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No. 666025

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread:
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean (currently deactivated as of 2/14/19)
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Colin from Slaves posted on here about his experiences with Jonny. His posts start at >>>/pt/637869
> Cannot keep story straight on rehab, has stopped posting about it
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Several animals that have been MIA were posted on Instagram after being mentioned on here. This includes several snakes, Ella, Mushu, Star, and Kronos
> Atrium has been shown several times with absolutely filthy water which the animals have been swimming in, from moving in at the beginning of April, by mid May the water has only gotten worse, and is shown often with animals playing in the water
> Claims she is totally sober from drugs but alcohol doesn’t count and her rehab coaches are completely fine with her using alcohol
> Released a video on how she moved Mushu to the new house, with an insane amount of misinformation, demonstrating her complete lack of knowledge about the nitrogen cycle, but at least FINALLY has a chiller for her tank
> Started going off about Dr. Phil’s poor hamster husbandry, even though she kept her hamster in a tiny critter trail cage for its entire life
> Left her rats on bare bars in their cage for weeks, then threw some fleece over the bars as if it actually protected their feet
> When the bare bars in the rat cagewere initially pointed out at the beginning of April, she promised it was only for a couple of days until the new cage came in, by the end of the first week of May the floors had some fleece down, but the ramps were still bare wire, no new cage
> “Found” a dog, broadcasted a sob story about the dog being beaten in a parking lot, and made a public spectacle of rehoming the dog
> Failed to see how it shows how she behaves when she actually rehomes an animal vs when she only claims she did
> When twitter users corrected her care regarding her rats she claims that she is “still learning!” And “always doing more research!” Even with the most basis husbandry
> Fans have noticed that other pettubers, particularly Tyler Rugge have not had much contact with TND, and Tyler brushed it off and attempted to distance himself from her ‘officially’ by saying he doesn’t talk to her and he wishes the best for her but ‘that’s really all there is’ then was still bantering with her back and forth on twitter
> Jonny posted screencaps indicating that he’s already been late paying rent, and they’ve only lived there a month
> Taylor has been posting increasingly more emo lyrics and vague comments about her relationship, liking tweets about abuse, calling Jonny a dumbass and Jonny has been love bombing her

> Recent Known additions to the horde of animals: Tarantula, frog

> Recent Known Deaths: Moon crab (Ursula),
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Satanic Leaf geckos, all fishtanks not including the 150 gal, other moon crab (Triton)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Claims to be attending an outpatient rehab program, where they receive Vitriol injections
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing stated that she will be updating mushu’s condition in a video, we will see if that happens
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes more empty and scummy water dishes shown in the new house as well
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese and her herion use
> Released a video on April 13th (2 months after she said she would return to youtube), slurring words in some clips, and showed alcohol in the kitchen and bedroom of the new house
> Cheese’s necropsy results were inconclusive (obviously)

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Still using herion despite claiming to be clean now
> Valentino was not returned to the breeder and is dead
> Her and Jonny were evicted from the apartment

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 666027

Thread anon here:

Sorry I couldn’t go as all out as I usually do. Just got back from out of town and wantedto get a thread up before it locked. Will have a better update on new milk in the next one.

No. 666034

That's ok, love your usual work. Stuff is happening so a new thread was more important.

No. 666036

File: 1559373512101.jpeg (224.4 KB, 1242x582, F2FC413B-3651-444C-80E3-0D98C5…)

While the “abortion theory” is incredibly stupid, I think it’s important to throw this in here so we can throw the theory away entirely. While Taylor isn’t truthful a good majority of the time, we all know she would be milking and oversharing it in the event that she was. And Johnny.

No. 666037

I know a few that would tell people that they never were/are pregnant but secretly gotten an abortion. There’s only a few reasons why she’s at the hospital and even fewer reasons why Jonny is suddenly leaving his moneybags. I really think Jonny is going to meet up with his fan girls while getting away from ms.twitter-rants. Bringing his PC so he can beg for donations to fund his “vacation.”

No. 666039

I'm pretty sure she'd make it all about pro-choice and play feminist for clout if it was an abortion. And her getting pregnant would be perfect for JC because it'd tie her to him even more, but he's a deadbeat father so it's a blessing in disguise for her, really. Besides, they might be either too drunk or too high to have sex at this point, so that theory is even less plausible imo.

No. 666041

Or she is ill/fucked up somehow and he doesn't care enough

Idk why we're acting like it would be unusual for Jonny to just fuck off at the worst possible time or that they often have periods where they're clearly on the rocks

No. 666042

She definitely unliked the tweet from the previous thread that said “dump him sis”
I went through her likes, and it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

No. 666046


I'm not sure why people think it's odd for JC not to be with Taylor while she's in hospital. Like someone last thread said "no stable partner would do that" implying that Jonny is somehow a stable partner lmao

Like it's obvious they don't give a shit about each other. Their relationship is based off of how much clout they can get online, JC to pat Taylor's ass and give her attention and so JC can leech off her. Oh and drugs.

No. 666048

Pro tip: you don't go to the ER for an abortion.
Stop the abortion sperging, people.

No. 666052

I should have emphasized I mentioned "no stable partner would do that" in case Taylor was reading and in case she didn't kick him out.

I don't think he's stable at all, but obviously Taylor does. He's a piece of shit, and proves to be an even bigger one because he's asking people to hang out with him while Taylor is in the ER.

I honestly think he was kicked out because he asked online to leech a ride, so that means this was last minute. He also hasn't mentioned her in the ER AT ALL, which leads me to feel he's guilty of something. Why wouldn't he try to milk sympathy? "OH my poor dad needs help and poor Taylor is in the ER, I am so stressed."

No. 666053

The way he's worded his messages toward taylor i.e. "I'll always love her" kinda come across as if he was trying to reassure her. It feels like he's trying to make sure she doesn't go batshit or something. idk it's some weird lovebombing shit.

No. 666058

stop making "she's pregnant" happen. it's not going to happen

No. 666060

File: 1559385313173.png (711.22 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20190601-132251.png)

I don't think we can trust his story here, the way it's worded sounds odd. Almost as if he was booted out with his pc and they're using a family emergency to keep it under wraps. Seems like it was somewhat planned (is jonny asking for a roadtrip connected to this?) but then it become urgent for some reason (jonny cancelled his stream he was hyping 2-3hrs before that). Did taylor come home from the hospital/whereever she was with some reinforcement?

It's hard to believe we're getting the whole story here. It's also hard to believe they are actually breaking up….

No. 666062

Did she say she was at the ER or even IN the hospital? I think she just said she was AT the hospital. My guess: she's dope sick and Jonny is doing a love bomb by pretending he cares by leaving like they allegedly planned. Meanwhile, he's probably high AF and Taylor is pretending she really wants to get clean this time.

No. 666063

If it was a true family emergency Taylor would’ve helped him get to NY, she wouldn’t make him bum a ride.

No. 666065


And she would’ve likely posted something about her support for him during this time. Her ominous tweets lately make me think they might be splitting.

No. 666066

Do any of the girls he seems to be talking to live in NY as far as we can guess?

If not, I don't see it being likely that they're splitting.

No. 666071

jen posted a giant spergout about hating drugs and youtubers/musicians for glorifying at the same time this went down. There's a screen cap in the last thread, but if you look in her replies section she goes off a bit more than what was posted there

No. 666072

post it then

No. 666073

The random stories and then TND all of a sudden in the hospital. Him saying he is leaving and it’s for the best - something happened, as in she kicked him out.
Asking for a ride also confirms that something of the sort happened.

No. 666074

I bet she proposed it as getting sober separately or as a break. Jonny probably realizes once she’s adjusted to being away from him it’ll be easier to leave, hence the love bombing. I hope she’ll be able to stay away for good, but seems so unlikely with her personality. She was just trying to buy another fancy morph this week.

No. 666075


>There’s only a few reasons why she’s at the hospital and even fewer reasons why Jonny is suddenly leaving his moneybags.

Such as a domestic violence incident?

No. 666076

Jc has never been the take care of his family type. I think his dad is a retired cop. His sister got married and he couldn’t be bothered to go to the wedding. This reads more like he got kicked out and literally has no place left to live because he’s a bum and has to move home. Jen seemed done and over it. Taylor seems drained and like she can’t get sober around him. He seems like he’s lovebombing, hoping he can come back. A lot of this seemed to happen when Jen got back from her trip as well.

No. 666079

I don't know much about Johnny by himself but he sure as hell doesn't sound like someone who's close to his family and would drive from Texas to New York to help out a family member. If it was a family emergency why would he even transport a $2000+ gaming computer set up? It's not like taking your laptop in a bag.

I'm really hoping he got run out.

No. 666080

TND wouldn't be the type to tell him to pack his shit either. This may be a covert way of getting him out.

If she did kick him out this would be the way she'd do it, if he's out and she doesn't want him back she'll just not let him back in. She'll wait till he's far away and break up over text or something.

Seems like she's on good terms with mama dean as well. No doubt she's been talking to her hence the drug sperg.

No. 666081

Moving the gaming rig raises some eyebrows…

Sounds kinda like insurance incase he can't come back.

No. 666097

Exactly. He's suddenly driving halfway across the country as soon as his girlfriend goes to hospital, and he makes sure to bring the most expensive thing she bought for him which probably also has lots of incriminating conversations with other women. If it was an emergency, he was leaving quickly, and planning to return after things settled down, why would he need to bring his huge, unwieldy setup? seems to me like he's skipping town and stealing expensive electronics since he's not going back.

Of course, I don't think Taylor will be able to keep him from slithering back into her life once he realizes how much he misses the money. He'll come back and she is known for not being able to stay single. that's why the "by myself" tattoo is so ironic.

so yeah he got booted and stole the computer, Taylor refused to pay his flight to leave, and he doesn't give a shit that she's in the hospital but he's still lovebombing on the off-chance she'll let him back in once she's home. The "I'll always be by her side" is extra funny given that she's in the hospital and he's not by her side.

No. 666103

this, but i doubt that she would leave him, regardless. something went down, she goes to the ER - whether that was for an OD or because he beat her up or otherwise abused her and she felt it was necessary to get somewhere safe (in this case why not go to mom's place?) right now it seems she's had enough, at least temporarily, jonny took off with the only thing he can pawn for more drugs, lovebombing and doing as she says in order to seem like he's in agreement and being reasonable; and taylor is vagueposting like a motherfucker to keep that stan interest high.

i don't think she will leave him unless she already has someone else lined up. taylor strikes me as the kind of person who cannot bear to be alone.

No. 666107

File: 1559405212942.jpeg (290.16 KB, 828x662, 71255F94-9B89-4B44-8B3E-D9AC1F…)

No. 666115

File: 1559405989672.png (18.84 KB, 584x162, tndback.png)

No. 666116

File: 1559406153969.png (12.4 KB, 572x92, tndhardchoices.png)


Let's hope she actually listens to >>666107 & doesn't let him come back.

No. 666117

File: 1559406194491.jpg (819.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190601-122259_Ins…)

No. 666118

She’s deleted almost all photos of JC on her Instagram

No. 666119

I’m not going to hold my breath until I see these changes come to fruition. The only changes I care about are the ones involving her animal care, so if she dumps Jonny but is still showing bone dry water bowls, flinging snakes around for pictures, and acquiring new animals on a weekly basis then fuck her.

No. 666120


Redemption Arc: It Begins

No. 666121


She's probably not gonna mention Jonny or anything alluding to him because she knows he'll go scorched-earth on her ass.

No. 666122

File: 1559406845188.jpeg (199.38 KB, 750x1184, 46C79099-22F6-4680-AA9E-9D1D60…)

From this comment it sounds like she might be getting rid of him. What else could she mean by “getting the things I need out of my life” if she really did stop using as she said?

No. 666123

File: 1559406891054.jpg (874.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190601-123502_Ins…)

No. 666126

File: 1559407404373.png (385.41 KB, 750x1334, 75C3C649-6BBB-4827-A1DB-F6C7DF…)

No. 666129


Yeah, there's still the chance he'll try to weasel his way back into her life like he did with his ex Chelsea.

No. 666131

File: 1559407777567.jpeg (140.52 KB, 828x726, E322E41C-5DCA-4CC7-A422-4FBACD…)

She like this tweet and honestly I have to laugh. “Brought drugs into her life” she knew exactly what she was signing up for. How many fucking people told her this would happen??? I just can’t find it in me to have pity for her anymore

No. 666132

File: 1559407847181.png (44.83 KB, 570x480, tndthanktheheavens.png)

No. 666135

I'll be more inclined to believe it when it lasts at least a week, but I'm supportive of this decision and hope it sticks. also yes it's like the past two years of her life were entirely avoidable if she had just listened to EVERYONE screaming at her not to let him into her life.

No. 666137

Holy shit, please let this stick.

No. 666138

File: 1559408348119.png (217.23 KB, 306x592, tndhalseyagain-June-1st.png)

'Without Me' makes a comeback in her IG story

No. 666139

Ditching Jonny is only part of the equation here

She was as bad as this before anyway, nothing will change because those animals are still just money to her and she can easily access drugs herself anyway.

At best, she will move back to her mums house (which seems unlikely because of the cage set up and the volume of animals) so she has some help. At worst, she is alone with some help from her enabling friend who clearly doesn't care about the animals either and nothing really changes.

No. 666140

I really think she should stay offline. She’s showing her resentment and that Jonny’s lying about helping his dad. You know he has all the dirt about pet deaths, abuse and replacements. Right now, she needs to shut up, or it’s gonna bite her in the ass once he accepts she’s not coming back.

No. 666142

They had agree’d that if they couldn’t get sober together then they’d split so i bet that she told him he cant come back until shes sober

No. 666143

Wow, finally the breakup we've been waiting for.

I can't wait to see jonny's sperg.

No. 666144

Maybe I’m fucked up for this but I honestly can’t wait till everything explodes and they spill all the dirt they have on each other

No. 666146

Do any of you feel that her constantly mentioning drugs and how she was so addicted and is so affected comes off as the sort of subtle 'cool' bragging kids do?

No. 666150

100%. Its all very "woe is me, I battled drug addiction please pity me and my hard life experiences." She thrives on attention and playing the victim. That's why it's hard for me to feel that bad for her. She needs to go to therapy and get to the root of the problem bc Jonny ain't it.

No. 666153

Thank fuck Jonny's gone, hopefully she sticks with it and actually gets the help she needs and tries to better herself. She will always be stuck up, it's her personality but deep down she's got heart unlike Jonny.

Haha can't believe she's just spilled the Tea meanwhile Jonny's trying to convince people he's just helping his dad till Monday.

No. 666158


She is really reaching here. Sometimes veins are hard to find naturally. It takes a while to blow your veins out from IV drug use. Sometimes they’re just squishy and they roll. Mine roll, a lot. Not an IV drug user.

She is so fucking gross and a victim.

No. 666159

the whole “she loves me and i love her and we’ll see each other as much as we can” thing sounds like he’s overcompensating. this is about a family emergency, why are you mentioning taylor? it’s like he knows people are going to suspect something so he’s scrambling to save face

No. 666162

I honestly think they will stay apart this time, a lot of people here think she does everything for attention, well if that's the case, she will realise how many of her fans are happy with this decision, realise how much support she gets and know that she will loose fans if she goes back to him.

She has so clearly worked out he's not good for her, she's a dumb ass but this is the most self awareness and right thing she's done in ages.

No. 666163

"wake up call" means something big happened. either with drugs or with Jonny. likely Jonny, since he's running.

No. 666164

This sounds sincere. Maybe she did have a wake-up call. Of course, when you're an addict (and one that probably has some preexisting mental health issues and/or a personality disorder) it usually takes a few of these for permanent change to happen, if it happens at all. But at least it's something.

No. 666166

File: 1559410341795.png (44.8 KB, 586x374, tndlikes1.png)

No. 666167

Looks like she’s going to play the victim card in this break up which won’t go over well. We all know she did drugs prior to meeting him. Jonny is a horrible person but so is Taylor. She’s the female version of him. I suspect we will be hearing all about her ways once Jonny realizes she’s done with him to portray some “victim image”. Popping my popcorn for that moment, lol!

No. 666169

Yup, this confirms it for me. She outed that loser and she's not gonna let him back. I don't know what she told jonny but from what I see their relationship is over.

She's still a POS person but this is an improvement. Her animals have better chances at this point.

Downsizing her house should be next step. Sell some crap off to your fans to fundraise, sign it or some shit. Sell those funkos and crap.

No. 666170

File: 1559411505568.png (12.87 KB, 589x112, Capture.PNG)

No. 666171

File: 1559411921840.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 9740111E-8822-4883-B07D-62EC87…)

No. 666175

>I know a few that would tell people that they never were/are pregnant but secretly gotten an abortion.

Yes. This a thousand times. It's a classic upper-middle class white chick thing. "Spending the summer abroad" or "taking a semester off" also feature, as do sudden trips out of state or out of the country "to see family". I'd not put it past Taylor at all to have gotten a preggo scare and get some good ol' D&C.

No. 666176

File: 1559412320950.jpg (169.07 KB, 947x500, tnd.jpg)

Lol. She needs to be honest with herself, how can you not regret getting addicted to drugs?

No. 666179

LOL I believe she and Jonny are quits when they're not back together like uwu Bonnie and Clyde uwu by next week or the beginning of July the latest.

Jonny's gonna sell that fucking gaming rig for dope money and then come crawling back having "become a better man" and "gotten clean" and blah blah blah, and sure as shit her codependent ass will believe every lie and let him waltz right back in her life.

No. 666180

not trying to WK here but i wouldnt say taylor’s the female version of jonny. jonny’s a serial rapist and abuses women physically and emotionally. and he’s gotten nudes from underaged girls. taylor’s animal care might not be up to par, but i certainly wouldn’t say that she’s the female jonny. also, her doing drugs before jonny doesn’t invalidate the fact he abused her. drugs were a decision she made and i hope she won’t put the blame all on jonny for the drug thing (she probably will tho) but if she was a victim of abuse, it doesnt matter if she was doing coke prior to the relationship. however, i do think she’ll probably leave about the parts where literally ALL OF JONNY’S EXES WARNED HER

No. 666183

Eh, I get what she's saying but I don't want to WK. If this sticks I'll be quite proud of her. And I don't think she's saying she doesn't have regrets, I think she's saying she'd feel better about everything that's happened if her story can help others avoid the path she chose. Obviously, she was warned that Jonny is a bad influence and never should have let him into her life, but if she is finally getting rid of that leach, I think she should be encouraged, not made fun of.

No. 666184

ehhh… She's stupid but she's self aware. Deep down she knows he caused this, her choosing him ruined her life.

He doesn't have anything of value to her anymore. He's not in a band or anything and if he isn't giving her clout he's nothing to her. No doubt she'll find another sucker quick but I think they're done.

No. 666185

honestly I think if we can all get behind Tay, she might try to turn her terrible behaviors around

Taylor R was somewhat of a lolcow success story, maybe we can make that a pattern lol

No. 666187

Isn't abortion an outpatient procedure that you can get at Planned Parenthood? Why would she be stuck in a hospital bed next to a guy with terminal brain cancer?

No. 666189

Yes, abortion is an outpatient procedure, usually an office procedure, in the US. Why so many idiots are speculating TND is in the hospital for an abortion is fucking insane. Maybe they’re 12 years old, who knows.

No. 666191

File: 1559413546509.jpg (108.78 KB, 500x375, tnd.jpg)

The fact that she reads here means that we're obviously right about some things.

She'll decide what to do but I like to think we help somewhat.

No. 666193

Even though TND has made a MOUNTAIN of mistakes, she’s still young and can still make a comeback. If she boots the man baby out of her life for good, and maybe stay single for a while to focus on herself so she doesn’t need sexual validation like she said before she always looked for, then maybe she can regain her following. It’ll take a LOT of work though.
Proper husbandry, no illegal drugs (because antidepressants/anti anxiety meds that are prescribed shouldn’t be shamed if they’re not addictive) actually educational videos to prove she knows shit, and actually leading a clean and happy life, she maayyyy be salvageable. But we’ll see.
Amazing people have come out of the depths of rock bottom and chose to be their better self for good. Now let’s see if she can do the same.

No. 666194

Blah blah blah…we’ve heard this one a dozen times….

No. 666198

Yep, she’s going to have to stick to her guns because he 1000% doesn’t believe this is permanent right now. Saying he will “always love her and be there for her” (like he hasn’t said that about every ex-gf) and pretending he’s just being a good son going to help his father…LMAO. So fucking funny that he’s got to go run to someone who he probably hasn’t been involved with since childhood since he’s burned every bridge possible and isn’t wanted by anyone. In his tiny pea brain he thinks this is just them taking a break and he’ll weasel his way back in. If she stays strong and doesn’t allow him back, the mudslinging will begin. The manlet has had numerous women baby him and put up with his awfulness and none of them were safe from getting dragged to the ends of the earth. The next months should be interesting.

No. 666199

Her future success will always be tainted by JC. The fact that she went out of her way to shame previous victims really says something about her.

Honestly, I don't think she can recover career wise, not to the same extent. There's also issues with her hoarding animals.

Her well documented drug addiction is also another huge red flag for future fans. At best she'll be a controversial figure rather than a positive one.

No. 666202

Agreed, pretty sure she told him it was temporary so he would just leave. She lied to get him out of the picture, I doubt she has any intention of getting back together.

we're in the bargaining stage of denial rn.

No. 666204

I'd be worried about retaliation once she tells him the truth. He DOES know where she lives, dealers and what not. Maybe she really will move again? I wonder if he will spill the milk about her animals.

No. 666206

Possible tinfoil: I bet jonny always has a handful of girls he’s entertaining so that whenever he’s dumped he has someone to fall back on. Plenty of attention hungry girls that wanna be with him for attention (like TND)
And because of that he will always and forever be garbage.

No. 666207

File: 1559414840071.png (36.35 KB, 665x337, tnd bad.PNG)

Given up on trying to save jonny maybe?

No. 666208

Of course, no doubt he's running off to one.

Also as other people predicted in earlier threads, she obviously decided to use this 'abuse' story for some sweet cash.

No. 666210

If she threw him out honestly props to her, that‘s a rlly hard thing to do, esp with a potentially violent man like this 12 years her senior. He brought heroin into her life and while she has her problems herself, everything went drastically downhill once he entered the scene. Hope she can turn her life around

No. 666211

He made out pretty good. got his teeth fixed and gaming rig to sell for dope.

No shortage of trash looking for trash.

I think Taylor has someone lined up as well, she doesn't seem the sort to go out without a backup plan. If she's smart she'll keep it on the DL this time.

No. 666213

yes. it’s so cringeworthy. I’m not doubting her addiction was/is bad but she’s trying to make it seem like she’s some hardened junkie who’s been through hell and back - girl you haven’t even been doing this a couple years. “omg it took a team of doctors to find a vein” - probably a giant exaggeration, btw. ugh.

No. 666215

probably because compared to most addicts she hasn’t been through much. I’m sure if she lost her home, went broke, got arrested, spent time in jail, spent time in multiple rehabs, contracted hep c, etc, she’d probably rethink the whole “I don’t regret doing heroin” thing

No. 666216

agreed. it takes years upon years to ruin your veins to the point that it would take that much (multiple DOCTORS, a machine, etc) to find a vein. she shot up for what, MAYBE a year? she’s straight up lying.

No. 666217

My guess: while she was in the hospital she called her family to go to her house and throw jonny out. which is why jen went on her twitter rant and taylor said she‘s doing things with the help of her family this time

No. 666218


The one major thing they have in common is that they are both habitual liars and victims. Is it wrong that I hope if she tries to turn into an icon of abuse survival that he spills the beans on her shitty animal care?

No. 666219

File: 1559416540401.png (41.9 KB, 592x370, tndtweets1.png)

No. 666222

Unique in that you were rich? Never threatened with homelessness? Never debating between a dose and dinner? She pisses me off that she thinks her story will "help" anyone. Until she goes inpatient and gets rid of all her animals she hasn't even gotten sober.

No. 666223

She dated someone who was a hardcore drug addict tho! She has the true right to talk about this like it was her own experience!

No. 666224

she's petite and said she was dehydrated lmao. that alone is enough to make it hard to find veins. Smack+EDS probably had nothing to do with it at all

No. 666225

Shes a rich privileged white girl, how else is she going to get attention?

No. 666228

And…. any sympathy we had for you is gone.

Christ she's acts like a victim all the time. She CHOSE to date JC, she CHOSE to do heroin, she CHOSE to ruin her body with junkfood and cider, she CHOSE to rent an expensive hard-to-maintain house, she CHOSE to take care of kittens with NO EXPERIENCE.

She LITERALLY had EVERYTHING going for her. Young, attractive, well-off, successful, white, rich. The only thing she can take credit for is her failures.

Nobody wants to hear from an addict unless they've been like 20+ years sober. She has absolutely no grounds to council people on their addictions. I'm sick of these trendy, tortured drug addicts. It has nothing to do with helping people get better it's just about attention.

Shes got such a toxic attitude

No. 666231

I hope Jonny exposes the real timeline of her drug use.

No. 666234

she got with Jonny Nov 2017 or so? the smoking heroin texts were around Dec 2017 I think. Intravenous use probably was mid 2018

She kept it under wraps A LONG TIME. A solid year of drug abuse with jonny, not limited to heroin. She smoked weed with her satanics, it's extremely likely he introduced her to other stuff as well.

Are any of her fans even following her for her animals at this point? I feel like people just wanna watch the milk unfold.

No. 666235

She finally is leaving him. That's what we all wanted. Now that she is, people are judging her for it or saying "you're not the victim"?

She is though. Just like Amanda, Chelsea and Liz. Abuse is a slow rising experience that happens over time. It changes you. You stop giving a shit about yourself and start doing anything you can to please the abuser. You can't even see reality clearly until you have escaped and been out of the abuse for a while.

