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File: 1516704712377.png (135.38 KB, 606x513, 1516647586872.png)

No. 478685

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>460352

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

-Wasted her money getting Jonny some permanent dentures which he's now had the surgery for
-Whinged about someone leaving a fake review on her apartment, now wants it tattooed on her as a joke
-Got another snake (who is apparently an asshole! Man we all wonder why…)
-Has only made two (iirc) new videos, blames her "invisible illnesses" (though don't worry guys! she wasn't in enough pain to avoid going out and getting her nails done!)
-Got her cats collars but has removed them due to everyone pointing out collars are dangerous for cats (which she didn't know despite being some amazing animal expert)
-Lied about adopting a pure bred cat when she obviously bought it from craigslist (and bought it early, separating it from it's mother. gg)
-All her stans are now impulse buying reptiles and hedgehogs and panic tweeting her because they never did research just like momma Tay :^)

No. 478688

I don't think she has removed the collars from her cats, she posted a photo of Nemo earlier and he had a collar on?

No. 478693

I was referring to the newest image she posted on IG
I can't see collars on them here but apologies if I was incorrect
sage for no milk

No. 478694

File: 1516705851307.png (801.39 KB, 960x624, 15166475868723.png)

this image btw

No. 478700

It's sad that this is even something worth mentioning, but Nemo looks quite healthy here. He has a nice clean face and shiny fur, of course we can't see his eyes or belly… But maybe she's taking some things on that are being said here.

No. 478717

File: 1516708812479.jpeg (218.66 KB, 750x1172, 7F9BCD80-45A2-42E2-B4B1-359DA0…)

He looks pretty good in today‘s picture but you can see in this picture from 3 days ago his tummy still looked extremely bloated. I‘m not sure if that has changed by now it‘s honestly sad seeing the poor little guy like that. What confuses me the most is why she doesn’t do shit about it??? Even people with 0 experience in cats can tell that this doesn‘t look healthy at all. Didn‘t the vet tell her?? Did they deworm him at all? That barely takes any effort and with all the money she has i‘m sure the vet bills won’t be a problem either soooo.. why does he still have parasites making his tummy look so bloated ?

No. 478797

His fur and his tummy are looking better. From here, I'm just hoping she doesn't start feeding them crap Iams dry food like she was feeding her dogs or that she at least supplements it with wet food and lots of water.

No. 478863

She still hasn’t taken down her stupidly misinformed post about Pitbulls from yesterday that she was CORRECTED on, and I know she saw it because she responded to it.

Doesn’t matter I guess. She’s the dog expert, not that person.

No. 478922

File: 1516727288637.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, 94348665-0E0C-4807-BD48-D26383…)

Didn’t she she get in a twitter argument with someone who said she went to online school and then Taylor said she attended public school?

No. 478924

File: 1516727399790.jpeg (566.12 KB, 1241x1822, 773EB8D5-3ADD-4866-99AF-424764…)

No. 478943

File: 1516728487666.png (238.99 KB, 640x1136, 8294B768-500B-4066-8541-669BED…)


It is online, but it’s categorized as a public school (at least that’s what Google says)

No. 478966

> next hedgehog

wait, what?

No. 478968

No. 478969

Those types of wheels are the worst for hedgehogs; their toes can get caught in the tiny holes and they can have accidents when running. So much for an expert.

No. 478972


I've personally never seen her use this type of wheel, she was probably just appreciative of the fact that the fan sent them to her

No. 478992

you havent seen her use them because her hedgehogs died lmao as if taylor would put any time into researching what toys are dangerous for her pets thats way too much credit for our fat junkie

No. 479046

oh jesus that scared me lol didn’t see the 2015.

No. 479074


I thought the same about her diploma. I thought she got some online college degree but then I remember she’s an idiot who hasn’t even attempted college so when Youtube eventually falls to shit (like it’s already doing) she’ll have zero prospects

No. 479176


Learn to sage you autists.
Mods please put this back on auto sage if this continues.

No. 479270

How long until she looks like Luna Slater I wonder. She's not far off in my opinion.

No. 479357

Not that she takes good care of her animals, but the only dog that was hers was Kida and how long was that dog even "hers" and not her parents. That other small dog has never been her dog and has always been her moms, so it's her mom who has probably ALWAYS been feeding both dogs.

No. 479360

She has three hedgehogs right now…

No. 479380

I’ve been following her way too long lmao. But that dog was originally hers too, it just “bonded to her mom” more. It has a lion king name which was her original theme (Kovu, nala, etc.). It’s also from Petland.

No. 479462


“Bonded with her family” or “more bonded to her mom” is just code for “her actual family was the only ones who paid attention to them.”

It really isn’t that hard to get a dog to bond with you if you give a shit, if it’s a rescue or a dog that’s been previously abused it might be a bit more challenging but nothing out “animal expert” can’t fix. Dogs primarily bond to whoever is the one feeding them.

No. 479497

File: 1516753638485.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1197x1706, 6AAA7BC0-07E5-4A40-96A8-C3FC0A…)

It’s starting.

No. 479508


It blows my mind that you can buy dogs in stores in the USA. I went into a puppy store in NYC when I visited and it was so fucking sad. Those poor things must be so unhealthy.

No. 479620


This was already posted about in the previous thread.


Fortunately (at least from my understanding) is that a Petco and Petsmart don’t sell dogs that come from puppy mills, and Cali just passed a law last year that forbids any pet store from selling dogs from mills.

Petland still does, though. Not sure about Pet Supermarket or Pet Supplies Plus because I’ve never been to either of those stores, but Petland is a definite.

No. 479632

Anon was referencing the fact that pages were starting to repost Taylor’s tweets

No. 479672

Is there a source to the Petland claim?

No. 479673


Please sage if you have no new milk, type sage in the email field.

No. 479680

File: 1516762887190.jpeg (666.26 KB, 1949x2046, 898E679E-D7BE-4A5C-AC8A-43D02C…)

So I was skimming through old videos to find any sort of milk. And her gecko cages are COVERED in shit. How can someone let the screen and base get that dirty?? It’s not that hard to take a paper towel and wipe it off once a day, Taylor!! I know cresties are little but I also know from experience that their poop smells like human poop as soon as they drop one. How could she just ignore it ugh

No. 479710

File: 1516764297374.png (275.84 KB, 750x1334, 51899426-F78F-43B1-931A-13D223…)

This is the only proof I see still around. From what I remember she had said there was something medically wrong w/ kiara and they were having trouble selling her, so of course hero taylor had to buy her or no one else would

No. 479713

Also in looking for more proof just found she deactivated her Facebook account (we had been friends on there for several years)

No. 479722

Anon who’s known her since high school here, guaranteed Kiara is from petland. She tried to justify that purchase too.

No. 479724

File: 1516765250708.jpg (5.89 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

No. 479728


kek, but it's 2017 and we adopt not shop right? RIGHT?

No. 479730


It’s a good thing Taylor didn’t take any of the dogs, because they’d have the most miserable life.

If dogs aren’t given ample time to exercise or play, they’ll cause trouble in the house. Our dog expert Taylor will chock it up to them being untrainable and just either crate them all hours of the day, or surrender it.

No. 479747


Just like her dumb ass was tweeting “adopt a Pitbull” yesterday for asspats because she’s clearly never going to adopt one, she says adopt don’t shop purely for asspats.

I honestly think it’s hilarious though because I think Taylor is the only “big” Pet Youtuber NOT exclusive to the aquatics community who hasn’t adopted an animal. And no Gus doesn’t count.

No. 479912


Agreed. And even in the aquatics community a lot of keepers "take in" or save fish from bad situations, if not actual rescues because there aren't many.

Jennie from SolidGold just got a new bunny (I don't know if she adopted) and I don't know if the "pets aren't like furniture or jewelry" in her speech about not impulse buying was intentional shade at Taylor, but the contrast is definitely noticeable.

No. 479919

I just watched that and thought the same thing! I was a fan of Taylor until I realized how shitty her pet care was. Then I found Jennie and she was everything I wanted Taylor to be lol

No. 479957

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with buying designer or purebred animal* if that's the direction you want to go in, but my frustration with Taylor is how she really pushes this brand where adopting is always better than buying, and all of her fans should be adopting. It feels like there's a vast disconnect between what she's saying and what she's doing.

* (if you forgive backyard breeding, the health issues and the other thing when you're choosing irresponsible breeders)

No. 480015

I feel like taylor truly never was about adopting and saving animals. Pretty sure almost none of the animals she had before her youtube career were adopted either…it just seemed like she adopted the whole „adopt donmt shop“ thing for herself because it‘s so popular atm. and i agree: buying a puppy from a responsible purebred breeder is totally fine if it was just that (if it’s from a puppymill tho…) Of course the whole adopt don‘t shop thing is just a witty catchphrase she doesnmt actually believe and when you call her out on buying literally 95% of her animals instead of adopting she says that it never was her motto to begin with. Well i guess she’s being honest on that part. Her fans are still in their own dream world where taylor goes out saving every animal

No. 480020

And because she only sees her animals as decorations and props for her pictures, adoption isn’t an option for her. Rescue animals just aren’t as pretty as designer snakes, am i right? You wouldn’t find a 2500 dollar snake at a rescue ;( or a purebred kitten.. oh wait you actually can.
If she had any patience at all she’d know that sometimes there are indeed purebred kittens in shelters but that would mean she’d have to wait!! I got my own two bengal cats from a shelter it just took some time. She doesn’t want to wait. She doesn’t want an adult cat. She wants something that brings in as many views on youtube as possible, something cute she can pose with in her pictures.

No. 480027

tbh her getting kittens instead of adult cats bothers me so much. She's such a lying hippocrit about EVERYTHING. Animal care, adoption, women's issues…

I really feel terrible for her mom. She did what she had to do with Tanner, never realizing that it would turn Taylor into a little monster because she was jealous of the attention from her disabled little brother… Shit's sad.

Holy FUCK, I had only ever watched this on mobile so I didn't really notice. And you can tell that's not just residue, its straight up full blown gecko shits. If she thinks that's acceptable for a video, what are we NOT being shown???

Also can confirm, reptile shit is foul. Snake piss/shit is actually reminiscent of cat piss/shit in a way. With that, plus the kittens, mouse, hedgehogs, and her obvious obliviousness to general cleanliness, and JOHNNY FUCKING CRAIG…

Yeah. Her $3k apartment smells like zoo, weed/cigs, and stagnant half finished Twisted cans. All under a fine veil of whatever overpriced instathot hair products she uses.

I just gagged.

No. 480034

Imagining the way her apt smells makes me want to vom, but your description is probably spot on.

No. 480039


tbh I doubt it really even had to do with Tanner. Her mom seems pretty prone to drama all on her own, based on her odd emo lyric tweets and her streams. Taylor's just following in her footsteps but with a youtube fortune help fund her narcissism.

No. 480064

Sage because not relevant

I don't think there is a perfect example of a good keeper. I love Solid Gold but she did fuck up with the Discuss, she is just usted to manipulated gold fish but she went for discuss just to follow KingofDIY steps and the result was all of her discuss dying and she blame the breeder (even do she could have make a bigger effort the moment the Discuss stop eating and she could have save one if she have put apart the Discuss which was being pick on by the others and at the end of the day it died because she just couldn't separated it)

No. 480119

There's nothing wrong with getting a kitten if you're actually adopting and not paying off a breeder so you can take them away from their mother too early and kill them.

The alternative is that they grow up in a shelter. Yes adult cats are less likely to be adopted so you should consider them too but telling people not to adopt kittens just shifts the issue.

No. 480147

File: 1516809258287.jpeg (141.32 KB, 640x357, 92CF18A1-270A-4239-B9D4-B7DF10…)

That’s because an animal genuinely liking you probably doesn’t happen that often…

No. 480151


Wow guys she likes animals more than people! She’s so different than other people guys! One of a kind!

No. 480205

Remember she used to watch Animal Planet when she was little too! She was born to be the next Steve Irwin! But Bad Girl version!

No. 480209

Try Afroherpkeeper! He’s the best animal youtuber I’ve run across. He has made an iffy decision or two but he owned up to them, apologized, and felt terrible about it

No. 480497


wow I didn't know that, I found Solid Gold recently and am still making my way through her videos. I'll have to look into her Discuss ones. However, she's definitely better than Taylor lol

No. 480526

Sage pls and stay on topic of Taylor

No. 480555

As long as we're riding this positive reptile keepers train, Snake Discovery seems legit and does actual rescue.

No. 480592

Another good one is GoHerping. He actually recently started a thing to take in rescue reptiles, rehabilitate them, and find them new homes.

But yeah. It's astounding to me that Taylor hasn't managed to take in a single actual rescue… Seriously, it's like she's actively avoiding them. Go on craigslist and you see tons of reptiles legit in need of new homes. I only have two reptiles and one is a craigslist rescue. It's really not that hard, especially with ball pythons.

Oh wait, she needs ball pythons that cost more than most people's mortgages. Taking in someone's unwanted normal/sub $500 ball python wouldn't get as many views/likes.

No. 480650


Just spending five minutes on sites like Petfinder, you can find so many purebred animals that people just can’t keep anymore.

I remember one of her excuses for not adopting is “the animal I want isn’t up for adoption in my area” which would be an understandable excuse for a REGULAR person.

Taylor is a Youtuber who isn’t bogged down to a 9-5 job 5 days a week, sets her on schedule, regularly makes trips across the state and country to go to conventions/collab with people, and has enough disposable income to buy 7000$ gold bracelets, flat screen TVs and get her boyfriend dental implants.

If anyone has enough money and time to make a weekend trip to another state to pick up an animal that’s up for adoption, it’s her.

No. 480667

Not to mention, it's not like she wants rare breeds, I'm pretty sure Ragdolls are one of the more common cat breeds, and there are plenty of lookalikes in shelters, and surely cats have breed rescues like dogs do?

I'm going to use dog breeds because I know more of what's rare there than with cats, but it still applies to cats. If she wanted, say, a Norwegian Lundehund (because they have some cool stuff to them and they'd be the perfect dog for, "the breeder scammed me!" since they all have a disease that can kill them at any moment, which breeders will point out), she'd probably have to go to a breeder, because they're one of the rarest breeds and you won't find them just anywhere. She didn't want the cat equivalent of a Lundehund though, but that's probably because most breeders of rare breeds wouldn't even consider giving her a 5 week old kitten.

No. 480671

Sage for sort of OT, but another responsible/educated/helpful herp, reptile, and fish youtuber is SerpaDesign!

Works with lots of plants, North America native species, and takes seemingly excellent care of animals.

No. 480689

One minute into my first video and he's already talking about how quantity of animals means nothing if you're not providing adequate care for them. Can I just say that I am loving this introduction to some actually decent pet youtubers?

No. 480701

i don't know shit about the reptile/aquatic youtube community, i'm only into the hamsters and rodents haha. vanillahamham and erinsanimals are great btw. and i really like how jenna marbles listened to her fans about proper hamster care.

when i first saw taylor's vids i thought she seemed cool and so informed, sad she's just an attention whore using pets for asspats.

No. 480705


Even if it’s like we all suspect and she couldn’t give a shit about adopting/rescuing animals, rescuing an animal (especially with some sort of special needs) would give her so much clout and asspats—she’s such a narcissist I can’t believe she hasn’t done it yet.

We already got a taste with her first GTP that was malnourished/sick, and her constantly emphasizing that Kovu is blind and has some other health problem I forget, and with her one kitten that died which ~totally~ wasn’t her fault, she loves to emphasize about her poor animals that were sick because it was all the breeders fault.

Adopting special needs animals seems exactly like her shtick, not because she cares about their wellbeing but because people who take in children/animals with disabilities or special needs are automatically thought of as more ‘patient’ and ‘saintly’ thanthr average person which is exactly what our princess craves.

No. 480730

Sadly her shallowness comes above even her need for attention, it seems. She has to have the designer clothes, purebred/high end animals, the rockstar boyfriend. We've established she doesn't truly love animals, they're just an accessory to complete the cool girl image she's going for. Do you really think someone who would wear a ball python (of particular note because they are SHY! almost all of their time is spent hiding) for three hours at a party would actually give enough shits to rescue anything? Someone who bought/named her snake Gucci, because it ~looks like the Gucci logo~?

The bottom line is, she sees animals as accessories, and who wants used accessories, amirite?

No. 480732

Lol, I feel like whenever certain youtubers say that kind of stuff they're lowkey shading Taylor. It's understandable, since her channel has turned from animal care/info to a fucking haul/unboxing channel but with live animals.

Oh, btw, another couple great but small snake channels are Jossers Jungle and Jenny Gaines. There are so many YTers more worthy than Taylor its not even funny, and yet because of her popularity any animal related search and you're likely to see her first. Which is fucking awful for those looking to actually learn. Oh and their comment sections are full of fucking TND stans trying to call anyone with pets a Taylor knockoff. Barf.

No. 480791

OT, but I love Jensen's Reptiles on youtube. He goes above and beyond with his care and enclosures for his pets.

No. 480820

That gtp probably shouldn't have died and I hate that she was the one to buy it. Gtps get dehydrated SO QUICKLY and it just looked super, super dehydrated. Judging by her current gtp enclosure, she probably put in minimal efforts to rehydrate him properly, resulting in his death.

No. 480822

File: 1516858137586.png (234.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180124-222918.png)

Why is emzotic trying so hard to be weird "friends" with taylor??? She might be trying to make up for her boyfriends video, but it's still weird…

No. 480826


I’ve never read her comment sections, but the standard seems to be that every time a Pet Youtuber so much as breathes they’re seen as a TND copy, so maybe she’s just sick of it and hoped by cozying up her fand will see them as friends as leave her alone.

No. 480827


“This whole moving process”

Didn’t she move in November? Was she not allowed to unpack all her things until Jonny got his teeth? I shouldn’t take you three fucking months to “get everything settled” in your new place unless you’re a lazy or just don’t give a shit.

No. 480853


She says "things are settling down" all the time, even before JC that was just her way to keep viewers like, "sorry videos are inconsistent but if you stick with me I promise they'll get better!"

So either she's just overly optimistic about her productivity, often, or she's lying to keep her fanbase around.

No. 480875

Knowing the mentality of addiction, it's probably both. She "means well" but below the surface knows she'll fail, making it all lies. If she was actually increasing productivity, she'd get off twitter, stop TALKING about how she's ~totally gonna make vids y'all~ and just release shit without making these fake announcements.

Eh, imo, Em seems like the kind to ignore drama/kill 'em with kindness. Besides, the more of Taylor's followers jump ship or at least stop relying on TND as their sole source of animal info, the better. I think the anon that keeps beefing on other youtubers for looking in Taylor's direction is the kind of person to start clique feuds during recess, rofl.

Seriously, what do you want to happen? People like Em to ~publicly denounce~ Taylor, ensuring that TND stans will forever harass her and ignore her much better treatment of animals? There's a reason none of the other pet youtubers are doing this – it achieves absolutely nothing, likely worse than nothing.

No. 481041

File: 1516895766829.jpeg (139 KB, 640x456, 06D16E2A-DD46-448A-9813-B162D6…)

This girl with less than 100 followers just tweeted a dig about Taylor (which really isn’t that bad of an observation honestly), didn’t @ Taylor or anything and she found it and for some reason cared enough to send all her fans over to bug them.

We know just by the amount of compliments to herself she retweets from fans that she’s active in the tags, but she must have every variation of her name tracked at this point and just uses it to fight with people. It’s getting pathetic.

No. 481158

Everything about her screams tacky even though she tries so, so hard. From her bargain bin 'rockstar' to naming her snake Gucci. Your white trash is showing, Taylor.

No. 481270


I definitely agree with Taylor about how she shouldn’t be labeled as slutty for how she chooses to dress, but I wish she’d stop with the whole “I wear these clothes for ~me~” nonsense.

Human nature dictates that EVERYONE wears clothing based on how they want to be perceived by other people, whether you want to be seen as intresting, professsional, sexy, provoking, edgy, whatever. You might LIKE the outfit you’re wearing (which is stupid that femisit-types have to point it out, you obviously like your clothes otherwise you wouldn’t be wearing it) but you also wear them for other people.

Taylor’s clothing choice have been screaming for people to notice how “interesting” and “mature” and “sexy” she is since she was at least 15. Probably even before that. On top of her tweeting things like “I was born to put boys in jail” and doing glamor shoots and posing with animals like it’s a photo shoot, I wish she didn’t pretend like she wasn’t doing what she’s doing.

No. 481329

Eh… As an ex-lolita (current Old Navy normie who wears makeup once every few months), I would say that you have to at the very least accept how other people will perceive your style. I was a shut in with no friends and no real desire for attention, but I was willing to accept looking like a weirdo because I identified with the style.

So, you can't really complain when you dress a certain way and people call you out on it. If you choose to dress "slutty" in public, you either want or have chosen to accept that other people may call you a slut. That Taylor bitches about it betrays either a huge lack of self awareness/her being dumb, or wanting MORE attention for being the poor widdle victim of mean slutshamers, or all of the above.

Own it, or wear something else.

No. 481341

I was honestly a pretty big an of Taylor when I first found her, was so convinced she knew what she was doing because she had so many animals. Even told my sister about her because she has EDS too and is wheelchair bound so I thought this chick was super inspirational. Knowing what I do about my sisters illness it really doesn’t seem like Taylor has it. EDS “flares” don’t go away within 24hrs and her fucking claws would seriously harm true thing EDS skin which is genuinely too fragile, thin, and stretchy to allow tattoos without extreme distortion because their skin is so difficult to work with. Funny how for someone with this illness she seems to know nothing about it or do anything that makes her actually physically ill beyond her constant whining. She’s obviously a compulsive animal hoarder and now realize she doesn’t take care of them right… Seriously regret ever thinking she was inspiring or a good person.

No. 481365

File: 1516917533634.jpeg (517.31 KB, 750x1168, BB7FD1D7-35E6-4BC5-BF59-DEB99C…)

Of course the internet screen capped that BS that Taylor said about pit bulls and it’s spreading like wildfire. now all these little teenagers are believing you can leave a dog with a child and it’ll be juuust finneeee

No. 481379


Her faux “I care about Pits” thing for asspats is not only grating, but also perpetuating a myth that anyone who actively gives a shit about them cam debunk in five seconds, just so she can appear high and mighty on twitter because that’s all she gives a shit about.

No. 481447

She hasn’t said anything on Twitter about finishing filming or when the video will be up so I’ll juat our my money on her not doing shit today since she was up at 4am for some reason. We’ll get some excuse about her getting sick again maybe.

No. 481506

File: 1516928247113.png (17.96 KB, 665x113, Capture.PNG)

get ready for a new video guys, only two weeks to go

No. 481518

What do you wanna bet this upcoming video has no animal care or info whatsoever and is just cute clips of the kittens? Or some other similarly inane crap?

No. 481530


I'm betting a video about Jonny and his new teeth.

No. 481537

File: 1516932087926.png (250.56 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-19-56-00…)

i guess the video wasn't special enough to keep the tweet from being deleted

No. 481540

I think she knows better than to put JC front and center on her channel, since it would invite a slew of negative commentary. And because she has to know he's gross as fuck to her 12yo girl audience. Or, you know, any sane person.

I mean, have you ever just googled his name? The second result is about his sexual assault allegations, and pretty much every first page result is something terrible. If she names and features him openly she'll have gone from dumb to straight up doing her damnedest to destroy her career.

Animal loving hipster teen/preteen girls tend to be not super cool with junkie rapists…

In any case, we all know her vid will be completely worthless.

No. 481568

My vote on her “real special video” is her new enclosures coming in or something to that extent

Sage for no new milk

No. 481579

New video predictions;
7 minute talk about how she's settling in but life is crazy, when is her life never crazy?
Interruptions from pets, her boyfriend giving the finger or showing off his new teeth (both?), a feature on why her one snake is an asshole but the rest are saints who only like her , a skit of her fish Cheese, her video possibly finishing with outtakes.

No. 481594

Probably because she will be "too sick" to edit for a month and she doesn't want to hear people's valid criticisms

No. 481619


She needs to do an “how I edit my videos” video, but I know she never will because she’s an idiot who thinks an hour in front of adobe segmenting jump cuts and adding in background music is “hard work.” Or maybe she knows it isn’t and wants to keep up the facade.

The most advanced “editing” I’ve seen her do is the weird segments where she has Cheese and other animals talk with little though bubbles. I don’t know how she does that but I’m sure she plugs in what she wants to say into a text to speech thing and then just saves the soundbyte. Other than that her editing should take less than an hour, she doesn’t need separate days for filming and editing—she can get all of it done in less than a day.

No. 481620

File: 1516935969591.jpeg (155.37 KB, 640x376, 5702CBFF-AD5E-4727-8BBA-842C54…)

lol is this her attempt to try and get him to notice her?

No. 481641

File: 1516936971620.jpeg (188.04 KB, 750x587, E4795814-D6B3-46C6-8C63-413C8C…)

No. 481652

The desperation is real

No. 481692

If shane gives her the time of day I'll die. He's my fav and she's a piece of shit

No. 481696


Yeah, really. Her videos aren't even that long. Unless it takes her a million takes to be happy with her appearance or something? Long youtube videos can take a while to edit just because you have to sit and check over footage, but that doesn't seem like a problem she'd have.

No. 481706


I’ve seen videos of her where she’s stuttering and pausing and acting awkward, so I doubt it’s that.

I’m just talking strictly editing though. She acts like she does animator-style editing for her videos which is why it takes so long and she can’t devote any time to it when her ~illnesses~ flare up. All she has to do is hover her house over the area of the video she wants to jump cut, press two buttons at the same time, delete the portion in the middle and viola.

No. 481729

File: 1516944644337.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-23-29-18…)

No. 481730

File: 1516944669425.png (3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-23-29-26…)

No. 481731

File: 1516944693704.png (2.97 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-23-29-48…)

No. 481734

File: 1516944827094.png (290.43 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-23-33-31…)

No. 481737


On a list of things that probably never happened, this is the weirdest one. Convenient that she has a notebook and paper with her.

On the off chance this actually is true and either the girl is as big of a child as Taylor to hold a grudge for 6+ years, or Taylor is being the typical Story Time youtuber and massively exaggerating things (mildly dislike=hates with a PASSION), can we talk about how she’s fucking guilt tripping her in the note.

