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File: 1564882470636.png (1.23 MB, 1080x962, 1564158004913.png)

No. 686960

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her 32 year old junkie ex-boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread:

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L (active as of 8/3/2019)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thepearlboy4L

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:
>Tanner got offended that a Nickelodeon cartoon used the word retard and Taylor coos about how he called them to tell them off >>683522 There has been no record or proof that any Nick show used the word, and Taylor eventually walks it back
>Destry claims Taylor never took the snake with an RI to a vet because she didn't have one in Austin >>683524
>Taylor continues to take all her animals in for vet check ups. Her rats are "the friendliest rats [her vet's] seen in so long" >>683563 A video she posts and then edits has the vet clearly saying they have social issues >>683592
>Taylor freaks out about Forever 21 sending granola bars with customer orders because "a single thing can trigger a relapse!!!" >>683654
>Taylor continues to stand strong on her accusation that Bree sexually assaulted her >>683709 Bree responds indirectly >>684191
>Taylor thinks she's identified the owner of turtlemom and calls her out publicly, beginning a mass attack by her child fans >>683730
>Taylor blames Chelsea for isolating her by posting their text exchange and says she had no interest in helping her get away from Jonny >>683790 Chelsea later responds to the accusation >>684142
>Anon posts caps of Papa Dean contacting their account after they posted a thread on Twitter >>6834033
>Anon posts cap of Jen declaring a lot about Taylor, including that she is living at home again because sober living isn't safe, she isn't going to therapy, she was kicked out of her first sober home, and Jake was trying to use her for money so Taylor dumped him >>684285 The validity of this cap has yet to have been proven and Jen (naturally) also denies it >>684360
>Anon shares caps from cosmixangel of her warning Taylor about Jonny >>684508
>Taylor posts new selfies to try to seem like she's still in sober living despite the photos obviously being taken at the same time as her other ones >>684737 >>684763
>Jonny licks Slaves' ass and tells everyone to support them >>684896 followed by Slaves confirming their new vocalist, who is certainly not Jonny >>685064
>Taylor confirms she's off the lease of the atrium house starting August 1 >>685282
>Taylor claims her sober home gave her an overnight pass despite her having only been there a week at most and she goes home >>685356 She later claims she's debating moving back home permanently because "muh animals" >>685862 Later she claims 4 people in her sober home have relapsed and one offered her heroin >>685945 She tries to continue selling the lie that she's still in the sober home by posting more outfit selfies taken there >>686113
>Taylor thinks men aren't shit >>685545 despite tweeting about being obsessed with men one month earlier >>685625
>Taylor plots her comeback video about her addiction >>685854
>Taylor takes her snakes into the vet and is told they aren't overweight >>686344 She then posts the name and address of her vet in a video >>686358
>Taylor wants to be tHe VoIcE fOr AdDiCtIoN >>686427
>Taylor goes on a mad rant that addiction is a genetic disease you are born with that 15% of the population has, essentially implying to her young fans that only those 15% can get addicted if they do drugs >>686605 While there is scientific basis for addictive tendencies being genetic, Taylor lays on it like a crutch and claims a single sip of vodka when she was 18 is what led her on the path to heroin >>686629 She also tells the child of a neglectful addict that "he's sick and he really isn't himself" >>686658

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Spider ball python (Motley?)

> Recent Known Deaths: ~
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Blood python, to Destry (destrykarma)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Taylor may have been kicked out of her first sober home, and Jake may have been trying to use her for her money hence his disappearance
> TND is trying to complete her “redemption” to youtube
> Jonny has already sold $5k+ computer set-up to buy drugs, has not mentioned streaming in a week or two
> TND has already relapsed, or is having some other mental breakdown causing such overactivity online
> Photos of black snake (Salem) with possible mites, TND claims is just aspen (bedding) dust

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 686967

File: 1564883015048.jpg (259.89 KB, 1165x719, taylor.jpg)

Perfect thread pic to sum it all up anon!

I made a little homage to some of the text-based moments from the last thread which I'm gonna drop here.

No. 686970

File: 1564884756533.jpg (404.03 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190803-191209.jpg)

She got her 2 month chip. But her sobriety date is 6/4….

No. 686972

lol posts 2 month chip but never did post one month chip and was clearly high af in her pic with the tortilla chip. I guess she's just rolling with the lie and hoping no one noticed that she obviously relapsed. I'm sure it's 10x more obvious to those in her life irl (parents) and it's probably making them realize even more what a compulsive liar she is

No. 686973


So that means… in a day she'll be two months sober.
Lots of people get their chips days earlier/later than their actual clean/sober date. Not every meeting occurs every day, and some only give them out once a week. It's just the way it works. I wouldn't blame this on Taylor.

Although there is a bit of doubt as to whether she's actually two months clean or not

No. 686975

And? Today is 3/8. Tomorrow is the fourth. Stop being nitpicky. If there isn't a meeting tomorrow, she would most likely have (and clearly was) been given her chip today.

No. 686976

File: 1564886434295.png (98.26 KB, 998x261, chip.PNG)

These can easily be bought on ebay, they prove nothing. I doubt she really got one from a clinic considering she's still in san antonio.

No. 686977

File: 1564886524858.png (553.46 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-03-22-40-11…)

Such. A. Fuggin. Liar.

No. 686978

Technically she isn’t, she did show a tortilla chip kek
This bitch just keep going

No. 686979

File: 1564886781774.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-03-22-45-42…)

seriously who is she trying to kid at this point? that song on her way to aa?

No. 686980


She did post her 1 Month Chip, learn to back read/lurk more.


No. 686987

thanks for this image summary! I don't have any image editing programs so I went with something someone posted (and thank you, anon, for the image!). this one is a great addition to it, however!

this is a long reach. we have no proof she's relapsed and it's not crazy to think most AAs use the same chip.

No. 686988

Thing that gets me is on IG you can scroll through the song lyrics to pick the exact part you want to play on your story so……she wanted the bit about drugs to be on there? It’s like she can’t go one fucking second without reminding everyone she’s a fucking drug addict.

No. 686993

File: 1564891362700.jpg (634.71 KB, 1080x2220, 20190803_220233.jpg)

She recorded the faces of people in her meeting. That's a new level of fucked up.

No. 686994

Holy shit. So she basically just outed these people that are in recovery by showing their faces… WHILE insulting them? I think this is a new low for her. Wow.

No. 686995

Recorded the faces of every single person sitting there.

No. 686996

What the fuuuuuuuck.
Every time I think she can’t do something worse than her usual trash decisions. I’m honestly stunned. That’s so shitty. And OF COURSE, since all she thinks about is herself, she sees no problem with recording people without their permission and straight up outing them on the internet to her huge audience, AND insults them because she’s ~SuUchH an ExPeRt aT YOuTUbe~

No. 686997


the anonymous part of narcotics anonymous clearly means nothing to her.

Posting random people to her socials showcases her complete lack of awareness and tact. It's the same with momokun, I never understand how shoving a phone camera in someone's face doesn't make them consider how it makes other people uncomfortable.

No. 687000

File: 1564894773663.jpg (1.55 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190803_225902337.j…)

New snake incoming

No. 687002

File: 1564895494667.png (3.17 MB, 1125x2436, E4085EBA-B63C-411E-BF9D-0AA8B9…)

No. 687003

File: 1564895520309.png (2.99 MB, 1125x2436, 484FF374-602A-464A-BA97-C56B3D…)

No. 687005


It's just damage control since people started putting two and two together, but that's the quickest she's ever admitted to something she was hiding in what, years?


makes 'us' look dumb? You can't even sage with a shit, she literally just admitted she's been lying about staying with her mom.

No. 687006

she outed recovering addicts in an anonymous program to thousands of her followers. this is undoubtedly a horrible thing to do. sage your shit takes.

No. 687008

File: 1564895949282.png (122.79 KB, 890x743, 55432.png)

She tweeted these after posting this.

No. 687011

File: 1564896190883.png (51 KB, 888x335, 54748.png)

Her response to someone asking about it. I wonder if her newfound "friends" know she's mocking them like this.

No. 687012

No need to go to ebay. You can just get a chip for claiming to be sober. No one asks for proof, they don't drug test you. You could be high everyday for 9 years and claim a chip. It means nothing, it is a piece of plastic.

No. 687013

File: 1564896301785.png (63.55 KB, 887x380, 858484.png)

She's a real piece of work thinking them sharing to their ~200 snapchat friends is anything like her sharing to her ~200,000 instagram fans.

No. 687014

File: 1564896316650.gif (2.37 MB, 444x444, 4a4.gif)

>these idiots don't know anything about how to be famous on youtube
>not famous enough on youtube to be known by these idiots
she thinks she's doing some undercover boss shit but all she's actually doing is bragging about how irrelevant she is
>they don't know I'm a YouTuber
If they're trying to be more famous on youtube, they're probably all youtubers? Anyone can be a youtuber? Literally all you have to do is sign up for a youtube account to be a youtuber lmao. Imagine being this delusional.

No. 687015

File: 1564896397658.jpeg (494.22 KB, 1125x1834, CCBC7AA7-12EC-44E7-AA36-909AAB…)

It’s funny Maui (male) is big for his age/sex and Violet (female) is small for her age/sex.

No. 687016

File: 1564896466256.jpeg (457.37 KB, 1124x1834, CE1B5A15-C5D4-4821-936C-A81CD7…)

also I love that her favorite morph is a “problematic” one (some people will argue but it’s got its issues)

No. 687018

somehow every single one of those people, 1) she met while she was in rehab
2) were all at the same meeting simultaneously
3) decided to go to someone else’s home and chill
4) if 2&3 check out, they probably have each other’s numbers or other personal info to be hanging out at their own homes, so I would assume they’d follow each other on social media? So how could they NOT know she was a YouTuber? Even if they didn’t google her or anything if they’re close enough idk how they wouldn’t know

No. 687019

Didnt she also go to rehab in Austin?
This is in San Antonio.

No. 687020


What a surprise, Taylor thought the rules didn't apply to her and got kicked out.

No. 687021

Still she says that she met all those friends in rehab just a few posts up. It still seems really gross to post all their faces on her IG when they're in her AA group and she has thousands of followers.

No. 687024

Exactly. If she met them in rehab, they’re in recovery. Period. Their identities isn’t something she should be blasting to her large audience.

No. 687025

First she was thinking of not staying because 4 people relapsed and it would be unsafe to stay and now it's basically they didn't think my heart was in it to stay so they told me it was mandatory to leave. It would of made more sense to stick with the group relapse excuse. Also I would imagine if they cared so much for you like how she's painting it and that SA is so triggering you can't imagine living there they would tell you to stay

No. 687027

I mean you can move out to the other side of the country but if you're still a junkie you'll find connections regardless. Moving out of SA means shit as long as you keep in touch with your former dealers.

No. 687028

She's also already shown that one of her former dealers is willing to travel to Austin to bring her drugs so it doesn't really matter where she is.

No. 687029

>being kicked out is progress since I wasn't gonna go in the first place
yeah nahhh

No. 687030

I’m not totally positive on how ig works but i do know at least that you can have private stories on sc, so if what she’s saying is true (questionable) all the other people posting on snap could only be posting to people they are comfortable knowing about this stuff (themselves, and if it’s truly a friend group, people the other friends are comfortable with as well) and if they are posting, there’s a chance that they wouldn’t be showing faces like she is anyway.

No. 687031

She keeps mentioning she’s at her mom’s rather than parents. Tin-foiling but I wonder if her dad moved out?

No. 687032

Exactly. It’s hard to believe all of those people she met in the Austin rehab have all traveled to an AA meeting in San Antonio.

No. 687033

ig is all open if your account is public. you don't even need to b a follower to see stories.

No. 687039

File: 1564902249452.jpg (398.72 KB, 1536x958, Screenshot_20190804-090306.jpg)

Kek sounds to me they dropped her in the nicest way possible because she is nothing but problems and didn't want her to kick off for telling her the truth, so they gave her a sugarcoated version.

No. 687040

File: 1564902516279.jpg (572.91 KB, 1536x1666, Screenshot_20190804-090855.jpg)

No. 687042

ig does have an option to show stories only to close friends of your choosing that are not displayed to everyone, though.

No. 687047

File: 1564906428446.jpg (609.75 KB, 1536x1655, Screenshot_20190804-101244.jpg)

I find it interesting how she's using the wording it's her mom's house and not parents or mom and dad. Anyone else find that stands out?

No. 687056

Didn't she say her father's out at work a tonne? She probably just refers to it as mom's house because her dad's never home.
After all it's why she has daddy issues right? I think use are reading to much into it.

Momma and Papa Dean seem like the type to stay together for the sake of the son even if there was a tonne of marital issues happening and honestly I don't think Papa Dean would have the balls to leave Jen, she seems crazy as fuck.

No. 687062

But iTz NaTuRaL

No. 687063

But iTz NaTuRaL

No. 687064

File: 1564912843215.jpg (634.17 KB, 1536x981, Screenshot_20190804-120043.jpg)

No. 687065

File: 1564912999289.jpeg (140.52 KB, 1217x731, E71174C5-2E60-4D80-8DAB-082AF6…)

But iTz NaTuRaL

No. 687067

File: 1564913134781.jpg (27.99 KB, 600x315, WRwJlFH.jpg)

Dya think she knows how stupid she looks?

No. 687071

File: 1564914374893.jpg (85.52 KB, 675x900, IMG_20190804_122606.jpg)

Lol, those freckles are so poorly done

No. 687072

File: 1564914498649.jpg (292.84 KB, 1536x595, Screenshot_20190804-122723.jpg)

She knew it was against the rules kek. Idiot.

No. 687074

“I knew there was a rule, I just didn’t think it applied to ME”

No. 687075

>i knew there was a rule against it but didnt know it was that strict

She goes on and on about how serious her addiction is then wants to act like theres rules about med sharing that "isnt that strict"? She doesnt even care about how she lies anymore and at this point aint no fucking way shes sober cause a clear headed individual wouldn't so aggressively constantly build upon obvious lies/half truths. What happened to a sip of vodka made you a heroin addict? Now sharing meds with people in recovery is just helping them and not contradictory.
Hey boy you can fuck me for some fake subs i bought from my crackead dealer but don't touch my mouthwash or you might replase UwU

No. 687092


Right, like no other residential services care about whether you're sharing/swapping meds jfc

No. 687094


not really, clients without homes can get kicked out too, and the streets/shelters are unsafe too.

No. 687097

>"Other reasons"

Bringing animals, buying a gun, Doesn't do chores, sleeps in till 3.

>"they gotta be strict"

pretty much confirms to me she was kicked out, she's just being delusional like usual.

she needs to stop and focus on her animals, moving to Austin isn't a plan, The people she likes to hang out with will always have access to drugs. You'd think she'd delete all her dealer info if she was serious about being sober.

No. 687098

File: 1564923868583.jpg (714.85 KB, 1536x1645, Screenshot_20190804-142347.jpg)

No. 687099

File: 1564923895115.jpg (514.29 KB, 1536x1064, Screenshot_20190804-142410.jpg)

No. 687102

File: 1564926641828.jpeg (348.17 KB, 1242x1180, 332BFF5C-03FA-49B7-BB94-C2170E…)

Weird that as soon as Taylor enters a sober living people just start relapsing left and right.

No. 687103

Taylor is set in her unhealthy ways and doesn't want to change. Being comfortable isn't really a healthy mindset to recovery.

Her animal hoarding is unhealthy, her diet is unhealthy, her lack of personal hygiene is unhealthy, her choice of friends is unhealthy, her social media use is unhealthy, her sleep cycle is unhealthy.

Taylor has a bunch of bad habits that she straight up refuses to acknowledge. The drug addiction is just the icing on the cake, if she doesn't change her underlying lifestyle/behavior habits It'll lead her straight back to abusive relationship, drug addiction, financial problems, living in mom's basement.

No. 687105

File: 1564927579337.png (234.46 KB, 515x314, botched.PNG)

This just looks so fake. I'm all for makeup done well but this just looks horrible, there's just too much going on with this image.

It's really sad where she's going in life.

No. 687107

She was handing out her meds knowing it was against the rules. This is supposedly a sober house with people who have been addicted - of course they will kick you out if you start sharing your shit.

The fact that she's trying to downplay what she has done on Twitter is lol

No. 687110

File: 1564930090483.png (764.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-04-10-47-50…)


No. 687112

What happened to her whole crusade about men being evil. Fucking random strangers are their job sounds like a great way to meet another trash man and to get a bonus STD, lol. Does she think she's being Sex in the City quirky when really this is straight up sounding drug addict trashy. Sounds like something you'd do to get drug money.

No. 687115

Didn’t the “group relapse” happen at her first sober living house? iirc that was her first excuse for being at a hotel. Now it happened last week or so at her second sober living?

No. 687118

If somebody runs out of their medication, you don't fucking give them yours!
It is up to that person to be responsible for their own supply, they should have gotten their script refilled or spoken to house manager about it, it's not your problem to fix Taylor.

Take responsibility for yourself and stop letting people make you their bitch, grow a fucking spine for Christ sake Taylor.

That's like being in a psych ward and handing out your valiums to other patients because they told you they don't have theirs, it's a stupid thing to do, I feel like making that dumb of a choice it's no wonder her house management told her they don't think that her heart is really in the right place for recovery.

Part of me really hopes the person who asked her for a Sub did it on purpose knowing she'd get her meds counted later on and she'd be kicked out, Taylor's that dumb she wouldnt have thought twice about it, that way she gets kicked out and everyone can get on with their recovery without her greasy thot ass being around. She's a very unlikeable person and they all probably got sick of her, i would have done something shady like that to get her booted out too she'd be annoying and distracting to be around.

No. 687119

Almost like drug addicts are mentally ill or something.

hopefully she realizes that these kind of people are not in a good state. The focus should not be making friends and getting dicked down.

No. 687121

you really think Taylor has brain cells to take responsibility? She's out there trying to make it seem she's the savior and bestfriend by giving someone her meds. She's also telling fake druggy stories for likes. She's trying so hard to seem like a nice person but she ends up sounding like an idiot while flashing her body around as if she's a high paying escort. If she keeps this up, she'll just morph into a cheap prostitute druggy with more "bro friends" popping up because she's "easy."

She needs to be more self-aware of wtf she's doing to herself before her lies won't be able to help her but that'll never happen.

Trying really hard to look like Halsey

No. 687122

Yea her "friend" fucked her over. Either they were abusing it for the high or they wanted Taylor gone, should be pretty obvious you don't share that kind of medication at rehab. She's so gullible and naive, her people pleasing is what got her in trouble with jonny and jake.

No. 687123

File: 1564935390927.jpeg (230.86 KB, 1242x925, 8361E6E0-4F5C-431D-BC05-C440C5…)

Interesting she likes this tweet…..

No. 687129

Tinfoil but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the whole friend story is made up given her history of lies. If I had to guess she took the extra dose herself, and came up with the friend story as a cover when the people at the sober living house confronted her. She seemed a bit too eager to get on subs. Going from questioning if she should get on them, to having already requested a script. Reminds me of other people coming up with excuses to get on xanax, ect. She does have an addictive personality after all. She was probably as excited to get on them and find ways to abuse them as she was trying heroin in the first place. 'It just started from taking one extra dose guys and I couldn't help myself.' And then uses it as an 'educative' moment to warn others about getting on subs so quickly into their rehab.

No. 687131


I agree something is fishy. When I went to treatment they started the subs immediately after I started full blown withdrAwals because it helps them not be so bad. Why would you start them after you’ve left rehab?

sage for nothing new.

No. 687136

ffs i remember being 3 and learning you don't share your medication. I'm surprised this dolt even can remember how to breath most days

No. 687137

So, it's been officially proven that the Jen groupchat messages are real.
>Taylor's been kicked out
>she's living back at home
>Jake's gone
If she'd still hook up with him I bet she would've stayed at a hotel instead of moving back to her moms

No. 687141

She likely doesn’t see herself as an “adult” even though she is.

No. 687144

She's definitely lying. She had subs before she went into rehab. Most likely started taking what was left over on her own and they found them and kicked her out. In less than a week since she was only there like 1 day

No. 687147

This should be next thread pic (even tho we just started this one lol) that ss of the dad’s DM is gold.

No. 687149

Even some jobs make you sign a statement saying that you will not give others the most simple meds like aspirin or Benadryl.
This is a lying excuse as to why she was kicked and it took her a few days to come up with the best reason to absolve her of responsibility. If this is the real reason then I believe she’s even more of an annoying idiot than i thought. She should never be a voice of recovery!

No. 687155

Plus the “friend” said he would give it back to her but didn’t bother to replace it In time before Taylor got caught missing one

Sounds like she got scammed lmao

No. 687156

File: 1564942066170.jpg (235.42 KB, 1536x529, Screenshot_20190804-200600.jpg)

This, coming from someone who brought in a fucking gun. Kek.

Also, bet she used that subs herself. Her coming with this story so shortly after her whole meltdown of wanting to use again, I ain't buying it. She probably tried to pin it on the guys sober living where Jake was at, so they couldn't confirm.

No. 687158

File: 1564942214359.jpg (122.89 KB, 1536x455, Screenshot_20190804-200959.jpg)

Taylor: I bought a gun because iNtErNeT bUlLiEs

Also Taylor:

No. 687159

She makes EVERYTHING about her, Rehab & Drugs. Every time someone says anything, I imagine her running like a happy dog with her tongue out ready to pounce on the conversation,

"blah blah blah, I blah blah blah REHAB…"

No. 687166

She acts like rehab is a place where they'll hold your hand and everyone is positive all the time. She does realize this is a place where seasoned drug addicts who have ruined YEARS of their lives go to get sober.

She acts like it's this comfy, cushy co-ed college dorm room experience. FFS it's where people go to get off meth, bathsalts, crack, heroin, cocaine. You ain't gonna be dealing with pillars of society here. I question how much she's really had to deal with her addiction, she's got the subs as a crutch and she's still complaining.

No. 687171

She hasn’t even started her addiction yet. But she definitely loves calling herself an addict, dopehead, junkie. She’s way too proud of it and most hardcore addicts aren’t. There used to be a saying in AA when one of these types showed up, usually after getting busted by their parents or an underaged dui, “I’ve spilled more alcohol than you have drank”. And that saying keeps going thru my mind every time i see one of her sobriety posts.

No. 687172

Tinfoil, but what if she's been at home ever since she left her first sober living? And that her moving to a second one was just a front.

No. 687174


No. 687176

what do you mean proof? the proof is that everything that jen said in the group chat actually happened.

No. 687177

Nah, seems like kind of a reach. IMO.

>1st sober living,

>Kicked out, relapse calls crying mama dean
>No sober chip at hotel with jake, new snake
>Mama dean arranges new sober living
>2nd sober living closer to jake
>Jakes turns out to be POS (no surprise)
>Calls mama dean crying
>Gun episode, missing medication, soft kicked out 2nd sober living.
>Calls mama dean crying
>Goes back home
>Lies about still staying at sober living
>comes clean about lying (kinda)

No. 687182

She hasn't said a word about her gun in awhile since Jake left her obsession. I wonder if that was his and she's just claiming that it was a gift from him. If she can lie by using old photos of herself and other things, she can lie about tiny little things. hell, when was the last time she told the truth?

No. 687186

Just wait and she will start hoarding crystals too…

No. 687188

I know her video is not coming out for another year, but we really need to post it here an a way that she is not getting views

No. 687198

And addiction like that can change your behavior. You learn to justify lying, hurting, and stealing from people you love just to get a fix, and she's acting like everyone there in the sober house has her back 100%. They don't fucking know her. If the sub story is true she's got some serious issues to believe the friend. Even if the friend was really going to pay her back for it her dumb ass still took the risk by breaking a rule that could get her kicked out of the house. You're nothing to them Taylor. She probably comes off as an entitled airhead who acts like she has grit now for her issues. She's treating this like the freshman year of college she never had.

She's not focused on the road to recovery yet. She's biding time until she can use again, basically damage control and rebuilding bridges.

No. 687211

She probably knew it was against the rules but she is such a people pleaser she wouldnt say no to her friend. Esp bc it was a guy.

No. 687215

People pleaser really isn't a good term for someone like Taylor at all with how she's just a flat out lying manipulative piece of garbage, and this story is more likely bullshit than anything else. It's more likely she used it herself to try and get high, especially since there was also an alleged moment where she got drunk. That seems very likely to be true now too after that mama Dean message turning out to be real.

No. 687217

She probably gave it to somebody so they could get high, or because they used and felt like shit after. The rules don’t apply to her anyways because she’s special.

No. 687218


Here's what's confusing me. In all the residential facilities I've worked in, we never just give the whole bottle of meds to clients when they're going on passes. Clients only get as many doses as they're gunna need while on pass. If she gave one of hers away, presumably she skipped a dose?

No. 687219


Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she just went all out hoe. Some drug addicts turn to other addictions when they can't get high anymore and it seems like TNDs most prominent addiction is attention.