Lets not shame an abuse survivor for actually getting out. Taylor has done a whole lot of fucked up or questionable things but she's still a person who, knowing Jonny, has probably been through pure fucking hell.

No. 666236


well, she knew what she was getting into and ridiculed his other victims and she had enough time to realise it's nothing good. it wasn't surprise with his abusive personality, it was well known fact about him. plus he looked like garbage. of she is victim, she is extremely stupid victim.

No. 666237

I know all this. I'm hoping he confirms it with proof.

No. 666240

She was willfully ignorant and naive of the facts.

She had the ego to think she could change a long time heroin addict at 20. She wanted the perfect Disney "experience" of turning a loser back into a functioning member of society.

Then she acts all Innocent when it backfired hard with drugs. She knew he was into some nasty shit but she got with him anyway.

IMO She's set such a dangerous example for so many young and impressionable kids it should be criminal.

If she'd come out and spill the beans about how she REALLY got addicted and started with drugs a lot more of us would be sympathetic.

In the end she's paid the price.

No. 666242

File: 1559421642184.png (37.84 KB, 592x394, jctweets2.png)

Looks like Jonny's awake…

No. 666243

Victims come in all shapes and sizes. Some were shitty people before others weren't. But it doesn't stop them being a victim. Situations of abuse can amplify shitty behaviour or create it. Another thing is victims are often targeted for either their lack of maturity or low self worth. The reasons for a victim having that also vary. Either way, the victim is still a victim. They deserve support for getting out of a tough situation. That's not to say their other bad qualities are to be excused, but acknowledging they have done a good thing and that the situation may have contributed to bad choices in the time is also important. Situations and people aren't black of white. Life isn't a movie where you have simply good guys and bad. Hell, even people who who may have excellent animal care or whatever are still using this site (myself included) which isn't exactly a good thing. Sure we can say the broader consideration and help for her isn't our responsibility. That's fair. But I still think it's daft to be taking about how she was a victim who should dump him, and then soon as there is any sign of it to then dig in her for that. There are plenty of other things to dig in about such as her animal care and lies, but attempting to leave Jonny? Even if it fails, at least there was an attempt.

No. 666244

Taylor playing the innocent card. Everything I told her would happen months ago happened. They are the two dumbest people I know. She’s young enough to change her life around. But the lies need to stop. Jonny’s just gonna keep lying and getting worse like always. Maybe rehab is in the future for both of them.

No. 666245

Has anyone raised the idea that JC has cheated on Taylor again, she kicked him out (probably not for good), and she's at the hospital getting tested? I kind of feel like TND isn't smart enough to actually get tested after JC has cheated though.

No. 666247

File: 1559422741658.jpeg (362.23 KB, 1242x2048, 902345C1-0961-4654-A138-756B85…)

No. 666248

File: 1559422772401.jpeg (392.65 KB, 1242x2099, 1DF118F0-DA16-4FA5-AD7C-285600…)

No. 666249

And Taylor is replaced like that. This is going to get so messy so quickly

No. 666250

You don’t go to a hospital to get STD tests. Those happen at a doctor’s office.

No. 666251


Anon, the girl is called Kristina Raper, it's a perfect match

No. 666252

HAHAHAHAH. LMFAO. Yeah he's lookin for side, thats why Taylor doesn't wanna talk about it.

Shes got so much shame and guilt bottled up because she knows she fucked up. She doesn't want the drama because she knows she was in the wrong for soooo long and her ego can't take it.

The only choice i've seen is that she wants to live separated from jonny. He's gonna go cheat that should be obvious for her.

No. 666254

File: 1559423516630.png (11.6 KB, 582x108, kristinaraper1.png)


Yep. This is how it all started…

No. 666255

File: 1559423597164.png (727.36 KB, 750x1334, BDBCE095-4A5F-4774-9011-61B15F…)

No. 666256

so the switch from "my friend got me into drugs and jonny helped me get into rehab i swear" to "jonny got me into drugs and I'm going to make a video!!" finally happened. i'm laffing.

No. 666257

File: 1559423949293.png (299.69 KB, 310x596, fucktudy.png)

Jonny just made an IG story in which he yells "Fuck Tudy!" (His former dealer)

No. 666258

How do you know she doesn’t have hep c after Jonny?

No. 666260

god he's such a disgusting creature

No. 666261

So she dumped him and he's in denial about it, makes sense.

If they were still together he would've taken a flight instead of having to get driven, or at least a bus. Pretty much goes without saying he's broke lmao.

I wonder if Tudy will say anything about this.

No. 666262

Definitely looks like a trip to visit his father for a family emergency….that totally wasn't a cover story for Taylor dumping his ass. Good for her, assuming she sticks to it.

No. 666263

To think this was Taylor. And she knew all about him, laughed at his previous victims, and thought she was special enough to be “the one to change him” and be untouchable and have the fun rockstar life of touring and partying and getting clout together forever. Look how badly that blew up. The only person “special” to Jonny is whichever vagina hole is giving him money and enabling him at the time. Like you can’t see that from a mile away. But all of her friends and family were being annoying, meddling worrywarts at the time for trying to keep her away from him!

No. 666265

Yup, there it is.

At least she came out and said it.

>Don't be dming him

Yea because it's obvious you told him you'd still try to be together. As soon as he gets a head start she pulls this, surprise, surprise. She probably blocked him from harassing her because she wants him gone.

No. 666266

What does Jonny even have at this point?
He’s literally known as the junkie rapist abuser that can’t stay in a band.
He’s unemployed, broke, has a disease ridden cock, obviously doesn’t care about TND any more than his stupid stans, isn’t even cute/attractive in the slightest, and is an insensitive dirtbag. Idk how she ever saw the appeal in him. even when he was in a band he was ugly and rude as fuck

No. 666267

Drugs, she wanted the drugs. Lotta people will fuck a dude just for drugs. That and the fact she listened to him in middle school.

No. 666268

File: 1559424919364.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2208, B3E0EC39-7D78-4BC4-9B53-D3A9AF…)

Wasn’t EDS awareness the month of May?! Which anon called it that she’d bring it up after the fact? Lol

No. 666269

Even if she did get rid of him, she's still a piece of shit. She can wipe her hands of him but not of the abuse and rape she publicly laughed at, and did not give a shit about before getting into a relationship with him. Inb4 she plays the "uwu I hated myself so much I allowed myself to be with an abuser, it was me being self-destructive and not me giving 0 shit about abuse survivors! I'm a victim too!"

No. 666270

God please no. I wish there was a way to tell that girl to stop it before it starts but it’s pointless

No. 666271

how long till she erases him from her videos? shes already started insta.

The cycle continues…

No. 666273

he has that sick gaming rig taytay "bought" for him

No. 666274

i dont think she ever really had him in her videos. the only times i can remember is in the cheese video and that one kitten video, but even that was just his hands.
she always kept him out of her videos cause she knew that everyone hates him, i think.

No. 666275

she will 100% paint herself to be one of his victims, ignoring when she laughed his past abuse.

for now its an amicable split, but soon itll be "i am a survivor of an abusive relationship and drug addition uwu"

No. 666277

It feels that the only reason it's amicable is because Taylor has a following compared to his exes. He would have not left as easily otherwise.

No. 666279

Anybody able to make out what Jonny is saying in the story he just posted? He calls somebody a “crybaby ass fucking bitch” or something but I genuinely cannot understand him

No. 666280

>going to help my dad like a real man
>is clearly in a uhaul
>taylor clearly said they broke up


No. 666281

Waiting for this. She'll do a 180 and blame it all on Jonny and say she was under duress because he would've beat her or something.

Hard to feel pity when she chose this. hopefully shes gonna go through inpatient. She needs to stay off social media too, and have her phone taken away.

No. 666283

This break up seems more legit than others but I'm not holding my breathe. He may sneak his way back in her life.

She still needs to be more transparent about her animal care but good for her if she's finally ending things with the human trash bag though.

No. 666285

File: 1559425974990.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, E8D25E82-7A75-42A5-B6C2-0901C6…)

No. 666286

>look at this dude right here, this dude right here, he's a real friend, yes he's driving me to fucking NY, some (intelligible) you crybaby ass fucking little bitch, jesus christ bro why would I talk to you?

He's probably talking about Tudy.

No. 666287

I'm finding it ironic that one of the very first videos she did when she went to be with Jonny she had to announce that she was safe and no one needed to worry. Now if she's kicked him out she's telling everyone again she is safe. In what world is it normal to have to announce you are safe with someone unless of course there is genuine reason that you might not be. Seems to be the set up for her sob story of being scared of JC. For what it's worth I'm glad she's finally dumped him. Look at it this way Taylor, it can't get any shittier than when you were with him. You just need to work hard to see the improvements.

No. 666288

File: 1559426219881.png (32.21 KB, 596x244, tudy1.png)

No. 666289

He’s still going on his story about how he is going to help his dad.

No pal, you’re really not. She’s already come forward with the truth. Bye.

No. 666292

File: 1559426539298.png (43.14 KB, 444x436, tudytweets.png)


I'm guessing the dude with Jonny in his story was friends with Tudy

No. 666293

File: 1559426570970.jpg (54.27 KB, 612x408, tnd.jpg)

Meanwhile in the U-haul..

No. 666295

File: 1559426626492.png (164.08 KB, 282x282, whenthemulebagspop.png)

No. 666296

Yeah, I know. She did deny that the other women were victims, and she has done some shady shit.. But I also know that abuse does some fucked up things to your mind. I've been there.. You're in total denial that the abuser is really the piece of shit that everyone says they are.

But yeah, we can acknowledge that yes, she chose to use. Yes, she has had some shitty animal dare. Yes, she has lied. But leaving him? That's a step forward.

No. 666298

File: 1559426744488.jpeg (120.13 KB, 1280x720, DDD0C038-360D-4F87-9EEA-B6BAB8…)

No. 666299

File: 1559426875337.jpg (281.71 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20190601-180128_1.j…)

No. 666300

File: 1559427051177.png (41.39 KB, 588x392, lmaocolin.png)

No. 666301

At least his handlers know how to keep him on a leash. At least he'd be doing something productive.

Dude is an asshat but he can sing. Colin would probably take him back.

No. 666302

Tf is up with him being so shady but offering him money and support lmao?

No. 666303

Him offering money and saying "I'd drive you but I'm on tour" is shoving it in his face that he's still in a band whereas JC is a broke junkie in a uhaul on his way to NY. Tbf it also took me a while to get it.

No. 666304

O shit we got next thread pic already

No. 666305

Probably offering him his old spot back. Jonny doesn't have shit outside music.

No. 666306

"but I'm on tour" was a subtle jab so I was assuming the rest of it is all passive aggressive.

No. 666307


Jonny looks like a bloated 50-something dude. That dude who always gets up to sing karaoke at your bar and everyone fucking hates his antics. The overwrought POS who's into everyone's shit trying to stay cool and hip and young and creeping on the barely legal girls. Mr "You're So Mature for Your Age" Midnight Special. Every bar circuit has at least one has been like him.

No. 666308

I see it now! It confused me because Jonny responded to him and it looked friendly I guess. Thanks anons!

No. 666309

File: 1559427847341.png (306.33 KB, 361x363, tnd bad.PNG)

Im a fan of the classics

No. 666310

God damn anon spoiler that shit. Jk but his face is pure nightmare fuel, what the fuck does he think he can ever accomplish now. The fact that he screwed things up with Taylor (as was inevitable) just shows how REALLY worthless he is. He’s a waste of space and yet managed to land a young, cute looking girl with hella YouTube money who paid for his expensive Gary Busey teeth, housed him, bought him whatever he wanted and submitted to his will. He will never get to have anyone but low tier trashy dumb fan girls as a physically repulsive washed up has-been with documented abuse of women, hepatitis and god knows what else, no money, no band, no place to live, and absolutely nothing to offer except some drugs and STDs. Not saying that Taylor is going to be a treat for her next beau with her many issues, but holy shit, the manlet fucked himself over and it’s glorious.

No. 666312

File: 1559428234461.jpg (41.69 KB, 400x291, photos.medleyphoto.4070908.jpg)

No. 666313



>Hi, dad!

No. 666314

File: 1559428545755.png (74.67 KB, 736x437, crack is whack.png)


No. 666316

But anon, he's just a kid figuring it out!

No. 666317


Denial is the first stage of grief

No. 666318

Hes so in denial its embarrassing.. she straight up said she ended the relationship lmfao

No. 666319


Part of me thinks she is lying and cashing in on the attention from the support. That she’s told him to go away for a few months while they get clean and if they are both clean in that time, he can come back. And she will take him back at that point.

No. 666320

Honestly made my night reading she dumped his ass, u go sis

No. 666321

File: 1559428791346.png (44.69 KB, 586x454, denial.png)


Absolute Denial

No. 666322

He’s trying SO hard to get back into her pant- I mean wallet.

No. 666323

File: 1559428967018.png (771.59 KB, 607x786, Thefaceofarealman.png)

Guyz hes not sad or anything

No. 666324

chances she said we're just be on a break. he leaves for NY, her family swoops in, helps move everything and moves her back home. he returns to nothing?

No. 666325

She said she was finally getting her family and friends involved. Let’s hope she didn’t unpack much and can break that lease, because even she said that the house is overpriced. But who knows at this point

No. 666326

He's so deep in the denial train. He looks like he's about to cry in his story. He trys to put on the tough guy lie and its just sad. No. Just. No.

she'll probably end up moving, oh well, it be like that sometimes.

No. 666327

The way he says two months? Maybe she’s doing actual rehab? When those are the big “life changes”

No. 666328

Not even a month in she was already complaining about the house. I wouldn't be surprised if she moved out again.

No. 666329

Yea if her family is involved she MIGHT have gotten serious.

Still don't think its inpatient, but if we don't hear from her for a while I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

No. 666330

File: 1559429559047.png (26.07 KB, 665x337, tnd good.PNG)

No. 666331

I’m worried about this too. She probably told him they need time away from each other for a bit and that nothing is actually final, or that if they both get clean, they can resume their relationship. She may have said it so he would leave and she’s secretly not allowing him back, or it’s the actual plan. However, the things she has been posting makes me hope it’s permanent but it may be too soon to call. This is Taylor after all and getting a straight story out of her is never reality.

Except that in the now deleted story she said “ending relationships is hard” so that’s kind of telling, but go off, Jonny….

No. 666332

possible but unlikely. it’s very rarely sexually transmitted, even with unprotected sex

No. 666333

Ah yes, those pinned pupils definitely look sober. Also I’m pretty sure there was a beer in the cup holder on his story.

No. 666334

yeahhh blame it all on your dealer, Jonny. he totally held a gun to your head and made you buy his product

No. 666335

There's an energy drink in the drivers cup holder but it looks to be beer in JC's.

No. 666336


Hep B is far more likely

No. 666337

she is an immunodeficient glass child UwU tho

No. 666338

What about sharing needles?

No. 666341

File: 1559430422932.png (25.58 KB, 1015x519, breakingthelease.png)

Might be looking into this angle to break the lease. She better lawyer up and read her contract.

No. 666342

File: 1559431489251.jpeg (400.37 KB, 1242x1241, D8481539-4B53-4AB0-9B83-E0B6A4…)

No. 666344


weeeell that took long
surprising the following: _______

ffs I always forget he calls himself "daddy", fucking disgusting

No. 666345

When is he gonna die already?

No. 666346

Ah yes the manipulation has begun! "If u break up with me I'll relapse"

No. 666347

probably a manipulation tactic… ‘I’m gonna use and die because of you!’

No. 666348

he deleted
too lol.

Man what I'd give to be a wall fly in the cab of the uhaul

No. 666350

hur dur my gf broke up with me after I sat at home and did nothing all day. Nvm the 50k teeth that I needed because i fucked up my mouth with dip and soda.

No. 666354

File: 1559432459000.png (39.18 KB, 697x337, od.png)

well that really says A LOT

No. 666355


Can someone decipher this please?

No. 666357


Oh now it's a real split up lol

No. 666358

And now she's deleted her twitter lol

No. 666359

I think she actually just deleted her twitter

No. 666360


No doubt he's gonna start the smear campaign

No. 666361


her ig is on private now too

No. 666362

aaaaaaannnnnnd instagram has gone private

No. 666363

wow. that's intense

No. 666364

What does she think shes gonna accomplish by running away from her problems like this?

Just because she can't see it doesn't mean people aren't talking about it. If anything this only makes people talk about it more. won't be long now before the latest drama video goes up telling everyone I told you so.

No. 666365

I bet she said the thing about ending relationships when she knew he was busy and wouldn’t see it. That’s why she deleted. Someone showed it to him via Twitter, and he’s probably exploding.

No. 666366

I can still see everything on Instagram…

No. 666367

she said she'll be living alone, so probably not moving back home

No. 666368

is anything actually happening on instagram?

No. 666370

I mean what did she expect. She'd have to tell him eventually, lying only gets you so far. He's the type to turn around and beat the shit outta her, hope she has moving plans. I wouldn't wanna live there if he knew where I lived.

No. 666371

I was thinking that too. It makes sense with his "delusion" earlier they were just split/separated, then deleting the tweet "calling out" a person who called him out

No. 666373

Just in case anyone forgot, remember this is the guy that threatened to burn down Chelsea's house and caused damage trying to break in, thus causing the restraining order

No. 666374

Why the uhaul being driven halfway across country if only for 2 months? If he didn’t know then he an even bigger dumbass than I thought.

No. 666375

actually complains about changing his dad's diapers for everyone to hear… that is so cruel. no respect.

i'd cry if I was his dad and saw that story

No. 666376

that's true, as well as I think its a dollar a mile. why not fly if he is only going for 2 months, it's probably cheaper than driving a uhaul.

No. 666378

File: 1559433871750.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2012, D6E4CB47-D147-4A65-A889-AFA6EF…)

He’s zooming in and out on this in his latest IG story. I feel like he’s trying to be intimidating and threaten Taylor at this point

No. 666380

I can still see her stories and posts. Sure, she hasn’t added anything more yet, but it’s not gone as someone above stated

No. 666381

Sure hope Taylor alerted security about him by now.

I mean, this is the guy who would spontaneously record & upload his gf when she wasn't looking or feeling her best…

No. 666382

I honestly think that her need to overshare and make herself look like the victim has backfired so many times she should not say anything until she's completely safe and he's off the road. The most dangerous time for a victim of dv is when they leave.

No. 666383

and nudes. lol

No. 666384

in theory $1846 from san antonio to watertown in mileage alone. Add diesel, lodging/food, and it's probably in the $2300 ballpark. A quick flight search and they're about $550-700 topkek

No. 666385

Not only is it more expensive one way than a round trip plane ticket he would have to bring everything back in ~2 months.

No. 666386


Uh was this ever confirmed?

No. 666387

They said Instagram has gone private, not been deleted.

No. 666388

That he has her nudes? He has pictures of her only covering her bits with her hand. I'm sure he has actual nudes. And I wouldn't put it past him to leak them.

No. 666389

To be fair he's gotta move his sneaker and funko collection. If he's taking his cpu he's might as well take his clothes and shit.

No. 666390


Even if he did, he wouldn't get away with it for sure.

No. 666391

File: 1559434306437.jpeg (307.22 KB, 750x1019, EC0F2A45-8858-4A2F-89D1-ED3F88…)

Jen tweeted this earlier. I hope she spills whatever she has

No. 666392

What if he is driving to NY because he isn’t only taking the computer with him but also the other shit he owns? Like clothes, ugly shoes and “his” Funko’s
Nobody can be that retarded to spent so much on gas unless he is milking the guy who is driving him

No. 666394

i hope the guy who is driving him asked for money up front because otherwise he won't see any repayment

No. 666395

I wouldn't be surprised if Jonny isn't covering the full cost for the drive. He's pretty good at manipulating others to get what he wants so he probably was all about rEaL fRiEnDsHiP to get the dude to drive him.

No. 666396

Get away with it? Just like he got away with raping his exes, shooting them up, the macbook scam, never paying his debts back to the people who payed for him. No, he'd never get away with it. /s

No. 666397

Here’s my tinfoil. I think Taylor used last night, and she went to the hospital. I don’t think it was an overdose (otherwise she wouldn’t have been posting) but I also don’t think it was physical abuse necessarily. I think she went by herself because she was scared, or had some health issues totally unrelated. Because her demeanor on her Instagram stories didn’t seem to be “frightened” or shaken up. She just wanted to talk about her veins.
Anyways, I think she used that as an opportunity to finally cut it off.
She’s obviously been wanting to do it for a while.
Maybe she told him it will be a temporary break (hence the two months) but definitely encouraged him to take all of his stuff in the event she didn’t want to make it work.
He knows this. He knows it is serious. Hence the “we love each other we swear” and “my queen!” He’s panicking.
He’s being aggressive about the old drug dealer. He’s being nasty to people saying they broke up. He’s in denial.
And he probably is threatening Taylor, or being nasty to her. Hence the deleting of twitter / private Instagram.
I don’t have social media, so maybe one of the anons that actually follow her could check if they are still following one another?
Either way, I think it’s safe to say shit is going to hit the fan.

No. 666398

File: 1559434926365.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.41 KB, 400x477, Dontlookplz.jpg)

Did somebody say nudes? NSFW

No. 666400

i was thinking maybe she had thought she had overdosed but didnt?

No. 666401

may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch, and your arms to be too short to scratch

No. 666404

I just checked her gram. Shes currently not following JC… unless I missed him but not likely.

No. 666405

I checked Instagram and it’s weird. Under followers on both of their pages you can’t find the other, but under who they’re following you can find the others’ page. I’m not sure what’s up

No. 666406

i hate you

No. 666408


gotcha bitch

No. 666411

Maybe she went to the hospital to get away from him. I can see him getting more aggressive as he's packing and her needing an outlet.

No. 666412


I'm thinking back to her 'Reply All' interview when she said he was always around & she didn't have any time to herself…

No. 666416

Probably because he's been harassing her non stop today. He's probably blowing up her phone with corny one-liners.

She's gonna feel the pain for a while. She's gonna need some serious shit to unfuck her life.

No. 666417

File: 1559436254583.jpeg (121 KB, 1125x1232, D386C989-8D6D-4DFB-805F-3FED7E…)

still shows up for me

No. 666418

Ig glitches. Searching either one of them through the followers tab will not show accurate results.
If you want to see whether or not she's following him, you need to go to her profile and then look him up on her "following" tab. If he shows up then she's still following him. Same goes for him following her.

No. 666420

She is. You need to search taylorndean, not Taylor Nicole Dean.

No. 666425

She turned her Instagram comments oft, too.

No. 666426

Deactivated Twitter

No. 666430

File: 1559439588877.jpg (354.97 KB, 1242x1621, TRxy3ue.jpg)

Found this interesting. Could be a troll.

No. 666431

There's no way he has ten years left in him. The fact that he's still alive is a testament to the resilience of the human body
Wouldn't be surprised if it were alcohol- or mental health-related, e.g. a panic attack or something psychosomatic.
Social media is cancerous. It's a good thing that she's taking a break from it, regardless of what her intentions are. She's not obligated to blog about her problems to a bunch of randos. In fact, it'd be better for both her and the pet community if she didn't. Fucking zoomers

No. 666432

because the thread is already getting fucking stupid: just as anons are not the cause of the cow who commits suicide, we are not the cause of the cow 'getting better'. you are not 'helping' taylor. neither are her stans on insta or twitter. you are anon on a gossip website devoted to making fun of slowbus fuckups, and taylor is one. please get it straight.

No. 666433

What would she need an IV for if it were a domestic dispute, unless he really fucked her up somehow? To counteract the drugs?

No. 666435

Dehydration for fluids? If she was in really bad shape which wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 666436


Jonny couldn't have paid for the U-Haul because he doesn't have a credit card.

>sorry, driving friendo

No. 666437

any time I’ve been in the ER or hospital they’ve IVed me regardless of why I was there. I’m pretty sure it’s common to be IVed

No. 666439

yes, she's definitely a victim, but she's also a brat and doesn't deserve pity until she makes progress. its sad she got stuck with jonny and shes facing heroin addiction but shes fucked up so many times its incredible. other farmers replied to you, but she's been nothing but evil and wasn't really a good person to begin with

as >>666240 said, she'd get some really good videos if she actually apologized truthfully for all the shit she's done behind the scenes. i mean imagine if she actually sat down and apologized to the victims of her ex-bf druggie predator, talked about all the animals shes killed, why, how, and how she's downsizing to cater to specific animals she can handle best, apologize for all of those fan events she avoided, apologize to anyone shes attacked high in the last year on rants, etc.

everyones saying she's lying, but what are the chances that she wasn't doing other drugs? shes not exactly clean before jonny, jonny just made her a lot worse

i dont know if she was necessarily doing H before him, but theres the incidents where she didnt show up to events because of implied drug use problems

"guys i could only afford ONE house after extensive heroin use!"

No. 666442

Was JC in her "snakes doing stuff" vid on YT? The random one that's like 15-20mins of her being high and letting her snakes crawl around in her filthy apartment? Bc it's not up on YT anymore

No. 666445

Anons you are so fucking predictible. We all knew she will use the victim card to justify everything she has done, and here you are, "rooting for her" and "wishing the best for her uwu".

She was a shitty person before- during her relationship with Jonny. And she still will be a shitty person after him.

No. 666447


Am I just innately cynical? Because she walked into this relationship with her eyes WIDE open, she chose to start doing heroin and date a known abuser.

but now she can be all "my story of how I got in too deep" and portray herself as the victim.

No. 666448


If something like that did go down during the last few days the police were not called. I already searched the SA Police and county jail logs.


If it's a first time domestic conflict or minor (no actionable assault), often the police will issue a warning and tell the people involved to get away from each other for x number of ways. But since he has a rap sheet the police probably would take him in at the slightest indication of Taylor having been harmed.

