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No. 761952

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her unstable narc mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>757702

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her snakes in tiny racks and tubs, and locking her 3 cats in her messy bedroom.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPs9eqGz7drHrgI5pKBIMGg
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Skinwalks Jonny's new girlfriend >>757806 >>761628
>Makes a fool of herself wearing heinous outfits to IOP >>758596 >>761615
>Still buys/wears clothes from Dollskill despite virtue signalling about it >>761635
>Wants to get a new betta, posts about morphs known for having health problems >>760670 >>760696
>Impulsively debates keeping pufferfish >>760674 >>760691
>Thirstposts despite her underage fanbase >>760368 >>760369 >>760931
>Multiple of her piercings are becoming infected and irritated, one requiring being cut out >>758637 >>759337 >>761345 >>761410
>Rushes to make her enclosures look semi-presentable so she can make a new video, throws together random decor with no rhyme or reason >>758395 >>761150 >>761151 >>761732 >>761767

>Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: –

>Recent Known Deaths: –
>Recent Known “Rehomed”: –

Unconfirmed Milk:
–Her trip to L.A. later this month is to visit Jonny >>759166

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 761956

That thread pic is still hilarious lmfao. I truly can't wait for her to go full Luna on us. I mean she's halfway there with those clothes…..

No. 761957

File: 1583438836590.jpeg (377.95 KB, 1125x1021, 81A39606-884E-4299-8964-9BA241…)

No. 761958

File: 1583438860365.jpeg (326.5 KB, 1125x877, EAE0CBC5-358D-4C59-AF81-F53F59…)

No. 761959

File: 1583438886159.jpeg (300.77 KB, 1125x748, 460F5C89-93DC-4AF1-BAAA-659D86…)

No. 761960

File: 1583438907033.jpeg (333.91 KB, 1125x874, A85C11C2-6445-46E3-B8A3-7665F4…)

No. 761961


No. 761965

she’s literally making shit up for fun now.

No. 761969

File: 1583440337509.jpeg (727.49 KB, 1125x1791, 2543D729-9B17-4992-9B61-91D112…)

No. 761970

File: 1583440426188.jpeg (511.78 KB, 1125x1884, EF6F685D-E544-4F4F-B9C5-64E1C7…)

No. 761971

seriously wtf is this pathetic fantasy? if even half of what she's admitted to doing in rehab is true, she must have been an absolute nightmare to be around. throwing massive tantrums, sneaking drugs in, jumping on the dick carousel, making herself sick by eating gluten. you'd think she'd be embarrassed but she's fucking bragging about it.
and she was just saying how she uwu misses rehab and how she felt so ~safe~ there.

tip for future thread anons, put two spaces between comment links.

No. 761972

wouldn't celiac cause reactions almost immediately?

No. 761973

If it was true she would have mentioned it about twenty times already by now.

No. 761974

explains a lot that she's basically saying the only reason she's doing drugs is because it gives her a thrill and cause she knows she isn't supposed to do it.

No. 761978


What a fucking childish ass way to behave… she's like a teenager that rebels against her parents and dates the guy her dad hates. Except she got addicted to dope? You're a fucking dumbass Taylor.

No. 761983

Since when bitch??? You make YouTube videos to get ass pats about your drug use and experience in rehab but conveniently never told anyone you were in critical care because ~uwu gluten binge.~ Glad she admits that spending money and behaving recklessly gives her a “rush.” At least we get some truth out of this delusional munchie fantasy.

Was mama dean active on twitter when she was in rehab… I feel like she was because she would give some updates. Surprised she never brought this up for munchie points or maybe it would be fucking ridiculous to brag about your junkie daughter binging on bread to the point she ends up in the critical care unit…. what a nut. Does she want sympathy for intentionally getting herself sick?

No. 761985

jen was too busy subtweeting jonny while tay was in rehab lmao, but taylor's story is fiction anyway so eh

No. 761991

Yes it take 30mins - 2 hrs for my fam. my mom and cousin both have it. Never heard of them doing it on purpose because of the effects are very painful

No. 761994

This genuinely has to be made up. I have celiacs disease and severity varies as far as reactions but no doctor would send a dumbass like her to the CCU because of too much gluten. Unless the CCU was at her rehab. Also is she allergic to gluten or does she have celiacs because those are two different things.

No. 761995

she claims that she has celiacs

No. 761996

ahh thank you for that, i was wondering why they didn’t all work

No. 761998

… that… is not how it works, I've Celiac and I'd fucking know if I'd eaten wheat or gluten in about 15-30 mins. And so would everyone around me. Critical Care Unit my ass.

Also, fabulous how it's "2 days". It's been a while since she reverted to magic 2 kek

No. 762000


This is so stupid jfc, anyone will get sick if you stuff your face with too much junkfood.

She's such a poser celiac, overrating greasy ass pizza and bread makes you bloated, well no shit sherlock.

No. 762001

also funny that she canceled her meet & greet that time because she "ate a single fleck of gluten that day", but here she can binge on bread products for ~two days~ before experiencing symptoms

No. 762003

It’s so weird that she’s claiming all of this bullshit with the gluten allergy, since she’s maintained that she not only has celiacs but also has a very, very severe version of it where according to her, she just HAS to have Chipotle workers change their gloves just in case they’ve come into contact with things that have come into contact with gluten

No. 762004

I can't stop laughing at this latest Gluten Saga. She is willingly showing herself to be such a fucking clown, it's ridiculous. Oh poor me, mommy and daddy paid for a very expensive rehab for me, and all I did was hop from dick to dick, purposefully make myself sick, smuggle in more drugs, and treat the entire thing like a game!

This bitch has no brains left and no future. Nothing seems to get through that narcissistic fog of hers these days.

Getting sick from gluten is pretty quick and devastating, but it does not make you require Critical Care, for fuck's sake. More like Imodium and "good luck, try not to puke and shit yourself to death". Maybe an IV of saline if you get severely dehydrated for long periods of time.

She's so full of shit it's hilarious.

No. 762005

And even if we say she's a real celiac for the sake of argument, who is stupid enough to binge on the one thing that literally destroys parts of your intestines?

No. 762006

File: 1583446372627.png (53.26 KB, 600x381, Capture.PNG)

that just doesn't make sense at all. she ate bread which makes her sick to feel normalcy?

No. 762007

File: 1583446451337.png (1.21 MB, 1048x692, Capture.PNG)

No. 762008

"Normal" would be sticking to non-gluten foods if you have Celiac, dipshit. It wouldn't even occur to you to essentially eat poison.

Of course she has to spin this into some self-pitying victimization. UWU I JUST WANNA FEEL NORMAL! SO I ATE GLOOTENZ! I JUST WANNA BE LIKE OTHER EDGY JUNKIE TRASH GORLS

No. 762010

You are country. Trailer white trash is an off shoot of that.

No. 762011

File: 1583446617795.png (1.23 MB, 1125x2436, 14E1BC71-1621-46BB-98BB-FAE3F0…)

You sure it’s not the meth you’ve been smoking

No. 762012

Substitute "bread" with meth, smack, kratom, cigarettes, and booze.

She got herself a room with Jake so she could binge drugs. Her "I needed intensive care because of gulten!" is a croq-o-shit.

No. 762013

If you redefine “normal” as “self-destructive”, or “attention-seeking,” the story almost makes sense. Except the critical care part. I believe she did it, and that it gave her the shits.

No. 762014

Spoiler: You can easily get anti nausea pills to take with subs

It's meth.

No. 762015

… she says, as if there are ANY demands on her time kek

I bet your schedule is just absolutely thronged with work and obligations, Taylor! You NEVER get to laze around being useless! Fucking hell.

No. 762016

She's the most special victim out there with the most rare diseases and she's also a super addict so in an attempt to be a regular person like us normies she ate a lot of bread and it's so quirky because she went to the same place other people were at for severe detox but she was there for overeating bread uwu.

This is just a game to her, it's never stopped being one.

No. 762018

She's literally setting up why she's gonna have to go to detox when she goes to the "10 day rehab" despite being "sober from heroin". I dont think shes doing it for us though, probably for her mom.

No. 762019

So… why the fuck has her mom or anyone in healthcare 5150'd this bitch already if she's soooooo suicidal?

Seriously. If she can't cope and wants to kill herself, she belongs in an institution. And anyone who's in that condition is not fit to own animals.

No. 762021

She just wasn’t addicted to drugs long enough to “not know how to function” wi Th our them. Give me a fuckin break you loser and liar.

No. 762024

File: 1583449239675.png (105.9 KB, 657x835, Capture.PNG)

back to sperging about JC.
you never had a protective order, taylor.

No. 762027

A "grueling process of five hours"? OK, Taylor. Real abuse victims have to jump through more hoops over a longer period of time.

She's also spewing pretty actionable shit once again.

No. 762028

“3 separate ppl! 5+ hours…” trailer you’re not the biggest victim, stfu nobody cares Farquad.

No. 762033

File: 1583451636316.jpeg (905.34 KB, 1125x2282, BBF44E23-D533-4419-9BED-2FC2C6…)

No. 762039

File: 1583452287720.jpeg (396.41 KB, 1125x1265, 2401EFA6-A951-40F4-BE79-6D66A4…)

No. 762045

Because youre an entitled, lazy, spoiled little brat, taylor. Do you have any idea how the rest of the world LIVES? You have to be pretty fucking rich to shut down and lay in bed all day just because you have a sad. Most people have to work through their problems or else they end up homeless. Maybe if you tried to get your shit done regardless of how "happy" you feel about it, you'd discover an ounce if motivation.

No. 762047

Can't feel happy when you can't feel accomplished - because you never do anything or take responsibility for your actions.

If it's always someone else's fault, you're just busy keeping yourself in your little victimhood quagmire and masturbating your own patheticness.

No. 762049

The answer is simple … it's drugs. Might not be heroin at this very moment, but she's using drugs. Not a mental illness, not a health problem, not because she's a special sulky snowflake … It's Drugs. You willfully ignorant loony.

No. 762063


> I'm allergic to gluten

I thought you had celiac. They're not even remotely the same. Which is it?

No. 762064

File: 1583457577145.png (76.22 KB, 661x602, Capture.PNG)

No. 762065

File: 1583457721596.png (690.27 KB, 595x800, Capture.PNG)

jen has the bizarrest fucking clapbacks.

No. 762067

Is Jen methed out too?

No. 762070

Shes a drunk.

No. 762073

So she's a junkie with severe celiac or gluten allergy who stuffed her mouth with bread for two days because why not and ingested enough gluten to land in a critical care unit, and yet the docs didn't see the point of doing an endo or colonoscopy to see the extent of the damage? Riiight.

No. 762077

Do rehabs really let patients access computers to order fucking delivery? Just doesn’t seem like a place you want food delivery drivers in-and-out of considering patient confidentiality and whatnot. But of course Taylor is ~special~ and can’t eat anything they provide in rehab but she can order take-out and fucking OD on gluten lmao k.

No. 762078

Lol taking a jap at syd.. listen Jen, if Syd is not dating that loser, Taylor would be. You should be thanking her and celebrating the pregnancy instead.

No. 762106

If she really was a celiac binging on gluten, I highly doubt she would’ve had the bowel restriction to entertain bro dick. Unless she went full Ig-model saga Arab-prince, she’s full of shit. And not in the literal sense.

No. 762114

If she really had Celiac, she 1) wouldn't feel "normal" eating anything with wheat or gluten; 2) wouldn't make it past the first bit of "binging" on normie foods without getting very sick, to the point of being unable to eat more; 3) would not be put into fucking critical care for it. And like >>762073 says, if she put herself into a state requiring medical care through willfully eating gluten, she'd be down for endo or colonoscopy post-haste to see what damage she did to herself with her stupid shit.

But there was no trip to critical care for "glootenz" or an endoscopy or a colonoscopy. Because if she did go to cc, it was not for eating something wrong. More like mixing booze, prescription drugs and that kratom shit.

She's full of shit, as usual.

No. 762130

File: 1583506476991.png (186.13 KB, 750x1334, 0FCF7968-6FB1-401F-9A08-A13C01…)

No. 762135

It's a mistake, you waste of oxygen, lol. Poor doomed mite.

No. 762138

Just wait Taylor is gonna have a melt down over this

No. 762139

Yeah, I predict a meth-laden Twitter sperg and then a few days of silence again kek

No. 762157

Yeah she’s really been Ion a roll this week. I’m here for it

No. 762166

Don't be such a bitch. It's not the baby's fault that Jonny is it's dad. All we can hope is that Syd will give it a good life, lord knows Jonny's gonna abandon them.

No. 762181


Can't wait for him to announce the gender and her to go on a sperg boohooing about how she loved him and he mistreated her blah blah sob sob. Then a "omg im literally??? crying on the floor???? lmao???"

No. 762182

It's 3'oclock and no sign of trailor. Drugs hitting u hard huh, sis?

No. 762183

lmao maybe she's just asleep still, doesn't she sleep like 4 in the afternoon. queen of healthy circadian rhythms and healthy living

No. 762189

OT but does she still have that group chat for all her little underaged followers? Idk why but this really bothers me.

No. 762192

File: 1583532167342.jpg (493.92 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200306-140212.jpg)

Tay's gonna get the virus

No. 762195

Imagine posting this as a dog whistle to your junkie daughter living literally just feet away from you in the home you paid for, while you take care of her horde of pets and clean up after her. This family is beyond weird and pathetic. Jen, this is isn't cute or funny – it's fucked up. Be a damn parent for once instead of spending your day being a slave to your lazy, useless daughter and being passive-aggressive about it on social media.

No. 762200

Im pretty sure she's appeasing her mom by promising to go to that 10 day rehab retreat. She's probably PROMISING she isnt doing drugs, but the accusations are making her feel like she might as well go get high or maybe even stay with her friend until she checks in to rehab.
So jen leaves her alone and is just drinking every night out of stress and fear and rage. It's a shitty cycle.

No. 762212

Honestly I kind of live for Jen subtly dragging Taylor every other tweet. She’s always been one of Taylor’s biggest exposers (flashback to the live-streams when Taylor first jumped on Johnny’s dick), and yet she’s Taylor’s biggest enabler. It’s wild and I’m here for it.

No. 762214

File: 1583542131721.jpg (855.87 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200306-164833.jpg)

Out getting Taylor fries so she must be awake

No. 762241

she regularly sleeps til 8pm lmao. it's the second day in a row that taylor's been gone from sm for 24+ hrs though hmm

No. 762246

File: 1583552073891.png (116.97 KB, 750x1334, 913BF964-E808-4A43-88FB-A4AE80…)

No. 762248

Way to shade Taylor but what a psycho at the same time when she back tracks when people call Taylor out. I guess only she can

No. 762250

Hmmm. Has she posted anywhere? Maybe mama dean caught her with meth and sent her back to rehab.

No. 762260

File: 1583561160310.png (421.91 KB, 597x844, Capture.PNG)

No. 762261

File: 1583561203203.png (21.22 KB, 600x149, Capture.PNG)

No. 762264

Love how she completely ignores this persons concern for her snakes wellbeing and proceeds to sperg about he doesn’t strike in FOUR different ways…

No. 762266


she keeps writing stuff like this about her life getting better, and how she's a "whole new person" but then never actually does anything that proves it.

No. 762267

am no expert, but i don't think snakes should just be taken from their enclosure and plopped down on an empty, open table under bright lights. no wonder the poor thing is scared.

No. 762272

File: 1583569441426.jpg (281.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200307-032005_Ins…)

No. 762273

Has she mentioned the “inpatient programme” she’d go to in March at all? >>754969

No. 762274

She hopes everything will just fall in her lap. How about actually putting in effort to change?

No. 762275

So I take it Forest and totally not fake tindr guy are no longer a thing?

No. 762277

Ya, whatever did happen to the totally real, nice guy who took her to meet his family?

Also: she literally is doing the least to improve her life in any way. She's got the money, why the fuck isn't she in therapy if she's soooooo depressed? She sounds like every Munchie tumblrina making excuses for their laziness. She even flirted with "being so suicidal" in her recent wah wah about subs - that should get her saggy ass sectioned, but her mom won't take responsibility.

Sooooo depressed, but not exercising, not eating healthy, not leaving the house daily, not being outdoors daily… not taking care of herself either. Avoiding work, not having any commitments. Wonder why she's so depressed, eh. If you don't put in work, you won't get better.

That, or hey, maybe you need to be institutionalized for a bit, Taylor, if you can't even manage that much. Taking twits like this at their word and giving them the logical treatment their whinging demands is the only way to get them moving.

No. 762280

File: 1583577042077.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 5863BFA8-FC10-437B-AD0A-22290E…)

So after her nose piercing got infected not too long ago, she already changed them out. But of course it won’t be her fault again

No. 762281

File: 1583577102526.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 1F256C76-6DCF-4CB7-811D-4E3E78…)

No. 762282

nitpicking but that nose chain is the ugliest thing I've ever seen… Is this even a thing?

No. 762284

It really is fucking awful. I’m pretty sure you can see how red the piercing still is on her right. The whole reason she got two piercings was for that dumb chain. That probably no one irl will see.

She could get out of this slump if she just did something. Got out of bed at a decent time, found a hobby, got out of the house. Or just start with seeing a therapist and finding medication that works. Go to meetings. Meditate idk.

No. 762286

Who made her think she’s cute? She looks like Jonny Craig if he had better skin and darker eyelashes and it’s getting fucking creepy.

No. 762289

LOL if Jonny is the next one she'll skinwalk I'll fucking howl

Then again, with that bloated druggie face and that ugly-ass white getup with "paint spatter" she wore to her piss test recently, she's half way there kek

No. 762292

I think he's gonna run even earlier if it turns out it's another daughter. That's why the girl has an X and the boy has a check. We all know he's gonna run, but he'll probably stick around to fuck the little boy up a bit before bailing. Can't see him changing diapers or getting up in the night though.

Also, since none of this has anything to do with Taylor, I think Jonny should get his own /snow/ thread.

No. 762293

taylor, please, please wash your hair.

that chain is the worst. has she thought about how it probably emphasizes the beak? we've all seen her unedited facetune-free beauty in the vice doc, her nose is like a bald eagle's. it doesn't really matter, i doubt we'll ever see this thing again after today. her phases are faster than abby brown's.

No. 762295

It's a thing but for some reason she got one with enormous links that looks clunky and ugly, she doesn't have the nose for it anyway

No. 762296

>has she thought about how it probably emphasizes the beak?
they never do

No. 762298

If you want a thread for Jonny, make one. I’m posting screenshots, because it gives context to Taylor’s meltdowns. Last I checked, Jonny is mentioned multiple times in her thread description.

No. 762301

this is such bullshit. "allergic" to gluten? if she really had celiac she wouldn't say she was allergic to it since it's an autoimmune disorder.

also it kicks in about 1-2hrs after eating and you vomit until there's only bile coming up. you don't do this "for fun". this bitch.

No. 762303

Awww jeez Trailer, are you felling a bit down after your meth binge? If you UA weekly, now would be about the time to stop for your piss to be clean. It’s not rocket science. Typical junkie behavior.

No. 762304

File: 1583591917200.png (433.33 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2020-03-07-08-35-49…)

Got an early job interview? Maybe some college classes to attend first thing in the morning?

She really has no clue normal people do this every day?

No. 762305

Why does she always have her tongue hanging out her mouth? Does it just not fit in there or something?
Also lol that she was complaining about her nose being infected and is already swapping the piercings out hahahahah, I bet when they both get infected she'll blame the small business she got the chain from.

No. 762307

She always has that stupid look on her face with her tongue sticking out because that’s always Jonny’s thing. She’s honestly really creepy for skinwalking Syd, you can tell she still wants to desperately impress him and be his type to make him jealous. It’s sad she has no real identity of herself so she just keeps ruining her hair and impulsively getting tattoos and piercings left and right hoping she’s still hot to him. Syd is actually super cute compared to her (probably has a trash personality though), it’s laughable that she always says she’s “been wanting to do x for years”. No you’re just impulsive and trying to be someone you’re not, Tay.

No. 762308

yeah and it's always included as a way to sneak in syd not being ot. i don't see taylor sperging about the pregnancy so why are you bringing it up? we all know syd is pregnant and jonny is a shithead. if in an hour we do see taylor sperging i'm going to be very suspicious of these posts sorry

No. 762309

She looks like shes having a stroke.
I'd love to know who she's skinwalking with these hideous tongue pics. Must be someone she things is cool, nobody just starts making hideous faces like that.

No. 762311

File: 1583594327855.jpeg (11.73 KB, 213x238, 15D0F3B3-F0C1-4D9D-8901-6BD2BC…)

wtf is she doing. Also I bet her nose is going to flare up again with the chain. she clearly knows nothing about piercings

No. 762312

No offense but most people that are depressed can’t even go on social media all the time . They literally have no motivation to do most things in life. No thrill, she is just lazy and clearly has motivation to impress she child fan base

No. 762313

This is a fucking horror show.

No. 762315

hard to put into words how absolutely fucking stupid that looks oh my god

No. 762316

File: 1583597321921.png (7.37 MB, 1242x2688, 24CCC492-84DC-4F84-AA5D-FF5F68…)

She looks so fucking stupid. It’s worse in motion

No. 762317

File: 1583597649626.png (2.36 MB, 2048x1898, Screenshot_20200307-111308.png)

No. 762318

File: 1583597745993.png (3.78 MB, 1537x2048, Screenshot_20200307-111327.png)

Good fucking God those lips. Those eyebrows. That everything.

