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No. 764628

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>761952

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
> Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>taylor is rushing to make her enclosures presentable for a new all my pets video, ordering new stuff and shoving it haphazardly into the tanks >>762661 >>761767 >>761151 >>763684
>taylor makes up a brand new story about how she sabotaged herself by eating bread in rehab >>761957 >>761958 >>761959 >>761960 >>761960 >>762006
>taylor goes out drinking with forest the new bro dick >>762370 >>762376 >>762574 >>762662
>taylor uploads a video of her extremely shaky hands handling a hornworm moth that she found among her animal hoard >>762668 >>762669 >>762688
>congratulates herself for her cowfish husbandry, claims that cowfish usually only live for a few weeks in captivity >>762811 >>762824 >>762826
>jen makes a twitter poll to decide if she should take her immunocompromised son to disney world during the coronavirus pandemic >>762945 , throws a tantrum over not being able to go >>763181
>taylor goes to the movies with forest the new bro dick >>763024 , taylor’s tinder boyfriend finds out and dumps her >>763064 >>763102 >>763588
>taylor drives around for hours (without her licence, of course) >>763058 , goes on her usual men are trash tirade on twitter >>763393 >>763397 >>763407 and starts telling inconsistent stories about the relationship >>763540 >>763579 >>763687
>taylor plans another trip to LA for her birthday >>759166 >>762825 , throws a huge tantrum when she has to cancel because of the coronavirus pandemic >>763439 >>763440 >>763444
>taylor goes to a stranger’s wedding as forest’s plus one wearing a bright red silk nighty, bdsm collar, nose chain and upside down crosses drawn under her eyes >>763785 >>763786 >>763822 >>763830 >>763829 >>763839 , spends days sperging about it after being called out for being inappropriate >>764195 >>764405 . tries to excuse herself by posting a totally real text that describes how everyone complimented her at the wedding >>764419 >>764421 and lying about the groom having a face tat >>764317 >>764330 >>764337
>taylor gets called out for not practicing social distancing for the sake of her immunocompromised brother >>764044 >>764048 >>764050 >>764053 , lmao-s and lol-s her way through a half-hearted apology >>764056 >>764062
>attempts to deflect critisism by taking the opportunity to address her fragile mental health uwu >>764074 >>764106 >>764126 , talks about wanting to be admitted to the psychiatric ward >>764152
>goes and gets her hair done despite the pandemic and her bad mental health >>764153 >>764158

>Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: –

>Recent Known Deaths: –
>Recent Known “Rehomed”: –

Unconfirmed Milk:

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 764631

Thanks anon. Perfect OP pic

No. 764654

File: 1584642934826.jpg (488.07 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20200319-123347_Chr…)

Taylor "I cant keep plants alive but I can take care of 30+ animals while being on a constant heroin binge" Nicole Dean

No. 764664

It's crazy that she thinks she is better looking/healthier now. The first pic you could maybe bring home to mom. That right photo is something off back page for FSSW looking to PnP. Granted that does essentially describe her. She is going to regret so much.

No. 764665

File: 1584645002663.png (37.36 KB, 540x327, Capture.PNG)

No. 764666

Typical neet shit, mooch off mom, play video games and ignore responsibilities.

If the genders were reversed people wouldn't give this her the time of day. She's a loser icon for people that won't accomplish anything. People really are sick if they think she's a good role model.

No. 764687

File: 1584658624145.jpg (722.06 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200319-155636.jpg)

No. 764688

File: 1584658727884.jpg (497.4 KB, 2048x1536, ETgdHt8WoAA9q3y.jpg)

No. 764692

File: 1584662674025.jpg (482.46 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200319-170406.jpg)

Shaky ass hands again

No. 764695

File: 1584662954096.jpg (742.54 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200319-170631.jpg)

No. 764696

She posts this within a week of her suicide baiting! wtf I actually got kinda triggered and I'm not like that. You dont post shit like this when you've declared you want to end it

No. 764697

She probably forgot about that with all the excitement.
By excitement, I mean meth.

No. 764698

Fucking kek thanks

No. 764699

are balisong/butterfly knives even legal in tx?

No. 764702

File: 1584665196378.jpg (506.52 KB, 1079x1666, Screenshot_20200319-204555_Twi…)

Girl no. Stop.

No. 764706


Inb4 candle sperg 2.0



Tho a couple of hers should be against the law solely for their tacky appearance.

No. 764716

File: 1584671241575.jpeg (171.46 KB, 750x430, 6EC8CB20-9F9E-4180-A1C6-98428A…)

No. 764718

Those are fake candles, we have the same ones at my job. So at least she learned something lol

No. 764720

Apparently she's suddenly not suicidal despite tweeting that like 2 days ago? Mama Dean have her some essential oils

No. 764728

Either she's on drugs or she fucked up her body permanently, no way should she be shaking like this. Especially since she never had a problem with it before.

She really is just a packrat, she's got a weird compulsion to overbuy shiny things.

Her hoarding is just getting weirder, tattoos, funkos, lingere, random animals, make up. She's gonna ruin herself financially, she just can't control her herself.

This shopping therapy is sick in the head, does she really think these crap-quality toys are gonna make her happy? She's got some really shitty coping mechanisms.

No. 764730

We have seen it before though. And Taylor's a cunt but the shaking I've always given a pass on cuz shes always been shakey. Am I wrong? Did it start after she met jc? I wasnt around back then

No. 764734


Why’s she got pH and ammonia sensors if the tank is several months old and unstocked?

No. 764735

Sorry if I missed it but do we have old videos to compare her shaky hands to aside from YT vids?

No. 764738

Yes shes had shakey hands for a long time
Check the thread

No. 764741

This arrested development thot IS the greasy trench coat kid from high school.

No. 764742

Didn’t she already do the knife thing? What’s the plan for them, steal drugs at knife point?

No. 764744


I did some digging into the old videos, It wasn't particularly noticeable in any of the videos, maybe a little?


These recent videos are the worst i've seen it though. It was never this bad before.

Tinfoil but I seriously think she's withdrawing from meth. Tremors are the main sign of withdraw, insomnia, severe depression, weigh loss fits too. Cheap AF and stronger than coke which she LUVVVED pre heroin.

She gets more fucked up and delusional every thread, and her behavior just gets more and more bizzare.

No. 764745

Might get banned for blogging, but the first sign of withdrawing from meth isnt tremors. It's the sleeps. You sleep for 2 days straight and youre PISSED OFF if you have to wake up. Tremors are when you've gone 2 nights without sleeping.
Lol ive known this for 2 years guys…

No. 764746

Fair tinfoil. I apologize I remembered wrong. No surprise these tremors come from drugs though. And withdrawal is very likely rn. Hope it continues and she freaks

No. 764747

The shakes can also happen after a night of heavy drinking or from alcohol detox… though lots of stuff can cause shaking and tremors on or off it. Some psyche meds to that, too.

No. 764748

Well we know shes not medicated. She practically said it herself recently. So booze or drugs. I'm really so excited to watch her quarantine with her crazy mother

No. 764749

she thinks she's cycling the tank lmao. she talked about it a couple of threads back.

>the plants are happy
that's because you literally just planted new ones.

No. 764751

File: 1584685257850.png (207.11 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20200320-081734.png)

she declared two days ago that she wants to be put to a mental hospital but now it's all good? I'd be concerned if taylor wasn't so prone to lying.

she has been absent from twitter for 24+hrs multiple times lately hmmm.

No. 764752

Right? If this wasnt the norm I'd assume her mother is keeping her hostage.
She needs help and I hope she leaves the house (and goes to a structured environment). Really she can get better after a stay inpatient. She could reinvent herself.
But she wont.

No. 764753


Agreed, I think Taylor is beyond saving at this point, Jen is an equal or worse cow than Taylor is TBH.

She failed as a parent and is insanely jealous of all the attention Taylor gets. shes ugly, obese, absent husband, special needs kid.

She wants Taylor to suffer a miserable life like she has as "punishment" for dating jonny. She want's her to "suffer" because she's living a carefree life without any responsibilities while Jen is struggling with her son.

No. 764754

Taylor is only suicidal when she can use it as a tool to manipulate with. She wants non of the accountability of getting help for it, or the stigma. You shouldn't have knives all over if you just made a post about being so mentally sick you asked about being committed. Her mom is a fucking idiot, and at this point, I have 0 empathy if Taylor does die. This is such a joke towards people really suffering, but have no one to rely on like Taylor does.

No. 764761

Narcs don't actually commit suicide.

No. 764765

I agree, but she's also an idiot who might overdose by mistake, or kill herself when only meaning to hurt herself.

No. 764768

so she shoved a whole house plant in there then.

No. 764771

We can only hope

No. 764772

I'm glad it's not just me. I hope she gets shoved in a tiny box with some smelly crackwhores cheap dirty clothes on top of it and has to smell her ammonia shit until she dies from a uri like most of her pets. Traylor thot probably has the most deaths on this whole site asside from the kero wolf gang. Honestly that's probably the closest thing to compare her to with how much abuse and neglect she's responsible for. It's hard not to a log when she's just so fucking lazy and narcissistic. if she just tried even a tiny bit she'd be doing great in life, a successful youtube career, beautiful designer pets she could be admired for and actually deserve it, a sense of responsibility, her own house. But instead she's a dumb bitch who makes up rape allegations, promotes drugs to children, murders animals, stinks and looks like shit, and lives with her mommy hoarding animals and getting high all fucking day. Even with her life destroyed by her own stupidity it still feels like the karma hasn't hit hard enough.(a-log)

No. 764790

Jen confirming that her daughter is just an attention whore lol

No. 764805


Yea she shoved a peace lily in there. She has no idea how to care for plants, she just keeps buying new ones and stuffing them in there till they die.

The plants she has are gonna shed all their leaves and make a mess inside that tank. They haven't adapted to their underwater growth yet, but it fools the tweens.

Also some of the plants she's using need CO2 to survive because of where they come from in the wild.

>Filter way too small

>Evaporation fucking up her water hardness
>No CO2
>Bacterial bloom because removing 2nd filter

There's alot of bad mainstream information out there on planted tanks, it shows she hasn't done much research at all.

No. 764808

Seeing that severe of a bacterial bloom honestly shocked me. This tank is months old with plants and no fish, but it isnt properly cycled yet?

No. 764813

not the first time that happened either, makes you wonder

No. 764817

peace lilies are toxic to cats! she best be keeping them separate

No. 764822

File: 1584736121860.png (319.22 KB, 535x691, Capture.PNG)

an absolute neet

No. 764824

So I understand this game just came out at midnight last night (how did she get it at 9pm)? Am I really gonna speculate that she's lying about this stupid shit? We have infinite time right now so okay, here I go..
In animal crossing as far as I know, you can only get an upgrade for your house after waiting until the next day after paying it off. It hasn't been out for 24 hours yet. She had to have time skipped? Someone correct me if I'm wrong because my brain is having a tough time in isolation.

No. 764825

Yeah, you’re right anon. Even if she played all night, she still wouldn’t have a house yet unless she manually changed the time.

No. 764829

It came out at midnight eastern, so for central time it should've unlocked at 11. But the day doesn't tick over until like… 6am? or so so it's easy to have gotten a house by now if you started last night.

No. 764833

File: 1584738801954.png (269.96 KB, 1080x1945, Screenshot_20200320-231301.png)

No. 764834

dumb but I can confirm, I started at midnight EST played three or four hours and have my house. It’s not hard to pay off the very first loan and by the time I woke up today my house was already built

No. 764835


Well it appears cheese 2 lives…damn she hasn't mentioned him in so long I forgot his fucking name….

No. 764837

File: 1584740294595.jpg (355.52 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200320-143753.jpg)

Wonder who this is aimed at…

No. 764838

That happens when you pay someone else to clean and waterchange you neglectful ass. There's no way she did any kind of maintenance on her tanks during the jonny years.

I think Cheese 1 was stunted due to poor water quality. Lack of water changes will stunt fish because the growth hormones stay in the water.

Could've easily been replaced it by now if he died. Guiz he just GREW!!1! sooo big!!1

No. 764847

she doesn't even try with some replacement name anymore, its just "my cowfish"

No. 764861

File: 1584746561928.jpg (616.78 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200320-162230.jpg)

She's suddenly cured

No. 764862

File: 1584746655099.png (4.95 MB, 828x1792, E7DC5B72-FABE-4B15-85B7-220BEE…)

she got shit on top of her enclosures just like real life

No. 764868

File: 1584749834342.jpg (510.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200320-171611_Ins…)

yikes this instagram story from syd. tinfoil maybe jonny purposely knocked her up

No. 764869

Hard disagree with that tinfoil.
JC is manipulative and knows what his targets desire. He is just stroking her ego and making her feel like he is committed to her "ideal". It's pretty common. Just like his songs about "shutting it all out" for TND. It's to promise a fantasy world to sell to your partner.
I bet he said the exact same things to Taylor, which is why she is so triggered by it.

No. 764870

I dont think I've ever seen a photo of this tank with clear water, also so many of the plants are different and a lot of them are new. Her "new growth" is hardly growth at all

No. 764876

Syd is desperate as hell. She feels old at 27 and was jealous that all her other friends were starting to get married and have kids so she settled for the first retarded loser who would do that with her. She was an easy target for Jonny.

No. 764878

Unfortunately it's in the same room the cats are locked in 24/7

No. 764893

Let’s play a game of - which outfit from recent selfies is Tay gonna be wearing from her video that was totally filmed 2 years ago lmao

No. 764895

I died at the accuracy of this comment

No. 764896

File: 1584765086018.jpeg (560.28 KB, 1242x1755, 317EC735-B233-450E-957F-F42E57…)

No. 764897

File: 1584765119726.png (1.59 MB, 1242x2208, A47B822A-8625-4165-8BD2-F31A1D…)

How many times has she said exactly this? Literally I’ve lost count.

No. 764898

File: 1584765147610.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, 54350CE5-84E1-475C-B283-63953D…)

No. 764900

Somehow, I find her to be both the most boring and fascinating cow on this site.

No. 764903


She’s such a fucking windbag that can type a whole novel yet somehow say nothing at all.

No. 764906

File: 1584771404500.jpg (33.88 KB, 720x285, mycow.jpg)

"My cowfish". I think this indicates that My Cowfish is actually replacement of Cheesette.

No. 764907

Taylor did mention at some point that "they were planning to have a family". It's in past threads, back when she "broke up" with him the first time. Syd is not special in any way. He told her what she wanted to hear.

No. 764909

File: 1584776292331.png (90.12 KB, 539x727, Capture.PNG)

she's miraculously cured! praise jen!
seriously though, can she make it any more clear that she was just trying to deflect all the criticism she was getting for the wedding and the covid situation by claiming she's in ~such a dark place~. this bitch loves herself way too much to off herself.

No. 764913

so… has she seen a psychiatrist? no I don't think so because jen is tired of paying medical bills and knows little tayter is just bluffing to get attention.

No. 764916

the fish is called Queso, iirc. feels like she's just flexing by constantly calling it cowfish because they're rare or whatnot.

No. 764918

I hate her whole "My [animal] did [this behaviour]. Why did they do that??? [insert a bunch of stupid emojis here]" idiocy. No self-respecting pet owner with actual knowledge would say such a stupid thing.

No. 764924

You should all get off the internet and find a new way to cope rather than bashing such an easy target like this girl. It’s past the point of “We’re bringing attention to the fucked up things a narcissist drug addict does”. Please go outside, take a walk, ride a bike, or do anything else with your time. I used to come here to find out what wild thing this psycho will do next, but this has gotten sad. You are accomplishing nothing, and there is more to life than being reactive to anything tweeted by this dumbshit family. I hope you all find hobbies, or at the very least see that this is just online bashing at its basest level at this point. We get it, she has child viewers and did some fucked up things to some animals in the past. We get it, she brings this on herself by being so unaware and absurd. I think though that we should take this opportunity to move the fuck on, and not obsess about a person who in the end loves this type of attention. If you want her to go away, ignore her and go live your life. I’ll say this has been fun, but you are all terrible in your own awful ways and I hope you can go do something more beneficial to humanity with your time. Even in a pandemic where people are dying, you nerds still post about someone you have never met. I hope this helps, but at this point I don’t give a shit.

No. 764925

OOO i DONT gIVVve A shit, I DONT care so HARD that im gonna POST ABOut HOw mUCH i dont careee, let me just BUMP this dumb thread duRRRR

nobody care(replying to obvious bait)

No. 764927

Can't comply,are in lockdown. Cunt.(replying to obvious bait)

No. 764928

Damn, y’all on some no logic meangirls type shit. Think it’s awesome someone posted this and immediately got yelled at with name calling too.

No. 764929

>> I used to come here to find out what wild thing this psycho will do next
Looks like you're still coming here. So who pissed in your cornflakes today?(replying to obvious bait)

No. 764930

Didn't Luna get the exact same plant without knowing it was toxic to her cats? If I recall correctly, she claimed to throw it out after being warned by several people, only to post pictures with it again a few days later. Taylor and her keep getting more and more alike, eesh

No. 764938

>"But there's a pandemic"
Almost like people can care about more than one thing at a time, crazy right
Almost like maybe spending five minutes in a thread is a good distraction from the constant stress of this dogshit situation
Writing a huge paragraph to shame ppl on a board is sad, esp if you "used to come here", you should know better. But you probably didn't so whatevs. Get over ittttt(replying to obvious bait)

No. 764939

there are way better plants for submerging in water that also aren't toxic to pets, she couldn't be fucked to do even the tiniest bit of research

No. 764940

she isn't a girl. She's an adult woman and if she doesn't want to get her feelings hurt she can just look the other way and so can you, close the tab and move along(replying to obvious bait)

No. 764945

Most houseplants and even flowers are toxic to pets. If your pet doesn't munch on your plants it's fine, but if your pet grazes then it's irresponsible to have them available.

No. 764958

File: 1584800675296.jpg (692.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-222332_Ins…)

No. 764959

File: 1584800728954.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-222334_Ins…)

No. 764960

File: 1584800773400.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-222337_Ins…)

No. 764961

of course shes "dealt with" multiple algeas in a salt water tank of all things. even the dumbest fishkeepers ive known were able to keep a saltwater tank clean and functional with minimal effort. the tank looks fucking disgusting.

No. 764962

Peace lilies aren’t true lilies (not in the same genus) so they’re no more toxic to cats than any other houseplant.

No. 764964

if it was almost all gone she wouldve turned the lights on to show that? the tank looks literally green. you can see build up of gunk and bacteria on every object including the tank itself. clean tanks dont look like that taylor. something tells me she got this tank and then realized the size was too much for her lazy ass to clean. i hate her so much.

No. 764966

looks like she hasn't touched it since the last video.

No. 764968

File: 1584803461684.jpg (38.23 KB, 600x358, former youtuber TND.jpg)

>maybe I'll do a whole video

No. 764969

they're not as acutely dangerous as true lilies, but they're still bad for them and can cause irritation and discomfort if chewed on

lmao my thoughts exactly. "maybe I'll do a whole video, about literally anything, after three months!"

No. 764971

I thought this was a picture of her gross red hair shaved off

No. 764973


How TF is she gonna regularly clean that? I doubt she's got drums of saltwater at home, the tank size is huge. She doesn't do water changes and she overfeeds like hell, no wonder theres algae.

The tank is obviously too much for her to handle like her other pets. Saltwater especially if you have money, isn't that hard to take care of, she's just lazy and lets the problems build up.

No. 765001

File: 1584819156381.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20200321-213152.png)

can't believe she's hoarding animals in game too lmao

No. 765003

File: 1584819749667.png (258.77 KB, 543x960, Capture7654764.PNG)

No. 765004

Bets on mama dean being the baiter

No. 765005

Didn't Cheese do this due to ich/infection/water conditions, or am I thinking of something else?

No. 765006

yeah she fucked up when she tried to treat algae and ich at the same time I think? But since she has never done a mistake in her life she probably won't correct herself this time either.

No. 765008


the real question is, why did every person who replied get banned…. yet the baiter herself did not? she came in here with nonmilk, vaguely insulting the people who keep this site alive, yet she is not banned?

what's up, farmhands? explain

No. 765009

its because she put a medication in the water thats antifungal to treat algae, which is dangerous for fish without scales

No. 765010


No. 765011

bans dont always get red texted. its pretty obvious sperg-chan got banned so maybe farmhands figured theres no need for it idk

No. 765015

fucking kek, thank you for the laugh in these trying times anon

No. 765017

Didn’t you know? Having your mom clean your room immediately cures depression and any suicidal thoughts!

No. 765021

File: 1584824399559.png (1001.83 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20200321-225934.png)

No. 765022

Fucking why tho? seriously she tons of animals IRL

She should put all that time she puts into video-games into something that actually matters.

No. 765023

File: 1584824543257.png (306.76 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20200321-230202.png)

No. 765024

File: 1584824800724.png (437.09 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20200321-230615.png)

No. 765025

I read this wrong at first and thought you were mad she was collecting animals in game lol

No. 765026

Wasn’t the newest cow fish a female?!? But now it’s a he? Sounds a lot like a replacement to me.

No. 765028

Trisha is the queen of trolling. Anyone that takes her seriously is literally retarded. Also that new cow fish has grown pretty fast lol not like cheese 1.0 ever did. Also it sooo creepy to replace a pet and keep the first pets name. Clearly she doesn’t care about the animal it’s self

No. 765029

How did it’s horns grow so fast ? She is replacing them.

No. 765030

File: 1584825457372.png (312.77 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20200321-231623.png)

jen getting into the cringiest internet arguments and making it all about her son, lovely.

No. 765035

Jen is just acting out for attention, she gets off on it just like her daughter.

Scummy to use your disabled son as rage bait tho

No. 765047


Actually bitch, it's called cyanobacteria. Algae doesn't mean plant. Algae are protists or bacteria, depending on the type.