“I basically cheated on my schoolwork but I had ~insecurities~ :( feel bad for me l even though being upset over what we did as children is stupid”

No. 481738


I really hate handwriting analysis, it's mostly bunk, but I think the hypothesis about ostentatious signatures belying a narcissistic personality might be onto something.

No. 481739


I carry my diary and a notebook most places I go.
But she strikes me as the kind of person who'd use her phone for everything

No. 481740


Of course she’s an narcissist. Or massively petty. What kind of person would give their signature to someone who supposedly hates them and tell them they can sell it, even as a joke?

No. 481748

File: 1516948221471.png (1.95 MB, 1440x1962, Screenshot_2018-01-26-00-28-00…)

Taylor handling animals with her claws again

No. 481750

>sell my signature for money

this self obsessed cunt

No. 481752

She's stabbing it in it's tummy :(

No. 481754

After having so many hedgehogs you'd think she'd know by now that stabbing it in the stomach with your nail is a bad idea

No. 481756


Other than the fact that she’s stabbing the hedgie, one thing I’ve noticed about all of her animal pictures is that either she is the center of it or the animal’s cuteness is the center of it. But it never goes past that.

There’s no photos of her pets where she genuinely looks happy to be with them and not trying to model for some sexy animal-themed spread in some magazine, she never posts anything about her pet’s individual personalities or funny things they do. It’s always just “look how awesome I look” or “look how cute ~my~ pet looks”

No. 481757

I'm pretty excited for when Taylor's world comes crashing down. She's been trying so hard to be famous since she was in highschool and it's going to kill her to not have that kind of attention anymore.

Can't drive, addicted to drugs, no work ethic, trapped in an abusive relationship, no education. And she chose that life.

No. 481761


Her not going to college or trying to work outside of Youtube is wild to me. YouTube started out as a place where a lot of people who liked making videos in their bedroom got lucky and got the opportunity to make money off it in addition to their IRL jobs.

So many people now see vlogging and uploading lackluster content to their channel as the only job they see themselves doing, which is great when you’re young and attractive, but once that starts to fade you gotta find other things to branch out into.

Taylor might get opportunities to speak at elementary schools with her animals here and there but she has no actual experience and doesn’t seem to plan to try and get experience, so she’ll start out on the bottom ring of the ladder once her YouTube money dries up or YouTube pulls another fit and makes Adsense even more difficult to get.

No. 481811

This is very true. It's usually her posing with them or holding them however shittily she has to to get the shot she wants. Many live animals can be a bitch to photograph because they move, but she takes that out of the equation.

It's sad, its such proof that she isn't really interested in her animals doing their own things, and that they're just props and accessories to her. I'm not sure I've ever seen pictures of any of her snakes that WEREN'T as described above. (kind of understandable w/ ball pythons cuz they can be super reclusive but applies to her other snakes too)

No. 481818

File: 1516968434117.png (57.51 KB, 298x362, toomany.png)

This right here, is the problem

No. 481823

"Which animal should I rescue next?" ~has never ACTUALLY rescued an animal~

No. 481825

Absolutely she only takes pictures to pose herself and her animals to look "cool" like draping snakes over her face or constantly trying to show off her nails and hand tattoos in pictures with animals. Honestly believe 90% of the reason for getting multiple hand/wrist tattoos was to make herself look more interesting when doing hand modelling with poor uncomfortable animals.

No. 481939

File: 1516983960530.png (215.05 KB, 1440x1225, Screenshot_20180126-161746~2.p…)

"if they aren't squirming they're totally fine with feeling vulnerable and exposed"
fuck off honestly.
If she did an ounce of research she'd know if you place an animal in a vulnerable position there's three responses they can have. Fight, flight or freeze. Freezing doesn't mean they're "relaxed" or enjoying it, it's a natural response to being in a situation that stresses them the fuck out.
When doing routine checks on lizards it's relatively common when checking their tummies, cloaca and feet to put them on their back and rub their stomach. This triggers a freezing response which gives you time to check everything is good and healthy. Does this mean the animal is okay with this? no not at all, and that is why it should be ONLY used for routine checkups.
I get that it's soooo cute to see animals on their backs because vulnerability is cute, but that doesn't mean you should be putting them in these positions for that reason.

No. 481946


I hate her “it’s only for two seconds” excuse. Do you know how quickly shit can turn sour in two seconds? Why the fuck would you risk anything?

No. 481948


The thing is it may only be for '2 seconds' but with the sheer amount of animals she has this is probably the only 2 seconds of interactions they each get with her per day (besides the cats) and it's for a photo in an uncomfy position…

No. 481949


Like her definitely having dropped her crab at least once on camera.

No. 481957

File: 1516986078736.jpeg (285.42 KB, 750x990, 1514592854349.jpeg)


Can't forget this little gem from thread 2. Clearly her ACTUAL philosophy is "if the hedgie is fighting you just do whatever YOU want because you own it lolololol. Its struggles are FUNNY and CUTE and MARKETABLE!"

She's such a nasty soul.

No. 481961


>B-But that was 4 years ago! You can’t hold me accountable for things I did when I was 16!

No. 481983

And the fact that it might not end up being "only just 2 seconds" after all, like the ball python she brought to the party for "2 secs"

No. 481995

wow that’s like actually super rude. if she gave that to me i’d burn it.

No. 482005

She was holding that same hedgehog in her most recent video and she was struggling pretty bad. Not a surprise at this point, but I can’t stand her hypocrisy.

No. 482006


How big is SA? I’m just finding it hard to believe that she keeps randomly running into ~fans~ outside of conventions at just over 1 million subs, when there are still people who are fortunate enough to have zero idea who Pewdiepie is when he’s over 55 million subs.

No. 482007

>Wow ungrateful, at least sell it for drugs

No. 482076

About 2 million in greater San Antonio area. But 1) there was a local news article about her about a year ago, and 2) she was pretty infamous around people her age before she even started YouTube

No. 482104

Bitch you literally just said not to hold them like that in your last video because they don't like it. Idiot

No. 482107

Abusing your animals is ok, as long as you do it for only 2 seconds at a time.

No. 482212


Is she an idiot or does she not know animals can exhibit stress in ways other than squirming or aggression?

There is such a thing as FREEZING IN FEAR, Taylor. Shocking, I know.

No. 482237

Also if you stab the animal in the stomach it'll probably immobilize it a bit, giving you a few more seconds for clear Instaworthy photo.

Anytime she's held her hedgehogs in videos, if they're not squirming they're coiled up as a defense. It's longer than a few seconds, and sure it's not like it's five minutes, but it's still shit to make your pet uncomfortable.

Can't she just get a tripod or a grip for her phone, so she can cup the damn thing?

No. 482283

1 discus died… and she realised her mistake and took all the appropriate measures to ensure that doesn't happen again

No. 482288


All of her Discus are dead.

No. 482309

File: 1517016224966.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180126-192150.png)

Now Uber is tweeting her.

No. 482313

Person who’s known her since high school here

SA is huge but surprisingly small. If you live on the north side, which she does, you run into EVERYONE. I have run into her, my mother, boyfriend and coworkers have all run into her on multiple occasions. I actually ran into her YEARS ago at a Miley Cyrus concert. She’s not a celebrity here in any way. It’s just the small group of people her know her.

No. 482316

how the fuck do people tolerate this. it's the rudest shit i can imagine. powerplaying someone who rightly criticized you by saying that they're such failures in life that they should accept a pity gift of your fucking signature. i can't imagine finding this cute and funny enough to tweet out. taylor's truly fucked in the head and so are her stans.

No. 482320

Is it just me or she is low-key saying her artworks worth 5 dollars?

No. 482324


>power-play pity gift


I read it as a failed attempt at being sardonic.

No. 482336

This whole youtube career for life approach boggles the shit out of me.
I see a bunch of people who were famous back when I was in high school barely making any money through their views nowadays.

Like My Drunk Kitchen can't even pull 100k views anymore. I see a bunch of young kids living the riche life but 5 years from now it'll be all gone and they'll… not have anything. They'll be forced to actually find a regular job like everyone else.

This girl legit has no life-long goals. If she can't commit to edit a video and ditches her job for a manicure, she's delusional if she thinks she can even make a living with a major in zoology or biology.

No. 482338

Why was she infamous though?

No. 482343

She didn't blame the breeder? She lost ALL her discus and goldfish because of a pathogen that infected her fish room. That was the whole purpose of rebuilding it. Jenny knows a hell of a lot more about fishkeeping than Taylor, and even admits her strengths which are goldfish. People keep trying to put SGA against King Of DIY like they aren't friends…

No. 482351

She was infamous for her leaked nudes and 100s of Facebook friends

No. 482365

For creating child porn

No. 482407

Let alone the fact that she isn't educated lol, and apparently gave up on pursuing that marine biology degree she talked about in early videos..

No. 482409

Besides, compared to Taylors 3 years (I doubt it's been even that long) in the hobby, SGA and DIY are like gods compared to her. (Not that they can't make mistakes- it's the aquarium hobby, mistakes happen. It's just that they know what to do, they figure out what went wrong, and they fix it. If they didn't already prevent the problems from happening in the first place by having good husbandry.)

No. 482420


She’s only 20 so I’m hoping she’ll try college after another year or two of useless spending and goofing off, because if she doesn’t she’s going to be in for a tough time.

Within YouTube she’s seen as some expert, but outside of YouTube… she’d either get some zookeeping job or wind back up at Petco since she has zero experience actually working with animals, and those jobs don’t exactly pay well.

No. 482426

The problem is, without passion for the animals you're caring for, you're going to hate your job. If she ends up with any sort of career in animal care she's gonna hate life because she gets bored of her pets after a week or two. Zookeepers are caring for the same set of animals for years and years.

No. 482436

Sorry for "infight"
Her discuss didn't die because of the disease which I don't blame her at all, not even specialist know wtf it is. And yes she did blame the breeder after she address why all her discuss where gone.

Learn to read. I never blame her for the goldfish deaths.

No. 482448


I like what Emzotic is doing, where it’s very clear that her channel is just an extension of her IRL job and could probably double as a decent portfolio if she ever decided to switch companies or try work in different animal care fields. Too many new youtubers see it as their new full time career rather than just an extension of their passion or a way to network with people.

All of these dumb animal YouTubers who are in their early 20’s, buying animals that have a 10-50+ year lifespan whule either still living at home or have a Youtube income averaging at a little better than 3K and month, thinking money is limitless for them now. Unless they act quick, they’re not gonna have any prospects.

Hell, even working at petco they have an option where they’ll pay you to get certified as a dog groomer or trainer on the condition you have to work with them for another year or so. After that you can pretty much quit and start you’re own business. Even THAT would have been a smarter fall back move than quitting her one job (probably the only one she had) because she was moderately successful on Youtube being an attractive young person.

No. 482472

File: 1517033758827.png (669.07 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-27-00-14-35…)

No. 482476


> Wonder what these bitter exes are gonna talk shit about now?

You didn’t magically grow teeth, dude. You’re wearing fucking dentures. That doesn’t change the fact that half your teeth were about to fall out.

No. 482502

File: 1517036523529.png (231.91 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-27-01-01-33…)

No. 482509

Until you get put in jail lmao

No. 482513

File: 1517037901668.jpeg (140.32 KB, 640x407, 6B2083C2-81D2-41F0-B244-AC96A3…)

You realize intentionally stressing your animals out for photos (even if it’s ~just two seconds~) counts as abuse, right?

It obviously isn’t grounds to call AS over, but it means you’re a pretty shitty owner who definitely isn’t well-meaning and accidentally making mistakes. Your response whenever someone points out you shouldn’t be handling your animals the way you do is “I know but it was only two seconds so it’s fine!”

And to think one of her favorite things to do is rag on Logan Paul for being an idiot and introducing his dog to a baby tiger. both of them are idiots but I’d be money Taylor would do the exact same thing.

No. 482564


Nudes? This is my first time hearing about this

No. 482577

It was talked about a little in a different thread. She was underage, face was in the picture. Not much else to say about it but that was her first major “scandal”, she got a lot of new followers out of it

No. 482579

File: 1517058184473.png (623.68 KB, 750x1334, 7FD19963-2A36-4EC1-8783-205AAF…)

It kind of makes me sad on behalf of her parents and brother when she refers to jonny and the cats as her family

No. 482580

File: 1517058205957.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, F74ADC96-1600-4748-9A5A-4A700A…)

No. 482590

Still no word about her video despite supposedly having finished it already.

No. 482630

She legit sounds like she's married to a dude she barely even knows

No. 482644


She might be almost 21 but she definitely has a child’s view of what milestones in a relationship mean when you’ve been dating someone for less than half a year.

Not saying this in a shaming way but you’d think with the amount of people she dated (anons who went to school with her have said in past threads she was dating someone new almost weekly) you’d think she’d have a more stable idea of what a succesful relationship is. But then again her jumping around (or constantly getting with the wrong people and getting dumped immediately) makes sense.

Success definitely isn’t moving in with a drunk, failing musician after dating for two months and shelling out probably $20,000+ on dental implants (he can pretend all day that he’s rolling in money but the fact Taylor paid for everything is telling), completely shutting out your family and bonding with your boyfriend over laughing at his past girlfriends.

She likes to proudly talk about how she hung out with the wrong people growing up (like most unpopular or outcasted teenagers, myself included) and she learned and doesn’t do that anymore, but she hasn’t learn shit. She’s still doing it.

No. 482672

Sage for being off topic slightly but Emzotic just uploaded a new video where she said something along the lines of "I don't agree with just driving along and seeing a turtle vendor at the side of the road and buying them all to 'save' them"

Which is what Taylor did with all those turtles, but Em has just gone and done the exact same thing with a wild caught bird so??

No. 482687

Idk… Em actually talked about the problems associated with buying wild-caught birds. She also talked to the owner/manager, which is what Taylor tried to do but mind you… this isn't some random person with 800 turtles stood on a street.

Idk, I see the problem but then Em didn't do it in a split second and talked to whoever was in charge, if she actually thinks that the pet store is good and won't fund that market again, it may be more worth than what Taylor did.

No. 482689

File: 1517070096629.jpg (549.25 KB, 1492x746, 33.jpg)

yeah, many of the problems discussed here are ubiquitous among pet youtubers. but taylor is clearly a more extreme case. all she cares about is making herself look good by rescuing animals, not the animals themselves.

No. 482692


Oh for sure! Em is miles better than Taylor in many ways, but theres still the hint of that "guys don't go out and do this, but I'm going to do it!" Mentality that doesn't sit too well with me and makes the whole message of the video confusing

No. 482716


So much for her shitty "By Myself" tattoo

No. 482720

Emzotic is coward af, she likes to throw shade all the time but is all friendly with Taylor on Twitter. Probably if she put her foot down about Taylor i would respect her but in reality she is way to afraid of the backlash she will received (again) from Taylor's stans.
I mean she even jump out of the ship when her bf made the video when i am sure she put the idea on his head first.

No. 482725

tbh i think she's right to be a little wary of calling taylor out directly…she's barely got a quarter of a million subscribers, taylor outnumbers her 4 to 1 and most of taylors fans are the crazy types. i wouldnt risk it either.

No. 482734

i think it may actually be smart of her to suck up on taylor on twitter, might get a few of taylor stans watching her videos and wisen up about animal care. i sure as hell hope she will call taylor out and not defend her if things get worse in the future.

No. 482784

Even if she had a billion subscribers it's not worth dealing with Taylor's annoying ass followers lol

No. 482786


em went on to mention that she did talk to the pet shop owner about selling wild caught birds and how that would bring about healthy issues, and also said that the owner was NOT going to be bringing any more wild caught exotic birds (might bring in some from captive bred breeders or something).

meanwhile, taylor talked to the man selling those turtles, and he showed zero signs of remorse OR understanding that what he was doing was wrong to the turtles. he probably would do it again: catch more turtles in the wild and sell ‘em on the road for five bucks.

No. 482811

her lips look so much bigger in this photo..

No. 482843


Dude, Taylor’s fan base attacks Pet YouTubers for just owning the same animals as her or doing similar video concepts, imagine the shit she’d get for openly calling out Taylor?

Her BOYFRIEND made a video making fun of Taylor and she just hate as a result. It’s not cowardice, she’s being smart.

No. 482887

File: 1517084490139.jpg (60.91 KB, 720x569, _20180127_140909.JPG)

Johnny doesn't even try to hide he uses her for money, his Instagram bio has her name with moneybag emojis around it.

No. 482907

Ya know, as soon as she posted about her new snake being an asshole. She stopped posting about it completely.

No. 482930

We’re coming up on four days since she supposedly finished filming a video. Wonder what her excuse will be now.

(Convinient) EDS flare up? Still settling in even though she moved in three damn months ago? She has to play nurse to Jonny even though he’s well enough to tweet and take pictures? Endless possibilities.

No. 482968

File: 1517087948788.png (363.01 KB, 1242x1543, IMG_4439.PNG)

her mom just tweeted this. do they talk?

No. 482996

Em flip flops between "kill them with kidness", throwing shade or just acting all friendly with Taylor.

She have to choose one of them, she is looking very hypocrite doing all those things at the same time. I do get she doesnt want to deal with Taylor's fan base but she doesnt have to prentend she likes Taylor neither.
And i am saying she is coward because she doesnt have the guts to make a real statement against her but goes around making passive-agressive comments here and there but never something worthy.

No. 483089


> And i am saying she is coward because she doesnt have the guts to make a real statement against

Either you didn’t read what I said or completely skipped over my last sentence. It isn’t being a coward, it’s her being smart keeping her mouth shut so she doesn’t have to put up with a bunch of 13 year olds telling her to kill herself. No one is afraid of Taylor, they just don’t want to deal with the garbage.

No. 483102

taylor feeds off of drama and attention so it's kind of great anyone isn't giving it her yet. but when she fucks up bad, i hope someone does speak up.

No. 483257

>we've both had rough pasts

really taylor? we've seen your old past on facebook where you have a tantrum over your mother renovating the house instead of getting you a MacBook

boo fucking hoo, you poor thing

No. 483282

I can see him leaving and/or cheating after his "newfound confidence" with his teeth. His ego is now inflated 100000x which is probably pretty literally dangerous.

No. 483296


I have honestly no doubts he'll cheat during his tour. New teeth, she won't be around, not that her being around matters much since shes a doormat to him.

I read through her mom and dads twitter today and all the subtle anti Jonny tweets are amusing.

No. 483365


Obviously her rough past is referencing to kids being mean to her (something every kid on the face of the earth experiences), being sick sometimes (but not sick enough that you can’t do your makeup every day and date a dozen people by the time you’re 16), having a special needs brother that diverted some attention from her, and having the luxury and privilege to be able to afford any pet she wants.

Not going to pretend like she hadn’t gone through some traumatic experience in life because everyone has, but she’s the type of person who would milk a tragedy for everything that it’s worth so the fact she’s purposely vague leads me to believe she’s not that torn up about things.

No. 483454

>I do get she doesnt want to deal with Taylor's fan base but she doesnt have to prentend she likes Taylor either.

This is like 99% of YouTuber interactions, though.
A lot of them will kiss each other's ass for the views and because an army of 12 year olds behind a keyboard can be pretty vicious. Have you seen how Markiplier fans attack each other?
Like yeah it's fucked and hypocritical but it's not like they're not using each other for personal gain.

>And i am saying she is coward because she doesnt have the guts to make a real statement against her

Because realistically speaking she'll get squashed if she does that. Fanbases can really get ugly if someone dares speak about their idol. It's not convenient for her. If she had the same amount of leverage as Taylor, she'd probably go for it. The most she can do is be vague about it because then she'll be able to shade AND get to claim it wasn't directed toward Taylor because she didn't mention any names.

Like yeah it sucks that she sucks up to Taylor but she's more honest and respectul in the way she cares for her animals, which is what ultimately matters. Sage for blogging or whatever.

No. 483464

She's probably referring to her being 2sick4school and her ~struggling~ to become a model lmao.

No. 483616

Jonny sounds high on his Instagram story. Plus he’s basically yelling while Taylor is next to him asleep

No. 483626


Jonny definitely sounded fucked up but I think Taylor was hiding from his Instagram story because she wasn’t all done up

No. 483642

She wanted/wants to be a model?

No. 483659


yeah I get that, but big fucking deal? tell that to people who actually see hardship as children, you know, actual hardship like poverty and/or abuse

i'm not about to feel sorry for someone whose illness was coddled with more animals than she can look after

"rough past", lol fuck off taylor. i'd guarantee that the piece of shit rapist she's paying for has had a rougher past than she has

No. 483689

Yeah, it was discussed in past threads. Some anon who knew her from high school and was friends with her on fb shared screenshots where she talks about wanting to move to L.A. and start a modeling career.

She still wants to move with California and well we know she uses animals as props so this might not be completely off the table.

No. 483694

to* California

No. 483700

Too bad axolotls and hedgehogs are illegal to own in California

No. 483771

you’d think if he was ~so in love~ it would be hearts instead of moneybags, no?

No. 483818

Good God I hope they both get salmonella

No. 483863


I feel like she'd have some problems getting into a modelling job now that she fucked up her lips completely.

No. 483890

File: 1517154001413.jpeg (72.74 KB, 640x581, 1517153896176.jpeg)

Jonny sits and reads all of Taylor's Instagram comments and responds to most about him

No. 484231

You cant get salmonella from pets lmao

No. 484318

Reptiles can carry salmonella

No. 484322

Yes you can lol. Most reptiles carry salmonella and you can get it if you don't have proper hygiene/ common sense when handling them.

No. 484429


never once in my entire life have I heard about a ~recovering~ heroin addict being such an arrogant piece of garbage.

generally when addicts recover they learn a bit of fucking humility and gratitude and inner strength.

not this little bitch though. the more arrogant and in love with yourself, the better!

I fucking hope that the friends and family of his rape victims show up at one of his gigs and really mess those expensive new teeth up. the ones that you're so proud of jonny, in the saddest, most pathetic misdirected pride I've ever seen

I mean congratulations, you absolutely deserve praise and respect for having your girlfriend buy you fucking dentures like a fucking old man after you rot them out of your own ugly fucking head by being a grotty, worthless waste of space

big tough guy, so tough he gets women to pay for him and put him up because he's too fucking useless to be able to function in the world without his twisted tea, his heroin, and his mommy-girlfriend.

pathetic, LOL.

No. 484485

Nailed it. Guy doesn't have the depth of character or self-awareness needed to get clean and stay that way. He's basically a child, and the only people who find him attractive are either woefully naive or just as stunted.

The man's in his THIRTIES, ffs, and his social media reads like the rantings of a wannabe teen gangbanger.

Personally, I hope no one buys tickets to his gigs so he can't line up better ones later.

WTF, anon? A two second google search "snake salmonella" or "lizard salmonella" would have spared you looking like a dumbass here.

No. 484529

How many days has it been since she promised a video?

No. 484706

File: 1517193313512.jpeg (288.23 KB, 750x1000, 22FF0C85-9E2C-4C34-ABBD-B95FB9…)

Possible new milk. Why is Taylor deleting some of her old videos??

No. 484716

File: 1517193870564.jpeg (444.87 KB, 750x1291, 5AD2F2D4-1E8B-4106-9F90-96DDD2…)

I wonder who’s watching her heard of animals

No. 484738


Another question is, what videos were they?

No. 484745

Last time he said something like this (going somewhere for new years), he was full of shit? I doubt she's going.

No. 484752


…Wait, why does it link to a thread about Cry?

No. 484765

Yes you can get it from animals but the chances of you getting it from a pet that has been in your care for longer than a few months is so slim (:

No. 484774


Mainly the kittens though…? His dope dealer? Her mom?

No. 484787


She completely cut context with her mom, though I wouldn’t be surprised if she made up with her just to use her to babysit her animals.

No. 484798


I'm super curious about this too! Someone should tweet that guy and ask which videos are gone.

I swear she had one called something like "setting up a betta tank with things around my house" which is gone now, but I might just be misremembering the title.

No. 484800


Her mom would absolutely do that for any contact with Taylor though it’d totally, obviously, enable her ever more thma she’s ever enabled her

No. 484802

*than not thma

No. 484822

>>484798 >>484706
The video where she sets up a tank with extra parts she actually makes it for a betta sorority, but then had to address all the comments/criticisms about how betta sororities aren't the most humane/etc. I went to go find that video and definitely looks like that's one of them that was deleted. My guess is she's trying to avoid people digging up receipts of her not listening to advice/expert opinion when it comes to setting up her tanks, yet she keeps up her videos about her frog's butt falling out, her seahorse abortion, her almost killing her axolotl, etc??

No. 484824

No. 484826


isnt this the video where she sets up her betta tank?

No. 484829

lol my bad, I guess it is there still and I missed it

No. 484841

File: 1517199923301.png (65.35 KB, 890x591, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.18…)


Just watched that video and I know it's old but god that tank is a disaster. Bettas like places to hide, especially when you're keeping ill-advised sororities, and that tank has no real hiding spots.

Also, what does the hell does she think "cycled water" water is? Water holds essentially none of the beneficial bacteria, what she should have used is cycled filter media. And we know she didn't use that because she filmed herself putting dry media in the filter. Ugh those poor fish.

No. 484874

File: 1517203225196.png (354.54 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-28-23-18-50…)

No. 484924

File: 1517206162533.png (429.4 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-29-00-09-00…)

No. 484928

File: 1517206762329.jpeg (228.98 KB, 640x697, AB32D545-B170-4B09-9DAE-94980B…)

So she admits to “pushing through the pain” of her ~horrible dibilitating illnesses~ (Such a selfless princess!) but she can’t sit up in bed for five minutes to edit jump cuts into her videos. Something that takes 500% less energy than emptying a half dozen 40 gallon (or more) tanks. Something she’s stated in past videos takes 4+ hours (months ago, back when she only had about 16 pets not counting the fish tanks.)

That’s totally believable. It’s like she can’t decide if she wants to be this tough hospital patient who’s a fighter and pushes through unimaginable pain to do what’s expected of her, or that guy from Spongebob whining about glass bones and paper skin.

No. 484936


It’s a joke she reacts like this with any “hate” she sees about herself, when clearly looking for it, and she’s a 20 year old-talentless-YouTube~wannabe~star (1mil subs isn’t stardom imo) how would she act from any criticism she should recieve if she became some sort of ‘model’?

