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File: 1588196604548.png (703.14 KB, 867x545, MGwsEYmC3LQnkiQxXj26Bo.png)

No. 771859

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>764628

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
> Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Taylor takes the time to write a novel reminiscing about JC on her birthday >>765572 >>765655 >>765667 , as always it’s full of weird discrepancies >>765694
>Taylor concernbaits by showing off huge bruises on her legs >>765950 >>766172 >>766970 >>766173
>Taylor purchases a tacky ass taxidermied duckling >>765987 >>766066 >>766174 , goes on a twitter tirade trying to explain herself >>766418 >>766419 >>766428 >>766429
>promises to release multiple videos, including a video showing all her animals >>764861 >>766785, an animal crossing gameplay >>766466 , and a video about her struggles with making content >>766577
>more word vomit about why she can’t film, including her uwu mental health, JC, haters, and being insecure about showing her face >>766552 >>766597 >>768345
>Taylor breaks quarantine to get whored up and hang out with her druggie boyfriend Forest >>766825 >>766852 >>766976 , makes a long rambling insta story explaining how it was necessary for her mental health >>767015 >>767058 >>767059
>Jen and Taylor take in another cat to add to their hoard, without bothering to find out if it belongs to someone >>768516 >>768589 >>768649 >>768824 >>770958 >>771318
>Taylor posts another wall of text about how she’s in a dark place >>769438 >>769421 yet is still refusing to rehome her animals to get the help she needs, only promising to go to rehab if she relapses again >>769473 >>769474
>Jen is still going on about haters and how she’s not bothered, bringing it up almost every other day >>767090 >>767265
>Taylor finally posts a passive agressive video showing all her animal enclosures >>769934 >>770006 , highlights include a green tree python shoved in a dark closet inside a plastic bin and TND forgetting which enclosure houses which animal.
>Taylor has gone MIA on her social media

>Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Esther the cat

>Recent Known Deaths: –
>Recent Known “Rehomed”: –

Unconfirmed Milk:
>Taylor’s fuck buddy Forest is a drug dealer >>771754

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 771868

Thanks for the new thread, anon! The thread picture is brilliant.

Is this her longest social media silence her stint in that "amazing world renowned rehab"? She's kept silent on Twitter for a week. Did Mommy stop paying for her phone bill?

No. 771872

We can only hope but something must have happened. Either she's back on drugs or alcohol or one of the Dean parents put their foot down.

No. 771876

File: 1588201430291.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2688, 6487188B-ED80-4E3F-9B57-4883A2…)


No. 771877

Wow, it's almost as if bandaid baby's don't work…

No. 771883

I do think something happened after her last relapse and concern-baiting about mental/behavioral health hospitals. The rest is total tinfoil.

I think this because of her social media absence and Jen's insists that "nobody knows what's really going on".
Also because her last notepad uwu mental health rant:
Sounds more educated, better written and less lmaof than her usual.
Biggest Tinfoil- she is getting some mental health services, after scaring her parents. Probably a text therapist scam like BetterHelp. Therapy helps narcissists narc even more, because they are able to mimic the language and manipulate people even better based on what they are told in therapy.

No. 771893

A bandaid baby from an already deadbeat addict daddy lel

No. 771910

loving the thread pic anon

No. 771917

which just ends up being an even worse decision.

Good one Syd! You picked a real winner kek.

No. 771952

File: 1588243368239.png (1.27 MB, 2020x1312, Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 11.37…)

I can't understand why Taylor never responded to this person that cat is nearly identical to "Esther"

No. 771976

Because she has no intentions of returning the cat even if it was the missing one.

No. 771988

>April 11
That could be the cat?
I mean it's not like they posted that they found a cat anywhere but on her twitter just for attention. If you're at home all day, you'd at least try going on different websites to find the owner or post that you found a cat.

No. 772000

they fucking stole someone's cat in the middle of a pandemic. think about how shitty that is. no one is just letting a maine coon run around. that cat got out and they are keeping it. what assholes.

No. 772001

File: 1588265025052.png (422.13 KB, 652x432, meeko not esther.png)

they're purposefully choosing pics that make the cat look different or disguise the marking on her forehead. you can see clearly that this is a maine coon in the picture jen posted a little while back. give the people their pet back, you evil bitches.

No. 772004

is it cowtipping if someone tries to find the person who posted this missing cat bulletin and sends them pics from taylor's accounts? this is straight up heartless, i would be so upset if i lost my cat during this, and even more upset if someone was just casually blasting my cat all over social media while completely failing to look for its rightful owners at all. this is gross.

No. 772005

I'm wondering the same thing. I lost one of my cats a few years ago and cried every night for a year. Almost dropped out of school because of it. I'd be furious if someone knew where she was but wanted to keep her for themselves.

No. 772006

I dont know if its cowtipping or not but i would do it regardless. If that is the same cat, her atual owners deserve to have her back

No. 772008

File: 1588267163299.png (224.74 KB, 540x405, Capture123.PNG)

they're not going to give this cat back willingly… I'd be slightly more optimistic if it was only taylor but jen is also in on it.

I'm also loving the #endwildanimalpettrade in her bio lmao. the hypocrisy.

No. 772009

all of life doesnt revolve around lolcow, just dont post about doing it.
im confused tho, the deans gave this stray a female name and the cat in the lost cat alert is male. are we gonna assume that taylor just sucks at sexing the cat or that they simply guessed its gender?

No. 772010

I mean if you dont link back to this page and dont associate with lolcow how would anyone know it was an anon from here

No. 772011

oh, don't get me wrong. i'm too lazy and busy to do so. i'm just checking if it's considered cowtipping and hopefully encouraging someone else to do so, because this ain't their cat.

No. 772012

Are you really gonna give Taylor's animal knowledge the benefit of the doubt here?

No. 772013

touche anon. for a second i forgot that she couldnt even sex a rat when all you gotta do is look for nipples lol

No. 772014

File: 1588267731093.png (776.27 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200430-132525.png)

To be honest I dont think its the same cat, cat in the findmykitty post has long hair in his ears. The cat Taylor found also has a little bit of his ear missing, which I feel like would be put in the cat's description as its a distinct feature.

On top of all of that, I feel like even Taylor and her room temp IQ could sex a cat, and the cat in the post is male.

That being said, Im sure Taylor took this random, well fed cat off the street and some poor family is looking for them.

No. 772018

it is pretty sure the same cat i've had several cats and know where to look to see if it is the same. also the ear part could have gone missing after getting lost :/ but all of the fur colours and markings fit perfectly(:/)

No. 772019

File: 1588269187681.jpg (600.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200430-195319_Sam…)

No. 772025

File: 1588270302351.png (1.25 MB, 1352x1057, 1588243368239.png)

ok, let's lay this tinfoil to rest now. unless they removed the collar, "esther" had none >>768516 and she(?) looks nothing like a maine coon in this photo >>770958 , just looks like a normal tabby with a red spot over her eye which is pretty distinctive.

No. 772028

Yeah, Esther is definitely not a Maine Coon.

No. 772029

the face markings are completely different, painfully clear this is a different cat. Look elsewhere Anons

No. 772030

am i tripping or do these 2 cats look completely different from this cat >>772025

No. 772038

I have same thought, suddenly Esther lost all her fluff and is darker?

No. 772039

nah, it's just the only decent photo of the cat. the eartip is missing in all the photos and you can make out the orange marking above the eye as well.

No. 772041

it's still weird to ignore a message about a really similar looking cat when you're supposedly trying to find its owner

No. 772043

At this point they shouldn’t be taking in any animals at all, even if it really is a stray. The point at hand should be why the fuck are they bringing in another animal to a literal HOARD that they can’t properly care for.
It might be someone’s cat, it might not. It’s still an issue either way.

No. 772051

Is that the left ear that has the tip removed? If that's the case, the cat is probably a community cat and not owned by anybody.

No. 772063


There's no way that cat is a stray. It's healthy, brushed coat is the giveaway. Why don't these sociopathic nutballs put out a "found cat" poster??

No. 772084

the cat is well-cared for. it's not a fucking stray.

No. 772085

I'm sure Taylor just thinks the cat is tame with her because she has such a ~special affinity with all animals!!~

Have they even taken it to the vet to get a scan for a microchip? Most vets in the country are still open, just operating a little differently via dropoff and such. I'm certain they could bring a microchip scanner out to the car and scan the cat, if Taylor could be bothered to take it in.

No. 772086

that's because they aren't the same cat. 'esther' started out as a maine coon and then morphed into a tabby once they realized they would get called out for stealing someone's pet. they're both fucking assholes.

No. 772088

jfc what a dumb tinfoil. it's the same cat. unless they have two cats with left eartips missing lmao

No. 772090

File: 1588288427454.png (948.97 KB, 1457x1130, cat.png)

Yeah looking at the original vid she posted on Twitter its the same cat. Guess that one pic is just weird

No. 772093

File: 1588288965774.webm (12.81 MB, 1280x720, -KnavGhy8H5_yH1W.webm)

No. 772094

the ad doesn't show an ear tip missing tho???

No. 772096

that's because the ad is some random missing cat that is not esther.

No. 772105

Missing a tip of an ear is a common sign that a community or stray cat has been spayed or neutered. Someone else in the neighborhood could have been feeding or caring for the cat previously even if it lived outside. Not all stray cats have to “look” or act like a stray.

No. 772138

Nah dude starts do not lick your hand lol

No. 772144

Yes they absolutely do. Many strays are very friendly, house hop and are well taken care of. Stray doesn't equal feral.


No. 772146

Agree. “Community cat” is a good term; they learn that being friendly gets them fed and if they bounce around the neighborhood they can get fed a LOT. They’re still better off in a single home receiving regular vet care rather than roaming the streets. Any home besides the Dean home that is.

No. 772148

Honestly knowing Tay she’s already adopted the cat and she’s pretending it’s just a “stray” that showed up to avoid negativity about getting yet another pet

No. 772151

For anyone confused why the cat has short fur in this photo, if you zoom in you can see the shitty portrait mode she's used has clipped all the long fur. It can't go around each individual hair, so it's blurred it out into the background.

No. 772156

File: 1588309803681.png (661.24 KB, 477x850, Capture.PNG)

No. 772159

I doubt she took scissors to the cat's ear…

No. 772162

File: 1588311610982.jpeg (445.92 KB, 1751x974, 8C48BF4A-7928-4011-8F7B-F0FA19…)

Sorry if it's too OT or blogposty, but my cat has a clipped ear and they cut off QUITE the chunk. The reason they cut off so much is so from a distance, they can see if a feral or "community" cat is spayed/neutered at a glance, so they're not retraumatizing the same cats or wasting manpower on cats they've already helped. The cat she has looks more like an injury than an elaborate surgical cut. I included a picture to show the amount I mean.
I truly think the missing piece is an injury and not done by a vet. They use a cauterization tool too which creates a clean edge.

No. 772238

they dont even look the same for one bit. come on.

No. 772239

It's a misleading photo, they do look similar but the M shape on their head is different.

The orange toe "Esther" has is a good characteristic to go by I think if anons are bored and want to look.

No. 772241

it's the other photos that are misleading imo. just look at this video >>772093 , the cat doesn't have the face shape of a maine coon and only looks really fluffy when lying down. it's clear from the video that it's just a normal tabby. and all tabbies have near identical face markings so it's not a distinctive feature in the slightest.
you're right that the orange toe (and the orange spot above its left eye) are so distinctive any owner looking for the cat would mention them.

No. 772335

File: 1588384800371.png (1016.67 KB, 1242x2688, 0C0CD198-27C1-4B61-BBBC-0A98A1…)

Get that thru your thick empty skull Taytay

No. 772348

I wish Tay was still unhinged on Twitter because this would make so much milk.
Another vote for appreciation of JC-anon posts that are relevant or throwing shade. I need my quarantine skim milk (limit 1).

No. 772357

I think shes on lockdown when it comes to drugs. Probably her mom got some tests and taylor is white-knuckling sobriety with animal crossing. Shes staying off the internet and probably staying in bed.

No. 772373

File: 1588401289034.jpg (7.21 KB, 259x194, image.jpg)

ymmv; in my area the cut tends to be much less dramatic.
Debating whether or not the cat Taylor took in is a stray is retarded anyway; the fact that she took in a cat when she can't take care of her current animals is shitty enough on its own. No need to weave some sort of fantasy where she snatched the cat from a loving owner.

No. 772393

File: 1588420346020.jpeg (204.47 KB, 743x1057, C050B2A7-0CDC-425C-827F-31B3AD…)

Here at your service for skim milk.

Again can’t believe anyone wants to be with Jc. Perhaps taylor?? he loves taking subtle jabs at his ex.

No. 772402

File: 1588424091409.jpeg (919.31 KB, 1242x2283, 7281C8A2-26CF-448C-A0AF-D509C1…)

She’s on at some capacity. Noticed she liked a tweet yesterday. I think she’s probably going through drug withdrawals, or something and crying in bed. Still lurking around though.

No. 772408

wouldn't surprise me if she's just trying to get people to worry about her

No. 772409

It's because Syd thinks she needs to have a baby now and that making a baby with somebody will make them stay.

No. 772417

I honestly just think she's playing Animal Crossing non-stop and eating her usual junk. Probably enough of a high for her to ignore her problems. Bet her hygiene atm is pretty bad lol.

No. 772491

File: 1588449343591.jpg (587.8 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200502-125543.jpg)

They're keeping the cat. Oh no

No. 772493

File: 1588449848074.png (818.62 KB, 747x596, Capture123.PNG)

well, of course they are. when jen gets her grubby hands on something, she's not letting go.

No. 772494

File: 1588449994673.png (1.28 MB, 667x657, Capture1234.PNG)

No. 772495

there goes my theory that maybe she did go back to rehab, I guess.
this silence is really fucking weird though. I don't believe it for a second that jen stopped coddling her and took away her internet or something. maybe she ran away with forest? lmao. or maybe she finally actually is in "such a dark place uwu" that she can't even bring herself to attention whore online.

No. 772501

how long will it take her to get as fat as jen, is the important question? maybe that's why the radio silence. quarantine tay tay is a fatty.

No. 772505

No, the important question is how are her animals being cared for while she is no-lifeing Animal Crossing? You just know they are getting bare minimum care and attention. Jen has too much on her plate with a disabled son and taking selfies of her new cat to be of much help.

Regarding the new cat… they never scanned for a Microchip did they?

No. 772508

I'm hoping they just let the cat come and go as it pleases. It 100% only "chose them" (i.e. keeps coming back) because they leave food out for it, not because it likes them. animals will return to places they know they'll get food. the anthropomorphism is par for the course in the Dean household but it's still so stupid of them to think it has anything to do with them and not food.

No. 772512

i guess we're going to ignore the fact that suddenly the cat's head is a different color from the rest of it's body? jen is such an attention whore.

No. 772526

stop with the retarded tinfoil already. the cat is a tabby with ginger spots. and has been all along.

No. 772556

This is a beautiful cat. Look at that long tail! This might be the only time I'll ever compliment Jen/Tay's preferences.

No. 772583

File: 1588490298307.png (369.6 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20200503-101735.png)

now jen herself is calling this cat a maine coon lmao.

No. 772584

File: 1588490347227.png (112.5 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20200503-101927.png)

No. 772597

I mean… that's how you were supposed to be behaving before Texas lifted the quarantine, but alright. Good job, Jen.

No. 772601

Jennifer Dean sometimes acts like a bigger cow than her daughter (and she definitely looks like a cow)

She really thought it was appropriate to whine and cry that not everybody was adhering to the rules while she wasn’t, and now feels unsafe everybody is doing what she did.

No. 772627

Keep an eye out for Whataburger's bankruptsy

No. 772629

Can't say if she's relapsed, I think she's doing the same shit as always, just not posting because of the amount of hate she got from her last few adventures with Forrest. Finally seeing her wise up. Too bad it's too little too late. She has social media infamy, just no cashflow from it.

No. 772654

Wonder if that's what Tay has been up to, trying to get Jonny back.

No. 772655

lol this fatass loser

No. 772662

File: 1588533659560.jpeg (355.87 KB, 750x792, 092E24C6-6E68-486B-8BAC-F1C3A8…)

Looks like tay is hanging by a thread with lockdown

No. 772663

File: 1588533685312.jpeg (164.31 KB, 750x407, 80CF37E2-9AF6-4E9B-885A-3D89EC…)

No. 772688

Can they please just find a home for this cat, or at least put some effort into seeing if it has an owner? God, Jen infuriates me. And no, just because that cat is a domestic medium/long hair, it is not a Maine coon.

No. 772689

She must be on drugs because the grammar in this tweet… wew

No. 772731

File: 1588551399261.jpg (260.82 KB, 720x849, 20200503_191554.jpg)

No. 772744

By the definition of numerous countries, that cat is not feral. Feral cats run and hide from humans not chill out and let photos be taken or accept petting.

No. 772746

Both Jen & Taylor are narcareful in their answers on Twitter. She purposely never responded to the "did you put up a "found" ad" part of the question, and deflected by appealing to the authority (the vet) and providing additional nonsense details.

Which means they may have scanned her (but microchips migrate and need to be throughly checked) but never posted any ads or looked for owner.

I also find it interesting that it is Jen's pet and not Taylor's. Trying to avoid criticism or Jen shading Taylor because they finally have a happy cat in the household?

No. 772751

What kind of shit vet they using? lmao. Calling a super friendly and affectionate cat feral. I would bet money that the cat was never taken to the vet and her mom just said all that to avoid the backlash.

No. 772782

oh shut up Jen, the vet did not say it's "feral".

No. 772791

all of you feral cat anons need to shut the fuck up, immediately. just because the milk is dry you do not have the right to fill this post with your useless opinions.

the cat has a clipped ear, it is a stray, get over it

No. 772793

this reads like a bullshit story tay would write lmao. that said, >>772791 has a point, no use in inventing more backstory to the cat than there is, taking in another cat when they already have a hoard is bad enough.

No. 772794

File: 1588580618431.jpg (238.13 KB, 1072x716, Screenshot_20200504-042157_Goo…)

The friendliest feral I've ever seen. If the vet told her this clearly well socialized and loving cat is feral they clearly don't know much about the term feral at all. A simple Google search brings up the basic definition. I have yet to see an example of jen or Taylor using their brain

No. 772818

You and everyone else making speculations based on something you don't have any experience with (how the fuck did it take days for a thread of supposed animal lovers to notice that the cat's ear is clipped?) in order to materialize reasons to get even more mad at a stranger on the internet are just as batty as Taylor and Mama Dean, jesus christ

If you have to tinfoil this hard about something this stupid in order to keep the outrage flowing then maybe it's time to find a new cow to follow

No. 772828

Please, WK harder

No. 772836

youre complaining about anons not having experience with a specific animal in a fucking taylor nicole dean thread. do you know where the fuck you are?

feral rescues CAN be friendly, but youd have to have them rescued in early kittenhood or have specific personality traits. not to mention a feral cat is going to have specific actions that make it uncomfortable, places it will never let you comfortably touch it, etc. also, feral cats with long hair tend to not be perfectly fucking groomed, not even to cat standards.

No. 772838

They shouldn't get another cat to begin with. Lying about the specifics of an animal to make themselves look good is just what those bitches do.

No. 772843

Can we please stop with the cat sperging? Plenty of cats that were strays with clipped ears now have owners. That doesn't mean it wasn't someone's pet.

It immediately letting them pet it's stomach means it is NOT feral.

Given the number of times they have lied about taking animals to the vet this is most likely another lie.

Regardless of everything locking 3 cats in a room was bad enough, now it's 4 which is way worse.

Everything else is useless speculation, chill out.

No. 772847

No you shut up. >>772836 is right. Cats socialization to humans has to happen at a young age, usually between 4-8 weeks. It becomes more difficult as they get older with it becoming nearly impossible by 16 weeks of age. Some cats that have lived with humans, but are outside for years, demonstrate fearful, “feral” like behaviors.

I’m an experienced cat rescuer. It’s devastating, but cats we trap over this age can not adjust to human interaction. Sometimes, stray cats are TNR (trap-neutered-returned) and given ear tip. It’s not exclusive to ferals. If the stray is not well socialized, in an area with high euthanasia rate, or living in a cared for colony, it’s best to return them to their life outdoors.

I also find this discussion somewhat excessive, but it’s provoking mama Dean and Taylor. Taylor always ends up addressing information discussed here. It really is important that they ensure this cat doesn’t have a family before continuing to care for this animal. Plus, people like you, who could easily google this information, keep sperging your own nonsense.

No. 772850

At least we know where Taylor gets her lying skills from

No. 772857

>>Regardless of everything locking 3 cats in a room was bad enough, now it's 4 which is way worse.
If you're implying the cat's locked in Taylor's bedroom, that doesn't appear to be the case from what we're seeing. Jen's feeding and probably providing some kind of shelter for an outdoor cat. As much as I'd rather they didn't get another pet, this really isn't that bad. It's getting fed and if it decides it doesn't like being there anymore, it'll move on to the next house that leaves food out for strays.

No. 772859

Thank you! With the milk drying up, we now have had a weeks worth of cat autist spamming the thread.
Literally no one gives a shit if you’re the messiah of cat rescuers.

No. 772860

Not to wk but I would like to add that when Taylor released her switch code I added her. And she’s honestly not playing ac as much as everyone thinks. She’s still at 190 hours which most people I know are well over 300 because of quarantine. She really only logs on late at night and like once during the day. It’s kind of something people have hyper focused on here because milk is dry.

No. 772862

That's honestly more playtime than I expected, she never really sticks with anything and this was only to make her more ~relatable~

No. 772870

Do all you bored quarantine catfag bitches realize it’s okay not to post when there’s no milk? Like calm down go back to GG or your cringey twitter call out accounts. It’s okay to take a break from the thread when the cow is dry.

No. 772873

File: 1588638277069.png (495.99 KB, 1125x2436, 6ED62097-F20C-4D01-8AE3-676D61…)


No. 772874

Wrong thread

No. 772876

she doesn't have her own thread but she should. i used to support her but she's a racist. if i knew how to start a new one i would.

No. 772877

i was talking to her about TND but she turned it into this

No. 772879

don't see what's the milk here but take it to the pettuber thread in snow

No. 772887

will do. was always in her side but had no idea she was a full blown racist who believes in reverse racism.

No. 772893


Mind taking your personal vendetta off this thread. There is no link to taylor and therefore doesn't belong here

No. 772906

shes not wrong tho

No. 772941

True that. Go ask the Whites from SP.(do not instigate race related arguments)

No. 773116

Fictional family from South Park yo. It’s a joke.

No. 773149

Ok bro

On another note, I find it really odd that she hasn’t been posting pictures of herself in a while. She usually does that when she’s “feeling down” which is allegedly how she feels about staying inside. So where are the pictures of herself? Tinfoil but I bet there’s some obvious evidence of drug usage on her body and that’s the only reason why her narc ass is refraining from posting some shit outfit

No. 773150

Evidence of drug use or she's not showering again bet.

No. 773188

Not showering didn't stop her before, so why would it now?

No. 773253


My guess is weight gain or drug use for sure.

No. 773277

she came back for a minute after ages of not posting anything to remind everyone that its ok to relapse… its obvious she relapsed and thats why she isnt posting.

No. 773325

Oh, she definitely relapsed. No doubt about that, but even then she would post cracked out selfies and novel length tirades on Twitter.

Honestly, it’s probably her hair. She can’t go in to get the color redone, so she’s either not posting selfies because her hair looks like shit or she tried to do it herself and it went horrible wrong.