Please don't make a video on a topic you're shit on, given your past history with algal issues. Wasn't it a contributing factor to Cheese dying, that treatment of yours?

No. 765056

That's what I was thinking. We don't hear about that fish for months now suddenly she won't stop posting about it.

No. 765060

Taylor and Trisha have the same diagnosis: I Want Attention Syndrome

No. 765061

yeah I've read in a prior thread somewhere that anons said that cheese 1.0 rolling in green star polyps was cuz one of her other fish was probably stinging him because there are too many fish that don't go together all in the same tank

No. 765064

Then buy a graphics card and make videos of you playing the new Animal Crossing? She’s such a poor excuse for a YouTuber.

No. 765068

haha no then she would attract a gamer audience that doesn't care about her hair dye or tattoos, what kind of life would that be

No. 765069


She confirmed Zazu stung him.

The fish is rolling because it's itchy or infected with something on its skin, such as stings, ich, skin parasites, etc.

No. 765084


That cow fish is significantly larger in a far too short amount of time, especially in an overstocked small tank without the proper diet

No. 765086

File: 1584863382129.png (101.2 KB, 539x801, Capture.PNG)

No. 765087

File: 1584863526413.png (28.59 KB, 542x213, Capture546654.PNG)

love how she gets to pretend that her neet lifestyle is only because she's in quarantine lol

No. 765088

But in her own "I got addicted to heroin" story she says that she asked/begged JC to do it… So she could feel closer to him.

No. 765090

How did she have no idea what to expect with heroin… Like how fucking sheltered do you have to be to have no idea that heroin is addictive as fuck? It's not something you just dabble in.

No. 765091

>he was an addict and that fascinated me!!1!

She lost the right to whine about abuse when literally the whole internet warned her. The addiction is just icing on the cake, it's so transparent she used him to get drugs she wanted.

No. 765092

as if she had the capacity to play doom, could it be more obvious that she gets her game knowldege from memes?

No. 765103

there was literally a reply of some dude recommending her to play doom on one of her now deleted animal crossing tweets and I guess she ran with it to be ~not like the other girls~

No. 765109

Can confirm. She’s a poser.

No. 765124

and if she claimed to be so emo as a teen, she wouldve known about jonny if she listened to dgd. I'm only a year younger than her and I knew at 15 he was a POS without even trying to dig into it

No. 765140

it's hard to tell if cowfish are male or female so she changes genders on it every time she talks about it

she said it's "growing bigger horns" than cheese, might be a bad excuse to why it's not the same fish

No. 765156

The tell tale sign of a liar is someone who adds more detail to what they're saying so its seems like the truth when in reality no one asked or really cared.

She knows shes been caught in so many lies before and was burned by people watching her videos and noticing the contradictions. It was when she had the pet monitor that she said she had to buy for her friend because she was pregnant and feeling sad.

Taylor knows her videos will be watched by farmers and she cant just ignore the details her stans would be too inexperienced or young to notice. Shes trying to get ahead of farmers by saying "well look I already tweeted that he was growing so fast I had no idea why so obviously I'm not just making up this lie now" and then she'd link that tweet in response. She has 0 idea how to actually maintain a cow fish and that's evident by the way she took care of cheese. If she was an amateur dog trainer and got one of the hardest breeds to train, failed by her own negligence and let her animal die its be the "taylordeaniscancelledparty". Since she keeps her mistreatment and neglect usually directed at her fish lizards and snakes people dont care because most people see them as non pets anyway. It's horrible and she shouldn't have access to other living creatures while she can barely shower or take care of herself. Animals are not therapy or rehab.

No. 765187

File: 1584921307683.jpg (53.1 KB, 960x638, that bitch.jpg)

omg lol so found a picture of the bride and groom of their arrival into the hall for their first dance and everyone is standing and applauding, expect Taylor WHO IS LITERALLY SITTING AND FACING AWAY. What a bitch, for real!

No. 765190

Also with sunglasses on…at night…totally sober though!!!!!

No. 765193

Lol she looks so fucking stupid

No. 765197

She looks so disinterested and bored, not to mention 100% out of place. I would have lost my shit if someone I invited to my wedding brought her as their +1.

No. 765200

inb4 muh eds was flaring up, so i couldn't stand up fer my knee painz

No. 765203

But did the groom have a half face tattoo hahahah

No. 765204

Sunglasses, at night, inside.

No. 765205

I would be so upset if in the background of my wedding photos there was someone I didn't even know flamboyantly dressed in red from head to toe. She sticks out like a sore thumb

No. 765206


I don't want to post pictures and drag the poor family into Taylor's circle of hell but no, there were no tattoos visible on anyone except one groomsmen had a mandala style tattoo on one cheek. Nothing like how Miss Future Insanity Defense described his face.

Interestingly, aside from seeing Forest behind Taylor clapping in the above photo, both he and her are not anywhere in the other 100 plus photos posted, especially not in any group or posed photo. Definitely doesn't seem like the groom knew her, let alone picked out her outfit.

No. 765207

jfc she sticks out. she's the wearing bright red to a pastel wedding.

No. 765208

File: 1584930441543.jpeg (798.81 KB, 1242x1955, D7F4B16B-7ACF-410C-A4A3-A9193D…)

For context: there’s a lot of drama (as per usual) surrounding Trisha Paytas. Trisha is pretending to have DID, and our precious Taylor took the bait. I am not able to post the video that Trisha posted (hope another anon can) but will post related screenshots.
Cow meet.. cow.

No. 765209

File: 1584930599311.jpeg (473.79 KB, 1242x1202, 02B73041-36C7-47B9-95EA-A7029C…)

No. 765215

Add context.
Trisha says "There is a girl who is recovering from addiction(Taylor) that came for me and it's like show me proof of your needles your bruises" [not exact real transcript]
She pretty much outed Taylor and how it was insensitive from her part to ask for proof of her DID.

No. 765217

are you blind, anon? the bride clearly has a tattoo on her arm in the pic from >>765187. we also saw a pic of the groomsmen last thread ( >>>/pt/764337 ) and at least two of them had visible tats.

not arguing that tayterthot absolutely still stands out and looks like total trash, though. and i know i shouldn't be shocked by anything she does but i can't believe she couldn't feign excitement when the bride and groom came out for their first dance, like why is she even there?

No. 765220

I think anon is speaking to face tattoos, not all tattoos. Taylor said the groom had a tattoo covering half of his face.

No. 765221


I was speaking about face tatoos, Taylor mentioned a massive tattoo covering half the groom's face then had a text convo mentioning a massive face tattoo on a groomsman's face. Quite a few people had small arm or back tattoos, I think that's fairly normal nowadays. I was refering to neck up only and pointing out her lie.

No. 765225

File: 1584935694176.png (585.7 KB, 602x599, dsvS.PNG)

yep groomsman does have half his head/face tattooed (he is the one just to the left of Forest) but the groom doesn't even have 1 visible tattoo. Here is forest's outfit to confirm he was never part of the wedding party. She's full of shit as usual

No. 765226

“All I want for you is to get help.” Says the one that needs the help. How about you listen to the advice people have been telling you 60 threads in.

No. 765232

File: 1584939904164.jpeg (359.87 KB, 1242x865, B7335C25-0C16-44CE-A88A-C07E2F…)

The self awareness just doesn’t exist. Doesn’t Taylor have full blown breakdowns online accompanied with 5 notepad app screenshots of her reeeeeing whenever somebody tries to correct the misinformation she spreads about animal care, or addiction and frame it like she’s being bullied?
What a great crossover we are seeing here.

No. 765240

File: 1584946949109.jpeg (623.54 KB, 1125x2017, 8F183689-9731-4A70-B8F9-44BA8A…)

But it gets better

No. 765241

Why would she say her heroin addiction is fake when Taylor has like 99 fake illnesses to point out. Like her "migraines"

No. 765245

because Taylor is ALWAYS right anon, she doesn't make mistakes and if there's an issue its not her fault you know

No. 765246

Where's Waldo

No. 765247


Hypocrisy: The Novel by Taylor Nicole Dean

No. 765249

File: 1584953259109.webm (4.06 MB, 1024x720, qj0OMch0vD873bI9.webm)

here's the video for posterity

No. 765251

God can't believe we're really seeing the two biggest hypocrites go at each other.
Who will win: Ms. Track Mark Supreme or Ms Piggy w/ the fucked up titties (answer: none because their fans will always suck their dicks)

No. 765254

I can't read her long ass rants anymore. Thankfully I can get the gist of them from all you anons still braving her bullshit.

No. 765255

Same here. I'm so bored of her self-aggrandising stupid ass novels. How can she write so much without saying anything coherent lol

No. 765258

You really only need to read the first two sentences from her, or sometimes the first word or two. Anything beyond that is nonsensical bullshit, and it goes in three directions.
1) Jonny Craig
2) Poor me. I’m a victim.
3) I cannot do anything wrong.

No. 765259

She only went for the free drinks.

No. 765263

>> Stay off the internet for awhile
>> Get treatment instead of trying to yell at people online about it

lmfao she can't be serious what

No. 765273

Taylor N. Dean, PhD, M.D, spouting off authoritatively about a mental illness that is, at the very least, controversial as to whether or not it even exists (most shrinks think it doesn't, ftr). I like how Taylor knows alllllllll about it, though. Maybe that was going to be her next illness, and Trisha rained on Taylor's parade.

No. 765276

It’s funny no one reads her stories anymore. At least I can’t she just talks in circles about the same shit. Also why doesn’t she just dm Trisha if she has beef… oh fucking wait… she is trying to be relent and cause drama lol

No. 765309

how do we even know its taylor she's referring to? is there any other evidence of that more than the 15 sec clip of trishia whining about some unnamed heroin addict? I kinda suspect it's tays ego wanting her to feel more important than she is again.

No. 765333

You forgot 4. LMFAO ???

No. 765388

File: 1585018998242.jpg (597.18 KB, 1080x1485, 20200323_173101.jpg)

I know it's old but I just realised why she does the stupid tongue thing lol

No. 765390

She's done the stupid tongue thing since long before Syd was around.

No. 765391

every "basic" girl does the tongue thing. it's really not that deep.

No. 765402

genuinely thought that was taylor for a split second

No. 765405

Maybe it looks like Tay…if you add ratty, thinning hair, gingivitis and tons of facetune to her cheeks, chin & jawline.

Trashy basic bitch pose is the same, though.

No. 765408


Literally thought it was her too from glancing, until I saw the username. Same thin eyebrows, tongue thing of course, etc.

No. 765422

File: 1585032234592.jpeg (62.41 KB, 570x539, 0C72B37A-0C81-4340-AFB8-163F7C…)

Kek the nose chain is turning her nose green

No. 765423

hahaha glorious. Hope she gets allergies by that cheap metal, then she won't be able to wear stupid dog collars and other cheap shit either

No. 765433

Thats gross, she is really not even doing her minimal for person hygiene at this point..

No. 765435

The audacity of this girl!!!! The shit she’s been told til this day, she tells someone else ???

No. 765437


didn't she go on and on about how her perfect and fragile body can only take the most precious of metals or her connectivity condition flares up?

she takes such shit care of herself that it's hard to know what's a lie and what's her just living like a 19 year old frat bro who thinks their body is immortal

No. 765447

Skin turns green because the metal is oxidizing. Happens mostly with copper and pure silver. Nothing to do with allergies. This is simply Taylor not taking care of her skin or her jewelry.

No. 765449

Pure silver does not turn skin green - sterling silver does, due to it containing copper.

I just don't get it why she wants to emphasize her potato nose of all things lol. You'd think she'd try to draw attention away from how shapeless it is, not highlight the fact…

No. 765456

The metal of the nose chain is not specified on their website.. So it's probably some cheap metal with lots of impurities that can irritate the immune system and cause a reaction like itching and even allergies in the long run. I really don't think the chain is meant to wear every day and I really also don't think her piercer would be very happy about it! Can't wait til her nose falls off lol

No. 765463

File: 1585068373102.jpeg (472.26 KB, 750x1247, 70A991ED-B762-44FC-9EDA-286EE1…)

Most of what she said about Trisha was copy and pasted from a tea video I saw days ago. Like word for word, besides all the heroine stuff

No. 765465

Lol, meant to type sterling. Thanks for correcting that, anon.

Ok, anon. Whatever you want to believe, but metal causing your skin to turn green from oxidation is a far cry from developing itching, hives or other symptoms of skin allergies.

No. 765466

Taylor’s birthday is tomorrow, right? She’s been oddly quiet. I wonder if she’s in a drug-induced depression because she’s not in LA right now scheming her way back to Jonny? Or maybe she’s wasting all her time playing video games and not making any effort to edit a video she promised over a month ago because ~CoMEbaCk.~
I’m betting she’ll leave her house tomorrow to celebrate because heaven forbid she be uwu depressed at home on her birthday.

Did anyone see Jonny’s pathetic IG post to the mother of his child that said
>> I hope I can learn to show you the respect and love you crave.
These girls are fucking mental for dating this POS.

No. 765467

Yeah it doesn’t turn green if you actually clean your piercings. Lol

No. 765468

Did she say what website she got it on?

No. 765471

It's from Etsy I think.

No. 765479

why is she even wearing this constantly? i bet she even wears it to bed. wtf. this is a piece of jewelry that should only be worn for short periods of time. she's gonna end up with massive keloids on her nose from wearing it all the time. and risk ripping them out by getting the chain caught on something.

No. 765485


How are you supposed to wash your face and put on makeup?

I legit think shes left it in there and hasn't showered in days. Metal shouldn't be turning green on your jewelry, just screams self neglect imo.

No. 765486

So this bitch is growing algae right along with her tanks? It's Cheese's revenge beyond the grave kek

No. 765493

Not surprising, I mean why is Taylor suddenly such an authority on DID. Most of the stuff she said could be considered common sense, like the memory gaps etc. but we all know her brain cells don’t connect like that, she has no deductive reasoning, and she just regurgitates what she reads or is told.

No. 765502

Getting closer and closer to being Luna. When people are high on drugs does it make it impossible for them to see how gross they look? It's like when she can't see her fake eyelashes are falling off the insides of her eyes too and she thinks it looks okay?

No. 765511

She’s been doing that tongue shit looooong before Syd.

No. 765526

File: 1585101185560.png (386.53 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_20200325-035227.png)

No. 765527

Looking as dead in the face as that pic in the car from forever ago. The one where she initially posted it saying she was soooo sober and feeling great about herself, then came back later and said it was during a drug deal.

No. 765528

she tries so hard to be edgy and quirky it's actually cringe

No. 765529

File: 1585103347218.png (587.48 KB, 600x703, wfwfew.PNG)

it does. funny that very pic was posted almost exactly a yr ago. If missing her b-day attempt to reconnect with Jonny is the worst thing that comes from covid-19 in her life she should count herself lucky and stop her fucking whining. people are dying terrible deaths and you're too selfish and only care about a concert and not being able to make more stupid ass decisions

No. 765530

File: 1585104113227.png (500.53 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20200325-044128.png)

keep telling that to yourself lmao

No. 765531

File: 1585104185376.png (178.32 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20200325-044252.png)

No. 765532

I can't see how being call older than you really are is a compliment
Is a sign you a aging like rotten milk lol in 5 years more she will look like a soccer mom

No. 765534

she looks 45 without make up not 15. she hasn't looked 15 since she was actually 15. what a weird bitch.

No. 765535

i bet she doesn't even get carded when her mom/forrest takes her to buy cigarettes. she looks like the crypt keeper.

No. 765540

She does not look 23. God. She looks like a 35 year old trying to look 23

No. 765548

She looks ugly. Ugly is ugly at any age.

It's gonna be subtle at first. People aren't as polite, people aren't as interested in what your saying, guys get flakier. Then she'll start to notice.

Life is only gonna get worse for her.

No. 765549

File: 1585112770346.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x2593, 11BDF0D1-A75D-417F-A810-8DDE06…)

Really Taylor? Custom furbies now? What kind of style crisis is she even having?

No. 765552

Lol she’s lying like a hipster “idk just some random seller” there’s ONE famous seller of these. Just let people copy you if they want to traytor

No. 765553

Yeah and that one seller has been trending on IG, so buying them isn't as ~~quirky and edgy as she's trying to make herself look

No. 765561

whichever one of you posted her to r/botchedsurgeries and is talking about her drug/animal abuse in the posts replies, thank you for your service

No. 765563

Came to comment this lol it’s glorious. I’m glad people are finally catching on to her bullshit, last time she was posted people defended her in the comments

No. 765568

Which is ironic as fuck considering she still behaves like she's 14

No. 765569

Of all the fuck-ugly retarded shit to spend your money on… she's buying fake animals with fake personalities and once again ignoring her actual pets

Priorities, right? Who needs them when you're on meth.

No. 765572

File: 1585133973962.png (167.85 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20200325-125914.png)

No. 765576

Taylor's gonna be 40 on her deathbed still talking about how her ex shot her up on her birthday

No. 765577

Things just happen to poor widdle Taylor, never does she have any agency or responsibility in anything, ever.

It's hilarious.

No. 765579

>>765572 'he was shooting me up' yeah right like we all don't know she was begging jonny to shot her up

No. 765580

happy birthday to the absolute biggest victim that was ever victimized

No. 765600

File: 1585158383391.jpg (613.03 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200325-104601.jpg)

Ya you look so much worse now lol

No. 765612

Wow she was really pretty, WAS.

No. 765614

Jesus, look how normal her lips look. It's genuinely shocking what she's done to herself.

No. 765626

She really looks like a completely different person. Taylor was so pretty, and now she looks worn out at 23.

No. 765627

Her stans have a warped definition of “thriving.” Her appearance since leaving rehab has progressively worsened. Idk how any sane person can compare pictures of her circa Jonny and now and truthfully say she looks healthy and “thriving.” She completely has the “druggie whore” look down from her hair, to her hideous tattoos, and to her hygiene. But it’s always “poor Taylor, she dated an older abusive guy” as if she wasn’t a consenting adult that didn’t even have to give him the time of day or entertain his advances. At what point does someone need to take accountability for their shitty actions? Between her mom, his exes and some stans, she was warned to stay away from him. But boo who poor Taylor uwu ultimate heroin junkie victim, she’s the first addict that doesn’t have to accept responsibility for her reckless choices.

She was pretty at one point even with all the filters, but now she could use all the filters in the world and wouldn’t even look an ounce as attractive as she once did.
Taylor, you can buy every unnecessary item in the world to aid your outward appearance, but you’ll always be a haggard cunt on the inside.

No. 765645

That person really said they are so proud of Tay and how she has grown as a person? That actually pisses me off. She hasn't grown at all and if anything she has become a worse person. She lives with her mother because she completely fucked up her life by making the CHOICE to use drugs, which she still cannot own up to. She cannot even clean her own room or look after her hoard of animals all by herself without help from mommy. I mean shit, she cannot even stick to a fucking upload schedule of ONCE A MONTH which is supposed to be her job.

No. 765649

Agreed. I used to love her back before she started hoarding snakes. She's never been that great but she's definitely worse now. I don't even necessarily care if she still lives at home. It's her complete lack of growth otherwise that baffles me. I don't understand what she expects to spontaneously change?? Absolutely nothing about her lifestyle promotes living a healthy and normal life.

No. 765650

Taylor is living in complete denial, her life is a mess.

She's so two-faced and deceptive, she just can't stop lying. People are starting to realize what a POS she is and are quietly leaving.

She doesn't want to get healthy thats for sure.

No. 765655

File: 1585184053828.jpeg (319.74 KB, 750x844, 5E1A3518-E729-4F4A-8EE1-4E0F5A…)

>”isolated from them for 2 years by my ex”
stop lying for clout taylor

No. 765660

Didn't you know everything in her life has happened for two years now? kek

No. 765667

File: 1585191343227.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x2006, CE8170C3-04DF-4789-9A76-5C39CE…)

No. 765668

Talk about bitching like get over it lol omfg dumb bitch

No. 765670


god damn, can she make a fucking post that isn't about johnny? there are women who survived attempted murders (like, brought back from the brink of death) who don't flood their social medias about their trauma. taylor is only a victim in her own mind, and can't shut up about JC.

who in their 20s even sits around thinking about past birthdays that sucked??? bitch you're an adult, your birthday means nothing. have a cheat day from your diet and shut the fuck about ITS MY BIRTHDAY ITS MY BIRTHDAY HEY EVERYONE ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYY WAHHH MY PLANS WAHHH MY PAST BIRTHDAYS

god this bitch is exhausting and pathetic

No. 765671

shes like vicky with how wordy she is but its less amusing.

No. 765679

Damn. She writes SO MUCH to say so little.

No. 765681


This shit comes off like the most manipulative sob story. It’s like she gets off writing this shit, and the biggest, most pitiful victim she can make herself out to be, the more excited she is. Like an author writing a story, that’s all this wall of text seems like. Even if there’s truth in it, it’s so over-the-top, every detail is embellished to sound more extravagant than it really is.

No. 765694

File: 1585202537944.jpg (689.57 KB, 1080x2443, Screenshot_20200325-225810__01…)

This is so weird. Her dog Daisy passed away in November 2015, nowhere near March 2018.

No. 765698

What the fuck?? That's a huge time discrepancy. Is she okay? Why does she lie about shit that's so easy to discredit?

No. 765705

Thats because real victims seek professional help. Taylor can’t even finished rehab properly!

No. 765706

I am sure many people here have experienced abusive situations and I swear the last thing I'd ever want to do is continue to bring it up in detail to people online. I know that everyone is different or whatever but she's not "bringing" awareness simply by talking about it constantly like she thinks. Bitch, people are aware. If you actually want to helps victims of domestic violence I don't think you walls of text attached to a selfie are the key. She needs the multiple paragraphs to try to manipulate people into believing she's a ~victim~

Also LOL about the dog lie. What the actual fuck? I get she was on drugs but that shows how much she gives a fuck about poor Daisy. So I wonder who actually gave her flowers since it obviously wasn't actually Mama Dean. Slight tinfoil but I bet she saw another dude and JC was just dumb enough to believe her story. And Taylor is such a pathological liar I bet she forgot it's a lie too.