No. 687220


Super kek, well observed anon

No. 687222

She also posted that she wants a panda pied. Panda pieds have genetic issues, so she definitely shouldn't support them.

No. 687223

At least she can’t kill those from neglect.

No. 687225

more like infamous for being a dumpster fire, but let's not split hairs.
this fucking cunt, omg.

No. 687229

this was absolutely a HUGE deal to the managers of the sober living house and everyone in it. i love how she words it: 'she said i was breaking a rule' - no, bitch, how this should read is I BROKE THE RULES followed by 'they kicked my drug romanticising ass out.'

people get high off subs, taylor knows this, and taylor is a destructive piece of shit. i hope those people at the meeting are aware she films them. she is beyond awful.

No. 687230


This is the girl who got a spider morph (apols if I'm using wrong terminology, I'm not a snake person) despite the morph's known neurological problems and said "he's just being goofy" when it's obvious the snake is wobby as fuck.

No. 687235

>people pleaser

You're as dusted as she is, put the pipe down.

No. 687239

I actually didn't think of this but you're right and that's a really good point. It doesn't make sense to give people who are just getting off of drugs access to an entire bottle of pills and the way she talked about it implies it's like that and it's what I imagined when I first read it. I highly doubt she would give away one of her doses.

No. 687241

Perfect, anon.

No. 687246

File: 1564962253689.jpg (301.46 KB, 1536x772, Screenshot_20190805-014406.jpg)

Mama Dean calling Taylor out for making up bullshit stories??

No. 687251

Or calling out woo bullshit (crystals) seeing as she's probably been harassed by others with billshit cures for her special needs child.

No. 687262

So let me get this straight, ~MiSs AdiCtIIoN ADvoCAte~ thought that it was okay to give a controlled substance to another person because that said person claimed they FORGOT theirs and told her it was the same dose. I don’t expect this twat to even know that it’s illegal to share prescription medications, much less controlled substances but JFC.

It’s a BIG fucking deal to act reckless because that is EXACTLY what she did. I don’t think the sober living house overreacted or are “too strict.” Her stans are morons for saying that it was “too strict.” Like how about you deal with recovering drug addicts (liars, manipulators, etc) and then say they’re being to restrictive. You basically have to baby sit these people back into society. It’s an already stressful job on top of idiots like Taylor sharing her maintenance meds with other residents.

She’s such a fucking joke if this is true. Kinda doubt it since she’s already talking about finding an apartment and she’s been talking about this since the first sober living house.

No. 687265

File: 1564966224395.png (941.65 KB, 750x1334, EEBCBC13-E51F-4620-BB3A-3EF87A…)

Are tissues some kind of heroin addict thing I don’t know about? I keep seeing tissue boxes all over her house. I remember at one of her old places she had nothing but a box of tissues on each nightstand, which is like,,,,something only my elderly parents do lmao

lmao is it bc of the runny nose/dopesick thing? U become like my granny and carry tissues everywhere u go?

No. 687270

File: 1564967150998.jpeg (603.97 KB, 1124x1869, 562BB0CB-4022-46F3-AB4A-FC23D0…)

No. 687271

Maybe to clean up the blood from trying to find veins to hit.

No. 687273

File: 1564967308476.jpeg (357.61 KB, 1125x1648, 8464CC3C-FF38-414E-9379-04D6A9…)

No. 687277

>"I'm also 20 lbs heavier"
not that you can tell in this pic because lmao she facetuned herself smaller. but clearly forgot her arm in this >>686967 pic which is probably much closer to reality. Way to give a false image and show how insecure you really are.

Also aside from the nasty carpet in the bathroom and terrible lighting in the atrium house she looks the same (also nitpick but are the red pants the only one she wears lately or just me?)

No. 687278

A lot of the time when people shoot up when they pull the needle out blood squirts out of the injection site, it’s a junkie thing

No. 687291

there was also a 2nd hotel room that was not Jake's extended stay room, seemingly for a few days between the two sober livings
plus the selfies in the dorm of the 2nd sober living, the owner's dog etc.

plenty of evidence she went to two sober livings.

No. 687296

The owner's dog I feel like she could have gotten just from a tour of the 2nd sober living, but I agree she probably was in the 2nd one for some amount of time since she posted the selfies. Even if she did take them all in one day with outfit changes, I doubt she'd be allowed to just hang out in a random room with extra clothes and makeup unless she actually lived there.

No. 687297


is the dog actual evidence though, or did someone just have a dog over one day?

i'm with the anon that doesn't think there was ever a second sober living, just hotels and her parents house.

No. 687299

here lemme use a probably unedited, unfiltered, photo taken in bad lighting with janky ass bangs that don’t suit my face and obviously less makeup compared to a photo where you can tell I put in more effort to my makeup and edited myself lmao

No. 687300

It's so pathetic she gets all dressed up like this to sit at her parents house and do nothing lmao

No. 687301

her Selena cosplay is really coming together

No. 687302

She's turning more into luna everyday…

This is rich, someone MAYBE 2 months sober thinking they've recovered.

she's def gaining weight, hopefully she won't be able to fit into her trashy clothes. Honestly, If she can't keep the floors clean, how can she keep her cages clean? that's disgusting.

No. 687304

the second dorm room anon…
she also played with the dog in the tiled-floor room, in the 'dorm' bedroom and in the car (going to target with the owner when she first moved in).
she got booted twice, Jen told the truth in the group chat.

No. 687309

i don't believe her story about how or why she was kicked out of sober living. this is like one of those things where you know you're about to get caught in a devastating lie, so you think of a different lie to distract the actual lie. 100%

why did she ever lie about "they luv me so much @ sober living!!! they gave me, a newbie, an overnight pass to benefit my mental health!!!" and then continue with the lie "they gave me more time to stay overnight!! we talked and they knew it was helping me to be around my animals!" and then "okay fine i was kicked out but he's the rub"

she starts out with a bunch of lies and then tells "the truth" about how she was actually kicked out (bc there was no covering anymore) and you all believe her story?

taylor had to wait for the shipping of her 1 month chip to post it, i'm never going to stop dying about that. how long she stalled and how many excuses she gave before showing it. luls, you guys are eating it up- this story about the sub… i can't with this

No. 687319

That looks like a nasty ass bruise on her arm

No. 687324

File: 1564972733521.jpg (65.27 KB, 1440x357, Screenshot_20190804-213805_Twi…)

Why would she follow maddie? Unless she's trying start stuff. Or tinfoil; try to apologize and "be friends" with the group again.

No. 687333


I mean we're not the borg, anon. No sober living is gunna give her an entire bottle of meds to go on pass with, and I don't believe she'd give up a dose of her meds to a 'friend'. So… Probably just another lie, I agree.

No. 687337

her numbers are already way down since their big jump when she first got out of treatment so she's probably hurting for money. Her zomg recovery vid will be demonetized so I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to get back in the good graces of pet tubers. She very obviously got yt notoriety by accident and is too lazy/clueless to know how to maintain it. She really seems to think she can coast forever but maybe she finally realized that the chart is a dropping line for her.

No. 687340

File: 1564974822463.jpeg (375.1 KB, 1125x1493, BE67F5FC-5438-4AA3-BEA5-B420D4…)

she deleted this post off her Instagram

No. 687344

No. 687347

had the vet info in the vid

No. 687353

lying liar who lies, round 4,853

No. 687354

hooktube hasn’t even been functional for over a year.

No. 687360

just reupload somewhere else. problem solved for a video that hasn't even been filmed and probably won't go up for another 3 months - at best.

No. 687363

oh shit, my bad.

No. 687378

File: 1564984025260.jpg (1.89 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190804_234717204.j…)

No. 687381

you know what you can't shoot past taylor? VIVITROL. She clearly just wants to be able to blame subs if anyone accuses her of using or having small pupils. Also the idea of at least having some drug in her system. And even if you do shoot past it you'll still come down and be wildly sick. She clearly just wants her high and isn't done her run being an active addict.

As always the more she blabs the more she proves she's just endless bs and lies

No. 687386


You only get sick if you are on heroin then take subs when you didn’t wait long enough for the heroin to clear your system …because the subs kick the opiates out .. not the other way around …

I take subs (7 years) and I had to get emergency galbladder surgery … they had to give me opiates for a few days and at no point did I get sick … I waited for a day after and then started taking subs again .. was fine ..just saying(no one cares about your subs usage)

No. 687387

She said she was sober from all substances to for 30 days so why didn't she get on vivitrol? She's totally relapsed or is addicted to subs now

No. 687391

Um yes you're not the only who took it not sure why you think that. and if you take opiates you do get sick. I'm not going to argue here with you but the naloxone kicks off opiates off your opiod receptors and the bupe is only a partial receptor. there are drugs that can clear naltrexone and or vivitrol etc from your system in a life or death situation. So who knows what they gave you during surgery…just saying

No. 687392

File: 1564987842244.png (235.11 KB, 750x1334, 5B5DB2DB-7B3F-48D6-A889-5F1398…)

yikes, honestly she expects to much from men. why can’t a girl plan out a nice date ??

No. 687393

File: 1564987892363.jpg (217.29 KB, 1536x708, Screenshot_20190805-085125.jpg)

No. 687394

File: 1564987917269.jpg (305.65 KB, 1536x776, Screenshot_20190805-084929.jpg)

No. 687395

File: 1564988000533.jpg (133.42 KB, 1536x465, Screenshot_20190805-085323.jpg)

She must been away for quiiite some time already.

No. 687397

"let me trigger you under the guise of motivating you by describing a drug, dosage and ingestion method". no wonder she got booted from two sober livings. did these waves of relapses start after she turned up I wonder?

No. 687401

File: 1564988906483.jpg (2.06 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190805_010719226.j…)

She blasted the account of the person trying to help her. What a bitch

No. 687402

Reminds me of Ashley Isaacs leaving triggering comments on ig accounts of girls battling ana and mia.

Taylor hasn't accepted that she's an addict and that it's fucked up her life. She wears it like a badge of honor, and a lot of her tweets are bragging under the guise of making herself relatable to other people battling addiction.

No. 687403

at this point I don't believe anything mama dean says anymore either because it's pretty much been proven that her "impersonators" were speaking the truth. and if it is actually an impersonator then they have a hell of an inside connection like papa dean lol. Which means it's probably her and she's just trying to pretend she didn't just get caught. We already thought taylor may have texted him unless a fan sent him cat pics on his stream so I wouldn't be surprised if mama tried to scare him off. They clearly had to have some contact post breakup about his shit

No. 687412

File: 1564992855549.jpg (484.84 KB, 1536x1182, Screenshot_20190805-100801.jpg)

Love the use of seeming to and "choose" as if that never happens and every junkie is an innocent victim.

No. 687414

File: 1564993022904.jpg (472.26 KB, 1536x942, Screenshot_20190805-101636.jpg)

Seems legit. Especially after her seeing a viral tweet about this.

No. 687415

I'm sure heroin wasn't supposed to be a long term thing either, you dumb bitch. What, can she just turn the addictive personality on and off at will?

No. 687416

File: 1564993155675.jpg (696.59 KB, 1536x948, Screenshot_20190805-101822.jpg)

Nonny she subtweeted you kek

No. 687417

File: 1564993708339.jpg (786.16 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1564993714886.jpg)

Repost because posted the wrong ss

No. 687418

I still can't get over how botched her top lip is.

No. 687429

Can't she praise someone's recovery without making it about herself by comparing her own experience?

No. 687430

File: 1565002928620.jpg (1.38 MB, 1078x3287, Screenshot_20190805-060220_Twi…)

We'll see that in 3 months

No. 687432

reminder that mama dean lies, and badly >>684860

No. 687433

File: 1565003352842.jpg (390.35 KB, 1426x1422, Screenshot_20190805-060557_Twi…)

Bish you don't have BPD, daddy dean already confirmed it. It's just another illness you "have" to garner attention, like your EDS.

No. 687434

File: 1565003549106.jpg (948.13 KB, 1438x2489, Screenshot_20190805-061108_Twi…)

If she was even diagnosed with it, it would be a much better "recovery" story if she started DBT and talked about that therapy.

No. 687435

that last point sounds very strange to me? You can like a drug and still be addicted? Or am i totally misunderstanding

No. 687436

Nope you’re fine, TND still hasn’t learned how to describe addiction. Nor anything else for that matter. She should just stick to finding her animals new homes and making a video on that.

No. 687437

Can't wait for her to spread misinformation about BPD because, much like everything else in her life, she's the expert and her experience is universal! She's going to contribute directly to the stigma if she isn't careful.

No. 687438

Where did this BPD stuff even come from?

Also, wouldn't they be very careful about diagnosis addicts because a lot of symptoms could be correlated to addiction?

No. 687440

Doesn’t youtube demonetize videos like that? I wonder if this new theme is Tay’s plan to get back in track in her youtube career.

No. 687442

“I just get guys saying pls show bobs in my DMs”

you know that wouldn’t be as big of an issue if you didn’t constantly post pictures of your body in revealing outfits…

No. 687444

…and anons are? literally every time a cow gets diagnosed with this, BPDfags enter the thread and start psychoanalyzing everything and blogging, pretty typical for their kind. i know you weren’t implying anons really are a beacon of wisdom here but like, no shit she’s going to have an uneducated view. she probably only recently even learned about it. and if she truly has it then it’s in character for her to royally fuck up anyway.

No. 687445

too bad one of those bullet points isn’t to apologize to all of the people who were concerned about her drug usage and her relationship that she mocked.

No. 687446

Oh shit, the anon who said Taylor has BPD a few days ago and was told to stop armchairing turned out to be right.

No. 687451

I remember someone posting symptoms/correlation of those that get addicted to heroin could possibly have BPD (not all obvi) but an anon here posted and mentioned it here first. TND got it from here for sure and now she is running with it.

Highly doubt she has BPD. She just loves the attention, shocker.

No. 687453

File: 1565008657086.png (6.04 MB, 1242x2688, D872D92B-E8FB-4E54-9D60-7ADA24…)

In her video she doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Also, didn’t see it posted & didn’t get an SS either, but similar to her tweet, she clarified that those videos about those people in the group was not during the anonymous meeting, but they were hanging out after? She’s still revealing their faces by saying they are from her aa meetings. Idiot.

No. 687454

File: 1565008696554.png (6.19 MB, 1242x2688, 3097AB75-2815-493C-8BA8-A1A357…)

Also, her eyeliner skills is also trashy looking.

No. 687455


how does she not see how terribly applied that is? it just makes her look worse

No. 687458

I mean, it wouldn't be a surprise if she does end up with a cluster B diagnosis one of these days. Not necessarily BPD, but chronic cow behavior doesn't come from normal well-adjusted people.
Somehow using your platform to insult people, out them as addicts, and puff yourself up becomes fine when they're your "friends" and it's not technically an AA meeting

No. 687460

>hey heres a clip of JC talking about taylor, be careful
she's acting so defensively about it without this person ever bringing it up or accusing her, which makes me think she definitely talks to him on the stream. and she def has before, lol.

No. 687461

a psych diagnosed her with a personality disorder after knowing her for max two weeks as a newly recovering junkie? uhh

No. 687463

File: 1565011190743.jpg (135.24 KB, 1536x309, Screenshot_20190805-151716.jpg)

But are you gonna be truthful about it, or suck your own dick like you do? Like what's even the point anymore with her mentioning her animals, they're nothing but an afterthought for her. If that.

No. 687465

Didn't the text from her dad mention that he thought she had a personality disorder? Just not BPD.

No. 687468

Well no offense Taylor, the way you present yourself on the internet isn’t exactly wifeing up material…

No. 687469

Yup they would be very careful about it but unfortunately just like ptsd, bpd is an on trend ~disorder for all those special snowflakes. So of course TND will claim it as her own.

No. 687470

File: 1565013810940.jpeg (264.98 KB, 1242x981, 1EEBC3C8-4F1D-43FC-BB69-4FD88F…)

Papa deanster said she had histrionic personality disorder. Not quite as trendy as bpd but….. she checks all the boxes.

‘No I’m not THIS EMBARRASSING personality disorder I’m the RELATABLE one’(do not armchair)

No. 687471

She's saying there's a difference between addicts and "people who just like drugs (but aren't addicted.)"

No. 687474

I can’t wait to hear her butcher that explanation up to her dumb, impressionable audience.

No. 687476

just checked the previous thread trying to find the anon that first mentioned BPD. couldn't find it yet, but saw an ss of her tweet that read 22 days ago from today that she was filming LOL

No. 687482

Don't date homeless washed up junkies. Felons with an ex-family aren't good either.

T.V shows and Disney movies aren't real life, If you didn't act and hang around with such trashy people maybe you'd find someone good.

She acts like these things are givens in life. If you want something your gonna have to put work in to make it happen. She's doesn't act right to attract those kind of guys, she attracts meth heads and dealers because that's what she puts out.

She's a chronic procrastinator, she won't have her video up for months, then it'll be

>It's Christmas time! I'm taking a break you guy!!1!!1

No. 687484

File: 1565016936270.png (81.98 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20190805-175210.png)

i mean that's taylor to a t, at least judging by the behaviour she displays online. histrionic often co-occurs with BPD though, and BPD symptoms are more inward so we can't really know.(armchair)

No. 687487

She doesn't seem to be explosively angry though. BPD is one of those disorders that anyone who thinks there is something wrong with them can blame. It's extremely easy to diagnose yourself with it. It's rarer than people believe, and as someone who MIGHT have it, she definitely does not have it, at least from what we know. He behavior lines up more with histrionics than BPD

No. 687493

Sage because I’m not adding anything
I’m just disgusted that she’s acting like some sort of authority about mental health when clearly she’s still a train wreck. I was diagnosed with BPD last year after intensive therapy for severe depression. I was hospitalized then and I’ve spent the last year recovering. It was hard but the only way I could get better was to own up to the detrimental choices I made. That’s what all of my therapy sessions drove home.
The way she’s preaching that nothing is her fault because “diseases” is downright dangerous to her young audience. And honestly I’m just pissed she’s using BPD to be quirky. It’s not quirky, it’s hell.(no one cares about your BPD)

No. 687497

yeah, she displays literally every symptom of histrionic, that's what I was saying. I think it's safe to say she has it.
we can't know if she also has BPD, though. she doesn't have to have anger issues to be diagnosed. she def has issues with self-harm and self-destructive behavior, she may have a few others. she might also be playing it up to get the diagnosis. not that unusual to get a misdiagnosis.

of course she uses BPD to be special and quirky. she's always been a munchie on top of everything else.(armchair)

No. 687498

You have to type “sage” in the email field to sage your posts.

No. 687500

Not to WK,I'm sure most women on the internet get those regardless of what they are wearing. she may get them more, but come on, I've seen a chick in a turtleneck get asked to show her tits.

No. 687501

Same Anon,Men are creepy to women on the internet regardless of how they are dressed. I do believe she's trying to meme calling it "bobs'

No. 687502

"Getting ready makes me too exhausted to sit and talk to a camera but I'm perfectly capable of taking care of a ton of animals!!!!"

No. 687505


so careful that they wouldn't do it? lol yes

No. 687506


We have rules and mods for these reasons tho…

No. 687511

underrated, anon, top kek

No. 687512

I definitely don’t want to get into a bpd discussion because it’s been beaten into the ground in Luna’s thread. But I would like to list all of the special conditions Tay claims to have at this point. Addiction, ~severe PTSD, celiac, non genetic EDS, BPD, anxiety and I’m sure I’m missing a few but definitely munchie material. And even if half of these were true she certainly couldn’t take care of all those animals. Which she can’t but IMO it’s out of laziness.
These are the types of lists I would make when I smoked meth, nothing ever got done. Just tinfoiling.

No. 687513

it's only anonymous if taylor doesn't show up to film you and put your face on the internet for retard clout, jsyk

No. 687514

Junkie version of Ashley Isaacs. What the fuck is wrong with her brain? You couldn't pay me to be around this bitch. The toxicity never ends.

No. 687515

Shayna eyeliner lol

No. 687523

tinfoil: she's claiming to have bpd because some anon on here armchair'd her with it. It was in the last thread and some of this one iirc

No. 687530

holy fuck that eyeliner is tragic

No. 687533

>Taylor: I luv dicks so much. Getting dicked down is the best! I am just having fun in hotels.

Maybe don't whore yourself out for dick?

No. 687541

Typical case of her thinking men want that "unique" casual laidback "cool girl" who just wants to fuck with 0 commitment. No standards because she's "low maintenance" unlike other girls. So edgy that they're just bros who don't need to impress each other or make any effort.

Yet she cries about being treated like a bro, haha. Good luck, Taylor. Why should they try or care when you instantly fall in love with losers you barely know.

No. 687564

Not to wk, but it's not uncommon for women in their early 20's and teenagers to do that, they think that if they act like "one of the guys" and a "bro", men will like them more. And obviously a man twice her age will notice what she's doing and will go for it because that's an easy fuck. Jake fucking noticed it right away just like Jonny, for sure.

No. 687574

File: 1565039247720.jpg (862.94 KB, 1321x1681, Screenshot_20190805-230646.jpg)

Twisty still looking dark as fuck, and is it just me or does Bindi look dehydrated and skinny in the face? Bindi looks really unhealthy to me.

No. 687575

File: 1565039304092.jpg (277.12 KB, 974x788, Screenshot_20190805-230833.jpg)

Better shot of Bindi

No. 687578

File: 1565039776479.jpg (235.25 KB, 746x722, Screenshot_20190805-231612.jpg)

Twisty closer look

No. 687581


Bindi looks a lot smaller yeah, but not unhealthy. she was actually looking overweight last i saw a full body of her
Twisty, though, looks very dry and stressed out. I know they're bearded dragons, but their beard shouldn't be inflated so much so often

No. 687585

It looks like she's not using any calcium or multivitamins in their food

No. 687588


it's probably mama dean feeding them, so she wouldn't have any idea they'd need it.

though it could be a middle day, since some reptile keepers will do only certain vitamins a day

No. 687591

Pretty sure we very rarely saw Taylor provide them with calcium/multivitamins to begin with.

No. 687594

Yikes, getting a bit incel-ish in here

No. 687597

File: 1565044318281.png (280.82 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190805-224308.png)

Anyone know the tiktok?

No. 687598

Nope, grown ass woman tired of Taylor blaming everyone but herself for her unhappiness. You can't tell men you're all about being a casual hookup bro, but get butthurt they're treating you how you claim to be cool with being treated.

No. 687603

Inflated beards on beardies don’t always mean stressed out, they do it to relax or when they’re happy (such as when they’re eating. Twisty’s coloring is way too dark though for a beardie and you can see some stress marks in the video. My guess is he stresses easily when not fed, not a proper set up/enrichment, or he really dislikes Jen.

No. 687609

She looks fine, skinks can look weird in certain lighting. You could tell better if it were a full body pic. And with Twisty how can you even tell if it's a dark picture?
Also it's kinda annoying when anons post random pictures of her animals and ask if anything is wrong with them. If you're not sure, there probably isn't. It's nitpicky. Like with her axolotl, it's obvious. And at one point her GTP was obviously looking bad, too. Wait until it's obvious otherwise we just look like paranoid idiots. When they look unhealthy, you'll know.

No. 687627

Bearded dragon anon here, but Twisty does look unhealthy. The beard isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the fact that his coloration has faded so much is almost certainly a sign of disease. They don't grey out like that, and you can tell by the faded areas the light is shining on. Unfortunately, "when they look unhealthy, you'll know" is a bad attitude to have when she has mostly reptiles and small animals that are notorious for hiding illnesses until they're very, very sick. Her vet is an "exotics vet" and even he gave her very incorrect information about snake care, so it shows how little people know about these animals. You have to find people who know what to look for.

No. 687628

Samefag, don't grey out except when shedding, and he's been grey for too long for it to be shed.

No. 687667

> and he's been grey for too long for it to be shed.
He's under a year old (or just over, forgive if not exact, point is he's still very much a juvenile) so he should be in shed basically all the time. He looks like he's in pre-shed and cold to me, the latter of which is obviously a problem.

No. 687678

He's over a year old, and not "just over" either. She got him as a Christmas present for Johnny back in 2017. Even considering he might have been a "late" Christmas present, she's had him since January-February, and they aren't sold out right when they're hatched. Twisty is well over a year and a half. Bearded dragons are only juveniles until about 7-8 months, after which they're sub adults, and at a year and a half Twisty is "very much" an adult bearded dragon now. Even as a juvenile, he was a very red dragon and shouldn't have dulled out like this. There should still be color showing through, of which there's none. He's definitely cold, I'll agree with you on that, but he's no longer a juvenile and shouldn't be in "pre shed" for over a month.

