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No. 831551

A thread for the discussion of PetYoutubers. Better known as people who hoard and neglect animals for youtube fame. Some frequently discussed ones are:

Tyler Rugge
- Has over 30 animals.
- Supports Taylor Nicole Dean
- Keeps animals in too small enclosures.
- Keeps a single rabbit in a room without hides and barely any enrichment.
- Queen of the mean girls of pettube
- Pretty much confirmed that Maddie Smith and him are living together.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tylerrugge/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tylerrugge

Happy Tails AKA Megan Arriola
(Had her own thread here: >>612216 Due to lack of content she has been merged back into this thread.)
- Has over 100 animals.
- Keeps her animals in a small room with way under minimum enclosures.
- Advises not to listen to veterinary advice, like not spaying and neutering rabbits.
- Backyard breeds dogs, purposefully mixed two breeds together and justified it by saying they're designer and "these breeds are really in right now".
- Breeds a potentially harmful gene (merle) into her dogs
- Uses aerosol products and paints her nails in the same room as her birds.
- Feeds her animals mostly fruits and vegetables without proper supplementation.
- Her bird almost died due to poor diet (vet literally put it on seed because it was too thin from bad diet).
- Had her snake and bird out on her body during livestream.
- Some of her cages have exposed wire and splotchy/peeling paint.
- Charges an OUTRAGEOUS amount for 'consultation' when she has 0 credentials and can't even say she does her own research for her own animals.
- Extremely rude to supporters and shuts down every question that she can with a snarky remark.
- Put two male mice together, ignores advise and says they'll be fine.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_17EwmmHm7FJtIn57c9-w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meghan_happytails/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/meghan_arriola
Blog: http://www.mjhappytails.com/

Brian Barczyk
- Hoards, breeds, and a lot of reptiles, that are often bad quality and sick.
- Keep them on little plastic containers, justifying it with saying 'they like it that way'.
- Inbreeds and shows little concern for genetics outside of producing colour morphs that will sell for $$$.
- Bullies costumers if they dare to call him out for the shitty conditions his animals have when they arrived.
- Both Tyler Rugge and Taylor Nicole Dean have made collabs with him.
- Got kicked out of playlist for bringing in a baby gator and snake to scare/prank people with.
- Buys two-headed animals.
- Used his two-headed turtles death as clickbait in a video.
- Opened his own reptile zoo.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4zS1wbO81p59CxKL7CQAcA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snakebytestv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/snakebytestv

- Complains about lolcow and similar sites, describing them as predators waiting for petubers to slip up. Which is ironic because after bizarre selfposting she was
outed as being a frequent user of this site. She criticized the care of several petubers, including herself. See this post for a full explanation and her post
history: >>624638
- Throws a lot of subtle shade at other pet youtubers despite pretending to be 'friends' with them all.
- Moved to America to live with hoarder BYB boyfriend Danny.
- Won't show habitats for most of her and Danny's animals, keeping the exact number of animals a secret. Some examples of enclosures not shown include; Snapping
turtle, snakes, and (unseen) monitor lizards.
- Thought she could cycle a fish tank with old water, put two betta together to 'breed' despite clearly knowing nothing about breeding and conditioning the fish.
- Keeps her doves in the bare minimum of cages, also keeps them next to ferrets and has let them land on the ferret cage before.
- Was paid off to set up an awful Bearded dragon enclosure including substrate that can cause impaction.
- Recently got a puppy.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE37328iVnqSj1OCrgrYd8w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emzoticofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emzoticofficial

AfroHerpkeeper AKA Daniel Carter
- Has over 100 animals while going to college and balancing a job. (Including a cottonmouth, rattlesnake, tegu, and two quaker parrots.
- Gives animals away and continues to get more.
- Keeps his rattlesnake in an enclosure without a lock.
- Has snakes in too small enclosures.
- He lets his tegu free roam in his reptile room without supervision. On one occasion his tegu ate an escaped western hognose snake. Recently took his tegu to the
vet because he thought that he ate escaped ball python. Good news he didn't eat the snake. Bad news, the snake is still missing and it ate one of his quail.
- Waited to get vet care for a snake with a hole in its face, because he didn't have the money.
- Continues to get new animals.
- Feeds his snakes live prey.
- Imgur album containing more information including animals he has and animal deaths: https://imgur.com/a/0QGArOd

Youtuber: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu4LCfhUyUg56aS2hWdUZhw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/afroherpkeeper/

Maddie Smith
- Hoards animals, and at one time had over 50. Recently downsized to 30 in order to move in with Tyler Rugge.
- Justifies her hoarding by saying all her animals are taken to the vet.
- Back Yard Bred her rats, but claims she is no longer breeding. She ended up with sick baby rats.
- Recently got two doves; one got sick and died. She blamed the breeder and 'genetic' illness despite environmental being much more likely. Subsequently she got
another bird from a 'better breeder' to replace it, didn't quarantine properly and that bird is now also very sick.
- Is a 'wildlife rehabber'; although is listed as 'social media adviser' on their poorly made site. Charity was also only registered in Ohio in September 2017.
- In her December 2017, “Meet My Pets” video she said her rabbit died from a viral infection; Coccidia. Coccidia is a parasite the is spread from improper hand

Youtue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqfMfdjGotIXbDey-sW9olA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mxddiesmith/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mxddiemoo

Steff J AKA Estefany Jasso
- Hoards animals.
- Was gifted two puppies and kept them even though she didn't have the space for them.
- House is literally crammed with animals.
- Killed all her fish once when she flea bombed her house to get rid of the fleas her roaming cats had brought in.
- Lets her turtles breed, found a nest they'd made unsupervised outside with most of the eggs being eaten by ants.
- Had one of her tortoises die. Was supposed to nebulize the tortoise every 8 hours, instead said she went to sleep for 21 and 'someone else did it'.
- Let her duck eat Styrofoam while yelling at it from across the room.
- Keeps her turtles in tiny cages.
- Keeps most of her animals in filthy conditions.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/estefanyjass0
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_steffj/

Carolin von Petzholdt
- Keeps parrots. Has actively lost her parrot Hope numerous times on camera.
- Flies her Parrot Hope in public parks around dogs and as such has been chased by dogs and accosted by dog owners more than once.
- Doesn't train her parrot to fly back to her on a signal, merely screams randomly.
- Has had Hope both chase native birds and be chased by native birds during her free flying, resulting in Hope being lost at least twice from this.
- Has sexually molested her bird on camera; doesn't seem to understand that touching a birds vent is frustrating for the animal and essentially bestiality.
- Films people on camera and posts to youtube without their permission.
- Wants to breed her birds.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/excitingfilms/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolinvonpetzholdt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cvonpetzholdt

Maria's Zoo

- Smokes weed in the same room as her pets and defended Taylor Nicole Dean when she smoked around her geckos. Claims the smoke doesn't linger.
- Claims to be a rat expert after one semester on them in school.
- “Rescued” rats from the feeder bin. One turned out to be pregnant and had two babies. Maria had them out playing with them shortly after they were born. One baby
died. Mom and babies were kept in a glass aquarium. Recently moved mom and surviving baby back into the cage with the other rat.
- Constantly begs for money on social media to pay for her animal hoard, but has money for hair dye, make-up, video games, and other frivolous things.
- Claims she cannot keep a job due to her mental health but that it doesn't stop her from taking care of her animals.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/iSeeAM/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marias.zoo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/marias_zoo

Previous Thread: >>730730

Taylor Nicole Dean Thread: >>>/pt/676017

No. 831646

File: 1562204768622.jpeg (108.2 KB, 750x750, 8C811D7F-D36F-4A81-A478-1A0B18…)

Brady, you are an idiot and an enabler. Anyone who gives this much money expects something in return

No. 831658

Thank you for the thread anon! I’ve found Maria to really embody a few of the problematic pettuber behaviors.

Hey, at least she finally bought her rats a decent cage with the money.

No. 831659

Does not make the means she got it right no matter what good it did. The idea is that if she cannot provide the means to care for them properly on her own, she should not have them. She can’t keep begging for money over every little thing.

No. 831661

Oh trust me I hate how pettubers rely on their, often young, fan base for money. I am glad the poor animals have a better enclosure, but she took a page from Taylor’s book, and “rescued” some feeders to pat herself on the back.

No. 831662

Definitely shouldn’t go without and be stuck in an improper housing situation but the way she went about it was wrong. Even if she can’t get a job and needs them to “help her depression” she should do what’s best for them. They aren’t toys. They’re living beings that deserve better than she can provide.

No. 831670

Emma sampson should have been added to the top header. Along with some other pettubers in the last thread (ie taylor crane, paul cuffaro, nick and paul..etc). The information there is outdated and almost invalid and some people are almost never topics of conversation anymore like maddie smith

No. 831709

Noticed emilee getting quite a few new additions, sequoia is fucking beautiful though so maybe I’m just jealous

No. 831828

Anyone read carolins new book yet?

No. 831884

Why would anyone here support her by buying it?

No. 831915

File: 1562257157799.jpeg (97.58 KB, 750x390, 5CEC177B-CA7B-4A14-81F3-DC84D1…)

She needs to go inpatient somewhere or at least get this taken care of. Yikes

No. 831926

She just went to the hospital last week for help, they clearly didn’t find her in need of inpatient, usually you have to be threatening suicide or self harming for them to make you go inpatient. But shes been talking about waiting for a call from the hospital she went to so maybe she’s on a waiting list for something?

No. 831931

File: 1562259492277.jpeg (756.01 KB, 1242x1885, 543EEF6E-21F3-4A9B-8864-0E15C9…)

Found her check in at the hospital on fb

No. 831962

She really shares too much online.

No. 831973

In Emzotic's latest video about her puppy's diet, she showed her kitchen area and there are at least two decent-sized tanks (seemingly fish tanks) on the goddamn kitchen counters. Is there a single area of this woman's house that isn't loaded with animals? The cellar is apparently full of animals we know nothing about, and every other room she ever shows is stocked floor to ceiling. I virtually cannot imagine how only she and her creepy husband give all these animals and their enclosures the attention they need. They really disturb me.
They clearly have a lot of money though. This raw food plan her puppy is on is $13 a DAY (so close to $400 a month?), and I'm sure that doesn't even include shipping, which has to be expensive because it's next-day and packed with ice packs.

No. 832087

File: 1562281485717.jpeg (75.93 KB, 750x422, 1BF72E4A-83ED-43E4-845E-E9F657…)

Well maybe if she didn’t jump on everyone about everything and be so nasty to people then she would have friends to do things with

No. 832109

I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds Em her man really fucking creepy
Like theres jsut something really off about them that I cant quite put my finger on

No. 832214

I hope Maria gets help, I really do. I also know with mental health problems it can be tempting to turn to animals for emptional support. However it is very clear she is not in any state to be caring for the number of animals she currently has.

No. 832308

File: 1562333414145.jpeg (51.9 KB, 749x367, 718B5B42-B0EF-405D-8ECF-75975C…)

I really don’t get how she mistakes genuine concern for a challenge. Like no matter what she does in life, having a million pets to take care of would just make it impossible for her to have that job she keeps whining about not getting. She’s just going in circles with it and enabling herself to stay where she’s at.

No. 832323


Now she knows how her poor rats feel in that tiny cage with nothing to do

No. 832325

File: 1562335333547.jpeg (74.25 KB, 750x348, 7BA8E2A7-2C5D-4050-9580-1D1080…)

And there goes any need for her to get a job. She has a sugar daddy

No. 832332

File: 1562337147122.jpeg (99.3 KB, 750x497, 9786DA4D-E921-4C71-AB59-E0C4EB…)

Loses baby rat and does not understand what she did wrong
Maria: BrEeDiNg RaTs Is My CaLlInG

No. 832333

Whats she going to breed him with? Her feeder rats?

No. 832339


Maria I know you read here: don’t even think about it.
Do you know the genetic background of your Marten rat? What female are you planning on breeding him with, because none of your current females have genetics you should be breeding and you’re certainly not in a position to be getting anymore rats.
Having a large enough cage for your current rats finally, please just focus on them, instead of getting more rats to fill a cage you couldn’t afford to buy yourself. Breeding to ‘sell’ the babies and make a profit is not the right reason to breed, nor is breeding just so your friend can have rats, please direct her to other rats she can adopt instead. Breeding is difficult and you’ve already experienced that first hand losing a baby, it can get a lot worse than that. It can and is costly, time consuming and you need a lot more than a single critter nation to do it properly, so please just don’t - focus on your current rats and giving them a good life before bringing any others into the world.

No. 832349

I could easily see them as that weird predatory couple that approaches a-little-too-drunk girls at the bar to take home for a threesome

No. 832355

File: 1562340307827.jpeg (68.5 KB, 750x364, 428E70B2-FF36-44DD-AC03-0E4317…)

I don’t see her ever being able to move out so maybe this problem will fix itself.

No. 832356

She can't even afford to feed the ones she has. How is she going to feed more?
And the guy sending money is only going to keep sending money every month if he gets nudes or something more out of it.

No. 832357

File: 1562340481972.jpeg (50.46 KB, 750x306, B6552AD4-E898-4D95-8B2F-662DA9…)

literally posts whole life on social media and blocks people who offer criticism
Maria: DoNt TaKe SoCiAl MeDiA sO sErIoUsLy

No. 832456

Maria wants this attention and clearly wants her own thread. Imo we should ignore her unless the information is anything other than her begging for money or being unwell.

No. 832468

That’s literally all she posts. She wants attention she’s gonna get it even though it might not be the kind she wants

No. 832762

What a brat. We get it, you’re special Maria.

No. 832868

File: 1562421240705.jpeg (109.99 KB, 750x713, 5E51CE16-8365-41EF-A7F8-F4A47C…)

Keep playing along, Maria. We think it’s funny anyway

No. 832871

I feel like if she was really studying veterinary medicine she would use the correct terms. Also veterinary medicine is as it sounds - the study of medicine for animals. You are not taught about husbandry because that is not a vets job. This girl is so deluded and uneducated it's actually sad.

No. 832877

File: 1562425663748.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1998, 92C00DA9-165D-45EC-B16C-4C16BF…)

She’s got photos in scrubs tagged at her college. She needs to stop tagging her locations. I looked it up they have a vet tech major. Also her male rats came from her school so she’s in some veterinary field.

No. 832901

Even as a vet tech, she should have a handle on basic animal care and what she doesn’t know she could literally google or ask someone who knows what they’re talking about. In 2019, finding information isn’t hard

No. 832934

There is a big difference between studying veterinary medicine and studying to become a veterinary technician. She obviously knows that and that is why she is so vague - so people think she is studying to become a veterinarian. Irresponsible imo. Again, vet rechs don't learn about husbandry and what they do learn is very vague and often outdated. Spending a whole semester on rat husbandry is an outright lie. I studied Animal Care in college and we would never spend that much time focused on a single animal because then we'd have no time to cover other course material. She just makes shit up to suit her narrative, much like TND. Trash.

No. 832944

Does she have any self-awareness? Complaining about having no friends and not having time for a job while sitting on her computer refreshing this website all day…hot damn.

You're right honestly. Think about how much validation she gets even knowing people think about her at all. All the people we talk about in this thread think they're goddamn celebrities because they're being noticed, when really we only care about their poor animals and them receiving the care they deserve.

No. 832955

The thing is half of this Maria stuff isn't as much about her animals as it is about her not having money and being ill. I understand that it relates to her animal care but there's only so many posts you need before you get the idea imo.

No. 832957

lol, but Em is not that creepy. Maybe danny

No. 832960

It’s the same thing with TND and Jonny and all the other things surrounding it. People still give that as much attention as it needs in order for them to be held accountable, as Maria should be also. Her actions do impact her pets and if she wants to be slandered around the Internet as a poor caretaker and an all around not good person then she can definitely continue to say things that make people believe that. She wants attention she can have it, because it only hurts her in the end

No. 833069

I think she is. She's got the crazycunt eyes for sure.

No. 833109

File: 1562454696114.jpeg (415.99 KB, 1242x1276, E9C30492-235A-4C81-9F3B-B44774…)

Pettube drama ensues. Maria’s original tweet showed up in TNDs thread but I thought this thread was more appropriate for this one since it barely involves Taylor.

No. 833113

File: 1562455490811.png (1.12 MB, 1242x2208, D9A1A586-FB2E-4222-9527-4AD4DA…)

Bonus mental breakdown which I’m sure is in no way related to her picking fights on twitter for TNDs attention.

No. 833115

Remember when she made someone feel bad about asking for money to help pay for their sick dog's medical bills, and said they shouldn't have pets if they can't afford it? And now she's literally BEGGING for money for pets she shouldn't even have, because she can't afford it lol what a hypocrite.

No. 833116

Wow it's almost like begging strangers for money on the internet and sucking up to animal hoarders isn't all it's made up to be. She is a puke of a human

No. 833127

“I have money in the bank” Why is she begging for money from strangers then like what

No. 833134

Honestly it amazes me that her rat pup is still alive after losing the first one, and that her crested geckos have their tails, aren’t they notorious for dropping them over the tiniest stressor? Didn’t TND say her friend touched hers and hers just popped off? Not to WK because she’s obviously a straight up mess, but she has to be doing something right, right? Most breeders I’ve seen can’t even keep half their geckos tails before they ship them out.

No. 833141

File: 1562459497235.jpeg (165.58 KB, 749x758, 6E92AF83-D0AC-403F-A792-903D99…)

Looks like she has a second account

No. 833142

It just looks like a barely used art account.

No. 833144

It matches her art Instagram, she’s known to have multiple accounts, she has like 3 instagrams.

No. 833151

An art account where she still has stolen/traced art*

No. 833157

Money In the bank?! Then why is she begging for money every other post?!

No. 833164

What is this petty shit? Is this girl in middle school?

No. 833166

The guilt would probably go away if she could just mind her own business… and get a job, she posted about having kpins, take one before ur shift and muscle through like the rest of us. Christ.

No. 833259

The survival of the solo kitten is credit to the maternal instincts of the doe. It isn’t an example of Maria’s understanding or credibility - that she thinks this experience and access to a lab bred dumbo male is all she needs to start her own rattery is ignorant at best.

Regardless of her specific major - she’s studying the field of veterinary and should fucking do better.

She’s a great example of the Dunning–Kruger effect; the less you know the more competent you think you are.

No. 833309

File: 1562514503609.jpeg (100.78 KB, 750x477, F56D2076-1094-41D3-B153-417A0C…)

She should really practice what she preaches because she’s the one who jumped on Jessica, who didn’t even say anything to or about her specifically. She involves herself in other people’s conflicts and then gets mad when it doesn’t go the way she wants it to. Like no one needed your help there Maria. Taylor even said in that thread that she’s blocked her and it’s all good like no one asked for Marias help at all

No. 833311

File: 1562514693982.jpeg (196.9 KB, 737x1001, 4F796262-0250-4018-ABEA-C46EFD…)

No. 833327

Can we move on from the Maria chick already? She's yawn-city. No milk, just her whining about us talking about her despite nobody really being all that interested in her. I'd rather let the thread drop down a couple pages until something real happens than feed her ego over nothing.

No. 833337

People seem to be interested as there are posts about her. If you specifically are not interested then share something else or find another thread. People are going to talk about what they wish(cringey self post)

No. 833387


skeptical about how much of the interest in her is real considering she was caught self posting screenshots in the last thread and its obvious by how much she inserts herself into drama that shes a massive attention whore. shes a literal nobody. 300 subscribers on youtube and ‘30k’ on instagram but most of her photos don’t get more than 200 likes? could be wrong but it feels extremely fishy that all of a sudden there is so much interest in this person that next to no one has ever heard of.

No. 833390

yeees this.
all this girl wants is for us to talk about her. she wants her udders so bad…

No. 833446

Then hey, if you have something else to talk about here, by all means go ahead because I don’t see anyone else volunteering anything new to talk about

No. 833452

And this is the only way that she can be discussed because she blocks people who say things publicly. She does have people that she has beef with who are upset with her and this seems to be an outlet for them

No. 833488

Omg did you guys see that drama she had with her own family? She’s a mess. Apparently she doesn’t even have a family now. Probably why she spends all day online

No. 833490

Maria, this is such an obvious self post, just stop, you look desperate.

No. 833493

File: 1562545084991.jpeg (425.72 KB, 1237x1081, B92D6BC8-B7D1-4E8A-9CF3-E7325C…)

No, I’ve been following this drama for months. This is something her cousin posted about it (and that’s just the start of it).

No. 833494

No I don’t think so, she wouldn’t be that obvious, the one time she was caught it was a slip up from a screenshot. Her family seems there for her just fine she was posting about going to the park with her mom. Just feels like someone trying to stir the pot.

No. 833499

File: 1562545693525.jpeg (120.51 KB, 750x1334, A558C9A1-8041-467C-AE63-F09673…)

I came across this thinking I could add to it because there’s so much about Maria that you guys don’t even know. You could look into it, it’s been a thing for a while now. Her cousin says she has over 50 fake accounts of Maria blocked on instagram. This is one of the screenshots that was attached to the Facebook post

No. 833507

god, this is still maria right?
can some admins find out how much she has self posted and just ban her if it's a lot?
cause if people genuinely want to talk about this bitch, I will, but I dont wanna feed her more attention if it's just her own desperate posting.

No. 833508

It’s really not Maria, I don’t know how to prove it but if there’s a way, let me know!! I’m just here to add to it, not cause more problems!

No. 833509

I’m honestly just going to keep posting whether you guys believe it’s Maria or not. I’m just trying to show how shitty of a person she really is

No. 833511

File: 1562547646968.jpeg (173.18 KB, 1241x1619, BA8D0DBD-D988-4E4A-A848-6F7FC3…)

I guess Maria kept changing her name and picture on Instagram because of the drama. She posted this homophobic trash about her cousins mom a while ago and immediately took it down after her cousin called her out publicly for it

No. 833521

File: 1562549661199.jpeg (78.19 KB, 639x645, 1B8D50A1-3345-4EA3-830D-8BEFFD…)

She clearly isn’t getting along with her sister.

No. 833523

File: 1562550190750.png (450.21 KB, 1242x2208, 02DD8F1B-6FD4-47E4-AD1E-ED2139…)

She also apparently has been harassing a high schooler that doesn’t even know who Maria is???

No. 833524

This is bollocks. What does this have to do with her animals?

No. 833527

Honestly, I didn’t realize that this thread was entirely about her animals until after I started posting but there’s so much to know about her. I came across it because of some other drama so I thought I could add. I just find it so amusing how one person can get into SO much drama that crosses so many different people

No. 833530

She’s a waste of space tbh. Like yes she’s crazy. She shouldn’t have animals. Or twitter/Facebook/Instagram. She needs real help. I don’t think the doctors she’s seeing realize how bad her illness actually is.

No. 833532

This has absolutely nothing to do with her pet care, it feels like you’re bringing up her old milk to stir the pot. We’re really only concerned about her animals and their current state of care.

No. 833534

Yes, but this just proves even more how incapable and irresponsible she is.

No. 833536

According to Twitter, she now has even more rats to beg for money for.

No. 833537

Not trying to “stir the pot”. I’m just trying to show what type of person she really is, because she’s seriously awful and you guys only know that half because she doesn’t show this part. Like I said, I didn’t realize this thread was specifically about her pets. Trying to talk/vent about a person/problem that you guys so happen to be talking about as well. I didn’t know Maria drama stretched this far so I hopped on once I saw it was a thing.

No. 833539

It’s alright. This is supposed to be about pettubers. But it’s obvious that she has other issues going on that stretch far beyond just her pets.

No. 833544

Anyone here familiar with SerpaDesigns/Tanner Serpa? I quite like his videos but I’m a dumbass when it comes to fish and reptiles so I have no clue if his builds are truly safe or good. Iirc he’s only had maybe one or two fish die in the couple years I’ve watched him.
(For context I know little enough about fish that I thought Paul Cuffaro was ok until recently… it was when he began getting birds that I realized he’s a stupid teenager who probably doesn’t research.)

No. 833551


Maria. I know you read this. Please stop. You’re hurting animals.

No. 833561

I haven’t seen any new rat photos I think she was referring to the feeders she already rescued. Hopefully. Because that tweet was from way back before the feeders.

No. 833597

File: 1562563397940.jpeg (119.27 KB, 1242x762, E9D53773-60A1-49ED-B1D3-9A02C8…)

she just posted this a few hours ago

No. 833603

reads like she's posting just to get a reaction. what a messed up little girl.

No. 833609

Tinfoil, but does anyone else find it kind of suspicious that none of these twitter screenshots have the retweet/like/share icons anymore, since that's how we know she was selfposting?

No. 833611

She's fucking insane. If I were a PetTuber I'd be blocking every "alternative" girl at this point, kek. Seems like she gets blocked enough, anyway. Every other post about her in the last thread is her. This bitch is crazy. I just looked at her Twitter and she gets like 2 favs max on tweets unless they're about TND. So trust me, no one is sending her money except herself unless they're for puss pics.

All she talks about is muh mental illness, and she must be really sheltered if that dumb shit she claims her ex did is still a focal point for pity. I have no pity for animal abusers.

No. 833612


Samefag but it's probably all still her. All the posts defending her and the "picking on her for stuff that isn't really bad" kinda posts are obviously her.