No. 765712

either she's really that fucked up and really can't remember or she just goes with whatever pops into her brain because she knows no one is gonna believe the people who dig up proof because they'll be labled as 'stalkers'

No. 765722

File: 1585227597402.png (311.33 KB, 544x736, Captfhgdhghfure.PNG)

No. 765723

File: 1585227696427.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1944, Screenshot_20200326-134410.png)

No. 765724

File: 1585227785644.png (3.95 MB, 2151x1945, Screenshot_20200326-134223.png)

No. 765725

File: 1585227907357.png (2.23 MB, 3240x1916, Screenshot_20200326-134312.png)

more landfill

No. 765726

correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first time she claimed she had to bottlefeed them no?

No. 765727

She lies about the weirdest things just to get sympathy and attention. Somethings definitely deeply wrong with her if she’s this obsessed with being validated by strangers and needing everyone to feel sorry for her constantly. Taylor get help.

No. 765728

She’s still wearing the nose chain even though its turning her skin green? How is she not disgusted? I get that she likes it, that’s fine, but she can’t possibly think it’s worth having a green nose

No. 765729

Good luck getting a rat to bottle feed.

You can feed really young babies with a syringe, but it's super hard and unfortunately many babies that young and away from their mothers, don't make it.

Honestly it's all lies… syringe feeding won't necessarily make a rat more friendly. I 100% find it's down to the line. If her rats are super friendly and she got them from a feeder bin, she's just lucky.

No. 765732

So I’m guessing she’s actually going vegan now? Surprised she hasn’t made 17000 posts about it yet. She does realize that she needs to learn to cook her own food if she’s vegan and not just eat gardein products for every meal, right? Either she’s gonna have her mom cook separate special food for her or she’s gonna make a video a year from now about how going vegan almost killed her because she realized she can’t survive only on soy nuggets and oreos.

But then again all she ate before was burgers and fries so it probably wouldn’t be too different tbh

No. 765734

She’s trying to get a good background for her stupid ass purse but can’t bother to take one step to the right so the door frame isn’t in the picture…. just take a regular picture on your lap or the table you extra ass bitch.

No. 765736

No, you did not have to bottle feed them. If you did, it’ll be plastered all over sm.

No. 765737

she literally lives with her mom. how she can lie and say she had no idea she was in the kitchen cooking her a meal?

No. 765738

>"my rats are still scared of me"
>"well MY rats bonded with ME IMMEDIATELY, but I'm sure yours will come around"
Wow, great advice Taylor, you absolute bitch

No. 765739

kek she won’t actually commit herself to veganism, she’ll just namedrop it every now and then to virtue signal

No. 765740

she hates her family and is a shut in who never leaves her room

No. 765749

Did she have a stroke while putting the candles on the cake?

No. 765750


No. 765759

File: 1585241366363.jpeg (363.86 KB, 1125x1561, A21E9511-34E2-479D-AAE1-C24230…)

How dare someone copy her…. even tho all she does is copy other people this girl is unreal(emoji)

No. 765761

I'm sure she was the first one to make that dress. She's such a special trendsetter unique individual. No way that design is all over tumblr. She made it.

No. 765764

Could you at least sage your weird ass nitpicks.

No. 765800

File: 1585256016075.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2688, ECC72B0E-E375-4C8C-9985-7657C2…)

Any one see jcs story where syd kisses him and he pulls away?

No. 765801

I think her brain is super fried from all the drugs cause she's confusing the rats with Nemo and his dead sister now. Goose and the girls were well beyond the age of needing to be bottle fed because she got them from a feeder bin at the pet store and I doubt the pet store staff have the time to bottle feed a bunch of baby feeder rats.

No. 765803

Not to mention that clip of them at the vets where he told her she needed to work on their behavior, the girls are probably just staying close to her because she has them in a room with three cats and they are trying not to get eaten.

No. 765805

yup. rats their age should be very adventurous and curious, its not normal for them to stay close to her like that. rats normally really arent cuddly, especially not when theyre excited about freerange.

No. 765819

Any astrology anons? Do we not think it’s hilarious that both Taylor and JC are Aries and chaotic af?(nobody cares)

No. 765822

File: 1585266531345.jpeg (155.68 KB, 750x952, C9E0CBE9-7FE0-4B24-A47C-9EA008…)

No. 765823

I saw the same dress on a tic toc. The game is so popular way more then her 1.5million. Get over your self Taylor. It’s not a big deal multiple people had the same pattern idea when the game has millions of followers

No. 765824

I have ratties. Her care for them is shit. Not the worse I've ever seen, but for someone that publically posts about them.. yeah it's shameful.

No. 765826

File: 1585267735716.jpeg (151.26 KB, 1124x801, 33AB2A16-9A1F-4EB3-BF97-23CB79…)

Yep I noticed that too. And this hahaha

No. 765829

>first child
Wtf, he literally pays child support to other women he knocked up. First child my ass.

No. 765830


Can this guy just go ahead and die of liver failure already?

First child? Cringe.

No. 765831

I’m sorry but are we just going to ignore the blood spots all over her pillow? Yuck!

No. 765833

i honestly dont see anything

No. 765837

It’s the filter you moron. There’s a patch on her face too. Use your eyes.

No. 765838

File: 1585271294297.jpeg (848.64 KB, 1242x2317, A5B384FC-2B73-4A88-B51E-3695CE…)

Jonny is having a boy.

No. 765839

No wonder he considers it his "first child", women aren't people to him

No. 765840

File: 1585272288978.jpg (503.1 KB, 1536x1197, Screenshot_20200327-022422.jpg)

No. 765841

File: 1585272350273.jpg (465.84 KB, 1536x1179, Screenshot_20200327-022539.jpg)

No. 765842

File: 1585272458082.jpg (510.62 KB, 1536x1244, Screenshot_20200327-022728.jpg)

No. 765843

File: 1585272540438.jpg (759.06 KB, 1536x1589, Screenshot_20200327-022833.jpg)

No. 765844

File: 1585272613284.jpg (509.76 KB, 1536x1227, Screenshot_20200327-023000.jpg)

No. 765845


Not trying to defend JC but if I remember from earlier threads the "baby momma" didn't get a paternity test, and lives in Canada so there are international issues as well. If she wanted to get paternity verified, she could have demanded it through whatever family court there is…but I don't blame her for not wanting JC on the record…

But him believing (even falsely) this is his "first child" and being happy about it isn't that terrible.

No. 765846


In other words she relapsed again and is gearing up to announcing it.

No. 765847

I think some anons found the kid, his spitting image.

I still think syd is gonna leave him, she's gonna pull some "muh baby isn't safe!" "I was in an abusive relationship!!!"

Yea seems like she's setting it up.

No. 765850

Who's fault will this relapse be? Lolcow? Jonny (ofc)? Her family? Covid-19? Or good ol tried and true: "I take all responsibility, but its so hard when sTaLKerS tell my mom when i'm scoring dope lmfao ???"

No. 765851

after all this time I still can’t believe this trashy, ugly fuck is the guy Taylor’s so hung up on

No. 765852

Yes and given the size they were when she got them, no she didn’t bottle feed them

No. 765855

The fact that he calls her midget when he isn’t that taller than her just to make him feel better about himself. What an ugly “cutesy” name to give your partner.

No. 765856

File: 1585288069892.jpg (1.26 MB, 1440x2530, Screenshot_20200326-162439_Ins…)


Looks like she actually might've been

No. 765867

There's a difference between still supporting someone's whole-hearted attempts to get sober with a relapse here or there along the way and enabling someone who doesn't actually want to get sober and is using relapsing as a guilt-free card.

If you have to lie every time about doing stuff that's not beneficial to your recovery (drinking, going to parties, seeing druggy friends) and then relapsing multiple times.. people are going to stop pitying you and start blaming you for just lying to them and involving them in a farce.

No. 765880

He's the only one she syringe fed. The other two she got later and were bigger than goose.

No. 765883

That rat has it's eyes open and has fur, it does not need to be syringe fed. It could eat solids at that stage.

No. 765885

Confirming he didn't need syringe feeding. Could easily eat food on his own at that size. That's why he was so easy to do it with you fucking idiot, Taylor.

No. 765887

I agree, you beat me to it. I'd say Goose looks about three weeks old there so he did not necessarily need to be fed with a syringe at all. You don't have to be a rat anon to be able to tell by the way he's sitting up on his own and using his paws. Even though he'd be ready to wean and already able to use a dish in that photo, I could understand continuing formula in addition to introducing him to solid foods. However, that is vastly different to claiming you "had to bottle feed". You do not have to at that stage. It definitely shouldn't be the primary diet.

I'm guessing she decided to bottle-feed because she was clueless as usual about how to take care of her impulse purchases. Probably couldn't even be assed to look up and make gruel recipes. Or maybe she just wanted to redeem her animal care credentials after murdering the kitten she should've never bought. After all, the syringe really adds to the illusion that Goose was more fragile and needy than a rat pup that age is.

No. 765909

Even if the rat needed syringe she can't claimed she is a savior, she bought a feeder rat. What did she expect? if the store wasn't abusive with the rat Taylor for sure was slamming his head to a table until it was unconscious….

No. 765917

you are fucking dumb. I breed rats sorry for the blog… but I have bottle fed them and that baby looks
like it still needs milk for another week, baby rats take 40 days to be full grown. they start to eat soilds but NNED milk still.

No. 765918

fucking dumb ass. it still needs milk. i fucking hate taylor but dont make up fake shit.

the rat still needs milk until they are 24-30 days old. even if its not much they need it for development and bone growth

i fucking hate it when people in this thread make shit up, clearly you guys dont breed rats and it shows

No. 765919

Smashes rat skulls against the counter top and then

>"UWU bb so smol, it need milk!!! ratmom lmao!1

I don't know shit about rat care but this is just disturbing. She's gets off on the power of life and death.

No. 765922

File: 1585334677628.jpg (527.24 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200327-114409.jpg)

And then she went to beat some rats to death.

No. 765923

She is fucking asian in Asia. Ugh why is she even talking about mukbang.

Taylor’s fish were stolen from the ocean and she is no vegan. Farm animals are torched every day.

The asian thing… That’s a pretty common practice. Taylor’s retared. Also it seems like Taylor is trying to be more into the drama/tea

No. 765925

Please don't endorse animal abuse claiming is culture
This has been convered by other YouTubers
Being Asian doesn't give you free pass to eat an octopus alive

Even Taylor here is right

No. 765926

Not to wk taylor but that ssyoung chicks videos are pretty disturbing. She takes fish out of containers and lets them flop around and suffocate on her table or on her floor before she cooks them or inhumanely chops up live sea animals who are actively struggling against her. There are actual ways to humanely kill a live animal you plan to eat. Her being Asian, however that correlates, doesn’t give her a pass.

No. 765928

File: 1585338283396.jpg (514.12 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200327-123028.jpg)

No. 765929

and here we have the real issue she's having

No. 765930

So she doesn't care about the animal cruelty, just that she isn't getting paid while the other one is. Figures.

No. 765938

Laboratory rats, and by extension feeder rats, are typically weaned at 21-23 days of age in a production or research setting, but no older than 28 days of age. They do not need milk, at that point it was her personal preference.
This is a typical IACUC Policy/SOP:

No. 765943

You're not the only one that breeds rats.

That rat could easily survive without milk, it looks just under 3 weeks. If it was an orphan you might want to supplement for longer but there's no indication Goose was before he was removed from the feeder bin.

Taylor set up this shot for views / sympathy and to feed her saviour complex. Nothing more.

Take your sperging elsewhere.

No. 765950

File: 1585345724176.png (818.54 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20200327-234828.png)

No. 765951


What a greedy bitch, not like she doesn't exploit animals for profit.

she got tons of YT bucks, she's just butthurt shes burned through her money already.

If you think YT is supporting animal cruelty stop taking their checks.

No. 765955

I honestly can’t tell whether this is her elbow or knee

No. 765956

>> muh eds never know why I get so many booboos

been out drinking again, fell over in some stairs while piss drunk and high

No. 765958

Bruising like that can happen easily even with just a vitamin deficiency. She's so annoying.

No. 765962

wtf part of her body is this??

looks too skinny for a leg but too big for an arm?? i’m so confused… if that’s her leg why is her calf thicker than her thigh?

No. 765971

File: 1585355044207.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x2226, FBDA2CCF-4F2C-4851-B13C-1E56AC…)

She’s got Nemo outside if anyone wants to get the videos. Video isn’t bad, Nemo seems to be enjoying himself but she keeps repeating the same things over and over.

No. 765987

File: 1585359997008.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, FE82980B-106B-46D0-AE8F-9112A4…)

She bought a fucking taxidermied duckling. But she's vegan?????

No. 765988

File: 1585360043668.png (3.99 MB, 1242x2208, E4CA9856-3FC8-45B9-B7C3-1415DC…)

Any anon know what this is?

No. 765989

How can she possibly have room for more animals in that hoard she calls a bedroom?

No. 765991

Think it's her moth enclosure

No. 765992

this is so tacky and gross…

No. 765993

she should be giving star this exercise

No. 765998

Future serial killer shit right here

No. 766000

Something awful tells me that baby duck didn't just die of some natural causes, and it was killed so it could be turned into some tacky, perverse art… Any animal lover finds this disgusting

No. 766004

File: 1585365778699.png (374.56 KB, 818x454, Capture.PNG)

Syd announced on IG - baby name is Storm

No. 766005

File: 1585365902972.png (410.01 KB, 890x463, Capture.PNG)

"Storm Parker Monroe Craig"

No. 766006

File: 1585365925332.png (19.75 KB, 317x359, Capture2.PNG)

(rest of JC's caption)

No. 766007

Omg I can't believe he's actually naming him storm trooper lmao. Noooo this poor kid

No. 766008

Jesus Christ, poor kid, imagine being named after Star Wars background villains who are known to be stupid…

No. 766011

Why does this look like Johnny…

No. 766015

Jesus fuck why?

Imagine finding out you're named after Nazi inspired villains.

Heroin addict sounds like dad of the year material.

No. 766019

"exactly as we hoped and expected" that is such a fucked up thing to say. It could be a boy or a girl from day one and they're talking like this is the sims where you can cheat and eat certain foods and listen to certain music to choose a gender wtf

No. 766026

Also that little “when so many have failed” is such a jab at everyone in his life (especially his exes) who have tried so hard to get his ass sober and he’s saying all it took was to get knocked up a month after meeting him.

No. 766030

As if he’s clean lol.

No. 766033

>stalk piling


No. 766034

I found that disgusting, too.

No. 766035

They are the definition of white trash, I'm glad they're having a son too because they don't deserve a daughter. They'd raise her to hate herself

No. 766036


Taxidermy can be very ethical if done right (for example if the animal died of natural causes / had to be pts for medical issues / was found as road kill). There are many in the vegan community who also collect taxidermied animals.

No. 766037

I honestly feel like all these comments defending her have to be taylor or her freind or family lol thats just so random that somepne would know that some vegans do collect taxidermy. Odd that people who come here to follow her rediculous antics care enough to defend her against another poster, last 24 hrs everything negative said about taylor has been corrected by someone who happens to be an expert on the subject. The duck is fucking weird..as someone who was just posting how much she disagreed with some girl torturing fish… Now its here look at my dead duck whos body im disrespecting for my amusement. Its not even tasteful taxidermy that could preserve what a beautiful animal it was like a deer head hanging on a wall and the hunter ate the rest… Its literally a dead animal she has dressed as a punk rocker for edge points. Lets please not try to defend this it's bizarre

Also how much money has she spent on knick nacks lately… The smsll business haul video, the furbies now this? Yikes must be nice to get paid to sit on your ass all day.

No. 766038

That's good in general but it's gonna end in tragedy because taylor is really blind to the body language of her animals. So she won't be able to read when the cat is tensing up and becoming scared of something, and she won't be able to support it when it feels insecure. So the cat will freak on the leash, and we can only hope it only breaks a leg or two instead of getting completely strangled in the leash or running out in front of a car.

No. 766039

Didn't you know, Vegans collect not only taxidermy but also like to kill their live feeder by hand. They're famous for it! /s
This taxidermied duck is tasteless af. Strange choice for an animal "care" channel.

No. 766041


Right? I’m not in any way vegan but the thought of holding what’s technically a dead baby duck makes me a little ill.

No. 766042

Can someone pls make a Tiger King esque photo of Taylor and her hoard lol

No. 766044

No. He “wanted” storm trooper. The kids name will be Storm Parker

No. 766045

idk how she would take the pic if that was her arm, but why are her legs so ungodly skinny wtf

No. 766046

"storm" is a dumbfuck name. I bet you anything this kid is gonna go by parker. god, I hope he grows up and escapes the worst of his shitty parents' influence

No. 766049

I mean, it's a weird nitpick. everyone I know that does taxidermy does it with roadkill.
Taylor's duckling is definitely not tasteful though nor are her other edgy purchases ethical. one or two edgy etsy items are fine, but the amount she has just feels like a pile of landfill.

No. 766061

Taylor must be seething reading this caption. Anyone catch what I feel is another jab at Taylor? He mentioned how his mom made him a cake for his birthday, when Taylor’s mom just did the same thing for her. Then announcing this, it’s like he has to one-up her. And the “thank you for showing me the way where so many others failed” it’s definitely aimed at especially Taylor.

I know we all know he’s scum but it makes me laugh knowing she’s probably having a full anger meltdown seeing him post stuff like this. She deserves it.

No. 766066

File: 1585412291215.jpg (724.42 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200328-091204.jpg)

It's pretty easy to find this and the store owner, she sells hundreds of these things including bats and seahorses too. There is no way she's finding hundreds of roadkill ducklings randomly. Her Instagram is full of people asking where she gets the ducklings and she won't answer so the answer is really obvious.

It's not vegan at all and you should stop being so naive.

No. 766070

The seller says she gets the ducklings from indonesia bc they are culled if they are male-sort of believable, and that the bats are also from indonesia- there's no use for bats in indonesia as far as I know so that's sketchy.
Not like tnd cares either way, she still buys from dollskill and from bad breeders so she's used to sketchy services.

No. 766071

This is appalling. Taxidermy is not necessarily bad, if done with taste, but a duckling!? I have week old ducklings and it killing me. Really.

No. 766072

Maybe I'm just poor but it's sounds ridiculous to me that she spent 60 dollars on something that can barely be used for decoration. She really is just pissing all her YouTube money.

No. 766073

That doesn’t make any sense when ducks are raised for meat and eggs. They males would be raised up for meat purposes, females for eggs. Then you have your breeding stock. It would be more believable if it was the dead ducklings from a bad hatch. Hatch rates in hatcheries have a high hatch rate sooo….

No. 766081

That's really bad. While I don't like it, the ducklings could be a by-product from industrial animal breeding but the bats and the seahorses giving it away that this is not kosher.

No. 766082

Watch out, she will say she got it as a birthday present from someone.

No. 766086

Go educate yourself on chick and duckling culling, anon. Meat and egg breeds are different. But I doubt some hatcheries in Indonesia are shipping their culls to somewhere else in the world for some etsy seller to make tasteless taxidermy out of. I wouldn't be surprised if the seller breeds ducks themselves. But like someone said, when is Taylor ever truly concerned about ethical buying.

No. 766087

This is the same girl who dicked around with her fish's corpse for a youtube vid. It's #edgy you wouldn't get it

No. 766088

Normally they grind them up alive, not sure why they would spend extra money to send them to someone on Etsy in America.

It's pretty easy to get cheap ducklings shipped to you, especially male since they are unwanted. Live ones. So… Just assume what happens after that.

No. 766095

And there are soooo many ethically sourced small business taxidermists… going for these big names that get them by the dozens is just wrong…

No. 766116

she’s fucking disgusting

No. 766121


Storm trooper is also a translation of the name for the brownshirts in German so that's…choices.

This dead duckling is repugnant and beyond foul. That's so disrespectful to the animal, and just..ew. So vegan of her!

No. 766127

I feel the same way, anon.
She’s gonna relapse for the millionth time again and again when the baby’s born. I’m sure she’s watching all their stories off a fake account

No. 766157

good luck, storm trooper craig- you need it. Any bets on when Taylor and Syd will team up and spill it all?

No. 766161

I’m betting Jonny will dip shortly after the baby is born. And then who knows, he’ll either try with Taylor again or she and syd will team up

No. 766166

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a vegan and I adore tasteful, ethically sourced taxidermy. A lady near me picks up road kill and makes them beautiful again, forever.
But this shit????? Maybe get a rubber duck instead. The poor fucking baby, literally trapped forever as a tacky edgy toy for Taylor to bin in a few months when she gets out of this disgusting phase she’s in now. There’s doing the look she’s going for right, and there’s doing it the way she’s doing it. Absolute crackhead behaviour.

No. 766172

File: 1585444054090.png (993.71 KB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20200329-040719.png)

No. 766173

File: 1585444190343.png (588.32 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20200329-040758.png)

No. 766174

File: 1585444230001.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1941, Screenshot_20200329-041019.png)

No. 766175

This is not the ramblings of a sober person

No. 766194


Ah, yes, how happy she must be that people fed into her attention baiting so she can tell everyone it’s not a big deal guise.

No. 766199

Exactly! It's so obvious that she is attention baiting by posting the dead duckling and her bruise without giving any context until she got attention. She is extremely pathetic, but that's what happens when you have nothing going for you and you don't try to better your life at all. Just sit at home, buy useless crap online for attention and have mommy take care of everything.

No. 766207

That’s because it’s dead and we all know you like dead animals.Twat.

No. 766210

What??? I’ve had this duckling for 2 years lmao it literally saved me from heroin??? I’m literally shaking and crying on the floor bc of this. In a dark place rn so no video this week

No. 766214

Lmfao be careful now anon, sounds exactly like her!

