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No. 743273

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>735886

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with a new GF in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs.
> She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes - old accounts of hers have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:
>Backs down from releasing the Jonny tell-all video for now >>743088
>New acquisitions: Jawfish >>742642 >>743075 and corals >>743118
>Calls out a celebrity she personally knows (and who follows her) for drug use, but stops short of naming them. Is it Tana? >>741540 and >>741611
>Taylor and Jen go nuts at another Youtuber who made an addiction video where the title and description shared similarities with Taylor's. Jen wanted to sue or claim the video >>741111 >>741115 >>741175 and >>741197
>She likes to give her animals extra space in enclosures, not 'just enough' >>741079
>Twisty is in poor condition, isn't eating well and with a claw missing >>741062 >>741064 >>741076 and >>741212
>Transitioned her cats to raw food >>740915 and >>741654
>Is campaigning against Spider Morphs now >>740881
>Is threatening to release a tell-all video about Jonny >>740235 >>740258 >>740278 >>742498 and >>742791 and claims she agreed to an NDA but never signed >>740300
>Taylor never had her drivers license all this time, she just had a car and was driving it (while under the influence) >>740119
>Taylor's skinwalking of Jonny's new GF intensifies >>739252
>Video release schedule is still gone to shit >>739046 >>739925 >>740731 >>740954 and >>741006 but at least hygiene is on the up >>739425
>Made Juice WRLD's death about her drug addiction soapbox >>738739 >>738766 >>738773 and >>738822
>LA trip cancelled >>738263 and >>741562
>Releases Sephora Haul video >>737720
>Is advised to taper off Subuxone >>737063 admits to having abused them >>737515 but cannot taper them after trying >>742141 and >>742162
>Return of the bangs >>736632 >>736726 >>736736
>A new, mystery relationship begins >>736490 >>736557 >>736577 >>736742 >>736886 >>737942 >>738313 >>738380 >>738407 >>738882 >>738988 >>739423 >>739676 >>740548 >>740593 and >>740886
>Star has a very special metabolism! >>736377 >>736391 and >>736457
>Taylor discovers you can play with cats >>736217 and >>736219
>Releases Planted Tank video, it tanks >>736056 >>736340 and >>736175

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Jawfish >>743075

> Recent Known Deaths: –
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 743274

File: 1577608024838.jpg (381.98 KB, 1645x1417, taylor.jpg)

Not sure why but the last link in the previous thread list breaks, I tried remaking the thread, no bueno. It's always the bottommost one.

Prev thread >>735886

No. 743277

File: 1577608524654.jpg (101.7 KB, 719x674, Screenshot_20191229-002930_Ins…)

Jonnys new gf updated her insta profile, labelling him as her baby daddy. Sounds like kid #2 might be in the way…
Bonus: her recent story talks about wanting to get married soon. I wonder how Taylor is going to take this news.

No. 743278

wow what a terrible idea.

No. 743281

How many freaking photos did she took?

No. 743282

that's the whole stoned-as-hell Christmas set she posted. imagine the outtakes lol

No. 743284

WOOF. How the fuck are you gonna have a kid with Jonny fucking Craig in the year of our Lord 2020? Does she think he's gonna be a good father? I can't wait to see how Taylor makes this about her.

No. 743285

File: 1577611408152.jpg (770.92 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20191228_214051_com…)

They announced it on twitch

No. 743290

I called it when I posted she was following #pregnancymemes !!!!

No. 743292

File: 1577614611390.jpg (704.08 KB, 1536x1032, Screenshot_20191229-110933.jpg)

No. 743293

Omg this girl just ruined her entire life so quick. They have been dating less than 6 months. And she was warned…

No. 743296

I suddenly feel like my own life isn't so bad..

No. 743297

She…looks the same? She doesn't look like her weight's changed at all.

Oh nooooo

No. 743304

File: 1577618822585.jpg (267.37 KB, 1536x601, Screenshot_20191229-111358.jpg)

No. 743308

soooo uwu underweight omg! But you can barely see a difference in the newer ones…plus she frequently edits her pictures anyway so why is that relevant despite victim points?

No. 743309

My god, she was not underweight. She still looks the same.

LOL what a plot twist. Taylor must be crying now that there's no way Jonny will get back with her.

No. 743311

Smh…..I wonder if she’ll still post the “Jonny exposé” vid now that she knows it won’t make Syd leave him..

That was the point of it..right?..

No. 743314

>>743292 Tay ya look the same but worse, sis.
There is also visible evidence that she got more lip injections since January 2019. Considering all the 'work' she's put into her body, this is definitely a glow-down because she doesn't look any better than she did before she started LiVING THe RoCKsTAR LiFe

No. 743319

He also posted a story saying they have some news to announce. Kinda had an idea. Also anon that guessed the hashtag also was right

No. 743324

So shes saying that she'll quarantine the fish if she notices any issues AFTER she's put it into her main tank? How dense do you have to be to not realise that you would have already introduced disease into your tank and that quarantining the fish then will achieve nothing?

No. 743335

oh fuck, that poor child

No. 743336

She acts like she’s ever quarantined her animals - at her parents or otherwise she never has.

No. 743337

File: 1577631500871.jpeg (376.59 KB, 1242x1542, 451ED74E-17F6-4C4C-A8FC-E16C47…)

NOPE you’re just looking for a problem now with your completely reasonable assessment of Trailer’s current situation.

No. 743338

Tinfoil but I think Taylor knew this before when She tried to convince sid to leave, lol fuck off, got suicidal on Christmas because she was messaging him again.

This whole expose jonny is just a jealous attempt to ruin his happiness. She wanted a family with him so bad and he gave it to someone else super quickly. She's a bitter bitch loser that someone prettier came along, get used to Taylor.

No. 743339

For a junkie that couldn't get it up to fuck Taylor for what she said "almost an year" he sure did get his new chick pregnant real quick.

No. 743340

File: 1577632473256.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 387.21 KB, 1125x1990, 75F41F7B-75A0-4ECE-AEFE-F7BBB0…)

She posted this yesterday. Miss heroin qween doesn’t understand why people think she looks like an old hag lol

No. 743341

Sorry accidentally hit “spoiler image”

No. 743342

Yea most likely just another lie.

She wanted an excuse to go on her slut rampage. She got dicked down by Jonny but it made her feel like shit. Betting she'll claim rape in her new vid.

Opiates do kill your sex-drive tho.

No. 743345

If she does post a nasty tell all video now that the world knows he's having a baby, she'll just make her own petty jealousy look worse.
I really wonder what's gonna happen now. Have any of her braindead stans asked her about her ex's baby?

No. 743350

Syds been posting she’s been sick non stop so I had guessed knocked up or already on h, I’m glad she’s not on heroin yet but good luck with single mom life love

No. 743354

File: 1577638730767.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 4D2C14F6-BD14-4818-9E79-9D9FDA…)

Before they announced their upcoming baby there was definitely some drama with Taylor trying to get back with him

This was briefly posted on her story before she deleted it

No. 743359

I was just coming to post this, heroin qween is probably having a gd meltdown.

No. 743363

I mean…I'm not rooting for this dumb bitch having a baby by a guy she wasn't with long, who has a shit rep. drug issues and mocking his fucked up ex. They all seem like shitty people.
Syd is seeming worst bringing a baby and going like, "ha ha, I'm having his baby, ha ha you mad!'

Thats a child. Why the first person you worried about is TND when you about to have a baby? It seems SO childish.
Taylor if you are jealous about this bitch ruining the best years of her life, being attached to a abusive junkie who will probably leave her for the next victim, you truly are a dumb bitch.

I love how she and others are acting like this girl is winning, this is the worst mistake she can make if you ask me. Doesn't Jonny have a baby he doesn't take care of all ready?

No. 743364

In speechless about the whole pregnancy thing tbh. Syd is posting on her IG story about how she longs for commitment through marriage. Well this isn’t the way to do it boo and sadly you’ve fallen for the trap. You’re now pregnant with an abuser/addict’s baby. Very selfish to get pregnant because it’s not about you or him anymore. He’s not going to love you more or stay. But you’ll learn that the hard way.

As for Taylor, she got rid of the leech, got “sober” (for what it’s worth), and somewhat reclaimed her “career” (aka got a ton of ass pats from her stans). And yet she still loves this fucking loser? You’ve been in IOP (emphasis on INTENSIVE like Tay does) for how long and you’re still not making any sort of progress with your sobriety and trauma? It’s disgusting to watch and hear already. Anything she’s going to say at this point is going to be a lie or an exaggerated truth. She has even more reason to do so now because Jonny knocked up some girl who Taylor feels inferior to. The revenge and manipulation is going to be real with this YT video if she ever puts it out.

No. 743366

ooofff. this girl must be retarded. they’ve been together a few months and she’s already knocked up by a known rapist and abuser. even bigger cow than tay

No. 743367

the photos literally seem like they’re in backwards order. like she started sober and is now living the junkie life

No. 743368

I'd feel bad for these two women but I don't. It's SO fucking dumb. It's not even milky, I don't even care if this girl picks at Taylor, because I'm truly baffled she decided to have a baby by JC and is STILL giving taylor the attention she wants.
Then she's going about it like, "I won" or some shit. It's disgusting. Taylor, Sid And Jonny disgust me, and it's only going to get worst because they have a baby & for some reason they all seem SO SO worried about each other.
Jonny's NOT clean, Taylor's NOT clean, this girl is going to be left with a baby and he's going to treat her just as he did his other exes.
It's fucking retarded. How long has she even KNOWN JC?

It'd be SOO sad if Taylor & This Sid chick haven't already rubbed me ALL the way the wrong way. One isn't better than the other, they are three fucked up people, playing in the trash (JC) and hating each other, making bad choices and acting like life is a huge game.

No. 743370

wowwww, definitely seems mature enough to be having a child

No. 743371

If syd has an oz of sense she'll get a job and start buying diapers every paycheck since now. I really hope she has a good strong support system, family and friends, who will be there when things end.
Thats the thing about kids. They arent bandaids and they last forever. And you gotta sacrifice everything about yourself to be a good mother.

No. 743372

I hope so too, it seems she's worried more about fucking Taylor and Drama instead of the baby she's about to bring into this world with an unreliable fucked up dude.
She's coming off as a clout chaser and someone who thinks that JC has all this fame and money, & she's going to be taken care of and "I'm not like Taylor and those other girls"

Jonny really knows how to pick his women. Now taylor's going to be whining about this shit forever too. It's a fucking mess.

No. 743373

waiting on taylor's inevitable twitter tmi spergout re: syd's very bad idea pregnancy.

if taylor manages to get barred out we just might make it through without one, let's see if she has access to enough xanax to shut her up/calm her down.

No. 743375

Tinfoil: Taylor has been talking to Jonny this whole time and that's why she canceled the video. She knew before anyone else she was pregnant

No. 743377

Does syd even work? Jonny has to be living (rare) paycheck to (rare) paycheck and before that he was completely living off Taylor’s money and then after moved in with his dad bc he obviously has no money for bills or rent.

I kinda figured Syd has money since he attached himself to her so fast and she seems to have her own place but all she ever does is travel around and lay in bed with him so I’m wondering what she does for money. Esp w a kid on the way lmao, yikes

No. 743378

Wow anon, you’re interpreting an entire lifestory into a screenshot. There are tons of reasons why she’d post that, one of them also maybe being that she’s tired of Taylor contacting JC all the time but also posting about how totally traumatized she is because of him. He’s a douche but if the pregnancy thing is real I’d be pissed with a dumb ex not shutting her mouth too. Plus the only way to make Taytay react is by going public, maybe she just wants Taylor to either explode or just stfu.

No. 743381

Who are you talking too?

No. 743386

Nice now Jonny has two kids to abandon! Every single woman who gets with him is a complete moron. Imagine being so fucking stupid… You fucked up Syd!

No. 743388

I would agree. It seems like right before Taylor was supposed to make her way to LA Syd and Jonny were having some issues.
I think it would make sense for her to stop her plan entirely, even with expensive tickets because Jonny has a new baby on the way.
I also think that’s why Taylor said she was having cravings to use again pretty recently.

No. 743389

Some people have to learn the hard way because they're idiots. No sympathy for her or Taylor. But the funny thing is
Taylor still hasn't seemed to have learned anything from the entire thing! Truly a cow.
This confirms Taylor was trying to get back with Jonny. She was not trying to "save" Syd or anything like that. It all came from her being a psycho insecure selfish person.
Anons called all of this. The anon that speculated Syd was pregnant, I and some others speculated Taylor just wanted to get back with Jonny.
So funny. Even back when anons speculated she was on drugs they were right.
What a trend, so now I'm willing to bet she hasn't really been sober either.

No. 743390

File: 1577652322701.png (392.89 KB, 764x706, syd-oof.png)

This kid is in for a world of hurt…

No. 743396

this syd girl is honestly a cow for the sole reason of being dumb enough to let Jonny Craig fuck her raw

No. 743398


72 not 73 sorry, clicked on the wrong post.

No. 743401

That, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant purposely.

No. 743402

Dude, she 100% got pregnant on purpose. No tinfoil here!

No. 743404

Tay: I WaNna HaVe The RaPiSts BaBy!

Syd: No, I WaNna HaVe The RaPiSts BaBy.

Wow, what a great example these women are setting! Doesn't matter how shitty a guy is, as long as he achieved moderate fame and looks like a walking sketch pad then he's the perfect bad boy!

No. 743406

All of this.
He real intentions were to break them up / see him. And because of all of this and deleted screenshot of Syd calling Taylor out, its save to say that she got knocked up on purpose.

No. 743407

Just curious. When exactly did she post this?

No. 743412

Wow Taylor is an animal abusing idiot but at least she wasn’t dumb enough to let Jonny fucking Craig shoot up her club. Idiots all around.

No. 743414

File: 1577658556597.jpg (2.16 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20191229_232909199.j…)

She can't help herself with lying eh?

No. 743416

What time is her video supposed to be up?

No. 743417

i wouldn't hold my breath anon. we all know she's not going to post anything, as usual.

No. 743418

prob getting high pissed syd is pregnant.
or asleep.

No. 743422

So on Nov 22 he posted on Twitter that his life was never going to be the same and he was scared shitless or something like that. Must have been the day he found out.

No. 743424

I love how he's acting like he doesn't have a child already.

No. 743427

Does anyone remember that Syd was in the hospital last month?

I wonder if they had a miscarriage scare. That would’ve been after he found out (if he found out Nov. 22)

No. 743440

She might be laughing now, but jokes on Syd in the long run. LOL.

No. 743441

maybe it feels different when you're still in the stupid honeymoon phase and feel a modicum of responsibility

I'm sure this kid will be forgotten just like the other one

god I love how white trash this all is

No. 743442

Doesn't syd already have a kid?

I think it was mentioned way back, wouldn't surprise me honestly.

Jonny will be gone before the baby is born, he'll claim it isn't his and just stay with his dad till he finds another dumbass.

Can't wait for the reee video from Taylor.

No. 743448

And we all thought Taylor was a dumb bitch. Well, congrats to Syd for stepping in and claiming that award. Imagine getting knocked up by a druggie rapist who has been accused of assault by all of his exes all because you're "getting old" and evidently have nonexistent self esteem. I'd rather die alone than have a baby with that cretin.

No. 743449


women like syd are like silly teenage girls who want to get married because they want a wedding day, not a marriage

she wants "to be married" and "to have a baby" like a title and a doll are the same thing

No. 743450

Wouldn't be shocked if she were just making the entire pregnancy up because she saw Taylor weaseling her way back in.

That's just wishful thinking though. Chicks dumb enough to actually go through with it.

No. 743451

why are all of these people bent on being losers? congrats sid, you are having a baby with a fucking ugly washed up junkie whos prolly been in rehab longer than youve been alive. he's gonna dip the second you gain weight.

exactly this

No. 743459

No. That was a fan of his who gave him a place to crash temporarily. I remember because the woman was blonde.

Syd thinks being 26 is “getting old” so she got knocked up on purpose to “catch up” with her peers and to piss off Taylor.

Which hilariously stupid and embarrassing.
What the fuck does she really think will happen when the kid’s out? Women like her think kids are bandaids, like anon said, or shields. They somehow think a kid is magically going to make things better.

No. 743460

I wonder if she realizes it’s gonna turn into a kid then a teenager. It’s not as cute once it’s not a baby fr

No. 743461

File: 1577669948793.png (626.97 KB, 732x592, pregnantoof.png)


>Chicks dumb enough to actually go through with it.

They apparently showed off an ultrasound pic on his stream

No. 743462

this is how people like the slatons are born

No. 743463

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised with all this drama if Taylor's video didn't include her having a miscarriage / abortion. She's got to get the attention back on her somehow.

No. 743466

which would be a massive lie because she admitted they didn’t have sex for months and that’s how she justified oversharing her “dicked down” adventures.

No. 743470

File: 1577675582634.png (345.69 KB, 598x874, ahshitherewegoagain.PNG)

well look who's back.

anyways she's awake and no mention of a video. we love a consistent queen with her consistent schedule!

No. 743471

Taylor's probably going to ignore anything Jonn rn, since everyone seems to be waiting for her reaction

No. 743473

And what happened to Tinder boy?

No. 743474

She never had a tinder bf lmao she was texting herself

No. 743476

>existence of real boy not verified

No. 743477

He's talking about starting an Onlyfans account on his Twitter and of course his followers are fully endorsing it. Is Twitter just a collection of the worst humanity has to offer or what? I'm seriously ashamed to share resources with these idiots

No. 743478

maybe he heard she got magically cleared of hep c

No. 743483

This genuinely hurts my soul. This poor girl. Does the baby risk any health problems with a junkie dad?

No. 743487

If you look at the timeline, it all really sorta adds up.
> Taylor buys tickets to LA / MCR.
> Trouble in paradise with Syd, and Jonny (they’re posting weird shit on their stories)
> Taylor starts talking about Jonny a bit. Threatens to make a video.
> Sid says Taylor is psycho, and nothing is going on.
> Mysterious “tinder” guy appears (conveniently types, and speaks like her)
> Jonny says his life is going to change forever.
> Taylor up and decides she’s not going.
> Baby is announced.

I think Jonny and Taylor have been communicating for a long time. I can’t see any other reason why she would fly to LA. I can’t see why she’s gone into this weird skin walking of Syd.
And now all of the sudden it’s come to an “end.”

No. 743489

File: 1577686364811.jpg (514.28 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191229-221255.jpg)


No. 743496

go nuclear tay, it's the only solution

No. 743500

File: 1577696654586.png (24.56 KB, 769x256, Screenshot (1522).png)

No. 743501

Anon you wild lmao

No. 743504

File: 1577699771463.jpeg (288.48 KB, 1242x1839, 204E18BE-ABC5-4964-B91A-CA90B7…)

No. 743505

So we will be lucky to get it before February 2020 got it.. I’ll put it in my calendar ..it’s funny she’s not saying how extremely difficult it is and how she doesn’t want to upset him anymore lmao wonder why?

No. 743519

She is OBSESSED with convincing everyone her life is hard. Zero things are hard about her life, even her fucking heroin addiction was easy breezy compared to 99.9% of other users. She’s lived a charmed life but apparently wants to be sad emo goth Syd uwuwuwuwu so she has to make everything “extremely hard emotionally” when you know she is dead pan delivering her made up abuse story and then editing the video to make it seem like she had to cut a bunch.

No. 743521

Calling it now, she's going to claim she's miscarried.

Honestly I don't like anyone involved in this, but she's so predictable with her victimhood and it's so boring that we can predict the lies a mile out

No. 743523

This really is so stupid because like someone said, Taylor is the clear fucking winner in all of this and she doesnt even see it. Yes shes a mess, but look at Luna and that heroin saga. Compared to that Taylor can still have so much going for her. What is it with cows and needing to live a tortured life. I don't know how Johnny having a baby doesnt kick her ass into gear.

No. 743524


Already called it. JC having a baby with his new boo is too much for her.

No. 743525

gotta say i love the way some in her discord come here to drop deets ahead of her. maybe re-edit that new video taylor, everyone already knows what you're going to say kek

No. 743526

She has her own discord now? Is it another secret chat full of children she grooms?

No. 743530

Fuck, I feel so bad for that Syd chick. She must be really desperate to get settled down. It's absolutely insane of her to think it's a good idea to have a kid with someone she hasn't even been with for six months and who is known as an abuser. What a future for Mrs Rapist.

Makes me wonder if Taylor ever got pregnant. I feel like Jonny is too dumb to care about protection.

No. 743534

Also known as a deadbeat dad, don’t forget!

No. 743535

I don't feel bad for Syd, she knew what we all knew and decided to ignore it. In my opinion all three of them of are obsessed with eachother or at the very least care entirely too much what the other is doing.

If taylor's talking to Jonny, the issue isn't only Taylor. Jonny has a girlfriend and does NOTHING to stop taylor from reaching him. He could put her on blast, he could block her number, change his number etc.
It all seems like a huge game these three are playing games, and now there's a kid, so it's not funny or milky to me.
It's kind of sad and immature, imo.

No. 743539

I'd be down for this milk, but I honestly don't give a fuck about her "abuse".
Sending her stans after Jonny is whatever but she's going to drag his pregnant girlfriend into it as well and that is fucked up. I wouldn't be surpised if Sid loses the baby from all the stress Taylor's going to cause.

No. 743550

I’m going to call bs on pregnancy. They just announced for clout and to piss off our junkie princess.(namefag)

No. 743551

I would not be surpised tbh, they both are cows.

No. 743557

Just because someone is pregnant doesnt mean they're exempt from any critique, especially when they lack the critical thinking skills to not get knocked up by Johnny Fucking Craig. I dont feel an ounce of pity and truly, if she did lose the baby it would be nothing short of a miracle for her. I dont care if it sounds cold, it's the real mercy.

No. 743560

hate to say it but it would be what's best for the baby

No. 743562


I'm tayrt and I mean, I would def eat myself into an infinifat state if my mom was a baby goth with shit self esteem and my dad an abusive junkie narc with another kid he ignores and a string of battered women behind him

No. 743563

Or that she’s aborted. One of the two.

No. 743564

Frankly Jonny shouldn't be allowed to have children anyway.

No. 743567

No, the pregnancy is real. And it’s because Syd is such a psycho and worried about Taylor and losing Jonny, she got knocked up on purpose.

If you watch the Twitch stream you can tell that Jonny didn’t want this baby and Syd is all excited the whole time. She could hardly wait to tell people on the stream. And made a point of mocking Taylor too. She’s a clout-chasing fan girl and desperate to keep Jonny.

No. 743569

Almost everyone in Taylor's life is a cow.

No. 743570


“When a girl deliberately gets pregnant unbeknowns to the guy to obligate a guy into marriage.”

……It’s called “entrapment”.

No. 743572

Could someone embed that part of the stream if they have it? I’d like to see their reactions

No. 743573

File: 1577743479231.jpeg (524 KB, 1204x1999, 23F3492C-8CD4-47DB-B19A-F707C0…)

Has this been posted?

No. 743574

Too bad jonny will dump her ass the first chance he gets.

Does she honestly think a kid is gonna keep him there? He's bounced before, he'll do it again. He won't sign any papers, he won't show up to the birth, this dude was shooting heroin months ago WTF is she thinking?


She's using her unborn child as a hostage, the classic keep-a-nigga baby play.

Jonny will still cheat on her, he'll still shoot up, drink tons of booze and crap.

No. 743575

File: 1577743500908.jpeg (305.59 KB, 1216x1098, BB106391-D0C1-4A03-BC83-2FF425…)

No. 743577

is that what he said on stream? wild

No. 743578

>Does she honestly think a kid is gonna keep him there?

You'd be surprised to see the amount of women who think this way. They think a child is somehow going to make things better. This dude is going to bounce the moment the kid's out, or even before.

He might freak out on her and accuse her of cheating and that the baby isn't even his, just like he did with his daughter.

I used to feel sorry for Syd, but she's a shining example of who JC will never stop the cycle because there's plenty of dumb girls willing to put up with his shit until the day he dies.

No. 743579

I'm skipping through the stream where they announce the pregnancy and it's more awkward than I imagined. The first hour is Jonny sitting in front of the camera barely talking while Syd is in the background on her phone, clearly enjoying being on screen and giggling randomly.

A troll enters the chat and starts flinging low-hanging fruit insults (calling them ugly and smelly) and Jonny says, "Which one of my exes or ex's mothers could this be?" And Syd says, "That's why you're with me now." to which he completely ignores lol.

Then she starts complaining she wants to go lay down (as if she wasn't doing that the entire stream) and they awkwardly segue into why she's so tired, and how he stays up late making her burritos. She so desperately wants to announce it and says, "But why?" and he says, "Because you're hungry" and she's all "teeheeee nooo!" and he says "fiiiine go get the pictures." So she grabs the shitty little ultrasound pics from the bed where she's clearly been hiding them this entire time, waiting.

He holds them up very unenthusiastically and says, "I'm having a baby." several times and Syd goes and fucks off.

Just super awkward all around.

No. 743581


how can taylor say she miscarried or was ever pregnant when she defended being a hoor with jake by saying "I HAVEN'T HAD SEX IN 2 YEARS LET MAMA GET SOME PLAY LOLOLOLL"

remember she tried to make excuses for being a hoe and also at the same time tried to drag jc by making us think he couldn't get erections

No. 743582

I have no idea how to embed but here's a clip from Twitter.


No. 743583

This is the behavior Jonny gets off on… pitting his exes against each other. This shit is so dragged out already. Taylor needs to fucking realize that she’s apart of the problem and not the solution. Her yt video is going to be a fucking joke and a slap in the face to victims of abuse everywhere.

No. 743586

File: 1577745148379.png (4 MB, 1242x2688, A72EBD0A-6ACD-4F1F-B97A-B6BE85…)

No. 743587

>i always wanted a child

you have one already and you abandoned them. what a piece of shit.

No. 743588

>>Thats why you're with me now"

This proves that Syd loves this drama. She really thinks she won something getting with Jonny and having his baby.

No. 743589

she's in the same mindset taylor was when they first got together. taylor thought she could fix him and that she would be the bestest woman he ever had, better than all of his exes. it's honestly sad, but i cant feel bad for syd because people warned her just like they did taylor and she doesnt give two shits.
jonny's love life is just one cycle repeating itself over and over.

No. 743590

All I read in the baby announcement post is that he’s not ready to be a father because he himself is lost in life and his addiction. I’ll give him kudos at least acknowledging that and not being a blinded bafoon like his baby mama.

