their food dish?

No. 682855


she's so thick she prob thinks they only need milk formula - even though mothers usually wean babies around 3.5/4 weeks and they are usually nibbling solids when they open their eyes at around 2 weeks.

but this is concerning. i can't see a water bottle and that looks like a water bowl because there isn't food in it… which is just a bad idea, it's going to be absolutely filthy and they will not be drinking clean water at all. so yeah, where the heck is their food bowl?

No. 682860

One of my biggest issues with her decision is that she established that the rat may be a sensitive case health wise with the whole "it might not even make it to two months" bullshit. Why on EARTH did she think it was a responsible move to keep it, having so many other pets? Like, why would you choose to take on a (potentially) special needs, fragile, BABY animal, knowing that you have a million other things that need your attention? Especially having acknowledged that you already regularly need someone else to take care of all your animals for you. I've rehabbed/fostered a lot of baby animals in my life and they need SO much attention. I can guarantee that she's gonna neglect the shit out of all her other animals in favor of the baby rats until she gets bored of them in like 3 days.

No. 682873

I've never been so triggered by somebody online. I have genuine anxiety about these rats. There's no water bottle even there for them. If the bowl has water that's a terrible idea, like everyone has said, it will get filthy. I give mine a bowl as an extra because they like to clean their faces in it, but they should always have access to a bottle with fresh clean water. I can't tell you how often someone poops in the water bowl or drops food in it. Not at all acceptable as a sole water source. Even though it looks completely empty? It's also fucking massive.

The cage itself is a good size, but it will need a billion more levels added within a couple weeks when they're a bit bigger. I'm excusing how bare it is for now since they're very small and unlikely to do much exploring yet, but that's not going to last long.

No. 682893

None of her fans are gonna question why a pet store is carrying dumbo rats as feeders? Why were there two separate litters of dumbo rats to sell as food for snakes???
Maybe it's just in my area but I've only ever seen fancy rats at pet stores, never dumbo.

No. 682904

just imagine the smell in her apartment? i'm sure neighbors can smell it. She adds dumbo rats into her "collection." I used to own 2 dumbo rats and if you don't clean it after 2 days, it'll start to stink so bad. I'm sure she's too lazy to clean it at least once a week. she probably stinks in public with a mix of strong perfume. gross

No. 682906

even someone without a job could fine ways to fill this up with enrichment. She has no excuse to keep it empty like this. I guess her manlet was like, "you don't need all these toys, they're just rats, buy me shoes instead"

No. 682907

File: 1536296029442.jpg (41.4 KB, 640x360, FORFUCKSAKE.jpg)


I'm so mad she's keeping this rat. I hope she gets rightfully bit for neglecting and not socializing.

I really hope her starting to get back into small mammals is the beginning of the end for her.

No. 682908


Taylor is so clueless with everything and does not want to learn at all. I don't have any sympathy for her if everything goes down the drain. Youtube money doesn't last forever unless you start investing but i'm sure once she reads "investing" she probably thinks it's investing in new animals and things for her manchild. From seeing how she's trying so hard to move to vlogs, i'm sure her fame will end in a few years.

No. 682914

Yeah, I can't believe she has the unadulterated gall to post any of this online. She pretends to be an animal expert and boast about how it's her only job, but she can't even do that right. She threw together some sad, half-assed rat cage just as impulsively as she decided to hoard the pups she doesn't have time for. For someone who loves to flaunt their money, it's pathetic that she couldn't be bothered to buy a couple toys for them. She was at the pet store already and has no other obligations. Hell, the rats are still small enough to have a blast playing with old toilet paper tubes. She actually should have spare water bottles laying around her apartment already, considering she's had numerous small animals…or is she so fucking careless she can't google basic rat necessities? She has no damn excuse for making these mistakes. You'd expect a pettuber to put a little more than zero effort into pet care, assuming she actually gave a shit about her pets. Then again, poor Gus' cage was way too small for him. She's a heartless cunt, and it's making me sick to think about how badly neglected these rats will be in no time.

No. 682927

Someone should add to the document of owned animals a timeline of when she got them all.

No. 682944

Definitely, this isn't going to end well.

I'm furious that she's doing this, if she truly loved animals she wouldn't be collecting animals like they're fucking nick nacks.

No. 682945

File: 1536300382567.jpg (433.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180907-020257_Twi…)

Why does she always insist on buying enclosures that won't last?? Doesn't she have other animals that need upgrades?? Yet she's taking on three rats?? What about Kronos and his small enclosure??

No. 682947

her way of saying, "I just went to the store bought a cute rat and any cage I seen on a whim. i don't really care. lol"

No. 682963

File: 1536303005045.png (3.77 MB, 1242x2208, 78D2C232-232A-4BA7-BB20-8D68FC…)


No. 682965

Recovering addict was the only thing he had to correct from her tweet. Lol

No. 682976


Lol kek that's what I noticed. Didn't correct rapist… I wonder why

No. 682987

To be honest she hasn’t tried hard at all to move to vlogging. If she could release a daily short vlog it would at least keep the money coming in and get new subscribers. However she’s literally releases two or three videos on her vlog channel. She banged on about the whole mental health series she was going to do and that never occurred. Did one beauty video then that died a death as well. She has literally no work ethic so without any real instant consequences she won’t get anything done.

No. 683056

File: 1536319087547.png (2.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-07-07-08-52…)

No. 683057

File: 1536319116535.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-07-07-10-41…)

No. 683058

File: 1536319137565.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-07-07-10-52…)

No. 683059

File: 1536319155005.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-07-07-10-59…)

No. 683060

File: 1536319172442.png (264.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-07-07-11-11…)

No. 683061

File: 1536319188550.png (287.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-07-07-11-18…)

No. 683062

Same mental health cry posted on twitter

No. 683063

The rat's life expectancy is two months. She bought a cage and will buy another one for what, a month each?

No. 683071

Honestly, the cage looks to be an acceptable size for three girls from her photos, assuming that a lot of other levels and baskets and hides are added in. I think she's just promising a lot because it looks good. Three girls don't need a DCN (not that they wouldn't enjoy it, bigger is better).

No. 683088


you don't need to mute social media to stop lurking here lol. she's pathetic.

No. 683090


The cage size is fine. The problem is the set-up and it also makes no sense for her to "upgrade" based on the rat's size. They really do not get that much bigger like a snake would that you would need to upgrade - just goes to show her lack of research. You typically upgrade the cage based on the number of rats you have, not because they grow up. I've noticed they don't stop growing until around 9-10 months which for most rats is 1/3 of their lifespan.

What she's really saying is this will be their permanent cage, which is fine, but there is literally nothing IN the cage and that's the problem. She doesn't need to "wait" for these rats to grow up because in a week or two they will want to explore.

No. 683091

Umm. They were BRED as snake food, not pets. She’s not “rescuing” or “saving” these rats…she possibly setting them up for a miserable life (with her, how could it not) of living with tumors and/or illness. If she wanted a pet rat, see a reputable breeder who tries to breed the problems out! She’s promoting her stand to rescue feeders. STUPID BITCH!!

No. 683099

Also, it's the exact same logic as people who "save" animals from pet stores (but not as bad). Sure, you save one, two or even three. But three more are going to replace those three. It's horrible logic. And anyways, she has snakes. She should be trying to make people aware that snakes need food, and that buying a feeder rat is NOT a rescue whatsoever. It's sole purpose in life was to be food for an animals that CANT eat anything else. She's an idiot, and if she starts calling them rescue rats I'll scream.

No. 683107

They actually do need a double critter nation because in a month they’ll be old news and won’t get free range time except to be paraded around for a photo op. My cage for my trio is smaller but they get daily free range time and extended handling. And it’s full of enrichment.
I’m in agreement with those pissed about her and rats. They are so sensitive and intelligent. It’s not fair. Even if she steps up her small animal game and cares for them well, these are female feeder rats. I’ve had over a dozen female rats, most from chain pet stores as I got them from college students leaving for the year. They have horrible genetics even when bred for pets. Almost all of mine lived just shy of their natural life span by a few months because they got organ failure or massive tumors that were unable to be safely removed. Her encouraging young viewers to go out and BUY OET STORE FEEDER RATS to become pets instead of looking for rats in rescues or doing research on a reputable breeder is infuriating. I’ve spent hundreds on vet bills for my pet store “rescues” as they age and get tumors (which females are significantly more prone to) and spent months looking for a good breeder this time around for new pets. I’m also fostering three boys for a local rescue. There’s no excuse for someone in her position to advocate supporting the corporate live pet industry, and calling buying feeders to be kept as pets “rescue” or “saving them” is insane to me. Livid.
Also note that multiple people (keepers and breeders of rats) on Instagram tried to reach out with info and there was little response to them on her end from what I read, save for one. And now those people will not be able to comment on her socials with spoonfed resources and we have to trust that she’s doing that research herself. Ugh.

No. 683111


I agree with everything here, actually. I have 4 girls in the bottom of a DCN (with 3 boys on top) and I'm looking at getting them their own DCN because they could really benefit from it. Rats are so active, especially the girls and they need so much stimulation and activities to do when inside their cage.

Also I can't explain enough how infuriating it is that she thinks she's "rescuing" these feeders… even though she's live-feeds?! Like we ALL know she just went and got another live feeder, rat or mouse it doesn't matter, to feed to her snake because she has zero patience to feed f/t. I hate that part of the rat community that thinks they are rescuing rats when they buy feeders. All you're doing is putting money into people's pockets and another rodent into a snake.

If she really wanted to rescue, she would GO TO A RESCUE but to be quite honest, I don't think she'd pass their pre-requisites if she showed them this cage I certainly wouldn't want her to foster any kind of animal. She's owned rats for one hot damn minute and already thinks she knows everything despite owners who have years of experience trying to be helpful.

If she posted that pic to any kind of rat forum or community, she would be torn to shreds by people telling her it's not good enough, there's zero enrichment, etc.

No. 683120

You’re right that she couldn’t pass any home checks for a rescue. Same reason she had to lie about rescuing the cats. No rescue would home to her with her living situation and abundance of pets. It’s transparent as fuck why every “rescue” she has isn’t actually from a rescue at all.

No. 683145

I'm no expert on rat cages but having worked with them… there's so little in that cage (especially the top level) to be considered as enrichment. Is there even a way they can make a nest?

The fact that she's considering feeding live is one issue but this, god this is another. I remember the amount of anons that didn't want her to get something like a rat that needs constant enrichment and attention.

No. 683148

Do petstores even sell feeder animals like rats/mice that aren't frozen?

No. 683149


in places where it isn't illegal to live feed, they probably do as in the rat/mouse community I see a lot of people getting feeders from pet stores as pets

No. 683165


when breeding rats, breeders will move the mother rats and babies into a maternity cage, which does not have much height as there is a risk of the babies falling an hurting themselves when they first begin exploring. Goose is at an age where she will begin to explore, and although it's great that she has a big cage for them, she either needs to take the ramp off the bottom to block it off and give them more things to do lower down, or fill it out more with things that can prevent falls if one of the babies were to venture up to the top and accidentally slip at this age. If they were to fall from the very top ledge all the way to the bottom, it could prove fatal, which is why she needs to pad it out with more hammocks and ropes etc, or she should have put them in a smaller cage until they were 6-8 weeks old and big enough to handle more space.

She's also not done a very good job at covering the floor with thin blankets, the floor of the cage is wire which is not a suitable thing for rat to stand on long term.

No. 683166

I'd rather live for half of my life and get cancer than get fed live to a snake tomorrow tbh

No. 683168

She's just so fucking arrogant and dumb. People constantly harp on her animal Care because she has too many to possible CARE about them and for them. Making sure they all have some food and water is not even the bare fucking minimum for the animals who need personal time.

Like having rats out for 2 hours is the bare minimum and we all know that with the rate she buys animals, that's not going to even happen.

Rats are so smart and loving; they crave your time and affection and a lack of it WILL show in their temperament. Especially with rats that potentially have megacolon, cancer, ect bc we all know she's not going to take those rats to a fucking vet after she "saved" them. All feeder rats are potentially through worst rats you could get as pets.

Saying they were meant to die is absolutely her back up plan for when she can't handle them anymore and she ends up offing them as food. "This is what they were originally bought for, so stop trying to act like mother nature is problematic"

She's just so fucking transparent

No. 683178

Snakes have to eat. Some species (and certain individual snakes) need to eat live. They're bred for food. So yeah, snakes are going to eat rats and occasionally live rats. It sounds harsh but that's reality. Get over yourself with the "I'd rather die of a tumor than be fed off" shit

No. 683201

lmao how fucking poor are they thinking this is something to show off with? If they move into a big house, I give it 4 months until they get in extreme financial trouble and all these animals end up dead from neglect.

The holes in her stories are absolutely ridiculous at this point. The tweet in itself doesn't even make sense.

Annnnnnd I'm so done with this chick. I know we're not supposed to interfere or anything but… Can't the animal protective services be called already on her? I don't mind giving up on all this delicious milk if it ends up saving her like 40 animals now?

No. 683205

They've been called before. APS isn't going to care unless it's extremely bad, like hoarding show/puppy mill kind of bad.

No. 683208


Yeah unfortunately animal protection laws are pretty fucked, as long as the animal has access to food and water and isn't living in it's own filth then authorities can't do much.

No. 683221

Well we knew she didn't understand basic economics when she bought 80 turtles to "save" them.

No. 683226


Then proceeded to dump them onto a rescue so now they get to deal with the burden of 80 turtles.

No. 683227

Taylor’s pit bull saga when? You know it’s coming.

No. 683362


As soon as she gets a house probably.

No. 683367


she'll suddenly "have the space so it's okay!!" lol

No. 683395

Honestly she'd probably just get a designer dog like a Shiba

No. 683403

File: 1536359377393.jpeg (140.38 KB, 750x883, B68A0467-BC52-4635-9B1A-2995D7…)

No. 683405


i'm pretty sure america isn't glorifying drugs. the only ones glorifying drugs are the people who use drugs. she's thicker than shit.

No. 683419


Oh, please. Some people do drugs because of shitty circumstances, some do them because they're mentally ill (maybe because of the shitty circumstances), but, yeah, some people just do them to party, too. Most who use do a little of all of the above. She knows this.

The only important fact is not all users become menaces to society who rob, abuse, and rape people. Who's suffering again? Not Jonny, that's for sure.

No. 683422

The last thing the mentally ill need is a hoarder in denial and her unrepentant alcoholic boyfriend speaking on their behalf.

Party culture glorifies itself and doesn't deserve pity. Addicts won't get help unless they want it.

No. 683469

Good luck if she does lmao. Shibas are a notoriously difficult breed because they demand a lot of attention and are also loud as all hell.

But then again, I don't doubt she'll end up getting a designer dog despite not knowing the breed well. She's done it before so she'll do it again.

No. 683475


I have no doubt in my mind the reason she left Kida at home was because she couldn't handle the responsibility that comes with owning a dog.

No. 683483

This freudian slip though hahahaha.

This only things he had issue with in this entire tweet was making fun of her saying he's metal (which he is correct, he's not in the metal scene) and that he is recovering (which still implies he is still doing drugs, not fully recoverED). I think this says a lot. So I'm going to go ahead and believe Taylor does do drugs as well and indeed hoards animals and keeps them in subpar conditions.

