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No. 714080

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/708352

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs.
> She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:
> Is surprised people still support Jonny and is overall a hypocrite >>708361
> Her sobriety date is really the date where she last shot up >>708454
> Giving outdated goldfish advice and still promoting petco >>708488
> Still talking down to Onision which is great, but doesn’t realize her eyes also look dead >>708569
> Still hasn’t gotten Goose neutered although she claimed multiple times that he had appointments for it >>709285
> Had to include her “dancing outfit” >>709379 and her being a literal cow >>709726
> Is trying to flex about her money in the weirdest ways >>709982
> “Planned a relapse” but couldn’t find a vein >>710023
> Wants to move between Oct and Nov >>710610
> Video summary of “Duck’s First Cage Upgrade” >>711611
> Mama Dean has to clean Taylor’s room. >>711965
> Feeds her reptiles bananas which you shouldn’t >>712389
> Raine (ex of J) was very upset >>712474 but they made up >>712821
> Claiming she was molested >>713575
> Being a hypocrite again about YouTube and drug stories that could be “seen as cool” >>713988 >>713990
> Claims that weed is a gateway drug for addicts >>714004

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: new cowfish >>707579

> Recent Known Deaths:
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Is Taylor lurking on lolcow? >>708601
> Still getting fillers and denying it? >>708975 >>709273

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 714085

File: 1570222034560.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1935, A46FB4C2-9F1E-4DEA-A1BE-347D59…)

No. 714087

She literally gave herself an award LOL

just when I think she can't get any more pathetic she takes it 1 step further

No. 714088

File: 1570222214879.jpg (613.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-134939.jpg)

She's still continuing to pretend that 85% of the world is safe to use highly addictive drugs

No. 714095

how is it possible to be this moronic

No. 714097


I don't have an "addictive personality" because i gave up cigarettes and alcohol no problem. I'd still struggle massively to turn down a line of cocaine if there was any on offer. She's full of shit and just making excuses as usual.

No. 714099

File: 1570223744174.jpeg (484.61 KB, 1242x1730, 597708B6-AD2B-4310-99DA-D6D210…)

No. 714100

File: 1570223765780.jpeg (477.6 KB, 1242x1851, 75E420B0-6E70-464A-B77B-FF7263…)

No. 714101

File: 1570223856989.jpeg (498.15 KB, 1242x1749, B445B10B-2851-4270-8D03-F50DF0…)

Taylor seriously needs to just shut the fuck up. She’s spreading so much misinformation and contradicts herself from one second to the next. I thought the super special 15% of people can’t do anything because they’re born addicts by Taylor’s logic but now she’s admitting that opiates are way more addictive than weed? Make it make sense.

No. 714102

She’s parroting people in NA, so take it all with a grain of salt. I’m so glad to hear she’s now at 4 months sober with a healed brain and is basically cured so she won’t be talking much about her sobriety anymore rotflmao

No. 714103

Taylor: I hate marijuana it gives me nothing
Also Taylor: mAriJuanA wAs mY gAteWaY To hEroiN

Taylor: Aight Imma stop talkin bout my recovery
Also Taylor: So imma just talk about which one is the coolest drug instead and teach kids that most people can use cocaine safely.

No. 714105

File: 1570224137079.jpg (857.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-142206.jpg)

No. 714106

File: 1570224352254.jpeg (572.32 KB, 1186x2048, 32F88810-1A47-4189-8DAC-4A5C8E…)

Full dumbass rant.

No. 714107

So, one, Taylor is not sober as long as she claims because she smoked straight out of rehab. Two, she’s now admitted to “planning” two different relapses. Bitch has definitely used opiates since she’s been “sober”.

No. 714108

this is such a dangerous shit to spew. young people will think they're fine doing hard drugs bc there's a huge chance they won't get addicted (according to her). please taylor just fucking stop, this can be really fucking damaging to lots of impressionable people.

No. 714109

File: 1570224813297.jpg (400.76 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-143237.jpg)

She switches between being sober is soooo easy and "I am constantly on the verge of relapsing"

Just admit you've already relapsed hard.

No. 714110

Miss Mainlining Suboxene But Totally Sober!!!111 is so close to getting it. So close.

You aren't clean and you aren't sober, Taylor, and it's fucking obvious to anyone who's ever met a junkie.

No. 714111

Taylor is unhappy ruining just her pets lives and has upgraded to ruining the lives of her child followers with her lies.

They will think for the majority it's safe to use heroin because the majority won't get addicted.

No. 714115

File: 1570225181977.jpg (288.37 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-143937.jpg)

No. 714117

Aaand she just deleted a bunch of these tweets lmao

No. 714120

File: 1570225466290.png (175.45 KB, 1348x782, Capture _2019-10-04-14-44-06.p…)

Lmaooo her mom just went bad on her!!.

No. 714121

Yeah. Her rants just aren't logical anymore. She's not even trying to remember what she has said or which lies she has pulled. It's just endless meaningless ramble.

No. 714124

What a lying sack of lip filler shit.

No. 714125

File: 1570225765231.png (152.47 KB, 1261x1321, Capture _2019-10-04-14-48-03.p…)

Welp we will see if mama dean complains this is a fake page of her.

No. 714126

"I'm not relapsed, I'm Presidential!!!"

All kidding aside, over the last month or so she's definitely spiralled out into serious sperging - the kind of sperging she's previously done when high as shit. Starting from that very first vid with Jonny.

No. 714128

For the record it's also her mom's birthday and she has been spewing bullshit all day instead of giving her mom some love and attention.

Also she hasn't even bothered to unpin her 3 month sober tweet and pin her 4 month sober tweet. She don't give a shit. That day is now meaningless, I mean she fucking smoked out of rehab. Sober, my ass.

No. 714129

She'll never get clean because she can treat her parents like absolute shit and they'll still baby her.

What's her motivation to be serious about getting sober when she'll always have mommy to baby her no matter how bad her addiction gets?

No. 714130

She is shockingly dumb and never makes that connection. It's always a close call, too. Weird as hell.

No. 714131

File: 1570226134885.png (201.65 KB, 1402x675, Capture _2019-10-04-14-54-00.p…)

Oh. Taylor.

No. 714134

AA/NA not giving out 4th of 5th month chips is entirely a lie. I know this because I got my own 4 month AA chip in May. The chip is green. What an actual joke!!

No. 714135

File: 1570227079372.jpeg (410.9 KB, 1536x1536, main-qimg-7fdfffd1d6215309fa0a…)

No. 714136

I’ve been to plenty of meetings that don’t give out 4&5 month chips.

No. 714138

File: 1570227558947.jpg (615.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-151854.jpg)

Taylor swapping drugs for sex is totally okay and healthy though how dare u question her

No. 714139

Lmao this reminded me of “oh no baby what iz you doin!?” But foreal what the actual fuck!? All this sperging today..her weird hours of being up different than normal, her “4 month trophy” , admitting to not even being sober(the weed), admitting to trying to drink her moms cough syrup like lean and on top of all that attention whoring it’s her moms bday…she’s so selfish..at least post a thank you and happy bday to her for putting up with your spoiled, privileged ass…if it wasn’t for her moms help she would still be with Jonny the leeching loser so she better be thankful her mom saved her that way Taylo can save some money and not have to buy drugs for the both of them

No. 714140

File: 1570227727616.jpeg (479.94 KB, 1243x1251, B8E8472A-AC3A-4F0B-B923-4159ED…)

Not to WK, but she said she’s getting herself one. So they do exist, but maybe not in the place she goes.

No. 714144

File: 1570228505165.png (455.59 KB, 750x1334, 9A0FA634-AE91-43E5-9FA0-1F3212…)

Oh shit peep Mama Ds bio change..she should have just said pet mom to all of Taylor’s Zoo..hell mama d might as well take over Taylor’s channel for her at this point cuz she puts in all the work

No. 714146

File: 1570228654495.jpg (59.92 KB, 400x182, NAkt-2T.jpg)

She's not going to AA though, but to NA. From what I could find they give the keychains out 30, 60, 90 days and the next one is 6 months.

No. 714152

So she can admit that people swap their addictions but she totally isn’t addicted to spending money and hoarding animals? Lol k. The self-awareness is unreal with this stupid loser wannabe junkie fanatic.

No. 714154

What the fuck?

I really hope this is sarcasm.

No. 714160

she's using AA/NA pretty interchangeably, which makes it confusing.

my dad hands out chips and he has one for each month for the first year, then yearly after that. my dad's been sober 34 years and sponsoring in the program for over 20. if she wants a tag or a coin, she needs to talk to her sponsor. if she needs more validation and support to feel confident in her sobriety, she needs to be talking to her sponsor. she's seeking support on social media when she should be leaning on the program and her sponsor.

No. 714162

File: 1570230039129.png (870.09 KB, 1125x2436, A646B556-AA3A-4998-B663-0619CF…)

Was waiting to post these until a new thread was created.

Dr. Taylor Nicole Dean is going with her gut opinion. What a fucking loser. I can’t with this stupid bitch. Some of us actually went to school to be a healthcare professional and she can’t even be bothered to do basic research on google before she opens her mouth and spreads false, unsubstantiated information. Wtf kind of answer is this? Just say you’re uneducated and move the fuck on loser.

No. 714163

File: 1570230141773.jpeg (147.76 KB, 861x1024, 26DB74CB-DDE1-44BC-8712-5EF03D…)

Lol. She’s unreal.

No. 714165

The fuck is she on about? Xanax is insanely addictive for most people.

No. 714167

She doesn't seem to understand physical addiction at all and thinks you're either part of the special 15% or you're not

No. 714171

hmmm so she went on amazon and ordered a tag for herself? She really couldn’t live knowing she can’t flaunt the 4/5 month tags on her tacky ass necklace? Didn’t have to say “I’m totally 4 months sober” while placing the order? I wonder if it’s her first time doing this lmao

No. 714173

Jeez Mama Dean, you're the one cleaning the tanks and even you don't know how many animals there are in your house? How is that not where you draw the line and make her rehome more? what if one goes missing?

plus you probably can't order just a four month chip, so she's getting a whole set and now she's covered for lying about her future relaspes. she's got chips for months of pretending to be sober

No. 714174

What the fuck? What a back pedal. First she was saying weed is a gateway drug. That's not the same as ~it makes me miss my china white uwu~

No. 714177

“15% of the world has problem with addiction. Anyone else who smokes weed is going to be fine.”
“Usually weed can even be safe for many addicts”

Bitch can’t even keep her misinformation straight for a day.

No. 714183

If we posted some credible links describing physical addiction here she would definitely read them and maybe she could shut the fuck up, but even as I’m typing this I know she’s actually too lazy to click a link

No. 714184

The word sponsor hasn’t even passed Taylor’s baboon ass, floatation device looking ass lips, must less her actually having a sponsor(which she should if she was serious)..that would actually require human interaction and we know she doesn’t do well with that…twitter is her aa/na sponsor with the way she spews her addictions woes. why pat her own ass when she can have her stans kiss it on the daily for waking up and getting out of bed! But I’d say she’s winning at life wouldn’t you? Lol she deserves a trophy, oh wait ….

No. 714186

File: 1570233291951.jpg (35.04 KB, 720x709, can't stand you.jpg)

If Tay is soo~o susceptible to addiction, she shouldn't be on subs.

No. 714189

Taylor is so fucking idiotic. THERE ARE CHILDREN THAT RELY ON THIS WEED THAT YOU SPEAK OF TO HELP WITH THEIR MEDICAL PROBLEMS. I have never met anyone who started to get into heavier drugs due to weed nor have I met someone who's brain dead as Taylor that smokes/eats "weed" everyday. She's trying so hard to know everything about drugs just because she came from addiction. Also, the whole "some people have addictive brains" is idiotic.. it's called will power and choosing the right thing when someone ask you to try something addictive.

Everything that Taylor pukes out gets more and more irritating especially when I see these young stans eat it all up

No. 714191

Taylor has been sperging out for a good 4-5 hours now non-stop. Winning at life

No. 714194

God, She can climb a boulder at a park and suddenly she'll believe she's an expert at free solo climbing.

No. 714199

This whole thing of Taylor sperging on about weed being EBUL is some galaxy brain shit.

"You guys, I don't have a licence but I keep driving cars and it's endangering me and everyone else on the road - tee hee! So quirky amirite! And there's people bicycling sometimes too! Bicycles are super harmful, some bicyclists fall and hurt themselves if they keep riding for years! BICYCLES ARE BAD AND YOU SHOULDN'T TALK ABOUT THEM"

No. 714205


This dumb bitch. I want to know which "world renowned" doctor gave her this number.. how does she not understand that you do not have to be born "special" to become an addict. there's no fucking way she attends IOP and meetings because if she did she wouldn't be saying ANY of the shit she's been going on about. For one you can tell by her pin point pupils and glassy eyes she isn't sober, i fucking wish someone would just take away her internet entirely. she has not shared any sort of true recovery and addiction information, in fact all she has done is trigger recovering addicts (like myself) and fucking misinform young children. Her mother needs to get out from behind twitter walk into her daughters dirty ass room and get her out of that house or back into a treatment facility for the sake of her son.

and also the reason why weed has the POSSIBILITY of being "dangerous" to a person in recovery(esp. early recovery) is because (like alcohol) it lowers your inhibitions which can lead to easier self justification for using your drug of choice. not because it triggers your brain to crave and more intense high. all it does is make it a little bit easier to tell yourself yes instead of no.

also NO ONE in their right mind or that is working any sort of recovery program is going to buy themselves a fucking trophy for 120 days of "sobriety". Taylor i don't know if anyone ever told you that "less is more" and when you over kill something like that all it does is make it more obvious that you're lying/hiding something. do yourself and your poor family a favor and go to a meeting, get a sponsor, work the steps, and get better. you might be fooling 12 yr olds but anyone that has even the slightest bit of knowledge (or access to google for fucks sake) knows you're full of shit.

No. 714206

File: 1570235797500.jpeg (390.57 KB, 1125x1347, 289C101E-EF8E-4201-B44A-D38DCB…)

She’s a fucking lunatic. You made ignorant statements so deal with the repercussions.

No. 714207

Lol she puts about as much effort into fact checking and keeping her “facts/lies/misinformation/stories/etc. straight as she does washing her hair

No. 714208

File: 1570235939929.png (119.45 KB, 750x1334, 6DC2BCB8-304B-4627-A982-27E84B…)

Here comes mama dean late to the party but she’s here baby!!!! Lmao

No. 714210

Is Mama Dean’s new profile pic supposed to be her “smoking a blunt/weed” like wtf lol this family is so problematic.

No. 714211

I’m hella late to this but, this bitch is really gonna say people shouldn’t switch out hard drugs for weed because they’re just swapping addicts. THATS WHAT SUBOXONE IS!!! it’s literally swapping addictions. Suboxone gives you an opiate high. That’s why it helps with withdrawal symptoms, because it’s giving your body the opiates it need not to withdraw. Why is it okay to use subs for withdrawal and not weed?

Also, the arguments she’s making about 85% of the world being able to do drugs and not get addicted is so idiotic. That’s why random people who get pain medication after a major surgery can end up addicted, because opiate addiction is physical, not just psychological. Your body physically starts to need the medicine, and your brain tricks your body to into thinking it hurts when you don’t take them. People that become addicted to opiates don’t always have an “addiction brain”. That’s why Johnson and Johnson is having to pay out the ass for making OxyContin. Because anyone can become addicted to them because they made them to be addictive to anyone.

Also, since you admitted that if you stop one drug for another that you aren’t healing your addiction, you can give back your dundie and all your NA chips.

No. 714213

Zero percent of this makes sense!!!!! What!

No. 714215

Great "friends" you have there, Taylor"

No. 714216

>I have always hated weed
>except that time I smoked with Jonny right next to my exceptionally fragile reptiles

No. 714217

She’s been dry drunk this entire time if not just actually using.

No. 714219

>invalidating my own experience.

Why do girls like Taylor use that term as if “their experience” somehow changes actual facts and evidence? Also, please Taylor teach us all about addiction and recovery whilst taking subs and not even getting a 6 month chip yet.

What her and Taylor are trying to say is that addiction is a disease and some people are more likely to become addicts. What they don’t understand is that it’s not a guarantee. If that were the case and people were born with addiction brains, then their would be a way to track it and prevent it. There are many factors to see if a person is more likely to become one, but so many social factors can determine if someone actually becomes one. Anyone can become addicted. How responsible for a recovery advocate to preach that only a small percentage of the population can become addicts.

“It’s okay kids, go ahead and try drugs because 85% of you will be able to quit any time you want and won’t become addicted.”

Man, D.A.R.E is gonna go out of business when the learn this.

No. 714220

Yes all this!! She’s triggering as hell to me too..and she’s not sober even if she just smoked weed..how the hell does she even consider that sober? Of course she’s an exception to every rule ever and it’s gunna come back to bite her hard in the end if she keeps up this ego driven, showy , trophy addict look at me I’m sober bs. Driving around without a license high af while at the same time being a voice for the recovery community..no that’s not how any of this works..everything she’s done in rehab, sober living, and after all point to her not wanting to get sober and not trying to be sober, so she just needs to own that and be honest with herself first. It’s not JOnnys fault, your dads or moms or anyone’s but it up to how you handle it moving forward that will determine how the rest of her addiction journey, life and ultimately happiness is going to go.

No. 714222

Haha I think she is smokin a fatty..she’s a fuckin mess and pretty much mocking her only daughter..and she wonders why Taylor is fucked in the head

No. 714223

So people who smoke cigarettes everyday, become addicted to them…. that’s only happens to 15% of the population? That means those people are likely to get addicted to other things like hard drugs? Does she realise it’s not as simple as ‘only some people get addicted to things’?
Also you can do a drug once and OD, addict or not, so wtf is she telling her young audience basically they’ll be fine if they’re in the 85%? This girls logic. Fuck.

No. 714226

No she already said cigarettes are special and okay and have nothing to do with addiction

No. 714227

File: 1570237840565.png (243.47 KB, 750x1334, 33EBDB75-5E34-4EE9-8BD3-B9E5D3…)

This was what Mama dean was replying to sorry forgot to post the first part..

No. 714230

Why is she still saying she's been sober 4 months when she got high on kratom AND smoked weed since rehab? And literally admitted that to everyone.

Are her fans all 8 or just braindead?

No. 714235

So apparently mama Dean celebrated her birthday by going to a zoo thing. This means either Taylor went and spent the entire time arguing with 8 year olds on Twitter, or didn't go so she could spend the entire day arguing with 8 year olds on Twitter

No. 714237

File: 1570238526701.png (266.85 KB, 750x1334, 9CCD0A0C-D815-46B7-BFC8-C9F458…)

Here’s Taylor’s reply to her moms post ..great happy bday thankful post to your mom there Taylor..how ungrateful and self centered you have been on her day that literally comes once a year. You could have got off the computer and spent some time with your crazy ass family..you will one get one of them you know

No. 714238

You know what would have won Taylor a lot of goodwill? A few tweets about her mum's birthday and how her mum was there for her when no one else was. Hell, she could have made a whole video about "My AMAZING Mother" and rake in a lot of views simply by the virtue of being family-friendly and for fucking once not about her own pathetic druggie lifestyle.

No. 714239

She probably means just sober from heroin. She’s also been on subs since rehab so technically she’s never really been completely sober

No. 714240

Man I’m so sick of Taylor. All she ever talks about are drugs, maybe once or twice a week, her animals. For fucks’ sake Taylor, get the fuck off of Twitter, go and take care of your poor animals. Stop pulling the victim card every chance you get. ~but i was in an abusive relationship with a well known abuser and he shot me up !! the only reason why i’m an addict is because of jonny waahhhh~ take responsibility for your actions for once will ya huh.

No. 714243

File: 1570238739393.jpg (471.02 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-182521.jpg)

She said it was 2 years this morning kek

No. 714244

This is disgusting. She really is stuck at 13 years old in mental developement. Not someone who should own property, keep pets or live outside a facility really.

She has no sense of timing, appropriate behavior or even regular self-executed purpose. Can't get up at a normal hour, can't shower, can't take care of her hoard of animals, can't control her spending. Can't stop taking drugs. Can not even not make her mother's birthday not about herself. She's beyond help.

No. 714247

File: 1570239001675.png (201.26 KB, 750x1334, D3FB8EA7-8F96-41AA-8161-9E3E39…)

She’s still talking bout weed and when she tried it and claims it sent her into instant withdrawals so when she was talking bout not taking a sub that day and waking up puking and shit yeah I’m thinkin that’s the same day..prolly did some Roxie’s that night sounds more like the actual truth to me

No. 714251

File: 1570239894001.jpg (723.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-184442.jpg)


No. 714253

Okay, so she's saying that weed is okay to smoke as long as you are not dependant on it. But with subs it's okay that she's dependent on them, even short term? Even if she's slowly going down off them, she's still currently dependant on them and therefore not completely sober. Literally her weed sperging shows how much of a hypocrite she is.
I tried looking up statistics about "15% of the population" and could find no numbers like that, what amazing doctor gave her this top secret info?

No. 714254

Shouldn't she be taking a 20 hour depression nap right about now? It's time to stop posting, Taylor.

No. 714255

I think they're getting confused with actual marijuana and synthetic marijuana. either way, the Dean family is stupid as hell

No. 714258

I'd really like someone to ask her if she has been honest with her sponsor and home group at her NA meetings about being on Suboxone and smoking weed and still taking chips. I guarantee she hasn't, because they'd make her start her count over and take a 24 hour coin. Not that I even believe she goes to meetings or has a sponsor because it would be all we'd hear about, but I'd like to see how she squirms out of answering. AA and NA believe you're only sober if you are completely abstinent from all mind altering substances- subs, kratom, and weed definitely included. Her outpatient group would also not permit anything, maybe subs but that's it.
The fact that she doesn't know to not blab about her relapses (especially publicly) tells me:
1) she's not actually going to meetings, outpatient, and doesn't have a sponsor like she claimed
2) if she is truly going, she has lied to them in order to maintain a facade of sobriety and collect chips (they call them dirty chips if you aren't actually clean)
3) she is so poorly educated on addiction that she didn't think of this in the first place.

No. 714259

File: 1570240717326.jpg (608.74 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-185817.jpg)

Now she's instructing people not to take their doctor prescribed medication

No. 714262

Sheees so speshul. Got off before her doctor told her the average junkie time was. But as the most junkiest junkie to ever junkie that’s impressive as hell!

No. 714269

she just loves to talk about drugs all day long does she

No. 714273

File: 1570243099035.jpg (553.39 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191004-193817.jpg)

No. 714274

Wait.. didn't i see her post this like 3 times already or something?

No. 714281

She wasn’t even with Jonny 2 years. More like 18 months. And she said she didn’t start heroin until thanksgiving last year?. That’s only 8 months ago

No. 714286

So in reality it’ll either be a video of her arguing with everyone on Twitter and constantly tweeting about drugs/sObRiEtY/The Elite 15%, or it’ll be a time lapse of her sleeping all day while Mama Dean cleans her room and takes care of her zoo. There are no signs of her doing anything else on a daily basis, so this will be interesting.

No. 714301

Anon, don’t be silly. She’s going to give us an extra special day where she goes to meetings, and actually feeds her animals. But we already know that Taylor sleeps all day, and we already know that Mama Dean does all the pet care. So, the video is just a lie.

No. 714302

File: 1570246166994.png (1.71 MB, 1428x1458, Capture _2019-10-04-20-28-21.p…)

Haven't been posted here yet

No. 714303

File: 1570246220897.png (829.46 KB, 1440x1305, Capture _2019-10-04-20-28-37.p…)

Taylor pulls shit out of her ass like all the time.

No. 714306

Oh fuck off taylor, what is it with her and saying “the [fill in blank] was AMAZED at just how WONDERFUL I (or animal or ugly tattoo) is!!! I’m so GREAT!!!!” Like give it a fucking rest sis.

Imagine it being your birthday, you’re having a day out and all your daughter does is spend time arguing with people on Twitter because she doesn’t fucking understand drugs. I’d be pissed off but I’m not surprised Jen jumped in - anything to save her precious daughter uwu!!! kek, they’ve done nothing but baby this shithead and now look at her.

No. 714310

Because in her mind, being sober only applies to one substance only. She wasn't doing heroin anymore when she was with Jonny but she was drinking cider every day to "calm her nerves". She's not on heroin anymore but she is on subs, smoked weed, and took kratom.

She rationalizes that because it's not heroin, she's sober.

No. 714328

Ok everyone really needs to get off their high horse because while she is being hypocritical with the whole subs thing, she’s not fucking wrong about weed. It is psychologically addictive - as any mind altering substance can be - and even the physical act of SMOKING ANYTHING can become an addiction.
That one anon who claims to have never met someone who got into harder drugs because of weed, your experience is not universal. I’ve known multiple who have started with pot and worked their way up sweetheart.
While not physically addictive like heroin, weed can still be bad for people. So let’s just admit that for once Taylor is actually KIND OF right about something, even if she’s a hypocritical dumbass.

No. 714330

slight tinfoil, the new angler fish is dead as she hasn't posted any photos or updated of it. also tinfoil, the new cheese has died as well. It didn't seem like it was adapting well to the tank, and she just kept shouting at it.

No. 714333

File: 1570248578395.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-04-20-00-57.p…)

Picture dump. This is how it got started.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714335

File: 1570248623794.png (1.92 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-04-20-01-15.p…)

Her arguing the fact marijuana is not used to help opiate addicts.

