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No. 833565

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23 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/812246

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new girlfriend and mother of his child, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He introduced Taylor to heroin and facilitated her descent into addiction, but she used a variety of drugs prior to/since.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (Private): https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor’s pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update re: new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New Milk:

>Former drummer For Jonny comes forward alleging there was chaos and a lot of drug use and that he was disturbed seeing Taylor’s downward spiral >>813681

>>continued to hide from fans still no video or update posted >815094
> Texas has a deep freeze and mama dean starts to crack sending out desperate tweets >>822122
>Taylor reemerges to update people about the freeze claiming they are all fine and dandy >>822441 despite her mom’s tweets alleging that they are dying>>822147, >>822232,>>822140
>comes back saying she has to forgive herself, same song and dance as usual. Her supporters run to her despite voicing their frustration not to long ago >>822140
>posts photo set looking just as disheveled as usual >>824421
> has to involve herself with the Dom sexual assault allegations and leaves this comment on danny gonzaleze’s yt video about Dom >>826603
> Goes to the zoo for her birthday looking rough. Talks about zoo animals with more enthusiasm then she does about her own zoo >>828556 mama posts vid >>828823
>buys a guitar. Wanna be rockstar saga when?! >>828615
> finally posts a pet but it’s just Frank who (sorry Frank) we are tired of seeing and not the most concerned about >>828952
> posts that she is finally upgrading snake enclosures >>831574 shows salem in his new enclosure
> posts duck claiming her camera is broken (though it works fine later on. She looks greasy and still covered in tell-tale bruises >>832232
>Goose and both female rats all get masses at the same time and surgery at the same time - supposedly >>832232
> Turns out Goose has cancer. Taylor cruely lets him suffer to death instead of euthanizing him because he “has the will to live” despite him being unable to walk or get to food or water on his own and having a giant mass in his head. Abusive bitch >>833002

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No. 833566

File: 1619648685976.png (317.47 KB, 476x622, fuckedinthehead.PNG)

Goose is dead. I didn't read the caption because I can't stand her excuses.

Also I hope her vid return is not another fucked up viking funeral. Poor goose had to suffer and was essentially tortured for her selfish desires

No. 833567

Ty for the thread anon. Not surprising that goose is "dead", very likely that he's been dead for awhile. Her whole story is way too convenient, vet "not recommending" ethunasia 2 days later he needs to be put to sleep LOL.

Rat angel pic is also cringe af.

No. 833568

File: 1619649174369.png (19.04 KB, 670x274, house.PNG)

More whining about her dream house

No. 833569

File: 1619649195088.png (4.19 MB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-04-28-17-30-09.p…)

Reposting for the text since i failed at combining the pics

No. 833570

File: 1619649231570.png (879.88 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-04-28-17-30-33.p…)

No. 833571

File: 1619649413557.png (194.09 KB, 667x613, ssssda.PNG)

More "reasons" why he had to be put down.

Video she also admits she's in dirty ass clothes (also not bathing) because she's "spending all her time giving him care" seriously gross.

No. 833573

File: 1619650156888.webm (2.92 MB, 640x360, dwx1gWmIEtRKSS2b.webm)

funny coming from the girl that admits she doesn't shower for a month straight when she's depressed and her hair is evidence of it.

The video is so depressing. You can see Goose struggling and Taylor sounds like…someone strung out on drugs totally clueless to the reality of the situation. Which is probably the case. Speaking of the old house I can only imagine the horror of care her pets were getting with tweaker betsey as an assistant vs momma dean. not that any of them are any good

No. 833578


him dying “last night” insinuates she went to an emergency vet to euthanize, nobody is fucking open at night. and I don’t believe she took him to an emergency vet. I’m sure he died at home after a long drawn out period of suffering. gotta say he was euthed to be the good guy though.

also irritating that she continues to be vague about what kind of cancer it was, implying it could be removed. it was a zymbal’s gland tumor, there is no removing it, you liar. surgery was NEVER performed and not even an option. at least it’s over now, but she’ll do the girls the same way when they start dying.

I can’t tell anymore when she’s being vague to cover her ass or legit doesn’t know jack shit about the animals she’s had for years.

No. 833580

As a rat owner none of this whole event adds up. None of it.

No. 833581

Was the appointment like in the middle of the night to put him down ? I’m so fucking confused.

No. 833582

Weird how she keeps mentioning the other rats are just fine but hasn't posted any pictures of them

No. 833583

File: 1619652566538.jpeg (862.55 KB, 828x1658, 944359A5-C409-4E11-A3BA-7CD324…)

Still thirsting after Jonny

No. 833584

sage for retard but jonny doesn't feature on that album at all

No. 833588

I know she's so painfully predictable at this point, but props to the anon days ago the moment she brought up her rats said she's leading up to announcing they've died. What a fucking surprise. I'm sure that poor baby suffered, none of her stories ever add up - does she seriously think people believe her after so long? She's just hoping for ass pats ad sympathy from her braindead fans at this point.

No. 833600

File: 1619660719637.png (342.72 KB, 596x677, lmao.PNG)

lmao looks like mama dean wants to make a vid too. I wonder how taylor feels about that. how embarrassing as we know her mom will probably actually come out with a vid

No. 833601

File: 1619660802260.webm (1021.06 KB, 720x1280, bdLCZxECTup1coIc.webm)

the video. warning sad! She lifts the cover and Goose tries to crawl forward but is unable to

No. 833602

File: 1619661023834.png (260.16 KB, 602x603, lawkifhow.PNG)

lastly in the mama dean dump. I wonder if she is waxing poetic about him and whining about wanting him back lately because mama dean keeps posting about him too which is cringe just like the potential video situation

No. 833604


this is.. so horrifyingly sad. how aware is she in this video that her rat is clearly uncomfortable and in pain. she sounds so high.

why wouldn’t you chose a cute throwback video of your pet who’s just died rather than share one that’s this upsetting?

none of this makes sense to me and honestly makes me want to cry. god only knows what kinda state the other animals are in..

No. 833607

Taylor you will never, and I mean ever, get that back. You fucked it all up. Your reputation is trashed. Take your L and move on in life.

Or don't lol

No. 833622

File: 1619667383992.jpeg (190.53 KB, 750x1152, F2808F7B-338A-4F9D-AE18-D1A6FC…)

Of course this dumb bitch needed to post a selfie as the fucking death announcement post. I didn’t think she could be more of a despicable human but after this goose saga I literally hope hell exist so she can burn there. Keeping animals alive when they’re in pain is actually evil, never mind forcing them to do weird shit like paint while they’re struggling to stay alive.

No. 833654

File: 1619685438639.png (3.05 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210428-210730.png)

Suddlenly trying to push that shes the best pet mom ever. Gtfo taylor you're still a pos. Sad that these sort of poests are the most animal conctent we've gotten all yr and they're all centered around her as usual

No. 833655

File: 1619685482182.png (1.38 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210428-210801.png)

No. 833663

Tay we all know you've shoved animals in the closet (and used their homes as shelves for your clutter) before because you won't work to better your life and get a place with more space…

No. 833668

Why is she implying she is putting her life at risk to be with her pets ? Like girl chillllll

No. 833669

If you watch the video she didn’t make a bed just cramped herself in that already stuffed with random shit closet. Looks more like a random junk storage room. Like not to nitpick

No. 833673

This must be what "peak pet care" looks like. living creatures stuffed in 2ft tubs without light or enrichment. JFC this is sad.

I think she enjoys the sense of power and control she has over them, probably because she doesn't have any control over her real life. They can't leave her and she has access to their "love" whenever she wants.

Her video with goose seriously makes me sick. She didn't love him, she just enjoyed feeling important to an animal that was clearly suffering. His final moments were probably the most time she spent him them in months.

No. 833680

Spot on with the last part. She spent more time with Goose in his last pain-filled hours than she ever had. Took more content with him, forced him to do 'art', and wrote about how she felt about him rather than bothering how the dying rat felt.

No. 833681

Exactly, I'm with both of you anons. Wasn't it literally just in March that she said on Twitter she just realized how old they were getting, and that she was going to start taking 100s of pictures of/with them, and spend time with them? Funny how that never happened. We all know if she had the photos she would have posted them at some point, because of how driven she is for attention. She never spent time with them until they were on the brink of death. What a caring pet owner who is sO bOnDeD to their animal.

No. 833682

I wouldn't be surprised if Goose has had the tumor since that post and she just didn't interact with them enough to even notice until it got to the point where it was impossible not to see.

No. 833689

The whole time line of events seems super suspicious, but honestly I’d put money on the fact that you’re right. She wouldn’t of even mentioned goose If he wasn’t sick. I feel like she used him to “prove” to her fans how much she cares about her animals but most of things she said seemed like straight up lies.

No. 833720

I can't think of any other pet owner who is popular on IG/YT and known mainly for their pets who posts like this. 90% of most pet content is the pet themselves, with the owner occasionally speaking to them off camera. But with Taylor's pets, you never just see the animal, her hand or boob or foot is always there.

No. 833722

Her ability to make everything about herself is really kind of amazing.

No. 833727

Is this Taylor’s first animal to die from natural causes? Wow it’s only four months into 2021 and she is already making so much progress

No. 833728

I feel like she’s definitely gonna use “mourning Goose’s death” as an excuse not to upload anything for another 3 months. It’s why she mentioned a couple days ago that she was planning on posting a video; she knew he was going to die soon and was never going to post anything but this way she can pretend she wanted to

No. 833732

"Moving everyone into the old racks" yeah, like they totally weren't in there before why would she have held onto the racks if the snakes weren't in them?(don't use emojis)

No. 833735

I was going to say the exact same thing. This is her racking up the pity and sympathy before inevitably letting her audience down again. And when anyone tries to hold her accountable she’ll just cry about how hard goose’s death was on her

No. 833746

An emergency vet that was also his regular vet and happened to have blueberries on hand for him in his last moments…

Plus, didn't she say that the girls had the same masses but now they're fine? Except if it's a zymbal's gland tumour it would be incurable, right? So they should all be in the same condition, yet we haven't seen nor heard about them beyond a brief mention in Goose's story. It really seems like they died a while ago and she wants to cover it up by glossing over them, or her favouritism is so bad that she can't even name them while she puts them as side characters in Goose's story. But they didn't garner the attention Goose did, so why would she care? Even her 'Mama' won't mention them and she's their primary caretaker if we're honest.

No. 833748

I know she said they had them just as bad. Then totally dropped it. Was that the long rat tweet she deleted about ? Bc I wonder why she deleted that one. Maybe it’s bc it mentioned the girls condition and she wanted to change it for now ?

No. 833754

Also safe to assume she’s hiding out separately from her family so she can shoot up in peace. She’s so brave though wow doing it all for the animals guys.

No. 833757

File: 1619773150290.png (168.86 KB, 1080x987, Screenshot_20210430-115728.png)

so the options are either she doesnt give a shit about the girls or they are long gone. all the cooing about goose and zero photos of the other rats? it doesn't make sense.

No. 833777

100% agree with you on that anon. The narc power is strong with this one, jonny and tay are a match-made in narc heaven really. Lmao

No. 833787


Also. Taylor doesn't drive. So that insinuates that she and mama dean BOTH got up in the middle of the night to take him to the vet. I don't see that happening. I'm so tired of watching this selfish bitch kill off innocent animals. Get stuffed animals if you are can't get off the drugs.

No. 833791

File: 1619790331912.jpeg (508.11 KB, 750x1128, 083EF12B-6C64-4E33-814C-62F878…)

I know it’s my boyfriend but he didn’t sign the consent forms last night. Oh no I don’t know if he verbally consented I never asked. It was sexual assault for sure.

Taylor needs to stop trying to define words. Stop trying to say what is and isn’t SA, addiction, good animal care, and mental health. Because you’re so far off or just don’t make a lot of sense.

No. 833810

File: 1619811080394.png (502.1 KB, 658x904, rats.PNG)

he ABSOLUTELY died a couple days ago… yea right. It seems like she's trying to make it a point. So much about this is just shady, she's not even a good liar.

Also funny cause she didn't have any problem smashing rats over the countertop for snake food.

No. 833828

File: 1619826869301.jpeg (192.83 KB, 750x851, 0D25309C-001C-4806-9282-D17895…)

Taylor has been declared brain dead. (Joking) How can she act like she is knowledgeable about rats, then give the impression it’s coolio to have lone rats.

No. 833869

she’s such a dumb bitch, human interaction can never replace a relationship with another rat

No. 833967

How is defining sexual assault as sex without consent wrong? I get she's a cow but this seems like grasping at straws and a real shitty take anon. "Sexual consent forms" sounds like a reddit meme.

No. 834017

Not that anon, but it looked like sarcasm.

I can't take Taylor seriously when she talks about abuse. She dated a well documented rapist and heroin addict, any time she mentions sexual assault just remember how she made fun of jonny's victims.

She's just a hypocrite, nobody fills out sexual content forms and it's fucking retarded that a pet-murdering-junkie is trying to moral fag on twitter.

No. 834065

1. It was a joke and sarcasm, because Taylor wrote a terrible definition of sexual assault for her younger audience. So take a chill pill about a damn joke.

