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File: 1588196604548.png (703.14 KB, 867x545, MGwsEYmC3LQnkiQxXj26Bo.png)

No. 771859

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>764628

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
> Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Taylor takes the time to write a novel reminiscing about JC on her birthday >>765572 >>765655 >>765667 , as always it’s full of weird discrepancies >>765694
>Taylor concernbaits by showing off huge bruises on her legs >>765950 >>766172 >>766970 >>766173
>Taylor purchases a tacky ass taxidermied duckling >>765987 >>766066 >>766174 , goes on a twitter tirade trying to explain herself >>766418 >>766419 >>766428 >>766429
>promises to release multiple videos, including a video showing all her animals >>764861 >>766785, an animal crossing gameplay >>766466 , and a video about her struggles with making content >>766577
>more word vomit about why she can’t film, including her uwu mental health, JC, haters, and being insecure about showing her face >>766552 >>766597 >>768345
>Taylor breaks quarantine to get whored up and hang out with her druggie boyfriend Forest >>766825 >>766852 >>766976 , makes a long rambling insta story explaining how it was necessary for her mental health >>767015 >>767058 >>767059
>Jen and Taylor take in another cat to add to their hoard, without bothering to find out if it belongs to someone >>768516 >>768589 >>768649 >>768824 >>770958 >>771318
>Taylor posts another wall of text about how she’s in a dark place >>769438 >>769421 yet is still refusing to rehome her animals to get the help she needs, only promising to go to rehab if she relapses again >>769473 >>769474
>Jen is still going on about haters and how she’s not bothered, bringing it up almost every other day >>767090 >>767265
>Taylor finally posts a passive agressive video showing all her animal enclosures >>769934 >>770006 , highlights include a green tree python shoved in a dark closet inside a plastic bin and TND forgetting which enclosure houses which animal.
>Taylor has gone MIA on her social media

>Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Esther the cat

>Recent Known Deaths: –
>Recent Known “Rehomed”: –

Unconfirmed Milk:
>Taylor’s fuck buddy Forest is a drug dealer >>771754

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 771868

Thanks for the new thread, anon! The thread picture is brilliant.

Is this her longest social media silence her stint in that "amazing world renowned rehab"? She's kept silent on Twitter for a week. Did Mommy stop paying for her phone bill?

No. 771872

We can only hope but something must have happened. Either she's back on drugs or alcohol or one of the Dean parents put their foot down.

No. 771876

File: 1588201430291.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2688, 6487188B-ED80-4E3F-9B57-4883A2…)


No. 771877

Wow, it's almost as if bandaid baby's don't work…

No. 771883

I do think something happened after her last relapse and concern-baiting about mental/behavioral health hospitals. The rest is total tinfoil.

I think this because of her social media absence and Jen's insists that "nobody knows what's really going on".
Also because her last notepad uwu mental health rant:
Sounds more educated, better written and less lmaof than her usual.
Biggest Tinfoil- she is getting some mental health services, after scaring her parents. Probably a text therapist scam like BetterHelp. Therapy helps narcissists narc even more, because they are able to mimic the language and manipulate people even better based on what they are told in therapy.

No. 771893

A bandaid baby from an already deadbeat addict daddy lel

No. 771910

loving the thread pic anon

No. 771917

which just ends up being an even worse decision.

Good one Syd! You picked a real winner kek.

No. 771952

File: 1588243368239.png (1.27 MB, 2020x1312, Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 11.37…)

I can't understand why Taylor never responded to this person that cat is nearly identical to "Esther"

No. 771976

Because she has no intentions of returning the cat even if it was the missing one.

No. 771988

>April 11
That could be the cat?
I mean it's not like they posted that they found a cat anywhere but on her twitter just for attention. If you're at home all day, you'd at least try going on different websites to find the owner or post that you found a cat.

No. 772000

they fucking stole someone's cat in the middle of a pandemic. think about how shitty that is. no one is just letting a maine coon run around. that cat got out and they are keeping it. what assholes.

No. 772001

File: 1588265025052.png (422.13 KB, 652x432, meeko not esther.png)

they're purposefully choosing pics that make the cat look different or disguise the marking on her forehead. you can see clearly that this is a maine coon in the picture jen posted a little while back. give the people their pet back, you evil bitches.

No. 772004

is it cowtipping if someone tries to find the person who posted this missing cat bulletin and sends them pics from taylor's accounts? this is straight up heartless, i would be so upset if i lost my cat during this, and even more upset if someone was just casually blasting my cat all over social media while completely failing to look for its rightful owners at all. this is gross.

No. 772005

I'm wondering the same thing. I lost one of my cats a few years ago and cried every night for a year. Almost dropped out of school because of it. I'd be furious if someone knew where she was but wanted to keep her for themselves.

No. 772006

I dont know if its cowtipping or not but i would do it regardless. If that is the same cat, her atual owners deserve to have her back

No. 772008

File: 1588267163299.png (224.74 KB, 540x405, Capture123.PNG)

they're not going to give this cat back willingly… I'd be slightly more optimistic if it was only taylor but jen is also in on it.

I'm also loving the #endwildanimalpettrade in her bio lmao. the hypocrisy.

No. 772009

all of life doesnt revolve around lolcow, just dont post about doing it.
im confused tho, the deans gave this stray a female name and the cat in the lost cat alert is male. are we gonna assume that taylor just sucks at sexing the cat or that they simply guessed its gender?

No. 772010

I mean if you dont link back to this page and dont associate with lolcow how would anyone know it was an anon from here

No. 772011

oh, don't get me wrong. i'm too lazy and busy to do so. i'm just checking if it's considered cowtipping and hopefully encouraging someone else to do so, because this ain't their cat.

No. 772012

Are you really gonna give Taylor's animal knowledge the benefit of the doubt here?

No. 772013

touche anon. for a second i forgot that she couldnt even sex a rat when all you gotta do is look for nipples lol

No. 772014

File: 1588267731093.png (776.27 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200430-132525.png)

To be honest I dont think its the same cat, cat in the findmykitty post has long hair in his ears. The cat Taylor found also has a little bit of his ear missing, which I feel like would be put in the cat's description as its a distinct feature.

On top of all of that, I feel like even Taylor and her room temp IQ could sex a cat, and the cat in the post is male.

That being said, Im sure Taylor took this random, well fed cat off the street and some poor family is looking for them.

No. 772018

it is pretty sure the same cat i've had several cats and know where to look to see if it is the same. also the ear part could have gone missing after getting lost :/ but all of the fur colours and markings fit perfectly(:/)

No. 772019

File: 1588269187681.jpg (600.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200430-195319_Sam…)

No. 772025

File: 1588270302351.png (1.25 MB, 1352x1057, 1588243368239.png)

ok, let's lay this tinfoil to rest now. unless they removed the collar, "esther" had none >>768516 and she(?) looks nothing like a maine coon in this photo >>770958 , just looks like a normal tabby with a red spot over her eye which is pretty distinctive.

No. 772028

Yeah, Esther is definitely not a Maine Coon.

No. 772029

the face markings are completely different, painfully clear this is a different cat. Look elsewhere Anons

No. 772030

am i tripping or do these 2 cats look completely different from this cat >>772025

No. 772038

I have same thought, suddenly Esther lost all her fluff and is darker?

No. 772039

nah, it's just the only decent photo of the cat. the eartip is missing in all the photos and you can make out the orange marking above the eye as well.