No. 687687

Taylor posted a photo of Twisty that alarmed me a couple weeks ago on Twitter. He was out in the sun and was extremely dark. You could argue that he was trying to regulate his temp in both the photo and in Jen’s video, but looking that stressed/sick both times is not a good sign. Best case scenario, he is cold and unhappy with the way the Dean’s handle him, so that’s not cool. However, Taylor also let his tail rot nearly all the way off because she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing, I don’t see how Jen would know any better either. I’m inclined to think he’s not in good shape. If not right now, he will be since clearly his temps or something else needs fixing. Poor Twisty, he has been through so much.

No. 687690

My bad, I totally mixed up the timeline and thought he was from Christmas 2018, the just over was to account for however old he was before they got him. How time flies eh?

Completely take back what I said, he looks small for his age as well. I have a rescue with really severe mbd and actually looking at twisty's in comparison has me a little concerned, he looks in worse shape tbh. I don't like how he's sitting in his bowl like that, although I haven't watched the video so I can't comment on how well he's moving but it looks like he's not holding himself up properly.

Is he a morph with reduced scalation?

No. 687692


because no decent man would take someone like you seriously, Taylor. you’re a train wreck inside and out.

No. 687695

Why is Jen feeding Taylor’s animals?? She seriously can’t keep a consistent sleep schedule for the health of her animals?

No. 687697

File: 1565057781127.png (1.19 MB, 1439x1794, Capture _2019-08-05-22-14-06.p…)

Excuse the blurry screenshot, but this was from the shitty jumpy feeding video Jonny did of Twisty back on December 25th, 2017. No reduced scales or anything, and I know the lighting isn't great but he was always just a very brightly colored Beardie, which is why the sudden washing out concerns me.

No. 687698

yeah it was a girl with like cat ears and cat/fox/wolf makeup singing to halsey's nightmare

No. 687701

Ugh, I hate how she keeps Bindi on Aspen. Why keep anything on Aspen for that matter

No. 687703

Don't bring more stigma to an already stigmatised disease you fuckwit. Also, to be diagnosed with a personality disorder you have to be over 18 (so if she is diagnosed she won't have had much experience in treatment to talk about) and your psychiatrist will have had to have talked to you for more than two weeks. Just jumping on another bandwagon and claiming to have a debilitating disorder because it's 'quirky'.

No. 687721


Not to nitpick but she doesn't really need to have anger issues to have BPD. Mental disorders are diagnosed when a patient exhibits a certain amount of symptoms on a strict list. So she would need to exhibit 5 or more of the 9 traits of BPD.

No. 687724


You don't have to if you feed them a fairly nutrient-rich diet and have UVB lighting. Beardies are fairly easy to feed and are omnivores that seem to prefer plants as they age.

Where the fuck is Taylor getting this body dysmorphia from? Putting on 20lbs and going "oof I was too thin before?" That's not fucking BD. Does she just see a condition or illness online and go "I HAVE THAT?"

No. 687725

File: 1565065827441.jpg (2.04 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190805_223050945.j…)

No. 687728

File: 1565066860186.jpg (1.67 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190805_224801245.j…)

She just cant help herself.

No. 687736

File: 1565068749983.jpeg (217.03 KB, 1125x573, 0D8C6401-0E38-46EF-A632-557EE2…)

>>Your brain is born guyzzz
>>it has markers of an addict

This is fucking rich. Before you sperg out on twitter, learn how to articulate your sentences for fucks sake. Or you can just stay in your lane, leave it to the experts and SHUT THE FUCK UP you insecure wannabe junkie whore.

No. 687737

that makes no sense, why would some furbait tiktok make her want to remove her tattoo? the fuck? I'm having a hard time following whatever train of thought she's on. As always.

No. 687739


You raise a good point. Psychs typically like to wait until after initial withdrawal and behaviors attributed to addiction slow down until moving forward with assessments and diagnoses. Addiction changes your personality and the desire to obtain drugs or other substances/actions that fill the addiction void causes a person to act outside of what's normal for them.

While I doubt she was diagnosed at her rehab, it's entirely possible she took her old psych's hesitance to make a formal diagnosis (or lolcows speculation) and ran with it, or her rehab just had a shitty psychiatrist/clinical psychologist.

No. 687740


It just proves that the tattoo was an aesthetic and ~unique~ thing she picked, versus what she tried to play it off as. Now that it's a meme, it's cringe to her lmao.

No. 687747

I wonder if there's any tattoos she doesn't regret at this point

No. 687749

Sorry, I missed it but what tattoo is she talking about removing?

No. 687750

The Leanna tweet told no lies. Taylor is one ignorant piece of shit that wants to be sick and claim all these diseases and illnesses. No, you CHOSE to do H. You created your addiction. Bitch.

No. 687751

File: 1565073228161.png (241.29 KB, 760x958, Screenshot_20190806-033000.png)

Some deleted tweets

No. 687752

File: 1565073274472.png (196.37 KB, 760x852, Screenshot_20190806-033034.png)

No. 687753

File: 1565073441364.png (321.42 KB, 1363x1148, Capture _2019-08-05-23-30-58.p…)

I've never heard of an autistic person murdering someone…. Shes fucking reaching you cant compare addiction to how someone was born.

No. 687754

File: 1565073478856.jpg (599.67 KB, 1080x2165, 20190806_003827.jpg)

No. 687755

Why won't she shut the fuck up?

She literally says the same thing everyday.

This isn't about informing people, it's about attention and hoping Shane Pawson decides he wants to bang her or add her as a temp friend for an "documentary"

No. 687756

Jen is delusional. Her daughter wanted to use. No one forced taylor to put a needle in her arm.

No. 687757

These 2 talking about narcissism. Lel

No. 687758

As far as I can tell the only rehab associated with Dr. Phil that is located in Texas is Origins and it's all the way in South Padre.

No. 687759

She's also addicted to sympathy, attention & social media.

No. 687760

still going on and on using NA/AA as an authority on this when they're a fucking cult. They're a religious organisation, it's hilarious that she's getting supposedly informed, scientific information from an organisation that's so widely criticised.

Her lack of understanding of the topic is hilarious. She doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. Doctors and scientists haven't even found all of the genetic components to cancer, a disease that is 100% caused by genetic/epigenetic factors and has trillions of dollars poured into research every year, but she thinks they've conclusively proven addiction is genetically acquired? bitch best still be using because otherwise she might be legitimately retarded.

No. 687761

The Halsey lyric with the dagger she impulsively got on her chest

No. 687762


This chick? I scrolled through a bunch of tiktok nightmare halsey vids and this is the only cat chick I found before giving up. If this is the chick then what the fuck is Taylor on about? Her makeup is better than Taylor's and she doesn't look like her soul and hydration has been sucked out of her. She looks like she has fun and enjoys herself where as Taylor just complains and daydreams about shooting up.

No. 687765

And there's yer problem, lol. Taylor cannot stand that someone prettier, happier and more successful is also on the Halsey train and doing it better than her when it all belongs to Taylor in her pea-sized little mind.

She's upset because someone else is getting attention for what she thinks is "her thing". As if Halsey was some UG indie artist no one had heard of lol

No. 687767

when are those new videos of her coming?

No. 687769

3 weeks after armageddon

No. 687772

File: 1565088895558.jpg (802.28 KB, 1536x1570, Screenshot_20190806-125438.jpg)

Oh now it's the DiSeAsE it's fault for romanticizing!

No. 687774

File: 1565089351586.jpg (484.8 KB, 1536x1218, Screenshot_20190806-130118.jpg)

She is doing SeRvIcE wOrK with her tweets. Kek.

No. 687777

Great shes become completely insufferable and doesnt even notice she just admitted to driving while high on HEROIN as if its the same thing as being under the influence of half a xanax im hollering. Girl is out here having full on Mel Gibson delusions, she doesnt notice how ignorant she is because shes surrounded by jaded teenagers and adults that are likeminded to her and just as sheltered.
>Taylor: I was round the clock independent addict who could rival courtney love.
>Also Taylor: I only shot myself up twice, Johnny did the rest even tho he was gone weeks at a time for tours
>Also Also Taylor: Its a disease, I was BORN with this and I never knew I couldn't just stop doing heroin and that you actually become ..like.. addicted!

You can smell that shes never been to school.

No. 687778

Clinical psychologists are certified idiots who think they know everything. Even some psychiatrists make you go hmmm…

No. 687791

I don't understand how her logic lets her talk shit about JC. All that money he took, drugs he introduced her to, friends he isolated her from, that was just the disease, right? Not him!

How dare she tell young children to forgive genuinely abusive and hurtful family members because of their DisEAsE and smears JC up and down her twitter? Forgive him, you twit, or admit people can be shitty, heroin or no heroin.

Same for her mom. Stop vilifying JC for something your own daughter did, but on a much larger platform.

No. 687796

i found this one in austin and am going to guess that this is the one she went to. https://www.brcrecovery.com/about-us/dr-phil-rehab/ I just searched top rehabs. If she thinks it's good because of dr phil then yikes. Also lol that they separate men and woman so if it's this one she probably only saw bro friend at meetings if that. maybe in detox before idk how seperated rehabs work

As a sidenote I don't think rehabs that teach you that the 12steps is the only way to stay clean are that good objectively speaking. There are many ways to stay clean and there are better programs out there. Also just working on your underlying mental issues (possibly disorders) that caused you to seek drugs in the first place

No. 687797


She drove while high holy fuck

No. 687799


I wouldn't go that far, let's not generalize. Taylor's may have been idiots but there are plenty of competent ones out there.

No. 687801

File: 1565102421599.jpg (223.22 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20190806-084051_Twi…)

No. 687803

>I had no idea my brain would be hijacked by the disease

You mean the fucking HEROIN Taylor, everybody with more than a brain cell knows that heroin is the most highly ADDICTIVE substance on the planet and is the hardest to come off.
You do not have a disease, you have an ADDICTION because you CHOSE to put a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE into your body.
This is why it's common knowledge around the world to NOT put HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES in your body.

You were not born with an addiction, please Taylor you scientific genius, which part of the brain specifically is altered to clearly tell you that you are nuerologically born with addiction? Because I'm pretty sure unlike Autism, schizophrenia, cancer, lupus, EDS it will not show up via scans, bloodwork or nuerological testing. Please tear apart the genetic material and pluck out the addiction gene and show it to us? You can't? That's because it doesn't exist.

Its ALL psychological, some being more prone to it because of their parents, doesn't mean it's genetic, it means you grew up around it so you're more likely to do it.
Much like pot heads become pot heads because their parents were, or smokers becoming smokers because their parents were.
Addiction is defined as "something you do excessively that you find hard to stop"
It can be anything from food, social media, shopping, smoking, drugs, even collecting fucking coins can be an addiction kek she's so dense. It is mental, psychological, not physically manifested as a disease or a specific gene in her body.
She may have mental Illnesses that have plummeted her, but she's not physically or genetically struck by the addiction disease. She treats it like it's as physical and real and "genetically" real as cancer.

No. 687805

>Taylor: I was sick in bed all of the time and couldn’t even keep up with basic person hygiene
>also Taylor: all of my animals were so well cared for! My animal care never suffered. The rescue that I had come said that they were all perfect and in perfect health and the best animals they had ever seen!

No. 687806

I hope she lost her license for a long time. Fuck this selfish bitch, she could have killed people

No. 687807

Thanks for your super nuclear hot take that has reversed every medical textbook on addiction. How can we nominate you for the Nobel Prize?

No. 687813

did she actually lose her license though? if she got pulled over for going 6 mph or got in an accident cause she nodded out that would have gotten her arrested. especially if she kept the car as clean as her house. not like i think she would be honest about it but it would have come up when anons searched the court docs for the PFA.

No. 687817

I agree. If that the case she could explain away all the SHIT JC has done. While I do think drugs may be SOME of the reasons, I think Taylor & JC (Esp. JC) are just bad people. Drugs just made them WORST people.

I think we should villfy JC regardless. I'm sorry. I have no issue with her mom hating JC because he's a bad person. He deserves to be Vilified. He's a rapist & abuser.

even if her mom is an HUGE hypocrite, I'd never judge her or anyone for calling JC out.

They are all full of shit.

No. 687819

>I hope

No one is saying she actually lost her license

No. 687821

My BrAiN gOt HiGhJaCkEd By ThE dIsEaSe!!1!1!!

Jesus, Taylor please stop. This is really embarrasing.

No. 687822

What would she lose? She hasn’t had to face any repercussions from her decisions, aside from the breakup with Jonny. She still has her pets. She still had her home, and could’ve kept it. She still has her job. She still has her regular life. I wish this dramatic bitch would shut up. She has exchanged shooting up, for the high that social media gives her.
And it’s the same song, and dance every single day.

No. 687834

im that anon and nah it was more of a fat chick

No. 687836

No. 687838

I doubt it was this one, it specifically says that the men and woman are on two separate properties and woman support woman and men support men. Taylor stated that her and Jake would spend hours together in classes so it wasn't just the meeting's they went to. I think the Dr. Phil name drop was a way to get whoever she was yelling at to stop saying addiction isn't a disease because in her little bubble right now she has a "disease" and if anyone says she doesn't it makes her accountable for all the deaths and shitty choices she's made and she would rather it be something she can't control so she doesn't have to be responsible.

No. 687842

La Hacienda is well thought of and I think Dr Phil and Intervention have sent people there. Know people who have gone there

No. 687845

>accountable for all the deaths

Oooh I think your right here, if she's a victim of disease then the animal deaths weren't her fault.

Her EDS is bullshit, its just an excuse for laziness. same with her "gluten free" diet, ya whatbuger ain't gluten free.

She needs to stop with the munching, I don't doubt she actually in pain and suffering from malnutrition, trauma, low-self worth and other shit. But, She doesn't have half what she thinks she has, even if she did, you can't be a victim about it and expect special treatment, the sad reality is not many people really give a fuck. They'll take pity on you on insta and then go about their day enjoying life, It's not healthy to be so caught up in internet asspats.

No. 687846

I can't believe we even have to fucking talk about this like I never thought in my life that I'd come across a person who genuinely thinks that only 15% of the population has the ABILITY to become addicted to addictive substances, not to even mention the context of the drug in question being fucking heroin. I don't know if I've ever seen a dumber take than "people who weren't born addicts can quit the drug whenever they want and never crave it again uwu"

No. 687865

tinfoil: but maybe that's why she "doesn't have her license" anymore

No. 687869


This is such a dangerous narrative for her to spread. Someone could get hooked on an addictive substance bc they think you have to have the DiSeAsE to get addicted. She needs to stop with this BS.

No. 687870

File: 1565118750582.jpeg (522.72 KB, 1936x1452, BA771E02-1B61-4E39-8BED-252B21…)

No. 687871

File: 1565118810679.jpeg (414.82 KB, 1125x1661, 47D896DD-7BEB-4E50-8A96-80E7BD…)

I didn’t see these posted yet.

No. 687872

Taylor, stop fucking blaming everything on a disease and start taking some responsibility for your shit. You ultimately have control of your actions. Shooting up heroin isn't a seizure. Yes, chemical addictions fucking suck and physically hurt. But you dictate the actions leading up to ingesting the chemical. You're not in a state of psychosis. You're just weak and you'll continue to be weak until you accept that you're the root of the problem.

Using the word lost instead of loses in >>687806 makes it sound like she has already had her license revoked.

No. 687873

What really happened-

Brother-"Why does your jacket have the F word on it?"

Taylor-"fashion…and I'm fighting addiction. When you are fighting a diease sometimes it causes you to lash out. In my case, I tend to wear clothes that express how I feel inside.

I feel that people who don't believe addiction is a disease are "Fake as F". You say, "I should know better", but do YOU know what it's like to fight addiction? Do you KNOW what a brain off drug looks like? I think about H EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE! This Jacket is the LEAST I can do to help myself so I can help other people, so check yourself before you check me lil bro"

No. 687875

File: 1565120799713.png (601.41 KB, 1242x2688, C63B9C16-A775-4B27-A99E-553776…)

No Taylor, you are the ignorant one. Look at how many threads there are if you. Embarrassing.

No. 687877

File: 1565121119762.png (714.2 KB, 1242x2688, A85985DA-82E8-4B7F-9F07-EAE904…)

possibly deleted tweet and responded now with this. LOL

No. 687880

Wow she deleted the other tweet so she could be even more of an atrocity. Gg

No. 687883

File: 1565122342602.jpg (711.86 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190806-131147.jpg)

So much ironic shit in here

And she's really into flexing how "world renown" her rehab is now

No. 687884

YouTube pet career is over, now she's working on establishing a nee crowd for the camgirl platform since she can't profit off the recovering addict platform. Calling it now.

I'm laughing so hard at picturing Snake Discovery posting photos like this in her social media.

No. 687885

She's so dumb. She said addiction is something your born with, that just retarded. You arn't born to seek out drugs, if you use highly addictive substances you get addicted. Genetics has nothing to do with it, ANYONE who does heroin can end up addicted. Heroin rewires your brain to seek out heroin till it kills you.

She just can't admit she fucked up.

No. 687890

EVERYTHING I’ve read about heroin and addiction in general only credits genetics for about 50% of the cause. The other 50%? Environment (the nurture to the aforementioned nature) and CHOICE.

No. 687902

File: 1565124325476.jpg (525.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190806-134530.jpg)

This just in: Getting off heroin is easy for 85% population

No. 687903

Sensation seeking, impulsivity, and stuff like that is genetic, but you can control your behaviors with practice.

Drugs are addictive because they give you a euphoric high.

Taylor just can't deal because she can't get through life without her high. It's kind of pathetic actually because she had so much going on for her.

Taylor dated someone who'd give her drugs, used drugs and worked her way up to heroin to selfishly experience the high. She did cocaine but didn't become an addict then, she didn't stop and go to inpatient either. It's the heroin, it's the number 1 most addictive drug in the world.


A week isn't long enough for it to fuck up your brain. She fucked up her brain. You never go full retard Taylor.

No. 687905

But Taylor, I thought addiction was genetic?

Wouldn't one of your parents also have the genetics for an addict brain if you do? Or is it actually more complicated than that, you nitwit

No. 687906

THIS IS SO FUCKED UP! PEASE, IF YOU'RE A TAYLOR FAN READING THIS, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS!This is not how addictive substances work. This is not something to risk doing.

Oh my god, I was laughing at her ignorance until this. You cannot say shit like this about heroin and other dangerous drugs. oh my god, Twitter, please shut this down.

It's so fucking dangerous to sum drug use up like this…

No. 687908

File: 1565125640782.jpg (165.67 KB, 1536x350, Screenshot_20190806-230720.jpg)

Here she goes again with this bullshittery.

No. 687910

File: 1565125727415.jpg (407.63 KB, 1536x886, Screenshot_20190806-230857.jpg)

No. 687911

"terrified of sunscreen"
what the fuck kind of analogy is this

No. 687914

File: 1565126299530.png (799.73 KB, 883x433, derp.PNG)

yea there's something wrong with her brain, she's an idiot. She just not that smart at all, what little cognition she had was robbed by the drugs.

This is just ravings of a lunatic.

This is also bullshit, people don't use to fix their brains. People use to escape from the problems in their lives, or because they enjoy the sensation.

No. 687915

File: 1565126337032.png (95.33 KB, 720x734, Screenshot_20190807-071727~2.p…)

Next time just say "Block out the noise" Taylor.

No. 687916

She's officially about to spend 24 hours arguing with people about the same shit. All this time she's using worried about people on twitter she could actually be helping people in real life.

No. 687918

Taylor has never thought of addiction as a choice tho? She has always preached about it being a disease even before she went to rehab…

No. 687919

Self harm and drug abuse are unhealthy coping skills. Not all depressed people cut themselves or turn to drugs either. They fix whats wrong with their lives and accept what they can't change.

Bitch your brain is fucked because you did heroin. Not because you were born with an invisible illness.

No. 687923

Why do I feel like this is some bullshit her and Jonny would sit and sulk over?
"It's a disease baby, we got to block out the noise c'mon lets shoot up" and they made it some romantic bullshit.

Whether addiction is a disease or purely psychological aftermath of what happens after choosing to do drugs in the first place is still an ongoing debate. Some studies say it's a disease, while others say its psychological. Kind of like psychopaths/sociopaths with the whole Nature vs Nurture debate, there's studies on either side.

She's just using a few studies as a string to cling too that justifies her super shitty life choices and that is why she shouldn't be spouting her beleifs all over the internet and YouTube.
Could she try any harder to not take accountability, she's just doing more damage control.

Sorry but if anyone does heroin, you're bound to get addicted "predisposed" to the "disease" or not because it's.. heroin. Surprise! It's highly addictive! Heroin doesn't give a fuck what "disease" you have, who you are, what your genetics are, where you come from, nothing. It's addictive and once done, can get a grip on anybody from all walks of life.

No. 687924

but isn’t she unable to drive? i’m pretty sure she said she doesn’t have her license anymore for some reason

No. 687931

It’s literally been her spewing “I’m right because I’m an addict and you’re wrong because you’re not an addict.”

No. 687934

Not only is she wrong in how she’s describing addition but she’s also contradicting herself. She was spewing this “addiction is a disease” rhetoric long before she went inpatient and now she’s claiming that learning that addiction is a disease is what made her get sober? Pick a story, Taylor.

No. 687938

I usually only lurk on here. Taylor has gone ducking insane, after getting out of rehab.

“Addiction is a disease”… kinda controversial in health care community.

Most people would agree it’s not a disease. (at least in my area / I’m a RN)

How she is describes addiction is dangous for not only her young subscriber, but all of them. She should go to school first, so she knows what she is talking about… she has the money. God I’m going in dept to learn this stuff. (screaming inside forever)

Also people should not be trying to diagnose her with bpd on the internet. I highly doubt she was diagnosed right after barely being sober. Is she fucking joking ? No one with a brain would believe her.

Side rant : those poor animals, she has been getting high for two years, just using them for money. I wish she would spend more money on their enrichment, instead of her future cam girl outfits. It’s coming guys, we all know it. Please just give away your animals first, PLEASE. She clearly wants snakes for props. That’s why she is getting rid of the other animals. I bet she will keep them all in small horrible tubs/rack.

About her new spider ball python : did this bitch really call her snakes wobble goofy ?! With all the people calling out the spider this year. Why is she being in denial about his condition … I swear to god if she get a panda morph. It just proves she cares nothing about the animals and their health, she will support a fucked industry.

I’m kinda sick of all the pettubers “reusing” spiders too. They are still displaying a morph for views and profit. Fans will think the morph is cool and try to “save” one too. Many breeders sell on Craigslist, listing the snake as a regime, so their ad doesn’t get taken down. Soooooo still support the breeding of spiders.

No. 687940

i’ve been to rehab. this is the shit they brainwash you to believe. it took me a while to realize i was brainwashed but once i did, i took responsibility for my actions. but she’s extremely fucked up in the head and i doubt she’ll ever come to the conclusion i did.

No. 687941

GOD she needs to stoooppp. She gives the SHITTIEST comparisons.

You know most of the reason why she is grasping so hard at this is because she refuses to ever acknowledge that anything is her fault. This is the only reason why she is getting by right now.
Unfortunately, calling it now, she is not going to stay sober. Know why? Because everything else in her life is not fixed. Her clear mental issues are not fixed. Her not being able to be independent and be on her own will not be fixed. Her depression and need for constant attention from the internet and from men will not be fixed. Her inability to shower and care for herself will not be fixed. Her addiction to social media and acquiring animals. Her deflecting everything, blaming everybody but her for anything she has done, blaming her addiction on her disease and not on herself even a little bit will not be fixed. Never acknowledging it was her that decided she wanted to try. Not owning up to the fact that SHE brought in a known junkie into her house, apparently knowing full well of her ~addictive personality~.
She is so far up her ass that it's hopeless. She will never recover if she does not get proper fucking help instead of wanting to do heroin because of her issues. Which she will never get because she lacks self awareness 100%, and unfortunately she has a narc mother who won't do anything either. Her father was the closest their whole family had ever gotten to any type of self awareness as a whole.
Good fucking luck Taylor

No. 687947

File: 1565130597027.png (111.38 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_20190807-080244~2.p…)

The way she talks about this 15% genetic disease stuff, makes it sound as though it's incurable? Like it's harder for her than it is for others because gEnetIcs.

1) She's either flat out refusing to take responsibility for her choices and using a few studies to excuse herself to I guess take some of the heat herself? Make herself less responsible and garner more sympathy than dissapointment?

2) She's paving the way for her inevitable relapse.

3) She genuinely believes this, and thinks the more she says it, the more true it is.

Or All of the above. Anyone else feel free to chime in on her reasons why she's pushing this so hard. I bet she doesn't realise that she's giving some of her followers a lack of hope by telling them they or their family suffer from a genetic disease in whereby it's hereditary and can't be fixed which is exactly how she's making it sound which is disgusting and damaging.

She should have kept her mouth shut, accepted her wrong doings, and quietly just continued on with recovery, but she has this intense victim complex that constantly needs to be watered with attention and tended too with love and admiration like the fragile little flower she is.

No. 687949

>In order to get addicted you need to choose to do something

>The second I took a sip of vodka I was addicted

YEAH YOU MADE A CHOICE TO SIP THAT VODKA THOUGH! Also wasn't it constant pain meds as a kid that got her addicted!?