Clearly this is all stemming from her being a complete narcissist, and anything to get forms of flattery/reassurance from her stans

No. 484943

does anyone have this pic she's mentioning? I'm assuming it's the one where she's in the pet store with a fan from the last thread, but the way she worded it seems like she's saying that someone took a picture without her knowledge

No. 484951

File: 1517208020642.jpeg (155.72 KB, 750x536, 457DD099-4DBC-4B6D-BA4C-E59B95…)

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me

((Tweet was in reference to Mary Louise Parker))

No. 484952

File: 1517208113644.png (444.66 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-29-00-41-14…)

No. 484953

>ending the tour with daddy
please let me die this is so gross.

No. 485029

File: 1517213141114.png (253.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180129-010316.png)

Oh my god is this fan actually admitting that if Taylor wanted chinchillas, they would get them???? "If Taylor would consider getting one I want one"???? This is exactly the behaviour that she is promoting and it is so wrong.

No. 485092

your account is showing just so you know

No. 485118

File: 1517223837573.png (200.11 KB, 1242x1229, IMG_4513.PNG)

she posted this just now, i think it'll get deleted

No. 485119

"with daddy"??? ewwww wtf, why would you say this shit publicly

No. 485148

>that horrible horrible lipliner
>those horrible horrible blowup doll lips

This woman, judged alone from those, can not be sane.

No. 485150

I doubt he has talked to Taylor about going on the tour with him.

It will be one of those New York things again where he didn't seem to have discussed it with her.

No. 485154

She looked so cute before..

No. 485161

File: 1517227843398.png (185.25 KB, 750x1334, 0B78184D-4166-49DE-8C79-551A31…)

The first time she’s actually somewhat tweeted about Jonny’s music or “career”

Also quick sage but where the hell do her pupils go in all of her pictures now? Her before picture her pupils are huge but in every picture she posts now they’re basically nonexistent

No. 485162

File: 1517227897459.png (439.89 KB, 750x1334, 6BC0BF81-288B-477C-9713-8E5BAC…)

But will there really or is this gonna get deleted too?

No. 485178

File: 1517231300899.png (996.2 KB, 750x1334, 1514261120344.png)

don't get fooled m8

No. 485181

i dont know about every photo, but it's pretty obvious she's facing direct light in that one. that makes your pupils smaller. it's probably a technique to take a better looking portrait.

No. 485190

File: 1517234463431.png (361.69 KB, 1234x1761, IMG_8955.PNG)

so did she wake up at 3am to do a full face of makeup or just stay up the entire night?

No. 485195

File: 1517235426121.jpeg (251.51 KB, 640x623, 0E510D6E-72B1-4714-9C8D-1AAAA0…)


God, both of them are such narcissists.

No. 485203

You can really see the difference in her lips here. She‘s always had kinda weird lookin lips but lip fillers are doing them no good. They look very swollen and weird

No. 485204

Oops sorry for not saging. My bad

No. 485321


Oh my god she is such a fucking moron. I literally cannot believe that she acts like such the aquarium expert, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Jesus christ Taylor

No. 485323

I actually thought this was about Taylor for a split second before reading anon's comment, because it fits well with Taylor too lmao

No. 485324

She seems to have lost her hair brush too

No. 485325


Most if that is just bad extensions, she has very little actual hair

No. 485327

The joke seems to have gone over your head, friend.

Really bad extensions at that.

No. 485331

this isn't a fucking 'glo up' it's just her same, weird boxy face without IG whore face paint and then with it she probably looks just as mousy without her overlined lips and shitty fade brows. also wtf is her hair doing?

No. 485363

Glow up? Bitch, where? She looks like an autistic Tarzan.

No. 485367

Oh heck I posted the one I didn't black everyone's usernames out of! Oh well

No. 485378

She could be fairly attractive without her stupid fucked up lips. They're so distracting

No. 485389

Starting to wonder if she edits her giant drug eyed pupils out but ends up doing it to the point where she has no pupil

No. 485398


She looks so uncanny here, like her nose & eyes look ridiculously face-tuned (and her face looks fuller? could be the angle, sage for shoop speculation)

No. 485410

File: 1517252651847.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, F04C2A2F-DE5D-4795-AF23-DB4A80…)

Looking at older pictures of her you can immediately tell she just looks different now. In her latest selfies she just looks really rough, tired and probably drugged. Her extensions somehow look worse and unkept ? And her lips of course look absolutely ridiculous and ugly. I know she‘s been getting lip injections for a while now but atm it looks even worse than usually.

No. 485415

File: 1517252869830.jpg (43.13 KB, 319x494, j.jpg)

She seriously needs to get her money back from whoever maimed her lips. I feel like tentacles are about to sprout out from them.

Anyone know if they'll eventually go back to their original shape or if she's stuck with that nightmare forever?

No. 485427


She’s gonna ruin her hair even more if she doesn’t take care of her shit extensions.

Her hair looks like straight up dreadlocks, you have to take care of your extensions the way Jonny took care of his old teeth, to get your extensions to look like that

No. 485430

Good thing hair grows. Can’t say the same for shitty lip fillers, she’s stuck with those

No. 485435


Her lips don’t even look normal. They look way too big for her face. Her top and bottom lip are the exact same volume, when the top lip should always be smaller than your bottom.

No. 485437

Lip fillers are temporary but knowing her she won't let them reduce to a more natural level and get them adjusted/refined by a good doctor.

No. 485439

File: 1517253708561.jpg (57.74 KB, 1024x542, CBG82OCWoAATqwx.jpg)

This is what her lips remind me of

No. 485445

I honestly feel like the reason he put money bags it's both of their shitty/weird humor, he was probably like "Everyone thinks you're my sugar momma hahahaha, ima make that my ig bio hahahahah"

No. 485446

Don't compare her to Fungus, he had a good heart

No. 485488

File: 1517255540884.jpg (168.13 KB, 724x540, Bratz.jpg)

More like a bratz doll

No. 485500

If they're lip injections, her lips will get thinner over time, but they will look more uneven if some areas are more puffy than others.

No. 485653

File: 1517260885911.jpeg (342.37 KB, 640x807, 513D0435-59B6-48D3-8B97-5A4881…)

It’s not sad, it’s called “people are being responsible and usually don’t have the time or disposable incime to take care of a lot of animals or persue hobbies until they’re retired”

But our special snowflakes gotta remind us all how quirky she is. Though, at the rate she spends money, I doubt she’ll have the disposable income when she’s older.

No. 485666

Once her YouTube career flops… oh dear.
There is no way she is going to be able to support that many animals with no job, especially if she has made no investments at the moment. I doubt even her parents help would be sufficient.

No. 485689


She’s only 20 so let’s not pretend like her whole life is ruined financially, but not going to college and (barely) putting her effort into a YouTube career that has been well documented to not be sustainable long-term (ie. people start to lose popularity once they’re no longer young and attractive) definitely isn’t a smart way to start out.

Especially with her spending habits and the fact that she has to care for 20+ animals in addition to regular bills, so it’s probanly hard for her to really save up any money either.

No. 485812

Do you have a link to this video?

No. 486001

I don't see her "youtube career" going any further than what it is right now.
If she wanted to pursue an education, she'll inevitably have to rehome several of her animals because she won't have time for them.
If she wanted to get a job outside youtube, same thing.

The only way her channel is still relevant is because she got yet another animal and shat out a mediocre video about it. She can only do so much with her level of experience and expertise on animal care. Sure, she may not have ruined the rest of her life's finances, but she's sure as shit being incredibly stupid by not investing her money on things that actually matter.

No. 486081

File: 1517274098519.png (439.44 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-29-19-00-41…)

No. 486092

Jesus how much must she need to edit her videos for it to take this long? Probably hard finding shots of animals not struggling or being uncomfortable or stressed out by her and her claws.

No. 486112


No, she’s just an idiot who will stall until the last possible second to do any actual work. Her editing should take less than an hour. Her videos are usually less than 15 minutes, and editing for those consists of jump cuts, close ups, and music.

No. 486121

File: 1517275418918.png (497.58 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-29-19-22-48…)

No. 486259

File: 1517278334152.jpeg (636.16 KB, 1440x2255, 4A90CA47-EAE0-4AA0-8471-A2E175…)

More I brushed tangled hair and weird arm pose supposedly showing her burn but seems to be a whole lot more about her tattoo she’s obsessed with putting in almost every photo

No. 486261

File: 1517278411558.jpeg (394.31 KB, 1440x2003, BC1C83A7-CDE9-4F50-846E-F8DA18…)

Holding that poor kitten with those nails again. Also making herself the unnecessary focus of every single animal photo she posts, she so obsessed with herself it’s ridiculous

No. 486280

Someday she's gonna pick up one of those kitties and stick her claw right up its asshole. :(

No. 486329

File: 1517280992875.jpeg (531.08 KB, 750x1114, 60B87B0E-2F76-4813-82A9-906949…)

Oh god this is going to be bad

No. 486334

File: 1517281119482.png (535.34 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-29-20-57-54…)

No. 486337

I swear if it's a video of her dressing up all her animals-

No. 486349

My guess is a “pit bulls are nanny dogs” video

No. 486359

I really hope not; the last thing we need is her fans going out and getting pit bulls with 0 research

No. 486370


She could probably do online college or very part time and still care for all her animals. She won't, but she could.

No. 486398


Taylor Nicole Dean, Champion For Pitbulls! Barf. Watch her bring up the disproven “nanny dog” myth again, despite being called out.

No. 486403

I just saw a tweet of hers two minutes ago said “24 minutes” as in that’s when the video will be up. No surprise it’s alreast deleted.

No. 486407

File: 1517284392268.jpeg (34.51 KB, 640x120, AA7A84C4-5E36-4632-A884-DA8CD5…)

99% sure she won’t, don’t waste your breath.

No. 486417

File: 1517284829075.png (504.57 KB, 640x1136, 498F641E-B768-4C62-885C-913119…)

No. 486447


Spoiler for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the video:

The first half is just Taylor giving really vague lipservice without going into much detail so you can tell she really didn’t do research nor gives a shit. Stuff like “they’re such… good dogs, it’s not the dog—it’s the people. It’s the mean people who made the dog fight” while interjecting a video from Dodo and still picture that she got off Google.

The second part is about two minutes of her going to a pound to see Pits (complete with unneccearily emotional music), including an account from Taylor that’s ~totally 100% real~ where she said people off camera ~totally~ we’re super scared, giving her a very convenient narrative for her video.

No. 486462

No. 486468

File: 1517286680546.jpeg (86.27 KB, 640x343, 4080BAF4-73A5-45F8-8C97-E79A4B…)

Also unnecceasry clip at the end of her buying things to donate to give to the shelter, which…okay.

Not knocking on her for donating stuff but… Milkbones? Really? You’d think our dog expert would know how bad those are. I once worked at a pet store where this lady brought her box back because it was INFESTED with bugs. They’re also loaded with BHA and sugar.

No. 486482

This could have actually been a good video, but her reasoning was so vague and indeterminate. My little sister gave a more persuasive and compelling speech about pitbulls in 8th grade. Why wouldn't she do more research/put more effort into something she claims she's soooo passionate about

No. 486486


She didn’t even care to look up where the actual nanny dog myth comes from. “Some lady posted a picture a really long time ago with her dog and a baby so that obviously where it came from”

No. 486500

Her lips are giving her an awful lisp

No. 486517

only 3 mins in and i dont think i can even finish, the amount she rambles off topic about herself and how she talks is so annoying.
i used to watch mainly for background noise but i dont understand how anyone can actually enjoy her content there's so much she should cut out

No. 486536

Same. I had to stop after 3 minutes. I hate how all of her videos start with her addressing her appearance, I guess because she knows that's the real reason she has so many subscribers. But seriously, 17 minutes for this video? Based on the description other anons gave of it, the videos should have been like 7 minutes long at most, but she's got to leave in all that filler for the ad revenue.

No. 486552

Her trying to be the face of this whole #AdoptAPitbull campaign would have a lot more meaning if she actually adopted one, or at the very least churned out a more informative video than her giving vague descriptions about how Pitbulls can turn out mean because they’re mistreated, or that dumb myth and rambling for five minutes.

Am I the only one who thinks she made this video just because it’s topical? I mean, look how many retweets her bullshit posts got. She clearly doesn’t care about them, otherwise she wouldn’t have made the half assed, no research at all video.

No. 486558

File: 1517291338755.jpeg (73.41 KB, 640x297, A1E3C6EB-E3BC-434F-9C37-A42445…)

If fifteen minutes of Taylor rambling about nothing w.o any actual facts or research other than vague charts and photos she ripped off Google is enough to convince her fans to adopt an animal, I’m convinced they’re all brain dead.

No. 486560

Yeah, felt like I was listening to a really obnoxious 7 year old ramble about a subject they know very little about. She tries to sound authoritative and intelligent but it's just a sloppy, bumbling mess.

T puts so much time and money into superficial horseshit but refuses to apply herself in any way that would make her a better person or pet owner.

But she and Jonny are GOALS, amirite? /s

She basically admitted she's only addressing this because it's a response to a viral tweet. She's always on the lookout for animal-related tweets from famous people or #trending topics that can put her in the public eye. She's not even subtle about it.

No. 486574


She totally made this video because it's trendy, yeah.

Also a good, responsible video would have been showing that pitbulls might be under adopted due to stigma, and then explaining reasons why she couldn't adopt one (like living in an apartment and not having energy to train/walk a dog) but showing she cared by doing something actually useful like sponsoring pitbulls at shelters to encourage qualified adopters to pick those dogs. Instead of this bullshit mess lol.

No. 486591

she talks sooo fking weird in her new videos its so weird. i dont even know why. might be veneers? but good veneers arent supposed to do that. makes it look like her jaws are stiff and arent opening freely when she talks.

and did anyone else notice how she was talking about not being able to see without glasses & wearing them? like, she was explaining it as if its something so different and quirky?? she spent tooooo long explaining why shes wearing them in her latest video like its not that deep. just say "im out of contacts so im wearing glasses today", i might be reaching but it seems to me like she trying to milk sympathy points out of this ~medical condition~ she kinda forgot how common it is to not be able to see without glasses lol.

No. 486601

Massive uptick in pitbulls killing people soon. She just encouraged all her stupid ass followers to adopt a pitbull without doing any research. Like every other animal they already do it with.

No. 486603


Umm…I agree adopting a dog based on her vague description of it is dumb, it’s way too melodramatic to say that all the the dogs her fans will adopt are going to be bloodthirsty killers. Most dogs in shelters aren’t even close to that level of aggressive.

No. 486604

Someone pointed out the dog in the thumbnail isn't even a pitbull lol…

@bluestaffy on Instagram

No. 486607

Pitbulls are intentionally bred to be aggressive and strong. If a pit locks down on you you're not getting it off without some serious injuries. Yes a good owner can train them not to attack but you know these idiots won't do their research

No. 486609


Pit Bulls aren’t one breed of dog, it’s a collection of breeds referred to as bully breeds.A Staffordshire Terrier is a bully breed.

No. 486616


Oh my fucking god dude, a Pitbull physically CANNOT lock their jaws. NO dog can do that. Stop with the dumb fear-mongering.

No. 486628

But they are strong and refuse to let go which means more damage. Way to argue over idiotic technical shit

No. 486631

Her lisp is so fucking horrible to listen to. Get some speech therapy, this fucking thot.

Also this stupid ass video.

No. 486634


it's pretty pronounced yeah

No. 486638


I’m not arguing over technical shit, I’m pointing out none of what you say actually makes any sense. Dog aggression and human aggression are completely different things, just because an animal is trained to fight other animals doesn’t mean it’ll fight every human it sees.

Your reasoning is as baseless as Taylor’s video.

No. 486682

So many people are in the comments of her video complimenting her for making it when she just rambled about unsubstantiated “facts” and gave stupid comparisons for 15

No. 486687


Yeah you are. STFU.

>If a pit locks down on you you're not getting it off without some serious injuries.

This is a fact, no one's talking shit about lock jaw so stop getting triggered.

Sage for cancer anon.

No. 486695


How about all of you stop with the retarded in-fighting.

>>486687 it looks like you’re equally triggered over it if youre gonna waste your fucking time replying to someone who dropped the argument over an hour ago. Shut the fuck up and don’t add to the in-fighting.

No. 486696


Cry me a river. I didn't respond to this shit before but it's retarded to say that pitbulls/staffies bites aren't particularly dangerous. Which is why Taylor's shit is dumb af too. There's a reason why these dogs are banned in multiple countries.

No. 486698


None of the replies from the arguing autist said their bite wasn’t dangerous, now shut up and move on.(derailing)

No. 486702


It's pretty much inferred… so stop responding? You've added 0 to this conversation. Even the autist, for as wrong as they were were contributing.

Pitbulls have large mouths -> They have a hugely powerful bite -> They bite and hold.

Biting and holding creates a more dangerous bite. This is key to why they're a dangerous breed.

This is also why they shouldn't be owned by most people. Folks defending or arguing over schematics of 'lock jaw' are only adding to the problem Taylor is creating.

To any triggered anon in this thread with a pitbull, buy a fucking different dog next time and you won't have people calling out your shit breed.(derailing)

No. 486707

Things that would have been good for Taylor to include in her vid:

>A five-year review of dog-bite injuries from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, published in 2009 in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found that almost 51 percent of the attacks were from pit bulls, almost 9 percent were from Rottweilers and 6 percent were from mixes of those two breeds.

>In other words, a whopping two-thirds of the hospital's dog-attack injuries involved just two breeds, pit bulls and Rottweilers.

>Other studies confirm these statistics: A 15-year study published in 2009 in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology revealed that pit bulls, Rottweilers and German shepherds were responsible for the majority of fatal dog attacks in the state of Kentucky.

>And a 2011 study from the Annals of Surgery revealed that "attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs."

>The authors of that 2011 study go on to say, "Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduces the U.S. mortality rates related to dog bites."

Which can be found in a 2 second google search.

No. 486729

File: 1517309915061.png (74.31 KB, 589x581, JC.png)

No. 486731


>Pitbulls have large mouths -> They have a hugely powerful bite -> They bite and hold.

>Biting and holding creates a more dangerous bite. This is key to why they're a dangerous breed.

>This is also why they shouldn't be owned by most people. Folks defending or arguing over schematics of 'lock jaw' are only adding to the problem Taylor is creating.



Has some good info on why pits are so dangerous and on increase in dog attacks from pits in recent years.

Taylor didn't do any research but that's clear from her ramblings and trying to justify the 'nanny dog' story.

No. 486734


I bet she didn't credit the account for using their photo? Can't you get in trouble / your video taken down because of that?


100% She only made this video because her half ass tweet about pit bulls went kind of viral, like when she made that video about the wheelchair fish because her tweet of it went viral, and took all the credit and exposure from news reporters etc even though it was her friend that had helped the fish

No. 486742

Her desperation to put her tattoo in every photo is eventually going to pay off. It has been badly done (lines too close/too much detail for size) & in a year or two, it is just going to look like a fucking squiggly blob.

She has enough money to splurge on 'designer' animals, but not enough to actually get a good tattoo artist? Probably went to her bf's one, considering the amount of shitty tattoos he has.

No. 486763


Yea.. A really ''good'' study.. Two breeds, pitbull and rottweilers..

Rottweiler is a breed. Correct.
Pitbull is not a breed.. Its something you describe all bully breeds with.
So it's not weird that they are responsible for that many dog attacks. Since like 10 different breeds can be described as 'Pitbulls'.

And in 2016 there were an estimate of 78 million dogs in the U.S. With 4.5 million dog bites. Thats only 5,7%. And only 41 were fatal.

No. 486770


Pit bull is a breed. It is technically the American Pit Bull Terrier. The problem is that APBTs look a lot like a few different breeds, such as AmStaffs, American bulldogs, and other bully breeds. Because of this, a LOT of different breeds get called/reported as pits both correctly and incorrectly, and this throws all the reporting on attacks off. My dog was accused of being part pit many times despite the fact that he was a ridgeback/basenji cross. He had no bully breed in him at all, but if he had ever attacked anyone, someone probably would have called him a pit mix because he had short hair and a muscular build.

sage for semantics/derailing/no milk

No. 486782

Taylor's lisp in this video and the way she barely seemed to open her mouth made wonder if she was in some kind of mouth pain. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch.

She brought up the "nanny" thing again. I wouldn't leave any children unsupervised with my cat or any animal, but especially not a dog of any breed.

No. 486812

File: 1517324953565.jpeg (346.03 KB, 733x1197, 2C8991D5-CA96-4A68-864A-199BE5…)

No. 486813

Her tattoos were done by someone who is actually really good but he really fucked up hers it’s hilarious. Not to mention she probably didn’t care for it right since she was probs high during it

No. 486834

Ugh JC is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard or seen. All his Instagram stories are really embarrassing, he acts like a kid of 4 y/o.

Btw, Taylor stop hiding your hideous face, it's fun to look. We already know how ugly you are without make up.

Since she made that tweet making fun of people for believing she was on drugs because she didn't wear make up, she hide her face on all JC stories.

No. 486863

No Jonny what you should get is a bullet and a gun, put the bullet in the gun and blow your brains all over the floor you piece of shit(a-logging)

No. 486882

Not saying she has it for sure, but if she DOES have EDS it can cause tattoos to bleed a lot more than normal. The skin is too thin and mobile to hold the ink correctly which is why a lot of people with EDS can’t get tattoos, go to someone who specializes in their type of skin, and are told to get less small intricate designs to lessen muddying later on. I wouldn’t be surprised if for how much she plays up her “illness” she hasn’t actually done much research on it and didn’t think to let the artists know “Hey my doesn’t hold ink like normal” at the very least. She uses it as an excuse and to get pity, but doesn’t seem to actually know anything about it.

No. 486894

a tad too far. and please learn to sage

No. 486906

She knows very well that no one cares (she has "Stop just do animal stuff" comment on her twitter header) and most of the people just skip this part, but her need for attention whoring is just too strong. I bet she thinks it's smart, cause she could do it in some kind of irl vlogs or on snapchat/ig story (that no one would watch), but by putting this attention whore content in main videos she kinda forces the people that just interested in animals to watch this too. Disgusting.

No. 486919

he's not good, he's just copying great artists and sometimes manages to make his tattoos to look half as good as the originals

No. 486920

File: 1517332906607.png (466.76 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-30-03-18-17…)

No. 486927

So we get to see him relapsing and groupies? Cool

No. 486932

Correct me if im wrong but she did vlog where she either got her first tattoo or just getting one and she said something along the lines of "it doesn't hurt much/feel it at all I'm used to pain"

No. 487000

Jonny can't even type English correctly and he's writing a book? Hahahaha

No. 487105

File: 1517342029675.jpg (75.07 KB, 540x960, 94388a00c00c9730836552afadd263…)

Another dog you can abandon, good idea Taylor.

No. 487221


Just wait until she tries to play it off as the dog "bonded better" with Jonny or his dealer lmao

No. 487223

>>487221 >>487105

* as she abandons yet another dog

No. 487344

It's important to keep informed on the topic, or you'll look just as dumb as Taylor does when she spouts myths that even pibble moms know isn't true.
This is exactly what I fear, people getting a dog because of it's status symbol and not because it's a good fit. This is how pit bull type dogs got so fucked in the first place.
Most of the dogs labeled as pit bulls in the shelter are not American Pit Bull Terriers, which I'm assuming you are referring to, and dogs that are not labeled as APBTs may very well have APBT in them, especially when we are talking about shelter dogs who have unknown backgrounds. No animal on earth has a locking jaw, at least not that we have discovered yet. There are many breeds that are more dangerous to people not just because of size but because of genetic wariness towards strangers. No one should be adopting a dog based on it's appearance, but when it comes to shelter dogs and mutts it is truly a gamble. You can't really argue based on breed when it comes to mutts at shelters being mutts don't conform to a breed standard, instead a focus should be more put on the fact that people are now aiming to get a dog based on it's looks instead of it's personality.
The legal definition of pit bull in america is the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog, Any mix of these breeds, or any dog that looks like it could be a mix of those breeds. So a pure bred American Bulldog is also a pit bull. While breed fanciers want to bring pit bull back to meaning the APBT, unfortunately the media and the law took a different route. Sure, pit bull can mean APBT, but it can also mean a variety of different breeds.

No. 487367


>When a 2 minute read in the comments is more informative than her entire video

Thanks, anon!

No. 487430

She went to Romeo Lacoste who tattoos about every social media personality ever, underage too!! He isn't the worst but he by far isn't good. people pay so much to have a tattoo from him just bc he did various "famous" peoples tattoos. You can see him begging to tattoo actual famous people in the comments of all their posts. The one i can think of right now is Post Malone, he's always commenting asking when he will be in LA and when he can tattoo him, its sad.

No. 487437

File: 1517356912153.png (462.31 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-30-16-31-39…)

No. 487439

File: 1517357016072.png (664.94 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-30-18-03-00…)

No. 487440

File: 1517357034846.png (1009.3 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-30-18-03-12…)

No. 487442

File: 1517357049850.jpeg (168.83 KB, 750x1300, BC295AC7-BB52-42EF-A031-D781FC…)

Honestly that’s not even that impressive of a lineup. If she wanted a solid tattoo by a “celebrity artist” she should’ve used Oliver Peck in Dallas, TX. Or literally half of the artists in San Antonio can tattoo better than Romeo.

Sage for off topic

No. 487446

yeah this guy collects celebrities. he's got a whole section in his webpage with all the celebrities and youtubers he's tattooed. taylor isn't listed there though. guess she's irrelevant after all lol.

No. 487467

>guess she's irrelevant after all lol.
putting aside our dislike for her, can we honestly say she's a youtube celebrity?

I mean back then a million subs was impressive, but nowadays it's kind of starter level.
Especially because it took a year for her to reach a million.

No. 487488

million subs in a year is pretty quick growth imo, especially since she uploaded very sporadically. can't wait to see her squander it all.

No. 487499


kek well who the fuck is she to preach, it's not like she's adopting a pitbull

No. 487508

I understand where you're coming from but you can advocate for something without doing/needing the thing.

Not to mention that she couldn't keep a pit bull in her tiny apartment, and especially because she has kittens which the pit bull may not like or vice versa.

Plus if she does truly struggle with fatigue/tiredness like she claims, how is she gonna handle exercising a pit bull of all breeds.

No. 487509


If she has no energy for walking a dog, I suggest she adopt a greyhound. Retired greyhounds are always in need of homes, and they're like large cats - they mostly sleep!