No. 714336

File: 1570248666577.png (1.92 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-04-20-01-25.p…)

Anyone on Google can see that there are papers from universities saying the opposite of what Taylor was spewing

No. 714337

File: 1570248716539.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-04-20-01-46.p…)

Taylor needs to stop acting like she knows everything because she's done drugggggss

No. 714338

File: 1570248769363.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-04-20-01-58.p…)

No. 714339

File: 1570248815344.png (1.69 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-04-20-02-19.p…)

She doesn't even have her high school diploma yet alone any higher education no one can trust or believe what comes out of her mouth

No. 714340

Go away Taylor

No. 714344

Laughable, what up TayterTots

No. 714359

Can we confirm she doesn’t have a high school diploma?? Wild.

No. 714363

File: 1570251681283.jpg (477.43 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20191005-055804_Ins…)

So she said she couldn't film because of her anxiety and depression and then she describes that as feeling "a lil sad". Feeling sad and having depression are completely different things and it's so dangerous to suggest that they're the same. Does she ever think before she posts?

No. 714368

File: 1570252196022.png (594.62 KB, 750x1334, 519EA2A0-A897-4963-9ABB-A060E2…)

She’s prolly so depressed cuz she lays around in bed all day arguing with teenagers lmao that shit is gotta be exhausting

No. 714370

They usually start with alcohol, not weed dumbass.

No. 714372

Is that true?

No. 714373

iirc she got her ged.

No. 714374

File: 1570253240107.jpg (638.24 KB, 1080x2039, 20191005_062355.jpg)

breez has been going wild liking tweets shading taylor again lol (lots more than this I just dont wanna spam with screenshots of them all)

No. 714375

Yep. She will never show us a diploma. Or pictures of her walking the stage. Her excuse is she was soooo sickly she couldn't even go to regular classes and was behind in them. She had to be "homeschooled".

No. 714383

File: 1570255954702.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1080, 811DA273-46D8-4F89-B2DA-392727…)

Hi, not Taylor, just want to make it clear that I said that Anon’s experiences weren’t an all encompassing experience. Sure, some may start with alcohol, some may start with coke, but it’s ignorant as fuck to try and say that weed hasn’t led anyone to harder shit ~dumbass~. I wasn’t saying that was the case 100% of the time dipshit.
Also, here’s a nice little collection of articles that claim it’s addictive properties. Pot has its benefits, but again, it’s ignorant to claim it’s not harmful to some - just like literally anything else on the planet.

No. 714386

No one tries coke as their first drug, Not Taylor. They usually try something legal and socially acceptable first, like coffee, cigarettes or alcohol.

No. 714391

Exactly, so why do people have such a hard time believing it happens with the massively accepted marijuana?

No. 714395

Maybe because people usually do alcohol first? Usually when they try weed they quit drinking because weed is not a fun drug to use while drunk… Or then they move on to other drugs that are more compatible with the partying hard lifestyle (like cocaine and Taylors other favourites)

No. 714403

Different anon, but I’ve known ppl that didn’t drink but smoked so I think it’s wat more common than ppl are making it out to be

No. 714404

File: 1570260446526.jpeg (775.25 KB, 1936x1452, 4D3CCE25-37AE-4175-A7CC-F70BBB…)

No. 714405

File: 1570261564090.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2193, A06E343A-33FB-4B98-8FED-4C21EF…)

Pt. 1 - Taylor Instagram rant

No. 714406

File: 1570261585781.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x2144, E8C8AEB1-2C8B-44DD-852B-92DA0B…)

Pt. 2 >>714405

No. 714407

Did she just describe doing heroin as "medicating herself"?

No. 714408

God she's like the Energizer bunny of drug addicts. This bitch hasn't shut up about various drugs in fucking TWELVE HOURS

No. 714409

Yeah.. so.. not every person in recovery has the authority to speak on it and give others advice, especially not someone who used for such a short period of time and has only been clean a few months, with medication assistance. She doesn’t even do the program. Not invested in actual recovery at all. Every addiction counselor will tell you.. coming off the drugs isn’t recovery. Ithats just detox. Recovery is the years of DOING THE WORK on yourself. From day one, it’s been a joke to her. She stayed in rehab just to fuck dudes. She smuggled in drugs to be cool. She admits it was all a joke. She ignored any advice about dating in early recovery, lying and saying her counselor said it was fine.. it’s all bullshit.

In the end, she just wants to come off as some expert of anything when she is an expert of absolutely nothing. She has no job, lives at her moms, talks about relapsing every goddamn day when she’s not sleeping. She is NOT thriving and it pisses me off that she acts as if she has the authority to give advice or speak on addiction when again, she has learned nothing. Leave it to the people who have been in recovery for decades, the addiction counselors, the peer support.. oh, but I forgot .. she’s the fucking QUEEN ADDICT. THE GOAT. the greatest addict who ever addicted. Ugh. Sounds like Trump.

No. 714412

Not an uncommon term in addicts, also "getting well."

No. 714413

It's literally all she has going for herself in regards to things she can feel passionate about.

She's dependent on fixating on her life with addiction to feel as if she's a deep person. When in reality, she's boring and has literally no skills or even hobbies. Those take effort and discipline that don't revolve around her looks.

Taylor is the best example of a beautiful plate with no food on it. Plate is useless without food on it.

No. 714415

Yep. Nothing else going for her and I agree, it’s her way of being deep. Her way of having any substance whatsoever. Without addiction and recovery, her life would be nothing but sleeping all day, eating in bed and putting makeup on every few days to take selfies and then just lay back in bed. All the while, her mother is taking care of her animals and cleaning her room. I just know she spent her whole life telling her mom she was too weak from her EDS to clean or help in any way. Spending hours caking on makeup, trying on weird outfits and taking mirror selfies though? Totally has energy for that.

No. 714417

File: 1570264262800.png (155.61 KB, 1364x573, Capture _2019-10-05-01-15-59.p…)

All damn day.
She never leaves the house it is her mom's birthday she couldn't go out and have a good day?

Like when did she leave the house?! It's 2 am she didn't have her parents drive her. I'd be damned letting my heroin Junkie daughter take my car with no license!

No. 714422


yes anon yesss. everything you're saying i feel like i've been screaming in my head for weeks now. she would seriously be the WORST person to ever look to for some guidance in getting clean/sober. her and her mother both sit there and spew fucking made up statistics and fake medical facts. and i can't get over her actually wearing the fucking NA key tags on a chain around her neck in public like being a drug addict is some sort of accessory to her. i hope one day she wakes up and realizes how serious this actually is and for most every addict this is life or death (hospitals, institutions, death) and not just some ~qUirKy~ little personality trait that makes me seem all edgy and experienced for the internet.

No. 714428

She went on her tattoo ramblings for like 30 minutes. Is she on the spectrum at all?

Also, I just want to know one thing.
If Taylor was kicked out of multiple rehabs, she’s planned multiple relapses, and was the worst drug user ever using China white, but also was the best at recovering and doctors are shocked!

Which one is it Taylor? Why is she so afraid of being average?
How did she recover so well for such a bad drug user? How did she also manage to use so much, she couldn’t shower for weeks?
I am so sick of her bullshit.

No. 714431

I find it really hard to believe that a doctor would suggest she go on benzos for anxiety as a recovering addict? At least in the UK doctors avoid giving a regular prescription if you have other substance issues because the potential for abuse is so high, you're more likely to receive them in hospital as a one-off. It does seem like benzos are more widely prescribed in the US but also Taylor lies a lot/loves to do the 'omg same!' thing with her followers and it just seems really unlikely that her Dr would think it's a good idea to give someone who's barely gotten off heroin a super easily abusable drug (and one you can easily sell/trade your prescription for street drugs). Unless it was before her addiction in which case I don't know why she'd be so uncomfortable with the idea of taking it as to refuse?

this is a nitpick but it feels really like she's just taken the fairly common experience black women talk about of white people touching their hair without permission and made up a version of this situation she can apply to herself? having tattoos is not a vector of oppression lol

No. 714433


Lol google crunk, anon. Not fun? Depends who you ask.

No. 714439

>invalidating my own experience
yeah that phrase bugs me too, it reeks of being privileged, narcissistic and attention-seeking, like her ~experience~ is so important everyone should know about it, documentaries should be made, perpetual asspats should be given, and her truth should become universal truth with all dissent suppressed.

similarly pissed me off a few days ago when she had her tantrum about needing to be seen as being much of a victim of JC's abuse as Chelsea:
>"I'm valid", after crying and screaming for attention for countless tweets beforehand

Taytay needs a holiday in Cambodia (as sung by Jello)

No. 714441

I don't think anyone has ever touched her tattoos, she just made that up for a reason to bring them up. Maybe twenty years ago I'd believe that but no, not in 2019. Especially not her crappy noodle arm or blob tattoos. It's just our daily reminder how ~tatted up n different~ she is since she's gone on long enough about being a victim yesterday already. Since she doesn't actually have any social interaction she thinks a plausible real life encounter would consist of a bunch of random people swooning over her every time she goes so far as down the street.

One reason I know she wasn't even a fraction of how bad on drugs she claims (besides the other 500 things we've discussed already) is she still bought all kinds of useless stuff for her and JC. If she really was shooting up every hour on the hour, every last cent of hers would be going back into that. Trust me, heroin addicts don't have nice things. It bothers me how she claims she "hit rock bottom" when she didn't have ANY consequences. Not one. Her even suggesting that shows how privileged she is, if she would just admit she nipped it in the bud she'd look so much better, but then she wouldn't have as many victim points. If she actually went to any sort of meeting she would get shut up real fast, they don't take kindly to people sharing "war stories" and drug one upping.

No. 714460

Yet you had enough time and just enough energy to take care of all your animals, right Tay?

kek. She also never got her "sleeve" fixed up, right?

No. 714462

She just took every stereotypical junkie situation and slightly tweaked it for her story… so individual and quirky how can we even stand it

No. 714463

I feel like she said on her insta story it's getting retouched this weekend sometime

No. 714470

Taylor is a junkie edge-lord, all she does is sit on her ass all day and watch movies.

30 day sober soup, weed in rehab, 3 new tattoos, subs almost immediately, 2 new snakes in rehab, sex with rando junkies, only 15% can get addicted, stealing cough syrup.

She clearly isn't sober, I don't know who she's trying to fool. Mama dean can see through the bullshit too, the thanks she gets for saving Taylor's ungrateful ass.

It's clear Taylor is alone and depressed, her photos/stories are so desperate for attention, no normal person is gonna touch her, she's a psycho that wants to live a Disney fantasy.

No. 714476

2 new snakes? I thought she only got 1, the spider BP rescue. Did I miss something?

No. 714477

2 new snakes? I thought she only got 1, the spider BP rescue. Did I miss something?

No. 714478

"Rescue" yeah. She also got a blood python that she rehomed (most likely because it kept biting her) and she tried to buy another milk snake but the snake breeder googled her name and turned the offer down.

No. 714489

Was that the first actual consequences Taylor got for her drug escapades and animal abuse? Because I remember her throwing a tantrum about it on Twitter in a way that really suggests she's not used to hearing "no" and esepcially not as a result of her own choices.

It's funny, she puts so much time and energy into being The Baddest Junkie but is all shocked when people think less of her because of it.

No. 714498

How many times do people need to tell her that ball pythons should not be eating large rats. Even females. Females generally max out at a medium rat every 21-28 days, and males at a small rat every 14-28 days. She's just slowly killing that snake by feeding it large rats, that's a lot of food for a male ball python. He's already obese.

No. 714511

She thinks as long as it keeps eating you're supposed to keep feeding it.

No. 714552

File: 1570302389637.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x2144, 3DC771C8-A088-461B-A3BF-BEF060…)

A bit late with this but can someone explain to me how this kind of lifestyle supports owning 30+ pets that need daily care, daily exercise and attention, and regular thorough cleanings, treatment for stuck sheds etc., misting for humidity requirements, and so on? Anyone?

No. 714554

Gemini is half his size bc he was raised by someone else for most of his life! Large rats ffs I’m surprised he never regurgitates

No. 714555

Can someone explain to me how heroin works? I get cocaine is a stimulant so once snorted, you have all this energy, etc.
But heroin? I imagined shooting up and enjoying the very short high lying on the floor. Or is that just the peak and then you’re still high afterwards and can still function? But once coming down that’s when you nod off?
Trying to picture her at expos high or just in Publiic In general.

No. 714556

She’s gonna tweet now that during those four hours she cared for her pets lul

No. 714560

Cannabis is 5000%, no debate, a gateway drug and you're a fucking idiot, and/or in denial if you reject that concept. Just because it can be used for benefits medicinally in a controlled way does NOT mean you cannot become addicted when using it in an unregulated recreational way. You can become addicted, dependent, and experience horrible withdrawals when attempting to stop. This is dependent on your INDIVIDUAL BIOLOGY. It does not happen to everyone, but it does happen to some with HEAVY usage. The people attacking her about this are fucking retards, likely addicted to weed themselves but absolutely against even considering it because people want to see marijuana as a harmless substance, and reject any comparison of it to drugs. It is a drug. It makes me fucking sick to see how people downplay it's ability to cause harm just because they want to get high and not feel like they're doing anything wrong. What a joke. And this is coming from someone who loves cannabis and smoked, vaped, consumed edibles, etc. for years on end, before you peg me as some anti-drug fag.

No. 714562

Shut up Taylor. It's been a whole 24 hours and you still can't get over it.

The rest of us care about the actual medical science on the subject, not your unsubstantiated claims while whining at 8 year olds.

No. 714564

The trouble with Taylor’s dialogue on the subject is
1) The concept of “gateway drug” is misleading. For many drug users, this is just the first stop on the train, but there’s a misconception that once you try it you’ll want more and more.
2) Like any drug (whether made by the pharm industry or not) there is a potential for dependence or misuse. However, she’s villainizing it in a way that is damaging to the movement to help it, and forms of it (CBD, THC, etc.), become legalized for medicinal use. It is something that has proven to help a great number of people and the stigma that she’s sperging about is contributing to the dialogue about it being evil and terrible, which is simply not true as a stand-alone fact.(derailing about cannabis)

No. 714565

File: 1570304903517.jpg (428.32 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20191005-214743_Ope…)

Don't know if that helps

No. 714567

Xanax is a benzodiazepine, which is a different class than barbiturates.

No. 714568

This person obviously isn't Taylor and is not wrong. You're either fucking stupid, or simply uneducated, or in denial. Cannabis can be addictive. You can go through withdrawals trying to quit. Like any addiction, THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN FROM DOING IT ONCE OR TWICE, it does NOT happen to EVERYONE. This happens from consistent, heavy usage and depends on an individual's own biological design. I don't give a fuck for Taylor and her lies, or her mom's crazy bullshit, but what they have said about weed is literally entirely right and it's hilarious to see so many people losing their absolute shit over this trying to defend that weed is not an addictive drug because they don't want to accept they use drugs and are at risk of becoming addicted. Her mom is speaking complete truth, cannabis is NOT what it was in previous decades. The THC content is much, much higher and cannabis is grown with numerous synthetic chemicals to manipulate the chemical structure to then in turn manipulate the strength of the high. Controlled medically administered cannabis is NOT the same as using it for fun. Shut the fuck up with this shit.

No. 714569

Lol having random strangers come up and touch your tattoos without asking is actually an extremely, extremely common occurrence for anyone who is visibly tattooed. You're reaching hard here…

No. 714573


Also hi Tay

No. 714574

Not every single person who even mildly aligns with something she's said is Taylor lol you guys are starting to look really stupid with this…

No. 714575

top kek thanks for confirming your low level energy was due to heroin and not to EDS as you have stated over an over. she seriously does NOT have EDS.

No. 714578

Are you mentally challenged? Genuinely asking..

No. 714580

So instead of posting sources, you sperg out and call people retarded.

You act just like Taylor even if you aren't her. Who gives a shit about your dumbass sperging this thread is about Taylor not fucking weed. We don't want to hear you whine about weed for 12 hours just like Tay did yesterday. No one cares.

No. 714582

Stop clogging the feed with anon arguments over who’s a cow and what’s a fuckin gateway drug.

No. 714586

"Marijuana use disorders are often associated with dependence—in which a person feels withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug. People who use marijuana frequently often report irritability, mood and sleep difficulties, decreased appetite, cravings, restlessness, and/or various forms of physical discomfort that peak within the first week after quitting and last up to 2 weeks. Marijuana dependence occurs when the brain adapts to large amounts of the drug by reducing production of and sensitivity to its own endocannabinoid neurotransmitters."

Timberlake DS. A comparison of drug use and dependence between blunt smokers and other cannabis users. Subst Use Misuse. 2009;44(3):401-415. doi:10.1080/10826080802347651(stop derailing about cannabis)

No. 714587

Scientifically substantiated proof of what Taylor's mother was speaking about since so many of you are hell bent on everything they say being wrong just because they're fucked up people:

"Marijuana potency, as detected in confiscated samples, has steadily increased over the past few decades.2 In the early 1990s, the average THC content in confiscated marijuana samples was roughly 3.8 percent. In 2014, it was 12.2 percent. The average marijuana extract contains more than 50 percent THC, with some samples exceeding 80 percent. These trends raise concerns that the consequences of marijuana use could be worse than in the past, particularly among those who are new to marijuana use or in young people, whose brains are still developing."

Mehmedic Z, Chandra S, Slade D, et al. Potency trends of Δ9-THC and other cannabinoids in confiscated cannabis preparations from 1993 to 2008. J Forensic Sci. 2010;55(5):1209-1217. doi:10.1111/j.1556-4029.2010.01441.x

But "hI TaYLoR ShUtUp cOW yOU'rE jUst DUmb" am I right? Lmao.

No. 714596

She used to talk about/be an advocate her EDS constantly. We all knew it was code for being doped up or having withdrawals. But magically since she’s been “sober” she hasn’t mentioned her EDS once. Funny how that happens.

No. 714599

Any bets on what kind of "educator" Taylor is going to pretend to be next? Previously she's tried to pass herself off as an "animal educator" (as well as "family friendly", but…) and now "addiction advocate"… gotta wonder what's next down the line for a personality replacement for her?

No. 714600

I'm sure something about abusive relationships

No. 714602

Sex worker educator once she becomes a cam girl

No. 714603

Yeah. That's what brought me here originally - I was a fan of hers and then she started to get worse and worse about her pet care in small but serious ways, and then Jonny came into the picture and I had to go a-googling to see if I was tripping balls since everyone seemed to be lapping up her BS as normal.

I'm real glad that these threads exist to showcase exactly what kind of animal owner Taylor Nicole Dean is. They're just things to her. Accessories. Toys.

She cares more about her funko pops than her animals.

No. 714609


her mom knows she's a blatant liar but keeps fanning the flames and encouraging her, i don't get it. her mom could easily reply to this and call her out and say "that didn't happen"

bc her mom obvs took her to walmart. taylor has no driver's license and no friends. and if she Ubered to walmart she definitely would've posted a fake story about her Uber driver/ride. so mommy took her shopping at walmart, and let her lies on the internet slide

also lol at your mom taking you shopping, cooking your meals, cleaning your room, taking care of your animals, and backing up all your lies on the internet

i'd just end my child tbh

No. 714617


hi, i was born to addict parents and given up for and left to strangers (multiple homes in my life, lots of abuse). ended up researching and digging to find them when i was older to see if they were alive, and learned they were alive and still both loser druggies WITHOUT JOBS living on public aide (separately). bio-dad's entire side of the family were drug addicts as well, so after 1 visit I noped out of that idea.

so i come from a line of addicts. i have 1 biological sister a couple years and i ended up moving to another state to live with her. she was a hardcore addict, the entire couple of years i lived with her she was strung out. i noped out to a new state now.

MY POINT IS, i come from a long line of addicts. everyone in my biological family that i found and met is a loser living a strung out life.

i drink occasionally. i also smoked marijuana pretty heavily for anxiety. when i lived with my druggie sister, drugs were plentiful and everywhere. i stayed smoking blunts.

so where's your proof that weed is 5000% a gateway drug? taylor is a fucking dumb liar. and how is she a ~special addict again~. was SHE born to junkie parents and abandoned to the fuckin state? did her entire biological family live in the ghetto collecting welfare and usin, like mine did? i wanna know which relative of hers did the drugs that put the GENETICS in her that made her an addict.

i'm mad. ban me for my blog, i don't give a fuck. fuck this lying white bitch who grew up in a 2 parent home getting birthday and christmases.

and she decided to pay them back by being a demon and "no one tells me what to do LOL" sneaking out of the house at 13 to be a thot with older dudes. her ALLEGED VAGUE AS FUCK alluding to being molested. offensive to people who were raped as children, beaten, abused and who didn't have the luxury of sneaking out and ~teehee~ rebelling because there were no parents to give a fuck about them


No. 714618


ME AGAIN, by the way, even given that i should be a very special addict brainlet like taylor, i should've been triggered by mouthwash let alone the weed i smoked. i should've been snorting roxy's and sucking dick for crushable opana to snort like my sister. but i was able to smoke weed. and i was able to stop. and put myself into college and make a fuckin life for myself. her "addicts have no choice" is such bullshit god

okay NOW i'm done

No. 714620

I agree and I think most of us here have similar reasons to be very frustrated with her. Don’t let it get you too upset though because you can see right through her and just laugh about how bad it could have and still might be soon for Tay. She just a high and mighty fraud.

No. 714621

Well, you’re not wrong. She’s trash though so don’t give her space in your head.

No. 714625

kek that is actually a good name for her and her sanctimonious fakey ways

Taylor Nicole Dean the High and Mighty, Best at Drugs and Best at Animals

No. 714628


its going to depend on the amount you use, along with the way you decide to use it(on top of if you're mixing other substances with it) using heroin via IV (since that was her preferred/ as well as my own for 5+ years) gives you an intense initial rush, and is normally the desired feeling you constantly chase after. Its a warm feeling with pins and needle like tingles all over your body. then depending on what i listed above some people will sit there and fall asleep ("catch a nod") for hours. (side note i have yet to meet anyone that shoots up every single hour like she claims to have done, you don't start experiencing withdrawal for at least 12+ hours after using, so when she talks about needing to "get well" every hour on the hour she's full of shit.) and then some people(like myself) after feeling the rush you have energy again, you feel on top of the world and are able to get up and carry about your day. (now that doesn't mean that there aren't obvious signs that a person is high, their eyes are still pin point, their speech can be slurred, their memory is awful, their reaction time is very delayed(that's why driving high is beyond stupid). so the initial rush only last about 30 seconds and the high itself last for hours, you feel good and are not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms like, sweats, chills, vomiting, yawning, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, aches and pains and more for at least 12 hours. after reaching the 12 hour mark(also depending on quality and amount) is when those sick symptoms start slowly occurring. so not to w/k but when she talks about having the energy to go to family functions and run errands and etc. i believe her because that was my experience with it but my ex would slump for hours in and out of sleep. so there are a couple factors that play into what the "high" will be like. Best advice i could give anyone is don't even try it once, that 15% number she spews is false, anyone can become addicted and it will only lead you 1 of 3 places, hospitals, institutions or death. i don't believe Taylors journey is over yet, you can tell by the way she constantly talk about it and how enabled by her family she is that she didn't hit her bottom. i know what its like to hit a bottom, to be homeless in the winter, living in a "tent", stealing from anyone and everyone, not having money for cleans needles and only caring about "staying well" and etc like she tried to portray in that awful poem bullshit thing she posted. she's uses her 8 month experience like its been a life time struggle for her. and don't even get me started about her fucking fake ass recovery too. anyone who has battled thus addiction knows how full of shit she is. i just hope her young fans don't follow in her foot steps and if any of them are battling addiction they look somewhere else for advice and guidance because the only place she is going to lead anyone is to the grave.(blog)

No. 714641

File: 1570319722335.jpeg (62.22 KB, 490x355, 8D5ADE8D-5169-40D6-85D3-5E2B9C…)

Aside from that yeah, pretty good and realistic detailed description there. Much more accurate than her “I had to shoot that China white every hour on the hour”

No. 714644

With her attitude towards her recovery will eventually put her in that rock bottom place. She won’t know what hit her either when it happens. TND seems to make a joke out of something very serious that kills people at an alarming rate. She will have blood on her hands if she keeps this commentary up too.

No. 714683

File: 1570340577719.jpeg (315.58 KB, 1125x631, 5A385EE7-3A4B-4018-A9E9-19E483…)

this is probably not milky but did we know she was taking anti depressants? She talks about meds and drugs a lot but I don’t remember her saying this

No. 714687

yes she has run out before and talked about it.

No. 714690

Advocate for domestic violence, most likely. Even though she got warned several times about her abuser, got shown proof of his abuse, even articles written by third parties about his drug abuse and violent behavior, and did not listen.

Once the "recovery advocate" phase ends, she'll try to regain the attention by talking about her relationship with JC.

No. 714697

She really slept all day, huh? She’s been completely mute.

No. 714701

yeah well someone threw some good questions and arguments at her yesterday so she needs to crawl back into her hole so that she can blame depression when she does not come up with a response.

No. 714702

Telling people to use weed instead of antidepressants is a terrible idea wtf

No. 714704

File: 1570345981511.jpg (487.51 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-001248.jpg)

The timeline changes every day

No. 714706

File: 1570348031848.png (703.89 KB, 1242x2688, 0E058419-E769-4AA1-84FA-B4C28A…)

There’s no way she’s clean.

No. 714707


Her family can help with the animals… that are in her room… where she’s sleeping? Unless she’s a really heavy sleeper any moving around feeding and watering the animals would surely wake her up

No. 714708

"Help out"?

You mean do everything for you.

No. 714709

"i decided to sleep as long as i want to"
bitch you do that every day

No. 714710

Blaming depression so she doesn't have to explain how she took care of her animals when she could only be awake for 4 hours straight. Told you so.