Pick a story and fucking stick to it Taylor you just flat out contradicted your own argument.

No. 687952

Tbh I don’t see her taking responsibility for anything she’s done. I believe that’s like step 8 in programs?? And I highly doubt she’ll get that far if she is still in rehab/programs.

No. 687955

If I have to see this bitch use the word dIsEaSe one more time???? Okay taylor we got it the first fifteen times you said it. Clearly the only reason she continues to shove it down twitters throat is because "none of this is my fault!!! I took three sips of vodka and got a disease that Ive already had since I was born!!! All of my bad behavior is excused because I have a disease just like cancer!!!11" Own up to your mistakes and move on with your recovery ffs

No. 687961

choosing to sip vodka is not what made you choose to shoot heroin you dumb bitch. I get gateway drugs are a thing but Jesus Christ that’s not how it works.

Also, a genetic predisposition to addictive behavior can make someone become addicted to anything at all. It doesn’t have to be an addictive substance/drug. The difference is that a drug literally alters your brain chemistry, especially over a period of time/multiple uses.
So anyone can become addicted to an drug/addictive substance because THEY LITERALLY ALTER YOUR BRAIN TAYLOR YOU STUPID CUNT

No. 687962

File: 1565131861770.jpg (622.18 KB, 1536x975, Screenshot_20190807-005126.jpg)

No. 687963

File: 1565132035651.jpg (240.54 KB, 1536x508, Screenshot_20190807-005423.jpg)

No. 687964

File: 1565132156089.jpg (462.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190806-165530_Ins…)

No. 687965

Good lord that person was being pretty kind about their suggestion why does she have to be such a fucking bitch?
Who is she to be such a bitch to another addict?

Newsflash Taylor, people are allowed to disagree with you, stop being so close minded and maybe check the book out you might learn something you didn't know already from the few studies you read on Google.

No. 687966

Being a druggie isn't a disease. It's a choice. Sorry Taylor.

No. 687967

So 30+ professionals in a rehab in the span of a couple of weeks, plus a few therapists and psychiatrists that supposedly diagnosed her, how many damn professionals, doctors, psychiatrists per rehab that do in-depth research and studies? Or are these professionals all just ex addicts that now work in a centre coaxing other addicts threw withdrawals?

Taylor's the kind of dummy that would believe literally anything if it aligned with or justified her shit behaviour.

No. 687968


I mean you literally can? For example, depression after trauma.

No. 687970

No. 687971


If she thought substance abuse was a choice, she'd be making the choice to abuse substances?

What the fuck did I just read.

No. 687972


samefag, I think she's saying that if she thought substance abuse was a choice, she would never have made the choice to quit.


No. 687973

Depression and other mental ailments aren't a choice. HOW you treat and handle them, within your power, is. Taylor picked addictive drugs and other easy harmful relief. She has health insurance for therapists and medication. She has means to a healthier lifestyle, yet refused because it's not fun like drugs.

Like if a diabetic chooses to decline insulin and just eat however they want. Not their fault their pancreas doesn't work, but it's their fault to pick dangerous food because it's easier and more enjoyable.

Is that easy enough for you to understand, Taylor? Just because you can explain why you made your bad choices doesn't make it acceptable and not your fault.

No. 687974

Why does this remind me so much of Flat earthers agruements. Been proven in front of their own eyes and yet still can't accept truth.

No. 687976


also went into debt studying this, also screaming inside forever kek

No. 687977

I couldn’t agree more

No. 687978


k but what studies, she hasn't cited anything. While genetics is theorized as involved in the process of becoming addicted to drugs, there is no 'addiction gene'

No. 687981

This is so absurd it's almost on a Go Ask Alice level

No. 687986

File: 1565135369365.jpg (513.64 KB, 1536x1310, Screenshot_20190807-014719.jpg)

But "just be nice to each other on the internet" guysss

No. 687988

She is totally idolizing mental illness rn. It's gross.

Some people are actually mentally ill Taylor, unlike you.

No. 688001

So she was in rehab what? At the most 2 months? Does this mean she saw at least one different doctor daily?

The only credible way this could be possible is if she went dr Google to find said "professionals". Just because you keep parroting the same shit over and over it doesn't make it true, and even professionals can be wrong, which is why it's really hard for mentally ill people to find the right person to give them appropriate treatment. You have to be one special kind of arrogantly stupid to have several addicts telling you that you're wrong yet you keep insisting you're right.

If she goes to YouTube to post a video, shit will go down because people will rip her to shreds.

No. 688004


I didn’t know rehab was like being in med school during your substance abuse block.

This bitch is mental. Yes, I’m sure to an extent that they teach you about addiction but this sad excuse of a human acts like she attended medical school lectures. Give me a fucking break.

No. 688011

this is gross

No. 688014

She was in actual “rehab” under 30 days…and then in the sober living arrangements under 30 days…

No. 688017

Lol at the fact she edited her eyebrows thinner in the first photo

No. 688023

File: 1565140977251.png (7.4 MB, 1242x2208, 5352F86E-0B78-49CF-B505-83B9A8…)

Are paid Snapchat subscriptions still a thing? Where it’s basically CamGirl Lite? Because that’s where I bet this is headed…

No. 688025

Wow, I just made a post today about her establishing a camgirl platform. This is further evidence she's testing the waters for it. Interesting.

No. 688029

I’m surprised she didn’t buy veneers along with Johnny’s falsies. That lack of hygiene is taking its toll.

No. 688030

She looks so much like her brother in these new stories. Also yellow teeth are disgusting. Her hygiene is embarrassingly horrible.

No. 688031

It's the filter you spastics, look under her eyebrows, nose and choker.

No. 688032

She claimed at some point (last year??) that she had gotten veneers, which caused her lisp. This was when everyone was commenting on how odd she'd been sounding in videos and speculating that she was high in her videos (which she literally confirmed like a week ago).

No. 688036

it’s either ‘start tryna use it’ or ‘start trying to use it’. nitpicky, yeah, but it just shows she’s careless with everything she does.

No. 688047

This has to be the most pointless, idiotic nitpick I've ever seen.

No. 688048

Even without the filter her teeth look dingy and her gum line is all fucked up. I’ve seen her teeth in other pics, this isn’t the first time. My comment still stands.

No. 688051


"i hate it when people talk so matter of factly of things they dont understand" OHHH she is so close yet so far

No. 688054

Isn’t one of Jonny’s lyrics about “blocking out the noise” or something? Could have sworn that was one of the lyrics that got posted last time.

No. 688057

Yes he sucks jhonny is posting about us guys.(learn 2 integrate)

No. 688059

File: 1565145070001.jpg (134.99 KB, 1080x880, 20190806_203129.jpg)

Glad to see Jonny is keeping up

No. 688062

Gotta give it to him, at least he doesn't pretend not to know the name of the website lol

No. 688063

Is this emzotic

Her teeth are fine. It's one of the few things she hasn't fucked up in her life

No. 688065

cmon in jonny, the door is open

No. 688066

This is so random lmfao is he mad we acknowledged how boring he is? We barely even talk about him anymore because he doesn't fucking do anything

No. 688070


is it just me or are her gums fucking yellow?

No. 688071

Maybe he just found out someone here was watching his stream where he got pictures of the cats?

No. 688074


Learn how snapchat filters work, and stop nitpicking.

No. 688078

worry about not RAPING WOMEN Jonboy

No. 688081

i had WORLD RENOWNED doctors tell me i don’t have to take responsibilty for any of my actions at all!!

No. 688086

Either he realised we noticed his Nemo/ghost moment, he picked up on Taylor's subtle "block out the noise" reference where anon speculated it's something they said to each other when using, or hes trying to look like a knight in shining armour for Taylor.

Either way, I admire his balls for using the websites name and not being a little bitch about it like Taylor.

Feel free to spill some milk anytime Jonny, we'll be nice.

No. 688088

i'd like tea but hes a horrible man

No. 688089


By the "30+ professionals" she's claiming she saw, I'm assuming most of those were the rehab staff members/residential assistants.

The way most rehabs are structured staff-wise is they'll have residential staff members that monitor the house, a few community leaders that act as a liaison between clinical staff and residential, 5-10 therapists/psychologists, and the board of directors.

They'll hire just about anyone to work as a residential staff member (no degree or past experience w addiction treatment required- literally you can get this job out of high school). These are the people Taylor likely saw most of the time, and as they rotate through shifts I'm sure she saw at least 20-25 different residential staff members throughout her 2 month stay. Again, many of these people do not have degrees or experience that would make them qualified to talk about the brain structure and chemistry or addicts vs. non-addicts.

Most rehabs will have daily group therapies monday-friday, so she may have seen 4 or 5 different therapists throughout her stay that told her 'it's not you, it's your DISEASE'.

She's definitely looking at NA/AA organizers and residential staff members as expert 'professionals' here.

No. 688095

File: 1565148356664.png (3.34 MB, 1125x2436, 61D22175-F267-44A4-A3A9-504CBF…)

Looks like Tayler is with her bro again

No. 688097

File: 1565148418628.png (11.13 MB, 1125x2436, EC08C41F-1FF6-4AB5-9F82-D8D058…)

I’m pretty sure she said she was done with men?

No. 688101

Uhhh she's real time advertising her location now on Snapchat?

No. 688102

Not to mention the fact that doctors can't adequately explain complicated things to laypeople without simplifying, and with simplifying comes lies of omission. Lots of medical professionals also believe that if they don't appear mostly omniscient that patients wont trust them, so they can't say things like
>We don't fully understand the reasons why addiction occurs, but we know these things play a factor…
and then people hear what they wanna hear when the doctor speaks anyway.
>Genetics are a factor in addiction
>your genetics are entirely responsible for your addiction

>Most rehabs will have daily group therapies monday-friday, so she may have seen 4 or 5 different therapists throughout her stay that told her 'it's not you, it's your DISEASE'.

and they have a vested interest in telling patients this shit, because if addiction were a choice/something people have agency over NA/AA wouldn't need to exist. Same reason companies like slimfast or weight watchers obfuscate how food actually works behind point systems - if paying customers actually understood nutrition and diet, they'd be able to work out how to help themselves and not have to pay.

It's exactly the same business model. Convince someone they cannot improve without your help, help them in a way with an extremely high relapse rate - because you're denying them access to the knowledge they actually need to permanently recover - and then take their money. Relapse, repeat.

Not to mention the fact that doctors can just be flat out wrong?

This is 50% Taylor being too stupid to understand even the simplest explanation and 50% rehab being a for profit industry designed to have people fail. NA/AA only exist in the US for a reason, just sayin'

No. 688104

Does she ever wash her hair? Ever? Does she think she's too special to wash her fucking hair? Jesus looking at her hair makes me wanna gag.

No. 688108

Nice greasy hair filter Snapchat!

No. 688109

Christ what happened to her head?!?

She's seriously losing hair or something, that looks awful..

Guess she wasn't finished with jakey snakey. Maybe this is why she's so eager to get an apartment in Austin. Good luck finding a place that will let her keep her hoard and cats.

No. 688111

Two newly "recovering" addicts in a restaurant with a full bar. Makes ya wonder. Maybe he'll have another dui to add to his resume

No. 688116

anon how dare you stalk her with the location she prominently put on her own post!!!

No. 688117

She was only in rehab 24 days

No. 688126

According to Google, the restaurant TND and her “bro friend” are at is a sport’s bar known for its extensive drink menu. definitely not a good place to be for TWO newly recovered addicts and for someone who had “two sips of vodka and wanted to commit suicide” and what led to her addiction. also, she even admitted herself that she’s been experiencing cravings and wanting to relapse….. so you chose to go to a BAR with another addict??? you’re saying your brain is wired differently, yet you actively seek out triggers? not buying it.

No. 688127

File: 1565151723833.png (448.45 KB, 1242x2208, 6ADC987B-E9ED-4604-8EDB-4875CA…)

No. 688128

Jesus, that hair loss

Also he looks so annoyed kek

No. 688129

C'mon, don't you remember when she said that her Dr. said that 1 hard cider is safe to drink when getting sober?

I love how she claims everything is a trigger for relapsing until it's inconvenient, but then she wants to do social things that involve all her supposed triggers. Oi.

In b4 she admits to relapsing and blames socializing norms for triggering her.

No. 688131

this is reaching levels of retardation to post this anon. it's a bar, we know.

anyway, Jake is a recovered alcoholic yes? and Taylor has some special brain damage that will make her a junkie if she so much as smells alcohol in her mouthwash. looks like a great place for a date!

No. 688132

Tinfoil but I think Taylor is intentionally posting her location so she can start more "omg they're stalking me" drama. More attention for her

No. 688133

Considering she didn't even complete rehab, which she was forced to go to, and got kicked out of two sober living facilities, I wouldn't even call her a recovering addict, and I wouldn't call him one either.

She mentioned she recently got paid and was getting cravings, and if I recall correctly, Jennifer implied Jake was only after the money. I get the feeling she's looking to relapse, but not alone. You don't take an alcoholic to a bar.

No. 688134

goddamn, that's full on chemo head right there

No. 688136

I'm sure they've both already been relapsing

No. 688137


Well, the narrative that she is the victim of a disease is exactly the kind of thing she wants to push, so it was probably music to her ears.

No. 688138


Didn't she have hair extensions previously? Prolonged use or having them done too tightly can cause traction alopecia.

No. 688143


You can almost definitely attribute Taylor's insistence on addiction being a 100% genetic thing on her selective hearing.

No. 688145


So mouthwash is triggering to her but being in a sports bar surrounded by people drinking…. isn't?

No. 688150

nice to see shes still with the felon

No. 688156

Yard House is a restaurant that indeed has it’s own bar. But you can be seated to eat away from it. Their food and drinks are also over priced. It’s like a “ high end” Buffalo Wild Wings.

No. 688157

lol I thought that was just her friend??? (we all knew that was not true)

No. 688158

"Considering she didn't even complete rehab, I wouldn't even call her a recovering addict."


"She mentioned she recently got paid and was getting cravings, and if I recall correctly… I get the feeling she's looking to relapse, but not alone. You don't take an alcoholic to a bar."

She has been paving the way to relapse. Just like she was paving her story about going back home even tho people already figured that out way before — also sounds a lot like taylor's manipulative ass - taking an alcoholic to Yard House. Good one, Taytay.

No. 688159

funny story, I went to a rehab dr Phil recommended. Not a single one of them in Texas is anywhere near where she said she went to rehab at….(no1curr)

No. 688163


Please sage, and try to relate your experience without blogging.

No. 688165

If you got no new milk you put the word sage in the email field to not bump the thread back to the top

No. 688166

It's not a forum, read the rules before posting. You're still not sageing. Don't reply to this.

No. 688171


That's a huge tell right there. If she should be getting tags not chips and is going to AA but not NA then something is off. Also if shes an 'alcoholic" I'm sure a bar is a fantastic place to be

No. 688175


No, your aren’t born an addict, you have a predisposition for an addiction. You make a choice to start to use. Some babies are literally born addicted to drugs because of incompetent parenting and when they don’t have access to it, they are no longer addicted. Take some accountability.

No. 688184

Sorry for OT, but I am just glad this decrepit toaster has NOT weighed in on the latest tragedies.

Last thing we need is her $0.000000002 weighing in on that.

She's probably going to die on her "Addiction Brain Three Sips 15%" argument cross. I really hope some of her fans are seeing the light on how backwards her logic is.

No. 688188


Top tier tinfoiling anon. although I’d agree that any rehab running exclusively on aa/na isn’t evidence based

No. 688189

File: 1565176550642.jpeg (276.22 KB, 1242x2051, 827528BC-A619-406D-B931-FB03DE…)

You mean lips?

No. 688190

Sage for nonsense but Taylor is the first cow I've been able to watch devolve in real time and it really is shocking how quickly it happened. She used to be so gorgeous and now she just looks like every other washed up junkie. She's like a walking PSA.

No. 688191

File: 1565176819793.png (7.49 MB, 1242x2208, E3F5F665-FDE2-4FAC-A506-A6F065…)

Hair looked better before the blown out lips and tattoos?

No. 688196

taylor, you were cute before drugs wtf

No. 688197

same for me. its quite sad and entertaining all at the same time.

No. 688200

She was in actual “rehab” LESS than 30 days!!!!

No. 688201

You can see the bar right behind them…they aren’t seated away from the bar. Lol. Dumbass

No. 688206

I was on youtube and noticed that tnd has 1.7 subs now rather than 1.6. obviously subs dont mean much as opposed to views, but thought i'd throw it in here anyway.

also, i find it funny that she only did 1 video in that shit atrium house when she supposedly got it her for her animals – that was the stupidest shit she has ever wasted her money on just to show off for ONE VIDEO LOLLLLL

No. 688208

same anon as above here.
Quote from her last video from the atrium house:

" I learned a lot during that year… I had a lot of growth. and I had to go away for a while to get my head in the right place."

sage for shits and giggles

No. 688218

Sorry I’m a bit behind because of a power outage.
Wow this is the best analogy she could think of. Is she suffering from wet brain too?
WTF is she spewing here? Suicidal after 3 sips of vodka? There are a lot of addicts out there that hate alcohol and do not drink it. I’m pretty sure they have at least tried it too before going to hard drugs.
This may be a bit nitpicky but during 3 years of rehabs it was always called a “disorder”, not a disease. So i think she keeps calling it that because it sounds more serious. Either that or she found a rehab that would coddle her, absolve her of all wrongdoing and not one that holds you accountable for your actions.
Patronizing somebody with clean time, that has a great suggestion in order to keep talking bullshit she very obviously misunderstands to her very vulnerable audience. Great job Taylor.
I hope Jake isn’t the designated driver.

TND is dangerous and needs to shut this shit down before she kills one of her fans because of ~disease, not a choice. I really hope nobody gives her a platform to reach a larger audience. God she must be an insufferable bitch in real life.

No. 688219

nayrt but at least from the pics posted here, all I can see behind them is two different groups of people sitting at two different high top tables. No idea where you see the bar. My assumption/tinfoil is that's because they're sitting at the bar and it's right in front of them

No. 688220

File: 1565183739808.jpg (89.78 KB, 1536x361, Screenshot_20190807-085753.jpg)

Is there ANYTHING she won't brush off as a quirky fun thing? She's so fucking toxic it blows my mind.

Yeah Taylor, he's particularly cute in his mugshots! Quite the catch.

Her saying here how she has shot past the subs before got me thinking. The whole situation with her last sober living, and her mentioning this right now really makes me suspect even more she's the one who used it on herself and came up with the "I borrowed one to a friend" story to try bullshit her way out of it at her sober living so she wouldn't get kicked out. Obviously they saw right through her junkie lies.

She's been going on and on about relapsing, cravings and her subs.

It really won't be long till she's full on back into her old ways.

No. 688222


This is just plain wrong. Everyone's inpatient is different. I spent 21 days there, and was just fine. Also, I get chips/coins not freaking key tags.

Just stop. It doesn't help.

Sage for absolutely nothing new.(no one cares about your rehab stay)

No. 688223

File: 1565184266903.jpg (44.75 KB, 609x446, Capture.222.JPG)

"LIVERS" lol. how dumb is she.

sage for nothin new.

No. 688224

God those makeup skills…. she really doesnt have any talent, huh

No. 688225

Her making BPD look like some walk in the park lmao… I shouldn't even be surprised but I am.

No. 688226

you realise you don't need to blog about why you sage, right?

No. 688227

“I’m so quirky lol let’s be BPD twinsies!”
Meanwhile people are actually taking their lives because of this disease. Classy Taylor.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 688231


she will never learn. illness is just a joke/ way to get attention for her. I wish she would take this stuff more seriously. There are to many families/people suffering from these conditions, who would do anything to be normal. ANYTHING, because they can’t work a normal job, and are stuck barely surviving. She has money, and wants to be sick, for fun ? What a joke. Medical debt ruins lives in this country.

No. 688239

If it were cool to have HIV this stupid cunt would claim to have it. She’s insufferable.

>>I love bro dick

>>I can get dick without catching feelings
>>men are actually disgusting.
>>only my male cats love me and I love them
>>omg my felon dick bro is so cute

Clearly her bro wasn’t giving her attention even though they aren’t an official item and it kills her on the inside. She’s like a venomous snake and when she has the opportunity, she will strike and take him down with her.

Also find it hysterical that she got an Uber from SA to Austin just to hang out with him. Funny how it’s not the other way around. I’m sure she paid for dinner and the hotel room too. Spineless whore.

No. 688245

Yeah I always remember coins for NA and tags for AA, unless you hit a milestone like a year and then you get a coin at your home meeting (AA). And an NA tag is for like 1 day sober or a “just for today” type thing.
And rehab is definitely different for everybody. It depends on individual needs. I recently have seen 21, 28 and 42 day programs.
Omg I was just thinking that. If it was from sharing a needle she probably would claim it for junkie cred.
TAYLOR: I have that too!!!! HIV Twinsies!!!! That’s soooo kooool.

No. 688250


I think it's different in different areas. Doesn't make one wrong or whatever. Friend of mine goes to two different meetings so she's got a one year coin and a one year tag.

No. 688252


she will probably blame her strange views on men, because of her “daddy issues” that she was talking before.

I personally think her daddy issues are a joke. Her dad worked to much, to provide her with nice things and pay bills. That also gives the opportunity for Jen to take care of her son, because her father works often.

Some fathers leave forever, rape their kids, choose drugs, etc.

She should stop complaining and being over dramatic

No. 688264

You can tell he is putting up with the pictures she has to post on social media just so he can fuck her. Also her most likely paying for the dinner and such is probably yet another benefit he gets from her.. all he has to do is let her take pictures.

Also I find it funny she got a snapchat just before meeting him. "Oh don't worry it's just snapchat! I'm not going to post your face to my tons of followers like before!!"
She is a leech

No. 688275

>drag him down with her
that’s hilarious. how can the narrative be both that taylor is influential enough on brodude to make him relapse (if that’s what you’re implying) but nothing could possibly been influential enough on her (i.e. the anons who think she’s responsible for jonny relapsing) to make her want to try heroin in the first place? you can’t have it both ways. these two narratives are conflicting hard as fuck and all the anons following both at the same time need to pick a lane and stick to it because otherwise shit literally makes less sense than taylor’s 2am high tweets.

No. 688282

It looks like Jen drove her. You can see Tanner's wheelchair in the back of her IG story.

No. 688284

did i miss something or since when does tanner have a wheelchair?

No. 688287

I don’t care either way about who influenced who. But from everything we have learned about “bro” seems to imply he can’t be dragged down anywhere, he’s already there, all on his own.

No. 688288

>>688284(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 688289


Maybe from when he was in the hospital recently?


Her daddy issues was just a quick cover up for people to stop talking about her dating a rapist, and shooting up. She could've ruined her fathers whole life by making those fake accusations, lmao. I wonder how happy she would've been if her dad got fired for the vague [my father abused me!!] and it fucked over her whole family.

No. 688290


Holy shit she actually looks normal and good for once. Peep those ~~~Natural~~~ lips.

No. 688292


her smile looks really pretty in this photo. It’s not with dead eyes. She actually looks happy.

No. 688294

good? maybe a reach, but normal yes.
she does look naturally happy and sincere with that smile.
sad where she is now.

she looked good back in 2017 before she got with jc.

No. 688295

maybe consider blocking out tanners face and reposting, since tanner is underage afaik and its against the rules to post him

No. 688296

Okay I was watching a YouTube video a news broadcast from Australia. And they were talking about Munchausen by internet.

Dude that fits Taylor to a T. Her fake illnesses her drug usage everything dude she's weird this whole thing is weird who goes on the internet and plays their sicknesses out for attention. Not trying to armchair anything like that but it's freaking weird.

No. 688297

Interesting. It also reads on google:

Munchausen's syndrome may be caused by parental neglect and abandonment, or other childhood trauma. As a result of this trauma, a person may have unresolved issues with their parents that cause them to fake illness.

Sounds like her for sure.(armchair)

No. 688299

Omg, that’s Taylor? What the……. I just glanced at the photo and assumed it was a friend or somebody else. Don’t do drugs I guess.

No. 688301

Resident Celiac here: Wataburger is actually gluten free and from what I have seen keeping her diet is one of the things she does fairly well. (Although I have no idea what happens of the internet.)(blogging)

No. 688302


TND has been munching from the beginning. People even refer to her as a "munchie" in threads.
Did you think it meant she was a tasty snack?
Lurk more.

No. 688304

>Whataburger: The beef patties, grilled chicken filet, cheese, sausage, and eggs at Whataburger are considered gluten free when ordered without the bun as well as their hashbrowns, garden salad, apple and cranberry salad, and many of their sauces and condiments.

Anon, fries, soda and anything breaded is not gluten free. We've seen taylor munch down fries on her bed, whatburger ketchup has gluten in it, and her last apartment was littered with soda bottles. Her diet is not gluten free.