No. 683484


she sure as hell won't be getting a pitbull despite jumping on the hype of telling everyone what good dogs they are

No. 683489

For sure. Her cats do their own thing and the rest of her animals are in cages, so she can fuck around or sleep all day without caring. A dog demands way more attention than she can actually provide.

Knowing her, she'll probably get a breed that's way above her experience level, like a Shiba or an Akita, or she'll go for something more common yet still demanding like a lab. It'd be cash if she got a teacup. I'd like to see her trying to weasel out of that one.

No. 683512


You're right. I hope she does follow through with a DCN because I doubt those rats will even get out daily, let alone for a good amount of time. The cage she has would be fine if she was a decent keeper and had it set up properly.

No. 683545

Did she ever make that video that she has been researching for, for 11 years… the one about gluten or wheat or some shit? Some environmental video she was working on?

No. 683551

No. She never made the video about Fear Factor, either, despite ranting about it all over twitter.

No. 683554

File: 1536372426704.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2208, A4887D0B-7899-4F63-BD04-45DB75…)

There’s no doubt in my mind she only retweeted this bc she’s like, “Oh look someone who’s also disabled and can own 13 pets. So can I with my 40 thousand pets!”

No. 683558

File: 1536372586474.png (14.51 KB, 416x100, Picture 31.png)

No. 683614

File: 1536378944294.jpeg (278.91 KB, 1218x1215, 6F0F02F4-2902-420B-A056-9C53B8…)

No. 683615

File: 1536379007661.jpeg (225.41 KB, 1242x905, 0310D5E1-A694-4044-8E31-B756E5…)

No. 683620

I'm totally jealous of your constant need to show off that you're living your best life by flexing your ugly ass shoes and showing off your decade younger girlfriend like a possession. But I'm sure you're living to the fullest you crusty ass disease-ridden swollen motherfucker.

No. 683626

Probably does not want to get on Sssniperwolfs bad side.

No. 683632

Incoming “I want a pet sugar glider” or some other Australian animal.

No. 683645

you two cunts have nothing, and i repeat NOTHING, to be jealous of.

not your money, not your filthy stinking home, not your addictions, not your fucked up relationship and it's toxic power plays, not your liver disease, not your fugly face, not your lip injections, not your new clothes that you replace your utter lack of personality with, not your puffy, gargantuan, bloated ego, not your mediocre music, nor your hoarding, not your ugly, ugly sense of superiority…. i could go on. NONE of this inspires jealousy. it inspires disgust.

i sincerely hope that fucked up, desiccated piece of old boot leather that you call a liver expires soon jonny, you fucking disgusting rapist. what a complete waste of DNA

No. 683666

I already have a house in California tho

Which is what Taylor has always wanted lol

No. 683681

No hate intended but I totally read this in Emzotic's voice.

No. 683870

If she gets sugar gliders I am going to slit my throat. Their care is like rats on steroids with their special little diets. I have three that I dedicate my entire days to. She would not be able to do that, she would just have depressed gliders that didn’t like the be handled and claim she “rescued them”.

No. 683904

If you think Em hasn't dedicated her entire existence to reading this thread (and probably others) you'd be mistaken

Just look at how she talks in her anon messages. She thought she could out farm the farmhands kek.

I felt bad for Taylor after that whole situation happened but knowing she excuses and parades her rapist boyfriend around her mostly underaged and impressionable fans is gross and dangerous. Like you guys really stan a relationship where the dude wants to share a private photo of his half naked girlfriend with all his creepy male followers? But they're kids so they believe everything she says meanwhile she should be the one who knows better than to promote that kind of stuff. Neither showing your body off for your boyfriends approval or letting him share it with his friends is body positive.

No. 683912

File: 1536428145944.png (863.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-08-11-08-06…)

No. 683913

File: 1536428184478.png (864.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-08-11-08-16…)

No. 683916

Bit late to make any sort of statement and we all know it won't exactly happen

No. 683917

File: 1536428539770.png (856.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180908-152537.png)

You missed this one where she says "if you want one rat , get one-" great work Taylor, promoting people to go out and get ONE rat when they're social animals and should not be purchased alone and kept alone even for a day smh

No. 683918


Oh of course she's going to make a video showing all of her experience with rats lmao

Also acting like most feeder breeders don't keep their rats in tubs… oh girl. Taylor keeps her snakes in tubs, yet it's bad when people with rats do it? I'm in the breeder community and while I don't use tubs, nearly every feeder breeder uses tubs. Pretty much only those who hobby breed go the extra mile and have good set-ups.

Since Taylor has so many snakes, I guarantee she buys from people who use tubs and she has zero idea on what condition those rats are kept in as well. Acting like she gives a shit is just icing on the cake.

No. 683924

What snakes is she even talking about that don't eat frozen?
Also, I really don't know anything about snakes but wouldn't it be more humane to feed them live only when they have been denying frozen for a few weeks? I feel like if she feeds them live every single week they won't ever eat frozen because they won't magically accept frozen food. Again, I'm fairly ignorant about this so I could be wrong.

And she's still being such a dumbass. She could've just gotten other young 6 week old rats instead of 2 more that need to be weaned, but now she is suddenly saying not to do that.
Not that I believe that they really are Gooses littermates, they seem older than her to me.

I'd really like to know what rat groups are talking about her, all that I am in don't even know she exists.

No. 683927


I'm not 100% sure but it may be Maui and Tate that are eating live.

Also the rat groups talking about her are breeder groups. I'll get some screens.

No. 683933

Just waiting until she claims they look bigger because goose was the runt lol

No. 683935

File: 1536429673273.png (65.21 KB, 470x600, facebookgroup.png)

just a few comments from a facebook group (a very serious one) for breeders.

No. 683936

She is so fucking lazy. She still refuses to address the fact that she isn't quarantining any of these new rats. And she's still going on and on about her snakes needing live prey. Newsflash, bitch, no they don't. They're not picky eaters, it's your shit husbandry that is the problem. When her snakes get injured, I'm sure she'll find a way to make herself into the victim.


No. 683937

I can't get over how dumb her recent pet names have been. She used to have a nice Disney theme going on, or at least actual names, but now it's just dumb shit like Egg, Goose, Duck.
I mean, that doesn't even sound cute.

With Egg it's whatever, it's an insect that will be dead in a few months, but Goose and Duck will/should be around for a few years.

No. 683939

And didn't she name the other two pigeon and dove? Christ.

No. 683941

lol the reddit pet rat group has a discord server with a channel dedicated to bitching about her. I think more people are reaching peak taylor.

No. 683943

Just shows how lazy she is. She can't even come up with nice names anymore, at some point she will just resort to numbers to keep track of her hoard.

I get why they don't, but I really wish they would speak out publicly about this. It annoys me so much that she just keeps getting away with things just because if you criticize her you will get attacked by stans or blocked by her.

By the way, what happened with that Petty Paige girls video? The last thing I heard about that was when Taylor messaged her.

No. 683944

Aren't they pythons? It's not extremely rare for them to go of feed for months and be fine, knowing her she probably didn't bother weighing them to make sure everything was fine before becoming concerned lmao.

Mind you, she was talking about scenting months ago but knowing how dumb she generally is I doubt she went above and beyond to not feed live.

No. 683945

Petty Paige is a waste… honestly I'm glad she didn't make a video because she would have likely sucked up to Taylor in an attempt to make a 'balanced' video, touched only briefly on the number of animals and not done specifics on why all their care is fucked.

No. 683947


Honestly I wish idubbbz would do a content cop on her and pettube in general

No. 683949

Idubbbz pretty much only targets Youtubers whose channels are already dying or who have a lot of haters already.
The whole "he kills channels" thing is just an illusion.

He also doesn't want to make Content Cops on girls he thinks are cute afaik.

No. 683952

Even if he made a video he probably knows shit all about reptile care and that would lose some credibility because 'hur dur you know nothing about animals!' or whatever.
Essentially, experts within that field need to speak up about her because they're the ones that should know their animals in and out and have established fan bases (if they're YouTubers) that also can try and have a discussion on Taylor's care because there's is no doubt her stans would flood the entire thing quickly and ignore the facts.

I'm also surprised she hasn't tried to breed her snakes yet lmao.

No. 683953

at this point Nerd city might do a better job than Ian imo. someone already suggested that they make thot patrol on Taylor afaik. I really hope they do

No. 683954


Don't think he kills channels, just exposes them and Taylor needs to be exposed (and Pettube as a whole, really) for their shit care videos

I think it'd just be hilarious to have him do a CC on her, because she would literally have a meltdown lol. She would have zero idea on how to handle it.

No. 683962

It literally says no hate intended "No hate intended but I totally read this in Emzotic's voice." so why tack on the extra bullshit and innuendo?

No. 683974

Hehe what a Freudian slip, kine means a group of cows

No. 684018

I have a feeling that all of Taylor’s pet-tuber “friends” hate her and talk shit about her any chance they get, just like Em did. They all seem so fake to me.

No. 684090

What are some anti Taylor groups on fb? I wanna join lol

No. 684109

What? You mean that actual people on facebook think she sucks too and it's not just trolls with fake accounts or anons? PREPOSTEROUS /s It seems more and more people are catching on to her shit. And in this, a good opportunity for people to learn what is best for animals.
I think her getting into rats will be her downfall. People in general are wayyy too naive about reptiles to know what she is doing wrong and when they look unwell. I'm sure she has not even tried to get her snakes into feeding f/t. There are strategies to do it. She's just lazy.

No. 684119

I'm was agreeing with you that it sounded like Em while adding the fact I thought it was believeable she could still be posting here lol but go off

Did Taylor reply to that comment that said her snake wasn't actually a chimera? I'm curious to see how she deflects a professional educating her. Sorry if it was posted and I missed it.

No. 684133

Isn't Taylor susceptible to colds and whatever other illnesses?
Rats can catch 'colds' (basically strep) from the very simple research I've done so she would have to be careful handling them when she's ill since… well, better safe than sorry.

No. 684134

File: 1536445869259.png (23.97 KB, 415x133, Picture 3.png)

>Did Taylor reply to that comment that said her snake wasn't actually a chimera? I'm curious to see how she deflects a professional educating her. Sorry if it was posted and I missed it.
Nope. I just checked the replies under Clint's comment (on her video) and Taylor hasn't even acknowledged it. Of course, why would she when she'd rather get asspats like these?

No. 684185

She's going to learn very quickly if she outs two rats in a cage that size they'll attack and even kill eachother. She obviously learned nothing feom her failed betta sorority. Of course she'll say it wasn't her fault,there was nothing she could do,she didnt do her research well enough, or she'll rehome them for being aggressive.

No. 684187

Taylor's a dumb fuck but what you said is also not even close to being true either. Even intact males will get on (barring hormonal issues that require neutering) in cramped cages.

Tiny cages are cruel for other reasons, but they won't make rats attack one another.

No. 684200

They absolutely will attack eachother if there's not enough space, the males are more likely to do so but females have also been known to go at it. Just like rats that aren't properly socialised with humans will bite at humans and become aggressive.

No. 684201

1. Sage pls thx
2. I don’t even know anything about rats, but just reading anons experiences here about rats, that seems really unlikeley that they would attack each other as many are saying they are quite social animals.

No. 684204

File: 1536453099791.png (136.95 KB, 481x846, savingmoney.png)

No. 684206

How long have you been keeping rats? I've had pet rats over 20 years. They literally will not attack each other.

Rats are highly sociable animals. If they attacked each other in small spaces they literally wouldn't be as successful as they are in the wild (in cramped conditions the only thing that changes is their mating strategy with multiple males per female as opposed to a male and his cohort of females); and you literally would not be able to put them in small travel or holiday cages.

The only time rats attack each other is when they've been poorly introduced or there are hormonal issues (usually in male rats, and not half as common as people make out them to be). Boxing, playfighting and mounting is natural hierarchy behaviour and the only thing you should regularly see in a cage full of pet rats even if that cage is cramped.

No. 684215

File: 1536454178037.png (17.89 KB, 415x109, Picture 4.png)

What about all those other times he was "sober"? Was he like 52% sober? It's all or nothing, asshole.

No. 684298

File: 1536465254306.png (32.55 KB, 413x200, Picture 3.png)

No. 684299

File: 1536465294358.png (51.9 KB, 418x332, Picture 5.png)

No. 684301

File: 1536465330916.png (16.05 KB, 414x91, Picture 6.png)

No. 684322

She sounds like a crackpot when she tweets. You have to read it 20x for it to make some sort of sense….

No. 684325

I think she's trying to reference that podcast about Taylor where she stared at the wall for 45 minutes, which makes the whole thing funnier.

No. 684326

Yea i understood that. I was just pointing out how she words stuff and it sounds so weird

No. 684329

Oh, sorry. I agree. The way she tweets is bizarre. What is she even trying to get at…"the overflow is real"??

No. 684334


How many times can you claim "do as I say and not as I do" before your fans figure out you consistently going against your own advice is poor animal care and hypocrisy.

Genuinely wanna know since this bitch is still going.

And Taylor wouldn't be able to handle beautifully raised young rats from a good breeder let alone the mess three hand reared feeder bin rats so can't wait for the sob story when they die or get uwu given away to a lucky fan - Taylor raised and approved.

No. 684338

>he thinks this is expensive

No. 684342

"Do as I say, not as I do" is Taylors personal mantra at this point.

No. 684360

It's still disgusting and unless it's your job to own snakes that can only eat live, then you're probably mentally unstable if you get a pet that you have to feed another live animal to, AND WATCH since the rats can do a lot of damage to the snakes. I dislike reptiles in general but live feeding is fucked up and completely unnatural (since the prey doesn't stand a chance) and anyone with basic human decency can see that. Supporting the live-feeding industry makes you a cunt, fullstop.>>683178

No. 684381

File: 1536479631143.png (345.99 KB, 1080x1672, IMG_20180909_084846.png)

Is this true? When you're transitioning them to frozen you have to knock the mice and rats out? This seems truly horrific. How can she find the dumbo rats so cute and precious yet beat other rats and mice to knock them out?
Coming from a country where it's illegal to feed live and snakes aren't dying from it, I find this pretty horrendous.

No. 684383

Jfc this might make me a shit person but if this was me I would just give the snake away or wait until it is starving to feed them frozen.
Poor rats and mice that she's been literally abusing by hitting them around till they are unconscious apparently.

And is there really such a big difference to frozen but thawed, heated and sprayed with that scent stuff and a live rodent that's unconscious and just lying around…?

No. 684389


So… she talking about pre-killed and she's NOT EVEN DOING IT PROPERLY? The only humane methods accepted is co2 chamber or CD (cervical dislocation).

This is animal abuse. I can't believe her snakes are starving for her to resort taking an animal and smacking it around to the point it loses consciousness, but let's be honest - the amount of force she'd have to use would most certainly injure it to the point of a slow, painful death. I'm absolutely disgusted.

No. 684393

I just realized she has been feeding live since at least June.
How many mice and rats has she smacked around since then??? Jesus, this girl is disgusting.

No. 684396


Even CD is somewhat debated, and many people don't know how to do it successfully and cause the animal lots of suffering. Jesus Christ this shit makes me sick, blogpost but in the lab I work in the scientists that use rat models joke about knocking the rats out instead of using a CO2 chamber to new post grad students to see if they believe that we do it because its so inhumane you'd never get fucking ethical clearance for your experiments. And here is this bitch acting like its somewhat normal.

No. 684400


I agree. I think CD is dangerous and it can go wrong very quickly, was just giving an example.

