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No. 669437

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread:
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean (currently deactivated as of 2/14/19)
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Cannot keep story straight on rehab, has stopped posting about it
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Claims she is totally sober from drugs but alcohol doesn’t count and her rehab coaches are completely fine with her using alcohol
> Released a video on how she moved Mushu to the new house, with an insane amount of misinformation, demonstrating her complete lack of knowledge about the nitrogen cycle, but at least FINALLY has a chiller for her tank
> Taylor has been sharing photos with alleged self harm scars
> Jonny is now in New York for a couple months, still love bombing Taylor on social media
> TND and Jonny seem to be on some type of ‘break’ without calling it that and Jonny is in deep denial
> TND has mentioned possibly ‘rehoming’ more animals and moving home with her parents
> TND has been alleging that her substance abuse and codependency issues are because of her father not being around as a kid
> Jonny now in NY has been posting pictures including more twisted tea (so much for sobriety)
> Jonny seems convinced he’s going to become a successful twitch streamer despite barely knowing how to play games
> Jenn vague-posting abuse abusive and manipulative relationships whenever Taylor alludes to her relationship status
> Taylor has been seemingly intentionally vague about whether she’s actually dumping Jonny or not

> Recent Known additions to the horde of animals: Tarantula, frog

> Recent Known Deaths: Moon crab (Ursula)
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Satanic Leaf geckos, all fishtanks not including the 150 gal, other moon crab (Triton)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Colin from Slaves posted on here about his experiences with Jonny. His posts start at >>>/pt/637869
> Claims to be attending an outpatient rehab program, where they receive Vitriol injections
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing stated that she will be updating mushu’s condition in a video, we will see if that happens
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes more empty and scummy water dishes shown in the new house as well
> Jonny posted screencaps indicating that he’s already been late paying rent, after only living there a month
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese and her herion use
> Released a video on April 13th (2 months after she said she would return to youtube), slurring words in some clips, and showed alcohol in the kitchen and bedroom of the new house
> Cheese’s necropsy results were inconclusive (obviously)

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Still using herion despite claiming to be clean now
> Getting evicted from the new house
> TND is trying to break up with Jonny to complete her “redemption” to youtube

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 669441

Thread anon:
Apologies on any grammatical errors or repeated words. I created this thread on mobile and was just focused on updating some of the milk.

No. 669444

thanks for the new thread, anon.
maybe a possible add to the new milk: TND posting that the relationship ended (right alongside the part that jc is in denial)

No. 669486

Idiot just showed his bank info on stream, and had to restart the stream so he could delete the vod

No. 669488

Did you catch what info he showed? God, he just keeps doxxing everything. He might as well give us Taylor’s credit card info

No. 669490

LMAO probably broke, if anyone can confirm without tipping.

He's probably still leeching off taylor's funds.

No. 669495

File: 1560365326415.jpeg (186.14 KB, 750x890, E913B00D-2CC9-4DE6-8A9E-8231A7…)

reposting this from last thread because it came in right at the end. but i really don't think it's wise for jen to be doing this. then again, she is an idiot, so what can you do?

No. 669496

File: 1560365498611.jpeg (170.53 KB, 750x959, 8C288E0E-5B16-47FB-AEDA-97D1B5…)

No. 669497

File: 1560365532390.jpeg (130.28 KB, 750x858, 5787672A-0BC7-42EF-85A7-022D4B…)

She’s a nut but I’m living for it

No. 669498

the guy is barely holding 50 viewers…. haha. and im sure that's at least a couple of us who have him open in the background waiting for milk.

No. 669499

Why is she refering to her own daughter like chess piece? lol She shouldnt even throw shade to Jonny to begin with, her only job is to support Taylor not to pick on Jonny so he can blow up on Taylor, in the worst case scenario he will get violent with Taylor and the one to blame will be her narcmom

No. 669505


imo, Taylor's fans deserve to know the truth, so that the wool won't be pulled over their eyes again. Maybe some of them might even be able to help Taylor in other ways.


>in the worst case scenario he will get violent with Taylor

Well then, good thing Taylor isn't with him right now, right?

Honestly, crazy as she is, Jennifer has at least witnessed Jonny's behavior firsthand, and no doubt Taylor has broken down & told her what's really going on. It might seem a bit cruel to some on the sidelines, but Mama Dean has an anecdote of her own in this long, sad story.

Plus, if someone as popular as Taylor were to come out & tell the truth about Jonny, then enough people would know what he's all about. Enough people would know how he slithers into the hearts & homes of young, vulnerable women, tears them away from their family & friends, & sucks the life right out of them, leaving them empty & more broken than before.

That is what Jonny is probably most afraid of.

No. 669506

Maybe she wants him to blow his top. It’s a great way to prove to TND his tendencies. Because obviously she has been willfully blind to it. I’m definitely here for it though.

No. 669510

He does know where Taylor's parent live so it isnt like she is safe enough after rehab and if he ever comes back.

No. 669512

I don’t think he’s dumb enough to break into a house with 4 people in it (including Taylor if she moves back) and 2 dogs that might attack

No. 669515


I don't think he can afford to get back to San Antonio on his own, so lol

Interesting to see Jen finally saying something, but I wonder if she will take it back and act like she supports him like she did last time

No. 669516

I think Jen is jumping the gun too soon considering Jonny has been away for less than two weeks. Whether or not Taylor is in rehab, she for sure has very limited access to social media, which probably boosted Jen’s confidence to make tweets about Jonny without having to worry about Taylor acting up or defending him. But it’s still kinda stupid because he’s keeping tabs on all of them and that helps him to keep pulling shit on Taylor.

I feel like if she’s going to call him out she should go all out instead of half assing it and leaving cryptic messages through song lyrics like a teenager.

Personally speaking, I would just go radio silent until I’m sure my daughter is safe from that asshole and there’s no risk for her to play savior again.

No. 669517

I'm waiting for Jen to issue an apology to Jonny's ex's/abuse victims for pulling her support and vague tweeting calling them liars. Funny how things came full circle, huh Jen?

No. 669520

File: 1560369337016.jpg (122.73 KB, 1024x1024, 20190613_055327-COLLAGE.jpg)

"just mix it about on the spoon, try not to burn it, there you have a nice lovely cooked dose, whack it in the syringe, bobs ya uncle"

He's Jamie Oliver as a smack head the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 669522

this shit right here

No. 669524

File: 1560370728355.png (216 KB, 428x654, triggering.png)


No. 669528


Everyone involved is their own worst enemy.

Jen needs to stay away from song lyrics and metaphors and song lyric metaphors.

No. 669530

Jen doesn’t know how to do anything silently because then she can’t make it all about her. This is exactly why Taylor is the way she is. Although, i can’t really complain because the milk is flowing and Jonny deserves to be torn apart. She’s always hated him (shocking) and has been dying to go on a cancel Jonny sperg, or maybe by publicly trashing him she hopes it creates too much shit for Taylor and Jonny to ever repair their relationship. It looks like she’s trying to go nuclear on Taylor’s behalf, which is completely wrong. They’re all a mess but they’re the ones putting it out there for everyone to see. You’re totally right that it needs to stop but I’m loving it and hope she won’t.

No. 669531

Dont forget turning on that adblock

No doubt that his implants will start falling off too. If Taylor doesnt shower in weeks, im betting he doesnt too. Theyre gross.. im about to vomit just by imagining what they smell like

No. 669532

File: 1560371559117.jpg (260.3 KB, 2048x1024, c4a7098e8913e12f42f6f2ec92649c…)

He's more like Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story

No. 669536

Does he actually live in San Antonio or even Texas? I always thought he just moves into his victims places, wherever they live

No. 669537

This. I'm kind of liking her again in a way. Not like she isn't an idiot but she's a more likable idiot right now. It's a bad idea to air your dirty laundry but it's also funny that she is showing Jonny that his threats mean nothing, which is how it should be because he is probably used to being able to scare people into silence. So part of me can't help but agree with what she is doing.

And fuck I knew he reminded me of someone!

No. 669538

They won't fall out, from my understanding they are drilled directly into the jaw bone. His mouth and gums could certainly rot out, they'll be all swollen in no time.

No. 669539

I vaguely remember when he first got them in and him or taylor saying they were a temporary set while his mouth healed and later on down the line he would get his permanent set. Maybe the appointment was for his permanent set?

No. 669540

She might've stopped paying payments on his teeth, kinda doubt she would've paid it all upfront. Maby she planned to get a permanent one later and now she's just refusing to pay.

No. 669541

They give you temporary one's while your gums heal over the screws. Then they glue in permanent ones. I figured he would have had his permanent ones by now though.

But you can still rot implants, they only last if you take proper care of them. They refuse to do implants on people that are still using drugs because you can redo them if they rot out.

No. 669544

He got the dentures pretty early in the relationship, then they started using, which I get the feeling started around or before the first PetFest when she was so supposedly sick because of gluten and it lasted until last december, but they relapsed pretty soon after them posting shit about the outpatient program.

It honestly looks like they went to the doctor, he promised he'd get sober just so he could get the dentures, and then they stopped going because they were too high to even leave the house.

No. 669549

He was life on IG earlier slumping his gross floppy body around like a spaced out druggie.
Does he ever leave the house or do anything other than sit at his computer? Like wtf does this guy do other than beg to be noticed online? Now that Taylor's out of the way all he does is sit online begging for attention.

Can't imagine how suffocating it must have been for Taylor to have that gross fuck hanging off your ankles like a sick puppy whinging for all your attention 24/7.

No. 669559

He literally does nothing. Taylor said he never leaves the house unless it's for food/shopping. He spends all day reading comics, playing games, surfing insta and listening to music, getting high.

You'd think after multiple ODs, rotting teeth, no place to live, liver failure and swelling he'd figure his lifestyle is shit. He's been enabled by all his trashy fans and gfs.

No. 669562

This is golden. I never liked Mama Dean but I'm living for her right now.

No. 669563

JC's livestream he did earlier is one of the cringiest I've seen. He looks wasted but I genuinely can't tell if that's just how he naturally is because he always comes across like he's got brain damage. His voice is absolutely shit and he can barely even speak with those teeth. Funny how much he's changed since being away from Taylor.

No. 669564

File: 1560380058435.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 07673820-C012-4B82-B445-AFE463…)

From Jonny’s Instagram story earlier, where he’s ranting about a girl calling him ugly saying “and she thinks I’m ugly? Not today hoe” or something along those lines. He’s so delusional lol. Oh and goes on to make 10 more ranting how he doesn’t care about internet hate

No. 669567

File: 1560380279538.jpg (98.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

he's like a real life J-Rock from trailer park boys. Hooked on the other type of dope tho

No. 669570

Please don't insult Jrock like that. He takes care of his kids, unlike JC.

No. 669574

If that's what he considers attractive I'd hate to see what he thinks ugly looks like.

No. 669575

He’s helping his dad! He said so himself!

No. 669578

It happened so fast I wasn't able to cap, but the guy on voice chat with him was asking if it was the bank account that he knew about, and after seeing it on stream said it was a different account. But it was just all the info like the account number, the bank name on a notepad on screen.

No. 669582

He needs someone to drive him places, plus I doubt he has anybody willing to put up with him anymore. I mean he managed to piss off Colin who was one of his biggest enablers.

No. 669587

The lady doth protest too much. If you’re ranting that much about how you don’t care, you do care, ugly manlet. And he’s being a pig on twitter trying to act hard to hide it as well. His feefees are actually hurt, this is some schadenfreude

No. 669595

Actually Colin consistently tried (keyword: TRIED) to keep Jonny clean and sober. When he’d see Taylor she’d ruin it.

No. 669596


Yes! Go Mama-Bear-Dean on his puny ass!

No. 669605

The tweet got deleted before I could click or screenshot, but someone called him out on his "going for the neck" tweet where he claimed to be 5'8" saying they confirmed him being 5'5" with his police booking records. Has anyone actually came across these, or were they just bluffing to try piss him off?

No. 669608

File: 1560387238187.png (16.45 KB, 580x168, jcthreat1.png)

No. 669610

File: 1560387340562.png (102.76 KB, 442x656, jcthreat2.png)

No. 669613

5'8'' with shoes on lmfao.

No. 669616

Probably a dumb question, but it seems he doesn't drive? Is that by choice or is he not allowed to?

No. 669617


*you're, you fucking nitwit. If you're calling someone stupid, you better have perfect grammar while you're doing it.

No. 669618

Probably isn't allowed to, although to be honest it's not like he can even afford a car if he wanted.

No. 669621

Guys I’ve made it. I’ve had a cockroach bitch about me on IG lmao. I’m sorry but he is fucking ugly like damn cmon accept it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 669634

They can still fall off due to bone loss that happens when you don’t give a shit about your gum hygiene.

No wonder he buys shoes that looks like it can give him 2 more inches lmao. He’s so pathetic that it’s entertaining

No. 669635

He’s been posting online so much it’s hilarious. He doesn’t know what to do with himself. Now all of a sudden he’s trying to to get back into singing. Desperately @ing people on ig too.

The fact that he lies about his height is also hilarious and pathetic of him.

Also, can he stop using “blood“ after his sentences? He wouldn’t dare use that in the wrong place, his ass would get beat and shot most likely.

No. 669643

LMAO he did WHAT to a pro-wrestler?

It's two-fold - Jenn is a narcissist and won't recognise that other people are actual people, but she also wants Jonny to blow up so she can drag him and say "I WAS RIGHT, TAYLOR, I WAS RIGHT, MAMA ALWAYS KNOWS, MAMA IS BEST PERSON FOREVER"

No. 669646


Narcissist or not, Jenn knows Taylor better than Jonny ever will, & knows how to help her get healthy again.

No. 669647


I met him a few years ago and am 5'7. He definitely wasn't taller than me. I remember being surprised he was so little. He was also double fisting some drinks with little umbrellas in them and then went on stage telling everyone he was sober.

No. 669648


I guess for Jonny not drinking or doing drugs at this very second = Sober

No. 669651

he’s like a cross between Trainspotting and Leprechaun

No. 669655

He is really pathetic.

Also slightly off topic, but what's the connotation with the slang use of 'blood' in the sates. I'm only familiar with the UK term 'blud' which is a freely used term of endearment in the UK. Though it does sound stupid coming out of the mouths of non-Londoners when said often, though you wouldn't get beat up or stabbed for saying it unless you were mocking someone maybe. A quick Google search only got me back to blud and the UK.

No. 669657

Taylor was a coke addict and beginner animal hoarder under Jenn's roof. Sure she's helpful right now in this crisis but not in the long run.

No. 669659

Typically it’s from someone who is the gang Bloods, or at least where I’m from that’s what it means and our Crips use cuz or cuzzo, may be different across the country though

No. 669677

For him, sober excludes alcohol and weed lol

No. 669678

That’s right. Blood comes from the crips and bloods. Gang related.
He is trying to sound so hard. If he really would say that in south LA, his ass would get shot. He needs to stop with his lame ass. You are also a white dude saying blood. You sound STUPID. And like a try hard it’s pathetic. I cringe every time .

No. 669683

I cant post the tweet but did anyone see where he denied having a child?

No. 669687

File: 1560416361325.jpg (117.55 KB, 1384x642, jonny.jpg)

Fucking hell. Maybe he genuinely forgot.

No. 669690

He thinks if he denies it hard enough, even tho one of his most popular songs is about his kid(Children of Divorce), people will believe him. But we all know he’s a turd who isn’t taking care of his kid, can’t even acknowledge the kid. Truly disgusting.

No. 669693

I didn't think he could reach a new low, but this right here is it.

Fuck you JC. The only bright side to this is that you'd just ruin that kid's life, so you not being around is a good thing. However, you could at least help out with child support. Brag all you want about what you buy, it just makes you look disgusting not helping to support your kid. A real man will step up and take your place, manchild.

No. 669706

It's a good thing this child doesn't have to grow up with a raging addicted narcissist, but damn what an absolute piece of garbage he is proving himself to be yet again here. But then again, he fancies himself a "kid" himself huh. He really is delusional as fuck.

This battle of the narcissists sure is gonna be interesting between him and Jen. And I think Taylor might genuinely be hitting him up still privately for her own narc fuel since she can't go to social media for attention right now.

No. 669707

if he wants to insist he’s not fuck ugly, maybe he could put some actual effort into his appearance? with basic grooming and hygiene he at least wouldn’t look like a fucking hobo

No. 669713

Needs to laser or heavily conceal those ugly ass face tattoos to ever mildly redeem his looks for me. They look like bruises/scabs/dirt/marker.

No. 669717

Imagine being that little girl and being unable to fight the curiosity about your dad, so you google him and come across this tweet. Every time I think Jonny can’t get any lower, he shows us a new depth.

No. 669718

File: 1560432781547.png (551.08 KB, 1242x2208, 939421EF-36FC-4DF2-90E2-BFA98A…)

more mama dean tweets. sounds like confirmation that taylor is being blackmailed by jonny…

No. 669720

File: 1560433241640.png (62.03 KB, 404x617, 1549682934668.png)

Here is from an interview where he says just because the ex never came after him for a DNA test or anything, he thinks it might not even his kid so that's also probably why he is denying he has a kid (aside from being a piece of shit). I won't post the kid here for privacy, but I saw a picture before and you can definitely tell it's his kid, don't need a blood test for that lmao. Its smart the ex didnt get him involved, kid is better off without a junkie loser father like that. The only unfortunate thing is she didn't try to get him for child support, because I'm sure he'd go to jail for missing payments and jail is the right place for him.

No. 669725

All those drugs must've messed up his brain.

All this just makes me more pissed at Taylor, I don't know how you could willing get with a guy with so much history of being a POS. Then she has the nerve to blast it on her platform as "couple goals" now when the going gets tough she vaugeposts about "ending realtionships is hard" Then she hides and runs away from the world.

Taylor at least has SOME intelligence, I can't even blame jonny because he's shown
what he is time and time again.

I hope the disease-ridden-carrot was worth it. I'd have a hard time living knowing I willing let that dude inside me.

No. 669728

I’m not sure about Canada but in the states if someone is paying child support the mother is required to offer visitations unless the court decides otherwise. That’s probably why she’s never done the DNA test cause if so he would be within his rights to try and see her.

No. 669729

File: 1560437522323.png (176.04 KB, 716x664, Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.5…)

No. 669732

oh snap.
JC is about to come out on ig live talkin shit.
popcorn's ready.

No. 669733

and just like that, we're back to square one again with both mama and papa going on twitter rants. i mean it is a source of milk so i'm not complaining, but why do they always need to stir the pot while stuff is going down? they just fuel jonny as well as all kinds of rumors, they aren't helping taylor whatsoever with this. embarrassing.

No. 669734

As much as I'm living for all of this, how idiotic do they all have to be to be edging him on online and what not? They all needed to simply go off the grid online for a bit and involve lawyers if need be.

No. 669735

File: 1560439326868.jpeg (346.62 KB, 1242x623, 365CFDF2-74AB-4B52-B7B9-B8F05E…)

No. 669737

File: 1560439773935.jpg (595.75 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190613-112948_Twi…)

No. 669739

File: 1560439960680.jpeg (164.16 KB, 1242x299, AEC30EAE-E2E3-4B2D-A050-0F9716…)

No. 669740

love it! I'm so glad mama & papa dean have finally gotten over their fear and gone in to save their daughter. maybe it took Taylor almost overdosing to make her let them in. just hope it sticks and everyone keeps Jonny half a mile away or more for the next year

No. 669742

let's see an animal update, mama and papa dean. because there are a fuck ton of them and they all have unique needs.

No. 669745

>hope it sticks and everyone keeps Jonny half a mile away or more for the next year
Hopefully he's kept away FOREVER! He fucked her shit up BAD! Thank god she's running for the hills!

No. 669746

Last night on his twitch stream he was saying how he had to get off the stream because his girl was calling. He said-"Its 10 oclock right now in Texas my girl will be calling in 40 minutes" i dont know what kind of rehab has phone time that late or if she snuck in a phone and is calling him after lights out but….

No. 669747

hopefully they've surrendered/rehomed most of them. someone is probably staying with Taylor at the house, or there alone if she's actually in rehab, so I would think the cats could stay. but the rats, monitor, and at least the spiders/scorpion could easily all be put up for adoption or sold on Craigslist because her parents don't have the time. It's probably smart to keep an eye on her local Craigslist to make sure no snakes with unique patterns start showing up.

No. 669748

Oh no. not the Funkos!

No. 669750

File: 1560440762425.jpeg (355.55 KB, 1242x576, 2B02C439-9140-453F-9219-0E649C…)

No. 669751

you're right I just meant keep her safe while she gets a good grip on her life and her recovery and remembers how much better she can feel without him, until she's been away from him for long enough to be able to resist him on her own. he's gonna manipulate the fuck out of her for a long time

No. 669752

Homeboy just posted an ig video of himself legit crying and said something about 11 am, but I can't find it now to screenshot. I'm ready for this milkshake

No. 669753

This is actually kinda heartwarming, glad to see they're taking care of their daughter (kinda).

She's a trashy, crazy narcissist but i'm glad they're helping Taylor out. Good to know a family of wackjobs at least has eachothers back.

Jonny is emotionaly destroyed i'm loving it.

No. 669754

Seems like he’s starting to. He’s bounching from depressed to i dont give a fuck. He knows Taylor has that “saving” complex so he’ll start trying to act like he’s lost without her and she’s the only one who can light his way bullshit. He’s wayyyy too into himself to even think negative about himself.

No. 669755

You all need to keep in mind what a POS Taylor is. Even her own mother said he probably has dirt on her and is manipulating her into “staying together” or “communicating with one another.” She’s not innocent whatsoever in this. Clearly, he has some shit on her and I’m just going to take a WILD guess that it has to do with her killing her animals and lying about replacing them. Taylor is still going to be a POS at the end of this sans Jonny or not.

No. 669756

File: 1560441277311.png (374.57 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20190613-185449.png)

No. 669758

Worse than Laura lee crying tbh

No. 669760

I think it's actually kind of disgusting. She's never going to learn anything from this situation. She started dating a POS that her parents and the entire internet warned her about, and here come her parents to clean his stuff out of his house and probably actually break up with him for her, since she left it vague. Obviously he is now beginning to understand that it's actually over from her parents actions, not hers.

Idk I just feel like this will further cement her immaturity and stupidity

No. 669761

I think it's actually kind of disgusting. She's never going to learn anything from this situation. She started dating a POS that her parents and the entire internet warned her about, and here come her parents to clean his stuff out of his house and probably actually break up with him for her, since she left it vague. Obviously he is now beginning to understand that it's actually over from her parents actions, not hers.

Idk I just feel like this will further cement her immaturity and stupidity

No. 669762

exactly. Her family blaming the whole situation on JC is understandable, but also wrong. Taylor was definitely not as innocent in this as they are trying to make her out to be. Remember that she wanted this. She's wanted to be a victim her whole life. Just like munchies sometimes actually make themselves sick to get sympathy and attention, Taylor decided to enter a toxic relationship to actually become a victim, not just pretend (like she's been doing with vagueposting about past abusive relationships and poor relationship with her dad).She's as much a "master manipulator" as JC is.

No. 669764


> "I won't say her last name"

> says baby mama's distinctive middle name and country

what a douche

No. 669766

File: 1560442567797.jpg (132.47 KB, 800x450, Denialrevisted.jpg)

No. 669767

File: 1560442803933.webm (3.81 MB, 479x852, 64474423_120201929212155_63816…)

afterwards, dude posted a story calling himself "motherfucking unstable" he sure is thriving

No. 669768

He's so delusional he thinks he's the victim here and that Taylors been taken away from him. He actually believes his own bullshit.

Im seriously amazed how long this guy has lasted with so little self reflection. When you take away his fame and success he crumbles, what a loser.

No. 669769

I’m not trying to white knight at all, but he didn’t say her name. I’m assuming it’s not allowed to post her full name for privacy, but it’s very different than the name he gave in that interview.

No. 669777

I like his red bandanna. It's pretty cute(no1curr)

No. 669778

He's crying because he's losing all his money and his superhero stuff. He wasn't like this until the Deans posted a photo of all his expensive stuff in bags. He doesn't give a shit about Taylor, he gives a shit about her money and things. He would've started getting emotional the moment he had to leave her but nope.

No. 669779

Watched like 10 seconds of his live stream from last night, and just from personal experience alone, he is 100% blasted off of opiates. seeing how he could barely keep his eyes open, how they kept rolling back, and he can’t keep still/kept swaying. As much as I hate the dude, it’s still sad seeing someone abuse opiates.

No. 669780

I'm hoping Taylor has proof she bought that stuff so he doesn't try taking her to court for stealing (hopefully they sell or donate) his stuff or destroying his property.

I'd love to see a court battle happen to be honest, but I hate JC more than the Deans. So I don't want him winning a court battle over that stuff.

No. 669781

I dont want to white knight but luckily her parents are stepping in. There are girls out there that is exactly like Taylor but are stuck with an abusive cunt until they OD because no one is there to help them out even if it means that they have to hold their hand.

What I find idiotic is her parents blasting their problems online as if they're all in highschool. This isn't parenting, Jen.

Just take Taylor home, throw away the trash, get her in rehab, and try to keep Taylor away from Jonny. I love all the milk but damn, STEP AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. cut your phone line or something geez

No. 669784

is that really his stuff? I see that the turtlemom_ account posted that picture and not Jen. I'm confused.

No. 669786

I doubt he has money to hire a lawyer even if he wanted to take them to court

No. 669787

It's a bitch to rehome most of her animals responsibly without using Cragslist, especially when she spent a good amount of money on them.

They're animals but god do I feel sorry for them because if they're rehomed, they may just end up with clueless idiots.

Also, if she is in rehab but is keeping in contact with him (as he seems to be claiming) she is making no progress. She will get out and go do drugs again if she gets back with him. Her parents should really be more concerned with her than airing shit out online.

No. 669788


I’m pretty sure turtlemom grabbed that picture from Jen, but Jen deleted the photo.