No. 773329

Taylor loves to project so I'm betting since she's tweeting so hard about how "it's okay to relapse, totally! it's part of recovery!!" she hasn't been clean since like January, for more than a month at a time.

She's just the type to throw a tantrum about having to stay at home and not go get her hair/nails/tattoos done just like her Mommy Dearest, so I'm also betting she's done something stupid to her looks.

She's gonna come out looking like Jonny. Fried haystack hair, bloated, even more ugly tats, dead eyes.

No. 773349

Let’s not forget about her countless piercings, one of which required an ER visit and another that she needed her piercer to fix because ~uwu quirky heroin binge shenanigans~

No. 773404

People were being "mean" online. She posted a passive aggressive video about her enclosures and even the fans could see that there were some improvement needed. So now she's taking a "break" so her fans will worry more about her instead of worrying about her enclosures. I don't think she's ever been sober and these little silences are just tricks of manipulation.

No. 773416

Imagine how much you'd have to fail as a parent when your grown ass child is completely incapable of caring for themselves. She's relapsed multiple times under Jen's roof she just doesn't care because at least she has "control" over Taylor. She has no idea how to be a parent. She didn't raise Taylor to be a productive member of society who can take care of herself. She, like her daughter, just wants something to love her unconditionally and that's it. Zero expectations or actual care beyond the absolute bare minimum. Most parents would be ASHAMED of Tay's online presence. But to Jen her kid being youtube famous is more noteworthy than all the terrible things combined.

No. 773498

File: 1588880186204.jpg (230.83 KB, 1051x1307, Screenshot_20200507-123610.jpg)

Imagine your own mom posting something like this. Omfg

No. 773501

Not to WK but if I was in mama deans shoes I'd probably be tired too. Tanners condition isn't anyone's fault but realistically Jen will have to care for her kid for the rest of her life and make sure he's taken care of after she's gone. Being the sole caregiver to one child while your other historanic child goes and gets herself addicted to heroin so her audience of hundreds of thousands of people can watch the meltdown of Twitter must be difficult to deal with to some degree.

She probably knows she's not getting anything special on mothers day and it irritates her. I doubt Taylor or dad Dean go out of their way and Tanner obviously can't. Mama Dean is a boomer cow but i wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

No. 773506


all that aside it's obvious who Taylor gets her perpetual victim mentality from

No. 773540

File: 1588893458999.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3373x2510, B8ED94FD-C43C-487C-B483-FA9666…)

Their resemblance has been mentioned before, but I saw this tweet and honestly thought it was Taylor going on CH.
I wish Mama Dean would just put Tanner in a home and shut up. She never shuts up about how miserable and tired she is. Tanner deserves better

No. 773573

wow at last after insisting that the sun shines out of taylor's ass, she has a lucid thought. seriously though, think before you have kids, you could easily end up like jen. not her fault that she had a disabled son and then her daughter started doing heroin bc mommy didn't have enough time for her.

No. 773585

sounds like she's trying to convince taylor to not get pregnant with pinkdick imo.

No. 773596

I know it can't be easy being a mom in general and a mom to a severely disabled kid and the mess Taylor is, but come on. She needs to be talking about that in private to people who support her not posting it all over public spaces. Have some respect for your disabled son. It's not his fault.

No. 773603

File: 1588924368076.png (572.25 KB, 541x871, Capture123.PNG)

I mean she does need to stop posting embarrassing stuff about tanner constantly, but this sounds more like a cautionary tale. she fell for the fairytale of having kids and now she's stuck caring for a disabled person 24/7 for the rest of her life while trying to manage a self-destructive junkie and she's regretting the whole thing. one of the more reasonable thoughts she's had to be honest.

No. 773604

I feel like she's saying this because she's trying to shade Syd for having a baby with JC and thinking that'll fix everything though. Like if so that's just weird, subtweeting advice to your daughter's ex's pregnant girlfriend.

No. 773608

she's not subtweeting Syd. Jen straight up hates being a mother.

No. 773609

Oh please bitch shut the fuck up. Motherhood is hard, even if your kids are physically and mentally fit. I give her no passes for any of it. If Tanner is a low functioning autist with health problems.. get him help. They have people who are trained to work with his type. He is disabled and should be on state assistance to help out. You don't deserve a medal for making yourself a martyr for a situation you put yourself into.
As for her lying freeloading junkie loser daughter. The first time she relapsed should have been it. She needs real life repercussions, kick her out. But no, continue to put one childs safety and well being at risk over another's. Good job Jen, you're a piece of shit.
You just want to create a situation of self importance and demand pity and ass pats for it. Now we see where Junk-Thot v 2.0 gets it.

No. 773720

Jen is 100% of the reason why Taylor is the way she is.

No. 773741

File: 1588971846787.png (1.04 MB, 828x1792, A526D3AE-BDF6-4424-8E1B-432B93…)

From Syds Instagram

No. 773742

Syd tried so hard to stay relevant I think she loves being mentioned on this site and feeling like people care.(emoji)

No. 773749

Wonder what happen exactly for her to post that? Because it's been a while since people say Taylor looks like Syd so I think this is something else

No. 773756

Wonder what happen exactly for her to post that? Because it's been a while since people say Taylor looks like Syd so I think this is something else

No. 773760

File: 1588977169624.png (905.94 KB, 828x1792, AD9F4FC9-010A-4849-BFD3-DB4402…)

Trying and failing to be an interesting calf.

No. 773763

Nobody cares about Syd ffs

No. 773777

Aww. I do.

No. 773795

I just started following her for entertainment value and the cow blocked me for no reason. I didn't even comment on anything. Paranoid idiot!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773937

Motherhood can be wonderful. But not if you spend the last half of your life cleaning up after the 20 animals of your heroin addicted child and paying for her addiction. No one can live happily forever by being a servant to someone else. That's not what motherhood is.

No. 773964

has anyone figured out which rehab taylor is inpatient at right now?

No. 773972

Probably the Vacation Home for Emotionally Damaged and Abused Victims of Washed Up Musicians

No. 774063


Do we know for sure that she is in inpatient or is this a joke/tinfoil?

No. 774073

Nobody has said that… literally one rando decided to say she’s inpatient with no proof

No. 774095

gotta say im impressed with tays social media blackout because she was so addicted to the attention. hope she keeps up the good work.

No. 774106

File: 1589187596896.png (258.57 KB, 541x1647, Capture.PNG)

I love this whole interaction holy shit

No. 774107

It's caps like this that remind you of just how annoying Momma Dean is. Her only identity/claim to fame is her herion addict, animal neglecting daughter and her disabled son. Either she pulls the martyr act with one or she butts into random conversations to brag about the other.

No. 774111

That escalated quickly. One min bragging she’s a queen a second later now she’s a heroin addict…

No. 774113

Jen is funny as fuck to observe because of how drastically different the shit she says day to day is. 3 days ago, she's complaining about being a mother bc she hates her kids so much, today it's "lemme insert myself into this conversation to talk about my beautiful heroin addicted daughter." It really isn't hard to figure out why Taylor is the way she is if you do a quick scroll through Jen's Twitter.

No. 774121

Small wonder why Taylor turned out that self-involved. Jennifer is so hilariously narcissistic: she just has to insert herself into a conversation that has NOTHING to do with her or her junkie daughter, derail it to put Taylor up as someone Very Relevant and Cool, and then also show her as a Poor Maligned Victim. Lady, no one cares lol

No. 774131

This is pure cringe…. why would you keep finding ways to bring it up. What is wrong with Jen?

No. 774155

lmaooo shut the fuck up mama dean no one cares. how tone deaf and socially retarded do you have to be?

No. 774156

syd is pathetic but imagine how much taylor is seething at seeing someone beautiful and pregnant with johnny's baby calling her out like that. it's hilarious. makes me giddy.

No. 774157

The way Jen talks about her children’s disabilities is sickening. Jen is a prime example of those mothers that make/keep their children sick so they can be the sole caretaker, and get off on bringing them back from the edge.

No. 774208

Tanner has Prader-Willi. Jen didn’t give him that, nor is she keeping him from being cured, because it’s not curable.

She’s an attention-seeking cunt, but be real.

No. 774229

So you’re going to ignore how she completely enables Taylor’s addiction? Be real

No. 774244

No, she definitely enables Taylor’s addiction and munching. Prader-Willi is a very serious disability, though.

No. 774262

So does my 5 year old. Yes. Fantastic, gave my a good giggle.

No. 774303

yet TND still tried this year to get back with him. Lmao

No. 774309

File: 1589257809315.jpeg (704.74 KB, 1242x1815, DE68B09F-C3B8-452C-BD34-9CD95E…)

No. 774314

God she always has to insert herself everywhere doesn’t she. You know she still reads here. She’s probably just as bored as we are with the lack of milk lately and trying to make Taylor come out of hiding.

No. 774328

Forest posted on instagram saying "guess who's getting married". Wonder if Tay's been busy getting pregnant with pinkdick?(imageboard)

No. 774332

Alexa, this is hilarious, play White Trash Wedding by the Dixie Chicks

LMAO can you actually imagine Taylor getting married to Forrest? Likely just to piss off Mommy Dearest…

No. 774336

Forget that. She'd get married to the Johnny trash-style clone just to try and make Johnny jealous enough that he'd leave his pregnant girlfriend to win her back. At least in her mind that's what would happen.

No. 774338

I think she's been in an awful hurry to get pregnant as revenge on jonny, she completely stopped caring about her animals when she heard the news about his baby.

No. 774355

File: 1589284036530.png (645.13 KB, 1440x2046, Screenshot_2020-05-12-07-45-45…)


No he is engaged to a chick he only met in person about 5 days ago lol some ethot named Zoe Smith, he flew out to see her and less than a week later they are gonna get married!

My god all these people just make bad choice after bad choice. But this does seem unrelated to Miss Tay.

No. 774359

I don’t know where all of the unhinged Taylor tinfoil theorists are coming from, but there is no evidence or suggestion that she is pregnant or in rehab.
She’s still favoriting things on twitter, and her batshit mom commented once about pregnancy which was probably more a jab at Jonny’s gal.

No. 774360

Taylor’s gonna lose her mind, this is like the second guy she’s dated to “settle down” right after her. Also this means they were talking while him and Taylor were hanging out together.

No. 774370

I thought of that too. Well if she is upset by this itll prove all our theories about them together

No. 774371

Shut up Em.
Also it is confirmed she la in rehab or what?

No. 774374

Read 3 comments up. She's still active on twitter even if she's not posting. They don't let you have phones in mos rehabs.

No. 774377

Not confirmed. Still using her phone, just silent is all we know. Fun to guess though

No. 774384

She is super alternative and attractiveness is subjective but it's hilarious that these fugly men somehow get an upgrade after Taylor. That's super embarrassing for her. Also funny how this girl has the two toned split hair, too.

No. 774386

according to her profile shes "nonbinary and poly". taylor going poly with forrest saga when

No. 774396

She also has an ugly ass mullet. Maybe this is who Taylor has actually been trying to skinwalk during her “gothic” phase?

No. 774400

Actually why didn’t Taylor just private her socials right now? Could have minimise all the “haters” stalking her but she loves the attention too much.

No. 774417

I can’t believe Emzotic has the audacity to even mention Taylor, let alone pretend she’s supporting her. Emzotic was shitting on Taylor for MONTHS on here and only stopped because she was publicly exposed. Emzotic is insufferable, might even be worse than Taylor.

No. 774425

File: 1589310208284.png (485.25 KB, 760x1889, Screenshot_20200512-154920.png)

No. 774431

Definitely agree with this. This is a whole shit show

No. 774433

File: 1589311407974.png (186.29 KB, 594x541, taylor111.PNG)

No. 774435

File: 1589311514163.jpg (307.91 KB, 1241x1653, EX1yLm9XQAMuiAU.jpg)

No. 774437

File: 1589311643033.jpg (192.08 KB, 1191x1226, EX1yLnAXgAUa9mF.jpg)

No. 774441


So she relapsed and continues to do so… aka. she's not sober at all and hasn't been for a while. Which anon called it?

No. 774443


No. 774455

> drug abuse
> abusive relationship
I'm no sober sally but doesn't recovery involve taking some responsibility for the self?

No. 774468

Taylor is LAZY

She's sad her new brodick left her, drugs and all, and she doesn't want to do any work. Pretty sure she ran outta meds during quarantine and was getting high with forest regularly to compensate.

She ALWAYS pulls this I need a break shit. She runs and hides waits for attention, she's a bottom feeder that thrives off her own inferiority.

Blaming this on COVID? Get the fuck outta town girl you did this to yourself. You can't follow a routine for a week without sticking something in your arm out of boredom.

Honestly she can't handle a YT career, especially ones with pets, throw in the towel and gtfo junkie.

No. 774471

wow this is one of her more reasonable sounding word salads yet. almosd feels like a therapist is feeding her the right words to say. still had to slip in how it's the haturs that made her relapse though lmao.

No. 774473


that was my thought too. did someone write this for her because it actually makes sense and isn't 23 pages.

No. 774476

No word about the animals lol. Wouldn't you at least mention they are okay? She is so self-centered.

No. 774490


Yes. Sobriety cannot occur without self-criticism and responsibility, hence why she's incapable of sincerely doing a rehabilitation program, since that would involve dissecting herself.

No. 774522

How the hell do you relapse while living under your parents roof? Her mom fucking sucks at helping her daughter

No. 774534

Taylor’s situation is a recipe for disaster. Her mom is a complete nut, and completely oblivious to anything that she does (as she had mentioned in previous times in her many excuses and lies that she was addicted to drugs prior to Jonny. Which would’ve been under the Deans roof)
She has a parade of people willing to buy any of the bullshit she spews.
She’s too self absorbed, and will not accept that she does anything wrong.

She will never get better.

No. 774544


Reading that I count at least 55 variations of ME/MYSELF/I in the text. (Was hard to keep track how many, it seems like every other word). She definitely wrote it herself!

No. 774548

Honestly good for her for once. This is exactly what everyone has been telling her to do and she's finally doing it. I hope she goes to rehab again for a full month or more.

Don't know why everyone is ripping into her for this normal-sounding post when she's actually doing something good for once lul. The milk will return, be patient.

No. 774551

>> She ALWAYS pulls this I need a break shit. She runs and hides waits for attention, she's a bottom feeder that thrives off her own inferiority.

yup. And next we'll see some big controversy because we all know the "I'm fine guyise dont worry uwu" only works to get attention once.

No. 774552

you really think she is staying at home with mommy dearest and working on her mental health like a good girl? Or, is it more likely that our beloved cow is busy getting piss wasted during these trying times. She's been offline many times but never spent the time on therapy or something like that, just drugs… Or trying to convince entire rehabs to relapse with her.

No. 774556

I don’t buy any of this bullshit. If she’s so ~focused on herself and her mental health~ she would have went to the fucking rehab she was name dropping back in Jan/Feb. This quarantine would have been the ideal time for her to check herself in since she can’t go out and participate in self-destructive behaviors (read: getting multiple piercings and tattoos). She promised an animal video update in January and it is now May… and its almost been a year since she entered rehab and she has absolutely nothing to show for it. She’s a literal fucking train wreck and it’s no wonder why she turns to heroin to escape her pathetic life and choices.

No. 774563

I might be misremembering this, but didn't Tinder guy say that Taylor cheated on him with Forest? Also with all the touchy feely selfies they were posting up, I wonder how his long distance girlfriend felt about that.

(especially since they were absolutely sleeping together at one point, I'm sure of it.)

No. 774567

She might have known about it. As mentioned in >>774386 her profile says she's poly.

No. 774574

File: 1589363705042.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2457x3072, D8125681-B818-452E-BB7A-639601…)


No. 774591

Wow that's an upgrade imo. Honestly taylor is so pretty but she does stupid stuff to her face and has bad hygiene and it ain't cute

No. 774633

I think dark short to medium hair on her looks nice or even when she had beachy waves when she first started. This whole e-girl look is really try hard and doesn't suit her at all. It's not just the hair either, it's the stupid scribbles on her face, the ugly piercings and tattoos and the parrot fish mouth.

No. 774670

Just cos someone is poly doesn’t mean they’re cool with cheating. If the three of them were in a relationship it probably would’ve been mentioned in some capacity but it looks like forest is only official with her

No. 774683

The only reason people are poly is either their cucked or they love fucking around

No. 774686

Poly means you are in a relationship with more than 2 people. It's not the same as an open relationship.

No. 774687

Taylor is/was pretty but she has never had a sense of style or identity and has no idea what looks good on her. Instead she skinwalks and embarrassingly tries to copy stuff that doesn’t fit her face/features/skin tone or body type. She always looks like she’s wearing a bad, clunky costume for a character that doesn’t fit her looks or personality.

No. 774694

Insecurity doesn’t exactly breed originality

No. 774696

File: 1589408319849.png (438.25 KB, 813x597, wifey.png)

More about this girl; I think it's likely Taylor is skin-walking her like some other anons mentioned. First appearance (on insta) of the split hair is Jan 23, Taylor's first mention of wanting it is Feb 6 >>755778 and she talked about getting blue instead of red. Plus the ugly ass mullet to match.

Must kill Taylor that she does everything to try to be the girl he likes and then he literally gets married five days after meeting her.

No. 774697

Also she got the matching hand tattoo to Forest on her knuckles which is uglier than sin. She must be miserable

No. 774698

LOL I wish Taylor would try and emulate that hairstyle. TND Joe Exotic mullet phase!

No. 774700

Please!!!! Omg thank you for image

No. 774701

she already has a mullet, she just always wears extensions because even though she says she "loooves" it she probably realizes it looks like shit

No. 774702

Like this anon said, see >>757341. She saw this chick's hair and went straight to her hairdresser to ask them to copy it.

No. 774704

File: 1589412415369.jpeg (286.98 KB, 1110x960, A1B337F8-A3C7-4F75-9BD3-F66D7A…)

New girl vacationed near SA early November and probably met Forrest not long after. Less than a month later Tay posts about an irresistible urge to cut her hair into a mullet. Then not long after gets her shitty split dye job. Yeah she’s been skinwalking this girl for months and we just assumed she was cracked out making all these horrible decisions. I wonder what that chick thinks seeing Tay obviously copy her appearance while wanting to fuck her man.

No. 774720

She's been trying to make herself into hybrid of Forest's GF and Syd. A blend of what she believes Man #1 and Man #2 want in a woman. Just to cover all the bases and be attractive to both of them. That is really creepy. Wonder how it feels to have no sense of self or originality, and to only base your appearance on the women your crushes talk to.

No. 774721

didnt she also say she wanted to go back to blonde hair around that time as well?

No. 774740

Engaged to someone he only started talking to 7 months ago and just now met for the first time? I’m sure THAT will end well. Where does she even find these idiots?

How soon until Taylor comes out as nonbinary and poly now too

No. 774780

File: 1589435780587.jpeg (138.19 KB, 1242x417, 1A67C5D6-901F-4368-A70D-7BC554…)

The only self aware thing Taylor could do is be like Emzotic self posting / shitting on her own self.

My sides are actually in outer space

No. 774810

Poly doesn't necessarily mean three people in a relationship together. You can be dating two different people without those people being involved with each other. That's actually more common. Triads are very rather rare and hard to keep going.(no1curr)

No. 774816

The best possible scenario is she can’t regain her YouTube career. The girls needs to just go to cosmetology school and work at a great clips. It’s obvious everything she does is a means to get attention so the last thing she truly needs is MORE attention. I don’t even see therapy working for her anytime soon because you have to be aware of your problems (which for her means admitting she is the problem). Her family should send her to a facility that teaches grown adults proper hygiene and productivity. Perhaps some sort of re-education she didn’t get growing up??

Sage for blogpost.

No. 774873

You. Didn’t. Sage.

No. 774913


No. 774944

there's no milk. please calm down.

No. 774945

then stop bumping the fucking thread with your unsaged posts.

No. 775004


No. 775095

yall fuckers sperging about sage when i didn't even work for like a fucking year. not everyone spends their whole life on here. some people check in occasionally.

No. 775165

I've caught up with the thread and now all of this makes sense. The piercings, the tattoos, the split dye, the haircut. Holy shit. I thought she was skinwalking Syd when it was an entirely different person all along.

I imagine that with a mother with her eyes stuck on Twitter and fighting da haturz it's easy to get drugs into the house without anybody noticing.

No. 775167

File: 1589611666286.png (1.81 MB, 828x1792, 56056CC9-D12B-4DC7-9322-E53521…)

Tinfoil: Taylor is shooting up with Johnny whilst leaving his pregnant GF and telling her it’s for his ‘career’ lmao. He must have enough already because who the hell leaves their expecting partner when there’s a pandemic going on?!

No. 775168

Hypothetically going along with that tinfoil, that message "from Jonny" reads like it's from Taylor

No. 775179

File: 1589628659142.png (1.96 MB, 828x1792, BAB640B5-660E-4883-9BA1-314B69…)

Some fishy shit is definitely going down.

No. 775189

it literally doesn't, otherwise it would include some "beautifully" etc adverbs, 1000x i/me/myself and twitter lingo. it's typical manipulative jonny lovebombing emo bullshit

No. 775193

thats a retarded tinfoil if youre being serious. no doubt that jonny is cheating on syd and is still on drugs wherever he is, but how tf is he gonna shoot up with taylor when shes still living with her parents? especially now during quarantine. taylor previously got away with relapsing because she either did it at forrests place or on her own, no way is she casually gonna be able to hang out with jonny rn lmfao. stop writing fanfics just because the milk is dry.

No. 775214

I have no doubt he’s off cheating on her and doing drugs but I don’t think he’s with Taylor, as far as we know she’s still at home with her parents. Also who travels to record music in the middle of a pandemic? Hope he knows he can bring that virus home to Syd and the baby when he comes back, if he comes back to her, but lets be honest he probably doesn’t care.

No. 775218

Only thing I can think of is that he has his own place over there. I mean Taylor is relapsing under the care of her parents so it’s not impossible. He’s a druggie and will go anywhere and with anyone he can get high with… same with Taylor

No. 775237

Jonny Craig has NEVER had his own place. He has always leeched off of people and even crashed on fans’ couches.

No. 775291

File: 1589670744949.png (123.9 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20200517-021147.png)

should've brought tay along, then everyone would have clapped and complimented her on her tattoos and given her a medal and offered to give the animal to her lmao

No. 775293

File: 1589670837158.png (120.66 KB, 950x448, Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 4.14…)

Who does she know that lives in cali but might have a reason to head back to TX?

No. 775315

how does she come back to post another wall of sperg

No. 775335

I thought Texas lifted their quarantine? And this is very interesting too.

No. 775340

>what should a citizen do or they notice someone isnt the neighborhood
shes so illiterate holy fuck. its hard to tell what shes even saying without rereading her tweets a few times

No. 775342

ehh she's been ranting and raving about the quarantine for days now, I doubt it's anything milky.

No. 775364

Its uncanny that Jen is complaining about a CA visitor at the same time Syd is complaining about Johnny traveling. I don’t think he’s shooting up taylor again, but something to keep an eye on.

No. 775368

hit the nail in the head. Nothing would surprise me anymore. If Taylor can overdose under her mom’s nose, she can def meet up with Jonny even during lockdown.