It’s really sad to think she shares stuff like this because she knows it’ll get attention, then she can go sperg about it on twitter for 14 hours straight. It gives her something to do I guess. How long ago did she mention her next video was gonna be ready? No surprise she’s just doing the same old, not doing shit all day. Man her life must be so hard.

No. 766225

Looks like she punched the shit out her leg twice, I guess she didn't get enough attention with the first picture so she had to make it worse. Taylor is getting more psycho by the day, I wouldn't put it past her to start harming her animals for sympathy points once she sees no one cares about her and her boo boo's.

No. 766226

yea honestly this might be it. i remember her mentioning that she'd hit herself when jonny didnt give her enough attention or something

No. 766227

makes sense. she already pulled the suicide card last week so she needed to do something else to get attention this week

No. 766228

I’m glad no one on Twitter is taking the bait. This is clearly attention seeking, a quick google search shows that these ducklings are not ethically sourced. She’ll keep posting pictures of this tacky ass thing until she gets the outrage she’s seeking so she can be a victim again

No. 766234

File: 1585468743960.jpg (777.91 KB, 1080x2136, Screenshot_20200329-035843_Chr…)

Found the duck

No. 766235

File: 1585468773382.jpg (434.18 KB, 1080x2136, Screenshot_20200329-035823_Chr…)

No mention of it being ethically sourced in the description

No. 766240

omg anon stop this is absolutely perfect thanks for laugh

this was already posted and discussed

No. 766243

File: 1585473236429.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.33 KB, 500x667, self-harmbruising.jpg)


tl;dr: she did this to herself…

bruising from weakened blood vessels is more uniform. the photo she shared shows multiple contusion sites with clear points of impact. i can't stand this cow, but seeing this makes me sad. i've seen bruising like this on victims of violence in the er, and have had to at times count them for charting purposes.

in the spoilered photo i shared, you can see another example of self-harming with 'bruising' (you can see the multiple sources of impact in this photo as well). i never thought i would pity taylor, but it's impossible not to after seeing the evidence that she spent time sitting around on her filthy floor producing blunt force trauma to her own leg to post it on social media for attention.

also, her lie REALLY bothers me. if she bruished "super easily", that would mean she has severe EDS, which would mean she likely has vascular fragility and would be seeing a cardiologist regularly for monitoring. She would also have evidence of wrinkling (super elastic skin), but in all her multitudes of panty photos she has online, her skin has remained taut. also, no scarring or tearing injuries evidenced in her multiple tattoo sessions (a needling constantly penetrating flesh at a high rate of speed… on a person with severe fragility in their blood vessels, capillaries, and ct….. would produce at least some scarring). Yeah, and when has she hyper-flexed any limbs? I'd like to see her hyper-extend her legs, knees, elbows, fingers–any of the above. Why pretend to have this disorder? I've taken care of people with severe EDS and they have a lot of problems… why would anyone be so eager and desire so much to have this?

No. 766244

I have the same impression that she did it herself because she is bored af right know and has besides her tasteless duck nothing else for harvesting attention. Never in the past she showed that amount of bruises and they have to be pretty common if she bruises that easily.
This looks self-induced.

No. 766247

Yeah, look at the bruises, esp on the right leg; within each separate bruised area, there is a repeating series of darker purple circles, spaced a little apart from one another. Totally where her rings/knuckles/whatever she used to smash herself with made a deeper/harder impact. Zero sympathy from me. Zero. I have more sympathy for freakin Luna, I mean…. literally what is the excuse here. Gross, evil creep.

No. 766251

It seems also, from the angle this picture was taken, that it is the inside of her right thigh? Not the outside of her left thigh, it would be kind of hard and unnatural to get a photo of at that angle imo. Anons please feel free to disagree if it doesn’t appear that way to someone else. But I find it hard to believe that she just “oops must have accidentally bumped into furniture” in between her legs. More likely it was a spot that was easy to access for self-harm for someone who is right-handed.

No. 766252

Pay attention. The spoiler pic isn't even Taylor.

No. 766259

I didn't mean to also respond to >>766247, but otherwise, it should have been obvious that I was talking about Taylor's pic, not the spoilered one.

No. 766264

>> and when has she hyper-flexed any limbs?
I've seen a couple of pictures where her elbows are hyperflexed but that's it. Tinfoil, I assume she's met someone in her life with hEDS, saw them do a few tricks that involved bendy elbows and she and that mother of hers grabbed on to that as an excuse why her elbows bend wrong. And if she really does have it, she's on the mild end of the spectrum but of course must milk it for all its worth. Even though there are people out there with EDS living with severe symptoms.

No. 766266

What in the "lulz so randum 2edgy4u xD" is this shit?
It's 2020. It's like she missed the cringey hot topic phase where everyone would post their self harm to the internet looking for attention and needs to go through it now in order to look cool to Jonny Craig, who looks like a wannabe soundcloud rapper now so it makes zero sense. She doesn't need to flex about being mentally ill, it's obvious. But not mentally ill in the ways she wants to be for cool points.

No. 766274


That's a bit of a reach to say that taylor and her mother are pulling a gypsy rose. A lot of people who are hypermobile hyperflex their joints without even realising. You don't need to have EDS to hyperflex. She is definitely hypermobile at least.

No. 766290


Just gonna throw this out there, those bruises line up with some pretty “juicy” veins that you can easily shoot up in. Legs are a pretty common place to go especially for people who might not be the best at the actual act on injecting ones self…

No. 766293

Not much of a reach when you look at Mama Dean and how much she loves flaunting the fact that she has two special needs children

No. 766297

she should've dyed her hair white and black. Cruella De Vil much?

No. 766308

Not sure if anyone posted that Jc’s ex - Chelsea is on to some cam girl platform now to make money. Taylor probably is gonna follow suit if she keep it up!

No. 766315

damn that's sad

No. 766331

Yeah she made an OnlyFans. When's Taylor gonna make hers?

No. 766345

This is the same girl that took TND's measly bribe less than 6 months ago. Even when lolcow was giving her support and receipts.

Any whore that rolls over her conscience for a measly few thousand dollars of easy $…next stop is OnlyFans. Of course

No. 766348

We have to wait until Syd does it. We all know Taylor wants to skinwalk Syd, and Syd only.

No. 766354

Very good point anon. Imagine hurting for money so bad you'd take it from TND. Embarrassing.

No. 766389

Chelsea never got her shit together after Jonny. She's let him live rent free in her head for years instead of trying to get her life back. She should have gotten therapy, logged off of social media and ignored him entirely. Instead she's talked about him, responded to and gotten outright involved in drama, kept an eye on what him and Taylor were doing and let both of them get under her skin. I don't feel sorry for her anymore. There comes a time when you have to disengage from crap like that or you're never going to heal.

No. 766390

What is that, that all his exes are so obsessed with him for years?

No. 766392

Abuse. It's not that complicated.

No. 766404

File: 1585589451763.jpeg (61.54 KB, 750x492, 7C00682E-9E1D-471C-A89C-9F68C8…)

But it is way more complicated than that….I understand he’s well known and warning a future gf, but that’s about it. It’s been years, and really, she shouldn’t be checking on him so often she’s aware of his baby’s name within the day of him announcing it. For her own mental health more than anything

I hid her handle, since she’s changed it recently. I do feel she’s been through a lot.

No. 766408

File: 1585593158582.jpeg (332.38 KB, 750x881, AD69D115-8A1B-4C1A-88AE-22C2E2…)

No. 766409

File: 1585593186872.jpeg (492.05 KB, 750x1027, 770E8A07-2CB0-495A-ABCE-7FCE78…)

the tweet she was responding to

No. 766412

File: 1585593395516.jpeg (204.45 KB, 750x369, 25DDAA71-F7E2-4F74-B00E-01AAF3…)

>if that’s not vegan I really don’t care to be

oh we know trailer, no one actually thought that you care enough about animals to research the ethics of a taxidermist

No. 766413

She's always talking as if she has no critical thinking skills and can't tell that it's clear bullshit from the seller. She's such a bad liar

No. 766414

File: 1585593860583.png (38.5 KB, 594x293, tnd1.PNG)

literally not even the same thing.

No. 766418

File: 1585594669061.jpeg (490.13 KB, 750x1083, 6A79E220-5AD4-4B57-817C-160DA4…)

No. 766419

File: 1585594804014.jpeg (366.08 KB, 1241x1982, B1316127-A90C-4E52-BCE0-CBC1CE…)

No. 766421

File: 1585595014877.jpeg (120.89 KB, 810x1148, EUYP00eWoAAkJ8X.jpeg)

Another lie. The shop owner has told people where they are from.

No. 766426

Taylor's apology would be fine if she just left it at "I thought it was a natural death and if i find out they've been culled I will return it. I'm sorry I dont support killing animals."

But she HAS to go on the long sperg about how it's not REALLY her fault and that she technically did nothing wrong and shouldn't be sorry but dont worry because shes totally sorry guys. Like its such a mixed message. Over explaining is Taylor's trademark for trying to get out of controversy.

No. 766428

File: 1585596356427.jpg (563.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200330-122548.jpg)

No. 766429

File: 1585596371292.jpeg (317.18 KB, 750x861, 2154A785-BB30-4C8F-A319-F75101…)

No. 766431

>it's not my fault im new to taxidermy and i made a mistake!
>i did as much research as i could before purchasing from this account

pick one taylor

No. 766433


telling anyone to go see a therapist? you claim to throw yourself on the floor and cry when anyone questions you… have consistently failed to attain true sobriety, live in filth, neglect your animals, obsess over your ex, lie constantly, trot around in your moms house in the middle of the night taking thirst selfies in your panties to share with minors, and now you're self-harming by hitting yourself and causing bruises

pot, meet kettle

No. 766435


your fan base are ANIMAL LOVERS. you gained this audience being an "ANIMAL ADVOCATE AND PET MOM" and now you're snapping back and spitting vitriol when this fanbase seems upset that you're being hypocritical and shitting all over the idea of animal advocacy… know your audience you dumb whore. i can't believe i ever pitied you for a second.

i hope your attempts to clap back bite you in the ass and not just one, but multitudes of people "get off your page" and stop supporting you

you made money off these people's support/views and now you're like "fuck off lmfao"

taylor is a true monster and deserves to be canceled

No. 766438

You forgot grooming minors in private chats and sending sexual thotty pics to them.

No. 766439

>>when I get home
wait, so she's not at home currently?

No. 766443

File: 1585599085755.jpeg (476.1 KB, 750x1079, 8C1546F7-A8DC-4560-AC6D-238DF5…)

No. 766444

Are we placing bets for when she "isnt in a good place rn", and is "considering inpatient UwU" again yet?

I say in the next 3 hours

No. 766446

File: 1585599960850.jpg (296.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200330-132548.jpg)

All advice online says not to do this but okay

No. 766449

How many times can this dumb bitch fuck up before people quit paying into her?

No. 766451

This will come as a shock to no one, but all of those tweets are deleted now.

No. 766458

didn’t she say she knocked them out herself tho

No. 766461

File: 1585602262817.jpeg (272.21 KB, 1125x845, 3C280197-D20D-4ADA-AE99-11FD4E…)

Drugs will do that to you…

No. 766463

time to change the topic back to how she is so depressed again

No. 766466

File: 1585603029311.jpeg (279.23 KB, 750x697, AE839662-6E26-4BAA-91F4-F5FA15…)

No. 766467

Shouldn't it be easier to stay sober when you can't go out and get drugs ?

No. 766468

File: 1585603459159.png (345.99 KB, 1080x1672, 77D8CAB3-31DA-481F-8FCF-C3186B…)

i found proof lol

No. 766472

smh anon don’t you get it, she’s so super speshul that the breeder came to her house every time to knock them out, uwu sensitive taylor could never hurt an animal

No. 766474

There's absolutely nothing tasteful about taxidermy, it makes a mockery of life. (my $0.02)

No. 766483

She always says this shit when she's been back into a corner. She was stuck in her room before quarantine shit and barely left.

Just more manipulative suicide/relapse baiting.

No. 766494

1) So if she was really the ~animal advocate~ she claims to be then this conversation wouldn’t even be happening to begin with??? Lmfao gtfo???
2) It literally took anons on this thread minutes to find out the circumstances of the ducklings dying. I knows she’s a fucking idiot, but if she still had questions about how they died, then she could have outright asked the seller??? Then she could flaunt her screenshots on social media (like the conniving bitch she is) about how she made a responsible purchase???
3) who really is surprised she pulled this stunt. ~Miss LV bag was a gift from dirtbag bf, Gucci purse is a gift from my manager and I can’t be rude, and adopt don’t shop like me.~
Go cry about the quarantine, your depression, and sobriety in the rehab you claimed you were going to check into and stfu and gtfo??? Lmfao lol???

No. 766499

File: 1585609857734.jpeg (61.81 KB, 828x366, 6CEC1ECC-6E73-4E08-868C-169626…)

Highly doubt that.

No. 766514

Lmao wasn’t there an anon up thread that predicted her posting the ducklings to be a victim when inevitably she got shit for this?

Taylor makes her own existence so god damn exhausting

No. 766516

took an hour, bravo anon

No. 766522

Does she realize she'll have to edit that content too?

No. 766524

File: 1585615522629.png (61.84 KB, 604x530, pettube.png)

"They're dying anyway so why not make sure they aren't wasted?"

~Zoe's Zoo, a 'Pettuber'

No. 766527

They wouldn't be dying if you stopped buying their carcasses dumbass.

No. 766533

Yes they would. They're culled because males don't lay eggs and egg-laying breeds don't grow as big or as fast as those bred for meat. The only way to stop this is either people stop eating duck eggs or they find a way to only hatch females. Not that this makes taxidermy any better but realize it's a bigger problem than some etsy seller and their merch.

No. 766535

Being vegan means not eating eggs either. Taylor pretends to be vegan now. This is the antithesis of veganism.

No. 766543

File: 1585620268084.jpeg (351.22 KB, 828x973, 1AD55176-9706-4114-9E06-6315F3…)

She’s just working towards it so it’s okay, duh

No. 766544

Just like cow LJ, she isnt an activist she is just "slowly nudging change".

No. 766545

sounds just like her philosophy on being sober.

No. 766546

File: 1585621670578.png (275.69 KB, 1302x1543, Capture _2020-03-30-22-24-33.p…)


No. 766550

File: 1585622728654.jpeg (346.84 KB, 1242x1777, 663D109E-ED9F-4C11-98FF-F8C1FA…)

No. 766552

File: 1585622949388.jpg (490.59 KB, 1080x1642, 20200330_194831.jpg)

No. 766553

>filmed one cage a day to not overwork myself

No. 766554

And she only filmed maybe twice a week… lol

No. 766556

“I love buying oddities which sometimes includes taxidermy” 5 seconds later “I’m new to taxidermy”
Which is it?

Also love how she always uses the excuse of “re-filming” because she knows people will point out she’s wearing a recent outfit

No. 766558


"1 cage a day" You need to film an animal for more than two minutes? Some of those snakes shouldn't be handled, I don't see why it's taking so long if every animal is in good health and every enclosure is done well.

No. 766559

>filmed one cage per day and only filmed twice a week
Let's say it takes her 30 minutes to film a cage (considering she has to clean them and make it look like she's not neglectful), how can she justify only working an hour per week?

No. 766560


NEWS ALERT, taylor takes 4 months to film her animals because they're in dismal fucking shape, and she (strike that) HER MOTHER is desperately trying to nurse some of them back to health to be camera-worthy while trying to update their sad little enclosures/cages to seem as if they've been thriving all the time she's been laying around that filthy room

Bitch, your lie about "trying not to overwhelm myself" is laughable. You risked killing your little brother to go trot around getting your nasty thinning hair done at the mall and spent time whoring up and drawing upside down crosses on your face to go sit at a wedding and going out to restaurants and sitting for long tattoo sessions or sperging nonstop online about JC yet…. walking around your room with a camera and doing quick shots of animals is TOO MUCH? "LMFAOOOOO", to quote your idiotic ass.

We've seen evidence of you trying to fix your enclosures literally for the purpose of your next video (which is only being filmed as a moneygrab) and clearly your shit is beyond fucked that it's taking THIS long to make it presentable

No. 766562


also, after learning JC & sydtard were pregnant, Taylor shit out those anti-JC propaganda videos insanely fast. so when she's properly motivated, she can and will do what she pleases

remember when she ruined her own brothers birthday trip so she could sperg about JC and heroin for the purpose of furthering "her new brand" as a ~survivor~~ and ~~sober advocate~~~~

when taylor wants something, nothing stands in her way. even ruining her brothers birthday or potentially killing him as she has been doing recently

No. 766568


Spot on, both of these. Taylor is so fucked,these poor fucking animals

No. 766571

i cant wait for this bitch to od so i dont have to follow this shit anymore(a-log)

No. 766577

File: 1585629063982.png (755.33 KB, 750x1334, DEF94EAE-2CBB-4581-B33B-9F87FB…)

This should be good. Poor Taytay

No. 766580


"Jonny abused me and shot me up with heroin!!!"
"I'm depressed"
"Muh EDS"
"Muh food intolerances"
"Muh LIST of other illnesses"
"I struggle with sobriety because of the internet! It's hard being sober when no one thinks you're sober!"
"I am a VICTIM! I have PTSD!"

did i miss anything guys?

No. 766593

Is this because people are going hard in the comments on her last IG post? I just went to creep but it seems like I can’t get to them? I’m not blocked, I can get to other posts comments just not the cowfish one. Can you disable comments err??

No. 766595

the comments are still visible and functional for me. perhaps you’ve been restricted.

No. 766596

In b4
“I h8 my lips Jonny made me get them wah wah now they’re too fucked up to fix”

No. 766597

File: 1585633147403.jpeg (610.76 KB, 1125x1434, 28CC0ACE-FB7C-4019-8FD4-13B5B3…)

From the same comment thread

No. 766598

I guess her (probably self diagnosed ) BDD isn’t symptomatic during her thotting out but unbearable when filming an animal cage wow :(

No. 766599

waiting for "veganism isn't linear guise" and "don't let anyone define veganism for you!!!???"

No. 766600

File: 1585635815312.png (437.08 KB, 828x1792, 5E62745D-E099-47F4-8C0E-655B21…)


No. 766601

She probably redid her lips and don't want to show her face until the bruises are gone
After that maybe she will film herself

No. 766602

after getting a new camgirl outfit from dollskill, of course!

No. 766603

>I panic and I hurt myself.

Confirmation of anons tinfoil about punching herself?

No. 766605

maybe she lurked the thread and saw that she was posted on reddit for her lips and got her feelings hurt?

No. 766606

either that or she snitched the idea from lolcow and is now going to make uwu sad story about how she is sobbing and sobbing and hitting herself multiple times for two years

No. 766609

then don't show your face you fucking donut. it's possible to make a video about your animals without your face in there lmao.

No. 766610


ER anon here–there's no tinfoil because of the fact that she has several separate points of impact. 100% self-inflicted.

No. 766611


Sorry but why do you need to film your masculine giant head to show off your animals? Youtube "clothing haul" or "apartment tour" and many people showing things off are not featuring their faces. What's your face got to do with walking around point the camera at the sickly animals in their tiny pathetic little enclosures?

Also, now you have BDD and "can't stand parts of your body". lol. is that why there are tons of photos of you in your panties doing big pouts and seductive-poses? is that why your wardrobe is full of stripper-wear? why you go out in broad daylight wearing "not a dog collar" dog collars on your neck with tiny belly tank tops and skin-tight shorts? with LOUD-ass hair and makeup just begging with all your might for anyone and everyone to look at you

Sorry, but people who don't want to be noticed, who hate themselves, are the ones using pictures of their pets as their avi on social media and taking careful photos of their surroundings so as to never catch their reflections. They're not spending literally thousands on ho clothes for the literal purpose of putting panty thirst selfies on the internet when no one asked

Attention-whoring bitch

No. 766612


Sorry, not being the center of attention is never an option for TND.

No. 766614

That wasn't even a tinfoil. It was quite obvious.

No. 766616

Anyone notice how it's all defensive assholery and "lmafao" again with her? Yeah she's not sober, she's tweaked out and riding an attention/narc supply high right now.

No. 766618

it isn't bdd when you are actually looking like a train wreck and not just imagine that. If there is something like reverse bdd that's more what she has. Thinking she looks like hot shit when she just makes a fool out of herself for male attention

No. 766619

It takes a long time to find exact replicas of every pet from breeders who have never heard of her. As soon as she finishes buying replacements, the first one dies again. That's why she cant film.

No. 766621

"I can't handle it when people ask legitimate questions about my animals' care or my unethical purchases. It makes me want to kill myself!"

No. 766623

File: 1585654411809.jpg (52.94 KB, 500x422, 3mU-JYSc_61fp0rwoUhexwbJZWV8OM…)

News alert Taylor, people are supposed to feel bad about themselves when they make shitty decisions.

You want to not feel depressed about how you resemble the McDonald's moon face guy? Don't lurk on lolcow to keep up with the "hadurz". Stay in your twitter hugbox and keep blowing your dwindling income on stupid hoard shit. Goddamn Taylor, it's not that difficult.

No. 766626

Have we seen her hair since she went to the mall salon?

No. 766627

No, I think not. I was asking myself if there is any pic of her face since the appointment at the "hairsalon". Usually, she posts it to show off her newest do. Suspish.

No. 766630

She's been avoiding taking pics because she's using and she's sick of us analyzing her pinpoint pupils. To the point where she wears sunglasses indoors, at night, and looks away from where cameras are pointing.

