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No. 654132

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21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/654064
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean (currently deactivated as of 2/14/19)
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Jennifer Dean refuses to actually help her daughter and blames others for the whole situation
> Colin from Slaves posted on here about his experiences with Jonny. His posts start at >>>/pt/637869
> Apparently are planning to move to a new house
> Implied she had an eating disorder
> Cannot keep story straight on rehab, has stopped posting about it
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Several animals that have been MIA were posted on Instagram after being mentioned on here. This includes several snakes, Ella, Mushu, Star, and Kronos
> Star is overweight
> Mushu is not dead (somehow) but is kept on a crowded tank sitting above her dishwasher
> Kronos is not dead (somehow) but is still incredibly untame.
> Valentino (Sinaloan Milksnake) was allegedly returned to the breeder after regurgitating his food and developing a respiratory infection.
> Still no results from Chesse’s autopsy
> TND promised a return to youtube in mid February, still has not come back near the end of March
> Refers to detox as “getting healthy again”
> TND and Jonny have moved into a curvy house with an atrium, which she claims she is intending to make into an enrichment space for the lizards
> Have posted multiple photos/captions indicating that Star is extremely stressed in the new house, but both are too ignorant to the signs of stress in cats to recognize it

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Claims to be attending an outpatient rehab program, where they receive Vitriol injections
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Accused former friend Breezexotics of sexual harassment http://archive.is/HiCCr
> Has deleted Twitter once again
> Friends have gone on damage control, trying to save their own reputations
> Snakes are morbidly obese
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotics, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing stated that she will be updating mushu’s condition in a video, we will see if that happens
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths introduced the new skinks
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes more empty and scummy water dishes shown in the new house as well
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese and her herion use

New Milk:
> Released a video on April 13th (2 months after she said she would return to youtube), slurring words in some clips, and showed alcohol in the kitchen and bedroom of the new house
> Newest video didn’t include the crabs, satanic leaf geckos, only one fish tank and was missing a number of other animals
> Cheese’s necropsy results were insonclusive (obviously)
> Claims she is totally sober from drugs but alcohol doesn’t count and her rehab coaches are completely fine with her using alcohol
> Bindi’s enclosure shown in the new house as only a bit of substrate and a douple of simple hides, no enrichment. She has said that Bindi doesn’t need enrichment because “she doesn’t do anything anyway”

> Recent known additions to the horde of animals: Tarantula, frog

> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Ursula (Halloween Crab) died of a mismolt, was possibly replaced with another female crab.
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.
> Had a mite infestation, Bindi (Blue Tongue Skink) had been shown infested with mites
> Mantis Shrimp died after only a few days instead of a few months as claimed
> Leopard Gecko is kept in a dark tub
> Valentino was not returned to the breeder and is dead
> Her and Jonny were evicted

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 654137

great thread pic, thank you as always thread anon

No. 654142

OP you forgot to delete the "New Milk" section when you copy/pasted from the last thread, so now there are two "New Milk" sections, one of which is old news.

No. 654143

Perfect thread pic, love it anon, thanks for your hard work.

No. 654155

Ah shit yep, my bad. Was doing it on mobile. I’ll fix it for the next one.

No. 654162


I guess a picture truly does say a thousand words LMAO

No. 654168

GyzZz im comPletLy SohBur. LOL.

Nothing to see here, just the usual bedside items.

No. 654183

File: 1555538670813.png (54.1 KB, 596x346, gfgd.PNG)

is he seriously going to get into league enough to stream it

No. 654190

Taylor is 22 now, not 21.

No. 654194

LOL great thread picture as always anon!

No. 654198

As an anon touched upon before, there's zero way she's on subs. Mixing alcohol with a sub is guaranteed to make you vomit or at least experience nausea. Known from my own experience. And most people who used to drink don't anymore once they start taking suboxone.. Although we already know she isn't sober nor taking anything to help withdrawal from any doctors.

No. 654199

tinfoil but could it be possible she's saying she's the one drinking alcohol so people won't get on jonny's ass for drinking as they used to before.
i mean i doubt either of them are on suboxone, but i kind of get that feeling also with the whole "he took me out of my dark place" or whatever bullshit to clear his bad rep.

No. 654200

Is there a chance they might be drinking while on subs & puking their guts out whenever they're not taking selfies/recording themselves?

No. 654209

i wouldn't put that past jonny tbh. not sure taylor though.

No. 654211

I doubt she's taking subs consistently if at all. But a lot of people can easily drink small amounts on subs w/o puking and be totally fine, esp one or two ciders. I know from experience and know people who drink a few beers or glasses of wine occasionally and have been on subs for years without any issues. Still dangerous/dumb to do and proves she's not taking her "sobriety" seriously but not sure where you guys are getting this puking after any alcohol without fail thing.

No. 654219

There is absolutely NO WAY that dude could pull of streaming League let alone keep up with that game LOL

No. 654220

File: 1555550680285.png (13.21 KB, 614x149, google.PNG)

No. 654222

why do we actually believe she’s only drinking one a day? she lies about everything and there would be no need for 3+ cases like we’ve seen.

No. 654225

earlier he was doing a test on twitch with some people from discord and he left it up:

its a bit painful to watch at times. obviously he has never played any mobas or similar games before. i honestly cant wait until he plays against actual people.

No. 654230

"I'm 22 with depression anxiety etc etc I made serious drug related mistakes because I'm young and with mental issues. It's expected."

"LOL guys stop worrying about me and questioning me. I know what I'm doing with this alcohol. "

Taylor, life doesn't work that way. When you make stupid mistakes, you're held accountable and people deserve to question you. You're a 22 year old heroin addict. No, you don't have this under control. You're a terrible example for your fanbase.

No. 654233

How is it possible for someone to sound simultaneously stoned and like he has an intellectual disability? I bet he has to mentally remind himself to keep breathing since his brain can't seem to process more than one thing at a time

No. 654236


Well, she 'has everything under control' until she needs those pity points

No. 654238

He legit reminds me of that rapper Dee Reynolds dated in Always Sunny. But at least that character wasn't straight up trash.

No. 654239

That hurt to watch. You can hear him breathing heavily and he just sounds like a 15 year old boy who wants to drop out of school because he got 1000 subscribers on YouTube

No. 654240


Wow! All that AND he's broke af???
Taylor sure picked a winner, huh?

No. 654241

He's like Ozzy. Sounds like an utter train wreck mess and you can't imagine him being capable of singing.

Don't do drugs kids. He should be a poster child for how drugs fucking wreck you.

No. 654242

File: 1555555041286.png (2.38 MB, 1242x2208, DE8FD45C-45BD-45EA-9CE9-A12902…)

No. 654243

I just don’t think they’d have bottles and cans on both night stands like they do - because it’s obvious they don’t have the capacity to think to take half of what Jonny drank and “pose” the trash. Otherwise wouldn’t they just throw the trash away? If that makes sense lmao

No. 654251

File: 1555557912287.png (173.47 KB, 1280x640, 8f97b8fd-3a1d-44ff-a440-21da39…)

Just why

No. 654253

This is so embarrassing.

He has literally not played games before.
Just standing in tower getting killed over and over… it's so super basic.

I also like how the girl didn't even try to explain last hitting because he just obviously wasn't gonna understand it.

No. 654258

He had to be told what screenwatching was… Amazing. Who is the person he's talking to that's explaining everything?

No. 654259


Shocker, he's using Funkopop shit in his themes and designs. Is he that uncreative??

Newer tweet of Taylor holding "Tyrion" the Surinam horned frog while wearing fabric gloves - she had to be reminded in the comments that this is bad as it absorbs moisture from the frog, harming it over time.

For such a pet guru, why does she not know basic things that apply to all amphibians, like the ones she has previously owned?

The frog is also suspected of being newly bought, not 4+ months old like she claims, due to its apparently small size (according to comments by Breezexotics and others).

No. 654261

That 4+ months is important. That way when it inevitably dies young thanks to her shitty care, she can tack a bit of time on and tell everyone it lived a full, healthy life.

No. 654264

Does anyone have her address?(Cowtipping)

No. 654265

>graphic design is my passion

No. 654268

OP says
>Cheese’s necropsy results were insonclusive (obviously)
I thought she doesn't have them or hasn't put them out. Am I wrong?

LOVE the OP pic

No. 654270

She discussed on social media that they were “pretty inconclusive” and that she will “talk about it” in a video.

No. 654271

thanks anon, I obviously missed that

No. 654272

She keeps being vague. Whenever asked she says the results are inconclusive, and that she'll do a video.

He was wild caught and cared for by Taylor. That's enough for me to know why he died. It makes me quite upset she owned him. Poor guy was snatched and then dealt with Taylor.

I wish wild caught could only be sold to certified breeding keepers wanting to breed so they no longer needed to be snatched.

No. 654300

Not only that but she shoved him in a freezer several hours after he had died so his body would’ve started to decompose (off memory it was a day or something)
Also she did the Viking funeral, so he would’ve defrosted a bit only to possibly be shoved back into the freezer later.

The results would most likely actually be inconclusive because of the state he would’ve been in by the time she took him to the place. She’s probably trying to come up with a proper “they couldn’t find anything wrong with him” excuse instead of the obvious “I gave a rotting corpse freezer burn”

No. 654306


how is there a single human on this planet who still gives a shit about that dead fish?

No. 654308

File: 1555589334168.jpg (1.21 MB, 3088x2320, image0.jpg)

he's proved himself a dimwit on discord but oh my god this is next level painful to watch. I think he might actually have an intellectual disability. idk how his fans keep wanting to help this bumbling goblin set up his shit, teach him games, etc. he literally can't figure anything out himself.

it's someone from his discord I think.

fish should be given a shit about as much as any other pets and this one happened to be her channel's mascot. that said, I think it's less about the fish and more about taylor's lies.

No. 654311

It's got nothing to do with the fish, like >>654308 says it's about lies

No. 654319

File: 1555595006987.jpg (826.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-094229_Ins…)

No. 654320

File: 1555595043941.jpg (711.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-094234_Ins…)

No. 654321

Didnt she have a dog out there? Is it sanitary for her snake to be on the same fake grass she had a dog running around on?

No. 654322

Don't know too much about snakes but isn't this one fat as fuck?

No. 654323

So I take it no video today.

it is overweight. still not as bad as some of her other snakes.

No. 654329

christ his hands are so swollen

No. 654334

File: 1555603770413.jpg (336.19 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190413-212821.jpg)

Yes. You can barely see his spine. All of her snakes are morbidly obese. See this image here and compare it to her snakes. It's sad, she's significantly decreasing her snakes life span.

No. 654335

Sorry I should clarify, they aren't morbidly obese based on this image, that's just how I described them. They're moreso "very overweight" or "obese"

No. 654336

What does an owner have to do feeding wise to get such a fat snake. Over feeding and/or poor diet? Like, is she feeding it food high in something to cause such fat storage?

I'm wondering if it's like with cats. You feed them cheap dry food full of carbs they can't process and it turns to unhealthy fat.

No. 654337

Over feeding and feeding too often.

No. 654339

she is power feeding all her snakes, its what breeders do to make them grow up quickly to produce more babies. by doing this shes basically cutting off decades of her snakes lifespan.

tinfoil i guess but i believe that shes using her rats as breeding machines and thats why all her snakes have become fat since she came back in january. no big deal if she bred her own feeders but she 1. doesnt have any way to humanely euthanize them as demonstrated by her infamous table slamming tweet and 2. her rats arent even old enough to breed yet.

No. 654352

Your profile pic is showing anon… Nice to see you calling her out but lol.

No. 654354

File: 1555609876697.jpeg (187.19 KB, 750x1096, E67E0322-C47D-4730-B2AA-BF74D6…)

No. 654355

Cover your pics, youll get dinged for cowtipping

No. 654356

EXACTLY! So if she’s really owned him for 4 months, she has been handling him the wrong way and doing something harmful for him this whole time??
Hmm.. sound familiar? With the monitor she got the wrong species of and miscared for it for 2 months?
I think she’s def lying about getting him 4 months ago, but idk what’s worse. The fact that she probably just recently got him, so she is continuing to collect and hoard more animals when she can’t even care for what she has now - or the fact she’s been incorrectly caring for an animal for FOUR MONTHS.

What happened to “I’ll never impulse buy again! I’ll always do my ~thorough and extensive research~ first”
People need to call her out on this bullshit. I’m sure her defense will be that “I took him to the vet immediately when I found out and they said he’s totally fine!!”

What a dumbass. History really does repeat itself. She hasn’t changed AT ALL and it’s showing more and more.

No. 654359

File: 1555611339061.jpeg (135.48 KB, 750x762, BBFB8BC8-9AB8-4BC7-B376-F04E7C…)

“It was only 4-5 times!!! It’s no big deal!!!”

No. 654362


Typical. She gets an animal randomly, does no research, posts on twitter, people on twitter tell her basic care, and then she preaches to her fanbase like she knew all along.

No. 654365

File: 1555612810518.png (150.28 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20190418-143743~2.p…)

why delete the tweet about it coming out on Thursday over 24 hours before, if you still might be able to get the editing done? Not like she does amazing complicated edits. sounds like she hasn't even started it.

No. 654366

Pffft yeah right. The girl who has 20 pictures posing with each animal she owns has only handled this frog 4-5 times in 4 months. Okay.

Maybe if she actually just got it she's only handled it 4-5 times, which is probably true anyways

No. 654370

Lmaooo our “queen” of pettube is back to making false promises on videos. Only took putting out one video for her to be so tired and unable to edit now. I mean… they LITERALLY do nothing all day. She sleeps until noon and does what the fuck with the rest of her day?? Jonny is just sitting there drooling looking at his PC, while she’s nodding off high or drunk?
Her content is SO boring, with her style of editing she could honestly edit multiple videos in one day. She can’t handle weekly videos at all. Even though this is her “job”

No. 654374

Can someone post a link to Tyler’s live stream back in janurary? I must have missed it and can’t find a link anywhere?

No. 654379

Part One

No. 654380

File: 1555617311715.jpg (554.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-155259_Ins…)


No. 654381

File: 1555617424747.jpg (628.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-155639_Ins…)


No. 654382

"Taylor you are doing something that can kill you"

"Omg hater fuck off"

Wtf lol. Her stans don't care if she dies?

No. 654383

File: 1555617474186.jpg (656.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-155741_Ins…)


No. 654384

File: 1555617522390.jpg (653.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-155834_Ins…)


No. 654385

File: 1555617584918.jpg (781.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-155934_Ins…)


No. 654386

File: 1555617632487.jpg (610.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-160014_Ins…)


No. 654387

File: 1555617689540.jpg (841.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-160059_Ins…)


No. 654388

>my addiction is not something i want to talk about constantly to the world

>also details every single kind of dope she did and how often

>calling me names online

bruh who the fuck called you names. shes a pro in manipulation and victim mentality.

get actual help taylor.

No. 654390

“Calling me names” lol what? Nobody calls her names. She’s literally making everyone believe the people that call her out out of concern are shaming her, she’s always the victim.
If she doesn’t get actual help this is just going to permanently be her life. Desperately trying to convince herself everyone else is the problem but her.

No. 654392

Jesus she is really going off over explaining

On the topic of the frog. She says "it wasn't a huge concern to her" because she didnt handle him often. Shouldnt it be a concern to properly handle an animal whether you hold them every day or once their entire lifetime? Holding a frog incorrectly 5 times can risk their health and should have been her concern from the beginning to do it properly. It's like holding a baby by the head and saying "well I dont hold babies often so I wasnt concerned about how to hold them"

Shes ridiculous

No. 654394

Sounds like she needs to talk to a therapist…

Her therapist could then explain to her that being a “normal” 22 year old doesn’t mean you have to drink alcohol and do drugs “to have a good time.”

Taylor, Please stop playing the victim for once in your life and read the next sentences very carefully.

Your logic is nonexistent. Please get psychiatric help for your own sake. None of what you’ve ever done has been normal behavior.

No. 654395

she seems to forget animals can get stressed. it's beyond irresponsible.

No. 654397

Shes got FOMO bad. She's afraid she's not gonna fit in with the "cool" kids if she doesn't keep doping it up. Partying all the time, getting high all the time gets you nowhere in life. Those 22 yo "friends" you have now will be stuck at their shitty jobs because they wasted their best years doing drugs. In 8 years she'll be 30, does she really think shes gonna be partying it up being cool at 30, no people grow up. Unless it's jonny where you've lost all your teeth because the lifestyle ate you alive.

No. 654401

Exactly. The fact that shes saying she will never be a "normal" 22 year old or be able to have fun is so fucked. Hope her young, impressionable fans dont see that and think they have to drink alcohol to have fun and be normal

No. 654403

File: 1555621853888.png (24.32 KB, 584x262, loweredexpectations.png)

Guess who's back on Twitter…

No. 654404

Everything I see on her page has been nothing but support. There might be some name calling here but it's the truth. She IS a junkie

> Junkie: a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something

First step to getting help is admitting you have a problem.

She's had bunch of "good times" all those drugs she's done with Jonny. All those animals she gotten in the last year. 4 months off of YT. A new house to live in. There are people that get up a 4am just to make ends meet. She honestly can't believe shes been working hard lately. The drug addiction was HER choice.

No. 654405

Wow I can’t imagine having to keep up with all the lies they both have to keep up with. Clearly they are doing a horrible job at it. Now she sound like and is living the same lie Jonny has been living for the last 13 years! Pretending to be sober but always lying and getting caught because of contradictions and lies. “ we go “ therapy and the clinic program?” A couple times a week to take our “ medicine “ and drug tests”. Yet she just told everybody she’s been tapering down using weaker forms of opiates. So you just failing all these drug tests for opiates? The thing you are supposed to be passing for?

No. 654406

She is literally going down the same path as Jonny and using the same bullshit excuses and playing the victim with literally everything. It’s clear neither one of them are actually sober or getting any sort of help because All the advise she is now giving about sobriety and getting sober goes against everything a drug counselor would give as advise. You cannot be drinking, tapering is just a form of procrastination, and this is basic drug rehab 101.

No. 654407

The first and most important thing a drug counselor/program would recommend is checking into a safe detox facility and detoxing the right way ( not taking drugs every other hour or tapering down with other drugs) and then checking into REAL REHAB! and most likely a sober living house after that. Oh yea and ending things with your drug addicted GF/BF

No. 654409

So just in case anyone had any doubts in their mind, coming from someone with experience in drug addiction and recovery, no they are 100% not sober and are lying about any kind of program, besides possibly suboxone which they will also withdrawal from and it’s worse than heroin withdrawals. BTW soboxone doesn’t fix your drug problem it only prolongs it and prevents withdrawals from actual heroin.

No. 654412

File: 1555623171301.png (9.64 KB, 279x148, brat1.png)

>>"…You’re gonna try to make her feel bad? Who gives a shit about a couple animals dying."

Taylor's fanbase in a nutshell lmao

No. 654413

Anyone who goes into a drug rehab program dressed like a hooker and posting pics up online isn't serious. Shes a poser, wannabe who thinks it's cool and edgy to be someone with a "tragic past" she just likes the social fashion of it. The whole i'm rugged and tough exterior crap is all just masking that she's insecure and afraid on the inside. seriously grow up, it's just like the 13yo emos that wear black every day and say "ITS NOT A PHASE MOM!"

No. 654416

Admitting to a fucking drug problem you lied about forever isn’t brave, especially when you’re not even going through the treatment and you’re using the whole thing as a sob story for ass pats. If she actually regimes some animals, left Jonny, and checked into a clinic, that would be brave. That would literally be putting everything on the line for recovery. She has not done that. She didn’t even check into a clinic because of some bullshit excuse about not being able to afford it. She has given up nothing at all. Hell, she only came out about it because Jonny got kicked out of Slaves. What exactly was brave here?

No. 654417

went from 2-3 bottles a day to 1-2 bottles or sips every few days

lol okay taylor

No. 654418

Upset because she can't be a normal 22 year old? Normal 22 year old's do not hoard animals, date rapists, or shoot up. Edgy 22 year old's do. Not the normal ones.

No. 654419

What’s worse, is if she got it 4 months ago, she was still “using” hourly at that point and could barely look after herself, let alone all her animals and this little guy who requires special care/handling!

No. 654425

Yeah "normal" 22 yo's are graduating college and getting jobs. All that partying and crap is done for the most part. Most 22 aren't renting a luxury house either, she's just cherry picking. She wants an excuse to continue with her hedonistic, destructive lifestyle under the guise of being "normal".

>You cannot be drinking, tapering is just a form of procrastination, and this is basic drug rehab 101.

This is why she will never be clean. Her life is a mess and it's all interrelated. If she cut out the losers and enablers and took some responsibility for her life she MIGHT get better. Im guessing a slow decline for her at this point.

No. 654443

can we chill with the selfposted callouts? trying to make your own milk and get attention for it here is not it.

No. 654448


The anon who posted it is not the anon in the comments. This is also quite milky cuz it further shows that she's just lying about being in treatment and how much of a victim she is. but to reiterate the point, no cowtipping.

No. 654451

I agree the replies are interesting but the inclusion of the comments that started just looks like cowtipping. Posting callout comments by oneself or third parties its a shitty trend, they aren't milk in themselves. Let the milk flow of its own accord - as it always does.

No. 654458

Taylor you stupid fucking cunt. If you TOLD your clinic you’re drinking, they would TAKE YOU OFF OF SUBS. They are opening themselves up to a lawsuit if they knowingly gave you subs while you’re actively drinking. PLEASE LIE BETTER.

No. 654462

File: 1555638202441.jpg (597.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-214131_Chr…)

Regarding her handling Tyrion incorrectly

No. 654464

File: 1555638297077.jpg (592.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-214145_Chr…)

Regarding her handling Tyrion incorrectly #2

No. 654467

No, Taylor, the correct response is "I didn't do enough research."

Just admit it. Your reputation will hardly be damaged by saying you should have done more research.

No. 654471

So did she improperly handle her last two pacman frogs too?

No. 654472

Both died waaaay young. More diet related, don't think your supposed to handle frogs much at all.

No. 654474

That's some pretty basic shit. She's getting defensive because she knows she messed up. Her care is shitty, her monitor is in rough shape based on her stories. I hesitate to call it abuse but there's definitly some serious neglect going on with her animals. Shes lazy and its just sad, if you don't want to take care of your animals sell them or givem to a better home.

No. 654480

https://www.twitch.tv/thepearlboy4l Jonny is live on twitch right now. He’s so spazzy and embarrassing. He just said “I don’t know why there’s a picture of just Taylor on our paypal, it should be a picture of both of us.” It’s because it’s her paypal, you weirdo.

No. 654483

>> who gives a shit about animals dying, why do you care about her animals?
>> Taylor takes fantastic care of her animals, I love her pets

Pick a fucking lane and stick to it Jesus.

No. 654487

File: 1555644965462.png (693.17 KB, 1242x2208, 7D09B666-0310-4B60-B269-625A08…)

Says the guy who has his rich gf’s PayPal linked on his Twitch

No. 654490

Johnny really sucks at Overwatch. I've known a few people better than him who quit the game because they sucked so bad. Don't even get me started on his voice. It's higher pitched than Taylor's and her voice is average for a woman her age. Who the hell would pay to watch his terrible stream?

No. 654491

holy shit he is embarrassingly bad at gaming. There's no way he'll last on twitch especially if hes trying to play Overwatch, that poorly at that

No. 654492

this man has never played a video game in his life and pretends to make a living out of streaming lmfao

No. 654493

Okay I watched 10 minutes of the VOD. He’s god awful. Like my 5 year old brother is better than him. He doesn’t even understand what’s going on in the game. It truly is painful

It’s funny bc even the people he’s talking to said his monitor was too big and how they barely got him up and running. He couldn’t even figure out how to start the stream lol. Why anyone would want to watch someone struggle to move and shoot at the same time is beyond me.

No. 654494

His only two brain cells can barely comprehend the game and he ends up sticking his tongue out because he’s concentrating so hard. I wanna puke just looking at him.

No. 654496

It'd be cowtipping so I want to make it clear I'm not encouraging anyone to report her, I just wonder what she thinks she's accomplishing with these lies? That commenter is right it's unhealthy and dangerous to be on subs and alcohol at the same time, NO clinic should be recommending it, and her counselor should be reported if they are. Taylor has already said which clinic they're supposedly using, someone could report that the clinic is giving patients dangerous advice. If that's true, the clinic can and should get in trouble. But it's obviously not true, so the clinic's response would either be to say she's lying (I doubt they can legally say she's a client there, idk if they can legally say she's NOT a client there). Or they could ignore it publically, or potentially sue her for slander, though I doubt that's worth it.
Anyway as usual, it's just Taylor lying about stuff that is reasonably provable but her lies could negatively affect a business she's named publically, and seriously, why does she make this shit up anyway??

"deleting to avoid promoting harmful stuff" aka "deleting the evidence of not knowing shit about my animals." Also clean wet hands are ok and sure "easiest," but clean nitrile gloves are actually the best way to go- no risk of the frog absorbing anything from your hands. Why was she using that fabric glove anyway? Is that one of those cheap bite gloves she handles Kronos with? Does that tiny frog bite her already?

>>654412 at this point I think most of us only have sympathy for the animals in this situation lol does this person know anything about TND and the choices she made on purpose?

No. 654505

I keep seeing people reference that 20 pets died while she lived in the apartment to compare to her saying she only lost 3. Every time I try and look at the documents or figure it out myself I always get around 11-12. I wanted to know if anyone had an actual list of 20 from the apartment?

No. 654506

A few threads back there was a whole google doc for it. Unsure if it’s been updated recently, but there was an upwards of 16-17. That’s just what we know about.

No. 654509


They never intended to get better to begin with. Jonny has been in and out of rehab for like a decade, and yet they chose to get into an outpatient program that's designed for people who are in the last stages of recovery, fully knowing Jonny can't be put on Vivitrol because of liver damage, he has Hep C.

They went to have their little recovery arc to gain sympathy from their followers because their lies were getting out of control after Colin and her PeTube clique spilled the beans about what was truly happening.