No. 762319

I for one appreciate the occasional JC/Syd posts. They're relevant, they aren't clogging up the thread, and I don't think they have enough material for their own thread.

No. 762320

File: 1583597851119.png (3.96 MB, 1539x2048, Screenshot_20200307-111345.png)

No. 762323

Agreed. It still ties in to tnd’s meltdowns. Occasional posting is fine when it’s related to it

No. 762325

File: 1583598756998.jpeg (276.9 KB, 500x503, F4F03783-4EA6-4B51-BE17-285CCE…)

sis still hasn’t learned to brush her gums

No. 762327

File: 1583598866676.jpg (3 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20200307_113218524.j…)

lol she's a fucking liar. All of those pics were taken on one day, same eye makeup, same weird half filled eyebrow, same mascara clump on her bottom lashes. She did like 7 outfit shoots the day she got her hair done and has been posting them like she is up and about, bitch no you ain't.

No. 762329

File: 1583599307618.jpg (2.29 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200307_113944624.j…)


I like how every outfit she has been supposedly rocking on different days she has the same bite mark from tofu…but it's gone in her last two rat and snake posts. This is kind of sad. Lying about getting dressed is a new low

No. 762330

I believe thats her usual spot for shooting up lmao
but youre onto something

No. 762331

eye make up is slightly different in all of these (look at the eyeliner), just the same style. hair is different degrees of greasiness.

No. 762336

File: 1583601401573.png (200.29 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20200307-191629.png)

No. 762337

out of all her threads this has gotta be the saddest, truest thing I've read.
this woman sits on the internet all day pretending to be someone else while her mother cleans up after her mistakes.
how can she shit so much into the void on twitter and not have the entirety of the youtube community side-eyeing if not straight up calling her out? the only outward criticism i see is on here.
are youtubers pussies or does she have mates or is mama dean literally firing shots, i don't get how she still gets fucking paid to do nothing and murder small animals.

No. 762339

Regardless of her delusional timeline of getting piercings, the point still stands that she shouldn’t be changing out piercings while her other ear piercings were still healing. I believe the timeline she’s giving lines up with her switching out her nose piercings while her ear got infected. She’s so irresponsible with body mods, how can she possibly not be the same in regards to her husbandry. It’s pathetic that she’ll always let heroin define her life.

No. 762341

but it's absolutely why.

No. 762343

File: 1583603312733.jpg (230.93 KB, 1079x880, Screenshot_20200307-124756_Ins…)

No. 762347

… and not a pupil in her eye! #soberkween

She looks so tweaked out and dead-eyed despite the filters on the photos.

No. 762350

> Told not to touch it
> Messed around attaching a chain to it

No. 762358

Told not to touch it “for as long as possible.” She just couldn’t resist.

No. 762360

File: 1583608261285.jpg (220.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200307-111102.jpg)


No. 762363

Bitch you have never helped, unless you count passive aggressive tweeting at your junkie daughter helping

No. 762364

File: 1583610066166.png (432.85 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20200307-214017.png)

how long til she gets knocked up to be relatable and skinwalk syd

No. 762367

She is such a bitch. You do not add a chain when a piercing is healing. It’s common knowledge. Why does she always have to be right.

No. 762370

File: 1583611988343.jpg (407.43 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20200307_201202.jpg)

Taken from her story, are those Forest's hands or?

No. 762373

No. 762374

Strange how he pops back up after we mention him and tinder boy having dropped off her social media completely

No. 762376

File: 1583612940384.png (3.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-07-15-28-08…)

Omg whyyyyy is mama dean allowing her to live there when she is back out with the guy she relapsed with??

No. 762378


omg she's literally drinking an angry orchard in the pic! lol this bitch

No. 762382

Wtf is she wearing? Sometimes I think she's blind.

No. 762385

It's ok it's part of her treatment plan! You know the old saying. One cider a day keeps the heroin away

No. 762386

She’s only sober from heroin so she can, member guise>>762378

No. 762389

im gonna go ahead and assume that she bought him the watch lmao

No. 762390

She really thought she did something by keeping that bottle cropped out of her story, shame Forest had to spoil her sober illusion

No. 762399

omg anon stop that made laugh

No. 762403

Don’t crepes contain gluten?

No. 762404

Eh, I guess you can find a restaurant that does them with gluten-free flour. My celiac ass wouldn't trust them not to cross-contaminate the batter, but y'know, Taylor probably cares about that as much as she does about her junk food not being gluten-free… or drinking alcohol while supposedly sober…

No. 762408

IIRC buckwheat ones don't

No. 762409

That nose chain is the dumbest shit ive ever seen.

No. 762410

my fucking sides

No. 762413

Absolute embarrassment lmao

No. 762415

Who the fuck drinks cider with crepes??? That's so gross.

No. 762417

Maybe if it was a salty crepe it'd make more sense, but this is just gross. Also that lurking lmao. As soon as we ask about Forest, he magically appears!

No. 762419

That is actually pretty common in France. Alcoholic cider, but yeah, it is sweet on sweet. I don't like it either but it isn't uncommon.

No. 762423

Mmm cider at brunch. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

No. 762424

That would be the French. You know, the people who fucking invented crepes?

I get that we want to nitpick her stupid dietary choices, but that's a bit silly. Focus more on her drinking alcohol while "sober" and taking subs.

No. 762425

Damn, I wish we could Beetlejuice her into showing Mushu…

No. 762426


She's such a pathetic weak person it's incredible. Literally running off with another druggie and drinking. She's not even trying at this point, it's how she ended up on heroin in the first place.

She just can't better herself alone can she? I hope he treats you like the garbage you are Taylor.

No. 762427

She thinks everyone is obsessed with her, but literally no one would care if she disappeared tomorrow. I certainly don't give a fuck what happens to her. She's purely entertaining to most people. Personally she makes me feel much better about my life. The only thing she has on ANYONE is money lol. Take that away and she's just another unemployed junkie living at home with mommy. She has nothing that the average person can't work a little bit to have themselves. She's got zero redeeming qualities. I can't even name one thing about her that is positive. She pisses away any chance she has of actual success because she's so lazy and lacking any sort of accountability. She says she's depressed, so get fucking help??? Start walking dogs for people. Volunteer at a rescue. Do SOMETHING and you'll feel better you dumb bitch. Her life is my personal hell.

No. 762431

File: 1583628508958.png (12.66 MB, 1125x2436, A41A26D4-05C6-49A0-9D4A-EE25AA…)

This 100% is photoshopped. She is not thic at all

No. 762432

I know she has no fashion sense. But what the FUCK is that

No. 762433

THAT CHAIN ON HER NOSE LOOKS AWFUL LMAO IT MAKES HER NOSE LOOK GIANT. I honestly thought it was stitches and her nose was like swollen or something

No. 762436

The fact that she wore that in public is making me cackle rn

No. 762437

shooped hips but her thighs are still sticks. kek

No. 762439

someone trying too hard

She's never gonna have suicidegirl appeal, her gut hangs out and she's ugly now. She should've just stuck with the girl next door vibe.

No. 762441

Okay this girls brows are almost fucking touching, her lips are cracked and disgusting, her pupil is tiny af, her extensions look awful, he actual hair looks dry and thin, her cheeks and skin look sunken and sallow… she’s def on meth again.

No. 762443

the fact she wore this shit as-is out in public with no accessories, to a restaurant, where other people are, in the daytime… can't stop laughing, jesus

just imagine going to a nice brunch in a decent restaurant and this clown rocking up to the next table, looking like a muppet and stinking of two weeks worth of crotch rot and unwashed hair

No. 762444

Well yeah just look at the shadow lmao.
Her body is boxy and she has kind of a gut, which isn't actually bad in itself, but she tries to look thicc so hard it just becomes obvious she shoops herself. Also note the jaw. Not only is she shooping hips but also making her head look smaller and well that's just sad.

No. 762449

File: 1583631321171.png (2.73 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20200308-023446.png)

She's strung out.

No. 762452

She could really benefit from a weekend in county jail. Taylor needs a wake up call and getting busted is the only way she'll get one before she OD's.

No. 762453

the light is overhead pointing down at an angle, so the shadow by her hip is actually her head. you can tell bc the shadow for her phone is in the same area
and shocking no one, shes still buying from Killstar

No. 762457

compare her jaw here vs on Forest's insta, she's doing what Vicki does and using her hand to hide her insecurities

No. 762458

File: 1583634137889.png (601.11 KB, 750x510, uwu.PNG)

Same time jonny starts talking about his kid, surprise, surprise.

Could she be anymore obvious?

The tingle you're feeling between your legs isn't love, it's lust dumbass.

No. 762460

File: 1583635641258.png (404.47 KB, 760x1357, Screenshot_20200307-214134.png)

word vomit about "rehome"ing Gucci, I don't remember if it had been confirmed before?

No. 762461

File: 1583636614387.jpeg (468.36 KB, 1242x2041, B3752027-60AE-451A-B1C5-2AAB21…)

How about rehoming your neglected animals and get the help you desperately need?

No. 762462

isn't she always saying she's "in a dark place" though lmao

feels like she uses that as a generic excuse every time she wants people to stop questioning her.

No. 762464

She’s full of excuses.
Where tf is Mushu!!!!

No. 762465


What a manipulative cunt, she has no intention of offing herself it's more pity points. If she did kill herself who would look after her hoard? FFS just give them up

This drama whore just needs to be thrown back in rehab. She makes the worst decisions possible on a daily basis.

No. 762467

It really makes me concerned that people can’t see through her bullshit the amount of people encouraging her disgusting behavior is seriously baffling.

No. 762470

i think one of the things that aggravates me the most about this girl is her style. it’s not like she doesn’t have the money, she could def invest in a few pieces of clothing that are both high quality and unique. it’s taylor though so instead she chooses the dopamine rush that comes w spending $500 a week on cheap, mass produced clothing from dollskill and fashion nova and it makes it obvious that she doesn’t have any sense of a personal style. like she really looks like she’s wearing a halloween costume here

No. 762471

lol she did a piss poor job editing out her beer belly in this photo

No. 762473

File: 1583640745387.png (8.59 MB, 1242x2208, 1EE42EF5-6D00-494A-867C-D72C82…)

Ask and ye shall receive, anon

No. 762475

It's getting harder to skin-walk syd, she's trying to make herself look pregnant, just in case jonny is into that.

No. 762476

File: 1583645580620.jpg (104.79 KB, 750x1078, IMG_20200307_213154.jpg)

Interesting that pink bro-peen is her "best friend" now.

No. 762477

Anon they’ve prob been best friends for two years now /s

No. 762481

Cant remember, but does Jen know about Forrest? I mean she must…if I was Jen, I'd take one look at that fucboi and find my daughter a new therapist. "BUT MOM TaToOs ArE mY wEaKnEsS." Hur dur

No. 762482

Killstar is fine, you’re thinking Dollskill

No. 762483

Right before the crepes pics went up, jen was posting something about not bothering trying to help anymore.

No. 762484

yep it doesn't work out for celiac or allergy but and intolerance can take a day or two. but a wheat intolerance isn't severe enough for her munchie ass

No. 762485

Taylor is a textbook girl with daddy issues. Wonder if he's just completely detached from her and Jen after the whole Jonny saga

No. 762486

>yes they did come back!!!!
>posts stumps
I will never forgive her for soaking Mushu in iodine. or leaving her in a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket for days while moving.

No. 762487

Fuck does this nose chain look retarded LMAO

No. 762497

this is really sad considering she doesn’t actually have any friends

No. 762498

File: 1583668756107.jpeg (136.4 KB, 828x1264, FA1B4FB8-17C5-4D60-8A83-E2E6ED…)

Her pupils sure do get a workout huh?

No. 762499

"Going to see my friend" is such cliched junkie talk for "hitting up my dealer" - it's so cliche there's a Pearl Jam song about it lol

Especially hilarious considering Betsey is Taylor's BFF. You know, the totes sober, never-tweaked-out Betsey. Perfect company for Miss Sober From Heroin.

No. 762500

is that her tongue or lower lip?

No. 762501

Are you an idiot or just stupid?

No. 762507

It’s obviously a joke. A slap at her nasty, sausage-lipped mouth.

No. 762508

too autismal for jokes?

No. 762509

anon.. i also need clarification

No. 762515

If you are Celiac like she is claiming, the reaction doesn't wait a few days. Its like any other allergy or intolerance you know within an hour of eating it.

No. 762516

Ah, but don't you know, anon, Taylor is too special for that. She's not shitting and puking within an hour of getting glutened, she's just perfect enough to keep stuffing her face for two!! days, then taken to critical care like the super special Sick Girl that she is.

People like this are what makes it such a fucking nightmare to actually have Celiac disease. Thanks to Taylor and other munchie fuckwits, no one takes us seriously - and then we get sick.

No. 762519

File: 1583687193099.png (202.66 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20200308-190608.png)

No. 762521

kek mama dean getting low key pissed right now.

She must be so sick of Taylor's shit right now, imagine cleaning up after your daughter's hoard while she drinks and shoots up with low-lives.

Tinfoil but I think Taylor is relapsing right now with Forest. Best friend lmao wasn't Betsy her best friend? She's too fucking annoying even her druggy friends are bouncing. Forest just wants her because she's a wet hole.

No. 762523

Why doesn't her mother just give her the ultimatum and rehome all the animals? It sounds mean and we all know Mama Dean is crazy, but I feel like she's just enabling Taylor by watching the hoard while Taylor goes off for dick. She needs to tell her go to rehab and no boys while you are living here or I'm rehoming them all. Don't like it? Move out. I guess she doesn't want to lose Taylor and I kind of get it but she's spoiling Taylor so much at this point. She's probably worried if she puts her foot down it means Taylor will run off with some dude or she's scared of Taylor losing all her money. Which could be plausible since she comes across as a stage mother type.

No. 762524

All of the above. She knows taylor will run off to another druggie and OD while blowing every penny of her money. Then shes either found dead OR she ends up back at Jen's house, but broke this time and then her parents will have to pay for rehab, which costs thousands per day.
It's a shitty way to live, i cant imagine being her mom right now. Addicts in active addiction are awful.

No. 762526

Add to that the fact that Taylor is only 22 and a very young, very immature 22 at that. She's already at a "can't tell me nothing" age where no one else knows anything and she's always righ; add to that being high off her tits, and yeah. Mommy's passive aggressive "advice" will just bounce right off.

No. 762529

Her mom tweeted she can't do anything because Taylor is an adult. Her mom will never do anything but enable her.

No. 762532

File: 1583695391049.jpeg (364.26 KB, 1125x926, 4FE10A27-573D-45A1-AD12-89C723…)

No. 762533

I feel like I've seen her write the exact same tweet before lol.
anyway, I'm assuming this is about betsy?

No. 762534

I’m assuming it never happened kek

No. 762535

if she’s such an adult she can move tf out. jen is hurting her by allowing her to be an entitled leech who at this rate will never have a sense of motivation or accomplishment

No. 762536

Suddenly she's vegan ? Yeah right lmao

No. 762542

She was playing with the idea one day, like a month and a half ago. It’s for brownie points.

No. 762543

I thought her mom scraped her off the floor, stayed with her overnight, and took her to rehab the next morning. Incredible how ungrateful she is to her mom.

No. 762544

I thought the story was Betsy took photos of her disgusting drug den, showed them to mama dean, and that's when jen wouldnt leave Taylor alone until she agreed to go to rehab

No. 762545

File: 1583706686999.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1652, 47D5122B-6696-4B01-8698-E5D0FB…)

Yep but looks like Taytay wasn’t the only one invited out

No. 762546

File: 1583706748930.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1656, F40FC03B-504F-4492-BDCF-4D8855…)

No. 762548

Ewww cows really do attract other cows.

White trash and single moms, group of winners right here. Taylor really is a slave to peer pressure, just sad really.

No. 762550


Look at that Easter Island head.

No. 762551

Looks like a bunch of meth heads

No. 762553

how did i know this was gonna be taylor’s trashy ass as soon as i saw it on the home page

No. 762554


once again hiding the chin she's so insecure about

No. 762555

I don’t normally care what other women’s bodies look like but you can see here she has no curves. It’s like everything she posts is an illusion. “Healthy” animals, “curvy” body

No. 762556

Oh shit how can I see the gingivitis from here? Is that not making her life uncomfortable or??? The unwashed hair is the cherry on top. She is convincing no one she’s not an active heroin addict in this photo, yikes.

No. 762557

File: 1583710862120.jpg (785.75 KB, 1079x1730, Screenshot_20200308-193941_Ins…)

No. 762558

I think she’s just sticking out her tongue in this pic.

No. 762559


Wait.. Betsy lives at home with her parents too?
What’s wrong with these people?

No. 762560

File: 1583711305554.jpeg (370.41 KB, 1124x1965, 2798AD09-EAC4-4338-BACB-B834E3…)

No. 762561

File: 1583711387445.jpeg (841.52 KB, 1125x2184, 97B52D57-D55F-4368-BF37-6ED25D…)

No. 762563

god I hate this fugly bitch.

No. 762564

How many hoarders like this do you think Taylor has inspired?

lol her dumbfuck stans don't even know her mom cleans their "cages" on a daily basis.

No. 762566


>example : I addmitted to being horribly addicted to heroin at the time when a handful of my animals died from negl- I mean !! Electric malfunction. I had to give a bunch away because I selfishly hoarded them like cool collectibles and I've also admitted I have a hoarding problem. I've openly said how I was barely able to take care of myself at this time, so why wouldn't you guys believe I'm the bestest pet owner? Oh also by admitting to being on heroin at that time I'm basically saying I lied to you about every other thing I used excuses for when it was actually me being in the middle of a horrible abusive relationship and drug addiction. I just really dont understand why people think my animals are in danger???

FTFY Taylor because you love to rewrite history so much and forget about the consistent lies you've told everyone since PetTube fest and before.

No. 762567

File: 1583713329971.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3464x3464, 85336137-B6E5-456A-8443-19E035…)

Betsy really exposes her

No. 762568

Exactly this. Zero self-awareness. Uwu I'm so depressed I can't get out of the bed, and I'm suicidal! My animals are totally fine and cared for though, how dare you!

And all of this after it's been less than a month since her last heroin relapse. Why would people wonder, indeed.

Go sob into a Whataburger, Taylor, and think about what it says about you that your "haturrrz" all have the same concern. Why do you think that might be the case?

No. 762569

That hairline! She looks like one brisk sneeze would rip her bald kek

No. 762573

Oh god, she wore that nose chain in public again. I wonder if Betsy just invites her over so everyone can talk about the stupid shit she says and wears later.

No. 762574

File: 1583715960409.jpeg (278.98 KB, 1242x2208, 1358D2E9-DD92-4D0C-BEC9-D3A232…)

Taylor is out with Forest drinking.

No. 762575

File: 1583715983982.jpeg (257.29 KB, 1152x2048, C6313037-1951-4ED3-AD1C-0B7422…)

No. 762576

Context? Who is the message from and why are they taking sneak shots of her?

No. 762577

Huge face confirmed.

No. 762578

Huge chin confirmed

No. 762579

Lol her face

She's wearing that stupid ratty lingerie romper

Whoever is there should see if she eats gluten

No. 762580

File: 1583717900722.jpeg (117.38 KB, 1242x941, ED862787-C93E-4DD1-92E5-678777…)

In b4 Taylor copies syd in thiis profile picture she has.

No. 762581

i feel like the second chain bracelet she wears is her new bro dicks. as evidenced by how huge it is on her. Ah yes another probably over priced fugly bracelet that came into her life at the same time as a shitty man. I bet he told her to hold onto it or something equally eye roll worthy but she's desperate for "love" that she thought it was romantic

No. 762582

File: 1583718326193.jpg (86.55 KB, 959x960, 31358000_1847597135539218_6528…)


spot on, here is an old pic of him wearing it on his fb. ew. so she is repping jewelry from a dude she broke her sobriety streak with….damn.

No. 762583

File: 1583719199079.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200308_215849375.j…)


Also mighty creepy how his previous gf not only wore it but also got her knuckles tattooed super early into their relationship.

No. 762585


Ok but context and better pictures please and why does the table behind her have a whole ass cake sitting there that they are just ignoring

No. 762586

This is creepy af, she puts enough of her shitshow of a life online herself without the need to stalk her.

No. 762587

Existing in the same public place is not stalking

No. 762588

Taking sneaky pictures of someone from across the room and tattling on them online is not existing in the same public place.

No. 762589

There's also no proof that whatever's in the glass is beer, and seeing as we've actually seen a clear pic of her with a bottle of cider idk how this is supposed to be milk.

No. 762591

Someone has to raise her kid whilst she’s out clubbing….

No. 762593

is she not allowed to drink or something?

No. 762595

Not when you're a heroin addict who claims to be sober lmao.

I do agree that taking pics of her if you come across her is creepy, but then again if an anon says "I saw her at a restaurant I went to and she was drinking beer" there's always going to be someone demanding to post proof, so it's a double edged sword.

No. 762596

It was texting someone the picture not "tattling online"

No. 762597

Tattling? F off if you’re not interested in the lies she spews. This is legit evidence of what she’s doing. It’s not like they followed her there

No. 762598

It's "legit evidence" that she leaves her room and has liquid in a glass. If you want actual real evidence that she drinks it's here >>762376 not in that other pic.

No. 762600

I was wondering about that chain bracelet but thought it was hers and she was just flexing it.

I suppose that when she's not wearing it anymore that's when we'll know Forrest bailed out on her.