No. 833700

I've not watch a lot to do with his care but his builds are pretty awesome and he seems very knowledgeable when it comes to plants and substrates. Not seen anything bad about him anywhere

No. 833741

Good tinfoiling but I don’t think her one tweet would be unavailable to herself, the one she quoted is hers if you go on her twitter it’s obviously someone that has her blocked, because they hide replies and quotes and such, if you log out of twitter you can see the quoted tweet as well.

No. 833864

File: 1562619884151.jpeg (175.56 KB, 640x654, 4D06FF3B-1F6D-41BE-920D-D8CA4D…)

Ain’t she important? As if people watch her videos anyway….(self post)

No. 833907

shes so cringey ewww, i would hate to b her

No. 833955

Carolyn Von Petzholdt dismayed at the "haters" who are trying to prevent her from sharing her valuable freeflying knowledge in her new book. She completely ignores the people who give her great advice out of genuine concern for birds.

People are writing scathing reviews of her in the amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/HOW-TRAIN-YOUR-PARROT-MORE-ebook/dp/B07TWCCFSJ/

No. 833969

Bonus, Carolin included screenshots from a freeflight facebook group that drag her in a review of the book, and attempts to drum up support with her own fake account with the name "Carl Pin": https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dmkbx7hx6qre4aq/AAAgkCbB76Rx4tWO0mZQvjvca?dl=0

Carolin has srs lolcow potential

No. 834083

At this point, I think the majority of unsaged posts in this thread are likely her. The best part is that there is no way this self-posting is driving farmers to watch her garbage content. She's just embarrassing herself.

No. 834087

Looks like mods/admins have gone through and marked her selfposts lmao

I have suspicions about more of them but at least it's confirmed she's still lurking here if she hasn't been banned.

No. 834133

Have you guys seen the channel Nick & Paul? This guy has some seriously bad all around pet care involving fish and reptiles. He just got 2 chameleons and clearly hasnt researched either.

Paul cuffaro is back at it overstocking his aquariums and stuffing turtles in appropriate ponds

Emma sampson is buying pets by the day and still hasnt shown her rabbit enclosures

Carolin is asking people to write fake reviews for her book

There is so much actual problematic pet related milk we could be discussing instead of feeding this Maria girls ego

No. 834139


Honestly hate the comments on Paul Cuffaro's videos. On his last one they're all egging him on to get a new Flowerhorn…

No. 834148


I agree, I couldn't care less about Maria. I think there's at most 2 people here (besides Maria herself) who give a shit about her.
I'd much rather talk about Emma's insane animal collecting

No. 834263

“She does have people that she has beef with who are upset with her and this seems to be an outlet for them”
I saw that and then try using this as a so called “outlet” but then I get accused of being that human piece of trash? Lmao, you guys are just as bad as her. You got a whole thread to talk shit about shitty people. Idk why I tried lmfao bye(ban evasion; bye maria)

No. 834421

File: 1562701557387.jpeg (654.53 KB, 1242x1473, 9DF99A0F-EC21-430C-A83F-4FCC74…)


No. 834465

Maybe I was mistaken, but I thought this thread was about pettubers. This Maria girl has less than 400 followers on youtube, and I could barely find her youtube or twitter just searching with the search bars. While her animal care is bad, she's not exactly influencing anyone with it. The fact that she even grabbed anyone's attention at all is astounding.

ANYWAYS, good ol' "animal educator" Emzotic got another kookaburra. She did make a big effort in the video to say she doesn't endorse them as pets, but her whole act of "we're getting this animal for education purposes" is really starting to grind my gears.

No. 834484

Oh so we have another Emzotic? Great. (This is my first time posting here hope I'm doing it right)

No. 834545

Emzotic made this girl relevant in the first place and as long as her audience is growing, no matter how slow we should be holding her accountable. She lives at home with no job because OuO mental health special snowflake, and hoards animals and you DONT want to talk about that? Is this thread to keep pettubers accountable or what? If she’s enough for bigger pettubers to notice like Emzotic and TND who both follow her on twitter and insta then it’s enough for me to hold her to her shitty pet keeping.

Also emzotic needs to release a list of her animals already this is crazy, her house has to reek from everything she has hoarded in there for “work”

No. 834566

Emma finally made a video about what happened to George. It's actually really sad

No. 834630

Don’t want to give this one a view…anyone have a Cole Notes version?

No. 834657

didn’t watch the last 5 mins but basically her chameleon had gout that was misdiagnosed as a bone infection. vets gave the wrong medication which ended up making it worse. she was driving every other day for an hour just to get him injected meds bc she wasn’t comfortable doing it on her own since he was very small. he had an open sore on his tail which they ended up just amputating 2 inches off the end of his tail without her consent, which later healed and then spontaneously reopened. she took him to the vet and had him euthanized.

sad as fuck. no idea who she is as i don’t follow this thread but it must be so frustrating to get the wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment for something that could’ve been potentially helped. poor dude sounds like he suffered a lot from their mistake

No. 834660

samefag from above but i should mention she didn’t just willy nilly have him killed off or anything like that after the amputation. she started giving the proper meds, and heavily adjusted his enclosure to accommodate his handicaps, but it was too late and some gruesome shit happened (the tail wound randomly reopening and his swollen leg skin cracked open) and was definitely in shit tons of pain. had to be the only humane option at that point.

No. 834855


That is genuinely heartbreaking. All too often vets will misdiagnose or provide the wrong treatment. A vet injected my ferret with Baytril even though it is caustic and should be used orally only, I was so pissed but the vet was reported and held accountable. Emma should do the same; report the vet because that is atrocious malpractice. Poor George.

No. 834879

I came here just for this after I saw her video which I didn't watch because honestly I just can't stand her lately.

Considering the 'rescue' was all about how he will be kept alone and whatever it's a bit… eh. Like I highly doubt she's taking birds from one educational visit to the next cause that seems like a lot of stress, even with rotations.

Was the vet a specialist in exotics? I find often that a lot of the 'general' vets are pretty shit at caring anything beyond your typical house pet. Obviously I understand that not everyone has to an exotic vet but it seems like this went on for a bit so she had some time to reach out to the nearest specialist vet.

Is she going to breed them like she bred her doves?

No. 835135

File: 1562790709380.jpg (657.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190710-163108_Ins…)

Mikey the Macaw posted a response in relation to Carolin von petsholdts shit book

No. 835151

cant remember if she said specifically it was an exotic vet however she did say it’s the vet she took all of her exotics to

No. 835257

Iirc, emma said on Twitter after his misdiagnosis that it was going to be difficult to find a new exotics vet because that was the closest one to her. So it sounds like it was an exotics vet.
I can't find the tweet so it might have been someone else, but I'm 95% sure it was her

No. 835297



Carolin von Petzholdt
87,256 subscribers
Published on Jul 6, 2019



Did you know that some free flyers starve their birds to gain full control over them?

This is a malicious practice and a crime against birds. It’s very common in the free flight community. Just no one talks about it.
My book is the first of its kind and it talks about the dirty little secrets that people do to have full control over birds.
It’s outrageous and shocking.
My book will change the free flight community and will help a whole new young generation to rise up and fly birds safely and stop clipping them.

If you read my book you will know that I learn free flying via skype for $300.

Now with my book you can learn free flying for only $9.99 and don’t need anyone to teach you.

You are your own birds trainer and I am giving you all the knowledge you need to know HOW TO TRAIN YOUR PARROT without starving them or abusing them!

The receipt in my book is love, trust, bond and practice, practice, practice.

No. 835374

I finally watched Carolin von Petzholdt and I know nothing about pet birds, even I could see her dumb ass was doing shit wrong but more so then that, being a first time viewer, after seeing her name here a lot.

I understand why dumbasses (like myself) can stumble across her videos and think, "Oh this nice lady" especially if you click on an live stream when she's in her house.
she seems so nice, thankfully I know she abuses her birds and is an idiot, but it's easy to come into these youtubers thinking, "oh my god, they are so nice and informed they love their animals"

I felt the same about Emzotics, then I learned everything about her bizarre self posting, how she seemed to be very insecure about being in her 30's, her cringy "look how better Em looks then Taylor".
You learn QUICKLY in these threads that so many of these people aren't what they seem.

I'm brand new here and I just read all the way up until today, it's a rollercoaster.

No. 835519

This Marlene person is really not doing much to help Carolin, is she? There's a few times I saw her stop her but beyond that she seems to be hanging out with her for the sake of views.

No. 835620


>hanging out with her for the sake of views

I think it's mutual.

No. 835765

File: 1562868193938.png (6.31 MB, 1242x2208, 45FA1F42-65E6-4850-A481-B58FE4…)

Is no one going to talk about Emzotic putting a ESA vest on her dog when it’s not an ESA? And ESA vests aren’t even an official thing?? What kind of message is she trying to spread? Just get a vest that says do not touch on it????

No. 835767

She said he’s “prescribed” but yeah the vest is a bit much it’s such a pass off for a service dog vest, that’s what people assume when they see vests on a dog. Why do people take ESAs as such a joke. She just wanted a dog she could take to conventions and show off she couldn’t even rescue a dog she BOUGHT one. There are puppies in rescues out there she could’ve rescued from if a puppy fit best. Maybe I’m nitpicking her and her dog but the whole thing feels “I’m better than you because I have a designer dog that I can bring everywhere but don’t touch it!!!!! No it’s not working it’s here for my emotions OuO!!!!!!!!”

No. 835884

You can’t bring ESAs everywhere. My dog is one, public transport and planes are really the only exceptions other than housing

No. 835900

Hey anon, your profile pic is showing.

No. 836603

File: 1562963419457.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 92E1355D-7750-4A89-ADD7-A3E60B…)

No. 836621


it enrages me when people get pets without enough in the kitty to cover vet costs or enough sense to get insurance

No. 836732

Marlene constantly offers subtle shade when commenting on Carolin's antics (free flying, the idea of breeding parrots, writing a book) suggesting that she not do it, or offering ambiguous feedback such as recently commenting that Carolin's training technique is unique.

No. 836741


I genuinely think Marlene is trying to stay on her good side so she can change Carolins practices from the inside out. But it's getting out of hand - the stupid twat is now accusing an entire community of people of starving their birds in order to push sales so she can make money. Accusations that are, frankly, completely false and unfounded. Can't she get into legal trouble for that? Especially considering it clearly includes Bird Tricks who are running a business. Libel? Slander? Defamation of character? Bitch is dumber than a box of crackers.

No. 836742


I find it so ironic that these PetTubers always say "don't get a pet unless you can afford vet bills!!!" yet they are always the first to start crowd funding for vet bills they can't afford cos they have 50 other animals to feed. At least Emma had some integrity and admitted to monetizing her videos in order to pay off the vet bills. Why can't other PetTubers do the same thing? Try doing your jobs for once and maybe you'd be able to afford vet bills.

No. 836758

Because their YT income barely covers the basics and they don’t want to get “real jobs” with a guaranteed paycheck…

No. 837082

File: 1562994106413.png (116.66 KB, 631x926, Capture.PNG)

Doesn't Maddie still live with Tyler? If she's got thousands put away just for vet bills, why won't she help Tyler?

No. 837168

Honestly a bought dog suited her better imo simply because she has an insane amount of animals. Risking a destructive dog would be a bit eh.

She made a video about it where she probably explains her reasoning, I just haven't been bothered to watch it

No. 837177

If you go back, Maddie also set a go fund me when she tried to breed her birds and the baby was very sick. Only she was complaining about being unable to afford a $500 vet bill. At least Tyler puts out content.

She could have just as easily adopted a puppy from a shelter and trained it. Or fostered a shelter dog to get an idea of it’s behavior. She has so many animals already that she’s definitely neglecting for the new puppy. She has ferrets, a bunny, two skunks, doves, grinchy and two kookaburras. Do you really think ALL those animals get hours outside their enclosure daily?

No. 837205

I understand that she has a ton of animals and we don't actually know how many she has. But that's the thing, she needs a dog that isn't going to have issues from the get go because it's a risk. She even explains it in her video (towards the end) that she has 3 children in her home and doesn't want any surprises, so getting a breeder that has puppies socialised from a reasonable age to young children is great.

No. 837296

That just feels like a terrible excuse because they did adopt a shelter dog too… why wasn’t that dog a problem for the kids and all their animals?

No. 837303

Paul cuffaro got rid of his puppy cause he "didnt know they were work" and didnt care to spend any time with it.

No. 837333

File: 1563040705929.jpeg (262.01 KB, 750x670, FFD34E88-E429-4549-9DDC-3040C6…)

It’s weird she donated through gofundme when they take a percent of the profits.

He’s trash.

No. 837353

She said she has thousands put away for emergency bills earlier. Now she can only afford to donate $75?
He should be borrowing money from people he knows. But because he has a following he will just use them for money so he doesn't have to pay for it at all. Real shitty to use your young fans for money Tyler, and for you to defend it Maddie when you have the money he could borrow.

No. 837412

Could be that the shelter dog has behavioral problems or they learned how much of a risk shelter dogs can be so they're going the breeder route now. Recently there's been increasing awareness around some of the shady tactics shelters use to rehome dogs and keep their euthanasia figures low so it's not like she's doing anything wrong

No. 837455

File: 1563049811063.jpeg (787.87 KB, 1242x1420, 82F493D2-3A84-407B-BF8F-8CF01B…)

How much you wanna bet this rat never sees a vet about that eye?

No. 837500

Aren't they feeder rats? They may be riddled with a bunch of stuff that she will have to continuously see the vet for with money she clearly doesn't have.

No. 837521


Imagine instantly jumping to the conclusion she's blind rather than that it could be a health issue like glaucoma or an infection… take that rat to a vet asap. Glaucoma is nothing to mess with. She could lose her eye.

No. 837790

File: 1563080804344.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, 3B2BE40B-86A0-4E77-8B02-D61E6C…)

No. 837897

"Somehow" maybe because the cage isn't secure? Is it an actual cage with bars, because then I think it's easy to figure this one out.

No. 837986


I would have thought breezexotics were done here after all her drama with Tnd but apparently not.

No. 838017

JFC Carolin is using drama to drum up book sales. She drags some guy this entire video.

No. 838032

What do those 2 posts have to do with breezexotics?

No. 838044

Its her icon in the Instagram screenshot

No. 838079

Good catch

No. 838167

I love when pettubers act like they’re above the drama but still lurk and post here about each other.

No. 838176

File: 1563142384741.png (2.84 MB, 1242x2208, 97784149-642A-4B39-86CD-140C83…)

Distracted from what!? He’s not a service dog therefore what work is he doing for you? Why does she have to pretend he’s some trained working animal? He’s a puppy in a vest she feels entitled to bring places.

No. 838209

Are you kidding me? Emma lurks as much as TND on hers!! I don’t trust any of that petfest crew as far as I could throw them…and with their sizes, that isn’t very far tbh!

No. 838217

The way she writes about shit is so pretentious, childish and know it all it really gets on my fucking nerves.

I bet that didn't even fucking happen. She put that vest on her dog for attention & then she thought up a story so she could preach, as she always does.

Just as Em has proven time and time again, she's disillusioned and will do anything for attention.

No. 838225

Um, this is very illegal. If he's not registered he should not have a vest on and isn't working. Not sure if vidcon allows pets but either way she should not be pretending. Especially in CA where they have the harshest laws against fake service dogs.

No. 838274

There's no service animal registry, at least in the United States. Legally they're just defined as a dog (or miniature horse) that's been trained to perform at least one task to assist a disabled person.
Any registry of service animals (or emotional support animals) is a scam.
I'm sure she's just using the dog for attention+clout but it would probably be hard to get her on any legal charges for that.

No. 838308

It's not illegal unless she's asked by a proprietor if he's a service dog and she says yes. Any dog can wear a vest. You can say any dog is working. There's a difference between illegally claiming to have a service dog and putting a visual indicator on your dog/asking people to leave your dog alone.

No. 838353

California state "Penal Code 365.7 PC – Knowing and fraudulent representation as owner or trainer of guide, signal or service dog; penalty. (“(a) Any person who knowingly and fraudulently represents himself or herself, through verbal or written notice, to be the owner or trainer of any canine licensed as, to be qualified as, or identified as, a guide, signal, or service dog, as defined in subdivisions (d),(e), and (f) of Section 365.5 and paragraph (6) of subdivision (b) of Section 54.1 of the Civil Code, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months, by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment. (b) As used in this section, “owner” means any person who owns a guide, signal, or service dog, or who is authorized by the owner to use the guide, signal, or service dog.”)"

No. 838403

Aren't these 'service' dogs a growing problem too? A bunch of YouTubers used the reason to basically 'smuggle' their dogs onto planes and whatever else.

No wonder she didn't adopt when she wanted some sort of service animal.

No. 838444

Right? Mutts don’t look as “professional” and “trainable” as a purebred trophy dog, and are more likely to be questioned so I’m sure this was part of her decision in buying over adopting. She’s already dragged him around on 6 flights (I believe she said) and to a couple conventions in the short time she’s had him.

No. 838447

See, I agree with her decision to shop when it came to her kids/other animals and the lack of experience which would make it harder for her to manage existing issues. The problem comes if you basically just want a toy to drag around and show off which is what this looks like. At that point you did just want a designer pet.

No. 838468

She isn’t claiming her dog is a service animal. She’s using the dog as an ESA - Emotional Support Animal. They are two completely different things. There is no registry for ESAs, you just must have a “prescription” letter from a certified mental health professional and they absolutely can wear vests when “working”. The only privileges an ESA gets is being able to fly with their owner and landlords not being able to discriminate, unlike service animals that perform specific tasks for different disabilities and can go pretty every where.

No. 838472

Either way these animals are putting actual service animals at risk. Her dog may be perfectly trained and all but that hardly means much.

No. 838525

lmao you are all fools there no such thing as "i have kids i want sth predictable". temperament is indeed genetic but it can also be largelly influenced by training (esp young ages) and we all know how emzotic likes to bomb her unvaxxed puppy to everything without using 2 of her brain cells. eurasiers usually are very friendly with their owners kids and pets so ill give her that. but guess what, every other dog that is properly socialized is. em just wanted a toy to bring around and flex and thats exactly what she is doing. "oh noo dont distract him hes working" bitch hes a baby you just slapped a vest to him to get attention like the princess you think you are

No. 838551

What're your thoughts on Chandler's Wildlife? I'm no expert on snakes and just discovered him but he seems pretty knowledgeable?

No. 838564

Unlike most of the other Youtuber he handles species that you legit have to apprentice under someone to keep and work with. He talks out about conservation of native species and pulls non natives from the wild. I find him highly educational when it comes to reptiles I feel the average person should not keep. He also tells the average viewer not to try and copy him or keep these animals.

No. 838577

File: 1563217359965.jpeg (876.85 KB, 1125x1756, 1B9F80CF-2210-4634-B6AF-162464…)

And look at Em, leaking private messages because she doesn’t like the critique

No. 838580

File: 1563217401296.jpeg (212.66 KB, 1125x846, 1615C84A-369B-4517-A26B-ACC146…)

No. 838583

It's sort of ironic she's calling others petty and essentially unprofessional for 'bashing' them when she swept her own little drama here under the rug as quickly as possible.

As for 'bashing' I think that's harsh from her. People seemed to be more aware of how her language could have an effect on uneducated people than she did and when they did try to explain it a bit more her reply seemed a bit sarcastic.

Also, to note she has no clue about ESAs and was confused if they needed 'training' something I would expect a person needing an actually support animal would know already.

No. 838585

File: 1563218339788.jpeg (688.3 KB, 1125x1340, DA650D04-9FBE-4E0F-A18B-70FCA2…)

It seems like she’s upset because they won’t forgive her for what she said on lolcow, she acts like she’s a victim in this lashing out because they bought up past drama.

No. 838586

File: 1563218395814.jpeg (946.42 KB, 1125x1777, 8B03176B-C364-4136-A4E6-77EBB5…)

No. 838587

File: 1563218506201.jpeg (934.2 KB, 1010x2188, 656BF367-13F0-488E-B467-902981…)

No. 838597

Everyone's the bad guy but Emozotic, because she said sorry that means everyone needs to move on and not remember how crazy she acted.

The reason people bring it up is because em's so judgy, whiny, always making herself the victim or the savior.What she did says a lot about her character period. She may be on another site.

She acts like she's perfect.

No. 838634

A lot of hot keepers don't like him because he free handles his venomous snakes. Even if he tells viewers not to copy him, it's setting a bad example and poses an unnecessary risk that can affect the entire hobby if an accident happens and he's killed by his snakes. Responsible hot keepers don't free handle and kiss their cobras.

Also, in one video somewhere he showed that he had a quarantine rack for a new hot (I think it was a cobra?) set up in his kitchen. Just a regular plastic rack, in the non-snake-proofed kitchen with a dog walking around. Super dangerous and possibly illegal, I'm not sure what Florida's regulations are but I know in some places that would not be permitted. The rest of his snake room is perfectly safe and up to code.

No. 838788

File: 1563247532142.png (391.94 KB, 555x692, 1.PNG)

Afroherpkeeper went quiet on his discord for a while after people finally started noticing how shit his care is. He's finally posting a little more and he's doing the typical hoarder thing and breeding.

No. 838789

File: 1563247602378.png (421.63 KB, 719x683, 2.PNG)

No. 838872

wow id never thought id say that but im on miss nipple side

No. 838874

hard question but why does em have kiba on a harness all the damn time

No. 838877


Depending on the training method you use, it is good to keep pups on harnesses/leads while going through training. It makes corrective training much easier and also helps de-sensetize them to having a lead/collar/harness on, which prevents them from associating those things with walks/vet trips etc.

No. 838904

File: 1563275159521.jpeg (692.41 KB, 1242x1234, A6AB3276-8AF5-44FF-87BD-1E8456…)

Maria chimed in. I thought it was important since she played victim so hard when all the drama came out. Wonder what made her forgive Em? Also I’m curious why they had to derail the original topic of Ems trophy dog, because I personally don’t care about her past drama at this point while I’m here watching her make service dogs look bad. She might not claim directly he’s a service dog but that’s what people think when you tell them your dog is working when it’s not, you take it everywhere like a toy, and slap a vest on it. It’s offensive to those out there that actually need service dogs, and pay for highly trained dogs.

No. 838944

Why do they keep acting like everybody has to forgive Emzotics just because she sent out some letters? Em said some really shitty things about these people, she's not entitled to their forgiveness. "Move on" my ass Maria, don't tell other people how to deal with their bullying from someone who was supposed to be a friend.

No. 838960

I was enjoying how little Maria posts there were since she got caught self posting. Maria probably forgave her because she’s also obsessed with lol cow. Em only felt bad because she got caught and was quick to use private screenshots to try to embarrass another creator in this argument. I’ve got my criticisms about many pettubers, but they’re all better off staying away from Maria and Em.

No. 839052

File: 1563302964713.jpeg (416.24 KB, 1242x1568, 2C216F68-07B6-40B9-9882-5C8704…)

Speaking of Maria, she’s gotten more money out of her followers for her medical marijuana card, and is acting really cocky about it. I will never understand how people can throw money at people who sit around and do nothing for It.

No. 839056

Maria was one of Ems targets, she has every right to forgive her as everyone else does not to. Maria’s position was different though as a fan and not a friend of hers so I can see why she would forgive Em quicker than everyone else. She’s getting attention from Em, positive attention, and I’m sure Emzotic knows this and is using it to her advantage. I’m sure she’s the only one to actually forgive her since no other pettuber has really spoken about it or her since.

No. 839080

Can we stop bringing this idiot up when it has nothing to do about animals. She wants to be talked about here. Stop giving her what she wants.

No. 839128

We aren’t supposed to bring up the person that’s the literal image of this thread?

No. 839152

File: 1563314951903.jpeg (64.24 KB, 750x223, 7909952A-9BD3-4071-B6B2-2A57FA…)

Tyler rugge: pls donate I can’t afford my rabbits vet bills!!!

also him:

No. 839365

If it's to do with her pets or pet care then yeah go ahead.

No. 839777

File: 1563439392630.jpeg (414.46 KB, 1242x1631, 6F2258FE-1C55-4690-BC03-9FDCAF…)

Anyone else watch AHK’s new “house tour” he posted on IG?

The former reptile room is overcrowded and wouldn’t be big enough for more than one person to comfortably get around in. It seems hazardous, it’s wall-to-wall enclosures. He has no room to upgrade any animals even if he wanted to, although his hoard is spilling over to his entire house now.

Some things I noticed:
1. His vision cage stack has several water bowls with low water and algae growing, these snakes have not gotten fresh water for a LONG time.

2. His Quaker parrot cage is barren and looks filthy. Why don’t these birds have more perches/toys? I went back to watch his older parrot vid and there is such a stark and sad contrast between now and then. What the hell happened? Did he use their enrichment for other animal enclosures and never give them anything new? Did he not replace things they chewed up? It’s inexcusable and cruel to keep intelligent parrots in such a grossly under-stimulating cage.

3. Wire wheel for his short tailed opossum. In the comments he says it’s “on the list” of things to get, yet another example of acquiring animals without being fully prepared. Wheels are not even expensive. And he plans on breeding them?
4. These are more nitpick but a snapping turtle in what can’t be more than a 110quart storage bin with no shelter/hiding spots and a shipping box full of what appears to be insects, including a vinegaroon in the kind of plastic cup you sell animals in at expos. Is it alive? Why is it not in an enclosure?