It's disgusting how people think that this is normal - like I get it, rats need to eat. But I swear Taylor has zero patience and just jumps the gun.

I remember Emzotic saying in a video about her snakes hers went off F/T for months, but she refused to feed live because she didn't want that for her (the snake). Eventually the snake went back to F/T.

With Taylor, I swear she jumps onto live the second her snake rejects F/T because she has zero experience and she has a meltdown.

No. 684404

My boyfriend’s ball python went 14 months without eating once. She was weighed every 10 days and she wasn’t losing weight and was otherwise fine so he kept trying and eventually she took f/t again. In our country it’s illegal to feed live anyway but it is annoying as hell seeing Taylor jump straight to feeding live for no reason to then realising rats are actually cute and intelligent and suddenly getting caught on her feelings about it. Every decision she made to reach this point was because of the image she wanted to put across of herself, not for the benefit of any animals.

No. 684411

Seriously? The fact you dislike reptiles puts your opinion at risk since it's obviously biased with 0 thought put in for the other side and what their reasons might be. Some snakes simply do not take live no matter how hard you try. It's no more cruel than the cows and pigs and sheep and other animals that go to slaughter to make your dog and cat food, the only difference is that you don't have to see it and feel bad. And "it's not natural" isn't an argument, MANY THINGS AREN'T NATURAL. They aren't supposed to have a chance to live, that defeats the entire point of feeding. You aren't running a D&D dungeon. Besides; Captivity isn't natural, your phone isn't natural, their diets most likely aren't natural (not all beginner snakes in captivity primarily feed off of mice in the wild anyways) so why aren't you complaining about all of that constantly? Taylor is a cunt but your arguments are stupid. I swear some of you farmers need to stay off about certain matters unless you've dealt with them and actually understand what happens and why it happens.

No. 684412

There’s a ton of legit experienced snake owners on YouTube that actually rescues snakes that were thrown away because it didn’t want frozen and they took them in and guess what? After months of dedication and care, they’re now eating frozen. But of course, Taylor’s Stan’s prefer instathots than anyone with a degree so here we are

Taylor obviously thinks she’s smarter than anyone else that she doesn’t take the time to study and dedicate her time for her animals. (And no Taylor, just because you sit around at home near your hoard is not actual TLC.) She’s an idiot with a bankruptcy timer on her head.

No. 684415

>Is there really such a big difference to frozen but thawed, heated and sprayed with that scent stuff and a live and unconscious and just lying around…?

Yeah, kinda. There's no heartbeat, there's no "live smell", there's no twitching, the temperature could be off. It sucks sometimes to get a snake who only takes live (sometimes it's just due to shit husbandry and we know how Taylor keeps her animals) but you can't be selfish and simply starve them for your own feelings. You own a pet, their priorities come first, and they're an apex predator in reality no matter how cute they look. Taylor's an idiot though and doesn't know how to actually transition to f/t (besides yknow fixing their care) and I doubt she's tried braining

No. 684431

I meant starve them if they don't lose any significant weight. As other posters have said they can go months without eating. Not like live feeding is legal where I live, anyway.
Taylor has also said she is braining them, though I doubt she is doing it correctly/at all.

Different anon, but then what about snakes that don't want frozen in countries where live feeding is illegal?

No. 684439

Is put money on her getting Jonny to knock them out after smoking a blunt and him thoroughly enjoying it! That’s the kind of person he portrays

No. 684458

Would the rats not die if they fell from the top of this cage? They're so small and there would be nothing to catch them on the way down.

No. 684460

Rats are very tough little animals. Dying from that height is unlikely, but injury is entirely possible.

At the age they are now you have a week or so before they start to climb more (if they're not already doing so). She needs hammocks and ledges in there asap for mental stimulation as much as anything else.

No. 684491

That's basically the main point here really - the two she's supposedly feeding live are ball pythons who are known to not eat and be okay for a long time.

She's jumping the gun because she wants to feed live, she even said it months ago when she started toying with the idea of feeding live.

No. 684532

Dude I kill mice all the time (I work in a research lab, I dissect and euthanize) and the idea of her knocking around mice and harming them makes me sick to my stomach/disgusted. Her snakes were only on hunger strike for like a couple of weeks before she resorted to that shit? She was so trigger happy with the idea of live feeding. I wonder if secretly it’s for Jonny to get off his animal abuse.

No. 684533

AFAIK the law is broadly the same because it's EU legislation, not individual countries laws, and it's not a black and white all out ban; for eg live feeding invertebrates is still totally legal, there's also a caveat that allows it for vertebrates in cases where the animal will starve if not live fed. It just requires a vet to confirm that the animal will starve without it, and effort on the part of the owner or organisation to try and find an alternative.

No. 684553

That was the right thing to do. It's not like these two snakes are colubrids with fast metabolisms where missing meals could become a real emergency quite quickly. It's not like they're super rare, unusual WC snakes who simply haven't been able to transition to F/T yet and are losing weight rapidly. They're CBB ball pythons for christ sake. They can miss meals before jumping the fucking gun to feeding live. If she was mature, responsible, and truly wasn't getting off on the spectacle of feeding live or semi-conscious (which is abuse!) rats she'd be doing everything else first. She'd be monitoring their weight to make sure it isn't dropping, take them to the vet, and then actually work hard to fix her terrible enclosure parameters, which I can almost guarantee is the cause of these "food strikes." Bu that takes effort and commitment.

>since the prey doesn't stand a chance
The mouse/rat killing the snake happens a lot more than people may think. Which is why it's unethical from both ends. What she's doing (and how she's doing it) is absolutely horrific to the mice/rats, but it's also 100% putting her ball pythons in danger for no reason.

Case in point–this image of a rat eating a ball python: https://78.media.tumblr.com/064e92e5e5cf7c438274fffa5585a525/tumblr_mzf7fch9qy1r0jlbgo2_1280.jpg

No. 684556

File: 1536509280153.png (334.7 KB, 413x651, Picture 3.png)

The new ones look so much bigger than Goose. But they're totes litter mates, guys.

No. 684559

They're at least a week older, if not more.

No. 684564

I'm still confused how she apparently picked two more from the same litter as the first if she got the first by accident, and it wasn't meant to be sent to her. How did she know which litter it came from?

No. 684589

I honestly wanna say she got actual rats meant for being pets rather than two other feeders.
I'm pretty sure she knows the small rat won't make it for long or at all so she's using it as an excuse to get rats that looks pretty or w/e.

No. 684609

File: 1536515537478.jpg (675.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180909-194955_Sam…)

wtf is this bald spot on goose? Or is it her arm moving?

No. 684612

Looks like her paw

No. 684615

Honestly I had no idea knocking them out was necessary… As someone with minimal snake knowledge I always thought people just dropped them in and watched them?? I don't understand why knocking them out would be necessary or how she could possibly bring herself to do that..

No. 684617

Knocking out the mice makes it so the mouse can't attack/kill the snake

No. 684618

Holy fucking shit this is actually disgusting and sickening. She describes it like it’s so heartbreaking and awful for her to do, so she 100% doesn’t have some kind of humane anesthesia chamber. I can only imagine her or Jonny just throwing them around and beating them, probably enjoying it too. She is so fucking disgusting. She’s probably reading here and frantically looking for a CO2 chamber to buy so she can cover up her tracks. Someone needs to call her out on this now.

No. 684626

Same anon here, apologies because I thought this tweet was recently made, but I see now it’s from June. She describes it as so “graphic” and such… what’s scary is the fact that more people weren’t horrified when the tweet was made, it’s only resurfacing now. She really has some explaining to do because it’s not ok that she physically beats rats to knock them out rather than send them to sleep in a anesthetic chamber.

No. 684634

But at that point you may as well just feed frozen and scent/thaw them properly?

No. 684636

It's not necessary, it's senseless animal cruelty. She's just a terrible person who can't be bothered to do things correctly.

Yeah, there are only a few approved methods of humane euthanasia for feeder rodents and I guarantee she's not using any of them. It makes my skin crawl thinking about her house of horrors.

I know I'm a broken record preaching to the choir but I genuinely don't get why her stans are on board with this behavior. What she is doing is wholly unnecessary. If she hates doing it as much as she claims then fix your husbandry. Act like a fucking adult. Do a modicum of research. She actually has people believing this is a necessary evil for the benefit of her snakes.

No. 684639

Her stans don't care because they are all little kids that don't know anything about animals. They most likely think things like this are necessary.
Or just as bad as her at keeping pets.

No. 684659

From what I’ve observed, Taylor’s fan base is mostly little kids, like you said, but then there’s preteen - teens who are just getting into certain animals so they don’t know as much as they think they do, and then adults that either like because omg cute/awesome animals or they think she’s hot and want to fuck her/be her or both.

As much as I hate Taylor, I really don’t think she’s as clueless as she seems. People love animals and they love instathots. She found a way to combine both into something profitable. The only way I see her going anywhere is if someone prettier comes along. That’s it. They don’t even need to have better animal care. They just have to look better than Taylor and be willing to show off just as much skin.

No. 684664

File: 1536520828443.jpeg (317.96 KB, 1242x1577, 755E4CEC-DB27-4172-967A-1600A6…)


Someone pointed out to her on Twitter that the rats are visibly different ages and she changed her story from ‘I got her sisters’ to ‘I guessed and did my best!’

No. 684670


Does anyone else feel these were the actual littermates but she decided they weren't photogenic/interesting enough and on her way out she spotted the cute cream babies and decided she'd like them more than these?

No. 684674


Actually I feel like she got these ones originally for whatever reason and then decided to get the cream ones with the ruby eyes because people were jumping down her throat when she said she had no problems feeding ‘red eyed white rats and mice’ because she felt no connection to them so of course having almost white ruby eyed rats fits her motive and doesn’t make her look as bad

No. 684679

Oh look how predictable. Let's put it all on the owner of the shop, once again. Nothing from this tweet jives with what she originally claimed happened.


She literally is incapable of telling the truth.

No. 684682

If she just held off tweeting until everyone was set up then she wouldn't poke so many holes in her story.

No. 684683

Tbf tho I don't really understand why any shop would sell their feeder mice as pets? It seems like she did ask for the litter mates or at least had some sort of convo with the assistants.

Watch the actual feeder die and these two live though, I'm convinced she just got pet rats she found pretty.

No. 684691

I don’t see why she doesn’t just say that’s what she did. I get getting a feeder and falling in love with it by why intentially get more feeders?? She even posted those DMs about how you shouldn’t buy baby feeders

No. 684692

Because no rat breeder worth their salt; would adopt out to her.

Same reason she got Ghost from a Criagslist ad. No adoption agency would ever adopt out to her.

No. 684730

Oh my yikes do her stans still think that shit it cute?

She literally admits to having to knock rats unconscious but because the feeder rat she decided to keep was cuter than all the other rats apparently they get saved from this girl's botched attempts at probably knocking them out and then being eaten alive. Plus she spent 10k on a snake she keeps going on about being "one in a million" and a "chimera" when she's already been told it's not a chimera. Chick only cares about how pretty and cute her animals are and how bad ass she can look by flaunting around her special animals. I doubt taylor would even bother rescuing a run of the mill boring looking animal. They all have to be special or have some long backstory to why they're special.

Very respectable 10/10 would take pet advice from

No. 684740

Emzotic got a feature on vice w/cockroaches; is this why Taylor had some in one of her new videos? Trying to play catch up with Em? That chicks crazy, but I hope she gets more play than trailer dean.

No. 684759

I don't buy for one second that she had a convo with the owner or assistants. If she had, her story wouldn't have changed multiple times.

She's sure these are Goose's sisters. (Why?)

Then as she's leaving the store she asks if they are in fact Goose's litter mates. Wouldn't that be the first question you ask walking into the store, not as you're leaving with your purchase?

And she claims the employee is sure the original two aren't Goose's litter mates (how could they know?), but the two they're replaced with are her actual litter mates. Again, how could they know?

>So sadly I asked to swap them for littermates.

Hmm, and lucky for her the new "litter mates" are cuter than the original two.

Now she's claiming she noticed a size difference from the start, conveniently after we talk about it. And now there are magically three litters at the store instead of two. And they're now kept at the back of the store. If that's true, how did the first mix up happen? She would have gone in and asked them to get two rats from the back from the same litter as the rat they "mistakenly" gave her. But she originally bought them and found out they weren't litter mates on her way out…

She loves to start with claiming absolute certainty about something, and then when intelligent people come along and prove she's an idiot, she'll claim there was ambiguity from the start.

No. 684767

Bruh as much as a hate Taylor, no one on this planet earth is playing catch up with Emzotic. Em probably busts a couple of blood vessels everytime someone mentions TND to her and she was quick to slurp up the sympathy when Taylor didn't want to do an expose video on an almost 30 year old woman who bullied her on the internet while pretending to be all about "positive energy" and "I love all my fellow youtubers". She embarrassed herself and should just go away tbh.

Why does anyone talk about her anyway here? She's so irrelevant, has absolutely no current milk besides sucking youtubers assholes and pretending she wasn't a grown ass woman saying a 19 year old girl probably had aids on here lmao and there's a pertubers thread. This reeks of Em's old self posts tbh.

No. 684770

I wrote about the video on vice, because it came up in my notificatione for today. I don’t like EITHER of these hoes, but I see emzotic being put on by vice. Quit tripping thinking everyone that mentions Em is actually her ffs

No. 684771

Looked it up and that article is from 2017.
Maybe more related to the fact Taylor's friend Tyler Rugge keeps roaches.

No. 684781


She isn't fooling anyone. They aren't from the same litter. The two bigger ones are at least a week older, minimum. They are completely different in development and not just by size.

No. 684793


Double post, but as a breeder myself I wouldn't adopt out to her. She'd have to show proof of her cage being set-up for starters, and we all know she is never prepared. I'd immediately decline her application if she had no cage set-up, or showed the piss poor excuse for one she has now.

Also she'd have to answer a bunch of questions including what other animals she has - if she was honest I wouldn't adopt out to her based purely on the number. No way I'd be convinced she'd give rats the time of day with that many pets. End of story.

I'm not surprised she went with feeder rats because it's easy to get her hands on them, no questions asked, no wait-list, just pay and she has them. Also from her tweets about these rats "being out back" makes it sound like this litter were still with their mother and being nursed. So she's taken babies that still need to be with mom away, yet again. She never learns and she never will.

No. 684830


If she thinks it's necessary to feed live if a snake isn't eating on schedule, and she feels she needs to knock the rodents out first in a "graphic" way prior to feeding live, and she finds this truly heartbreaking – I highly doubt she would get more snakes. More snakes would mean added risk of this happening more, and she just keeps on purchasing them.

No. 684862

I know Snake Discovery is far from perfect and not every case will be this quick or simple, but I'm willing to bet Taylor didn't try any of these tips before going straight to grotesque live feeding.

No. 684868


Hoooooooly hell. What what what what? This is seriously disturbing! I feel legitimately sick and want to go give my girls extra snacks and cuddles.

Honestly, I don't "hate" TND. I just think her care needs so much work and you can't directly give her constructive criticism without backlash from her fans.

But this is straight up evil. How could you seriously take any animal and BEAT IT UNCONSCIOUS? I couldn't do that for a million dollars. Not once.

Feeding live is one thing. It's not my fave, but it's nature and I can understand. But this? No. Nobody does this unless they're fucking insane. You would have to have no soul.

I'm so disturbed.