No. 766633

She’s so lazy. Imagine being given the opportunity to make a fuck ton of money doing what you love on your own schedule and having all the time in the world to do it and STILL being too lazy to do it??? So many people would kill to be in her position. I don’t understand what she wants to do with her life when she’s too fucking lazy to even do her “dream job.” Is she expecting to live at home forever while her mom cooks for her and takes care of her animals while she tweets about her ex, plays animal crossing and blows her money on tacky shit? If she lost her passion for animals, that’s fine, just rehome them and start filming different content. She has the following to be successful on youtube no matter what she posts. She doesn’t even realize how lucky she is. Fucking hell.

No. 766634

Orrrr maybe she got more filler and it looks beady and awful.

No. 766635

Tbf, the pupils can also be caused by the subs she takes. I think it is more than this. Could imagine she is emotionally overwhelmed because she has to stay in and don't be able to meet bros that give her validation plus maybe not able to drink and use, so she has to be with herself 24/7 without distraction. For example she did coke and I guess because it was benefitial to her low ego. She is not able to do it right now.
She really should need this time to vamp her channel up and get some coin and validation in form of asslicking comments.

No. 766637

File: 1585665773362.jpeg (173.22 KB, 750x521, F9997A5C-BFEB-4F2F-BE68-8F6B7E…)

No. 766638

Anon tbf we’re past the point of “her subs could cause her pupils to constrict.” She has already admitted to relapsing and hasn’t even made a fucking peep about how she’s ~TwO MOntHs~ sober (remember her arguing being a month sober last month). She was thrown out of her IOP and it’s been over a month since she mentioned her “other clinic” where she was getting blood drawn. She’s been fucking around with that Forest character, having suicidal ideations and now she’s most recently inflicting trauma onto herself. So yeah, we’re definitely past the point of giving her the benefit of the doubt that her subs are pinning her pupils in every single photo she posts.

No. 766639


Sorry, I meant to caption, but this was her sobriety coach trying to get into contact with her a week ago and commented like 3 times on her post

No. 766641

It was more meant that she could use the subs as explanation for her pupils. With her manner of constant lying this would at least seem rational as explanation. And the size of her pupils wouldn't hinder her to post pics of her face. It never did in the past and girl isn't able to learn from anything.

No. 766645

How do you know that's her sobriety coach?

No. 766647

God, she’s really spiraling. The whole “I’m too ugly!!!” is her last line of defense for being a lazy fuck. Wasn’t she still uploading more than she is now when she was with JC?

No. 766648

Nooo fucking way- are there caps in the other threads that prove this is him?

No. 766649


My b not her sobriety coach but he owns a sobriety center and comments on a lot of her posts if you scroll through

No. 766650

Wouldn't someone standing in contact with her having her number and address? This seems out of place and unprofessional. What does he comment besides that she should check her dm'S for his messages?

No. 766651


That’s why it stood out to me. I’ve seen about 3 posts (recently) where he only commented with a single emoji and then out of nowhere two comments on one post about DMing him. Could be that he’s commenting for clout because he owns a recovery center, but I don’t know if she’s previously interacted with him and what would justify him commenting that publicly.

No. 766652

Maybe he's trying all possible forms of communication to get in touch? We know she disappeared from her 9000 therapy sessions a week months ago

No. 766653

Usually councelors don't run around and try to contact you. If you stop going that is onto yourself. I could imagine she owes them money but still, there are other, professional ways for that. This guy seems fishy.

No. 766657


I double checked and she does indeed follow him back. I think it would be weird from some Florida-based recovery counselor to be professionally connected with her but I agree that commenting on your patient’s social media is weird and even if they’re personally connected it’s super weird regardless, as a professional. Could be someone from her online cancelling sessions she claims to be doing?

No. 766659

holy self-diagnosis Batman. Regretting that you fucked up your face through fillers and drugs isn't the same as BDD dumbass. it's called making poor choices and having to live with the consequences.

No. 766660

File: 1585673849074.jpeg (338.9 KB, 750x1135, EA0618AE-1C30-4117-85C4-76BE89…)


She also liked this yikes of a post of his five days ago lmao

No. 766661

Lovely whataboutism.

No. 766663

His wife looks like a blonde Taylor with implants. He has some stuff on his Insta that could be triggering.

No. 766666

Because opioid overdose is contagious. Dumbass

No. 766681

File: 1585677266853.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2457x3072, 501B8647-FAD8-4430-B309-1F5D23…)

…where? This lady isn’t botched to hell.

No. 766695

Crazy how Taylor looks way older than this woman

No. 766705

Taylor is gonna disappear for a while since she said she would live stream if she didn't upload. Gotta make sure people forget first

No. 766707

She's at least halfway botched. But anything is better than someone who looks 40 cosplaying a emo teen

No. 766716

Our favourite edgy teen…
Btw, they both look botched but Tay has this special 15% aura that you only will get after two years of talking constantly bs.

No. 766718

Don't know if he brings new Tay milk in. His insta presence suggest more that he wants the exposure by connecting with her official. There are a lot of before/after pics in his feed. But what will he do with T? Before pics and after pic: they are the same. And I don't believe her claim of using online AA/NA meeting is true.

No. 766719

tbh in some pics she looked better in active addiction than she does now lmfao

No. 766736

Pretty much the only junkie I've seen to embrace "heroin chic" after active addiction.

Another reason to explain why she isn't done with her opiate fixation. If she wanted to get better she would try to improve her image. No wonder she hates her bobble head, it gives away how much she fucked up her looks & privileged life.

No. 766745

You guys are forgetting that she got two piercings in her nose that were last shown to have a green chain around it. Her ear got infected so I'd put money that she fucked up her nose because she's an unhygienic dipshit. Can't wait to see it eventually.
Either that or the drugs are making her break out and pick at her face.

No. 766748

This is exactly what I was coming here to post. She doesnt want to post photos or film because her green af witch nose is rotting off.

No. 766759


You're a Pet Tuber, most people are there for your pets, not your face. Quick fix and solution: just film the animals, no need to show your face. Plenty of people do that for "all my pets" vids. I'm sure pretty much every Pet Tuber has done so for videos before.

No. 766774

Implying anyone who watches for the pets still watches her. They gave up long ago

No. 766775

So she has issues with her face which make her not want to do youtube videos… but she is totally fine going out in very attention seeking outfits and posting selfies all the fucking time. Yeeeeah… I don't buy it at all.

No. 766781

File: 1585712769845.jpg (961.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200331-234320_Ins…)

No. 766785

File: 1585712925041.jpg (555 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200331-234748_Ins…)

No. 766787

You got the point across in the first sentence, Taylor. Queen of rambling

No. 766796

Wait, didn’t she say she already filmed a vid a while back but she wanted to refilm it? And now she’s saying the reason she hasn’t filmed is because of body issues. So why not just use the original video you’ve already filmed?

No. 766804

Cuz she saw her green nose and caught BDD

No. 766805

BECAUSE anon it needs to be more about ME! How is she supposed to cure her body issues if she can't get those dicks in the comments?

No. 766822

this post >>766785 confirms to me that she believes her original fans have left her (rightly so) and all the new people are her dumbass twitter sycophants who only know her as recovery kween

No. 766825

File: 1585726767919.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, F42161C1-59FF-45D9-B925-D33F95…)

I guess we know where she’s been staying.

No. 766826

File: 1585726985153.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20200401-104159.png)

nice quarantine, morons.

No. 766829


>I’m going to refilm the intros and outros

So, basically, she’s JUST NOW starting to film everything and she’s covering her ass. Correct me if I’m misremembering, but she started filming this video before she got her hair dyed/nose pierced, right?

No. 766830

"Hey babe, I've got BDD now but take my picture and make sure to post it cuz I lookin cute and germy"

No. 766832

everything about this picture screams relapse

No. 766834

That’s Forest’s hand, Taylor doesn’t really have any color in her tattoos

No. 766835

Did she put this watch on in between shots?

No. 766836

She suddenly doesnt have all those tacky bracelets or even nails

No. 766837

it's forest's hand, not hers.

No. 766838

Lmao I couldnt tell!!

No. 766839

She’s actually thinning out, and looks more than a crackhead than ever before. The long winded paragraphs, not sleeping for days, hanging out with a known junkie, and erratic behavior.

Sounds like meth to me!
Maybe that Destry girl wasn’t lying with some of the screenshots.

No. 766840

why is she still wearing that cheap nose chain? also it looks like the piercing holes are at different heights now that she has stressed them ever since they were made

No. 766841


ah, the 24 hour BDD "I HATE MY FACE!!!! I CAN'T WORK!!!" is over, huh? interesting

No. 766842


fuck your little brother's life, right?

if her fat narc mother cares even a small amount for her son, she would lock the fucking door behind her and bar it. don't let that nasty whore back in your house until this virus settles down. but something tells me, deep down, she truly doesn't care if her immunocompromised son gets it. her kid is shitting all over the quarantine when she actually has something at stake

No. 766844

Sorry if I have missed them but which screenshots?

No. 766845

Unable to upload a screen shot rn, but can someone enhance her recent story boomerang so we can look at her pupils?
She’s in a room with absolutely no light and her pupils look pinned to me

No. 766850

File: 1585740093040.jpeg (137.07 KB, 750x1055, 61C50C67-A0A0-44BD-AF01-82FF45…)

She responded to a tweet from an immune compromised person whose roommate is having people over. Either it’s all a show, or Taylor really chose to stay with Forest over her animals.

No. 766851

File: 1585740262647.jpeg (161.76 KB, 750x1334, BC7CF3DF-6596-4264-AB2E-C35506…)

You can kind of tell, but at this point, relapse is obvious.

No. 766852

File: 1585741692526.png (2.17 MB, 1242x2208, 29BFB395-4479-4DF1-AF28-98E9F3…)

…oy vey

No. 766853

If she lives to see 40 I'll be surprised.

No. 766854

Omfg thought it was a lie. I knew I recognized her hand jewelry. $5 at halloween city I swear

No. 766858

somewhat offtopic but didn't anon say that Forest was rich? maybe it's just the picture quality but doesn't that apartment look shitty to anyone else?

No. 766860

I was wondering the same thing

No. 766861

This stupid bitch didnt learn her lesson last time she got outed for not taking this pandemic seriously and quarantining? I hope she rots

No. 766863

I'd say he's either mooching that apartment off someone rent free or he's not interested in spending a lot on rent. He's a trust fund baby if I'm remembering. Probably only gets a set amount a month and he'd rather blow it on drugs and stupid looking rolexes than decent housing.

No. 766873

So she’s too insecure to film a video she’s promised for months, but Is totally comfortable wearing trashy, Halloween city looking lingerie and gaudy jewelry and posing for pictures—all for her new junkie dick. Okay Taylor

No. 766874

She's so fucking stupid. Gotta prove to the haters that her face isn't fucked up but in doing so proving she lied to her actual fans about not wanting to show her face?

No. 766875

Her eyes look unfocused and glassy as shit in this, even with the filter

No. 766876

Why tf is this girl still touching her face like this oh my god… in case you haven’t heard Taylor, there’s a global pandemic happening, thousands of people are dead, and we are not supposed to be touching our faces just for pictures… oh and we’re supposed to be distancing ourselves for the safety of people like your little brother.

No. 766877

File: 1585753709383.jpeg (378.06 KB, 750x1624, 32AB0454-CAFC-4335-9FBF-9848F2…)

I was looking at that recovery page she engaging with and I saw these things she liked. Just thought it was a little funny all things considered

No. 766878

Maybe she broke quarantine for some dick or a drug run, and Momma Dean actually put her foot down so Taylor ran to Forrest's?

Or maybe she just peaced out and left her mom to clean up after her animals like usual.

No. 766879

File: 1585753738217.jpeg (619.56 KB, 750x1624, 42273C86-4409-4CA9-A6FD-134396…)


No. 766880

LOL when will the people in Taylor's life stop babying her? She never takes a shred of responsibility for any goddamn thing. It's always someone else's fault, typical lying junkie shit. She's so fucking gormless and spineless, she could be the textbook illustration on how untrustworthy addicts are.

No. 766881

Would make sense as to why she can’t film her all my animals vid if she’s not even with them

No. 766882

>deleting this before 30 minutes
icon, anon

No. 766885

But she said here >>766785 that she is going to upload one, right? And if she's really selling her anemone, she must have access to them. Either something happened in the mean time and she fought with her mother and run to Forest to do drugs or her mother truly doesn't care anymore.

No. 766887

File: 1585755571519.jpeg (228.53 KB, 1242x1548, C534159F-D5F6-47EC-965A-EF9526…)

She says she’s shown all of her enclosures so I thought I’d make a post of all the enclosures she hasn’t show in months (or longer)
-echos, crested gecko, enclosure
-all of the racks excluding Tofus (but Tofus was bad so oof)
-sabor, the gtp
-Salem, MBK
-Duck, Sumatran short tail
-rat cage
-Motley (I believe he’s in the rack but I don’t remember so I thought I’d add him
-mushu (we haven’t seen the full enclosure in months)
-hedgehog enclosures (x2)
-atta leopard gecko (seen in passing in a twitter video but did not get a good look because the enclosure was dark with a blue colored light on it)

No. 766888

What excuse could she seriously come up with for blatantly ignoring guidelines about staying home during a PANDEMIC? Her depression, her EDS, her gluten intolerance, her BDD? All signs point to drugs and dick, honestly. She’s a fucking moron. She’s acting like a bratty rebellious teenager right now and she’s supposed to be a grown ass adult.

She better get her ass to “work” ASAP because there’s an article floating around about illicit drug prices soaring in NYC during the pandemic. Or maybe it might be humbling for her to live out on the streets and selling her body for her next fix. You know, how most druggies live their lives and not in some filthy “mansion.”

No. 766891

Taylor also says she's sober and that she loves animals, so.

I'll believe it when I'll see it lol

No. 766892

I think momma dean threw her out and now she's selling anemones to make drug money. Momma dean has handled transactions for her before (when she sold the blood python) so I bet she can do it again

No. 766893

oof just remembered her poor rats probably still don't have proper flooring in their cages

I wonder if Mama Dean will accept her back? She was pretty mad the last time Taylor went out. I think that is probably related to Taylor is self harm baiting lately.

No. 766895


like her last excuse? "uwu i was depwessed but i am not going back out we even bought 2 extra deep freezers and stocked up, i am going to be home with my family from now on"

this bitch is worse than johnny. she's literally playing around with killing her own brother after everyone gave her shit about it before. once again putting herself first

you can't take back death you idiot bitch.

No. 766898

So I wasn’t following her during her relationship with Johnny, but I was kind of taken aback with her angry and spiteful responses as of late. It used to be “uwu I am healing” but now it’s like “you can leave I don’t care.” Was she like that during her relationship with Johnny?

No. 766900

He owns several houses as income properties that he rent out.
Dont tinfoil when you can ask cause there people who know, that make everyone on the thread look dumb. It is not trust fund.

No. 766903

instead of acting like a cocky retard, learn to sage and learn to bring the milk without inserting your useless theatrics into it.

No. 766910

What is your source??

No. 766912

She was the whole time lying already but I think more "likable". When they broke up everyone was hoping she would get her shit together but it seems it just got worse. During that time she was acting out and Jonny was quiet. She is insane.

No. 766914

Oof, for someone who is sooo “immune compromised” and lives with others who are, she really can’t follow directions. I’m pretty sure SA is under a shelter in place, which means if you don’t live with them, you don’t get to have play dates! There has got to be drugs involved, no one is this stupid.

No. 766915

What happen with the Anons who wish she could escape her abusive relationship so she could stop using drugs uwu~

She is and always will be a pampered junkie she won't change
Once she hit rock bottom, she will blame everything in her parents and brother

No. 766923

I know someone that rented a house from him. More milk… that same house was raided for drug bust when he lived there himself before they rented it from him. Someone who knows how can probably locate arrest records to confirm this? I would say it was between 2012-2014

No. 766924

Sorry i should add source is reliable. They were a good friend of mine for like 10 yrs mother.

No. 766925

Wow. Any more milk? That's great info

No. 766928

I dont really know him. Only other milk i can think of is i do have his ex on Facebook and she posted that he was in rehab maybe 2 yrs ago. Pretty recent

No. 766933

File: 1585768481802.jpg (184.52 KB, 1078x544, IMG_20200401_121404.jpg)

Guess she doesn't care if Tanner dies.

No. 766942

Cunt mother, cunt daughter. They really are cut from the same stupid cloth.

No. 766951

File: 1585773493579.png (1.61 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200401-163514.png)

she just posted selfies on Twitter because apparently that's fine and not triggering, but filming videos for her job is too much. not posting her dumbass but Star is in the background and absolutely not a healthy weight, she's a fuckin unit

No. 766956

wow maybe she's actually about to make a video then. The pattern is usually: fight with mom - buy new camgirl outfit - make video in said camgirl outfit to piss off mom

No. 766970

File: 1585777230700.jpeg (567.78 KB, 750x1335, 8862C338-988C-44A1-AF5A-55C5F9…)


No. 766971


Also love that she’s hard at work watching YouTube videos

No. 766973

She is going on a sperg about going out with forrest last night on instagram stories right now. Wearing her heart depression on her sleeve like no tomorrow! Gotta milk that mental illness thing for her shitty behavior again.

No. 766974

She’s probably fine with posting selfies since she can facetune them to hell and back unlike a video

No. 766975

Also gotta give more of her PROFESSIONAL advice on how to deal mental issues when she is literally not dealing with her problems in any healthy shape or form..

No. 766976

File: 1585778234659.jpg (658.38 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200401-145635.jpg)

This is an image board. Please post images.

No. 766977

If any anons know how to record her story and upload it here, that'd be helpful. I can never figure out how to post a video

No. 766978

not that anon but they did specify it was on instagram and it's a video.

No. 766979

Haven’t been keeping up with threads, but have been keeping up with Tays social media. May be a tinfoil but… I really doubt these bruises she’s showing off suddenly are from her EDS. I know EDS does make you bruise more easily, but I’m honestly thinking she’s having some crazy type of sex (BDSM?) and showing off her bruising as some type of trophy without saying it…

No. 766980

This girl is puke trash.

No. 766981

File: 1585778536902.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 62198A24-AB14-45E6-A801-8035E3…)

I don’t know how to upload a recording, but big oof. Bleaching your hair wasn’t a good idea was it TayTay?

She does say she was wearing a mask, didn’t touch her mouth (?? You’re not supposed to touch your FACE and you took a photo touching your FACE), and she needed someone who understood addiction. Doesn’t make sense why she couldn’t just call him? Oh because you’re his fuck toy, not his friend.

No. 766982

File: 1585778573674.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, AD35C761-9F33-4A1F-AB50-A7E88D…)

It’s too much of a long rant of a useless video to post here, she just going on and on. But here is why she is only taking a video half of her face, that lazy bitch can’t even bother to put make up on her either eye or just fucking clean the one with make up..

No. 766983

She's saying that junkie forest promised that he hasn't been out anywhere so it's totally safe… with makeup on only one eye and stickers over her nose chain lol

No. 766984

I hope she get the virus. Honestly. And let Mama Dean kick her ass out. Maybe that will teach her a god damn lesson for endangering other people’s lives. You have depression and need to socialise?? Video call someone you selfish bitch.

No. 766985

"struggling" claiming it's one thing that's okay if you have mental health issues and that she had to talk to someone as if the phone doesn't exist…oh right she's ~so scared~ of the phone. Also saying "I haven't even gotten groceries" as if she actually has to do that living at mom and dads and "mostly had a mask"

her voice is raspy/low (sign of opiate use) and it's very obvious that she's using

No. 766986

File: 1585779077996.jpg (13.39 KB, 294x145, didnttouch.jpg)

"I didn't touch my face" lol

No. 766989

File: 1585779501868.png (842.66 KB, 946x613, avrevre.PNG)

lots of hand bruising going on by juicy veins. I'd also have to agree that Her leg bruises may also be partially her trying to shoot up in her legs and/or hitting herself

No. 766990

File: 1585779531426.png (862.66 KB, 955x614, adfdsavdf.PNG)

more obvious hand bruising

No. 766991

she's now claiming that they watch her pee at a weekly suboxone clinic but her past pics prove no one is watching her pee.

Dumbass it's easy to cheat and your pupils wouldn't be pinned anymore as you'd have a tolerance to it by now

No. 766992

She legit said that she hasn't gone out since quarantine started…. BITCH WHAT ABOUT THE WEDDING

No. 766993

LMAO anon you fuckin called it. She legit said this exact thing. "I didn't feel safe alone uwu i was sad and depressed but I wont go out again!!!11!!!1"

No. 766994

So I recorded her entire story excuse and its 7 minutes long. I dont know how to upload the video here (if someone could tell me) or I might just upload a transcript?

No. 766995

I don’t think that’s even legal except in the military or parole. She is definitely lying as usual.

No. 766996

If the file's not too huge, might be easiest to upload it somewhere and drop the link when you're finished.

No. 766997

she is confident enough to post pics on twitter and insta and film a whole ass rant on insta where her face is the main focus but cant film because shes ``uwu too insecure and hates herself~~ okay

No. 766998

Do you have recommendations where to upload?

No. 766999

File: 1585780546767.png (906.6 KB, 1125x2436, DE67B314-017F-4B26-80F0-C04378…)

Oof.(Attention seeking cowtipper)

No. 767001

File: 1585780609428.jpg (240.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200401-104808_Ins…)

No. 767002

Nice self-post, cowtipper.

No. 767003

this is so cringe. no one cares about what you sent to her, violet.

No. 767005

File: 1585781157354.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, 646B3CE6-B801-4425-A27D-4F2F7F…)

holy shit that many videos on her story in one hour. she’s definitely strung out

No. 767006

>i dont touch my face


No. 767007

What’s cringe is that you troll too :) have a nice day, dork!

No. 767008

File: 1585781601040.jpg (124.89 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20200401-155257.jpg)

This won't age well when your kids dead mama dean

No. 767010


No it's totally fine though bc she heard that you're just not supposed to touch your mouth. Nevermind the hundreds of articles and reports that say not to touch your fucking FACE.

