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No. 680528

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her 32 year old junkie ex-boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread:

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L (currently deactivated as of 6/29)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thepearlboy4L

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Presently looking for a new sober living to move to >>680038 as well as apartment hunting >>680475
> Is pissed at Jonny for accepting her gift of $42k teeth
> Hedgehog discovered with a bad case of mange and dental problems ie. its needs neglected
> Some animals have been left behind at the atrium house, the list of carers including a professional rescue staying there, an assistant visiting 3x a week, and Taylor's parents both spending hours there each day
> At last some snakes are in tubs at Taylor's parents' house, Taylor blames the rescue for putting them in tubs (that Taylor already had)
> Acquired a new blood python with aggression issues, has been proudly showing off bites. Upon twitter outrage stated she is in the process of rehoming the snake on behalf of someone else
> Acquired a new snake of a breed known for its neurological problems, claims it to be issue-free (just “goofy”) and a rescue
> Jokes about getting her 30 Day Chip with a chipotle substitute and says she's still settling on which NA she likes most to get it from soon
> Appears to have been visiting friends in a hotel who left rehab for relapsing either multiple days in a row or overnight, took her brand new snake there for funsies and a photo op
> Despite the new acquisition, says she rehomed a great many animals while in rehab. Hasn’t been clear when, where to, which ones or exactly how many
>Jonny has been sadboi eating, says he fell and broke his toe, and is staying quiet for now
> Plans to rent a place in Austin for her pets and as a base to work from Youtubing while fulfilling the job requirements of sober living
> TND leaves rehab early, reactivates Twitter, immediately starts blaming Jonny for EVERYTHING and takes 0 responsibility for her own mistakes
> Has already moved out of the atrium house (as if no one saw that coming)
> Says she's in a sober living house that's "not a facility" despite having a curfew and on-site staff enforcing rules. hints at plans for moving out soon
> Posts photos of select few animals outside of their cages (except the rats, of course, are always in their inadequate cage)
> Nemo has clearly lost weight, Star is chunky as ever. whoever was watching the animals was not being careful with proper feeding
> TND claims that blatant lies she has tweeted in the past were really Jonny using her Twitter account. Will unblock people he made her block, but anyone who made her "feel negatively" will remain blocked
> Promises to apologize to Jonny's exes that she's burned in the past, gives no timeline of when she might do this, says she just wants to "have fun" right now
> TND claims to have begun process of filing a protective order against Jonny for herself, despite no evidence in public court records to support this
> Claims Jonny tried to get her to sign an NDA but she refused. Says it took her "like 10 tries" to leave him
> Confirms that texts between her and Chelsea in Dec 2017 are real, but quickly deletes confirmation tweet.
> Jonny, in an incredibly uncharacteristic move, is silent on social media, refusing to bad-mouth Taylor, asking others to leave him out of it (possibly because he believes he still has a chance to get her back)
> Mama Dean tweeting her usual passive-aggressive threats of spilling milk
> TND changes Twitter bio to include "sober date" or 6/5/19, but quickly removes it within a day or two
> Anons speculate Taylor is manic and/or has already relapsed, and that's the cause of the ridiculous Twitter bender she's on
> TND meets new boy toy (Jake) while in rehab together, immediately latches onto him while insisting they're "not really together"
> Starts acting a hoe on Twitter, talking about how Jonny didn't fuck her for "13 months", she was "mentally single" for a year before splitting, and she wants to slut it up now that she can
> Takes sneaky photos of Jake when he's not looking, spam-posts them to Twitter because he doesn't have an account. gushes about how hot he is, says she wants him in her videos because "he's funny"
> Posts obvious after-sex photos with him in a hotel room. He finds her PUBLIC Twitter account, texts her about it, she short circuits and begins deleting tweets about him soon after
> Ironically calls him "super platonic best bro just friends" yet says she loves him and could consider marrying him ("just kidding! or is she? she is… or is she?")
> Couldn't be "by herself" for any amount of time, as she didn't break up with Jonny until after she had found a new guy who "gave her the strength" to ghost him
> Gets her fans to pester Halsey to write song lyrics by hand for her, tattoos them on her chest, looks real bad sis
> it's infinitely clear that while she may have detoxed in rehab, she did not learn anything about herself, or the trait of humility
> immediately back on her bullshit of "not caring about the haters" yet acting incredibly defensive about everything
> Doing EVERYTHING that professionals tell you not to do during recovery (moving house, impulse tattoos, new relationship, heavy social media use, etc.)

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Spider ball python (possible name might be be Chip or Cobain)

> Recent Known Deaths: ~
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: ~ (many but not named yet)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Taylor deactivates Twitter after announcing she has broken up with Jonny
> Posts on multiple platforms that the relationship has ended but begs people not to tell Jonny. Deletes posts very quickly after
> Something happens that sends Taylor to the hospital for unknown reasons
> Jonny moves out WHILE Taylor is in the hospital, has someone drive him to NY State in a U-Haul truck with his most expensive toys (computer and some shoes and stupid Funko pops) in the back
> Jonny swears up and down they are still together and he only left to "take care of his dad for two months"
> Mama Dean confirms Taylor is in rehab for heroin addiction (surprise surprise she's been using all along)
> Jonny receives calls from Taylor while she is in rehab. She acts as though they're totally fine, and she will visit in NY as soon as she gets out
> Taylor is telling everyone a different story depending on what they want to hear
> Mama Dean spergs out when she realizes she's possibly being lied to
> Jonny is already talking to new girls, receiving gift packages from other women, is definitely not sober in NY
> Posts photos of his father's gun (he legally cannot own one bc of his restraining order from Chelsea) and pathetic attempts to threaten people
> Taylor stops calling Jonny and he throws a pity party for himself, taking a page out of her book by scheduling streams yet never following through

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Taylor might really be kicked out of sober living this time, whether over the pet acquisitions or something else
> Taylor might be out of sober living, relapsed and living in the hotel herself
> Getting evicted from the new house
> TND is trying to complete her “redemption” to youtube
> Jonny has already sold $5k+ computer set-up to buy drugs, has not mentioned streaming in a week or two
> TND has already relapsed, or is having some other mental breakdown causing such overactivity online
> Photos of black snake (Salem) with possible mites, TND claims is just aspen (bedding) dust

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 680529

should read
* At least some snakes (in New Milk)

pardon the basic thread art, we were art-free in the last thread

No. 680532

Thanks anon! Do want to note that she claimed she had the hotel for 6 days. Just a minor detail.

No. 680540

ah thankyou and I'm sorry I missed that, it's pretty relevant

No. 680554

File: 1563173503566.jpeg (160.65 KB, 1242x825, 7507E82D-6C7B-4636-A5AA-D8A5E1…)

Think she’s vagueposting about Taylor maybe relapsing or some other drama? Or is this just reaching?

No. 680555


Maybe cause Taytay threw her mom under the bus about the hedgies.

>My parents wanted to rehome them, but couldn't find a good enough place

I HIGHLY doubt that Mama Dean really wanted to take care pf all those animals. Either they didn't try at all, or Taylor wanted to keep them and we get another lie (shocker).

Probs tinfoil though.

No. 680556

Can't even blame them for losses under their care, they didn't sign up for a fucking zoo. I can't even understand how her fans don't see this is the result of her hoarder tendencies they enabled since the beginning.

She should just rehome all the animals and start her junkie life in peace. We all know Taylor is too stupid to get sober, never care to fix her hoarding habits and codependency (by muyself) this wont stick for sure.

On the side note, seeing all the Petubbers finally getting caught up with the huge amount of pets they bought, unfit to take care of them or even pay their vet bills is alarming but damn, lolcow never gets it wrong.

No. 680563


“Are you capable of taking care of this animal to the point that it doesn’t get any horrible neglect-related disease” is a pretty low bar to set after all.

No. 680594

Did Jonny sell his equipment? I thought he was just talking about streaming this past weekend? Thanks for the new thread anon.

No. 680596

I don't think he'd sell his computer just yet considering it's his main source of money right now with those donations.

No. 680597

i dont know why farmers think jonny is going to sell his comp. a laptop is easily resellable, but its harder to buy used computer parts. ppl dig for the shitty chinese rebrands of current stuff available, not parts that are resold.
not only that, hes an addict of all things. i rlly doubt that he will get rid of video games galore esp now that he's living easy w his dad and the career is finally dying.

No. 680598

no I doubt it it, was just a past tinfoil I believe, I wasn't sure whether to dump that stuff or leave it as a list of past random ideas. it's probably more that he can't figure it all out and is on drugs.

No. 680627

File: 1563209196061.jpg (192.28 KB, 1536x326, Screenshot_20190715-184530.jpg)

No Taylor. Social media is for CONNECTION. Attention whores such as yourself make it about attention.

No. 680628

File: 1563209306875.jpg (235.72 KB, 1536x456, Screenshot_20190715-184516.jpg)

Taylor you can't cry about being bullied and play victim when you're a calculated, manipulative bully yourself.

No. 680631

File: 1563209638533.jpg (524.97 KB, 1536x1058, Screenshot_20190715-185333.jpg)

They are still YOUR pets that YOU decided to keep, thus making YOU RESPONSIBLE for them you dumb cunt.

No. 680643

File: 1563212036913.jpeg (218.76 KB, 1242x968, E9ED44AC-0A0A-4CDF-B375-7A2C2B…)

Oh Jesus. Here we go with the “I’m an expert on heroin and getting clean guise”…

No. 680644

The vast majority are ABOVE her. In terms of animal care she has a ton to learn, and she's not gonna spend the time to learn beyond keeping them "alive", she knows nothing about diet, humidity, lighting, and water requirements. She's a novice who killed their channel mascot because she was too lazy to do independent research. She's got obese snakes,cats and a hedgehog with fucking mange, ammonia burnt axolotl, necrotic tail dragon. She straight up kills animals through neglect.

Taylor is beneath the vast majority of animal caretakers, just because you have a YT following doesn't mean shit. She acts like she's untouchable. Fuck her.

No. 680646

I hope this guy knows a little about recovery and does not allow this snowflake to spread bad information. Wow, TND should not be the face of heroin addiction and recovery.

No. 680647

She's killing her audience with this shit. Nobody on YT cares about drug recovery, there's no money in either, unless she tours with one of these ted talk marketing scams nobody is gonna care.

No. 680652

Next question she asks…is this a paid gig?! I need $$$

No. 680664

Another huge issue is that she takes weeks or months away from home without leaving her animals in proper care as seen perfectly right now.

Part of being an animal owner is being considerate of how your travel plans may affect your animals and having something in place to ease that. To her, she has her 'assistant' (in truth a 'best friend') with little to no animal experience care for these animals and Jen while the animals also spend the majority of the day alone too.

No. 680670

File: 1563219489860.jpg (153.93 KB, 864x701, Screenshot_20190715-124510.jpg)

Oh if anyone wants to laugh about the whole Jake thing being Jonny all over again, it literally is. Down to the hickey and everything.

No. 680684

I agree anon. It's frustrating that she's unwilling to learn more about the animals she keeps and how to improve her care. I just don't understand how you keep an animal without always looking for information and advice on how you can improve as their caretaker. She ignores signs of illness and obesity in her reptiles because she skimmed a caresheet and is now an expert. She takes any form of advice as a personal attack when she doesn't even get the basics right and does the absolute bare minimum. It's just easier for her to stay delusional and to keep acquiring animals shes inexperienced for.

No. 680696


That’s something that really irks me about Taylor. Not only does she have shitty care, she acts like she knows everything. NOBODY truly knows everything, and even people with years under their belts can stand to be open to feedback when something they’re doing could be improved.

I have a lot of respect for people who take criticism and are humble about it. Best example of this being done right was Jenna Marbles’ fish tank video. TL;DR she bought a tank and fish in the same day without cycling properly and got a lot of criticism for that because it was likely going to harm the fish. Rather than throw a hissy fit at “haters” she took all of that feedback to heart and not only made a sincere apology, she adjusted her practices.

If Taylor were to take this approach and be more humble about her care, actually own her mistakes and not have an excuse for everything, she’d get a whole lot less shit from people. And people would have at least a little less disdain for her.

No. 680697

File: 1563225648033.jpeg (88.64 KB, 640x196, 4B7677D1-21ED-4329-B047-A044DD…)

No. 680698

File: 1563225710329.jpeg (173.04 KB, 640x431, 1378C1C3-94B7-4D40-9C9E-279B23…)

No. 680704

File: 1563226282155.jpg (171.9 KB, 1536x458, Screenshot_20190715-233013.jpg)

I genuinely do not believe her. The amount of times she has changed her story on "how people found where to call" and now claiming they're still calling? Big doubt. The girl who cried wolf.

No. 680705

File: 1563226829426.jpg (223.94 KB, 1536x490, Screenshot_20190715-233802.jpg)

Someone suggested she uses an alias. If she was truly clever about this, she wouldn't even have mentioned moving to another one anywhere online.

Something about this is fishy as fuck. The way she worded this >>680704 makes me suspect even more so that she just simply isn't getting her way with her hoard. Was the new snake not still at the hotel too? Her not getting special treatment is more the issue I believe, not these supposed calls.

No. 680712

Her current housing might not be okay w/ her having the snakes there since snakes have a bad reputation. There are snakes being rehomed on CL because a person's landlord found out they were keeping it or received complaints from other occupants and they don't have any other choice but to rehome it. Her taking in a defensive snake then flaunting the bites doesn't look good.

No. 680713


Maybe there is a REASON they don’t want people to have more than one pet! Ugh. Her specialness never ends.

No. 680715

maybe she's saying this so she can leave the sober living and have a excuse when she relapse

No. 680721

Yeah exactly. Especially if she's being as obnoxious "I'm not like other girls teehee look at me handling snakes and snake bites I am so cool guys I did the worst drugs look at my snake bite!!". I bet some girls there reacted negative about snakes, and that made her not be able to wait to get a snake there asap.

No. 680726

It's just fishy that she said "I'm getting kicked out because of doxxing" to "I'm not being kicked out."

If she has been making the other girls uncomfortable then I could see her getting kicked out. Wasn't she saying that she was planning on finding another apartment so she could have all her animals with her again?

No. 680738

Where’s the 30 day chip.

No. 680739

I highly, highly, HIGHLY DOUBT people are doing this. Nobody gives this much of a fuck. I'd believe one or two people from the internet would be crazy enough to do it but nothing more than that. She's barely relevant on the internet anymore as it is. Just another lie from her.

It's super selfish and narcissistic of her to expect everyone to cater to whatever she wants. Some people aren't okay with snakes. Don't expect everyone in a sober living to be okay with snakes. Why would you risk someone being uncomfortable in a sober living place with your pet when apparently your mother and whatever ~professional~ is willing to take care of the rest of your zoo?
She just wants to be a super special edgy girl who has a pet snake for attention.

No. 680740


I too doubt she's that popular. I think the funny part about her looking for a place that will take her hoard is 1. the priority is clearly not being sober and 2. I'm sure there are sober living residences that, with enough money, will let you live in the type of luxury she wants. Yet here she is, sharing a shitty little room with three other girls…

No. 680743

Taylor when moving into new sober living: I'm a sooooper important pettuber! My name? Uhh…. Daylor Ticole Nean! I also have 75 animals and if they could all live here and be taken care of by anyone that's not me that'd be great, FANKS! I'mma go get plowed in a hotel room, get a crappy tattoo, and then cry about everything on Twitter.

No. 680746

Theoretically she could go to a meeting and lie &tell them she has 60 days sober and get a chip. Chips aren't proof of anything at all.

No. 680754

to be fair, she probably didn't anticipate becoming a junkie and going to rehab when she started hoarding, but that's beside the point because she made horrible arrangements for pet care and isn't responsible enough to keep pets to begin with. Even cats are too much for her to handle
There are definitely people crazy enough to do that; a few people on these threads have even wished violence on her. Never underestimate how obsessive people can get over a nobody with a social media presence
imo the biggest problem with Taylor, not only with respect to her pets but all aspects of her life, is that she runs around putting out fires instead of keeping her things in order so that fires don't happen. She seems to be at her most energetic and active when her pets are sick or aggressive, she's wrapped up in some interpersonal drama, she's dealing with a lot of criticism, etc. And then when she just barely manages to avert crisis she congratulates herself and smugly broadcasts her expertise and waxes poetic about ~everything she's been through~ on social media. The only thing that separates her from trailer trash that hops from crisis to crisis is a couple income levels. And for that reason, she will never succeed

No. 680760

File: 1563236580074.jpg (1.01 MB, 1536x1647, Screenshot_20190716-022249.jpg)

No. 680761

File: 1563236605329.jpg (524.1 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190716_022223.jpg)

No. 680763


almost like she… gets off on drama? Much surprise.

No. 680768

How can I make a correction to “The Basics”? Johnny is in upstate NY, not NY state.

No. 680771

Upstate NY is NY state you idiot.

No. 680774

Why, oh why, does she insert “lol” into every post??? As if there has to be more confirmation that she’s a complete simpleton. Every post, serious, angry, every topic, gets “lol”. I think this cow has laughed too much to take anything seriously.

No. 680777

Literally no one in NY calls ‘upstate’ NY state. NY state is just the state…wtf. Upstate NY is referring to everything north up NYC. That’s why upon reading, it didn’t make sense to me and I live in NYC.(derailing)

No. 680779

ALSO i was in an abusive relationship? did everyone hear that? i was in an abusive relationship. i'm a survivor of abuse. my heroin addiction was never really my fault. also look at my snake bites, cuz i have 75 animals

No. 680780

Everyone outside of NY refers to it as NY city or NY state. Sage your unimportant parochial bullshit.

No. 680784

Twisty is in kronos old cage, I think it's safe to say kronos has been rehomed

No. 680790


Kronos got a way better upgrade than Twisty if he was rehomed and didn't die. Although given the state he was in last we saw him, I wouldn't be surprised if he died.

No. 680795

File: 1563241052905.png (472.51 KB, 736x822, lolcow v2.png)

i wonder what this lolcow is rambling about now

No. 680796

Kronos was supposed to be in a larger cage that Taylor ordered, so it's possible that she kept him and he's been moved over.

Much more likely that he got rehomed

No. 680798

File: 1563241093355.jpg (95 KB, 585x1023, D_j3StRWsAAQS7x.jpg)

No. 680799

I thought Jake was the is inmatured one, its interesting to see she has a teen mentality of showing off she is getting fuck, “own” and owns somene.

No. 680801

File: 1563241789452.png (357.82 KB, 737x516, slsls.png)

holy hell, it almost looks like jonjon acknowledged his kid

No. 680803

I feel like it’s his new chicks kid and the baby daddy is rightfully concerned. Kid is too young to be his I believe.

No. 680804

Jonny’s kid is like 10 now isn’t she? Too young to be his kid for sure

No. 680809

No-one forced her to take selfies and shots of the rooms, or a video of the bedroom, in her current place. She'll do it again, 100% guaranteed. She gets bored and has to overshare.

No. 680813

All those places are going to have some kind of rule. For example, her current/past one had a rule of living there for 30 days probation first before getting permission for a single pet. Now even though her probation period is still technically underway she got TWO pets, no doubt both brought in on the spur of the moment because "rescue" and without asking first. The first time probably annoyed them but they caved, the second one no way, and the icing on the cake is that the snake is bitey. We heard that guy in the background saying he "didn't like the attitude" that time when she was talking to her new snake. She's pushed them too far, whether this departure was mutual or ordered by them doesn't matter really.

No. 680815

File: 1563243527717.jpg (145.89 KB, 750x1334, taylor.jpg)

she posted it already lmao. don't hold your breath.

No. 680819

the next thread OP can correct it to the correct term. sorry, I'm foreign.

No. 680821

who is this trash heroin addict with her kid in the car and Jonny as well. pure trash.

No. 680822

Jonny's kid is in Canada with her mother yes? And she's older and the mother's not a trashbag that we know of.

No. 680831


"serving moral but hot tea"
>proceeds to post about jonnys child
>proceeds to post intimate text messages

turtlemom needs a thread of their own lol.

No. 680838

It's not jonnys child!
That kids to young, his kids in Canada and the mother refuses to let Jonny near the kid.

Also SAGE your posts.

No. 680841

His kids in Portland lol

No. 680850

thanks, bad memory on my part I guess, I thought they were across the border for some reason.

No. 680851

I know though. It's not Jonny's kid but a kid is being exploited and all they can do is congratulated themselves for having their fact checking done. Mess.

No. 680865

File: 1563249601419.jpg (523.15 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20190715-235616_Twi…)

Kek I agree, and anyone who has that stupid suicide hotline number plastered everywhere is annoying too. I hate how she goes so far as to contact Taylor's family for milk then acts like she's above the drama for not disclosing everything.
And this, like don't insert yourself into a stranger's drama if you get so worked up you "need to step away". Sorry, sage. She's just been bugging me for a while.

No. 680875

They didnt insert themself into their family drama.
They cant help who dms them.

No. 680881

how do you know the family reached out to them

No. 680883

It's literally a fucking drama account. She inserted herself. I don't give a flying shit, I just think it's annoying that she acts like she's not doing this for drama and it's all because she knew someone who died from an overdose. And that it's "moral" because she "protects information". Get the fuck out. Admit you enjoy the drama just like we do.

No. 680886

Have the feeling this girl is legitimately having an emotional affair with Papa Dean, they have been talking for a while now and is obvious Jennifer asked to stop and she hasn't.

No. 680890

They don't ned to publish an account of a kid telling an alienated parent (or whoever) that mommy got yelled at by Jonny. It's scummy to use this kids words as a pawn in some adult game and it's worthless "tea". It could be summarised as "Jonny's dating a known heroin addict" without all the kid shit. Free tip.

No. 680892

Wow, so moral if this ends up being true. How do you know they're still communicating?

Hard agree. Or at the very least don't post a picture of the kid, face hidden or not. Who cares if people "believe you" or not if it's not about the drama. She's always been way too involved.

No. 680893

File: 1563259231154.jpeg (117.61 KB, 640x594, C0D806E5-DE11-4F40-94E1-17BEC5…)

No. 680894

What the fuck, the entitlement. I like Taylor gossip as much as the next anon but this loon thinks she actually has agency in Taylor's life? Lmao. If they had any sense they'd both tell her to fuck off. This will end up on Dr Phil.

No. 680899

stop posing this, it only serves to id unrelated people and the child involved

No. 680901

Oh hell no….
Ruining a child's childhood and their mom would be the one of the worst thing he's ever done.
I hope the child's father keeps them away from Jonny…
But "she was sitting in the car with a stranger while her mom was inside with Jonny" sounds like she's already an addict or just a shitty mother.

Jesus, wtf.

No. 680902

>Let me know WHEN you're ready…
>…to better understand your daughter…
Taylor blocked you, turtlemom. Mama Dean wants you to quit talking to her husband. You aren't doing anything to help anyone and I can't understand the mental gymnastics you'd have to go through to think you were. You need to "step away" from this entire situation.

No. 680904

turtlemom talks to taylor’s dad because jonny craig is the scum of the earth and ruin’s women’s lives, fuck off
taylor just couldn’t help herself and wants the attention for being problematic so the milk keeps coming but turtlemom’s main issue is lying, stealing, abusing, rapist, heroin addict Jonny Craig

No. 680907

Turtlemom? Is that you?
But actually, why are you all acting like Taylor's dad has no decision making in the conversation? If they're talking and Jen wants them to stop, why doesn't she ask her husband to knock it off instead of the unrelated random drama Twitter lol. This whole thing just feels so ridiculous and on point for Taylor's family.

No. 680908

File: 1563262991422.jpg (510.52 KB, 1080x1440, 20190716_033029.jpg)

Kek wonder who this is. But you, I mean SHE doesn't just tweet about Jonny, and trying to get insider information then hinting about it along with saying she's "above" us is pathetic. Why are you defending this cow? If she just admitted she liked the TND drama like everyone else literally no one would care. Her goal is absolutely to stir the pot despite what she says.