No. 684951

So now that Taylor admitted publicly to beating animals to death will animal control care about her shitty care/abuse?

No. 684977

Slamming a rat, though not always necessary, is not abnormal when feeding a snake. This shows how little people actually know about caring for snakes.

No. 684979


It's still animal abuse. You can try and paint it any way you like by saying it's for a snake, doesn't change what it is.

No. 684982

"Slamming a rat is not abnormal when feeding a snake"

It's fucking cruel. It is abnormal. That's not how you pk snake food.

No. 684985

File: 1536548415081.jpeg (203.57 KB, 750x687, 14F16C5A-E8E0-428B-AEFE-A10CF0…)

Anyone else noticed this? Obviously seen it already but it’s actually good to see a call out post Taylor’s stupid stans haven’t gang raped yet.

No. 684997

She has an advanced degree in the field. Not sure how much more perfect she could be.

No. 685064

There are humane ways of knocking out a feeder and slamming it isn’t one. Sure, if you do it right it works well and it’s quick. But the chances of doing it right aren’t in favour of the animal you’re beating to death. A CO2 chamber is absolutely not out of range for someone who blows 8k on a ball python.

No. 685068

Knocking the feeders out isn’t supposed to be a form of euthanasia like many of you seem to think. She can’t just get a CO2 chamber like you guys are saying because pre kill and stunned are different things.

Pre killing is when you feed a snake a rat that was just euthanasized. This could be done with e CO2 chamber.

Stunning is when you feed a live animal, just unconscious.

If a snake won’t accept pre killed, stunning is usually the next option. If done correctly, the rodent should be immediately knocked unconscious. (Not saying Taylor is doing it correctly, just that if it is done correctly it’s immediate)

In many ways stunning the rat is much more humane than feeding it alive and conscious as stunning immediately knocks them out, where as if they’re fed live they feel pain and struggle for the few minutes up until their death. If correctly stunned, they feel nothing.

Stunning is not just “beating a rodent around”. Please do research on the topic before going off about it for hours on end because talking about a topic while knowing nothing about it doesn’t make anyone look very good.

This isn’t to defend Taylor, just trying to clear up what stunning actually is because clearly many people don’t actuallu know.

Also while I understand that live feeding in illegal in the UK, so it can be easy to say “well if snakes here eat frozen why can’t hers” it’s not that simple. In the US it’s simply a fact that some snakes won’t take frozen - usually due to how they’re raised by the breeders.

In the UK, since live feeding is illegal, breeders HAVE to raise their baby snakes on frozen. In the US, that’s not the case. Most breeders will actually feed the baby snakes live right from the get go because it’s easier and cheaper for them. Not saying this is right, I think they should use frozen but that’s just how it is.

When a snake is raised on live, some of them will never switch over. They weren’t raised to recognize frozen prey as food. So while it may be easy to think “oh well snakes in the Uk all eat frozen why can’t taylors” there’s a lot more that goes into it.

Again this is NOT to defend Taylor. I just needed to say all this because it seems that there’s a lot of people out there uneducated on What stunning actually is, and how snakes are raised differently in the US and how there really is some here who will not accept frozen.

No. 685072


cool. still more humane ways and it's still disgusting and abusive.

No. 685077

File: 1536556326676.jpg (637.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180910-011123_Ins…)

Her room is so disgusting omg

No. 685078

File: 1536556750969.png (46.69 KB, 609x581, whydopplhateme.png)

Sure, the real reason people hate him…

No. 685090

the fact that she calls him Daddy and he gets off to it, when he literally doesn't do anything to take care of her, and she pays his way and pays all the rent/bills, is laughable as fuck. Pretty sure a "daddy" is supposed to take care of you, not the other way around, that'd make you his "mommy"

No. 685105

Doesn’t she keep her rats in her bedroom? So now she’s letting her cats roam around the cage unsupervised

No. 685115

Surely she can use a CO2 chamber to knock them out? I had a quick google to see how much they cost (less than 100, she has no excuse) and many of the guides mentioned leaving them in a few minutes as they can appear dead but are just sleeping/out. So surely it follows that you can knock them out in a CO2 chamber instead of smacking them off a table?

No. 685132

She is keeping them in her livingroom which isn't much better. The cats are around them and Jonny will smoke next to them either way.

No. 685146

I'm still confused as to how she "ordered" a feeder mouse, they gave her a dumbo rat instead, and she proceeds to go to the same store to get the "siblings"? There are sooo many holes in her story I don't know how her fans are so gullible.

No. 685148

Also the fact that they had multiple litters of dumbo rats for feeders like what

No. 685154


>I kill mice all the time

>the idea of her harming them makes me sick to my stomach

Lol acting like you're somehow better? You're still killing animals. Gtfo

No. 685156


she does this shit because she thinks it makes her look better and of course, because it's material for her videos.

literally everything she does, she has to make a statement about it. so instead of preparing in advance for rats and going to a breeder, she creates hype by suddenly falling in love with a 2-week old feeder rat that she got "sent by accident" and just fell in love with so now she's "saving it" and of course hand-rearing it. oh, but that's not it! she's also so amazing that she went back to the store for her siblings! and she got a cage, but don't worry guys, it's not their permanent cage! even though the one she has right now isn't good for babies at all and is emptier than her soul.

all of it is for attention and she just lies to make it sound more interesting and exciting to build hype with her stans.

No. 685175

File: 1536572233611.png (13.87 KB, 569x256, videos.png)

No. 685180

>humane euthanasia for literal research purposes
>brutally knocking mice out to feed to your collection of designer reptiles

are you literally retarded or just PETArded

No. 685184


If a mantis can be a pet, then feeding live insects is cruel.

Surely carnivores and insectivores can be taught the morals and ethics of respecting all life by starving them until they behave contrary to their instincts.

No. 685186


someone is butthurt lol

there's a reason why live feeding is illegal in some countries. go cry somewhere else because someone happened to tell you it was inhumane.

No. 685189

…There is a big difference between an insect and an animal that has the intelligence of a 3 year old child.

Anyway, I feel like for a snake themed month she is uploading very few videos.
I would expect at least one or two a week, could even just be vlogging type videos, yet we have only gotten one so far.

No. 685209

File: 1536577980523.png (42.04 KB, 540x257, Screenshot_2018-09-10-05-10-33…)

I always thought people who claimed to love snakes and rodents at the same time were stupid (for obvious reasons). And now we have Taylor, the epitome of a retarded owner lol

Also she has such a shitty sleep schedule

No. 685211

You can like both snakes and rats. Lots of people do. But she is stupid so you're not wrong there

No. 685214

If I liked something I don't buy their predator tho.

No. 685215

So what about cats then? A lot of people love both rats and cats. Why are snakes the exception?

No. 685222


hope everyone tells her to do a cleaning snake cages video, because I bet when she can film and monetize it is the only time she actually bothers to clean the cages.

No. 685223

There was supposed to be a vid on the 8th. She planned one every 4 days…

No. 685225


then dont have cats, dogs, carnivorous fish or any animal that relies on meat for substance.

go stick with your rabbits kek

saged for peta anon

back on topic i wonder if she will clean all 14 snake racks? or just do a couple and claim shes too tired for the rest

No. 685226

I get what you're saying and I'm NTAYRT, but for what it's worth, a lot of people really don't understand the attachment people have to reptiles in general. Especially snakes and reptiles that have to eat mammals to survive. Unlike cats, snakes are incapable of bonding and incapable of the emotions we mammals experience. I've literally never understood how people can feed a mammal (something that could actually form a bond with you and enjoy being with you) to a reptile (something that will literally never crave your company or give a shit about you).

No. 685228

You don't live feed a cat, what are you saying?
The problem it isn't feeding meat, is live feed and it is absord to love a rat while beating to death anothers.
If you like enough snakes to do so, it's fine but you cant pull out your crap and say you "love" has well rats or mices
It's is stupid outside Taylor's logic.

No. 685231

File: 1536583570498.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3444x3444, 5736F3C5-5FCE-46A4-BB9E-7CF7CE…)

There aren’t enough words to describe what a cunt she is

No. 685254

So disregarding the argument about the humane way to knock out rats, there is still literally no reason why she couldn't have just gotten her snakes from a breeder that feeds them f/t. If she really loved rats as much as she says, that is what she would do.
Even if you don't care about feeding live, it's just more convenient. If she bought from a breeder that was already feeding them f/t and then they stopped eating it, it's her husbandry that is the problem.

Does Tyler even get comments like this or is it just mostly her?

No. 685258

Agreed. And the anon white knighting above said it's also a last resort to knock them out.. Well, supposedly so is live feeding in general. She posted about knocking them out in June.. I don't recall when she first mentioned the feeding strike the one snake was on but it couldn't have been so long before June that she had to resort to such feeding methods. It's like she jumped from frozen feeding to beating rodents off walls within a week of her snake refusing to eat. She was even told on twitter not to jump to that immediately and she completely disregarded the advice just so she could live feed. She's fucking sick in the head. She didn't try at all to avoid it.

No. 685280

No doubt she's feeding live because she wants to, and her snakes missing a couple of meals gives her an excuse that she thinks is good enough.
If the snakes aren't losing weight at a quick rate and if they were a healthy weight to begin with then there's no reason for her to jump straight to feeding live when they miss a few meals.
So either her snakes are so underweight that she can't avoid feeding live or they'll die (unlikely), or there's no actual reason and she just enjoys feeding live for the hell of it.

No. 685302

The majority of snakes will eat frozen, especially if you actually try and fix your mistakes or try and 'make' them eat frozen.

She has two ball pythons who weren't eating (completely normal) and she no doubt jumped the gun.

So basically a breeder issue? The majority of breeders will not sell snakes unless they feed frozen properly or will tell the owner that they eat live (in which case, Taylor just wanted to feed live and we all know that from her past tweets). Her snakes were clearly eating fine before they stopped.

People are doubting she's stunning rodents because she probably has no fucking clue how to. This chick isn't able to seemingly do anything right, there's little to no chance she actually read up on how to stun humanely.

I'm from UK and do have the general opinion that live feeding is a tad shit, but the simple facts are - this girl does not weigh her snakes regularly or health check them at all, she has no clue if they were losing weight during their hunger strikes or tried to do anything beyond scenting the mice (as she claimed) that would be easier and a potential fix. These are two ball pythons that went off their food which is usually normal.

No. 685309

Some baby snakes will only eat live since they smell different, move, and react. But most breeders don't sell babies that won't eat f/t. I waited an extra month to get my first one half a decade ago because the breeder warned me she hadn't switched to frozen yet and told me I could wait if I wanted. I'm sure taylor is just thinking "oh my snake didn't eat for two weeks, they need live!!" when in reality a snake can go months without eating and be fine.

No. 685311

Actually, there are certain reptiles such as large monitors and regus that can form bonds with people and enjoy human interaction. Some can even be taught tricks. You're clearly extremely ignorant on this subject. The most owned pet throughout the world is fish. Do they bond? No. The simple answer is that people like different things. Observational pets can be equally as rewarding.

No. 685312

The anon I responded to didn't mention anything about livefeeding, just that they don't understand how someone who loves rodents could love snakes, including those who don't live feed. You are taking all of the commercially available cat diets for granted, and you are disconnecting yourself from the idea that the animals in your cat's food were probably just as "tortured" as any feeder rat. And cows and pigs are much more intelligent.

No. 685313

Anon just hates snakes/reptiles because they're an idiot and kill cute wittle mice. Who cares about the farm animals being tortured in slaughterhouses? You don't see it happen right in front of you so it's sooo much better /s

No. 685323

Not be that anon who always yells to stop derailing, but seriously. This conversation about tortured food animals is getting dumb. Please move on.

No. 685327


stop trying to mini-mod, the conversation is pretty on-topic considering taylor has said she smacks her feeder rodents around before feeding them.

No. 685341

Right. Because arguing about if one anon hates snakes or not is totally on topic.

No. 685371

I think the main difference here is that she is willingly abusing an animal in the same way that she apparently disagrees with.

The comparison doesn't really work either way imo, with snakes you can avoid the whole live feeding/stunning practice (because most frozen food is killed 'humanely') while with cats you're going to have to work with what's available unless you want to formulate a diet that uses butchered animals from small butchers or w/e. Basically, it is far harder to avoid that cycle of abuse.

No. 685410

As I already said in what you replied too, I wasn't addressing live feeding. Just the anon saying it doesn't make sense to love snakes and love rodents.

No. 685550

There’s a reptile expo in SA this weekend. I wonder if she’ll go

No. 685732

File: 1536648691730.jpeg (156.97 KB, 1235x714, 36D06856-7588-486F-956B-3D03C4…)

No. 685733

I wonder if that interview is also going to involve staring at a wall for 45 minutes.

No. 685737

Does that mean her vile pit of an apartment might have been tidied? Does she even own a hoover? Her floor is so disgusting

No. 685745

File: 1536650590246.jpeg (220.96 KB, 1125x1046, CE57F381-0299-40D8-BA95-8C6758…)

Deleted the tweet naming the magazine and replaced it with this

No. 685754

Another expo… how many new animals this time?

No. 685776


Someone should contact the magazine and give them all the reasons why she shouldn’t be featured in their mag(cowtipping)

No. 685795

She sounds like a teenager who just got Facebook for the first time. Listing all these things like some kind of proof she has a life?? "a big legit magazine" lmao. She's really not bright.

No. 685819


doubt it, she's probably never cleaned a day in her life outside of animal enclosures lol. that's why her apartment always looks disgusting and she has an "assistant" come and clean for her. except her apartment always looks ratchet.

No. 685833

It's always funny how she plans all those things and end up doing one of them or none, with an excuse of why she didn't do the rest lol
"Sorry guise I had a flare up, my pinkie finger touched gluten"
"Sorry this video took so loooong to edit, I had so much footage"
Or radio silence
For her September snake videos she only had made one isn't?

No. 685877

I wonder if she’ll have time to clean everything in time

No. 685878

She’ll probably pay someone to do it

No. 685879

Come on now you know she'll do more than one. She'll do all the activities that are fun for her and ignore anything that resembles work!!

No. 685880

saged for speculation Taylor doesn't want people to contact New York Magazine and bring up that her boyfriend is a rapist, her hoarding, etc.

No. 685881

I couldn’t imagine paying someone to clean my own animals. As an animal person, who has animals, seeing that she has an assistant to clean for her, makes me feel like she has crossed the line of too many. Isn’t one of their definitions of animal hoarding “If you have too many to care for properly, it’s hoarding”?

No. 685886

Taylor is so influential, and has a huge platform in the pet world, but I feel like she’s wasting it on rare designer animals, and poorly made “educational videos”. Why hasn’t she worked with any rescues? Why does she preach adopt don’t shop, but almost all of her animals came from shops, or breeders. Lots of snakes are up for adoption everywhere. Hell, I got mine from a rescue. Not an animal expo.

No. 685892

This bitch doesn’t care about animals. She admitted to slamming rats until they were unconscious or injured so severely they can’t move.
All she cares about is attention. That’s it

No. 685925

Someone needs to contact them and tell them she's a rape and abuse apologist, she lives in squalor, mistreats and neglects her animals, had killed many of her animals already, is no where near as knowledgeable as she/her fans think and she constantly spreads misinformation. If they want to interview someone then interview someone with an actual good personality who knows what the hell they're talking about instead of spreading misinformation and lies.
I swear to god if the interview has something to do with the "chimera" snake that almost certainly is not a chimera. She's such a liar, she won't even get him tested to prove it because she's scared of being proved wrong, especially since she spent so much on him.

