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File: 1522485182618.jpg (286.04 KB, 621x850, 1522210188043.jpg)

No. 542328

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/531836

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

- Fans are still tweeting at her expecting their goddess to save their impulse bought pets' lives, but Taytay has better things to do!
- Bought THREE new Satanic Leaf Geckos, who are super fragile!!!
and have very specific care needs.
- Plus point is that apparently these geckos were wild caught, not captive-bred.
- Posted a picture of her holding one of these fragile creatures and insisted 'she stayed still while I was moving her so I snapped a picture' when people asked her about it
- Jonny tweeted that Taylor was coming to his tour for the first few days and then meeting him in Vegas and 'ending the tour with daddy' puke emoji
- But wait, she just got three sensitive geckos with very specific needs? No worries! She has not one, not two, but three experts who will come to her house three times a day to check in on them and her fish!
- Also has been putting off editing her videos because muh invisible illness and joint pains.
- Flirting with someone called Karizma on twitter (handle @callmekarizma), the guy asked her to adopt a kitten with him in LA.
- Said guy has apparently been called out for doing bad things like: singing about mental illness and romanticizing it; sexually harassing women especially minors and generally being manipulative and abusive. ( if interested, check this thread: https://twitter.com/diamandisjewels/status/960998257622179840 ) Taylor just can't keep away from trash.
-Got called out for buying wild caught animals
-Brought a monitor, but claimed the store lied about its species
-Followed Jonny around on tour. He was arrested for breaking a mic, but the charges were dropped. She immediately flew home that night
-Got a shitty new tattoo
-Said she's has new videos to upload for her new channel that's focused on her mental illness.. couple weeks ago.
-Bought a monitor lizard for a month before uploading a video of him saying he's a black throat which is actually a rough neck! now, she's trying to make things up so she can keep him.

No. 542336

Best thread picture yet

No. 542342

I'm honestly really puzzled by her wanting to keep the monitor. Those things get fucking huge.

No. 542346

I wonder what her excuse will be for deleting her "update" about the lizard. People were calling her out about it. Probably didnt want to deal with them.

No. 542353

It was obviously fake so we know she will delete it and pretend it never happened. It's blatantly obvious it's not captive bred because we know where she got it.

No. 542362

It was obvious she was going to keep it from the start lmao. The fact that it gets huge doesn't concern her right now because it is small and she has no future planning done.

I doubt she has any back up cages in case shit does go wrong or something breaks, no plans once the animals grow or anything.

Also once her relationship goes to shit will she live with her parents? I don't know if they would be so happy about a big lizard in the house (or her small room even) since it took her mum a while to even agree on snakes.

On the subject of frozen veg I wonder if she gives Gus any treats? I can't imagine that dry food is enriching for him and while veg is not essential it's good for him. Poor thing.. wonder if it goes same for the kittens with treats

No. 542376

The thing that fucking baffles me is, after a month of just keeping it a secret and another month of her just ignoring everyone while she goes touring and partying, she's just now getting it on the correct regiment.

Even if she genuinely did not know the difference between a blackthroat and a roughneck (despite the entire premise of her video being she had to be an expert on the animal otherwise she wouldn't get it) she's known for at least a month because her fanbase told her what it was. Shouldn't that have been her first fucking priority?

Particularly so she can start to bond with the animal while it's still a juvenile so there's less of a chance of it trying to bite her fucking hand off as an adult.

No. 542389

She's stated in a tweet at one point that she had him for 3 months before shit hit the fan. It could have been a lie and it's probably deleted by now but I swear I read some where that she said that as a snarky comment back to someone back when she first announced she had the monitor.

No. 542409

here's the google doc link listing all the animals she's had


No. 542431

Anyone who thought she actually wasn't going to keep it hasn't been paying any attention to her.

I feel like monitors should be a lot more expensive to prevent inexperienced people from getting them. It wouldn't have stopped Tay but it might stop any of the stans who are going to end up with these monsters.

No. 542433


A responsible staff would do everything in their power to convince people they don’t think are qualified to care for an animal into reconsidering. They obviously can’t stop you from buying something dangerous if you’re over 18 like Taylor, but at least they can’t protect minors

No. 542439


**can protect minors, whoops

No. 542448

I highly doubt many of her stans are going to be able to get a monitor with parents permission.

I agree she can influence a lot of dumb purchase but I don't think this is one of those times.

No. 542459

File: 1522508260629.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, FE933D5C-495A-4A19-BEA9-2F1598…)

No. 542460

File: 1522508326789.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, 4C3881F5-4994-47E8-A6D4-C2B283…)

No. 542472

She said she was going to contact wildlife rescues for how long? Over a month? Then yesterday she JUST realizes they only deal with native Texas animals? Yeah, no. She literally did nothing that entire time. Anyone who knows anything about animals knows wildlife rehabs don't take exotics. How she was ever stupid enough to think they would still baffles me. And the reptile store messaging her saying a wildlife rescue would keep a monitor outside? Yeah, that never happened. They would know no wildlife rehabs would even touch a monitor of any kind. So to suggest they would keep it outside is asinine. Furthermore, reptiles don't care if you "talk to them like they're people". So that's pretty much the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Just for shits, I messaged my local wildlife rehab center and asked if they would take in a non-native reptile, and they referred me to a local reptile rescue. Life's not as hard as you keep making it, Taylor.

No. 542477

I wonder if some of these more ridiculous lies of hers come about when she's high or drunk or both. I also wonder if they don't pop pills too.. I know a rockstar type that reminds me of JC in a scary way. He's also recovering heroin addict and substitutes with liquor and pills.

No. 542494


definitely. people are much more prone to lying and being really bad at it when they're high, but the drugs make them think what they're saying is really believable. the message from the reptile shop was completely doctored by her and she probably was sitting there thinking she'd have everyone fooled then sobered up and was like oh wow this sounds dumb as fuck delete. going back to check if she put "you" and also "u" in it because i've noticed she does that a lot in her own tweets and it irks me to no end

No. 542497

This should be included in next thread’s links

No. 542506

File: 1522512658111.jpg (427.94 KB, 1242x2208, Enlight10.jpg)

gotcha "u" dumb bitch

No. 542512


Good job Anon!
What's your excuse for that Taylor?

Plus on a side note, the "a WC would never let you handle it no matter how much time you spend with them as a baby" is totally incorrect.
I've seen lots of people who own wild caught reptiles that handle just fine. Stupid bitch can't even get her facts straight before making up her bullshit lies.

No. 542513

File: 1522513310056.jpg (216.09 KB, 720x1280, Enlight12.jpg)

more proof she does this

No. 542514

File: 1522513454323.jpg (372.28 KB, 1242x2208, Enlight13.jpg)

and more proof

No. 542522


I mean we all know this was clearly faked by her, but I still find it really odd that she'd put at the end "to prove it's me you bought a trio of satanics that night and 2 of your friends were with you"… like why would someone who worked at the shop ever say that? We all know the details from the purchase because she recorded it and spoke about it multiple times lmao, it doesn't prove a single thing (which I guess may be part of the reason she deleted it later). I guess this is her "over explaining when lying" trait coming into play yet again. This girl does nothing but dig herself into a deeper hole every time she speaks. Girl, just be honest for once.

No. 542524

File: 1522513895112.jpeg (103.09 KB, 750x218, 4852424B-EC5C-4535-A9DA-010549…)

Here’s how the owner/employees of the shop types

No. 542525

File: 1522513911363.jpeg (77.14 KB, 750x120, 7B6859EC-8762-4D49-B0E0-86E595…)

No. 542526

File: 1522513921053.jpeg (77.59 KB, 750x120, E85EF95C-7203-41B9-AD81-745E79…)

No. 542531

It really upsets me that harm is likely to come to those cats because of her poor choices. And the majority of her followers just blindly trust that it'll be okay because they know even less than she does.

It's like the blind leading the blind. I just imagined her as a blind snake leading blind mice, lol

No. 542540


She actually looks sort of nice there. Then again… filters do a lot to make one look so much better so eh.

The employers would have to remain professional and use grammar if they were contacting her on behalf of the business anyway, seems odd for them to use 'u'.

No. 542541

I can't believe how dumb and fake this is. No actual monitor breeder or keeper would say that a wc monitor can ~nevar evar~ be tame. Especially not one caught as a juvenile. It's incredible how little she knows about this animal.

Also, how is it surprising that she's using LLL's care sheets? She bought the damn GTP from LLL – which she would not have done if she had done more than 10 minutes of research. LLL is known to be fucking terrible.

My guess is she saw one on the website and bought it. If she had done any research or actually thought about owning a GTP with any seriousness, she would have bought from an actually breeder, not a POS reptile flipping company that can't keep WC and CB animals straight. There was no fucking reason for that first GTP to die. Just like all her other deceased or rehomed animals.

I think we all need to remember that the abysmally shallow research we KNOW she does is the tip of the iceberg. She can't know what she doesn't know- and we can't know what she doesn't show us her stupidity about.

Jfc, feeding all her animals out of cans and bags. It's so fucking easy to feed fresh veg and insects.

I think it's pretty clear that she's lost whatever interest she had in animals. Now she wants to be JC's hoe but she's stuck in hoarding mode/petmom image. It's obvious she's doing even less research on her new acquisitions compared to animals she got earlier in her career.

No. 542546


>Jfc, feeding all her animals out of cans and bags. It's so fucking easy to feed fresh veg and insects.

Ah sh doesn't keep any live feed? I wouldn't be surprised since they stink if not cleaned but that seems shitty

No. 542548

For the record, dog food is totally fine for blue tongue skinks. It's actually recommended. But it should only be 30% of their diet. 60% should be fresh veggies and 10% should be fresh fruit. Not sure of any other reptiles dog/cat food is actually recommended for though. None that I can think of off the top of my head.

Sage for irrelevance

No. 542563


Although cat food is used as part of a blueys diet, it should only be given if it is very high quality cat food, otherwise it shouldn't be fed. I highly doubt, just judging from how Taylor feeds the rest of her animals, that the cat food she uses would be of good quality. Insects should be the first choice over cat food for a blue tongue skink.

I do wonder what she is feeding each of her reptiles. The poor bearded dragon looks like it's eating poorly. And is she even supplementing calcium powder and multivitamins in to its diet? It won't suprise me if they end up with MBD.

No. 542582


Every BTS group I'm in suggests a high quality canned dog food. Cat food for a year or younger. Insects should be supplemented though, and high quality is a must! They also love snails.

Someone mentioned Taylor in one of the BTS groups the other day and the admin of the group closed commenting on the post and called her "a plague on the community". I wonder how many people went out and bought a BTS without doing research because they all wanted a "dog" lizard. I bet there was a pretty substantial rise in BTS sales.

sage for being totally off topic

No. 542592

File: 1522522041837.jpeg (538.84 KB, 1273x1650, 5E805500-BA06-44D7-A8A1-1D2EA3…)

She added an update on her monitor post.

No. 542594

"I texted myself and ensured they are captive bred"

No. 542599

Literally no one gives a shit if they're captive bred or not. She was the one to make it an issue and create drama for attention.

This is honestly pathetic and continuing on for far too long.

No. 542606

She concocted the captive bred/wild caught drama so she could remove the video without admitting she did it because she fucked up about the species. She knew if she claimed she did it for that reason, she had a way she could play victim. Something she could use to deflect from the real reason. Short term she was able to keep the video and shut people up about the monitor. Long term we'll probably get one more post explaining why she's keeping it and that will be that.

I mean who would Taylor be, if after deleting it she made a new video apologizing for the mistake and admitting that no matter what the employee told her, it was ultimately her own responsibility to make sure of what she bought.

No. 542607

Not keep the video. **Delete the video

No. 542609

She had to come up with something to draw attention away from the fact that she got the wrong species of monitor despite claiming she did so much research. Bonus, making it seem like she doesn’t support wild-caugh animals ensures her fans will continue thinking she’s the most amazing person.

No. 542614

File: 1522524129337.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180331-152130.png)

finally i think?

No. 542619

She looks like a blowup fuckdoll, I’m sure Jonny is thrilled with her.

No. 542620

File: 1522524323833.png (40.23 KB, 637x272, Untitled.png)

Didn't realise they were making videos together?

(Think I deleted my fuck ups hopefully)

No. 542621

her tits look like glazed donuts…

No. 542622


Anyone know what animal lives in the smaller tank on the right?

No. 542628

what fish are being kept in the tank on the left? the water line is so low

No. 542632


WTF is going on with her tiddy highlight. Or whatever those shiny smudges are supposed to be.

No. 542635


Can she ever just dress normal?? She'd look better if she wasn't always such a try hard.

No. 542636


Anyone know what animal lives in the smaller tank on the right?>>542622

Just noticed the animal is actually at the front of the tank (sort of behind her hair)…looks like a leo but isn't hers bright yellow? Maybe its just the pic, but that tank looks so small.

I know so many people keep leos in tiny tanks with 2 hides so she's not much different, but that makes me so sad! My only "pet" is a leo and he has a huge tank and every evening he "asks" to come out by nudging the door and then chills with me and explores most of the evening. Reptiles are so much more inquisitive than most people give them credit for, there's just no way she has enough time for each of her pets, I bet most of them just sit in their tanks looking out most of the time.

No. 542638


In the same video where she took her BTS to Petco it looked like she went with one of the Merrick wet foods.

Merrick isn't one of the worst foods, but they were bought out by Purina (ie. one of the worst fucking pet food companies) about two years ago and this is the first year they're allowed to mess with the formula so I don't know how much I trust it anymore.

No. 542640


Wait…. I thought the store 'lied' to you about the roughneck being a blackthroat, Taylor. Why do you trust them now all of the sudden? Dumb ass.

No. 542646


She's told so many lies, i'm not suprised that she can't keep them all straight and keeps contradicting herself and making herself look like a fool.

No. 542649

The water line is not low?? It’s at the top…

No. 542660

It looks kinda low. The hob filter must be making a lot of noise because the water line is so low

No. 542664

Exactly! So many selfies of herself when she has so many animals she could have out exploring or having fun. Her animals probably get no enrichment at all. If she had one out though she'd have to take a photo with her face or hand on it though. Y'know, not like normal people take photos of their pets playing or doing something cool.

No. 542673


The amount of pictures she takes of herself is not conducive to someone with self esteem issues like she claims. Even someone who has such low self esteem that they do anything for approval of others. There's just no way.

She might not like a specific trait about herself, but there's no full scale "I'm the ugliest person in the world" crisis going on here. She's also been bragging about how good she looks since she was a kid.

No. 542693

I don’t see an animal in it, but it looks like her hognose cage.

No. 542698


Ahh you could be right. I was questioning the substrate if it was a leo. The animal is just to the right of her hair (there is a strand kind of covering half of it). Unless I'm totally seeing things haha.

No. 542728

File: 1522531325257.jpeg (208.77 KB, 1274x1917, 4AC7559D-E933-4EE9-BB65-3824E3…)

No. 542754

No. 542758

says the vid is still processing ..

No. 542761

File: 1522534276981.png (520.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-01-00-11-04…)

Already one dislike

No. 542766

16 dislikes and counting lmao

No. 542769

Still continuing this monitor drama though. There better be some new shots of him so we can see how well he truly is doing.

No. 542775

I bet it’s just 99% of her face, her “sickness”, and the drama she likes to continue when everyone knows she’s going to keep him even if she tries so hard to convince people she’s trying to find a place for him

No. 542777

File: 1522535424313.jpeg (23.12 KB, 783x193, 2DD47368-FBD8-49CF-A946-B3F514…)

Sometimes I ask myself why do people still like her, until I stumble upon stans like these

No. 542778

I really hope someone lets the shop know she's creating messages from the employees there pushing her to keep the monitor.

The fact she still has the monitor is a joke. "I am the best and most educated person to keep this large lizard that I didn't even know what it was when I got it." She's a joke.

No. 542779

Did you see the one that was like "I KNOW I'M GONNA LOVE THIS EVEN IF I CAN'T WATCH IT YET!!!"

No. 542783

> From, Me (good reptile owners)

I think I'm crying. Some of this comment section is wonderful

No. 542809

File: 1522538312561.png (159.6 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-31-17-17-02…)

"imma gonna be positive guysss! and focus on all the beautiful things the world offer"

No. 542812

I'm going to download the video the moment it uploads. If she deletes it I'll link the mirror. But in the meantime these comments are pure gold lmao

No. 542813

File: 1522538783779.png (172.6 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-31-17-23-55…)

She just can't take it.

No. 542816

She proves she cares about every bit of criticism on a very real level by the way she acts. She needs her stans to validate her so she doesn't feel so shitty for a little while.

No. 542820

I don't know why she's whining, the video still has twice as many likes as dislikes. Her fans are liking it too before they've seen it.

No. 542824

File: 1522539593197.jpg (141.77 KB, 1063x656, Screenshot_20180331-193858.jpg)

Whoops… whoops? That's really your thumbnail, Taylor? "Hehehe whoops I lied to everyone!"

No. 542835

File: 1522540288644.jpg (307.46 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20180331-164942__01…)

Uhh.. shouldn't she have tracking on the new enclosures? She's been saying she's getting new enclosures for MONTHS now

No. 542839

File: 1522540653881.jpeg (7.02 KB, 128x100, DA7CE074-25AF-4456-B248-B6E3BF…)

Can somebody please teach her how to correctly overline your lips? I know she‘s trying to be an instagram ~baddie~ but the way she does her makeup makes her look ridiculous. Why would you overline the corners of your mouth? That doesn‘t even make sense, it just looks like clown makeup and emphasizes her bad lip fillers. normally i don‘t give a crap what a cow looks like (unless it‘s somewhat important) but her lips…oh boy.

No. 542840

I've seen that girl a couple of times now in various videos wasting her spring break commenting on everyone who's against Taylor. lol

No. 542844

Didn’t she claim she had the enclosures already and was just waiting for the custom racks? I swear I remember her saying that + that she dropped some of them.

No. 542850

Did she delete the new video already or is it STILL processing after like two hours? Because I don’t see it on her channel

No. 542854

She sounds ignorant.
So many reasons to loathe her.

No. 542857

File: 1522542108173.png (376.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180401-012116.png)


saged because this isn't honestly milk

No. 542859


she probably deleted it to try to offset all those dislikes with a reupload

No. 542860

i feel bad for all her fans because they're all being lied and manipulated to but at the same time, they can get pretty annoying

No. 542864

her obsession of her appearance is making her self-destruct. it's hilarious

No. 542866

She reminds me of that commercial with the guy waving a fishing pole with a dollar bill in front of a lady with the way she teases about videos

No. 542867

I remember when I was a fan of hers like a year ago her BTS in petco video did this for like an hour. I watch a lot of youtube because i'm a loser and she is the only person i've ever seen this happen with. Don't really know what to take from that so, sage

No. 542900


Lol you know what this reminds me of?

When I was in college I was taught a trick where when you have to submit assignments by email and you aren’t finish, just take out part of the coding so it’s unable to open correctly so it still looks like you did it just that there was some glitch

No. 542903

I was thinking the exact same thing lol.

No. 542910

File: 1522547757687.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, 9A99A916-9CE9-49F1-8D78-3AF300…)

Maybe a hardcore reach but I couldn’t help but notice the rubber band on her wrist. I’ve known of people doing this to quit addictions. You snap it every time you feel the urge to succumb to your addiction

No. 542912

Rubber band? That's a Cartier bracelet lol.

No. 542913


Pretty sure that's her Cartier bracelet. A rubber band would likely be snug to the skin

No. 542915

Whoops. I didn’t recognize it, looks weird from that angle

Sorry everyone

No. 542924

File: 1522548757074.png (42.2 KB, 711x399, IMG_1852.PNG)

Sage because old news but did anyone else see this horrendous side view of Taylor's gaping maw? She's animorphing into a snapping turtle as we speak

No. 542939

Video working now guys.

No. 542942

Also big surprise she says she's keeping it.

No. 542945


well master jonny said he wanted to keep it. it's important to put that & appearances over what's best for the animals in her world. she's the kardashian of the animal world.

No. 542946


I'm not even mad about it. If she wants to run that risk she shouldn't expect people to care once she whines about it once it starts causing trouble. Hope she's not enough of a dumbass to let it free roam with her cats though.

Also quick, someone snag the video just in case she deletes it to.

No. 542950

File: 1522550709116.jpg (113.31 KB, 1280x720, gotchaadollah.jpg)

underrated comment

No. 542952

So first she says that she knew what she was doing, but then says the store taught her what to do. Which is it, Taylor?

Also I love that she's gone from completely blaming the store to saying it was a "miscommunication".

No. 542957

downloaded just in case

No. 542959

So now she’s saying the shop told her everything she knows when she claims she did research, and many times in the past has said to never trust pet store employees. Nice.

Also it seems like she just set up the new enclosure with the things the monitor has needed from day one yesterday. On the last thread there was literally just a discussion about it a day before she posted an update on him, and it seems weird that she decides to come out with the video now when it’s been almost a month since she posted the original video.

No. 542960

This whole situation is a mess I can't even get straight anymore. Well, I mean, she keeps lying so I guess who can.

Honestly though, even if she did the right thing and found a sanctuary for this monitor, she would just go find a black throat monitor to replace it with. I just hope the cats and other animals somehow escape serious harm from her stupidity in getting such a difficult, large predatory animal.

No. 542962

File: 1522551294092.png (23.14 KB, 866x48, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 9.54…)

it's not her fault if they die… ok

No. 542965

And what's this about co-owning the monitor with her friend? Was that mentioned before or am I just having a brainfart here?

No. 542967

forgot to sage sorry. Also saying the shop owner gave her "his favorite one" out of the monitor babies
she's so full of shit

No. 542968

She didn’t even show the monitor cage after she claimed she rearranged it. Do you guys think she just kept it the same?

No. 542970

"I have the money and the means to take care of pretty much anything there"

So why don't you spend the money to buy proper enclosures, bowls for your cats, etc?? Hmm

No. 542971

I do not believe for a second that her apartment complex is aware of the monitor and I really wish someone could report her because it is a danger.

No. 542973

Jesus Christ Taylor is such a dumb ass. "I had been training her about animals, through my animals, how to take care of animals."

Are you gonna give us examples or are you just going to be fucking vague? It's funny how she'll go into all this detail about stuff she lies about but when it comes to animal care she just is super vague as shit.

"Generally I wouldn't recommend impulse buying but because I had the money and means to take care of any animal I thought it was okay."

That's……not what impulse buying is lol. It doesn't matter if you have the money and everything you need to take care of it, impulse buying is when you think you want something that you regret later lol

No. 542976

She fucking disabled the comments on the video LMAO guess the “hate” is really getting to her

No. 542977

she disabled comments lol…. afraid her viewers are going to see her in a new light

No. 542978

Is he new video monetized? Because she said she didn’t want to make money off the monitor video initially and now she reuploaded just to make her video longer.

No. 542979

Watching her social blade has been a source of entertainment for a few minutes now. She's been losing 1-2 subs about every thirty seconds. Every time she gains one, she immediately loses one or two.

No. 542980

File: 1522551910794.jpeg (426.44 KB, 750x1190, 28FF91F9-1CB1-49B8-AB54-1BAD46…)

No. 542981

What the fuck is wrong with her mouth and that lisp

No. 542982

Comments are still on??

No. 542983

They were definitely off for like a minute, looks like she panicked

No. 542987

File: 1522552402491.png (35.47 KB, 793x148, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 11.0…)


She's doing that shit where she wears a low sleeveless shirt and fucks with the camera angle so she looks naked again. Maybe she was hoping people would stare and not pay attention to her rambling lol


I assume someone from this thread came over there, because I noticed this comment straight away. It'll probably get washed out by her rabid fans soon since I haven't noticed any more criticisms, but maybe it was comments like that

No. 542989

her lips look SO gd bad. does she have bdd or something? how on earth does she think that looks good

No. 542991

File: 1522552666667.png (482.41 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2018-03-31-23-13-51…)

What do you anons think? The cage looks pretty grubby in the update vs first day, or is it just because it's so small

No. 542992

wow her lisp has gone worse from her last video. it's like she has something in her mouth all the time.. if she were talking to me in person, she would be spitting in my face.

No. 542993

File: 1522552993261.png (202.08 KB, 750x1334, F9845499-DA0D-4CE4-9C82-602EBD…)

Aw princess is hurt by her own shortcomings. Do better next time and you won’t have to deal with people giving you shit

No. 542995

It looks way too small. That monitor is large enough for a way bigger custom made enclosure. It also didn’t seem like she knew they were arboreal until someone in the comments on her Instagram post said they were.

No. 542996

File: 1522553080827.png (17.54 KB, 909x125, REALLY NOW.png)


No. 542997

All her stupid little fans are blaming the pet store employees, saying it was his fault for lying to her. Like NOOOO she lying about this situation

No. 542998

is it just me or does she always look at the upper right (her right) every time she's lying about something in her videos?

No. 543000

Love how she implies anyone who doesn't accept her mistake is close-minded.

No. 543002

She's lost over 20 subs since I've been watching and hasn't gained them back lol

No. 543003

She's deleting informed criticism and liking the ones kissing her ass. You're never going to change Taylor

No. 543004

Lost 36 since I started watching lmao.

No. 543007

File: 1522553446345.jpeg (270.19 KB, 750x1254, 06E893FA-84C1-4236-A111-4409B9…)

I can’t believe her fans think Johnny is actually clean. He’s probably just smoking instead of shooting up so there’s no evidence. Plus he’s typically wearing long sleeves

No. 543008

If Taylor really wants to prove it’s captive bred, get proof of incubator pictures, parents and go get a fecal exam done. A majority of wc animals have parasites so she can tell by that.

No. 543009

Guys I swear to absolute fucking god that I was just having a comment thread with some people who brought up the leaf gecko situation and just as I was about to post a link to the screenshots I suddenly can't reply anymore, which must mean the comments are deleted

lol unbelievable

No. 543010

File: 1522553706492.png (413.85 KB, 819x715, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 11.3…)

Does anyone notice the cigarettes on top the animal enclosure in the background on the left.

I'm trying to think of anything else that could possibly be but I honestly can't

No. 543012

They look too big. I think they're liquid lipsticks.

No. 543013

Definitely not cigarettes. Looks like tubes of lip gloss.

No. 543014

lmao those look like liquid lipsticks

No. 543015

Those are liquid lipstick tubes

No. 543017


Ah I see it now thank god I really didn't think she could ever be THAT bad.

No. 543019

File: 1522553893007.jpeg (79.38 KB, 626x315, 2252336D-9A20-4D81-BAE4-57B0EF…)

Crashing hard.

She lost 7 subscribers in the last two minutes. People are not happy with her.

No. 543022

File: 1522554020496.png (75.64 KB, 1913x701, down.png)

They just keep dropping… lmao

No. 543023

it looks like all of the more critical comments were deleted

No. 543027

I know…there were some really good ones too. Wish I got screenshots

No. 543028

everytime she says "sorry" or when she said, "what else can i apologize about today?" sounds so sarcastic and eye rolling. it's so fake and i don't know how some of her fans still believe her

No. 543030

File: 1522554492111.jpeg (441.2 KB, 1266x1580, CFFD9A2D-80FC-41C2-9275-2F2637…)

She edited the caption to bring the pity party to Instagram as well.