No. 680913

File: 1563266349085.png (3.04 MB, 1125x2436, 40824D6F-68E2-4038-A4A8-C750CF…)

No. 680914

No. Turtlemom inserts herself in Taylor's drama. If Taylor's mom asks you to leave her husband alone, do it, instead of talking to her like she's a little girl throwing a tantrum. So disrespectful.

You're truly retarded if you think talking shit about Jonny is only possible via Taylor's dad.
You created that account solely for shit talking Jonny. Stick to it.

You're contacting Taylor's family all the time and probably don't stop there. I'm sure you contact everyone remotely involved with Taylor and Jonny to get some "super sekrit tea".
You don't belong in this drama. You're just lonely and way too emotionally involved with this cow.

But lc users are the crazy ones, kek

No. 680919

Can we stop talking about turtlemom and just ignore her? So she will go away.

No. 680922

I could be way off but I’ve been following JC for a while now. These accounts started showing up a few years ago and I thought they were Amanda for a while bc they were always centered around him and who he was with. The person is obviously the same person from their vernacular.

Now I think it’s possible that Angel girl. She’s the only one with this much time whose this involved in the drama. She even befriended all the ex’s and Amanda and her were leveraging some IP address hacking shy at each other’s few years back. Sorry can’t remember exactly bc this has been going on for 5+ years now

No. 680923

Is she dutch? I've noticed whenever TM posts screenshots the translated message is always dutch

No. 680925

File: 1563275207442.png (402.37 KB, 1281x765, Annotation 2019-07-16 070459.p…)

sage because i'm a dumbass that's not awake enough to remember attachments apparently kek

Between the translate message, and now that I look at it, the date formatting I'd be willing to bet she's just a nobody from around the other side of the world

No. 680930

if she really is european, she's tweeting in the middle of the night half the time and should get a life.
could be using someone else's screenshots too, she's nicked screencaps from here several times (although the one you posted is not from here).

No. 680931

Just a reminder this is a 30 year old man… this reads like some high school fucking cry baby

No. 680932

There's someone here who seems to post like 75% of the caps who's dutch as well.

No. 680936

Is what ever dutch too? She does sound like she has some sort of accent.

Johnny is so fucking cringe. Nobody cares that you’re missing your money bag.

No. 680937

The cap isn't from here this time, and the KF and Pull threads are not kept up to date.

No. 680938

Not a Dutch accent. The slight lisping fricatives make it sound Dutch but the vowels aren’t right.

No. 680941

what ever seems like a rat lady (?) and isn't obsessed with jonny, she just thinks he's shit. it's someone obsessed enough to want to know who jonny's casually dating (or shooting up with) right now. what ever also has avenues for putting out commentary and criticism that people will listen to.

No. 680943

She is German.

No. 680953

in her stomach

No. 680955

Taylor needs to get off social media and upload a video already. She needs the money and I want the tea. This he said/ she said is getting really annoying.

No. 680956

I wonder if she actually filmed her video yesterday like she said she was going to. Tho anything she says I take with a bag of salt.

No. 680959

So did Taylor lie about the protective order? He's publicly been violating it the entire time and nothing is happening

No. 680961

In the last thread some anons watched his stream and JC said they couldn’t serve him with it or something to that effect. I can’t see how that wouldn’t be a huge red flag to his “fans”.
You’d think she would be smart and tell her story before JC has his inevitable meltdown and spills the milk. If she waits until after it will seem more defensive and she will lose the upper hand. So we shall see if this video actually comes to fruition or not.

No. 680966

File: 1563293113580.png (66.17 KB, 989x384, turtle.PNG)

ah shes watching us

No. 680967

Turtlemom is Angel aka @cosmixhoney on twitter. She posted several obvious hints a couple months ago, but you’d only get them if you knew who she was beforehand. It’s so funny because she thinks she’s famous… she’s convinced if we knew who she was we wouldn’t ~~focus~~ on her “hot tea” and that if she gave too many hints we would EASILY figure it out because she’s recognizable. Nobody here cares about her- sorry to clog up feed with another post, I just thought I’d finally let y’all know it’s her lmao. I haven’t said anything because I didn’t think anyone gave a fuck. Sage for that reason

No. 680968

How do u know that? Shes not dutch… Who is she getting caps from then?

No. 680969

File: 1563293644381.png (20.63 KB, 650x151, sadas.PNG)

>everyone contacted me
>I was told to post everything
sure you were. what a cow.

No. 680970

Samefag. “Turtlemom” posted zoomed in photo of her dress as a “hint” and as another hint, replied to someone saying they followed her main account. Said she had tweeted about Jonny multiple times from main account. Tweeted an angel emoticon as a hint (this was all in April). I went to the person she had replied to’s twitter, scrolled through their following and found an account called Angel. It was her. She had posted a selfie wearing dress that she had zoomed in on and posted on turtlemom as a hint. Searching “cosmixhoney Jonny” on twitter and found multiple tweets; she tweets exactly like turtlemom. She’s friends with Liz and Chelsea. It’s her. And yes, I have too much free time.

No. 680971

Wait a second, why the fuck are we mad at turtlemom when shes given hella milk that no one else has been able to get? Also why would she need to lie about people contacting her? Yall are losing sight of the real cow and thats taylor in case some of you forgot.

No. 680972

Samefag but also it kind of makes sense that she wouldnt want people to know who she was. Imagine Taylor and jonny stans discrediting them if they thought she was angel or whoever that person is. If she has been involved that long no one would believe the tea. Just like yall, who are on the same side as her kek(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 680973

I don't know anything about this turtle Mom person but… Isn't it better to voice your bullshit on an anonymous forum away from the public eye, than to be a FUCKING CREEP messaging a cows FATHER and a women's HUSBAND digging for information that she then keeps to herself? What's more stalkerish!?
Whoever she is, she gives me big creepy bitch vibes from what I've seen here.

Why you inserting yourself directly into the family girl? At least the people here, have the decency to stay out of the way (for the most part, some are cowtipping twats).

But like shit, it's a marriage, I don't care how fucking looney a bitch may be, if she asks you to leave her husband alone you best respect that wish and leave em alone. I understand Jen should also tell her husband, but keep in mind this turtle mom doesn't have proof she's been talking to him recently, and she may not have in quite a while, and her saying she has could be what's pissing Jen off and telling her to stay out of business.

She's a fucking freak inserting herself like this like she's some kind of close relative or something with rights to dig in directly on personal family affairs.

I personally think this turtle bitch is bullshitting about just how much she's spoken to the husband and keeps flexing because it pisses Jen off and gives her a reason to stir the pot.

No. 680974

Have u been watching her twitter kek

No. 680975

File: 1563294210284.jpg (857.71 KB, 1078x1916, 20190716_121421.jpg)

…wat? This is her? The writing styles don't seem alike to me, normally people who use that many emojis just can't help themselves.

No she obviously isn't the cow but she's making herself into one and she doesn't have a thread so if someone has any information then why shouldn't they drop it, especially if Taylor isn't doing anything milky?

No. 680976

She gets milk because she's on a public site that's dedicated to Taylor and Jonny, so people who've had issues or encounters with the cows find her a lot easier when they go digging for someone to tell.

This is an anonymous site that not many know of so of course it's not the first place to go spill milk.

Not only that, a lot of people want certain things public to warn others, by the sounds of it that's what this concerning father regarding Jonny yelling around his daughter wanted.

No. 680977

File: 1563294643028.jpeg (139.99 KB, 750x780, 293372C4-9023-4196-8179-9607F1…)

I appreciate turtle mom for getting all the milk we aren’t

No. 680978

No because like I stated I don't know anything about this turtle person apart from what I've seen here, and what I've seen here tells me she's a very involved creepy person who thinks she's holy when really she's a creepy nutjob, shit stirring a family by getting personally involved.
She probably hates lolcow because some of us see right through her bull.

No. 680979

bitch is out there literally shoveling manure while moralfagging and calling others obsessed. imo it's cringe to get so personally involved with a cow's family.

would be interested to see some pics of the hints she posted, can't be assed to go digging on twitter though.

No. 680981

This is a TND thread why the fuck are you guys going off about some random drama account LOL?????

No. 680982

Yeah she hasn't said much that's new about Jonny that we already didn't figure out apart from this kid in the car incident

No. 680983

File: 1563294916752.jpg (475.51 KB, 1080x1117, 20190716_122539.jpg)

Omg it is her, it has to be.

Okay even if they aren't (and who even cares) if she was doing this from some place of morality she just wouldn't be doing it. Period. I honestly think she's just an obsessed stan. She just tweeted that she only said something about that kid because she "was given permission". Okay? Who cares? It isn't about that, as an anon mentioned before. Again, you're a drama account. You're no better than us.

No. 680984

Nobody's speculating on who reached who first, the point is shes inserting herself in family buisness and it's not like we don't know how far turtlecreep is taking these messages and how often and what kind of stuff she's asking and whether it's borderlining harrassment or stalkerish at this point.

It's clear Jen is sick of it and what's it to stop and she's an idiot for not respecting a married women's wishes if she hasnt stopped, even if Jen's a whacko she deserves some respect.

She's definitely a creep, can we move back to making this about Taylor now?

Turtlecreep is probably fapping her fat pussy energy over this attention right now.

No. 680985


Seriously. This thread has completely derailed off the topic of TND, JC and Mama Dean. If this stupid drama account is such a cow, make a thread for her and go off there.

No. 680987

If you’re going to try and mini mod, learn to sage your shit. Turtlemom doesn’t provide any good milk and harasses Taylor’s family and shits on lolcow daily. It’s funny as hell to watch it finally come down on her

No. 680988

If Taylors dad chooses to talk to her then that's really his own fault. He's a grown man, nobody is forcing him to talk to a drama account lol.

No. 680989


Agreed, sage your posts.

No. 680990

Agreed, and I'm sure these are either her or her "friends" freaking out and trying to change the subject since she was outed. She wanted involved, now she's involved. Do you guys really think the rest of this thread is gonna be about her? No, so who cares if there's some minor temporary discussion. Taylor hasn't even woken up yet.

No. 680992

Probably In the hopes of spreading further the fuckery that is Jonny without compromising his relationship with Taylor.

Point is, whatevers gone on AFTER that has clearly crossed a line somewhere because Jen's clearly had a gut full and wants it to stop.
We don't know the full scope an whether or not turtle has crossed a line fishing for more info that's to personal and rude to ask a family.

Bottom line is Jen's told her to fuck off and she should respectfully leave them alone.

No. 680994

Turtlemom needs to get off her moral high ground, she's an "anonymous" twitter account digging for gossip online, calling out Taylor and JC. No fucking difference.

It's gonna be hard for either of them to reach an upper hand imo, since they're both lying pieces of garbage. I already know her video will be full of lies and inconsistencies. Bet she is gonna steal a bunch of shit his exes have spoken about and try make that her own.

(Forgot to sage)

No. 680995

Funny and ironic that all turtlemom cares about proving is Taylor's father MesSaGeD HeR fiRSt!! Kind of like some anons here…

Completely bypassing the entire point anons are trying to make, who messaged who first NOT being one of those points.


Taylor's not going to come out with a video anytime soon, She was barely comfortable filming with jonnny around, she's not going to living with a bunch of other people. Taylor reeks of insecure so she'd probably wait until she's completely alone, especially such a "heart breaking" storytime.

If she does I'd be surprised, she should write things down and cross check herself though because knowing her she'll do it off the top of her head and the whole thing will be an inconsistent mess filled with holes and confusion.

No. 680997

Can't see her making a video either, maybe in a month or two. Even then, she will need to edit it and that seems to take her forever too. I think if she had a good work ethic she may have a bigger chance at releasing something.

Anyway, I doubt many of her stans give a shit. The majority of her youtube subscribers only care for the animals and not for her shitty personal life.

No. 680999

I just realized that Taylor won't even get any money from her uwu addiction story video because it will be demonetized. She's really gonna run out of money soon if she doesn't post another one of her money maker videos about her pets.

No. 681000

I mean, IF she does film it, she will probably go to her hotel to film it. Perhaps have Jake there so she can score some extra pity points from him.

I was actually thinking about that too. And if for some miracle it's monetized, she better donate part of it to a women's shelter, or to some drug foundation.

No. 681001

File: 1563298373913.jpg (316.01 KB, 1536x956, Screenshot_20190716-193256.jpg)

No. 681002

File: 1563298395026.jpg (95.82 KB, 1242x1590, IMG_20190716_193229.jpg)

No. 681003

File: 1563298404411.jpeg (108.1 KB, 750x914, D8996FA5-8F9F-409E-9FE9-D85551…)

No. 681004

File: 1563298419055.jpg (121.59 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20190716_193232.jpg)

No. 681005

who tho fuck is haley? her assistant up until now was always betsy.

No. 681006

File: 1563298632125.png (276.15 KB, 750x1334, 5DE42C1E-E624-4394-ABAF-A3C6DA…)

Looks like Haley was her dealer

No. 681007


Did Taylor just dox her boy toy and post his last name? I don’t recall seeing it before.

No. 681009

File: 1563298939076.jpg (273.04 KB, 1536x925, Screenshot_20190716-194146.jpg)

No. 681010

File: 1563299082734.jpg (129.75 KB, 1536x351, Screenshot_20190716-194355.jpg)

She sure did! But we are the evil doxxers here of course. Turtlemom gonna be angry at us again for Taylor her fuckups.

No. 681012

File: 1563299260190.jpg (106.94 KB, 1536x353, Screenshot_20190716-194749.jpg)

No. 681014

did she accidentally post this or is there a way to remove twitter stickers or something?

No. 681015

>posts current boytoys last name
>Still remembers to black out dealers last name
>posting dealer transactions period.

Not an attentionwhore my ass. She knew somebody would ask about the large sums only being sent to the same name you choose to show with messages that totally dont make it obvious you're paying a plug.
Tinfoil but she was more careful with her dealer bc if she fucks up with her boytoy she can just hop on a new one, but getting a new person you're comfortable buying from frequently is annoying and she clearly isnt over being a junkie.

No. 681016

Could be that obsessed Haley that's always commenting on every single one of her posts crying about her life story and how in love with Taylor she is.

No. 681018

One of the girls who relapsed possibly? Someone from SL?

No. 681019

I'm almost positive anon just went to her Venmo profile and found the transactions. She didn't post the unstickered version. If you guys just went to her Twitter you'd see.

No. 681020

Anyone else suspecting her and Jake relapsed now because of this? Why the fuck are they giving each other money like this?

Sage for tinfoil

No. 681021

I was just thinking the same thing!
Would explain the weird titles and why they're swapping money in the first place.

Did she just out herself? I Also noticed she's posting that stupid sneezy/sick emoji, something she only did while using heroin/other drugs.

>No Sober Chip

>In a hotel
>Finding a new sober home
>Posting deal evidence online

She's so dumb wow

No. 681022

My thought process exactly.

If she has not relapsed, she is 100% drama baiting. Though I say chances she has relapsed are incredibly high.

No. 681023

doesn't venmo use the notes to determine if you're conducting illegal activity and ban you? writing "for hookers" could get her kicked. it's why sex workers are so anal about saying "don't put anything in the tip note or I'll block you". she should be careful with her stupid jokes

No. 681024


The $141 sounds very much like a charge for a hotel room.

No. 681025

I think it's likely that he is sending her money for the hotel room they are sharing

No. 681026

I'm not sure if it's okay to post mugshots, but Jakeyboi has gotten busted for narcotics possession in the past.

No. 681027

Don't be a fucking cocktease and post it.

No. 681028

Pictures or it didn't happen.

No. 681029

File: 1563300547590.png (638.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190716-140325.png)

I was trying to see if I could find more info. he's at least 32yo, as old as 36 if what I saw was accurate

No. 681031

File: 1563300684857.png (589.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190716-141127.png)


No. 681032

>keeps shacking up with men 10+ her age

TND isnt over anything about her lifestyle is she lmao.

No. 681033

She picked another winner.

No. 681034

He looks like an uppers kind of guy, meth, speed, ecstacy, steroids, would explain why he's a gym junkie too.

This is Gold, nice one Taylor!

No. 681035

File: 1563300941964.png (258.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190716-141308.png)

last one I could find easily, no mug but gives some more info on him. he got bailed out. I wonder why none of them show his birthday though, does anyone know why that might be?

No. 681036

File: 1563300967649.jpg (777.37 KB, 1536x1486, Screenshot_20190716-201609.jpg)

No. 681037


Oh wow her taste in men is IMPECCABLE!!

I wonder how Jonny feels knowing this guy stole his girl haha!!
She's swapped one loser for another one! Good luck to them both, true romance story.

No. 681038

oh my god is she giving that blood python to destry karma? the 16 year old mini hoarder super stan? please tell me its a different destry.

No. 681039

I'm not from the states but the 2ND and 3RD or more, does that mean he's been charged/booked multiple times?

No. 681040


Good lord. I can only imagine how Taylor is going to try and spin this.

>that website that has a bunch of haterzzz looked up Jake’s mugshot… PSYCHOS…

She’s seriously a fucking drug addict moron. She didn’t have to post anything regarding her Venmo, but she just wanted attention.

>Lewk I really did do hydromorphine and China white cuz ma tolerance…

Notice how she claims she has the strongest tolerance for drugs but heaven forbid her disabilities and she cannot be bothered to do anything remotely productive.

No. 681041

File: 1563301159787.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 64E896D9-8A7B-4C5E-A1A7-84BBE8…)

Another. DUI in 2013. Details in next pic.

No. 681042

File: 1563301184054.png (1.51 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190716-141826.png)

No. 681043

File: 1563301250786.png (245.92 KB, 750x1334, B5324D87-C9F0-4341-BE36-F4AF76…)

No. 681044

Another one(do not dox)

No. 681045

File: 1563301296234.png (304.8 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190716-142054.png)

No. 681046

holy shit, BAC ≥0.15? homeboy was LIT

No. 681047

if you look at her Venmo account you can literally go see who her drug dealer is. How fucking dumb can she be.

No. 681048


I found his DOB online. I’m not going to post it, but seriously google his name and you’ll find it.

Looks like she swapped one drug addict with a long history for another addict who has a problem with alcohol. JFC this girl is a train wreck.

No. 681049

oh lawdy topkek. How is possible for her to be such a dunderhead lmao

No. 681050

File: 1563301447679.png (116.39 KB, 750x1334, DB0DC134-3E64-4C09-8DC4-DFE6FE…)

why does it say he’s only 5’? Here’s another DUI

No. 681051

Can someone count how many DUIs he's had (that have been found so far?) I need to get back to work lol

No. 681052

File: 1563301502851.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, 98DB5545-C8BC-4B10-96C8-9737CB…)

Samefag from above, here’s the mugshot to go with it

No. 681053

How many damn times has this guy been arrested? He's got quite the history…

Good "friend" Taylor!

No. 681054

PLEASE DO NOT COWTIP GUYS just saying this as a preventative even though I’m sure one of those twitters will

No. 681055

File: 1563301670726.jpeg (144.57 KB, 1125x615, 999968F2-37C3-4B84-860E-955D1E…)

In Texas, your third DWI is a felony.
Good job Taylor, he’s living in sober living and hotels because most apartments won’t rent to felons.

No. 681056

From a washed up musician junkie
To a nobody who's a Convicted Felon.

Kudos Taylor, kudos.
BuH mUhseLf.

No. 681057

I wonder how long it'll take for her to find out she doxxed her boy toy.

No. 681058

doubly important, don't cowtip, let her sperg out and lead other people to the milk on her own

No. 681059

I give it about 30 minutes

No. 681060

Wont be long I don't think, considering she checks here, and I feel she posted this shit to send us speculating that she relapsed. Boy did that backfire for her.

And yeah please for the love of milk don't cowtip

No. 681061

I actually wonder if she will stay quiet as possible about this so her fans don't find out she's fucking a felon, could also be why she played him off as just a fuck buddy.

I'm sure momma Dean and daddy are so proud of their lil girl.

No. 681062


I think she already deleted all the transactions between her and her dealer on her Venmo. They weren’t there on her profile when I looked a few minutes ago.

No. 681063

> 3rd or more!
What a winner she’s got there! Bet he had to go to rehab to lessen his sentence.

No. 681064


“But guise he made me laff once and it changed muh lyfe!”

No. 681065

She's also got fans that stalk this thread for her.
It was a Stan that went and commented directly on her public post about the hotel situation so I don't think it'll take long.

No. 681067

not sure why his birthday can't be posted when his name and criminal record is fine. I can't find his exact birthday, but he is definitely 36 years old.

No. 681068

Taylor staying quiet about something?

No. Those transactions were privated, you can see the lock beneath them in her screenshots.

No. 681069

Still there for me

No. 681070

Lmao she kept going on about how "hot" her new boytoy is, he looks basic as shit.

No. 681071

coupled with the fact that he's a habitual drunk driver, and not just "oops I thought I was fine but I probably shouldn't have driven myself home last night" (BAC≥0.15% is fucking stumbling wasted) he's a total shithead scumbag in my book. he's lucky he didn't kill anyone and have that added to the list of offences.

No. 681072

Mama Dean gonna pop off I bet. I doubt she knows this about Jakey. Wonder if Taylor knew herself even lmao. What a catch!

No. 681073

File: 1563302787171.png (85.97 KB, 528x620, Capture1.PNG)

No. 681074

Jesus Christ she must have gigantic daddy issues, why the hell does she keep dating men twice her age with a long illegal history? I swear there's something iffy with her dad.

Also, there's few things worse than people who drunk drive. The absolute lack of respect for other peoples lives is astounding.

No. 681075

Things are about to get very messy..

Do they take information at the time of arrest? I wonder if the reason his details aren't on the arrests is because he was too shit faced to answer any questions.

That level of alcohol would have you barely walking or talking.

No. 681076

File: 1563303182028.jpg (268.83 KB, 1536x805, Screenshot_20190716-205312.jpg)

No. 681077

swear to god this dumb bitch cannot stop creating drama for herself or for other people. so sure this dude is thrilled she doxed his ass. unreal. she is literally the biggest attention whore i've ever seen. did her mother and father ever interact with her in a normal, human fashion or was she raised by wolves?

No. 681078

That’s exactly what I was thinking. No regard for other human lives. Living with the fact that you killed somebody is not how I’d want to spend the rest of my life. But I guess he doesn’t care about that. Loser!

No. 681079

come on, anon, don't protect the cowtipper

No. 681080


>exposing her dealer's name

Taylor has just set herself up for silencing if her dealer is part of a network.

No. 681081

I counted at least 5 arrrests, as many as 7, based just on the screenshots ITT. Ranging from 2013 to 2017, if not also in 2018.

No. 681082

Manlet, lol

No. 681083

Can’t wait for Taylor to spin this
SO WHAT IF JAKE IS A FELON? He’s CHANGED (angel emoji). Sure, he blatantly disregarded the lives of other people, managing to get 2 DWIs in 2017 alone, but everyone makes mistakes!

No. 681084

It's a habit at this point lmao, appears to be a lurking stan tho.

Yea and it seems he already wasn't too keen generally being blasted over social media in general.

No. 681085

File: 1563303458938.png (216.24 KB, 720x1110, Screenshot_20190717-045605~2.p…)

I think she knows, she's gone silent for over half an hour now and usually once she's on twitter she doesn't stop for a while.

No. 681086

Oh what I would do to be a fly on the wall right now, bet she is freaking out.

Or if she didn't know she will use it to spin herself into an even bigger victim.

No. 681087

She's back to replying to comments all cheery so I don't think so yet.

If she knew she'd of reacted, or she's staying silent so people don't go finding his mugs.

Her hotel reaction was super quick thanks to her dumb fuck Stan.

No. 681088

she just replied to someone in the past 5 minutes, something unrelated though. It looks like >>681076 was deleted (not 100% sure, I'm not great at navigating Twitter), but someone else has just warned her as well. not gonna bother with a screenshot because it's not really milk, just stans who clearly lurk here.