2. Taylor has a long history of spreading false information on twitter on a huge variety of sensitive issues.

3. Taylor lied about someone sexually assaulting her (Bree) and has also made fun of other victims. She has never apologize for any of this and deflects accountability for these actions, but yet has the audacity to preach about being a sexual assault victims advocate.

Besides that what isn’t she a advocate about ?

No. 834096

When is she supposed to bleach her hair blonde? Can't wait

No. 834112

File: 1620017923794.jpeg (154.64 KB, 750x856, 06A9FBFF-D3B3-4781-A631-2ADBB5…)

Her appointment was supposed to be this weekend.

No. 834113

so shes gonna go full billie eilish with her haircut

No. 834114


She talks as though changing her hair will keep the needles away.

No. 834117

If the colour is so important and carries so much 'weight', wasn't she blonde when she started using? Wouldn't that bring back more memories and by her logic make her want to relapse again?

If you want to dye your hair just dye your hair and stop trying to justify it, no one cares.

No. 834150


"I relapsed shortly after I split my hair" I feel like she is admitting to relapses every single day. Were you sober at all in 2020?

No. 834156

File: 1620054220079.jpeg (198.16 KB, 750x1090, A3BFEDC1-B8B0-40B1-8702-00B1E9…)

Looks like Mama Dean got her hair cut and colored. I wonder if Taylor slept through the appointment.

No. 834159

I bet her salon told her they wouldn’t be able to dye her hair blonde because they would need to bleach it a ton and it’s already fucking fried. They probably don’t wanna risk fucking up her hair even more. Like her hair in her zoo birthday pictures is a bleach damaged disaster.

No. 834169

Because tay thinks there is a strong cosmic reason for her existence, and that she continues to thrive off finding excuse for her every depression (when she just need to wash her hair lol) plus her seek to find this non-existent cure for her mental health its definitely super healthy. Lmao why are cows so basic

No. 834171

"I relapsed shortly after I split my hair", we know. And if it carries such a weight then why did you change your pfp back to a pic from that time if it's SUCH an unwanted weight? I mean unless you're still using and you actually aren't that bothered. I guess she's still bitter that that bro dick engaged and impregnated someone else just like Jonny. Makes me think of the tt trend "if I had a nickel for each time it happened to me I'd have 2 nickels but it's weird that it happened twice". Clearly she is tragically brodickless atm

No. 834172

Yeah exactly, her logic is fucking stupid. Her hair is so unhealthy, if she truly wants a new start and the weight of these horrific "memories" her hair brings then she should shave her head and start eating healthy, maybe take supplements and drink water for a start. Not living off of Whataburger would probably do her hair wonders. A fresh start would be her best but at this point but we all know she couldn't pull that off at all.

No. 834173

Wait sorry if I'm not lurking enough and I hate to bring up that ugly ass goblin, but are you referring to Aggy? Is he engaged and expecting? Or is this a different brodick, I can never keep track with her history.

No. 834174

not aggy but forest!

No. 834188

Ahhh bless you anon, I completely forgot about that guy I stopped following him ages ago, so I have no clue what he's up to but I guarantee it makes Taylor salty still.

No. 834220


She just wants the easy way out. She doesn't want to actually do the work to be sober or get better. I'm not at all convinced that she actually DOES want to get sober. She just wants asspats for being a victim who "recovered". But she's lazy she would rather stay drugged out in bed looking at ppl praising her online.

No. 834279

File: 1620167776307.jpeg (531.34 KB, 750x1197, AEE01065-4737-46C6-A226-FE3186…)

Please Taylor you would look so cool.

No. 834280

File: 1620167881024.jpeg (355.21 KB, 750x1182, B98F757D-78FF-42ED-AA36-5C9321…)

How does twitter work. She commented this on some random guys account who doesn’t have much followers

No. 834281

probably new brodick?

No. 834325

File: 1620191409536.png (14.83 KB, 774x176, ALFi0PRC6N.png)

They don't even follow one another. Tried the other way around as picrel and she doesn't follow him, either. Very weird.

No. 834328

File: 1620194519150.jpeg (660.95 KB, 1170x1253, E5660CB3-9AA5-4534-938F-6B4ACF…)

She does follow him.

No. 834331

File: 1620194832956.jpeg (297.15 KB, 1170x759, FF786B53-060D-4C41-B738-BD9D7E…)

And also vice versa.

No. 834365

Bro you didn’t even type in the full username. Like your joking right ?

No. 834424

I don’t know if I’m the only one to notice but Taylor copies Billie Eilish quite often. I think it’s funny how right after Billie changed her hair / aesthetic, then Taylor is doing the same. I like Billie too, but I don’t want to be the girl. Like Billie does from black and neon green to blonde. Then the same week Taylor announces the same.

No. 834430

Taylor doesn't have her own personality at all whatsoever, and never has. She always has to copy and latch on to whatever the newest edgy trendy aesthetic is so she can get attention and have a reason to call out celebrities to hopefully notice her. Just like how she was obsessed with Halsey, wanted to marry Miley Cyrus because she's mUh gIrL cRuSh, etc. There's nothing wrong with liking trends and wanting to try them, but her level is just embarrassing because she can never be her own person for once.

No. 834468

File: 1620274014852.png (4 MB, 1242x2688, 6AFE285F-044C-4889-AD90-0C11C1…)

I don’t know if this is even milk because it’s a new post but it’s literally rinse, repeat with this girl. This is from within the hour but could literally be a post from anytime in the last 2+ years.

No. 834469

File: 1620274194818.png (786.18 KB, 1242x2688, 439CCD3A-E412-4B64-8471-7280E4…)

The irony is obviously lost on her.

No. 834470

File: 1620274264019.png (709.75 KB, 1242x2688, A4464F96-0FE3-466B-A432-CB85DB…)

Original post in question now deleted.

No. 834473

How can she look at this picture and reminisce about how “good” she looked. At one point she was actually a cutie but it was before she ruined her face with lip filler.

No. 834484

So much lip filler has drifted to the part above her lip. She needs some dissolver right under her nose.

No. 834502

File: 1620297643797.jpeg (326.23 KB, 828x1171, E01C170D-D11E-4B73-809A-1FEE07…)

Who are they even talking about? Bonus kek for whoever it is believing being trans is a mental illness because it is but of course Tayter’s followers are woke retards

No. 834525

I think she should worry about that massive ugly tattoo sleeves that she impulsively got during her drug binge instead of worry about her hair. Sorry but that tattoo is uggo..

No. 834536

The person in question is named Jordan Peterson and a quick google search shows that hes an uber conservative psychologist who is transphobic, homophobic, and sexist among other things. I didn't catch the video in time to see what he was actually lecturing on.

No. 834538

The sleeve is the least of her tattoo problems. She literally has a drawing of a neon furby that she did herself during her manic phase and got with druggie bf number 3 plastered to her calf. Shitty hair and black and white mediocre tattoos are one thing but that ones in an entirely different ball game of impulsive bender decisions.

No. 834540

i know i'm late but i just really want to know what animals she is keeping in pillowcases

those lips absolutely ruined her looks and have consistently stayed massive and lumpy for years even though i'm pretty sure she hasn't gotten them done/re-done in a loooong time. delusion really is her other DOC

No. 834542

Samefag but I meant thigh which is somehow even worse than her calf kek

No. 834548

She posted a video telling everyone to watch it. It was some guy explaining why it’s cool if your room is super messy. Does not make you lazy whatsoever, just mean your going through so much way more then the clean people. The funny thing about that video is I know people that stress clean. Your room is not the measurement of your mental health. That’s retarded

No. 834549

File: 1620313390724.jpeg (156.23 KB, 750x758, 89744F5A-668E-426D-8784-1D01DD…)

The funny thing about this tweet is Taylor never apologizes for the reasons she is criticized. She will only apologize for small things no one cares about. It reminds me of nikka dragon. Everyone calls nikka out for black fishing, then nikka makes a statement how everyone is doubting her asian and latino heritage. When no one has ever spoken about it. Taylor does the exact same thing. If you watch her response video to whatevers channel, she doesn’t apologize for a majority of the criticism and only the light stuff. Side note : what happened to whatever

No. 834551

Lets be real anons, Taylor will NEVER get better. She's a munchie who needs attention and validation 24/7. If you take away her junkie cred she has nothing, she could easily get better if she wanted, but she doesn't want to.

Taylor is just an attention whore and nothing less at this point. She hasn't done anything remotely noteworthy in over 2 years. She LOVES having "problems" cause her remaining circlejerk keeps validating her.

No. 834552

She's just using it as a makeshift snake bag. It's how people ship snakes. For once it's not weird or irresponsible.

No. 834553


I think for me it's that and the tattoos. Seriously they just reflect how trashy and fucked up she is inside. She looked so down to earth and normal at one point it's legit shocking how far shes fallen.

I mean she was always trash inside but at least she kept it somewhat under control. What does she even DO anymore? Sit at home collecting YT money and whining about heroin addiction while she continues to shoot up. She seriously needs to grow a spine and take responsibility for her life.

No. 834564

Lmao so true anons!

For me - the sleeve is on top of the ew-list, she could still cover the furby with long pants or something long to cover her legs?

Its more the fact that she got something so permanent while she high and its all over the place. I was fine with her crocs tattoo and the rest. But that sleeve is just atrocious no matter what angle you look at.

No. 834584


LMFAO Is TayTay joining the JBP cult now? I hope so, that'll be a source of milk.

No. 834588


Nah she just shared a video without checking to make sure he wasnt a crazo. She said they showed it at AA. Not that it's that big of a deal lmao I dont check backgrounds on everyone i share on my SM

I was just wondering wtf she does in her spare time. Like she has these friends that she's met but she never leaves her fucking house except to hang out with them (or at least it seems that way)

No. 834596

File: 1620332652378.jpeg (67 KB, 750x479, A1FBE2E8-08CA-40CA-8CC3-B1C0FF…)

No. 834597

File: 1620333131076.png (5.22 MB, 1125x2436, B6128E49-12C5-447F-84BC-3C5836…)

No. 834598

File: 1620333227918.png (6.66 MB, 1125x2436, 37676093-D853-4F7D-B4DD-099754…)

I wouldn’t call this anything past bare minimum, if that, in terms of an enclosure but at least it looks like she can stretch out fully. Also Tay sounded surprisingly normal and different until the end when she started baby talking and repeating how big Duck is.

No. 834599

File: 1620333252312.png (4.06 MB, 1125x2436, B76FC243-99AA-43D6-BA8A-BE8091…)

No. 834602

It seems weird to inform her fans she can’t take calls/texts when they wouldn’t be trying to call/text her anyways? Like this is a message you send to your close friends who actually have your phone number. Seems like she just wanted people to know she’s having “safety concerns”. Which I’m sure is actually nothing serious.

No. 834614

As a snake owner who goes above and beyond I wouldn’t put my short tail python in that. Just my opinion. I fucking love snakes man, and it’s just sad/breaks my heart Taylor never considers going past bare minimum.

No. 834623

You must be new anon, she literally put a tree climbing python in a Rubbermaid container that was just thrown inside her closet. Her animals are literally just props and attention tools to her, she doesn’t care about a single one

No. 834656

I think she is trying to hint that she has to change her number because she is hiding from a dealers again aka ~getting sober for realz~ this time. This is the second time she's done this and it's incredibly juvenile. She's trying to seem so edgy and I guess also lowkey admit to using without saying so (I guess in case of later backlash when she finally admits it) but it's incredibly inappropriate because of her mainly child/teen audience. As much as she wants to think she has a young adult audience time and time again it's revealed that they're mostly underage or equally stunted

No. 834673

well it looks like jonny and sydney broke up maybe he’s been trying to contact her lately?

No. 834675

Keeping a snake in a semi-transparent plastic bin is quite the opposite of what I'd call a "cute enclosure" but that's just my ill-informed opinion. I am sure our eternal pet kween knows best.

No. 834678

Her whole posts could have sum up in 1 sentence but she loves to waffle on.. plus who has the need to contact her that needs her to response urgently? She doesnt have a job, not doing anything else aside from going to therapy and take care of her hoard. She doesnt seem to have much direct friends either.. i think anon is right again for her call for attention..

No. 834684

all this time and she still uses the "its being cleaned!!1! it's not set up i'm waiting for things in the mail!!1" excuse. Like just wait to post the pics tomorrow or whenever your enclosure is actually set up instead of doing this and giving half assed excuses every time? its the same with videos, stop announcing you're going to do it and just wait til it's actually done to say anything. it's been years and she just doesn't learn despite this being her downfall literally every time

No. 834689

File: 1620397044383.jpeg (560.19 KB, 750x1008, 000A3992-9C90-498F-9BF9-C2722F…)

If you zoom in on the photo on twitter it’s clearly photoshopped / face tuned

No. 834690


No. 834692

Her lips literally always look bad, she desperately needs to dissolve the filler to rebalance her face. She would be much prettier without them, or at least drastically reduced from what they are now.

No. 834693

Sorry it turns out this is a old photo. I didn’t realize until I read more twitter comments

No. 834696

she got tuna slater upper lip syndrome in the first pic lmao

No. 834710


She really shouldn’t do this mouth slightly open pose. It makes her lips look more like a beak.