No. 666451

I give Taylor a few days until they're back together.. especially when she starts to feel that "loneliness at night" feeling. Jonny became the provider for her drugs so she's addicted to both and that withdrawal is gonna be so painful. I almost feel bad for her tbh because I've been there. so I'm sure he's gonna pop back in her life again. Don't think he's the type of person to just move on just like that.

No. 666452

You root someone on and still think they're a shitty person. Not many people are horrible enough to deserve a problem like Johnny, and situations like these are an opportunity for self-improvement.

No. 666453

can you imagine this retard being your mother? "can't wait to spill the tea about my own daughter for asspats from strangers on the internet!"

the absolute state of these trashy idiots.

No. 666454


I'm guessing she was just dehydrated (especially as she says that's why she was in the hospital, electrolytes go out of whack when you're dehydrated or have been vomiting).

No. 666455

She should not be left alone, to protect her from Jonny and from herself.

No. 666456


oh fuck the fuck off

There are celebrities out there who haven't fucked up their whole lives with EDS, and who don't use it as a constant excuse when they're dope sick.

No. 666458

Breaking up with Jonny wont fix her hoarder problems, her narcisstic personality and wont revive all the pets she has kill for being stupid and neglectful.

She isnt completely innocent in this, literally everyone warnered her about him and she went after him anyway.

No. 666459

Taylor has made infinitely bad decisions. She has poor animal care, and ignored the victims of JC for selfish will.
However, we all know her drug problem will never improve as long as he is around. If her drug problem doesn’t improve, more animals will continue to be killed off. I don’t want to suggest she’s going to be a perfect pet owner after this is all over. But I want to imagine that it has potential to improve.
Because at the end of the day, those animals deserve more.

No. 666461

She was an asshole before she ever met him. That's why she has a thread. Because she is laughable and she sucks. Seriously, what is so difficult about this?

No. 666462

Most likely both. Her stans already don't like him, so if she mentions anything they're gonna go after him and she knows it. She was keeping up with the charade that this was JC moving to NY to help his dad, but she slipped.

No. 666464


Maybe it's a European thing but I've only been IV'd when I've actually needed a treatment or rehydration. Most of the time they do a blood test though.

No. 666465

Sure, but if getting rid of Jonny helps her get clean that might lead to better animal care. So no matter what it's a small step in the right direction. A clean lazy narcissist is better equipped to take care of animals than one that is injecting herself with heroin every day.

No. 666466

>You root someone on and still think they're a shitty person.
>and still think they're a shitty person.
>they're a shitty person
Calm down and learn how to read

No. 666468

File: 1559444211006.jpg (105.84 KB, 615x861, Untitled.jpg)


This person seems to make a lot of bold claims with no evidence. Attention seeker.

No. 666470

Didn’t she just say earlier that her making these changes would better her content? And now she’s deleted her social media?

As much as I loathe Taylor, I hope he doesn’t hurt her. Him saying he might use again and then her going dark on social media is….concerning

No. 666474

She has never shown the slightest inclination towards self-improvement unless you count killing shit and dating junkies but go off, I guess

No. 666475

Can we please drop the pregnancy thing? There is no way in hell.
She has already denied this. If she has PCOS, getting pregnant would be pretty difficult to begin with. Doing drugs with mess with her fertility to some degree as well.

No. 666477

File: 1559445187458.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190602-001005.png)

Not very milky I guess, but this is such an obvious jab at Taylor because of her Celiac's disease

No. 666478

It's not about pregnancy rumors, that cap is showing the wet blankets person is probably just a troll so their earlier comment about DV is probably also false

No. 666479

Are you twelve? It usually takes a really bad situation, or many bad situations, for someone who's in the pits to make meaningful improvement, and even if they don't, there's no harm in hoping that they do improve. In fact, it's fucking weird not to hope that they improve unless they're malicious and seriously deserve punishment, like a pedo or something

No. 666482

Go Wk somewhere else. This is no place to kiss her ass. This is why i hated newfags coming here with their stupidity.

No. 666484

She's not CAPABLE of improving, she is a narcissist with a messiah/saviour complex. She's still harming and neglecting her animals, has never apologised and atoned for mocking both bisexuals and sexual assault victims, and knowingly dated a rapist for over a year, and defended him in public and to his victims. Not to mention she does her drugs right near her fucking "pets" (read: hoard). Stop WKing her.

No. 666486

>people plead for months for her to leave Johnny
>she finally does what lolcow has been pleading for her to do
>people are happy and hopes she becomes less of a shitty person
>this is unacceptable
weens detected

No. 666488

Well done, anon! I'm sure Taylor has now seen your repeated, uplifting posts, coming from a gossip messageboard that has about a billion threads bitching her out for her animal neglect, drug abuse, etc. I'm also sure she knows just how much you want her to improve - you're making such a difference in her life!

Can we seriously not, this is so embarrassing and delusional.

No. 666492

Keith Richards is 75 years old, and he’s done drugs none of us have ever heard of.

No. 666493

Big on the IF , all we have is Taylor's hypochondriacal word for it. Though I do think wet blanket is a troll I wouldn't take Taylor's word that she has it.

No. 666497

>being glad that a cow did something lolcow's been telling them to do for months = wanting senpai to notice them
don't be a tryhard, you're working yourself up over a few posters deciding to take a break from throwing hate at a pet-hoarding junkie on youtube

No. 666499

File: 1559448863863.jpeg (54.33 KB, 1207x999, 84DA7B47-0490-4F6E-93F1-4CC705…)

Twitter gone again

No. 666500

File: 1559449110866.png (78.13 KB, 732x220, Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 12.1…)


No. 666501

again, can you imagine this trash being your mother? go to bed, jen.

No. 666502

Did someone ss her response to Colin?
I cant rn

No. 666503

She reminds me so much of Margo. She's always trying to find ways to use her daughter to get some of that attention for herself.

No. 666504

jfc. what a mom. no wonder her child is acting the way she does. get off your phone, Jen, and be a mother for once

No. 666505

File: 1559451062502.jpg (592.25 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190601-234836_Twi…)

His tweet was in response to her "I hate drugs and drug dealers"

No. 666506

File: 1559451097372.jpg (520.96 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190601-234912_Twi…)

Also this one.

No. 666507

That lying bitch, she did tweet about him and his gf and how they were drinking at some point.

No. 666508

“Whispered to Jonny it’s okay to drink beer”
he’s 33 years old??(emoji use)

No. 666509

Duuude. Wow. She totally tweeted him in the past. Maybe that's where Taylor gets it from.. That inability to own up to one's own words and actions.

No. 666510

She also commented on colins GF’s picture saying something along the lines of “ my son likes you and is wondering why you’re with Colin”

No. 666511

Jen is such a fucking psycho. I can’t imagine having this full blown retard for a mother, it’s no wonder Taylor turned out the way she did. If Taylor’s recovery ever depends on her family’s help, then I guess she’ll die, because her stupid bitch of a mother doesn’t know when to shut up. I really hope Betsy has a good head on her shoulders and can be there with and for Taylor. I mean, I mostly wish she’d go inpatient, but Taylor’s too stubborn for that. I also hope she moves to a smaller place. She doesn’t need that awful house.

No. 666521

Lol. I'm sure she doesn't give two fucks so long as we're buying her bs. This is someone who wants a pass for publicly vilifying someone who had the audacity to snort some of her coke. Dumping the excess baggage is a top move (especially for drama lovers) but it's not the end of this saga by any means.

>Taylor R was somewhat of a lolcow success story

U wot? Seriously what are you smoking.

No. 666530

Jonny's living the dream with his teeth that got paid for, a pile of Funko Pops and all the Cheez-Its he can eat.

No. 666531

Grown man moving back in with daddy trying to play video games for a living. Lol

No. 666535

File: 1559457907302.png (103.67 KB, 564x673, manlet.png)

Everyone's favourite manlet

No. 666537

The beer gut is missing.

No. 666542

I know some of y’all are just tryna be nice but come the fuck on. Maybe I’m just a massive bitch idk, but she walked in to this knowing FULL well what he was like - not many people are that damn lucky to get a big red ass warning to stay away from someone. By her account she was already dabbling with drugs anyway he just introduced her to heroin.

She’s a shitty person before during and probably after Jonny. I get y’all feel sorry for her and honestly I hope she does get her shit together now that he’s gone but I’m very sceptical. She needed to get her shit together a long ass time ago - she has caused so many avoidable deaths that it makes me fucking angry.

Sorry this has turned into a rant, she just needs to get her shit together and I honestly hope she does for the animals. I won’t hold my breath though. It’s obvious she’s gonna pull out every victim card she can and I really don’t think Jonny is gonna take this lying down so I mean either way I’m here for it - just get the animals safe.

No. 666544

I don't think she'll ever change. She's just just going to start talking about how she was a victim and how much it changed her; forgetting that she didn't give a shit about Jonny's exs and even got into his drugs.

If she's still doing drugs, especially recently with him then that withdrawal, with an addition and a breakup, it is going to hit her hard. Jonny is not gonna stop love bombing his wallet so they'll be back together in no time.

Jonny got her hooked with his drugs so I wouldn't be surprised if she's hooked on him. She basically needs rehab for her drug addition AND her problems with boys. Which she won't do.

No. 666547

File: 1559462725949.jpeg (851.6 KB, 1242x2170, B555622A-39EF-41D5-8284-BA84BB…)

No. 666548

Damn he's in his own world at this point. Pretending like everything is just fine.

No. 666549

Isn’t it scary that he and Jen have that in common?

No. 666550

I don’t know what to believe. Part of me thinks she could be lying and saying it’s over for social but reassuring JC in private. They are both pretty delusional at this point and she seems too “okay” for a break up.

No. 666551

exactly. I'm hoping she's privating and deleting her accounts in preparation to go inpatient. I doubt it, but it would keep her safe from Jonny and herself for long enough to get a good grip on sobriety and independence.

No. 666553

What if they got evicted. That can explained spazzing out, her house cleaned and him leaving. She is probably going back home and her parents said hell no he can't stay here. Even her going to the Hospital dehydrated in that Texas heat from moving? She was hurt and maybe tried to manipulate the situation. Seems like she says things on the internet to try to convince herself.

No. 666557

decent tinfoil.
her kitchen counters were suspiciously clean in the last pic.

No. 666563

She may stay in the house. There's no way she can move all her animals and their new cages into their parents home. She was already struggling with finding place for her crested geckos before (so they lived in the bathroom).

I think this is actually the worst time for her animals. She's alone, she's probably going to go through withdrawal from drugs (because I think we all know she was using even when she said she was sober), she's going to feel lonely and probably miss the relationship even if it was fucked up. Her animals are going to be the last thing on her mind because she won't even be making videos.

God am I glad to see older anons setting people straight on this - she won't change. Even if she ditched Jonny he is only one part of the equation and her animals won't suddenly be cared for.

Tbh I agree with the anons saying she probably didn't fully break up with him but they're just going on a break. She then posted shit on social media (something she shouldn't have done clearly) and it set him off. So now she is going to disappear while he goes through a cycle of hating on her but as we have seen with all his other exes, he never really fucks off. That means he will always be part of her 'past' even if she doesn't mention him because he sure as hell will be mentioning her.

No. 666564

I think all the bashing is because anons are afraid she will stop producing milk now that jc is gone. Guys, don't forget that she's still a lying hoarding narc with a psycho mom, and jc drama is far from over as well - just look at his exes.

Honestly it was the same newfags constantly begging her to leave jc in a gossip forum of all places. People should just accept that they cannot change her life remotely and just enjoy the shitshow.

No. 666565

the whole thing is being played out for attention down to the 'don't want any drama' and 'send taylor love' posts. true cows never reform, some of us know it already.

No. 666566


Am I seeing things or does JC have a black teardrop tattoo like some bad made for tv 90s gangbanger movie? So was he raped in jail or is he bragging about raping someone?

My 2c TND is scared he has proofs of her continued drug use and is funding this move and is keeping the polite "oh we'll try when I'm better, sure" to keep him from releasing.

No. 666568


Yeah he has a tacky, ugly lil teardrop tattoo right on his face. Gotta keep that ~ gangsta daddy ~ vibe up somehow so he can lure more young chicks to his bloated self, lol

No. 666575

File: 1559478544636.png (167.38 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20190602-152752.png)

I'm starting to lean towards that taylor told him they were just taking a break t

No. 666576

They're not broken up. She's actually mental enough to go this far to make it look that way but I'm pretty sure they aren't. Hes an asshole and has issues but he isn't that fucking nuts to publically be in denial about a break up. But hey if they are good for her but she's still a piece of shit for 1. Needing to tell everyone about it. 2. Publically embarrassing him when he's clearly not wanting his fans to know.
3. Neglecting her animals while shooting up.

Theres no fucking reason ANY of this needs to be on the internet they both need to shut the fuck up. Taylor blabs every detail of her life then gets pity points for complaining about the criticism. She brought on herself. But hey im sure glad they don't shut up Lol can't wait for the milk

No. 666578


I think so too. Maybe with the shitstorm lately, Taylor decided moving JC out of the picture would be a good idea. So she tells him they'll take a break and he moves to NY under the guise of taking care of his father (lmao, yeah right) to make it seem like he had no choice. Seems weird that an "emergency" is going to last two months. Also an emergency where you take your entire PC set-up and FUNKO POPS? Like okay, I understand the PC for a long-term stay. But taking your hunks of plastic with you just says he's moving out and he needs his toys because he's a goddamn child.

So perhaps Taylor did say they were on a break. Then she saw the response and attention she got about dumping his ass and maybe it gave her some courage. We all know Taylor's been waiting for him to drop dead so she can reap the sob story of her junkie boyfriend who she couldn't save. Maybe she thinks he'll do some dumb shit in NY that'll give her reason to actually break up with him and he's already out of the house with his shit? I'm leaning more towards her sending JC away in the hope of breaking it off with him at a later date, but telling him that they are just 'on a break/this is necessary for us' and that's why JC is sperging out because it didn't occur to him that Taylor may actually kick his beer gut ass to the curb.

No. 666579

lmfao denying a break up is abuser 101, it's hilarious how some of you cling on to your milk

No. 666580

Lol nah anon faking things on the internet for attention is Taylor 101

No. 666581

He lied about raping/abusing women just yesterday, and has denied allegations. He is notorious for gaslighting, and manipulation.
I don't think it's too far fetched to suggest they did break up, and he's just.. freaking out.

No. 666584

agreed 100%. ugh

No. 666585

A proven abuser is not "mental" enough to be in public denial over a break up? Lmao.

No. 666587

File: 1559485400645.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-05-31-23-48-42…)


I was thinking the same thing. Shitty screengrab but there is extensive water damage to the upper corner by Jonny's head in a video he posted a few days back about his twitch. I don't remember any of the ceiling having large water spots before, maybe the landlord saw the damage that many fucking animals can cause to a property and told them to gtfo.

No. 666588

this is what Jonny looked like when he came into Taylor's life… wtf did she get with him for? oh right. "the experience". well you sure got the experience you signed up for lol how could anyone look at that face and think "yup he's got his act together he'll treat me right"

No. 666589

Idk why people are acting like Taylor is suddenly innocent and pure. It's not past her to go on a break and say they've broken up and then run away from social media as a way to control the situation.

No. 666591

I have a feeling they didn’t break up and taylor was talking about her drug addiction when she said “ending a relationship” or at least that is what she will end up claiming when they get back together. But also if JC is gone and taylor is going to rehab, who would care for the animals?

No. 666595

Okay great now dicks are ruined for me forever
Thank you lolcow for making me lesbian

No. 666596

I disagree, he's moving way too much shit to be "temporary". Taylor probably told him it was "just a break" but we all know she's a lying POS.

Breaking up with him after he's moved out would be a very Taylor thing to do. In the past she's wanted him out of the house cause hes constantly around her 24/7. Obviously something happened that caused them to live separated.


All of these posts especially the last one make it clear they aren't together. She sounds like she's made up her mind and she's pretty stubborn about getting her way. She's gonna use her story for pity points and she can't do that if she's still with johnny.

She is a chronic relapser but I don't think they'll get back together.

No. 666597

File: 1559488574055.png (445.6 KB, 750x1334, E7E5C96D-C11E-4817-846D-531ACC…)

If they didn’t break up, why did she specifically mention Jonny in the post? “I know he’s struggling” ?

No. 666598

If the doctors have a hard time finding a vein how in the fuck did she find them to shoot up for who knows how long. Did Dr. Jonny help?

No. 666599

She literally could have said they were going on a break to him and then just broke up online. She's a fucking idiot if she did that because that's exactly how you get an abusive response. She should have stayed quiet online

No. 666600

This. I think she told him it was a break to get him out. That's most likely why he's confused/in a lot of denial. It was a huge mistake to tell the internet it was a breakup. Because 1. everyone is going to be super pissed if she lets him come back and 2. she's going to piss HIM off big time
Which is probably why now she realized to just delete her social media

But her need to be a victim is probably why she was so public about it. She just fucked herself. She better be moving out now for her own safety. He obviously doesn't need her to be able to travel anywhere, he has people at his beck and call for whatever reason to drive him anywhere.

Right now I bet she changed the story up on him again to say it's just a break which is why he is now posting shit like >>666575

He's probably more sad that he's losing her house and her money which is why he's so emotional right now and she's probably easily manipulating him right back.

No. 666602

File: 1559490661187.png (149.23 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20190602-184959.png)

jonny's been asking his fans to share suicide stories on his discord

No. 666603

He might be trolling because i have a feeling both he and taylor are reading this thread considering JC’s tweets about assumptions and Taylor’s mommy’s tweets.

No. 666604

Taylor had to come clean (no pun intended) with jonny eventually. It was in her best interests to lie to get him out, dude gave her access to heroin ffs. Still totally her fault becoming a junkie because she knew who he was.

However, she was an idiot for telling everyone not to DM him and that BS shes still stuck in the middle school bullshit phase. Partly because likes the drama and attention, that and she wants to provoke a response from him because she gets a twisted sense of satisfaction knowing she hurt him.

Taylor gets off on the power of exploiting people for fame and attention. Just like she gets off exploiting her animals.

She's just a sick as jonny just in other ways.

No. 666605

Or he knows Taylor reads here and is trying to make her feel bad and bring him back in

No. 666607

Mommy dean is just an attention whore. Unless she spills anything just ignore her, she's just as bad as Taylor.

No. 666608

oh i have no doubt he's just fucking around. we know from his exes that threatening suicide is part of his manipulation cycle. i'm just pointing out that we've got to that now.

No. 666609

if you've got tricky veins you just learn which ones work and how to find them.

No. 666610

I don't think he's trolling. This is another abuser tactic.

It's like Jonny read "how to be an abusive boyfriend 101" these are such obvious signs lol

No. 666611

I don't think he's trolling. This is another abuser tactic.

It's like Jonny read "how to be an abusive boyfriend 101" these are such obvious signs lol

No. 666612

Dude has no intention of offing himself, if he wanted to he'd just do rather than whine about it like a little bitch.

No. 666613

That's literally the most 'normal' thing any abuser would say. Honestly, if someone really wants to kill themselves, they'll just do it and not talk about it online for hours trying to get some pity. He doesn't even have the balls to do it kek

No. 666619

Fucking thank you. She's a vulnerable narcissist while Craig is a malignant full of himself narc. People like him also do not kill themselves and fear death a lot. Him and her are both pieces of fucking shit.

Her mother likely caused her to be a vulnerable narc, but anyone who has experienced a narc, especially vulnareable, they're actually worse due to how they go about their manipulative ways while playing innocent and mostly they even are successful in fooling most. Especially through the internet.

No. 666620

File: 1559494330004.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, CD469EF1-2723-4218-B0BD-B88E0B…)

No. 666621

File: 1559494358011.jpeg (360.05 KB, 1242x880, 510DDB4A-D0CB-454A-9789-12A7A2…)

No. 666622

Junkies will shoot up anywhere from the skin between their toes, to the veins in their neck and everything in-between including yes, dick veins.

Hospital IVs are most commonly insterted via hand or arm which is usually the first place to blow out after continuous self injecting.

No. 666623


There's no way he's gonna off himself after getting those "pearlies" and all his cool computer junk. We'd all be better off, but it's definitely just to make Taylor react.

No. 666624

What a useless tactic considering nobody would care if he died. This isn't even just typical anon hate, like, literally Jonny for a fact nobody would be mourning, you're a trash excuse for a human being.

This is hopefully code for my family is helping me move out

No. 666625

Are we starting the 'I'm sober guise!' clock over now?

No. 666627

Sounds like she’s going back to the clinic, meaning it’s true that she never stuck with her original plan of getting sober and just thought “I can do it all myself while still drinking alcohol because my tHeRaPisT sAiD iTs OkAy”

No. 666630

inb4 she preemptively brags again about how she's going to help people.

No. 666635

Yeah the guy does heroin, to off himself is as simple as a real full syringe and there’s no need to gain sympathy from followers bc you are fuckin gonna be dead

No. 666644

File: 1559497407977.jpeg (510.36 KB, 1242x1400, 2240FA0A-9516-41FE-A97C-C6B9FC…)

Now that they ‘broke up’, should we limit our posts about JC to the ones that relate to Taylor?

No. 666645

a bit too soon to be cutting Jonny out of the conversation

No. 666647


Agreed. I just wasn’t sure because I know for most people Taylor is the cow. I like seeing JC’s dumpster fire of a life, but I didn’t want to annoy anyone here with non Taylor posts.

No. 666648

only if we get a thread for him. He's too good of a shit show to forget about

No. 666649

There's gonna be at least one more big public blowout. Chill on shoving him out of the picture.

No. 666650

Give it a week or two to see what happens but if they do stay apart, give him his own thread cause I’d rather never see his ugly face again

No. 666651

Agreed. I have a feeling this is far from over.

No. 666652

I think for as long as he is mentioning Taylor/if he ever does, he fits on here.
Things are still so fresh, and he's bound to grow increasingly angry/bitter soon. I imagine he's going to go on the smear campaign as soon as he realizes things wont work for him and Taylor (because for now, he's clearly under the impression that they will)
So I vote for him to stay on here.

No. 666660

She's tried to sort her life out so many times and has not done it. This won't change anything other than maybe her drug addiction and even then she will have to continue trying with that because there is no 'quick' fix.

No. 666661

File: 1559499109509.jpg (59.11 KB, 533x499, Bestrongfordaddy.jpg)

No. 666666

File: 1559500152031.jpg (56.73 KB, 334x443, 1478219720750.jpg)

I'm living for all of this Johnny in denial posts. Taylor's already planning on getting her shit together (for now anyway) and her fans are rejoicing their split while he's still off going "Haha no man, she just asked me to take all my stuff in a uhaul cross country so I wouldn't be bored while caring for my dad 24/7. It's all cool, honest!"

No. 666667

These memes are fanfuckingtastic! Keep me coming!

No. 666668


>"my son…is wondering why you're with Colin"

Wow, fuck you Jen.

Who wants to bet SHE was the one actually 'wondering' that, but said it was Tanner just so that Colin or his gf couldn't respond accordingly.

…And she wonders why Tanner gets mad at her sometimes…

No. 666669

Jen has her hands full with Taylor alone. Why is she worried about people in What used to be a band Jonny was in

No. 666670

Glad I'm not the only one wearing my tinfoil hat today. I'll believe she's done with him if she stays away from him for a few months and gets clean.

No. 666671

File: 1559500548898.jpeg (194.02 KB, 1242x635, 943927DA-1E3A-4490-A00C-0FCF21…)


Context for the Distro sending money tweet, and all of JC’s I’ve got money tweets.

No. 666672


>"Jonny doesn't have money without Taylor."

FINALLY some visual confirmation!

No. 666678

File: 1559501178377.jpg (138.53 KB, 1242x822, p8k6G8O.jpg)

No. 666679

Why do you stupid fucks still give him money besides his ~*RoYaLtIeS~*
C'mon Tudy! Colin, drag him but please don't help this abusive little shit.
Why is nobody able to just drop him???

No. 666681

I love that our board tan got the get, nice once anon.

No. 666685

I mean it's obvious. Instead of getting an apartment (remember when he was looking at them on Craigslist?) He has to go live with his dad at 33 years old. What a loser.

No. 666686

100% proof johnny is related to the big guy downstairs.

No. 666687

No. 666689

File: 1559502792307.jpg (160.63 KB, 1079x762, Screenshot_20190602-201237.jpg)

I wouldn't be surprised if she messaged him and said "I'm gonna say we're broken up on my story to take the heat off us but don't worry daddy we're gonna be together forever uwu" (this was on the latest picture of the two of them on johnnys insta)

No. 666691

I don't think Jonny is in total denial. I think he KNOWS taylor wants to get rid of him but he says that they're still together to "keep" her. kinda like, "you can't break up with me unless I say so." kinda deal.

Don't want to blog but I had an ex that was like that.. I had to get a bunch of male family members to get me out of the relationship and even had to be picked up/drop off to/from school just because my ex kept acting we're still together, no matter how many times I said no. He was also very forceful.

So, Taylor. MOVE OUT in secret asap and be around people that he can't get through (ex: your crazy family)!

No. 666694

File: 1559504227205.jpg (80 KB, 708x495, thatsimpossible.jpg)

How long till he figures it out?

No. 666700

laws and contacts are a thing.

No. 666710

they still have to pay out whatever the terms of his contract were, apart from royalties.

No. 666720

Tudy was just his dealer am I right?

Shit like this >>666678
is well deserved imo when you're associating yourself with a known abuser and rapist. Colin and the others gave him a pedestal to further his singing career that he shouldn't have, and who knows all the ways now that Tudy has helped him.
None of these men were in a relationship with him, what is their excuse? This man cannot advance in life without leeching off of other people, which people let him do, because ???
Like there isn't enough proof of him being a shit head to begin with

No. 666723

Tudy was never his dealer. That was made up by Taylor’s crazy ass mom.