No. 762601

She’s on suboxone so it’s not safe.

No. 762602


You'll fuck up your liver pretty quick

No. 762605

She's always talking about gluten free buns. She even used it as a really lame attempt at a running joke with that fantasy tinder guy (iirc she's said it to multiple people actually).
Exactly, lmao. She literally posted pics of her crepes with what looks like caramel and whipped cream on them today. She is 100% certifiably not vegan. Not even vegan for one day. >>762370

No. 762607

She never said she was vegan guys. She's hanging out with vegans and eating vegan food. Vegan friends would have been all pissed off if she posted she was "eating burgers with friends", they need everyone to know they dont eat meat.

No. 762609

File: 1583726970117.png (113.49 KB, 510x1015, ssss.PNG)

She could just lose more weight and be a great ana-chan, but instead she tries to look thick?

No. 762611

don't give her that idea, we'd never hear the end of "MuH eD"

No. 762612

Well her words actually are:
>her mom made…vegan burgers…just so I could eat with them
soo I'd say that's past the point of implied.

Nta, but it's a Killstar teddy bear that Dollskill sells. Just to clarify.

No. 762613

File: 1583728886226.png (6.64 KB, 144x144, F851A2A0-290F-4429-ABF4-2BFEA2…)

I honestly don’t know how she thinks that helps hide her chin. She draws attention there and her fingers are adding definition. Bitch reminds me of the Crimson Chin, outfit and all.

No. 762614

holy shit n we tease pnp about having a moon face???

No. 762615

Consequences? Not for our kween!!!11!!

No. 762616

go sperg about vegans elsewhere, it’s not weird to call her out on such things when she owns 20+ animals and claims to care about them. the way she worded it definitely makes it seem like she wants people to think she’s vegan

No. 762618

this is lolcow. taking pictures of cows during random wild encounters is a common thing and has been for years (see Kiki threads). no need for pearl-clutching.

No. 762619

that could be a preggo belly tbh

No. 762623

File: 1583732842854.jpg (223.21 KB, 737x1310, ESli01QXgAAEPN7.jpg)

Imagine being delusional enough to think this axolotl's gill rami are "regrown." Holy fuck.

No. 762625

Someone inform the onison thread their current op pic is too *~stockerish~* for lolcow.

Poor mushu. Poor thing has been through so much. Honestly looks like a catfish sometimes because of the miserable state its in. Axototls can lose/refuse to regrow their gills from stress, incorrect temp or dirty water etc. Mushu is never getting her gills back.

No. 762628

File: 1583735428469.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1125x2199, ECE15B40-B218-4D7C-8570-FDD3B9…)

Anon is right. Betsy’s insta says she’s vegan. Her mom didn’t make them especially for Taylor even though that’s what she implied

No. 762629

Pretty sure she's implying the stuff is glOoTeN fReE for her, not the vegan part. She just wants everyone to know she's eating vegan too for asspats.

No. 762635

When Tay was with Johnny she would go on and on, PUBLICLY mind you, about how HUGE HER D TITS WERE UWU

this bitch isa generous a cup lol

She can't not lie about every part of her life, huh??

No. 762637

Not to wk cause I can’t stand the constant lies but it was “vegan burgers with GLUTEN FREE BUNS so I could eat with them… but she meant to throw out the fact and imply she was vegan, even tho we know she’s not. Ffs, highly doubt it even needed to be gluten free!!

No. 762638

Not that it really matters, but I just remembered the mostly naked rash photo she posted after rehab and she looked bigger than an A cup. I don’t know where her chest disappeared to in the photos out with Betsy though.

No. 762639

She was laying back and using angles to help her, she has always been flat chested, even in old photos while she screamed about her massive huge boobs to her underage fans lol

No. 762640

File: 1583746326362.jpg (159.74 KB, 1080x1080, 42737296_183671209188292_54583…)

This is around the time she was going on and on about her big ol titties

No. 762641

File: 1583750303093.jpeg (439.98 KB, 1125x1285, F9C317AC-9F75-468D-AF40-C125F5…)

Don’t think this was posted

No. 762642

So the real question is, who's head is bigger, hers or onisions?

No. 762644

Figuratively or literally?

Fig: Taylor
Lit: onision

No. 762647

Forrest’s hair is black, this isnt him?

No. 762648

The guy in the picture is wearing a baseball cap. It does look like his hideous facial tats below that, albeit blurred, so I do think it is him.

No. 762649

File: 1583760538408.jpeg (118.81 KB, 1152x2048, ESoRa8aUEAERNw5.jpeg)

No. 762650

i swear some of y’all need to work for the fbi

No. 762653

File: 1583763115973.png (470.02 KB, 1080x1328, Screenshot_20200309-161150.png)

No. 762654

YouTubers love to act like victims when they're photographed in public but have no issue acting like they're celebrities any other time??

No. 762655

Anon this isn't proof she is having a beer. It could be cider in the glass. Seeing a bottle and a full glass from afar I can see why someone would think it's beer.
I know you're excited and I don't care when people post photos from in the wild but yeah.

No. 762656


momma dean is the worst. good god, how the fuck does she care more about her junkie daughter being photographed in public than the fact she is
a) with forrest….the dude she RELAPSED with.
b) drinking Alcohol even though shes 'tots sober guyzzz'

if she does end up relapsing again…if she even is "sober", shes gonna have zero consequences, AGAIN. Jennifer- you are a mother. taylor may be an 'adult' but mentally, shes still a baby and needs to be told no and have that actually be enforced.

No. 762657

lmao sorry I should have clarified that its in response to the face tats.

No. 762659

File: 1583764848591.jpg (1.98 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200309_153922322.j…)

Mushu vs healthy lotl. She seriously needs to rehome all animals.

No. 762661

File: 1583765305600.jpg (220.81 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20200309_164319.jpg)

I don't think this was posted yet.

she's now filling her axolotl tank which is already full to the brim with plastic garbage with more "enrichment". I'm pretty sure an animal as primitive as an axolotl doesn't really benefit from enrichment other than making its tank somewhat similar to its natural habitat (live plants, etc). stuffing it with literal landfill definitely doesn't do it, they don't spend their time navigating plastic mazes in the wild. iirc the axolotl hardly had space to move the last time we saw the tank.

No. 762662

File: 1583765633521.png (2.88 MB, 1438x1855, Capture _2020-03-09-10-53-50.p…)


LOL she's at the Kona Grill in La Cantera, I recognize it; that place is basically sushi and alcohol, they have a full bar and is a sport bar place essentially. They always serve their beer in glasses like that. That ain't no ice tea.

No. 762663

Yeah I'm by no means an expert but my dad had an axolotl when I was growing up and I'm pretty sure all they'd get out of putting plastic crap in the tank is they'll try to eat it? Why doesn't she just get live plants for the lotl tank if she's spent so long putting together an empty planted tank?

No. 762664

how is her face so fucking massive

No. 762665

cider is alcohol

No. 762666

Some Axolotls are really sensitive to light so a lot of people do soft plastic and silk plants.

A planted tank would look way better but her own planted tank is a hot mess and there's no way in hell she'd do the basic research and dump a ton of fertilizer in which is not safe for axies. She'd also pick plants that don't do well in cold water and just keep replacing them all the time because to her it's easier than actually taking care of them.

No. 762667

This actually looks like Jonny with one of his dingy hats… Def tinfoil tho

No. 762668

File: 1583771287342.png (1.31 MB, 1410x2048, Screenshot_20200309-122649.png)

New clip of her holding a grown hornworm. She's so fucking shaky it's unreal.

No. 762669

File: 1583771364333.png (1.12 MB, 2048x1844, Screenshot_20200309-122859.png)

No. 762670

Obvious farmer in her comments. Did you make this comment just to post it here?

No. 762671

Good excuse for the shitty makeup kek

No. 762675

wait, she wanted to keep a hornworm as a pet so she stuck a bunch of them in a cage and forgot about them and then assumed they just died? wtf?

No. 762676

File: 1583773735603.png (2.99 MB, 1715x2148, 1583773589826.png)

Meme reminded me of taylor

No. 762678

samefag sorry but besides the terrible shaking her voice sounds so fucking weird. at parts it sounds like she’s on the verge of crying and it just overall sounds so off

No. 762680

File: 1583774416840.jpeg (132.6 KB, 750x1334, 1DB89572-AC07-494D-B3FE-BC128A…)

Didn’t see this posted here. From Twitter. Talking about how the angry orchard was his dads, not Taylor’s.

No. 762681

Weird she’s off her 8pm-8am schedule. You using, honey.

No. 762683

File: 1583775385881.jpeg (544.94 KB, 1124x1861, 1539824363790.jpeg)

Found this on a previous thread. Interesting considering all the fries she eats

No. 762687

File: 1583777170586.png (46.08 KB, 604x361, Capture.PNG)

No. 762688

File: 1583777404748.webm (9.63 MB, 360x640, ght.webm)

holy fucking shit does she sound weird. there's no way she isn't on something right now.

amazing find, anon.

No. 762689

I don't get this shit. She's too ~uwu soft~ to feed a hornworm to her animals but is totally cool "knocking out" rats and feeding them to her snakes live?

No. 762690

she doesn't give a fuck about animals. it's so beyond evident at this point

No. 762693

File: 1583778744739.png (143.66 KB, 1439x629, Capture _2020-03-09-14-23-23.p…)


Taylor now:

No. 762695

File: 1583778866879.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-09-14-34-10…)

Ahhh the important things in life.

No. 762696

About the "stalker" I think is fair game after Taylor and Mama Dean threatened to dox the 16y/o.
For me keep taking her photos if you ever see her around.

No. 762699

Looking back at the picture after reading this… so you mean to tell me, it's his dad's cider, but it's on her napkin, next to her phone, right in front of her? lol dude needs to just not post a picture like that next time if he's not going to make up a good enough lie about it. He probably does it on purpose for attention (magically right after this thread was asking if he was still around).

Not that the fact she's drinking is news. She's already admitted to drinking and smoking cigarettes because her therapists and IOP advisors said "iT's oKaY". The point is she can't call herself SOBER when she's drinking, you don't just get to pick and choose the definition of sobriety, Taylor.


And there's no fucking way she isn't sober from drugs, especially in this video she's shaking SO bad it is unreal. It's not EDS it's drugs sweetie lmao

No. 762700

ehh I only hate because retards go and tweet the photos and then the cow gets to act like a victim >>762653
surprised taylor hasn't said anything yet but I guess she's too strung out to care right now.

wow she went a month without getting a tattoo, must be a new record or something.

No. 762701

File: 1583779518192.png (414.13 KB, 594x417, Capture.PNG)

wait didn't forest and taylor go to the zoo yesterday?

No. 762704


Maybe Jen chaperones her outings now. It sounds like hell on earth for all parties involved, but maybe she's actually mom ing now.

No. 762707

They go to the zoo like every fucking day. Check the rest of her Twitter

No. 762708

She got a tattoo just over a month ago lol she has no sense of time

No. 762709

yeah I realize. I just wasn't sure if I'm misremembering that forest/taylor were also posting stories from the zoo yesterday. was wondering if it was a cringe family outing like they used to have with JC.

No. 762711

Good, I hope she gets totally covered in tattoos before her income goes down the drain completely. I know many heavily tattooed ppl, but it took them years and years to get to where they are. They put a lot of thought into the designs they get and will patiently wait to book with the artists they love. Taylor just wants as many as she can as fast as she can and it's hilarious to watch.

No. 762716

File: 1583782760628.jpeg (94.18 KB, 750x697, AD368D17-B7B5-4169-AFC3-C62EF1…)

Tobacco hornworm/Carolina sphinx moth anon here. This is more proof that Taylor is a pea-brained idiot. I’ve reared Manduca sexta at a university level and can tell you that it absolutely will not live long enough for her to “keep” it. The only purpose of their adult stage is basically to reproduce, so they maybe live for two weeks as a hawkmoth (though often less in a laboratory setting, in my experience).

And I totally agree with y’all. It’s beyond ironic that this notoriously moronic animal hoarder, abuser, and neglecter is pretending to be reverent of a snail and moth. She claims to have boiled spiders alive a week ago, and now thinks that forgetting about some larva she shoved in a cage for several weeks makes her quirky. Give me a break.

No. 762726

dumpstertwink used to troll the taylornicoledean hashtag and get in arguments with everyone about how good her animal care is and how good of a person she is and how she definitely wasn't using heroin. At least some of her hardcore stans are wising up.

No. 762732

File: 1583784851719.jpg (563.69 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20200309-161408_Twi…)

No. 762736

File: 1583785362541.jpeg (341.72 KB, 1125x894, 2F23D632-561F-4E26-B63D-C1C96A…)

No. 762739

if it's not drugs - which I assume it is - then she might also start to become scared of all the animals. She cant handle her animals without getting bit. And one can only handle so many bites before natural instinct kicks in, no matter how stupid you otherwise are.

No. 762751

I hope once TND's stan army jumps on them, they will release some of those under-age chats. Pretty please?

I would think even the threat of this might cause Tay to freak out, I'm sure she is aware she has crossed boundaries with her younger fans. And a private chat is a lot different than just posting thirst picks and sperging about drugs on Twitter.

No. 762754

File: 1583789073437.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200309_172410056.j…)

Oooooooooo lol

No. 762758

File: 1583789365226.png (83.15 KB, 445x789, Capture.PNG)

here we go again

No. 762760

>>762758 Didn't TayTay silence Destry? I'm intrigued to see how this plays out, and whether she does the same to this person.

No. 762761

She does absolutely no research into any of the creatures that she keeps and this is just more proof. Most people at least look at the lifespan of the creature they're keeping.

No. 762762

File: 1583790022974.png (47.36 KB, 445x480, Capture2.PNG)

No. 762764

File: 1583790414702.png (4.48 MB, 1125x2436, DF0E69A5-7FD0-4F0C-A70F-0D9A8E…)

No. 762766

File: 1583790458197.png (3.88 MB, 1125x2436, D94DFDEC-A83C-4E39-B031-77D0BA…)

No. 762769

File: 1583790541568.png (61.55 KB, 448x522, Capture2.PNG)

No. 762770

File: 1583790677197.png (64.75 KB, 445x633, Capture2.PNG)

No. 762772

File: 1583790789136.png (143.87 KB, 400x892, Capture2.PNG)

No. 762773

File: 1583790887598.png (136.23 KB, 303x763, Capture2.PNG)

No. 762774

File: 1583790991304.png (177.26 KB, 451x422, Capture1.PNG)

No. 762776

Didn't taylor bribe/harass this kid into silence? Hard to believe any "proof" that come from her.

She's so full of shit shes losing it.

No. 762777

File: 1583791111660.webm (8.5 MB, 640x360, D3QfPBTTo7yzjepz.webm)

No. 762778

File: 1583791242979.png (51.21 KB, 453x509, Capture1.PNG)

mama dean sure wouldn't approve of the language she uses talking to children lmao

No. 762779

File: 1583791467407.png (31.32 KB, 453x352, Capture1.PNG)

No. 762780

File: 1583791825642.jpeg (827.32 KB, 1125x1623, 1F643413-CEC9-4892-A58F-F7E0D4…)

No. 762781

Deja vu, anyone?

No. 762782

It's amazing how quickly she gets so nasty when people refuse to believe her "I have soooio many texts!!" bs

No. 762783

Does she really have twisty shoved in a 60 cm tank?

No. 762784

LOL this bitch will lie about anything, she's so stupid it hurts. We have the fucking texts dumbass, why lie about this stupid shit?

No. 762785

turns into Jonny #2 when someone dares speak against her lol

No. 762787

cant wait for this new person to be bribed/threatened into silence just like destry and repzion

No. 762788

You mean Repzilla?

No. 762789

nope it was repzion that also got the "DM me" treatment and then tweeted some bullshit about how they figured their issues out privately.

No. 762790

File: 1583793922325.jpg (1.23 MB, 1536x1788, 1570577670226.jpg)


Yeah let's not forget how fucking crazy she went at Destry during the Tofu saga.

No. 762792

>this has broke me
holy shit, she’s so pathetic and manipulative

No. 762795

File: 1583795024547.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20200309_190348621.j…)


Such a cunt. Literally from her own video in thread 49 she shows that she thought its mouth looked funny and DESTRY, a 16 yr old who hadn't even seen the snake yet, said it might be an RI. Then took it to tje vet.

No. 762799

Woooow Destry's story is 100% changed since talking to Taylor privately. She will never get called out on being a predator because she shuts them up real fast

No. 762801

So which was it, was the snake in rehab with taylor, or getting infested with mites with taylors mom and all her other snakes?

No. 762803

Not defending Taylor but this is dumb. If I recall correctly, the snake wouldn't eat thawed/frozen, would it be better to just let it starve? And knocking the rat out beforehand is actually doing both of them a favor; the rat could potentially injure the snake and the rat doesn't have to suffer through an agonizing death

No. 762804

taylor is an abusive queen bee who has to keep her underage fanbase in line. she's the female greg, a real bully.

just waiting for the day someone from those group chats gets fed up. it's coming, be patient. if greg and vic can get canceled, anyone can.

No. 762806

it's common practice to kill the snakes humanly with co2. Instead of slamming them in the table 1-10 times before they finally pass.

No. 762809

as the other anon said, its more humane to use co2 to euthanize rats. taylor doesnt have any kind of training so she has no business banging rodents heads into tables until theyre unconscious.

also, if a BP refuses to eat its most likely because the keepers husbandry is shit. BPs can go a very, very long while without food. taylor decided to feed one of them live because he didnt eat 2 weeks in a row lol.
if the snake isnt rapidly losing weight or otherwise unhealthy, theres no point in feeding live/pre-kill.
sorry for snake sperg, just wanted to clear things up

No. 762810

The snake would have been fine not eating for a while. Taylor overfeeds her snakes obscenely, and it shows - they're fat as fuck. Snakes can go quite a while without a meal, and eventually they will eat thawed just fine.

No. 762811

File: 1583797543253.png (89.98 KB, 447x853, Capture.PNG)

No. 762812

you’re completely right. she has no idea about proper bp care despite having, what, 6 of them?

No. 762813

File: 1583797689282.png (31.46 KB, 453x331, Capture.PNG)

No. 762814

Riiiiiight. Because the shit with Cheese and her treatment of Mushu (ok, not a fish) has been so fucking stellar.

And god she's illeterate lol. Expect a full day of Twitter sperging and detoriating coherence…

No. 762817

Bitch when have you ever successfully quarantined in your entire life

No. 762821

File: 1583798953289.jpg (146.28 KB, 1080x1115, Screenshot_20200309-165527.jpg)

No. 762822

As if her mom doesn't spend most of her day on Twitter, harassing people

He had ich before being put into the tank, yet she couldn't quarantine because it was a surprise..?

No. 762823

File: 1583800289976.png (38.84 KB, 542x293, Capture.PNG)

she loves being pathetic doesn't she

No. 762824

File: 1583800341705.png (76.22 KB, 477x753, Capture.PNG)

No. 762825

File: 1583800552233.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20200310-023456.png)

but I thought even mentioning jonny's old band was triggering, taylor? is she hoping to run into him there or something?

No. 762826

File: 1583801058923.png (69.74 KB, 481x600, Capture.PNG)

No. 762830

Wow dude, cowfish only living weeks? Maybe in your care

No. 762831

Taylor really really loves to give herself asspats and also outs at the same time lol

Expert level fish, but never looked up their lifespan

Ready and able to keep expert level fish, yet somehow never quarantines her fish

Somehow a seasoned fish keeper, yet fucked up ich treatment, water levels, and killed Cheese through incompetent, extreme measures.


No. 762834

>the fish I killed was expert level so it's ok
maybe evaluate your skill level better then, genius. get beginner level fish.

No. 762835

right?? I work at a wholesale pet store, so the care here isn't great and we have cowfish that have been here longer than 7 months doing just fine. The fact she thinks people can only keep them alive for WEEKS shows how little she knows about what she's talking about.

No. 762840

Same for my shit pet store I work at, poor excuse to kill something

No. 762841

Taylor is so full of crap. Where exactly is she getting the info that Cowfish normally only live a few weeks to months? That is insane to claim. All you have to do is Google Cowfish lifespan in captivity to see they commonly live 2 to 8 years.

No. 762849

the change of pronouns here is interesting to me and really makes me think this is all faked

No. 762850

Im dying at the “rare 15% smallest cowfish” comment

No. 762852

Love how we havent seen animal enclosures in like a year and now they're coming forward 1 at a time as she has the chance to redo them all and not make them look like the barren wasteland they were in. You can tell everything in her enclosures is brand spanken new. The leaf litter isnt even slightly crumpled or sifted from a single cage clean. Shes now going to get on camera and be like " look my animals have been thriving this whole time"

No. 762853

ok thank you i was thinking the same thing but she’s posting it publicly so if it was a lie, destry would most likely say something b

No. 762854

These posts are already deleted lol

No. 762857

File: 1583823274641.jpeg (42.09 KB, 808x178, 96F54053-63F3-44CE-85CB-C3E239…)

“all with items from an Austin shop”

No. 762863

seeing pics of mushu make me rage. poor mushu doesn't even look like an axolotl any longer.

i love it when someone comes for her and makes her look this bad. taylor is so stupid she doesn't even know how to come up with a response anymore. i'm glad this person said taylor killed cheese. because she did, and she never gave a shit about it. lmfaoooo the whole thing was just a joke, right?

No. 762864

Mushu really does look, well, mutilated, and like she's stuck between salamander and axolotl. It's so sad, they're such gorgeous, interesting creatures - and Taylor's permanently damaged her.