If they were still going to rehab, Taylor would still be posting her trashy ass selfies in the facility's bathroom and posting shit about the program left and right because recovery~ uwu.

It was all an attempt to stick it to the haterz but it didn't do shit, especially because she still hasn't changed and keeps lying. Watch her deactivate for another 6 months because people keep being mean to her and she doesn't know why because she only wants to make the world happy.

No. 654511

Yeah I’ve checked and I don’t know if I’m just missing some or not I guess. But thanks anyway!

No. 654512

while theres a doc and actual numbers of dead animals, a lot of anons assume shes lost a bit more and doesnt report it/replaces them which is probably where the extra few are coming from

No. 654564

that's the crown taylor used for the video where she turned herself into cheese, remember? just seeing this and remembering that video makes me cringe, seeing how jonny treated her in it actually made me feel sorry for her back then. and now he wears the crown after making her feel bad in that video! yay jonny!

No. 654567

there’s really no need to handle any frog this much. they aren’t meant to be cuddled taylor. it should only be done when you’re moving them out of their enclosure to clean it.

No. 654571

Why does this turd act like he’s getting money? None of the bands he has been in have been even remotely popular (and this is coming from a post-hardcore fan), and it’s painfully obvious to everyone online that he doesn’t make that much money. If he could afford all this shit, then why didn’t he have it before? Why was he renting a room and sponging off of exes before Taylor? Wouldn’t such a well-off, famous rockstar at least have his own car and house? Dude is going to look exactly like bloated Axl Rose in another few years, and I am here for it. Meanwhile, he’ll be grandpa gaming on his new computer and recruiting his next round of thots he cheats on Taylor with. My favorite part of all this shit is that their problems and lies and so obvious to everyone except those two.

No. 654585

How would he even receive these imaginary royalties without a bank account? Remember when Chelsea and him broke up, and he left her with all of his medical bills? Same thing is going to happen to Taylor. Unless they wind up married and she’s stuck forever, which is looking more likely by the day

No. 654596

We all know they are not clean or in any active program. Please don’t waste clinic employee’s time.

No. 654604

and she's right back to the long-winded, nonsense responses to "haters". is she high again?

No. 654609

Over here crossing my fingers that Johnny does get her high enough to marry him on a whim. I’d love watching these two go through a divorce and Taylor fighting to keep all her money.

No. 654610

File: 1555702461668.png (325.81 KB, 558x478, twit29.png)

Cut out the name & @ here, but the person tweeting this is clearly a kid.

This is what it all comes down to; Youtubers influencing vulnerable kids/teenagers.

No. 654611


…And she can say "Do as I say, not as I do" till the cows come home, but in the end, the kids want that image, they want what she has.

They look up to her whether she likes it or not.

No. 654615

That's pretty disgusting.

No. 654619

File: 1555708736867.png (175.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190419-171824.png)

"new video tomorrow"

No. 654631

As an axolotl owner, I'm almost glad she keeps pushing the video back because I am dreading seeing the current state of Mushu. Every time we see her, I have a sudden urge to deep-clean my aquarium. I can't get over the iodine.

No. 654638


I've been looking to get an axolotl so I'm in a lot of facebook groups to lurk while I wait until the time is right.

Mushu is the most pitiful axolotl I've come across, on par with the "rescued this axolotl" posts I see where people take axolotls from neglectful conditions. It's honestly so sad. Axolotl's aren't a hard animal to keep happy and healthy. The fact that Taylor JUST NOW bought Mushu a chiller is sad. She's had her for so long and is only now buying some essential parts to the tank. Honestly I have a feeling Taylor is waiting for Mushu to kick the bucket so she can get a more interesting type, like a mosaic or one with a lot of a iridophores so it's unique and she can brag about it. It's so painfully obvious how bored she is of Mushu and I fear she'll join some of the other 'original animals' (like Cheese and Zazu) that were around at the start of her channel.

No. 654641

No no, don't you remember anon? Taylor's always had the chiller, but Mushu didn't need it above the dishwasher in her old apartment! Sarcasm

No. 654642

New video tomorrow? So we'll (possibly) see it in about 3 weeks then?

No. 654654

Yeah that makes total sense. I guess I just want a definitive number so whenever stans try to clap back with the whole “any that died were old and that one time was an accident” bullshit then any anons could have proof.

No. 654655

And that an actual number instead of an estimate based on supposed deaths/replacements is better bc we all know Taylor and her followers love making even the most obvious things seem insane if she hasn’t “officially” posted about it.

No. 654662

"your girl needs money, so click click click"

No. 654663

yes well the google sheet exists

No. 654667


Sadly the number will never be definite. Taylor will never reveal which animals have died if she can help it, hence why it took months for her to reveal some deaths (Larry the mantis shrimp, for example) because she's gonna get backlash from it. So we can only speculate that X is dead because she hasn't shown them for so long.

If she wanted to prove the "haterz" wrong she could literally go live and show us. The fact that she doesn't speaks volumes to how abysmal her care is and how she won't reveal certain animals. Those animals are either dead or very, very sick.

Remember how she said she was going to go live and show all her enclosures after the whole animal control debacle? She never did, probably because she realized her enclosures are dirty, her animals aren't in good condition and oh yeah, some are dead.

No. 654668

File: 1555725009791.jpeg (281.38 KB, 828x1545, 4CB51A53-C65F-482C-8E19-ED4D97…)

No. 654669

>how to style a $12 wig from amazon!

No. 654670

I can't help but laugh when people in the comments are shocked she's 22. They all think 25-30. She looks 30. Definitely not 22.

No. 654671


It’s crazy how many bruises and marks are all over her.

No. 654672

he's been live for a while. its uh pretty bad https://www.twitch.tv/thepearlboy4l

No. 654674

Was anyone able to catch the first photos she deleted? I am willing to bet that she made an oopsie and posted something with the more noticeable bruises.

No. 654675

Did she get her fillers done again? They look more misshapen than usual

No. 654676

was thinking the same thing. Her lips look a prolapsed anus. It doesn't look good or natural at all, it clashes even worse with that wig color. Could just be cutesy white girl duck face though.

Seriously, if it looks like you've had plastic surgery then you're doing it wrong. A little is okay but its just comical at this point. She's got image issues.

No. 654678

File: 1555728732175.png (395.9 KB, 760x1048, Screenshot_20190419-162927.png)

I took a screenshot of this tweet earlier and couldn't upload it at the time, however it seems she deleted it already

No. 654679

Jc just said he’s gonna be doing HUGE giveaways when he reaches 1000 subscribers. No “$20 bullshit”.

No. 654680


I think you mean followers. Dude doesn't have a sub button.

No. 654685

drugs age you terribly. just look at jonny, he already looks 50 at 33

No. 654686

Her new bangs are cute wish she’d realize this and dump the fuck out of her humiliating ugly junkie rapist boyfriend, get therapy, and fuck thrive. Her mom is a dumb fuck and failed her but she has so much potential and all the financial resources she needs to leave, excelling her career, actually connect with her pets and receive a proper education; the process of which (and leaving an abusive junky rapist) she could vlog and have literally MILLIONS of new/fans empathizing and supporting her growth and recovery.

She could have a life so good it would feel like a fucking dream if she just kicked his ass out, and considering her got a very vulnerable young girl on drugs and basically used her for money, fucking NO ONEwould be on his side considering his insanely long list of offenses. She has nothing to be scared of. Legit fucking enraged she has so self worth yet all the opportunities and potential in the world and is still so young.

No. 654687

She looks 22. Just with bad skin which is common. She has a long nose and a stronger jaw, so fucking tired of people saying she looks like she’s fucking 30 because she has the facial structure of a random white girl. She’s young get over it.

No. 654689

I agree there's some reaching. She doesn't look 30, but she looks measurably worse than she did a year ago. It's hard to describe, her whole body looks inflammed and puffy. Her skin has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY worse, it used to have a nice healthy sheen/glow now it looks pale and splotchy. Hair is awful very thin and fragile, hence the wigs. Her lips have always looked puffy, im guessing she got fillers before she started the whole YT thing. Hard to say if she's gained or lost weight. Her face definitely looks puffier.

Drugs have def taken their toll but she isn't a wizened hag. On the outside anyway.

No. 654690

She did this to herself anon. Everyone tried to help and warn her, it's sad it came to this but she refused to listen. Sometimes people gotta fail before they learn, Taylor is gonna fail, hopefully it won't mean the end of her life.

No. 654695

File: 1555739565366.png (210.06 KB, 623x1207, Capture.PNG)

he's so bad at the game, just keeps running up to the enemy and getting killed over and over again. it's also funny how someone asked how he was doing and he said he's focusing on his health and pc gaming. lol such a taylor thing to say.

he said subs but he's also dumb as fuck.

No. 654700

He’s focusing way too much on his viewership already. Letting himself get bummed when he loses a few viewers? Jesus

No. 654702

He is painfully out of touch with the Streaming community. He hasn't even started yet and is comparing his views and gains with other streamers who have been in that plataform for years and actually know how to play.
The monkey can't even speak, at least Taylor has the boobs to compensate their stupidity.

No. 654703


is he implying he needs a break every two hours? dude isn't cut out for streaming at all lmao. like most streamers do on average 6-8 hour streams and will take food/bathroom breaks obviously, but seriously you need a break from sitting on your ass?

No. 654704

File: 1555746440413.png (118.76 KB, 580x808, jcstan2.png)

No surprise Jonny's stans are just as eloquent as he is…

No. 654708

File: 1555750254159.png (67.49 KB, 601x596, Capture1.PNG)

now he's trying to buy a gaming laptop.

it's also 4am their local time and he's still fucking around in discord.

No. 654711

This dumbass thinks a laptop with better hardware is a good swap because Macbooks are ridiculously overpriced so in his head its even?
Im pretty sure the ego boost from his music career has done more damage than the drugs ever will tbh

No. 654712

Why does she have two greasy pieces of hair sticking out? Does she even look in a mirror before taking pictures??? How embarrassing. I’m truly surprised she even posted this pic because those hairs sticking out throw everything off.

No. 654715

File: 1555762249905.png (7.06 MB, 1242x2688, D8B15CE0-905C-4D69-9302-67FE21…)

She linked someone to this site on twitter, and you’re gonna tell me she actually wants wants people to believe she spent $125 on that mess on her head. Or that she’s that incompetent that she spends that much and it turns out like that?

No. 654716

General population: hair done makeup done, shove dirty female sink habit in cabinet…Takes 20 selfies and picks the best one #nofilter or says oh shit I look like hell, will try again later

What people would think Taylor Dean should do: I have a whole shit storm of people calling me out about being a junkie… Accusing me of not being able to not take care of my animals because I’m always high or sleeping… I will look perfect and leave no room for error

Actual Taylor Dean: Ahh fuck it I’ll look like a greasy junkie it’s all good no one will notice

No. 654719

Pays $125, pulls out 2 greasy strands.

Lord, she's stupid if she paid that much. Unless it was a real hair blend or something, nope. Get the same quality on Amazon for $20. I own many wigs. Not worth over $100 unless it's real or a blend.

No. 654723

this thread has gone from sharing actual evidence of Taylor mistreating her animals and has turned into irrelevant posts about her hair, lip fillers and selfies. Pathetic.

No. 654724

Thread would be dead otherwise, I don't think people are even overly mean about her appearance and animals are still discussed - it's just that we never see them anymore.

No. 654726

File: 1555770345664.png (104.73 KB, 473x905, Capture1.PNG)

No. 654728

Go to a fucking doctor, not your discord. This guy is like a child. He has a reason for everything mysteriously not working on him.

No. 654732


No. 654733

Her tweet announcing a new video tomorrow (so for today) has been deleted lol. Not surprised.

No. 654735

"heavy sleep meds" = heroin

No. 654739

Kinda weird that Johnny was seemingly up all night, and now Taylor's promised video wont be coming. Can't get out of bed from the bender?
What a mess. Taylor couldn't pull her shit together even if she ditched Johnny at this point. She's set in her ways, and realizes that she can run with her "i'm recovering uwu" "i was at a dark point and still trying to get better"
There are so many people that would KILL to make the money she makes even doing hard labor. Meanwhile she has the most effortless job that takes hardly anytime (considering her content is pretty trash anyways) and still can't manage to deliver anything on time.

No. 654741

File: 1555780469401.jpg (674.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190420-131304_Ins…)

No. 654742

so her counselor told someone that had to shoot up the strongest type of heroin hourly that its fine if she doesnt do inpatient? she deserves to get fired lol

No. 654743

>> I can’t afford 4K a month
Oh no, we know, cause that 4K is to busy going to wigs and your man child’s shoe collection.

No. 654750

Funny how her stans are all "Wow! Such a BRAVE & HONEST Queen!!!" when she pretty much spent all last year gaslighting her audience.

No. 654751

I doubt she would have told her counselor she was shooting up hourly. They almost certainly recommended it as the best option. Most likely she said no, insert excuses here, I wanna drink and be normal ree. Best not to scare the junkie off when they're getting SOME treatment.

Shes BAD BAD BAD with money. She CAN afford it, she just doesn't want to pay it. She really needs to get her priorities straight. she does realize she's addict to heroin right?

No. 654752

This comes off as massive hinting that he's doing drugs. I don't know if you all understand what I mean, but it's teenage sort of behaviour of 'subtly' suggesting something

No. 654753

>It would be too expensive when I was trying to move

Then put off moving, or move into a less expensive place, or move and THEN go for inpatient. Literally so many options. But "I'm serious about being clean" Taylor uses the weakest excuse.

I suppose if she was being evicted then she would have to move, but still.

No. 654756

Then why did you move into a house and not rent a cheap apartment for a year? Who cares what it's like, since you'll be in inpatient while it's rented to you…

No. 654758

This. There are countless other obvious things she could have done to afford it. Priorities.. This to me confirms she has no real intention of stopping/hasn't stopped. She could even work harder at her youtube to be able to afford it but nope. Of course not.
There are probably people literally dying to be able to afford that and it would be so easy for her to do.

No. 654759


Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems to be the one time Taylor ever considered the cost of something instead of just shrugging & throwing money at it.

…Really makes you think…

No. 654760


She'll throw money at stuff she can flex on like the 10k snake, 2k enclosures, the 6k cartier bracelet, etc. It really speaks volumes that she's not willing to put 20k towards her own wellbeing and health.

No. 654761

He probably can't sleep because he doesn't do anything. He just sits about the house all day doing sweet FA, he's not expending energy

No. 654766


TND: I can’t afford 20K for rehab…

Jonny: buys a 5K plus computer set-up, still upgrading it, and wanting to buy a $1200 laptop.

Like does your boyfriend even care or love you when in the past month he’s spent half of what inpatient rehab would have costed you? Obviously it’s her money, but still. A loving boyfriend would have said, I’d rather you use that money on getting yourself healthy and we can put off an expensive home for now.

Gahhh only in a perfect world lol. This proves Taylor doesn’t give a flying fuck about recovery and clearly Jonny could care less about her well being as well. Not once has he showed her any kind of support and we all know how he loves to love bomb on social media. Even the night Taylor was ranting and said she was crying in her room, Jonny was on the computer during that whole rant.

Her life and choices are one big eye roll.

No. 654771

File: 1555799546204.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, 782748D2-2347-4E4A-8758-F237B6…)

No surprise he’s already fucked it up. He’s so stupid , it’s hilarious.

No. 654772

also according to her story, it was jonny that convinced her to get help. if that's the case, why not help her get rehab instead of getting prepped to stream video games badly?

No. 654773


…And by that logic, he would know what works & what doesn't since he's had a history of addiction/going to rehab/etc.?

No. 654782

because it isn't the case.

she would have needed 2x rehabs, at least 40k and Jonny's probably would have been more expensive in some way or other because he's such a problem. she either didn't have this sitting in the bank due to all her heroin expenditure, or neither of them actually wanted to stop.

No. 654783


Oh yeah, forgot that he lives on her dime.
Still doesn't justify her forgoing in-patient though. Also that definitely says something; that she'd rather skip a better, surer road to recovery than leave her pets with him.

No. 654785


I'm sure rehab programs have payment plans in place, it would be ridiculous to assume addicts have 20k sitting in their bank accounts that they can pay upfront. So Taylor saying "I can't afford 20k" is just an excuse for "I don't want to stop using".

No. 654789

Wait he's actually fucked his screen already? HOW!? HAHA what a dumb ass that's hilarious, didn't have a very good night Jonny?

I bet he got depressy earlier because sitting there at the computer so long was causing some withdrawals.

No. 654792

File: 1555806666863.jpeg (56.67 KB, 750x535, F848846D-96EB-4C5C-937C-ACAA61…)

No. 654794

Wait, is this not coming from the same girl who supposedly spend $50K on Jonny’s teeth?

No. 654796

She has her priorities all out of wack my friend.

Jonny > her own life

No. 654798


He's gonna bring this girl to her grave.

…And her parents don't even care, they just wanna play along to avoid any more 'drama'…

If this man were locked up, so many lives could be saved, but of course, it's all part of their "private life" so everyone's left to either encourage or ignore it all.

Meanwhile, this girl is 'newly 22-years-old' & slowly dying…

No. 654799

What a mighty fine counselor she has. Let’s her drink alcohol, doesn’t push Taylor to get into inpatient, doesn’t suggest her and Johnny split for a successful recovery.. really convenient isn’t it? It’s almost like she doesn’t have a counselor at all.

No. 654800

File: 1555809102062.png (670.73 KB, 1242x2208, CAA19ECB-4044-4EAA-AAE4-620332…)

He’s not even nice to his fans. And the monitor he has IS shit for gaming / streaming. You prefer two for that instead of one big one dumb ass

No. 654801

She probably has this dumb fantasy that after she invests her time and money he's gonna change. Track record isn't looking too good. He's just gonna use her and cheat on the side with anyone else stupid enough to go near him.

No. 654802

The guy is an idiot. The whole streamer thing is about entertainment not about having fun. The best streamers don't treat it like fun, they treat it like a business. Everything you see from a stream is manufactured by the streamer, it isn't an accurate representation of their life. They play shit they don't like because it brings in the views or they've invested a ton of time to become good at it. Then they have to a have a consistent schedule and put in the hours just to be noticed.

You can't expect to just start a stream without any kinda of plan and just expect it to take off. You gotta know who your market is and all that shit. Even if you invest all that time it isn't a guarantee you'll be making money. Most people are just better off delivering pizzas.

No. 654803


Wow, what a guy!
Keep it up & you'll have thousands of fans in no time, Jonny!/s

No. 654806

File: 1555810355615.png (729.47 KB, 1439x1194, Capture _2019-04-20-21-30-39.p…)

She's screenshotting now almost as though she's trying to prove her video is still coming out. She probably saw the speculation on here.

No. 654807

File: 1555811465154.png (10.83 KB, 332x102, twit39.png)

>>Twitter is toxic because unlike Instagram I cannot just delete comments that I don't like.

No. 654808


We know you lurk. Get help.

No. 654809

File: 1555811817737.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2019-04-20-21-55-10…)

I thought the video was supposed to be about Mushu? We'll see how true that was.

No. 654811

Even if she did include Mushu I couldn't stand to see her. The poor thing just needs to be put out of her misery.

No. 654812

jonny is live on twitch and he said that last time he was looking at the chat on his phone and it was uncomfortable so now he has an ipad to look at it, which obviously wouldnt be an issue if he had 2 monitors like normal streamers.

he did order a 24 inch monitor though. not sure how hes gonna fit it if that stupid ass monitor takes up all the space.

No. 654813

sorry for samefagging but he also said that hes doing the whole streaming thing to not get into drugs and keep his mind occupied. he can play video games to keep his mind occupied without the need of streaming but he's as attention starved as taylor anyways

No. 654815

Just found whatever's new 30sec vid on TY. LOL.

No. 654816

Lol same. Good stuff.

One of the suggested vids under it by Mike Dane on Taylor was pretty good too.

No. 654821


yeah he's actually dumb as rocks. even i have two monitors and i just game. his set-up is GARBAGE for streaming/gaming but it's something he can flex and it looks cool despite not being practical. he doesn't know shit about gaming, tech or streaming and it's so painfully obvious lol

most streamers have three monitors. one for OBS/streaming/overlay, one for gameplay (main monitor/stream) and another for subs, donos, chat, etc.

he has no clue what he's doing and it's hilarious to see this baboon try to function

No. 654829

video up

No. 654830

> does fish in cycle without proper research
> axolotl gets horrific burns from improper cycling

IMO fish-in cycling is inhumane and should only be done by experts or in the case of an emergency. She didnt do the research and her axolotl nearly died because of it

No. 654831

In your opinion and the opinion of most of the fishkeeping world at this point.

https://vimeo.com/331620095 here's a mirror of the video so she doesn't get money.

She also uses her EDS as an excuse for her slurred voice in the last video.

No. 654832

not to nitpick but shit does her apartment look grimey in that 'tour'…not to mention shes so completely scatterbrained and her editing is taking a nosedive. I can't imagine her having any more longevity on youtube.

No. 654835

I like how she trys to pass off she's had the chiller the whole time then later says I don't have any airline tubes for it.

No. 654837

She really doesn’t know what she’s doing. It’s not the water that’s cycled, it’s the filter media. The idiot should have put the media in a container of water and transported it that way so the beneficial bacteria wouldn’t die.

No. 654839

The video was a mess, she was also lying in the end, her body was stiff and kept involuntarily jerking, no indication of accessing memory and she kept raising her eyebrows in a "believe me" kind of way, all indicators of lying which she's not good at. Why lie about why your speech is slurred when you're an admitted heroin addict who's already thrown out the idea of making a video on the subject of your drug abuse? She seems to think it's okay to gaslight her whole audience into believing her symptoms of drug abuse are actually from some disorder she thinks she has. She's covered in bruises all over her arms that looks like it came from fingers digging into her, the only real effort she put into that video was hiding her hands as much as possible, her old apartment was filthy, her jump cuts were all over the place, she kept repeating herself and it took her forever to get to the point of the video, and it wasn't a very clear cut explation or "how to". She's also developing a stutter or something, she trips over her words so so much and mispronounces something in almost every sentence.

No. 654856

Her whole water change thing is dated, She clearly has no understanding of water chemistry or how an aquarium cycle works. Add some live plants FFS they'll practically take care of your tank for you.

That tank looks pathetic that is no habitat for an animal. Bare bottom, no plants, too hot, crowded, should have some dim light not that t5. Disgraceful.

No. 654857

File: 1555819051425.png (89.66 KB, 357x199, TND-Door.png)

That door tho…
(From her apartment)

No. 654858

It's over 25 minutes long, she's really trying to rank in that ad revenue

No. 654859

axolotls prefer bare bottomed tanks, the way they eat risks sharp gravel or sand getting in their body. Sand also has air pockets that can burst and harm the axolotl if not maintained properly

No. 654860

Not to mention half of it is just her repeating shit she already said. She could've cut this down to half, but a 25 minute video makes more money.

No. 654864

Axolots do not prefer bare bottom tanks. There is absolutely nothing for them to grip onto and it can cause them stress trying to hold themselves down. Even if no sand is used, many people use tile or rubber mats at least

No. 654865


Jonny created the hole in that door during a fight from what I've heard

No. 654866

You can also still use gravel in the tank, but the stones must be bigger than their head.

No. 654868

doesn't surprise me at all but where did someone say that?

>"Axolotls don't like light!"
>puts tank next to giant window

Seriously wtf goes on in your brain except heroin and lies, Taylor?

No. 654870

File: 1555820951684.jpeg (202.98 KB, 1895x1124, A31EDABB-9926-4834-87DB-439C53…)

A few screenshots from the new video. Why’s there just a pile of trash on her bathroom floor? It’s like they don’t throw garbage into a trash can they just throw it on the floor.

No. 654872

She's so obsessed with educating people despite having no idea how to perform basic aquarium care. Did she think to look up extra methods of ridding excess ammonia since her axolotl is "too poopy"? You know they exist, right, Taylor? And her method of explaining things reminds me of when people don't know what they're doing but trying to fake that they do. Her mentioning three times in a row - and not catching it through editing - that she doesn't want to give Mushu a temperature shock was so cringey. Why didn't she just leave the filter in the bucket with Mushu during the car ride? It would have let the filter continue to cycle and maybe Mushu wouldn't be getting ammonia burns.

That poor animal. Taylor won't even put her in the thumbnail because she knows how horrible she looks. You barely even got a good shot of her during the video aside from looking down at her in that dark bucket.

No. 654873

File: 1555821029452.jpeg (253.58 KB, 1968x1125, 180C31D1-977D-4391-9268-2433B9…)

Anyone remember what temperature she showed Mushu’s tank at the apartment being at? I didn’t think it was in the 64-67 range

No. 654876


She said Mushus tank was in the 68 range I think at her apartment? Some care guides state 66-70 is the ideal temperature but actual research shows the ideal temperatures are between 62-65. So technically her tend are still too high

No. 654877

I can't remember but I really thought it was like 70-72. Plus it was at night, when it's naturally cooler, and presumably that dishwasher wasn't on.

She keeps making a big deal about how her EDS makes her voice change, but she's always claimed to have EDS, and I don't remember that problem in her old pre-Jonny videos? Seems like it's definitely a heroin thing, but okay Taylor.

Also what the heck is up with her not having any lights in her apartment? Did they steal the lightbulbs or something? Every apartment I've lived in replaces lightbulbs for free if you ask, but I guess they're too lazy to do that?

No. 654878

File: 1555821471891.jpeg (233.97 KB, 1958x1125, 3F48399E-1950-4957-BCCD-A6A550…)

I found it interesting that in the video clip, which was clearly middle of day and very sunny outside, the lights in the display tank were on but no lights on in Kronos’ tank when they need a basking spot that’s around 120°

No. 654879

I meant way back when she posted in her Instagram story a video of her checking the tank temperature with a temp gun and I couldn’t remember what it said

No. 654880

The level of grime in her apartment all over the floors and on the walls is disgusting, I can't imagine breathing that. That isn't your standard moving mess, that's uncovered filth. Her quality of life would improve so much if she hired a part time maid, she spends that money on dumb shit anyway

No. 654881

Someone with EDS here, on behalf of everyone with EDS, she needs to stop making shit up. There is no reason it would cause her voice to change like that. She was tipsy, high or suddenly now just cant talk normally. Shes definitely lying

No. 654882

That tank is a disaster for kronos, waaayy too small and not enough humidity. Should really rehome him to a rescue that enclosure is just sad.