No. 543031

seems to me she's trying to rush at making new videos to try to compensate all the money and subs she's losing. lol

No. 543033

File: 1522554816917.png (73.11 KB, 2560x878, 990e90b41933db3cf11b80926b744f…)

hasn't stopped yet LOL

No. 543038

File: 1522555370704.png (23.35 KB, 344x496, tnd.png)


No. 543047

File: 1522556354480.jpg (251.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180331-211829.jpg)

No. 543048

File: 1522556529897.png (23.62 KB, 663x185, judgementlapse.png)

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. /s

No. 543050


what kind of fucking logic is this lol

"my pregnant friend, who is pregnant with a child, who is going to raise and get attached to this child for the next eighteen years, needs something in her life to get attached to"

No. 543053

Why would someone who’s 8 months pregnant want to commit to owning a reptile that’ll live for however long when in a months time, shell have a new born to take care of?

No. 543054

So she's saying it's ok to impulse buy animals whenever you're depressed? That's a very dangerous mindset.

No. 543066

gonna go ahead and say she's either gonna delete the video or say she's gonna go on a break (again) because she's distressed.

her stans are so fucking annoying in the comments, saying people are rude for giving out legit criticism.

No. 543070

She probably wasn't thinking that clearly. Pregnancy can be hell on the body. Stress, lack of sleep, tons of stuff to do, and hormones flooding the brain. Not the best time to be making important decisions like getting a reptile that could live for the next 20 years.

No. 543074

File: 1522558699464.jpg (130.05 KB, 1440x1440, 1522524129337.jpg)

automatically thought of this and i lol'd so i had to.

No. 543075

If Taylor was a good friend then she would’ve spent time with her pregnant friend and comforted her and made her feel loved but instead she demanded her to watch her animals while she went out and partied with Jonny and used her as an excuse to buy a new animal.

Also, no one with a newborn baby should be owning a monitor. It’s nearly impossible to truly care for both. Just a stupid idea all around.

No. 543076

If her friend needed a pet so badly, a pet that was going to live with Taylor anyway, why couldn't Taylor have just "given" her one of her other animals since it would still basically be hers and she probably has more than she can name off the top of her head anyway?

Oh yeah, because Taylor's just making about 10,000 excuses why she should have this fucking monitor she wants…

No. 543079

Did not mean to do that. Apologies. I just want to point out the video is monetized, so because it’s longer with the deleted video she’s definitely going to make some money.

No. 543094

File: 1522561626150.png (87.67 KB, 645x453, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.4…)

It's incredibly fucking irresponsible she hasn't taken him to the vet yet. She's had him for months now, exposing all her other reptiles to whatever parasites he may be carrying (because she's lying about him being captive bred.) Unless it's a species vets don't care for (like fish, in most cases) there is NO excuse for not taking new animals to the vet ASAP.

(Plus, her whole "I just didn't KNOW the species and care the store gave me were wrong!" BS, if it were true, would have been fixed by her taking it to a vet who could have told her the proper info.)

No. 543099

>"I just didn't KNOW the species and care the store gave me were wrong!"
People are falling for that shit in her comments, saying that it was the store's responsibility to tell her what it was, not hers. Because of course she can't be held accountable for her shit ever or you're a hater.

No. 543117

but she did SO MUCH research, you guys!

taylor just admit you wanted a big lizard and be done with it. there’s no need for all these flimsy excuses you can’t even keep straight

No. 543130

She’s making it sound like she won’t keep him. Honey yes you will and you’ll make more drama about it.

Don’t normally go this far but someone really needs to slap her in the face for her to wake the fuck up. She’s putting all of her animals at risk (and herself) and no one can be used as an excuse when the monitor bites her or her cat. Fuck me, poor thing will probably be stuck in a tank he can’t barely navigate around because she isn’t thinking of how big they get and instead is being delusional over this whole captive bred drama. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

No. 543144

File: 1522576446006.jpeg (208.09 KB, 750x878, 4912F7E5-B7AB-48D8-A43F-8FD454…)

Found a comment that sums it up pretty well. Seriously, what was she thinking? The way she described the scenario makes it sound like a little child entering a pet store and pointing at whatever it sees saying „this one! This one!“ without even knowing what animal it is but they still take it home regardless of that.

No. 543145

Can't be sure this applies to wild caught ones (assuming her one is captive bred) but Roughnecks are actually known for being really docile and in general just not giving a fuck about what's going on around them. Wild ones are also known for just being secretive in general so yeah whatever.
So the monitor being calm around her isn't really a special bond thing it's really just because it doesn't give a shit. If she did surrender it to a shelter and they put it in an enclosure out back it wouldn't do the monitor any harm and if anything would probably prefer it.

No. 543147

Since there are crickets in the background doesn’t it mean that a bunch of them are free walking around the house? They don’t normally make so much noise unless they’ve escaped.

No. 543148

Overhandling them can cause them to bite according to some care sheets. So can stress. Considering she doesn’t have the correct enclosure and likely never will, as well as possibly going as far as handling him for pictures (would like to note that many caresheets say not to handle young monitors often) I can’t see it going very well.

No. 543149


I used to have a crestie and the crickets were noisy as hell in his tank. I also used to keep them in a box in a bathroom cupboard and I could still hear them from my bedroom. Although with how many pets she has I wouldn't doubt there would be some escapee crickets running about.

No. 543151

People are telling her to keep it because "it looks like it loves her" when like, no, it's not a fucking cat.

Even with all her money and means, 2 years of experience don't make her qualified to handle one of these lads. The fact she even thinks she could get it to begin with just shows her complete disregard for the animals she buys.

And her reasons for buying it don't make sense either. Like, seriously? You got a fucking lizard to cheer up a friend? That's a bullshit ass excuse because not only is she using her friend's depression as an excuse to justify this idiotic purchase, but she's using a living being as an accessory to look "wholesome" and "pure" uwu.

Why not, since it was about making her friend feel better and because she wanted to "put her love and affection towards", why didn't she take her to get toys or clothes for her baby? Why didn't she take her to get a makeover? She could've milked the whole "mental illness channel" idea and make a vlog about it, but no, it was all about her own satisfaction. It wasn't for her friend, she just wanted a fucking lizard.

And finally, "I'm looking through sanctuaries and rescue organizations" my fucking ass. A quick google search throws several results around the area. She has the means to bring the lizard to them.

Again, when it's about her and her needs, she can travel, spend several hours in a car, and follow her rapist of a boyfriend everywhere, but when it comes to her animals, it's impossible and takes her months to solve whatever problem she has with them. Not to mention that she also put her needs first when it came to her housing arrangements because "mY dReAm ApArtMenT".

Sage for blogging or whatever but I get so frustrated because I was a fan and seeing her doing all of this is incredible.

No. 543157

To all those stans saying this is her job they should probably think about the amount of people who fucking suck at their jobs or don't put in the effort they could.

Just because it's your job it doesn't mean you're good at it and are always right.

No. 543158


I couldn't agree with you more. Why would you ever buy a giant, hard-to-look-after lizard for a heavily pregnant woman? She's going to have a baby to look after in a month! There's no way a baby or young child should be around the monitor, so what is she going to do then? Dump the baby to look after her lizard? Of course not, this was Taylor's impulse buy the whole time, nothing to do with her friend.
But it was "a lapse in judgement"… Lapse 1 - letting ANYONE pick a pet for you/impulse buying…. Lapse 2 - letting a heavily pregnant woman who can't look after a monitor "co-own" it with you… Lapse 3 - "rEsEaRcHiNg A lOt" but not realise you bought the wrong fkn species… Laps 4 - when not realising you had the wrong species for over a month and not giving it the correct care… Lapse 5 - buying a new animal then jetting off around the country.

So many lapses in judgement from this girl in the last year (not including anything to do with her clearly manipulative man child of a boyfriend)… I can't believe people don't see through her bullshit.

It really pisses me off how much she talks about her disability and mental health affecting her life, then buys more animals. If you can't edit a video how do you care for your animals? Seems fine to go traipsing around the country after her cringy pathetic excuse of a man though.

Ok that felt good to get off my chest.

No. 543159

File: 1522578978805.png (146.43 KB, 1080x868, IMG_20180401_113345.png)

Not sure who this guy is but it's interesting that he apparently doesn't like Taylor

No. 543160


Sounds like someone with actual experience. No wonder they don't like her but I doubt that would stop them from giving her actual informed advise.

No. 543162


'We are Reptile enthusiasts, We know a lot about Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises, Crocodiles, Alligators and all sorts of scaly & misunderstood creatures. We also love to learn from other animal experts who are happy to share knowledge. That’s what Kamp Kenan is all about. We love animals and we know you do too. This is why we do what we do. Animal Conservation in the Modern World matters, we're out there living it and doing it every day. This is real life, these stories are real, and our sole purpose is to educate you so that you can learn something new every day and one day perhaps get involved yourself. It's that simple.' -Youtube channel description

Their website talks about captive breeding, conservation and stewardship of reptiles.

No. 543163


Just did a quick google they're reptile breeding and conservationists (there's two of them going by the website) based in southern Florida. Youtube channel also shows they actually get their hands dirty and show the animals in their environments.

They also educate children on exotic and endangered reptiles so my best bet is they don't like her because of the whole "designer pet uwu" thing she's got going on.

No. 543164

Ghetto amateur enclosure. Why does anyone interested in reptiles follow her? Making the enclosures is so huge part of the hobby but she just half-asses everything.

No. 543165


I think at this point the only people who follow her are 13 year olds interested in being "cool" and "aesthetic" and have no real idea about animal care and responsibility.

No. 543168

Something I don't think I've seen anyone mention a whole lot about is her dangerous anthropomorphism. With this new monitor I can already feel the "he's comfortable around me, he's bonded with me, he won't be happy with anyone else!!!!" and while he is a monitor (which are generally accepted as being very smart lizards who CAN come to recognize their owners) he is still a reptile, and NOT domesticated. I don't know if she does this with other animals, but judging by the way she's treating the monitor, she probably does. Also, staying still and closing their eyes is a defense mechanism in roughnecks. It doesn't mean they're comfortable. Taylor is going to get bit by misreading his body language and her anthropomorphism.

No. 543174

This enclosure would be okay for like….maybe a week to keep an eye on him to make sure he's eating okay and then he should go straight into something around 6x6x4 MINIMUM, preferably around 8x8x5 or even bigger, with a large pool and some huge branches or even trees. She should also invest in a mistking misting system since they're from a tropical climate, and would probably appreciate the humidity, because it looks a little low as it is (they like about 60-70% but up to 80-90% throughout the day). He also needs to be eating a mixture of insects for most of his feedings, with rodents and other proteins making up maybe 1-2 days of his feedings throughout the week. I hope she stops listening to horrible LLLreptiles caresheets and actually learns how to keep this dude if she's going to keep him.

No. 543178

Was gonna say that these guys grow very quickly so even if she is going to upgrade his tank now she has to put thought into how large he is going to grow in a certain space of time, and set up an adult enclosure for back up.

No. 543179


She seems to take people not agreeing with her animal care as not liking her. Too bad she can't do something adult like put her animals care first.

No. 543203

File: 1522588778087.jpeg (80.76 KB, 640x347, FE0E4072-B542-4D8B-866B-BB3A1C…)

No. 543205

i'm sure all the smokers that got lung cancer later in life thought they were "just fine" too

No. 543212

Stupid af, its not okay to smoke around animals. Smoking grass like Taylor does is probably worse because why would you want to get your pets partially stoned lol.

My cat cries at my bedroom door sometimes cause he doesn't understand I won't let him in if i'm smoking/have been smoking and the window hasn't been open for a few hours.

Animals dont have the capacity to understand that secondhand smoke isn't good for them, so thats your responsibility as an owner to make sure they aren't anywhere near you and can't be harmed by it. Since Taylor is TOTALLY a cat expert I wonder if she knows that smoking in anyway around her cats sticks to their fur, and when they go to groom themselves they ingest the toxins/residue.

No. 543214

Finally unsubscribed. Used to be a genuine fan but I'm honestly disgusted by her now. I hope more people see sense, and judging by the comments on her most recent video I think that's happening.

No. 543216

Can someone tell me if her recent video has ads on it because I don't want to click it and give her any revenue. If it does, does anyone have a mirror link?

No. 543217

it has ads, just use adblock

No. 543218

Yes!! I live with a cat and my roommate smokes and even him going in there after they smoke leaves him with the smell literally attached to him. Then he immediately tries to clean it off and it’s not safe at all. Plus I thought I read somewhere cats are suppose to have the cleanest/freshest air they can get.

Sage for irelevance

No. 543220


Someone might be able to hooktube it? Doesn't give her money/views in that case I think

No. 543223

No. 543229

Have to say the comment section is wonderful because there is so many people finally questioning her husbandry.

I think it's likely she will go on a Twitter spree of retweeting all compliments and disabling the comments in future videos.

No. 543239

Oh my god, the comment section of her recent video is perfect. That is until she wakes up at 5pm today and deletes everything. Watching the video again is so cringey, within the first few minutes she basically gives us the runaround as to why impulse buying a baby dinosaur for her old-woman-in-a-shoe apartment is okay because her and Pregs-McGee were depressed and it would collectively cure them. I genuinely want to see if someone can go through her old videos and count how many times she says 'now I don't recommend doing (exactly what I just did)' because she constantly humble brags about her money and her huge platform but is apparently blind to the fact that her poor choices being projected to the world may have some negative impact.

The 'everybody makes mistakes' rhetoric is getting old, taytay. Dozens of mistakes in a row over the same shit (wildcaught, poor enclosures, diet, impulse buying) are no longer mistakes.

No. 543245

File: 1522593943987.png (42.51 KB, 761x243, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 10.4…)

This comment is getting massive support lol and so far no stans have really attacked it

No. 543246

File: 1522594226294.png (11.2 KB, 844x114, edba58a41d4e62438adf3d89d58030…)

God at this point I don't know what's worse, the impulse bought monitor the the hundreds of fanbrats going off in the comments at 'haters' acting like they know everything about animals just because they watch her videos.

Slightly more on topic, saw this comment an snorted.

No. 543248

File: 1522594352781.png (204.69 KB, 1444x1052, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 10.5…)

No. 543254

File: 1522595013560.png (458.56 KB, 1514x1704, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.0…)

These comments are really racking up the likes and the stans are dying off slowly.

Anyone got the latest subscriber count?

No. 543257

Honestly, even if she keeps the monitor, I guarantee she will rehome it within a year. It'll start being aggressive, or it'll hurt one of her other pets, or she'll just realise how much time and space she doesn't have for it, and then make up some bullshit excuse about how it's totally not her fault and it's completely out of her control as to why she has to rehome it.

Anyone wanna take bets? £10 it happens before the year's out.

No. 543259


> "I was told that it wasn't going to be aggressive because it was raised around humans most of its life!"

Bitch, an animal is an animal. It doesn't matter how well you treat it–if it feels threatened, it will go off.

Anyone remember that horrifying story about that monkey that tore its owner's face off?

No. 543264

File: 1522595948231.png (78.82 KB, 234x229, 4638478599155fcb76f1eac6515efb…)

FUCK I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING. Does anyone remember her long fin clownfish she made a video of (image attached, however, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsL-sD87g4Y link for those who wanna/if they wanna watch)
She talked about how she thought it was a strange morph but grew to like it when they got to her so I'm assuming she bought them to own.

I remember watching this video ages ago when I first found her and liked her videos. However since this one video I have never seen them or heard anything about them.
I know from the video she put them in the seahorse tank because the puffer ate some of their fins but yeah, anyone got any idea what happened to these fish?

No. 543266


Wait, she actually said that? Jesus.

A few threads ago, someone posted a video by a guy who had a giant monitor of some sort sleeping on him as he watched tv (presumably what Taylor would call non-agrgrssive and tame). There was another video of the same monitor biting the guys hand which would not stop bleeding and left him with a giant hole in his hand. He also had nerve damage from other lizards he owns.
Taylor is absolutely not going to be able to deal with a monitor, no matter how long it's been around humans. Taming an animal that big is not an event, it's a process.. a very long process. And i doubt it's something she'll keep on top of. One day it will eat one of her other animals, or bite her hand off along with her stupid tattoos… that's if she doesn't get rid of it before then.

No. 543267


Yep! - Although I think it was a friend of the "owners". Reptiles get used to certain people, usually by their scent, it wouldn't surprise me if this monitor went off at one of her "experienced sitters" (aka friends) for not reading its body language correctly. Honestly this girl leaves town far too often considering the amount of animals she keeps buying.

No. 543268

i hope it bites the shit out of her before she rehomes it. she deserves it at this point

No. 543269


I don't understand how she can say she has her animals best interests at heart and then turn around and raise a monitor in an apartment. It's going to hurt one of those poor cats.

No. 543271

File: 1522596383533.png (93.3 KB, 818x286, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.2…)

Over 300 lost since the last counts.

No. 543272


Also elephants who have very good and strong bonds with their keepers. Keepers still have to read their body language 24/7 even if they're 'tame' and 'friendly' because they can snap for no apparent reason.

No. 543273

Unless she magically saves her channel or has some funds on the side she's saving, how is she going to care for her animals/afford a large enough place/get a job?

I don't think many modelling agencies would be interested in her due to the reputation but also her lip fillers?

No. 543274


Exactly this! She apparently has her animals best interests at heart but won't even give them beyond minimum requirements for their care. Especially considering how she goes on about having the money to look after all of her animals… how about she starts looking after them then, and give them the best she can possibly give instead of always giving second best.

No. 543275


She didn't say that, but that's what she seems to think happens with wild caught vs captive breed animals. Aggressive, predatory animals don't suddenly lose their ability to become aggressive or predatory just because they're captive bred.

So her whole story about this supposed herp expert having raised the roughneck throat from a hatchling and that it's completely calm and docile because of it is really ignorant and pretty stupid considering how dangerous a monitor bite could be. Why he thought a white girl with a supposed sensitive skin condition and chronic pain with less than three years of experience with the most basic reptiles you can keep was the perfect candidate I have no idea.

Oh wait I know why. Because that person doesn't exist.

No. 543279

File: 1522597009737.jpg (111.64 KB, 614x898, Screenshot_20180401-183348.jpg)

her daily subs have dropped below 0 lol

No. 543280

These "Custom enclosures" are taking a long time to be made

No. 543282


Let's not forget that the person who supposedly hatched them also said they were a different species lmao.

No. 543283

Makes me question how someone can be such a shit liar.

No. 543287


Indeed. I do wish the shop she bought it from would make a public statement just to set the story straight.

No. 543288

Watching the video now. Thatsshh a lot of lisssshping.

That's also a lot of blame to put on the friend. Taylor says the friend's apartment complex won't let her have a reptile? I've never been in an apartment where caged animals were a problem.

Taylor said she had a whole team she contacted about building a 7x7 enclosure? In an apartment?? But it was an impulse buy? What?? How does she say she had everything ready for it if the friend didn't know what she was going to get?

She really does look like she's doing this video completely naked.

No. 543290

Is her friend Maria person? If that's so - she said that they were making videos together on Twitter? Imagine how shit that will go when she's being blamed for every little thing

No. 543300

File: 1522598618536.jpeg (378.65 KB, 750x1127, 39048DD4-9248-4F55-8523-0D8D00…)

No. 543302

At 6:21 in the new video she mentions still looking into finding a home for the monitor. Fingers crossed she realizes she can't keep it and finds a suitable place for it to go.

No. 543305


She goes back and forth between "I'm still looking" and "I'll probably keep it" so I don't think even she knows what shes doing

No. 543306


You do realise she is most likely lying about that right? She's only saying she's been searching for a new home for him because she knows she has to say something otherwise people would be complaining more than they already are. It's hard to believe a single thing she says.

No. 543314

Oh yeah I know. I'm just hoping for the animals sake that instead of lying about looking she's lying about keeping. That way later on down the road when it's suddenly disappeared and people question it she can say she mentioned possibly getting rid of it. Like I said, fingers crossed.

No. 543316

File: 1522599749728.png (926.24 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20180401-171457~2.p…)

Saged for speculation but this other relatively known gecko keeper seems to be hinting that she's following the Taylor drama
this was posted today

No. 543319

File: 1522599879742.jpeg (194.14 KB, 750x909, 779BECE0-1D6F-4440-B9C2-0ADF19…)

The comments on that other video posted a while ago on the thread are gold. Looks like her fans have already decided they want a monitor just like taylor.

No. 543322


Not about Taylor but I like this girl, she has multiple leos and did have two cresties, she doesn't feel the need to get lots of different species for views, but gets animals she likes and knows how to take care of. Has also admitted her own mistakes/changes in husbandry she's made over the years. Taylor could learn a lot from her.

No. 543324

File: 1522600395409.jpeg (120.61 KB, 750x587, 6F7D26C9-780E-4674-A6ED-FF606A…)

You don’t have to do research anymore guys

No. 543326


lol, pet store employees don't get paid enough to stand there and give everyone an hour long talk about everything they need to know about any animal

No. 543327

She would know by typing the name of the animal into Google images.

No. 543329

File: 1522600672874.png (39.81 KB, 1019x368, 2018-04-01 10_37_19-- YouTube.…)

No. 543330

No, Betsy is her pregnant friend and the one who picked out the monitor

Maria lives out of town and was visiting

No. 543332

I heard Johnny got arrested a few days ago, anyone know anything about that?

No. 543338

Like, again? In San Antonio?

No. 543340


This shit pisses me off so much, but then I have to remember these are most likely kids who have no idea how business works. People who hire employees in most pet stores don't know how to care for most of the animals they sell, let alone put interviewees under examinations to prove their knowledge. Pet stores aren't required and do not "need" to know animal care, they're just there to make a profit.

No. 543356

Well, let's not stop there. Grocery store employees need to know how to cook to tell customers how to cook a steak and what they need. You shouldn't have to learn how to cook. It's really the store's fault for telling people that well done steak is ok.

In all seriousness, it's because of shit like Taylor and this monitor that I think owning certain pets if not all should require a license.

No. 543369

I think she made a Freudian slip already that she has decided to keep the monitor, because she told about her plans of getting a new enclosure as he keeps growing.

No. 543372

I know someone in a previous thread posted a video of a full grown black throat monitor

Here's another one though because it's funny imagining Taylor with this guy and thinking she can handle it

No. 543384


You know what this reminds me of?

I have no idea if this is the same guy (definitely not the same lizard, I think it was a rock iguana) but wasn’t there a viral video a few years back of a guy saying “c’mere buddy!” until his lizard scurries up to him?

That’s what I assume Taylor ultimately wants to do: be the quirky girl who tames big mean ol animals

No. 543385

it's interesting that a fan of hers went to the store and the store just went "lol, literally not at all"…i super wish they'd just give a short statement

of course taytay was ignoring the worker trying to tell her about the moniter

No. 543388

yeah that's the same guy, and it was some sort of iguana

No. 543391

No. 543396


This is the same guy who got bit, and i believe this is the same monitor that bit him.
Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmn4GGQaVuc

I'd love to see Taylor deal with something like this because we all know she just wouldn't.

No. 543397

But she makes it seem like those plans were made before getting it (which is impossible) or immediately after bringing it home. I doubt she'll be getting a 7x7 enclosure just like I doubt she's getting a new rack system

No. 543399

This guy was bit by one of his monitors, blue. https://youtu.be/gmn4GGQaVuc
I feel like Taylor never considered the scariness of a large monitor bite. Even though this isn't from a blackthroat or roughneck, it's still a good example of what can happen if you're not careful enough around a dangerous lizard. And I doubt taylor will take the correct precautions when handling a large lizard like the roughneck.

No. 543401

So why isn't the shop saying anything? She slandered them on Twitter, made a video slandering them, and made fake texts from the stores owner.

There's being professional and then there's being dumb.

No. 543404

His blue tailed tree monitor (named blue) is the one who bit him. But a roughneck and blackthroat can also do some considerable damage

No. 543406

They could easily be doing something legal about it. If not, there’s not much they could do about it other than make a public statement about the situation and then it would be a he said she said situation. Know Taylor’s fan base, they would then swarm their Facebook page, Yelp, instagram, etc commenting about how they’re lying. I don’t think they’re in the wrong for lying low, their reputation is on the line after all

No. 543408


Ah, my bad. Still super scary to see what can happen from a monitor bite though. I feel like she hasn't even considered what could happen if she gets bit by her monitor when he grows up. Other than the fact that she'd probably get rid of it.

No. 543411

Not to mention she’s already been bit by so many of her animals because of how wreckless she is when she shoves her fingers in their face

No. 543417

oh I hadn't thought of that…yeah, that does make sense :\ ugh.

No. 543418

Not sure if Jonny was arrested or not but he’s posting on IG so I’m thinking probably not.

No. 543430

I commented on her video and all I said was, "Pathetic" and I'm not kidding 6 different teenage fans commented different variations of "just like you!!" and "wow why would you say that about yourself" Hahahahah I'm dying

No. 543432

Everyone seems to be focusing on how she wants to keep the monitor and is making excuses to, but I think it might be the other way around. There’s no way she doesn’t know by now that she fucked up royally bringing that thing into her apartment. She hasn’t got a reliable long term source of income, she doesn’t know where she’s going to live once it outgrows her apartment, she has no enclosure for it IN the apartment that’ll be big enough. She knows, she has to, that she’s bitten off more than she can chew with this particular impulse purchase.

The whole excuse of him being wild caught served to deflect from the actual issue (her totally misidentifying his subspecies) but also to allow her an easy excuse to rehome him without looking like she was admitting to a mistake. “No guys, I’m not rehoming him because I fucked up with buying a huge lizard, I’m rehoming him because I HAVE to, it’s the kinder thing to do, I’m such a saint!”

No. 543439

i cant watch the new vid again to post the time stamp but she says the "do as i say not as i do" thing that was on previous threads

No. 543444

File: 1522610208754.jpeg (239.34 KB, 750x901, 66223910-FCC7-47B2-B7DC-4368E6…)

The comment section on that video is still gold. These kids defending her are making me die from laughing

No. 543445


I really hope this is the case, but I also think she cares more about views and likes than anything else, and thinks she'll look "sUpEr CoOl" with a massive lizard. She keeps saying she's looking into rehoming it yet has had it for like 2 months now? And her efforts to look for a new home seem non existent.

No. 543456

File: 1522610834604.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-132810.png)


No. 543463

File: 1522611363742.png (1.71 MB, 1242x2208, B657C3FF-B9B8-441C-8AF6-E3FDA2…)

I’m not sure if this has been posted
She subsequently deleted this tweet

No. 543467


Don't you worry, she will post something more depressing!

No. 543474

The most pathetic thing about all this is Taylor making it all about herself and guilt tripping her audience for being frustrated with her

Sure she lied and slandered a store by essentially claiming false advertising and the treated people who wanted answers horribly by laughing and acting like she knew better, but she’s UPSET she let people down!!!! Don’t you feel bad for her?!??!

No. 543481

File: 1522613094979.png (92.53 KB, 750x533, IMG_1856.PNG)


No. 543484


This bitch just made an entire video about how she impulse bought a fucking death monitor and she's lecturing people about not impulse buying?

No. 543487

i mean at least she's not wrong about this one…despite the hypocrisy lol

No. 543491

How in the hell did she EVER think she could handle something that huge in an apartment with two cats. Another clear indication that this was an impulse buy.

No. 543492

The comments are seriously ripping her a new one this is amazing.

Yesterday the top comments where the ones liked by her but now it's all about how much of a fuck up she made.

No. 543493


a little fucking late, no? if people were buying them for easter….well it probably already happened. she's an idiot.