No. 714711

and she seriously thinks she can move out at the end of this month? topkek

No. 714713

File: 1570349059415.jpeg (188.58 KB, 1233x649, BCA738C9-986A-433F-A315-E6F9E5…)

She slipped up and admitted she would stay in bed for days while she was on heroin. So much for giving her animals ThE bEsT cArE during that time…

No. 714715

No Taylor this is not normal. The rest of us have jobs and responsibilities and don't have our mommy clean our room so we literally cannot stay in bed for days.

No. 714717

Fatigue is a common symptom of depression, but it does not equate to you being a "normal depressed person". And you talking in past tense is really laughable as if your mother didn't have listed cleaning your room as a chore and you posting shit at times where clearly you're the only one awake in the house.

You still sleep all day, you still eat like shit, and you're still not sober. You're still living in a bubble.

No. 714718

File: 1570352789012.jpeg (435.43 KB, 1242x1121, 3037CC46-D4D6-48FD-BDE5-35B15E…)

Well, anon, you were right. You predicted the depression thing. >>714701
But we did finally hear a little bit about her faux health problems.

No. 714720

But her therapist totally thinks she's capable of moving out right now like look how well she's thriving? Her animals will be just fine.

No. 714721

You dumb bitch taylor, you can literally do yoga at home by following along on YouTube.(samefagging)

No. 714722

Omg maybe she’ll become a junkie yoga teacher and guide people on their spiritual quests

No. 714723

Did Taylor ever live alone or out of her parents house before jonny?

No. 714724

Don’t forget she has a dealer ten minutes away.(samefagging)

No. 714725

Nope. Jonny "visited" Taylor right when she was moving out, saying it was to "help her move into her new apartment," and then he just never left.

No. 714726

She does have a "by myself" tattoo tho guys kek

No. 714728

Wonder how it's going with all the NA-appointments and countless therapists that she is supposed to be seeing.

No. 714730

>Tay: Waah, I can’t get out of bed. Feel sorry for me uwu!
>commenter: I used to struggle with low energy too, but yoga helps me.
>Tay: But I'm a spoonie uwu and I don’t have the energy to try to fix my low energy. I'll see if it makes me feel better when I already feel better tho!
Her self-centered ramblings don’t make any sense and really irk me. She’s so dense and full of herself she repeated what the experience he already said he related to is like. She even used the problem he’s also dealt with as an excuse to not try to take his advice on that same problem because she clearly doesn’t want to get better. She likes to wallow because it gets her pity points and justifies the rest of her shitty behavior in her mind. It’s her stupidity and self-defeating attitude in a nutshell. Also, how are we supposed to believe she's making it to therapy if going to a class is impossible? And ofc she jumps at any chance to mention that she has a mild "tissue disorder uwu", despite the fact that exercise is the best treatment for EDS. Seems awfully convenient that we recently brought up her radio silence on EDS and it miraculously resurfaces out of nowhere.

No. 714734

File: 1570362686076.jpg (215.2 KB, 810x751, 20191006_225056.jpg)

Christ almighty, out comes ANOTHER fake diagnosis to appear more quirky.

No. 714736

File: 1570362943887.jpg (555.93 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20191006-225302_Twi…)


All this person did was make a lighthearted comment, and she went on this long tandem that wasn't really necessary..

No. 714737

File: 1570363423931.jpg (532.78 KB, 1070x1688, Screenshot_20191006-230249_Twi…)


No. 714740

And here I thought $700 was pocket change for her? She'd not need to go more than once to get a scrip anyway, what the hell.

No. 714748

>Lives in filth, doesn't shower, eats sugary foods that cause mood swings, no friends, stares at artificial light all day, sleep schedule is fucked, doesn't exercise or move, hasn't seen natural sunlight in weeks.

Gee I wonder why she's depressed.

No. 714752

Yup another very treatable disorder too. All it would take for Tay was to be out of bed in the morning when the sun comes up and stay out of bed until it goes back down. And if it still is affecting her then buy a lux light for $30.

No. 714754


Wow so relateable, much poverty.

No. 714758

She’s like 2 months late to “announcing” depressed girl fall. Gee, why doesn’t a decent man want to be w you Taylor? Reason number 1/5000000: you tweet the shockingly low amount times you shower in a month almost every day.

No. 714760

It's obvious she's using again because the fake diagnosis are coming out again.

Muh EDS muh depression muh migraines waaah suddenly after 120 days of no illness at all

It's so obvious

No. 714762

yoga is literally one of the best types of exercise someone with chronic pain/"connective tissue disorders" can do. tay just wants another excuse to stay in bed

No. 714764

She lives in Texas FFS, It's not cold or dark here rn.

No. 714765

File: 1570370204109.jpg (120.59 KB, 1073x1004, IMG_20191006_065540.jpg)

She's part of the special 15% of people where the requirements of seasonal affective disorder don't apply

No. 714766

her new poor shtick is so bizarre.
>says she can barely afford $300 of pet food
>spends twice that on garbage fast fashion clothes
>can't afford out of pocket pshyciatrist visit for her problems that literally prevent her from being productive in any way
>anyways guys I'm getting an apartment next month

I wonder if she's actually delusional and genuinely thinks she's poor lmao.

No. 714767

She’s literally not getting any vitamin D because she sleeps all day, but yeah seasonal affective disorder sounds better and will bring in the sympathy. If it was dead middle of summer she would have the same problem.

No. 714769

File: 1570370462581.jpg (653.8 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-070021.jpg)

You…. Forgot you have been driving high with no license?

No. 714770

File: 1570370625299.jpg (571.49 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-070239.jpg)

But not my snake morphs bred with issues, I'm special and the rules don't apply to me

No. 714773

to me this just shows that she has no idea what depression actually looks like 'listen to uplifting music and watch happy tv shows' what load of crap advice is that

No. 714777

Im so tired of her. She really needs to stop acting like the most specialist sufferer of all times.

Theres no fucking way she cared for her animals when she was strung out either, she really put her pregnant friend in that filthy, needle ridden environmemt to clean up after her in place of her mommy. She continues to reach a new level of pathetic.

No. 714778

File: 1570372609122.png (193.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191006-163526.png)

Who would have thought?… kek

No. 714779

File: 1570372778005.jpeg (378.86 KB, 1242x1857, C031140E-00AE-4F42-9C56-951491…)

No. 714780

So close to self awareness…

Like bitch, seriously? Over half the animals you own are designer morphs. Snake morphs are highly controversial, many never get forever homes because the market is flooded.

It also encourages shitty hoarders who stuff them in tubs and breed them making the problem worse.

She owns, continues to buy and supports breeding of these designer morphs. She's all lip service

No. 714781

File: 1570372937997.jpeg (329.88 KB, 1239x1413, 522F9AAB-A0CF-4A21-9945-070F58…)

“Me, me, me. I’m the most depressed, sickest, junkiest ever and my experiences will always be worse than everyone else’s and everyone’s story is actually my story”

No. 714782

Shes about as bad as those tumblr girls who romanticize mental illnesses.

Let me guess, she'll be able to magically snap out of (forget) depression when something exciting happens.

No. 714783

File: 1570373558195.jpg (324.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191006-155036_Ins…)

she's so fucking stupid - this bitch really thinks italian ppl aren't white

No. 714784

She is saying on Twitter now that she and Tanner have different moms. Does this mean mama Dean is only Tanners mom then? And she doesn't have any italian blood like Tanner so her mom cheated with someone?

No. 714785

I'm all for supporting people who are struggling but she's just playing the pity Olympics.

Most actual victims don't let the victim mentality rule their life. At the end of the day most people who aren't your friends or family don't really give a shit. There are tons of people waaaay worse off than Taylor, that don't bitch and moan as often as she does.

Nobody likes fucking whiners, get your shit together.

No. 714786

She's talking about her half-brother not tanner.

No. 714788


I hate it when American's say they're Italian, Irish, German. Dude, you were born in Texas, your not Italian.

No. 714789

Shes about 120 years too late for that thought process. Maybe open a book every now and then Tay, your mind will be blown from the actual knowledge you could learn.

No. 714790

I think shes referring to skin tone

No. 714797

She is always contradicting herself within days, sometimes even on the same day lmao

When she gets called out or is trying to prove "dA hAtuRz" wrong she's "happier than she's ever been and thriving", but at the same time she's playing the uwu I am so fragile and depressed I am the biggest victim of all victims ever.

Days ago she mentioned how her recovery was a breeze but then she got called on her shit by Chelsea so being the big struggling victim was necessary to score pity points. She's a gross manipulative piece of shit.

No. 714801

I figured if she was talking about being pale she wouldn't say "100%" but who knows - she doesnt possess a brain lol

No. 714803

lmao called it >>693889
she really wants to hit minority bingo and pretend she's not white. her dad IS white, both of her parents look white af.

No. 714809

File: 1570377528682.jpg (348.39 KB, 1536x772, Screenshot_20191006-175245.jpg)

She's desperately grasping for unique points right now so she can feel sPeCiAl.

No. 714814


So.. is she trying to imply that her mom cheated on her dad and her dad isn't actually her dad? Or is she just attention seeking again as usual?

No. 714815

she wants to be a minority and the biggest victim so badly. i wish everyone in her life and people she came across would painfully baby her, everyone assuming she can't live by herself. unable to eat out without servers treating her like a child, club bouncers not letting her clubbing, bars not serving her. if only everyone would infantalize and victimize her until she grew sick of it, trying to crawl out of the mess to no avail.

No. 714822

Nobody cares that your a euro-mutt. There's nothing spechshul about your genetics, these ancestry tests are mostly bogus. Some of them throw stuff in there to screw with racists and are mostly guesswork based on common genes.

There are a lot of false positives, fraud and bad science going on in these tests.

No. 714834

How does Taylor equate her parents caring for her animals versus her? She’s the animal expert after all right? Her parents don’t know how to give those poor animals the proper care but clearly neither does she since she thinks it’s appropriate to sleep 20/24 hours. What a scumbag. Like how selfish can this twit be? In my book, you forfeit your right to be selfish when you decide to hoard animals. Feeling depressed, get over yourself, and find happiness in taking care of your zoo. She’s sickening already.

Lets all not forget the last time she was sleeping the days away, she was using heroin. Remember Jonny would post creepy pics of her while she was sleeping? She’s been going to IOP for how long and they haven’t got her antidepressant meds right to ensure she doesn’t sleep for days on end? Give me a fucking break.

No. 714854

File: 1570383545145.jpg (562.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-103654.jpg)

Wow she didn't even go to 6th grade I guess

How is it possible to be so fucking dumb

No. 714855

File: 1570383654486.jpg (566.61 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-104053.jpg)

No. 714865

File: 1570385498965.png (3.58 MB, 1242x2208, EC87BE58-0F3D-4490-8B46-5F4746…)

No. 714866

I can’t get over the tacky bandaid choker. Her style… is just a wreck lmao

No. 714867

why can't she ever match? Why does she always have to throw on the most random accessories? What the hell, she looks so dumb.

No. 714868

File: 1570385594254.jpeg (475.83 KB, 1536x2048, 93B6787D-FC60-48B6-9564-3A48D0…)

No. 714870

she's in no way matching, it's fucking baffling to me. Why put that hair tie on? Why the choker? How many of those tank tops did she buy?

she looks crazy

No. 714871

So fuckin high!!! God damn someone let this girl know it’s okay not the let the internet know every passing thought you have. Edit yourself, take one accessory off before you leave and you won’t seem so fuckin high off your gourd TraytorTrash

No. 714873

>book ur therapy appointments
>I'm banned from my doctor's office due to multiple no-call-no-shows

No. 714874

So she has a tattoo appointment today or am I misunderstanding? Getting tattooed can be really exhausting, so she sleeps almost 24h and can't care for her animals but can go outside to get a tattoo?

No. 714875

File: 1570386921151.jpg (469.81 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-113424.jpg)

She's not just fixing her existing shit tattoo she's adding MORE

No. 714876

File: 1570387121817.jpeg (498.71 KB, 1242x1842, 92899629-5F43-41F2-9C11-E3C8CD…)

“Carsick” lmao okay, Taylor. Bitch got too high before her tattoo appointment. Five pounds of foundation, contour and highlight and her face still looks completely busted.

No. 714877

File: 1570387347842.jpeg (259.27 KB, 1242x1859, 1C7FD8AF-1F67-43F4-BE38-4CCD1E…)

Won’t go see a psychiatrist because it will cost her a couple hundred bucks but will spend $700 on a ddlg wardrobe and dip into her savings for trashy tattoos - priorities.

No. 714878

File: 1570387413450.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1223x1817, E4073B76-E856-4331-8D47-082267…)

No. 714879

That necklace is atrocious

It must suck to tattoo her when she hasn't showered in days

No. 714880

Like imagine being an adult who thinks she’s so badass and quirky for getting a sleeve tattoo but has to have their mommy drive them to their appointment and pick them up.
Lmfao what a fucking loser. I can’t with this girl. Dipping into savings but go ahead and move out you fucking crackhead or should I say heroin junkie.

No. 714881

File: 1570387570832.jpg (752.37 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-114602.jpg)

No. 714882

In my experience, car sickness/motion sickness isn't usually an issue when you're in the front seat because looking out the front window isn't as bothersome. I mean maybe if you get REALLY REALLY bad motion sickness it could still be, but she's never mentioned it before AFAIK despite us having seen pics of her in the back seat near a window and everyone I've known with really bad motion sickness was fine with sitting in the front or the middle of the back seat so they can look through to the front.
Bitch high.

No. 714884

When you have 20+ animals to buy food and supplies for but you choose a tattoo…. Wow.

No. 714887

>"My mommy drove me to the tattoo parlor, she has to wait out front till i'm ready to go home and nap nap"

No. 714888


But it’s therapyyyyyyyyyy /s

No. 714889

File: 1570388537651.jpg (608.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-120058.jpg)

No. 714890

File: 1570388647278.jpg (30.51 KB, 400x400, supercool-creative-agency-atte…)

No. 714893

File: 1570388928100.jpeg (869.37 KB, 1218x1559, A1DE78D4-6CC0-4DDA-81CF-702096…)

Oh ya practically identical

No. 714899

lmfao she is really trying to skinwalk halsey
except she looks like a botched knock off dollar store version
she is so unoriginal

She’ll never stop embarrassing herself

No. 714900

She has been skinwalking Halsey since she left sober living, but has really ramped it up recently!

No. 714904

this is actually embarrassing

No. 714908

Tinfoil but anyone think it’s in black and white so to not see any recent track marks? She looks high af

No. 714910

I do think something is going on with her "sobriety" (although she takes Suboxone, I think, so that might account for it) but I think she's showing it in B&W 1) because it is "arty" and makes her look SMRT; 2) because you can't make out any significant details of the design, so no one can shit on her taste or the artwork.

No. 714912

In b4 homegirl becomes "tattoo addiction advocate"


No. 714915

File: 1570391731909.jpg (911.18 KB, 1536x1550, Screenshot_20191006-215347.jpg)

"Phone makes it 100x worse " she says as the selfies are taken in traffic, kek. Lying ass hoe.

No. 714918

File: 1570391990526.jpg (478.38 KB, 1536x1080, Screenshot_20191006-215940.jpg)

No. 714919

Made me laugh. Her brainless stans need to stop feeding into her narcissism. Jesus

No. 714924

Isn’t this the second time she delayed a Sunday video and then went to get tattooed?

No. 714927

Yep. She just spurges put excuses as to why she can’t upload consistently when we all know that she’s either
a) asleep
b) ranting on twitter for hours on to end
c) getting tattoos
At this point, I don’t know why her stans still believe her dumb ass lies

No. 714928


it's her "subtle" way of patting herself on the back (and encouraging other people to do so too) all day long on twitter instead of taking care of her – i don't know == 80 pet animals

No. 714941

File: 1570394194995.png (4.57 MB, 1242x2208, D959F1ED-F6B8-414C-B68D-44F3A8…)

screenshot from the video she posted on Twitter.
i can’t even comprehend how she thinks the tattoo remotely looks good. it’s laughable even.

No. 714944

She looks high as hell. Pinned pupils, glassy eyes, totally checked out plastic doll lax face.

You're not clean and you're not sober, Taylor, and everyone whose head isn't shoulder deep in your ass brown-nosing you can see it plain as the lumps on your lips.

No. 714945

Looks like hemipenes. At least that's still reptile related?

No. 714947

File: 1570394940015.jpg (373.66 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-134844.jpg)

So poor

No. 714949

Cowfish need to be housed in a 300 or 350 gallon tanks. Taylor claims to be unable to upgrade her enclosures because she can’t afford it? I’m sorry but wow this bitch is truly dumb. I would never get tattoos if I had animals that needed cage upgrades, because my animals will always be my #1 priority. I’m only 17, and I had to pay $400 (from my pocket, I literally sold almost all of my possessions to be able to pay for my rat’s bills. I don’t even have a job lmao) to pay for my rat’s vet bills, and eventually his cremation costs. It’s just so baffling how she willingly and publicly spends her money on mediocre & ugly tattoos (and clothes) rather than spending them on bettering the lives of her animals.(blog)

No. 714950

same person here. wanted to include a link to a cowfish care guide (the FIRST careguide that pops up when I google cowfish care guide). https://fishkeepingforever.com/longhorn-cowfish-lactoria-cornuta-ultimate-care-guide/
everything that the article stated, is quite clear and it’s so obvious that Taylor didn’t do an ounce of research on cowfish before acquiring Cheese & the replacement Cheese. It’s sad that all her animals have to suffer just so she can flex & be qUiRkY teehee

No. 714952

She looks fucking ugly.
Her outfit is a disaster and her lips look like they're ripping apart. There's no way she's clean.

No. 714953


Plz no, a two head snake? really? Every time she looks at its gonna bring up circus freak shows.

"lower income" and paid 3k for this? LMAO.

No. 714954

No1curr, I know, but as an akshually poor mentally ill person (you know the fun unglamorous kind where you can only afford your meds every other day and one or two meals a day, if at all) she fucking sickens me.

She's so obviously high recently, either back on H or abusing her prescription meds, and she has 3K to casually drop on stupid shit like tattoos? But not enough money for feeding her pets or getting them proper habitats? I hope she gets busted for a DUI and possession.

No. 714956

File: 1570396822788.png (7.05 MB, 1242x2208, 4377C845-E1F2-49B7-81AE-E2AAB6…)

she tries so hard to look like halsey only to end up looking like a white trash kek

No. 714958

Tinfoil the two head snake is a cover for the botched ones that don't have a body / head. She could say something about how it's a fantasy or aesthetic thing.

No. 714959

She's so full of shit, "genetics tests can't tell paternal line in women"
No that's not how it works.

No. 714962

CSI: TND kek

Her back teeth must be permanently brown, she's so full of shit.

It's her lack of education showing, plain and simple. She doesn't understand "matrilineal" DNA or "maternal inheritance lines" and thinks they're the only things relevant to her BeCaUsE sHe'S fEmAyLeE kek

No. 714963

I don’t know a lot about cowfish but I do know that most care sheets for exotics are usually less than the bare minimum you should be doing for the animal, and that ensuring it lives as healthy as possible requires a lot of self education, talking with experts, etc…..And here is Taylor not even following just the care sheet. Not even doing bare minimum. It enrages me every time I see proof of that, yet she’s the mother of the animal kingdom y’all. We stan!1!1

No. 714966

File: 1570398106182.jpeg (399.03 KB, 1242x1312, 7AB01982-E6E8-441F-BB96-D8D8F4…)

No. 714967

Her parents should make her pay for rent and groceries if she has that kind of money to waste. FFS.

No. 714970

File: 1570399023085.png (1004.54 KB, 640x1136, B721D3FA-D52E-4EB3-8EFE-67E53F…)

cool tattoo KEK

No. 714972

Depressed girl fall she says as she's wearing a cropped tank top and shorts in Texas heat, kek.

The way she's skin walking Halsey at the moment is creepy. Especially with those dead eyes of hers. Really shows just how much of an empty narcissistic shell she is. That's her "addict gene", being a narc desperate to feel anything, so she turned to drugs.

No. 714975

It's like a 3rd grader drew that snake, wth is going on with the underbelly?

Taylor is trying to compensate her lack of personality with shitty art.

No. 714976

File: 1570399458608.jpg (Spoiler Image,14.87 KB, 356x267, IMD-TrachManagement2_EN.jpg)

Her necklace looks like one of those tracheaostomy things lulw

No. 714980

Her tattoo looks like a child's coloring book

No. 714983

that's hilarious.

No. 714984


does her tattoo artist have parkinson's, or…

No. 714988

Every time I see her adding more tattoos I sincerely go into it not wanting to hate it, or say it looks awful. But every time she proves to not do her research with the artist and it comes out laughable. The rest of this section isn’t terrible that I’ve seen, but this one snake showing the underbelly looks so weird to me for some reason?? It looks more like a weird ass worm or caterpillar than a snake?

No. 714991

Also she said it cost her $3000 total? Tattoo anons, I’m not a tattoo person myself so I’m not familiar with prices but for a complete, quality sleeve is that even a fair price? I feel like if you’re going to get a series of tattoos that huge that cover your literal entire arm, you’re gonna be paying way more than $3k?
I could be wrong but I feel like she just cheaped out and didn’t want to pay for a high quality artist and do her research first. She just picked this girl because she posted a picture with a snake so she wanted someone rElaTable and such. Look how that backfired on her lmao.

No. 714992

did she even look at a sketch of it beforehand lmao

No. 714993

File: 1570401466143.jpg (82.36 KB, 603x469, IMG_20191006_153412.jpg)

She knew she had other options,but nah.
Tinfoil, she didn't do her research, and because she needed instant gratification wanted it NOW…and all decent professional artists are booked in advance.

No. 714994

2 syringes of juvaderm?! That’s wild. No wonder her lips are terrible. No responsible injector will do 2 syringes In one session.

No. 714995

It’s becasue she’s lying and she’s high as fuck

No. 714999

File: 1570401856912.jpg (126.47 KB, 1536x291, Screenshot_20191007-003747.jpg)

They would charge way more for good reason. But fuck getting your animals better stuff right Taylor?

She flip flops between being able to easipy throw around money like this and "not having that money" when it comes to her animals, or the tweets earlier about the medication / psych, just like she does with…everything else. Taylor the eternal flipflopping lying piece of garbage. For every statement she makes, we can make a collage of contradictions she put out usually within 24hrs.

No. 715010

idk how to screen record or save from insta stories but it looked like she was struggling to stand up in this vid, yikes

No. 715012

Maybe she was having a little bathroom break for her hourly shooting up kek.

No. 715014

File: 1570403070436.jpeg (707.05 KB, 2048x2048, 0B961028-D56E-4C9C-817B-2F988F…)

No. 715016

Doesn't look that bad shaded in, the snakes look like shit though.

No. 715018

File: 1570403245175.jpg (321.79 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191007_010705.jpg)

It looks so flat.

No. 715022

Pretty sure she got swindled, I think this is the same noob who did her tattoo earlier.

No. 715024

That tattoo artist needs to stay away from small detail. That one small flower petal on the snake head is already shaky af.the upper and lower arm look disconnected and not like one solid piece as well, her arm and lips are both kinda fucked. That tattoo has no planning whatsoever. It looks so crowded, like they both thought if they throw in enough stuff no one will notice the snake bodies missing or how off the female form is. She just keeps making herself a joke.

No. 715025


from afar i'd assume this adult retard is wearing a child's trach collar.

No. 715027

If small detail and flowers are her thing she dropped the ball hard on the snake with the flowers on the head, especially the second flower looks so flat yikes.

No. 715028


taylor, how come you can get off your disgusting white ass to go get a tattoo but when it comes to cleaning your own room or hanging out with your mom on her birthday or taking care of your own animal hoard "ima sleep for 15 hrs since my fam can help out with animals and clean my room"

also, guess what ppl who have actual real depression DON'T do? get up and get dressed up in their thot gear and trot off to sit in public getting tattooed

No. 715030

Taylor won’t tell us if she’s relapsed unless it’s in the very distant future when she’s done trying to play good guy with her weird sober dog tags, and trophies.
In which case would mean she has to hold herself relatively responsible, and we all know she’s very incapable of doing so.
She wants her cake, and she wants to eat it too.
The good thing about it though is Juvederm dissolved relatively quickly. So in 4-5 months, if her lips still aren’t deflating she’s either been badly botched with some bad filler that’s permanent, or she’s still getting touch ups.

No. 715034

All of Taylor's shitty procedures and tattoos are like karma to me. Soon she will hate this sleeve and it's too big to cover up. The only thing she had going for her were her looks and now she's totally ruined herself.

2 syringes are enough to permanently stretch your lips. The only way to fix it is surgery, otherwise they'll be deflated and saggy forever

No. 715035

the artist has confused the perspective of the flower closest to the viewer. it's drawn facing up but should logically be facing slightly down, so it confuses the eyes.
the snake scale texture isn't good either, the scales dont wrap around the snake's body at all. making the snakes body look like a strip of fabric instead of a 3d surface.

I'd be embarrassed to hang this on my wall, imagine having it pn your body forever.

No. 715037


So she can't spend 300 dollars on a psychiatric appointment but is fine with 3000 on a low quality tattoo…. Guess she's not as committed to recovery as she claims to be

No. 715038

I thought the juviderm forced the lips to make collagen? Pretty sure even if she took them out they'd still look different than before.

I don't understand why she's getting all these tattoos and wearing tacky clothes. If you know your depressed, and not in a good state of mind, why would you get something permanently tattooed on your body?

Her tattoo "collection" is just coming off forced. There isn't really any planning or philosophy behind her tattoo choices. She wants to pull off the suicide girl look so bad but she fails.

No. 715041

File: 1570404191427.jpg (508.95 KB, 1536x1577, Screenshot_20191007-012255.jpg)

No. 715043

Maybe if you didn't talk about him and heroin every day all day.