No. 669789

I don't doubt he'd try to fund raise to get one from his fans. That and it keeps him in Taylor's life. However, he'd have to prove he bought it with his money, too. Who knows, but posting pics of throwing his shit out on social media can be used in court if he did happen to have any proof he paid for it.

I'm just worried they're tossing his shit, then Taylor will turn on her parents and claim they broke in and did all that without permission. It's a potential hot mess, and we know Taylor throws her parents under the bus.

No. 669790

File: 1560447560542.jpeg (321.9 KB, 1242x534, 6C5B7E72-A2AA-4B95-814B-7F8479…)

No. 669792

File: 1560448011618.png (604.77 KB, 750x1334, 3F861A72-E56D-41B3-BDE3-B3822F…)

No. 669793

>I have shoes that cost more than your rent!

Ok, Jonny…

Translation: I keep succeeding in manipulating her to come back to me and her parents keep ruining it so now I have to try to manipulate them through twitter as well!

You're too obvious, Jonny. What a joke. Nobody is afraid of you anymore. Hopefully soon the evil will be defeated.

Also hoping for some court appearances coming out of this because I don't understand how this idiot isn't in jail.

No. 669795


>Everytime she calls trying to leave I talk her into staying

Cause that doesn't say "creepy manipulative heroin-addled blockhead"

How can his fans sift through this and still follow this manlump? Talk about heads in the sand…. or maybe just up his crusty ass.

No. 669796

Is he actually bragging about how he’s manipulating her into staying with him??? I knew he was fucking pathetic but how tweaked out do you have to be to think that’s something to brag about?

No. 669797

He's talking about her staying in rehab

No. 669798

I think he means she keeps talking about leaving rehab and he’s talking her into staying, but who knows with his dumb ass

No. 669799

He’d have to hire a lawyer and actually show up to court. Will never happen!

No. 669800

It doesn’t matter who paid for it, if she gifted it to him then it’s his property. If he “abandoned” it at the house then there are also laws stating how long they would have to keep it for, etc. so what they are doing is definitely illegal and it’s dumb for them tone posting it online.

That said, he’s stupid and deserves it.

No. 669801

I thought he meant he was talking her into staying in rehab or whatever facility she's in

No. 669807

Taylor is such a potato. Her parents are tugging on one side and Jonny is tugging on the other. She has money and is old enough to leave them both. I guess money can't buy you happiness and independence especially if you're dependent on the wrong things.

No. 669808

Jonny didn't even appear at his court hearing about his kid so he's obviously not gonna appear at court just for his stuff. This'll just fuel his ego and say "I got mo money than all yall so throw those away cuz my new stuff is more than yo rent blood"

No. 669809

There's really no confirmation they're throwing it away. They could be just removing it from the house and having it shipped. They're probably asking jonny where he wants his shit and he's throwing a hissy fit.

The deans are probably making every effort to get his trash to him but he isn't having it. Seems unlikely they'd just throw it out, probably donate if he won't come get it.

No. 669810


>"Everytime she calls trying to leave I talk her into staying"

I… I don't think she can actually leave rehab though?
I'm pretty sure she's probably being monitored there.

She probably calls Jonny complaining that she doesn't want to be there because she's going through withdrawals. It's easy for him to keep up appearances by saying he tells her to 'stay' (since he wouldn't want his little meal-ticket dying on him!)

No. 669811

I'm suspecting this means she's moving out.

Getting rid of jonny's trash first. She did say she might downsize now that she's on her own, probably back with her parents RN or in rehab.

I'm thinking she's back with her parents, not inpatient. She probably has access to her phone and is texting jonny somewhat. Pretty sure inpatient would destroy her because she'd feel all "by herself", her parents are probably shuttling her to therapy while getting the stuff out of the house.

No. 669813

I feel like he would post proof of their texts if they were actually in contact

No. 669814

>>669747 I really hope they don't just sell the animals, her teen stans will probably try and buy them and keep them in the same shitty conditions. they need to go to rescues and people who actually know what the fuck they're doing

No. 669815

If she’s in rehab, she wouldn’t have her phone.

No. 669817

File: 1560451839144.jpeg (102.34 KB, 1242x276, 1D633F5A-7773-48E7-ACF2-1A1625…)

I’ve followed JC for years, and he’s never posted anything like this. It’s such subtle manipulation toward Taylor and her fan base. “Look at me all sad and loving animals”

No. 669818

That's what I'm saying lol. If she wasnt in rehab and was still texting him, he would absolutely be flaunting that by posting screenshots.

No. 669820

That’s not true. I’ve been in multiple facilities that let me have my phone.

No. 669821

Wouldn't be surprised if Jonny's trying to get Taylor's parents to lose faith & trust in her again with all the "She calls me everyday wanting to leave, but I tell her to stay 'cause I respect her!" Both making jabs at them & trying to make them doubt Taylor's loyalty & sincerity.

No. 669823

To me it sounds like her saying "ugh it sucks here, I wanna go home" and him being like "no baby you gotta stay there so you feel like you're making progress and let me come back"
He's just buttering her up cause he doesn't want to lose his golden goose.
I'd even go this far to say Taylor just calls him to keep him under control. She must already be pretty down if she's in rehab, having a raging, violent ex on top of that must be exhausting.

No. 669825

Taylor definitely seems like the type to tell everyone what they want to hear. I'm sure she's smart and verbally tells him what he wants to hear. Then tells her parents verbally what they want to hear.

One of her biggest flaws is wanting to please everyone despite how she really feels. She's the type who tells you your skirt is cute, then shit-talks you once you're gone.

No. 669826


Hes pulling every trick in the book to keep her. I don't think Taylors fully commited to breaking up hence all the vauge posting BS. Her parents know JC is manipulating her so they're probably going out of their way to help her.

The SS that mama dean posted makes it seem like Taylor just isn't being rational. Jonny is playing off her savior complex and guilt. Not sure about blackmail, we'll probably only see it if she commits to dumping him.

No. 669827

honestly jonny is going to figure his life out. he has his singing career and is streaming.

its taylor we have to worry about

No. 669828

No way, Taylor is pretty and young she'll ALWAYS have someone to pick up her shit. It's not like shes broke either, and her parents are well off.

No. 669829

Jonny will OD and continue being a mooch till his liver gives out

No. 669830

jonny said he would quit, i believe him(no1curr)

No. 669831

Quit what? Drugs? Lmaoooooo

No. 669832

LMAO nice troll, Hes been saying that for years. Jonny doesn't want to be saved.

No. 669833

Taylor's a rich, white, upper middle class pretty girl with well-off parents. She literally could not have it easier by much. People like her will always, always get help much easier than p much any other demographic.

Taylor is one of those people who is allowed to fuck up as many times as she likes and not lead it to career death or public disgrace. She gets infantilized to no end like she just did not know any better than to do drugs and get an abusive junkie boyfriend…

No. 669834

how long till she finds someone else to get clout from

No. 669835

LOL in b4 she hops on Jake or Logan Paul's dick haha

No. 669836

or slides into posty's dms again

No. 669837

File: 1560455003380.jpeg (144.97 KB, 1117x1562, 84DC30B7-A70B-41B9-85F9-31DC43…)

Music video ft a Taylor lookalike. I’m dying to hear it but I’m at work and can’t turn the volume on.

No. 669838

oh gawd, I could easily see her with another one of those trashy big name dudes.

JC was the best she was gonna get, she's a groupie at best now. She doesn't really have alot to offer anyone of post malone caliber. Even though Post malone isn't really that high, he's just trendy rn.

No. 669839

File: 1560455201104.png (54.67 KB, 462x392, jonnyig.png)

No. 669840

what really creeped me out was Taylor talking about how she "wanted the experience" (of having a "rock star" boyfriend) and how she "wanted to get Post Malone but he was in a relationship so she got Jonny" like bitch was going shopping lol

No. 669841

i am sure she is going to love being the ex featured in a rockstar™ music video

No. 669842

Well it would make sense if he's trying all the tricks in the book to get her to stay, that's literally textbook abuse. He's flip flopping between fuck the haterz and woe is me to try to gauge which tactic works best, and also because he's lost control of the situation.

No. 669844

why do i feel like she is going to come back from rehab (if that is really where she is) and be all like STORYTIME: I HAD A DRUG ADDICTION

No. 669845

>I'm sure she's smart

Uhhh have you read anything she has posted? She's a massive idiot.

No. 669847

I've met girls like her. They're way more common than you think. Girls like her come from broken and/or neglectful families and that's why they act up so much. She was neglected but also sheltered so that's why she's made so many poor ass decisions in such a short amount of time.

No. 669849

File: 1560455913596.png (80.96 KB, 582x492, jonnyfans1.png)

lol Even his fans don't want them back together

No. 669852

The lyrics

>this sound is my voice

>now we're focused on each other knowing that there is no one else around
>black out the noise

No. 669853

You can't justify her behavior because she had a "tough upbringing", everyone has issues and problems, rich or poor. She was irresponsible and now she's suffering the consequences.

People like her very rarely have to accept the consequences for their actions and often shift the blame somewhere else. It's not a healthy attitude to be a victim even if you were dealt a shitty hand in life.

No. 669854


>"now we're focused on each other knowing that there is no one else around"

"now we're focused on each other knowing that there is no one else around * now that I've isolated you from everyone you've ever loved"

No. 669855

how long has she been offline and how long does drug rehab usually last?

No. 669856

Well of course not. Obviously there's a self-accountability aspect to her actions, but it is also true that it's not surprising that she turned out this way with a mother like Jennifer.

No. 669857

Individuals progress through drug addiction treatment at various rates, so there is no predetermined length of treatment. However, research has shown unequivocally that good outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment length. Generally, for residential or outpatient treatment, participation for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness, and treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes. For methadone maintenance, 12 months is considered the minimum, and some opioid-addicted individuals continue to benefit from methadone maintenance for many years.

Source: drugabuse.gov(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 669858

I wonder when this was filmed. Doesn't strike me as something recent. Maybe this was pre-breakup?

Doesn't seem like it's a breakup song or anything. Plus that would be really fast turnaround given the timeline. Makes me think this was before shit went down.

No. 669859

I bet you Taylor herself was supposed to be in the video…

No. 669860

Wonder who bankrolled that vid?

No. 669861

His "fans" seem like groupies and hos that just want their shot the manlet.

His music really rubs me the wrong way, it's very junkfood pop stuff and the lyrics are pretty sketchy when you look at the person.

No. 669862

He posted an IG story a few months back….actually think it was before all of the slaves breakup crap too….took him 20 million takes to sing “focus”….soooo good to know he has to piece together his songs

No. 669863


I was seriously thinking this was made a while back and he was waiting for the perfect time to use it for manipulation.

No. 669864

Taylor pre-breakup

No. 669867

Nah iirc he was announcing new music in July way before getting dumped, but I get the feeling he dropped the preview as a manipulation tactic. It's very obvious the girl in the video is supposed to be Taylor.

No. 669869


> I get the feeling he dropped the preview as a manipulation tactic.

Yeah, just a little nudge to Taylor "See? I'm still successful! See this girl? That could be you one day if you stick with me babe!"

No. 669870

or "you are missing out rn"

No. 669871

It could also be something like
>My love is so strong for you I made a song about you, remember it's us vs the world.

It can go either way really.

No. 669872

File: 1560459006196.png (721.28 KB, 610x703, head.PNG)

I agree, funny how she looks nothing like that now. Her face is getting bad, she's got acne/scabs and her face always seems to be swollenish. She gets away with lighting, makeup, angles but she's def changing. Looks like she has trouble moving her mouth when she speaks too, something reaaally off about her.

Hopefully she sort out these self image issues in rehab because she doesn't need anymore "work done"

No. 669873

Lets be honest too, jonny isn't keeping her around for her look either. He's dated prettier girls than Taylor, is so transparent to everyone except her that he using her for the $$$. She just likes to pretend shes good enough to have a REAL rockstar boyfriend.

No. 669875

Spot on. He’s in love with the money, not her. If she was broke, he wouldn’t have given her the time of day.

No. 669885


tbf we'd all want to hear abt it

No. 669888

Rockstar my anus. There are no rockstars these days anymore let alone that loser

No. 669893

Usually it’s how long your insurance will cover

No. 669894

We don't have to worry about Johnny because he's a piece of shit, not because he's going to figure his life out. Johnny doesn't have enough time to figure his life out; he's going to be dead in less than ten years and even that's generous.
shit b8 m8
Taylor was pretty before she ruined herself with fillers/instaho makeup/johnny and it's not like johnny can do any better now that he's a bloated has-been. Otherwise you're probably right, he's most likely impotent from the opiates and keeping her around for resources and attention

No. 669895

taylors parents are doing the right thing for her, she needs to get away from that dumbass

i dont understand why everyone is attacking the parents in this situation

No. 669898

Don't be retarded. Nobody's saying her parents should stop trying to separate her from him. They're just saying that the parents aren't necessarily blameless and are acting pretty childish too

No. 669899

>i dont understand why everyone is attacking the parents in this situation
because they should help their daughter without airing their dirty loudry all over twitter once again and possibly making the situation worse for taylor. instead they are playing weird mind games with JC over the internet and sending secret messages through first letters of their tweets. her insane narc mom is the reason taylor turned out such an attention seeking narcissist with a victim mentality.

No. 669901

Because her parents enabled his behavior by publicly defending him and calling everyone a liar on social media for 18 months until the inevitable happened. Maybe it was a tactic for them to keep Taylor close, but that still doesn't change the fact that it was a really stupid move that could have been entirely avoided if they just shut the fuck up about it. And they still won't shut up.

Any fucking well adjusted individual would not engage an abuser by sending Phil Colins lyrics or tweeting at him with passive-aggressive shit.

Jen should be more focused on making sure Taylor is ok instead of acting batshit.

No. 669904

Jen is 100% doing the right thing. By pushing Jonny away on social media, she is pushing him away from Taylor.

No. 669907


She's not pushing him away, she's antagonizing him and that's only gonna drive someone as delusional as Jonny to tighten his grip on Taylor so he can get back at her parents. It's stupid and both parties are using Taylor and her situation as a chess piece in this weird fucking game instead of placing her needs above their own weird satisfaction to "beat" each other at whatever game they think they're playing.

No. 669911

Taylors mother IS placing her needs first. Thats why she is in rehab.

No. 669913


Sure, Jen.

No. 669914

lmao, I love how any time Taylor's family isn't absolutely shit, there are these WKs that come out uwuing over it. Her mom's a manipulative narc. Her dad's a tool. Her brother's disabled as hell. (And other brother's mostly absent?) It'll be great if she gets away from this rapist POS and gets off drugs, but her life is still going to be fucked, having these idiotic baby boomers in it.

Right now, her own parents are revealing more about her awful situation than Jonny's own manipulations do. That's a controlling tactic, too. Don't know if her dad means for it to be, but her mom almost certainly does.

The animals will suffer most, of course.

No. 669915

I am not her, just a fan.

No. 669916

ALSO, Jen is working hard to take care of her family…

No. 669921

on his recent twitch stream jonny says mama dean was in the chat in one of his recent streams commenting that he was high. i understand the animosity towards him but i don’t understand her obsession with provoking him when it will just create more problems for her daughter.

i hope i’m quoting correctly but here are some other things he said

>don’t make me come back to my house where i’m on the lease legally

>don’t play with daddy
>i have free flights around the globe
>there’s only one person in the entire world that’s going to keep me away from taylor and that’s taylor herself. the moment she says leave me alone i’ll say “love you. i’m out”

No. 669923

Sure Jen.

No. 669924


>"the moment she says leave me alone i’ll say “love you. i’m out”

…I dunno man, something tells me that's not what you'd do…

No. 669926

I wonder if Jonny is tryna get with this chick. seems like his type

No. 669927


No. 669928

File: 1560472314214.jpeg (241.01 KB, 1439x943, Screenshot_2019-06-13-20-31-31…)

No. 669932

Good parents also stop engaging an abuser on social media, especially when said abuser is across the country and out of their daughter's reach.

What's he gonna do? Fly back down to SA? The fucker can't afford it. You're really naive and straight up wrong if you think throwing tweets at him and egging him on is going to help Taylor in any way. It's clear Taylor has no reach to social media, and she probably can't call Jonny wherever she is, so why would you engage him on Twitter with cryptic messages.

No. 669933

File: 1560472801707.png (62.11 KB, 594x590, nobully.png)

"Stop bullying this guy I like, even though he's constantly making thinly-veiled threats towards people who so much as look at him funny!!!"

No. 669934

UGG, you do realize there are people in this world that actually care about Taylor?

Like, Jonny needs to suffer for what he did. I am doing the right thing..

No. 669935

And you do realize that engaging an abuser is not going to help her and make her think "oh they totally care about me" especially when her relationship was highly codependent and she probably feels guilty as fuck for leaving him? Or does that not register?

I mean this is providing a lot of milk and entertainment and for all I care keep doing this shit to your heart's content but if you think this proves you care about her you're really fucking wrong.

No. 669936

you don't know taylor

No. 669938

Neither do you, unless you're Jen, or someone who personally knows her.

No. 669941

Jonny deserves it tho and its fucking hilarious. Why the lecture? That toothless midget is getting heckled by a soccer mom. All is good.

No. 669942

>I am doing the right thing..
so you've finally graced us with your presence, huh jen? stop shitting up the thread and spit whatever you know out.

No. 669944

Anyone who's lived with a narc like Jen knows her love, affection, and protection is highly conditional and comes with strings attached. Knowing that and saying as much doesn't diminish the fact that it'd be great for Taylor to get away from a rapist.

Two things can be true at once. Mind-blowing, I know.

No. 669945

taylor?(hi cow)

No. 669947

If this is really Jen - I am 100% behind your efforts to help your daughter get away from that disgusting excuse for a man. I really hope she is getting the help she needs.

That being said, can you explain why you basically turned on his past abuse victims, who you were so vocal about supporting at first, and basically called them liars?

No. 669948

her brother had the audacity to be born disabled so she was 'neglected', got it.
she's a spoiled attention addict, miss 'china white' who never felt a tough moment till she felt heroin withdrawals, no doubt.

No. 669952

Of course she is. She’s gonna milk it and start posting “frequently” on her second channel

No. 669953

Yep. I remember he posted something about Jonny in July once. I believe it was when Taylor was liking things on twitter and sub tweeting?
He was def saving this for the right moment

No. 669954

How about those animals though - always bottom of the chain aren't they. Yet they are he source of all Taylor's money for both drugs and rehab.

No. 669955

this has been in the pipe for a while, and she would have bankrolled it all.

No. 669957

can we all just report instead of engaging with these idiots

No. 669960

The fact that she hasn't replied makes me think this really is the cow herself.(staahp)

No. 669961

This. I mean, I get how having a sibling with a serious disability who requires constant attention is going to make a kid feel “neglected”, but ultimately you have to get over your self pity party about that. It’s just shitty luck for everyone.

The Deans may also be super crap parents in addition to that, but again that’s something people need to move past.

No. 669982

Let's not attack Tanner for having the nerve to have Prader-Willi Syndrome, like wtf.

She's attempting to get him to snap so TND can see precisely what he is, with live evidence of it.

No. 669984

Well he may simply hurt taylor in some way so it's a fucking stupid strategy.

No. 669989

Being neglected like that won’t turn a smart person into drugs and stupid boys like Jonny. I grew up with a mom who needed to work 3 jobs just to feed me and 7 cousins of mine. Didn’t make me go into drugs and “rockstar” boyfriends. Didn’t even have a dad and a house like hers. So her parents taking care of her little brother more due to his illness is just an excuse she makes for her dumb choices.

Taylor is just those rich white girls that believes they can do anything they want without any consequences. Her stans and parents enable it.

No. 669990


when is this pic from? because that looks like a painfully bad lip job

No. 669994

File: 1560486569257.jpg (396.01 KB, 1242x1505, cnHs7lZ.jpg)

No. 669995


>"just talked to taylor and she had a message for all of you! go my insta story!!"

"My girlfriend who's currently in rehab suffering withdrawals just called to tell y'all to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!"

No. 669996

monitor video? Her lips have been botched for a while, she had them injected when she first started YT. She had thin lips and constantly overlined them, she just wanted the kardashian lips. She's gone way overboard at this point, its a self image problem.

No. 669999

I'm sure that the people in this thread complaining about and blaming Taylor's parents for her actions are static fuck ups that blame their own parents for the way they are their whole lives instead of making an actual effort to change for the better. People are still human after they become parents and still make mistakes, but seeing the way that Taylor's parents have consistently fought for and supported her, there is no way she ever faced any true abuse by their hands. It isn't her parents' fault that they had a disabled son and had to devote more time to him and couldn't give her all their attention, and the fact that she was materially spoiled the way she was shows that they felt bad and tried to make her happy any way they could. The dynamic she grew up in may have affected the way she is today, but her parents didn't turn her into a completely unremarkable attention whore that needs to jump from dick to dick to make herself feel special, it's just today's bullshit callout culture that allows her to completely lack any self awareness and instead blame her parents for her actions.

No. 670000

Taylor's parents have not continuously fought for and supported her.

Taylor disappeared during playlist live and on the podcast when her kid could be ODING AND DEAD she's just like meh I guess we can call the police to look for her.

She spent the last year defending her daughter on Twitter pretending she's not on drugs.

She invited an abusive piece of shit around her DISABLED SON

Fuck off with this shit.

No. 670003

File: 1560489134492.jpeg (321.45 KB, 750x700, 79F075EF-89FA-4CE7-8569-17052B…)

No. 670004

How quickly some of you have forgotten Jen's freak out on what ever's video.

No. 670005

>goes on the livestream chat of someone she considers to be an abuser and baits him
>I was threatened guys
Wow Jen, a true mess. Have some consideration for Taylor's safety in all this. Leaving an abusing partner is a very dangerous time.

No. 670006

Can someone record Jonny's instagram story?
I cant right now

No. 670007

You think maybe she's trying to get him to snap and threaten them so they have some legal grounds to keep him from Taylor?

No. 670008

More inclined to think this is just regular Jennifer going with the punches and acting batshit. She did the same shit right at the beginning of their relationship.

No. 670009

File: 1560490886709.webm (9.98 MB, 204x360, jonny.webm)


Jonny confirms Taylor is 100% in a facility

No. 670012

File: 1560491761807.png (1.32 KB, 400x400, 6LlqCea.jpg.png)

I'm not defending any of Jen's recent actions related to Taylor's drama,I'm just saying she's not responsible for the fact that her daughter is a dumb bimbo who's only aspiration is to be slapped around by someone "famous".

Also lol JC only abuses those he fucks, the hell do you think he would have done to the kid?

No. 670026

Taylor herself said she cares about him when he was the one to say he loved her. She did not reciprocate the I love you - so he is probably lying that he even spoke to her. But we will never know, because if they did in fact speak, Taylor will tell her mom he is lying, she will report that and it’s just his word against hers.

Jen needs to take it down a notch with all these tweets - because altho it’s great she “now” has her daughters back, Taylor is still in danger, as another anon said.

No. 670028

>everybody makes mistakes!

yeah, everyone forgets a bag of stuff at the grocery store from time to time. everyone has accidentally said something hurtful. but not everyone is a fucking rapist.

No. 670044


this is so frustrating. i really want to believe that he's crazy enough to have made up this whole phone call or that she's just continuing to string him along for her own safety, but we've all been disappointed before

No. 670052

well, people don't exactly pop out of the womb with fully formed personalities, do they? it's pretty dumb to deny that having an insane mom will have some pshycological effect on a child growing up. taylor has clearly taken after her mother in her attention seeking manipulative ways. and her unfortunately having a disabled brother who needed more attention than her, pretty clearly lead to her munching and lying for sympathy.

No. 670053


Not out of the realm of possibility that he’s realized with her off the internet he can broadcast any reality he wants and she won’t be there to correct it.

No. 670055

So has Jenn also realised she can say what she wants. This is why it's got to be true that Taylor's in a facility. However, is it true she called Jonny and said all this shit to tell his fans? Maybe not huh.

No. 670061


Ffs. If Taylor goes back to JC it just proves how weak-willed she is. She has the money and the support network to move and leave him behind, a lot of people leave abusive relationships with nothing and nowhere to go but pull through. She has no excuse to go back to that parasite except for being pathetic.

No. 670062

We already know Jonny was lying before Taylor left for a facility. So it only makes sense that now that she has no internet access, he would definitely make up his own reality because she isn't around to contradict him. He's so fucking delusional, it is clear to see.

No. 670064


Pay close attention to his body language. He won't look at the camera, eyes are all over the place. Classic signs that someone is lying.

No. 670075

I noticed that as well.
Regardless, doesn’t seem like she’d call him for that.
He’s even more pathetic with the fact that he has to lie. He can fool everyone else, but can’t fool himself.

No. 670076

Taylor's fans don't even like him. Why would she want him to tell her fans that she misses them

No. 670082


You all need to stop sprouting this 'leaving an abuser is the most dangerous time' shit. Jonny's in NY with no money, no home and no fucking way to even physically GET to Taylor.

Also stop acting like she's a victim in all of this. The only thing Taylor is a victim of is her own damn stupidity. This is what she wanted - the rockstar (or washed up pop junkie) experience. She played with fire after being escorted out by firemen and she got burned. She should suffer the consequences so maybe she'll actually learn something for once in her life. Good riddance to Jonny, but Taylor is in no way an innocent party in all of this. Good for her if she is actually in rehab, but at the end of the day she's still a cow with a botched brain and shitty animal advice. You can all root for her when she actually changes.

No. 670083


this just seems like a grab for insta followers desperate for a taylor update. i think it's pretty fucked up for him to reveal that she's in a facility if that wasn't explicitly part of her message.

i honestly feel sorry for her, he's isolated her from all of her friends, she probably feels like he's the only one she can call right now. i hope she can stay strong and get away from this absolute piece of shit.

No. 670088

all those things can be true at the same time.

No. 670089

This. I'm not really sure why people are acting like Jonny is DEFINITELY lying. It's absolutely believable and likely that Taylor is talking to him regularly and has no plans of staying split from him.