No. 681089

File: 1563303805530.jpg (139.54 KB, 800x800, unnamed.jpg)

Has anyone here heard of critical condition?

She's a 30 year old 'trad' housewife with no kids. She has recently swallowed thr 'god pill'. She's basically a born again Christian but she has never followed a Christian lifestyle.

She does a segment called 'girl talk' where she interviews other childless tradthots mostly.

She doesn't allow anyone to make comments on her channel that she doesn't agree with. Even polite and civil comments of this nature will get you a permanent ban from participating in her live chats and comment sections.

her style is horrible. She dresses like a frumpy old librarian. Her ugly hairstyle looks like two giant bumps on either side of her head and she always looks washed out and tired.

She claims to have swallowed something called the 'god pill'

I think she's an ex feminist and yoga instructor. She spent her 20s riding dick and hanging out with other vegan feminists and now she's ready to dress like a dowdy frump and procrastinate about having kids.

She also looks like she has had surgery on her face.

She will say cringy things on her livestreams like "I'm making my hubby sandwiches, I'm so trad like that". Her videos are supposedly aimed at women but 90% of her viewers are lonely beta orbiters.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 681090

File: 1563304032520.png (137.89 KB, 762x948, Annotation 2019-07-16 150534.p…)

nobody cares. go somewhere else

no wonder she was trying to figure out how to sue jonnyboy for his teeth. She's a broke ass again lmao

No. 681091

Fuck off nobody cares.


No. 681092

File: 1563304169151.png (50.93 KB, 721x363, Annotation 2019-07-16 150917.p…)

>implying she'll ever rebound

No. 681093

She's deleting stuff now.

No. 681094

what stuff?

No. 681096

you know, being a junkie is one thing but they don't generally get behind the wheel and endanger the safety of other people. fuckin' idiotball taylor clearly gets moist for retards with no regard for the safety or well being of others. jonny was bad enough but wew do drunk drivers suck.

No. 681097

Maybe I'm wrong because I'm not American and my english sucks but the timeline from the screenshots posted here are:

>2013: once, drunk driving (07/14)

>2015: once, drunk driving (06/05)
>2016: once, ??? (08/19)
>2017: thrice, drunk driving (01/09), drunk driving (11/02) and drug possession (08/18)
>2018: once, ??? (02/21)

so 7 total but I bet you could dig for more

No. 681098

so archive it?

No. 681099

Just based on this timeline alone it's obvious that he's escalating. Good luck Taytay.

No. 681101

Wouldn't be surprised if there's previous charges in different states.

No. 681102

File: 1563305109331.png (110.11 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190717-052508.png)

No. 681105

she says while dating someone who is constantly endangering other peoples lifes

No. 681106

Fucking LOL.

No. 681107

Wow she's dramatic.

No. 681108

>>681102 ….so maybe you shouldn't continue to doxx yourself and those around you

No. 681109

that's not him, just a namesake

No. 681111

>>681110 this was already posted

No. 681112

of course the bianca devins story needs a taylor spin(tm) so it can be about her

No. 681113


Ok. I'll delete to not confuse things!

No. 681115


Could you open and post those pages? The first and third have not been posted.

No. 681116

yes, by all means go get a gun, you dummy. is she for real? she could not stop herself from posting where she was, who she was fucking, her fucking dealer's name! anything that enters her empty head gets vomited out to the internet for praise and asspats, but her feeling vulnerable is somehow our problem? get the fuck out with that shit. she is delusional.

No. 681117

the first one is the mugshot that goes along with this information


No. 681118

The last thing this girl needs is a weapon right now. It’s crazy to me that in America someone like her would have no problem getting a firearm. Ugh.

No. 681119

I bet half those people telling her to get a gun are the same people that cry BAN GUNS when ever a shooting happens.

What is Taylor even on about? Has any cow actually been attacked in person by an Anon here before or is she just lying through her teeth for ultimate dramatic effect?

No. 681120

File: 1563305679031.png (425.72 KB, 750x832, Annotation 2019-07-16 153412.p…)


>a day and a half later

No. 681121

File: 1563305817860.png (33.35 KB, 737x287, Annotation 2019-07-16 153629.p…)

at least she's helping this slow work day go by kek

No. 681122

she's trying to distract from the fact that she doxed sweetipie jake and we all know she prefers to get 'dicked down' by gross trash like herself. i expect a twitter frenzy starring herself as victim for the rest of the day.

No. 681123

File: 1563305962034.png (129.6 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190717-053922.png)

No. 681125

right?? It sounds absolutely ridiculous that an addict has legal access to guns

she's talking about the Bianca case
afaik none of the cows had serious problems but it's easier to dismiss lolcow if you lump it together with 4chan

No. 681126

She's sooooo fucking obsessed with being the center of attention and creating drama at all times. I didn't even agree with posting her sober living the first time but it feels like she's 100% asking for us to find her location and blast it. She seriously needs to learn how to shut the fuck up. She pretends to be this amazing drama free person who "doesn't have hate in her body" but she can never just keep all the passive aggressive comments to herself. Like why could she not have just said "I live with this cute dog now!"

No. 681127

Taylor: I'm so unsafe I need a gun!!

Also taylor: lol not concerned.

Bitch you never been concerned a day in your damn life.

No. 681128

File: 1563306152612.png (16.87 KB, 653x180, Annotation 2019-07-16 154215.p…)

I wish I was there for that convo. Staff probably wrote her off as a typical schizo paranoid junkie

No. 681129

Part of me feels like she still hasn't found out yet about Jake yet and the posts are solely reffering to her being in a new sober living and the Bianca situation.

No. 681130

she's definitely been alerted by lurker stans, but Jake has probably told her not to talk about him on her social media, so she's got her hands tied. she wants to yell at us, but if she does, Jake will find out and freak out.

No. 681131


Are people not taught to protect their privacy on the Internet anymore? I'm so lost here….

Being afraid of an anonymous forum 'finding and assaulting' her, when literally anyone with access to the Internet can look on her very public Twitter and do the same? When she hangs out with an actual felon and dated JC?

Why is it so hard for her to just not. post. every. fucking. thing. just stop.

No. 681132

File: 1563306523459.jpg (199.71 KB, 1536x490, Screenshot_20190716-214759.jpg)

I love how she makes everything about herself, 100% of the time.

No. 681133

The "baby daddy" has had sole custody since before the child was 1. The mother lost her first child due to neglect and abuse (several broken bones and malnourishment) at 8 weeks old. Of course he would be concerned about who is around his child, especially a monster like JC and a neglectful parent like her. A family member reached out on twitter in regards to JC and heroin usage after learning of him being in NY (and seeing the photo of him with their child) and the possibility of him still using.

No. 681134

Which is interesting because she couldn't even get that right since that girl was not doxxed, she was killed by a man she knew in real life (but met on the internet). But you know, what is fact checking?

No. 681135


She's trying to market on the Bianca Devins murder right now, considering that Bianca was a tad internet famous. It's fucking sick as shit, because everyone knows that she's lying about her being in any danger by any body online beyond Animal Control. I bet she's lying about the calls too.
Last I saw, she had liked something about Bianca's death.

No. 681136


No. 681138

stop. posting. your. location. whore.
how can anyone go through life this unaware. imagine being in recovery, trying to get better. you're doing pretty good and then this toxic retard shows up on your doorstep. queen of the dumpsterfire, y'all.

No. 681139

She specially said in her post "from the site they talk about me on" though.

I think one of her Stans is feeding her bullshit and she's buying it maybe.

I don't think a cows ever been physically harassed from this website. Half the people here are in different countries if not more.

She's just playing on this whole Bianca thing right now.

No. 681140

Lets just say I'm directly associated with the situation.

No. 681141

if she compares herself to bianca i donno, don't think it would go over real well, just sayin'.

No. 681142

File: 1563306887296.png (158.87 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190717-055449.png)

No. 681143

I just don't want people to assume the father and fiance are okay with their 5 year old being around an addict, especially when she seen her "mom" 20/190 days in 2 years. They have raised her her entire life, and are working to keep her safe from her "mothers" care and judgement.

No. 681144

>directly associated

sounds like turtlemom.

"facts" like your boyfriend brofriend being arrested 5+ times for drunk driving?

No. 681145

If you don't have sources nobody's going to believe you.
We don't blindly accept random statements from anons as facts without proof, we tinfoil but info like that's gotta come with proof, it's a heavy statement.

No. 681146

"i swear i never read there anymore, except for every frigging day"
lol and of course, lmao, amirite tay? come talk to us. we love you.

No. 681147


If he’s got sole custody and she’s a known baby abuser, why the fuck is his kid with her, unsupervised, in the first place???

No. 681148

Well if this kids supposedly super abused and the mother's drug fucked, you'd think the kid wouldn't be around her AT ALL but okay turtlecreep.

No. 681150

Why are we even talking about this when there's actual milk coming in?
It's barely related to JC

No. 681151

how unusual that taylor does an oopsie and suddenly the thread is filled with 'information' that no one asked for. really makes you think.

wonder how jake william stumbaugh is feeling today?

No. 681152

She has absolutely no impulse control whatsoever. “Addiction to social media” is such a buzzword-y armchair diagnosis but I don’t think she’ll ever get better so long as she’s just as dependent on it to feel good about herself (or numb to her actual issues) as she was to H. Addict behavior is addict behavior. She doesn’t want to face her real, material world issues and lives her life through her public image. It’s very clear she hasn’t done the internal work to get better, idk if she’s even able to so long as she has this very desperate and obsessive social media habit. Not saying anything new or groundbreaking here but in a way, it’s as if she lives a double life. the reality of her situation and actions and the fantasy she constructs for an audience and herself to avoid dealing with the pain and destruction she’s inflicted upon herself. Every one of her stans is an enabler.

No. 681153

I am the fiance of the father. At this point- its whatever. You must not know how family court works. They don't care how much shit you prove to them, they want the parents to be able to maintain a relationship with their child regardless of proof. She was supervised and we are fighting to return it that way. What mom willingly puts their child around a person like him. The child is NOT ABUSED. She has gone with her mother for 4 days in the past 2 months. This is only her 2nd visitation after filing with the courts and we have court again on the 23rd. I don't know what more information and proof i need to be believable as i live this and have lived this shit since March of 2015.

No. 681154

File: 1563307449375.png (105.64 KB, 720x882, Screenshot_20190717-060350~2.p…)

No. 681156

I only spoke up because I was messaged that this was on here and considering it is my stepchild, of course i'm going to speak up.

No. 681157

Yet you nonstop complain about this shit. If you genuinely don't care/never think about your "stalkers" then why are you not able to shut the fuck up about them?

No. 681158

is there no way to make venmo private? common fukcing sense if you're a public figure.

No. 681159

File: 1563307639031.png (54.32 KB, 752x431, Annotation 2019-07-16 160113.p…)

just say the stepmom tweeted you. Easier than that cryptic "I'm in the conspiracy too guise"

No. 681161

That’s an insult to wolves!

No. 681163

okay cool, thanks, this has almost nothing to do with Jonny and actually nothing to do with Taylor, so let's drop it now. if you need to vent about the shit you've been dealing with, there's a vent thread in /ot/, but please let's not derail the TND threads about it unless Jonny does something fucked up in relation to it

the only slight milk this brings is that Jonny has moved onto his next victim and that's probably why he's not fighting for Taylor. hopefully he'll gain his (misplaced) confidence back and starts spilling milk about her soon.

No. 681164


Its whatever at this point.
She abused her first child. Not this one. She was supervised - lied about stability and etc and was granted unsupervised.
I didn't come here to vent, but it just happened that way. But thanks. Respectfully noted and dropped.

No. 681165

We know Jonny's a piece of shit and none of us have any doubt in our minds he screamed around your daughter.

Just take this situation that's happened and use it in court, get full custody and then try to adopt her.

There's not much else to really prove here, none of us have doubt he acted like a fuckwit around your kid.

No. 681166

look at taylor pretending she doesn't know the name of the site, that's so cute. is jakie having a bad day, i wonder?

No. 681167

hard agree, maybe wolverines? idk

No. 681168

We have full custody - she won't sign off her rights so sadly until that happens I'll fight for her until I can adopt. Thank you for not trolling me

No. 681170

Sage your fucking off topic shit.

No. 681171

you can make transactions private - but you can't get attention and make everyone know how quirky you are with private transactions!

No. 681172

"stalk everyone I paid"
dramatic much? no one went after personal info on her drug dealer, she just basically doxxed her "brofriend" she was being Very cryptic about and people posted public info on him being a PoS like always

No. 681173

That's okay, but perhaps its best you leave the thread or just lurk and read for now unless you can provide any future milk on Jonny with proof because it clogs up the feed and gets people pretty cranky.

No. 681174

She;s acting like people don't try to find public stuff that's half blacked out. You don't have to be a 'stalker' to be curious.

No. 681175

File: 1563308455271.jpg (591.45 KB, 1536x1079, Screenshot_20190716-222101.jpg)

No. 681176

Leaving the thread, thank you!If any "milk" comes from my mess i will gladly share. :)

No. 681177

File: 1563308608646.jpg (248.93 KB, 1525x591, Screenshot_20190716-222332.jpg)

No. 681178

I've said this before but if someone was talking the same way about self-harm/suicide people would be really quick to call them out for it. Plus it's not healthy in general.

No. 681179

Interesting how Taylor hasn't mentioned anything about it being world snake day on her accounts, you know since she "loves" snakes so much.

No. 681180

File: 1563308748382.jpg (197.37 KB, 1536x340, Screenshot_20190716-222531.jpg)

No. 681181

funny how that one tweet she replied to is part of a thread between two people who never used her @.

No. 681182

File: 1563308810698.jpg (206.16 KB, 1536x381, Screenshot_20190716-222656.jpg)

No. 681183

the "mother of snakes" doesn't give two shits for snakes. her personal drama gets her much higher off of dopamine than some boring snake ever could, come on, anon.

No. 681184

She always uses the most casual terminology for this stuff. "fent" "China" jfc make yourself look even cooler discussing the shit that ruined your life!

No. 681185

File: 1563308885048.jpg (492.95 KB, 1536x1222, Screenshot_20190716-222802.jpg)

No. 681186

From experience if you are on suboxone you will be in a state registry that they look at during the background check for a pistol. She’d have to buy a shotgun or rifle and probably couldn’t handle either one, definitely not in a self defense situation. TND is just an idiot that thinks if she threatens about buying a gun these boards would shut down.

No. 681187

uh yea nevermind those times she talked about how awesome certain drugs feel and how she misses them sometimes? she's so fucking retarded, how is that of any help to impressionable young people?

No. 681188

File: 1563309100675.jpg (330.16 KB, 1536x691, Screenshot_20190716-223137.jpg)

You always lie

No. 681190

Does anyone else feel that at some point Jonny should exit this drama. Unless she goes back to him, there's nothing to talk about. As we see today, all he gets used for is to derail when milk is happening.

No. 681191

100% agree.

No. 681192

Has she ever ONCE said the words "I'm sorry" since coming back and coming clean about her addiction? Any time someone mentions her lies she deflects by saying it's normal addict behavior and not "I'm so sorry for my behavior while I was using" or anything to that effect. Goes to show what kind of person she is and how she will always choose to be the victim.

No. 681193

They didn't really see how it destroyed you though did they Taylor because you fucking lied about it the entire year! And had ALL your fans convinced it was just rumours that this very thread made up!! Turns out we were right!!

You have glorified drugs, you are glorifying drug deals today with your "funny lil Venmo" deals! "Look kids! Funny ways to do drug deals ain't that enticing!"
You glorify it by posting pictures of your fuck buddy from REHAB! Who now turns out to be a felon!
You glorify it by porading snakes around in sober living, you glorify it with puppies and tattoos and freshly injected lips we all know U just got done.

All you did was post a couple of selfies showing the physical harm, but you still posed in those pictures like it was cute! Like the damsel in distress you love to play.

Honestly you make recovery and drugs look pretty darn cool with all your tattoo, snake and dick gains. You're a piece of cake compared to the fucking meth heads and heroin junkies out there, neglecting their kids, sucking anyone's dick off the streets for rock, selling themselves in alleys, being homeless, having no money, overdosing 30 times, having your entire family give up on you.

You don't know shit about rock bottom and the true hard yards of addiction, you had thousands and thousands of dollars and a dealer on call, that's a junkies dream right there which is why you ended up with Jonny. You had the most glorious time that a junkie could possibly have, and majority of your fans believed you when you said "I'm not on drugs it's just lies guys omg rumours lol".
You still haven't apologized properly for lying to your loyal fans about it.

No. 681196

Then stop talking about it??

No. 681200

File: 1563310195438.jpg (759.18 KB, 1536x1452, Screenshot_20190716-224944.jpg)

No. 681202

Some of her fans are finally realising that she's lied and keeps brushing off their concerns with bullshit excuses and telling her to just apologise instead of bullshit her way out of things and making her fans feel bad for feeling betrayed and lied too.

No. 681204

File: 1563310375989.jpg (312.56 KB, 1536x686, Screenshot_20190716-225140.jpg)

Telling kids how much you loved roxies and what was your favorite will help I'm sure Taylor! Not gonna make some already curious kid more curious, with you glamourizing and lolling! Especially those who don't come from a steady family and will get kicked to the curb without YouTube money.

No. 681205

File: 1563310500956.jpg (137.37 KB, 1536x275, Screenshot_20190716-225434.jpg)

How is she able to even take that from someone ? She is so gross. Watch more stans send money because this.

No. 681206

I think it's funny how she talks about how "drugs ruined me" like bitch where? you still have family support, money, you're not IN JAIL, haven't lost your job, still have people willing to watch your videos and talk to you… you used for not even two years. you're not ruined. stfu about being ruined, you're lucky as fuck to be where you are right now and it's so ignorant to ignore that.

No. 681207

Honestly seems like her toy boy or even Jonny are good examples of drugs ruining someone. She's no where close to those cases.

There's obviously far better examples though.

No. 681208

And this is exactly why she's such a shit example of someone who should be preaching about drugs, because nothing bad came from her addiction apart from what happened TO HER BODY, oh no some hives, marks and bruises? Poor Taylor!!

Like sorry to shit on someones drug addiction, all of them are bad but I'm sure as a kid, youd more likely be put off by being told what some have to do just to get drugs, like prostituion, the dangers that come with it, living on the streets, again more danger and with that low of a scene, dirty needles and crack houses, gangrene and rotting/infected/collapsed/scabby skin that you can't afford to have treated, all that kind of stuff.
She had if pretty luxurious as a junkie with her nice big house, zoo of animals, thousands of dollars, clothes and junk food, with a family, career, and materialistic possessions all of which she still has to this day.

No. 681209

this so much. she can't see how lucky she was… a lot of people who are RUINED by drugs end up homeless and with no family and support. but no, the victim complex is too strong.

No. 681211

Seriously, she is so far from hitting a “bottom” with her addiction, she has been coddled, babied and enabled her whole life. Unfortunately (and not like I am rooting for her to relapse at all) I think something horrible will have to happen for her to actually take things seriously, get off social media and get her life together.

No. 681213

Sounds like Taylor should get a gun for when this 7+ times arrested psycho turns his roid rage on her. Horrible decision after horrible decision - what a freaking cow.

No. 681214

The fact that RIGHT NOW, this shortly after is able to joke about it all, means it hasn't fucked her up. She might have had moments of regret and what have you, but in general she was a comfortable junkie.

No. 681218

Some people loose their kids, have babies born addicted to what ever drug they take, end up in jail, unable to work, have a home, or a car, nothing.
Jonny and Jake (funny their names both start with J) would have better luck at preaching to kids about "don't do drugs" because they look like the two of them have had if way worse as junkies.

Jonny using dirty needles, collapsing in bathrooms, down stairs, liver failure, a fried up brain and losing his career and everything he had going for him and most of all, turning into a truly horrible horrible person.
Part of me thinks Jake is similar, I wouldn't be surprised if he's a bit of a dick to women as well, especially drunk or high. But he's been in jail a few times and is now a felon who probably will have a hard time renting or finding a job, bingo! That's why he's latched onto Taylor. Same motives as Jonny probably.

No. 681221

File: 1563312272418.png (154.3 KB, 760x653, Screenshot_20190716-181956.png)

This is a terrible fucking idea.

No. 681222

File: 1563312299075.png (745.15 KB, 642x671, Capture1.PNG)

hi jacob

No. 681223

He looks like he wants to cry and get the fuck out

No. 681224

Seriously. The lowdown from a “well known” NY junkie? And if I understand correctly, that text source was a mom too? Neat.

No. 681225

She gets an animal and thinks she’s an animal educator. She gets a drug addiction and thinks she’s an addiction specialist.

No. 681226

Is he okay? He looks red faced and glassy eyed like he's about to cry or has cried.

No. 681227

why is she wearing it ironically, seems like she should wear it in earnest.

No. 681228


A small part of me wants her to rebrand her youtube as an addictions expert so all the actually educated people can shut her shit down.

Do it, Taylor. No anon cares about my credentials so I won't give them, but I'd love an excuse to start a youtube channel lol

No. 681230

She can't even be honest about it though. At no point has she came forward to say, "Hey. Pet fest? I was high. The animals that have suffered? That was from the hands of my own shitty decisions, and addictions." Things that could be integral, and an honest dialogue. But she wants to be a victim, and pass it onto JC.
Did Jonny make h a little more accessible? Sure. Did he potentially glamorize it to her, for more appeal? Maybe. These things we will never know. Instead she grabbed his ex's stories, and ran with them. "He shot me up!" But she never mentions it being consensual. She wanted to remain innocent by never figuring out how to do it herself, and have her "daddy" shoot her up. But she wanted to run with the narrative of being hardcore.

Being honest about addiction is one thing. The subtle flex on how much she was spending on drugs, and "that's a drug dealer Pamela" instead of showing remorse? That's not what you present to children.
Fuck this bitch.

No. 681231

File: 1563313086286.jpg (287.84 KB, 1536x592, Screenshot_20190716-233503.jpg)

I can already see her laughing and making light about it all, telling them what her fave drugs were ala campfire stories.

No. 681233


No. 681234

File: 1563314049193.png (413.02 KB, 828x1792, 097AAB43-AD57-44F3-A908-F18863…)

Okay y’all I got some good snaps on the way

No. 681235

File: 1563314078660.jpg (206.07 KB, 1534x446, Screenshot_20190716-235444.jpg)

No. 681236

File: 1563314106265.png (464.72 KB, 828x1792, 421660CD-F0EA-4743-80B4-2489EB…)

No. 681237

File: 1563314147545.png (614.78 KB, 828x1792, 5D30CECD-A5F8-47BA-BC51-D3A820…)

No. 681238

File: 1563314158163.jpg (277.31 KB, 1536x596, Screenshot_20190716-235551.jpg)

No. 681239

File: 1563314203259.png (545.33 KB, 828x1792, FE26B533-D1AE-4E7F-B9B0-F88AC2…)

No. 681240

Exactly why she’s planning to make another video. Clownery

So now it’s only 7hrs a day she participates in the recovery program. Not 7 hours of meetings or what 4 hours of meetings or something? Isn’t the first sign of a relapse “lying”? She can’t keep it all straight in her head

No. 681241

I thought it was Betsy that told Mama Dean?

No. 681244

File: 1563314481102.jpg (552.07 KB, 1536x1513, Screenshot_20190716-235742.jpg)

No. 681248

confirming that she wasn't ready to stop using, she was forced to stop by her mother (again, Mama Dean obviously did the right thing, not saying "forced" in a bad way.) Taylor didn't suddenly become fed up and make the decision to get clean. she will go right back to her junkie lifestyle when something happens that triggers her to relapse

No. 681249

File: 1563315841048.jpg (1016.34 KB, 1536x1777, Screenshot_20190717-002403.jpg)

No. 681251

File: 1563316231186.jpg (653.34 KB, 1536x1392, Screenshot_20190717-003009.jpg)

No. 681253

File: 1563316299405.jpg (310.81 KB, 1536x694, Screenshot_20190717-003143.jpg)

No. 681255

File: 1563316401059.jpg (226.2 KB, 1536x721, Screenshot_20190717-003322.jpg)

No. 681257

yeah not trying to provoke him at ALL

No. 681260

The snake's tongue doesn't come out of the glottis. The tongue sheath is beneath the glottis. The glottis is basically their breathing tube.