It’s almost 2020 and I think it should be common sense at this point that conceiving a child will not 1) make some loser love you more 2) make the loser more committed and 3) make the loser stick around. Why are these concepts so difficult to understand. Jonny picked a fucking winner with this girl. She has absolutely no self esteem, is easily manipulated and is as dumb as a rock. You really can’t make this nonsense up…

No. 743591

imagine your boyfriend talking about the timeline of when he first fucked you in a post announcing your pregnancy….this whole thing is a mess

No. 743592

>we're just a couple of kids having kids yo!

The dumpster fire just gets bigger.

No. 743593

> when i met @sydsosmall i told her i dont know if im ever capable of loving anyone ever again and i just wanna go as slow as slow can go
>shit it took like 4 times of us meeting before we even fucked for the first time lololol


No. 743594

FoUr WHoLE TiMEs????

No way!!! smdh

No. 743596

File: 1577746737214.jpeg (150.22 KB, 640x294, B25EEC68-D466-47DD-848D-001199…)

They didn’t have sex until they had hung out 4 times?? Isn’t that normal? Not really that impressive

Sage because not relevant

No. 743597

This man is 33 and typing like this.

No. 743598

I hate that what he wrote can be seen as sympathetic to people who aren't aware of the fact that JC already has a child. Like goddamn.

No. 743602

I bet he dumps her before she even has the baby

No. 743604

Oh lordy, they are just baiting Taylor at this point…

He probably wants a son. lol

No. 743610

he sounds SO in love.

God, I feel so bad for Syd. She has to know what she is getting into and that there is no way this man is going to give up his lifestyle of drugs and being an all around POS for her and this baby. He said zero nice things about her in his babbling word salad of a post. RUN, SYD.

No. 743611

I was thinking abortion too. They both did the pro abortion thing while they were together. If she did have one it would be her best decision yet!

No. 743614

All this syd talk in here, I wouldn’t be surprised if tay has a photo shoot or tweet rants very soon

No. 743616

honestly do not feel bad for this girl. the evidence of johnny being a shit person has been out there and at this point you just have to assume that anyone who gets w him just doesn’t care. she’s been posting about wanting to get married and i wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if she got pregnant on purpose because they’ve been having relationship problems and she’s scared he’ll leave and wants to trap him. it’s def not going to be her that will be the one that eventually runs

No. 743618

How the hell are they even going to afford a kid? Does Syd even have a job? She seems like a bigger trainwreck than Taylor.

No. 743619

Awww and right before taylor drops her "bombshell" video all about jonny.

No. 743620

It’s crazy to me that even TND’s hate accounts are saying Taylor shouldn’t post the video on Jonny for ‘the sake of the unborn baby’….they’re doing exactly what Jonny and Syd probably want lol

No. 743622

So we have one cow on one end of the Jonny spectrum thinking she won the lottery by letting him impregnate her and then we have another cow on the other end who is jealous and vengeful.

This is a fucking mess. Imagine fighting over a fat druggie rapist like Jonny Craig. They really are as shitty as he is.

No. 743623

I can imagine that Taytorslut won't be able to frame the video without bouncing around everywhere

>I loved him so much

>He tossed me around
>Restraining order
>I spent so much money on him because I cArEd
>But he was just using me

she's going to pick four lanes l o l

No. 743625

remember when she cheated on jonny with jake and jonny was at home freaking out about how he has no idea what's going on, and she finally broke up with him and then sperged about how she stayed up all night "talking" with jake and he ~changed her whole life~~ and made her see that sobriety was important and that she deserves better

and then she admitted they were boning and love-bombed the shit out of him and then turned vicious and said he was a sad piece of garbage who was never actually sober

ahhh memories

No. 743626

don't forget he threatened her and had all the emotional maturity of a 15 year old boy with all the anger of a, uh, felon, which he was lmao

No. 743627


was that really him? so all the stuff he said about her sleeping around big time and using a bunch of drugs was true? haha!

i love that she ~fell hard!~ for 30something felon piece of shit and told the whole internet about how incredible he is and how it feels sooo good to be around someone sober.. so many lies

No. 743629

Bro… Imagine breeding with someone like this. And the worst part is that Taylor is probably reeling and throwing a fucking tantrum over this, and Syd is proud about it. The fucking cringe.

No. 743632


If you're a narc like Taylor sho thinks she can do nothing wrong and absolves herself of guilt and responsibility ALWAYS you're going to get into shit situation after shit situation forever because THERE'S NO DANGER TO YOU

Only drama and getting to whore put her feelings to her masses after

No. 743643

To be fair, she wouldn't let jonny have anything to do with that child even if he wanted to be a part of the kids life and she moved far away from him to make sure he had nothing to do with that kid.

No. 743644

File: 1577761495062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 363.02 KB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_20191231_030420.jpg)

Points to whoever called her doing a photoshoot, as trashy and half assed as you'd expect

No. 743646

Well which one is it? He abandoned the kid or the mom moved away and doesn’t let him see the kid? They’re two different things

No. 743647

easy on the whataburger, taytay, with that underwear hiked up like that you're on your way to looking like moo

No. 743648

Omg right? She’s got the syd aesthetic down with the outfit but she’s taking skinwaking to another level with that lil foodbaby bump lmao

No. 743650

It's technically both. The kid's mom moved away to keep the kid away from him, but at the same time, and afaik, there's no legal papers that actually prevent him from visiting the child either.
He could've gotten lawyers involved had he wanted to see the kid or be a father at all, which clearly he doesn't want.

Syd is in for a rough wake up call.

No. 743651

File: 1577763311163.jpeg (232.96 KB, 750x1196, 8DA6DFC0-6195-4C2A-8303-4535F4…)

this skinwalking “thing” is getting ridiculous lmao

No. 743653

I just looked at the pika thread

I forgot that Jonny's new album is all about Taylor. Wonder how awkward that is for Syd. But she "won" with a baby!

No. 743654

Wow! & I thought they were reaching saying “down to the outfit”

No. 743656


It's getting kind of creepy to be fucking honest. Taylor is trying really hard to look "thicc" in that picture.

The three of them truly make a fucking trainwreck.

No. 743657

File: 1577765253035.png (28.28 KB, 599x256, ohboy.PNG)

do we believe she's just hearing about this or is she just playing dumb to not seem stalker-ish?

No. 743658

File: 1577765365826.png (30.02 KB, 596x311, WELP.PNG)

No. 743659

Abso-fucking-lutely no way she didn't know. Just like she keeps tabs on lolcow, she's keeping tabs on JC and Syd.

And if she truly didn't, well… lmao.

No. 743660

This will be her convenient reason when there is ultimately no video.

No. 743662

File: 1577765495560.png (21.27 KB, 598x205, twsgkjg.PNG)

No. 743663

is … uh … is it too late to change my vote for best plot twist??

No. 743664

And tomorrow in Tay's of our lives. Jesus

No. 743665

File: 1577766012640.jpg (25.67 KB, 614x253, IMG_20191230_211740.jpg)

Heroin, Taylor.
This is the relapse excuse you've been cultivating since you left rehab/were kicked out of sober living. The internet says you should.

No. 743666

I'm 99% sure she doesn't give a shit about the baby but the fact she lost her "daddy" for real.

I get this feeling that she might "relapse" or have "really hard cravings you guys" and blame it on these news.

No. 743667

File: 1577766324280.jpg (45.54 KB, 612x238, IMG_20191230_212329.jpg)

I wonder how this compares to her earlier story? I can't keep her lies straight anymore.

No. 743668

File: 1577766408069.png (115.33 KB, 600x734, syd1.PNG)

this is the full context of this reply >>743667

No. 743669

File: 1577766436127.jpg (58.93 KB, 946x2048, ENFoaHJUEAIT1mt.jpg)

No. 743670

The war to become the ultimate piece of trash has begun. Who will win?

No. 743671

File: 1577766992296.png (874.69 KB, 2048x1809, Screenshot_20191230-233629.png)

No. 743672

so…she contacted her after finding out or was this before?

No. 743673

I don't think taylor should make the video.
Not only is she too late, but she said enough in her last video.

Taylor needs to just get on with her life and focus on herself, this video of hers, it's all out of pure jealousy, and she can't be mad at Syd for sticking with jonny, she's 10 weeks ahead already so syds known for over 2 months she's been pregnant, and taylor was told multiple times by jonnys exes he's a shit head and she still continued to stay with him, defend him, act like he was the best boyfriend in the whole world and taylor would have stayed with jonny had she not of cheated and met jake. She's being a total hypocrite about syds willingness to stay and defend jonny because taylor was exactly the same.

I remember taylor saying she wanted a family with jonny and that he was everything to her, she's major mad she's not in Syds shoes right now.

I hope for the babies sake that it actually works out, I don't wish anything horrible on that child, whether syd decides to do it alone or jonny actually pulls his head in.

Taylor needs to get off the internet and stay off until she gets over it.

No. 743674

Is she really trying to pretend that she didn’t laugh and mock and shit all over Jonny’s previous girlfriends to her millions of followers when they got together?

No. 743675

File: 1577767452346.png (627.93 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191230-234230.png)

No. 743676

This is pretty funny coming from the girl who apparently told her friend she didn’t deserve to be pregnant lol

No. 743677

She’s doing the exact same thing that she claims Chelsea did to her with regard to outing conversations. Remember when Taylor said this was so dangerous to do and her she goes, doing this to the new girl.

Her jealousy is clear. She wishes she was pregnant with Jonny’s baby. She is doing all of the things that she said she would never do. Here we are. According to Taylor’s logic, this would put Sid in a very unsafe place, but does she really care? Obviously not

No. 743678

Taylor, stop messaging her? Stay out of it? Leave them alone? Get on with your life maybe? Get over it?

Nobody could convince you to leave, so why the fuck are you holding a grudge against Syd for not doing the same?

I hope Taylor's bloods boiling right now and she has a huge meltdown over this, she can skinwalk the new gf all she likes but she can't skinwalk that popping belly that's coming.

Boohoo taylor, get over yourself.

No. 743680

Honestly she'll just shove a beachball under her shirt or alibaba a silicone prop belly

No. 743681

File: 1577767921445.jpg (161.32 KB, 591x819, IMG_20191230_215117.jpg)

Still planning to post her video!
Milk yummy milk!

No. 743682

It's always the ones who love preaching about that "live laugh love" life that are the most fucked up.

No. 743686

File: 1577768595790.jpg (466.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191230-235657_red…)

Sage for not milky, but someone posted Nala on reddit. R/getmotivated

Sorry if images don't function. First time posting images and on mobile

No. 743687

File: 1577768701225.jpg (230.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191231-045955_Ins…)

do it, johnny boy

>>743665 she for real thinks the world revolves around her, maybe be an adult and mind your business? you're old news to him, taylor, move on and go to therapy

No. 743688

Didnt tay say Jonny would tweet shit from her phone? Not that syd sounds like a great person, but couldn't she also assume Jonny is texting from Sydney's phone instead of immediately being like "wow I can't believe SHE said this to me lol"

No. 743690

How easy what was?

No. 743693

uh anon im pretty sure this is related to the story before this one where he says he shaved his balls with the best razor ever

No. 743694

File: 1577769148444.png (6.06 MB, 1125x2436, 1F9E62A9-5B66-439E-A8F6-E3B4FD…)

This text post is the follow up to this. Nothing milky.

No. 743696


Did he really not flush his pubes down the drain before posting that?

No. 743697

Oh anon I hate you for noticing that.

No. 743698

inb4 she blames a relapse on this news

No. 743699

Jonny just said on stream that Taylor's stans are attacking Syd on IG now

No. 743700

underwear selfies on your animal care page, how classy. how can anyone think camwhoring is not her ultimate goal?

what a bizarre stream of conciousness.

not milk. we don't need a screenshot everytime tay is mentioned on reddit.

No. 743701

File: 1577770776599.jpg (656.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191231-053718_Ins…)

Syd just put this on her IG story.

No. 743702

I guess we'll have to put Jonny boy's name back on the thread titles now. Featuring Syd.

No. 743704

File: 1577771132727.png (487.54 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20191231-074350.png)

this bitch can't seriously expect to spend 50 years with JC lmao. not to mention WANT to.

No. 743708


She thinks she's going to be the one to finally change him and make him a better person all thanks to her…. hmm, where have we heard that before.

No. 743709

She should have just kept on pretending that she didn't know the news and brush it off/kept her mouth shut and released the video on schedule. This response is exactly what will give Syd and JC the highest amount of satisfaction.

Oh well, this should be entertaining

No. 743711

Anything milky on Jonny’s Instagram live rn? Can’t watch.

No. 743712

I can't tell if she's really taking the news so hard or if she's trying to paint herself as the victim once again. you got out and don't have a child with the loser, taylor, you should be fucking ecstatic. you're the winner in this situation

No. 743714

No he’s literally just sitting there like his shitty self as his pregnant girlfriend is freaking out over Taylor and IG spamming cryptic shit… like wtf? He is a freak of nature. Obsessed with acting like he’s non-bothered when in reality he’ll have a needle in his arm soon. Lmao I can’t wait

No. 743715

Sorry I meant just sitting there streaming gaming with his brother. He is fat af it’s funny

No. 743716

She is still desperate to be with Jonny for some reason. She has admitted she has been in contact with him several times. She is not over him and jealous af

No. 743717

I could have gone my whole life without noticing that

No. 743718

I feel like this razor has something to do with Taylor. Shortly after they broke up he made a vid when he bought it (about same time when he met syd) speaking rather exaggerated about how it was totally worth the money and NOT too expensive like SOME people may say. It felt like a reach at the time but I now 100% believe she may have acctually told him no he didn't need it or some shit happened over this razor and thats why its come up. Especially since he has brought it up twice now both times being dramatic af

No. 743719

Wut Johnny’s double chin is out of this fuckin world, the chin line tattoo is doing him zero favors

No. 743720

Sometimes knowledge isn't power, y'all.

Oh for sure she is. She still had hopes of getting back with him and maybe there was actually a chance that made Syd notice. Could be why she got knocked up to "retain" Jonny.

No. 743722

Damn Jonny really knows how to pick out the nutters lol all his gfs have been psychos.

No. 743723

Yeah, but considering she posted this shit >>743675, plus the things she said while he was streaming, lead me to believe she was the one who sent that message.

"Don't be mad if you ruined your own life"? It actually might be true for once that she told Taylor she deserved being abused.

No. 743725

File: 1577774456559.png (651.12 KB, 750x1334, 1EC0C8A2-DABF-4F0B-9040-A66BEB…)

No. 743726

File: 1577774502709.png (655.22 KB, 750x1334, C952AEB8-6B38-4D39-88FB-BACC61…)

No. 743727

What means you two? Taylor and Jonny or Taylor and her mom?

So this confirms Taylor almost got back together with JC?

No. 743728


"Me idk why he'd do that to me"

this girl is something else.

No. 743729

Did she seriously post their DMs online… The EXACT same thing she bitched Chelsea out for doing for MONTHS even after she and Jonny broke up…??

No. 743730

File: 1577775084669.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 1C64BA21-E519-4C36-A3A6-54D5F1…)

What does this mean? Why did he cross it out? Wow these 3 are wild y’all. They should just fuck each other and shoot up

No. 743731

File: 1577775125766.png (444.14 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20191231-085210.png)

No. 743733

File: 1577775157456.jpeg (93.53 KB, 750x506, C17A1B95-AA50-4BF6-BBE7-6E695B…)

Taylor is so full of revenge right now I actually believe it will be out tomorrow lol

No. 743734

File: 1577775196427.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 90331ACC-2B6A-40CA-A8C1-9DE021…)

Of course it’s only wrong when someone does it to Taylor lol

No one can look at these recent pics of her and tell me she’s sober..I know for a 99% fact that she’s getting high on some kind of uppers so she doesn’t even have her precious sobriety like she tries to claim either..major eye roll

No. 743735

Him doing it seems dumb but a lot of people do stories like this to "promote" their newest post.

No. 743736

File: 1577775274003.png (827.11 KB, 873x1908, Screenshot_20191231-085127.png)

No. 743737

Taylor pretending she was raped. I can't say I'm surprised but she is fucking vile. Every time she gets called out in a lie a new made up story of Jonny's abuse comes out. It's so predictable.

No. 743738

nitpick, many people promote their newest post in their stories with parts spoilered out

No. 743739

Yup she seriously put syd on blast worse than what was done to her. Don’t get me wrong- syd is another psycho but goddamn Taylor what is wrong with you?! Taylor has some serious personality disorders. Goddamn it’s a pile of shit on fire and I can’t look away

No. 743740

Most likely her mom, since she's blaming Taylor for "taking Jonny away from her".

Things start to make sense and it's a fucking soap opera:

>Taylor finds out about the new girl

>Because she has no personality of her own and was technically forced to break up with JC, she starts skinwalking Syd to bait Jonny, because obviously she's better and hotter and wealthier etc etc. She molds herself into a "better" version of Syd.
>She makes plans to fly to L.A. taking the MCR concert as an excuse to meet up with him.
>Meanwhile keeps skinwalking Syd to keep baiting JC.
>Syd finds out and shit goes down.
>Probably that's when the DM's happened. It would also make sense why both Syd and JC started posting depressing/cryptic shit on ig and it confirms both Taylor and JC were still in contact.
>Syd gets knocked up in a last ditch effort to stop him from getting back together with Taylor.

And now here we are.
Not to wk but I think Syd might be more batshit than Taylor, and that's saying something.

No. 743741

File: 1577775862502.png (245.66 KB, 760x819, Screenshot_20191231-040426.png)

No. 743742

File: 1577776046659.jpeg (64.88 KB, 360x241, 16C64A17-FC72-4BF7-826A-C746D7…)

Just think they are really fighting over this ugly mo fo like he is something special..if Taylor is so abused like she said why the hell would she be trying to get back with him..those ss Taylor posted made herself look even dumber lol but I think she did it for the sole purpose of sending her stans to attack the poor pregnant woman

No. 743743

Christ, everyone involved is a shitty human. I get why Taylor might have conflicting feelings if she were just a normal person that went through all of this, and even at the end of it all, would feel like she actually dodged a bullet… but we all know how fucked in the head Taylor actually is so I think it’s more because she thought she had really broken them up and could get back with Jonny. Syd sounds like a vindictive cunt, who is so desperate to keep Jonny and stick it to Taylor that she thinks a baby with him puts her on top. Yuck.

No. 743744

File: 1577777195744.png (379.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191231-022418.png)

Syd throwing shade

No. 743745

File: 1577777514142.jpg (586.94 KB, 1080x2280, vomit.jpg)

Ladies and gentlemen- the man they are fighting over

No. 743748

And one of them is going to continue the lineage of this fine specimen… for the second time!

No. 743749

This also got additional posts from tonight's stream, talking about the video Taylor is going to make.

No. 743751


don't know what to do? get a job, brush your hair, clean your own room, take a shower, go to rehab, take care of your animals you dumb hoor. why is it your business wtf is goin on with your ex?

i've never met someone so far up their ex's ass then taylor. there are people who've been with someone for YEARS and don't sperg out and act retarded over hearing their ex has moved on? it's none of your business you gross hag

tay, MOVE. ON. you don't give a shit about this girl or this baby…. what you're feeling is jealousy. if your heart is sooo big and you care so much about other people why did you literally endanger lives by driving fucked up and why do you continue to hoard and not care for your animals and why do you treat your family life shit??


No. 743752

File: 1577779838400.jpeg (148.2 KB, 1242x1756, C05F219C-A19B-49D4-AE83-BCFB7C…)


No. 743753

Lmao, called it that she's saying he'd beat her next. Next is rape, huh Taylor?

I love that Syd doesn't back down and bitches back at her. Someone needs to put Taylor back in her place cause she has no right inserting herself in this situation.
Get over it Taylor and stop harassing pregnant women.

No. 743754

How does she not understand the optics on this… It was SO hard and heart wrenching to make this video and you didn't know when it would be out or when you would finish it but now, you have an upload time and everything, huh? I bet her internet won't be so fucked up tomorrow either. Things are so different once she's been slighted and decides to get vindictive. Eyeroll.

No. 743755

i feel like taylor would be the type to hire a hitman to kill one or both of them

her jealousy and ego are fucking massive. the way she's reacting over her ex moving on is legitimately frightening

remember she had no issues considering letting him die when he was on the floor overdosing and came close to grim reaper mode before taking action to help him

this bitch and her tirades went from amusing to scary

why can't she just live her own life? why is she pretending so hard she cares so much about this girl when we all know she's SEETHING and full of hatred for this girl

No. 743756

File: 1577780627007.jpeg (210.31 KB, 1241x1329, 97A51FF3-B9B4-4F21-B873-B49629…)

No. 743758

Because she never wanted to leave him in the first place. She's never moved on from him despite all the bullshit she's said about how she's better and has healed from what he did to her. And also, because she cannot stand the fact that he moved on so fast from her (which shouldn't be news, just like his record of abuse).

That's what it boils down to. She was expecting him to come back to her, because her personality and her life revolved around him, and they still do.

She keeps inserting herself into his life because she wants his attention, and can't stand the fact she "lost" and didn't get him. How either of them think he's worth any of this is beyond me, but that's the whole reason.

Tbh Syd isn't really above Taylor in any of this lmao, she's just as trashy, if not worse.

No. 743759

File: 1577781553221.png (1005.05 KB, 1080x6274, Screenshot_20191231-033742.png)

documenting in case she deletes

No. 743760

I love how she completely ignores the fact that she might be putting his new gf in danger like what apparently happened when his exes reached out to Taylor.
"I'm angry she's being so hateful towards me"… When you were hateful to his exes it was him on your phone, but when it's his new gf it's not him? OK makes sense.

No. 743761

Before, Taylor claimed Syd wanted to leave Jonny for being abusive a couple months ago but there isn't proof, that's why Syd said it was an unnecessary lie.

No. 743763


so fake.
"wait….shes pregnant?"
im gonna go ahead and say she alreay knew based off these posts bc she def lurks here and its been said over and over, so nice try taytay lol

No. 743765

Tinfoil hat but Jonny and Syd met during the first break ups, Taylor and Jonny get back together (the Twitter rant and backpedaling) and Syd gets upset, after Taylor booted him during rehab he reach Syd again so he can have a gf to leech off, Taylor and Jonny planned to see each other again (MCR concert) but Syd caught them in the move and gets pregnant to tied Jonny down (which obviously doesn't work but whatever)

Taylor thinking she was winning over Jonny against gets upset after she founds out about the baby and Jonny is probably in the phase of "being a good dad" which won't last long once her money goes only towards the baby and the budget get tighter, then he might try to jump back to his piggy bank Taylor if he doesn't hater her has much as he claim.

No. 743770

What does Syd do for a living anyway?

LA is notoriously expensive. I don’t foresee them staying out there.

No. 743772

File: 1577783247651.png (114.87 KB, 760x391, Screenshot_20191231-060306.png)

This is so fucking funny.

>4 orders of fries

Big fucking yikes.

No. 743773

"syd sucks, jonny sucks" –yeah, true. but you guys are focusing too hard on the wrong things.

taylor went into this relationship a drug abuser. taylor, even before she met jonny, had a history of being vile. she shit on her own parents when they tried to stop her from going to be with him. she continually laughed at and mocked fans who were showing concern for her throughout her relationship with jonny. taylor lied all the time, to everyone, about everything. taylor had complete disregard for her fans, animals, and society (seriously, let's keep talking about how she drove under the influence multiple times). taylor legit only ever cared about taylor. taylor was always going to do what she wanted and no one (her family, her fans, jonny's ex's) was going to interfere or stop her.

she keeps little hoards of children in private to use for her own emotional enjoyment, employs mobs of fans to attack anyone she decides she doesn't like, tells outrageous lies and then doubles down when called on it. refuses to be transparent about her sobriety yet makes videos and tries to profit off it. still hoarding and neglecting animals. still being a lazy, good-for-nothing neet who doesn't even practice good hygeine. tries to normalize being a lazy piece of shit and brags about sleeping 20 hours or laying around for days watching the office instead of inspiring her young audience to get up and do something important or useful.

taylor has done nothing to prove she cares about women, victims, or even sobriety for that matters. she's trying to wear all these hats like SAINT OF SOBER or PROTECTOR OF WOMEN but she doens't give a flying fuck about anyone or anything except her own ego

this girl lives in a filthy little room stuffed with animals she neglects and spends all her time sleeping or freaking the fuck out on twitter. she contributes nothing to society, nothing to the world. now she's taking slut pictures in her underwear and releasing videos on why her ex is a bad person

can't wait to hear her contradict her old lies with new lies and make more outrageous claims that she's been saving "for just the right time" lolol ok bitch. please just fix your life

No. 743775

File: 1577783394584.jpg (126.47 KB, 1080x1126, PicsArt_12-31-02.10.27.jpg)

What's up with junkies and AC?

No. 743776

Are you kidding me? She's basically bragging about wasting a ton of food. Great look, Tay. Grow up and learn to process your emotions and you won't "have" to throw all your junk food in the trash.

No. 743777

File: 1577783529883.jpg (224.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191231-021251_Ins…)

No. 743778


yeah some people are trying to stretch a paycheck and have to bargain shop but she's having her mommy drive to get her fast food and then she's throwing it all in the trash because…. she's so worried about syd? lolol

"i am so worried about this poor girl that i threw all my food in the trash" oh my god this is fucking comedy gold

No. 743779

Boy she is really milking this. It's so obvious she's lying and she knew. Between here, Twitter, and talking to Jonny she totally knew. But then she'd have to admit to obsessing over us…

Wasn't she supposed to make a video about our "lies" like 2 months ago? Maybe she figured out she can't weasel her way out of all her stupid ass lies. She has to be on drugs to think any of this is believable.

No. 743780


also, here's what i don't get. she keeps posturing herself as being concerned about syd. that everything she's doing is for the benefit of syd. she's just trying to save her–that's the entire crux of taylor's campaign of destruction on jonny, right? because she's terribly worried he'll do to other women what he did to her?

why is she vomiting, crying, and having actual literal temper tantrums, throwing her food down on the ground and all that? there are people who have lost young children to cancer or accidents who don't act this way….! none of this is adding up, that she would be this devastated over the concern of a stranger?

this is pure fucking jealousy. it's eating her alive.

No. 743783

File: 1577784108927.jpg (403.3 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20191231-022106_Ins…)

Oh my god she thinks the pregnancy announcement is about her…

No. 743784

she wants to be the rockstars girlfriend and have that lifestyle. she probably is listening to his block out the noise song and last slaves album (circa time they got together / last album he was on) and crying her eyes out.

No. 743785

so semi confirmation they were gonna get back together and syd was already about to walk away?
did taylor also offer her money to leave for good???