No. 670091

File: 1560527091301.jpg (292.94 KB, 914x1522, 20190614_114010.jpg)

Apparently Taylor never "rehomed" her satanics to a friend and merely just returned them to the store where she got them from. If they were too difficult to keep at the store this confirms they were wild caught animals and not CB by the store.

In the end, if this story is true which I can neither confirm nor deny, she still caused the death of these geckos by not finding them a proper home

No. 670092

File: 1560527712199.png (43.4 KB, 312x206, stockholm.png)

Looks like Taylor's been telling Jonny one thing & telling her parents something else…

No. 670097


Yeah, that's kinda weird, especially considering how in for last couple of months she would rarely mention him & was deleting old pictures of them together on IG…

No. 670101


Honestly it's over between them. We all know Jen hated Jonny from the start and did a complete opinion change when she realized Taylor was going to stay with him. So Jen pretended to support them and basically redacted everything she said to win Taylor over. She's been tiptoeing the line of hating/liking Jonny through the entire relationship.

Now though? She's putting him on full blast with a filter instead of supporting the relationship. So yeah, it's over between them. Taylor even said they were over and Jonny is the only one who continues to deny it. Dude literally got shipped off to another state with all his crap and he's STILL delusional lol.

No. 670106

File: 1560531764416.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 93740884-8F40-4723-A3F7-D131C6…)

No. 670107

File: 1560531796339.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, 31E41626-6C3F-4B55-8069-C70C62…)

No. 670108

File: 1560531827577.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 3E4CA1F7-350E-450C-B1CD-C6CE58…)

No. 670109

I wouldn't put it past Taylor to be telling one thing and doing another. After all, we all suspected she said it was a break to him while telling everyone else something different. Plus her parents don't seem to be that supportive when most of it is just them bashing Jonny online which he deserves but come on… not a smart move.

I also wouldn't put it past Jonny to be a liar because… it's him. So, we have two less than trustworthy sources saying one thing or another.

Literally doesn't matter how many people say that 'Taylor's experience is still an experience' when she willingly signed up for it. She will never live down the fact that she defended him and knowingly supported him and his shitty behaviour.

She'll make a come back talking about this 'experience' (I really dislike the fact that we call it an experience idk) and will make herself the ultimate victim and it will be that little bit more insufferable

No. 670110


Interesting, but everyone once again blacking things out and protecting 'sources' like this so some serious news story. I wish people would speak up and stop hiding. How can anyone know any of this is valid?

No. 670112

Cool story Jon. There’s no reason you couldn’t just put JK after.

No. 670114

EVERY single time in the past when Taylor was clearly going through a hard time whether it was personal, distressed over something, upset online, copping internet hate, having videos made about her, having people shit talk to her in comments, Jonny stayed SILENT, he never cared, never showed an ounce of fucks to give, never stood up for her or told anyone to leave his queen alone, and when he DID it was so fucking minimal and half assed.
That alone is a red flag especially for someone who is so quick to defend himself against every single hate comment. Why not the same energy for taylor?

Now all of a sudden, he's acting like her knight in shining armour, that he's the reason she's getting help even though he's been haulled halfway across the country with all his shit and Taylor's made it MORE than blatantly obvious that she is dead sick of him, DONE, and has made it clear for weeks.

He's only acting like this now because HE is now the one being exposed, he's the one copping hate daily and Jen is putting him on blast, she's doing it all cryptic but Jonny takes everything to heart, for someone who says he doesn't care about hate he sure does bitch and whinge about it a lot.

I also bet my bottom dollar that Taylor's ex boyfriend she's been cozy with talked some sense into her and helped her with making these decisions on leaving him, that kind of attention would have definitely motivated Taylor.

Jonny is a bullshit artist, I don't think Taylor has spoken to him at all because he can't even get his story straight about the times, who even called who, nothing. It's all over the place and he's so obviously been high for days. It's all damage control.

He doesn't give a fuck, he's just trying to prove to everyone he cares and that he's not a fucking cunt to her despite the fact in the past when she was going through shit, he'd remain silent and the only time he mentioned her was when she brought him toys and shit and I think this is the manipulation that Jen's been pointing out.

No. 670118

Protecting sources keeps them in the loop with Taylor. Would you keep someone in the loop of your life if they were posting your dirty laundry online? No. It's a necessary evil to get the truth out. Once it's all out, they should step forward, though.

No. 670119

Where are these stories even coming from? He’s admitted how much she paid for his teeth publicly in the past anyway.

Anyone can make a screenshot and crop the names. I don’t think this counts as “milk” in my opinion.

No. 670132

I can't wait until Taylor's ready to spill everything.
Every abuse, every fight, all those high Jonny stories etc. She's been telling Chelsea a lot about how shitty he is in private, I hope when she publicly talks about it we'll get even more milk.
If she's going to spill we're gonna drown in that milk.

No. 670133


If Chelsea is talking to her and gets burned again, I'm not going to feel badly for Chelsea at all. I suspect that turtlemom account is Chelsea. The way Chelsea guards all the milk is like she's the only person that's been hurt by JC and thus she shares what she feels like.

Any word on JC's stream that he was going to stream ALL day?

No. 670136

File: 1560538755764.png (54.87 KB, 616x598, jonny1.png)

Back to shitting on random young women eh, Jonny?

No. 670137

I kind of agree. The caps read like Tudy or someone like that. Maybe an anon got to talking to one of them? If they're hiding it better be because they have the ability to get more info and not because they want to stay close to Jonny or Taylor.

I'm so curious what the whole blanked out section of the second cap was, something about Taylor's "experience"? What's the point of hiding that?

Also I don't know if I agree "multiply it by 5" unless Taylor was super good at hiding shit which I don't think she is.

No. 670138

Turtle mom has to be one of the exes. My guess is Chelsea or Larkin. Either way, glad they’re doing it! Also, let’s never forget how shitty Taylor was to the exes.

No. 670139

Whoa Vicky really is human trash, but Jonny has no room to talk.

No. 670141

>Also I don't know if I agree "multiply it by 5" unless Taylor was super good at hiding shit which I don't think she is.

Yeah, I also think that's a reach. He raped someone and tried to shoot someone up with heroin, what could be five times worse than that…

No. 670147

File: 1560544479858.jpeg (154.6 KB, 750x881, AD4EFE19-CA74-4DDC-8740-95997A…)

No. 670148

File: 1560544509619.jpeg (144.64 KB, 750x896, 25E03557-ED2E-4C03-A47E-486E7A…)

I feel like turtle mom may be Amanda and the source from the messages was Betty

No. 670150

Could very well be Betsy* I imagine she'd didn't wanna be involved will cleaning up dirty needles anymore.

No. 670152

I feel like Amanda has moved on. Of course the trauma JC caused her will be there, but she tends to stay out of the drama for the most part. Again though, whoever it is it’s great they’re doing it.

No. 670153

Who had his child? I thought it was Larkin. I want to say on a very early thread someone said it was Larkin.

No. 670154

Turtle Mom is over there on Twitter having a breakdown when no one here is talking bad about what she’s doing.

Hey Turtle Mom, keep outing Taylor and Jonny and don’t worry about anyone trying to guess who you are. It doesn’t matter who you are, but I can see how it’d be interesting to speculate who you could be.

No. 670156

I highly doubt it's the mom. I'm sure she moved on from JC bullshit long ago. I don't think it would be fair to post her info/name here.

I agree I don't care who turtle mom is but I'm enjoying the milk they're delivering.

No. 670158

I think turtle mom is angel, the one who was friends with Chelsea and Liz, the wording of the tweets sounds similar to her own. But that's just a guess. Idk who is providing the milk though.

No. 670159

This looks like one of those fake texts generators

No. 670160

literally came here to say the same thing. I think its her too.

No. 670162

Jesus christ. How a person supposed to be focussing on recovery when your bf threatening your mom, and your parents wont stop embarrassing you on social media?

Also can we chill with the nature vs nurture debate on why Taylor be taylor? It is what it be.

No. 670164

>>670158 Her username is cosmixhoney. She's been following the exes around for years trying to be their friend and act like she cares so much, lol. Funny that she hates lolcow, seems like she'd fit in here

No. 670165

It seems like Turtle Mom doesn’t like lolcow either. You’re right, this site and they are doing the same thing so it’s weird that she is so negative about lolcow.

No. 670168

It definitely is. This doesn’t look like an iPhone.

No. 670170

File: 1560550371343.jpeg (28.16 KB, 469x136, sht.jpeg)

No. 670172

Ok I don't know why this person just doesn't ignore us or whatever, the twitter sperg is kind of annoying. Can we just ignore this person?

No. 670173


It looks like the texts that Taylor showed when her addiction was first outed >>630054

No. 670182


farmers started sperging out first on who this twitter user is, quite frankly who the fuck cares? it's like you all expect them to reveal their identity/sources yet also expect the milk to flow. you can't have it both ways lol

No. 670183

this is true. turtle is angel or cosmixwhatever her user is. she is f*cking annoying. she does not care about telling truth about JC. just wants her 5 minutes of fame. befriendig his exes. making people guess who she is on twitter. like she runs the place. just ignore her as a person and enjoy the milk.

No. 670185

File: 1560552501465.png (500.26 KB, 662x716, Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 6.48…)

No. 670186

Yeah, plus it isn’t like the texts are far fetched from what most likely happened. If anything they’ll get added to the pile of shit we already knew about their relationship.

No. 670187

File: 1560553354995.png (52.63 KB, 570x440, tweet3.png)

No. 670188

File: 1560553467165.png (27.07 KB, 580x260, tweet4.png)

No. 670189


That's right, Jonny. Taylor told her mom everything.

No. 670190

Tell us since you've already told other people. Come on

No. 670191

I mean just say it lmao. He’s far away from your daughter and too broke to come back.

No. 670192

Fucking spill it, Jen. I know it's going to come out eventually anyway so instead of dancing around it why not just say?
Probably better right now that Taylor is in rehab so he wouldn't be able to get to her even if he did somehow travel back.
Spread more awareness about how shitty Jonny Craig is.
Also, kind of concerned if she doesn't get it out now, he's going to manipulate Taylor into calling her mother a liar about what she has said and getting her back, and silencing everyone which is basically what happened last time.
Also please if there's any receipts/proof.

No. 670193


…And most of Taylor's fanbase knows Jenn & will listen to her.

No. 670196

File: 1560555446699.png (74.06 KB, 518x612, tweet5.png)

No. 670197

I have a feeling that Jen isn’t spilling the beans because she’s building a case against him. Think about it, they’re well off and they’re very obviously furious at JC, it’d make sense that they’d wanna sue and Jen is trying to get JC to lash out so she can get proof.

No. 670198

File: 1560556329297.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 4AF2055F-7787-454C-A0B7-901755…)

Why the silence now?

No. 670199

I'm guessing here, he got her addicted to heroin (obviously), and he "forced" her to buy him things under implied violence. kinda doubt he actually hit her or anything.

No. 670200


Sue him? As in, file a civil suit claiming…what?

No. 670201

If there's pics and videos Taylor has probably been planing this for a long time. Abuse and drugs will get her off the hook for the lease. I'm thinking that's one reason, but if she says that and it gets out she can't get back with jonny.

There's obviously evidence of jonny doing shady shit, drugs or otherwise.

No. 670204

Guarantee there was violence. We all saw the hole in door at the apartment and stories of physical abuse from exes. That doesn't just stop from someone with chronic problems. Violence escalates the most when leaving an abusive relationship which we knew Taylor was hinting at a month prior. Guessing that's the only way they got him to leave the state so he wouldn't get arrested.

No. 670205

Is mama dean blackmailing jonny to leave her alone? If she hasn't spilled already, jonny probably has blackmail of his own.

Jonny won't let his cash cow leave so I don't think he's gonna shut up. Taylor will probably fly Jonny back after rehab, I think this is mama deans way of saying stay away.

No. 670206

But this doesn't really make sense, at least legally it doesn't. Jonny is stupid, but not enough to lash out in the open.

If anything, all the proof Jennifer needs would be via Taylor and his exes. Taylor has taken pictures with bruises in weird places and there was also the punch in the door from her old apartment. Chelsea also has texts where Taylor talks about Jonny, although I'm kinda doubtful she'd be willing to help after Jen shat on her.

No. 670207

Probably because she's lurking here. I'm convinced the white knight that posted here yesterday was her.

No. 670208

maybe, sometimes abusers use violence as an effect to keep victims in line. Jonny's style seems more fear with threat of violence by punching holes and stuff.

Taylor obviously wants out but is too mentally ill to make a rational decision so she's leaving it up mama dean? Therapy won't cure Taylors problems, they're far deeper than a couple months of psych session, her changes will take years.

No. 670211

Jonny is emotionally manipulative first and foremost. He throws tantrums when left alone, and often resorts to "woe is me" type of shit to guilt trip his partner. He got physical with Liz, by trying to shoot her up with h. And some people would consider him punching holes in walls or doors as physical violence that could absolutely escalate. I do think Taylor experienced physical violence at some point.

No. 670212

I feel like everything he does now online is to manipulate Taylor and show her how wonderful he is. he's filled with "See, Taylor baby, all I do for you? I'm the only one who does this for you. no one in the world can love you like how much I love you" then when Taylor falls for it, he's back to his normal self.

who gives a shit about who this person is? I don't care if she's one of JCs exs. at least she's spreading facts on twitter for all those idiotic stans to see.

Either spill the beans, Jen, or just throw away your phone. You're just pushing an abusive addict to try even harder to manipulate your daughter into going back with him.

No. 670214

File: 1560559921306.png (60.61 KB, 1037x342, Screenshot_20190615-035148.png)

No. 670215

File: 1560561084334.png (34.83 KB, 580x288, goals.png)

No. 670217

this so much. She says she's gonna "share her story after all this", I hope it's less about she got addicted (we know how and why, yore young and stupid and chose to date a heroin addict) and more about how Jonny is so dangerous to other young women (and teen girls tbh he's a known pedo.) she should tell everyone the signs that Jonny was an abuser and how she walked right into his trap. and warn other young, impressionable girls who watch her what red flags to look for to avoid their lives being ruined by people like him.

No. 670218

i'd be nice for her to spill the beans. If the evidence is damning there'd be no way her fans would let her date jonny. Some of them are idiots but I think the silent majority hate him. There'd be no excuse to continue dating him if there's photographic proof of abuse, her fans would flip shit.

No. 670222

File: 1560566166678.jpeg (131.23 KB, 750x621, BFA1CD46-7A9F-41B2-9315-CB1237…)

No. 670224

Again, if she is in an inpatient facility, MOST rehabs forbid relationships and contact with their significant others.

No. 670225

Wtf Jen call the police if you're being threatened. And reveal that shit so everyone knows what's up and the evidence is out there of anything does happen

No. 670226

I don't think she's smart enough to even make a video about it. She'll probably just end up talking about herself and how she got addicted to drugs because her boyfriend and all her friends did so she thought it was cool. The rest is her babbling on about her cats and clips of her new animals. The only video I've seen her talk about warning other people was her blue tang video but that was before drugs fried her brain.

I don't wanna say she might change afterall but I've lost hope. She gotta prove herself 1000000x more because she always goes back to her old, bitchy, self.

No. 670227

File: 1560567145851.png (6.21 MB, 1125x2436, 5C067448-4AF0-4DB4-ACD6-B86903…)

And the plot thickens.

No. 670228

This is really cringeworthy holy shit.

No. 670229

>know my head is clouded
>i'm reserved
>I'm just selling out these concerts
>i wear fuckin it proudly like a sponsor

these low budget white singers/rappers always sound like edgey emo kids

No. 670231

makes entire song about how hes "not a monster" … proceeds to call himself a bad guy and says he wears it proudly lmfao

No. 670232

Apparently turtle mom blocked me right after I followed her on a spam account? Lmao who tf is this

No. 670233



Does he have any self awareness on how cringy that name is??>>670227

No. 670235

I feel conflicted. Because Taylor was always so adamant to defend/protect Johnny. She acted like she was so in love, and happy. Up until the last few months. Or maybe I am just bad at picking up on context clues. I think he was definitely bad to her, but all of the videos/pictures she posted she was very affectionate towards him. I think she’s playing both sides. Playing innocent to the mom to make up for heroin use. Playing Jonny because she wanted to be the bad girl.
She was in such a fortunate position. She had money, and endless support. There were ways to navigate the situation, and do it safely/quietly. People are going to favor Taylor’s word over his. So she really has the advantage, and always has in that regard. I also can’t imagine him being all that cruel to his meal ticket, because one wrong move could result in losing it all.
All in all, my tinfoil is maybe something bad happened the last go around.
If Jonny really hurt Taylor, the mom would be splerging about it. Right now she’s dancing around something, which makes me feel like it’s not so severe.

No. 670236

So, this is pretty fucking broad. Talking about his royalties, and teeth which are already public knowledge. And talking about how the treatment was “probably” the same/worse as the ex girlfriends… this isn’t revolutionary information. It doesn’t really give us anything new. This is milkless imo

No. 670238

Lord, I'm starting to tin foil that all of this recent drama shit is just a ploy to get JC attention for his shit music. Any publicity is good publicity. Get people talking and worried. I'm reality their lives are so boring, so they have to stir up shit.

Pretty sure that's why Taylor got into drugs to begin with. Drugs make you fine with doing absolutely nothing. Deep down she's boring and is only "interesting" because she was a cute face with a zoo.

No. 670239

lol. I'll be one of the thousands that won't listen to his music just because it's popular. his music is shit.

Taylor probably got into drugs just to feel like she's a badass girl that rides on the back of bikes. She's the typical movie rich girl that pretends her life is shit to be popular with the "bad" people across town.

No. 670242

she's knows he's threatening her in livestreams so which is it? is she in them or not?

so very much this, anon. and taylor will get to frame this however she wants and her fans will live for it. still, the upside is jonny is out of the picture.

No. 670245

File: 1560574138027.png (141.61 KB, 762x406, creep.png)

No. 670247

The drama from releasing this info would be great, but what kind of parent threatens to or does broadcast the humiliation and abuse of their child to the world, and especially to a group of people who track and (mostly) hate her child? That's incredibly fucked up to even hint at unless Taylor gave her permission.
He definitely has blackmail. Come to think of it, you might be right- maybe this is a mutually assured destruction kind of scenario. Mama Dean should have reached out to him in private if this is the case, though.
this is unironically ten times worse than even Luna's poetry

No. 670248

> I also can’t imagine him being all that cruel to his meal ticket, because one wrong move could result in losing it all.

Or maybe he got confident that he could get away with it yet again. People like him will always find ways to keep being parasites.

No. 670253

I have yet to hear of one rehab center that outright forbids relationships. Do they encourage you to not be in a relationship with a user? Sure they do. They might even not allow you contact with them while under their roof. But think about the logic there . . . say a married person comes in for treatment. Is the center going to demand they separate or get a divorce from their spouse? Or not have contact with them? That's just stupid. There are centers who are willing to work with at least married couples with drug problems so they can rehab successfully, stay sober and maintain their relationship in a healthy manner. Quit spreading the policy of one treatment center around like its gospel.

No. 670254

I also want Jen to spill it all, but also think she shouldn't be the one telling Taylor's story.
Maybe Taylor will be released soon and Jen's trying to build a wall around her with her baiting, so people are going to encourage Taylor into spilling and supporting her.
I don't think it's that smart to provoke Jonny on another level, but you also don't negotiate with terrorists and Jonny's obviously scared, so go off Jen.

No. 670260

Jen should stick to telling her own story, which should be plenty incriminating of Jonny. Just that awkward bit where she started being friends with him and defending him though.

No. 670264

He's a using addict and their relationship has been nothing but codependency based on drugs and potentially abusive. They would definitely try to limit her communication with him. Most decent programs ban external communication for at least 2 weeks, since the way you stay sober is to focus on yourself and your choices.

I have a feeling Taylor is in another half-assed program though like her outpatient. My hopes for her recovery and staying away from Jonny are not high unless Jonny is making everything up. Jen's Twitter fights airing her daughter's private struggles are definitely not helping.

No. 670266


She posted a few days ago about how she couldn't believe what was allowed on Twitch. She is so fucking dim.

So my theory either A) she now knows that Jonny has dirt on her daughter is is doing damage control after all she has said.

Or B) she's setting up a scene for later to try and prove she is scared he will kill her. Which I don't believe she is scared of that. If she really was she wouldn't be so antagonising.

No. 670270

To me it seems jonny is no threat of danger to ANY of them. They all antagonize him online. Chelsea has a restraining order against him yet still posts bs for drama yrs later. That's not how someone who's legitimately afraid someones going to hurt them acts. And Taylor's mom keeps mentioning she's safe she's safe and if she's still talking to you it's Stockholm. Like bitch if your daughter was really so brutally abused and basically held prisoner to have Stockholm syndrome, you'd be focused on helping Her, and wouldn't dare stir shit up, that would definetly be putting Taylor in danger if there was any real threat… clearly there's not.

No. 670271

or C) someone told her admitting to being in his chat was a stupid thing to do

No. 670272

Or she saw a vod or just watched him and didn't participate in chat. It's not that deep.

No. 670273

She didn't participate in chat, she just happened to watch the same session where someone impersonated her and Jonny responded to that person by making a threat. Rigghhhht ok.

No. 670275

That's really not that far fetched, and Jonny could've threatened her directly about it. I imagine he wouldn't do so on his stream and if he had done so we would've seen it here.

No. 670276

looks like the chat appearance and the threat are separate events, going back >>669921

No. 670277

The problem with either Jen or Taylor telling their own stories is that they're not trustworthy, we will either be left trying to find the truth or believe anything they say.

Jonny is horrible and all but having one or two people lie or exaggerate their stories puts all the other victims on the same boat because all his little fans can go 'well one of them lied so they will also be'

No. 670278


pretty sure chelsea has a restraining order on him because he attempted to break into her house lol. also yeah, i'd probably be shitting on an abusive ex who stole my cats, left me with his medical debt and continues to be a complete and utter piece of shit while having impressionable girls lick his ass. you can't really blame her for posting "bs" years later when he clearly left a stain on her life.

jonny is dangerous as past history shows. he's physically, emotionally, verbally and sexually abusive and held a girl down and stuck a need in her arm and forced her to get high. literally all of his exes have been suicidal after being in a relationship with him. so go off about he's not a danger, honey. you just look foolish.

No. 670279

He is so obviously on a drug binge.. All the day before yesterday he was hyping everyone up for his new music live stream…All he posted on his story was a room with 3 computer monitors. Let's see what comes of it today

No. 670283

Jen: come for my neck I dare you

Also Jen: please stop this could get me killed.

Fucking nutjob. If Taylor takes him back after this I can easily see her hide behind the fact her mother was waging this big war while she had no access to the internet, Jonny can play victim to Taylor about this also to her. These people are honestly playing right into his hand in so many ways it's unreal. So she either needs to shut the fuck up or put out everything. This half ass nonsense can potentially push Taylor right back into his arms at this rate. He is completely acting and running with this playing some loyal wounded pup.

No. 670292

shes Been in rehab what, a week now? How long does inpatient usually last?

No. 670297

According to Google, the shortest program lasts 4 weeks.

No. 670302

As long as you want it to. Esp if you are there voluntarily

No. 670308

At least a month, if you want anything useful out of it. She'll probably lose her Twitter, now that I think of it. Wonder if she foresaw that.

No. 670312

I'm sure you have some phone time once in a while. She could use that to quickly reactivate and deactivate her account again.
But an overall restart surely would benefit her.

No. 670319

2 months for her AT MINIMUM, heroin fucks you up long term, not just withdraws. Anything earlier than that i'd say she just isn't trying.

Can't say I feel sorry for her, hopefully she's puking over a toilet somewhere.

No. 670338

Whose this from??

No. 670342


Read the thread. We don't know.

No. 670355

Probably herself. The information is nothing new. It’s pretty much the same speculation we’ve had delivered with a “probably”

No. 670357

That's not how abuse works nor how PTSD works, so maybe stay in your lane, anon.
Jonny has beaten up and raped and drugged women before, he's a threat to just about every woman who has the misfortune to be within 100ft of him.

Jenn's a narc, she has to make it aaaall about her. If it's about Taylor, that takes limelight away from herself, so she has to insert herself again.

stop trying to scare milk away, demanding everyone show their face will cut off milk sources.

No. 670362


Only if you have the money.

No. 670375

"Jonny has beaten up and raped and drugged women before".

So people keep repeating. Who has he actually raped or beaten or drugged that is provable and not just some vindictive ex making up stories. If he's done these things have police reports been filed? If not why not? Has he ever been charged with any of this? If this is all really true why has he never been arrested for it?

No. 670376

You should lurk the threads before you ask these idiotic questions.

No. 670377

just ignore, report, and move on y'all, don't feed the white knights

No. 670378

You know what, I'm going to be the one to say it, and I really don't care what all of you think. I like the drama just as much as you all do, but some of the things said about Jonny have been completely exaggerated. The original story from Liz was that "one time he held her down and pretended he was going to shoot her up". Over time, the story changed to "he held her down and tried to shoot her up". Now some of you are even saying "he held her down and shot her up". Just complete lies. I no fan of Jonny, but I've been reading from the beginning and watched the story change. Also, he never raped anyone. His ex's pulled out any stories they could when he first got with Taylor to "warn her" but also I think part of it was out of jealousy/spite. Over time the stories they "came forward" with have been exaggerated more and more. They successfully got him dropped from his record label and off satellite radio. Is that not enough for you? He isn't a great person, don't get me wrong, but he isn't a rapist and he didn't hold down anyone and shoot them up. I don't care about the backlash I get from posting this, it's the truth. Get your facts straight.

No. 670379

And in the end, everything went to shit anyway. Now he is no longer with Taylor and his reputation has been completely destroyed. So we can discuss how bad he is and how he got her hooked on heroin, and blew a ton of her money, but I'm tired of reading the BS about him shooting up Liz. That never happened.

No. 670380

File: 1560661330868.png (215.87 KB, 1536x2048, A206F1D2-4F41-4576-B73E-6E905E…)

No. 670381

File: 1560661370594.png (131.14 KB, 1536x2048, 5EA80D46-46C8-4159-B04D-069F5E…)

No. 670385


Good. Hope Mama Dean can talk some sense into her.