No. 834716


I just wanna know why if she is SO focused on her recovery now, she is reminiscing over photos where her fucking pupils are so pinned that it's ridiculous. You're triggered by your hair color but not pics where you're clearly high as fuck?

No. 834728

Now? All she ever talks about is being in "recovery" and how super duper serious she is about it?

No. 834732


This is true but she's putting out this front this week that she's in therapy and going to AA meetings….and then posting old pics of her high as fuck. How r her followers so stupid

No. 834733

these weird throw back posts make her seem almost unhappy with her current self. Maybe she’s actually starting to regret fucking her entire life up. Regardless it’s pretty sad how she’s acting like changing her hair is going to fix anything. Absolutely delusional.

No. 834774

Because it's the only thing Taylor has going for herself nowadays. Pettuber? Done. Entertainer? Done. Social media influencer? Only if cautionary examples count.

"Junkie" is her brand and her only personality now, and has been for a long time. Like most junkies, Taylor is pathetically self-absorbed and has zero personal life or interpersonal skills outside of being a junkie who does drugs, talks about doing drugs, and whines about how hard it is to be a junkie… it is what she has made herself into for years, now lol. No education, no employment, no plans for the future, no actual personality besides "boohoo pity me, I abuse drugs and kill pets".

No. 834910

I can never find the jonny thread, when did that breakup happen?

No. 834924

^thats the jonny/syd thread, they break up and get back together at least once a week

No. 835144

So many surprises happening this week guys. Guessing that’ll be a whole lot of nothing.

No. 835166


Lmao she's too predictable. Post all kinds of "IM SO EXCITED TO GET BACK TO CONTENT" and then boom……..disappears on a drug binge within 48 hours. Comes back weeks later saying she couldn't do it and needed a mental health break. Yawn. Drugs has made you even more boring than ever, Tay. At least Tuna posts.

No. 835169

Honestly her surprises are most likely just her changing her hair and uploading selfies, she’s literally proven that’s all she capable of.

No. 835188

It will be the same song and dance for the next decade for her

No. 835253

Being a content creator really isn't for her. idk why she doesn't just remove all this pressure from herself to upload and lay low. She can always occasionally attention whore on IG and just get on with her life. I don't know how she's still signed with an MCN/talent network after all her problems and the people she associates with.

No. 835287

File: 1620825007770.png (675.31 KB, 1170x2532, 0C221D6A-799A-4A37-A7A9-6214EB…)

Should be getting new pics of duck today. Also supposed to be getting her hair bleached today.

No. 835288

File: 1620826461305.jpeg (765.35 KB, 750x1005, 5ACA7173-A7E4-45B7-8F83-EBE000…)

I know it’s not milk but got to love the fury witch queen showing off her two personality traits. Bc those are totally personality traits.

No. 835297

File: 1620835883603.jpeg (793.82 KB, 828x1519, 38974EF9-28D9-485C-957D-BBCEBC…)

No. 835304

Bitch you went out like every day during the pandemic

No. 835310


Wait is this idiot actually trying to go from that…atrocity….to blonde in ONE SESSION?

No. 835314

lmaoooo her hair is so dead I can't wait to see this

No. 835320

She should just cut it off at this point, she even mentioned in her stories that she misses her shorter hair which is good because there’s no way her hair will survive what she’s about to do to it

No. 835322

File: 1620845397357.png (860.93 KB, 1170x2532, 1D049EAC-45D3-40E0-9CEC-75F9F8…)

A mullet lmao.

No. 835324

Didn't she already have a mullet? I remember her getting one and then always using extensions because it looked like ass.

No. 835325

File: 1620846058336.png (739.66 KB, 615x502, MULLET.PNG)


Yep she did in December 2019.

No. 835336

I love that this post was 7 hours ago with no follow up. Who wants to bet this chick is balder than Mr Clean right now kek

No. 835337

File: 1620853263900.png (488.03 KB, 602x540, Jesus christ.PNG)

New hair post

No. 835338

File: 1620853290036.png (1.38 MB, 682x903, That eyeliner.PNG)

Her eyeliner looks fucking tragic lol

No. 835342

File: 1620853462321.png (9.4 MB, 1242x2208, 8D7A13AD-ED5A-4165-9D60-46274D…)

New photo on Twitter from a few mins ago. Nice bruises on her shoulder and is it just me or does her chest also look weirdly bruised?

No. 835343

She looks 25 years older than she is. Yikes. And I thought she wanted to go full blond/get rid of the split dye?

No. 835344

Ugh it’s better than the hideous green but the “blonde” side is like six different shades. Can she not afford a decent stylist anymore?

Oh wait…

No. 835345

File: 1620853513073.png (1.19 MB, 625x900, hair.PNG)

Looks like she couldn't get the green out….also jesus fucking christ bruise city on her upper arms

No. 835346

She looks so old wtf tragic

No. 835349


Noticed the tiny pupils but kinda chalked it up to the light until I saw those bruises.

No. 835354

File: 1620855095167.png (2.74 MB, 1134x2048, Screenshot_20210512-223003.png)

Glad to see tays sobriety and sadness wasn't impacted by yet another dead pet!

Repost because I forgot to crop, sorry.

No. 835355

File: 1620855182999.jpeg (770.41 KB, 828x1466, 1BEDC2FF-989F-4E21-B334-85BAC9…)

I feel like the pics on insta are posed deliberately to cover the bruises on her arm..

No. 835356


Man she needs to put some blush on or something. Her face is so gaunt, she looks like a corpse. Don’t do heroin, kids.

No. 835357

File: 1620855411161.jpeg (895.19 KB, 828x1496, DE49199F-A5E4-45DA-A07E-84D4DA…)

Last one, at least her pupils aren't pinned here so she might actually be truthful about her sobriety this time

No. 835358

She looks like shit and the bruising is still extensive but yeah this is the most range her pupils have had since she got with Jonny which is kinda startling to see. She still could be using though just less, or just during binge, or maybe she's more into meth these days. Still it's an improvement.

Doesn't say much though considering that if she's actually sober that means her real personality is cruel to animals and torturing dying pets which we already knew

also idk how to describe it but she just looks filty. like she's coated in a layer of dirt. Maybe she put makeup and bronzer and try to hide her bruises but it looks nasty af

No. 835368

hey anon im on acid right now and bitch is literally 2 whole people?? am i seeing this right

No. 835369

File: 1620857906825.jpg (35.84 KB, 932x161, Screenshot_20210512-231721_Ins…)

Looks like she's been copying druggy Forest's gf again, and this time even he noticed. Yikes

No. 835382

she literally looks trans

No. 835386

File: 1620859691513.jpeg (440.04 KB, 750x869, 1649C407-E939-4786-B531-BB4C88…)

she edited her post telling us that she will no longer bother promising to upload on certain dates lol

No. 835393

Her head is pointing left while her lips are pointing right. I don't know why she keeps fucking with her hair when her mouth is the biggest problem for her looks

No. 835395


Tay Tay nooo. did she CHOOSE to do her makeup like this or is this one of those apps editing her face? Genuinely asking because I can't believe she chose to make her face look like a skeleton.

No. 835396

Samefag but the more I'm looking at it the more I can see it's genuinely her makeup trying to contour her face. Is she putting on weight in the face or just really bad at contour. Why did she think that this was cute?

No. 835405

Honestly it turned out better than I expected, I thought they were gonna have to shave her head from all the damage but it looks like they just added toner to remove the green and touched up her roots, they probably talked her out of bleaching it any more. But Jesus Christ her hair looks so wispy now and all the layers are not helping that

No. 835425

File: 1620866488846.png (571.39 KB, 600x597, forestfiance.PNG)

That was the first person I thought of when I saw the new pics, specifically his fiance's hair when he met her from april/may 2020 when he dropped Taylor lmao. Major cringe since she seemed to have just been reminiscing about her time with him >>834171, >>834174 sorry I mean having horrible flashbacks about that time /s

agreed it does look like shitty contour since she sucks at makeup. She did seem like she's packed on the pounds in her most recent pic with duck >>832232

No. 835430

Hahaha anon! Been there. No it’s just Taylor looking like a hobo. Browsing LCF on acid is a bold choice.

No. 835445

I think the hair looks great for what she had to work with before. Like, this is definitely a whole look, I like it. Even the 50 shades of blonde look intentional, even though we know they aren't. The real question is whether she'll know how to style it. Fashion mullets are difficult to style if youre not a hair person

No. 835447

Looks like an injection mark on her neck but seems a weird place and I don't remember her ever having any there before

No. 835449

File: 1620873125007.jpeg (673.64 KB, 1170x1768, BF735E17-BD44-421D-90E9-88FBE6…)

Feeling the overwhelming urge to go brush my hair after seeing these (1/2)

No. 835450

File: 1620873150399.jpeg (661.5 KB, 1170x1982, C6FFBB92-70DC-4974-9902-216FE9…)

No. 835452

I was honestly shook by this photo bc usually she edits her nose and it was only exposed in the videos other people take. Good for her for self confidence, yet girl you need to rehome all your pets.

No. 835453

I thought the same thing. Not surprising that many people on the internet came to the same conclusion

No. 835457

Omg it's her exact hair, except this chick is naturally thin and not drug gaunt, welp we all know it'll look like absolute shite once the product is over run by grease or even just going to bed tonight

No. 835461

She is so ugly. Her only redeeming quality is that she isn't fat, and has enough money to disguise her unfortunate face. Look at this profile. Even with a mask covering half of her face you can see her giant Easter Island head and facial features like that nose. She edits herself nonstop so I love seeing candids. And you know the stylist was doing her best to make this pathetic junkie look good.

I wish this girl or Aggy would drag her ass for having no personality but what she steals from others.

No. 835463

The color is actually cute ngl her stylist did a good job considering what they were working with. But the dead eyed stare paired with the "feeling so great!" message gets me every time. And those lips. Yike.

No. 835465

File: 1620877800035.jpeg (485.15 KB, 1242x1117, DB1EAF96-63C7-4707-A6C1-7FFCD9…)

“I have never once said I’ve been sober when I wasn’t” it’s funny because every single time she has actually admitted to being on drugs is after she’s been called out too many times or when she forgets to get her stories/timelines straight and tells on herself

No. 835478

Wtf Taylor even copied the wings she's doing in this pic (just the outer edges) and the same light natural-looking brushed brows (Taylor usually makes her brows bolder/darker). This is next level skinwalking. She not only copied the hair cut and color, but then did her makeup to match before posting pictures everywhere online. I'd be so creeped out if I was Forest or his fiancée

No. 835479

kek the actual delusion. Whatever you say Taylor.

No. 835480

yeah it is seriously creepy. Worst of all is that she had Forest's baby in Feb. I'd be seriously freaked out seeing someone skinwalk me/my fiance/child's mom like that. Like they seem really happy together; Taylor is a creep and needs to back off

No. 835482


Yea her definition of sober is "not high that day", she doesn't understand what sober means to the average person.

It's funny cause she only got the mullet the first time to skinwalk syd. Now she's ski walking her dealer's finance LOL

No. 835494

I’m trying to understand her outfit choices. It’s been kind of chilly and raining in Texas. Definitely not hot enough to need this bra tank top looking thing or that mesh shirt thing. It’s like she picks shirts that will intentionally show off bruising.

No. 835515

this shit sad. she used to be so pretty and at one point i'd even own up to being slightly jealous of her. drugs and narcissism ruined her. i like checking in on her because it's like watching intervention, you just can't look away no matter how sad it gets. she coulda went so far in life, she's honestly hideous now. i agree with anon above, this look aged her about 7 years.

No. 835518

File: 1620886685242.jpeg (97.45 KB, 750x242, 4A32F9B2-BD3D-4B16-9EB0-FB27B0…)

Am I the only one to notice Taylor keeps going back in time, whenever she describes herself. First she was a 2010 scene emo girl. Then a 2005 MySpace kid. Now she’s a 90s punk. Keep in mind she is the only one calling herself these things. Next she will be a 50s house wife.

No. 835519

File: 1620886779230.jpeg (260.36 KB, 750x638, 9E8CA860-C808-4B9C-9308-69CA42…)

Says the adult women who literally bought a burner phone to continue to harass a minor that blocked her.

No. 835520

Might have hurt her feelings anon she deleted the photo

No. 835522

File: 1620886949043.jpeg (342.75 KB, 750x1190, B3787809-8C34-48E2-975B-89E742…)

I wonder why she always posts to just delete

No. 835533

It’s literally just a shag haircut which happens to be the most popular haircut right now and has been for the past year. It’s not that deep and she doesn’t have to be skinwalking anyone.

It also looks like shit on her and makes her look so ratty. She should have cut her hair short like in the throwback pics she posted.

No. 835539

File: 1620897801826.jpeg (634.34 KB, 1170x1617, 563825FF-463F-4C40-A987-2FE68E…)

> I have always been of high importance to me
unintentionally accurate

No. 835540

she is so stupid for normalizing her relapses. just cause relapses happen doesnt mean its "normal"

No. 835543

For anons that were saying she's copying Billie Eilish with this hair, she also has almost the same retro bra in these pics, as Billie in her last photo shooting

No. 835567


How can she be this delusional? Taylor u told us u were sober with jake. That was a lie. You told us you were sober with aggy/split hair saga. Just admitted that was a lie. You have never been honest about ur sobriety unless you HAD to. It's like you have lied to yourself and others about your sobriety for so long that you're starting to believe your own lies

No. 835589

Yeah no shit. She is a fan and poser. Soon to be a copy cat.