No. 543505


Wow. This is actually pains me. Is she deleting comments on this tweet as I'm surprised I didn't see any calling her a hypocrite lol

No. 543519

Twitter is her safespace, she's blocked a ton of her "haters" aka anyone mildly critical of her

No. 543523

File: 1522616058147.png (620.27 KB, 750x1334, 78F44D7D-82D2-4038-8855-A965B6…)

Wonder if there’s any truth to her being banned from the store

No. 543540

File: 1522617390020.png (2.33 MB, 2208x1242, 6BE38A0E-3657-41EF-9B1D-83B54B…)

Good god she looks like a 40 year old drunk

No. 543551


I’m sure rules might be different since it’s a local store and they can theoretically do whatever they want in terms of refusing service to people, but generally speaking I’ve only ever seen people get banned on their grounds of fraud or causing some sort of harm to an employee, so I don’t know how true that is. But again it’s their store so they could make whatever exception they wanted as long as it’s not discrimination

No. 543554

probably not banned, but by the way she treated them i'm betting every employee knows about her now and does not trust her to be their customer anymore. so if every she came inside that store, they probably won't sell any animals to her again.

No. 543556


Yeah, even chain stores have the right to refuse to sell an animal to someone if they believe they won't provide it with the proper care. And if they know anything about her, which they probably do, they're not obligated to sell her an animal ever again

No. 543558

Farm raised still isn't that great, because that means the mother is wild. I'm pretty sure the babies can still contract parasites from their mother, and it also technically affects wild populations since it's pretty much taking gravid females/eggs from the wild and hatching them in captivity. In my mind it's not a whole lot better than wild caught.

No. 543571

i think the only reason she always brings up the wild-caught vs captive bred is to mask all the other problems that she's doing.

"oh, i didn't know my monitor was a different type? well guys, i'm against wild-caught! i want a captive bred! even though i have a ton of wild-caught species in my messy apartment"

sees everyone hating on her smoking and blasting music near her reptiles "guyss! the store told me my monitor is captive bred! but i think it's not! that's bad!"

No. 543588

Even TND’s fans say she’s way more awkward in person, so I’ve always wondered how she’d react if someone called her out for all of this stuff if they ran into her at an expo or something.

No. 543591

that'll be hilarious. just imagine? she'll probably ignore you completely or start acting her illness is acting up again to get people around her to feel bad.

No. 543592


IA, it’s a manipulative technique to control the narrative. So when people say “she bought the wrong monitor” she and/or her fans hand wave it away. “No, THAT’S not the problem. The problem is that it’s WILD.”

That was NEVER a problem until she decided to make it one in order to muddy the waters and take some control over the backlash. This way instead of everyone pointing out that this proves she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she can turn it into “well I was lied to about where he came from.” It’s just to distract from the actual embarrassment which was her claiming to be knowledgable, claiming to not impulse buy, claiming she knew everything about this creature, and then bringing home a totally different animal.

That is game breakingly shameful for someone marketing themselves as an expert in pets, specifically pet reptiles. But she’s done such a good job at twisting the story that wild caught v captive bred is what people are still focusing on.

No. 543602

File: 1522620327268.png (618.15 KB, 1280x720, shit.png)

Taylor's last video in a nutshell

No. 543606

Someone in the comments pointed out she’s just wearing a bra and she’s trying to act like it’s a tank but I’m 100% sure it’s a bra (I’m a female) and she whipped off that thin ass kimono like that had any affect on anything. That picture reminded me of this.

Sage for irrelevance

No. 543611

it's all to get more views, especially when she tries to hide the strap with her hair so she can look naked. she's starting to look like a blowup doll.

No. 543613


It’s either a bra or some mega low tube top

No. 543623

She already seems to be over handling him. It’s not recommended as they are more likely to bite while they’re juveniles so… that’s going to happen soon prob

“I’m excited to post pictures of him” lmao

No. 543624

File: 1522621283349.png (911.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-182051.png)

She retweeted this lol

No. 543625

File: 1522621299563.png (180.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-182055.png)

No. 543626

Sometimes I think this bitch buys subs.

No. 543628

She can’t even spend some money on getting actual bowls for her cats, so idk what would make it a legit comment that she would spend thousands to care for her animals in the best way possible.

No doubt people out there spend a lot on their animals (i for sure do) and make mistakes, but they accept these mistakes and have simple bowls for their animals rather than plastic containers

No. 543643

File: 1522622496285.png (350.37 KB, 1828x982, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 6.40…)

these comments. lmao

No. 543648

Guys, keep a look out for my new video I'll be making. It'll be about the differences between Jenna's apology and Taylor's.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 543649

She said she no longer support wild caught animals but she purchased the 3 leaf geckos (whom are wild caught) with the monitor, isnt?

No. 543652


If she didn’t want to support wild caught, then theoretically her animals she has that ARE WC (her crab, satanics, etc.) would be the best candidates to go to a rehab center, right?

No. 543658

She said in her video that she's only going to practice non-wild caught from here on out. meaning that she's planning on keeping all of her current wildcaught pets because they're "adjusted"

No. 543661

it's obvious that Jenna's apology is more genuine than Taylor's. She's way more intelligent than Taylor, especially how Jenna has a degree not like her. first thing that's obvious is how Jenna is upfront about her own mistakes and is not blaming anyone else for choices she made, and actually discusses her mindset on how to fit her mistakes. Taylor, however, she's trying so hard to find another excuse after excuse and her apologies sound super forced like, "What else you guys want me to apologize for? geez!"

No. 543675

Yeah, but also Jenna acted like an adult and acknowledged since the beginning that she's not an animal expert, which Taylor doesn't do.

I'm still trying to understand why people keep saying it was the store's fault they sold her the wrong animal, especially when in the video she states she was getting a pet she knew how to care for. Like I don't know about her, but if I claim to know about an animal and its care, it would make sense for me to know what it looks like to begin with. Either you know about the animal or you don't, it can't be both things at the same time.

No. 543681


Also Jenna just seems really keen about learning about petcare and not just assuming she's an expert because she read a caresheet or two like Taylor.

In her recent video where she changed the layout of her hamster's cage, she kept namedropping youtubers ("it's not as cool as x's but…", etc.) which shows she's really engrossed in her pet's community on YouTube

No. 543686

Honestly I kind of feel bad for Taylor because I see how fast she got in over her head. She defined her entire online persona around her pets, she saw that new pets = new views, and she thought she had a winning formula. Now it's all crashing down on her head. She's got too many pets, including super particular ones, that require more care than she's willing or capable of giving. Her fans are starting to see the cracks in her persona, but since she's so defined herself around being this animal girl, she doesn't want to back down about not being an expert. You can tell she's still completely trying to deny that anything's wrong because to admit something is wrong means that she has to re-evaluate her entire lifestyle, and that's not a super easy thing to do.

Regardless, the longer she tries to carry on this ridiculousness, the worse the outcome in the long run for her.

No. 543702

She’s an idiot, but yeah, I do feel just a bit of sympathy for her. She’s young, impulsive, irresponsible, and craves attention/fame. She liked animals and found there was a market for pretty girls that collect animals like jewelry. Animal haul after animal haul, rinse and repeat. And now she’s dug herself in a deep deep hole and it’s biting her in the ass big time. Not saying she doesn’t deserve it, especially after all the lies she’s told and the fact that she’s dating a druggie rapist. But it is hard not to feel the slightest bit of sympathy.

No. 543707

I agree, but it's definitely just pity. All she has to do is admit that she isn't perfect. Even when she "admits" to something she finds a way to make it mostly someone else's fault. I've never seen her outright say "yes this is my fault 100%" and not try to drag someone else down with her.

No. 543709

I'd feel some sympathy if she at least showed some sort of remorse or actually took criticism instead of deleting it because she took it as "hate".

Hell even if this was the first time she fucked up I would've given her the benefit of the doubt, but it's been mistake after mistake, which she just refuses to acknowledge. Yesterday she spent the first three hours after her video went live responding to "hate" comments. A monetized video apology is not enough.

No. 543720

Has anyone else noticed that she put three ads on her apology video

No. 543721

she really needs money from the amount of things she buys and spends on Jonny.

No. 543736

Also rip at all of the money she‘s wasting atm.. it really seems like she overestimated the amount of money she can throw out of the window. When she still lived with her parents the only thing she really had to worry about (money-wise) were her animals and her clothes. As far as i know she didn’t pay rent or anything. Now she‘s living on her own, paying for rent and everything, thrpwing out her money for gold bracelets and stupid shit. I feel like this is just one of the hundreds of things that show how immature she still is. Now that her yt channel is turning to shit, all this money spending is really gonna hit her in the butt.

No. 543751

i have no pity for her lmao. she clearly doesn't love her animals… they're purely for her to show off, an extension of herself.

No. 543756


I think she might at one point have cared about some of them, but then collecting "designer" animals became an addiction.

I just find it hard to pity her when there are so many animals suffering for her stupidity, and so many better pet vloggers out there who barely get subscribers at all because apparently animal hoarding is more fun to watch.

No. 543767

No. 543775


Yikes, this guy has a few good points but the way he talks into his mic, he sounds like a real creeper.

No. 543776

Lmfao what the fuck is this autism?

No. 543779

File: 1522631925575.jpg (40.94 KB, 600x477, laughing-cryingmeme-pics-32.jp…)

"I love monitor lizards I would buy them all if I could."

What's wrong with you?

No. 543808

Damn, she gained another hundred followers back already

No. 543820

File: 1522634145685.jpg (602.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-185538.jpg)

No. 543822

File: 1522634425276.jpg (637.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-185928.jpg)

Her cats are still drinking out of a Tupperware container. I hope they at least wash it regularly.

No. 543841

File: 1522635394782.png (529.05 KB, 626x582, tweet.png)

No. 543843

File: 1522635437375.png (607.25 KB, 601x597, red.png)


But where is the red eyed/white specked one?

No. 543846

File: 1522635735222.png (769.72 KB, 831x624, 1st gecko.png)

And this one isn't close to any of the ones in the tweet.

No. 543849

File: 1522635889886.png (961.94 KB, 853x801, satanic.png)

To be honest that looks like the last one.

No. 543850

Her cats grew fast.

Also wtf is with all these people who suddenly showed up to defend Taylor and pity her and don't sage? Fuck off. Taylor feels no remorse or pity when her animals died. She killed a kitten and then bought a replacement like days later, not even a week. She's a fucked up person that only cares about fame and money. She never gave a shit about the animals.

No. 543855

Should have been obvious when people found out about that little dog.

No. 543878

I thought you couldn’t handle them because they’re delicate??

No. 543880

Was there drama on this? She deleted it lol

No. 543881

Not to stick up for Taylor… but unless her hand turned into a gnarled stump, no one's handling it. Aha.

No. 543888

She has two young male cats, she SERIOUSLY needs a water fountain for them. On the off chance she reads this specific comment, I just lost my 2yo boy (who looks so much like Nemo it kills me) to a urinary tract obstruction this past November. And I lost him despite a mostly wet food diet and 3 cat fountains and regular vet check ups. It creeps up quick and if not caught in time is fatal because their organs don't recover.

Young males are ESPECIALLY prone to this. They need fresh, clean water and the easiest way to encourage them to drink is to have a fountain for moving water. You have the money Taylor, they're like $20-30 on Amazon. Fix all your other pet issues as well, but jesus stop with tap water in a tupperware container. Cats aren't reptiles, you need to do more than have a shallow dish you change out weekly.

Sage for somewhat blogging but any time I see her subpar cat care I get triggered

No. 543891

Sorry I replied to the wrong one. I meant the one with the picture of a satanic on her finger. I remember their being a big debacle about her taking a picture while holding one

No. 543897

my not even one year old male cat had three UTIs within 4 months (well, he wasn't quite 1 when he got his first uti), each was treated with meds from his vet and we followed all the instructions. And the kitty ate mostly wet food as well, dranks lots of water.

After the third UTI the vet prescribed some Royal Canin Urinary SO dry food. My boy will be 4 later this year and hasn't had a UTI since we switched his dry food. He still eats mostly wet food that isn't rx. sage cause boring cat shit but my vet said to just let all our cats eat the RX urinary dry food (we have older males mostly) cause it helps cats with issues and doesn't damage cats without issues. so a fountain and asking about the RX food for two boy babies is a good idea… but knowing taylor she doesn't care enough to do these things

No. 543902

That's the original picture from when she first got them. And yeah everyone already kicked off about her handling it. She shouldn't be.

ps. you might want to type sage in the email field. ;)

No. 543903


Can you fucking imagine how things would go if one of her pets had a medical emergency? I don’t image she has any sort of emergency vet fund set aside so if her youtube career goes south and she doesn’t have her priorities straight she’d be totally fucked.

Also with the amount of pets she has around the house she might benefit from having a diy first aid kit for minor things, but I doubt she cares enough either

No. 543906

Yeah my other boy (much older, he'll be 8 this year) is on rx dry food for dinner and rx wet food for breakfast, both specific for urinary/kidney health. Although he's only had 2 UTI issues in the time I've had him, none since switching him to the rx food!

Taylor can definitely afford it, she needs to get them both started on rx food NOW. A water fountain and getting high quality food is the bare minimum and if she can "totally afford" a monitor enclosure she can get them something better than the damn tupperware

No. 543921


She definitely doesn't care about first aid for her pets. She let her axolotl almost die from columnaris and let her entire saltwater reef tank get ich because she saw it and didn't treat it, she's not worried about what health problems her animals get as long as they're alive enough for her to manhandle for instagram pictures.

I highly doubt she'll feed RX food either. It just doesn't won't sound as cool to her as that ~homemade, natural, grain free~ brand she's obsessed with from Petco despite it being a solidly average quality food. (Just as long as she doesn't try to raw feed them or some shit like that… likely she's too lazy, thankfully, because you can really fuck that up easily.)

No. 543927


Fromm isn't a Petco brand. As far as I've read, it's a hipster indie brand that doesn't want to partner with big petstore chains because that takes away from their integrity or some shit.

Even though Canidae is a Petco brand, and Canidae is independently owned. And Merrick WAS independently owned until about a year or so ago.

The whole grain free/organic trend recently is absolutely ridiculous, because there is no actual evidence that it is any healthier for them than just regular food. There's no point in feeding your animal something grain free unless they're allergic. But people keep toting it as superior and it's so frustrating.

No. 543932


I didn't say that it was an actual Petco brand, just meant that they sell it at Petco. She seems to buy most of her things there, and thinks she's an expert on their merchandise since she used to work there.

No. 543934


I know, that's what I mean. Anything that Petco sells is technically part of their brand. They don't sell it at Petco.

No. 543936

Have the longfin clownfish been added to the google doc?

No. 543938

her cat's food area is such a fucking mess. honestly, it just shows laziness and carelessness when you have all the money in the world but you give your cat a Tupperware bowl to eat/drink from.

I'm in college so i'm broke af and lazy as hell, but every time i go out, i always stop by a store to see what else i can buy for my dog. he's gone through countless of bowls, toys, and beds because pets are supposed to be family that deserves being spoiled and not objects to just take pictures of.

sage for blog posting and being triggered

No. 543939

File: 1522643691218.png (109.08 KB, 672x626, Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.3…)

Two things:

1) Taylor apparently filmed an entire video with Tyler that she can't even use. He doesn't seem that hung up about it but if I wasted my time and money to go visit someone to collab and they just completely fucked it up so it was unusable, I'd be pissed.

2) I'm pretty sure Taylor is replying to the "editing another fun video :)" tweet she posted right after the drama video….

Which means it's gone. Which means that we're probably not going to get another video for another month because poor little baby Taylor got her fee fees hurt. Not surprising.

No. 543959

>>543372 No big deal, Taylor won't miss her fingers when they're bitten off by the Monitor. Or when, and not if, it's when, her cats get torn to shreds and she comes home from getting her nails and shit hair done to find cat blood everywhere and no cats. She killed one kitten already herself which isn't speculation, it's fact so she's really not all that worried about anything except this insane impulse to keep this Monitor.

No. 543970

do you think she would even mention it if something like that were to happen tho? i could see that being something she’d try to cover up real quick

No. 543974

Do we know for sure that the pictures of the leaf tail geckos are new? I know the ones she posted on Twitter are because she also had a video on her Instagram story, but in that one the cage is wet while the other two aren’t, and there are actually live plants in one of the other two.

No. 543979

File: 1522648053511.png (353.24 KB, 860x486, Taylor 2.png)

I went back and watched one of Taylor's videos, can't remember which maybe the pet bathing video, Mushu looks very thin for a female Axolotl. Taylor doesn't feed her enough, plust the neglect where she almost killed her.

No. 543984

File: 1522648547577.png (857.86 KB, 860x972, Taylor.png)

I mean this shit wasn't hard to find in her videos. She keeps bags of feeders (crickets I guess from Petco?) in with the trash and mess of her room, the dark strings all over the floor amongst the fucking mess appear to be… hair from hair extensions?? WTF… So… Gross, whether it is or isn't, this looks like out of an episode of hoarders. Assuming that's hair on the floor it made my skin shutter.

No. 543992

>>543970 Absolutely she would not mention it, on her own. She would mention it much later however in an attempt to get ass pats and pity when she got sick of the hoards of comments from people asking, where the shit did your cats go man.

No. 543995

Not to mention the horrible hides she has in the bp enclosure. She spends two grand on a snake and then gets a half log and a hamster hut as hides? Anyone with any knowledge on bp's knows that those are not proper hides for bp's because they don't make the snake feel secure.

No. 543996

Their apartment must smell fucking terrible. Imagine how often she cleans the litterbox… They probably end up shitting and peeing everywhere because the litterbox is full. I hope her hair extensions smell like cat pee lol

No. 544000

wow poor bp. not only is her apartment crowded with trash, her vivariums are over crowded and messy as hell. bet her place smells like soil, cat pee, weed, and rotten food.

No. 544001

File: 1522652846984.png (656.39 KB, 887x564, ace51c46777b7f1d2640154fafab4f…)

also, wth is going on with her front teeth? it looks like it could be covered in calculus. it can't be invisalign or else it'll be more noticeable around her canines.

No. 544003


how is she not ashamed???

No. 544009

File: 1522654044406.png (4.61 MB, 1668x2224, 9F3493FF-A77C-49CB-BF4A-2F77BD…)

Is this a night light or a plug in air freshener? Hope it’s not the latter considering this is her animal room.

No. 544011


Looks like an air freshener to me.

No. 544012


She's not ashamed because she doesn't care. She goes around splashing her cash on $2000 snakes but won't even get her cats a $5 water bowl because she can't show off a cat bowl on her social medias and get the same reaction as what she would with a new animal. Her priorities really show. All she gives two shits about is spending as much money on as many designer animals as possible. She doesn't care about the conditions she keeps them in so i'm presuming that to her, she feels like she has nothing to be ashamed about because she just doesn't care. Her poor animals.

No. 544014

This so much. I also highly doubt she even knows basic first aid for pets.

I honestly feel like she's the type of person that, if one of her pets were ever seriously ill or injured, even if she did rush them to the ER vet (doubtful she'd be willing to spend the extra $$ for emergency care…) she wouldn't keep up with the medication schedule, or she'd make up some excuse about how her cats just wouldn't swallow the pills, etc. If it was an injury I doubt this hooker would even bother learning how to properly irrigate a puncture wound (spoiler alert, it's gross and cats hate it and they won't make it easy on you), she'd half-assedly try to clean it once or twice and give up or forget. I can definitely see her turning anything she fucks up due to her own negligence into a pity party glorifying her and her ~valiant efforts~ . ugh

No. 544015

Remember when Taylor Nicole Dean killed a kitten because she cared more about her ego and impulse to hoard than doing the thing for the kitten by giving her to a Foster, and then within the same week went out and bought a designer kitten off of Craigslist and pretended it was a new kitten she adopted from Petco. Pepperidge Farm remembers Taylor.

No. 544016

File: 1522654868099.jpeg (225.22 KB, 1935x1290, 9709E7F6-E438-42EC-A5A2-D5193F…)

It looks like the bones in her head stick out more now.

No. 544023


I've never thought about that, but you're so right. And it's clear she doesn't spend enough time with each of her animals to know when their behaviour is slightly off. Luckily I've not had many animals get sick, but as soon as something is slightly wrong I can tell straight away. I feel like Taylor's pets are on the verge of death before she realises anything is off and takes them to the vets.

No. 544031

Taylor's pattern: Hey guys, sorry I've been sick, I've been too sick to make a new video BUT

I got a new animal!!

Goes on haitus for a while.

Taylor's pattern: Hey guys, sorry I've been sick, I've been too sick to make a new video BUT

I got a new animal!!

And it's been like this with literally, every animal purchase she's made. Then she doesn't make any update videos about how those animals are doing other than occasionally throwing out a feeding video, but there is always the chain of excuses following why she doesn't update.

I wonder if she ever goes back and actually watches here videos to try and see what we're all pointing out but I think she's too narcissistic to do that.

No. 544033

File: 1522656725714.png (51.69 KB, 459x123, Screenshot_2018-04-02-03-09-18…)

No. 544034

>>544016 Like with the Mushu the Axolotl looking thin (pic I posted I posted above), Taylor doesn't feed her animals what they need so it's not surprising to me that this little snake is also looking thin. She feeds them what she feels like getting around to, so of course they're going to lose weight over time but it's always the shop or breeders fault and never hers according to her. The video with that yellow ball python crawling around in his enclosure (the other image I posted above) I thought they didn't move around in the day except when they are very hungry(?) and that snakes looks underweight like so many of her of her animals. She can't even be bothered to clip her Hedghog nails, super long and probably painful. Minimal care for all of her animals. The female kitten basically died of starvation, the kittens were screaming, literally screaming in videos for milk, which she made them "work for it" by following her around and holding the bottle up to where they had to stretch. She's fucking insane, cruel. She eats more than her pets, that's for damn sure and she doesn't feel guilty about it.

No. 544036

Oh my fucking god, is this the fucking Chrischan of the reptile hobby? This is amazing.

Those poor little redfoot tortoises are probably terrified, hoping their Sperglord Overmaster will be a merciful god and not smite them.

BPs should have "crowded" vivs. But definitely not the way Taylor has them. There should be a bunch of fake plants (or real), branches, stuff to slither on/under, and of course dark, secure, tight fitting hides, as closed off as possible. Half log is way too open, hampster hide (wtf even?) is way too translucent. And the placement of decor just seems totally random. Like she placed it to please her eye, not to make the snake feel secure.

A good BP enclosure looks like a box used to store fake plants and branches for decorating. Being able to see the snake shouldn't be a concern, cuz a BP is happier when it can't be seen.

Hers really just looks like she took leftover crap from her other animals and threw it in an exoterra.

Has she actually mentioned any hunger strikes? No, the one refusing frozen for 2 weeks doesn't count lol. Like real, actually, multi-month hunger strikes? Cuz tbh her BPs don't look bad. I haven't seen concrete evidence that they're in bad shape, like her GTP's flaky ass shed. That was so fucking funny… "she sheds perfectly! briefly shows flaky-ass snake before cutting away"

The monitor situation is so sad. And sadly, so typical. People get these guys expecting a scaly dog. But surprise, it's a lizard. It gets big, starts hissing and biting, and they get rid of it. Or, like Taylor, they impulse buy juveniles and then, when it's too late, realize how big they really get, and how big the necessary enclosure will really be. This happens with iguanas, monitors, burmese, retics, boas, etc etc etc.

To anyone on this thread who keeps reptiles or is actually interested in keeping them after doing the proper research: PLEASE look up a local reptile rescue! There are always TONS of ball pythons, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, iguanas, and more. They're wonderful, independent pets, and their care is not as hard as someone as dumb as TND makes it look, rofl.

No. 544040

She got Tate and Violet at the same place, same time, and they both apparently have trouble feeding. Tate looks dehydrated and slightly underweight, but Violet is way underweight and has definitely lost weight since she got her. I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near deadly thin, but it’s noticeable enough that even her fans who don’t know much about snakes are saying she’s underweight. Unless she has just barely eaten since hatching, I don’t see how she could be so thin from just a hunger strike. Even a freshly hatched baby looks fatter than her. Her other ball pythons look okay though, although their enclosures suck.

No. 544043

Taylor is so narcissistic I don't think she was expecting the outrage she's getting on her video, I'm glad fans are also speaking up. I think she actually thought people would applaud her. She also bought a ton of subs in the last day after losing so many, she's freaking out.

No. 544054

Do we have any proof she bought subs? No. She lost a good 500 at best and considering people are only watching her for drama if they don’t like her and have probably subscribed, it means shit all.

People here need to seriously sit down and breathe when there is no new milk

No. 544081

Her videos really aren't getting her that much money according to social blade. Rip

No. 544082


I've suspected she was buying them recently because her stats on social blade were trending back up. Which I thought was weird since she hadn't posted a new video. Just my opinion though it could be coincidence. People are allowed to speculate jfc

No. 544086


Some view counts do match her subscriber count, videos with all her pets in it have up to 1.4M views which is probably why her subscriber count is constantly going up. These 'all my pets' videos can be remade a thousand times with her and once people go down that rabbit hole you will probably end up on her channel, with numerous videos of same nature and subscribe.

Looking at other video views (740 K views most in last 3 months, should note it's her kitten video so doesn't count that much) people clearly are not interested in her actual husbandry or whatever else she shows.

I wouldn't really say she is sub-botting because the videos that drag those new viewers in are clearly drawing in views close to her subscriber counts. These videos can last her ages even with all this bs drama.

(sorry for being all over the place)

No. 544088


No. 544089


Omg i bet you this will happen with the monitor


No. 544091

Her enclosures are so UGLY, wtf is that sandcastle mold and no backdrop.

No. 544101

Apology not necessary it made perfect sense. I wasn't sure how exactly that all worked.

No. 544113


> The whole grain free/organic trend recently is absolutely ridiculous, because there is no actual evidence that it is any healthier for them than just regular food. There's no point in feeding your animal something grain free unless they're allergic. But people keep toting it as superior and it's so frustrating.

It makes sense to feed grain free. Grain is a cheap filler that isn’t nutritious or biologically appropriate. There’s no evidence that grain is safe for cats to eat in large quantaties, as they are carnivores it’s best to just not. There’s a lot to knock Taylor for, but this isn’t it. It’s becoming a “trend” because consumers are becoming more educated about the needs of their pets.

Also, I just checked and the Fromm website says they do not sell to Petco. You have to get them from online or posh pet boutique types.

Their website also says their general cat food isn’t for kittens so I wonder if she’s been feeding them the kitten version or adult cat?

No. 544116


They might not sell at Petco but didn't someone say a few threads back that they saw it at Petland? Or something.

Glad they traded out a big ol mean corporation for one of the only remaining pet store chains to get puppies from mills, lol…

No. 544124


Thank you for saying this lol I didn’t want to go into it but grain free foods really do make sense especially with obligate carnivores like cats.

No. 544134

File: 1522674966316.jpeg (98.96 KB, 640x260, 94D5444F-2B0F-4F46-91CA-24446C…)

lol what

is she saying posting photos and videos of her caring for her pets (the entire premise of her job on YouTube) is ‘trying to impress the internet’?

Or is this in reference to responding to actual complaints and drama?

at least she’s admitting it’s all for the attention lol

No. 544136

Looking at reviews from Fromm it's average at best with some cat owners reporting that their cat won't eat it.

Idk, some sites also say it has less protein than average but I can't make a good enough comment, and in a way I don't think it's much of an issue. A lot of owners feed their cats super-market cat food, and while it may not be the best the cat is at least getting some nutrition.

No. 544138

…what? she just liked a self-explanatory tweet, an ironic one bc she herself tries to impress the internet.