No. 839833

File: 1563460545784.jpeg (507.4 KB, 1242x1215, 355F293C-13C6-4014-BB18-E02992…)

I don’t remember him saying this was a sponsor or an ad or free at any point in the video, why would they send him a free tank worth thousands if it wasn’t a sponsorship or ad and wouldn’t he have to disclose that in the video if it was?

No. 839834

you only have to disclose if you’re being paid not if a product is given to you for free

No. 839836

In the video, he talks about filling the tank with new fish, too. It’s not just getting the aquarium, but that he’s getting more animals to go with it while his rabbit is sick.

No. 839839

Same anon, but specifically he mentions angelfish/community tank. I don’t know much about fish tanks, but I think setting up a whole new tank is expensive even if you didn’t pay for the tank.

No. 839875

He mentioned an existing community tank that he is replacing with this new one so I would assume he is either transferring most of the stock in his old tank to the new one or he’s getting more freebies

No. 839952

Lol other than sit and a couple parlor tricks, that dog is not trained at all. Every other post from Em is about him chewing up or biting things he’s not suppose to. You would think she would have a handle on that with all the free-roaming animals and kids around, not to mention how much of an “experienced dog trainer” Em used to be. That dog is going to attack something before it’s full grown.

No. 840016


Did you break your neck reaching that far? Puppies chew on things and it is something they will do, regardless of training, until they grow out of it. An otherwise obedient, well trained puppy is not at risk of attacking someone just because they chew on things they're not supposed to.

No. 840070

Leave it/drop it should be one of the first commands for a primitive breed dog in a house full of free-roaming prey animals. It’s not about puppies behaving badly- it’s the lack of training Emzotic is obviously not doing, and the risk it’s posing for her other animals and now the public with her claiming it’s an emotional support animal.
Also sage your shit

No. 840089

File: 1563496561742.jpg (485.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190718-183432.jpg)

Does anyone have more info on how many short tailed pythons destry karma has? She recently took in tnds very defensive STP, and is claiming she has three other stps (two bloods and a short tail) but she posted this list of her animals five weeks ago.

No. 840118

File: 1563499081525.jpg (792.28 KB, 1080x1833, 20190718_211601.jpg)

Destrys awful pet care continued… this girl really is as bad if not worse then taylor.

No. 840119

File: 1563499128937.jpg (402.93 KB, 1080x1643, 20190718_210952.jpg)

This account has since been taken down but I managed a few screenshots

No. 840120

File: 1563499154071.jpg (390.16 KB, 1080x1688, 20190718_211252.jpg)

No. 840121

File: 1563499175333.jpg (382.38 KB, 1065x1750, 20190718_211417.jpg)

No. 840122

File: 1563499196587.jpg (419.38 KB, 1077x1077, 20190718_211448.jpg)

No. 840123

File: 1563499217447.jpg (289.11 KB, 1079x668, Screenshot_20190710-120511_Ins…)

No. 840125

File: 1563499263204.jpg (814.4 KB, 1080x1699, 20190718_211542.jpg)

I'm not sure who made that account or where they have the info but it's worth looking into. This is gross

No. 840189

File: 1563502202353.jpeg (30.59 KB, 734x342, CED9CE96-FFD4-44A6-BC3D-DFED4A…)

More caps anon? I cant find the account

No. 840195

Are these accounts still active? I can't seem to find them

No. 840211

One of the screen caps mentions it was already taken down

No. 840216

Both accounts are gone now either removed by the creator or reported by destry herself. I cant find any trace of them

No. 841675

Did King of diy ever say why he didn't show up at Petfest?

No. 841978

File: 1563766179764.png (457.97 KB, 1024x2048, 1869791162.png)

Do we know for sure he didn't? There are people saying it was nice to meet him on his petfest post.

No. 842025

Hes literally in peoples petfest vlogs showing him at the event greeting people and he said on his channel himself that he went and met everyone. what makes u say he didnt go??

No. 842083

File: 1563777939174.jpg (626.15 KB, 1080x2001, 20190722_164420.jpg)

I thought he didn't going off people on the last thread

No. 842114

you can link to posts in old threads

No. 842205

File: 1563808368934.jpeg (460.25 KB, 2048x2048, 70A8836D-1A97-4F17-B19E-FBBAEE…)

Burning incense and smoking weed in the same room as her rats and cresteds, (and probably cats and dog)… smart. None of those animals will develop URIs or anything I’m sure.

No. 842351

I don't particularly follow this thread or person but burning incense or smoking around rats can KILL THEM, their lungs are extremely sensitive and infections develop very fast, you should not even have strongly perfumed things near them let alone SMOKE. This is absolute animal care basics 101, jfc.

No. 842390

those poor little rats’ lungs must be so irritated. also, does she not know incense doesn’t cover up the smell of anything? especially weed. it literally just adds a cheap perfumey scent on top but the original smell of rat piss and weed will still be present in her room. fucking yikes.

No. 842435

How can she even afford weed? Is she using the money people sent her to take care of her animals on weed?

No. 842458

File: 1563831796752.jpeg (516.02 KB, 1242x906, 4C220B22-83B9-4A90-A677-8E9A1D…)

Seems like she’s got a babysitting job

No. 842642

Weed is a lot cheaper, because there are so many growers/weed is legal . $6 a gram in my area. Honestly, she should stop smoking and use any money she has for her pets, or better…rehome.

No. 842855

Incense is really bad for people to breathe, let alone rats… I just hope those rats don't die painfully because they're not gonig to live long

No. 842874

File: 1563905492976.png (156.5 KB, 621x615, Screenshot_2019-07-23 Carolin …)

Carolin is so dumb she thinks Amazon is saying her book is one of the best books in 2019.

No. 842894

>2 stars (based on 27 reviews)

Can't hide the truth and doesnt even attempt to do so kek.

No. 842912

File: 1563909745845.jpeg (158.4 KB, 750x794, F776CC61-92DF-41FC-BC53-D2254C…)

Big oof

No. 843022

File: 1563920823398.gif (316.16 KB, 220x153, tenor.gif)

>organized a hate crime
>hate crime
lmao people calling out your bad husbandry and technique isn't a hate crime

No. 843125

Isn't that just an ad at the top of the page?

No. 843135

Yes, that’s why Carolin is dumb. She somehow thinks an ad for the editors’ picks showing up on her book’s page means it’s one of the editors’ picks. It’s transcendently stupid.

No. 843192

File: 1563939053129.png (27.22 KB, 714x477, Screenshot_2019-07-23 HOW TO T…)

And now she's leaving a 5 star review of her own book and complaining about everyone who rated it 1 star.

No. 843268


Yikes. If you're going to leave a review for your own damn book you should go ahead and proof read what you type out that the public will read. She sounds so dumb calling the negative reviewers "haters" and misspelling every other word.

No. 843271


Link for the new taylor dean thread since it got locked and some people may not be able to find it

No. 843314

anyone who hasn't bothered to work out how to browse /pt/ deserves to miss out.

No. 843327

Lmao because people really care about your own upbringing when it's meant to be a guidebook of sorts.

No. 843373

And looks like Amazon deleted her review, because you're not allowed to review your own book. Dumbass.

No. 843456

Yet he makes collabs with and supports shitty PetTubers like Paul Cuffaro

No. 843627

File: 1564006354232.jpeg (870.99 KB, 1242x1366, 9BD9B5F8-D65A-47D8-9896-C10D7E…)

Marias other feeder rat had a litter of 8

No. 843717

This makes me so so sad, those rats are going to be so unwell and their temperament is going to be poor regardless of how she raises them

Maria, you blocked me on Instagram so this is the only way to contact you, please don't breed these rats anymore
You don't have enough space or money for rat breeding, and the rats you own really shouldn't be reproducing based on their upbringing

Please stop, please

No. 843730

File: 1564021083925.jpeg (674.08 KB, 1242x1087, 5A46C5A4-2792-4905-B666-C34EAA…)

TND liked it, encouraging this behavior not only to Maria but to her followers.

No. 843731

File: 1564021145008.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2013, 568C02AE-A7E3-40E8-8BB6-26B8CC…)

Full photo from the tweet.

No. 843732


If you don't neuter your fucking rats, they'll have babies. It's not rocket science.

No. 843735

File: 1564022504131.png (542.94 KB, 1242x2208, 9154D852-841D-42C3-A050-A7685E…)

Man she is the suck.

No. 843739


Did she fail sex ed?

No. 843752

She probably will need to beg for more money in order to neuter them so I don’t see that happening unfortunately

No. 843809

I'm a good 80% sure she just wants to be the next TND or at least part of the actually watched/followed pet group.

No. 843820

She is just thirsty for attention, good or bad, whatever she can get.

No. 843884

File: 1564065421495.png (19.23 KB, 624x200, Screenshot_2019-07-25 HOW TO T…)

Dumbass is reviewing her own book again after her other review got deleted.

No. 843900

File: 1564069140588.jpeg (542.81 KB, 1242x817, 85D3E13D-317E-44C3-9CF2-3281BE…)

Yeah well TND gave it to her, the likes on her tweets about the rats have spiked since Taylor liked them.
Tinfoil but I think TND lurks this forum and not just her own, sees how much we hate maria and thinks she’s like her so she supports her to spite people who hate them both. As if no one would notice Taylor liking Marias SECOND accidental litter. Which she claims on her twitter that her boys and girls don’t interact which is such a lie or she wouldn’t have babies. I bet anything those babies don’t turn out all white.

No. 843929

Funny how she and her stans can attack a zoo with barren, undersized enclosures but not realize Happy Tails does the exact same horrible things to all of her animals

No. 843986

File: 1564082309032.jpeg (423.94 KB, 1242x980, 674FBC26-10B0-4DCB-95F9-8CC155…)

She has to by lying, she’s had those rats too long for it to have come to her pregnant like the other one did. Like other anon said, those babies probably won’t be all white and that’ll be enough proof she bred them, accident or not. All she’s gotten is praise, likes, and follows from this because of Taylor. This doesn’t deserve positive attention ffs.

No. 844009

File: 1564086313833.jpg (664.16 KB, 1080x1260, 20190725_212227.jpg)

Yeh no idea when they could have met …

No. 844014


Rats will straight up fuck through the cage bars, putting males and females in a divided Critter Nation is a sure way to end up with babies. What an idiot.

No. 844016


Look at that albino rat’s tail, it’s covered in poop !

I have owned albino rats before. There tails are suppose to be white. She does not clean her rats living space/rat themselves well. At least clean the tail for a photo.

No. 844077

File: 1564097318342.jpeg (731.73 KB, 2048x2048, 4C2448A3-74F4-4CB1-AB4B-129BFB…)

Don’t nitpick, their tails look marked in all the photos she posts of them, they don’t look dirty to me just different colored.

No. 844105

I love how a Taylor dean stan who was just literally proven to not take proper care of her animals and hoard and buy animals and say their rescues on purpose was shared and were back talking about Maria. What is the obsession here?

Paul cuffaro literally has 2 rare turtles and is keeping them in a tub with no proper basking platform or lighting

Nick & Paul is on a whole new level of fish and reptile mistreatment. Theres all kinds of people besides solely focusing on Maria and her idiotic rat farm

No. 844110

Most likely self posting like she has before to keep the attention on herself.

No. 844168

Those tails are dirty.

No. 844188

Maria literally fits that description too here but yeah let’s just ignore the fact that she’s getting all this new attention because she irresponsibly bred her feeder, lied about breeding them, and then Taylor has to give it exposure. When was the last time anyone’s seen her rabbit? Which by the way she only has one of and they do better in bonded pairs. She’s part of the thread and there’s plenty of milk on her animals, so people are going to talk about her.

No. 844243

this thread is honestly shit at looking at a variety of people and their animal care. Some stuff may be posted and people will normally go 'ah lol, so back to x/y'. I assume it's because anons follow these people or know a bit more about the animals.

Whole Maria thing will die down like the Carolin did but I wouldn't be surprised if she's constantly self-posting here lmao

No. 844249

the baby rat colour doesnt really mean anything, i have accidentally bred two brown hooded rats and ended up with fully black, white, pale grey and brown babies, along with brown hoodeds
saged for blogpost but its pointless to use as evidence

yeah, this doesnt look like dirt
rats can have little colour variations in their tails like that, a rat will keep themselves clean regardless of their environment
what will be interesting is how clean the babies look, as the momma is unlikely to look after them based on her life

maria, if youre reading
raising baby rats is fucking difficult and expensive, even if nothing goes wrong (which is unlikely)
based on your comments about struggling with everything, you cannot do this
please stop, if you love your rats
birth and motherhood is such a huge strain on a doe, so if you love them youll stop

No. 844275

She literally won’t listen to any advice anyone gives her because she’s the rat expert and knows everything after one semester of college, remember? Imagine being that full of yourself

No. 844317

File: 1564152793399.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x2149, CC7216A9-5404-4646-B489-B08162…)

First thing on her twitter today about how wrong we are and more about her schooling. Didn’t she already get banned? Obviously still lurks here as soon as she’s awake.

She’s talked about because she’s milky, and now has some support from TND as we’ve seen, so I’d like to keep on her and her care.

No. 844391

Why is this girl acting like her community college vet tech certificate is the equivalent of medical school

No. 844392

She has no idea what schooling anyone here has lmao
Also 'cowfarm'?? Am I missing the joke or are they stupid for thinking thats clever?

She claims to have all this knowledge, but smokes and burn insenses around creatures who are well known for dying from respiratory illnesses
Knowledge doesnt make you a good pet owner, you have to feel care and empathy towards the animals too

ANd Maria, if you are so all knowing and perfect, why did delete comments and block me and everyone else, then take that exact advice?
Stop pretending and grow up you selfish, spoilt child

No. 844396

Aren’t lab rats usually kept in piss poor cages/conditions? Now it makes sense!

No. 844407

Um no, those tails are covered in poop. I have cleaned many poopy rat tails.

My friends mom works in a rat lab place, so I’ve seen one. (sorry for any blogpost) the cages were clean, but the enrichment was pathetic. The cages were also very crowded. Different labs have different standards though.(blog)

No. 844418

Cowfarm was what a girl called this site when she tweeted a screen cap to Taylor, and Taylor quote tweeted it making it into a joke. Thus her thanking TND.

No. 844900

File: 1564259865335.jpeg (947.9 KB, 1242x1465, 20E3C88D-2DCE-40C9-9B00-351E70…)

Called it.

No. 844922

Saged but rats can produce babies of differing colours to both parents so it doesn't really prove anything

No. 844940

anyone have any opinions on clint's reptiles? i thought his videos were really interesting and educational because he shows such a huge variety of exotics and knows a lot of true facts about them, but now i'm getting really off-put and suspicious because he keeps shilling for breeding of spider ball pythons despite everyone knowing the morph causes horrible neurological issues that can kill the snake and that largely hinders their health and comfort, and now he keeps either pussyfooting around or implying it's delusional and "humanazing" to keep snakes NOT in barren, tiny almost empty plastic tubs.. like he seems very adamant about this, responds to people in the comments ONLY if they 100% agree with him on everything or he will respond to anyone simply stating that snakes inevitibly do better in size appropriate enclosures with hiding caves and some vines and plants etc, when we have tons of evidence of this, by saying shit like "whether you are right or wrong, lots of people will agree with this" and he also seems suspiciously supportive of brian barczyk but also refuses to fully admit it, just keeps sneaking around topics and then occasionally gets tons of backlash from people who now feel dumb for thinking he was a caring and educated snake keeper. when he posted a video essentially sucking up to brian's breeding of spiders and saying how he thinks it's okay to breed for the look of spider ball pythons despite the huge risk in purposely creating an animal that will live a painful miserable life and that may not be able to eat hardly, he got a lot of hate lol. but he just ignored that whole situation and pretended it never happened.

we also never get to see any of his animal enclosures ever, which makes me think maybe he hoards or keeps them all in the tubs that people find unethical and too bare and tiny..

No. 844962

I don't know how to feel about him. I loved how he does his videos where he compares reptiles but the spider morph video threw me off. Iirc he said that he breeds spiders and just makes sure the parents he breeds don't have a lot of wobble, so of course if he's making money off them then he's gonna be for breeding them.
Another thing that really threw me off and made me doubt him is his fire skink video, he claims in the video that they can be great beginner pets but like.. they're not? I have one and everyone who has one/wants one should know before they get one that they're burying skinks and can be very skittish so you will most likely never see them, unless you're able to work with them and even then it's a crapshoot. I only get to handle my girl once a month when I have to dig through the enclosure to find her, otherwise you only see them when you tong feed them-if they're not too shy for that. I just think he sometimes just states the best parts of a reptile (Calm, friendly, won't bite, etc.) And doesn't explain that not every one of that type of reptile is like that?? I think it's kind of irresponsible bc someone will watch a video and be like woah! I want a fire skink or whatever and then get one and they literally never ever see it bc that's just how they are??

No. 844992

does anyone know about this thing with GoHerping where he was using autistic as an insult? was mentioned in TND thread's caps

No. 845038

Rehomes her pets because she has too many, now she’s back and getting more.

No. 845042

File: 1564283844078.png (202.17 KB, 540x960, 6275444D-CEF7-4F1D-91A4-3A461C…)

No. 845081

Imagine unironically thinking the term "autistic screeching" is a super insulting thing that needs to be brought up on here at all. Learn internet culture.

No. 845100

yeah that's another thing, i feel like he kind of overrates/only states the good about certain reptiles even though there'll be another species that almost everyone knows is actually easier to care for or more calm etc and he'll give that one a lower rating. if it was just presented as his opinion there'd be no issue but he presents it as a 100% accurate simple fact.

No. 845119

Imagine there's a politically correct culture too and people may actually find such stuff offensive on social media like Twitter.

No. 845166

Everything has gotten so damn “politically correct” these days that the only way to be safe is to play mute…honestly, there will always be SOME ONE offended (as I’m sure this statement alone will!). Best thing, never say/type another word.

No. 845180

great, but such outrage isn't really milk, in our terms.

No. 845189

This bothers me. Is this the only way to make money as a pettuber? You have to just keep gathering pets?

No. 845193

Yep. Most people don't give a shit about being educated on animals but care more about seeing them be cute or w/e.

No. 845227

Albinism is a recessive gene so breeding two albino rats will result in a full albino litter. So if her rats are not all albino the mom was not bred to an albino rat.

No. 845259

Or you can beg for it the way Maria and Tyler do.

No. 845263

File: 1564343278580.jpeg (519.41 KB, 1242x926, 607FA4A4-9056-4463-A0A4-177ECC…)

We already knew this based on the timeline. She had that rat too long for it to have come to her pregnant, she has been lying that it did come to her pregnant, and won’t admit that she messed up and either bred her with her boys on purpose or on accident.

No. 845280

Collecting living animals like a child collects Pokemon cards, knowing you don't have the time, money, or energy to take care of all of them, isn't rescuing them. Go to a therapist.

No. 845427

File: 1564361944297.jpeg (152.3 KB, 1242x321, 3A6FC9D8-0C69-45C8-A6A0-6B5E0A…)

Begs for money for pets basic needs but can get a thousand dollar phone no problem. Saged because not really pet related just bothers me how these pettubers are so financially irresponsible.

No. 845644


It's not as simple as that in rodents. There are many many factors and parents carrying other dominant genes on other alleles will influence the outcome.

Unlike with reptile 'simple recessive' is not the way rat genetics work.

No. 846089

>live in Florida where the brown anole is an invasive species.
>Finds brown anole eggs
>incubates and hatches them
>Immediately releases them in outside.

No. 847023

Don't want to give him views, but from the thumbnail that size is good for one female res, yellow belly, or similarly sized turtle. MAYBE two males if they're small enough, but turtles shouldn't be housed together anyway. Does he say how many gallons that is?

No. 847196

I believe that is the 200 gallon waterland tub.

No. 847332

Wow, way more than I ever would've expected of him. But watch him ruin his moment of being smart by putting like three females in there or something.

No. 847401

Paul cuffaro has like 6 red ear turtles in one of those bins it's crazy overstock

No. 847915

Poor turtles. I hope they don't mind each other, but knowing res' they probably do.

No. 848513

File: 1564932523125.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x2290, E7ACB501-F41C-487C-9F2D-2A1FF4…)

jfc she’s keeping one of the babies, didn’t she say on Twitter her parents didn’t want her to? What happened to that?

No. 848554

Not really milky or anything but the almost obsession with breeding scaleless snakes by Snake Discovery is so weird to me and rubs me the wrong way too

No. 848586

Do scaleless snakes have health problems like the other animals that are bred to have extreme features? Or is it purely cosmetic?

No. 848609

Just cosmetic I believe.

No. 848806


I'm not that opposed to scaleless snakes as long as they don't have any issues like the spider ball, for example.

No. 848832

Scaleless snakes generally need a lot of help shedding and can be easily injured by rough objects in their terrarium. They need increased humidity to help with their shedding issues and overall moisture bc they dry out so quick, but too humid and they can get respiratory issues just like a normal snake. I'm not exactly stoked that people are continuing to breed them, I personally feel they have just as many issues as spider tbh. People have been down this road with beardies before, "silkybacks" are the same way.

No. 848842

I feel like any unusual mutation like this can't be good in reptiles/snakes since look how bad it's going for cats and dogs. It doesn't take much irresponsible breeding and pet tubers seem especially good at only fueling their personal whims

No. 848953

There's a reason the mutation seems to be uncommon in the wild tbh.

No. 849028

Im not surprised that there are now scaleless BPs, especially because of beardies. If people were able to do that, it was only a matter of time…

as an anon above me said, there's a reason this mutation doesnt seem to happen in the wild. it's just unnatural. but apart from that, even if it's purely cosmetic, they's UGLY! why would anyone want a scaless anything?

No. 849046

don't they all monetize their vids? why would they need to admit to monetizing for vet bills if it's a given theyre going to spend on that and on themselves? (prob on themselves first too actually)

No. 849326

I really like their channel but the scaleless snakes make me cringe

No. 849679

Do you have a reference for this because when I was looking into many places stated that scientist studied whether they needed more moisture and it was determined they didn't and that they didn't loose moisture any faster then normal snakes. It is an older study and it possibly could be flawed or outdated.

I am quite curious about scaleless snakes mainly because I've not found many people who talk about their experience with them.

No. 849754

They all monetize their videos and go apeshit if YT demonetizes them! And sorry, but Emma and integrity DO NOT belong in the same sentence, let alone paragraph.

No. 849765

File: 1565135500442.png (216.47 KB, 750x1334, 2D9F3003-EDBB-4683-A0D6-C68333…)

rats don’t have a smell if you spot clean daily, like you should. I don’t want to spam with screen shots, but it’s really odd. maria is always retweeting taylors posts. she always is kissing taylors ass, saying taylor is free to dm her. I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl makes taylor a little uncomfortable. she is kinda a crazy fan who is trying to be a “I have depression and anxiety because it’s trendy” pettuber. I doubt taylor wants such a copy cat in the community. It annoys me that she lights incense and (tinfoiling) probably smoke weed about her rats. why does she talk about going to the dispensary so much ? she want to have the druggy appearance just like taylor. I just hope she stops breeding her rats, and takes better care of them. also stop exploiting all the weirdo guys in her instagram comments, that send her money. Maria is always taking photo with her tongue out, my tinfoil is it’s because she like all the creepy comments she gets on them. I wish pettubers would stop have “illnesses” that they clearly don’t have. Most people with those conditions don’t constantly tweet about it. Most people with anxiety have anxiety about people finding out their condition. especially social anxiety, and a few pettuber claim to have. Sorry for annoyed rant

No. 849767

is whatever done with their YouTube channel ?

No. 849808

File: 1565142503970.png (130.7 KB, 750x1334, FE5E63E4-090D-4FA8-A597-41532A…)


No. 849970

This is honestly sort of sad to see? What ever if way above this turtle person who acts like she doesn't visit lolcow for her info lmao

No. 849983

No one has brought up brooke houts yet? She accidentally uploaded uncut footage of her beating her doberman, then quickly edited it out after people started calling her out. Then made a shitty notes app apology (as is tradition)

No. 849984

File: 1565188971442.jpg (786.91 KB, 1440x1931, Screenshot_20190807-104003_Chr…)

Notes app apology, because having a bad day excuses beating your dog i guess? Cant believe theres a handful of deluded fans defending her

No. 849987

Taylor follows her, and retweets her, and not just her replies either, I highly doubt she’s creeped out by her/doesn’t like her or she wouldn’t do that. She’s got way crazier stans out there. Weird tinfoil.

No. 849991

File: 1565190280075.jpeg (239.55 KB, 1242x893, 3DFC12F6-53E8-4BE7-B1B5-D5B76B…)

Well she’s in therapy for something. Also weed isn’t legal in NY so she must have her medical card.

No. 849996


God she even spits at the dog while pushing (?) him to the ground. I'm sure people have frustrating days with their dogs where training seems to be going shit, but they don't feel the need to hit or spit in their faces. Something you can literally see in the video even if she's partially cut off.

Her apology screams lazy too but that's not surprising. Training isn't the main issue here - she is.