No. 715044

It can promote a little bit of the growth, but it doesn’t do a whole lot. It’s on a very small scale. It’s a hyaluronic based filler, and it basically attracts water to the source.
And no, >>715034 that’s not true. It would take several years of malpractice for this to happen. If that were the case, Kylie Jenners lips would be fucked.
Anyway, I don’t want to argue about filler. It’s not all that relevant. I just think it’s a good baseline to figure out if she’s still getting cosmetic procedures.

No. 715046

Again, why keep…like entertaining him? I get he hurt you, he's a dick head we ALL know that, but shit or get off the pot. Expose him or don't talk about him unless you are ready to make that video.

I feel like she's not making the video because she wants to talk to him. She wants closure, Taylor, I say this weakly at this point, you aren't getting closure or an apology from Jonny, he's scum.

Move on.

No. 715047

The hyaluronic acid in juvederm is the same your body produces. So sometimes a small amount bonds to your body and doesn’t dissolve fully.

No. 715051


I always have to laugh every time she says she'll for sure say if she's relapsed.
When you relapse and even before, you actively sabotage yourself and take measures so that no one will stop you until you've hit bottom.

This might be a blogpost but the annoying thing for me is like Taylor I also ended up in rehab very early in my addiction (like 7 months of active addition initially). It is so fucking annoying watching her talk about how special and shocking and uncommon her recovery is.
She absolutely hasn't seen bottom yet.

No. 715052

I’m curious how much she really cares about “saving” other girls from him at this point. If she really cared she wouldn’t be stirring shit up constantly without just making the video. She also said recently she would reach out to any girl who’s in relations with him to warn them about him. What about this Sydney girl he’s been with for weeks now? Have you really tried to warn her, Taylor? Or are you just all talk.
Granted, she may have done it and she could have just ignored her. But I doubt she’s even tried reaching out.
She needs to either make her choice to stop being loyal to him and make the video or stop talking shit and just move on. It’s such an attention grab to allude to things he’s done over and over and over and talk about making a video but never doing it.

No. 715054

Yeah theres no way she'll say if shes relapsed. She cant even be held accountable for cleaning her own damn crusty room, or care for her hoard. How does she expect anyone to believe she'll suddenly be oh so accountable for her recovery? Hell, she wastes thousands on shitty tattoos and white trash clothing, yet suddenly camt afford to pay a measly 300 (measly to her by her own words) for a psych appointment? Like???? She cant take care of herself. Its beyond pathetic. She wouldnt know Accountability or responsibility if someome forced her into it.

No. 715055

TBF does that girl need warning? I have no sympathy for the new girl, she doesn't even need Taylor to warn her or to even say all that he's done.

I'm sure she knows Taylor exists, I'm sure she knows all the shit online, but like Taylor, she just doesn't care.

No. 715059

File: 1570406591811.jpg (696.7 KB, 1536x1689, Screenshot_20191007-020212.jpg)

Taylor trying to be relatable again while our 50 dollars is 700 to her.

No. 715060

Too broke too afford healthcare but drops 700 a month on shitty trashy clothes and thousands on a tattoo. Pisses me off that shes blaming this shit on money when it's obvious she could afford healthcare if she chose. Not like plenty of people actually struggle to afford meds or anything.

No. 715061

File: 1570406823139.jpg (216.43 KB, 1536x529, Screenshot_20191007-020238.jpg)

This person has no healthcare, but Taylor out here acting she's on the same level with her privileges.

No. 715062

it seems like she's just constantly trying to one up people.

No. 715063

I can’t stand her narcissism, I lose 5 brain cells each time I read her tweets.

No. 715064

She is so tone deaf…

No. 715065

whatta ya wanna bet the 1 psychiatrist works at the hospital she pissed off.

No. 715066

Good god. I hope nome of her followers actually struggles. The way she suddenly becomes a victim of doctors and insurance and financiall issues when anything medical comes up can make someome genuinely struggling who looks up to her feel like theres absolutely no hope for them. Shes so shallow and blind.

No. 715067

File: 1570407198683.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x2317, inCollage_20191007_021112139.j…)

And in true Taylor fashion she's contradicting herself within the 24hr mark.

First she claims it's the psych not getting covered, and now it's suddenly the medication itself.

What happened Taylor? Thought they just wanted you on a different med?

No. 715068

She tried to be relatable but it comes off as,"Oh you think you have it bad? Well x, y for me was 10 times worst" and she doesn't wish them well or anything.

No. 715070

Any place that had iop shoupf have psychiatrists. Most who work with iop also have private practices. She could literslly get a prescription from the psych at her iop but she keeps sipping the dumb bitch juice. She cant take a moment to do something for her benefit because that means she cant be a victim in that aspect any more.

No. 715071

File: 1570407500725.jpg (754.81 KB, 1536x1004, Screenshot_20191007-021752.jpg)

Imagine crying about medical costs and minutes later tweet about your 3k tattoo.

No. 715073

File: 1570407532798.jpg (440.02 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191007_021744.jpg)

No. 715075

File: 1570407553696.jpg (480.18 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191007_021747.jpg)

No. 715077

If your taking meds to try "fix" your depression your doing it wrong.

Try exercising or eating healthier FFS, maybe cut down on the amount of animals and stress they are adding to your life. She needs to make some seriously lifestyle changes if she really wants to get better. Living in filth is bad for your mental health, shocker.

Taylor never wants to put in the work to make her life better, she just wants to complain and take a pill. If that shit worked we wouldn't have an opioid and mental health problem in this country.

No. 715079

she has such wide shoulders. def looks like a tranny in this pic

No. 715081

I mean she can't really help that, she can help her self serving, bullshit attitude and lies though.

No. 715083

This is gonna be a faded out mess in 5 years tops.

Pretty sure you shouldn't get tattoos while your body is recovering from heroin.

No. 715089

File: 1570410061424.jpg (331.23 KB, 1058x1881, 20191007_120059.jpg)

I think jonnys dropping a song about Taylor being a bedridden lazy shit.

No. 715091

Please go fuck yourself. You're just like Taylor, talking out of your ass.

Exercise won't fix everyone's depression and some people need antidepressants. Mental illness is an illness, imagine telling someone with cancer to exercise it off.

I don't think Taylor actually has depression but plenty of people do and you're being fucking retarded about it

No. 715102

Your gonna believe what you wanna believe. Not trying to hurt anyone struggling.

Do the research, anti depressants are not good for you long term.

Taylor is a munchie who doesn't have alot of her "diseases" but she clearly has mental health issues that medication likely won't solve.

No. 715103

No no no you guys, it's just based on Motley and that's why it makes no sense genetically and is facing every direction at once! /s

No. 715108


I took it as meds are fine and all but you’re not gunna get far in your healing if you’re not making lifestyle changes like eating well and exercising. The meds are there to take the edge off so you’re able to make better decisions for your future, absorb lessons from therapy better, that sort of thing. I agree to some point but yeah some people don’t have the luxury of being able to worry about LoNgTeRm EfFeCtS cause it’s better than being dead.

No. 715114

File: 1570413560228.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, 60520120-E653-4B70-BFD5-94888F…)

Ffs when will she ever shut up about the sleeve being worked on for two years. WE KNOW Taylor. You’ve said it in every tweet you’ve made about your shitty tattoos.

No. 715115

File: 1570413675020.png (7.51 MB, 1242x2208, FC17FF55-21F5-48F4-BCA5-15DF9A…)

I’m not an expert on tattoos but shouldn’t the old tattoo & the new ones be blended into together? It just looks weird and kinda looks like it’s been poorly photoshopped

No. 715117


It’s a fresh tattoo so the colour will change as it heals

No. 715119

>>tapped out after 8 hours and my mommy had to come pick me up uwu.
>>had my mommy take me to whataburger because I’m ~depressed~ and my insurance won’t pay for my psychiatrist and meds wawawa

Her insurance paid for a world renowned rehabilitation center but will only pay for one psychiatrist hundreds of miles away? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, idk, look into getting better insurance? Oh wait, that would actually require her to lift a pinky lol tough shit princess junkie. At least you got “eight hours” of therapy today for a cheap $3000 lmao

No. 715120

I love her revealing how fucking retarded she is. It took you two years to come up with some snakes, and flowers? Impressive! Never done before.

No. 715123

TBH this is just brainlet American logic. Not shocked Taylor knows absolutely nothing about something that isn't in the US lol.
Unless he literally says "Taylor is a lazy dirty skank" or drops some sort of a bombshell, it's not really that milky.
It's actually sad her lips look more and more busted with every selfie. Not even the Kardashians look this trashy.
Now if she takes a shower before 2020, I'll be impressed.

No. 715130

NTA. The brain gets sick like any other organ, and sometimes it needs medication to help regulate its chemistry. While it is true that anti-depressants can cause dependency long term, as well as other side issues, it's not all of them, and it also depends on each person's particular case and organism. While I do agree that a pill alone won't fix everything for you, and that recovery depends mostly on you, some people need to take them for life, even with lifestyle changes like exercise and change in diet.

I do believe Taylor is depressed/mentally ill, but she's in a privileged bubble where she can romanticize it and do whatever she wants because mommy does everything for her, and she just doesn't want to get better. She admitted in her video that she wasn't on her best behavior while she was in rehab, because she didn't want to go in the first place.

No. 715135

Yeah the sad thing is that she CAN actually afford to pay out of pocket for a health plan including mental health which usually costs more. She just chooses to buy cheap clothes and bad tattoos…and more pets…not sure how anyone is supposed to feel so bad for her. She's in such a place of privledge and even before yt infamy working at petco she's never had to consider the reality of another life. maybe karma will deliver in full lol

No. 715139

Everything she gets always takes "years" or she "dreamed about it for years". It's like some weird rationalization to justify an impulse.

The two headed snakes remind me of that two dick dude lmao. She paid 3k to be used as a guinea pig for an inexperienced artist. I'll see her in like 3 months whining that she didn't like it after all but now the dumbass has a whole arm tattooed.

No. 715156

wow, it’s so obvious she’s tryna skinwalk kek. Sis you look NOTHING like Halsey, give it a rest.

No. 715162

File: 1570418288035.png (3.4 MB, 1125x2436, 701FDD3B-5099-4978-ABF5-CEDDF4…)

ok but the real gag is that in this photo halsey has a filter on that makes her lips look botched like taylor's & acknowledges it.

No. 715164

File: 1570418866035.jpg (739.83 KB, 2064x1080, PhotoGrid_1570418672437.jpg)

Duuude. This bitch has no identity. She has stopped wearing packed on makeup, because halsey goes pretty light/natural most of the time. She has changed her entire style.. She's wearing natural hair and no wigs. She is fucking putting on fake freckles. And WHEN did she ever wear a bandana in her hair until Halsey did the other day? It's literally creepy how she tries so hard to copy her.

And this DNA shit? Guess who wanted to be Italian because Halsey aka Ashley FRANGIPANNI is? That and you know she was hoping there would be any kind of brown in her so she can claim to be a person of color like Halsey. Fucking so weird! Aghhh!

No. 715165

Also.. It wouldn't be that hard to copy Halseys style so I don't understand how someone with this amount of money and time does it horribly. Like, Walmart Halsey.

No. 715167

File: 1570419494443.jpeg (689.88 KB, 1242x1357, 1DF6878D-76EA-48E4-861F-8B4683…)

“I just helped another person into rehab today” lol narcissistic much???

No. 715171

File: 1570419845802.png (4.91 MB, 1242x2208, D8E17340-C830-4510-8BD1-8362AF…)

so.. does that mean the animals (specifically the rats & hedgehogs & the crested gecko bc they’re very prone to stress & bc they’re not in Taylor’s room) have to endure all the chaos in the house? and Taylor isn’t giving a single fuck about it but rather herself? wow. I get paranoid when my dog decides to bark nonstop because I have rats, and I’d hate for them to get stressed. I can’t even imagine the amount of stress Taylor’s rats have to endure.

No. 715173

File: 1570419964652.png (608.63 KB, 1242x2208, 3E73BFD4-D1A1-43B5-A692-7D48B9…)

Mama dean, please do us a favour and change the password to the internet. I’m getting sick & tired of Taylor’s narcissism.

No. 715175

we love a humble KWEEN!!

No. 715176

Anyone who leaves their bed makes more of a difference than you

No. 715177

Clearly she's really the only mad one here lol. Mad that people can see through her bullshit as always.

No. 715178

File: 1570420537717.png (486.52 KB, 1242x2208, A0C705B0-976B-4B97-936D-62C2E5…)

No. 715179

shes mad sperging right now.
going places? by staying in your room and sleeping all day?

No. 715180

>I've owned snakes for two years and been a junkie for less than two years, so I wanted a tattoo on my arm of myself holding snakes while high on heroin. you know to really embrace the rich junkie lavish lifestyle

No. 715181

not to mention she's in her twenties and her fucking mom cleans her room for her

No. 715182

That $3000 tattoo you got this month could have been first last and security on an apartment. stop using Band-Aids (the literal band-aid choker omg) and get your shit together Taylor. If you're staying with your parents long-term (which might not be a bad idea!) at least rehome the rats and cats. they deserve better than one room/never being taken out of the cage

No. 715183

You can't even clean your own room lmao

No. 715184

File: 1570421608611.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-07-00-08-17…)

Translation: my animals, lifestyle, drug use and erratic behavior stress out my family, and my special needs brother is having to share my mom with 1000 animals she has to now take care of. It's annoying me when I am trying to watch The Office.

What a selfish bitch. Her brother and mom obviously have a close bond and do things together 24/7. His life has been extremely structured and his mother is his constant. Now that is all fucked and he has to adjust to changes in his routine, less one on one time with his favprite person AND deal with the anxiety that trickles over to the family from Taylor's sperg outs. How fucking selfish. I think this takes the cake. She is a royal bitch.

No. 715185

“I’m making a difference” “I’m going places” bro you’re literally living in your moms house sperging like a 12 year old on Twitter 24/7… I can’t lmfao

No. 715186

Oh shut the fuck up you stupid insufferable cunt. You act like you’re some humanitarian changing lives or that you’re a doctor saving lives. As if you even know what hard work entails.
You’re the fucking loser who got addicted to heroin and is now living with her mommy because ~life is so hard~ your mommy had to clean up your fucking mess because you did not complete a month in rehab, you got kicked out of two sober living facilities and you were living in an extended stay hotel room with your now ex junkie bro peen who was using drugs the whole time by yours and his own admissions. But yeah keep telling your weak, fragile, and depressed self that you had the willpower to overcome cravings lol.
Most of us have college degrees, have jobs and have even overcome addiction either first or secondhand. So please stop trying to act like you’re somebody special. You have (had) all this money and what do you have to show for it? No house, no car, no long-term investments. You’re just a junkie living with mommy and daddy in a world of delusion.
If all these bigger platforms are reaching out to you to collaborate, why haven’t you already? Oh that’s right, everyone else in the world works on deadlines. You wouldn’t even be able to meet deadlines collaborating on a YT video if your life depended on it. For fucks sake Taylor, you can’t even release videos on your own schedule even though you have all this material recorded. It’s not like your edits take any effort. You’re just a lazy slob with a sorry excuse for taste in fashion. But go off though and stay mad TayTay!!!

No. 715188

File: 1570421962874.png (341.6 KB, 1439x1727, Capture _2019-10-07-00-16-15.p…)


She treats her mom like absolute shit. For her mom's birthday 2 days ago she tweeted nothing, got in a massive pissing contest about weed and her mom spent the evening eating store-bought cupcakes from a box and defending her on Twitter.

On Hasley's birthday however…

No. 715191

Oh honey, people here do great things for others, we just don't advertise is all over social media.

Anyone can do what you do, Taylor, you just got lucky to make some money off it because you were conventionally attractive, and started out family friendly.

However, you live at home with your mom taking care of you like a toddler. So, obviously all your "accomplishments" got you no where that we all haven't been as kids, lol.

You've invested none of your money wisel, or created any type of foundation for yourself once you become obscure.

No. 715195

Imagine not properly saying happy birthday to your own mom who takes care of your zoo for you and cleans your fucking room but wishing a genuine happy birthday to a celebrity who doesn’t give a shit about you.
God she’s honestly human scum. Just gross

No. 715199

>not advertising everything on Twitter

You can only choose one

No. 715206

File: 1570424309055.png (702.7 KB, 1101x1996, Capture _2019-10-07-00-56-47.p…)

Hot off the press! Taylor Nicole Dean is the most intelligent, organized and well-informed addict yet! She is 100% hot and 100% right! Doctors hate her!

Nah, but her dumb-fuckery blows me away today.

No. 715207

How is Taylor Nicole Dean going places when she doesn’t even have a drivers license? And sleeps all day?

No. 715209


Honestly with how incredible she is, I bet those thousands of addicts, doctors, researchers and scientists come to her.

No. 715210


How about instead of complaining taylor, you get off your lazy fucking ass and offer them both some help?

Your mother is doing not only everything for her Son which alone is hard enough, but she's doing everything for YOU and YOUR hoard of animals on top of everything while you've slept the past few days away and done fuck all.
Gee I wonder if that has anything to do with your brother having a hard time at all? Having everything in the house suddenly changed and his mother no longer able to give him undivided care because your drug fucked self decided to go and ruin herself? Fuck you taylor you selfish cunt.

No. 715211

File: 1570425109065.png (250.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191007-010953.png)

But I thought you didn't care about us "haturz!!" anymore?

No. 715212

File: 1570425296765.jpeg (429.41 KB, 1242x1136, 702F92E1-BDBC-4AC9-906E-7F1A04…)

Remember when Jonny said that she checks lolcow every day?

No. 715214


I can't believe how bad she treats her family.
She treats her mother like a slave, and she treats tanner like he's nothing but an inconvenience, meanwhile she offers no help and does nothing to show any appreciation at all.

Honestly mama dean is a bit crazy, but she's not only taking care of her disabled child 24/7, she's also driving taylor around everywhere, she even got her into rehab and cleans her room and takes care of her animals for her and does all the other household chores. I would probably go a bit insane myself after 22 years of doing that shit constantly day in and day out! Only for your only daughter to grow up to be nothing but an entitled, selfish, bitch of a junkie attention whore.

What a sad way to spend your birthday, only to see your daughter give more of a fuck about some celebrity who's not even that great anyway.

No. 715215


Yeah it's so comical to her that to this very day it's all she whinges and complains about along with every other negative thing anyone has to say about her.

A person who doesn't care doesn't spend that much time crying about it to their fans for sympathy.

Also there's no agenda here taylor, we knew about your heroin addiction a whole year before your ignorant fans did, we knew jonny sucked all of your cash from you, we knew about your animals demises and sicknesses days, weeks months before it came out, we knew jake was psycho before you even did.

Shut up and go cry some more, or better yet go and help your mother out it'll give you something better to do.

No. 715216

It’s painfully obvious this girl has never pursued a higher education. Citations are standard when you go to college or else you can be expelled for plagiarism. What gives TND the right to spew this “FAcTUal infoMaTIOn frOm WORld ReNoWned DOCtors” and pass it off as her own knowledge? Newsflash, you do not have a degree in psychology, psychiatry, biology or neuroscience. You have no right to sit there and pull info out of your smelly ass and claim it as true without properly citing your sources so people can further look into a topic if they wanted. You clearly don’t understand a word of what your doctors are telling you because you are misconstruing information and that’s dangerous. This isn’t a fucking game of telephone.
She spends every day all day researching information about recovery and still takes care of all of her animals on top of sleeping all day and arguing all day on Twitter. Oh and can’t forget all those IOP appointments and NA/AA meetings she attends on a daily basis.

Bitch you though alprazolam was a barbiturate without batting an eye. That’s dangerous information to spread because you’re making people think they need to avoid the WRONG DRUG CLASS. You know your stans take you at your word you stupid little twat and you abuse that power. Just say you know fuck all about drugs and move on.

It’s obvious that she is high and she’s lashing out at this website because she’s pissed we figured it out and it’s only a matter of time before she can’t deny it.

No. 715218

Nothing new, it's just like how she spews misinformation about animal care and how to take care of exotics and treat them despite having no form of education regarding animals.
No zoology, no herpetology, no studies NOTHING.

She worked at a notoriously shit pet shop for a little while as a cashier and suddenly she thinks she's David Attenborough.

No. 715223

I thought she was in the petcare department? Is she was, I can’t imagine how awful those habitats would’ve been since she can’t even clean her own. If she was only a cashier that’s also bad because they don’t spend any time with the animals. Either way, working at a pet store does not equate to years of medical school +studies. That’s what’s awful about pet tubers. They claim everything they say as fact when all they know is from what they can gather on the front page of google and their own experience. They have awful experience anyways

No. 715226

File: 1570427684521.png (186.71 KB, 1374x889, Capture _2019-10-06-22-52-19.p…)

Lmao fuck no they didnt have her ditzy ass cleaning the cage. She was a cashier.

Also her mom is her trying to shade her?

No. 715230

No, taylor.. People are just tired of your fucking irresponsible decisions to share incorrect information. First, about pet care.. Now? Addiction. Jonny has more fucking experience speaking about addiction than your ass does. You couldn't finish 30 DAYS in rehab. You, by your own account, didn't listen to anything taught because you were busy chasing fucking male attention. You got kicked out of every sober living. Your "iop" is a fucking suboxone clinic that makes people sometimes do like, 1 group a week where everyone is talking about their problems and no one really talks about recovery. Your "counselor" is a suboxone clinic counselor, who a person meets maybe 1 time a month for 30 min.

You're a fucking joke. You sleep all day and, again by your own admission, miss these rare appointments. You don't fool anyone. You Google addiction and spout off random bullshit, similar to what you did with pet care. You're not a fucking expert. You're just some random idiot narcissist who has zero responsibility in life and wants to feel like you matter.

If your dumb ass really wants to help? Spend less time in bed and spend more maybe becoming an addiction peer support specialist. Oh wait, they REQUIRE people to be sober for at least 2 years because everyone knows someone who has a few months clean doesn't have the capacity to help others, because they are still learning to help themselves.

Its just so annoying. You sat in your room for like 7 months having someone else shoot you up while living off of YouTube money. You have never struggled in your life. You know zero about what addicts really go through. Shit the FUCK up already.

No. 715237

Wow sia has the same condition as tnd but still manages to go on tour, make it to shows/interviews, etc. The only thing she doesn’t do is dance and has Maddie Ziegler to the visual performance. But Taylor is the exception right? Hers is so bad she NEEDS to sleep for more than half the day. Nothing can help her. I’d be so funny to see her try to one up sia. This is why Taylor is such a bad role model. She uses things as excuses while other successful people use it as inspiration.

No. 715240

Inb4 Tay goes off about how it's toxic to compare people's ability with the same condition, and I know she will.

Like anon said, a lot of people don't use it as an excuse for doing nothing, but as a drive to not let it define their abilities.

No. 715248

I have EDS (same Type as her) , pots and Fibro and live a super active, well rounded life. It in no way debilitates me, aside from being sore and tired sometimes but I'm used to it and push through.

I also know many, many people with way worse conditions who push through and live active lives.

It's nothing but an excuse to ne lazy for her. Id usually never say this about anyone, but it's just so obvious. I feel like she grew up in an environment where she was babied and treated as fragile. She has learned to use this as a way to not be held accountable.

She has a lot of growing up to do and for her sake, I really hope she does eventually see therapists and get diagnosed and treated for her obvious personality disorders.(blog)

No. 715250


Bro, most of us, if not all, read your sperging while taking a shit or taking a break from y'know, job and/or school. What's comical is that you think you're above us because we "obsess" over everything you do yet you're up to date about it. And you aren't "cancelled" because you confused a drug for another. You're cancelled because of your constant neglect of animals, spread of misinformation, and because you silenced and made fun of your ex's victims, that now you're ripping their stories off of to make yourself look like a victim when you got told and warned plenty of times about him.

You're "cancelled" because of that "only 15% of people can get addicted" bullshit you keep on saying. You talk about these "big companies contacting you" like New York Magazine? The video they made of you only that only has 13k views and a huge dislike ratio?
You failed to complete rehab and you failed to stay in sober facilities twice. You tweeted you planned "relapses" and you're constantly saying you're sober when you're not. Your spreading of misinformation is dangerous, and parroting what a "ReNoWneD DoCtOr" said doesn't tell me anything. I highly doubt you read peer reviewed papers on addiction, let alone know how to read them. You never cite your sources, you just parrot what you got told.

The only places you're going to are tattoo parlors and fast food joints, and you're not even going on your own. You can try to put yourself on a pedestal and tweet all this "I'm better than you" shit in an attempt to validate yourself, but words are empty. So check your botched lips before you try to make yourself look like you're big shit.

No. 715252

File: 1570432689435.png (361.07 KB, 1393x1779, Capture _2019-10-07-00-17-09.p…)

Damn her daughter could wish a singer happy birthday but not even her own mom.

No. 715253

I totally agree with you. It's incredibly frustrating to see her use her "illnesses" as excuses to not do anything all day, when people with much worse than her go to jobs or university every day.
There was a girl at my university with severe EDS (as in needed an electric wheelchair at all times) and she completed a freaking biology degree. She was incredible and didn't let her problems hold her back whatsoever.
With problems like Taylor's I have no doubt regular exercise and structure to her day would help her, but she seems reluctant to do anything that may benefit her. I find it kinda weird that she wants to be this sexy thot bad bitch but also be the little disabled victim who can't even clean her own room.

No. 715254

File: 1570432801030.png (250.22 KB, 1365x1109, Capture _2019-10-07-00-19-17.p…)

She's going to delete her Twitter.

No. 715255

This is her pinned tweet???? Lmao could this family get any more attention seeking??? If you delete this time, maybe just keep off, Jen. No point in deleting just to reactivate in an hour.