No. 743786

now that shes pregnant, taylor will probably keep sending her stans as a way to stress her out and she could miscarry.

but taylor, clam your tits - he probably wont stay with her, so you can play step mom next.

No. 743788

Jesus christ. She really thinks the world revolves around her. "they only announced the pregnancy because of ME" "Sharing this for my victim points is SO much more important than the life of a baby or its mother". How can you even be this self centered it's insane.

No. 743790

she obviously doesnt believe that. she is just saying that to make an excuse to post it. because she doesnt care, she only cares about herself and her views.

No. 743792


revealing her TRUE colours! admitting that yeah, this could put her in danger… but what am i supposed to do, wait a whole NINE months to put the story out? i mean what about ME and what I WANT! i am not going to base my life around the best interest of another person! but also i am doing this FOR her!"

omg this bitch is batshit insane

No. 743793

File: 1577786786450.jpg (50.26 KB, 1009x468, bla.jpg)

what are you scrubbing usernames for, you know we can still see them right? this reeks of self inserting and selfposting. if you wanted privacy for the commenter leave their comment out, we don't care what the bleeding hearts are saying.(autism)

No. 743794

what a white trash mess. I didn't think even tay would stoop so low as to address the pregnancy tbh. I should have learned by now that tay always does the exact opposite of what a reasonable person might do in any situation…

No. 743796

was there really a need to post this? who cares? you can see the original post, but no need for here.

No. 743803

Nobody gives a fuck if names are censored here you don't need to go hunting the comments down, screenwriting which account they came from and then posting them here you fucking weirdo.

No. 743808

mad that your name was scribbled out and you didn't get recognition, anon?

No. 743822

File: 1577795868235.png (750.04 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20191231-143749.png)

ok lunatic

No. 743824

So? That what courts are for. If someone wants to see their child they'd do everything in their power to do so. So he just went, "She moved far away and won't let me see my child, welp! To bad too sad!"

If he wanted to be in his child's life he would. Saying "No" hasn't stopped Jonny any other time, so why would it stop him now?

No. 743826

They are all so childish. "I'm having a baby, you can't stop this!!" Jonny here's some food for thought, every single woman you've been with has some type of war story. Nothing's his fault ever, just like Taylor. He's a poor man, just trying to have another child (with a girl he hasn't even known for a year, who seems to be just as fucked up as Taylor & drama hungry) and everyone's trying to stop that! Poor Jonny.

No. 743828

File: 1577798157066.jpeg (267.24 KB, 1242x1143, CF278738-162F-47CD-B4B2-FE82FB…)


Jonny apparently thinks “she deserves goodness” though, Syd.

No. 743830

File: 1577798625031.jpeg (190.02 KB, 1242x762, DC483BDA-F9D8-49E0-BC22-3CC3EE…)

No. 743832

File: 1577798831934.jpeg (532.6 KB, 750x1041, 5DB9D491-8E4D-472D-BF0E-318595…)

this was over a year ago, posting it now is misleading.

No. 743834

File: 1577799046854.png (491.18 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20191231-153100.png)

No. 743835

Pretty sure Taylor knows how to scroll down. And it’s not like Syd posts much anyway.

(And I’m not defending Syd btw, I think she’s psycho too…getting pregnant “on the sly” )
rolls eyes

No. 743838

File: 1577799816645.png (3.54 MB, 1242x2688, 4CA65701-5C1F-4198-B79E-FA6B92…)

No. 743840

it would be better for everyone if she does miscarry(a-log)

No. 743841

dude stop.

No. 743842


you're fucked up, dude. you are channeling taylor so hard right now and that's mighty sick of you

you can't read the future. syd is young, she might eventually grow out of her retardation. who knows? she might end up a great single mom. she wants her baby and that's more than i can say for my birth parents and many orphans would've wished the same

just stfu with this taylor-esque thinking cos it's honestly quite fuckin evil

No. 743843

Everyone ignored my last post about it, but I truly believe they had a miscarriage scare already last month and that’s the real reason Syd was in the hospital.

No. 743844

Yeah, this has BPD written all over it from literally everyone involved. Like I don't get why these women think he's such a GD catch. He is objectively physically unattractive, he is unemployed (I think), he has an AWFUL personality, he's a cheater (and if I recall correctly he cheated on Taylor s well), and, for the pregnant woman out there who deliberately chose to bring an innocent baby into this situation, he's a person who already has a child he makes no effort to see or be involved with, and he's a junkie. WHAT A FUCKING CATCH, YOU TWO STUPID BITCHES.(armchairing)

No. 743846

I still don’t understand why she is making this video? She claims she wants Syd to watch it so she can see what JC is like lol. All of Jonny’s other exes have already told their stories of rape and physical and emotional abuse. What else can Taylor add to this narrative that we don’t already know and acknowledge?

Jonny Craig is scum and sorry you’re a fucking retarded 13 year old that threw a tantrum online with their mommy about not leaving him and then became a heroin addict just like him. Just like >>743773 brought out, Taylor is a huge piece of shit that lies and manipulates everyone until this day.

Syd isn’t going to listen to a word anyone (meaning Taylor) has to say until she gets hurt or even worse her child. Even then, that’s not enough to make someone leave sometimes. That’s why they call these abuse cycles, Taylor. So just stfu about JC already. You’re a broken record. For heavens sake, THREE of his exes banded together and told their stories and you still STAYED. Taylor is so fucking vile for this upcoming YT video. Call Syd a psycho or whatever, but this thread isn’t about her and Taylor has been a documented vile cow for years on here already.
Do the world and it’s abuse victims a favor and FUCK OFF Taylor!!! Go distract yourself with another made up tinder boy like the lonely and repulsive cunt you are.

No. 743847

I don’t like posting screenshots, but Taytay is on a Jonny rant on Twitter rn.

Catch it before it’s gone!(this is an imageboard)

No. 743849


No. 743850

File: 1577804012300.jpeg (368.43 KB, 750x996, 87694592-9960-4198-9EDF-37DA94…)

No. 743851

File: 1577804074139.jpeg (262.69 KB, 1025x1783, 080FBC93-7C96-45F8-A02A-AFD7BE…)

No. 743852

File: 1577804082393.jpeg (360.76 KB, 750x1026, 6123EF67-590F-413C-9E4C-1C8895…)

No. 743853

File: 1577804114530.jpeg (274.55 KB, 1124x1389, 5D337B13-BD03-432B-97B5-E69353…)

The hypocrisy is real with THIS ONE…

No. 743854

File: 1577804237376.jpeg (237.29 KB, 750x795, 35ACB61A-B597-4E9B-B562-3B80CB…)

No. 743855

File: 1577804302926.jpeg (312.3 KB, 750x890, 9EBB9316-3C27-4A8F-89F6-3B0C9D…)

No. 743856

"beautiful feet" kek

did he get a PR team or some shit for this mess this is the nicest/exactly the right thing to say even though we all know he doesn't mean it

No. 743857

File: 1577804396659.png (92.41 KB, 608x792, tndsperg.png)

No. 743858

File: 1577804466142.jpeg (234.24 KB, 750x978, 0D32094B-3BA3-4578-883A-36AE29…)

No. 743859

Doesn’t matter when syd posted it - still proves tay skinwalks constantly and shows just how obsessed she is with wanting to be just like syd to somehow win back her literal scum dumpster fire of an ex.

No. 743860

i was thinking the same thing, it’s so ridiculously out of character for him

No. 743861

Taylor tries to play off as this uWu nice girl, but she really shows her true character in moments like this.
idk why it always shocks me whenever we see that she is really just a mean-spirited person.

No. 743862

Everyone grab some popcorn. Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!!

Ahaha hahahahaha!

No. 743863

File: 1577805272489.jpeg (94.3 KB, 1242x945, ENH3zZEXsAAsS8Y.jpeg)

No. 743864

This timeline, where someone as objectively garbage as JC comes out of it looking better than Taylor.

No. 743865

How are you on this thread calling Taylor eViL and defending someone who is making infinitely worse decisions not just for herself but for two helpless children?? No sensible woman at any age with anything to offer this world chooses a man who looks and acts like Jonny Craig. She's almost fucking 27 (4 years older than Taylor), she's not going to grow out of it, and she's only going to pass her stupidity onto her kids. Syd chose to breed with low life scum because she is obviously no different.

No. 743866

omg she's finally cracked the dam. we've been waiting for him to spill the milk since he left. hoping the shit slinging comes soon.

No. 743867

ding ding, she's starting to insinuate rape

No. 743868

Happy new year everyone! Lmaoo

No. 743869

> stop telling lies about my relationship and you and your 2 million followers need to stop harassing me. Its your fault I had to walk away.

> UHH? IM JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU !? God look at what an empathetic person I am reaching out to Johnny's new gf because I fear for her safety and totally not because I want to see if I can still get my ex to NEED me and regret treating me badly!! You should listen to MEE!!

I'm shocked Syd is having this clowns baby but tbh she hit the nail on the head. Taylors therapy obviously isn't working if she needs to revisit her traumatic past publically after barely 6 months. Its very unlikely shes even getting one on one therapy tbh because any professional would have said stoking the fire only after such a short time would be unhealthy and may blow back her way and cause her even more stress thus leading to another potential relapse.

Unfortunately someone told Taylor that addiction is an illness she cant control instead of just being straight with her and saying "this is going to be the hardest thing you have to do but its your choice to pick up a drug and use and you need to have the ssld control to resist that choice." She really needs to reevaluate what shes doing because eventually shes going to collapse under the pressure shes making for herself. Its extremely sad.

No. 743870

100% chance she filmed the entire video directly after she found out Syd is pregnant. She was going to give excuses for at least a few more days about why it wouldn't be up, but now she's angry and has to get "revenge" on her for stealing her soulmate.

No. 743872

I really hope #jonnycraigisoverparty actually starts trending on Twitter.

No. 743873

Exactly this. Duh. We know she does things last minute. There never were days where she’s filmed and has to go back and edit.. means she’s gonna start filming.

No. 743874

>Your tweet made JC's fans attack me!
>Proceeds to tweet other people so her fans can attack them.

Also, if you don't want to give Taylor views for her JC video, twitch.tv/yikessmydude plans to stream it.

No. 743876

doubt it, he's a nobody

No. 743877

thank you! this is one of the first videos I actually want straight from the cow's mouth, but didn't know how without giving her the view

No. 743878

sure sis. you know shit is bad. we can go back and grab every single one of your tweets from when you were with him for that sweet rockstar clout. taylor made fun of and harassed jonny's true victims, she can honestly fuck off.

No. 743879

>taylor's therapy

you mean her shitty sober coach that she probably lies to and doesn't see anymore since she's beeeen spiraling

No. 743881

File: 1577806596980.jpeg (381.63 KB, 750x755, E34B2DB9-61B8-4258-90A0-66515A…)

the cheeky “xoxo” really shows how lightly she takes this and that it’s all a grab for attention and validation

No. 743883

File: 1577806699577.png (137.45 KB, 760x536, Screenshot_20191231-101237~2.p…)

along with this, we can all see why she's really doing this

No. 743884

why? because taylor and her stans want it that way? transparent as fucking glass lol

this thread is about taylor.

No. 743885


But Taylor, you said you hadn't had sex in MONTHS!

Lying skank

No. 743886

Why does she think she's so fucking special? Girl, literally everyone knew that Jonny Craig was a piece of shit (INCLUDING YOU!). Before you, during you, after you, etc. Why does she think she's "exposing" him like it's shit we've never heard before? By all means, shed light on your relationship but stop pretending it's because "he's dangerous and needs to be stopped!!!!" What the fuck does she expect a YouTube video to do?

No. 743887

File: 1577807083160.jpeg (475.75 KB, 750x1081, 12719069-769D-4EAB-B0EA-7EE67E…)

sage for being ot but this is how she explains her eating whataburger with celiac

No. 743888

underrated post

No. 743889

none of her tweets ever sound like posts that are made in this thread ever, just sayin

No. 743891

she's fucking sick in the head.

No. 743892

I mean this is what she "wanted" right? Johnny is tweeting about her and now she gets that validation + the adrenaline rush shes getting (a high) from this situation with every tweet she posts in reply.

Happy New Year I guess and once this shit show is over the realization that nothing she whines about on twitter will fix her emotional issues will probably settle in. This is an unhealthy way to cope and the stans gassing her up are only prolonging Taylor's misery by validating her.

No. 743893

Well whoever predicated she would say she was beaten and raped wins the gold star of the day. Taylor only your stans believe anything you say you lying piece of shit.

No. 743894

File: 1577807840432.png (279.11 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20191231-175720.png)

No. 743896

File: 1577808033572.png (268.06 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20191231-180018.png)

guys, her therapist recommended making this video kek

No. 743897

File: 1577808083719.png (187.86 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20191231-180128.png)

did she though?

No. 743898

Hoping an enterprising anon will grab this vid so we don't give her views? I'm loving the fact that her channel is beginning to tank and tbh Tay going after a pregnant woman, for any reason, is a bad look for such a super duper family friendly pet mom and influencer.

The transformation into a cam girl continues.

No. 743899

She was fucking guys before ever leaving rehab. Jonny surprises EVERYONE ever by actually letting her go.. Not harassing and bashing her online, not stalking her.. He let her go and didn't say a bad word about her. He chose to move on and she did too when she started fucking that lunatic from rehab. She needs to ACTUALLY move on. This isn't about helping anyone or getting her cathartic story out. It's about anger and jealousy. She doesn't give a fuck about syd, just like Chelsea, Liz and Amanda didn't give a fuck about her. They use it to justify harassing people because they're hurt. Taylor is offering a plane ticket to make sure Jonny is alone, not to help Syd. They all get this "if I can't have you, no one can" mentality. There's a baby involved now.. She needs to move on. She's gonna end up going the way of Amanda and posting about him every single day for 5 years if she doesn't get help now.

Syd sounds desperate for love.. "the one good thing" in her life is Jonny? That's not healthy either. It's codependency and low self esteem like this that leads people to get pregnant with people they don't even really know. Has Jonny even said he loved her? I've noticed he avoids it in his posts. Never once said "I love you" when he's usually love bombing the fuck out of his GFs. It's fucking sad. Jonny used her as a rebound to feel better and this poor girl is thinking they're gonna be together forever.

No. 743900

So she's aware that her platform can be used to hurt people? So that just confirms she knew what she was doing when she put that minor on blast

Johnny's a POS so who cares but angry Taylor is very transparent about what kind of damage "her platform" can cause. Someone who uses their fans as crusaders should not have fans. Especially young impressionable ones who probably are just there because they think they're getting cute animal content.

No. 743901

File: 1577808337898.jpeg (322.33 KB, 1241x1984, BD62670D-FAC2-4275-992A-FBE730…)

she’s airing shit out
gonna get messy and he is bound to spill SOME stuff.
Get your popcorn.

No. 743902

Oops didn’t mean to sage tweet

No. 743903

She should be happy that she’s not an addict annnnnd a single mother.
Anybody that has ever been to therapy knows that a therapist would say this is a very bad idea and encourage the patient to write about it in a journal first. A vindictive video for the public is not a great idea for mental health.

No. 743905

Someone from Twitter is streaming the video and hopes to save it after.

No. 743910

File: 1577808667849.jpg (2.04 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20191231_090841024.j…)

He posted about it before she gave a release date.

No. 743911

lmao. even more convinced that taylor's therapist, if they even exist, is some sober coach that's just as narcissistic and fucked in the head as her and all the other lame narc junkies that don't actually care about getting better

No. 743912

Anon your Twitter icon is showing

No. 743913

File: 1577808834248.jpeg (427.25 KB, 1233x1858, 7A04F7A7-B9F2-4C4B-88C9-35131E…)

She’s literally talked about him every other day since she got “sober”

No. 743914

File: 1577808886544.jpeg (448.33 KB, 1242x1619, F0BE235D-6C86-48BD-BDEA-03A9E6…)

No. 743915

Doubt they exist but she goes to a damn suboxone clinic. All the counselors at those clinics are cadc 1's with a few years clean and are just as toxic and unhealthy as their clients

No. 743916

Yup! It's not gonna end after today. She will talk about him and get involved in his life any way she can, every single day until she gets help from a real therapist.

No. 743917

She is so hurt that he’s having a baby.
If she were to be smart (assuming she wants him back - and she does) she should have ignored or congratulated them or him in a tweet reply. We know he isn’t gonna stay with syd so he’d go back to her eventually. She’d send him nudes on occasion to make them fight because shes mean deep down.
Burning bridges like this won’t get her anywhere.
Learn to control your emotions dummy

No. 743918

has she not seen the time on the tweets in question? this bitch is beyond reality lol what a psycho

quick, someone score her some xans, she's losing her shit again!

No. 743919

Which is the biggest joke of it all - fighting for this walking disease of a man.

No. 743920


Such a nitpick with current events going on but this is coming from the girl who makes subway workers change their gloves because cross contamination can cause such a severe reaction in her lmfao. Yet again changing her illnesses to fit her current situation.

Also Taylor, many people break out from eating fried food…

No. 743921

File: 1577809239532.jpeg (330.33 KB, 1241x1834, F15717E4-17CF-4526-99B5-881221…)

No. 743922

I'm interested in his soap opera. Taylor has finally found her batshit insane match.

No. 743923

File: 1577809428514.png (236.77 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20191231-182300.png)

>I've been talking about it for 7 months
>I've never talked about it, only today
what a psycho

No. 743924

ahaha of course she's still thirsty this tweet is disgusting, me me me fucking lol clean yourself up girl

No. 743925


and keeping more people from him? Thought you were never gonna talk about him again? You're really just gonna make it your life mission huh?

Also - saying he tried to cheat and it isn't love publicly where she can see it and is newly pregnant is fucked up. Like, that is selfish.

No. 743926

stressing out pregnant women is nbd for this narc

No. 743927

File: 1577809698164.jpg (286.2 KB, 1077x1228, 20191231_112511.jpg)

Really needs to twist the knife to hurt Syd more too right? What did Syd really ever do to Taylor except privately tell her to fuck off? She doesn't want Johnny back but she wants him to regret losing her and he cant do that when he has a confident pretty gf so she needs to get everyone that might want to date that POS on his bad side.

How does it feel to have the same treatment you give people who criticize you btw ? (Image related- it's to the person who tweeted Johnny that he RT'd)

No. 743929

Damn you are right about that! At my old clinic I couldn’t tell you how many patients had more clean time than their therapists. They also have more of the typical bad early recovery behavior than the clients and I always wondered what the point was.

No. 743930

Yall care too fucking much for that dumbass. Pregnancy isnt some magical free pass. Its not an achievement to get pregnant.

Anyway, its notoriously difficult to get people out of relationships like this. I dont know what exactly Taylor thinks shes doing with all this, except really trying to discredit Johnny ( which like, everyone knows hes a psycho), but now that Taylor has beckoned syd to leave, it DEFINITELY wont happen in the foreseeable future. Typically people get really defensive even if they are in terrible situations, Taylor should know this first hand.

No. 743931

everyone who follows this thread knows that she only began to give a shit after the pregnancy came to light. idgaf who's pregnant but once that happens in the interest of common decency taylor needs to shut up and sit down.

been planning this video, bitch please. you can't even wash your fucking hair, you ain't planned shit.

No. 743932

She obviously knew (and we guessed right again) that she was organizing meeting up with him in LA. She got pregnant on purpose thanks to Taylor pretty much. That’s laughable. Now Taylor can’t handle it. She just can’t shut up.

No. 743933

Yea, some people need to learn the hard way unfortunately. Shitty situation but it's pretty obvious these are the kind of people jonny targets.

Syd is a fucking dumbass, she's trying to change jonny the same way Taylor did. She's just another fuckup with delusions of self-importance.

No. 743934

Taylor set all this shit in motion because she couldn't leave his fat junkie ass alone! Now there's going to be a baby in the picture smdh good job Taylor, good job.

No. 743936

Taylor's Jonny's issue, he needs to protect his baby mom and try to look out for her. The only reason he has a shit ton of angry bitter exes (and one super angry and Bitter, Taylor) because Jonny fucks over women and then loves to have them fight.

He should be telling Syd not to post anything about Taylor and let him handle it. Personally, I don't think because she's pregnant that means people shouldn't talk about whatever the fuck they want, especially if Taylor does not bring up Syd and only talks about Jonny.
once Syd did the "Thats why you're with me" shit, I clocked her tea and the small amount of sympathy I had for her went away. She seems to like drama so, she's not worried about the stress her drama, may cause the dumb ass pregnancy she had with a fucked up person after not even a YEAR of knowing the dude.

No. 743937

Unless Syd's saying shit on twitter why keep bringing her up? Just looks obvious.

No. 743939

File: 1577810628816.png (892.9 KB, 845x600, saltyAF.PNG)


No. 743940

This, all the way. Everyone involved here is hopelessly stupid. Syd isn't going to magically be a great mom. This kid is fucked, sad but true. Why are anons wking Syd when all three of these grown ass adults are utter retards who should not be reproducing? There's no winner in this fight and the biggest loser is this poor kid if it's born.

No. 743943

It's a game you can fall asleep midsession while playing and there are no consequences for this. Plus every villager tells you how great you are constantly. Virtual asspats.

No. 743944

File: 1577811113704.png (65.01 KB, 573x531, jc1.png)

In the video where JC is talking about Chelsea and her mom, he says he is going to sue them in the new year, and he hopes he takes her mom's house. He talks about how he's not rude or petty, doesn't want to hurt anyone, but that he's going after his exes in the new year and they aren't getting away with their lies like they thought. I wonder how this will translate to Taylor w/her video?

No. 743945

Not to WK but rape isnt sex

No. 743946

You're right, syd is dumb as fuck for doing what she did and the kid will probably be fucked.. I just know how hard it can be to be first time pregnant with all the hormones and having to deal with drama. It sucks.

She could very easily be a shitty mother. Time will tell. My point was that the video isn't gonna do much. It's a little too late for all that and if she's trying to help syd, saying shit like "he was trying to fuck me" or "it's not love" isn't helping her.

No. 743947

This is the truth, she legit seems to be more jealous he has moved on than what she apparently went through.

His gf is a dumb ass but at one point or another you just have to let people make their dumb ass decisions and hopefully learn from them. She's been told and probably knew JC is shit but she doesn't care, a video won't make a difference (as other anon said), it's just Taylor having a tantrum about not being loved.

No. 743948

File: 1577811543192.png (1.03 MB, 1242x2688, 152C2EF0-36BE-410A-9232-6E6684…)

He called his baby “it”

No. 743949

nitpicking, do they even know the gender yet?

No. 743950


JC and Liz had a fake baby too. 100 bucks she miscarries under all the stress, or it's entirely fabricated.

No. 743951

It's fucked he has another child and he treats that child like it does not exist. He puts more effort into ruining these women lives and harrassing them then he does anything postitive at this point.

No. 743952

File: 1577811727542.jpeg (301.41 KB, 1241x1959, 43823033-FB8C-4FD9-82AE-1D05B6…)

No. 743953

Doesn’t matter. If you don’t know the gender it’s normal to still say him or her. It’s just weird to call your future kid “it”
It’s not an object, regardless if you don’t know the sex. nitpick or not just think his word choice says what we already knew tho.

No. 743954

What is wrong with her, her parents need to shut her down and ground her.
Part of it literally sounds like 'I love him still but he's gone'

No. 743956

lol her thirst is still very, very real. pathetic, going after this ugly old fat man this way. wtf does he shoot out his dick? pure china white? kekekkek

No. 743957

I REALLY hope Jonny starts spilling the beans about her animal care now that she's going off.

No. 743958

File: 1577812071794.png (93.53 KB, 259x195, untitled.png)

aww did somebody who's ex got them addicted to crack (heroin, i know) not end up being a good person

No. 743961

File: 1577812411047.png (40.62 KB, 585x424, taylor1.png)

No. 743962

She types just like Taylor tho??? Lol

No. 743963

File: 1577812555315.png (43.25 KB, 578x330, untitled.png)

No. 743964


All of these tweets are literally her breaking down over much she still misses him and how she thought he never got over her and they still had a chance.


No. 743965

Apparently johnny's dick still worked enough to "rape her", she claimed he couldn't get it up.

No. 743967

File: 1577813115755.png (34.34 KB, 591x326, untitled.png)

No. 743968

This bitch

She literally starting cheating on him the moment she got in rehab, keeping him in limbo as a backup plan. She got tattoos to spite him and wanted to get back together after bro-dick bailed.

Taylor wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to be the "badass bitch(tm)" and victim at the same time.

She's salty he found someone so quickly and is ignoring her. She'd hop right back on his diseased-carrot if given the chance.

No. 743969

If this whole situation is about how abusive Johnny is and how much she wants to protect victims why is she replying to the one person saying "they went through her social media accounts". Like wtf? That's so fucked of her to condone her stans to stalk and harass a pregnant woman (no matter how stupid getting pregnant was)

Its vile, mean and bitter and I 100% guarentee as soon as Syd bit back at Taylor and told her to fuck off and that she didnt want advice from the ex her boyfriend uses to screw and who is still clearly not emotionally over him Syd went on Taylor's shit list. She cant publically say anything about Syd, but her stans can make this girls social media a living nightmare. 2020 new me Taylor is just becoming 2020 show who you really are at the core Taylor.

No. 743970

wow that person???types exactly??? like taylor???

he's not going to care, he moved on AS YOU REQUESTED; also pathetic because she really would go back to him in a heartbeat

No. 743971

Wow Taylor you went full retard. Sperging about how she still has so much love for him and how he was saying a few months ago that he still loves her. Ew. She’s really showing that she’s just mad she didn’t “win”

No. 743972

File: 1577813966058.jpeg (223.98 KB, 1242x1374, DF5C62B2-AA24-4373-8191-9D1D23…)

Alright guys, you heard it here. She will never speak on JC again after today. Bet.

No. 743973

Taylor looks dumb as fuck, but Jonny AND syd care about this, lets not pretend they don't and are above drama.

No. 743974

excuse me but lol this bitch has so many people living in her head rent free that's it's a fucking tight fit

No. 743975

Obvious stan is being obvious again.

No. 743977

well, you know. because she doesn't actually care and is a garbage fire.

i think this "i love him so much uwu" bullshit is actually her backwards attempt to get people to stop tweeting at her that what's she's doing w/r/t the pregnancy is fucked.

No. 743980

Am I the only one that doesn't give a shit about the video? The drama is hilarious but this isn't a "tea spill". It's going to be 90% obviously fake shit like her fabricated addiction video. Don't get your hopes up.

No. 743981

Yes I'm a stan. Sure Jonny doesn't care about her making a video calling him out, sure Jonny who is always talking shit and bothering his exes, even when he's in a NEW relationship doesn't care about someone making a video that will accuse him of shit.