No. 654883

More likely she's out of shape because she's living a sedentary lifestyle of junkfood and cider. Also probably never exercises or exerts herself and heroin doesn't help either.

She blames all these issues on her "conditions" most of which are probably imaginary. Her health is failing because of the bad crap she puts into her body.

No. 654885

please provide receipts

No. 654888

it was 66.6 >>603899

No. 654891

Anonolotl here, watching now. Why does she keep referring to Mushu as "the axolotl"? She's totally disconnected from her.
Bare bottom tanks are common and acceptable, but it's commonly agreed that it's a bit more stressful on them, which we all know is the last thing Mushu needs. True sand is fine, gravel is not, rocks larger than their heads are fine too.
>grabbing her by hand
Some people do this, but I think a large net is definitely better. You just have to be a sane, patient, empathetic human and kind of nudge them into it slowly instead of scooping because you're in a hurry.
Girl. It's not enrichment. It's junk.
>put an air pump into the bucket
Unnecessary unless she was in the bucket for da- oh my god she was in that bucket for days wasn't she.
>"Make sure you use Prime! it's the only one that's safe for axolotls!"
Uh, not really? Any standard conditioner is fine. The notable thing about Prime is that it's super concentrated.
>"If you're going to cycle with your axolotl in there-"
Also her whole speech about how you need to add more Prime while it's cycling is literally written out on the back of the bottle. None of this is groundbreaking, or special to lotls.
>"Here we have Mushu, very confused."
I'm sure she bloody well is.
>"You don't want to put them into shock."
I'm not even touching that one.
>keeps faking concern about it being 69 degrees, an honestly fine temperature
Lower is better, but I don't really worry until it's north of 72. A HEALTHY lotl can handle that easily.
>"Ohmygosh, she's so much happier now that it's three degrees lower~ LIFE CHANGING!"
>immediately moves on to other animals
>still hasn't shown any close-ups of Mushu
Such a loving pet mom uwu!
>moving to a larger tank instead of changing the water more regularly
>A lot of axolotl owners deal with ammonia burns!
I sure fucking haven't. And when other people do, they fucking deal with the problem. The tank is not the problem here, Taylor. You are. You're not changing her fucking water and you know it. She shouldn't be getting multiple burns, multiple rounds of fungus, and practically be on the verge of metamorphosing. You're abusing her.
Reminder that temp guns specifically do not work on shiny surfaces or water,so that was not an accurate reading.

Also, love that she specifically pointed out the snake scale after we kept calling her snakes obese.

No. 654892

I spy orange needle caps.

No. 654894

This might be tinfoiling here, but does anyone else think it's rather convenient that at the apartment it was too dark to see mushu? Like it struck me that 'Mushu' could only be seen once outside the house in the bucket and then in the house. Granted this might be down to my screen brightness. However she didn't film transporting him out of the tank, even though the she could have placed the camera on the counter. I dunno, I just have a feeling the 'Musu' shown might be another replaced pet.

No. 654895

Given the extensive damage she's done, we would be able to tell immediately if she tried to replace her, but I do find it extremely suspicious that she didn't show any close-up shots of Mushu in a video that's meant to be entirely about her.

No. 654896

yup, looks like party syringe caps from earlier.

Lotls are hardy, I'm sure mushu is the same. She just doesn't change the water so shit just piles up and burns her. No way she cleans it.

No light = no algae = poor waste conversion.

she needs a bigger tank, plants and sand.

No. 654899

Taylor is just reading off the first 2 google searches for axolotls. The whole water change thing is ripped from axolotol.org, really bare minimum from what I see.

No. 654900

File: 1555826465378.png (114.75 KB, 734x461, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.5…)

Somehow this girl seriously still thinks it's okay to get all her animal facts, about animals she's had for YEARS, from comments on youtube.

Also I left a comment about her cycling misinformation and it has disappeared so I'm assuming she deleted it, good to know she's so open to criticism /s

No. 654902


Well Taylor you can start by doing your rats a fucking service and making sure they're not walking on bare bars and buy them a damn DCN. You live in the US, you can get in like a week off of Amazon.

No. 654903

>I need to save up some money for it

Must really be hurting for cash. Why bother getting new cages, just downsize and take better care of the animals you have. Custom build stuff adds up, especially when its x50. She should get rid of hedgehogs, rats. She's bored of them already.

No. 654905


…Or maybe next time spend your money on better enclosures instead of buying shoes, funkos, & overpriced 'gamer' equipment to keep your manchild bf happy & off the drugs.

No. 654911


Alright Caitlin with two fucking Y's and a K, I'll be sure to do that. /s

Taylor's care is abysmal. Her personal life directly affects that too. You can't care for animals high on heroin. You can't care for animals when you're drunk and you can't care for animals when you spend all your money on your manchild goblin.

No. 654912

File: 1555832335140.png (78.17 KB, 580x662, TNDstan3.png)

This fool keeps jumping into any tweets critical of Taylor, they keep bouncing between "Whatabout SnakeDiscovery/Emzotic???" & "Why U hate addicts???" & "Ur just jealous!!!"

Her stans can't even pick a fucking lane when it comes to defending her…

No. 654913


>> Her personal life directly affects that too.

Not to mention the fact that she lives with her animals, it's not like they're housed in another facility (i.e: a stable). They live in her house. Everything that goes on in their home affects those animals.

No. 654914

File: 1555834402195.png (1.25 MB, 1100x701, mushu.PNG)

what are you guys talking about? she did show a close up of mushu and she looks like shes fucking dying

No. 654917

wtf there's hardly anything left of her gills. and her face looks rough. man I feel bad

No. 654918

She conveniently didn't show the rats when she showed her updated closet.

No. 654922

The trash on the bathroom floor is disgusting. I'll be honest and say I sweep my bathroom floor once a month because, well, it doesn't need it often. I've never in my entire living history had a trash pile that big in my damn bathroom. Looks like a beer bottle cap in there. Her life is a goddamn joke.

I understand when people have kids and full time jobs. Houses get messy fast when you're busy with life.

Fucking Jonny is over here, "I need games to distract me from drugs. " Fucker, you need games to distract you from the shit hole you live in. Pick up a fucking broom and clean your hell hole. Can't sleep? Fucking clean you grown ass fuck.

I wouldn't give a fuck if so many animals weren't involved, but if they don't care about living I'm shit, they aren't caring the animals are either.

No. 654925

My favourite part is when she points out how much more content Mushu is with the chiller, and how she really recommends getting one. Yeah Taylor, it only took you YEARS to figure out that Axolotls need a chiller. 10/10 for educational content from a Pet Tuber who only learns basic things about animals as a result of neglect.

No. 654928

wow her talking in this video is so bad, shes jumpy and almost spastic in her body movements and speaking voice
she looks half dead too, like theres nothing behind her eyes at all. kind of scary tbh, shame what heroin does to someone

in my household 3 people use one bathroom and we need to change a dedicated trashcan every 2 weeks and clean it up a bit after a month, the fact that only two people are destroying a bathroom so quickly after moving in w no signs of cleaning is amazing

i wonder if thats why she got evicted? after her addiction started happening she just destroyed the last place with jonny?

No. 654934

She says at the end she sounds weird sometimes because she has no energy while filming. lollll k. Her “syndrome” really holds her back til it’s something she wants to do, like go to basketball games or Disney, get horrible tattoos, go on tour with Jonny or shoot up heroin. Also what kind of boyfriend is Jonny, we already know he’s a POS but if she truly had a disorder holding her back from cleaning their pig sty of a house, a supportive man would help her and take on those tasks. Instead he’d rather flex on Instagram or talk to teenagers while playing video games.

No. 654935

I cannot stand all her die hard stans defending her on the new video. "We all make mistakes". You wanna tell me that years into keeping a species it is still okay to make mistakes that are a result of negliglence? No. Why are they all so braindead and incapable of independent thought?

No. 654936

They’re mostly children

No. 654937

Can someone make a side by side shot of her past video title pictures vs this last one….. #DontDoDrugsKids …..yikes she looks rough

No. 654938

The garbage can is literally 3-1/2 feet away from the pile. Filthy slobs. Jen apparently didn’t teach tay tay anything, unless that’s how she operates as well!

No. 654940

I’m confused about how in the video when she was moving her axolotl from her old apartment she had a mostly full set of fake nails on… and then when she was putting the axolotl back into her new tank on the ‘same day’ she didn’t have nails on anymore?

No. 654941

Why when she’s filming her animal room at 20:28 onwards does she sound like she’s trying to be Bindi Irwin? The over exaggeration and excitement “it’s amazing, ah gosh!” Doesn’t quite have the same effect when you’re slurring over your words and you know, fawning over below average enclosures.

No. 654942

This is another thing I can’t fucking stand about her. She’ll do something wrong for fucking ever and then when she finally corrects it, she acts like she knew it all along and that she’s been doing it right all along. If she ever does a video of that frog, I call that she’s going to make it seem like she knew she needed to handle it with nitrile gloves all along, but I only handled it wrong just a few times uwu!

No. 654943

She said she was promising the apartment tour for 2 years….she was barely in the place 1-1/2 years!!!!

Why does she keep calling Mushu’s tank a cage? Duh.

And I loved the part where she said ask questions in the comment section and “someone in the community” will answer if she doesn’t! (Insert hysterical laughter emoji here!)

No. 654950

Oh god, her cycling comments are a mess and show a lot about how she takes care of her animals. If she really thinks a big water change causes bacteria to die, does she never do big water changes? Her tanks are always overstocked and should get large, weekly water changes or her nitrates have to be so high. Also, it's obviously a lie that the fish moving company would transport 100% of the water in the reef tank. That makes no sense at all.

No. 654953

Amazing how she always seems to have $$$ for big expensive luxury purchases but when it comes to either her health or her animals she's suddenly going broke.

No. 654954

File: 1555861468570.png (1.55 MB, 828x1792, 8E25527D-98AC-4580-9208-240B7C…)

Her arm looks so rough

No. 654955

At this point I think she's just waiting around for kronos to die and be out of the way. Everything about her monitor care is atrocious and based on her recent ig story with him he looks half way to deaths door anyway.

No. 654957

File: 1555861957882.png (571.13 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-04-21-08-36-30…)

Bruises on her right hand in the first ten seconds of the video. A few minutes later she lifts her left hand to her face, and her hand and fingers are swollen. Her right inner elbow appears to be bruised, too. This is footage she filmed days before posting the video.


That's the master bathroom in her apartment during move out clean-up, not her new bathroom.

No. 654958


Textbook track marks.

Is she in such denial that she thinks they are not visible, or is revealing them is a subconscious cry for help? It can both.

No. 654963

She just has so many that she can't possibly hide them all.

No. 654973


This. In the video she was talking about how she wants more vision cages and how she wants entirely new racks. But at no point talks about getting Kronos a new enclosure. In fact for the size of enclosure he would need in that room she would already need less animals than she currently has, there just isn’t the space for it.

No. 654974


Because she desperately wants to be Bindi. She's talked about Steve Irwin a lot and how she idolizes him, she'd give up her psycho mother and sheep father to be part of the Irwin family everyday. Except the Irwin's run a real zoo, not a hoarder's den.

Taylor wants to be the 'cool hot snake girl' and be the next animal lover that everyone idolizes. Only her care is shit, she does next to no conservation or rescuing, supports wild caught practices, buys her animals instead of adopting from shelters, provides shit care and advice and well, we've seen what her life is like lately. Bindi is a very sweet, caring girl who does love animals and works hard for them. The fact that this junkie hoarder thinks she's somehow on the same level (or tries to be) is sad yet hilarious.

No. 654980

File: 1555885562901.png (65.17 KB, 720x386, Screenshot_20190422-082405~2.p…)

No. 654982

can't say i'm surprised. she shows no will of actually wanting to get sober, and the chance of her getting sober was honestly slim. nobody who truly wanted to get sober would drink knowing they have the trait of an addict, or do most of the things that she does. she was just trading one addiction for another, but she'll most likely end up with a full on heroin and alcohol addiction at this point.

No. 654991

File: 1555890326934.png (386.9 KB, 632x500, Kronos2.png)

So QuIrKy!

No. 654992

File: 1555890417457.png (232.06 KB, 312x300, Kronos1.png)


…Also that water looks… great!

No. 654994

Don't these mean they're decently fresh?
She could easily wear long sleeves. I don't get it. It's like she wants to be called out on her bullshit at this point.

And why do a video specifically about mushu if he visibly looks like shit

No. 654995

File: 1555892084818.png (750.99 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20190421-181318~2.p…)

She posted a size comparison on Twitter AND Instagram, any anons know monitors and can comment on his size, growth, etc?

No. 654996

I'm not an expert but he does look very small and he's not very 'thick' if you get what I mean, he's not as stocky as he could be.

No. 654997

File: 1555893564853.png (983.1 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190421-193841.png)

No. 654999

File: 1555893672709.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190421-194103.png)

No. 655000


All I can say is that she is so lucky she didn't actually get a Blackthroat Monitor, that thing would've crushed her!

No. 655002

File: 1555894058404.png (4.97 MB, 1125x2436, 36F0A42E-CC9B-4BE1-82EC-719F75…)

No. 655004

Wasn’t she SO happy with it and SUCH good friends with Romeo or whatever his name is? Now she wants to ride the bandwagon and shade him

No. 655006

File: 1555894127024.png (5.43 MB, 1125x2436, B6C149A6-9738-4AA6-B419-D29C5C…)

No. 655007

File: 1555894205467.png (3.5 MB, 1125x2436, E49FBCE2-18D4-4482-BD96-7A825A…)

No. 655008

File: 1555894247760.png (4.05 MB, 1125x2436, 7806C659-186A-4BFE-A118-CCFDB6…)

No. 655009

I almost feel bad for her, to have this horrid mess of a tattoo… But like, it looked awful from the outset. All her money and time to find a decent tattoo artist and she chose this guy instead.

This wasn't Romeo Lacoste, this was a guy in SA named Logan Blackthorn. His Instagram is all pictures of himself mostly naked and other various photos of himself, almost none of his tattoo work.
She got her crocodile head tattoo from him and that one's meh.

No. 655010


From this angle it kinda looks like a cartoon pig banging a cow with a turtle in its mouth.

No. 655011


Tattoo artists tattoo nearly everywhere on the human body. Including things like tits, ass, thighs, etc. You're tying to say that this guy was getting hot and bothered over your outfit while tattoing your ARM? It just seems like an excuse as to why the tattoo turned out to be complete shit.

It's shit because he was a shit artist. All og your tatts look like this because you go to shit artists. Taylor never mentioned anything about this when she first got it done, but now that the high is over and she's looking at this sloppy, muddy mess on her arm she's realizing how much she fucked up getting something so bad inked.

No. 655012

She acts like she didn't see the tattoo as it was being done, like it wasn't right in front of her face the whole time. Ever the victim.

No. 655013

she can't take the blame for literally anything, not even choosing the wrong artist

>b-but i'm just so hot he was too distracted!

No. 655014


It's entirely her fault that she didn't say anything. She just kept being hopeful… like girl. The design is crap to begin with, but seriously if you don't like how the piece of going then SAY SOMETHING. Voice your concerns. She's always the fucking victim.

No. 655015

oh god you're right, and as someone else said above, she really did leave Mushu in that tiny bucket for days didn't she? UGH. No wonder the poor thing has "unavoidable ammonia burns."

I'm certain you're right and she doesn't do large weekly water changes like she should. Plus she definitely doesn't understand nitrates, she said at least twice that prime "binds nitrates and nitrites" when it's ammonia and nitrites that prime may help with. The only sure way to remove nitrates is water changes.

No. 655016

oh wow she really does need money, doesn't she

No. 655017


isnt this that one lingerie piece?
the one she did that one interview in?
why was she wearing literal lingerie outside of the house to begin with lol

No. 655019

Because she’s such an attention whore she doesn’t have the slightest clue as to what is appropriate

No. 655021

I dont really know monitors but he doesnt really seem underweight? Possibly smaller than he should be at his age? But weight wise he kinda looks fine to me. As for the tat she was high and never realized how bad it is. Then got “sober” and regrets it horribly. Probably caused her to get high again today and is now rambling on and on about how bad it is. Honestly she was not ready for a tattoo she was clearly too intimidated to speak up and tell the artis it looks bad please stop. She rushed into all those tattoos to try and be somebody shes not.

No. 655023

That monitor is covered in stuck shed. His condition is atrocious, that's 100% NOT what a roughneck in shed should look like. He looks extremely unhealthy. Not necessarily super underweight, but he looks rough.

No. 655024

Isn't the croc tattoo by the same artist? I wonder when she'll realize that one is equally as bad…

No. 655025

ya shes just trying to mimic jonny with all his tats. She thinks their cool and rebellious, but a shit tattoo will always be a shit tattoo. Put some thought in and stop all this impulse buying, She's gonna regret all that ink in a few years. Everytime she looks at it, it will remind her of her heroin addiction.

No. 655026

Wow, it almost seems like she's trying to make the guy seem like a sexual predator because she realized that tattoo is horrid.

No. 655027

It's one of her defining outfits actually…

No. 655028


I mean, she had no problem dragging Reptile Pets Direct & South Texas Dragons after her own fuck ups, what's one more poor sap to defame?

No. 655029

Composition was bad to begin with. She knows it's crap, better save up for some lazer surgery.

No. 655033

File: 1555900212142.png (187.06 KB, 294x520, LoganBlackthorn.png)

Hey Taylor, you wanna know who else is "Unprofessional towards females"?

…I'll let you guess…

No. 655035

What a fuckin bitch. Doesn't like the tattoo, name drops them and tries to ruin their reputation online. You were high as shit and made a bad choice, grow up.

No. 655036

File: 1555900619469.png (253.17 KB, 357x634, WickedWays.png)


Sure thing, girl who dates rapist child-predator all while laughing at & dismissing his victims!

No. 655038

Can someone post a pic of that one? I can't seem to recall what it looks like.

No. 655040

"I don't mean to start anything…BUT" like girl please you totally meant to start something and you know you did so don't even include that first little bit

No. 655041

My apologies I didn’t look close enough to realize that was stuck shed. His cage is definitely pitiful for such an active and intelligent creature.

No. 655042

File: 1555901857686.png (190.69 KB, 302x584, story21.png)

Oh boy, where to start with this one?

No. 655044

File: 1555902397006.png (179.34 KB, 306x582, story22.png)


She keeps going!

No. 655045

It’s been said time, and time again .. but she can piss off. She has a rapist for a boyfriend. That doesn’t mean she is immune from being “harassed” or “assaulted” to any degree, but why should anybody care about her experience when she has discredited so many victims? L. O. L.

No. 655046



Also nice one Taylor, dude's a creep b/c he posts his nudes on his own profile. At least he isn't doing that with an audience that is 80% CHILDREN, unlike a certain someone…

No. 655047


she “doesn’t know how to speak up about discomfort,” so she’s alluding to the fact that she lets that gremlin walk all over her. Thanks for confirming everything we’ve ever said that is “negative” about the gremlin having truth because you don’t feel comfortable standing up to him.

Does this bitch seriously just ignore every story of Her beloved gremlin sexually harassing and making other women and girls uncomfortable??? Seriously Taylor, FUCK OFF!!! You’re as disgusting as he is.

No. 655052

Rent isn’t cheap for that place

No. 655053

File: 1555903792275.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1912, 8BAE8DED-6DDC-4868-9C99-B4C059…)

No. 655054

File: 1555904005337.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1958, 8F3148CE-E326-4855-B010-45DFD3…)

Here’s duck

No. 655055

File: 1555904173952.png (888.98 KB, 892x893, tndcroc.png)

This is the croc tattoo. She confirmed here >>655042 that the same artist did both

No. 655056

okay i've never had a snake before but based on
>>654334 that snake looks obese as fuck??

No. 655058

File: 1555904387853.png (725.73 KB, 721x899, tndcroc.png)

Also the tweet announcing the tattoo

No. 655059


Short tails and blood pythons are naturally girthy snakes and are known for their heavy weight

No. 655062

jonny is live on twitch rn. he is playing with this girl named layla? and i wonder how taylor would feel about him spending time with another girl instead of her, considering him and this girl were playing one on one for majority of the time

No. 655069

File: 1555907712859.jpeg (416.58 KB, 1125x1630, 8102E07D-0A59-4ACC-BD68-16071E…)

Taylor no longer has satanics! I suspected it after they were not shown anywhere in the comeback video. This comment is from the newest Kronos post.

No. 655070


Thank god!
…Now re-home that poor Monitor!

No. 655071


Oh so when you get "harrassed" (and I'm using that term loosely) you cry victim and expect support, but when Jonny's exes were raped, shot up with heroin and abused they are "psycho bitches".

Fuck you, Taylor. You're a straight up cunt.

No. 655072


aka they died.

No. 655074

in taylors new video when she shows her reptile enclosures, her words are so slurred and she repeats herself over and over. "there's just SO MUCH i want to do" probably about 10 times in that short 2 minute clip. and it's funny af that she says she doesnt want to run out of supplies but in her last 3 all my pets video she's literally said she's out of _______ right now. it's ridiculous. this woman is so fucking high rn. In conjunction with her instagram story ramblings, this is all the evidence we need that she's high as fuck still.

No. 655075


She rehomed them because… she didn't want to keep them downstairs. LOL. Okay, Tay. They dead asf.

No. 655076

>>"there's just SO MUCH i want to do"

…Depends on how much money you'll have left once you manchild finishes emptying out your account.

No. 655077

>her body was stiff and kept involuntarily jerking
That's actually a symptom that occurs in some people after binge drinking regularly.
Jesus Christ…if they can't take care of themselves within a few weeks of moving into an new place then how can they care for a bunch of animals that need highly specialized care?

No. 655078


I agree, either she had a shit filter, poor lighting, or did her makeup poorly, or she's been fucking with lip injections again. Did she not learn the first time around?

No. 655079

did anyone watch the end of the video where she explains what EDS does for her and how severe it is? all that was running through my mind is that if you don't have enough energy to film an easy fucking video, I doubt you have enough energy to do multiple water changes on different tanks. I don't suffer from any sort of disorder and i get exhausted from a water change on my 10 gallon lol.

It's also ridiculous when something happens to her, like the mushu getting ammonia burns, she says it actually happens to a lot of people. Where the hell is she getting that? she's literally pulling this information and excuse out of her ass. She will never admit that some parts of her care are simply abysmal and she is responsible for what she has done.

No. 655080

Jonnys been adding like 10 new insta thots every single week, wouldn't surprise me at all if he starts looking for a "edgy gamer girl" to fit his new streamer boy fantasy.

No. 655081


Snake Discovery are also professional breeders, educators, and Emily (and possibly Ed?) have a degree in relevant parts of biology. They know what they're doing, have educations, and have done it for years, and work with a lot of other reptile people. Don't know why this dumbass is comparing TND to them, they're way above her shit standards.

No. 655082

File: 1555910940879.png (10.54 KB, 313x148, Capture.PNG)

Says her next video is all about Kronos exploring the atrium.. Back to back videos of Mushu and Kronos, two of her most abused animals. What ever did we do to deserve this?

No. 655084


Again, that's the master bathroom in her apartment during move out clean-up, not her new bathroom.

>>654870 try to not post misleading screenshots.

No. 655085

Is it just me or is that a pinkie on Kronos head? (Baby rat)
I feel like she's breeding her rats, I know some have speculated she got the females fixed but honestly Taylor is such a shit cunt, I wouldn't put anything past her.

Also fucking disgusting she slams this man with no evidence despite the fact she's dating a rapist. Fuckin gross Taylor, inside and out you are gross.

No. 655088


Waaaay too big to be a pinkie. At that size it would have fur already. It does look like the shape of an animal, but is very fleshy looking. It's probably just be a hunk of meat.

No. 655089


Yeah, the ammonia burn thing is absolute bullshit

I have had my axolotl girl for almost 13 years and there have been times where she has been a little neglected as my own life has gone through different stages.

Not ONCE has she had a fucking ammonia burn even through the most hectic parts of my life when she could go several weeks without getting a water change.

The amount of neglect must be insane if she gets fucking AMMONIA BURNS on the regular.

Like wat. Get it together.

No. 655090


It's a dead rat pup. If you look up close, you can see the legs.
It appears to be lying on it's side.

No. 655091

File: 1555912999141.png (70.42 KB, 1080x457, Screenshot_20190421-235757~2.p…)

Taylor confirms it's a pinky rat, for what it's worth

No. 655092


Welp, I stand corrected. Kinda gross for her to just… handle dead animals as props for photos. Even if it's food.

No. 655093

that is…either an enormous rat pup or kronos is a fucking dwarf

No. 655094


Yeah that's what I thought, Kronos should in theory be very big… rat pinkies are quite small so I figured there was no way it could be one. Kronos is so damn small.

No. 655095


You should have stopped before he put the stencil on your skin. The design was shit to start with. Did he draw it?


Her crocodile tattoo was a direct copy of another artist's work >>>/snow/532220.


The first time I recall her going out in public sans pans was at a meet and greet. Her excuse was that she threw up on herself in the car on the way there.


>Duck became more aggro after being fed regularly

After being fed the live offspring of your rats, perhaps?

Her snakes rapidly growing from underweight to healthy to, in some cases, overweight in the months after she acquired her rats is no coincidence.