No. 772041

it's still weird to ignore a message about a really similar looking cat when you're supposedly trying to find its owner

No. 772043

At this point they shouldn’t be taking in any animals at all, even if it really is a stray. The point at hand should be why the fuck are they bringing in another animal to a literal HOARD that they can’t properly care for.
It might be someone’s cat, it might not. It’s still an issue either way.

No. 772051

Is that the left ear that has the tip removed? If that's the case, the cat is probably a community cat and not owned by anybody.

No. 772063


There's no way that cat is a stray. It's healthy, brushed coat is the giveaway. Why don't these sociopathic nutballs put out a "found cat" poster??

No. 772084

the cat is well-cared for. it's not a fucking stray.

No. 772085

I'm sure Taylor just thinks the cat is tame with her because she has such a ~special affinity with all animals!!~

Have they even taken it to the vet to get a scan for a microchip? Most vets in the country are still open, just operating a little differently via dropoff and such. I'm certain they could bring a microchip scanner out to the car and scan the cat, if Taylor could be bothered to take it in.

No. 772086

that's because they aren't the same cat. 'esther' started out as a maine coon and then morphed into a tabby once they realized they would get called out for stealing someone's pet. they're both fucking assholes.

No. 772088

jfc what a dumb tinfoil. it's the same cat. unless they have two cats with left eartips missing lmao

No. 772090

File: 1588288427454.png (948.97 KB, 1457x1130, cat.png)

Yeah looking at the original vid she posted on Twitter its the same cat. Guess that one pic is just weird

No. 772093

File: 1588288965774.webm (12.81 MB, 1280x720, -KnavGhy8H5_yH1W.webm)

No. 772094

the ad doesn't show an ear tip missing tho???

No. 772096

that's because the ad is some random missing cat that is not esther.

No. 772105

Missing a tip of an ear is a common sign that a community or stray cat has been spayed or neutered. Someone else in the neighborhood could have been feeding or caring for the cat previously even if it lived outside. Not all stray cats have to “look” or act like a stray.

No. 772138

Nah dude starts do not lick your hand lol

No. 772144

Yes they absolutely do. Many strays are very friendly, house hop and are well taken care of. Stray doesn't equal feral.


No. 772146

Agree. “Community cat” is a good term; they learn that being friendly gets them fed and if they bounce around the neighborhood they can get fed a LOT. They’re still better off in a single home receiving regular vet care rather than roaming the streets. Any home besides the Dean home that is.

No. 772148

Honestly knowing Tay she’s already adopted the cat and she’s pretending it’s just a “stray” that showed up to avoid negativity about getting yet another pet

No. 772151

For anyone confused why the cat has short fur in this photo, if you zoom in you can see the shitty portrait mode she's used has clipped all the long fur. It can't go around each individual hair, so it's blurred it out into the background.

No. 772156

File: 1588309803681.png (661.24 KB, 477x850, Capture.PNG)

No. 772159

I doubt she took scissors to the cat's ear…

No. 772162

File: 1588311610982.jpeg (445.92 KB, 1751x974, 8C48BF4A-7928-4011-8F7B-F0FA19…)

Sorry if it's too OT or blogposty, but my cat has a clipped ear and they cut off QUITE the chunk. The reason they cut off so much is so from a distance, they can see if a feral or "community" cat is spayed/neutered at a glance, so they're not retraumatizing the same cats or wasting manpower on cats they've already helped. The cat she has looks more like an injury than an elaborate surgical cut. I included a picture to show the amount I mean.
I truly think the missing piece is an injury and not done by a vet. They use a cauterization tool too which creates a clean edge.

No. 772238

they dont even look the same for one bit. come on.

No. 772239

It's a misleading photo, they do look similar but the M shape on their head is different.

The orange toe "Esther" has is a good characteristic to go by I think if anons are bored and want to look.

No. 772241

it's the other photos that are misleading imo. just look at this video >>772093 , the cat doesn't have the face shape of a maine coon and only looks really fluffy when lying down. it's clear from the video that it's just a normal tabby. and all tabbies have near identical face markings so it's not a distinctive feature in the slightest.
you're right that the orange toe (and the orange spot above its left eye) are so distinctive any owner looking for the cat would mention them.

No. 772335

File: 1588384800371.png (1016.67 KB, 1242x2688, 0C0CD198-27C1-4B61-BBBC-0A98A1…)

Get that thru your thick empty skull Taytay

No. 772348

I wish Tay was still unhinged on Twitter because this would make so much milk.
Another vote for appreciation of JC-anon posts that are relevant or throwing shade. I need my quarantine skim milk (limit 1).

No. 772357

I think shes on lockdown when it comes to drugs. Probably her mom got some tests and taylor is white-knuckling sobriety with animal crossing. Shes staying off the internet and probably staying in bed.

No. 772373

File: 1588401289034.jpg (7.21 KB, 259x194, image.jpg)

ymmv; in my area the cut tends to be much less dramatic.
Debating whether or not the cat Taylor took in is a stray is retarded anyway; the fact that she took in a cat when she can't take care of her current animals is shitty enough on its own. No need to weave some sort of fantasy where she snatched the cat from a loving owner.

No. 772393

File: 1588420346020.jpeg (204.47 KB, 743x1057, C050B2A7-0CDC-425C-827F-31B3AD…)

Here at your service for skim milk.

Again can’t believe anyone wants to be with Jc. Perhaps taylor?? he loves taking subtle jabs at his ex.

No. 772402

File: 1588424091409.jpeg (919.31 KB, 1242x2283, 7281C8A2-26CF-448C-A0AF-D509C1…)

She’s on at some capacity. Noticed she liked a tweet yesterday. I think she’s probably going through drug withdrawals, or something and crying in bed. Still lurking around though.

No. 772408

wouldn't surprise me if she's just trying to get people to worry about her

No. 772409

It's because Syd thinks she needs to have a baby now and that making a baby with somebody will make them stay.

No. 772417

I honestly just think she's playing Animal Crossing non-stop and eating her usual junk. Probably enough of a high for her to ignore her problems. Bet her hygiene atm is pretty bad lol.

No. 772491

File: 1588449343591.jpg (587.8 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200502-125543.jpg)

They're keeping the cat. Oh no

No. 772493

File: 1588449848074.png (818.62 KB, 747x596, Capture123.PNG)

well, of course they are. when jen gets her grubby hands on something, she's not letting go.

No. 772494

File: 1588449994673.png (1.28 MB, 667x657, Capture1234.PNG)

No. 772495

there goes my theory that maybe she did go back to rehab, I guess.
this silence is really fucking weird though. I don't believe it for a second that jen stopped coddling her and took away her internet or something. maybe she ran away with forest? lmao. or maybe she finally actually is in "such a dark place uwu" that she can't even bring herself to attention whore online.

No. 772501

how long will it take her to get as fat as jen, is the important question? maybe that's why the radio silence. quarantine tay tay is a fatty.

No. 772505

No, the important question is how are her animals being cared for while she is no-lifeing Animal Crossing? You just know they are getting bare minimum care and attention. Jen has too much on her plate with a disabled son and taking selfies of her new cat to be of much help.

Regarding the new cat… they never scanned for a Microchip did they?