No. 849997

that dog is going to end up biting someone and it will be her fault. fuck this cunt. none of these people have the emotional capacity to care for a fucking goldfish, why bother with dogs?


No. 849999

She spit on her dog. What is wrong with her, it's like none of these people understand that a dog has its own personality which may not constantly be in tune with her own, so why not beat it.

No. 850031

she's getting wrecked on youtube and twitter. bitch is essentially over. is there a kiwi farms thread about her yet?

No. 850044

Don't think so, pretty sure shes never had a controversy before this. Seems like she was just a basic bitch youtuber then turned into a pet youtuber after getting this doberman. Theres not much on her besides this and its still developing. Hopefully it'll end in the dog being rehomed

No. 850064

File: 1565203085056.png (650.06 KB, 750x1334, 8454EB21-443E-4DC4-8AE5-8AD543…)

No. 850066

at the end of the video, it looks like she kicked, or stepped on the dog. What a two faced bitch. Her personality changes so much

No. 850074

you can see it in the reflection from the tv, she kicks it

No. 850076

No. 850095

How stupid can you be to burn incense around rodents, especially rats. I took a look at her rat pups on insta and as a breeder of show quality rodents they look under weight. Mothers should be heavily supplemented with protein with bigger litters.

No. 850187

Piece of shit. I hope she lives the rest of her life in misery and never gets another dog. Fucking cunt.

No. 850240

it must have been a slow day, the fucking LAPD investigated brooke's sorry ass. i hope the fame and attention is everything she hoped it would be.

No. 850245

File: 1565240968052.png (329.11 KB, 629x619, frog.PNG)

Afroherpkeeper has 2 frogs of different species and baby catfish in this tank? Everyone in his discord is licking his ass but c'mon. That's pitiful keeping even baby catfish in that tiny amount of water. He could just keep one frog in there and it would be ok but he has to shove as much as possible in a 10g.

No. 850264

Don't forget the shiners. Honestly idk why AHK isn't dragged on here more

No. 850750

wow i love how em does not want to reprimand her puppy about anything. so far he has eaten a number of stuff and not only she doesnt do anything about it but reinforces that behaviour by handing him the objects… one day your dog will eat something potentially very dangerous for him and it will be entirely your fault

No. 850763

So one of her parrots got his foot hurt (apparently bitten). In the original video she was preaching how she doesn't take them to the vet because she has no good relationship with one but she did actually end up taking the parrot to the vet.

No. 850767

imagine being so mentally ill you deny routine veterinary care to the animals that depend on because you haven't found the right "relationship".

No. 850802

yea i know. every animal works with reinforcement and punishment (not necessarily by the owner). Kiba is currently teething so he is irritated by his mouth so he wants to relieve that feeling. when he chews onto something it feels good so he gets reinforced then em coons over him "ooh you naughty puppy" -> attention on his action=reinforcement. she could reprimand him to countercondition the reinforcement he got and then redirect him to a toy but what does she do? she hands him the duck tape/bra/everything he has eaten so far -> reinforcement. in his mind hes like ooh cool i can chew this thing i found. not only this is a bad mindset to put a (spitz especially) dog as it can eat, lets say a remote controler and get poisoned by the batteries, but its is also destructive to the household

No. 850804

ems: lets take my unvaccinated puppy to a convention just because i wanna feel like a princess and bomb him with experiences to become the bestest dog
also em: yea yea kiba do whatever you want who cares if it is potentially dangerous in the long run

No. 851095

File: 1565397487019.png (320 KB, 750x1334, C1014881-4E77-4EF9-8F1A-FF2C18…)

soon people will stop sending her money if she keeps up being a bitch.

No. 851097

File: 1565397521987.png (573.31 KB, 750x1334, 52A6B82A-29E4-488B-AA2D-C6ADF6…)

I get it u vape. Wow so cool n edgy

No. 851106

uhh playing with tiny, fragile baby animals while intoxicated seems like a bad idea
i dont go near my young rats when im drunk or high because all it takes is one mishandle to break a leg(no1curr)

No. 851341

This has nothing to do with her pets. Stop.

No. 851411

Nothing to do with her animals? This directly involves her animals are you blind? Being high around fragile baby rats, she could so easily sit on one.

No. 851453

File: 1565486242579.jpg (606 KB, 1080x1963, 20190810_201653.jpg)

Wasn't this guy discussed in the earlier threads?

No. 851461

How does her vaping next to baby rats okay ..?

No. 851462

Thank you. It’s common to smoke weed in my area, but playing with a baby animal high is just stupid and dangerous

No. 851469

File: 1565489863167.png (291.05 KB, 750x1334, 821AA0D8-F44F-450F-B7F7-303D88…)

Pretty sure this might be Maria from a another device. Because how is this not about her animals lol ?

Yes people can be mad about you be high around your animals. I’m all for smoking a joint after a hard day at work. But I do not support handling baby rats, hedgehogs, reptiles hatchling, etc when your high af. People do stupid stuff high all the time, why even risk it ? And vaping still is NOT okay around animals. They can’t make that choice if you vape around them or not.

Also I love how she assumes I am broke, because I don’t value my phone brand or phone in general. Sorry that owning the next iPhone from a big company is not on my goal ? If you can all it that ? If even funny coming from someone who lives with their parents, can’t afford college, and owns animal that they can’t feed. Fuck she asks for money from strangers to feed her animal, pay for her medical card. At least I don’t ask for handouts. Fun fact medical cards areeeee not even expensive. ($50-$75) even if it was a medical issue, why wouldn’t her parents pay for it right away ? Alssooooo why does she need the thc ? Why doesn’t she just get cbd if it’s just for medical purposes. Then she would not be putting any baby animals at risk, because cbd just helps with pain and doesn’t get you high. I know cause I use it.

Also Maria or whatever ? You check lolcow daily, it’s so obvious. Don’t be hurting that people criticize you on a gossip form, if your are checking it so often. Just close turn off ur phone.

No. 851478

File: 1565490737711.png (148.58 KB, 640x1136, B66099CB-F217-4B37-ADD5-54BA60…)

what rumors ? if you don’t like lolcow, take your own advice. also your Twitter is public. I feel like it was just made for only lolcow. She doesn’t get any likes on Twitter. mostly she gets zero like on most her posts. That’s why I think the majority of her post are for lolcow. She has no audience, besides us. kinda sad. We should just ignore her, and she will probably delete her Twitter over time.

Are you high ? It has to be her, I can smell the weed and rat shit (doesn’t spot clean daily, need incense to cover rat smell) through my phone.

No. 851507

Sorry yeah did only read the first one and thought the second was going to be unrelated to animals too, just read what you wrote and just thought she was talking about vaping in general. My bad.

No. 851949

File: 1565615673144.jpeg (119.33 KB, 750x400, FF2978A8-60A5-4C80-A738-FB23BF…)

if it makes ur eyes water, maybe not good for baby rats

No. 851950

File: 1565615703914.jpeg (282.24 KB, 750x536, 54F2B7C8-B9CC-452B-960E-1E287F…)

that’s great

No. 851977

tbh I'd say just stop talking about her, she's probably gonna keep doing more extreme shit for attention and is just a waste of time

No. 852109

File: 1565642596482.jpeg (275.19 KB, 1242x996, 0014788D-8F75-4632-85F5-1EC572…)

Insanity. Her parents can’t/don’t even keep track of her pets.

No. 852162

ugh what a giant bitch. incense is super unhealthy. if you enjoy it for yourself, fine, but don't subject your animals to it. same goes for smoking weed.

No. 852179

I wouldn't be surprised if some of it turns out to be selfposting again

No. 852197

She keeps bringing up weed and incense because people keep posting it here (or she is self posting)
Stop giving her the attention she craves.

Also I think anyone who brags this much about smoking weed isn't actually using it for medicinal purposes, she thinks it makes her look edgy. A few years ago when it wasn't legal in parts of the world you may have looked like a badass to idiots, but no one cares anymore Maria.

No. 852631

This thread is just 95% Maria its ridiculous. I swear its either self posts or 1 single person who gives a shit. Yes shes irresponsible but I swear shes keeping this up for the attention and doing it cause you guys focus solely on her and literally no one else. There are actual problem pet youtubers at hand, she doesnt even youtube hardly ever and she has absolutely no audience that even watches her dumb shit

You guys see Paul cuffaros axolotl setup?? That shit was almost worse then Taylor deans and he has more then a million people seeing that thinking that's ok

No. 852637

Imagine if people talked about paracetamol in the same way she talks about weed lmao

No. 853066

It’s gotta be one person with a grudge, Maria tweeted all about her new XS Max and the screenshots don’t look like that, only on the older iPhones does it say the carrier etc. but they’re not wrong in what they bring up about her so I don’t see the issue.

No. 853067

What ever has a video up about afroherpkeeper.

No. 853108

>picking it up in their hands out of the water within first 10 seconds
God dammit I'm gonna be genuinely mad by the halfway point aren't I.

>sponge filter
>using actual sand rather than gravel
>knowing that light and overfiltration will stress it

>square tank
>constantly calling a sponge filter an 'aerator' and thinking it's there for oxygen
>using a sponge filter AND a power filter
>hide too small for it even now when it's small, so it may scratch itself trying to get in when it's bigger
>sign at the pet store says requires a 10 gallon tank

Honestly the sign at the store shoved most of the essentials in his face and it saved most of the damage. I'd still say Taylor's care is way worse. Tanks are about on par, but Taylor putting Mushu in iodine absolutely infuriates me.

No. 853130

Oh in his later video he unplugged the sponge filter anyway so hes just using a power filter. Hes not feeding it properly either

No. 853163

If anyone wants to get incredibly mad you should watch this.

No. 853169

thanks i hate it. at least they didn't get a rabbit though or a python lol, that would've been an absolute disaster.

No. 853203

Is there some backstory I am not aware of or something I missed? She bought her sister a cockatiel, which doesn't seem like a bad thing overall.

No. 853209

He can get away with using a powerfilter if he adds some plants or something to baffle the current. Better than the opposite of thinking they don't need filters like a betta. But no matter what filter he sticks with, he needs to add plants (real or fake I don't care, just get some) and a bigger hide. They can get just up to or just shy of a foot long.
If he's still only feeding it bloodworms it's not the best but not really the worst either. Ideally you'd give a mix of bloodworms and earthworms. Only giving one or the other isn't unheard of, though, some lotls can be picky eaters. Mine absolutely refuses bloodworms and only wants earthworms. It's like a kid that doesn't want vegetables.

Now AntsCanada's attempt at keeping an axolotl on the other hand…

No. 853294

Well from what I can tell, she did zero research on the animal and didn't even purchase/provide the bird with an actual enclosure (just something meant as a traveling container, seriously wtf is wrong with people). She walks around the pet store saying "maybe I should get her this one!" with no regard to the needs of that specific animal. Setting an excellent example on impulse buying and not doing research before getting an animal.

No. 853419

for me it was the whole retarded, beyond cringy irresponsible part of how she just randomly selected an animal while going "ooh this one is cute! maybe i should buy this one!" about multiple completely different random animal species, meaning absolutely no knowledge or care whatsoever was being put into choosing a possibly difficult and complicated pet. she could've easily bought something and then killed it within a week from being so unprepared, or essentially made something suffer to death slowly. also she just sounds.. really really dumb and embarassingly mentally unaware lol but she also looks pretty young so

No. 853496

why are you in this thread if you don't see the issue with a surprise pet?

No. 853538

what did antscanada do with his axie? I haven't seen him mentioned in this thread in awhile

No. 853670

File: 1565905977151.jpeg (356.3 KB, 640x1049, A8CCE15E-0B49-4426-A085-327F31…)

No. 853671

File: 1565906015739.jpeg (370.7 KB, 640x1050, F4B391E2-0F61-476A-A296-134639…)

she mentions her cousin often.

No. 853683

He originally got it to put in his ant enclosure, intending to keep it in a tiny amount of water WITH HIS CRAWFISH, and expecting it to eat only dead ants. Also the whole entire video, it's panicking HARD. They normally are pretty darn sedentary, even during water changes and stuff. And it visibly starts kicking at its gills at one point.
Granted he did eventually move it out, but only after people freaked the fuck out. Fuck this made me mad.

No. 853689

No. 853696

It is an absolute disaster regardless of what pet they got. I don't really think ANY pets are low maintenance.

No. 853729

Again, who cares. Not animal related we don’t care about her family drama. Tinfoil maybe but I bet this is her own cousin posting her drama with her here because Maria didn’t mention a name in any of those tweets, so how could you find her? Sus to me.

No. 853846

As I've said above I believe there is possibly maybe only 1 or 2 people who are focused on Maria for some reason. Either self posts or someone with a grudge. Quit derailing and focus on animals pls

No. 853874

I hate this dude so much, at this point I honestly think he is a genuine psychopath. That poor Axolotl

No. 853952

File: 1565972832081.jpeg (370.72 KB, 1125x1873, 091858E2-26C8-4597-86F9-B47C6F…)

she just lying. Also I understand she does not have a huge following now. She stated she has no homes planned out for her baby rats, and is going to keep them. Why is she breeding without finding homes (found homes for only two rats, going to friend) ahead of time ? She should not smoke by her animals. I don’t remember a selfie, so you ???

No. 854087

The post that anon replied to is obviously deleted, the post number being green tells you that, it was probably the selfie in question. If anon replied within a half hour she could have deleted it for getting caught. But I guess we won’t know because it’s gone.

No. 854241

lets stop talking about her, shes begging for attention and is honestly kind of embarassing to look at, not to mention her shit is all so boring?

No. 854248

seems like she wont self-posting anyway. yikes she learned lolcow lingo and is integrating

No. 854261

I can confirm there was a selfie. I saw it last night and the post is still there for me since I haven't refreshed the page. I've got a screenshot of the post but honestly who cares.

No. 854285

>she learned to integrate
>still uses email in field

the state of this place..

No. 854296

Carolin let Love near some guy's $2000 camera, which Love ended up destroying.

No. 854300

she is…. really something else

No. 854372

I like how she bitches at some guy with the dog off the leash but free flies her birds which aren't the nicest either.

No. 854758

This is the lady who thinks she’s a parrot expert and is entitled enough to tell you what to do with your birds, folks.

No. 854825

File: 1566138830028.jpeg (42.65 KB, 288x512, 2019-08-18.jpeg)

maria is back to tracing. im pretty sure she never stopped. Why doesnt she use her time to practice drawing instead of
practicing fooling people she can draw ? also these are the five rats she is considering keeping.

No. 854836

At least she's tracing her own photos instead of other people's things. It's lazy, but at least it's not copyright infringement.

No. 854838

Who cares. That’s her photo she can do whatever she wants with it. Weird nitpick. Now keeping them is a bit much.

No. 854869

Funny how maria just tweeted about this a few minutes after your post. Also multiple people can have metropcs Maria. Personally I have at&t.

No. 854871

Funny how maria just tweeted about this a few minutes after your post. Also multiple people can have metropcs Maria. Personally I have at&t.

No. 854873

How much is she on her ? Maria always tweets about this site as soon as someone posts about her

No. 854874

She claims it as a drawing. It’s traced. It’s fake af

No. 854878

nothing to do with pet care and she is seriously getting irritating now
stop giving the stupid girl attention

No. 854884

Her keeping five more rats does

No. 854888

so defensive… relax

No. 854894

It's not exactly a surprise. People keep bringing her up or she her self is self-posting and a good half of the time it's either been talked about or isn't problematic.

No. 854901

Is any animal hoarding from any pettuber a surprise at this point ?

No. 854927

Can’t be self posts because she has the iPhone XS Max those screenshots are from an older iphone. Whoever has a grudge with Maria needs to find somewhere else to take it, come back when you have some milk on her animals. Otherwise stop talking about her because we don’t care.

No. 854932

Who cares if it's traced? It's her own photo. She can trace her own photos if she wants to. It's only wrong if it was someone else's. It's lazy, but it's not wrong.

No. 854982

sorry didn’t realize so many Maria fans here. Bye. In the art community tracing is bad. Your photo/ anyone’s photo. Claiming something is drawn, when you really have no skill to draw is lying. Lying is bad. Also her rat care is shit. No one cares she is keeping 5 more rats when she is having a stranger on the internet paying her current rat bedding. She can’t even afford the pets she has.

No. 854983

No one cares about rats. They could have been feed to snakes. So how cares about their care

No. 854988

It's not that we don't care about the rats, it's that you just used that to add on the end of your post about tracing just so you wouldn't get called out for posting unrelated shit again.

No. 855175

and here I thought summer was over.
so which selfposter is this?

No. 855333

CVP filed a privacy complaint on whatsername from the WinslowThaDragon channel.

No. 856111

File: 1566405473469.jpeg (572.68 KB, 1242x1292, 412F7F5B-07A0-44AE-96A2-CE4176…)

Looks like Maria isn’t keeping all 5 albinos anymore

No. 856798

i swear to god every pettuber has their head up their ass. i just started watching this person's videos (WinslowThaDragon i mean) and her best friend who is apparently even learning professionally about fish in college was talking about bettas and she said bettas only live 6 MONTHS or 2 years MAXIMUM ever, and so people naturally corrected her friend in the comments and her level of snarky, overly defensive responses turned me off a lot lol. she got pissed and said "well she's my best friend so i don't want to hear anyone say anything about her and she doesn't study bettas so.. whatever" to multiple people. if she doesn't know anything, why is she saying totally false stuff? i like some of her videos though. but i literally cannot find a single pettuber who just simply owns and discusses animals without either being negligent, borderline abusive, or psychotic/rude/overly defensive and spreading misinformation.

No. 856895

I might be WKing a little here but maybe her friend meant their lifespan in the wild? Either way though, definitely not the right way to respond to that kind of criticism.

No. 856909

Holy shit, I quit coming to this thread after that stupid Maria chick got outed self posting multiple times because it was beyond obvious every post was her, even before that. I just skimmed through this thread thinking it would have gotten better but somehow it has devolved into nothing BUT her. No one gives a flying fuck about this girl, no one cares about her tracing her own rat pictures, no one cares about her stupid family drama, no one cares about anything to do with her. Honestly is there any way we could just implement a ban anytime she's brought up? It's clear no one cares except her and that she wants nothing more than for us to talk about her so she can feel relevant. She's some loser with no followers who thrives off this shit, she doesn't even have a reach.

No. 856924

There was already a ban implemented for her self posting, the newer posts aren’t from her, at least not the ones that show the old iPhone OS, tinfoil is the family drama was her cousin, some of us saw her bald selfie before she deleted it. She left as soon as she got called out. It’s fine to focus on marias animal care because its atrocious and she shouldn’t have as many animals as she has for someone without a job. And she’s irresponsibly breeding rats and lying about it. There’s no way her marten is not the father of that litter.

No. 856940

They actually live on average 3-5 in the wild, but in captivity they die faster due to wrong care

No. 856989

A lot of betta are older as well when they're sold (from breeders and shipped) and so might only live 6 months - 2 years depending. Somehow I doubt that's what she meant though… betta can happily live up to 5 years in good conditions.

No. 857022

Another pet tuber supporting Brian

No. 858084

She's been posted here before but I don't think this video's been put up.

She consistently shaves double coated breeds (and defends/promotes the practice). She also apparently only shaves dogs, never cuts the hair… every dog on her channel gets shaved.

No. 858822

So I've been reading online about snake morphs/breeding and I found that a lot of breeders won't breed rat and corn snakes together. i tried to google this to but I couldn't find much so - why are rat/corn scaleless snakes (as those bred by Snake Discovery) okay?

No. 858833

I'm pretty sure rat/corn are a naturally occurring hybrid.
Many breeders are against hybridizing any species. Honestly I don't think its black and white issue. There ares some species that do fine as hybrids and some that do awful.
The real question is whether the hybrids can live long healthy lives and reproduce without complication. Which considering snake discovery is breeding rat/corn hybrids together and not breeding a rat snake to corn snake, I think its safe to say they can at least reproduce properly.

Whether you want to support that practice is up to you, I haven't seen any actual proof yet that there is an issue with it. Though I'm always open for someone to present that proof.

No. 858984


I was subscribed to her for less than a month lol. I really like watching dog grooming. But then I realized she was kind of mean to a lot of the animals she worked on. I would be upset if my groomer was like that. And all she does is shave the animals! Like I get that she's a veteran and she's probably used to buzz cuts but there's more styles than shaven, woman. Also she does not take criticism well at all, very "I can do no wrong" attitude

No. 859472

She has a video of shaving a cat too but from what I saw it could have probably just been brushed out. Usually shaving cats or heavily matted dogs is really the last resort when all else fails - unless obviously requested by the owner.

What a mess.

No. 859550

Yeah I remember that video, I felt so sorry for the cat. It 100% could have been brushed out. To be honest, most of the matting she points out is just impacted undercoat and could be brushed out pretty easily.

Yeah I used to watch her too, before I quickly realised her attitude and practice were terrible. I honestly don't think she knows how to do anything but a 'shave' on an animal. Like there are plenty of good groomers out there who will trim fur (out of dogs eyes etc.) without shaving the whole animal. She also often uses her clients as an excuse "Well they don't want to brush their dog". Sure but that doesn't make shaving the animal the best option… maybe teach them how to brush the dog? Set up regular grooming appointments with them?

No. 860272

File: 1567101956467.jpeg (979.9 KB, 1242x1694, 414637FC-22B6-4B13-8163-74C3D5…)

We get it Maria, you smoke weed. Also what’s up with their ears? Mostly the one on the right. That doesn’t look normal.

No. 860410

Looks like mites but I’m no expert

No. 860492

Carolin is leaving YouTube for a while due to her mother being in a coma. Also said she's no longer selling her book, which is probably not related. It's probably because no one was buying it since it's shit.

No. 860758

File: 1567181792712.jpeg (1008.22 KB, 4096x2304, 4866007E-E97D-43D9-9A73-3CD8A7…)

More examples of bloody or marked up ears, also did she ever take the one rat with the eye problem to the vet or is she continuing to claim it’s just half blind? I’m amazed someone even wanted these babies from her, terrible genetics, their ears are all tattered or bloody. And this girls in school to be a vet tech!? Yikes.

No. 860766

It could easily be the early signs of mange mites on their ears although some of it looks more like porphyrin staining to me.

Rats tears and nasal mucus is red because of porphyrin. In situations where rats are not cleaning themselves properly you can see staining on their fur and ears. This can happen in older rats or rats kept in dirty conditions.

Rats will also fight and scrap with one another and the ears is a favourite target for getting tugged on and bitten. So some of that could be scabs.

I've taken in rats from all sorts of conditions and you'd be surprised at how much a little bath cleans up their fur and ears if they've been kept in dirty cages.

From these photos I would lean heavily towards staining and small play wounds. And would clean and separate the rats into groups accordingly (to avoid any one rat being bullied too much) to avoid any further injury… not that I think she'll do that.

No. 860805

She sent 5 of the babies off to a new home

No. 860813

Did she pair/trio them off? Honestly I'm surprised she was able to find homes for them so readily.. most amateur rat breeders end up with far too many babies needing homes.

No. 860829

File: 1567192987817.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x2100, B2157CE4-6B1C-4D4A-BD9B-D4AC9C…)

All 5 went to her friend

No. 860831

Ok… so that's less surprising. She gave them all to her friend. Are they all at least the same sex? She says her friend has 7 boys…

No. 860842

File: 1567195639078.jpeg (452.49 KB, 1242x976, CB7F2A30-4168-4FA6-B29A-DB167A…)

Seems to be all boys at least.

No. 861099

How do people feel about Zoe's rescue zoo and Reptaillan Garden?

No. 861252

I hope her friend has the financial means to take care of 12 rats, rats are too easy to hoard. Don’t know enough besides a first name to find her on anything though.
Saged for not really contributing anything new.

No. 862588

File: 1567454023735.jpeg (575.85 KB, 1242x1118, 01F36A54-E41F-498B-82D3-4A23DF…)

How can she talk like this about her own family but still stans Taylor? I know it’s not pet related so I saged but the way she sucks up to Taylor and spent so much time defending her all this time, she hates her sister for doing drugs? Makes sense.

No. 862589

Sounds like it's less about just doing drugs in and of itself and more about giving her child chromosomal birth defects but yeah still kind of hypocritical since Taylor's selfish behavior has caused harm to animals.

No. 862637

File: 1567458977294.jpeg (174.49 KB, 1242x461, D06A6B9F-31AF-4FC9-9837-A95818…)

This seems like a jab at TND to me, tinfoil? Would be funny if it is.

No. 862727

File: 1567464865817.jpeg (481.99 KB, 750x1203, B6111E22-4A30-40E2-A554-A96F19…)

No. 862730

File: 1567465137074.jpeg (547.28 KB, 543x960, 2B30EC6E-9D86-42C8-8AC3-96463F…)

No. 862756


since she already smokes and burns incense near them, this doesn't surprise me

bitch is asking for her rats to get RTIs.

No. 862771

Look at all those soda cans, disgusting. And we’re supposed to believe her cages get cleaned?

No. 862795

File: 1567471269653.jpeg (212.88 KB, 750x1246, B94695CC-CABA-4EAE-B7C9-237A17…)

No. 862797

File: 1567471308071.jpeg (117.73 KB, 750x255, 2A7B248E-0416-42B8-9B4F-095E7C…)

No. 862798

File: 1567471350425.jpeg (111.72 KB, 750x350, 6D8D42B5-06BA-470E-AD4E-5F3D4C…)

No. 862804

Is this girl mentally disabled?