No. 655100

It’s really not out of the question he was a perv and/or used that excuse because he knew he fucked it up and had no idea what he was doing. Tons of tattooers are gross as fuck and it’s frequently openly talked about, but it’s such an obviously male dominated industry and they all protect and make excuses for each other so they have each other’s backs. Highly doubt she knowingly chose a bad artist, tattooers commonly edit the photos they take of their work for Instagram, tattooing has always been a hustle. She’s also young, sheltered, and obviously easy to manipulate; what about her would make anyone think she’d be able to speak up with an artist, especially when tattooers take pride in being intimidating? She could have alluded to changing something but tattooers can be sensitive/insecure and a big part of the hustle is assertion and confidence so the client doesn’t second guess or micromanage the process. She’s communicating pretty clearly she reasonably trusted a seeming professional to be professional and produce quality work.

Genuinely surprised people are antagonizing her over this, tattoos are so common now and old school shop attitudes are so prevalent. How do you think good artists get to where they are?? They obviously have to make mistakes to learn from them, this is openly joked about. Also if he has any presence on instagram that perception of fame goes right to their heads and homie probably brought up her “sexy” outfit to gauge her interest/how far he could test her boundaries.

I get hating on Taylor for defending a rapist and abusing animals, but what the fuck don’t defend this guy and claim she’s playing a victim when this is a legitimately frequent experience for women in shops. They can both be wrong, it’s fucking weird how when men interact with a cow they’re always defended or immediately believed even though in this case this cow has a seasoned abuser victimizing her and it would make sense she’s easily victimized in other situations because she’s an obvious target since she’s not in therapy. She also signals ignorance/vulnerability in the way she dresses, Instagram hoes poses in this for pictures but don’t actually wear it out unless they have their own issues, Taylor just imitates because I don’t think she’s ever had positive relationships with other girls for her to learn from and men frequently take advantage of that. I’m not saying she’s always blameless, just that she’s an obvious target and who is supposed to help her when literally everyone around her uses her, even her own mother? If she was able to process how fucked up of a life she has she’d probably have a mental breakdown that would be made much more severe because she has no one to reach out to, and if she did and Jonny even felt the threat of her possibly exposing him; it’s clear he has no other options in life and would likely be so reckless and really fucking hurt her. That’s clear enough with the heroin use to repress her awareness, that’s not a recreational drug that’s one you do when you don’t want your life and dont want to kill yourself yet. Sorry I don’t really ‘get’ this thread this girl’s life is so shitty.

No. 655102

Look at how she grew up, no one sane raised her and this middle aged junkie who has spent his entire life hustling and abusing women has successfully isolated a 21 year old girl and brainwashed her as abusers do and exactly how he’s always done. She’s not a fucking cunt, Jonny clearly is. I don’t care you hate her and she refused help, what were you expecting she’s already a weak target and Jonny is really good at what he does considering he’s not in fucking jail for the long ass list of highly illegal shit he’s done. I’m never going to defend what she did and I want to be clear about that, but if she had such nonexistent self esteem and boundaries to even date someone as revolting and openly misogynistic as Jonny, let alone addict her to heroin, why wouldn’t she be pliable enough to prove herself to him by defending him online while also desperately trying to convince herself he’s right because she’s in too deep? No wonder she’ll never break this cycle, all this thread does is reinforce that she would have no support and be victim blamed for Jonny’s abuse regardless of his long history. All she has is him and you can claim she did that to herself but that’s not how abuse works and there’s nothing but evidence of this.

No. 655104


She's still a cunt.

No. 655106


No one's defending him. The quality of the design and the resulting tattoo have nothing to do with the sexual harassment she says she experienced, and anons are criticizing her for appearing to imply that they do in >>654997.

No. 655107

she said in the story that the croc tat is her favorite.

No. 655108

I could barely make it through her last video. I used to watch just for the tea but to be honest I just find them so boring now. Even if I were a fan I'd be turning off. She puts no effort into her videos, enclosures or anything she does. It's always the bare minimum. I'm constantly astounded at how little knowledge she even has on any if her pets. I mean talking about how you need to bring the cycled water with you, and claiming prime will detoxify nitrates, along with saying ammonia burns are common. She doesn't have a clue. Also nakes me laugh when she claims her atrium will be an enrichment area for her animals but all she means is she will take them out there. So that's a yard Taylor. No different to anything else.

No. 655112


>all she means is she will take them out there only for photos


As with all aspects of her care, the atrium is a very viable space for enrichment, but she is unwilling to put forth the effort. It could be great with a couple of climbing trees, terraced burrowing and exploration areas suited to the different animals, large flat basking and hiding ledges. But no, her animals have to be shut-ins, too.


And she said it was so meaningful >>655058.

No. 655114


The last video was such a mess. So many repetitions and weird "informational" bits that were so low effort.

I am actually rooting for her to dump the boyfriend (I've never said anything about him on here, but he is such a loser, and OH MY GOD THE TONGUE THING STOP IT, it's nasty) and get her life together and have an awesome life.

She has clearly has the potential to do great on youtube, cause she got big really fast. And her personality, when she is not constantly high or apologizing or explaining away her bad care, can be really entertaining and fun.

I'm sure there are people on here who would love to see her crash and burn, but there are probably people like me too. While we love the milk and are disappointed in how she cares for her animals, nothing would make me happier than to see her get her shit together and succeed while entertaining millions with really well cared for animals.

No. 655115

File: 1555930159716.png (230.01 KB, 369x368, Capdfgdture.PNG)

if only it was someone else than taylor, who's known to blame anyone but herself for everything. once again she's coming out with a narrative months after it supposedly happened. she's such a liar I find it hard to believe her anymore.

she went for an artist who has a portfolio like pic related and a shit reputation. She probably didn't take more than one glance at the art before getting it tattooed on her body. sure the tattoo was botched, but the art wasn't that great to begin with. As an artist it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when someone okays a sketch and then complains at the final product. she had so many opportunities to not go through with it. but she felt ~pressured~ and now blames the artist.

No. 655127

File: 1555938230843.jpg (519.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190422-085950_Ins…)


No. 655128

lol good luck having friends when you're in a relationship with an abusive person

No. 655129

Oh hun, we all know that can't happen with Jonny around.
Abusive people don't like it when their "banks/possessions" go out making friends because they start to unwind all the hard work he's put in to manipulating, brainwashing and isolating you! I do worry about her safety because honestly, Jonny has NOTHING without Taylor and I wonder how far he'd push it to stay in control.

She needs to just get rid of him already, I understand she's probably shit scared considering leaving someone abusive is the most dangerous time, they go crazy lengths to stay in control. I hope she finds a decent enough friend to convince her to leave and doesnt just suck up her ass because she's Taylor Dean the YouTuber.

No. 655130

And you noticed her scale to weigh the snakes is way up on the top shelf. Super accessible…lol. That’s for show only because it was mentioned here. I doubt she even knows how to use the blasted thing!

No. 655132

File: 1555940583248.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20190422-073257~2.p…)

Really, anon?

This is the artist she used, and while he now has an account for his tattoo work, this is what he had when Taylor found him - the occasional tattoo piece and the rest are selfies.

Yes, good artists will make mistakes to get better, but that doesn't mean someone with literally nothing better to do than shop around for a good artist can use it as an excuse for a shitty tattoo.

Taylor has time to find great artists (and there are lots in SA or a couple hours away in Austin or Houston) and money to pay them. She didn't use her due diligence to find a good artist and now she has shitty art on her arm.

It's not about the art, it's more about the lack of accountability and using the sexual harassment to avoid taking responsibility. She approved the design, she sat through "the most painful tattoo of her life" for hours. It's her fault she has a garbage tattoo, no one else's.

At some point, you can't use the "brought up in a bad household" to excuse your behaviours. She's an adult, been away from home for coming up on two years now. Adults can grow and change, and work on personal growth.

No. 655134

Remember when Taylor also accused Bree of coming onto her to seemingly create a diversion when she started getting a heap of backlash? She could be doing the same thing now.

Why go to an artist who only posts selfies? Why not find someone a bit more established and displayed more artwork?

But, if it did happen I feel about as much sympathy for her as she felt for those girls who spoke out against Jonny.

No. 655135

Jonny during twitch Q&A at 00:56:00

Favorite animal?

We have some newer animals….can’t give out the goods…


No. 655138

My theory is that the Satanics developed Respiratory Infections from them smoking around the enclosure (remember that drama? Feels so small compared to what we know now.) and she couldn’t be bothered to treat it so they died. That or she was too drugged out all the time to notice. I hope she’s honest and did rehome them, but the excuse is so awful that I am doubting it.

Also, on the ammonia

No. 655139

Good catch anon. Not surprised

No. 655140

File: 1555944683263.jpeg (139.75 KB, 750x1119, E3692798-59EB-47F8-8C68-903971…)

I spy with my little eye , a finger shaped bruise.

No. 655141

File: 1555945129529.jpg (228.93 KB, 2048x1317, loganresponse.jpg)

Logan begins to respond

No. 655142

ofc she does. Shes lazy and when she get bored she gets more.


Goes out dressed like a hooker to a scummy tattoo parlor. Why is she even surprised? If she didn't like the artist or his work why did she go there TWICE.

Dude seems normal, kind of a narcissist, But that's not a crime. that dress is asking for attention.

Dressed like ho = treated like a ho

If she didn't want the attention she would have dressed more modestly in a public place. Its well know shes an attention whore.

No. 655144

Nice catch, does this mean she's still shooting up?

No. 655147

the marks up and down her arm >>654954 and the ones on her hand near veins >>654957 are pretty good indicators

No. 655151

disagree, her outfits are often cringy and inappropriate, but that does not excuse "treating her like a ho". that's some jonny logic

No. 655152

Taylor hunnie… your friends didn't abandon you. You abandoned them. You refused their help, refused to communicate with them. You can't have such a negative impact on someones life and expect them to stick through thick and thin with you when you don't even give them the time of day. Stop blaming them for leaving and realize it was your own fault for taking them for granted. Smh.

No. 655153

I'm not saying it's okay to do that, I'm saying that's whats likely to happen. There are a lot of scummy people out there that would do far worse than make some creepy remarks. She doesn't seem to realize the REAL danger shes in when she pulls this shit.

No. 655154

This "what was she wearing" mentality is gross as fuck. A tattoo artist should be professional enough not to make comments on someones body/clothing.

No. 655157

Safe to say the satanics are 100% dead. I don't believe that rehoming story for one second

No. 655158

But that's the thing here, she seems to be the one using that mentality atm, not the actual tattoo artists.

I'm interested in how true the story is but what rubs me the wrong way is that the other people are probably Taylor's stans so the truth there may also be a bit twisted.

No. 655159

I thought the satanics were the ones who died in the heat incident last year. I must be confusing lizards, which were the satanics again?

No. 655161

She's only been back a week or so and already she's back at it again.
> Holding Tyrion with the gloves, refusing to be held accountable
> "Rehoming" the satanics
> Accusing Logan of sexualising her and acting inappropriately
> Claiming she's sober when already you can see she's probably high off her ass + drinking "every few days"
> Getting even more damn animals
How long before her next hiatus? I imagine she'll only hold out until she has the money to ignore it again, and the cycle will continue.

No. 655162

File: 1555951484244.jpg (266.21 KB, 1242x1616, kMH38Xs.jpg)

This should be interesting. Plus bonus stan.

No. 655163

Taylor is just riding on the, "me too" movement to excuse herself of her dumbass life choices. It's insulting to real victims. Her clothing doesn't matter, no one deserves harassment, but I'm sure Taylor is twisting the truth to be the victim like always. I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth in regards to her excuses for the dumb shit she does.

She wouldn't have returned for another damn tattoo if she felt that way. Was she with anyone relationship wise when he did her tattoos? If not, I'm sure she was into him from what she saw on his social media and thought letting him tattoo her would be a good segway into something more. Nothing solid probably came of it and she realized, "wow I let a mediocre guy put trash on me." That's her entire life in regards to men. Let's them ruin her life because she refuses to use common fucking sense and mature.

You hang out with dogs, you're gonna catch fleas, Taylor. You're riddled with them. You let shitty men ruin your life. Go to fucking therapy.

No. 655165

croc skinks died&got replaced. satanics are the leafy looking ones.

No. 655166

>I highly suggest talking to people close to her
which is who exactly? even her friends don't defend her anymore.

No. 655167


Agreed, she's a known liar so best not to take anything she says as fact. We all know how the South Texas dragon thing went down. She does seem to make poor choices fairly regularly and victimize herself whenever things don't go her way.

She has a tattoo she RAGRETS and is now claiming it was akin to rape. What a joke.

No. 655179

I think she went to Logan because during that time she was experimenting another of her personality crisis, having fights with Jonny during a tour. Maybe she hoped something would work with Logan or to get under Jonny's skin. But he love boomb her and that was it. Nothing happen with Logan but those two shitty tattoo did.

No. 655190

File: 1555957577292.png (982.91 KB, 808x1148, Towel.png)


Sooo, a man is a 'predator' for having his own nudes on his Instagram, but when she does it, it's 'inspiring', 'empowering', & 'body positivity'!

No. 655192

Someone on twitter mentioned that Jonny posted her nudes on his IG story. Is this true? I don’t ever remember him doing that, but I could have missed it.

No. 655193

File: 1555958102799.png (796.36 KB, 720x1280, 1535882512552.png)


Yep, this is what he posted.

No. 655194

File: 1555958259287.png (810.35 KB, 1242x2208, 7B7628B0-FD95-43AB-B128-D02E08…)

chelsea makes a good point

No. 655196

File: 1555958423961.png (241.47 KB, 1260x595, 1535948280676.png)


The best part was Taylor's response(s)

No. 655197

God, is he going to do a 100 part series on this too?

No. 655199

File: 1555958932758.png (194.95 KB, 268x582, Frank-evil-shit.png)

>> "Frank|evil shit"

Yet another snake of hers that is/was 'evil'

I'm noticing a trend here…

No. 655200


I'm all for it, honestly. More people need to call her ass out.

No. 655201

she only enters their enclosures to feed them hence the 'evil' stuff

No. 655202

File: 1555959493454.png (81.12 KB, 306x354, 10-17-17.png)


>>"He made so many remarks to me that made me feel like he literally wanted to take me home and put me in his bed."

No. 655203


Been part of her shtick since the beginning, hang your tits out to get all those horny 13yo's click bait ad revenue.

No. 655204


The irony is that Logan Blackthorn's audience doesn't consist of mostly children Like Taylor's is.

No. 655205

File: 1555960946552.jpeg (271.73 KB, 1800x1800, 1529037082203.jpeg)

Nothing like getting boned by the bad boy to piss your parents off. She never mentally progressed past 15. She getting used up hard and it's showing, she keeps making up lies to defend this POS. Seriously leaking nudes? Getting her addicted? Outrageous spending? Confined to the home 24/7? No happy ending to this story…

No. 655206

File: 1555961612951.jpeg (349.83 KB, 1936x1936, A354FA31-9408-4BA0-814F-6A84FF…)

“Nearly 4ft deep.”

No. 655207


>you often find snakes under rocks

yeah but that doesn't mean they don't LEAVE the rocks and explore

No. 655209

Not surprised that TND is taking a page out of Bryan Barcyzk’s page and spouting off how snakes are totally fine in minimalist rack systems lol.

Wasn’t she supposed to say something about Cheese’s autopsy results in the Mushu video? We know it’s inconclusive but I think she mentioned that she would. Was expecting her to cry about it at the end but instead she talked about her totally real disorder or whatever.

No. 655212

She always says she'll address such and such in a video then never does, hoping people will forget about it

No. 655215

to be fair logan's a coke head so maybe he was distracted haha, but yeah Taylors an idiot, there are some really good artists in SA & even more in Austin. All she had to do was shop around & she could've had some badass tatts. too busy wasting money on H and more animals she doesn't need than on whats gonna be on her body forever

No. 655216

File: 1555964408714.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190422-161433.png)

No. 655218

File: 1555964604930.png (343.02 KB, 605x730, Capture.PNG)

Right before tweeting about buying the new enclosure for Kronos, Taylor was trying to pass off her current enclosure as a 7x4x4..

No. 655219

File: 1555964680778.png (591.04 KB, 1240x654, cage.PNG)

No. 655220

File: 1555964938309.jpg (451.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190422-222723_Dis…)

this fucking manchild

No. 655221

is he hoping to meet some of his underage female fans? not concerning at all /s

No. 655223

If you notice the Vayla girl that everyone is mentioning him playing video games with seems all over going to hang with him.

No. 655224

Probably drug runs tbh. That or too lazy to get basic shit like groceries and food.

No. 655226

Is this him implying he’s going to try to jump the tattoo artist who made inappropriate comments to taytay? Lul

No. 655228

Holy shit has anyone else noticed that she sounds like she’s always got a sinus infection? Unless I’m a newfag and she got her nose broken or something, it’s gotta be from the drugs

No. 655229

I'm just updating the spreadsheet of her animals, so far I have:

Satanic leaf geckos- "rehomed"
Tarantula- New (what was it's name/ species?)
frog- New (what was it's name/ species?)
valentino- "returned to breeder"

Am I missing any?

No. 655234

>frog- New (what was it's name/ species?)
name: Tyrion
species: Surinam Horned Frog

No. 655236


I don't understand how she can preach about feminism and girl power yet allow her bf/manchild to post pics like this? Yeah it's one thing to dress 'sexy' but it's another thing for your boyfriend to post nudes online. I'd be so pissed and probably break up with a guy for doing something like that surely she has more self respect than that

No. 655238


Apparently she gave Jonny the "OK" to post this, but honestly I highly doubt it. He was probably high and posted this to flex. Telling others to "enjoy" his girlfriend's body is fucking disgusting.

She likely just said she agreed to it to avoid drama.

No. 655239

She wanted him to post them though?
I renember her saying some shit about how being the "Family friendly pet mum" meant she couldn't post pictures of her body so he said he would.
That's old milk that turned out not to be so milky

ALSO lool at her having Kronos in the wrong sized enclousour (or more likely BS about the measurments and being caught out) and shrugging it off.

also, if she has all these super amazing animal experts coming in to help her wouldn't they point all of this stuff out to her if they were half decent at their jobs?

No. 655240

She spends money like its water. Instead of buying a new 4k encsoure for 1 animal, how about you rehome the monitor thats suffering under your care. Take that 4k and spend it on all your snakes and reptiles that are in rack and shitty bare minimum set ups.

Boggles the mind. Now she needs to buy more shit to fill it with. Monitors need much much more surface area than this, they need huge enclosures to thrive. They live along river banks in jungles and swamps. THEY NEED TO SWIM. She live in San Antonio where it's dry as hell. Absolutely no way she's satisfying his humidity and water requirements.

Shes covering jonny's ass again.

No. 655242

i'm the anon that called her layla sorry for samefagging but she was all over him. she acted like a puppy towards him. also later in the twitch stream he said that him being a rapist was "made up" during the q&a i believe

No. 655243

Probably next in line for him. No shortage of losers on twitch, he'll cheat on Taylor if he has the chance but even hes not dumb enough to risk his comfy life with her. Taylor is jonny's slave at this point. He uses her for easy sex, and money, he'll squeeze her dry and he'll leave if she ever goes broke.

No. 655246

He'll cheat, but do his best to have best of both worlds as long as he can; then blame Taylor. You'd be shocked at what losers do to women who give them everything.

Hell, I'm waiting for him to guilt her into trying a polyamorous relationship. I'm calling it.

No. 655247

"The bathroom is an unsanitary place to keep reptiles " says the girl who used a bathroom to "quarantine " snakes. Okay Jan just say they died and move on

No. 655248


Wow… I can’t (but can) believe that he would post a provocative picture of Taylor like that. Obviously this was a personal photo she sent him. She’s an idiot for defending him if she did indeed okay him to post it.

What’s the difference between your disgusting bf posting a provocative photo of you on his public social media page to 100k+ followers and another disgusting male making inappropriate comments to you? Who knows what weirdos follow him on social media. It’s inappropriate and disrespectful. I can’t believe these idiots.

He would be doing her a favor by cheating on her, but sadly I doubt she would leave him. What a shame.

No. 655249

File: 1555971787997.png (375.66 KB, 586x564, Sabor-2019.png)

No. 655250

File: 1555972035429.png (166.17 KB, 344x614, Ursula-Update.png)

Ursula's dead.

No. 655251


I knew she got rid of the two other tanks too. damn.

No. 655252

Christ shes killing them faster than i can update the damn lists. Anyone have any idea what fish would be left if only the 150 is still around?

No. 655253

>right before my move

AKA months ago, due to lack of care. Probably killed those things within a week.

No. 655254

I need to go back and look at what fish remain in the 150. From her last two videos she’s REALLY glossed over her fish lol. So I imagine there’s been some losses.

No. 655255

Okay I don’t own satanics so I’ve done some research since she said they’re gone. Multiple sources say keeping them in lower 70s is optimal but they can withstand up to 85° before it’s dangerous. I do keep crested geckos and it’s similar for them. Once you get up to 85° the heat can damage or kill them. How is she able to keep her crested geckos upstairs but not satanics?

No. 655256

Also there’s no way she can keep red eyed crocodile skinks cool but not satanic leaf geckos. My guess is they are dead.

No. 655257


and no one here is surprised, we've been speculating for months now that ursula is dead. now it's just been confirmed.

how convenient that all these animals died or were "rehomed" during the move.

No. 655258

she's been dead for a while, from previous thread:

this from bree herself:

>While speaking with her one late night during Petfest I had inquired about her halloween crab Ursula and she told me she had passed due to an issue with moulting, she was indeed saddened by this as it was out of her control as the crab failed to burrow before the moulting process. Moon crabs being wild caught are hard to judge the age or overall wellbeing when caught and most do not survive long in captivity but she was terribly worried of what everyone would think. Having a large fan base I could see her point.

No. 655259


yeah bree was right, it was a moulting issue but the problem here is that it passed away ages ago, yet taylor is acting like it was right before them moving.

No. 655261

Already deleted?

No. 655262

hmmm.. Wasn't this crab also in the "lost footage" from Emma's video at Taylor's old place?

No. 655263

File: 1555973394107.png (592.07 KB, 916x536, ig4.png)

No. 655264

that was my point. petfest was in like august 2018 or something, right?

No. 655265

yeah she didn't think that lie all the way through, but you can blame it on her heroin brain.

No. 655267

The molting problem was all Taylor's fault. The tank was so small Ursula could only move back and forth and borrow a little bit.
I guess she knew there was no way she could borrow herself enough to molt underground.
The tank was small and she reduce even more the space with that shitty topper for water.

No. 655271

File: 1555974889873.jpg (537.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190422-191313_Ins…)

Logan the tattoo artist made another post.

No. 655272


Guy needs to do what South Texas Dragons did & go the legal route.

No. 655274

Funny how there’s never any evidence of her rehoming her animals. If I was an animal hoarder with a history of killing animals, I’d sure as hell be sure to show clips of the animals going off to their new homes

No. 655275

or atleast proof of her reaching out to rehome the animal, but with taylor it's her word against everyone elses

No. 655276

Definitely. It would also make some pretty interesting and low effort video content. It makes no sense that she wouldn't film any of the process and avoid talking about it until questioned in a comment on Instagram…

No. 655277

My tinfoil theory is that Logan recognized from the placement that this was a junkie tattoo, saw the marks, and that's why he was so uncomfortable and rushed through it.
It's a shitty tattoo regardless, but if he really was super uncomfortable, my money's more on "I'm helping a junkie hide her addiction" than "ay bb u want dis diq?"

No. 655278


If she was smart she'd make a how-to guide video on rehoming pets and finding decent new owners for them, with footage of her doing exactly that to prove to everyone that her pets are with new owners. But that'd mean that A. she's smart and B. she actually did rehome something.

No. 655282


Nah anon he was trying to tap that imo. It's not a crime to flirt and he didn't groped her or assult her in anyway. She's just upset that her tattoo came out like shit. Sometimes shit happens, infection, scarring, healed badly, fading, ect. some parts of skin take ink better than others I imagine and everyone is different. The design was just shit from the start. It was an impulse buy and now she has to live with it.

No. 655283

Satanics are less tolerant of heat than cresties, plus they're very sensitive to humidity and keeping a well ventilated, low-heat, high-humidity enclosure is hard.

But it's all bullshit anyway, she didn't keep the satanics in with her reptiles before iirc so idk why she's making a big deal of it now. I suspect they died this past winter and she's just using the move as an excuse to have "rehomed" them.

No. 655284

Ya she didn't rehome her pets. After all the suspicion shes been under she def would've filmed it, more likely they're dead.Unless "Rehome" means brought back to the store where she bought them. She's too lazy to sell them or find people who would actually take care of them.

No. 655285

THIS and if she's really rehoming so many animals, wouldn't you expect her to post looking for good new owners on her giant platform of animal lovers who might want to give them homes?

No. 655287

OnLy ThReE aNiMaLs hAve DiEd

No. 655289

I find it very odd that the reason she rehome some animals was because she wanted them "strictly upstairs." Isn't Mushu downstairs? Then again we all know that isnt the reason she "rehomed" them lol, her lies arent even believable

No. 655290

Ursula died in molt “just before move” and triton rehomed…

No. 655293

Not to mention the cats… They go everywhere. You can't just keep them upstairs.

No. 655295

in taylor's eyes mushu is basically dead

No. 655296

File: 1555978322151.png (1009.65 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20190422-181035~2.p…)

Taylor wants to use Kronos' old enclosure for Twisty. Hopefully she fills it out with enrichment for him.

No. 655301


Enrichment wont be the issue. A 360 gallon TALL tank for a bearded dragon is absurd. Shell never be able to heat it properly or give the right levels of UVB. Dragons aren't arboreal and that height would pose more issues then it would do good. Twisty will die in that enclosure with her uneducated ass. She could hardly heat it as it was now shes going to try with a tiny dragon? Good luck

No. 655311

File: 1555982695448.jpg (526.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190422-212403_Ins…)

Mantis Shrimp**

No. 655315

File: 1555982916341.jpg (478.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190422-212740_Ins…)

She is planning on adding a 300g tank after "finishing the reptile room"

No. 655327

Does she know how to cycle a tank???? Why are all these tank cycling issues happening and killing fish, shrimp and burning her axolotl? And shes just A okay with it all

No. 655333


Taylor: I killed my pet
Idiot: kEeP uP ThE gREat WoRk!!!