No. 715256

Funny another lie, she said her mom is a Scorpio but if he moms bday was yesterday she’s not a Scorpio what a dumbass thing to lie about shows how her lying pathological

No. 715261

taylor ~working~ on a ~concept~ for ~two years~: umm i want a sexy medusa bc normal medusa is ugly and well, im sexy, plus ummm lotsa snakes, bc you know, mother of snakes lol, but no snakey hair pls because thats not pretty but you know whats pretty? flowers, so sexy girl snakes n flowers bc that's pretty and dainty and thats me but also badass bc i keep snakes in plastic tubs in my childhood bedroom

No. 715271

Sad when despite how big of an unhinged narc you are, your daughter makes you look like a saint in comparison. I actually feel bad for Mama Dean and I used to think she was just batshit and needed to talk to Taylor like a normal human would. Now I see why she tweets at Taylor because the stench from her room has to be a biohazard at this point between the animals and Taylor not having bathed in a week.

No. 715287

She also seems like the kind of daughter that just tells her mother to fuck off if she doesn't get her own way or she's told what to do like cleaning her room or doing some dishes or something, I imagine mama dean trying to get through to taylor is like talking to a brick wall sometimes, it could explain why she tweets toward her instead of actually talking to her, and we all know that Taylor takes Twitter more seriously than life itself.

No. 715309

She’s not, she needs somewhere to dump her shitty lyrics and fat emojis.

No. 715314

Has she posted any update at all on her new cowfish? You'd think she'd be spamming social media with it since getting the fish was "the best day of her life" and made her sooo emotional lol

No. 715325

If her brother is so loud and inconvenient to the point it shakes the walls and it's SO bad, how has she been able to sleep her days away?

No. 715333

Tinfoil, but I wonder if his outbursts are directed at Taylor. He seemed to speak his mind about Taylor. I'm sure he's really disappointed in her, and having her home doing nothing to contribute upsets him. I can see him calling her a lazy loser.

It's just interesting his outbursts started getting out of hand when Taylor came back.

Did Jen or Taylor ever mention him being difficult before Tay started doing drugs? I feel so bad for him…

No. 715338

File: 1570461531286.jpg (516.91 KB, 1080x1586, 20191007_111539.jpg)

I found this discussion in one of breezexotics Taylor shade tweets. Didnt see it posted here but thought it was relevant

No. 715339

File: 1570461554504.jpg (615.5 KB, 1080x1674, 20191007_111558.jpg)

No. 715340

File: 1570461576623.jpg (608.84 KB, 1080x1648, 20191007_111614.jpg)

No. 715341

File: 1570461599145.jpg (560.43 KB, 1080x1657, 20191007_111636.jpg)

No. 715342

File: 1570461622232.jpg (590.19 KB, 1080x1667, 20191007_111657.jpg)

No. 715343

I doubt Taylor even knows what most of these words mean. She thinks if you're a girl you don't get dna from your dad

No. 715344

Samefag from above but the scientist is Dr. Carl Hart and in fact he says ITS WRONG TO VIEW ADDICTION AS A BRAIN DISEASE. So wtf is she referring to now

No. 715346

What TND is referring to is probably a conversation she was half ass listening to during IOP or rehab group therapy while she was deciding which dick to hop on later that evening. She heard enough to confirm her own narrative that none of it is her fault and she is the victim because of her DNA.

It’s almost like drug addicts aren’t qualified to speak about the biology and science behind addiction just because they are addicts. If she was trying to just speak about her experience, that would be fine. But, her trying to pretend that she is the master addiction guru is actually more harmful. Once she gets called out she’ll just cry that people are “invalidating her experience”, as if she has any experience studying the psychology and mind of addicts as a whole.

No. 715347

She thinks girls dont get DNA from their dads…. what????

No. 715351

Little meta here but imo Taylor is one of the most old school style cows we have. The milk never stops flowing, simply because her ego is so supermassive and she thinks her opinions are so earth-shatteringly brilliant that she cannot shut up. I always think that there's going to be a dry point somewhere down the line but there's no way she's cleaning herself up or ever getting off sm. She's so dumb. Most people would look at a history like hers and think maybe it's time to take a step back. Not Taylor. Her USI is off the charts.

LC still votes on biggest cows, yes?

No. 715358

>make a video to prevent other girls from being ruined by him
you mean like when his exes tried to give you a heads up and you laughed at them, bitch? his name is constantly coming out of your mouth, doesn't sound like you're over him or that he ruined you. at all, frankly.

No. 715361

his special needs have gotten severely worse on the mental side!

the way she writes is hilarious to me. she's such a retard.

No. 715364

Imagine being that self obsorbed that you’re only bothered that your disabled brother is stressed out because it’s affecting YOU. Bitch, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s stressed out because of YOU. I really can’t with this selfish cow. If it’s not about her or benefits her, she couldn’t give a flying fuck.

No. 715365

Imagine telling yourself that a grown ass woman who sleeps all day long, can't shower, locks herself in her room with headphones on so she doesn't have to listen to her brother screaming, has no job, no life, and most importantly, no friends is actually going somewhere.

As for thinking you're unable to be cancelled? Well, pride goeth before a fall, Tay.

No. 715367

I think she lowkey hates/is jealous of her brother. He gets all of mommy's attention.

Her brother is probably stressed that his sister is acting a fool, getting tatted up and ignoring him like the plague. She's probably Locking herself in her room all day pretending he doesn't exist. He's concerned and she's making it worse.

Special needs family's have alot of stress and hardships that Taylor probably wants to distance herself from. Mama dean probably has her hands full and doesn't want to fight Taylor so she give in.

No. 715368

Thats a thing actually. And very possible with her extreme attention seeking behavior. Children who havr a disabled or special needs sibling tenf to act out or pretend to be sick to get attention lile their sibling. Most people grow out of it and are embarassed of it. Obviously taylor lacks self awareness though so i dont expect her to ever actually be embarassed of herself.

No. 715369

Imagine having a special needs brother who is in such distress and making it about yourself. How about you try to help him? Or at least help your mom since shes the primary caretaker? No, go ahead, sleep all fucking day. God I cannot believe the selfishness.

No. 715372

What I hate is Taylor is such a selfish dick to her mom. Yes, mama dean is a narc but still.

Saves her life, takes her to shitty tattoo parlors, lets her move her hoard back in and gets lets her get MOAR animals.

You'd think she'd actually help out with her brother since she isn't actually doing anything. But no, she sticks her head in the sand pretending the problem doesn't exist and leaves it up to her mom.

Mama dean should get her to rehome more shit, If your animals are stressed out, maybe they'd be better off in a safer environment? just a thought. Taylor still has too many animals on her plate.

No. 715379

I think Taylor is embarrassed and ashamed every time her brother asks about shitty tats/clothes and too many animals. She probably doesn't want to talk to him about it because she knows it's trashy and wrong.

Taylor is constantly fighting the
>"I'm a good person and a perfect pet mom" and
>"I'm a heroin addict, who killed pets, lied to my fans, shamed victims of rape/abuse, sleeps all day, too lazy to do the bare minimum, doesn't shower and lives in filth.

No. 715383

Probably because it’s hard for her to be the victim with him. Imagine speaking with your special needs brother about how you being a heroin addict is not your fault and how you were born that way.

No. 715387

>I'm going places

They didn't want you in rehab, the only place that will take you is mommy's house LMAO

No. 715388

File: 1570472238412.jpg (108.02 KB, 591x580, IMG_20191007_111441.jpg)

Taylor "Not my Problem" Dean.

No. 715389

Not even the hospital wants her kek

No. 715392

But just as you copy Halsey, those teenagers will copy you.

No. 715394

she's so dumb it's hard to make heads or tails of what she's saying. I guess she'd be surprised to know that girls in fact do get one X chromosome from their father?

ancestry testing companies do not test only X and Y chromosomes, though. they look at thousands of points of variation all over your genome. they then compare those variation points with other people's of known heritage. the results you get are often not very accurate.

No. 715403

Her lack of grammar skills makes me want to claw my eyes out. She comes across like some uneducated thot. Oh, wait…..

No. 715404

how do you know none of the teenagers you are making videos have "perfectly healthy and normal lives"? Especially nowadays since your channel is all about mental health and heroin?

What if some little kid makes the decision to try heroin because Taylor Nicole Dean said it only makes you a lil sick, and that you most likely wont get addicted?

No. 715405

File: 1570474050237.png (435.19 KB, 1242x2688, 038D4AA6-C395-4B9A-B36F-26C5B0…)

2pm in Texas right now

No. 715407

you and the other anons morally grandstanding for tanner need to chill the fuck out and stop pretending taylor’s the reason he’s losing his mind. the kid is like 250+ lbs of screaming shitting developmentally delayed rage and tantrums, he’d be an absolute mess with or without her there.

also laughable that you guys are pretending mama dean did it all herself. lmao. tanner’s dad exists you know

No. 715408

aamefagging to add that jen has bitched and moaned plenty of times about tanner’s problems, before and after taylor moved out the first time, so let’s all stop fucking making bullshit up now, and anons can stop pretending jen is some poor little overworked flower who didn’t ask for any of this.

No. 715410

So you don't think Tanner is affected by his mom being forced to clean up after 50 pets she didn't want?

No. 715411

maybe having a schedule, basic hygiene, and occasionally forcing yourself out would help.

Oh wait, she's too speshal UwU so that won't work for her

No. 715413

Does she even do anything? Litterlly the first thing she should be doing in the MORNING, after showering, should be checking on her animals.

Who tf blogs when they wake up at 2pm on twitter. Probably checked this thread to get her fix of negative attention, look after your animals dumbass.

No. 715417

Sure, she may not be the sole reason and tantrums are definitely part of his illness, that being said Mama Dean has tweeted that Tanner still has nightmares about Jonny. Chances are the kid has been very affected by the entire thing that went down with Taylor and her addiction.

It's a fair critisism. She's being a selfish piece of shit, and anons are right in pointing that out, especially since she is USING him for pity points.

No. 715419

File: 1570475249566.png (827.65 KB, 1242x2688, 25CD8A76-9D23-487E-B44F-5EC934…)

No. 715421

"Manipulative garbage" is exactly what I'd use to describe Taylor

No. 715422

File: 1570475361936.jpg (733.32 KB, 1536x1560, Screenshot_20191007-210817.jpg)


No. 715424

File: 1570475455935.jpg (315.87 KB, 1536x876, Screenshot_20191007-210841.jpg)


No. 715426


"can stop pretending jen is some poor little overworked flower who didn’t ask for any of this."

I know for a fact she didn't ask for a disabled child and Tanner didn't ask to be disabled. Even without Taylor they'd have a hard time raising a child with issues like Tanner.

No. 715427

“using him for pity points”? are you fucking kidding lmao she was asking for ways to get around the constant noise and screeching of a severely disabled kid that’s apparently not getting the outside (yes outside meaning actual healthcare workers visiting) help he needs. what the fuck is she supposed to do while she’s there to help besides the obvious (leaving)? somehow magically become able to handle someone twice her size during a tantrum?

No. 715428

I honestly wouldn't be at all shocked if this were Taylor being a genuine bitch venting about her brother.

No. 715430

by “ask for any of this” i’m obviously not talking about tanners disabilities ffs. i’m talking about the fact that some anons are wilfully ignoring her histrionics and dramatics in favour of reinforcing their bias that taylor is the source of all problems. mama dean CHOSE the life of sharing all this shit online and that’s where taylor learned to overshare, obviously.

No. 715431

She's still trying to get jonny to apologize lmfao

Jonny got what he wanted and bounced, later loser. Enjoy your hep C and heroin addiction.

No. 715432

It even sounds like she might be contacting him again and he gave her the big ol' fuck you. Or maybe she has ran back to Jake again, who knows with this desperate cow. Because bet she isn't gonna like moving out all "BY MYSELF" kek. Her living completely alone is gonna be a disaster and I have a feeling there will be many deaths with her animals if she does go through with it alone.

You really gonna sit here and pretend she isn't using him for pity points? God you're delusional.

No. 715433

taylor is the living embodiment of the i am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me meme

No. 715434

Stop talking to Jonny you idiot. Find someone else to buy your stash from. We are sick of reading about you making yourself a victim by still hanging out with him.

No. 715435

File: 1570476274300.png (290.99 KB, 620x559, Sorrylove.png)

No. 715438

No one can share anything with Taylor without her going "OHMYGOD ME TOO, IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO BUT WORSE". She always has to out-do everyone. It's 100% self serving when she responds to her stans sharing anything with her.

It very much reads like our own cow kek, especially this >>715427 reads like her

No. 715440

File: 1570477239115.png (818.33 KB, 1350x1949, Capture _2019-10-07-15-39-29.p…)

Mama D jumping in to support her daughter by also being a passive-agressive bitch and vaguely quoting statistics.

No. 715441

It's like she's not even listening, she's just looking for keywords so she can talk about herself. I wonder if she does this constantly in real life.

Just start ranting about herself while someone is telling them a deep personal emotional story and tries to one up them.It's exhausting.
She never asks them questions, she never does any of that, just starts talking about how expereince was better or more then often worst.

No. 715442

lol at "BreezExotics"

No. 715443

As if those statistics mean anything when you can just enter a random date of birth making you however old you wanna be, also I'd still consider 16 a kid but whatever you say Tay

No. 715447

you wish i was, but i don’t even live in the same country as taylor. imagine unironically believing a pathological liar when she says her kid (who can’t speak for himself online) is having dreadful nightmares about someone he met like, literally twice, once at disneyland. if tanner’s having real nightmares it’s because his useless cunt of a mother runs around screaming like a chicken with her head cut off about jonny and heroin.(constant sperging about tanner)

No. 715448

What the fuck is this

"You are destined to be an addict no matter what so might as well try all the drugs because you have no control over your life"

No. 715450

>>Take that girlsssss advice

Does anyone need a useless cum dumpster like Taylor Nicole Dean to tell them that heroin is bad? Seems like common sense in this day and age.

I mean maybe her fucktard stans don’t fully grasp the concept of heroin addiction because TND is always sperging about planning relapses, waking up have nightmares about heroin, reminiscing about her favorite opioids and sharing how much she would spend on drugs. I mean could you imagine a seasoned addict like Jonny Craig sperging about heroin all day on twitter? Dude denies he’s addicted until he’s blue in the face.

Not WK Taylor, but I understand her mental gymnastics of trying to be educator about her heroin addiction but she is a pathological liar, a narc and overshares. There’s ways to be informative and educational without being a triggering cunt narc. She really believes in her dim brain that sperging about heroin is actually helping people because one or two stans said so.

No. 715455

File: 1570478838761.png (118.94 KB, 1440x801, Screenshot_2019-10-07-15-50-57…)

So i've been browsing the La Hacienda rehab website and it is quite worth a gander. For 180 patients there are 2 doctors on hand and one psychiatrist. Each patient meets with 1 doctor and the psych 1 time a week. The 2 doctors and said psych meet once a week to discuss the patients and…that's it.

The facility stresses the connection of spiritual, emotional and mental issues causing addiction, they are 100% AA driven and the outpatient process is completely separate. If you don't do outpatient, a nurse calls every few weeks to "check in" for the first year after leaving the facility.

Also, it seems that Dr Boone is the main doc who does speak to family during a 3 day family program. I looked up as many articles written by him as I could and none list the 15% or 85% hard statistic. The closest is an article in 2012 where he writes about genetically inherited mental illnesses correlating with drug abuse. But I mean, that ain't it, TayTay.

Also this rule of theirs gave me a giggle

No. 715456

They're so fucking dumb. This rhetoric is just how twelve step programs skirt being classed as a religious organisation. One of the twelve steps is
>realise you are powerless in the face of addiction and surrender to a higher power
They've just gradually reworded this over the years because being overtly religious would stop all of the money/referrals from the government. So now it's
>Realise you're powerless in the face of addiction because of ~bullshit pseudoscience~

No. 715465

Does anyone remember what the real name of Twistys breeder was? It wasnt South Texas Dragons was it? Trying to compile some info against Taylor and I cant seem to find it in the threads

No. 715467

Mama D doesnt follow any of the people in that thread and even has breezexotics blocked which means she either SEARCHED for that thread or was checking up on lolcow again lol

No. 715474

File: 1570483042898.png (1.61 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-171558.png)

No. 715476

File: 1570483169714.png (1.62 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-171607.png)

I cant keep expecting her patheticness to reach a cap but i cant help it. She continues to amaze me in the wrong ways.

No. 715477

File: 1570483179987.png (1.17 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20191007-231917.png)

Oh boy

No. 715478

YOU AREN'T GOING TO GET CLOSURE RIGHT NOW! And if you do, it'll be him trying to worm back into your life for money for drugs.
Maybe if Jonny ever comes too, you MAY get a sorry.

but you aren't, begging for one, demanding one, threatening for one, is'nt going to get you that.

I do feel for Taylor in this regard, it's 100% human to want a "I'm sorry" or to want something to end to move on.

but it won't instantly make you forget or move on.

Plus Taylor doesn't even know how to say sorry, but thats beside the point.

She has to move on. She really does, because he's not fucking sorry and may never be sorry.

She's wasting her time.

No. 715485

Aren’t anti psychotic’s, mood stabilizers, anti depressant, gabapentin and many others considered mood/mind altering drugs? Also Suboxone and methadone? So they are taking what they want from la hacienda and leaving everything that doesn’t fit their narrative. That’s some great advice right there for the duel diagnosed, don’t take meds!

No. 715486

I’m super confused what she wants this “closure” for anyways… closure is for people who break up without a reason why, or without understanding how it came to an end. She’s not looking for closure, she’s looking for an apology. She wants Jonny to beg and grovel at her feet, crying for her to take him back, and to say sorry and that she’s the most amazing person in the world.

He was a fucked up human being BEFORE you got with him Taylor… which is why so many people reached out and warned you… but you’re in shock he ended up being the POS everyone said he was and got you hooked on drugs? And want closure from him??

Jfc I understand it’s hard to move on past abusive relationships but she needs to please stop with this cringe. She knows Jonny won’t give that to her so at this point it’s really just for people who rElAte to give her sympathy. So she can “omg I’m so sorry you went through this but what I went through was even worse because xyz”.

She’s “going places”, yet is sitting in her room not showering for days at a time and sleeping all day while sperging on Twitter as writing woe is me letters all day on notepad. This is just classic.

No. 715490

She claimed it to be theirs but according to the breeder it was not.

No. 715494

kek I wish he was still actually relevant because this would make a great next thread picture.

No. 715495

People with PWS have a tendency to have outbursts and meltdowns because they're mentally and emotionally delayed in development, so with or without Taylor, Tanner would be having meltdowns on a regular basis.

I'm leaning toward things getting worse with him because Taylor eats the shit Tanner is not allowed to, and she eats it almost every day.

Imagine being a person who has no capacity to register when they're full, nor the emotional or mental capacity to understand why they can't have more food, having to take rides to fast food places with his useless sister almost every day. And on top of that, having to share mom's attention because his sister also needs to be monitored out of a choice she made unlike him.

No. 715502

I also imagine he would benefit from stability and Taylor just kinda threw the entire family with her whole addiction upside down, suddenly moving back with her entire hoard. And she does not seem to do anything outside of her own interests, for example Mama Dean seems to visit zoo's a lot with Tanner, and she never joins along or acts as a sister to him, doesn't really do anything with him (aside from exploit him for a video or a attempt at viral tweet here and there). And Tanner does seem to actually look up to her.

She's a 100% self centred.

No. 715505

She wants him back. She wants to go back to shooting up, and sleeping 23 hours a day.
She talks about him so frequently, and keeps trying to reach out to him. I can’t imagine what else she’s expecting. She should know that someone who was so “abusive” towards her isn’t going to give her the “apology” she wants. Kek

No. 715507

Yeah I think you're right on the money. And if that happens, she will just use it as an excuse how "abuse victims go back x amount of times" after a inevitable breakup happens again.

With how she's been talking about struggling lately, and the way she mentioned how he shot her up in a way she couldn't herself like she was sorta romanticizing it, she wants her walking H needle back but he has moved on already.

She wants the "you and me against the world daddy uwu" back.

No. 715508

I agree 100%, she totally still likes him and would take him back even with how much she talks about how abusive he was. I've been saying this. She is just jealous he has moved on and she hasn't been able to find anyone for herself.
She has been screaming for his attention ever since the thing with Oscar failed.

No. 715512

I mean tbf a lot of people DO go back or want to go back to abusive relationships, especially if it's fresh and like taylor they never stop talking about it.
They just don't live-tweet their diary and every thought. If they do they don't have thousands cheering them on and listening to it..

People going back to their abusers happens all the time.

No. 715513

Besides what other anons have pointed out that I agree with - I find it odd that she refers to Jonny leaving her not her leaving Jonny.

No. 715514

Of course she does - Taylor Nicole Dean is always the victim to whom things just happen. Nothing is ever her own fault. Anything to get those Poor Pitiful Me Points and asspats.

No. 715515

Yeah that's an annoying narrative change that I forgot to mention anon! SHE left HIM after she found her bro dick Jake that was "totally healthy and no co-dependent bullshit", not the other way around.

No. 715521

File: 1570491593322.png (336.4 KB, 506x551, WhenTayTextsJonny.png)

No. 715523

File: 1570491688446.jpeg (1019.34 KB, 3464x3464, 4449EA45-66F3-4736-B812-DA1687…)

Whoops. Let’s try again.
Alright farmers, there’s an anonymous account coming out with some pretty big allegations. This account claims to have proof, but they just have to talk to a few more people.
I blacked out their username, because A) I don’t want to scare them away. Because some of you are autistic, and will scare them off.
B) it might be a dud.
If there’s anything of credibility, I will post.

No. 715524

also claims she's back on drugs, just not "injecting"

No. 715525

Hah, wonder if she's back to smoking it like she started back then. And yikes the tofu milk. If this is legit, things are about to get real ugly.

I definitely believe she's back on drugs though.

No. 715526

which I kind of believe honestly, did you see how small her pupils were in those "trip to the tattoo shop" car pics yesterday? Those weren't normal pupils in the sunlight - those were opiate pinned

No. 715527

Yeah - and it's really obvious when anon posted the pic of comparing her outfit to Halsey's and how Taylor's trying to skinwalk her kek

Similar lighting, both taken in a car, Taylor looks absolutely blitzed and slack-faced with it. She isn't clean by any margin.

No. 715528

I also want to add it makes a LOT of sense she's not injecting it since Jonny isn't around to do it for her. That's also adding up to why she's not able to shut up about him right now and appears to want him back.

No. 715530

Fits well with how she's been tweeting recently. She's all over the place, bordering on mania (and definitely egomania lol) and seemingly not very in touch with reality. Reminds me of the way she'd write her tweets and insta posts when she was with Jonny, only thing is missing is the constant "lmao" and putting other people down.

No. 715532

The sleeping for hours and "watching the office" again makes ya wonder.

No. 715533

Makes sense, the mentions of JC are on an uptick lately

No. 715534

File: 1570492977426.jpg (783.54 KB, 1920x2317, inCollage_20191008_020215981.j…)

Her recent car selfie vs the admitting to using heroin selfie.

No. 715535

of course she does. if jonny will take her back she can: escape her brother who she clearly despises, escape her mother who bugs her all day long and bitches and moans whenever she needs a ride to get food or ugly tats or barges in to clean her room and nags her to shower. plus, jonny will tell her how wonderful she is, and buy all the heroin so it won't be her fault when she accidentally on purpose relapses, and he'll write songs about his bby gurl tay and how he was so lost without her that he..

oops, he already moved on and is giving hep C to some other unfortunate. you're stuck at home and in hell, handle it i guess.

No. 715536

snorting is easiest to hide from your parents tho, smoking h leaves a real distinct scent in the air.

No. 715537

Sorry I'm a complete and utter tit when it comes to drugs and didn't know H was snorted too. Makes sense with her extensive coke background though.

No. 715538

Yeah the smell is VERY distinct and there is no way it would remain in her bedroom. But she could be doing the nasal spray method since despite what she said about using china white (powder) her pics proved she was using tar (which can't be snorted, it's sticky and gummy as the name suggests). Which makes sense because texas is basically a tar state.

No. 715539

Dead eyed. Can you spell P R O J E C T I O N, Taylor?

I'm so fucking ready and so fucking not surprised. Taylor's acting like she's been getting high for a while now.

No. 715540

Oh yeah, you can snort, inject, smoke etc. Main lining is the most potent way to feel the effects. Never take Taylors word though. She's a party princess. She's never been truly dopesick or had to sell her body just to feel normal.
What kind of dumb bitch says pot is a gateway drug? Taylor, that's who.

No. 715541

Could be pills

Since she was detoxed her tolerance is less

No. 715542

monkey water can be kept in a contact lens bottle, a flonase bottle, anything, really. and it would be really easy for her to use.

No. 715543

I also think she's back on pills. Easiest to hide. She knew the dealer(s) cause she would venmo them directly. She celebrates her sobriety by saying "clean from heroin". Also now that she is not in a sober living environment, is anyone drug testing her? Do IOP's drug test?

No. 715544

pills would make sense too because she was paying an ultra premium for those scripts and that would explain why she's "broke". She has to be using because what else would be more important than spending money on her animals or mental health treatments/appointments if she was actually sober?! Even if she blew it on clothes if being sober and living a sober life were important she wouldn't be like whoops can't see that ultra important psychiatrist since I don't have money?!

No. 715547

she should snort if she's getting pandas, just sayin'

No. 715548

File: 1570494079141.jpg (107.89 KB, 1536x347, Screenshot_20190717-113309.jpg)

Remember this tweet from her dealer when she was in the first sober living house? And how she replied normally to his tweets up until he got mentioned on here, then she suddenly blasted him? Makes ya think.