No. 544141


that's not the point lmao

the only times she posts photos of her out and having fun and having a good time is when she's touring or partying or whatever and ignoring her YouTube job for another month. how is that supposed to impress anyone? impress us that she's finding any excuse to not do her job?

so the only thing that makes sense for her liking this tweet to be referencing is "I don't have to post photos/videos of my animals to prove to anyone I'm giving them good care"

Or as her stans like to say "you don't live with her!!!! you don't know how great her care is!!!!!!"

No. 544149

This is gonna turn into that one time people started posting lyrics from the exact moment in a song she was listening to.

What are the chances she’s just trying to be edgy and get some attention?

No. 544151

Someone in a group mentioned how every time taylor posts a video about a new exotic pet the traffic for websites like lllreptile and backwaterreptiles spikes (both HORRIBLE companies btw)
Anyone have the stats on this? I can't seem to find a good website traffic analyser.

No. 544153

…. diff. anon but– it's just another one of her "I'm so quirky and special uwu while others are partying I'm showing my animals aren't I weird" moments.
she's not saying SHE is trying to impress anyone by posting lives of her in the club, she's saying others are, and that she finds that attention-seeking. which is ironic. because her posting lives of her exotic and quirky uwu animal hoarding is equally as attention-seeking.

No. 544156


lol how is the notion "I don't have to do x to impress anyone" edgy? I'm not trying to make some "blink twice if you're in trouble" tin foil conspiracy, I'm just saying she's a hypocritical dumb ass.

No. 544173


(This video is really thorough so props to whoever made it)

But lmao there's a tweet in there saying her new enclosures were coming before April. Where they at Taylor?

No. 544178

File: 1522679635727.png (417.77 KB, 892x584, Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 10.2…)

I just happened on this old video of hers from like 2016 and Christ her lips are still overlined and fucked but she looks infinitely better her versuses now. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G29SEKqt5U)

Also I finally realized that Taylor just….can't speak, at all. She sounds like an idiot when she talks. In her last video she said she had been "training her friend about animals" and in this video she says "I was closing down the animals", meaning she was checking over the animal cages. I thought it was all the weed was fucking with her brain, but she's always sounded like an idiot.

In this video Taylor said that she was working at two separate pet stores at the same time (2:04) which….lmao i think we can all agree with her work ethic and muh EDS is impossible for her.

She might have been sent to another store to help out once or something but… i highly doubt they had her going in between stores.

No. 544185

yo, she just liked a tweet. it's not that deep and has nothing to do with her.

No. 544190


That’s what I just said if you could be fucked to read the replies underneath it lmao

No. 544204

She can't even pronounce "animals" without it coming out like "animalth"

No. 544218

File: 1522683213371.png (193.71 KB, 640x1136, 86863EE8-D058-4BDC-AAB8-C89632…)

she’s been liking a lot of ass parting tweets recently

I get that liking tweets is a way for people to say “thank you” or “I acknowledge you” or whatever but lol holy shit how narcissistic do you have to be to only like the “omg taylor is qweeen!!!!” tweets from your fans and nothing else? Let alone fucking retweeting them

No. 544219

i only started watching taylor when she was posted here so i never got to see her before her super fucked up lookin mouth and i'm actually stunned rn. she looks so much better here.

what did she fucking do to her lips?? the way she talks now vs this video here is so baffling and different, like… did a needle hit a nerve and mess up her top lip so it can't move anymore? has she ever talked about that? it seems like an actual "botched" procedure, now that i've seen what she looked like before injections

No. 544224

I think she realised she can't keep tweeting sorry so now it's all a big pity party

No. 544235

wtf is up with some people not capitalizing the first letter of her last name? jonny also consistently writes her name like this, in posts and even instagram description. i can't figure it out, is it a thing or just a coincidence?

No. 544254

Fromm is sold at my local Petlands, which is 10000% worse than Petco because Petland sells Puppy Mill Puppies. Sooo not sure what's better, but I'd never buy Fromm because they sell there lol.

No. 544257

You didn’t capitalise Jonny’s name either. It’s simply people being lazy/not bothering.

No. 544269


I wouldn't go as far as boycotting an entire brand because they support a store, but I do think it's hilarious that the whole indie "mom n pop" mentality that has them refusing to work with stores like petco or petsmart, but they have no problem working with petland which is infinitely worse.

Petco and Petsmart each have their own problems, but at least none of the ones in my area sell cats and dogs. They do adoption events every weekend.

No. 544275


Petland isnt on their approved seller list. It’s possible they’re reselling it or anon is mistaken.

Regardless, can we stop derailing with discussing some pet food brand? Taylor isn’t feeding her cats crap (if she’s not lying) which is a first for her pet ownership. This is like the one thing she’s not done wrong. I know we all hate her but it’s boring when people nitpick over the pet food brands she uses, especially when she’s being a raging hypocrite over captive bred animals.

No. 544279

sure, but it still looks weird having only part of the name capitalized. Taylor Nicole dean. i'm not from an english speaking country so i thought maybe it's a thing. sorry for cluttering the thread

No. 544280


IA we should stop going on tangents, but I really wish people in this thread would stop saying "stop talking about ["minor" issue] when ["major" issue] exists"

I capitalized major and minor because everything on this thread related to Taylor is of the same relevance. It doesn't matter how stupid the topic discussion is, we're all just idiots talking to each other.

No. 544287

Different Anon
Yeah no, most of the last thread was derailed by talking about pet food, some stupid insect diet for cats and if Taylor was fat or not.
The problem is this thread is always forgotten by the farmhands and there are topics that completely irrelevant or are just enough burn to keep talking about it
Is annoying having the thread clogged every 3 post about good content for things like this tbh.

No. 544291


IA but it's equally as annoying when people go "stop derailing by talking about x" when rather than ignoring x, or changing the topic from x, they're continuing to add to the discussion about how much they don't want to talk about x

No. 544300

Every time anyone wants to change the topic someone brings it back
For example, Taylor upload a video (can't remember which one) and even during the discussion of it they were still taking about Fromm
Thats why people get annoyed and ask to stop talking about a subject thats just interesting to two anons or three at most.

No. 544304


People in past threads will go back to conversations from two or three days before lmao… it doesn't matter if someone says "don't talk about x" anymore or not.

I'm just sick of seeing "stop derailing!!!!!" every five fucking posts. Irrelevant discussions and speculation happen when there's no new milk. It's stupid but you just gonna accept it's going to happen or ignore it.

No. 544308

Why do you have to start bitching every time someone talks about something you don't like? It's not your personal fucking board. You can hide saged posts and only read the milk if you get so triggered by discussion. It's time to stop

No. 544321

The discussion is interesting when it isn’t about shit that is pathetic, such as cat food or tweets she’s being liking and what they mean.

This board goes to shit when there’s no new milk and no one can deny it tbh, tho I imagine people will discuss this for the next couple of hours so now we started that too

No. 544322


This is exactly what I mean lol

the more people whine about not talking about what they want to, the more time everyone spends whining. just ignore it and don't post on the board until there's milk if it triggers y'all so much

No. 544369

File: 1522694306156.jpeg (124.22 KB, 1242x879, BF7F3856-1390-43AE-9E07-11E96A…)

Why are you guys still surprised by Tay being filthy? Does anyone else remember the bug video where she fed her pets on her bed?

No. 544376


I don't think anyone is surprised, it's just the general disbelief that someone could live like that and not have it bother them eventually.

No. 544400


Urghh. Did you see her latest insta story of the cat watching tv and all the shit on the cupboard? There was even a shoe. I hope it's new and unused but who knows at this point. If you don't have time to clean you don't have time to look after 40 animals. If you aren't hygienic enough to clean you aren't hygienic enough to look after any animals.

No. 544404

Honestly I didn't think her apartment was so cluttered. It's naive of me but it seems somewhat organised with animal rooms and what not, clearly it is a mess tho

No. 544412


IA with the anon saying if she doesn't have time to clean her house (which would honestly just amount to picking shit off the floor and wiping down counters) she doesn't have enough time to clean all her animal enclosures. Or cares enough.

She talks about depression a lot and personally when I'm depressed I have a hard time forcing myself to clean to so I get it. But it's not just her living space anymore she's got all these animals to take care of and to neglect them because she's not feeling good is kind of selfish.

No. 544413

It honestly feels like such a shame, her apartment is gorgeous and she spends so much money on rent only to trash the place. Why live in your "dream apartment" if you're just not going to put in any effort to keep it clean, and it just ends up looking like a cheap, trashy apartment?
She talks about depression so much, but doesn't she realise that a messy environment only makes things worse? How hard is it to put stuff away after you use it/put laundry in the basket/vacuum once in a while?

No. 544422

Or hire someone to clean. She's rich af and likes to waste it on dumb shit

No. 544440


All of her fans are like ''she has depression and anxiety and this and that''. While I don't mean to say that depressed people shouldn't have pets, if you're severely depressed with 20+ pets of varying difficulty… what are you doing (especially when you don't have the effort to clean your house)? There is no way in hell anyone in a depressed state which doesn't allow them to work can keep so many pets.

According to social blade she barely makes above 10K so honestly… I don't think she's that rich - she has rent, her dumb ass child boyfriend, all of her pets which all require substrate (even if she doesn't use that much) and food, and she wastes her money everywhere.

No. 544443

I suffer from depression & after a really hard time in my life, I was in a near catatonic state. I could barely get out of my bed to do anything- wash my hair, eat, FEED MY DOGS. realizing they counted on me & needed me, i was able to get up and do the basics for them. they kept me going, still i can't imagine doing that for 20+ animals. it took everything i had to do it for 2

No. 544445

sorry for the blogposting but when I was depressed I gained over 100lbs because I couldn't care for myself. I am well aware that everybody is different, but with the amount she brings up her depression I can't imagine shes caring for all her animals properly. The fact that she lives in a pig stye confirms that for me.

No. 544464

While depression can make you have no desire to take after yourself I don't think that's what's happening with Taylor. It's not like she's suddenly too lazy to accomplish things, she's always been like this. Like when she abandoned that puppy after 2 days because she didn't want it anymore when she realized training it would take effort.

No. 544466

Well, I also don't buy it because there's far better foods out there for far less price lol. But the fact that they advertise themselves as such a pish-posh food and then are being sold in Petland is a bit, lulworthy.

It is possible they're reselling without permission. But they definitely sell it there. I know because my mother in law bought a Pug from them and under their warranty she has to buy food from them, and she gets him Fromm lol.

No. 544470


I'd feel sympathy for her but the last video left us with the eyeopening implication that she thinks "being depressed" is a suitable excuse to impulse buy an animal,

For some people, staying busy all the time helps with depression so if that was the case I could get her unhealthy mindset of impulse buying all these pets so she's sure to keep herself distracted…but she just buys them to gawk over them for a week, and then moves on to the next pet to the point we rarely get updates on the previous pet.

No. 544477

I hate how she threw her friend under the bus for the monitor situation. Imagine, if this is all true, being that friend. Seeing Taylor get the backlash, feeling guilt about it, and then seeing her post a video weeks later where she continues to double down on completely deflecting the blame onto you.

Taylor has gone beyond redemption but I’d have more respect for her if she posted a video with her hands up and said “I don’t know what I was thinking, I wanted a new pet, I thought I was ready for a monitor, I didn’t do my research and I let myself down. I’m going to rehome him/take care of him, but I’ve learned from this and I won’t be getting anymore animals for the foreseeable future.”

It would gain her more in the long run. Even her fans are sick of her excuses. She’s poisoning people against her by blatantly lying about the situation and refusing to ever take blame.

No. 544488


Oh god definitely. Not to directly call her depression into question, but she sure has no trouble spending the time and effort every day to get her hair and makeup together and pick out the most attention grabbing outfit she can, while (I'm sure most anons can agree) most depressed people I know have definitely gone through periods where they struggle to do basic things like shower and brush their teeth.

But for some reason she's too depressed to sit in front of a camera and ramble for ten minutes, too depressed to take an hour to edit, too depressed to make more than one video a month, and too depressed to clean her house.

No. 544500

File: 1522703769018.jpeg (479.38 KB, 1668x1982, 2873F1FB-6D38-45A9-AD0E-018349…)

No. 544504


What I don't get about this is that her argument for keeping the monitor is that she won't be in the apartment by the time it's full grown, what's the point in getting custom built enclosures that are likely made to fit the space in an apartment she doesn't intend to be in for much longer?

No. 544505

File: 1522704088546.png (453.71 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0483.PNG)

Any guesses as to what is blocked out?

No. 544512

'I think so'? The whole screenshot is so random and weird.

No. 544536

Lol I was about to post this exact thing. If they’re custom fitted for the room then what’s the point when she’s just acquired an animal that is going to force her to move into a bigger space within months anyway.

I guess the answer is she has no attention span and ordered these shortly after she moved in, then bought the monitor on a whim and backed herself into a corner with having to move into a bigger more permanent space. So fucking pointless. A waste of money and time.

No. 544538

Who is she talking to?

No. 544552

Off topic from the monitor situation but:
Remember when she made a whole video on how to set up an RO/DI unit, saying that it’s the only water she’s using for her saltwater tanks? How’s that going with living
in an apartment now?

No. 544553

You can buy RO/DI water from fish stores tbh. But a RO/DI unit doesn't have to be huge. It's entirely likely she has it with her in her apartment.

No. 544554


I have zero idea about fish but what is that yellow and blue fish and what happened to it (as in where is it now)

No. 544555

the baby bottle next to her name is exactly what i would too if i knew Taylor irl. she's basically a toddler.

No. 544569


It's a blue spotted jawfish. I haven't really been keeping up with her tanks (not to mention she only updates once a month with hardly any animal footage) so I have no idea if it's still alive or not.

No. 544571

>According to social blade she barely makes above 10K

who wants to bet she has a bunch of credit cards with super high limits that she's maxing? she seems like the type who'd publicly post about bankruptcy for pity

No. 544573

She had the jawfish in the same tank as an eel. The eel ate the jawfish.

No. 544582

She probably had some money saved up from when she was still living with her parents (she didn’t pay rent or anything). Too bad she‘s burning all of that money on bs now

No. 544590

One of her irl friends. This was deleted within ten minutes

No. 544593

So…it looks like she's just getting vision enclosures. What happened to getting custom made enclosures? Anyone can buy vision enclosures, but they are nice enclosures nonetheless. I'm curious to know what size she's getting for her ball pythons, since I recommend females having a 4x2x1.5 enclosure as adults.

No. 544599


I just googled vision enclosures and the first thing that popped up was LLL reptiles lol, bet shes still supporting them

Also, they're a little uglier than I'd expect for Taylors taste?

No. 544607

Apparently it’s a place called CustomCages.

No. 544614

File: 1522712026184.jpeg (119.7 KB, 1292x552, 25F5E01E-209E-49A6-89BB-B5A5A2…)

Is she fucking serious?

No. 544615

That's originally what I thought too, but vision enclosures are also described as "Hybrid enclosures" (with Hybrid capitalized the same way in the screenshot from Taylor) which is what makes me think they're vision cages

No. 544617

She cannot seriously be bringing up the rape claims against her boyfriend and publicly laughing at them AGAIN. She’s a fucking MESS. This will be deleted in t minus 3…2…1…

No. 544618

File: 1522712222731.jpeg (162.56 KB, 1294x795, B7237F7E-7088-4703-AF8E-E8C03D…)

Apparently an animal has to die for you to be considered a hoarder.

She posted a second email, uncropped showing it is CustomCages. She deleted it because it had the guys name in it.

No. 544619

File: 1522712268028.png (167.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180402-163731.png)

No. 544621

I thought she was just getting custom racks, not custom sages… is she getting both orjust the cages?

No. 544623

All of this is true, except for 1 word. So… Wtf Taylor.

No. 544624

Is she going to pretend that was the only time Jonny has smoked around them? He probably has done it tons, the only reason we saw it was because it was on Instagram live. She also claimed if Jonny ever hurt her animals he would be gone, but a couple days after that he went live again and was once again smoking.

No. 544626

It should have never happened in the first place.

But yeah… this isn't the first time and it won't be the last. She's so full of lies.

No. 544627

Ah okay that makes sense. But the real question is she getting racks or enclosures for her snakes…

No. 544628

File: 1522712439840.png (21.85 KB, 579x245, tnd2.png)

No. 544629

Even if it was the last time, which is won’t be, she never apologized for it. She never came out and said “this is wrong and I’m deeply sorry that I put my animals through that, I don’t know what I was thinking”

No. 544632

If she doesn't include the names, how will her stans know who to attack?

No. 544633

She claimed she was getting new “shelves.” She also said she was getting new enclosures, but claimed she already had most of them.

No. 544634


"the geckos weren't harmed a single bit' how do you know you delusional bitch? Did you take them for a vet and ask them to 'check them over because I've been smoking weed in the same room as them'

No. 544635

File: 1522712577204.jpeg (183.18 KB, 1286x986, 095B3AD4-83AF-457E-A8C8-DFD932…)

No. 544636

I spoke too soon lol. It was a half ass, not even real, apology where she’s just make excuses for it

No. 544637

I also like how someone just pointed out that her Betta had indeed died while she was in the flat, and it wasn't just her kitten… and she just forgot about him.

I swear she doesn't even know how many animals she has.

No. 544638

so are you gonna address the part where he's a fucking rapist or…?

No. 544640

Also didn't the GTP die while she was there too?

No. 544641

notice how she never apologizes for her mistakes, unless forced to (video WITH ADS so she can get paid to fake-ly apologize), and just tries to make excuses after excuses.

No. 544642

I did notice her exo terras are no longer just sitting on top of each other and on the ground, they're now on metal racks. Which you can buy from home Depot. Maybe she's had them for a while and I've never noticed them before though. But if they're a new thing, that'd be really dumb if those are the "custom shelves/racks" she's mentioned.

No. 544644


God lol she can not just admit she fucked up on something

"i know i messed up but they were in this really specific detailed circumstance so it's not as bad!!!!!"

No. 544646

She just now knows to be more careful? Bitch are you dumb or really fucking dumb? It’s common fucking sense not to smoke in the same room as your pets.

No. 544648


She doesn't know something as simple as this but she knows how to care for 'any animal her friend decides to pick out from a store'

bitch what?

She's acting like it just happened one time, but it's been going on for months??

No. 544651

File: 1522712956535.png (1 MB, 1242x2208, E18DC84D-118B-4A93-B938-62EAE0…)

She can literally say anything to them about the situation and it will just make it seem all alright to her stans.

No. 544652

I don’t think the windows were open during their smoking session? Does anyone remember or have a recording of it?

No. 544653


Either way, I'm pretty sure the only 'windows' in that room are the ones that open out onto the balcony, because the other side is the kitchen and front door area… so there wouldn't be any through draft, so the smoke would still build up in the room

No. 544656

"It won't happen again"

by this she means, from now on I won't let Jonny show the public and my fans him smoking in front of the animals happen again.

So much for him being a 'recovering addict' huh Taylor?

No. 544657


isn't weed illegal in texas? lol. why would they open the windows when they live in an apartment complex?

No. 544659

File: 1522713423525.png (23.03 KB, 577x235, tnd3.png)

No. 544660

'be more careful not getting caught'

still hasn't gone live & showed us all her pets in real time, yet she'll light his blunt for him on his. GROSS.

also notice she doesn't deny anything else other than the 'crack'. she knows she's sleeping with a rapist. no shame.

No. 544663

File: 1522714159314.jpeg (277.24 KB, 1304x1354, 61DBC3D3-BD53-4F47-858B-2E46C3…)

No. 544664

Taylor banned me for saying she shouldn't mock rape victims.

No. 544666

File: 1522714179689.jpeg (228.96 KB, 1668x1566, 56E33D47-0A65-45B4-963B-82F4C5…)

Isn’t that the same amount you spent on your bracelet though

No. 544668


This don't mean shit when she can't even buy her cats real cat bowls

No. 544669


Cool enclosures. Don't really mean shit if you won't clean them though

No. 544672

File: 1522714328738.jpeg (169.86 KB, 1668x1068, 0C1A7F20-1A88-487A-9018-6375BB…)

Two 36 inch long cages, three 24 inch long cages, and one 72 inch one? How are these considered “so much bigger” than the ones she has now?

No. 544675

File: 1522714433462.png (112.32 KB, 750x801, IMG_1872.PNG)

Your snake bracelets/hats/necklaces and crab/fragile gecko rings beg to differ.

No. 544677


Which animals for if they're not for all of them then?

No. 544685

So she's back on her "bad girl" façade.

No. 544688


Ugh here we go again with 101 reasons why it's not her fault. Nothing is ever her fault. Nothing she does is ever wrong.

No. 544689

Is someone going to tell her that you can still be an animal hoarder even if you can “afford” them all?

“I have boatloads of money so it’s okay for me to own an unconscionable amount of animals”

That’s not how this works lel

No. 544690

She claimed everyone was getting an upgrade except the fish. Pretty sure she has more than 6 reptiles though so who knows.

Also I guess she isn’t doing well with money now since she claims she had to save up for $7000. She’s bought plenty of things that cost way more than that without saving.

No. 544698

File: 1522715209804.png (727.82 KB, 750x1334, 6008293A-D4FF-4BF5-9805-8C2986…)

Nevermind, someone did I just didn’t see it in all the replies of her stans licking her asshole for providing basic space requirements after a year of people telling her to

No. 544702

Idk if she attracts terrible 12 year olds or teaches them to be terrible but there's a lot of rapist defending going on in her Twitter rn

No. 544703

So Taylor is at dinner with her little brother (instagram story), so assuming also her mother right now… whilst simultaneously replying to tweets about her smoking weed around her animals.

Wow her mom must be so proud.

No. 544705

Her mom is such an enabler. Taylor needs to be disowned.

No. 544712

If anyone still knows where she lives or has her floor plan, they should use it to put down anything she’s said (while not giving away her info of course, just fact). Like she’s saying she was in such a huge room with open windows and a fan, someone should research if that’s right or not.

No. 544714

I guess she’s done sobbing about how much she disappointed everyone and now she’s back and ready to publicly mock rape victims and people who are concerned about her animals. What a miraculous recovery.

No. 544719

File: 1522716480401.png (984.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180402-184844.png)

So this is what she's getting…not sure how that's an upgrade for most of her animals. If she's putting bindi in the big one that's good at least?

No. 544721

Shouldn’t her cats have been fixed by now too?

No. 544724

I will rest easy knowing all the fucked up shit she's posted will permanently be attached to her name. So when her YouTube money dries up and she desperately needs a job everyone will refuse to hire her after searching her name.

No. 544725

Ah so the only reason why she’s getting those is because it’s more aesthetically pleasing?

No. 544726

On the floor plan they have online, there are no windows, just the doors to the balcony which I doubt she would have open with the risk of the cats running away. The only windows are in the bedrooms, not anywhere near where they were smoking.

No. 544737

These are the floor plans for every type of apartment.


In all cases, the living room area has the three windows that face the balcony.

No. 544740

I hit enter by accident and I was gonna type more lmao.
If I remember correctly, the stream was at night, and if weed is illegal in TX there's no way they opened the windows because they face to the pool, which is a common area, and I don't think JC would wanna risk getting the cops called on him. Plus it doesn't make sense because if the kitties were also there, wouldn't keeping the windows open be a risk since they could get out of the apartment?

She's lying (again).

No. 544741

Those aren’t upgrades except that they look nicer. The three 2ft ones aren't really big enough for any of her snakes except maybe the Kenyan sand boa and hognose. And there aren’t anywhere near enough cages.

There are windows, but they’re on doors that can’t be opened without letting the cats escape.

No. 544743


They could definitely get out, because her apartment is ground floor and they could just slip through the railings. So she probably never has them open, and theres evidence of them smoking while the cats are in there, so that lie has pretty much been debunked lol

No. 544754


What is this actually proving? To me this shows she IS an animal hoarder


No. 544756

I used to "dye" my pet silkie chicken with diluted food coloring for fun. It disappears in like a week. Idk what Tay thinks she's so virtuous about lmao. it literally doesn't hurt them, unlike wearing snakes on your head and risking injury to them from a fall.

sage for late to the convo/nothing new

No. 544758

I’ve been to her apartment complex before, the balconies are basically porches which all surround the pool. If she was smoking with the doors/windows open, she’s an idiot. The apartments are no more than 20 feet away from each other.

No. 544759

Has anyone connacted the apartment complex about the monitor lizard? I am sure they would want to know about a lizard that is potentially dangerous.

No. 544760

yes, she'll figure it out once they start spraying everywhere, which is gonna be soon

No. 544761


Am I the only one imagining her doing dumb ass things with it like taking it for a walk or taking it to Petco like she did with her BTS

No. 544762

she said she made an appointment to get them fixed in the last thread i think

No. 544764


I could be wrong but I thought her tweets implied that she was doing the per-surgery vet visit, which could mean she just forgot about it again.

No. 544765

I'm not going to post the screenshot because it has my name in it, but apparently she's getting more than just the 7k one. I pointed out that the 6x2x1.5 one is probably for bindi, but the 3x2x1.5 and 2x2x1.5s are awkward sizes for the rest of the animals and she said she's getting more than just that stack. Which makes me wonder what's going in the 2x2x1.5 ones since they're a little small.

No. 544767

Her stans are reporting my twitter for harassment because I called her an animal hoarder. This shit is ridiculous.

No. 544770

Sorry for this dumb question but I did some googling & couldn't find much. Is it even legal for her to own this roughneck monitor in her area and in an apartment with all those other animals?

No. 544776

Taylor is claiming there is a "legal limit on reptiles" because animal control has visited and told her she's doing such a great job.

No. 544779

Ball pythons need atleast 4x2x2 and even then people are starting to wise up and go bigger. Whatever those cages are for is embarrassing. She could have gotten appropriately sized cages at animal plastics for half the cost. These aren't upgrades????

No. 544784

All I can find about limits don't apply to small pets or reptiles etc

"Animal Limits.
A maximum number of eight (8) cats or five (5) dogs or an aggregate number of eight (8) may be permitted at a residence within the City limits. ) The total number of domestic fowl and livestock allowed at a residence is five (5) which may include: up to three (3) domestic fowl; and up to two (2) animals from the following classes of livestock-equines,bovines,sheep,goats and llamas."

No. 544787

honestly people are always selling/giving away big tanks on FB marketplace and craigslist. She could easily acquire bigger enclosures for a fraction of that price.

No. 544793

She's probably the type of person who listens to the whole "20 gallons max for male, 30-40 for female". Some Facebook group actually recommended ten gallons for smaller males, so I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to cram her males in those 2x2x1.5 ones because "they're young and she'll upgrade again when they're older!!!!"

No. 544804

Holy shit her mom replied to one of my tweets trying to defend her. I thought they weren’t on speaking terms after she caught them snorting in the apartment.

No. 544807

Taylor unblocked her some time ago.
Her mom throws some passive-aggressive replies to her sometimes, though. Their relationship seems to be really fickle.

No. 544811

I see. Takes all kinds I guess lmao

I just looked and she deleted the tweets about animal control “knowing her” and linking me the city of SA. Guess she got scared I might actually report her lol

No. 544822

Besides ball pythons she has a milksnake, kingsnake, hognose, corn snake, Kenyan sand boa, and green tree python. None of those would fit in those cages except maybe the ksb. At least in my experience, the colubrids she has would use every inch of an enclosure even if she gave them a huge one. 24” is not enough at all. So unless she just doesn’t use the top cages (which is not going to happen) three of her snakes are going to be stuck in pathetically small enclosures. And I’m assuming she’ll say “I’ll upgrade them when they’re bigger” but I highly doubt she will. $7000 is a lot to spend on an enclosure you’ll upgrade later. Anyway, in her room tour video she said the cages would be “so much bigger.” 2ft is about the size of the ExoTerras she has now.