No. 772508

I'm hoping they just let the cat come and go as it pleases. It 100% only "chose them" (i.e. keeps coming back) because they leave food out for it, not because it likes them. animals will return to places they know they'll get food. the anthropomorphism is par for the course in the Dean household but it's still so stupid of them to think it has anything to do with them and not food.

No. 772512

i guess we're going to ignore the fact that suddenly the cat's head is a different color from the rest of it's body? jen is such an attention whore.

No. 772526

stop with the retarded tinfoil already. the cat is a tabby with ginger spots. and has been all along.

No. 772556

This is a beautiful cat. Look at that long tail! This might be the only time I'll ever compliment Jen/Tay's preferences.

No. 772583

File: 1588490298307.png (369.6 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20200503-101735.png)

now jen herself is calling this cat a maine coon lmao.

No. 772584

File: 1588490347227.png (112.5 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20200503-101927.png)

No. 772597

I mean… that's how you were supposed to be behaving before Texas lifted the quarantine, but alright. Good job, Jen.

No. 772601

Jennifer Dean sometimes acts like a bigger cow than her daughter (and she definitely looks like a cow)

She really thought it was appropriate to whine and cry that not everybody was adhering to the rules while she wasn’t, and now feels unsafe everybody is doing what she did.

No. 772627

Keep an eye out for Whataburger's bankruptsy

No. 772629

Can't say if she's relapsed, I think she's doing the same shit as always, just not posting because of the amount of hate she got from her last few adventures with Forrest. Finally seeing her wise up. Too bad it's too little too late. She has social media infamy, just no cashflow from it.

No. 772654

Wonder if that's what Tay has been up to, trying to get Jonny back.

No. 772655

lol this fatass loser

No. 772662

File: 1588533659560.jpeg (355.87 KB, 750x792, 092E24C6-6E68-486B-8BAC-F1C3A8…)

Looks like tay is hanging by a thread with lockdown

No. 772663

File: 1588533685312.jpeg (164.31 KB, 750x407, 80CF37E2-9AF6-4E9B-885A-3D89EC…)

No. 772688

Can they please just find a home for this cat, or at least put some effort into seeing if it has an owner? God, Jen infuriates me. And no, just because that cat is a domestic medium/long hair, it is not a Maine coon.

No. 772689

She must be on drugs because the grammar in this tweet… wew

No. 772731

File: 1588551399261.jpg (260.82 KB, 720x849, 20200503_191554.jpg)

No. 772744

By the definition of numerous countries, that cat is not feral. Feral cats run and hide from humans not chill out and let photos be taken or accept petting.

No. 772746

Both Jen & Taylor are narcareful in their answers on Twitter. She purposely never responded to the "did you put up a "found" ad" part of the question, and deflected by appealing to the authority (the vet) and providing additional nonsense details.

Which means they may have scanned her (but microchips migrate and need to be throughly checked) but never posted any ads or looked for owner.

I also find it interesting that it is Jen's pet and not Taylor's. Trying to avoid criticism or Jen shading Taylor because they finally have a happy cat in the household?

No. 772751

What kind of shit vet they using? lmao. Calling a super friendly and affectionate cat feral. I would bet money that the cat was never taken to the vet and her mom just said all that to avoid the backlash.

No. 772782

oh shut up Jen, the vet did not say it's "feral".

No. 772791

all of you feral cat anons need to shut the fuck up, immediately. just because the milk is dry you do not have the right to fill this post with your useless opinions.

the cat has a clipped ear, it is a stray, get over it

No. 772793

this reads like a bullshit story tay would write lmao. that said, >>772791 has a point, no use in inventing more backstory to the cat than there is, taking in another cat when they already have a hoard is bad enough.

No. 772794

File: 1588580618431.jpg (238.13 KB, 1072x716, Screenshot_20200504-042157_Goo…)

The friendliest feral I've ever seen. If the vet told her this clearly well socialized and loving cat is feral they clearly don't know much about the term feral at all. A simple Google search brings up the basic definition. I have yet to see an example of jen or Taylor using their brain

No. 772818

You and everyone else making speculations based on something you don't have any experience with (how the fuck did it take days for a thread of supposed animal lovers to notice that the cat's ear is clipped?) in order to materialize reasons to get even more mad at a stranger on the internet are just as batty as Taylor and Mama Dean, jesus christ

If you have to tinfoil this hard about something this stupid in order to keep the outrage flowing then maybe it's time to find a new cow to follow

No. 772828

Please, WK harder

No. 772836

youre complaining about anons not having experience with a specific animal in a fucking taylor nicole dean thread. do you know where the fuck you are?

feral rescues CAN be friendly, but youd have to have them rescued in early kittenhood or have specific personality traits. not to mention a feral cat is going to have specific actions that make it uncomfortable, places it will never let you comfortably touch it, etc. also, feral cats with long hair tend to not be perfectly fucking groomed, not even to cat standards.

No. 772838

They shouldn't get another cat to begin with. Lying about the specifics of an animal to make themselves look good is just what those bitches do.

No. 772843

Can we please stop with the cat sperging? Plenty of cats that were strays with clipped ears now have owners. That doesn't mean it wasn't someone's pet.

It immediately letting them pet it's stomach means it is NOT feral.

Given the number of times they have lied about taking animals to the vet this is most likely another lie.

Regardless of everything locking 3 cats in a room was bad enough, now it's 4 which is way worse.

Everything else is useless speculation, chill out.

No. 772847

No you shut up. >>772836 is right. Cats socialization to humans has to happen at a young age, usually between 4-8 weeks. It becomes more difficult as they get older with it becoming nearly impossible by 16 weeks of age. Some cats that have lived with humans, but are outside for years, demonstrate fearful, “feral” like behaviors.

I’m an experienced cat rescuer. It’s devastating, but cats we trap over this age can not adjust to human interaction. Sometimes, stray cats are TNR (trap-neutered-returned) and given ear tip. It’s not exclusive to ferals. If the stray is not well socialized, in an area with high euthanasia rate, or living in a cared for colony, it’s best to return them to their life outdoors.

I also find this discussion somewhat excessive, but it’s provoking mama Dean and Taylor. Taylor always ends up addressing information discussed here. It really is important that they ensure this cat doesn’t have a family before continuing to care for this animal. Plus, people like you, who could easily google this information, keep sperging your own nonsense.

No. 772850

At least we know where Taylor gets her lying skills from

No. 772857

>>Regardless of everything locking 3 cats in a room was bad enough, now it's 4 which is way worse.
If you're implying the cat's locked in Taylor's bedroom, that doesn't appear to be the case from what we're seeing. Jen's feeding and probably providing some kind of shelter for an outdoor cat. As much as I'd rather they didn't get another pet, this really isn't that bad. It's getting fed and if it decides it doesn't like being there anymore, it'll move on to the next house that leaves food out for strays.

No. 772859

Thank you! With the milk drying up, we now have had a weeks worth of cat autist spamming the thread.
Literally no one gives a shit if you’re the messiah of cat rescuers.

No. 772860

Not to wk but I would like to add that when Taylor released her switch code I added her. And she’s honestly not playing ac as much as everyone thinks. She’s still at 190 hours which most people I know are well over 300 because of quarantine. She really only logs on late at night and like once during the day. It’s kind of something people have hyper focused on here because milk is dry.