No. 487511


From what I vaguely recall (when my family member's dog was "on trial" - not for biting/attacking I should add), Pit Bull is basically a Staffie with specific size measurements. Taller.

No. 487572


I look forward to seeing the real Jonny, passed out after a show party with his head down the toilet. SOBER LIFE YO

No. 487573


Not all tattoos hurt badly. I mean, they hurt, but it's tolerable.

No. 487578


kek his website is called "Celebrity Tattoo Artist"

No. 487582


> mistaked

No. 487607

I know, was just replying to someone who said people with EDS are at risk when get tattoos cause they have thin skin, bleed more, etc. and should go to someone who specializes with tattooing them

No. 487634


Eh, I have EDS and most of mine are fine.
I can't have my scars tattooed over without the ink bleeding into them badly though. That's caused by the type of scarring EDS causes.

No. 487665

File: 1517371930728.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-30-22-11-30…)

No. 487668


kek, call him "50,000 views then relegated to a tank to die".

No. 487711

When will she realize that she's acquiring way too many animals way too quickly?!?!!

No. 487728

I found the snake that she bought on Craigslist (I'm 99% sure it's the same snak, it has the same head and neck pattern and is the same morph and color). It was a rehome, but the bs she said about biting is not true. Here is what the ad says:
"Very Sweet Corn Snake W/ Habitat $200
1 year old tessera corn snake purchased at a pet shop. I'm moving and I can't take him with me so I'm looking to find him a new home ! He has never bit me and it very easily handled. Right now he is eating one feeder rat pup a week. Please let me know if your interested or have a better offer ! His cage comes with bedding, a water bowl, two huts, and a light fixture. The tank is a 20 Gal."

No. 487729

I juess she had to make up the biting story because just getting a rehome isn't exciting enough. That way she can say "he was aggressive before but he's so sweet to me" and continue to pretend to be an animal goddess.

No. 487732

File: 1517375903197.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-221646.png)

I literally just found that ad. If it's the same snake, I am disgusted at her thinking it's okay to buy a snake and then lie about it for attention and to look like a "good person". These snakes are identical

No. 487734

File: 1517375964630.png (816.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-221734.png)

Oops I meant to put this picture

No. 487735

Never. As long as people keep enabling her hoarding habits she will not stop.

No. 487736

That's the same fucking snake I'm dying. Good job anon!

No. 487738

The sad thing is that this is the third time that she's been caught lying about something on Craigslist, and this is the littlest lie that she made (obviously the fact that she lied isn't okay, but it's not as big of a lie as adopting from a backyard breeder). She just has to make her story more extra in order to get more attention. When I was looking on the San Antonio Craigslist I found a corn snake in bad condition. You'd think that she'd want to get that one and nurse it back to health for the views, but I guess she knows that she's not actually good with snakes and it would just die under her care.

No. 487744

Can you link this?

No. 487746

No. 487755

If this is the same snake, I cannot wait for her to say something like "yes I got this snake from Craigslist, but I didn't lie!!! The ad said it never bit the poster!! I said it bit a family member!!!" And then try to justify saying adopt when she bought it.

No. 487760

I had to say something to her on both Instagram and Twitter. This is so disturbing that she has to lie about something like this. I can’t take this shit anymore. What’s the point in lying. You know the morph, you know it never bit anyone. GIRL WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM

No. 487775

This is beyond ridiculous. Like I don't understand how someone could have such disregard for LIVING BEINGS that they treat them as an accessory for views.

No. 487795

Yeah that's definitely the same snake, no doubt. Everyone should tweet the screenshot or link at her and ask her why she's lying. I just did, she'll probably block me in 5 minutes though.

No. 487807

Or publicly call you out with some lie like she usually does. Post updates anon

No. 487853

File: 1517384041273.png (211.91 KB, 1242x934, IMG_4665.PNG)

someone called taylor out and now she's trying to say that its all by ~chance~

No. 487855

File: 1517384062378.png (323.56 KB, 1242x1625, IMG_4666.PNG)

No. 487856

File: 1517384101831.png (326.63 KB, 1242x1647, IMG_4669.PNG)

No. 487857

File: 1517384128146.png (192.78 KB, 1242x1233, IMG_4670.PNG)

No. 487859

Of course she has some bs excuse and doesn’t even acknowledge her craigslist pure bred cat

No. 487860

File: 1517384313073.png (127.2 KB, 595x581, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.3…)


You were right! Glad I tweeted her from my shitty account from high school, her obsessive fans are already defending her about it.

I'm SO SURE she COINCIDENTALLY found this snake, just like she HAPPENED to find Ghost (and didn't deny she got him off craigslist here lol.)

No. 487861

File: 1517384352981.png (316.75 KB, 1242x1690, IMG_4671.PNG)


No. 487862

File: 1517384403137.png (99.13 KB, 591x441, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.3…)

Riiiight. Sure.

I guess the girl either lied to her or lied on craigslist about why she rehomed the snake?

No. 487864

File: 1517384555987.png (35.9 KB, 590x133, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.4…)

Not "everyone" is, Taylor, but you are.

No. 487870

Does she actually think people are that dumb? Either this girl went from wanting 200$ from a snake that "has never bitten" her, to giving it away to taylor for free and saying it bit a family member in less than forty eight hours, or taylor is lying about something. Does she not realize how bad this looks after the entire kitten thing? How many more animals is she going to get that could live UNTIL SHE IS FIFTY??????

No. 487874

File: 1517385704095.png (453.28 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-31-02-01-26…)

No. 487875

File: 1517385752019.png (401.94 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-31-02-02-09…)

No. 487889

I just want to know how this imaginary scenario took place in Taylors head??
She saw a woman in distress and offered to take the snake??
The woman spotted Taylor because she's ~famous~ and begged for help??
What does taylor propose happened that lead to the snake suddenly being in her possession??

No. 487891

File: 1517387180391.png (231.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-012443.png)

Ohhhhh man this girl really went here. I am trying to be quite nice when voicing my concerns about going from zero to eleven(?) Snakes in less than a year when these animals can live for thirty years and THIS GIRL TELLS ME TO DO MY RESEARCH? I've been keeping reptiles since I was 14, try again! (Also I realize it's pretty easy to figure out my account from this screen shot but I don't really care anymore)

No. 487892

right?? like this girl couldnt sell her snake so she wandered around the streets of san antonio in desperation, hoping to run into someone who would take it off her hands and JUST SO HAPPENED to find the snake goddess herself??

No. 487894

Hasn't she used that story before? Someone "finding" her and giving her a pet she "didn't plan on adopting?" I might be making this up in my head though lol

No. 487900

File: 1517387638449.png (205.22 KB, 750x1334, 5532179B-FD49-4EC0-8746-6001BC…)

I'm gonna be blocked lmao. or drunk rapist jonny is going to @me(no1curr)

No. 487903

Happened with the kittens and one of her hedgehogs lmao. How often does this happen? My friend is a full time CVA and they don't get animal custody as much as taylor does! Nope. When you have kittens who need homes, don't take them to a vets office or the SPCA, take them to a random youtube thot.

No. 487914

Update: Jonny’s ex Amanda is live streaming right now and is in the process of pressing charges but she said it’s been a very slow process and can’t go into much detail at the moment

No. 487917

Aw man. I saw the snake post earlier and thought to myself „another snake? Well atleast it’s adopted“ but of course not. Taylor always manages to fuck up. By now she should know to never get her animals on craigslist. 100% of the time people are gonna find the ad and prove she‘s an idiot liar. Here‘s an idea: if you don‘t want people to think you‘re an idiot liar… don‘t be one. Why doesn’t she just go actually adopt a snake? Why does she always need to make up stories to look like she‘s rescuing animals instead of just actually rescuing animals?! (Speaking realistically tho, she probably just knows that adoptioncenters wouldn‘t wanna hand a snake to someone who already owns so many animals)

No. 487920

File: 1517389321293.jpeg (139.96 KB, 750x560, CA33ECFF-4C1D-4013-BD32-10F985…)

Aww sounds like Taylor’s upset about being a liar on the internet and now needs her addict boyfriend to cuddle her

No. 487921

i mean honestly shes so stupid she cant even try covering her tracks by even just going to the craigslist pages of like a city over

No. 487922


All her stans are out like, "aren't you glad a snake got a home??" Like, sure, but it's still a problem when Taylor goes and lies about where she got her snake and adds it to her collection of animals she probably isn't taking care of between her personality, drug habis, health, or all of the above.

No. 487923

Has she ever considered adopting an old, adult snake like a normal ball python? Because they have a lifespan of up to 30+ years, there are a lot of normal adult ball pythons that can be adopted! At least, the closest rescue to me (one in Calgary) has at five normal ball pythons and a handfull of other "common" morphs. So, if she really wants to look like a good guy animal rescuer type person, why not, you know, actually go to a reptile expo and adopt a snake that would be less likely to find a home with someone else? (I am in no way condoning her getting any more reptiles, I'm just saying, she's going about this the wrong way!!! If she really wants to look like the "best pet mom ever!!!!" then she should go actually adopt a reptile. But also not. No more pets.)

No. 487925

The San Antonio reptile rescues (there’s two big ones) both have multiple animals in desperate need of homes for just a $20-30 rehoming fee just to support the rescue. If she truly cares at all about rescuing or adopting animals then she should go for an actual organization instead of making up these lies that are always going to get debunked. Part of me feels she wants the drama because she thrives off of it.

No. 487928

It's sick that she's pretending to be indignant when she has repeatedly lied about taking a 5 week old kitten away from its mother for no reason other than her own entitlement. Nevermind that she lied even BEFORE getting Ghost. She tried to pass off another backyard breeder purchase as an adoption, but too many fans found the CL listing for her to get away with it.

Even if the corn snake incident ends up being some crazy coincidence, how is it surprising that people are suspicious of yet another "adoption" that has a corresponding CL ad? Girl has an established pattern of lying and putting her desires before the well-being of her animals.

Tay's made nothing but trash decisions from day one. Throwing her "teacup" chihuahua away because she couldn't be arsed to train it, keeping her geckos in filth, treating her snakes like fashion accessories, not quarantining her fish, handling her hedgies like they're toys (bonus points for turning them into ACTUAL toys), and dating a denture-wearing druggy rapist while refusing to stand up to him when he insults her own parents or shits on the women he's abused…

Outside of a Hills Have Eyes upbringing, how the hell does someone's soul get this fuck-ugly so quickly? Jonny has had 3 decades to marinate in his own filth so I understand how he became the steaming pile we know today, but how does Taylor become such a perfect match for him at only 20?

No. 487952


a snake biting a family member is not a fucking issue, because snakes live in their habitats. They don't have free rein like a dog. Ugh she's full of shit

No. 488000

From what I've learned about snakes is that they're defensive and they don't strike willy-nilly. Her story about a snake biting a family member is pure bullshit because if they bit someone, it's mostly because that person disturbed them and wouldn't really warrant the old owner from having to give her snake a new home just because of that. Her lies suck big time.

No. 488030


In my experience anyone that says “I feel bad for you” in regards to someone that criticizes or berates them (regardless if it was deserved) is a total narc. Also same goes for people who make vague pity tweets that seem like they’re referring to a group but really they mean themselves.

No. 488063

File: 1517409086666.jpeg (168.48 KB, 640x402, B89580C1-E2AE-4AF7-900D-3C723D…)

What evidence has she presented that shows her care is superior to someone who has been keeping animals 10+ years? Or an actual rescue facility? Having a lot of pets /= knows what she’s talking about

No. 488093

Couples that tweet things like this are weird as fuck. Wow you spoon each other, you must be the most in love people ever to exist, thanks for confirming.

No. 488117


Couples who do this have no emotional maturity on either side because they seriously -do- believe that. Taylor isn’t even 21, has been sheltered her whole life and spent her teen years completely dependent on whether or not she has a boyfriend. JC is probably so mentally stunted from drug use that this totally makes sense.

No. 488129

File: 1517413799570.png (137.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1210.PNG)

Just throwing this out there. Two days ago, she was called out on Instragram for not adopting her reptiles. Then, the day later she just happens to adopt one !? Seems like she bought it so she could make up this story.

No. 488132

File: 1517413818510.png (150.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1211.PNG)

No. 488145


>”Her entire point was that you should consider adopting a PITBULL’

This further centerments my believe that “adopt don’t shop” only matters when it’s applied to dogs. Every other badly bred animal can go fuck themselves because ~omg they’re soooo pretty~

No. 488156

God, her followers are such idiots.

I need to sell this snake because I'm moving, it's never bitten me. Also I own a pet shop but I'm not going to sell it there or sell it at all. I'll give it away to a stranger on the street. Oh yeah and I'm not actually moving it just bit my sister.

Just like how Taylor totally adopted a pure bred kitten that is so young it's actually ILLEGAL to adopt it out in Texas and the rescue she adopted it from has no idea who the fuck she is and says she never adopted it.

And who cares if she's abandoned 3 dogs and countless other pets??? She's a good pet owner because she has 50 of them!!!

It's all a giant conspiracy! Everyone is out to get her! She's pretty with all her camera angles so NOTHING SHE DOES IS EVER WRONG.

Even at 12 I knew better than this. These people need to be banned from reproducing.

No. 488172

The CL ad said it was posted a day ago, so she gave up trying to get money from it after 1 day?

Also if a family members snake had bitten me and I didn't want to get bitten again I would just not go near it. Why would you have to tell them to get rid of it? Not like its going to chase you around to bite you again.

No. 488174


Is the list still up? Can someone contact the poster and ask what the real story is?

No. 488184

Eh, to play devil's advocate, people are ridiculous about snakes. Have you ever been to an educational reptile show? When they pull the snakes out, probably half the audience makes faces/goes EUUGHHH. People are really, really irrationally afraid of snakes.

But Taylor is a pathological liar, and just bought the snake off CL. Her constant stories about running into people who give her free animals are so absurd. I mean, even if she did just happen to run into this person at the pet store, I highly doubt they would go from wanting $200 to giving their snake away.

Dude, sadly people legit believe those stories idiots tell about snakes escaping from their enclosures and getting in bed with their owners to size them up to eat them, or wild snakes chasing after them, etc etc. Although I don't think it actually happened in this case, someone's family freaking out and demanding they get rid of a snake for stupid reasons is totally plausible. Maybe the only plausible part of her story, kek

No. 488198

File: 1517417470060.jpeg (166.64 KB, 750x1334, FAB2253E-3F95-458A-9F99-C2C557…)

How does this idiot really believe that these are not the same snake. Especially when T ADDMITTED to it being the same exact fucking snake. How stupid are these “fans” honestly

No. 488210

I contacted yesterday. No response still

No. 488271


I sincerely doubt she’d ever get a pit if she decided to adopt a dog. She cares too much about having ~designer~ pets that she’d probanly get a foreign breed with a cool-sounding name or some breed that no one has ever heard of. Her ego refuses to let her have a dog breed that hundreds of thousands of people own, she ~HAS~ to stand out and have a unique dog.

No. 488275

The CL listing has been taken down now. Not that any more confirmation that it's the same snake is needed, but…

No. 488280


>But Taylor is a pathological liar, and just bought the snake off CL. Her constant stories about running into people who give her free animals are so absurd. I mean, even if she did just happen to run into this person at the pet store, I highly doubt they would go from wanting $200 to giving their snake away.

Besides, what are the chances of this woman lugging around the snake's enclosure, light fixture, hides, etc. across/around San Antonio when she happens to stumble into the Snake Queen(tm) who will graciously take the poor snake off of her hands? Jesus christ I am losing my mind, Taylor needs to stop.

No. 488283

She'd probably end up getting some kind of husky, or "wolfdog" because she is so damn edgy. And because she looovvveesss GOT, right fellow nerds? /s

And I bet she would do this without a single days worth of research, because then she would know how fucking difficult they are and how high energy the breeds need to be. Not to mention she is in SOUTHERN TEXAS. She'd end up flooding the shelters once again with another unwanted dog.

Kind of OT, but I can definitely see this actually happening in the future. Just because they're pretty, y'know.

No. 488287

File: 1517423304233.jpg (260.08 KB, 986x1761, Screenshot_20180131-112638.jpg)

Apparently corn snakes no longer have teeth

No. 488290

Having recently been bitten by a cornsnake, can confirm with my blood that they do have teeth

No. 488300


I can definitely see her getting one (which is ironic considering she spoke up about impulse buys with the blue tangs during Finding Dory.) Funny that you bring that up because wolfdog hybrids are actually illegal to own in California.

It doesn’t matter if she gets one or not though because hedgehogs and axolotls are also illegal to own there, so if Taylor is still seriously considering moving out to Cali she either doesn’t give a shit about the laws or doesn’t care. I think some things are ownable via a permit but who in their right mind would give her one?

No. 488313


Unless she kills them out of negligence (which is possible) by the time they teach the end of their natural lifespan, she’ll be considered too old to be a trendy Youtuber living in California

No. 488328

i think it's extremely likely she will rehome most of her pets in 3-5 years. or as soon as she will want to do anything with her life. if impulse buying the animals wasn't a problem for her, i suspect giving them away won't be either.
or do you seriously think she will be still be caring for her 10+ snakes when she's 40?

No. 488329

I think taylor is more the type of person who‘d get a smaller dog (rememeber her teacup breed dog she rehomed?) i know that her service dog is way bigger but let‘s be honest, those tiny teacup dogs have so many genetic defects, they‘d probably die too early to even become a service dog.

No. 488342


Not necessarily. Let me be clear I hate people who breed teacup dogs, but my old boss has one that’s 13 years old. But his dog also nearly died when it slipped down a flight of stairs, so they’re extremely fragile even if they’re lucky enough not to have health problems.

She should honestly get a Greyhound. She can get the asspats of having “rescued” a former racing dog, and those dogs can sleep for 16-22 hours a day. All she’d have to do is feed it and walk it and it wouldn’t get in the way of her aesthetic she’s got going.

No. 488345


Ferrets, sugar gliders, degus, gerbils, and other animals are also illegal to possess in CA. Plenty of people keep these animals and are fairly open about having them.


They can be brought into the state quite easily. If your vehicle is not searched upon entry or if you enter on a road without a checkpoint, no one is the wiser.

Sage for blogpost: When I moved here with my hedgehog, our moving truck was searched at the border checkpoint on I-80 and she was found. She was held at the border and we were instructed to return and surrender her in Nevada within 48 hours or she would be euthanized. My ex looked at a map and found a road without a checkpoint and brought her in.

When she needed vet care I found two vets to care for her. They were not concerned with her illegal status and treated her as they would any other animal.

No. 488348


I like how Tyler Oakley's name is on there but not Taylors

No. 488350

i think she'd either get a shiba inu (for those meme points) or some ultra rare exotic sounding breed like the norwegian lundehund or elkhound.
so far it sounds like she's actually smart enough to not get a dog while she's living in the apartment. and she seriously should not get even the smallest and most lazy docile dog. she obviously doesn't do well with a pet she cannot ignore.

No. 488356

I think it would be hard to her to get a greyhound. At least where I live, greyhound rescues are really strict and usually do home visits and look into your pet history. Thr fact that she abandoned three dogs would make it impossible for her to adopt from a greyhound rescue. She could lie (like she always does) but they need several references and would easily find evidence of her past dogs and other pets online. I think if she were to get a dog she would probably go on Craigslist or puppyfinder and buy one from a backyard breeder like she did with the kitten.

No. 488373


She said once her favorite breed is the Shiba, but I don’t think she could stand their god awful barking. They sound like hell creatures and it very quickly doesn’t sound “cute” anymore. Poor thing would be given up so fast. She wouldn’t do well with any high energy breed because unless they have a way to burn off energy they’re going to tear up the house, and she definitely isn’t going to play with it or take it on long walks if she didn’t care about her dog to the point it bonded with her brother instead. A lazy dog is the only thing she could take care of long term.

Even if people sneak it (and the majority of people outside of law are okay with you) you having the animals there is a potential risk of them being found out—especially with her being a Youtuber who’s an idiot and takes her animals out in public because she’s obsessed with being seen as interesting.


Most likely. I don’t think she’d have the patience to go through an application process either, regardless if she qualified. She ~has~ to have her new pet now or she’ll just ~die~

No. 488400

I hope she "rescues" a gaboon viper so it can teach her a real lesson. If she's such an "expert" she should test her god like skills with the venomous ones so they teach her that she's just another uneducated snake hoarder.

No. 488520

I sincerely hope that taylor won’t adopt a dog while living in that apartment. Some cats are tricky to pair up with dogs if they didn’t already grow up with one. Considering that her apartment isn’t huge or anything, it will be hard for them to get out of each others way. Even without the cats: her apartment is just not big enough to house a dog. No reputable rescue would ever give her a dog with that history of abandoning dogs and 40+ animals in her small apartment.

No. 488523

Oops sorry for not saging!!

No. 488567

Wasn't Chelsea going to press charges as well? If so LMAO.

No. 488572

Shibas are incredibly attention demanding and also very noisy.
I wouldn't put it past her because she knows next to nothing about dogs, but I highly doubt she'd go for that.

No. 488593

Does anyone have screenshots of her bts enclosure? I can't figure out what videos she's shown it in :(

No. 488630

I think she'll move towards hot snakes sooner rather than later. I expect that she'll get an eyelash viper of some sorts. Tyler already beat her to the pretty iridescent snakes so she's gotta find a way to one up him eventually

No. 488635

She'll learn a grave lesson very quick if she tries to handle hots like accessories as she does with all her other snakes

No. 488637

Oh man I sure hope she doesn't do that. The last thing the reptile community needs is for her to go get a hot snake, and then while whipping it around in her hook (or even her hand if she's dumb enough) to get the PERFECT angle for a picture, it bites her.

No. 488705

She picked up a viper at an expo for her friend a while back. Can’t find the tweet, but I believe it was a Wagler’s viper. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got something venomous claiming she had experience from working with her friend’s snakes, which is as much bs as saying she has experience with cats from being a Petco employee.

No. 488743


Why is it bad to handle hot snakes like accessories (not that handling reptiles like accessories is okay but why in particular these)? Are they aggressive? I don't even know what a hot snake is so I'm guessing it has something to do either with their habitat or their temper.

Sorry for derailing.

No. 488745

Hot snake = venomous

No. 488746

A hot snake means it's venomous

No. 488749

Oh, okay! Thanks for the clarification!

No. 488780

Does she have a permit for that?? Every single reptile expo I’ve been to in Texas no one will sell to you if you don’t have a permit

No. 488862

Knowing her she'll let Johnny poke at it on it's rod too so maybe it'll kill two birds with one snake. It's high suggested to leave it in it's cage a lot so if she does get one she might end up rehoming it or stuffing it in a corner because it won't take selfies with her.

Also it would stupidly encourage her sheep fans to get hots right off the bat because tays doing it and thirty minutes (If they're even that dedicated) of google was enough research to get one.

No. 488935

File: 1517454774810.jpeg (179.65 KB, 640x417, 87178FCD-E79A-4C53-B3F8-A5497F…)

What the hell does that even mean? She’s so vague when talking about her -trauma- which doesn’t fit her “look at me, look at me” attitude at all.

Not saying people who have privleged home lives can’t be depressed but you’re 20 Taylor calm down lol

No. 488943

File: 1517455528151.png (228.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-202314.png)

Some of the wording in this tweet hurt my brain. But seriously, is she now trying to say not only did this girl supposedly go from wanting 200$ to finding taylor in a pet store and giving the snake to her for free because taylor is the snake savior (obviously), but is she also trying to say that this girl is a liar and is the one lying about the snake? Maybe it's true, but I still find the story of this girl finding taylor in a pet store really odd.

No. 488995

what does being 20 have to do with mental health?….

No. 489008

She's really stumbling in this web of lies. You can tell she knows she's been caught red handed and she's nervous now because what are her fans going to think?

No. 489013


I think they mean the ‘extreme lows in life’ part when she’s been sheltered and coddled her whole life. An anon who know her on Facebook said she threw a tantrum once over her mom using money to fix her house instead of on her things like that

No. 489026

File: 1517459489274.png (682.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-213059.png)

My all-time favourite reptile of mine (not like I like picking favourites) is named Frank so this kind of ruined my night. I really wanted to make videos of him in the future (he's an…interesting reptile….so he might get views) but I'd probably get accused of copying her name

No. 489060


She shouldn't be nervous. I'm one of the people who tweeted at her and I've been getting dozens of tweets from her half-wit fans all day claiming they're obviously not even the same snake, and everyone should just leave Taylor alone because she's so perfect for giving the snake a home. Her fans are weirdly fine with this.

No. 489062

So given that she almost got one kitten off Craigslist, got caught and didn't, got Ghost of CL instead, and now got a snake off CL, while lying about "chancing" upon all of them, is anyone else wondering whether she actually "happened" across Nemo and the other kitten in the first place, or where they really came from?

No. 489078

File: 1517463451451.png (819.08 KB, 750x1334, C69D25BF-932D-40DB-A2C2-DCD047…)

You should be doing this regularly and shouldn’t need to be applauded for this. But knowing her fans she will be…. called her out for this on twitter can’t wait for the stans responses to me telling me how mean I am for being rude to queen tay

No. 489082

To be quite fair, kittens are easier to find for free if they're not purebreeds.

The reason she got those kittens to begin with was most likely because of Jonny. He had gotten cats with Chelsea before, so this was him repeating a pattern. Kind of a "to show our love for each other" type of deal, hence the pictures of him with the cat and calling them her little family.

As for where, I don't believe for a second she adopted them from PetCo or how they were found at a construction site. She seems to go out to the mall and browse through animal stores, so she probably saw someone giving away kittens and decided to get them. Or maybe even from Craigslist, like she's done with the ragdoll and the corn snake.

No. 489088


this is like the fakest & dumbest idea she could have come up with. just why? its so clearly made up and its not funny. if someone with actual relevance like fcking Jay Z did something like this it would be hysterical. but this is a girl who is famous for holding snakes on instagram. who the fuck would recognize her ever. let alone who the fuck would buy her signature.

the fact that she thinks this made up story is so funny that she needed to post it… wow. being sort of popular on insta really went to her ego like damn.