No. 544828


Not defending her, but…maybe the two small ones are for the tarantula and pacman? Is that even a possibility? Idk anything about tarantulas or frogs as pets.

No. 544830

There are three smaller ones. One could be for the pacman, but she said in her video that the tarantula would be staying in the same enclosure. Then that still leaves two more cages.

No. 544836

so funny, all of her animals are only accessories for her chubby hands and nasty claws. feeling guilty, Taylor?

No. 544844

File: 1522725427177.jpeg (292.76 KB, 640x797, 7DAC54CA-B856-4105-9000-04753A…)

I cannot take any of these fake concerned tweets seriously when she’s being a brat that few nameless hate accounts dislike her

No. 544861

pandas are practically irrelevant to the eco system, theres much more important endangered animals that need attention. she has a large enough following, if she really cared about conserving animals she would promote saving the animals that are less "cute", pandas already have way more attention than they need

No. 544866

wait same anon from >>544861 i didnt even notice she said "find ways to donate" shes not even sharing a link to a website to donate to lmaooo she cares so much u guys go find out how to give money to the pandas pls

No. 544867

exactly, they also take ridiculous amounts of money to conserve and they'll likely never be self sustaining
if I had half her following i'd never shut up about sharks

No. 544870

she probably just comments on whatever she sees on her feed, and tries to look like she cares to her followers. i bet right after she clicks "post", she just completely goes back to her feed to see what else she can come up with.

No. 544872

if i was on her position, i would be posting about the non-profit organizations that help protect extremely endangered species, like for instance, Sudan, the last northern rhino and you can donate to the anti-poachers that protect the remaining northern rhinos (there's only 2 left).

sage for blog posting and irrelevance

No. 544876


Meanwhile as long as I’ve been following her I’ve seen exactly 1 weird “I hope he bees out there are okay” tweet, and if bees go extinct that’s a huge chunk of our ecosystem and we’re all fucked.

But sure focus on the cute pandas that have a notoriously low birth rate even in the most ideal of circumstances because it’s impossible to get them to breed

No. 544878

theyre extinct now man

No. 544879


Well, the last male died. So theoretically they're extinct unless they can figure out some weird cloning shit Somehow.

No. 544886


Even if they could, if there are only two individuals, the gene pool will not be diverse enough to be sustainable. You'd have to have so much inbreeding that it would be near impossible to actually build the population back up.

sage because this is so off-topic.

No. 544890

File: 1522728457546.png (29.07 KB, 607x281, tnd4.png)

No. 544893

File: 1522728512794.png (35.38 KB, 601x425, tnd5.png)

No. 544897

did they really go to her messy ass apartment? she can say all she wants but she got all her followers from always getting new animals and with her impulsive self, she's not going to stop getting new pets especially if that's what gets her popular in the first place. either she loses followers from them getting bored with her, or she keeps buying.

No. 544900

Unsurprisingly she deleted this tweet telling people to report her.

No. 544905

I swear to god she must be on so many drugs, nobody sober posts things like that and then deletes them even if they don't have huge social media followings

No. 544911

bet she got a bunch of people telling her that they reported her for this and that, and she finally realizes she's an idiot.

No. 544912

File: 1522729637761.jpeg (384.24 KB, 1316x1222, 86B71009-BD4E-4BD9-B718-F28E3D…)

No. 544914

I'm sorry this is a few days late but just watched the new monitor video and JFC could she make it any more obvious how much she is talking out her ass and outright lying about the whole situation? The eye shifting EVERY 2 seconds is such a clear indicator that she knows she's lying and is trying to shift the blame on everyone else but herself on the monitor situation.

Honestly I think the only reason she finally decided to get a video out is because she is starting to lose so much money & I doubt 1 video every 3 months is gonna keep her afloat lmao. Wonder how long she can keep living like this. She's such a disgusting human being. She probably has issues sleeping at night with the constant lying she does every day and manipulation she receives from her druggy rapist of a BF Jonny. She's not gonna last forever at this rate. I just feel bad for her poor animals. They deserve better.
Sage for no new milk+blogging

No. 544918

i have a classmate who sits with me in front of class, and she owns like 15+ pets. and let me tell ya, she has this strong smell that releases when you haven't cleaned a rodents cage is so long. so just imagine how Taylor smells. gross

No. 544919

tbh, i don't think she lacks any sleep. she's so full of herself that she probably smiles before sleeping thinking that she fooled everyone because she's such a genius

No. 544920

File: 1522730151239.jpg (145.26 KB, 1115x495, microchip.jpg)

Does Taylor live within San Antonio city limits? If so she may actually be violating an ordinance if her cats aren't microchipped. pic related

No. 544922


Probably drenches herself in the most obnoxious perfume to go with her attention seeking makeup and clothes

No. 544924

that's just even worse. strong smelling perfume with smells of soiled-substrate?

whatever happened to her cats getting castrated?

No. 544926

It looks like they were balled up and she flipped them just for a “cute” picture.

No. 544930

File: 1522730658149.jpeg (333.95 KB, 1417x1872, 05719741-1F93-410F-9691-5F64FF…)

No. 544931

File: 1522730670783.jpeg (125.86 KB, 1314x873, CE71A712-BA2E-4503-808F-E40F6F…)

No. 544932

File: 1522730717247.png (71.88 KB, 750x580, IMG_1875.PNG)

Too weak to edit a video because 'muh EDS' but can swing an unopened bag of marine salt over her shoulder

No. 544934

Is it me or do these tweets show how much she's flipping out lmao.

No sane person would tweet that shit.

Must be rough… more and more folks waking up to how shitty her pet care is and how shitty she is in general as a human being.

No. 544937

File: 1522731067756.png (24.83 KB, 593x243, tnd6.png)

No. 544939

She also disabled comments on the monitor video. It's really bothering her but she's trying to hide it.

No. 544940

File: 1522731112029.jpeg (94.25 KB, 1391x654, 3BE0DCC2-CDD5-4801-8BD4-6CAF56…)

Is she ever going to stop

No. 544941


She showed a photo of them at the vet claiming they were scheduling a neutering appointment, but since we haven't heard anything about it I doubt she did. Cats often stay at the vet overnight after neutering, or at the very least need special care at home, and we haven't heard anything indicating either of those things happened.

Honestly I wonder what would happen if animal control went and visited her. If they caught her on a good day she'd probably be fine, but if they happened to come by while Jonny and her were smoking and laundry and shit are all over the floor, they might deem the animals unsafe.

No. 544942

Can I also just point out how, surprise surprise, her laundry room looks a hot mess just like everywhere else in her apartment?

No. 544943

File: 1522731180570.jpeg (128.2 KB, 1302x906, 0BAAA739-984D-41D8-8259-D104F7…)

No. 544945

idk how she's not ashamed from all the mess she has lying around.

she's getting reeeeal passive aggressive with everyone that's finally realizing who she really is.

seeing her go crazy is funny. what's even more hilarious is that no one is doing this to her, she's doing all of this to herself. lmao

No. 544947


So it was marine salt AND it was fabric softener, wtf Taylor?

(also what's she on about with her "bag of marine salt" shit you can see the bucket, not bag, of Instant Ocean marine salt in the back of the pic, and you can see the spilled fabric softener… just wtf.)

No. 544948

Is she having a meltdown yet?

No. 544949

from where i'm from, they would visit randomly because, of course, people would fix themselves up before the scheduled date, so just imagine if they randomly visited her from the amount of complaints before she has time to even fix her mess? lol

No. 544950

Honestly this just comes across as another distraction.

Impulse buy Roughneck instead of Blackthroat -> Distract with the fact it's wild caught

Smoke weed in the same room as satanics -> Oh look at all the crack I'm not doing it's just salt, see how wrong my haters are.

It's classic Taylor. She distracts from real issues with something she deems either easier to debunk or makes her look 'better'.

The problem is it just makes her look insane to anyone over the age of 12 who isn't easily manipulated.

No. 544952

from the looks of it, yeah. I think she might not have realized the monitor video was gonna expose her so much in the comments.

The fact she looks for hate and responds to it is really… like… this is how youtube channels die lmao.

No. 544953

the longer she keeps up with her snarky comments, the more it comes to bite her in the ass. she's starting to insult her own fans.

No. 544954

You may also note the ball of actual pubes on top of the freshly spilled salt. So it happened recently enough to take a pic, but long enough ago that other shit is piling on her mess.

No. 544955

Someone really needs to point the drama channels this way… they post long ass videos for far lesser shit.

No. 544958

That's a good fucking idea. I feel like if her stans have a compelling video to see all the shit she's pulled in that it would cause her MAJOR issues. Even just one of those "Taylor Nicole Dean lying for 5 minutes straight" type edits.

No. 544962

File: 1522732107990.jpg (46.67 KB, 981x495, carestandard.jpg)

pic related is another SA city ordinance and I bet Animal Control could say she was violating at least one of these even on a good day

No. 544964

Wow, she is really unraveling and it's obvious in her tweets and the fact that she apparently disabled comments (which I feel like we all knew she would inevitably do because she can't take the heat).

She's trying to take the "humorous" and quirky way out of this mess by making jokes about drugs, but no one's laughing, Tay.

No. 544966

I know she thinks she's being cute and witty and one-upping an internet gossip site but all she's doing is making herself look batshit fucking crazy to any outsiders looking in

No. 544967

File: 1522732354680.png (72.49 KB, 625x523, 9891838a9e17bf6ab30b348810f27c…)

i'm lol'ing at all the comments that her fans make. it's like Taylor is losing everyone that can't be easily fooled, so she has a bunch of fans like these

No. 544968

File: 1522732438042.png (19.29 KB, 594x214, tnd7.png)

No. 544969


If they catch her smoking/apartment smelling like smoke she's failing at 1, 2 could be problematic for the monitor and some of the other reptiles but she's probably ok, based on insta pics they don't get fresh water often, not sure about 4 but she's probably fine until the monitor starts growing, 5 is likely fine, and i doubt they could prove six even though she uses a terrible vet and doesn't take them often.

So I agree, if they randomly inspected they'd likely be able to say she's violating at least the first 2 or 3.

No. 544970

Welp, she's loosing it.

No. 544971


Tbh, they're not going to do anything unless her animals are visibly very neglected, dying, or otherwise show signs of severe abuse (such as physical violence). And, if I'm being real honest here, which I know is going to stir a shit ton of you guys up, her animals are not in terrible states of health. They do, for the most part, have all of their basic needs met (food, shelter, water, and minimum….very minimum, health care). Does that by any means mean that Taylor is an expert animal care provider, HELL NO! Does that mean she's not the epitome of selfish and a shitty ass young adult going through her rebellious stage late? Nope, it sure doesn't. It just means that the states her animals are in are by no means even close to terrible and no animal control or anything is going to do anything about unless there is very noticeable neglect.

It might be possible to get her on hoarding of animals, but that'd be about it, in terms of legal repercussions.

No. 544972

File: 1522732523974.png (37.91 KB, 593x230, tnd8.png)

No. 544973

File: 1522732592015.png (14.7 KB, 593x139, tnd9.png)

No. 544974

She knows where coke comes from right? lmao

No. 544975


Yeah, dumb dumb. In your apartment with your animals. It's not fucking beneficial for THEM!

No. 544976

File: 1522732698861.png (15.1 KB, 589x140, tnd10.png)

More lies.

No. 544977

Shes so narcissistic that she thinks we actually care about her doing drugs for her own well being, no we care about ur fucking geckos/cats. Dumb conceited bitch lol

No. 544978

I also want to know what medical problems Jonny has aside from his low IQ.

He's not clean, he's got no reason to smoke it, she's actively hurting her animals.

No. 544979

wow. she sounds like a little kid having a tantrum because they couldn't go out with their friends.

mom: take the trash outside!
Taylor: NO! Because i can't go outside remember! so i won't do it! i can't go outside!

No. 544980


I fucking love how he tries to pass himself off as some recovered addict and that he's "sober" while he's deadass sitting on a livestream smoking a blunt.

All that herion fry out this stooge's brain cells????

No. 544981

Also the fact that he's a literal alcoholic who's drunk most of the time.

No. 544983

Has she finally stopped having her little twitter paddy? lmao I'm kind of sad it's over, the more she does stuff like this, the more folks will see her for what she truly is.

No. 544985

Probably "anxiety" when it's really drug withrawals and sobering up from the alcohol.

No. 544987

File: 1522733793379.png (5.48 MB, 1242x2208, 6B1F46A5-F401-448E-990C-9AC1B2…)

Lol to post it on insta she cropped out the bucket. She lies about the most fucking trivial things.

No. 544990


If she really wanted it to look like she didn't spill fabric softener why not crop out the open container of fabric softener right by the mess too?

No. 544991

Also cropped out all the clothes and shit on the floor.

No. 544995

It says in the description of her last video that she's doing a live panel in Orlando where she answers questions, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed someone points out her bullshit and throws her off guard

No. 544997

I actually reached out to a couple on twitter a few days ago but have yet to hear anything or see any videos

No. 544999

or just crop out the whole photo and not even bother posting it because it just makes her look more like an idiot. who spills something that heavy and with all the mess starting to get on it, just leaves it there for idk how long.

No. 545000

does she forget that she has kittens running around that might play with this mess?

No. 545001

I LOVED how in the video miss shifty eyes says "If you're leaving me hate comments, uh, I'm not letting it bother me and I'm not gonna let the hate get to me" and yet disables the comments LOL
Oh TayTay. Gonna have to try harder than that. Are your feefees hurt? What a dumbass. Her life must suck, besides having money. While she still has some 12 year old stans, more and more people who actually can think for themselves see through her bullshit and her poor animal care. She is losing her grip & doesn't know how to cope. Disable the comments and pretend you're perfect, Taylor. Keep up lying and being fake :)

No. 545004

File: 1522734995731.jpeg (230.44 KB, 750x637, 3785E8AA-65C4-45FD-9829-A8643E…)

You guys. I can’t stop laughing at these titles. Haven’t watched them but I was looking to see if anyone had made a video recently and they indeed have

No. 545005

Is this the same creepy mother fucker who made the video linked above? He has issues.

Honestly a larger drama channel hell someone even like John Kuckian, needs to make a vid.

No. 545007

I reached out to Petty Paige because she’s a no-bullshit kind of girl but I don’t think she’s going to make a video. Maybe if we all try to DM her she will who knows.(cowtipping)

No. 545009

sage for ot but holy hell this guy is still around? He has a thread on the farms if anyone is interested.


No. 545011

I honestly have never seen his videos pop up until I searched today for those ones, I’m gonna give that thread a read I could always use new milk

No. 545013

Neither he nor Petty Paige will do videos about her, though. They're more focused on the beauty community.

No. 545016

Yeah it's a shame though because someone like John has a huge following that's going to naturally have an overlap into other youtube communities, the pet one included. And this drama is far more interesting than yet another Jeffree Star video.

No. 545017


god, he sounds like a creeper. i wouldnt want to piss him off.

sorry for offtopic

No. 545019

Not trying to defend her, but Taylor has a lot of smaller animals that would do fine in the 2 foot cages. Pacman frog, sand boa, hognose, leopard gecko, Halloween crab, croc skinks. While bigger would be better, a 2x2 is large enough for all those animals I listed above

No. 545021

File: 1522736358360.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 11E15F64-19C5-4D4A-8E39-CED9A4…)

Sage for OT and possible repost but has anyone taken a look at this video because it gave me a lot of great laughs

No. 545023

Didn’t she do a video on Sonia Sae though? Seems like she might be trying to do a bit more than just beauty drama idk.

No. 545031

John’s reputation as a drama channel was tarnished when he falsely accused another YouTubed of child grooming and pedophilia. Even if he did make a video the important part of YouTube’s drama community wouldn’t even back it up and join the exposée. Paige would more than likely do one if she was more aware, but lately she has branched out beyond the beauty community.

Sage for extremely off topic

No. 545032

Her latest instagram photos made me chuckle, "let's make some aesthetically pleasing photos on this pink blanket with some petals"… totally ignoring the grubbiness and junk in the background.

Also, she moved into her new apartment at the end of November, but didn't order the new enclosures and stuff until January? Also, if the company said it would take 6-7 weeks and I was still waiting for them at the beginning of April I'd be damn sure to get a refund and take my business somewhere else.

No. 545035

I don't think most people give a shit about the drama with Peter Monn. I mean after all the dude was posting BDSM twinks on his tumblr. Kind of gross considering his age. Doesn't make him a pedo, but still I think John's still got one of the largest if not the largest drama platform like 3 times the subs that Paige has (although I do think she's better). But yeah, it's more useful from that sense. The stuff with Peter and subsequent drama set him back, but it didn't finish off his channel.

Sage for very OT

No. 545087

San Antonio Animal Control has no standard of care for reptiles in place currently so they don’t recognize abuse involving reptiles unless they are severe cases

No. 545088

I still feel like there's no way the apartment complex knows what they're hoarding in there. She has a whole room full of cages, some on the floor and some in the cupboard. There's no way any complex would be ok with that.

No. 545090

Does she still keep the poor mouse and hedgehog in a cupboard? I remember in her new apartment tour they were in a cupboard with no light on, is this still the case? It confused me as to why one hedgehog was in the cupboard but she had another one just in the "reptile room".
Air circulation in that cupboard must be terrible and if she ever does put the light on I bet she forgets to turn it on and off at certain times, fucking up her animals biological clock.

No. 545101

late reply but not only was she averting her eye contact but she was blinking like crazy
blinking rapidly or not at all is a sign someone is lying (along with wider eyes, a tense posture, legs crossing though we can't see that)
her body language as a whole shows how disingenuous she is
she seems so nervous in that video and she isn't even trying to hide it; it's pretty amusing

No. 545105

I remember a lot of people calling in with concerns/emailing them but no one gave a shit. However, I think once you mention a possibly dangerous lizard (doesn't matter if they're actually docile, they can still attack when stressed, which no doubt this one will be) and the fact that they smoke weed in there… eh.

The whole spree of 'IM DOING DRUGS'… why? No possible employer wants to see that; no parents wants to see that and I don't know how her fans are like 'LOL THIS IS FINE'. In no way is joking about drug use when you're a social media personality is fine, and if she ever gets bigger or straight up just disappears she is going to struggle finding an actual job.

I don't even know how her mum is like 'This is fine', me and my mum don' have the best relationship but even she'd beat my ass if I started saying shit like that.

No. 545120


Yeah her amount of jokes about being on drugs is ridiculous, especially since she used to be "family friendly." No one who isn't 10 jokes like drugs like that, and no one who isn't on drugs would keep bringing it up so frequently as a "joke." She even brought it up at the end of one of her videos as a "joke."

I think her mom is just trying not to drive her further away at this point, tbh. Neither of them seem that prepared to have a healthy adult-child/parent relationship, but I think her mom's just trying not to let Jonny steal whatever she does have with her daughter.

No. 545135

File: 1522755441295.jpeg (226.5 KB, 640x486, 5993668C-46B0-4C8B-8E3D-E30F19…)

Is this…. merch? She says it’s made out of clay so I have no idea since she seems to have been aiming towards plusher but

No. 545136

File: 1522755470176.jpeg (38.86 KB, 261x261, FFEB3E2B-1406-4F78-95DB-164795…)

No. 545140


no, she said on instagram that someone made it for her and sent it.

No. 545144

Letting her reptiles out on the carpet which I assume probably came with the apartment is taking a risk, speaking as someone who once had a corn snake poop on a welcome mat. Difficult to get those marks out, and that wasn’t a fluffy carpet like her one. She’s so gross. I’m having flashbacks to her feeding the hedgehog roaches on her bed. She’s so so gross. Eugh.

No. 545146


I agree. I also worry about her reptiles feeding on a carpet that's likely not been hoovered since she moved in, imagine all the hair, fluff and bacteria (especially considering her manlet seems to wear his shoes in the house and on the bed, god knows where they've been).

No. 545148

File: 1522758126534.jpg (308.92 KB, 1069x621, Screenshot_20180403-051816.jpg)

At least they're on what looks like a fuzzy pet blanket which are pretty cheap at Petco. My concern is that they're all on the same one one after each other. I don't really keep reptiles I'm more fish and amphibians, but shouldn't she not let her animals on the same surfaces like that without cleaning? Especially since she never quarantines or does vet visits so any of her reptiles could have anything going on she just hasn't noticed.

No. 545149

She has started doing that recently (makes you wonder what made her start since she would never just decide to do something sensible to begin with) but in the post I replied to the bp is on the pink blanket in the first pic and in the second he’s stretched out across the carpet. But IA, carpets and blankets can be breeding grounds for bacteria not to mention fleas or mites, and knowing Taylor’s standards for hygiene…yeah.

No. 545151


You're meant to wash your hands between handling different animals too so she's definitely playing it risky.

No. 545155

Someone should message the youtube channel Reagan to do a body language video on Taylor’s vid! She’s really good at it and has exposed some people before(this is cowtipping)

No. 545156


I was thinking the same thing. I know she'd reviewed Jenna fish apology before and explained how you can tell her apology was genuine, so i wonder if she'd do one about Taylors so called "apology".

No. 545157

Violet still looks so skinny

No. 545159

I am ignorant of snakes so excuse me if I am wrong here but could Violet be struggling due to issues in breeding her to be that unique color? Sorta like how some dog breeds are unhealthy due to overbreeding.

No. 545160

She’s really focusing on the drugs thing, which probably means she’s likely using. Liars always over exaggerate and focus on one subject like that.
Sage for speculation.

No. 545161


Her colour is Super Mojave, which is just the homozygous (super) form of the Mojave morph. As far as i'm aware, i don't think it causes any problems for the snake unlike something like a Super Champagne. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
My guess would just be that Taylor just isn't looking after her properly.

No. 545181

I agree. I think she's probably not eating due to poor care. Some bp's don't eat when their humidity or temperature is wrong. Since Taylor keeps all her snakes in screen top enclosures, humidity is hard to keep high and consistent which is really important for bp's.

No. 545191

I contacted her, but idk if she'll be interested in taking on the job because Taylor wasn't really trending anywhere.

No. 545193

Does anyone know if the SA police care about weed possession? Next time they're smoking on Instagram it would be funny to see them arrested.

No. 545204

I feel like any drama channel that could cover it where it gets enough traction, doesn't know enough about animals for it to actually mean anything. I feel like only another pettuber could do it and most of them are probably A.) Not concerned with Taylor and drama or B.) Don't want 12 year olds flooding their comments defending her.

No. 545206

Isn't that basically swatting them?

No. 545208


Swatting is when you call in a FALSE police report, which results in SWAT being called.

Also they would not send swat over a "someone smoking weed" call. You'd be lucky to get 2 cops to show up lol.

No. 545211


Or they're the same as Taylor is. Em seems to shade her a lot but supports her, someone else made a video but was like 'Oh I like her'. This is basically a popularity game and anyone speaking out has to be far better than her and not a border-line hoarder, which most pet tubers really aren't.

No. 545216

No? Swatting is calling in pretending the person is murdering people.

Reporting someone smoking weed while they are literally posting evidence of them smoking weed is a regular police report.

No. 545261

I really feel like most cops wouldn't care enough to go out of their way to catch a resident smoking. That being said, I'm positive her apartment complex cares. I live in a luxury apartment similar-ish to Taylors and it's stated explicitly in my lease contract that if I'm smoking inside (any substance) and they find out about it, its grounds for 1) eviction, 2) paying the remainder of my lease term (ie, if I'm evicted 2 months into a 12 month term, I'll have to pay the remaining 10 months even though I was evicted) and 3) costs for damages (carpet replacement I guess). So if anyone sent those pictures of Jonny boy smoking…well…

No. 545269

There's also a possibility they're smoking/doing more than weed, so if they do get searched and something is found.. rip?

No. 545272

Well technically in the state of Texas a tenants home can not be entered without notice, so they'd get the notice and clean up…but we still have the smoking inside pictures

No. 545332

File: 1522779210138.png (595.46 KB, 1058x1745, Screenshot_20180403-121147~2.p…)

I screenshotted this a while ago and I think I may have forgotten to post it. It looks like she's "shared an animal" with someone before
(Also I'm reposting this without my name in it I hope that's okay, I deleted the first one)

No. 545335

Is this about that baby crested gecko? She had another one besides the two she has now and never posted about it again.

No. 545340

Yep, that's the one. I'm very curious to know what happened to him

No. 545345

File: 1522780859803.png (531.81 KB, 689x393, pTSVc0M.png)

So I was watching the monitor apology video again last night, and I noticed that the pet store employee showed Taylor and her friend this monitor. From what I can tell, this isn't the monitor that she ended up going home with, which says to me that the guy actually showed her several monitors. Coupled with the fact that the enclosures for the other reptiles seemed to have the prices and what animals they are written on them, I'm back to questioning how Taylor didn't know what species of monitor she was taking home. My thought is that she wasn't paying attention and the guy told her "This is a black roughneck monitor" and she either misheard him or she didn't do enough research to know the difference. Either that or she was told/read what species of monitor it was, but since this was an impulse buy to begin with, by the time she got home, she forgot what species of monitor she bought and googled the wrong care sheets.

No. 545348


It looks like the a roughneck to me? But I agree with you that she either must have known what it was or was just too ignorant/stupid and googled the wrong monitor and thought it was that one, which totally baffles me as although I study zoology and ecology I haven't done an awful lot on reptiles and can tell straight away that it's not the monitor she thought it was. She's an actual embarrassment.

No. 545359

Spending a minute on google images is enough to tell the difference between the two. She has no excuse.

No. 545402

She buys so many animals that it’s just a non event for her now. She just bought him while barely paying attention to what she was told, probably googled basic care for the type of monitor she thought she had and tossed him in the viv. Most of us can’t relate because buying/adopting an animal is an event usually built up to with weeks/months of research. Taylor just saw this, wanted it, got it, and then went traveling immediately leaving it in her friend’s care. She didn’t think about that animal for more than five minutes once she left the store with it.

No. 545403

Lets say that she did want a monitor for ages like she claims or whatever she claims. Even fi she had plans to travel you'd leave it with someone experienced/ask the store to hold them for you surely.

I remember when I got my dog we had arrangements to travel somewhere and agreed with the breeders for them to look after her while we were away, we didn't just leave her to some random person who is pregnant.

Her fans claiming she cares so much have no logic put into their arguments what so ever.

No. 545405

In the video she claims she had 2(3?) "experts" looking after it when she was gone.

No. 545410


If her story didn't change so many times (and I ignored her past history) I'd be ''Yeah okay'' but once you put that into the mix… ye.

No. 545472

Honestly I don’t think she even did research. Her tank for it was set up almost identical to the one in the shop. That set up isn’t appropriate for any monitor species. She probably just saw what they were doing and figured it’d survive.

No. 545488


100% this. Her set ups are so dull, you can tell she sets them up in about 5 minutes, usually after she's already purchased the animal.

No. 545502

That's definitely a rough neck, but I'm not quite sure it's the one she took home. It could be the lighting. The one the guy is holding seems to have more yellow on it than the one she took home. It's probably a minor detail, but my thinking was that she must have been shown multiple rough necks, and if that's true, I'm just wondering how she managed to miss that she was buying the wrong thing.