No. 772862

That's honestly more playtime than I expected, she never really sticks with anything and this was only to make her more ~relatable~

No. 772870

Do all you bored quarantine catfag bitches realize it’s okay not to post when there’s no milk? Like calm down go back to GG or your cringey twitter call out accounts. It’s okay to take a break from the thread when the cow is dry.

No. 772873

File: 1588638277069.png (495.99 KB, 1125x2436, 6ED62097-F20C-4D01-8AE3-676D61…)


No. 772874

Wrong thread

No. 772876

she doesn't have her own thread but she should. i used to support her but she's a racist. if i knew how to start a new one i would.

No. 772877

i was talking to her about TND but she turned it into this

No. 772879

don't see what's the milk here but take it to the pettuber thread in snow

No. 772887

will do. was always in her side but had no idea she was a full blown racist who believes in reverse racism.

No. 772893


Mind taking your personal vendetta off this thread. There is no link to taylor and therefore doesn't belong here

No. 772906

shes not wrong tho

No. 772941

True that. Go ask the Whites from SP.(do not instigate race related arguments)

No. 773116

Fictional family from South Park yo. It’s a joke.

No. 773149

Ok bro

On another note, I find it really odd that she hasn’t been posting pictures of herself in a while. She usually does that when she’s “feeling down” which is allegedly how she feels about staying inside. So where are the pictures of herself? Tinfoil but I bet there’s some obvious evidence of drug usage on her body and that’s the only reason why her narc ass is refraining from posting some shit outfit

No. 773150

Evidence of drug use or she's not showering again bet.

No. 773188

Not showering didn't stop her before, so why would it now?

No. 773253


My guess is weight gain or drug use for sure.

No. 773277

she came back for a minute after ages of not posting anything to remind everyone that its ok to relapse… its obvious she relapsed and thats why she isnt posting.

No. 773325

Oh, she definitely relapsed. No doubt about that, but even then she would post cracked out selfies and novel length tirades on Twitter.

Honestly, it’s probably her hair. She can’t go in to get the color redone, so she’s either not posting selfies because her hair looks like shit or she tried to do it herself and it went horrible wrong.

No. 773329

Taylor loves to project so I'm betting since she's tweeting so hard about how "it's okay to relapse, totally! it's part of recovery!!" she hasn't been clean since like January, for more than a month at a time.

She's just the type to throw a tantrum about having to stay at home and not go get her hair/nails/tattoos done just like her Mommy Dearest, so I'm also betting she's done something stupid to her looks.

She's gonna come out looking like Jonny. Fried haystack hair, bloated, even more ugly tats, dead eyes.

No. 773349

Let’s not forget about her countless piercings, one of which required an ER visit and another that she needed her piercer to fix because ~uwu quirky heroin binge shenanigans~

No. 773404

People were being "mean" online. She posted a passive aggressive video about her enclosures and even the fans could see that there were some improvement needed. So now she's taking a "break" so her fans will worry more about her instead of worrying about her enclosures. I don't think she's ever been sober and these little silences are just tricks of manipulation.

No. 773416

Imagine how much you'd have to fail as a parent when your grown ass child is completely incapable of caring for themselves. She's relapsed multiple times under Jen's roof she just doesn't care because at least she has "control" over Taylor. She has no idea how to be a parent. She didn't raise Taylor to be a productive member of society who can take care of herself. She, like her daughter, just wants something to love her unconditionally and that's it. Zero expectations or actual care beyond the absolute bare minimum. Most parents would be ASHAMED of Tay's online presence. But to Jen her kid being youtube famous is more noteworthy than all the terrible things combined.

No. 773498

File: 1588880186204.jpg (230.83 KB, 1051x1307, Screenshot_20200507-123610.jpg)

Imagine your own mom posting something like this. Omfg

No. 773501

Not to WK but if I was in mama deans shoes I'd probably be tired too. Tanners condition isn't anyone's fault but realistically Jen will have to care for her kid for the rest of her life and make sure he's taken care of after she's gone. Being the sole caregiver to one child while your other historanic child goes and gets herself addicted to heroin so her audience of hundreds of thousands of people can watch the meltdown of Twitter must be difficult to deal with to some degree.

She probably knows she's not getting anything special on mothers day and it irritates her. I doubt Taylor or dad Dean go out of their way and Tanner obviously can't. Mama Dean is a boomer cow but i wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

No. 773506


all that aside it's obvious who Taylor gets her perpetual victim mentality from

No. 773540

File: 1588893458999.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3373x2510, B8ED94FD-C43C-487C-B483-FA9666…)

Their resemblance has been mentioned before, but I saw this tweet and honestly thought it was Taylor going on CH.
I wish Mama Dean would just put Tanner in a home and shut up. She never shuts up about how miserable and tired she is. Tanner deserves better

No. 773573

wow at last after insisting that the sun shines out of taylor's ass, she has a lucid thought. seriously though, think before you have kids, you could easily end up like jen. not her fault that she had a disabled son and then her daughter started doing heroin bc mommy didn't have enough time for her.

No. 773585

sounds like she's trying to convince taylor to not get pregnant with pinkdick imo.

No. 773596

I know it can't be easy being a mom in general and a mom to a severely disabled kid and the mess Taylor is, but come on. She needs to be talking about that in private to people who support her not posting it all over public spaces. Have some respect for your disabled son. It's not his fault.

No. 773603

File: 1588924368076.png (572.25 KB, 541x871, Capture123.PNG)

I mean she does need to stop posting embarrassing stuff about tanner constantly, but this sounds more like a cautionary tale. she fell for the fairytale of having kids and now she's stuck caring for a disabled person 24/7 for the rest of her life while trying to manage a self-destructive junkie and she's regretting the whole thing. one of the more reasonable thoughts she's had to be honest.

No. 773604

I feel like she's saying this because she's trying to shade Syd for having a baby with JC and thinking that'll fix everything though. Like if so that's just weird, subtweeting advice to your daughter's ex's pregnant girlfriend.

No. 773608

she's not subtweeting Syd. Jen straight up hates being a mother.

No. 773609

Oh please bitch shut the fuck up. Motherhood is hard, even if your kids are physically and mentally fit. I give her no passes for any of it. If Tanner is a low functioning autist with health problems.. get him help. They have people who are trained to work with his type. He is disabled and should be on state assistance to help out. You don't deserve a medal for making yourself a martyr for a situation you put yourself into.
As for her lying freeloading junkie loser daughter. The first time she relapsed should have been it. She needs real life repercussions, kick her out. But no, continue to put one childs safety and well being at risk over another's. Good job Jen, you're a piece of shit.
You just want to create a situation of self importance and demand pity and ass pats for it. Now we see where Junk-Thot v 2.0 gets it.

No. 773720

Jen is 100% of the reason why Taylor is the way she is.

No. 773741

File: 1588971846787.png (1.04 MB, 828x1792, A526D3AE-BDF6-4424-8E1B-432B93…)

From Syds Instagram

No. 773742

Syd tried so hard to stay relevant I think she loves being mentioned on this site and feeling like people care.(emoji)

No. 773749

Wonder what happen exactly for her to post that? Because it's been a while since people say Taylor looks like Syd so I think this is something else

No. 773756

Wonder what happen exactly for her to post that? Because it's been a while since people say Taylor looks like Syd so I think this is something else

No. 773760

File: 1588977169624.png (905.94 KB, 828x1792, AD9F4FC9-010A-4849-BFD3-DB4402…)

Trying and failing to be an interesting calf.