You sound like a Jonny stan tbh. They ALL care because they are childish dumb asses.

No. 743982

but the fallout has real potential, anon.

No. 743985

File: 1577815007900.jpg (167.27 KB, 1536x289, Screenshot_20191231-185708.jpg)

No. 743986

Lol is this the 3rd or 4th time this has happened?

Her mouth writes checks her ass can't cash constantly

No. 743987

This whole thing is hilarious, like a Jerry Springer episode. Three losers losing their shit at each other.

No. 743989

I knew this was going to happen 15 bucks that she backs out on this video cause she 'doesnt want to hurt anyone else' when jonny begs her not to and love bombs tf out of her >>743985

No. 743990

File: 1577815927036.jpeg (307.82 KB, 750x802, 216AB408-E4E6-4885-ABC3-5F2E0B…)

In response to Taylor’s “he took mah self love” tweet

No. 743991

File: 1577816047938.jpeg (275.83 KB, 750x677, 7715D5C7-8E2F-4420-A401-99ABC9…)

No. 743992

I'm not one of the "think of the baby" anon's but this is fucked up. YOUR ISSUE IS JONNY TAYLOR, you look more bitter and thirsty as fuck trying to talk to some random person, to get tea on Syd? Fuck off.

No. 743993

Taylor is such a liar. The screenshots prove it.

No. 743994

oh lawdy, taylor, pls tell him about this anonomoose dirty laundry airing site

No. 743995

my sides are in orbit rn this cannot be real

No. 743997

It just goes back to when she said she would no longer announce the time that her videos would be going up because of her horrible internet connection. She always goes back on her word.

No. 743998

taylor, you retarded milky angel, please keep being yourself, absolutely incapable of keeping your mouth shut.

but forreal, her "not knowing" that this preggo bitch is a nasty person has to be her playing dumb. they're mirror images of each other, and tay has been vindictive and ugly for her whole life. why should syd be any different.

No. 744000

File: 1577816867287.png (465.3 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20191231-122357.png)

Yeah wtf. I still definitely think she has hep c and claimed the test results were wrong to save face and grt dick because it seemed to scare off people. Lol also her shooting gallery pics proved there was no precautions taken not to cross contaminate also she said she used any cotton she found on the ground to make a rinse…aka BOTH of theirs and yeah a shared cotton ONCE is enough who knows how much needle swapping they did yikes

No. 744001

Oh my Jesus! TMI tay!! No one wants to hear about Jonny splooging in you- that mental image is now stuck in my brain.

No. 744002


Lol of course she's trying to claim he tried to get her pregnant now. The jealousy is unreal.

No. 744003

Well now we know she 100% has hep c lmao

No. 744004

he laid his hands on you? since when, you filthy neet? you literally said (this year) last time you alleged he beat you and fans wouldn't stop asking for details "he never actually hit me but he pushed me once" …oh my god, you absolute fraud.

guess what women who escaped abuse say when they're brave enough to tell their story? i can tell you exactly how they say it. "i got my ass beat. he fucking beat me. he choked me. he hit me so hard i lost my hearing for almost a full minute. i was scared to death over and over and over."

they don't say fraudulent, vague and leading bullshit like "he laid his hands on me"

taylor why are you incapable of telling the truth? jonny is a piece of shit but he never hurt you. stop pretending he did. where's the fucking police report you dirty bitch. where's the photos of your bruises like the ones of your couple of track marks (let's face it. you were SUCH an addict yet your arms don't even fucking compare to what Luna's look like)

i hate you so much more now that you're touting fake stories of abuse

when do your "he raped me!" allegations start? i'll bet that's where you're headed next

No. 744005

>he tried to get me pregnant

bitch you wish he did so bad lmaooo as if a) it wouldn't have been your idea and b) you didn't have a say in whether he could nut in that nasty slit of yours

dear god is she going to develop some woe is me infertility narrative now too? i hope she is, she should never ever breed

No. 744006


She already has claimed rape here >>743857

No. 744008

Sex involves 2 people Tay. You could have demanded condoms. Hopefully she is infertile because this bitch will ruin her kids lives just like her mom did

No. 744009

He tried to get me pregnant.
He shot me up.

This bitch takes no responsibility. As usual!

No. 744010

I thought they didn't have sex for over a year and a half. That's why she needed a good pounding in rehab correct? Now it's unprotected sex and trying to force a pregnancy. Bitch has told so many lies she can't keep them straight.

If someone calls her out they are banned and harassed by her Stan's.

No. 744012

File: 1577818357756.jpeg (520.15 KB, 750x1116, 7CA6EEBB-ECFD-405E-BBB2-50748D…)

I have a hard time believing this was “hard” for her to do. She’s reveling in the drama and attention rn.

No. 744014

File: 1577818390259.jpeg (433.07 KB, 750x844, D97B5A84-C9FD-44D0-86F5-AE4A0E…)

Posted 2 hours ago

No. 744015

File: 1577818812663.png (307.54 KB, 750x1334, E8D5DAD6-0961-49A4-99FE-0A8F99…)

The smiley emoticon at the end just proves how crazy she is. She is on a ROLL today

No. 744017

damn, Taylor is big mad today lmao

No. 744018

File: 1577819047945.png (282.07 KB, 750x1334, EAD8AD13-D8A2-4F82-8574-87FF89…)

Hi tay!!!

No. 744019

File: 1577819055562.jpg (228.32 KB, 1080x1160, 20191231_120359.jpg)

The livestream is up

No. 744020

Slowly the backtracking begins - now instead of rape and beating her ass it’s “sexual assault and verbal abuse”. Pick a story Taylor.

No. 744022

Where is her new boyfie in all of this??

No. 744023

come on now, she's too busy sperging on her main account to manage her socks right now

No. 744024

she says this sarcastically like it's not true 99.9% of the time lmao

No. 744025

In light of all this. I agree with the anon who called out that the bf doesn’t exist. If he did, she would be saving face a lot more to align to what he wants - she has no true core

No. 744026

Best explanation I’ve seen in any Taylor thread, ty anon

No. 744027

her fat crazy boomer of a mother has been oddly quiet about all this?

i'm surprised she's not sperging alongside taylor. i'm sure taylor is making the house an absolute nightmare right now and mama dean needs to hop online to prove to taylor she's on her side to quell the nightmare in the home

No. 744029

taylor has been teasing about this video for a WHILE now. maybe lurk more.

No. 744030

File: 1577820151331.jpeg (465.69 KB, 1242x1689, EC261053-9859-4CEA-AF3B-B8B638…)

Too busy driving her greasy daughter to go get more fries.

No. 744031

Also if she were raped would she really jump so fast into fucking a complete stranger she met in rehab? Every person I've ever known that was sexually assaulted or raped always had trouble with physical intimacy for a while afterward

No. 744032

Nonsense every female deals with rape differently. (Saying this as a fact not aligned with Taylor’s story)

No. 744034

she said he couldn't get it up, and he confirmed it on the twitch stream where he announced the pregnancy that he also couldn't get it up because heroin killed his sex drive. they both confirmed it but she's trying to push the rape lie now. really fucked up of taylor.

No. 744035

well i get your point anon, hypersexuality isn't an uncommon reaction to sexual assault either

No. 744036

I know someone is livestreaming this, but there is always that chance it gets taken down. Is someone else planning on having a video of it just in case? I feel like Taylor will delete the video.

No. 744037

While she has been teasing it, she never said she was going to upload it until she found out that JC got his new girl pregnant.

No. 744038

File: 1577820806672.jpeg (389.96 KB, 1124x1590, 00455EA8-A691-403A-954B-C873A9…)

It’s too late for her to take it back now. She is going straight ahead with claiming she was raped still.

No. 744039

File: 1577820834436.jpg (142.48 KB, 1070x683, Screenshot_20191231-143411_Chr…)

No. 744041

holy f u c k

No. 744042

oh boy we called it. Straight up rape now.

Hard to believe her after all the lies even if she was raped.

No. 744045

File: 1577821147620.jpeg (223.38 KB, 1242x1284, 3FE663E9-2C8A-4369-B0CA-2EB5ED…)

Excuses, excuses.
Next - it’ll be 2 hours late sorry guise I was getting fries!!

No. 744047

i deadass just laughed, he tied her up? really? she's acting like he's a supervillain or some psychotic torturer instead of a plain piece of shit

No. 744048

I like how she suddenly has time to probably record, edit and upload a whole video.

There's little chance this was filmed ages ago.

No. 744049

I really want to see Jonny take some legal action if this is false which it probably is lmao.

No. 744050


If this is true she should be taking legal action. If it’s false she’s just opened the window for Jonny to take legal action.

No. 744052

Yes why isn’t she taking legal action? If the abuse was this extreme he needs to be locked up as this behavior can escalate. Or did she allow him to tie her up as sexplay…. she’s all over the place.

No. 744053

I wonder if he will. I wonder if the other cases of people accusing him of sexual abuse will factor in if he does. It'd be kind of funny if he sues Taylor and the other women he's been harassing for years pop up.

No. 744054

I wonder if she'll mention the totally real protective order that she definitely has and didn't just make up.

No. 744055

Yep, I wonder if this is why she knows she can say whatever or if a simple letter from JC's lawyer would quickly get her to change her tune.

No. 744056


I can picture Jonny not taking legal action if it’s false (like you said he’d be up against all the other women he harasses) but I can’t picture Taylor not taking legal action if it was true. So why isn’t she?

No. 744057

Taylor, you are supposed to eat the fries not dip your bangs in them as styling product???

No. 744058

Liar. Statue of limitations is not up, go to the fucking cops.

No. 744059

Would she be able to sue him? Wouldnt it just be a he said/she said with no proof from either side?

No. 744060

Thats my thing, Rape is hard to prove esp. after a long time and if Jonny sues, I feel like it'll backfire because this isn't the first time he was accused of something like this.
It'd be a waste of money and time on both their parts.

No. 744061

because she LoVeS hIm but also totally doesn't ever want to give him attention again!!1!1!1! she just needs everyone to remember she is the most tragic rape victim of jenny's that's all

No. 744062

i think we all know the answer to that, anon. sad as it is. she's a spergy liar. and i am honestly starting to believe that she still wants this trashfire back.

No. 744063

File: 1577822721235.jpg (487.9 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191231-120542.jpg)

No. 744064

I wouldn’t doubt this being true anon. Didn’t Jake mention towards the end that she had “sex fetishes” of getting choked and slapped while having sex. Pretty sure there was a screenshot of the tweet. It’s not surprising that some psycho bitch who “knocks out” rodents before a feeding would have sexual fetishes such as being tied up, choked and slapped around. Just saying.

No. 744065

File: 1577822799964.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 3608F83A-5774-4EE8-9359-F4C0C6…)

No. 744066

This is deleted now.

No. 744067

wouldn't surprise me honestly.

She seems to go for older, dangerous, abusive guys.

No. 744068

this video isn't going to go up.

where's her 'management' btw? why can't they help her upload videos? it's a real problem for poor taylor, she can't seem to manage her content at all. no wonder her views are tanking.

No. 744069

Cartier bracelet is back, the irony

No. 744070

She's "at IOP" tweeting the entire time. Sure jan

No. 744071


They’re the real winners here. Give Taylor a purse here, a cake there to placate her and then do absolutely nothing else as they get to take chunk after chunk of her declining revenue.

No. 744072

just starting to anon?

No. 744074

Women aren't children even if they're pregnant; they have been having children in incredibly stressful conditions for thousands upon thousands of years. If Syd can't handle the stress of someone being Mean on the Internet then she'd better learn to get used to it because she's having a child with a complete fucking loser.

Shitty as Taylor is, and immature as she is acting, she's under no obligation to be nice to her ex and his retarded baby mamma just because they were stupid enough to have unprotected sex.

Damn, she's really twisting the knife. This is some real high school-tier drama- girl and boy break up, boy gets with new girl, first girl tries to get revenge on the new girl by emotionally wounding her under the false pretense of concern.

No. 744076

Can we make a thread about Syd and Jonny for snow? Would be a nice thing to have a dedicated spot for their antics.

No. 744077

If you want one, make one.

No. 744081

This is all so crazy and hilarious. Taylor having a screeching fit on Twitter completely trashing Jonny, then turning around and crying about how if the “man that I truly loved was in there” that he wouldn’t be being mean to her back? She’s said a bunch of shit about him this whole time, and finally when he actually acknowledges it and tells her essentially to stfu, then she cries about how if he cared about her, he wouldn’t be being petty? Wtf? It just goes to show she really has been trying her hardest to get back with him. She even said her video was going to be more mournful of their relationship - leaving the option open to get back together vs burning a bridge.
Bitch is so crazy, and seems super bothered when she can’t be in control. She really thought she was pulling the puppet strings real good on both Jonny and Syd. She doesn’t see how desperate she comes off, especially slipping in the “he told me he still had feelings for me a couple months ago.” lol yeah, you really had to mention that, huh? But you’re trying to help Syd. She tries to make her hard efforts come off like she’s trying to help another girl, when really her efforts are purely to get Jonny/be in control.

No. 744082

>If it’s false she’s just opened the window for Jonny to take legal action.

With what money tho lmao.

No. 744084

yea suing isn't likely, too costly for most people. Can't get blood from a stone.

No. 744085


"if the man i love is still in there somewhere he'd know how much i'm upset rn"


"he tied me up and raped me"

No. 744086


she's just editing it further bc she's manic af

No. 744088

She's probably making it or editing it.

Normally, she shows a thumbnail of some sort before she uploads or while she is editing, this time she basically just showed a percentage.

I also doubt she honestly had the motivation to get up and film a what should be a long video.

No. 744089

and she saying that he raped her BEFORE the heroin, when the relationship was likely at its best… she cant keep up with her own lies.

No. 744091

Wait. They had unprotected sex for a year and a half, or she hadn’t had sex in a year and a half. Which is it Pinocchio?

No. 744093

underrated kek lol

No. 744094

This is honestly what makes it border on sad and pathetic. The man you "love" never fucking existed, Taylor. You are in love with the idea of him being fixed by you, the mighty savior of everything and everyone she touches.

Of course she's batshit too. She lied about having contact with Taylor, and got purposedly knocked up to piss her off and keep "her" man.

No. 744096

She says he never actually hit her, then said he "laid hands on her"

She said Jonny forcibly shot her up for 2 years, then kept slipping up saying she was doing it herself and not very good at it, then that he never forcibly shot her up but "did get me addicted" to heroin but THEN said she was the one who was curious to try it bc she felt like she should join him

She said they hadn't had sex in a year and a half +, then said he tried to get her pregnant

She said she only decided she didn't want to be with Jonny after she met Jake (who "opened up her eyes" and made her realise she wasn't happy and deserved better)

She is now saying he tied her up. and raped her. After all this time and all her changes to drag him, only during a very insane meltdown and only after her "he laid hands on me" didn't have the devastating effect she hoped does she land on "he raped me"

sorry, tied me up and raped me

Her motivations are crystal clear here and this is an insult to actual rape victims!! She should be absolutely fucking ashamed of herself.

No. 744100

File: 1577826784657.jpeg (219.82 KB, 1125x587, 0C255278-9C0F-43F1-BD33-43E8D5…)

Ya, uh huh!

No. 744102

>>744094 Syd is a complete idiot for getting pregnant with Jonny and taking part in this mess, but are we sure she's the psycho people in Taylor's DMs are saying? The screenshot of Syd saying that woman deserved her miscarriage looked fake as hell. I feel like these stans are just trying to get Taylor's attention.

No. 744103

LOL yeah right. She'd pocket that money in a second to buy more pills.

No. 744104

Prove it, show us the paycheck and send it. Otherwise it's a lie.

No. 744105


Rape is a criminal matter, not a civil one. It wouldn’t be a lawsuit.

No. 744106

Her fans need to force her to show the proof, she can't get away with these lies.

No. 744108


suddenly she cares about causes? her sudden concern–well, this, my friends, is called OVERCOMPENSATING. bc she knows she's full of shit.

why hadn't she donated to drug recovery or abuse survivors from her other videos where she was profiting? instead she spends thousands of dollars for concert tickets, going out partying, fast food, jewelry, slut clothes and dumb shoes she'd never wear outside

No. 744109

he tied you up and raped you? why weren't you sitting in the sheriff's office like YESTERDAY

taylor has no problem running to the police when a CHILD comes online and tells the truth about her and threatening legal action to try to hurt a child


No. 744110

This is some INTENSIVE outpatient therapy, where she’s
- sitting on her phone tweeting up a storm
- checking her upload status incessantly
- heading to whataburger to eat her feelings

No. 744111

The reason why she chose two charities is because if she had chosen one, youtube allows you to make your monetization go straight to said charity, since she chose two she won't show how much or where it is directly going, or any proof that it did go to a charity at all. she's 100% going to pocket the money.

No. 744112

File: 1577828059281.png (756.87 KB, 1242x1242, MAKES SENSE.png)


No. 744113

Someone please be ready to download the video, it’s (supposedly) going up in 15-30 min. I would myself but don’t have the ability. I have a feeling she will eventually take it down, or potentially very quickly if she gets tons of backlash

No. 744115

File: 1577828292018.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2688, 413040FE-24A6-4719-AE62-8FE888…)

we’ll see if this random anon on twitter was right(emoji)

No. 744116

Look at the dates, anon. Taylor would be showing

No. 744117


she said he tried to get her pregnant and followed up with "ew" at the thought of not using a condom with him

if she were going with fake pregnancy that would've come out before the fake rape allegation

she also knows her audience would be disgusted with her that she continued to do heroin while pregnant so she knows she can't go there

No. 744118

she already said she never got pregnant even if they had unprotected sex for a whole year. here: >>744000

No. 744121

I know this is waaayyy off topic and unimportant compared to Taylor's video going up soon, but does anyone remember what brand her snake rack is? I know some of her enclosures are Vision brand, and Vision racks are made with heat wire (which is inferior to literally all other heat sources. Except maybe heat rocks). The heat wire they're built with is apparently known to crap out and get as hot as 140°f if you don't notice. I wonder if she'll end up cooking her snakes like she cooked her skinks and frog

No. 744122

File: 1577830820943.jpeg (362.32 KB, 1242x715, A5EFF2CB-7DB8-42CC-A23D-94694C…)

soooo this is a recurring problem, her main source of revenue is youtube, and she still hasn’t figured out to upgrade her internet?

No. 744123

Bruh use an Ethernet cable dummy. she's so dumb.

No. 744124

File: 1577830927133.jpeg (312.26 KB, 1125x1093, 17769618-4F36-4B1D-BC6A-DE472D…)

Our heroin qweennnn throwing a bitch fit about her video not posting fast enough. I bet she’s DYING for ass pats right now.

Side note: I’m curious to see how high she looks in this video. I really think she’s going to come off as MANIC in this video being that she can’t even control her emotions on social media.

No. 744125

File: 1577831247017.jpeg (239.66 KB, 1242x550, 328FFAE6-7300-4E80-BCE7-CA131F…)

kind of wish he would live stream watching her video so i can get some commentary/see some reactions

No. 744126

I feel like this is an intimidation tactic. Jonny talks a big game just like Taylor. They’re both lying, manipulative and miserable shit stains.

No. 744127

File: 1577831607024.jpeg (296.53 KB, 1242x1822, 29EB759F-0404-4019-A59F-3033F9…)

No. 744128

File: 1577831744237.jpg (70.94 KB, 1024x434, topkeke.jpg)

No. 744129

I mean he'd lie just like her, I don't know why people want Jonny to speak up, at this point, I feel they are BOTH going to start flinging whatever shit they can. These are two known liars, I barely believe ANYTHING these people say.
I'd take anything Jonny says about Taylor the same way I take shit that Taylor says about Jonny. I think it's 80% lies/exaggeration and 20% truth.
And I'm positive his lawyer isn't telling him to "reveal" shit to the internet. If he's going to take legal action just do it. I don't think it'd go that well for him. I don't want to hear about, "I have this and that I'm about to do, ha ha ha"

No. 744130

and even if I really really dislike Taylor, I'm kind of enjoying watching Jonny scramble like this. Has he ever gotten this much heat? LOL, what a bucket of fucked up individuals. Why don't they just have a throuple?

No. 744133

New video just went live "My experience dating Jonny Craig."

No. 744134

Link so we dont give this bitch money?

No. 744135

I know this is a nitpick, but why the hell she got a cross on her face? Like, it makes it seem like a fucking joke, it's a serious topic, so why put a weird as cross on ur face?

No. 744136

No. 744137

File: 1577832602713.png (8.9 MB, 2208x1242, 0C38461A-2033-4759-8924-D59091…)

wow she put a lot of thought into this ~lewk

No. 744138

30 seconds into the video and she already shows that she's not wearing pants. Classy.

No. 744139

File: 1577832687402.png (3.27 MB, 1334x750, B897F9FE-6456-4407-B8EA-D9274F…)

She’s literally filming this video in her underwear. Cute look, Tay Tay

No. 744141

So she's saying the first baby mom "got out before he got the chance to interact with the baby"

I'm not going to lie I tricked myself feeling bad for her for a little bit, (im only on the first 7 mintues) because her feelings are kind of normal for people in these situations.She still loves the dude, people go through this shit all the time, people fuck them over and they love them, but she's SO trash and handles EVERYTHING SO wrong.She's angry, jealous, hurt, manic and thats shit that people can go through in these situations.

it's just so hard to fucking even feel bad for her.I feel bad for feeling bad because I've been there, but knowing all we know it's hard to feel bad for ANYONE involved.

No. 744142

in the first 6 minutes she's crying about how he left her for a new girl and knocked her up when she was just fresh out of rehab. left her and started a new family. that's why she's so upset. that and no other reason. she's hurt and jealous. she should've just ended the video there

No. 744143

i’m loling so hard she literally filmed this last night and her nasty ass is in her underwear

No. 744144

“The news I got today sucks”.

So did she film it last night?

No. 744146

It pissing me off that her dumb ass could be winning. She could've made this video right after they broke up calling him out, and been done with it, cleaning up her life.
but nope! She'd rather agrue on twitter, do reckless bullshit while sitting at home with her parents.
She's so fucking self destrutive. The new girl is having his child, she's losing and taylor just does not know how to fucking do the right thing.

No. 744148

LOL her talking about the power dynamic and age difference like her story and the onision victims stories are the same…

No. 744149

She says Jonny was fucking a 17-year-old.
I believe this but wow. So because he got this baby, NOW you want to talk about this 17 year old he was fucking? Come on dude

No. 744151

"everyone thinks I a rapist I might as well be one"
Is what she said he said to her before he tried to force her to have sex. Again, I believe most of what she's saying, it sounds like Jonny but she's ONLY doing this because he's having a baby, not because she wants to do the right thing. Because she's still in love with him, he's having a baby and Syd made her upset

No. 744152

Jesus she has savior complex

She's on some trip about how she wants to ~*save*~ Syd so haaaard omg poor Taylor

wahhhhh :(

I'm disgusted because he ~left me~ even though I was fucking someone else in rehab ~ how could he leave me and find someone else ? ~~~~~

No. 744153

yeah fucking right, the way she hesitated and looked at the ground when she said that makes me think she was literally remembering the lie she made up

No. 744154

At 15:30 she says she was duct tapped and then he removed her clothes on the way to the couch. Maybe nitpick but it’s pretty hard to take someone’s clothes off while they’re hands are duct taped together. This whole thing just reeks of fake drama. Not to dismiss her story but a lot of it doesn’t add up.

No. 744155

not really, at least pants are not

No. 744156

>if he called some crazy it wouldn’t go down too well


No. 744158

"I started to hit myself"

eyeroll sure.

No. 744159

She seemed so emotional in this video except when she mentions the rape. It felt the most rehearsed thing in the entire video and was brushed over quickly. She made it out like not being cuddles was worse.

No. 744160

The video is so unfocused. She talks about him banging or some kind of shit with a 17-year-old, which is serious to accuse someone of, then she talks about him manhandling her and trying to force himself on her. Then she's talking about like weird things, like him yelling, or not holding her, and she gets weirdly emotional about the less horrible shit.

The things she talks about seeming more angry and emotional aren't really that bad, but the things she's saying without much emotion are very bad

No. 744161

I like how she tries to make it seem like it was somehow sad and we should be sympathetic but she literally self harmed as a form of manipulation.

That’s hard to be sympathetic towards

No. 744162

quick thought. that whole him saying "everyone says i'm a rapist might as well be one" its exactly what she said when she was accused of using heroin "if everyone thinks im using heroin might as well be one". hmm.

No. 744163

Literally sounds like something out of a fanfic too lmao

No. 744164

this video is so weird

No. 744165

I’m annoyed already with her repeting words “cry cry cry” or “sob sob sob”.

No. 744166

I just want to point out that she once again inadvertently confirms the texts with Chelsea are real because she brings up the17 year old girl Jonny was messing around with in her video just like she did in the text messages.

She is seriously crying and acting like Jonny cheated on her lol.
>> how could he just jump into a relationship while I was fresh out of rehab and go be with her and now they’re starting a family together ensue the tears
As if getting away from him wasn’t the best thing that could have happened to her after he “raped and abused” her?
She wants Jonny to apologize so bad it’s pathetic hahaha it’s NEVER going to happen sweet heart. Take the L and stfu already you crazy bitch.

No. 744167

And then when she’s like “he was mad at me so I started doing coke at a show and he stood up for me and then did a pill and told him he wasn’t supposed to be using”
This whole thing sounds like a bunch of teenagers hashing it out at a highschool dance. It’s hard to believe these are all adults.

No. 744170

OT but neontardis in the chat can't go 2 minutes without mentioning that they dated a musician more famous than Jonny who was a mess and they left him straight away, cows attract cows

No. 744171

So her saying the “news she got today sucks” definitely confirms she filmed this last night and as revenge. Shows how fast she can get a video out when she wants to spite someone!

No. 744172

File: 1577834546720.jpeg (96.25 KB, 1125x587, 1577826784657~2.jpeg)

No. 744173

File: 1577834582533.png (1.51 MB, 828x1792, A8661138-772C-4792-9ECF-EE2759…)

No. 744174

I wonder why she didnt do a trigger warning for rape and just did sexual assault

No. 744175

Holy shit, good job anon at pointing this out. Another emzotic.

No. 744176

When are the staff going to reveal Taylor's history of self posting kek

No. 744177

I can’t wait for all the stupid posts to be revealed. This is gonna be delicious.