No. 767012

“I haven’t left my house at all since the quarantine started, not even for groceries”

“I go to the clinic every week for a urine test and suboxone, look this says I was last given it two days ago”


No. 767014

lol. in her story she talks about how she went to forest bc she was struggling with addiction. so you go dressed up like an ugly thot to cry about addiction? just say you wanted dick and didn’t care if you kill your brother and go

No. 767015

No. 767016

"Make America goth again" lol a month ago she wasn't even "goth", I can't keep up

No. 767017

like literally its 2020. there's facetime and a bazillion other apps to videochat if you absolutely need to talk to someone.

No. 767019

Spoiler: she needed drugs, not to talk to someone

She snuck out at 3 am cause her stash ran out and she had "withdraws"

No. 767020

His family owns rentals not him. He sucks off of mommy and daddy's teat.

No. 767024

It would be fascinating to watch her mental gymnastics to excuse her outright selfishness but in the face of an incredibly scary pandemic that has shut down the entire world… it's just disgusting, embarrassing (to watch), and infuriating.

No. 767025

Wow, the duper's delight is so obvious in that one.


>They can't give it to you unless you pee clean


No. 767026

is it just me or is she getting the crackhead voice? topkek

No. 767027

Taylor "It's not a phase mom" Dean strikes again

No. 767029

TND's video today @7:20 'It's illegal to give Suboxone to someone."

TND months ago "I gave a pill to a friend and they kicked me out of rehab. REEEEE so unfair!"

No. 767030

she definitely is. It happens to tweakers who smoke it too yikes

No. 767031

File: 1585784902203.jpeg (92.08 KB, 750x198, 0D922D04-98D7-4669-A50E-DA0FF1…)

Maybe not too far off for an assumption with her new “dickbro” judging by the fact that she is retweeting and liking comments like this now.

No. 767032

@8:25 "I am sober. (Smiles) And that's what I've decided to share online." So stay out of my business.

Kek. Can't help telling in herself and her lies.

She shows her3/30 Suboxone script too and uses that as an example of her sobriety. That she had to have "used in the last 36-48 hours". Like, isn't that what junkies do, get a clean piss test and then get fucked up until they have to piss test next?

No. 767033

Also notice how she carefully did not brag about how long she has been sober?

No. 767034

They sure do. It’s really interesting that she is still on weekly scripts. Surely she could have gained trust by now for at least 2 weeks, especially during quarantine.

No. 767037

BDSM and drugs. Always a good combination. Leave the knives at home, Taylor honey. Edge play's risky enough when you're sober.

No. 767038


7:30 to say “I did this because I didn’t think about it and I’m sorry if I upset you” lmaoooo

No. 767039

>>767020 old friends mom said he was her landlord not his mom and dad. He got money from his parents dying actually idk if it was life insurance or inheritance or what but thats how he has rentals

No. 767047

lmao at that reply link

No. 767048

speaking of stepping…
tinfoil, but reverse it. is it just me or does this big bruise look just like a footprint?

No. 767049

File: 1585790429333.jpg (425.65 KB, 2186x1598, ZomboDroid 01042020182018.jpg)

They are such trash

No. 767050

she didn't really have a chance of reviving her yt career and it seems like her actions during this pandemic will probably lose a lot of previously naive followers. She can't deny that this is shitty selfish behaviour like with her animals

No. 767053

Not to commie sperg but OF COURSE he is a landlord lmao mooching off other people to aford his addiction and doing absolutely nothing to contribute to society sounds right about Taylor's alley

No. 767058

File: 1585794477794.png (934.76 KB, 750x1624, D6BD9B73-8AEF-408E-AE58-50B3AB…)

No. 767059

File: 1585794541042.png (913.96 KB, 750x1624, 12EC5A6E-E406-4DCF-9C79-FDA578…)

And the video clips were all deleted too

No. 767060

>>767059 “donate any of the money I made last week on YouTube” because she doesn’t want to actually donate lololol what a hollow statement

No. 767061

Struggling not to relapse but had the energy to get all slutted up before going over there? And take selfies while there? Yeah whatever. It was a dick appointment.

No. 767062

She'll donate it when she donates to that shelter. Throw money at it tay tay. Make it go away

No. 767063

I’m being somewhat lazy but was the wedding over two weeks ago? As well as the hair appointment I think around her birthday?

No. 767064


You could literally make an ad lib with her apologies. Just change out certain words and her shitty justifications and excuses all sound the same.

No. 767065

the craziest part of all this is that she already got in trouble with her audience for going out when she shouldnt have, and nobody would even know that she had gone to see him if it weren't for the fact that she's a narcissist and had to post stuff on her story (him too probably). like if she had half a brain, she would've not taken any pics and told forest not to post any pictures of her so that her audience wouldn't find out. But she thinks the rules don't apply to her. She is truly so awful

No. 767066

You didn't see how it's different from going to the grocery store? People need food to live. Is she that dumb

No. 767067

File: 1585795930042.png (25.18 KB, 737x158, Annotation 2020-04-01 225107.p…)

>rightfully called out for being a retarded sod and breaking isolation

kek this shit writes itself

No. 767068

Every fucking time she gets called out she pulls that shit

No. 767069

"Seeking help"

Not from a professional, but from her friend that gives her drugs and alcohol.

No. 767070

So I didn’t catch a screenshot but I’m pretty sure she changed her insta and twitter profile pics to her new goth photo and after the blowback changed it back up to her split hair pic. Did anyone get it? I only saw it because it changed on twitter and when I clicked on her profile it changed back

No. 767071

Jk >>766990 got it. Damn she changed that fast lmao

No. 767072


Ya you can see her thumbnail in these was the new pic


No. 767074

>>767070 I imagine she’s upset that she spent hours on a thotty goth look only to not get an actual return on it from social media clout

No. 767081

File: 1585798231505.png (95.68 KB, 723x652, Capture.PNG)

No. 767082

File: 1585798268489.png (355.15 KB, 597x461, vaefre.PNG)

okay to show that it was on her profile

No. 767084

File: 1585798714005.png (619.03 KB, 1508x694, Capture1544.png)

taylor explaining that she's definitely not too dumb to relapse lmao

No. 767085


>"I didn't touch my mouth or my face"

> Touching mouth in profile pic

No. 767087

"My family life isn't a joke"

Kills her brother while her and her mom laugh at "haturz"

No. 767088

File: 1585799076678.jpeg (187.89 KB, 750x1022, 9EC22167-6FF6-410E-83CF-286FD7…)

Aw another ex fan forced into silence

No. 767089

File: 1585799099867.jpg (443.97 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200401-204423.jpg)

The delusion of this woman

No. 767090

File: 1585799214324.jpg (326.23 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200401-204554.jpg)

The idea of her son dying amuses her. She would probably legitimately be happy since she talks about how his existence ruins her Disney world trips all the time

No. 767092

File: 1585799433760.png (62.49 KB, 543x503, Capture23234.PNG)

the thing that gets me is that she always tells on herself. she just can't help posting selfies all whored up and ready to jump on her latest dick. I don't give a shit about her but leaving the house is a shit example to set to her teen fans right now.

also, throwaback to her last apology >>764062

No. 767093


so you're going through a "crisis" and need to go hang out with your "friend" who will talk you off the ledge… and this is STRICTLY about avoiding relapse (because some scrote is the only thing that can help you?) yet you meticulously applied makeup and did your hair, placed on several pieces of jewelry, picked an outfit and brought props (more than 1 purse)…. okay taylor! i believe you! who doesn't dress up like a whore in their "make america goth again" stripper gear to go get help staying sober

No. 767094

wedding >>763785
hair appt >>764153
she also let it slip that she's not home during the duckling scandal >>766418 but we never learned where she went that day iirc

No. 767095

taylor goes to a wedding during the spread of covid019… "i needed to get out!!! i had these plans for TWO YEARS!!!! i had to go to the wedding because it was last minute notice and also two years ago i had no choice!!"

then goes to a mall and sits in a salon letting some stranger breathe all over her face getting her hair done because "i had to do it because i was so depressed!!!!!!"

she suicide baits and pulls the depression and addiction cards anytime she gets called out for being a fucking monster

nothing is ever her fault and she doesnt know how to apologise

No. 767096

wow it's almost as if the "can't film my face I'm in such a dark place rn uwu" act was only to get out of having to do actual work.
because I'm pretty sure you're filming your face here, taylor.

No. 767097


"talking about my family is NOT a joke! I CARE so much about my family that I'm endangering their health and risking KILLING my little brother!!!!"

No. 767100

That's actually a good tinfoil, it certainly looks like a foot based on the curve and the "big toe" portion. It could be punching herself twice though, or using an object.

No. 767102

Did she delete her tweet with the screenshots of her big sperg?

No. 767103

RIP Taylor if that's really Forest's foot because then he is TINY

No. 767105

Haven't you heard? Thot collects "oddities", especially miniatures. Her ex is 5'6 on a good day

No. 767108

Taylor: I'm going to limit my posts for a minute
also Taylor: argues with followers for hours

No. 767116

Is that your excuse for enabling her, mama dean?

No. 767117

Interesting how she compares it to her moms grocery trips and not her supposed weekly trips to get her medication?

No. 767120

yeah her supposed drug testing once a week does not add up with everything else that shes been sperging about being home quarantined uwu so depressed uwu

No. 767121

yeah why don't you try a little bdsm bitch, see what it's really like when someone actually DOES hurts you just for fun. Then this whole goth phase aka death seeking attention whore will fade as well.

No. 767122

It's crazy because she's horrible at lying but an expert at gaslighting. She still has so many people defending her. But nothing ever adds up

No. 767123

Her histrionic attempts at getting sympathy will never fade.

No. 767132

File: 1585828580395.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200402_135407662.j…)

Kek another day another contradiction. The way she lies and manipulates really is something else.

Good catch anon. That's a very clear bruise from shooting up.

No. 767140

Wow, watching her existence is sad. This manic episode of making grandiose lies is so similar to when she couldn’t deny she was using with Jonny anymore and had to make one big last effort to have control.She’s losing it and has made it real clear she cannot handle being online.Obviously she needs a real rehab stay but she needs to address her deteriorating mental health with a professional. Girly’s gonna kill herself for sympathy if she doesn’t. Just look at what she’s doing to her leg. Mama Dean is gonna enable her six feet deep.

No. 767150

Wow that was manipulative. This person had a good point. You shouldn’t have something to apologize about every day. But it made Tay Tay made so she pulled out the “you hate me because I’m mentally ill” card and you only apologize so much because you’re insecure?? That wasn’t this persons point at all but okay. They’re saying you need to stop doin dumb shit that you have to apologize for

No. 767166

why her mom going grocery shopping “several times a week”? they’re only a family of four, once a week at the most is plenty. not to mention they apparently bought 2 extra freezers just for the pandemic lmao

No. 767168

Actually Taylor, you know what just go out as you please. She and her family deserve the consequences because this is also her mother's fault. If they don't want to listen to the "haters" then fine? It's not our responsibility to care for your immunocompromised son. Part of her probably wants to get the virus so she can get even more sympathy, too.

No. 767170

>I’m sorry for being annoying
jesus she acts like a preteen

No. 767171

this is the same attention whore who thinks heroin isnt going to kill her. she doesnt want to die lmao she lives off of lying to people and creating a false narrative about her entire life.

No. 767172

excuse you, whataburger fries and sweet tea are totally groceries

No. 767179

Who the fuck tells a drug dealer the address of their family and little brother wtf

No. 767184

right, I don't give a shit if she lives or dies but she should stop posting photos of her whoring around during quarantine, she's encouraging many people to do the same.
I know it's hard to resist posting selfies for asspats, taylor, and you love the controversy and getting to sperg for hours after you've done something questionable, but try doing something without blasting it online within 0.01 seconds.

No. 767195

File: 1585856701140.jpeg (428.3 KB, 750x1624, F0F2F2CD-B0DE-4C6E-ADDC-C5B16F…)

This isn’t milk, per se, but pretty fucking tone deaf to post after last night’s shenanigans

No. 767196


Not post, like*

No. 767197

The funny thing is, her livelihood is dependent on others being happy with her and her actions/decisions.

Well, if she drives her fan base off she can always get a job at Wattaburger.

No. 767201

That "sowwy uwu I was ignorant" fake apology of hers is such bullshit. Her lazy ass is on social media all day every day, how the fuck can she claim IGNORANCE lol

What did she think "stay home" means? I don't fucking buy it. She just thinks she's special and no rules can apply to her and people calling her out are just mean haturz. And her idiot mom enforces that fantasy.

No. 767202


I am constantly torn between her doing this deliberately for attention and her thinking she’ll be able to get away with it. Like what delusion do you live in where you think that your fan base (who was ALREADY MAD AT YOU FOR LEAVING THE HOUSE) would be ok with you leaving the house. Obviously some people are still defending her, but she’s losing fans fast

No. 767203

She never had to face real hard consequences because of her lies. This is one reason the other reason is, she has no idea how to act not like a histrionic brat. She needs therapy on so many levels. She doesn't care if she loses her fans, she will find other people that support her. She is lost but opportunistic.

No. 767207

This. Her mum kisses her ass and always picks up after her, no matter what. Taylor has never had to face real consequences or boundaries in her life, and she's never had to pick up her own messes, either. So with nothing ever being her fault, her frequent fuck-ups not "mattering", and never having to put in the work to make things right… yeah no wonder she's the way she is. She'll be a teenager forever, refusing to grow up.

No. 767212

this is so true. arguably her largest fuck up - renting that huge money pit of a house and turning it into a drug den then taking off to a cushy rehab leaving her parents to clean up the house and move her out while she stuffed herself with pizza breadsticks and didn't even complete her stint in rehab.

No. 767222

I give her YT career another two years, TOPS. Wtf is she going to do with her life? I’m sure her POS mother will encourage her to seek disability, which is a load of horse shit for obvious reasons. She can’t even put out a stupid YT video, so how would she even begin the paperwork/doctor visits for disability if she tried? She seriously has three options for her future currently:
1) die from an OD
2) cam girl
3) whataburger
What a pathetic lifestyle to choose all because you refuse to admit you have mental health issues that need to be addressed in INTENSIVE therapy.

No. 767231

this makes me think of the vice doc when she's at the table with her dad and he said that he could not think of any other job that she'd be able to do with her alleged illnesses. yikes. So I could see them getting her to apply for disability. I mean before jonny she seemed okay with living at her parents but maybe that was just because she can't handle living by herself and needs it to be someone with a dick

No. 767232

dunno how it works in murica, but up here in canada it's incredibly easy to fake anxiety or depression of some kind and get put on disability/ssi

No. 767241

You’re not getting disability for anxiety or depression unless it is an extreme case, like crippling, ha even then maybe. Her “EDS” would be what she could possibly get disability for

No. 767245

I'm from TX and have family on disability, you literally have to be near death for them to even consider you. They don't take mental disorders or physical disorders like EDS or fibromyalgia seriously so good look getting money for them. If she does get approved, the state makes her check go to her guardian aka her parents. She needs to suck it up and get a job, sorry for the blog.

No. 767251

You both obviously don't understand the privilege of being a young, white, upper-middle class girl in Red-state America…whose parents have enough money to pay a disability lawyer.
Let's be real, TND will never have to work a real job or ever have to accept responsibility unless she legit overdoses, and not just "shaking & crying on the bathroom floor".

No. 767253

anons please can we not start a (tentative) infight about something taylor’s never even mentioned doing before? it was just a tinfoil some anon said they think she’d do in the future, is it worth debating?

No. 767263

Taylor doesn't care anymore if she loses her fanbase, because now she can gain a whole new fan base that are in active addiction/romanticize drugs and who will lick her boot at any moment. She stopped being a family friendly channel/influence the moment she made that video about her addiction while looking like a damn whore, her reputation means nothing to her when she can just switch audiences and mama dean will come to her defense at any second - there isn't a hope inside for her anymore and she will live and die a sad cheap junkie. Her youtube career is already dead, her fans that she still have are losing faith in her - she's nothing on that platform anymore

No. 767265

File: 1585882870262.jpg (357.43 KB, 1620x1140, ZomboDroid 02042020200036.jpg)

Mama Dean went on a giant rant

No. 767266

4 glasses of wine in mom

No. 767267

File: 1585883697710.jpeg (227.99 KB, 750x682, 632876B3-FA4E-4B6E-9367-3A161F…)


No. 767268


People on Twitter: "Hey Mrs.Dean, maybe try to get ahold of your daughter who keeps breaking quarantine & maybe take this shit a bit more seriously considering your son is immunocompromised?"

Mrs.Dean: "…And you hate and you hate and…"

No. 767269

needs to work on her vocab a little bit but is mama dean drunkenly trying to start the next thread?

No. 767271

That's an entire family tree of mental gymnastics to excuse neglectful parenting, perpetual (genetic) self-victimization, and enabling.
Sometimes i wonder the endgame of this forum. Do we hope taylor ods, disappears, continues to lie for our entertainment? If she rehomed (/killed) everything and disappeared for 3 years, would we be happy? I honestly dont know. I know im hoping for some fucking honest self awareness. Even Tana Mongeau has some, and Thot looks up to her. I dunno. What are ya'll looking for, endgame to this addict-endgame? I dont want to snark til she ODs.

No. 767272

jfc don't blow a gasket, Jen. Half of that shit isn't even real. no one hated on her for leaving JC, in fact, everyone said it was a good move. everyone hates him. no one hated on her for going to rehab, in fact, SHE SHOULD GO BACK. she didn't even want to go in the first place, she said you were the one who made it happen at all.

after those points, you just started throwing any verb you could think of into a sentence to play victim for both of you. Get a grip and let your daughter take some responsibility. Send her back to rehab and stop coddling her.

No. 767282

Honestly I just want her to get better; start taking care of or rehome her pets, get sober, go to therapy, own up to her shit and stop making excuses for herself, stop lying about every little thing, start being more independent and responsible and upload more (or if she lost interest in yt, find something else to do with her life)

No. 767290

tinfoil: tayter got mama dean on heroin now /s

No. 767295


What (Stan's)/newfags think that lolcow is all one person, or that any of us want the same thing?

TBH, oldfags want to see TND fail. That's the point of her having 50 threads. People have tried to help and she won't ever get better/sober like Tuna.

"We" have no endgame except watching cows explode with milk.

No. 767298

I thought you hated her chasing dick and dressing slutty as well, jen. but you're the only one allowed to have an opinion on your daughter, gotcha.

there's no endgame. I haven't seen one instance of her changing her life for the better. she's going to keep going the way she is for years and years, long after lolcow loses interest for her. mark my words, you're going to look her up like 15 years from now and she's still living at home mooching off her parents.

No. 767301

I think she's gonna marry some poor fuck way before then. she can't survive without the attention of a man, she's gonna try to find someone who babies her just as much as her parents do because that's all she wants. someone to do everything for her so she can play animal crossing and neglect her animals, and someone who will give her physical affection the moment she asks for it. I give it 6 years before she's married, max, and if not she'll have ODed. I don't want her to die from OD though, I want her to grow the fuck up and take some responsibility in her life.

No. 767335

Whenever she’s off twitter for a few hours, she’s doing drugs. Think she’ll blame her relapse on the haturzz again?

No. 767345

She's on drugs when she's online too. Her entire Instagram rant was high. She definitely has a drug stash in her room and her mom doesn't care. She went to see Forest to buy more.

No. 767360

Hear hear anon. I am living this TND milk for quarantine, can’t wait to see what the stupid bitch is gonna get into.

They can’t go online without stirring up drama every time can they?

No. 767363

The only thing I'd like to see her do is rehome all her pets. I'm not sitting around waiting for her to die from an OD or hoping she enters rehab and takes it seriously. I don't care if she mooches off her parents for the rest of her life or gets her shit together. She's entertainment while I'm in lockdown waiting for this pandemic crap to be over. I don't hate or like her. She's just some temporary amusement.

No. 767370

File: 1585941143353.jpeg (387.68 KB, 750x831, 78C92B4A-C5CE-4E47-A5B3-658EF5…)

our princess is awake

No. 767371

File: 1585941193846.jpeg (129.9 KB, 1024x962, DCAE8FC4-A8F0-48A8-A319-9189E8…)

No. 767373

File: 1585942437682.jpeg (134.98 KB, 750x449, EC34CAE4-32F3-486A-B3DE-03A3DC…)

No. 767374

Omg she managed to make her hair even worse

No. 767376


it looks like she’s wearing a halloween costume, wig included

No. 767377

How does she think she looks better now

No. 767380

File: 1585944613718.jpg (377.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200403-131003.jpg)

Sure Jan

No. 767383


It’s like she regressed age-wise. Went from the average Instagram influencer aesthetic… to having her angsty teenager crisis in her twenties.

No. 767388

I feel like she's been in the same outfit for a week now.

No. 767390

Her editing that big bruise off her hand indicates that she most likely did relapse. She’s also got the other hand flipped around, which is curious.
I think she accidentally let that one slip because you can see the bruise in any other photo from that set >>766990

No. 767394

lmaoo you’re right, it looks like some zombie bride costume she got at party city for $24.99

No. 767395

I mean, where's the lie? Vivian telling all sorts of truth accidentally.

She's a bloated drunk and junkie with a narcissistic personality and an overblown sense of self-importance and creativity. Just like Marilyn Manson kek

No. 767396

Idk man both pictures show fake desperate tryhards with no sense of self, all that's changed is the colour pallate

No. 767397

agreed. they both look like costumes on her. I always thought the white outfit were some of her most tryhard pics and now she looks like that x10 with every new outfit. the outfit wears her and that is embarassing af

No. 767398

File: 1585950444532.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200403-144602_Ins…)

Has this been posted? Bigass hand bruise, and maybe bruises on the back of her upper arm?