No. 666725

Finally caught up.
LOL at him being in a Uhaul.
It’s quite clear Taylor told him that were on a break and she had her family come in in order for him to actually gtfo.
She dumped his ass and confirmed it in his insta story (ending relationships are hard)

Also, noticed that JC turned off his insta comments, so people cannot reply back to them. HAHAHAHAHA weak ass.

No. 666727

File: 1559512416577.png (11.01 KB, 574x102, dopedealer.png)


>That was made up by Taylor’s crazy ass mom.

You mean Jonny?

No. 666728

File: 1559512515243.jpg (24.95 KB, 604x251, D8FmhBQWkAEK8LS.jpg)


Old milk, but relevant to this stage in 'the cylce'

No. 666729

File: 1559512844837.png (25.21 KB, 586x260, threatening.png)

Here's Jonny & a friend threatening Tudy again…

No. 666730

Yeah underneath all that gangsta talk and tattoos he's a weakling bitch. Taylor finally saw through his facade and realized it. She curbed him because he was a bum not because she wants to get better.

I don't think Taylor really cares what happens to him at this point. She's used up whatever clout he was worth, As soon as he left the band it was only a matter of time.

She never really "loved" jonny, he was just there for the rockstar experience. She'll act like she's changed but I wouldn't be surprised if she started dating someone equally bad. Girl has daddy issues.

No. 666735

The video is on Tudy’s Twitter. On one hand, it does kind of seem like Jonny is playing around. But knowing some of the shit that Jonny has said to him, it could also be taken as him intimidating him? Judge for yourselves.


No. 666736

Johnny's the quintessential aggressive posturing male; no doubt that was at least some of the intention. He acts like a bird during mating season

No. 666737

File: 1559514072524.png (3.94 MB, 1242x2688, C94B18A3-C8A2-41FE-A06A-799166…)

What are you trying to say JC?
Insta story commenrs disabled HAHAHA

No. 666739

It's rather embarrassing to see a 33 year old man trying to act like a tough guy on Twitter. No wonder he picks young and impressionable girls to compensate for what he's clearly lacking.

No. 666742


Even as an autist I can tell that this is him making fun of Jennifer assuming that Tudy was his dealer.

No. 666743

But didn't Jonny message Tudy when Taylor and him got back into drugs? Tudy leaked some screenshots of Jonny asking him to get them dope

No. 666744

Nothing milky imo. What's he gonna do now anyways he's hundreds of miles away.

Jonny just likes to blame other people in life for his problems. He acts just as much a victim as Taylor does.

No. 666745

Yup. He asked Tudy to find and deliver drugs for the two of them. i.e. be a drug dealer

No. 666746

File: 1559515671037.jpeg (193.12 KB, 1242x521, 16965C37-DE8A-482C-B6D2-021841…)

No. 666748


Tudy was a dedicated fan of his, I'm guessing he was either a roadie or an errand-boy

No. 666749

No. 666751

ok… that's kinda weird


I still think this guy is a troll. There's def. something else going on, why did she go to the hospital? Why did she have jonny leave? How long has she been talking to her family?

I'm starting to think she's been talking with her mom plotting to get jonny out for a while now.

No. 666752


>"Her mom forces her to get fluids"

…And while that happened, she realized how fucked up her body became because of your influence.

No. 666754

He was being sarcastic because that’s what Taylor’s mom was saying at the time.

No. 666755

File: 1559516715104.png (6.39 MB, 1242x2208, A5D59F2C-0951-497F-ADB0-B1FEA7…)

Possible damage control? It has he slithered his way back into her head?

No. 666756

File: 1559516724634.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, E4FDC87A-7719-4A3D-91D0-B8D08A…)

No. 666760

File: 1559516853166.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 994B52E7-2153-4BC9-B7CC-4BE763…)

No. 666761

The whole lawyer situation may have pushed her over the edge? I willing to bet she's gonna ditch her overpriced home. That's when this removing jonny from insta. thing started right?


It's clear their relationship was on the rocks before. The "family emergency" thing seemed really sudden. Taylor's health has been shitty for awhile but still.

This 100% sounds like stockholm syndrome or something. Im not saying she got beaten but. She's trying to make it seem like shes still with jonny, she absolutely made it clear she dumped him. sounds like lip service to keep him off her back.

No. 666763

She's trying to let him down easy so he wont come after her. HE still beleives this is temporary.

No. 666764

She still LOVES him? And CARES about him? After all he’s done to her and other women?

She’s totally going to take him back. Maybe not just yet, but it seems she will eventually.

I’m disappointed as hell in you, Taylor. I thought you finally actually got smart. GETTING BACK WITH JONNY WILL RUIN YOUR PROGRESS AND YOUR LIFE ALL OVER AGAIN.
Like Chelsea said. Please never look back.

No. 666765

>Im not saying she got beaten but. She's trying to make it seem like shes still with jonny, she absolutely made it clear she dumped him. sounds like lip service to keep him off her back.
Oh yeah it's damage control for sure, but I can't really blame her for it. Johnny is a psycho who definitely abused his previous exes, almost certainly abused Taylor and she's probably shit scared of him. Getting physically beaten isn't the only type of abuse, and honestly it doesn't fuck with you half as much without additional psychological abuse.

It's the best way for her to survive this situation, and honestly it's much better than her taking the opportunity to victimise herself, which is probably her biggest flaw. She doesn't hold herself accountable in any real way and always chooses making herself a victim.

No. 666766

wtf is this my mom made me get fluids shit? she lies so much that i never believe anything she says anyhow. i feel like taylor and jonny went on a big fat bender, filled with lots of maudlin lovey dovey shit prior to an agreed upon separation (for whatever reason) and taylor used a little too much or something and jen…what? wanted her to go to the er for what, exactly? unless you're od'ing it's not like they give a fuck.

i do think they got evicted, though. we know that they were paying rent late from those posts jonny showed and we know from taylor that the neighbors were uppity about something. either the pets, the heroin, or both.

the are definitely not broken up and this is going to happen at least two or three more times.

No. 666767


nah anons, she just wants a back up plan in case she can't find anyone else.

She wants to leave the option open to come back to johnny because she can't handle being alone. I guarantee you if she finds someone else she won't go back. This is her having a backup plan, shes gonna keep him strung along until she finds a new sucker. Why do you think she was mentioning post malone again? Shes trying to find someone better but she can't cause shes a loser.

No. 666768

What progress? This girl has never made an ounce of progress towards anything except maybe getting over her fear of needles.

What's with the hysteria? Between the stans and the WKs it's pretty funny.

No. 666770

And that's why we dont root or support cows. Hope you learn the lesson.
Sooner or later the truth of what really happen comes out, i put my bets on almost od'ing.
Either way both of them are really toxic, one of them will explode in the next five days and spill all the dirty secrets.

No. 666771

pretty sure this dude is just concern trolling to get a rise outta the farmers here.

Can we not bitch back and forth and stay on topic?

No. 666772

i absolutely agree with you about the backup. i don't think she will move on unless she has one, which is why i don't think they're truly broken up to begin with. it sounds like they did make some weird ass promise to let the other one try to get clean or some shit but taylor is too much of a loser to strike out on her own. she's one of those pathetic types who thinks abusive dudes are romantic. i don't see her getting 100% clean either. she likes being numbed out too much.

this is ot, but jen is such a trashfire of a mother. your daughter is pathetic because you raised her to be that way. jen needs to fuck off twitter and look after her family for once.

No. 666773

usually normal people would just post a big letter to fans saying that they've seperated, but Jonny and Taylor? They post a bunch of a vague tweets while acting like 2 teenagers.

No. 666774

I keep laughing about those tweets. As if Post Malone would seriously have looked at her? She's so full of herself. Every time she talks like that it's def drug fueled, what a lunatic.

No. 666775

Vagueposting is her reason for living. It keeps her stans glued to every stupid tweet. You gotta love the guessing game she's had them caught up in the past few days.

It's like she can't even interact in an honest way with people that support her, she's got to keep them on pins and needles. and keep headgaming them. Sorry but she is gross.

No. 666778

jfc can anons stop trying to save her life through lolcow posts? just enjoy the show, she's putting out a good one.

of course she isn't going to stick to the only time she's talked sense in years. that's why she's a fucking cow.

No. 666779

She knows jonny ruined her career and She knows her stans don't like him either.

She's trying to balance that with the fact that she can't function without a boy in her life. She wants sooo desperately for some prince charming to swoop in and solve her problems for her.

The vagueposting is just attention whoring. The fact that she has people watching her raises her self esteem, even if its negative attention.

She's like a girl at a party that sucks everyone's dick because they want emotional validation from men and have nothing to offer beyond their sex appeal.

No. 666797

They HAVE separated tho. Taylor is just being a manipulative cunt keeping jonny on the hook. She said it ENDED multiple times. They're not together.

Why do you think she doesn't want people showing him her stories? She's got a hidden agenda to find someone else.

No. 666808

It's equally likely that she's trying to let him down easy so he doesn't become vindictive and retaliate like he has with his exes. That's the smartest thing to do in this situation; he undoubtedly has a ton of dirt on her.

No. 666809

Now I think she only quit drugs because couldn't find a vein anymore and had to. I don't believe the hospital excuse she never does anything her mom asks. Something happened because regular people see PCP and specialist for checks ups/vein collapse. My nurse friend said they only use ultrasound on veins for extreme cases or blood clots. Feel like shes worse off health wise than she's letting on. Definitely shows how long and much she's been using. Wonder if been checked for hep c? Even with idiot gone its gonna be a while until shes better. Those poor animals need rehomed. The filthy house alone is reason enough, cps takes kids away for that much.

No. 666814

Agreed. Unless she's more broke than we know, he'd take her back in a second for her money, which is probably why he's so in denial about it. She may be hoping to jump into another relationship too, but I bet most of what she is doing is just to try to get Jonny out of her life as safely as possible, since he already has a history of violence against exes or their property.

And didn't he steal Chelsea's cats and Liz or Chelsea's dog? Technically Twisty was supposed to be his, and maybe he thinks one or more of the cats are his. I'm sure he doesn't actually want them, but if he can claim any of Taylor's animals just to spite her (or make her look bad for "letting" him take them) I wouldn't be surprised if he tried that.

No. 666817

File: 1559525228829.jpg (107.4 KB, 750x980, EyqGOU8.jpg)

Friendly reminder Taylor's ex replied with this a few days ago before everything went down.

If she was putting out her feelers with an old boyfriend, I don't see how it would be Jonny-approved.

No. 666820

Kids and animals are legally treated very differently. this comment is so hopeful, I wish she at least got mandated to cut her hoard in half or something, but animals are your property almost like any other object, barring obvious extreme abuse. Having a messy house isn't going to get her animals taken away. Unless there are like, dead animals buried in piles of her shit levels of neglect going on, any ACS officer will be unfamiliar with the subtle signs of bad husbandry in reptiles and give her a pass.

No. 666829

Tinfoil but I'm hoping she's trying to be like it's just a break/I need to get treatment to convince Jonny to voluntarily leave so she can take his name off the lease (assuming it was on there) since he's not living there anymore and hopefully keep him out and away since it's a gated community and supposedly has security, not totally clear on the legal aspect but I could see it getting messy if he's on the lease or actively residing in the house I don't think she could keep him out, not that he could afford to sue or anything but idk if the folks running the place would be ok with opening themselves up to being found liable for violating tenants rights or whatever

No. 666830

You would think Jen would be busy with her disabled son, and not on twitter subtweeting the haters?
She is absolutely to blame for a lot Taylor’s behaviors now.
Jen is either retarded herself, or is taking some special medication herself. Because holy fuck, this is not how a normal person acts.
When a junkie is trying to get clean, they need good support. Usually that support comes from family, or friends. Taylor doesn’t seem to have a mom, and moreso just a sister. And she has Betsy who is her assistant. That’s it. And before now, she had Jonny Craig at her side of ALL people.
What a mess.

No. 666832

Yeah, I feel bad for her a little because she may be a narcissist but if she's really trying to get clean, her support system sucks. I have a family that is problematic in very different ways than hers, but if I were Taylor I wouldn't want to go back to relying on her parents for support.

She also seems to have alienated herself from all her friends during her time with JC, except Betsy who she paid to enable her and I doubt Betsy will help her stay clean now even if she wants to. Hopefully her family is at least sane enough to get her into a real program, or keep her animals alive/rehome them while she does inpatient, but Taylor really needs to learn to actually be "by myself" like her tattoo says if she wants to stay clear of abusive relationships, romantic or family, going forward.

No. 666834

File: 1559529370359.jpeg (489.17 KB, 1242x1343, 58FCAB1A-0A3C-481D-88DD-70076A…)

When is Jonny expected to die of the kidney failure again?

No. 666835

Jens got issues but shes still better than jonny. She's a crap narc parent but she isn't the worst I've ever seen. Being sole caretaker of her retarded son 24/7 probably took its toll on her. Wouldn't be surprised if she got stupider because of it. Taylor was probably left on the back-burner.

She's still her mom and does seem to be providing SOME support at least.

parenting 3.5/10

No. 666837

liver failure.

Probably a couple years. 5-10 years max, depending on severity.

No. 666840

Lots of milk on taylor's insta story. Can't grab everything because I'm stuck on mobile.

Apparently she'd go two weeks between bathing topkek

No. 666841


Prader Willi Syndrome =/= Retarded

Slow down before you cut yourself on that edge

No. 666842

Retarded = stunted mental development

not downs

No. 666844

File: 1559530307231.png (832.92 KB, 836x752, tnd stinko.png)

No. 666845

Idk who keeps mentioning kidney failure and Jonny in the same sentence, but you are literal scum. Wishing someone would die? You all hate him based off of what Chelsea and her brainwashed stans keep pushing. It's libel and its funny that you have to talk all this shit and keep tabs on him under anonymous accounts bc you all know none of it is true and your just trying to ruin his life. You all claim to hate him, but it looks like you're absolutely OBSESSED with him. Get a life. Oh and FUCK TUDY. Would take anything he says with a grain of salt since he's, you know, a lowlife.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 666846

too well written to be jonjon, so hi taylor

No. 666847

Lol! Jonny is the low life. Go back to where you came from.

No. 666848

yea, cause your not living with a psyopath lol.

Ironic, it's like she's bathing in the blood of her dead animals.

No. 666849

>I'd go 2 weeks between every shower I took.

we know you nasty ass bitch, we saw your videos. But you were looking after your animals 100% right?


No. 666850


taylor can't write either

No. 666851

File: 1559530745012.png (539.3 KB, 640x1136, 43319AB2-9D52-4BE1-B026-5D027A…)

No. 666852

File: 1559530769987.png (169.04 KB, 640x1136, 26BB115F-2C7B-4C6D-8F6A-2327E0…)

No. 666853

File: 1559530794803.png (159.65 KB, 640x1136, 2BF1F596-CF0F-43D9-A2A1-7C948A…)

No. 666854

I think this is Jonny's new girl. he's already beginning the "us vs the world" narrative.

Taylor has never (obviously) posted before, you really think NOW is the time she's gonna show up to WK Jonny? She just booted him. She knows he's a lowlife. She's not going to come here to defend him. This screams "new girl whom Jonny has lied to so she will believe the world is out to get him, so she wants to save him from all the horrible people on the internet"

No. 666855

I like what im reading but she's such a drama queen. She really is a melodramatic white girl.

Time will tell.

No. 666856

File: 1559531255532.png (165.49 KB, 448x614, DillonBailey.png)

Jonny's travel-partner

No. 666857

Right as if anyone here likes Taylor

Bb we will see you back here once you are preggo and he bolts or you don’t have any money left

No. 666858

File: 1559531498271.png (32.58 KB, 580x334, DillonBailey1.png)


…He's also a real stand-up guy

No. 666860

She's a fan and her twitter is plastered with live laugh love type of bullshit so it makes sense for her to come white knight the shit out of him. But I guess the 33 year old kid needs some extra help because he just can't figure it out on his own.

No. 666861

lol wtf is this

No. 666865

damn I was wondering if she'd stopped reading here as one of her "big life changes" and making all her other social media private, but I just mentioned her "by myself" tattoo and here she is posting about it, so maybe not.

No. 666871

>anonymous accounts
Def not Johnny or Taylor, they read this thread obsessively enough to have at least a basic understanding of how imageboards work. >>666854 is probably right.

Whoever it is should seriously read through the threads before they become Johnny's next victim.

No. 666875

Who is this girl that you’re talking about?

No. 666876

Someone posted screenshots in the last thread about a girl gushing about Jonny sliding into her DM's.

No. 666878

She has hardcore comment filters on because just scrolling through I didn’t see a SINGLE comment asking about Jonny or her relationship, or even mentioning drug addiction. They were all kissing her ass, saying she never has to explain herself, calling her a strong brave warrior woman, and asking if they could copy her tattoo pretty much.

No. 666879

It's one of two things.

1. She really does think she can't cut him out completely and that time apart can save their loves/relationship


2. She is letting him go slowly and carefully to avoid a shit storm, by telling him it's just a break.

It could be either, but honestly.. Having been in a crazy ass abusive relationship myself, sometimes the only way to escape is lying to the person. Saying "yeah, fuck him, we broke up" is a sure way to get your shit trashed, nudes leaked, secrets told, etc. Basically, they ruin your fucking life if they feel betrayed or tossed aside.

By telling him it's a break, she may be hoping that he will go somewhere else, time and space will make him less obsessed, and the relationship will fade off without the crazy abusive bullshit.

No. 666880

Someone also posted that he’s already starting the us v the world stuff with her. Where does he say that

No. 666882

He’s been doing that since at least when she got kronos and was getting shot for not knowing what species she was caring for.

No. 666883

Read through the threads. There's multiple accounts not only from his exes but also screenshots of him pushing that narrative when he was still with Taylor.

No. 666884

Yeah, Taylor is no angel and is super fucked up when it comes to animal care, but I will always cheer on someone leaving their abuser.. Plus I despise Jonny more than I do her and LOVE that this motherfucker won't be able to ride her coattails financially anymore.

I think everyone knows that she has some serious issues, is a narcissist, liar and can't take accountability for anything. She is a perpetual victim.. Still, fuck Jonny! That guy deserves to be alone forever. Yes, she knew what she was getting into from his dating history, but I feel like women sometimes tell themselves "I would never put up with that, they're weak for staying" or maybe subconsciously think the exes "deserved" it. People always think they'd be stronger in the situation but they don't yet know that abuse itself weakens you and breaks down any self esteem that would aide in you creating healthy boundaries.

Hell, maybe her victim complex is severe enough that she got into the relationship KNOWING all the risk and subconsciously wanted the experience of being an abusive victim? Who the hell knows. I hope this "experience" is a big life lesson and she grows up to listen to victims and not downplay abuse.

No. 666885

I understand that. Someone just posted that he’s talking already about us vs the world with a new girl AFTER Taylor. That’s what I was wondering. I know he’s said that before

No. 666889


Taylor's brother has Prader-Willi syndrome and is far from "retarded." He's irrelevant to this, leave the kid alone, seriously jfc.

I think Taylor's done with Heroin McRapist and will quickly get over him without housing with him, so she should be fine.

No. 666894

See but the problem is that she flip flops about what to say. She's said twice, explicitly, that the relationship has ended, but then goes back to being vague and implying it's just a break. I feel like she doesn't even know what she wants at this point.

No. 666897

File: 1559540367526.png (321.91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-06-02-22-38-09…)

No. 666898

I don't know the private conversations between him and the girls he talks to, but it makes sense that directly after a break-up he would complain to whomever he was cheating with, lie and tell her it was all Taylor's fault and he was the victim. he's a little bitch and is in hard denial so he still thinks he can convince Taylor she's wrong and he can come back soon.

sorry that I didn't make it clearer but this is all speculation without proof. but based on abusive tactics, Jonny's history, and the situation itself, who TF supports Jonny in this? EVERYONE is supporting Taylor for dumping him. why would anyone run here to WK Jonny if not because they're seeking his validation and hoping he'll choose them to leech off of date instead?

No. 666914

I was just thinking about Jonny, how silent he's been for himself, and how he's still talking about having money.

I'd bet anything she is still paying him. I can't see him ever leaving willingly unless she promised to support him.

No. 666915

maybe she gave him some money for his "trip" to get him to leave, but I don't think him flexing about money means anything. He flexed about buying a million dollar home when Taylor could barely afford rent on that overpriced house they ended up getting too, he's more likely either just delusional or lying.

No. 666920

want to give some context for this cap?

thread has a scroll function, see >>666254 and >>666248

No. 666927

File: 1559548554416.jpeg (274.24 KB, 1242x1134, AA87D03A-EA8D-437A-B282-05DF30…)

The desperation of fucktard continues

No. 666928

File: 1559548624439.png (4.85 MB, 1242x2688, 8D5CB68D-EBE1-41AD-9EED-7E71CB…)

No. 666929

File: 1559548655345.png (3.99 MB, 1242x2688, 9B62F05F-FF48-450A-ABB3-330335…)

No. 666930

File: 1559549509737.jpeg (141.23 KB, 1242x847, 6D2D694A-F816-4E1E-A023-E997FA…)

No. 666931


…so he wasn’t going across the country in a Uhaul to deal with a “family emergency” involving his father… WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT???!!! Lol how pathetic.

She wouldn’t even have to be addressing anything or keep anything civil if she would just fucking shut her trap on social media. She’s the one who vaguely kept saying she needed to END a relationship with him and could ONLY get healthy with the help of her family.

It’s not the internets fault you don’t know how to use your fucking words. All she had to say for ass pats on social media is that her and Jonny decided to live separately for awhile while she battles her drug addiction and mental health issues. Or she can continue pretend that it’s not the drugs that has gotten her to this point except when she wants ass pats and to be a voice for those addicted to drugs.

She continues to be repulsive and idk why anons on here keep cheering her on when she clearly is just attention seeking like the fucking cow she is.

No. 666932

Why do I get the feeling she’s hiding insta stories from him? Lol

No. 666934

she’s flip flopping haRD why am I not surprised? cmon Taylor get your shit together. I have a feeling he’s gonna worm he’s way back in and it’s all just gonna go back to normal. all I can hope is that the animals get taken away some how or someone breaks in and steals them all.

No. 666935


he's already worming his way back in. my ex did this shit too. immediately started talking about how much he loved me, how good were were together, talked about it through rose-tinted glasses all while forgetting how abusive he was.

who the fuck breaks up and then says "my love for you is endless"? he's love bombing her and acting like the split is civil so she'll take him back. he's probably freaking out, but somehow his pea-sized brain is smart enough to instead manipulate the situation. he'll show taylor how "civil" he's being and when taylor is sober they'll get back together.

No. 666938

She possibly banking on him a) never getting properly sober so no reunion or b) him finding a new girl when he gets bored of trying to jump through sober hoops while he waits fo Taylor. Even if she's not banking on thm, they are good risks at this point.

No. 666941


yeah no doubt she gave some conditions for when they could be back together if they indeed on "a break". he's just as lazy as she is so he won't work on any of it. he'll get high, get a new girl and forget about taylor. likely what she wants so she can be done with him.

No. 666944

beats waiting for him to od

No. 666947

I'm not blaming her, honestly. Grey rocking and lying are better ways to get away safely from an abusive relationship. Much better to pretend and say shit like 'sure, we'll see later if we're both sober, still love you, bye' and be sure he's out of the house than to risk a frontal confrontation.
I'm sure it wasn't easy to get him out of there and away from his personal cash cow. Him getting away with the computer rig is a small price for having him out and in a u-haul this fast.

No. 666948

File: 1559556999863.png (536.91 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20190603-131639.png)

No. 666949

File: 1559557026043.png (694.57 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20190603-131608.png)


No. 666950

so apparently her and jonny are still so in love uwu and he will be back in three months, but taylor is moving out of the house "now that she doesn't share it with anyone"?

No. 666951

“We’ll totally hire you to teach animal care to our employees that YOU learned HERE to begin with”. Her knowledge has literally not extended past PetCo standards lmao

No. 666952

Why constantly complain about their animal care standards and then turn down a job to improve the lives of the animals they sell?
Not that they would be improved under Taylor's care, but that just sounds so pathetic. Like they would even offer someone a job that shit talks them every chance she gets.

No. 666953

Not trying to WK but I have to say I am a little impressed that she has left Johnny & is considering rehoming animals so she can get her life together. That is all a lot of us here wanted her to do so she could finally start making changes. Hopefully the changes stick and she continues making good decisions.

No. 666954

I really hope she rehomes almost all of them. Going to stay with her parents, maybe keeping a couple easier animals but not the whole hoard, and getting sober would be great for her if she would actually do it. And even better for the animals that would get away from her.

IDK how her stans feel about her rehoming animals, but it's what she should do, and it really seems like she can do no wrong with those 12 year olds.

No. 666955

File: 1559558223984.jpg (326.14 KB, 1080x1904, IMG_20190603_113409.jpg)

Just more proof of her being unable to read/jumping to conclusions. There's lots of pages out there glamourising self harm, Instagram is just covering their ass as social media is under a lot of scrutiny for this lately.
The reason says "self harm OR suicide", Taylor. Absolute melt.

No. 666956


Which is hilarious since her PetCo job was just… running the till, since she was physically unable to do anything else on the shop floor due to EDS or whatever.

So take PetCo knowledge levels and, uh, lower them. Considerably. Aaaayup, that's our Taylor!

No. 666957

If she rehomes her pets she will probably feel the need to buy a bunch again. Just give it a time. Dont get you hopes so high.

No. 666959

Moving out, working at petco, rehomjng animals. I bet her finances are FUCKED. I can’t wait to see her try to get top dollar for these $$$ morph snakes.

But Jonny has never fully let any of his exes go. He vague tweets about them, sends them dms, he still texts Amanda just to fuck with her. It ain’t over yet folks. Jc isn’t going to go into a drug hole and just let his biggest meal ticket go. She is lucky he’s half way across the country at the moment though.