No. 744178

File: 1577834790918.jpeg (5.67 MB, 4032x3024, 638F6672-35D6-4B62-B371-91AFD1…)

Claims these texts were back when they were dating but says Friday hmmmmm..already caught in one lie..let’s see how many more we can spot. It’s like a fun game of spot the lie

No. 744180

Inb4 she claims she has a Twitter assistant run her account and that’s who screenshotted it lmao

No. 744181

Her hand movements in this video are KILLING ME
The screenshot was taken from her Instagram story I'm assuming… She posted this screenshot on her story before it was posted here

No. 744182

File: 1577834920834.jpg (251.84 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191231-162856.jpg)

No. 744183

Omg loooool I stop following this cow for a few days over Christmas and I come back to this shit (I stopped reading when the last thread stopped) hahaha happy fucking new year everyone!!1!

No. 744184

Clearly the entire video should have sent to him privately

The entire video goes between 'you' and 'he'

No. 744185

Sorry I don't use twitter - what does this mean?

No. 744186

Cool your jets peeps. I posted that…and I’m def not Taylor!

No. 744187

Only the person who posted the tweet sees that icon (analytics iirc), so it usually means it's a self post. Looks like it wasn't in this case since it was grabbed from her own screenshot to Instagram.

No. 744188

i can’t even make it through the video. It’s so fucking cringe. Why does she care so much about this piece of shit? The “right” time for this video would have been after they broke up. Now it’s just clear she’s jealous she didn’t get any of Jonny Craig’s splooge to implant in her.

No. 744189

Can anyone check the timelines of what happened on twitter vs what she's telling?

She says she was broke for months because of his teeth but then suddenly had the money to buy coke, extended hotel stays, uber and flights.

No. 744190


No. 744191

She literally just doxed the guy.

No. 744192


Not necessarily true, rape victims can delude themselves into thinking it's not rape, he loves me, etc. It's a survival mechanism to cope with the traumatic event in question.

"he pushed me" into "he tied me up and raped me"
You know, I'm a victim of it myself and have met others in group therapy, nobody talks about it like this, let alone on TWITTER to KIDS. Hypersexuality can happen as a response, but no victims ever discuss things in this manner.

That said, we know Jonny has raped and molested people in the past, so I don't think him trying to rape her is that impossible, but her story…doesn't add up. At all.

She really, really, really needs to be in a facility for her mental health, both addiction and whatever else is wrong with her. What the fuck are her parents doing? Cut off her Internet access. She is not okay.

No. 744193

She probably knew its the password he still uses. There's literally no reason for her to say it otherwise.

No. 744194

Ya! I screenshot her insta story SMH!

No. 744195

she better fix that shit, it's how onision got tagged

No. 744196

File: 1577835704223.jpeg (5.24 MB, 4032x3024, 84BCDCA2-F097-4F02-AB81-7F0DB7…)

Why do the text dates she’s showin say they are from today..I don’t get it unless she screenshot it that day and why would she do that for proof later down the road? Something ain’t adding up

No. 744197


It's almost like she faked them.

No. 744198

She shows texts dated from October later on.


On another note, I think it's the fact that they're photos rather than actual screenshots. Deffo sus she didn't take screenshots tho?

No. 744199

Johnny actually comes across as reasonable in some of these texts. When a Known druggie, abuser and rapist is telling you to fuck off, then its pretty clear she is crazy honestly. She looks crazy as hell in some of the texts.

No. 744200

She was 'raped' by him but still wants to get back with him.

She talked about being clean but was willing to risk it all to get back with him.

No. 744202

There are rape victims/abuse victims who go back to their abusers, who want to go back, who go through cycles like that.

No. 744203

File: 1577836519873.png (523.21 KB, 629x511, mern.png)

this is how i feel watching this video

No. 744204

that would be because she is crazy as hell

No. 744205

Her entire Twitter rants are about how she no longer likes him and how she won't ever speak of him again and how he is trash.

She is broken, clearly. And she clearly needs help with it but my god… she should have admitted it ages ago rather than basing all her rants about how she is being selfless by helping these girls and how she hates him.

No. 744206

(im the anon you were responding too) I should've said it was a general statement. I agree with you though. If she would've just admitted a long time ago that she was still in love and all that, I'm positive people would've understood, instead of doing this dumb ass "I'm trying to save the other girls" when it's obvious she dislikes Syd and could care less about her well being, which tbf why should she?

She needs to get help and I doubt she ever will. She's always a victim and she wants everyone to love her, she's also a liar and a shit starter.

No. 744207

File: 1577836927345.png (192.73 KB, 578x503, Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 3.59…)

lol emzotic probably found out about the video through this thread

No. 744208

I think it’s an old screenshot still saved in her photos? It’s possible she deleted the texts but kept the screenshots

No. 744209

Taylor's idea of abuse is hitting her own self and slitting her own wrists and being sad that jonnys trying to get her to stop.. All because he doesn't want to hold her for hours.. So she has to hold herself? Are you FUCKING kidding me?

No. 744210

Ironically she has her own video posted an hour ago talking about why she left. Seems slimy as fuck.

No. 744211

Anyone else waiting for the video recap because this video is an incoherent mess?

No. 744212

I'm calling fake texts. Jonny doesn't type like that.

No. 744213

"i didnt wanna start this video with a dramatic sigh"

>literally has the ability to edit it out

>doesnt edit it out

three claps for big brain

No. 744214

Wow what a shitshow…

Taylor needs serious help, fucking A. She needs to get her ass back in rehab and have her phone taken away.

She's on something, manic AF the entire time. The whole video was a schitzo mess.

No. 744218

Everything about this video seems so unbelievably staged. At a point, she says she had a WHOLE VIDEO recorded but she was "Being too nice for him.". She yells at her CAT?? Which her whole channel is about? So, she re-recorded this video just to be angry again? The part that really blows my mind is in THIS VIDEO she claims her makeup is bad, but.. it looks the same as usual? So like is she aware that all her makeup is bad?

She's so salty this whole time. "Go on and make a new family.." Like girl. You definitely have spent the past year bragging about getting away from him? Now you just sound jealous and bitter no matter what you say.

No. 744219

Potion seller LMFAO

Her brain is beyond fried. She needs to stop and get help, what she's doing now clearly isn't working.

I wouldn't trust this bitch to move out at all. I'm guessing she scared the new guy away, that's why she's so upset about all this relationship crap.

No. 744220

Also same fagging, but what is this cross thing on her eye? Like, what is that for?

No. 744221

I think she's thinking about a face tattoo, she's just using it as a marker to "test".

She wants to look as tatted up as jonny imo, her whole look is a copy.

No. 744222

Edge lord points or syd walking ..take your pick..maybe both

No. 744223

Edgy aesthetics

No. 744224

Using drugs in front of an addict, and it's abusive that he said he would have to relapse?

Telling him she was gonna kill herself (which is an abusive tactic itself and she always said he would say that) and him telling her to shut up?

All of this sounds like they both were toxic and fucked up. She is not a victim.

No. 744225

The screenshots towards the end are literally how she was planning to get back with him. She’s a mess.

This video should have been posted earlier but should have also been carefully planned outside of all the lies she probably said. it also probably should have been sent to him or generally kept private because she clearly did it as a way of closure but also as some sort of revenge at him for leaving her.

I realise the whole post may sound sympathetic and I do think she is utter trash for even posting the video in such a messy manner talking so lightly about rape or sexual abuse. There are people there that have dated him and have gone through this.

No. 744226

Holy shit I was going to sit through it but then I find out it's an hour? A FUCKING HOUR and 15 minutes?? Shit. I'd recap but that's too long. I'm literally going to have to listen to this while doing something else because I can't get through it. If anything jumps out to me maybe I'll post about it but damn.
Says a lot when we've been waiting for this and farmers don't even want to watch it

No. 744227


I hear you. It just seems so completely bitter based. Like, she could've handled this properly or privately. I think she put this onto youTube so she could get the pity points. Literally the introduction is SEVEN minutes and sounds like complete spite. She also tells a few of his ex's stories that she definitely fronted like she couldn't believe. Now all of a sudden, she believes it? I call bullshit. The fact that she's adding extra stuff in just to try to add on that he's even shittier, like liking a 17 year old, but she still stayed with him? Like come on. This whole thing is messy and just reflects on her choices as a person.

No. 744228

The worst thing about all of this is not one person involved is going to change. Taylor's not going to change, of course Jonny's not going to change and now he has another baby on a way and syd seems to be a not so smart or great person herself.

The only person I have sympathy for is that child.

No. 744229

Was a huge fan of the Freudian slip. “How could he leave me, and go get somebody else pregnant?” “He started dating her when I was just crawling out of rehab?”
That’s what this whole thing is about. She’s not really interested in the business of warning others. If she were; she would’ve done this months ago. She didn’t need to even make a YouTube video. She could’ve made a series of tweets. Anything. But she made this because she’s mad Jonny has moved on, and gotten somebody else pregnant.

No. 744231

Love her her "bad makeup" was exactly the same the night before. Was that bad too or..? Especially considering she had TWO of those gaudy crosses instead of one. At least she had on pants the first night.

No. 744232

lmao as if this woman-child wasn't getting some brodick during rehab. you left that pos first.

No. 744233

I love how she's now saying she started using coke because he yelled at her for sitting side stage? Their relationship DID need to stay between her and him.

She's explaining that she thought it was okay for herself to do coke while she tells him he can't do that.

Wow. the anon that said she was swapping back from "you" to "him" is accurate. She starts telling a story about how bad he was while she was at Disney, around 24:00, she goes "There was the time I took YOU to Disney World, because it's my favorite place. And I thought that if I took YOU there, " Then she went back to saying him. Like.. She is not exposing him but talking to him directly.

No. 744234

Taylor edit it a video? You're asking for a bit much anon..

No. 744237

Something that bothered me about this video is that she said he got a new girl after she was “barely crawling out of rehab” and it’s like??? You were still IN rehab when you were banging Jake. That’s just so jealous and petty tbh. She’s just upset because she hasn’t kept any of the men that she’s been with since him. Jonny is trash, and I am not going to say one way or another if the abuse she talks about in here is real. I’m inclined to believe her even if it’s a bit dramatized because we all know that scum is capable of rape and physical abuse. But still. This video comes off as petty and jealous. Just like she did in her “I’m a heroin addict” video, she doesn’t take any accountability for her own actions or her own addiction and that is part of recovery. The abuse isn’t her fault. However, agreeing to do heroin and making fun of Jonnys exes publicly was her fault. She said when his exes made those texts public, they put her in huge danger and made it impossible for her to get out. So why did she post this video when she knows it could put Syd in danger? Fact is, no matter how much she says she wants to help Syd, she hates her and is jealous of her and doesn’t give half a damn for her safety. And that is sick. She is a very petty, vindictive person.

No. 744240

Johnny is a sociopathic nasty abusive piece of rapist shit. That said, I am actually deeply disturbed by her participation in the relationship. This video is her way of making him pay for cutting off contact with her. Her abusive tactics are very clearly laid out with this tell all. You stop talking to me? I will ruin you.

No. 744241

people are capable of being victims and abusers at the same time. I believe some of what Taylor says because we have history of Jonny, we've seen the things he'd said and done, but that is some of the same reasons why i don't believe fully Taylor, because we have history of her as well.

No. 744245

At like 38:50, she starts saying the only person who told her that she wasn't supposed to be with Jonny and that he was a bad person were his bandmates. Like she didn't have thousands of people telling her on Twitter/Instagram that he was awful. She consistently repeats like FOUR times that his bandmates were the only people who told her that Jonny was a bad person.

She looks down a lot, so I really honestly think she had bullet points, but you can tell when she keeps switching back to "you" when telling stories about Jonny is terrible. There are so many times that she says that she knew what he was doing was wrong, but she was also doing drugs this whole time. Apparently he made her feel horrible for her saying she wanted to quit, but was still doing it anyway and so was he. I don't think she was the publicly open about her abusing coke.

This whole video is literally a HOT MESS of Taylor putting herself out there and explaining just as much of her own inconsistencies in her previous stories than his. We knew this about Jonny but a lot of her stuff is new.

Also at a point he says he was talking to a girl before he even knew her, about how much better she was than Taylor.. I'm sorry what? She breaks down crying because he talked to this girl while not touching her.. after doing all this awful shit to her.. why would she want him to touch her?

No. 744246

If video summary anon is around please I beg you to make one because after seeing this shit lasts more than 20 minutes I just can't with it.

No. 744247

During the end of her video, I was expecting her to drop some numbers or websites that can help people suffering in domestic abusive relationships, or say to anyone if they're suffering in a bad relationship there's help and here's where to seek it.
No suicide help lines, no mental health numbers.

Nothing in her description directs people to any sort of help, but she's willing to donate any money she makes to a.. abuse place and a drug rehab..

It might be a nitpick but most people who come out with their story on abuse, suicide, drug related problems usually drop some numbers in case anyone watching is going through the same thing. I dunno maybe I'm reaching. It would have been nice of her to do at least mention if anyone's going through something similar it's not normal an there's help, but she's forever self serving and only thinking of herself.

No. 744248

Exactly. She says "what if he moves on with his new family and never does this again?" angry at the thought of him NOT abusing Syd and their baby. This isnt to help her. She is jealous and wants a "perfect family" with him that she feels Syd will have with him clean. It almost feels like she wants him to relapse so Syd doesn't get a good version of him.

No. 744249

Did she really start saying at 45 minutes that she shot up heroin because she wanted to connect with him??? No, that's the wildest thing she's ever said. She can never again say that he shot her up. No, it is in a literal video that she chose to shoot up when she found he was doing heroin so she could be enough for him. She spent a minute saying if I got in heroin, he'd love me and he wouldn't be mean to him.. Then the cat meows in the middle of her fake tears, and she laughed about it.
I have no respect or sympathy for Taylor after that. She chose to become addicted to heroin because she thought he'd love her. She's no better than Tuna.

No. 744251

Confirmation, for the end of the video she starts talking about her conversation with Syd. So tinfoil confirmed, this wasn't recorded until she found out they were pregnant.

This video was definitely filmed in the past two days.

No. 744253

i don't even like taylor one bit and watching that video hurt. girl please get over that piece of shit, you're just gonna make yourself look worse and worse and more desperate, even if you need to hop dicks until you find someone else to be codependent on please stop talking about this dude

No. 744254

hi long time lurker here, just finished the video and the conclusion is that they are both piece of shits. Jonny with the physical and mental abuse and Taylor with the emotional abuse.. she really needs to start taking accountability and start admitting that she needs help.. I honestly feel that they were made for each other, both horrible people that needs a lot of growth. Right, this was fun to watch, Happy New Year all!

No. 744255

So she admits he didn’t know they were breaking up, but then she keeps saying that he left her in rehab. And we’re supposed to believe the things she says because why?

No. 744256

File: 1577843581124.jpg (867.34 KB, 1080x2092, 20191231_205244.jpg)

Syd.. I mean Taylor just posted this to ig.

No. 744257

Taylor is 100% jealous and the whole video it’s definitely about revenge and her desperately wanting aclosure. She is in a terrible headspace and wanted to be that badass bitch that “expose him” - newsflash.. we know! Do I believe her? Yes. But Taylor has massive issues - her compulsive lying, unable to take accountability, her desperate need of wanting strangers from the internet to approve her, constantly playing the victim, lack of self-awareness/reflection and her massive MASSIVE saviour complex. She honestly should get off the internet, find a hobby, learn a new trait and stop obsessing about that hollywood/rockstar lifestyle that she so hungrily crave..

No. 744259

This whole video is one big yikes. Her body language when telling the rape story gives her away that it’s a completely fabrication or extremely manipulated version of events. The times she is honestly hurt and it is evident? Talking about Syd or the other girl Jonny was texting while they were together and telling her she was better than Taylor. THAT’S what she cares about. Also her straight up admitting using suicide and self harm as a manipulation technique is so fucking disgusting. “I broke a glass and told him I was going to kill myself and I walked out with the piece of glass and he didn’t even call or text me or anything!! But really I was just outside chain smoking and then came back in and cried some more.” They’re both toxic disgusting pieces of shit. They should get back together they both deserve the misery the put the other through.

No. 744260

Is it just me or were the screenshots of the text messages not really relevant to the picture she was painting? At the part about the meet up she shows him apologizing but we don't know wtf he's apologizing for. Context is pretty important and I'm not just gonna take her word for it. Not when she lies every other word.

No. 744262

She is stepping on the couch in this picture, what does Mama Dean say about that?
She really does lurk around the house after everyone is sleeping, just to take selfies!

Also, someone in Twitch chat pointed out her upper arm jiggly puffs. I bet that's why she is hiding her arms/body in this jacket. How's that tattoo gonna look in 6 months, after all those Whataburger fries?!

No. 744265

I finished the video and basically this confirms she was never over him and to this day is not. The ONLY REASON why she stopped going after him was because HE BLOCKED HER. That's the ONLY reason. She would still be going after him if he hadn't. This seems to be why she decided to make the video, because he blocked her and now she heard that he knocked Syd up. So for sure confirmed she only released all this shit because the chances of her going back to him are next to nothing now. Which is sad as fuck. When Syd said something like "if you want him come get him" it was accurate, and also when she said that her therapy clearly wasn't working, also accurate as fuck.
Obligatory note that everyone involved is a piece of shit.
But seriously, Taylor is psychotic. I doubt any of his other exes wanted him back for so long afterwards. Taylor has some deep deep issues needing to be a victim, insecurity.. one of the things she thought was worth including is that he wouldn't hold her when she wanted him to and she cried about it.
Like, I can't emphasize enough how much she needs mental help just from watching this video.

No. 744266

yo i've got a 1 month old and she kicks like crazy and twists around when i try to change her diaper and i have to fight her leg strength just to be able to clean her and get a new diaper under her

so how did he hold this dumb gumpy bitch down long enough to pull enough duct tape to wrap around her limbs

what a goddamn dumb fucking lie. i mean the lie was obviously already a lie but to say duct tape is making your lie even worse. do you know how hard it is to even pull duct tape from a roll with 2 hands, how are you gonna do it while holding someone down



No. 744267

The duct taping part sounded consensual to me. Like she was ok with it up until the rape comments

No. 744268

yesss let ur mean girl out taylor

show the world how you out maneuvered the manipulative johnny craig by blasting his true personality (and yours by extension!) out there on twitter!

yesssss, you psycho bitch

No. 744269

Syd's IG is now private

No. 744270

if she stopped being ok with it after being duct taped thats still assault is it not. not saying i fully believe her because its TND and if she was really raped she would have blasted it everywhere by now, but JC is obviously scum and i have no doubt he manipulated her into shit and then gaslighted her

No. 744271

File: 1577846068953.jpg (84.76 KB, 1348x804, IMG_20200101_033447.jpg)

No. 744272

again, why are you all ignoring that taylor is dropping a hard r claim saying she was literally tied up and RAPED and no one's like "why isn't she sitting in front of an officer filing a report"

why is no one but me asking this question?

she RAN to the cops like almost instantly when a little girl said her animal care sucked and threatened that girl into silence by toting her lawyer connections

but not only does she refuse to file on jonny, she's talking about how much she loves him and how hurt she is that he "Cheated" on her/moved on from her while she was fresh out of rehab

he raped you??? and you're at home fuming that he's starting a family with someone else instead of accepting you back into his "rapist" arms?????????

you guys with your "but victims deal with things your own way and sometimes go back to abusers" doesn't work when taylor proves that is NOT her personality

there are doormats irl who will go back but taylor will take no shit from anyone, and always put herself first. above even her own family. and threatens children who disagree with her. she's a fuckin predator and she's inappropriate as hell with kids and on top of glorifying drug use, being a whore, and being a good for nothing slot, she's not taking photos in her panties and putting them up for her droves of children worshippers to gawk at???

fuck you taylor, i hope the cops visit you to follow up on your rape accusation and you're charged with false rape claims(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 744273

I'd love to know what his lawyers are going to fucking do? I love how he's not even addressing the damning shit, Taylor talked about a whole lot more then you moving on asshole, I don't like taylor but I dislike Jonny even more.

No. 744274

File: 1577846295451.jpg (1.14 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200101_033737.jpg)

No. 744275

I doubt anyone's going to be charged with anything. Neither can prove nothing happened or something really did or at least they aren't showing any proof. I doubt taylor would go to jail for false rape claims because how can they prove it did or didn't happen? Unless Jonny has some concrete proof which I doubt he does.

No. 744276

This was grabbed from a whole thread of them talking.

No. 744279

We're not ignoring it. Most of us know that she's either making it up or manipulating what truly happened to get back at him. We know she wants to have her cake and eat it too, like she always does.

She isn't sitting in front of an officer filing a report because rape cases are very fucking hard to solve to begin with. Why do you think Chelsea and Liz couldn't file charges against him? Because most of the time it's a "he said she said" with rape allegations, because you need solid evidence to prove that it happened/didn't happen.

No. 744280


you are talking to someone who's filed…. and it sounds like you don't know what you're talking about, your stanning is getting in the way of logic. you don't need a semen sample to file a report. please don't spread information like this because it is fucking dangerous and only serves to further victimise rape victims

telling a rape victim not to bother filing because "it's hard to prove" would make most women think, well, why bother? i'll just keep it to myself and suffer silently. HELL NO. file the report so it's on the books, tell your story! they WILL show up at his door and question him, he may be arrested and there may be a trial, which would be awesome if you're actually a victim because then the burden is on HIM to prove he's innocent

No. 744281

Finally got to the end of the video. My favorite part is when she apologized to his exes for "not leaving sooner." Not for the horrible things she said/did to them or accusing them of putting them in danger. She's sorry she didn't leave sooner.

No. 744282

Im not that anon but the person isn't even stanning, they literally said they think she;s lying or streching the truth, that does not sound like a stan.

No. 744287

My only thought about this whole thing is how all her stans and comments on the posts did not see the form of abuse from Taylor? For fuck sake, I hope people realise that threatening to kill yourself just to get attention from your partner is a form of abuse! This whole ordeal just shows how much of a narcissistic sack of shit she is, it amazes me how she still has people supporting her and not calling her out. This is why she doesn’t have any friends and couldn’t hold down any relationships. That bitch is way too intense and never realised she is ever wrong, the only way she could find any form of validation and support are from people that have never met her in real life. Lol bitch needs serious therapy, what fucking first world problem big of a hard life she is going through!

No. 744291

People on Twitter are pointing this out. She is on a blocking spree today tho

No. 744293

taylor is starting to turn horrorcow. all this behavior is fucking nasty. she doesn't give two fucks about anyone but herself and would probably shove her own brother in front of a bus if it meant she would get some attention out of it.

people who use suicide as a tool to manipulate can honestly fuck right on off.

No. 744297

>your stanning is getting in the way of logic.

>We're not ignoring it. Most of us know that she's either making it up or manipulating what truly happened to get back at him.

Please do tell how this is stanning.

>please don't spread information like this because it is fucking dangerous and only serves to further victimise rape victims

Here have the Texas Penal Code on assault:


Please do educate yourself, especially because by the way you type, you don't even seem to be American.

Of course you can go and file a report, but the system is fucking flawed because prosecutors, jurors, officers, etc., generally expect evidence beyond reasonable doubt and because sexual assault as a topic in general is too nuanced and complex for current legislation.

No. 744298

File: 1577850399280.png (397.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191231-223243.png)

Here they come…

No. 744299

Because it sounds like it was consensual. He was taping her up sexually, she had already removed her clothes.. But then he made an off color joke like "oh if people are gonna call me a rapist, I might as well be one" while they were having sex. Then she got freaked out, he stopped and got mad because it was a joke and "she should have known".

I don't really consider that rape but more like.. A kink that then affected her, she started crying, and he stopped. Honestly, with her lack of reaction when telling this story compared to the others, it could have ALL been consensual rape play that she now is using as a way to claim he assaulted her. I Mean.. She says in the video he wouldnt touch her.. Almost an entire year would go by without them having sex and also, he couldn't get it up when high (they both said that in previous posts) so it seems off.

No. 744300

That's what I was saying. The tape portion sounds consensual. I'm not downplaying that once she wasn't ok with it he should have stopped (or not started,) but the way she describes it makes it sound like she was willing and ok up until the rape statement.

Also, I agree that from her description he stopped when she was visibly affected. Since her description is all we have to go off of it actually doesn't sound as bad. He didn't tape her up and rape her against her will, but instead she was willingly taped up and it wasn't until he made the rape statement that she no longer wanted to go along with whatever was happening. At that point he stopped and questioned her crying, then gaslighted her.

Again, not defending one side or the other. That's just how she describes it.

No. 744301

He's live on twitch now. Someone to ld him to check his PayPal password because Taylor Doxxed it.

He also said, again, that taylor and his dad never spoke on the phone or through text, and that the dad doesn't have Taylor's number.

Syd said "move on. We are all grown adults and she is the only person not acting like one" and they laughted about the fact that taylor thought the video would somehow make them not have a baby.

He's not trashing her though. Still is saying he wishes her well. One thing I noticed is that again, he didn't said he loved Syd. He said "I want this baby, I'm happy, I… Care.. About Syd" he paused, like he couldn't say he loved her.

No. 744302

I'm confused about the duct tape part that she didnt outright say "he raped me" like she outright said in the beginning that she was raped when she was 13. If it were too difficult for her to say why would she be saying it in tweets and not in the video. Unless people were just supposed to assume that's what happened at that point in the story without her actually saying it

No. 744303

To me it sounded like she purposely avoided the word rape because she knows by definition it wasn't because he stopped when she was no longer consenting. I think she may be smarter than she acts and made sure to not use incorrect terminology in the video since she doesn't plan on deleting it. The tweets, on the other hand, will most likely be deleted and if necessary she can claim any screenshots are fake if anyone tries to hold them against her.

No. 744304

you think you're the only one who thinks that? of course we ALL think the "rape" situation is fishy as fuck dude. i have no idea WHY she didnt ran right after this happened, since it was so early in the relationship. why else would it be if it wasn't actually consensual and she's taking it out of context to make him look bad?

No. 744307

Can’t get past the first few minutes bc all I can think is cry about it you fuckin baby.

No. 744309

I don't know what country you're from but in the US the burden is on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they ARE guilty. We also allow people to plead the 5th in criminal trials forcing the witness to testify against the accused.

No. 744311

File: 1577856671139.jpg (569.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191231-212612_Twi…)

everything she does just begs for jonnys attention.
she didnt have an edgy teen phase so shes expressing herself now lol

No. 744314

File: 1577857928129.png (393.36 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20200101-075218.png)

No. 744316

Does she know that it’s okay to stream youtube videos with commentary on twitch? I follow a bunch of streamers that does this frequently. She’s cry to her manager and mom about these types of things yet can’t report the sexual assault that she claims that happened to her. But yah, keep doing you Taylor, we’re all just laughing at your stupidity

No. 744318

File: 1577858519791.png (8.26 MB, 1242x2208, 22A4E6FA-6722-47A5-9553-5ECA0E…)

Looks like she has a New Year's Eve date over? Holding someone's hand in her Instagram story tonight?