No. 775396

When Jonny found out Forrest got engaged he forgave Taylor for fucking him and ran to TX to meet up for the last time before the baby is due. Taylor forbade her mum from saying anything directly about JS because it’s a secret from Syd so Jen is trying to sabotage him in another way, hence the tweets.
Or it’s not connected at all and we’re all just bored due to lack of milk.

No. 775398

* drunk. You mean drunk.

I have to say I actually thought that first part was another sperg from Taylor. But yeah, missing a lot of "me" and "I". So I think it's Jonny, but on the same sperg drugs as Taylor.

No. 775417

Texas has lifted quarantibe we have no stay at home order anymore, most businesses are open just have linited capacity and as far as ive heard any businesses still not open are aloud to on the 1st. Jens just dumb lol texas governor doesnt give a fuck hes opening even tho things havent slowed down

No. 775420

I realllly doubt it. jen's jabs are never this subtle. and she's been sperging about the lockdown for days/weeks now. I'm talking like hundreds of tweets.

No. 775421

Pretty sure JC is visiting family rn and it's a retarded tinfoil. Would be funny tho.

No. 775431

"career" What could Jonny possibly be doing for his career right now? Everything's closed, nobody's working… (except essential workers, which Jonny is not) Shouldn't he be able to just do a Skype call or something?

No. 775436

I wouldn't put it past her if she's stirring the pot after her hourly checking on here for her narc supply.

No. 775474

tinfoil for Jen's lockdown report tweet- Taylor got upset Forest has a new girl and went crying to mommy. Momma bear Dean is trying to separate them so Taylor can swoop in again.

No. 775535

Because Forest is the ideal boyfriend for her daughter in Jen's eyes. The fucking crackpot ideas here lately. The milk's dried up. Time to move on.

No. 775544

He’s recording an album. He might be in Arizona though.

No. 775555

Right? If everyone would step back and stop with the crazy tinfoils then the real milk will probably come back when she realizes no ones talking about her anymore, she’ll have to do something for attention.

No. 775796

I agree that the tinfoil is out of control without Tay on Twitter. But this tinfoil makes a hell of a lot more sense than the JC spergs upthread.
Mama Dean might not like him, but we've all seen her support Tay's shitty life choices. At least Forrest is local & wouldn't "take her daughter away" like JC did.
Plus, they are both petty cunts, and I wouldn't put it past them to report the girl for taking what in their mind should rightfully be Tay's. It must be a huge blow to her ego, that she is "famous" and thotty but keeps losing her junkie bfs/bro friends to these unknown girls who actually have real friends.

No. 775815

I’m none of Johnny anons but that makes a lot more sense than Jennifer caring about Forest. I don’t think she’s kept that much in the loop. But with syd bitching, Johnny gone, mama dean tripping, and Taylor quiet I’d be way more inclined to think she’s quietly fucking w Johnny again. Who knows though, just my opinion and it doesn’t even really matter. Taylor will fuck up soon enough.

No. 775836

Not to tinfoil since the milk is dry but I think it makes the most sense too. Taylor has gone through so many "rehab/bettering herself" phases and she always uses her audience as a crutch on social media because the "yaas sober queens" from her stand give her a ton of validation.

What could be the reason this time out of all the other times she's gotten this advice that she stays away from the internet? Its certainly not because Taylor has self control. She knows if even a single anon here sees something weird in a story or a suspicious tweet it'll be the biggest blow up ever. How would she ever explain going from trying to get the whole internet to cancel her rapist druggie ex without destroying whatever career she had left? There were already people poking holes in her story during the vice video.

I think Taylor knows even talking/hanging out with Johnny would ruin her if anyone found out publicly.

No. 775861

File: 1589924851222.png (30.95 KB, 717x234, Capture2.PNG)

jen is probably talking about someone from the neighborhood she saw while skulking behind her curtains or some boomer shit tbh. she went on a huge paranoid sperg about the locktown a few days ago.

do we know where JC even is right now? I haven't been paying attention to his insta stories but he said on discord that he's mooching off his best friend's family (pic related).

No. 775863

JC is arizona

No. 775864

Well I guess that puts that tinfoil to rest kek.

"I was with my best friend and his family"

He literally has a baby momma sitting at home pregnant wtf how are people like him allowed to reproduce

No. 775870

they've never lived together so… what makes you think he's going to all of a sudden find his own place and move his baby mama in with him? he and she cant afford that

No. 775874

File: 1589933369401.png (193.05 KB, 603x513, Capture2.PNG)

he's certainly deluded himself into thinking he can lol

No. 775887

And it’s not difficult to type SAGE in the email field. Don’t be an ass

No. 775890

>replying to a 4 day old post to sperg about using sage
the autism on this site lately jfc
jonny and syd have never lived together? i thought he has been mooching off her ever since he knocked her up

No. 775911

Why would you think that??? They’ve literally been doing long distance the whole time… they visit each other but not for that long of a visit

No. 775912

She probably still lives with her parents since she doesn’t seem to have a job or really anything going for her except being “smol”

No. 775916

why are you so offended about it though.

No. 775919

Using 3 question marks makes it seem like I’m offended? I was just correcting someone, ain’t nothing to be offended about

No. 775922

NAYRT but no sage and question? marks?? like TND???! Make you look like a newfag. Or that other anon who has been called out for your weird use of punctuation.

No. 775932

i saged for my last response as i am for this one and using two extra question marks isn't that deep… at all. it's how i type sometimes. people reading into it are the same people tinfoiling about jonny being with taylor right now

No. 775949

So we should just write sage for every post we make then?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 775952

then where tf has jonny been living all this time? with his dad? i really thought syd and him were at least mooching off someone else together

No. 775967

For every post that’s not milk, yes

No. 775984

iirc he stayed with her for a bit but he’s just been bouncing around this whole pregnancy.

No. 775992

Man I gotta say…I'm fucking SHOCKED he stayed around this long. I thought he for sure was going to leave her shortly after getting he pregnant. Still got time before the kiddo is born though.

No. 775993

probably the combo of it being a male child and being able to get away from her for long stretches of time is delaying the inevitable. If she expects him to stick around through the sleepless nights and diaper changes I'm sure he'll bail quickly

No. 776013

Manbabies like Jonny can not handle not being the chief focus of their partner once a baby is born into the family. They think they should always be top priority, and get all the attention all the time. He'll bail the moment he's uncomfortable or inconvenienced around Syd and the kid - which, honestly, is the best gift he could possibly give any kid of his.

No. 776119

File: 1590023398788.png (171.17 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20200521-040927.png)

the mind boggles.

No. 776140

There's not a fucking chance. Unless she actually is drunk off her ass in 90% of her tweets. Maybe she means she has some sort of paid certification from a bullshit website.

No. 776145

She butt in to that random
conversation just to brag about herself again, didnt she?

No. 776168

No way is this fucking numpty a trained English teacher. Oh, errrrrrthing about Jenn just SCrEAmS "yes I have a university education and degrees" kek

No. 776173

>>776168 Having a degree doesn't equate to any sort of intellect. Jen is fucking mind boggling, stupid, and frustrating on the best of days but an education doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything.

Also, I can’t believe Taylor has gone silent for this long. I think it’s the greatest thing she’s ever done. I hope her animals are finally getting attention, but I have low hopes.

No. 776184

Who says "certified English teacher?" You would say "I have a degree in English." Homeschooling does not = teacher.

No. 776189

She probably means she is certified to teach English as a second language. You can teach ESL for a lot of companies with just a TESOL certification and some teaching experience. Tutoring or home schooling would count.

No. 776219

The absolute delusion that runs in this family is astounding.

No. 776223

Is that really all that it takes in the States? Wowwwww.

Honestly though Jen has such an overinflated sense of self that she could declare herself to be in line to be the next damn Pope as a reply to some stranger on Twitter, and I would not be surprised lol

No. 776224

i think you're giving her too much credit anon

No. 776285

File: 1590128590599.png (497.52 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200522-014803.png)

Syd really loves dramatic pity parties on insta. Wonder if it's about jonny.

No. 776298

Nah it’s attention baiting so she can post wE’Re STrOnGeR ThAN EVEr FU hATeRs in two days.

No. 776307

File: 1590152729361.jpeg (274.88 KB, 1125x2067, 296754D0-F1EC-47D5-B68B-C45F13…)

Probably is because he posted this after. They’re so immature

No. 776309

It’s hard to believe she’s 27 and he’s 33, they both act like they’re still in high school. No wonder they settled down so quickly, it’s almost impossible to find someone that retarded at that age.

No. 776317

File: 1590156279912.png (42.86 KB, 539x421, Capture.PNG)

is she though, jen? I mean jen was insisting she was doing well when tay herself was saying she wanted to off herself.

No. 776700


I have a feeling Tay has a private Twitter we don’t know about. There’s no way she’s gone this long with radio silence.

No. 776720

We all know she's either off her face somewhere or in rehab.

No. 776746

she's still online daily liking things on twitter so I doubt she's in rehab of any kind.

or maybe she's still active in her teen group chat and gets her attention hit from there. the strangest part about this absence imo is that she hasn't deleted her account like she's done many times before when she "needed a break".

No. 776748

File: 1590350892381.png (460.54 KB, 828x1792, AD7614C1-9BFE-449D-826F-39B57F…)

Classy, Syd.

No. 776767

Irony is delicious.

No. 776778

File: 1590356959157.jpg (43.24 KB, 577x433, 42ovpp.jpg)

You just got to flush it

No. 776781

File: 1590357392176.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, 27E72107-78FB-4BDA-9E06-50331D…)

Oh Jesus Christ

No. 776787

33 going on 9

No. 776789

JC can't even take care of himself, let alone a family.

No. 776792

“Not allow”. Thank goodness, for many reasons they are not having a girl! Syd and Jonny sound perfect for each other.

No. 776801

He already had a baby girl and he abandoned her. So yea this relationship is gonna end up well.

You can't fix stupid

No. 776803

File: 1590363211581.png (67.96 KB, 1270x822, stalemilk.PNG)

Johnny's fans are just as delusional as Taylor's. SS taken from his recent music video.

possible old stale milk in there

No. 776814

I know the girl who made these comments. It’s true. But she’s a junky who can’t take care of her kid either lol

No. 776817

is she saying he has 2 more kids out there that we don't know about? or that he's lied about having kids to her in the past?

No. 776818

I think she’s saying he lied because she said “if it’s true this time”

No. 776856

I call bs on that sob story^ apparently anything anyone says about Jonny is now true, apparently. Fuck outta here with that slanderous shit.

No. 776865

Of all the shitty things we can hate on JC and/or TND… desperate anons gotta search.
If it was anyone else but a lolcow, "not allowing" exploitative media to be mindlessly fed to his child isn't a bad parenting decision if agreed on by both parties. He might make it sound retarded, but it's his right.

No. 777000

Why does he type like he’s retarded

No. 777004

No need to pat him on the back for not wanting his child to watch Frozen, under the Disney franchise…..especially when he is trying to name his child after a Storm Trooper…from Star Wars…which is now owned by Disney??

Y’all the milk is dry, can we stop posting shit from him and Syd? Who cares????

No. 777015

You could sage too. Thatd help

No. 777016


Taylor??? Is that you??????(hi cow)

No. 777034

Wow chill. She made a valid joke.
"Hi mods"

No. 777041

asked where this was in the petuber thread in /snow, is taylor back on heroin or what? haven't been keeping up because i guess i've been going to the wrong boards for her threads, i asked where the fuck it went cause i always thought it was in /snow, is she on good terms with JC?

No. 777056

dude just read the thread LMAO

No. 777057

File: 1590485824799.png (223.62 KB, 750x1334, EB64BBE5-FB9C-453B-95A4-C86386…)

Agree with all the anon to stop posting dry shit from syd but just saw this and she had only called Taylor psycho and/or lunatic in the past so thought this might be milk, sage just in case..

No. 777112

Disagreeing with the direction this thread is going does not make me Taylor. It just makes this annoying for being so off topic.

Not even attempting to stir the pot here. Just think it’s fair to request less Johnny and Syd.

No. 777119

I enjoy the JC and Syd milk personally, if people don’t want it in this thread then maybe JC should have his own at this point.

No. 777131

It's just your punctuation. Everyone chill, she wasnt really calling you taylor

No. 777135

Jonny is an ugly washed up nobody whos still clinging on his past fame from 10 years ago and just sucks at video games on twitch to his 14 remaining fans and Syd is a retarded loser who had a kid with a rapist because she’s desperate, pushing 30 with no job, and nothing going for her and thinks being ~smol~ is a personality trait and no one else wants her. They’re not interesting enough for their own thread.

No. 777150

>implying this is not what all lolcows are

No. 777236

File: 1590551371140.jpeg (384.7 KB, 1800x1624, BA793E5B-6F6F-441C-BFA7-DCDEC8…)


No. 777238

don't post emojis on this site

No. 777239

Dont mini mod on this site

No. 777246

File: 1590557181815.png (148.4 KB, 750x1334, BBEBAF9D-AC72-4202-829C-DC2CC0…)

No. 777247

File: 1590557216655.png (511.37 KB, 750x1334, 329A536F-7750-4BBE-8CBB-39F2D5…)

Trouble in paradise(offtopic)

No. 777250

jfc, compile some info and make the JC/syd thread in snow instead of spamming this thread. please

No. 777251

File: 1590558962600.jpeg (399.46 KB, 1242x2280, 3462C0A6-99A1-4432-9661-70A036…)

No. 777263

Considering Taylor is still in hiding and milk is dry, does it really matter?

No. 777264

You’re absolutely right

No. 777267


It does suck for her that she's ruined her life becoming a single parent to a child that will grow up to look like a goblin.

No. 777273

Nothing says self improvement quite like posting it on Instagram stories fighting with your heroin addict boyfriend.

No. 777279

File: 1590579047721.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2474, 98A14C8B-60A5-4E30-87F4-82EE0F…)

Gotta send her love publicly after arguing publicly, and the cycle continues.

No. 777281

She really does look like a troll oh my god. Not even standing by the window to take a selfie can make the face look cute

No. 777284

He posted this same video yesterday bahaha

No. 777286

I'm kinda startled I thought she was ok looking. Those eyebrows

No. 777299

Hey eyebrows look like they are part of a filter, or shopped on kek

No. 777301

Can the jonny dickriders make their own thread for the completely unrelated jonny/syd “milk” and their drug baby. We need a farmhand in here because all these posts are not related to Taylor at all. Make a thread in snow. Taylor milk is dry but stfu about this stupid midget druggie or take it to a different thread because it’s irrelevant here.

No. 777306

Literally no one here is a "johnny dickrider" tater has no milk rn and we're entertaining ourselves. Maybe dont look at the thread? Not like it's getting bumped often. Eek.

No. 777307

Y'all are about to get this site shut down over slanderous accusations. Keep your mouths where they belong, cunts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 777309

Please explain. I'd love to hear more about freedom of speech

No. 777329

just because the cow is mia doesn't mean the thread is now a place for you to talk about whatever you want. JC and his new girlfriend aren't the topic of this thread. your spamming of non-milk is off topic to this thread. you are free to make a new thread and move the discussion there.

No. 777345

Please continue

No. 777362

ya'll think Taylor is in rehab at this moment due to relapsing and that's why she's mia?

No. 777363

either that or binge.

No. 777377

we been thinking it

No. 777382

Obviously her thumbs have fallen off due to tragic, very unique, super rare Ehlens-Dahwahwah syndrome symptoms. Not everyone gets that, you guise, but she's been struggling with losing her thumbs for two! whole! years! to the point of being unable to pull them out of her ass and actually get anything done.

It's terrible. Anyone would be shaking and crying on the floor!!!! lmao

… yeah she's off her tits somewhere.

No. 777398

do they allow you to browse the internet in rehab? bc she's still on twitter almost daily (liking things), just not posting.

No. 777446

I don't think any serious rehab would allow her a phone if they knew how addicted she is to social media. So no I don't think she is in rehab. Her mom can't afford to send her off to any more failure treatments. Another rehab would be failure automatically because Taylor is NOT ready to face her problems for real or own up to her actions. She is watching the office in her bed and eating whataburgers for sure, working on becoming a fat cow.

No. 777447

What the shit has happened to her hair? Was that Jonnys idea?

No. 777451

Given how unstable we know syd is, I doubt it kek. I'm sure it was a manic decision.

No. 777452

File: 1590649790929.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x2307, AE5A3DEC-E137-4371-ABA1-C0D21D…)

Can you dumb fucking anons stop with this “is Taylor in rehab” thing? Her mom has confirmed she is fine and she’s still on twitter liking shit. I know milk is dry, but stop with your baseless tinfoil shit

No. 777481

I'm glad you decided for everyone that we now believe everything the Deans say and do without a second thought

No. 777492

You either weren't here the last time she was in rehab and people didn't realize or really fuckin dumb and gullible

No. 777526

jen was sperging like a mad thing last time tay was in rehab. she couldn't stop spewing heroin facts. makes me think babby taylor is still safe with mommy right now. hard to imagine she'd be this calm knowing what taylor got up to last time in rehab.

No. 777527

also there is no way tay could go to world famous heroin rehab without telling her child fans all about it. When she comes "back" (i.e. start tweeting again because let's be honest that's what her whole existence has been the last year or so) she will do the old "my mental health uwu I've been too sick to make any videos". She was talking about how drug dealers can just leave drugs on doorsteps to avoid breaking any social distancing rules.

No. 777592

That’s exactly right. Narc Taylor and Narc Mama Dean couldn’t handle a moment without begging for praise.
Taylor would announce a cut in her asshole if it happened just for a few backpats.

I don’t think they’re truthful, but a narc is a narc.

No. 777599

File: 1590741191604.jpeg (364.38 KB, 750x999, 380DC0B1-9DA6-4767-93FF-9CB792…)

No. 777600

File: 1590741377052.jpeg (294.89 KB, 750x685, C5853313-90D2-4B08-B1A7-07E4A7…)

No. 777699

File: 1590806824554.png (1.34 MB, 1288x2048, Screenshot_20200529-224650.png)

Looks like someone came back from the dead just to post about current events.

No. 777700

Impressive restraint until now. It was obvious she wasn't in rehab to everyone but newfags.
But narcs can't help making a major event about themselves. TND is a great consistent cow. I just hope this is the same breaking and we get Twitter-spergs again soon!

No. 777702

File: 1590808594570.png (190.67 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20200530-061558.png)

No. 777703

File: 1590809121927.png (1.38 MB, 1125x2436, EBA5EB2D-69CC-4407-8AF8-6B1BBD…)

She’s back on Instagram to share it as well

No. 777705

>Those that are interested in doing something outside of just donating and being a voice online

Ok you stupid bitch, we get it, you're better than everyone who is unable to physically protest.

No. 777711

Y’all are being TOO much I don’t care about TND but I see no harm in her post. It’s not pity part for herself??? I’m actually surprised she would show any concern for a black man that was murdered. Good for her for once for using her platform to spread some minor awareness

No. 777712

But fuck y’all for taking an opportunity to spread awareness of systemic oppression and blatant murdering of black people because you’d rather talk shit on a cow than let her spread information that someone might benefit from.

No. 777713

Please fuck off.

No. 777714

>I don't care about TND
Then fuck off.

No. 777720

You know what, this is a pretty level-headed and mature response from Taylor. Fuck her for calling giving money "just donating" while so many people are struggling to make ends meet, but at least she lead with a decent selection of ways to take part.

… I'm sure there'll be milk enough soon, she cannot not make something about herself.

No. 777724

No one said anything accusatory about the movement. She is, however, being a slacktivist. This isn't the first time Taylor has chimed in on events that she most likely wouldn't give a shit about on a normal basis. She's still a privileged white girl no matter what. But then again you don't care about TND so do as you will, I guess.

No. 777728

Taylor doesn't actually give a shit about the issues, she's just chiming in for clout. It's all about image to her.

She supported a sexual predator, paid his bills and bought him drugs. Spent thousands on drug deals that destroy communities, supported wild-caught animals.Killed a kitten because ego, and multiple others because smacked out.

Didn't she almost get arrested in rehab for being a drug fiend? of course she'd speak out about being a victim of the police. Fuck off attention whore.

No. 777730

Taylor is way too white and basic to ever get in trouble with the police. She smuggled cocaine in her wig when she flew from Texas to California ffs

No. 777731

the only reason she is even posting is because people are saying white silence is violence. she doesn't want to get hate for not saying something. in reality it took her days to say something and instead of the attention being on George Floyd it is on her because people are concerned about where she has been. staying silent would have been better for her. truthfully all this shows is that she is still on social media, just not actively participating in it.

No. 777733

Okay so you’d rather zero awareness be spread to her following because you think she’s a troll? That’s so ignorant. Of course she’s the epitome of a problematic white woman but I’d still rather her post information that can be beneficial to someone who cares?? Fuck off with that dumb shit. That’s pathetic

No. 777734

Guarantee y’all are all on the same boat with being problematic white people. Why else would we all be here on this thread???

No. 777736

I'm sorry are you illiterate? I said it would be better for "her" as in if she is trying to prove she is staying off social media and not logging in then posting anything at all is tarnishing that lie she's trying to throw around. she's trying to live out her white savior complex by making those posts.

No. 777738

I’m not illiterate. Are you? While we are at are you inherently racist and selfish? It sure fucking seems like it. You are missing the whole point you asshole. I’ll definitely fuck right off this page after this because y’all can’t even show the bare minimum compassion needed in regards to murdering. You’d rather white knight yourself over TNDs actions. Pat yourself on the back you really fucking showed everyone.(stop infighting.)

No. 777739

Taylor broke quarantine to go to a wedding and get high and get dicked down. Now restrictions are lifted but I would bet all my money she won’t be at this vigil/protest. It’s all for show.

No. 777751

Its nice to see anons here getting unhinged over TND. Lol calm down guys, milk is dry and we’re bored, don’t make this more that it is.

No. 777763

she does this thing where she pretends to care and encourage people to donate whenever there is a relevant enough cause (like adopting a koala after Australia wildfires). She would NEVER show interest in any cause that isn't trending, if it can't help her get followers.

And while it's good that those causes get attention, it makes me sick to the stomach that she uses that suffering only to gain attention for herself. I don't think she is going to protest or donate anything herself, she just wants to use these current events to make herself seem like a better person.

No. 777775

TND is bad. so is randomly executing people. court is adjourned.

No. 777778

Goodness some meltdowns happening here. I’m the one who posted the Instagram screenshot. I have no opinion at all about her posting. I wouldn’t care what she posted. I was just surprised she was suddenly back on Instagram and shared it.

No. 777839

Let's not forget that Taylor and her buddies used to say the N word ALOT in their old tweets. I don't think she ever apologised for it, she just said she couldn't remember saying it, but correct me if I'm wrong. I also don't think she stopped useing that word after having an epiphany about its connotations but just decided not to use it publicly because of fame/ money/ bigger following. Not saying she used it to be offensive I just think she didn't really care?

No. 777840

Let's not forget that Taylor and her buddies used to say the N word ALOT in their old tweets. I don't think she ever apologised for it, she just said she couldn't remember saying it, but correct me if I'm wrong. I also don't think she stopped useing that word after having an epiphany about its connotations but just decided not to use it publicly because of fame/ money/ bigger following. Not saying she used it to be offensive I just think she didn't really care?

No. 777842

File: 1590943231187.jpeg (441.48 KB, 740x1316, 1574772688934.jpeg)

Nah she definitely used it in an offensive way, this wasn't just pure ignorance like Tana Mongeau's "I thought it meant homie!!!"