No. 762865

I guess we can assume replacement cheese is dead then, they only live a few weeks so.

No. 762872

I don't want to be that person but why does it sound like a set up (again) that Cheesette died because cowfish can die in a matter of weeks
I can't see any other reason for her to not jump and say things like "it's like Cheese#1 reincarnated and came back, JUST FOR MEE!!!!!"
She has been extremely quiet when she could prove cowfish can live at least months

No. 762873

seeking attention from her ex again

No. 762874

If it was alive she'd be saying so to prove she's doing better this time around.

No. 762876

Who tf cares! She’s the one that wants to be insta famous. If you have a following and people know you, this shit will happen especially with her history of lying. Whoever saw this and snapped the pic, I would have done the same.

No. 762878

Exactly this and I hope people rip her in the comment section of how obvious and fake this all is.

No. 762879

Of course. It's not like she is stressed out by the paparazzi on her daily alcohol and burger tour.

No. 762880

I don’t own a cow fish but from what I’ve read if I remember correctly is you cannot add other venomous fish with cow fish as they are also venomous and just this will stress them. Any slight stress they will also release their venom and end up also killing them selves.

No. 762881

He had inch before going in the tank and it was a surprise? Aka it’s not my fault guys. It was the Aries fault for selling him to me like this.

How about quarantine him anyway because he’s new dumb ass. She knows this too but is just a lazy ass and does it all for quick views

No. 762882

2 years lol

No. 762885

dont do drugs, kids.

No. 762890

I remember when she had this snake. She had him for at least 2 weeks, not “48 hours”

No. 762891

do you remember around what time she got him?

No. 762895

File: 1583848371557.jpeg (24.1 KB, 275x211, E8E86EBF-451D-4A59-A714-21B126…)

She got him in July, she deleted the posts tho. Thankfully the troll accounts Keep screenshots of her bs lmao

No. 762896

File: 1583848797519.png (130.91 KB, 1014x685, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 9.56…)


I love how she says she had it for less than 48hrs but the deleted post of him is from a week before Destry got him

No. 762898

File: 1583849165273.png (800.19 KB, 1125x2436, 92488C07-CCB5-4138-85AF-9E4A6C…)

“mY yEaR oF tEaRs aNd sLeEpInG”

It must be so hard to be her lmao… also Tay… how are your animals thriving if your sleeping all the time?

No. 762900

It's not even mid-March yet and she's throwing a tantrum and demanding ass-pats and a pity party because… what, life didn't get easier because she just sits on her ass?

Happiness is something you need to work towards, Taylor. You could start by getting a job, an education, a hobby, volunteering - literally doing anything else but focusing on yourself 24/7. That self-pity and laziness you've got going isn't doing you any good, and it's boring as fuck.

No. 762902

File: 1583851322185.png (897.31 KB, 1439x1552, Capture _2020-03-10-10-40-02.p…)


Destry officially got him on the 18th and Tay mentioned him at least a week and a half before the 18th

No. 762905

It'll never stop amazing me how she throws a lie into the wind without a second thought, and then from there on out will just deny and lie about everything. It reminds me of the case with a woman who tried to order a hit on her husband but was set up and caught by police. There was an actual video of her planning it and she still denied it. Taylor is the exact same way. It doesn't matter how much proof comes out against her, she will just deny it. And her child fans eat it up.

How many times does she have to have someone who was close to her say she's a shit human before her dumb ass stans believe it?

No. 762906

worth noting she was staying in the hotel with Jake at this time because they had gotten kicked out of the sober living house. Hard to remember timelines when you're uwu sobriety only counts if it's complete sober from heroin on a meth bender. More proof of her changing dates to suit her narrative.

I wonder if she was staying in the hotel because Mama Dean didn't know she'd been kicked out and she didn't want to go home? that whole hotel business was so incredibly shady and she did such a shit job of covering her lies (as usual)

No. 762908

She'll feel much better when she gets her first face tat. Netflix will be DMing her so fast.

No. 762910

Hell yea I missed this shit. Right when she tries to go back to animal care (I'm assuming they were just in barren cages the entire time before this) people rip her to shreds. She needs to know that caring for animals isn't for her because she has never been capable of it. She has never improved. All she knows how to do is clutter their enclosures with new shit and then forget about them again.

No. 762916

>"if you're not an expert than why are you keeping an expert level fish and then congratulating yourself when you only fail a little?"

Thank god for this Twitter user. This is the best rebuttal to Taylor's constant deflections I've seen tbh. She has on numerous occasions addmitted to mishandling her pets but then claimed it wasnt really her fault "because the pet store told her different!" or "they're super hard to care for uwu I did my best as an amateur pet keeper"

That excuse only works when you've made one mistake with one animal, not an entire zoo in your room while in your job title you literally try and claim your an "animal educator". All of Taylor animal deaths has been because shes taken on a species that's more than her novice level pet experience can handle and then she openly admits that she's not an expert but instead of admitting she shouldn't have gotten the animal she just uses it an excuse to pat herself on the back for giving it her best try.

Go to college Taylor, there are plenty of fields you can study to actually learn about animals if that's your passion. Stop sitting in your sweat drenched blankets, with your unwashed hair, eating yourself sick with garbage food and actually do something that will fulfill this void you have. Contrary to what you believe you dont need to be youtube famous to be reputable in the animal care community.

No. 762922

Honestly she might as well rehome all her animals but maybe keep her cats and a snake or something, she is totally not qualified to have a zoo in her room when she sleeps all day and is not providing them with what they need to thrive. She should just rehome most and roll with the cheap sex doll look she's going with for making money off horny tweens.

I'm also glad the moment she tried coming back to animal care she's called out on her bullshit, more people are finally waking up and noticing she is not the amAzIng animal caretaker she claims to be. But she refuses to step down because she still wants to be known as the "queen of pettube".

No. 762924

How many weeks has it been since she promised an “all my pets” update? Her uwu deepwesion is so bad but she can still make time for druggie dick and Betsey huh? Like gtfo with your “dog ate my homework” excuses. She’ll probably get another tattoo before she puts out this video because of her crippling diseases.

If she doesn’t want to put out animal content anymore then whatever but rehome them. Her fucking privileged attitude of not having to show her animals that people are invested in (yes Taylor, their views pay for your pathetic lifestyle) is baffling to me. You promise to show animals but can’t even answer basic questions or concerns about them without acting like a fucking diseased ridden cunt but oh boy, you expect praise from these same fans when you get a new animal huh?? ~Lmao okay???!~
I really think she holds onto these animals because she still thinks ONE DAY she’ll be able to make her comeback and be ~normal~ again and it’s the easiest way for her to make money without having to take her clothes off. I can’t even imagine being this delusional and pathetic while also thinking this is the best care your animals will ever receive.

No. 762940


Taylor will never get accepted into animal education the heroin saga/jonny/pet deaths ruined her opportunities. She's always going to be stained by those scandals, nobody is going to take an active heroin addict seriously.

She didn't finish highschool and doesn't have a GED or homeschool equivalent. She's a highschool drop out who isn't going anywhere in higher education.

The petube success was her lottery ticket and she fucked it up. If she's not willing to get off her ass and work she'll stay stuck at home with mommy.

No. 762945

File: 1583872830526.png (51.03 KB, 597x453, Capture.PNG)

No. 762947


Yeah Jen let's risk it with a child with a weakened immune system cause your fat ass wants to go to disney world. This family is unfuckingbelievable

No. 762948

>the petube success was her lottery ticket and she fucked it up
exactly. she’s such a fucking idiot, she lucked out with the youtube algorithm and could’ve had a real thing going for her but she won’t even put in the measly amount of effort is takes to post a video once a week. she’s truly beyond helping at this point, nothing will change her entitled, self pitying attitude

No. 762951


what made this idiot think it was okay to make a poll about this??

No. 762955

Have you looked at her daughter?

No. 762963

what makes her think the doctors appointment would be the issue not fucking disney world where there are large groups of people? or am I missing something?

No. 762969

I think she means Disney, not the doc appointment

No. 762977

You're missing something but it's not your fault with the way she types lol. I'm pretty sure she's saying that if they bother traveling to the appointment at all then they are going to go to Disney as well, but she's not sure if they'll risk making the trip at all.

No. 762978

I can't believe this woman… go to the appointment but don't go to Disney world…JFC. The kid has a WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM, why would she even entertain the idea of going to Disney world… maybe she's hoping the kid will get sick and die so she won't have to deal with him anymore, that or she's just THAT fucking stupid.

No. 762979

It’s Bike Week in Daytona right now. 500,000 people over 10 days. There’s no way I’d consider taking my immune compromised child anywhere near that state. Get real.

No. 762981

she should absolutely not go to Disney world with an immunocomomised kid with preexisting conditions ugh the Deans are exactly the kind of people who will defy quarantine and infect everyone around them if any of them does get exposed too, because they're all just too ~special~ to protect other people.

Idk that she should go to the appointment though, they live in TX and probably can't drive, isn't flying at all really dangerous right now and not recommended for people already at a higher risk of covid 19?

No. 762987

The fact that Jen thinks this is somehow a thing for a fucking Twitter poll is astonishing. Wait for her to trot out the old Boomer standby of "it's just a joke!!!!"

like either she thinks getting her disabled, immunocompromised kid on a plane is a good idea to begin with right now… and that they should go to fucking Disneyworld right now is INSANE - or she thinks she's being cute and current and funny. Either way it's disgusting.

I hope she chokes on her beige upholstery privilege. And takes Taylor with them on the trip… can't leave the girl alone unsupervised, right Jen?

No. 762990

worthless human being.

No. 762995

File: 1583890116369.jpg (1.85 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200310_212513133.j…)

Let's all reflect on the fact that Taylor's best friend and animal expert assistant Betsy is now leaving her child with her mom to go participate in soft-core porn videos with her friend she met during her time as a stripper out in New Orleans. It's like the plot of a shitty novel.

She sure surrounds herself with the classiest bunch.

No. 762998

oh lordt
we joked about hitting the camwhore phase soon, a few threads back, but it really is only a matter of time now

Bettttttsssy has never led her wrong before has she? kek

No. 763000

Lmfao why do you think Trailor dean is going to LA?? The exact moment she's left unsupervised she's gonna hightail it to an airport to hop on that sweet, sweet burnt marshmallow-scented dick. Extra points if she can thumb her nose at Syd in the process.
I was just going through old Vicky Shingles files, i know Vicky reposts/responds to TND sometimes. Does Trailer know Vicky was one of the skanks Jonny entertained while she was home "shaking and crying"? Gotta wonder.

No. 763002

Watch Taylor try and get pregnant by Jonny just in time to steal Syd's thunder on delivering her poor unfortunate kid

No. 763003

No one was joking about her being a cam whore. that’s what she is except she just accepts payment in more socially acceptable formats (YouTube twitter etc). Except now that her BF is doing it and her career is dead it’s only a matter of time until she starts directly asking payment for her slutty “Influencer” pics

No. 763007

File: 1583893968984.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-10-22-32-21…)


No. 763011

More possible she'll try to get pregnant asap by any guy that is willing to fuck her filthy self. Just to skinwalk Syd and her motherhood.

No. 763012

that poor moth

No. 763013

It would be very unfortunate if that kid got COVID-19 because of his unstable mother. Chances of survival wouldn't be very good knowing how neglectful she is.

No. 763014

I don't believe she's actually going to CA. It's just another failed attempt to get Jonny's attention. She won't go when he ignores her again

No. 763020

Refresh my memory regarding the Vicky Jonny fling? I don't remember this.

No. 763023

File: 1583898474634.jpg (600.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200311-114127_Twi…)

Her fans really will defend her no matter what, even when they know she's wrong.

No. 763024

File: 1583898523500.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, 8C254A4F-7EE0-411C-9D3D-E0AC0E…)

out with Forest again

No. 763025

Jesus christ I hope this guy isn't driving around all smacked out, dude looks fucking gone

No. 763027


Is it just me or do her pupils look huge?

No. 763028

She really needs to stop with the chin thing. Her hand gives comparison. JFC she knows how to pick the good ones. Ewww. Have some self-respect. It doesn’t take much. Maybe love yourself instead of being in love with yourself. It. Really. Doesn’t. Take. Much.

No. 763029

not to wk but they are in a darkened room
wouldn't be surprised if they were twacked tf out

No. 763030


I’d hate to be THIS predictable in the guys I go after. She can sit here all day and say they’re “just friends” but we all know what that means. It’s just a matter of time until they actually are dating. I give it a few months.

No. 763032

it was the exact same thing with jake, she was kissing and fucking him but refused to call it dating. quaranteed the same thing is going on with forest right now.

No. 763033

File: 1583901645872.png (113.69 KB, 671x397, cowfish.PNG)

>weeks to maybe a few months

No. 763034

omfg stupid americans, virus killing the world?!!??? but diSneY!!!!

No. 763035

of course he is, it's sir Burpalot and we already know Tay thinks its normal

No. 763038

That piercer gotta be so happy. A trouble piercing in the process of TRYING to heal, and she puts chains and bugs and makeup on it.

No. 763040

Lol 50 dollars to see her flabby ass? PUKE

No. 763041

God its fucking hilarious to me that she prioritizes dudes who look like this. Where the fuck is your father, Taylor?

No. 763045

File: 1583910207413.jpg (159.75 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200311-000328.jpg)


No. 763046

Insta is also gone

No. 763048

Wonder if it has anything to do with her secret group chats since someone was threatening to expose them yesterday

No. 763049

What does this mean???

No. 763050

Sorry ot, but has Jonny posted what the baby's going to be?

No. 763052

I have a weird feeling about her social media being gone so randomly. Like something happened and she is doing damage control before people find out.

No. 763054

>someone was threatening to expose them yesterday

I hope they do leak those chats.

No. 763057

File: 1583921052765.png (292.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200311-060334.png)

Looks like we got our answer. "Bad Headspace" lol ok bitch sure

No. 763058

File: 1583921151162.png (868.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200311-060342.png)

Also this bitch was driving???? Jesus Christ why don't you have your license if you're gonna fucking drive around? I can't with this girl.

No. 763061

Ever since anons have been posting about her huge facr and chin she's been posting like Vicky with her hand trying to hide half of it.

No. 763062

Can't wait till all that face touching gives her acne. She'll fit right in with her highschool demographic!

No. 763064

File: 1583922124175.jpeg (890.24 KB, 1242x1536, BAAD1995-44A6-4A1C-B661-0EEA9B…)

No. 763065


Or COVID! Far be it for her to consider the health of others.

No. 763069

She gets clowned for her clown fish care, dumped yet again and her obsessive lolcow lurking has make her aware of her HUGE FUCKING FACE AND CHIN.

Most people take a social media break and reflect, not our tailor. She illegally drives her frustration out to totally not find drugs to relapse on and gets lost.

No. 763072

This idiot is going to wreck that car or do something stupid without a fucking license and do you think she cares? She’s never had to face consequences for anything, she’s got a permanent victim mentality and mommy and daddy have proven time after time that they’re the mattress at the bottom of her rock bottom well.

No. 763075

Fuck me, she really is still driving without a permit? Jesus. I hope she gets busted and Mama Dean takes her sweet time bailing her out.

Imagine being out on the road with this lovely piece of trash driving out there. Without a permit. And totally "sober".

No. 763076

File: 1583925500209.png (563.91 KB, 1423x1460, Capture _2020-03-11-07-14-57.p…)

LOL did mama d really retweet this last night when her daughter was dramatically and illegally driving around? of course she did. she's a dean.

No. 763077

File: 1583926359007.png (738.39 KB, 1311x1771, Screenshot_2020-03-11-07-30-46…)

Maybe her freakout has to do with the fact that Forest still follows his ex on social media and last night liked and commented on her recent pic? We know she's a jealous one.

No. 763078

Likely got her right in the insecurities, yeah. She's prettier than Taylor by miles and miles, kek

Now watch her try and start skinwalking this girl next. I hope she bleaches out her hair again…

No. 763081

this girl actually has a normal sized head/face

No. 763085

Likely went driving to get drugs. Let’s be real.

No. 763086

Can you imagine Taylor getting busted for driving without a licence and a narcotics possession charge? The whining and martyrhood would never end. ThE sYsTeM pIcKs On AdDicTs LiKe MeEeEeeeee

No. 763087

Haha! Trailer, you are learning! Went from resting hand next to chin to putting fingers over it. Shouldn’t you be taking care of your hoard or something? Yeah right.

No. 763090

Not sure if it’s worth a screenshot since it’s speculation, but last night Jonny and syd were heavily hinting they broke up. I wonder if he’ll come crawling back to Taylor since he’s done that with ex’s in the past.

No. 763092

Nah, he posted a story that was all, "I know what it is and I'm not tellin', so THERE" because he's a child

No. 763093

She reactivated her ig

No. 763094

She deactivated everything as she was driving out to go get drugs. Was probably scared of accidentally liking something and it showing her location or something. Meth paranoia is nuts.

No. 763098

She’s white, she’d cry and be fine.

No. 763101

File: 1583933807088.png (754.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-11-09-36-37…)

she's back and still awake, making jokes about rehab!

No. 763102

File: 1583934158214.png (129.53 KB, 1422x899, Capture _2020-03-11-09-42-14.p…)

Oooo shit tinder dick at 12 am last night

No. 763103

Tinfoil: tinder dick gave Taylor another chance after her last rendezvous with druggie dick and relapse. And well, now we’re here lol with Taylor running away because she’s the uwu victim for cheating and relapsing.

No. 763105

Sooo she is saying she knew a fish had ich and thought it would be a great idea to put it with her other fish….. Sounds very knowledgeable

No. 763106

Looks like she unfollowed him. It still shows him following her. I wonder if it’s because she said something creepy and he realized she relapsed (see post Malone drama).

No. 763110

File: 1583938268032.jpeg (233.16 KB, 1512x735, 7ABB2158-2A2E-4A2A-8532-E2DA1D…)

Lmao tinder dick should have gone for the face tats

No. 763111

File: 1583938656520.jpeg (140 KB, 1125x661, EE14BF86-80EC-4569-91C3-5751FC…)

She’s still following him on IG

No. 763112

File: 1583938815874.png (618.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-11-11-00-00…)

Insert eyeroll here

No. 763115

How do you know that is his ex? When searched that user name it was private.

No. 763116

cause they are a follower of hers? lol

No. 763117

no shit. but that doesn't confirm thats his ex?

No. 763118

good question but learn to sage

No. 763120

File: 1583940536681.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20200311_112810597.j…)


Cause of shit like this. They dated for like 2 years

No. 763121

thx anon

No. 763122

right. but that user is private. so unless you have stalked and requested every girl he follows you must know him personally/ are the girl yourself. forgive me for the tinfoil

No. 763123


Hmm don't really get what your tinfoil is? That I am someone that has found out who his recent ex is?

cue the x-files theme song now

So I'll break down my elaborate stalking for you.

He has a facebook. Under his own name. He as pictures of her on his facebook still tagged. She has her instagram linked on her facebook. I clicked the link. I requested to follow. I held my breath and boom! accepted. I cracked the case.

No. 763124

Was that a moment for you?

No. 763126


that was beautiful. loved it. theyre actually still friends on FB too

No. 763127

doubt it, him and taylor did the same thing sometimes and they still stayed together for over a year

No. 763129

she still can't grasp the concept that people would assume if she was having a bad breakdown she might relapse and her loyal stans would be worried? She wants all the junkie credit while being excused from accountability

No. 763130

she gaslights the fuck out of her fans

No. 763131

idk man the fact that you went around driving without a fucking permit and ended up in another town is kind of "she's looking for drugs" in a person with common sense's train of thought.

And why are you sad anyway? Is it because you got probably dumped by tindr guy for trying to have it both ways with him and Forrest? Or is it because you found out that Forrest is actually still in contact with his ex and you can't handle the possibility you're just a fuckbuddy to him?

No. 763132

It's actually pretty easy to find people's info because they provide it themselves. This whole process takes like less than 10 minutes yet some people think it's some elaborate hackerman shit lmao.

No. 763139

File: 1583943668484.jpg (298.54 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200311-092038.jpg)

She deleted a tweet about her walking out of the movie before she freaked out

I don't have the original tweet but this is a reply that's left

No. 763140

yawn its boring to even look at her relationshits drama now. Her new year new me is shapping up very well, takes 3 steps forward and then 100 steps back.

Keep it up tay.

No. 763141

Not being funny, I’m waiting for her to take a life since she doesn’t have a bloody permit and drives high

No. 763143

you think her stans will wake up then?

No. 763146

File: 1583944269599.png (260.87 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20200311-183103.png)

No. 763149

>Lmfao stop telling mommy I'm on dwugz pweeze thx

Maybe don't broadcast every thought, feeling, place, purchase, pet etc, et fucking cetera Jesus. I have been catching up on the TND saga and holy shit can this bitch shut the fuck up and put down her phone down for an hour? At this point your worst addiction is Instagram and Twitter because you can't stop embarrassing yourself on there for less than 5 minutes. Then when people catch her fuck ups because she plasters it all over the place it's "crazy haturz obsessed with meeee. Derp. lul xD". I would say her Mom should change their Wifi password but she is just as bad her daughter, you put all this shit out there for the world to see but WE are the problem for talking about how weird and fucked it is. Sure Jan.

No. 763150

Anyone know what movie?

No. 763151

The invisible man.