No. 666960

yeah her hoarding problem is not so easily fixed. her deciding to downsize her collection will not solve her issues that got her to acquire the hoard in the first place.

remember how she was almost buying a 10k snake just before she kicked out jonny? she has an irresistable urge to get new animals no matter her situation. she needs therapy.

No. 666966

Why does she make it sound like she's fully recovered. Kicking Jonny out may kick your drug supply out but it doesn't kick out the actual addiction, she's fooling herself into this so hard.

I don't know shit about drugs but as far as I have been told, going cold turkey normally doesnt go well. She would need to go inpatient and that would leave her animals in someone else's care which may not be bad depending on who she leaves them with but will never change the fact that she is a hoarder.

No. 666970

i mean she also said she's at the start of her long term recovery. soo actually isn't saying she's fully recovered? if she breaks up with jonny, rehomes a lot of animals, moves back with her family and gets proper treatment isn't that….everything this website said she should do

on a different note, is she now trying to become also a self harm advocate after already being an animal advocate, invisible illness advocate, mental illness advocate, drug recovery advocate? lol

No. 666977

Actually a lot of her statements contradict themselves when it comes to drug use. Some of them make it sound like she's no longer addicted and has recovered (and in some cases like this happened a long time ago) while others make it sound like she's still struggling. She's trying to play this 'drug recovery advocate' from several angles when she's clearly not recovered and her 'addiction' was not that long ago.

No. 666979

File: 1559563660412.png (689.13 KB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_20190603-150724.png)

No. 666982


any bets on which animals she'll rehome if she actually does it? she will probably keep some of the originals despite them not being popular (cersei, mushu, leopard gecko, her crested geckos, etc). probably all the snakes too. bindi will probably stay, as well as the cats or at least ghost & nemo. star seems more likely to be rehomed. then again she'd be moving them in to a home with two established dogs who have no history of living with cats. so realistically, the cats would be top of the list for being rehomed but we know she won't.

my bets are on these animals being rehomed
- halloween crabs (though likely they are both dead already, so she'll "rehome them" kek)
- rats
- twisty the bearded dragon
- the new croc skinks she got to replace dany and drogo
- the scorpion
- kronos

maybe she'll rehome some of the more boring snake morphs, so in the future they can be replaced with more designer morphs.

No. 666984

My main concern is who she would rehome them to. She doesn't seem to have good connections to anyone and most people will probably be pretty unwilling to take some of the animals (such as Kronos).

No. 666985


I think some of you need to read between the lines!!! Notice how she says “TEMPORARILY rehome.” This girl has absolutely no intentions in addressing her hoarding problem.

No. 666986

She already confirmed that she doesn't have the halloween crabs anymore. One died and the other was rehomed

No. 666987

I disagree she has no intentions of downsizing permanently. We all know she gets the high from the purchase of a new animal and then ignores them. She won't have a proper attachment to many of them and I think she is saying temporarily to save face by looking like a good owner of doing it and also by showing she loves her animals. Chances are she won't care they are gone and will find life much easier without them so won't be in a hurry to gain them back. Everything she says she relies on people instantly forgetting so she can say whatever she likes and when the time comes she will just say something new.

No. 666988

File: 1559568129004.jpeg (199.93 KB, 1125x491, F30ADB47-D417-4776-A6F4-1BBCDD…)


Recent comment from Jonny on her reposted By Myself tattoo post.

I honestly can’t tell at this point whether he is deeply delusional, whether she is deliberately hiding posts from him in order to make a safe exit or whether they do plan to reunite at some point in the future.

I would never choose to pass judgement on a woman’s choices, however bizarre they seem, when extracting themselves from an abusive situation. But the way this is all being handled is completely bizarre and it makes me wonder how scared she really is of Jonny when posting so openly on her account (that he appears to still have access to) about toxic relationships etc.

I guess only time will tell.

No. 666989

Please. They’re both DEAD!

No. 666990

>can't even hold down a job as a stay at home youtuber

No. 666991

NAYART but my bro was diagnosed with PW syndrome and firstly, yes it does cause retardation in the archaic sense of the word. He will have some level of developmental delay, it's part of the diagnostic criteria. Secondly, I understand the impulse to defend him, but it's not a personal attack on him, it's not like he can help having the condition.

At least some of Jen's weirdo behaviour Taylor's development into a munchie is because he has these disabilities. Being a disabled carer and having to live with someone with that level of disability fucks you up, and honestly you're kind of downplaying how serious his condition is when you say it has nothing to do with anything. I've known a million jens, my mother is a jen. If you've lived through it, it's plain as day to see.(blog)

No. 666994

Jonny is so cringeworthy..
It seems by Taylor’s posts, she’s trying to let him down nicely but he doesn’t seem to be getting it. He’s playing the “nice supportive” guy atm, let’s see how he acts when he realizes it’s actually over (if she doesn’t fall for his pathetic act)

No. 666995

I'd say it's more likely she downsizes but then gets new animals. She can't get the same high from getting her old animals back. and she can't help hoarding.

No. 666996

Top kek. crawling back to mommy just like we said she would.


Of course she's gonna bail from that house. She'll use this as an excuse to get rid of all the animals she doesn't like anymore. She's gonna dump a lot of them at shelters or sell them to fans for cash imo. They won't have trouble finding home because they were own by "THE QUEEN!1!!1".

Hope she kept her receipt for her 6k cartier bracelet and all that mall makeup. She 100% deserves to go through hell right now.

No. 666997

Idk whether to believe she lied to him to try to let him off easy and keep herself safe from him, or if they really plan on getting back together at this point. I really hope she is just lying out of concern for her safety. If she has any shred of hope in her mind that she will get sober and mental help but let him crawl back into her life, then she won’t truly get better. The cycle will just repeat.

She needs to get rid of this overpriced house, rehome most her animals and either move back in with her mom or get a small place on her own. And not show anything so people can’t find where she lives, especially Jonny! Staying temporarily with her mom doesn’t seem a bad idea but at the same time, I think she really needs to finally live and not be dependent on someone else for anything. She needs to live alone, sure maybe still have Betsy help her around the house at first, but she needs to learn how to be by herself, just like she just went on that rant about.

No. 666999

She really doesn't have that many job prospects. She's lucky she was even offered a job even thought her care knowledge is so minimal.

I think she's gonna have a disappointing rest of her life. She'll realize later how easy she actually had it.

No. 667000

"I was offered a real job that would be more reliable than YouTube in the long run cus i can't upload any new videos AFFSSGSHHSHHSHSJDJDJDJ"

No. 667001

Didn’t we all call this? He moves out, she moves out and they play it like it’s for their own good when really they probably got evicted? All speculation of course, but I wouldn’t put it past them that this is just them saving face as they received an eviction notice. We all know she isn’t “temporarily” rehoming her pets and that she’s moving back home for her health. There’s more to this that they’re both hiding. I’m willing to bet they didn’t break up but she has to act like it for her parents to let her move in with them for the time being.

No. 667004

Probably super easy too, POTENTIALLY PART TIME, well above minimum I imagine. I can understand not wanting to support unethical treatment of animals, but the only way it's ever going to change is from the inside.

She could really help educate (basic shit) to people about animals. If she gained enough traction within the company she could easily help 1000's of animals that die of neglectful purchases. New Company-wide training videos with updated knowledge and all that shit.

There are some very passionate people working at these petshmos who just want to take care of animals in a shitty spot. She's being a bitch for brushing it off.

No. 667005

I honestly think the way she’s going about this is pretty smart.
If I were with a fucking psycho like Johnny I would try to make him as happy as possible while breaking up with him and feed him a bunch of bullshit just to get him off my back.
I think she’s actually serious about recovering and wants to just focus on getting better instead of all the drama and harassment she’ll get from an angry Johnny. Even if she does only rehome the animals temporarily at least it’s a big step. I know she’s a cow and this is my favorite thread on here, and maybe I’m just naive and too empathetic but I can’t help but be happy and root her through this. Maybe she will better herself and try to change.
I can’t get on the bandwagon of wanting her to fail and wishing her ill will. I want her to succeed in this and grow, if not only for the animals sake

No. 667006


If it ever happened, which it probably did not, lol

Why would Taylor get a job offer basically handed to her? Without applying or having previous job history as any sort of animal educator? Why would it come through her mom? Uhhh. Occam time!

All that lil tidbit shows is Taylor really wanting to boost her ego. OMG I am too smart and good for PetCo!

No. 667007

YT is over for her. Jonny has left a permanent stain on her career and it's all her fault. Anyone who isn't a naive 13 yo' sees the problem with her. Her drug addiction is well documented and no respectable animal company would touch her with a 39.5 foot pole. The YT game is changing and it's obvious she running out of money.

People like a good redemption arc but it's so obvious she was rotten from the start. She never cared about the animals, that's a fact. It was ALWAYS about her, her content was never education, it was entertainment. A giant circus freak performance exploiting animals for personal gain.

No. 667010

She's not gonna shit talk jonny because he has dirt on her, its that simple.

When he figures out shes done with him he'll spill the milk. After that and she gets all clean (if she ever does) she'll rant and rave about he was abusive and controlling.

I'm guessing its more like a Mutually-Assured-Destruction sort of thing so they'll both stay quiet for now.

No. 667013

It's not like I want her to fail, but her not getting away from social media and still posting constantly doesn't make me too optimistic that she's actually going to change. as long as she's not in impatient care for addiction and in therapy for her hoarding and other mental problems, she just won't get better.

I'm also not sure she's not actually so stupid as to let jonny back into her house. but we'll see.

No. 667018

I still think she's getting evicted. She didn't have to talk to the HOA, she went to court for violating the lease and getting evicted. I don't know why anyone would rent to a junkie with 50 animals so she's probably been lying about it and the landlord found out when those repairs had to be done that Jonny showed the text with the LL about.

No. 667023

I think Mama Jean is lying to her to make her feel better

No. 667024


she's the type of mother to go into these stores and brag about taylor and how she used to work there, now she's a big youtube star who educates people about animals. it isn't hard to see how delusional taylor is. she gets it from jen.

No. 667025

JC just said he's going back to SA next week for a dentist appt and he and taylor are gonna kick it and he's staying at the house…the break up seems like it is for show.

No. 667026

Where did he say that? Post it.

No. 667027

Not sure she's getting evicted but there was def some friction there with LL and HOA.

The Lawyer fees dealing with the HOA must've been ridiculous. I'm sure they're busting her chops at every opportunity to get her out of that house. At this point i'm pretty sure she wants to leave too but doesn't have anywhere to put her shit.

I don't think she's going to do inpatient at all. I'm 100% certain jonny was the source for her drugs, she'd never go to a dealer herself.

Her animals have been deeply fucked for a while now. Pretty sure there have been some casualties behind the scenes.

No. 667028

Check his instagram story.

No. 667030

This is an imageboard how hard is it for you to post it?

No. 667031

considering it isn't an image, its a video of him saying all of that, pretty hard.

No. 667033

in the middle of all of this, this bitch. you got offered a real job, yes, at a company you hate, but it would have got your stupid ass out of the public eye, off social media, and gives you a waaaay better chance of getting and staying clean. having responsibilities is key. but this bitch is gonna go home and live with mommy.


No. 667034

she can't even film a 10 minute video and edit from bed. Of course she "won't be able" to sit on a stool and run a cash register for like 20-40 hours a week

No. 667039

File: 1559577699605.webm (3.53 MB, 102x180, jonny.webm)

No. 667042

Oof. Not good, he's gonna escalate it to force a reaction from Taylor.

He's trying to manipulate his way back into her house. Hopefully she sticks to her guns but she's really weak and anti-confrontational. If he just shows up I don't think she'll have the courage to turn him away.

Dentist appointment my ass. He's trying to hold on to his meal ticket lol.

No. 667045

She's such an idiot for making all of this public. Should have moved out and left him on ice without saying anything

No. 667047

he says he just needed a uhaul for his computer set up…lol trying to convice us it’s not permanenet.

Funny he said he would be gone for 2 months and now its 1 too

also why is he inviting other people to “kick it” with him and taylor…just sounds like a need to weird flex but disguising it as some sort of invite

No. 667050

Manipulation 101. He's forcing the issue because Taylor left it vague, this is a big power play.

He's gonna confront her about the relationship when he gets back to SA. He'll show up and he'll act like nothing happened. He's dismissing her statements about their relationship ending. She's gotta straight up tell him NO GTFO or he'll keep coming back. He's using the subconscious threat of violence to keep her where he wants her.

No. 667051

As far as the pet shop gig goes, it reeks of being fake. As someone that's a manager at Petschmo myself, corporate believes they already know the very best at pet care, and will never hire some rando for just one location. Employees have already tried to bring up how their hamster cages and betta tanks/bowls are too small, etc. They don't care. There are already strict guidelines in place that all employees get training on, from cage layout to what the animals get fed and how often at the store is already regulated at a nation-wide level. Hiring TND is a total joke. The only thing I can think is they may have offered her a CAL position, in which she's in charge of ordering animals for the store and taking care of them. It looks like they're even hiring for that position at the Austin Highway location in SA. Still a diff potential position that what she put out in that post…

No. 667052

File: 1559579891201.webm (3.55 MB, 102x180, jonnyuhaul.webm)

So Taylor's going to pay his airfare so he can come back to town and she can pay for his dentist. Interesting.

Anyway here's Jonnyboy pretending the Uhaul didn't really have anything in it.

No. 667056

Lol at Taylor that keeps typing paragraphs about her healing and posting about her relationship then goes to post things about leaving them alone. All she had to do was make a simple paragraph stating that they separated and step away from the conversation but here she is, essays upon essays about herself. It’s obvious she’s lonely. Girl, go back to your parents until you figure out your life before you end up in a trailer

No. 667064


Um… you could cancel your appointment & set one up at a later time.
Then again, Jonny's looking for bullshit reasons just to come back & make sure his little meal-ticket stays under his control.

No. 667066

File: 1559582891297.png (226.4 KB, 728x598, manipulation.png)


Honestly, I hope she's lying to him at this point. She seemed so happy without him…

No. 667068


What I think is that he cheated on her, and she booted him out. He was listening to a song on his story about admitting he cheated and the girl seeing right through him. It would fit why he seems in ‘denial’ aka trying to show her he’s sorry and is willing to be patient until she’s ready. She cares about him, and they didn’t have a big physical fight or overdose, but she got tired of putting him first in everything when he was just messing around on her. And he keeps pushing because while he logically knows he needs to be patient, he can’t stand the idea of giving her too much room to realize she’s better off without him. /tinfoil

No. 667069

Her dad is allergic to cats and they already have dogs so I’m betting the cats for sure.

No. 667071

Might just be walking on eggshells so he doesn't blow up. Clearly she told him something different.

She's lying to herself if she says they're not together and he comes back and "hangs" with her.

knowing what a weak-willed person she is I wouldn't be surprised if she took him back.

No. 667075


That's the sad part. He KNOWS how weak-willed she can be, all it takes is whining & pulling the 'puppy-dog-face' & she's back in his grip again.

Taylor better be beefing up the security that this gated community has, or at the very least alerted them about it. Along with taking Jonny's name off the lease if it's on there. She already said she had a lawyer now.

No. 667079

holy shit, if she's actually dumb enough to let him back into the house (AND pay for his teeth and flight) she's a lolcow til the end of times. maybe anons will stop excusing her behavior with "she just can't get the manlet out of the house" then.

I think it was either a flat out lie or some awkward smalltalk between her mom and an employee ("oh your daughter is an animal educator, she should totally work here haha").

No. 667080

They say the most dangerous time in abusive relationships is after you leave. Taylor should not let Jonny back into that house. In fact, she should hide out while he is there. Stay at a hotel, and have a few people go in to feed the pets. Hopefully he doesn’t have a key to the house.

No. 667082

They both signed the contract, I'm sure he got a key and doesn't need Taylor to let him in.
I doubt she could change the locks to keep him out.
Leaving the house to avoid him could be dangerous for her pets…
She should bring a bunch of friends over for backup.

No. 667084

lol what friends? Just don't pay for his plane ticket, it really is that simple. I don't think he can drive but if he has access to bank account she's fucked. She needs to lawyer up if that's the case.

No. 667085

I noticed the counters clean as well, just as another anon mentioned in this thread or the previous one. That right there is a bit suspect. = evicted because we know they never clean.

But I do think she is letting him off on lies and he is really love bobbing her in the hopes to get her back because Taylor = $$ and a roof.

But doesn’t he snoop on here? So even if she is hiding her stories, he will find out any way?

No. 667086


She's still at the atrium house RN, that TV. is in her bedroom. I kinda doubt they've been evicted, jonny wouldn't be coming back until she had a new place that wasn't her parents. 1 picture isn't enough evidence, sounds like tinfoiling.

No. 667088

Where and when did she say she had a lawyer? I missed that part I guess

No. 667089

No. 667091

Something I dont think we talk about enough is how much the animals keep her from being healthy. And to me that is the #1 sign that she is a hoarder. Not a stan by any means, but I personally don't think her pet care is the worst. But when your pets interfere with your ability to take care of yourself, that is also hoarding behavior and a very unhealthy dynamic. I believe the #1 reason she isnt doing inpatient rehab or getting the help she needs is 100% bc she cant leave her animals. For arguments sake, let's say she does provide adequate basic care for the pets… she admits to not being able to care for herself on a regular basis. I know we think that is proof she cant take care of her pets, but actually people are more likely to listen to their vet about their dog's health than to their doctor about their own. I.e. we treat those dependent on us better than we treat ourselves. I will be relieved if she is going to rehome some pets so that she can go back to a stable environment. I hate it has taken this long. Ultimately if she continues to be unable to care for herself, the pets WILL suffer.

Sorry for the blog. I dont post a lot on here.

No. 667092

That tattoo on her thigh gets me every time. I just imagine a granny Taylor with that misshapen blob of ink.


Yeah shes got some weird psychological shit going on. Often times people who "rescue" tons of pets and start hoarding are suffering from emotional issues. The hoarder wants to be loved the same way they "love" their animals. It's just a substitute for a lack of interpersonal relationships. But the animals will never love them the way a human can.

Maby its a reaction to some childhood trauma who knows…

No. 667093

she mentioned lack of a father figure in one of her instagram posts that still effects her personal relationships but her parents are still together? I don't understand that.

No. 667094


I agree she definitely can't take care of herself, but from the long list of pets she's killed, the deaths she's tried to hide, the mysterious "rehomings", the made up/constantly changing ages of her pets, the horrible physical shape of some of her pets from obesity to ammonia burns to all of Mushu's scarring… The animals that have still survived to this point are definitely already suffering. I think she does a great job at tricking a lot of her audience members into thinking that her animals are well taken care of.

No. 667095

Spoiled white girl that probably didn't get enough attention growing up. Nothing ground breaking or particularly traumatic.

Her attention whoring I can understand and forgive but her animal neglect is inexcusable. She's a BAD and LAZY pet owner that doesn't do anything beyond a google search and the bare minimum. She sets such a bad example for a huge audience and is given a free pass because she's (or was) a pretty young woman.

No. 667097

What can you expect? She worked at Petco and automatically think she knows everything about them. She starts to buy reptiles because she thinks it’s easy especially since she always sees them at work. She then buys them. However, growing up in a house where she’s spoiled rotten, she “forgets” about them and her mom takes over to take care of her animals. Fast forward to now, she collects them and leaves them with empty tanks or with random used items because she’s too lazy to make bioactive tanks or with better designs. I bet her animal room looks exactly like what you see in Petco. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s dead pets under all the junk that she forgets about.

No. 667099

File: 1559589876265.jpeg (581.43 KB, 1125x1308, 529F6367-6805-48D4-AB59-AD05B9…)


I took a screenshot of that comment as I thought it was another weird example of the over the top TMI she has been spouting for the last few days. Again, she left this comment on her ‘by myself” tattoo post that Jonny is still love bombing all over. I don’t know what this is designed to achieve, other than painting Taylor as the Most Damaged (tm) and another excuse for her hoarding, drug addiction and poor choices.

I wonder what Taylor’s dad, her staunch defender all over Twitter (against Colin and others), would have to say about this.

No. 667101

jonny still thinks he's one of those "temporarily" rehomed pets eh?

No. 667102

A violent experience where she lost her virginity? So she was raped? Explains a lot

No. 667103

"mostly clean" lol

No. 667104


Well, this certainly explains why she fell for Jonny.

No. 667105


Her dad works in insurance. Probably full-time, so he had little to no interaction with her when she was a kid.

No. 667107

Finally the rape card. Just need some racism and I think we have a lolcow bingo

No. 667108

let's be real, her codependency issues stemmed simply from not getting enough attention due to her brother being special needs. it's unfortunate she stumbled upon an abusive relationship at an young age, but if you've got a head on your shoulders you know how a man should treat a woman even if you have never known your father (which wasn't even the case for taylor).

No. 667110

File: 1559592180472.jpeg (108.09 KB, 1242x309, 8EEF190A-B446-4706-A6BB-1B3381…)

No. 667111


>"I love you and will be here *forever"

Okay Jonny, just go stay at daddy's house. Don't worry everything will be fiiiiine…

No. 667112

With a mom like Jen. It’s no wonder Taylor is a shit show. She had no chance from the start. Her mom has less of a brain then her.

No. 667113

Pretty sure Jen’s husband is Taylors step-dad. Saw something referencing this last year when she played the father figure card. He has an older son that is not Jens.

No. 667114


He is Taylor & Tanner's biological father. He has a son from a previous marriage.

No. 667115

She has mentioned this incident before. Seems like she does not want to really talk about it but mentions it when it benefits her narrative.

No. 667116

Keyword: MOSTLY clean

No. 667117

File: 1559592707930.png (11.5 KB, 580x106, luvwillprevail.png)

(Cracks up)

No. 667118

He really means that “forever” there.

No. 667119


I thought he was Taylors step dad and Tanner is her half brother?

No. 667120

File: 1559593363391.png (72.87 KB, 590x532, hahahahahahahahaha.png)

>"dumb mother fuckers like yourself who feel the need to try and flex over the internet"

No. 667122



>"Why am I not in jail? why don't i have even ONE fucking charge lol"

Good question Jonny. Why haven't you been locked up yet?

No. 667123

no, tanner is her full brother and she also has a half brother on her fathers side.

No. 667124

File: 1559593531422.jpeg (547.64 KB, 1125x1860, C9EA86AF-DBB2-4ED0-BE8D-0C0725…)

I forgot to post this yesterday but it’s a comment on the first tattoo photo about her childhood

No. 667125


Jonny, you are the dumb mf flexing over the internet.

Funny how he couldn’t be bothered with Taylor’s meltdowns on social media this past month because he plays video games for like ten people. But now all of a sudden he loves and supports her.

No. 667126

Isn’t Chelsea’s restraining order against him a charge?

No. 667127

what a crock of shit. She didn't get raped, Jonny's victims got raped.

Anyone who's actually gone through the experience of being raped would NEVER make fun of victims of rape. She's the kind of person that makes people question REAL rape victims. I have a very hard time believing she was "violently raped"

No. 667128


Remember, he's a narc. His memory is selective.

No. 667130

if having had an absent father is such a huge issue for her still, why the fuck is she not in therapy? this 'cow just loves spinning all kinds of narratives instead of getting fucking help.

No. 667132


What do you mean he's a narc? Do you know what a narc is? Do you mean to call him a junkie? Lol what a weird comment

No. 667133

File: 1559594319287.png (20.21 KB, 275x104, tnd bad.PNG)

She's just a lying slut using this as an excuse. She get's off on using guys and has for a loooong time.

She was probably hella skanky back in high school/middle school.

No. 667135


narc as in Narcissist.

No. 667136

File: 1559594868002.jpeg (814.19 KB, 1242x1564, 265089C7-BEA1-47A8-91D4-13A89F…)

I wonder if this will come to anything or if JC will smooth this all over like always

No. 667137

>I was born to put boys in jail
Jesus, seriously?

No. 667138

wow. get fucked, taylor. other people have abusive parents or parents that have died and shes over here whining about a loving dad that worked his ass off to pay for HER medical bills?

No. 667139

Ahah my bad!

Although I will say that it's hard to classify drug addicts that way bc addiction brings out antisocial and sociopathic behavior that might not be there otherwise. With his track record of what like a decade on the needle it could just be a result of the dope.

No. 667142

seriously, she's blaming her father not taking her fucking fishing or something and not creating uwu memorable bonding moments - for being attention whore and getting into abusive situations? bruh

No. 667147

File: 1559595914720.jpg (5.77 KB, 275x195, tnd.jpg)

Typical privileged white girl, had typical suburban life lol. She had the edgy teenage phase and everything. Because Taylor at 16 had it sooo rough… bullshit cough cough

Take some responsibility

No. 667148

Harvey Weinstein isn’t in jail. Kevin Spacey isn’t in jail. Lotta rapists not in jail, dude, read the news.

No. 667149

She doesn’t look remotely similar, that’s crazy! Literally would never be able to guess that’s her. I guess the older she gets, the more mama Dean looks come out in her.

No. 667150

why is this always an argument against tattoos? the rest of her will be a prune by then too, so who cares at that point, haha.
i don't think old tattoos are the worst skin related thing about becoming granny-age.

No. 667152

File: 1559596341737.png (3.69 MB, 3401x2024, 1514614451793.png)

ah, I'd say she's always had the mama dean look but taken great care to conceal it. both pics are taylor.

No. 667154

File: 1559596381756.png (94.47 KB, 718x232, PayForDillon.png)

lmao Jonny couldn't even pay his "REAL friend"s trip home, Taylor had to do it!

No. 667155

big lol

No. 667156


Hopefully she doesn't bite and leaves him in NY. He can't go anywhere he's so broke.

No. 667157

She’s basically a catfish! Those would be the reality pics, the one posted prior being the catfish.

No. 667158

I don't have anything against tattoos, hers are done extremely poorly and were impulsively bought.