No. 715550

LOL now that you mention it, Suspiciously Specific Sperging and Denial are the mainstays of Taylor's online persona

No. 715551

remember that dealer who got kind of provocative with her - i wonder if she ever fucked her dealers after jonny left. so they'd shoot her up.

it's nasty but it's not unheard of, tbh a lot of the time i felt like those pics of her in her trashy clubbing gear were to let the dealers know what she looked like, i mean seriously what was she buying these ugly ass clothes for. she doesn't go anywhere. could also be the reason for her sudden man-hate phase.

also tinfoil that she's kind of housebound as in agoraphobic. but looking forward to yet another milk drop.

No. 715552

Yep yep this exactly, thanks for pulling the tweet, anon.

No. 715553

JC just posted on his ig story he is aiming to get his stuff from SA this week.

No. 715554

File: 1570494628341.jpg (79.1 KB, 1536x236, Screenshot_20190717-165532.jpg)

He also tweeted about a picture she "blessed him with". I would not put that past her at all. She totally strikes me as the type to use her body to manipulate and get her way.

No. 715556

The plot thickens, this is getting good!

No. 715557

File: 1570494785720.png (1.52 MB, 946x1262, Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.26…)

Oh yikes. I assume there are easy to hide? I do believe she relapsed and it's probably not too hard to hide if you spend all day in bed anyway and get conveniently "car sick".

The nose on her tattoo makes more sense now but I definitely wouldn't call the shading an improvement. I just checked the artists instagram and she's doing so many different styles and only started 2 years ago, not someone you'd go to for a full sleeve.

No. 715558

Didn't jake say she cheated on him with multiple guys? The dealer fucking might not be too far off the mark.

No. 715560


Is this her proof or will there be more at a actual date?Like texts or something?

No. 715562

File: 1570494973412.png (450.33 KB, 593x462, systemofadean.PNG)

Looks like the kid from the aerials music video. That's rough, I don't see humanly medusa at all…

No. 715564

yeah, i don't think these dealers would have gotten quite so fresh with her quite so quickly if she weren't offering. dealers usually keep their dicks in their pants unless there's a clear understanding, some of those tweets were much more on the scale of a pissed off bf than just a dealer idk, it's a feeling i've had about her for some time now.

No. 715566

Apparently they're posting receipts later tonight, fingers crossed.

If this bitch is playing clean sober recovery kween while still actively using, the truth needs to come out. (And I seriously believe she is doing exactly that)

No. 715567

File: 1570495213287.png (49.59 KB, 520x596, kfxmPME.png)

>No one can share anything with Taylor without her going "OHMYGOD ME TOO, IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO BUT WORSE".
For real.

So knowing that Jonny has to come back to get his things is what set Taylor off about closure.
Did she not file a restraining order against him after she initiated the break-up? Why would he reach out to her for an apology/grovelling? Why is she expecting any communication at all from someone she has a restraining order against?

No. 715568

What? Dealers hit on females all the fucking time.These people dealing drugs don't give a damn. Some of them will flat out ask you to suck them off for free weed, this dude is a creep.

That being said, I don't doubt Taylor at a low point might've done something with him like nudes or something.

No. 715569

omfg the shading made it so much worse! why would you even do this, what a dirty looking mess, so smudgey and shit.

No. 715570

But lets not act like dealers aren't scummy as fuck to females ESPECIALLY young females trying to get something as addictive as herion.

Shit men online are creepy as hell in general without being dealers, lol.

No. 715571

a lot of h dealers tend to assume that women especially young ones are broke and desperate and willing to fuck as well. I wouldn't be surprised of any of these things especially with how angry dude got in his tweets.

No. 715572


He claims she's a sex addict, no?
Tinfoil but perhaps she started fucking Jake for drugs / to get shot up in the first place.

No. 715573

yeah I get the generalizing being made here but that specific dealer made my skin crawl especially when he started sexually hitting up/threatening tay's babby stans

No. 715574

i absolutely believe that she fucked a dealer or gave him head to shoot her up. it doesn't even sound like a reach.

No. 715575

File: 1570495695481.jpg (173.52 KB, 1536x318, Screenshot_20191008-024709.jpg)

Y'all get ready to catch screenshots of inevitable Taylor sperging tonight kek. I think it's gonna be a milky one.

No. 715576

The shading on the forehead makes her look like a man, jfc. Taytay, you dumb bitch. How on earth do you think that looks good?

No. 715577


That hair thoo.

No. 715578

Somehow they managed to make it look worse with the shading, that's more of a severe case of smudging. The face looks dirty instead of shaded.

No. 715579

File: 1570496547469.jpg (293.58 KB, 1536x1844, Screenshot_20191008-030218.jpg)


No. 715580

Taylor was sending a lot of money to Jake, and he wasn’t clean. I have zero reason to believe that Taylor was clean.

No. 715581

The artist posted Taylor's sleeve on her insta but not the medusa part LOL.

Artist knows she fucked up, she doesn't even want to show it in her portfolio.

No. 715584

>spend all day every day hating me

Lol, no, your thread is like reading gossip magazines, Taylor. I causally do it when I'm bored. There's just a lot of people who don't like you, so it's not just a few people all day every day. It's a lot of people contributing at different times when it's convenient for them. We have jobs, friends, hobbies and take care of our own pets.

Taylor, you're confusing us with yourself. You're the one hating you all day every day, hence the sleeping all the time. It must get exhausting.

No. 715585

File: 1570498490848.png (291.28 KB, 1403x1438, Capture _2019-10-07-18-34-15.p…)

Here she is already making excuses

No. 715586

Yeah Taylor obviously because you probably went in and deleted your conversation side but guess what you could always go to your email and go through your e-mail and click the picture.

No. 715587

wow that person didnt even post anything yet, but she knows what theyre gonna post? hmm

No. 715589

Honestly, I’m foaming at the mouth.

No. 715590

Hopefully this person will screen share clicking through to her profile

Her reaction makes it obvious to me they are gonna be real

No. 715591

Super sus

I don't think she's laughing, this is damage control.

No. 715593

File: 1570499020227.png (235.67 KB, 742x491, Annotation 2019-10-07 214318.p…)

i think she finally snapped

No. 715596

can't blame this "cackling" on jonny lol. Reminds me when she tweeted "we are laughing". Yes, I'm still not convinced that it was him. He might have suggested it but i feel like she ultimately wrote it because her tweets haven't changed style and he has worse english than she does. She's losing her shit and only making it more obvious that she probably isn't sober!

No. 715597

File: 1570499087287.jpg (136.74 KB, 861x1200, EGUeXnrWwAAyW1c.jpg)


No. 715598

Well, she is helping their case for sure by sperging like this.

Take notes kids, this is how you look guilty.

No. 715605

Trying to deflect guilt and shame with humor. This is Taylor acting guilty.

Absolutely nothing to see here citizen, move along.

No. 715606

I predict lots of sperging and ultimately Taylor deleting her profile/going private tonight

No. 715607

File: 1570500195397.jpeg (535.91 KB, 1125x1895, B193437F-466B-48E5-AB37-47C32A…)

PT 1 Destry Karma

No. 715608

File: 1570500230842.jpeg (561.25 KB, 1125x1934, EBF76059-4D98-4915-BC52-D9A815…)

PT 2

No. 715610

File: 1570500369899.jpeg (397.25 KB, 1125x1353, 03977587-F92D-4686-B8E0-735ADD…)

PT 3

No. 715613

awww sheet, Is this the girl she rehomed the rescue to? Doesn't surprise me Tay didn't pay for the vet bills.

No. 715614

File: 1570500516741.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3464x3464, 7661B034-8556-4AE1-A16E-6F19F0…)

Screencaps from her twitter (Destry talking to Taylor)

No. 715615

She posted a video showing her click through to Taylor's profile

Shit is about to get real

No. 715616

File: 1570500620692.jpeg (970.81 KB, 1242x1974, 4CBEA679-32EE-447E-9E05-06EE26…)

Sorry to samefag, but these are all just coming out! Destry has posted videos of the messages as proof, but I don’t know how to post videos here.
But Bree chimed in

No. 715617

oh lawdy topkek this is gold

No. 715618


This is some "Top 10 Anime Betrayals" shit right here…

No. 715620


Way to go Destry! You're doing the right thing for those animals, and doing right by them. If you ever consider feeling like shit for doing this, just keep in mind that you're helping these poor animals.

She's brave for standing up against this manipulative piece of work. Taylor better transfer that money. Fucking cunt.

No. 715622

File: 1570500972857.webm (7.17 MB, 720x1280, media.io_Oxrib4XJpWHNMOZt.webm)

webm mirror of the vidya

No. 715623

I'm sure all of her snakes have RIs lol. She never quarantines and her humidity levels are obviously all over the place. Tinfoil that her sand boa died from an RI being kept in those tubs instead of being "rehomed" like she claimed.

No. 715625

File: 1570501180341.png (342.59 KB, 572x927, tdpic1.PNG)

She broke twitsy's tail and hid it.

No. 715626

She's still pretending they are fake despite this lol

No. 715627

File: 1570501223247.png (400.91 KB, 790x928, tdpic2.PNG)

No. 715628

File: 1570501243526.jpg (332.33 KB, 1532x1313, Screenshot_20191008-042021.jpg)

No. 715629

File: 1570501246337.png (164.99 KB, 456x865, tdpic3.PNG)

No. 715630

Seriously, great for Destry. Bullshit drama aside, this dang animal endangerment needs aired. Taylor needs to get the fuck out of pet care. I hope all respectable breeders see this shit and black list her.

Current stans, please, please listen to Destry.

No. 715631

File: 1570501322064.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3464x3464, 2C699E32-3604-4825-A7DD-A1B00C…)

Maggots in frog confirmed.
Tofu almost died. She drove while high. Doesn’t admit to illness because of backlash

No. 715632

File: 1570501352987.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-07-19-20-24.p…)

Her stans are trash just like her

No. 715633

File: 1570501372711.png (66.03 KB, 127x275, drunksnap.png)

this matches up to when she was on snapchat at a bar >>688097. Yet again appears we were right

No. 715634

File: 1570501392149.jpg (107.3 KB, 1125x1291, EGUjkCoXoAELOwU.jpg)

No. 715635

File: 1570501399674.png (70.04 KB, 578x516, stanmoron1.png)

No. 715636

Also this was 30 days from the 30day sober soup post

No. 715637

File: 1570501512592.png (41.63 KB, 582x296, kickthelittlebitch.png)

>"Lol kick the little bitch"

Imagine saying this about a minor…

No. 715638

File: 1570501558206.jpeg (464.56 KB, 1242x1361, 8804832A-BEEE-4D3E-BA2E-D37781…)

No. 715639

As much as I am here for all of this I am extremely suspicious. The screen recording is not from the messages they took screenshots from, so it doesn't really proof anything. Why not record the juicy convos? Fishy…

No. 715640

oh my god the fake one she made up
sounds like the real one

No. 715641

File: 1570501750145.jpg (301.57 KB, 1080x1034, 20191007_212755.jpg)

What's really fishy is Taylor tweeted this BEFORE Destry tweeted any of the evidence

No. 715642

Just watch her try to say seeee Destry just copied my SuPeR sarcastic tweet!

No. 715643

File: 1570501792599.jpg (600.82 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-192904.jpg)

Yeah it is? This is the tofu DMs

And definitely not liked tweets like someone else was saying

No. 715644

the recording shows the message about almost killing tofu

No. 715645

Some of these fans are legitimately scaring me with the levels they are going to. This is cult levels of scary with how they'll listen to anything she says with no proof.

No. 715646

True. But without better videos of the conversations it seems too "good" to be true.

No. 715647

Why the fuck would you admit these things? It's just calling for someone to get mad and either try to black mail you or some shit.

No. 715648

File: 1570501946751.png (150.59 KB, 580x404, DestryJustTheCoffeeBoy.png)

"Destry was just the coffee boy"

No. 715649

the video is fine, cope harder

No. 715650

Come on now. This proves that at least the fucking tofu one where she seems super chill about almost having killed an animal because her dumb ass was high is REAL. Even if this is somehow the only real one, thats real fucking bad.

No. 715651

daaaaamn, didn't catch that. Thank you! And if one as horrible as this is true, why would that person fake the others? I am waiting for TND to delete her twitter. No clue how she's going to get away with this one.

No. 715652

Yeah tbh some of these for sure seem real. like the one about getting drunk i def buy that.. but the one where she says in these exact words ''bree was right'' kinda seems fishy no? idk. who knows with taylor.. lmao

No. 715653

File: 1570502032141.jpg (540.5 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-193346.jpg)

No. 715654

Tinfoiling, but Destry was probably trying to give Taylor a chance to out herself before dropping the milk. Taylor obv refused so here we are.

No. 715655

Possibly high and wanting to ease her guilt. People do this a lot when drunk/high.

No. 715656

How could she know what subjects would be “faked” in these dms if she didn’t know who was making them? The only way she feasibly could was if they showed them to her to be threatening, but then she would know who it was…

No. 715657

I wonder how she will try to get out of this one. She will probably end up admitting it but we will get “muh 15% addiction disease made me lie guys”

No. 715658

yeah, heaven forbid that taylor told the truth once in her miserable life, bree DID tell the truth, handle it

No. 715659

People are pointing out that Tay tweeted out the “fake/joke” screenshot with the EXACT SAME ACCUSATIONS before Destry uploaded hers. How would she know? Taylor, you played yourself.

No. 715660

File: 1570502216139.png (49.13 KB, 596x332, tndhatesdestry.png)

>"She’s had a chronic history of lying and due to this I never fully trusted her "

…Sure Taylor, that's why you gave her a snake & had all of these private conversations with her…

No. 715661

File: 1570502220933.jpg (276.81 KB, 1536x558, Screenshot_20191008-043517.jpg)

Funny she just replied to a tweet about gaslighting prior to this. What she's doing right now to me looks very obvious. And the whole nice girl act to keep up a more human and kind image. Very calculated and gross.

No. 715662

jesus she is trying to spin it like that destry girl is a compulsive liar. this is really ruthless and fisgusting.
Also saying she has all the recieps but wont share them because destry is young. Yeah right, Taylor. This isn't just manipulative, this is abusive.

No. 715663

Yeah her lying in the face of video evidence 100% convinced me she is high rn lol

No. 715664

this is the saddest. Taylor is awful. those poor animals. I really hope they get taken away. Mama Dean please step the fuck up for the sake of those animals

No. 715665

File: 1570502296663.jpg (551.89 KB, 1536x1215, Screenshot_20191008-041956.jpg)


No. 715666

File: 1570502311220.png (595.81 KB, 1242x2208, 631726EB-D8D2-423C-A6BA-5A9C76…)

She’s backpedaling HARD.

No. 715667

She didnt trust her yet gave her a sick snake to take care of?

No. 715670

yikes. i really don't doubt that girl is doing this for attention and let's not forget her animal is really shitty too, but that doesn't make the stuff tay admitted to any less true and revolting.

No. 715672

meant animal care obvs

No. 715673

Yeah I think that too. Also her lies are so batshit right now that only someone fucked up on something could believe they're being convincing

No. 715674

Oops Tay you admitted they are real and you lied. TO ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS

No. 715675

destry here! these DMS are all true (to my fullest knowlege) and i’d never lie about it. I was her biggest fan, why would i EVER drop that? her follow, having her number? for what? I did it purely cause i am done covering.

No. 715676

hope destry shares more video proof so tnd has no chance denying everything but the one thing that's really proven for now

No. 715677

I don't care where the info comes from. Everyone Taylor is close to is shit with animals so

No. 715678

Could you make a video like you did showing the other DMs she is denying just to shut her up once and for all? I'm so disgusted with her and the picture she's trying to paint of you. She's using a typical manipulative tactic I despise.

No. 715679

File: 1570502662124.png (878.23 KB, 1242x2208, 83249B56-342B-42AB-8A17-3FF06E…)

The replies and none from Taylor lol

No. 715680

You need to video record all the actual DMs of her admitting the bad shit she did. Please do everything to cover your bases so she cannot deny.

No. 715681

Please make a video of the DMs. Please. We need to shut this girl down once and for all so maybe she will stop lying to everyone including herself, and so these poor animals have a fighting chance.

No. 715682

She's trying to paint you as an untrustworthy liar, be as honest as you can and transparent. Be as nice as possible and don't rise to her bait, don't attack her, just show proof.

No. 715683

Destroy pls more videos so Taylor can't hide anymore. Her stans are already turning on her

No. 715684

Are you able to post more video proof to absolutely solidify that it's real? Since only the tofu receipt was in the video.

No. 715685

I believe you Destry. Taylor saying those awful things about you and then immediatley proceeding to say she wont put you on blast because you are young and she is a super good uwu person, i just can't with her.
If some of the dms are fake that would suck because it gives Taylor grounds on denying it, but honestly even if just a few are true its bad enough in my eyes.

No. 715686

Maby more details about the group chat as well, who was it for? What info was it about? Just friends? Pettubers? fans?

No. 715687

of course she'd manipulate the situation saying destry is a chronic liar and painting her as a horrible person, which is EXACTLY what she did with bree. taylor youre such a fucking piece of shit, own up to your mistakes.

No. 715688

File: 1570502874159.jpg (795.33 KB, 1536x1131, Screenshot_20191008-044749.jpg)

No. 715689

File: 1570502890792.jpeg (525.25 KB, 1150x2048, 3DAAB2A5-B60A-4FC0-9F55-C6F6E1…)

Taylor posted this. PT 1

No. 715691

File: 1570502937999.jpeg (598.4 KB, 1188x2048, CA07338D-A709-46A4-937A-87F4C4…)

PT 2

No. 715692

Sperg mode activate

No. 715693

"The EXTREMELY fake DMs " girl is lying.

No. 715694


PLEASE, you’re in a very special position right now in that you can potentially put a stop to her animal abuse. She’s like Dr. Death, she’s incapable of realizing that the harm she keeps causing isn’t normal or acceptable. Her behavior is at least neglectful and at most deadly for any animal she lets into her life.

No. 715695

Admits to driving high? dumbass, she's baked RN

If it was Fake how come Taylor knew about it before she posted it? Destry did you talk to her before you posted?

No. 715696

Notice how she calls an RI "sniffles"

No. 715697


Aaand there she goes again, just like in January, confessing AFTER getting caught.

No. 715699

File: 1570503121343.jpeg (314.29 KB, 1242x1684, DC83F94D-9216-4E4D-90F8-34B37B…)

I fucking can’t. “I didn’t talk about it so how could I lie”

No. 715700

already deleted lmao

No. 715701

File: 1570503180686.png (23.32 KB, 729x212, fake.PNG)

very good point

No. 715702

File: 1570503189391.png (97.45 KB, 274x496, TNDStanArmy.png)

Taylor's stans are now dogpiling on Destry

No. 715703

What we learn with Taylor is no tinfoil is too far of a reach.

She got rid of the snake to Destry over public pressure to stop hoarding, and it's really bit her on the ass. Good on Destry for following through with the proper care of the animal she adopted.

No. 715704

File: 1570503242128.jpg (178.36 KB, 1536x373, Screenshot_20191008-045331.jpg)

No. 715705

And she just named another business
to drag through the mud to get the heat off her. I can't.

No. 715706

File: 1570503284902.jpg (202.45 KB, 1536x582, Screenshot_20191008-045445.jpg)

No. 715707


No. 715708

Good old blackmail. Destry Just do it, we don't care what you did, we just want to watch her burn.

No. 715709

this would honestly dig a deeper hole shes already in

No. 715710

nobody CARES about what destry might have done or not done to her animals. Right now we care about YOU and YOUR animals. Proving she did something wrong does not disproove the evidence agaist YOU, Taytay. I just…this girl…

No. 715711

LMAOOOO that snake has been in a tub its whole life, definitely happened in my care. shes just trying to defer the situation from her rip

No. 715712

taylor: "im not a petty psychopath"
also taylor: this screenshot

No. 715713

She keeps sperging that "she said later in the dms something something" that she wasnt neighbor whatever

So why doesnt SHE post screenshots of those messages? Like if its THAT FAKE then show the real messages and disprove all of this

No. 715714

She NEVER had a snake be sick guys EVER they're ALL PERFECT.

Except for Valentino, and Celia, tofu, Tate… And god knows who else we don't know about.

No. 715715

Show us the receipts where you paid for Destry's vet like you tweeted to the world that you would. Notice how she sidesteps that one.

No. 715716

Mistakes happen, If destry your snake got burned just admit it, prove that you are honest. If you lied, please tell the truth now, we won't judge.

No. 715717

Bet shes gonna fake stuff now then if shes caught she will say how “easy it was to fake things so destry probably did too”

No. 715719

File: 1570503501054.png (358.76 KB, 1382x1223, Capture _2019-10-07-19-56-41.p…)

I cant breathe from all this laughing

No. 715720

i mean i can literally go into my story archives and show that i’ve had that snake in a tub its whole life. this lie has been going on for a year now lmfaoo. she wouldn’t give me a snake if she knew that i literally burned the skin off one. all lies :) will admit my care was shitty for a minute , but i never had an injury that i was at fault with other than removing foam pads from my disabled beardies enclosure and him getting a brainbleed from hitting the glass.

No. 715721

This. For one, you're a kid, so accidents will happen. 2, you don't go around lying that your pets are all super healthy despite being an addict. 3, you're not making pet videos spreading misinformation.

It's okay. Don't let her bully you into not being honest.

No. 715723

that only works if destry is the one who's lying, tho

No. 715724

Destry was sitting on all of this information and only just now chose to tell everyone? Idk about you guys but I'd of fucking outed every bit the moment I was told.

No. 715725

Just post videos of the other DMs and she will disappear rather than bully you

Who cares if you made mistakes? You're not a lying heroin addict

No. 715726

File: 1570503763464.jpg (574.07 KB, 1440x1789, Screenshot_20191007-200253_Twi…)

Suddenly she wants to take responsibility

No. 715727

please make video evidence of the Sms she's calling fake.

No. 715728

well there's video evidence of this one so she's in major deflect mode.

No. 715729

Please help me out anons. So she's saying that this was the night that Jonny stole a needle and injected heroin with in the bath tub like in her "I'm a heroin addict" video. But didn't she say in that video that the following day he persuaded her into also doing heroin? Am I remembering this wrong? Cause this was all the way in July and she said she didn't start with heroin until November 2018.

No. 715730

File: 1570503846411.jpg (336.76 KB, 1536x700, Screenshot_20191008-050403.jpg)

No. 715731


She always does when she finally gets caught.

No. 715732

Cant make a screenshot because the button doesnt work, but destry posted she cant proove the "personal" dms because they weren't between her and TND… so they could be fake even if she didn't fake them

whose dms are those supposed to be?

No. 715733

Being a young obsessed fan will do that to your judgment. Taylor made her feel special; this is what her fans really need to realize. This type of die hard dedication is unhealthy.

No. 715734

Is your snake burned? Where did this burned snake story come from? Short version if possible.

No. 715735

I thought the needle Jonny stole was supposed to be something for Kronos, not Tofu, right?

No. 715736

no she’s literally been perfectly healed for months now. didnt get burned in my care, bought her from someone with a heat rock, shortly after her skin started blistering didnt know why, turned into that mess and assumed it was a scrape from her hide.

No. 715737

This thread isn’t about Destry, nor should it be.
Let her spill her milk. Her personal snake story is not what is important. Taylor wants us to derail, and focus on Destry. When the real focus should be Taylor.

No. 715738


It’s not libel if it’s the truth, if Destry isn’t lying they’d have exactly 0% at getting a case.

No. 715739

She hasn’t denied the texts where she admits to drinking … hmmm…

No. 715740

File: 1570504186922.png (16.34 KB, 520x152, noproove.png)


>"they have provided proof for only a few messages. the rest is unproven"

Then record those too, Destry. At least so that these morons can shut up about it.

No. 715741

Either post the video evidence of the DMs or fuck off tbh. Idk why this shit was posted as "probable" and then only one is actually proven. This is the chance to take Taylor down and you are pussying out… Taylor's stans are eating up any excuse she pulls out her ass

No. 715742

lol, taylor, STOP LYING
take the L and stfu, jesus

No. 715743


Which is why Taylor isn't going to do anything except sperg about it on twitter.

No. 715744

Yep tofu was never in this story when she told it prior to this. It was just Kronos at first.

No. 715745

File: 1570504310519.png (41.38 KB, 742x366, tndbitchpls.png)

Well. I say do what she asks. Post screenshots

No. 715746

So far Taylor has provided zero screenshots (in a group chat that her other stans could easily get into)
And Destry has provided multiple, with Bree and Jess to also confirm.
I say Destry is most likely not lying.
Also, we did have somebody on the thread a while back talking about Taylor getting drunk.
Somebody knows something.

No. 715747

It wouldn't hold up in court either way because Taylor is a public figure and things are very different for them.

No. 715748

File: 1570504351371.jpg (385.6 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-201226.jpg)

No. 715749

'waaaaahhhhhh, my story has always been consistent' bitch you don't know the meaning of the word. please do get fucked

No. 715751

Not gonna lie but I have to agree, this anon that’s suddenly come in to WK Taylor whilst trashing her family really does sound like Taylor. Taylor, get off lolcow and fucking look after your animals you selfish shithead.

No. 715752

couldn't have gotten high before she got the needles but lmao you don't HAVE to inject heroin duh. Also she admitted that the texts to Chealsea were true aka admitting that she smoked it at first.

While Destry hasn't showed more video proof taylor hasn't showed ANY proof

No. 715754

The wording “my story has always been” is so fucking weird but so revealing. It is a story - a version of events full of exaggerations and embellishments. Not the truth.

No. 715755

Lmfao this is not a chance to ~take her down~ her stans DGAF.
Nothing is gonna happen.
Now Destry is saying some of the screenshots aren’t hers … so they could be fake … I mean the tofu and the the getting drunk stuff was bad enough why even post the fishy possibly fake DMs. That’s not helping at all. Her stans will never believe anything now . And llike I said … they don’t give a fuck.