No. 862813

File: 1567472641940.jpeg (447.53 KB, 520x947, 90645B4E-2C79-437A-839D-03C002…)

No. 862821

File: 1567473050095.jpeg (550.87 KB, 549x973, 915D789D-3EA1-4362-B016-C8CE1D…)

human hair dye on a rat

No. 862827

Not to WK but these temporary colors are what groomers use on animals, this brand, manic panic, arctic fox, and similar vegan dyes are animal safe.

But ew she needs to clean her room I can’t imagine what the rest of it looks like or smells like. She’s got like a whole 12 pack of soda behind her. Imagine the bugs she probably has.

No. 862844

I feel like a rat is different then a dog. They are very sensitive animals.

No. 862850


No. 862852

Oh wow her mom bought it for her what a surprise. Why get a job when mommy pays for everything. Didn’t she tweet a couple days ago someone sent her money for her “medical” weed? This girls never going to get off her ass and get a job, everything is handed to her.

No. 862853

she says her ptsd/anxiety/panic attacks stops her from getting a job. yet she can go to school just fine.

No. 862875

File: 1567480955804.jpeg (161.52 KB, 750x384, 96D37DCF-3EAC-4E29-B021-50C0C0…)

birds and tortoises have long life’s spans.
hedgehogs and hamsters have medium life spans. what happened to those animals ? I wonder.

No. 862881

She is in therapy according to her Twitter. Also I’m not so sure she’s even in school anymore. But that’s just a tinfoil. The bleach in an unventilated room with rats and crested geckos really pisses me off, hair bleach fumes are strong. Hopefully her cats and dog weren’t in the room too. Those poor animals.

No. 862882

She painfully reminds me of TND saying stuff like this.

No. 862883

That was my first thought… would love to meet her 20 year old parrot or tortoise… oh wait.

No. 862899

She didn’t specify what kind of birds, they were probably cheap pet store parakeets. What’s their life expectancy?

No. 862911

File: 1567483905971.jpeg (898.95 KB, 1242x1861, 72F20E6C-9225-473F-8381-8C8E2A…)

Here’s the rest of that thread.

No. 862923

Maybe 10-15 years

No. 862974

Her and her friends probably have biased views.

(+ some of the other caps)

She's an idiot but this is blatant lolcow baiting.

No. 863100

It is obvious baiting, after the post about dying her rat, she made a post about dying the inside of her cats ears pink a while ago. I decided to not post it, because she clearly wanted it to end up here.

No. 863111

File: 1567521012385.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x2182, 2AC69E86-6E09-4C54-B5CF-800722…)

It doesn’t even look good, poor rat.
The cats not as big of a deal they’re not as sensitive it doesn’t need to be posted here because it’s just not milky enough to post here. It’s annoying she has to be the quirky stoner chick and name them Cheech and Chong. Wonder what her parents think of those names since she uses weed “medicinally”

No. 863154

File: 1567524106739.jpeg (225.71 KB, 750x698, A43A49A9-5E25-46C2-BAC9-42F6E9…)

No. 863180

File: 1567526747478.jpeg (170.43 KB, 1242x434, 33D06984-FA30-42DE-8642-293CBD…)

Oh she already has that covered.

No. 863208

I don’t feel like that tweet justifies coloring rodents. There skin is more sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, and more. They aren’t the same as a cat or dog. Rats, mice, hamsters, ferrets, and rabbits shouldn’t be colored at least in my opinion.

No. 863244

Bathing rats can be especially dangerous, like water up their nose can lead to a fatal URI, people reccommend against it unless its really really needed
like blogpost but my boy had to be bathed and even with loads of care still ended up with a serious URI (with a $200 vet bill) so like doing it for fun is pretty disgusting

No. 863251

"I'm a vet tech major therefore I have more knowledge and insight than anyone who could possibly be criticizing me on the internet" I'm a psychology major but that doesn't mean I'm a hub of knowledge that can spew any theory or research or whatever off the top of my head or have the right to give anyone advice on mental illness or be immune to criticism of how I understand things I'm taught in my courses. Like being a vet tech major kind of means nothing. A different example would be one of my good friends, he's in school right now getting a Ph.D in quantitative biology(herpetology being his main focus) and has spent the past almost decade doing published academic research on lizards, one image he came up with himself is now the cover for a respected biology research journal. If I asked him how to set up an enclosure and properly care for a lizard, even one he's written pages of research about, he wouldn't know where to start. The point is that being a vet tech major and using that as some sort of leverage to escape criticism is absolute bullshit and anyone in higher education would see right through that pathetic excuse to avoid critique.(blog)

No. 863575

File: 1567565502469.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1985, FEAA5B62-FFAC-4BA6-A3D7-2A97E6…)

She posted about how he wasn’t stressed because she knows him best so it’s okay. Still not addressing the fact that they have sensitive skin.(self-posting)

No. 864160

I like that she's plugging for brands that pride themselves on being vegan and cruelty-free… While doing their animal testing for them!

Also, just so we're clear, Splat dye is scented. Some of them pretty strongly, even to the human nose.

No. 864183

File: 1567655525114.jpeg (303.46 KB, 1242x600, 60764FE1-97CE-4386-B347-3C8D21…)

She’s never getting a job and leaving home at this rate, what’s the incentive? Mommy and daddy are even giving her their bedroom to accommodate the animals she snuck into the house, the ones they told her no to in the first place. How long before that room becomes cramped with more animals? Because it’s obvious there’s no repercussions for bringing home random animals.

No. 864187

How old is this girl again? Her parents are setting themselves up to have her living at home well into her 30s with no job at this rate. How many rats do you think she'll have by then?

No. 864197

23, apparently can’t work because of her anxiety and PTSD, talks about going to therapy weekly.(self-posting)

No. 864204

she will be 24 in a few weeks

No. 864315

File: 1567689467676.jpeg (682.16 KB, 1242x862, 1F324F60-D3F1-436A-BE26-D4F3C5…)

She reeks of TND vibes, this stuff doesn’t help either. Munchie behavior. Sage for not animal related.

No. 864506

File: 1567714256888.jpeg (286.89 KB, 750x1260, 3D111089-1AB8-48E6-9677-019B5E…)

No. 864508

File: 1567714318078.jpeg (452.93 KB, 750x1244, 3DBADC8A-2EEA-455F-9DA9-A4BA62…)

I guess she has a rabbit. I had no idea, she doesn’t really talk about them. I’m pretty sure from these posts that it’s live outside in a rusty cage. alone.

No. 864600

File: 1567725731365.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x2086, 40F593C5-BBDA-471C-986A-8A115A…)

No. 864715

This whole thread the last few days seems to be one big Self-post from Maria tbh. It's like she's trying to pull the most boring Emzotic move.

No. 864751


This is supposed to be a pet youtuber thread and everytime an actual problematic petuber with an actual following is brought up the topic is immediately switched back to maria. Can we please stay on topic

No. 864752

she should just get her own thread so she is not a general pettuber discussion topic anymore and then that thread can quietly die without us needing to see all of the boring maria stuff.

No. 864754

Please, this is a good idea. It's been her self-posting and posting stuff to bait us since the beginning. For the final time, no one cares about this literally who, I can't believe this shit is still going on anyway I mean she gets outed doing this shit weekly at this point.

No. 864756

Let's get back to some people with major issues in pet care that are YOUTUBERS. AfroHerpKeeper is an extreme hoarder and is not covered nearly enough. Paul cuffaro has an atrocious axolotl tank not to mention gets pets and aquatics every day without basic research and hardly any have proper care. His friend Nick (Nick&Paul) keeps reptiles and fish all with no research in terrible enclosures.lets bring some proper discussions back into this thread because it's just been dying a painfully slow death with maria as the focus

No. 864761

Yes please someone make her a thread. I am so sick of seeing her here it's just her self posting and maybe 2 others just clogging the thread with mostly off topic crap. It has turned this thread to shit.

No. 864763

if she's so bad and such a selfposter, she needs banning not her own thread. report her posts and complain in /meta/ to get rid of her. making a thread will only give her what she wants and make it worse… hell she's probably in here suggesting it.

No. 864781

I think the problem we're facing with discussing other channels is the fact that some of us don't watch them or know enough. If we could agree on good summaries of why they're bad, what they have done and linking videos with a description/timestamp or something it would just be a bit easier?

For example, with stuff like AfroHerpKeeper it's pretty clear there's very few people that follow him or know about the species he owns so the conversation there is a bit dead even if it really does seem like a bad hoarding case.

No. 865322

So Clint released a video defending the spider ball python morph. He has mentioned being fine/liking the morph before so it's not really a surprise but his reasons for defending the morph are so dumb. Talking about dogs and saying that autism is like a super power… wat. Very disappointing.

No. 865398

Yeah, the autism super power comment really cemented that he's actually a dipshit. I saw some comments calling him out about it right when he posted. Very disappointing is right.

No. 865410

i really hate when people argue the whole 'they're eating and they're moving so it's fine!'. At the end of the day, their behaviour isn't normal for a snake and while they may not show 'obvious' signs of stress, it doesn't mean much. Also the whole 'I have seen no evidence of that' is so bs. You have a sample of one maybe two snakes that are a few years old, and even if you did see evidence you wouldn't exactly report on it.

All in all, I think the whole spider question falls to morals more than ethics because there's so much conflicting information (probably due to how newly 'updated' the hobby is) that won't come into agreement for a while.

No. 865421

da, I've reported suspect self posts/deetless posts and complained in meta twice now. Don't think admin cares. She has barely any Twitter followers and no YouTube so I don't get why no one else complains. No one cares but Maria.

No. 865424

If you refresh the page they just marked some more self posts a couple days ago. And since then we haven't had any more pointless no-milk screenshots of her. What a coincidence.

No. 865433

File: 1567889202746.png (489.62 KB, 800x1080, Screenshot_2019-09-07-13-43-46…)


You left out the peacock rescue, anon!

No. 865434

File: 1567889237041.png (583.86 KB, 800x1161, Screenshot_2019-09-07-13-44-18…)

No. 865436



Carolin von Petzholdt
90,368 subscribers
Published on Aug 26, 2019

A young peahen (peacock) has been hit by a car and somehow I just happen to drive by right after the accident happens. I saw it in the middle of the road alive surrounded by her flock. I tried to find a wildlife sanctuary for her to go too and also I called animal control and humane society. Both agencies wanted to kill the poor peacock that we named Flair. No wildlife sanctuaries are currently taking in new birds. A day later we brought flair to an avian vet to look at her wounds and broken wing and for her to get medical treatment and antibiotics.
This sweet girl is a fighter and she’s determined to live! We found maggots eating on Flair and we needed to act fast and get these bugs out of her wounds. So today we are flushing her wounds and re-bandaging her.

No. 865453

Wait wtf, is she going to keep it in her tiny apartment?

No. 865466

I agree anon, I don't even think it's her and "maybe 2 anons" like someone else said, I'd guess that it's literally just her. I think I've suggested this before but maybe we should just outright ban any mention of her, because normally when she's outed she lays low for a bit then is back at it full throttle. So banning obviously isn't making a difference. There should just be a thread for all the self posters kek, because I'd hate to give this loser the satisfaction of her own thread. This used to be such a nice thread compared to the others, now it's just all some nobody squirming for attention. I'll try posting to meta too.

No. 865651

File: 1567906063131.jpg (234.25 KB, 1242x563, IMG_3253.jpg)

So we just ignore this?(maria posting)

No. 865680

So likely a 7-day ban…

No. 865808

Maria's selfposting, collected. and this is only what's been marked so far in this thread.
Motion to ignore?

No. 866164


Maybe it's because I was only half paying attention, but all of his points didn't make any sense to me. Snakes aren't domestic animals nor are they autistic. The video is pretty pointless

No. 866176

Shut up Maria. Get a fuckin job and a credit card you dumbass.

No. 866191

Also >>865651.
I say ignore too, this attention whore is going to end up purposely killing an animal just so she gets a post or two written about her. You know you're a nobody when you get outed self posting 6 separate times and no one even cares.

No. 866210

Don't employers google you in US/wherever she is? If one of them stumbled onto her Twitter where she basically admits to giving her animals shit care and being an attention whore, I don't think they would be too impressed either.

No. 866503

I’m really disappointed because I like a lot of his videos highlighting specific species- but it seems he’s been moving away from that format as of late.

No. 867013

Anyone know if there’s a new TND thread yet?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 867341


why are you asking here?

No. 868324

Title should be “getting rid of clothes to hoard more animals”

No. 868491

File: 1568446214954.jpeg (194.3 KB, 1242x1242, 1CBF7FC1-7563-490D-9D02-2C1DF7…)

did anybody notice how severely over grown Tyler Rugge’s macaw’s beak is in his house tour video? He used to have three birds which I don’t understand how he was able to give them the appropriate amount of attention with his 50+ pets.

No. 869116


he should not own any birds his are cared for like shit. he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing with them.

No. 869162

Ao afro herp keeper posted

No. 869300

I want to tweet it at him and ask just to hear his pathetic excuse. Overgrown peaks are VERY preventable. The cages have barely any enrichment. Just because the birds are allowed to sit on top of their cages and not locked inside doesn’t mean they are being mentally stimulated. He owns arguably the smartest bird (African Grey). The amount of attention they need is insane (very doable, but it’s a lot of dedication). How does he keep Gypsy intellectually satisfied with his hoarding issue?

No. 869554

its been up. thread 47. search for it.

No. 869730

kinda off topic of petcare, but if you look at his pricing he is selling some clothes for a ridiculous amount. A used hoodie for $45, is more expensive then my local thrift stores. I feel like it’s exploiting his fans to own Tyler rugges used clothes. Some of these clothes are over 5-8 years. I just feel like it’s a bit pricey for the worth.

No. 869732

I just double checked to see if he changed his prices the past few days and it seems like he did, from the backlash comments on the video. At least he lowered them.

No. 869767

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think that’s that expensive for a jacket that was near $100 new. Everything on poshmark is overpriced compared to a thrift store

No. 870775

File: 1568948502763.jpeg (108.19 KB, 481x525, 01815F73-EF4E-4184-B4CC-0B2FC1…)

he’s been posting pictures of gizmo with a better trimmed beak. looks like someone has been lurking lol

No. 870776

File: 1568948560875.png (6.08 MB, 1242x2208, 444FD18B-45D1-47F4-A2F2-62B0D3…)

another picture taken from a video

No. 871133

That's almost worse because it clearly means he genuinely hadn't even noticed how bad it was.

No. 871207

The ring light reflected in gizmo’s eyes makes me sad for that poor bird. But anything for the gram right

No. 871278

If it takes you to be called out like that to even notice it or do anything about it then lol, that's worse

No. 871300

I doubt he saw a post on here and got the beak fixed and posted a sponsored post within a couple days

No. 871375

File: 1569098096759.png (1.28 MB, 1411x2418, Capture _2019-09-21-13-31-14.p…)

Oh god ahc stans asking him if hes going to more animals

No. 873511

Carolin leaves stuff out that the birds can destroy, they destroy it and she blames the birds for it

No. 873801

“These are bird behaviors”
Okay but your birds could hurt each other/themselves and you’re not??? Stopping them??? Like I don’t get why she is basically show casing how badly trained/stimulated/cared for her animals are but that’s really most of the people in this thread

No. 873858

No. 873932

File: 1569635941434.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-09-27-18-57-31.p…)

Sooo this isn't a video dump if you have something to say about the video post it like this:

Do you see his views on the last couple videos they haven't even hit 20000 and his views haven't even hit like they used to I know he's suffering for money

No. 873942

time for tyler to start buying more animals for the hoard, gotta get those views somehow

No. 874002

I was about to post about this. This is his third video in three months that is surrounded around showing his hoarding problem. Those videos have stopped doing well at this point.

No. 874065


Hopefully it's the algorithm that is stopping the bag because that gives me hope that they will start changing their content

No. 874312

Can we talk about the large youtubers with millions of subscribers like catch em all fishing, raw fishing, Paul cuffaro, monster mike, etc. all of them have massive fish stuck inside tiny pools of water. Catch em all’s pool pond is especially horrid. Paul cuffaro is definitely one of the worst, considering the age of his audience. These people need to be put in check & called out for their mistreatment of animals.

Honorable mention: Joey Slay ‘Em. Checkout his channel if you want to feel especially bad for beautiful colored crayfish.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 874340

No we can't, Mr Meyers.

No. 874351

We definitely should.

No. 875011

God this is the worse hamster care I’ve ever seen. How does this person have 1k subs.

No. 875513

Poor babies, just looking at the thumbnail I don't want to click on it.
I don't know anything about hamster care, but if anyone wants to see cool hamster foraging builds check out Simi TV.

No. 875534

Who? Don't want to have to click and give a view.

No. 875764

File: 1570061941580.jpeg (312.56 KB, 750x760, BC7281A6-233D-47A4-B415-808977…)

No. 875765

File: 1570061977285.jpeg (247.14 KB, 750x664, C6FEB63C-D454-487C-B684-58BBBF…)

I’m sorry, but what the actual fuck

No. 875805

Does this bitch have single digit IQ? "if they are sold that way then obviously they can live that way too" is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. They sell Bettas in tiny cups too, guess that means they can live that way? RIP those poor baby Bettas she clearly bought on impulse. They need a lot of special care as babies: very clean water, high quality food that is small enough to eat and making sure the filter cannot fucking suck them up. Keeping them in sorority is a lot of work, they will still fight and will kill each other if the set-up is not correct or you have an especially aggressive female.

No. 875815

File: 1570069246264.png (198.02 KB, 750x1334, B2FAA2BA-0D15-4508-8B1D-0E25A9…)

It’s going to be like her rats where she can’t figure out when they had contact and “whoops they had surprise babies” again. If she’s already having problems with what she has at day one, I don’t get why she needs more other than a pure impulse buy(self post)

No. 875851

Is your ban over already?

No. 875878

Can we shut up about Maria? She is irrelevant, know for self posting, and does/says all this shit of attention. Maria, we are not gonna go over to your channel/socials so shut up. Stop wasting our time with your sour milk.

No. 875888

can we permaban maria pls? she just selfposts as soon as her bans are lifted.

i got so happy to see some new posts in this thread again, but then got disappointed seeing it's just maria stirring her own pot.

No. 875890

At the very least give her her own thread like we did with TND. she can self post on there and talk back and forth with herself.

No. 875893

TND is a cow. Maria is a nobody attention whore selfposting for attention. Stop giving it to her.

No. 875915

She has sprint, check her Twitter. That’s not her

No. 875947

File: 1570102286735.jpeg (163.7 KB, 750x1042, ED8492DC-EA27-4AB7-BC5E-4E264E…)

(selfpost, ban evading)

No. 876209

It’s one of those random channels that jumps on the bandwagon of making DIY hamster things. But unlike someone like Vanilla Ham Ham theirs is terribly unsafe and bad for hamsters. I really wish youtubers would stop using animals like playthings to get views

No. 876380

photo editing exists, also funny that she just happens to know that shes on the thread again
someone please make her a thread to talk to herself, im so tired of her name here and its all pointless

No. 876841

God now this same person had a hamster give birth. I know it’s not a popular petuber but it’s just so disgusting and I don’t know where else to post this. That poor hamster doesn’t even have an inch of bedding.

No. 876915

That’s just sad, at the very least add bedding.

No. 876987

Looks like the account bought followers.

No. 877038

Reminds me of that person from a while back who had hamsters in horrible conditions, including one who was eating her own babies.

No. 877635

Update : she killed 2/3 of the betas. At least that’s what she tweeted a few days ago

No. 878696

File: 1570727719729.jpeg (331.18 KB, 750x563, FEA654E1-39C1-4D10-927A-9F6F82…)

No. 878981

Why is he getting more animals when just a few months ago he had to set up a gofundme to cover vet bills for his rabbit? Of course it's a designer snake as well, gotta get them views.

No. 879746

File: 1571006257535.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2318, 5F644ADA-AA90-425E-9A3D-6472F6…)

The cheapest actually scaleless (not het) corn snake available on morph market right now is $350. He should really be saving up that kind of money for the next vet bill he’s unable to afford.

No. 879813

I really don’t get why Kristen goes out of her way to justify putting 2 opposite sex beardies and two leopard geckos together instead of just getting another tub or transport carrier? In such a stressful situation, animals are a lot more likely to lash out at each other and it’s such an unnecessary risk. I also hate how she spreads the misinformation that her leopard geckos love spending time together and are so happy together. They’re a solitary species. They will never enjoy spending time together.

No. 879834

Or they could just stop trying to be edgy and get like a job and a house for their pets

No. 879894


She owns a popular hair dye brand and is moving house

No. 880102

Wait. Is she the Kristen who owns artic fox? Fuck.

No. 880219

No. 880620

Not wk-ing but he said in his video the snake was given to him by a breeder so that he promotes him on his channel

No. 881158

Did Tyler just buy a $1000+ crested gecko or am I crazy ?

No. 881512

Yea he did lol

No. 881513

He really doesn’t need anymore pets

No. 881725

It really doesn’t matter if the animal was free. Between enclosure, food and vet bills that snake will cost him thousands.

Getting free stuff has been what he’s used to continue to justify this behavior. After he got a custom aquarium when Desmond was sick, he justified that it was free…then proceeded to post about buying 20 new fish.

Seems like he’s trying to get all the promotion deals he can get, but dude…do the deals HAVE to involve more animals you can’t afford??

No. 881908

Also, who believes this schtick after Taylor tried it?

No. 882375

Off topic but did anyone else see maddies tweet that Tyler’s family came over. Idk why they just don’t admit they are dating

No. 882843

If they aren’t dating, I would be shocked. They just seem so close.

No. 883128

Isn’t he gay?

No. 883170

im not sure, but he definitely gives off gay vibes.

No. 883358

I feel you, but just because a guy is more feminine doesn’t mean we should assume he’s gay. It’s not really anyone’s place or business to assume someone sexually

No. 883542

File: 1571794612317.jpeg (341.85 KB, 1242x1271, 58105184-E7D2-42D2-B8AA-726F91…)

I’m pretty sure Emzotic and Danny broke off their engagement. She changed her Facebook relationship status to single, tweeted about something difficult, and they no longer follow eachother on Twitter. I’m honestly shocked.

No. 883545

I knew him in HS IRL and hes only dated one girl, and they're still really good friends, I always thought maybe he was gay as well but never wanted to assume either way lol

No. 883553

Seems possible. Didn’t she say a lot of negative things about him during her lolcow spree?

No. 883555

File: 1571800447948.png (103.59 KB, 1196x382, tweet.png)


That is shocking. There are a few things about Danny I imagine would put strain on a relationship, but Em seemed to totally look past them. Looking into possible reasons for the split now. Would love to see any info/tinfoil about this.


That might not mean anything, since she said such awful things about herself and everyone else. Worth a fresh read, though.

No. 883561

File: 1571801194169.jpeg (146.49 KB, 984x1359, EHHRo7cWwAIg4YJ.jpeg)

No. 883593

This is literally you em, did you really not learn your lesson? Kek

No. 883594


She's making a lot of sense here. (Granted, she's capable of god-tier dishonesty.)

If this vlog is any indication, she's lowkey having a breakdown.

No. 883613

This crazy ass vlog makes all makes sense now. Honestly em is so annoying. She always try’s to be mysterious, just say what’s going on, or don’t talk about it at all. Your life isn’t a drama

No. 883622

Looool - the your story bit?

On another note, I wonder how this will impact her animal numbers (because we know they share a lot of them and we haven't even seen some), as well as housing and job.

No. 883629

If they did break off I would be surprised if when she moves out she leaves most of the animals. She did it before and she will probably do it again

No. 883635

File: 1571829368862.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, CEB59E4B-B327-431B-A2D2-4CB0BF…)

It’s not Em. She posted that picture herself on twitter. She and Danny just bought a house together too… if they truly did break up I don’t think she has a legal right to be in the USA anymore- pretty sure she’s just on a visa. If she moves back to the UK that means abandoning all her animals again.

No. 883913

Quick question that is kinda odd topic but which of Tyler’s reptiles are in minimum enclosures? I’m just curious because I have some of the same reptiles as him and want the best for my scale kids

No. 884061

This isn’t an advice board for animal care. Ask Tyler yourself. Anyone who uses Tyler as a reference is a dumbass.

No. 884080

Or just use google caresheets/other research like normal people do lol

No. 884090

Lol I do I was mostly just wondering which of his reptiles are in small enclosures. I was a fan but not anymore.

No. 884100

Sage your bullshit, at least the other anon did

No. 884131

As far as I’m aware none of his reptiles are in small enclosures. His reptile care really isn’t bad

No. 884144

Same I was just curious because people keep saying that they are kek

No. 884244

Isn't going out dressed like that during hunting season a real bad idea? Is she trying to get herself shot

No. 884283

I mean… she would get slot of attention

No. 884398

If they broke up I bet it was because of her insanity. Her fixation on/skinwalking of TND was bizarre as fuck. Not to mention in her outed selfposts she also talked about killing her animals and abusing cocaine. Emtoxic has clearly got issues.

No. 884429

She doesn't follow Danny on twitter anymore, so it seems likely.