If your getting it for "art" and you have the money (like she did) at least do some research and get it done by good artists.


Yea lotta angle fuckery going on with those pics. Probably lost face fat during puberty and gained it back with jonny lol.

No. 667162

Lmao he’s gonna throw that money though. Seems like he really is doing “just fine”

No. 667166

I hope her dad bans her from coming home since she's blaming him lmao

Bitch these are the last people you have left because you're such a shitty person and you insult them?

No. 667167

Right! There’s her example of a man right there, someone who works hard and makes sacrifices to provide for her family. She must be very touched if that somehow translates to lower yourself for the attention of a junky with a disease ridden carrot. Just wow. And her using rape in the way she is makes me sick because most victims don’t want to question a possible victim’s story, so she’s literally put actual survivors who don’t buy her shit into an awful place. Fuck her.

No. 667171

Omg the fucking excuses. People have waaaay worse daddy issues Taylor, and they don’t do all the shit wrong you do and use it as an excuse for mistakes. You don’t even have daddy issues, you’re just a spoiled brat. Go listen to Lana del ray more and cry in your bathtub.

No. 667172

If she has anything it's mommy issues

No. 667177

why tf would you drive half way across the country just to fly back for a weekend and then fly back again?

No way she believes this is honestly about a dentist appointment…

No. 667178

Uuuuuuh what happened with this guy then?
Obviously having a normal ex boyfriend who you still talk to doesn't fit in with her victim narrative.
Full of shit, once again.
Boohoo you had a dad that supported your whole family? Grow up, Taylor.
Also, having a guy friend can also be an important male presence in life. And Tyler obviously cared about her a lot since didn't he cry about her in a stream after she dropped all of the pettubers? Fuck him too though I guess huh Taylor

No. 667182

So now she’s blaming her dad for how she puts herself into terrible situations? Wording it like he straight up abandoned her family like a deadbeat a la Jonny style. Last i checked he’s still married to psycho Jen (somehow) and they all live very well off. Who was paying for her clothes, hair dye, Disney trips, and every animal she’d ever wanted growing up? Definitely not Jen and little bro, so someone in the household had to be at a job working for their lifestyle. I understand that gifts =\= love, but the people who say they “didn’t have a father figure” are people who have dad’s that ran off and want nothing to do with them. FFS Taylor’s parents are bailing her out of all of the trouble she’s created as we speak but NOW is when she wants to bring up muh father figure? God I’m never secretly rooting for her again, what was I thinking. She’s never coming out of her own ass and is a lost cause.

No. 667184


not to mention her dad jumping on a plane to LA to beg her to not be with Johnny. She shit on them by not even coming to the door unless police were involved. But yea, blame ur parents.

No. 667185

Yes, Taylor, letting you have all those animals in his house AND YOU RUINED THE FLOORING WITH YOUR TANK. He let you keep them despite ruining the floors with your laziness.

You're a product of being spoiled rotten, girl. Never told no.

No. 667186

And trips to Disney what seems like every 2 months!!!

No. 667190

Her dad flew to LA when she first hooked up with Jonny just to make sure she was ok since she had her twitter fight with her mom!

No. 667195

I agree 100%. She grew up in a nice home with both mommy AND daddy as an upper middle class white girl, and now it’s “mah childhood was terrible” I am screaming! She wants “problems” so badly for excitement and internet clout that she invited Jonny Craig into her life. She has literally PAID a man to get her hooked on drugs and to see what would happen. Welp, this is what happened! Someone should let this delusional woman child that the world really doesn’t care about how you were raised, what trauma you’ve gone through, or any other excuses you have for being a complete and public mess. People care about ACTIONS, not long diatribes on Instagram about your dad that worked 12 hours a day 5 days a week and didn’t have time to push you in the swing whenever you wanted. People have REAL problems and are working, trying to pay rent, going to therapy, building meaningful relationships in person with people, and this spoiled rotten turd is crying from her huge house on her brand new iPhone to thousands of 9 year old girls about her dad, her shot out veins from banging heroin. This bitch would kill herself if she had a regular life. Jesus Christ. I hope it hits her where she’ll really learn a life lesson: her wallet.

No. 667197

This is ridiculous. Most people have a parent who works hard at a demanding, time intensive job. Many people have two parents who work hard at demanding, time intensive jobs. Yet most people aren’t addicted to heroin, Taylor.

No. 667198


> She wants “problems” so badly for excitement and internet clout that she invited Jonny Craig into her life.

I mean, her whole reasoning behind dating Jonny was "For the experience!"

No. 667200

She is grasping at anything to justify why she's addicted and why she has got to that point. Fucking disgusting.

No. 667201

My dad would be gone for literal months at a time for work yet I never ran out the door to get any dudes attention? This is such a wild leap of logic to take based on archaic ass beliefs, I for sure havent met people growing up with single moms who went this path either. Would maybe get it if her father would only pay attention to her mom sexually but "he was absent so i sexually pleased any man for validation" seems like shes projecting to avoid saying she has always had an issue not approaching the men with the worst repps due to her own hang ups.

No. 667202

Wasn't there something about her claiming her dad was abusing her and getting the authorities involved, like right before/around the time when Jonny showed up? even though he was completely innocent? or am I misremembering/thinking of someone else?

No. 667206

File: 1559606193148.png (59.4 KB, 800x536, lolcow-1.png)


Yep, from the waaaaay beginning, anon

No. 667214

File: 1559606938806.png (1.79 MB, 1872x1198, Jc.png)

Just a reminder that JC has pulled this shit multiple times before. He literally say ANYTHING to keep a girl locked down…

It's the same bullshit everytime you'd think people would wise up to his shit.

No. 667221

well said anon

ok, I'm never believing anything she says about her father ever again. she's absolutely full of shit and will claim anything for sympathy and to blame someone.

No. 667222

Exactly. I'm so speechless about this excuse. Like he was absent because he had a job to support you? And that's why you chose to date an abuser? Like…what.. how…..????

Doesn't even make sense lmao. We've all seen how much he obviously cares about her when he was fighting so hard to keep her away from Jonny.

No. 667223

I mean to be fair it’s possible to have an emotionally absent father, but from the looks of it both her parents have tried to be there for her yet she’s pushed them away.

No. 667224


>and taylor accuses her dad of assaulting her

Seems like dear old daddy is her favorite scapegoat…

No. 667225

She'll sell them off to fans, and advertise on social media like she did with that dog she fostered.

I agree this is what she meant. She just wants to look like she cares about her pets, but she'll sell them because she's not really attached to most of them, and then probably start replacing them with entirely new animals whenever she is next able to spend the money/justify that she has the space.

This. Taylor acts like Petco just knew her mom and offered her a job, if Taylor didn't make the whole thing up I bet at most Taylor's mom asked someone random at the store and they said she'd be welcome to apply or something, not a guarantee they'd actually hire her once she applied.

>>667080 Even if she did get a hotel, if he gets back in that house he's probably never going to leave, probably stay there to force her to confront him or something. She's better off getting somewhere he can't get to her, permanently, until he finds someone new.

This lol, does he think we don't know they have dentists in NY?

No. 667227

wow imagine all the children who grew up with parents who had to go to war, wouldn’t see them for months on end…
but yeah dad works a lot = I need validation from men/I date abusers.

No. 667231


i call bullshit. my dad worked full time and my parents were divorced. i still had a healthy relationship with him. she just needs attention all the time and thinks that mommy and daddy didn't give her enough of it.

she's a privileged white girl growing up in america. her parents are together. she lived in a nice house and got medical treatment for her conditions that no doubt her father paid for. christ if i was her dad and i saw her whining about how she didn't have a father figure growing up, all while suggesting it's the reason why her first time was "a violent one" and how she sucks with men because of it… she's such an ungrateful little cunt.

No. 667232

Thank you. A father not giving enough attention is a valid way to get daddy issues. Of course others have it worse where the father actually abanonded them. But ffs just cause she's an attention whore doesn't mean the struggles she claims aren't valid for others. Another example is the anon who said she could fix her eds with excersize or that "people like her" use invisible illness as an excuse to not contribute to society. Don't let her give others a bad name. Focus on the fact that HER claims can be disproven not on whether its an actual issue in general. her parents are obviously helicopter status there's no way she wasn't parented by her dad even if alot of the attention went to her brother. We've literally seen org of her parents want involvement in her life to a psychotic extent.

No. 667233


No. 667234

I'm so glad I vaguely remembered this, thank you for referring me back to the proof from when it went down.

Based on the evidence and her past behavior, anything she says about her father is most likely a falsified ploy to gain sympathy at this point. he works hard to support his disney-obsessed wife, disabled son, and spoiled-rotten, entitled daughter! what an abusive, absent, deadbeat shithead! /s

No. 667238

File: 1559611491232.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20190604-042333.png)

tay's vagueposting again guys!

No. 667239

Honestly can’t tell what she’s lying about anymore. Everything merges into one. Imagine doing your family dirty like that.

No. 667240

Bitch, are you leaving him or not? Jesus fuck! How can her fans stand her?

No. 667241

File: 1559611658555.png (128.55 KB, 346x370, dadshouse.png)

I don't think Jonny's at his dad's house…

(Dawn here is Chelsea's mother - both her & Chelsea are a bit acquainted with Jonny's family - Roger is Jonny's father)

No. 667242

File: 1559611828247.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 1DA9BCF3-E149-405E-9E74-2103B6…)

Not sure if this has any relevance either but…thought I’d post what Mama Dean tweeted

No. 667243

What the fuck is she even on about?

No. 667244

File: 1559611921554.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 137EAAB1-CFE5-44DF-A483-37B4DA…)


No. 667247


Taylor, get a clue.
He's with someone else right now >>667241

No. 667248

File: 1559612169462.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, A068D318-6524-4F5A-B61D-228622…)

This literally sounds like he’s being threatening to her

No. 667249

It honestly sounds super sketchy. I’m kinda taking it as like she’s trying to hint what’s happening because she genuinely scared

No. 667250

Taylor blaming his toxic behavior on other people. Seriously, he's fucking abusive Taylor. If he's getting freaked out over this shit, that's a reflection ON HIM.

No. 667252

It does sound from these posts like she was trying to let him down gently to get him out, and now when people go tell him it's definitely over he starts threatening her. Good for her if it is over! She's probably better off not posting things people can send to him though, if she REALLY wants to end the drama.

I was wondering whose cat it was in his video. Definitely seems like he's left, but worrying he thinks he's coming back next week for that "dentist appointment."

No. 667253

My idea is that it’s to do with Taylor’s allegations against her father

No. 667254

I wish, but highly doubt her parents would hold her accountable for that shit. Pretty sure she is calling out JC for lying about seeing his dad.

I am sure her dad is very hurt and feels too guilty to even hold her accountable. Which in itself goes to show he's a great dad.

No. 667255

I'm so confused, if she hasn't blocked him on insta (since he can still comment), can't he see her stories himself? why is she freaking out over people sending him her stories? they're pretty much public.

or is she just playing mind games with her audience?

No. 667256


Because she knows that the moment she blocks him anywhere is the moment he's gonna go apeshit on her.

No. 667257


Do YOU even understand Taylor? You vague post for attention and in turn your blind stans legitimately are worried about your wellbeing.

For the last month she has been sperging up and down social media. She literally didn’t have to even mention anything about her and Jonny splitting. She simply did for attention because she needed to hear “how strong” she is for leaving him while she’s in the hospital because of drugs. She’s just saving face now because she knows Jonny is going to expose her and clearly there is tension between the two of them. I can’t wait for this milk. Jonny is going to drag her through the mud and she’s going to milk the victim card. Or she’s going to pay him to keep quiet just like she offered Chelsea money to take down the texts exposing her heroine use way back when.

No. 667258

but why is it an issue that people are sending him her stories when he can see them himself?

No. 667260

You can hide and change your privacy settings to hide your stories from certain people. She’s probably most likely done that.

No. 667262


You can ban certain people from seeing your IG stories even if you don’t have their profile blocked.

No. 667263

Probably because she's being intentionally vague and they're sending him "this means you broke up though!" or whatever.

No. 667264

He cant see her stories he is blocked as a feature on Instagram to who you allow to see the stories she is trying to get away easy guys please get it stop!

No. 667265


Oh my GOD, this is so painful. LOG OFF, YOU FUCKING BRAINDEAD IDIOT. If the online world is "not helping," the solution is simple. She is exhausting.

No. 667266

thanks guys. if she absolutely doesnt want him to see anything, she should just keep her mouth shut though. if he wants to see the fucking stories, he'll find a way even without people directly "snitching".

guess she can't help herself, too good of a situation not to use for attention.

No. 667267

To be honest I don’t actually understand why she’s still online. With so called mental illness and drug addiction seeing certain posts etc can make things a hell of a lot harder and worst. It’s advised that you literally stop going on social media if you are suffering. It’s why when hospitalised for mental health they sometimes take individuals phone access away etc.

No. 667268

File: 1559613769528.png (533.15 KB, 750x1334, C4CEC940-8294-46A6-B651-48D3B7…)

No. 667269

File: 1559613799964.png (531.07 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20190604-050259.png)

implies she's not safe "guise I'm safe i promise"

No. 667270


>I'm safe and ok I'm not his victim

>But don't tell him what I'm saying or he'll get "nervous" and freak out on me

If you don't want people sending him shit just… shut the fuck up bitch? It's not like you haven't deactivated and gone silent for months before, why do you need to keep vaguing and then complaining when your stans do shit?

No. 667271

She most likely did let him down gently, or gave him a few half-truths to convince him to leave. I am sure "we need to space" was a lot easier/safer than "get out of the house, we are done."
She's made it infinitely clear that right now at this very moment, they are done. I think her mentioning him getting "anxious" is translated to him freaking out on her.

No. 667273

Also, all he has to do is check here to see what she's posting… So, she's an idiot if she thinks he doesn't have ways to keep tabs on her outside of people sending him screenshots.

Stop creating things for him to see, Taylor. Problem solved.

No. 667275

>jonny and his drug dealer at a hotel
But hang on, isn't Taylor's version that Jonny was sober when they got together? Makes ya think.

No. 667276


maybe don't make your relationship status so public and learn when to shut up then? this bitch lmao. saying "what if" she's in danger when SHE'S the one who went public about breaking up with jonny.

No. 667277

imagine lying that your father abused you to justify your attention whoring

No. 667279

Exactly. She says she wants to shut up online, but nothing is stopping her other than her Jen-like obsession to address every little thing, thus incriminating Jonny further. Every time she posts the worse he looks. She wouldn’t even have to say “stop what if i was in danger!!” If she didn’t know how treacherous people perceive Jonny to be, or that her fans are causing him to bother her or worse with their tip offs. If she’s leading him on privately then she needs to do that and stop being public with the rest, use your last remaining brain cells Taylor.

No. 667280

Don't post = Jonny doesn't read it = no problem. She needs to stop posting things she doesn't want him to read. He only needs to log out anyway and he can read them himself. The universe doesn't need to gather round and protect Taylor's right to vaguepost.

No. 667281

That had always been a lie. Jen mentioned that the first time her and her husband met him was at a P.F. Chang's and that Jonny started acting up. Taylor freaked out and was trying to babysit him. I think it was that same night that Taylor snuck out to meet JC at the hotel because he was having issues with the payment for his room and was making a scene.

He was with Chelsea three weeks prior to being with Taylor, and was at the hospital because of drugs at the beginning of that same year. Up until now (and that's debatable), Taylor has always lied about Jonny.

No. 667282

Sounds like blackmail. Her whole post sounds like a cry for help, he's gonna explode on her if he come back… Suuuper sketchy…

This legit kinda worries me, where the fuck did he go? Side bitch? again super sketch…

No. 667283

might be a dumb question, but whose cat is that in jonny’s story? if it’s not his dads then we know he isn’t at his dads for sure.

No. 667284

i mean… has chelsea's mom been to jc's father's house? I think she's just guessing and tinfoiling. we have no reason to believe he's anywhere else, who the hell would take him in?

No. 667285

why would a 55+ yo man have little mermaid posters on the wall? That doesn't make any sense. I don't think he has any younger siblings in that age, and its not where he grew up.

Im thinking he found another girl, and that's her spare room or something. Or he's renting from sketchy craigslisters who take cash or something.

No. 667286

File: 1559616482774.png (284.23 KB, 610x590, thelittlemermaidroom.png)


The posters in question

No. 667288

well, maybe he had relatives over or something. we know next to nothing about his situation.

him inquiring about his dad's internet plan isn't that peculiar either, imo.

I'll believe he's somewhere else when I see some proof, man.

No. 667289

File: 1559616952430.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 7EF10EF8-1A95-4E5A-B657-51C58E…)

No. 667290

It honestly looks like one of those spare bedrooms with shit someone left behind. Besides the posters the bedroom looks pretty bare.

No. 667291

Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if he found the posters in the room and put them up trying to come across as funny

No. 667292

Bets on how long this lasts? I say three days.

No. 667294

Not long at all, she has to get asspats and attention from somewhere now that she's "by herself"

No. 667295

just means more people will harass jonny. She gains nothing from deactivating, she'll still watch the shit show unfold from here.

No. 667296

It sounds like she's completely aware of this and trying to do damage control so he doesn't go nuts on her.
It's hard to tell how much of it is the result of her need for internet validation and how much of it is Johnny trying to get her to call off the people accusing him of abuse and her trying to appease him.
Three days is generous, she can't help but use at least some form of social media to let the world know what's going on in her trainwreck of a life

No. 667297

File: 1559617762645.png (533.48 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20190604-060743.png)

timestamp is fucked because of timezones, but he just posted this. note the tnd desktop background.

No. 667298

>love sponsor

toppest kek

No. 667299

annnnnd her insta's gone

No. 667301

Is that Taylor on the right hand screen? Why? This man is a lunatic.

No. 667303

it says lover, not love. I think it's supposed to be "lover, sponsor, and best friend" and he left out the commas because he doesn't know how to write properly. Meaning she was his sponsor for AA or NA, and they probably started dating from there. Which is HIGHLY discouraged. you're not supposed to date your fucking sponsor while you're/both in recovery.

No. 667304

Honestly it's smart to play along and pretend it's just a break, because the hardest part was to get Jonny out of the house. But where she fucked up was when she started saying it was indeed a breakup and acting flip floppy about it. You can't have it both ways, especially when you're trying to leave a relationship that by your own admission is codependent. Either you fully state it's over and cut him out of your life, or you play along until he's out of your life for good.

It would have been wiser to keep the charade and say that yeah it's a break and he's such a real man he's stepping up to care for his dad and then go completely silent to sort your shit out quietly. She doesn't have many friends which can be used in her favor because then Jonny can't keep tabs on her.
She should've moved in with her parents immediately after he left, and then slowly rearrange her animals rehoming.

But now he's coming back next week, on her dime (again), and I bet they're getting back together. All because she couldn't shut up.

No. 667305

I think she's trying to buy him off. The fact that she has to walk on eggshells with him says something went down.

>She lied to get him out of the picture,

>she broke up with him,
>she told him they'd still be together after treatment,
>she has no intentions of getting back together,
>she tells her fans NOT TO TELL jonny her super transparent covert plan
>jonny is too much of a dumbass to connect the dots
>jonny realizes something is up and plans to fly back to SA
>Taylor is freaking out because he's coming back

missing anything?

No. 667307

I think she still thinks she can be rational with him and split up.

What she doesn't realize is the minute she tells that to his face he will go ape shit. That's when he'll try exposing her or killing her animals to force her to stay together.

She's too much of meal ticket for jonny to let go of.

No. 667308

File: 1559619166800.jpg (497.62 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190603-233249_Dis…)

Guess he couldn't set up his computer by himself

No. 667311

Was Amanda ever an addict? I always assumed she was his unofficial sponsor, like he stayed (or pretended to be) sober for her for some amount of time.

No. 667312


Idk but Amanda has tweeted lately that she’s been sober x amount of months. She vaguely says “drugs and alcohol” were the culprits.

No. 667313

He took a fucking Uhaul. Why no desk? truck too full of Funko Pops?

No. 667314

Doesn't seem like he has permanent living arrangements wherever he is. He's not gonna stick around if he can't stream or he gets bored. First it was 2 months, then 1 month now he's going back on the weekend.

Maby Taylor is paying for his time away as some sort of vacation. I don't buy the helping my Dad story, he wouldn't be coming back so soon if he really needed help. Not to mention it's ungodly expensive to fly.

No. 667318

Can't anyone just log of out insta and see her stories if she's public? She should have never said anything at all about her breakup / situation / what the fuck ever. She should have let him go on about whatever and not talked about it at all.

I 100% understand telling your abuser that it's a break. It's exactly what I did to get away from mine. But you should absolutely not post your true intentions ANYWHERE. Kick him out, stay silent, let people think whatever the fuck they wanna think at least until you're genuinely safe and away from him. She's making this worse for herself.

No. 667319

she should just let him spill whatever he has. At some point shes gonna run out of money and he will just spill it anyway. As soon as they break up he will spill, at this point shes just extending her relationship with an abusive fuck.

No. 667320

She deactivated instagram.

No. 667321

She could just log out and delete the app but whatever, drama queen.

No. 667322

Oh shit you're right, thank you, that's my bad.
I do still agree that she never should have said anything because at some point her socials were open and people will of course screenshot and send her shit to Jonny, either with good intentions or not, doesn't really matter at this point.

No. 667324

I don't think she realizes she's actually the one with the upper hand here. He's had a history of abuse she can milk, but I guess he knows something about the animals she's lost.

No. 667325

File: 1559622800269.jpeg (97.6 KB, 1242x274, CE91A39E-BB70-4C5A-955D-96D091…)

He is going to push her so hard in person next week. I don’t think he necessarily has dirt as much as she just wants this done quietly and quickly. It hasn’t truly hit her yet that he won’t let that happen.

No. 667327

if she really wants to get rid of him she'd cancel his flight and send him his shit.

He's not capable of an amicable split because shes his cash cow, with her hes got nothing again. She thinks hes just gonna break up without any issues after she gets better. He will never leave her alone even if she gets sober, he will also obviously stay a junkie.

No. 667329

this is so scary. If I were Taylor I would be instructing the security gate to block him from entering the neighborhood.

No. 667330


Yeah, like I keep saying, Lawyer-up & get some security if you're gonna stay in that house.

No. 667332

He doesn't have money of his own for the flight or the dentist so if he's coming back, she's the one financially facilitating it.

No. 667333


Well, she should just leave him high & dry then. Let him mooch off of someone else

No. 667336

Shes just being dumb and naive again. He won't outright kill her, the druggie lifestyle will just take both of them out.

The longer she stays with him the closer she gets to dying, gotta love a BF that shoot up his "Queens" in their sleep.

No. 667337

b-b-but that would cause him to hate me! I can't be hated! I need validation and attention from abusive boyfriends!11

No. 667346

I called it! From experience, I really feel like she is letting him down easy, but done. I also feel like she is paying him off.

I've been with someone like that and if you just end it, they will try to ruin your fucking life or worse. She's trying to be smart about it, at least. If she is posting to everyone but him, it should stay like that. I can't fucking stand people who send the ex/abuser the other person's posts. It IS dangerous.

Plus, had people not tipped off Jonny, we could have seen more of this unfold and got more of the story.. So I'm annoyed. It seems like she wants to speak out soo bad but he's a fucking psycho and she's scared.

No. 667349

File: 1559626495989.png (88.55 KB, 736x256, Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 1.33…)

I might've missed the post of it on this thread if someone got it, but Jenn posted earlier something along the lines of 'definitely being no hanging out in SA' which matches up with Jonny's IG stories, tweets etc. Then there's this

No. 667353

File: 1559627718437.png (530.03 KB, 1242x2208, 2160C61D-8578-4034-B4DE-4EB5A9…)

Jonnys main fan boy got drunk tonight and is tying to act like his idol. He isn’t smart enough to leave his number off line while trying to act like such a try hard. [redacted] Feel free to let him know that him trying to be Jonny is a horrible look and hasn’t worked for Jonny since day 1(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 667355

File: 1559628042793.jpeg (296.95 KB, 1242x2208, 3C51F86B-17D9-4FE8-AAD5-AE8CA9…)

No. 667358

White boy saying the N word. God plleeaaase post that screenshot everywhere so people can call that little punk ass out.

No. 667359

This is the "real friend" Jonny was praising lmao.

No. 667360

And he’s white? Should get blasted publicly

No. 667362

It's hard to have sympathy for addicts like Taylor that for whatever reason want to seem more than they are (cool, hard, bad bitch, whatever) and think there's no chance of them ever getting addicted because "they're smarter than that"
Always rich spoiled girls thinking they'll be the ride or die to save some tweaker or junkie with all their love. Never works that way, you end up addicted and broke and only have yourself to blame

No. 667371

Notice how she says, “if he wants to comment he still loves me, let him, and I can also comment back that I CARE FOR HIM too.” She doesn’t love his ass ahahaha

That’s a start. She is probably really leaving his ass for good then.

No. 667372

She probably has her stories hidden from him, but of course screenshots and twitter and this website - he is bound to see it.

No. 667375

As an anon said, it does seem like she wants to speak up and she would have said more had people not directly sent JC anything (granted he could see here, but on his own time - maybe days later?)

Her posting was a way of also having some sort of proof. I’m sure she will activate again anyway.

No. 667376

She's such an attention whore jesus. Deactivating everything again may actually be the only good thing she has done atm because she clearly cannot keep quiet about stuff

No. 667377

All he had to do was logout or else use some other throwaway, which he no doubt has. I'm sure people sent him things too but he could have seen them easily without help. None of this was private.

No. 667378

She does have the upper hand, as long as she's smart enough to avoid physical violence or letting him back in via manipulation if he does get back in town. Even if he spills secrets about dead animals or how little time she spends caring for them, it'll be SO easy for her to point to his history of abuse, lies, etc, and say he's making it all up. Or play the victim, "he got me addicted to drugs and MADE me do them instead of feeding my animals!!" She won't lose the stans she hasn't lost already.