Get it like billies song. Haha but really tho she’s been copying Billie for awhile now

No. 835595

God, looking at her makes me so fucking sad. I don't even feel bad for her, but she looks genuinely depressing as fuck. She is NOT sober.

No. 835597

Hey Taylor you asshole. Stop normalizing relapse. As someone who wasn’t growing up in the classic american family dream suburbs, but instead more trashy family. Please for god sake stop spreading misinformation that will kill people’s love ones. Like god I hope Taylor just reads this and stops spreading all this shit that will end lives. She’s so retarded it pisses me off. Two VERY close family members of mine both died within the same year both from heroin relapse. So Taylor stop saying it’s completely normal to risk your life. Stop going to addicts post and masking comments saying “don’t worry it’s fine happens to me all the time” she has no idea how close that person is to death, no idea what drugs have done to their body, yet tells them it’s fine. Don’t get yourself down just relapse.

As addict myself of another drug, someone telling me it’s fine to relapse and that’s it’s normal ; just gave me the perfect explanation to myself on why I should just get high “one last time” (but we all know it won’t be your last when you make excuses like that. Bc I can just use that excuse that it’s normal over and over again)

I’m sorry for my Ted talk (like Taylor would say) but this dumb comment of hers hit close to home

No. 835602

Omg I was literally thinking that she is skin-walking forrest’s new gf, glad to know that everyone agrees!

No. 835603

So basically when jen said she was “fine” when she is on her second rehab stint, is a clear hint that she is actually not fine?

Got it, thanks for the honesty and the keyword tay! Keep digging you own lies.

No. 835629

Taylor saying she's sober and working on herself is just about as reliable as Eugenia Cooney saying "I'm fine and everything" whenever someone asks about her ED.

No. 835630

Not to nitpick but I realise is a pattern with her - she wasn’t even 10 months sober, she was 7 months sober with emphasis from heroin in january 2020, and she announce her relapse on feb 2020. She loves either adding or subtracting REAL numbers when it benefits her (like when she said she has less animals than everyone speculates)

Is she a pathological liar or something??

No. 835634

Don't forget anons, sober (from heroin)

I always mean sober (from heroin) meth doesn't count because it wasn't my doc and I don't have an addiction to it. Neither do cigarettes', weed or pills, but I'm still sober (cause it wasn't heroin).

No. 835689

This, I couldn’t agree more. Why does everyone criticize Eugenia Cooney, but criticizing Taylor is immoral ?

No. 835697

File: 1620936521870.jpeg (220.5 KB, 1250x750, 42B5F68A-3568-48C7-B3C8-479757…)

Okay I know this isn’t milk, and I might be nitpicking. But she has ruined her lips. You don’t just keep adding more and more filler. Honestly this is one of the worst she has looked in awhile and that’s saying something. I’m not talking about the hair or the over lined lips, I’m just talking about her face alone. Like that contour ? Or is that her face ?

No. 835698

Also i forgot to point out that a massive amount of filler has migrated above her lip. Taylor girl please see someone who actually knows what they are doing bc your lookin botched

No. 835700

She's got those hollow methhead cheeks going on.

No. 835701

If she just got a lip lift and never got filler she would have gotten the results she wanted. It seems like she is trying to fill the large space of skin between her nose and lip. A lip lift would have been perfect to fix this. Not massive amount of filler. That just makes your lips heavy and lumpy looking. Also the fact the filler has migrated really makes the space between her nose and lip worst and draws your eyes too it.

No. 835705

she does! it's so weird though because she has clearly gained weight overall on her body. Makes me wonder if she added filler to her cheeks or something. idk much about meth and what it does to you i know more about heroin's long term physical effects. also lol at how she always insists that she only ever got filler twice in 2017

lol right. Taylor seemed to like meth more than h in her last twitter drug rants with the rigs. She's going to totally lose her shit/have a psychotic break one of these days if she hasn't already. it's literally inevitable.

No. 835706

Wow. Her face is SO sunken in. Worst I think I've seen it.

No. 835716

Looks like she’s pushing 50.
Her makeup is so fucked up it’s hard to pick apart everything wrong here.
Her lips are layered and layered with thick lipstick then coated in thick gloss, I imagine to conceal how lumpy and discolored they are from filler abuse.
Contour is weirdly placed too high with no blush and she’s overly highlighted.
Eyeliner is pulling her eyelids downward, making her look even more tired and sunken.
Foundation is so caked the fuck on it makes her skin look dehydrated and highlights her advanced aging that she’s self-inflicted with drug abuse. If you’re going to do layers of drag makeup to hide your fucked up skin, shave your vellus hairs at the very least.

Girl needs to ditch the 2016 beauty guru makeup, invest in some retinol, and drink a fucking glass of water

No. 835737

Yes, Anon. She is a pathological liar. She lies about shit for no reason. She lies about stuff that is so easily disproven. And when she's called out she doubles down. She lies just to lie. Welcome!

No. 835744

Why doesn’t she just get them fixed, she obviously has the money? Her top lip is horrifying. I would cry every time I saw my reflection if I ruined my lips like this.

No. 835746


curious anon, why did you stop at the cheeks? she legitimately looks no different than any late 30s junkie who lost custody of their kids

sucks that she looks this haggard and old and used up and hasn't even reached 25 years old

No. 835748


Love the fact that she paid no attention to her nose stud and just slathered makeup all over it

No. 835750

She looks like Laura Les

No. 835751

right? this is a pretty ok look, like if you look at the low res pics without paying too much attention to the details, she looks pretty normal!

No. 835752


There's so much excess filler built up in the centre of her top lip, even if she just focused on that area and had it flattened out, it would look better.

No. 835759

File: 1620984513187.jpg (64.49 KB, 827x547, TND 2016 v 2021.JPG)

Not the best comparison but a good reminder of how much she's fucked up her face. 2016 vs 2021

No. 835761

File: 1620987046461.jpg (25.05 KB, 266x355, Pete-Burns-2.jpg)

I'll save the "she's ruined herself" etc but I do have to ask, where do these young women with all this work done think they'll go next?
Correct me it I'm wrong but it seems like there are no good options here. She either allows the filler to dissolve and is left with sagging, overstretched skin; tries to maintain this exact look, which is in the uncanny valley but not quite FUBAR, with top-ups; or goes full Pete Burns.

No. 835763

i think the worst part is the unflattering styling.
the lips look terrible even with lipstick, lipliner and lipgloss to cover it all up but the weird unblended eyeshadow, the uneven half and half messy hair, the vacant stare, the uneven brows…she looks like she woke up from a night of partying and decided to only touch up her lips.

No. 835764

File: 1620990911653.jpeg (832.26 KB, 828x1334, 2C12B167-88BB-4576-8CC8-492D20…)

Saw this from the hairstylist with a more natural lighting and no makeup. tbh, even though she is wearing a mask but I dont think she looks that bad from here? Her skin looks fine. I just dont get how she could managed to make herself look worse by putting on make up. Plus all her style post-first rehab has been…weird. She is trying way to hard to reinvent herself, when in reality her style is probably MORE herself before she met jonny. The mix-match tattoos + fake freckles just aint cutting for me!

Sage cause not milk

No. 835765

I like her new hair and even the idea behind her makeup (as it's applied poorly I can't say the makeup itself) - but girl, get that fucking awful filler dissolved. If I were her I'd spend the next $500 youtube money on finding someone who will save her lips and not on Dollskill stuff.

No. 835768

She really does look like she aged 20+ years in just 5. So dead-eyed.

No. 835769

everyone who starts on this surgery path ends up looking like the same plastic uncanny valley clone and it kinda spooks me

No. 835778

getting those huge lips (and the makeup here) has really accentuated her huge long face. I'd legit think she was a tranny if I didn't know.
she does look a lot like her mom in the first pic, I wonder if part of why she's fucking with her appearance is because she hates her so much.

No. 835781

File: 1621004895756.webm (3.33 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_185…)

Um how do you just not see your fish in your tank for a yr?! Does she never look in there? Just let the maintenance people come take care of it and only look in as she passes by to go in her cave to shoot up and eat her whataburger?! And her mom is like who is he again? Def seems like she replaced this one too also is the tank supposed to have that much nasty buildup? Not a fish anon

No. 835789

Her teeth use to be so fuckin cute too. Then she ruined them with veneers. I’m not a liar and Taylor use to be pretty back then. Then she ruined her looks with over bleachin, ruining her cute front teeth, over filling her lips where the filler moved to other parts of her face that isn’t even her lips, and drugs that just destroyed her youth.

No. 835791

I'm not an expert, but if it's a salt tank (which I'm thinking it is) then the buildup can happen pretty easily. However, when you do take maintenance you should really just wipe it down because it comes off easily. What is strange to me is that there's no substrate in the tank, no gravel or sand.

No. 835792

You seem to not know much about cosmetic anon. There are plenty of wonderful surgeons and dermatologist who do a wonderful job. But Taylor just wanted more and more and more filler. I’m 10000% sure she has been recommended lip filler dissolver by professionals, but I doubt Taylor took up that advice. It’s better to slowly add filler, and dissolve it. So you don’t get that clumped botched look taylor has. She doesn’t even have duck lips like Tana (witch are also bad, but not as bad). She has like a tumor in her lip. It looks terrible and a doubt a professional would want to add more filler to that mess, without recommending to get rid filler for awhile first.

No. 835793

I think she just means he was never out of the hides during the day, but because its Taylor it definitely seems suspicious to say this

No. 835794

Second one is facetuned, so there's no point in comparing

No. 835797

I'm really curious what her top lip shape actually is now. She keeps over lining and it makes them look like wax lips.

No. 835821

I was under the impression that the fish is sitting on one of those magnetic anemone frag racks. You can see there are square holes in the surface of what he's resting on and when she pans to the side you can see more of the glass tank underneath the black bar with the build-up

No. 835877

File: 1621067428598.png (800.23 KB, 1242x753, Capture _2021-05-15-01-23-59.p…)

Its this… This is grime and shit. Out of all my years being in the fish hobby my tanks nor the people i know who have saltwater has that shit on the outside. Omg I just picture the filth these people live in. The whole house must smell like a fucking zoo. This debunks her saying she pays for someone to clean her tank. If so that shit wouldn't be there.

No. 835878

Taylor literally IS trans. Shocking I know. But look at how broad her shoulders are. Thin waist, masculine jaw/facial features.

No. 835880

If it makes you feel any better, this video is probably from years ago and her fish are long dead

No. 835890

Anon pls she was born a woman she just turned herself ugly as sin through filler and drug abuse

No. 835893

File: 1621087587028.png (895.73 KB, 1144x1521, Capture _2021-05-15-07-01-03.p…)

Lmao yeah your are probably right.

Y'all but look at her actual lip size. No matter how big you draw them taylor you cant hide those lumps! Like her top lip looks like she has two butt cheeks or like a cleft chin on her lip.

No. 835913

She kinda needs a penis. You got to be mtf to be trans. Not just look masculine. Does she look fucked. Hell yeah. But she’s bio female. Does she look like a tranny. I have to agree. It’s bc her shoulders are so large. You can really tell in the pet feast videos her friends uploaded and peoples photos they tag Taylor in.

No. 835941

This is salt creep for non-aquarium anons. When salt water evaporates it leaves behind the salt and forms crystals, it's a sign of a neglected tank.

Yea this doesn't really tell us more than we already know. Scummy glass, biofilm over everything. She clearly doesn't look after her tanks.

No. 835957

No surprise the tank is disgusting on the inside. But how the hell did she get all those cum stains on the outside!?

No. 835969

File: 1621128848638.png (1.3 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210515-192921.png)

No. 835971

File: 1621128926387.png (3.31 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210515-203214.png)

Yikes wtf is going on on her neck? Her skin/face look rough it only gets worse the more time goes on and the harder she tries

No. 835973

The literal hole in her neck… this bitch has no shame.

No. 835974

Is that her foundation/ bronzer? It’s close to the same shade. I’m confused.

No. 835975

This looks identical to Billie Eilish vogue photo shoot. What the fuck Taylor. Like you can you be anymore transparent

No. 835978


there are animal hospitals that are open 24/7, but i doubt taylor took her animals to a vet. that would require her to give a shit, which she clearly doesn't.

Plus, even if the animal needed to be put down, even 24/7 vets don't euthanize animals in the middle of the night. I had an experience with my cat where he started acting really sickly and I called one of those 24/7 animal hospitals and they recommended making him comfortable until morning or bringing him in and letting them observe him overnight with fluids and medicine. Not to blog, but even when I brought my seriously ill cat to the vet – instead of making him "comfortable" at home to die – the vet said they don't euthanize animals at night. They said they'd keep him overnight and observe him and give him fluids.

So basically taylor didn't even do the bare minimum as an "animal lover."

No. 835979


this dumb bitch cares more about her hair than all of her animals combined.

No. 835981


if she did basic upkeep of her hair, i could see this style & color being more flattering on her than her old rat's nest. but even as a self-absorbed narc, she can't be bothered to even brush it.

No. 835982


taylor could be pretty if she fixed those god awful lip implants, took a shower once in a while, and styled her hair. but of course she can't be bothered.