No. 655334

300 gallon tank is insane. You'd need a full blown plummer and team to come about. Could easily see it cost 20k plus for installation. Not to mention matiainting that SOB. Yet can't afford inpatient hmmm….

No. 655337

Why is it surprising that people are antagonizing someone who's laughed at other women's sexual abuse and now wants to cry about sexual harrassment? She can't have it both ways, dude.

She could have stopped the session if she felt like the design wasn't going in the direction she wanted it to, or better yet, actually could've done research on the artist before getting the tattoo. I can think of at least another two pieces where the art was fucking horrid because she kept getting tattoos back to back without doing any proper research beforehand.

No. 655338

She probably doesn't do water changes at all. You can get away with it somewhat on larger tanks.

No. 655343


I'm still trying to find out whether he designed it. We know he didn't draw her croc tattoo; the artist he ripped off called him out.

No. 655344


The boo and chesse tats are particularly horrid. When shes in her 30's she's gonna feel like an idiot. If she lives that long I suppose.

No. 655358

She just "learned" YESTERDAY from her "haters" on youtube that water doesn't hold the cycle and here she is again talking about "cycled water."

So does she not have her freshwater community disaster tank anymore? Did she kill them too or "rehome" them?

she absolutely doesn't know how. She doesn't understand that the fish she puts in her tank creates nitrates she needs to remove either. She knows absolutely nothing about fish care.

No. 655361

One of the newest pieces he posted on his art account looks like it was copied, but I'm not 100% sure. It looks a lot like the style of a Canadian tattoo artist I follow, except shittier (obviously)

That being said, the heart design was so terrible and the snakes look like someone who's only ever heard of a snake and not seen one tried to draw them.

No. 655365

As someone who has seen them myself, I'm willing to bet she learned most if not all of her fishcare from outdated Petco Training Vids. Those videos are so outdated that when we went through training they had sections edited essentially saying "what was in the video was wrong, this is correct," and the dumb shit she says sounds exactly like those videos. She can act like she's above it all she wants, but she's got the mentality of any other chain pet store employee, and that's a horrible thing.

No. 655366

That makes sense to me. She sounds like all the worst Petco employees I've ever talked to or overheard in the store. "You can totally put 20 neon tetras in this 5 gallon tank!" I guess she thinks she's above it because she doesn't do bowls? But just because it could be slightly worse doesn't mean she's doing well.

Her stocking has never been good in her salt or freshwater tanks, the tanks are always overstocked and she clearly doesn't understand the difference between ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates which means she's not even testing the water. She also picks fish that may have similar water requirements (though I doubt she regularly tests salinity, pH, etc either) but aren't good together at all due to temperament or feeding styles. It's all very big box store.

No. 655367

I guess she's been watching KingofDIY's videos and wants to match him.
Including in deaths.

No. 655370

Truthfully, I think he is stupid enough to cheat on her, thinking she’ll never find out. He strikes me as the ‘likes to have his cake and eat it too’ kind of guy.

No. 655371

DIY is a mess and shouldn't have at least half the fish he has but he's still vaguely knowledgeable about what he's doing. He just can't make decisions and keep up with shit. Taylor can't do that or learn basics.

No. 655372

This is her millionth time claiming she’s taking the positive route and no longer humoring the ~haters. Hi Taylor, we know you’re still here.

No. 655375

File: 1555990804811.jpeg (1.03 MB, 4000x4000, 5E37F796-F90D-4E7D-9E8F-88A703…)

Is this pair kicking around yet? Or did she kill these too?

No. 655381


i feel like she just showed them and then they disappeared and didn't even make it to an all my pets video. they were also like 600$.

No. 655382


Didn't she "rehome" them because they were aggressive to her other fish? Or am I thinking of her other clownfish.

No. 655387

File: 1555993399003.png (1.36 MB, 1439x782, Capture _2019-04-23-00-22-04.p…)

They're one of the first fish shown in her comeback video.

No. 655404

Man, This just makes me more angry when she said multiple times only 3 animals died at the apartment. Shes legit mental…

No. 655410

>could've been been associated with the tank not being cycled
bitch this is the FIRST thing fishkeepers check when a sudden death occurs. the very sensitive shrimp just happened to die from old age within days of putting it into an uncycled tank? she's delusional.

I genuinely think she's just that dumb that she cannot comprehend water chemistry. she's one of those fish keepers that need step-by-step instructions from someone experienced to start up a tank - which is fine if she was willing to get help.

oh she's definitely not testing the water. she wouldn't be guessing if she was testing and understood the results.

DIY is very knowledgeable in certain fish and breeding them. he's just way over his head now. he was fine when he was just breeding discuses.

No. 655423

Like someone said earlier…for all the $$ she makes, her equipment sucks. Can barely see them with that lighting… everything is blue!

No. 655424

its marine lighting thats meant to be blue lol. though i thought that saltwater tanks were meant to also have white lighting instead of only blue lighting too

No. 655425

Agreed, it's obvious she's not testing her levels or else Mushu wouldn't be getting burns. She'd notice a presence of ammonia and do a water change immediately. "She's poopy" she's a fucking living animal that you're not maintaining with basic ass care.

She keeps stating, "they're sensitive to ammonia." Oh bitch, please. Keep ammonia at 0 for any creature.

I wanted to punch her when she said it's the tank size and not her lack of water changes. I have a 3.5 gallon with a betta and snail in it. My perimeters stay at 0 with plants and water changes. 3.5 is tiny for a betta, but I fucking manage with water changes.

Is there any reason she couldn't put a pothos root in there? I don't know enough about axolotls and what plants you can't put with them. But my ass would be putting a pothos root in there to eat the ammonia.

No. 655428

I’ve read with axolotls that you need to spot clean daily. I doubt she does that.

No. 655432

She doesn't only have blue lights. You can see the day lights on in videos, she just frequently records at night, and a lot of aquarists use blue light during the night to give their fish a proper day/night cycle. There are pictures of her day ("white") lights on multiple occasions. Why say she only has the blue ones?

As far as I'm aware, Pothos root is safe for axolotls. She's just too fucking lazy to care for a proper planted tank, hence the plastic crap.

No. 655438

because i have only ever seen the tank with blue lights on, even during day time.
>and a lot of aquarists use blue light during the night to give their fish a proper day/night cycle.
its also really only necessary for marine tanks to have night lights, it just stresses out freshwater fish.

No. 655439

I was only referring to marine fish. I didn't think I needed to specify since she currently only has marine fish. Also, you can see in her videos her non blue lights. Sometimes day lights just show up more blue on a camera, as I know from experience. It just seems like a weird nitpick when she has pictures of her day lights on.

No. 655441

File: 1556035021514.jpg (551.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190423-115619_Ins…)

Tattoo Artist Logan speaking out about Taylor's smear campaign

No. 655443

The point is she has/had lots of money and she has shit for equipment and treats her animals like shit. And if you’re going to post videos…use proper equipment.

No. 655448

File: 1556039000853.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, what'sleft.png)

Okay so I pulled a screencap from the video of the 150 gal, I saw the black storm clowns in another cap, irwin swimming with a couple fish I don't recognize. Anyone else know what those ones are/see anything else for me to update the sheet?

No. 655450

I don’t seem to understand like, if she was so turned off and uncomfortable around him she would’ve said something to Jonny and that dickheads ego is to big to let that shit slide?
It’s not like he’s been threatening her or anything so why bring it up now?

No. 655452

Someone might have to link the video but a few threads back when an anon posted a clip of Jonny’s, it was of Taylor in one of his band shirts or something and a black angel fish could be seen swimming just towards the right hand side (it was the 150g)
I don’t believe it was ever announced and if it was in fact a black angel she bought it off radar and it died off radar.

No. 655453


I found it quite funny how in a video titled 'inside the weird world of youtuber burnout' they use a clip of Taylor at the start haha

No. 655454

File: 1556040153227.jpg (340.26 KB, 1920x1080, whatsleft3.jpg)

these are the 4 fish here that I don't recognize, i'll try to pull and patch some clips from her vid together later tonight

No. 655456

File: 1556040780975.png (276.62 KB, 644x627, BetsyTheMaid.png)

Looks like Betsy's their maid.

No. 655457

>why bring it up now?
she just can't admit SHE made a mistake getting this tattoo. she has to spin a narrative where someone else is to blame.

>taylor's best friend and maid
lmao that's such an uncomfortable relationship

No. 655458


I like that she has to BEG to go out & spend some time with Taylor lmao

No. 655459

Holy shit he even treats people who help him like shit. Imagine being reduced down to "our maid". Taylor is a shitty friend if she lets that slide..

No. 655460

The small fish in the top left is a Cardinalfish, that appears to be a fish we didn’t know about. The two in the middle with the white tails are likely her two White Tail Bristletooth Tangs, those are known about.

The others I’m not sure, but they look like Rabbitfish. The one in the middle I think is a Masked Rabbitfish. The one on the left is mayyybbeee a Foxface Rabbitfish. The one on the right I have no idea, not enough visible. They definitely don’t match with any of her fish we know about.

Now her getting new fish isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s good to try and document.

No. 655461

his need to flex is so fucking gross. that's such a derogatory way to address your girlfriends FRIEND who helps around the house because they're too fucking nasty to clean up after themselves

No. 655463


Not trying to WK, but I have a feeling he’s being sarcastic and referring to lolcow by calling her their “maid.” Regardless, he’s a POS. I’ve never actually seen a picture of their place when it was cleaned. It’s always been a filthy dump like you’d expect two drug addicts to live in. Like how is living like a pig being conductive to your sobriety and happiness? Nice try, Taylor.

No. 655468


So I guess Taylor isn’t allowed to hang out with her friend by herself anymore. That’s real healthy.

No. 655470

Anybody else catch the twitch “tea” clip someone posted of Jonny saying:

“I actually just live off my girlfriend she pays for everything”


No. 655473

probably why he is trying so hard to get his twitch donations to be sent to his paypal instead of taylors lmfao

No. 655474

Along with this i find it interesting that Taylor said she doesn't have any friends recently. I think it's fair to think that she does see Betsy as a maid of sorts and that's mirrored by the fact that we basically only hear about her in connection to Taylor's animals

No. 655475

I feel like he's being sarcastic here.

he doesn't have his own paypal though

No. 655476

are you sure? i thought i heard him say something about getting his donation linked to his instead of taylor's when he was streaming, but i was only half paying attention so maybe i misheard

No. 655477

Poor girl, she probably needs work, and since Taylor and Manchild have no standards, I’m guessing it’s pretty easy work. My guess is Taylor is stringing her along with the whole ~YoUrE mY OnLY I mean BeSt FriEnD~ to keep her compliant, yet they called her “the maid” so they can say “see we’re on top of things, we hired help”

No. 655478

my bad, I checked and his donation link goes to his own account now. I guess this means he does have a bank account? cause some anons thought he didn't.

No. 655483

The thing is, he can have his own PayPal account but it is connected to Taylor's bank account.

I have my own PayPal and so does my husband, but my husband's bank account is attached to both.

No. 655492

Also I know I'm late but regarding Duck (?) climbing the stairs - is it possible she has recognised her snakes are overweight? Apparently stair climbing is pretty good for losing weight

No. 655503

lol there's no way she thought that far ahead.

No. 655504

I snipped out the parts that actually include her fish tank. Any help identifying the fish she still has is appreciated. See also the screen caps here:

No. 655507

File: 1556056637767.png (15.71 KB, 584x148, tndlies.png)


No. 655508

uhhh maybe that’s just a marriage/combined bank account thing then because you definitely can’t have a different name on your paypal account than the name on your bank account. it has to be the same or paypal will freeze everything. at least according to their FAQs.

No. 655512

I've only ever used PayPal once but can't you use a disposable card (like a Visa card) instead of a bank account and then just give some kind of id and it works?

No. 655513

can we stop talking about paypal unless it has to do with jonny hiding money from taylor?

No. 655514

File: 1556057728222.png (43.56 KB, 580x434, tndtea-replies.png)

Taylor's really popping off at the @TNDtea account right now…

No. 655515

Mmmm…. no? Set it up before getting married. I just put in the routing number and bank account # to add the bank account to my PayPal.

No. 655517

File: 1556058250559.png (31.41 KB, 311x488, positivity.png)

…And she just posted this yesterday!

…So much for "staying away from the negativity online"

No. 655519

File: 1556058297303.png (288.88 KB, 606x603, twitter1.PNG)

she's going on a sperg fest rn

No. 655522

File: 1556058382083.png (321.84 KB, 394x859, twitter2.PNG)

No. 655523

Taylor’s “I’m not going to respond to the haters” mindset never sticks for more than about 5 seconds. She’ll never learn and she’ll keep exposing her own lies every time she opens her big mouth

No. 655524



No. 655525


Maybe don't move into a place where the temperature can't be regulated properly. That atrium is going to be a deathtrap once Texas really starts to heat up and she lets any of them outside in it.

No. 655526

File: 1556058997830.png (53.31 KB, 619x507, lul.PNG)

No. 655527

she is obsessed with tndtea

No. 655528


All she has to do is show her Satanics in their new home. That's it.

No. 655529

Axolotl owner here, it's not even that strict. Right now I do a moderate water change on Sundays and check for any new poops on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm not excusing my behavior in any way, but due to some mental health struggles with motivation to even get out of bed, I've gone up to almost 3 weeks without changing my lotl's water. In that case, I saw the beginning signs of gill fungus and it was enough of a kick in the pants to get me to get my shit together.
Mushu having ammonia burns means Taylor straight up isn't changing the water. At all. And even then, I think the burns are more likely to be from living in the bucket without a filter for an extended period of time.(blog)

No. 655530

or any proof. a screenshot of a conversation with the timestamp showing that someone was on the way to pick them up or something, but it's taylor. she thinks it is criminal to not believe her word.

No. 655535

File: 1556060669065.png (55.87 KB, 578x552, tndstuff1.png)

God, her poor stans…

She's already lied to them, manipulated them, & even gaslit a couple of them, yet they STILL defend her…

No. 655538

dude wants to fuck her

No. 655539

It's almost like she doesn't realize she's lost all credibility.

No. 655544

"I'm sure people will come up with a reason that it definitely happened"
Is that maybe because it did happen, Taylor? Maybe trying to forewarn people of it coming out so you can say "Ha! See! I told you they'd do this!"
You don't sound very confident Taylor.

No. 655545

File: 1556063455866.png (82.54 KB, 582x630, tnd4.png)

This whole "She doesn't have to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE!!!!" mindset that her fanbase has only enables her lying.

No. 655548


Yeah she can't go from wanting to share all her animals with the world and involving her fanbase in their lives and the next second go "IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS YOU'RE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING BE GRATEFUL I POST PICTURES IN THE FIRST PLACE"

It just shows she has something to hide. Off topic but I post my rats to a facebook page and the mentality of not sharing stuff and getting defensive is so foreign. Like wouldn't you want to share everything? That's the entire point of putting them online in the first place. Why does she get so mad over people asking after animals when her fans are emotionally invested in them?

No. 655549

File: 1556064767772.png (13.12 MB, 1125x2436, B456AD29-2CB0-4954-A20E-5FFA4F…)

Not a snake anon, but does Sabor's tail look necrotic?

No. 655550

All the cows on here have this mentality

No. 655552


You don't need a bank account. You can get a Paypal Prepaid debit card (separate company from Paypal).

No. 655553

Biaks have a dark tail, looks normal to me

No. 655554

File: 1556065290589.png (600.69 KB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20190423-181903~2.p…)

Or… OR… Taylor could have moved to a home that was OK for her animals to live in?

Her "living arrangement" changing, in this case, isn't a very good excuse.

I mean, it's irrelevant because they're probably dead, but still.

No. 655555

That’s a normal tail color for them, however it could definitely be heading down the necrosis path considering there is obvious stuck shed on his tail (which also means her humidity isn’t right, which is very important for green tree pythons).

No. 655558


>I haven't gotten a single animal in almost half a year

Did she just admit that she got the new tarantula and frog months before she claimed in her video?

No. 655560

This is Taylor we're taking about, she claimed she got the tarantula and the frog around the same time as her hiatus, which was 4 - 5 months. She's always had a hard time with timelines.

No. 655561

File: 1556065756194.png (495.47 KB, 621x588, story24.png)

After embarrassing herself on Twitter, it's time to go out with the rapist bf!

No. 655571

You're right, that's definitely stuck shed!! Aka that animal is probably also dehydrated.

No. 655573

At least his tongue isn’t out

No. 655576

Why does she only wear the ugliest wigs she can find? The quality of them is horrible

No. 655577

So no one will recognize her….

No. 655583


She has the ugliest, rattiest wigs I've seen. It's like she found this one on the floor and just put it on lol. Like run a brush through that shit.

No. 655584

Is she forgetting that cats can jump over a gate?

No. 655585


Cats can jump over a fence, they are excellent jumpers. She really does not know anything about cats lol. They are smart little shits and if they want to go somewhere, they'll find a way to do it just to spite you.

No. 655590

Taylor at a show, “newly 22” and “completely sober.” Lol

No. 655591

If i remember correct the house has multiple bedrooms. I'm making a guess to say more than 3 (bedroom, reptile room, and maybe the gaming/office if it's a actual room would be taken). She could of dedicated a room upstairs for just the satanics/any "pet" that doesn't require a hot room and got some kind of mobile air conditioner which would just require just plugging in an outlet and it would of solved the too hot problem. There's definitely solutions to her problem so that leads back to they dead, you were just too lazy to think of a solution, or you finally stumbled upon a reason to replace the few animal type you own that you couldn't just treat like a modeling prop

No. 655593

I’m just not understanding why they couldn’t be downstairs? Just doesn’t make sense.

No. 655600

the end of his tail looks like a burnt out sparkler, but TND is his caretaker so am I surprised? nope never.
i thought jonny's gaming set up was in their bedroom? but she has TWO LIVING ROOMS downstairs and she totally could've converted one of them into another animal room, especially the one she is making into a 'movie room'.. lol.

No. 655603

sorry to samefag but jonny's gaming set up is actually in the office, but they still could've made the extra living room into another animal room.

No. 655604

Right? Rehoming becauae you want a designated upstairs reptile room? And there's no possible way to control their temp???? If I had a set up like hers I'd keep it as front and center of my home as I could. Why even bother having them if they're kept out of sight in a spare bedroom.

No. 655605

Or like anon said here >>655591 she could have put some animals where her office is now, and used the "movie room" as her office instead.

No. 655609

I'm still wondering how the satanics were going to overheat but her croc skinks and cresties are just fine in the hot room? It's also incredibly easy to simply install a fan on the enclosure and cool down the tank 5 degrees. None of her story makes an ounce of sense.

No. 655616

I've never even gotten the feeling that she genuinely likes any of her animals.

They're there to sell her to impressionable kids on youtube, which is also why she doesn't care about keeping her stories straight and why she shows no emotion when they die. Given that, it makes a lot of sense that she hides them all in one room-they represent work and she clearly hates responsibility. She just sucks.

No. 655624

File: 1556074320068.png (406.81 KB, 610x588, story27.png)


Ah, this must be the concert Betsy wanted to go to.
Two very different perspectives going on here…

No. 655627

File: 1556074482931.png (141.09 KB, 522x404, jc1.png)


…And he already wants to leave.

No. 655630

It’s sad. I used to be a fan of her a long time ago. At one point she did seem to care about her animals as individuals. It was around the time she started getting snakes that I think things went downhill and she started treating her animals as items in a collection. Or more accurately, flashy toys to make her channel popular.

No. 655633

File: 1556076353093.jpeg (131.91 KB, 750x1334, 3621FFDF-A299-490B-B46D-75A665…)

Nope, looks like his tongue is back out again! Along with his dirty fingernails.

No. 655635

so he had been complaining for like what more than 1 hour like a manchild lmfao

No. 655638


No. 655639

No fucking wonder Taylor never gets out of the house. Imagine having to deal with his bitching whenever you wanna go out and do things? God, their relationship is unhealthy.

No. 655648

Well according to his exes he does bitch and moan if left alone at home. I imagine Taylor had no other option but to take him with her so she could at least enjoy part of the concert.

No. 655649

Nah, Jonny has always had a thing for calling women maids.

In one of his solo songs (written about Amanda) he sings:
“I have no time girl,
To play this game with you.
I have a queen.
Why would I settle for a fucking maid?”

I don’t think it has anything to do with him lurking here, he’s just a piece of shit.

No. 655652

I feel kind of sorry for Taylor, can’t she kick him out of her life?

No. 655653

File: 1556081884344.png (173.79 KB, 302x592, story28.png)

Nope. Looks like she still wants him.

No. 655655

She always says this when she lies. Like when she said in that video she was sure people would claim that her email to Twisty's breeder was fake, and no one even claimed that until Repzilla proved it was fake in his video about her.

Agreed. Her animal care was always problematic but she did seem to be trying, until her channel got popular enough she had more money. Then she started with snakes and seemed to give up on all of them at once, and then started dating Jonny and her personality died with too many of the unfortunate animals in her care.

No. 655666


i dont think we should complain too much that she "rehomed" an animal. we should focus on the lying part of the rehoming. I think we should still encourage her to rehome animals she's not capable of taking care of.

No. 655676

I understand rehoming pets if you’re in a dodgy living situation and a landlord won’t let you have them or you’re moving far away. But she’s paying rent over budget to live somewhere her animals aren’t suited to? If this is true she doesn’t care or love her pets. It’s such a stupid story though that we all know she squashed them in the move or Jonny secondhand smoked them to death

No. 655678


The problem isn't with the rehoming, it's that she's lying about rehoming or if she isn't, it just goes to show how little she can be trusted.

Taylor should absolutely rehome a majority of her animals. The problem is she's lost all credibility if she claims she has, as it just looks like an excuse so she doesn't have to say that they died. That's unfortunately what its come to because she doesn't reveal deaths when they happen and also tries to replace the animal before word gets out (in the case of the croc skinks) or just sorta hopes no one will notice they're gone.

No. 655681

File: 1556090272955.png (4.79 MB, 1125x2436, 937531C9-F4C4-4FDD-9466-C4715B…)

One pedophile rapist supporting another! Ronnie Radke has been accused of raping and abusing underage girls in his past just like ol pearly boy himself!

No. 655684

That’s exactly what I’m saying.


We know she doesnt care. I want her to rehome. I care about her lies more than anything. She should rehome basically everything except her cats.

No. 655686

I reckon Taylor could comfortably keep her cats, tank, a few snakes, couple geckos & her hedgehog(s). Each animal would receive ample time each day and she wouldn't run into issues if they didn't get much attention for a few days. She'd be able to upgrade all their enclosures, give them bioactive & enriched set ups & work on the snakes obesity. She'd need to go back to hardcore researching her tank & really putting in effort to keep it going but it'd be doable. Everything else should be rehomed; especially the rats. How do they ever get ample socialization & out of cage time? Her cats swipe at caged geckos so I can only imagine with rats on a couch for play time.

No. 655696

Not sure about these other anons, but I don’t have a problem with her rehoming animals. The problem is that she’s lying about it. They most likely died.

Do you really think that’s normal to just casually say that in an instagram comment when being asked about it a million times? “Oh yeah about that, I rehomed him a few months ago lel”. She is always so sure to say “I just wanna share all my animals with the world, I love them and wanna share them with you all!!” but yet doesn’t announce when she gets rid of one or when one DIES?

How many times now has she announced that an animal has died over an IG comment? Instead of making a video ASAP or an actual announcement on her page. She waits several months, then in a comment says “oh I was gonna talk about it in a video but since people keep asking…”

To me, it’s not normal to wait a few months before saying your animal died/was given away, since you call your animals your passion and your career. She is completely not open about them, and only shows them/talks about them when the speculation on the animal starts getting heavily talked about.

If she really wants people to trust her word on the rehoming, she should make a vlog of some kind of them being rehomed and post it in a timely manner. Show them in their new home so we know you’re telling the truth…

In case anyone has forgotten, she has proven herself a consistent liar for several years now. She lies about everything, the big things and even the little things. She just lied about being sober within this last week. What reason is there to trust her word exactly?

Those satanics weren’t rehomed. They died.

No. 655697

also because she swore up and down that she didn't need to re-home anyone, everyone was doing fine, she wasn't neglecting them, they didn't need to be rehomed, and then within days is going back on that, claiming she rehomed an animal out of nowhere.

No. 655699

If you read the comment she wasn't even asked if they died. Someone asked when she would show them again and she immediately goes "THEY DIDN'T DIE"

They are dead.

No. 655701

Can someone send a link to Jonny’s discord? The one he sent on Instagram doesn’t work, the idiot can’t even link us to discord right. I bet there’s so much milk there.

No. 655703

you need rank to send an invite. the invite he linked was from 24 hours only. It's not that milky tbh, anons have been posting anything worth looking at here anyway.

No. 655704

File: 1556117954557.png (21.3 KB, 445x223, Capture.PNG)

what a lovely outing

No. 655706

Everything revolves around him. If Taylor struggles with going out due to her health, he should be supportive of her wanting to go out. A compassionate SO would say "I hated it but my SO enjoyed themselves" but nope, it's all about him. Typical narcissist. Even if my SO doesn't enjoy our outings he always makes a point to support me with it because as long as I had fun, that's all he cares about. I feel so sorry for Taylor in terms of her relationship, she doesn't realize just how toxic it is and it's really quite sad.

No. 655708

The biggest issue for me to believe her story about it being too hot for the satanics so she had to rehome them is that she could have just bought a fan. Like a reptile specific fan, designed to be used for this exact situation. She apparently loved them so much and they're a species she's apparently wanted to own for years but she never thought to check what she could do if their enclosure got too hot?
When my cresties get too hot, they have small fans pointed directly in to their tank from above to cool them down exactly as they're designed to do.
It's such a terrible excuse for their obviously apparent deaths, otherwise they wouldn't be gone. Get your shit together Taylor!