No. 744319

girl is salty over 70 people? Get a life Taylor lol

No. 744320

This idiotic cunt is sitting in her underwear filming a YouTube video, probably hasn’t showered in a week and has some heinous upside cross painted on her face.

HOW DOES ANYONE BELIEVE THIS BITCH IS SANE? Who in their right mind does this shit? You’re talking about being raped in your UNDERWEAR. This isn’t a fucking slumber party. Rape/abuse victims actually kill themselves because they cannot deal with their trauma and here you are making a mockery of it while high.
She even cracked some weird “rape joke” because her cat meowed in the middle of her sperg. She laughed it off and said jokes are what helps her cope. She’s a fucking sicko. Actual victims cope by going to therapy and willingly allow themselves to heal and move on with their lives. She looks like a literal crack whore but ~leave abusive men and heroin behind in 2020~ amirite.

No. 744324

File: 1577859422077.webm (2.53 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver_taylorndean_7694449…)

No. 744331

regret is not rape. it makes me sick shes just saying all of this just to keep jonny interested in her bullshit

No. 744334

I’m the anon that’s done the last several vid recaps (that were actually milky; fuck the makeup haul one) and I know I said I’d keep ‘em coming… but I legitimately couldn’t keep up with this vid. It’s so all over the place, with so much info and quotables etc. that I’d be stuck trying to compile it for far too long. Sorry to let you down fellow farmers.

No. 744335

Please don't worry about it! The video is ridiculously long and full of bullshit.

No. 744342

File: 1577863821419.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20200101-093022.png)

what a disgusting goblin

No. 744344

10k+ gaming rig and 40k+ teeth that he and syd get to enjoy.

Thanks Taylor! you enabled this shit bag to find more victims to swindle. I wonder if Syd would date him if his mouth still looked like shit.

I like how he hides his fat ass inside a hoodie, whats the matter fatty! Feeling self conscious? LMAO

No. 744346

didn't his exes say that shaving was a sign of him being high as fuck? According to those listening to him ramble on about his exes he went to the bathroom a lot.

No. 744348


This has been said a hundred times–Why post this? I have this suspicious feeling you guys are trying to spam this thread with the same "Syd is pathetic and dumb!" "Jonny is a piece of shit!" so we stop focusing on and discussing how irredeemably batshit Taylor is

Taylor has been providing so much delicious milk and you guys keep going back to the same ole things and diluting the milk

The girl is out of control and you guys are still talking about Jonny being disgusting (yawn)

No. 744351

Honestly, taylor is so batshit insane it's not even funny. She's a crazy person, the levels of delusion she tries to justify defy all logic.

She's literally a crazy cat lady, a hoarder, jello brained, I don't think she has an ounce left of sanity in her. Why the fuck would someone try to get back with JC if half the shit she said was true.

She's so co-dependent and pathetic it's not even entertaining. Making fun of her is like stomping on bugs at this point. It's so obvious she's not right in the head.

No. 744352

you're talking as if we didn't spend a shitton of time talking about the video as soon as it was released. but ok anony.

No. 744357

File: 1577866917765.jpeg (103.47 KB, 750x760, 96E903D4-868D-464D-B643-396584…)

No. 744358

File: 1577867376361.jpeg (491.75 KB, 1242x1414, 000C9DCE-068B-4B05-8CE9-083DA0…)

No. 744359

Yo, you can call me A.

I dated sydney for 6 years in our hometown of San Jose/Sunnyvale, ca. I started dating at around 14 or so and stopped around 19/20ish, I'm 27 now (irrelevant, I know).

But heres the reply of all replies:
Sydney is Bi-Polar, and has BPD, has been her whole life. I started dating her way back in 2009/2010-ish, I think, not too sure rn. Anyways, Sydney is the worst person ever. She is very toxic and un medicated. Without her meds she is totally out of control. No lie. She can ruin someone's life, she did mine, with all the PTSD she gave me. Heres an example:

I'd say maybe one of the 1st times I caught her cheating on me (yeah I know I'm an idiot) she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her wrists in front of me and said that this was all my fault, that shit gave me ptsd to this day, all because I was asking her questions about said guy. This is the kind of person we are dealing with, take note people.

Fast forward a couple of months to when I asked if she would ever sleep with bert mccracken of the used (shes obsessed with bert and the used, took her to meet bert and the band in chico in '11.), her response, now that this is all said and done, is chilling to me… "I'd sleep with him, just so I could say I did, I want his children, please oh, please" NOT EVEN making this up. Oh and if you have any questions about the authenticity of this, I have nothing to hide, shit i can even post pictures of her and i hugging while we 1st dated. I even proposed to her and she said yes, and i even got her pregnant when she was 17 or 18 and we decided to not have it, and she FORCED me to pay for all of the abortion. This is what's fucking me up so much I'm posting here. But this isnt even the TIP of the iceberg.

She always wanted to be a singer. She always wanted people to hear her voice. She told me one day that "I would do ANYTHING to become famous, and have people hear my voice, anything".

Weird right? 17 year old me thought nothing of it.

Anyways fast forward to about, let's say June or may of 2019, this is about a good, let's say 2 and a half years after I've last seen her. When I saw her by my grandmas house in sunnyvale she told me shed do anything for love, and anything to feel loved. She has issues with attachment and went from bf to bf, until JC happened. Anyways, I digress. May or June 2019, I get a text from her (her number hasnt changed in the last 10 years I've known her so I know it had to be her), telling me about how she wants to kill herself cause no one wants her and no one wants to love her anymore, even her own family. I mean, c'mon, yes I'm an idiot for responding to her, but when I was with her I was in a vulnerable spot. My parents went to prison and I had no one, and was couch surfing. So she planted her manipulation seed deep in my brain. She basically manipulated me into to thinking that we were going to be together and all that bs, and me like a fool believed that. Yeah I'm an idiot and I take full responsibility for my actions, unlike someone.

Anyways, that happened 6 months before this all happened. The only reason I said no was cause I told her I wanted to be with someone that had all their shit together and that she didnt. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, that she cant maintain a normal job, because shes unmedicated, she will literally cuss someone out and yell at them. Her mom makes decent money, but not enough to live any type of life with a kid. I'm even sure her own moms doesnt like her, it's pretty sad. She got mad and cussed me out, then she blocked me on everything. I really hope her mom sees that video and freaks the fuck out.

People need to know how shitty she is. And still will be. Thanks for hearing me out tho, guys. Appreciate it. I'll try to respond as I dont have an email attached to this, hell idek how these forums work, lol.

Have a good new year people.


No. 744360

Reasons why I adore this website.

No. 744361

Maybe you & Taylor can go to therapy together

No. 744362

this is the thing they’re both obsessing over? he looks like a bloated corpse

No. 744366

Video doesn’t work. Anyone else having a problem?
She is just posting this for Syd to see that they were talking and for her to read exactly what jc said. She doesn’t care at this point to reveal she wanted to get back with him all along - since she can’t handle it she is throwing him under the bus, but she looks the worst in all this. Lol

No. 744367

>>744359 Surprise surprise? Syd is a piece of work too. Waaaa! Newsflash people, shitty people attract shitty people! Why would Taylor thinks posting any videos at all is helping “another victim” - any girl who are broken and fucked in the brain and wanting to choose the fame will pick Jonny anytime! Taylor, Syd, they all have issues, they all wanted this. If you are a level headed person, you’ll choose a level headed person. Taylor still crying over jonny? Because that stupid bitch after all the “trauma” she wanted him!

Keep it up, I am all here for the milk! Let’s be honest guys, watching them air out their dirty mattress like this really makes me feel good about myself, this is why people watch shit shows like Jerry Springer, we all want to feel good from other people shitstorm!

holds popcorn

No. 744368

A, what does she do for a living?
Does she have her own place in LA?

No. 744369

It's getting bad online? So… without the "haters"… she would still be using heroin and still be with this golden boy.

No. 744370

Is it possible to call CPS for a baby that hasn't been born yet? This lady sounds like she'd make the worst mother on Earth. Can you imagine what post partum psychosis can do to a person already this unstable?

Parenting wise she would be somewhere between Britney Spears and that one bitch who drowned her kids in the bathtub.

No. 744371

Not to be that anon, but if you have any proof of what you're claiming, please do post it. Anything you feel comfortable with, no need to show your face if you don't want to.

No. 744372

Sydney doesnt have a job. Never will. I wont tell you where her mom works either, that's fucked. Lo gets she had a job was maybe a year. At a froyo place.

No. 744373

Lurker Taylor will use responses from here to take digs at this woman later on.

No. 744374

Okay, I'll bite. What kind of proof do you need? I dont have any pix of me and her on my phone, I deleted everything remotely about her when I heard about this news. I can validate.

No. 744375

Screenshots of convos you've had with her, maybe? obviously with her number blurred out because doxing.

No. 744376

Sorry dude, I've deleted everything even remotely related to her on my phone looking on my computer rn to validate.

No. 744377

Watching now and some things I noticed: fake crying, when she said, “he will never admit he was on heroin that day. That’s the thing about addicts, they will never say they relapsed.” And for a second it showed in her eyes she knew that also applied to her.

Her talking about jc getting friends hooked on H - these stories sound true, but it’s not shocking.

She clearly still loves him and the idea that he is her favorite singer. She wants that lifestyle.

No. 744378

> I have nothing to hide, shit i can even post pictures of her and i hugging while we 1st dated.

No. 744379

That's why I said I'm looking on my computer rn I'm sure my dumbass has that photo from 2011 somewhere.

No. 744380

File: 1577871489045.jpeg (162.07 KB, 1242x794, B8D15595-EC2F-4E1F-923C-F3E692…)

“I’ve been talking about wanting to film this for months.” Inserts clip where she said she filmed this yesterday.

No clips from before then.

No. 744381

Except crazy cat ladies actually take care of their cats and would never put their cats in danger by any man.

Video is great and Taylor is clearly victimising herself. It would almost be possible to fall for the fake tears if she didn't still claim she was gluten sick instead of having withdrawals when supposed to meet her fans. All trough the video she is protecting herself and lying to make herself look good.

No. 744382

File: 1577872034737.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2688, 73ED13BD-6916-4AFC-8C9A-919FBC…)

No. 744383

From what I understood there wasn't any penetration. Just a little duct tape and a scare for dear Taytay while she was looking for the true heroin experience. So no rape, only something she brought up to get ass pats from her audience. That's the thing with this whole video: Taylor trying her best to make him look bad while twisting her words to make herself look like an innocent little angel.

No. 744384

File: 1577872206572.jpg (61.38 KB, 720x538, FB_IMG_1481128609229.jpg)

heres a pic of me and sydney outside oakridge mall is san jose, maybe within the 1st year of us dating.>>744375

No. 744385

> the video is for me
Shares it publicly while hyping it up
The whole video is a swap between directly addressing him and then addressing his audience suggesting that to some extent the video is for him

Won’t even expand on how she revealed herself to be manipulative and is basically promoting that as okay for her younger fan base.

No. 744386

There is no "witness". Only prosecution and defendant.

"I'm the anonymous person that did recaps before but I don't feel like doing recaps now but please give me ass pats for some reason"

Wow thanks for the picture from 11 years ago that tells us nothing new. Your milk is super creamy. You think she's mentally ill? Wow. Amazing. All I'm seeing here is you're as jealous as Taylor over this crack baby.

No. 744387

> Contacts Jonny once she has got out rehab. Plans going back to him.
> Jonny gets upset that she was with Jake.
> She breaks things off with Jake.
> He gets with Syd.
So is that why she demonized Jake? Was it a performance for Jonny to get him back?
And maybe they’ve still been talking, and that’s why he’s behaving like this? And why she’s in full blown hysterics over him being with Syd.

No. 744388

Dude, I can give a fuck less about this dumbass bitch. She can die for all I care.

I'm not jealous, why would I be? I could literally shit in a toilet and it would have a better life than them both together.

I'm just putting all of this into context for all of you who think sydney is a normal, sane person. Obviously shes not cause shes dating this fucktard.

I just find it absolutely funny that she was hitting me up not 6 months ago begging for me to be in her life, and that I was " the one".

But I'll tell you all rn, mental abuse is fuckin real and that shit is no joke.

No. 744390

Chill tf out! I’ll gladly drink all the milk “A” wants to give.

Thank you very much.

No. 744391

>Was it a performance for Jonny to get him back?

Yes, basically. All the things she's done so far have been a performance to get him back or to get back at him, whichever suits the scenario better.

No. 744392


this is me. i posted this, btw.

how i found this site? i dont even know to be honest.

No. 744393

I wasn’t asking where her mom worked, I was asking does Syd have her own apartment in Los Angeles.

Just wondering where the hell they’ll raise a damn baby.

No. 744394

I think she’s said this before but she goes in to say (again) that she “paid for our whole drug addiction. 80k worth.”

He paid rent every once and a while and would pretend he could afford everything using her card. Bought her gifts with her own card. Pathetic lol

No. 744395

We should try and get screenshots of all the texts she showed in her video

No. 744396


she doesnt have a job. she never will have a job.

the only house she has is a mobile home in sunnyvale, ca, where her mom lives.

she doesnt own a car, she has nothing to her name except the clothes on her back and the makeup in her bag.

No. 744397

File: 1577875042603.jpeg (175.42 KB, 1152x882, E513746E-F83F-4301-9318-87A6B1…)

“I don’t want him to move on with his life like all super happy and perfect.”
This girl is BITTER.

No. 744398

Where are those people that were saying she was so pretty or prettier than our queen? Lol

No. 744399

do you have screencaps of convos proving anything at all, go get validated by a farmhand, this thread is about taylor nicole dean, not someone fucking jonny craig thanks

No. 744400

wait, are you saying she's poor? gasp! how disgusting!

No. 744401

File: 1577875402612.jpeg (157.15 KB, 1175x759, 597F623F-3D07-46BB-B32D-356160…)

After getting out of rehab they talked, she stalked him everyday (insta?) and she made plans to see him and “was days away from being with him.”
This whole time she’s been planning her relapse with her bad boy Jonny.

This whole time she’s been listening to his music. She’s so In love with the idea of jc the singer even tho this time in her video she’s been describing horrible scenarios that I do believe happened in private

No. 744402


99 percent of those pics are heavy makeup.


No, I deleted everything related to her after I found out about this. Touche tho, you are correct this is a thread about JC, and not about some Suck-o-matic Jizz-bag. ill respect the rules and will only respond to replies to my posts, from now on, getting validated is not important to me, like I said, I am just trying to get my side of the story told.


shes also clinically crazy, and diagnosed with the mental illnesses I said in OP; honestly, someone should ask JC how many times sydney has been 5150'd on stream, I'd love to see that face.

No. 744403

So she's poor AND mentally ill? Burn the witch!

No. 744405


she's crazy? says the guy scouring the internet 11 years later looking up threads about a girl he dated as a teenager? lolol!!!

let's not forget you tried crawling up taylor dean's ass and was like "HEY LET ME TELL YOU SECRETS ABOUT THIS GIRL!" when taylor is just as crazy as you're claiming the other girl is? does not compute

you're up in the middle of the night sperging about a girl you dated when you were a kid. dude, i think you might need a bit of counseling. ptsd, why, cos she cheated and acted like an emo and threatened self-harm when she was 16? the same stuff taylor did at 21 as a grown ass woman?

dude…. just. dude.

No. 744406

you need to read the rules here. you can't namefag without being verified, you have no caps of anything, you're just some loser talking shit without it. go talk to a farmhand.

No. 744407

taylor, please come collect your lackey.

No. 744408

The thread is not about Jonny. It's about Taylor and her mother.

No. 744410

think what you want, a friend of mine gave me a link to her twitter, because he found out about it, i dont even know wtf this girl is that posted his video. no clue, never heard of her till today.

while yes i am up late, i stay up this late almost every day, dont see what the issue is.

i didnt know this chick was just as crazy till i found this thread.

ptsd, because she literally cut her wrists in front of me with a pair of scissors so deep she had to get stitches, with blood spewing everywhere? that shit just doesnt get forgotten. that happened at least 2 more times. She self harms all the time.

i can give a fuck about both these chicks, to be honest, lmao.

you all can think what you want, but this will be the last post i make.

like I said, i just wanted to tell you guys my side of the story, and my experience with sydney. if mods want to delete y posts, so be it, i could care less.

No. 744412

Is the anon who was recapping Taylor's vid still out there? I was interested.

No. 744414

did she actually say this? because it sounds OTT but then again she is OTT lol, i could believe it

No. 744415

I appreciated your posts A.

Thank you.

And Happy New Year!!! Aha.

No. 744419

Yes she did. She said it around that time marks

No. 744420


He literally was responding to requests for proof. Shut the fuck up and drink the milk.


I appreciated your posts, man. Thank you.

No. 744422

So you are here on misson by Taylor? How much is she paying you to throw shade on Syd lol

No. 744424

lmao lmao lmao sure cool story sis

No. 744429

Just got done watching her video. She is absolutely insane. All I got from it was that she's unstable and constantly had breakdowns and threatened with selfharm and suicide over the dumbest shit. She even tracked his phone to see where he went when he was out without her.
She's such a mess and just insanely jealous. She doesn't care about rape victims, abuse victim, Syds baby etc. All she wants is Jonny back. Since shes out of rehab she's going crazy because he actually left her alone when she asked him to instead of fighting her decision.
I bet she won't stop until she gets him back. Taylor actually is the batshit insane ex, Jonny loves to call his exes.
I'm sure some of it is true, but Taylor is just as rotten as he is. She lacks morals and empathy and never knows when to shut up or to stop. She's so deep into her lies, she doesn't even think about what she's saying anymore. She seriously said he taped her legs together and raped her. Does she not know this doesn't work? All she does is lie and cry wolf, I can't be the only one that doesn't have an ounce of sympathy left for her.

No. 744430

Also, she mentioned the NDA she 'signed' so isn't she breaking that by publishing a video and posting about him in general?

I know before we theorised that the NDA was actually signed by Jonny and I think that's still the case and probably explains why he hasn't said much beyond 'she's lying this never happened'

No. 744431

All I got from this is another crying ex, like Taylor, that still loves their ex and is now hateful because they got their feelings hurt. If you really don’t care about her, you would’ve never cared posting these attention seeking things, you would’ve continued doing you but nah let’s tell the world how crazy and poor my ex is for my personal gain

No. 744432

she mentioned he asked her to sign one in the video, but not that she actually did iirc

No. 744433

Taylor is 1000% clinically insane. I can’t even handle how bothered I am by her video. I’m so glad Mama Dean hasn’t said a peep because she would make this situation 1000x worse than it already is.

Taylor acts like this publicly because she knows no other way. She’s basically lived at her fucked up parents house her entire life. We all know Mama Dean is a special kind of batshit and she normalized these behaviors Taylor is displaying. Taylor goes on camera and social media like a sperg qween because she believes it’s what “normal” people do. We all know she has some weird fucking “that’s what normal people do and I just want to be normal” schtick she’s always on.
Newsflash Taylor: “normal people” don’t go on twitter in their filthy panties and crack whore makeup and make vindictive accusations about their abuser. Oh and can’t forget about blasting their password to the entire internet because that’s really going to help Syd and all abuse victims realize that they need to flee from the abuse stat. It definitely has an abusive ring to it. Hope you sperged out enough about him yesterday because we’re ~leaving abuse behind in 2020~ uwu uwu uwu.

Side note: I was just curious if Jonny’s other exes made any statements about Taylor’s WOE IS ME video and to my surprise, Chelsea actually retweeted the link to Taylor’s video. Normally she would be fighting about being the most abused and whatnot. I guess money really does talk or in this case, shut people up!

No. 744435

His exes probably relate to her feeling unloved and what not as it's sort of normal after relationships like that. However, I wonder if they watched the full video and saw her as manipulative and possibly a liar rather than someone who's jealous and hurt about it.

No. 744436

I am actually shocked that her parents didn't turn off the internet router so she couldn't damage herself more than she already has. How they could have looked at her twitter, which was literally filled with her ravings, and then let her upload that video is a mystery for the ages.

No. 744437

happy new year anons!
i’m going to be honest, i’ve only read what you guys have said about her “exposé.” i really can’t force myself to listen to an hour of her lying (not saying everything she’s said is a lie but i’m really struggling to believe a lot of what she’s said.)
the way she has acted since leaving rehab and that dramatic sperg all over twitter it’s so obvious she thought jonny would fight to keep her. he literally gave up so easily and she’s gutted. she’s jealous and bitter as fuck (clearly proven when she recorded the video last minute after finding out syd is preggers - stupid cow btw.)

All three of these people (and to be honest syds ex on here) are fucking nutters. all trying to get back at one another all whilst trying to be the biggest victim ever. i refuse to believe the “friend” that sent syds ex over here wasn’t just taylor herself. i appreciate the milk of course. they all belong on jerry springer.

No. 744441

Lol news flash it’s hard to prove and that’s why most don’t go to the police. This is already a reality, deal with it. Go attack legislature, not people who survived something terrible and don’t want to be revictimized by a shitty system

Sorry for derail

No. 744442

The biggest tell for me that TND isn't sober or taking sobriety seriously is that paper she doodled on. She laughs that she is "oh so random", but it just shows she paid no attention to what was being discussed. Sobriety is serious when tou are truly trying to recover and stay clean. Nope it's time for Traylor to draw pictures and scribbles to share with her online following. That's her focus. Her fame, her online presence. I just wonder how her mental state will fare when it goes away. And it always does. Look at Felice Fawn, Kiki, PT, etc etc. TND will become obscure. How will she handle it? Find more semi famous dick to ride? More suicide baiting?

No. 744443

So the take out is Sydney is eerily similar to Taylor but older. JC knows how to pick 'em, oh wait, he's batshit insane too.

No. 744444

Camwhoring. She's more than halfway there. It's the only way to take care of her thirsty ass. Not sure it will be enough for all the attention she requires but imo there isn't any other 'career' choice for an ex youtuber and ex junkie.

No. 744452

Best this thread has been in a while

No. 744453


Laywers lol

No. 744454

even if she did sign it, NDAs are not legally binding if they are meant to cover up illegal activity, im pretty sure domestic abuse and consumption of drugs fall under that, assuming shes telling the truth.

No. 744458

why is this thread suddenly the jonny defense squad, jw? I thought I hated taylor but you guys have been on another level since her breakup (which you harped on the need for her to do constantly for the past two years). her video was fine. and anons so confused about "buh buh buh but the texts say that were sent today!" they are fucking screenshots, you idiots. her braindead tween fans have more intellect than this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 744461

It's not the Johnny defense squad. It's just amusing that she wanted to do this as therapy and to "get over him" but the entire video is on the level of "How dare he be happy when I can't have him?!"

She didn't give a shit until she found out someone else was having his baby and then she scrambled to make this while in her undies.

No. 744472

This. And people scaring away the milk. Fuck. Some suspicious salty anons in this thread. Jonny is perfectly relevant right now and so is Syd.
The dates on the texts in the screenshots don't matter, however she was talking to him up until recently. She said in the video after she was blocked she even tried to send him an email. Psycho.

Like this reply is laughable. Try not to be so obvious…

No. 744475

I don't agree with >>744458 fully but it cannot be more obvious that Taylor, Jonny and Syd are in this thread. There's been some REALLY aggressive anon's who get especially tilted about people not "focusing" on Taylor when the milk right now is about and from Taylor, Jonny & Syd. They are 100% relevent. There's some very…very obvious Syd posts here or Jonny posts.
As well as Jonny and def. Taylor.

No. 744478

Wow we just keep adding trash to the trash pile. This dude and Syd sound just like Taylor lmao.

No. 744479

You can hate everyone in this situation. They're all in the wrong. Saying Taylor is a piece of shit and this A dude is obsessive doesn't mean Jonny is a good person.

Honestly, knowing how shit Jonny is I was appalled at how lame Taylor's video was. Half the time she talked about how SHE was emotionally abusing him by threatening to kill herself every time she didn't get her way. And she thinks that is her abusing him? I think Jonny restrained himself with her to keep the money flowing. But he is 100% a abusive rapist pedo piece of shit.

No. 744481


I WILL think what I want, thanks for the permission, scrote.

Also, you're men in your 20s. Your friend is concerning himself enough to send you a link to a twitter of a girl you dated at 16? So everyone in your world is pathetic? None of us in this thread who are in our early/mid-20s are thinking about dudes we dated when we were sixteen, much less having girls we know text us "omg look at your high school boyfriend's twitter, he's having a baby now!" Like, WHO cares?

I doubt there are a bunch of men out there participating in this drama, I don't believe for one second you aren't sitting around stalking your ex. You seem JUST like taylor, who will likely be stalking men from her past for the rest of her life.

Do you know what normal adults do when we run into exes? Nothing, we move on, we don't "accidentally find our way" somewhere to spend time writing thesis' about what they were like when we dated.

Also, you're trying to drag someone who you say is mentally ill, who tried to commit suicide? Dude…….. Not cool.

No. 744483

File: 1577905926044.png (4.23 MB, 750x1334, 41B1FD92-7440-4E0F-A23F-8A0BFF…)

I’m loling over the fact that this is the piece of shit so fought over.

No. 744484

Well at least Jonny will have his hands full with syd. Karma is beautiful. Damage attracts damage.

No. 744485

Any scrote can get women fighting over him if he is a rock band junkie, regardless whether he's been kicked out for being a P.O.S. or not.

No. 744486

I have a feeling this drama with Jonny and Sydney isn't ending anytime soon so it would be appropriate if they both were added to TND's thread lol

No. 744487

I'm sorry I'm not contributing anything to this thread but Taylor's performance in the video is literally soap opera quality. Like it feels like she watched some ridiculous teen drama show and wrote down things that would seem dramatic in a relationship. Like how she kept mentioning she begged him to hold her and him refusing to, and that she just kept crying all the time? That feels like a 13 year old who doesn't understand what a relationship actually is. Like oh, he didn't want to hold you because he was angry? Oh, you poor abused soul.

I'm not saying the actually shitty stuff he did to her wasn't real, I just think she should have kept the real issues and severe shit in, and left out the parts where she sounds like a 13 year old emo. I kept thinking she'd explain something concrete and she just kept talking about him being "crazy" and her crying. And that part about how she learned to cope by holding herself? She acted like that was the most horrible thing she'd ever have to do. Grow up, Taylor. If you're gonna talk about abuse, talk about abuse.