No. 835989

You mean Taylor’s mom took her to the vet at 2:00am ? Highly doubt it. Taylor doesn’t have a car or drivers license.

No. 836033

File: 1621151522526.jpeg (143.96 KB, 750x414, FD19B850-4B39-4741-B902-1E4578…)

Not milk but I saw this in her comments on her new hair cut photos, and I almost pissed myself from laughing. Pretty sure the top comment was trying to give Taylor a compliment.

No. 836040

truly comedy legend take my reddit gold kind stranger

No. 836061

She deleted this tweet (and still hasn’t posted pictures of duck) but this is literally proof she just sees her animals as props for her selfies. Just post pictures about how big your snake has gotten you don’t need to get your hair done for that.

No. 836069

Obviously none of her animals are doing well, if not she wouldn’t have avoided showing them for almost 2 years+ now. I believe that when she actually shows them, she has just clean their cages etc. She is not mentally well to show them because she knows she is getting criticism. Just end your animal youtube career tay, do some other genre like fashion or makeup?!

No. 836264

File: 1621308702381.png (684.47 KB, 1170x2532, F14EC74F-67E2-499A-8339-3DF325…)

Thought this was interesting because Will is her ex who she is apparently still talking to. But I am wondering who this subtweet is about

No. 836266

File: 1621308897067.png (1.75 MB, 1170x2532, 345308E9-09B0-4040-AAF0-022C7D…)

Lmao she just can’t stop bragging about her drug use.

No. 836269

Girl….what? 7grams of coke a day ?????? That’s literally a lethal dose for someone her size (even 6gs could probably take her out) so I seriously doubt that was ever a reality….

No. 836271

File: 1621312661610.jpg (516.6 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210518-003750_Twi…)

No. 836273

No. 836275

I saw that and immediately came here to post it too, I wish he would spill the milk already cause there is no way you can spin this to be friends joking around

No. 836278

I’m still pretty sure it’s a joke, he’s made a few ‘jokes’ like this in the past. If anything he’s just looking for attention… and I guess he got it.

No. 836293

Taylor is always the worst version of herself, so he's not wrong.

No. 836296

He's not wrong though, this is the most hypocritical post she could have possibly made.

No. 836303

Twitterfags, when will you stop self posting?
This has to be shade.

No. 836305

real addicts would say a quarter oz, what is this "7 gs" shit

No. 836307

oh and also there's no way she was doing a quarter ounce of coke daily unless she was getting bunk drugs. wasn't she a "coke addict" when she was a teenager? a quarter oz of coke would be like at LEAST $350 , likely more - I call major BS, but we all knew that

No. 836318

Yeah that’s definitely a huuugggee exaggeration. I’ve know many heavy, daily users and they may go through an 8ball on fri or sat. Plus the cost is terribly high. What was she doing for work when she was supposedly doing 7g of coke a day?

No. 836321

This might have been when she first started to bring 6 figures from her videos.

No. 836327

I’m not a twitter fag and I’m the one that posted it. So sorry, I find humor in the little things.

No. 836328

Someone already called her out for this and her and her stans attacked them being like I gummed just a little, there wasn’t enough room in the tweet to say what actually happened

No. 836329

File: 1621346253024.jpeg (392.1 KB, 750x1056, 87A501F7-47B2-4D37-9CD6-C28E37…)

You don’t need to see all the white nights that commented tooooo

No. 836331

I went from one line of coke

I went from gumming coke

What does Taylor mean she didn’t have enough room in the tweet. She just can’t keep up with her own lies and that’s why it’s different from the og story

No. 836339

SEVEN gs daily? Omg Taylor is a lying liar who lies lmfao. That is a TON of coke. Her nose, throat, and heart would be so fucked and it would be incredibly obvious she had a problem while she was using. She kept her drug habit under wraps for quite a while, there is no way she would be able to hide a habit like that.

It takes time to develop a tolerance big enough to go through that much in a day if it’s even possible. Overdose threshold is about 6.5gs for a 150lb person, I’m assuming she doesn’t mean she was taking it all at once but lmao, no.

No. 836364

Yeah this stood out to me the most too. 7g's is 2 fucking 8balls. It would even be hard to finish that much at a whole weekend festival with a group all doing it. You'd have to be cutting and railing lines from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Not even actual coke addicts do that, good lord.

Why does she even say this shit when it's so easily disprovable? You're not the only one on earth who's ever done drugs before, taylor

No. 836381

Haven’t her and her mom both stated on multiple occasions that Jonny was the one who really got her into drugs. Here she’s straight up describing a SEVERE coke addiction, but if you go and watch her video ‘“im a heroine addict” she makes it sound like she did a little coke for like maybe two weeks … why can’t she keep her story straight.

No. 836382

yep and all of a sudden she's talking like she was a major coke head. I mean the only way I'd believe that were if she was a crackhead with a tolerance but she wasn't. As other anons said that sort of habit would've been so obvious and it was when her yt was blowing up so there were a lot of eyes on her someone would've noticed

No. 836410

"what is the point of this comment?" bitch what is the point of your existence lmao all you do is abuse animals and long for the aesthetic of drug use. lets not forget that she got kicked out of rehab and treated it like summer camp

No. 836459

Maybe she did buy 7g once and shared to many people to be seen as the person to be with at the party?

No. 836484

She can’t keep her story straight bc she’s making it as she goes. Then when people call her out she goes “there wasn’t enough room to fit a whole another three sentences that why I changed the whole story” even though you just needed to change a few words to keep the same story up.

No. 836487

and she also will reply to her own tweets all the time to continue her own narratives lmfao.

No. 836491


The irony is it's the inverse of what they say. Taylor was already a cokehead before she met Jonny, and according to all his ex-bandmates, SHE was the reason he relapsed, since she would ask and beg him to do coke and other shit with her. She apparently asked him to get her heroin so they could bond over being druggies together.

No. 836492

She’s the one who even says she wanted to bond over drugs and that’s why she did them

No. 836497

File: 1621397508939.jpeg (967.93 KB, 3464x3464, E97116AC-DE0A-4481-ADA7-62918E…)

I didn’t have time earlier but I went back and checked her video. She says a few days. Then she said when she got with jonny he got her coke for 4 days and on the fourth day she flushed it all down the sink, and then moved to snorting vicodin. So like not even a week in total. Assuming anything she said in her video was even true.

No. 836498

She also said how she did coke at party before she meet Jonny while partying. I’m like 95% sure and don’t want to deep dive so don’t quote me

No. 836511

Yeah she did a ton of coke before JC, and I think she said she did meth once too
If you deep dive far enough it seems like she was drinking heavily before that-there were some really old tweets or FB posts between her and Betsy about getting drunk but hiding the evidence?
I think it was back around the time TND was using the hard R word to get her more ''Street cred''

It's so hard to keep up with what she has or hasn't done because it's always changing

JC is ugly inside and out but Taylor was already on this path before she met him.
He totally deserves to be villified for what he's done to people but people forget he's an addict too. Taytay loves to paint him with one brush and her with another when it comes to drugs and addiction.

No. 836589

why does she even bother responding to this shit? shes so insecure lmao

No. 836597

Because she'll use replies like this to add more and more details to her story as she makes it up. She's not only insecure but knows damn well people don't believe her lies, so she is scrambling 24/7 to prove herself every moment someone decides to call her out on her shit.

Jfc, this was uploaded August 2019 and even though she doesn't look great in this video in comparison to her previous years, holy fuck does it make me realize how much she has dramatically aged within this almost 2 year timespan. She looks AWFUL right now. Her coming out on YT as an H addict and then leaving Jonny was supposed to be her clean slate. The fact that she looks as bad as she does right now compared to this video really shows that she didn't just "teehee I relapsed!~" a couple times, she has 100% been using majority of this time. If she hadn't fucked off and treated rehab like it was druggie Disneyland, she might have stood a chance to take her addiction seriously and take accountability to turn her life around and make the biggest redemption arc by coming clean about EVERYTHING, including the bad animal husbandry. But nope. She really threw every single opportunity she had out the window. She went from a girl making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to a loser living with her crazy mom.

Apologies for ranting, I know this record has truly been played so many times but seeing this image from her H video only a couple years ago kind of shocked me. You know it's bad when I feel like she looked ok in 2019 in comparison to now.

No. 836623

she made herself in this video out to be a typical vlogger youtuber who had a part time job at petsmart (or smth equivalent i think) and only kept to herself and never went out at all.

so in other words no nothing was at all true in this video. this video was my intro to taylor and i believed everything in it until lf.

No. 836856

File: 1621552871458.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, CA6EE8C2-0CEE-4DEB-9079-566243…)

New pics

No. 836858

File: 1621552945467.jpeg (431.75 KB, 1170x1088, 2956F5E7-800A-4302-8DBA-C39E79…)

No. 836859

File: 1621552995240.jpeg (545.19 KB, 1170x1159, ED212A5A-A5F7-4653-BC19-16211C…)

No. 836860

File: 1621553806203.jpeg (779.54 KB, 1242x911, 8A9FA287-716C-4CA8-A807-3D8A83…)

New pics, new bruises, typical. It seems to me like she chose this specific spot in the sun/shadows to fuck with the validity of people mentioning the bruising, so she and her orbiters can argue that it’s just the lighting

No. 836861

File: 1621553933096.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1914, FFDF44C2-8965-43D3-A0DA-45F23A…)

Samefag but on 2nd glance it looks like there’s also a giant bruise in the ditch of her elbow, but once again tho it’s hard to say 100% because she got sneaky with having that spot in the shadows in every pic

No. 836877

It’s so fucking gross that all her animal pictures have to be about her. Holy shit.

No. 836880

Flowers as fake as her personality

No. 836881

File: 1621564787627.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1491, 5AF0DDD7-F186-4A2C-9BA0-E2E7CD…)

Not to WK but that’s a mark she’s had for a long time.

No. 836882

this whole furby obsession is gonna die out by the end of 2021 and shes gonna regret so many of these tattoos

No. 836885

I wonder when there are animal photos that she isn’t suppose to be the main focus.

It’s like how Brook Houts wanted to be the focus of her yt channel but her dog stole the show.

No. 836888

Bruises don’t last half a year anon. If they do it means she’s still shooting up in that vein

No. 836889

Not to blog and I also don’t know if this is even relevant but I’m Anemic and have myself done the drugs. I feel like if my busies don’t last that long and I usually have many to reference from, so how can hers last so fucking long ? Idk maybe I’m just retarded.

No. 836899

File: 1621572792027.jpeg (372.37 KB, 1170x1890, 26BEBAF3-1D55-4F6C-BBA4-DA65F0…)

You have PTSD from what? A year of heroin use and your bf not wanting to hug u??? At least you know you’re a mess smh

No. 836902

File: 1621573475201.jpeg (108.21 KB, 1125x1999, F21A1B84-6486-493F-A450-854667…)

Please do it Tay. Fuck your future up more

No. 836904

File: 1621573643351.jpeg (289.38 KB, 1125x1985, 9B943049-A781-4704-87E0-16F20B…)

No. 836908

1) c-ptsd isnt even a 100% legitimate diagnosis
2) c-ptsd could in someways be considered bpd lite
but also 3) no taylor. you dont have either (well.. as for the bpd… on medical paper at least) cuz we all know you look up shit on the internet and go 'omg i have this!!' b4 u would ever go to a psych

No. 836911

File: 1621577635668.jpeg (928.57 KB, 1103x1186, 26F48116-B23B-4D28-B6C5-ADF732…)

She has EDS and scars easily.
This has been discussed many times over.
Often addicts have scars from shooting up.
See: Luna Slater.

I’m not here to WK but until we have other photo confirmation we cannot say one way or another.

No. 836913

It seems she doesn’t have EDS other than when it’s convenient for her, same with her celiac disease, but maybe that’s my imagination.

Do it. Ruin you botched face even more with a trashy face tattoo, that will surely fix all your issues Taylor. It’s almost like she wants be ugly at this point.

No. 836914

Do it taylor it will look so good. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

No. 836917

File: 1621581461865.jpeg (342.49 KB, 1242x2036, 91AD6C3D-CEB2-47E5-98E0-93386F…)

when cows collide

No. 836919

File: 1621581893226.jpeg (208.43 KB, 1242x497, 12B3EF6E-0086-4E51-9273-204B3D…)

Jonny tweets incoming!
To nobody’s surprise, she’s still obsessed with him!

No. 836920

File: 1621581928330.jpeg (407.92 KB, 1242x994, 35612A8E-9617-4552-B8D3-15DC7D…)

No. 836927

Morgan is a cow? Sorry if this is derailing but where is her thread?

No. 836928

Not trying to WK Taylor but bruises can last. My sister-in-law was going through IVF and the marks/discoloration on her skin only started looking normal again when the baby was around 1 y/o.
I also have a colleague who used to be iv drug user. She's 3 years clean but still has discolourations

No. 836939

File: 1621598738758.jpeg (268.77 KB, 1242x2208, A8C257F4-3AD7-4ACE-93D9-1098EE…)

Track mark Dean strikes again!

No. 836940

File: 1621598825013.jpeg (336.56 KB, 1242x2208, 361EC5B2-C7CD-40EC-96EA-69B4CD…)

Took a page from Jonny’s book and is shooting in the neck. Bonus points for the shoulder.