No. 685943

As many people as possible need to contact them with well thought out concerns and providing evidence of her degenerate boyfriend. Time to make some noise.

No. 685948

Where would you guys contact them? Twitter?

I hope this isn't considered cowtipping.

No. 685949

Because she's not in this for the animals, she never was. Her original idea was to become a model but that didn't work.

No. 685951

Nah the interview will most likely have to do with the amount of animals she has, that's her main selling point. I'm also calling it now. Her shitstain of a boyfriend will stick around for the interview to shill his band.

No. 685959

Would it maybe be beneficial to contact after the interview? That way she can't cry victim to a canceled interview, but the magazine will still get all the info and technically both sides to the story.

No. 685969

I think they should be contacted before and after. At the very least, maybe they will ban her from mentioning Jonny in her interview to avoid any bad press that it might potentially get. He has way too much actual evidence against hi m in this #metoo society for them to want to take a chance.

No. 686027

It's probably a shitty magazine or it isn't even real, like the time Disney offered her a job

No. 686029

New York mag is a big deal.

No. 686043

Go to their website: http://nymag.com/ and use the contact us at the bottom.(cowtipping)

No. 686114

When I say it wasn't? Taylor is know for lie to make situations more important than they are or about things that won't happen
That's what I meant….

No. 686119

>That way she can't cry victim to a canceled interview

Honestly I think that might be why she deleted the original tweet. I think she hoped nobody would catch it soon enough so she can build hype around it and not get people to contact the magazine.

I think it'd work better if people mentioned the scum she's associated with more than the animals, as much as that sucks. Magazines are more willing to listen if someone has rape allegations against them.

No. 686146

I wouldn't contact the magazine, it's up to them to research who they interview and a bunch of anonymous tips from randos on the internet isn't going to do anything but make y'all look like a bunch of jealous loons. Not to mention the legal risks you'll be opening yourselves up to.

No. 686155

If you’re polite and only present facts, of which there are tons of, they can’t do anything. As long as you aren’t defaming anyone’s name or just saying rumors.

No. 686188

This. While I personally disagree with the way Taylor keeps her animals a lot of it is questionable, at least in the eye of the general public.
Jonny, though? No sane human being would condone that pos. He's the main reason she is even in this site.

No. 686192

Bans have been issued to users who haven't read up on the rules and cowtipping.
>Do not use lolcow.farm to crusade against a cow

No. 686204

There was supposed to be a video on the 8th and another tomorrow. She’s only come through with the one on the 4th so far…

No. 686258

On her latest hedgehog video she promotes a hedgehog food. I’ve always been told to stay away from hedgehog foods because they have lots of useless fillers, aren’t good for the hogs, and to use a high quality cat food instead. Why didn’t she give any facts behind it? All she did was say how good it is, and to buy it. Why would I buy something that I don’t know the quality of?

No. 686315

Yeah, that’s correct. Most hedgehog foods are grain based and some are super high in fat, neither of which is good for hedgies. I’ve always used high quality catfood for my hedgie and he’s super healthy. He maintains a good weight, eyes bright, active, etc. And my guy is still running strong older than Kovu was when he died of “old age”. Most vets will recommend that you just look at nutrition info on the package for the correct protien to fat to carb ratio etc, and check that the main ingredients are in fact meat products not grain. Then supplement with insects, veggies etc. Honestly my boy is such a picky eater and I’ve had no issues finding food that keeps him at a healthy weight that he likes. He absolutely will not touch ‘hedgehog food’ anymore. Sage for hedgehog commentary.

No. 686318


Why am I not surprised that she doesn't feed her hedgies the correct food.

Can't wait to see what bullshit pet-store seed mix she puts those poor rats on.

No. 686383

If she puts them on Kaytee I'm done

No. 686466

File: 1536745536129.jpeg (517.04 KB, 1242x1578, 85BAB9D0-ACAC-4B95-A9BF-8F802C…)

No. 686468

File: 1536745571202.png (3.44 MB, 1242x2208, 7504145E-2E24-4F12-9639-FB3407…)

The tweet TND was referring to

No. 686469

File: 1536745589883.jpeg (221.59 KB, 1239x898, B9233343-EC83-4307-9593-7CAF3F…)

No. 686470

File: 1536745768522.jpeg (288.54 KB, 1242x1015, E40E7E3A-0381-492C-BC6C-0C6EC7…)

No. 686471

File: 1536745950073.jpeg (411.41 KB, 1238x1571, F0654ACA-6C2C-4C96-84B9-D6256E…)

No. 686474

File: 1536746146958.jpeg (459.43 KB, 1242x1727, 86A627E4-5E3E-4D05-BB63-226D3A…)

No. 686480

File: 1536746557316.jpeg (297.45 KB, 1234x1465, 0FB9722D-2EC1-432C-BEC6-67F2FA…)

No. 686481

File: 1536746832389.jpeg (334.32 KB, 1242x1166, 4F8DCF98-E8C0-4601-A23C-362BD6…)

No. 686484


none of this exaggerated at all, though? all of these are simple facts that you can find without going to any gossip sites, most of which taylor has either revealed herself or posted on her social media - like the 2-week old kitten dying because she has zero experience or knowledge with cats, the wild-caught animals she buys, the rats and the shitty cage. like is she dumb or does she just forget she actually posts her life online for the world to see?

she just looooves to point the blame to "a hate forum" whenever she gets called out. it's her go-to excuse now to deflect any kind of criticism.

No. 686489

File: 1536750454405.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-12-07-05-17…)

No. 686490

File: 1536750513510.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-11-07-04-57…)

No. 686491

File: 1536750552348.png (646.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-10-12-19-03…)

No. 686497

File: 1536752442941.png (189.6 KB, 540x684, Screenshot_2018-09-12-05-39-03…)

This is coming from someone who blocks everything insight just to keep her echo chamber safe
You aren't any better, Taylor.

No. 686500

literally everyone involved is vile. it's like the crossover we never needed or deserved.

No. 686505

I'll never forget how you adopted a chihuahua only to give it back shortly after

No. 686526

File: 1536758948018.png (670.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-12-09-04-32…)

No. 686527

File: 1536758985333.png (425.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-12-09-04-41…)

No. 686530

And she felt comfortable showing thag to her underage fan base? Yikes.

No. 686534

lmao check out their group name "Closets Are Just Small Rooms Club"

No. 686535

The hippocracy of going out of your way to hate on a guy getting a puppy then complaining when the same is done to you.

No. 686540

Am i retarded or was anyone else confused as to wtf that was

No. 686556

This dumb hoe is trying to make people believe Johnny isn’t smoking weed anymore? For real?

No. 686558

Does anyone else catch where the screenshot seems to play out having a critter nation instead of a bin cage as bad ownership? Critter nations are 10000x better than bin cages? I’m aware she doesn’t have one yet, but at least she’s using a wired cage and not some rubber ware piece of junk. Everything else is spot on though.

No. 686561

I think they meant that still nursing rats (and their mothers) should be in bin cages while it is unsafe for the babies to climb around.
As it is now they might climb up that ramp Taylor has in their cage and snap their necks.

No. 686565

Didn’t even consider that. Yikes!

No. 686571

She's brought this up like 3 times in the last few months. Clearly it's a proud moment for her. Hod does she not see what a hypocrite she is??

No. 686573

I don't even care if she wants to be a slutty slut. Do you boo. But you don't get to play the innocent "poor me" I'm so fragile and sweet card while also being a major thot. She won't just post a sexy pic of herself, she tries to make it seem like she cares about her animals by weirdly incorporating them into the photo. Most people wouldn't think when they're in their underwear is a good time to take a video or picture UNLESS they are intentionally showing off their body. Taylor is so desperate for people to see her body and have approval. It's sad really.

No. 686575

Wtf her underwear is so tight it literally looks like this isnt her side and hip, but between her thighs and her actually pussy (in underwear)
It actually took me like 5 times of watching and reading the comments to realize it wasnt in between her legs

No. 686591


Critter Nation's are great for rats, but for babies under 4-5 weeks, not so much. Ideally they should be in a flat-bottom tub with wire that doesn't have much height so that when they do go out an explore, they can do so safely without risk of getting their paws trapped, falling, etc.

We've all seen the cage she has those rats in. There is NOTHING cushioning them if they climb up the side of the cage and happen to fall. No hammocks, rope, bed or baskets. That's why the cage she has now is atrociously bad and they would be much safer in a bin cage or similar.

Obviously this will be obsolete in a few weeks, but even then her cage set-up is miserable looking and she needed to start filling it up with stuff yesterday.

No. 686603

File: 1536771891636.png (8.75 MB, 1242x2208, EDDD28A3-89C0-4ED1-879E-34C020…)

No. 686604

File: 1536771918968.png (7.37 MB, 1242x2208, 664AD908-90CF-4206-8355-B0458C…)

We see you

No. 686708

File: 1536779512104.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1242x2042, E76B9B2B-473F-4EC7-8DF4-1E12F5…)

Quarantine who?

No. 686716

I was just thinking the same thing. Girl, let your vagina breathe! She is asking for a yeast infection.
But honestly between the filth in her apartment and Johnny, I’m not surprised she doesn’t care about personal hygiene.

No. 686721

Yeah, a snake with a cigarette in his mouth is reaalll cute. Wtf.

No. 686724

Its called a meme jesus fucking christ

No. 686731

File: 1536781224315.png (254.13 KB, 750x1334, C548B7DD-6AA3-4311-BBB3-7744AB…)

No. 686733

Yeah, but I’m sure if someone else had seem that, they’d be hypocritical about it. And even though that’s a meme, that’s still a live snake with a lit cigarette in its mouth.

No. 686735

File: 1536781429251.jpeg (465.26 KB, 750x1271, 99E1E060-03CD-4C3F-838D-1B1214…)

No. 686746

Uh Shane's editor doesnt clean his house, run his errands, respond to his emails, and basically do his job for him… so it's really not a fair comparison at all lol.

No. 686748

If you have to hire someone to take care of your animals while you SLEEP maybe you shouldn't have animals??? Like what the actual fuck?

No. 686749

Okay yeah shes not helping herself at all. I have just over 10 animals and i take care of them all myself while going to school full time and working full time. I recently had to rehome my rats because i was too busy for them. she doesnt work OR got to school and she STILL has an assistant. yeah no thats when you have too many

No. 686750

If her assistant cleans the house, she’s doing a lousy job…every pic Tay Tay posts shows filth everywhere!

No. 686751

Lol? Shane also still edits his videos and doesn't travel unless it's for videos? Her comparing her use of an assistant vs shane having an editor to help him is completely 2 different situation and is irrelevant - its not like she's soooooooo busy all the time

No. 686755

Besides, Shane edited his own content and consistently put out multiple videos a week for years
before getting Andrews help fairly recently

No. 686774

she said a lot of nothing in those tweets, but basically confirms she does nothing all day. Her assistant takes care of her life and does the bare minimum for her animals, and when they get sick she still gets someone to help out. And if she tries to compare herself to people like Shane… like, not even girl.

Shane has a regular schedule to begin with. That’s why he hired an editor, because that’s a job on its own. Taylor doesn’t keep a schedule which doesn’t warrant her to be having so many people to help her to begin with.

No. 686777

Did she just say she doesn't have 30 animals?
14 snakes
11 lizards
2 cats
3 rats
2 hedgehogs
1 frog
1 axlotl

If I'm remembering right, that's 34 animals, excluding inverts and fish…

No. 686779

She has so many she doesn't even know how many she has… wow.

No. 686783

She basically has a parent come in and still take care of her and her hoard. She just said she doesn't even do 75% of what it means to own a pet. She what, feeds them (when she's home or not sick) and 'plays' with them aka holds them for 5 minutes while snapping pictures? How is it possible that she has a following about caring for pets, when she doesn't even do that herself??

No. 686792

Good lord this girl really just digs herself deeper into the hole doesn’t she? She can’t even properly defend herself, because she knows there is no defense for the shit she does. She wants to believe so badly that she’s not an animal hoarder. News flash girl… you are.
She’s over here scrambling to make excuses whilst Jonny tries to keep her ego inflated by posting pictures of her that say “be jealoussss” on insta. lol it’s so fucking sad honestly, imagine having zero self-esteem so your BF has to treat you like an object to be paraded around for his own ego.

No. 686833

File: 1536791018698.png (290.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180912-182147.png)

Sorry if I'm doing this wrong, never posted here before but why would she take a picture before finishing, doesn't make much sense to me

No. 686837

And why would you put the rats in before modifying the cage to make it safe? It doesn't make any sense.

No. 686843

File: 1536792781140.png (236.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-12-18-52-20…)

No. 686844

File: 1536792841444.png (234.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-12-18-52-38…)

No. 686848

File: 1536793123431.png (256.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180912-185733.png)

"I don't need an assistant I just got one because i can"

No. 686857

what the heck? lots of people can afford assistants but dont get them because THATS NOT NORMAL. donate that money to a rescue or something jesus. or save it to get a bigger place so you dont need to cram your 4-5 feet long snakes in racks for their thirty year lifespan

No. 686921

Omg "you do not know my cage from a picture" LMFAO… bitch are u dumb? Photos are literal PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence. Why the fuck post a picture of your setup acting all proud (look! I finally bought a decently sized cage and did smth right!) if it wasn't even completed? She's gotta stop.

No. 686923

Hasn’t she consistently said previously that she has an assistant because she needs help when she can’t do things from her illnesses? She really should start taking notes of her own lies and excuses, she constantly contradicts herself and gets offended if someone seems to remember and say something.

No. 686924

Even if it isn't normal, an assistant is the person who takes care of the stuff you cannot do due to time constraints thanks to your job or your day to day errands. Taylor has absolutely nothing to do all day, this is why she keeps getting animals.

She can do whatever she wants with her money, but at least she should be honest with herself and her fanbase because she makes it look like she can handle all of her animals on her own when she's not even their regular caretaker.

No. 686931

… and a ptartrige in a pear tree!

But seriously she doesn’t even know how many animals she has.

No. 686937


didn't this moron at one point say her "job" was looking after her animals? yet she doesn't even do that lol. this is so fucking ironic. she's got so many animals that someone needs to look after them WHILE SHE SLEEPS. does she not realize that that's not normal?

why would you even own an animal if you just pay someone else to look after it, that defeats the entire purpose of having one.

No. 686943

I wonder if she ever comments on here, since she lurks

No. 686946

And what ever happened to that mantis shrimp?

No. 686947

What happened to her halloween crab

No. 686958


she probably does, but ever since emzotic's posts were outed, she most likely feigns ignorance and "has never heard of this site" so she doesn't look suspicious and is being careful.

No. 686960

She definitely lurks. She's tweeted passive-aggressive shit that's been mentioned here several times.

No. 686978

I wonder how she thinks she’s gonna support herself and her 50+ animals after she fails on YouTube

No. 686986


Move back in with her parents and go back to PetCo. She has no back-up plan and with her history smeared all over the Internet, no reputable animal industry is going to hire her. She has zero qualifications or education regarding animal care because despite what she may think, doing Youtube entertainment videos isn't a degree.

JC will bleed her dry unless he dies first and with her work ethnic, I can't see how her channel is going to sustain her. Looking at her videos, she doesn't get a lot of views in relation to her sub count except on her 'all my pets' videos.