No. 744488

She also talked about the 17 y/o girl in a jealous way not like she felt disgusted by him, she saw a girl has a threat to the relationship rather grooming.

No. 744489

i found it interesting that a lot of the stories gave context to the incidents like when he threw that microphone and got arrested and she ended up flying home without him, the hole in the wall, and the Florida incident when she missed the panel. She still claiming it was the gLuTeN though and not that she was dopesick and wore underwear to her lobby meetup.


honestly, if you've never been in an abusive relationship, you can never truly understand it. from the outside, it seems like a no brainer to run, but when you're in it, your reality is so warped.

abusers isolate you so when you're upset over something they caused, they're the only ones you can look to for comfort and they won't give it. it's crazy making.

not saying that taylor isn't absolute trash. she wanted the jonny craig experience and she sure got it.

No. 744490

At least 20 percent of this thread is just tay/tatertot stans and syd arguing back and forth since homegirl announced she was pregnant/ our cow announced her video.

No. 744491

I really wish we could see Taylor and Syds posts. It'd be some quality entertainment. Probably on a Kiki level.

No. 744493

Yeah, I got the feeling that Syd might be posting here. Some posts are weirdly defensive of her. No doubt about Taylor still checking this website, tho. I also wish we could see her post history, just like with Emzotic.

No. 744495

Oh for sure! The amount of crazy in this thread right now is nuts. I can only dream of what's coming next.

No. 744496

It’s just beginning. Taylor has gone full Gone Girl, and if Syd is as batshit, whew lads.

The best part is that JC doesn’t even have to do anything. He just sits and watches these women fighting over him. He did the same back when Taylor was the girlfriend du jour and Chelsea. But now both Taylor and JC are dealing with someone potentially worse than them which honestly makes me glad I’m not either of them lmao.

No. 744498

It’s a classic manipulation tactic to pit two females/males against each other. it’s a key narcissistic trait. It’s like classic textbook Lol

No. 744501

Yo, you obviously give fucks about the dumbass bitch since you're crying about it to strangers. I personally don't believe she's broke because Jonny Craig is a grifter who lives off women.

No. 744502

How is Syd worse than both of them?
She is literally a combination of the previous girls
She is just stupid enough to get pregnant to tied Jonny and it isn't event the first time and also the other past three girls fight their shit out to keep Jonny.

I don't understand the logic of not belittle the past ex's of Jonny but in case of Syd is fair game. Or all of them should be treat like shit or none of them.

Taylor is the exception because she is a narc, animal killer who uses her fanbase to attack people left and right, dating JC was just another stupid shit to do to add to the list.

No. 744503

He looks like Guy Fieri in that photo. LMAO. Sydni, we're going to Flavor Town right after we visit my dealer.

No. 744504

Yeah because there weren't anons talking shit about Chelsea and Amanda and calling them obsessed/attention whores in past threads when JC was still with Taylor, like come on.

No. 744505

Not worse, but still worrying. Syd got pregnant. You can say anything about TND or JC but at least they were both adults. Syd is going to have a baby and probably ruin that kid's life just because she trusted a junkie

No. 744506

If that ex-bf is anything to go by I would guess that she wanted to get pregnant as a way to trap Jonny into being with her, something Taylor also probably tried/wanted to do.

She's no different from any of his other exes.

No. 744508

Yes they were and the majority of anons jump in their defense, what's the difference now then?

We all now JC will run away the moment the baby is born like he did already.

No. 744511

if Syd truly is as crazy as Taylor, meaning that she will threaten to damage herself when not given attention at all times, then she could threaten to hurt the kid or something who knows.

No. 744512

File: 1577915611076.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 08537391-250C-4A3D-B5C2-446978…)

Our natural lipped queen ended up on a botched plastic surgery reddit thread. Doesn’t say her name but I recognize those sausage lips from a mile away

Not milk, but still entertaining

No. 744514

Why are you trying to scare off people who actually contribute?

No. 744515

No. 744516

File: 1577916440279.jpg (18.63 KB, 390x292, wax lips.jpg)


Such a shame. Judging from her old photos, her natural lips were one of her best features; she looked so wild, yet mature. Now they just look like those wax lips…

No. 744517

File: 1577917229993.jpg (23.5 KB, 512x512, 14COhR2.jpg)

Isn't Syd like only 2 months preggo? She's not 9 months and ready to pop, anons in this thread are wild.



No. 744518

I hope that we can all agree all of them, including mama Dean, deserve the hell they're creating for each other. Each one equally deserves the stress and unhappiness they create.

My heart goes out to the baby, and I hope it's removed from the situation.

No. 744520

itt: syd, jc and taylor sperging and anons dumb enough to take their bait.

No. 744521

Honestly who cares? It's not like you've taken a survey of every expectant mother and father out there to see if they assign a gender to their kid before knowing it (which is stupid) or use gender neutral pronouns. There are so many better reasons to criticize these idiots.

No. 744522

Jonny isn't an SJW who is afraid of triggering snowflakes or gives a shit about his future child's preferences. He probably really thinks of it as an "it".

No. 744523

video recap:
wants to get it all out and leave jonny in 2019
has filmed the video multiple times in last few months
says she is going to use his name because he has "screwed with" so many girls and covers it up w a new girl every time
says she was another cover up for the last girl before her
says he keeps saying he's trying to move on bc he can't call her crazy bc of her large platform but implies theyve been talking behind the scenes
she was "crawling out of rehab" when he was already w a new girl
she just found out abt syd being pregnant, hopes syd gets away
"he literally left me in this shit that he left me in and just went with a new girl and knocked her up"
says she always protects a man over himself
day he flew into sa a week after they met he was sick, she took him to the hospital, he refused bloodwork bc she says he was high and she didnt know
addicts wont admit they have relapsed- he would always lie and gaslight
has had people text her- old friends of jonnys- say he got them hooked on heroin
she looked up to him bc of his music- power dynamic
2 weeks into them living together- he was high and said before her he was talking to the most perfect girl who was better than tay in every way but she was 17 so they couldnt be together, so hes glad he found tay
same night, they start kissing, he tapes her hands w duct tape, sits her on the mattress, tapes her legs and mouth and says "since everyone thinks im a rapist I might as well be one" says shes struggled for 5-6 mins before he stopped, then got off her and said it was a joke
she would hide from him when he was high and he would drag her around, scream, run around the room,etc. and she would just want him to hold her and he wouldnt so she would cry
came up w a technique to hold herself to pretend it was him
she would beg him to leave, he wouldnt
she started to self harm and hit herself and he would call her crazy and tell her to stop and "not be comforting at all", she would cut herself
on tour shenanigans- he would tell her to stfu, bandmates threatened to quit the tour if tay wouldn't stop doing coke
she took him to disney (switches to first person here- saying you)- he wouldnt go to playlist meet and greet w her, he went to a bar w/o her, tells her "if you keep talking to me like a fucking cunt you can go in that river and drowned"
tries to get besty to go get some weed from his place and give it to someone (do a drug deal for him) taylor refuses to ask her this, he gets mad and this is when he pushes her into a wall where the fridge meets the wall, she cries, and he tells her to shut up

This is the first 30 mins if you want me to keep going I will

No. 744525

Please keep going if you can, this sounds like basically impossible to get through

No. 744527

i'll read it, no way i'm giving her views.

No. 744530

What i got from this recap and recap alone is that Jonny, although he’s the worst person, Taylor is actually a bad person just as he is and this video of hers just embarrasses herself. Jonny straight up told her that he’s into another girl but Taylor goes ahead and makes out with him, Jonny starts to throw a tantrum and instead of handling it by being an adult.. she cries and demands attention then cries more because he’s busying crying, she complains that he found a girl while she was in rehab yet during that time.. she was obsessed with jake and cant stop talking about his dick in public, he would fight with her and instead of trying to talk with him.. she starts using the suicide card to force him to give her attention..

I’m not surprised Jonny found a girl before Taylor can find a decent dude, she’s crazy as fuck and after this video.. i’m sure no man in their right mind will want to have a serious relationship with her. She needs to delete the video, grow up, move on with her life and actually try to focus on her “youtube career” before she brings it down the drain. She’s obviously petty and bitter that Jonny moved on, continued his music, and made a girl pregnant.. she’s mad that this syd girl got the experience and dream she wanted

No. 744531

Please do I cannot watch it

No. 744532

File: 1577923686953.jpg (100.82 KB, 1242x943, ENN6udfWwAEG6w9.jpg)

I like how he pretends to be 'above it all' here…

No. 744534

File: 1577923783249.png (16.12 KB, 582x252, selfhate.png)


…To goading 'the haterz' here

No. 744536

says her mantra was always itll get better in the morning
says he always said this was a mature adult relationship and he wasnt abusive it was just normal
says she did jonnys teeth as a gift and doesnt want the $ back even if shes said that in the past out of spite
she paid the 40k and was broke for 2 months bc of it and had to borrow monney twice to pay bills
shes mad he told her that he told her it would help him get sober when he knew it wouldnt
he would buy her drugs and use that as an excuse to relapse
they found once and she was suicidal, she broke a glass and threatened to slit her wrist w it and he told her to shut u pand didnt care
she hates arizona for 2 cases:
1. she got coke, and jonny got high and was verbally abusive and wrote in blood on the walls, it scared her so she went out w the bandmates and then tried to fight some guy and so tay went home to the hotel and tracked jonny on her phone. jonny charged $200 for security from the club to bring jonny home bc he was too belilgerent, tay slept at the bandmates house instead of in their hotel room, so in the room jonny trashed the room- peed in all the drawers, broke the mirror, they got banmed from the hotel and she had to pay for damages
2. jonny had a few weeks of not using but then got high and denied it, gaslight and yelled at her, then he goes on stage and breaks a mic and gets arrested. she goes back to her hotel room and does a bunch of coke, goes to switch her flights bc jonny is in jail and she finds all these texts to dealers on evry tour stop of him buying drugs and texts to a girl he was cheating w about how she was so much ebtter than taylor, etc. he doenst really apologize, love bombs her on social media, jonnys dad texts tay to fly jonny home so they can make up.
he made her 2 promises- i will never do drugs and never cheat on you. he breaks the first one so he says he wont use a needle. now hes broken the second promise
says once she found out he had used the needle she just didnt care anymore and was so desperate to get close to him that she was willing to get on heroin,
from that day on she knew she would never get sober bc if she got sober and he didnt then all of this wouldve been for nothing
says she refused to get sober until they broke up
she just wanted to be loved soooo bad
when they fought he would alwasy lovebomb her online but would never say those nice things in person
he ruined all her bdays and she stopped talking to her mom cuz of him
he used her debit to buy her gifts and would lie abt it
she paid 80k for their drugs, she bought them all, he paid rent like 10% of the time
he bragged online that he bought a 12k mattress when actually she bought it and it was 6k.
she thinks he can leave all these women and she doenst want him to be able to move on and have a perfect life
talks that his exes also have stories
she gets animatedly angry when she mentions his kid- says he is insane and "fucking crazy' and not safe around a baby
says she tried and failed to break up w him in rehab and went back to him and he made her feel like shit for being w jake, so she dropped jake, then they make plans to be together in a few days and she found out about syd and that hed had her all this time.
says she cant see his face or hear his voice so she doesnt check his socials
then she contacts syd to warn her and syd tells taylor she deserved it all and its all her fault.
so many peoople have contacted her about being wronged by jonny
says there is worse abuse out there and would always compare it to that= she wasnt getting beaten everyday so it could be worse
she overdosed once and puked on the grund and he said she didnt od cuz her heart didnt stop so he left her for 6 hours and went in the hot tub
she would try and leave and get caught and then she would get the situation flipped and beg him not to leave
one time he got really high in the shower and was screaming at her so she got a knife and drove off and slept in her car, the next morning he denies it ever happened
says he needs help for his mental problems
she says 7 months later she is trying to move on and cant figure out how.
says all she does is go to iop and cry about him
she has a trauma bond w him
she was just another girl he ran to to run from the last girl and that shes not special and this is his pattern
before they broke up when jonny went to new york to visit his dad for a week he asked her to sign an nda- she doent say if she signed it or not but its implied she didnt?
says it would be easier to go back to him and relapse than what shes doing
says hes fucking crazy and dangerous and shouldnt be around a baby
when she mentions the baby she gets so angry
she threatened him over text that she would go out and find drugs and od on purpose when she found out about syd and he blocked her
when she found out abt syd she tried to text her and warn her and syd tells her that she deserved the abuse and that it was all her fault.
she sent him a huge long email about how she felt, and he wrote back and said he would read it eventually and she never heard from him again
says he was her heroin
she didnt care abt heroin she only cared abt connecting with him
she struggles w wanting to relapse bc if she was on heroin she would feel closer to him
talks about moving on and how she has already made some connections w people who make her feel better than he ever did.
she hopes this story gets around enough so people will know hes dangerous
didnt have sex w him for 8 months because she hated herself and said she was gross
says she has the biggest platform of all his exes
says he doesnt deserve to be in a relationship because hes gonna hurt them and then hurt someone else
says shes positive if she hadnt left she would be dead from od or suicide because she had many suicide attempts and then changes her wording to suicide plans and says she made many plans but only ever actually tried to od once and obviously didnt die
wants to expose him and the danger and thinks he deserves some backlash and he shouldnt just get off but she wants to make sure the baby is Ok
she says hes not special and neither are his future girls because hes always jsut running from the last girl and this is his pattern
says he knows what to look for with women and he picks girls who will do anything for him and have traumatic pasts
sorry she couldnt leave sooner to the other exes and that she couldnt leave when they tried to help
believed all the stories about him from the beginning but just couldnt pick her over him
says thanks for everyone who tried to help in the past and that nobody needs to apologize for supporting their relationship and not seeing the signs
says once you get out it does get better and not to give up or go back to your abuser

my takeaways- i am super naive and wanna see the best in everyone so take this w a grain of salt. I think what she talks about w jonny is prob true and he was verbally and emotionally abusive but she doesnt realize that she was also emotionally abusive too- theyre almost a match made in hell. she is clearly bitter and wasnt really trying to get past him which is why shes made no progress w being sober and hopefully now shes sees that she cant go back she will change??? we'll see I guess
also I had to get high to finish this sorry lol

No. 744537

File: 1577924257318.png (39.72 KB, 578x328, leavebritneyalone.png)

The only thing more pathetic than Taylor's stans suddenly remembering what a piece of shit Jonny Craig is, is Jonny's stans trying to defend him;

>"You all can spread the hate about him, but that’s your fault for being jaded and hateful in the new year"

Stan-logic is fucking plague.

No. 744538

In the video, she doesn't mention her animals or how he was with them. She did say she would leave the house to sleep in her car a time or two. It is so concerning that she would leave her animals in the hands of someone who 'puts blood all over the walls'. It's clear she wants to protect herself and not acknowledge how much danger her animals have been put in thanks to her bad choices, and she STILL wants him back. She doesn't deserve a single one of her animals.

No. 744539

Despite Taylor's tendency to lie, everything mentioned here sounds surprisingly plausible. Perhaps she didn't have to lie in this case because Johnny is just that big of a piece of shit.

No. 744543

File: 1577926492664.jpg (43.38 KB, 1199x319, ENO5vslU4AEH4EN.jpg)


No. 744544

The general events in her video I do believe actually happened, we know enough about JC that it does add up and is very plausible. but tay being tay has to make things 10x more dramatic to add to the clout. She also could of made this video at least 30 min shorter. Even if her recaps are true and (somewhat) honest, she also comes out looking like a piece of shit in a lot of her story

No. 744548

I agree a lot of the verbal/mental/physical abuse she talks about sounds plausible given JC’s history.
However, it’s all about her delivery of the message at this point. She needs to drop the fucking crocodile tears, the vindictiveness of her statements, ALL of the petty bs filler (doxing passwords, etc.), sperging out like she’s on uppers, and the hideous makeup and outfit. JFC if you’re going to be a petty manipulative narc, at least put some decent clothes on and look the fucking part. This girl is all over the fucking place. This moron isn’t even in her life anymore and she’s still messy af. Truthfully I don’t think this is the end for them. I think JC will eventually leave Syd for Taylor as long as he can guarantee securing the bag with Taylor. But at the same time, idk if a POS like JC even wants to hear Taylor cry about the past and constantly bring it up. That’s why I think he has to guarantee Taylor will shut her mouth and just fall back and let everything be how it used to be sans “the drama.”
It’s very clear at this point that JC is attracted to door mats with financial stability.

No. 744550

There was no reason for her to post the video about him either or even talk about him in the first place. I get that JC is abusive in his own way as was/is she but it's idiotic for her to keep on bringing him up when the relationship is over and done. Hell, almost everyone has been with an abusive ex (shit even me) but smart people move the fuck on and better themselves. She just ends up looking like an obsessive ex the more she talks about him and she will try to break him up with any girl he's with because she believes that she's the one for him. Her channel is becoming more and more messy and although it's milk for us, she's just bringing herself down even more but ofc.. it's never her fault.

No. 744553

And she wants us to believe that with all this drama going on she looked after her animals EVERY day. Definitely not.

No. 744555


…And none of them got sick or injured.

No. 744563

Abusive "in his own way"–um, no. He's abusive in the most general way. If you want to compare him to a pimp or sex trafficker I guess he's not that bad. Maybe. It's one thing to say Taylor is a dumb bitch for involving herself with the ugly munchkin but another to minimize the abuse.

No. 744565

Never said that his abusive ways were not bad or was I trying to minimize his abuse. I was trying to explain that she was abusive as well but not the way he was abusive. "his way" involves bringing women down, gas lighting, and all the other shit that immature and insecure little dicks do but Taylor on the other hand had "her way" which is manipulating things like crying to make him feel bad, currently stalking him, trying to make him jealous, and all the other ways. The best revenge she can do is better herself, better the channel, clean herself internally and externally, and delete the guy from history as though he never existed.

No. 744568

You forgot physical violence, sexual predation, and intimidation. Immature and insecure dicks don't usually resort to physical violence. That takes a more seasoned criminal type asshole to do. Taylor is a narcissist, her motivations weren't to help anyone especially Sydni with this video but last I heard she didn't sexually assault or become physically violent with anyone.

No. 744575

File: 1577933108974.png (36.6 KB, 582x324, nobullyjonnyuwu.png)

No. 744584

But it's ok to send "crazy fans" after anyone else who you feel had wronged you, am I right? Fucking hypocrite.

No. 744586

File: 1577940368904.png (1.79 MB, 1717x2048, Screenshot_20200101-234532.png)

So much for never talking about him again

No. 744587

am i the only one who finds it extremely cringe that she uses that hashtag?

No. 744588

File: 1577940506247.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200101-234520.png)

No. 744589

File: 1577940612127.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200101-234524.png)

No. 744590

File: 1577940705987.png (382.28 KB, 980x544, cassidy.png)

The front lines of Taylor's stan-army are already trying to pretend they didn't support JC

No. 744594

File: 1577942395901.png (22.44 KB, 578x214, jchaha.png)


Forget it, Taylor.
Jonny is treating all this like one big joke.

No. 744595

File: 1577943973801.jpg (278.51 KB, 1080x959, 20200102_004222.jpg)

Anyone catch Colins comment on Jonnys baby announcement? Ridiculous.

No. 744597

so many grown adults subscribe to the bandaid baby theory, that a baby can save anyone.

No. 744598

unsurprised tbh. He's never really faced consequences before so why should this bother him now? He's trash to the utmost degree

No. 744599

Not really surprising. This dude has been covering up for Jonny's fuck ups for years.

No. 744600


So much is riding on this poor kid who hasn't even been born yet

No. 744602

File: 1577946082283.png (421.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200102-012113.png)

Looks like she's getting into beef with repzion. This should be good.

No. 744604

Sage posts cause opinion piece.

Whichever side anyone that’s still supporting Jonny and or Taylor at this point are idiots.. They are both pieces of shits and anyone refusal to accept and look through their fake fascade are as equally vile as they are.

Jonny’s abuse - not okay
Taylor’s abuse - not okay.

Also just want to point out that Taylor probably has more issues than Jonny’s to be honest, at least Jonny is very aware that he is shit and refuse to change. Taylor on the other hand, still wants the whole world to think she is this perfect barbie animal queen!

Taylor, one advice, you want to be successful in your youtube career? Be genuine. You a piece of shit? Be a piece of shit (lol). Choose a new content and not animals anymore. Rehome them. Move on. Talk about drugs, makeup and tattos, heck even daily drama you wannna stir up constantly!

Take inspiration from Jenna Marbles, she has no drama and is completely lovable, BECAUSE SHE IS HERSELF ON AND OFF CAMERA.

End rant.

No. 744605

>>no one:
>> Jonny Craig: I’m going to drop a new song tonight. Hit me up for a feature and a price at imajoke4L@gmail.com

He’s as clueless as Taylor. I’m sure Taylor is gloating at all the ass pats right now, but at the end of the day he’s always going to have garbage fans who don’t care that he’s an abuser/predator just like Taylor didn’t care. He’s such a waste of fucking time. Taylor wasted 1.5 years of her young adult life with this fugly loser and another hour and 15 minutes that she’ll never get back. This cycle of his is such a fucking broken record already. Rinse and repeat.

No. 744606

Hahaha! Taylor rn: Repzion, you don’t get it! My other content are not doing well so I gotta keep flashing my drug and victim card to stay relevant!

Jesus christ taytay, just admit out loud that you are doing this out of jealousy, pure simple and plain, the rest of us will actually love you could be honest for once in your life.

No. 744607

Thankful that Repzion has the confidence to call her out on going back on her word that she’s never talk about this again.

No. 744608

he's gonna get 15 tweets minimum for his trouble though

No. 744609

File: 1577946728180.jpeg (410.61 KB, 750x842, 274D2996-545A-4AEA-B263-8638E3…)

No. 744611

Hence why the world is so fuck up! People popping up babies thinking its a quick fix and “its the right thing to do”

The cycle continues, bad parents are going to produce bad children/people, we are just a reflection of our parents. Majority of abusers have abusive histories, hence jonny and maniac taylor (got it from mama dean).

Its all very obvious.

No. 744612

File: 1577946846072.png (19.41 KB, 595x208, manipulation101.PNG)

aaaand here goes the manipulation and guilt tripping

No. 744615

Oh god.. her fucking brain so fry that she completely misses the WHOLE POINT.

Let me spell this for you Taylor, Onision victims are speaking out FROM ACTUAL LITERAL ABUSE and with clear firm plans to actually want to take down the predator.

You on the other hand just wanted Jonny back! You know why its so repulsive to watch that hour long expose video? It’s literally your “come back to me jonny” video. Good lord this fucking idiot.. go to therapy.. stop airing out your psychotic episode on the internet!

No. 744618

Uwu look at me, I am so emo, no one love me, no one understands me, my dad had to go to work to provide for me and now I have issues, pity me! Waaaaaa

No. 744619

File: 1577947202921.png (685.43 KB, 1271x2048, Screenshot_20200102-013956.png)

Literally shaking and crying guise!!!

No. 744620

Holy shit, why even say you won't talk about it anymore in the first place? You knew that was a lie as soon as it left your fingertips. People saying "hey you said you wouldn't talk about it anymore" aren't trying to guilt trip you, they just expect you to not go back on your word. They shouldn't have that expectation, knowing you, but still. Get the fuck off the internet if you genuinely can't handle people talking about you.

No. 744621

File: 1577947440845.png (66.51 KB, 760x347, Screenshot_20200102-034156.png)

Deleted tweet. Idk who she's talking about though. Repzion?

No. 744623

And here we have what I think is the real reason she made that video. She saw all the praise Sarah was getting and wanted to also be called stunning and brave.

No. 744624


No one's girlfriend said Taylor was disgusting for using heroin. This is like the time Taylor edited emails to make it look like some pet seller called her a dirty junky and refused to sell to her. She loves pretending people are slamming her when they're not. She's obsessed with being a victim to the point of faking emails and making up lies.

No. 744626


Her supposed self-care expose "I'm doing this so I can feel better and move on!" clearly worked wonders. She's not the same manipulative demon she always was. Nope, not at all.

Guilt-tripping and suicide-bating when someone calls you on your bullshit is some real Holly Conrad type shit. Good job, Trailer. Very on brand!

I still can't believe this greasy troll filmed a call-out video wearing nasty panties with a black upside down cross drawn on her face?

Do you guys think she still has her little secret stash of children that she emotionally extorts, manipulates, and says all kinds of inappropriate shit to?

No. 744628

File: 1577948432250.png (25.59 KB, 595x221, hmm.PNG)

more manipulation in order to make people feel bad about her. she aaaaalways is the victim

No. 744629

this is in fact about maya moore, repzions girlfriend. would post screencaps but her previous 2 twitters were deleted for harassment.

No. 744633

>imma take a breather

Ok see you in like 3 minutes with more guilt-tripping tweets.

No. 744635

OT but why does Jonny have like no wrinkles and looks young(but still fug) for 32 or however old he is after being a drug user for over 10 years? Do opiates not age you?

No. 744636

He’s actually quite beat up and aged looking. He tries to hide it with hats and pushed down hair on his forehead. But imo he looks like utter shit… his teeth definitely show the most (pre Taylor 40k replacements). Slamming toxic shit and opioids in his veins yes is very hard on looks

No. 744638

File: 1577951028646.jpeg (221.44 KB, 750x454, 7D60D4B0-9247-4EA9-94EF-A2E317…)

So she doesn’t want people to make videos and spread awareness of how abusive he was to her? This is how you know it’s not about her “worrying about what he could do to other girls in the future”

No. 744639

Sun damage will age you. You can’t really be exposed to that when you’re passed out from being high on heroin all day.
She won’t shut up about him. She’s not going to do that.

No. 744643

Of course her fans are swarming all over him. She has them trained so we'll.

No. 744644

Ok, so she's officially no longer a pet-tuber and just going with full on professional victim now?