No. 763153

doubt it, she'll claim the person totally ran in front of her car and it wasn't her fault guiz uwu

No. 763154

It doesn't make sense she'd delete everything just because she's sad. Forest had dirt on her and she was probably playing clean up

Forest pls expose her little pink haired man

No. 763163

she deleted it bc she got dumped and feels ashamed. forest is showing no signs of abandoning her anytime soon.

No. 763167

File: 1583947780801.jpeg (75.55 KB, 750x240, 43762AC8-B7A5-491A-A49C-C624E1…)

No. 763168

File: 1583948280286.jpeg (396.73 KB, 768x1024, D6121338-A726-4BD9-A828-AC960E…)

I mean he dumped her an hour after Forest posted the story. Would make sense with the timeline. But something else must have happened for her to wipe her socials

No. 763169

If it's only an hour doesn't that imply they broke up in the middle of the movie?

No. 763170

Possibly why she walked out tbh but too embarrassed to admit so would rather play PTSD victim

No. 763171

File: 1583949130562.jpeg (470.53 KB, 1125x965, ECC9E666-9268-4CA8-A24C-D0954C…)

No. 763173

I think the baby is a girl and Jonny's gonna walk (sooner rather than later) because of it, like with his first daughter. He was publicly hoping/planning for a boy, then all secretive when he did find out the gender. He's the type of insecure manchild who if it was a boy he'd be bragging about it, and is disappointed when it's actually a girl. and now Anon says they're alluding to breaking up, which just means fighting (caps would be helpful).

so tinder dick obviously ended shit with her (good for him), but Forest is still around? Also >>763112 just sounds like "omg y'all stop tattling to my mom about me doing drugs, you make it soooO hard to sneak around and drive without a license to go to a dealer out of town"

No. 763174

Tinfoil: He got a text from another girl in the movie or was seen looking at another girls profiles and she lost it.

No. 763175

I'm confused, we have confirmation that tinder dick ended it, but did Forest also end it? did she get double-dumped in one night, or are anons conflating the two dicks in her life?

No. 763180

>It doesn't make sense she'd delete everything just because she's sad
not sure I agree. she's pulled it before multiple times. and jen baleetes everything weekly just because. logic doesn't apply to the deans in this situation.

No. 763181

File: 1583952523368.png (69.64 KB, 603x523, Capture.PNG)

imagine being 50 and throwing a tantrum over not being able to go to an amusement park because it might endanger your immunocompromised child.

No. 763182

File: 1583952602336.png (474.15 KB, 601x850, Capture.PNG)

No. 763183


What did she expect would happen? Losing out on money because you booked theme park tickets when a plague’s been sweeping the world for months is a tax on stupid people.

No. 763184

Wow she sounds just like Taylor

No. 763185

a bit late but it was about going to see the invisible man and having to leave the movie (it deals with an abusive relationship).

sorry that i dont have a screenshot, i saw it in my notifications and when i clicked on it she already had deleted it.

No. 763188

Tinfoil time

Taylor is going to LA soon. And conveniently at that time Jonny is hinting he wants to break up with Syd? Her texts in her video admit she was going to CA last time to meet up with him.

Taylor's mom knows her plan, thus the "you can't help some people" tweet.

Forest caught Taylor texting Jonny planning to get back together. That's why they broke up. Idk why she deleted her socials though.

No. 763190

Can yall please pay attention? Tinder boy broke up with her. Tinder boy and Forest are not the same person.

No. 763191

Is she retarded? Why is she only going to drive Tanner to his appointment in Florida, if her fat ass gets to go to disney too?

No. 763192

She’ll frame the whole thing as needing ~closure~ for sure.

No. 763193

Oh so she's trying to fuck 3 guys at once, not 2

Even more reason to dump her ass lmao

No. 763199

Grown ass people who are this obsessed with Disney have serious problems. Disney world is not that great, lady. It’s a human cess pool.

No. 763201

No getting through to her, she's an "unbothered eeyore"

No. 763203

File: 1583960564855.png (507.9 KB, 600x1004, Capture.PNG)

she sure is bored today "home&relaxing"

No. 763212

does he have 'gay' tattooed on his forehead

No. 763216

>>Waaaah I'm sad it's a big deal!!1!
>>Omg you guys stop acting like this is such a big deal???

No. 763217

Its "cry"

No. 763218

no, anon is mixing up taylor’s flavours of the week. she went to see a movie with forest. he didnt break up with her, they seem fine. she lost her other dude.

No. 763219

It's really easy to see where Taylor gets her thought process from.

No. 763227

Honestly based on this post >>763168
it's more likely that tinder boy found out about it and texted or called her in the middle of her date and told her it was over.

I mean good for him, but he also seemed kinda off introducing her to his family like less than a month into whatever they had going on.

Then she "got sad" and went driving around because that's what one does when they get caught basically cheating. Add bonus sadness points if you drive without a permit and while on suboxone, just for the thrill of it all.

No. 763247

That’s gay

No. 763249

File: 1583974797992.jpeg (90.69 KB, 645x1146, 66664ECC-8502-44FC-9D8C-2E7E72…)

Hmm.. wonder what's going on in paradise

No. 763256

File: 1583977396690.png (112.08 KB, 796x325, Screenshot_20200312-024221.png)

No. 763257

He leave her because it was "the best" for the baby kek
Classic Jonny
I wonder if Anon was right and left after finding out it was a girl.

No. 763259

Oop tinder dick no longer follows Tay on insta and has privated his profile as well, I guess the cringe text message convo days are over

No. 763260


he unfollowed her on Twitter too

No. 763262

Cant say “love” about her, eh Jonnyboy?

No. 763264


It’s a boy. He posted this after they found out.

No. 763269


That was just for a poll anon.
Jonny would be bragging to the whole world if it was a boy.

No. 763270

File: 1583981927942.png (107.92 KB, 910x840, Capture.PNG)

I feel like she's just away on a trip or something

No. 763274

he •thinks• she's 19 weeks? what a fucking asshole.

No. 763275

lolll not to wk but even a dr doesn't know exact gestation

No. 763277

beyond retarded. this is where taylor gets it from.

No. 763282

Fuck out of here with your slur

No. 763286

Are you new here…

No. 763295

Lol autist

No. 763308


I'm pretty sure they were talking about the forehead tattoo from >>763212

No. 763317

I posted the screenshots. He posted multiple saying he was really excited, but not telling anyone the baby’s sex. Then he alluded to changing his mind. You can do different types of polls on Instagram: ones where there is a right answer and ones where it breaks down what percent of followers voted what. So, he chose a poll that showed the right answer was boy AFTER he found out. I would have posted the other screenshots, but anons bitched about talking about Jonny.

No. 763318


To me this all sounds like they found out they’re having a girl, so now Jonny is trying to dip to do ‘what’s right’ for the baby and Syd.

No. 763319

File: 1584011764237.jpeg (186.39 KB, 791x1673, 8D2B8E62-E8FE-4DA2-82BB-008D2F…)

Maybe y'all are right

No. 763320

Because this shit isn't even about Taylor at all. I want to talk about him and Syd but especially with this it's OT for the thread. It's like when discussion of Sarah was kicked out of the Onision threasd. Maybe we should just create a thread in snow, and then if he does get back with Taylor we can just bring him in?

Maybe a farmhand or Admin can help us figure it out. I'd be down to make or help make a snow thread. Frankly it would be good to have because a lot of his shit has gone unarchived.

No. 763322

I don't understand the debate. It is about Taylor because the only reason people here even care about his life is because of Taylor. And given Taylor still talks about him on a weekly basis I'd say she is also keeping tabs on him, so why shouldn't we?

No. 763328

He's a cow in his own right imo.

No. 763329

File: 1584016614540.jpeg (258.57 KB, 768x1024, BEAB6F68-90CF-4A81-A098-5DC196…)

They are both STILL following each other

No. 763332

No one but people already on the Taylor thread cares about Jonny. He's just some has been drug addict, and Syd is boring. why bother with their own thread.

No. 763337

They seem to be doing this a lot, posting how miserable they are and miss each other and when people start questioning if they broke up they go "lol no". Maybe just to mess with Tay.

No. 763341


I mean iirc he and Tay did the same shit. Would post vague ass sad posts and then act confused when ppl would question their relationship. It's just childish ass shit tbh.

No. 763345


Ok chill with the caps. Yesterday he unfollowed her and as of today he still is unfriended on her insta although she still follows him. Maybe she is mia doing damage control

No. 763348

Can you go confirm that then? Cause I’m looking at his IG and Twitter right now and it says she’s still following him and vice versa…

No. 763352

Syd & Jonny potentially breaking up is 100% related to this thread because Taylor is about to go to CA to try to get back with Jonny. She's been posting about 11:11 and seeing his old band to get his attention. It's real obvious.

No. 763356


There’s definitely trouble in paradise.

No. 763358


Not true. JC has always been the cow I follow. He’s the only reason I found out Taylor exists. I’d be super interested in a thread in snow if farmhands decided it was a good move.

No. 763360

fuck off faggot

No. 763374

File: 1584032790381.png (64.61 KB, 1434x886, Capture _2020-03-12-13-05-57.p…)


Weird, when I look at her followers and search him it shows this:

No. 763378

he shows up in my mutuals with her

No. 763381

File: 1584033992808.jpeg (131.97 KB, 1125x946, 6E69541B-47CE-4799-82E8-6AB95E…)

Idk works for me

No. 763382

File: 1584035611148.jpeg (523.89 KB, 828x1045, 6BEA9330-BEF5-4563-95A3-AC73A4…)

No. 763385

File: 1584036224848.png (970.84 KB, 1101x1860, Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 2.03…)

No. 763387

File: 1584038588845.png (98.13 KB, 605x739, Capture.PNG)

No. 763389

File: 1584038693216.png (97.91 KB, 481x883, Capture.PNG)

No. 763390

File: 1584038773586.png (87.14 KB, 483x812, Capture.PNG)

No. 763393

File: 1584039285640.jpeg (230.68 KB, 828x596, 993E79ED-64C4-4BBA-834D-F1B425…)

No. 763396

File: 1584039637724.jpeg (621.43 KB, 828x1435, FC80D586-305F-4FAC-8FC0-4D3635…)

No. 763397

File: 1584039662001.jpeg (276.81 KB, 750x881, 484D2067-EE37-4F37-B4EC-D172F7…)

oh give it up trailer. we all know how desperate for male attention you are, all you do is hop from dick to dick

No. 763398

>what I do now
>Last animal video posted over two months ago
Also funny that you looove hedgehogs yet the two that you still have got mange and live in tiny cages

gonna really be by myself this time guise!! by myself!!!!!

No. 763400

File: 1584040072902.png (47.29 KB, 478x443, Capture.PNG)

No. 763402


Funny how Jonny was so crazy and overreacting and abusive when he caught her sending racy pictures of herself to a male “friend” and this guy dumping her ass for going to the movies with Forrest….. hmm, almost like she constantly crosses these boundaries with other men while she’s in a relationship.

No. 763404

the average lifespan of a domesticated hedgehog is 5 years. a good long lifespan would be considered 10 years. any breeder telling you that an animal with a potential lifespan of 10 years would "typically" only live for half of that is implying they arent able to keep the animal alive as long as intended. breeders should ENCOURAGE long lifespans, and brag about their ability to produce said results, its kind of their job? im begging this girl to get an ounce of common sense.

but we all know how she loves using the word "breeder" to validate the false info she comes up with so its not like it fucking matters anyways, shes not about to quit lying cold turkey. kudos to the bullshit queen herself for that "6+" number to bullshit potential life span and to lower the expectations for the care she provides. seems exactly like a bad metaphor for her "recovery journey".

No. 763406


"Wah my bf broke up with me when I was dating other guys behind his back"

Fuck off

No. 763407

File: 1584041811040.png (19.29 KB, 479x180, Capture.PNG)

it's the same fucking script every time
>waah all men are trash
in the words of taylor herself, maybe when all the (wo)men you date are trash the problem is yourself.
also funny how our bi queen absolutely refuses to date women and freaks out when one approaches her sexually.

No. 763408

File: 1584041919838.png (21.16 KB, 600x179, Capture.PNG)

can the deans live without tweeting every conversation that happens in the household

No. 763410

Gawd she so gross, she's a legit incel. Maby the reason you haven't found anyone is because your a piece of shit?

Seriously if you can't be bothered to shower regularly you don't deserve a boyfriend. Nobody wants to put up with her stink LMAO

No. 763411

File: 1584042251651.png (93.17 KB, 595x744, Capture.PNG)

No. 763415

File: 1584042555477.png (103.06 KB, 603x771, Capture.PNG)

taylor sure is tweeting up a storm today

No. 763417

Oh god now we'll have the wannabe bisexual saga because of people like this what the fuck is wrong with her fans?

No. 763418

Taylor and her mom are full of shit. Disney is refunding people left and right due to the virus.

No. 763421

File: 1584044134743.png (103.39 KB, 599x768, Capture.PNG)

she's backpedalling lol. I'm 100% sure jen blew whatever happened way out of proportion.

No. 763423

File: 1584044313412.png (99.78 KB, 598x791, Capture.PNG)

haturs are stalking her mom by looking at her public tweets apparently

No. 763427

this is major “girls are hot but i don’t think i could have sex with one” energy. tay tay, you don’t need to have every label under the sun. you’re not bi just admit it and go lol

No. 763429

File: 1584044937602.png (421.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-12-16-27-33…)

Yeah sure noooo possible reason

No. 763432

it sure sounded like it was official when he felt the need to announce that he's single again >>763064
wasn't it taylor anyway who wanted to keep it down low to discourage haturs? but of course it's always the guys fault, isn't it taylor.

No. 763435

File: 1584045724309.png (14.02 KB, 540x116, Capture.PNG)

No. 763436

Considering she spent a lot of her time with Forest tinder bro was probably pretty jealous and the movie date the other night was most likely his final straw. That or he got tired of her telling him they would move in together soon and then not having the money. Wasn't she supposed to be in her own apartment already twice by this point?

No. 763437

Yeah I'm also clueless I mean you went on a flexing spree showing off some other dude's bracelet that he gave to his ex girlfriend. You also went out with him multiple times to the movies, to drink, to eat, etc. And you posted all of this openly on insta. And you also flexed the ugly ass designer shades he gifted you on Twitter humblebragging about how you "never get? gifts?? and it's so weird when people do it??". But yeah totally no clue.

>He treated me like his gf but never made it official
>He introduced me to his family weeks after meeting

No. 763438


Yeah, no way I'm buying that it wasn't official on his part. Likely she wanted to be able to go fuck around with Forrest without looking like a cheating whore. A liar like her always has a get out of jail free card, and hers would be "well, I don't have a boyfriend… I was seeing someone but we weren't official, so!"

No. 763439

File: 1584046954062.png (452.21 KB, 600x582, Capture.PNG)

wonder which best friend she's referring to now. isn't JC's birthday in march?

No. 763440

File: 1584047126051.jpeg (218.05 KB, 828x608, 23C34110-610A-444D-ABC1-A5F59A…)

No. 763441

The fact that she was still willing to travel despite living with her immunocompromised brother speaks volumes to her selfishness.

No. 763442

yeah fuck your brother and boomer mom you could potentially endanger by bringing the virus home, taylor must have her birthday concert waah waah

nvm, I think betsy's birthday's in march as well.

No. 763443

File: 1584047592063.png (27.43 KB, 595x212, Capture.PNG)

she sure is mad that her plans meeting jonny in LA fell through again.

No. 763444

File: 1584047921502.jpeg (361.71 KB, 828x850, 5574FB3F-D118-452D-B6AC-86AF55…)

No. 763445

it sure is rich to start complaining about not being able to travel right after being outraged that disney world is still open and not protecting your immunocompromised brother properly.

No. 763446

oh for fuck's sake, she's just as disgusting as her mother

jesus, the entitlement and self-involvement.

No. 763447

This fucking bitch! People are literally dying, but boohoo bad birthday. Life is so hard for poor whittle Trailer Trash Dean.

No. 763448

this bitch really thinks the world revolves around her

No. 763449

What exactly is stopping her from making other plans for her birthday then? Being bogged down with work? Having no money? Oh boohoo, you did not get this one thing you decided you wanted (probably something you "have been wanting for yearss!!!!" too…), Taylor. Go buy yourself some cheap tacky crap from Dollskill, that always seems to cheer you up.

No. 763453

All this says is that they're used to getting free stuff when they complain

Oh no, she hasn't had a "good" birthday in a whopping two years

No. 763454

Why is she acting like it’s the end of the world….. just….make…new plans… oh wait she would rather bitch and complain and have her little Stans patt her ass and say I’m so sorrry uwu instead

No. 763456

And…. complaining about the fact that you haven’t had a good birthday because of fucking herione??? What are we supposed to feel bad for the poor little thing. YOU DID IT TO YOURSL. Holy shit I cannot stand this child

No. 763458

Duh. Still shitty to use gay as a slur for something being stupid.

No. 763459

File: 1584050912590.png (400.82 KB, 595x408, Capture.PNG)

you getting offended isn't the topic of this thread. stop.

No. 763462

File: 1584051485562.png (60.85 KB, 598x524, Capture.PNG)

No. 763463

No one cares. Get over it.

No. 763464

JFC NO ONE IS STALKING Jen Dean. Your blatantly ignorant mother made a PUBLIC post on her PUBLIC profile for everyone to see and make judgements about. GTFO acting like your guys’ insufferable lives are worth “stalking.”

Are you fucking kidding me? Yes Taylor, everyone is just thrilled that a pandemic is happening right now but tell us how you’re annoyed about a deadly virus ruining your retarded birthday shenanigans. Go cry about your pathetic shit bag life some more while people are contracting this virus and literally dying you fucking worthless piece of shit.

No. 763465

File: 1584052471803.png (129.38 KB, 601x511, Capture.PNG)

No. 763466

You mean you? The person willing to kill your kid so you can go to Disney world?

No. 763467

The worst part is this is the same bitch that scheduled vice to come film her ALL DAY LONG on her brothers bday and ruined HIS birthday!

Their family disgusts me. A bunch of people were put into isolation in san antonio and cali proved that the quarantine had been fucked up when a woman with no ties to anyone who had been anywhere near china caught the virus. It could VERY easily happen in san antoino and while they live in the burbs they don't seem remotely conceerned about their one vulnerable family member just on what they're ~missing out on. Here jen is still taking him to the zoo daily. Damn yall have a zoo at home! it's 2020 I'm sure his dr knows his rare condition very well and would be more than happy to have a skype appointment. They're just to dumb to think of shit like that…oh I meant selfish.

No. 763468

OOF. I'd completely forgotten she pulled that shit on her brother's birthday. Still makes me fume.

But naturally when it's HER birthday it's the end of the world and wah wah wah. She's such a whiny little brat.

No. 763469

Subtweeting about your daughter again, I see. A+ parenting, as always.

No. 763472

File: 1584057164456.png (1.3 MB, 1242x2688, DFCE3CCD-DBB2-4CA4-B68A-8793A7…)

Uhh… hmm.

No. 763473

She literally never even said she was worried about Covid for her own health either, she was just pissed her birthday got fucked up. Her stans could not be more brain dead.

No. 763478

he is the real cow somebody be the hero we need

No. 763482

Funny thing is, she's supposed to be going to rehab this month, not partying in LA. Gee it's almost like teH uNiVeRSe is keeping her from ODing

No. 763485

Well Disney World just announced they are C L O S E D anyway you selfish bitches.

No. 763486

……. Disney closed for public safety like directly after she tweeted this.

No. 763488

>Damn yall have a zoo at home!

No. 763498

Almost seems like she's dating because of the hormone rush and not for really for wanting to find a lifelong partner. She can blame her special 15% brain for that.

No. 763499

Really, is this like a typical American thing or what? Do they really not know how viruses and bacteria function and just follow what others tell them to do? She doesn't know what "quarantine" means, and she went to the hairdresser vomiting.

No. 763500

Migraines aren't infectious genius.

No. 763502


Not downloading tinder is a great first step if you are actually trying to stay single

No. 763503


nta but even if the vomiting isn't caused by an infectious disease the vomit itself is considered a biohazard and it's still shitty to go out knowing you may spew everywhere and your hairdresser or whoever will have to clean it up.

No. 763509

shut up murican, you shouldn't go and puke on people trying to get through their workday

No. 763510

She didn't throw up on her stylist.

No. 763518

Considering how she looks, it's more like her stylist threw up on her…

No. 763520

kek, good one anon

No. 763523

And yet she continues to go against the universe and making poor choices..

No. 763531

Rehab will NEVER happen. It was NEVER going to happen. She loves those drugs, till the day she ODs on fentanyl. What a garbage human being. Like nobody would care if it happened sooo…..

No. 763535

true. She was literally tricked into rehab (said her mom said they were "just going to tour the facility" because she was refusing to go otherwise) so there's no way she's going voluntarily. Her addiction is like another accessory for her to show off on social media, like all her animals. Unless she has a complete personality shift and realizes what a toxic person is, she's not gonna go. She was saying she would go to that celebrity rehab when she relapsed to get her mom off her back, not because she actually wanted to go.

No. 763537

She said it to gain sympathy when she was sperging about Jonny. "I am so hurt and wounded that I need rehab for abused people" but when it really comes down to it, no way she could put in the effort it takes.

No. 763538

It's Taylor. She was probably neither throwing up nor had a migraine. She just needed some pity points to go with her new hairdo asspats.