No. 489093

File: 1517465752134.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-31-20-46-08…)

No. 489094

File: 1517465788101.png (436.87 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-01-00-13-55…)

No. 489106

Taylor is delusional

No. 489114

I don‘t think anyone in their right mind would put 4 week old kittens for adoption on CL (or maybe they do? Idk) nemo isn‘t purebred and looked like he was half dead when she got him so i find it rather unlikely that he‘s from CL too. The story about a costumer in petco (or wherever) giving her the kittens doesn’t even sound that unbelievable

No. 489116


I think she was taking the piss but doing a poor job of it, ie. being ineffectually sardonic.

No. 489117

Actually, someone was selling five week old kittens on Craigslist right before she got ghost. They said they would be willing to let them go early. Ghost was five weeks old when she got him. People sell animals before they're ready on cl. It happens and Taylor may have given into it.

No. 489118

And the fact that she keeps having random people "give her animals" at pet stores just seems fake. But of course, she's the Savior™ of all animals!!! And people seek out her to save those poor animals!!!! It's definitely not fishy at all!!!!

No. 489120

File: 1517472571804.jpeg (276.53 KB, 640x907, DB29EEDC-0B8A-410E-B7F7-D2CD3F…)

Oh my god her next attempt to get famous people to notice her better not be breeding her animals just so she can give them away as gifts.

My feelings on her was just a subtle dislike, but that would turn it into hatred immediately

No. 489121

File: 1517473011015.png (222.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180201-010908.png)

How can she seem so innocent sometimes I swear I almost felt bad for her after she responded to me with this

No. 489126


The fact she spent so much time trying to disprove she was lying or whatever and making all those stupid subtweets about it is really strange.

No. 489129

she is a terrible liar, oh god

No. 489130

at least she didn't say walah

No. 489132

Oh my god I didn't even realize it said viola. Gosh taylor, learn to spell!!! No wonder people think you're on drugs!!!!

No. 489141

File: 1517475896177.png (409.06 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-01-03-03-39…)

No. 489142

File: 1517475916455.png (463.88 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-01-03-03-45…)

No. 489232

File: 1517495516648.png (17.17 KB, 570x112, fake.png)

Think johnny's ex summed up what everyone else was thinking about her posts really.

No. 489246

File: 1517497039564.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, 39F253FE-DF91-4287-B5D8-F3FB2C…)

Doesnt king of diy have a fish named frank, short for frankenstein? His flowerhorn fish?
All of her fans are giving her props for being so creative lol. Okayyy

No. 489258


She’s so quirky and edgy but also original you guys

No. 489273

I'm sure she's lying about her mental health problems just like her "disability" for attention and sympathy.

She's probably"depressed" from her mom not spending enough money on her.

No. 489302

Oh god. It is so cringey when she use the name of the people she is answering at the end.
She just comes up like a fucking retard since their names are already tag

No. 489326

To be fair, almost anyone in any circumstance is able to get depression/anxiety. Not saying that it just pops up out of nowhere, but given the huge amount of insecurities Taylor seems to have, I would bet that she isn't making up her mental illness. Exaggerate parts? Probably. But it isn't our place to go that far and say she doesn't have anything at all. Why do you think she is dating someone like Jonny and hoarding animals in the first place? It's probably a mix of a really bad coping strategy and narcissism/validation seeking (which her fans give her tenfold as she continues to live like this).

I know some of you will get pissed because of what I just said, but whatever. I know this thread is open to whatever discussion/every discussion is worthy, but that was just my two cents on the subject.

(Sage for blogging, but I've been living with treatment resistant depression and anxiety/ocd for many years. Mental illness is a really complicated ordeal and jumping to conclusions rarely gets you anywhere- at least as far as speculating goes.)

No. 489335


Yea well for someone who has mental health issues, she sure treats her dirty junky boyfriend's exes HORRIBLY and dismisses their mental health problems caused by him. You can sit and stick up for her if you want but the fact remains that if she was in the bad place she constantly claims she is, she would be a bit more sympathetic to Amanda + Chelsea.

Ok thanks for telling us your mental health issues?

No. 489354

I am not sticking up for her, but the fact that anyone can actually have problems like she claims to. She is a disgusting person, of course, I am not denying that. I am simply saying that she might not be lying about this particular thing. Sure, flay me alive for doing so, but if people are going to suggest that someone doesn't doesn't have mental illness when the whole situation isn't taken into account, I'm going to do my best to be the one to speculate objectively.

You are of course right about the dehumanizing treatment to the exes, especially Amanda/Chelsea.

I made sure to separate my own personal experience out, no need to get weirdly passive aggressive about anything, fucker. I happened to have proof to back up the fact that considering this situation objectively- once again, ONLY the fact that she might indeed have real problems (even if she does exaggerate them to hell and back,) -would be a worthwhile thing to do.

No. 489358

Nobody cares. We aren't hear to "consider the situation objectively". We are here to make fun of the cows.

No. 489363


Alright, fine. I can't say that I didn't try.

No. 489405


My only issue scrutinizing her mental health is her saying she has PTSD implying she got it from experiences with people she dated. But regardless if Jonny is actually abusive to her specifically, how he talks and treats other people should at the very least wig her out more than it does if that’s the case.

I have a friend with PTSD from an alcoholic parent who abused them, and I see how much it affects them, so I tend to loathe anyone who pretends to have it because it makes their condition sound more “tragic” and “unique” since everyone seems to suffer from chronic depression and anxiety nowadays (not saying that in a sacarcasuc way, I know our generation is fucked and under so much stress depression is kind of expected in a lot of cases)

No. 489425

Her new lisp is distracting. Noticed about 6 months ago it started. Think she got veneers or its just oversized lips. She didn't have it before

No. 489429

If you use mental health issues as a quirky badge of honor or an excuse when it's convenient to you I'm going to assume you're lying. Sorry if you don't like that.

No. 489439

I agree. I think she has a mental health issue. I do not however think she has it anywhere near the degree she works it up to be. The only reason I think that is because if you have mental health issues especially to a high degree you would NEVER treat people the way she treats Jonnys exs. They have expressed their on mental issues and for you to go out and call them a liar after you yourself have suffered from mental issues? Doesn't work that way. Having sever mental issues especially from a specific instance likes she claims would result in her having a little more empathy for those who claim to have gone through the same thing.

Idk. I think Taylor does have mental issues, like y'all said, probably why she has the tendencies she does. I also think that's she's a crappy person and exaggerates her mental health to make people feel bad for her and continues to put down Jonnys exs because she wants to be the only one with issues and that has gone through something.
Mental health is only important to Taylor when she can use it to her advantage and make herself sound like she is so caring and socially progressive.

No. 489447

A lot of her behaviour indicates mental illness. I don’t think the treatment of the exes proves anything though, having a mental illness doesn’t suddenly make you a nice person. A lot of people with mental illness are very self absorbed and unaware of other people’s struggles.

No. 489457

the only mental illness she has is her massive need for attention. that's why she fabricates her illnesses and creates drama constantly. that's why she whored herself out on the internet when she was younger. that's why she has all those animals ffs.

regarding her mental illnesses, she also claims to have PTSD from past abusive relationships while dating fucking jonny craig of all people, and laughing at his past abuse victims. taylor is fucked in the head.

No. 489468

File: 1517511625886.jpeg (125.01 KB, 750x1334, AB792CAD-FF46-4C2F-89B7-CA5DBA…)

Quoted Chelsea’s tweets on twitter to Taylor and not a minute later this happened… on to making another new one!

No. 489471

File: 1517511669527.jpeg (285.24 KB, 2046x1012, 73B8F029-345A-4F24-8C2C-8ACA9A…)

No. 489476

welcome to the blocked club. theres probably 100 of us

No. 489479

File: 1517511923149.jpeg (182.08 KB, 750x1334, B2876FBB-EF74-431B-9E5C-531381…)

No. 489482

File: 1517511984310.jpeg (154.08 KB, 750x1334, C065EBDA-3ADF-43A7-B760-BD7C4D…)

No. 489486

Can't take her compassion for animals seriously when she callously tossed her biological family aside for a gross never was rockstar rapist. In New Year video she kept referring to them as "that family". Ice cold how she cut contact. She seems emotionally robotic don't think shes capable of forming actual emotional bond. Her parents fucked up raising her so spolied and entitled. Guaranteed she would toss all her pets aside in same manner except money bags cheese

No. 489488


I’ve been calling her out on this twitter for a month maybe wondering what will get me block and quoting Chelsea’s tweet and showing her how awful she really is is what does it.

Happy to be apart of the club

No. 489497

I've always thought she was robotic. She looks so unemotional and her eyes always look empty and dead

No. 489525


….Well if you weren’t laughing at them, then why didn’t you say anything to Jonny about him saying you were mocking his exes together? You’ve wasted all day trying to convince people you didn’t buy a snake on Craigslist, you’d think someone painting you as someone who laughs at abuse would take more priority if it wasn’t true.

No. 489532

Gee can't wait until she finally crawls away from Jonny spouting abuse and poor me. Maybe then she'll realize no one believes a word she says. One minute she's laughing at the evil exes, the next she's having a mature conversation about it with him. Your fans are gonna have a really hard time feeling sorry for you when Jonny gets bored of playing nice for Twitter

No. 489546

I mean…… That's a reach. I've never thought, "wow this person is a terrible speller, it must be all the heroin they do!"

No. 489618

They're both dumb and uneducated.

No. 489666

You're giving her fans a lot more credit than they deserve. They've been dumb enough to fall for her lies and defend her even when she's been called out with evidence. They'll jerk her off when she bawls about the abuse.

No. 489679

Talking privately about it like you're his fucking mother isn't going to solve shit.

You never call him out publicly about his annoying tweets.
You keep evading the situation when brought up by blocking people.
Your "not everything you see online is a full story of things" also applies to you lmao.

No. 489695

Speaking of made up illnesses, does anyone happen to have the livestream her mom made in December? She mentioned in it that she had two special needs kids… then decided to list tay’s “illnesses”. The kicker is she said something like “yeah tay has like ehlers danlos I think” wouldn’t her own mom know how to say EDS if she actually had it? Seems fishy to me.

No. 489698

File: 1517520123891.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5471.PNG)

Is this the balcony thing she kept saying she didn't have? Lol.

Referring to her making a tweet about a complaint her apartment complex recieved about her. She said the complaint had to have been from a crazy person/ random hater because she doesn't ever have a balcony/ outdoor area.

No. 489701

File: 1517520340972.png (521.05 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5473.PNG)

This was the original tweet. Saging bc this was in the other thread.

No. 489704

File: 1517520385148.png (536.76 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5472.PNG)

Also, her fans are already at her service lol.

No. 489723

They're so fucking blind and up her ass they don't even care that Taylor lies over the dumbest shit..these stans have no morals, but then again I can't say I'm surprised considering who they're stabbing.

There's also a girl replying to Taylors tweet asking her to please dm her bc her gecko won't eat and she needs advice… why do these people think Taylor is qualified to give advice. Go to a fucking vet!

No. 489725

Stanning, not stabbing

No. 489738

Taylor is the one not even trying. She can't even come up with decent lies. Must be because she's "disabled".

No. 489761

File: 1517523234889.png (193.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-01-16-08-28…)

No. 489768

Oh my god its called sarcasm

No. 489770

File: 1517523604769.png (774.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-01-16-09-13…)

Deleted because I made a mistake. Long time lurker but I think i did it right this time. Sorry guys.

No. 489782

Has no one here ever worked at or with a Petco or other pet store? I am surprised no one has brought this up yet. She said she got her 5 week old kitten from someone getting rid of it in Petco right? You aren't supposed to have cats and dogs under 8 weeks in that store because there's no chance they were able to get their distemper vaccines (booster at 6 weeks, another vac at 8 weeks). If they had distemper, not only can it spread to the animals visiting the store but people can also bring it home to their pets. a 5 week old kitten should have never been touted around there in the first place (granted, not her fault, but makes the story fishy). If any transaction were to happen, even if no money was involved, it would have to be done off of Petco property; animal shops and even shelters are usually really anal about this. The reason being is that if it's done on their property, god forbid something illegal happened (like selling an underage kitten), they could be held partially responsible. I'm not really in the loop about this kitten business so I may be reading into it all wrong, but from what I gather someone was in a Petco showcasing their cat trying to get rid of their underage, unvaccinated, intact, sick kitten. Petco wouldn't be too happy about that.
Unfortunately I know fuck all about herps, I'm more into my mammals and birds, which is probably why I followed her for so long. I didn't know enough to know what she does with her herps are wrong. Funnily enough the second I found her talking about her hedgehogs I realized how dumb she is, as it leaked into a field I actually knew about.
I'm positive she has a mental illness, the bitch owns 30+ animals at a time. just not a mental illness she'd be willing to admit she has.

No. 489787


She used to always talk about how much her crocodile skinks hate being handled and how much it stresses them out then she says this LMAOO fuck off taylor

No. 489788

File: 1517524438593.png (298.67 KB, 750x1334, 7B248B94-8B6D-4135-82EA-D6F0A3…)

Just wait until one of them drops it’s tail

No. 489791

But If they drop their tails it wouldn't be her fault :( im sure they'll drop them in the night out of nowhere just like her cresties did leave her alone !!1!11!

No. 489803

Doesn't she already have two crested geckos with dropped tails? She had said it's a 'very normal thing that they do'.

No. 489808

yeah lol she was all like "ahhHh they drop their tails all the time if u have a crestie and it hasn't dropped its tail wow haha that's crazy"
I bet they dropped them while she was trying to take a photo of them or something

No. 489809

It's actually illegal where she lives to adopt out kittens under 12 weeks.

And there are screenshots of people asking the Facebook group of the adoption agency that puts their kittens in Petco and they confirmed they don't adopt out til 12 weeks.

No. 489854

This. People in this thread acting like you either don't have mental illness, or you do and you're compassionate towards other people who do. That's ridiculous. Mentally ill people can be just as callous about the issue as mentally healthy people.

Mentally healthy people do not hoard animals and date Johnny Craig. Taylor is mentally ill.

Someone being abused in the past does NOT mean that they'll "know better" enough to be freaked out by Johnny's behavior. In fact, it often happens that such behavior is rationalized and normalized by victims of abuse. People get with abusive partners over and over and over again, because it's what they know, or think is normal, or what they deserve. Her not running from JC does NOT mean she was never abused.

It's really fucking obvious that Taylor is deeply unhappy and trying to fill the void with attention, animals, and the lovebomb phase of an abusive relationship. To argue that she's just a bitch is willfully blind. Tho she is a bitch, in addition to being miserable and mentally ill rofl.

Um… If an animal is "quick to move away when handled"… it means it's thinking "oh no I hate this!". Wtf does she expect them to do, tell her to back the fuck off on Twitter?

Also, subtly implying that she's some animal goddess who can hold them without them being "quick to move away". I'd lol except she's teaching this crap to her impressionable fans. :(

No. 489868

File: 1517530076143.jpg (2.15 MB, 2936x4274, kitten.jpg)

It was established in a previous thread she was lying about how she got Ghost. She paid a backyard breeder so she could take him from his mother early, then brought the unvacc'd kitten into a pet store just so she could take pics to make it look like she adopted. She's really dedicated to her lies, but too stupid to plan them out well enough to avoid getting caught.

No. 489928


I’ve seen at least fifteen other posts in the previous threads about people who worked at Petco, so I’m pretty sure it’s been brought up.

No. 489932


No one is saying she should “know any better” if she was actually abused. She claims to have PTSD over it, and despite being in a similar situation with a person who acts abusive towards other people (regardless if he ever talks to others about it) she should at least be somewhat triggered, and not laughing about it like “lol he totally isn’t like that you guys you don’t know the whole story”

No. 490071

File: 1517541627372.png (247.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180201-202127.png)

I'm embarrassed by her

No. 490080


True mentally healthy people don't hoard animals just because. BUT you can be mentally healthy and have total disregard for animal lives so that you begin hoarding them when that means you get a fuck ton of money because of it.

The only reason she's doing this is to get views and money and stay relevant. Her followers are idiots with the attention span of a fly and would drop her if they didn't constantly have new animals to gawk over.

The Jonny part, I don't know, you can just be an idiot desperate for fame without having mental illness. She's already proven herself to be an idiot countless times so it's not that far off base.

No. 490172

File: 1517546714224.png (403.31 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-01-22-42-25…)

No. 490174

File: 1517546739467.png (407.23 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-01-22-43-26…)

No. 490176

File: 1517546762293.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-01-22-43-00…)

No. 490180

File: 1517546876153.png (141.38 KB, 1440x833, Screenshot_2018-02-01-17-04-50…)

another tweet she seems to have deleted

No. 490208

"my fish died too so I'm obviously not a bad owner"

No. 490215

Didn’t she try claiming not that long ago that there were only 6 other fish besides Cheese as justification for having him in a small tank? Her fans believe the most obvious lies, it shouldn’t still surprise me but it does.

No. 490225

>I just assumed he died in the tank and decided it wasn't that important to find the rotting body

No. 490227

With the amount of animals she has it should take way longer to properly clean and sanitize them. Especially with all of the fish tanks she has. I used to work at an LPS and no joke, she has more herps and mammals than we did, and just cleaning those enclosures took me 6-7 hours.

No. 490237

Fucking this. Dead fish left in the aquarium cause ammonia spikes, fungus, etc. She's complaining about the weight of the tank, yet she managed to move it months later to find the corpse so? In the meantime, she could have moved all of the fish and searched for the missing one to be sure that it was alive, but everything is excuses with her. Also the marine betta that never comes out. So… how does she know that it's alive, and why couldn't she do what she does to confirm the betta is alive to confirm there wasn't a dead fish in her tank?

No. 490241


what does the size of the tank have to do with a fish jumping out of the tank? Did it jump under the tank or something?

No. 490259


I think she means it jumped behind the tank.

TBH I kind of have to give her that one, sometimes fish are impossible to find if they get out. The problem is that her fish did get out, and did she fix the problem by making sure the others can't jump out? Because if she JUST posted about getting a lid I'm guessing no. And IIRC she had a video in which she found two fish inside her filter system. She should have the filter set up so the fish can't get in, and the moment she did a headcount and couldn't find them she the filter should have been the first place she checked, but one had been in there a while.

No. 490311

File: 1517559462039.jpeg (256.17 KB, 640x625, B40584CE-264D-4829-9C58-0C37E7…)

Just when I thought she couldn’t be any more of a narc, she retweeted an essay from her fan about how amazing she is

No. 490312

File: 1517559487809.jpeg (181.43 KB, 1024x768, F6D5E657-6D73-4829-A7B2-5CD956…)

No. 490313

File: 1517559515517.jpeg (152.78 KB, 1024x768, 8EF7BA84-9C83-4BB6-A56C-EE0581…)

No. 490315


> “Owning animals can be very pricey and difficult. She on the other hand makes it work”

Yeah that’s because up until five months ago she lived with her parents and even though she had her crappy minimum wage Petco job, I’m sure that was ~her money~ to spend so her mom probably supplemented all her animal supplies for her. At least until her Youtube money came in.

What the hell does having a lot of animals have to do with being ~inspirational~ anyway?

No. 490330

>> 490312

"I wouldn't doubt for one second that her animals have ever been unhappy"

Girl needs to work on her writing skills. I would bet that her animals have been unhappy too, being in small enclosures and being ignored for the next ~exciting thing~ Taylor impulse buys.

Also does anyone say she abuses her animals? We say she neglects them and doesn't improve care when taught better, that's different than abuse. "Abuse" allegations go towards JC abusing other humans, which she's apparently fine with. Awesome hero.

No. 490331

Why the fuck would she delete this reply?? Is it because she outted jc as a psychotic liar? Fuck them bith

No. 490395

How bad must her room have smelled that she couldn't smell a rotting fish on her floor? Gag.

No. 490428

Can spending "hours out of her day" making videos on her animals be looked at as a noble, altruistic thing when she's making money off of said videos??

No. 490465

Hours a day… Every 3-4 weeks.

So… Less than anyone else with an actual job.

No. 490514


The extent of this girl’s admiration is basically “I like that her mom bought her a lot of animals, she keeps impulse buying more, and she does the bare minimum of what is expected of her for her cushy Youtube job while also not going to school or trying to get any field experience to get an actual job in the future. What an icon.”

No. 490604

File: 1517590738411.png (379.87 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20180202-105728.png)

Her reply to a guy asking who Taylor is.

No. 490619

File: 1517592049367.jpg (280.85 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0222.jpg)

No. 490620

File: 1517592060513.jpg (37.1 KB, 480x278, IMG_0223.jpg)

No. 490621

File: 1517592069959.jpg (370.13 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0224.jpg)

No. 490622

Is the girl his drug dealer?

Oof Taylor, I would not trust

No. 490626

The girl in his DM's on IG is the dealer. Chelsea is Jonny's most recent ex.

No. 490645

File: 1517593691457.png (939.65 KB, 750x1334, E1D59689-D151-4A04-B48E-AB990D…)

Found his drug dealers Instagram but none of them follow each other for some reason

No. 490664

is it confirmed she's a drug dealer?

No. 490674


Your icon is showing.

No. 490738

Regardless if it's true or not, that is an absolutely shitty essay.
I know the person who wrote this is probably 12 but the lack of creativity is astounding.

No. 490772


I’m just more concerned with the fact that Taylor is that much of a narcissist that she retweeted it to her account

No. 490839

His drug dealers name is 2D. This was confirmed by Taylor's mom in her Periscope video. His dealer commented on one of Jonny's statuses and 2D was the very first comment. I will try to find a screenshot as I'm blocked by Jonny of course. Not sure what the girl has to do with anything. Everyone has multiple dealers so it's plausible. Either way 2D is one of his main dealers and is a dude.

No. 490885

File: 1517608169199.jpeg (222.94 KB, 825x927, 1A12943E-0AF0-4F19-962C-B0CE15…)

She changed her story, but deleted this one too.

No. 490909

Whut? Didnt the fish incident wasnt year(s) ago?

No. 490939

Is it possible she meant the second one down? He's still kind of "at the top"

No. 491001


An addict's relationship with their dealer is weirdly close but distant. You see them all the time and talk sometimes about pretty private stuff but you're not actually friends. It's not odd at all for him to be hanging out with her kid but them not be following eachother.

Also, yeah, any addict as bad as Johnny will have MANY dealers, though usually 1 or 2 are the "main" ones. And knowing Johnny's level of dedication toward recovery (aka, none, considering he's drinking, smoking weed, and not participating in any programs), I'm sure he hasn't deleted their numbers/cut them off.

If he actually did forego narcotics after his teeth, I'm sure he bought something else illegally, be it weed or something stronger.

No. 491068

File: 1517620009249.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180202-180453.png)

Is that a bruise on Taylor's wrist????

No. 491073

Sure does look like one… Could just be consensual shenanigans.

…god, the thought of them fucking is pukeworthy. The poor animals, having to witness and hear and smell that. Snakes sort of smell by tasting, and have very good senses of smell. So they probably taste JC's spunk nightly. Those poor babies.

No. 491074

yes it definitely looks like it

No. 491086

That’s actually fucking disgusting that you think the snakes can taste his “spunk.” How old are you? 13? People have sex, even drug addicts and people with pets.

The bruise could be consensual, but could also be from something else like she banged it, or he hit her. We’ll likely never know, she’s a pathological liar so even if they do break up, she’ll likely spin a lot of things to get as much empathy as she can.

No. 491090

Forget the smell of those two, like someone else said upthread and has been haunting me ever since, her room smells SO BAD to begin with that she couldn't even smell a rotting dead fish in it. It must smell like an industrial chicken shed in there

No. 491100


A bruise with an interesting center. And are her outer knuckles bruised? Her entire hand looks swollen.

And why does Nemo need a bandana? Not only a strangulation hazard but it will rub off his fur.

No. 491121

Not 100% certain it's a bruise just because every shadow in the pic has a sickly yellow-green tinge to it. ex: her arm near Nemo's mouth and her own mouth and neck. Ditto with her covers. Unlike the rest of the yellow spots, he wrist does have that splotchy look so it could def be a legit bruise, but it could also just be the crappy cam and poor lighting.

lol Taylor is as good at animal husbandry as this chick is at writing and critical thinking.

No. 491122

File: 1517623323008.jpeg (89.57 KB, 640x269, D3402233-265B-47A9-BE55-F452C8…)

Oh….great. What are we at now? 25 animals?

No. 491125

LMAO @ industrial chicken shed… don't know why that cracked me up so much, but thanks for the laugh!

No. 491140

More.. if you include fish.
9 snakes (am I missing one or two?)
3 skinks (one blue tongue and two crocodiles)
3 geckos (two crested and one leopard)
3 hedgehogs
1 tarantula
1 axolotl
2 cats
1 pacman frog
1 mouse
1 crab

plus new gecko and NUMEROUS FISH

Wonder if she got a leachy… those can be very expensive.

No. 491145


InB4 a partridge in a pear tree.

No. 491149


You are right I forgot:
"Aaaand a druggy boyfrieeeeeend"

No. 491190

File: 1517626782251.jpeg (186.52 KB, 640x490, 81695069-A9A8-492F-869E-81BD26…)

No. 491191

File: 1517626799426.jpeg (481.58 KB, 2048x1536, F2D170DF-A812-4CCB-8B5F-E75402…)

No. 491192

File: 1517626878601.jpeg (113.99 KB, 640x335, A0208D5E-125F-4873-99B1-91CDDA…)

No. 491194

Surely she can't keep this up forever? She has to stop this eventually. She's going to run out of time for them, room for them, and eventually for real be considered an unhealthy animal hoarder. You'd think now that she has a boyfriend she wouldn't have to fill a void as much as before. It seems like she's getting worse? For how much she whines about her invisible illnesses and not being able to even edit videos sometimes, she sure has no problem getting more pets to have to WORK to take care of.

No. 491197

Oh my god these are so fragile. I've been keeping reptiles for years and I haven't felt comfortable getting one of these guys quite yet. Taylor's handling will not be good for this guy.

No. 491201


I don’t know why the hell she thinks she’s experienced enough after keeping animals for a year when she constantly drops and manhandles her animals already

No. 491206

She got a trio oh my god. Uroplatus are super fragile, this worries me so much. There's also the possibility that these are wild caught, and she has zero quarantine procedures.

No. 491214

File: 1517628466851.jpeg (59.87 KB, 750x519, 76082061-0AF7-4BA4-90E5-AA6012…)

No. 491243

File: 1517629839071.png (922.24 KB, 750x1334, 02A2C6F5-4719-4F25-9B74-5164C3…)

Do we know if this could potentially be about Taylor? I could totally see her doing this.