No. 777860

I think it's relevant to comment how the law never applied to her, a wealthy(at the time) white girl. How many illegal drugs has she consumed and carried? How many times has she driven without a license or under the influence of something? How many times has she been under the influence of something illegal in public? The law didn't apply to Jonny Craig either who she supported the entire time. Good for her for spreading tips on how to help the cause to her followers, but it's a hilarious and hypocritical topic for her. Also don't know if she has money anymore, but she didn't post that she donated. So basically she did nothing but type up some words then leave. It's for her image and because she was afraid to be called out for staying silent, nothing more.

No. 778032

File: 1590994751778.png (936.27 KB, 2048x1928, Screenshot_20200601-025818.png)

Looks like she's coming back! Seems like two days was all she needed to weed out her "issues" before returning.

No. 778033

"time alone" lmao, okay taytay. sure. liking shit on insta and twitter is taking time off social media.

No. 778044

File: 1591003664628.png (659.02 KB, 542x2127, Capture12345.png)

aaand she's back! >>777527 called it

No. 778046

File: 1591003845768.png (92.16 KB, 451x864, Capture123.PNG)

>it's fake!!1
>but also it wasn't my fault it was peer pressure

No. 778049

Wow, back for less than a day and already she's filling up timelines defending herself and getting into drama when it isn't needed. I was actually going to come off Twitter for a while myself as nothing but bad news but now I'm going to stay and watch her again haha. She just can't help herself.

No. 778050


"I didn't understand how typing it to a consenting friend was a racist act at the time"

Lol I can't with her. She needs to go back into hiding.

No. 778051

sure got a lot of sperging done for "easing back into it". also
>my phone has been turned off for the majority of last few months

No. 778054

Does this stupid bitch not know we have recipts of her being "casual racist" when she was an adult?
I'd say cancel her, but I want to see her giant melon face roasted more.

No. 778086

god someone get her a social media manager/pr person, even tho she's a nobody she really just can't help but dig herself into a hole of stupid

> "i am sorry; there is no excuse for my casual and offensive use of the n word. i have been educated since and have not and will never use that word again."

> boost black voices and grassroots organizations
> end of

incredible. no sperg in sight. but noooo she just has to make all of this about herself, christ. go back into hiding, taylor, you were better off.

No. 778128

Unsubtly pulling the "my black friends thought it was ok" excuse lol.

She really could not go even a day without engaging in some drama, huh? Even when there are much more important things going on shes gotta make sure people are talking about her.

No. 778135

The fact that she decided right now is the right time for her to come back to social media says all you need to know about her. The absolute cherry on top is how she had to make it all about her, narcissism at it's finest.

No. 778170

but anon, the world NEEDS Tayterthot right now with her tomes of wisdom and explanations.

No. 778173

Has she even mentioned anything more about ways to positively do your part to bring awareness to the injustices and inequalities of minorities in the US? Or is she still sperging about justifying her shit excuse of a life? Never underestimate a narc like Taylor to use a national event such as this one and make it all about her self!

No. 778183

tbh i doubt she could afford to hire anyone right now. i have a nagging suspicion that she’s broke and that’s why she’s still cooped up at home with mama dean. she hasn’t been putting out any videos, sponsors have probably washed their hands of her and nobody on youtube is watching her old videos.

No. 778221

I’d be surprised if she even has a manager anymore. Her channel is tanking, all her old fans have seen who she really is and don’t support her, the stans she has left are all gullible children but it’s not enough to keep her channel on the path it was on. I very rarely see anyone associate with her anymore that isn’t known for being a junky.

No. 778246

Oh she does, it's the same frat bro who sent her a designer bag as a happy sobriety gift during her 12 minutes in sober living.
The internet content management people won't ever bail in case you potentially earn money they can take a cut of in the future.

No. 778329

Its been 6 months since her last video. How the fuck does she think this is sustainable?

Nobody is gonna watch this ugly heroin addict in her 30's, she's just gonna be remembered as that dumb animal hoarder junkie. Her tweens are growing up and leaving.

No. 778363

I can't tell if you're joking but tanya moonjuice definitely meant it in an offensive way. she literally said "you stupid nigger"

No. 778489


This fb post was brought up here in the past I believe. Did what she have to say about it now line up with what she said about it then? For some reason I remember her just saying she was young and didn't realize the harm and used Q instead of G, can any anon confirm?

No. 778511

here's part of her previous word vomit about this >>734021 >>734015 >>734012
and two more screenshots from her facebook >>733989 >>733992

No. 778558

There's no fucking way she's coming back now because she is going to get called out even extra for talking about herself right now. Twitter is not going to have that.
>Yeah I used to say that word but the screenshot of me saying it is fake
She's already failing. Hope she goes back to staying offline.

No. 778683

Looks like queen of heroin - I mean pettube went back on her “coming back to social media” real quick after she realized her normal woe is me victim mentality would get shut down real quick right now and her past use of the n-word will be front and center if she tried.

No. 778684

>Queen of heroin
Luna outsold, wtf are you talking about

No. 778706

Taylor thinks she is the queen of everything. It was a joke calm down

No. 778826

Haha she really used the word “privilege”. Like her white privileged? This fucking bitch.

No. 779126

File: 1591508085417.png (804.96 KB, 1401x2048, Screenshot_20200607-013519.png)

Oh boy.

No. 779127

Does she have an audience at this point

No. 779133

I wonder what her hair looks like. We all know she hasn't been maintaining it

No. 779134

I hope someone brings up the videos she apparently had ready to release before she disappeared. If they exist why not just release them? I'm always amazed how gullible her stans are

No. 779138

"I will never announce my videos again!!11!!"

omg wow ugh I can't imagine. But we better shut up about or else miss snowflake might get upset and dump another video because of her haters making her feel aware of how she looks.

No. 779140

If she does actually post a video, I wonder what her stupid egirl hair is going to look like now? Considering she can't get to a salon or anything with the whole pandemic going on

No. 779141

My guess it will be home dyed and tied in a greasy knot, just like we are used to seeing her after she's been "having a break" to "take care for herself".

No. 779144

why not just do it and say "I did it" instead of "I gonn do it I swear". she's setting herself up for failure as always.
our cow hasn't changed one bit.

No. 779153

I wonder if her nose piercings will be out.
Shes probably been gone because of the green line across her nose this whole time

No. 779159

… or the white line under her nose…

No. 779182

File: 1591566447611.png (408.06 KB, 1242x2688, AD0CB948-6320-4258-9CE9-13E1BF…)

No. 779183

File: 1591566471442.png (328.46 KB, 1242x2688, 432B5B8D-0B20-42A2-8908-9817E1…)

The public fighting continues lol

No. 779185

>>779183 Poor Syd, her admirable endeavor to get impregnated by a well-documented rapist, drug addict, and thief has somehow backfired….Just another hapless victim.

No. 779195

File: 1591570557903.png (2.59 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200604-223024.png)

She's such a vitriolic cunt. I can't wait for her meltdowns when jonny leaves her

No. 779197

File: 1591570602835.png (479.5 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200604-235845.png)


No. 779242

that poor fucking baby. parents failed it right at conception. the kid and grimes kid can be in the unfortunate parents club.

No. 779250

Wish people would stop cow-tipping. Literally no one cares about syd acting out.

No. 779252

nta but tough talk from someone who didn't even sage. personally i think the syd saga has potential to be pretty milky especially given that taytay is starving us atm

No. 779267

Then make a Jonny/Syd thread in snow already. This thread is about TND and not these 2 cunts, if things aren't directly about her DON'T POST THEM.

No. 779269

Can we make up our minds if we want a Jonny thread or not, every time he’s brought up here now there’s an argument about it. I’m for it but I don’t know how to make threads.

No. 779279

Then make a thread for them jfc how many times does it have to be said?? None of this shit relates to Taylor so make a fucking Jonny/Syd thread in /snow/ if you want to sperg about them. Doesn’t matter if Tayter’s dry right now it’s still offtopic and doesn’t belong here.

No. 779290

There's an argument every time he's brought up because this thread isn't fucking about him anymore. Literally just go to the first thread and copy paste the info about him and add some new shit that's been happening like knocking Syd up and post it in /snow/. Stop shitting up this thread

No. 779304

I agree. An anon that's well versed in Jonny shit should make a thread so people can go hogwild there. It can be mostly about him since I doubt Syd is even going to last long, there's just going to be another girl after her. Doesn't matter if it dies but at least there's a place to put these things to contain them.

No. 779307

Not to WK Grimes but she at least didn't procreate with a juvenile broke addict. That kid will have a way better life than JC and Tay2's kid.

No. 779339

The true knowledge queen was turtlemom, and I am sure she’s still around. Also some of a Jonny’s ex girlfriends undoubtedly sometimes browse around these parts as their entire livelihood revolves around fighting with any girl that dates him. Gather them all together to a contained JC / Syd thread.
Who wants to bet this never happens? Her career is down the toilet.

No. 779388

"aquatinted" jeez, learn how to spell if you're gonna try and be a bad bitch. this is just sad.

No. 779392


Aquatint is a word, it was most likely due to autocorrect. But anyway please post the next time someone misspells something, that's about all this thread is good for at this point

No. 779407

ppl bitching about the posts are 10x more annoying than the posts themselves. They're relevant sometimes. All anons need to do is use some good judgement it's not that hard

No. 779409

Pull the stick out of your ass, this is funny.

No. 779472

File: 1591746460409.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, B8486F6C-7375-4B81-84A2-71F27C…)

Sage for not exactly milk but Tay’s ex bro-dick’s new hair is dyed like hers now. Posted today.(not saged, not milk)

No. 779473

That was supposed to say ex bro dick’s FIANCÉ’S new hair lmao my bad

No. 779476

No, not milk but you have pointed out what seems to be a curious ongoing pattern of skinwalking that seems to be happening within this group of acquaintances, and that was good enough for a chuckle

No. 779477

You know just saying sage doesn’t make it so.

No. 779478

Anything looks better than tay's. Apparently shes the only skank who cant pull it off. Must be depressing.
Icon alert.

No. 779479

your icon is showing sis.

No. 779481

I know who you are based on that icon. Finding you was really easy. I won't bother you but some crazies might. Crop your profile pic out next time. It would be even better if you cropped out your browser buttons too. The brand of phone/particular browser you have can also help to identify you.

No. 779482

Post it anyway, not like anything else is going on right now. Always love when people posting screenshots happen to be cows too

No. 779483

Bitchiest anons in this thread

No. 779487

Wow chill. She just forgot to crop

No. 779494

File: 1591759336815.jpg (29.1 KB, 442x204, 20200609_232232.jpg)

Old milk but this girl needs to stop fillers AND over lining. Looking like lucille ball

No. 779506

File: 1591769245352.jpeg (762.09 KB, 1242x1177, 17E5749F-EFE2-41CD-BA53-1E3409…)

I can’t wait for the 3 of them to move in to a new drug hovel together with Taylor’s zoo and they can all live happily ever after in heroin and/or crack induced bliss

No. 779595

>lobe will ear us apart

No. 779602

File: 1591834321872.jpeg (551.76 KB, 750x939, 287CD97E-945F-4857-BB25-CF2DBB…)

Taytay, Forrest left you for someone who does not shave their legs. Let that sink in.(not milk)

No. 779645

imagine thinking shaved legs are important

No. 779647

yeah. taylor doesn't even wash herself, I think hairy legs are an upgrade.

speaking of taylor, no update on those videos yet. unsurprisingly.

No. 779721

Who the fuck are these people and why should I care? I'm really tired of people posting shit when it has nothing to do with TND.

No. 779750

lurk more, its Forrest and the girl Forrest left TND for.

I normally lurk this thread, but anons are too much atm lmfao. It's not like Taylor's doing anything atm - there have been more posts spazzing out about off-topic milk than actual off-topic milk. If Taylor was actually doing something, and anons were spamming JC to the point where it was difficult to follow Taylor's content, it'd be different. TND has been MIA for a while.

So we should stop shitting up the thread with "shit nobody cares about", unless its to mini-mod? Personally I find JC and Syd tardouts more entertaining than anon tardouts. What difference does it make if someone makes a TND adjacent lolcows thread? It just means this one would die, because there's no other milk.

Taylor's not gotten over JC, and was still shittalking him last time she was active online, he's still relevant. Forrest was dating her like 4 months ago, it's not like he's irrelevant either.

No. 779767

honestly I wouldn't give a shit if some newfag didn't bump the thread every other day. I've come here multiple times thinking tay's finally come back only to find you lot sperging about her ex's girlfriend's family friend's husband or whatever.

No. 779787

I know who they are, I just don't give a shit about them. If Forrest, JC or that one junkie are no longer showing up on TND's posts, then they shouldn't be included here (obviously JC was, or may be an exception). You guys are trying to find any single morsel to dissect and it's annoying - these people are not milky. Take it to another thread.

I wish mods did their fucking job.

No. 779789

Sounds like a personal problem. They're relevant to tnd because she cant stand rejection and she disappeared right before they were announced. Clearly the last nail in her coffin and now she lost her dealer. Such sad.

No. 779811

No. They’re not relevant at all. Nothing they’ve posted has anything to do with TND. I don’t care if it’s mini-moding. Just because farmhands are doing the bare minimum doesn’t mean the off-topic sperging about Forest or JC belongs here. Go to twitter or something. The thread can be dormant or dry until the cow returns which we know she will. This thread is for Taylor, not Forrest and his hairy-legged fiancé.

No. 779873

Actually I have to say she has shown a lot better restrain this round, she hasn’t been
posting anything remotely milky for awhile and haven’t been sperging. Gotta give credit when credit is due.

No. 779911

I like milk but tbh it’s super nice she isn’t spreading misinformation for once. All she has to do is never come back to the internet to keep me happy

No. 779913

You need to chill. It’s not like anyone is stalking the exes new fiancé and posting stuff about her personal life. Someone pointed out the haircut which was funny. Then I assume the other post was a dig at Taylor saying he left her for a girl with hair legs. It never got any deeper than that.

Sometimes Syd posts things on her story that are clearly about TND. That would be relevant enough to post here. Other than that, it’s not like anyone’s spam posting Syd and taking digs at her. I didn’t see anyone complaining when momma dean was going on sperges that had NOTHING TO DO with Taylor. So to pick and choose when to bitch about something that is “irrelevant” to YOUR opinion only doesn’t make any sense. We can post a photo of Taylor that’s several months old making fun of her lips but not post something that was JUST posted about a similar haircut the new hair fiancé got? Lmao. Make it make sense.

No. 779927

File: 1592037212140.png (1.33 MB, 675x1124, obesedog.PNG)

Sage for no new milk. Jen has been showcasing the Deans' dogs with a signature passive-aggressive vague-tweet towards Taylor. Kida is looking really overweight here, no surprise they still don't care.

No. 779952

I was just going to say that is one chubby Doberman mix. I’m pretty sure he is a mix bc they do not look like a purebred

No. 779953

Nobody posts Shiloh, Chris Hansen and his retarded ex employee or Anti-O milk in the Onision thread either, even though that thread is dead too and the only thing getting posted rn is his crusty nudes. Why? Because even if they were once important characters in the Onion saga, they aren't anymore. It's the same thing here. Stop posting about people who were in Taylors life a year ago unless it's directly about her. This thread is about Taylor, not about some random snowflake who doesn't shave her legs.
Can a Farmhand PLEASE just make a post here to tell these morons this? Silently banning them for a day or two obviously isn't doing shit and I hate minimodding.
Jesus Christ, Kida is morbidly obese. That poor dog. Not only does she have skin issues, her joints must be hurting a ton too. Why are the Deans too stupid to figure out good diets for their pets? And so much for it being ok to have these dogs locked in a room for 12 hours a day to let the cats roam. Let them move around ffs
She's a purebred blue Doberman, Taylor made a whole video about DNA testing her to prove it.

No. 779955

instead of screaming into the void for a farmhand, go to meta and use the report function here on posts that trigger you

No. 779956

I already did that, everyone in the complaints thread just sperges about kpop so I was ignored lol. Reporting gets posters banned but obviously that isn't enough

No. 779958

Taylor’s narc mom is and has been in the title of the Taylor’s threads and therefore her Twitter spergs are on topic.

No. 779963

Best bet is to make a containment thread in snow like the anti-os have or like moo’s calves have in w. But everyone wants to bitch about it and no one has actually made the thread yet, which… I don’t know, either they’re all newfags or lazy.

What’s a fun name for them. Taylor’s hoard?

No. 779965

You obviously really like mini modding. Just STFU. These posts clog the thread more than an occasional semi-related picture.

It's really cool that you can preview posts in a thread before clicking on it. Quit looking at catalogue view if you're so annoyed by "coming here" and not finding milk, retard.

No. 779973

File: 1592073793101.png (575.18 KB, 2048x1385, Screenshot_20200613-144222.png)

No. 779980

She sure talks a lot about how great she's doing despite her actually being a massive failure. I wonder how much money she has left, if any at all

No. 779995

she is at PEACE doing what she always WANTED…. Laying in bed having mommy clean for her and feed her burgers.

No. 779998

File: 1592092565667.jpeg (405.13 KB, 750x901, 442E7FF6-DEB7-41F3-B14F-456A78…)

No. 779999

Taylor’s rehab story: 1 step forward and 3 steps back..

No. 780024

File: 1592104017116.jpeg (210.85 KB, 1936x1936, 5F35BFA3-203D-430F-9649-70BD0A…)

Trouble in Paradise. Taytay better swoop in now while she has the chance! But seriously, why are two always fighting on social media for everyone to see? I don’t remember him and Taylor so publicly like this. Syd is so damn miserable, literally posting on her stories every day about how miserable she is. Yet they want people to congratulate them and take their relationship seriously. SMDH.(offtopic, ban evasion)

No. 780047

oh look those people that absolutely no one cares about

No. 780054

>Trouble in Paradise
ffs Anon you've posted 50 Syd and Johnny screenshots titled 'trouble in paradise' in this thread. These people are not related to TND's current milk, we don't care about their relationship struggles unless it directly involves Taylor. Not saged I bet, either. Stop.

No. 780055

Wow what a cunt ^^^

No. 780058


The endless bitching about the occasional JC post is what’s fucking annoying.

No. 780059

Yeah stfu about the occasional Syd/Jonny posting when there’s literally no milk from Taylor

No. 780063

>> I love it sooo muuuuch

"1 year since rehab" I see. So that's the new "1 year sober" in Tays world.

No. 780064

I honestly don't understand why it's ban worthy. it's completely ontopic with Taylor Nicole Fiend.

No. 780067

>ban evading to post these retards saying the same thing for the 50th time
This has got to be bait

No. 780069

Did they mention Tayter? Did Tayter respond to them? No? Then it’s not fucking on topic you invalid.

I don’t know how many times it needs to be said but stop fucking ban evading to post about these fucking losers. Make a thread in snow to post about your obsession with jonny and whatever girl he’s currently manipulating because it’s no longer Taylor and therefore no longer relevant here. Just because Taylor milk is slow doesn’t make any of this shit on topic and I’m really not sure what your obsession with posting it here instead of making a jonny thread is.

No. 780072

File: 1592141337227.jpeg (458.91 KB, 1242x1673, BFD871D6-B263-4B32-814D-FE5DD7…)

No. 780073

File: 1592141380456.jpeg (313.49 KB, 1242x1106, F1B1352B-9FA5-4E24-A10B-2288EF…)

Taylor the investigative journalist.

No. 780075

Im not the person who was ban evading, you really need to chill out and not try to infight or try to start an argument. Im sorry my opinion obviously struck a nerve.

No. 780085

It’s a good painting but the face doesn’t look like her like at all. They got some features right but quite a few wrong.

No. 780087

I’m confused on how this isn’t about Taylor ? We all know she is very jealous of these two and she will shade them from time to time. Just bc she hasn’t been online doesn’t mean she isn’t pissy about there bby

No. 780091

Exactly this, just because she isnt posting about them doesnt mean they dont live rent free in her head.

No. 780098

Tons of horrible things happening in america right now and she chooses this to bring up during her silence of all things? It's horrible sure but even that is not getting much press compared to everything else because of how terrible it all is. She tried to relate it to the police on purpose to make it seem relevant enough. Unlike so many other cases, this one actually got an investigation to begin with. If she left her hugbox for once second, she would know this.

No. 780101

Honest question, why don't you guys just make a Jonny thread? It's obvious that the majority of people here gets pissed anytime he gets brought up, and there you guys could talk as much as you want about Jonny and Syd without 10+ posts telling you to stfu every single time

No. 780103

Lazy newfags is why.

No. 780108

Yeah it's retarded she brought the police up, especially while so many BLM protesters are calling for total abolition of the police. You can't have it both ways. You can't say "the police are bad for killing and unjustly incarcerating black people and should be defunded/abolished" and also "the police are bad because we rely on them to protect us from bad people and ~criminals~ and they failed." (Which isn't even true because she was investigated, and everything seems to have gone pretty par for the course as far as due process goes; if anything it's the court's fault for waiting so long to press charges but she was constantly moving state to state which makes things difficult jurisdiction-wise.)

No. 780127

>>>/snow/987337 Hopefully people stfu now

No. 780363

File: 1592270598798.png (1.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-06-15-21-22-34…)

She has returned

No. 780365

cannot unsee taylor's massive beak.

this look is very billie dawn webb

No. 780372

her bottom lip looks disgusting in that video

No. 780373

Tays a bandwagon riding dolt, but saying the police suck at investigating domestic violence gives more credit to the fight to dismantle them. Put resources and responsibilities on more relevant organizations. I propose a dedicated force that watches the streets for dumbasses who drive high on heroin while giving cpr to their dead snake

No. 780374

The filter is strong with this one

No. 780380

All it took was JC & Syd getting their own thread to make TND's narc ego hurt and have to return to the "spotlight".

No. 780382

File: 1592274826912.png (570.02 KB, 470x645, Screenshot_20200615-193123_1.p…)

She had more life in her eyes when she was in an abusive relationship AND addicted to heroin. Oof.

No. 780389

No. 780396

She actually has a better expression here compared to those pics where she was high out of her mind with her tongue sticking out. Maybe she's actually been sober and time away from the internet did her well?

No. 780400

serving up yungcynical looks

No. 780423

File: 1592289989769.jpg (191.37 KB, 720x740, Screenshot_20200615-234507_Ins…)

Taylor really surrounds herself with the milkiest people. Forests gf/fiance whatever of a few months got his fucking name tattooed on her face.(not milk)

No. 780426

>life in her eyes
This is below nitpick.

No. 780429

File: 1592294212828.jpeg (476.96 KB, 750x1107, B8E5B1C8-DABD-4B20-AA49-45ED66…)

She got it covered anon. Also anyone noticed that her tongue was uncontrollably shaking when she sticks it out? Is that caused by her EDS that only magically appears when she needs it?

No. 780430

File: 1592294969344.jpeg (39.59 KB, 750x419, 01B08BB4-A919-40D1-9DF0-AAE2DF…)

Does she wear a clip in septum ring? Because if it’s actually pierced that far back what the FUCK?! That overfilled top lip too oof.

No. 780434

File: 1592296202648.jpg (258.34 KB, 1080x662, 20200616_022650.jpg)

Interesting for someone who kept buying from Dollskill because "gift card~"

It's a joke anon, Taylor always said you could see her "lifeless" eyes during her peak in heroin with Johnny.

No. 780435


These two are fuckin depressing. Saged for off topic but this dolce character has “they/them” in their profile and Forest posted a video of dolce in his story saying “look how different she looks”. He can’t even get your pronouns right but you’re tattooing his name on your face? Christ you must be lonely.