She definitely just throws her setups together in five minutes. Her video about her satanics is kind of proof of that. I guess that's what happens when you're trying to throw it all together the day after buying the animals.

No. 545513

File: 1522790853695.jpeg (115.13 KB, 1349x386, 1D21CAA8-9A29-4EE7-A77B-75878E…)

She’s really going to retweet this and pretend that she doesn’t neglect her animals?

No. 545537

Can someone please repost the images of Taylor's Hedghogs where their claws are insanely long if they have them please. I'd like to edit them together with Emma's post about 5 animals and neglect.

No. 545549


Don't be silly, killing a few animals, "rehoming" them when you're bored of them (or just not addressing their disappearance), regularly impulse buying animals, keeping animals in cupboards without light or ventilation, not giving your animals the correct care or diet, not being able to identify the species of animal you "own" for over a month, smoking near your animals, putting your animals in close proximity to speakers, and having so many animals you don't have enough time to give each the adequate amount of attention each day (especially to even spot visible illness) does not count as neglect in lala land.

Honestly if I ever see this girl use her disability as an excuse for anything when she thinks she's more than capable to look after her mini zoo and jet off after her "boyfriend" every other week I think I'll flip.

No. 545561

Taylor uses her illnesses as an excuse to neglect her animals. She uses her "depression" as an excuse to escape her responsibilities and travel often. She would rather please her boyfriend and let him smoke indoors ignoring her animals health. Why the FUCK are you getting so many animals, any animals if if you are so depressed in your environment Taylor, you ARE, an animal hoarder. You neglect your pets, don't try to put yourself on the same level as Emma, she actually cares about her pets unlike yourself. You let roaches crawl on your bed, we've seen that, you've showed us that, and unbox your fish and corals directly on your bed. You showed us that too, you have really gross hygiene to bring in things like onto to where you sleep. Grow the fuck up you selfish gross bitch.

No. 545583

And her enclosures are always disgusting. Her recent pictures of the leaf tail geckos show this (there’s poop everywhere), as well as her crested geckos tanks in every video, and I believe there has been poop in her snakes’ cages a few times before. Her green tree python was basically sleeping on it. If she was checking on them multiple times a day she’d be able to clean it pretty much immediately. But with the geckos especially it’s built up and you can tell she hasn’t cleaned them in a long time.

No. 545593


I wonder how often she cleans her fish tanks tbh since it wouldn't be THAT obvious that they were dirty af.

Her wardrobe must stink no doubt, rodents in small cages require spot cleaning once/twice a day even with bedding that won't stink the whole place up.

No. 545598

One thing I noticed in common with Taylor and people who are classic compulsive hoarders, they don't have a sense of environmental hygiene what so ever. They might take care of their actual health like brushing their teeth and hair etc or have a strong sense of physical narcissism, but don't have a problem with filth on their beds, or their animals living in filth. Taylor has no problem putting roaches on her bed to feed her animals, sleeping in sheets with blood splatters on them, unboxing animals on her bed, allowing poop build up on the outside of her crested gecko enclosures, or building up piles of dirty laundry and other household items in piles around her house. Hoarders also have pets die, from untreated prolonged illness and or starved, or and disappear all and don't realize until much later. Taylor has admitted to several times now of not noticing her animals disappearing or dying, or not acting when she first noticed her animals were sick.

Here is a list of animals that got sick and or died that she didn't notice until later that I am aware of:

Female kitten, screaming constantly in videos for milk, was obviously not properly fed or stimulated, died within her care.

Nemo the kitten, swollen belly, underweight for most of the time he was with Taylor at the beginning, thin, patchy hair, triangle face syndrome.

Mushu the Axolotl, has always appeared underweight in every photo that Taylor has ever posted of her. Nearly died from illness, her gills destroyed from fungus because Taylor didn't notice, which means she didn't feed Mushu either during this period of time. I won't believe she just dropped the worm in the tank and didn't look to see if Mushu would eat it. She flat out wasn't feeding her/paying attention to her health. It also means she wasn't doing spot cleanings in the tank everyday, she would have noticed Mushu was getting sick. Any small sign of fungus on an Axolotl cannot be neglected it can lead to a fatality quickly.

Mantis, mentioned much later that she noticed he had died, apparently fell? She just seemed to forget about him.

Leaf insect, not sure of the circumstances, but seems she also failed to notice until later?

Fish - jumped out of the tank, and or were eaten and their disappearances weren't noticed until later.

animals that killed each other because she forced them to live together inappropriately. Several.

Cheese and all of the fish in the salt water tank getting sick with ick, because she refused to treat or quarantine Cheese when she noticed his illness. She said in the video "she sat on what to do for them", meaning, she just didn't get around to it. Much like Mushu.

Posts images of her hedgehogs with super long nails, only posts photos of her animals when she can be bothered to take them out of their enclosures.

Never shows the enclosures of her animals, or if she does, they look dirty, dingy, or the animals aren't housed correctly.

Several snakes who appear to be underweight and not growing as they should.

If anyone wants to add.

No. 545602


If you ever watch any animal rescue shows that deal with hoarding/neglect most hoarders live in the conditions you described or are completely ran over by animals to the point where there is no place, obviously these cases are extreme but I reckon that to animal control it's the first moment they can tell if the concern is legit or no.

No. 545604

Honestly this Emma girl is annoying. She's usually defending Taylor and idk if its bc shes trying to social climb to boost her channel but it's annoying and makes her look like a Taylor clone.

No. 545610


Shes been spoken about on the general pet youtuber thread if you want to go over there and read about her

No. 545615


She's failing on the 'adequate supply of fresh air' to both the mouse and the hedgehog she's keeping in the wardrobe…

No. 545617

I watched a video of hers the other day she seems to want to be her. Same little pose and over lining of lips, she has some the same animals as her, and she sounds like her too.

No. 545620


As another pet youtuber I can confirm… 90% of us are disgusted and concerned by her animal care. However, we're considerably smaller channels and it wouldn't turn out good for us.

There's only two real people that could effectively bring light to the situation, who have closer to a following which is Em and Tyler. However they seem to have/ had a bond with her in the past so the chances of them doing that are slim.

No. 545623

>>545617 They're both just cookie cutter typical females when it comes to makeup trends and trending female posture. It's pretty common these days for females to overline their lips, that's instagram for you. Out of the two however, at least Emma is genuine when it comes to caring for her animals.

No. 545624

Tbh I don’t think Em actually likes her. She just wants to make her educational videos without drama because we all saw what happened the last time shit went down. I’ve noticed Em saying things that do directly apply to Taylor even Tyler lowkey saying things too. But they can’t outright say anything without risking what they love to do.

Sage for ot

No. 545632

I feel like the reason no one calls her out is because I mean, you would need to have an equal or bigger following than Taylor to actually make waves.

And I can't really blame Emzotic for not saying anything outright about it. Would I really want to face an army of 12 year olds? No, not really no. Throwing shade at Taylor is pretty much the only thing she can do about it, because she doesn't have a lot of influence to counter whatever shit Taylor's fans throw her way. And besides, on a "it's about the animals" level, she's honestly way more genuine and I actually subbed to her because she's really pleasant (sorry for ot)

But back to Taylor since we don't want yet another thread about Em, the only person I think would actually be able to make something is Cotoye Peterson. He has a much bigger following than Taylor, but he's more focused on wild life educational videos, not pets, and honestly I don't think he'd give two shits about her in general.

No. 545642

People in the Youtube pet community who care about animals if they have something to say on youtube about Taylor Nicole Dean and her animal neglect, abuse and pet hoarding, they just have to force themselves to stop worrying about her 12 year old legions of fans attacking them and just do it. Who the fuck cares what 12 year olds think, this is literal animal hoarding, killing, neglect going on with living animals. It didn't take long for Taylor for a kitten to die in here care, that is frightening and very heart breaking. So many people knew it would happen they saw it coming and urged her to do the right thing for those cats and she refused. Someone with video editing skills and a camera and a following big or small needs to say something already about these lives. "Life shrinks or expands in proportion of one's courage" - Anais Nin. Apply it already animal Youtubers. How can you call yourselves true animal lovers if you don't speak up for crimes against animals. I'm sure there are several pet youtubers big and small who are visiting here. As soon as one speaks, others follow, don't be scared. JUST DO IT.

No. 545647

Should also note that a lot of her other fans are also realising that there is an issue with her animal care, before she disabled comments a lot of people who were fans were calling her out and asking questions.

No. 545650

File: 1522797499125.jpg (549.3 KB, 1033x534, Wp0JSl7.jpg)

No. 545652

If her windows were open and she had fans on while they were smoking weed, wouldn't that cause the temperature in the gecko's tank to change too much? I don't know how she is controlling the temperatures for them that well if they're opening windows and using fans and things like that.

No. 545658

I have a minor correction to make to your list. It was Hannibal, the leaf insect, that she noticed died apparently after falling. (Which I still have no clue how she managed to get him. They're illegal to keep as pets without a permit. Permits are usually only given to zoos or education centers.)
It's unclear when/how Moriarty, the budwing praying mantis, died. Taylor said he died of old age. She got him in September/October of 2016. The last picture of him on instagram was in December of 2016. He'd molted for the final time and had his big boy wings. It's possible he did die of old age, but with Taylor who knows.

No. 545669

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXCBkBKEC4o&t=3s The one dislike on this video must be Taylor.

No. 545671


She’s used Taylor’s name before, whiny how she’s soooo different and is upset people think she’s unoriginal and boring

No. 545672

The fan actually was on in Jonny’s livestream, but they don’t have any windows to open so that was a lie. If anything they need the temperatures lower because satanic leaf tail geckos require low temperatures, and Jonny was complaining about the room being hot. But obviously the fan isn’t helping much, and she really just needs to lower her AC. I’m sure the huge TV putting off heat isn’t helping.

No. 545674

i honestly hope no one big outside the pet community makes a video calling her out. it would only bring more attention to her, which she would love. i really want her just to fade into obscurity with no one caring about her

No. 545684

wouldn't owning 20+ animals still consider hoarding when you're not owning them for either conservation or educational purposes or just want more designer pets? Even if i were a millionaire i wouldn't own 50+ animals because i can afford it, i wouldn't own that much just because i can't give them each individual attention like i can do if i were just to own 5.

What i see from all these youtubers that "collect" all these animals for their video to never be talked about again and be replaced with a new animal is considered hoarding for me. Sure, i follow a few that has 15+ reptiles or fishes, but they also do educational programs and show people outside from youtube about their species, and if it's not for that, they actually build another "house" just for their animals to live in, in bigger tanks/vivs/terrs so they can live the good life and actually spend 99% of their life for their pets.

but Taylor over here is stuffing them into her room, collecting more, making excuses, stuffing used items for her snakes, never cleaning, and not caring about them at all unless she wants photos.

sage for a blogposting essay

No. 545694

While I have seen Emma be somewhat “friendly” to Taylor, I’ve also seen her throw some shade. I think she just kind of stays neutral on it, and give advice when she can.
As far as I’ve seen, she does have a lot of similarities to Taylor, but IMO she seems way more down to earth and actually cares. She seems to post a lot, interact with her followers, and actually cares for her pets unlike a lot of other petubers. I’ve never seen her straight up “defend” Taylor, I’ve just seen her give advice. For example on Taylor’s monitor video, she commented telling Taylor she should take it to the vet and get a fecal exam done. Which is common sense, and I can’t belive that Taylor didn’t already do that in the first place

No. 545698

Compulsive acquisition is an important dimension of hoarding. Whether the hoard itself is taken care or not is irrelevant.

No. 545699

The fact that Taylor excuses the smoking near the satanics by saying its a big "ventilated" room, reaaaally makes me hope she never has a baby. Because she would most likely be another garbage parent that makes excuses for smoking near her child.

"Oh I cracked a window, little Jonny jr will be okay. Its totes ventilated enough in here"

No. 545701

Agreed. While I don’t think Emma is by any means a perfect petuber/pet owner, she actually owns up to her mistakes and changes them rather than making half assed excuses. She seems to be far more open to critism and suggestions than TND is.

On the general petuber thread people were saying that her rabbits cages could be a bit bigger, and she actually came on to the thread herself and said she agreed, and will be upgrading them as soon as they’re bonded or something. Far more than TND would ever do. She just brushes our concerns off and says were just a bunch of haters

No. 545702

Yeah she was like “there was a big fan!” If anything that makes it worse. A fan is just going to blow the air around, spreading the smoke out more. Fans don’t filter the air

No. 545721

There was one pet youtuber with a few thousand subscribers who made a callout video after Taylor's first monitor video. She got a lot of hate in comments, but a lot of support as well.


Sage because I think this video was posted in the last thread too.

No. 545725


Wow, I can understand even more why it's hard for anyone in the pet community to speak out. Look at all those dislikes and negative comments. Young blind fans can be the worst.

Still, at some point if people are in the animal community, someone has to put the animals first, right?

No. 545784

I love how in her video she says immediately after getting the monitor, she set up the tank and dumped it on her pregnant friend to take care of it because she “had a lot of stuff to do out of town”. No Taylor… you followed your druggy rapist BF on his tour. You did not HAVE stuff to do out of town. You purposely chose to abandon your animals for WEEKS just to stick at Jonny’s side 24/7 to make sure he didn’t cheat on her (which we all know he probably did anyways lmao). God she’s pathetic. These are living, breathing creatures… she acts like she cares to her stans but is so quick to leave them for weeks after acquiring like 10 new animals.

No. 545786

Does it concern anyone else that she left her 8 month pregnant friend in charge of all her animals for weeks? What would’ve happened if she went into labour?

No. 545787


We've mentioned this several times mostly last thread.

It's especially concerning considering that she was taking care of the two cats, and changing the litter as a pregnant woman runs the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, which is really bad news

I don't have cats so I don't know how long it would take for that bacteria to develop, and anons have said that you can change cat litter as long as you're careful and it hasn't been too long, but the fact she let her friend run that risk at all is kind of disgusting to me.

No. 545789

File: 1522809837071.png (33.97 KB, 627x353, lol2.png)

No. 545800

There’s pregnant women who goes in labour months before their due date due to stress, etc and their preemies would be in incubators . why would Taylor let her friend risk that to happen just so her friend can take care of all of her animals so she can party? I’m sure she would’ve have to carry things around and bend over to feed them all. Honestly, her friend is also an idiot for being friends with Taylor but it just shows how Taylor does not care at all for anyone but herself. I don’t believe at all she has 2 other “professionals” going in her dirty ass apartment taking care of her pets

No. 545802

No wonder her pregnant friend felt stressed and depressed. So Taylor’s solution was to make herself happy and tell her, “let’s go out and buy ‘us’ a monitor lizard!”

No. 545805

Cats get the toxoplasma parasite from eating an animal that has the parasite. The parasite is then shed in their stool. After that, it's at least one day before the parasite becomes infectious. So if your cat is indoors and you change the litter box at least once a day then there is little risk. Still better to let someone else change the box if possible.

No. 545819

This is just my own two sense as someone who was a vet tech for 5+ years and currently is in vet school.. there is a spectrum for hoarding, with one end being absolute deplorable conditions and the other end being great conditions. The way I see it, as do a lot of my colleagues, as you accumulate more and more animals your care WILL start to deminish. Not because people grow lazy, well in Taylor’s case she is lazy, but because the sheer amount of animals makes it difficult to give each one the time and attention that they need. Sure, Taylor’s animals are mostly reptiles but they should still be handled daily (as long as they’re not in shed) on top of the others animals that need more attention.

Sage for ranting/ Blogposting

No. 545820


given that both her cats were young kittens, one came from outside on the streets (supposedly, who knows where she really got those first two,) and she never seems to care about getting her animals proper treatment or testing for parasites, who knows what those cats are carrying.

and yeah, it's rare, but the general recommendation is just for pregnant women and immunocompromised people to avoid changing litter altogether to eliminate any risk.

No. 545837

This is one of the things that I've always found really contradictory about Taylor, and it's so obvious yet so many of her fans gloss over it.

Let's assume for a moment she actually takes great care of her animals. Putting aside her excuse of a boyfriend and all the superfluous shit she spends her money on, let's say her animals are always at the highest of the high ends of animal care, and the living conditions are great, her apartment is clean, etc.

With all the issues she says she has, wouldn't it still be taxing on her to take care of them?
Because in like, one of her earliest videos when she was still living with her parents, she mentions she wakes up super early, has spread sheets for each animal in a binder and shit, and back then she didn't have as many animals, so there's absolutely no way she can give them superb care all the time.

Like not even bonding with some of them, because she not only has reptiles, she also has rodents. If you have to get "three experts" to take care of your animals, you should fucking stop buying animals, but nah she's not a hoarder guys!

No. 545838

Anyone wants to bet that she’ll “adopt” or “find” a new pet pretty soon to try to forget the whole monitor situation and to also get more fans/views?

No. 545855

Somebody commented on Petty Paige’s new video asking her to do a video on Taylor and Paige liked the comment so hopefully she’s going to do one now.

No. 545859


She should focus on the Jonny problem.


How does Taylor wake up next to a rapist every morning and able to live with her self.

No. 545880

I ask myself the same thing. Look at the way he just GUSHES over her on social media. It’s so beyond forced and fake. But it makes it look like he is the sweetest and best BF ever on the outside, which makes it harder for Taylor to leave him. He is hardcore manipulating her into staying. It’s pathetic, really. Taylor has always been a POS but I feel that she could have a chance to turn her life around without him. He’s turned her into a person more like him - a person who literally laughs at rape victims. It’s quite sad. She has a pathetic life and no courage to change it, so she compensating by spending money on herself (which at this rate won’t last long) and constantly brings home new animals to hoard.

No. 545884

This is probably what she'll focus on.

No. 545887

She just uploaded a video on something to do with the crafting community. I think there's hope that Paige will make a video on Taylor.

No. 545900

File: 1522819478258.png (479.42 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-04-00-23-36…)

No. 545901

File: 1522819558040.png (713.47 KB, 1255x889, Neglected Hedgehog.png)

>>545650 Thanks anon! Anyone want to tweet this to Emma and Taylor.

No. 545902

She liked my comment when I asked if she was gonna do Taylor.

No. 545904

That was me lmao

No. 545905


wow, two videos in less than a week!?! she must REALLY see that her channel is starting to struggle!

No. 545907

Another animal where she won't take a picture of inside the enclosure and just had to include her body somehow. Anyone want to bet there's poop everywhere inside and she hasn't cleaned it since they got him.

No. 545912

She finally sees if she doesn’t start posting shit, there will be no chance of getting anymore ad revenue. Guess she can’t use depression & “muh EDS” as an excuse any more.

No. 545915

Don't care about her dumb play button or whatever (why the fuck is her arm in the photo though)

But now we know for sure that Taylor uses febreeze and glade around her pets.

It's not the worst thing in the world, and it isn't a hazard to dogs or cats like people assume, but I highly doubt it's that good for reptiles.

There are so many natural air fresheners you can use if you really gave a shit, but she clearly doesn't. Gotta mask that weed smell somehow I guess

No. 545917

File: 1522820494436.png (665.68 KB, 644x622, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.41…)

No. 545919

She deleted a bunch of the drug tweets from last night.

Also what happened to her getting Nemo and Ghost fixed? She took them to the vet to get an appointment scheduled, does it really take two weeks?

No. 545920

No. She's probably planning on abandoning them since they're grown now.

No. 545921

>>545919 It doesn't take two weeks, you can get a cat fixed within days in the U.S, if anyone that knows her area wants to check about Vet locations. She's probably hoping people forget about the issue.

No. 545922

>>545917 Who fucking cares Taylor? You killed a kitten, does it make you feel special for having so many followers, meanwhile that one kitten isn't following you anymore. Does it help you sleep at night tricking and lying to people and making your pets sick.

No. 545924

"Why I disabled the comments on my monitor video + I feed all of my animals + I'm not on drugs"

No. 545925

File: 1522821360371.jpeg (266.05 KB, 1503x1434, 8ECCAB87-A813-43CC-855E-5407F8…)

You mean you’re overprotective of your reputation?

No. 545927

They should disable monetization for someone who turns off comments. I really think she did that to 1. avoid criticism and 2. to avoid anyone watching her video from seeing the comments + learning about her disgusting behavior. She tries to keep her YT and other social media pretty separate it seems

No. 545929


"found this little boy giving away his lizard on the street so i had to do what's right!"

No. 545932

her channel is almost to the point where she's running out of content especially when it's just about buying new pets and how to take care of them. Only thing she can post videos of is either getting a new pet or a basic 10 min talk about herself and a short how-to video. What else is there to post when she already gone through everything?

if she makes a video about her drama and how everyone hates her, and how it's not her fault. wouldn't that just attract new viewers into wondering what's the drama about and learn what she really is? no matter what she does now, she's fucked. lol

No. 545933

To be honest I think most of her revenue came from the merch she sold.

All of her popular videos seemed to have reached a plateau, so it makes sense for her to be making more videos because now the money has started to run out again.

No. 545934

>>545925 I understand the circle of life, but feeding live adult mice when it's optional once in a while, that just seems plain cruel to me. So a mouse has to slowly die inside the stomach of her pet for her entertainment basically. Probably why she also wants to feed live to her snakes.

No. 545935

I'm curious as to whether she'll address smoking around her animals. Probably not since someone mentioned that she does keep her social media separate from her YT. People seemed clueless about the pot smoking in the comments on the monitor video. I would just like to see how she spins it if she tries to address it. I imagine her doing that annoying clap her hands together multiple times thing that she does.

"Guys, I know a lot of you were concerned that I smoked pot around my animals, but the windows were open and there was a giant fan. A really big huge one. Also, it was my boyfriend smoking pot, not me. I don't smoke pot, but I can see why he does it. It's not his fault, but also it's his fault, but it's not his fault, but it is, and it's definitely not my fault. I didn't mean to upset anyone. I learned my lesson. Look, here's Cheese!"

No. 545936

That's why she made her vlog/"mental health" channel with no videos.

I bet she's way overspent her money and is freaking out about it because her income is going down.

No. 545938

>>545936 Looks like she won't be getting that house like she claimed after all. Poor stupid Taylor.

No. 545940

More like "they died from respiratory problems. It was totally the breeder's fault, I took them to the vet 9000 times and the vet told me I was perfect so it's not my fault. Only the breeder's."

No. 545941

Is there any update how the rapist and his lover and their love story are going? Is all quiet?

No. 545943

oh no…

No. 545945

that channel won't really go that far either even if she would post frequently. she doesn't do anything exciting enough for a vlog because she likes to tell everyone she stays in bed or just smokes all day with her druggie bf, and her mental illness talk would only reach 1-2 videos until no one cares anymore. her channel overall has a short life span and she just blows away all her money because she thinks it's forever.

No. 545957

I feel like this was kind of her goal at some point, but to be honest she fucked herself over having a shitload of animals because that's her brand now and moving to L.A. will do very little for her if she wanted to branch out.

No. 545974

For her to get a ton of money from views she has to make another video about all her pets. Her other videos barely get any views cause no one cares

No. 545984

Things appear very quiet on the Jonny front lately. I don’t follow his social media so idk, usually someone would have mentioned here if he was doing anything though. I wonder if there’s trouble in paradise, especially since Taylor has been making more of poor Twisty lately.

No. 545987

I don’t know if she intended to feed him live but if so she needs to get a fucking grip. It’s optional, you don’t have to, and it would be quite a traumatic death for a mouse so why would you.

Lately she’s just obsessed with feeding live/controversially because she NEEDS attention like air and this is one thing that would get negative backlash that she could take some kind of moral high ground on because she gets to say “well I know what’s best for my animals SORRY if you’re too sensitive for what needs to be done but I’m willing to take RESPONSIBILITY even when it’s not nice!!”

No. 545991

Her end of the month youtube check was probably considerably smaller and not what she was expecting. Video down the road "selling all of my pets! Shop from me, don't adopt lol!!"

No. 545996

Sage cause a bit OT, but did anyone see Julien's tribute to Ad? Shows how true animal lovers feel about their pets compared to a hoarder like Taylor. She uses the death of her pets as a reason to by 5 more, really funny how she always posts about pets not being accessories lol.

No. 545998

>>545987 If Taylor chooses to kill mice for for money and entertainment because her channel bottomed out from her own laziness, it is on the same level of those women who crush to death small pets with high heels for fetish sites just to make a quick buck. Get a grip Taylor, we know you're a sick bitch but for one second think about something other than dollar signs, freak. I don't doubt that she wouldn't start feeding live mammals for her channel for money rather than get a real job. Can't believe she made a video about taking care of her pets full time and Youtube being her full time job, only to rarely if ever show up for work and neglect her pets.

No. 545999

>>545996 She never even had a memorial for the female kitten. It was really sad, she won't talk about her except to victimize herself.

No. 546001

Yeah, not to mention that hamster lived like a king for the 11 months they had it. It's sad it died so soon, but I don't think Jenna or Julien did anything wrong.

And then you look at Gus… and how Taylor's keeping him in a tiny ass cage in a cupboard. :/

No. 546006

If she does care about the animal and they die (such as one of her hedgehogs which basically just made her popular) she will make sure to make tons of merch.

When Cheese dies (if he hasn't already) it'll be one hell of a mess.

No. 546042


I don’t get this. How is this being overprotective? She didn’t insult the frog, and Taylor defended her choice of feeding it live, which is optional at best.

No. 546047

Why are the poor thins hands turned inward so bad? I own a bearded dragon and that inward turn doesn't look natural at all to me

No. 546050


Someone posted a photo a while back of a plug in air freshener in her animal room. Even though the door to the closet is most likely closed most of the time, having air fresheners or anything like that near a mouse is harmful as they have very sensitive respiratory systems.

No. 546052


I also own a bearded dragon and it doesn't look overly weird to me. Some just stand weird sometimes. And even sleep weird, run weird, hunt weird. They're pretty weird creatures.
She's such a cute little beardie, such a shame she's being wasted on Taylor the stupid bitch and that other thing….what was it… the thing that looks and smells like shit.. oh that's right, Jonny.

No. 546055

Maybe it's the beginning stages of metabolic bone disease if she's not giving it supplements?

No. 546056


Honestly it doesn't look like it. Sometimes they just do this.
Though it wouldn't suprise me if she did end up getting MBD from Taylors poor care later on down the line.

No. 546063


Does anyone else thinks her head looks tiny and her body looks huge here? Like maybe they shoved her full of frozen vegetables before taking a photo to make it look like she wasn't underweight?

Sage for speculation

No. 546065

I really just don't understand why in all her fake messages and the things she retweets from fans she wants to give off the impression she's like this Snow White character who loves her animals more than anything.

But like…….it took all of us making a stink of it for her to show just three pictures of her satanics. Any animal that she was obsessed with talking about four months ago (ex. Cheese) she barely talks about. There's no funny videos, and we're lucky to get one or two pictures of an animal per week. Everything else on her twitter is just whining that people don't like her and actively engaging "hate" coming from accounts with far less followers than her. I'm talking less than 100 followers.

Isn't there also some joy in feeding your animals new things, and discovering what they like or don't like? Putting in new hides or changing their environment slightly and watching them figure things out? Little enrichments like that are what give owners bonds with their animals, right? But she can't even be patient enough to tame her animals before she yanks them out for a picture.

I have to wonder what she even does when she goes out of town and leaves them with other people. Does she have a feeding schedule or is it just "whenever?" Does she write any sort of detailed notes or does she just print out caresheets about what to do if x happens? Does she ever text that person and ask how x is doing, or want pictures?