I speculate she’s been on meth today and that’s why she’s blowing up social media. I imagine she’ll go silent for a couple weeks after this.

No. 836941

She's just a celebrity fucker and a druggie. She wants any scrap of attention from any guy that's remotely connected to any sort of fame or looks trashy enough to scare off her parents. It's like she's stuck in that edgy teen years dating 'bad boys' and daydreaming about the day some celebrity knocks on her door and asks her out so she can be famous by proxy.

No. 836942

That is some scary clown makeup, jesus. Her mouth looks even more awfully prolapsed than usual and so sloppily painted.

No. 836963

Our greasy queen keeps posting selfies on her story from the pics she took right when she got her hair done. Either that or she hasn’t changed her shirt and makeup in like 10 days. Huge tip, if you shower regularly you can take selfie’s whenever you want!

No. 836966

File: 1621612137274.jpeg (469.31 KB, 750x1207, E602217D-70CA-421B-9501-A3BE37…)

I’m sorry but is Taylor actually retarded. How much of a bubble does she keep herself in. Like you have a cellphone that has the internet. How can you be so uninformed about the world.

No. 836967

I feel like there are so many unsaged posts at two opposite ends. IV users saying this is way to long for bruises, then people that know IV users saying it’s fine. Like can we just all agree by Taylor’s actions she has been getting high.

No. 836968

is it just me or is the song in the background jonny craig singing? i’m new so if discussion on him isn’t allowed here i apologize

No. 836976

she's now claimed to have been diagnosed & misdiagnosed with bpd 3 times and misdiagnosed. I'm sorry not buying it. What's more likely is that she does have bpd and she's embarassed of her behaviour when manic (furby tattoo, every other tattoo, drug binges, irresponsible during pandemic prevaccination, every bad pr move and rant) and therefore tries to deny it. It's only a matter of time before she's back on the treatment train and ~omfg guys just got diagnosed with bpd who knew!~

as far as possible tracks I always suspect even if they were fresh she covers with makeup or facetune even if they were fresh

No. 836978

nah it’s bilmuri

No. 836985

…??? cptsd is typically for those who went through child abuse

No. 836986

You’re being sarcastic right anon cause its clearly sarcasm from her tweet..

No. 836992

Wait Taylor was being sarcastic ? How ? She seems genuine. Not that anon, but who is sarcastic about children literally being bombed in their school busses. If Taylor is being sarcastic that’s kinda fucked in my book

No. 836993

anon read the tweet she's replying to, it is a joke (both in the literal and ironic sense)

No. 837001

Didn’t know Taylor was a fan of shoeOnhead

No. 837021

think she’s referring to complex ptsd. probably looking for sympathy from actual domestic violence survivors.

No. 837026

I think the other anon was saying Taylor has no reason to even be diagnosed this. We all know she was just looking it up on Google / webmd and was like oh that sounds like me I must have this. I’ll go tell everyone on twitter.

No. 837027

c-ptsd was recommended but ultimately didn’t make it into the dsm-v so it’s kinda odd to say she’s getting diagnosed with something that isn’t technically a diagnosis. Unless she happens to have a clinician that’s super convinced that c-ptsd should be acknowledged as legit.

No. 837052

File: 1621654919207.jpeg (217.74 KB, 1125x1316, 74EB34A0-EDB8-4E66-81CF-EF28A1…)

Had to check if it was a real account but is this her admitting taylor still on drugs ?

No. 837054

Why is she flexing this all the time.


Imagine if this is your peak

No. 837058

“A friend or family member that’s addicted to drugs and alcohol” is a pc way of saying addict. Some people who are sober years will still call themselves addicts.

But I’ll believe it when I see it. I wonder if any of the dean family members attend al anon.

No. 837059

I wonder how Taylor feels when her mom pimps her out like this.

No. 837060

Honestly thought this might've been one of the twitter fags that joke larps as Jen, but I checked and she's saying she's direct messaging that dude about Tay and being generally crazy

No. 837061

Holy shit Mama Dean doesn’t have two braincells to rub together, does she. I guess we know where Taylor gets it from.

No. 837066

PTSD is in the DSM.
CPTSD is like a previously anon described, BPD-lite.
PTSD is usually after one significant event, where as CPTSD is after multiple.

However, borderline is something you can have whilst also having CPTSD.
Borderlines symptoms tend to lessen with age, where as CPTSD is usually lifelong unless addressed with significant therapy.
Sage for armchair

Imagine getting your news from a twitter cow.

No. 837112

CPTSD isn’t even considered a real diagnosis throughout the country currently so I’m confused how how she got it.

No. 837137

From google dot com obviously

No. 837147

As said above, it isn't a real diagnosis in the DSMV. But it is known, was petitioned to be added, and there are plenty of therapists (not MDs) who believe in it & treat it. Most likely it was mentioned in therapy or in her IOP group and she latched onto it because it sounds better and more victimy than BPD. Or we can just all drop it because we know nothing that comes out of this cow is true.

No. 837165

In my own personal experience therapist are retarded and psychologists are where it’s at.

No. 837184

That doesn’t mean that what’s she paying for

No. 837209

Sorry im almost a month late. But SATX anon here and HAHA is this bitch retarted? its sososo rare for a tornado to touch down let alone do ANY damage here. People dont even flinch at a tornado warning they b sittin on they porch. My bet is shes not that dumb. Shes lived here her whole life and been thru so many totnado warnings so she knows its nbd. She just wants attention and moved them to the closet for attention and asspats. Wants to seem like such a caring pet mom..kek

No. 837211

File: 1621753148740.jpeg (468.93 KB, 750x1264, CAAB22A9-DF14-45E7-9202-BDC607…)

Any of you see the clip she uploaded on twitter. Not all that great just her talking about depression and saying she is sober. So not really milky but it’s was interesting seeing her talk for like a minute straight. Wonder when we will see pets ? I doubt she’s had her hedgehogs for a long time and is just giving space to announce death dates. I just love hogs and well can’t see these ones lasting much longer then her last bc “much bad breeders”

No. 837212

File: 1621755027163.png (1.85 MB, 1125x2436, 4FC5DB93-6D28-430E-BEAF-AB78F2…)

i’ll be surprised if she actually puts out a video very curious to see what animals she even has left lol

No. 837214

I could be nitpicking but I'm 6mo sober from a cocaine addiction and the amount of times she "itches" her nose reminds me of how much I'd rub/itch the tip of my nose when it was healing from a binge. You cant help it. Could apply to anything snorted.

No. 837215

she said she got into meth during quarantine but wasnt she doing meth with jonny?

No. 837220


It must be nice to “take a year off” to do absolutely fuck all, do some drugs here and there, decide you don’t feel like doing any work because you’re not motivated or just don’t like it, and let your parents support you as you waste away your 20s. /s When she wakes up from this drug bullshit and starts actually trying, she’s going to lament being so far behind in life.

No. 837221

File: 1621768502756.jpg (606.38 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210523-120747_Ins…)

She posted this video of Bindi eating to her insta stories and there is so much saw dust getting stuck on that worm. That animal is definitely at risk of getting impacted.

No. 837225

The best part of that clip was her saying she was so depressed that she couldn’t even get up to go pee. If going pee was such a struggle, how on earth did you take care of your massive amounts of animals????

No. 837232

Also if you constantly hold in your pee you get urinary track infections and they fucking suck when they turn into kidney infections. I thought she would know this bc she’s “so sensitive”.

No. 837233

I don’t think it’s nitpicking. Ex-addict too and it seems like every single ex-addict can clearly tell her lies and see the symptoms.

I was sober that day, no I was high on meth. Like so many times she changes her story. If Taylor just told the truth her story wouldn’t be constantly evolving

No. 837239

File: 1621784999455.png (566.64 KB, 828x1792, 84351E08-657C-42AE-92BE-114C87…)

She already got that cover with more lies anon lol the “help” is probably mama dean.

No. 837247

She straight up stole this idea from the show Euphoria lmao

No. 837254

I know it’s hilarious. I remember during the Jonny drama, she would copy her fans stories about their abusive ex to a t. Right when I read this I was like you’ve got to be kidding me Taylor ? Why is she always copy and paste. It exposes her every time.

Like if she wants to make stuff up why not just create something completely new ? Then people won’t call you out all the time.

No. 837271

fuck I hate her animal videos so much. it's the constant
>what are you doooing
>why are you dooooing this
>now I gotta clean again
it's like she genuinely is so disconnected from nature that she fundamentally doesn't understand what an animal is. she treats normal animal behavior like it's a person misbehaving.

No. 837287

She's doing that on purpose anon, that's her attempt at comedy

No. 837292

Honestly I feel like the only thing Taylor ISN'T lying about is how bad her depression gets. We've all seen her room and her hair. Depression is hard. But that's why the stories about how she's such a great and responsible pet owner who gives her pets the best care ever, all the vets say so, really! is bs. You can't have it both ways girlie.

No. 837295

I wasn’t trying to say she doesn’t have depression, it’s just makes no scenes that she says she can’t do all this stuff, yet her animals are 100% never been better healthy totally taken care of my whole hoard of pets. I understand mental health is real, but I don’t think that justifies animal abuse

No. 837308

Super unmilk ; but Taylor’s has a huge boner for Kurtis Conner (as she has mentioned him many times and even copied his intro for awhile)

Anyways the kid made a video (pretty good IMO) about Disney adults and kindly as he can ; criticizing them. You know adults that are weirdly obsessed with Disney and get tattoos of Disney characters and name there pets after them too. How can you be obsessed with a company full of so many disturbing scandals ? Not a huge suprise since she loves dollskill

I just bet that hurt Taylor had bc she would definitely hit this boy up in the dms if he wasn’t in a relationship by her past actions IMO

No. 837313

ayrt I fully agree! I was just talking into the void about my thoughts on Taylor's bullshit lol

No. 837330

One last thought, I feel like she uploaded this latest rant to test out public reaction on her returning to YT after her going MIA for a whole year promising content, the engagement on that video seems positive even tho anons pointed out she has cocaine nose (which I thought was obvious too) so I really feel like she will actually upload soon.

That said… its video engagement ratio is not doing well as compared to her prime. So she might still not upload because of that. Rant over

No. 837333

I'm pretty sure her YT channel is fucked anyway, she hasn't uploaded in a year and a half.

It's always funny reading comments like "Taylor was such a big part of my middleschool life, now I'm applying for colleges. I hope she gets better uwu"

No. 837335

I think it’s funny spilly a tea channel brings up what happened between Taylor and Dom. I’m no saying it never happened but I would trust a YouTubers story on my own platform if she has lied about other sexual assault stories in the past. Idk I just wouldn’t put myself in a position for spreading someone’s fake stories who has a background of making stuff up.

No. 837342

lookin’ beaky, tay needs to get herself a nose job with that money she doesn’t have anymore. jonny’s pearlies could have been her ticket out of looking like a halloween witch mask. oh well!

No. 837345

keep seething, taylor is trash but she’s also obvi a bio woman

No. 837353

Her engagement is down across all of her platforms. When she does post an animal on Instagram it only gets half the likes her selfies do and her latest selfies don’t seem to be getting as many likes as usual.

It kind of seems like she didn’t really like the half green. In the video she posted after it was done she was already raking her fingers pulling the curls out and she deleted the one round of selfies she took afterward. But now with her new hair she can’t stop eye fucking herself and is managing to film videos allegedly.

No. 837361

What’s up with these low blows. Your acting like em. Her nose is fine, maybe criticize something that’s actually worth while.

No. 837362

I always thought she bought Instagram likes to keep up her appearance. These claims are straight from my butthole, just something I assumed.

No. 837363

Literally eyeing herself too. In the storm of selfie videos the other days she’s literally looking at herself the whole time. She never looks at the camera, only checks herself out while filming. Wouldn’t that make you feel awkward rewatching the story before posting ? Hmm whatever floats her boat tho

No. 837370

I’ve noticed over the past little while every time she uploads a selfie to Instagram she loses a couple hundred followers. She had over 330k before the more recent green hair post, and the post with her newest hair brought her down to 328k. I think she notices and goes “oh shit” and posts a self-centred animal photoshoot to try to get some of the pettuber fans back

No. 837371

there is a lot of weird nitpicking about cows’ noses lately
esp using the word “beak”
Taylor’s nose is the least of her problems!

No. 837389

Lol is this syd? Or jonny? Lmao bye troll

No. 837408

File: 1621893012002.jpeg (41.54 KB, 400x400, E21168F5-FEF3-4E0C-AD98-8E49A9…)

New twitter pfp

No. 837409

I think she filmed I can’t wait until she uploads. Come on Taylor !!! Upload tonight you got this please I’m so fucking bored.

No. 837410

It looks like she edited her face a lot. Her lips are edited and her eyes.

No. 837427

File: 1621900292211.webm (15.85 MB, 720x1280, 2lDxrDdSJaGdHJrw.webm)

Yeah holy shit she went overboard. I like how the brown side of her jaw is crisp/defined but the blonde side is closer to her real rounded jaw line

Id love to see a new vid because I want to see more of her in action high as hell with her botched face and awful hair thinking she's fooling everyone. She's losing so many followers I'm sure another pity party vid would just be another nail in the already lowered coffin that is her former yt career

I had a feeling she would delete this & she did but fear not anons I downloaded it

No. 837438

seriously starting to wonder if she has a bimbofication fetish

No. 837439

I like how she casually mentions she got into meth and heroin. She acts like it's no big deal at all, she's so far removed from reality at this point.