No. 780440

I’d like to think she is not that pathetic but the timing couldn’t be more than a coincident for her return..

No. 780447

takes a two week break from social media and assumes great lengths of self growth ensued. never change taylor you useless junkie.

No. 780448

I thought she was gone a couple months not weeks?

No. 780454

I'm still not unconvinced she's been in rehab round 2 this whole time, and the sporadic activity we've seen on her social media is when her mom came to visit and she got an hour or two with her phone. makes sense with Jen's vague "she's doing great" statements, and that she'd post pictures from the car AS SOON as she got discharged.

She has never ever willingly taken a social media break for so long unless she was in an institution and didn't have access to her phone. now she's back and quickly continuing to preach uwu growth n recovery.

No. 780458

I've had the same thought while she's been gone. If its true she did a couple months and I hope she learned something from it

No. 780479

at least her pupils aren't ridiculously pinned anymore. still looks like a corpse though

No. 780511

It has to be a clip no tattoo shops are open rn and that would be a fucked job done

No. 780526

Tattoo shops are open by appointment in TX. But it's definitely a clip in.

No. 780528

File: 1592335109476.jpg (273.61 KB, 1080x1752, 20200616_114439.jpg)

I see her bj face is still around

No. 780538

File: 1592337866916.jpeg (402.29 KB, 750x799, 6B7D2DCB-6D69-418A-9082-5302B8…)

Haven’t lurk on mama dean for awhile but saw this gem - sometimes she dropped truth bombs like this about taylor and I really commend her for that.

No. 780552

File: 1592387157063.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200617-024527.png)

No. 780553

File: 1592387974405.jpg (2.14 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200617_055813225.jpg)

She was def told she couldnt be on insta or whatever. Right back to over posting staring at herself lovingly. And hiding those nasty lips. Who's this??

No. 780554

why's her elbow ditch look like that? why's the other girl's hand all marked up too?

she's been locked away and now she's out. her sudden return to posting shit she'd have posted a year ago only makes me think that even more

No. 780557

Good call anon, was thinking the same. Funny how she is still the same… probably made a new friends in rehab or whatever institution she was in last couple of months.

No. 780559

File: 1592392671806.jpeg (405.44 KB, 2048x2048, 037ECF95-EFC5-4F4B-86F7-B25D99…)

Taytay found a new druggie e-girl friend straight outta rehab

No. 780560

It's SO important to find friends who share your interests! Drugs and thotting lol

No. 780565

she's so predictable it's not even fun to watch anymore

No. 780566

Also: social distancing is still a thing and Stop touching your mouth

No. 780578

Tinfoil but would it be too insane to assume Tay tay might be dabbling into bisexuality with her new friend? Since we know she is incapable of being alone and she has been alluding she might be into women too?

No. 780579

I don’t think so she said some pretty fucked things about bisexual girls back in the day. It was something off the line of girls only say they are bisexual for attention or something I can’t remember exactly

No. 780580

More likely junkie roommate saga soon

No. 780581

If she came out as bisexual now I would be kinda pissed Bc you can’t talk shit about a community and then a few years later be like IM APART OF IT NOW

No. 780582

I remember that she said back in high school girls would say they are bi or lesbian to get attention. I don’t think she has fully deny the possibility she might be bi, might be a reach though! Waiting for better anons to track down mysterious new rehab friend.

No. 780584

>claims bi and lesbian girls only do it for attention
>goes super gay for attention

I wouldn't put it past Taylor. It's on par with her addiction story.

No. 780586

yeah i remember she said once that one time she fell in love with the girl, but has never been with one, so she couldn't say for sure or something like that

No. 780587

Lurk more before you post minimodding without any contribution newfag.

Wish she said this directly to her daughter, but nahhh.

No. 780588

She did twitter posts when George Floyd protests were happening then crawled back to her dungeon when people were questioning her timing. Do your damn homework.

No. 780590

That’s a reach. It’s very basic item you can buy from ebay

No. 780591

Not really all her clothes come from dolls kill and it’s literally the same one

No. 780593

In the videos her friend is talking to her and she's totally ignoring it to take thirst traps for her 12 year old fans. What a fucking self centered bitch.

No. 780595


Tays has 5 rhinestones on each side. That one has 4

No. 780597

girl almost be looking cute in the car pics. shame her lips look like a prolapsed anus

No. 780598

File: 1592418633949.png (310.13 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20200617-212919.png)

I mean, she has straight up claimed to be bi. and then freaked out when a woman actually hit on her lmao.
I wouldn't put it past her to go through a lesbian phase bc "all men suck".

No. 780605

i thought her best friend was betsy. who is this new bitch and suddenly they're best friends?

No. 780607

This is her new Rehab Best Friend because she got too much backlash for her last Rehab Bro Friend. Kek

Not trying to give Betsy more credit than she deserves, but she does have a child, and a friend group. If TND isn't paying her to be her "maid" anymore (since Jen is free) Betsy probably has better things to do.

No. 780608

File: 1592422303248.webm (7.29 MB, 1080x2280, Screen_Recording_20200617-1419…)

I dont know how anyone can see this and think she's okay lol

No. 780610

I love how her "best friend" is droning on about inane shit while taylor stares at herself admiringly. can't be assed to clip since it's really not very milky but shows how empty headed they both are lol.

jen has been super milkless recently. maybe taylor really has been out of the house and she's been too busy with the animals to sperg out too much…

No. 780612

ntayrt. do your own homework and learn to sage. she stopped posting regularly after the 20th of April, with maybe a tweet every week or two since then. before that she was online all day every day. it's fair to say she left late April because she's been so uncharacteristically quiet since then, even if it hasn't been dead silence.

she's said multiple times that she uses Dollskill to find companies to buy from without buying directly through Dollskill (a third party seller), so it's possible she discovered it there but didn't buy it there.

No. 780614

This is only sold on dollskill, it's manufactured by dollskill not a different brand you can buy somewhere else

No. 780615

the tongue thing seems like she's tweaking, she also does it in one of the stories. it looks extremely compulsive.

No. 780618

This dumb bitch doesn't have any friends. Anyone who figures out the REAL Taylor ditches her ass.

The only reason she's still alive is because she's sucking off the teat of narc mommy. Druggie dean hasn't stopped using because deep down she knows she's trash.

No. 780622

By friend she obviously means dealer since Forrest ditched her for another girl. And the girl in her video has obvious track marks.

No. 780625

I thought they were at a cafe bar or something but they are definitely getting high on the girl's house.

No. 780631

It's fucking weird how she goes from a "teehee I'm so silly"-face to completely straightfaced

No. 780634

>practically disappear for almost two months
>tell everyone you're working so hard on uwu healing because you've been struggling a lot with sobriety
>return and start posting the same trashy selfies/tweaked-out videos as always
>post videos with unknown woman "best friend" who is covered in track marks
>have suspicious marks in elbow ditch

she went to rehab again just so she could find a new dealer, now that Forest has moved on. every new post only convinces me more

No. 780640

That would make a lot of sense with her timeline and when she started posting pictures again looking high as a kite.

No. 780651

File: 1592430422773.jpg (819.01 KB, 1079x1925, Screenshot_20200617-174626_Ins…)

I find it sketch shes been back online for like 24 hours and hasn't posted anything from home at all. 18h of being at the junkies house. New clothes, same location

No. 780653

File: 1592431326792.jpeg (207.64 KB, 750x847, 528E69C2-E535-474A-B7A3-9DEDA9…)

Tinfoil: she’s in sober living. They keep the coloured lights on in the stories to prevent anons from finding the place again like last time. (Which, to be fair, is extremely creepy.)

No. 780656

File: 1592432372460.jpeg (584.87 KB, 750x1138, 009BE3C6-0D59-4595-9B00-E10B8E…)

CLEARLY a track mark. (Recovering user here, and that is the IDEAL spot to muscle when you have run out of veins, and there is also a prominent vein in that spot leading into the armpit)

No. 780658

I think the tv at the back at that high position looks like it may be a rehab or sober living. (Looks like a common room?) Sage cause might be wrong

No. 780659

Tinfoil that she just relapse recently and in sober living now and got her phone back recently. She literally doesn’t change, usually influencers wannabe like her takes a break from socials and come back more grounded and taylor just goes back to her usual self..

No. 780660

She has been on Twitter liking stuff the whole time though, just not posting

No. 780661

yeah I'm not buying the tinfoil just yet. she's been on social media, she was online on animal crossing according to one anon (at least in may) >>772860
AND she hasn't gone on a huge sperg about her world renowned rehab and I don't think she has enough brain cells left to not do that.

No. 780663

Well, since she did the septum piercing…I see a tongue piercing as her next “need” since she loves to show us her tongue.

No. 780664

Lol that looks nothing like her .. is that her ? If sooo oh no the self esteem is lost. And photoshop is thriving

No. 780668

File: 1592436020879.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1103x2328, B5E3B965-16F8-45C4-B42E-836D26…)

Does she really think she looks sexy when she pushes her lips and cheeks out with her tongue? It makes me so uncomfortable. Also her new word is “sick,” 3 of these stories describe things as “sick” lol

No. 780669

I was thinking the same thing. New pics look almost nothing like her but whoever's face that is, she looks cute on the left in >>780553.

The smacking sound of her lips sticking to her teeth when she tries to smile and the way her tongue shakes when she sticks it out. She tweakin.

No. 780670

where's the content, taylor?

weird nitpick since she said she's playing around with new instagram filters

No. 780671

Quick follow up question - Is that track mark fresh? Has she used recently?

(Thanks in advance for enlightening us recovering anon, hope you are doing well.)

No. 780674

if taylor is really gonna have a lesbian saga, is she gonna replace the blowjob face with a V finger sign with tongue?

No. 780677

Wouldnt it be great if mama dean put her foot down and yay cant go home because she relapsed?

No. 780681


It's fake

No. 780688

It looks fresh to me. I used to muscle in that same spot, last time was in March, and the bruise is 98% gone, just very faint. Hers is pretty dark in that video. And thank you! I’m almost four months clean today.

No. 780689

Great job, proud of you! Thanks for your input

No. 780690

Appreciate your insight & glad you're sober anon, but you're using the same Junkie Math as Tay does.
You're bearly over 3.5 months. Quit powerleveling and acting like the titular cow. Otherwise, your comments about legit questions (like TNDs recent track marks) seem like BS.

No. 780693

File: 1592443144131.jpg (30.18 KB, 600x450, 2d2.jpg)

No. 780700

If they're a more frequent user than they claim wouldnt they be a better resource for junky info? Stop nitpicking info

No. 780710

File: 1592448166869.jpeg (455.35 KB, 1125x2294, AFF3CE91-C7AC-48BE-87D0-3E707D…)

Her roommate is in the background of this video too still talking about makeup hours later

No. 780711

I feel bad for that girl. That girls trying to talk and maybe have a conversation and Taylor has been ignoring her for hours now. What a shitty friend she shows no interest

No. 780714

Anyone know this girls insta

No. 780716

I am not a doctor, I was giving my opinion, being an experienced user because someone asked. The bruise looks too dark and fresh to be old, that’s what I observed when I saw it. Just an opinion. That’s what this whole thread consists of, our opinions.

No. 780732


It sounds like she's making a YouTube vid. Like she's a makeup vlogger.

No. 780735

Tinfoil, but kind of an opposite tinfoil to the rehab and sober living theory. What if she's been off on a total bender the last few months and that's why she's been absent and isn't home rn? Mama Dean has been claiming she's just fine but really she's out doing God knows what. Maybe she decided to go off social media bc she kept getting back lash for not social distancing and she was constantly around other addicts. Would also explain all the track marks on her and this other girl.

No. 780737

Thanks anon! (Original poster of the question) appreciate your input! Please keep sharing insights if anything sticks out now that Tay is out acting like a narc.

Based on your opinion, do you think she might be using? The tongue shaking and her sudden return being a full narc?

(Also delighted for you in making it so far! Keep at it.)

Agree that we should stop nitpicking info here. Some of y’all here really making people want to stop contributing milk

No. 780738

Mfw an active addict is producing more content than Tator.

No. 780744

I think this is exactly what happened. If Texas's strategy for easing out of quarantine is anything like my state, the floodgates opened this month and most people have stopped giving a shit. Her timing is very convenient.

No. 780760

Wait does insta filters change your face ? I wouldn’t know I don’t have the app

No. 780762

Yes there are custom insta filters that are like live photoshop. Changing shapes and sizes of noses, lips, eyes, etc.

No. 780774

I definitely think she’s using still, so much for making new content, again. I tried to find the other girls Instagram but no luck.

No. 780781

A junkie giving their unsaged opinion on whether or not Taylor is using (hint: she is, doesn’t take a genius OR a junkie to know that) is not milk.

Why does this happen like every six months where someone comes ITT powerleveling thinking they’re the only addict who ever used IV drugs before.

No. 780813

i wonder how the hoard at home is doing

No. 780820

when did they act like they were the only person thats used drugs before? can you point out when they said "i am the only junkie here ITT"?

lets take a step away from that thought, actually. have you written a highschool paper even ONCE? a college paper? when you add an opinion or write a statement, you're expected to share what makes you have that opinion. kind of like the anon did by saying "hey, im a junkie, and this looks like this"

instead of mini-modding the thread you could be adding your opinion or milk or do anything more to contribute than this. fuck off newfag.

No. 780860

File: 1592523273467.png (4.02 MB, 750x1334, 06F96868-1FE8-4FB5-A701-332AB0…)

If that’s what you gathered from my two or three posts I’ve made, then that’s pretty sad. Stop reaching. Stop trying to pick a fight with every little thing that bothers you that someone posts. Nowhere did I say I am the queen of being a junkie. But you sure are acting like you are the queen of lolcow, you might as well see if you can take over responsibility of the whole website! Since the power of controlling this thread makes you feel so important. Might wanna do something about that hard on you’ve got for this thread.

I’m almost positive that she was high in those photos. Look at the picture here, when the lights are on. Then notice the difference how her pupils get smaller when the lights are off.

No. 780861

File: 1592523321245.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 5FCC8D58-803F-4D5F-9F15-4AA6AE…)

Photos were posted back to back. Notice how her pupils shrunk.

No. 780862

Lighting naturally constricts anyone’s pupils. So if she were sober, her pupils should have gotten slightly larger in the second pic.

No. 780863

That’s the filter, not that the lights are off. The room lights did not change when she took this pic. Lurk better

No. 780865

I literally just two pictures of my eye up-close back to back. With the filter then without. I am not allowed to post myself, so try the filter for yourself. Anyone can click on her story and try it. My pupils look the same in each photo. So why are hers drastically different? The photo before could have been before she got high.

No. 780867

And besides the filter argument, let’s just throw that out for a second. She is hanging out with this person- posting pictures with someone with track marks on her arm and hand. No one here can deny that. Why would Taylor hang out with someone who is shooting up, if she is not getting high with her? Because she’s getting high.

No. 780873

those pupils are PINNED pinned.

No. 780882

does she not realize that "cheesing" means smiling? she's literally not lol she looks dead

No. 780947

I’m laughing so hard at this picture. The crackhead energy is too much. Anyone with eyes can tell she’s high off her fucking tits.

No. 781059

File: 1592605939114.png (511.17 KB, 750x1334, E4F63B41-D679-44A2-8CF7-B565AD…)

I guess we can confirm she has relapsed

No. 781060

File: 1592605991285.jpeg (687.01 KB, 750x1211, D563A153-3F3D-4ED5-AC87-A28FD1…)

Also she sounds so incoherent in this post.. so many repeated words and lines..

No. 781061

File: 1592606014498.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, 41E0D418-61F0-4CE5-A402-3C181B…)

No. 781062

File: 1592606071006.png (858.11 KB, 750x1334, 0D69B3A5-A5EB-4843-B229-A60463…)

Jonny is still in her mind.. surprise surprise

No. 781063

File: 1592606163193.jpeg (788.81 KB, 750x1176, DBAC6A70-8022-42CC-A1C9-08637D…)

She also look thinner and tired in this pic

No. 781075

She's def on something. The random incoherent rambles are back. Just waiting for her to slip up like she always does. The pic of her bloody and bruised needle arm was icing in a cake

No. 781077

She legit has such an empty thousand yard-stare here. Only drugs or mental breakdowns make you look this void of life honestly.

No. 781078

File: 1592611013003.jpeg (308.6 KB, 750x780, 4DF0179F-6370-40B2-9876-77FD1C…)

No. 781079

File: 1592611483007.jpeg (492 KB, 750x858, D612A5D8-0322-4E4B-B40E-0B92D4…)

I don’t know if its the makeup or post-addiction but she looks so different from her pic 2 years ago.

No. 781081

File: 1592611890968.jpeg (366.05 KB, 750x1007, E4344269-EDDE-40A9-A2BC-7387BB…)

Ding ding ding! 3 slips up in total anyone keeping score?

No. 781082

File: 1592611958532.jpeg (405.12 KB, 750x1094, 2C7DBC0C-D5CE-4EC4-9118-F041E9…)

No. 781085

File: 1592612072318.jpeg (367.64 KB, 750x1020, 9FAA0904-120D-47F8-950C-D2D2B1…)

Narc rant incoming

No. 781086

File: 1592612115007.jpeg (388.03 KB, 750x1074, FBA0D3D8-C379-43A4-983A-6A811B…)

The savior complex narc saga continues.. virtue signalling much?

No. 781090

so she is in some kind of program! this is so carefully worded though that I wonder if it's another outpatient thing.

No. 781109

3 slip ups means in a year she has on average only been sober for maybe 4 months. Highly (pun intended) doubt those slip ups were just using once, they were most definitely binges. Why try to market your brand as a recovery journey when you cannot stay sober? Just take the L and sit the fuck down.

No. 781120

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t she bragging about being in a world renowned rehab, seeing an ~uhhhmazzing~ therapist and going to ~IntENsIVe~ outpatient?

She never fails to prove this website right. She’s literally been doing fuck all for the last year even though she was incessantly sperging about being perfect and shitting rainbows. She’s so painfully pathetic.

No. 781131

File: 1592637103991.png (19.37 KB, 589x108, hmmmm.png)

No. 781134

They call this a "cope" kek

No. 781135

File: 1592638459187.png (279.4 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20200620-103251.png)

still going on about JC, brilliant

No. 781136

Texas’s quarantine pretty much ended the last few days of April, with no places enforcing masks or social distancing really, so even if she wasn’t she could say “well Texas opened everything”

No. 781144

I'm not an addict but I agree relapse is a part of addiction. That said, my issue with Taylor is the frequency of relapse and how unwilling she is to be transparent about it. It's like she is only saying what she has to say to set the stage for a justified relapse, not to speak on addiction itself. She seems to have spent more time relapsed that she has sober in the last year. As always everything is always about her.

As for JC's baby name…… Not to WK but I think we all have a name or two we keep on our list that we'd carry from one relationship 5o to another. Him naming his kid that has nothing to do with you Tater. She really can't fathom that people make choices that have absolutely nothing to do with her.

No. 781148

File: 1592643559037.jpeg (318.42 KB, 750x777, B5032FB1-D373-458D-B574-268D4E…)

Its been a year and she still say the same shit! Tay tay you have not even shown any sign of improvements in a year… jfc

No. 781149

Stop anon, dont you know the whole universe revolves around our precious queen tater? How can someone getting therapy is still coping so poorly publicly.

No. 781154

File: 1592647979378.jpg (78.41 KB, 540x610, Capture135.JPG)

how long has she been single now? like two months at most? but she's Cured now guys and doesn't need no man.

No. 781157

File: 1592648454662.jpg (68.19 KB, 541x530, Capture1234.JPG)

>I think we all have a name or two we keep on our list
apparently you're not supposed to name your kid after your grandfather anymore if you get a new partner according to taylor's galaxy brain fans.
jonny's storm trooper name clearly wasn't about taylor, it was about his own narcissism and retardation.

No. 781159

File: 1592648807771.jpg (93.63 KB, 601x704, Capture.JPG)

up at 5am and sperging about jonny craig, this is starting to feel like the old times.

No. 781161

Kek I kinda like Tay for this one. Planting a petty seed so Syd has doubts about Jonny/the baby name. Immature, but it’s kinda clever and fucked up. Bets on Syd changing the baby’s name now?

No. 781164

File: 1592653971502.png (4.38 MB, 750x1334, 78894F5D-6461-44F6-A06B-6FC545…)

Another reminder that this is the man tater tot is so hung up about. jfc taylor, the least you could do IS STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM publicly and go for therapy

No. 781166

I no longer want him, that's why I start sperging about him first chance I got.

This is exactly what she said a year ago. What has she managed to "manifest" so far? Three relapses?

No. 781174

File: 1592662723590.png (4.66 MB, 828x1792, 9D5FDD6B-2EA7-4A7A-88F9-27C2CF…)

Tweak much? Look at those cracked lips.

No. 781177

Taylor in January: this is the last time I’ll ever mention him again

Taylor Now: iF I wAnT tO mAkE mY wHoLe iDenTity JC I cAn

No. 781179

File: 1592665009279.jpeg (264.07 KB, 1242x1994, dumbbitch.jpeg)

She literally talked about him naming his child this five months ago so I don't know why this is suddenly such traumatic news to her, as if she didn't already know.

No. 781183

File: 1592666130074.png (410.01 KB, 890x463, stormpooper.png)

Another repost from an old thread >>766005, he's been open about wanting to name his kid Storm Trooper forever. I'm sure he had the same notion with Chelsea and Amanda and any other woman unfortunate enough to sheath his ginger dick. You ain't special Tay Tay, what you are though is retarded for even entertaining the notion of such a retarded name.

No. 781187

>stalk piling
This poor kid.

No. 781193

This stupid bitch just needs to admit she was only with him for the “rock star lifestyle” and stop trying to justify her willful mistakes off as some inevitable relationship she had to be in in order to ~find herself.~ She makes it sound like women who have self-esteem issues are hopeless and doomed to be with men like JC. It’s toxic af.

She had three of his exes lay down the cards for her about JC. She gaslighted fans who were considered about her wellbeing. She needs to shut up about JC but she won’t because he’s apart of the damsel in distress story she’s made up in her head to justify her shitty choices in life.

No. 781206

jfc Taylor it’s a baby name he likes, not a sacred covenant he made with just you

No. 781210

Reminder that this dumb trailer trash whore went to someone's wedding dressed like a $10 prostitute with an upside down cross drawn on the rough face of that gigantic head she lugs around.

Then went on a spree of lies about how the GROOM had been texting with her privately the night before his wedding (you know, putting taylor above hanging out with his family or preparing), picking out outfits and literally told her to dress like a nasty skank.

She pretends she is an uwu mentally ill pwincess who doesn't wikeee attention but she's a narc who can't live without the spotlight.

Second reminder: this bitch neglects, harms, and even kills animals. And she has NEVER taken real responsibility for it.

Comes back and says nothing about animals, only posting selfies (i can't film my animals bc i hate my face u guys!!!! but here are 19 selfies literally no one asked for!!!)

No. 781218

I feel like she came online just to poke JC and Syd esp when its looking like they are on a rough patch right now (that said they are always in a “rough patch”)

No. 781227

File: 1592680289483.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2208, 8C5C443F-3EBA-4BFE-8CD4-281145…)

Welp, looks like it’s might be working lol

No. 781242

More than a year isn't it? She disappeared earlier than June

No. 781247

File: 1592682326456.png (850.57 KB, 1242x2688, 693CD14D-64AB-402A-ADCF-03DB65…)

Syd on TNDs obsession of jc

No. 781248

She also returned right after JC & Syd got their own thread in /snow/ she is very transparent.