No. 884478

They don’t follow each other in Instagram to

No. 884479

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was money related. Em hasn’t uploaded a video in a while so she hasn’t gotten any money if she doesn’t have a real life job. It’s entirely possible if Danny was done with her insanity and having to pay for all the animals that he decided to cut off there engagement

No. 884507

Sorry about wrong thread, but does anyone plan on making the new tnd thread ? She is tweeting about getting a new pet.

Considering making one, but it would be trash compared to someone with experience making threads

No. 884600

Don't they 'run' some educational animal thing together?

If anything, it's probably her stalking this thread endlessly/needing attention simply due to her past behaviour and likely selfposting here again

No. 884664

My money is on something with his kids and "choosing them over her"

No. 884786

Didnt he make a video about silkies not being right to own or breed? Not sure. But if so, this is ironic

No. 886157

Does anyone know at what point Ready to Glare went from making a video on TND and saying pettube was a scary community to being buddies with everyone? Just kinda disappointing.

No. 886219

I think it was maybe a couple months ago but I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are all just using her so she can’t make videos about the shady stuff they do

No. 887377

does anyone else here buy feeders/pets from Josh’s Frogs and are seriously concerned about their open collaboration/reposting of Brian Barczyk

No. 887410

I had no idea! I saw they collabed with some pettubers I like, but I will not purchase from them again and support in other ways.

No. 887499

Taylor unfollowed emzotic. Still no comment from emma or Danny but the break up seems legitimate. Weird that they aren’t saying anything.

No. 887592

yeah, they let him tour their facility unsupervised, he posted a video of himself “getting lost” in Josh’s Frogs awhile ago. and then yesterday they shared a video of Brian exploiting his turtles for views once again.

No. 887764

I’ve been finding more and more channels that use their hamsters like toys and put them in situations like mazes for views. View related, this poor hamster is being made to walk over play dough. It’s so sickening, there’s so many of these channels and they all use children’s music too. Very obviously making the videos for kids. I don’t know if something could be done about this.

No. 887810

Sorry is this supposed to evoke outrage? It's a hamster going through a maze.

No. 887823

You can organise a weekly strike just like Greta Thunberg is doing it for climate change. You could write a manifesto why hamsters should have the same rights as humans and why mazes are cruel, especially with children's music.

No. 887841

>>887823 Naw. Hamsters love this kind of shit. In the wild, they can travel up to 9 miles a night just exploring and hoarding seeds. Giving a hamster some weird territory to explore is a lot of fun for the hamster and it’s fun to watch. As long as the area is safe that’s great.

No. 887847

>>887841 Notice how their ears are perked and they’re taking their time going through? Also, they can walk out of the maze anytime they want. They’re enjoying it. Hamsters pretty much do what they want.

No. 887848

"made to walk over play dough"… You know that's a children's toy, right? The hamster is not in danger. It actually seems like a cool idea, a new texture for the hamster to experience/investigate and mazes are great for keeping them active.

No. 887868

I do question the use of play dog a bit but rodents love exploring and mazes so this is honestly sort of fun for them.

No. 887884

Play-Doh is non-toxic. Kids eat it all the time. As long as the hamster isn’t chowing down on it (there’s a lot of salt in it) it’s probably fine.

No. 888083

File: 1572735181638.jpeg (284.62 KB, 750x517, 953EBCE0-FD75-47A0-8844-3DDD88…)

I’m super sorry to bring her back.

but holy fucking shit

No. 888084

File: 1572735228782.jpeg (53.58 KB, 750x184, A8A281A4-97CE-4CD7-B2BB-AE2FFC…)

No. 888096

Doesn’t she smoke around them and burn incenses. Like hmmmm a animal that has a very sensitive respiratory system and an owner who can BARELY afford herself. No wonder they’re dropping like flies. Everyone should just forget about her and maybe just maybe she will wake up and realize that no one likes an animal abuser and actually move out of mommy’s house and take care of the pets she has for once

No. 888112

I thought it was interesting no one mentioned the first rat that “died” (got killed) Sock. She even tweeted some shit like “the other boys were chewing on his bones” with some fuckin emoji, what the fuck man

No. 888113

Yeah honestly I felt conflicted about posting her tweets about the dead rats, I just wanted a record of it I guess.

I am kinda thinking she is abusing animals to get noticed on this forum, because she tweeted about “no one talking about her on lolcow lately”

I am never going to post about her again because I feel like she thrives on people paying attention to her. She has basically no twitter followers. And by just looking at her like to follower radio on instagram, majority of her instagram followers are bots

I’m sorry for ever posting about her on this forum, she is just a nobody who would kill her rats to get attention from anyone. Best thing to do is pretend like she doesn’t exist

No. 888115

honestly we need to not talk about her. One rat died per week. She doesn’t even talk about cause of death. She is probably killing them herself with all the candles and smoke / vape

No. 888120

Imagine what hell would break lose if she got popular. Those poor rats. Her parents should kick her out. You can obviously see what just a teeny bit of attention does to her. Someone should really report her. Imagine what would happen if the college she’s going to found out about the stuff she does lol.And about the rats eating socks bones. Aren’t they in her room and/or were they fighting wouldn’t she hear them. Yet again she’s ALWAYS doped up. I don’t know a lot about her because I want to ignore someone who will neglect a life she wanted just for the smallest amount of attention. Sorry for the rant I just don’t like this chick

No. 888164

Welcome back maria. Self posting again I see.(nobody cares maria)

No. 888194


i feel like she is killing them to see if we will post about it here :(

No. 888207

She tweeted her house smells like cigs bc her parents smoke inside so that is exactly why they died. What a nitwit.

No. 888216

The last one that died probably wasn't mentioned because it was while you where still on your ban Maria

No. 888332

this person is very obviously abusing stimulants or something of the sort. i can’t even put my finger on what exactly gives it away. it just shows in her fucking face.

No. 888457

Kek this >>887823 was obv sarcasm

No. 889151

Emzotic has removed all photos of Danny and her ring from her insta

No. 889641

No. 889786

File: 1573058072789.jpeg (594.71 KB, 1125x1635, FFD95B8D-61C8-4DC0-8BF1-ABC11A…)

No. 889875

She makes it sound like some sort of legal issue but at most it will probably be a matter of her visa and maybe sharing some of the animals.

No. 889899

File: 1573076960858.jpeg (130.28 KB, 576x1068, EFB4FFF5-6D65-495D-9F86-AA7440…)

I thought she’d posted about them overcoming anything earlier this month. I think she deleted it, but I found Danny’s response interesting.

No. 889921

He always gave me a weird vibe. I could see him as the gaslighting cheating type. Not that I don't think she fucked up too.

No. 890000

Honesty they both come across as potentially toxic. I honestly won’t believe anything until they state it because I also don’t put it past them to start drama for attention. All the vague posting comes across like a cry for attention.

No. 890031

File: 1573099428429.png (13.56 KB, 605x165, em.PNG)

Em has been hitting at abuse for a few days now

No. 890032

File: 1573099478507.png (302.32 KB, 602x473, tinfoil.PNG)

ya know total tinfoil - but wouldn't be surprised.

No. 890085

Is there no new thread to Taylor Nicole Dean? Last thread was 50 from 13 days ago.

No. 890088

Learn to use the catalog. #51 has been up for 12 days.

No. 890094

Emzotic constant vague posts about attorneys and police cars and investigations and lawyers are cries for attention but shes holding back the story. Constantly posting how everything isnt fine but not saying why looking for asspats. I feel like this was similar to her hyping her dog up in a way, yes this does seem like a potentially negative situation but if its really that serious why the bloody hell would you share it at all publicly while it's still occurring, especially if legal is involved? This is extremely attention seeking and not particularly smart on her part

No. 890319

She's falling into the whole thing she did with her miscarriage a while ago when she made a whole video and was basically… almost glorifying it?

I think in her positioning as an influencer of sorts, she needs to learn to shut up until everything is sorted and then make a whole video or whatever about the issue

No. 891474

File: 1573410978545.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1242x2371, AD331D25-EAC8-4A5A-8702-A31816…)

Possible track marks on her arm? She really is a little TND wanna be. Her sub count keeps going up, albeit slowly, it’s still climbing which is concerning.(self post)

No. 891555

Lol you can find some white claw under the rat cage. Soooo classy

No. 891560

I'm not sure if this has been covered, but Camelsandfriends was in the news last month:


Her camels apparently both escaped early this year:


Here's a collection of other news stories about her:


She's had animals removed and was facing cruelty charges.

I would occasionally pop by her channel a few years back when she was primarily talking about her camels, but I had no idea she ended up being this neglectful.
She apparently has claimed to be receiving cancer treatment when her camels escaped, but based on her past shady behavior and grifting, I don't know, I take it with a grain of salt (as much as I don't want to believe she'd lie about that)

No. 891698

lmao Maria throwing out a heroin accusation at herself because we're all busy talking about Em. one selfposter threatened by another.

No. 891734

Or Em trying to take the attention off of her. Wouldn’t be the first time she called Maria a Taylor copy to deflect from her own issues.

No. 891744

If it were Em it wouldn't be marked as a self post.

No. 891824

Except for the fact that I’ve seen mods get it blatantly wrong before. For some reason you guys seem to think if someone doesn’t have Emzotic or TND levels of following they’re not worth talking about or are self posting. I scanned this girls twitter, there’s no mention of her being talked about again and usually she’s on top of that.(maria self posting)

No. 892051

Even if Taylor’s ass patter Maria was using who fuckin cares, she is no one.

No. 892279

they haven't got any poster IDs wrong, peanut. they have multiple methods of crosschecking.

No. 892318

Yeah that’s why they mislabeled screenshots as hers from a phone she doesn’t even have. This sites a joke.(maria still selfposting)

No. 892446

You don't think people can have multiple phones?

No. 892584

And how would you know if they "blatantly got it wrong" exactly?

No. 892729

File: 1573630369280.png (9.77 MB, 1125x2436, 085E6E46-09EF-4A04-8775-BF0B6E…)

Em posted Danny on her insta stories today, there goes that separation tin foil

No. 892732

File: 1573631076125.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191112-234346.png)

On Danny's Twitter.

No. 892733

File: 1573631106507.png (305.33 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191112-234357.png)

No. 892735

Sorry for samefag. They're still not following each other though, at least on Twitter.

No. 892754

ot af but did jeffree seriously make a wrapping paper pattern out of his own damn tattoos

No. 892884

Emzotic unarchived all of her pictures with Danny and of her ring. They’re clearly back together/ something other than a break up happened. Doubt we’ll ever get an explanation.

No. 893089

thanks for the update, em.

No. 893181

always get really bad vibes from men who refer to their adult women partner as a 'girl'

No. 893319

Definitely Maria only she cares about her doing heroin. She always gets pissy after getting called out

No. 895303

what ever posted a video on afrokeeper


No. 895923

Carolin admits that her channel is a drama channel, cries about getting hate even though she posts drama, and cries because her shitty book on Amazon got bad reviews, the reason she took it off. She plans on selling it again later.

No. 896038

Shes a bit late, its all really old news

No. 896152

File: 1574360210248.jpeg (224.32 KB, 750x974, 40C98940-AFFF-4014-AE85-4CF881…)

“ItS aNiMaL aBuSe”
Smokes weed around animals anyway(self post)

No. 896253

File: 1574372074478.jpg (535.22 KB, 810x2108, ahkresponse.jpg)

that's cause it's a reupload from a few months ago. he privacy complained and got the original video taken down and also tried it with this one. he wrote a whiny comment about it on instagram, the victim complex is real

No. 896320

So I don’t know much about birds but are their beaks overgrown? They look off.

No. 896833

Hyacinth beaks look like that

No. 897713

File: 1574703046329.png (660.4 KB, 1340x1090, Capture _2019-11-25-09-26-19.p…)

I dont understand this emma and her wanting to get purebred animals?

No. 897714

File: 1574703101852.png (455.76 KB, 1372x1919, Capture _2019-11-25-09-27-02.p…)

Picture dump of her complaing when people called her out.

No. 897715

File: 1574703169749.png (514.11 KB, 1343x2162, Capture _2019-11-25-09-27-33.p…)

There is no excuse for a person who raises 80+ animals to be nervous over a dog. This excuse is shit.

No. 897718

File: 1574703300474.png (624.84 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-11-25-09-28-06.p…)

Last one. Im done with the pet community. Go help at a cat/dog sanctuary. Find a mentor thats not to do with breeders.

No. 897779


There’s nothing wrong with going to a reputable breeder for an animal

No. 897790

>brand new dog owner
>insists on getting designer breed from a breeder bc of dumb aesthetic choices
>disregarding the fact that all purebreds come with fucked up genetics from inbreeding because lOoK hoW cUtE

fucking retards like these are exactly why there are so many fucking designer dogs that get abandoned. they don’t know the first goddamn thing about the animal and never owned one in their life but insist on PURCHASING a fucked up designer breed and 50/50 shot of abandoning it for a new cuter smaller one instead of just learning the old fashioned way with a regular dog. there’s literally millions of animals waiting for foster and forever homes. stop being fucking selfish on top of being 100% inexperienced.

No. 897814

Uhhh…what? There's literally nothing wrong with getting a dog from a reputable, humane breeder. Especially for your first dog. A rescue can have all kinds of unknown issues. May be bred poorly and have health issues, behavior issues, phobias that might not be known to the rescue and therefore won't be known to the new owner, there's so many reasons to "shop" rather than adopt. Adoption is NOT always the option. Emma wanting to purchase a dog for her first dog is fine. She's doing it the right way. Also, if you get a dog from a shelter, and something happens to you/you need to give up the dog, the dog could go back to the shelter/end up in a different shelter. With good breeders, they will take the dog back from you. They offer a lifetime of support. Most rescues can't do that.

No. 897830

Lmao thank you. Adoption isn’t right for everyone get over it

No. 897847

Not the brightest bulb in the box, are we? Designer dogs from “reputable” breeders rarely get abandoned. If anything is causing her anxiety, it’s the fact that she’s spending $3500 on a puppy! Thank goodness she has another job because I would put money on her YouTube revenue to be under $1500/month. And she just moved across the country and doesn’t live rent free in daddy’s house anymore!

No. 897871

Is a Samoyed a designer breed?

No. 897922

What determines designer breed. A $3500 price tag seems like one to me.

No. 897932

a designer breed is a cross breed between 2 pure bred dogs. Doodles for example are considered “designer breeds” in reality they are just mutts but people call them designer so they can be sold for a high price. So no, a Samoyed is not a designer breed. Educate yourself before trying to call out other people on a topic you clearly know nothing about

No. 897935

No, they're primitive working dogs from Siberia. If she owns a big backyard it's a good choice, they're easy to train and friendly with other animals but need a lot of exercise and prefer to be outdoors.
Price tag is like for a champions bloodline. No idea what are rules for Samoyed awards, for other shepherd breeds it's a test of their intelligence and trainability. I'd expect extremelly intelligent and patient dog.

No. 898139

Seems like that person has no idea what a non rescue dog costs lol I knew there would be at least 50% of people that would be up in arms about this, seems like she really thought about what breed she would want instead of just picking the first cute puppy at the shelter to appease the masses, can’t make everyone happy but I personally will be happy as long as she never gives her dog up.

No. 898184


What I don't understand is why she's getting a dog in the first place. She has accumulated a lot of pets this year, even in the past few months. She buys a lot and then seems to not even take the time to enjoy spending time with them before she gets something else. She has been talking about upgrading her gecko enclosures for a while, but hasn't done so, even though they are obviously in small enclosures. At least the leachianus gecko seems too big for its enclosure.

Also, it surprises me that no one posted about her tweets about her period issues. She tweeted that she has been too sick to even go downstairs and feed the cat, so she called her boyfriend to come home from work.. Seems like a very healthy situation to collect as many animals as she has, and then she's getting a dog.. There is no slacking off with dogs.

Honestly, I'm just totally concerned for her and her animals at this point

No. 898403


Agreed. And especially such high maintenance and highly social animals. And if she can’t take care of her animals regularly that is definitely a huge red flag and reminds me a lot of TND. Honestly I stopped watching Emma because there’s hardly any updates on pets- it’s just constant room tours, pet feedings, and meet my new pet videos. Is anyone even sure if she still has the bunnies since she moved?

No. 898536

Idk how adoption in the US works but I doubt someone with 80+ pets would be fine to just take home a dog?

Not to say she's wrong to shop in this case but if she is ill often or busy, a high energy dog was probably not a good choice.

No. 898691

Emma lives in Canada

No. 898718

In the US and Canada, a lot of dog breeders will sell a dog to pretty much anyone. Shelters/rescues can be a bit more strict depending on the area, which may be why she’s buying from a breeder instead of adopting from a shelter

No. 898811

at least in canada, humane societies and pounds will ask you a lot of questions before you’re allowed to adopt. it’s so they can keep animals out of hoarding or neglectful situations.

No. 898914

Exactly. I’ve worked with a lot of rescues and no chance in HELL any of them would adopt a dog out to her. We’re primarily concerned with free roaming animals, and she already has three rabbits, JUST got her first cat, and has never owned a dog!! That is irresponsible, because research does not replace actual experience with the species. She hasn’t showed the rabbits in the new house at all, though, so I seriously wonder where they are. She probably got tired, because rabbits are a lot to bond with, so a dog and cat it is!!

No. 899208

So Emzotic has tweeted that she's releasing a book about her "personal struggles and disorders". (No idea how to screenshot on the PC). Slight tinfoil perhaps, but it kinda explains why she's been so vague all these weeks about her home life - she wants garner interest and get people to buy her book rather than offer a video that would explain everything. Surely adsense would pay more than the books?

No. 899257

ill bet $5 and some pocket lint that she briefly mentions her mass trollposting here on LC and frames it as an “i was in such a dark place uwu i don’t even know why i did it” instead of the honest truth which is that she’s a jealous, bitter cunt who’s never going to live up to the identity she pretends to have, and she found solace in trashing everyone here, especially people she pretended to be friends with.

No. 900783

Did anyone else see CVPs bird "break" it's wing?

Her incompetence could have cost Hope his ability to fly or his life. She didn't secure a stand properly & it fell on him, and she has the nerve to scream that vets are psychopaths?

No. 900914

File: 1575366037980.jpg (127.69 KB, 1080x485, IMG_20191203_113933.jpg)

Do as I say but not as I do.

No. 901175

What the fuck. "I only fed my dog a little bit of poison!"

No. 902796

File: 1575685127477.jpg (705.3 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191206-191542.jpg)

She's a fairly new YouTuber, but please do not hold your venomous snake this close to your face. I had worries when she first mentioned getting a venomous snake, because she anthropomorphises her ball pythons and thinks they love each other/her. Malaysian mangrove snakes are not deadly, but any venomous snake should be handled carefully.

No. 902967

Inb4 the next video is “my venomous snake almost took my life” with a thumbnail of her in the ER and the snake photoshopped over her. At least her bps that are “friends” and “love each other” can’t hurt her seriously.

No. 902993

I hate that this woman still has fans after her self posting was discovered. She shouldn’t even have animals. Seriously feeding your dogs Oreos? Why?! Just give them a bit of cheese or peanut butter if you want to treat them, smh.

No. 903007

Speaking of Emma her chameleons, especially her parsons are all in really small enclosures and shes completely out of space to upgrade (her upgrade plans for her Parsons are far far below minimum btw) Shes getting a dog, a puppy that needs a lot of time, but hardly has the time to spend with her rabbits or any other animals besides the basics. Shes still accumulating reptiles and working a full time job now. Nothing good will come of this

No. 903279

Honestly anons are really nitpicking over this. A lot of people feed their dogs chocolate as a 'treat' (it's dumb but there you are) and some irrelevant YouTuber won't make a huge difference.

No. 903318

I dont know who the fuck you hang out with, but I don't know a single person who would willingly give their dog chocolate, even a small bit as a "treat". While some may not know about the toxicity of some other foods like garlic, everyone knows chocolate is toxic to dogs. Giving it to them "as a treat" encourages them to eat something that's poisonous to them, and is flat out retarded.

No. 903377

So fucking weird you would WK for chocolate/emzotic?

No. 903410

Are we really going to derail a thread over chocolate?

People feed their dogs plenty of unhealthy shit.

No. 903635

I personally hate bringing up Emo because she loves the attention but how is bringing up her as feeding her animal something toxic, knowingly as a "animal educator" and then going, "hey but you guys don't do it, I know it's wrong but…blah..blah preach..preach" derailing? It's hypocrisy and bullshit.
It's about someone's animal care, from someone as preachy and fucking judgemental as Emo, people can call that out.

No. 903651

she literally tells people not to do it in that post, then says that she does it anyway
chocolate is 'unhealthy', its literally toxic, as em herself states

selfpost, prehaps?

No. 903676

Honestly Em is the biggest let down. The first few early videos of her I watched I was excited to see a pet tuber sharing a lot of interesting facts and really featuring the animal. But I always had this uncomfortable feeling about her so when I looked up mote it was so clear she is a toxic person. Even with all her justification behind her breeder dog, and taking him everywhere calling him a service dog etc when anyone who knows dogs can see he’s missing core parts of his training, and if she is aware of all the care that goes into a dog she’s clearly ignoring by feeding him these foods. We know other people feed their dogs junk but other people don’t also say “look at me for advice on animal care”

No. 905168

why does she keep moving? didnt she move to california, and now she is moving again where?

No. 905351

File: 1576278310678.jpg (484.35 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191214-005713_Ins…)

is she fucking retarded?? (and this comes from a person with autism) like how stupid must you be to spew shit like that. the day before yesterday i waited for an hour at the vets because they had an emergency call about a german shepherd, exclusively fed raw, that was throwing up and having diarrhea after his meal and they had to do a gastric lavage. let people choose the best choice for their animal for fucks sake(blog)

No. 905563


Wow, I love how she’s so smart that she knows more about animal nutrition than this lady’s vet. Especially when she’s had zero training! And what is up with all the pet tubers suddenly being obsessed with raw. I had a family member try it with their dog and it caused a ton of issues, including a nasty tapeworm infection. After talking to their vet, they learned some vets won’t even allow people who raw feed to come to their office because of the huge risk it puts on the staff and other animals who visit. It seems like it’s not a good idea to push this on all of their young, impressionable followers.

No. 905784

The sheer ignorance y’all have with raw is funny but sure use shit brands like hill and purina

No. 906170

Actually, raw can be very bad. Domesticated animals have trouble digesting it. They also don't have a lot of bacteria that the wild animals still have in their stomach and digestive track and are more susceptible to things like salmonella. That is without mentioning that most people that seem to go raw don't understand the nutritional needs of their animals. How much research do you think someone that impulse buys animals like crazy put into that? Cause vets spend how long going to school for it? There are four different vet clinics in my town. It's on their questionnaire when they see new patients, and I asked about it last time I went cause it seemed odd, and then, to see if it was really that bad, I called the other three. They won't see animals that are fed raw diets, because people attempt to do it without the knowledge and there are too many risks. Just because someone doesn't think raw is the best choice, by the way, doesn't mean they use those brands. I think that may be the ignorance talkin' there. Frankly, someone that has killed the number of pets she has shouldn't be giving someone advice. Plus…rudeness shouldn't be tolerated. There's enough dissension in pet communities without adding to that fire. Rude with a refusal to keep an open mind. A bad combination for those remaining pets of hers. Poor things.(stop)

No. 906204

These YouTubers would be far better promoting good commercial diets (which exist, just have to pay a bit extra for them) rather than diets that should include constant appointments with your vet (which the majority of people don't do) as well as being very careful with portions and nutrition.

At one point or another you're literally better off feeding your pet a shitty commercial diet.

No. 906442

Healthy dogs and cats very, very rarely actually get ill from Salmonella, and a lot of healthy dogs carry Salmonella in their digestive tract. It's not as big an issue with them.

People cause more issues in anthropomorphising their dogs.

No. 906615

File: 1576582795104.jpg (149.72 KB, 1200x900, 0z4r5f79pos21.jpg)

Why does every pettuber seem to be bad? Is it because most reptile keepers are like them, or is there some correlation with becoming popular, and a poor pet owner?

No. 906650

Because more animals/new pet videos make much more money than others do so gotta keep buying new pets to get more views! Then once you have 40 animals theres no way to care for them all
Also drama = views, so if you start posting pics of sick animals or how they have died, even more views
Its just a views = money game for them I think, the animals are just pawns in it

No. 906656

Why does she always insist throwing cage/hutch out rather than incorporating them in her makeover? The cage would have been completely fine as a litter box and base for the bunny. I'm also wondering why is she so opposed of bunnies going out ever like they couldn't handle it at all? I'm aware they can't adjust to live full time in a drastically different temperature but if it's not freezing and moist they are allright - even domestic rabbits were originally bred for fur and meat afterall. I just have so many questions about her decisions in her makeovers even though generally they do make improvements in the rabbits conditions. She just seems to have only one way of doing this and it's not always the overall best choice.

No. 906659

Samefagging, but forgot to point out her use of fruit as treat which is not actually a good idea at all. They should be strictly occasional and herbs and pellets does the job with most bunnies. Fruits and, for example, carrot have too much sugar for bunnies and can make them eat less important fibers (hay) which most likely killed the second rabbit. Idk if she just never adds it but a proper diet is a huge propblem within bunnies and should be more pointed out.