No. 744647


ok so:

taylor " i'm over jonny after this last video, i'm moving on! jonny is OVER! i'm done talking about him in 2020!"

taylor talking through 2019 into 2020 and not showing any signs of slowing down on obsessively sperging about jonny

guy literally just repeating what taylor said about not talking about jonny in 2020 and moving on

taylor having a toddler-style breakdown because someone held her accountable saying "hey didn't you say you were done and wanted to move on?"

also, what are you teaching your fanbase? someone says something that upsets you and you respond by throwing yourself on the floor, crying, and flipping out? this is not how adults act. do you think this is acceptable behaviour for a woman trying to inspire other people to be strong and get their lives together?

taylor, if you're reading this, please commit yourself to an institution. you need to be hospitalised. you've fucking lost the plot

No. 744648

File: 1577953775089.jpeg (380.47 KB, 1242x1300, 914AE601-8C3D-4232-90E0-6E8C12…)

No. 744650

File: 1577953943068.jpeg (869.62 KB, 1242x2030, 60FFCACE-0F45-4EBF-B245-B92E33…)

No. 744652


taylor, get off the internet and go take a bath and take care of your FUCKING HOARD OF ANIMALS you twit

taylor is honestly evil. sitting around picking fights with people. how does she know he got it from a "hate forum", did she ip-track him? she said in her video and in various tweets she was moving on. all he did was say "hey aren't you moving on?" and suddenly he's now in her cross-hairs

taylor really is turning into a full on hate machine. she's a woman scorned. someone said a few innocent words to her and she's acting like a rape victim

this is her true character. that's why smart people don't believe anything she's alleged about anyone else

No. 744653

>MY hate FORUM

how do you know what he'll find here, taylor? I thought you had stopped checking the threads

No. 744655

this bitch absolutely thrives on drama, no matter how much she says she hates drama.

No. 744656

File: 1577954382830.jpeg (207.65 KB, 750x411, FD2DD7B8-BE2A-40A2-A813-84C15B…)

She’s so delusional literally no one is against her or debating anything on her Twitter?? Even what repzion said wasn’t even bad?

No. 744657

Her breather clearly went well.

No. 744658

count so far: 10

No. 744660

File: 1577955050617.jpeg (145.89 KB, 750x984, B8A63E58-3EBE-4227-8EC0-F3CE41…)

How generous, she’s kind enough to refollow him if he apologizes to her

No. 744663

he's an idiot for expecting taylor fucking dean to be consistent with her statement lmao.
there's no reason for taylor to make such a big deal out of repzion getting his screenshots from lc though. I mean he makes greg videos ffs. and she deletes her tweets all the fuckig time. she's scraping the bottom of the barrel to fling shit.

No. 744664

jesus christ i've been lurking on these forums for like a year now but taylor losing her absolute shit over repzion is finally making me post something. she's so manipulative that it's sickening. she literally devolves with every hour. i just want her to get a life so i don't have to see her dumb posts all the time.

No. 744665

It's so obvious her entire self worth revolves around her social media presence. It's pathetic.

No. 744667

File: 1577955941515.jpeg (298.78 KB, 1110x1310, 682751F5-8ACE-45E9-93B5-A1DF64…)

No. 744668

My lord, she can't shut up, can she? What's next, her sending Repzion a picture of herself holding a broken bottle?
He said one small thing and wasn't even mean or something and she's throwing a giant tantrum and totally flip flops between being angry and sad.
No wonder Jonny just told her to shut up and ignored whenever she flipped out, you can't win with this insane woman.

No. 744669

If Repzion is actually on here then he should read the threads and compile her fucked up manipulation and reveal what a piece of shit she is to YouTube. We're leaving abusers in 2019 right?

No. 744670

wow. she's finally showing her true colors and not even remotely shy about it. what a manipulative bitch. go to a mental institution if you're really having such a hard time bc all I'm hearing is
>do what I want or I'm throwing a tantrum mommy

her therapist should be fired if she actually recommended taylor to upload this video.

No. 744671

Bloody hell. If a comment like that makes you feel all that and sends you into a crippling panic attack you need to get help, not an apology.

No. 744673

Holy fuck the guilt trip. I know her stans are braindead but who in their right mind sees this reply and thinks it's okay??

No. 744674


Repzion, continue with the vid as you were originally. For everyone’s sake.

No. 744677

Oh, honey, THIS is what makes you feel embarrassed and annoying? I got some bad news for you.

You're a joke in the pet community. Over 20 different groups/discords I'm in think you're embarrassing and annoying. Police isn't the only place that can't stand you; there are discord channels that specifically warn keepers about you.

No. 744678

File: 1577957162261.jpeg (33.42 KB, 415x198, 41E02194-DFE4-441D-AA61-7A7AAB…)

Sure would be cool if she apologized to all of Jonny’s victims first.
The ones she ignored from day one. Because she thought she was special enough to not get his regular treatment of women.
But she actually thought it was funny, remember?

No. 744679

Phone auto-corrected lolcow to police, wtf.

No. 744680

Holy shit she went from sad and mopey and poor me to hostile in minutes. That breather sure did a job on her.

I kinda feel grossed out by her.

No. 744681

Holy fuck, she is losing her shit. He didn’t even say anything mean, and she is so entitled. Why does she think he give a fuck if she follows him ?

I like how she demands a apology for him even questioning her getting over Jonny. The manipulation is so obvious. This is emotional abuse at its finest. I’m shocked so many people have been love bombing Taylor after coming out with her “rape story”
When she so clearly threatens panic attacks if she doesn’t get her way on Twitter in front of everyone

I’m really against victim blaming, and only her and Jonny only really knows what happened that in the relationship, but her video was just weird. She only really seemed to care about the new family Jonny is having, and just seemed really jealous. Not really a victim, spreading awareness to others.

Honestly her parents should get her some real therapy, and forbid social media for a few months. Just so she doesn’t ruin her image completely

No. 744682

File: 1577957401765.jpeg (117.41 KB, 640x694, 7A57D103-F06A-4058-A342-244F57…)

Yeah Taylor, why accuse Jonny of things when it’s impossible to prove?

No. 744683

File: 1577957997697.png (105.98 KB, 1080x655, Screenshot_20200102-113854.png)

You've been the opposite of clear headed, love

No. 744684

This is what it looks like to be enabled into ruining your life. Her mental health is fucked and everyone is praising her for making it worse.

Also, she was supposed to move out today. Just like she said she would in October. But she's too focused on getting praise from children to be an adult.

No. 744687


clear headed adults don't throw themselves to the floor crying because someone reminds them of a promise they made which they're repeatedly breaking

for anyone who was still trying to defend her or believe her, take a look at the evil lengths she will go to over imagined slights and tell me again that she's not on a campaign to destroy jonny purely out of jealousy and feeling slighted

no one hurt her, except herself.

taylor goes after underage children who question her animal care and goes after a guy who simply reminded her of something she said but talks out of both sides of her mouth about jonny–on one side talking about "the man i love still being in there" and "he raped me"

this bitch is 50 shades of cray

No. 744690

Rewatching the video, she said she dropped the guy she was with and got back with jc “mentally” - said she was days away to seeing him / jc was picking the right time - yet at the same time she said she had no idea he had a new gf because she wouldn’t check his social media’s because she can’t hear or see him - how tho? Can’t hear or see him but you are back with him mentally, in contact with him?
All this and she still can’t lie properly? (Min 52:45ish)

No. 744692

>back together with him mentally
the fuck. she's proved in the last couple of days that she's conpletely fucked in the head.
I was sceptical that she was even in contact with JC but of course anons were right once again. you can't make predictions insane enough.

bonded in trauma… her obsession with JC is some weird ya fiction shit. she needs serious therapy, not a weekly addiction meeting or whatever the hell she's doing right now.

amazing takes, anons

No. 744693

File: 1577959778340.png (133.71 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20200102-120942.png)

looks like repzion caved and replied to her

No. 744694


this is how she responded after threatening destiny in private. came back and was all cutesty with hearts "<3 everything's gucci hehe" like nothing ever happened


No. 744695

And Chelsea. She loves to threaten. Not abusive at all.

No. 744697


oh yeah! taylor gets what taylor wants!

see, taylor clearly turns into an attack pitbull when feeling slighted, hurling whatever attacks she can–whether it be threatening self harm, emotional manipulation, threatening to ruin people's lives/livlihoods. and we're supposed to accept and believe her story about how she was a uwu innocent widdle victim abused for ~2 years~

again, someone literally repeated something you said (innocently) and you lost your shit on them. no fucking way anyone abused taylor. she's an egomaniac and absolute monster so it wouldn't even be possible

No. 744700

File: 1577961081663.jpeg (86.38 KB, 1242x877, 8780E648-B5F3-4920-A1F1-FEE2D2…)


Just wanted to give an update. “Amelya” was 100% Taylor’s fake Twitter that she used to talk to herself and praise herself publicly.

Notice she no longer needed it, so it is now conveniently deleted….

I mean, we already knew this anyway….Smdh.

No. 744704

It’s important to note that around August is when Jake and Taylor split up. Taylor said that she had broken up with him to be with Jonny. Around that time is when Taylor mentioned she was talking to some other guy that kept getting mad about her posting nudes/had very aggressive language. Oscar had to clarify it wasn’t him. So was it Jonny?
Also, Jonny didn’t get with Syd until the end of September, early October. So was she talking to him this whole entire time?
That’s also the exact time period he was planning to go & get his stuff back.

No. 744705

yes and MelissaEileen4 is Taylor's mom.

No. 744707

and what topic did she go out her way and make a fake account for so she had a “reason” to bring it up?

Jonny of course

No. 744709

can you show your workings on that claim

No. 744711

it's exactly why. she followed that situation so closely, and she saw how much everyone respected and admired sarah for coming forward.

no one will ever respect taylor. go hide out with your underage besties who have to give you asspats or you turn on them. just like onision.

No. 744715

thanks anon.
I had to rewatch and get a feel for what she was saying. as you said, take with a grain of salt, but a lot of the stories she mentioned do feel like they happened (ie: on tour moments she brought up)
her real intentions also poured out in this video. "what if he doesnt do it again?" then she caught herself and tried to rephrase, but she WANTS him to still be a douchebag in this relationship because she is hurt. if he were to stop and be this new person, she would hate that. she was about to get back with him, which is the only reason she is now making this video when she spoke monthsss about doing it. that other clip where she showed she did film before, was just days (the day before?) before this official one. she never filmed months ago.

she does have some contradictions tho.
as I stated in another comment - she was planning on getting back wtih him because theyve been talking, left bro dick, got back with johnny (she then adds "got back with him "mentally"") planned to get back to see him but at the same time couldnt stand to see his face or hear him which explains why she never got on his social (lies) ?
im sure she kept talking to jc after knowing he got with syd - which explains syd's story now deleted of why not she go and get him then.

No. 744717

File: 1577964586814.jpeg (57.15 KB, 750x640, 74D5467C-2D39-4630-B46B-41BF47…)

I think it’s hilarious that Taylor decided to add fake face tats to her videos (one posted that other clip from day prior filming) all to get jonnys attention.

No. 744718

Edit; to get jcs attention even more. Kinda like a “u want me” type of thing. Anyway, carry on

No. 744719

i kinda do hope they get back together. tay can play stepmom. they deserve each other.

No. 744720

this exchange is perfect. it's taylor's entire personality in a nutshell.

omfg i need brain bleach. amazing catch, anon.

No. 744721


If Jonny miraculously woke up a changed man and he treated everyone with kindness, and he became the perfect partner to Syd and treated her like gold, and he was an amazing, loving, father,

Taylor would be even more enraged than she already is.

No. 744724


THIS…….THIS is what you miss Taylor?

That is now Syd’s life. Lmao. You dodged a bullet and you’re too stupid to see it, hun.

(And I’m not the author of that post. I’m just a reader that is still genuinely disturbed 7 months later from reading that.)

No. 744725

She's not too stupid to see it. She wants the drama that would go with being with him. It's her only sincere wish is to be with an abusive junkie so she can be both high and pitied at the same time. She and Jonny's dynamic is like Luna and Lurch, only Jonny is the fat dumpy one and Taylor is the Easter Island faced ghoul.

No. 744734

That’s ok. They probably dislike her too

No. 744741

if she was smart enough to get what she wants (in this case jc leaving syd) shed put on her adult pants, work on a solid schedule, move out and jc would crawl back to her because shes back on her own again. taylor would take him in a heartbeat, kid and all.

No. 744746

I have a theory that Taylor's dad has completely washed his hands of her. As for her mother, I can't imagine parents who could see all this unfold (and we do know that Taylor's mother reads her Twitter at least) and not turn off the internet. It is amazing to me that they facilitate and enable this sort of self-destructive behavior. I get why Taylor's mom acts the way she does– I suspect she is terrified of getting a call from the police to come identify her child's body, and I am sympathetic to that. But her parents should absolutely make actual therapy (and not a weekly meeting) a condition of her continuing to stay there. Taylor's behavior over the last couple of days is completely unhinged.

No. 744751

her narc ass parents might’ve helped make her this way, but taylor’s been an adult for over 4 years and she’s the only one who can help herself. that’s never going to happen and anyone with two brain cells can see it. her dad probably supports her but from a very large distance and only to a certain extent.

No. 744752

Taylor wants an apology from Jonny and tbh she wouldn’t even be able to control herself if he gave it to her on a silver platter. Let’s be real. She’s insufferable. I’m in no way defending Jonny because this is based off of what Taylor said in her YouTube video… but if I were dealing with someone being emotionally manipulative constantly I would tell them to fuck off too and leave the house/hotel (i would actually leave the relationship completely but I digress). Look how she publicly throws tantrums on social media… who would want to deal with that shit storm in person. It’s something a mental institution is trained to deal with.
Remember when Taylor would tweet about having meltdowns and crying while JC was in the other room on his computer playing video games. Little did she know that she enabled the wedge that grew between them because I’m sure that was his escape from her.
I’m not saying how he treated her was okay. He should of tried and got her help the first time she started threatening to harm herself. But as we know, Jonny has a black soul and could careless. Taylor still believes he truly loved her lol. Get back with him Tay and see how much of your money he spends in a week. Neither of these twats are capable of love or worthy of it tbh. They both need to FUCK OFF already. One needs to be in jail and the other in a mental institution.

No. 744754

yeah because…. you are disgusting for picking up a needle lol

No. 744755

It’s not repzions responsibility for how she reacts to his words. It’s hers. She’s so vapid.

No. 744756

it's weird that this grown ass woman thinks throwing a tantrum is attractive or acceptable behavior. rep should have told her to fuck off.

No. 744757

File: 1577978987039.jpeg (264.07 KB, 1242x1994, 414CFCE2-D2A4-45E0-9F9C-06B8F0…)

No. 744758

1. what the fuck? 2. SHES SO JEALOUS ITS ACTUALLY INCREDIBLE. she wishes that was her so bad

No. 744760

she just can't help talking about syd's baby, can she? she has reached peak trashyness. she should be so fucking glad she is not the one that's knocked up by the disease ridden goblin. holy shit she's unhinged.

No. 744761

>i am uncomfortable when we are not about me

No. 744762


if he didn't say this as a joke/if she would have let him, my god the retardation is off the charts how are these people real

No. 744763

im sure he meant a nickname and she knows it.
now he will def use that nickname and be like "see guiseee"

No. 744764

Lol, love all of the 'I'm leaving him behind!'

No. 744765

File: 1577980205594.png (221 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20200102-174956.png)

>it feels so good to talk about him

No. 744766

File: 1577980358219.jpeg (397.21 KB, 1125x1314, F5D9818A-84D1-48C5-9875-CA9151…)

I know this cunt is a fucking retard but GOOD GRIEF.

Narcan DOES NOT restart your heart. It kicks opioids off the mu-receptors located in the brain/spinal cord. Hence, it’s reversal of opioid overdose and the withdrawal that soon follows. Some world renowned doctors that are teaching about addiction.

No. 744767

File: 1577980366539.png (208.46 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20200102-175136.png)

sure sounds like she's bitter that she never got pregnant especially since she tried soooo hard.

why would you even have unprotected sex once with JC. whyyyy

No. 744768


your initial lie was you were sperging about him to protect syd and future women, but now you're sitting around thinking about what he might name his child?

in b4 taylor hires a hitman to kill syd and this unborn child just to really stick it to jc. how dare he move on!

No. 744769

Didnt she just say something about how gross that syd has unpro sex with him because he has hepatitis

No. 744770

Jonny must be rolling at just how much rent free living he does in Taylor's head. How can she post all this shit and not realize or care that she looks like a crazy person, wew. Shine on, cowgirl.

adjectives which best describe Taylor: thirsty, desperate

No. 744771

5 seconds into 2020 and Taylor can’t help but talk about letting Jonny’s disease-ridden dick all up inside her with no protection and what they would’ve named their baby. But she’s totally over it guys. She’s not jealous or hateful at all.

No. 744772

Jen, just go into her room and take her phone. This is so embarrassing.
Taylor, you're NOT Syd.
You're NOT pregnant with his child.
This is NOT about you.

>he's not getting to me
>he's gone from my heart and will be from my mind soon

Sure, she can't shut up about him since she's out of rehab.
She should date Greg, so they can talk about each other until they die.

No. 744773

"As i work with more people who knew him to release more incriminating stuff about him".
She just cant. Shut. Up.

No. 744774

Anyone notice all her followers have the same fucking names just spelled a bit differently. Haley, Halee,Haylee, Destiny, Desstini, Desstany. Jesus Christ who are these people.

No. 744775

did she delete? i'm not seeing this.

No. 744777

So she wasn’t on any type of birth control? Wtf!?

Tbh I figured she was on birth control when she didn’t get pregnant the first few months with him (and the only thing I thought she did right). So is she saying she was letting him shoot his shot in her without protection? She’s as fucking dumb as Syd is. Obviously if you’re on birth control (and taking oral contraceptives correctly) the chances of pregnancy significantly decrease and the hope and expectation is that you don’t get pregnant… I … just can’t even believe this is a topic of conversation right now lol fuck.

I hope they all get HIV and STD screenings for the sake of public health.

No. 744778

but anon she loooooooves him, of course she never used birth control, how very not romantic of you

No. 744779

Does she realize one day when she needs to get a real job this will still be viewable? Does she realize no normal guy is going to look at all this and want to be with her? She is self destructive. It’s so embarrassing. It’s one thing to talk about your abuse… but all this TMI is just fucking cringey.

No. 744780

Yeah here it is. "Yikes at unprotected sex"

No. 744781

ah yes, narcan. The cardiac specialist's weapon of choice

No. 744782

File: 1577982371171.jpg (358.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200102-102527_Chr…)

Shots fired. Banned in 3..2..1..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 744784

you’re definitely not the only one

No. 744785

Plenty of people do this though. Especially if the person is famous, does this person know how Metoo fucking started?

In Taylors case it's BS, but this is a dumb take tbh. Esp. considering Taylor's ex is someone who has some fame, not some random nobody.

No. 744786

Probably don’t screenshot and post your own cringe cowtipping, anon.

No. 744787

File: 1577982694379.png (197.41 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20200102-183124.png)

she's so fucking self destructive holy shit

No. 744788

Lmao imagine she’s behind all these supposed fans

No. 744790

File: 1577982796511.jpeg (673.56 KB, 1242x1988, D1F7636B-DE70-441A-90B0-7E394F…)

She never intended to quit talking about him. She said she was doing it for dramatic effect, and to justify her retarded video even more.
She’s so fucking obnoxious.

No. 744792

hahaha literally laughing out loud as I make my way to my destination. U can’t make this shit up

No. 744794

real job? taylor?
come on now.

No. 744797

So was her stupid video ever monetized? Does it really have to even be monetized for Taylor to just out of the “kindness of her heart” donate to a women’s shelter regardless?

No. 744799

Kek I just noticed her video hasn’t even broke 350k views. You know she expected that shit to blow up. YouTube is over for you Taylor accept it.

No. 744801

File: 1577984331029.png (204.68 KB, 760x821, Screenshot_20200102-115627.png)

Haven't seen this posted. Taylor has been on Twitter all night, no sleep. Must prepare her very well for going to that IOP

No. 744803

Wasn’t she the one who said opiates killed both of their sex drive?? I swear I remember this.

Also, she kind of just admitted that he respected her saying no to sex if he persistently begged her instead of just taking it like she tried to make it sound in her video. Still think the duct tape incident comes off as a consensual thing until he made an off color joke that made her freak out.

No. 744804

does she know that she continually contradicts herself? does she even know what a contradiction is? maybe this is expecting too much, but…

No. 744806

Am I the only one who noticed without sound on her video she just looks pissed af. Not a single tear drops down her face… That said I couldn't make it past 20 minutes in she's so manic. I could be wrong

No. 744807

File: 1577985260235.png (179.4 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20200102-191327.png)

No. 744808

How does this make any sense? She used the fact that she hadnt slept with Jonny in over a year to justify sperging about dick for days. Now it's just the last few months?

No. 744809

File: 1577985468935.png (243.08 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20200102-191759.png)

No. 744813

it sounds like she is just stalking his twitch

No. 744815


>"solved privately"

Just like she did with Chelsea & Destry, right?

No. 744816

What does this prove except that jonny texted his dad from her phone.

No. 744817

File: 1577986200260.webm (5.71 MB, 720x1280, wOy7MkoSYEklQvtd.webm)

here's the video, it does look like tay talking to his dad. a good chuck seems to be his dad defending JC, from what I can make out

No. 744818

Yeah I have no idea how the hell she didn’t get pregnant. I genuinely wonder if she’s infertile since clearly Jonny isn’t shooting blanks

No. 744820

>focusing on me today
bitch when do you NOT lmao
your animals aren't even a part of your life anymore since you're so ~~~me focused
please read this and have a half hour anxiety attack about your shit care instead of someone's tweet that wasn't an asspat

No. 744821

These are from THIS week. It says Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Not the date.

Just like the texts from Jonny said "today" or "yesterday" except the one from October 7.

These are probably her texting herself too.

No. 744822

Honestly the whole his dad texting her makes no sense to even me.

His dad was ill at one point and couldn't care for himself so he had to go and help (assuming that was even true), and he generally just doesn't seem to be close enough to his family or have formally introduce Taylor to them lmao.

No. 744823


I mean, for all we know Syd's baby could be anybody's. Just because she says it's Jonny's and Jonny believes her doesn't really mean anything, especially if she has a history of being a crazy bitch.

No. 744824

File: 1577989033238.png (37.23 KB, 595x333, TnD.png)

That's what I thought too, anon, but here's her rebuttal.

No. 744827

File: 1577989553324.png (3.83 MB, 1242x2208, 5F568F82-9739-443D-A8FD-A21FE3…)

To add to this point, you can see the date to the right when she first goes into messages. No wk here but these do seem to actually be old texts.

No. 744828

This can't be a real thing? This sounds like yet another lie. "It's clear the texts were old." How?

No. 744829

"Please try me"

Kek she really had to take that line from Sarah's tweet at Greg didnt she?

This is a revenge fantasy playing out and even though I 100% believe Johnny was a horrible boyfriend I think Taylor is just as vindictive and cruel just from her 1. Not even formally apologizing to the women she previously called liars but acting as if her story should be bulletproof/worshipped and 1. The fact she brings an unborn child into the situation which has literally NOTHING to do with her or JCs past relationship besides "well I'm lucky he didnt get ME pregnant lulz"

How garbage

No. 744830

I’m glad you brought this up anon. I agree, we don’t actually know that JC is the baby daddy. I’m just a little confused about the timeline here.
I know anons said in earlier posts that Jonny and Syd didn’t start officially dating until the end of September/beginning of October but I could have sworn they were together since this past summer. Now that Syd’s IG is private, I can’t lurk for dates. He said in his baby announcement post that he’s known for 10 weeks and Syd wouldn’t have known for at the earliest 4 weeks that she was pregnant? So that would make her around 3 months along? If the Sept/Oct timeline is correct then she would have gotten pregnant like immediately. I’m just really confused about the timeline because of Taylor’s lies lol. I think it would be a great plot twist if JC wasn’t the father and we had concrete proof that Syd is as batshit as Taylor. Syd is more on the quiet side of the crazy spectrum and makes her stupid comments here and there in comparison to Taylor having no shame in being insane on and off the internet.

No. 744831

On the contrary anon if Syd reproduced with anyone who's not JC it would probably be a smarter less batshit crazy move than wanting to get back together with the dude who got you addicted to heroin, talks about how he wants his exes to get raped and cheated on you.

No. 744832

File: 1577990672167.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, 5DDAA10A-1D72-411B-8C12-05A42C…)

this girl is cow potential fasho. stop feeding the fire dumbass.

No. 744833

Get that Taylor money!

She just bribes anyone who disagrees with her out of fear. She's so scared of bad press but she spergs the fuck out daily.

No. 744835

Touché. I never knew she said this because I don’t fucking follow every single thing she says. I get this is a Taylor thread and it would have been irrelevant to post here, but anons keep saying she’s batshit and screenshots would have been helpful to put the whole picture together.

And I agree, it’s a batshit decision to let JC impregnate you, however, concrete context is all I was suggesting would be nice.

Obviously Syd says stupid shit and maybe she is a cow in her own right. I’ll drop this topic now because this thread isn’t about her and it’s irrelevant.

No. 744836

Texts look real. No sim on the phone as she said. She wouldn’t show her phone like that if she wasn’t sure.

No. 744841

god, she really couldn’t make it more obvious that she wishes she was the one pregnant with his baby

No. 744842

File: 1577993472962.png (16.88 KB, 597x197, fdhdshggjgf.PNG)

a new animal maybe?

No. 744844

File: 1577994303038.png (10.36 MB, 1242x2688, 274F7907-163D-4B39-BFA6-7D5B0D…)

No. 744845

File: 1577994364157.jpeg (504.62 KB, 1242x2014, 5DC8885A-2CCB-4968-B953-695155…)

No. 744847

Jesus Christ, how can anyone even be aroused by this when she looks so miserable and busted in the face. This looks like one of those, "I was screaming for help with this photo" photo.

No. 744848

Probably. We all know Taylor only knows how to cope with her feelings by buying a new prop.

No. 744849

Very hot Taylor with your unwashed ratty hair and cried in slept in makeup.

No. 744851

honey, you are NOT over it

No. 744853

Hope that's not the cute surprise

No. 744854

This is what they should put next to the word crackwhore in the dictionary. Looks like some drug addict from Backpage lmao

No. 744855

She posted these just for Jonny cause he unblocked her. So desperate.

No. 744856

She was talking to so many people about her relationship that I find it hard to believe she felt alone and no one before his band told her how trash he was being.

No. 744857

I give it 3 months before they are back together.

No. 744858


Sydney England is the type of crazy that acts on emotions. Once you get her mad she blows up, I'm talking full blown craziness.

Didnt you read "A"s pity part comment?

No. 744861

File: 1577995985858.png (1.47 MB, 1242x2688, 4C94E080-E65E-4BE8-BC00-762E31…)

Guys she’s not gonna stop talking about Jonny. It’d be different if it were only abuse related shit, but she has word vomit - like when she overshared the storm trooper Craig bit. So yes, she will share anything as long as she can mention him.

I do think they’ll get back together so this post would be funny to look back on. She won’t care that she has said things like this too. Lol

No. 744862

over it? sure, cool story sis. everything she does is unbearably thirsty.