No. 686997

where is the Google doc list of past/current pets? have the """"chimera"""" and Duck been added? she's going to expose soon too, I bet good money she will impulse buy something, or just so happen to find that skink she just mentioned there

No. 686998

oh shit double post but I literally forgot she has 3 rats now. she acquires new animals (trophies?) so quickly it is sad and scary. her poor cats, those poor rats

No. 687009

File: 1536808063591.png (113.57 KB, 980x334, weedsmoke.png)

No. 687011

But he doesn’t even smoke anymore. Ok, Jan.

No. 687014

File: 1536808448393.png (50.46 KB, 588x254, Skärmavbild 2018-09-13 kl. 05…)

No. 687015


It's like she forgets these two post all their shit on social media lmao

No. 687027

I sense a meltdown coming. She's getting really shitty with defending herself again because she can't keep up with her lies.

This might be out of order but someone can feel free to make a timeline but if I'm remembering correctly…
At first she only needed her one pregnant friend to watch her animals while she was away. Then it turned into multiple "assistants" at one point for while she was away. Now it's back to one assistant who apparently helps all the time?
This is a trend that happens with everything she talks about. It changes every time its mentioned.
Keep your shit straight, girl. Literally every time she brings a new animal home or even mentions anything there is at least one lie in there somewhere then she always just digs the hole deeper and deeper.

Also had to scroll back up to quote >>686469 because it especially pissed me off.
She doesn't fucking understand it makes her a rape apologist in itself just because she chooses to date him. Who would ever date a known rapist and abuser unless you don't believe the girls who are accusing him? She is also forgetting that not only were they raped, they were fucking mentally and emotionally abused throughout the whole thing. And then she makes it all about herself as usual because muh struggle with abuse. Literally go fuck yourself

No. 687040

Has she ever admitted that he’s a rapist?

No. 687057

She said she believed he crossed lines that made his exs uncomfortable and blamed it on him being high

No. 687060


She's a disgusting person, my god.

No. 687105

Can’t remmeber the timeline but totally agree this was one of her worst lies. It literally changed within days. At one point she also emphasised she had a marine specialist within the three assistants and then there was another who came over just to watch the others and to learn from them. Then it ended up being just her pregnant friend. Totally not the same thing. Second most idiotic lie ‘me and my 8 MONTH PREGNANT friend bought this monitor as she was wanting something to love’!! I wonder if it still half belongs to her friend I’m guessing she has nothing to do with it.
Just another reminder that we are still yet to see her mantis shrimp again. She def has something to hide.

No. 687136

"she'll just sometimes help me with my pets"

but didn't she say some tweets ago that she has three assistants for every week to come and help her with her pets?

No. 687137

Late to reply to this, but why does she always pull the "wah, his exes were mean to me and blocked me!!" shit. Like no fucking duh they blocked you, you're still dating their former abuser/rapist and you were undoubtedly insufferable to talk to when they did try to reach out to you. Not to mention how shittily you and Jonny talk about/treat them on Twitter. Why wouldn't they fucking block you? They tried to offer you guidance as you head down a slippery slope with what's bound to become an abusive relationship and you clearly ignored what they had to say.

No. 687147

Because she's still in this phase where she thinks she's so special she can talk it out and it will all be fixed. The way she talks about Jonny's rape allegation is always along the lines of "mistakes". Same for his drug abuse.

She believes he can be saved and is a good person who's just misunderstood. But she fails to realize this is exactly what his three former exes went through.

No. 687150

I don't think she believes he is a good person at all.

It's very telling that she never includes him in any videos, photos and barely any tweets. I mean, they have been together since late last year, right? Anyone proud of their significant other would have included them in a video somehow to show them off once they knew it's a serious relationship.
She knows that he's a shit human and the backlash she would get if she showed him on her youtube channel.
She's just too proud to admit that she made a mistake when she started dating him so she's stuck with him.

No. 687198


Agreed. The fact that she's with him at all shows she's a rape apologist because she chooses to date him. She still doesn't understand that. Say whatever you want Taylor or nothing at all, actions speak louder than words and your actions show you're in full support of your rapist boyfriend.

No. 687223

except he already has been in one of her vids before

No. 687231

I'm talking about a real appearance where he interacts and talks to her, not just his hands in a montage or something.

No. 687287

Wonder if she'll do a bf tag or something now that that's been said here lol.

No. 687343

I doubt petco would rehire her after her “pet-shmo” comments and videos

No. 687377


that's not smoking

No. 687411

File: 1536864542631.png (232.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-14-43-22…)

This and with the new rats? Tbh sounds like it could be hanta or seoul virus kek

No. 687417

File: 1536865393353.jpeg (431.88 KB, 750x953, 37C7DE4C-BE67-45A7-82D8-F8CA16…)

Twisty’s breeder posted this on Facebook

No. 687418

This is such a reach lol they’re captive bred fancy rats and this bitch is always sick. The two have nothing to do with each other.

No. 687422

Lmao fancy rats? Don't be retarded anon these are "feeder" rats.

Plus with the filth her apartment is all it takes is one wild rat/mouse to go inside her place and shit and pee on the floor and it will contaminate her own rats regardless of their previous health.

No. 687423

Awks… tho from memory Twisty's tail looked a bit awkward in angle, so I guess it's time to go hunt for those pictures.

Anyway, in the case that the tail was fine - what sort of vet would actually amputate without noticing that there seems to be nothing wrong?

Not the same anon but I sort of doubt the two other rats are feeder rats tbh

No. 687424

LOL any rat that is bred and isnt the normal wild looking rat is a fancy rat its just the name of them

No. 687433

At worst twisty might have had a kink in his tail, but a lot of bearded dragons do. They're sometimes just born with it (mine was) and kinked tails can cause them absolutely no issues throughout life. My bet is that Taylor or Jonny broke Twisty's tail and used the darker colouration (which is also common in beardies, it doesn't always indicate an issue) and/or kinked tail as an excuse to blame someone else.

No. 687437

Maybe she’s accounting for all the animals she killed? Could be!

No. 687438

There are some incompetent vets that deal with reptiles despite having 0 experience and we know how she lies, so while she mentioned a "more competent" vet… Might be a reach tho

No. 687448

Exotic Nutrition is more or less a garbage brand. Happy Tails loves to peddle it as well. I really wish Taylor took research and husbandry more seriously. This is a really interesting nutrition post that has links to actual research articles: http://hedgehogsofasgard.com/post/164150669251/hedgehog-nutrition

What the fuck is she on about? That doesn't look like a screen shot from here or any other forum. Regardless, where are the lies? I'm not seeing opinions just a bunch of facts.

Oh, sweetie. How dense can you be? You don't have to say vile shit to the exes to be a rape/abuse apologist. Dating, supporting, and fucking a known rapist is more than enough.

Yes, let's make it all about you, as usual. And if this is true…why the fuck date a rapist?

"naturally an asshole" is that what were calling defensiveness due to neglect, now? "Not in a good mood." Perhaps because they're nocturnal animals dragged out during the day for photo shoots?

I definitely have carpet and hanging baskets in my bathroom. She couldn't even commit to a 30 day quarantine.

It's time to create a timeline of her "assistant" lies. Jesus, she's 100% said in the past that she has people specifically to care for her animals, including when she's too sick.

She can't help but lie about literally everything at this point.

Does anyone remember when exactly the "assistant" lies started cropping up/ the approximate thread #? These lies are actually pathological and extreme at this point (and worth creating a timeline for) and yet her stans eat it up.

Wow, she battled a "double ear infection" and the "flu" with no outward symptoms and now, weirdly, has a sinus issue and "pink eye." Sure, Jan.

"God, I could have sworn I'd killed enough to get below 30 in my collection!"

No. 687510

I doubt she’s even sick tbh. She uses illness as an excuse to be lazy. She’s like those coworkers you work with who are sick every other week. It’s just a cover for the fact that she never makes good on any of her video promises.

No. 687518

Its almost 100 % sure Taylor or Jonny broke Twisty's tail (or maybe it didn't shade completely and got stuck)
Cause she didn't milk Twisty's tragedy like all the other animals she "save"
She didn't have a problem to paraded that Green Tree Python that die so what made diferent Twisty's situation for her to keep it secret?
She is really retarded and you can tell when she isn't being honest about the dumb shit she says
This is one of them.

No. 687520

File: 1536871713157.png (107.8 KB, 841x624, Picture 14.png)

This is fucking hilarious. She legitimately doesn't know the difference between having an autoimmune disorder and being immunocompromised. Having celiac (or Hashimoto's like me) does not make you more susceptible to infections like colds, the flu, or pink eye, etc. Jesus, she's actually claiming to have a "non-existent" immune system. Honey, autoimmunity literally means your immune system is so overactive it's attacking your own tissues. Being immunocompromised (under active or close to non-existent immune system) would certainly make you susceptible to germs and infections but unless she has cancer/getting chemo, has HIV, or is on immunosuppressants for an organ transplant, then she's not immunocompromised. Get real, Taylor. And if you actually take antibotics every time you're sick, you're an idiot.

No. 687536

File: 1536872751290.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3264x3264, A6EEA8FB-0AA3-4A41-9777-D46CFE…)

Pretty sure I found her eBay. Thought selling the Webkinz account was bullshit, but there was only one listing that sold for over $200 and had 30+ animals recently, and the seller is from Austin, TX. Def her. Description’s from another item she’s selling. Smoke free, LMAO.

No. 687627


I'm with you that she probably has never been diagnosed with an immune deficiency, but there are other reasons to be immunocompromised than the ones you listed lol. It's actually pretty common with EDS to have a comorbidity like CVID (common variable immune deficiency.) But yeah, her possibly nonexistent celiac isn't causing her possibly nonexistent contagious illnesses lol.

No. 687649

>there are other reasons to be immunocompromised than the ones you listed
Yeah, of course! My point was she's directly claiming her celiac/autoimmune condition is causing her to have a non-existent immune system ("I know the root cause") when that's literally the opposite of an autoimmune condition. We can have comorbid conditions (like CVID) but that's not what she's claiming. Although, watch her now try to claim it…that would be an excellent excuse for not filming. Next thing you know, she'll need IVIG! Anyway, I just thought it was funny that she can never get anything about her own illnesses right, and doesn't know the difference between having an autoimmune condition and being immunocompromised. lol.

No. 687733


They are technically both, 'fancy' rats just refers to domesticated rats. Feeder isn't a type, just basically saying 'this was bred to be food'. Most people just call them rats, but pet stores like to mislabel shit so they mark prices up.

I do think the other rats Taylor got are feeders, because they also look too young to be away from their mother. Most good breeder's only adopt out after 6-weeks, sometimes 8-weeks to ensure rats have been socialized properly with other rats and a bunch of other stuff. The rats Taylor got for sure aren't from the same litter as Goose, they are from an older litter but a litter that would still benefit from being with their mother or socializing with other adult rats so they know "how to rat".

Either way, she got them from a shitty breeder.

No. 687831

I like how she has such bad migraines but has no problem being in front of a bright screen to tweet shit. Sounds legit.

No. 687849

File: 1536895551898.png (701.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-23-11…)

No. 687852

The first ones she got in the paper bag looked more close to the age of Goose, i can picture her going to her way and just change the rats in her way out cause the new ones looked "cuter"

No. 687853

File: 1536895631732.png (689.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-23-44…)

No. 687855

File: 1536895683264.png (718.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-23-48…)

No. 687856

File: 1536895717182.png (725.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-24-11…)

No. 687857

File: 1536895748343.png (827.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-24-28…)

No. 687858

File: 1536895779598.png (801.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-25-05…)

No. 687861

counted at least a dozen fish in her video including those two clown fish she got and was like super excited about them because they look like cows and then they were never mentioned again

No. 687866

Umm, looks over stocked…

No. 687867

And she’s claims she has less than 30 pets. Lmfao.

No. 687869

I see the cow clown fish too. I thought people on here said she rehomed them because she didn’t like how they were behaving??

No. 687870

File: 1536896568549.png (905.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-41-20…)

No. 687871

File: 1536896614701.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-41-57…)

No. 687872

File: 1536896657563.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-42-09…)

No. 687873

Its normal for fishes to attack each other if they feel crowded
A bigger tank might help them to feel comfortable with each other territory
I really dislike how Taylor's first response to tank problems is rehome the fish that "cause the problem"
It isnt like they make it personal, you dumbass. They are animals and there is a always reason for why they get agressive.

No. 687876

The two clown fish that she rehome were normal clown fish, remember them cause it was cute when they feed first their anemone. Not the clown cow fish.

No. 687878

it's like she never knew small rodents grew so fast. LOL

i'm not shocked at all how she's sick all the time. i mean, look at her filthy- probably germ and mold infected- apartment. and i think she thinks that having an immune disorder causes you to be sick all the time, but not too sick that you can still travel around and tweet consistently especially when you're covering for your man child

No. 687887


does she even post the other two rats? it's like she doesn't give a shit about them because they aren't "special" and she only had to get them because otherwise she'd be crucified for keeping goose alone (and rightfully so).

so taylor, are you planning on adjusting their cage now? 3-week mark is when babies start getting more confident with exploring and we all know the other two you have are already older. i'm betting the cage looks just as miserable and empty as when she first showed it. "photos don't indicate the level of care i do" my ass. show picture proof because her words don't mean shit. i still have no idea why she bought that cage to begin with and claimed she's going to "upgrade" them to a critter nation. they can go into a critter nation at like 5-6 weeks so why bother getting them a unsuitable cage like the one she has now for only a few weeks? the cage size is not the problem, more so the fact it's unsuitable for rat pups - especially so because it's barren. just feels weird she didn't just get the critter nation straight away, she can certainly afford it… unless she's broke?

No. 687938

To be fair there there isn’t exactly anything else she can do. In the hobby if a fish is aggressive you can leave it in the tank and let it keep attacking your other fish or you can take it out. It’s a common occurrence. Sometimes fish are just aggressive as it’s in their nature. There doesn’t have to be a reason for it.

No. 688064

Some fish tend to develope a more aggressive nature when they fully matured or can become aggressive for an over stock tank.
It's not rocket science if you know how your fish gonna behave the rest of its life span.

No. 688091

File: 1536936461302.png (557.29 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-14-08-45-43…)

You can say whatever you want from Taylor's fanbase but they are supportive af
They even get retarded tattoos just like hers so she isn't alone.

No. 688096

File: 1536936943609.png (76.9 KB, 205x347, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.5…)

>>kill me

No. 688105

What’s her excuse for this one?

“Oh those fish are known to be aggressive, so I shoved them in my tank anyway and nothing ever happened before now and I watched them carefully and as soon as something happened I took them out because I am so good with my pets guys. I know Cheese getting stressed could kill my whole tank but I put a potentially stressful fish in with him because I know what I’m doing but like you guys don’t do this, ok? By the way, I’m sorry I havent added a new snake video. My EDS flared up and also I caught a cold and pneumonia at the same time.”

No. 688111

Isn't New York Magazine supposed to come to her today?

No. 688112

Oh my god I can’t stop laughing at the eyes. Her fans are just as delusional as she is and they probably only do it to get a shoutout from Taylor. They’re going to regret that later in life. The rest looks fine, but that face is just so bad and laughable.

No. 688121

File: 1536939804676.jpg (85.97 KB, 900x595, arabian_sand_boa.jpg)

first thing i thought of tbh

No. 688137

File: 1536942058558.png (740.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-14-12-15-36…)

No. 688138


Supportive and delusional. At least this one looks somewhat better than Taylor's, aside from it's fucked up eyes… it's a yikes from me.