No. 773763

Nobody cares about Syd ffs

No. 773777

Aww. I do.

No. 773795

I just started following her for entertainment value and the cow blocked me for no reason. I didn't even comment on anything. Paranoid idiot!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773937

Motherhood can be wonderful. But not if you spend the last half of your life cleaning up after the 20 animals of your heroin addicted child and paying for her addiction. No one can live happily forever by being a servant to someone else. That's not what motherhood is.

No. 773964

has anyone figured out which rehab taylor is inpatient at right now?

No. 773972

Probably the Vacation Home for Emotionally Damaged and Abused Victims of Washed Up Musicians

No. 774063


Do we know for sure that she is in inpatient or is this a joke/tinfoil?

No. 774073

Nobody has said that… literally one rando decided to say she’s inpatient with no proof

No. 774095

gotta say im impressed with tays social media blackout because she was so addicted to the attention. hope she keeps up the good work.

No. 774106

File: 1589187596896.png (258.57 KB, 541x1647, Capture.PNG)

I love this whole interaction holy shit

No. 774107

It's caps like this that remind you of just how annoying Momma Dean is. Her only identity/claim to fame is her herion addict, animal neglecting daughter and her disabled son. Either she pulls the martyr act with one or she butts into random conversations to brag about the other.

No. 774111

That escalated quickly. One min bragging she’s a queen a second later now she’s a heroin addict…

No. 774113

Jen is funny as fuck to observe because of how drastically different the shit she says day to day is. 3 days ago, she's complaining about being a mother bc she hates her kids so much, today it's "lemme insert myself into this conversation to talk about my beautiful heroin addicted daughter." It really isn't hard to figure out why Taylor is the way she is if you do a quick scroll through Jen's Twitter.

No. 774121

Small wonder why Taylor turned out that self-involved. Jennifer is so hilariously narcissistic: she just has to insert herself into a conversation that has NOTHING to do with her or her junkie daughter, derail it to put Taylor up as someone Very Relevant and Cool, and then also show her as a Poor Maligned Victim. Lady, no one cares lol

No. 774131

This is pure cringe…. why would you keep finding ways to bring it up. What is wrong with Jen?

No. 774155

lmaooo shut the fuck up mama dean no one cares. how tone deaf and socially retarded do you have to be?

No. 774156

syd is pathetic but imagine how much taylor is seething at seeing someone beautiful and pregnant with johnny's baby calling her out like that. it's hilarious. makes me giddy.

No. 774157

The way Jen talks about her children’s disabilities is sickening. Jen is a prime example of those mothers that make/keep their children sick so they can be the sole caretaker, and get off on bringing them back from the edge.

No. 774208

Tanner has Prader-Willi. Jen didn’t give him that, nor is she keeping him from being cured, because it’s not curable.

She’s an attention-seeking cunt, but be real.

No. 774229

So you’re going to ignore how she completely enables Taylor’s addiction? Be real

No. 774244

No, she definitely enables Taylor’s addiction and munching. Prader-Willi is a very serious disability, though.

No. 774262

So does my 5 year old. Yes. Fantastic, gave my a good giggle.

No. 774303

yet TND still tried this year to get back with him. Lmao

No. 774309

File: 1589257809315.jpeg (704.74 KB, 1242x1815, DE68B09F-C3B8-452C-BD34-9CD95E…)

No. 774314

God she always has to insert herself everywhere doesn’t she. You know she still reads here. She’s probably just as bored as we are with the lack of milk lately and trying to make Taylor come out of hiding.

No. 774328

Forest posted on instagram saying "guess who's getting married". Wonder if Tay's been busy getting pregnant with pinkdick?(imageboard)

No. 774332

Alexa, this is hilarious, play White Trash Wedding by the Dixie Chicks

LMAO can you actually imagine Taylor getting married to Forrest? Likely just to piss off Mommy Dearest…

No. 774336

Forget that. She'd get married to the Johnny trash-style clone just to try and make Johnny jealous enough that he'd leave his pregnant girlfriend to win her back. At least in her mind that's what would happen.

No. 774338

I think she's been in an awful hurry to get pregnant as revenge on jonny, she completely stopped caring about her animals when she heard the news about his baby.

No. 774355

File: 1589284036530.png (645.13 KB, 1440x2046, Screenshot_2020-05-12-07-45-45…)


No he is engaged to a chick he only met in person about 5 days ago lol some ethot named Zoe Smith, he flew out to see her and less than a week later they are gonna get married!

My god all these people just make bad choice after bad choice. But this does seem unrelated to Miss Tay.

No. 774359

I don’t know where all of the unhinged Taylor tinfoil theorists are coming from, but there is no evidence or suggestion that she is pregnant or in rehab.
She’s still favoriting things on twitter, and her batshit mom commented once about pregnancy which was probably more a jab at Jonny’s gal.

No. 774360

Taylor’s gonna lose her mind, this is like the second guy she’s dated to “settle down” right after her. Also this means they were talking while him and Taylor were hanging out together.

No. 774370

I thought of that too. Well if she is upset by this itll prove all our theories about them together

No. 774371

Shut up Em.
Also it is confirmed she la in rehab or what?

No. 774374

Read 3 comments up. She's still active on twitter even if she's not posting. They don't let you have phones in mos rehabs.

No. 774377

Not confirmed. Still using her phone, just silent is all we know. Fun to guess though

No. 774384

She is super alternative and attractiveness is subjective but it's hilarious that these fugly men somehow get an upgrade after Taylor. That's super embarrassing for her. Also funny how this girl has the two toned split hair, too.

No. 774386

according to her profile shes "nonbinary and poly". taylor going poly with forrest saga when

No. 774396

She also has an ugly ass mullet. Maybe this is who Taylor has actually been trying to skinwalk during her “gothic” phase?

No. 774400

Actually why didn’t Taylor just private her socials right now? Could have minimise all the “haters” stalking her but she loves the attention too much.

No. 774417

I can’t believe Emzotic has the audacity to even mention Taylor, let alone pretend she’s supporting her. Emzotic was shitting on Taylor for MONTHS on here and only stopped because she was publicly exposed. Emzotic is insufferable, might even be worse than Taylor.

No. 774425

File: 1589310208284.png (485.25 KB, 760x1889, Screenshot_20200512-154920.png)

No. 774431

Definitely agree with this. This is a whole shit show

No. 774433

File: 1589311407974.png (186.29 KB, 594x541, taylor111.PNG)

No. 774435

File: 1589311514163.jpg (307.91 KB, 1241x1653, EX1yLm9XQAMuiAU.jpg)

No. 774437

File: 1589311643033.jpg (192.08 KB, 1191x1226, EX1yLnAXgAUa9mF.jpg)

No. 774441


So she relapsed and continues to do so… aka. she's not sober at all and hasn't been for a while. Which anon called it?

No. 774443


No. 774455

> drug abuse
> abusive relationship
I'm no sober sally but doesn't recovery involve taking some responsibility for the self?

No. 774468

Taylor is LAZY

She's sad her new brodick left her, drugs and all, and she doesn't want to do any work. Pretty sure she ran outta meds during quarantine and was getting high with forest regularly to compensate.

She ALWAYS pulls this I need a break shit. She runs and hides waits for attention, she's a bottom feeder that thrives off her own inferiority.