No. 688305

688297 here. I lurk quite a lot here and did not know munchie meant that. Can a person not know what that term meant? Sheeh

No. 688308

Things can be breaded with potato flour. Fries are gluten free they are potatoes. Soda is gluten free.

Yes she has a crappy diet, but I haven't seen any evidence of breaking her gluten free diet.

And if she did break her diet, the side effects do include depression and anxiety.

Blogging, but I was a wreck before I stopped eating gluten…

No. 688312

they are gluten free, corn tortillas

googling isn't hard

No. 688314

There's also alot of cross-contamination that goes on in a kitchen, they fry the chicken breading with the fries ect. Most super sensitive gluten people I know don't eat out as much as she does.

If your gluten sensitive you shouldn't really eat out much at all. I'm gluten sensitive and I get bloated/depressed after bread heavy and sugary meals.

For someone who claimed a chipolte chip made her gluten sick, i'm having a hard time believing her.

No. 688316

Surprised that Taylor hasn't jumped into the Brooke Houts situation head first. She loves bitching out other pet owners, and in this case Brooke is genuine junk, Tay could be on the right side of history for once. Oh well. Missed opportunity.

That or she knows people would come at her for neglect. She's never directly abused a pet that we know of, correct? It's all neglect and stupidity, but we've never seen her actually hit or hurt an animal, right?

No. 688319

And wouldn’t vodka make her sick instead of immediately addicted and suicidal?

No. 688322

dif celiac anon – there a numerous vodkas that are gluten free (i.e. titos)

different people have different tolerances. i don't think we need to nitpick her gluten sensitivity; the munchie-ness has already been proven.

No. 688325

so let's see, our glass bone princess "has.."
- Bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression
- Ehler Dahlos syndrome
- Complex regional pain syndrome
- "Addictive personality" ("""addict brain""")
- Celiac's disease

anything else?

No. 688326


BPD is borderline personality disorder, not bipolar.

No. 688328

Oh yea, right. Clearly I don't know the mental illnesss shenanigans so well.

No. 688331

Borderline is much more qUiRkY and on trend. A VERY sErIoUs disease guise that has nothing to do with my life choices.

No. 688332

she started saying she got migraines often, awhile back. I really highly doubt that it’s true. (my dad has chronic migraines) she would be milking migraines so hard if she really had them

No. 688333

As if the stigma for BPD wasn’t bad enough, now her army of preteens and idiot teenagers are going to self diagnose with it and add to the cesspool of “I’m quirky because my brain is different and I have no control over the shitty choices I make” population.

No. 688335

Wow, if she even had half of these she wouldn’t be going out to eat, hanging out after meetings, halfway functional, moving, definitely not able to take care of 20-30 animals. CRPS is also seriously debilitating as it is and I wonder who actually diagnosed that seeing the criteria is quite specific and with a lot of Drs. involved. I’ll bet if a fan claims type 1 she’d say “oh I’ve got that too, I can totally relate”.

No. 688337

watch her start posting about getting constant migraines even more now

No. 688339

I'm personally waiting for her to learn about kinning so she can claim all the shitty, awful things she does are a different personality

No. 688341

she doesn't have crps, she herself has said that its never been formally diagnosed.

No. 688343

File: 1565212465599.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2688, 2AF97925-6E69-4550-AD8A-FD256E…)

Oh look anon

No. 688345

now just wait for the migraine posts

No. 688347

I wish she'd have this same response towards her Ex and his abuse towards other women. She doesn't give a fuck about animals or anyone but herself.

No. 688348

I seem to recall her saying she had chronic fatigue syndrome too; this would have been in her early yt days I think

No. 688349

Color me not-surprised! Let's see where this goes. I almost but not quite feel bad for the chick who beats on/spits on her dog, TND's stans will jump at the chance to assist the kween.

Absolutely everyone and their brother is going in on her, hard. Oh well, sucks to be such a pos.

No. 688351

Good to know, I will go back and read about that. Self diagnoses = typical munchie trait.
Munchies make actual sufferers of any condition less credible. She’s such a selfish bitch.

No. 688353

Can Taylor seriously fuck off with her self-righteousness and constant bitching about other peoples pet care? The day this bitch can talk about animal care is the day she isn't responsible for 30 animals dying in her care within a single year or roasting her pets to death like a fucking Christmas turkey.

Honey, you can't even look after your own animals - or your own life, for that matter - so stay in your lane. Improve yourself before concerning yourself with others.

No. 688354

File: 1565214825419.png (706.24 KB, 1242x2688, AF849725-F242-4F49-8DA6-188BE7…)

No. 688357

But you let it slide when Jonny did it Taylor. The kicker is he bought your gifts with your own money too.

No. 688359

File: 1565216941609.png (23.61 KB, 599x232, Taylor.PNG)

No. 688360

Sis aren’t there multiple animals you killed with negligence, some of which died horribly because you were nodded out on H and didn’t notice they were burning alive? Fuck that bitch with the dog but Taylor’s even worse. If I were her I would shut up and be thankful I dodged the public execution she’s taking part of, because TND definitely deserves one just as much

No. 688363

I'm loving how she wants IMMEDIATE action towards animal abusers but not women beaters & rapist.

No. 688364

She defended Jonny & ignored HIS abuse. Also, we could bring up SO Much shit she's done and put her on blast for animal abuse.

No. 688369

Fatigue is part of EDS. But of course she's got to spin it into yet another medical issue she supposedly has.

No. 688370

File: 1565220045872.jpg (567.05 KB, 1536x1347, Screenshot_20190808-011942.jpg)

She is seriously trying to get a viral tweet on this Brooke Houts dog abuse situation?? She is so gross. "Animal abuse is never funny and shouldn't be joked about" right Taytay?

No. 688371

Imagine if Taylor went this hard against women beaters & rapist? Instead, she fucks them & tells their victims to fuck off.

No. 688372

She also said she wasn't diagnosed with BPD and her psychiatrist just mentioned it years ago. But that doesn't stop her from saying she has BPD

No. 688378

ok i mean come on, it’s pretty normal for an 18 or so year old to try a bit of alcohol

No. 688379

oh god that shitty wig. or maybe it’s just how she applied it. either way it looks awful

No. 688382

the first and only time she ever claimed to suffer from migraines was last September-October, when she was supposed to upload like 6 videos for "snake month" or whatever, she uploaded one video at the end of the month and said "oh uhhhh sorry, migraines??"

Bree confirmed that she relapsed between September and October 2018. Basically confirmed her migraines were bullshit cover-up lies for her addiction.

No. 688383

Yep, they definitely are still a thing.

No. 688384

I don’t think anyone here disagrees with that.

No. 688386

oh my god does she literally ever wash her hair.

No. 688388

Actually she said she was “diagnosed” in rehab>>687434 but we know that’s probably bs or she has a really bad psych.

No. 688389

This says she was NOT diagnosed…

No. 688390

But, but, Taylor said…she didn’t start heroin until a couple days after thanksgiving…

No. 688393

"In rehab I actually got diagnosed with it"
It says both. Not even anon you're responding to but some of you genuinely need to learn how to read

No. 688401

can someone repost with Tanner blocked out?

No. 688416

Why does it matter?

No. 688421

Different anon but I’m also curious to see it since people were talking about how different Taylor looked.

No. 688434

she literally looked the same except she had no makeup or lip fillers, and her hair was blonde

No. 688438

old pics have been posted before

No. 688452

Read the rules. No posting pics of minors.

No. 688454

File: 1565251600435.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x2183, 3675782A-BE47-4257-B65F-5BCE1A…)

Here he is commenting on the Taylor lookalike’s (from his video) pictures lol. You wish Jonny

No. 688457

File: 1565252542923.png (886.11 KB, 1242x2688, 66512EC5-EA28-43E4-AAF2-DC1C32…)

some things just never change with this dimwit

No. 688461

File: 1565253448943.png (712.95 KB, 1242x2688, A3EDA058-B5AD-4F4F-AF00-E34391…)

So u were gonna move just for a guy u just met (doubt for the new friends) and ditch all ur animals?

No. 688472

Feel like this is possibly about Jake and is part of the reason he was out of the picture

No. 688478

Cats aren't banned in Austin. She just can't afford to live without mommy and daddy paying for all her stuff anymore.

No. 688496

File: 1565271595947.jpg (487.55 KB, 1080x1407, 20190808_073948.jpg)

No Taylor. You just blocked them.

No. 688498

I thought one of her snake ( wasn’t it the banana morph ? ) was told to be feed less often by the vet. Doesn’t that make them overweight ?

No. 688501

Isn't the only channel she ever spoke to that one Paige person? Yet she's speaking as if she's changed so many people's minds about her?

No. 688507

> "I showed them my enclosures and they all lost interest because my animals are fine!"

Whatever happened to the livestream you were going to do? Show your enclosures to everyone, Taylor. You're sooooo sure that your animals are fine. Prove it.

No. 688519

What?? This has to be a lie. When has anybody ever talked about skyping her and seeing her enclosures and vet bills? What bullshit.
Yeah I'm sure she had time and willingness to skype while shooting up heroin every hour.
I love coming to her threads and seeing a new lie every single day.

No. 688522

The Angela account said if Taylor did a livestream like she promised months ago and the care was good she would stop talking about Taylor. Taylor retweeted her and said to DM her instead of publicly posting. Then she deleted the tweet right away and said it was comsichoney or whatever and re-blocked her

Now Taylor is pretending that never happened and she actually showed her her pets and that's why it stopped. Taylor is so delusional she probably believes her own lies.

No. 688523

File: 1565277086823.jpg (500.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-081138.jpg)

Apparently it's false that animals died in her care now

No. 688524

File: 1565277175373.jpg (587.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-081309.jpg)

AKA never

No. 688529

Wonder if this is why she's pulling the whole 'I rehomed animals!' thing. Chances are she will say the majority of her 'newer' animals are rehomed rather than dead

No. 688535


I’ve noticed she has the tendency to only use the words “amazing” or “amazingly” on things that later turn out to be total lies. Bad habit.

No. 688549


She told Petty Paige she would do a Skype talk with her then just kept avoiding setting a date until Paige gave up.

No. 688553


This is where an anon said they'd spoken to Paige and TND bailed on the dates.

No. 688554

File: 1565282869381.png (41.35 KB, 780x363, Annotation 2019-08-08 124648.p…)

not sure I'd call dealer debts "bills" but whatever cooks your frogs i guess

No. 688561

File: 1565284659724.png (260.17 KB, 750x1334, 8EF8454B-1D84-45F9-BC7C-BBE3D4…)

Lol and right on time she’s back to talking about chronic illness

No. 688562

Yes Taylor withdrawal is more painful than the suicide disease, sure whatever you say.

No. 688564

She really needs to stop comparing her junkie problems to actual painful diseases. There’s no pain that compares to trying to sober up? Really?

No. 688567

File: 1565285692976.jpg (505.83 KB, 1080x1546, 20190808_113515.jpg)

No. 688568

All she does is agrue online with everyone, didn't she just say she was going to stop trying to prove to people what kind of person she was?

No. 688572

Why does she always have to compare things that’s are not relevant

No. 688573

File: 1565286640650.jpeg (575.27 KB, 1104x1902, 015B3905-CEE2-4D7E-8F98-C974D7…)

No. 688575

good catch anon, so true.

No. 688578

File: 1565286993526.jpeg (243.37 KB, 1125x1173, D631B34D-5E72-49B7-9910-0A7F05…)

This was in the comments of this post

No. 688593

As an owner of a Borneo short tail python and working closely with his breeder I’ve learned these snakes just don’t put up with your shit. It’s actually detrimental to keep messing with them when they are being defensive. It just makes things worse and they are very intelligent snakes so they don’t forget bad handling experiences. She’s not helping the bad reputation of short tail pythons by posting about how bad Duck and the Ivory blood she gave away are/were.

No. 688603

So I’m literally terrified of snakes, even garters, unjustly I realize, but I’ve learned more about snakes in these threads than my own research and therapy to try to not be so afraid. It’s triggering as hell when I watch TND with her snakes. When she gets bit, shows the bites, brags about the bite and how defensive some of her snakes are. It’s not educating at all. I do understand that’s not how most snakes are, but she fucks with them to make them like that. She is trying to show how hard core she is, which she is definitely not (hardcore women don’t NEED partners). It comes off as snakes are as scary as some people think.

No. 688606

I think Taylor willingly left sober living on July 23rd so she wouldn't have to get a job by July 28th. Notice how she has four separate stories about why she isn't at sober living two of which overlap each other on the same exact day.

>July 23rd was when she started mentioning taking all her animals to the vet. Showed video of her with the rats at the vet

>July 25th she posted about waking up at 2:40pm and eating mochi for breakfast.
>July 26th she posted her photo evidence that she was still at sober living which people quickly pointed out where most likely taken on July 20th when she wore the white body suit.
>July 28th she posted about the lease to Atrium house being done on august 1st, the cat she found that looked like Nemo, and she stated that she had gotten an overnight pass.
>July 29th Still at parents on another overnight pass.
>July 30th Still at parents claimed sober living was allowing her to move out of Atrium house. Also claimed to be in talks with sober living about her staying at her parents because 4 people relapsed so Sober Living wasn't safe for her anymore.
>July 31st Posted another debunked sober living picture, posted tweets about paws and craving drugs and screenshots of her talking to someone and them telling her not to give in to her craving
>Aug 1st Took more animals to the vet.
>Aug 2nd Started on her whole Drugs are a Disease tirade.
>Aug 3rd Posted 2 month chip, going to meeting, and after meeting hangout
>August 4th She posted the whole giving one of her subs to another person and getting kicked out of sober living story.

No. 688609

So her giving away all of the "aggressive" snakes she had was a lie. She still has the GTP too. We could write an entire book on her lies at this point.

We should also start a list of all of the videos she is saying she will do and never did. That's a whole new book lel

>Whatever cooks your frogs
I'm dead, anon

Let's revisit the fact that she cooked her animals alive but was no fault of hers even though she was clearly high as fuck at the time

No. 688611

File: 1565296583896.png (109.44 KB, 760x426, Screenshot_20190808-172330.png)

No. 688612

File: 1565296917119.png (685.82 KB, 1242x2688, F14D43AB-BFC5-4B67-ADC5-23E524…)

No. 688613

Oh for fuck's sake, she really just loves broadcasting how uneducated and ignorant she is. Verbs… kek

No. 688614

File: 1565297636392.jpg (720.72 KB, 1536x1363, Screenshot_20190808-225254.jpg)

She claimed she was no longer safe in SA. It's painful how full of shit she is.

No. 688615

yup. those are nouns and adjectives, taytay. she might wanna delete and repost like she always does.

No. 688616

LOL I wonder if she smells an opening as Youtube's very own Mental Health and Addiction Advocate now that CommanderHolly is pretty much checked out. Oh, I can't wait for Taylor's first Druggie Thursday video!

No. 688617

File: 1565298479161.png (561.05 KB, 1242x2688, 55547717-8D88-4A10-9EEF-762F8B…)

No. 688618

what the fuck is an action word lol

No. 688619


Be patient with her, I doubt she finished high-school.

Girl must be broke, hate to break it to her but YT probably won't monetize her druggie videos. Can't wait for the temper tantrum she's gonna pull when YT pulls the plug.

No. 688620

verb=action word (run, breathe, jump)
adjective= describe word (pretty, retarded, blue)
noun= person, place, thing

I get not being in school for a while but isn't this common knowledge?

On another note, wasn't Taylor supposedly "filming" the other day.

No. 688622

You learn this shit in 3rd grade. What a fucking idiot. Her YouTube career is fucked and she's barely literate. Have fun living with your parents forever

No. 688625

File: 1565300136345.png (1.38 MB, 1242x2688, B0E261BD-72E5-4786-81E2-326BA3…)

No. 688626

File: 1565300312228.png (642.9 KB, 1242x2688, 6FDA63C4-687D-4641-B799-81A148…)

No. 688627

What chemical Taylor? What is the addiction disease chemical!? What the fuck is she talking about?

No. 688628

She says the exact same shit every day. Does she not get tired of having the same exact conversations with nothing new?

At what point will she ACTUALLY stop explaining herself to every person of twitter?>>688626

No. 688629

she keeps going on and on about this shit she's insufferable

No. 688632

File: 1565300983060.jpg (362.19 KB, 1536x685, Screenshot_20190808-234946.jpg)

That's not how cooking with alcohol works but go off

No. 688633

File: 1565301076566.jpg (162.36 KB, 1536x349, Screenshot_20190808-235115.jpg)

More retarded comparing by Taylor.

No. 688634

So Addiction is an allergy now?

No. 688635

File: 1565301219048.jpg (358.29 KB, 1536x692, Screenshot_20190808-235409.jpg)

No. 688636

"Addiction is like an allergy"

No, not at all. I hope she gets banned from YouTube for posting fake medical advice.

No. 688638

File: 1565301465839.jpg (182.76 KB, 1536x442, Screenshot_20190808-235814.jpg)

No. 688640

I looked it up and apparently a Dr.William Silkworth said it was an allergy in 1937 so at some point AA put it in their Big Book and I guess they still use it as an analogy. However In 1975, AA finally addressed the allergy concept stating, “alcoholism is not a true allergy, the experts now inform us.”

No. 688642

Secret addictions… right…

No. 688643

Hasn’t been in school for 2 years? She’s 22, so at 19/20 she was in HS? Or is this another exaggeration/lie she’s telling?

No. 688644

didn't realize using heroin for a year rots your brain. are we sure she wasn't using meth? because holy shit, she's delusional

No. 688651

File: 1565302839126.jpg (269.47 KB, 1536x620, Screenshot_20190809-002103.jpg)


No. 688654

File: 1565303693730.png (37.18 KB, 596x293, LEAVE TAYLOR ALLONNNE.PNG)

No. 688655

One more time…that was her STORY…that they overheated. Bree confirmed they died because of dehydration

No. 688656

She still hasn’t grasped the fact that her videos will be demonetized. Kek

No. 688657

she uses her stans like human shields. can you imagine being a grown woman hiding behind a bunch of twelve year olds? she's pathetic.

No. 688659

File: 1565304323685.jpg (1 MB, 1536x945, Screenshot_20190809-004553.jpg)

No. 688660

Munchies gotta munch

No. 688661

What a dumb fuck. When used in cooking alcohol loses its affect.

No. 688662

File: 1565304433618.jpg (180.73 KB, 810x846, Screenshot_20190809-004646.jpg)

Wonder if she placed this there on purpose to bait a reaction here.

No. 688663

Didnt she say a few tweets ago somewhere that she was gonna focus on her sobriety first and she isn’t thinking about filming?!? LOL

Also lol at her shopping at fashion nova. Try hard.

No. 688664

she's just using it as an excuse to spend money but apparently she doesn't have any to donate.

Like she needs new clothes, shit adds up fast yo. She probably spend $300+ on that garbage.

No. 688665

swear to god we need to start making excel spreadsheets of her lies so we can see where her shit overlaps, lol
this is a great start ty anon!

No. 688666

Doesn’t she know alcohol cooks out ?
ducking stupid

No. 688667

She’s not smart enough to do that…

No. 688669

File: 1565304702438.jpg (241.67 KB, 1536x570, Screenshot_20190809-005209.jpg)

No. 688671

File: 1565304763162.jpg (49.13 KB, 555x450, 1milliondollars.jpg)


No. 688672

All looks pretty trashy/ghetto to me. Will be interesting to see how she wears the body suit on the top left.

No. 688673

Says this >>688554

Goes on a shopping spree? >>688659

No. 688674

she has money to go on a shopping spree but has no money to donate to a good cause because she "has to pay the bills." interesting.

see: >>688554

No. 688678

surely some of these luxurious garments are in preparation for the camwhore career?

No. 688679


Wasn't an unsuccessful molt exactly what anons were tinfoiling/Bree told anons?

No. 688682


"Your" dog, Taylor?
Has she ever owned a dog for longer than half a year?
Shut up, Taylor, and go back to what you know best–smack and brodick.

No. 688683


"Obsession of the mind, allergy of the body"

it's an aa thing

No. 688684

It's a screenshot of the dog abuser's tweet, anon. Taylor's not saying that.

No. 688686

already deleted lmao

No. 688687

must've saw these->>688673

No. 688692

No you're not right. First of all you have to explain what chemical and then cite peer reviewed sources (that I doubt you know how to read) to support your claim, as well as fully explain how this magical chemical works.

If you lost your marbles after taking 3 sips of vodka, there is something in the background that you're not mentioning. There is also the possibility that your three "sips" were more like three glasses, or you consumed drugs beforehand and are looking to pin the blame on something else. It's been implied she had tried drugs before Jonny, just not h, so there is a lot of context missing she's willingly leaving out of the picture, on top of refusing self-accountability. Addiction is gradual, you just don't wake up the next day going feral about drugs and suicide because you took 3 sips of vodka.

No. 688695


Top left corner of the photo–I was referring to "dogs don't respond well to punishment. Eapecially not mine."

No. 688696

File: 1565310707335.jpg (447.44 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-173101.jpg)

She also posted a video of her trying to shake her snake out of a log but idk how to post it here

No. 688697

I like the homeless crack addict windbreaker

No. 688698

File: 1565311472042.png (202.98 KB, 579x386, brookeh.png)

No that's a tweet from Brooke. That's what the other anon >>688684 was trying to tell you

No. 688701

I agree with your timeline but the reason about getting a job doesn't mean much since she was on a 'restart' with the new place and could have got some grace time on that. I honestly think she got booted for being suspected of abusing a sub or helping someone else to, they just couldn't quite nail down the story but they told her to go.

No. 688705

she doesn't shake it out of the log, she points the camera into the log. she's still hassling it but don't misrepresent the scene.

No. 688706

She shakes it back and forth in the beginning

No. 688707

File: 1565314722235.jpeg (383.35 KB, 1242x715, E60D10D6-FB2B-485C-B7C9-CBA22A…)

No. 688713

File: 1565316153413.png (4.55 MB, 1242x2208, 2E585368-F477-4CEB-A029-3702E3…)

There’s a lot to unpack here…

No. 688714

Uh. Not really. Just embarrassingly cliche and immature like she's 13, lol. I cackled at how cringey it is.

No. 688717

druggie sketches, nice spoonie and pills.

Is she even doing anything productive at all? How does going shopping help find her an apartment? She should be cleaning her fucking room, not wasting time doodling.

No. 688720

this is so cringey what the fuck

No. 688721

What’s with the tranny symbol?

No. 688722


From 7 hours a day to 10 hours a week, should be great for someone who doesn't shut the fuck up about how addicted she is and how "close to relapsing" she always goes on about

No. 688724

Place your bets on which one will become her newest shitty impulse tattoo

No. 688728

looks like a fucking 6th grader drew these

No. 688730

that was my question too lol i don't think she knows what she drew, too stupid

No. 688733

Sketch book? Looks like tard scribbles to me.

No. 688734

File: 1565319292033.jpg (425.79 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-195431.jpg)

Hating men sure didn't last long. She can only get disease infected dick though since no one else wants anything to do with her

No. 688736

This is definitely 100% organic and not drawn with the intention of posting it online

No. 688739

ya this reeks of tryhard, look at me! i'm so artsy, I like dick teehee!

I don't know what else to say besides trashy AF. If you like dick thats fine, blasting it over the internet is just looking for a reaction positive or negative.

No. 688741

oooh?? new tattoo idea?

No. 688744

Taylor seems like the type of person that knows nothing about sex ed and has been spreading STIs like an idiot

No. 688753


It shows gender as not just being male/female. It's a drawing.

She keeps saying nobody talks to her nicely, but she blocks everyone for the sin of not kissing her ass.

No. 688764

she turns it to the side and back. stop doubling down on making things up. she's hassling the snake but what you said is false.

No. 688767

Petty paige went on younow and said that she was uncomfortable continuing the video she was making on taylor because of how serious allegations were.

No. 688768

File: 1565325766234.png (1.32 MB, 1412x2076, Capture _2019-08-08-21-38-15.p…)

Samefag the picture didnt attach

No. 688769

This is so fucking tacky. It's like some teenager bragging she just lost her virginity and bragging about it. I'm calling it, she'll blame it on her "BPD" if she gets called out on it.

No. 688771

“Boys whatever”
“Dick is nice”

Girl make up your mind. Honestly it seems like all she cares about is dick and nothing else in a guy. What a low life.

No. 688773

She's too easily manipulated anyway. Her video would have been shit

No. 688790

clearly the dumb heart with the stairs and "i will never go back" prominently on her arm so she can tell every random stranger about her heroin addiction

No. 688795

File: 1565342108914.jpg (821 KB, 1536x1035, Screenshot_20190809-111445.jpg)

A tattoo artist…. what.

No. 688807


oh honey no

she can't be delusional enough to think her scribbles are good, right?