No. 763539

her talking about it lined up exactly with the days she had relapsed, which she only admitted to weeks later. she tried to play it off as "uwu trauma rehab" but it was absolutely about drugs since she was using heroin just days before, which we all knew from her bruises, but she didn't admit until later

No. 763540

File: 1584115712911.jpeg (333.7 KB, 828x857, 65D8A3C3-881E-48D9-80F1-EFEEE3…)

This poor dude is now a victim of her lies

No. 763542

What does she even mean?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 763543

File: 1584116178827.jpeg (150.28 KB, 750x949, 16808C49-8229-4750-B031-1E926C…)

I guess Forrest was never even a consideration.

No. 763544

duuhh she wasn't cheating on tinder dick, tinder dick just nEvErrr made clEAr that they were in a relationship so she was free to fuck whoever she wants!

No. 763545

no dumbass, it was because you were cheating on him with junkie forrest. love how she tries to look all innocent and boohoo guys are so mean while she was the one being a disloyal hoe.

No. 763546

File: 1584116273122.jpg (610.71 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200313_161735_com…)

No. 763547

File: 1584116292919.jpeg (442.21 KB, 750x1062, C476E37E-CFDA-4F14-A89C-40193A…)

No. 763549

Ok, build bonds with others aka sleep with them? She doesn't see that there is a problem. Plus they surely took drugs together. That's not how recovery is designed.

No. 763550

Dude they arent DATING just FUCKING. Considering forest posted that pic laying on her when she was completely blissed out a few weeks ago, I'd dump her too. Plus, she has hepC dude.

No. 763551

I hate whichever retard posted that picture on twitter. now she has yet another reason to claim victimhood

No. 763552

laying on her? what pic are you talking about?

No. 763553

which pic are you talking about? i just remember that one story where forest kissed her on the cheek

No. 763554

I was referring to her recovery house pal. Should've made that clear. I don't know how she found Forrest. If it was in a NA meeting or somewhere else.

No. 763555

File: 1584117124810.jpeg (350.82 KB, 750x839, 35C5A90E-A32E-4FB0-B867-648969…)

No. 763556

she’s so full of shit. he posted pictures of him kissing her, videos of her with hearts all over it, theres no way they’re “just friends”. at the very least, she’s knowingly leading him on.

No. 763557

he has officially been brodick-zoned, like felon Jake. "lol we're just friends! friends who take pictures of us lying in hotel beds naked together!! friends who relapse together and he posts pics of him kissing me with hearts all around me!!! totes just bros omg y'all look how handsome my friend is!!!! bros4lyfe"

No. 763559

Her "logic" is insane.
Like the time she smuggled Kratom into rehab. It's not like people working in rehab wouldn't tell everyone what they can bring in and what not. Kratom per se may be not concerning but for recovering addicts, it's a no. It doesn't matter if doesn't make physical addictive.

No. 763561

File: 1584118864225.jpeg (557.23 KB, 750x1008, E075AB2C-9B73-4324-8926-4F9F57…)

how much do y’all wanna bet she has no actual interest in animal crossing and is just joining the hype train in a desperate attempt to stay relevant

No. 763562

It's almost like an unwritten rule that every cow has to be into AC

No. 763564

110% agree that her “logic” is insane.

Did it ever occur to her that tinder dick had one foot in the door and one foot out because she’s damaged goods? She’s insanely unstable (no job, no education and mommy has to drive her everywhere). She’s a recovering drug addict who relapsed while “hanging out” with another drug addict (not saying that addicts can’t find love but people are not equipped to fall in love with someone who has these kinds of problems, hence why rehab and therapy is IMPORTANT for recovery). She’s must be unbearable to be around (doesn’t shower, has no personality and is a textbook narc). Let’s also add in how depressed she is (which I do believe she is considering her worthless existence). Oh, and let’s not forget that she thinks it’s cute to brag about getting HCV because she’s the junkiest junkie. Why would any stable and sane guy want to put up with this bullshit lol ??! That’s why she has to resort to the bottom of the barrel with guys like Jake and Forest.

She was “seeing” tinder guy for FIVE months now? I thought she started posting screen caps in December? We all know she didn’t wait 2 months before posting those…

Tinfoil: she wants to appear single so that Jonny talks to her… unless he announces he impregnated his gf he barely met then she’ll pretend to be dating someone who treats her so well.

No. 763567

File: 1584120382948.jpg (776.67 KB, 1440x2464, Screenshot_20200313-102452_Twi…)


Another reply, lol.

No. 763568

File: 1584120471163.jpeg (522.77 KB, 750x1065, C6671D6A-C26B-428F-889F-010B1B…)

No. 763570

Is the anon who knows tinder dick still around to tell us what actually happened?

No. 763572

good question, I’d like to know too

No. 763573

I bet she told him that she has a IPC visit and then Forrest (or was it her?) posted the cinema pics.
Since she is a compulsive liar she surely lied to him multiple times already and he wan't having it anymore.
But she doesn't understand that constant lying is a turn off for normal people hence she will never change it.

No. 763574

*IOP, imma dumb.

No. 763575

taylor, it doesn’t matter how much money you’re making if you have no sense of responsibility or work ethic. not everything is about money jfc

No. 763576

there are so many of us jen.

No. 763577

File: 1584121627437.jpeg (133.9 KB, 750x454, F004B028-B98E-4293-9F2F-B8097F…)

No. 763579

File: 1584121805132.jpeg (309.55 KB, 750x678, 60902BA2-B86A-4131-8F56-AE0309…)

No. 763580

File: 1584121846782.jpeg (299.92 KB, 750x681, FB0F63E6-CBC7-4A8C-8E48-15FC75…)

No. 763583

>> THEY didn’t take it slow with me.

Are you fucking joking? So he FORCED you into a serious relationship lmao ??!! Okay??? Lol !!?

Does this girl not understand that consent and the word “no” is totally a thing in this situation. So if she didn’t want to be serious with him, then why didn’t she break if off if he always treated it that way and it made her uncomfortable? This is the same fucking retarded story we had to listen to with Jake. She didn’t want anything serious (after publicly saying she loved him) but he was a psycho because he wanted a serious relationship. Get a fucking clue Taylor.

No. 763587

yeah her and forest are just bros. who kiss and fuck. lol
also I agree with >>763551 I despise the twitter tea accounts they always spoil the milk shovelling their shit.

wtf is her logic here? if a guy takes you on dates and treats you like a gf it's a problem?
I would have dropped taylor the moment she went on a multi week sperg about her ex if I was thomas the tinder guy tbh

No. 763588

File: 1584123432566.png (92.19 KB, 604x677, Capture.PNG)

No. 763589

That is 100% not how it happened

No. 763591

File: 1584123721147.png (400.29 KB, 596x786, Capture.PNG)

No. 763592

File: 1584123831913.png (84.88 KB, 600x723, Capture.PNG)

so unbothered though

No. 763593

File: 1584124028057.png (206.53 KB, 543x829, Capture.PNG)

No. 763594

File: 1584124340973.png (47.65 KB, 541x379, Capture.PNG)

silly twitter user taylor is never at fault. it's always the evil men!

No. 763596

Didn’t she claim this about Jake too? That he was the one pushing for a relationship, not her?

No. 763597

People go on and on about ghosting so much to the point where it's literally your only option to get away from them. They make it happen by suffocating you into a corner with their insecurities and inability to see their own patterns

No. 763599

I’m fucking sick of this. He didn’t “just dip,” he saw you out with Forest AGAIN and you tried to play it off like that wasn’t an issue. Taylor, fucking stop dragging this guy. He did NOTHING to you and he’s left you the fuck alone. Stop abusing your platform.

No. 763600


So she's not going to address wearing Forest's bracelet in every photo for like the last month either?

No. 763601

Yes, I’m still here but I have nothing to add, multiple anons have already correctly guessed exactly what went down.

No. 763602

so he got pissed that she was cheating with forest?

No. 763603

No. 763604

kek. men are trash tho!!!

No. 763606

"I only cheated for pictures!!!"

Ok, so? You cheated.

No. 763609

Does Taylor not have a voice? Was she physically incapable of attempting to define the relationship with him? There's no reason for her to blame him. From everything online it really looked like she was dating Forest too and juggling the both of them. Her stupidity amazes me every time.

No. 763621

this right here. she’s scum

No. 763635

>people have their own feelings and get hurt just like you do

Um?? Honey dont you know you're talking to the most special victim ever?? Who never does anything wrong?? How does she have time to think about SOMEONE ELSES feelings when shes too sad and needs Twitter validation of how she never ever deserves anything bad that happens to her ever?

Taylor was tweeting all night last night about how "it hurts to feel not good enough for someone uwu" and eluding to the fact this guy played her but got massively butthurt when someone dared to mention that the other side could for a moment have feelings and feel equally as unwanted watchung Taylor snuggle/kiss some other dude. I got whiplash from how fast she went from "wah so sad pls comfort my smol fragile feelings from the mean men" to "well if he wont make it OFFICIAL and he gets mad WHEN HE SEES ME WITH ANOTHER DUDE he should have just done what I wanted him too then!"

Tinfoil I'm guessing she wanted things to be offical but he didnt and her attempt at making him jealous "see I can date another people too haha" backfired and shes big mad about it/embarrassed.

No. 763641

Exactly what she did with JC kek

No. 763651

But she wasn't cheating I mean the multiple videos and pictures Forrest put on his Instagram with hearts and them kissing and her having his bracelet and going on dates and most likely fucking is just being friends!

And I mean she obviously got forced into a relationship with Tinder guy despite her sperging about how she was soooo used to being treated like shit but this guy is like the real deal because he's introducing her to his family and doing all these nice things? Totally the victim here yet again.

No. 763653

This 100% did not happen. It's like the entire world is conspiring to shit on the innocent Dean family.

No. 763655

its obviously a friendship bracelet uwu

No. 763658

File: 1584138692210.jpeg (700.95 KB, 1242x1550, 2F2EF252-DF19-476E-A5DC-389789…)

this is sooo cringe especially bc she is older than him.

No. 763660

File: 1584138969883.png (31.04 KB, 540x230, Capture.PNG)

took her weeks to "block and move on" lmao

No. 763662

ew she’s gross, stop calling celebrities mom and dad it’s uncomfortable af

No. 763666

Did she not have a tweet stating that they were taking things slow and that's why she never had any stories or pictures with him because he was a nice sweet guy that understood all her trauma and didn't want to push her into anything she wasn't comfortable doing? Was their not a tweet about how he asked her if he could hold her hand or something because he didn't want to hurt her. Taylor is TOXIC as fuck and dudes need to run as fast and as far away from her as they can at this point. She is clearly on a self destruction train and she is using these men to continue her little "victim" streak.

No. 763673

This gross bitch probably scared him away.

Taylors gotta face it that she WASN'T good enough. Turns out being a disgusting heroin addict with hep C turns people off. Even more so if your a emotionally and physically cheating whore.

Taylor isn't worthy of love or a soul mate. She's a disgusting oozing greasy bucket.

No. 763675

Don’t forget that gingivitis. I’m still having nightmares over that stank mouth.

No. 763684

File: 1584149349471.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20200314-032831.png)

No. 763685

I won't hold my breath. It's probably going to take her another two weeks just to set up the enclosures so they look halfway decent.

No. 763686

Oh yay, the crested gecko that she's had for half a decade is finally being put into a nice enclosure. She couldn't even be bothered to get him an exo Terra before now. And that poor gtp is getting out of the tub which is good. Very delayed though, and he will grow out of whichever enclosure is his in no time.

No. 763687

File: 1584150532710.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20200313_214305253.j…)

Ok so did a refresh on her tinder dick history and found all the times she mentioned him. First downloaded tinder on the 21st of Nov. First mentions tinder dick on the 7th of Dec. Mentions him non-stop all Dec, apparently goes out 5 times with him by the 14th, meets his family, yada yada. No mention all of Jan (but mentions Forest 3 times), one mention of a date on 14 of Feb and one convo that could be him on the 16th of Feb but could be someone else. So…5 months, my ass. Constantly together, my ass. Basically a couple, my ass.

No. 763688

Thanks anon, need more like you to collage the evidence together. A lot harder for Taylor to claim these are lies when it's all in one post like this.

Her stans will still believe her of course but many of them are a lost cause anyways

No. 763690

She’s such a fucking gaslighting hobag.

No. 763693

Someone please get this bitch a calendar and teach her how to tell time cos she has nooo idea.

No. 763696

File: 1584154056349.jpg (993.33 KB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20200313_224316889.j…)


Appreciate it anon, I always like seeing the massive contradictions between her statements even just a few month apart. Here is another perfect example of something she is bitching about today that she was perfectly fine with only 3 months ago. Just…you dumb bitch.

No. 763699

I know he's not terribly related anymore, but did Tinder Guy delete his IG? Going back to his page just says that it's unavailable. I wonder if her stans found him and started hounding him.

She knows this site found him, and still decided to lie and gaslight her entire audience about what happened.

No. 763701

nah you got blocked

No. 763703


“I’m not ready for a relationship!”

No. 763705

Kinda sad, I would have loved to hear her try to explain the green tree python shoe box.

No. 763706

I’m sad she is half-assed trying to get everything “perfect” for her all my pets. Obviously her animal husbandry is lacking if she cant film as is. Her and her animals are “thriving”. Okay Trailer Trash Taylor Nicole Dean. Whatever you have to tell yourself. Also note that just cuz it wasn’t “official” doesn’t mean it wasn’t “official”. He took you to his family dawwgg. Can you get any trashier? You’re worse than a used condom on a sidewalk. I wouldn’t even step over you, like I’m walking across the street to avoid THAT. You’re always the biggest victim though, aren’t you?

No. 763712

I thought of this too like she seriously sees nothing wrong with the fact that it's taking her almost a month just to get all her enclosures up to snuff enough to film them? But they've all definitely been thriving this whole time.

No. 763716

honestly, even if she wasn't physically/romantically involved with forrest (lie), I'd still dump her ass for associating with a trashy dude like that. You are the company you keep, tay tay!

No. 763729

File: 1584187486288.png (3.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-14-06-58-25…)

So she and Forest are totes just bffs but he posts a pic of a moth tattooed on his forehead after she posts about her hornworm moth…just friendly coincidence, sure.

No. 763733

I think he’s just another opportunist like JC who’s just leeching off of her. The moment he’s done with her she’s gonna drag him too

No. 763740

yea I get the feeling she was just a wet hole to forest.

I don't think he had any intention of committing, just drugs and sex. I don't buy the whole we weren't dating guiz. She was two timing tinder dick and using forest as backup so she didn't have to be alone.

She wants to get out of her parents house so finding a guy to move in with is at the top of her list. She needs someone to be her slave so she doesn't have to do her animal shit herself.

No. 763741

I think the definitely wanted to avoid being seen with Forrest, all the photos are stories Forrest post
Taylor always posted cryptic photos , she could always hide the second set of plates or drinks saying she went out with her mother or friends

No. 763756

File: 1584207014516.png (2.21 MB, 1772x1314, srywat.png)

re: taylor skinwalking syd, we sure it's not this chick? doesn't taylor like BOTD or am i trippin on another cow?

No. 763759

File: 1584207522448.png (5.73 MB, 1125x2436, 28F62013-77E4-472E-A1FD-D08AED…)

No. 763760

This is the opposite of cute.

She has her extensions in so she's with Forest again

No. 763761

File: 1584208323026.png (1.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-14-13-40-33…)


Yep definitely with someone beside her mom. Big ass decal in the back window and music blasting. Someone is getting over tinder dick

No. 763762

At least she's not driving herself

No. 763769

Where does she find this crap? It's like she's searching for the ugliest clothing and accessories and buys whatever pops up.

No. 763770

Anon, moths are a very very very common part of tattoo culture. This is a reach.

No. 763771

what the fuck is cute about this

No. 763772

File: 1584210547488.jpeg (421.45 KB, 1125x1096, 683BCC7F-D538-4FB2-969B-7E8269…)

No. 763774

File: 1584211910416.png (844.41 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-14-14-51-00…)

Lol out at a bar

No. 763776


nta but it is weird to zoom in on the one tattoo that reflects your side-piece's latest antics. he obviously has not been subtle in posting pics of him and tay or their connection.

No. 763777

DGD is the ONLY band she has talked about since trying to cancel Jonny… give it a fucking rest already. JC was apart of that band such a long time ago (before Taylor was even a fucking pre-teen) and it’s dragged out at this point.

This girl is truly an eyesore. STOP PRETENDING to be goth, emo, e-thot, etc.
All you are is a mentally ill/disabled little girl with a silver spoon shoved up your ass crying for attention from anyone and everyone. You will NEVER be anything more than that and no one will ever truly love you being that way.

No. 763779

Isn’t it a bit early for that? That’s what alcoholics do. Just sayin, I lived with one for 7 years.

No. 763780

She has a history of this. Remember anon, she and JC would go to the bar for breakfast and then back again for lunch.
But drinking alcohol is not a problem for her special addict brain.

No. 763782

It’s already posted

No. 763783

This was already posted 2 hours ago

No. 763785

File: 1584217656921.png (5.01 MB, 1125x2436, BE5C0B58-2A55-4A50-A81B-DAAAA3…)

No. 763786

File: 1584217684790.png (5.01 MB, 1125x2436, 73E42ABB-B1F5-4551-8B46-FBDEC6…)

No. 763787

File: 1584217723335.png (3.8 MB, 1125x2436, 571259D8-D3EF-4DC5-9EC6-DA3E97…)

No. 763788

She's… seriously going to wear that to a wedding? Ooohh noooo…

No. 763789

Considering what Forest looks like and what his friends look like, she won’t even stand out kek

No. 763790

She's such an embarrassment

No. 763791

File: 1584218219212.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-14-16-34-43…)

Dear God

No. 763792

File: 1584218274648.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-14-16-34-28…)

Pupils? Never heard of them

No. 763793

If she showed up looking like that at my wedding, I wouldn’t let her in… I feel bad for the bride.

No. 763794

The dress isn't that bad imo. If she had like a minimal or no necklace/jewelry and did her hair in a side part so the black side was the majority or wore a natural coloured wig, she could have looked nice. The dog collar choker makes everything look so trashy.

No. 763795

File: 1584218638687.jpg (37.12 KB, 550x414, iVMprOd.jpg)

Good god. I'd actually have her kicked out if that was my wedding

No. 763796

File: 1584218766309.png (4.37 MB, 1125x2436, 3E5185FD-E5D9-4942-A8E5-59559C…)

That’s his ex lmao Taylor must be thrilled

No. 763800

Sorry guys just to clarify (since I can’t upload the vid) Forest is currently with his ex dying his hair pink again. And Taylor is most likely there with them kek

No. 763801

No. 763802

Classy. The Jessica Rabbit meets Harley Quinn look is so elegant.

No. 763803

File: 1584221405273.jpeg (116.75 KB, 1125x706, DEFB69CA-4914-434C-A80B-D61029…)

Someone pls tell her that Forests ex likes JC

No. 763806

god she really is. the bitch has no fucking tact or class it’s unbelievable

No. 763807

the color of the dress really shows how faded her hair is

No. 763810

Did Taylor and her pettube posies - Emilee Rose and Emma Sampson had a fall through? Don’t remember the exact story but I thought they were still friendly on socials but keeping distance.

Sorry please don’t band me, new to here.

No. 763812

No. 763813

for some reason i fail to see that dress as anything other than a nightgown

No. 763819

she went to someone's WEDDING in a cheap fake-silk nightgown and a dog collar lmaooo

No. 763822

File: 1584229553269.jpg (2.23 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200314_194514671.j…)


Gahhhhhh everyone else is dressed so normal, I am cringing so hard I think my spine snapped

No. 763823

Lmao you can really see how her natural hair is a completely different color than her extensions. Why doesnt she ever do her hair? What's the point of wearing extensions if she's not gonna do something to it. Even a brushout would do wonders.

No. 763825

Omg please take a group photo so I can laugh at how dumb she looks next to everyone

No. 763827

This chick is in massive need of a total makeunder. Why is her go-to look "skank". Even to go to a wedding, my god how hard is it to put on a classy dress and not call attention to yourself

No. 763828

I gave her a little benefit of the doubt because Forrest is a bit alternative and maybe it was an alternative style wedding. But no… this is such a nice looking wedding. And this bitch came in here dressed like a wannabe dominatrix. If this were my wedding I’d honestly be so pissed at some random coming in looking like tay.

No. 763829

File: 1584232031395.png (6.98 MB, 1125x2436, 3DC4B4C9-8DAF-40F9-8D2A-3BD0F8…)

Oof. Those sausage fingers.

No. 763830

File: 1584232271382.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20200315-023100.png)

No. 763831

Holy hell. I would be SO mad if I was the bride and T showed up dressed like this. I think it’s extremely disrespectful, how hard is it to find a plain black dress, and some regular jewelry. (Also take that stupid fucking nose chain off)

No. 763832


How would she know that if she tries to avoid negativity about herself? This bitch is clearly reading here and on Twitter with "her" hashtag.

Fucking narcissist, get help. Also can't believe nobody kicked her out of the wedding. It's not even some super fancy thing, it's pretty casual, and she dresses like THAT with all that shitty "jewellery" on her face and neck?

No. 763833

Fucking unwashed and trashy, wow.
I'd be pissed if anyone showed up to my wedding like that, let alone some bitch I don't know, wow

No. 763834

goddamn that nose chain doesn't suit her at all lmao

No. 763835


Damn, that nose chain connects her budding smile lines around her mouth and makes her look rather strange.. take that shit off tay

No. 763836

File: 1584233597996.png (2.72 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2020-03-14_08-53-02_PM.p…)

No. 763837

Ooh that muzzle though

No. 763838

Don't do gelflings dirty like that!
Tay may look like a muppet, but she acts more like a blank faced fuck puppet for whatever Brodick she can seek out that will put up with her unwashed ass.