No. 681262

File: 1563316919795.jpg (190.2 KB, 1536x520, Screenshot_20190717-004201.jpg)

Attention whore

No. 681264

File: 1563316972795.jpg (129.63 KB, 1536x403, Screenshot_20190717-004256.jpg)

No. 681266

File: 1563317270541.jpg (256.12 KB, 1536x526, Screenshot_20190717-004743.jpg)

Has she forgotten her tweet from earlier or?

No. 681268

File: 1563317396117.jpg (141.87 KB, 1536x414, Screenshot_20190717-004907.jpg)

I'm sure everyone does.

Also, doubt he is allowed a gun, being a felon and all.

No. 681269

But.. he has criminal charges that would most likely prevent him from getting a gun. Jesus Christ.

No. 681272

Right! He MAY be able to buy a shotgun or rifle as long as he’s not on probation. But they are only good at home and loaded for protection. A pistol is definitely out of the question. Honestly I see them shooting themselves in the foot by accident if they get one.

No. 681276

Definitely. She couldn't even figure out her AC. I would not trust her with a gun.

No. 681278

File: 1563319386249.jpg (140.75 KB, 1536x313, Screenshot_20190717-012232.jpg)

Wait till he takes you out for a drunk drive.

No. 681279

“Nobody’s gonna hurt my friend!! Except for me when I inevitably crash us into a tree while shit faced!!!”

No. 681280

File: 1563319714219.png (4.64 MB, 1242x2208, E3E803D6-7EA7-4527-BDA7-1B3494…)

What a prize!

Mama Dean must be proud!

No. 681283

File: 1563320197810.png (8.76 MB, 1242x2208, 84EC8970-07A2-43F6-8F0E-B18692…)

you have got to be fucking kidding me

No. 681284

File: 1563320209259.jpg (132.13 KB, 1536x386, Screenshot_20190717-013439.jpg)

You would think her stans wouldn't encourage her after her thousand tweets about how she wouldn't post any pictures inside the new place, or even near it. But she is soooooo scared guise. This is why I hope Jonny keeps his mouth shut to deprive her. At least give her no reason to play victim any more than she already is doing.

Such a catch!

No. 681286


Stop filling the thread with caps that have already been posted.

No. 681288

>Finger on the trigger
Maybe take a fucking gun safety class? Or maybe she's already an expert on that as well. These fucking people.

No. 681289

….so she got a gun from a felon? Am I getting this right?

No. 681290

Not from America, how much do guns cost? Because I highly fucking doubt it someone else bought her that. Or paid for it anyway.

No. 681291

this is fucking hilarious. oh taylor you fucking cow.

No. 681293

Oh for fucks sake Taylor are you for real? Also, we all know he couldn’t have bought it for you legally.

No. 681295

>>681283 I feel like sober living facilities probably prohibit guns…especially because some of them do have felons living in them.

No. 681296

File: 1563320479661.jpg (788.45 KB, 1536x1555, Screenshot_20190717-014050.jpg)

Wanna talk about Bindi her enclosure Taylor? Or the animals you kept in a fucking closet??

No. 681297

can you have weapons in places like sober living? i literally have no idea, sorry if it's a stupid question.

No. 681299

That finger on the trigger tho.

No. 681300

Watch her take selfies with it next for Twitter.

No. 681301

this gun is usually about 470-550 dollars, but you can also get VERY cheap guns here too. A basic shotgun can usually be less than 100.

No. 681303


Why does she include the dosage? Is she giving too many details to over-exaggerate the truth? Is she doing it to flaunt her ~hardcore junkie persona~? Both? Something else?

No. 681304

I have guns, respect them tremendously and the first thing you learn is only point at something you intend to shoot. I see this going very badly. How braindead is she? I can see her idiot stans running out to buy a gun now. And didn’t JC just post about daddy’s gun? Hmmmm

No. 681305

inb4 the accidental shooting saga

No. 681306

I was about to go on about that too, how Jonny recently was goin on about being able to get a gun soon?

Taylor deleted this post. Wonder if Jakeypoo told her to delete so he doesn't get in trouble.

No. 681307


Only point at something you intend to shoot and shoot to kill.
Zero trigger discipline. Manic behavior. Self-doxxing. A felon boyfriend. And an inability to behave rationally. Yeah, this should end really well.

Looking forward to all the inevitable gun flaunting selfies to come.

Inb4 she becomes a “gun rights” advocate, kek.

No. 681309

File: 1563321243292.jpg (751.28 KB, 1536x1455, Screenshot_20190717-015329.jpg)

I wonder how mama Dean and papa Dean are gonna take to their daughter waving around a gun, potentially illegally

No. 681310

File: 1563321371376.jpg (611.56 KB, 1536x1642, Screenshot_20190717-015625.jpg)

No. 681311

Gunanons, isn’t there some kind of “unspoken rule” about telling people you have a gun because it can invite problems? I feel like I’ve heard something like this before, people saying it’s not wise to advertise. Is this accurate at all?

No. 681312

She's fucking crazy, why would you flaunt on the internet about owning a gun illegally? You don't own it if you have the papers. Real shady shit, dude could've just robbed a store with it.

No. 681313

File: 1563321565037.jpg (699.09 KB, 1536x1619, Screenshot_20190717-015902.jpg)

Suddenly liking mama Dean her tweet of her cats to another person. She is sucking up. I see what you're doing Taylor.

No. 681314

Nice going with your finger on the trigger you massive fucking moron. She’s literally gonna end up shooting herself because she’s such a hard headed idiot and she’s gonna whine when anyone tells you to get the finger off the trigger. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S NOT LOADED TAYLOR YOU SPASTIC. She’s such a dramatic retard. No one cares enough to stalk you, Taylor. You just make it so damn easy to know exactly where you are by being a chronic oversharer and not being able to control yourself.

No. 681315

Yep. One of the top rules up beside only aim to kill, and only touch the trigger to shoot.

also if how are her glass bones and joints UwU going to handle the recoil of a pistol? I can guarantee she won't even know how to properly hold it to account for that. She's also too arrogant to bother with a safety class. I'd be willing to bet first time she shoots that thing, its going to recoil into the neighboring state

No. 681316

Inb4 she flaunts it around and tells everyone at sober living she has a gun and gets kicked out because the others no longer feel safe.

No. 681317

A cow buying a gun because of lolcow might be the best thing to happen on this whole website this year

No. 681318

I leave this thread for 2 hours and this is what fucking happens? Is she actually retarded? What the actual fuck.

No. 681320

File: 1563322063927.jpg (578.19 KB, 1536x1668, Screenshot_20190717-020708.jpg)

Someone is on a major high of attention.

No. 681322

She posts the dumbest shit purely for attention omg. There's no fucking way they allow this in sober living.
If people didn't have a reason to call her sober living place before, they sure do now. What a dumbass. First doxxing Jacob and now this? Why can't she just shut the fuck up on the internet? She needs help for internet addiction as well as heroin addiction…

No. 681323

Something about it next to her Boo tattoo just makes this so much disgusting

No. 681324

It is straight up illegal to accept a gun as a gift when you are ineligible to receive it. She'll get the cops called on her if she chooses to keep it.

Her "friends" are straight up wack. I don't think she's looking for the right sober living homes. Seems like she just wants to party.

No. 681326

If anons were actually calling, and they find her new place, I bet you she is out

No. 681327

She's extremely manic. Things are all happening in rapid succession and she's tweeting like a fucking maniac. She's not sober. She's probably tweaking. Alcoholic suspected tweaker bf and she are together- yet she's relocated…. with a weapon??? Also no sober home would allow a gun.

No. 681329

File: 1563322636516.jpg (74.04 KB, 1536x353, Screenshot_20190717-021619.jpg)

Please tell me this is false?

I would not wanna be living under the same roof as her. Especially not with a beloved pet.

No. 681332

Damn she sure knows how to pick them. Taylor sure has a type of at least 11 year older criminal junkie manlets.

No. 681341

What? Source?

No. 681342

I'm in California and in order to get a gun here all you have to do is fill out paperwork and pass a multiple choice basic safety quiz, which is pretty much just common knowledge stuff. They do a background check, and if you don't have a felony or any violent crimes on your record you can get a gun. It's fairly easy.

No. 681343

I doubt they'd allow it but it would be very easy to hide.

It depends. Straw purchases are illegal. If her name was on the papers when he bought it MAYBE. If she ends up using it in self defense, he'll be liable most likely.

No. 681344

I live in Texas, and you don't necessarily need to take a training class to own a gun, but you can choose to take a training course at a physical location or online for a little certificate that says you've done some training or whatever. It's like a video questionnaire thing if you do it online. However, you do need a license to carry the gun on your person outside of your home. Which all you have to do is send 100 bucks out of state (forgot which state exactly) and you'll get your license to carry in the mail. Now, I'm assuming she doesn't have that license to carry so she is pretty much illegally carrying a gun if she takes it anywhere.

No. 681345

Jake has photos of his kid posted on his facebook, I saw it the other day prior to taytay doxxing him, his facebook was public. Now since she doxxed him he has either deleted facebook or made it completely unsearchable. I know this is an imageboard and I should have posted screencaps but when his FB becomes public again I'll get them.(do not identify kids)

No. 681350

File: 1563323634841.jpg (176.28 KB, 1536x327, Screenshot_20190717-023348.jpg)

Taylor thinking she isn't being used right now

No. 681351

File: 1563323692999.png (489.01 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190716-203453.png)

No. 681352

Did he for sure say it was his kid? That's insane if true. It makes all the "hehe I'm just obsessed with boys rn!" even cringier if she was literally talking about a man in his mid-30s who has a child

No. 681353

File: 1563323791937.jpg (310.08 KB, 1536x653, Screenshot_20190717-023521.jpg)

She actually strikes me as the type of person that insists doing shit for you and buy shit for you, so they always have something to hold over your head. It'll be the first thing she mention when the friendship or relationship flops.

No. 681354

If Jacob really has a son, I'm 99% sure Taylor was not informed of this lol

No. 681357

Especially since it sounds like she’s closer to the kids age.

No. 681360

File: 1563324094227.jpg (173.99 KB, 1536x380, Screenshot_20190717-024137.jpg)

No. 681361

Even though it's completely possible that he has a kid, without reciepts I'm going to assume it's his nephew.

No. 681362

If a random anon could find it on his FB, it doesn't seem like he's hiding it. But it's still possible it was a relative/sibling or something. Still though, going on and on about how "pretty" her new 36 y/o felon boytoy is was bad enough.

No. 681365

What a mother fucking dumbass cunt. She needs to learn firearm safety…. Finger off the fucking trigger unless you’re ready to shoot. What a fucking moron.

No. 681367


No. 681368

Oh it just keeps getting better he’s even divorced!

No. 681369

Taylor actually HAS kinda doxed her new sober living already (no I won't be posting it, it's not useful and some fucking cowtipper will act like an idiot again). This level of compulsive self-doxing is kind of fascinating though. Rock on, Taylor.

Late but - I'm at a loss as to why you're exploiting your stepkid's words for the sake of internet drama. Sending "tea" to turtlemom using your child's words and experience (and posting here about it) is exploitative and does nothing to improve her care in what sounds like a scary situation.

No. 681370

File: 1563324538622.jpg (196.82 KB, 1536x336, Screenshot_20190717-024859.jpg)

No. 681371

File: 1563324593083.jpg (168.66 KB, 1536x360, Screenshot_20190717-025000.jpg)

No. 681372

this is literally all public record and no photos of the childs face have been shown. But taylor clearly doesn't look at gossip forums…

No. 681373

We already know she does this, ie the “gift” of Jonny’s teeth.

No. 681374

File: 1563324701812.jpg (67.21 KB, 1536x215, Screenshot_20190717-025059.jpg)

Nobody is gonna contact an 11 year old child, and what is being shared is due to you not being able to shut your damn mouth.

No. 681375

People get divorced all the time. Divorce by itself is no big deal. If they got divorced because he got into alcohol and drugs or he beat her or something, then it gets more interesting.

No. 681376

"the guy i'm seeing" I thought he was just a bro friend…seems more like a boyfriend.

No. 681377

We don't post pictures of unrelated family members here and especially not children. Maybe she should lurk more LMFAO. But there you go anons, seems like she knew he's a dad.

No. 681378

Within less than ten mins of us talking about his kid she was tweeting about it. But she “never checks here.” Okay.

No. 681379

As a lover of firearms and someone who takes gun safety very seriously, I have no ounce of respect for Taylor. I hope she gets caught with the firearm and catches a charge. Fucking moron.

No. 681381

Taylor did another oopsie.

I like how she added that we are posting pictures of the 11year old, or at least is making it sound like it anyways while nothing like that has happened, nor will even happen.

No. 681382

“The guy I’m seeing.” Also known as? BOYFRIEND. Way to out yourself and another one of your lies, Tay.

No. 681383

File: 1563324885636.jpg (207.81 KB, 1536x376, Screenshot_20190717-025449.jpg)

No. 681384

Are people posting his personal info to her followers? What is she talking about?

No. 681385

Oh, Taylor. Public records exist so people can see them. What is he going to say his lawyer? THEY FOUND MY PUBLIC RECORDS AND ARE SENDING THEM AROUND!!!

Damn, lock us up.

No. 681386

she's currently lurking. see >>681372

hi tay tay!

No. 681387

Also, samefagging, but a lawyer literally won't do shit. Like she herself said, this is all public information. What the fuck is a lawyer gonna do?

No. 681388

Taylor. Holy shit. Just stop.
Just stop. Literally just stop. Everything that has happened to you has been made significantly worse just by your consistent refusal to STOP. Honestly, can anyone tell me what the hell is wrong with her?

No. 681389

China white IS fentanyl unless in Texas they use different slang but in Ohio and Michigan, if it’s china it has fentanyl in it

No. 681390

"My addict girlfriend of 13 years younger than me posted my info online and gossiped about it anonymously! I bought her a gun too by the way she's carrying it in public! "

No. 681392

File: 1563325262595.jpg (568.7 KB, 1536x1278, Screenshot_20190717-030048.jpg)

If only it was just that innocent. Then we wouldn't have known about him what we do.

No. 681393

read the rules.

No. 681394

As someone married to a CPL instructor and went with him to buy his first pistol, he most likely handed the paperwork for the background check over to Taylor because he knew he wouldn't pass because of his felonies.

No. 681396

File: 1563325343145.png (797.94 KB, 725x857, future darwin winnner.png)

…annnnd the guns now on twitter, complete with stans drooling

No. 681398

My bad. It’s just infuriating that this moron is out there with a fun illegally and she obviously doesn’t know safety. She could seriously harm someone. I’ll try to delete the comment.

No. 681400

File: 1563325487655.jpg (401.75 KB, 1536x1043, Screenshot_20190717-030455.jpg)

No. 681401

>claims used drugs bc 'peer pressure' aka Jonny
>claims just educated about boring shit like 'peer pressure', not useful!

Can she hold anything important safely?


Fuck off with the kid posting

No. 681402

File: 1563325540698.jpg (207.74 KB, 1536x509, Screenshot_20190717-030548.jpg)

No. 681403

"I don't even want a gun, I'll probably get pepper spray or something"
What the actual fuck does she think we're gonna do? We just discuss the dumb shit she does. None of us have tried/want to hurt her and if you say dumb shit like that you get yelled at here/banned. She's so good at blowing shit out of proportion. That's one of her only skills.

No. 681406

it's against board rules to post this kid or name them, regardless of what's out in public. fuck off summerfags who think doxing some unrelated kid is "milk".

No. 681409

File: 1563325777618.jpg (359.66 KB, 1536x889, Screenshot_20190717-030941.jpg)

No. 681411

Anon your posts are very recognizable. It's not Mama Dean her post / Taylor her mom. It's Mama Dean's post / Taylor's mom.

Just pointing it out because it makes it obvious when you're posting.

No. 681412

she's so dumb. people are here solely for the drama, nothing else.

No. 681413

File: 1563325836065.jpg (161.16 KB, 1536x441, Screenshot_20190717-031035.jpg)

No. 681415


this site is essentially just a crowd sourced/ran TMZ/junk magazine for F list "celebs"

No. 681416

File: 1563325969463.jpg (183.92 KB, 1536x337, Screenshot_20190717-031256.jpg)

No. 681417

What kind of sense is this?

No. 681418

File: 1563326042271.jpg (163.67 KB, 1536x317, Screenshot_20190717-031408.jpg)

No. 681419

"super cute" kek. Her standards haven't improved much from Jonny

No. 681420

I bet she is lying. Or grossly blowing shit out of porportion.

No. 681421

File: 1563326171101.jpg (202.29 KB, 1536x485, Screenshot_20190717-031603.jpg)

Changed her mind again.

No. 681422

File: 1563326220280.jpg (174.76 KB, 1536x327, Screenshot_20190717-031705.jpg)

No. 681424

"I'll just limit my posts" she says for the 100th time.

No. 681425

File: 1563326295449.jpeg (68.4 KB, 750x352, BC551BC4-376F-4147-B195-C013A2…)

This home is only for men so do you think Jake lives here and is taking care of the snake? I am wondering where the fuck she’s been keeping the snakes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 681426

File: 1563326322872.jpg (197.87 KB, 1536x432, Screenshot_20190717-031847.jpg)

No. 681427

Wasn't she just talking about how nobody has ever said anything to her face? Her address had been public knowledge for a long time. Nothing ever happened.
None of us have discussed hurting her.
What the fuck is she going on about? She's so retarded.

No. 681429

"People discuss and gossips about the things I lie and talk about publicly on my social media! Please put them in jail."

No. 681430

No one here wants to hurt her oh my god. If anything, she should have learnt from this how easily people can doxx her from oversharing. But nooooo tArgEteD harASsMent!!!

No. 681431

earlier this aft she was riding the bianca devins case since it's big news rn, making it about herself & acting like she was next in line

No. 681433

File: 1563326678913.jpg (543.07 KB, 1536x1191, Screenshot_20190717-032424.jpg)

Look how scared she is guys. She takes this so serious she needed a gun.

No. 681435

It literally feels like she just hates this website because it's the only place where she gets called out on her bullshit and she can't stand that so suddenly we're a "physical threat."

No. 681436

File: 1563326900981.jpg (79.91 KB, 1536x179, Screenshot_20190717-032813.jpg)

Nobody said that but go off.

No. 681437

>"they're making assumptions about you!!"
>posts a screenshot of UNCOMFIRMED milk

No. 681438

just setting up for when she does relapse and uses this website to place blame.

No. 681439

topkek. We're literally just cataloging stupid shit she says/does, and speculating off evidence/past lies and trends

No. 681440

File: 1563327084641.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg)

aw boo fucking hoo. she literally can choose to not lurk here and move on with her life.

No. 681441

File: 1563327092865.png (33.51 KB, 663x343, bianca.png)

making bianca about her again

No. 681442

Why is it so hard for her to just fucking log off? Like go spend time in the real world, bb. I promise it will be good for you. You clearly can't handle being on the internet.

No. 681443

File: 1563327195004.png (56.19 KB, 742x387, Annotation 2019-07-16 213259.p…)

who the fuck got assaulted because of lolcow the other day? topkek

No. 681445

i second that question.
also lul it was confirmed the e-girl was murdered by a family friend who was jealous of her orbiters. completely different situations.

No. 681446

What the fuck is she talking about? Also, if we're comparing her situation to Bianca's murder, she'd be more likely to be assaulted by Jake because Bianca was NOT killed by a random stalker or because she was doxxed. She was murdered by a man she had known and hung around irl. Can she stop comparing herself to that poor fucking girl already?

No. 681448

Why does she think LC is 4chan? Also who in the fuck is she talking about?

No. 681449

it's not productive to try to out where these people live in this case anon. Both of these people are in rehab, let them continue with that.

No. 681450

File: 1563327949377.jpg (166.94 KB, 1536x260, Screenshot_20190717-034550.jpg)

No. 681451

funny how they capped the tinfoil section but didn't cap the actual milk section

going after some unrelated kid/s is against the rules and too far.

No. 681452

Hate to burst that bubble but if you fear for your safety when posting online, social media shouldn't be your job.

No. 681453

I don't think the BF bought the gun. He's a felon. It was probably someone else.. She's mentioned multiple recovery friends.

Anyway, first thing I noticed was her finger on that trigger.. Nooo! Ugh. Can't be good

Also.. Johnny's kid is in Portland? I remember a rumor going around that he fathered a stripper's (Anjillian) kid in Portland, but I'm almost positive it was a rumor made just cause they were good friends and her kid looked like him

No. 681454

File: 1563328449966.png (110.91 KB, 735x820, tuna.png)

i stg she's friends with tuna or moo i'd piss myself laughing

No. 681456

This is the first thing I thought of. There is no way this doesn’t end badly now.

No. 681457


After reading this I'm thinking Taylor was lurking here and this could have been in part to her choice to get a gun

No. 681458

I'm so surprised none of her stans are worried that she's bought a gun. She's just out of rehab and a bad relationship, it can't be a good sign, even if she feels like it's for "protection". Stupid fucking teens.

No. 681459

up next : Taylor accidentally shoots herself.

No. 681460

honestly, i don't think they have the rational or thinking capabilities to put all that together

No. 681461

Tinfoil it’s pnp. Didnt they crossover in the last thread?

No. 681462

"Not my fault guys. I was so traumatized by people doxxing me that my finger slipped."

No. 681465


Do not post identifiable information on minors such as full names, addresses and schools.

Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.


So she hasn't seen her threads on KF, GG, and reddit?

No. 681467

File: 1563329661144.png (296.15 KB, 828x1792, BA4F5D6E-D1F8-497B-965A-CF4CDE…)

No. 681469


yeah because taylor the retard knows so much about the law and apparently guns as well. it's not targeted harassment if you're literally looking up things on the public record. if celebrities cant even sue papparazi for taking pics of them in their own house, taylor has absolutely no case. furthermore, who would she be suing? the whole site? "hello this is austin pd and we're arresting everyone on the lolcow forum."

taylor you're a fucking retard and if you were genuine sCaRed you wouldnt be sperging like a drug addict.

No. 681470


Shouldn't it be Jonny you're afraid of knowing your whereabouts, since you claim to have gotten an EPO (despite the fact that he hasn't been served yet).

No. 681471

They aren’t friends tho and it was clear at least to me that Pnp just exposed herself as someone who dislikes Taytay/hate reads her thread. That’s why she used her platform to call her out on improper snake care. Also if Pnp got doxed/assaulted again there’s no way she wouldn’t talk about it constantly/advertise tickets to the shitshow on her snapchat again. She’s just on a bored manic rant til stage 2 of syphillis kicks in.

No. 681473

Taylor friends are not her friends. If she didn't have money they wouldn't be doing shit for her. I wouldn't wanna make friends with a bunch of ex drug addicts either, the goal of sober living is to get your shit together and move on with your life. It isn't fucking socializing and partying.

Her BF is a drunk driving, divorced, failure, whos dating another drug addict 10 years younger than him. Addicts in recovery shouldn't date period.

Her friend who bought her a gun is a fucking idiot. What moron could possibly think this is a good idea? Only a drug addict would.

Your friends suck Taylor.

No. 681480

Random but I can see her being friends with Charms somehow

No. 681487

all I can read in this is
>I can't afford to pay Betsy $600 a week to be my maid/chauffeur/food delivery girl/"professional animal carer" anymore, and now she's not interested in spending time with me without money involved, even though that's been the nature of our relationship for a year, pity me waaaaah I was so awful to her that she's done with my shit unless I'm padding out her pockets

No. 681491

> 19 days until 2 months sober
kek 19 days is basically 3/4 of a month. She's 1 month 1 week sober, not almost 2 months

No. 681492

OT but you can get a DUI for being high too, we don't know for sure if Jake was drunk. I know a lot of people who got charged with that from being on Xanax (which is arguably worse).