Blaming this on COVID? Get the fuck outta town girl you did this to yourself. You can't follow a routine for a week without sticking something in your arm out of boredom.

Honestly she can't handle a YT career, especially ones with pets, throw in the towel and gtfo junkie.

No. 774471

wow this is one of her more reasonable sounding word salads yet. almosd feels like a therapist is feeding her the right words to say. still had to slip in how it's the haturs that made her relapse though lmao.

No. 774473


that was my thought too. did someone write this for her because it actually makes sense and isn't 23 pages.

No. 774476

No word about the animals lol. Wouldn't you at least mention they are okay? She is so self-centered.

No. 774490


Yes. Sobriety cannot occur without self-criticism and responsibility, hence why she's incapable of sincerely doing a rehabilitation program, since that would involve dissecting herself.

No. 774522

How the hell do you relapse while living under your parents roof? Her mom fucking sucks at helping her daughter

No. 774534

Taylor’s situation is a recipe for disaster. Her mom is a complete nut, and completely oblivious to anything that she does (as she had mentioned in previous times in her many excuses and lies that she was addicted to drugs prior to Jonny. Which would’ve been under the Deans roof)
She has a parade of people willing to buy any of the bullshit she spews.
She’s too self absorbed, and will not accept that she does anything wrong.

She will never get better.

No. 774544


Reading that I count at least 55 variations of ME/MYSELF/I in the text. (Was hard to keep track how many, it seems like every other word). She definitely wrote it herself!

No. 774548

Honestly good for her for once. This is exactly what everyone has been telling her to do and she's finally doing it. I hope she goes to rehab again for a full month or more.

Don't know why everyone is ripping into her for this normal-sounding post when she's actually doing something good for once lul. The milk will return, be patient.

No. 774551

>> She ALWAYS pulls this I need a break shit. She runs and hides waits for attention, she's a bottom feeder that thrives off her own inferiority.

yup. And next we'll see some big controversy because we all know the "I'm fine guyise dont worry uwu" only works to get attention once.

No. 774552

you really think she is staying at home with mommy dearest and working on her mental health like a good girl? Or, is it more likely that our beloved cow is busy getting piss wasted during these trying times. She's been offline many times but never spent the time on therapy or something like that, just drugs… Or trying to convince entire rehabs to relapse with her.

No. 774556

I don’t buy any of this bullshit. If she’s so ~focused on herself and her mental health~ she would have went to the fucking rehab she was name dropping back in Jan/Feb. This quarantine would have been the ideal time for her to check herself in since she can’t go out and participate in self-destructive behaviors (read: getting multiple piercings and tattoos). She promised an animal video update in January and it is now May… and its almost been a year since she entered rehab and she has absolutely nothing to show for it. She’s a literal fucking train wreck and it’s no wonder why she turns to heroin to escape her pathetic life and choices.

No. 774563

I might be misremembering this, but didn't Tinder guy say that Taylor cheated on him with Forest? Also with all the touchy feely selfies they were posting up, I wonder how his long distance girlfriend felt about that.

(especially since they were absolutely sleeping together at one point, I'm sure of it.)

No. 774567

She might have known about it. As mentioned in >>774386 her profile says she's poly.

No. 774574

File: 1589363705042.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2457x3072, D8125681-B818-452E-BB7A-639601…)


No. 774591

Wow that's an upgrade imo. Honestly taylor is so pretty but she does stupid stuff to her face and has bad hygiene and it ain't cute

No. 774633

I think dark short to medium hair on her looks nice or even when she had beachy waves when she first started. This whole e-girl look is really try hard and doesn't suit her at all. It's not just the hair either, it's the stupid scribbles on her face, the ugly piercings and tattoos and the parrot fish mouth.

No. 774670

Just cos someone is poly doesn’t mean they’re cool with cheating. If the three of them were in a relationship it probably would’ve been mentioned in some capacity but it looks like forest is only official with her

No. 774683

The only reason people are poly is either their cucked or they love fucking around

No. 774686

Poly means you are in a relationship with more than 2 people. It's not the same as an open relationship.

No. 774687

Taylor is/was pretty but she has never had a sense of style or identity and has no idea what looks good on her. Instead she skinwalks and embarrassingly tries to copy stuff that doesn’t fit her face/features/skin tone or body type. She always looks like she’s wearing a bad, clunky costume for a character that doesn’t fit her looks or personality.

No. 774694

Insecurity doesn’t exactly breed originality

No. 774696

File: 1589408319849.png (438.25 KB, 813x597, wifey.png)

More about this girl; I think it's likely Taylor is skin-walking her like some other anons mentioned. First appearance (on insta) of the split hair is Jan 23, Taylor's first mention of wanting it is Feb 6 >>755778 and she talked about getting blue instead of red. Plus the ugly ass mullet to match.

Must kill Taylor that she does everything to try to be the girl he likes and then he literally gets married five days after meeting her.

No. 774697

Also she got the matching hand tattoo to Forest on her knuckles which is uglier than sin. She must be miserable

No. 774698

LOL I wish Taylor would try and emulate that hairstyle. TND Joe Exotic mullet phase!

No. 774700

Please!!!! Omg thank you for image

No. 774701

she already has a mullet, she just always wears extensions because even though she says she "loooves" it she probably realizes it looks like shit

No. 774702

Like this anon said, see >>757341. She saw this chick's hair and went straight to her hairdresser to ask them to copy it.

No. 774704

File: 1589412415369.jpeg (286.98 KB, 1110x960, A1B337F8-A3C7-4F75-9BD3-F66D7A…)

New girl vacationed near SA early November and probably met Forrest not long after. Less than a month later Tay posts about an irresistible urge to cut her hair into a mullet. Then not long after gets her shitty split dye job. Yeah she’s been skinwalking this girl for months and we just assumed she was cracked out making all these horrible decisions. I wonder what that chick thinks seeing Tay obviously copy her appearance while wanting to fuck her man.

No. 774720

She's been trying to make herself into hybrid of Forest's GF and Syd. A blend of what she believes Man #1 and Man #2 want in a woman. Just to cover all the bases and be attractive to both of them. That is really creepy. Wonder how it feels to have no sense of self or originality, and to only base your appearance on the women your crushes talk to.

No. 774721

didnt she also say she wanted to go back to blonde hair around that time as well?

No. 774740

Engaged to someone he only started talking to 7 months ago and just now met for the first time? I’m sure THAT will end well. Where does she even find these idiots?

How soon until Taylor comes out as nonbinary and poly now too

No. 774780

File: 1589435780587.jpeg (138.19 KB, 1242x417, 1A67C5D6-901F-4368-A70D-7BC554…)

The only self aware thing Taylor could do is be like Emzotic self posting / shitting on her own self.

My sides are actually in outer space

No. 774810

Poly doesn't necessarily mean three people in a relationship together. You can be dating two different people without those people being involved with each other. That's actually more common. Triads are very rather rare and hard to keep going.(no1curr)

No. 774816

The best possible scenario is she can’t regain her YouTube career. The girls needs to just go to cosmetology school and work at a great clips. It’s obvious everything she does is a means to get attention so the last thing she truly needs is MORE attention. I don’t even see therapy working for her anytime soon because you have to be aware of your problems (which for her means admitting she is the problem). Her family should send her to a facility that teaches grown adults proper hygiene and productivity. Perhaps some sort of re-education she didn’t get growing up??