No. 670386

I wouldn’t doubt if she really is gonna end up back with him. At this point there are so many other pettubers who have way better setups and pet care than TND will ever have in her career on YouTube. She obviously has way too much personal shit to work on before she can lead a successful YouTube channel with actual good content.

No. 670389

what happened to living in New York for the next two months? Now it's cut in half? Not a good sign. I hope she's just telling him what he wants to hear while Jonny-proofing herself and her life. Idk though. Unless Mama Dean barricades Taylor inside the house, I can totally see her running right back to the drugs and careless lifestyle. I have a bad feeling about the strength of her resolve.

No. 670391


Honestly, if she goes back to him, she is gonna disappoint so many of her fans. They despise him, no matter what she tells them.
And if that happens, her channel is as good as dead.

No. 670393

I question if he's really with his dad. I highly doubt it and feel like it's more a fan or a friend. Besides that I know it often takes abuse victims more than one (serious) try to get away. One thing I can speak on is that it's SUPER hard to stay clean after rehab if no one is keeping you accountable and you're in over your head with stress/too much on your plate (aka an animal hoard). My job was about as lenient as hers but I had a friend that convinced me to come back to using and I could see Johnny play that role. After all misery loves company. She's in a very risky position when she gets out and if she doesn't use her family (or they don't offer) to be a major support/wall for her it'll be really easy for her to relapse. But lets be real this is all up to HER, no one else. I think she should move back in with them though. She's young and many people in crisis do temporarily (i did) and it's ultimately for the best. Yeah it sucks but I think she'd be surprised how many people are living at home. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 670394

I'd like to know what actually happened to all her animals? Have they been rehomed or who's taking care of them? Taylor has killed so many through her negligence I hope at least her family is going to do the responsible thing. I also don't really care what happens to Taylor. Live or die meh.. But the poor animals deserve to be looked after properly for once.

No. 670396

So basically Taylor is going to rehab for a month? She’s going to get out and sperg about how one month in rehab helped make her “healthier.” Then she’s going to take Jonny back. Also can’t forget the designer animals she’ll acquire on top of the hoard she has now.

Call me a pessimist but I don’t see her changing at all.

No. 670398


probably her assistant is taking care of them. i doubt she rehomed them, i think going in the facility was a pretty sudden thing.

i really hope jonny is lying… no way he is clean and no way she can stay clean if she's with that subhuman garbage

No. 670400

File: 1560665673982.png (70.68 KB, 580x598, tomorrow1.png)


Good thing she has a massive fanbase who will catch this shit.
Looks like they stand firmly with her family too.

No. 670402

Unless you were there you have no more idea about it than the anon saying it DID happen. Stop being so insistent about this scumbucket.

Mama Dean =/= sense but even a stopped clock tells the right time etc. Hopefully she won't fuck it up.

Jonny has so much riding on this. If he is truly and finally cut loose, he loses everything, he's lost the band and Taylor is key to a LOT in terms of lifestyle and social standing for him. He's going to try really hard to get her to keep him.

No. 670403

If she was on a waiting list (which is common) then you're right she probably got a call to go randomly.

I do hope the animals are in someone else's care and continue to be after she gets out, but tbh I have my suspitions that Betsy's also an addict. Always wearing a kimono and always has pinpoint pupils…oh and hanging out with Taylor and Johnny lol. If she's clean then that's fine but otherwise obviously wouldn't be good.

And agreed I hope he's full of shit and that her mom can remind her why she wants to get away from him. It's easy to forget how shit addiction and abuse are when you start to feel better.

No. 670405

Who gives a shit? Because Jenn doesn't, she hasn't posted a thing about them. Nor Betsy. I'm sure the cats are thriving with the two humans they know disappeared and in the house alone with just caged rats to keep them busy. Oh sorry, rats that get 1-2hrs of playtime a day, cough. I'm sure the fish tanks are topped up and Mushu is happy as a clam.

No. 670407

File: 1560666832611.jpg (118.83 KB, 935x1200, D3p3jc7WsAAoeOj.jpg)

Remember, Jonny wants Taylor's parents to fight with her. He's sewing the seeds of distrust again, because he knows how belligerent Taylor gets when her parents give her even a little 'tough-love'.

No. 670410

File: 1560670032263.png (57.38 KB, 584x410, onemore.png)


>there’s only one person in the entire world that’s going to keep me away from taylor and that’s taylor herself. the moment she says leave me alone i’ll say “love you. i’m out”

No. 670414

The animals are still in the same conditions, most likely. Taylor was never their primary caretaker so I doubt they've suffered any significant changes, cats included.

No. 670415

File: 1560674114163.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, 105FCA5B-DFAF-435D-B4D3-F2E0DB…)

No. 670417

Hopefully he isn't on the lease because that could make things very difficult. If she spends any time with him he could easily convince her to get back with him. However there are always ways she could break the lease (assuming she can right now) and not see him if her family helps or she goes at a different time then him/her family moves her out/she just hires a moving company. Where there's a will there's again. But when newly clean it's easy to crave what's easy and comfortable even if it's not good for you.

No. 670422

It would also be a problem considering it appears they’ve thrown away his things.

No. 670423

You're not wrong anon and when Taylor and her mum come out with their story it will be just as bad because the two live and breathe to be victims of everything. Even now when she should be setting her daughter straight, Jen is pouncing around Twitter trash talking him. Fair and all but your daughter is in rehab apparently in touch with a drug user - all of that work is going to go to waste.

Dudes horrible but so are those two.

No. 670425

But didn’t Taylor replied to alot of people that they are broken up? She made a few stories as well until Jonny started threatening her aka Taylor begging everyone to stop being in her business. Lol this family and couple are a mess. The only unscripted reality show

No. 670426

I can't fucking stand all the flip flopping between "LOLz throwin out the trash!"/"I'm not scared of him!" and "oMG STOP PRETENDING TO BE ME, I'M IN DANGER!" Just learn to occasionally shut the fuck up? Maybe she should also deactivate until Taylor is out of rehab? She doesn't seem to understand that it's okay to NOT always be running your mouth. I'm glad Taylor is doing something right for once but let's not forget that she and her batshit family have earned their spot on this website.

No. 670435

>I never ever said anything in the chat
>except that one time
jfc jen. she just isn't able to shut her mouth.

No. 670439

>he isn’t a rapist
fucking prove it then, stan.

No. 670451

The best case scenario to this would be a temporary restraining order. Either on behalf of Taylor or Mama Dean.
So long as Johnny isn't on the lease he has no right to get on the property, much less have access to the place.
The most he could do was small claims court to get his stuff back but he'd have to prove he either bought them or Taylor wanted him to have them and didn't agree for her parents to dispose of them. Of course that would require money he doesn't have.

I'm more curious who's going to pay for him to come back to Texas to see Taylor considering she paid for his flight out and now she's in rehab.

No. 670454

The girl from the warped tour, too. Prolly lying. Chelsea also lied about being raped against the wall. Manda and wanted to help Liz so conspired to lie. Everyone lies except junkie Scut Farkus. He just kids around. The "face tat equals instant rape" was a joke. Begging teens to send nudes also just exaggeration cos he wouldn't accept them right? Poor deadbeat dad Jonny Craig. He's just a misunderstood MacBook defrauding no voice lesson providing artist we shouldn't pick on.

No. 670456

I don't know why people think a landlord would allow someone to randomly live in their house with no legal contract. That's ridiculous. He is 100% on the lease.

This is exactly why leases state you cannot have a guest for more than X consecutive nights, because then they are legally a tenant and must be evicted. Idk how many days it is in Texas but they lived there for 3 months so he's definitely a tenant now even if the landlord was magically ok with a squatter for some reason. Can't just kick him out. She can pay him to voluntarily leave but that's it, if he wants to come back he can.

Some of you are just as stupid as Taylor and her mom.

No. 670457

Anons big mad for no reason lol

No. 670460

Pretty sure they were being sarcastic there pal

No. 670461

lol my b I was reading it in the same tone as the original rape apologist anon, who seems idiotic enough to actually argue that "begging for child porn but not in a pedophilic way" is a thing. you're totally right

No. 670462

Not in TX, so I don’t know what the laws are like. But you’re right. He’s got to be on the lease. Anywhere I’ve lived, you have to have anyone over 18 who spends more than one night a week on the lease.

No. 670463

He was also supposedly texting the landlord and paying the rent so you do have a very good point. He also is a majorly controlling piece of shit so I could see him threatening/manipulating his way onto it. He probably knows it would be in his favour to be on it.

No. 670464

Nah you’re good. With anything even remotely supporting JC I’d pull out the facts too lmao

No. 670468

Would be
Something more to this is going on. Why are both of them out? Why have him leave across the country if she's not even there, yet he's on the lease? No one is in that house. What a waste of rent. Maybe someone taking care of the pets is staying but only agreed if he was gone.

Also, in eviction cases, tenants can agree to leave immediately without fighting it in court, and without paying high lease breaking fees. I'm wondering if they did that? my neighbors did this when they got an eviction notice. Cheapest method for everyone

No. 670475

That's exactly what I thought. We all know Jonny didn't voluntarily leave to be kind and go look after his dad. If he was in the lease and Taylor went to rehab then he would surely just stay in the house. Taylor also mentioned she was thinking about moving in with her mum again. I doubt she would say that if she wasn't broken up with Jonny. It's not like hes just going to stay in the house and pay for it all himself and live there alone. I'm still betting that Taylor is secretly telling Jonny it's nothing to do with him and the reason they are apart is because of the drugs and she needs to do this alone etc. But really shes hoping once she's made the first break then it will be easier to get away fully. On the other hand I'm constantly nothing but disappointed in her so if she chooses to go back to the flat and stay with him then I'd not be surprised either.

No. 670478

I could totally see Taylor going crazy in rehab. No social media, no constant interaction with fans, no manipulative boyfriend.. she’s alone there, and it doesn’t matter if she has a “by myself” tattoo because we ALL know she can’t do shit by herself. She obviously relies on validation (specifically sexual validation, which she’s confessed to) and without that and accompanied with a withdrawal brain, she will choose to make herself miserable in rehab and crave the attention from JC, because he’s likely saying all the right things to her if they are speaking over the phone. Sure we can hope she can for once stand on her own two feet, but in this vulnerable of a situation, I’d be surprised if she didn’t end up back with him. And if that happens after alllllllll this, maybe she deserves it.

No. 670479

File: 1560704443834.png (4.08 MB, 750x1334, 8AC6A76F-B2E7-4834-A7EC-23969D…)

No. 670481


If she takes him back, it's going to be a huge blow to her career. She got lucky the last time, when her fans were none the wiser, but this time way too many people people caught her liking those tweets that imply that Jonny abused/controlled her & that he actually got her addicted to heroin.

No. 670482

File: 1560704511358.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, C7CB7523-B569-4FED-A014-761D87…)

No. 670485


I hope Jenn shows this shit to Taylor, including the stories in which he's threatening people

No. 670486

File: 1560704652396.png (689.62 KB, 750x1334, 812D3C1E-BE72-4881-9892-A55964…)

No. 670487

File: 1560704678075.png (971.74 KB, 750x1334, 16331813-6B6C-4E90-9FF5-77C848…)

No. 670488

File: 1560705029697.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, C3969A93-EB6D-4F17-8DB0-59A59E…)

No. 670489

File: 1560705068887.png (329.09 KB, 750x1334, 34A6D436-071C-483F-A289-18E18F…)

No. 670490

File: 1560705093188.png (414.75 KB, 750x1334, 6AFE0DE1-07B3-4883-9928-0A0555…)

No. 670491


Is this new milk?? Or just like the Instagram story?

No. 670492

I think this is referencing to JC’s insta story when he posted a pic of her barely covering her bits a while ago and was bragging to his friends about her “amazing body”

No. 670493

File: 1560705528388.png (105.52 KB, 374x588, naked.png)


Looks like the pic we already saw.
Taylor really needs to stop bending the knee to a guy who treats women like property.

No. 670494

File: 1560705668253.png (148.46 KB, 460x490, naked2.png)


Basically showing her off to a bunch of strangers & perverts on Facebook

No. 670504

I wonder if Jen has seen this pic floating around the internet. If there’s one way to piss off parents, it’s having a nude of their daughter leaked by their abusive boyfriend to a page that basically serves perverts. And her tattoo definitely makes it hard to say “that can’t be her!! She’d never do such a thing!”

No. 670506

File: 1560708282159.png (410.66 KB, 2048x1536, C70E2BB5-7E34-44F5-841D-553DAF…)

No. 670507

I don't know whats trashier the fact that she sent this to him, or the fact that he leaked it on facebook.

She can't control him as much as she wants to think so. She probably gets off on being controlled and pushed around, low self-esteem/mentally sick.

Apparently she had a ton of highschool nudes floating around. She's always been a skank.

No. 670508


>If she’s not calling him and promising him they will see each other, he’s talking about how much he’s crying or suicide. Then, when she does he’s all “my whole day is good now”.


It's also a little jab at Taylor's parents
"All I gotta do is just sit here & wait for her to call like she does every day! She does it without fail!" Like a dog-owner showing off all the tricks their dog can do.

No. 670509

That was fast. Get off lolcow, Jonny, and start looking for a new job in NY!

No. 670513

Yeah, I remember he even showed off the texts where she tells him it’s ok. But those were months ago. It’s pretty fucking convenient to be dropping the picture again now that Taylor doesn’t have access to social media. This looks more like a jab at her parents. He knows that some stan of hers will let Jen know about it.

No. 670516

If Jen and Taylor were smart they'd get POA over Taylor's account like a custodian so that the only way she can spend money is through them. She woundn't even have to break up. Jonny'd be gone so fast Tay's wigs would fall off. No money, no Jonny.

No. 670517

And how will he pay rent? With his good looks?!! Didn’t think so. Dude doesn’t have a plug nickel to his name.

No. 670521

File: 1560710739928.png (467.98 KB, 750x1334, EE82BF95-DB5B-4039-A95B-753B79…)

No. 670522

So we are all either Taylor's parents or his exes lmao

No. 670523


>"I know it's my exs or taylors parents."

Couldn't be Taylor's fans at all, nope! /s

No. 670529

This isnt recently, was on September

No. 670531

Why the fuck is he essentially soliciting nudes on Facebook? I hope anyone posting on that thread has permission to post the pictures. JC is so fucking greasy.

No. 670535

This is the first that I’ve seen it in Facebook but he very publicly put it on instagram. >>670504
She has seen it. Previous threads show her replies.

No. 670548


Didn't he also basically say he ejaculated onto her? Shit was fucking nasty. I can't see how Taylor was okay with that. Either she has zero self worth at all to be treated that way in front of a bunch of strangers on the Internet or Jonny posted it without her permission and then she tried to act like she was fine with it for damage control when people called him out.

No. 670556

This is disgusting. He starts a thread telling people to post photos and then has to set the tone with one of Taylor’s nudes? It makes it look like that’s the purpose of the post, for everyone to start sharing intimate photos of their partner. Even if he made that post and just used a normal photo it’s transparent and cringey as hell but now it looks like he’s using her to get at other people’s nudes too. For Christ sake he can’t go 5 seconds without doing something predatory, how could anyone ever take his side??? He incriminates himself all of the time, or clearly just has one brain cell left. This looks so bad.

No. 670558

File: 1560721127384.jpeg (448.83 KB, 1242x857, 063E1652-48E6-4299-929B-C904AC…)

No. 670559

Dear Taylor, men who do this don't see you as a person, they see you as an object to boast about. He values you like the pairs of shoes he posts about. You ever stop making $$ and being conventionally beautiful, he'll drop you like his pregnant ex.

No. 670560

OH man, so shocked. Taylor's been playing both sides like the spineless coward she is rather than improving herself as a human being. Love it.

No. 670561


Ah, so I guess we're gonna expect another 180 from Mama Dean?

No. 670562

Why even bother going to rehab at that point, or have Jonny move out. I just find it pointless to go through all this when it’s just going to go back to how it was in just a couple of weeks.

No. 670564

At least they throw his shit out

No. 670565

Is anyone actually surprised?

No. 670566

well thats disappointing, but not unexpected in the slightest. They're going to be back together by the end of the summer.

No. 670567


Welp, kiss that sobriety goodbye, Taylor!

No. 670569

File: 1560722152796.png (29.28 KB, 582x256, truth-.png)

Truth right here.

No. 670570

File: 1560722357372.png (289.13 KB, 794x488, riptaylor.png)

Looks like she's losing her daughter after all.
Better give her a hug Mama Dean, might as well be the last time you'll see her alive…

No. 670572

Wowwwwww. Well for one, Jen won’t be staying silent, she always says she will and then she doesn’t. If this bitch actually gets back together with Jonny after finally getting him out, having her family ready to swoop in, and all of the internet supporting her then she deserves everything she gets.

She was Vagueposting that “everything in her life was going to change”. Yeah right. 4 weeks at rehab and then going right back to Jonny is going to be as effective as their outpatient treatment. I.e, not at all. Dumbass cow. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just Taylor paying for her terrible decisions, but it’s 50 animals being neglected because of her abhorrent self too.

No. 670573

Lol, not surprised. It takes about a month just to be completely through physical withdrawal. If she was using enough every hr as she claims it was probably rough even with meds. She may still be feeling shit. So if that was her only issue staying clean would be a hurdle enough since that's why most h addicts keep using but no she's addicted to his attention and is a people pleaser to boot. I said it before and I'll say it again, when in the discomfort of being freshly clean it's normal to crave what was comfortable before even if miserable and she's a perfect example. No matter how bad he was it's easier than moving back home rehoming animals adimitting to yt subscirbers what's up, actually staying clean, changing ALL her habbits, dropping leech/addict Betsey (aka her only "friend"). She can't handle being seen as weak or an outcast but she doesn't realize that she is seen as that already. He has completely isolated her and SHE let him do that to her!

No. 670575


Betsey is an addict too?

I just thought of something, if Betsey if taking care of her animals there, what if Jonny went all the way to NY because Taylor doesn't trust her and Jonny there together alone? That probably plays a part. Especially considering how scummy he is and how insecure she is.

No. 670577

I'm pretty sure that she is. She always has pinned out pupils and while it may be nothing up until recently (probably because people here speculated) only wore long sleeves. I normally would just think someone was self concious of maybe self harmed at worst but Taylor describes her as her bff which combined with those things leads me to believe that she's an addict.

No. 670580

I follow Betsy on insta, she raises her son by herself and seems to really love motherhood. She got a job at a stable a month or so ago so I’m not sure if she even works for Taylor anymore. She has way too busy a life to be addicted to heroin and wears plenty of short sleeve clothes. Let’s not reach.

No. 670582

I did notice a change in her recently (sleeves was the most obvious) didn't know that she got a job but sorry I don't think it's a reach at all.

I've known plenty of dedicated busy moms who were also unfortunately addicts. She has had pupils that were pinned at very inappropriate times even for someone with light blue eyes (a dark bar) and more than once. So I don't think that it's reaching. I'm not mentioning it to be hateful or try to speak poorly on her; I just don't think she is 100% sober. Even if she were just a major pothead it wouldn't be good for someone like Taylor to be around and that is my point I'm trying to make.

Also I can't imagine a non addict being okay working for someone who, as evidenced, leaves needles laying around everywhere especially with Johnny having hep c. Addicts are usually more comfortable around that shit than most people are. Again not trying to reach or be hateful but lbr, there's something up up this picture and it can't just be money sorry.

No. 670584


You can't make a huge accusation like that and not provide evidence. A quick look at Betsy with Taylor not in the pictures seems to me like she is a pretty dedicated mother and stuck it out with Taylor because she needed the money (can't blame her if she's a single mother). Honestly not sure why Betsy even stuck around as long as she did, Jonny treats her like trash by calling her a maid, Taylor treats her like a doormat.

No. 670588


jen needs to cut taylor out of her life if she doesn't want her life to be paying for and enabling her daughter's inevitable revolving door of rehabs.

No. 670592

I literally explained in detail why I think that anon…

If anything she has enabled two known pieces of shit and helped them keep a hoard of pets. I will never have a good opinion of her.

I realize that if she wasn't there Taylor's animals would be dead or rehomed but sadly it may be for the better. It would have happened long ago and people would see through her sooner. She'd fall on her face.

I have to question Betsey's character period if she never really hung out with Taylor since they were young until money came into the picture. I don't care if she has a kid, there are other ways to get it.

No. 670599

File: 1560767754184.png (386.17 KB, 1242x2208, B4661206-B8A1-427C-B83B-917EAA…)

mama dean is watching the animals.
imagine letting your daughter get 1 snake and having to care for 50+ pets 2 years later because she has landed herself in rehab with a heroin addiction.
not to mention her mother already has tanner to take care of round the clock. there’s no way these animals are receiving the correct care and attention. just sad.

No. 670600

File: 1560767754594.jpeg (293.52 KB, 1242x603, 436D112C-D7F8-41DC-9AD5-13C834…)

Even her long time stans are starting to jump ship now.

No. 670602

As much as I dislike Taylor and think she's a privileged white asshole, Jen created her, and deserves dealing with creating a dumb privileged brat every day as punishment for what she enabled.

I enjoy seeing privileged white idiots suffer by their own hand through their own sheer stupidity. Every issue this family has is all because of their own stupid choices. All the drama and "suffering" is just basic white people nonsense. None of this is anything they themselves couldn't have prevented or stopped.They have the resources, but choose to keep perpetuating this circus. It's hilarious how badly they're handling this.

I wish all the animals would get rehomed so I'd stop worrying.(race bait)

No. 670604


Your opinion isn't evidence lol. This is an imageboard.

I don't have a high opinion on Betsy either, she enables Taylor and Jonny heavily and that alone is reason for criticism.

No. 670605

can taylor’s mom just keep her infections to herself

No. 670606

Her animals were never properly cared for anyway. If I was her mother I would have honestly rehomed the animals by now. She's in rehab and she's making bad decisions, the animals deserve better.

No. 670608

If Taylor goes back to him she's done. As much as her mother, as unhealthy as she is, loves her, I don't see her extending a hand again after being forced to care for 40+ animals while her daughter goes through expensive rehab that is ultimately worthless. And to go back to Johnny after hinting he's abusive in a way that all her fans can see will have them jumping ship more than they already are.
Her main demographic is straight dudes that find her hot and kids that like animals. There's going to be no one left that cares about her content once all her animals are rehomed and dead and her body is rapidly deteriorating at an alarming pace.
It's so fucking sad. I hope the experience of dating Johnny was worth it, Tay.

No. 670612


We all know Jen is crazy, but honestly she should just cut Taylor off. Taylor fucks up and always goes crying to her mommy, but as soon as she receives some tough love, she goes crying back to Jonny. It's pathetic. She isn't worried because she has the safety net of her parents to fall back on - like when she said she might have to move back in with them… quite frankly, why the fuck would they want or allow that? It'd be great if her parents put their foot down and said no, this is your mess despite our attempts to help you get out. Rehome your animals and move into a place with more affordable rent. Stop with the frivolous spending. If Taylor is that strapped for cash the only option is to move back home, she needs a serious lifestyle downgrade.

Support her through rehab and leaving Jonny, but don't support her when she comes crying and needs mommy and daddy to fix all her problems.

No. 670613

I really rooted for her, but I was afraid Jonny's got her wrapped to tight around his finger.
If she's really going to choose Jonny instead of her family, fans and pets she should leave rehab already so someone who actually wants to get help can have her place.
It's like with Onisions wife. What's going on with the Taylors out there, everyone seems to be a doormat.

No. 670615

You fucked up big time, Taylor. No one will be sticking around to defend you anymore. This was your chance and you blew it. Your channel is dead and views will be even worse when you are back with that rot bag and back on the heroin. You fucked up.

No. 670617

This is pure comedy. Once a cow, always a cow, both of them. Jen is throwing a tewnager fit pouting on twitter and Tay is making the worst possible decision she can make for herself. It always ends like this without fail.

I think you hit the nail on the head anon.

No. 670618

I honestly think that Taylor not having actual supportive parents is a huge reason why she crawled back to Jonny. He is able to exploit the fact that her mother sucks ass and is busy arguing with people online, and well she just wants the experience.

All that time in rehab (and I'm assuming the money) will go down the drain simply because Jonny could never be sober.

No. 670619

Taylor's an adult who needs to learn how to give support to herself. In what way haven't her parents supported her going into rehab and leaving Jonny?

No. 670625

lest you forget, chelsea has blatantly self posted and been called out for it on here
Of course they wouldn't like lolcow if they made themselves look like fools on here

No. 670628

her mother cannot help her if she doesn't want to be helped. she's an adult. the only way she will get better is if she decides to do it herself and sticks to it. running to mommy crying and moving into her basement are not appropriate solutions at her age.

like the other anon said, her mom should go full support mode only the moment she actually drops the shitbag, rehomes the animals, gets help and a small manageable apartment. right now it's just so convenient for taylor to use her mom as a scapegoat the moment she changes her mind about getting better. it's always either her mom or JC who is the villain, she's so good at flipping the narrative.

No. 670629

Taylor is a cow but as far as we know she may have been ready to drop Jonny meaning her mum should have been there fully, deactivated her social medias and focused on her kid. Adult or not, Taylor needed that support. Taylor seems to have willingly gone into rehab, so she was very much accepting help.

As for rehoming animals - it will never happen. They're her source of income and probably connected to some other mental health issues.

I'm not surprised she crawled back to Jonny, it was expected that she would do so when it came out they were on a break (according to him anyway), but her mother should have done better because clearly the lack of parental support or help allowed her to be manipulated back into a relationship she seems to understand is not healthy. And ay, if her parents house sucks so much and she wants to continue her lavish life style, it's not uncommon to run away using a relationship

No. 670631

If there are dead animals mama dean would be the one to know. Pretty sure there have been a couple deaths, she needs to just leave Taylor's animals on their ass. If she isn't going to take her time in rehab seriously and just getting back with jonny, her animals don't stand a chance longterm anyway. jen shouldn't be enabling her by taking care of her animals. It's ridiculos to think that a middle aged woman with a special needs son has time to take care of 50plus animals. Probably doing a shitty job as well, let her pay someone else to do it and see how long that lasts.