No. 906689

her thumbnails are toptier clickbait. I can't stand her holier-than-thou attitude.

No. 907330

Raw foods are fine so long as they are balanced, however feeding an unbalanced raw food is worse then feeding ANY balanced brand of kibble. My dogs are on a mix, wet/dry/raw/extra veggies cooked for them and the vet loves it. (He's pretty progressive).

I work in a petfood store that actually sends it's employees to nutrition based training (Not trained by reps for food companies, trained by different nutritionists, people with degrees in animal nutrition (dog and cat specifically) and so on.)

At this time in Canada the only 'balanced' raw I know of is BigCountryRaw dinners (green box). I would be leery of anyone making 'balanced' raw at home, as it would absolutely take supplementation.

No. 912198

Not sure if I can make it through Emzotic's "Why I Left" video, but here it is for interested farmers.

No. 912237

TLDR family issues along with moving and grinchy passing away and she was diagnosed with bipolar 2 and has been in a low depressive mood

No. 912248

It's not a very interesting video and it's all over the place. There's nothing much about her family or Danny, so just skip it if that's what you were hoping for. Here's a summary:

- Says she will probably delete this video soon, wants to start fresh in 2020 with lots of amazing and exciting content bla bla. More creature features, more collabs with other creators are coming. She wants to do high-budget investigative animal documentaries talking about "interesting topics around animal culture" every few months.
- Was diagnosed with bipolar II two years ago. She feels "really strong" lately but is nervous to talk about it; she's afraid other people will think she's "damaged." She gets a lot more hypomania than depressive episodes generally but has been in a big depressive episode for a few months.
- Her depressive episodes are triggered by traumatic events, and the last six months have been full of traumatic events for her.
- She moved. The place she was "renting until a couple of months ago" didn't work out because her landlords were shitty about maintenance and "more and more people were hanging around" which she didn't like. (Not sure what place she's talking about? I thought she and Danny owned the place they were living, with the basement full of mystery animals etc. Maybe I'm wrong.) Her "family" and the landlords had a lot of conflict and the tenancy ended very badly, so they moved in a hurry.
- Three of her four grandparents have died this year and she didn't "get to" go to any of the funerals. (Because of moving?)
- She wants to be more private about her family and relationship with Danny because people don't "need to know" everything. She feels too much pressure to show herself and Danny as being a "perfect couple" but she says they are not. That is literally all she says about Danny in this video.
- Grinchy died after their move. He was struggling a lot and "wasting" away. They are not sure what he died of. Says maybe the bacterias from her other animals or the habitat might have been the cause of his death because she assumes his immune system was compromised (though she says later that post-mortem tests didn't indicate any illnesses, so this sounds like conjecture).
- She feels guilty about his death as she was trying to rehome him to a zoo in Florida and didn't get to in time. She thought the winters in NJ were too harsh on him and he'd be better off somewhere that is warmer through more of the year, where he would have other birds to chill with. (She includes the screenshot of her rehoming message, which embarrassingly includes her saying that rehoming him is difficult because "hundreds of thousands of people" love him on Youtube.)
- She insists that Grinchy was very happy, attached to her, and well taken care of. She tried the hardest with him out of any animal she's ever had and loved him more than any other bird. She is still grieving him and feels guilty that she didn't rehome him sooner. She is crying throughout this section of the video. Says she wants to scatter Grinchy's ashes in Africa one day and use his "legacy" to teach more people about the plight of wild-caught birds.
- Her designer dog is napping near her she keeps trying to get him on camera to show him off. She is apparently taking him to VidCon.
- All of her other animals are "thriving." She is considering getting another ferret because her two current ferrets are getting older and she is afraid one will die and leave the other alone. Neither one of them is showing signs of illness or old age yet, this is just the reasoning she is providing for getting a third ferret.
- She is writing a book, which will be released around March 2020. Sounds like it'll be about her various experiences as an animal caretaker. She wants to do a book tour to meet more fans, both in the US and worldwide.
- Wants to start her own line of "pet products." Not very specific on this. Also wants to start a web space for her fans to hang out on. Not sure what kind of site she means.
- Hopes that people will be "kind" and not "rude" about the things she shared in this video. Says she can deal with rude comments if she has to.
- Says the pet community has had its ups and downs – "I would know laugh." (Hi Em.) Other pettubers have been really supportive to her lately and there are lots of amazing creators who are wonderful people, so she thinks the future of pettube is promising.

No. 912333

I wonder if her manic episode is what made her reveal herself on here.

As for Grinchy, didn't she get him a companion? If I remember this right, what's happening with that bird?

No. 912347

Right, what about the female kookaburra he got a few months back??

No. 912379

Grinchy was the little grey hornbill

No. 912605

Grinchy is the red billed horn bill. I think that bird is named babakook or something like that.

No. 912614

I get people are entitled to a certain level of privacy, even public figures, but I'm a still a bit annoyed she didn't address anything that happened with Danny. Like she deleted every trace of him on her socials for a while and kept posting passive aggressive things on her story about abusive relationships and "knowing your worth." We don't need every single detail of everything but SOMETHING would be nice considering their relationship was so public for so long and they have the lives of dozens of pets in their hands.

No. 912624

No. 912640

Again Carolin is going on about how vets kill your pets and saying you need to self-medicate your pets.

No. 912717

Their relationship 'isnt perfect' anon haha

No. 913889

File: 1578217135213.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, B95E74AC-D53B-435A-A1B7-46D476…)

Noooodlefarm from Instagram

This is the actual dumbest most irresponsible shit I’ve seen.. this chick is an attention whore who clearly has no true regard for her animals safety. Her posts have been overall kind of fine, albeit still attention craving and annoying but this is insane. So many things could go so wrong here for her animals, not even just to her retard self.

No. 913890

File: 1578217341378.jpeg (50.28 KB, 602x504, dunn.jpeg)

Wow, so you mean to tell me that people who get their undergrad + vet school + required courses to specialize on avian medicine don't know as much as you? Carolin, you've almost killed your birds SO many times. Why do these pet tubers always believe their basic knowledge somehow puts them on expert levels?

No. 913974

She definitely should not be breeding her snakes, wow. And those animals are new and should be in quarantine. She's an idiot.

No. 913975

Her most recent photo is her with a spider on her face, which is definitely not okay. Tarantulas should be minimally handled, and definitely not put on your face. If it fell, it would die.

No. 914311

Her video needs more exposure simply because KIDS are saying 'I won't ever take my pet to the vet'

May not be a big deal now but once they grow up and remember some psycho saying that shit, it will be their decision to take that animal to the vet

No. 915071

File: 1578457445189.png (430.37 KB, 760x436, Screenshot_20200107-212148.png)

Ants Canada keeping a tarantula in a tiny cage. Like seriously it takes up a third of the cage

No. 915099

Found this guy through reccomended vids, Jacob Feder. He claims to perform a lot of "rescues", including a guinea pig in a Pet Smart dumpster, a baby bird that ran into a window, a rabbit from his grandmas, a bird in a PetSmart parking lot, rainbow turtles in a plastic bag, and a pregnant dog tied to a dumpster in the last 4 months.

He says in the vid that the rabbit died within a day and a half of him getting it. Generally acts like an obnoxious youtuber the entire time and asks the viewers to leave a comment saying what they think he died of. The parking lot bird's first vid was posted Oct. 6th and he announced the death Oct. 13th.

He has a series called catch and cook, where he eats what he claims to be wild caught animals.

He promotes a place called the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, which has baby lions and jaguars. It seems like a pretty sketchy place, and some of the results claimed the owner is a drug kingpin? Not sure how credible that is yet.

There's a lot to look into here still – Jacob links his Instagram and his Tiktok in the description of every video.

No. 915177

A simple google search would have discovered how serious the situation with the poor bunny was when he first got it. And that "cage"… No hay, new pellets and no room to move is a big factor too. Why not research even the basic needs of an animal you are getting.

No. 915251

odds on him just buying a pet then sticking it in a dumpster for views

No. 915540

Lennon The Bunny can be obnoxious at times (this >>906656 for example)
but, I'll give her credit for this video response. She points out everything wrong with the way he handled the rabbit and questioned why he didn't take it to the vet immediately if he seriously thought the rabbit was sick.

No. 916852

Imagine duck facing in 2019

No. 918349

Found an interesting post on reddit about Kristen Leanne and the neglect of her pets. It’s already has over 2k upvotes. I wonder if she’ll read it. A lot of people are pissed and boycotting her brand. https://www.reddit.com/r/BeautyGuruChatter/comments/eolppa/we_need_to_talk_about_kristen_leanne/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

No. 918956

File: 1579159524354.jpeg (119.48 KB, 750x778, 1A4D9A1A-D573-4EAC-8E36-E45436…)

Because the best way to get attention online is anonymous forums.

No. 919118

I keep away from these threads/videos since I hate to see animals get hurt, but even that image of the poor bun clutched right at its soft belly. It seems obvious he was neglectful. RIP to that bunny.

No. 919125

interesting comment in the thread about her being in court for child neglect.

No. 919452

I know shes not a pettuber but this video pissed me off so bad. She brings her new cat in with no warning to her dogs, in a small room with no space on the ground, the cat freaks and slashes at her causing her to hurl it at her dog and they all freak out. Did I mention all the dog shit everywhere? And then she says she'll get rid of her two dogs because they're too much work for her despite how clearly attached they are. In the end she does an introduction in the area the cat has been kept in (not neutral territory) before giving up and waiting for her boyfriend to come home and help.

"I probably should have googled how to introduce a cat to a dog" you think??? And this idiot had almost 3.5mil subs watching this shitshow. Ugh.

No. 919464

This shit doesn't surprise me. I used to watch her when she barely had any subs and now she's let all that Youtube money go to her head.

She actually compared herself to Nicki Minaj on Instagram not long ago, talking about how people can't understand "people like us" who have money, after she bought three of her friends "expensive" cars. Please.

Those poor dogs are better off without her, and I'm sure they'll find a way better home. One that doesn't have shit all over the carpet.

No. 919631

everyone in the comments thinks its hilarious, jesus christ
also why dye your dog neon pink? it looks beyond stupid

No. 919706

Can you post the comment and not just reference it?

No. 920598

File: 1579477658557.png (156.58 KB, 750x1334, 49E29724-250D-4641-BD5F-242B6D…)

Everyone should read the reddit thread and upvote it. There is information about her animal abuse that isn’t even recorded on lolcow. She can’t even pay for her pet bills while buying gucci

No. 920870

File: 1579535710945.jpg (402.9 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20200119-112009__01…)

She definitely does not need a special needs Savannah….I'm glad the Savannah has a home, but she seems to be getting a new animal every couple weeks

No. 921200

File: 1579582487654.jpeg (227.22 KB, 750x1207, 0EE74CE7-8E8E-47C7-9CA9-DF1134…)

Someone is acting like Taylor (making your parents care for your pets then calling them out on social media for what they do wrong)

No. 921484

Two months?! Damn, my parents would be like fuck off don’t adopt a pet if you have to leave them for 60 fuckin days!

No. 921688

File: 1579668725846.jpg (821.83 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200121-215030.jpg)

Stress doesn't equal calm and happy. New animals should be left alone for at least. Week, not have their head stroked and be held for selfies

No. 921816

Carolin accuses another pwt tuber of killing his bird. In the comments she mentions she doesn't treat her birds like birds, but like family. Completely throwing what Bird Tricks taught her out the window, says she gives "butt rubs" to her birds (sexually molesting them)

No. 921817

File: 1579702875788.png (46.99 KB, 1308x330, Screenshot_2020-01-22 HOW TAYL…)

No. 921819

'ignoring the urge' really makes it sound like she knows she molesting them, jesus christ

No. 921820

File: 1579704378075.png (16.22 KB, 1246x100, Screenshot_2020-01-22 HOW TAYL…)

No. 922400

video summary:
The parrot (Toruk) has a bacterial infection and plucks, crazy Carolin reacts by stating the vet is wrong and that the bird is neglected, has a broken heart due to lack of love and is afraid of its owner, all while consistently misspelling the animals name lmao. She also insists she does not want to create drama right after insisting her stupid channel is a drama channel. Apparently she also starts crying in the video but I refuse to watch it completely.

The guy reacted to her in his last video, calls her Carolin von Psychopath / the Lady with the bad haircut lmfao.

No. 922405

Does he not know birds can masturbate on their own? They don't need aid.

No. 922412

And she disabled comments because everyone was calling her out. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 922489

Never thought I'd read a post about people molesting birds on lolcow, yet here we are.

No. 922592

seriously, what the fuck is happening here kek

No. 923137

bird molestation apparently

No. 924451

Basic biology would tell you that birds have a cloaca, which is one hole used for everything. (Same thing for fish) So she’s not really rubbing just her birds ass but also it’s genitals. Fuckin disgusting for a “bird advocate” to be doing.

No. 925368

File: 1580290991082.jpeg (85.81 KB, 750x926, 8A45C932-9E3C-47C1-A4D1-426F7B…)

Someone quoted this guy’s thread on the #taylornicoledean twitter hashtag. The person on tik tok is young_rari and her animals look awful.

No. 925370

would you mind posting pics of the animals?

No. 925402

Life must be a confusing hell for those animals. Is there a pond area of the tank that the poor goldfish is in?

No. 925505

File: 1580323197722.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, C1C8B3E7-4E7A-4D4B-835D-B98419…)

I’ll start with enclosure shots. Not sure if the fish is in the travel container or stream area. I don’t have tik tok, but this video was posted on Twitter. She is discussing all the vines for her new chameleon to climb on.

No. 925507

File: 1580323259697.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 73CB2B52-3939-4CCC-A141-51DBE7…)

Other half of the enclosure. You can see the chameleon hiding in the top corner.

No. 925508

File: 1580323331353.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, F416303D-8DF6-41CF-AAFA-3DEAD4…)

The chameleon. I believe he is a new pet. Seems stressed to me.

No. 925510

File: 1580323404708.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, E3D13C37-926A-4AFF-A5E6-A99A8E…)

I don’t know much about salamanders, but this seems like A LOT in one enclosure.

No. 925512

File: 1580323454738.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, E8815DB2-5A19-4FD3-84AF-D4E273…)

Disgusting on so many levels.

No. 925515

File: 1580323579650.png (961.71 KB, 750x1334, 405B7BC5-1FBA-4DC6-897E-05B425…)

As a rabbit owner, this salad is horrific. Usually, you’d at least show your best salad on social media, and I am praying it doesn’t get worse than this. The only proper nutrition is in the three spinach leafs.

No. 925528

There needs to be an intervention, these people look like 17 at the most. Who are these parents letting them get all these animals for the lols?

No. 925615

File: 1580335326871.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, D727CEBF-A6D5-492A-A9A4-B92872…)

Watching again, it appears to be 4-5 goldfish in there.

No. 925712

Somethings really wrong with it’s lip area what the hell

No. 926369

File: 1580497111882.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x3464, 6A13D396-81D6-4AFD-AA6A-59CDE8…)

Someone needs to take these rats away from her.(stop it maria)

No. 926379

what in the actual fuck, how fuckd in the head does one have to be to do this!!!

No. 926380

that can easily lead to a URI which can kill that rat

No. 926402

File: 1580501527559.jpg (454.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200131-131223.jpg)

Does she not know how to use Google? It says right here that they don't recommend using their dye on animals that frequently groom themselves.

No. 926497

Holy fuck, I had no idea Kristen Leannimal was this horrid. She was one of the last pet channels I could stomach watching. Guess I won’t be doing that anymore. I feel a whole fool right now.

No. 928207

File: 1580850084370.jpeg (88 KB, 828x227, 774899F6-3AE1-4593-A577-A75CF4…)

> apologizes for taking her book off the market
> new edition of the BEST BEST SELLER lmao
> the whole free fly community loves it
> the bird community loves it
> everybody loves it
> delusions about selling 2000 copies in a month

This woman is really something else lol

No. 928495

File: 1580927944545.jpg (17.88 KB, 526x169, 84859559_3607604182647988_5237…)

Noooodlefam is absolute cancer and i just found out about it yesterday from my friend who called her out. She calls herself a venomous keeper when she has a boiga dendrophilia melanota (mangrove snake, which is REAR FANGED), has "venomous keeper" in her bio, fucks with the snake all the time and handles it like a ball python, and literally said she would freehandle a rattlesnake if she liked it's temperament. this is a screenshot someone got her from personal account

No. 928754

She 100% anthropomorphises her animals. She just got a Savannah monitor and thinks it's super calm because it trusts her. That animal is probably too cold, and also stressed. Savannah monitors aren't typically "calm" when they're kept properly. She also thinks her ball python knows it's babies, and that her snakes know each other and love her. She's a fool and should not be keeping reptiles, let alone venomous ones. Just the other day she irritated her boiga into a striking fit, and then proceeded to handle him more later that day. She is why I think there needs to be stricter laws on venomous snakes, even if they're rear fanged.

No. 928808

She is literally the dumbest most braindead bimbo reptile keeper, she makes me cringe so hard.

No. 929707

Credible hot keepers will take protocols to avoid stressing out their animals at all costs and avoid incident. She does the exact opposite. On the bright side no one with any form of common sense or credibility that works with hots will ever take her seriously. She will forever be a joke and living in her own bubble much like TND

No. 931739

File: 1581612896771.jpg (178.95 KB, 1125x1124, IMG_20200213_185414.jpg)

Emma just posted this

No. 931740

>>931739 sorry i mean emzotic

No. 931742

File: 1581613598601.png (708.96 KB, 750x1334, 58548F6E-14D7-40DA-9315-6E16BC…)

Those tinfoils were right.

No. 931743

Dude how did you pose this the second she posted this… she posted it 13 mins ago and so did you. I’m what ??

No. 931746

I’m tinfoiling your em. Because I thought I found the post early. It’s insane you found the post and posted it less than a minute, when she posted it herself. Like the same exact time.

No. 931752

Hey Em

No. 931755

Anons I just saw it super early and posted it immediately.

No. 931767

Tinfoil but by mentioning courts and intervention services you think he was getting physically abusive with her? She’s been awfully quiet about it, which is honestly much more believable than TNDs cry for attention.

No. 931771

File: 1581618349410.png (411.4 KB, 828x1792, BD0D15E7-6E86-40ED-AC7C-A0C4A6…)

There’s more to this post but here’s Danny’s side of the story(subjectfag)

No. 931773

File: 1581618550485.png (410.62 KB, 828x1792, 475038E2-6B26-45F9-A6A4-8F6E9A…)

No. 931786

Man what is up with these petttubers and their cries of abuse, first TND now Em? It’s her word against his but his story seems more credible seeing as Em is pretty much silent, also tinfoil but I think she used him for the visa and as soon as he went to back out she panicked. Kind of gross to get the police involved when the kids were around, especially if this is all fake.

No. 931787

Hahaha em is so fucked. I like how Taylor came out with abuse and em just tries to copy her with putting someone Innocent under the bus. She could have ruined his life all for a visa. So fucked up it’s a new low for em. She is worst then em back in pet fest days

No. 931791

I’m confused why they got in trouble, I thought they followed the rules

No. 931792

Lmao I bet he’s glad he got matching tattoos with her now,. Also this is worse than Taylor imo, Danny is a father and as far as we know, innocent, JC at least is a scumbag who doesn’t take care of the kid he already has.

No. 931799

File: 1581622515772.jpeg (111.36 KB, 1242x752, C0F91627-65E3-446E-A599-D00189…)

Hinting at a lawsuit.

No. 931801

File: 1581622659250.png (349.21 KB, 828x1792, F955EB7F-B99A-4DA9-AFA6-1E1369…)

Sorry image didn’t post, more to what he posted

No. 931802

File: 1581622686163.jpeg (603.95 KB, 1807x1355, B645BB1F-1DB1-44D0-A7B8-CB6E8E…)

No. 931804

File: 1581623058809.jpeg (952.67 KB, 1242x1889, 250B99DD-E726-4B6C-ACDD-A7245E…)

She got physical with him apparently. Wow emtoxic is worse than I thought.

No. 931805

File: 1581623082727.png (6.8 MB, 1242x2688, 0A4AC8E2-1FFF-4691-99E3-CA89A3…)

No. 931807

File: 1581623605569.jpeg (610.55 KB, 1242x1448, 8DB5F6D9-72ED-47A2-9421-155DA9…)

No. 931809

File: 1581624089609.jpeg (863.05 KB, 1242x1701, 34616C7D-9B75-41BC-9467-71A2A4…)

So much tea, this is just sad.

No. 931811

File: 1581624126059.jpeg (282.47 KB, 1242x588, 78466891-6931-4A40-92F9-411293…)

No. 931816

I’m not sure how to share videos here but Em posted the audio to her Facebook.

No. 931820

Wow, I feel so bad for Danny and his children. I thought that emzotic was trying to be better after she was exposed for posting on here since she was pretty quite afterwards, but it seems like she just poured her toxicity into her personal life. She really hasn’t changed

No. 931830

Can you link her fb? Is it private because I can’t find it

No. 931833

Em is sooo disgusting. Faking abuse makes me sick.

No. 931838

download and convert to webm, anon.

No. 931841

File: 1581629168686.jpeg (977.5 KB, 3464x3464, F6CAACB4-861D-4418-AC88-4BCCF8…)

Idk how to pull the link off the app but here’s some screenshots

No. 931842

does anyone know if em is still unmedicated?

No. 931844

File: 1581629473731.webm (162.13 KB, 186x400, 86373076_194191308451422_79334…)

heres the audio

No. 931845

File: 1581629579531.webm (652.91 KB, 184x400, 86646223_203618150785362_48689…)

No. 931846

Why the hell did I get banned for talking about em? And yeah ban be again for circumventing it on another device idc I’m on topic there was no reason for it.(maria ban evading)

No. 931848

Danny says she’s untreated in a post on Facebook, she’s not documented and has no right to free health care it’s be hard to get medicated.

No. 931849

“I won’t speak about it, but here’s some vague posts and discredited evidence that will manipulate my viewers in believing my narrative”
Emtoxic is back, guys

No. 931850

damn why the fuck would she move from the UK to to there then? surely going unmedicated is a recipe for disaster.

one thing I'm glad of is that the basement full of animals is no more. wonder if em got any of the animals they had?

No. 931853

I’m just here to talk about em but okay whatever then

No. 931855

Seems like she wanted to live here and use him for a visa, tinfoil but that’s how it seems

No. 931860

I was the one providing screenshots, have fun gathering them on your own then. She’s running her mouth in Twitter replies, I’d share but I’m going to be banned again.

No. 931861

Seeing as she just deleted all her posts about the situation and acting like everything is peachy with heart emojis, I’d say yes, she’s unmedicated

No. 931863

File: 1581632595578.png (195.82 KB, 1080x1285, Screenshot_20200214-002230.png)

are you baiting or has she deleted everything? that's the only thing I see

No. 931864

File: 1581632966846.png (277.27 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20200214-003015.png)

No. 931865

File: 1581633249000.png (232.87 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20200214-003454.png)

No. 931867

File: 1581633339216.png (230.7 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20200214-003627.png)

No. 931868

Oh my god she is the one who is a bully and known for being a backstabbing friend. The court is in his favor. He didn’t do any crimes.

No. 931870

File: 1581633780284.png (233.01 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20200214-004315.png)

she sounds mentally unhinged… unsurprisingly

No. 931876

Let’s look at emtoxic’s track record:
-made dozens of abusive posts about Taylor, her PetTube friends, and herself on here for months.
-The only reason she stopped bullying them was because she was exposed
-regularly posts the images of her first ferret with blood smeared on its nose to memorialize her miscarriage
-would make posts demonizing ex-bfs while comparing how well Danny treats her (ex: White Castle story)
-admits in her last video that she has been mentally unstable to the point she has not been able to post regularly on youtube for the past couple months
-says she’s not going to talk about it, but name drops DASI and the courts to manipulate her young audience
Danny has receipts whiles Em just has her designer dog

No. 931877

File: 1581635354056.png (155.29 KB, 750x1334, 1CB74D2C-9235-4D89-891E-170251…)

fuck her

No. 931882

File: 1581636141158.png (217.47 KB, 750x1334, 3E2B091D-A288-4AE9-96D0-282605…)

she is lying but okay. She has been going off on her twitter but I don’t want to spam.

No. 931886

File: 1581637095889.png (219.23 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20200214-013608.png)

nice projection there. are YOU enjoying this, em?

No. 931897

File: 1581638441766.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x2688, 7C709FAD-87FC-44EE-BDA3-CF2C50…)

Really Em? Is this really the best time to be promoting your book?
Imagine faking domestic violence so you could sell something to your underaged audience. Fuck her

No. 931903

Wouldn’t be surprised if shit like this was one of her main motivations to write a book. Woman is a raging narcissist

No. 931948

if this was right after all the domestic abuse shit thats hhaunting
going from 'my life is in danger and im scared' to 'uwu boss babe book #omg' feels very very off

No. 931964

Emzotic posted it a few hours after her DASI/superior court post on Instagram. She’s despicable.

No. 932004


I read on Danny’s Facebook the book is about her journey being bipolar

No. 932034

File: 1581688560045.png (676.89 KB, 828x1792, E0463DE7-7F06-4FB7-950E-C16823…)

Claims all animals were his except the few he listed, so looks like almost all of the animals are gone from the house.