No. 688808

File: 1565346976679.png (169.3 KB, 531x772, BeOJlLa.png)

The fans are delusional

No. 688810

god, these people are hopeless. as if she is some a lister or something LOLZ

No. 688824

Last night Jonny answered which animal was his favorite on twitch.

“Boss baby she named him Kronos he’s gone now” 1:17:53 https://m.twitch.tv/videos/464560077

More talk on Taylor, bro Dick, exes, addiction etc prior to this if anyone wants to capture. He actually sounds like the sane one in this equation

No. 688826

not sure if it was mentioned but he says that his whole computer set cost 8,000. way to go taylor LMAOOO

No. 688828

one thing he can't tolerate is animal abuse. he says the only time you should ever even speak about hitting a woman is if she abuses an animal (talking about the brooke chick).

No. 688834

He calls Amanda clinically insane.

Say's Taylor won't side with the people saying it was wrong to be in a relationship with him.

"Relapsing happens. There isn't a single person who is going to turn away from heroin and not replase"

"I don't think that relationship will last and I'm not trying to talk shit. Obviously I love Taylor to death and I always will. I think it's not a good choice, she just got out of a relationship and jumped straight into a new one" Talking about Bro dick
"Either way I feel like, if she's happy right now that's all that matters and I'm happy for her"

His exes were jealous because Taylor had goals and was better looking than them.

Regarding Kronos "I Think he's gone, I don't know which animals are gone. I tried to follow her but she's keeping it all hush hush. I saw my cats though."

Regarding his stuff "I'm in discussion with her Dad when it comes to my stuff. They put it in a storage unit and I changed that to my name and paid for the next month"

"Was it a little mean? I mean yeah, but maybe I needed to hear it, to hear that I was at fault"

"I still have my pops, I talked to her Dad and he said he will get her to separate them"

"I brought Taylor a $500 Iron Man signed by Robert Downey Junior"

"Who would let someone buy them gifts with their own money and be like yeah thanks for the gift, I would call someone out for buying a gift for me with their own money that's the dumbest shit."

"I don't think her parents ever want to let her go"

"I Think her mom tried to shelter her a little too much and now she's trying to shelter her more."

"I don't care what her mom says, or how she tries to brainwash her, I know she loved me"

Dipping out at 1:40 because he's moved onto talking about the PC/music.

No. 688835

lol, her narc supply is filling right the fuck up. 'look how important i am! it's just like halsey!' stupid twat.

No. 688838

At this point I'm wondering if Jonny should have his own thread in snow, kind of like Lainey. They're not together any more and he's not going to spill, so why is he here. If this is as good as it gets, then it's not going to be very interesting, idk. We all know what he thinks about his exes, who cares?

No. 688839

But he's about"joked" raping women who have face tattoos & said some girl was upset that "he didn't choke them" or some shit.

He's "joked' about abusing & raping women before.

No. 688840

Nah he's not sane in any equation. He's a manipulator JUST like Taylor. Dude knows how to make shit look a way that makes him look better.

He's being docile because he's hoping that what gets Taylor back or gets his public image less shitty. Being the "calm boyfriend, whose reasonable & wishes his ex the best"

No. 688848

Taylor is a shitty manipulator unless you have no brain cells at all. Her lies are so stupid and obvious. Jonny and her new dick didn't even need to manipulate her, she's so desperate for anyone to pay attention to her she'll throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at them to get a single shred of attention.

No. 688853

agreed. I don't even think he needs a thread. the only interest I have is when he reveals something about an animal, and even then I take it with a grain of salt.

No. 688855

Ayrt and yeah. The only thing that interests me in any of that is the Kronos mention, since my gut feeling is that Kronos was rehomed or worse, dead. Even then, saying he's gone is incredibly vague and next to useless in terms of info.

No. 688857

I.. when you cook with alchohol it evaporates and leaves nothing but the flavour, nothing you can get fucked up on.

No. 688858

Catching up in the thread… but tinfoil… Taylor having migraines back then could have been from withdrawals. You can experience migraines when withdrawing from oxys or benzos, so just because she said she wasn’t “on heroin” doesn’t mean she wasn’t doing other drugs.

No. 688866

Bree confirmed that the period of time she was "getting migraines" lined up with a heroin relapse (I use the word relapse lightly because I don't think she ever stopped using long enough to be able to relapse). I don't think she had any migraines at all, ever.

Like, while she was supposed to be uploading videos that whole month, there was radio silence on why she wasn't doing her job. She was nodded off so she couldn't be bothered to come up with an excuse until after she got out of the daze. She couldn't use "accidentally ate gluten" since she had just used that lie to cover her absence at petfest, so she came up with something new.

she's a junkie. she's going to lie to cover up her drug use. Using Occam's razor, I don't think there's any reason to read further into it and tinfoil about other drugs. We know she was doing more than just heroin, but the details are mostly speculation (obvi other than her coke addiction and the stuff she's glorified since leaving rehab.)

No. 688869

I feel like you guys consistently confuse the Petfest, Vidcon and LA events and timelines.

Vidcon was prior to Petfest to which Taylor did NOT ATTEND

Petfest was in August of last year to which Taylor DID ATTEND

LA was when the whole drug thing with Bree went down in October of that same year

No. 688871

Imo Jimmy and Taylor having separate threads is fucking dumb cause they're married and equally milky.
But Jonny isn't that relevant to heroin-Taylor atm and isn't doing anything worthy for his own thread.
If he's finally over her and shit talking again, I'm down!

No. 688872

Y'all keep repeating each other about the cooking with alcohol thing, but that's not entirely true. Alcohol doesn't always cook completely out. It depends on the dish and what methods you used. Clearly some people need to learn some culinary skills here. It is actually common practice for recovering alcoholics to avoid food cooked in alcohol out of caution.

Also dude I knew Taylor wasnt the brightest but to not even know what a verb/action word is?? It has been really eye opening to me how stupid she really is. Clearly I was giving her too much credit before.

No. 688873

Thank you, I wanted to say that too. It depends on how and what you are cooking. Some things are prepared to only take a small amount of alcohol out. But while an alcoholic may be triggered it would take a lot of food to make most people intoxicated.

No. 688874

They aren't married you idiot.

No. 688875

Anon they were saying onision and Taylor are married, not Tay and JC.

No. 688876


Just because Jonny is somehow looking better than Taylor since they split, doesn't automatically make him a good person or any less than he shit stain he is. He's only looking sane because he wants to stay in Taylor's good books. Don't forget that he hit up his exes multiple times to get back together after they split. He was literally talking to Liz and trying to get back with her the week he started dating Taylor. He'll keep up this charade for as long as possible until he finds another girl he can leech off - casual hookups and flirting don't count. He hit it big with Taylor in terms of money, internet personality, easily manipulative, etc. He plays nice and maybe Taylor sees he "wasn't so bad" after all. When brodick gets sick of her shit and she's alone again, I won't be surprised if she lets him back in.

No. 688881

it's true that a lot of recovering alcoholics don't eat food that contains alcohol even after cooking.

her "2 sips of a long drink 3 years ago triggered my heroin addiction" is very obvious bullshit anyway, of course

No. 688882

It also contradicts the whole "taking pain pills as a kid caused it" story

No. 688883

Wasn't Taylor set to attend petfest but then disappeared and no one could find her the entire day? she missed her meet&greet and had to do an unofficial one that night because she realized how shitty it was for her to skip out when people bought tickets specifically to see her?

No. 688887

No, I actually belive that one bc statistics support it.

>"Today's typical heroin addict starts using at 23, is more likely to live in the affluent suburbs and was likely unwittingly led to heroin through painkillers prescribed by his or her doctor."


The question being, is that actually Taylor's story or just the most convenient one she found to explain her addiction?

No. 688888

I feel like if it were truly how she became addicted to opiates, then she would talk about that more and not run with the retarded "two sips of vodka" story.

No. 688890

"I'm right about this, sorry" is not a valid reply to end an argument you're losing, you fucking stupid twat.

No. 688892

No, that was Vidcon.

She did attend Petfest, she made a whole video about it.

No. 688894

While I wholeheartedly believe this, was TND really prescribed that many painkillers for her “chronic” pain? I mean she’s only 22. Most Docs haven’t prescribed for chronic pain in a very long time, only acute pain like after surgery. She was early tweens when the current opioid crisis became an issue and the gov started cracking down. She’s full of shit and jumping on a train to absolve her of responsibility.

No. 688895

wow, she really is retarded

No. 688896

Are you implying that doctors do not write prescriptions for chronic pain management anymore? If so, then you my friend need to work in a pharmacy for a day and then let us all know how many opioid prescriptions you filled that day for chronic pain management. It is part of what continues to fuel the opioid crisis.

No. 688897

*opioid prescriptions for chronic pain management(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 688898

Taylor didn't show up at PLAYLIST LIVE

I don't remember her ever going to vidcon. If so, it was earlier than when she got with Jonny.

Petfest was when she says Bree sexually assaulted her and snuck drugs in her wig IIRC

No. 688899

Her manager got her into VidCon. If I remember correctly, her manager had to ask them to allow her to go as content creator.

Then the first PetFest happened which she "attended", because that's when the whole "I ate something with gluten in it so I feel like shit but I'll make it up to you guise uwu" fiasco happened. The PetFest she didn't attend was the second one.

No. 688900

No, that was Playlist Live where she went to Disney world the next day. Playlist Live is in Florida.

No. 688901

File: 1565392863504.jpg (424.32 KB, 1536x1028, Screenshot_20190810-012025.jpg)

This is rich coming from someone who continuously steals tweets, she some times words it a bit different but most of her attempt to go viral qUiRkY tweets are stolen.

No. 688902

Jonny's only interesting so far as what he can tell us about Taylor, if and when he does. A thread would be unsustainable. No-one needs to get sensitive about him being mentioned yet since he barely is.

No. 688904

File: 1565393629051.jpg (147.36 KB, 1536x890, Screenshot_20190810-013314.jpg)

Kek, and in her likes… She deleted this tweet already because they pointed out they hate Jeffree. Bet she deleted it because she's scared for a shit storm from her sjw stans.

No. 688908

File: 1565395147354.png (5.54 MB, 1242x2688, AF46EC66-51E5-4A49-864C-FE4C96…)

No. 688909

1. blaming the place she got Toast from, shocker.
2. So never then?- that list will never come (at least not this year) as she is not coming back to YT anytime soon because she's wOrKiNg on her SoBriEtY guyssss

No. 688910

Yeah he dead.

No. 688914

This is a total nitpick but can she stop saying she "rehomed to rescues"??? You RELINQUISH to rescue. The rescue rehomes the animal(s). Rescues are NOT "homes", they don't just keep your fucking animals until you're ready to take them back. Maybe a foster would but even then, doubt. Also, she's suddenly saying rescueS but I thought it was one rescue and the guy who ran it ranted and raved about how great her animals looked.

No. 688915

File: 1565396310647.jpg (358.54 KB, 1080x1315, 20190809_201830.jpg)

No. 688916

So instead of giving the "seemingly sick" snake vet attention she just got rid of it? Like that blood python? Ofc she has to blame the breeder, how many terrible breeders does she support then my God.

No. 688917

HAHAHha wasnt expecting that bottom reply here.

She can't keep up with her own lies!! Watch her delete or make a post about it now.

No. 688918


No the assault story was during the LA trip nothing tea worthy happened around the petfest time

No. 688919

Samefag but the whole gluten thing also occured during playlist NOT petfest

No. 688923

File: 1565398899694.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1936, 6601A41A-C209-4240-9F61-595B2F…)

No. 688925

Alcohol alone evaporates, wine takes about 20-30 seconds, frying is about the same. Maybe 2 hours for hard liquor if baked.
Could it trigger something? Sure. But alcoholics generally speaking aren't going to be reaching for beer cheese soup, or pasta with wine. It's a reach.

I'd be curious to know how Jonny knows about Kronos.
If he was kicked out before she actually went to rehab, and she made her list for pets, how would he know?

No. 688926

It was Playlist Live because it's the one Reply All did an episode on.

No. 688930

Why even lie about this

No. 688933

The same reason she lies about all the other little stuff. It makes her sound more important and better than everyone else. She lies about people just happening to see her and know she would take amazing care of the animals they are selling on Craigslist so they just give it to her. The vets always say she takes the best care of her animals out of all their clients. Etc.

No. 688939

These make more sense though. She knows she neglects her animals so she has to lie about vets saying how perfect and amazing of a carer she is. She knows she hoards animals so she has to pretend they magically showed up into her life when she really bought them.

But this was back before she entered mega hoarder territory and people were giving her so much shit. She could have just said she bought 2 and no one would have cared.

No. 688944

I am crying. i hope whatever uses this, and many other post that shows how much she lies. we all know she is going to blame the heroin controlled her mind or something stupid


happy someone called her out on her bs… also she does buy designer hand bags


ewww wtf. i hope she gets that tattooed on her forehead (jk) but really though i hope she stops… for her sake. this is just odd


her eyeliner looks fucked, but thats just a nitpick


I hope these photos piss jonny off. really tho, she is so stupid for being with jake. haha its funny to watch her fall so down hill all these years. well few years. we all knew she was on drugs, and no one believed. Now drugs are her image. this couldnt have gotten any better. she is a slut who care nothing for men. only wants to know when she gets dick

No. 688945

why does she a act like all men are bad, then just wants dick ? she is just acting. its all a act. her dad is right. she is manipulating everyone. she killed her snake. i bet its true

No. 688946

lol is she trying to copy Jenna Marbles with the choker?

No. 688947

File: 1565405298247.jpg (564.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190809-194733.jpg)

"I worked with a snake with mouthrot"

When has she ever worked with any other animals but her own? It was your own snake Taylor. Your pets are always fucking sick because you're a piece of shit animal owner.

No. 688948

Bet it was toast who is now dead >>688908

Refusing food is a symptom of mouthrot. It's a bacterial infection so it will get worse the longer it's untreated. She obviously didn't take him to the vet so, he ded

No. 688949

God. Taylor seems like that person that doesnt listen to anything another person says until a keyword pops up. Like, if a doctor was explaining to her that her addiction CAN turn into a disease if she keeps it up and she's not listening to anything BUT "your addiction…a disease" so now she's like "MY ADDICTION IS A DISEASE OF MY BRAIN! I WAS BORN LIKE THIS" but actually addiction is really a choice and it TURNS INTO A disease once your body begins to depend on it so much so that your body breaks down if you stop. She's an idiot.

Alcohol addiction can also become a disease if you keep CHOOSING to drink it every day. Are you gonna tell everyone you're also born with that disease if we spot you drinking beer?

No. 688951

Id bet she had been talking about getting rid of Kronos long before she went to rehab. The last few times we saw him it was pretty obvious she was scared of him and uncomfortable handling him.

No. 688953

Yeah I feel like it's the same about the booze. Guessing she heard that addicts avoid alcohol mouthwashes etc because the burn/taste may make them want to drink actual booze. Same for cooking with it. She doesn't seem to understand that you have to choose to drink. Your disease may trigger physical cravings but it doesn't drive you to the dealer/liqour store YOU DO.

If all you had to do was drink booze without getting drunk and get "activated" there would be way more addicts. I think she also forgets that taking a tylenol or a benedryl is technically taking a drug and by her theory could activate addiction as well. According to her statements minor surgery with no opiates would do the same because they put you under (or for example an endoscopy not all the way out just "twilight" and no pain after).

She clearly doesn't understand what she's talking about and making a fool of herself but is too cocky to accept it and it's so embarrassing.

She has yet to learn the difference between cravings and thoughts of using. And there is a BIG difference.

No. 688969

RIP Toast. Poor little fella.

No. 688972

Paracetamol and benedryl don't even need to be brought into it; caffeine exists. Every single person has had some kind of food or drink with caffeine in at some point. If addicts are born that way and get activated like sleeper agents the first time they taste an addictive substance where are all the people destroying their lives via caffeine addiction? Where are the caffeine overdoses (Before someone comes at me it's a real thing, google it) Oh, could it be that that's not actually how addiction works? hmmm…

Bitch doesn't know alcohol evaporates at 78C but thinks she's a fucking neuroscientist. She doesn't have two braincells to rub together and it's so fucking frustrating.

No. 688975

File: 1565416179130.jpg (300.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190810-011828_Twi…)

Random deleted tweet

No. 688976

File: 1565416226222.jpg (284.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190810-011832_Twi…)

The photo

No. 688977

File: 1565417275069.jpeg (682.81 KB, 1125x1154, B5337D88-61DB-419A-B439-A4D194…)

No. 688979

where's the milk in this?

No. 688980

ffs she doesn't even understand natural hedgehog behaviors, like licking. I wonder how often she lets those poor mammals out of their tiny cages

No. 688984

Obviously not often. Just go watch her hedgehog YouTube videos. Those are not socialized hedgehogs. I notice a lot of pettubers don’t have socialize hedgehogs.

No. 688999

I thought the same when he mentioned Kronos. She’s most likely keeping in touch. Same how she was lying to him about not breaking up but she was telling everyone else the opposite.

No. 689003

She worked at Petco for a year or so

No. 689004

File: 1565437482032.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1690, toast ri.png)

I just remembered that anons used to think that Toast has a respiratory infection because of the way his mouth looked, pic related. It'd be no wonder since she kept him in a tub without enough ventilation holes which.

No. 689006

As a f’n cashier….they didn’t let her deal with the snakes. And I don’t think she lasted a full year. 8 months would be a stretch!!

No. 689025

You know time means nothing in Taylors head. She did heroin for almost a year and suddenly she's an expert on addiction. By that logic being a cashier at Petco for 8 months makes her a herpetologist.

No. 689026

File: 1565449699005.png (806.14 KB, 750x1334, 4BE2026E-76B7-4E54-9834-C4A45F…)

Deleted post …I feel so bad for her poor hedgehog..look at his little ears..for her to claim she had an expert vet tech adoption zoologist look at/after her animals while she was in rehab and say they were “in perfect health” is probably one of the most outlandish lies I’ve heard from her to date.

No. 689027

File: 1565449853988.png (216.06 KB, 750x1334, 22863EE1-AC7D-4134-A902-C3E25E…)

This was a comment I found on twitter lol I mean she’s def not wrong

No. 689028

File: 1565449939991.png (231.52 KB, 750x1334, A99BE9F8-4B49-4A8B-B3C5-EF83EF…)

Of course Taylor is the beacon of light and expert on anything she spends more than 5 mins going thru..glad people call her out on her bs

No. 689030

She posts about him convincing her to try heroin, how she hates him, and how they didn’t have sex for a year. She’s definitely not in contact with him.

Poor thing. She said that it had multiple rotten teeth to be removed in addition to the mange. There is no way she can blame that on the babysitters because it took way more than a month for the teeth to rot out. She’s so negligent.

No. 689032

How are her ears still this bad? It's been almost a month.

No. 689035

Jennifer should be pissed that Taylor is publically blaming her for her pet's health issues. She should also be ashamed that her only daughter is a pathological liar. What the fuck is wrong with momma Dean? That question is hypothetical because no one will ever know. Especially not crazy Jen herself.

No. 689039

Yeah especially since she didn’t even have to look after them for her, she’s lucky her mom chose to do it..otherwise she probably wouldn’t have anyone to do it.. I bet Kronos is def gone

No. 689040

i hope kronos goes to someone who can give him proper care, i could see him going to a "rescue" that has to euthanize him out of fear

No. 689042

Im gonna assume for now on that all her snakes that “screaam lol” have a respiratory infection and are about to die any moment.

It’s pretty fuckup her memes about snakes come from neglection like when her snake was really thirsty and everybody thought it was cute when in reality the poor snake probably didn’t have water for days.

Does Taylor get her snakes sick because she knows they made weird faces that people often don’t see for obvious reasons?

No. 689044

samefag but I forgot to say this last night. If her one hedgehog isn’t fully recovered from the mange/mites why are the hedgehogs together and the one isn’t in QT?? That’s a huge thing for parasites in all animals, you separate until you’re more than sure it’s done with.

No. 689051

That’s a really good point..couldn’t she spread it to the other hedgie until it’s fully gone/healed? If anyone knows about this let us know.

No. 689055

File: 1565469609896.jpeg (426.44 KB, 1935x1290, 63D58952-3E2B-4352-861E-8A05FB…)

Alright back with a quick google search. How long has it been since she started treating it?

No. 689056

File: 1565469648589.jpeg (238.98 KB, 1117x932, 958C9D47-C842-4A02-BD73-827B62…)

No. 689057


Maybe that's why her hair has thinned out so much

No. 689063


Karma actually coming at her for once.

No. 689066

Seems like it's more related to her drug use than mange. She's been using wigs to cover up her hair for awhile now waaay before the mange.

No. 689068

Lmao…wonder if she threw all their stuff away and cleaned the cage good? My guess is going to be no!

No. 689070

Genuinely won't be a surprise if they both have it already with her piss poor lazy care. Watering them every day is already too much asked of her.

This sounds really plausible honestly. The fact she thinks it gives her cool girl edgy points when they bite her and they lose their teeth in her hand, that can potentially lead to infection. With how neglectful she is, that seems a very likely scenario.

A thing that stands out to me is that she once in a while likes to bring up Tanner for SJW points but she's never actually doing anything with her brother that's "fun". It's always just Jen and Tanner, she never goes with them to any of the zoo's and what not. And she once used him for a video of course, but that's it. Not that she is required to, but she never seems to help out with taking care of him either. It is just another one of those things that stands out to me and makes her look self absorbed.

No. 689076

File: 1565481350940.jpg (185.14 KB, 1080x604, 20190810_195518.jpg)

No. 689077

Why is she so incapable of just saying "I don't know" or "I'm not sure" about things?? She always has to make shit up. If you can't remember then just say that! Instead she just makes up a number. In this case it's whatever but it just leads into her genius complex where she needs to be an expert on fucking everything.

No. 689078

pathological liars always make up stories or excuses because they think it makes them look more credible/believable.

No. 689080

I have a KSB and I doubt Toast is dead. She is just making up excuses to get rid of him bc KSB are 'boring' snakes that stay burried under their substrate 100% of the time.

Males ARE small and slow-growing. They are also notorious for going off food for months at a time in the spring bc of breeding behavior. Mine just started eating again last month. 'Not eating' is a shit poor excuse to get rid of any snake bc they are masters at fasting and will months without much issue. She is just making up dumb reasons and doesnt understand the species she is working with.

No. 689081

Holy fuck. I didn’t even notice the ears. How long was this going on for them to ducking disappear?? It looks like the ears were chewed off. This hedgehog was clearly not checked on daily. Obviously not in awhile, for it to get this bad. If treated right away by a vet it would not be like this.. trust me

No. 689083

that's grade A cringe material right there topkek

No. 689084

File: 1565489724097.png (169.3 KB, 720x680, Annotation 2019-08-10 221423.p…)

using the epstein news to push her boys are trash UwU phase. She really is the epitome of class

No. 689086

Looks like she already deleted the tweet.

No. 689088

ALL men are trash except for when she need's to be dicked down by her dudebro then they are cute and sexy. Which is it Taylor all men are trash or you're so obsessed with dick that you draw little dicks with bows on them.

No. 689090

all men are not trash. I hate her. she is sexist, because of her own life experience. Seriously her bad men experience are bullshit too. I have heard of way worst scenarios, then daddy worked to much and I was warned about a horrible boyfriend. This is sexist, that plain and simple. She said ALL men are trash. No individuality, because all men are the same in her eyes. I hope she doesn’t see people of color in the same light…(take your daddy issues elsewhere)

No. 689092

I’m surprised by how few people talk about it being sexist.

No. 689094

just because the sex slave island man was murdered, does not mean all men are trash who want to go to sex slave island. Is she high ?

No. 689101

Yes anon, we're aware #notallmen without your little diatribe on it.

No. 689102

File: 1565495539230.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-215132_Ins…)

Still has the new snake, and it actually has water!

No. 689103

Yet another example of her not being able to keep up with all of her lies..she needs to write them down to keep track of them all. All her lies would prolly fill a whole notebook to be honest.

No. 689105

You know she prolly just filled that water up before the pic lol ..she prolly hasn’t messed with him since the last pic she took in the first rehab so why does she have to bother him now that he’s in shed..she can’t just leave her snakes alone when they want to be and then wonders why she gets bit all the time

No. 689106

File: 1565495840222.jpeg (419.05 KB, 1125x1567, 10C63EF1-BD92-403F-98E2-351712…)

No. 689107

File: 1565495881564.jpeg (548.72 KB, 1125x1498, 77CA3EBF-BF57-4A21-9796-1B61B6…)

alright so first, look at how nasty and low that water dish is! Has she ever scrubbed that?

No. 689108

File: 1565495947591.jpeg (630.5 KB, 1125x1518, E544F38C-6BDD-4CB2-AB85-043049…)

And then the new snake is not in QT and in the same rack as her snakes?? Also in shed, leave him alone.

No. 689110

So idk much about snake care at all so bins always just seem so wrong to me. What confuses is that she has so many different snake species in the same rack can those tubs even hold different humidity levels?! Or do her snakes all require the same temps/humidity? I've just seen it mentioned on here that certain snakes need higher/lower levels?