No. 681493

Arrest record gave his BAC. And I’m pretty sure when you are seeing 4 yellow lines it’s probably pretty bad.

No. 681495


The dog prob gave it away lol

No. 681498


She is exactly 6 weeks sober as of today, the 16th.

No. 681499


But she always pulled herself together to take care of her pets, guize. eyeroll

No. 681500

She's so addicted to attention right now - it's actually wild. Admittedly this has always been a problem for her but the rate it's increased since she stopped using drugs is crazy.

She knows full well her impulsive posts is causing most of her current problems and turmoil. This is literally just another means for her to self-destruct. She won't stay sober long if this continues.

If she was truly serious about educating people on addiction and drug use (which is an important topic) she wouldn't be splurging on twitter about all the details so casually like she does. She would make sure she reflected on her words and made an educative and balanced video or blog-post. Even if she has such an unusual addiction story she could still spread awareness but in her current state of mind she might as well shut up about it. No way is she actually close to over her addiction. She's completely off the rails.

No. 681501

yes I found the mother of his child on social media years and years ago. I’m here for the JC milk. Portland. Even in the song about the kid he says Portland but it’s confirmed via mother’s social media accounts.

No. 681503

Don't post about friends, family, or other unrelated parties unless they are explicitly involved in their online drama.

No. 681507

File: 1563339077736.jpg (569.6 KB, 978x2048, _https__ww.jpg)

Soooooo let's talk about her constant lying. She can't get a concealed weapon permit. And she wonders why people call her out on her bullshit. A simple Google search instead of spazzing on Twitter.

No. 681521

Maybe cause D.A.R.E. programs don't do shit to keep kids away from drugs but that might be giving Taytay too much credit

No. 681525


But Taylor, if you didn't WANT attention from it, you wouldn't talk so much about what an hero you are, how you're sooo much better and accomplished, etc. Narcissists like you consume everything and are never satiated, so you look for more ass-kissing any way you can get it. Also fucking disgusting, making the brutal murder of a child about YOURSELF? Fuck off, cunt. Like actually fuck off, Taylor. That is beyond morally repugnant.

I struggle to even think of anyone worse than Taylor, perhaps that Brian Barczyk? But anyone who REALLY cared about those animals, in her situation, would rehome almost all, if not all, of them. She doesn't see them as living things, she sees them as toys and collectors items, or as objects that get her attention.

His twitter is full of racist shit lmfao, what a fucking PRIZE of a man. I thought she said she is very much pro-equity of all people uwu? Sounds fake to me, TayTay.

China white is heroin containing α-Methylfentanyl.

No. 681527


that's not his twitter. compare the faces. people on this website can be so fucking retarded and ruin it for the rest of us sometimes

No. 681531

let's be real she was probably posing for the shot inside the store.

No. 681532

Kek it absolutely is not, China white started as powdered heroin that usually comes in stamp bags but now it's powdered heroin cut with all different types of fentanyl, not just the specific analog you named.
Also what Twitter do you even think is his?

No. 681537

good joke, but unrelated family members and minors have been posted in threads all across snow and pt since its inception. yes the posts are deleted upon report to the mods, but to act like it never happens is a load of bullshit.

No. 681538


Welp there it is, peak Taylor. Her relapse (which has happened already by the sounds of it, this is her just looking for a convenient excuse) is of course everyone's fault but hers.

It's never her fault. They made her do it! They made her look at that ebil, ebil nasty website! They bought the drugs for her and made her take them!

No. 681540

no the same anon but don't encourage the summerfags, who are on their first go round thinking it's a family dox fest.

No. 681542

i also find it suss that with the exception of the snakes in far to small bins we have only seen her other animals outside and not what their enclosures are like when she visits them

No. 681543

There's just no way this ends well for anyone now.

Volatile, emotionally unstable, barely sober - and I really fucking doubt she's actually clean – idiot junkie with a gun? One who's a perpetual victim? One who seems to have got on with a chronic tweaker? Yea, six months from now is going to be a whole different circus.

Wonder when she'll start thinking she's living some sort of Bonnie and Clyde bullshit fantasy next.

No. 681546

Who was assaulted for Lolcow? The Onions have been doxxed for years, and surely Grug does deserved to be assaulted for the things he has done but no one have been physically close to them or him to do so.

If someone was harm directly for Lolcow’a fault doxxing would be banned a long time ago.

No. 681547

Doxxing WAS banned already, it's only self-dox that are permitted to stay. But I personally don't know which cow this assault story is about? Never heard of it.

No. 681548

we saw inside one tub and it was full of poop >>679100 so I imagine they're pretty shit

No. 681549

Taylor is baiting by putting all of this info on social media. She loves the attention and while she complains about this site & people "stalking" & doxxing her, she, maybe subconsciously, asks for it. She wants her new friends to see how "obsessed" people are with her. It makes her feel & appear " famous". Cuz if she was just dumb & doxxed herself by accident, it would've only happened once or twice before she'd have learned her lesson.

No. 681550

Yeah that was my bad, I didn't mean to say that it never happens, I meant to say that it's not allowed and will get you bitched out by other anons in addition to getting your posts deleted/yourself banned. Sorry about that.

No. 681551

Honestly, remember who said that: Taylor. She's a cow, she's a junkie, she's a proven liar and probably not sober. I wouldn't trust TND to tell me the sky's blue or water is wet at this point lol

She likes to tell tall tales and exaggerate and make it all about her own weird little very special victim complex. It won't be long now before her lazy ass is all "I can't do the firearm training bc muh EDS, but the instructor said I knew everything there's to know about guns and that my aim and form was perfect!!!"

No. 681553

shes lying about the bianca situation and saying its lolcow that caused the egirl assault.
maybe its because she knows her stans arent the brightest and they'll assume 4chan is lc

No. 681555

I mean, she's make a distinction in the original tweet and later goes on to explain that it was "a friend of a friend" who apparently had a thread here. She's definitely lying (no one knows that the fuck she's talking about) but I don't think she's trying to spin the Bianca thing like that. And also, again, anyone who spends 5 seconds reading about Bianca's murder will figure out she wasn't killed bc she was doxxed by any website. Her stans are too dumb to research though, unfortunately, so maybe she IS trying to create a misunderstanding knowing none of her fans are bright enough to figure it out.

No. 681556

File: 1563348705427.png (114.22 KB, 640x1136, 03B6938B-0397-473E-BBD3-F785AB…)

iM iN DanGer JusT liKe Bianca

No. 681557

>so maybe she IS trying to create a misunderstanding knowing none of her fans are bright enough to figure it out

It's a classic Taylor move. It's her special move of moving the goalposts and also making herself seem more special and relevant than she is. It's all very "look look look what a victim I am!!! and how harrrrrd life is for meeeee!!!!" while also trying to direct attention away from her constant lying and animal neglect and idiotic behavior with men and drugs.

No. 681558

i mean like if u read her posts she goes through bringing them up to her fanbase and then immediately trying to disqualify here as a nice and truthful source. instead we're just evil bullies threatening and ruining her life.
responding needlessly to a post showcasing LC:

lying about what was said here, trying to prove that we're big big bad meanies:

and then suddenly it is LC's fault that bianca died:

bit of a tinfoil, but honestly it seems like shes just trying to deny whats being posted here before more ppl start finding out since its evident a lot of her stans are now following LC. plus, newer internet people have a hard time adapting to the forum style of lc and they usually dont go thru any of the threads for long, meaning they see nothing.

anyway tho ".. but after that girl was murdered a few days ago and then someone else was assaulted to being doxxed on the same hate forum I felt really scared." is so fucking dramatic lol. do u think this is able to justify your illegal gun u got from 30+ year old brofriend? cause it doesnt and posting manically about everything right now definitely isnt helping either

No. 681561

File: 1563350464255.jpeg (643.41 KB, 1125x1822, 26272777-0EB3-43B6-8848-BE6D86…)

No. 681562

File: 1563350502013.jpeg (565.91 KB, 1125x1902, 7DE6FCD4-0DE3-468F-9737-4CDD72…)

the blood on her finger looks like she cleaned the wound real good

No. 681563

File: 1563350588840.jpeg (83.22 KB, 1120x574, C80F75BA-79C6-4E0B-8E33-E2B878…)

$5 says the Bindi tattoo looks as great as her enclosure does

No. 681564

Jeeeesus she looks bad and of course her "animal photos" are focused on her lips, her tats and her tits with the animal being an accessory and an afterthought.

She's on the fast track to becoming just another worn-out junkie with tacky tats who people won't like to look at, much less want in their neighbourhoods, their businesses or their social media feeds.

No. 681565

File: 1563350963094.png (259.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5974.PNG)

No. 681566


this fucking retard lol

No. 681567

God damn. Needed over an hour to read that shitstorm that happened overnight lol.
Taylor's truly getting dumber by the minute.

Her having a gun now will get her in trouble, i'm sure.
All of that just because she wanted to show how quirky her venmo captions are, gg Taylor

No. 681568

Riiiiiiiiiight. Because possession of narcotics is so very legal, Taylor lol

And so's the possession of an unlicenced firearm. And here she is happily broadcasting both publicly.

Must be nice to be an overprivileged rich white girl.

No. 681569


WAIT. I just read about this the other day. Bianca was killed by someone she knew IRL. Her parents knew him and so did her sister. Also a majority of their interaction was on the girl's PRIVATE Discord/Insta. Not lolcow… the girl in question was literally just another teen on the Internet, she's a minor so… why would she have a lolcow thread? Taylor really just makes shit up for whatever she wants by not doing any research (as per usual) and going with the narrative.

Also a huge majority of the sick individuals saying this poor girl deserved it are fucking incels from their own disgusting website. I'm so fucking mad Taylor is using Bianca's horrific murder to make it all about herself. You're a piece of shit, Taylor.

No. 681570

I feel like her getting a taser would be a bit worse simply because the idiot would decide to play around with it.

Pepper spray would surely be enough lmao

No. 681571

I truly hope she has to give it back, she just doesn't understand the amount of danger she is putting herself into by having a gun with her while barely being sober and living with other addicts
Like, how does she think any of this is going to end well??

No. 681573

Her sober living could have let her know that when she was getting SpEcIaL permission to keep a gun there.

No. 681574

Bianca was part of this thread in >>>/snow/383200 But she wasn't the topic of the thread.

No. 681578

Seriously is there anything more stupidly dangerous than an unstable junkie who's probably jonesing and just about to relapse… and with a gun?

If she doesn't do something thoroughly idiotic with it I'll be surprised. Or one of her little junkie friends will get their hands on it, because trust and believe this bitch has no idea of what a gun safe is.

No. 681579

Stop derailing about turtlemom and oxy.

No. 681582

Why can't she take picture of the animal without 80% of the picture being herself? With bloody finger too, very classy.. does she have any filter what to post and what not.
Bindi Is like "this was supposed to be my picture, you freaking thot!"

No. 681588

If that gun ends up shooting anyone it’s gonna be Taylor or one of her junkie friends by Taylor or one of her junkie friends.

No. 681594

I haven't found Jake's FB profile, but I did find his ex wife's. She does have a kid about the same age as anons are claiming Jake's kid is. So it's quite likely. And Taylor basically confirmed it when she started freaking out about a "website" "harassing" her friend's family. That's the reason she got a gun, so she and her "friend" can feel safe.(stop talking about the kid)

No. 681602

Tinfoil: Taylor is moving sober living facilities not because she feels like her entire life is being threatened by this website but because she has to actually get a job. I would imagine that YT doesn’t count as a job because how could they track your progress and hold you accountable. Also, I’m sure they’re not going to allow her to bring a part of her zoo. It’s fucking ridiculous. Taylor taking her sobriety seriously = rehoming her zoo, PERIOD. We haven’t even seen her new snake in days and supposedly it’s the only animal in her possession right now. Or hopefully she heeded people’s advice and is letting it acclimate. Either way, stop making excuses for why your sobriety isn’t working out. You’re a big girl that did china white, don’t blame this website for your downfall.

Also, is she being tested for alcohol? Didn’t know if that’s part of her drug panel or if everyone has different drug panels? Not too familiar with that aspect of sober living.

No. 681603


There's no way in hell a sober living facility would be any sorts of okay with a firearm in the hands of a resident on the grounds. That seems like asking for a host of issues….

No. 681604

Her finger?! I’d be asking more WTF is wrong with your lips!

No. 681608

Yeah they wouldn’t be ok with it at all. Not even for a super special YouTube star. DV shelters don’t even allow weapons of any kind and those women actually have a legitimate need.

No. 681611

If Taylor does end up relapsing. She’s just going to blame it on her “bullies” and get more sympathy.

No. 681613

exactly. tbh nothing adds up.
i’m still convinced (yeah i know, tinfoiling) that she either relapsed and got kicked out or that she didn’t move to a new sober living at all. guess we‘ll find out soon enough.

No. 681622

This shit is all in her head. She straight up said nobody has ever told her anything to her face, and she thinks people are gonna come attack her?


Probably some orbiter guy she keeps around for attention. I'd be more worried living around drug abusers and addicts than some stranger on the internet hundreds of miles away.

No. 681623

File: 1563375086538.jpg (171.32 KB, 1536x436, Screenshot_20190717-113250.jpg)

No. 681626

It's super obvious that bottle is full of qtips and not pills.

Not milk, just some stan giving her dumbass advice like usual

No. 681627

File: 1563375324216.jpg (79.1 KB, 1536x236, Screenshot_20190717-165532.jpg)

No. 681628

File: 1563375351137.jpg (72.88 KB, 1536x231, Screenshot_20190717-165555.jpg)

No. 681629

Dude stop posting shit about this random ass guy

No. 681630

How is this guy relevant at all? Stop posting random shit

No. 681631

Thought people would find it interesting "she blessed him with a picture" and "Craig never introduced us".

No. 681633

It's not interesting unless we can comfirm he's somehow involved in Taytay's drama. Otherwise his posts are just irrelevant shit.

No. 681635

so wow this was a wild ride lmao. I can’t believe she doxxed her “brofriend” and then cried about it - every time I think she can’t get any dumber, she surprises me. honestly, she’s got no one to blame but herself for this mess. I seriously struggle to feel even an ounce of pity for her. Taylor, if you want people to stop talking about your private life - STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!

No. 681640

The amount of grease on her baby hairs is insane. She clearly isn't doing too well even if she hasn't relapsed if she is still struggling to shower.

No. 681641

File: 1563376618730.jpeg (589.65 KB, 1125x1742, 19C11CC8-1460-4E7C-8A5D-E44431…)

One Stan with actual brain cells telling Taylor owning a gun is not a good idea and lists several valid reasons why. Then we have the other Stan making false statements. Who sent Taylor death threats?

Obviously this is what Taylor paints the situation to be. Literally there is no proof anyone sent her a death threat, but anything this junkie says is truth itself to these idiot stans. The world is going to chew these naive idiot up and spit them out alive if they continue being so gullible.

No. 681645

I found Taylor through her mantis care video maybe two or so years ago and from there I watched all her "All my pets" videos and basically anything with Cheese. At the time I thought she was a quirky, slightly ignorant and irresponsible young girl trying to find herself but overall nothing terrible and nothing she couldn't grow out of. After a few videos of following her I started to notice she didn't really know what she was talking about… at all. I can't remember what care video it was but I remember watching her betta one and realizing for the first time she well and truly had no idea what she was talking about and was terrible at acting like she did.
I stopped watching her for a bit and then when I came back to her I noticed all the comments talking about how terrible she'd gotten after getting with "Johnny." At the time I had no idea who that was and it let me here.
To think not even a year later and that young girl would end up covered in tattoos, fucking felons, fucking felons again, rehab and a lifelong addiction to heroine is really fucking sad. She's well and easily ruined everything she had and to be honest… I don't think she's coming back from this. It's all careening down hill from here.

No. 681647

So her stans associate size of exterior with caliber size? Idiots! Even a .17 or .22 can kill somebody accidentally. And isn’t that a 38 special? If not properly shown how to hold it the recoil alone can send a shot easily into somebodies head. Wow the stupidity of her flashing a gun around trying to look like a bad ass in front of highly untrained children.

No. 681648

You didn’t get background checked….your friend bought the gun and gave it to you. Are you even trying anymore?

No. 681649

exactly even darringer's have killed people (most notably president Lincoln) and they're known for being so "weak" that their bullets can literally bounce off of people. But of course the right circumstances can be lethal. The most dangerous thing too is someone who has 0 clue what they're doing handling a gun.

No. 681653

I find it absolutely hilarious that shes willing to obtain a firearm to defend herself, ya know, implying she could seriously hurt or kill someone in self defense and that's FINE

But shutting up on the internet to protect herself? literally just not posting sensitive info like venmo transaction history with a drug dealer? That's going too far. Because she wanted to. And she should be able to do whatever she wants.

No. 681656

I also find it hilarious that she thinks her life is so important that we would risk our freedom to threaten her. We just like to have fun and gossip about the stupid shit SHE puts on the internet. Alogging will get you banned and that’s no fun.

No. 681657

So from what I understand from all this is that she basically was able to gaslight her followers, her boyfriend, and everyone in her sober living into thinking that the internet is going to really harm her. Confirmed manipulator. What a cow.

Reminder that nobody has threatened actual harm to her on lolcow? And anybody who does is banned.

To all the newfags and summerfags: read the early posts, people here were concerned for her actual safety with Jonny Craig in the beginning and everyone wanted to get her out of it. Then anons here were concerned with her health as well as her animal's health when there was speculation about her using with Jonny. She's manipulating everyone into thinking the internet is out to get her which is just not true.

But this much is true: she has been a manipulative person since day one

No. 681658

File: 1563379701417.jpg (156.78 KB, 1536x353, Screenshot_20190717-180646.jpg)

Must suck knowing you put someone as incompetent as Taylor in to this world who is now waving a fucking gun around like it's a toy gun with her fat fingers on the trigger.

No. 681664


Eric is her "former drug dealer"

No. 681672

So has Jennifer ever read her incompetent tweets or nah? She makes zero sense 80% of the time. Just like Taylor, she needs to have a seat and just keep her mouth shut.

No. 681673

File: 1563383010760.jpg (107.89 KB, 1536x347, Screenshot_20190717-113309.jpg)

Wonder why he is gonna meet her in 24 hours.

No. 681675

This dude is creepy AF. Just read his tweets to her on his twitter profile.

No. 681676

This guy would be a better reason to own a gun than anons on this forum. Creepy af.

No. 681677

File: 1563383538469.jpg (562.94 KB, 1536x943, Screenshot_20190717-113430.jpg)

Yeah, i posted some shit earlier but people didnt think it was milky enough when i asked about him in regards to his tweets to her.

I thought this was one especially fucking weird.(derailing)

No. 681680

that's a crack dealing simpleton if i've ever seen one

No. 681682

Taylor probably wanted a gun to protect her from this guy, and used her mean internet haters as a scapegoat

No. 681683


Lol looks like Taylor is awake, and in the bright light of morning decided to delete this tweet. Just makes it seem like whatever she was doing in the middle of the night while tweeting was regretful.

No. 681685

File: 1563384359581.png (102.07 KB, 737x768, Annotation 2019-07-17 132506.p…)

looks like he's a fly by night arms "dealer" looking to buy her new gun

No. 681688

It's very annoying that she constantly captions the pics of her pets with "I love her/him so much." I've seen a lot of pictures of a lot of people's pets on social media, but I have yet to see anyone who's got to constantly tell people that they love their pets like Taylor. If you've constantly got to remind everyone how much you adore your animals, then just maybe you don't love them that much.

No. 681692

File: 1563385547803.jpg (221.04 KB, 1536x547, Screenshot_20190717-194534.jpg)

No. 681696

File: 1563387094535.png (4.03 MB, 1242x2208, 05B0B710-7A6F-4F14-8F2B-E20EFE…)

No. 681697

This dude has tweaker written all over him.

No. 681698

File: 1563387184372.jpg (165.09 KB, 1536x340, Screenshot_20190717-201313.jpg)

No. 681700

"The gun isn't big"

LOL didn't know small guns are safer than big ones. Thanks, Taylor's stan.

No. 681702

File: 1563387934837.jpg (123.29 KB, 1536x342, Screenshot_20190717-202530.jpg)

No. 681703

File: 1563387958493.jpg (190.13 KB, 1530x507, Screenshot_20190717-202510.jpg)

No. 681704


Cause that will end well.

Imagine a fan trying to introduce themselves and Taylor spraying mace in their face.

No. 681705

File: 1563388200383.jpg (205.13 KB, 1536x515, Screenshot_20190717-202949.jpg)

No. 681706

this is a very weird nitpick and next time sage it.

No. 681708

File: 1563388526180.jpg (201.19 KB, 1536x366, Screenshot_20190717-203407.jpg)

Someone pointed out it's illegal if she signed papers and it's in the possession of someone else. Suddenly it's magically with her again.

No. 681709

File: 1563388595204.jpg (191.6 KB, 1536x407, Screenshot_20190717-203628.jpg)

No. 681710

Holy shit girl learn hand to hand, self defense, a martial art or anything other than a weapon that can be used against you or harm an innocent. Manic people can become very dangerous and with racing thoughts you may or may not hesitate. The series of terrible decisions lately are outstanding.
Bet she’s going to start “training” today and tomorrow she’s going to act like she is a highly trained Marine sniper!

No. 681711

Someone who is not even 2 months sober and with high risk of relapse still, but they're cool with her carrying a weapon like a gun, among other people who clearly aren't in a good mental space themselves. It's such a lie.

No. 681713

The whole self defense shtick is a mental fantasy. Nobody is lurking in the bushes waiting to kill/harm/rape TND. Even in poor areas your more likely to get your shit jacked than anything else. She doesn't need a weapon in wealthy white suburbia anyhow.

She's more likely to kill herself with it than any other scenario.

People obsessed with weapons and self defense are often times losers with too much free time on their hands.

No. 681715

this. also manic people can get very paranoid and she could potentially harm someone innocent.
not to mention her whole carrying around a knife while in sober living with a previous self harm history? makes no sense they'd allow her such a stupid thing.

No. 681717

File: 1563390123825.jpg (626.64 KB, 1536x1086, Screenshot_20190717-210136.jpg)

She was pressured I'm wheezing

No. 681719

>buys gun
>is now the victim of buying a gun

goddamn this dunderfuck is really something else

No. 681721

Anxiety and panic are a great combo for a gun owner.

No. 681723

Guns, knives and mace? Is she building her own personal arsenal? Is that her thing now? Forget about hoarding animals, it's time for weapons.

No. 681724

File: 1563390837059.jpg (328.58 KB, 1536x957, Screenshot_20190717-211126.jpg)

Someone needs some sympathy attention from her stans after her fuck up.

No. 681725

she really has to demonize everyone including her own friends just to never take responsibility huh

No. 681729


Not WK, but I can totally see this happening. In the past (w/ JC) we’ve seen her be such a fucking door mat, so it doesn’t surprise me that she went along with buying a gun even if she did feel uncomfortable about the whole situation. She just didn’t want to look uncool in front of her “friend.”

Love how she was bragging yesterday about having such great “friends” yet today is saying she was peer pressured into buying a gun that can KILL people if not properly handled. You don’t have friends, Taylor. I can’t imagine any sane human being wanting to be your friend either. So keep hanging out with ex-addicts and see how far that gets you in life. Next thing you know, you’re going to be commuting robberies because you don’t know how to say no and want to look “cool.” Grow up. Seriously.

No. 681731

File: 1563391389903.jpeg (478.03 KB, 1242x1834, 4A1A297A-415B-4A82-84EB-4EE117…)

I know these screenshots were already posted but I just had to bring attention to the timeline here. She literally says that her “friend” is holding the gun for her and literally not even 15 minutes later suddenly the gun is in her possession? She is just an absolute idiot. I can just see her thinking that she was going to get praised for this shit and now it’s backfiring and she’s freaking out.