No. 932044

File: 1581692134893.jpeg (162.51 KB, 828x670, C8A33E3A-21DE-4006-8E53-744255…)

I combed through all the comments and one of her claims was him watching horror movies was mental torture despite the fact she’s been in them?

No. 932045

File: 1581692235428.jpeg (229.84 KB, 828x937, C6F5278B-4621-45A4-80A8-D2A0C9…)

If all this is true I think Em might have honestly gone off the deep end.

No. 932046

File: 1581692332507.jpeg (2.39 MB, 2000x3000, 8C15DF3F-4548-4D49-B61C-F2E504…)

No. 932158

File: 1581709893554.png (60.91 KB, 656x547, Capture1.PNG)

wonder what the deleted tweet was

No. 932182

File: 1581713560874.jpeg (215.37 KB, 812x961, 3EF12A78-4A88-4269-AB1E-04EDC2…)

No idea what it was but here’s some sperg from earlier she deleted.

No. 932222

No, Emtoxic. We’re just not believing your manipulative bullshit

No. 932226

Her going off is only making Danny’s story more believable. Saying “he’s NOTHING without me” is so abusive and controlling, and something a narcissist says.

No. 932229

>you’re nothing without me
>you have nothing left
these things are not the same and don’t mean the same thing. em is crazy enough without you embellishing when we can literally read her words right there. tbh i think they’re both fucking insane, and they both are obviously seriously mentally ill or just fucked in the head. i

No. 932231

Umm, sorry to break it to you, but she did say that right here >>931877
Her repeating how he has nothing left is the only embellishment going on here. Take your the nitpicking elsewhere

No. 932237

good fucking god, she didn’t even say “you’re nothing without me” in that post either. you blatantly lying about screenshots we can all see and me correcting that isn’t nitpicking, it’s to prevent shit from getting twisted more than it already obviously is by both of these nutjobs.

No. 932246

Both of her tweets have the same exact implication. Just because she didn’t say it verbatim does not make it less abusive nor take away the implication that he has nothing because she’s no longer with him. But have fun policing their situation

No. 932267

File: 1581727096527.png (778.92 KB, 640x1314, D6E1FD36-D4EF-4248-838F-B4B0CE…)

Derailing from the em stuff for a moment, apparently SolidGold sold all of her equipment a couple of months ago with no official update? Anyone have any more info on this? I know she had struggles with her health but it seems odd she hasn’t addressed this at all so I hope she’s doing okay

No. 932274

oof that actually makes me sad, she was putting so much effort into building the animal room. looks like she's quitting pettube altogether then

No. 932314

So she raised all this money to buy all this stuff for her channel and now she’s going to sell it and keep the money, and disappear from the pettube world. I love her and her channel but what the heck

No. 932723


What does he say about AA after she talks about the woman being his sponsor?

Also, wasn't there a period where they were clearly together then went on a 'break' before getting back together? Unless she also fabricated that obviously

No. 932836


from my understanding he yells "it's alcoholic fucking anonymous" as in "I couldn't tell you I was talking to her about drinking because that would break the confidentiality of an anonymous support group".

The clip doesn't reveal much context either. It might not even be Danny who was the one looking for support for drinking.

He might just have been contacted by his female friend for some advice with AA or whatever, and it would still make it a big no no to reveal that to anyone else.

When I first heard the clip it did sound nasty, but I got stuck thinking about it for a while and what was said in it could have been many different things depending on context.

No. 932999

That + if you were woken up at 2am by Emtoxic going batshit over simply taking to a human of the opposite sex you’d probably start screaming to get away from you too. It’s not like he was caught cheating, which I would understand a drastic reaction but… just talking to a female friend?? That already shows how manipulative, creepy and toxic she is to be keeping tabs on everything he’s doing during his sleep. Jesus.

The only thing about that clip I do wonder is the kids. He says they never saw them argue but if that’s true that must have been hard for them to wake up in the middle of the night hearing their parents scream at the top of their lungs at one another.

No. 933001

Yeah snooping through your partners devices and accounts is toxic as shit. It’s quite possible the kids were with their actual mother when this happened maybe, who knows. Hopefully.

No. 933084

Yeah I read through all his comments on facebook and it looks like she tried to convince him he had a problem with alcohol so he was messaging a friend who was in AA to get advice. She went through his phone and freaked out when she saw the messages at 2 in the morning. Woke him up screaming and freaking out. He attempted to leave and go into the office when she wouldn’t listen or calm down. While in there he smashed a tripod against the chair before trying to calm back down.
She then followed and began again screaming and getting his face. He loses his cool and yells back for a minute or so. She used her hand to make it sound like he’s shoving her, which was disproven in court.
Then at the end as he tried to again calm the situation down she throws and hits him with a book leaving a bruise that was he submitted pictures of.

No. 933972

I realize I'm a week late, but I was going through old threads and remembered that she herself suggested this when she was posting anonymously in here summer before last.


So, even if it is a tin foil, she was the first to suggest it. kek.

No. 934689

File: 1582294176922.png (222.69 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_20200221-160919.png)

No. 934691

File: 1582294426193.png (296.34 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20200221-161215.png)

looks like em now only has the dog, ferrets and a couple of snakes and lizards.

No. 934826

File: 1582305315965.jpg (662.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200221-100356.jpg)

Nooooodlefam is an idiot. The tarantula community doesn't even really support handling new world tarantulas, it's stressful for them and not beneficial.

No. 934828

File: 1582305345017.jpg (779.89 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200221-100402.jpg)

No. 935097

File: 1582336643246.jpg (243.58 KB, 1080x1349, emzoticofficial_82498032_21893…)

No. 935099

File: 1582336715778.png (92.93 KB, 765x738, Annotation 2020-02-21 205610.p…)

good god i feel bad for kait

No. 935102

File: 1582336910015.png (1.38 MB, 1242x2688, 40E5E799-F9EB-490A-AAC8-4BF950…)

Emzotic’s social blaze rn. Oof

No. 935137

File: 1582340071650.jpeg (375.05 KB, 1118x1166, 2BC867DE-02A4-480A-9C47-0FEAEF…)

Here’s where she shipped her skunk off too, apparently Puddin has arthritis

No. 935138

File: 1582340106387.jpeg (1014.92 KB, 1125x1839, 42B3E623-CD35-4943-B48E-5209FB…)

Image that talks about arthritis (she was renamed when she got rehomed)

No. 935139

File: 1582340207323.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x2007, 44E19B8B-E5F1-4F29-B4E3-EEED1E…)

No. 935147

new names are sadly ironic considering they've both been de-scented. i know puddin was a rescue (allegedly), but she got moush from a breeder. pisses me off that she contributed to that by going out of her way to get a ~designer skunk~

No. 935512

Wow. I wonder how long her arthritis went unnoticed while under emzotics care. Thank god they are in good hands now.

No. 935516

>drama chasers
Like you Em, posting shit about your friends looks and weights on here?

No. 935620

She is not acting like someone who's been "abused" at all. In fact she's acting out in manic fashion. She says in her own videos how she doesn't even know when she's in the middle of an episode. Guess what, you're in the middle of one being happy go lucky one minute then apeshit angry the next. Not to mention all of the deleted tweets and insta posts. She's being shady AF and isn't fooling anyone.

No. 936030

File: 1582498814071.jpeg (246.21 KB, 750x1204, 4A1A4DC8-07A0-4B60-BC5C-D5FF3A…)

Didn’t see anyone post about noodlefam breeding her spider ball python…

No. 936161

She really ran off with the money! She didn't even have the courtesy to people who donated to give them warning that she was quitting.(selfpost)

No. 936186

File: 1582519082049.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2020-02-23-20-36-45.p…)

Well now this is some tea. She gave Daniel's pets away wow.

No. 936188

She responded to his post on her Instagram story as well.
I would post but i have no idea how to on mobile apologies.

No. 936190

File: 1582519622696.jpg (54.68 KB, 444x960, FB_IMG_1582519360112.jpg)

Picture dump I don't know if it's the right order or not but here's the conversation between Danny and the person who has the skunk

No. 936191

File: 1582519677373.jpg (57.81 KB, 444x960, FB_IMG_1582519422245.jpg)


No. 936192

File: 1582519707783.jpg (59.46 KB, 444x960, FB_IMG_1582519452030.jpg)


No. 936193

She honestly seems to be enjoying the drama on her story… and that last thing “there’s something I know about the skunks that you don’t know… the police and Danny both know too” like… she’s baiting everyone and acting fucking crazy. Idk if I believe that the skunks were taken without his permission yet, but I still think she’s being shady af. It is convenient Danny deleted himself saying he was happy the skunks were rehomed though. Both of them are being sketchy af

No. 936194

File: 1582520344786.jpeg (257.22 KB, 828x773, 15AEE87D-C67D-4E9C-B4AF-21CD82…)

Here’s a cap of Danny’s IG comments saying his “so happy comment” didn’t exist

No. 936195

File: 1582520431029.jpeg (93.23 KB, 828x418, 50A7C5F8-8507-41C1-AA72-D27D27…)

then immediately saying the “so happy” comment was sarcasm even though he said he never made it? They’re both liars

No. 936196

File: 1582520708889.jpeg (465.6 KB, 828x1576, 348218FD-EB05-41C0-9AC2-6E54D4…)

Here is the screenshot from Em’s story of Danny commenting that he was so happy on the post about the skunks being rehomed

No. 936208

File: 1582523690053.png (284.09 KB, 750x1334, 6DB9B84F-49E2-410C-9B25-52E84A…)

Family member claiming Emma killed Danny’s fishes.

No. 936209

File: 1582523815023.png (301.41 KB, 750x1334, 23B4A3B7-5593-4119-9323-81D7CF…)

Danny claiming Emma mistreated the ferrets.

I think they are both talking out their asses at this point, probably both incredibly vile toxic people, it’s like watching a contest of who can drop the most “hints” about what happened, tell people or shut up.

No. 936292

I wouldn't be surprised at ALL if emzotic's animal care hasn't been consistently good tbh. she seems to lead a pretty hectic life and has had some major depressive episodes in the past. I think she's even talked about in her videos how her animals were neglected during those times.
and while it maybe isn't abuse, smearing your ferret with your miscarriage blood is weird and unsettling.

she's clueless about fishkeeping but no ones that stupid… if it's true it had to be some weird psychotic revenge thing.

No. 936294

surprised he isn't claiming em left the comment from his device since she liked snooping through it. something fishy is def going on.
still weird for her to be rehoming his pets though.

No. 936332

File: 1582552646054.png (1.92 MB, 2194x960, danny.png)

here's the full conversation between danny and drmuccie that danny shared on fb.

No. 936334

File: 1582552901865.png (311.92 KB, 1086x607, Capture2345425.png)

ah the shitflinging. I'll have to admit I haven't been keeping up with emzotic, has she had any huge dieoffs recently like danny claims?

No. 936340

the only death she's publicly acknowledged is grinchy, the hornbill. And honestly that one didn't seem super suspicious, he was never very healthy and it seemed like she did her post and he got regular vet care. I don't really trust either of them, they both seem intent on destroying the other.

No. 936351

File: 1582555965395.webm (19.49 MB, 1920x1080, emzotic (3).webm)

here's em's response

No. 936354

the smiling and head movements come across so weirdly here, never seen a scared abuse victim act like this publically

No. 936375

>abuse victims don’t smile
oh good to know humans are entirely predictable binary beings that always act 100% rationally and according to plan, kek

this danny dude is obviously a manipulative piece of shit and also clearly at the very least emotionally abusive. so is em, but this dude is literally lying through his teeth and playing victim for something HE decided. fucking pathetic scrote.

No. 936378

Funny that how half audio is muffled when she's reading it.
And how do you figure that Daddy is liar this bitch is crazy I think this is EM try to defend yourself

No. 936425

you dont smile and act all smug like she does in this video, shes acting like a kid who just won a game

No. 936435

File: 1582566570034.jpg (390.09 KB, 965x1287, 20200224_124658.jpg)

This is probably a bit of an armchair since theres no way to tell Em is lying but there is something called "duping delight" which is when the person cant stop smiling while they are lying. Honestly that video looks more calculated than "not acting rationally kek". She is acting rationally to the point where she looks robotic and that's why it's so uncanny to watch.

We know Emzotic is capable of acting sweet and gentle outwardly while saying vile shit and spreading rumors about her friends / herself here. After saying Taylor Dean was ugly, dirty and botched she claimed it was for a social experiment and now comments on her posts with ~*uwu*~ positivity.

Pic attached is the kind of vile stuff Em used to say about HERSELF. This woman literally makes fun of her own miscarriage on an anon image board. Spoilered image was her own tweet she was making fun of. Em is calculated as fuck and crazy.

No. 936467

One dove? Isn't it bad to separate them?

No. 936480

Holy fuck, other anons are right, this comes across as point scoring / smug as fuck and does not paint her in a good light. Her receipts do not prove Danny agreed, just that he said nothing… which is weird, but tbh I wouldn't engage with that either.

What's with the dropping hints about there being something more 'wrong' with one of the skunks too?

No. 936536

I thought the skunk was a new edition to the collection? She was only shown two or three years ago and they went through a whole process to descent her and w/e?

I think both of them are shady and even if she lost the legal battle, I don't think that proves him as totally innocent.

No. 936560

At this point they both seem like absolute fucking psychopaths.

Neither of them seem to be acting in any way shape or form like an victim, Emma is claiming danny is aggressive and abusive and yet shes actively sassing him on her instagram story.

Danny claims to be heartbroken about the skunk, yet he never mentioned in the texts or in count. and that he says he had it for 6 years, yet it was 2016 when he posted that he had gotten it, he’s also throwing claims out that she killed his animals and mistreated her own a lot, surely SURELY if he is completely innocent as he claims to be, why would he sit back and watch animals die under her care.

No. 936576

Stop trying to make this a thing.

No. 936605

Why though? Isn’t breeding them terrible due to their health issues? Why aren’t we allowed to call her out for that?

No. 936618

Because thousands of people do it and it doesn't make her a cow?

No. 936646

Her house is currently up for sale, you can find the listing pretty easily. Pictures confirm that her tanks are completely empty. It’s really sad and I’m sure something significant must have happened for her to up and leave everything like that with no word. I find it hard to believe she’d abandon her whole ass house if she was just bored of the hobby and wanted to make some quick money.

No. 936658

I have a feeling the other two doves died. They aren’t mentioned at all when Em was texting Danny which animals he can/cannot take when he was going to come back to their martial house (weren’t those texts posted here? why were they deleted?)

No. 936670

File: 1582600782931.png (6.21 MB, 6456x1920, emzotic89733.png)

I don't think she kept a dove? the texts only say 2 ferrets, 2 snakes and a gargoyle gecko.

I don't think they ever were posted on their own, here you go.

No. 936672

File: 1582601487062.png (652.49 KB, 1165x678, Capture12234324.PNG)

looks like danny's lying about having the skunk for 6 years.

No. 936675

You know how YouTubers do they want to have new animals to get the viewers in maybe that was the first time they showed it on camera and that's why they said what they said. Because em was doing the same thing acting like his animals where hers and they were new

No. 936678

doesn't seem that likely though does it? but I mean you might be right.
anyway, people are going to town on danny's fb post >>936186 right now. someone is also pointing out that when em first showed puddin on her yt video in 2018, she said puddin was a little over a year old.

No. 936679

Or another tin foil is that he had the skunk longer but had to get a permit for it and couldn't post it until then. Because remember they had animals in that basement that they couldn't show us. I am wondering what animals those were. Also remember that cold front where all the animals died. I want to know what happened during that time. Like how many animals really died.

No. 936680

Ty anon.
So the doves obviously died. I wonder what happened to the second kookaburra.

No. 936693

File: 1582604449101.png (2.06 MB, 1393x1844, Capture _2020-02-24-20-20-13.p…)

Danny has him

No. 936702

I'm probably late but what happened to the kooka's beak?

No. 936712

He had two, a male and female. The female hasn’t been mentioned at all

No. 936720

File: 1582608662285.jpg (59.4 KB, 640x1351, FB_IMG_1582608647037.jpg)

No. 936724

Post from 2015 is relevant how? This was from sept, 2015 so still no where near the 6 year mark.

No. 936726

this is apparently a different skunk, a male.

No. 936727

File: 1582609876360.png (952.5 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20200225-075023.png)

here he is referring to it as him

No. 936733

She built the fish room and did exactly what she said she was going to do how exactly is that "scamming" people out of their money? Something happened bts that caused her to have to step away for a long time. She tried coming back but obviously whatever happened bts was too much for her to continue doing youtube. We don't know what happened, we do not have the right to demand to know what happened, and while yes it would be nice for her to make a video telling everyone she is no longer going to be doing youtube we are not entitled to a video. I'd say out of all the pet tubers Jennie most likely did the best thing by rehoming the animals she can't take care of and downsizing her life.

No. 936742

agreed. I'd like to hear from someone that actually donated tbh bc how do we even know she shafted them? for all we know she didn't.
didn't she also have some kind of special club subscription thing? I have a feeling she has been in communication with her ""patreons"".

nice selfpost btw. your tank looks like shit.

No. 936759

I agree her fish tank is nasty! Breeding fish doesn't excuse the glass to look like that.
Did she ever do a finished fish room video? If so do you know which one? I think that people think that when you donate to someone's Channel you get to dictate what and the type of content they put out. Especially people with bigger channels you see it a lot they change a camera setting and their subscribers in the comments complain so much. No one owes these people anything. Solid Gold has had health issues she downsized. She should have made a video as a courtesy to her supporters.(selfpost)

No. 936761

File: 1582615809089.jpg (330.91 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_2020-02-24_23-27-25.JPG)

It looks like to me she hasn't used her patreon since 2015. Plus her patreon was for her to sell her fish on they got priority picking. At least if you're going to talk about it know about her past history.

No. 936765

File: 1582616403599.png (142.54 KB, 1116x453, Capture.PNG)

I was talking about her solid gold membership thing, not her patreon. it includes a closed facebook group..

No. 936766

File: 1582617023507.png (1007.5 KB, 1021x680, Capture.PNG)

exactly, that'd be the weirdest money making scheme ever. crowdfunding her hobby maybe wasn't the best idea ever but I don't think she did it with bad intentions.

No. 936767

File: 1582617956428.jpg (731.19 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_2020-02-24_23-52-10.JPG)

it looks like she hasn't posted since 2019 she hasn't updated her calendar nor her website.>>936765 I would like to hope she kept these people in her group notified

I feel that some of the stuff she was selling was PR. she's making money off of free things. I think that was kind of smart instead of posting items for sale on Facebook that was given to her she had a garage sale and posted pictures of things she bought. all those Custom Cabinets and enclosures can't stay in the house if she's selling.
I still don't feel right about her fans donating to her Fish Room just to sell it and get out of the hobby not even a year in to the upgrade.
I can see how people may feel that that something hanky panky is going on.

No. 936773

File: 1582619110171.jpg (371.95 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_2020-02-25_00-17-09.JPG)

Sorry for my shit screen shots.
I did a little digging. Seen this post. I think she really ghosted everyone. Including her members.

No. 936774

sure, but I'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt until we know more. she's only human, I can think of plenty of reasons why she wouldn't want to deal with the internet anymore. you'd think she was a criminal mastermind if looked at the comments she's getting on her last video/fb post right now.
I mean crowdfunded projects failing isn't rare at all. and there's no reason to think she used the money for any other reason than to buy the supplies. someone educate me if it's required for a company selling crowdfunded items to reimburse those who donated.

I perused through the comments as well but it honestly seemed that the people flinging shit and freaking out about people getting scammed didn't even donate themselves.

No. 936777

File: 1582620275714.png (165.32 KB, 1350x846, Capture _2020-02-25-00-34-42.p…)

I found this on the FTC.
The 5 dollar thing was not included in her PayPal fund for her Fish Room. I think it is a gray area because she didn't have a tiered system. She didn't finish the fish room. Also she's selling items that the money donated money bought. She is selling for a profit. To be honest I'm wondering do they even pay taxes on that? I don't think it's illegal per se but I think it's tacky. It's up to the discretion of the donator to donate . unless we get more donators speaking about it. I think we're just all assuming at this point.

No. 936846

She did finish the fish/animal room though. All the tanks where in and she was getting all the animals to fill them. The only thing that never made it into the fish room was the 1000 gallon koi tank but she explained in her video where she came back from the first hiatus that because of whatever was going on bts she would no longer be adding it.

No. 936851

The donations where to help build the actual building, the tanks that went inside she either already owned or got for free from Custom Aquariums.

No. 936865

You guys she didn't finish the fish room where is the video of her saying it's done? I don't know. This is all sketchy. People even donated Dandy oranda for new fish for her.

No. 936871

Tried to watch but the mouth breathing, goddamn. I couldnt get past 30 seconds.

No. 936872

jfc cool off anon, you're getting offended on behalf of people who probably didn't even mind donating either way. she quit the hobby and closed down her company, shit happens in life. I'll believe she's a shitty person when I see more solid proof than someone vendetta posting on fb, no point in tinfoiling before that.
iirc the fishroom was finished aside of the koi tank idea she abandoned and maybe a terrarium or two.

No. 936874

Yeah, this mouth breather’s self posting is pretty obvious and advertising her YouTube in here is more cow like than anything solid gold got into.

No. 936875

Right? I don't know how she has that many subscribers. Her nasalness and that screeching she does. I could never. She sounds like a banshee. And her tank is disgustingly dirty!

No. 936877

You know this reminds me that most pettubers do that over here. We have Maria we have Em and Breez fat ass all got caught posting self posts. Or stirring the drama in the pet community. I got to give it to her at least she went on camera and say what she need to say. The others liked to hide anonymously or act like they are above all the drama.

No. 936920

All the animals in the text message exchange are the uncontested animals that they both must have agreed on.. the doves must have been a contested animal that they were fighting over in court hence why they weren’t mentioned in that text exchange.. on Danny’s initial Facebook post about the whole catastrophe he does state in a comment that Emzotic got the doves.

No. 936998

File: 1582670530775.jpg (700.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200225-172818_Ins…)

Kek she definitely saw this (either the original post or the screenshot here), she's made an instagram post of Dobby AND has a bunch of videos on her story of the ferrets running around out of their cage (to prove they get floor time). With her giant fucking designer dog standing right over them, of course. Definitely no opportunity for anything to go wrong there.

No. 937007

File: 1582671691417.jpeg (236.67 KB, 1080x1920, Resized_Screenshot_20200225-17…)

same anon as before-also on her story is a video of her feeding a rabbit treats. she's pretty careful not to show the full enclosure at any point but it…doesnt look that big. rabbits need A LOT of floor space to run around (the hutch has a second level to it but thats basically worthless for ground dwelling animals). it looks like the rabbit would be able to do 1 hop along the short side and maybe 2 or 3 hops along the long side. they should have enough room to do AT LEAST 4 hops. minimum. and the treats she's feeding "until you like me!!" are yogurt treats, which are also garbage for rabbits-you should NEVER feed them dairy. Hey Emma, since I know you still lurk here, you did Kait dirty exposing her shit rabbit care because you needed content for your story. But, hey, thanks for letting us know about it.

No. 937055

I haven't been able to keep up with em that well - she exhausts me more than tnd - but hasn't she always been suspiciously secretive about her enclosures? It always made me think it was because they were worse than tnd and others who get criticized here. Especially since she would mostly seem to show corners like this, from the little bit of her content I've seen

No. 937062

yeah that's pretty much been her MO. makes it even more obvious that she's doing it here too tbh

No. 937064

The doves aren’t with Em in Colorado though. They dead.

No. 937236

i didn’t know she had a rabbit ugh i fucking despise that. how hard is it to do research and give your animals adequate care? i know im beating a dead horse but jesus christ these people don’t know how to care for their animals. that cage looks gross too. i feel genuinely so sorry for all the animals these people get their hands on.

No. 937241

I don't think the rabbit it hers? I thought she stayed with someone rn.

No. 937363

File: 1582737139622.jpeg (171.47 KB, 1125x561, A6ACA7C4-86E3-4056-8DF9-BC3BC3…)

Em mentioned in the past that Kiba wasn’t neutered and apparently one of Kait’s dogs isn’t here can't wait for the “accidental” litter

No. 937589

had to have a reeee moment about Brian Barczyk spawning more irresponsible snaketubers. Chris Hardwick has been in the hobby all of 2 years, ispired by BHB, now runs his own breeding operation out of his home and posts videos basically daily where he just talks about snakes posted on morphmarket.

This weekend he took his beloved 'mascot' snake Bobby TO A REPTILE EXPO letting strangers hold it, of course after they handle every other breeders snakes. Over/under on:
- Bobby being in the 1% of ball pythons to contract IBD, a highly contagious, lethal virus carried by boa constrictors
- Chris not quarantining Bobby after bringing him home, slap him back in the snake rack, spread some disease to the rest of his collection
- A rash of newbie snake enthusiasts who consider Hardwick an expert now attempting to bring their pets to their next local expo for funsies, which for those who haven't caught on is a fucking terrible idea

Thanks for the legacy, Brian. The reptile community is booming because of this turd and full of new people modeling their husbandry after mass breeders (hoard