No. 767405

Tinfoil, this is why she's given herself a ton of bruises and posting them so that she can blame her planned relapse with her new personal walking needle&dick bro on her EDS. All that bruise posting has been so she can simply wave away anyone exposing her bruises from being shot up / manipulate her stans into not believing anyone that points them out.

No. 767407

File: 1585952499570.jpeg (383.03 KB, 750x761, EEE84FA5-7372-439A-BBE6-B03639…)

jesus christ, I swear this girl doesn’t have any fucking real personality. she’s just an empty husk that takes the form of whatever’s popular or will attract whichever dick she’s chasing.

No. 767409

File: 1585952540811.jpeg (384.42 KB, 1241x1215, 9B16D8B1-D8DB-4E1E-B411-CE343F…)

No. 767410

she's in her 20s!!! flaunting the "i'm goth now" shit is what teenagers do

No. 767411

Watching TND is like watching Tiger King. Lots of drugs, madness, animal abuse and white thrash.

No. 767412

This. Is. So. Bad. Fuckin terrifying.

No. 767413

No energy for work, but plenty of energy to decorate her room like she’s an edgy 14 year old. Also love that she said she feels so ugly it’s affecting her mental health but couldn’t help but post selfies again, god she’s the worst

No. 767414

Her fashion sense is painfully at this point good lord, this black dress she’s been living in is like a shitty alt prom dress. I actually hate it more than that jumpsuit she was wearing around

No. 767417

Wow. She really has no taste at all. She just… throws money at websites or shops, and then throws it all on her room. No discernment and no eye for what would look good. It's just junk on top of junk.

No. 767427

File: 1585956170071.jpeg (174.92 KB, 750x534, 3F6A0E57-4F86-4AB0-AA07-1E70BC…)

very edgy tay

No. 767432

It's not edgy. The Easter bunny in AC is being memed on hard right now because it's basically a 10 day long grind quest where eggs replace actual items you need to craft. Shes definitely just jumping on the bandwagon though kek theres been 100s of memes done about it already.

Also love that she said she was dysmorphic but has posted a selfie every single day since then. Selfies arent inherently a sign of being self absorbed but the amount of selfies Taylor takes is insane. Its mutiple almost daily and shes not even a SW or a cosplay model who's job it is to take pictures of themselves. She probably has more outtake selfies on her one phone than some people have taken of themselves over the past 3 years. Anyone who believes Taylor doesnt think shes "hot shit" when posting them should go back to when she was literally in lingerie taking selfies in her mom's bathroom.

No. 767433


In both photos, this looks like the room of a 16-year-old girl. NOT a twenty-something ADULT WOMAN. GROSS.

No. 767439

thought I was in the Heather Sparkles thread

No. 767448


I'm unemployed I don't wanna grow up look.

Her room is a fucking disgrace, even worse because she's living with mommy and daddy. The entire room is just visual noise, not the room of a 23yo who has their shit together.

She should honestly be ashamed for living like this. The best she could do with all her YT money was go back to shooting up. she pathetic trash.

No. 767459

As annoying as it is, I don't think it's inherently wrong for her to like childish shit. But I also don't find it that surprising considering she literally has no personality of her own. All the shit she's buying is going to be tossed in a couple months when she finds another dick to hop on, because she molds herself after the men she likes. Wouldn't be surprising if she came full circle and suddenly started to wear pastels and dress cutesy.

No. 767469

I still can’t get over the fact she openly said that she didn’t know grocery shopping was for …providing food…and a necessity. What are you gonna do? Eat your animals?

No. 767476

>>767459 I’m not annoyed at the childishness either. I’m annoyed that her whole ass personality is buying shit. I legitimately could not name a genuine hobby or interest that she has other than online shopping.

No. 767477

File: 1585968261895.jpeg (90.95 KB, 466x458, 6CEEDD86-73F4-476B-B871-E4FE8F…)

Tinfoil. She took photos in the same outfit again because she was upset she couldn’t use the photos from the original photo shoot because of the backlash so she took it again in order to use the look for her profile pics without criticism about when they were taken

No. 767478

I figure they were all taken the same night just in dif bathrooms cuz…ho. and shes spacing out posting them

No. 767479

>>767478 god that’s somehow worse because it’s from the same night

No. 767481


Just further evidence that she's a hoarder. She's like a dragon from stories, she just wants to sit on her pile of treasure, not a single regard for what anything is.

No. 767484

Hate to burst your bubble but I think that’s a stain or some kind of residue on the mirror making it look like she has discoloration or a large bruise on her hand. It goes over to the edge of the mirror and partly where her arm is

No. 767487

Shaddup thot, you blurred everything around that hand. Clean your bedroom, mirror, and change your clothes.(hi cow)

No. 767490

I can definitely see a needle mark inside of the bruise, she's either getting bad at hiding her shit again or she's too high to realize what she's posting or both. I'd say that at this point Forest is 100% her fuck buddy drug dealer.

No. 767496

File: 1585979364507.jpeg (499.76 KB, 1080x2280, C6F8B48D-B8F6-4917-ACCE-217F01…)

…I’m guessing you think I’m Taylor or smth. Upped the contrast so you can see the very obvious stain on the mirror. I get wanting milk but there’s no reason to just make shit up

No. 767499

That’s not a stain bby. Sage even if your pointless pic bumps it anyways.

No. 767504

Eh I see what they're saying. It's like a big splooge stain that got partially wiped off. It's a white mark. It goes over the reflection of the bookshelf.

No. 767507

Ayrt, I hear you, I really don’t see it though. Looks like a big bruise only on her hand. I don’t see anything on the bookshelf, but who cares she’s still abusing in some way wether we speculate on it or not. It’s subs, food, drugs, or alcohol or sex. She can’t help it it the 15% in her

No. 767517

File: 1585992552413.png (332.5 KB, 541x640, Captur345e.PNG)

>I said sorry and donated

No. 767518

That's a dirty mirror stain, no bruise. The mirror has multiple stains like that.

No. 767521

so her solution to a problem is yet again throwing money at it?!

No. 767528


I do not see where you are getting a dirty mirror over a bruise. That looks exactly like a bruise in the same spot it always is. And given how she hung out with Forest recently, it makes sense.

No. 767534

taylor is the only person stupid enough to say thank you to a sentence that is essentially "you went from [woman famous for her beauty and class] to [paedophile]"

No. 767551

The stains are not the darker parts it's the lighter parts around the "darker" parts. Her "dark" spot on the hand, for example, is right in-between lighter spots of the dirty mirror. So you can't really see if there is a darker spot because of the higher contrast provoked by the lighter spots of the filthy mirror. This pic is not a good evidence that she is having dark marks. She could but you can't say it for sure because of the greasy mirror.

No. 767552

File: 1586008947728.jpeg (284.99 KB, 902x1792, 72C92886-494F-4C3F-8F38-A08EF9…)

Ok I see everyone debating the hand, but wtf is this protruding out of her arm?

No. 767553

>>767517 “the coronavirus fund” hm thats a charity I’ve never heard of. She definitely didn’t donate to a charity or she would have said the name

No. 767554

You can see it in the high contrast pic too

No. 767555

There is also a smear on the mirror. There are multiple. Every lighter part is where the light couldn't reflect properly and scattered. This is the reason it looks lighter and not sharp.

No. 767558

Looks like it could be the contraceptive implant?

No. 767559

That's put in on the inside of your arm where you have soft tissue, not the outside.

No. 767560

100% Smear on the mirror. Looks like a kiss mark on the mirror too near her hand… gross

No. 767561

File: 1586015555776.jpeg (313.71 KB, 1095x1795, 4F8A6871-2FC5-4922-A393-1E9093…)

JFC it's a stain in the mirror, can we all stfu already

No. 767567

File: 1586019057045.jpeg (344.62 KB, 1242x2208, 726C59FD-EA9E-43DF-A023-24144E…)

No, anon, I think you’re wrong. I believe that is a bruise on her hand that meets up with a shadow as the shadow is apparent in another picture where she was standing in the previous picture but there is no discoloration on the mirror present outside of the shadow.

You’re wrong.

No. 767568

May I introduce you to the magic of different angles.

No. 767569

File: 1586019410222.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1854, 5C9EBEF4-5082-4F4A-9845-8B5C90…)

The smudge does not appear in that area at any capacity in any other photo.
As you can reference the actual smudge that contributes no discoloration to her hand or skin in any other photo.
Now please stop being retarded.

No. 767570

So, where is the bruise in your super eye opening zoom-ins?

No. 767571

It seems like no.. I'm tired.

No. 767573

Are we about to act like Taylor Dean is a stranger to photoshop now?
Even in Facetune this would take about 3 seconds.
The point is, the argument is retarded to begin with but the brownish area does not appear in any other area. There is also a shadow that is cast down where you believe there is a smudge.

The “brown” area is not reflected in any other area, as it would show in other images and turn that brown as well.

No. 767574

Most of your arm is soft tissue, muscle is soft tissue.

No. 767575

Have you read and took a look at any of the other stuff here? We don't refer to a brown spot we refer to a more light area(s). The smudge is not brown it is white-ish. Possible grease from the hands or whatever she rubbed on the mirror surface. You cherry picking here that it fits your narrative.

No. 767576

No. 767577

No. 767578

For real, though.

No. 767590

File: 1586025338575.jpeg (409.86 KB, 553x777, 7556BAB3-9C01-4531-85BF-1A40DF…)

It's over here retard

No. 767601

Give it a rest, guys. We already know she's using again so who really cares about a smudge or a bruise on a couple of skanky pics.

No. 767603

I’m sorry, but is that turning anything brown? A white smudge won’t look like a bruise. You’re a fucking idiot.

No. 767606

Shut the fuck up about the fucking mirror.

No. 767607

thank you, good god. i know the milk is dry but can we all stop sperging please.

No. 767610

She looks like a teenager playing dress up or something. Her styling is real juvenile looking? Arrested development up the ass I know, just like, sheesh.

No. 767615

the milk isn't dry, the milk is GONE and has been since jc left

now she's just an addict and you can find those outside easily

this thread is just for girls who get catharsis from pointing out meaningless shit and the obvious "she's fat/she's ugly/she has bruises/ she overshares/she lies/she's CRINGE!!"

No. 767617


Lol let’s relax. She’s still neglecting her animals and putting people at risk by breaking quarantine.

No. 767635

Cool you don’t care about the animals but some of us do. If there was some way she could never own AKA exploit another animal again I would happily forget about her. I’m here because her animals are still suffering and so many people don’t care.

No. 767670

the other anon is right tho. shes just gonna be the junkiest junkie that junked ever.

shes basically given up the animals at this point, theyre all bookshelfed away in her closet or rotting in some shitty enclosure. im sure mama dean said fuck it weeks ago and quit taking care of the animals

thread should just slow down and not publish every waking moment of her going on some drug induced rant and wait for something real to happen. her deleting shit is exciting for maybe 2 seconds but shes been doing this every day for the past month or whenever the fuck she started using again. its not milky

No. 767671

File: 1586090931453.png (552.01 KB, 657x607, botched.PNG)

tays made it onto /r/botchedsurgeries. a lot of the comments are calling her out on her animal hoarding and being a general lying junkie, nice(not milk)

No. 767674

this was already posted

No. 767741

File: 1586129563094.jpeg (198.83 KB, 1242x1819, B371D279-5F3A-4E0A-8666-72E32A…)

The irony of everything this woman says

No. 767783


Another thing about her new layer of tack is its new which means she probably ordered it after isolation began. While she has the right to order what she pleases, what she did order is not a priority worth increasing delivery personnel's risk of exposure.

No. 767789


Actually, Taylor is the center of the world and she was feeling depressed. I think the risk was worth it.

No. 767812

cute, reminds me of my bedroom when i was a teenager!

No. 767931

no sign of the video (or the livestream she promised if she didn't have a video up) and she's gone awfully quiet. >>766705 called it

No. 767935

>inb4 “I was just sooooo insecure and suicidal all day that I couldn’t livestream”

No. 767954

too busy crying on the floor again I guess

not at all tweaked out in some brodick's den, of course

No. 768062

File: 1586311581087.jpeg (427.71 KB, 750x901, BFDE64CA-A7BC-482A-AB88-6406AE…)

No. 768064

What's the opposite of a "glow up"?

No. 768066

She had a hoe up

No. 768068

or a "burn down"

No. 768069

File: 1586312973774.jpg (772.14 KB, 1079x1841, Screenshot_20200407-222243_Sam…)


No. 768070


jesus Christ is this the same person?

No. 768071

i love that she HAS to get out of hiding to stroke her ego like this.

No. 768072

Congrats, you went from a normal looking teen to a gross looking heroin blowup troll doll. What a win, TayTay!

No. 768075

Hoe down

No. 768081

Aw Taylor… most people do the opposite and have their emo phase in middle/high school. You’re not special

No. 768086

Hoe down throw down

No. 768108

Jesus Tay, you aged 20+ years in 8. Her lips looked super cute in 2012.

No. 768116

wannabe emo vs. tryhard goth

No. 768135

I cant see current Taylor at all in this little girl's face. Im so confused.

No. 768138

she would have been so beautiful today, without all the lip injections and heroin and whataburgers and junkie face tattoo boyfriends and and

No. 768139

idk what anons are talking about, she looks awful in here too, just a completely diferente kind of awful
was she photoshopping back then too? bc I don't remember her face being so long and her eye shape being so weird

No. 768164

She has always had a long face and downturned eyes, very masculine features. Which is why she looks like a drag queen with her current lips.

No. 768165

her entire existence is a giant botch

No. 768168


I see taking pictures in dingy bathroom has been a consistent theme in her life. Some things never change.

No. 768195

Have to say quarantine feels longer when Taylor is not doing stupid stuff.

No. 768203

File: 1586393392611.jpeg (287.78 KB, 750x788, 41117D5C-F6A4-410C-A5F1-2E36F8…)

No. 768207


Pot, meet kettle.

No. 768209

File: 1586394889778.jpg (291.68 KB, 1079x801, Screenshot_20200408-211322_Sam…)

Tay the psych major

No. 768212

They are literally the same person, down to the exotic pets. Both are animal abusers getting a ton of praise.

No. 768214

can taylor please get a tiger or other big cat after seeing it's possible? Even a large monkey would be great. Her thirst thot saga has been pretty boring

No. 768218

I'm starting to think she just stirs the pot. She wants to be compared because it gives her more attention, she doesn't care that it's negative.

Best to just ignore this obvious bait. She can't be a victim when people are ignoring her. Boring cow gets off on the stuff here.

No. 768224

She does realize he accidentally killed himself right? He was fucking around pointing the gun at someone, got told off, said that the gun wouldn't fire because of a dumb reason then stuck the gun to his head and pulled the trigger to show that it was safe. While he obviously had some major traumas to work through he wasn't intentionally trying to kill himself it was shitty gun safety that killed him. But go off Taylor.

No. 768240

Remember her having that gun after rehab? Taylor does not know a thing about trigger discipline or gun safety lol

No. 768242

I think she's more like that bitch Carole Baskin. She acts like her animal care is above other pet tubers or the general public when her enclosures are always small and she's making mistakes all the time. She used to work for a pet store that she claims is cruel and terrible yet she still buys things from them.
She'll claim that wild caught things are bad and get wild caught animals all the time.
She has a few Joe qualities, eg- drugs and bad fashion sense, but her hypocritical nature is Carole to a tee.

No. 768243

You hit the nail on the head, anon. Just like Carole, Taylor has a humongous saviour complex and thinks she's helping animals by hoarding them. Both also have a taste for questionable, abusive guys involved in drugs (Don's money really was not kosher, and that Costa Rica connection, well).

No. 768248

Oh how will we have seen that if our expert psych queen did not bluntly point it out with her massive experience of dealing with trauma healthily.

The world is a better place now.

No. 768251

This is just her making everything about herself as usual. She's trying to say SHE'S Travis without actually saying it.

No. 768254

Literally nobody is saying Joe Exotic or anybody in that documentary is a good person. If she thinks that she is missing the point of the hype. What an idiot. But that's no surprise.

No. 768255

Was literally thinking the same thing. No one thinks he’s a good person, and here Taylor is trying to take the high ground and patronize to an audience that doesn’t exists.

No. 768256

Taylor has more in common with Joe than Travis. She’s trying to act like she hasn’t killed dozens of animals and doesn’t have her own private group chat of underaged followers to manipulate.

No. 768271

I also think she giving her opinion on how shitty Joe is so people don't watch it and tweet comparisons at her. She probably felt low-key attacked when she watched it.
I think the other reason is even though she's an absolute basic bitch with trends she tries to come off as not like the other girls and so different. She's probably seen how popular the documentary has been and wants to go against the grain. But you are right, no-one thinks Joe or anyone is great, they are all awful, it's just that they are memeable and the documentary itself is interesting.
But of course Taylor has to virtue signal about it like she's above it. It's weird how she tries to tell people not to judge junkies because you don't know their journey uwu but then on the other hand she will condemn others of she sees fit.

No. 768277

I believe Joe himself has said that what was done wasn't right and he wants to put it all behind him and move on with his life. He's sober now and in prison so Taylor shouldn't be condemning him she should be celebrating him and congratulating him on his how ever many sober months he has. I mean her logic makes what he did in the past mute since he was on drugs at the time so you really can't be mad at him because it was the drugs. Or is that only for Taylor herself to gaslight people and make them feel bad about being mean to her because it wasn't her own shitty care that killed animals it was drugs.

No. 768281

has anyone leaked exactly what goes on in that chat? because that is one of the sketchiest things about her to me

No. 768284

Only Taylor is allowed to blame her behaviour on drugs and depression. No-one else. She's allowed to throw as many stones as she likes because she's always right.

No. 768285

Yes. Screenshots and, I believe, a video scrolling through the chat were leaked and posted here in a past thread, around the time Taylor was in sober living. There may have been a couple other screenshots of the chat released before then, but the big blow up was when Taylor gave one of the underaged girls a snake and didn’t tell her it had a severe RI, iirc

No. 768325

Jen just tweeted that she believes tanner is getting sick, Taylor should be held accountable for it :( poor kid(imageboard :()

No. 768328

this is an image board

No. 768331

File: 1586480412195.jpeg (143.38 KB, 750x965, B945199F-052D-4AA3-A448-CAEC9A…)

I think this is the tweet they’re talking about

No. 768345

File: 1586485779154.jpeg (1.8 MB, 3464x3464, 55A00EC4-0C66-4C61-A524-BB6650…)

I really don’t understand how she has any fans left. How many times are you going to say you’ll upload, or live stream, and then go sorry mental health uwu lmao I’m so tired of her word vomit

No. 768349


How many times in this thread alone has she posted a wall of text full of excuses? Sometimes I’m checking to see if I’m scrolled all the way down or if I’m on the part of the thread from weeks ago where she posted a DIFFERENT wall of text saying NOTHING.

No. 768354

This is the exact same shit she has posted every other week for almost a year now. Ever since she got our of rehab she is like "I want to get back into making content" and then does nothing for 4+ months. Just fuck off then

No. 768355

If she really reacted to criticism like this then she wouldn’t be such a trash person who hasn’t changed

No. 768357

You forgot the caveat: she's always right except when she's been shot up by jonny craig, and then she's shaking and crying.

No. 768388

its almost as if obessing over your ex might have made you spiral, imagine that (if she wasn't a lazy poc of cpurse and it was actually true that she was uwu soo struggling)

No. 768394

File: 1586506815811.jpeg (359.79 KB, 750x671, 5B672CFF-1B3C-4D94-8649-6FD4E5…)

Twitter rant on Joe Exotic again, she really have to insert her ex story and “abuse” into the narrative again.

No. 768395


If she wants to talk about her ex and HER experiences, I wish she wouldn’t preface it pretending she’s talking in general or about someone else and then proceed to go off about how it’s about her and no one else. That whole thing could have been said without the first tweet.

No. 768396

She does realize she did the same shit to Johnny's exes pretending to "support" them.

No. 768397

Did she forget that (from her own mouth) the band was worried about her, and had isolated her to make sure she was ok?
Did she forget about all of her friends that tried to reach out?
She’s an idiot.

No. 768401

Will sound shitty but Taylor wasn't a victim perse both were fuckups, she was abusive with him has well.

Taylor threaten him with suicide
Sabotage an attempt of the band to get JC under control
Would have let him die in the floor for OD (always carry narcan to help your fellow drug addict uwu~)

They were a toxic relationship and she did just has many shitty things, not saying JC is innocent since he definitely is an emotional and financial abuser

No. 768417

that fucking emoji though. it's almost as if it's all a big joke to her.
as for her holding taylor accountable if someone does get sick, that's never going to happen.

No. 768420

She doesn't care if Tanner dies, it means she can go to Disney whenever she wants

No. 768422

The Dean’s family lack of self awareness and their inflated victim mindset is astounding!

No. 768423

Not a single minute I believe that she is actually under professional help for her mental health right now.

People going through therapy don’t continue to do the shit post the way that she does.

Log off taylor.

No. 768424

Don’t forget about Taylor’s constant lmao and lol in everything too.

No. 768426

That's her self defense mechanism. Then she can say she's "laughing at the haters".

And those haters sure are mad while they post absolute walls of text all hours of the night and sleep all day!…. oh.. wait…

No. 768427

Her family wanted to get her out of that relationship asap and Taylor called the damn cops on her dad and them moved in with Jonny.

She saw how he acted towards his exes and still didn't think that's a red flag. She even made fun about them.
She really is the biggest hypocrite.

No. 768458

So basically:
1) I’ve relapsed over and over and am currently doing drugs because ~uwu mental health and Jonny Craig~
2) NOTHING is ever my fault, it’s the ~uwu obsessive haturzzz~ and they’re the reason I can’t edit any of videos I have recorded right now. So sucks to suck if you’re only a fan for my pet content because you aren’t getting a video because did I mention ~uwu haturzzz, JC and bad mental health?~

No. 768460

Don't forget when she also blocked both of her parents from contacting her as well. It's probably why they started breaking down, trying to call the cops, talking to randos on the internet, etc.