Her love for animals just seems like the average person to me; the majority of people like to go to the zoo or to one of those open safari parks to look at animals, but once they leave the park they could do without caring for another few months. She just goes a step further and likes to physically own the animals, but has the same mindset where the novelty of it wears off really fast. Especially with her getting so many animals so quickly.

No. 546074

File: 1522850155778.png (483 KB, 750x1334, 86673AE0-8729-49B4-A473-374A21…)

Idk if anyone posted this or not yet she still has the tweet up (surprise)
I thought the company was “giving” her the cages as a sponsorship or something? Correct me if I’m wrong please.

But uh how is spending $14k on cages not mean you’re hoarding Taylor

Sage Incase this is old news

No. 546081

If Cheese died she'd replace him with no remorse. Gotta get that merch money.

Taylor could be doing sponsor deals but no one wants to associate themselves with someone who posts the trash she does on Twitter, like mocking rape victims. Sponsors know better than that.

No. 546084


She's also got Jonny. I've been really removed from the alt/progressive/experimental rock scene for a while so I have no actual idea, but from what I've seen, a huge chunk of that community hates him.

And with MeToo and all of that obviously going nowhere anytime soon, her associating herself with that is definitely bad for business.

Though I'm sure if she did get some sort of brand deal and it was pulled after people complained to them about Jonny, she'd spin it as them discriminating against him for being an addict.

Like no Taylor….in case you haven't noticed, you give people a good "inspirational" recovery story and they will eat that shit up and give you endless praise….. but your boyfriend isn't clean…..

No. 546088


I'm wondering if her plushes didn't sell that well to justify Studio71 letting her make more?

I just checked her merch store and the Cheese plush is still "sold out" so it doesn't look like they're in any hurry to restock (if they will at all)

Also those two plushes of Bindi and Nala despite her showing us the "finished product" like….two months ago, still isn't on her store.

I doubt they take that long to make so I wonder if Studio71 just scrapped the whole thing because no one cared enough.

No. 546093


God I can basically hear that video already. Taylor could literally set one of her animals on fire in a video, blame it on the breeder when it died, and her 12 year old army would still defend her in the comments because "no hate!"

No. 546096


Do we know she fed the frog live mice? Not to defend her, but she just said "mice" which could mean frozen.

No. 546099


Yeah…. she never said "live." Someone just jumped to that to further villify her. I'm not defending her, but there is plenty of evidence of her poor husbandry without having to add our own possibly incorrect details. Horrible tank stocking, filthy/bare enclosures, questionable diets, neglect of that poor hedgie's nails….

No. 546114

I mean….does buying an animal EVER go right for her? It's always 'the breeder didn't know this that and the other/history of the animal/actual fucking species etc, but I bought the animal anyways cause I wanna be a saviour!'

Your monitor was wrong, your beardie was picked out of a hat, you forgot your longfin clownfish were unethical, you swindled your way into a sad snake-jerky form of a GTP, your cats were thrown on you in a petco….

No. 546121


The breeder didn't know what colour she was either?… She bought the beardie from a breeder that didn't even know what morphs they were breeding for? So it's safe to presume they know next to nothing about genetics so couldn't figure out the outcomes from both parents genes. What did they do, just put their two lizards together and hoped for some pretty babies.. definitely sounds like something Taylor would do so no wonder she bought her from that breeder if that's what they did.
Once again Taylor gets an animal from a possibly shoddy place. Nothing new there.

No. 546129


(Different anon but cont.)

…she bought a mouse that was injured because it was going to be fed to a snake (and it loved her so much!!!!), several of her fish jumped out of her tank (not her fault, despite not having a lid), several of her fish killed or ate each other (not her fault, despite that either meaning the fish were completely incompatible or her tank wasn’t large enough for them to avoid each other)…. there’s probably more but that’s all I can think of

No. 546131

File: 1522855986456.png (433.24 KB, 750x1334, 44A13358-80AC-4F1D-A0E0-9F9830…)

Not sure how important this is but jonny’s twitter has been sorta dead for almost two months now. He’s still active on insta so i don’t really know what to take from this

No. 546134

she claims to only support the best breeders but this one doesn't even know what morph she's breeding?!? that's called backyard breeding, ok taylor?

No. 546136

3 hedgehogs from the same store/breeder that all had health issues (nala/kovu/piper) and died/became sick young yet she kept purchasing from there

No. 546143


Also notice how she never names the breeders she gets them from. It's almost like she doesn't want to give the name so people can look up/contact that person and see what their husbandry is like….

That or like with the lizard situation, so she can make up whatever story she wants and have no one be able to provide evidence for the contrary

No. 546151

Also, didn’t she say when she bought the beardie that the breeder told her it would become more red with age. So wouldn’t that mean the breeder actually knew something about the genetics? Her stories don’t line up and this is a stupid thing for her to lie about what is she doing?

No. 546152

I was at the reptile expo, there was 2 bearded dragon breeders there. They are both extremely reputable and local. They would know what morph it was.

Either Taylor doesn’t remember/didn’t ask or one of their kids/employees sold it to them and wasn’t sure

No. 546154


She's too stupid to actually think before she posts. The red with age thing will depend on the parents. If the parents colour faded with age, it's most likely the babies will as well. But she probably never even asked to see the parents and bought her because she was told that she would become redder. Wait until the beardie grows up a bit and doesn't look like she expected, all of a sudden she's the victim.

No. 546164


Yep. Really baffled as to how someone can preach adopting or buying from reputable breeders so much, yet impulse buy her pets from pet stores or buys from breeders who don't know what morphs/genetics they're breeding?

No. 546171

soooo new video today?

No. 546173


She's probably not even awake yet. No wonder her depressshun is so bad, she probably stays up until the morning and sleeps all day every day.

No. 546187

Anyone already know her habits when she will truly upload a video?

No. 546188


It's honestly just a guessing game whenever she announces it. Like how she announced the mental health channel, like, two weeks ago and still nothing.

I just wish she would shut up when she was filming/editing/uploading a video and just post it. She's obviously one of those people who instantly lose motivation the moment they tell someone they plan on doing something because in their brain it gives them the same satisfaction of already doing it.

But of course, she posts so little now that I guess every time she does film a video it's a big event to her.

No. 546198


Exactly! Imagine if they do have no idea what they were doing and bred two silkies together. They'd end up in a whole clutch of dead and/or deformed dying babies. The fact that they don't even know what they were breeding for when they put the parents together tells enough. Unless Taylor is lying, that's an incredibly irresponsible way of breeding yet Taylor seems okay to support it. There is something seriously wrong with this girl.

No. 546207


fucking gross. that might as well be proof her place smells like piss and shit. the only people I know who use febreeze in their places have disgusting, dirty places. clean houses don't need febreeze and glade

No. 546261

Someone literally commented on the breeders at the expo and you guys are still going.

It's more likely Taylor wasn't listening, perfectly lines up with the Monitor situation as some people were claiming that the store people told them she was being rude/not listening.

No. 546279

This also isn’t even the first time she’s tried to say a store lied to her about animals being wild-caught to put the blame on them instead of herself. She also said another shop lied to her about the seahorses being wildcaught.

No. 546283


Alright, chill out. It was just speculation. As i said, "unless she's lying". I think we were just making a point that if they were bad breeders, she's okay to support that which isn't right.
But of course she's likely lying. You just can't win with Taylor.

No. 546302

Petko/The Dark Den made a video about Taylor and her monitor situation

No. 546315


I only started watching her in the last few months (but I followed her on twitter like half a year ago because of one of her lol im so quirky posts that i guess i just absentmindedly liked), but this guy says she's always been inconsistent with her videos?

The fact she's even more inconsistent now is stunning to me, given that before she actually had a job (Petco only offers part-time cashier positions, but it was still probably 20-30-ish hours a week) and now that YouTube is her job she's completely become ingenuine and disinterested in it.

There are YouTubers with aggressive cancer and are currently undergoing chemo which literally zaps the energy from them who upload more frequently than she does. There's a Youtuber who lost both her arms and legs because of meningitis who uploads more regularly than she does.

No. 546321


"She said she had expert people, really knowledgeable people looking after her animals when she's not at home….but how did no one figure out that's not the species she thinks it is?"

that's actually a really good point, did anyone bring that up?

No. 546323

Amazing. For anybody not familiar, The Dark Den is the most popular YouTube channel in the tarantula-keeping hobby. I've been watching this guy for about a year now and he's a great example of everything Taylor isn't. He provides excellent info and is always open to listening to information from others.

No. 546324

she has horrible work ethics, completely lazy (which you can tell from her messy apartment), and could careless about anyone else but herself.

Other youtubers know that income from doing videos isn't forever, so they're working hard and probably invest their money just in case something goes wrong. For Taylor, she gets a million subscribers and a big amount of money so she automatically assumes she's rich forever. Honestly her attitude and personality has become more toxic the more she's spending her money and being with Jonny.

No. 546328

>>546099 Will frogs eat frozen thawed mice? I thought they only ate live, but I am not the one to know.

No. 546334

i'm just now watching through his videos. He seems like an honest, genuine guy. Kinda like a Bob Ross of Tarantula-keeping. lol. He deserves more subs than Taylor tbh, but sadly, children likes to follow people that spits out nonsense and act "relateable"

No. 546336

>>546121 I actually think she does know the color type, and was told, but because she pathologically lies and doesn't want to be spotlighted again for getting yet another designer pet, she made the story up.

No. 546337


In past threads there was apparently someone who (supposedly) didn't work at her Petco but knew the manager there. They said she was lazy which is easy to believe given how much she doesn't seem to give a shit about her YouTube career. Given that she can't technically be fired from it, any minimal effort she put into Petco is gone.

No. 546347

>>546136 How do we know that the Hedghogs came to her sick? What is the story exactly about that, because Taylor put out some tweets where she was so excited about getting a free Hedgehog from some lady that her mom apparently mentioned to her, and then this lady suddenly changed her mind and didn't give it to her so Taylor went out and bought one instead. I want to know why this lady changed her mind. What are the odds that Taylor would end up with 3 sick Headghogs, we've seen how she neglects her current with their nails. I'm really curious.

No. 546349


I don't believe so, most of our focus is on the fact that she lied rather than taking her story and running with it to say why she lied.

I imagine she's the type of person to share pictures of her purchases with friends/experts in question so they would have probably been like 'oh that doesn't look like that'.

Very interesting point indeed.

No. 546366

Taylor's ego is so inflated her apology video didn't contain a single apology. In that video she was trying very hard to make people feel bad for calling her out on her mistake, this is classic sociopathic narcissistic behavior. It reminds me of when she spontaneously broke up with Jonny during his tour, announced it on her social media to punish him so to speak, and then immediately took him back only to run back to social media and confess her undying love for him for his birthday.

I'm going to guess that she did something wrong on this tour, pure speculation of course, like where the other group members complained to Jonny about her being around constantly, and for the photoshoots etc. They were probably sick of her and let him know he had to say someething to her. Jonny got arrested for the stage incident, probably sat her down for a pep talk (not in that particular order but somehow in the same night perhaps), so she broke up with him, flew back and left him with him trying to find his own way back. Whatever became of that road trip he was asking of people to help him get back to her apartment? or did she end up flying him back after all?

Long post, my point is that she is the type I believe to make others feel like absolute shit when she fucks up, and she'll make sure to punish you for it if you call her out on it. Like when she flooded her family's house, and having a tantrum on on social media because her family were using the money to renovate the floors rather than buy her a laptop.

No. 546375

she has a tantrum every time something doesn't go her way, like with the drug jokes, for instance. it's funny to watch

No. 546378


Any "apology" coming from her is usually accompanied by her rolling her eyes, being sarcastic, acting victimized ("what else can I apologize for today"), or putting the responsibility of the people who are upset ("I'm sorry for the people upset")

Anyone who apologizes but becomes defensive and aggressive the moment people don't immediately accept their apology, was never genuine in the first place.

No. 546383


I think you're giving Jonny too much credit here. Jonny is just as much of a narcissist as Taylor. It's rare that 2 narcissists get together, but it's pretty explosive when it happens. We'll be sure to see some milk from this eventually.

No. 546386

>>546378 She mocked rape victims and throws around the death of her pets on twitter like she thinks it's funny to use as ammo who call her out on her behavior. There is no way she doesn't enjoy using trauma, caused by her, or by others against people if it can keep her from accepting responsibility in any part of her behavior. Got raped? Well Taylor will make sure she makes you feel like YOU were the one at fault if you try to warn her that she could be next, how DARE you attack here for dating a rapist!

No. 546388

>>546383 Oh no trust me I'm not, I hate the POS rapist. Jonny is pure scum, I just wanted to make an example of what I speculate happened during the tour, based on the insane way things happened following.

No. 546412

I have a relative that's a bit like Taylor when it comes to pointing fingers when they're wrong, and never listening to others. My relative would NEVER admit that they're wrong on something that is obviously their fault and would get absolutely angry if you keep pushing that it's their fault, and when it comes to someone telling them something, it'll just go from one ear to the other. I had to tell them something over and over again and at the end, they'll reply with something else that they're more interested in.

So, with the whole monitor situation, i don't believe her when she blames the store. They probably went over with her with BOTH type of monitor over and over again, but her mind is so clouded with, "which one looks more exotic??", "This one would be perfect with my nails" and buys it.

sage for blogposting

No. 546429

I think it's honestly funny that Taylor seems to have the upper/equal hand in the relationship. I doubt many of his exes would have just left the dude alone like that after he got arrested and they were still fine.

They're both equally as bad or she's far worse.

No. 546438

>>546429 He's worse in the sense that he's raped several women and forced drugs on them, and threatening to flush their cats when he's having a tantrum. But she completes him because her narcissism is just projected in other ways, like abandoning her family for him, neglecting and killing animals, her own cat etc. They both have disturbing history with cats for some reason. When it's laid out all like that it's fucked up these two ended up together, beyond toxic.

No. 546442

>>546429 Not to mention making FUN of his rape victims, so yes in a way I'm thinking you are right now that I'm rethinking what you wrote. She hasn't actually raped anyone but making fun of the rape victims shows apathy, and it's one of the worse human traits imaginable. They both have it, can you imagine if they had a child? That child would be like Henry from the Good Son JFC scary shit.

No. 546445

He already has a daughter he doesn't care to see, so I imagine he'd dump Taylor for someone else to avoid the commitment.

No. 546452

The Dark Den made a video on her. It's a good one. It's unbiased and respectful.

No. 546453

>>546445 Omg I forgot about that, if she got pregnant he would leave her for sure, the worst part of it is that he doesn't want his own flesh and blood in his life but gets long lived pets with all of his girlfriends, including Taylor. He chose cats and lizards, cats living as long as 20 years in some cases, over watching his own daughter grow up, but really she is better off without him anyway. Taylor also seems like the type who wouldn't take responsibility either, and the door is open there for anything.

No. 546459

>>546452 I watched it, it was great and very nicely said, but of course she'll see it as hate anyway because no one tells Taylor she's wrong. I wish he would have mentioned however a few other things, like how she has no stable answer about rehoming the Monitor, and how she purchased a shit ton of other animals immediately before purchasing him, and how none of her animals are properly housed presently. I'm just grateful that he spoke up, I wonder if he reads the threads here with the posts urging Youtubers to speak up against her, I hope so and I hope more will continue to speak up.

No. 546474

I've never had a twitter but just looked up her name to see what people were posting about her, found a girl tweeting at her asking what was wrong with her bearded dragon because it hadn't grown in the 7 months she'd had him, wasn't eating (even tried force feeding him!!! if lighting, heating etc is right a reptile shouldn't need to be force fed) and she's disappointed because she got him for handling but he hates her. Instead of ignoring all these kids asking her for help she needs to tell them to take their pets to a vet!! She needs to talk more openly about how expensive vet fees are for exotic animals…. then again how would she know considering she rarely takes her animals to the vet.
This has really pissed me off. Tempted to make a twitter to tell this girl to get her skinny, sickly-looking dragon to the vet asap.

No. 546492

File: 1522879301262.jpeg (60.43 KB, 631x165, 9129EEFC-E333-467F-9D39-BD7DB2…)

Just contacted the breeders. They’re pretty sure Twisty was bought from them and there’s the morph

You’re welcome, Taylor for doing the work you couldn’t be bothered to do.

No. 546493

>>546474 There is no way Taylor doesn't read every single tweet and comment to her on all of her social media platforms, how many people seeking help has she flat out ignored, that should show right there she doesn't care. I don't know about private messages but she lives on reading everything public because she's obsessed with herself. She ignored her own kitten's cries for food until she died, she's not going to appreciate or help this fan seeking her help just like all the others who have. You think Taylor would be nice enough to retweet help requests like this so that her fans can get as much advice as possible. Nope, not Taylor, that's too much work you know.

No. 546499

>>546492 Wouldn't Taylor have some sort of receipt with the color type of the Lizard as well? There is no way Taylor wouoldn't know what she was when she purchased her… Oh wait, the Monitor. So it could be one of two things here.

A.) She did know what type she bought, but doesn't want the label of buying yet another designer pet.

B.) She's so impulsive when it comes to buying animals, she basically goes into a shop or a reptile expo, and before really looking over anything about said animal she just likes the color and look and says THAT ONE! STUFF IT IN THE TO GO BOX LOL!! Much like the Monitor without paying attention to a single thing the person selling her the animal is telling her. I bet the people selling her the Monitor didn't want to, but they did anyway. I know they regret it now.

I'm on the fence about what she did or didn't know about the Dragon, but it seems more like she just impulse bought yet another lizard without even knowing really much about it.

No. 546502

Kinda ot but her beardie has a tiny head compared to her body? I’ve got three beardies, two I raised from hatchlings, none proportioned so strangely lol.

No. 546510

>>546502 Could it be untreated Parasites? She was feeding her Dragon mealworms and was called out on it, she said she wouldn't do it again but I don't believe her. Could the larger body have anything to do with mealworm impaction or bloat?

No. 546519

When bearded dragons go from not eating to overeatting, they bloat for the first day or so. Could be trying to fatten twisty up for the picture

No. 546522

File: 1522881063199.png (352.59 KB, 860x486, Mushu 2.png)

>>546518 So basically she goes periods then of not feeding her Dragon? Like with Mushu, and her Ball Pythons. Mushu has never been photographed at an appropriate weight, has always been underweight. What about the other frog with the prolapsed anus? Why would a Frog's butt fall out? Not eating for a long period of time, then eating too much?

No. 546523

I don't know about frogs, but for pets like geckos, a prolapse can happen due to malnutrition. That's why they sell calcium powders and "gut fill" for crickets, to help provide proper nutrition. I'd assume frogs are somewhat similar? She probably only does the bare minimum to keep her pets alive.

No. 546526

I know nothing about frogs but this is what someone said on a Pac-Man frog thread

“Prolapses are most commonly caused by parasites, but they can also be the result of other things such as impaction or infection.”

No. 546528

In snakes it typically occurs due to improper husbandry (mainly too low of temps and not enough humidity) so I wouldn’t doubt that that could be what happened to her frog

No. 546529


I found this info about Seahorse miscarriage. Apparently multiple miscarriages in a male seahorse is unusual, which Taylor's seahorse had.

I wonder if Taylor's seahorse had miscarriages for the following reasons that have been evident with her other animals:

Poor water quality - which has been evident with Mushu her Axolotl (severe case of fungus, near death), and several other fish who jumped out of the tank/died and leaving her big salt water tank untreated for Ick until all the fish were affected.

Inadequate diet - starving her seahorses, much like Mushu being underweight, snakes etc being underweight as evident.

Heat stress - we've seen her keep the Satanic Leaf tailed geckos who require cooler temps kept in a room that Jonny said himself was too hot.

- All of the above.

No. 546531

>>546526 I don't know the full story about the frog, did the frog die from this condition exactly? All info I just found online said this condition can be treated by a vet, if not (neglect), the exposed tissue dies, the frog dies. The condition can be caused from lack of nutrition, straining, impaction, and untreated parasites.

No. 546534

File: 1522882247586.png (1.11 MB, 1300x845, 2ECF53B3-E6E5-47DA-9357-7C8DB6…)

Enjoy whatever this is.

No. 546535

File: 1522882269075.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, 2E472A27-F29D-45E9-B137-883C5E…)

This is a live stream of someone talking about the monitor situation

No. 546541

>>546534 You are a photoshop god. I vote this for next thread photo.

No. 546543


The frog did die as a result of the prolapse. She took him to a vet, who stitched the tissue back in place, but it happened again and boom….dead Pacman. She made a video about it. The fact that it recurred tells me she never solved the issue, just put a bandaid on it. No sense stitching the tissue back in place if you don't investigate and fix the root cause. She never mentioned what caused the prolapse to begin with, but iirc she showed the sutures….so someone treated him.

No. 546545

should add her satanic geckos next to jonny with smoke surrounding it. poor things

No. 546546

>>546543 I'm glad she at least treated the first time, but I wonder what her reason is for the second.

No. 546547

>>546545 And a big TV too close to them and some fans, probably a shoe up on the toilet. I'm being eccentric.

No. 546554

I have a weird feeling Jonny is gonna love this

No. 546556

Far too clean, not enough clothes on the floor. Taylor's hair needs to be clumpy dreads and she needs scabs and tats.

Also add a dead kitten in addition to the satanics choking on smoke.

No. 546584


No. 546602

>>546584 Ikr? Jonny: Imma abandon my pregnant girlfriend, fuck that ho she got pregnant not my problem. Who cares what happens to my kid too, don't care if anything happens to her. Imma go and buy cats and lizards and snakes.

No. 546603


Apparently she actually left and took off with the baby, but I don't blame her

No. 546605

>>546603 I read differently, that he wanted nothing to do with the pregnant Mother or his child. I'm not sure what the story is for sure. But if the Mother did take off, good for her. She saw trouble and knew that baby wouldn't be safe. She did the right thing then.

No. 546608

File: 1522886631905.png (1.44 MB, 1300x845, 609042CD-865C-4BC4-B3E8-C78259…)

This may or may not be absolutely ridiculous but hey

No. 546609

He should not be allowed to procreate. How sad for that child to have such a moron for a father. Thankfully the mom has sense and got that child far away. Makes Taylor look even worse - nice job, you idiot - not only is he a rapist, but abandoned his own child. What a winner, always making great decisions, girl LMAO

No. 546612

I love you

No. 546617

>>546608 Next header image please, perfect.

No. 546618

iirc the mom at some point did try to get him to like, be in the kid's life, but he didn't care, so she just stopped trying altogether and doesn't ask him for child support or anything.

like, even if she did take off, the fact he didn't bother to look after the kid just makes him a shitty dad and overall shitty human being.

No. 546621

File: 1522887377571.png (305.08 KB, 750x1171, IMG_1206.PNG)

Video update.

No. 546625

>>546621 Another animal taken out of the enclosure that she's avoiding to show. There was no reason to disturb him and stress him and put him on her filthy carpet where shoes/bare feet and cat paws walk. Snakes shouldn't be disturbed during this stage either as they can't see well and stress easily, god she's so fucking horrible to these animals. She actually enjoys stressing them out.

Why didn't she just take a picture of him before his shed process began jfk.

No. 546626

>>546621 So she's suddenly an educator again, but I thought she wasn't. Yes my followers, be sure to also disturb the snake while it's vision is impaired and about to go into shed, follow my example I'll show you how to be a true attention whore who loves to harass her animals!

No. 546629


"He's going to SHED. His eyes do this when he's about to SHED. He's showing signs of SHED. Soon he'll be SHEDDING. Don't touch snakes when they SHED."

Christ. I thought she was redundant with how she speaks (saying animals every two seconds instead of specifying which animals), but this is ridiculous.

Can you imagine being a customer at Petco and asking her a question?

No. 546632

"dont disturb ur snake when theyre preparing to shed!! except i wanna so idc whatever lol"
"i wanna make fun content!! educational stuff bores me! except heres a paragraph about basic snake knowledge"

No. 546634

Why does she sound like she took this information from a snake-keeper YouTube video? I know one channel that had a video discussing snakes in shed, and Taylor sounds type to watch those and change it into her own.

No. 546638

File: 1522888555699.jpeg (232.57 KB, 1079x669, 8FE3DC92-9CCE-4914-A239-617FB1…)

Does this mean she’s going to post 2 videos?

No. 546642

Not defending her, but every pacman frog I’ve ever owned or worked with (I work in a reptile shop) has taken frozen mice

No. 546644

>>546638 She's panicking over the drop on her channel so I would say yes, but still might not produce them because she can't do her job. She wants money but doesn't want to work. She will probably disable comments again, which will have an impact on views. People only disable the comments when they have something to hide. Meanwhile, she will not fix the wrongs she's made. She's too arrogant to see how ignoring her reputation will only fuel public annoyance. I guess she thinks it will just go away. Poor dumb girl, likes to play with matches in the field, don't you know what happen when you don't put fires out.

No. 546645


Just wanted to share this video I stumbled upon, I know it's not the same type of monitor but this monitor doesn't look much larger than Taylors and it's clear that this is a reptile keeper that actually cares for their animals. It's when I see videos like this that I recognize how truly bare-minimum Taylor is.

No. 546646

>>546642 Thanks for clearing this up I wasn't sure if they would.

No. 546648

She shouldn't be disturbing the snake at all. The hook doesn't make any difference she's still taking the snake out while it's feeling vulnerable.

No. 546654

Yep, when their eyes are this blue, is when they’re the most vulnerable since they’re practically completely blind.

No. 546661


Here’s also another video of a guy who has about the same amount of pets like Taylor. However, he’s very thorough with explanations, updates about each pet, their care, and how he tries to replicate the each reptiles environment. If you compare him with Taylor, Taylor never goes fully in-depth with each animal she has, only it’s basic needs like food and humidity. Unlike her, this guy knows when to put his animals in foster or where to donate them to when he has no time for them.

Sage for OT

No. 546666

(Continued) also, peep his Tegu. His Tegu roams around his room freely at daytime. Is Taylor going to do that with her monitor when he gets 3-4 foot long too with her cats roaming around?

No. 546667

hes also great because when he messes up he acknowledges it, explains what happened, and tries to avoid it ever happening again (eg his tegu ate one of his snakes, he then made a video owning up to his mistakes). if taylor took that much responsibility for her actions i wouldnt have as much of a problem with her. like she got upset about her hedgehog getting whs which is a genetic disorder passed down thru generations, but then went back to the same breeder and got 2 more hedgehogs from him and acted surprised + upset + used it for sympathy when they got sick too, i dont understand her.

No. 546669

free roaming large lizards is actually detrimental to their health which is why they need large enclosures

No. 546672

afrogerpkeeper gives his tegu an area to bask and get humidity and puts him in an enclosure at night, hes an example of free roaming done right

No. 546674

>>546667 Taylor has a problem with owning her mistakes because she doesn't want to put the work into fixing it, just like how she didn't want to put the work into making it right in the first place. She doesn't want to be told she's wrong, and gets mad because people focused on her mistake rather than telling her how good she looked in her video. She needs to just stop doing Youtube and get a real job, outside of animal care.

No. 546676


Once a frog gets a prolapse the chance of it recurring is higher, but you can take steps to minimize this. You can't feed them too much too soon and you have to feed them softer food items like nightcrawlers. She likely didn't do this and the prolapse returned and got infected.

No. 546680

Tegus really shouldn't free-roam unless you live somewhere like Florida. Giving a basking spot and humid hide in a large room is nowhere near as good as an actual enclosure, and freeroaming is extremely detrimental to their health in lots of situations.
Sorry this is so off topic, just don't want to see people (like Taylor) think freeroaming large lizards are a good idea. Unless you can somehow make an entire room 80% humidity and the correct temperature. Again, sorry this is off topic!