Sage for blogpost.

No. 774873

You. Didn’t. Sage.

No. 774913


No. 774944

there's no milk. please calm down.

No. 774945

then stop bumping the fucking thread with your unsaged posts.

No. 775004


No. 775095

yall fuckers sperging about sage when i didn't even work for like a fucking year. not everyone spends their whole life on here. some people check in occasionally.

No. 775165

I've caught up with the thread and now all of this makes sense. The piercings, the tattoos, the split dye, the haircut. Holy shit. I thought she was skinwalking Syd when it was an entirely different person all along.

I imagine that with a mother with her eyes stuck on Twitter and fighting da haturz it's easy to get drugs into the house without anybody noticing.

No. 775167

File: 1589611666286.png (1.81 MB, 828x1792, 56056CC9-D12B-4DC7-9322-E53521…)

Tinfoil: Taylor is shooting up with Johnny whilst leaving his pregnant GF and telling her it’s for his ‘career’ lmao. He must have enough already because who the hell leaves their expecting partner when there’s a pandemic going on?!

No. 775168

Hypothetically going along with that tinfoil, that message "from Jonny" reads like it's from Taylor

No. 775179

File: 1589628659142.png (1.96 MB, 828x1792, BAB640B5-660E-4883-9BA1-314B69…)

Some fishy shit is definitely going down.

No. 775189

it literally doesn't, otherwise it would include some "beautifully" etc adverbs, 1000x i/me/myself and twitter lingo. it's typical manipulative jonny lovebombing emo bullshit

No. 775193

thats a retarded tinfoil if youre being serious. no doubt that jonny is cheating on syd and is still on drugs wherever he is, but how tf is he gonna shoot up with taylor when shes still living with her parents? especially now during quarantine. taylor previously got away with relapsing because she either did it at forrests place or on her own, no way is she casually gonna be able to hang out with jonny rn lmfao. stop writing fanfics just because the milk is dry.

No. 775214

I have no doubt he’s off cheating on her and doing drugs but I don’t think he’s with Taylor, as far as we know she’s still at home with her parents. Also who travels to record music in the middle of a pandemic? Hope he knows he can bring that virus home to Syd and the baby when he comes back, if he comes back to her, but lets be honest he probably doesn’t care.

No. 775218

Only thing I can think of is that he has his own place over there. I mean Taylor is relapsing under the care of her parents so it’s not impossible. He’s a druggie and will go anywhere and with anyone he can get high with… same with Taylor

No. 775237

Jonny Craig has NEVER had his own place. He has always leeched off of people and even crashed on fans’ couches.

No. 775291

File: 1589670744949.png (123.9 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20200517-021147.png)

should've brought tay along, then everyone would have clapped and complimented her on her tattoos and given her a medal and offered to give the animal to her lmao

No. 775293

File: 1589670837158.png (120.66 KB, 950x448, Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 4.14…)

Who does she know that lives in cali but might have a reason to head back to TX?

No. 775315

how does she come back to post another wall of sperg

No. 775335

I thought Texas lifted their quarantine? And this is very interesting too.

No. 775340

>what should a citizen do or they notice someone isnt the neighborhood
shes so illiterate holy fuck. its hard to tell what shes even saying without rereading her tweets a few times

No. 775342

ehh she's been ranting and raving about the quarantine for days now, I doubt it's anything milky.

No. 775364

Its uncanny that Jen is complaining about a CA visitor at the same time Syd is complaining about Johnny traveling. I don’t think he’s shooting up taylor again, but something to keep an eye on.

No. 775368

hit the nail in the head. Nothing would surprise me anymore. If Taylor can overdose under her mom’s nose, she can def meet up with Jonny even during lockdown.

No. 775396

When Jonny found out Forrest got engaged he forgave Taylor for fucking him and ran to TX to meet up for the last time before the baby is due. Taylor forbade her mum from saying anything directly about JS because it’s a secret from Syd so Jen is trying to sabotage him in another way, hence the tweets.
Or it’s not connected at all and we’re all just bored due to lack of milk.

No. 775398

* drunk. You mean drunk.

I have to say I actually thought that first part was another sperg from Taylor. But yeah, missing a lot of "me" and "I". So I think it's Jonny, but on the same sperg drugs as Taylor.

No. 775417

Texas has lifted quarantibe we have no stay at home order anymore, most businesses are open just have linited capacity and as far as ive heard any businesses still not open are aloud to on the 1st. Jens just dumb lol texas governor doesnt give a fuck hes opening even tho things havent slowed down

No. 775420

I realllly doubt it. jen's jabs are never this subtle. and she's been sperging about the lockdown for days/weeks now. I'm talking like hundreds of tweets.

No. 775421

Pretty sure JC is visiting family rn and it's a retarded tinfoil. Would be funny tho.

No. 775431

"career" What could Jonny possibly be doing for his career right now? Everything's closed, nobody's working… (except essential workers, which Jonny is not) Shouldn't he be able to just do a Skype call or something?

No. 775436

I wouldn't put it past her if she's stirring the pot after her hourly checking on here for her narc supply.

No. 775474

tinfoil for Jen's lockdown report tweet- Taylor got upset Forest has a new girl and went crying to mommy. Momma bear Dean is trying to separate them so Taylor can swoop in again.

No. 775535

Because Forest is the ideal boyfriend for her daughter in Jen's eyes. The fucking crackpot ideas here lately. The milk's dried up. Time to move on.

No. 775544

He’s recording an album. He might be in Arizona though.

No. 775555

Right? If everyone would step back and stop with the crazy tinfoils then the real milk will probably come back when she realizes no ones talking about her anymore, she’ll have to do something for attention.

No. 775796

I agree that the tinfoil is out of control without Tay on Twitter. But this tinfoil makes a hell of a lot more sense than the JC spergs upthread.
Mama Dean might not like him, but we've all seen her support Tay's shitty life choices. At least Forrest is local & wouldn't "take her daughter away" like JC did.
Plus, they are both petty cunts, and I wouldn't put it past them to report the girl for taking what in their mind should rightfully be Tay's. It must be a huge blow to her ego, that she is "famous" and thotty but keeps losing her junkie bfs/bro friends to these unknown girls who actually have real friends.

No. 775815

I’m none of Johnny anons but that makes a lot more sense than Jennifer caring about Forest. I don’t think she’s kept that much in the loop. But with syd bitching, Johnny gone, mama dean tripping, and Taylor quiet I’d be way more inclined to think she’s quietly fucking w Johnny again. Who knows though, just my opinion and it doesn’t even really matter. Taylor will fuck up soon enough.

No. 775836

Not to tinfoil since the milk is dry but I think it makes the most sense too. Taylor has gone through so many "rehab/bettering herself" phases and she always uses her audience as a crutch on social media because the "yaas sober queens" from her stand give her a ton of validation.

What could be the reason this time out of all the other times she's gotten this advice that she stays away from the internet? Its certainly not because Taylor has self control. She knows if even a single anon here sees something weird in a story or a suspicious tweet it'll be the biggest blow up ever. How would she ever explain going from trying to get the whole internet to cancel her rapist druggie ex without destroying whatever career she had left? There were already people poking holes in her story during the vice video.

I think Taylor knows even talking/hanging out with Johnny would ruin her if anyone found out publicly.