No. 670636

implying she was manipulated back into the relationship… she's a manipulator herself, maybe she intended this shitfest to be her redemption arc all along. Finally ending all speculation that she's on drugs and that JC prevents her from getting better. "See, I was in rehab!! my therapist said it's ok I'm with jonny!" And her mother is conveniently the villain again, like every time she tries to help her daughter.

Honestly I dont see her stop being a cow before she rehomes the animals and gets a normal job.

No. 670637

Taylor is a grown ass woman, shes 21 yo ffs. She just doesn't want the responsibility of living alone and getting better, she'll just keep blaming it on jonny and being a victim forever.

She's been manipulating her mom and her fans with lies and misinformation for so long. If she does get back JC I don't see how any fan could still follow her after all the broken promises.

No. 670638

The idea that Taylor ran back to Jonny over a couple of tweets by Jen when Jonny''s been a mess online too and Taylor probably can't see any of it… Nah. This is based on phone calls between them, Jonny called her "bubble" and it was all fine again. This was probably for the wrong reasons right from the jump, more to fix her image than anything more meaningful.

No. 670639

Taylor's really the most amazing cow. Imagine spending, say, $20K on rehab to clean up your public image then running back into the arms of your junkie boyfriend and coming out of that rehab with the waiting public more disgusted with you than ever. She will definitely lose a slice of her fanbase over this. What a waste of time and coin, like so much else she does. Moving to LA to "detox" aka chase clout was even a better plan than this.

No. 670641

Samefag, and sh's been baiting this 'big change, something I ned to do for myself' right since she moved. Holy cow the stupidity, she really thinks her fanbase will fall for it. Some of these same kids who stan her don't stan drug use at all.

No. 670642

lmao right? I wonder if she went on a waitlist or something when she started saying something about her big change coming up. I guess she didn't realize how 1. getting clean is hard 2. leaving an abusive shithead is hard if you keep listening to them and letting them manipulate you. Oh and 3. decide change is hard period and you'd really rather not

No. 670646

I’m just now remembering when taylor said she piss tests jonny weekly for drugs LOL

pretty funny considering where she’s at now- ms. “Hourly China White”

No. 670647

Regardless of what is said about how Jen should have been there for her better, Taylor needs to grow up and accept responsibility for herself. She can’t preach that she has self worth by herself, and then be incapable of being alone. She’s a hypocrite and she fucked up big time. Not surprised she’s crawling back to Jonny because she is completely spineless. Who cares if he says he’s going to commit suicide? He’s literally done it to EVERY single one of his exes, Taylor, and yet he never did.
She may be a manipulator herself but damn she is a dumbass for letting herself be manipulated by Jonny. So many people really supported her leaving him.

Who wants to bet when she’s back with him, he will propose to her? That will keep them locked together even tighter. They will go through another honeymoon phase believing they are happy, then it will fade away and the shitiness of their lives will be felt again. Just like when they moved into the over expensive, luxury house.

No. 670650

Jonny has dirt on Taylor and I am willing to bet he is blackmailing her. But she's too much of a coward to accept backlash for whatever he will leak and then move on with her life, and is instead choosing to crawl back into his arms and pretend everything is okay.

No. 670651

File: 1560780856139.jpg (46.49 KB, 500x480, tinfoil.jpg)

Really major tinfoil but say they never broke up just like Jonny's been saying. And Jen and Taylor's dad just never knew about that and got duped like the rest of the internet. Taylor lies to her audience, that's her major constant.
>pledges to fans that she and Jonny will separate if things get bad again
>has been saying for months she has a big change in the works and 'hopes you'll stick with me'
>just moved in to a big-ass house and needs her big-paying sponsors back, sponsors who may presently be shy since she's had a heroin scandal
>freaked Jonny out for a minute by posting that breakup stuff for fans' benefit while privately reassuring him it was still fine, because it is still fine

No. 670652

would't be surprised at all.

No. 670653

So she tried a fake break up like shayna lul look how well thats going for her lmao

No. 670655

The whole publicity stunt angle seems unlikely imo. She's always been a liar, but this is kind of a kick in the balls for fans. She made it very clear she was going to at least ATTEMPT to kick jonny to the curb. More likely he's sunk his teeth back into her and she caved. The whole whisy-washy vague posting from the start left the door open for him.

She's literally telling her fanbase, i'm a liar and won't make all these changes I promised. Anyone who still supports her now is willingly ignorant.

>ending relationships is hard

Lmao this didn't age well

No. 670670

inb4 Taylor's (second) comeback video where she blames her mother (or just refers to her as "the professional I hired" kek) for the deaths of her animals, yet won't mention that she couldn't take care of them herself because she was detoxing from heroin in rehab

yeah I agree, it seems more likely that she was being stupidly naive that rehab would 100% solve all of her problems instantly. but when she got there and called Jonny, and he spewed as much manipulative poison into her ear as he could over the phone, she realized it's going to take actual work to change her life. She's going to have to feel worse before she can feel better and part of that is being "by herself" for once in her life. She's pretty incapable of that though, so she ran back to Jonny as soon as he asked her to.

also how come I have the option to sage in /pt/? Should I be using that now

No. 670674

yes, sage is back. there is supposed to be an announcement about it later

No. 670689

Chelsea has posted here under her own name.

No. 670700

anyone who is manipulated by "hey bubble I cried the whole day, Imma kill myself, it's us vs the world lol hahahhaha" or whatever sentence this bumbling itiot manages to string together is painfully stupid or wanted to do it themselves anyway.

She's either doing it on purpose or she's even dumber that I thought.

No. 670702

I thought I remembered that happening! I was looking for if she actually did show up here or not a few days ago. Anyone have an idea of which thread its included in?

No. 670704

i think it's interesting how entitled stans are. yes, jonny is trash and should be kicked to the fucking curb, but setting that aside for a moment, the idea that followers on social media get to tell you who you should be fucking or what you should be doing with your life is so psychotic. e-celebs are so awful, but their stans have grown increasingly weeby, reminds me of bias.

No. 670705

I couldnt agree with you more. But I guess thats the choice that make when you want to be internet famous these days. Insane earning potential for having literally zero talent. But then the internet gets to roast you life for eternity.

No. 670709

Don't even think this is tinfoil or spec, pretty much sounds like how it went down.

No. 670712


True, but Taylor had no problem getting them to dogpile on anyone who dared to criticize her pet care in any way.

She used them, lied to them, & manipulated them constantly. So it's kind of a relief to see some (former) stans actually pulling the rose-tinted glasses off & saying that something ain't right here.

No. 670713

File: 1560793830927.png (292.84 KB, 750x1334, D0B81B26-264C-4EC2-BE32-52B1AE…)

Yup, she’s a lost cause. Nobody can get her out of this but her, so she can’t blame anyone anymore for her miserable life. And we all know she’s probably blaming everyone/thing but herself for everything that’s happened to her.
She deserves what she gets at this point. Most people don’t have the support system she has, yet she still fucked it all up.
I have no sympathy for her anymore.

No. 670720

I think Tay just wants to be a martyr because it's easier than getting her shit together. She'd have nothing to complain or attention whore about if she didn't have problems or drama. As long as jonny is in her life people will be glued to the drama, they arn't watching taylor they're watching the show.

I mean it's a fun show and all but she'll probably end up dead, she'll continue to use with jonny no doubt about it. Theres only so long people are gonna give her a pass until they realize she doesn't wanna get better.

No. 670721

lol her permission after the fact. maybe she still thinks she can change this loser, can't make him mad or anything though. mental illness at its finest.

No. 670723

Man, the next season premier when she's back on social media is going to be great

No. 670727

devil's advocate incoming

so what if taylor 'used' them? she's a moron and i love watching the trainwrecking over and over, but stans are brainless and insane. that's what makes them stans. nobody held guns to their heads or forced them to do anything. the poor stans were manipulated by dumbfuck taylor who can't even keep her lies straight? ehhh, don't think so.

they may be saying 'something ain't right here' but then turning around and telling her to stop fucking him or they'll be REALLY ANGRY at her is just more stupidity, they're still stanning.

i'll stop going ot now, but it is interesting especially since it is kind of a weeby response to the whole e-celeb thing.

No. 670728

Can you imagine your own mother constantly leaking milk like this? No wonder Taylor is fucked.

No. 670732

File: 1560801307475.png (24.48 KB, 580x232, tayloryoumoron.png)


Her daughter is choosing to stay with a scumbag over her own life.

She's also gaslighting her own mother by telling her that what she actually saw happen - didn't happen apparently.

No. 670734

If she is scared of blackmail its because jc knows how many animals suffered neglect and how many really died

Stans should have a say when the person is toxic to society. Including making money off of animal neglect. It's not difficult to just be a decent person

No. 670736

Taylor should be on Intervention. I'd watch the fuck out of that episode.

No. 670737

Can we stop acting like Tanner needs around the clock care all the time? Lol he is ASD, sure, but not severe downs.

No. 670738

I mean, would anyone be surprised anymore if she had tens of animals die? any fans she has left have been shown to not care about the animals besides them being cute. She could go "hehe oopsie, could happen to anyone!" and they would eat it up.

If animal blackmail is the reason she's going back, holy shit is it a dumb reason. The truth will come out eventually anyway. But I think the more likely reason of her taking him back is drugs and the fact that she cant live without drama.

No. 670739

he has Prader-willis syndrome, not autism. Order of magnitude worse than downs; he requires 24/7 care now, and he'll probably have to be institutionalised before he's bigger than Jenn.

No. 670740

Doesn’t he have Prader-Willi Syndrome? That would mean he needed round the clock care.

No. 670742


He has Prader-Willi syndrome, which isn't your typical autism. He needs specialized care and supervision nearly 24/7. So yes, looking after Tanner is a full time job for Jen. She has problems but don't try to downplay the care required for someone with PWS.

No. 670743

I mean putting aside the fact it's Taylor, it's still a highly codependent and abusive relationship in which they've been actually separated for the first time in 18 months. I'm not surprised that she's still trying to make it work. She was isolated from her family for over a year and she's been like half a month away from Jonny, of course she's still going to try to get back together with him, because she's codependent. I don't think it's because he has dirt on her as much as it is because she still thinks of herself as a savior.

But if she keeps doing this she'll end up with nothing just like Jonny.

No. 670746

Doesn't it take an average of six escape attempts for someone to leave an abusive partner? Johnny might croak before Taylor actually grows the willpower to stay away from him. I remember that some anons a few threads back were speculating that she's waiting on this to happen so that she avoids getting blackmailed as well; that could be the case.

No. 670747

at this point I think its more likely that Taylor dies before Jonny does sadly. Going to rehab and then back to using is a major cause of OD and I am actually really worried for her.

No. 670748

Fuck Taylor I'm not worried about her anymore. She had the best chance of escape and absolutely blew it. She wont get this open and easy of a chance again.

No. 670750

Yes. I think it's around 7 times that it takes for someone to leave an abusive relationship, and leaving is actually the most dangerous time for the victim.

Realistically speaking, this is the first time Taylor is actually away from Jonny. She got into this fully knowing that he was abusive, but she thought of herself as the exception and a savior, but it backfired, which put her career and even her health at risk.

I do feel a bit sorry about her because nobody deserves to be abused, but at the same time she was dumb as fuck because she chose a piece of garbage and drugs over a cushy life with an easy job. This is the kind of shit that will make her bang her head against a wall in regret when she's older.

No. 670752

Crazy Jen went one day without tweeting about the situation, if you exclude the cringe song lyric subtweets. But honestly, what is right and wrong in this mess? Jen’s constant tweeting looks so bad and is not helpful and will only push Taylor back to Jonny, but neither of them deserve any kind of respect. One is the most repulsive human alive, the other is an animal killing pathological liar. Maybe getting drug all over the internet by your crazy mom is karma for fucking shit up this bad.

No. 670753

I want to agree that Jen’s tweeting isn’t helpful to Taylor, but if she was really in rehab with no access to social media and only got to have phone calls every now and then, how would Taylor know she is even tweeting about her?

No. 670756

File: 1560806948660.png (102.23 KB, 798x860, dumbfuck.png)

just when i thought he couldn't get any stupider. jesus fuck

No. 670757

NOT A SOUL IS STOPPING YOU!! run for the border my friend we’d all welcome it but also I feel bad for Canadians if he does go so idk

No. 670758

Same! The opiate ones are hard to watch for me but I would watch hers

No. 670760

Same. I'd watch it couple times probably lmao I'm sure it'd be rich. They've had an actress on there before now they need to do a social media star and boy do we have one for them

No. 670767

Taylor has backstab Jen before, don’t understand why she isn’t so surprise, is the same person who keep her out of the apartment otherwise she would trigger her daughter junkie bf.
She backstab Chelsea and now is backstabbing her mother again.

No. 670770

>I don't know whats trashier the fact that she sent this to him, or the fact that he leaked it on facebook.

How is sending a sexy photo to your SO that you supposedly love and trust trashy? In terms of trashiness, this is one of the least trashy things she's done. The trash is the person posting it on Facebook groups for 60 year old dudes to wank over.

No. 670771

shes vile, but super underage.
what is his problem with underage female popular figures?

No. 670776

He's looking for the next sugar mama. Taylor's looks are going to shit and she's running out of money and fame. If he can convince some other sucker to take him he'll mysteriously fall "out of love".

No. 670781

JC has probably slept with tons of underage fans, don't be naive. It doesn't make it right but it probably happened.

No. 670783

It really pisses me off that TND is going to go back to a rapist, pedo, abusive scumbag when she has a ton of support. Most women don’t have that and will risk being homeless to get away. Whether they are appropriate or not, her family was willing to help her. She had fan support too. And she got into rehab which in most places people die while on the waiting list because it’s so long or they can’t afford it. What a spoiled brat! You are supposed to try and get better at rehab and in this case it means leaving the pos that will get you high the day you get out!

No. 670786

File: 1560811727085.png (156.67 KB, 570x429, heroindeath.png)

Jen's posted at least 50 names since this already…

No. 670789

what the hell is she trying to achieve with this? if taylor is in a facility, she can't see it anyway.

No. 670793

Her way of grieving/coping. She knows her daughter is as good as dead as soon as her and jonny shoot up again

No. 670799

i like the cut of your jib, anon

No. 670814

I like to remind you guys that until taylor is out of rehab, whatever her parents and jonny are reporting may be inaccurate as fuck. she said she wanted to leave him and seemed really scared of people reporting back to him her plans, so she may be reassuring him if he calls just so she can focus on herself. this is all speculation until you hear it from taylor herself.

No. 670815

rehab is a huge step for drug addicts. she's not there on a court order, she could leave any second she wanted to. if she's staying I think that says something. just saying

No. 670819

File: 1560814702262.jpeg (858.11 KB, 1242x1435, 8A3CE4AD-D37F-4C6A-811D-5DA113…)

Looks like she’s starting damage control over all of the things she’s liked or said about JC. JC has been quiet about it, my guess is he’s taking it out on Taylor, and Jen has to play nice again or Taylor will stop talking to her.

No. 670821


There's no proof he is. Funny all those exes claiming rape yet not one put in a police report.(wk)

No. 670824

shut the fuck up and go guzzle jonnys balls elsewhere

No. 670825

File: 1560814926028.jpg (418.92 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190617-184035_Twi…)

That's funny considering this was her 2 hours ago

No. 670827

omg Jen needs to shut the fuck up and walk away from her social media too. what an absolute fuckup attention whore of a mother, can anyone in this family apart from Tanner get off and stay off the fucking internet lol at least he's got an excuse. i can't imagine being in rehab and seeing my mother dramaposting about dead junkies, what is her actual damage?

No. 670829

>the heroin death list

cringe and eyeroll off the charts

No. 670830


"If she takes him back, it's going to be a huge blow to her career."

Dude are you serious? Her career was blown when she started neglecting and killing all those animals.

No. 670832

What’s even more eye rolling is she thinks Taylor is “famous”.

No. 670833

If she goes back to calling everyone a liar she'll also lose the very little support she has left, just like her daughter.

No. 670837

The notion that Taylor has a career is pretty amusing, gotta say.

No. 670838

No. 670842

File: 1560817345295.jpeg (582.63 KB, 1242x1010, BCEDA23B-4B25-4BB5-B1D8-61631F…)

No. 670856

Hey Jen get off the internet. You flip flop like a noodle. How do you even have time to take care of your disabled son and 50+ animals if all you do is talk shit and create drama. Whatever happened to people keeping their private business to themselves? Also maybe Taylor can't stand the thought of losing Johnny not the other way around. You already know she lies about everything so she probably lies about that too.

No. 670859


stop blaming jen gosh..>>670856(stop whiteknighting jen gosh..)

No. 670863

He'll drop her once she isn't of any use to him. He's not terrified of losing her, but her money.

No. 670871

Listen I know Taylor is jen’s daughter and she wants to keep her on her good side. But, you’re taking care of animals for someone who can’t even take care of herself. You’re taking on more responsibility than you already have with your own son. For what? Your daughter who is lying to you and manipulating you for a drug abuser rapist? Teach her a hard knock lesson and rehome those animals. Do everyone a favor. Especially the animals.

No. 670872

Homeboy is live

No. 670873

She’s going to lose whatever following she has left, slowly lose all her money, flip flop in and out of rehab for who knows how long, and he’s going to suck her dry and leave. He doesn’t love her. He doesn’t know what the word love truly even means.

But that doesn’t matter. She’s so dependent that she can’t read the signs in front of her. It’s so sad. She’s probably not even ashamed of that nude floating around because she still wants sexual validation. She probably still has it in her head that she’s an e-celeb and that she’s “edgy” and “original” and that her having sex with a ~rockstar~ is “cool and mature”.

I want to turn away from the dumpster fire, but it’s just gets more and more interesting.

You’ve done what you intended, TND. I have learned from your terribly shitty mistakes that even little rich white knights get theirs eventually.

No. 670875

His stream is so hard to sit through

No. 670878

Fr, I couldn't sit through a full 2 minutes of it. Doesn't look milky anyways, just a manchild playing a FPS in his dad's house

No. 670880

He left the stream for a few minutes because his eye was bleeding. Is that a symptom of withdrawal/substance abuse?

No. 670881

omg anon, this is so true though

he got one mention anon, leave it alone. you're the one bringing him back into the conversation.

assuming she even had any real intention of escaping here

yes I think some in this thread could powerlevel abut those who've been lost after recovering then taking heroin again. it's very real

No. 670883


I think it's just a publicity stunt. She's been teasing "big changes" for a while now and said she hopes her fans will support her. Her going into rehab = she's committed to getting better. Taylor got a lot of backlash for not doing inpatient. So now she can say she tried (even if she really didn't) and will likely try to reboot her image/channel when she's out with her newfound "sobriety". Only that won't work if she's still with Jonny, because that's just a recipe for relapse.

No. 670888

He did say he was uploading a special video to him and Taylor’s channel, and not to worry everyone it’s not a sex tape. (To which he laughed)

No. 670889

Oh wtf that's weird. Glad you sat through it anon

No. 670891

It was on his Twitch, I’m guessing you can watch it afterwords.

No. 670893

Sorry can’t stand to watch him but are you talking about a broken blood vessel or another type of eye bleed?

No. 670898


> to him and Taylor’s channel

lmao what a leech!

No. 670905

Is it legal for her to rehome those animals since they're technically Taylor's (and maybe technically Jonny's in a few cases, idk about Twisty or the cats?) I remember in the twitter drama when Taylor first moved out or maybe just went off to LA to meet Jonny, her parents threatened to rehome her animals because she abandoned them. But that didn't work out well for them last time.

Like of course I'd love to see all the animals rehomed, that would be best. I'd even support over doing nothing if Jen decided to give Taylor an ultimatum- get clean and get to keep her animals, or go back to Jonny and lose all the pets, but I'm not sure she's actually in a position to rightfully rehome animals that aren't actually hers.

No. 670910


She'd have to give Taylor proper notice to retrieve the animals, but ultimately no you cannot compel someone to keep animals on your behalf.

A lot of those Animal Cops shows they played back in the day had incidents where temporary caregivers relinquished dogs after the real owner bounced

No. 670937

Not exactly sure. He left to go wipe it though so it wasn't just bloodshot

No. 670938

A heroin addict really shouldn't be looking after 50+ pets to begin with. I'm sure mama dean could do it but it would destroy her relationship with Taylor. It wouldn't stop her from buying more anyway, or getting them back.

>yoooooo buy my new album bitchessssszz

special announcement sounds like ad or love bombing we missed u bubbbs!

No. 670948

Probably watering a lot which can be a sign of use. Whether alcohol or opiates, your eyes can water profusely. Who knows, his slits may just have pink eye from being a dirty, nasty junkie.

No. 670952

Jen is too weak towards Taylor. Its obvious Taylor is so fuckin spoiled. Jen needs to rehome her animals and be like “if you want to be with Jonny, so be it, i just want u to know i love you and if you stay with him, you wont be alive in the next 10 years due to your drug addiction” and just cut her off. But jen is just using her own daughter to gain followers and attention. What a fucked up family. Honestly, only the airheads are left to defend them at this point

No. 670957

Taylor's an adult so the only thing Jen can do is either give or withhold support. She could tell Taylor to pay for animal carer/s to come in, for example.

Those poor cats must be so unstimulated and stressed with people disappearing.

No. 670973

Taylor might be an adult but she has a teenager mind and a dependent personality. A grown, mature person will not do what their mothers say or even their significant other because they know what they want. Taylor, on the other hand, she craves attention so bad that it causes her to make bad idiotic choices.. what if her parents just stopped kissing her ass and gave her some tough love for once

No. 670982

seems like she's back with Jonny either way. I do feel a bit bad for them here, they genuinely thought they were helping her move on, now she springs this on them.

No. 670985

No. 670992

File: 1560835905466.jpg (38.59 KB, 522x828, FB_IMG_1560835685664.jpg)

Found his album cover.
Fucking pig.

No. 670994

Please don’t post your cringey tweets

No. 671007

I sadly think so too.
Jonny now knows he gets Taylor to do anything if he's spewing enough "i love you bubble" in her ears.
Over this she could finally lose her fans and family and the next time she's in the hospital, no one could care anymore.
If Jonny doesn't leave her as soon as her money's gone, she's fucked.

Exactly this. Taylor's mom was ranting so much, cause she thought she had won. But Jonny was the one talking to Taylor, with every tweet Jen made, he had more against Jen. He used her crazy mother to get Taylor to think he's the only one caring about her and supporting her, because her mom goes crazy online.

I doubt it, but it would be the masterplan if she's keeping Jonny close to keep him calm and tells Jen she's going back to him, cause she knows her mom can't shut up on the internet. Jonny thinks he's won, but then Taylor gets back, kicks him out of the house or just goes back to her mom.
Sounds great, but I doubt this will happen.

No. 671013

Taylor's not sitting in rehab on twitter. She's been talking to Jonny on the phone once that initial time period of 10 days or so was up. Its about what Taylor wants not about what Jen has tweeted. Taylor's going to freak about that later.

No. 671017

Jen needs to take a good hard look in the mirror, and realize her shitty parenting has absolutely contributed to this mess. Any mother so willing to throw all of their personal information (and children’s) online doesn’t sound good. She sounds like the mom that rants on FB for an hour about how their child didn’t do the dishes.
Taylor has responsibility in this, but addiction doesn’t usually come from nowhere.
Between Jen, and Jonny, I would want to be high out of my mind too. I am also not surprised she has been playing both sides of the field. And Jen won’t even hold her accountable.
What a fucking mess

No. 671028

Pretty sure that "drop dead" writing is from the clothing brand (Oli Sykes) surely that's copyrighted lmao

No. 671029

Pretty sure that "drop dead" writing is from the clothing brand (Oli Sykes) surely that's copyrighted lmao

No. 671034

The fuck is this??

No. 671035


Yeah if that's actually his album cover he's a fucking idiot. Dropdead is a clothing brand, if he's gonna straight up try and rip them off he will probs land in some legal trouble.

No. 671037


that's kind of the funny part though. inb4 all jen's tweets get deleted, Taylor's going to come back to all her stans full of Mama Dean's milk. It's messed up if her mom is manipulating Taylor's following against Jonny (since that's where I assume the stans are going to check up on their precious). Still less fucked than Jonny tho lol

No. 671040

No. 671047

I can just imagine those phone calls with Jonny. “Your mom is going crazy on Twitter. She told everybody we broke up and threatened me. She’s the one that told all your fans you’re in rehab, bubble. You can’t trust a master manipulator like her.”

No. 671048

imagine Jonny trying to mumble the words 'master manulpulator'

No. 671055

Jonny would make for really effective anti-drug campaigns, tho. YOU WANNA DO COCAINE AND HEROIN? YOU ALSO GOTTA DO HIM IF YOU DO.

No. 671059

This looks like baby's first graphic design project. Absolutel garbage.

No. 671060


Lol is that where it is from?! Haha I seen this on a meme page with no tags or who made it. I seen a pig and monster and jonny dumb ass popped up in my head.

No. 671061

Seems like Taylor is in the anger/bargining stage of grief

>shock/disbelief: I don't do drugs guyz how could you say that?!

>denial: I don't have a drug problem I only use hourly, my boyfriend isn't abusive either

>guilt: you shouldn't shame a drug addict!!11, ITS NOT MY FAULT

>anger/bargining: If I go to rehab I can control it, just a couple ciders. Maybe some time away will fix my abusive relationship, it really isn't that bad.

She still hasn't reached rock bottom yet.

No. 671062

She hasn't hit rock bottom because her money and her family have cushioned her from the consequences of her actions for so long. Hopefully she won't hit it hard, but honestly that's probably the only thing that'll snap her out of it.

No. 671065

only thing that'll snap her out of it is if she OD and rushed to the hospital to wake up on a hospital bed alone looking for Jonny. While her "perfect boyfriend" is out promoting his new music with his new girl "friends" but then there's still a chance Taylor will still stay with him.