No. 546691

i really really dont want any drama channels talking about taylor. shes slowly dying anyways, and shes got people like petko publicly condemning her already. all a drama channel is going to do is make everything even messier. i guess talking about her relationship with jonny and stuff is fair, but anything about her animals is gonna be a mess. a proper in depth video w all relevant information about taylor, jonny, and her animal neglect would be easily an hour or 2 long video, drama channels dont give a shit they make a 20 minute long video complete with clickbait, misinformation, and obviously everything is dramatised. her personal life that she posts on social media is fair game i guess, but still shes slowly fading away she shouldnt have more attention brought to her

No. 546696

From his latest video where his Tegu locked him out of the room, he keeps him in a room with all his reptiles so I would think it gets a bit humid from misting everyday especially when you see his window closed shut. He even has an area to bask, as well as his enclosure on the floor for him to enter anytime he wants to get some more humidity. As for Taylor, I don’t want her to think free-roaming is a good idea, because 1. She might forget about him in the mess and he’ll eat everything, 2. Her monitor might get hurt from her cats or vice versa. I can see her leaving him in a tank too small for him though, with used hideouts from her hedgehogs and other clutter she has lying around. Either way, I feel bad for all her animals

No. 546698

For me, if people don’t start opening up to who she really is, she’ll just continue to fool her fans. There’s a whole lotta kids that watch her and believe everything she says, and if there’s other big channels out there that reveals who she really is, it might start having these kids finally realizing who they’re looking up to. I mean, there’s kids still defending her when Jonny was smoking blunts live near Taylor’s sensitive geckos and believe her when she said she doesn’t smoke

No. 546703

Sounds like someone googled “how do you know if your snakes shedding” . “Fun fact” it’s basic snake info you dingus

No. 546705

Was looking at Taylor's old video where she first gets Gus and at the end she promises a whole cage tour and care guide video for mice…….

over a year ago.

No. 546706


She used to promise care guides all the time…frequently when she got a new animal. People even request them and I think she's pretty stupid not to do them. For one, it would force her to research and maybe improve her husbandry. For two, it's built-in content. Sure, it may not bring in the same amount of views as "LOOK I BOUGHT 5 NEW ANIMALS" but it still gets views without her having to take on yet another pet. Obviously she isn't concerned about that, but she should be. Then, even if she wasn't overwhelmed, she could space her new pet purchases out….PLAN THEM OUT BEFORE PURCHASING….and continue to make "hey look new pet" videos too. She could have actually made a ton of content and made youtube last a good while. She's just an idiot.

No. 546707

…..continuing from the last post, same anon…

Care videos are obviously way too much work.

Work she should be doing anyway to properly care for her animal….but if she makes a video then, you know, she actually has to DO the work.

No. 546714


I just watched her past animal room tour she did about two years ago and god she's such a snob.

When she first got Gus, she had no idea that male mice really shouldn't be housed together (as evidence with her not knowing how Gus got hurt and almost getting another male mouse. She was corrected by her fans about how that could be risky, especially with as small of a tank she has them in.

And in her New Year, New Pets video she's parroting that same info as if she's known it all along.

We literally teach her the information, and she goes on acting like she knows these facts from experience.

No. 546721

I found another video that Taylor "saved"

Her Crested Gecko came from Petco that she adopted because of course the evil Petco was keeping them inappropriately and had juveniles and adult CGs in the same enclosure, and hers got a wound.

Also, lol, here's an ironic quote:

> "For reptiles I recommend going straight to a breeder. A local breeder, not a mass breeder, someone who does it humanely and knows about every single one of the little babies they have and can really tell you their history"

No. 546748

It's almost 11:00 here in Texas, still waiting on that promised video

No. 546756

Something I find annoying is that Taylor's mom consistently tweeted passive aggressive song lyric jabs all day about Taylor/JC.

Now that Taylor has graced her mom with an appearance, she's suddenly Taylor's big supporter again. Defending her against any criticism and not a passive aggressive lyric to be found.

I can't imagine how hard it'd be to be the mom in a situation where your kid is sleeping with a rapist and neglecting animals but her behavior is so inconsistent. Just like Taylor's.

sage for rantblog

No. 546758

File: 1522900984860.jpeg (147.72 KB, 750x1009, 22CAF20D-6411-4437-B8A3-5DE374…)

“I’m busy editing a video that will be out tonight” lol you mean you’re just sitting on your ass watching YouTube. She has no work ethic, it’s incredible. How hard is it to make a bunch of jumpcuts & add in some music/sound effects to your unoriginal, boring videos? It’s literally her job and she’s so lazy she can’t sit still for 10 minutes to edit a video. Just sad

No. 546759

Waiting for her excuse to be “i was watching videos waiting for it to upload!!!!”

No. 546761


Any time she says "it'll be out today or tomorrow" I just automatically assume she's resigned herself to not even starting to work on it until tomorrow. I used to do the same shit in high school where I would tell myself I'd get up at 5AM to do homework so I could spend the night goofing off.

So she literally has the work ethic of a 15 year old.

(Sage for…blogging)

No. 546762

>>546756 Taylor probably threatened no contact with her ever again unless she puts up with Jonny. Taylor gets what Taylor wants, Taylor's mom gives in to keep the peace. I guess she figures Taylor has to learn the hard way and she'll just wait it out.

No. 546764

>>546761 Taylor wants money for free.
Taylor: Youtube is my FULL TIME job.
Taylor: I'm too sick to make videos more than once a month or less, muh depression waaaaah feel sorry for me :'(.

No. 546766

And then “the rendering crashed guys, so sorry :( video coming tomorrow I promise!!!”
I mean honestly why do what 12 year old fans she has left put up with this. Like mentioned earlier, there are literally CANCER patients and people MISSING limbs with terminal illnesses that can do their work and upload consistently.
But for Taylor, the excuse “muh EDS and muh depression” is enough to convince her fans that she is “trying her best!!! Leave her alone!!”

No. 546770

File: 1522902038563.jpeg (163.92 KB, 750x1082, 33A93439-CD3E-44AD-84EC-69E2BE…)

No. 546780

This is the last person who should be giving advice on relationships. Her relationship with her children is terrible.

No. 546784


>new face tat this tour. what should i get?

get "rapist" tattooed on your forehead, you utter waste of DNA and oxygen.

No. 546785

Doesn't Taylor's mom have two sons? Her profile says 'mom to Taylor and Tanner' Coulda swore Taylor had 2 brothers.

No. 546786

She has a half brother who’s older than her. He’s from the dad’s side though

No. 546826

Not sure if these have been posted here but I came across some old pictures of taylor and wow what a difference

No. 546828

in those photos without a bra, her boobs dont even look that round and big now and shes heavier than she was then. is that serious shooping or what

No. 546831

>>546828 She's gained for sure in her belly and legs.

No. 546836

>>546828 I think it's because her diet was so controlled living at home with her special needs brother. Now she eats whatever she wants and pretends she's gluten free on the internet for attention.

No. 546838

she was definitely thinner then. is she known to shoop her pics? i've seen her in candids and her boobs def didn't look that nice. i'm jelly of them in those pics tho.

No. 546840

why did she even get her lips injected when it was fine before? no surprise that she used to take photos that makes her boobs the center of the photo. She's still actually pretty but her personality makes her super ugly tbh.

No. 546842

She was also a lot younger in those pics. 2014 So 16/17. She says 18 in her bio lol was she lying?

No. 546845

>>546842 She lied because she was quoted as saying that she puts boys in jail, and dated a new guy ever week. Her own words.

No. 546846


I don’t think she is ugly now physically, she’s ok in an artificial way. Looking at those pics tho, she was so gorgeous. I don’t know what she did to herself but she shouldn’t of done it.

No. 546848


I find her awfully unattractive (reminds me of someone's mother trying out botox, awful dye jobs, fake tans, etc. in the midst of a mid-life crisis) but she seriously used to be a cutie. The sad thing is that these pics weren't even taken that long ago, but it looks like she was 12 years younger. Yikes

She could have had success just being a qt Tumblr girl and finding modeling jobs or accepting gifts/money whatever through that avenue, but instead she collected more and more animals for views, is clearly overwhelmed, and stuck with them.

No. 546871

File: 1522914824620.jpg (303.5 KB, 828x866, Screenshot_20180405-105213.jpg)

this one is definately photoshopped.

No. 546879

File: 1522917367715.png (289.66 KB, 1080x1663, IMG_20180405_093324.png)

'I can handle criticism' lol. If you're struggling so badly with mental health get off the Internet and stop buying more animals to neglect.

No. 546884

I literally did not see anyone say she should kill her self.

I understand mental health can play a big part in motivation and attitudes but her job is to make videos and accept whatever that comes with - as long as it's not over the line completely. Her job is not to feed and look after the animals because she isn't actually PAID for that, so outside of her shit uploading schedule she has no actual job and no money. Once all of that is gone (she isn't even making that much money) she is going to be fucked and will run down into a mess.

No. 546885

>I turned it off because I was getting comments saying I should kill myself and ridiculous things like that.
>I wasn’t able to look past all the blatant hate and keep comments open

Sure, Jan. You turned it off because you don’t want your current/new viewers to know the truth.

No. 546886

Just another lie to make people feel bad for her, “it’s cus people kept telling me to kill myself! My mental illness! I can’t handle it! Wah!”

Everything about her is fake. From her lips to everything she does.

No. 546892

>>546879 That is a LIE, NO ONE told her to kill herself. NO ONE told you to kill yourself over lying about a fucking lizard Taylor, Jesus Fucking Christ you are insane and have a planetary victim complex!

No. 546893

>>546879 There is no hope for Taylor, she really is a horrible person all around to lie about death threats over a fucking lizard. She could have just deleted the comments if that were true. No, the truth is that you don't want people finding out who you really are Taylor, and your apology is as fake as your baboon ass lips.

No. 546896

>>546884 Her only concern in life is how she looks as it plays the entire reason for if she will produce videos and basically show up for her full time job. She is absolutely lazy, wants easy money, can't be bothered unless she can show up on camera. Taylor can't get the concept that she doesn't actually have to show her face, that's too successful critical thinking for her. She has to see herself on camera like Narcissis in the pool until he eventually destroyed himself, as she is doing to herself.

No. 546899

I'm just sitting over here so shocked that she would dare lie and say people told her to kill herself over a lizard. Does it make her happy to lie like this? I wonder before she falls asleep if she plans out her next lies and writes them down in a lie diary. Dear Diary, tomorrow I will make up a new story and buy 6 more animals to stuff into boxes. All that matters is that I look as weak and depressed as possible so that I don't have to do my job. Shit. I should have become a webcam girl, nudes are okay in my book anyway and super easy. Damn it why did I say Youtube is my full time job, these fucking animals are ruining my life now, I'm sick of parading my animals on camera to make my dollars! Why can't people just understand that I just want my animals stuffed away in boxes and to have money without earning it! It seems I can't have both. Fuck my life, fuck it all!

No. 546901


oh my GOD you're right she has to have gotten receipts for all her animals, right? I've never bought an animal without a receipt giving at least the common name, if not also scientific name and morph. Not that I ever buy animals without knowing what they are like she does, but my local pet store receipts always have that info. I often buy plants without knowing exactly what they are and go look up the scientific name from the receipt when I get home.

She probably throws her receipts away immediately like the 12 year old she is, but I'd bet ANYTHING that pet store gave her a receipt that said "roughneck monitor." (Speaking of, wouldn't the black throat CB and roughneck WC likely be different prices? Even if someone "told her the wrong info" at some point there's NO way a store wouldn't make sure they were charging her for the right reptile.)

No. 546903

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if there were at least one comment on her video telling her to kill herself, but not because "haters attack Taylor so much!!!" just because she posts popular youtube videos and LITERALLY EVERYONE on youtube gets those comments. I hardly know anyone who gets views and doesn't get those comments occasionally.

If she got them, it had nothing to do with the controversy, apart from being the vast minority of comments on that video. If you can't handle a few gross youtube comments, you shouldn't have a channel at all, Taylor.

No. 546940

The shop said they have a signed receipt of her buying a roughneck monitor. I believe them - her copy on the other hand probably wandered straight into the trash can outside and when she arrived in her crack den she couldn't remember what she actually bought.

No. 546943

File: 1522932836515.jpg (498.22 KB, 1080x1920, 1522907956388.jpg)

(Screenshot taken from the general petubers thread)

Sounds like some shade at Taylor? I know not everything she says is about Taylor but this is hitting very close to that spot for me.

No. 546964

so slutty omg

No. 546969

I have a feeling this is someone catfishing with her pictures. She doesnt speak any other languages

No. 547000

O good the "Taylor is a fat slut" commentary is back. Gr8 content guys.

And don't start with the "I can post whatever I want about Taylor" shit. Yeah, but what you're posting is fucking dumb. It hasn't even been a full 24 hours without milk and we're back to this.

No. 547035

lmao I saw it as shade tbh. But let’s be real she’s been working and studying animals for a decade, her care is typically beyond what is needed. I gaurantee you she’s probably changed the care and even did more research because she’s doing this for the animals not for the money.

I’ve been seeing her making little comments like that here and there. It’s cheeky and I’m here for it

No. 547049


Oh my god, fuck you Taylor. You're such a fucking narcissist

> "Imagine how I feel I have mental illness"

You have mental illness that you refuse to treat because you know it's easier to just be lazy and sleep all day and have 12 year olds on the internet pat your hand and tell you mental illness is a perfectly acceptable excuse for an adult to use to not even attempt to do their fucking job.

Grow up.

No. 547056


Wait when/where did they say that? Are there screenshots?

No. 547058

Literally the majority of youtubers have to deal with the same amount hate if not more than she gets, the difference is hers is actually justifiable. The ones that turn the comments off are usually the ones doing something wrong, because otherwise the average content creator usually looks past the stupidity that is the average internet hate for hates sake because its unimportant and irrelevant to them moving forward.

Meanwhile, "muh mental health is being [attacked]…and Im [unable] to look past all the blatant hate and keep comments open"

Newsflash asshat, when "millions" of people all have hateful things to say and are telling you, many times constructively, how to not be such a shit person or caregiver, maybe you should listen to them.

No. 547063

File: 1522943641702.jpeg (118.53 KB, 1125x786, 9EBF282E-CAEE-46B0-83CB-6BD722…)

Oh god

No. 547064


This pretty much solidifies my theory that she's never been criticized/bullied in her entire life.

The majority of her comments are overwhelmingly positive and she just REFUSES to look past the .5 hate comments and the 10 or so comments trying to offer criticism or advice.

She's the only person on the entire internet to ever receive hate guys

Rebecca Black who? Justin Beiber where? Pewdiepie when? Literally anyone else

No. 547065


I mean i guess this is why they can never publicly call her out on her care if they have to do meetups and panels with her at stuff like this

No. 547071

Say anything contrary to the narrative she so poorly pushes gets you removed or banned, even if youre not being mean.

A bitcoin to anyone that can get her to actually answer why her "reptile specialists" she paid to look over her animals wasnt able to even identify her monitor.

You gotta enjoy watching her lump her problems into the monitor situation, not at all acknowledging that SHES the problem, not the circumstances. Until she does, shit like this is just going to keep happening, and shes going to keep "apologizing" and swearing she'll do better just like her heroin smoking boyfriend.

No. 547078

Lol, anyone going to Playlist? She'll bring Jonny and he'll be drunk, obviously. Could be embarrassing and milky.

No. 547099

Do you know if she kept the leaf insect and the mantises in screen topped enclosures? Like exo terras or similar. It's a big problem that not many people actually know about, but metal screen mesh will destroy their tarsi as they walk along it, but it only becomes apparent once they attempt ecdysis and fall and die.

Four months for an adult budwing is a decent innings, especially if it was actually correctly sexed as male, so I don't think she's at fault there.

No. 547119


Screenshot is in the last thread I think. Someone contacted the shop and told them they were being slandered after her bs apology and they replied with that, iirc.

No. 547125

File: 1522950065942.png (135.38 KB, 640x1136, C5848213-6016-4660-B4BC-C25072…)

Glad you can look down at everyone else but make an exception for your friend, Tyler.

gotta keep getting that clout

No. 547135

Wonder if everyone is in on some of this Taylor shade and this is on purpose, though I don't know Tyler well enough so.

I think its weird that most other youtube communities have 'friend groups' but petubers don't seem to have that? Unless, they exist and I'm nto aware of them and Taylor is doing some horrible net working

No. 547139


The only people who seem super chummy with each other on a regular basis is Taylor and Tyler, and Tyler and Maddie. Other than that, there really isn't any friend groups.

No. 547141

Oh trust me they do

No. 547143

There are lots of other smaller pet tubers who are all friends with each other. There’s a lot more Pet youtubers than just Tyler, Taylor and Emzotic ( a lot more better ones at that)

No. 547148

I don't really keep up with many of them since that side of petube while interesting isn't 'entertaining' (though those hamster cage themes are very nice).

Either way, it does seem like Taylor is indeed doing a lot of shit networking and doesn't want to be close to anyone. The video with Tyler is clearly not getting released.

No. 547154


I didn't know who she was until she was well over 800K, but the way I see it now she's the largest pet youtuber so she probably doesn't think she needs to collab with people anymore.

She's not interested in helping other people grow their channels, so unless they're already established she'll just ignore them.

No. 547172

You know this is a bit off topic, but I wonder how Joey (The King of DIY) feels about Taylor? I'm sure he has a lot of opinions

No. 547178

>>546903 She's made sit down videos punishing her viewers for "hate comments" by using her brother as a tool to make anyone with something negative say to feel bad. Suicide comments are easy to flag, mark as spam so those people can't comment again. She's just flat out lying this time, she can't stand to be told she's wrong and immediately covers such criticisms with lies, it's one of her biggest character flaws and patterns.

No. 547199

>>546940 This is exactly why I've never believed her about what species she said she took out of the store that day. She may have heard what she wanted to hear because she was too busy trying to be the center of attention to pay attention, but she would have a receipt with the name for sure. I'm sure they have different prices too, notice how she never made a stink about the price. She literally, did not know what she bought, did not care if it was wild caught or not, and couldn't own up to her mistake -by herself. The irony of her tattoo, people had to say something to get her to apologize, and even then it was forced and bitterly fake.

No. 547208


Can confirm that there is definitely friend groups in the pet community. Taylor is just too good to be in any

No. 547213

File: 1522953436679.png (550.06 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-05-12-07-05…)

No. 547219

She also lied about the price though. She said she paid $650 for him when the store sells them for closer to $200.

No. 547221

File: 1522953624485.png (296.37 KB, 538x663, Screenshot_2018-04-05-12-08-20…)

No. 547224

File: 1522953659294.png (490.28 KB, 540x685, Screenshot_2018-04-05-12-08-56…)

No. 547225

Lmao she can’t even spell weight right

No. 547226


"Shes definitely put on some wait" Taylor stop doing drugs and go back to school

No. 547230


Couldn't agree with this more. People with a victim mentality don't have the capacity to fully assess and understand situations - otherwise they would know they were not any kind of victim other than of their own doing. Victim mentalities live off attention.

I'm not usually one to judge someone else's tattoos, but a few of hers make me cringe, mostly the Steve Irwin one. He spent his whole life being an advocate for wildlife and wildlife conservation, not keeping 40+ animals in little boxes to play with when he's bored. If any of his family have seen her (I hope they haven't) they're probably embarrassed that some animal hoarder would use his legacy to gain some likes.

No. 547242

I bet Betsy really wants to know who the other two professional pet assistants Taylor "hired" to take care of her pets while she was on tour with Jonny are. Taylor could literally tell Jonny she had these people and he would believe it, what does he know about animals. I'm sure Betsy doesn't know who the fuck Taylor is talking about because those other two pet experts don't exist.

No. 547246

Seems like we are getting a “all my pets” or something of that sort probably feeding video. Em just did an all my snakes and Tyler did all my pets too so she’s clearlg trying to rack in the views

No. 547249

She spent all of highschool attempting to be famous and was probably too lazy for school work.

But this is still surprising regardless since you learn wait vs weight in like… Elementary school. She got real lucky with her YouTube career since basic literacy is a prerequisite for most jobs…

No. 547254

>>547208 Or, OR, they don't want her as their friend, just like Taylor has so few friends in real life. People in the pet community can see her pet neglect, poor husbandry and lies. Some probably pretend they don't see it because they want to encourage traffic over to their channel. Besides that, when Jonny is away Taylor actively flirts with other men online openly, especially certified accounts run by males because she's well, slutty and needy. They don't pay her attention back unless they have a history of predatory behavior with young women, which she seems to draw to as well.

No. 547257


Not that I don't agree that Taylor is less than average intelligence-wise (she's redundant, can't elaborate on details, and uses clunky words where they just shouldn't belong)

But guys……..people screw up basic homonyms all the time lmao….. it's not that big of a deal……..

No. 547261

>>547249 Her teenage motto was bragging about putting boys in jail and dating a new guy every week. She was too busy spreading her legs to hit the books, so not surprising she can't spell weight. She did get lucky with her Youtube success, now it's going to complete shit much like herself. She has completely detached her behavior from herself. Sorry to break it to you Taylor, but you can't have your gluten free cake, cake is a lie and eat it too.

No. 547262

>>547257 You mean like how she screws up entire species?

No. 547263

She has terrible spelling and grammar all the time. She's blatantly not very intelligent. She thinks she can get away with obvious lies and copy pasting shit directly from Google.

No. 547264


I'm talking about weight vs wait, dumbass. Do you know what a fucking homonym is?

No. 547272

Just because you're an idiot doesn't mean everyone else is.

No. 547279

>>547264 Of course, but you clearly don't understand irony and mock heroics. She screws up basic homonyms like how she screws up about the species she buys. Connect the satire, friend.

No. 547282

JC is going by ‘YNGBOsSBABy’ on ig which is what he was originally calling the monitor. Makes me think he’s a big part of why Taylor isn’t going to do the right thing. Pressure from him and of course, she will put anything everything above animal welfare.

No. 547297

Jonny's gonna get bit before Taylor does probably.

No. 547304


I suspect Joey, and most fish-specific youtubers like that, have no idea what's going on with her. He could probably point out why her freshwater tanks are a disaster, but that's half of the freshwater tanks on youtube, and as far as reptiles and small mammals most people who don't keep those species themselves easily miss how badly she treats them.

Which is probably another reason more people on the community don't speak out against her, and didn't until the monitor which she is CLEARLY unprepared for.

sage for OT

No. 547310

Of COURSE Jonny is 50% of why she isn't giving up the monitor. He publically said they aren't giving it up when all the drama first started.

No. 547321

File: 1522958878679.png (3.5 MB, 1257x2802, prayingmantis.png)

Top pictures are from her “Keeping A Praying Mantis As A Pet”, video. (Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xJ4gUbqo7k&t=508s )It shows her putting together Moriarty's enclosure. The picture underneath is just to show that there's no doubt he was a male.
She never showed Hannibal's enclosure. The last two pictures are the only pictures of him on her Instagram.

No. 547329

>>547321 This is the leaf insect she owned illegally?

No. 547332

Didn't it die in like 1 month?

No. 547334

>>547332 That's pretty fast to lose a pet…

No. 547345

Leaf insects are honestly hard to keep, especially when you're too lazy to check up on them.

They require high humidity to 'survive' and actual live plants - more of the issue is humidity. I know the place I study at really struggles with keeping the humidity high which is what caused most deaths I think since they require that moisture to drink.

Someone here probably knows far more but I definitely think that humidity and keeping a living stick of leaves in the cage is what caused a death.

No. 547353

YouTube trolls tell people to kill themselves all the time. The problem with the both of you, apparently, is you take it way too seriously. Calm down.

No. 547354

File: 1522961659454.png (299.43 KB, 628x2072, leaf.png)

From her twitter post, it seems like he didn't have a constant access to food.

No. 547356

I follow the girl who made the first video about taylor on snapchat and she posted that joey had commented on one of her other videos which is odd because it was about ferrets. Maybe he's silently following the monitor situation.

No. 547357

>>547353 I am calm. You clearly didn't read what I wrote. I stated that I was shocked she would lie about WHY she would disable the comments, once again making up a story to victimize herself and distract from her behavior. Lying about suicide threats over a lizard is pretty fucking insane and desperate. I proceeded to make fun of her. Why don't you understand satire.

No. 547368

It probably starved. Insects arent known to just die from falling. They have exoskeletons for a reason and their surface area to volume ratio is so low that falls dont hurt them most of the time. Just admit that you starved it.

No. 547370

I know it’s her favorite excuse, but blaming an invert breeder for the sensitive invert dying after a month? Seriously? I used to keep orchid mantids, and early in keeping them I lost a couple due to stupid mistakes (humidity issues, bad moults due to other environmental factors etc) It happens. I’ve never heard of someone blaming an invertebrate breeder for an unhealthy invert. They’re not dogs. If he was fine for a month after you received him, then the error was on your end. Just own up. It’s only a big deal because her lies have made it one. She can’t take responsibility for anything.

No. 547377

An apology isn't an apology unless it's genuine. That means taking all of the heat with backlash for what YOU did. Making others feel guilty for you apologizing doesn't work, you are NOT entitled to sympathy and forgiveness when you lied to your audience and endangered and killed animals, Taylor. Forgiveness is earned through efforts to repair the wrong. Repairing the wrong would be rehoming the Monitor with physical proof, not putting Jonny's fee fees over doing the right thing for this animal and your cats. You've killed several of your pets including the kitten, and pathologically lie everyday to your audience. That's on you, not on your audience. You shat in your own bed now clean it up the right way because your neighboring audience are sick of the smell.

No. 547383

'He ate and drank every time I fed him'

He's meant to have food with him 24/7? It's pretty hard to track how much they eat every time you feed him..

No. 547384

>>547368 Would not surprise me, Mushu her Axolotl has always been underweight in every photo/video and most of her snakes appear that way too presently except for one Ball Python. The homes she puts her animals in become their tombs.

Does she have ANY pets that haven't gotten sick or underweight besides Ghost? Even Nemo ended up with triangle face syndrome, bloated stomach and hair falling out from not being fed enough, and it's clear the female kitten died from starvation and lack of Motherly stimulus if one really thinks about it.

What is with this fucking bitch starving her animals?

Possibly her seahorse wasn't also fed enough, hence so many miscarriages he had.

Maybe that's why the Eel ate the one fish as well.

No. 547385

I agree that he probably starved to death. But insects are vulnerable when they are shedding their skin. A fall during that time can be fatal or cause them to be deformed when their new skin hardens. But if Hannibal fell during molting I would think she would have just said that.

No. 547388

What happened to her Eel? Was that another one that died? It's so hard to keep track of her animals JFK.

No. 547390

She probably kept shaking his container because she seems to be the type to bug them so she can see them all the time.

No. 547397

>>547390 Yeah, she dug her crab out of her 6 inches of substrate for Jonny's live stream for absolutely no reason and the poor thing was terrified in a defense. She kept sticking her frog flipper hand in the crab's face, acting so offended that how dare her crab react aggressively for being disturbed.

No. 547402

I'm honestly just waiting for her to branch into rodents once enough of the reptile community has picked her apart enough bc that'll be where she can't recover from fuck ups. If she thinks what she's getting now is non stop hate then she'll probably rage quit YouTube if it ever happens.

For the milk I hope it does.

No. 547403

"I started my leaf insect but it was probably a breeding issue"

Jfc Taylor