No. 763839

File: 1584235200109.png (2.91 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-14-21-18-48…)


Especially because it looks like such a normal wedding with pastels and natural tones.

No. 763840

seriously!!! im cringing so hard it hurts. how can you be soooo fucking clueless.

No. 763841

The best part is that she’ll be known as “that skank I saw at a wedding” by pretty much EVERYONE there. It’s not a fucking place for you to flash how ~~sexy~~ and emo you are, Tay, it’s a day to celebrate OTHER PEOPLE besides yourself.

No. 763842


With "her"? How dumb does this bitch think we are? I mean she is hanging with a fucking dude, the dude she relapsed with and has been drinking with since 3pm today.
Her lipstick has migrated off her lips, her fingernails are dirty, her hands are swollen and her entire attitude is gross.

No. 763843


why is the ditch in her arm so fucking red? and my god her hands are so swollen she has no knuckles.

No. 763846

When your fingers look like extra-long gross bitten toes, your hair is so faded your extensions look like Ronald McDonald in drag, and your lips look like a dirty asshole…it makes sense to wear a nightgown and a faux-leather dog collar to the wedding of someone you don't know!
I kek thinking about how Forest & his ex-gf at least probably looked "alt-respectable". Also, tinfoil but she is totally the type to be buddy-buddy with her crush's ex, but in the narc way, not genuine.

No. 763847

the cow that keeps on giving

No. 763848

So his best friend is getting married and he’s not in the wedding party?

No. 763851

When will this idiot understand that she’s not going to get the same kind of attention and ass pats via internet in actual public?

No woman having a wedding that looks like that wants some stupid skank their friend is sampling for the month outshining (good or bad) them in their own wedding. What a tasteless skank. She literally looks like she crawled out of a fucking gutter.

No. 763852

looking ratty and haggard as hell

No. 763853

it's actually incredibly disrespectful to wear black to a wedding lmao but fuck taylor for wearing lingerie instead

No. 763855

File: 1584240584604.jpeg (250.84 KB, 809x1729, ETGZYFpWsAEMHCA.jpeg)

No. 763856

No it’s not. It’s disrespectful to wear white….

No. 763857

Maybe in other cultures, but in fat-white-Texan culture, wearing black is perfectly acceptable. LBD anyone?

No. 763859

there’s something about her that always just screams she’s a junkie. like if i knew absolutely nothing about her and saw her out on the street my first thought would be “yea she probably does heroin”

No. 763863

Lmfao she's wearing shades indoors to hide her pupils

No. 763864

Taylor's such a narc that even on her fuckboy's best friend's wedding she has to be "hotter" than everyone else and try to show up the bride.

No. 763867

I love how she acts like this shy awkward girl who doesn't know how to talk to new people. It's like hey, maybe you just don't have any idea what TPO is and you're making it harder on yourself by making people cringe out their minds.

No. 763868

Ew her fingernails look so dirty

No. 763869

I can't believe she drew those dumb fuck black crosses on her face to go to a wedding. For someone she most likely doesn't know at all. Like other anons have said, I'd want her out asap.

No. 763874


Truly disrespectful. This is one of the most important moments in this couple's union and Taylor had to show up in what looks like a nightgown with edgy doodles drawn on her face in liquid eyeliner. Sometimes it baffles me that she's an adult woman in her TWENTIES. This is the age many people in the world are getting set into careers, putting down roots, starting families… and Taylor's wearing lingerie and drawing upside down crosses on her face while obsessively refreshing her social media feeds. Gross.

No. 763876

All anons have been spot on in their criticisms of this bullshit so far. it proves how out of touch and stunted she is that she can’t consider how inappropriate she’s been. I’m all about self expression but wearing lingerie, a dog collar, and face paint to a WEDDING means you’re not someone grounded in reality. The ex gf is a tattooed pink haired alt girl but dressed down for the occasion, that should have been a big fucking hint. Taylor can’t grasp anything outside of what she wants to do or what would be best for others as well, massive red flag amongst all her many others. My condolences to the poor bride that has a hooker in the bg of photos from her special day.

No. 763880

of course she wore that. she had to upstage forrest's ex-gf even if it made her look like an idiot at a dressed down event.

No. 763883


She couldn’t seriously think that nose chain looks good?
She is soo embarrassing. I can’t get my head around how socially unaware she is

No. 763884

If I was that friend I would’ve kicked Forrest out of the wedding too.
You know you’re friends and have an idea of the style their wedding would be. He clearly has no respect for his friend to turn up with her like that.

No. 763885

Gotta wonder if this is Taylor slutting it up because it's his ex's wedding - all "see how sexy I am???? aren't I better than her!!!! pay attenshun to meeeeee"

She looks high as fuck, too. Imagine this being your wedding, nice venue and people dressed in smart casual like that… and then Forrest rolling in with some skank dressed in a satin nightie, a dog collar, and doodles on her face, high as balls. Yeah, I'd have asked them to leave immediately too. And any sensible bridesmaid would "accidentally" trip with a big glass of red wine and stain her dress all oopsie, too, just as much as you'd do with someone showing up in a white dress too.

No. 763889

"His ex's wedding" I think you might be confused…

No. 763898

She looks like she is shitting. And oof that chain. It really hardens the mouth line. If i was the bride, that trash would be gone. Like I would have physically removed her myself. “Excuse me, are you lost? The methadone clinic is THAT way. Please excuse yourself. This is a wedding, not a drug and sex party.”

No. 763904

Taylor's lack of common sense is astonishing lol

Has she never been to a wedding before? Showing up looking tweaked out and not even with her hair done, in some cheap nightie? With upside-down crosses on her face? Yeah she'd be asked to leave if anyone in the wedding party had a spine. She's so gross and attention-seeking, jesus.

No. 763905

An upside down cross is actually a very religious symbol, but it's definitely strange to wear such makeup to a wedding.

No. 763906

Sure it is, but do you think Taylor holds it in that regard? She's just wearing this shit to be """edgy""". Can you imagine how badly she sticks out at that wedding?

No. 763908

Im sorry, is no one gonna talk about how ridiculously obvious it is that she is high as FUCK in this video???? Look how fucking hard she's trembling and the sound of her voice/reaction to that moth???? This kind of made me feel ill…i lurk these threads for the milk and usually ignore the shit talk but this is actually just really sad and horrible. I remember her sounding like this in some parts of the videos she admitted to filming while high in the past.

No. 763914

Oh she definitely drew them to be edgy.
I hope we get to see a group picture of the wedding guests soon.

No. 763915

File: 1584290125682.jpeg (86.72 KB, 750x379, E1230DFD-EABF-49AE-A241-921187…)

No. 763916

File: 1584290151738.jpeg (80.61 KB, 750x353, 0908302D-76DE-4EA0-ABDB-877AC4…)

No. 763917

Sure hope Taylor doesn't bring a nice lil virus home from that wedding (and inevitable bender) as her newest accessory. It'd be shit for Tanner to get sick because of her.

No. 763918

by the looks of her and the other guests - i am pretty sure everyone practiced their social distancing when it came to her.

No. 763919

File: 1584292309765.png (632.24 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20200315-191120.png)

wtf is she on

No. 763921

This is rich considering she was “unsure” of whether she should travel to another state and also make a Disney World trip out of it just a few days ago.
Poor Tanner doesn’t stand a chance with his retarded mom and sister.

No. 763922


I totally missed the part where she's referring to his ex as HER friend lmao

No. 763924

File: 1584298677749.png (369.79 KB, 1147x1691, Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 2.56…)


No. 763925

yeah definitely a troll. it's the second forest account that's been getting into arguments with the tea accounts lately (the first one was @forest23419690), both made in Feb 2020.

No. 763927

File: 1584301493315.png (1019.1 KB, 1156x1943, Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 3.41…)

if he wants ppl to believe him should maybe unlike the posts from the haturz kek

No. 763934

Anon, sage your posts and stop posting screenshots of your own cringey troll account. No one cares and you’re not funny.

No. 763935

"follows you" yet only has one follower and is only following one person lmfao, nice try dumbass.

No. 763936

stop cowtipping and stop with these retarded mama dean accounts. it was funny for 5 minutes but now the cows are using it as ammunition to paint all the haydurs as insane people

No. 763937


Dude, this is super cringe. Stop this tween-style trolling.

No. 763940

who fucking cares. the stupid screenshot you posted is not even milk dumbass

No. 763942

Are you legitimately retarded? No one complains about TND screenshots because she’s the cow you idiot. No one cares about your cowtipping trolling attempts.

No. 763943

File: 1584305348320.jpeg (500.22 KB, 970x1727, 9121DC64-083B-40DF-AA06-5917E6…)

Wearing the same makeup and dress from yesterday. She’s disgusting

No. 763945


Nice non-toxic DUST mask, you absolute retard. Are you going to be doing some wood-working today, Taylor?

No. 763946

I'm fucking cackling this dumb fucking cow. Every time I think she can't get more stupid she proves me wrong.

No. 763947

No matter what she's using it for she's not wearing it even remotely close to correctly lol. Look at those giant air gaps.

No. 763948

just dumbass that’s all I have to say

No. 763949

Tinfoil, but I wonder if Tay being Forrest's date for the wedding is what finally caused Tinderdick to break it off. I know those movie night pictures and drinking ciders didn't help, but being a date for a wedding is a big step beyond "casual friends."

No. 763951

Tinfoil: Forest will be Taylor’s means of moving out of her house. She has an immunocompromised brother at home but doesn’t feel like she should have to be restricted to not going out and having fun with friends (and by all that I mean doing drugs and having sex). I can totally see her leaving her animals at home. She’ll lie to everyone about how she goes over there as soon as she wakes up to tend to their every need, how they’re doing just fine and she’s ~the HeROiN QwEEn~ of petube so don’t question her.

Curious as to why Forest is bringing Taylor around his ex? Maybe convincing her to have a threesome and she’d be dumb enough to go through with it. Of course we’d all have to hear her cry afterwards about how she wasn’t comfortable with it and was pressured to do it.

She’s been truly insufferable lately and I’m surprised she isn’t getting called out more because of it.

No. 763958

She’s not “edgy” she’s fucking ratchet. A moron too. Does she know cleanliness is the first step for prevention? Did she dig that out of her dads tool shed? My bet is she went to buy one and that’s all there was. It’s only an accessory to her like everything else. Please will somebody vomit on her? It shouldn’t be too hard, just look at it and it’ll make you queasy.

No. 763959

File: 1584314399161.png (270.13 KB, 1439x1614, Capture _2020-03-15-19-07-38.p…)

Then go tell YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER that.

No. 763960

Guess she's got withdrawal sweats so now she has to bait attention and worry from her stans.

Either way she has done a great job putting her brother at risk by continuously going out.

No. 763961

>I wonder if Tay being Forrest's date for the wedding is what finally caused Tinderdick to break it off.

This would imply that she had to be honest to Tinder guy about going to a wedding with Forrest beforehand. My theory is that she kept leading him on about how "she wanted to be in a relationship but she's still dealing with all the trauma because her ex wouldn't hug her uwu", and then Forrest appears flashing her with drugs, alcohol, and Versace sunglasses and she hops on that dick in .5 seconds so she ends up two-timing them, but even she can't do that right.

I bet you a dollar that Tinder guy did read these threads at some point and came across Forrest's ig, which she follows, and saw all the shit he was posting. But she kept on saying it was just "a friend", until she couldn't cover it anymore. Plus, from his point of view it becomes even more obvious when she says she was seeing Tinder guy consntantly during 6 months but all we saw was Forrest.

No. 763967


she looks like she's been on a whole weekend party bender, fuck. even more dead eyed and lax faced than usual. and ofc the protective equipment is a fucking joke and an accessory to her. cow.

No. 763969

she is a subhuman.

No. 763970

I've been waiting for her "polyamorous phase" to come. All victim complex women who validate themselves through relationships with men go through it from what I've seen. She'll act so happy at 1st, but slowly decline until she breaks and makes it about being a victim. How she really wasn't happy and was being taken advantage of.

No. 763971

I wonder if Taylor is even home right now. Pretty sure she is still out with Forest on a drug binge.

No. 763980

And didn’t take a clean set of clothes, hence the same outfit. Come on, would it kill you to pack a bag? I’m sure you knew you wouldn’t be back. Eww, your crotch is rank already, change your fucking underwear. Unless your team free peach, which the spots from the cum oozing out on that skanky dress would be fitting. It would really tie the whole look together. A trashy wannabe junkie, ready to be plowed by the first dick to offer drugs. Drugs aren’t even that fun. They are fun for a minute until you realize that you have accomplished nothing, then the guilt sets in. Then you stop in till next time. Don’t claim “sobriety”. Animals are not that hard to tend to. She could have had it both ways, but instead she chose negligence whilst on drugs. That’s why she is a cow I suppose….(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 763982

File: 1584326218972.jpeg (364.73 KB, 1125x914, CE7F466C-200F-48F4-97A9-1BB1BE…)

kek. like your retarded druggie spawn?

No. 763984

Please sage your weird fucking autistic ranting.

No. 763988


Remember that yesterday she was more than happy to go to a wedding with dozens of strangers sitting in close contact.

No. 763995

Pls kys

No. 764018

In before TayTay is out trying to deliberately get corona just for internet victim points now that being a junkie and abuse victim isn't getting her much sympathy these days.

No. 764019

her mom probably forced her to wear a mask to protect her brother.

No. 764028

She’s gone to a wedding with Betsy before I think. She also looked trashy then. This one takes the cake tho

No. 764036


All i can think of is how swollen her fingers are. I mean they're fucking ugly all the time but this looks like JC's hand. Heroin? Not even once.

No. 764038

A dust mask with giant gaps isn't protecting anyone lmao

Plus she's still out with Forest

No. 764041

File: 1584374967923.jpeg (421.22 KB, 750x986, C9BE43B3-ABFE-402A-8D7C-E06989…)

because it’s a highly contagious pandemic you dumbfuck. she has no concern for her brother at all. we all know your nasty ass doesn’t wash your hands, look at the grime you have under your nails IN PUBLIC.

No. 764042

File: 1584375023612.jpeg (314.18 KB, 1536x2048, D2AA00B7-2468-4031-97ED-7650A5…)

No. 764043

File: 1584375102612.jpeg (335.16 KB, 1536x2048, B7E31208-C043-4DB7-9906-53E8AE…)

oh my god this is so ugly
why would she post this

No. 764044

File: 1584375791761.png (411.81 KB, 750x1334, C8C5BF96-98EA-41E8-8779-24868B…)

God forbid you be depressed at home in order to protect yourself and your brother with a terrible immune system.

No. 764045

because it gives the illusion of ~*~curves~*~

Would it kill the girl to brush her extensions

No. 764046

>just felt like going
she's such a cunt and I hope for her brothers sake she didn't get infected. Her disregard for her mothers worries are so beyond me why can't she care for anyone but herself? (rethorical question)

No. 764047

lmao I’ve seen troons with better curves then her, why does it look like her ribcage curves outward instead of her breasts

No. 764048

File: 1584376269564.jpeg (421.72 KB, 750x863, 7CA2A183-FF13-4BB0-BCDE-88B307…)

No. 764049

File: 1584376364254.jpeg (312.1 KB, 750x672, 89B3285D-A440-4B5D-B06E-6E22FB…)

>showered heavily
why do I doubt that

No. 764050

File: 1584376499544.png (80.18 KB, 767x533, Annotation 2020-03-16 123504.p…)

No. 764051

does she not realize you can be a carrier without showing any symptoms? dear god, I hope her brother stays healthy

No. 764052

>I don't have the virus lol
her head is a bottomless pit

No. 764053

File: 1584377048872.png (184.91 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20200316-184318.png)

your ingorance doesn't excuse that, taylor.

No. 764054

>"I was invited to a wedding months before"

Yeah a ton of people had social gatherings that they avoided. Weddings aren't an exception just because people make them out to be this huge "cant miss it" thing. It's a glorified party. Besides it wasnt like this person was Taylor's family.

> "my mom's been texting me all day mad that I went out"

Yeah because you have an already I'll brother and two middle aged parents. The only three people you live with if they caught it have a high chance of it being dangerous for them.

>"going outside with friends helps cute my depression soo I'm just gonna do what I want "

Honestly this is the most entitled thing I think Taylor has ever said. It should wake her brainwashed teen stans up. COVID isnt some scary hatur of a man she can say was abusive or an animal she can lie about an neglect. It's a disease that unbiasedly can target anyone and Taylor is still the BIGGEST victim out of anyone just because shes depressed guys !! The first ex junkie ever to feel sad sometimes. She obviously has it way worse than anyone with a compromised immune system (like the brother who lives with her). Why doesnt SHE deserve to go out even though a majority of the world's population is self quarteining for safety. Taylor is the most special guys. Her special feels need to be coddled no one else is more important than the pettube queen.

Tinfoil/Armchair but I think Taylor is literally unable to see past her own problems because growing up her crazy mother probably doted on her brother to an extreme extent. Now Taylor selfishly does shit to become the biggest victim (like drugs and dating junkies) to get her mom's attention because all of Taylor's minor problems as a kid/teen were rightfully minimized in comparison to her brother's issues. In Taylor's mind she needs to be the biggest victim and wholeheartedly believe it because who else is gonna really care? Mama Dean cares about Mama Dean and keeps Taylor quiet by enabling her so she doesn't have more to deal with than she already does.

No. 764055


“Just didn’t want to say I wasn’t showing up to the wedding.”

W O W god forbid you “miss out” on an acquaintance’s wedding for the sake that your brother won’t get deathly ill.

No. 764056

File: 1584377464564.jpeg (526.76 KB, 750x1080, 7A988235-AFEA-4877-83B3-6AD700…)

No. 764057


>"it was a few days ago and things didn't seem as serious"

there's no way she's this oblivious, but even then
>"this was 2 days ago"
>Texas declared state of emergency 3 days ago
stupid bitch, but don't worry, it's not her fault!! she hadn't heard it was this bad, guys!! totes not her fault if she or her family get sick!

No. 764058

File: 1584377656816.jpeg (801.53 KB, 828x1792, 1EECDB58-3B4E-488A-B463-78F7B1…)

Real person with EDS. Wtf is Taylor doing?

No. 764059

Haha Jenjen is having a mental breakdown from panic over corona (even though she was recently having a poll about whether or not to bring her son to Disney) and Taylor is being her gross junkie self as always. Prepare for explosion in 3… 2… 1…

No. 764060

fuck she's clueless. just woke up from her weekend bender, I guess.

No. 764062

File: 1584377838861.png (947.07 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20200316-185636.png)

how hard is it just to admit you were wrong, why'd you need that huge wall of text.

No. 764063

Well they decided to have the wedding so it’s THEIR FAULT!!! also this dumb bobble headed bimbo really said “well I don’t have the virus” bitch it’s been TWO DAYS. You could very well have it. Such a selfish cunt to go out to a wedding that literally was no one she knew it was a “friend’s” friend’s wedding but yup definitely worth potentially bringing home a virus that could easily be deadly for your severely immunocompromised brother. And wouldn’t her “EDS” and “celiac” also make her more susceptible and at risk for more severe symptoms if she did catch it? Makes no sense. Hope the dick was worth it.

No. 764064

wow it's almost the exact same excuse as when she was out and had "two sips of cider". She was just so depressed guise, she needed the fun

No. 764068

Yup. She is absolutely not depressed BECAUSE she spends all her days on twitter.

No. 764069

File: 1584378283682.png (105.78 KB, 1011x589, twitter_1239595493430353924.pn…)

because she's uwu sad and people are so mean anon

No. 764070

lmao percussions

No. 764071

Wow. What an absolute retarded dicklicker. She’s really trying to say “wE dOn’T kNoW hoW sEriOus iT Is”. Yes, we do, Taylor. And you spreading that misinformation is disgusting and harmful and you should be ashamed. Also, Forest is a big boy and could have gone without you. The problem is you being completely selfish and going when you have an immunocompromised brother at home.

“Sorry if I offended people but I SAD so it doesn’t matter if it was severely irresponsible and selfish of me to go because I SAD and that’s all the matters.”

No. 764072

File: 1584378581034.jpeg (395.57 KB, 1242x1460, A2E2EDA1-23DD-41A2-8902-C52E74…)

“I said I’m sorry if it was selfish.” That’s not an apology, Taylor. There is no IF. It was selfish. Period. The apology should read: “it sorry I WAS selfish and did not consider the health or wellbeing of my family.”

No. 764073

So we are supposed to believe TND, who spends all her time sleeping, doing drugs, and sperging on Twitter didn’t know that broadway and all major sports teams shut down and that Italy is in crisis? All before this wedding that she just couldn’t miss? Ok.

No. 764074

File: 1584378832051.jpeg (265.6 KB, 1242x1281, 557728A4-9D9E-499B-A9E9-8D0C6C…)

uwu don’t tell me that I’m selfish and made a bad decision because my mental health is rly bad so you can’t criticize me now!!