Ew that water dish does need a scrub and it's very obvious that the water evaporated out and it's not just empty from a couple days. Sorry I really only know rat care but I'd still change their water daily because scum etc builds up and isn't good for them

No. 689114

File: 1565496888924.jpg (758.19 KB, 1536x1894, tubsjuly.jpg)

wait wait wait, she doesn't agree with tubs and the rescue put them all in tubs against her wishes… right?
pic is flashback to July >>679760

No. 689115

File: 1565496978188.jpg (76.37 KB, 768x1024, gtp.jpg)

LMAO this is what her green tree python is still in. Yikes.

Also it must smell horrible in there with the cat box 3 cats and all those other animals.

No. 689116

File: 1565497257839.jpeg (1019.34 KB, 1125x2097, 70A22946-2D2A-4D07-A9ED-D60D6C…)

I just saw her mention that myself and was confused. He had been in the big tank system at the atrium house, yeah? I guess that got sold and he was put in a tub?

No. 689121

File: 1565499026579.jpg (495.86 KB, 1080x1872, 20190811_053848.jpg)

The classic "I ordered new enclosures" excuse. You would think she would wait until the new tub has arrived and is set up before posting about how great racks are.

One of the pictures is of Lego (her corn snake) in a tub with no climbing space and then when shes called out on the fact corns like to climb she admits that he should have a deeper tub. So why does her post make it sound like the way she has him now is so great?

No. 689122

She just outed herself for her tree python never shedding properly when it lived in a tank and not the bin

No. 689123

File: 1565499911713.jpg (503.9 KB, 1080x1855, 20190810_230541.jpg)

No. 689124

also, we JUST saw a pic of him (at her mother's house) with stuck shed on his tail. if he sheds perfectly in the bin, why did he have stuck shed a few days ago? If it was still stuck from when he last shed at the atrium house, there hasn't been enough time for him to have another shed to prove he's perfect in the bin. just so many lies and slip ups.

No. 689125


Oh yeah she's totally going to admit if something goes wrong. She wont try to hide it and then after theres undeniable proof that something happened she totally wont come out with some big long excuse about how it's someone else's fault.

No. 689126


Does she only equate "success" with having her snakes eat and shed properly at this point? Its a fucking tree climbing snake in a tub. But I guess whatever works so your pets give you the least amount of inconvenience.

This just looks like her cutting corners because she doesn't have the space and money like she had before.

No. 689127

this just gives me vibes of her being bored and using her pets as experiments when I'm sure there's plenty of research/info out there for what's best for each species.

She clearly isn't phased anymore if one dies she probably just sees as nature taking its course. Unless of course it's one of her pets that garners great attention (cheese)

No. 689128

File: 1565501866735.png (320.35 KB, 750x1334, D86BEE39-220A-42D7-BB70-45E17F…)

No. 689129

Zoe's Zoo comments on everything Taylor posts it's so desperate. Guess she didn't get the memo from the other pet tubers

No. 689130


Admitting she was hoarding animals without actually saying she was hoarding them. She keeps talking about her return to Youtube. What a shit show that will be if she even gets around to it. She will likely gloss over this problem or not bring it up at all.

No. 689131

Shes going to blame it on her addiction disease.

No. 689135

File: 1565507521919.jpg (481.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-001108.jpg)

Debt confirmed

No. 689136

File: 1565507552702.jpg (427.74 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-001201.jpg)

She's already desperate for a new bf

No. 689137

Seems like she's ready to talk about the hoarding issue now that she's convinced she's tHe ViCtIm Of ThIs dIsEaSe,,. She thinks she no longer has any responsibility about anything. Bet she could let all her animals die, slap "this happened because I have a DISEASE!!" note on top of their bodies and go on with her life with a clear conscience.

No. 689138

File: 1565508720732.jpg (192.83 KB, 1536x370, Screenshot_20190811-092955.jpg)

No. 689139

She sure knows how to pick ‘em huh. Trash attracts trash every time.

No. 689140

i wouldn't be surprised if this was about jake. His twitter was a mess of racist and trump supporting tweets. he's a grade a piece of shit

No. 689141

Oh, but I thought she got to know him so well in all of the hours they spent together in rehab? Apparently not enough to find out about his white supremacist-leaning ideologies. (and yes, assuming this is bout jake, cuz… who else?)

No. 689142

File: 1565509778314.jpg (200.08 KB, 1536x403, Screenshot_20190811-092848.jpg)

Nah Taylor, you'll always feel empty inside. Because you are.

No. 689143

oh come the fuck on, this is such a nitpick. you don’t always know off the bat if someone’s a closet racist, and at least she had the half decency to dump his ass. not everything taytard does is the end of the world.

No. 689144

File: 1565510020382.jpg (401.65 KB, 1536x1379, Screenshot_20190811-095139.jpg)

It seems she has deleted that tweet now about her date being a Trump supporter and is acting like it wasn't about Jake kek. Its obvious it was about him due to the "I'm 100% single now".

No. 689145

I think she's made it pretty clear by now that she was driving, high, with no license when she was with Jonny

No. 689146

File: 1565511954588.jpg (335.38 KB, 1536x719, Screenshot_20190811-102607.jpg)

No. 689147

File: 1565512662498.jpg (797.96 KB, 1536x1268, Screenshot_20190811-103615.jpg)

She is literally BAITING him to bite her. So fucking irresponsible towards him.

Also she wants a cookie for cleaning their cages.

No. 689148

File: 1565512797190.jpg (77.7 KB, 1536x177, Screenshot_20190811-104001.jpg)

Jfc she really does fuck all with her life huh.

No. 689149

File: 1565513017837.jpg (1.98 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1565512978807.jpg)

Here are the photos of Tofu she posted, I really fucking hate how much she stresses him out and literally is baiting for him to bite her.

No. 689150

File: 1565514417167.jpeg (438.43 KB, 1125x1705, C5F6055A-F843-4B53-9AA0-286896…)

Did we know her rehab before?

No. 689151

File: 1565514503971.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1100x1687, 1BFC011A-8D6D-48BC-BD97-B5803E…)

her face looks weird here like she’s in her 40s and got work done to pass for 20s

No. 689153


I mean some of us have priorities regarding ideological compatibility and he’s confident enough to tweet racist bullshit but go off

No. 689154

"rapidly accumulating animals" lmao just say hoard like the rest of us. The sugarcoating terms is hilarious.

No. 689155

have tons of beautiful expensive snakes.. "a collection"…

stuff them away in plastic tubs.

snake keeper logic

No. 689156

But guys… It's NOT hoarding if she has the money to take care of all of them!!! (Which has also been disproved since she literally admitted she wasn't paying bills last year and is now in debt but whatever)

No. 689157

well she wasn’t referring to jake in the first place so not sure what you’re bringing that up for anyway. just because anons insist something doesn’t make it fact. people in this thread seem to read all the posts and then forget anything that wasn’t backed up with a screenshot was speculation, like it was in this case. anyway i’m glad you’re perfect at sussing out racists but taylor is fucking dumb so idk why you’d expect her to be good at it.

No. 689158

File: 1565520921831.jpg (88.49 KB, 750x781, IMG_20190811_045139.jpg)

One of her stans posted one of the deleted tweets.

No. 689159

File: 1565522152075.jpeg (270.92 KB, 1242x2093, 38535027-8BCB-4326-95E0-AA689D…)

New bro dick collab?

No. 689160

File: 1565522222818.jpeg (137.53 KB, 1242x744, 3D4EE9FE-9281-4F7A-87DE-6B429B…)

No. 689161

File: 1565522260516.jpeg (358.39 KB, 1242x2113, 4B1056C0-DAEB-452A-A352-89E871…)

No. 689163


trashy face tats and a history of addiction. checks taylor's boxes already.

No. 689164

Jake is the only guy she's dated since rehab, and she met him in rehab. who else is she talking about? and why are you so mad about her choosing a felon with a child, substance abuse issues and (as it turns out) some unfortunate views to date - touched a nerve?

No. 689175

He has been liking her tweets for a few weeks now. And I had a hunch that this would come to fruition lol.

He’s a total fucking mess. Taylor is wayyy too sheltered to handle this guy, but I guess that’s how he would be able to manipulate her. He used to date Melissa from The Millionaires for fucks sake. Can’t wait to see this shit storm between him and Taylor unfold…

No. 689176

Taylor's had Jonny and her china white addiction, she's not that sheltered.

No. 689177

maybe I should add an obvious /s to that

No. 689190

what? i don’t care who she fucks. it’s just obnoxious when anons insist on shit with no evidence. besides, other anons have already figured out who she was probably really talking about anyway.

No. 689191

He didn't have a Twitter, an Anon posted someone else's Twitter here claiming it was him but was quickly corrected. unless he was lying and you have proof it's his?

lol she was insistent that she was still 100% single and "just having fun with my brofriend" so she's basically confirming it was more than that to her. she can't be by herself, ever, at all

>I have EDS and stretch marks that will never go away
stretch marks don't "go away" for anyone??? yes they fade and are less noticeable, but like damn bitch you're not special for having stretch marks. just makes her sound like she doesn't know WTF EDS really does

No. 689193

>>689121 has anyone noticed how recently shes gotten so much more blatant with her lies. Like she doesnt even pretend like she acknowledges any merit in what those who critique her.No more
>i didnt know and was fooled by the bad info of breeders/sellers/fellow pettubers, blame them not me
>Everyone makes mistakes guiiis
Just straight up
>nope ur wrong, Im right and i actually have had the better care all along.
>there is nothing wrong with my animal care because my animals are totally doing waaaay better
She seems so much more stuck in her ways and less open to improving her animals setup
She seems so wildly more defensive abt her pet care n pets now
She persists in refusing to aknowledge which animals have died or been relinquished (not rehomed ,nobodys buying that bs abt kronos)
Yes she would face backlash if she came clean but it would be a far more transparent and stable fresh start from addiction, and people have done far worse under the influence
Her obvious reluctance to be honest about anything boggles my mind as to how she still has trusting friends

No. 689198

so her thought is that quarantine is only necessary when a snake is ill…meaning she doesn’t quarantine any of the new animals she gets before throwing them in with all her other ways. good way to kill off your entire collection.

No. 689200

jesus christ it is NOT at ALL normal to be bitten by snakes this often. even if you own a dozen like her. she obviously doesn’t have to slightest clue about their behavior.

No. 689201

How tf do her animals have a decent day/night schedule when she has the lights on all night?

No. 689202


>Her obvious reluctance to be honest about anything boggles my mind as to how she still has trusting friends

Has anyone seen her take pictures with a female friend? Even more than once? She has internet female followers/clout chasers, but no female friends.

A girl that cannot get along with other girls is not to be trusted.

No. 689203

…So it’s not ok to say all women are “cheating sluts” but it is ok to constantly peddle the narrative that “all men are trash”? What an annoying hypocrite.

No. 689206

File: 1565538491119.jpg (774.56 KB, 1536x1002, Screenshot_20190811-174719.jpg)

Just another layer of using her animals for self gain really. In that photo set she is obviously baiting tofu to bite her hand so she can make another post about him "screaming". She is such an awful piece of shit to stress her animals out on purpose for a post so that she can get a bunch of attention.

I don't know if this type of snake can also lose their teeth upon biting, but if they can she is literally jeopardizing his health on a daily basis for her posts on tofu "screaming".

No. 689212

this is legit the only time i have ever seen her actually have an expression other than fishy blank bitchface in a selfie lmao

No. 689215

These are the girls that went on the "Support Taylor Publicly" thing against Taylor's old friends. Interesting that she talks to them like they are her friends.

No. 689216

Why does it always have to be about HER diseases?? Skin stretches so of course it’ll have stretch marks and cellulite. Doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or fat. Taylor and that person are stupid af

No. 689220

These Anti-trump stories she’s posting are obviously lies. The topic is currently popular because of all the white supremacy shooters and all so she’s trying hard to be in it and include yourself like that one club that was shot up and she tried to include herself.

No. 689225

She has tried to benefit off multiple of the mass shootings at this point, she is fucking trash.

Remember the "omg I almost went to this bar but lost my ID" thinng?

Nothing about the victims. Just me me me pay attention to me. Fuck people who died.

No. 689228

Idk I believe her with the white dudes supporting trump thing. You’d be surprised how many suburban college age white dudes think being racist is a quirky personality trait, that and I don’t think she’s smart enough to intentionally try and make the shooting about her. She probably just saw a lot of people talking about “racism is bad” and had to chime in with her personal experience with trump supporters and because she doesn’t have any relationships outside of tinder hookups that’s all she has to chime in with.

No. 689233

This bitch couldn’t even get “dicked down” without posting it all over social media, much less not post pics of her dick bro.

Do you honestly believe she wouldn’t be posting about it? Some of the anons on here are fucking dumb for allowing themselves to be manipulated by Taylor. It’s like other anons said, it’s a topic right now and she’s trying to insert herself. It sounds like a post she found on tumblr and used it for her narrative. This bitch is fake AF and idk how any of you believe a thing she says.

No. 689239

So the "screaming" is just Tofu opening his mouth before he strikes. This girl only cares about internet fame, she doesn't care that she is stressing out her animals for internet points. No wonder other people have a hard time feeding her snakes, she literally trains them to bite her for pictures.

No. 689248

i don't think anyone would find it a problem if she hadnt claimed that she knew ~everything there is to know~ about jake after spending 20 days with him in rehab.

why even keep these animals if you have to watch them through a hazy plastic bin laying on top of a pile of plastic plants? that's genuinely what confuses me the most about taylor.

No. 689249


I don’t understand why she would broadcast this. I’m a girl the same age as her and feel disappointed in myself when I slip up and sleep in past what I intended. Tweets of hers like these make me feel so much secondhand embarrassment for her - how is it possible to A) have so little self discipline and B) think it’s a good idea to brag about that fact publicly?(no1curr)

No. 689253

One more time. Not currently having a driver's liscense does not mean she didnt have one previously. This is such a weird leap in logic. But she did indirectly admit to driving high. That's the milk.

No. 689255

I think she see's a lot of other youtubers talk about their shitty sleep schedules. So she's trying to be a quirky youtuber. The only difference is they are actively doing their job, and she's just shitty about taking care of herself. Also with this shitty of a sleep schedule how is she going to do her outpatient programs. I would think a lot of them try to keep a normal schedule because they are trying to get people back into normal society. Unless they have 24/7 meetings/outpatient programs.

No. 689256

There would be records if she had her license suspended. The whole giving it up for sober living thing is out the window because she's been out of sober living for a while now. She never had a license.

No. 689259

I’m sure this baiting of Tofu to bite her is how she gets all the “cute” pics she posts of him with his mouth open for twitter, she really has no shame huh?

No. 689262

or it expired while she was with jonny in a depression spiral, while she was in a rehab, it got taken away for medical reasons, she gave it up because of a near collision scare etc. There's a million reasons for something like that, anon

No. 689272

Taylor: All men are trash and sexist.
Also Taylor: Y cant i get good dick?

Just get a dildo ffs you dunce.

No. 689273

Ya it expired in <1 year. Genius anon

No. 689282


So you've pulled her records to confirm that it has not been suspended and that she has never had a license? Because to do that requires you be Taylor.



>less than a year

Has she stated when she got her license?

Licenses can be valid for up to six years and expire on one's birthday.


Most driver licenses and identification cards can be renewed up to two years before and after the expiration date.


No. 689296

Lurk more. Taylor bought a car even though she had no license at the end of 2017.

also no one cares

No. 689297

If she got it at 16 then yeah she'd probably be about the time it expires.

You saying medical reasons though reminds me that in my state you if you have a seizure you have to be a certain amount of time seizure free before you get you can drive again. Granted with her technically illegal gun purchase I'd be more inclined to believe that she can't be bother to go in and renew it.

No. 689298

File: 1565573316592.jpg (641.93 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-182811.jpg)

No. 689299

File: 1565573359584.jpg (375.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-182901.jpg)

How old is tofu?

No. 689302

File: 1565574153319.jpg (563.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-184153.jpg)

No. 689303

File: 1565574732567.jpg (629.92 KB, 1080x2162, 20190811_195228.jpg)

Typical Taylor fashion, running to her stans to defend her.

No. 689306

>avidly stressed

the word you're looking for is "acutely" stressed. ffs she's tryna sound so knowledgeable yet just comes across like an even bigger dumbass

No. 689307

File: 1565576559196.jpg (475.6 KB, 1080x1318, 20190811_202221.jpg)

Apparently Jonny said the n word on his stream?

No. 689308

Jonny has no correlation to Taylor anymore do we have to continue to bring him up?

No. 689309

Good grief Taylor. Bree is singular…not them/they. You really need to go back to school. Mamma dean did a lousy job home schooling! And I thought you said she was begging for the drugs. Which is it? Begging or pretending? Stupid bitch.

No. 689311

File: 1565577336699.jpg (458.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-193603.jpg)

Ya def

No. 689312

singular they is incredibly common… you use it when you're talking about someone vaguely ("they went to the store," etc.) are you stupid?

No. 689313

so let's see
>couple of months worth of baiting that she might film
>couple more months to upload it
>finds out it won't be monetised or attract a sponsor
>sad trombone
can't wait.

No. 689314

Who cares? I didn't come her to be dragged into a politics/racism debate. Jonny is scum but I kinda doubt he's a racist, probably trying to act gansta, or edgelord.

The whole confederate flags everywhere and shit sounds kinda exaggerated with jake. Sounds like she dropped him for other reasons but i never saw his twitter.

No. 689315

editing alone will take weeks

No. 689318

She's already back to tweeting nonstop. She won't have anything to edit, she isn't filming shit.

No. 689324

K….kind of an overreaction on your part. Where in my comment did I act like it was “the end of the world” ? I said what I said, trash DOES attract trash and in this situation I’m right. Sure she might have not initially known he was a racist (doubtful because racists go off about anything) BUT she “knew him so well in rehab and spent every living second together uwu!” So like I said….Taylor is trash so she attracts other trash. I don’t know why you’re so butthurt over an opinion but ok.

No. 689326

I used to think she was actually quite pretty but holy fuck. You’re right, if I didn’t know any better I would think she was in at least late 30s by this picture.

No. 689327

He’s actually biting her in the last post she made of him? So how can she try to say she didn’t aggitate him? How do her stans fall for this stuff?

No. 689328


lol she already deleted those photos and made sure to delete the reply chain too

No. 689333

File: 1565582832090.png (113.74 KB, 614x468, jesus christ.png)

Didn't see these posted before but holy hell those top and bottom replies are just so flippant. I can't imagine being her mom or dad, working my ass off taking care of her pets, only to plop down on the couch and read that mess. What a selfish selfish attitude to make light of something so serious, under the guise of being a spokesperson to the young kids.

No. 689335

>Pretended to be a drug addict to get close to me
holy hell the narcissism. Bree admitted she has issues with substance abuse (coke specifically) and that they enabled each other on the trip to use it. Taylor's the one who smuggled illicit drugs across state lines, if you felt creeped out you could've refrained from being her supply. Stop trying to make her sound like a complete predator rapist, like your boyfriend you defended for a year and a half despite proof that he was physically abusive to his exes.

No. 689338

File: 1565583771776.png (267.3 KB, 750x1334, A3CEE208-08EF-43E7-9334-10575E…)

Nobody can tell me she doesn’t read here..she pretty much quoted this exact statement on twitter lmao

No. 689339

File: 1565584118411.jpg (1.52 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190811_222849276.j…)

Looks like mama dean is getting sick of her shit.

No. 689340

I’m surprised her mom has made it this long without snapping on Taylor’s ass..I’m thinkin a sperg is comin from Mama Dean very very soon ..if we are lucky she will spill some milk on Taylor’s lies

No. 689345

She is apparently too stupid to realize her parents are all she has left. They need to throw her out u til she learns how to treat people.

No. 689346

File: 1565587051373.jpg (500.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-221724.jpg)

Apparently she's bi now despite being a biphobic piece of shit

No. 689347

File: 1565587092768.png (55.19 KB, 606x422, Madison's back.png)


>"No one knew who you were till you sexually assaulted Taylor"

At this point, Bree needs to just sue the pants off Taylor. It's never going to get through her thick skull that she should stop targeting people until someone finally gets serious & takes legal action against her.

>"Abusers constantly try to belittle the people they abused."

She doesn't even hint about Taylor in her tweets, yet seconds later, Taylor's right there, pulling out all the stops to discredit anything she says, and of course her stan army arrive on the scene to berate and belittle Bree! Oh but it's Bree's fault!

>"now your trying to get some more clout with this."

Says the same stan that went after Taylor's own friends for not being public enough with their support.

No. 689348

File: 1565587146707.png (20.55 KB, 588x142, Madison's back1.png)


I addition, here's one of Taylor's stans low-key threatening Bree to stay quiet about Taylor defaming her.

No. 689349

Maybe it has to do with her taking care of her zoo while Taylor’s priority is getting fuck (both literally and figuratively) by an ex junkie.

They should kick her out, she doesn’t have place living with her parents at the moment, she is 21, isn’t studying, is drowning in debts, have a hoard of animals and isn’t working.

She is a lost cause anyway and she will still blame them for problems no matter what they do.

No. 689354

How is that a threat

No. 689356

I've said it before and I'll say it again, sexual assault claims are defamation per se and she doesn't need to prove damages because that claim is inherently damaging. She has all the screen shots, they are here for her to use. Taylor will need to prove her claims are true. Which they aren't so… Sue that bitch

No. 689359


Does it matter to Madison? She already made her mind up Bree did it, so what's the fucking point? If I was Bree I'd take Taylor to court, not fight with her on twitter to people whose minds were made up to pick the person they "Stan'.

No. 689360


Same, Taylor will never learn until she faces actual legal consequences.

No. 689364

As if the people who immediately took Taylor's side would actually consider anything she says.

They'll probably throw the same type of "abusers do this and that".

No. 689365


remember when taylor said she hated how girls pretended to be bi to seem cooler to guys?

she's doing that right now lol. all she talks about is guys and bropeen, like we're supposed to suddenly believe she has bi leanings? she just wants that sweet lgbt clout it'll bring her. what a cunt.

No. 689367

She posted a video of kida failing to do any commands except sit. Totally a service dog tho guise

No. 689368

File: 1565591973308.jpg (392.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-233938.jpg)

Can't obey basic commands but she's definitely a service dog

No. 689369

File: 1565593063629.jpg (281.8 KB, 1071x1071, 20190812_165227.jpg)

Because fucking people outside of relationships is immoral unless it's open.
Casual sex is not gross or trashy, unless you go ahead and post/talk about it in public when it's nobodies business but your own and you're supposed to be a pettuber, not a sextuber.

Momma dean is finally getting sick of Taylor's shit, I predicted this would happen with taylor living there, it's all peach and roses until the family feuds begin because they're getting sick of her.

No. 689370

File: 1565593584313.jpg (332.99 KB, 1080x1142, 20190812_170644.jpg)

No. 689371

She can have all the casual sex she wants, just don't go flapping her lips (both sets) about it all over Twitter like a nitwit. Then complain why guys just smash and dash her.

Especially when her "platform" was PetTube mostly directed at a younger audience. An audience whose age group shouldn't even be looking/dressing/talking like this hot mess.

Also OT but can you guys imagine what kind of girl she would attract for the bi "experience?"

No. 689372

Who cares lol. 'Nigger' isn't worse than 'faggot' or 'retard'.

If filming herself is to much of a task for her, I doubt she'd ever hold any normal job.

Taylor Heroin-is-my-identity Dean really is a broken record.
Maybe she should get a needle tattooed on herself so everyone knows she did heroin.

Not a surprise.

Maybe you should feel ashamed Taylor. Acting like a whore whose flip flopping between "I love dicks so much" and "men are trash" is fucking embarrassing. Especially with a Christian mom, what does she expect, approval? She could keep atleast those infos to herself instead of tweeting it to thousands of people.(time to take a break)

No. 689373

What a joke. This girl has never felt shame in her life.

Seems like a fake story to get attention.

No. 689375


Karma works both ways honey!

No. 689376

as has been mentioned here time and again, Bree is Canadian. It's possible but not as easy for her to sue Taylor as some of you guys seem to think it is

No. 689379

>mommy said a thing
>I feel ashamed
how disingenuous. a 22 year old grown woman acting like a 15yo. that's one way to relate to her underage fans I guess.

No. 689382


you know the only reason mama dean knows is because you like to blast it all over twitter, right? i'm not one for slut shaming but it's super trashy to go from 'i love the brodick' to 'all men are trash' followed by 'i just want guys to give me the perfect date experience'… immature, gross and no morals suit you perfectly right now, girl.

you wouldn't be ashamed if you weren't doing something wrong.