No. 837442

She thinks it a flex.

No. 837453

Casually mentions "getting into meth" in retrospect but was gaslighting her teenage fans who were worried about her sobriety in real time back when she was doing it. love that. what a role model.

No. 837454


"beaky" bro shut the fuck up

No. 837458

A pep talk from her bedroom in her mom's house, lookin scary. If this is supposed to be encouraging to other people … she's missed the mark cuz it's actually unsettling and sad to watch.

It's like she thinks that if she looks "pretty" and sounds "charismatic" when she speaks, then she can just say anything and she doesn't actually have to tell the truth. I think makes these sometimes just so she can watch herself talk.

No. 837481

Not only does she looked like a cracked out Joker with that red lipstick + facetune combo but it looks like she’s trying to hide her famous armpit bruise with her hand here

No. 837522

I will forever love the candids of her. Her head is so huge.

No. 837530

I think it looks even larger because of her small frame frame, weight gain and bloated face/lips.

This girl is just a mess, She just needs to pay for lazer surgery and start over. She just can't pull off the look she's going for.

It's getting more painful to watch as she gets older, It's one thing to fuckup at 18, but at 24 you're a grown ass woman who needs to take some responsibility.

No. 837532

her nose is crafted but fine., that joe dirt mop on her dome is genuinely concerning

No. 837538

Possible nitpick but why does she have crickets chirping in her room if she has a dubia roach colony for feeders? Dubias are a way better protein source.

No. 837576

I personally find crickets disgusting nutritional wise. But that’s just my opinion.

No. 837577

Honestly, she probably still buys them from petsmart/petco regularly and some got out. Crickets are gross and annoyingly loud.

I can't see her maintaining dubia colonies, they were probably "too much work". I couldn't even go to the bathroom but my animals were perfectly ok guys.

No. 837582

File: 1621984359983.png (344.72 KB, 438x444, 1614905383944.png)

its pathetic all these anons bitch and cry about animals and how their rats are super special and if i have to see that fat snake image..

its beyond obvious shes not a pettuber, just a junkie hoarder. whatever, im just hangry. stop bragging about your animals. no one cares. they arent cute(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 837663

what where the comments on that video? Haven´t seem them but am wondering, If her fans buy what she says or not

No. 837675

Honestly I can see that being the case for her, even though it would be so incredibly easy to keep them if she just set them up in bioactive (as it would be for the rest of her animals).
Considering she likes bugs and made a whole video about her colony it's honestly surprising to me bc dubias are way better as protein as well as way easier to keep than mantises/scorpions and have great personalities. They're also still "ew creepy crawlies" so she would def still get some of that cool girl who likes weird animals cred

No. 837807

Wonder where that video is. Another disappearing act? Quelle surprise.

No. 837913

I know and I’m actually looking forward to it. Come on Taylor everyone is waiting on you.

No. 838042


Y'all think there's a video… lmao

There is no video.

She just claims that she "filmed" every few months to get ass pats.

Not only will she never sit down and edit a video again, I guarantee she's not even sitting down to film either.

No. 838073

File: 1622254180186.jpg (22.54 KB, 500x281, COMIstBUEAEVmIQ.jpg)

No. 838241

We know. Your sarcasm filter is broken kek

No. 838244

there will always be some excuse not to post. usually broken laptop, sometimes anxiety.

No. 838288

File: 1622349870729.jpeg (445.91 KB, 750x1247, 653BAB4D-EBB5-46A0-8124-1EA0CC…)

A screenshot of her videos from her story, sorry I don’t know how to upload videos.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she say a little while ago that she was done with her “goth/dark” phase? Cause she just posted 3 stories of her being so goth

No. 838291

lmao yeah she did bc it supposedly reminds her of being a junkie, as usual that didn't last long

No. 838295

Yes because if you wear a black dress then your “goth”

I swear white girls these days

No. 838303

If you're lazy af, she has it made. She hasn't posted a video to make money and hasn't had a regular job or worked at all in almost 2 years.

Her parents won't kick her out because they're scared she'll die with a needle in her arm at some dude's house.

So she's basically living at her parents house (which in and of itself I'm not critical of).. but she doesn't contribute financially at all.

Probably doesn't clean or anything either, citing ~muh depression~ (which is understandable except when you're living rent-free as an adult for 2 years, you have to contribute SOMETHING.)

She might be making a few hundred $ a month off old YouTube videos, but there's no way she's financially supporting her animal habit, lip filler habit, ugly hairstyle habit, AND drug habit on her income alone.

tldr; Her parents care too much to kick her out or make her contribute, so she lives there scott-free without lifting a finger.

No. 838309

She's tryna be a 90's punk girl now according to this >>835518 lol.

No. 838315

File: 1622374793133.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210530-073811.png)

Still using. Still a junkie. Bruise on the inside of her arm.

No. 838316

i really don't get the anons who think this hair is good on her, the cut does not flatter her face shape and it ages her at least 15 years. makes her look more haggard than ever imo

No. 838336

Nah that looks like old mark unless she photoshopped this (if she did she may as well do a better job than that). I actually lurk hard and notice that the bruises she had was similar to the spots on her relapse in July/august 2020. So I honestly believed that she might be sober this time.

No. 838339


she just looks so bad ughh, I know it's been said a million times but she really ruined herself. It just doesn't work on her, the way she tries to act all "cute" with her tits hanging out is just gross. She looks like a literal streetwalker.

She really is trapped in a hell of her own making. Don't do smack kids. don't worry anons the video is coming, she's just "editing" it…

No. 838340

The fact that she pulled her skimpy top down that far for pictures kek

No. 838343

I know it’s so low the straps are literally to tight for her shoulders so she has to move them to the side. Like I don’t really care if you want to dress slutty it’s none of my business, buts just funny how much of a try hard Taylor is. Like just pick a shirt that’s more scandalous if you want, don’t look so desperate for guys to see your titties.

No. 838345

What's even worse is that she puts on these insane outfits (that she usually only wears once) and "does" her makeup to… sit inside her house and take thirst trap selfies while her mom cleans up after her.

No. 838348

She’s so lazy now she can’t even be bothered to hide how giant her head is and how she has no neck. What happened to those magical forced perspective angles she used to use?

No. 838362

I don’t think it really matters enough edit the photos to show, but if you measure the difference in how much she pulled the shirt down compared to how you normally wear it, it’s like pretty intense.

Girl should have just taken a bikini top photo. This just looks like so desperate it’s sad at this point and looks very trashy (sorry that comes off harsh, it’s just reminds me of trailer trash, from experience). Like at least other influences make it fashionable with clothing that is wore correctly. I don’t think it’s bad to show yourself off at all, like you do you girl. I just think you look trashy when you show off your goods in this way, when you can just buy a ton of tops with a sex appeal already installed.

No. 838375

Holy shit she looks so bad? This is jarring. She looks worse than when she was actually on heroin

No. 838380

Btw did jonny got her that ring before they broke up during her birthday? Only assuming since he got her the cartier bracelet which she is still wearing

No. 838410

She is still on heroin, or at least sill shooting up. She just posted pics with new bruises two weeks ago, and today her photos also have track marks. Why would anyone give this dumb bitch the benefit of doubt especially given her history lying about her sobriety over the past two years.

She even looks like a disgusting drug addict not sure where this praise is coming from

No. 838427

File: 1622431445247.jpeg (754.49 KB, 1125x1365, 2920B83D-2C6B-4D77-8455-29AA78…)

lol she reads here

No. 838428

File: 1622431475219.jpeg (338.21 KB, 1125x905, E07A27E2-1D03-4A34-9E69-24304C…)

sure jan

No. 838429

People rightfully think she’s on heroin because she is constantly covered in bruises at all her usual shooting spots, she is so dense. It’s called putting 2 and 2 together Taylor.

No. 838430

File: 1622432031408.jpg (295.02 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20210531-043050_Ins…)

Return of the blowjob face

No. 838433

god she looks worse and worse every time she posts a new picture, i hope she is in therapy for her own sake

No. 838434

LOL. Even if you're sober… you're not successful. Success looks different for everyone, but no successful person in their mid-20's still relies on their parents as much as she does. Period.

Someone thinking you're on drugs isn't a compliment either. Period. You can't spin that into a positive.

"Oh, y'all think I'm on drugs? Thanks. Because I'm sooooo successful that if I'm using, it's even more impressive."

That is what she's saying. Pure delusion.

Also, most people get a haircut, post a few pics on social media the same day or next day, and then move on. She's been harping on her ghastly hair ever since her hairstylist did her dirty.

No. 838435

…..can drugs give you brain damage? I don’t understand how she doesn’t see that having actual track marks is going to make people think she’s not sober????? Like don’t show your needle bruises and we won’t go off about you obviously not being sober. Your half ass photoshop blur/ smooth tool doesn’t hide them as well as you think it does.

No. 838436

i'm convinced she actually LIKES people thinking she's on heroin. once you're sober and past that phase of your life, it's something you have genuine shame and embarrassment about. she sounds like one of those teens glorifying it still. using or not using, she likes the association. it's her identity. side note: how funny is it to imagine her taking thirst traps in her parent's bathroom with black lipstick, tits hanging out. whata nut case. yes taylor nicole dean , you are SO SUCCESSFUL and we're all SO JEALOUS.

No. 838437

this bitch really thinks she's successful? what a narc

No. 838438

>lives at home with parents
>no job
>barely takes care of her animals
>ruined her youtube career
>drug addict
>ruined her looks

No. 838439

Because she has no life, her hair is the most exciting thing thats happened to her in months. She has zero responsibilities as an adult so all she does its play dress up, get high, and obsess about how people perceive her online. I think her getting a job and getting out and actually doing something would help her so much, but we all know that’s never going to happen.

No. 838440


she's starting to really look like Luna; what a mess. She's clearly completely lost in her addiction still

>>838428 what success? getting people to watch her old vids? her career is dead she has been stagnant since she got with jonny so what 3-4yrs?! who does she think she's fooling? I guess she needs to convince herself

No. 838441

File: 1622434979352.jpeg (163.4 KB, 750x907, 49BF1CCA-61A2-4C78-B86C-0BB937…)

When you google prostitute drug addict this picture comes up.

No. 838444


damn her pupils are huge here… maybe not on heroin atm but definitely not sober.

No. 838446

She just qualified what success is in her perspective. Being able to get out of bed to pee. She made an entire video clip about it, and everyone clapped for her

No. 838448

HAHAHHAHAHA I’m sorry but what is this

No. 838450

What the hell is she talking about. She has done nothing to prove success. She hasn’t done shit. I’m just waiting for her to start proving she can be CONSISTENTLY productive on social media platforms. I’m not asking a video a week. But something more. Photos of pets on your social medias would be a great start. Why not a story a morning ? Why not “here’s me feeding so and so” “look at so and so in their enclosure” why can you at least upload a video at least 1 every month before claiming to be back on track and successful

No. 838454

Holy crap, her pupils are MASSIVE. She’s gotta be on uppers, those are way bigger than they’d look even in shitty bedroom lighting.

No. 838457

Well, she did conveniently tweet about how people think she’s still using heroin instead of saying people think she’s still using drugs. Probably back on meth or maybe even coke after her recent tweets bragging about how she was the biggest cokehead ever before the heroin

No. 838473

Literally what success? You successfully took a shower today? Didn't murder any pets? Good job sis!

No. 838475

oh god, I'm on mobile and before I expanded the thumbnail I legit thought she was holding a syringe

No. 838478

Jesus christ her eyes are empty as fuck. That bitch is depressed and high at once

No. 838480

IMO she’s still very very obsessed with drugs because she can’t stop talking about therapy, recovery, relapse, drugs.

She doesn’t even talk about her pets or family that much. It reminds me so much of ED recovery accounts who can’t stop obsessing over food, fear foods, recovery, comparison pics, weight gained, etc. It’s obvious to anyone but themselves that they’re still very much not recovered because a healthy mind doesn’t gravitate towards those topics 24/7.

Absolutely. Once you’re out of that lifestyle and develop proper hobbies you just distance yourself from that past lifestyle, especially since there’s nothing cool or glamorous about drugs except from the eyes of other drugs addicts.

No. 838486

>"go get more whataburger fries mommy!"
>the odour is beginning to build up, mommy better clean the animal cages tonight
>too tired to shower again, it's been three weeks now
>busy day of color coordinating the bedroom wall
>mommy better be out of the house by five when the dealer comes
>phone beeps, someone's posted in the TND hashtag again
>better go show these meanies how pathetic they are
>"I'm successful"

No. 838490

This wouldn’t be hard to do unless she doesn’t take care of her pets. And she doesn’t. So she won’t do this.

No. 838491

HER EYES LITERALLY look like mine when the eye doctor dilated them with special eye drops for my eye exam. I had to wear sunglasses while going outside. Her eyes are literally the same size as mine with special drops. Like who is she fooling

No. 838492

I thought this was a syringe too at first I think that’s what she was going for. So quirky

No. 838493

Also I forgot to add I NEVER speculate about dilated eyes. Because I think is retarded. But this is a fact. Her eyes are extremely dilated that it just blew me away. Like are you joking?