No. 764075


So i've been creepy x2 and found the bride and groom on fb and then their instas. Neither them or any of their close friends beside Forest follows Tay on any social platform, not even Forest's ex lol Forest was NOT in the bridal party, one of the groomsmen posted a lineup of all the groomsmen and he is not in it. Tay was definitely not invited by the bride nor the groom and was Forest's tag along. Weeks, my ass. I could post pics but I don't want to drag ppl on here that are trying to live and didn't intend for miss bitch to blast them online

No. 764078

File: 1584379331342.png (201.18 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20200316-192110.png)

back to "missing rehab". the place where you kept sabotaging yourself and engaging in self destructive behaviour, according to yourself, taylor.

No. 764079

File: 1584379348368.jpg (88.67 KB, 531x657, Annotation 2020-03-16 112139.j…)

No. 764081


Even if he WAS a groomsman, Trailor didn't know anyone there. She showed up at a wedding looking like a homeless prostitute because she wanted to. Not because her "mental health was bad". No. She went because shes so fucking codependent on men. Forest invited her and she was like "Oh an excuse to dress up and impress him". We already know she doesn't give a fuck about her brother she cares about what Forest thinks of her because shes a desperate cunt

No. 764082

File: 1584379833992.jpg (39.58 KB, 594x288, 2020-03-16 112852.jpg)

No. 764083

>>764079"I'm gonna call"

BUT YOU CAN'T CALL YOU MORON you will only end up scheduling a time and then not show up again and again like you have done since your mom stopped taking care of phone calls for you

"I'm going to try to talk to my mom about it"

Oh so this is all a charade to get your mom to forgive you for putting your brother at risk during an international crisis.

"I felt safest when I was in rehab"

So GO there then. Oh my god stop begging for attention and asspats just because you had a fight with your mom.

And HOW many times has this bitch claimed to be on "several hours of therapy each week"?

No. 764084

“Old” therapist. So, confirmation she is no longer going to therapy or participating in IOP. She claimed she was going to a new IOP after her old one “took everyone off suboxone” (kicked her out for using).

No. 764085

They probably refused her after the UA

No. 764087

Probably will sound shitty but Jen saw it coming after letting her 20 y/o nini daughter over stay when she does nothing but get high.

No. 764093

File: 1584381135954.jpeg (133.47 KB, 500x460, EAF451D2-A858-42E4-A7EF-D4379B…)

>I did take percussions

No. 764094


oooo she's deleting everything left right and center! can't take any criticism…pandemic or no pandemic, tay don't wanna hear it

No. 764096

I would only believe she’s this clueless and selfish because she was high off her ass with Forest. She has to be doing heroin again. Why else would she feel the NEED to leave her bed during this distressing time. Like NOW you want to get out of the house and socialize to help your depression?? GTFO.

>> we were BOTH having really hard days
Aka shooting heroin and getting dope sick.

It really isn’t an exaggeration to say that you can get someone severely ill and they die. Take Forest’s dick out of your mouth for a second and look up reputable articles… oh wait.

Does someone want to remind her she said she was supposed to go back to rehab this month lol

No. 764097

Jen sometimes is sensible. Also please disown tay soon, time to cut the cord.

No. 764098

Because she managed to successfully shift her braindead fans on to her very dire mental health status so she’s now above criticism and doesn’t have to apologize for putting her entire family at risk for some skeevy dick and male attention.

No. 764099


Um…your mom is on your twitter feed obsessively, responds to you constantly, sees your semi-nude pictures and blowjob miming….she drives you to IOP, gets you your food, is your personal taxi service, and listens to you bitch on every insta post….so you're gonna walk one room over and tell her shit she has been reading for the last 10 months?


No. 764101

The quarantine is for 14 days because signs develop anywhere between 5 to 14 days, you ignorant cunt waffle.

And as someone who smokes cigarettes and likely heroin and meth, fun fact, bby girl: your lungs are trashed and YOU are at risk of developing more severe disease even if you didn't also "have" your special snowflake disease.

No. 764102

File: 1584381745552.png (441.89 KB, 902x738, fuckyoumom.png)

Mom's fault on insta too….poor Tay

No. 764104

She literally never leaves the house. She barely leaves her bed but now suddenly she’s “trapped” and “confined”. That’s how her poor animals feel in their “cages” every day.

No. 764106

File: 1584382205388.jpeg (256.81 KB, 1242x1286, 57859E09-D09E-4A73-810F-584D37…)

I thought she claimed she was getting therapy and was on meds and doing so so much better? Now she’s been suicidal for months? Also, guess the confined to the house thing didn’t last long. They’re going to “go do things”. Lovely.

No. 764108


This bitch really started up the "uwu im suicidal pls im soft" thing so that people would stop attacking her for being a selfish cunt. Wow. Damn how does she still have fans?

No. 764109

Posts deleted of course.. getting too much backlash..

No. 764112

She's so predictable. You have to be braindead to actually believe this shit.

No. 764113

Now's a great time, you fucking selfish cunt! It's the perfect time for you to take care of your mental health while the hospitals are overloaded with sick and frightened people and everyone is going on lockdown. Please, please go take up more precious resources because uWu i haz sadz. Jesus, she is truly a work of narcissistic art.

No. 764115

File: 1584383630352.jpg (635.63 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200316-113336.jpg)

Apparently Mama Dean thinks coronavirus is gonna come through her computer even though she's still tweeting

No. 764116

File: 1584383712032.jpeg (455.07 KB, 1242x1766, B9738E85-792E-4999-9C4C-D6A579…)

No. 764117

She's so privileged. Not to bipolarfag but some of us have been put in mental health facilities against our will, and it's fucking hell. Being put on a 72 hour hold (which is what would happen if Taylor called the hospital and said she was suicidal) and literally getting locked into a state facility is entirely different from going to a cushy rehab center on mom and dad's dime. Guaranteed she would not last a day.(Nobody cares)

No. 764120

She wants to go to a place where she isn't responsible for cleaning her room, or taking care of her animals. Where they serve you food and you spend most of the day talking about yourself.
So, basically like her parent's house, only without the nagging and brother she thinks is obnoxious.

No. 764121

What happened to her 7 hour daily IOP and her team of the best professionals around? When she’s under criticism, she’s ~so alone, but when she’s trying to prove that she’s not relapsing she all of a sudden has a swat team of support helping her through.

No. 764122

This is all a ploy to escape criticism. She isn’t going to check herself into a psychiatric hospital. All these tweets will be deleted and she’ll claim she was just in a uwu dark place but she’s sooOoOo better and healthy now the next time she throws on a dirty negligee to take thirst trap pictures for her preteen stans. Just like the rehab for abused women she was definitely going to go to for tRauMa that never happened.

No. 764123

File: 1584386344864.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-16-15-17-32…)


I agree, I think its that and also coming down off a drug binge. If mom d is really keeping her on lockdown, she is probably in a desperate state of mind.

Forest, in the meantime, linked a post of a guy's pov: "I come rescue you from your quarantine in my new car and we elope together" bullshit. Subtle.

No. 764124

You're right, she wouldn't last a day. But she would have no choice but stay for the entire hold. She would cry about those 72 hours for 2 years! Maybe she would learn just how fun it is to have real issues, and grow the fuck up

No. 764126

File: 1584387031222.jpeg (289.6 KB, 750x715, 91C925CC-550B-4BE3-8DFA-EC98A1…)

No. 764127

get ready for "lmfao my therapist said I can stay with my current world famous therapists at the IOP that I am absolutely attending every week ok lol"

No. 764128

if she had true suicidal thoughts, it wouldn't be easy to "think of another topic"

No. 764134

File: 1584388022848.jpeg (384.78 KB, 750x996, 9C571F54-365B-4C21-8221-A7D735…)

No. 764135

"think of another topic" is probably Taylor speak for "a bump of meth" or "gulp of twisted tea"

No. 764136

wait, how many did she have in the last all my pets-video?

No. 764137

This is all just a ploy for her to get drugs she can abuse. That's why she keeps mentioning "getting on something". She's clearly freaking out because she can't have her dealer get her drugs because of what's going on with the virus so she's trying to get a prescription so she doesn't have to worry about it and her mom can become her new dealer at least until everything goes back to normal.

Also for someone with "depression" she sure has the energy to get all dolled up and go out and do stuff.

No. 764138

So wait - she’s saying if her animals weren’t getting adequate care she WOULDN’T be seeking help? How does that make any sense? If your animals weren’t getting the care they needed (spoiler: they’re not) that should be a huge reason to get help.

No. 764139

Less than a month ago this bitch was posting cringey text message exchanges about how she took her antidepressants for 4 days and she was magically fixed and everything was sunshine and rainbows. What happened did she try and abuse those too and completely run out? Once you’re established on an antidepressant that works you usually get a couple months supply or at least a few refills without having to be seen again. Now all of a sudden she has nothing and has been suicidal for weeks. Make it make sense.

No. 764142

TBF antidepressants do carry a Black Box Warning for suicidal ideation.

HOWEVER, do I believe she seeked out help- HELL NO. If she had a doctor prescribing her antidepressants like she claimed a few weeks ago, then it would be common sense that she report these side effects to her provider. She doesn’t have a provider and she isn’t taking medications. She’s just another rambling drug addict.

No. 764144

Oh noooo, mommy says it's not a nice hospital! Bitch, do you want to get help or not?

Jen should take her at her word and have her put under a 72 hr hold. It's the best place for her regardless of whether she's actually bullshitting or not.

No. 764145

File: 1584390437417.jpg (365.52 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200316-132728.jpg)

No. 764148

They're both so oversensitive and defensive, it's kind of hilarious. You and your daughter put your whole-ass lives online voluntarily but can't take it when someone talks back a bit? Fuckinp pathetic.

No. 764149

She's.. the one… Involving people in her business… What the fuck is wrong with these women?

No. 764152

File: 1584391446782.png (Spoiler Image, 815.77 KB, 828x1792, A3AB740A-1859-455A-AD7C-7CB198…)

.. why the fuck was her first instinct to be hospitalized when usually that’s a step only taken if you are in crisis.

No. 764153

File: 1584391771081.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-16-16-49-04…)

I'm suicidal! But first lemme get my hair done

No. 764154

So like now she is suicidal ?? What is happening ? Any criticism and she needs to become the biggest victim

She is digging a hole, she can’t take care of her own pets lol

No. 764155


No. 764156

File: 1584391825283.png (8.69 MB, 1125x2436, 605754F3-D775-4F9E-ABA8-222E84…)

JFC. Tone deaf.

No. 764157

File: 1584391856255.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-03-16-16-49-16…)


lmao duh!

No. 764158

File: 1584391959167.png (1.08 MB, 1041x1372, Screenshot_2020-03-16-16-51-56…)

gotta touch that face and put out that tongue even during a global pandemic

No. 764159

File: 1584392122469.png (240.35 KB, 1437x1057, Capture _2020-03-16-16-54-42.p…)


No. 764160

Saged for blogging but when my depression is bad, my animal care (and I only have 4 pets…) is pretty bare minimum. Dogs get walked and fed, small pets cages get cleaned and they get fed and that's it. And that is a tremendous task. I do not for a second believe that her animals receive appropriate care when they get the bare minimum at her "highest" mental health.(Nobody cares)

No. 764162

jesus christ she really is milking the "teheee im so quirky i need to be hospitalized cuz im so mentally ill hehee!!"
that's so pathetic.

my tinfoil is the same as this anon. >>764120
selfish cunt.

No. 764163

DOCTOR Mama Dean has all this under control everyone. She knows what’s in the best interest of her adult daughter.

No. 764164

This. This is like the number one thing you shouldn’t be doing. Touching your damn face with your dirty hands.

Maybe she should get off of social media as the first step to better mental health.

No. 764166

the chain makes her nose look twice as broad as it really is, I guess she really can't see herself clearly

No. 764167

so like what happened to all her therapy and IOP?

No. 764168

did she even wash off her makeup?? it looks like leftover eyeliner from two fucking days ago

No. 764170

oh that poor, poor hairdresser. I still remember when Tay was puking and feeling so incredibly sick, and then magically got better for a while so she could go do her hair.

No. 764174

Why is she even at the hair dresser? She just got her hair dyed and she doesn't wash it.

No. 764176

one of her hAtuRS pointed out that it doesn't match the extensions anymore

No. 764177

File: 1584395073333.jpeg (189.61 KB, 1236x1127, B0E36133-3674-4ABF-98F6-315E9E…)

Taylor-brought-a-gun-into-sober-living-Dean y’all.

No. 764178

It's semi permanent dye. Nothing is stopping her from rubbing it into her own hair at home.

No. 764179

Because Dr. Mama Dean wants to try alternative ways to help her before letting her daughter commit herself. Heaven forbid she gets the help she actually needs and finds out what a bat shit whack job her mother is.

See >>764106. It’s clear Mama Dean is enabling Taylor and taking her to do things to feel better about MeNTaL heALTh. Mama Dean is snapping at that person who pointed out about rehab this month because she knows it was a mistake not to force her to go and now she looks like a bad mother.

Tinfoil: but sometimes I feel like Mama Dean is insecure about being a unfit parent so much so that she doesn’t want Taylor to seek any kind of help because the Dean family dynamic would come to light. She probably thinks she would be seen as an unfit mother and that could ultimately lead to Tanner being taken from her.
Their behavior today is really telling of how Taylor literally acts like a fucking child and Mama Dean has the say so. If you feel fucking suicidal, get IMMEDIATE help. Why as a mother would you tell your child to wait and look at different options when they’re telling you they feel like taking their life?

No. 764180

File: 1584397158141.jpeg (299.3 KB, 750x816, 09D59761-B71C-47B1-A6A6-414C69…)

No. 764181

lmao "haven't been near my brother in two days", as if that was bc of the virus and not bc she doesn't give a shit about her family, especially her brother. like why does she even need an "outing" in order to socialise? you live with your entire family dumbass, talk to them sometimes

No. 764183


You said you weren't going anywhere anymore. And even you mentioned the magic number 2 because you're getting TWO FREEZERS to stack up on shit.

Yet you're going to the mall, and touching your fucking face.

But she's in a bad place uwu so it's ok. She could be going to a concert or to a crowded bar and because she's in a bad mental place it's ok. Like coronavirus gives a shit about your sad day lmao this fucking moron.

No. 764184


People on the brink of suicide don't put on lingerie and dog collars and pose in suggestive ways for selfies when they're struggling not to plunge the knife "lmao"

Anytime this bitch gets called out she suicide baits. Remember when the dude with a following messaged her saying "I thought you were going to stop talking about JC" and she spiraled into a "heap of tears" onto her floor and made sure everyone knew she was going to an hero herself any minute

Taylor, get a new shtick. This is offensive.

No. 764186

Who goes to a salon to get their hair done when the COUNTRY is shutting down and people are being asked to self-quarantine? Why do you need your hair done to hang out around the house for the next few weeks? What the fuck is this??????????

No. 764187

swear I saw TND at my methadone clinic this morning. she had a hood on though and wasn't wearing the lingerie and dog collar. split hair, piercings, sunglasses and horrible style were all present. I couldn't get close enough to see her face clearly or tell 100% if it was her.

No. 764188

she definitely will not handle being on methadone well. she will most likely go up to an extremely high dose, resulting in massive weight gain in her body and face.

No. 764189

>but sometimes I feel like Mama Dean is insecure about being a unfit parent so much so that she doesn’t want Taylor to seek any kind of help because the Dean family dynamic would come to light.

I agree with the last half of this, because I don't think Jennifer is insecure, but the exact opposite. She thinks she knows everything and she always knows best. She's overprotective to the point of being smothering and possessive, reaching Margaret Palermo levels of insanity. If Taylor went to any sort of therapy, like, legitimate therapy, the family dynamic would most definitely come to light. Just from their online activity you can tell how it is.
Absent father, mother devoting her time to a child who cannot be left alone due to a syndrome out of his control, and with a daughter who basically is the result of her parents' incompetence.

No. 764191

The funniest part is that she misread this person's tweet and put her on blast.

No. 764195

File: 1584407921746.jpeg (348.68 KB, 750x806, EE7E9155-BE30-453E-B5ED-746E1D…)

why does she keep posting the same rank ass pictures

No. 764196

because she got shamed into deleting her first set because she made a pandemic seem like it wasnt a big deal

No. 764198

File: 1584408260303.png (571.64 KB, 1439x1671, Capture _2020-03-16-21-20-30.p…)

Ahh the classic lmfao

No. 764199


Yes, bitch, we’ve seen about a million times.

No. 764201

You really should have regrets. Like, really big ones.

No. 764202

She's such a cunt she doesn't even realize how this is STILL extremely disrespectful

No. 764203

she is a grown adult woman letting her mummy tell her what she can do about her own mental health

she is incapable of taking any kind of responsibility for anything - it would actually be incredible to watch if she didnt look so fucking stupid while doing it

No. 764204

File: 1584408958411.jpeg (401.02 KB, 750x758, 2D3B5D37-8C9E-45F9-A31E-5BD3CB…)

this isn’t cute wtf. she’s doing that because she’s an albino and her eyes are incredibly sensitive to light, poor thing

No. 764206


Maybe you shouldn't have done heroin dumbfuck.

Shes getting what she deserves right now

No. 764208

File: 1584409132243.jpeg (167.83 KB, 1300x1283, D611C261-A39C-4415-BA92-FDFB22…)

No. 764210

Ah yes, just take your leopard gecko, a crepuscular prey animal, and put it in a wide open space outside in the bright light. Definitely not a recipe for disaster.

No. 764212


"I'm so suicidal that I need to keep posting about it online for attention and asslicks"

That isn't how suicidal people act, bitch. Try again, and stop looking for attention via emotional guilt and manipulation, cunt.

No. 764213

File: 1584409884932.jpg (113.05 KB, 1280x1254, original.jpg)

she looks like this meme in this picture

No. 764214

File: 1584409953366.jpeg (370.25 KB, 750x905, E6F3275C-228A-41B1-9E65-2D2CCF…)

don’t lie to her.

No. 764217

It looks like she got her nails done for the wedding in these pics and like.. yikes. She got her hands messed with a pandemic going on that is often spread by touching your face and other people’s hands

No. 764219

right now is an AWFUL time to take up valuable resources with non-essential stuff, you narcissistic cunt! I know you've been nodding off on drugs ans haven't read the news but people in some parts of the world are let DIE because there isn't enough resources to help them. it won't be long until it reaches your cozy neck of the woods, idiot, and then you'll be responsible, even if you throw a thousand pity parties!

No. 764220

I bet you this is an old pic. She had nails like that/those colors back in July. (YouCan see pics on her instagram) She didn't get her nails done for the wedding, btw:

No. 764221

Jen Logic: Corona-chan in the house? No. Drugs? Yes.

No. 764225

so she can take pics of herself, obviously

No. 764229


THIS! Jen's worried about Taylor bringing it home to her brother, but EDS patients are severely immunocompromised. Shouldn't Jen be even more worried about Taylor catching it?? Or does she figure Taylor will off herself with heroin anyway so what's the difference?
Just one more thing pointing towards EDS being another Taylor lie.

No. 764230

It’s still so weird to me that she suddenly adopted this emo/goth look seemingly out of nowhere

No. 764232

she's got the attention span of a 11 yo, shes bored of her new look already, translation im so mentally depressed guiz!!

Whatever is new, social, trendy, exclusive taylor wants. She'll ditch the new look and "find herself" when she's done with it.

No. 764237

Don’t worry in a few months she will have a totally different style lol. Her all of a sudden being suicidal/emo from 2010 is really anoyying tho. I can’t believe she lied and said she went to a alt wedding like no girl it was a normal ass wedding

No. 764245

File: 1584426907028.jpg (750.74 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_2020-03-16_23-26-29.JPG)

I swear she is auditioning for a Dr Phil show.

No. 764249

she has heroin-EDS its a rare type that only 15% get and will only show up when you have a severe lack of heroin in your bloodstream

No. 764251

File: 1584431337582.png (347.69 KB, 537x386, Capture.PNG)

No. 764252

File: 1584431527195.png (25.06 KB, 659x169, Capture.PNG)

this cunt stays in her bed 24/7 anyway but now suddenly it's a problem for her?
gotta capitalize off the situation, I guess.

No. 764253

She's probably panicking because she can't get all the enclosures to look good and she already promised an "All my pets video" that is now a month late so she's "suicidal" now so fans won't question her about her late video again. She most likely won't have a video out for a while now because she will be going to "treatment" or "working on her mental health".

No. 764254

Hypermobile EDS patients like Taylor aren't immunocompromised. There are different types of EDS. Google is your friend.

No. 764256

File: 1584438892510.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 87F8AE82-8E05-40E0-9C07-9F093F…)

No. 764257

File: 1584438973623.png (265.46 KB, 750x1334, 1AF23719-34C6-4996-9AB6-D335BD…)

No. 764258

File: 1584438999582.png (255.3 KB, 750x1334, 301B2007-5C6D-4516-8652-5EB6BE…)

No. 764260

i like that syd has a normal, feminine jaw and not a jutting witch chin like taylor.

No. 764261

even with a filter that blurs her face that badly you can STILL see the filth under her nails.

No. 764262

Not to armchair psycho here. I think she is “depressed” and worried about her videos not doing well when she posted a new one, all her videos after her heroine one got very low views. Even her outing jonny video didn’t even hit 1 mill, people are getting sick of her and she knows it. Thats why she constantly stir up fights on twitter for attention.

No. 764263

inb4 jennifer tries to pray the depression away.
here's an alternative cure for you taylor: create a daily structure, wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night, work out, do something productive every day however shitty you feel, limit your internet usage significally, get a job.

No. 764265

silly anon, that requires work and change and we all know taylor wants asspats and pity