No. 681732

I can't understand at all how she was "pressured" into getting a gun, or even then- saying someone else did it for her, even though she had been talking about getting a gun off handedly a day beforehand when the Bianca news broke first. Before she blew up about her Jakie getting outed on here. So she's just back tracking now, despite her mentioning it before any of this even happened.

No. 681733

I thought after the Brady Bill that there is a mandatory 5 day waiting period if you purchase from a store. The gun show loophole is the only way I believe someone can get a firearm that fast.

No. 681736

File: 1563391762755.jpeg (35.32 KB, 477x477, received_2405421323073474.jpeg)

No. 681737

No "guy" at a gun store (even in TX) is going to give someone a gun without observing the waiting period. This is just full of inconsistencies.

No. 681738

No. 681740

You’re wrong. There is no waiting period in Texas - or a number of other states. The Brady Bill imposed a 5-day waiting period but that was only until the NCIC system came about in the late 90’s.

No. 681741

File: 1563392023368.jpeg (225.47 KB, 1242x1024, 3F7FB202-9035-49D3-8AD6-BD48C6…)

“I decided oN mY oWn” no you didn’t, Taylor. You saw you weren’t getting the positive attention from the majority of people with a brain and you decided to backpeddle.

No. 681743

I'm from Texas, and I can out right say, the only way you can get a gun same day has to be from a non-commercial place selling it to you, or someone giving it to you that you know. Family got a Beretta M9, and had to wait 2 weeks to a month for the background check to go through. People with recorded drug issues MUST undergo this. People with felonies are not allowed guns, unless they jump through hoops and bounds, specifically it's a non-violent felony.

So there is no wait period, but you have to have a gun license to get your gun same day from a commercial dealer. You don't have to go through one if you get it from a backwoods gun seller, or from a gun show.

No. 681745

Oh my god sage your gun sperging and click who you're replying to, just write Sage in the email field it's not that hard to read the rules jesus fuck

No. 681746

Oh my god Taylor you're annoying.
If you don't want that gun, simply - RETURN. IT.
Why tweet about giving it back instead of just doing it?
Same story with all her pets
"Kronos isn't even a insert species I don't know if i'm gonna keep him" "I'm looking for someone to take insert pet and if I can't find someone who properly cares for insert pet imma keep it"

Just say "I want to keep the gun" or give it back. Jfc it's not that hard.

No. 681747

she impulsively bought a gun just like she impulsively buys animals

don’t worry guys!!! I have an extra cage and my friend is just watching it for the night!! I’m going to get them a huuuuge enclosure tomorrow! It WAS not impulsive! I posted about wanting one just the other day!!

No. 681748

I think she's trying to not be a dick to her friend. She can't stand making her "friends" feel bad. If he's a real friend he'll understand, if he blows up fuck him.

She wasted this dude's time for something and she should've said no. It's just like rejecting a persistent guy, hate to be a dick but you can't keep leading him on.

No. 681750

inb4 throws it up on fb market place or craigslist for $100

No. 681754

It’s really not hard to sage

No. 681755

>>681741 If a "friend" is pressuring you to buy any type of weapon, especially one that you don't know how to use safely, then they aren't your friend.

No. 681759

These “friends” are probably more like dudes doing everything they can to get in her pants. Guys in early recovery usually get their dick back working pretty quick and are able to use it without the added emotional connections. Tay probably doesn’t see it and thinks they are soul mates or some shit like that.

No. 681760


lmao imagine her just randomly being paranoid on the street and fucking shooting an innocent person in the face with a big ol can of mace. great job taylor. I wAs OnLy PRoTEcTiNG mYsELf!!!!! is what her dumbass would say.

No. 681761

>my friend the felon has owned guns for years and "pressured me into buying one" but guys he's so cute and he makes me laugh it's the healthiest relationship brofriendship I've ever had

damn this made me laugh so hard. when is she not the victim? waves a gun around trying to act like a badass, doesn't know shit about gun safety, makes a fool of herself, her fans let her know she's already committed several crimes by owning it/giving it to someone else to "hold" for her, she turns into the victim immediately

No. 681763

How do we know Taylor's sober living required employment? Is she going to switch sober living every 30 days to avoid getting a job?

No. 681764

It was in the rules and requirement portion of the sober living facilities she was in. If she stayed within that system the 30 days will still apply. But we all know how special she is so it probably wont happen.

No. 681767

I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 681769

She's trying so hard to be the victim in every situation so she doesn't have to take responsibility for anything and it's so embarrassing. Taylor grow the fuck up and learn how to adult! Not everything you do can be excused away.

No. 681788

File: 1563402921834.png (796.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-17-18-34-27…)

This morning she was at 270k and gained 5k follwers in less than 12 hours? Hmm….

No. 681791

It rounds, she probably just went over the threshold to round up instead of down.

No. 681801

Taylor has deleted this tweet, wonder if she met with creepy dealer guy. >>681673

No. 681803

she probably gave the gun to him in exchange for heroin. obviously this is tinfoil, to Taylor and whatever stans are lurking, don't be running to your followers twisting this into "they're gossiping and calling it FACTS!!!!!" like the gd UNCONFIRMED milk section lol

No. 681804

File: 1563406428359.png (12.8 MB, 4000x4000, 399605E1-EE0D-4A05-987B-941E8D…)


No. 681807

He already looks like that

No. 681808

>implying he'll make it past 40 without a fatal OD

No. 681809

I would not put that past her. Or considering he tweeted this >>681627 also I would not put it past her to exchange sex or pics for H

No. 681810

File: 1563407173214.png (387.04 KB, 732x461, dullard.png)

>bitches and moans about being doxxed
>says she'll never post a revealing pic again
>posts pics with the dog tag/phone number visible

granted it's illegible, but it's the principal/concept here. She's such a brain dead moron

No. 681811

File: 1563407181859.jpg (729.4 KB, 1536x1188, Screenshot_20190718-014557.jpg)

Fucking great. Those poor cats.

No. 681817

>Safest location for me

The only one that doesn't require you to have a job?

No. 681819

File: 1563407838164.jpg (100.72 KB, 1536x290, Screenshot_20190718-015550.jpg)

Taylor: I'm so scared guys I needed to get a gun!!! I am being stalked so bad I'll get murdered!!

Also taylor: lol lemme taunt

No. 681821

Wonder why the pictures were taken in a car. Did she get them from the owner? Tinfoil, but saying the dog belongs to a roommate is a great way to avoid heat for getting another animal. Especially if she didn’t actually move to a new sober living. Probably not the case, but there’s very little she could do that would surprise me at this point. Staying clean and fixing the mess that is her life would probably be the only thing

No. 681827

File: 1563408650839.jpg (428.44 KB, 1536x1166, Screenshot_20190718-021105.jpg)

No. 681828

how do we know Eric is her dealer? sounds like a stalker. seems more likely she gets her drugs from her "friend"

No. 681831

>Guys in early recovery usually get their dick back working pretty quick and are able to use it without the added emotional connections.

ding ding ding

Taylor is an idiot and has no idea what a healthy relationship is and is super onto any piece of trash willing to have her, especially if he looks like an overgrown 12 year old basketballer with tats and substance abuse problems.

Taylor, these fucking guys would make a pass at a trash can if it had a wig on. You are not special and there's no connection between you besides the one moving around in his pants.

No. 681832

File: 1563409409424.jpeg (339.24 KB, 1125x1844, A6B66A84-244B-458D-8BB2-73239C…)

At this rate, we’re gonna see and hear more about this dog than most of her own animals

No. 681834

Maybe she’ll realize that she can get all the attention and feel goods she wants from other people’s animals, without any of the responsibilities, and decide to rehome her animals after all. Miracles happen every day.

No. 681838

TND finally learns the wonders of visiting animals… If only she could’ve learned that you don’t have to buy animals to spend time with them before dozens of animals died in her care.

No. 681841

Someone literally commented that taylor shouldn't be a stupid fuck and should make sure not to DOXX yet another person like she did her boytoy and self, because she feels the need to be an attention whore on twitter. Not that people here are looking to contact the owner of the dog jesus christ, her stand are annoying.

No. 681845

To the stupid stans who obviously monitor this thread: go to a reading comprehension class
Your fave is an idiot who overshares, that's the whole point of this tirade.

No. 681848

I wonder whats gonna happen when she realizes the dog can spend time with the other people living there too. I feel like she’s going to get possessive.

No. 681850

I can't screenshot the whole video obviously, but she posted to Twitter her with the dog in her lap and while she's swinging the camera around you get views of the kitchen floor tiles, the full-wall kitchen cabinets, and the chairs and some wall decor of the living area. So much for not posting unique things about the house, if someone really wanted to find it, she's just given them all the info they need.

No. 681852

File: 1563418993319.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, B8B6ABA1-1A7F-4391-925E-606F51…)

No. 681853

File: 1563419288597.png (9.1 MB, 1242x2208, F1D8A406-3351-4007-8639-CD4457…)

No. 681854


Saw this too. Has to be trolling?

No. 681855

is she fucking retarded? after the last two days I thought maybe she'd cool down with the oversharing but shes just doing it again

No. 681856


She won’t. She’ll just snap a few pics of it every now and then and then forget it exists. She barely pays attention to her own animals if it isn’t to photograph them.

No. 681857

He obviously knows Jonny from San Antonio and if he doesn't give you dealer/scumbag vibes I don't know what to say. He seems to have suddenly realised Taylor's single and is trying it, I'm sure since he knows of her junkie side she's just the kind of thot he's looking for to get his hooks into. Sounds like he knows some things about her but hasn't met her since Jonny picked up the drugs?

No. 681859

This is pathetic if it isn’t trolling. She goes on and on about her sAfeTy but it’s literally her FIRST night in her new place and she is already posting features and pictures of it?? Jesus fuck how dumb is she? I don’t want to believe she is this stupid. I feel like she hairs on purpose so she can cry more about how unsafe she feels. What a tryhard victim. She’s been doing nothing but baiting everyone since she left Jonny. She even tried doing it to him and I’m shocked it hasn’t worked.

No. 681862

So obviously people can figure out where Taylor is now. Does this place require you to work?

No. 681866

Honestly maybe this is a test. Like if anyone finds out the new place and posts it she'll be like - See THEY ARE STALKING MEEEEE or somethine.

No. 681867

I imagine most if not all would? She hadn't been at the other place 30 days which was when the work requirement kicked in, so she didn't leave to avoid that requirement despite tinfoils here. I'll bet it was a series of disagreements - the two snakes, the idea of her renting an apartment to "work" in in future, maybe other things to do with the household.

No. 681868

First night and already showing features of the house. Lmao you've truly gotta be shitting me.

Surely even her stans can see she is attention seeking and trying to bait. Either that or legit has an IQ of 0.

No. 681869

File: 1563421561003.png (415.36 KB, 828x1792, E92C7D0E-E4EF-40D3-BF65-0FE1AB…)

Completely healthy !!

No. 681871

Yeah and unfortunately some idiot will do it and make us all look bad. I don’t think she realises it’s only one or two people out of potential dozens that do that shit.

No. 681872

>Hoarding isn’t defined by a number

So she’s actually brain dead, huh?

No. 681874

10… 13, what's the difference eh?

summerfags need to chill and realise doxing her sober living is not a game or relevant here. it shouldn't happen.

No. 681875


All perfect health, but of her current animals we've seen obese snakes, malnourished skinny cat, and a hedgehog with mange. I'm tired of this shit.

No. 681876

Can we PLEASE start REPORTING the dumb fucks who don't Sage their posts? There's a tonne lately and it's annoying.


Type Sage into the EMAIL section, it's not hard.(minimodding)

No. 681877

Nobody dox where she is staying at, it is not relevant and it is downright creepy and wrong.

If someone does happen to do so, report them and move on because it's not needed.

No. 681879

File: 1563423017622.png (1.33 MB, 828x1792, 470DE332-3407-49D7-A532-A5F793…)

No. 681880

you retards who sperg about sage are even worse than the ones not sageing..

No. 681882

File: 1563423343937.jpg (135.84 KB, 720x538, 20190718_060416.jpg)

This + the number of pics she's shared from her new home makes me think either a) the "new" place she's been posting from is a decoy (like she's still in her old one or just in a different one) or b) the new place isn't a sober living so she trusts people will be looking in the wrong place. Not gonna track down her location regardless, but it struck me as odd.

No. 681883

How long are addicts usually expected to stay at a sober living?
For some reason I assumed it was only a month

No. 681884

lmao it's def option a
she really thinks she is smarter than she actually is

No. 681886

File: 1563424483095.png (126.28 KB, 760x738, Screenshot_20190718-013317.png)

No guys i never send my army of stans to harass people ever!

No. 681887

usually they recommend a yr or two…so will be interesting to see how this pans out

No. 681888

Is this the same rescue that let her hedgehog get mange? Lol yeah I'd sure trust them

No. 681890

File: 1563425364164.jpeg (414.26 KB, 828x937, C201C3B4-B2E1-4D54-B300-A987EB…)

Both her and her stans are brainless,, this is an obese snake that can’t control how often taytay feeds. This is life threatening to the poor thing and her stans make a joke out of the haterz fat shaming a snake.

No. 681893

File: 1563426247625.png (251.93 KB, 616x649, tay.png)

I'm pretty sure taylor looks at the thread at this point.

No. 681894

File: 1563426542943.jpg (300.18 KB, 1078x934, IMG_20190717_220853.jpg)

What a fucking bitch

No. 681895

File: 1563426546884.jpg (136.37 KB, 1024x868, Ball-Python-Feeding-Chart-LARG…)

No. 681896

Hi Taylor!(hi [cow])

No. 681900

File: 1563429361972.png (205.69 KB, 594x462, tayray.png)

Taylor is now retweeting stuff that shows her snakes are obese.

No. 681901

File: 1563431036858.png (70.5 KB, 736x313, Screenshot_2019-07-17-23-20-29…)

No. 681909

File: 1563432849547.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, A7B57462-54F5-461B-962D-52905C…)

Does Taylor have Bindi with her at her new sober living place? Assuming she didn’t take these pictures ages ago and took them yesterday, you can see what the outside of her building looks like clearly. Way to protect your privacy, taytay

No. 681911

Pretty sure she took these the last time she visited (last week?) unless she just decided to wear the same romper

No. 681912

That's the same outfit as all of the rest of her recent animal pics. She took the pics all at once and is posting over time.

No. 681913

she's not doxxing herself right now, genius. you know you can link to old posts from prior threads right?

No. 681914

she‘s obviously posting fake pictures of her „new place“. even though it’s her, she can‘t be that retarded.
i don‘t think she‘s still in her old place though, if she stayed there she would have gotten that fucking chip already.

No. 681916

Is that North Austin Sober Living?(don't try to guess her address please)

No. 681917

No. 681918

No. 681920


Does anyone actually give a shit where she is? We all know she's going to lie about it anyway, whether she's in sober living, a hotel or somewhere else. She lies about lying, so what difference does it make when all it's doing is feeding her victim complex.

No. 681922

In all honesty as soon as she’s out of sober living we will know because she will go to a hotel and those are easy to recognise (not names, just being hotels) or will get s new apartment or move and will tell all her Twitter followers about it.

She doesn’t know how to not over share and keep a lie going for longer than 3 tweets

No. 681925

Who fucking cares where she's at, it doesn't matter.

No. 681926

3rd of July, she really had to dig for that one huh?
It is bewildering how she constantly is on the hunt to paint her self as this poor harassed victim all the time.

No. 681931

File: 1563446598783.png (106.75 KB, 756x682, Annotation 2019-07-18 064132.p…)

good god. Take a look at his @replies too, way too much to screencap.

I actually think she might be telling a bit of truth about being stalked/in danger after scrolling through that mouth breather's feed.

No. 681932

File: 1563449183049.png (638.95 KB, 1213x845, Annotation 2019-07-18 072536.p…)

jesus christ.

Also yeah from his facebook, he's a dealer topkek

No. 681933

….annnnd he's now suspended

really should have took the time to screencap.
Basically he was hitting up taylors little stans and telling how he'd eat them out and shit, as well as threatening other ones. This dude is a huge predator

No. 681934

I wish I didn't read those posts.

I won't believe Taylor knows that guy or had something to do with him.
He totally sounds like Jonny, so I believe they were friends, but Taylor?
Thank god he's suspended, this guy is a new level of creepy.

No. 681940

File: 1563452504258.jpeg (347.52 KB, 1125x1008, 3AF54F73-2B39-4DC6-9355-27FE16…)

90% of her replies are regarding this website, yet we’re OBSESSED with her guys LOL. There really is something wrong with her brain. Go see a therapist, Taylor. And no, not the one in your dim head. She’s defensive because this website is right and it has always been right in regards to her bullshit.

You’re a pathetic wannabe Taylor. You wouldn’t last a day on the streets with real junkies. You want to talk about how you were on high doses of different opioids, but you couldn’t even shoot yourself up kek. But keep trying to convince everyone that your drug use was so “cool” and “special” in comparison to everyone else’s.

It must eat you alive every night knowing that you can’t get Jonny Craig’s attention.
You’re so empty on the inside, it’s sad. You can continue to cover it up with awful tattoos, hideous clothes, and poor innocent animals. We all know the truth here and will always know the truth because we aren’t brainless and it isn’t difficult to know when you’re lying because your ENTIRE life is a lie kek.

No. 681942


Actually, that's exactly what rescues do to get animals away from their abusers, especially if they're hoarders. You can't attack them, you want them to trust you so that they will surrender their animals without a fight. you tell them that the animals are in a great health, they're doing the right thing, they can visit. Whatever's necessary to get the animals away.

And who writes porn about strangers they see on fb? Jesus christ.

No. 681946


I don't a suspension will stop him. This was his like 4th Twitter account.

No. 681950


This anon is absolutely correct. You essentially need to groom hoarders to get their pets off of them. It turns into "why don't you just care for these ones?" And "why don't you let us take these ones?" until they can get most if not all animals away from the hoarder.

No. 681951

If this is the case they have likely taken the animals in 'worst' health which would include Kronos and Mushu who we have not seen.

No. 681954


This is 100% true. I work in foster/rescue and for example, if we can convince someone to hand over 20 cats we'll tell them that they can keep 1 or 2, because they clearly care about the cats so much and that's why they have so many, they're being fed so well and look great, etc.

It's pretty much essential to do this to ensure everything goes smoothly and so the owner surrenders the animals willingly. It can be pretty manipulative, but hoarders have a mental illness that can be hard to reason with. Deep down hoarders know it's bad, but they can't admit it because they also can't believe that they would harm an animal. Some truly believe that they are helping animals and don't realize how out of control it's gotten.

Taylor is a hoarder. I'm not surprised if the rescue (if there even is a rescue, hard to believe her on anything) coddled her and compromised as much as possible for her to surrender the animals to her. Also her rescue story is bullshit, because only sanctuary animals stay IN rescue (old/sick animals) and healthy animals are fostered/adopted out as soon as possible. They aren't going to keep someone's animals around to babysit forever.

No. 681957

>I'm not special, everyone just treats me that way!!! heehee
bitch stfu you're not special and neither is how they treat you, they're treating you like any other hoarder. lie to get the animals to safety, deal with the meltdowns once they're secure. if it's a "rescue" why would they keep your animals forever in their crowded facility and not be trying to re-home them?

I believe she said that she still has Mushu. we haven't seen a pic yet though and she has said she is thinking of rehoming more… but something tells me that with all the damage she's done to the poor creature she's too embarrassed to give her away to someone who will recognize how horribly ill she let her become. she'll just slowly die in that awful tank instead

No. 681958


Honestly it depends on the place and the individual, usually more than a few months ime

No. 681959

Yea, Mushu is the one who sickens and worries me the most. I seriously doubt that lotl is alive, let alone thriving. Last we saw her (and that was ages ago) she had barely any gill feathering left, meaning she's having trouble breathing. Add in some of Taylor's quality care while on a drug binge…

No. 681962

File: 1563459661470.jpeg (611.28 KB, 750x1109, 331D1E37-727A-4AB7-B161-66DE06…)

Found Jonny(Non-contribution)

No. 681968

These are the people she should worry about with all the information she puts out there, not us here. If this guy was posting here he would stick out like a sore thumb. What a creepy dude to be posting to children like that. If JC intentionally kept him away from Tay (which we dont know) then he must be a very unsavory character. And Tay has given enough info away about the places she will be at and potentially where she is. Putting the other recovering addicts into danger or at the very least becoming a distraction for their own success.

No. 681969

File: 1563461742688.jpg (606.97 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20190718-165534_Twi…)

I spy a Taylor trying to go viral again.

No. 681972

Technically, there's no such thing as an unlicensed firearm in the US. You purchase a gun from a shop or show, a background check is run (federal law) and the serial number for that gun is attached to your name. Some types of guns require a stamp to own or sell, which is generally extremely difficult and expensive to obtain. There's a permit required to conceal carry in some states, it's usually a bogus class that you either take a short test on at the end (the testing facility will read the correct answer aloud, everyone passes) or just sign off on having attended.

The gun is a Ruger .38 special snub nose, which is a terrible first time owner gun. It's also not a great first gun for women as the recoil is strong and even more theoretically, someone with a connective tissue disease, or better yet, a munchie like Taylor might also have trouble firing it.

Gun spergs see this picture and see a dead man walking; worse, they see someone who shoots someone due to their own stupidity. She has no idea how to use it, won't go to a range and learn, she's boasting about gun ownership. In short, this is a massive accident waiting to happen.

No. 681974

That gun is going to be so painful for her to shoot, and with how she "just drops things randomly" I don't think she should be owning one at all. I have a physical disability and I won't own anything that shoots smaller than a .303 cal. She probably thinks that smaller guns = better for women, not so. If she gets one she needs something heftier so she doesn't butterfingers it and shoot herself on accident. What a tool.

Someone will eventually ask about how her EDS makes her drop things in connection with the ruger, right? Please, stans, do it.

No. 681978

She got rid of the gun

No. 681981

File: 1563465633086.jpg (199.57 KB, 1078x883, IMG_20190718_090029.jpg)


No. 681984

Why do we care about this girl? Don't post random tweets from her stans unless they're relevant.

No. 681985

Taylor sure knows how to pick em! jake made his wife pay his restitution. What a heart throb you guiseeee dont you want a guy like my best bro friend!

No. 681987

God bless isn’t very agnostic of you Taylor lol(nitpicking)

No. 681988

source? I see no tweets or instagram stories about this.

No. 681989

Prove it.

Baseless claims that are hardly relevant.

No. 681991

Baseless claims my ass(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 681992

It is relevant it shows taylors disgusting choices in men.

No. 681993

That’s what she said she was going to do but we’ve had zero follow up on that. She also said she was still going to training yesterday and we haven’t heard anything about that either. Somehow I think she kept gun and didn’t go to training. The opposite is usually very accurate with TND.

No. 681995

File: 1563467892103.jpg (113.06 KB, 1536x276, Screenshot_20190718-174549.jpg)

I think you're right on the money.

By the by, she claims she's gonna try get a video filmed this week. I have a growing suspicion she has relapsed with the way that dealer was tweeting her about seeing her yesterday / and also picking her up today. Her nemo tweet was around 2:30 AM her time while she claimed her sleeping was back to normal upon return.

No. 681997

That guy is probably stalking her and is gonna show up and try some bad shit. He seems way creepy. Even Taylor doesn't deserve that.

No. 682001

imagine believing anything this dumpster fire says

No. 682003

Eah there are a lot of things we can look at for her drug use but I don’t think her sleep schedule should be one. 2:30 is late but not crazy late for someone to be up. Especially when it was known that she would stay up till 5-6 in the morning before she was using, she’s just one of those people who stay up all fucking night.