No. 655709

Hahaha he hated it because he’s been kicked out of his 40th band…. and watching a fellow weird pedo guy touring…doing the whole rap/rock thing he wants to do… actually has a good body and not flabby pasty I sit on my ass all day whataburger bod…hanging out with his daughter despite not being with the mom…… yaaaaaaaa I’m sure he hated seeing people do things instead of being the shitter once again now trying to make people follow him on twitch….woooooo #winning

No. 655710

This was the biggest give away for me.

Such an obvious lie. THEY DIDN'T DIE!

…girl, what? No one asked.

No. 655715

Also she wouldn't have been able to just mention oh yeah like this many pets died…
Over her dead body. lol. It's such a lying opportunity. She already admitted the halloween crabs died, she knew it wouldn't be good to also say her satanics died, especially after everyone knowing it would have been the replacements that died also, which would then put a hole in her prior excuse for the first time they died (haha I can't believe I'm typing this, she's such a shitty animal carer) she fucking failed at both of them.
She doesn't have capacity to rehome her animals. There's no way. And if she did, she would have made a bigger deal about it because everyone here (and probably twitter) was saying it is what she should do. Then someone asked about them and she freaked and used that as an excuse.

And it's so manipulative for her to mention how oh yeah they'll probably give a reason why they definitely did die. Fuck you Taylor. Stop gaslighting your young fans

No. 655716

I know this is petty but I’m annoyed she hasn’t even bothered hiding her hair underneath the damn wig

No. 655718

Anyone else notice she been on edge the past couple days? Like super anxious, twitchy, fast talking kinda way. Something's not right she being erratic and wayyy too spergy lately. Comparing her to a couple months ago she seemed more collected. wth is going on with her these days?

No. 655719

Pretty sure it's the drugs, anon.

No. 655721

She locked her cats in the bedroom with her and likely jonny.
Three cats with likely no separate beds/space of their own.

No. 655725

At this point I really doubt she has rehome any of her pets. She definitely thinks she can do better than anyone who obviously is more educated and has more experienced. She saw Nemo and the grey kitty were doing really bad and instead on giving them up she decided to see if they make it or not in her care, I can’t see her having a different thought with another pet in the same circumstances.
And since Taylor it’s so retarded even to lie I bet they die for something related to heat since she keep trying push that was the reason they didn’t make the cut for the moving.

No. 655727

It’s the drugs. The IG story she just posted of them looks so damn weird. (It’s video so idk how to post it.) Maybe it’s just because it’s a boomerang video, but they’re so awkward and twitchy and weird looking when they move?
Anyways yeah she’s on edge about everything, definitely agree with anons pointing out how when asked what happened to her satanics her first immediate response was “THEY DIDN’T DIE”. She shows the most clear signs of someone who is guilty of something they’ve done but don’t know how to make up a lie to tell other people.
lollll what “goalz” you guys are Taylor! Even if he didn’t enjoy it, he should still be happy for Taylor if she did. But instead he bitches on his Discord for 2 hours during the event and complains even after getting home about how much he hated going with them. What a waste of a person. No wonder you feel like shit about yourself all the time Taylor, your rapist bf is unsupportive and toxic as fuck

No. 655730

If you look at the photo though, the person who made the comment asking has a different handle than who Taylor tags in her response and it says show one more reply. I’m the one who screenshot that, I couldn’t fit it all in one screen and the above person had said something like “I think they died from their smoking” so I didn’t think it mattered. My bad, guys. The comment about them dying from smoke is deleted on Instagram now.

No. 655735

File: 1556129693939.png (171.75 KB, 500x612, ratcage1.png)

No. 655737

File: 1556130052635.png (172.23 KB, 534x614, ratcage2.png)

No. 655739

Another JC discord link


No. 655741

Bitch just moved, they don't have leftover cardboard boxes laying around to cut for rats?

No. 655743

>i try to go with the most widely accepted methods of care to avoid causing any debate
love how she says that as if she only cares about how she treats her animals because of how it makes her look on the internet, not what's actually best for them. that's just such a weird thing to say. your internet presence shouldn't determine your care, taylor, it should be the research you conduct and your feelings towards keeping a happy animal. she's doing things purely out of how good it makes her look, not because she knows it's what's best. that's like some sociopathic tendency shit right there, trying to fake empathy and fitting in by simply basing decisions on what's best accepted.

No. 655748

File: 1556132991654.jpg (288.74 KB, 1242x1102, TKuEeaI.jpg)

Taylor did that thing where she quote tweets someone so her stans go after them. Only this time she goofed and sent her stans after someone who wasn’t even hating, but trying to be sarcastic.

No. 655750

She also already deleted this tweet. Shocker.

No. 655751

File: 1556133274302.jpg (171.92 KB, 1242x637, MItES28.jpg)

She’s arguing with that TNDTea account on Twitter, but she’s so ignoring the hate, you guys!

No. 655753

File: 1556133526516.png (134.25 KB, 586x404, tndtea1.png)


She can argue all she wants, but TNDtea is just gonna keep dropping the truth bombs!

No. 655756

Man she clearly is extremely dumb. Someone who doesn't know thin material will slip through gaps in bars really shouldn't have pets. She's had numerous comments saying to use cardboard or other safe suggestions. Also so confused what the "they'll only be on bars for 2-3 days" was about if she hasn't even ordered the old cage, I assumed that's all she was waiting for. If it takes her 2-3 days to throw a blanket on some wire she needs help.

No. 655759

File: 1556133808037.png (15.17 KB, 574x132, tndtea2.png)

No. 655760

"around one and a half years" got them in Feb 2018… This bitch loves rounding up.

No. 655761

File: 1556134385037.png (141.69 KB, 532x450, tea.png)



Also lmao at "FAKE CONCERNED" what a belligerent little diva lol

No. 655762

The Google ad video was literally just a bunch of old photos of animals, she could have used any photo of the crabs from any point in time

No. 655764

File: 1556134499580.png (269.8 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190424-143304.png)

No. 655765

File: 1556135166170.png (26.63 KB, 590x248, taylorndean1.png)


>>"Also, Lying and hiding addiction is part of being an addict"

Oh, so it's okay to lie to your fans?

No. 655767

File: 1556135789160.png (42.62 KB, 619x349, Capture.PNG)

Umm.. Depression and shooting up are not the same at all, honey.

No. 655768

Bitch needs to get out of here with this shit. People with depression and anxiety did not choose whatever triggered their disease. She chose to shoot up heroin apparently because people were making fun of her on the internet.

No. 655769

comparing addiction to cancer lmao

No. 655771


Does anyone think she would of told anyone anything if she hadn’t exposed herself with lies and photos? Or with jonny’s public relapse? She HAD to come clean. She’s never been open about anything where her hand wasn’t forced.

No. 655772


She'd still be hiding it if it was her choice. It was Colin and the others who exposed her. Coming out was never her "brave" decision.

No. 655773

>they wouldn't have survived a month in a bad home
it's almost like she knows from experience

No. 655775


Just going to assume she’s still using by saying this. She’s fucking insane. You didn’t have to tell anyone on this thread that you were using. We knew since Chelsea leaked your texts, when you didn’t show up to a meet and greet and when you kept making jokes about being a drug addict. The only person you’re fooling is yourself, Taylor.

No. 655776

File: 1556137498509.png (316.02 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20190424-142419~2.p…)

Too late, Taylor…

No. 655777

File: 1556137656802.jpeg (991.78 KB, 1242x1684, E93DF903-860C-450B-B9F0-74A633…)

No. 655778

Crazy how predictable she is, weren't anons speculating that this exact situation would happen? Where she says animals died or were "rehomed" in the move.

No. 655779



No. 655780

So Jonny was out of town when she started using, but she was also given the heroin from an "ex friend". She only tries to take accountability if it's to protect Jonny. Every other time there's some terrible bad friend who made her do it.

No. 655781

Imagine thinking having cancer and being addicted to smack is the same thing. LMFAO.

No. 655783

I just can't believe she's still keeping on with the "it was my friend that I did it with Jonny wasn't there!!!" schtick. Like how stupid do you think people are? It was definitely your heroin addict shitbag of a boyfriend who got you to do it and we all know it.

No. 655784

File: 1556139119585.png (83.64 KB, 1252x502, jayce-1.png)


If I recall correctly, Jayce said that they only fight when Jonny is on tour…

No. 655786

Yep here >>635806 2 months ago I posted that her moving could be used to cover up deaths and others agreed. Go figure.

No. 655795

she's fine calling out a creepy tattoo artist who tried to come on to her but not the person who got her hooked on heroin. okay.

No. 655798


this dumbass really just put fleece over the bars? with nothing under to actually SUPPORT THEIR FEET which was the problem in the first place?

they need a flat surface to walk on. holy shit this is like basic 101 care. you can go buy some plastic placemats and cut those to size. use cardboard. corrugated plastic/corflute. bitch this ain't hard.

she's so ignorant to basic care it's actually unbelievable.

No. 655799

She got her priorities nice and straight again dropping money on a lizard enclosure vs getting their rats out of a literal harmful situation.

I used to feel sympathy for her being with that manlet, but she's a fucking covert narcissist if I ever seen one and they deserve each other.

No. 655800


she also compared addiction to dementia, in the same strain of "people can't help being addicted"

yeah except you chose to put that needle in your arm. you have a chance of recovery. people with dementia? no chance. the audacity of her to compare herself shooting up to people with cancer is fucking atrocious. my mum lost a breast and had chemo to cancer just this past year. taylor comparing her "addictive personality" to that is just disgusting.

taylor, you're weak and pathetic. you really have NO idea how insensitive you're being. are you losing parts of your body to surgery because of cancer? are you going through rigorous radiotherapy or chemotherapy for weeks and all the awful side effects that come with that?

she needs to stop. she just needs to stop trying to gain sympathy points by comparing addiction to something like cancer or dementia. it not only makes her look stupid, but it also makes her a cunt and she is only making it worse for herself.

No. 655803

So far, she's posted photos of:

-Going to a clinic after relapse
-Having a chiller for Mushu
-One of her videos in the process of uploading
-The current setting on her AC

…Why is it so hard to get photos of her pets in their new homes?
Hell, just ask the new owner to snap some pics & send them to you!

No. 655804

but anon rehoming them to her means taking them back to the reptile store!!!

No. 655814

That has to be the fastest heroin addiction recovery EVER. A world record, I imagine. Barely 2 months and she’s just fine after going from using H every hour because she was soooo addicted. She didn’t need in-patient either! And everything is so kool that she can even still have a cider once in awhile (aka a few every day by the looks of the trash)!

No. 655815

File: 1556145925648.jpeg (326.36 KB, 1235x1123, 18755182-414C-40D7-8038-B47AE5…)

No. 655816


Translation: "I'm not even going to try."

No. 655818

maybe you'll be LUCKY?? you have to fight that shit with your own body and mind. there is no luck involved. will she not even take responsibility for a relapse?!

No. 655819

She acts like cats just sleep at night on command. Especially with young cats, they're usually very active and playful for at least part of the night- especially if you sleep all day too like Taylor seems to.

Also her cats don't seem to get along, since she just threw Star in without proper introductions… I have 3 cats that were properly introduced but still annoy each other, if I tried to lock everyone in one room to sleep none of us would get any sleep because they'd either be playfighting or real fighting. I think it's more likely she never locked the cats in her room at all and lets them bug the rats all day and night.

No. 655824

It's like she fell and the syringe just slipped into her vein

No. 655826

Why is she acting like she’s 100% sober and recovered? Bitch you still drink every single day. You’re still dependent on alcohol to function. Don’t talk and act like you’re past your addiction.

No. 655829

File: 1556149460585.png (152.68 KB, 397x402, 5444354.PNG)

jonny always so charming

No. 655830

yeah he for SURE didn't blow all his money on drugs.

also read the rules and learn how this site works.

No. 655831

Is anyone else noticing that they are literally starting to post in relevance to what is being discussed on here? Something gets speculated and some time later she discretely responds whether it be quote tweeting, replying to comments or some other shit. Jonny is doing the same.

No. 655832

It's like Jonny is trying to bait.

No. 655833

This site is not here for us to dig up receipts for your claims.
There is literally no indication at all that he pays for anything. He has his Twitch account linked to Taylor.
Sure he has some royalties he gets, but he was never a massive star. A good majority of the population would not have a single clue as to who you were talking about.
His royalties could never keep him afloat.

No. 655834

Sorry for samefag.
Yep! Conveniently even added in "maid" when we discussed it last night.

No. 655835

yeah it's known they look on here probably so they can cover up shit they know is about to get leaked lol

No. 655836


Agreed, didn't even know who the fuck this guy was until Taylor. Never heard of his most "famous" band either before this thread too. He's not some retired rock star, he's a jobless junkie. It's doubtful he earns that much royalties from his previous jobs, especially not enough to support his lifestyle.

Also their rent has now doubled and he's unemployed. Unlikely he's paying for all of it if he's even paying their current rent at all.

No. 655838

File: 1556150491293.png (399.38 KB, 451x598, ig6.png)

Back to joking about drug use I see…

No. 655839

Yeah her lack of cat knowledge really bothers me. Cats aren't like dogs at all, they can jump over baby gates and can get along one second and then be fighting the next. I took in an injured stray male the exact same week she did and even though both he and my other two boys are super sweet 99% of the time, there's still always a chance they'll suddenly be territorial or mad at each other. Locking them in one room is an injury waiting to happen to Star (or the other way around).
I've also been wondering what she did when she would leave the apartment, would she let the cats still wander the living room or would they lock them up then too? Nothing she says lines up.

No. 655840

this is absolute proof that she does not take her "recovery" seriously at all. how embarrassing.

No. 655841

seems like the comment has been deleted? plus other ones it seems. it says 14 comments but when you click on them it only shows 6.

No. 655842


Literally just now on Twitter she was like "Addiction is a DISEASE! U wouldn't shame a CANCER patient would U???"

No. 655845

Forget Trumps tax returns…I’d like to see Taylor and Jonny’s!!

No. 655847


At least Betsy can just smile for the photo instead of sticking her tongue out. How embarrassing. Taylor looks like a mess lol. I can't get over that ratty wig and JC looks like 60 year old man.

No. 655855


I just look at this picture and can’t help but think she looks like the poster child of what dating a toxic narcissist/rapist looks like. Dating him singlehandedly ruined her entire life and career. And she’s in complete denial about her toxic relationship. What a sad fucking life.

No. 655858


Now he's trying to isolate her from Betsy by insulting her. If Taylor doesn't publicly stick up for Betsy after this (and after everything Betsy has done for her), Betsy should tell her to go fuck herself. Jonny is just such an all-around shit person.

No. 655859

this makes me really sad, she should get out more and see more people and make more friends…
she's really sapping away her 20s to a manchild whos leeching off of her and hard drugs

its a shame bc i think this color is one of the better colors for her appearance rn then any of the other hair color she tries to wear, like if it wasnt so ratty she'd probably look a whole lot more decent

No. 655866

File: 1556159246549.png (29.44 KB, 574x268, tndsta4.png)

Her stans are so fucking pathetic

No. 655870

File: 1556160558349.jpeg (257.98 KB, 750x1924, 4F75208F-D385-4279-8942-902128…)

Of course there’s a nsfw channel lmao

No. 655873

File: 1556161178533.png (130.92 KB, 590x588, tndstan6.png)

>>"The people who are attacking you on social media do not know you first hand and are only making assumptions based on their perceptions and spread rumors."

I guess screencaps of shit she's actually said/posted herself is just 'assumptions & rumors'!

No. 655874

What's on it?

No. 655876


Just as a warning, if there's underage girls on there (child porn) then they'll purge the entire discord and all the members will be banned. It happened a while ago where someone shared CP in a server and everyone in that server got banned, as they couldn't determine whether or not it was a circle or not.

No. 655877

Probably nudes. Wouldn't be surprising if Jonny pulled an Onision.

No. 655881

File: 1556162290482.png (21 KB, 582x170, dumbass.png)

Good job dumbing down your fanbase, Taylor!

No. 655884

File: 1556162950834.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1796, Screenshot_20190424-212754~2.p…)

Was he giving away anything significant, anons on his discord?

Just thinking back to the MacBook fiasco.

No. 655885

File: 1556163010872.png (16.79 KB, 578x145, dumbass3.png)

No. 655886

oh no… it's retarded

The whole post doesn't even make sense. Just another wannabe pettuber who will never amount to anything, blindly supporting a junkie and her rapist. One day when they're older they'll understand.

No. 655887

if it's the same as discord, it's a battlefield V code

No. 655888

What kind of mental gymnastics did this idiot go through to come up with a galaxy brain ass statement like this? Yup the seven year old battling leukemia is the exact same as the junkie pet hoarder sticking a needle in her arm *sarcasm

No. 655889

File: 1556164861129.png (108.03 KB, 336x370, twit41.png)

"Feel bad for me uwu!"

No. 655890


Interesting, South Texas Dragons never received an apology from you after your slanderous accusations towards them either.

No one owes you shit, Taylor.

No. 655891

File: 1556165735498.jpg (120.92 KB, 950x983, apology.jpg)


No. 655892


>>"South Texas Dragons"

B-but… she showed a (cut-off) draft of her apology letter to them for like, a millisecond in her "My Mistakes" video. Isn't that enough???

No. 655895

File: 1556167077048.png (916.7 KB, 1409x1186, 6B17383A-EBDE-40D1-9F51-64AA3C…)

This girls other tweets about rape/sex assault/etc is golden hypocrisy and sheer irony at its finest.

“there’s no excuse for sexual harassment” -omnipotentlexy

….unless it’s your favorite youtuber’s serial rapist boyfriend, then it’s ”not worth it”, right lexy?

And she’s a tumblrina sjw, even more ironically, who REEE’s about cis whites and how she’s more poor than you and calls people bitches for saying “I’m going on spring break vacation after saving money from work!” because she spends her money on unnecessary shit and can’t afford vacation, so no one can mention their own plans. Figures a Taylor stan would be a cow.

>multiple previous victims, proven past history of sexual harassment on tour

>maybe just do your research, ok?
>people have the right to be upset
>you’re a BULLY!!!!!!!2
>grow up!!!!!!!1
>it isn’t worth it to call out and criticize literal rapists for raping and abusing their victims
>I’m blocking you, you immature child!!!!!111

No. 655897

File: 1556167465741.png (17.18 KB, 518x148, YES.png)

Finally, some sanity!

No. 655901

It wasnt even an actual email, multiple channels showed that the corner of the email she showed looked identical to when you draft an email on her email provider (without sending it).

She also never apologized for attacking, insulting, publicly mocking, and gaslighting her followers who asked/questioned her sobriety and drug use for a year before she finally got exposed. Those people got attacked by her stans and were publicly named by her, while she was calling them stupid. Demanding apologies when she hasn’t apologized for shit.

No. 655903

congrats on outing yourself for cowtipping

No. 655910

it was a battlefield v code.

he also joked around on twitch saying he's thinking of giving away the macbook he no longer uses because of the computer he just bought. How ironic.

No. 655913

File: 1556170367613.png (34.88 KB, 526x386, tndstan5.png)

>>"Same shit"

Okay, so how does someone choose to get, say, breast cancer?

No. 655916

File: 1556172067644.png (64.65 KB, 536x436, twitter.png)

Best reaction to Taylor's asinine tweet yet!

No. 655918

What does it take to win his old computer? Any chance hes smart enough to LEGIT get rid of his history?

No. 655919

But in her example she's basically proving the premise "addiction is a choice" right. If a smoker gets cancer it was because of their addiction, and cancer is just one of the many side effects of smoking, not the rule.

Like what the fuck kind of logic is this?

No. 655920

That's why she makes money. The children dont understand. Shes as good of an abuser Johnny is.

No. 655921


Yeah this logic is fucking stupid. Doing certain things like smoking can increase chances of lung cancer, but that is literally the ONLY one they mention because all the others? There are so many different types of cancer, a lot of them caused by genetics. Taylor and her dumbfuck fans are so stupid.

No. 655922

Can we not post unrelated Stan’s responses? I know is annoying and frustrating having to deal with that but it just clogs the thread.

No. 655929

So sick of the invisible disabilities as some kind of pity party. There are people out there with disabilities who don't have her ability to pay for treatment and have to go out there to fucking work to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. They go through the same "Gee, you don't look sick" shit you do, Taylor, but they're not throwing a pity party about it. Must be nice to live a charmed life.

No. 655932


Taylor is the definition of privileged white girl in a first world country.

No. 655933

I mean many servers have a nsfw channels so it's a weird nitpick. I checked and it's just nsfw memes.

your minimodding is what clogs up the thread.

No. 655938

But I mean, do you really have any business having a NSFW channel on your Discord when a huge chunk of your fans are kids? That's really inappropriate IMO.

No. 655939

I agree with the other anon, posting stan comments for hours is extremely annoying. We would've understood the point after 2 examples of how dumb they are.

No. 655940

third anon chiming in to say I agree. if i's not taylor, it's not really interesting and some of the ones involving taylor are pretty dull as well.

No. 655941

>a huge chunk of jonny's fans are kids
most of the active people in his discord server are teens verging on being young adults. at least judging by the vc. I'm sorry but it's a weird nitpick, especially considering he wasn't the one making the channels (his fans set the server up for him) and he hasn't even posted in the nsfw channel.

alright guys I actually didn't want to start a meta discussion since it's more irritating and boring than anything else. I didn't post the screenshots and don't find them very interesting, but they are fair game to discuss here. you know you can just scroll and not read the stuff you don't find interesting? and report if it's against the rules. multiple comments saying 'i agree' to a meta post without contributing anything else is what clogs up the thread.

when you have to manage ammonia levels with water changes, your tank isn't cycled and you have to really know what you're doing if you want to keep anything living in there (not taylor level knowledge). in planted setups it can be fine to have less frequent water changes, it really depends on the setups. regardless, it's nitrate levels you manage with wc's in a cycled tank not ammonia.

No. 655947

The problem to me, is no matter what the Jonny situation and her “addiction uwu” is her personality. She’s nothing without being a victim. That’s her identity, she’s so bland and boring that being an addict is more exciting than being herself. She doesn’t want to get better, she doesn’t want to be normal. Because she’s afraid people will lose interest.

No. 655948

Her latest insta post… "genetics rly cheated me" because she wasn't born with red hair… Damn girl… Like a thin body with curves and a pretty face with full lips (that you ruined with fillers) isn't enough? So damn annoying. She's really starting to piss me off. She WON the genetic lottery and she still somehow found a way to complain.

No. 655954

I can't believe there's a voice chat. I didn't think anyone could stand his screeching manchild voice for more than a few minutes besides Taylor (barely), couple that with teen boy hormones and voice cracks…

No. 655955

He brushed it off and said he would think about giving it away. He kept mentioning all the giveaways he plans on doing once he's partnered with twitch.

His computer screen is already failing. He knows nothing about computers so if he did give away the MacBook, all of his dirty laundry would most likely still be there.

No. 655959

reading all the comments from Taylor and her fans makes me lose brain cells. Can't wait for the day until they fully develop their brains and look back at how stupid they were while Taylor stays the same.

I agree with this. She basically "won" the lottery gene yet she wants MORE and throw pity parties if she doesn't get what she wants. She's a spoiled, privileged white girl that was raised with parents who were too busy taking care of their son so they lock Taylor in the house by telling her about her disabilities and Taylor uses it to get attention from them. They;re a mess

I would totally feel bad for her but then she started CHOOSING paths that can fuck up her future while creating more and more lies and cover ups. Then she cries about the things she chooses! LOL

No. 655961

His giveaways are probably going to be scams. Didn't he do that kind of thing before with Macbooks and he scammed everyone?

No. 655973

From what I can see on the Discord, other people (his mods?) are buying the prizes.

No. 655974

Are his mods.. girls? By any chance…
Next step is cheating I'm betting right now. This is an outlet for him to. This is Onion tier. Especially with the #nsfw area.
You know men aren't watching him. He's shitty at video games.

No. 655982

There's actually lot of guys in his Discord. There's a couple of girls on his mod-team and the rest are male. People rarely post nudes in #nsfw, those channels become shitposting areas in most servers.

No. 655986

Thing is, no one is born with cherry red hair anyway so that's literally not even a gene you can be born with.

No. 655988

File: 1556214559079.jpg (72.89 KB, 576x1024, D49s6FoWkAADxXI.jpg)


>>"But I now realize he was objectifying me the entire time…"

(pic in reference to Taylor's nudes)

I know it's old milk now, but this shit is just so ironic!

No. 655994

I threw up in my mouth a lot

No. 655999

File: 1556216865128.jpeg (194.17 KB, 750x1065, EDF250F9-766E-4DE0-A3F2-A24B8B…)

Not sure if this was posted yet, but Taylor’s “explaination” of why she couldn’t get a fan

No. 656002


Excuse me for being ignorant about her other reptiles but surely if they’re all on their own heating systems with thermostats it won’t matter what the temperature of the room itself is? What does she do in winter then?

No. 656004

Is the top reptile room even closed off past the gate she mentioned? I remember being surprised in the first looks of the house because I couldn’t see a door, just the stairway up.

No. 656009


Heating pads and lamps don't cool. They only heat, so if the ambient temperature of the room is too high, then the reptile won't have a temperature gradient. Most reptiles should have a warmer and cooler side of the enclosure. It's a struggle to keep reptile rooms cool in hot states like Texas. Unless Taylor doesn't mind keeping her A.C. around 69-71 degrees, she should get a room unit. Reptile keepers understand this, but I wouldn't expect Taylor to.

No. 656010

So the "office", their bedroom, and the reptile room account for only 3 of the 4 bedrooms so she couldn't stick them in the extra room that suddenly exists. I don't remember her ever saying what could possibly be taking up the 4th bedroom. Also i dont understand why she couldn't just stick them in the office and just not let the cats in there i mean i doubt they both spend time in there together so the cats wouldn't need to go in there really ever. If the cats have the full downstairs plus two maybe 3 rooms upstairs its not gonna hurt them to take away another room for them to be able to hang out in. It just seems like all the normal weak excuses to cover up a lie

No. 656013

Like the “guest” room will ever get used… it will just be used for dumping shit! What’s the point in 4 bedrooms? One could be reptiles and another mammals….bedrooms usually have doors!