It's funny because all she (and Forrest) would have to do is stop fucking posting photos to the public. Literally all she has to do is stop being an attention whore and nobody would even have any "evidence" to point anything out with. If she just posted mundane things like any other normie, there wouldn't even be any problems. But nope she had to go the path of edgy internet thot and word vomit lies 24/7 on twitter purely for attention. Well, she got it.

No. 768480

We know that's physically impossible for Taylor.

Taking selfies to get attention and "yaas kweens" from her teenage fans is a dopamine rush Taylor cant handle not having when shes on a come down.

No. 768489

I'm 90% certain that if coronavirus hadn't cancelled Taylor's California trip she would be back together with Jonny by now. It was so obvious her multiple failed trips to LA were to see him.

No. 768495

File: 1586557280010.png (493.67 KB, 1124x932, cap.png)

kind of old but the the rant was in reference to this, not joe.

No. 768498

Fair enough anon, apologies for not lurking better.


No. 768499


you need to type "sage" into the email field of your reply my dude

No. 768501

It doesnt really bother me that Taylor calls out these people for supporting JC because hes a serial abuser and rapist but what does irk me is that SHE was doing the exact same thing that shes calling this person out for doing when she was with him.

Any of his exes could have said "you witnessed me come crying about you to him" because they all texted her warning her about what he did to them. Now all of a sudden that its TAYLOR in that position people need to STOP IMMEDIATELY or they're horrible rapist shields. Could you imagine the shit fit and have if 2 years ago someone tweeted at her the exact same thing? Shes the only one allowed to turn a blind eye and defend someone shitty, everyone else is a horrible person for it.

How much do you want to bet if any allegations came out against any of her new dick appointments she'd switch from "everyone needs to believe victims" to "well we dont know the full story and people can change!" I mean I doubt the ex junkie she met in rehab who harassed her via text and gave her a gun was a loving supportive boyfriend to his previous partners kek

No. 768503

Jesus Christ, Taylor. You just finished writing a novel about how bad publicly talking about Johnny was ruining your mental health, and here you are: publicly talking about Johnny.
Get a fucking therapist and get the fuck off twitter.

No. 768505

File: 1586561490083.jpeg (246.91 KB, 1242x1054, 1F649177-8423-4C95-B0F8-BC5AC5…)

No. 768508

already posted

No. 768510

She got no tits

No. 768515

I reckon Jony Craig probably lobbed them off when she was in a heroin induced coma

No. 768516

File: 1586570068371.jpeg (454.58 KB, 750x1096, 39B31134-7C33-4514-93CC-3C3A60…)

No. 768517

LOLLLL so adding a third cat to the mix? Why not. Id give it a week of "omg guys help me find him a home!" "anyone know whos kitty?" before Hes already settled in and happy so im going to keep him(:

No. 768519

You mean a FOURTH cat?

But yes this cat will probably be added to her hoard like Star was.

No. 768533

This was basically her EXACT story with Star, found a "random stray" and had to keep her because there was a storm coming. It's like she's too lazy about the animals she hoards to even give them their own stories.

No. 768535

>"doesn't seem to be feral"
>posts video of roughly scratching cat's stomach
this bitch. So fucking stupid lmao what an ~animal educator~ we have

No. 768538

Why would you just give it away without trying to find the owner???? It's so obvious she's not attached to animals at all and doesn't understand that other people are

No. 768539

People in the comments are telling her to keep ot

No. 768543

She’s asking if anyone lost a cat in the tweet.

No. 768546

Doesn't look like the same cat. The one Taylor found has a jagged looking ear, this one has two pointy ears and more white on its chin

No. 768547

Can’t tell if it’s underweight? Wtf she has three cats and can’t tell when a cat is underweight? She should NOT be owning cats if she can’t even tell when a cat is healthy or not

No. 768555

Learn how to read and comprehend before you lose your fucking mind.

No. 768557


She's only tried via social media so far, quite a few comments are saying to take it to a vet for a microchip search, so that an owner can be found that way.

No. 768568

Honestly that and the fact that she can't even tell its sex even though she's owned cats for 2 years now tells me all I need to know about her extensive cat knowledge.

No. 768576

While social media is powerful, the chances of finding a missing cat on Twitter is… low unless you or someone you know follows the person.

There are websites for missing pets and of course vets can check for microchip which most cats don't have but this does not mean that the cat is abandoned or not cared for. Hell, local Facebook groups (assuming those exist in her area) will normally have a few posts about lost pets and are much better than twitter.

I bet she won't bother posting this cats info or pictures in any of those sites or even go through missing pets in her/surrounding areas because she doesn't care.

No. 768577

This is so fucking stupid and so typically Taylor lol

Any sane person would bring the cat to a vet to get its chip read, and then take it to a shelter. That's what you do with found animals. But no, Taylor's all "well no one on Twitter said it was their pet so I get to keep it!!!! I saved another poor poor animal!!!"

She's so stupidly predictable and trasparent.

No. 768581

during a pandemic? retard.fuck ske

No. 768582

so yes. its good she's not taking a cat to the vet during a pandemic. shut up.

No. 768585

Vets are still open and they're not exactly going to be full of COVID-19 patients like hospitals. All she has to do is call them and she can just get the cat scanned for a chip and they'd probably do it right out in the parking lot to prevent exposure.

Or, you know, just turn the cat over to a shelter where any logical person would first look for their missing animal.

All Tay needs is one more cat to add to her hoard.

No. 768586

all the vets in my area are asking that owners stay in their car, a tech will come get your dog and then bring it back to the car when the checkup is done. vets are an essential business and taylor lives in a much bigger city than i do, so it's certainly much less dangerous to have the cat checked than it is to say, get dicked down by her bro, etc. don't be dumb.

No. 768587

That's what every vet is doing, can confirm. The pandemic is 100% not an excuse to be negligent in this situation

No. 768589

File: 1586616935457.jpeg (498.85 KB, 1242x1988, A0E8D467-1540-486D-80D3-CCEDC3…)

Super amazing animal educator doesn’t fucking know what feral means. That cat obviously is not feral. Can this bitch please stop stealing people’s pets and shoving them in her tiny bedroom at her parent’s house.

No. 768591

It seems she has no experience with STRAY cats at all? So what are the chances one would just show up at her door? It's funny she is calling it "they" because she can't even sex a fucking mammal? Her education on cats is worrying considering how many she has and for how long she has had them and the fact that she tried to basically nurse them from kittens plus one dying. Jesus Christ. Cats aren't even a hard pet to own.

No. 768606


Cats might possibly carry COVID19 in their fur. Bit dumb to bring it in to the house…

No. 768612

I thought she was hilariously unprepared to care for cats before, but not being able to sex a FULLY GROWN cat? It's ridiculous.

Surely someone as dick-driven as Taylor ought to recognize male genitalia on a cat lol

No. 768613

that should dissipate within a few days

No. 768615

Neutered male cats often don't show much of anything especially if they where a kitten when they got altered. I'm not saying Taylor isn't a dumb bitch but with fixed cats it's pretty hard to tell the gender just by looking at them.

No. 768623

File: 1586635346169.jpg (505.43 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20200411-160203_Chr…)

No. 768626

File: 1586637307217.png (1.44 MB, 1125x2436, C4EC6A38-578C-4414-A5D8-F3EA31…)

Bitch says she got them done the day before quarantine but legit got them done after the wedding which was a few days to a week after quarantine started…. ya know, the wedding that was the reason she apologized for breaking quarantine the first time. Her fans are so brain dead

No. 768627

it really. really isnt that hard. It especially isnt hard to tell if an adult cat is underweight. If they are a female. there is another hole right under their butt. If they are a male, there isn't. She also has two male cats that were neutered as kittens so she should be able to compare them to sex a cat. Or look for a spay scar. Even if they were neutered young, you can generally see some kind of scrotum. It just isnt THAT hard and if you look closely, you should be able to tell. And also she's an aNiMaL eDuCaToR she should be able to sex a mammal

No. 768628

she has to get her fix somewhere, if not from drugs then from animals… and she has to be able to say 'I SAVED HIM' to fulfill her savior/god complex

No. 768629


Sorry, I'm confused. Your mom has to clean your room for you and drive you around to get fast food and tattoos. You literally do nothing for yourself at home. You lay in your own filth while your mom cleans around you and cares for your pets. And now you claim to change the litter TWICE a day and rotate where the animals roam? Bitch, you lay on your floor "sobbing" for hours and hours because someone on the internet asked you if you were going to honor your promise to stop talking about JC, you are a useless disgusting slug and you don't do anything for your animals outside of poking at them and bothering them for photo ops once in awhile.

No. 768631

She's really fucking bragging about having 2 litterboxes for 3 cats?! The rule is n+1 with litterboxes where n is the number of cats in the house, literally EVERYONE knows this rule. It's not controversial. She should have 4 litterboxes with 3 cats.

No. 768632

When she says she changes the litter multiple times per day I assume she just means she scoops out their shit?

No. 768633


you mean her mom does

No. 768641

Did this ungrateful, lazy cunt just suggest that her mom sleeps for 12 hours a day?
Her mom, who takes care of two retards and a hoard of animals sleeps almost as much as her junkie neet daughter?

No. 768649

File: 1586643837592.jpg (182.35 KB, 1536x385, Screenshot_20200412-002311.jpg)

Update on the cat.

No. 768650

You’ve been told/asked this five million fucking times, please learn to sage your shit.

No. 768651

Looks like that cat has a sense of self-preservation. "No way is this bitch getting 1 out of 9 from me."

Her room must reek to high heavens. And she wants to add another cat to the mix when her existing cats are already crammed into one room with overlapping, minuscule territories.

No. 768653

File: 1586644786716.jpg (220.91 KB, 1536x637, Screenshot_20200412-002258.jpg)

Yeah so weird Taylor with your constant obsessing over bro dicks, getting dicked down and crap.

No. 768655

she really still only has 2 litterboxes for 3 cats?

No. 768662

Looks like it, but don't worry, anon. Her cats are thriving. She'll probably tell you that 3 cats only need 1 litterbox so she's going above and beyond by having 2 she cleans multiple times per day.

No. 768668

Tanner is an innocent kid, anon, can we please not insult him?

lmao this bitch always invents the most elaborate lies and for what
no sane person would be able to keep up such a messy system, much less poor depressive recoverong junkie Taylor
and even then, wouldn't her cats (or dogs) pee on everything because of the smell of each other in the rooms?

No. 768672


Did you really just insult a dependent child who has Prader-Willi Syndrome because he was born with a genetic disorder? gtfo

Just take it to get checked for a chip and dump it at a shelter. This animal isn't feral, it's way too human-friendly and sociable.

No. 768673

Retard-anon, of the three of you, Tanner is the only one I am calling a retard without it being an insult. Because his genetics means he is actually "retarded" in his development.
I don't need to explain TND, but you're retarded for moralfagging on lolcow.

No. 768685

I’m sure she has his album on repeat tho. We all know she wants him back lolllol

No. 768687

i swear nobody on this site knows how to read. she didn’t say her mom slept for 12 hours a day, she said her cats were able to roam for 12 hours a night plus all the different times during the day when the dogs are outside. the explanations she gives are already bullshit enough as it is without you all trying to twist them

No. 768701

Small dick comment

No. 768702


You're on a gossip board talking shit about a clearly mentally ill, drug addict, young ass girl.. how are you better than someone sayin retarted? LMFAOOOOO

No. 768704

ntayrt but regardless, shes either saying she traps dogs in a room for 12 hours+ or she traps cats in a room for 12 hours+ - shes dropped herself in it either way.

No. 768723



No. 768726

File: 1586695874670.jpeg (436.28 KB, 828x1792, ED6F8F25-04B0-4CF1-B4BF-EBD890…)

Next bro-dick??

No. 768739

He’s been all over her posts. Looks like a cringelord match made in heaven tbh: full fashion tattoo coverage before he hit his twenties.

No. 768740

File: 1586698962244.png (3.32 MB, 750x1624, B70A4189-6F09-46C1-9CDB-8C33D5…)

Just clicked onto his stories and he has a fucking Pokemon ball hand tattoo. Really hope he gets with Taylor so we can enjoy the shit-show that follows.

No. 768743

File: 1586699849920.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1795, 2D7C9DAB-CA27-44F0-9542-CDA0EA…)

I’m gonna guess he’s the reason she got her dumbass “1997” knuckle tattoos. She truly has no personality of her own

No. 768746

Haha I shoulda creeped harder that’s funny.

No. 768753

I know these days every idiot who wants to be "cool" is covered in shitty tattoos, but this is exceptionally bad. Subject matter, placements, execution, it's just a fucking mess. It lools less like tattoos, and more like some Sharpies exploded in his backpack pocket, and he accidentally stuck his hand down in there.

No. 768775

>yalls babies
can't wait for the tnd pregnancy saga though.

No. 768790

File: 1586720439486.png (224.97 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20200412-224001.png)

of course taylor is still asleep lmao

No. 768796

22 years old and her Ma still makes her an “Easter basket” so she doesn’t get jealous of her special needs little brother: remarkable.

No. 768811

File: 1586731302308.png (379.28 KB, 449x756, Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 6.40…)

No. 768813

File: 1586731327329.png (401.45 KB, 448x770, Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 6.40…)

No. 768815

If all breeders felt has entitled like her she wouldn't have even a dog to begin with

No. 768816

Yalls babies would be so fire??

“So fire”
Like a music track
Like a plate of food
That’s the only time I’ve heard this term be used. Lol

This person is probably why

No. 768818

White *

No. 768821


what a stupid nitpick, most parents make both their kids an easter basket. god forbid taylors mom actually does something nice for her.

No. 768823

She must be realising she's bringing in nowhere near as much money as she used to. Nitpick but it always bothers me when she gets the basics wrong regarding reefing. Your clownfish don't do the hosting, the anemone does! Rookie error.

No. 768824

File: 1586733439853.png (76.43 KB, 538x612, Capture.PNG)

update on the cat

No. 768826

File: 1586733529690.png (101.89 KB, 482x857, Capture.PNG)

here we go again

No. 768828

File: 1586735370719.png (651.17 KB, 1242x2208, 00754DC5-B9D4-4931-B2E5-CE3B57…)

This honestly annoys me more than anything else Taylor has done recently. You don’t get to call out joe exotic when you neglect and deep fry your animals to death and lock your cats up for “only 12 hours a day” with two litter boxes.

No. 768829

god she does not need to take in another cat. she definitely preparing everybody for it. poor thing

No. 768830

She needs to give these cats up. Locking them up 12 hours a day is not a thing you should do. She already has three cats! I don't even believe they're getting time out

No. 768831

Imagine being so self serving that you think you’re educated to speak on the proper care of big cats when you: barely graduated high school; have no secondary education whatsoever; can’t even properly care for your 3 house cats.

Disclaimer: I think Joe is shit but this is rich coming from Tayter thot

No. 768832

The operative word there is “kids”, which Taylor isn’t.

No. 768844

Yes this is a stupid nitpick lol I've seen lots of posts on facebook today with parents making easter baskets and the like for their adult children who are home with them over quarantine, especially if there are younger siblings in the house. It's far from the saddest part of Taylor's life.

No. 768845

File: 1586739656450.jpg (277.9 KB, 1080x1004, 20200413_030007.jpg)


No. 768846

Jesus fucking Christ the lack of self awareness.

No. 768848


Love that she only gets her information from her twitter feed and if it’s not there, no one is talking about it apparently kek

No. 768858

File: 1586747336525.jpg (616.11 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200412-200806.jpg)


No. 768863

File: 1586748915098.jpeg (327.73 KB, 1125x605, 5DB0CAB3-EDD6-4616-BB6F-3D9458…)

deleted just now. posting for posterity and because the irony is palpable.

No. 768872

File: 1586752731425.jpg (220.86 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200413_123842_588.jpg)

taylor giving unsolicited advice

No. 768873

File: 1586752778039.jpg (570.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200413-123217_Twi…)


No. 768874

File: 1586752953541.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1935, 95681297-02CD-45A6-8C2C-95FE90…)

“based on guessing”

No. 768881

File: 1586758557545.jpeg (399.09 KB, 1228x933, 4F56CF11-94F5-4900-97EF-84E2BB…)

No. 768886

That’s not quarantining you dumb asshole

No. 768887

at some point it becomes disgusting how her mommy babies her. And Tay is not growing up, more like degenerating. Like I am surprised she can even take a shit herself anymore, shouldn't she start wearing actual diapers for mommy to change soon? Adults should be adults but she wanna be babied and adored by kids. Ew.

No. 768923

It looks like he just wanted to be covered in tattoos but had no idea on what to actually get

No. 768928

Standard fashion tattoo behaviour imho: people want to go for the aesthetic of being fully covered asap without any real care or attention to the detail. See also: Miley Cyrus’ horse-faced brother.

No. 768957

Based on this, I definitely believe more on the tinfoil that one of her snake got out and ate her pet rat - Gus

No. 768961

Gus was a mouse. learn2sage

No. 768973

Hmm…1990 is a little young for her liking and he has no face tats. She must be awfully thirsty to lower her standards like that.

No. 768975

File: 1586809830735.jpeg (294.47 KB, 1242x867, 1DBB5EC4-A95B-40AD-968D-DC60AD…)

His bio says 22

No. 768977

File: 1586810091252.jpeg (472.21 KB, 1125x1777, 835EBC7B-EBA1-46C9-924C-BC2564…)

Did some searching and she’s been talking to him as long as at least 9 weeks ago. However the guy seems to have instagram thots throwing themselves at him on the daily and he replies to them too so I don’t think it’s a big deal. However it does lead me to believe Taylor is just hooking up with Forrest for drugs or something while she still flirts with other guys on the side though.

No. 768985

Chill, anon. I think the comment you're getting all autistic over was mean to be snarky.

No. 768986

She doesn’t publicly thirst for anyone that doesn’t have a verified check mark.
Non-verified dick automatically becomes bro-dick or best-friend-dick.

No. 769033

File: 1586856752896.jpg (639.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200414-103156_Ins…)

Does the timeline add up? When did Tay Tay go to rehab?

No. 769034

On July 4 she was “30 days sober”

No. 769038

So no cheating from Johnny then

No. 769043

She’s cute. Too bad she has to try to post about the other band guys she tried to fuck before settling for Jonny

No. 769072

that comically large chin is hilarious, he will be a perfect match to taylor's massive face. they will be the frankenstein couple. i can't wait to see them together in same picture.

No. 769075

I don't know if we still posting Jonny related stuff. Two days ago he posted a pic on Insta and you can see heavy trackmarks on his left arm. He even tilted the arm instead of keeping it hidden. I know this is an image board but I can only upload low res image I don't know if one could see anything and if it even is relevant enough.

No. 769077

pretty sure thats an old pic from when he was still with taylor

No. 769084

we don't know that, anon, wasn't Jonny hooking up with a girl in NYC that also had a kid before Syd?

No. 769176

Has anyone noticed a lack of posting on Taylor’s behalf?
What’s going on…
Or maybe I’m just oblivious

No. 769177

The internet was too mean. I’m guessing it has to do with the comments she got after going off about Tiger King. She’s been sobbing on the floor ever since.

No. 769181

Druggie binge at forest's rental most likely

The only time she's quiet is when shes smacked out.

No. 769187

File: 1586962719719.jpeg (333.41 KB, 1125x671, 0678BA5C-F4ED-4D70-A21C-A4AD36…)

No. 769197

She's promised multiple videos in the last few months that she hasn't delivered and said she'd do a livestream if she didn't upload an all my pets video a week or two ago, so she's doing her usual 'muh mental health, I need to stay away from social media' shtick.

No. 769213

File: 1586989260165.png (24.77 KB, 479x205, Captursaase.PNG)

taylor still has her fry supply thank god

No. 769249

File: 1587009743891.png (3.09 MB, 1125x2436, D2072FED-334A-4E97-85B6-EA688B…)

I guarantee this pisses Taylor off beyond belief. Syd became everything Taylor wanted to be for Jonny; she got to sing on stage with him, and he apparently included a special message to her on his EP. No wonder Taylor has no sense of herself and no real identity, she will forever try to skinwalk Syd for as long as she and Jonny are together.

She’s jealous af and wishes Jonny would take the bait and give her attention (whether publicly or privately) so bad. I am honestly impressed not once has Jonny publicly fired back at her directly. He dropped her so quick and here we are almost a year later Taylor is STILL crying over him doing the “muh ex hurt meeeee”, god she sounds like a broken record, just so desperate for the ass pats she’s not getting enough of anymore. So much for her great comeback. No wonder she isn’t happy, she can’t move on with her life and actually change her own shitty behavior.

No. 769258

Pretty. Does anyone know how they met or was it via Instagram?

No. 769259

She’s fuming I bet.
I’m here for it

No. 769260

This is gold

No. 769264

File: 1587014801053.jpeg (601.18 KB, 828x1657, 773283A6-DC21-4638-9F69-C2F0CD…)

Someone on twitter made a quiz and lol(not milk)

No. 769273

You might be someone that kills their pets and likes attention
You set your stans on anyone that says anything bad against you so you’re not afraid to ever look like a dumb fuck

No. 769289

File: 1587042251362.png (3.84 MB, 828x1792, 2B2F2EC5-A60D-4053-8833-F1FDB2…)


Pretty sure she’s on the floor crying and shaking.

JC just confirmed the DREAM title is drugs rule everything around me.
He also said lots of nice things about his girl Don’t know how to upload video sorry.

No. 769290

What did it say? I can’t find anyone posting what he wrote to her

No. 769305

screen record then upload on https://streamable.com/

No. 769318

I know it's been said over and over but GOD DAMN is he ugly. Idk which is worse, Taylor still stalking and crying over him, or Syd thinking she won because he knocked her up.
These two are fighting over a washed-up scene kid in dentures.