No. 688141

I find it hilarious that we’re called obsessive for discussing her a bit, but she says nothing of the people tattooing her animals on themselves and role playing as them. That’s a little more obsessive id say.

No. 688169

im shocked she has a proper sized abdomen and is still alive

No. 688231

there is no reason to handle a tarantula..but ofc tay does it for ~omg sp00der~ pics

No. 688233


What's funny to me is that Taylor said she stopped handling Cersei because she kept on throwing hairs (ie: defense mechanism) and it was annoying lol. Like your own spider is telling you to fuck off, yet she just never learns. Heaven forbid she just takes a pic of the tarantula in its enclosure.

No. 688290

lol not only is she handling her but shes like just resting on taylors arm several feet off the ground it looks like. One twitch on taylors part and she could fall and likely die. These animals are nothing but accessories for a her and a reason to show off her scuffed up cartier bracelet

No. 688434

look at how scratched her bracelet is. It looks a little dirty as well. Wonder what kinda bacteria that thing is holding.

No. 688529

To be fair, this is better than most of Taylor's tattoos (except the face)

No. 688772

Still waiting on two videos with a third supposed to be coming out soon. I pray that she already cleaned her enclosures and isn't letting them sit in filth until she can get herself up out of bed to film it. (Supposed to be done a week ago) or maybe her """assistant""" cleaned them already.

No. 688788

File: 1537022921836.png (507.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-15-09-50-44…)

No. 688789

File: 1537022945199.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-15-10-41-27…)

No. 688790

File: 1537022967490.png (203.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-15-10-41-36…)

No. 688793

And what exactly is she going to do with the girls?

Neutering or spaying would be the easiest solution (and good for the risk of mammary tumours in the females); not buying /more/ rats…

She planning on getting two double critter nations? Where's she going to put them both?

No. 688798

File: 1537023393380.png (828.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-15-10-55-31…)

No. 688802

So everyone here was already skeptical she could take care of one rat and give it attention, and now she's going to be taking care of at least four?

No. 688803

Some brothers… aka more than one, so 5 rats at least. Ffs.

No. 688805

File: 1537023738419.png (349.14 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-15 11.00.51.png)

No. 688806

File: 1537023761250.png (350.81 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-15 11.01.14.png)

No. 688807

File: 1537023782146.png (305.29 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-15 11.01.57.png)

No. 688808

File: 1537023837872.png (386.97 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-15 11.01.36.png)

No. 688818

File: 1537024996176.png (264.66 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_20180915-092026~2.p…)

While I agree with you, she said she was going to neuter the males.

No. 688828


I'll believe that when it actually happens. Also she said "might" so knowing Taylor's time schedule, these rats will be dead before then. Neutering and spaying is super beneficial for rats. With males it can help with hormonal aggression, sometimes completely eliminating it and with females it greatly reduces their chances of tumors if done early enough, though results vary of course.

Honestly she's better off spaying the females because they have better health benefits. Honestly I'm just rolling my fucking eyes at the fact that the rats weren't sexed properly, I had a feeling this would happen and it would be an excuse to get even more rats. Wonder if she'll try and get something a bit fancier, though I'm still convinced she won't be able to make it onto any good breeder's wait list. She'll probably just go get another feeder rat.

No. 688830


if taylor hadn't been successful on youtube she'd just be another hoarder living on welfare in some shit stain of a house. unless she planned on leeching off her parents into her twenties. there is no way she can hold a job down, her work ethnic is absolutely appalling. every other day she's "sick" with something, it's unbelievable how many excuses she whips out of nowhere

No. 688837

If you're in your 20s and still need someone to clean up after you while you sleep and to help you "prioritize your life" that's your mommy not your assistant lmao

No. 688840

Have we seen the Halloween crab since she dropped it?

No. 688848

Yes weve seen it since she dropped it but not in a few months it feels like

No. 688858

So… is she aware that she needs them seperate for at least a month after getting him neutered because he will still have sperm until then? That means 2 different playtimes aka at least 1.5 hours a day with 2 different sets of rats.

What a dumbass. I hope the sisters aren't pregnant yet.

No. 688863

What an idiot. Rats are so easy to sex as well because the males won't have nipples. So no need to wait for testicles to descend. All just excuses to keep her hoarding justified.

No. 688892

I don't understand how she isn't running out of physical space for all these aniamls. I just have cats and I feel like we're all on top of each other. I can't imagine how cramped her apartment is getting with all these tanks, enclosures, etc. All her fans have never lived away from mommy and daddy so none of them understand how mind blowing her hoarding is. They aren't adults so they have nooo concept of reality. It's not even their fault really. They look at Taylor as a role model and she eats it up.

No. 688916

Fancy rat is the term used to describe pet rats. Feeder rats are fancy rats, fancy rats can be feeder rats because they're in a feeder bin and not as part of a pet sale transaction.

No. 688917

I don’t get why she’s getting a second male mouse?? Is she going to get them both fixed?

No. 688945

I had my male rat castrated and it was a botch, yes it was a licensed vet! His renal system was never the same, kept pissing blood and cost me lots of money (in vet bills post op) for something i could never fix.
It should be a last option but much less invasive than female spaying, surgery will always have risks. The rat will only live around 2-3 years on average

No. 688951

isnt this rat supposed to die in 3 weeks (or 3 months i cant remember) anyway? why is she buying all these other rats for to keep something company that’s gonna be dead soon?

No. 688971

File: 1537043437241.jpg (78.37 KB, 1242x422, BRjRDzK.jpg)

God I hope not. I love Shane, but he tends to show the subject of his series in a sympathetic light, and he’s too easily swayed. As is, people with legit concern about Taylor’s care are painted as jealous haters. I feel like A Shane series would make things even worse and only grow her following of 12 year old stans.

No. 688991

Take a shot for every animal of Taylor’s that turns out to be the opposite sex

No. 689011

and chase it with soup

No. 689016

Agreed. He would be swayed by cute animals and OMG IS THAT AN ANACONDA IM NOT TOUCHING THAT GET IT AWAY~ and not even get to the terrible care and her sliminess.

No. 689057

…So hire an editor?
It's honestly such a dumb excuse when you have people working with the same and worse health conditions than her.
The people complaining are her consumers so yes… they can be annoyed and what have you not because they may as well be paying for her lifestyle and pets lmao

No. 689058

This was my fear the moment she tweeted about Shane following her back awhile ago…. Shane is a sweet person and because of this, is probably easily manipulated (like with Tana, who I think was disingenuous and was manipulating him).

No. 689083


Someone asked about getting an editor and her excuse was her videos would not be the same cause "she takes her time to put her own style"~
Aka. Edit all the bad angles, stupid shit she says/does,etc.

Shane is the stupidest person I have ever seen, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up working with Taylor, he already defended Tana.

No. 689181

This bitch will have an "assistant" come over to do her chores bc she's too lazy, but when it comes to actually affecting her income, she refuses to hire someone, despite the fact that she can make sure the editing style isn't drastically different before it gets posted? LMFAO.

No. 689210

What style almost every other pet youtuber does the same thing? Fuck even non pet youtubers use the style of sitting in front of a camera and using free domain pop

No. 689215

File: 1537073350298.jpeg (381.96 KB, 1301x1704, A930F091-A480-41A1-A86D-E4970A…)

No. 689221

File: 1537074714713.png (243.67 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-15-23-09-48…)

No. 689222

File: 1537074740089.png (187.68 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-15-23-10-51…)

No. 689223

File: 1537074767179.png (189.66 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-15-23-11-06…)

No. 689225

File: 1537074950417.png (278.75 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-15-23-15-19…)

Searching on Google things isn't education you cow

No. 689226

series of tweets to be deleted again in T minus 1….

No. 689230

This got deleted immediately, couldnt ss the images

No. 689242

She said a bunch of shit that wasn't true at all though????
Like the stuff about them having 100s of beardies in a bin that were all in bad shape and that the breeder didn't even know Twistys morph.

No. 689243

i dont think her small brain can understand that thats what they were pissed about

No. 689254

File: 1537078078429.png (175.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-15-23-48-25…)

No. 689255

File: 1537078131147.png (181.36 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-16-00-07-31…)

No. 689258


So many layers because you can't keep your lies straight. I'm rolling that she can't comprehend why the breeders are upset with her, she told so many lies from saying "there were hundreds" of dragons at the expo and then saying the tail was broken - no matter how you look at it, she painted the breeders as neglectful.

Taylor, you're dumb.

No. 689262

Right? Yet again she can't keep up with her own lies. You can't go around saying the animals were malnourished and cramped (ie neglected) and expect the breeder to not react. It's straight up slander. She's such an idiot. She didn't even know what breeder she got it from.
'there's so many layers'… Yeah, most of them being your lies.

No. 689265


As usual she wanted to try and seem knowledgeable on genetics.

It was implied that Goose had megacolon, but if this was the case it would likely already be obvious as he wouldn't be passing feces. Very sad she's keeping him alive he does indeed have megacolon - he's going to suffer.

No. 689266


She thinks she can do and say whatever she wants without any negative consequences lol.

No. 689295

How is she gonna say they're obligated to be professional when SHE a. never reached out to them to inquire about Twisty's condition (going off her assertion that it was preexisting) and b. literally told several lies about them, as another anon pointed out. Why is she so god damn entitled?

No. 689297

When is she going to get it through her thick skull that Twisty's tail was not broken… it was kinked. A kink is not even anywhere near as bad as a full out break adn does not cause problems at all almost 100% of the time. That tiny kink in Twisty's tail would not cause necrosis or end up in amputation. SHE did something to Twisty that caused his tail to rot. She is the reason Twisty needed an amputation. She's such a piece of shit.

No. 689315

She blames breeders and pet stores all the time lmfao now one finally bites back and shes so surprised. Why did she think she could continually buy animals and slander whoever she bought them from without consequence? Of course these people are gonna see/hear her shit talking eventually, and if they all start talking about her she can look forward to being frozen out of the community. No wonder she’s moving back to small animals, she’s burning bridges with everyone she buys reptiles from

No. 689317


Only Taylor is allowed to slander people and be immature online, anyone else that does it is unprofessional!

Also wasn't the breeder talking about it in a CLOSED Facebook group? That's hardly "public". Pretty sure he tried to contact Taylor and told her to take down shit from her social media and she ignored it. Now she's upset because the breeder basically said "fuck it, she isn't listening" and is being more outspoken about this matter. Taylor was more than happy to talk about it, yet they can't tell their side of the story? Scared of being caught in your lies, Taylor? Also why is she surprised they are talking about her in facebook groups. No matter what she wants to believe, breeders usually form a community in their local areas and do warn others about unpleasant customers and experiences. That's not unprofessional, it's spreading awareness of shitty owners and people.

Her entitlement is mind-boggling.

No. 689337

File: 1537091579214.jpg (201.96 KB, 1080x1674, 20180916_195153.jpg)

Just found this but the tweet she was replying to is gone, so yes she has mentioned them.

No. 689338

..But she did exactly that. She said that the breeder was selling a ton of these animals and she did the vigilante thing and supported him because Twisty looked sick.

He's handling it publicly because she is. Go to any review site where negative reviews are left (especially those that include live animals) - breeders will try to get to the bottom of the review or discredit it because it's a bad name for them. These people are running a business but are also looking after animals… so yes reviews bashing them like she has done are serious and breeders have all the right to respectfully call her out when she doesn't make any contact with them.

I cannot wait till she fucks up so bad a breeder call her out for all her shit and her stans will have no effect on anything because chances are, the people following breeders know way fucking more than some 12 year old kids.

No. 689354

Nice twisted tea. Not yours, right Jonny? Must be twisty’s. Lol!

No. 689361

I don’t recall her “unboxing” the chimera vid. Did it ever happen? And wasn’t the seller doing a boxing vid in unison? Guess he doesn’t understand Taylor lies and doesn’t have any sort of timeline.

No. 689364

My bad. She DID do the video…of course she had to brag she paid 10k for it, not just the 7.5k price tag which was already exorbitant!

No. 689378


Just proves she had to offer even more money because the seller seriously considered not selling to her lol. Guess the greed for money outweighed the care the snake would receive.

No. 689380

Wouldn't surprise me if the breeder is not that good anyway.
When you label a morph something it isn't - you either don't know your shit or you're targeting an audience that doesn't know their shit.

No. 689384


Oh yeah, what makes this even funnier is that the snake isn't even a chimera at all. Not that Taylor will ever admit it or get him tested, she has to save face after blowing 10k like a moron lol

No. 689394

File: 1537101625382.png (254.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-16-08-39-58…)

No. 689404

File: 1537103213667.png (598.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-16-08-47-07…)

No. 689409

More animals to be hoarded and taken care of by assistants because she can't do shit by herself, yay!

No. 689414

Taylor is slandering the wrong company AGAIN. SOUTH TEXAS DRAGONS ARENT TWISTY’S BREEDERS. The card of the correct breeder is even in the background of the picture of twisty. Taylor you’re getting yourself into a legal mess here because Joe is going to end up seeing your slander.

No. 689433

To be honest I dont see the lawsuit being such a big thing. We are just talking about lizards, I dont believe the legal system gives a fuck about this case. All my sympathy goes to the breeders offended by Taylor, though.

No. 689435

A fan of hers comment on one of the tweets already deleted
" Why is he implying Twisty isn't one of his animals, then from who is it? How is possible he doesn't know which animals he sells"

She keeps pushing the narrative that Twisty is from South Texas Dragons. Whom they have a fb page where you can leave a review, if STD was indeed the seller, why she never reach out to them first or leave a comment?

No. 689449

File: 1537111239929.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-16-11-19-02…)

No. 689455

I thought the interview was with NY magazine…not Tramps R Us! (I initially had a different word other than tramps…feel free to change it to a description of your own liking!!)

No. 689463

Why does this read like a tweet from Taylor's mum

No. 689471

sure, if you want to look like a prostitute, then its the right outfit!

No. 689473


looks like she's ready for a long night of hooking lmao

jokes aside, she has zero style. what even is this?

No. 689475

File: 1537114622825.png (326.06 KB, 1440x1987, Screenshot_2018-09-16-10-01-58…)

Why are Taylor's fans so stupid? "Better luck next time"? When someone says "hey I didn't breed that bearded dragon stop saying I did", don't be stupid and sassy. You just look like an idiot.

No. 689478

File: 1537114873307.png (375.45 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-09-16-10-21-16…)

No. 689479

File: 1537114877843.png (2.1 MB, 640x1136, 8AD1F224-8675-4EAE-BCEA-55EF06…)

Mushu’s tank. Does anyone see a chiller? It can’t still not have one…right?

No. 689481

Pretty sad when you would think a mother would publicly post something like that about her daughter…but hey, it’s anonymous…so maybe it’s her only way to really say what she thinks without Tay Tay knowing it’s her!

No. 689487

Her mother would probably say something like this publically haha

No. 689489

Its Jen we're talking about. The bitch is crazy so it's not far fetched.