Only thing that'll stop her is if her money runs out and Jonny doesn't want to be with a 30 year old moneyless girl when he can get another 20 year old rich fan.

No. 671073

He is so fucking homely. You'd have to pay me to fuck someone that short and ugly and it would have to be crazy money on top of it. Imagine before he had false teeth and this demonstrates Taylor's personal level of crazy.(no1curr)

No. 671081

File: 1560878023052.png (335.88 KB, 750x1334, D48CE097-ED25-4D34-AD21-368112…)

No. 671082

File: 1560878086045.png (768.91 KB, 750x1334, 1681B025-C0BC-49E6-835D-FBB807…)

No. 671083

Honestly the major problem with this whole 'Taylor is an adult thing' is the fact that Taylor is 21, has no family support (her mother sucks and that's all), probably has issues with her family (her brother gets most of the attention) and no one seems to have taught her how to be responsible.

Sure, she's an adult but she is clearly a vulnerable person (who makes herself a victim as much as possible), so being in an abusive relationship with no familial or friend support means she's fucked.

Jen needs to stop shit talking everything on twitter and get up and go help her fucking kid who was accepting help before she apparently got manipulated by Jonny.

No. 671084

I think that means she’s feeling better or healthier as they seem to phrase it.

No. 671085

Healthy Taylor chose jonny soo…

Unless she sorts out her mental shit, she'll fall back into the same bad habits. It's one thing to say you'll change when your puking over the toilet, but another to do it when your feeling healthier.

No. 671087

The POINT of the whole 'taylor is an adult thing' is that she can't legally be forced to do anything by her parents. They can't put her into a facility, force her to be away from JC, they can't even really go rehome her animals.

Her mom can only help if taylor wants to be helped, which she does not.

No. 671096

I'm sure Taylor is subconsciously wanting help but gets influenced super fast that she forgets her own feelings. Her messed up parents are the cause and if they were actually parents, she wouldn't even be stupid ass hell.

I've grown tired of trying to think about the positive side for Taylor though. I know for a fact that once she comes back, she'll be back with her narcissist self and start blaming her parents and haters for bringing her down. Rehab can help stop you from ODing but it won't stop you from your own personality.

No. 671106

File: 1560883959428.png (900.52 KB, 1536x2048, 4741A658-EE66-46A0-A8FA-FA5143…)

No. 671134

and jen sits on her ass the whole day customizing these dumb fucking cartoons. why do so many cows use these?

and yeah, no shit JC isn't in NY to look after his dad. It couldn't have been more obvious.

No. 671147

There are thousands of untested rape kits spanning back years sitting in every police station right now. Filing a police report for rape is useless especially against your own partner. Difficult to prove, cops don't want to deal with it. The fact that jc doesn't have a charge doesn't mean it never happened.

No. 671152

Bullshit!^(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 671153


eww stop defending jonny

No. 671154

prove it

No. 671156

Like Taylor jen does love the attention. Jens an idiot but not to blame for this. Everyone's parents are damaging in some way. Taylor had every opportunity with money and a growing career. She chose a toothless leprechaun with a bad past. Wanted the groupie life and had to neglect animals to get there. This is who she is and always has been. Let's just hope she's getting proper mental health treatment and not just detoxing

No. 671159

LOL I see KiwiFarms is at capacity for fuckwits and bottom feeders again and some have had to make their way here to try and troll. Fancy that.

Taylor is so insanely lucky and she'll probably never realise just how fortunate she really is. She's from a well-to-do family, she never had to work a real job to support herself or her family, and she absolutely won the lottery with Youtube pissing money on her. And she threw all that shit away for Jonny's bloated rancid body "for the experience". Well, you experienced it now, gurl… and to top it all off, her family is picking up the pieces for her spoiled ass. It's incredible. Anyone else not born chewing on the golden spoon would have been insanely fortunate to get third of the chances she's been given and she appreciates none of it. I guess that happens when you never have to face the music on your own, huh?

No. 671184


I wasn't aware that KF has a quota limit. Because surely trolls and WK's couldn't possibly find their way here from GG, PULL, or the wild, amirite anon?

No. 671185

Jen is such a pathetic person telling personal family details on the internet and talking to strangers as if they actually cared what happened to Taylor. At this point she's just a spectacle and provides entertainment for the masses. Also Jen is extremely punchable. What a puke of a woman.

No. 671205

Can not wait to use puke of a woman in a real life sentence.

No. 671222

I'm not gonna ride this train. Not even buying a ticket.

She's 22.

Kiwicels make their way to the GG thread to defend their trash witch goddess and her pedo prince, mostly.

No. 671235

So why is Taylor even in rehab if she's gonna get back with Jonny as soon as she gets out? Is she that stupid that she thinks she won't relapse when their entire relationship revolves around drug use?

No. 671239

She seems to just see money as a solution for everything. Spending x on rehab has to do something, right?

No. 671255

File: 1560929587908.png (294.64 KB, 1536x2048, 9A1EC407-606E-453F-8EF4-9311AB…)

Next prey?

No. 671283

File: 1560941746883.jpg (614.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190619-055439_Twi…)

She also has animals and in bad conditions

No. 671304

File: 1560947897960.jpeg (82.54 KB, 750x510, A63044FE-AFD5-4025-86C1-6CCBCD…)

What’s this loser talking about? He tweeted this 15 mins ago, went to Jonny’s insta and I don’t see anything particularly weird (I mean, anything weirder than what he usually posts)

No. 671306

File: 1560948213479.png (184.58 KB, 510x1216, guntalk.png)

how lovely

No. 671307

I only see a really dark video of JC petting a cat. I actually first thought he was fondling his cock since it's so dark it's hard to make out what's going on. Maybe this is what matt means in his infinite dean wisdom.

No. 671308

"Master of his domain" is a reference to a Seinfeld ep where they compete to see who can go the longest without masturbating, so yeah, I assume he also thought that was what was going on

No. 671310

This dude seriously acting and pretending like someone would wanna do time for him.

Jonny all people gotta do is wait with your ass.

Also fuck Taylor, I knew it. Won t be surprised if this whole rehab thing is just so she can "use casually in the weekends" so she went and got a reset. And she'll think she can control it after she comes out of rehab.

No. 671312

File: 1560948965901.png (11.38 KB, 548x94, mattdean.PNG)

yeah, he definitely mistook the cat video for something else. really tells you more about his mind than JC's…

No. 671314

File: 1560949338111.webm (1.28 MB, 480x852, media.io_65367194_136812444173…)

No. 671315

JC getting a gun and going around carrying it is… IDK a recipe for a disaster. This is the last fuckwit on earth who should get his swollen dirty hands on a loaded weapon.

No. 671320


I can't even see anything, just shapes. Why even post this. If I didn't already know what it was I guess it could seem dodgy but man… goes to show much Taylor's parents truly hate Jonny and will call him out for anything. Maybe start spilling the truth about him instead of trying to make something out of a dark, blurry video? Christ this family is one generation of crazy after another. No wonder Jen's husband is still with her - he's just as bad just less vocal.

No. 671321

all his tweets regarding the video are now deleted. in true dean fashion.

No. 671329

This, I wish they would just spill the milk already instead of making vague cringe tweets about him. Jen has said multiple times she supposedly has proof (text messages or videos or something) or horrible things Jonny has done/said. Stop being a 12 year old posting song lyrics and spill what he’s done. He’s the biggest manipulator here, why is everyone going so easy on him?

Oh, and Jen, if you do decide to spill it, do it right. Attach a video of the messages being scrolled trough along with the photos, otherwise “it’s just edited and fake” will be used against you.

No. 671330

Right? They have actual milk on him, endless amounts I’m sure, but they’re out here trying to make shit out of a dark video where he’s petting a cat because that’s all they can give us without Taylor cutting them off. Just keep your mouths shut and stop trying to string people along for your own weird attention complex. Pathetic.

No. 671333

Jonny posted the dark cat video on his insta after Jen tweeted whatever it was. Whatever she was talking about was deleted fast.

No. 671334

JC's dark cat vid was posted 8 hours ago. matt tweeted about it 1 hour ago, anon checked JC's story 15 minutes later and found only the cat story. matt deleted his tweets when called out. I think it's safe to say there was nothing else there.

No. 671340


As if Jonny could even afford a gun, much less a “dirty” one. He’s so pathetic. If he really thought he was so “gangster” wouldn’t he just illegally own a firearm? He is just a pussy in every sense of the word.

Also, I assume he’s making reference to Amanda with the gone girl reference. Honestly, can’t say I don’t believe him. She’s always come off as obsessed to me and some of her tweets about him make me cringe. She still goes on about him all these years later. Go get some therapy and don’t even acknowledge this scums existence. Not trying to WK but this has always been my observation of Amanda pre-Taylor. However, would anyone care if Amanda did gone girl his ass? He totally deserves it.

No. 671342

I think he’s implying that he has an illegal gun >>671306
Cant wait til he accidentally shoots himself.

No. 671343

Yeah, he has his daddy's gun haha

No. 671355

>He is just a pussy in every sense of the word.

Please don't equate JC with something as wonderful and fun as pussies. Dude lacks the depth and warmth for one lol

No. 671356

>He is just a pussy in every sense of the word.

Please don't equate JC with something as wonderful and fun as pussies. Dude lacks the depth and warmth for one lol

No. 671361


He has his daddy's stick lol

No. 671365

File: 1560961752479.jpg (105.17 KB, 1242x725, SiC68FG.jpg)

“Why did everyone think I was playing with my disease ridden carrot?”

No. 671392

File: 1560970315127.jpeg (79.68 KB, 1125x676, 5A0DBE6B-802A-46D3-8617-6431F2…)

is he foreal lol

No. 671403

I honestly thought that JC’s cat story actually was his dick and I was like “wtF DID I JUST SEE”
Then I turned up the brightness on my phone and saw it was a cat and was so relieved lmao. Maybe that’s what Mama Dean was talking about

No. 671413

File: 1560980754687.jpeg (331.07 KB, 1242x806, 041C7B9D-780B-47A7-9858-5BCF78…)

Sure he doesn’t use Taylor’s money. That’s why he’s stuck in NY living at his dad’s, and why he couldn’t afford to go back for his dentist appointment.

No. 671415

It is royalties time, so he’s feeling high on the $1,000 max he likely got in. Get more shoes, busted leprechaun!

No. 671424

Most normal people who have no internet fame routinely get more likes than him. How fucking sad.

No. 671432

what a prized hog, so proud on his throne of shit

No. 671435

>watch the money pile up
>said the man with no house, no car and no job.

No. 671441

I saw someone panhandling outside the 99 cent store today and could’ve sworn it was JC; had to double-take to make sure. But no, this homeless guy actually looks a little better than JC.

No. 671442

File: 1560983812175.png (417.08 KB, 750x1334, B0EB5AA0-07EB-4CBD-B626-3C1D5B…)

No. 671451

File: 1560985590162.png (343.54 KB, 830x1707, discord1.png)

Jonny’s been unusually active on his discord today. Here are him and his fans sperging over turtlemom reposting the screenshot from earlier >>671306 from lolcow to twitter. JC starts to flex fis arms and guns and – predictably – says turtlemom must be amanda, chelsea’s mom or taylor’s parents.

No. 671452

File: 1560985631109.png (142.12 KB, 659x906, discord2.png)

jonny posts their address (?)

No. 671455

File: 1560985704499.png (56.55 KB, 763x277, discord3.png)

random tidbits about taylor and then his ex.

No. 671457

File: 1560985917064.png (99.19 KB, 647x728, discord4.png)

jonny on the drama. lol@ devil in carnet.

again sorry that the timestamps are messed up on the screenshots, these are from about 5-6pm his local time.

No. 671460

File: 1560986233268.png (202.01 KB, 605x893, twitter.PNG)

also, hate to bring this fucking account into this again, but turtlemom is saying that authorities have been informed about the gun situation.

No. 671461

>yeah you're huge bro

my sides

No. 671467

Is this him confessing to cheating? Or is he being sarcastic? He has terrible grammar so it’s hard to tell lol

Even if he’s being sarcastic he probably has cheated on her though.

No. 671468

Jonny is so fucking cringe. Idk if it’s mental illness or if it’s killed brain cells. Either way, no one is remotely jealous of you. What do you truly have to be jealous of? All you have is a 22 year old heroin addicted narc gf, a basic bitch shoe collection, and funkos. You’re a washed up typical ex emo boy band junkie.
Someone your age should be “flexing” an owned home, car and a job. You have NONE of these. If you really had money, you would be showing it off on camera left and right because that’s what a repulsive being like you would do if you actually had money. You show off everything else, so why not money. Face it Jonny, you’re a broke joke and we’re all sick of hearing about “your” money. Your queen was having mental breakdowns on social media and abusing drugs again and you couldn’t give two fucks. All you cared about was your computer and streaming to ten people. You’re rich at being a despicable piece of shit.

No. 671469

>Is this him confessing to cheating? Or is he being sarcastic?
having read through the whole chat (only sc-d the relevant parts) I think he's being serious.

No. 671471

>Devil in carnet

Lol what a fucking idiot

No. 671477

File: 1560988233659.png (3.5 MB, 1242x2208, C24F7FC6-C783-4C33-9E39-32609F…)

Big yikes

No. 671482

He looks like someone’s gross alcoholic dad. Holy shit.

No. 671483

Well, he is someone’s gross junkie dad. Now I’m really sad.

No. 671484

THIS is what Taylor is fucking her life/family/career up for????

No. 671485

Look at those fucking sausage fingers

No. 671487

We all know this thread/those random twitter accounts are either Amanda or Chelsea. They're not victims, constantly tweeting about him is not victim behavior. Trying to destroy a man bc he doesn't give a fuck about you is petty af and says alot about your character(s)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 671491

File: 1560991148405.jpg (125.38 KB, 888x499, kek.jpg)

No. 671494

Honestly you'd want to do heroin to tolerate having sex with that swamp goblin.

No. 671496

we get it anon your a jonny fan, go shill somewhere else. Your not gonna convince anyone here he's not a POS.

FFS Taylor is seriously mentally ill if she thinks dating this 33 y/o loser is good for her. all those hoodies and shit just hide the fact that he's a fat fuck.

No. 671500

Reporting a man to the authorities with a restraining order against him, who obtained a firearm, and then immediately started talking negatively about the person who filed the restraining order is not trying to ruin his fucking life. It’s in the terms that he’s not even supposed to talk about her/mention her name as far as I know. He’s fucking dangerous. These accounts are to let the general public in on the knowledge that Jonny Craig is a terrible and dangerous man who’s out of touch with reality.

No. 671502

So what makes you an expert in victim behavior? Your probably a 13 fan girl that’s has zero life experience or your JC himself. Go back to Twitter and suck Jonny’s nuts.

No. 671503

no anon he is not for real

listing taylor's parents among his exes. quite foretelling

cheating on whichever of them has the tro against him (amanda?)

ugh you sad sack, go send jonny your donation

No. 671510

Can we please just permaban the Jonny stan? They are irrelevant and annoying.

No. 671514

Report the Jonny Stan and they will get banned eventually. The mods here do not tolerate white knighting.

No. 671539

wow what a lovely boyfriend you have, Taylor. Any MAN that loves his girl and respects her would never bring her family down in public even if they are crazy. You sure did pick the most perfect guy, especially one that can't stop talking about his exs.

he doxes everyone he comes in contact with.

> Devil in carnet

No. 671540

i'm so glad that he and his ex-wife separated. His son would probably be just like Taylor and without a law degree

No. 671541

all this needs is jonny's ugly tattoos and hotdog fingers

No. 671566

It seems like everyone who posts here is out of touch with reality. You're believing false accusations from psychotic women who hate a man just because he doesn't love them anymore. Pathetic.(ban evasion)

No. 671567

You want to use the term dangerous? How about The Three Stooges, Amanda, Liz, and Chelsea, and there duped followers who believed their sob stories.(ban evasion)

No. 671571

Ok but if someone is falsely accused isn't that considered slander? And why doesn't Johhny sue them if he's being slandered?(ban evasion)

No. 671578


lmfao that double chin. boy is getting fat no wonder he wears hoodies all the time. big indeed, he's turning into lard.

No. 671601

You're a rapist, Jonny. A disgusting rapist. And your incessant sperging is not going to convince anyone here otherwise.

No. 671603

If an artistic anon could meld >>671477 and >>671491 it would really be something

No. 671607

nice reply. nailed it.

also, i come back to read here after being gone a day and suddenly jonny stans have discovered lolcow. lol.

No. 671611

File: 1561013400614.jpeg (173.47 KB, 888x499, 8563C62E-97AB-4BE9-A2A8-2450BC…)

No. 671612

Can we add the twisty tea, the wallpaper of Chelsea and the cats and the tongue ? This is perfect Anon

No. 671613

or we could not tell victims how to behave, that's a start…

Isn't it illegal for him to own one in the first place?

He's really intimidated by his past victims. Classic predator, trying to downplay their experiences to live his little delusion.

This is beautiful!!!

No. 671614

Can you link the wallpaper to me I can’t seem to find it

No. 671615

File: 1561015992923.png (2.44 MB, 1703x978, 797A5A30-FB8D-4F07-BC2D-1AA483…)

No. 671618

File: 1561018490288.png (1.33 MB, 1536x2048, DFB353BF-84FD-4BE2-A6AC-757B9C…)

No. 671619

File: 1561018517543.png (824.67 KB, 1536x2048, 9CC68F88-528C-45A3-9674-E16CD7…)

No. 671620

File: 1561018538706.png (429.7 KB, 1536x2048, E57EBBFE-F793-41D6-9D73-7E1EDB…)

No. 671623

I can honestly say at this point I don't care if she stays with him or kicks him to the curb with the rest of the trash. I feel nothing for any of the humans in this fucked up mess. Just the poor animals.

No. 671625

She is a fucking nightmare.

No. 671626

I don't believe Taylor will be able to stay clean, with or without Jonny. Of course, it will be harder with him but with all her """chronic illness""" she will start back with pain meds, I'm sure. I've seen addicts justify taking pain meds because of pain, and think it'll be ok because they're prescription, then be right back on dope when they can't make that pill count. She's too weak not to relapse.

No. 671627

she has an 'addictive personality' so of course not. She has no support system as it is, so even if she ditched Jonny she would have no one to actually help her other than her fucked up parents.

No. 671628

Idk that that'll be her biggest issue. There are non-addictive pain meds she might be able to try, and someone longer sober and more experienced with addiction could probably manage pain meds if they're controlled and have the support they need. The thing about Taylor is that if she's really already planning on, or even considering, taking Jonny back, she's obviously not committed to improving her life and getting clean, so she's absolutely going to start using again when she gets out.

No. 671634

I think she's gonna go back. It seems initially she was gonna jump back on her ex but that fell through, and with her feeling lonely in rehab she's clinging to Jonny again, with Jen actually pushing her even harder back into his arms by giving him a "reason" to play victim to her. He is just too good of a narcissistic supply for her from all parties. The outrage it will cause, I feel she deep down enjoys that. Deep down she enjoys reading here etc. I think she's also going to relapse. I think she feels she can control it when she comes out rehab and "casually " use with Jonny.

No. 671640

she didn't start heroin because of pain, most of her pain talk has been lies to cover for the heroin use.

No. 671641

I honestly don't believe for a second that Taylor broke up with/will break up with Jonny for real. I think her mama is right, Taylor likes her situation as it is. It's funny how she always claims she's tired of drama, but drama is all she wants in her life.

Think about it. She always purchases "sick/poor condition" animals because that's way more dramatic than buying a healthy animal. She chased after famous musicians because she wanted their dramatic lifestyle. First Post, but my guess is his chill ass didn't want anything to do with her so she chose the next best thing, Jonny, who is all about the fucking drama with his "it's everyone against me weeeh" bullshit. It's a huge plus that he's such a "broken" person. Another sick animal for her to fix! But that wasn't enough, of course. She wanted even more drama, so she decided to become broken herself, by taking drugs. And she somehow firmly believes that she can rescue not only her poor animals and her pig of a boyfriend, but herself as well.

Sorry for the rant. But this girl is so ridiculously predictable. Poor little priviliged rich girl who forced herself into her shitty life situation. I'm so sick of it.

No. 671643

It’s his dads gun supposedly…but I’d bet it’s not legally stored!

No. 671649

She has not experienced a single moment of true hardship. She's like those rich kids who panhandle because they think it's edgy.

No. 671655

If Jonny was able to take a picture then it’s not stored properly. In NY if you live with somebody unable to own a firearm legally then all firearms must be locked up at all times. In a box, with a trigger lock and all ammo located in a separate locked box. It’s too bad he didn’t take a pic with his ugly mug next to it.

No. 671658

maybe I'm projecting but the situation with her brother is a pretty fucking big hardship. I get that she's pretty rich and has a supportive family in that sense, but this strikes me like saying money solves all of your problems in life and if you're rich you can't possibly struggle.

Taylors decisions, at least to me, are more likely the result of resignation to becoming a full time carer when she's older. It's a thing lots of siblings of disabled people struggle with, your entire life revolves around them and then when your parents die, you're stuck with looking after them for the rest of your life too. Why go to school, build a career, start a family or focus on your own future at all when you know as soon as your parents die it's going to be ripped away from you anyway? May as well make decisions that are fun now but bad in the long run, because your future is fucked anyway. Taylor's whole
>I wanted the experience
Thing makes a lot more sense if you look at it like this. She knows one day she wont be able to do anything she wants ever again.

No. 671660

he took a picture of it laying on a bed: >>668592

No. 671661

why would she have to care for him? as an adult he'd most likely have to live in a facility, even if jen were around.

No. 671663

>>671658 not saying having a sick brother is easy. But she doesn't really seem all that involved with him anymore since she got the hell out of there. I mean, she'd move to California if she could, it just seems like she wants to get away from her family. And if she is as sick as she claims, how would she possibly ever be able to take care of him in the future?

No. 671664

It's never certain whether you can get someone a place in a facility, and even if he is in one, who do you think foots the bill once momma and poppa dean are gone? Even if they leave a massive inheritance it wont be enough, they'd have to be actual billionaires. You also don't just chuck a person in a facility, wash your hands of them and never have to deal with it again. She'll be his POA and in charge of all of his care, have to deal with all the admin, might have to relocate to get him a place, can't travel abroad etc etc. Even in the best case scenario, she still can't do whatever she wants to do and her future is basically the same regardless of the choices she makes.

No. 671666

I am pretty sure Medicaid or Medicare would cover that…

Taylor probably never gave a single thought to caring for her brother once her parents are gone. It's not like she's legally obligated.

No. 671667

As someone who works with DDD/mental health/etc they are likely going to have him evaluated for DDD services soon if they haven’t already. Then when he turns 18 it would be optional if they want guardianship or power of attorney. Sure DDD is going to pressure them but Jen/Taylor can’t be forced. DDD would be responsible to make sure he has appropriate care and facilities from that point forward. They’d only have to pay if they choose to not have him involved with DDD or if they picked a private fancy pants facility

No. 671669

I know that. I’m saying Jonny’s face next to the gun as proof that he has access to them.

No. 671670

>It's not like she's legally obligated.
But she's his next of kin, is that not how it works in the US?

Ah, I'm unfamiliar with how this works in the US, forgive me. I'm really surprised that you aren't legally obligated to become POA/guardian for your family members considering it's an insurance based system. Does he become like a ward of the state or something like that and would his care not depend on her parents or her having insurance? Even though we have an NHS you can't do that here.

No. 671675

this is a great point. If she's too uwu sick and weak to hold a 9-5 desk job, how could she possibly be capable of doing a 24/7/365 job, that's much more stressful and emotionally exhausting? plus he's a big kid and probably still growing. He's gonna be able to physically overpower Taylor/her mother at some point, if not soon. Then he'll need professional care as he could be a physical danger to others (especially "glass bones and paper skin" Taylor) during a meltdown.

No. 671678

Adult siblings have no legal responsibility to care for their adult siblings in the US.

In the past, it’s been unusual for people with Prader-Willi Syndrome to live past 40. Now that it’s better understood, there are people living into their 60s. Taylor’s brother may or may not be one of them.

No. 671679

pardon, you wrote 'if' he took a pic of the gun at all so I thought you hadn't seen the pic

No. 671680

Sorry anon, my fault, now I understand.
The good thing is that he is in NY, without money to leave at this point and NY will never allow him to legally own or carry because of his past. It doesn’t matter if his tro has expired. And you can catch a gun charge a bit too easily up here so let’s hope for that. Unfortunately it’d be street cred in his mind.

No. 671681

sweet Jesus, I didn’t think it was possible but he’s got even uglier

No. 671699

Most common lie an abusive person will tell you.

"All my exes are crazy, not me I swear! It's their problem not mine, they're just jealous reeeeee"

No. 671700

Holy swollen face Batman. Imagine destroying your whole life for this

No. 671701

Why is it so much more believable that 3 separate people are lying with similar stories than maybe johnny is a POS?

the lengths people go I swear

No. 671704

this is retarded. taylor will never have to care for her brother. she is not legally responsible for him. this is just more bullshit from wk's bemoaning poor taylor's tragic life.

prader-willi gets tanner automatic medicaid and medicare and his mother has probably been getting bennies from the govt. for as long as tanner's been alive.

No. 671707

I bet all my money that Taylor is going to go back with Jonny once she's able to. Her excuses about having an addictive personality and her lies is deeply engraved in her mind that she BELIEVES that she has no choice and HAS to do drugs and all this stupid shit due to her illness.

Taylor, and her parents, should go into therapy right after rehab.

No. 671708

File: 1561054374719.jpeg (350.21 KB, 1242x1885, A87B5ADA-D78A-4094-B428-88B17E…)

No. 671709

File: 1561054404470.jpeg (370.19 KB, 1242x1860, 3C30124B-26B7-4AA8-8BD7-1D1E41…)

No. 671710

File: 1561054437646.jpeg (330.64 KB, 1242x1877, C9F06795-F145-4BCB-A574-81A1B5…)

No. 671711

funny how this couple is always trying to convince people that they're "grown" adults and how Jonny is in his 30s but run to their parents when life gets tough

No. 671712

“I miss her smell”

No. 671713

File: 1561054673360.jpeg (350.3 KB, 1242x1832, FBB7BF48-793F-4993-8709-98B8D8…)

No. 671714

He misses her smell & the way she looks when she sleeps… neither of which imply her personality.