She also probably won't, but she does have the potential to improve her public image/situation and that gives her more power than him- he's just mooching off people until he dies of liver failure. She may not have a glamorous youtube career anymore but she could make a little bit of money on new videos and maybe get a regular, minimum wage job or go to school or something. Unlikely she'll put in the effort, but she absolutely has paths to make her life less of a dumpster fire post-JC.

No. 667385

she can't seriously be so dumb as to trust 200k or howmany random people with a secret that may get her into trouble. it's not on the people who """tipped him off""", it's on her stupidity that she seriously thought there's no way he could see them. have the drugs lowered her iq?

No. 667397

As far as I'm aware, you can't see Instagram stories logged out. At the very least, you had to log in on browser to see their stories.

No. 667398


I don't think her public image is going to improve at all if JC reveals animal deaths or neglectful situations. Taylor's image right now is going to remain stagnant or go down. She's ruined her online career.

No. 667402

I'm on mobile and don't use Instagram. You can't view stories unless logged in.

No. 667405

he's bound to have another account. the point is none of these stories were private, like >>667385 says

No. 667407

No. 667409

You really must be a lot like TND, since you are so good at blaming other people for her own stupid and attention seeking mistakes.
Oh, I'm sorry…you think she is being smart.

Just bc you can't pat her ass on SM anymore doesn't mean you bring it here.

No. 667412

To be honest she should block his number, block him on social media and then come out clean about her animal deaths so that he has nothing against her. She can then start from a new slate and change her ways. Oh who am I kidding? She’d never admit fault for anything and she will be paying him off forever to hide her secrets.
But honestly, when dealing with people like Jonny you want to make sure they can’t hold anything over your head. Might as well spill your own secrets rather than letting him do it if you don’t make him happy.

No. 667417

I'm disappointed it looks like they will get back together, thought Taylor is finally gonna get her shit straight.

No. 667418


She's likely paying him off/keeping him happy to keep quiet about any dirty laundry. Taylor is also banking that if JC does say something that incriminates her, she can pull the abuse card or say he's lying. Then she'll spill his dirty secrets.

She will never come clean. Never. Taylor will pile lie on top of lie until her tower falls over just like it always does. It's unbelievable really, because it just makes her look even worse but she can't help it. She will continue to spin the truth and lie to avoid taking any kind of responsibility for her actions.

No. 667419

seriously… she could take proper precautions right now to never let him near her again instead of playig some kind of 'letting him down easy' mind games. she's too much of a lolcow to ever let go of him, at least we'll get more milk so I aint complaining.

No. 667422

I agree it was a lot funnier when no one was telling Jonny he was being broken up with. His denial was hilarious, but it’s also stupid to assume that he would’ve never figured it out or come across those stories some kind of way. Lots of people hate Jonny, so someone was going to tell him eventually.

No. 667423


well she never struck me as very intelligent to begin with…

No. 667424

Well, I meant on the actual website

No. 667427

Yea she'll play it off like she's in control but it's obvious she's the one getting pushed around.

Her whole i'll get him clean and sober so he can be my perfect-rockstar-husband was just a way to feed her ego. She thought that jonny was a stray kitten she could rehabilitate. LMAO that she still thinks she's in control when he got her hooked on heroin.

So much self denial in Taylor, she can't admit she made a mistake dating him. She still doesn't realize he doesn't want to change, he was fine with the way things were going even when she was smacked out.

No. 667435

Why is this bitch still fuckin’ around on the internet if she doesn’t want drama. For fucks sake.

Taylor. News flash. Get off of the internet. You do this to yourself.

No. 667438

Deactivating twitter and insta kinda is getting herself of off the internet tho

With or without Johnny she’s a mess regardless and whatever is going on with this situation shouldn’t be put on the internet in the first place but with these two what do you expect.

I think there’s a higher chance this time of her getting rid of him for good though, it doesn’t seem like a charade I think she is trying to let him down gently but also fucked that up by stating they were done most likely before she actually told him - so she wouldn’t be safe right now with his history of abuse

She needs to get the fuck off the internet and she’s doing that so finally good on her for making some kind of step forward, but how long they will stay deactivated for is another question

No. 667512

was there actual proof that TND was doing drugs before JC or did she just say she did drugs prior to him? I can see her saying she had a problem previous to him in order to save him from being the reason she became an addict.

No. 667516

did you miss the coke fiasco with the petfest crew? Taylor brought the coke to CA. She was definitely using drugs prior to Johnny, just not heroin.

No. 667517

And also conveniently blaming it on other people! Let's not forget that.

Taylor Nicole Dean not only went all middle-school on her friend there and got the whole Petfest crew of bitches ganged up against her… she also just plain old blamed everything drug-related on that poor girl.

Because it's never Taylor's fault, right?

No. 667518

She's gonna take Jonny back in. It's idiotic to think that she can get away from him. From his exs, he's very hard to get rid of and Taylor is obsessed with getting attention from anyone. If she's deactivating her twitter and instagram, she's going to feel even more lonely than she was before. It was obvious she's lonely when she can't stop talking online. Jonny probably senses it and that's why he's going back this weekend to swoop her up while she's even more vulnerable.

Also seems like he's threatening her too for talking too much online if Taylor is saying that he's "freaking out."

TAYLOR, you should just move to an apartment ASAP while he's away and don't tell anyone about it. (then again, it's taylor. she'll probably dox herself)

No. 667520

Wasn’t jonny around during petfest? Please correct me if my timeline is wrong

No. 667521

>She'll probably dox herself
This god dammit! Everything she does is her own fault! My tinfoil is that she needs to be a victim soooooo badly that it is the reason why she got with him in the first place. She wants so badly to have reasons for people to pity her. That, her ~illnesses~, lying about her dad, her abusive ex-boyfriend, which speaking of, something has been bothering me still about that. She didn't say she was raped. She avoided using that word. She said she "lost her virginity violently". What does that even mean???

At least she finally deleted her instagram but we all know that isn't going to last long. There is no way he would not have been sent those instagram stories. And even if he weren't, you bet he would be finding a way to view them on another throw away account. It's like she was just asking him to come freak out on her.
And why let him come back for his dentist appointment? Why fly him back? Even if she isn't paying for the flight, he will find a way back. And she will likely let him in the house. I really hope she moved out immediately.
It aaaaaallll boils down to her just finding ways to make herself into a victim.

No. 667522

That would be the smartest thing to do, unless:
>Johnny has some particularly nasty, career-ruining dirt on her that goes beyond dead fish and lizards
>Johnny's hinted at getting violent/destructive if she severs ties cleanly
>Johnny is threatening to release nudes
Her best hope by far is if he turns his attention on one of his online groupies.

No. 667523

It's also possible Jonny is just making shit up to threaten her and keep her scared and intimidated. He's not bright but he's an old hand at abuse.

But yeah, I don't think ol JC would drag his bloated corpse out of state and put all his tacky little dolls in a UHAUL if he didn't have something new in his sights. Prolly found a new girl or some friend to leech off of.

No. 667524

she had been with jonny for almost a year when that happened

No. 667525

I would not be surprised if they had a sex tape or something along those lines tbh

No. 667532

not trying to wightknight but maybe she just needs a breather before cutting him off for good and letting shit hit the fan. paying him for the time being to delay the fallout isn't the worst move she could make. I don't see that as a sign of guaranteed caving personally. it could go a lot of ways if she grows a spine in this disaster. there is gonna be a nasty fallout anyway sooner or later. the only way that could be avoided would be if our little rockstar progamer kicked the bucket.

No. 667533

I mean, isn't he releasing that shit anyway when he finally realizes it's over? how is stringing him along forever better? might be a good idea for a while, IF she can keep him out of the house, but well… considering how triggered he still is at his exes, I don't think he ever really cools off like a normal fucking person.

I don't believe jonny has any animal related dirt on her tbh, he didn't give a shit about the animals. if he leaks nudes, well she should get the authorities involved.

No. 667539

hey, it's improvement-anon again, please look for some new synonyms lol.

just to play devil's advocate, sorry but don't think taylor is ever going to be looking good any time soon. taylor is white trash munchie attention whoring garbo who gets off on vomiting out her bitchfights with other influencers and followers, bullying people she sees as lesser on social media because she has nothing and is truly pitiful, washed up before she hit 22.

she blames everyone else for her problems and because of that she will never change. she blames her mother for paying attention to tanner, she blames her father for her choice to date a fucking domestic abuser, she blames his exes for getting beat up, she blames her fake illnesses for her lazy non existent work ethic, and she sees her animals as a paycheck. she doesn't care about anyone but herself.

if she has any remaining bit of brain in her empty head, she will stay off line, move to a more affordable place, and get a job. she will do none of this because she's a big fat dummy. gonna make a generous bet and say she'll stay offline for a week. she cannot stay away from asspats.

loving her continued tumble into poverty and irrelevance and getting big schadenfreude feels.

No. 667540

couldn't have said it better myself, anon.

No. 667541

>She said she "lost her virginity violently". What does that even mean???
What a liar. She wants to get clout for being a victim. She wants people to be nice to her the way they were to Amanda. She thinks if she just tells enough stories people will like her.

No. 667542

Offline for a week? you're being generous…I give it a few days.

No. 667543

once she can't get the $$$ as an influencer any longer what will she do? some kind of life coach? junkie guru? sobriety survivor?

spec hat eventually she falls into camwhoring, it's the only thing that might be able to satisfy her, and it's the only way she'll be able to make the money like she used to. she's more addicted to people kissing her ass than she ever was to heroin, bet.

No. 667545

She’s fucked if she tries to branch out into anything other than animals. She’s not trained in mental health and people tend to be more knowledgeable about that.

No. 667546


Drugs aside, it really is a wonder how he managed to live this long. The guy goes through friends, girlfriends, & bands like toilet paper.

No. 667547

i could easily see armchair addictions counselor/junkie influencer.

STORY TIME: How I beat my addiction and you can too UwU

No. 667548


The next Rewired Soul

No. 667549

it would definitely satisfy her annoying urge to lecture other people too

No. 667550

That's what she WANTS to do, but she'll never do it. Counselors and stuff don't make shit for money, the ones that make bank are ones that got in on the public speaking game years ago. They've written books and usually do it to promote that crap.

The Ted talk market has dried up, nobody wants to hear her sob story. plus she doesn't have the ethic to travel and speak.

No. 667552

File: 1559691556589.png (132.38 KB, 536x626, jcvocallessons1.png)

So uh… aside from the infamous 'Macbook scam', it looks like this guy ran other scams too…

No. 667553

LOL watch Kati Morton or whatever her name is from Shawn's expose vids pair up with TND for maximum milking of that tragic, tragic story

It'd be a match made in heaven, ngl

No. 667554

File: 1559691803460.jpg (50.04 KB, 1024x733, D8HCWavXUAA4JoC.jpg)

No. 667555

File: 1559691913974.png (21.97 KB, 588x174, band1.png)

No. 667559

unless this has to do with taylor, why are we interested? we all know he's a thief.

No. 667562

Don't start with this shit, man. Just ignore it if you don't like it.

No. 667563

Do you know where you are? "Taylor Nicole Dean and Jonny Craig + Jennifer “Mama” Dean #37"

No. 667565

File: 1559693518679.jpg (39.05 KB, 545x380, 97830b1c15e970b1c5dc0635c5d5f0…)

TND after 1 day without social media.

No. 667567

Honestly, Taylor should just cut him off entirely.

He'll be fine, he'll just stumble into another sucker willing to foot the bill for him.

No. 667568

i'm interested. jonny milk is taylor milk still.

No. 667569

She couldn't even go to her own meet and greets on time. No way could she tour.

No. 667571

I think he'll take a while to leave. He had the cushiest deal with Taylor compared to all the women he's mooched off of. He'll try to get her to stay pay for his shit even if they're done.

No. 667573

File: 1559694142847.png (49.25 KB, 578x418, predator.png)

No. 667575


No way hes gonna leave her alone. That's why hes flying back for a "dentist appointment" even taylor's fans can see through this bullshit. If she keeps him around she's only gonna lose more followers and subs.

Airing all this jonny drama online just added more buring jetfuel to her career.

No. 667583

Only staying for a month but he ordered a new desk?

No. 667584

>I mean, isn't he releasing that shit anyway when he finally realizes it's over? how is stringing him along forever better?
Her mentality might be something along the lines of 'maybe if I'm nice to him he'll get with another girl and forget about me/OD/whatever before he has the opportunity to go apeshit'. Plus trying to delay the inevitable is a pretty standard human endeavor
>I don't believe jonny has any animal related dirt on her tbh, he didn't give a shit about the animals.
He probably doesn't know anything about her improper care, but if there was any sort of drama around the health or deaths of the animal then he might have been tuned in enough to know that it'd make good blackmail.
>if he leaks nudes, well she should get the authorities involved.
Is revenge porn illegal in Texas?
for the good of the world, hopefully not, ew
Yeah, she would have to pretty much change her entire way of thinking in order to make any sort of meaningful self-improvement. It's not impossible, but it's probably not going to happen.
She does have a fairly large and devoted fanbase that'll gobble up whatever she throws at them, so she might have a better chance than average at making it as a 'recovery influencer' or 'self-care guru'. Unfortunately there are still a ton of people willing to watch that sort of thing.
Oh god, no matter what happens it isn't going to end well if he flies back

No. 667585

Yes she was with Jonny during Petfest
Her coke issues predate Jonny, she has talked about being a coke addict while at home but I don't have a post like for you on that, would be from a quite old thread.

No. 667588


Taylor didn't just blame Bree for the coke. Bree owned up to using coke and having addiction problems with it, but at the time was sober. Taylor legit just framed it as Bree FORCING her to bring coke along to the trip and causing her to relapse, when likely it was the other way around. Not only that, but when Bree came forward online about this Taylor then accused Bree of sexually assaulting her. Since the Petfest group likes to lick Taylor's ass so much, they all ganged up on Bree and sent her home and then isolated her from the group.

Taylor is a bully. She has a serious mean streak in her body. We all know she's fine with her fans attacking other people online because they disagree with her. Hell, she accused her own father of assaulting her because daddy didn't like her being with Jonny rapist Craig. Taylor doesn't throw people under the bus. She's the one in the bus running them over.

No. 667590

Because his first 50k set ones weren't good enough? Fuck, how can anyone tolerate him?

No. 667596

Taylor might be better off maintaining a social presence at this time, to keep the connection, who knows she may need it. I guess the problem is she can't stop herself from blurting out posts night and day and is mystified as to how Jonny sees them.

If she pays for his coming dentistry she's a huge fool. He'll never go anywhere else with such a big fish on the hook. She's keeping him close by doing that.

It's stale old milk though, 2-3 years old. I'm interested to watch him spiral right now.

No. 667597

I'm still baffled at how they keep kissing her ass even after she's been proven to be a liar and a manipulative bitch.

No. 667600

he still has to pretend to be a high roller with money, anon

No. 667601

after revealing she only bathes every two weeks, can we all refrain from the phrase "lick her ass"

No. 667602


i still can't believe she admitted to that. like does she think it makes people feel sorry for her? it just confirms she's a greasy slob like all her photos suggest.

No. 667643

It further proves she needs to rehome a majority of her pets.

I'm just sick of the bouncing between, "I can handle these pets" and "I didn't bathe for 2 weeks it was so bad. I drop things randomly because of my disease. "

Bitch, you can't have it both ways. Either you're capable or you're not. Proper pet care isn't about what's convenient for you that day. You have to be consistent which you can't be. Admit it and move the fuck on.

No. 667655

nah I’m fed up of her. 100% she’s gonna take this shit stain back and tbh I won’t even be shocked - I know she’s in an abusive relationship but THIS is her chance! She might not get this chance ever again. She’s stupid if she lets him back in - even just to “visit.”

I really don’t see her changing anytime soon - she’s still blaming everyone else except herself for her shitty life. Maybe she needs to reach rock bottom (as in homeless, broke, etc) for her to finally get her fucking ass in gear. She needs to rehome ALL of the animals and move back in with her crazy mum and get back on track. Fuck youtube, fuck social media, get your LIFE back together.

No. 667662

right? he's like a vampire. if she invites him into her home and he crosses the threshold again, he is going to sink in his fangs and refuse to go back to NY. She's given him a shock for the first time, he's thinking maybe she seriously tricked him to get out and he fell for it, so him immediately returning to town and "visiting" her is going to result in him doing everything he can to remain in her wallet. he's not gonna leave so easily again. if he gets back in that house it'll be like tearing a tick off but leaving the head in. she'll have to do a lot more damage trying to dig it out.

No. 667664

samefag but all of my Jonny analogies are coincidentally about bloodsucking parasites/monsters… they're just so apropos

No. 667665


He's a tick, to my mind. Bloated up and horrible to look at, and will drain you and get you sick. He'll only fall off once he's had his fill and he's too turgid to hold on, too.

No. 667669

hanging on by his pearlies

No. 667686

Emilie Rose stopped being her friend. Only the wanna be TND aka Emma Samp and Tyler are still her “friends” - Not sure I’m about Pickles and one other fat pet tuber.

Emzotic must be having a ball with what’s going on with her too. Lol

No. 667687

Anyone else notice how JC hasn’t been posting on his ig stories after TND deactivated her account? He is so predictable - though not sure if he is tweeting. Don’t follow that scum bag

No. 667688

This is his last tweet 12h ago >>667573

No. 667692

I have no sympathy for anyone walking into an abusive relationship with their eyes wide open. She was warned and there was clear evidence he was abusive. Oftentimes women don’t know until after they start a real that the guy is abusive. This is NOT the case here. If you play with fire, you get burned.

No. 667693


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 667704

Taylor deactivated her instagram and her twitter.

No. 667715

we know, this was discussed days ago when it happened. lurk moar

No. 667738

I was just thinking about how emzotic might be feeling. Maybe she could reach out, actually? Considering Em was also struggling with drug use?
Regardless, I hope this story ends with Taylor getting decent help.

No. 667739

And she is still acting like she can be friends with him. There is no letting an abusive person down easy, you fucking run and you hide and you get law enforcement involved if need be. She has already made a huge mistake by sharing shit online, now she's making a huge mistake with the dentist thing and I really hope she has someone staying with her just for safety regarding that.

No. 667750

i think most of the pet tubers who were friends with her at one point probably just don’t want to stir the pot any more than it already has been. since a lot of them have a young audience that’s likely shared with taylor, they might alienate a good chunk of their individual fan bases by saying the wrong thing. after all i’m pretty sure she’s still the one with the most subs in her category besides maybe king of DIY, so they probably don’t wanna incur the wrath of her teen girl army

No. 667758

omg I just checked, she's at about 1.6M and he's at about 1.2M. I hope the "Queen of PetTube" gets dethroned by the "King of DIY" and he becomes the "king" of both lol

I don't think he deserves it more than she does, he's so emotionally detached from 95% of his pets, but at least he's not a compulsive liar+drug addict who shames rape victims and uses fake illnesses to get out of doing an incredibly flexible job.

No. 667777

Sub numbers don't mean a lot. It's more about # of views. She hasn't gotten a video over a mil in a while, and she doesn't put out enough to make any decent money now. Taylor is ruining an easy gig that could potentially set her up for life.

That said, if you make stupid content for stupid people how successful are you really. Anyone who judges life success off YT is an idiot.

Big YT'ers like DIY are only in it for the money, not about creating quality content.

No. 667782

File: 1559764217077.png (Spoiler Image,5.36 MB, 1242x2688, C76E2A4F-E902-428C-B4C4-DACCF5…)

Why is he so fucking ugly? Ew

No. 667788

Why does he have an obsession with sticking his tongue out. It makes me want to puke!

No. 667789

Trashy tats, swollen face, 33 y.o failure, wannabe gangsta persona, perpetual victim, liar, scammer, woman abuser, hasn't matured past 14.

I have more of a problem with his dog-shit "personality" than his apperance. Everything about him is sooo fake, he acts all tough on the outside but in reality he's a needy fuck who can't function on his own.

Taylor and jonny were made for each other.

No. 667791

But his “personality” is what is showing in his appearance. Those “gangster” wanna be tough facial d presión he makes makes him even uglier.

No. 667792

Just another white dude trying to be black and failing.

No. 667797

Maybe it’s a habit back from when he had fucked up teeth so sticking out his tongue hid them.

No. 667806

File: 1559769016870.jpg (54.18 KB, 500x500, Daddyslittlegirl.jpg)

Anyone else think he's gonna pull some shit when he get back? He obviously knows she wants him gone at this point.

No. 667807

It's a given with him. She should not let him back into that house. If she has to see him she should do it in public.

No. 667809


Hopefully, she's dealing with her whole house situation during her radio-silence.

No. 667810

If he's inviting people to "kick it" with Taylor, I doubt he want's the house gone. If Taylor moves back in with her parents he'll have nowhere to go.

Might be a topic he'll force on her. He'll pull its OUR house WE need to decide.

No. 667814

so fucking gross lol. taylor shouldve sent him away for a minute and sold all the toys and computer. then not pay for a way back home and move into a diff apt.

its all her money and i hope she did not share bank accounts or anything– doesnt seem like she ever did but if he actually paid for NOTHING then it is her decision 100% and she should fully utilize that to gtfo

No. 667815

File: 1559770603357.jpeg (203.21 KB, 749x1080, B9EFA5F2-4621-4683-AE09-2E49D5…)

Eww dude this is creepy as fuck. “She’s not going anywhere” like this person doesn’t even know Jonny and Taylor. IMO this is the same attitude that he has, the “she’s not going anywhere” mentality.

I understand maybe she’s trying to keep herself safe by saying what he wants to hear but she is stupid as fuck if she lets him into that house again. Especially if she’s truly by herself there.

No. 667818

I'm not sure if this was posted here yet or not but here's a house tour of taylors place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LyoTBgIb_o

No. 667820


It has been posted twice, including in the last thread, and learn to embed Youtube videos.

No. 667821

Tinfoil: I'm pretty sure he's some flavor of developmentally delayed/retarded. Between the mannerisms, him being as dumb as dog shit, and his physical deformities.

I don't imagine years of hard drugs helped the last few brain cells he had, either

No. 667827

the house has a bunch of windows, white walls, and super tall ceilings.
and it still feels super claustrophobic and dark to me.
how did they even manage that!?

No. 667847

fetal alcohol syndrome or something, I suspect. I feel the same way. Or maybe the drugs have just fried him to DD.

No. 667852

She probably didn't share bank accounts, but I wonder if her changing shit so he didn't have access to her cards or banking info was why her "debit card wasn't working" or whatever it was recently? Everyone was tinfoiling she's broke, but maybe she just said to Jonny "oh idk why everything isn't working" but really had cancelled old cards so she could get new cards and not give him access.

No. 667853


i just think he has a low IQ. he's plain stupid, not retarded.

No. 667855

Maybe it’s both. She realized he was spending way more than usual on his computer setup and decided to change her cards so he’d stop blowing money like it’s his. It would explain why he couldn’t just fly to NY and then get someone to deliver the computer for him.

No. 667880

What physical deformities? He's just ugly and fucked up from drugs, unless there's something below the face I'm not aware of.

No. 667883

Why is his hand all bandaged up? Did he punch something?

No. 667888

I think it’s just a long sleeve shirt w those hand hole things?

No. 667889

File: 1559786690665.png (18.12 KB, 576x156, 1529017429927.png)

This bitch. Of course now when she feels like she's the victim, she is going to come out and talk about her ~*drug and abuse experiences*~ uwu. Screenshot from an older thread, but what a hypocrite.

It's good that she is trying to get away from Johnny, but personally don't feel sorry for her for the mess she got herself in lol.

I'm enjoying the ride either way, things are going to become a shit show and if Johnny gets into that house she and her animals are fucked and they will 100% get back together. There is a saying that goes with abusers, something like if your dog escapes through your fence and you get the dog back, you build the fence higher and that is exactly what he is going to do.

Since she reads here hopefully she is smart and listening to anons who are saying she should get off the internet and go into hiding, because either way Johnny is going to chimp out eventually regardless of what she does.

No. 667892

he's only 5'5", thin upper lip, flat mid face, small head, weak underdeveloped jaw, eye deformities, awkward motor control and muscle tone. All classic signs of FASD

No. 667900

He’s only 5’5? Jesus Christ no wonder he’s such a douche. Also definitely fasd

No. 667902


I agree probably stunted due to drugs and poor diet but FASD is reaching.

He's fucked up his body so bad his swelling distorts his face a lot. His eyes especially seems to almost swell shut when his liver symptoms flare up.

No. 667905

anon you replied to, tbh I feel the same way. She knew what he was like, she was fucking warned so many times - Barely anyone gets that luxury of getting told what an asshole someone is but she wanted the “experience.”
Well hun, you got the fucking experience and a heroin addiction too, I really hope it was worth it!!!!!! I will always feel sorry for people in abusive situations but with her? It’s hard because SHE wanted this. I’ve never known someone to actually want to ruin their own life.

No. 667907

fuck, why did I click. he’s so incredibly ugly. legit makes my skin crawl idk how he even gets girls like there’s no redeeming quality about him. he looks like his breath smells, he doesn’t bathe and probably smells like piss, shit and old people. what a catch Taylor!!! ruined your life for this gremlin.

No. 667908

Who keeps saying he has liver problems??

No. 667910



No. 667911

Everyone. He does.

No. 667915

not only has he been a heroin addict + raging alcoholic for at least a decade, he also tried to kill himself by ODing on fucking Tylenol. which, if you survive, absolutely shreds your liver.

No. 667920

It's called being privileged white trash in America.The bar for white men was so low back when he was a kid, so white guys his age are fucking like that.

As for his tongue thing; literally all the kids under 20 are doing it. 90% of the social media pics of tweens/teens have their tongues out. Really reflects his immature mentality. Hang out with people your own fucking age JC, oh wait, adults know trash when they see it.