No. 491247

I agree. I’ve kept reptiles for 7 years and i know that these are way too delicate for her. One of them is going to die within the next year for sure. She’s going to try to take too many aesthetic pictures and end up fucking everything up.

Also, i give it a year before Jonny and Taylor are either broken up or engaged

No. 491249

It sounds like Taylor but they both still follow each other on Twitter. If Taylor blocked her, Em would have been unfollowed automatically.

No. 491258

That's true but I think she's talking about commenting on videos? Not Twitter. The wording is kind of confusing.

No. 491260

The poor things are going to die but of course it won't be Taylor's fault oh no never Taylor

No. 491264

inb4 "i didn't know they sold me wild-caught ones" or some other bs excuse

No. 491272

They're probably wild caught and she probably won't quarantine them RIP

No. 491287

File: 1517631418851.jpeg (241.46 KB, 640x633, 13AAFA55-AF77-45ED-98ED-30F328…)

Anonymous now No. 491285
Speaking of Em throwing subtle shade at Taylor, there’s also this.

Though, this could be referring to any of the top 10 Pet YouTubers atm—who are all young, attractive, white 20-somethinga with 15+ animals each. Em does it because it’s her job, everyone else does it because they equate owning a lot of animals with being interesting (which is why all of the have to emphasize how many animals they have in video titles)

No. 491298

File: 1517632196468.jpg (184.04 KB, 755x829, Untitled.jpg)

Looks like emzotic meant someone else.

No. 491304

File: 1517632523173.png (973.16 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-02-22-28-58…)

No. 491305

File: 1517632548964.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-02-22-32-59…)

No. 491337

Great, now Taylor has leaf-tail geckos it means her stupid child fans are going to google their care, buy them a few days later and kill them.

No. 491339

I have trouble believing that this is the first species she ever wanted and that she gave herself a year before getting them. She also said she had been researching ball pythons and Kenyan sand boas for years since she wasn’t previously allowed to have snakes, but look how shitty her care for them is. All three of them will die, and she’ll blame it on being lied to about them being wild-caught. Or, my favorite, her “some animals are just born runts” excuse that she used for her dead GTP that was obviously extremely dehydrated and also probably infested with parasites.

No. 491343


never mind her fans… tnd googled their care for 5 mins, bought them and will kill at least 1 if not all.

No. 491352

File: 1517635496251.jpeg (382.96 KB, 640x803, 93506675-E771-40C2-B506-C1FC35…)

> “Worked so hard on these”

> the packaging is written in comic sans and the plushies themselves are generic but with cringey sayings on them

No. 491353

File: 1517635523765.jpeg (758.95 KB, 2047x1793, 3561C094-5920-42EE-A0EE-6D6C89…)

No. 491354

File: 1517635541620.jpeg (1003.15 KB, 1536x2048, 7FBA2571-E018-447B-BE60-F3AC25…)

No. 491356


This could have been neat if she had facts about the animals written on the packaging instead of her rambling about herself and her feelings for a paragraph. She can’t decide whether or not she wants to be the focus of her channel or if her animals are.

No. 491357

Who actually pays money for this

No. 491358

"I can't express how much that means to me that you wanted her to be a part of your day." on both packages. She couldn't even be bothered to write unique copy for each plush. jfc lol.

No. 491361


What does she even mean “worked hard on these”?!?

The design isn’t unique so it’s not as if she drew the concept art or anything, and her management team Studio 71 or whatever it’s called…….she sells her merch through them, so it’s obvious that they’re the ones making the product. And since she works through them, she doesn’t have to manage her own website/shipments/orders.

She likes to pretend that she works harder than she does lol…. everything is thanks to her hard work….. when it takes her two weeks to edit a ten minute video

No. 491363

A good few grammar errors / missing words in her writing but I'm petty and don't want to point them out so she can fix them

No. 491365

File: 1517636524153.png (158.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180202-224108.png)

But did taylor "research endlessly"??? Probabaly not. Probabaly googled satanic leaf tailed geckos the moment she saw a picture of one (like yesterday maybe?) And read one caresheet. The fact that she bought a breeding group concerns me too. Why not just one? Is she going to try to breed her two croc skinks and these guys as well? I seriously hope she stays far away from breeding. Especially with the uroplatus, I really don't think she'll be able to handle these guys for long.

No. 491373

File: 1517637776785.png (315.47 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-02-22-49-53…)

Is this the snake of CL or another one? The story doesn't match up (it was a grown up woman snake)
Why does he still pretending like he owns pets? Probably Taylor is the one taking "care" of them and he just fuck around with them

No. 491408

I want to scream. That poor fucking snake NEEDS TO SETTLE BEFORE HOLDING IT.

No. 491410

File: 1517643448509.jpeg (257.88 KB, 750x776, 9AF4B3E7-25C6-4541-9FF3-BA3FD1…)

She literally did nothing to deserve the life she has. She literally has boobs and too much money for her own good.

No. 491412

She deleted the pictures of her new merch after someone pointed out a typo

No. 491415

Those paragraphs really show that she’s an idiot. The grammar is absolutely terrible

No. 491417

>Comic Sans

Right? I feel like she could've done way more than just saying "this animal meant so much to ME", but rather giving out fun facts about each animal. But that would require actual work.

No. 491420

So it went from Taylor running into a lady to Taylor running into "some kid?"

No. 491422

>> 491420

I hope Jonny and Taylor get arrested and questioned for something someday. They're shit at getting their stories straight.

No. 491500

File: 1517655744491.jpeg (129.25 KB, 1192x513, 045DF27F-E9EA-4948-A0E9-0404F2…)

What’s the fourth animal?

No. 491523

Satanic leaf gecko: my favorite gecko species ever. Have been wanting some for the absolute longest time but I just didn’t feel comfortable yet with my capabilities. These guys are super fragile. I’ve been looking into them for over a year now and came across a trio being sold by someone I really trust. Hopefully all my researching paid off and I give these guys a terrific life! In this pic is one of my females!

No. 491524

File: 1517658136251.png (585.76 KB, 606x540, jjjj.png)

No. 491532

As someone who loves animals and would have them all if I had the chance, probably going to borderline impulse buying and shit like this. Taylor seriously makes me want to go out and buy a reptile, yet i'm aware that there is no way I could care for a reptile as most of them require live food that I could not be able to cope with, as well as the difficulty of humidity and temperature maintenance.

She's such a fucking problem for people who struggle with impulses and love animals and it's fucking ugh.

On another note, Em is a hypocrite to such an extent. She shades Taylor and then acts like her friend every other day.

No. 491540

Why why why is she holding it like that!??!!

No. 491546


>Why why why is she holding it!??!!

No. 491547

This made me chuckle a little, you're right she shouldn't even be holding that poor thing.

No. 491573

She needs to PUT THOSE GECKOS DOWN, why can't she take photos of things like a normal person.

Surprised she doesn't try to hold her fish in her hand while they're flopping about gasping for oxygen "it was only for two seconds!"

No. 491577

I agree so much, anon. I really want a ball python, and I could afford one, but I don't because I don't think I could handle feeding it. Also, I feel like I don't know enough about their care, even though I could probably do a better job than Taylor. Anyone who spends five minutes on Google probably can.

I don't know if I'd call Em a hypocrite so much as I'd call her two faced. She doesn't quite strike me as the girl who would tell you to your face that your eyeliner looks pretty and then behind your back, laugh at your lack of eyeliner skills, but she's definitely the type that would vague tweet about you and then swear it's not about you.

No. 491583

I don't see why anyone would want to see pics of her reptiles on her grubby hands, instead of seeing them in their terrariums. She doesn't seem to have any intrest in terrarium design? Which I'd think is half of the joy of having such animals, creating beautiful and enjoyable enviroment for them.

No. 491586


Didn't she recently get her nails done? If so is this picture from a while ago?

It wouldn't surprise me if she was impulse buying animals and only showing them at a later date to avoid backlash for buying too many all in one go.

No. 491588

I wonder when her fucking stans will admit she is a hoarder
It isn't normal buy so many animals in a short amount of time.
When one her reptiles die (and they will because she is negligent af)
I want the name of the breeder, I don't get why not only Taylor but most of the animal pet youtubers try to hide under the breeder when something goes wrong.

"Hey it was perfectly fine when I get it, but suddenly it started getting sick and die, It was the breeder fault, I did nothing wrong"

If i wanted to buy some animals I would liked to know who are those breeders to avoid them but they will never say the name because:
1. It is probably a good breeder and they don't want his other buyers to be against them show in reality they suck as owners.
2.Probably they buy the animals from a really shaddy place and don't want anyone to know (like Ghost)

No. 491590

For me she does come up like that kind of girl. Besides I don't see how anyone have the obligation to share followers with you, if I don't agree with your practices then I don't want my fans to follow your example, she should be mature enough to understand instead of throwing shade like a 16 y/o on internet.

No. 491596


Yeah, i'm more of a fish tank person myself & her fish tanks are completely underscaped also (and wrongly stocked but whatever). Nothing more fun than creating a tangle of plants in a natural environment that brings out the animals behaviour to its fullest.

Also, has anyone else noticed that she has stopped putting up care videos? she is backlogged like 2000 animals. The people who follow her on Youtube & no social media have no idea whats going on i'm sure. Lmao

No. 491617

File: 1517672146077.jpeg (54.98 KB, 1024x296, 6D7BABA3-7830-4A9A-8B5F-EDD437…)

No. 491621

Since Taylor has moved into her apartment (someone correct me if Im wrong), shes acquired….
Three cats (one died)
Three snakes
Four geckos (including jonnys)
One crab
And apparently one betta she didnt tell anyone about? (Or more likely just used as an excuse to make her story about the jumping fish sound a little better)

This girl has bought TWELVE (eleven?) new animals since she moved into that apartment and her fans are still defending her saying shes NOT an animal hoarder… What the hell do you morons think an animal hoarder is? If this girl cant get to her computer within the span of like a week to edit a video that takes maybe an hour, what makes you think she can properly clean her enclosures which could most likely take up to six hours with the number of animals shes been accumulating in that disgusting dumpster fire of an apartment. She hasnt posted one care video, all of her new videos have been empty content with nothing but old shots, mindless rambling about pitbulls, and "look what I just got!!!" This girl is so full of bullshit for thinking she can continue to buy animals she has no intention of taking care of while posting lackluster content that will eventually lose her subs and shelling out thousands of dollars on her foul ass boyfriend.

No. 491634


Reptiles aren't difficult to care for because you refuse to maintain correct temperatures and humidities.

No. 491648


Three geckos and one bearded dragon.

Plus a new mystery animal?

No. 491662

oh how convenient that she just "came across" three new lizards. just like she "came across" a corn snake and 3 kittens.

No. 491669

"I don't buy animals I can't take care of"

>Rehomes 10+ animals

No. 491672

Why is she holding it??? They are NOT supposed to be held.

These are extremely fragile she's going to kill them in less than a week.

No. 491675

File: 1517674660623.jpeg (171.57 KB, 750x594, 99C5273B-4E1E-44B3-93CB-768230…)

-10 for stupid name

No. 491678

Why do i have a strong feeling her new animal is a tegu or some other large reptile? I REALLY hope not but i have a feeling

No. 491680

File: 1517674746745.jpeg (120.47 KB, 750x453, 8173FBDE-D850-4348-8439-D8C118…)


No. 491682


oh god I hope not


I'm going to puke. Is he 17?

No. 491701

That's disgusting

No. 491743


Not a herp keeper, but I’m curious what everyone means by fragile? Do you mean them being so tiny or do they have a lot of requirements that are hard to upkeep?

No. 491755

File: 1517678775561.jpeg (223.52 KB, 640x786, 06257666-E0C1-44FE-93B8-C59911…)

Her obsessed fans sure treat her with respect but she still ignores their desperate plea to get her attention because they impulse bought animals she recommended……..

No. 491757

Also not a herp keeper but looked this up and read some forums. They don't come back well from dehydration and once they're doing poorly, they almost always die.

They need low temperatures and folks have lost them over AC units in their homes screwing up. The biggest issue brought up is keepers not having an adequate cold room. (Does Taylor? Doubt it.) Temperatures above 72-75 are bad for them and humidity needs are fairly high. (Almost always easier to keep a low humidity animal than a high humidity one.) Almost all of them are wild caught so if she read any care sheets, she knows that, and they often carry parasites.

I know very little about reptiles but like…those are gonna die for sure.

No. 491760

Speaking of the crab, it's been about a month since she has posted a photo of it. Bet it's missing a limb or something.

No. 491765


She dropped it on camera at least twice so that wouldn’t be surprising

No. 491782

>Fragile as in; she fucks up with care & handling once and they're pretty much dead

The fuck up doesn't even have to be all that severe or god forbid she does actually drop them. Holding alone is bad enough.

No. 491785

Literally the first result in Google for their care emphasizes not to handle them

Taylor blatantly doesn't give a shit about the well being of her animals

No. 491810

I'm also suspiciously glad that she doesn't have any birds, (…yet, god forbid,) I seriously cannot see her dealing with any type of bird for 2+ weeks.

The amount of work and cleaning and maintenance of any type of bird is beyond insane. (I've never owned herps, but the two are likely comparable, taking into account the difficult and delicate process of socializing a bird.)

Not to mention the noise, depending on species. Not that huge parrots (other than like, cockatiels and budgies) shouldn't really be kept as pets to begin with.

Here's hoping she stays birdless for her entire privileged life lmao.

No. 491825


So far she’s not as much of an idiot as Tyler Ruggee getting an African Gray. He grew up with a Severe Macaw his parents had (that hates him, so I doubt he ever tried handling them) and his Sun Conure he raised. I don’t know who the hell adopted it out to a 20 year old who has zero experience with large birds.

I think he says it’s in its 30s but those can live well into their 80s (though the consensus seems to be they live longer in the wild) so he’s going to have it for the majority of his life. So at least Taylor’s not that much of an impulse idiot.

No. 491826


Oh GOD I totally got them mixed up. His Severe Macaw is almost 30 and his African Grey is 4. He’s such an idiot.

No. 491836

birds are definitely harder to keep than most herps imo, though there are definitely exceptions (see: these leaf geckos smh)
but most snakes don't need much beyond the right temp/humidity, some hides, and food 1x a week or even less frequently depending on the species/size. they're also not loud.
also praying that taylor never gets a bird, jfc, theyre basically toddlers with wire cutters strapped to their faces

No. 491849

If it's a tegu I'm spamming her with pictures of my healthy tegu and my tegu that had severe health problems from mistreatment. They are such high maintenance animals. She concerns me so much. She'd probably get a tegu and walk around with it saying "look at my dog!!! Wow!!" Also her handling of the uroplatus scares me

No. 491859

File: 1517686081424.jpg (473.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180203-112739.jpg)

At least people are finally learning. No angry follower responses to this one…

No. 491861


Look at her instagram post.. So many people telling her she's a hoarder and doesn't take care of her pets.. :P

No. 491872

She never said she was against wild caught, and that in fact she resorts to wild caught to get what she wants. Not that it's good, but I doubt she'll address it if she doesn't absolutely have to. She has already put her 2 cents on her feelings for wild caught, re- she doesn't care.

No. 491876

File: 1517687409014.jpeg (322.25 KB, 1262x1279, AE2D88C2-BC9D-4A11-91B3-A0E608…)

Reading through the comments on her Instagram photo of one of the new geckos is painful. For every comment calling her out there are 5+ fans jumping in to defend her. I think there are at least 30+ “but it’s her job” comments.

No. 491880

>She also doesn't handle and photo her sensitive species

Literally commenting on her post of her handling/photographing a sensitive species

No. 491881

File: 1517687787076.png (4.72 MB, 1242x2208, 91564448-5AC2-4233-B8C7-973E86…)

Ok em

No. 491893

Didn’t she say the temps in her apartment are “perfect for ball pythons”? I’m guessing she meant it’s good ambient temps for them, which would be too high for the geckos.

No. 491894

"Doesn't handle her Pacman frog?"

In her video she literally picked it up and shoved her finger in it's mouth

No. 491901

And she does literally every video showing him. She always says "they don't do well being handled!" And then digs him up and pokes him… I doubt she even washes her hands beforehand as a five second google search shows that they have extremely sensitive skin and should only be touched when necessary

No. 491920

I know this is old and OT but I think Chelsea is just as much of an attention whore as Tay, just a bit more rational.

No. 491923

She never stated she was against wild caught, but in her video where she talked about why you shouldn't keep hermit crabs as pet, one of her main points was how terrible it is that most of them are wild caught and that you shouldn't encourage that.

No. 491927


She likes to imply things for the asspats (adopt don’t shop, don’t buy wild caught, etc) but as long as someone has the animal she wants, she doesn’t care how she gets it.

No. 491930

Her decisions on wild caught vs captive bred animals are entirely based around "is it cute? do i want it?" rather than any actual rationale. Pretty sure several of her saltwater fish aren't even available captive bred, period.

So I guess she considers herself an ~expert level reptile keeper~ now, with the leaftail geckos. After keeping almost solely beginner friendly species of maybe a year. Bluetongues, ball pythons, milksnakes, kingsnakes, cornsnakes, cresties, beardies…all beginner friendly.

Other herpanons, am I correct that the only more advanced reptile she's kept is her croc skinks? And we all know how well she does with those… Bottom line, it's a huge fucking jump. God help us, who knows what else she'll decide to buy now that she considers herself an expert. My bet is something like pygmy chams are on the way.

She did basically the same thing with seahorses and look how THAT turned out. Ugh.

No. 491938


I know it's morbid… but I'm betting the first one of these dies 2-3 months in. With the other two lasting anywhere between 3 month - 1 year.

No. 491940

Fuck I hope she never gets chams. At least a veiled would be somewhat easy but I doubt she'd worry that much over humidity and temps :/ it's easy for them to get sick and they don't show it usually until it's too late so that'd be a perfect "out" for her

No. 491946

Well we still don’t know what the fourth animal she got is. It has to be something rare or big in order for her to hold off posting about it until her next video.

No. 491949

watch it be a fucking dog lmao

No. 491962

File: 1517693854496.jpeg (106.33 KB, 750x406, 558F85EF-014F-4B0A-A80D-B8B245…)

Comments on her Instagram post

No. 491963

File: 1517693869845.jpeg (59.39 KB, 750x264, D7897420-CC5A-4C28-8525-C17554…)

No. 491964

File: 1517693884403.jpeg (142.66 KB, 750x606, 354E1678-3F8C-4393-93FF-92218C…)

No. 491965

File: 1517693899093.jpeg (71.27 KB, 750x209, 67384610-D315-4331-B6AA-DDBBB4…)

No. 491970

She couldn't handle birds, I'm sure. When I had cockatiels as a teen, 90% of my life was spent vacuuming.

No. 491984


She could try parakeets, since their messes are a bit more contained (depending on many she gets) She’d probably feed them nothing but seeds and stick them in a tiny cage together. It kind of bothers me how it takes her a year to give her animals proper habitats just because the animals haven’t reached their full size yet. It’s inderstanavle if she didn’t have the money at the time, but she DOES

No. 491987

Even besides cleaning and other care, if she got a hand-raised bird it would require hours of attention everyday because they’re so attached to people. No more vacations for her and no not leaving her bed for 48 hours. I see people telling her to get a bird all the time though.

No. 491994

File: 1517695438363.jpeg (327.53 KB, 640x945, C2F6E41A-934C-4DD5-AD30-6A1B62…)

1. She’s not that smart

2. I get that she’s obsessed with drama and talked about getting a tattoo of a bad review left on her apartment complex about her, but that’s retarded

No. 491996

I can't believe I forgot about parakeets. They're so small and cute! I'd cry if she got them, though. She already does such a bad job with her other animals. Parakeets are too good for her.

No. 491997


I bet it’s named Mara short for Samara, because 2edgy4u right? She’s so embarassing

No. 492013

Chameleon? I could have sworn she had one years ago but maybe that was another pet YouTuber.

No. 492032

She's only been on Youtube for less than two years iirc so, doubtful.

Also, was the pic of her handling Mara from way after she got them, making it 100% unecessary handling rather than "putting in enclosure" or some other bullshit excuse? I mean, she handles her crocodile skinks all the time, and handles snakes before they settle in, so it seems like she thinks all the advice to NOT handle certain animals is just bullshit that doesn't apply to an ~animal goddess~ like her. Not like its the consensus of countless professionals with decades of experience.

Oh btw speaking of animals she shouldn't really handle but does anyway, is her tarantula still alive?

No. 492039

She doesn't handle her tarantula anymore because she flicks her hairs into her skin and it irritates her. Not because she cares about the animals welfare. If the tarantula didn't do this it'd be getting held non-stop like her other 'observation pets'

No. 492042

Ok yeah I was mistaken there was just a picture of her holding chameleons that I assumed she owned

No. 492043

At least the tarantula can defend itself, unlike all the other animals where she interprets not trying to get away or bite as them being 100% cool with handling. Her thing of "it's okay to hold them in their enclosures!" is the most bullshit self serving logic I have EVER heard. Just because they can't jump off your hand and fall to their deaths, doesn't mean they're not scared and stressed by the gigantic creature hunting them down and grabbing them.

Also, I checked the time stamps, and yeah, she got the geckos yesterday afternoon and the picture of her handling Mara was from this morning. So yeah, not even the excuse of "I had to put her in the enclosure!"

…unless, of course, they sat in cups all night because she didn't set up their enclosures until after she got them. Which is totally possible with her. Ugh.

No. 492061


I've got budgies, and while their messes aren't as big as some other species, I still have to vacuum my room once or twice a day and change papers constantly, even in their flight cage. Not to mention when it's molting season x2 a year, or when they decide to fling their vegetables/sprouts/food everywhere, or shred a toy, etc.

Birds are a ton of work regardless of species IMHO, even parakeets. (Which there are also dozens of species of, some of which are really fragile.)

If her skin is so fragile from EDS she wouldn't be able to handle bird bites either. They are painful and damaging.

(Sorry for blogging, but I REALLY do not want her to get a bird!! There is no way she could handle any, save for maybe a dove pair, but even then we know how bad her husbandry is so I'd rather not see that either. I agree with all of you, birds = really bad scenario for Taylor.)

No. 492075

File: 1517699823320.png (1.4 MB, 1400x958, taylor.png)

No. 492095

I just snorted

No. 492118

LOL… Gdi, I wish I still had photoshop. Someone needs to shoop her face onto a titan from Attack on Titan and replace the titan's victim with that gecko, rofl.

No. 492126

Sage for birdfaggotry, but I want to clarify for the anons in this thread since budgies live up to 10-12 years and for all we know she might actually take our advice.

Budgies and anything larger take a lot of care if you have multiple. Birds are pretty damn fragile and sensitive to literally everything from frying pans to febreeze. They also live longer than cats and dogs while being too popular to easily rehome/still exotics so you can’t just take them to the pound.

The county fair goldfish equivalent in birds is the zebra finch, not the budgie. They’re basically designed to be the cockroach of birds. They don’t need too much space or a fresh diet like budgies do and live 5-7 years with proper care.

But imo Taylor should never get birds because they’re not just display animals that she can grope whenever she needs a pic for instagram. Plus, the aviculture community takes no prisoners when it comes to animals in unsafe conditions so she would probably only be criticized for it. Tbh I regularly peep this thread just to make sure she hasn’t gotten any yet.

No. 492128

File: 1517702632799.jpeg (278.71 KB, 1600x1600, C251CD62-110C-441F-BE68-422D29…)

Thought I’d drop this here

No. 492131


I only have two parakeets atm. I have two of those black nets that you put on the outside of the cage to keep the mess contained (though the net still gets seeds and feathers stuck in it so picking stuff out of those is a nightmare in itself)

I also have have hamster potties in the two highest traffic corners of the cage to catch the brunt of the bathroom business, but I still have to clean my parakeets cage twice a week. A full week and trying to swap out the trays and deep clean gets stuff everywhere.

She’d never get a bird because they DEMAND attention. She couldn’t just plop it in its cage and take it out when it’s convenient.

No. 492147

File: 1517703361953.jpg (218.07 KB, 1904x1066, attackontaylor.jpg)

here you go anon

No. 492162

omg, its beautiful. tears were shed.

Forreal though, some animals can learn that handling is safe and okay. Some animals just can't/don't. I think Taylor thinks that because you can tame a snake or a bearded dragon or whatever, you can tame ANY reptile if you're ~special~ and ~sensitive~ enough. Some just do not work that way and rather than trying to be the 1 in a million with a leaftail gecko who "likes" handling, it's best to just leave them the fuck alone.

I think her behavior on this issue really shows the kind of person she is – the rules don't apply to her, and her excuses/rationalizations make anything and everything okay. It's all worth the risk of stressing her animals potentially to death for those sweet insta likes. And if she read this, she would say "I can tell when they're stressed!" …which is either 100% lie or delusion.

No. 492191

I really can't wait until she impulse buys an animal that bites her and she rehomes it, which would only cause backlash.
Pffft, imagining all her fans who defend her realising how shitty she is is so funny, since I used to be a fan but was never that far up her arse.

Of course, I don't want her animals to be neglected like they are, but she needs to learn her lesson.

If an animal bit her a lot, she'd probably get rid of it, let's be honest.

No. 492197

I don't think she would unless it was some kind of larger animal because if I remember right Sabor (the gtp) bit her tons of times and she still has him

No. 492199

>>492162 Her priority to take photos over her animals and their stress levels is disgusting. She's obsessed with taking a photo over anything else, I bet when she looks at the animal she wants to buy for the first time she thinks, "I'll look so gud with that delicate Satanic Leaf Gecko! I really want to show off! Screw the Gecko's stress levels, I need a photo with it so I look gud!If it dies, it's okay, because I got muh photo. That Gecko is damn selfish for making me wait to get a gud photo of ME holding it, nope I need it NOW, fucking selfish ass Gecko!"

No. 492202

Also, my father has had love birds for about 11 years, and they have lived around his cat for all that time.

They're constantly spitting seeds out of their cage, tweeting, or mating which makes a horrible flapping noise. There's no way she'd be able to cope with one.

Especially since she has cats who she loves oh-so-much. As I said, his birds have been around his cat for years, and the cat still tries to reach up and rock their cage. She's old, so I can't imagine how hard kittens would try to get to (probably baby, knowing her) new birds they'd probably never seen before.

And, as a previous anon said, she wouldn't be able to take super "aesthetic", "edgy" selfies with them lol.