No. 671715

I’m so sick of Jonny (stans) finding their way to this thread to defend him. I don’t care if there’s zero proof he’s a rapist just observe the way he talks to women and people in general. That’s enough proof for me to believe he is capable of raping women. You have to be gullible to believe a word Jonny says. How can you defend someone who’s gf is in rehab for a HEROIN addiction when that person you are defending has had a history of heroin addiction for over a decade. You people defending him are fucking sick. Do your tiny brains believe Jonny had no influence (and yes, Taylor is a mess on her own) on this idiotic girl that’s 10 years younger than him? I’m surprised more people aren’t outraged that he’s dating someone that young. You must also be dim if you cannot see with your own two eyes how much his appearance has changed over this past month (swollen hands, face, talking nonsense and pinpoint pupils). No one is making any of this shit up. Why is it so hard to believe that Jonny Craig is a piece of shit? He has NEVER (not even until this day) done anything to redeem himself as a human being to prove he has grown up and learned lessons.

Sorry for the rant but I’m sick of people not using the fucking brains they were given. It’s really not hard to comprehend that he is a shit person.

No. 671716


"We're just a couple of kids…"

No. 671717

File: 1561054944264.jpeg (192.49 KB, 1242x1345, 3D900316-A519-4CEF-9900-5F214D…)

No. 671719

Highly doubt they’d leave her POA. More likely older half brother would be more responsible

No. 671720

The stranger thing s it’s not just 3 ex’s, it’s their parents and current gf parents also. But yeah, it’s definitely not Jonny. The delusion is real!

No. 671721

“I miss her smell so bad”. Really? She must have stunk after admitting to rarely showering!!!

No. 671723

Why would Taylor want to stay up there???
Away from her animals, friends & family?

…Oh yeah, Jonny has to isolate her the 'right' way this time. Then she won't get scooped up by her parents & be able to tell them what happened.

No. 671727

More like Taylor wants to get away from all of that and go on a drug binge with Jonny. She doesn't give a shit about her pets, she doesn't have any friends other than her maid, and her parents are batshit insane.
It's hardly isolation/manipulation if Taylor wants to go there out of her own free will.

No. 671731

Tinfoil but thinking about it I feel like these are from Taylors father. It sounds a lot like him (especially the double spaces after periods) and her dad obviously really hates Jonny. Can't be her mom cause Jen illiterate. Might be Betsy but I kind of feel like Betsy is done with Taylors crap at this point. She doesn't have anyone else in her life that she would talk to about this and a rando wouldn't know this much.

If it really is her father, then he really needs to sit down and think about his life. Him and his wife went on a whole smear campaign calling the exes crazy and defending Jonny and are now saying that what Taylor "endured" was 5 times as bad. Fuck all these people lol

No. 671732

File: 1561058795859.jpg (223.92 KB, 1080x914, 20190620_132606.jpg)

No. 671735


Can someone do the right thing for the animals and rehome them? I am so sick of this family and these people defending their ability to take care of the long list of animals Taylor has acquired. She left them with her MOM, who has her hands full with Tanner, and is no in way educated to give them care, even if she had time. I feel like the animals welfare is really getting lost in the JC/TD soap. Now the priority for Taylor is visiting/going JC in NY instead of taking care of her animals.

No. 671736

seriously, i wouldn't dislike her nearly as much without the animals. i might even root for her. as it stands she's just trash.

No. 671737

yeah I'm with you. She can't be that stupid as to get manipulated by jonny, the idiot that can hardly string a sentence together. she wants this.

I don't think the animals are worse off right now than they were with taylor. I do hope they are rehomed asap.

No. 671750

They're also in a house no one lives in atm. If she's seriously going away, those animals (especially the cats) will be alone for way longer.

No. 671752

Jonny has been high like every time he's been on stream. Either he brought a fuck ton of heroin across state lines or he has connections there. Either way she is going to relapse. Like within hours of being around him.

No. 671753

He’s claiming that where he is there isn’t drugs. I live in the boonies of NY and my small community has a rampant heroin and meth problem. It’s so bad that the only business for 11 miles, a bar, had to be closed because there were so many drug issues. So he’s full of shit!

No. 671754

Its NY, he was in the scene circle of course he has connection, that's bullshit. Actually i find it more harmfull for Taylor if she ever come visit him there since the drug they sale there is way more cut.

No. 671755

If her first thought is to run back to him as soon as she leaves the facility then it’s a given she’ll relapse. She doesn’t want to get better, plain and simple. All of this shit was for nothing.

No. 671757

File: 1561063875644.jpeg (335.71 KB, 1242x1745, 52D2C086-A6F9-4405-9BBC-5ACA92…)

Finding new homes for those poor exploited animals is inevitable.

The YouTube gravy train is over for TND

Do the right thing mama dean unless you are holding off hoping they will have more value to her stans after she od’s

No. 671758

Both of you are right and I’m sure everyone else knows it’s a fucking pathetic excuse no one believes. Jonny has toured the country many times and has never done it sober. He hits up his connect in whatever city he’s passing through and would even do it publicly on Twitter back in the day. He’s so full of shit. At least think of a better lie, manlet.

No. 671765

File: 1561064612221.jpeg (502.18 KB, 1242x1190, 5CC4188A-D86D-4B5A-96E6-383558…)

No. 671766

America is drug central. It's easy to get drugs anywhere you go.. it's even worse in cities. Stans who are still obsessed with these two are obviously either living with low IQ or are too young to even comprehend the real world.

No. 671767

File: 1561064859883.jpg (51.19 KB, 500x500, 33xwl4.jpg)

No. 671768

If i didnt know who Jennifer Dean was, I'd probably think she's Taylor's dumb little sister.

No. 671769

It’d be something if Jen has been doing just that the entire time TND is in rehab. Especially without her knowing. That’d be the most sensible thing she has done while Taylor’s been away. Hopefully that’s what she has done.

No. 671770

if Taylor's animals were human, the state would take them away from her the moment she goes in rehab. I wish we had laws that would force people to rehome their pets when the owner becomes a junkie

No. 671772

Then what the fuck are you waiting for? You cant babysit her animals forever, she decided to hoard just because the retard decided to get addicted.

At least once she gets out of rehab she can go get OD in NY free wihtout the guilt of letting her pets behind. It's not the first time she neglected them for Jonny.

No. 671773

maybe she's hinting that she has rehomed some. Probably the ones Taylor said she didn't want anymore.

No. 671775

Hmm maybe rehomed animals is why TND is headed to NY no animals to abuse anymore so now she will punish her family.

No. 671776

Didn’t Taylor say she didn’t shower for weeks on end? She probably smelled awful lol

No. 671779

Some people are into stink, your body produces pheromones that are washed off in the shower.

Hot and sweaty after a workout? Yes

4 weeks without bathing and junkfood? Fuck no

Jonny is a disgusting creep, her bad hygiene probably makes him feel better about his own shitty failing body. Probably says anything that Taylor wants to hear, calling her lack of hygiene a disgusting mess doesn't help his hidden agenda.

No. 671780

It's funny how all his exs starts to become this smelly blob the longer they stay with him and when they remove him out of their lives, they become beautiful again. He's a walking disease.

No. 671781

Yeah especially since she admitted she showers every 2 weeks

No. 671782

File: 1561067212869.jpeg (74.92 KB, 1225x520, 89D0D1B8-8A16-4C60-8046-D1EA61…)

Now it makes more sense why he calls her bubble!

No. 671783

if i remember correctly he called amanda and chelsea “bubby” so he really got creative with taylor’s pet name

No. 671785

He doesnt even have anything to show on the Instagram video, he is so empty down there hahah and pretty sure that sound bar was bought with his money. Laughs on you Craig maybe you just went with your dad to buy a sound bar and claiming that you bought it.

No. 671787

is Jonny really with his dad?

No. 671788

I'm fucking weak, i love you for this anon.

No. 671789

anons here like to tinfoil that he's not, but there's no reason to believe that he's anywhere else. he also posted this >>668235 while there, which makes me think he is at his dad's.

No. 671790

File: 1561068962018.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1104x1922, F4ED8E89-EFCC-4EEB-B19F-B88902…)

Why does he have to be such a fucking ASSHOLE all of the time. You sound like a jealous pig. Even if he is “jk” there’s a time and place for it.

No. 671792

If your going to post memes, please do a little more editing

like >>671615

No. 671793

Also lived in a boonies area in central new york briefly, which also had problems with heroin and meth. Jonny is in Watertown in Northern NYS, while probably a small city, will def have drugs especially heroin for sure.

No. 671794

He literally posted a text that someone was asking him to get high in the past week. No drugs Jonny? Really? What a fucking moron.

No. 671795

File: 1561070470277.jpeg (386.99 KB, 1242x2115, C3E0206A-6EFD-45E5-810F-216DE4…)


Dad bod alert lower right?

No. 671796

That chin hotdog tho. Yeah we’ve seen ya Jonny.

No. 671801

File: 1561073961267.png (9.83 MB, 1242x2208, 0AB2CCD5-A836-4241-B639-2C4F6B…)

That explains it.

No. 671802

Taylor has absolutely no obligation to look after her brother once their parents die. It's ridiculous to even say that she has that obligation.

No. 671803

Fucking Christ, how is he still alive?

No wonder his body is falling apart. What is it with drug addicts and fast food, too lazy to cook for themselves and no self control to stop from eating shit. I'm surprised he's not bigger, 5'5 and getting fatter. Whats he gonna look like when he's 40 christ.

No. 671804

I think anons are giving her too much credit by saying she has an obligation. Any obligation would be a moral obligation. And Taylor doesn’t have morals.

No. 671805


I don't give a shit about Taylor. She can date her rapist boyfriend, get high and overall be the drama queen she is all while crying about her problems on social media. Sadly she's involved 50+ animals in all of this and that's why I have to care. The sheer amount of animals this girl has in care is unbelievable considering the shit she does.

No. 671806

I wasn't wking, I just genuinely didn't know it doesn't work like that in the US. Legal responsibility just gets passed to next of kin here, and I had no reason to assume it works any differently over there - why would the state automatically take responsibility for disabled people when you don't have an NHS and US healthcare is renowned for letting people die if they can't pay, it's very surprising to me that it works like that. Sorry for assuming and feel free to ignore what I said as it no longer applies.

No. 671807

He's gona start looking like a fat zombie by the time he hits 40. He'll still be talking like a 15 years old.

No. 671808

No your fine, no worries. We also shouldn’t assume everybody know the US crappy healthcare and Medicaid laws.

No. 671809

If Taylor had a stable job and wasn't who she is now, she would probably be able to take care of her little brother. I don't think she's able to take care of someone legally if she was caught being negligent and always high. I know a couple who actually lost custody of their kid just because they had history of drug abuse.

No. 671811


JC dad standing sideways lower right?

No. 671812

Yeah, hence >>671795 dad bod. Cus JC isn’t a “dad”, in any meaning of the word.

No. 671815

I'd be seriously ashamed to have him as my son. No doubt his dad has his own issues, pretty much does confirm he's at his house tho.

Hopefully his dad is in on the whole situation and keeps him away from Taylor but I doubt it.

No. 671816

wait a sec is that carpet? did he just door-dash mcdonalds 3 times in a day? He can't drive and he can't cook.

No. 671819

"almost in tears" cmon now Jonny, she couldn't rustle up a tear for you in your own version of this.

No. 671832

I think it may be outside. It looks like concrete and there's sunlight on the table.
BUT it's been cloudy all day where he is. So maybe it could also be crappy lighting inside? But overall it's a weird pairing style-wise because it doesn't match at all for a home

No. 671835

it's the same carpet as the living room, it's every where in his stories. he's eating his maccas home delivered.

No. 671852

you would think that as a "rockstar" and always flexing about how his "shoes cost more than your rent" he would have no problem moving into a temporary small apartment. So I guess you're really nothing but talk huh Jonny?

No. 671863

File: 1561088613961.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2117, D82CD315-6F91-4C90-8A8F-F8791F…)

No. 671864

omg should've clicked on that spoiler box anon. that's so gross

No. 671866

what the fuck is the area around his belly button

No. 671867

what the fuck is the area around his belly button

No. 671868

Surgery scar maybe?

No. 671872

imagine fucking that when you could easily have a young good looking guy.

No. 671874

imagine that with added bad breathe and ugly grunting while he's thinking he's amazing. I think I threw up a little

No. 671880

the same thing i always think, she knows it tho, i believe that she is scared of him and doesn't love him back, if she did she wouldn't had let him go, she's been sick and tired of him for a long time and she is finally doing something about it now, JC is her main problem, once she gets rid of him she can get her shit together

No. 671881


Yeah looks like a hernia scar, little kids get those easily.

No. 671886

File: 1561096195466.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, D7D963E2-34A0-4A35-A62F-94DA0B…)

No. 671887

File: 1561096274256.png (1014 KB, 750x1334, 9990DEB2-8516-4B20-8F19-5EC648…)

She is so confusing

No. 671900

This woman is crazy. It must be stressful for Taylor having her mom giving statments for her everytime they talk. Whatever she say rn is withdrawal talking, addicts flip flop about their decisions all the time while getting clean.

Mama Dean cant be passive aggresive on Twitter downgrading Taylor meanwhile she cant defense herself or at least tell her to drop it off. I would be surprise if Jonny didnt take this opportunity to tell Taylor her mother is twitting things that are worse than they actually are.

No. 671902

do you all really think taylor is going back to johnny after? because i feel like she still doesnt plan to. i think the problem is her crazy fucking mom tweets every single thing ever spoken between her and her "starlet" daughter and she had to tell johnny she was going back to him to not freak him out.

its honestly fucking stupid that her mom puts so much for everyone to see for the world, it'd be more forgivable if she was a teen or something. the amount she tweets about literally every personal detail in her life is insane.

honestly i dont even know if its flipflopping or just a defense. taylor knew johnny was a problem for the last few weeks or so, i think she would have just left rehab after 7 days if she wanted to cool down on the use for a bit and not have him go to NY.
if she was high and noticing this, then i feel led to believe when slightly more sober she an at least make the rational decision to not hop back into that

No. 671903

Hold up a second. Jonny's the one telling the world Taylor's every move, that she was in a facility, wants basically a conjugal visit and will be staying with him in NY (so he thinks anyway).

If Taylor were the one placating Jonny with no real intention of follow through, why would she point blank tell Jen that Jen's got it wrong and Taylor's really going back to Jonny? And that is literally all Jen has leaked - messy as she is the rest has just been her feelings day by day.

Taylor's not on twitter all day reading this stuff, she's in rehab, she's talking to Jonny on the phone. She's doing what she wants to do right now, only hopefully she'll change her mind about that before she leaves the program. If she knew how the public is taking it I honestly don't think she'd go back to him right now, myself. But right now she doesn't know anything except that filthy mumbler saying "bubble".

No. 671904

Am I the only one who thinks the person constantly typing ‘Anonymous’ in the name section is Taylor? It’s clear they’re almost all the same person and some of them read a lot like her. Idk maybe I’m tinfoiling.

No. 671906

This is just a test to see if they’re really typing it or if sage is a thing again lmao

No. 671909

I don't think she is scared of Jonny AT ALL personally. The things she has said and done like publicly tweeting with an ex and what not just isn't the kind of behaviour of someone who is scared. Taylor manipulates the shit out of people. No doubt she will play a scared victim when it comes time and suits her though. But so far none of her actual behaviour matches that of someone who is scared.

No. 671911

File: 1561102460036.png (600.67 KB, 385x748, johnny2.PNG)

Johnny has clearly been reading here (nothing new) since we commented on his dad bod and he posted pics of himself shirtless, lol. I guess he thinks he's hot, no surprise there. But he seems to be way more obsessed with reading here and his haters in general. Also being much more bold with posts directed at lolcow.

He also posted a couple vids with an older man in them. I've kinda had doubts that he's with his dad but maybe he is after all? Also there's a better pic with Dad's face but idk if that's against the rules? I read them but I'm on the fence so have his dad's (presumably) legs instead

No. 671919

sage is a thing again in /pt/ see /meta/ for info. taylor's in rehab she's not shitposting here.

No. 671920

where else would he be? it's kinda obvious it's a parent type of home and he has nowhere else to go.

No. 671936

You're tinfoiling out of your ass

This is the most likely. The last thing we got from her were instagram posts about the breakup.

No. 671947

Funny how Taylor's in rehab but Jonny isnt despite the fact he's clearly high as fuck and still using, and has been using, you can tell by his vitals, like pupils, puffy hands, erratic behaviour, and he does have connections there because he posted a screen cap of a friend the other day asking to get high! For all we know, the second after he screen capped that, he sent a text saying "just kidding let's do it".

He's clearly still using, maybe he just uses enough to remain functional since hes a decade long experienced user, wheris I feel like Taylor, being young, dumb and new to the stuff just doesn't know when to stop and over uses.

I feel like the hospital visit was just a routine check of all her vitals, maybe some bloods and stuff just to make sure she's fit enough to go through with rehab and receive any medications she might need during withdrawals.

Jonny should just as equally be in there, there's no fucking way on earth shes been the only one using.

Which raises the question, why is she getting help and not him? Not very supportive or equal of him if he loves his bubble so much, you'd think he'd be going through the works too but he's not. All his caring stuff right now is such a facade.

No. 671948

She'd have to pay

No. 671949

Well he's clearly making bank so he claims, can pay for his drugs clearly through his pinpoint eyes.

He's such a bullshitter, go to rehab Jonny you fat gross fuck.

No. 671952

“HAD”… the last bf was good looking!

No. 671953

File: 1561121462375.png (459.45 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20190621-154939.png)

hilarious, jonny

No. 671954

File: 1561121483294.png (2.9 MB, 1080x1942, Screenshot_20190621-155019.png)

No. 671961

Theory: Taylor is still wishy-washy about getting back together, hence the love bombing. I'm thinking even if she does see jonny they will still be "on break" for a while, I think Taylor is buying time so she can find another BF when she gets out. She can't stand being alone but she'd lose alot of her victim status by staying with jonny, shes just waiting for the chance to "tell her story" and claim pity points.

She's extremely selfish and will thrown anyone under the bus for attention. I'm sure her some of her animals have died or deteriorated at this point.

No. 671965

>why is she getting help and not him?
Simple, he doesn't want to stop using. You can't force an addict to go to rehab.
If Taylor would've given him an ultimatum like "it's me or drugs" he would've broken up with her or tried getting clean (without professional help) for like a week or so. They're miserable with each other and one "why not use it one more time" thought is enough to fall back.
I doubt Jonny's ever getting clean and as long as Taylor can't stay away from him she won't either.
I'm with the anons saying she's going to die if she stays with him. Be it because of drugs or because he'll kill her someday.

No. 671968

this has some classics in there. I love the 'taylor with a corpse' pic.

No. 671987

File: 1561134601729.png (203.94 KB, 674x482, Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 12.2…)

Can't wait to see post-facility Taylor create the most BS paragraph for instagram

No. 671989

I'm betting she just calls it "the hospital" and "her health" and continues to avoid the h word anywhere but twitter. also can't wait to hear her side of the "she's telling each side something different" story

No. 671990

I'm betting she's goin to exaggerate her story as well. "one day, I fell over and my illness really took a toll on me and I couldn't move out of bed! Made me realize is this what my animals would want for me? so i decided to go to the hospital for my heath and Jonny was by my side every step of the way. He was there for me while I was in my darkest moment. He stood by me every step of the waY"

No. 672005

I’m still trying to hold out hope that doesn’t happen, only for the sake of her animals. Jonny is no doubt telling Taylor all about Jen’s insufferable antics on Twitter. Maybe in private she’s taken Jonny’s side since she knows her mom runs and blabs her every move to the internet? That way Jonny isn’t threatening her, and her mom shuts up and sulks online instead. If she reveals to Jen that she’s actually done with Jonny, her mom can’t contain her excitement and tells the whole world and screws up Taylor’s plan…Maybe. Perhaps I’ve got the tinfoil on tight, but if this isn’t what Taylor’s doing, she’s completely fucked. I’m so saddened for whatever is left of her animal hoard.

No. 672006

if taylor goes to him - even for a weekend - this stint in rehab will be for nothing. I'm calling an OD that she hides as something health related that she will go on on twitter about being a 'wake up call' and 'literally so scary' but then not do the one thing that will actually improve her health, i.e. never speaking to jonny again.

No. 672012

2 weeks later on her Instagram story This halsey song is so relatable right now :'(

No. 672013

hopefully Jonny is lying that he's talking to Taylor because if he is, she's gone for good. Once she goes back with Jonny "and all is right in the world," she'll be back on ig trying to convince her fans how Jonny is so perfect and they have yet to see it. I'm sure he's still trying to whisper in her ears like a devil. Her life and career is over once she goes back with him

No. 672016

File: 1561146171926.png (376.75 KB, 1536x2048, 7B710CF9-701A-4A70-A801-59A105…)

>don’t bring my son into this !,!1,1!

No. 672017

Her mom seemed pretty sure he was lying until she visited Taylor, so it seems as though Taylor has been talking to him.

No. 672018

File: 1561146205347.png (349.34 KB, 1536x2048, 9502B6EB-443D-4AAC-8154-FD92E5…)

>immediately brings son into it

No. 672027

so she's been showing tanner all the screenshots of what jonny's doing, maybe even showing him this thread. why can't she just be an adult for her kids when they obviously need her to be one?

No. 672028

On today’s episode of things Tanner never said

No. 672035

File: 1561152268830.jpeg (232.78 KB, 1203x870, E311E8B2-E965-4803-B0AC-DC9518…)

Good good person

Right! Finally something not cryptic!
Good at exploiting/hoarding animals
Good at doing heroin
Good at lying
Good at sabotaging her “career”
Good at destroying her life

Get off the internet mrs dean don’t you have a $4000/month hoard to rehome?

Or are you waiting until the overdose to clear it out?

Wonder if the landlord knows they rented the house to an abandoned zoo.

Must smell good in there

No. 672037

That's what narc mom's do best. Give their child adult information they don't understand or need to know.

No. 672043


I mean… Tanner must have access to the Internet. It's also likely he found this stuff on his own if he's interested in Taylor and her boyfriend.

No. 672046

Lmao I used to live in watertown and honestly it’s loaded.

No. 672062

How do decisions not define someone? That's easily the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

No. 672063

Exactly! Your decisions DEFINE who you are as a person!!

No. 672073

This is typical narc shit, half-truths, gaslighting and guilt-trips.

She's probably doing it from a place of concern but this never works, it only shows how much of a manipulative bitch you are.

She needs to tell her I'm re-homing your animals, your a heroin addict and you have a problem. If Taylor try's to pull any shit, drop the milk on jonny.

No. 672074

Taylor is not a good person, she's a criminal, she's mentally ill, she's an addict, she's an enabler, she's a hoarder.

She's the kind of person that gives animal keepers a bad name. She literally exploits her animals and their well being for profit. I wouldn't even be as bother but as other anons have said her animal care is dogshit.

No. 672095

Can someone with Prader-Willi do Internet searches? Honestly don’t know the answer.

No. 672096

sorry doublepost, but as a group, they have pretty severe cognitive disabilities

No. 672098

I know tanner reads but I can’t imagine they just let him wild out on a tablet, I mean maybe they do based on the parents internet personalities

No. 672099

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Jen goaded him into saying these things.

No. 672100

File: 1561176556345.png (4.27 MB, 1125x2436, E8A8A24A-3570-4A9E-81A8-C6E399…)

I don’t know the extent of Tanner’s cognitive abilities, but I do know he can use the internet. She talks about him getting mad at her for wearing clothes that made her look naked on the Internet in this video starting at .20.

No. 672114

Yeah lets just leave tanner out of this hes mentally handicapped not much else to say. His disease probably effected the relationship with mama dean and Taylor but it isn't his fault. Shit happens and life ain't fair unfortunately.

Jen is just using him as a human shield against jonny. She'll hide behind him and jonny can't criticize her cause he's disabled.

No. 672115

Whether or not T. can or does do his own Internet searches, you know Jen is showing and telling him things in order to get a reaction she can exploit for pity points.

No. 672117

jonny can't criticize anyone because he's a piece of trash, no shield required

No. 672131

it’s crazy seeing how she used to look like. she used to look so pretty and now she just looks like the walking dead. drained and no life left in her. I can’t feel sorry for her though because she wanted the “experience” and shit did she get it alright. hope it was worth it.

No. 672152

File: 1561215631569.png (168.35 KB, 728x458, Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 10.5…)

No. 672154

well it's not heroin addiction and animal neglect Jen, so…

No. 672155


Pretty sure Tana isn't doped up on heroin but okay, Jen.

No. 672159

Not even in the same ballpark of stupid. TND tries to hard to be these people, bella thorne, logan paul, ect. At least they're honest about what they are, TND tries to play it all innocent and coy.

These people are selfish, predatory narcissists that steal peoples time and money but they have the common sense not to do heroin.

No. 672169

I only care about the neglected animals, Jen. If your daughter is strong enough to get herself better, yay her. If she's found one day dead of an overdose, oh well. She has a choice on how she's going to live her life. Those animals did not choose to be purchased by someone who can't take care of them.

No. 672177


This is sadly a good example of why Taylor will likely go back to JC. Her mom is really out of touch with reality. I don’t know how much Taylor wants JC as much as it is she wants away from her mom.

No. 672179

Wait… is he seriously saying that she will move to new york? I doubt she's getting her animals back. Or even afford to move them all there plus everything else plus getting a new place. And without animals she will have no income. And without an income she won't have Jonny. Did he even think this lie through?

No. 672180

Idk why everyone is saying shes going to move.. Jonny's post said she was going to visit for the weekend/week when she gets out of rehab.