No. 781251

File: 1592682529564.png (398.95 KB, 1242x2208, 57E0BCD9-89E2-48AE-81BF-DAE4D2…)

Not sure if this is related, but also said this in between her rant

No. 781253

Workin in my health lol
She wants to take it extremely seriously
This bitch is laughable

No. 781270

Damn the jealousy is STRONG with this one. She’s so fucking salty that JC got over her so quickly and moved to Syd while she has no one to love on her publicly on social media. She really tries hard to act like she’s “blessed” by just directly saying she’s glad she’s not Syd. Lmao

No. 781283

syd needs to sit down and remember jonny and cracked out tay dated for longer than she did. sydsoretarded you didn’t plan a baby either, i bet money it happened by accident

No. 781288

The last time we heard from Taylor before she went into rehab was June 3rd, she went into rehab on June 4th

No. 781303

>I wasn't ready to be a mom

>How dare he name his baby what he was going to name our baby!

Taylor has zero ability to hide her jealousy. She leaves Johnny and he replaces her. She tries to get with Forest the Johnny-clone to win him back and not only does Johnny get another the girl Taylor was skin-walking pregnant, Forest ditches her for a girl she was later skin-walking as well.

Taylor is a walking definition of a pick-me girl.

No. 781332

File: 1592702533944.jpeg (452.01 KB, 1242x2253, 0B116AB7-C8A5-4BD4-AFF9-F305AE…)

No. 781333

lol he’s never gonna marry syd so why he put craig as her last name

No. 781334

this is the closest Jonny has ever come to speaking out against Taylor. hope he spills some dirt

No. 781336

I am hoping for that too… the only way taylor have any ounce of animal platform left will be destroy when jonny confirm all the animals story

No. 781338

TayTay is going to hit the roof when she sees he's put his last name on the baby momma's name. Even when she was supplying Johnny with Funkos, shoes, drugs, and cash he still wouldn't even propose to her.

No. 781341

I find it weird that he decided to reply, did Taylor manage to get a rise out of him? Because of his son?

No. 781346

File: 1592708044247.jpeg (228.63 KB, 750x796, B86E5B9E-FD97-4A91-9B96-BA8B6B…)

No. 781347

Its gonna look like shit anyway

No. 781348

ok, I'm confused. why was she just recently promising animal videos if she's been in an inpatient program the whole time? >>779126
or has she just started it like a week ago?

No. 781351

every time she promises new content she is lying. that being said, she likely was so out of it she thought a thot video between her drug addict classes would be a good idea. she does have high aspirations for her channel, after all

No. 781355

For someone who said she was going to be open about her addiction with her fans Taylor sure has hidden a lot. You would think someone happy about working through her addiction would have been up front with her fans and said "This was a lot harder to do by myself than I thought so I've decided to go back to inpatient because I've relapsed 3 seperate times and I really want to change." But this is Traylor so I'm not surprised she actually said "lol doing self healing." And just dipped for a almost 2 months only to come back looking worse and possibly binging with a new junkie friend.

No. 781366

I mean I would be pissed off too if my ex run their mouth like that on a public platform. I am all with talking out and healing from your trauma, but airing it out about on twitter and possibly sending her brain-dead stans to harass a pregnant woman is insane

No. 781367

File: 1592729949764.jpeg (431.67 KB, 750x876, 750B310A-7690-4504-BAA7-E839FB…)

Back on schedule with her jonny rant…

No. 781368

“Shut me out from any affection” remember on her youtuber vent her biggest “abuse” was because Jonny refused to hug her and she had to hold herself to sleep. Lol Jfc

No. 781371

Does anyone have the screenshot where Taylor shares with us all that she didn't have sex with Jonny for a year or so because he suffered a severe case of limp dick while he was with her? (who wouldn't lmao) Or was it in a video?

No. 781372

It was in an Instagram comment from last June while she was with OG bro dick, you can probably find it pretty easily by going through a few old threads from that time

No. 781383

This girl has no taste, less is more Tay. That includes jewelry, hair color, lip injections and pets. I do feel sorry for her as a recovering addict cause I think a lot of us who did recognize bad impulse control. But her preaching about sobriety and mental health while not even being able to be sober for 6 months is just gross. Taylor is gonna die her narc tendencies Keep her from seeing how much of an actual train-wreck she Is

No. 781385

right? like i don’t doubt that jc is an abusive piece of shit but the hug thing was just laughable for anyone who was emotionally abused by their partner

No. 781386

For the record, Taylor started this shit. But it's still fucking hilarious and embarrassing that both parties are keeping track of each other and none will keep the other out of their mouths. Thanks for the milk, guys. Keep on being dumpster fires as always.
Taylor was an idiot for even trying to insert herself into this situation in the first place. Yeah their baby has a dumbass name but if someone likes a baby name, it's not unusual for them to still want to use it if they have a baby with someone else? And it's not even completely the same name, the middle name is parker? Not trooper? Taylor just wants to insert herself into this for literally no reason but attention and to start shit, probably also hoping it'll break them up. It's clear she is still not over him or her addiction. All this time off from posting on the internet for nothing.

No. 781388

Yep I think she never was going to do them but doesn’t want her fans to leave and get bored so she gives them fake hope

No. 781389

Okay who talks about their ex this long. Imagine if celebrities did this. They would be dragged for it. People are sick of her missing johnny.

She says she doesn’t talk about him in months. Most people don’t need a Paragraph of 13 reason why she doesn’t talk about her ex.

Agreed we all have planned baby names and it’s clear Jonny came up with it. With how she is acting is like they had a miscarriage of a far along baby that was already named storm trooper. Like girl it’s not that deep you were never pregnant you most likely had one discussion about a baby when you were high Taylor

No. 781391

I don’t know why that matters

No. 781436

Whoa another inpatient treatment. Taylor is not going to lift one finger to stay sober herself again (as we can see she is still "addicted" to twitter, her ex, and probably other things as well) but mama dean just wanna throw some money for the fishes in the lake. Sigh. This circus is never-ending. I hope they run out of money soon.

No. 781443

Sorry if this is a stupid question but are her lips just permanently fucked up and swollen or is she still getting fillers done??? Put some fucking chapstick on Taylor and drink some god forsaken water regardless

No. 781507

fillers are actually semi-permanent they will "smear out" over time but won't actually disappear. When she keeps injecting them with more shit it will build up and give this balloon-look that she loves so much.

No. 781514

File: 1592829475522.jpeg (91.24 KB, 1200x865, 03AAF73F-73FB-467C-904A-BF88EA…)

The skin on her lips is stretched and loose like an empty balloon. Her lips are basically fucked at this point.

No. 781554


THIS. How fucking dumb are they lmfao. Going on about how TayTay's obsessed but? They're clearly keeping tabs on her if they know she was talking bout them. Taylor's a fucking idiot drug addict but Syd got pregnant by a rapist druggie who is ugly as hell. It makes me laugh to see her brag that she got pregnant. Lmfao i'd be embarrassed af.

No. 781581

but if she wanted she could go to a plastic surgeon and explain she want them to get dissolved. It’s really her choice and they arnt fucked forever. I think she has gotten fillers within the last few month bc no way they would stay that huge naturally over time. Blog post- I get my lips filled

No. 781587

or then the dumbass wanted silicone which needs to be removed surgically.

No. 781598

File: 1592857946770.png (332.5 KB, 760x1437, Screenshot_20200622-163053.png)

any guesses? any guesses when it'll be uploaded (if ever?)

No. 781599

Fillers don't dissolve they migrate to other areas of the face. Any person who says they can confidently "dissolve" fillers and make you look completely normal again after years of ballooning your lips to the point where they look like they're the result of an allergic reaction is lying. They make money off of fillers and they want people to think its completely reversible when in reality the skin of your lips gets stretched and fillers dont have a complete guarantee to go away completely with the chemical they use to dissolve them. People forget that lip fillers aren't doctors they run a business that's banking on people getting lip fillers forever.

Taylors lips would look fine if she got them dissolved but they certainly would not go back to the way they originally looked. Sage for dumb lip sperging I just hate when cows always claim their fillers are "totally reversible guys!!" Kek.

No. 781602

she says hers are already completely dissolved and that's just the way her mouth looks now. but the bumpy upper lip isn't just stretched skin, she's plainly lying

No. 781603

probably just that she relapsed and back in rehab

No. 781605

I think the "Chronic Illness Warrior" munchie shtick will be next. #EDS #POTS #ServiceSnake
She has always been flirting with it, and it will get her sympathy, asspats AND an excuse for not posting.

No. 781617

I know it's unlikely but my first thought was a competitive pregnancy.

No. 781624

are you new? this has been her shtick since 2016

No. 781633

that'd be too perfect but I doubt it. she was just talking about having kids "one day" the other day.
my money is on introducing her girlfriend/ coming out. she's BOUND to have a lesbian phase one of these days.

No. 781636

File: 1592871294323.png (229.35 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20200623-031315.png)

well whatever that inpatent program was, looks like she's back home now.

No. 781638

She's always been a malingerer, not a full on Munchie. She uses health issues (real or not) to get out of responsibilities, not fabricate multi-layer lies for attention & asspats. I'm talking about eye-fucking herself in insta vids in the ER, maybe some toobz. It's unlikely, but I'd like to see her go all in.

I like this tinfoil.

Sadly, it's probably just going to be her re-branding as a domestic abuse advocate so she can use her new therapist vocabulary and be able to talk about her victimhood non-stop.
Slight chance she has rehomed/"rehomed" some of her remaining animals, because of inpatient and deep down she knows she doesn't care and neither does anyone else anymore.

No. 781639

I’m assuming it’s just going to be her finally saying she’s going to not going to focus on animal content anymore. She’s already hinted towards this and tried to have her second channel so she could ditch the animals but probably wasn’t satisfied with her pathetic subscribers and views over there.

No. 781645

Yes you can go to a surgan and get your fillers dissolved. They will go to other parts of your face if you don’t go to the surgan and want it to happen “naturally” but it will look horrible

No. 781688

Surgeon* if you’re an esl anon good luck!

No. 781716

what do you mean ESL?

No. 781717

English as a second language.

No. 781761

damn your really smart(derailing)

No. 781874

well my first thought was "I am rehoming all my animals guise!!!" but somehow I believe that's just wishful thinking on my part. So my realistic guess is that she's announcing some videos on her second channel. Those videos will of course never happen but in Taylors world a promise of an imaginary video is a HUGE announcement.

No. 781881

“Will update tonight on when to expect it”
Has been silent for over 24 hours. Surprised she hasn’t deleted this tweet yet and pretended it never happened like usual.

No. 781913

But is anyone even surprised?
Watch, she’s going to next say that she has already filmed but needs more time to edit. Then she’ll say she’s not happy with how it turned out and just needs a little more time to make it perfect, but will “release it soon for sure!” But inevitably will go on a sperg about how she’s been in a dark place, going to stop announcing release dates but “don’t worry I will stick to my uploading schedule next week/month/year/lifetime”
Rinse and repeat.

No. 781951

File: 1593043083028.jpeg (301.04 KB, 1242x1145, 168983BF-92C6-4D9C-89D2-9141E4…)

No. 781972

I'm guessing her big "life update" is that she moved out

No. 781988

Sounds like pregnancy to me
“My energy is fleeting”
Maybe Jonny cheated on Syd with Taylor
Or it’s Forests or some new bro dick

Her new career change could be Mom blogger.
First her animals we’re neglected and monetize now look she’s all grown up with a baby

No. 781993

Lol. She's not that interesting anymore. Probably just the same shit we've already heard, and she's going to try being a, "raw honest" recovery vlogger. That requires consistency, though, so…

No. 782003

yeah, could be it. maybe it's yet another dream apartment lol. I doubt it's about her content since she said it's "personal but decided she wants us to know" but who knows whats going on in her pea brain.

No. 782020

File: 1593085264937.jpeg (368.5 KB, 1210x656, DCCB44F1-D1A4-4E1C-98BC-2D8C5D…)

She has been complaining about energy issues for years because MUH eds
and how could she afford an apartment when she doesn’t make any money from the content she doesn’t post?

Also found this tweet really ironic.

No. 782023

But when she denied it, it was ok because those girls were "druggy losers" and Johnny had "changed from her love". Sure thing Taylor.

My two cents, she wasn't in rehab. She has relapsed and is now either moved out from Mama Dean's house or is moving out slowly because "uwu it's hard to move by yourself".
It would be hard considering last time she was getting dicked down during her failed rehab stint and everyone else was cleaning up her mess. As usual. Such an adult.

No. 782026

We should all put bets on tinfoil here - I think she is going for these options: reveal her bisexuality, or she moved out, or she is in an impatient program, or her new partnership in whatever advocate drug/abuse with a brand.

No. 782029

she relapsed, did a temporary rehab stay, met a few other thots in rehab and is moving out to start a druggie e-girl vlogger house. other girl sounded like she was doing makeup videos in the background and prob latched onto Tay in rehab thinking she could get some clout if they hang out.

No. 782037

Shes a constant disappointed in everything so I'm going to place my bet - There is no amazing shocking announcement or piece of news. She will rinse and repeat her usual new me new year recovery etc etc. I think she will admit to relapsing, state she is going to resurrect her career and focus on recovery and 'advocacy' and then throw in that she is planning to move out and start her amazing life again. I would like her to also say she has rehomed many animals, and hope she has finally realised that she doesn't show them or need them anymore. I also think she was in such a deep hole that she or her mother finally stopped the pretence that she loves them and they are her life etc etc.

No. 782040

This actually the only very plausible tinfoil.

No. 782045

Coming out as bi is a yawn farm in 2020. So it’s possible that might be Taylor’s big reveal, seeing as she is so boring.

No. 782055

File: 1593106840623.png (31.56 KB, 746x330, trash.PNG)

Why does she even respond to comments like this? She's such a trashy skank, she's so desperate for praise she'll take compliments from people who solicit nudes.

No. 782067

Yikes, she's an expert manipulator. Honestly it's hilarious bc she is 100% losing her audience little by little. She thinks she can do and say whatever she wants and there will be no consequences and it shows.

No. 782073

Can we take bets on "internet problems"?

3:15 texas time and still no word. Probably oversleeping from a drug binge.

No. 782091

she has to make a new video including her feet lol

No. 782128

File: 1593140542741.png (9.44 KB, 753x175, feet man.PNG)

We're all thinking it feet man. How many times has she promised a new video only to fail? Gotta be at least 5.

Such a boring cow, she just can't be bother to do anything except shoot up anymore. Typical junkie.

No. 782135

File: 1593142162614.jpg (99.95 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20200625-202304.jpg)

I didn't see this posted yesterday lol

No. 782207

It always makes me fucking laugh when Taytay talks about her "career" lmao the delusion

She has no career, she had a Youtube channel that got her everything she needed for a minute while she was relevant, and now she's pissed it all away. A career is something you actively work at, Taylor, not… whatever the fuck it is that you think you're doing with your life lol

No. 782210

Still no video?
Shall we poll from her big bag of excuses? Internet, mental/physical health, didn't like it she's reshooting, still editing?

Real reason she was nodding and didn't do it at all. Good job Taylor you fucking loser.

No. 782212

Maybe she got glutened… or her EDS made her tireeeeeedddddd… or her internet is down…. or the haturz got to her…

Just as long as we remember It's Never Taylor's Fault!

No. 782220

I was gonna guess haturz but since the haturz have been so nice this time I think it is the internet. You know as texas is more or less a third world country without any proper connection to the outside world. But of course she's been depressed since she was born so it could be that as well. Probably had a fight with her "best friend" so their big plans of taking over youtube got cancelled.

No. 782236

My guess is she will say she was "so exhausted" and that she "fell asleep" and "I'm so sorry guys it'll be up tomorrow!!!!"

No. 782265

She's got to be trolling us at this point. No way can one person be so unaware of their actions of constant promises of videos, then no video, then promising not to promise videos, and then rinse repeat. Agree with above, it's hilarious when she mentions her career. She has actually accomplished nothing of note through her own actions, skill or commitment. Everything has been pure luck and as soon as she had any real influence over her channel and life it's been going downhill rapidly.

No. 782280

hadn’t really ever deeply cared that she promised videos and didn’t post them always just thought it was very lol and childish but I really think she might be a psychopath. beyond being a heroin addict, shes got some mega issues with zero remorse for her actions. I look forward to never seeing the video that she’ll never post.

No. 782282

eh, she's some kind of cluster b but i think it's much more likely she's just a narc than a psychopath. she cares way too much about being the center of attention to not be one

No. 782289

Taylor is caught in the victim hood cycle

>Self pity/ hatred

>Promise to change
>Anxiety about future/ doing actual work

She's just gonna keep playing the blame game. She needs to admit to herself dating jonny was a mistake, doing HEROIN was a mistake and it was 100% her fault.

She just doesn't care about YT anymore and it shows through her actions.The only thing she cares about is trying to fix her ugly face she ruined through drugs and fillers.

No. 782291

I almost feel like it has to be lack of self awareness strictly because of her garbage attitude when people have pointed out her cycle before. Remember when she went on the "I don't owe u anything! Don't watch my videos if ur gonna dare to have expectations of me!!!" rant that one time when people were pointing out that she always does this?

No. 782292

File: 1593188970018.jpg (299.1 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20200626-092819.jpg)

You can tell her stans don't care about her anymore. Only 800 likes on her video announcement tweet

No. 782293

File: 1593189101566.jpg (125.91 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20200626-093052.jpg)

No. 782298

It’s going to be an only fans annoucement. Gives her the narc attention she desperately needs as well as the money she desperately needs. If she doesn’t show her face, her body isn’t bad so she shouldn’t have a problem gathering some simps.

No. 782299

File: 1593195268265.jpeg (285.72 KB, 1125x1341, 07E84440-19B5-4A4F-BA43-B0A16D…)

According to Mama Dean.

No. 782300

Then why can't she post a quick update for the 5 stans she has left

No. 782305

EDS made her thumbs fall off, obvi

No. 782308

Could be histrionic but not sure if she qualifies for the whole personality disorder or only has traits. Also, borderline tendencies. I' 50/50 if she has both or the borderline tendencies are prevalent. She only qualifies for the disorder if she shows enough qualities of the category list.(armchair)

No. 782329

like how hard is it to NOT tell anyone before you have the video out? She seems to have a huge need for making people believe that she is doing more than she really is. Also all these "I'VE DONATED! AM SO GOOD PERSON!!!!" but not one mention of _where_ she donated.

No. 782334

She donated to her local struggling heroin dealer.

No. 782339

Almost starting to think she feels that if she says she has a video people will be satisfied, like she doesn’t even HAVE to put out videos anymore just say she is going to

No. 782342

It's all the attention with none of the work. Her junkie brain is probably thrilled.

No. 782353

yea she probably feels like shes "done something" by announcing a video. So now she has an excuse to "take a break".

I get it, muh depression, muh drug addiction, muh EDS.But there's only so many times you can fuck your fans over before they stop following you.

No. 782378

File: 1593226548433.jpg (572.71 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200626-195453.jpg)

No. 782384

Newsflash Jen: your junkie daughter didn’t “take a break” from YouTube for the sake of her sanity. She’s just a lazy dumb bitch that’s more interested in shooting heroin into her veins… but you already knew that.

No. 782385

she probably thinks Tay Tay is doing great because she is hanging out with actual friends and not in a commited relationship/back with Jonny. Completely ignoring the fact that Taylor clearly isn't anywhere near sober

No. 782391

I wouldn’t be on sure of that, Syd posted something on her story saying she was taking a social media break until her son is born and that other screenshot said I hope that they’re happy together before deleting it (possible tinfoil)

No. 782405

File: 1593242672419.jpg (104.97 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20200627-002402.jpg)

Twitter is gone

No. 782408

Lmao got to love how she runs from the heat yet again. Deleting her Twitter, not addressing the animals or her lack of content even once lately. Can't even act surprised though

No. 782409

Hm, I wonder why.

No. 782411

I bet Jen doesn't even know where her daughter is or what she's doing. I am too lazy to check through other threads but I believe Jen was acting the exact same way last time Tay was on a drug binge. "She's fine! Better than ever actually! Go away haters my daughter can't do anything wrong!!"

No. 782413

Can this bitch just do us all a favor and disappear permanently? God damn. If her fans don't see thru this bull shit now they never will

No. 782414

ha you can't make this shit up. has it been the hundreth time this year?
>video coming tonight, no tomorrow, no next week
>thriving without my abooser
>career is about to take off
rinse and repeat.

wish we could have seen what her retarded personal update was though.

No. 782415

I bet she was about to start a bright shiny future with her junkie BFF. I bet they were drugging up all of Taylors dad's money together for a few days, making excellent plans of makeup videos and maybe even a new home together. And then Taylor ran out of drugs and suddenly Tay wasn't so interesting anymore so junkie BFF goes to the next person she can leech drugs and daddymoney off. Taylor couldn't make up any new news worthy of reporting fast enough, so it's easier to just disappear for a while so her fans can forget about it all.

No. 782416

The progression from
>new video tomorrow!!
>my career is gonna take off and I'm sharing some great news!!
>I'll build up the trust between my audience and me again!!
>disappears for 3 days
>deletes Twitter without a word
is actually hilarious lol. There's 2 losers on Twitter still defending her but everyone else is ripping into her for being a liar, inconsistent and a shitty person.

No. 782428

I'm honestly tempted to make a collage of every time she's said she'll post and did t follow through. it's gotta be at least a hundred tho

I agree, I think Taylor is in some "sober living" place but actually on a drug binge, just like last time she did rehab. she really thinks she's changed but if we're right then she's just repeating last summer. talk about Jonny, go silent, use rehab to meet new drug addicts, leave rehab to do drugs with them

No. 782431

LMFAO coward (no pun intended)

Shes just gonna be sitting on her ass the rest of the year getting high. She needs to find herself a new line of work, literally threw away the easiest job on the planet.

No. 782449

– as per this post (6/20/2020) she is in an inpatient treatment. Not site if this was made at the end, beginning or middle of treatment. I'm guessing end due to the usual treatment centers having a minimum of 24-28 days. That answere the questions of where she was. You can have access to social media and ot is limited and monitored to make sure you aren't looking to relapse. So she gets out (cue new influx of pictures) amd she immediately relapses with the heroin addict make up you tuber. Feels scared when she lurks here and we have caught on, so she makes up a lie about a fabulous carrer announcement video. Goes on another binge feeling that she had placated her fans. Well, they're actually calling her out (but to be fair the call outs were very few) she freaks out and bawleets. She'll come back with the abusive posts made me relapse tweet, and we are back to where we were months ago. Wash rinse repeat. Minus the hair washing.

No. 782452

Please do it anon, I'm really curious to see how often it happened

No. 782454

File: 1593276502710.jpeg (135.28 KB, 750x377, 1E00EB8B-873A-453A-A6A8-24612F…)

The enthusiasm from Jen is gone about Tay’s wellbeing.. might be reading too much into this, but is she really fine??

No. 782468

Idc who you are, if you're deleting your social media something is wrong. She's not, "fine" and Jen knows everyone knows that. But as she can't relinquish complete control of her daughter she loves being the only link between Taylor and everyone else. They all insane.

No. 782470

omg please do.