No. 775861

File: 1589924851222.png (30.95 KB, 717x234, Capture2.PNG)

jen is probably talking about someone from the neighborhood she saw while skulking behind her curtains or some boomer shit tbh. she went on a huge paranoid sperg about the locktown a few days ago.

do we know where JC even is right now? I haven't been paying attention to his insta stories but he said on discord that he's mooching off his best friend's family (pic related).

No. 775863

JC is arizona

No. 775864

Well I guess that puts that tinfoil to rest kek.

"I was with my best friend and his family"

He literally has a baby momma sitting at home pregnant wtf how are people like him allowed to reproduce

No. 775870

they've never lived together so… what makes you think he's going to all of a sudden find his own place and move his baby mama in with him? he and she cant afford that

No. 775874

File: 1589933369401.png (193.05 KB, 603x513, Capture2.PNG)

he's certainly deluded himself into thinking he can lol

No. 775887

And it’s not difficult to type SAGE in the email field. Don’t be an ass

No. 775890

>replying to a 4 day old post to sperg about using sage
the autism on this site lately jfc
jonny and syd have never lived together? i thought he has been mooching off her ever since he knocked her up

No. 775911

Why would you think that??? They’ve literally been doing long distance the whole time… they visit each other but not for that long of a visit

No. 775912

She probably still lives with her parents since she doesn’t seem to have a job or really anything going for her except being “smol”

No. 775916

why are you so offended about it though.

No. 775919

Using 3 question marks makes it seem like I’m offended? I was just correcting someone, ain’t nothing to be offended about

No. 775922

NAYRT but no sage and question? marks?? like TND???! Make you look like a newfag. Or that other anon who has been called out for your weird use of punctuation.

No. 775932

i saged for my last response as i am for this one and using two extra question marks isn't that deep… at all. it's how i type sometimes. people reading into it are the same people tinfoiling about jonny being with taylor right now

No. 775949

So we should just write sage for every post we make then?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 775952

then where tf has jonny been living all this time? with his dad? i really thought syd and him were at least mooching off someone else together

No. 775967

For every post that’s not milk, yes

No. 775984

iirc he stayed with her for a bit but he’s just been bouncing around this whole pregnancy.

No. 775992

Man I gotta say…I'm fucking SHOCKED he stayed around this long. I thought he for sure was going to leave her shortly after getting he pregnant. Still got time before the kiddo is born though.

No. 775993

probably the combo of it being a male child and being able to get away from her for long stretches of time is delaying the inevitable. If she expects him to stick around through the sleepless nights and diaper changes I'm sure he'll bail quickly

No. 776013

Manbabies like Jonny can not handle not being the chief focus of their partner once a baby is born into the family. They think they should always be top priority, and get all the attention all the time. He'll bail the moment he's uncomfortable or inconvenienced around Syd and the kid - which, honestly, is the best gift he could possibly give any kid of his.

No. 776119

File: 1590023398788.png (171.17 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20200521-040927.png)

the mind boggles.

No. 776140

There's not a fucking chance. Unless she actually is drunk off her ass in 90% of her tweets. Maybe she means she has some sort of paid certification from a bullshit website.

No. 776145

She butt in to that random
conversation just to brag about herself again, didnt she?

No. 776168

No way is this fucking numpty a trained English teacher. Oh, errrrrrthing about Jenn just SCrEAmS "yes I have a university education and degrees" kek

No. 776173

>>776168 Having a degree doesn't equate to any sort of intellect. Jen is fucking mind boggling, stupid, and frustrating on the best of days but an education doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything.

Also, I can’t believe Taylor has gone silent for this long. I think it’s the greatest thing she’s ever done. I hope her animals are finally getting attention, but I have low hopes.

No. 776184

Who says "certified English teacher?" You would say "I have a degree in English." Homeschooling does not = teacher.

No. 776189

She probably means she is certified to teach English as a second language. You can teach ESL for a lot of companies with just a TESOL certification and some teaching experience. Tutoring or home schooling would count.

No. 776219

The absolute delusion that runs in this family is astounding.

No. 776223

Is that really all that it takes in the States? Wowwwww.

Honestly though Jen has such an overinflated sense of self that she could declare herself to be in line to be the next damn Pope as a reply to some stranger on Twitter, and I would not be surprised lol

No. 776224

i think you're giving her too much credit anon

No. 776285

File: 1590128590599.png (497.52 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200522-014803.png)

Syd really loves dramatic pity parties on insta. Wonder if it's about jonny.

No. 776298

Nah it’s attention baiting so she can post wE’Re STrOnGeR ThAN EVEr FU hATeRs in two days.

No. 776307

File: 1590152729361.jpeg (274.88 KB, 1125x2067, 296754D0-F1EC-47D5-B68B-C45F13…)

Probably is because he posted this after. They’re so immature

No. 776309

It’s hard to believe she’s 27 and he’s 33, they both act like they’re still in high school. No wonder they settled down so quickly, it’s almost impossible to find someone that retarded at that age.

No. 776317

File: 1590156279912.png (42.86 KB, 539x421, Capture.PNG)

is she though, jen? I mean jen was insisting she was doing well when tay herself was saying she wanted to off herself.

No. 776700


I have a feeling Tay has a private Twitter we don’t know about. There’s no way she’s gone this long with radio silence.

No. 776720

We all know she's either off her face somewhere or in rehab.

No. 776746

she's still online daily liking things on twitter so I doubt she's in rehab of any kind.

or maybe she's still active in her teen group chat and gets her attention hit from there. the strangest part about this absence imo is that she hasn't deleted her account like she's done many times before when she "needed a break".

No. 776748

File: 1590350892381.png (460.54 KB, 828x1792, AD7614C1-9BFE-449D-826F-39B57F…)

Classy, Syd.

No. 776767

Irony is delicious.

No. 776778

File: 1590356959157.jpg (43.24 KB, 577x433, 42ovpp.jpg)

You just got to flush it

No. 776781

File: 1590357392176.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, 27E72107-78FB-4BDA-9E06-50331D…)

Oh Jesus Christ

No. 776787

33 going on 9

No. 776789

JC can't even take care of himself, let alone a family.

No. 776792

“Not allow”. Thank goodness, for many reasons they are not having a girl! Syd and Jonny sound perfect for each other.

No. 776801

He already had a baby girl and he abandoned her. So yea this relationship is gonna end up well.

You can't fix stupid

No. 776803

File: 1590363211581.png (67.96 KB, 1270x822, stalemilk.PNG)

Johnny's fans are just as delusional as Taylor's. SS taken from his recent music video.

possible old stale milk in there

No. 776814

I know the girl who made these comments. It’s true. But she’s a junky who can’t take care of her kid either lol

No. 776817

is she saying he has 2 more kids out there that we don't know about? or that he's lied about having kids to her in the past?

No. 776818

I think she’s saying he lied because she said “if it’s true this time”

No. 776856

I call bs on that sob story^ apparently anything anyone says about Jonny is now true, apparently. Fuck outta here with that slanderous shit.

No. 776865

Of all the shitty things we can hate on JC and/or TND… desperate anons gotta search.
If it was anyone else but a lolcow, "not allowing" exploitative media to be mindlessly fed to his child isn't a bad parenting decision if agreed on by both parties. He might make it sound retarded, but it's his right.

No. 777000

Why does he type like he’s retarded

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