No. 682004

word. assuming this bink was even thinking about stopping power, something like a .38spl round in a nice, heavy .357 is always a good bet for first-timers. let's be grateful she didn't get a semi-automatic, can you imagine her trying to deal with a hangfire from weak-wristing it? 'lololol nothing came out, where'd it go?' swings muzzle directly at nearest person no thanks.

i highly doubt that she got rid of it, if she did there wasn't anything legal about that process. 'i'm gonna talk to the gun shop!' about what? the fact that your stans don't like the fact you got a gun? they don't give a shit.

No. 682005

She probably got rid of it but she won't post about it, because she knows we will tear her a new one for getting it in the first place and then regretting it.

No. 682007

File: 1563471377521.jpg (426.27 KB, 1536x1200, Screenshot_20190718-193559.jpg)

Taylor attention whoring us again by clearly showing she reads here.

No. 682010


she's a fully grown women who still thinks having a fucked up sleep schedule is qUiRkY - I'm convinced she is actually mentally delayed I'm not even joking

No. 682011

Honestly, at this point Taylor should ask admin if she can get a trip so that we know it's her, and explain to us why we're wrong about her animal care, her addiction, etc.

I mean, I'm sure most of us are reasonable people who are simply concerned about her and would love the opportunity to have a real conversation with her, sort of like what happened with Mariah. You know.

Anyhow, the ball is in Taylor's court but it couldn't hurt her any to come by and explain her side of things.

No. 682012

speak for yourself.

No. 682013


Nah I would love this. She seems to like to present her case and I think talking directing to anons would ease her fear that were creepy stalkers. We’re just people. People who use image boards for entertainment. Some of us didn’t even follow TND until the first thread on her was made, just keeping up with her now because her compulsive lying fascinated me and I would love to hear from her directly and I think she has the balls to do it. Honestly all the nitpicks about her clothing tattoos, hair, style and humor really don’t interest me (her balloon lips excluded) it’s more her mental state and personality I’m here to observe. I think if shes capable of ignoring ThE SpECuLaTionS and petty bullying of her “trashy” looks something might be accomplished by her interacting with this thread.

No. 682015

She wont because she can never tell the truth. It will never work she spins her narrative and will not admit she lies.

No. 682016

Taylor won't be able to get a trip because then the farmhands will be able to see her whole post history. We all know that she lurks here and has posted before, Breezexotics told us as much. It'd be Emzotic all over again.

Not to mention that she would never 1 on 1 talk to people that would actually call her out for her shit, she needs her flood of 12 year old stans to tell her what a great person she is at all times.

No. 682017

Yup and it will be super annoying to have her directly try to spins tales while we ask questions. I’m here because the truth in her reality is beyond fascinating. She is absolutely incapable of accountability and honesty so I just spin what she says and that’s the truth.

No. 682018


That would never happen. Unlike with most social media, the people here tend to have functioning brains. Taylor can lie on social media and no one will pick up on it - but people here sure as fuck do and she knows that. A discussion would start with someone asking a question, her answering with a lie, person pointing out the lie with receipts and then her having a melt down about how we are all psychotic stalkers who are out for blood and then make a video about the experience dramatizing every single detail and lying to make money for her inevitable relapse.

No. 682019

Hey not sure if it's tinfoil but we haven't really seen Kronos since the atrium video. I know some people think he got rehome but what if he got sick from that disgusting water we seen her put chemicals in before she let him in there. It makes me so sad for him but I was thinking about that a lot. What do you guys think?

No. 682023

I don’t know much about reptiles but i do know i would never give my dogs city or chlorinated water. Only from my deep well or local spring water. I just dont think small animals are designed to ingest chemicals. And why take the chance? I really hope she rehomed him to a good home.

No. 682024

y i k e s

I kind of understand why Taylor wants a gun.

No. 682025

The first step is not to get a gun. The first step is to report him to the police if she feels threatened, and not post pursonal bullshit like location or Venmo on Twitter.

No. 682026

I don't think he died - at least I really hope so, but he's 100% gone.
She was super afraid of him he already was pretty aggressive. Abandoning him surely didn't help at all.

No. 682027

With all these outside sources having her do as they say, how can she be trusted to make an adult decision on her own? One "forces" her to shoot up and the same with this new guy and the gun.

No. 682042


I think him getting sick is more likely. On top of the water issue, she showed his cage a few times and his lights weren't on. So he likely was missing out on a lot of vital care requirements and he crashed, which is common even for wild caught animals that have all their care parameters met. So it's especially likely that it happened to Kronos, too. I fully believe she no longer has Kronos whether he was confiscated, rehomed or he died.

No. 682043

tinfoil. we haven't seen anything on him in months so it's hard to assume he is sick or died.

No. 682047

File: 1563485800517.png (538.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190718-163610.png)

Hmm, she showed Twisty in one of the glass enclosures (custom cages?) Not the vision cage Kronos was in. Maybe she still has him.

No. 682050

Come to think of it, IF she was honest, didn't she order a bigger enclosure for Kronos not too long before her inpatient treatment? I vaguely recall her doing that anyways, and that that was why she couldn't afford a new cage for the rats that broke during the move? But yeah, I wont be surprised if he died from some parasite from swimming in that disgusting water from the atrium house, and Bindi would probably be then thrown into his old enclosure.

No. 682051

I feel like she did say that she had ordered the new critter nation for the rats as well but then after getting criticized for leaving them on bare wire she stopped talking about them until just before she went to rehab. That was about when we were talking about her letting them out for enrichment/socialization and I remember being totally unsurprised that they weren't in a new bigger more appropriate cage and rather on some pretty filthy fleece

No. 682053

File: 1563487506983.png (1009.65 KB, 1080x1571, 1555978322151.png)

Found it. So this makes me wonder even more where the hell Kronos is.

No. 682055

in a trashcan

No. 682060

"She bought it" or did she get it as a sponsored/inluncer goodies from the companies

No. 682070

File: 1563494295144.jpg (701.35 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190718-175731.jpg)

Destry has the blood python now. A teenager who has very little experience with short tails should not be caring for an extremely defensive one.

No. 682078


>really should have took the time to screencap

Next time use archive.today to archive the /with_replies page. Then you can screencap from there.

No. 682079

File: 1563496157313.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190718-192918.png)

No. 682081

She's only ever shown one, why is she saying she has two bloods and a short tail? Also all bloods are short tails but not all short tails are bloods, she can just say she has three short tails if that's what she has. Plus she's still a teenager, she shouldn't be taking in dozens of animals, let alone an extremely defensive young snake.

No. 682082

"I have done a terrible job raising other snakes so I am qualified"

Sounds like baby Taylor

No. 682087

he was a little bit of a character in the middle of the night she got a new one and I was just thinking about it and the snake was the only one that thinks this

No. 682088

are you ok anon

No. 682089

are you having a stroke anon or am i the one having it

No. 682091

must be you

No. 682092

Taylor, you and the lolcow community both have one thing in common, we both care about your animals. Please take the time to consider whether or not each animal in your care is happy and healthy.

Learn to take care of yourself before you learn to take care of other beings.

No. 682094

File: 1563499554102.png (Spoiler Image, 323.26 KB, 743x875, tndpron.png)

Never had any form of porn show up on my twitter feed until now. The clip is funny, but probably not the best for the young audience.

No. 682095

it is so delusional, it almost sounds like TND's twitter posts

No. 682096

what is this and who is that?

No. 682098

Just some random porn clip of the camera guy feeding the dude a doughnut. She liked it so it popped up on my feed which means it probably popped up on other peoples' feeds too. Just seems a smidge inappropriate knowing children follow her.

No. 682100

Wait didnt the original owner of the blood python give it to taylor cause he couldnt find anyone able to manage it? And yet she gives it to a child ? I'm sure there were many capable and willing adults that were interested in an Ivory Blood python

No. 682101

I think the fact that most of her followers are literal children embarrases her. She seems like she is trying to be the ultimate hardcore super unInQuE heroin addict and seems like she's embarrassed of her following. Like Jake found and company found out that she has a bunch of followers and ohhhh they're just kids and that's not hardcore enough! That is the impression she's giving me lately

No. 682102

remember the dog - it was who could take it first, not who was best. Taylor probably had to get rid of the snake before the move to the new sober living, which makes it all the more likely the snake was the last straw for her previous sober living.

No. 682103

the snake blood was found fast enough to be a part of the problem with the house but the snake is a little more than a normal person has been keeping

No. 682104

She sees twitter as a personal space where she can do what she wants (to our delight), and only panders to those fans on insta or youtube. Risky game bu she plays it.

No. 682109

the children fans are not going to be able to do that and she is not good enough to have her own way to be in a position that would have committed such a thing

No. 682118

where is everybody

hullo friens


No. 682123

File: 1563505247574.png (6.15 MB, 2688x1242, 40CE82A9-F0BD-407B-8785-F860F2…)

Said he talked to Taylor’s dad and there is a storage unit in his name and he has until the 1st to go get his shit so he’s trying to raise money to go down there and get it via twitch. Notice all the scabs on his face….

No. 682127

No. 682130

It's pretty obvious she wants to get rid of her young audience. All the shots of her in "sexy" poses wearing mini dresses and lingerie, hanging with male "friends" at hotels, the sexual innuendos, she's creating a new persona that's edgier and more "mature". But honestly she just looks like white trash at this point.

No. 682132

File: 1563506886813.jpg (233.54 KB, 1072x1355, Screenshot_20190718-212728~2__…)

The snake went to destry with an RI apparently.

No. 682134

It's pretty obvious she wants to get rid of her young audience. All the shots of her in "sexy" poses wearing mini dresses and lingerie, hanging with male "friends" at hotels, the sexual innuendos, she's creating a new persona that's edgier and more "mature". But honestly she just looks like white trash at this point.

trash is trash, there's not some hidden agenda here

No. 682135

His mods are trying to heavily mod any talk about the breakup or taylor in general

No. 682136

He’s high as balls. All he’s said about Taylor so far is that she is the love of his life and he’s still hoping she will come back. Rest is just him sounding fucked off his ass. I think he’s snorted something he keeps sniffling.

No. 682137

He's convinced she still wants to be with him. Big yikes.

No. 682144

He said that Taylor’s parents forced him out, and then moved his stuff out while he was in NY (?)
And then talked about the water heater exploding in the house, the damage to the walls, and carpets, and how it will be hard to get rid of.

No. 682145

I missed that part but it’s super obvious he’s trying his hardest not to shit talk her cause he’s still in denial about the breakup. Someone brought up her new man and he just kinda brushed it off. I get sure thought that would set him off.

No. 682146

He snorted some nose spray because he said his nose was stopped up. He showed it to the camera.

Besides that he does seem high as fuck. Plus his face looks terrible. He may be drunk but he said he’s tired cause he hasn’t been sleeping much…. also, people in chat are saying that they were ex addicts and they believe in him. If you were an ex addic wouldn’t you be able to tell when someone is high or fucked up like he is now? Smh.

No. 682147

Is there even a market for edgy youtubers like that? The closest I can think it's the Tama Mongeau/Ricr Gum LA crowd but even then they target preteens and mostly rely on innuendo.

Tbf the RI in this case is hardly her fault

No. 682148

The RI might not be her fault but she made no mention of it. That means she was poking and prodding a snake with an RI to the point of it breaking off 6 fangs in her hand. That cannot be good for his illness and the stress probably made it even worse. Not to mention I seriously doubt she bothered to properly quarantined the snake from her own.

No. 682149

Whose, Taylor's or destrys? The text messages destry posted from Taylor say nothing about an RI so I think Taylor is partially to blame for rehoming a sick animal.

No. 682151

fucking irritating seeing people just stuffing their fingers in dogs/animals mouths then complain how they’re “aggressive”. Taylor is such an idiot.

Also, if shit really goes down.. she won’t even be thinking about pointing the gun at the person. She probably won’t even have time to. Might as well sign up for hand to hand combat or self defense.

No. 682152

big oof. and just as I was starting to lose hope that he would flip the script and spill the milk. confirmed that he's only holding out because he's desperate for her to take him back. that jakeyboi is just revenge to get him to court her again. I wonder if he's blowing up her phone in private, lovebombing the shit out of her. when he's sober enough to see, that is.

No. 682155

Jonny chalked her fling with Jake up to her just being confused and having people in her ear that hate him.

No. 682159

I mean there's Trisha Paytas and GlitterForever17, but Trisha has been doing that since the beginning and GlitterForever17 went broke because she tried pulling that "from family friendly to edgy and sexual" shit.

But honestly that branching out she's trying to pull is going to be really fucking useless because there's people better at it than her.

No. 682160

Is the water heater exploding at the atrium house (the weird bill Jen was involved with)? Or his dad's house had the water heater explode?

No. 682162

Atrium house

No. 682164

The water heater and much of the damage is the landlord's problem but maybe they might try to say since it wasn't reported the secondary damage is worse than it would have been. Oh well, Taylor has money. You'd think the animal rescue living there or Jen and her husband spending hours there each day would notice…

No. 682174

but shes not even relying on innuedo or being edgy, shes just blatantly retweeting porn and wearing slutty clothes

No. 682175

File: 1563531791585.jpg (398.31 KB, 1536x987, Screenshot_20190719-121114.jpg)

Since the snake ended up with Taylor's hoard, I'm actually wondering if it got the RI there. Mama Dean also cared for the snake before it ended up with Destry. I don't think it's too far fetched of a theory it got sick from her hoard. We all know how Taylor quaranteens. And we also suspect one of her snakes has a RI due to their tongue not splitting immediately when it comes out.

Now, for a bigger tinfoil: I suspect she relapsed yesterday. Meeting up with her dealer in combination with how quiet she has been on her twitter.

No. 682176


I think at this point it is safe to say she isn't clean, absolutely nothing suggests she is clean. Constantly jumping from one sober house to the next, to hotels with relapsed friends, being in contact with dealers, hoarding more animals and her weird episodes of mania on Twitter. She doesn't even have a 30 day chip yet she is claiming she's approaching 60 days. She absolutely isn't clean and there is no reason to believe she is.

No. 682197

She has also mentioned that she was medicating one of her animals (we assumed a snake) for respiratory issues.

No. 682200

it wasn't a retweet, it was a like. occasionally twitter will push likes from people you follow onto your timeline. she can't control which ones show up.

honestly, her continuing to sex up her content (is it really that different from before? aside from blatantly discussing how much she missed sex) will keep kids around imo. same reason tana is so popular with younger kids.

No. 682207


STP's are notorious for getting RI's. They need very high humidity, but at the same time a dry environment. It's a whole mess, and each STP comes with a different standard of temp/humidity they need to be healthy. So with the STP having an RI, I'm not too surprised.
I'm more surprised that she's never mentioned Duck having an RI, but even then, she should've been able to id the RI, and alter things to help it/give it medicine.

No. 682208

It's not Duck but the new one she got from a stan "so she could rehome" him. And with those specifics, I'm not surprised since it's been bounced from home to home the last week. Poor snake. It must be stressed out of its mind.

No. 682209


If he doesn’t have the money to get there, how would he have the money to go back once he gets his stuff? They should just send him his stuff or toss it if he can’t prove it’s his. He’s out of the state, why give him any reason at all to come back

No. 682210


Come on, anon. We all know he's gonna try to lovebomb her while he's in town and get her to let him move back in. He has no intention of going back to NY

No. 682211

A full size storage unit only costs around $120-$150 a month. The parents shouldn’t have to be responsible for that but if JC cant even pay the monthly until he “gets money” then he is even more pathetic than i thought. What grown man, without bills, cant afford a simple storage unit? I thought his shoes cost more than our rent or some bs like that. Sell some of your shoes then you loser. He’s looking for dope money or actually wants to go back to TX to stalk TND and hopes she takes him back.

No. 682213

Yup, honestly seeing just how broke he is rn just shows he isn't going to spill anything for a while now. For him the relationship he had w/ Taylor was probably the best of his life with her dumb ass sugaring him and never truly trying to get him sober.

No. 682214

It's not that hard to keep stps from getting RIs. A tub with a few holes and a large water dish and the very occasionally misting keeps my STP enclosures at the correct humidity levels. I don't think any of Taylor's enclosures are super well suited for any STP species though

No. 682215

When he first left to go to NY to “help his dad” he was adamant that it was only for 2 months. Isn’t the first of August almost exactly 2 months? He may still have it in his head that he is going back to TND no matter what and that she is on board for it. His delusions have been scary up until now and if they didn’t get their TRO yet I’d get on it if I were TND. Or maybe his dad was only on board for him to be there for 2 months and now its coming up and he wants him out.

No. 682226


If Jonny was a legal resident, or even a squatter for a few months at that home, they ARE responsible for his property if they forced him out and got a PO. They can't legally destroy it, and they know it hence the storage unit they pay for, for now. Not digging in TX statutes to find specifics…but Jonny has legal and property rights in this situation.

Getting Jonny to get his things is a trick so he can be served there in TX. Serving costs $$ and serving in NY would raise eyebrows in court, because how is he a danger 1000s of miles away?

He can contest the Order of Protection in court, where they will both look like junky trash.
He shouldn't show in TX, he should get someone to move his stuff so he can't be served.
I don't like Jonny, but I HATE TND's faux victim status when there are people really in scary situations without any resources like $ and a lawyer brother.

No. 682228

But there has to be some type of time limit on how long they have to pay for his storage. They cant just be responsible to pay it forever. So my question is what happens on the 8/1 after jc cant get his 10 discord fans to pay the $1000 something to ship it back? If i were the Deans I’d take my losses and ship it back so he never has reason to step a foot in the state. But that would make too much sense. Even gravy was able to have her hoard shipped across seas all while living the white trash trailer park dream.

No. 682231

Damn anon, I just said I cba for specifics. Particularly without knowing what agreements exist between the landlord, TND and Jonny. The new milk of the water heater breaking adds some probable additional complications.

You'd want to read Texas Property Code Ann §§91.001 through 92.355 for starters. Then look into any paperwork they signed, and if there are any local statutes that may give additional rights.

No. 682234

Help who am I, I don’t hate JC new song. Hate myself for it though haha.(no1curr)

No. 682235

There is no way a landlord was letting anyone live in their house without being on the lease. Opens up way too many legal loopholes for the tenant to avoid moving out.

Taylor's parents are lucky Jonny is an idiot and doesn't know the law because they definitely broke the law. Multiple times.

Technically they illegally evicted him and committed theft by putting his property in their possession without his consent. If Jonny's story is actually true and they kicked him out and he didn't agree to leave on his own.

So many idiots in this situation. Get the TRO and then you can immediately kick him out legally even if he's on the lease. And force him to take his own shit. No storage necessary.

No. 682237

Sorry anon I wasn’t questioning you in particular. I was just more putting it out in to the universe as I cant wait to see what happens with this. IMO, its less about JC getting his crap back than it is about trying to get Tay back. The water heater is also an interesting development. There are so many ways that could go.

No. 682238

This, there's way too much spec about the lease - apparently a lot of users here don't live on their own yet. As for Jonny's stuff, Taylor and her family are on the wrong side of the law here and unfortunately it's all on them. Very stupid people.

No. 682239

or, you know, it was monkey water.

No. 682240


Agree anons. I didn't want to get too deep in the statutory stuff. The lease stuff is easier to prove.

In this situation, Jonny is on the right side of the law. Which is why he shouldn't take the drama bait and fuck it up.

No. 682242

Where I'm at, they would be on the hook for not reporting the damage immediately. They were already behind on the rent iirc, remember the screenshots from Jonny showing the landlord pleading with them for payment? That alone could have gotten them a three day notice to quit. It would be great if the landlord took them to court for damage to the property.

No. 682243

File: 1563563307910.jpeg (838.72 KB, 1242x1913, 80A44BAD-CA00-40C1-B586-81F270…)

Looks like Colin is back to supporting JC. I wonder if JC will go back to Slaves, or Colin will talk more crap about Taylor like he has in the past.

No. 682244

I wouldnt expect anything less from the spineless cowards of that band lol

No. 682245

It’s literally been just over a month since their last subtweets toward each other. And now he’s back to sucking JCs ass. That’s embarrassing but cannot expect more from people that blindly turned their eyes away from abuse.

No. 682246

Yeah when Colin was posting pics of the band using that old ppl filter he included Jonny at the end and it caused a bunch of speculation that he was back in the band so jc had to address it and say he’s not

But idk why Colin is sudddenly on Jonny side again after he publicly DRAGGED him and taylor a few months ago

maybe he blames TND for everything that happened with slaves and thinks of his precious bb jc as the real victim in all this

No. 682247

I've seen so many people comment that they were behind on their rent, but that text conversation with Jonny and the landlord took place on the 2nd or 3rd of the month, every single lease I have been on states that rent is due on the 1st with a 5 day grace period. So, as long as you are paying your rent on the 5th you are fine. There is no proof that they were behind on their rent, and if they had been then eviction proceedings would have popped up when anons searched for any court cases regarding jonny or taylor.

No. 682248

If Jonny is back on his music and getting popular again, (gross) i’m betting Taylor will try to contact him again. She wants that famous viral life more than a random junkie dude. The moment he starts doing shows, she’ll start @ing him or liking his posts.

No. 682251

Taylor is weirdly absent from Twitter after meeting her dealer. Wonder what's happening

No. 682252

Probably shooting up?

No. 682254

File: 1563567606560.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190719-152012.png)

No. 682255

File: 1563567730580.jpeg (240.67 KB, 1242x1678, A0081B6B-BFCF-4AF9-97A6-F2F2FC…)

No. 682256

Her boo?
But he’s “not her boyfriend”. And she wonders why we don’t believe any of the shit she says.

No. 682257

if she was really following the program she’d be taking the advice of not entering a relationship within the first year of being sober much less the first MONTH….and saying he’s not your “boyfriend” isn’t a loophole

No. 682258

and you can’t pick and choose which aspects you want to follow, that’s not how it works

No. 682261

How do you know she met a dealer?

No. 682263

File: 1563569834950.jpeg (67.8 KB, 748x459, 0CDA8F55-6521-4615-9F35-5DD09E…)

She never ceases to stun me with her outfits. Fishnets with dirty white nike slides and that ugly cheap orange satin lingerie dress with underwire cups? This is incredible honestly.

She’s just as bad as Luna with less pink. Does heroin destroy your ability to dress yourself appropriately?

No. 682264

File: 1563569989790.jpg (384.69 KB, 1536x1255, Screenshot_20190719-224615.jpg)

No. 682266

it was pointed out to me that all my worst outfits were during active addiction to heroin. Also that opiates made me and my junkie friends loud and obnoxious in general. Like Taylor blatantly sub tweeting us/show that she reads here. A weird embarrassing kind of bold; I wouldn't quite say confident like coke tho. I have since noticed this sort of behavior in every other person high on opiate I have since met (those who aren't nodding the fuck out).(blog)

No. 682267

she found out he's a felon just out of rehab for heroin and divorced AND a father. so of course she immediately took it from "bro" to "boo" and is moving in for the "we're kindred spirits, we found love when we were least expecting it uwu he's seen me at my worst and and helps me be my best every day, heart eyes emoji" line. this girl enthusiastically makes horrible choices every day, what awful taste in men

No. 682269

File: 1563570831710.jpg (39.8 KB, 500x575, New look.jpg)

Fashion goals

No. 682285

its funny cus thats how she exactly looks like

No. 682298

File: 1563575111586.jpg (603.3 KB, 1536x1002, Screenshot_20190719-224651.jpg)

I think she's just a piece of ass to him, and once he is tired of her insane behaviour he will crawl back to his wife and kid. These tweets seriously make me think he is the one who is making sure they're "platonic" and getting his dick wet. She's being used. And he will throw her to the side once he is done having his midlife crisis fun.

No. 682299

She has a very immature and unhealthy dependence on other people. If this dude straight up left her she'd be "woe is me, I wanna die". She's never gonna learn how to fend for herself if all she does is emotionally leech off other people.

He doesn't seem like he's into her much at all. He probably doesn't want to be involved in all the pet-tube drama. I agree he's not looking at her as a serious life partner, she's just a meal ticket so he can pay the child support.