No. 492205

File: 1517706470251.jpeg (174.46 KB, 1279x593, E98AB3E1-3EF7-4379-A6E7-DF323D…)

Why is she always trying to justify it with number of animals? Yes, you can have 30 pets and take amazing care of them. The point is, she doesn’t. It has nothing to do with numbers.

No. 492206


She's probably only keeping him because the other one died under her care when she shouldn't have bought it so if she got rid of him people would probably call her out for it lmao.

But to be fair, she is a total dumbass who doesn't know when she's wayyyyyy past her limit.

No. 492210


The fact she has 30 is the problem… if she can't even edit videos for what, 1 hour, when it's just sitting down and clicking, then how is she supposed to clean all those enclosures? Or feed them all?

She just pointed out why everyone is worried. How does it even get to the point where one has 30 animals if they're constantly complaining about flare ups and mental issues?

She's such an ignorant twat.
And fuck yes, she is the devil. To her animals at least.

No. 492216

>fake concerned people

as if no one could genuinely care for the well being of the animals

No. 492217

Well, if it's impossible for HER to genuinely care about animals beyond how they make her look, it's GOT to be impossible for other people to. smh

No. 492222

File: 1517707148904.jpg (331.53 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20180203-180844.jpg)

Reposting because I keep accidentally leaving my name in stuff. But I commented and she replied back saying that the geckos are in a completely different room because it's too warm in her pet room for them. So that's good I guess?

No. 492224

>>492216 The "fake concerned people" she's talking about cared more about the kitten she killed and starved, and basically caused her to have a painful death from not being properly stimulated to poop. The "fake concerned people" told her to get the kittens to a foster Mom, so many of her loyal fans, so I guess they are fake concerned as well. SHE, is the fake concerned person she's talking about.

No. 492226


Last time I checked, none of the other Pet YouTubers take weekly photos of their animals while holding them in uncomfortable/stressing positions.

No. 492232

File: 1517707404857.jpeg (312.67 KB, 640x837, 64CE0BB2-35BF-4E76-BCD6-6D16CF…)

Here come Taylor’s weekly “I’m the only one who’s ever got hate on the internet EVER” pity party, lol….

What kind of absolute nutcase retweets tweets from her fans defending her?

No. 492237

if these toddler fans of hers actually saw the proof that she paid nearly $700 to take Ghost away from his mom 3 weeks earlier than is safe, would they STILL defend her like this?

nvm. bet they would. they don't live in reality.

No. 492239

File: 1517707650883.jpeg (144.05 KB, 640x423, 2C41D502-9309-4B2B-88AA-5EBDBE…)

Comparing herself to Steve Irwin lol…. bitch sit down

A lot of the things on his Croc Hunter show we’re taking it a bit too hard for the sake of entertainment imo, but the man had 40+ years of experience and came from a family of animal lovers, he at the very least knew his shit.

No. 492244

if so many accs online have way more animals than her and dont get nearly as much hate maybe she should sit down and consider why?
but sure the problems everyone else not you, taylor.

No. 492246

File: 1517707925843.jpeg (316.31 KB, 640x1015, C64028ED-6F73-4B7C-BAC2-ABBBB6…)

You’ll never fucking quit, because that means you’ll have to go back to your minimum wage Petco job because no way are you going to get hired anywhere with no college education or any field experience with animals outside of owning animals from 3ish years

No. 492247

I also feel like she doesn't realize that the "so many people who have hundreds of animals" anre people like Brian barchyzk or however his last name is spelled from bhb reptiles. And most of the reptile community hates this guy! Taylor once did a collab video with him (I think she bought her hoggie in this video) and immediately people started telling her how horribly he looks after his animals. He also has staff that look after his animals, it's not just him. Another person she might be using this argument for is Jay from prehistoric pets. Another guy who has some iffy practices. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't work alone either.

No. 492256

File: 1517708482673.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180203-184154.png)

This must be her favourite way to hold all animals. Pinched between her fingers on their backs.

No. 492257

File: 1517708500335.jpeg (265.99 KB, 1292x1279, 7029D6F4-E954-4388-BFEB-5C2C3C…)

No. 492259

pretty much. people who have as many animals as she does are either a) breeders or retailers b) in a profession outside YT that involves animals or c) hoarders. She is only one of those things, but apparently she likes to imagine she's the second coming of Steve Irwin.

No. 492261

>didn't ask to be in the spotlight

no she definitely asked to be in the spotlight, just not in this way

No. 492280

What started the whole thing that she is currently crying about ? Does anyone have the tweets or ?

No. 492282

Either the replies on her announcement of the gecko (twitter and Instagram) or she still reads this site.

No. 492283

A little further up anons were saying that there are a lot of comments on her Insta calling her out for handling her new geckos incorrectly. Seems to be what provoked the current round of "woe is me".

No. 492285

Dear Taylor, Coyote Peterson.
Also, there's a difference between having an appreciation for animals and having animals so you can wear them like jewelry.

No. 492289

I called her out for nearly a year on twitter giving her tips and trying to help her animals from being in harms way and she retaliated by basically saying I’m jealous and “it was only for a video!!1! They were safe” (Referring to her gecko RIDING HER SKINK) and a few times after that she blocked me for genuinely trying to make sure she treated her animals right.

TLDR; she hasn’t no right to say no one has genuine concerns bc i voices mine and got blocked and called a hater

No. 492290


Lmfao. More pictures more pictures you've both outdone me.

She NEVER accepts any criticism. She never accepts that shes wrong in the slightest. If she wants to make an improvement on her life she needs to stop having a pity party and actually make some adjustments to her animal keeping e.g. stop holding ur god dam stressed out animals.

I've never met anyone who is SO unwilling to change but yet cries about THE HATERS so much. Maybe actually listen????

No. 492292

If she doesn’t want hate, stop doing fucking stupid things. It’s actually not hard whatsoever

No. 492293

File: 1517710228396.jpg (270.87 KB, 1004x1786, Screenshot_20180203-190906.jpg)

Yeah, no. How about you don't make animal care videos considering you've been keeping these reptiles for less than a year.

No. 492295

her usual M.O. is to make a care video the same day or week she gets a new animal so maybe the snake care vid will be marginally better than her others?


No. 492302

File: 1517710671646.jpeg (198.59 KB, 640x803, E1BFEC4F-4ADE-4E7D-A45E-838753…)

Or just……ignore them?

It’s one thing if they’re threatening or genuinely harassing you, but people with dissenting opinions or calling you out aren’t “trolls” lol

The only thing blocking nonviolent people does is put you in an echochamber

No. 492310


Even when she accepts criticism (which is never) instead of admitting she was wrong she tries to justify her way of thinking in a way so she’s not COMPLETELY wrong, just MISINFORMED.

Like with her telling the blatant lie about nanny dogs when trying to be smug about pitbulls, when she was called out on it she went “that’s not what I mean! I thought it meant _______!!!!!!!”

Also whenever she does something wrong with animal care, she says that she was “told she could do that!!!!” When any RESPONSIBLE person would double and triple check any advice given to them by strangers in regards to animals they have no experience with.

No. 492316

File: 1517711363055.jpeg (89.29 KB, 1025x426, D123B4A0-8FE1-461E-BC28-54074C…)

Her response to someone telling her to quarantine the geckos. Of course she responds to this one since they happen to be in another room, but she has never quarantined any of her snakes before and won’t respond to the people who tell her she needs to. IMO not quarantining is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

No. 492331


Those black seed-catching nets were never in my arsenal- my cage is too big for them anyways lol. I tend to have success in minimizing mess by using step-in food cups with a perch & everything inside. They have a harder time flinging and scratching their pellets and nutriberries like that haha!

But for real, people seriously underestimate the dedication birds require. Not even dedication, but stamina. If she couldn't finish editing a video for over a week, there is no way she could handle even the easiest bird. /sage for blogging

No. 492332

My mother is a hobbyist rabbit breeder, so not really a full fledged one, but we ALWAYS check on them at least 4 times a day, clean their hutches, etc. With her job on top of it, it's so much work.

Taylor is blatantly not caring for her animals at all, or at least, doing much less than the bare minimum. And it's not like she is busy with a job, since "Youtube is her job" and "taking care of her animals is her job".

If she had a job where she had to do the exact same things as she's supposed to do for them all she would NOT be paid because she doesn't do ANY of it.

Chronic pains and flare ups are not an excuse. She knew what she was getting into. I got a hamster a few months before I became deeply depressed and it caused her to die but I don't consider that an excuse, so I haven't got another pet since then. I made a mistake because I'm a dumb kid… She's an adult, but she acts 12 and refuses to believe anything is her fault, never feeling guilt.

I really hope her animals get taken away from her and rehomed… Usually I'd never wish that upon someone but she doesn't really care about them at all, only about how they're a big part of her fabricated personality.

No. 492333

I've always had animals and I've grown up with them but I have never EVER considered having anywhere close to 30? If anything, I'd probably end up with less than 10 (including fish). The way she says "oh it's only 30" shows how entitled she thinks she is and how little she cares for them ? It's all about her, everything is all about her.

She's a ridiculously spoilt brat and if there is one thing I can't stand in this world, it is little bitches who do shit wrong but attempt to victimise themselves.

No. 492336

Also, cats have LETHAL bacteria under their claws that can easily destroy a bird's immune system. Seriously, kittens + bird = disaster.

No. 492340


How… poetic, Taylor stan.

No. 492345


Yeah. I really hope that she's not stupid enough to get one, but I wouldn't put it behind her. She has gekos, snakes, fish, cats, rodents, and she has had dogs… Wouldn't surprise me if she moved onto birds just to keep her channel her definition of interesting.

No. 492347

File: 1517713145289.png (262.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180203-191759.png)

So this is a price I found of uroplatus phantasticus from backwater reptiles. Hopefully that's not where she got hers from, they're a horrible place to buy animals from. But nevertheless, she still probably paid around 1k for her geckos

No. 492353

All I can think is thank goodness they're priced high enough to stop most of her impressionable stans from getting one.

No. 492354


Hope she wouldn’t be too much of an idiot to get a large one like a Macaw. I used to work at a bird sanctuary for rejoined and special needs birds and I moved a bit too fast and spooked a Macaw. I knew enough about bite safety to make sure not to struggle and stayed calm to minimize damage until I could guide him off me, but he still bite straight through my epidermis and drew a lot of blood.

Parakeets do the least amount of damage in comparison to any bite but they can still draw a bit of blood if you test them enough. I doubt she’d take the time to hand tame it either. Just carry it around in her first because “it won’t stay on my shoulder!!!!”

No. 492374

This really pissed me off.

Taylor you SHOULD be crying. Not because people correct you. But because your animals are SUFFERING. You KILLED a kitten because you chose to take care of it when you had no idea what you were doing along with locking it in the bathroom, instead of leaving it to an expert so they had the best chance. You have several animals that are now deformed or injured because you treat them like toys instead of living beings. They have had countless diseases and parasites because you don't adequately care for any of them. And you ABANDONED 3 dogs and many other animals because you don't give a shit after you buy something new.

You would never quit although you fucking should. All you care about is fame and money and will step all over others to get that. You have no education, no friends, no experience to fall back on once you're washed up. I hope things turn around and YOU start suffering for all the terrible things you've done to your family and animals.

Fuck you.

No. 492381

File: 1517715677522.png (259.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180203-204142.png)

Apparently she's not overwhelmed. And yet she can't even sit down for an hour to edit her videos.

No. 492392

I got my budgie from a place where they hand feed all their parrots so since day 1 he’d just chill on my finger or shoulder.

No. 492394

And why hasn’t she had rats? They’re by far the best small pet besides a small tamed bird.

No. 492397

She used to talk about how overwhelmed she was in the intro to a lot of her old videos. And she had way less pets then.

No. 492398

Are you trying to encourage her to get birds and rats?!? Her mouse is currently in a CLOSET. She would have no where to put these animals, and her cats would constantly bother birds.

No. 492405

Where is it coming all this bird talk?
It is weird how some of you are imagine this scenarios with birds
She have real animals to talk about kek

No. 492408

File: 1517717609566.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9937.PNG)

Oh my god he's literally 16. MY FIRST HICKEY!! Stfu.

No. 492409

rofl that face tat. hell, that face.

No. 492410

Yes, he literally is. I'm still trying to hold back the gallons of puke from him talking about eating ice cream with a boner.

No. 492414

For someone who's girlfriend has forty of them, you'd think jonny would know how to spell "animals"

No. 492415

Rats are amazing pets but she would throw them into her closet so fast. Even a pretty rat with unique markings won't give her the same attention that a FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR DESIGNER SNAKE would give…

No. 492421


That's a good point, has she gotten any cheap, "normal" animals recently? i guess the corn snake was pretty reasonably common, but everything else with her snakes, designer clownfish somehow only she can get, purebred kitten, and $1k gecko trio is either practically ~one of a kind~ or something her fans can't get, or both.

No. 492425

Didn't Jonny say that he took the corn snake? I could have sworn he tweeted about that or something. Taylor can't even be bothered with basic animals, she just passes them off to her drugged up boyfriend.

No. 492450

Cruella de Vil and Taylor Nicole Dean have 3 things in common: They kill animals, Taylor killed a kitten, Cruella attempted to kill puppies so I guess she one ups Cruella there. They wear animals, and include their middle name in their full name. It's a small world after all.

No. 492454

Because we're all speculating that if she decided to branch out into birds, (no pun intended,) that all shit would hit the fan lmao

Because birds are hard and complicated and she doesn't give 2 fucks

No. 492475


Ok. I don't know who most of these people who keep @'ing Taylor with blue check marks next to their names are, but how is it that so many damn "celebrities" or shall I say, mini celebraties, seem to know who Taylor is? Why do they care so much?

Like I know Jenna Marbles mentioned her, and she's been featured in the news for a few things in her state… But she isn't even at 2 millions followers yet. I just don't see how any of this is enough for all these semi famous people to know or care about Taylor so much.

No. 492477

LMFAO you think "de" is a middle name?

No. 492482

Not the same anon, but "Cruella de Vil" is literally the correct format and spelling per the Wiki and IMDB.


lol! Wouldn't be surprised. Girl lives by her whims.

No. 492488

The next person derailing the thread with "sorry for blogging but-" will face a juicy ban.

No. 492496

Yeah okay but the difference between those accounts and you is that those accounts are most likely breeders or experts in animal care.

Their job is to care for the animals they already have, while yours is to get a new animal you know next to nothing about so you can keep your army of children entertained and show yourself off. I really doubt Jonny helps her with that shit at all.

No. 492524

So she was in the container overnight?? Ffs, Taylor. Seriously, the post with the gecko in the container was from the afternoon. The post where she was holding the gecko with the subtitle "Mara says goodmorning" or whatever the fuck was from the following morning.

Are you fucking kidding me…

She got them from a store. So they're probably from a similar wholesaler. I would be shocked if a petstore paid the price for leaftails from a good source, it would be almost impossible to make a profit.

No. 492530

She can put the new geckos in another room but she couldn't put the mouse and hedgehogs in another room it had to be the closet?

No. 492532

She's bored of them now. She's moved onto snakes

She's just waiting for them to die.

No. 492533

I know the exact store she got them from. SA fag here. I won’t leak the name because this is a great store and they don’t deserve any backlash for selling to her but the female was $399.99 and the males were $329.99 each. This store does carry wild caught animals and very little captive bred animals. This is the same place where she got her first croc skink. Not too sure where she got the female.

No. 492557

Just how much money does this woman have?

No. 492571

the thing that bothers me is how she flooded her moms house several times to the point they want to redo the flooring and in her videos she treates it like it so funny and she is so quirky haha I forget shit all the time haha

No. 492601


She got 2 females, 1 male.

No. 492610


A anon in a past thread who knew her on Facebook said she once threw a fit because her mom decided to use her hardearned money on renovations instead of getting her a new computer, wonder if thar was related

No. 492622

File: 1517753787043.png (154.74 KB, 720x444, IMG_20180204_151131.png)

No. 492631

File: 1517755085787.jpeg (91.73 KB, 596x336, 070191E2-611D-4F94-BFF5-215EEC…)

SA Fag here again. I messaged the shop about the geckos. They are wild caught.

No. 492632

File: 1517755437739.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2208, 3153F366-247B-4C7B-8E06-F21646…)

No. 492633

File: 1517755486086.jpeg (282.08 KB, 640x815, 5F6A2221-73E0-47A9-B631-9F2E8E…)

Her default mindset of “this would make a great photo!” is kind of disturbing. I know it’s to be expected with everyone having a smart phone now but… she’s always looking for that next “cute” animal picture

No. 492634

enough to pay for her gross boyfriends dental implants and thousands of dollars just in the last month on new animals. I hope jonny screws her over if only just so she can MAYBE learn an important life lesson to be smarter with money. whatever "beauty" she thinks she has (which is really just created with makeup, lighting, & flattering angles) isn't going to last forever so she should be saving for that rainy day.

No. 492636

So by looking at the shops website, they seem to have no tegus in stock rn which is good so there’s a pretty good chance she didn’t get one

BUT they do have caimans in stock which Jonny really likes (saw him at the reptile expo in Seguin, TX looking at them) so that’s my guess on what “boss baby” is

No. 492637

It may be a stretch because they get decently big and need huge enclosures but honestly just guessing at this point due to what i saw

No. 492639

File: 1517756012089.jpeg (5.79 MB, 5184x3456, 941B62C4-EE56-4F8A-BB47-14ADA0…)

Jonny looking at caiman at reptile expo

No. 492659

I will loose my mind if she gets a tegu. I own tegus and they are a lot of work, and one of mine is a prime example for what can happen without the proper care (she's a rescue). Taylor does not have the time or dedication to tame down a tegu, and care for it when it will eventually require an 8x4x4 enclosure. So yeah if she got a tegu I will loose it.

No. 492669

Correct me if I'm wrong but any big reptile (such as an Iguana or A Skink) requires a huge enclosure. There is no way she has that much room for one

No. 492672

hedgehogs need big enclosures too (some people have an entire room as a enclosure for 1 hedgehog) and she keeps them in like rat cages

No. 492682


Rat cages should be huge too, heck proper hamster cages are bigger than what her hedgies are in.
No animal should be in a store bought cage unless their main enclosure is being cleaned.

No. 492690

A double critter or ferret nation would be okay for rats, but most other store bought cages are way too small.

No. 492704

Do you think she cares? Most of her animals do not have a proper enclosure

No. 492707


She waits months after owning an animal before thinking about sizing up their habitats. Though, if you’re going to drop a couple thousand on a designer snake,she’s sense you wouldn’t have money left over to give them a bigger area

No. 492725

File: 1517764239568.png (122.3 KB, 750x984, IMG_1223.PNG)

No. 492727

i love the "oops i dipped my nose in coke" highlighter look

No. 492728

This is also such bullshit that she even had to touch it to move it into an enclosure. Even hamster youtubers will move a new hamster, an animal that can be handled, into a new enclosure using a tupperware or similar to avoid stressing it out.

And you know she didn't get this in one shot. Probably took a while to get a good photo.

No. 492734

File: 1517764678033.png (9.82 KB, 211x127, IMG_1224.PNG)

with all the money she flaunts you'd think she could afford lips that don't look like they were stolen from a cadaver

No. 492739

She looks cakey af. It is so funny since her no make up photos got leaked she avoid at all cost being seen like the real old lady she is.

No. 492740

god she looks dirty. did she spray her face with cooking oil before trying to contour? it's so uneven. it looks like a mask because her face is so much darker than her neck.

No. 492743

File: 1517765284405.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2051, 786CE3C6-3ACA-4DD6-9C46-6EC5B7…)

Trying to share animal facts and commenting on how much she ~loves~ Sabor right after it was mentioned here? Hilarious.

No. 492749

Even she got that wrong apparently for tree pythons is very important to have horizontal space because they move through the branches in that way, the enclosure is just tall, not wide enough.

No. 492751

so she wants to do a vivarium for him, but has said nothing about a vivarium for the leaftails-ones that need live plants considerably more?

No. 492752

I hope she realizes that viv’s are supposed to be set up and thriving for 3 months before you put an animal in there

No. 492753

Her face is ORANGE what the fuck

No. 492758

(Did I sage correctly? I'm new to this)

This isn't really too relevant but I genuinely wonder how often she drags her ass out of bed to shower because that white/grey hair around her face looks like a few days worth of dry shampoo

No. 492764

File: 1517766694441.png (194.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-04-11-49-25…)


No. 492770

Has she shown enclosures for her new animals yet?

No. 492771

File: 1517766904492.png (271.55 KB, 720x1200, Capture _2018-02-04-11-54-06.p…)

Blatant lies. Come on.

No. 492772

Is that the picture of Sabor? If so, she got him from LLLReptile and they very, very rarely sell anything other than wild-caught GTP’s.

No. 492779


Yeah it's from the picture of sabor.

No. 492793

hork. legit looks like she's done one of those "100 layers of liquid lipstick" challenges. who voluntarily DOES this to themselves? i say it's the best proof so far that she actually IS mentally ill.

& she's completely vacant in the full image. the tip of her nose has more going on than her eyes do.

No. 492803


Okay but kissing with huge lips must be a pain, especially if you're into some lip biting or some other shit of the like?

No. 492806


Is this implying she also got a new iPhone X? That would be hilarious and ironic, considering her “you could buy one iPhone X or adopt ten puppies” post

No. 492812

That…. isn't even a good picture…..

No. 492815


She’s obsessed with looking “sexy” and “cool” that I honestly just can’t take her seriously anymore. Not that she could smile and have it look natural with those lips anyway.

No. 492826

Her excuse is that the snakes would smell the mouse and freak out. I'm no herp specialist so I'm not sure if that holds any water, but I'd imagine it would be the other way around; the mouse would freak out smelling snakes. However, simply putting them in another room isn't going to rid the smell of snake, it would have to be kinda far considering how bad snake shit smells. Plus, didn't she have herps and mammals in the same room before? Didn't seem to bother anyone then.
Taylor is a very typical 'do as i say not as i do' hypocrite. I can't count how many times she says it's bad to do X, then turns around and does X.
I would much rather her buy an IPhone X instead of a ton of puppies

No. 492831

Her lips are not even at all wtf

She used to be so pretty… Now she looks like a 35 year old on real housewives of San Antonio.

No. 492857

What a narcissistic bitch

No. 492862

Honestly, I don't think she'd get a tegu/caimen - not with her constantly being like ~oh I don't have the space for a dog~

I think it's still something larger, like maybe an iguana, another skink, or it's something that's potentially too dangerous for an inexperienced keeper (large with teeth, a shark of some form, something poisonous) based on how JC calls it boss baby or something.

But man, I'm also afraid they got another expensive cat. I'm shocked she doesn't fawn over Bengals or something.(namefagging)

No. 492875


Or Savanna cats, they would bully her other kittens lmao

No. 492890

"I didn't realize you lived with me."

We don't have to, you dumb bitch. You've made several videos and took all those instagram photos showing us you handling your animals too much. Normally, I wouldn't call her names, but I have been lately because she's been so flippant. Here's someone saying they have more experience with these things than she has, and she's going to sit there and argue like a bitch.

No. 492894


Isn’t that the top she wore in her video before last ?

No. 492895

Meaning isn’t this an old picture ?

No. 492903

Can you stop with the conspiracies? At this point is becoming irritating to read every two comments things like "oh I hope she doesnt get a horse, I had a horse years ago and are difficult to care hur hur the horse is going to bother the cats"
Honestly it does not contribute anything and no, it has nothing to do with Taylor, it is purely blogposting just because you mention Taylor does not make it relevant.

No. 492928

people have already been told off by farmhands and yet they're still blogposting
stfu about yourselves and how much knowledge you have on birds and shit
just briefly mentioning TND isn't enough christ

speaking of TND didn't she already mention her new pets (the leaf geckos) what did everyone get this fourth pet thing from? or am I just blind and she said she was getting another already

No. 492930

Jonny posted that there was a fourth mystery pet that was going to be unveiled in her next video but god knows how long that’s gonna take to come out

No. 492981

im soo curious to see what new pet Taylor got, inb4 a hot snake or something (maybe a gaboon viper ?) but sadly we'll have to wait for like 1 month for her to sit down and edit the damn video

No. 493022


This is why everyone is guessing, there's still another mystery animal. Anything related to her is game

No. 493059

File: 1517783616016.png (181.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-04-14-43-21…)

Someone Taylor follows. I thought it was pretty interesting.

No. 493102


Tbh at this point considering there has been no reveal despite TND immediately posting pics with everything else ~interesting~ and given that JC always says stuff Taylor denies later, I'm not even sure there is a new animal.

No. 493113

What you're saying makes sense. Maybe he was on cloud 9 and just tweeted some bs

No. 493120

I think the only thing that would keep her from posting pics immediately is that she got an animal she KNOWS she'll get shit on for buying. She wants to get a video out first to amass a big enough "OMG SO COOOOOOOOOL, MOM!!!" crowd to steamroll any criticism.

But Jonny being stupid high and mistaking 3 animals for 4 makes sense too lol.

No. 493121

File: 1517786855186.jpg (108.33 KB, 1481x1480, Hh9oKEO.jpg)

She just posted this too. Very interesting indeed.

No. 493167

Can we talk about Nemo wearing that bandana all the time even though people are telling her how unsafe it is ? She took their unsafe collars off so she could replace it with a bandana ? Seriously ?

No. 493170

can't tell if it is one, but there are breakaway bandana collars for cats. Hopefully that's what he's wearing

No. 493172

It's not, in some pictures you can clearly see it tied with a knot.

No. 493176

File: 1517790020160.png (883.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1222.PNG)

No. 493179


During her mom's livestream I asked if Taylor had EDS and her mom read my question out and said "yes, she has EDS".

I'm not inclined to disbelieve her, but she's got like, the mildest case of it and milks it endlessly.

No. 493182

She can't claim that the bandana was just for the photo either because there's the instagram video of him being outside on the balcony with Jonny mandhandling him.

No. 493191

Oh you're right. Breakaway bandanas have a faux knot and a buckle, but it looks like a legit knot in the photo and I don't see any buckles.
She's a moron.

No. 493206

File: 1517791318375.png (5.36 MB, 1242x2208, BBD16F75-1341-4412-80D0-E40FAF…)

No. 493214

File: 1517791597560.png (324.24 KB, 633x733, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.44…)

>> 493191

It's just a regular bandana. If it were safe she'd post "proof," but this was her response when someone called her out on twitter. Her usual "just once in a while" and "it's fine for ME to do it!"