She's fine… I threw her out cause she kept risking my sons life and I cannot afford any more rehabs for her lazy ass. I am cleaning up after all her pets and caring for them the best I can, the mange is spreading among the hedgehogs, Celia is dead and a new Tofu arrived last week… But she's perfectly fine, never been better.

Oh yeah speaking of which! Since Tay's druggie bf project didn't work out I bet she's got a new animal coming soon! She simply has to get a new pet or else she has absolutely nothing to make videos about.

No. 782472

this. jen is part of the problem. taylor won't get better before she moves out and goes minimal contact with her mother. but that's never going to happen bc she'd just find another junkie to hunker down with and need mummy to swoop in and save her again.

No. 782482

What no! omfg I wrote that comment ironically, I am certainly not Jen but I guess it was too close to real life to be interpreted as a joke. Sorry!

No. 782483

kek that moment when the bar for the Deans is set so low that what you wrote sounds real

No. 782551

Is it dumb of me to think she's off the internet permanently this time? It's just that ever since her sober living situation last year she has slowly sharing less and less about her life and on the internet in general. I genuinely think she might have learned her lesson in regards to oversharing on the internet and just given up on it entirely. Too bad she destroyed her life in the process and is still not dealing with her adiction badly.

No. 782552

You asked anon.. I say yes, it's dumb of you. When she is active on social media she's oversharing. She's either on there oversharing or she's off completely, no in between. She needs the attention like she needs heroin. She's addicted to it. The only reason she's offline rn is because people are tearing her apart for sucking so much (finally). She's just using this time to think up a new excuse to get people to feel bad for her before she returns again. Probably a whole story about going to rehab and "relapse is a part of recovery!!!!" and of course the typical crying about how JC ruined her life.

No. 782554

She was oversharing about Jonny literally hours after returning to Twitter a few days ago lol. I'd even say she overshared the most after she got out of sober living. Her hour long heroin addict video, her hour long Jonny video, her 48 hour sperges about Jonny, raving about bro dick,… You're very optimistic if you really think she has improved at all

No. 782557

File: 1593341349035.jpeg (276.46 KB, 750x603, E15ACD22-D2FC-4348-878B-906A41…)

Off topic but saw this reply from Jen. Seriously if she thinks youtube was the reason for tay’s downfall, she better think again. Last I checked, Tay spiral down ever since she dated jonny and started using heroine. Tay of course will keep blaming youtube and her platform for stress and shit but its in fact her inability to keep up a “stable” job. They can all fuck off

No. 782558

I dont think she has changed anon. She thinks she might not have overshared or that she only show glimpse of her actual life but in fact I dont think she has a lot going on for her and she only sperge about jonny to stay relevant

No. 782565

she just came back to rage about Jonny giving his baby the name that they had planned together, and to throw some shit on Syd, and hint that she could have done a much better job herself. Fuck BLM, fuck her pets, fuck her fans, fuck all of her career as long as Jonnys not with her.

No. 782630

LOL the delusion. She really thinks Taytay is/was/ever can be a "famous Youtube personality". Jen, your daughter was a D-lister on a platform of D-listers, not a Big Star…

No. 782679

God this shit is so unfunny and predicted. Jen is a nightmare of a mum to say Taylor is fine. She's clearly NOT fine jen. She's using and that means the animals aren't getting what they need. The hoarding / neglect is not okay just because of addiction. I come from a family of addicts who, for the most part, knew when it was time to re-home. Not trying to sit on a high horse here but those animals REALLY need someone else besides Jen caring for them while she's off doing God knows what with whoever she's using with now

No. 782684

>Fuck BLM

whats this about?

No. 782704

Jen needs to grow a spine and tell her daughter the next time she relapses her animals are being rehomed

No. 782708

Everyone is expecting people to be making statements about BLM. Double edged sword because she did but she doesn't care… like most other people.

No. 782709

When the protests were at their peak, she posted bunch of selfies on instagram going on and on about muh mental health and how difficult it is to be her. Someone asked if she doesn't care at all about black lives matter anymore so she added caption about donations. She said that she has donated for sure, and donated loads… Only she cannot seem to remember where, because when asked she just ignored it.

No. 782728

which animal will be the first to get a death announcement post do you think? my bets are on Celia or one of the rats. not including fish because we know that Cheese replacement died long ago (Taylor's voice in the distance saying "fish don't count towards death counts anyway!")

No. 782730

It would be time for the ball pythons to stop eating soon. They can tolerate bad care for a while, but once they stop eating they won't start again until the enclosure is fixed and stressors removed (like the cats hunting the snakes). I bet Tofu will have red pupils again (he first had red, then black pupils). And tay said hedgehogs die after 3 years so they would all be deceased by now. I don't wanna think about how her URI-cat is doing with that one litter box.

No. 782749

i think hedgehogs are going to "rehomed", green tree python (was showed in back in plastic bin and covered in pile of clothes) and rats, but rats have short life span and bad genetics so it could be natural causes, however Taylor won't tell about their deaths beacuse of fear of backlash. New Cheese in probably dead.

No. 782763

The rats will live for 30 years and ppl will ask if she replaced them and she will go "no????? just because my rats live longer bc my care is PRISTINE doesn't mean I switch them out lmfaooooo"

No. 782764

Now if Taylor wasn't a supid fucking junkie loser she would have gone to herpetology school and started a reptile/amphibian rescue center so she would always have those new click bait pets without the build up. But you know.. gotta be a dumb bitch.

No. 782765

No? It was never about the pets, it was always about the thot. Besides good luck studying anything with Jens home schooling as foundation.

No. 782768

Il calling it but she’ll end up with an onlyfans loll

No. 782770

lol best of luck if she goes to onlyfans, quarantine has brought a lot of people with actual personalities there and she's not ready for that sort of competition

No. 782771

Did Jen start her own YouTube channel? Not sure if she’s always had one.

No. 782773

>>782771 she’s had one for a long time…tried to piggy back off of Taylor but didn’t do so well.

No. 782782

I’m late but I don’t think it’s dumb of you. Bigger attention-dependent narcissists than Taylor have left the internet forever (Felice Fawn, Shmegeh, Kiki??? etc.) I don’t think it’s because she’s actually changed and seen the error of her ways or whatever, though. Maybe she got caught out with something that she’s trying to hide from. Someone should keep an eye on San Antonio arrest records.

No. 782786

most parents have a name or a few names they really want to give their kid, like my cousin said her whole life she was going to name her kids certain things and she dated a bunch but it didn't matter the names stayed the same until she finally had them.

cope harder tay. JC is rent fucking free in her head 24/7 and she is dead inside with zero progress, sad

No. 782787

I think she's too sick. She's addicted to the internet and to any drugs she can get her mitts on. Of course, if there are any ex-fans or discord members out there who want to share, now would be a great time…

No. 782790

I don't know, I've seen internet attention seeker cows disappear before. Usually means they have something to hide or they are getting their fix elsewhere.
I have no doubt that she will resurface though.

No. 782850

Convinced Taylor’s mom Jennifer Dean would say Taylor’s fine even if she was dead in her bedroom. I have a tinfoil that Taylor has manipulated her mom into believing that YouTube is the reason why she has relapsed, and has some kind of truce that even if she is doing bad she will pretend like she’s doing great and it works out for Jen because Taylor is under her roof so she does have a part to play. Taylor being fake sober/good makes her look better.

No. 782887

I don’t understand this most recent disappearance. How hard is it to upload a video you already had filmed? Posting it literally takes no effort at all. Why would a mental state have anything to do with that. Is she really THAT lazy, or a liar and doesn’t have all these videos already supposedly filmed as she’s claimed the past several months.

No. 782891

She doesn’t have the video filmed. She just gets off on the rush/satisfaction of saying she will release a video. Classic Taylor!

No. 782897

Exactly. She has never filmed when she claims she has. Hence constant promises and then nothing, all the refilms due to her 'insecurities, and inconsistencies in her hair and clothes compared to when she claims she had filmed. Really interested to see if she even addresses the big let down this time when she returns.

No. 782902

Not gonna adress shit. It's muh mental health and suffering and definitely cannot deal with anything right now, and we should be ashamed to put pressure on her. Of course SHE is also the only person in the world suffering from this pandemic and riots too, so we should feel sorry for her because now she can't even go fix her hair because haturs will be mean to her if she did.

No. 782909

It's disgusting to me that she can think her tweets about JC sit well and her ugly selfies too when people or color can never get their lives back because of what happened to them. Now is NOT the time to focus on yourself and your issues. The world's pandemic and racism needs to come before you tayter and whatever bs she thinks makes her life so hard. She doesn't seem to see how privileged her life is in EVERY WAY. From the color of her skin to the 'career' she has, everything. Your addiction is hard during these times yes, I'm an addict and I AM POSTING ONLY ABOUT ELIJAH, BREONNA, ETC. USE YOUR INFLUENCE FOR BETTER YOU FLAMING NARCISSIST.(sperg)

No. 782911

This is about Taylor not a pandemic or blm get over it Jesus >>782909

No. 782916

Taylor said she "protested and donated" so much so it's kinda relevant. And her brother (and herself ofc because of muh EDS) is immunocompromised so she could easily kill him by attending heroin parties with all her junkie bff's but she claims to care so much about protecting her brother as well.

No. 782940

come on, we all know that Taylor only cares about herself and what she wants.

No. 783011

the longer she keeps her twitter deleted the worse it's gonna be for her coming back. what is she doing? she is such a mess right now. comes back after a month of silence by posting videos with strangers covered in tracks, promises a life update/huge announcement video, and then silently deletes twitter hours after it should have been uploaded as even fans start to call her out. she's on some new shit, she just ran through her normal cycle in the fastest time yet.

No. 783015

her mom doesn't hold her accountable, her fans in the past haven't held her accountable, and therefore she thinks she's immune from any consequences and judgment. tay, the least you could do if you're going to disappear again is work on the things you've been called out for and improve upon yourself… I'm not holding my breath, though. If you want to be a youtuber, fucking post videos and create content instead of being an insta hoe. If you don't, stop fucking promising people you're gonna come back and be better "this time"

No. 783023

Bet she hoped that the haturz would have gone away by now. At least she posted new fan art of herself on instagram. Bc you know, that's stuff that really matters.

No. 783030

File: 1593626197972.png (5.25 MB, 1125x2436, 516E53BC-1FAD-4CB0-A039-4C9B14…)

looks like she’s featuring art on her story acting like nothing happened, lmao

No. 783036

Twitter still deleted and no posts on Instagram but posting fan art in her stories pretending nothing ever happened like a true narcissist

No. 783040

File: 1593634652854.png (165.71 KB, 750x1334, 0862CB2C-A4D9-4B3E-A60E-00F9BC…)

Feels like this might be throwing shade to taylor.

No. 783041

nah, syd and jonny have been fighting like tweens on their instagram stories for weeks now. it's about syd

No. 783095

taylor's bound to come back to twitter once syd pushes out the baby, right? it's apparently a matter of days now. that's a fertile ground for a nice taylor sperg I hope.

No. 783113

File: 1593660837169.png (324.31 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200701-100721.png)

Tomorrow actually

No. 783120

File: 1593662806744.jpg (268.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200701-210515_Ins…)


This was posted right after

No. 783629

Why does Jonny think people care lol

No. 783648

damn that’s not bad, shame they’re wasting their talents on a pos

No. 783909

I feel bad for her fans making her art. I don't feel like she will address the situation of her absence, or at least I don't expect honesty when or if she decides to talk about what she's doing instead of making content

No. 783938

I feel bad for all of her fans that are worried sick while she is on her drama leave. Somehow I think that's exactly what she wants, for her fans to be so worried thinking that she is lying in a puke of heroin while she's in bed stuffing her face with tater tots.

No. 784544

I totally agree with you. I think she's realized that she gets the most attention when she's offline, compared to online. When she's offline, she has people tweeting at her and commenting on her Instagram (moreso commenting on her Instagram) asking if she's okay/when she'll be back. No one cares when she comes back online, apart from like two fans.

No. 784597

yea her "career" is nearing its end. She's spent the last year and a half doing fuck all.

Her 11 y/o stans are 13 now, they know her whole heroin saga, most are quietly leaving or just watching for the drama. YT is going downhill for everyone, people making less and less. Every "star" has a shelf life, There's nothing left to her story now. Just a hopeless user now.

She's beyond fucked outside YT. Aint nobody gonna hire a know heroin addict, doesn't take more than a google search to figure it out. 1997 knuckle tattoo? Yea she fucked LOL

No. 784640

Exactly. If you search her name on twitter there's only a handful of positive tweets and they're posted by teenagers. In the past if you searched it was full of people raving about her and defending her. She used to make a point of going through and retweeting "haters" to set her stans on them. But nowadays I am not sure if that would go over like it used to. I mean I fucking hate this bitch and I forget she exists most days. I wonder if she actually thinks she can return and it'll all just go back to normal eventually.

No. 784887

Omg i forgot about her knuckle tats from the forest days

No. 784946

You say that as if it was that long ago lol

No. 784995

It feels like forever.
I'm starting to miss her shit lol

No. 785051

File: 1594339988510.jpeg (338.06 KB, 750x1047, C8288983-4F7C-4015-BEFC-4E83C7…)

Don’t know if you caught this reply from Mama Dean. She’s such a cunt.(fake account, not milk)

No. 785052

Isn't that a fake account though

No. 785053

That's not Mama Dean. Look at the actual account, there are tons of fake Mama Dean accounts.

No. 785060


Ah. Sorry anons.

No. 785062

File: 1594349032337.jpg (520.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200709-194134.jpg)

The real Mama Dean has been talking about Taylor and her amazing animal care still tho

No. 785124

The delusion is so real. When is the last time she even posted an animal picture? I had to check the date on this tweet even. And saying the vet may be wrong about something? Like her or Taylor have had any real education about animals? Maybe from Google University. Jesus they need to both just stay off of the internet. They're so painfully dumb and embarrassing.

No. 785208

"does" YouTube videos kek her last animal video was over six months ago now Jennifer. and you say "we" as if you've taken on ownership of them, since we all know you're the one caring for them. when was the last time the rats came out for at least an hour? today? yesterday? should be every day, but you obviously know the most about animals. are the rats even still alive?

No. 785213

What animal is she even talking about here? It's not like she ever posts photos of their enclosures anyways.

My guess would be Twisty, any Twitter anons want to confirm?

No. 785269

I went to see what the original tweet was, but it was deleted. so not 100% sure but the account she was replying to did mention getting a pair of bearded dragons recently. So most likely Twisty.

No. 785287

File: 1594459058343.jpeg (259.94 KB, 1242x727, 0E4D6F84-1DDD-4B0E-8BC9-D3CF13…)

This is Taylor’s one last opportunity to self promo. If only they knew about the sunglasses youtube video, and throwing her animals in her pond days.

Anyway anons, I think we are looking at our last ride of Taylor. I think she’s basically going to vanish, and that will be it. Either she tries to go back to some lucrative animal dealings behind the scenes, or lives off Mama Dean. This is the quietest she’s been in years.
It’s been a fun run anons.

No. 785295

Nah… she will be back soon enough. God forbid she is actually is in rehab right now.

No. 785322

learn to sage.

there are even a few people tweeting at Mama Dean that they're worried about Taylor and want to make sure she's safe, and no one is getting a response from Jen. She's probably sick of covering for her daughter with "yes she's fine, better than ever in fact!!" tweets while her daughter is off catching covid in a drug house

No. 785335

Nah anon, Tayter will be back. You really think she's gonna go back to working a quiet 9-5 job after all this?

Taylor is screwed, she absolutely didn't make enough money to retire, at best she has 300k in the bank. That buys nothing in Tay's lifestyle, she spent 70k on drugs in one year alone. Even if she was to cut her loses, slap an average house 200k (butbut it's not muh mansion!!) animal expenses, 1k shopping sprees, world renowned rehab ect. ect. aaaand she's got nothing. She needs money to keep her ego alive. Also: heroin addict, how TF do you expect attract advertisers with that kind of reputation?

Her ego won't let her do anything else besides YT. She has no skills in anything else. Nudes maybe?

She's suffering withdraws somewhere or shooting up, she always hides when she's at her weakest. The fade to obscurity will be fun to watch but it might take a year or two.

No. 785336

It’s at the point where every time I see the thread suddenly bump I assume she died or was put in a serious condition due to drugs

No. 785337

Agreed, druggie death seems pretty likely at this point. What did she fucking expect doing heroin?

best she can do for her dumbass stans is learn from her shitty example of what heroin gets you.

No. 785342

Let's keep in mind that one of the people who knew her (Jay or whatever that guys name was) said she's in massive debt with the IRS, and she herself has said that she paid basically no bills at all during her relationship with Jonny

No. 785382

Heroin really is one of the worst drugs to try

No. 785399

I don't think OD death is as likely as a "Taylor is secretly arrested for possession/buying from an undercover" saga, but I do look forward to that

No. 785403

I wish she would get caught for possession. Maybe that's her new "inpatient" program!

Personally, I don't want her to get better. I'm looking forward to the spiral of Pet Tube Qween -> selling her surviving exotic pets for $ -> OF thot -> sex worker just to get her next hit of dopamine from H & attention.

She might actually learn what responsibility or real abuse is. But probably not, she is surrounded by enablers.

I do miss her spergs though.

No. 785439

This made me laugh but calm down satan anon

No. 785450

Rip this thread,Taylor was my favorite cow for a long time but I think she went for good. Gonna miss screenshot her tweets has fast as possible.

No. 785478

I think she’ll be back once JC and Syd go public with the baby.

No. 785479

If you think she won't be back you don't know her very well. Taylor NEEDS the attention. And the money. She's as addicted to it as she is to JC and heroin. She will crawl back out of the gutter at some point and pander to the little fan base she has left. I truly think she could improve her life if she hit absolute rock bottom. That wouldn't make her a better person, but still.

No. 785544

Just wish she would take down her stupid videos with all her dangerous advice and "influnece" before she goes so we don't have to see thousands of stans grow up to be just like her.

No. 785547

there's no chance she died. if she did you know her mom would post about it

No. 785548

i don’t think she’ll ever be back the way she used to make her epic returns though. she seems too burnt out and lazy to keep her online presence going longer than a few days/weeks at a time. i’m sure her stans would absolutely eat it up if she managed to return to her old level of activity but it seems like she’s genuinely too fried to keep up with it now.

No. 785589

It is weird she isn't all over the internet with quarantine - she's had the perfect excuse to stay home and do nothing, and I feel like the old Taylor would have been on that like stink on shit. Her junkie phase has made her ridiculously self-involved and it's been weird - though not unexpected - to see her content and online presence devolve to just martyred navel-gazing.

The cavalcade of lies was at least somewhat entertaining though. Sad that so many of her young followers had to learn the lesson of never trusting a junkie like that and get disappointed in their "role model". I wonder how her animals are doing.

No. 785675

File: 1594698589705.jpeg (170.19 KB, 998x1024, A1548E22-B388-49A3-BC84-815391…)

Oh boy. I hope Taylor is actually offline right now

No. 785696

Well this is going to get interesting

No. 785698

lol if there ever was someone who looks complitely misplaced in a hospital setting… I hope they doused Jonny in clorox and purell before they let his stanky ass in.

No. 785703

well the baby is here, cue "shaking and crying" from miss dean

No. 785771

aww they're holding their "love" hand tattoos over the baby. Bit cuter than Taylor's "feet" hand tattoo.

No. 785785

File: 1594759688845.jpeg (397 KB, 1242x2278, 18F91D77-0E58-4DF9-A4CF-65ADD0…)

No. 785787

Shoot wrong thread. I saw the photo of Jonny and thought I was in their thread.

No. 785788

You can delete your post within 30 minutes.
I clicked this thread earlier thinking I was in /snow/ too, anon.

No. 785825

Jonny and Syd had their baby… prepare for Tayter’s return shortly.(read the thread)

No. 785884

Nah I don’t think she’s coming back any time soon, she knows she’d look like a psycho. Also she’s probably in rehab because she’s a worthless junkie and always will be

No. 785925

If there was ever an excuse for taylor to use , this baby is it

No. 785945

File: 1594840189788.png (321.91 KB, 828x1792, 0E94A4DB-D37B-451B-B665-8111A9…)

Newsflash jonny, people who actually make money don’t need to brag on social media for validation..(>>>jonny thread)

No. 785956

“go do something with your wasted time”
Syd what do YOU do with your life other than brag about how you “won” an abusive washed up rock star and how short you are? Neither of you have jobs and Jonny only has 14 fans left. How do you losers expect to support your kid?

“i’m happy” your petty passive aggressive instagram arguments with Jonny show otherwise but hey, you won, right?

No. 785970

please sage, dear anonfriend
this is a taylor thread, anons. the jonny and syd thread is that way. >>>/snow/987337

No. 785972

Oopps, sorry… promise I am not the same anon earlier on. Its clear to me now its a honest mistake to mix up their threads.

No. 785982

She’s posting on her IG story sharing stuff about abusive relationships. Here she fucking goes(imageboard)

No. 785983

File: 1594855047896.png (669.87 KB, 828x1792, 75D2400B-FBF9-432F-8932-0AB575…)

No. 785984

File: 1594855139262.png (1.14 MB, 828x1792, 9ED5B9EC-FD25-4B96-9501-95C1A7…)

I bet you she’s shaking

No. 785986

File: 1594855163044.png (1.64 MB, 828x1792, E953CE33-6F6E-45AB-B3F6-87AA01…)

And crying

No. 785987

The only dead things here are your career and future. Welcome back!
Her narc overcome her hiding, can't miss out on the no-baby asspats.

No. 785988

As much as TayTay likes to claim she's not stalking Johnny and Syd, she barely lasted 48 hours after the birth of Johnny Jr to come out of hiding and start her vague posting against him.

Johnny is trash, make no mistake about that, but Taylor is so close to being an a crazy ex episode on the ID channel.

No. 785990

Yep. Like holy mackarel, we really called it lmao

Ages of silence, zero progress on the shit she has promised her fans again and again, and no word on the wellbeing of her animals, but suddenly she has all the energy in the world to post twee infographics about Ab00se. K.

No. 786012

The funniest part about this shit is she was informed and warned about jonny before hand. She chose to ignore it cuz horny.

You're not fooling anyone you dumb bitch, you knew he was a piece of shit when you got with him. stop act surprised and acting like little miss victim. Everyone knows heroin is probably the worst drug on the planet, attach that to someone with rape accusations, dates 10 years younger, history of violence… The fuck she think was gonna happen?

>"geez I dunno, my boyfriend is doin it, hurr must be ok, SHOOT ME UP!!!"

>"Guiz I was aboosed, he didn't cuddle me enough!!!"

I can't stand this fucking narcissist, be grateful you aren't dead and get a job.

No. 786030

Sooo… Her new druggie GF was abusive too?

No. 786058

Chelsea deleted her Twitter (@chelsearaine)?

No. 786060

Who cares tbh

No. 786061

It’s funny how she doesn’t like him being happy. She seem genuinely upset bc one of the first things she does when she is back on the internet is insult her ex boyfriends character right after his baby was born. This is so hilarious

No. 786063

File: 1594885251392.jpg (738.95 KB, 1100x1800, Dean Sperge.jpg)

Mama Dean sperging on the taylor tag tonight, what fun

No. 786069

she acts like taylor woke up one day and was suddenly addicted to heroin. newsflash jen, you can't get addicted to a drug if you never use it. maybe she should have taught her daughter that.