No. 715756

File: 1570504532922.png (263.96 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 11.1…)


In her "Heroin uwu Addict" video she said that it was a needle from Kronos.

if anyone wants a refresher

No. 715757

If she's a liar why did you give her a snake with a RI and say you'd pay for the vet bills?

Sounds like she's the liar. Where are the proof of the vet stuff.

No. 715758

File: 1570504543524.jpg (171.58 KB, 1535x374, Screenshot_20191008-051534.jpg)

Manipulative cunt.

No. 715759

Just rewatched her heroin addict video, at about 41 minutes in she says she got 6 needles for Kronos having a RI. Tofu is never mentioned.

No. 715760

Destry, if you’re still here, can you confirm or deny that it was you a few threads back talking about Taylor getting drunk?

(If any anons care to revisit, and find the post that would be great)

No. 715761

thank you, we all know this moron loves to show up and bully people, it's beyond obvious. destry, YOU are not the one proclaiming yourself a pet mom or anything else, YOUR behavior is NOT on trial. fuck off stans.

No. 715762

File: 1570504626336.jpg (504.57 KB, 1440x1528, Screenshot_20191007-201748_Twi…)

This is her explanation about the needle being kronos or not.

No. 715763

This "reveal" was fucked up hard. Taylor easily manipulated all her child stans to ignore this.

No. 715765

Wonder if this means Gucci actually died from this RI?

No. 715766

no, it really wasn't fucked up at all, lol. you are ridiculous. taylor's retarded child groupies would spit on video proof if all of it was shown.

No. 715767

File: 1570504826693.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-202023.jpg)

No. 715768

Things were posted as "fact" and then when push comes to shove she is like "oh I don't actually know if these are real or not"

Yeah it was fucked up.

No. 715769

File: 1570504955426.jpg (248.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-202229.jpg)

No. 715770

so destry is telling the truth? or she isn't? which is it, asshole, make up your mind.

No. 715771

There's no "proof" except for the shitty tofu incident

Some farmer is deep behind enemy lines and doesn't want to be revealed imo.

No. 715773

also, Destry should contact a farmhand or admin so she can post here with a trip. any one can come in and pretend to be her.

No. 715774

Who’s the farmer???

No. 715775

i posted all the proof i have and am able to get, im honestly not going to waste more breath and stress on her. the things i have claimed are ones that i truly now believe. i was her biggest fan, i had her number and her follow on everything, in wouldnt throw that away for a little bit of ‘clout’ i threw it away because im disgusted upon her, shes proven to me that she is not someone i wanna idolize or be aquatinted with.

No. 715777

File: 1570505252262.jpeg (121.35 KB, 946x2048, EGUx3vQWsAEY1G9.jpeg)

So one thing I noticed is that chip stan account is part of this group chat, but is also one of the accounts in every tweet saying these are all fake


No. 715778


whose dms are the other ones then? Where did you get them from?

No. 715781

Taylor was sperging pretty hard, i'm inclined to believe everything was true.

She knew about the DM's beforehand which is shady, faked? possibly. who would tell taylor they are making "fake" dms?

Taylor knew what was going to be posted, BEFORE it happened.

No. 715782

File: 1570505418911.jpg (563.08 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-203013.jpg)

No. 715783

lol she's such a narc. watching her jump from projection to guilt tripping to gas lighting in less than 10 minutes is honestly dizzying

No. 715784

Does she seriously think the fact that she allegedly cooked her animals not prove something bad about her?? Newsflash bitch, you did literally cook your animals if that story is even true! If anything, it proves she's neglectful. If you're going to argue that you were sober when it happened then congrats, you're a bad "pet mom" doped up AND sober! You stupid bitch.

No. 715786


For years? Dumb bitch, it was less than a year ago.

No. 715787

Maybe Destry can show us vet bills proving amount on dm's weren't fake?

No. 715788


To be fair, Taylor spergs every time Bree even so much as mentions the word 'truth' so…

No. 715790

I know who the messages are from and she isnt the only one that has seen the messages. The person wants to be anon. She threatened everyone with a cease and desist. She tries to bully everyone not to talk about the things that she told. Yes I'm a farmer and I believe des.

No. 715792

File: 1570506030550.png (27.03 KB, 576x292, spook.png)

No. 715793

File: 1570506035525.jpg (538.53 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-204016.jpg)

Uhhh you literally said your animal care was perfect while high lol

No. 715795


Just WHYYYYYYY on God's green Earth would you post this? To be permanently documented on the internet? Admitting to a serious felony, not once but countless times? And admitting to sharing that information with not just A minor, but MULTIPLE minors in her little ego-boost of a chat room.

I am litterally speechless. I genuinely cannot believe she would admit something like this. It goes BEYOND having animals in shitty tubs and treating creatures like accessories. She is single-handedly ruining her future, I mean, fuck the animals, she is admitting to serious illegal activities!

I would rather admit to slapping a baby seal and enjoying it, than saying I drove impaired. Even ONCE. I need a break from the internet.

No. 715796

I love that all Taylor can say is, "she's a liar", but why would such a close fan turn on you then?? Why fight so hard to cover/defend you only to then create "lies"?

Destry gains absolutely nothing of it's lies. Why would such a die hard fan want to suddenly lie about you, Taylor. It makes absolutely no sense to lose her spot in your inner circle of kids for lies.

No. 715797

So when a DM is more than a day old it'll show the date along with the timestamp. Plus this is her current avatar pic, so the screenshots were taken since yesterday. If these DMs are real she was talking about this shit with someone just today or yesterday.

"I don't keep my old DMs" my ass.

No. 715798

lolol 'INjeCtED iNTo mE' fuck off, liar

No. 715799

Bitch you wanted jonny to inject you otherwise you would've stopped. Stop trying to act like you didn't want this from the beginning, you wanted drugs, you wanted "the experience" you got it.

No. 715801


No. 715802

I just saw this too and find it so funny like her original claim IS that she started using heroin around Thanksgiving last year and she "got sober" (we'll see) in June of this year which would be like… Barely half a year. But as a tweet pointed out, this new timeline says that she's been using h since July so like… Why is she consistently lying about the timeline? What is that about?

No. 715803

Yea unless the person comes forward she'll say it's fake. Doesn't explain how she knew ahead of time though.

No. 715804

File: 1570506610804.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-07-20-48-51.p…)

No. 715805

File: 1570506801646.png (223.47 KB, 522x564, threats.png)


No. 715807

sorry I forgot to post the second half my bad trying to catch up with everything

No. 715808


>""You're horrible for turning this into a publicity stunt online."

Ah yes, it's always 'clout chasing' or 'publicity stunts' with her. It couldn't possibly be because her animal care is shit & she treats them like accessories for Instagram clicks…

No. 715809


all this big talk about doin' big things from a grown-ass woman who can't clean up her own bedroom or take care of her animals

No. 715810

>How could you do this after all I did for you?
>You're hurting a human being
>One day you'll regret this

Kek she was just posting about how Onision is psychotic but this literally sounds just like him.

No. 715811

With what she says to Destry, seems like she is an abusive piece of shit as well. Jonny holds so many secrets. She is fucking trash and not a victim.

No. 715812

I feel like the destry chick is telling partial truths. She has enough to prove Taylor is a liar, but that wasn’t enough and she added things that other people have said. Why is she so willing to post everything but the video that would confirm the other stuff she’s saying? Seems suspicious. What really sucks is that no matter what happens, Taylor still has all those poor animals and no one can do anything about it.

No. 715813

She said she almost relapsed after "confronting my abuser today" must be jonny convo from earlier.

She has to have heroin in the house, she's just waiting to use.

No. 715815

>i almost relapsed today and you go and further slander my name

manipulation 101. then she complains about jonny threatening to kill himself? top kek

No. 715816

I feel like the destry chick is telling partial truths. She has enough to prove Taylor is a liar, but that wasn’t enough and she added things that other people have said. Why is she so willing to post everything but the video that would confirm the other stuff she’s saying? Seems suspicious. What really sucks is that no matter what happens, Taylor still has all those poor animals and no one can do anything about it.

No. 715817

nah she can be a victim of a abuser and a piece of shit herself, i have no doubts jonny was just as much as a asshole as he is to other women.

No. 715818

File: 1570507359661.png (11.34 KB, 408x102, OhHiEmily.png)


Hi Emily!
Here to bully a minor, I see…

No. 715819

File: 1570507356616.png (999.49 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191008-000149.png)

What was that about some legal document not allowing contact, tay? How fucking stupid are you?

No. 715820

File: 1570507474584.png (12.47 KB, 518x120, OhHiMadison.png)


And Madison too!

No. 715821

So… Taylor tweeting that it wasn't Destry and that the group text is fake were lies too lol

No. 715822

Taylor also said she teamed up with an "evil woman" bree? Maby some of the dm's are faked?

No. 715823

kek aren't we all hUmAn BeInGs???? lacking self awareness is practically a requirement for having a /pt/ thread though, and tay's posts are almost always at the very top right next to onion boy's.

No. 715825

Destry, just know that you're a kid and what Taylor is doing is abuse. The fact she confides pet abuse and other toxic behavior you minors who are her fans is really fucked up.

When am adult does something wrong and confides in you to keep it secret, that's not okay.

You're not responsible for her sobriety. You cannot be sued for libel. Taylor doesn't own a business, you weren't telling damaging lies about her business/product/work ethic.

If Taylor boarded/took care of other people's animals as her job, MAYBE she could get you on hurting her business, but even then, she has to prove their lies. Which she can't do.

Just know you'll be okay.

No. 715826

I can't grab the video Someone grab the video before she takes it down Taylor posted a 2 minute long video talking about how the text messages were faked she's spazzing out on it it's going to be deleted someone grabbed it

No. 715827

Taylor: "If U gonna accuse me then post a video proving they ain't fake"

Destry: (Does exactly this)

Taylor & her stans: "…………THOSE ARE FAKE! LIES!"

No. 715828

The texts she shows in the video are literally the ones Destry posted already lol

No. 715829

File: 1570508619729.png (45.47 KB, 582x374, LIES.png)


>"why should you trust a girl who can’t even put out all of the “proof” she has ?"

…You mean Taylor?

No. 715830

File: 1570508679391.jpeg (100.86 KB, 990x1024, EGU7aePX0AE-oiY.jpeg)

Didn't see the full rez version posted yet so here ya go

No. 715831

File: 1570508808316.png (210.99 KB, 1439x801, Capture _2019-10-08-00-21-49.p…)


Taylor: You're hurting a human being who trusted you

Also Taylor:

No. 715832

I have it recorded just in case. Give me a minute and I'll post it here

No. 715833

File: 1570508882320.jpeg (234.27 KB, 1242x640, EF27D966-CE80-41F9-BE0C-B9EA6C…)

Destry literally posted recorded evidence of the Tofu incident, yet Taylor’s stans are completely ignoring that and saying shit like this lol. They are so far up TND’s ass, it’s ridiculous

No. 715834

No. 715835


Also Taylor:

> "You are evil."

> "You're fucking despicable"
> "Living with yourself will be your biggest karma."

No. 715836

File: 1570509160708.webm (16.53 MB, 320x690, destry(1).webm)

her voice is quaking like crazy. Sounds like she just stopped crying and you can hear someone (doing dishes?!) in the background. I totally believe this shit is true and funnily enough Taylor just keeps adding to the proof

No. 715837

File: 1570509208496.png (70.79 KB, 659x744, pic1.PNG)

No. 715838

>>715836 - beat me to it

No. 715839

Made the fuck up

Freudian slip?

No. 715840

File: 1570509324163.png (697.01 KB, 1339x1869, Capture _2019-10-07-21-34-45.p…)

No. 715841

lol taylor don't you mean that's what happened to YOUR dragon?

No. 715843


"I went to pull the DM's off insta where she talked about her animals she neglected…"

Taylor, maybe try to post proof that her claims are false instead of trying to get back at her? Just a suggestion…

No. 715844

File: 1570509792897.png (29.25 KB, 600x332, yikes.PNG)

Taylor, why're you trying to go to a minor's place of work???

No. 715845

Didn't you offer the info of when you started shooting up in the first place, prior to this whole situation? Why is that so stressful for you? Taylor LOVES to talk about her drug use until people start asking questions, then it's /super triggering/

No. 715846

File: 1570509823335.png (118.76 KB, 747x920, tndlyingcunt.png)

replies under the dragon post

No. 715847

annnd the dragon post is deleted

No. 715848

File: 1570510011651.png (16.16 KB, 676x173, as.PNG)

Somehow I doubt taylor paid for the vet bills, it's pretty scummy to sell someone an animal that is seriously sick. Taylor just didn't want to deal with it if it died.

No. 715850

i love how she keeps talking about this but not even addressing everything else

No. 715851

Taylor is really out here going after kids for lying about stupid shit.

What Taylor needs to get through that thick skull of hers is that Destry isnt a pet care personality. She doesn't have a following of kids on her social media that she's profiting off of.

No one gives a shit about common mistakes made by every day pet owners because they aren't claiming to know what's best on social media.

The reason you need to be called out for mistakes is because you've built a profitable platform off lies, pet neglect and misinformation. If Destry were also doing that, yes, this shit would be relevant.

Basically, Taylor, if you want people to stop caring about your wrongdoings, stop being a pet care YouTuber. Simple. People have a right to know you're a credible person to trust, but sadly, you're not.

No. 715853

okay so I can't screen grab and show the dates of the lolcow posts BUT it was 5 days Taylor

when she got the blood

and when she got rid of it.

No. 715854

Her video just shows the same texts that Destry posted? Hello?
This only makes Destry look more credible.

Also did anyone catch how she sent Destry the creepy texts from get heroin dealer? She scrolled through that so quickly lol

No. 715855

destry here, everything shes posting is lies lol. shes claiming i lied about thousands of things when i haven’t, really childish. beadie was surrendered to me from petco, was treating it at home for 2 weeks then the SECOND it bled i rushed it to the vet at 3am and got it cut off. my beardie has most of his tail, hers doesn’t yet they looked the same as babies. i can post scripts of the vet to cut it off and the day they handed him over if thats rEally needed. god shes so fucked up, complains about doxxing 24/7 then does it to me. i worked at River City Exotics and she never showed up there LOL, i quit cause their care was extremely bad and refuse to go there now. guess who still gladly supports them? taylor!

No. 715856

File: 1570510574736.png (42.94 KB, 745x454, tndsadviolinnoises.png)

oh woe is me

No. 715857


Please, for the love of god, just show a video of the DMs so that she can shut up about it already

No. 715859

File: 1570510689235.png (10.41 KB, 601x136, dms.PNG)

No. 715860


Didn't you also claim that Taylor bought her rats from the place you worked at?

No. 715862

File: 1570510828169.png (18.99 KB, 582x112, MINIONS.png)

Good god, the projection!

No. 715863

well i feel sorry for destry but this whole situation is fucking hilarious. that's how tay spends her life - going after literal children online. how fucking pathetic

No. 715864

Taylor needs to STOP socializing with anyone under 18 like that. She's a fucking dope head socially surrounded by kids. THESE ARE RED FLAGS, TAYLOR! No grown ass adults would put up with you (for free) so you surround yourself with kids so you don't feel inferior. This right here is you being in the position of power because you're an adult YouTuber with heavy influence over kids WHO DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER.

I'd never ever want my kids in any social contact with you.

No. 715865

yeah she did.

No. 715866

File: 1570511013963.jpg (352 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-220302.jpg)

Uh, you definitely turned on her in the group chat and are now publicly bashing her lol

No. 715867

Where is this proof she's still using? I heard here she was still using?

We need proof before anything else.

No. 715869

File: 1570511114183.png (254.77 KB, 470x740, MINIONS1.png)

Cris has supposedly been harassing Destry for a good while now…

No. 715870

so now she cares for destry? i thought she only talked to her a few times because destry kept annoying her.

No. 715871

File: 1570511211852.png (66.99 KB, 470x554, DestryFriends.png)

Guess Tay & her stans didn't count on Destry having friends (shrugs)

No. 715873

File: 1570511314721.png (46.12 KB, 677x436, pic1.PNG)

No. 715874

Taylor posts a shot of one of the same texts that Destry posted.. But says they're fake? I don't get it. Doesn't that prove that they're real, considering taylor has them as well?

No. 715875

I believe Destry. This girl idolized Taylor and also knows how fucking awful taylor stans are. She had nothing to gain from making any of it up. Nothing. She knew she was going to be harassed to no end by this, and still did it. Props, Destry.

No. 715876

someone is gonna cry because she can't control her compulsive pathological lying. get off the internet taylor, just do it ffs.

No. 715877

File: 1570511440909.jpg (338.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-221023.jpg)

O look she conveniently deleted everything

No. 715878

honestly the real takeaway from this shouldnt be who's lying about who. it should be how much sick stuff tay confides in her child fans and how she's willing to drag them publicly the moment she's not in control of them anymore. she's fucking deranged.

No. 715879

This Chris guy is like 15 and has a youtube channel. He attacks everyone who speaks out on taylor

No. 715880

Uuuggghhhh half the "proof" wasn't even hers and now she's like "I can't post proof I have to go to the hospital"

No wonder she liked Taylor so much

No. 715881

another taylor grooming children, just to be in her personal army this time, what is it with the name taylor and inappropriate behavior towards kids, guess we all know why she went in so hard on grunk, she does the same thing, oh well, at least she only grooms them to be bullying little shits and doesn't molest them

No. 715882

But you were just crying over losing 50 followers. Apparently some fans are waking up, Taylor.

If you're a current fan under 18, please consider how unhealthy it is for a grown adult to surround themselves by kids who don't have enough life experience to realize when they're being manipulated. Please realize you need to look at this situation without your idolizing feelings for Taylor influencing you. Adults who only have kids as friends aren't healthy people; you can't help her by ignoring her dangerous mistakes.

No. 715883

File: 1570511996938.png (17.71 KB, 685x374, wat.PNG)

Hopefully she delivers on the proof

No. 715885

she is a selfish loser. she has no friends, only stans. bleak existence, tbh.

No. 715886

Didn't fuckboi jake claim she was injecting her subs? My personal tinfoil is that she's not back on heroin but is taking some sort of opioid pills. There's no hard proof that she's using h again though, correct me if i'm wrong.

kek that bar is so low anon. It's so easy to be better than grunk that even tay can do it.

idk I feel kind of bad for her seeing as she's probably getting a fuckton of shitty messages and death threats from all of taylor's rabid stans. Everyone keeps saying she's underage as well, so what is she, like 16? I think it's understandable to be overwhelmed/apprehensive about jumping into so much online controversy.

No. 715887

funny thing is that she went from 190.6 to 190.4 followers on twitter so far!

No. 715889

Yeah especially since some were telling Taylor to sue her etc. Idk if Destry considered that those sort of things would come out. Surely she expected a barage of stans but maybe not serious things like that. Who knows if Taylor sent her more messages after the ones she showed

No. 715890

honestly the kid would do well to step away from the situation. tay stans are not going to believe it even if there were mountains of proof. taylor is a manipulative gaslighting sack of shit.

No. 715891

Taylor Nicole Dean bullies children? Not shocking. You're not changing anybody's mind with this jsyk. The only proof I don't have is proof of her using. Who cares? She's an irresponsible liar who neglects the animals that made her $$$ until the point of death. She sucks. Fuck her.

No. 715892

She needs to stop socializing so extensively with children. It's creepy of her to use kids as her emotional crutch.

No. 715893

another thing onion and taylor have in common is that they have both cooked their pet reptiles to death lmao.

No. 715894

omfg anon i love you

No. 715895

Tinfoil: I think Jonny got to her with his new song title. He just mindfucked her. I feel just looking at the taylor relationship he can break her. I think he wont do this because he knows shes so weak minded and can use her when she gets her money up.

No. 715898

File: 1570513384265.jpeg (457.54 KB, 1242x931, 68526BE8-C21A-42E4-B5D8-B3C036…)

No. 715900

someone asked her if she is now driving on suboxone

No. 715901

lmao imagine if halsey caught wind of the drama and blocked her, her world would end it would be hilarious

No. 715902

File: 1570513702452.png (87.85 KB, 444x284, notasbadasitsounds.png)

>"Bree wasn't lying about me having maggots in my frog>>715840


No. 715903

File: 1570513707949.png (295.74 KB, 1435x1333, Capture _2019-10-07-22-47-57.p…)

Oh god here comes her mother

No. 715904

why do you keep sharing your every passing thought and action with either your fan group chat or publicly then?

No. 715905

It's funny that she's reached out to Jonny begging for an apology today despite telling everyone there's a restraining order.

Bitch leave him alone, you're not going to get what you want out of him. All he wants to do is go and get his things, not reconcile with you.

He might of been an abusive shit, but you went and fucked other guys before he even knew use were over, he doesn't owe you fucking anything.

She's only going on and bitching about jonny a lot now because he's got a new girl and she's got a baby, something taylor could have only dreamed of having with jonny.

No. 715906

File: 1570513819645.png (93 KB, 592x614, toolate.png)


"Why did they take so long to come forward?"


Also of fucking course she's still going on about this.

No. 715907

But if your channel is about caring for animals, people have a right to know about your lack of caring for animals and poor life choices that endanger the animals.

At the end of the day, followers/watchers are what pay your bills. So… If you're not credible, then you're going to lose your platform.

No. 715908

idk my dude, but if you have people coming at you constantly with "drama", maybe do some introspection as to why that is happening.

No. 715909

God it becomes so clear to me that she's using whenever she doesn't know how the fuck time works. The Bree stuff happened barely a year ago, dumbass.

No. 715910

Maybe use that money to get your daughter the meds she's been bitching about being too expensive???

I'd love to be the professional she approaches about this, haha.

No. 715911

Oh no she is finally gonna find out which that one person is behind all of the accounts questioning Taylor.

Wonder how many there are of us in total?

No. 715912

Wat. Your daughter drives high without a license.

Guess it's time to hire a private investigator to document all the times your daughter breaks the law, and actually endangers people, Jen. But please do go off on how bad the mean anon people are saying mean things about your actual criminal daughter.

No. 715913

If they're real, the DMs are from literally today, lol. That's why they took so long.

No. 715914

Why is it always 2 years? That's how you know she's lying. 2 years is her timeline for EVERYTHING

No. 715915

Yet you confided shit to a minor (!!!) which then you tried to use against her, and you overshare things on Twitter all the fucking time. If you don't want people questioning your every action, then don't fucking post your every action online.

That message to destry was honestly disgusting, and only shows you're also abusive and manipulative yourself. It's really fucking gross of you and your fans to act self-righteous while bashing her in the open, and it's straight up inappropriate to have a chat group that is most likely full of minors who kiss and idolize your shitty ass, to turn on them the moment they realize you're a piece of shit.


And then this cunt. Go back to clean your daughter's room.

No. 715917

File: 1570515546885.jpg (489.95 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-231906.jpg)

Taylor's mom harassing a child

No. 715919

this is disturbing. didnt think taylors mom would steep quite so low. they both need to have their internet connection taken away

No. 715922

I wonder if momma Dean treats Tanner as badly

No. 715923

File: 1570516440413.jpeg (170.38 KB, 640x384, EF9E34D3-9495-4D0E-A3EE-DCFAC2…)

No. 715924

File: 1570516482595.jpeg (285.1 KB, 640x790, 960E767C-3FCF-4D20-AC2A-592BDC…)

No. 715926

File: 1570516642753.jpeg (182.65 KB, 640x559, 8F2F23A7-1109-459F-9DFA-70E9D6…)

ALL hate or negative posts are by that CHILD who is a CRIMINAL lmao

No. 715927

this is such a strange thing to care about as a 50yo woman. staying home being a full time caretaker has fried her brain.
appalled at her level of stupidity

No. 715928

File: 1570516712765.jpeg (342.39 KB, 640x755, C2E0EC2E-3C1D-4F85-B693-64E47F…)

No. 715929

Oh how I wish that someone would flat out tell her to give up her animals wholesale. That'd be the easiest, best thing she could do for her hoard.

Seeing this thread had got a massive update overnight was something to wake up to, lol. And Taylor is being very Taylor throughout the whole thing - everyone else is a liar, and a traitor, and she's been nothing but amazing and kind and gracious, HOW DARE.

She did this same manouvre with Breez, and tried it on with Emzotic too (I think?). I can't believe she wrote that hateful little putdown of a novel to a child. Not cute.

Jen continues to amaze and astonish. JFC the tribalist mindset of these narcs.

No. 715930


"to end the night, leave me suggestions on ways I can improve my animal care so that I can block you."


No. 715934

File: 1570517937693.jpeg (169.32 KB, 640x801, FEA50C6F-5304-431B-96CE-A57523…)

everything is made up and everyone is a liar

just like when people speculated you were on heroin for almost a year, huh sis?

No. 715936

"i'm always open to expanding on my care"

BITCH WHEN. People have been trying to talk to you for years and years and years about your shitty husbandry, your mistreatment of your animals, your lack of handling skills, letting your cats near your other animals… the list goes on and you always get so fucking defensive and offended because Taylor Knows Best.

Just like Taylor Knew Best with Jonny and "wanting that experience" and heroin, yeah

No. 715938

File: 1570518560443.png (701.97 KB, 760x2134, Screenshot_20191008-040849.png)

No. 715939

File: 1570518614901.png (251.5 KB, 760x1101, Screenshot_20191008-040134.png)

No. 715943

yeah it may seem suspicious, BUT the blur comes from data compression. Flat earthers use that it looks funny to an unexperienced eye and up the exposure from moon pictures. And sure enough, there is the same blur around the moon.