No. 656023

I can’t stop laughing. Jonny Dick Pic flexed so hard about this 4K house with supposed bedrooms that don’t even have fucking doors you can close? The selling point was that atrium with the retarded fake grass. It suits them. That grass is just like their lives. Fake.

No. 656026

File: 1556224975964.png (22.67 KB, 582x208, twit43.png)

Guess she mellowed out after yesterday's insane ramblings…

No. 656027

Learn how to properly color and take care of your hair, Taylor. Then you can do this amazing thing called, "dyeing it red and being able to keep it that way long-term without it becoming frizzy as fuck or falling out." It's quite amazing.

No. 656028

Nah she should def stick to wigs. Good quality ones tho that she actually takes care of so they dont look a mess on her head

No. 656037

File: 1556229949574.png (172.84 KB, 464x524, ig8.png)

Your experience is what you make it Taylor.

No. 656040

It just occurred to me, why don't they hire a housekeeper? The house has to be in videos, Taylor is ~so sick~ and Jonny probably won't clean. It's not a big investment to keep the internet from knowing you're a slob junkie liar.

I'm still pissed that they moved in to that house. I live here. Cost of living is low. You can find nice and roomy houses for as low as $1,500. We're talking three bedrooms, two bathrooms with at least one common area and a yard. Ample space. There's no reason for them to be living in a house over $2-2.5k a month.

This woman is flushing every last penny down the toilet while she is in a very unique situation that could have granted her an early retirement. So hey, if you're going to throw away your money for an unsustainable lifestyle might as well get a housekeeper to keep the background for your fake life nice and needle free. Taylor made her choice. She should milk it for all it's worth because before long people are going to start mixing her up with Tuna and Lurch.

No. 656041

Funny how she makes a post abt her after Jonny has basically been degrading her lmfao.. they couldnt make it any more obvious that they lurk.

No. 656071

The money wasting is pretty grating for me as well. She throws money away like it's her job, literally blessed with looks, wealth, luck and still manages to fuck her life up. Her life is a bad joke. I don't think she realizes how little time she has on YT left, and after YT she'll just needle herself into an early grave. She had so much potential early on, She was never perfect, but jonny intensified the worst aspects of her personality. Hopefully their inevitable breakup will take her down a peg. People wouldn't even be as upset but she's such a stuck up arrogant,deceitful bitch these days.

No. 656073

I'm glad she has Betsy if only because it's someone other than jonny. Just wish Betsy had a spine or cared about what an awful human being Jonny is.

No. 656075

Of course she’s her best friend. She probably pays her to be. Just speculation, but I’m thinking Betsy’s a single mom and probably needs the money to support herself and her kiddo. I hope Taylor pays her well to put up with all the crap.

No. 656078


>unconditionally continuing to love me!

think it was $800 or so a week. I think it was mentioned in previous threads. I think it encompasses animal care as well as keeping house clean. Stop paying her, see how long she sticks around.

Don't understand how you need a weekly maid in your early 20's. Betsy is just another enabler at this point. Just another parasite coasting on an easy gig. Must not be a very good maid judging from the way her house looks.

No. 656081

> I needed help managing my day to day life

… But WHY? You don't work a full time job, you're not even doing work consistently every week, let alone every day. Your boyfriend lives with you and you previously only had to keep up with your apartment and your animals. What are you talking about?

Maybe, if you need someone to care for them every day because it's too difficult for you, then you should consider that you have TOO MANY ANIMALS, Taylor.

No. 656083

File: 1556238691441.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20190425-182942~2.p…)

Taylor's smile doesn't meet her eyes. Oof.

No. 656087

uhhgg Muh condituhns.

Mommy and Daddy just didn't give her enough attention. I'm willing to bet all this sickness crap is faked. Just a ploy to steal attention from her younger brother. She's got serious issues.

Bitch if you say your allergic to gluten why the fuck do you eat whatabuger so much. Take care of your fuckin health and stop blaming it on your "genetics". Some people can eat whatever the hell they want and do fine, but most people can't eat shit food 24/7 in their 20's like they did when they were teenagers. People's bodies turn to shit, they get sick, skin problems, aches and pains, sound familiar? If that's too hard maby just maby you should cut down on the amount of animals. Take some responsibility Jesus.

everyones health is their responsibility. It's never as easy as just taking a pill. That shit is a lie fed by big pharma.

No. 656088

File: 1556240485086.jpg (146.2 KB, 1200x1043, D5B9CiNWsAAgDIa.jpg)

Cheese's necropsy results have arrived!
…According to her they're "Pretty inconclusive"

No. 656095

That wig is horrendous. She could at least put in a little effort to put it on correctly. She has devolved into looking like such a druggie

No. 656097

this waxy, glazed-over look is so telling she's still on H

No. 656098

Girl that hairline is so tragic. I can see the logic behind wearing wigs because her hair is really damaged but come on man at least secure the wig and make it look presentable.

No. 656100

Curious to see what the autopsy looked at. If they looked at cheese's otoliths, they definitely could have gotten his age, and even see if his growth was disrupted (if she had him long enough, i just started following her drama). I have a feeling the autopsy was bogus tho

No. 656101


Going to wait so I can make even more money off Cheese in another video

No. 656102

This is old news tho. She's been saying this but I bet she won't even include them in a video. Literally everyone knew they'd be inconclusive, presumably even her, yet she paid money for a report confirming it.
I'm more interested in seeing the "extra speshul jewelry made of his ashes"

No. 656103

File: 1556246678062.png (60.62 KB, 626x535, Capture.PNG)

So this is a new one. Part of Taylor's "addiction is comparable to cancer" sperg, she's now saying that being prescribed pain meds as a child made her seek out the harder drugs.

No. 656104

I hate that she takes this slightly edgy kid angle to all of this, as if her heroin addiction makes her more interesting

No. 656107


When the maid has whiter and healthier teeth and gums than you

No. 656108


I mean, overall she looks much healthier than Taylor, she's actually got color in her skin, her smile looks more natural & not forced

No. 656109

File: 1556248064149.png (52.89 KB, 576x498, dumbass5.png)


Oh god this one stan just keeps going

No. 656126

this isn't a post about Becky, it's a post about Taylor. every single thing she wrote is about herself. "thank you for doing so much for me! thank you for staying even when I'm a shitty friend! thank you for moving out-of-state to follow me since my YouTube channel is amazing and I'm amazing and heroin is amazing all my animals are doing amazing! anyway more about me and my YouTube channel and my animals! and don't forget to go watch my videos for that sweet sweet drug money!!"

No. 656128


That's not how it works, either. If you have not taken any opioids since "growing up" you would not have a tolerance which would require "stronger and stronger" to satisfy.

I'm surprised she has not use this defense before now. When her heroin use was confirmed I predicted this would be her back story considering her claim of CRPS.

No. 656133

Hear that kids? Taylor promotes being a fucking pill junkie turned hardcore drug user if you have medical problems.

There’s no excuse for turning to fucking heroin, help with the pain? Yeah fucking right.

No. 656136

Junkie ronald mcdonald rollin’ through

No. 656137

I'm dying. She's literally using the story to the movie, "Ben's Home." Woman's son was prescribed painkillers at 12 then leads to heroin. Can't say the teachers had a mini drug ring going on in the school since you were homeschooled.

You know what else was in that movie, Taylor? The addict repeated "addicts always lie" over and over.

No. 656143

File: 1556276029595.jpg (2.02 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190426_125145424.j…)

was bored and did some scrolling. she used to be so, so pretty, it's almost hard to look at her newer photos, knowing she used to be so beautiful.

No. 656149

I'm cackling this is too accurate

No. 656155

File: 1556288715896.jpeg (296.7 KB, 1242x1017, BFA0E7E7-E0AC-476D-BE39-35613E…)

Looked to see if this had been posted but didn’t see anything, sorry if it already has

This was under her cAnCeR iS tHe SaMe As ShOoTiNg DoPe tweet

No. 656156


She still gets it wrong! Drug addiction and dependency can be physiological depending on the drug.

No. 656158

Her entire life seems to be about getting attention. Maybe it's because she felt neglected by her crazy mother who spent most of her time caring for Tanner, who actually does have issues and needs nearly constant supervision. Not trying to excuse any of her behavior, just speculation.

But there's a definite pattern of attention seeking. She possibly fakes illnesses to get attention. She discovers that owning exotic animals gets her attention. Jonny probably won her over because he gave her attention. She wears outfits that draw attention. She can't get away from social media because she loves the attention. I could sit here all day and write about what she does to get attention.

No. 656166

I just noticed that TNDs follower count went from 276k to 275k. When til her YouTube count goes down?

No. 656167

This is sad, she was a very cute girl, now she's a miserable, bloated mess with junkie skin/gums, dead eyes and botched lips. I can't believe this is the path she chose for herself. I can't believe she chose to be with a rapist druggy piece of shit. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a fucking narcissist. Jonny was the beginning of the end for her, and the fact that she threw everything away for a toothless, fat manlet with a horrible attitude just makes her even more of a fucking retard.

No. 656168

On insta? Because her twitter count has been going down quite a bit, too.

No. 656170

that's what happens when you get into drugs and rapist men instead of spending your youtube money to go to college. She can easily take an online Psychology class and learn more about addiction and when it becomes a disease.

No. 656171

Taylor, no matter how much excuses you make to defend yourself when it comes to drugs, you're still choosing to do them. There's nothing and no one to blame than yourself. No one is forcing them onto yourself (unless Jonny is)

No. 656173

File: 1556300541520.jpg (128.8 KB, 1242x610, IzCNC2p.jpg)

I know some people are annoyed with posting stan comments, but I really feel like part of the problem with Taylor is how delusional these people are. The hoops they will jump through to defend her amaze me. Here’s one basically saying TND Tea should commit what they’d then call harassment just so they can tell Taylor in private what’s wrong with her care. Jesus.

No. 656178

File: 1556301264899.png (152.67 KB, 348x616, jc5.png)

>"doesn't it get old trying to drag others down to your petty level????"

I don't know Jonny, does it?

No. 656179


>just a couple of kids

jonny you're over 30

No. 656181

Taylor is a kid, but Jonny is a full blown adult. It’s a red flag that a man in his 30’s wants to date a teenager, but I recognize that Taylor won’t understand that for several years.

No. 656182


Yeah, he definitely went for Taylor after learning that she's pretty much a sheltered 15-year-old in a 20-year-old's body, win-win!

No. 656186


…Not to mention Jonny's been given every single chance in the world to change & get better, & he wasted each & every one. So, sorry no one wants to put up with your shit anymore, Jonny!

No. 656187

dont u mean my girlfriend is a kid and i'm almost halfway into the lifespan of a healthy adult

No. 656195

you're totally right about this post anon
it just reads like a roleplay backstory, it doesnt sound real at all
"After a few medications prescribed to me as a young child, I just craved more and more! I wanted them stronger to help me better, but ultimately lead me down the path of addiction!"

No. 656200

When you're in your 30's and already have a child you abandoned… and refer to yourself as a kid. He is so fucking deluded.

No. 656201


To be fair, he pissed away his 20's on drugs, so he probably missed out on most of his 'young-adult' years.

Still doesn't make you a 'kid' though…

No. 656202


33 is middle aged man. I don't know wtf to even say, at some point you've gonna man up and take some responsibility. It's one thing to piss away your late teens being rebellious but 22-23 you should be getting your shit together. 30 you should have a house and a stable career, at least a job of some sort. Sitting around getting high isn't a life.

No. 656206

The post saying they died was clearly sarcastic, you idiot.

No. 656207

Yeah, her insta was originally 276k. Sorry, I should have clarified haha.

No. 656210

File: 1556313842286.png (946.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190426-172330.png)

lol how long until Jonny has a meltdown and she starts looking for a new place

No. 656213

She had no problem shoving several animals in a closet in her last place, why not the satanics?
I also just don't buy that there isn't a closed door somewhere she could have put them behind in that house.
I was trying to find the listing for the house I remember an anon found, surely there are more than two bedrooms?

No. 656215


Her new house has 4 bedrooms.

No. 656217

I hope the animals are doing fine if that's the inside temperature.

No. 656218

>>656176 Shut up you god damn rapist who threatens to kill kittens when he throws childlike tantrums because he doesn't get his way. You are a nearly 40 year old man, you are not a kid, no adult man talks like this. You are pedophile and a rapist, stop feeling sorry for yourself, no one feels bad for you.

No. 656219

File: 1556315066770.jpg (113.08 KB, 1242x498, 9ftQDCy.jpg)

The house had four different AC controllers, which means that she totally could have put the Satanics in an area of the house that was cooler than the others if she wanted.

No. 656220


> "I'll definitely look into those options"

aka "I'll just wait until it isn't hot anymore! …And if I find out one of my animals died from the heat, remember kids 'There was nothing I could do about it' teehee!"

No. 656222

File: 1556315835788.png (198.88 KB, 592x470, twit46.png)

No. 656226

File: 1556316012030.png (47.96 KB, 580x402, twit48.png)

No. 656228

File: 1556316158132.jpg (727.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190426-150058_Ins…)

But it definitely wasn't needed before this.

No. 656229

Should probably get her AC checked and invest in some blinds. It's probably iced up. All her animals must be putting out an ungodly amount of heat as well. Fans only make it warmer, its just adding heat.

No. 656231


Looks like now that Taylor's back, the Petfest Crew has returned to sucking her butthole again…

No. 656232


Why would she need 4 bedrooms? It’s not like either of them have any friends who’d stay over

No. 656233


Taylor has friends that she drinks ciders with apparently.

No. 656234

I am gonna be hella salty if PetTubers go back to sucking on her tits and kissing her ass. NO ONE should be supporting what she is doing rn, no one should be enabling it. It's bad enough everyone is pretending nothing is wrong but to go back to encouraging it would be the fucking worst.

No. 656235


As long as she keeps raking in the views, they're just gonna keep sucking.

No. 656237

File: 1556317837099.png (Spoiler Image, 170.39 KB, 1387x723, Capture _2019-04-26-15-24-31.p…)


I think people see through her bs. I also feel some in the pet community will speak out against her. I can only hope that they do. I don't know if she knows adults are as not manipulative as the kids that follow her.

No. 656238

whether or not she could have put them in a cooler area, they are a fragile species and do not tolerate heat fluctuations well, and Texas is only going to get exponentially hotter. The move alone would have caused a lot of stress and it’s hard to predict what ambient temps will be like in a new home until everything is set up and you’ve lived there for a while (see: her latest tweets).

She’s not competent enough to handle satanics and if she really did rehome them, then she did the right thing.

I would like to see proof as well, but if it wasn’t a personal friend (does she even have any besides betsy?) people flake out on updates with rehoming situations all the time.

I’ll celebrate any decisions she makes to rehome animals. Even if it’s bullshit, it’s certainly better than OMG GUIZ MY PETS DIED BUT ITS NOT MY FAULT replaces them

No. 656241

she's such an idiot for renting the atrium house. those huge windows you cant cover up, of course its going to be hot as fuck inside

No. 656242

Not to stand up for the slimy prick. His baby’s mama got smart and left before the kid was even born. Technically he didn’t abandon her…but by the same token he didn’t make any effort to support said child regardless.

No. 656243

Is the unit switch turned on at the unit? Is the breaker turned on in the breaker box? Does the damn thing even work? Call the landlord…it’s not even your property you stupid cow.

No. 656247

Her electric bill is going to be NUTS… it’s only April.

No. 656249

It's working fine. Is just what happens with drug addicts their temperature fluctuates hot and cold.

No. 656250

File: 1556321032761.jpg (518.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190426-192201_Twi…)

Posted today on tnd tea

No. 656251

I mean… that may be true but the photo is of the thermostat not their personal body temps. Odds are she needs to call her landlord to get something fixed or turned on.

No. 656252

Anyone who has lived in Texas should know by now how to deal with Texas heat. You turn on the AC to auto and you leave it there and if your thermostat is working, it will keep the temperature stable. She’s too stupid to figure that out I guess or she’s bullshitting trying to prove to the haters that her house is too hot for the Satanics. I don’t believe for a second that she actually revoked those things.

No. 656253

I live in San Antonio and it is 85F today. Her house is 81F inside? Her ac is either broken or the houses insulation is absolute garbage. It's 76F in my house (what the tstat is set to) and the AC has hardly been on at all.

No. 656254

When August comes around and we get temps in the high 90s to 100s her animals are probably going to start dying off.

No. 656257

>Set to 66
>Set to 74
She's only turning it on for the pictures. She's probably got the junkie shivers.

No. 656258

We were told to leave the fan on auto on thermostat by the HVAC people.. is that not he norm?

No. 656259

she has a house with a thousand windows but I guess none of them open

No. 656260

This is worrying the hell out of me. Girl doesn't even know how to change her air filter.

That isn't going to do anything. She just needs to check the air filter and stop touching the thermostat.

No. 656261

File: 1556323316930.png (180.81 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190426-190030.png)

If it's 85f now and she can't get the house below 80F, what is she going to do when it's even hotter?

She needs to invest in a portable or window AC, or even better, rehome the animals.

No. 656263


And those high ceilings aren't helping?


She needs to find out when the last time the ducts were cleaned, too.

No. 656266

Im starting to think Taylor is too retarded to use AC since she had the same problem in her old apartment.

No. 656267

81 is hot for croc skinks & crested geckos, too hot for rats. Sure her axolotl might have a chiller, but there’s a lot of animals in that house that need cooler temps. Not good.

No. 656279


Taylor's clips of the animal room before they moved in

No. 656284

File: 1556326462596.png (210.7 KB, 579x499, Screenshot from 2019-04-26 19-…)

No. 656285

I thought she might be doing it for pictures to make her story about rehoming the satanics more believable, but if you look at the replies you’ll see people warned her she could freeze and break her AC if she kept it at 66F- better to keep it at room unless you want a broken AC and a four figure electric bill.

The sad thing is, I feel this situation could happen to anybody who is a new young home owner/renter. It’s just that instead of contacting family/friends for help and advice, or read up on what she could do, or have her POS emotional leech of a bf help her, her first instinct is to (panic) post about it to her followers as though she’s done all she can when clearly she hasn’t.

She won’t get better in this same mindset she’s always been in- can she even use the Internet in a healthy way? Just because she’s in this big beautiful new house and done outpatient doesn’t negate these little telling behaviors that stack up over time.

She’s constantly floundering, relying on social media, paying too much mind to “addressing the haters” with elaborate excuses and lies, and not investing into actually making permanent changes in her life. It’s so obvious how much denial she’s living in to anyone who’s either a) been in that place themselves or b) known someone just like her.

No. 656286

I'm a bit lost on this, so is she renting the house or did she buy it? And was she evicted from her apartment because of the animals and stench?

No. 656287

she is renting it for 4k a month but claims to rent to buy later. we dont know if she was evicted or not, chelsea (jonnys ex) said that they were getting evicted but nobody really knows

No. 656290

Whatever happened to all those bags of kratom?

No. 656292

I googled her address and it appears she lives in a gaudy gated community called "Dominon." How tf did literal heroin addicts get into a gated community lmao

No. 656293

The property owner/management probably got pretty desperate to get it rented out since no one wanted it. It is an awful house - built in 1994 it's not going to be anywhere near modern building code and I'm sure the insulation is completely shot and the house probably has single pane windows. The electricity bill will be at least $500 on top of the outrageous $4k rent.

No. 656295


>How tf did literal heroin addicts get into a gated community lmao

By pretending to be 1.Rich, & 2.Not addicted to heroin.

No. 656296

So their house is 80+ inside and dumbass is in a hoodie with the hood up

No. 656298

What happened to Taylor buying her own house? Her credit can't be anywhere near well enough to buy her own house. A rent to own or buying from owner would result later in a balloon payment after a few years, or going through a bank, which her credit wouldn't qualify for. I don't know why she keeps lying about the dumbest crap, unless she thinks everything will just be handed to her easy with a childish mentality.

No. 656299

The insulation of that house is just plain garbage. If you look at Zillow's post, people would leave after a few years and I'm guessing it's because of the insulation. That house is surrounded by windows and a HUGE atrium that is connected to every room. I'm betting that Atrium gets super hot especially when there's no air circulation and she can't reach the top windows.

there goes more money down the drain.

No. 656300

She's in debt with the IRS so her credit is too shit to be able to own a house and her manchild obviously can't buy one. Even if she could, she's probably too high/stupid to even start thinking about owning a simple house

No. 656301

>>656299 She got the house alone for its looks to show off for Youtube. She never had her animals in mind when renting the house. Jonny is an educated man who probably can't figure out which end of a hammer to use to do a little DIY.

No. 656303

File: 1556331871963.png (17.15 KB, 612x304, twit49.png)

Um… Is twitch a music plataform?

No. 656304

If it was for looks they could have at least put nice furniture in there…

No. 656305

>>656304 You're giving them too much credit for taste and class, Taylor wears lingerie out in public to reptile conventions.

No. 656307

File: 1556332419850.png (31.08 KB, 516x572, house.png)


> If you look at Zillow's post, people would leave after a few years

Looks like the longest anyone stayed there was about… 3 years

No. 656309


It's an everything platform. Originally it was just for gaming, but there are now sections that are for IRL streams, art, music, etc.

No. 656313

JC is obsessed with getting partner. Sad thing is he view bots. You can tell by the viewer / chatter ratio and the names of a lot of viewers. And only gets actual viewers when posting a giveaway five hundred times. When he’s doing giveaways & view bots he has about 100 viewers. With out those, it’s 50-60

No. 656314

Wow its not even summer yet and her house is getting that hot? SA wasnt even that hot today, wait til its 105 out lol. She probably froze up her unit. She's lived in SA her whole life & didn't think that the atrium in the middle of the house wouldn't be a problem? Quit wasting your money on heroin and get some black out curtains girl, Summer is coming haha

No. 656317

And this is why she's having aggression issues with her STP. At that temperature, the snake doesn't need any external heating, but last time I checked she does. That snake is going to be hot and aggressive, as most short tails get aggressive when they're too warm. Plus all of the other animals ambient temperatures will be WAYYYYY off. That's too warm for ambient temps for most of the animals she keeps. Plus, too warm (in my opinion) for cresties for long periods. Just a bad situation. She needs to get that temperature under control.

No. 656322

File: 1556336404574.jpeg (68.61 KB, 750x235, 3E7F4F01-FBFC-47F9-B3B1-E0064D…)

The landlord probably got desperate enough to rent it to her after it was available for 77 days. It says elsewhere in the listing that pets are negotiable so he must have been ready to lease it out.

No. 656330

I'm betting money that the only reason why she chose that house is because of the Atrium and nothing else. The moment she seen it, she was probably like, "omg an atrium! no one has that anymore! I wanna be the only girl who has it!!! I can get so much attention!!"

No. 656340

It doesn't surprise me. The house is impractical and outdated to live in, especially for that price.

The atrium is what draws people in, for the novelty, but it must be a pain in the ass to maintain. There's way better and prettier houses for less money.

No. 656346

Agreed. There’s a few that are also trying too damn hard to get noticed. Not trying to derail but that one LousLittlezoo comments her ig photos in the hopes she comments back. It’s cringe.

No. 656348


Those lil' clout-chasers are making a big mistake, because Taylor seems to be spiraling twice as fast as she was last time!

No. 656351

File: 1556344720942.png (30.86 KB, 574x244, twit51.png)

Heads up!

No. 656353


It's more likely her previous landlord declined to renew her month to month tenancy. An eviction would be a severe impediment in renting, especially in an exclusive community such as the Dominion.


Her owing back taxes has not been confirmed. Tax debt does not appear on one's credit report unless the IRS has issued a lien. Texas does not collect individual income tax.

Her credit score may be very good if she has maintained good credit, ie paid her credit card and loan balances on time. Bank accounts do not appear on one's credit report. Landlords can request proof of income.



The rental price was lowered by $400 in that time, too >>656307.

No. 656354


Can someone download this video? It shows more pics than any of the listings.

No. 656363

File: 1556348312220.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190427-015744.png)

No. 656364

File: 1556348352943.png (855.81 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190427-015758.png)

No. 656365

File: 1556348389694.png (2.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190427-015814.png)

No. 656366

There is a school district nearby where they live. I wonder how parents would feel to know a sex offender and rapist live nearby. That would be scary to learn.

No. 656368


"i am not what you think"

some twitch hoe? lol. trash hangs with trash i guess.

No. 656370

Are they friends or is he just tagging some random twitch thot he doesn't know for attention?

No. 656371

It appears that he bought her a new video card (pictured) because she was having computer troubles

No. 656375

>>656371 With Taylor's money I'm guessing.

No. 656376

She says it’s a 2070 graphics card, when you look it up it sells in the hundreds. (Like $500+) someone correct me if I’m wrong.

No. 656377

Taylor will be very happy to find out about this

No. 656382


Taylor better step up her tattoo coverage. Inb4 she develops a sudden interest in shibari.


When I was scouring the various listings and digging for info about the architect (his career in home design and construction appears to have been was very short lived) I came across a few pics of the atrium ages ago with a more complex water feature and real grass (prefab turf), so it can be done. It's something she could throw money at, though assisting with the work (muh EDS) and getting outside in the fresh air and springtime sun for some much needed vitamin D would demonstrate being on a healthier path for her body and mind and devotion to her animals. And she would be learning about plants, teachable to her audience.

Shit, sorry! I dozed off and was dreaming.

No. 656384

watched this ep of weeds the other day and thought of taylor. replace "plants" with "pets"

No. 656385

Since its a rental the landlord probably opted for an option their tenants are least likely to fuck up, little do they know who they have living under their roof. It's a good thing that they don't have real grass because that shits gonna look awful if they don't hire someone to do it for their lazy nasty asses.

No. 656390

File: 1556365581786.png (363.1 KB, 339x611, 1af86b9360a8d70ef85bee2ec5439d…)

why does she have what appears to be literal snot on her laptop? i mean she said they were just fingerprints.. also, her next story on insta was a video of her showing that she has 3 fans on in her office and it's still 81.