No. 493216

Lord, she looks so rough! How does one—especially such an insecure person as Taylor, say ‘yeah this looks good’.
Besides the poorly applied highlighter and lipliner, her neck doesn’t match her face !

No. 493233

There is a fourth animal. Taylor’s friend tweeted something along the lines “is this the one you were telling me about?” In reference to the boss baby tweet

No. 493239

File: 1517792637513.jpeg (130.33 KB, 745x727, BDB24163-192B-4B51-B155-09BA5A…)

Betsy is Taylor’s high school (maybe earlier) friend

No. 493244

File: 1517792876390.jpeg (402.61 KB, 750x1291, B1FEE248-A8E5-424D-BE7A-41BCEC…)

Also, this is Taylor’s best friend

No. 493246

File: 1517792915129.jpeg (418.79 KB, 750x1287, 31AF08DC-D657-427A-B341-564D89…)

No. 493271

File: 1517793925695.jpeg (208.17 KB, 640x543, 20F0E5E4-CC0A-4132-8D55-0E9963…)

I’m sorry but what kind of ass backwards logic is that? “Stress is natural do pick them up for photos all you want!”

No. 493273

File: 1517794023536.png (989.53 KB, 1242x2208, 7A577C2A-C244-4415-9CBB-C305F2…)

No. 493297

How is someone so misguided to ask for help from an ~°~*internet celebrity*~°~ over actually seeking help for their, likely, mortally ill animal?

Vets aren't even allowed to help over the internet or phone, so why would you take the advice of someone who shows bad husbandry? Even if you truly thought their care was the best in the world, their advice doesn't equate to genuine vetinary care.

No. 493309

This makes me so angry. Sure, sometimes the husbandry practises we put animals through are stressful to them, it's a necessary evil. But, I don't think that the guy who tweeted this understands the necessary part.

The goal as the carer of animals, especially wild caught, should first and foremost be to provide the minimum amount of stress possible. And you should be proud when you find practices which create the minimum amount of stress to that animal possible, you should not be taking pride in how good it looks for your selfies.

What frustrates me is how she refuses to accept advice, from fans and those who hate her alike. She refuses to listen to our concerns and address them. I just want to see these animals safe and well cared for.

No. 493348

File: 1517797740714.jpg (234.98 KB, 600x600, Taylur.jpg)

The more animals the more knowledge

No. 493354

Anon this is beautiful the tweet in the background really adds to it

No. 493366

my theory is she actually got 4 geckos and shes just saying 3 so she wont have to face flack when one inevitably dies. jonny just didnt know the lie

No. 493452

She's trying so hard to validate putting her wants over the well-being and comfort of her animals. she's disgusting and shameless. same for anyone who supports her after seeing proof of her awful handling.

animals, especially WILD CAUGHT ones, die from stress all the fucking time. It's not some teenybopper "Oh no, I have a big test coming up!" stress or even "I'm running away from something trying to kill me" stress. It's "I'M CAUGHT AND CAN'T GET OUT! KEEP PERFECTLY STILL!" mortal danger stress. Even if they don't die from it, it can shorten their lifespan and health issues can arise or worsen because of it.

but, you know, it's just SO cute and amusing when something weaker than you is in distress. especially for some horseshit reason like taking selfies.

i am just so sick of this lumpy-lipped narcissist. why do her parents even WANT her back?

pls let this be the cover image for the next thread, lol.

No. 493480


because snakes are EDGY

No. 493488

She likes snakes because they're fairly low maintenance, don't need a lot of space, and can be very expensive and fancy. They're the perfect animal for her style of hoarding. She can keep acquiring them without significantly adding to her workload.

No. 493498


If you can't afford vet care, don't get a fucking pet!
I dread to think how many brokeass teenagers have saved up for snakes they can't afford to care for thanks to this idiot.

No. 493500

File: 1517805132186.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180204-213045.png)

I don't know if I can post two images in the same comment so I'll post the second one after this one, but what's up with people (taylor and em) holding their Halloween crabs so carelessly?!?! Taylor has dropped hers and mishandled hers since the day she brought it home!!! Is em doing this to try and prove a point (maybe about Taylor, she's been pretty back and forth about her opinion on Taylor lately) or is she just an idiot who likes putting her animals on/near her face like Taylor??

No. 493501

File: 1517805168057.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180204-213022.png)

Here's the similar picture of em to go along with this (sorry if it's possible to put two pictures in one!!)

No. 493503


You can only post one pic per post, anon, so this is fine.

Ugh I wonder who did it first. I'm surprised Em did this.

No. 493504


Christ that picture…

I don’t give a shit what Taylor chooses to wear, but she HAS to realize those shoulderless things she keeps wearing in combination with her shit camera angles makes her look naked in 60% of her photos and videos. Though I’m sure that’s what she’s going for. What else would she have if she didn’t pretend to be naked and pose edgily with animals

No. 493528

File: 1517807844769.png (311.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180204-221804.png)

Soooo is she going to try to say this is what is causing her jaw stiffness and lisp?

No. 493530


TMJ can't cause a lisp.

(I'm a speech therapist anon)

No. 493534

Yeah it definitely cannot. But I could see taylor trying to find anything OTHER than her lip injections to blame her lisp on.

No. 493543

File: 1517808704304.jpeg (446.83 KB, 1295x1682, 020A9BC5-E9B2-4B6B-BC03-1418AB…)

No. 493544

File: 1517808823597.jpeg (85.69 KB, 1295x457, 2DE6C627-6CA1-4994-97F5-36B34E…)

No. 493549


This is such an immature response to valid criticism. It's like saying anyone who doesn't agree with your opinion is a hater or jealous.

No. 493554

The enclosure looks like a regular tank turned on its side to be vertical. Nothing wrong with that, but it looks like she didn't make a lip at the bottom to hold in substrate (you can see dirt falling out). Not a bad design but she's gonna have a messy floor. SerpaDesign has a series of videos on how to properly convert an aquarium into a vertical enclosure, she should check him out. Also one entire wall of the viv is a screen, which will kill humidity

No. 493562

>>492725 She has no idea how to blend foundation or pick the right shade for that matter, doesn't match with the rest of her body. She looks drugged up per usual and way older than she should be with nasty hair extensions. But what else is new lately.

No. 493565

one of the many reasons she reminds me of a mellowed out grav3yardgirl

No. 493566

>>492758 She looks like she smells.

No. 493571

>>492793 Not sure why she feels she has to pose like she's dumb, and clueless about literally everything in life. Oh wait…

No. 493589

I've never had, or will ever have leaf tailed geckos, but is a 20L vertical enough room for 3 of them? That's the same size enclosure that she kept just one crested gecko in. Also, I see the cat tree in the back. I have a crested gecko and for a few days I had his enclosure in my living room and my cat would harass him all night long. It traumatized the gecko and as soon as I realized how much it was effecting the gecko I had to move him into his own room. I can only imagine how much her two kittens are going to bother her leaf tailed geckos, which are way more fragile than mine. That is, if her kittens aren't still living in the bathroom.

No. 493602

Eh, according to various websites it’s barely even the minimum. It looks to be a 20 gallon long aquarium flipped on its side which is 30H x 13W x 13L. They require (for trios) MINIMUM 12x16x20.

You know it’s kind of funny, when I do a year of research on a new creature, I often have the enclosure already set up and the correct size.

Also, if it does have live plants in it, I want to know how she’s keeping substrate in it? And none of those look live.

No. 493613

shit man, the iphone x's camera is truly unforgiving lmao.

She's had it for a while now, so this was just to show off.

No. 493635

(I hope I did this right :| )
I have TMJ and I do not talk with a lisp even when it locks up

No. 493642

File: 1517818593377.jpg (368.31 KB, 719x1345, 2018-02-05_02.12.04.jpg)

Here is evidence that Taylor doesn't take advice from anyone whether they're being rude or just genuinely trying to help.

They were just fine for 8 months in an enclosure without live plants? Did she do any research. People have been saying this species needs specific live plants and a terrarium to flourish.

No. 493645


She is also claiming they are captive bred and that themselves have already bred. So is she trying to breed? I've already seen her say she would ship babies if the crock skinks bred.

No. 493649


Didn't she admit earlier that they were wild caught? Jesus keep your story straight, Taylor.

No. 493651

If something happen to those geckos it will be the end of Taylor's "career" her hoarding issues got the worst of her. The best she could have done after Grey Kitty disaster would have been stay on low profile but she decide being an attention hoe and get a shit tons of animals.
And now she cant hide under being the breeder fault because it will be plenty of evidence she didn't take care of them properly and now she had tons of people calling her out.

Honestly I don't know what she is thinking but if I were her I would return the leaf geckos if I realize I am not ready for them.

No. 493660


She won't rehome them. More likely one or all of them will die and she'll pretend she "rehomed them" but never give details or anything… or blame the breeder as usual.

also what's with the "gave them to me" thing. Is she pretending she just happened upon these geckos for free, didn't someone already say where she bought them from (and they were wild caught?)

No. 493663

>>493649 The leaf geckos? I haven't seen her admit they're wild caught yet.

>>493660 Yes, someone earlier here said they are from SA and know the store she got them from, and asked the store directly if they're wild caught in which they replied they are.

Honestly if they truly are from that store and wild caught, her lies are getting worse. She is literally a pathological liar.

No. 493669

This. Is. Gold.

God I wish that this would be put on a large platform that she could see… oh wait, lol.

Especially funny considering she Thinks of her work as comparable to Steve Irwin. Once again, gold. I hope she sees.

No. 493674


Braces don't cause TMJD. TMJD is usually almost always hereditary.

No. 493676


It's genetic, but it can be triggered by braces changing your bite. Has nothing to do with her lisp though either way.

No. 493678


Thanks Anon for the info. I knew it's hereditary but I didn't know about braces possibly triggering it.

Either way though the fact she's claiming her lisp is due to TMJD is just pure bullshit.

No. 493698

Her top lip shape is so fucking gross. Look at that squiggly inner shape. Ew ew ew.

No. 493704

The pet-thot equivalent of "gamer girl holding up controller to her face cause she can't stand her face not being in a picture"

No. 493710

File: 1517826447739.png (11.56 KB, 569x116, rats.png)

Oh please don't get rats… they /are/ intelligent and need so much attention and care (~1 hour outside their cage per day). They can also get URI's if not kept in adequate ventilation… like you keep your fucking mouse in a cupboard… and need a pretty large cage…

The snakes would also freak them out (maybe the cats too, although they're young right now so they might be ok)… and they in turn would freak the mouse out.

Also I don't trust Johnny with them.. Just ugh no…

No. 493773


It's okay. She's already got the king of vermin (Johnny).

No. 493776

File: 1517839984452.png (332.96 KB, 1242x1937, IMG_9313.PNG)

she has a lie and excuse for EVERYTHING. why the fuck would you even get ready to take a photo of yourself to show to hundreds of thousands of people without being able to see yourself properly. don't think she realizes that the lies she chooses to tell make her look even stupider. it would appear that she's taken the photo down too after making this edit to the caption

No. 493780

i find it so ridiculous that she finally takes a pictures of an enclosure….with no animal in it. the only time you ever see her animals is when they're in her grubby little hands. i am so much more interested in seeing photos of animals comfortable in their habitats, interacting with their environment.

No. 493783

“I know my highlight is trash to some of y’all”

Does that imply she thinks it looks good despite admitting she was “blind” doing it

No. 493788

Oh honey, you think the highlight is the only problem? That iPhone X camera is doing a better job exposing that matted, lumpy mess than any farmer could

No. 493792

File: 1517842060829.jpg (617.18 KB, 1079x1853, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-05-08…)

No. 493793

File: 1517842090787.jpg (690.71 KB, 1067x1861, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-05-08…)

No. 493794

The picture of the leaf gecko on Instagram is a shit show in the comments

No. 493811

She should just leave the subject alone. Watch her handle them most of the video during their introduction.

No. 493820

Huge passion for photography? Her pictures are always her squishing an animal between her fingers or selfies

No. 493824

They're all gonna die whenever the next heatwave hits anyway, just like the crocodile skinks, if they even make it that far. I wonder how dehydrated they are and how little they are eating because of the handling stress.

I don't see any real plants. Also that's a lot of ventilation. Wonder how she's gonna keep the humidity up. Usually you spray them twice a day. I somehow can't imagine she'd do that.

No. And depending on how the dynamic in that trio is the male might bully one or both females until they die in such a small space. Could also be the other way around, you never know what happens when they're too crammed together with no adequate place to retreat to.

It's minimum for american caresheets, which tend to put animals into enclosures that are way too small and seen as animal abuse in europe.

No. 493906

(Hope I did this right I've never posted before) has she given a reason on why she can't move gus out to the living room? She had him near her snakes be for when she lived with her parents so I do understand why she's making such a huge issue about him being separated now…

No. 493910

Okay, she triggers me. Why is it so hard to just NOT. Is it really that hard to just not take pictures like this? Fucking take pictures of them inside their enclosures. Fuck. It's really worth wasting your time you could actually be giving attention to your animals replying to all of the hate comments, Taylor? Why does she NEED to have her hands or her face in every photo? We know what your instagram and videos are truly about… you, not your animals.

No. 493944

At this point I think she thinks having her hand or face in her pics are her signature; her 'brand.' Like, everyone will know a Taylor picture because of it. Fucking bitch, use a watermark like a legit photographer would.

No. 493959

File: 1517853571143.png (417.65 KB, 1242x1982, IMG_9314.PNG)

she's definitely reading here. check out the edit to this caption HA

~*~*~(and genuinely curious)~*~*~*~

No. 493984

I think it's funny how she says fake concerned. In her mind everyone who is giving her advice and constructive criticism is a hater who's out to get her. I guess it baffles her that some people view her pets as living things and not accessories to collect. She sounds so condescending and ignorant that it hurts to read.

No. 493997

Yeah I don't get why she can't take a picture of her hands off animals in their enclosures. I have an African bull frog and I only have one picture of her in my hand (only because I was fully cleaning her cage, so she had to be moved). All other pictures are her in her enclosure. Why can't taylor do the same? Oh yeah, because she's a special snowflake animal whisperer and "can tell" her animals aren't stressed out. It's not like staying still and not moving is a survival tactic when they're STRESSED. Oh boy Taylor, just leave your poor uroplatus, croc skinks, and pacman alone, stop touching them.

No. 494006

File: 1517855896028.png (1.58 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9315.PNG)

Wonder how many times this has caused her to drop an animal

No. 494010


uh. if an animal doesn't move a muscle, it means that the animal is fucking terrified, not that it's happy with you touching it.

No. 494015

she reads any site that mentions her obsessively. she searches out @s and mentions regularly. she's a narcissist through and through.

No. 494028


If she has EDS that badly (so that she can't even edit a video for several days), she wouldn't be lifting a tank without help.

No. 494053

Maybe if your inability to hold things is this bad, you shouldn't be touching your animals AT ALL, Tay.

No. 494065

Um, does she realize that ball pythons get kinda big? Possibly big enough that such a fragile little snowflake won't be able to hold them safely (for the snakes, I mean – she would be fine, they're not retics)?

I can't wait for "I had to rehome (insert animals here) bcuz muh EDS ;((( ", kek.

Also, if this is even true…WHY does she handle her animals in ways that make it super easy for them to fall and die? How many times have they fallen so she could do her stupid poses? How many times have they fallen while being moved for cage maintenance?

Also, she has to know that by claiming this she's inviting tons of criticism. It's almost like she baits online criticism so she can engage with it and feel validated by her army of children defending her.

Exactly. She acts like her bullshit excuses are a good reason to engage in, and indirectly promote this behavior to her fans that are so young and impressionable they ask her for advice when their animals are LITERALLY DYING.

No. 494075

File: 1517859287414.jpg (186.52 KB, 1300x953, python-regius-ba91xd.jpg)

They really don't get that big.

>Also, she has to know that by claiming this she's inviting tons of criticism.

She obviously does. I think she just enjoys that whatever stupid excuse she comes up with is defended so vehemently by people that eat up every single one of her words with literally no knowledge of the topic themselves.

No. 494088

File: 1517860109706.png (347.73 KB, 572x377, flash.png)

lol She's 100% reading this thread.

I hope she didn't take these photos with the flash on though :/ the second looks like it was.

No. 494114

Well I mean, when holding things with weight like tanks and bowls of food, if your hands lose strength they'll fall. But a little gecko that can be weighed in grams won't. With her heavier animals, like her crab, she definitely shouldn't be holding it, especially not as precariously as she does. She has dropped it several times, so :/

No. 494136

Taylor, while you're here with us I want you to know that you can easily go get your lip filler dissolved at most places that do cosmetic injections.

You will look better. I promise.
That lump in the middle of your top lip is not normal and makes you look like you don't even care enough about yourself to research doctors and spend your money on decent cosmetic enhancements…especially ones that're on your fucking face.

No. 494138

People literally asking when Taylor is getting new pets on her picture OF HER NEW PETS


No. 494141


fans of YT personalities who have a niche are always enablers. GET MORE PETS! GET ANOTHER DIAGNOSIS!

No. 494143

How do you know she dropped it several times ? Didn’t see anything about it anywhere

No. 494145


One of her vids had a very obvious cut right before the crab fell off her hand.

No. 494163

File: 1517862933924.jpeg (471.68 KB, 750x1205, 93DB19DE-3B2E-4AAA-AFB5-D42D74…)

I’m living for her mom’s passive aggressive digs at her animal hoarding

No. 494172

File: 1517863111294.jpeg (542.57 KB, 750x1208, 9A39F1CC-5C86-45A2-B491-F2977A…)

No. 494182

Oh, I know they're not huge, especially not males. I'm just saying it'd be a very convenient excuse when they reach their full size.

No. 494189

She deleted this post. Anyone know if something happened in the comments?

No. 494208

Not shocked, I thought she felt guilty for the obvious iPhone X brag but she probably just realized how bad she looks in the picture

No. 494281


It’s like she completely discounts the fact that any random passerby on the internet who has never seen her channel or knows who she is would come across her animal photos or comments and have an issue with it with no opinion on her as a person at all

No no, Taylor is the ~most famous~ pet owner on the internet, ~everyone, knows who she is and either worships at her feet or is a mean hater who is out to get her.

No. 494287

File: 1517868361610.jpeg (234.48 KB, 640x857, B9F11A53-F03E-4C61-8F0E-18BD92…)


She mentioned definitively that she has Type III. I don’t know what that means but can any EDS nons shed light on how bad that is and if it’s believable she has that type?

No. 494294


EDS anon here, also with EDS 3. EDS 3 varies hugely in severity and is surprisingly common. Some people don't know they have it, others can't use their joints and have had dozens of surgeries.

People on this thread really want to believe Taylor doesn't have EDS. As someone with it I believe she does, you can tell she's hypermobile watching her videos. Her hands/arms/shoulders are more flexible than most and her elbows bend backwards- all EDS signs. How bad it is for her day-to-day is impossible to tell.

No. 494308


Nah, I believe she has it (the only condition I ever called into question was the PTSD) I just know that chronic health problems exist on a scale and some people suffer daily while others just have flare ups here and there. But the fact it takes her so long to take the hour to edit her videos and weeks in between filming leads me to believe it’s serious. But at the same time, she’s conviniently able to work through the pain when it comes to traveling to conventions or to California for collabs

No. 494334

>>493776 She's wearing contacts in the photo, she's a damn liar. Anyone with some basic photoshop skills can take it into PS, do some image correcting and see them. Not only is she a dumb bimbo, but also a crazy pathological liar. Ugly on the inside as she is outside. That highlight on her honking hook nose is just too funny.

No. 494339

It most likely had to do with the fact the iphone X camera really dragged her ass lmao.

And if she's reading this thread (which she is most likely), she noticed all the things people pointed out.

Guess the only way you'll look smooth and pretty is with ultra harsh lighting and not so great resolution.

No. 494376

File: 1517872846583.jpeg (374.09 KB, 750x1205, E2355BF6-16FE-46F9-9BA8-25D9FF…)

No. 494379

sorry this happened to you and all, but please refrain from blogging.

the thing about taylor is that her whole behavior can be explained by her need for attention. maybe mommy didn't pay enough attention to her after her disabled brother was born. whatever it was, something obviously went wrong. she's been diagnosed with a variety of different diseases but somehow she refuses to admit and seek help for the most serious one - being a manipulative attention seeking cunt.

No. 494382


Ugh. What is with all these stupid live confessional videos.

I feel like Em making a video is NOT needed. But… it'll get her views and attention right?!

No. 494384

I bet she will probably talk about how people is saying she doesnt liked Taylor, but in reality they are "really good friends"
I will be surprised if she have the guts to speaked about Taylor.

No. 494386

I liked emzotic a lot at first but I feel like she's really going down the attention whore path. Her constant "NOTICE ME" tweets at Taylor really started bugging me, and I'm sure this video will just be a "THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH TAYLOR!!" video.

No. 494391

File: 1517873461343.png (40.47 KB, 599x367, Capture.PNG)

i doubt she will be addressing anything new. that said, maybe someone could record it just in case?

No. 494396


So sorry, typing on my phone and didn't realize how long it was.

I'll rephrase. Personally, what i cannot stand is that Taylor is always talking about her mental illnesses, and yet continuing to never second guess her actions and choices. Wtf is the point of (self)diagnosis if she isn't using that knowledge to make better life choices??? If i knew that i had PTSD earlier, i might have been able to prevent some of my mistakes, and not hurt so many people.

It's like admitting you're prone to make bad decisions and then turning around to defend all your decisions.

No. 494401

Guys, even if Em isn't addressing any of the actual issues with Taylor, a lot of her fans will be watching the live stream so I think it will be a really good opportunity for everyone from this thread to go shed some light on some of the things mentioned in this thread, because if enough people are talking about her care practices etc then it might force Em to talk about it and I bet Taylor will be watching it too

No. 494468

Did she claim that it was causing her lisp?

I think >>493528 was just speculating. It's not like she's ever tried to hide the fact that she has lip injections, if my memory is correct then somewhere in these threads is proof she has admitted to getting them.

No. 494495


Yes. On this thread there is a screenshot of Taylor claiming braces gave her TMJD. As anon mentioned it can be triggered but not actually caused, TMJD is hereditary. Then further said the TMJD gave her a lisp.

What's actually super ironic about this is not only that she never mentioned having TMJD before, (when people mentioned a lisp she claimed she had no idea she had one) but HEDs causes joint issues and TMJD is a joint disorder if the jaw, so wouldn't the TMJD be related to the HEDs and not caused by braces?

No. 494496


You're right that EDS varies greatly between people affected, and I think if she does have it she's very lucky to be affected so little (although that can change, many people get a lot worse in their 20s).

But I believe if she'd had to see a doctor in the last 5 years for it, she wouldn't be calling it EDS type 3. It's been "rebranded" hEDS (hypermobility type EDS).

apologies for EDS fagging.

No. 494497

I like that idea. Especially bc Em is so back and forth on shading Taylor and then agreeing with her. I would be curious to see what she'd say if we all brought Taylor's poor animal care up. We have to come on strong with actual facts about all the crap she pulls and not just be trolls bc that would give her an excuse to ignore the comments.

No. 494499


> hates drama

> teases dramatic YouNow livestream to talk about hating drama

No. 494502


TMJ is a very common effect of EDS.
Funnily enough, my braces gave me TMJ in a way - as in I didn't know I had EDS when I was 12, so my orthodontist would yank my jaw open as I couldn't open my mouth wide enough. Voila, one clicky, sticky jaw.

No. 494503


Please bring up her captive-bred, wild-caught leaf geckoes!

No. 494519

Can someone make a list of like objectively wrong things Taylor has done?

One thing that would be interesting to see Ems opinion that doesn't have anything to do with her animal care is that Taylor is with Jonny when Em herself has been the victim of sexual assault and suicidal ideation. Jonny called victims liars and has told them they just need to kill themselves.

No. 494525

File: 1517878784452.jpeg (131.36 KB, 1087x951, F22F72C5-875E-441C-B6EC-45B3F9…)

No. 494528

you know it’s possible to hate drama and still participate in it when it directly
involves you right?

someone openly slandering you and you defending yourself against allegations can loosely be described as “drama” for instance.

No. 494535


Possibly. Still, Taylor is an attention whore and that is blatantly obvious. As an anon mentioned, she directly let's the internet know when she's done something that can and will be met with high criticism. She's doing this to invite the criticism so she can start shit and illicit drama, in turn having all her fans defend her to no end.

No. 494538


Sorry I didn't realize this was about Emzotic at first glance.

No. 494554

Wonder if the thing that spurred Em to do this livestream is that she stumbled across these threads, esp the bits that involve her.

I like her content, but I'm starting to feel she's every bit as fake as the average social climbing YTer. It's one thing to treat someone with civility, but she goes out of her way to be buddy-buddy with T. In doing so, she makes Taylor seem like a legitimate source of knowledge when it's CLEAR she knows better.

No. 494574

File: 1517881659470.jpeg (236.37 KB, 1285x862, BC2F10EB-EA33-4446-9089-4B0E6C…)

Looks like she used flash.

No. 494576


I doubt I'm going to watch the entire thing, but she's talking about some forum website. I assume it's GG or KF, because some of the things she's mentioning I don't think have ever mentioned here:

"They're saying Danny is a misogynist"

"They're saying Tyler copies Taylor"

"They're saying that I'm shading or trying to bring down other pet youtubers"

Excluding the last one, none of those things have been mentioned here? People have talked about Tyler, but the most I've seen is people just calling him an idiot.

No. 494601

Em is connecting with fans now so the bit about Taylor is over.

It was really just rehashing things. She did mention "drama sites" throwing shade on PetYoutubers, that Taylor doesn't deserve negative feedback because she's young and "fresh out of high school", that she isn't an animal hoarder because others have more animals and some with only a dog or cat can't even take care of that.

Really just addressing things that have been talked about. Nothing particularly interesting.

No. 494605


I mean, maybe, but have you met doctors lol? It wasn't 5 years ago, the literature for new classifications was published last March. Anyone not currently doing research is way behind on the hEDS thing and it's still called EDS 3 by a lot of doctors.

Her father tweeted at some point that she wasn't picking up her prescription meds, so she's seeing someone for SOMETHING but it might not be her EDS specifically.