No. 689389

File: 1565601891644.jpg (161.63 KB, 1536x288, Screenshot_20190812-112431.jpg)

No. 689391

File: 1565602106696.jpg (620.26 KB, 1536x1460, Screenshot_20190812-112718.jpg)

Did she seriously look for a post like this to just mention bisexuality ?? Kek

No. 689392

File: 1565602310937.jpg (113.28 KB, 1536x344, Screenshot_20190812-113109.jpg)

She says about lolcow as she sleeps till almost 9pm every day and is on Twitter all day.

No. 689394


At one point, JC was added to the title of these threads as a little minicow, and people seemed to enjoy milk on him as well as his stupidity. If we are done with him (unless it pertains to Taylor) he should be removed from the title & info should be updated to him being past tense from here on it. Otherwise, the title still reads as if he’s a minicow.

No. 689395

So last two hundred tweets of mama dean literally supporting her daughters public thoterry didnt happen? So all te conversations between them where her mom is basically like "go eat jakes dick bby! Blessings!" Didnt happen?
Tay can eat a bucket of horses shit, I bet all her mother did was say "hey maybe you should focus on trying to get a career again rather than seeking out the same type of attention you did from Johnny"
People already told her why its fucked up to decide the moment you exit detox to start hopping on cock. There is no one slutshaming her, because she isnt some average healthy 20yr old minding her business. Its a chick publically fucking men 10+ years her age, all of them with some type of record as she forces her teenage fans to submit to every high horse moral whim she has but if anybody mentions her boytoys its "U DONT KNOW HIM"
Tay is a dumb narc who will spread her legs for attention, last time i checked that isnt a healthy response at all even if you wanna play the tumblr sexual liberation game.

No. 689396

I love when cows say this shit because it reeks of projection; lots of anons are students, already have their degrees, work in professional fields and literally shitpost from the toilet in work or come and read the site after work to chill etc etc.

The only way they cow can comfort themselves is to project their own shitty lives onto the posters here, they do nothing but browse the internet at home all day, so that must be what we do too. The site is active because there are many users using the site at different times, but they seem to think it's a small amount all the time. Or just one person in some hilarious cases.

No. 689399

calling her biphobic is a reach. that post she made was regarding people claiming to be bi because that that time it was what was "trendy"

No. 689400

is this directed towards Bree?

No. 689401

wut? N-er is just as bad.
isn't worse? u must be white.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 689402

>he said a word
the man is a rapist, abuser and manipulator and regularly calls people all kind of slurs. is there really a point in being outraged at that one in particular.

No. 689403

ok but mama dean shouldn't even be able to access her daughter's twitter feed. it's creepy how much she feels she needs to involve herself in daughter's life in that way. they're way too codependent.

No. 689404

uh, what? her mother shouldn't be able to see her public twitter feed? maybe she shouldn't scream about dick from the rooftops if she doesn't want her mom to know.
jen is insane but what mom wouldn't follow her daughters popular social media accounts?

No. 689405


not really, but it is against twitch tos. streamers avoid it for a reason as they will often get suspended/banned.

No. 689412

don’t give breez any credit. she’s as much of a cow as taylor is and has been caught posting here multiple times about people she’s supposed to be “friends” with. all the people in the pettube community are the fucking same.

No. 689416

File: 1565618509225.jpg (688.26 KB, 1536x1709, Screenshot_20190812-160201.jpg)

No. 689417


If she was as much of a cow as Taylor I’m sure she’d have her own thread

No. 689418

File: 1565618584605.jpg (814.09 KB, 1536x1640, Screenshot_20190812-160325.jpg)

No. 689419

File: 1565618672160.jpg (374.83 KB, 1536x834, Screenshot_20190812-160505.jpg)

No. 689422

so much for logging off and handling her emotions appropriately

No. 689423

Lmao sweetie if you don’t want to hear your mom’s opinions then maybe you shouldn’t be a loser and live with her? Don’t go crawling back to move in with your mommy but simultaneously complain about it. She could afford to live on her own if she became financially responsible and didn’t spend money on stupid shit. I’d be furious as her parents to allow her to come back only to watch her spend hundreds of $$ on “shopping sprees” and shit. But then again that is also her parents fault for again, allowing it. They need to put their foot down and kick her out so she learns to actually be alone and be an adult.

No. 689424

File: 1565619405564.jpg (424.71 KB, 1536x983, Screenshot_20190812-161633.jpg)

She's so pathetic holy FUCK.

No. 689425

>men are trash
>noo that's not what I meant-uh

maybe you wouldn't have such shit experiences if you didn't find decent people too boring to be around. goes for both men and women. don't blame your self-destructive behavior on other people.

No. 689426

File: 1565619641950.jpg (485.72 KB, 1536x1208, Screenshot_20190812-162107.jpg)

No. 689427

File: 1565619933739.jpg (319.1 KB, 1536x688, Screenshot_20190812-162525.jpg)

Yeah you go do that. Can't handle your lesson in that generalizing is a shit thing and you shouldn't do it, go run along child.

No. 689431

File: 1565620703219.jpg (125.97 KB, 1536x276, Screenshot_20190812-163708.jpg)

How much more is she gonna use this as an excuse? She seriously needs to stop acting like a literal pre teen.

No. 689433

File: 1565620911416.png (753.36 KB, 1435x2663, Screenshot_2019-08-12-16-40-15…)

No. 689435

Empowerment should never be about bringing others down. Go back to school and learn some life skills so the tiniest bit of backlash doesn't cause you to have a mental breakdown.

No. 689437

File: 1565621576774.jpg (626.39 KB, 1536x1865, Screenshot_20190812-165146.jpg)

"Gonna take time off my phone" as she is still actively liking shit lmao.

This exactly. She's acting like a brat it's ridiculous.

No. 689441

>calling men trash is empowering to women
this is embarrassing. and of course she has preteens egging her on. the sad thing is that most of her fans will grow up, learn about the world and become normal people while she'll be forever stuck in this 12yo echo chamber.

can't even breathe but still can post tens of tweets and insta stories. sure.

No. 689442

Lmao. At quick glance I thought the response was to play with her dildos…not noodles!!

No. 689443

Imagine having a panic attack because people don’t agree with your opinion..good afternoon Taylor victim Dean lmao

No. 689444

File: 1565626899735.png (391.95 KB, 750x1334, 7B18F10F-3A55-4889-AE4A-D332EE…)

Hey did y’all see the clip on twitter where Jonny admits that Taylor checked here everyday lol now we actually have proof..and I know she does it up to this day too

No. 689446

like we needed confirmation

No. 689449

File: 1565628124459.png (267.71 KB, 750x1334, B1EDD0FD-2F89-4FDC-B3D9-C3798C…)

Haha true that we already knew ..but last night someone called her out for always exposing her mom on stuff and here’s her replies on it

No. 689450

File: 1565628168020.png (245.64 KB, 750x1334, FF36B12B-B3CD-4F33-B696-AE16E1…)

Whoops posted it backwards but u get the idea

No. 689451

File: 1565628290195.png (433.5 KB, 750x1334, B40A7F14-BB40-403E-96A0-F168A8…)

Also she’s complaining how much her animal food costs and we already know she’s broke/in debt so no wonder she’s trying so hard to get her comeback video up and a feeding all her pets video cuz she knows those are the videos that get views

No. 689453


Idk if trash-talking (literally) the other sex makes you feel empowered but it definitely makes you a sexist. People like this are the ones who give feminism a bad name.

No. 689455

went from flexing that 10k was nothing for her to spend on her animals to complaining about spending 300 bucks on them. tbh 300 bucks sounds quite reasonable for the amount of snakes she has. exotic pets are expensive, normal people think about this before getting 50 of them.

ridiculous how she's this broke yet still goes on shopping sprees. no doubt she's dipped into her parent's savings already. I'd kick the ungrateful bitch out and force her to get a job.

No. 689456


But if she shows her snakes and other reptiles eating dead rats and mice on youtube, wouldn't there be a good chance it'd be demonotised? Since youtube demonotises everything, i can't see them keeping that monotised.

No. 689457

I love that he gives Milk but at the same time, I truly wish people would stop giving this waste of space life.

It's milk but we know she looks at Lolcow. We know he does. I just truly hate this dirt.

No. 689460

ya this isn't really expensive considering snakes eat monthly.

Her 3 cats probably cost more in food, vet bills, toys than any of her other pets. Hell, her fish tank probably eats up crap tons of electricity and food. $300 is not even remotely expensive for what it is, she really must be hurting in the wallet.

No. 689461

Taylor is such a piece of shit for pretending to have debilitating illnesses like PTSD, panic attacks, chronic migraines etc that ruin people's lives. "omg I'm having a panic attack I can't breathe" but you can tweet about it??? Bitch please this only happens when you get called out for being a shit person

No. 689462

File: 1565630832957.jpeg (360.12 KB, 1668x1982, B0752E35-3CDF-4BB6-8EA9-2501D5…)

Throw back to what Taylor said to Emzotic. This applies to her a lot, I doubt she believes this now.

Because everything she does is her many illnesses fault.

No. 689463

>Spends $300+ on new clothes when she wakes up at 9pm and never goes anywhere

"Omg how dare my 50+ animals cost money to feed"

Shut the fuck up lol

No. 689464


Same Anon I mean to tag these posts- >>689461

No. 689465

>tnd gief feminism bad naem bc she said men r baad

tnd saying men are trash isnt inherently a problem that some of u 14yr old handmaidens make it out to be, its the fact that she trollshields for the pathetic men she sleeps with yet the moment she breaks up with them acts like its all their fault she dated a burning car crash everybody told her was a burning car crash. She goes after men twice her age who are the definition of stereotypical trash but then sits on her soapbox sobbing the moment she breaks up with them or something goes too wrong. Chill with the "muh misandry" shes a hypocritical dumbass who only says shit that benefits her current emotions. Giving feminism a bad name is bothering mentioning feminism the moment a woman complains about a male as if the two somehow are mutually fucking exclusive bc she pulls buzz words out of her hat.(you're looking for the Pink Pill thread)

No. 689468

Uhhhh that’s… not how it works. She’s disgusting to lie about something like that.

No. 689469

File: 1565631884312.png (247.34 KB, 750x1334, 64A633E3-30DF-483F-ADC5-153D7A…)

“Haven’t seen that happen in two years”

No. 689470

LMAO, she get called out for her bullshit and hypocrisy and she just turns tail and runs.

It's clear she's just doing/saying what she thinks is gonna give her the most attention, and praise. Just because your embarrassed online doesn't mean you have PTSD ffs. She just can't stand to be hated.

No. 689471

No doubt they’re kowtowing to her as usual, helping with her bills, not charging her rent, and Mama Dean has been the one taking care of the hoard while Taylor sleeps until 8-11pm. She’s totally the queen of pets though and they’re her whole world!!! Mommy’s been doing all the work but it’s Taylor who would do anything for them even though she’s struggling with parting with money for their food!!!1! She’s fucking pathetic. Those poor animals, Jen has no idea what she’s doing while their owner sleeps all day and thinks it’s cute to bother them at night. I don’t know how the stans don’t see through this? But go cry to them how your parents who are catering to you might want you to stop publicly being a hot mess.

No. 689483

that's hilarious. I hope jen kicks the dumpsterfire out. with all the problems her parents have, they've lived comfortably undoubtedly because they work hard and budget well. must be hard to watch your daughter score so big and then squander all the money away, move back home and then continue to live frivolously off your money. I'm forseeing a cycle where she spends a couple of years mooching off some man and then moves back home again and so on.

I mean, she herself brought up how she thinks it's empowering women to say that men are trash, so it's relevant.
men aren't her problem though, it's the fact that she actively seeks out the worst people, like you said.

No. 689484

I could be wrong, but I thought Snake Discovery mentioned that YouTube age-restricted their feeding Friday videos. They had stopped that series because they do actually cater and educate a younger audience.

I know that doesn't stop a snake eating video from getting views, but would it also cause demonetization?

No. 689487

Do u know what punctuation is

No. 689490

File: 1565636932617.png (1.47 MB, 886x887, the h is for heroine.png)

for the next thread's pic

No. 689491

File: 1565637074205.png (369.22 KB, 750x1334, 769E1666-EEEE-412F-AA5B-1B8C14…)

No. 689492

File: 1565637132195.png (293.38 KB, 750x1334, 38DF6068-BDBE-494D-80A3-A2A167…)

No. 689493

This girl is irrelevant, she's just an attention ho like Taylor. She just wants the eyes on her. Best to ignore her.

No. 689494

this sucks but ok

No. 689495

So now Jen is siding with her because her Taylor are in a spat with each other?

Good god, what a dumpster fire these two are.

No. 689498

Yeah she’s a spoiled brat, but who is the one spoiling her? You. Fucking dumbass. Grow some balls and kick her out if you’re so sick of her.

No. 689505

Because you spoil the fuck out of her Jen! You even picked up her birth control for her and now you're mad she's being a ho all over Twitter? Stop enabling her and kick her ass out. That's the only way she will ever learn.

No. 689511

I like how Taylor was like "omg I'm so freaked out I need to take a break" when she was about to go to bed anyway lol

No. 689515


ok no. i know it's not the same thing, but i have severe anxiety and panic attacks and the LAST THING i'm thinking of is posting to social media. you don't have ptsd taylor, and if you're throwing a fucking tantrum then deal with it like an adult instead of posting on your socials and outing yourself. no one with ptsd likes to broadcast their episodes over the fucking internet while it's happening. unbelievable.

No. 689531

So does this mean this applies to your daughter because like, the vast majority has been calling her out and it's the internet.

No. 689532

Did Jen delete her Twitter?

No. 689533

It's not showing up for me either, lol.

No. 689534

If she's feeding her animals regularly this really shouldn't be a surprise…?

No. 689537

She also seemed surprised she wasn't paying any bills and is now in debt so

She's too dumb to understand how money works I guess

No. 689554

I mean she was a sheltered kid who had mommy and daddy doing and paying everything for her and then she suddenly jumped into having her own income, which wasn't exactly change money, and with it, came her leech that most likely made her go into cc debt, plus the messages to Jay where she said she owed 100k to the IRS (which some anons said was an old debt and speculation, but I mean…)

Her moving out of the atrium house wasn't because of her safety, you'd have to be one of her stupid stans to believe that.

She clearly said the house was well over her budget when she rented it. She had to move back in with her parents because she's broke, and she still doesn't get it, because she's dumb in general.

Even if she came back with an "all my animals" video, that money will have to go to pay off her debt, not to mention that Cheese is dead, her monitor is rehomed, as well as a bunch of other animals, so honestly good luck to her lmao.

No. 689557

what the fuck is she even doing with herself? this is so ridiculous. shes paying the normal fees for her pets and suddenly acts like now its too expensive and now she has a ton of money issues.

why cant she sit down and make any good decisions for herself? go to rehab, clean herself up, go back to posting content not justifications on twitter, etc. why does she need to constantly have a relationship and focus all of her time on everything BUT herself??

why isnt being an in debt drug addict fucking knocking some sense into her? its bizarre to me

No. 689563

File: 1565662623587.jpg (118.38 KB, 828x555, IMG-1645.JPG)

from the replies under her snake rack tweet she said toast has escaped before

No. 689566

Because she has a support system doubling as her enabler. She's still keeping the same lifestyle she had when she was with JC. Sleeping all day and waking up at odd hours, eating like garbage, spending all day on Twitter, etc. She lacks the capacity to actually self-reflect and hold herself accountable for the fuckfest that was her life for 18 months and keeps on being a fuckfest.

No. 689567

She's back after sleeping. So much for omg muh panic attacks I need a break

No. 689571

Call it autistic, or call it a nitpick, but the black bar is covering 10 large rats, according to the pricing on Perfect Prey. Wtf snake does she have that she's giving large rats to? iirc, her biggest snake is a female BP. I have a female 2011 ball python (so, full grown breeder) that literally only gets a medium rat once a month. Her snakes are legit going to die of obesity bc she wants them to be huge to impress the stans…

No. 689572

Samefag, I mean the bar that says "minimum shipping"

No. 689579

she's giving the large rats to maui under instructions of her vet to "get his head muscles stronger to match the rest of the body" or somewhere along those lines

No. 689581

Her “comeback” is going to never be a thing because she’s broke, her fan favorites are all dead and/or rehomed, and she’s rebranded herself as tHe VoiCE oF aDdiCtiOn and can’t make money gushing about China white and dilaudid on YouTube. You made your bed!

Also as you and >>689534 implied…if she’s shocked at how expensive pet food is all of a sudden, wtf was she doing earlier? Just starving some of the others? She should be used to paying much more than this.

No. 689583

One of the hallmarks of a true cow is a complete inability to accept that they are responsible for their own actions; it's always the fault of external sources or sources beyond their control.

It would take a lot of work, but Taylor could conceivably carve out a decent life for herself if she developed a better understanding of how much she is responsible for the things that happen to her vs. how much is the result of forces beyond her control. Unfortunately that will probably never happen and she'll keep jumping from crisis to crisis.

If you think about it, it makes sense why she dove right into the twelve step ideology; it seems to be centered around the idea that an addict doesn't have much (or any?) agency and in order to kick the habit you have to submit to something else that controls the outcome of your life. It seems like so far Taylor's clung to the problem (addiction is a disease) and hasn't really acknowledged the solution (submit to a higher power) so she's inevitably going to let herself relapse with the justification that she had no choice because she was born an addict.
Mama Dean's a fucking idiot; if a bunch of people who hate Taylor hate somebody else who is known to hate Taylor then that person probably fucked up big time

No. 689584

Wait, was Toast the one that escaped, and supposedly ate the mouse?

No. 689587


No, I'm pretty sure that was one of her milk snakes.

No. 689589

No if im noy mistaken that was gucci, hence why she got gucci 2, Bc she couldn't find him.

No. 689592

no, however taylor has never confirmed that gucci did escape (and eat gus). that came from a deet drop (I think from bree?) hence her not mentioning it here

No. 689594

Toast has escaped twice (once from a tank, she posted a pic of it on her twitter I believe, and another from a bin i guess). Gucci has also escaped and so has Gemini (taylor thought he was stolen kek) both confirmed by bree

No. 689598

Oof, she really needs a new vet then. Big prey only gets fat snakes fatter, duh. That 'jaw workout' is closer to '10 secs on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.' tf is her vet thinking?? Male ball pythons need small rats at the absolute most…

No. 689604

File: 1565678565141.jpeg (367.02 KB, 1125x1054, F0EF9FA8-3C86-4076-AC7B-37D2BF…)

You called it anon

Btw she just woke up and she’s already right back where she left off talking about men again. Which she then already deleted that tweet.

No. 689605


She's pushing this "i hate men" thing so much that i can't imagine any man will ever want to go near her again. She's a special kind of crazy.

No. 689607

they’ll fuck her cuz she’s easy, then once they find her twitter they’ll ghost LOL

No. 689609

I live for when Jen snaps and starts exposing Taylor.

No. 689610

File: 1565683368848.png (100.11 KB, 760x500, Screenshot_20190813-050128.png)

Does anyone know who this is about? Apparently a dude from Australia (judging by her replies). She deleted the tweet where she said hi to this person.

No. 689619

So she wants us to believe that she’s in INTENSIVE (notice how she has always used this adjective to describe therapy) outpatient rehab for hours at a time during the day, taking her subs and taking care of her animals, yet has absolutely NO structure to her life/daily routine. What a fucking garbage can.

Taylor, since you read here, you’re a disgusting bitch. Give those poor animals away already. You can’t even shower on a regular basis, you’re complaining about the cost of their food, you’re keeping them in subpar environments, and you’re mentally ill. No adult with common sense believes your aDdicTIoN iS A DIseAse narrative, so good luck integrating back into society. FYI, your echo chamber isn’t the real world and that’s why you can’t handle anything and constantly throw tantrums. Grow the fuck up you disgusting slob.

No. 689624

File: 1565689462375.jpg (208.99 KB, 1536x615, Screenshot_20190813-114339.jpg)

No. 689625

File: 1565689565857.jpg (172.69 KB, 1536x444, Screenshot_20190813-114631.jpg)

No. 689626

File: 1565689730102.jpg (41.91 KB, 1000x680, taylor.jpg)

she still has her stan group chat going?

No. 689628

Ethan bramble maybe??

No. 689629

I can't imagine anyone being this upset at being single for what … like 3-4 months now? And she just keeps showing how dependent she is on having a man in her life. Pathetic.

Promises, promises. Nobody's going to give a damn about your "struggle," anyway, Taylor. You're not the hardcore junkie you want to be.

No. 689630

This didn't stop her from dating JC, he was threatening women while he was with her.

No. 689635

what group chat? how can we access it?

No. 689637

File: 1565697081090.jpg (793.78 KB, 1536x1864, Screenshot_20190813-134938.jpg)

Wonder if she's gonna try going for this guy since her stans "ship" it.
Apparently he's in Las Vegas so would be interesting seeimg how that pans out with what she said about Vegas.

Sadly she deactivated again. I think she does this in order to not blast Taylor fully kek.

If we can even say that with the whole Jake thing, it's really pathetic how she's doing the whole "men suck, men are so scary" while at the same time being in such a hurry to jump on the next dick. I bet Jake didn't work out and kept it at friends with benefits, if it was up to her they would have been dating already. If it wasn't for Jake she would for sure stayed with Jonny since she was still calling him and shit up until that point.

No. 689639

>I can't imagine anyone being this upset at being single for what … like 3-4 months now?
more like a couple of weeks at most since she was all over jake.
so embarrasing seeing a grown woman spending her days obsessing over getting a date instead of doing something productive. especially since she's broke and in debt.

No. 689640

File: 1565698102404.jpg (649.4 KB, 1536x1116, Screenshot_20190813-135323.jpg)

Seems about right for Taylor though kek. She liked this tweet from him.

You could be right! She follows him on Instagram. (Watch her unfollow now that it's mentioned here lmao)

Yeah no way she's sticking to ANY program or routine with her waking up between 9 and 10 pm. It's gross she's trying to play this perfect recovery inspirational story while that is so far from the truth. She's an entitled, enabled spoiled brat who quits and throws a tantrum when she doesn't get her way.

No. 689659

Not only is it impossible to go to a daily program but she likely isn’t going to meetings either. But ya lets act like the most educated hardcore junkie ever, produce vids about recovery and tell others that you know more than them about drug addiction and recovery. She's a spoiled brat that really needs to grow up and experience an adult life. Those 18 months living with JC don’t count because they were nodding out the entire time.

No. 689670

File: 1565716686559.png (447.98 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-13-13-15-45…)

Someone has reactivated their twitter lol

No. 689671

Taylor and her mother are the most fragile people on this earth. They BOTH seem to care too much about what teenagers on the internet think.

You'd think they didn't have plenty of animals and family members to take care of/interact with.

No. 689674

kek bitch still has the after sex selfie with Jake on her IG with the cringe ass caption “i know a good thing when i see one!!” Yeah, k. Very obviously investing way too much in a junkie she just met when we all knew he was a POS and would not feel the same, and now she’s DMing every Lil Peep wannabe on twitter. Maybe tone down the thirst for 5 seconds? Try to not let your wrist tattoo go to waste for a day or two? Give the attention to the dozens of animals who need you instead?? You gotta stop sleeping all day and go to therapy to work on these god awful codependency issues, TND.

So quickly she’s gone from Jonny to Jake to whoever will talk to her, a normal person’s head would be spinning. Post Malone you really dodged a bullet.

No. 689677

File: 1565720843557.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, CBED6CAF-8093-4731-9710-E3DE0E…)

This was tweeted and deleted within minutes last night with her post about snakeskin comin out of her hair in the shower and someone asked why her hand was all jacked up and she deleted it quick after that. I have several questions. How did u not notice snakeskin in your nasty ass hair eww? When was the last time she actually took a shower? And what is she trying to hide by deleting it so quick? It could be scratches from pets but why not just say that instead of deleting it?

No. 689679

Oh and what’s on her pinky nail? Blood?

No. 689680

She probably found snakeskin in the tub, it looks like she's putting her hand above a tub full of water like she's not even in the actual shower.

No. 689681

Possibly found it in the tub or elsewhere and decided to make a story up about it (Same anon)

No. 689683

That's the bath you mouthbreather. She's in the shower, which is obviously installed in the bathtub like it is in most houses.

No. 689684

Baths don’t usually fill up that fully during a shower were you have the drain on jfc(>partaking in a fight about baths on a board dedicated to Spanish Avant garde fusion tapas)

No. 689685

she had fake nails that were dark red, it's not that deep anon.

No. 689686

Still gross either way wtf but QuEAen of SneKSsss rightttt

No. 689687

Well, it clearly is a bath, not a tub of water like you seem to think it is. Note the tiled wall and shower curtain. Are you seriously suggesting she moved a large tub of water next to a shower curtain and tiled wall to fake being in the shower? Go and get evaluated this is possibly the single most retarded reach I've ever seen on here.

No. 689688

Yeah I forgot bout that ..but wonder why she deleted it so quick? Cuz that’s the only comment that was questionable