No. 656395

LORD, IF MY PARTNER SPENT OVER $75 ON SOMEONE WHO WASN'T A CLOSE FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER, I'D BE DONE. Can't get Taylor rehab, but can drop money on "social prostitutes."

I said this earlier, inb4 Jonny convinces her to be in an open relationship. I'm calling it. All toxic relationships lead to that eventually.

No. 656399

I'd be especially worried for her rats and maybe the hedgehogs.

Generally, I find it ironic that she used the whole 'can't keep them in the bathroom' excuse for her satanics when she once kept both of her crested geckos in the bathroom and as others have mentioned she supposedly quarantined in the bathroom.

Does her house have a spare bathroom? I'm assuming it does so it wouldn't be that hard to stick some animals in there if she really wanted to. Of course, we all know they're probably dead.

Also no doubt she chose the house because of the atrium. She could probably keep the door open if there's any breeze too.

No. 656400

I'm growing really concerned for her rats. Rats do not tolerate warm temperatures at all, they are better suited to the cold than they are to the heat. Especially considering they are in a closet with no windows & minimal air flow.

No. 656401


The hedgies are in the bottom row of enclosures iirc.

No. 656402

welp. the pet heat deaths will begin.

No. 656420

One of the hedgehogs is in the vision cages, one is still in a barred cage.

No. 656426

What pisses me off is Jonny bought that girl the expensive PC stuff, yet isn't buying an AC unit to keep the pet rooms cooler.

Could easily use a unit if her central air isn't working. I'd immediately be doing that once it hit 79 in my house.

No. 656427

Now that you mention it she showed the pet room having it's own private bathroom up the little staircase. So technically, there is a clean bathroom she could utilize assuming she never uses it as an actual bathroom

No. 656428

File: 1556380333168.png (206.92 KB, 296x582, story30.png)

…And there they go, buying friendships again!

No. 656429


I can already see Taylor bending over backwards trying to justify this
"He can have female friends! Plus he's offering help to poor ppl who need it!!!"

No. 656435

pretty much everything they buy is a waste of money that could've gone to improving the living condition of them and their pets

No. 656437

According to Instagram it's about Kronos. Probably him outside in the atrium swimming in that filthy water.

No. 656440

Oh Jonny, paying to ride on the coat tails of more socially well known women than himself. Used Taylor and now this chick. Gross. I'm hoping this girl just uses him and then bails. Even better, uses him, gets receipts of him being scum and then bails.

No. 656443

I'm guessing she uses that bathroom for cleaning things from all her enclosures, so I'm hoping she doesn't ever use it for that. That's a great way to spread parasites or other things quickly into an isolated enclosure.

Everyone really seems to wish she was keeping the Satanics by pointing out all the options she had. Can't we just accept she didn't want to care for them? If her story is true (that's a big if), then she returned them to a pet store that will have a much more vested interest in keeping them alive. I don't know why this is still a topic of discussion. We know she'll never show proof, anyway.

No. 656444

What kind of bs would he have gone thru to help her get that card? That is so fucking dramatic

No. 656445

I was more thinking the bathroom (again assumed clean) would be a cooler part of her home where she could temporarily put a couple of her more heat-sensitive pets until the heat/ac was taken care of. I'm personally glad she doesn't have the satanics anymore. Hopefully she's honest and rehomed them, but no matter what happened I'm glad they're not in her care anymore.

No. 656446

Five minutes until the video is supposed to drop and I have a feeling she's still asleep. she was posting on Twitter at like 1am and hasn't said anything all day.

they're not so much saying that she should have kept them, but rather pointing out that her excuse to get rid of them was pretty flimsy and she could have kept them if she really wanted to. It would have been pretty simple to make it work. But she didn't, so it makes her excuse "the reptile room was too hot and there was NOWHERE else to put them" seem like a lie since there are multiple places she could have put them. I'm convinced they died.

Now she knows not to confide in any other pet tubers because it'll potentially get out when she burns even more bridges (if there are any left to burn that is) so we'll never find out why they died.

No. 656447

fighting with Taylor, maybe? that's really the only reason I can think of

No. 656449


I've been informed that he bought himself a new graphics card & is giving his older one to her, & that he's friends with her bf.

No. 656465

who are you and who were you informed by

No. 656466

File: 1556391728604.png (202.33 KB, 852x1336, TNDdefenders.png)

Just looking at Whatever's videos again and boy, Taylor sure has some stellar defenders…

No. 656467

officially two hours late on the video upload and complete silence from Taylor since last night. if she says she accidentally slept until after 1pm then who the hell is taking care of her animals? yes they don't need constant care but like some of them need their lights turned on to bask and stuff during the day.

No. 656469

I don't think she gets help in that house. Jonny looks like he's too busy on drugs to do it.

I wonder when are they going to find her overdosed. Can we do anything a wellness check? What are the laws in texas?(encouraging cowtip)

No. 656470

lmao wtf

No. 656471

"too bad the gas chambers didn't get you"
"nazi german scumbag"
these people are retarded lol

No. 656472

File: 1556392694259.png (185.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190427-151621.png)

you can't say you've successfully posted three weeks in a row until you've ACTUALLY posted the third video. plus, I would say "successful" is sticking to your self-made schedule, and you couldn't manage that since you "slept through your alarms"

No. 656474

She’s only done two videos, so how can she be consistent with uploads for 3 weeks? She is genuinely of low intelligence.

No. 656476

An alarm just to upload a video? aka it wasn't even ready yet? If she had it ready prior she could just press upload then go back to sleep.

No. 656480

She said she has to "wrap it up", so no it doesn't sound like it was finished and ready to be uploaded. Keep in mind it was almost a week ago she posted Kronos out in the atrium and said that's her next video. So she's had plenty of time to work on this… I just can't with her.

No. 656483

File: 1556395906762.png (434.74 KB, 460x619, Capture _2019-04-27-15-10-41.p…)

No. 656484

Why does she even give an upload time unless it’s already uploaded and set to release. She a scumbag shithead. Good thing she doesn’t have a real job. A boss would get tired of the “I slept thru ALL my alarms” all the time. Next the dog will have eaten her homework…

No. 656485

Why would he buy a new graphics card? He’s had his pc for less than a month.

No. 656486


Because he has the get the latest hi-end shit. Gotta flexx yo!

If he keeps this shit up Taylor's gonna end up broke af

No. 656487

File: 1556396278632.png (233.1 KB, 555x870, coffinqueendiscord.png)

he had mentioned her in his discord before btw

No. 656488

Taylor better watch out or step up her game. Not really my thing but she's johnny's type. She pulls off the whole tattooed, suicide girl kinda look alot better than taylor does.

No. 656492

He doesn't know anything about computer components so every time someone says "XYZ is better than that" he believes them

No. 656494

So Taylor is following in the footsteps of another cow named Taylor and letting her partner scope out new chicks right in front of her. Good to know. Both Taylors also share the burden of bringing in the money so that their men can have their toys and make fools of themselves on their internet, don't think that Lainey ever contributed half as much to Greg, still, maybe the name itself is cursed.

If the poly spec comes true then it'll really be a case of cow taking after cow.

Unrelated but there was some conversation back when they first rented that it would be impossible to cool because of the windows, iirc. The hallway that surrounds the atrium will screw up cooling as well. Funny to hear Taylor whining about not understanding (or pretending not to) AC units, she is a literal child.

No. 656501

At least?? Is she not aware that two videos with a third one coming is not "three videos at least"? That's two.

No. 656520

File: 1556403918697.png (224.52 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2019-04-27-17-21-58…)

Apparently it's too hot for her to edit the video now. It's 5+ hours past her own deadline.

No. 656521


His true colors are showing. He won't outright say he wants this girl because she is the girlfriend of his friend. Jonny is the type that wants to cheat, it's his edge. He wants a threesome. Taylor won't admit to or come out publicly with it, because then it would mean she is wrong.

No. 656523


The solution to cooling the air and light exposure that flows through the atrium is to tear out all that fake grass, new landscaping, trees, and some tropical plants. Trees should be small enough they wouldn't take over massively but would peak at some point over the house and provide more and more shade as time passed. It's an easy landscaping fix that should have been resolved a long time ago and help keep the home much cooler.

No. 656524

File: 1556404597289.png (35.16 KB, 326x183, week3.png)

No. 656525

massive amounts of editing? so what time was she planning on waking up? she had a video promised for noon and stayed up until at least 1am the night before. then she slept past noon, woke up and said "just gotta 'wrap up the video!'" when it's still not up 6 hours later, she says "omg just massive amounts of editing" like girl don't try to hide that you're procrastinating beyond the last possible second

No. 656526

This is so annoying because she set her own deadline. Why don't she just say "new video tomorrow" or "this weekend"

No. 656527

Ok I’ve always given her somewhat of a pass with her irresponsibility because she’s still young, grew up in conditions that deeply reinforced a victim complex/learned helplessness, and she has everything going for her yet is so insecure to keep Jonny anywhere near her - but like bitch YOU chose to move in there, with the money you got from posing on YouTube knowing not only that shit won’t last but even less so when your house is an oven and now you can’t even do videos where you’re essentially an animal murdering blow up doll

You’d think heroin use would be her rock bottom especially being so young but she’s making up excuses for it instead of just accepting how ugly it is and deterring fans from maybe trying it. It’s really mind blowing how public she is about injecting that shit and can’t take the easier way out and just surrender to fix herself and career. Like fucking none of this is sustainable even short term? At least now that the house is way overheated her living conditions are basically like living in Hell and she will hopefully crack and get help. Or she’ll continue with her bright ass flaming red hair and embrace it.

No. 656528

Or “whenever I get around to it”… sleeping past noon is far more important…

No. 656533

Because that'd mean she has to actually stick to a schedule.

No. 656537


Narcissists hate expectations of them, even if they're the ones setting the expectations. They'd rather lie and blame everything around them than keep a promise. If they come through, then you expect more of them!

I don't think there's one promise Taylor has made and kept, especially when it comes to her uploads.

No. 656538


Makes sense. She kept telling everyone that she was keeping ALL of her animals, then, suddenly a few were 'rehomed'.
If she had told anyone her plans on rehoming her animals, then they'd expect to see photos/videos of them in their new homes at the very least…

No. 656540

File: 1556408942813.png (450.3 KB, 584x721, Jonny-and-mustard.png)

Anyone here want to clarify?

No. 656542

Mustard is a natural remedy for acid reflux/heartburn/GERD.

No. 656543

"she's my friends girlfriend so be respectful"

Yes Jonny, because the only time women deserve respect in your world is when they are attached to your male friend. POS.

No. 656547

Where is the address? I wasn't watching the thread in the time period where they were about to buy it.

No. 656554

Anyone know why or when Taylor and Emma unfollowed emilee? And vice versa? Did emilee finally wise up to taylor’s nonsense?

No. 656559


was that their actual christmas tree? guess i'd expect nothing less from white trash junkies.

No. 656560

Emma and Emilee were just together in Texas for Aquachella or something like that. They took a pic together. This was like a month ago. Not sure why they unfollowed each other

Taylor probably unfollowed Emile because if I remember correctly, her statement on the Taylor situation flat out said she couldn’t condone or be involved with Taylor and Jonny after what happened.

No. 656565

File: 1556412834890.png (270.41 KB, 618x540, petfesters.png)


Good for her!
It seems that Taylor is all the kids care about

No. 656571

Doubtful it was an actual go-through-the-legal-channels kind of eviction. No landlord will touch someone who's has one of those on their record and they do look. It probably was more of a case of their old landlord deciding not to renew their lease.

No. 656572

File: 1556414030637.jpeg (100.94 KB, 750x682, 43C423A6-B365-4095-AAD6-EA0366…)

Probably hard to upload when your child is using all the bandwidth with his streaming

No. 656576

Emma still follows her

No. 656586

File: 1556418803321.png (12.21 KB, 576x100, tnd-4-27-19.png)

No. 656593

Taylor stop shooting up late at night and nodding off until the afternoon. Fix yourself.

No. 656600

File: 1556420950836.png (297.06 KB, 720x610, Screenshot_20190428-130813~2.p…)

No. 656603

I'm 40 seconds in and she already sounds slurry and out of breath.

No. 656607

Anon… how did u know…

No. 656611

This chick is super obsessed with the atrium. How many videos is she going to do if her pet basically going outside?

No. 656614

Not only is the video just dull with her speaking in this dull tone, but it’s basically just fifteen minutes of what looks like her basically stressing this lizard out. She keeps poking him and waving mice in his face to get him to “be interesting” instead of letting him chill out and explore when he’s ready. It reminds me of when she decided she was going to take the cats out for a walk, but hadn’t gotten them used to being harnessed beforehand. So of course they didn’t walk the way she wanted them too and she kept shouting their names, just like she’s doing to this monitor now.

No. 656616

Oh god, she really thinks putting the dead rat pup on his head was 'funny'?

He's just sitting there, looking around, tongue flicking like crazy, because he can smell the food, but he can't see it…

No. 656617

Around 01:40 in the video

"picked this house because I just thought that would be amazing for my reptiles… I didn't care about all the weird quirks, how it's super hot no matter what room you go in 'cause it feels like the sun because there's giant windows everywhere you go downstairs. I don't care. That's what happened."

….are you fukin serious? You don't care that the house is too hot to maintain ambient temps/temp gradient for the animals, because you can take them outside where it will be too hot for them 80% of the year? Fuck you, you ignorant fucking bitch.

No. 656621

Alright, I couldn’t finish the whole video. She just kept reiterating how Kronos needed to “do” something because she needed content. Her voice was very odd? Slurred, baby talk voice, high pitched a few times, and just off. She’s always been monotone, but this was not normal.
Que shakey camera, horrible filming angles, getting frustrated because her lizard will not preform for her, and her being overly invasive with him. I imagine being in a new environment is very stressful, and having a human shoving food at you is even worse. How f**king high was she?

No. 656624


> "I don't care."

Yeah, that pretty much sums up her animal care.

No. 656625

File: 1556423500716.jpeg (858.48 KB, 1242x1811, 1373675D-2AAB-4EA3-A75E-5EB1D9…)

Sorry for samefag. This is her video disclaimer for those who do not want to watch. PT. 1

No. 656626

File: 1556423596921.jpeg (492.76 KB, 1242x1371, 41BAE4C9-CF76-4957-ACA2-0290A1…)

PT. 2

No. 656628

I don't know why she kept pushing him to do things. Right as he would get comfortable and start to display some natural behavior, she'd move him or annoy him in some way. Also, I don't think we ever saw Kronos actually go in the water on his own. I'm betting she just kept tossing him in for content

No. 656629


She had to have been. I can't see him going in the water on his own with how stressed he was just sitting on the fake grass etc. Lizards sit still like that when they are terrified and feel they can't escape.

No. 656633


I was actually about to say this, every shot of him in the water is rushing to dry land. I skipped through a lot, there didn't seem to be a time of him just going into it, chilling, whatever.

Also, wouldn't have been better to not just set him down out in the open for his stress? Like start with something to help be a cover?

No. 656634


I was actually about to say this, every shot of him in the water is rushing to dry land. I skipped through a lot, there didn't seem to be a time of him just going into it, chilling, whatever.

Also, wouldn't have been better to not just set him down out in the open for his stress? Like start with something to help be a cover?

No. 656635

She claims that she was watching him for signs of stress but she must not know the first thing about signs of stress in reptiles, like ???? is she expecting him to whine, or curl into a ball?

No. 656638

She literally not once shows him getting into the water on his own, she clearly just put him in there.

No. 656640

File: 1556424568463.png (1.48 MB, 1041x684, Capture.PNG)

This video is basically "watch Taylor Nicole Dean overfeed a stressed out insectivore rodents for 15 minutes: featuring nasty ass water"

No. 656644

did she say anything about how reptile safe that water even is? I doubt she checks the temperature, whatever she posted being used to clean it while they were moving in didn't seem reptile safe, she probably hasn't cleaned it in any way since, she probably never even dechlorinated it? Ugh no wonder he didn't want to stay in the water.

No. 656647

she sounds like me on fucking dilaudid in the hospital. it’s so obvious she isn’t sober. she’s so low energy and her words slur or don’t piece together.

No. 656648

File: 1556425413057.png (386.13 KB, 702x384, cattreekronos.png)

He also 'climbed' the cat tree in the video

No. 656649

File: 1556425505780.png (320.65 KB, 696x350, cattreekronos1.png)


Like, all over it

No. 656651

I'm not a herp anon but that shed looks bad. Waaay too dry and he looks kinda bloated and scaly. Dehydrated? His fingers look kinda funky too, like they're broken or something. All that open space HAD to have stressed him out bad, you can tell he's looking for a place to hide. He looks rough his color is super pale and faded out but im no expert, doesn't really look like a super healthy specimen to me.

She needs to learn how to take a fucking show too. That greasy ass hair is disgusting. It's one thing to do it a home, but seriously, If your gonna make a video make yourself presentable. The content she's been putting out has been really shitty. How did this need hours of editing? Just some random shots strung together.

No. 656652

File: 1556425595374.png (226.62 KB, 702x346, featuringrapist.png)

Featuring an out-of-focus rapist!

No. 656653

6:08 again with the “please don’t demonetize me YouTube”

12:25 she seems so scared of him as he climbs her to avoid going back outside

No. 656654

Why would she even include this? She must be deliberately adding it to get attention. Even some of her dependable stans are leery of her relationship. All in all pretty sad performance. Almost 15mins for the ad revenue.

You are what you eat, so put down those greasy fries. Gluten free my ass.

No. 656656

File: 1556426122189.png (245.51 KB, 711x398, hurting.png)


As he climbs up her arm & onto her back, she complains "You are hurting me!"

No. 656659


her hair looks nasty. greasy and stringy. at least shower before filming. her skin looks awful too…

No. 656660

No wonder jonny's look at other options. Oof.

If she didn't have the money she'd be SOL. As nasty as jonny is, at least it looks like he showers. That's really unacceptable levels of hygiene. Granted it's hot. Moving time again? She sounded really upset that the house is super hot, wouldn't be surprised if she bailed in a couple months.

No. 656662

File: 1556426759629.png (482.72 KB, 708x400, tree.png)

Here he is clinging to that tiny tree…

No. 656663

Spitting image of Mama Dean

No. 656664

File: 1556426847039.png (910.7 KB, 906x708, Capture.PNG)

Looks like the options are either cheap crazy wig or unshowered. She showed a clip of an into she filmed without the wig and I don't understand why she lets it get so greasy looking.

No. 656668

Why is she so shocked that a very territorial, confident animal becomes scared and uncomfortable when removed from that territory?

This could have been cool if she just put some chill music in the background and let him explore and filmed when he began doing stuff but she seemed to be trying to rush him into acting before the sun set. And speaking of, what editing took hours to do? She didn't do much exciting in the video aside from mush together clips and add a few text effects.

Her comments about being upset that he starts being active once her camera begins to die make me think she wouldn't do this sort of stuff if she wasn't getting paid for it. Those animals must get no interaction when there isn't a camera in the middle of them.

No. 656669

File: 1556427418271.png (1.61 MB, 2712x1440, Capture _2019-04-27-21-53-01.p…)

4k for a house and its trashed. I mean really she could have fixed her freezer before filming how in 3 weeks its that trashed.

No. 656674

Junkie mentality, too lazy, not worth the effort, low self esteem. 8/10 to a 6/10 in less than a year. Something kinda uncomfortable about the video, seems kinda desperate or anxious. Maybe she really is hurting for cash.

Johnny completely uninterested as usual.

No. 656680

File: 1556428124122.png (1.24 MB, 704x995, feedrats.png)

No. 656683

Have we ever seen Taylor feed Kronos anything other than rats? Yeah, I doubt she prepares a proper diet for him…

No. 656685

I bet its probably just a lot of reptilinks, rodents and the odd egg. Those are the lowest effort items with minimal preparation required for feeding

No. 656686

How long until he's dead of malnutrition? I mean . . . "rehomed"?

No. 656687

Yeah I got that vibe from the video too. The whole thing seemed really rushed just so she could get some content to upload and was hoping Kronos would be more interesting, but obviously he was stressed out and nervous

No. 656688


those types of drawers are annoying and fall off the track all the time. we've seen way worse from her as far as trashed goes.

Poor freakin Kronos. A good youtuber would film him over several days to get footage of him "doing stuff." Lazy ass Taylor expects him to perform like a circus monkey in her 30 min time frame and then complains about editing forever.

No. 656690

File: 1556429305782.png (31.43 KB, 1233x121, Capture.PNG)

At least she knows what species he is now. Still no clue what his diet is.

No. 656692

She does realize these come from jungle river banks right? His enclosure is FAR too small, needs much MUCH higher humidity. Poor diet, humidity is probably why is shed is bad. Needs much more space to move because monitors are very active. Monitor ARE NOT HANDLING PETS, after taming they are display animals, She should've got a tegu if she wanted something more personable and dog like. The whole thing screams irresponsible. She's lucky he didn't an infection being tossed in that parasite filled pond.

No. 656693

Yeah sure Taylor, 6+ mice in one sitting are a "treat"

No. 656694

No. 656696

So she was planning on getting up earlier to finish editing the video to have it up for noon but then when she finally wakes up to do it it takes her around 8 hours to edit and upload. So unless she was planning on getting up at 4AM she was not going to have that video up on time.

No. 656697


Wow a single rodent once a week and Taylor had how many in that bowl? Yikes

No. 656698

File: 1556431145421.jpg (634.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190428-015801_Chr…)

No. 656700


Yeah, nah, that's at least 1 & 1/2 that were fed to him in the video.

…And in that bowl there appears to be 2 adults & 4 pups…

No. 656703

Monitor seems like such a money pit. 5k for new enclosure, how much was vision cage? Plus all that wood, substrate ect. Feeding all the time. Her food and electricity bill must be staggering especially with all that heat now. $500 plus, then internet, water, lawncare and stuff. lookin like 7k+ monthly for this POS house. Oof. If she's making 30k on her BEST months. Some months she probably barely makes anything, and its not looking like she's gonna be sponsored anytime soon. Not taking into account future algorithm changes, manlet expenses, eating out all the time, mustard/cider addiction, drug addiction, YT payment changes, TAXES, overspending like a mofo, no health insurance.

She's heading to financial ruin.

No. 656715

Emma And Emilie are still following each other (insta)

It’s Emilie that isn’t following TND and vice versa. Emma would not get rid of her friendship with TND. She wants to be her and be associated with her.

No. 656718

Notice how in the vid she said they looked at cheaper houses and normal houses.

Yes, Taylor. Make it known again that this rent you pay is expensive LOL

No. 656727


Remember all those cringey collab videos Emma, Emilee, and Taylor did together? Emilee took all of hers down. Emma and Taylor still have theirs up.

No. 656731


Don't forget the $220 HOA fee.

No. 656734

So many issues with that video.
That monitor is overweight. I'd speculate it's due to a diet of mostly rodents and not enough leaner protein sources. I don't care what she says she feeds him, the condition he is in says otherwise.
The humidity in his enclosure can't be high enough, his shed looks terrible. It's flaking off in tiny little pieces and that's not normal.
He has hella weird toes, so I'd also speculate insufficient lighting or supplementing in his diet.
He clearly hasn't been taken out of his enclosure very much otherwise he wouldn't have been so shellshocked going out there vs how confident he is in his enclosure. That's a huge problem because these reptiles are so intelligent they really need a lot of enrichment and stimulation, and time out of their cage.
Also her saying he's "territorial" in his enclosure has me thinking he is cage aggressive which could also be due to not interacting with him enough.
And yeah… he didn't go in the water himself. Not even once. There wasn't a single clip of him going in the water, just short clips of him frantically swimming for dry land.
If girl wants to use that atrium for enrichment she needs to actually put stuff in it. Some plants, tall and short, for cover & climbing opportunities would be a good start. You can't just toss your reptile in an empty ass atrium and be like "wOw EnRiChMeNt"
Seriously every new video she uploads is just full of problems. Girl needs to stop.
(Accidentally posted this in the general pettubers thread and now I want to stab my eyes out woops)

No. 656735

File: 1556443926845.jpg (890.03 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190428-101544_You…)

No. 656736


Same with every other shot of him. She’s clearly moving him around and placing him on things for the video. She so wanted him to appear to climb the cat tree, it was just jump cuts of him on different levels of it before flopping off. She clearly was just placing him on things for the video.

No. 656737

If she continues forcing him into situations that he clearly doesn't enjoy, he will lose any & all trust in her and become more aggressive. Also how stupid do you have to be to let a monitor scale your cats stuff when the cats aren't locked away from the monitor & have already taken interest in him? Get a fucking clue Taylor.

No. 656745

It's interesting she mentioned the shed issue we talked about when we said it was a stuck shed, I reckon she reads here.

Saw a comment or two saying he looked overweight.

Why is she so set on feeding him outside? Plus, she's being so disrespectful to both the mice (dead but still) and the monitor.

You can tell at one point she's scared of him - she strokes him under the chin and he flicks his tongue and she very quickly jumps back.

Thing is he supposedly started doing stuff and she still complained about it.

No. 656746

am I mistaken or did I see her fish out a turd from the water? the "filtration system" surely can't be dealing with animal faeces

No. 656748

File: 1556448101978.png (12.68 KB, 296x237, Capturbe.PNG)

funny how she starts losing subs the moment she uploads a new video.

this. she tries so hard to not look like her mother with all the makeup, camera angles and lip fillers. and despite all of it she looks just like her.

No. 656750

Looks to me they were just too f-n lazy to ensure the drawer was properly in the track.

No. 656754

why does she just put the cat in another room instead of having it there to intimidate kronos

No. 656758


I don't think she can, isn't pretty much all of the house very open and doesn't have any doors? The cats have free reign of the house.

No. 656762

File: 1556459082195.png (187.21 KB, 1391x599, Capture _2019-04-28-06-39-47.p…)

I cannot.. In what universe is her husbandry good!? I don't know who's more deluted. Her or her freaking fans.

No. 656764

To be fair, cheaper freezers usually do this and it's a pain to put back. I doubt Jonny would've gotten a cheap freezer though.