No. 682307

File: 1563575872540.png (150.67 KB, 750x1334, 95553F84-2BD8-47A8-AB01-183856…)

Weird tinfoil but Jonnys shitty song is in my head and I looked up the lyrics….you guys think “block out the noise” is about shooting up with Taylor? The first line about putting the phones on do not disturb is the same thing he tweeted that day after Jen came to the apartment and had a standoff begging Taylor to talk to her and then when she finally left he tweets like ok WE are turning our phones off!!

No. 682308

File: 1563575895889.png (186.21 KB, 750x1334, 4F8FF67A-C81C-4D80-B3D5-7B5D55…)

No. 682309

File: 1563575936747.png (415.3 KB, 1334x750, 207DC8F7-3D55-46A5-AB37-1C0DBE…)

No. 682314

Watch this be something Taylor runs with after reading it on here…

No. 682315

I totally agree for her to spin a story. Calling it now.

No. 682316

I don't even think she's a meal ticket. I think she's just a young, thin, "attractive" piece of ass who's showing interest in him. So he's going to dick her.

No. 682317

File: 1563577035329.jpg (670.38 KB, 1536x1336, Screenshot_20190720-005708.jpg)

Being called out and pandering

No. 682319

Shes already making Shane Dawson's new video with Eugenia Cooney about her kek

No. 682321

File: 1563577240363.jpg (652.03 KB, 1536x1474, Screenshot_20190720-010019.jpg)

Was in reply to this, Taylor trying to score internet brownie points

No. 682322

File: 1563577478164.jpg (343.12 KB, 1536x1181, Screenshot_20190720-010439.jpg)

Fucking yikes.

No. 682326

I've always thought this song was about Taylor just being called "block out the noise" made me think it was about people saying he was a bad guy for her. He was also saying on twitch that "people were getting in her head" and it's not the first time he's said something along those lines.

No. 682327

File: 1563578786505.jpg (489.86 KB, 1536x1028, Screenshot_20190720-012618.jpg)

No. 682328

File: 1563578851795.jpg (239.95 KB, 1536x487, Screenshot_20190720-012742.jpg)

No. 682330

File: 1563578943935.jpg (131.19 KB, 1536x283, Screenshot_20190720-012840.jpg)

Ok Taylor "I'm (or your nails) the centre of this animal photo" Dean

No. 682338

File: 1563580887531.jpg (194.8 KB, 1212x2048, IMG_20190720_020120.jpg)

Milky dealer texts

No. 682339

File: 1563580940142.jpg (300.2 KB, 1241x2048, IMG_20190720_020208.jpg)

No. 682340

File: 1563580979443.jpg (726.24 KB, 1536x1880, Screenshot_20190720-020227.jpg)

He's such a creep

No. 682341

File: 1563581035757.jpg (93.21 KB, 1536x394, Screenshot_20190720-020401.jpg)

No. 682342

File: 1563581116864.jpg (619.15 KB, 1536x1015, Screenshot_20190720-020440.jpg)

I feel so bad for this little guy.

No. 682343

File: 1563581263884.jpg (153.88 KB, 1536x427, Screenshot_20190720-020747.jpg)

No. 682344

If she said this is why she got a gun, that'd be a completely different story than her lying and saying a "friend" bought it for her because of "online bullies"

No. 682345

File: 1563581595927.jpg (177.17 KB, 1536x413, Screenshot_20190720-021324.jpg)

No. 682346

Hahaha gross. This is what you get when you hang around trash. They're likely more similar than she understands. This is the level you're on. Guys like these are Taylor's peers.

No. 682347

These texts have the same creepy writing style as the Eric Anthony guy who was “telling her to sell the gun at a gun show in SA”. He referred to JC as Craig and tweeted about a picture of Taylor he lost. She relied to tweets that asked who the texts were from, saying his account was deactivated. Guess who’s account isn’t there when you search it?

No. 682350

what is she talking about here? I've never heard of anything unusual with Japanese animal care. she's an expert on everything…

No. 682354

File: 1563582686388.jpg (697.28 KB, 1536x1060, Screenshot_20190720-023033.jpg)

She was talking about this tweet

Yeah hence why I said dealer milk, thought that made it clear enough!

No. 682355

I think it's most likely him. He was going on about how good she looked in the yellow dress earlier.

No. 682357

File: 1563582860716.jpg (175.12 KB, 1528x435, Screenshot_20190720-023405.jpg)

Her big mouth will get her in some serious shit one day

No. 682358

File: 1563583045717.jpg (84.96 KB, 1536x244, Screenshot_20190720-023656.jpg)

Bloody hell.

It's him without doubt.

No. 682359

I don't know a lot about snakes but given his size and that he's new should she have fed him twice already?? She only just got him, right?

No. 682360

File: 1563583114727.jpg (85.59 KB, 1536x357, Screenshot_20190720-023817.jpg)

No. 682361

File: 1563583142374.jpg (108.25 KB, 1536x240, Screenshot_20190720-023841.jpg)

No. 682363

File: 1563583235459.jpg (121.87 KB, 1536x413, Screenshot_20190720-024036.jpg)

No. 682364

Jesus, no Taylor that's not a "Nice Guy"™ at all, that's just a dealer

No. 682365

File: 1563583480918.jpg (255.68 KB, 1536x613, Screenshot_20190720-024451.jpg)

No. 682367

She’s really that bitch that brings up her addiction for edge points when it’s not even relevant . She’s always gotta squeeze it in just like the Venmo thing which was a trap bc she knew someone would be like “wow who r u Venmoing 600$ I’m jealous” so she could snap back with “WELL ITS A DOPE DEALER, KAREN”

Someone would compliment her outfit and she’d be like thanks I got it from my DEALER when I DID HEROIN
+10 cool girl points

meanwhile everyone in the room is like ….yikes…..

No. 682368

He's always been like this, you just didn't care when you got something out of it. Dollars to donuts she flirted with him. He said she sent him pictures.

No. 682371

Fr. Naming a dealer, who is tweaking and putting his shit on blast. Idiot

No. 682373

File: 1563584009556.png (53.91 KB, 584x336, 1557454532819.png)

The irony that she tweeted this LAST MONTH.

Yeah exactly, she sent him pics before, and that was probably to score drugs so she needs to sit the fuck down. She's being a spaz because we found out he is her dealer.

No. 682375

>morph collector
>complains about care vs aesthetics of animals

No. 682377

File: 1563584921889.jpg (286.18 KB, 1536x519, Screenshot_20190720-030838.jpg)

No. 682379

He is legitimately underweight so he should be fed weekly until he's at a normal weight. Don't remember how long she's had him though.

No. 682382

Jesus, Jonny’s new song is creepy as fuck. I don’t know if he knows it (unreliable narrator kind of thing) or if he thinks that’s hot.

No. 682383

File: 1563586320474.jpg (243.8 KB, 1218x2048, IMG_20190720_033120.jpg)

No. 682385

File: 1563586383643.jpg (291.02 KB, 1536x1190, Screenshot_20190720-033308.jpg)

No. 682386

File: 1563586435194.jpg (214.61 KB, 1536x693, Screenshot_20190720-033404.jpg)

No. 682387


Taylor cannot get a temporary Protective Order because Jonny cannot be served.



>Serving costs $$ and serving in NY would raise eyebrows in court

How can he be served in NY? He must be served by the sheriff in person at a valid address in Bexar County. There are no provisions for serving a respondent out of state.

For that matter, how can he be served if he returns to San Antonio to move his belongings? Taylor would need to provide the sheriff's office with an address; they aren't going to play a game of chase at her beck and call. She no longer physically resides in Bexar County herself.

This is not a situation she can manipulate by throwing money at.

>He can contest the Order of Protection in court

In which case he would have to wait around for weeks in San Antonio until the hearing.

No. 682392

I'm not sure about texas but in my state if the other party cannot be served then the court can order a publication of the subpoena in the newspaper and that would count as the other party being served so that the case can continue. It can take weeks to months though and she would have to show up to court everytime they failed to serve him

No. 682393

Hate to have to say it, but what does she expect? When you do hard drugs and dress like a caricature of a prostitute, you're not going to be respected. Sad but true. She puts out a fishnetted fishlip facade. Slut/victim shaming SUCKS but when you associate with this kind of man, it wouldn't kill you to think twice about what image you're projecting to them.

No. 682396

File: 1563587436600.png (8.62 MB, 1242x2688, F12927AE-0817-4FE6-AD33-B87D56…)

Idk if the marks on his arms are new or old.

No. 682400

So Taylor doesn't have a PO against Jonny, who has been taking pictures showing off a gun.

And now she is publicly mocking a meth addict dealer who definitely has weapons.

Like I said, girl is so babied/enabled her rock bottom will be death. Because no matter what happens before that her stans and her parents will always be there to bail her out. And they will never make her take responsibility, she is always a victim. So she will never learn.

No. 682402

File: 1563588433772.jpg (169.33 KB, 1536x454, Screenshot_20190720-040620.jpg)

It's funny she replied to him normally before our speculation she was with him yesterday.

No. 682403

File: 1563588455106.jpg (159.41 KB, 1536x438, Screenshot_20190720-040635.jpg)

No. 682405

Gross, she sent this dude sexy pics? It's a wonder she has any self respect left, addicts do all sort of shady shit for dope.

Her best bet is to ghost this fucker, talking to him only makes it worse.

No. 682408


Why would you willingly talk keep in contact with these scumbags if your truly sober. This seems like a huge set up for relapse.

No. 682409

He's pretty much confirmed he's still using on his stream last night. Something along the lines of "I'm not on drugs….today at least."

No. 682419

File: 1563589816477.jpg (81.82 KB, 1536x214, Screenshot_20190720-042908.jpg)

> "I'm so creeped by him"
>replies normally to him up until we mention he's her dealer and speculated she was with him yesterday on her quiet day.

No. 682422

File: 1563589967865.jpg (214.97 KB, 1535x527, Screenshot_20190720-043252.jpg)

No. 682424

Wow really? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

No. 682425

Taylor was obviously trying to meet up with him and cropped that part of the screenshots out. He said "lmk when you want me to meet you". He's a fucking weirdo but I think it's clear what was going on there.

No. 682427



she done goof'd good here topkek

No. 682428

they're talking about the dealer, not jonny

No. 682430

Somebody's using again, oopsie.

No. 682435

Idk anon I get where you are coming from but the dude seems deranged and desperate, for me that's more of a "hey I'm available if you're interested so lmk where/when to find u"
Not sure he would be hitting on her if he was selling

No. 682436

Kek have you ever bought drugs on the street? Trust me, dealers hit on you. Tweakers are the worst. He also said "lmk what you're planning on getting".

We also know he tweeted to her that her was gonna see her in 24 hours and she was answering him normally yesterday.

No. 682441

In my experience with lying “recovering” addicts, when they say “I’m sober from heroin.” What they mean is I’m totally getting fucked up on other shit. I think a better question is are you smoking or snorting or shooting… cuz we know you’re not sober dear.

No. 682445

she made a big deal about some girls who were just drinking around her, didn't she? yet talking to the guy who sold her china white (the most DANGEROUS kind of heroin!!!!!!) and she's fine.

No. 682450


Read >>682215 and >>682226 again, newfag. And sage your ignorant post.

No. 682451

I interpret these lyrics as him romanticizing the isolation and manipulation tactics he uses. "block out everyone else, only listen to me, we don't need to stop shooting up tonight, turn off your phone, let's just focus on the feeling of being high together"

Japan/Asia in general has much more lax animal rights laws than the US, especially regarding private ownership of exotic animals. not that the US is perfect by any means. she's not pulling this out of her ass, unlike most things

No. 682455


>I'm not sure about texas but in my state

Each county in each state has its own procedure, so commenting on what transpires in your jurisdiction is pointless.

"The Sheriff's Office will hand deliver the paperwork to the actor. The paperwork consists of an application for the protective order, the sworn statement you signed in our office describing the violence, and a Temporary Ex Parte Order to keep the perpetrator from bothering you until the hearing date … However, if the actor is not delivered (served) the papers, upon your request and with a valid address, the case may be reset again for two (2) weeks, and again, if necessary."

No. 682461

File: 1563601485428.png (544.88 KB, 1125x2436, 1561781090803.png)

Another reason to doubt her: the fact that she referred to it as a "restraining order" until the correct terminology was posted here >>>/pt/673827 (Restraining Orders are issued during divorce proceedings).

No. 682463

is she doing this on purpose?

No. 682467


She should change her middle name to "Contradiction".

No. 682475

File: 1563611074277.jpg (385.18 KB, 1536x887, Screenshot_20190720-101144.jpg)

It's curious she only talks about her dude bro friends regarding having fun and hanging out. When it comes to relapsing she only mentions women.

No. 682476

sober 11 mths, taylor arrives in her life and talks to her and bam, 4hrs later her life is off the rails again. hmm, I wonder..?

No. 682477

tbh she’s probably making all these people up, aside from bro of course.

No. 682478



Taylor really does not give a shit about anyone else lol. It's all about her at the end of it.

No. 682480


>She was so sweet. She was…she was…

Taylor talks as if the woman has died.

>I only knew her nearly 3 days

What strange wording.

This is Taylor's first trip through rehab, so she's still just meeting the personality archetypes and codependency seekers one encounters in rehab. And of course she's blind to her own maladaptive coping mechanisms.

No. 682481

File: 1563614558152.jpg (469.65 KB, 1536x1115, Screenshot_20190720-111931.jpg)

Oh mama Dean. Your daughter dated a man exactly like Mr dealer here. They even speak in a similar way.

Yeah it seems like a very fabricated story and person. IF the person is real, I'm with >>682476

No. 682482

File: 1563614620671.jpg (390.42 KB, 1536x775, Screenshot_20190720-112335.jpg)

Hmm mama Dean speaking about relapse too.

No. 682484

Hm. Guess if I had to have a conversation with Taylor for four hours, I'd relapse too.

No. 682493

I wonder if taylor talking about how much she LOVED roxies and CHINA WHITE triggered this girl and caused her to to relapse

theres a reason you aren’t supposed to glorify the sensation the drug gave you, almost like it makes you crave it that much more

No. 682498


If she can’t go a day without gushing about drugs on Twitter it’s not a stretch to say she can’t help bringing it up in every IRL conversation either.

No. 682521

rOxIeS & dIlLyS

No. 682522

Would the snake bites be triggering as well? I'm genuinely asking. I figure that if I had a housemate showing off puncture marks, even if they're from a snake, it'd be a bit triggering.

No. 682523

Yeah I guess depending on the person it could be. Like self harmers showing off their scars. TND is triggering af anyways. I have 12 years and the shit she says and does is triggering to me so I couldn’t imagine having under a year and then this disaster enters my life. She’s like a walking advertisement for relapse.

No. 682539

File: 1563644827087.jpg (195.72 KB, 720x1024, 20190720_104632.jpg)

She made it to a decently sized insta page. Sorry, first time poster. Lots of negative comments though lol

No. 682541

It's private

No. 682544

I've noticed that video of tofu on multiple large meme pages as of late

No. 682556

File: 1563648010534.jpeg (274.78 KB, 828x887, 565AABDD-1564-4ECE-8F5B-6AA71F…)

So much for not showing off anything in her new place?

No. 682557

File: 1563648389987.jpg (272.77 KB, 1536x975, Screenshot_20190720-204246.jpg)

She really lives to stir shit huh. She knows this dealer checks her twitter. She is begging for just ANYONE to give her some serious trouble. She has been taunting Jonny and now this dealer quite relentlessly.

No. 682558

File: 1563648450205.jpg (460.9 KB, 1536x973, Screenshot_20190720-204224.jpg)

No. 682559

File: 1563648494849.jpg (81.92 KB, 1536x352, Screenshot_20190720-113712.jpg)

No. 682560

File: 1563648568149.jpg (651.28 KB, 1536x1393, Screenshot_20190720-204931.jpg)

No. 682562

>favourite bottled water
what…? does it taste different or anything? what's up with this obsession with Fiji?

No. 682565

This guy seems very unstable. Like a stalker type. But Tay is blasting it everywhere that he’s on meth and a dealer. Where I come from that stuff can be a one way ticket into the East river. No better than a snitch. She wants to be a badass but when something bad happens then she’s a victim.

No. 682567

So if she knows his name and probably the area he is in, why the fuck can't she call the cops on him? He's a dealer? They'd love to bust him
I'm assuming she would be safe from the repercussions since she is in a sober living, obviously everyone there has used drugs but none possess any?

No. 682569

Why does she constantly refer to animals as stupid? She shouldn’t even be allowed to own animals.

No. 682572


water tastes different depending on where it is from, now every time she looks at Fiji water she imagines her daughter… I don't blame her.

No. 682573

Coming from a person who has at least one person using her for all the money she has lol

No. 682574

I laugh at stupid things my dogs do, but I still love them and would do anything for them.

No. 682575

Stop acting like she is an endless money fountain. She has not done anything to generate income and she has been spending a TON of money.

No. 682576

The fact that she has no money atm is the only reason she is willing to make a video or even trying to. Though I question what no/little money is to someone who is used to a very lavish lifestyle.

That being said, I have no doubt that her 'boo' is in it for the money as he is in it for fucking around. She no doubt mentions at least once to people that she's this 'huge' youtuber or some bs and people will no doubt know that she has money or a decent income.

No. 682577

that or she is easy sex

No. 682582

Sounds like a fucking lovesong for heroin

No. 682585

File: 1563656359210.jpg (57.02 KB, 603x607, 1512521014594.jpg)

Throwback to when TND's dad predicted what was about to go down…

No. 682587

File: 1563656719323.jpg (30.22 KB, 579x210, 1512521982679.jpg)

One more throwback (I don't want to clog up the thread…)

Sex is sacred, but sometimes you just gotta get "dicked down" by someone who broke the law (and it wasn't just littering).

No. 682592

The sex is sacred thing was a twitter meme that was said ironically by sex positive people. It's not really a testament to her actual views.

No. 682594

Always wanted to know which editing software she uses is like bad but I dont know if she even spend money on it

No. 682598

I honestly don't even understand why. If I had a snake and it started biting it's own tail when trying to feed it, I'd be concerned about my care for it and definetly wouldn't post it online.

>let's find the guy who's slandering you the most and i'll find him and break his freakin knee caps and cut his hands off and his tounge out
what the fuck. this dude's fucking mental, Taylor definetly shouldn't provoke him like that

ugh, Amanda, for some reason, annoys the shit out of me

No. 682603

File: 1563660718749.png (6.02 MB, 1242x2208, 03DD0F02-E99B-46CD-AB48-BCDC16…)

No. 682606

She’s in an all female sober living…

No. 682611

File: 1563662011058.jpg (152.01 KB, 1536x397, Screenshot_20190721-003227.jpg)

Mama Dean going on about Jonny's new song.

No. 682613

Samefag but I can't help but notice she's the only one that appears to be still in bed in her videos. The other bed seems fully made up and in the background you hear dishes clattering. I wonder if she uses her chronic illnesses as an excuse to be a bum in bed while others seem to be busy around the house already. She wasn't even washed up or dressed yet.

No. 682614

File: 1563662773029.jpg (482.29 KB, 1536x963, Screenshot_20190721-004503.jpg)

She is so trashy. And of course she has a mirror at the foot of her bed like the narcissist she is.

No. 682615

File: 1563662869610.png (773.17 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190721-004800.png)

Quite the bruise

No. 682616

File: 1563662934447.jpeg (252.81 KB, 1242x974, 63C606CE-190B-4D1E-870F-271478…)

Think she meant

Quit settling for whoever
bro dick you run into Taylor

No. 682618

jesus that's unattractive what was she thinking

No. 682619

Is it just me or does it look like she's gained weight? All those drugs must've fucked with her metabolism, now it's slowing down now that she's off the drugs. Time for some squats.

Yea and male chimpanzees rape females in heat, stf up Jen.

No. 682620

File: 1563663264328.jpg (363.89 KB, 1536x1119, Screenshot_20190721-005315.jpg)

So aesthetic

No. 682623

Nah, she’s pretty typical “skinny fat”
Not overweight at all, but I doubt she has done any exercise at all outside of lazily boning bros.

(And there are totally things you can do to keep yourself in reasonable shape even with eds)

No. 682625

File: 1563664922498.jpg (99.23 KB, 1536x257, Screenshot_20190721-012205.jpg)

No. 682626

That anon isn't saying she is overweight lol just that she gained >>682619
Nah, I think so too, I think it's probably related to her becoming sober? I know coke helps w/ weightloss but not sure about opioids but she clearly can't maintain the same eating habits as before

No. 682627

She's not wrong, I don't like Taylor but she is leagues above the guys she chooses
They are not even attractive, why??

No. 682629

File: 1563665457937.jpg (374.46 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190720-173004_Twi…)

jesus shes already posted like four different tweets saying the same thing different ways, so erratic

No. 682631

She genuinely seems so proud about his comments. She loves that he said that and is getting these extreme reactions about it. That's why she's shut up completely about the "haturz" too. (Watch her suddenly mention us now kek)

She is so creeped out and terrified by him she can't shut her trap about it in a mocking manner.

No. 682632

Fiji water? Her pussy probably taste like gutter water

No. 682633

why would you upload this with ur rolls all out everywhere. tfw extra weight goes straight to your gut and not your ironing board ass

No. 682634

LOL every time I think Taylor has outdone herself in picking out more trashy, ugly, whorish clothes that look simultaneously overpriced and cheap af, she trots out another new miracle in the lewks department.

It's a talent, I guess?

No. 682636

File: 1563667721698.jpg (230.53 KB, 1535x543, Screenshot_20190721-020744.jpg)

Because flashbacks is any better you piece of shit. My ass she has ptsd.

No. 682637

sweat stains on the crotch, I can't.

No. 682640

somehow she has anxiety, depression and PTSD. what doesnt this bitch have?

No. 682641

It really is all about herself. I wonder what she is claiming gave her ptsd. I realize it’s not only military and first responders that get it, but wtf Taylor? The people who actually struggle from it do so in a very difficult way and flashbacks are a huge part of it. She’s so freakin gross.

No. 682642

>severe PTSD
>buys herself a gun
>hasn no clue how to use/be safe with said gun
>dates a rapist, dumps him, dates a felon
>provokes violent criminals by talking about how abusive/creepy they are on her public Twitter

sounds real severe, like you have to be very careful to manage it/stay safe from having your own "flashbacks"


No. 682644

File: 1563668694094.jpg (185.14 KB, 1536x333, Screenshot_20190721-022344.jpg)

You literally act like this. And to top it off "you don't get along with other girls very well". Idiot.

No. 682645

File: 1563668730527.jpg (366.36 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190720-182506_Twi…)

what is even happening?

No. 682647

File: 1563668846063.jpg (78.68 KB, 1536x234, Screenshot_20190721-022738.jpg)

No. 682648

manners, an education, more than a few brain cells, morals, standards

No. 682649

>not like those other girls
>rare girl
Taylor you’re so special aren’t you. Or you desperately try to be even if it requires lying on the Internet.

No. 682650

File: 1563668949457.jpg (215.57 KB, 1536x866, Screenshot_20190721-022823.jpg)

She neither confirmed nor denied. Wonder if she's downing those ciders for her "anxiety".

No. 682651


tnd: "my body is a temple… for middle-aged drug-addled felons with kids and a penchant for heroin"

No. 682652

If I remember correctly, I believe she has alluded to being raped? There may be a screenshot in previous threads where she says something like losing her virginity in a violent way. I think it was back when people were warning her about Jonny and she swore she knew what she was doing because she has been in an abusive rs before.

No. 682653

File: 1563669097320.jpg (375.21 KB, 1536x953, Screenshot_20190721-023027.jpg)

Ah classic Taylor. The catalyst is another girls post she's pretty much mocking. But she's not a bully and bullying is bad you guys!

No. 682654

i actually have it muhself hehehe i'm so just so dark and troubled

No. 682655

File: 1563669182785.jpg (110.99 KB, 1536x367, Screenshot_20190721-023248.jpg)