No. 715945

File: 1570518893157.jpeg (287.05 KB, 640x658, 92C884C1-CFB1-4B25-A2E6-5A6C3E…)

huge tinfoil but what if the fake screenshot was a plant by someone who knew destry was dropping info?

its all she can focus on except…what about the texts with video evidence, the alcohol, and all the other ones that show proof?

this is now just something for her to latch onto to disprove everything else

No. 715946

looks like some kind of artifact since all the places she's marked all in the straight line, like half the picture is shifted by a pixel. could this randomly happen when screenshotting or editing a screenshot? it would be a bizarre mistake to make when faking a screenshot

No. 715947

File: 1570519178190.jpeg (314.56 KB, 640x875, D2020A55-926F-4183-B503-06B1B1…)


the whole set of those screenshots are missing the propper dating

No. 715948

File: 1570519358075.jpeg (293.31 KB, 640x788, E4459F39-01E7-4CD3-8F3E-BAE1B7…)

sorry for samefagging so much just posting her “detective” work when in actuallity she found the screenshot she used under the replies for that post from uh oh, and someone else posted the date thing. Not exactly /your/ detective work taylor

No. 715949

Who says they scrolled back?? lol

No. 715950

She's so pathetic. She thought she should win this breakup but it was Jonny who kept on ignoring her and moved on. Good job Tay.
>who ended up almost killing you
Oh stfu, YOU wanted to be injected with heroin, he didn't force you and he didn't inject you against your will.
It's so pathetic how she still wants to be his most abused ex. She wasn't raped, wasn't physically hurt. All he did was getting high and creepy.
She's so wOkE but wants to be a bigger victim than the girl who got raped.
I hope they'll get back together, they deserve each other.

No. 715951

if you go back and look at the other screenshots, none of them have that weird pixelation line whatever, so Taylor does that mean those are real then?

No. 715952

File: 1570519685983.jpg (104.48 KB, 584x1200, EGVTVA8UwAInMpP.jpg)

So first they harass Destry & call her a 'liar' but now she's a victim of blackmailing?
Taylor is the ONLY one blackmailing the kid

No. 715953

File: 1570519848909.jpeg (70.69 KB, 512x512, 0CAFEA17-C484-4844-A8F0-9E8CAA…)

aaaaand now she has her reason to ignore anything else that was said.. too bad she didn’t notice the scuffed text earlier, could have also denied the tofu thing too

remember when she said the video of chelsea’s texts were fake and edited too?? LOL

here’s to hoping people still bring up all the other shit like the alcohol and driving

No. 715954

Not to mention a few threads ago she openly admitted to -almost- not giving JC his Naloxone shot when he was OD'ing.

No. 715956

honestly that was expected. even if all the screenshots had videos, she wouldve found a way to deny it all. no way is she going to just admit to this shit.

No. 715957

File: 1570520355406.jpeg (254.94 KB, 640x601, 581C441E-D530-4CD4-A8E3-310934…)

hmm wonder where she got all her info and insult on onion from…

No. 715958

File: 1570520720074.jpeg (347.27 KB, 640x748, 4C92020D-86C4-4E8F-84E8-EE3CA9…)

No. 715959

File: 1570520792746.jpeg (359.54 KB, 640x785, DB9045CA-2C0D-44BF-AEAF-C4574D…)

why are you trying to contact her so badly? So you can manipulate or pay her off just like you did to chelsea?

No. 715960

File: 1570521001826.png (338.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191008-034827.png)

So now she's going to get her lawyer involved "if she continues" but bitch??? I thought you were broke???? You're not making your case any better.

No. 715961

Her very in depth attempts? You mean the blatant manipulation, and guilt tripping? Where she said “I almost relapsed” and brought in Destry’s family history?
Go fuck yourself Taylor. She’s a 16 year old girl. And even if some of the screenshots were altered, you still almost killed your fucking snake.
Call the internet police with your mom, or call a lawyer. They’ll LAUGH

No. 715962

to summarize the destry sperg:
>she’s A LIAR
>projects literally every accusation
>wow guess I’m going to commit suicide because of u :))))
>I never REALLY liked them so really I rejected them
>I was always there for u HOW COULD U DO THIS TO ME
>YoU’lL bE TaLkInG tO mY lAwYeRs

god she is literally textbook. why is it that when you break down any narc’s rages to the bare bones they are all the same? topkek never change taylor

No. 715964

She learned every single lesson she could from JC didn’t she? “So glad I helped u…” manipulation basics

No. 715965

Yep. Learned from the master!

No. 715969

File: 1570524751424.jpeg (913.02 KB, 1242x1860, 48784AE3-07A1-4DCD-B892-858088…)

Jen has really lost her mind. She’s following a bunch of anti-Taylor accounts, and tweeting at a few.

No. 715971

Imagine getting your mother, who is looking after a high needs disabled child full time as well as a home and your hoard of pets, involved in your internet drama to the point of messaging a teenager for you.

No. 715973

File: 1570526636364.jpg (463.39 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20191008-055736_Ins…)

taylor's next tattoo lol

No. 715976

File: 1570527370957.jpg (389.7 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20191008-203334_Ins…)

No. 715978


Putting her addiction above her animals once again

No. 715981

She writes like a 14 y/o who barely manages to pass English lit
What the hell.

No. 715982

File: 1570529670330.jpg (593.63 KB, 1536x1515, Screenshot_20191008-121255.jpg)

My bet is that she learned from her mother. She has really shown herself today. Emotionally manipulating, blackmailing, threatening and abusing a literal minor. Good job Taylor.

No. 715983

File: 1570529841418.jpg (799.75 KB, 1536x1803, Screenshot_20191008-121703.jpg)

No. 715985

why does it matter if she was 16 or 17 that's still a minor, and now she's someone she knew for years?

No. 715986

reading all this was wild. this has just shown she’s as manipulative as JC is but at least he’s honest about being a shithead. fuck you taylor.

I’m not 100% sure about the other DMs but those texts with the video proof are 10000000% real and you fucking know it Taylor - it’s why you’re only focusing on the DMs to try to manipulate your fans in to thinking everything else is fake. Imagine being a grown ass woman and threatening a child - WITH your fucking mother. you’re an absolute joke. those animals need to be taken away from you. karma is following YOU, not that child for speaking the truth. you’re trash and so is your mum.

No. 715987

You know what separates a celebrity from a lolcow? The ability to let shit slide and to shut their fucking mouth. Take note, Traylor. Of course she won't see this until 2 p.m. when she's done nodding, I mean wakes up.

No. 715988

congrats on being a giant fucking attention whore and achieving nothing. you’ll end up with your own thread here by the time you’re 18, as long as you’re channel isn’t still completely dead and irrelevant. nice inconsistent story about your burnt snake too.

anons are so fucking desperate for milk they’re willing to believe some child with literally no proof bc it fits the agenda. lovely. no fucking wonder this thread is full of twitterfags.

No. 715990

they had to scroll back bc taylor changes her profile pic like normal people change their underwear. the screenshots are fake. cry harder.

No. 715991

the tofu story has proof.
I'm wondering if the rest was passed to Destry by other people who wanted to hide, and now won't back it up? it doesn't make it all real or all fake, just unproven. Taylor seemed to have a good idea of the content coming, which she wouldn't if it was random shit.

No. 715995


Calm the fuck down you idiot, get off this thread if you're just going to be irrationally salty at a kid.

Be thankful she provided some truth to further prove Traylor trash is a shitty animal keeper.

No. 715996

“She wasn’t just a fan she was someone I knew for years”
“I barely talked to her”
Which is it Taylor??

No. 715997


If she confirms Tofu story why other cases are fake? She is just digging her own grave with it, and i thought nothing can surprise me with her stories… and if her dragonskinks died hugging together in empty waterbowl it's heartbreaking. I remember she had misting system for them and she ditched that when she moved in with Johnny Craig. I wondered why she stopped using it.

No. 715998

Taylor saying she’s going to get “her attorneys” involved in so fucking funny. Don’t let her scare you with that, Destry. First, the bitch can’t even be bothered to spend a couple hundred bucks on getting her meds refilled or changed or whatever the story is now but she expects everyone to believe that she threw down a couple thousand to have an attorney on retainer? Second, if she really tried it I hope she realizes she would have to disclose all of her financial information in discovery since I assume she would try and claim loss of income or financial harm. Third and obviously, the burden of proof would be on her to prove that what Destry has said is false, not on Destry to prove it’s true.

No. 715999

Well she definitely confused the syringes, they were for Kronos not for Tofu.

Even if what Destry said is false (which I don't think, I believe it is a recopilation of what Taylor said to different people) I'm glad some fans have common sense and see through Taylor's bs. This is just the beginning of Taylor loosing her narc supply.

Also Jen, I hope Tanner and Taylor make your life miserable until the day you die.

No. 716000

finally catching up on my laptop
. thanks for the detailed response, anon. now it makes even more sense to me that she is in fact high off H or at least abusing her "meds"

ranting = high I'd say, because she is doing the same as when she was with jc. add on that she is a narcissist and loves to one up everyone anytime she can.

nailed it.

she wants to be a minority? if i understood correctly anon - "italian" is not a minority. lol. what she does wanna be is Italian so bad because being italian is cOoL? didnt she post, "oh well, im just gonna say im italian, fuck it." lol. loser.

didnt she just tweet for suggestions to improve her animal care? all that money on that shitty tattoo could have gone for idk, maybe better care for Mushu??? Sheesh.

sure jan

her medicine = aka her drugs she abuses. also h? she is so high and lolcow has figured this out again. watch her admit next year that she relapsed around this time. LOL

I noticed it too, anon.

of course not because she relapsed already

almost spit out my coffee

im sure these huge companies will be happy to hear that she is currently using. if she truly cared about "helping" people, shed be honest about her relapse rather than fake the funk just to seem like a savior and make $$ off of it.

"im not someone you can cancel" because you say so? you lie about your animal care because you worry about being canceled for good by people that watch you = less money for you. how about be honest about your pet care (or lack thereof) when you were high while living in the atrium. We'll wait…..

bingo. she always makes sure to say she is clean from heroin. that way she isnt lying people!!

watch agoraphobia be her new claim, except for when she goes and gets tattoos of course.

doesnt she also talk like that? cheesy taylor phrases. "BLESS."

in one of the tweets she posted (and shared here) she laughed "hahaha" which goes to show that doesnt always mean that jc was tweeting for her.

finally catching up. cant believe she is denying all of this proof here.

HILARIOUS. She is so fucking stupid.

can you or whatever, so anyone for that matter make a youtube video about this? this needs to be searchable for her stupid gullible "fans"

how can one join the group chat on twitter?
she never will.

notice here how she says she got Tofu when he had the sniffles. ANytime she gets a new snake, something is wrong with them and always tries to put blame on the seller.
the hospital "insisted" on her injecting tofu and then goes on to out the hospital. this bitch is sweating balls because she has been outed.

says the liar that has been lying for years herself. LOL cant make this shit up.

this proves to me they were not faked because she can read her side on her phone which shows she knew what was going to be posted. lol.

so did her croc skinks die of dehydration or cooked alive or both? confused on this one. help an anon out.

the irony of her calling other manipulative lol

after calmin down = after getting off her high and seeing all the shit she was ranting about.

overlooking "by mistake." she can never take any goddamn responsibility. either its a human accident or soneone elses fault. never her fault.

Sorry for this long ass post, anons. Had to catch up and now that I did, that was wild. Taylor just proves us all right. Someone make a youtube video. Whatever? a freind of Destry?
Video proof is what this bitch needs.

could someone also summarize everything that has been confirmed thusfar with this back and forth?(autism)

No. 716004

You would think that someone who claims to love animals as much as Taylor does would feel so much guilt over their mortality rate that they'd get their shit together, or that it would be a wake up call, or something. If I literally nearly killed a pet because I injected him so improperly (while high, apparently, mind you) that I pierced his lung, I would be devastated and looking at myself hard and wondering about my life's choices. It amazes me that none of the stuff she has already admitted to provokes the slightest bit of introspection on her part. It's literally mind boggling, and I don;t know how she can live with herself.

As for her mother, FFS Jen, what are you doing. Stop enabling her. Stop cleaning her room, stop paying her bills, stop taking care of her animals. Stop making excuses for her egregious behavior. You are not helping her. Or yourself. Or your family. You seem to be devout, so maybe talk with your pastor (or a therapist) about this shit. You are actively making things worse.

No. 716005

The timestamps are recent and the profile pic is recent, no one said the screenshots are old and no one said she scrolled back except Taylor. And you apparently.

No. 716007

Samefag, but wth. Jen, as lomg as we're taling about stopping, stop driving her to get $3,000 tattoos or any other stupid shit she wants (Driving her to her meetings and appointments is one thing, but she's actively doing stupid self-destructive shit– why are you helping her do that?. But anyway, if she has that kind of dosh, she can pay you rent and pay her own bills and pay someone to take care of her animals. You have enough on your plate, why are you letting her add to it?

No. 716009

Because Jen is a doormat who let's people walk all over her, her husband is an even BIGGER doormat who let's Jen walk all over him because he's the only person Jen can boss around.

She's weak minded, therefore easy to demand and boss around.

No. 716010

> my experience as an addict is the only valid one

kek, what a bitch

No. 716011

I actually do understand why she is doing it, and I don;t think it is because she's weak-minded, It's because she is terrified that she will get a call from a police officer asking her to come identify a body. And she is doing everything in her power to prevent that. But what she is doing is not helping Taylor, and is in fact harming her by not forcing her to experience the consequences of her extremely poor decisions. She (and all of that family) need to see a family counselor. And get their heads unfucked.

No. 716014

File: 1570539771801.png (849.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191008-090115.png)

No. 716021

LOL, she sends her ~mommy~ to bully a 16 year old? Good job Taylor, good job.

No. 716023

This is Taylor's burner phone number, probably the one she uses when talking to dealers.

not sure if anon who posted this is considered doxing, since it wasn't revealed by the cow herself.

No. 716024

I don’t get how she can be disgusted by how onision is acting but then sound exactly like him. same emotionally manipulative bullshit

No. 716025

Thanks for pointing that out. Deleted and will repost with number crossed out.

No. 716026


So the animal DMs are still unconfirmed.

Injecting tofu was true,The RI snake texts were true, how about the blackout drunk texts?

No. 716028

tinfoil but the extremely crowded/cluttered sleeve is to make it easier for her to hide track marks now

No. 716029

File: 1570540993155.png (1.06 MB, 946x2048, 952197829.png)

No. 716030

File: 1570541029758.png (1.29 MB, 946x2048, 1287457624.png)

No. 716031

File: 1570541055971.png (1.17 MB, 946x2048, 473988441.png)

No. 716032

File: 1570541078158.png (1002.33 KB, 946x2048, 1528863136.png)

No. 716033

File: 1570541102222.png (1.31 MB, 946x2048, 1984198896.png)

No. 716034

File: 1570541129177.jpeg (88.47 KB, 946x2048, EGW3LUVXkAEONhV.jpeg)

No. 716036

Post the blackout drunk texts, that can be confirmed, all your snake texts Taylor already showed.

No. 716047

So Taylor not only spergs out on twitter but via text as well. What a fucking psycho creep? How are you truly invested this much in “some lie you debunked?”

And why would this girl even respond to you if you’re threatening lawsuits? Oh right, you’re manipulative. Just like you constantly try to contact Jonny even though you claim there’s an order of protection you filed against him and just like you would contact Jake even after you claimed you called the cops on him. You’re such an attention whore and like to bait people to fuel your narc supply.

It just rubs me the wrong way that she thinks these group chats with a bunch of teenagers are appropriate. Like get some friends and social interactions that are age appropriate. By your own admission Taylor, this teen is still trying to “find her way” because she’s a fucking TEEN omg. She’s not a 22 year old. But you can’t even be bothered to act like a grown adult so I guess all this is lost on you.

No. 716051

>But you can’t even be bothered to act like a grown adult so I guess all this is lost on you.

She really is mentally and emotionally stunted. Imagine having your mommy run to your rescue to harass a literal teen at her age.

No. 716057

Taylor has been tweeting for the past 19 hours straight. At the very minimum at least 3 or 4 tweets each hour. This is the longest she has been awake kek she is definitely freaked tf out. She is still tweeting away non-stop

No. 716060

I noticed this as well. When she tweeted about her tarot friend, it was 7am Texas time. She is never awake at that time. Prob doing drugs and obsessively tweeting / texting a refreshing lolcow lmao

No. 716062

I thought she went to bed, relieved that she 'debunked' Destry's claims???

No. 716063

File: 1570544586155.jpeg (410.27 KB, 1125x1321, E78A5108-57B4-4A02-B27D-893B90…)

Who would have knew sleeping excessively, eating like shit and laying around watching a tv show to pass time would be counterproductive to fighting off your depression.

She is so irritating. I can’t imagine why she doesn’t have any friends…

No. 716064


With a big media company???
Oh cool! Are you gonna tell them about how you drove "All the time" under the influence???

No. 716065

and how you now apparently are taking driving lessons while high on suboxone and how you hurt your animals when high on heroin.

No. 716066

Oof what a big old bowl of yikes crispies.

No. 716067

she really should just probably understand, like this stuff happens??

No. 716070

File: 1570545694511.png (2.21 MB, 1242x2688, 1A0E5E06-64A8-4078-AA81-6FF251…)

Yet she reacts to everything with 1000x the energy. Reminds me of her “comeback” video back in the atrium, where she said, “I grew, I learned a lot.” Someone needs to make a gif of that clip. Full of shit bitch.

No. 716071

File: 1570545728414.png (4.9 MB, 1242x2688, FBD3197E-12C2-4B9E-AB7F-04B9F6…)

What goals? Showering for one would be a good start.

No. 716072

Hire them, you fat toad. Your daughter abuses you so you think it's okay for your precious to abuse literal children? Fuck yourself. Your dear daughter puts EVERYTHING she does online, up to and including the trash she picks up 'getting sober' for a good dicking down but wants no commentary? Good luck with that, maybe a lawyer can tell you what a public figure is, you dumbass.

No. 716074

File: 1570545935523.jpg (633.68 KB, 1536x1712, Screenshot_20191008-164123.jpg)

Yet you keep reacting kek

No. 716075

File: 1570545957187.jpg (610.99 KB, 1536x1394, Screenshot_20191008-164151.jpg)

No. 716076

File: 1570545992085.jpg (405.87 KB, 1536x1138, Screenshot_20191008-164206.jpg)

No. 716077

Taylor is fucking weird to have multiple group chats with a bunch of underaged stans where she talks about shooting heroin and getting black out drunk. So weird.

No. 716078

Awww, Taylor, so glad to know you spend time with us here in your thread. Everything out of this bitch is a lie. She is mentally ill and of course she can't help that but she can help the fact that she rivals Greg in her superior ability to go after and fuck with little kids.

No. 716081

Wow now she's preaching good energy and universal shit and posting about tarot cards, horoscopes and all that fuckery, she really is a dumb bitch. Next she'll start talking about how she's psychic and so in TUNE with the world.

Who the fuck does she think she is talking to a young girl like this? What a crazy bitch, this is probably how she would speak to her own kids if god forbid she ever had any.

No. 716083

She shouldn't even be talking to or making friends with anyone under 18 in the first place, is she that mentally stunted she can only converse with young girls years below her? It's weird and creepy, find friends your own fucking age Traylor you psycho.

No. 716084

Young kids are more likely to applaud her bullshit while people of her own age will call her out and give her tough love she's not able to handle. She needs yes-men around her. Her feefees can't handle maturity. Those texts are so manipulative. It's clear she's been looking at the Onion drama, and she's even learnt and picked up a thing or two from him.

No. 716086

I think Jonny is getting real close to spilling the beans on Taylor, by the sounds of things she's been desperately contacting him meanwhile he's paying her no mind.

He's slowly starting to go off and make it more obvious.

Jonny confirm her shitty animal care and how fucked up she was on drugs PLEASE.

No. 716087

Onion should boot Kai out and replace him with Taylor 2.0

They would be such a power couple in the worst way possible, but well suited!!
They can manipulate and lure young girls in together and watch Hentai while they fry some geckos.

No. 716089

I'd like to remind this garbage brained idiot and her fat harridan of a mother that Vic Mignogna just lost his airtight defamation case in Texas that he was sure to win.

Taylor, honey, you can't get off social media. You tell people everything you do. You are a junkie who kills her animals and drives while intoxicated. You laugh at abuse victims while being an active abuser. You better pray that you don't piss off one of the apparently hundreds of twelve year olds you choose to spend the majority of your time with, because this will keep happening.

Every second that passes, you dig your grave a little deeper because you are your own worst enemy. You are too stupid to know when to shut up. Innocent people don't post frantic, pre-emptive posts to try and do damage control. Go to bed.

Destry, you did the right thing.
Don't worry about lawyers, because any lawyer who sees this obviously mentally ill junkie stroll in wearing her clubbing gear followed by her waddling Karen mommy is going to tell them exactly this: get. off. the. internet. Taylor is indeed famous, which makes her a public figure. If she doesn't like what comes with that, then instead of spending money on dirt tattoos, she can hire a PR firm and a management agency and flex about all the $ she drops on them.

Get a trip for posting here, if you're going to post more.

No. 716090


>>Taylor: she is acting insane and out of her mind.

>>Destry: posts ss and video and gives details as needed
>>Also Taylor: sperging on twitter all night and all morning
>>Taylor right now: still sperging about it even hours after she said she would pay it no mind.

As if having a “mature” conversation with you is even attainable. You act like a fucking 13 year old mediocre mean girl. A mature 22 year old would realize having a private group chat with teenagers would lead to drama but you you’re mentally ill and constantly need validation for even breathing. You’re sick in the head and disgusting Traylor Trash! And no, it isn’t your 15% genetic junkie brain and your missing chromosome from your father that can’t be genetically tested to prove you’re Italian lmfao

No. 716092

>she ignored my very in depth attempts to contact her
bitch what in depth attempts? the one where you went off calling a child evil despicable liar? >>715830
>my mom reached out too
you mean your mom reached out to threaten her as well? >>715917

No. 716093

she doesn’t really mean it. she’s a piece of shit so she’s just using it as a threat to manipulate destry. however hilarious it would be to see this bitch at the courtroom, it’s a classic tactic for narcs to say this kind bullshit. she threatened to off herself as well but im sure she’s not going to do that either lol

No. 716094

Jen, be a real mother and go steal some hair from your daughter's pillow so you can figure out what drugs she's obviously on. Or maybe she really is crazy and used heroin because it calmed her down, either way, having her in the house is bad for Tanner. You do love your son. Don't you? Why subject him to all this stress? Not fair to him. Just saying.

No. 716095

Not to mention she also pulled the whole "I almost relapsed today cuz of my ex and now you do this?!"

What in the emotional manipulation shit is that?! You don't just say that kind of shit to a Minor, that's not her business at all and has nothing to do with her, how was she to know?

Reminds me onion, anytime someone calls him out he just labels them liar despite evidence, or it's someone else's fault, or they're just crazy, or jealous, and they're just mean horrible despicable people but she's perfect and how dare anyone question or criticize her!

No. 716096

Personally I'd love to see her waste her money on lawyers and a court case. Just like Vic, she'd have to pay Destry's fees as well when the judge laughed it out of court.

No. 716097

File: 1570549056458.jpg (354.92 KB, 1080x968, Screenshot_20191008-113729_Twi…)

No. 716101

File: 1570549385911.png (502.53 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-10-08-08-40-20.p…)

Finally someone with some sense.

No. 716102

Jen your harassment came directly from your twitter account. The random number harassment is from your daughter’s burner phone she uses to buy drugs - maybe you should ask her about it since she admits she has two different numbers - weird.

No. 716103

looks like taylor made a lot of enemies along the way, why else would so many groomed ten year olds be doctoring screencaps kekkek

taylor really needs some friends her own age, maybe she really is stunted

No. 716104

I think her and Jonny are in a MAD situation. I think sure has plenty of dirt on him he doesnt want brought up.

Although we already know hes a rapist and he still has fans, so maybe not.

No. 716106

Are Tyler and Taylor Walmart version (Emma Sam) still her friends?

No. 716107

couldn’t give less of a shit if she’s a “kid” (17 is hardly a baby knowing right from wrong) she faked screenshots with fake ass timestamps and selfposted for entions here. she thinks she’s above the rules and apparently so do you.

her milk ain’t fucking worth dirt when it’s fake. just another chelsea.

No. 716109

yeah the screenshots are recent, but the messages are fucking old, which means the screenshots are fake because old messages show dates in x/x/xx form, not a time of day and nothing else.

No. 716110

She might not have known that though since it seems like the other caps were sent to her by someone else.

The Tofu thing and driving high was proven truthful though.

No. 716112

fuck off whiteknight. take your dumbassery to twitter

No. 716113

This post bitching about Tanner is a little bit more interesting now than it was yesterday. Wonder if Tanner is having so much trouble because Taylor is being so disruptive. Kids with disabilities are very sensitive to the actions of malignant narcs like Taylor. I can't understand why Jen doesn't protect her son from his sister. Really sad.

No. 716114

'just another chelsea'? gee anon, who are you? you sound extra pressed.

No. 716115

we don't stan your shitty queen here, sorry

No. 716116

Taylor admitted the texts with Chelsea are real. So if it's another Chelsea this is all real lmao

No. 716117

seriously can admin or farmhands just give mommy and taylor their own trips lololol this is too much

No. 716119

Tanner needs to be removed from that house. There are no functioning adults to care for him, not to mention Taylor's drugs laying around. No wonder he's been mentally unhealthy lately, that house is a fucking shitshow

No. 716120

sure hope destry is hanging on to all this information, could be useful to get a restraining order against jen for harrassing a minor, just saying. jen, don't you have a disabled son to care for? maybe you should get off the internet too?