No. 672182


Probably because it’s Jonny saying it. When he first came to visit, he wound up staying and moving in. Once he has her where he wants her, it will be really hard for her to leave. No matter if she only means it to be a visit.

No. 672190

I see Taylor staying with him only because she has no one else. Beside her parents jc is the only friend she has to call in rehab. Without a real job or a passion outside of the house she has no way to meet people. She needs to rehome the pet's get a real job or go to school, there are plenty of sick people who work

No. 672192

Just curious does anyone know why he doesn't have a drivers license? Was it taken away or just never got one? Im actually amazed taylor ever got hers

No. 672193

This. People will put up with atrocious partners just to get away from their trainwreck parents. Taylor doesn't strike me as a person who likes being alone, it's going to be either her mom or a dude. I see her picking the dude every time, even if he's a worse trainwreck than Jen.

No. 672196

File: 1561238273546.jpeg (194.23 KB, 1242x1189, 6AB8F35C-2779-447B-B98A-077611…)

When are you going to do the right thing?
Rehome those poor pet props!

No. 672203

hey anon jsyk we can see the analytics icon from your replies, making your twitter known. might wanna delete those

No. 672208


Love how she gets all high and mighty about the spelling of heroin/heroine and then says "mute" instead of "moot." Idiot.

No. 672211

File: 1561242600629.png (1.15 MB, 1125x2436, 4DEB62A9-73BA-482A-AB13-907F07…)

No. 672212

File: 1561242630441.png (2.1 MB, 1125x2436, 644CAA1A-8704-4001-A8D2-F453C3…)


AKA heroin binges…

No. 672216

Isn't he… in his fucking 30s? Acting like a 13 y/o on the internet??? I can see he meant the "we're just a couple of kids" comment since he's mentally in his teenage years still.

No. 672223

does anyone even watch this douche's streams? i haven't been to any of them, does he get many views?

No. 672226

She's 22 with a high income, her parents aren't a factor in where she chooses to live and with who. She's not even reading Jen's tweets, guaranteed.

Jonny claims she's going to 'stay' there since it's remote and there are no drugs around, pinky swear.

No. 672233

I checked in on one for probably less than 10 minutes because it sucked so badly. He had like 50 or so people watching him. Dude's really raking in those Twitch dollars, I tell you.

No. 672241

File: 1561262123573.png (5.42 MB, 2688x1242, 69030433-29E1-4149-BF7C-36CDCF…)

Umm… tuned in and he’s watching some plastered girl play Twister then roll around, tits out and wrapped herself up with the Twister mat? ……… what in the hell

No. 672247

Not even surprised, she's way above his caliber anyway and smarter than she looks. Twitch thots gonna twitch thot, pretty good business model to separate losers from their money.

He'll just jerk off, like hundreds of others, and cry himself to sleep cause he's lonely.

No. 672249

File: 1561264244460.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 33B30D79-F32A-4441-BBA1-72FEB7…)

Wonder what this means

No. 672251

that they want him to stream? he was probably too high

No. 672255

Oh my god, he's so swollen looks like one of those popped cans of Pillsbury Grands biscuits. Repulsive!

No. 672258

File: 1561265558986.png (143.8 KB, 1080x882, Screenshot_20190623-075114.png)

yep, looks like he didnt even stream today.

No. 672260

File: 1561265582259.png (182.96 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20190623-075025.png)

and tay didn't call him

No. 672261

File: 1561265725927.png (67.43 KB, 1080x361, Screenshot_20190623-075443.png)

No. 672262

Wish this woman would shut the fuck up already.

No. 672267

God forbid Taylor just wants to go to bed after a long ridiculous day of rehab

No. 672269

so he didnt get a phone call within 27 minutes and he throws a big ass hissy fit and claims to get the hint… yet when everyone sent him screenshots of Taylor posting that they broke up, he didnt get the hint?

what a whiny little bitch

No. 672270


But he’s sooo accepting and understanding if she wants to leave, right? Hello man baby, activate hissy fit mode.

No. 672271


Newsflash: your gf is in rehab because she’s addicted to heroin due to your influence. We get it, you’re said your piggy bank (Taylor) didn’t call, but she’s in rehab fighting for her fucking life back you ignorant piece of shit. So what if she didn’t call you? If he really cared, he’d be more understanding and not make this about his hurt feewings. Get a fucking grip on life dude. Taylor’s world doesn’t revolve around you right now.

Now do I think Taylor is taking rehab seriously- fuck no. She shouldn’t even be giving him the time of day right now. But clearly she needs ass pats from someone.

No. 672272

What’s the point of being passive aggressive online if the person it’s aimed at doesn’t even have internet access right now lol

No. 672275

Jen: guys stop making Jonny mad, you will get me kill

For things like Jonny does online (guiltripping her, love bomb,etc) is why you can’t have a relationship during rehab. She is vomiting her shit out and he does temper tantrum for a call.

No. 672277

huh, jen's twitter appears to be gone right now.

No. 672278

File: 1561274054963.jpg (164.23 KB, 732x563, Screenshot_20190623-091334_Ope…)

Ew, imagine this thing watching you

No. 672279

We already know what happens next. She's gonna call him tomorrow, he's gonna be all smug about it, all will be forgiven, he'll go on & on about how he's 'always had faith in her' despite him already jumping the shark right now, etc.

No. 672285

wtf, he really must like watching her. A week or so ago, he did a just chatting and he was laughing at the same girls channel since she does ASMR.
I bet he watches her a lot since she wears little clothing/dances all the time

No. 672286

I went to his twitch to skip around past streams and he is deleting them? The last one is from June 12.

like why would be delete all the recent ones? ..

No. 672289

Ew no thanks. Bloated man baby ass

No. 672290


That's Amouranth, she does asmr/dancing/gaming streams on Twitch but it's mostly to draw people to her Insta/Snap which is NSFW. She has a NSFW Patreon too. She does lots of 18+ cosplay and shoots… so Jonny, why are you looking at Amouranth's stream lol

No. 672291


Samefag but he follows her too, damn he's thirsty if he was mocking her asmr but happily tunes in her for more provocative stuff. She's married dude and way out of your league.

No. 672292

Jonnys been hitting up IG and twitch thots for ages he's notoriously following like 6 new girls every week.

He doesn't give a fuck about Taylor as evident by the way he acted tonight after not getting a call, which contradicts his whole "if she doesn't want me I'll leave in peace" line.

He's a fucking idiot.

No. 672310

For the amount of times we’ve heard about Jonny’s rounds of rehab, you’d think he’d understand being surrounded by addicts in varying states of detox 24/7 is exhaustive. He’s probably worried because “the rehab is getting into her head” or else Mama Dean purposefully took up the phone time (unlikely, since she seems to prefer blabbing about Taylor on Twitter to strangers, rather than being a strong support figure TO Taylor. Maybe Taylor had a freak out and lost her phone time? Who knows.

No. 672311

Shows how he is constantly trying to find a new girl to leech off of. Also shows how little girls actually want him…
I'm ready for someone to fall for it though (obviously there are always girls as thirsty and mentally ill and lonely as Taylor) and we can watch history repeat itself again

No. 672312

I don’t think he will get the lottery this time. At least before he was in a band to pretend he was someone, now he only has his Twitch to back him up and even there other twitch thots have double the following or more than him.

No. 672317

It’d be something if Tay found a rehab romance. It does happen even though there are rules about that. It’d be a horrible choice but may be what she needs to get herself away from jc.

No. 672332

I wonder if Taylor got a peek at twitter & saw how disappointed her fans were to hear that she was still talking with Jonny…

No. 672346

lmao, watertown is a well known icon for getting tabbies and other opioids. It's right on the border with one of the drug capitals of canada, so it's a massive runner route. They just get their stuff over in canada and smuggle it across, or even cross with the prescription saying it's theirs, obviously depending on what it is

No. 672377


I mean it's not hard to compare the numbers. Amouranth has an average of 2k viewers when she's offline and doing reruns. Jonny has an average of what? 50 viewers when he's actually online? If Twitch thots want a streamer they aren't gonna look at someone pulling in less than a thousand at minimum.

No. 672380

Either this woman is lurking here or is on his discord. Either way she should maybe not say anything.

No. 672411

I think it's more likely she saw it on his instagram story.

No. 672412

File: 1561333449280.png (266.6 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_20190624-024141.png)

yeah, jen, sure, the world is messed up because someone posted porn on twitter. jfc this lady

No. 672417

What a fucking nut job. No wonder Taylor loves showing her body, her mommy doesnt like it.

No. 672418

Wait until Jen finds Taylor’s new porn profile she’ll have to move on to after trashing her pet exploitation career

No. 672424


Wait until she finds out the number of sex works posting their stuff on Twitter! I can't take her seriously. "PORN? ON THE INTERNET? OUTRAGEOUS!"

You know it's as easy as going to Google and typing in 'porn' right? If kids want to find it, they will. Man she's crazy,

No. 672425

I feel like you don’t find porn on twitter unless you’re actively seeking it out lmao

No. 672436

Maybe she’s spying on Jonny’s follows or followers.

No. 672439

Of course she’s on here. She tweets constantly about this drama

No. 672467

Yes, Jen, that’s what’s wrong with the world, women showing their tiddies. That’s the root of every problem. Congratulations! You’ve solved world peace, you daft cunt!

No. 672651

File: 1561419052068.png (579.38 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190625-092715.png)

Well this is telling of his mindset.

Taylors out there semi trying and then there's Jonny who couldn't give two shits about anybody, not even himself.

No. 672690

What a loser, he could reverse his failing liver and prolong his life substantially.

Shit it isn't hard, stop doing drugs, stop drinking, stop eating mcdonalds 3 times a day, start working out, drink more water and being consistent about it.

He's just so fuckin lazy and comfy in his little junkie den. He never really had to apply himself, he was carried by his band-mates and THEIR vision and dreams. He'll die because hes too afraid of being uncomfortable.

No. 672691

File: 1561427878139.png (14.25 KB, 526x147, Capture1.PNG)

looks like taylor stopped calling, boo hoo

No. 672692

God, he is beyond pathetic. No job, never leaves home, just sits around getting high and playing video games. It's kind of fascinating watching his sad little roller coaster of man emotions play out online.

No. 672693

File: 1561428201297.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1983, Screenshot_20190625-050241.png)

No. 672695

If he's already at the stage of cirrhosis then there is nothing he can do because it's not reversible, and just becomes more Progressive overtime. The way Chelsea had talked about it made it sound like it was that version of liver disease, especially with his substance abuse lasting for so many years.

No. 672702

Ah yes, gotta lay that manipulation on REAL thick.

Good thing she doesn't have access to any Social Media, lmao

No. 672703

I wonder if rehab actually helped Taylor or she just realized going back to Jonny would kill her career.

No. 672705

her mom probably just threatened to rehome her pets or something

No. 672706

Nah, I'm thinking she finally brought him up to her therapists

No. 672707

Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if she maybe gained some insights but went right back to how she was living. Also wouldn't be surprised if she only went to rehab because they gave her some sort of ultimatum or something. She did kinda mention that she was at least considering moving back to her parents house so I wonder if she asked to and they told her that she'd have to go to rehab.

A lot of people do that and while some get at least something out of it most usually go right back to what they were doing before.

That or I really could just see it all be some terrible PR move since her fans were mad that she didn't do residential/inpatient treatment.

ALso wondering if she's just telling Johnny what he wants to hear and is actually trying or if she's seriously falling for his shit again and never really intended to break up with him for good (of course that could be an attempted PR move too, lol)

No. 672711

The human body is pretty resilient, if he cuts the drugs and switches his diet he'd at least buy more time.

I wonder if she'll just ghost him. That'd be one way to get rid of him. She knows jonny is toxic for her and her career but she is a flip floping cow.

No. 672713

I reckon she's spilled some truth with her therapist and they're laying out all the stages and signs of abuse and she's becoming more and more aware of his manipulation the longer she spends away from him.

It took me several weeks away from my abuser with no contact to finally realise what was actually going on, I hope it's the same for Taylor.

Jonny looks like he doesn't even know what's going on but look at the whiny crybaby shit he's posting, can't imagine he'd act chill if she says leave me alone.

No. 672716

She told Jen she was still with Jonny, so it's not been Taylor stringing him along.

No. 672717

If she straight up doesn't talk to him he'll crack. He's already breaking down, he knows his position is bad, the desperation is so pathetic.

Then he'll go in to "that fukin bitch! wat a hoe, hur just another one of my crazy exes!!"

What kinda family did Taylor think she could raise with this manchild. He doesn't get along with her family, he's constantly drugged up, he's dying of liver failure, has no job or money, unhealthy as fuck, abandoned his child, violent and manipulative, got her addicted to heroin.

Now he thinks he's gonna be a twitch star playing games LMAO. That alone is the most pathetic thing I've seen from a 33 y/o man. That's probably the reason she'd get rid of him more than anything, such a turn off.

No. 672718

if she’s where i think she is, they will typically focus on physical detox before getting the patient to see a therapist. it’s very possible that she either hadn’t seen a therapist yet, or they didn’t know about him. i could be wrong but i have a good idea exactly where she is, and if i’m right, they have great therapists there. they also 100% would cut off her phone privileges to him if they found out she was using with him. i’m very hopeful for her if she is where i think.

No. 672730


He tried to come off all supportive, but then just exposes his true self, always.

No. 672738

how many fucking times is this thread going to be 90% complete speculation and blogposting and 10% actual receipts? nobody gives a shit how many times it took you to leave your bf or your conspiracy theories about what she told her therapist. what a dumpster fire.(calm down)

No. 672746

Mods have said before that we need to just let a thread die if there's no milk. At the moment the most milk is Jonny being the same and Jen being pathetic and not exactly being related to Taylor.

I don't think we will see Taylor back anytime soon so idk how long we will go around this.

No. 672747

Not the same anon, personally I don't think Jonny or Jen flipping out is bad content, it's just the opinion posts in between. If she's in for 30 days people need to chill a bit.

No. 672774

Liver disease anon:

I have a liver condition it’s not caused by alcohol but i acts similar to one that is and while technically yes the solution is changes in diet and exercise it’s by no means easy because having a liver disease means that you have to rule out most if not all medications that might be addressing other issues because almost everything goes through and aggravates your liver. It’s hell honestly to hear people tell you “it’s easy get motivated” because it really isn’t because if your liver is already there you probably have three or four other conditions fucking with your insulin or your cholesterol that you can’t take medication to treat and are making you resistant to weight loss etc. Not sure the specifics on Jonny but I imagine he for sure has something else going on considering his level of bloating and weight gain(blogging)

No. 672790

>something else going on
Yeah a heroin addiction and horrendous diet. He literally boasted about eating three Big Macs in one day.

No. 672805

would be awesome if this rehab boosts her self-esteem that she finally realize that Jonny will destroy her future and she'll end up being an overweight, sickly, addict and he'll leave her once her money runs out if she stays with him. Hope she's actually trying to get away from him and maybe she'll have a chance to turn her life around.

No. 672832

Well if she’s in rehab for 30 days then she wouldn’t resurface until around the 4th of July, and if sixty days then she won’t come back til August. All we have now is stuff from jc and Jen, idk if that counts as milk but that’s all we’ll get for at least another week ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 672850

File: 1561489785225.png (11.48 KB, 693x108, Capture2.PNG)

I personally think JC and Jen milk is fine, they're in the thread title for fucks sake. Their ramblings also give clues about Taylor and speculating about that is fine, imo. If you don't care, just don't check the thread.

No. 672855

polite sage but i almost feel like Jen deserves to be featured in the thread title. what the actual fuck is she, lol. if that were my mom i'd fucking disown her asap.

No. 672857

File: 1561490783943.png (448.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190625-150123.png)

No. 672859

Going on a multi-day heroin binge is not the same as being depressed, Jonny.

No. 672862

File: 1561491912377.png (635.82 KB, 701x697, Capture4.PNG)

some context since I had no idea who the thot is.

No. 672864

Christ is he taking pages out of Taylor’s book or what? Promising to stream and not following through. Pretending he couldn’t get out of bed for six days because “depression” even though all signs clearly point to drug use. What a fucking LOSER. instead of crying about your depression, why don’t you take proactive steps to address it? Right now is the perfect time, considering Taylor and him are taking some time apart because she’s in rehab dealing with her shit storm of a life. Idk just a suggestion for the clueless drug addict.

No. 672865


Also if that girl’s bf needed meds for his ESRD, doesn’t he automatically get Medicare and they pay his prescription drug costs? Idk whole thing sounds ridiculous and she said he gave her money for weed too. So stupid.

No. 672883

File: 1561495895041.jpg (169.25 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20190625-134918__01…)

Guess Jonny didn't notice when the girl posted this a bit back. Too busy looking at her other photos

No. 672884


>my fianace is dying from disease!!

>posts photos with her ass hanging out

so much class. not surprising that this is the kind of friends jonny has, though.

No. 672895

File: 1561498692581.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-06-25-17-32-16…)

Open tabs show he is still looking at apartments in San Antonio.

No. 672896

once again those are BOOKMARKS do you know how to use a fucking browser?? The bookmarks have literally been the same every screenshot

No. 672898

No. 672901


Holy overreaction Batman!

No. 672908

It's been mentioned way too many times now

No. 672950

>Taylor Nicole Dean and Jonny Craig + Jennifer “Mama” Dean
She's been in the thread titles for a long time

No. 672983

File: 1561517931909.png (9.73 KB, 497x99, Capture1.PNG)


No. 672986

There’s that dazzling professionalism we’ve all come to expect from Jonny Craig.

No. 672992


Since when doesn’t he stream into the wee hours of the night? Am I missing something or is it just the heroin?

No. 673018

File: 1561525588605.jpeg (148.85 KB, 1078x1128, 4D53EDDE-74B1-450B-86A9-CB973D…)

I scrolled across this but I figured it was relevant here.

No. 673066

As soon as I read the "gib monies pls, every penny counts" I thought of Luna.
Now that I think of it, how hilarious would a Luna/Jonny collide be. Too bad Luna is poor, overweight and ugly.

No. 673092

File: 1561557824561.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 64E9226A-CDF7-49B8-8C44-9B4FD9…)

Why does this come off as so creepy to me. I imagine him just scrolling through looking at pictures of her every night thinking she’s his, and that he “owns” her. When I’m reality hopefully she’s ignoring him or the facility is finally discussing and laying out how abusive he is and trying to keep her away from him.

No. 673097

It's funny that he only uses photos of back before he destroyed her and she was still pretty. She doesn't even look like that anymore.

No. 673110

He talks/watches other girls while his desktop wallpaper is his girlfriend. lol I'm sure you miss her, Jonny.

No. 673138

File: 1561573452362.png (8.26 MB, 1125x2436, 8435764E-F312-4BF3-9C04-812F6D…)

I’m sure Taylor sent you those in rehab.

No. 673143

Taylor really sent him that or he has "fans"?

No. 673144

I think he's talking about a new girl. could be tinfoil, but I doubt rehab would be letting Taylor mail shit to her abuser, and there's no way Mama Dean is making a trip to the post office on his behalf.

No. 673147

Thanks for your dope banking information

No. 673173

How long were Cheslea and Jonny broken up before he moved in with Taylor? Seems like he's heavily hunting for someone new to pay his bills.

No. 673175

I think I've read about a week apart? correct me if i'm wrong.

probably a new girl since he didn't even say Taylor or even tag her. He would've lovebombed her with "Taylor just sent me this guysss fuck yesss"

No. 673177

Two weeks. Then he crashed on Colin's couch while he sank his hooks into Taylor. Went to help her "move in" to her apartment and never left. He was in the hospital two months before then, racking up over $20,000 in medical bills, still unpaid

No. 673245


And he was trying to get back with Liz all the while. Taylor wasn’t his first choice at all. Just the only one that paid attention to him

No. 673266

File: 1561613548997.png (566.03 KB, 750x1334, C9ACF884-4D43-40EB-8BC0-8BF98B…)

It’s was only ONE scam guys.. get over it. This is laughable.

No. 673267


Also uhhh yeah sure it was “one scam” but he used that scam on multiple people and I sincerely doubt any of them were paid back.

No. 673269

His record label at the time (artery I think) paid everyone back. How’s that for personal responsibility

No. 673271

Didn't he also scam people about vocal lessons? It wasn't only the Macs scam.

No. 673279

There was also the Vocal lesson scam so 2! TWO scams.

No. 673294



The audacity of this guy to say it was "one" scam 6+ years ago lol. Take some accountability for it. Anyone who was actually sorry would just own up for it and be humble about being called out on it. Being scammed is a shitty thing, even shittier if it comes from someone who is in a privileged position like Jonny. Fuck him. I hope he never lives it down and people continue to remind him just because he's still a cunt about it.

No. 673319

File: 1561644713027.jpg (481.57 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190627-101139_Twi…)

No. 673320

"is it china white tho" ~ Taylor before she moves there

No. 673334

A while ago he asked on IG for help getting on the dark web. Wouldn’t surprise me if some idiot actually helped him and he’s stupid enough to order drugs and have them mailed to his fathers house. Especially right now considering all the markets are being taken down and there’s no security lol hopefully he’s dumb enough to not know how to encrypt so he actually gets caught.

No. 673347

How could someone send heroin per mail?
Don't they scan their mail in the states?
Where I live every package gets scanned for illegal objects/substances and they let sniffer dogs roam around mail.

No. 673350


I don't know how, but people have been successful in mailing drugs in the U.S.

No. 673356

really depends on the post office/state. most times if your package doesn't look suspicious it's just random chance if it gets pulled for inspection

No. 673357

USPS cannot open mail is it is domestic. If mail comes through customs then they have to open it. Opening domestic mail is very unlikely unless the package is suspicious. FedEx and UPS however can open any mail they want. It’s very easy to slip a little baggie into a birthday card.

No. 673371

Hi, mail anon. 80-90% of US mail is processed through fedex at some point. They use drug dogs. If you package well it is not a concern. When a package gets flagged, the surrounding 12-20 packages are also searched because it’s not an exact science.

No. 673382

this is not true at all. they scan packages and will get a warrant to search any suspicious mail, including domestic mail. they don't have someone watching every single envelope but you can most certainly get caught easily.

No. 673387

I’ve never heard of US Postal Service processing through FedEx. Only FedEx through USPS. Also, they can not open mail if it is priority or first class domestic. USPS does not “scan” mail and can not open any packages unless it is stamped incorrectly. If the package is suspicious they need to call law enforcement for a warrant and law needs to open it. Where the heck are you guys getting your BS information lol

No. 673389

I think you’re misinformed. They can scan the outside of the package. But it is still against privacy laws to open mail/view inside.

No. 673398

the amount of people completely unaware of the dark web and the quantity of drugs being trafficked through the mail without difficulty is too damn high.

No. 673399

I wish I could upvote this lol

No. 673402

you get so much cute junk as stealth packaging. phone cases, earbuds, charging stations, chopstick cases, nesting boxes.

No. 673405

i'm more interested in the context of this "direct quote from satan", did i miss something?

No. 673408

theyre trying to say that Jonny himself has said he gets drugs mailed to him

No. 673409

Same, where is this direct quote? There's proof he has mates close with supply, but nothing about him getting it mailed via deep web.

No. 673410

his ex amanda posted it on twitter, but i dont think theres anything where he specifically says it

No. 673412

The thought of Jonny having the competency to actually access the dark web makes me laugh. This manchild can't even hook up his own computer setup without guidance.

No. 673413

you know he went to reddit for help

No. 673437

thing is, no ones even said dark web apart from that one anon, ANYONE could be mailing him drugs. tbh I wouldn’t be shocked seeing as he’s a lazy asshole, probably can’t be arsed having to roam the streets for it.

No. 673443

Could be that he would text someone and they'll deliver it themselves and Jonny would say it's mail because he's dumb af

No. 673445

Notice I said "the thought of." That doesn't mean I actually believe he is. Frankly I don't care if he's getting his drugs locally or having someone mail them to him. All that really matters is he's not clean.

No. 673456

the dark web reference wasn't about jonny, it was about the anons sperging about the likelihood of him being mailed drugs as if it was hard to get them through the mail. i'm sure he has some orbiter mailing him whatever he wants

No. 673457

The dark web reference was in regards to JC posting on Instagram a few weeks ago asking for help getting on it. Tbh not worth my time looking in past threads for the screen shot.

No. 673458


JC's ex is saying he's getting drugs mailed to him and an anon reminded us he'd been asking for help accessing the dark web.

if we could read before posting, that'd be fucking fantastic.

No. 673476

FFS, can't make a joke on here without someone sperging about it. Calm down, anon.

No. 673485

How many letters or packages have you ever received in your life that have been opened already? Not many I'll bet, if any. Think about it. Drugs go through the mail quite often, despite outlandish claims to the contrary.

No. 673586


pretty sure anyone who isn't a fifteen year old ex-taylor fan is well aware of this?

Laughing at the anon who says they're really cracking down on dark web black markets. Takes forever for the gov to get permission to do anything, but it's super simple to make a new website. Like how your fav streaming site gets a slightly different domain name the morning after the old site gets taken down.

No. 673618

Stop derailing about the Dark Market and Mail this isn’t milk(read the rules)

No. 673726

I know….I’m just saying it wasn’t confirmed……so it’s pointless to talk about it as if that dumbass would even be able to work his way around the dark web when he can barely turn a computer on.

Anyway seeing as there’s literally no milk there, I really do wonder what Taylor is gonna do once she’s out - if she goes back to Jonny then I can’t see her ever being able to save that YouTube “career.”

No. 673752

If she goes back to Jonny straight from rehab I will seriously worry for her life. He's not clean and she'll have lost her tolerance, it'll be very easy to OD. Not to mention he'll fucking barricade her in and never let her see the light of day again.

Although if she tells him she's flat broke and can't even fly up to see him, that'll scare him off (he loves money, not Taylor) AND give her an excuse never to see him again.

No. 673777

File: 1561780457220.png (387.84 KB, 750x1334, D6E9A906-9E68-41C2-BE5C-50EA52…)

No. 673784

Haha suck a fat shit jonny