No. 689507

File: 1537116294838.jpeg (140.63 KB, 640x1016, B03CC34D-5041-4174-9DEE-F8BD00…)

No. 689508

File: 1537116325185.jpeg (125.94 KB, 640x896, 0C2C0F1C-510B-4C24-A328-6E0D45…)

Mushu update

No. 689509

Didn't that guy try to get ahold of Taylor for a week?? I hate this cunt. Now she's using her rabid fan base against him to attack all over his social media and now accuse HIM or starting shit with poor innocent Tay. And ultimately it'll probably work and she knows that. I love how these fucking idiot fans won't look at any fact or proof they just immediately "nice try" anyone who says anything against what Taylor says.

No. 689511

Aren't all her accusations still in her video? Like how are you gonna deny it when it's your face saying that shit on video

No. 689512

He really hasn’t said anything to her besides one Facebook post on his business page and the Instagram comment. It’s the other people who actually bred twisty who are posting about her. Taylor is so dumb that she doesn’t realize it’s not the same person.

No. 689514

File: 1537116742958.jpg (45.12 KB, 797x145, chrome_2018-09-16_17-39-09.jpg)

At first I was joking, but looking at her twitter, they also use the same kind of apostrophe which seems unusual + Jen is active atm. I actually wouldn't be surprised if she was posting here and that is pretty sad

No. 689520

Who actually bred twisty?

No. 689522

Can't the breeder possibly sue her for slander, especially now that her rabid fan base is coming over to review and whatever else?

No. 689531

You mean the breeder her stand are going after but ISN’T the actual breeder?

No. 689532

I could believe its her because she's weird and crazy. Such a weird reply to an accusation? They didn't say no? But is she smart enough to quote or sage? Unless she's actually been posting for a while.

No. 689534

File: 1537119648473.png (397.45 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-09-16-11-40-23…)

Her fans are seriously giving the guy who didn't even breed the damn thing bad reviews

No. 689536

Correct. The breeder that is being attacked by her fans doesn’t even breed Dunners anymore which is what twisty is

No. 689537

Poor joe is such a sweet guy. Doesn’t deserve Taylor and her bullshit.

No. 689538

I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the actual breeder’s name, don’t want to get banned or them to get attacked

No. 689568

I posted the comment. I am definitely not Jennifer! Heaven forbid I should have given birth to such a child! Taylor is an embarrassment and I can’t believe Jennifer admits she her mother, but I guess she’s just using her to gain her own notoriety! I’m almost insulted, except lol to of people use … when posting.

No. 689623

Honestly when is Tay going to have something turn on her for once? I’m absolutely sick of her getting away with every shitty thing she does, especially after this STD bs.

No. 689659

File: 1537127747778.jpeg (93.13 KB, 396x679, C17B162F-460F-4314-965B-BCA624…)

Where she was claiming it was in a container with hundreds of other babies.

No. 689665

what was his response?

No. 689667

I feel so bad for Joe/South Texas Dragons. To have a 21 year old, drugged out dimwit try to ruin your business reputation because she's too proud to admit she has no clue who she got Twisty from, is sickening. Not only that but she's allowing her flying monkeys to attack him as well. How can this many people fail so epically to follow a simple timeline of events or see through her blatant lies?

Joe politely reached out to her back in JULY, along with the actual breeder. It's fucking September and she wants to play dumb about who the breeder is? To say nothing about all her fluctuating lies about the sex, morph, amount of beardies, the conditions they were in at the expo.

She is downright malicious at this point. She's inciting her minions to further slander innocent people. How are there no consequences?

It's MESSY because lying is hard and she sucks at it.

These cages are so small and over priced. And none of them hold substrate for burrowing.

Her mouth looks more fucked every time we see her.

This is awful. Her stans are mindless drones at this point.

Look in #17 near the top. There's a bunch of screenshots from tumblr from the breeder.

No. 689693

Okay so looking back at this is extremely interesting, it seems like she was sure there was something wrong with the beardie even though it was definitely his coloring, because of what the breeder gave proof of (Twisty's dad's tail). SHe might have wanted there to be something wrong so she can look like a savior.
Would it be surprising to anyone if Taylor has some kind of munchausen by proxy thing going on with her animals? This is kind of what this situation look like…
This would also explain why the first vet suggested she not do anything.
There was nothing wrong with Twisty as evidenced by the breeder and anons. (tails can be dark and slightly bent)
Is the case cracked?

No. 689713

File: 1537130852812.png (1.09 MB, 1360x689, Picture 6.png)

Far left is image she posted today on twitter of her satanic leaf tail gecko trio. The other two images are from May/thread #12. In today's image I don't see a gecko with a wavy tail, nor do I see one with red eyes and white speckles.

No. 689719

I don't know a whole lot about uroplatus, but can they fire up/down like new Caledonian geckos? That's the only reason I can see for those drastic colour differences…

No. 689721


I think that could just be a difference between flared up and not, I'm not entirely sure though

No. 689727

Do they look sick to anyone?

No. 689728

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there can be color changes in terms of intensity. But it shouldn't affect eye color (I don't think we've seen the one with red eyes for quite awhile) or tail shape (none of them on the far left have the wavy texture of the middle image).

No. 689733

File: 1537131951660.jpg (351.94 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20180916-230446_Ins…)

No. 689736


Translation: he ded

No. 689741

File: 1537132384551.png (3.9 MB, 750x1334, C61312CC-DEC9-4233-A473-DADE83…)

The longer you look at it the worse it gets

No. 689746

Jesus fucking Christ. This is so disgusting.
I'm messy af but I would NEVER put any kind of trash or random shit on my animals enclosures, does she not have any respect for them at all?
I don't want to know what her life looks like if she thinks this is ok to show online.

No. 689750

Also, that cage is still completely barren. All I can see is ONE coconut hide in there.
And now Goose has to live on his own after all because she's too dumb to sex a rat.
It's super easy to sex a white bellied rat because you can clearly see their nips too.

No. 689752

Is that ghost in the bottom left corner?

No. 689757

Goose looks terrified up in the top right corner

No. 689767


Don't know anything about caring for this kind of animal, but if it needs to keep cool, putting its cage above a dishwasher is the opposite of what she should do. My granite countertop always gets warm or even hot when the dishwasher's running.

No. 689768


I have so many questions about this. Where is she housing the other rats while they’re separate ? Is she not concerned about the rats pulling shit in that they shouldn’t? And what are those yellow pill things aren’t they Jonny’s? God forbid they get ahold of those.

And honestly it looks like goose is at the top to hide away from the cats

No. 689777

kek whoops thanks

No. 689781

File: 1537133870292.png (306.49 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-16 17.36.44.png)

No. 689782


tbh she probably just killed them and fed them to her snakes

No. 689784

File: 1537133925940.png (319.43 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-16 17.37.10.png)

No. 689785

File: 1537133956912.png (1016.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-16-17-22-54…)

No. 689816

Holy fuck isn't that a bit high for him?

No. 689819

Wow she can’t ever just an a question simply. She always piles in way too much detail which is a giveaway of a liar. He should have been in a different tank months ago, a tank is either cycled or not, ‘well cycled’ means nothing, and is she implying she has her predator fish in with her clownfish and the shrimp still? Guess we’ll still never see an updated video on any of them.

No. 689823

I feel like Taylor's way of answering questions is just to say as much bullshit as she can to make her look intelligent.

No. 689835

File: 1537137984653.jpg (210.77 KB, 1062x986, SmartSelect_20180916-174111_Tw…)

I think this is about tay tay

No. 689841

I've got an axolotl and can confirm you're spot-on. Their water temp shouldn't go over 70F. I keep mine in a room with a window air conditioner so I can basically make that room into a fridge. I know chillers are fairly expensive for normal people, but she's got the money. I wonder if she was in warm water when she got that fungus. Probably made it spread way faster and ten times worse.

No. 689843

File: 1537138304625.jpg (274.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180916-175209_Chr…)

Fans seem to be leaving bad reviews on Google too

No. 689860


I just watched her old axolotl video back and she has a fan on top of the tank to cool the water lmao and states that she wants to avoid buying a chiller at all costs

Also kek when she actually used to make useful videos

No. 689865

File: 1537141767645.png (250.12 KB, 750x1334, 2153377D-FC6A-421B-B3AB-CED9FE…)

Let’s see how Taylor spins this apology video

No. 689870

It’s snake month-we MIGHT see an apology video in November…

No. 689871

She better grovel and admit she outright lied for months. Not "oh, I got confused!!" or "nobody told me I had my facts wrong!!" She should show the screenshots from July where Joe told her he wasn't the breeder and fucking admit she sent the flying monkeys after an innocent person. Then she should call out every one of her scummy stans. She won't, of course. She'll be a victim like always. In which case, he should fucking sue her and get her blacklisted from TX expos.

No. 689875

Anonolotl here again. Those fans only reduce water temp by maaaaybe five degrees. I can't believe she has this poor creature stewing in Texas heat plus being above a dishwasher. There is no way Mushu isn't way warmer than she should be, even if Taylor has the AC on in the house constantly. To keep the water under 70, she'd have to have the AC set to about 65 or less.
Also, if Mushu is warm, she needs to be fed more than normal. No wonder she's eating a whole huge earthworm every day, even as an adult. Mine is about the same size and eats probably two thirds of one of those about every other day. Still pisses me off that she doesn't cut up the worm, though. Feeding huge worms all in one bit like that can cause it to basically "go down the wrong pipe" and come out the hole behind the gills, which obviously stresses the animal out a ton. I had it happen once because I was dumb and didn't think. It's a bad time and the animal is clearly uncomfortable and trying to make it stop.

No. 689877

Being too warm would also encourage fungal growth, right? She always seems covered in something. Do they need supplements or a varied diet, or are earthworms all they need? Because it seems like her top lip is drooping down more and more lately.

No. 689886


Those cats could knock that bag down and ingest as many as they want cause it's wide open. She clearly doesn't know what animal proofing a house is.

No. 689892

Yep, being too warm definitely would have sped up the fungus growth. That was really an inexcusable thing for me. Sometimes, sure, it's hard to see fungus on the lighter colored ones AT FIRST. But with Mushu being melanistic and how bad it got, she should have seen it right away when it was STARTING to grow. Checking their gills is something that should be done regularly anyway. It's generally a good indicator of their health and stress levels.
Earthworms regularly are fine. Usually owners try to mix things up a bit and offer other things like bloodworms or pellets in addition, but they'd be fine with just earthworms. Can't really see the shape of Mushu's face from those pics so if you have more, please post and I'll check it out.

God I just went back and rewatched the video where she "cures" Mushu's infection and I didn't remember this but WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING PUTTING IODINE IN THE SALT BATH. Iodine is what is used by awful fuckers who try to induce metamorphosis, which is abuse and cruel in my opinion. Absolutely SHOULD NOT be using iodine. She also advises against fridging and says it like it's crazy that people recommend that, but fridging and then doing a salt bath is a fairly common regiment.

No. 689894


I'm still not convinced she knows what cycling a tank is, but why would she not be able to move the cycled filter media from the biocube to the new tank and have it be cycled nearly instantly? And save her fish from the stress of being moved back and forth from wherever her "friend" to babysit them is?

Also love how the question was about the mantis shrimp not the rest of the tank, and she didn't actually mention the mantis shrimp in the answer, lol A+ reading comprehension, Tay.

No. 689898


Sometimes people like to let tanks "settle" after cycling for another week or so, just to make sure no ammonia or nitrites come back, especially before adding more sensitive fish. So I could kind of see that? Except that last time she talked about cycling a tank in a video she said she insta-cycled using "old tank water" (which holds next to no beneficial bacteria,) so I'm not convinced she actually even knows what cycling is. It's like how she "quarantines" now but has the snakes all over the same stuff and out of their enclosures every 5 seconds.

No. 689912

File: 1537148158184.png (2.02 MB, 2160x1080, Untitled-1.png)

Thanks for the info, anon. I went back to look for Mushu pictures and it's sad to see, imo. I'd be interested to know if these are normal changes during axolotl growth or if they're signs of health decline.

#1: Jan 2016. Mushu is still quite young. Her skin, mouth, etc looks pretty good to me.
#2: not sure when taken but has white spots and the side of her mouth looks kind of weird.
#3: Post fungal infection. Her mouth/lips look nothing like her baby pics. Really skinny.
#4: Her face looks like it's covered in scars or fungus.
#5: Pic from earlier. Her top lip is kind of like a beak, still covered in white spots.
Also, in #2-5 her eyes have a…crustiness? to them.

No. 689938

#1 looks like a fairly normal young axol. She came in fine condition.
#2 I had to go get nose-to-nose with my boy to check. He's very excited now because he thinks he's about to get a second meal. While mine does have a bit of a lip and that's normal, Mushu has some really pronounced jowls. I googled and while 99% of responses are "see a vet", in more extreme cases, it seems to be believed to be a sign of a bacterial infection. So poor Mushu may have been swelling up and holding fluid in her face because of that. Which, if you look at all that garbage in her gills and that weird hazy white patch on her side, you can see the fungus clearly. Also, the way she's holding her gills would have been a red flag for me. See how they stick right up and out in #1 but in #2 they're limp and bent?
#3 Definitely looks underweight here. You can tell when an axolotl has a full tummy when their body is the same width as their head. You'll also see that in all her post-infection shots, her gills are shorter than they were before. That means it got really, really bad. But her mouth here looks a lot closer to what I'd say is normal. That bump is still there, but it at least decreased quite a bit and looks less like a pocket of fluid.
#4-5 Yeah, I've wondered about the yellow spots on her face too. From what I've found, it's likely to be some sort of scarring. The interesting part to me is that it doesn't seem to be present until the infection set in, which makes me think it was initially caused by that. Developing new marks as they age/grow isn't unheard of (I went from a mostly-clean leucistic to a VERY 'dirty' one with a little raccoon mask of freckles) but the timing makes me wonder. You can see some yellow speckling in the infection pictures, then more pronounced in #3 after she's cured, and then the spots seem to be growing as she grows. That tells me that those were infected spots, then when she healed back up, they healed the "wrong color" and now they're permanent discoloration. I shudder to think that might be related to her using Iodine. I mean, that's just an assumption, but iodine is yellow and if it got into the new, vulnerable flesh…
The rough-looking,, metallic ring on his eyes is fairly normal. Called iridophores. Sometimes they're in the eyes, sometimes they're in patches or in the gills. If you look at a fish's eyes, they do the same thing sometimes. As far as I know, this isn't a sign of anything bad.

The delay in the response here was because I felt a need to go to a water change for my baby boy after looking at Mushu. No joke.

No. 690088


Aka it won't be an apology, just a shitty way of defending her actions because she "was confused" and "didn't know".

If we get a sincere apology, then sure, case closed but it'll just be a length process of her defending her actions in multiple ways.

No. 690107

File: 1537182463625.png (952.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-17-07-06-42…)

No. 690141

"""in my comments"""

No. 690151

Guess she doesn't have an explanation for the one with the different tail though.

No. 690175

File: 1537194101590.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-17-07-06-51…)

No. 690182

File: 1537194486296.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-17-07-06-57…)

No. 690183

File: 1537194519934.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-17-07-07-03…)

No. 690185

File: 1537194543711.png (183.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-17-10-21-09…)

No. 690187

File: 1537194595396.png (489.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-17-10-21-23…)

No. 690188

File: 1537194613887.png (289.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-17-10-27-36…)

No. 690198

Well Taylor, how about you stop attention seeking then and just dye it brown.

No. 690210


she has no dignity lol. seriously girl, dye your hair brown and stop attention seeking. this is pathetic.

No. 690221

It's actually quite sad that she has to get approval from her fans on Twitter for every little thing she does.. She really