No. 786070

Narc mom and narc daughter right back on schedule! I hope jonny and syd sees tayter sub-posting about them and join the circus..

No. 786078

Just once it would be nice to see either one of them be like actually what I did was wrong. Instead of lying about everything.

No. 786092

I still can't get over the both of them acting like Taylor tripped and fell into a heroin needle, especially when Taylor goes on about her "addictive personality" and "speshul 15% addict brain" as if those things forced her to try heroin. Newsflash, asshole, everyone knows heroin is addictive as a motherfucker and if you KNEW you had a problem, why did you fucking try it in the first place? As if heroin is something you can just sample and go on about your day.

No. 786094

But Jonny begged her to do it with him and she wanted to feel closer to him and get cuddles, anon. It's not her fault!

No. 786095

Honestly her mom seems addicted to some type of drug when she wrote these tweet. It’s so funny how taylor and her mom always compare Taylor’s addiction to cancer one of the most deadly and lethal diseases. Um no honey your daughter stuck a needle in her arm Bc “it would Make me closer to him” her words not mine

No. 786109

File: 1594927989898.jpg (766.03 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200716-133303.jpg)

Looks like they kept the cat they stole

No. 786110

fucking hell.

Well the way Jen is ranting we can definitely know Tay is back on heroin. Jen was like this the last time Tay was spiralling too, I suppose because it's the only way for her to get in touch with her daughter.

No. 786112

got screenshots?

No. 786114

Jen's mental health is spiraling clearly from watching her daughter. Id feel bad for her if she didn't enable Taylor. Sometimes addicts need to be alone to reach conclusions. I'm sure she's not used to saying the word 'no' but will Jen ever put her foot down to Taylor? It's really sad to watch.

No. 786115

Jen seems so exhausted, you'd think a grown adult would know their own mental health well enough to not search a tag for stuff but she can't help herself. Narcissistic as could be. It's not untrue Jen and if you stopped lying to yourself you'd see your daughter is sick, an neglectful pet owner and has no career. Get her help, try to be productive for yourself or her, you don't need to be right all the time on the internet oml.

No. 786116

Imagine having so many cats in one house LMFAO their house must be so stanky

No. 786117

Tinfoil but Mana dean is definitely lurking here, she just private her twitter profile assuming she saw her tweets here

No. 786118

With one litter box and four cats. God please tell me she has five litter boxes that’s how many she should have. Poor Nemo I hope he still isn’t getting those UTIs

No. 786121

Go back and read the past 60+ threads no one is hear to spoonfeed you.

No. 786122

nah, she kept arguing with people in the tnd tag and someone finally got to her.
she would be sperging about the "moo cow website" if she was lurking here again lol.

No. 786123

This is just sick. Stealing people's pets is so fucked up, especially when you have so many and then hoard imaginary ones.

Anyone who fills their bathroom with needles and tar can't take care of animals.

No amount of pets are going to fill the void heroin left behind. She's fucked up permanently now.

No. 786130

She's definitely high

No. 786193

I've always wondered if they really found her and just decided to keep her as indicated, or if Taylor adopted her during a drug haze and Jen just went with it because she liked the cat.

No. 786197

I bet Tayter thot is gonna start posting daily soon. She can’t stand not being the center of attention for too long, especially since the baby is born now.

No. 786205

She has real contempt for Jonny and Syd and the baby. In recovery from any trauma it's so abnormal for it to become the forefront of your personality. Everyone's different but her response to this has been so uncomfortable. I've been through relational trauma and it's best to focus on you and what you love but she's so fixated on her aboose years after it occured

No. 786206

If you guys think Taylor’s behavior is bizarre… any OGs in here remember Amanda? Whew. That was a wild ride. Every damn minute tweeting about him, for THREE YEARS. So many fake accounts attacking Chelsea. Chelsea was pretty obsessed too. I don’t know what he does to these girls.

Sorry for off topic.

No. 786215


i don't think he has to do anything special. jonny's dating pool is limited to girls with such terminally low self-esteem (usually due to untreated personality disorders) that they're willing to throw away their lives and reputations for a shot with a known abuser, scammer and addict. and when he's done with them he gets to go on having a public presence with a fanbase and not facing any consequences. it's not really surprising his exes consistently flip out for years after. no doubt syd will be the same way.

besides, and to stay mildly on topic, tay is a manipulative narc and jonny is basically the only thing even the boards agree she was a victim of (to some extent). she's going to milk it literally forever.

No. 786244

No one actually thinks Taylor was a victim. How is being denied hugs abuse? He didn't do anything wrong, or else she would have talked about it in that hour long "my ex is awful" video. She was familiar with drugs before JC

No. 786263

I don't doubt he was abusive to Taylor but the extent to which is dramatized I think. It was an unhealthy relationship but she acts like she had no role in all that took place

No. 786266

pls sage i keep thinking taylor has new milk and getting my hopes up

No. 786285

all of these girls obsessing about him for years and whining about not being hugged enough really makes me wonder if he actually has a nice dick after all.

No. 786290

Agree with you anon. Not denying that jonny is a piece of shit but Taylor needs to be self-aware that she too has issues, and learnt to move on and get her life back. I am all for talking about your trauma but she is not there yet to talk about jonny acting she is okay. I remember when she was about to post her video about jonny, she was still showing signs of wanting to back with jonny (ie “I am talking about him so lovingly”) and she definitely was only motivated to post that out of jealousy.

No. 786291

I don’t think it’s about him necessarily.

These girls go from being no one. Just normal people with a couple hundred followers or something. Then they start dating him and get thousands of people following them and all his fans praising them and constantly giving them attention. Then they break up he talks a lot of shit about them. It seems like they crave that attention they had from all those strangers and talking about him give them that attention. Taylor was the exception and she’s just obsessed with him and can’t handle that he moved on.

No. 786299

I’m remember when she would threaten to kms. Like that’s emotionally abuse to Jonny. They both played a part

No. 786310

Jonny's exes are clout chasing groupies. They're drawn in by his faux image of a "rockstar" and the novelty. His music is shit but its popular with tatted, loser, emo types.

>Uwu his music is sooo good!! Look at MY boyfriend!!! Lulz drugs am i rite? Bet you wish you had this!!

Taylor was such a stuck up cunt in her early videos with johnny, you could FEEL the smug sense of superiority.

Shes been publicly humiliated, but she's getting off on all the negative attention too. She's well on her way to sucking dick for crack.

No. 786328

File: 1595096827819.png (926.83 KB, 2048x1936, Screenshot_20200718-142631.png)

Oh boy!!! We called it!

No. 786329

Kek was just coming here to post this.

“No one knew I relapsed”. Except all of the anons on lolcow who have been calling it out for months. The IG videos with a chick with obvious track marks just sealed the deal.

I’m sad we’ll never get to see the update video she obviously filmed high as fuck but had a moment of clarity before posting. Shucks.

No. 786332

Quick everyone act surprised lmao

No. 786333

Sounds like Tay still can't even shoot herself up properly. How much of a worthless person do you have to be to fail at being a junky? Kek. She didn't decide, she got an abscess from shooting up wrong and it hurt so she went back to a cushy rehab.

No. 786335

~poor Taylor~ who would have guessed romanticizing drug/alcohol abuse, fucking druggies, and constantly obsessing about your loser druggie rapist ex boyfriend would land you in rehab a literal year later.

I hope we don’t have to sit through another saga of: I did the most speshulest designer heroin, spent sooo much money BUTTTT my ZooOo was SOoo WeLl tAKen CaRE oF.

No. 786337

Why the heck is she even going for her leg? I’ll bet she will say she was going for the artery because ~ruined veins or some bs to make her look like the biggest junkie ever. Smh

No. 786338


this >>782135 aged well

No. 786340

Someone who's been hanging around drug addicts and "testing her limits" with alcohol relapsed in a serious enough way to actually say she's relapsed without beating around the bush like the last 4 times she magically didn't count because mistakes happen and rEcOvErY iSn't LiNeAr? Shocker.

No. 786341

Is she saying here even her mom doesn’t know she in rehab? If yes - great parenting from mama dean again..

No. 786343

Please sage.

Anyway, I’m assuming narc momma Jen knows Tayter is in rehab but she’s trying to say no one knew she relapsed and forced her into rehab and it was her own choice.

No. 786347

When anons were saying that she would come back after Syd had her baby I laughed at it and thought it'd just be too obvious, that surely that wouldn't happen… and it did. What a convenient timing. It's also embarrassing that she is still that emotionally and mentally involved.

No. 786351

Lol @ Mama Dean saying Taylor was "better than ever" while she was almost dying of sepsis after shooting up heroin. I will never understand her mom, I'm pretty sure she wants Taylor dead.

No. 786353

Tbh it sounds like mama dean wrote that whole post. It defo isn’t the way she normally types

No. 786354

She can’t. She’s barely been using a year, there’s no reason she should not have any veins left in her arms. It should take years and years to permanently blow out veins in your arms. The fact is she’s a sloppy dirty junkies who reuses rigs and doesn’t use harm reduction. It’s the only explanation. She needs to get on a more strict maintenance program like methadone or she won’t stay clean. She loves being an addict, it’s an identity to her. I’ve never known one junkie who stayed clean on subs. Methadone is long term care, which is usually reserved for long term users but since she just doesn’t want to stop, it might be the best bet.

No. 786358

maybe its easier to shoot in the leg? If she really was too scared to shoot up herself the legs seem less intimidating?

No. 786361

Was gonna say, I can imagine it’s easier to shoot up in your leg with both hands if you don’t know what you’re doing rather than fuck about trying to shoot up one handed. Also easier to hide in the Texas summer heat I guess.

No. 786363

Marks on the legs are easier to hide.

No. 786364

Taylor is so predictable that it's not even funny anymore.

"Oh, my ex had his baby? WELL I ALMOST DIED OF SEPSIS!"

No. 786368

Shades of Shiloh.

No. 786369

File: 1595110220120.png (28.82 KB, 772x187, Annotation 2020-07-18 181023.p…)

her insta post's caption for this

No. 786371

Yeah we totally called it. Bets on she was using with that make up you tuber. It explains the leg sepsis, if you can't see marks on my hands I'm not using!! So good money is she hasn't "relapsed" she just kept on keeping on.

Here's the thing, as long as Taylor has the safety net of "I can just relapse, it's ok". She will NEVER get better.

No. 786372

Did she really just describe scars on her leg as cute? Not being funny but let’s not romanticise scars please

No. 786373

Is anyone else totally put off by that first sentence? Like she’s not even hiding how much she loves to show off her “junkie cred”. she just screams wannabe

No. 786377

She honestly should get offline and stop posting, can’t believe she is still airing her barely recovery to the public like this. I get awareness and (I really want the milk) all but she sounds so unstable in the caption. Its not even funny now, I really hope she doesn’t OD.

No. 786382

Taylor is so fucking predictable, it's not even funny anymore. She couldn't have even just relapsed, she also has to have almost died!!!! from sepsis!!!! She is just too damn special in every way possible. She can't just be a junkie, she has to be a super special chronically ill junkie who gives herself sepsis and breaks her own bones in her sleep, has constant migraines, can't eat gluten, etc. What an exciting life she must live. /s

No. 786396

Guesses on which animals she will announce she has "rehomed" or will she even mention her pets?

No. 786398

Proving again that she's not listening to a word the counselors are trying to tell her with that "nothing logical can stop you when you're in the moment" because one of the first focuses in breaking any addiction is fighting those moments. You're supposed to at least TRY to be self aware and recognize when you're relapsing. Usually they recommend really honing in on what you're thinking and feeling in the moment you're craving, so that you can ride the wave out and recognize it coming next time. But no, Taylor's special, so nothing can POSSIBLY break her focus on her fix once it's set, right? Their puny little tools for normal addicts don't work on our heroin heroine? Guess it's harder to recognize the craving coming when you're still high from the last hit.

No. 786402

I don’t normally ever look at her Instagram but her recent post she comments to some people about her future videos, hoe much her behavior morphed into johnnys and how the old her will return. She’s so god damn delusional and baiting people with videos is becoming very cruel.

No. 786406

This is an image board anon, post caps or don't bother posting.

No. 786409

File: 1595122435890.jpg (238.29 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20200718-213329_Twi…)

it's funny to see her supporting taylor

No. 786429

there are two types of junkies and tends to start from beginning - those who use harm reduction (aka needle exchanges) and alcohol wipes even if they don't bath/don't share rigs/etc. and those that are gross and reuse rigs/don't disinfect those rigs properly/don't disinfect their skin. Yeah sometimes cleaner junkies will get more lenient as the yrs go on and maybe use an unclean cooker or something but the hep c and bathroom and reusing needles despite having money to buy them AND a needle exchange prove that Taylor doesn't give a fuck how she gets high so long as it's iv. She probably just digs for a vein and causes lots of damge still has no clue what she's doing after 2 yrs. There are a lot of addicts like her. They tend to get the worst of the worst shit like sepsis endocarditis hep c etc…

No. 786446

How do you “nearly get sepsis” ???? What kind of made up

Nearly Sepsis Nic

No. 786454

I think it's very usual for junkies to get sepsis but for veterans junkies who fuckup their veins after a long usage, even Luna got a shitty infection but that was after years of using.

Whatever Taylor is doing, she isn't doing it right, someone needs to teach her to inject properly cause this is the third time something like that happens to her.

No. 786455

Sepsis is a blood infection. either she got it or she didn’t. There is no ~nearly Sepsis~

Taylor is a fucking moron. No doctor told her that.That’s like saying “I nearly got cancer!!!!!!”

No. 786457

She's so lameeeee she pretends she's this hard junkie but has been on heroin 4 months total? On and off. It really shouldn't have been that hard for her to quit. Just smoke weed or something girl

No. 786463

Honestly I could see a doctor telling her she nearly got sepsis. If she's got a leg abscess and left it so long that it was super infected, she might have been hours away from sepsis. A doctor may have told her that to try and make her realise how dangerous her situation is - not knowing she'd just use it for junkie cred. It's not uncommon for medical staff to small talk with their patients like that, especially if Taylors got some huge nasty abscess that needed cleaning out for 30 minutes by a nurse - "if this injury was an inch to the left you'd be dead/ if you had come in 5 hours later you'd be dead/etc"

No. 786465

nobody, NOBODY knew she relapsed!! And at the perfect time too!

No. 786466

honestly this, sounds exactly like the scenario I was picturing too. they didn't realise instead of scaring her off she would wear it as a badge of honour.
taylor's not coming off as cool to anyone who isn't 14, shame she isn't self aware enough to clock it.

No. 786467


a) using clean needles wouldn't give her the full junkie experience

b) she doesn't even know how to quarantine fish, let alone sterilise heroin rigs

No. 786471

Perfect timing. Taylor throws herself into rehab (allegedly) a few days after JC and Syd have their baby. I think we all predicted this one way or another. Sepsis is gross, and she probably got it from that girls dirty room that kept talking. We all knew she was high then.

No. 786476

"Got some cute leg scars hehe" in the same breath "addiction is no joke."

Which is it Taylor?

No. 786478

Exactly. She talks about addiction in such a dysfunctional way. It's really not good for herself or anyone else who puts her on a pedestal

No. 786482

Honestly relapsing is convenient for her. She won't do video because it's too much work and people will notice bad conditions of the animals and enclosures. She can't post selfies or regular tweets because people will start asking about the animals or videos. Relapse posting gives her attention, asspats and immunity to the "insensitive questions". I'm guessing she'll be attention whoring from the rehab now.

No. 786498


>spoiled, pampered brat whose never had to work for anything & still doesn't

>"If you have a tiny voice in your head telling you not to do herion it's bc YOU DESERVE BETTER! Totally not because you're subconsciously aware that being so addicted to attention that you become a junkie is an addiction in an of itself that needs to be treated PRIVATELY!"

The only upside to cows like her, Venus, Sere, Belle, etc. glorifying their downward spirals for all the world to see is that in maybe another few years, there will likely be some diagnostic criteria for these special types of trainwrecks… Eventually, the "destroy your own life for asspats, pity & handouts to avoid having to work" is gonna become A Thing that won't be as accepted. At least, I hope it does. Cows like Taylor have no self awareness or ability to cope with reality, they only exist to be observed for any reason & I can't believe anyone gets any sort of positive reinforcement (even toxic PR) from being made such a spectacle of.

No. 786533

If Taylor is away that means mama Dean is "caring" for her animals and that really scares me for the animals. Taylor isn't much better but it's so many and they're all exotics and I'm sure Jen does a shit job with them

No. 786537

File: 1595186093844.jpeg (442.66 KB, 750x1334, 45D20BBF-FCFE-47AA-9EB2-F0B2A3…)

Love this comment and think it’s relevant

No. 786541

Anon, who do you think had been taking care of the animals this entire time? Taylor doesn't do shit and she's likely been using for longer than she'll admit. I don't know if Taylor ever really took care of her entire hoard, she insists that she had hired help for up to like a year before this.

No. 786542

Too bad she'll only look at this and think the person is attacking her. She thrives off attention and drugs.

No. 786544

Did she relapse immediately after leaving rehab? Like the same day or why she was so active on IG with her druggie friend and then disappeared again?

Did she only last less than a day after leaving rehab? Kek

No. 786547

I don't think she's ever been sober. She was shooting up with forest, drinking with betsy all this year.

She's been relapsing hard ever since she stopped taking her subs. I think that was the final straw, since animal crossing came out she's been on a bender.

I think mama dean forced her into rehab/ caught her using.

No. 786551


"Relapse" suggests she was sober. She was abusing her meds and drinking while in rehab. Her meth-head "bro" she was banging spilled that she was using when he was crying about how many men Taylor was fucking during rehab.

She was caught drinking multiple times, saying, "I'm allowed!" and pretending her WORLD RENOWNED doctors were encouraging her to do these things.

She released videos of her fucked out multiple times she was claiming to be sober.

She's never been sober. I don't think she was shooting heroin the entire time, but I think she was taking anything and everything else she could.

No. 786552

File: 1595196221521.png (1.77 MB, 828x1792, 9EAD97AD-9E71-478A-A154-D659F5…)

Don’t know how to upload a video but looks like she is literally only checking into rehab right now.

No. 786553

Taylor was ALMOST SEPTIC as much as she's tortured by EDS and Celiac disease.

You have to be hospitalized and fit criteria for sepsis. Labs and vitals can indicate if someone is in the early stages of sepsis. No otherwise healthy young person is being admitted into the emergency department without a fever and erratic vitals accompanying their ~uwu cutie lil leg wounds hehe~

No doctor is strolling up to someone within their baseline vitals, with clean blood cultures and WNL labs saying "hey hey lil missy, u better be careful bc u are ALMOST septic!!!" That's not a fucking thing medical professionals say. There are junkie's dumped off in front of the ER doors without respirations who are brought back to life and yeah, the doctors, even IF pissed off and yelling "YOU WERE DEAD" don't go through the motions of saying "btw, u were almost septic ur leg wound omg"

laughing at the thought of "CODE ALMOST SEPTIC" being announced over the speakers on the unit. lololol oh taylor, your lies are so cute

No. 786555


She's baiting us to dox her again so she can show off to her rehab about her stalkers and haters.

No one take the bait. It doesn't matter what rehab she's in.

No. 786569

At most Tayter had a nasty abscess from being a dirty junkie and was told “you could’ve gotten sepsis” which in her victim brain she turned into I WAS ALMOST SEPTIC GUYS

No. 786570

Getting that dumbass tattoo on her knuckles seems real smart now huh Tay tay?

No. 786574

I especially like that the part of the song she’s blasting in the background of that video at her rehab is someone rapping about getting high. Jesus.

No. 786581

The lack of self awareness honestly hurts lmao

No. 786599

Any inpatient rehabs in my area don't let you have social media/phone for a least the beginning but most of the time, the entire time. And didn't she say she was in an inpatient place when she was hanging out with that one girl? Now she just went to inpatient? It's so confusing.

No. 786603

File: 1595213217013.jpeg (856.25 KB, 1110x1214, A6CAE022-C8F1-4B2D-9066-3B23B5…)

Selfie galore. I can’t wait for this rehab time. She already has shown signs that she won’t take it seriously (announcing it, and glamorizing the hehe track marks and scars)

No. 786604

wouldn't be surprised if she just got thrown out of another rehab, or just got out recently and started relapsing.

using with forest, went to rehab?, relapse druggie girl, promised video, moar heroin, back to rehab?

No. 786606

I'm starting to get the vibe that the rehab facility she's at isn't as cushy as the other ones. there's no way her youtube money has lasted this long.

No. 786608

I genuinely hope so

No. 786609

Why is she documenting rehab like it's summer camp.. girl, stop

No. 786610

Another anon said this earlier and better but she probably went to the hospital with a leg abscess and a doctor or even wound care technician said something along the lines of “if this infection continued to go untreated it could’ve progressed to sepsis” (which is true for literally every abscess btw, not just super special junkie ones) and Taylor took that as ALMOST SEPTIC and ran with it.

No. 786614

This. Taylor will dramatize ANYTHING in her life if it makes her the worst of the worse and gives her victim points.

No. 786618

When did she got her hair redone? Also she got acne again from heroin usage.

No. 786623

Damn, stagnant stuck in time nose chain dollskill ass bitch, back at it again. Bets on fantasy hair dye colour for her eventual 35th birthday rehab tour?

No. 786646

I'm nitpicking but she goes out all the time, I'm sure she did it whenever she could. She doesn't take covid seriously and it is disgusting because her little brother is high risk and so is she according to her

No. 786652

Someone on twitter already got that cover…. ffs, though they did not doxx her precise location this time.

No. 786658

Was wondering the same thing. She’s gotten it done within the past month. Knowing her, she probably got it done before she checked herself into rehab so she could keep up her ~*junkie chic aesthetic*~

I highly doubt she’s been in rehab this whole time and didn’t post about it. Tayter can barely take a shit without talking about it on her social media. She probably just got there and whined about needing her phone for her “job” as an “influencer” so they let her keep it

No. 786660

File: 1595242984321.jpg (188.34 KB, 1242x1298, EdVXTyxXsAA33rI.jpg)

>She probably just got there and whined about needing her phone for her “job” as an “influencer” so they let her keep it
that seems to be exactly what happened, according to the twitter dox anyway.

this. she announces her relapses the way other youtubers announce their content/projects. addiction is her content at this point. I guess she realized it gets her more asspats than animal videos.

No. 786661

File: 1595243059352.webm (6.43 MB, 1280x720, video.webm)

video for posterity

No. 786666

I think the acne could be a scab from picking her face too much due to heroine use?

No. 786671

File: 1595253524670.jpeg (479.89 KB, 1124x2185, 3B4C5F43-B876-4239-B618-EAA6C9…)

it’s so jarring to be able to go back on her if posts and be able to tell specifically when she was probably high in the photo, and of course all those captions say “i’m sober but staying clean is hard!!!” aka: i’m not sober but i don’t want to admit it yet!

No. 786705

Looks like she deleted this post off her Instagram

No. 786708

jfc she needs to start acting like a grown ass woman. Shit stuffed in drawers, clothes everywhere, attention whoring in rehab.

FFS get it together, she lives like a middleschooler. No school, no homework, only drugs, parties, burgers and fries. She's really trying to show off to her fans she has a good life? bitch please.

Your in rehab because your a fuck up and can't seem to understand why basic shit like shooting heroin is wrong.

She's made so many bad influences part of her personality I doubt she'll be able to change.