No. 667951


When did he OD?

They have antidotes and activated charcoal for this reason, to minimise the damage if the person actually gets to the ER.

No. 667952


He was in hospital with Chelsea like… a month before he got with Taylor. It may be in the early threads, but it's well documented here with pics.

No. 667955

File: 1559826112199.jpg (39.67 KB, 610x440, 1512523602732.jpg)

from the first thread. I just went through and reread a lot of it. Shit was wild. I'm just gonna post one more ironic screenshot, but I recommend everyone go back and reread just how clearly fucked up this entire situation was from the start.

No. 667958

File: 1559826237424.png (539.06 KB, 1440x1940, 1512792677991.png)

from when they first started dating.

No. 667965

Damn dude even her mom spoke truth back then. “She knows the risks and she is choosing this”. Never thought I could agree with something Jen says but it’s so true. Most people getting into an abusive relationship don’t know that their abuser is that way. Taylor had wide eyes and red flags all over. She’s been lying for years about everything.

Agreed anon, I’m glad she’s away from him but she is stupid if she lets him back into the house. He is doing the typical “you can’t break up with me unless I say so”. Constantly saying he loves her and is waiting for her on the other side is so creepy and manipulative. Meanwhile Taylor talked about “ENDING relationships”. So I really hope she’s smart and doesn’t let him back in.

Jonny is going to go on a rampage if she actually sticks to her word and turns on him to keep him out and stops providing him with money.

No. 667966

FYI if you listen to Jonny's first band Ghost Runner on Third–there is a song called "H" and it's about his mom the junkie. FASD is highly, highly likely.

No. 667968

his mom is not a junkie

No. 667970

Damn this is wild. What happened that made her so incoherent now?? I remember when we sided with her parents because what she said really did make a lot of sense. Now she went fucking crazy.
>She is not a victim. Victims have no choice. She does.
Fucking agreeeeeee. Straight from her mother's mouth, she knew what she was getting into and did not want to change it. I know it's hard to trust what Jen says but I'm going to take all of this as truth.

No. 667971

Definitely his mom wasn’t a junkie! She make him listen to Christian bands growing up. Def not what a junkie would be listening too!

No. 667973


i wouldn't take any of his songs seriously, like hasn't he made songs about exes that insults them? are we supposed to take that as truth as well lol

there's no reason he's stupid like fasd or autism, he just has a low iq and whatever brain cells he did have are long gone because of drugs. the dude is just dumb.

No. 667983

I know a few recovering addicts who got very in to religion when they got clean

No. 667988

The weird things is, even if Jonny went 'scorched earth' on Taylor, she has, in the past, successfully convinced her fanbase that anyone trying to drag her is a liar.

She's done it to her mom, to any pettubers who publicly disagreed with her, etc. Her fanbase is definitely loyal enough to fight anything Jonny throws at her.

She absolutely has the upper-hand.

No. 667990

This Thread is not to diagnose anyone if it's fetal alcohol syndrome then it's fetal alcohol syndrome if it's fucked up liver because of drugs and alcohol then that's what it is.

Drugs fry your brain
he is a known liar
and his ex-girlfriend said that he has liver problems
so I'm inclined to believe that before any of you spewing medical diagnoses on this thread.

He's trash af

No. 668000

Has he livestreamed at all? That big show of bringing his computer, and nothing. I hope he's so miserable, lol

Meanwhile, Taylor is relying on her family, will this girl ever do anything 'by herself'? I truly hope her animals are ok. I get the silence on social media, but with how many animals she is popular for, it'd be nice to know they are safe.

No. 668001

no, probably because he has no idea how to set it up and no money to hire someone off of Craigslist to do it for him.

No. 668002

File: 1559850050811.png (435.05 KB, 1440x2928, Capture _2019-06-06-14-40-35.p…)

More delusions..

No. 668003

File: 1559850630424.png (61.42 KB, 760x363, Screenshot_20190606-165045.png)

No. 668004

His computer is already built… How hard is it to plug some cables into some holes? Is he really that much of an idiot he can't figure out which cables fit in which holes? Toddlers do that.

No. 668011

The one time Jen actually speaks some sense.

No. 668013

I don't even understand it at this point. She's said multiple times, and now he's in hardcore denial.

Taylor better watch out, it's obvious he isn't stable mentally. I wonder how long she's gonna skirt around the issue, when he comes back this weekend she'll just tell him what he wants to hear. At some point she gonna have to fully cut ties, she knows it isn't possible to stay sober with him around.

She'll probably let him back in lets be honest, Shes a stupid cow and she'll pretend hes not controlling her. He leaves again and she gets sober she won't want anything to do with his junkie ass. That's when shit will hit. He will not let her go.

That or he'll stay in her life and she'll keep relapsing and struggling.

No. 668014

Probably too lazy, too stupid or he's off getting high. This must be like vacation for him, he can do all the shit he wants that Taylor won't let him do.

He's seriously sperging out about the dumping, probably texting her non-stop.

No. 668033


yes, he's that much of an idiot. he doesn't know anything about computer hardware. he actually can't set his stream up because he doesn't know how and got others to do it for him.

No. 668038

Hopefully she's taking this week to get her animals and herself out of the house so when Jonny gets back on the weekend he'll be back at an empty house

No. 668041

Right! A smart, non disease ridden junkie would have marked the cables somehow. Especially when that is their own main ~income. What a loser jc is.

No. 668046

Jonny is a possesive and (mentally and physically) abusive dude, and unlike other girls, Taylor has the chance to get away from him so easily. She has money, support from her crazy fans, and her maid Betsy. Jonny has nothing. He’s even in another place atm. She can easily move out, get her shit together, and Jonny would be clueless and moneyless to try to track her down. Sure she has so much animals, how can she move them all? Well she has parents with a HOUSE. She didnt grow up in a single parent home in a studio apartment.

She either has stockholm syndrome, jonny is threaten to tell all secrets, or she’s addicted to her drug pimp.

No. 668054

now would be the perfect time for her to do it, but something tells me he's going to get his hooks back into her. he's going to fight extremely hard to keep her under his control. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried something drastic like breaking into her parents' house to see her. He's unhinged.

No. 668058

Because she tells her family and fans it’s over…and Jonny it’s just a short break. Liars don’t change, EVER!

No. 668082

Isn’t he coming back tomorrow?

No. 668085

So why is it a good idea to buy into his delusions?

If they are actually breaking up she should ghost him and change the locks or move after getting a protective order against him. He's never going to give up if she keeps giving him hope.

No. 668087

It said “see y’all Thursday”. Which would be tonight…no other mention though. Probably still can’t get his system set up or broke it in transit.

No. 668088

Samefag. My bad. Just realized you meant to SA. Not many dental offices open on Sunday s it’d have to be tomorrow or early saturday.

No. 668110

this bitch is gonna take him back, I can feel it in my bones

No. 668114

She should have stayed on social media. She could easily let people know if she needed a hand - that is, if she even wants one.

No. 668115

Idk, on the off chance she really is getting herself somewhere safe she probably wouldn't be able to stop herself from doxing herself if her social media were still active. Hopefully she's at least contacting her crazy family and Betsy if she needs a hand, and is going to stay far away from him this weekend, assuming he even gets down there.

No. 668117

jonny is live on twitch and talked about taylor
>me and taylor are still together. taylor is doing what she needs to do for herself and i, as a fucking man, respect that. and i went here to help my dad when he needed help. she needed some space i said, i got you. done. i'm not gonna sit there and try to fucking smother her, i'm not a piece of shit like all you think. so i got my stuff and i'm here, while she's doing her thing. she still loves me, i still love her. get the fuck over it, simple as that.

then, please correct me if i heard wrong, he went and said "boom, bomb drop nigga what's good?"

around 01:01:25 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/435530081

also lol at "im not gonna smother her" as if he's not doing that in social media already.

No. 668118

so convenient that his dad "needed help" JUST as Taylor told him to get out because she needed some space!

No. 668121


…And that in order to 'give her space' he had to leave to another state lmao

No. 668125


All joking aside, he sounds like he's trying to convince himself…

No. 668127

She can't help herself with the tmi posting of course but I think that the whole world knowing her movements and also where he is in relation to that would be a LOT smarter than just relying on informing 2-3 individuals.

No. 668129


Thanks for the timestamp because that seems like the worst waste of time to watch.

Oh, and he most certainly dropped the n bomb there.

No. 668131

I once said Jonny looks like he smells like hot dog water and says the n word and it looks like I was right

No. 668136

Gawd, sounds like hes about to cry. His voice is all shakey you can tell he doesn't believe what he's saying.

No. 668144


I’ve experienced Jonny firsthand unfortunately. It’s clear that his drug use has affected his brain. Chelsea’s mom has actually said he is very intelligent and loves to read. But he is prone to random vocal outbursts and spurts of odd behavior that make it seem like his “filter” or social awareness is just gone. But he does have the capacity to be sweet natured, believe it or not. He’s not a very good conversationalist though.

No. 668147

>I'm not gonna sit there and try to fucking smother her
lol. he obviously doesn't know that you can, indeed, mentally smother someone aka not give them any space, mentally, to make any choices in their life.

Does he even know that this qualifies as a break up or am I the only one who thinks this and there are normal relationships out there that decides to move out and have their own space while they're still together? and while having one side tell people online that they're not together anymore (>>666597)
? lol

He's delusional and completely possessive over Taylor.

No. 668152


There are plenty of couples that move apart for a time but in those cases, I've never seen 1/2 of the couple on social media telling everyone they broke up while the other pretends everything is fine. lmao.

do we really think jonny is going to make it back to texas this weekend?

No. 668155


…And usually when a couple is on a 'break' they usually stay at a friend's house or something, not move across the country.

No. 668169

eh, the cross state thing isn't that unusual. if you take a break, one person has to leave. even if you're not a broke ass junkie like jonny, going back to mom and dad is easiest, cheapest, and you get some support.

what makes it ridiculous is that he brought a u-haul.

No. 668175


report it then. you can get banned for saying nigga/nigger. people get banned for it just appearing in youtube videos they play on stream sometimes.(cowtipping)

No. 668190


Thanks, cowtipper, for cutting off a source of milk.

No. 668194


i'm not reporting him, can't be fucked to but i'm pretty sure it's against twitch tos. so he's breaking rules, i'm surprised it took him this long to. the milk isn't going to dry up because the caveman can't stream for what.. a day? if he even gets banned, which i really doubt. just goes to show he'll slip up eventually on stream.

No. 668195

stop talking about cowtipping here.

No. 668210

Apparently Jonny was live on IG last night, did anyone bother watching and see if he said anything about Taylor? I dropped in for 10 seconds and it just seemed to be nonstop people kissing his ass about his voice. Didn’t want to stick around for that ugly pos.

No. 668221

>She loves me
That's hilarious considering she has not once used the word "love" when replying to his smothering comments on instagram

No. 668233

Read before asking questions. It was posted in >>668117

No. 668234

She probably hates that mofo. He wasn't dying fast enough and was draining her wallet.

Letting him have the computer and stuff when he left was her way of saying "don't bother me just take the money and leave"

It's satisfying knowing that her YT career is crumbling while she's getting sober. She hasn't had a consistent upload schedule in half a year and her views are very poor for the amount of subs she has.

No. 668235

File: 1559926163442.png (653.95 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20190607-194652.png)

No. 668236

File: 1559926193409.png (523.93 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_20190607-194802.png)

No. 668241

File: 1559928734643.jpeg (211.22 KB, 1242x879, 7ED40E22-FE04-4A91-B47B-4C9E19…)

Someone posted the screenshot of Taylor talking about ending relationships. This are his replies

No. 668243

Taylor was one year old when this picture was taken. Yuck

why would anyone ever think Jonny would be the one to want out? unless she caught him cheating, that's the only reason he would leave, would be to move onto someone younger/richer/hotter.

No. 668247

Her uploads haven’t been consistent since she got with him!

No. 668248

I wish people would stop provoking him.
He's so delusional with his "we are still together lol", Taylor must be lying nonstop to him to calm him down.
I hope this weekend passes without her taking physical damage.
Be smart Taylor, don't let him in.

No. 668251

I dont know hwy anons are dismissing the fact that she may have legitimately told him they're on break and then ran off to cry to social media. They're both fucking dumb, only Taylor is more dumb than he is when it comes to relationships because clearly the dude is very good at manipulating whatever comes his way, though that's not 'good'.

No. 668252


He looks like a serial killer about to kidnap two teenagers before burying them in his basement

No. 668253

You know that's Jonny as a kid with his dad and sister right? Idk if you're calling his dad a serial killer or mistaken him for Jonny

No. 668257

well, I think this comfirms that he is indeed at his dad's house.

No. 668261

File: 1559935228406.jpg (292.7 KB, 1234x1839, vWOlbo6.jpg)

I had to include the stan reply because honestly what the fuck?

No. 668269

Strangers who care this much about people's relationships are fucked. Seriously. This is unhealthy and weird. Bitch has no idea what goes on in their real lives, yet says they're soulmates? Ug. Gross.

No. 668271

File: 1559936816023.png (29.65 KB, 727x192, Annotation 2019-06-07 154605.p…)

i think i've found my favorite stan

jesus fuck man

No. 668275

File: 1559937771050.png (51.6 KB, 572x532, traumahaha.png)

No. 668279

File: 1559937900759.png (44.98 KB, 568x378, jennajudy.png)


That 'Jenna Judy' girl is a rude little bitch

No. 668282

> Why would you say some dumb shit like this?This is the dumbest fucking comment ever. I swear, it's ignorant peons like you that stir lies and get shit started. Why would they break up? They're perfection. This is small potatoes compared to what they've already been through.

My sides are in orbit

No. 668285

Tbh I mistook him for the guy in the middle aswell. I thought "having that moustache since '98, how old is this guy" lmao

Genuinely, what the fuck is wrong with that chick? She sounds psychotic.

No. 668287

How much you want to bed this bitch turns on Taylor once it's legit confirmed Taylor left him. Calling it now. She'll demonize Taylor for, "giving up on them despite everything."

They haven't even been together that long in hindsight. This bitch is an idiot.

No. 668289


I think many of Jonny's stans are like that. Any current gf he has is "Such a STRONG, INSPIRING Queen!"
And when it's over, they either go quiet until Jonny finds a new girl, or complain about how "I never liked that bitch anyway!"

No. 668295

Seen her twitter. she likes defend relationships she knows nothing about. I feel like she's compensating to her idea of relationship cuz she doesn't have one

No. 668384

File: 1559957126219.jpg (69.26 KB, 1024x998, jonny.jpg)

Also these two stories, one saying he'll be streaming and the other one showing the living room show he's still in NY.

No. 668388

I hope he stays there

No. 668389


You kidding? He just HAS to make the flight to Texas this weekend! Can't miss an opportunity to harass Taylor & whine his way back into her life!

No. 668393

Okay…… so how many think she’s gonna take him back by Monday

(If you’re reading this Taylor, plz don’t take him back)

No. 668397

I personally don't think she can choose to take him back, yet. I think her family gave her an ultimatum (hence why he's holding on to the idea she'll take him back) She drops him, moves back home and goes to rehab, or she continues on the miserable path she's on with him. He can't move back into her parents place with her.

I think she hit rock bottom with the loneliness and depression drug cycle that it finally hit her that she can't get out of it with him.

I also suspect they may be getting evicted, or something with the lease terms is changed (Like she had to get rid of too many certain animals or leave)

Something definitely happened that woke her up, and in order to fix it, she had to choose him or getting help from her family, but he isn't allowed if she chooses the help.

No. 668406

>> or something with the lease terms is changed

The lease terms can't be changed once it's signed. Otherwise that would be a great way to just evict people landlords don't like. She's probably in trouble with the HOA or landlord for having a small zoo in the house.

No. 668407

I'm selfishly hoping that she spent this week quickly and quietly moving out of the stupid atrium house that she can't afford. I say selfishly because I want to watch the trainwreck that would be Jonny showing up to find the house empty and Taylor gone and throwing the tantrum to end all tantrums on social media

also because it's the smartest move for her for many reasons and the easiest way to up the chances of being able to keep Jonny out of her life

No. 668409


inb4 Taylor and Jonny suddenly go missing. Jenna Judy seems like the type to keep pet humans in her basement. Her power couple must be saved!

No. 668411


And if she isn't there, the neighbors will probably end up calling the cops on Jonny for making a ruckus.

No. 668413


Everyone knows the address of 'Casa Del Atrium' thanks to Jonny, the only place Taylor has lived that hasn't been doxxed is her parents house. She has every reason to move back there.

No. 668442

File: 1559972834599.png (4.62 MB, 1242x2688, 5E225A87-39BF-4CC9-B4DD-FE423F…)

He also posted a story listening to lyrics that said, “climb right in let me break your heart. I don’t need no one, I don’t need no one” and then he “freestyled” (not really) adding, “nada”

Is the I don’t need no one a dig at Taylor since he’s still in NY?


No. 668457

well now we know where he got his super good lewwwwks from!!!

No. 668459

Oh she’s for sure gonna take him back. If not Monday then eventually.

No. 668462

File: 1559981067055.jpeg (400.73 KB, 1125x1087, C3FBA03E-3647-48D7-A986-64C6B3…)

For what it’s worth.

No. 668463

she's on such good terms she'd give him the password?
and he must be bored and desperate.

No. 668485

>she's on such good terms
It could be sarcasm.

No. 668486

yeah I really hope it is, because the alternative is pretty sad.

No. 668511

Anyone know if Playstation Password Reset emails provide identifying info like IP address from request?

I dunno.. tagging him directly opens dialogue.

No. 668531

File: 1560008329608.jpeg (514.74 KB, 1125x2131, 16B57A5F-E7CD-4C91-9054-A4EA27…)

I guess they had an account together once upon a time. What a fucking LOSER he is. He has to go back to past relationships just to get what he wants now since Taylor isn’t entertaining him.

No. 668540

Isn't he supposed to be in SA already? I thought he was there over the weekend?

No. 668544

File: 1560014510604.png (992.86 KB, 1242x2208, 238F4DF7-9952-45F3-A623-AE3196…)

No. 668545

File: 1560014555496.png (1009.8 KB, 1242x2208, F281DA62-F5EC-484C-9296-6114E9…)

No. 668546

He probably only keeps returning to them because they respond to him, even if it's in the negative. He needs constant attention and that's better than nothing.

No. 668553

I wouldn't be surprised if the landlord and her neighbors would google her, see who she really is on her newest youtube videos and want her out of their neat community. Taylor seems like the type to tell people, "I'm a youtuber! look me up! Taylor Nicole Dean!! my boyfriend is a rockstar!!"

No. 668563

She's moving out. Her money is going waaayy faster than she can make it. The house was an impulse buy to try and save her relationship, like when couples who are gonna breakup decide to have a baby.

Good riddance too, I wonder how she's gonna explain it to her fans. She'll sound like such a liar after her "big return" barely got out 3 videos and said she was clean lmao

No. 668576

File: 1560033599637.jpeg (211.24 KB, 1242x1676, B85F0E04-1D8E-45B1-8644-A0C538…)

Find a new girl already?

No. 668578

File: 1560033928895.png (50.29 KB, 434x530, taylorcross1.png)


Dang, her name is Taylor & she looks a LOT like Taylor too…

Sockpuppet or Skinwalker? You decide.

No. 668580

so ready to become his junkiequeen

No. 668583

File: 1560034215977.png (88.23 KB, 286x436, TaylorCross.png)


>>"Yes. I'm gay."

No. 668585

Nah man, that's a legit fan. People like her are the reason he's stayed somewhat relevant in the scene. Just blindly following him and believing him despite the ridiculous amount of proof about all the shit he's done.

No. 668592

File: 1560040692951.jpeg (235.8 KB, 750x1333, EE5CEA0A-87B2-490E-A1CA-B7AF9F…)

No. 668593

File: 1560040741833.jpeg (130.76 KB, 750x1333, 8796F5A8-F81D-472C-AD6B-8F6E08…)

No. 668595

File: 1560040876685.png (192.85 KB, 750x1334, 368CC965-7C7F-4792-9F77-507079…)

Just in case his brother is somehow relevant

No. 668596

I'm seeing this ending in he tries to rob a 7/11 for steam cards and ends up shot, uses this as leverage to trap taylor as a bonny and clyde couple UwU, or accidentally kills himself trying to figure out how 2 gun. Equal chance for each outcome unfortunately

No. 668597


I think he's talking about Chelsea here.
He hasn't 'flown' back to TX yet, so he's probably still on good terms with Taylor… for now…

No. 668599

Chelsea has a restraining order because he threatened to burn down her house. With the cats inside. Nothing about stealing the cats. He already stole them once, didn’t care about them or take care of them, and Liz helped Chelsea get them back. I forget the entire story, but they are in no way his cats

No. 668602

Is this a real gun?

Jonny should have no access to any weapons he's fucking dangerous

No. 668603


Looks like he found his daddy's gun & is flaunting it, making threats on Discord. Sounds like something a 33-year-old man would do…

No. 668604

No direct threats with the gun thus far. With any luck, he’ll kill himself - whether by accident or on purpose is TBD.

No. 668605


The guy can't even set up a computer. He'd probably give up after trying to figure out how to load it.

No. 668606

I wonder if he was threatening Taylor with it since she didn't pay for his ticket back to SA

No. 668609

this guy is so lame. his dad probably brought out his gun and Jonny took a picture of it without even touching it. he's the opposite of a badass

No. 668610

more like implying he might use it on himself if she doesn't fly him back and pay for his pearlies

No. 668632

seems like he's digging around the house for money like a rebellious teenager and taking photos of things that he thinks is cool.

No. 668656

can he just use that on himself and do us all a favour, that’d be great(Alogging)

No. 668686

Who's the Lemon dude?

No. 668687

File: 1560078235552.png (220.87 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20190609-140357.png)

yeah he's talking about chelsea. he's saying he can't own a gun for one more year because of the restraining order.

No. 668701


>"i can't own a gun for one more year"

ugh the implication being he's going to? nooo

No. 668704

Gotta keep up that white trash image somehow, amiright?

No. 668717

That’s a little frightening. I don’t know how restraining orders work. Is she able to get it renewed or whatever when it runs out?

No. 668718

she could get it renewed as long as she has proof that he’s still harassing her. considering he talks about her and stuff, i imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult.

No. 668719

If I were her, I'd be taking screen caps of him mentioning the restraining order AND the gun to use to get it renewed. Screen capping any mentions of her or to her. She'd have to have some proof of existing danger.

This fucker does NOT need to own a gun; hopefully he just offs himself with his dads. Sorry not sorry, JC is dangerous trash.

No. 668724

Jc always tried to crawl back to Chelsea. When he exhausted Liz to the point she tried to kill herself, he left her for Chelsea. That’s when the whole hospital stay happened and Chelsea/her mom took care of him. If that restraining order expires, I bet he will be quick to contact Chelsea. So I hope for her sake that she’s learned this last time AND can get the restraining order renewed.

No. 668727

so let me get this straight. I know Chelsea had a suicide attempt as well and was in the hospital . This guy is so mentally, physically, emotionally abusive that he drove two women to suicide attempts?

No. 668744


What jurisdiction does she reside in?

No. 668757

File: 1560108752745.png (14.56 KB, 596x146, jcliar.png)

No. 668758

So now he sounds like Gollum in addition to looking like he smells like him too? Swanky.

No. 668792

It isn't far fetched for it to be possible. Jonny has a pattern of going after women who have very low self-esteem and suffer from shit like depression or anxiety. All of his relationships have been very codependent as well, which only makes shit worse.

No. 668839

File: 1560140115199.png (10.72 KB, 518x178, jcfacebook1.png)

No. 668846

I'd feel lost too if I was 33 didn't have a job, no house, no money, no career, a drug addiction…

Looks like Taylor finally told him, milk must flow. Either Taylor will talk shit about Jonny later or he will spill once he gets all coked up.

No. 668851

Weekend is over, either he was led to believe she was gonna pay for him to fly back or he flew back to no ride back to the house and nobody at the house…though I assume it’s the first

No. 668853


One can only hope. He's been quiet all day.

No. 668857

It's got to be the first. No way would he have not threatened Taylor/everyone on social media by posting from the airport on his way to fly back. When he was on tour he often talked about being in the airport, and his insta stories showed the whole Uhaul trip. He's almost as bad as she is about being unable to resist posting every detail of his situation at any time.

No. 668910

File: 1560176527606.jpg (922.35 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190610-102100_Ins…)

Kind of old milk but more proof of Taylor not caring about stressing her snakes as she dangles this guy for tana to take pic with. Isnt even in it herself

No. 668918

Taylor is so weird! She shows up to a party with a fucking snake?? First of all poor fucking snake, she’s dangling like a toy. But seriously no wonder no one gives her attention.

No. 668921

File: 1560179977598.png (577.36 KB, 1242x2208, 048D8214-27D0-4AD9-9479-5C7E68…)

No. 668929

do you remember when Tyler, Taylor and Em were complaining about Brian hanging out we people who bought reptiles to a party (I think they were in a sound proof booth), but here’s taylor just going to a party handing around her Snake. It’s just an accessory to her.

No. 668930

…what is wrong with the name "pet land"? his stans are such bootlickers. petland is awful but I don't see how the name matters.

No. 668931

she's brought her animals to pet stores and out on walks they don't need as well. they're just toys to her.

No. 668932

File: 1560186752279.png (Spoiler Image,39.8 KB, 590x326, jcl.png)

Yeah, I feel like she's definitely dropped the hammer.

No. 668937


Why the spoiler?

No. 668939

Reality setting in for him at last, I see.

No. 668940

"the saddest song ever. "

Oh man, yeah, no one has wrote a song about being dumped. Groundbreaking original content. No one has ever experienced what JC is going through right now.

I'm laughing so hard. Jesus Christ. Grow the fuck up JC. You're a grown add man.