No. 838497

She bought herself the bracelet. He could never afford that shit lol he just tried to flex on it too by adding a video of the purchase to his story. No idea about the ring.

No. 838500

all her new "cartier" jewelry since the Jonny era been fake af. The clou bracelet was an obvious fake as they've never had the diamonds arranged where she had the rhinestones on hers - single line of stones and on the part of the band by your inner wrist. The one model where diamonds do go around the full band has multiple rows and obviously she's not that rich. So I am certain this ring is just as fake and she's just trying to fLeX on tHe HaTeRz and failing.

lmao too good

I always think of this when she posts selfies. Especially when she takes thirst traps in the common areas of the house. I can just see someone walking in on her lmao. My fave was the hot pink lace dress with the wig; what a mess!

No. 838511

Had a pretty rough day today at work (mainly feeling I m might not good at my job) but this post from the narc queen made my day! Lmao. Thanks tay and your lack of self-awareness!

No. 838518

File: 1622496486751.jpeg (521.97 KB, 1125x1636, 2B6FA3CC-DD59-4B7E-9F96-B7201C…)

i was browsing through the #taylornicoledean hashtag on twitter and died laughing at the comments under this video. she's obviously tryna do the whole pornstar blow job face thing again but instead of nailing "sexy" everyone is calling it "meth mouth" kek

No. 838532

Dinner plates. Straight up amphetamine abuse

No. 838545

Lol she deleted this

No. 838552

Seems like she’s doing meth or molly (which is basically meth lite). She keeps using super ambiguous statements like “I can’t believe people still think I’m on heroin” and she’s been posting all night until like 6am and complaining about how she’s super tired but can’t sleep. Also her face is starting to look slightly sunken in.

No. 838553

I love twitter anons who update us on when tweets get deleted, funny every time. She comes out swinging her dick about how she's totally sober and then backtracks as soon as she sobers up for real.

No. 838555

She’s definitely not doing molly, at least not for multiple days in a row. Tolerance builds incredibly quickly and if you do it too much it will stop working completely (and leave you quite literally e-tarded because it’s neurotoxic.) She’s probably just tweaking.

No. 838561

Lmao I'm late on this but I'm honored that she focused in on my comment enough to defend herself publicly. Beautiful

No. 838562

She definitely sobered up and realized living at home, unemployed, with your mommy cleaning up after you is nobody’s idea of success

No. 838573

Nah, she's probably getting annoyed or too lazy to tried to pretend she isn't doing drugs so wants to move out to get high like the old days.

No. 838574

File: 1622521741729.png (321.5 KB, 1242x2208, 8E94383E-FBBF-4ECB-96E0-6EC8B6…)

Any bets?

No. 838575

She brushed her teeth for the first time in two weeks?

No. 838577

going off her other announcements, nothing. imagine making an announcement about having a cool announcement tomorrow.

No. 838578

mdma is just crack for people who grew up in a comfortable, stable, middle class family

No. 838586

It’s officially been half a year since she said she would return to youtube and she still hasn’t done anything

No. 838589

File: 1622527715277.jpeg (273.91 KB, 828x979, 7B6D9644-2CD2-462B-9892-C7AC33…)

Will she actually upload this time?? Lmao I m actually really hoping she would upload this time and actually see what insane hat trick she can pull to safe her YT career.

No. 838591

my bet is that she won't upload lmao. tweet gets deleted and if she does upload it's gonna be like choppy weird edits

No. 838596

She’s already setting up to drop it by saying it will be underwhelming. Incoming muh depression or another disappearing act. If she uploads I will idk, donate to a needle exchange or eat my hat or something.

No. 838598

If she uploads I'll frame a picture of her in my room, deadass

No. 838613

"Comeback video." OK, Norma Desmond.

No. 838618

File: 1622553031047.jpeg (387.82 KB, 828x1064, FDAC6C7D-0693-48D6-8BC1-C95137…)

how is she going to afford an apartment if she hasn’t worked in 2 years.. she can’t be making a livable wage off of old videos… correct me if i’m wrong.

No. 838619

I love how she’s suddenly talking about moving out after anons on here and twitter were saying shooting up in your childhood room at 24 is not the definition of “successful”

No. 838622

Atrium House 2: Electric Boogaloo

if it ever happens

No. 838623

She had to go in halfsies on a few purchases with her mom not that long ago. I can’t understand how she has money all of the sudden? Unless she’s selling drugs? I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

No. 838625

Honestly, I have no idea how she's going to find an apartment. Most places require 3x price of rent in monthly salary, background check, and no prior evictions/ failure to pay. Plus, how the fuck is she gonna move 3 cats and 20 plus animals?

> no job, or proof of income

> Well documented heroin addict
> Trashed last apartment
> Turned her last rental into a drug den
> Needs a place that will allow multiple fishtanks / bigass enclosures.

I don't see how she can get an apartment unless she's willing to downgrade her lifestyle. I'm guessing shes been having fights with mama dean and now she's gonna move it with Aggy. That's the only way I can see her getting a place.

No. 838627

if I were her parents, I would subsidize her rent just to get her ass out of the goddamned house

No. 838628

File: 1622560769769.jpeg (524.5 KB, 631x1122, 39552ECF-79AA-4CCC-A69E-D03552…)

I hate how she always post self diagnosing tumblr memes. Like she constantly posts these kind of things. I’ve only seen girls in high school actually post this kind of stuff and every single one of them was like “oh I don’t need a doctor I have web md and these tumblr memes to tell me” Taylor has proven time and time again she just puts these labels on herself. She doesn’t have a primary care doctor, or hers is just retarded. I was diagnosed with bpd, no wait not anymore oh wait now I do again. Omfg my doctors just said Im bipolar now. Oh guys I have severe chronic migraines all the time but I’ll forget to bring those up for a few years till it’s convenient. Oh one of jonnys ex’s said they have CPTSD a few days ago. I was going with ptsd before but I like this one better - hope no one will notice. She didn’t even realize it’s not even technically diagnose-able condition. Like Google some more Taylor if your not going to use real doctors.

For gods sake she ate bread crumbs with Jonny in the blue cooking box video- the only few conditions I might believe she has is gluten intolerant- NOT celiac disease. (Lot of my family have CD) none of us can have gluten. Not there romantic partners not the counter tops, not in the god damn house, not shit, because of how much more sensitive celiac disease is in comparison. There’s been time and time again on video of her being cross contaminated with gluten. Someone who is just gluten intolerant not a huge deal. Someone celiac will be dying. Not literally retard.

One thing I’ve noticed and I’m sorry for sayin I need evidence. But as someone with a few of these conditions. I’ve never seen migraines pills, or ptsd pills, or her talk about ptsd groups (if she starts soon I’ll kms, bc she clearly reads here) I’ve never seen her bpd pills or talk about meds being readjusted. Like because she loves milkin her conditions why doesn’t she milk them ? Why doesn’t she talk about the steps she has to take balancing all these conditions she totally has. Oh wait she doesn’t bc she doesn’t have all these conditions. The only way she can share is with her gay ass memes that don’t mean jack. I’m happy Taylor’s stuck in 2014 highschoolers mind state, where she thinks lying will make her special. None of these things make you special. She’s a wanna be sick girl. A wanna be goth this month. Like for fuck sake stop milkin and be yourself that’s literally what your fans want. None of them give a shit about you being “UwU so sick and fragile” no one believes that shit and fans do less and less the more time goes on. As someone who was a ex-fan fuck you Taylor.

Can someone please read my gay Ted talk and tell me I’m not the only one realizing this ? It’s like the animals all over again. No one calls her out because no one has those animals. Then people that have those animals notice she has a lot of holes in her stories and she is lying about things. The same this I feel like is happening with her medical conditions. People that have been actually diagnosed are calling out her bullshit.(blog)

No. 838629

God if the new video is about her I WILL KILLMYSELF I’ve been waiting since September 4th when she said she would for sure. Also she kept talkin about coming back with a all my pets video. Fuck you taylor. No one gives a fuck about you. Where are the pets ??

No. 838630

Your killing me hahah I can’t wait

No. 838632

It's more than likely she wouldn't be able to with out a cosigner. She has no proof of income, she broke her last lease, I'm not sure if she has credit cards, so I can't say what her fico score is, but her Experian is definitely shit.

No. 838639

File: 1622563749488.png (1.07 MB, 871x1497, Screenshots_2021-06-01-12-06-5…)

Ok so in the last clips she uploaded on her insta her hand is shaking INSANELY badly, no way is she sober. I wish I could figure out how to upload video clips.

Second, wtf is Mama D doing posting this shit on her twitter?? I mean you have a daughter apparently in active recovery so you either don't give a shit about triggering her by waving baggies of brown rocks around or you want ppl to think she is still using and leaving shit around for you to find. God she is a SHIT mother.

No. 838662

She's losing a lot of followers on IG lately. Last time I noticed it was 330k and now down to 326k, seems every time she posts a new pic it decreases lol all she had left was her looks and she's damn well ruined that with her Joe dirt looking ass

No. 838663


they're saladitos, dried salted plums and common in the southwest. still a dick move either way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saladitos

No. 838668

File: 1622580219150.webm (877.73 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_989…)

I got you anon! Her shaking makes me think of a post i saw today taljing about how drugs are being cut with really horrible shit during the pandemic shes clearly doing serious irreversible damage on top of the hep c and constant infections. Also I get famlies of addicts in recovery using dark humour to cope but Taylor isnt in recovery so that makes this 10x more fucked up

Lmao the "idea" of independence so shes not moving she always accidently tells on herself

No. 838669

File: 1622580258511.webm (596.22 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_885…)

No. 838674

File: 1622581127572.png (1.14 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210601-111310~2.p…)

Here is the post about the current state of drugs for anyone interested. I know the cut has always been sketchy but it's especially bad now. I wish taylor would stfu about recovery and mental health "advocacy" in general as she spreads SO much misinformation and is in no position To speak on recovery. She has never changed her toxic behaviour (gaslighting and manipulating) online so I imagine her blaming and excuses are 10x worse in person. She also makes light of relapsing and while yeah it does happen, it should be avoided at all costs. You can die especially if youre an opiate addict and she talks about it like its the equivalent to a teen being caught smoking weed when it really isn't. In fact she shouldnt make any vids where she pretends to know about a subject period. How about "my pets that I pretend to enjoy"? "Me making shitty toxic resin art probably without ppe" "me out with the fam with my titties out #thirsttrap part 4"

No. 838683

Yeahhh I'm a former coke addict and I have those shakes. The difference being I know it looks bad so I don't post vids where it's obvious

No. 838690

I wonder if this means there's a new bro dick on the horizon again? she's never once talked about moving out without having a guy lined up already.

No. 838694

File: 1622593552526.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, A0CE74C4-6754-4C9D-8DF5-606DF6…)

well, the video is edited

No. 838695

File: 1622593578577.jpeg (534 KB, 828x1127, F8936930-E5B7-4EA1-A32A-0B47E5…)

Video coming soon, apparently. I actually think she looks kinda good.

No. 838696

File: 1622594249528.jpeg (201.59 KB, 2054x1496, 24C1BD10-A5F9-4BB5-8327-413359…)

I think you dropped these anon.

No. 838697

Did you got bleach on your eyes, anon?
Also probably just sitting there talking about why she disappeared or smt
If it's even a video or uploaded

No. 838698

Can some better anons remind me of whether or not she’d dyed her hair prior to talking about the new video?

No. 838699

Hilarious how, now that she actually has a video recorded and edited, she's posting pictures of the footage for the first time. She really can't make it any more obvious that she was lying all those other times when she said she she was gonna upload something.

No. 838701

Why does this bitch apparently always have busted phones/computers or no internet? I don’t understand why she lies about this shit lol

No. 838703

when she waves her hand she has those red marks on her thumb/palm I've always thought she shoots up in her hands/palms in those tiny veins because she can't seems to hit any that aren't super visible. How else is she getting tiny intense bruising right where there are veins on her hands? That shit has to hurt. Lol if she thinks that is hiding it she's dumb.

also why didn't she just post the damn vid? I like how her phone is only broken when it comes to posting animals and updates. It works great for thirst traps though! She is still using her phone from like 2017 which suggests to me that she is BROKE like completely broke because she has whined about this "broken" phone for months. Why hasn't she updated it? Even old people who don't keep up with tech have newer phones than her. She's really starting to live that broke junkie lifestyle she claimed to have when she went to rehab the first time lol

No. 838705

More than likely, she's gonna ghost again. Then pop back up in a month and a half when some big event happens (to make it all about her.)

No. 838707

There's no video. We would have seen snippits and brags about it all day. She's doing the same thing she did at new year – drumming up clicks on her old stuff, and will only ghost everyone. Why announce a day and time of posting and not just post the damn thing? Because she's trying to create hype for something that isn't there. She must need money for her big "move."

No. 838708

I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she might have filmed a video. God if she did film and it does get uploaded and actually exists this time. I hope it’s not about her or drugs. Please don’t make a video about yourself or god damn drugs. Make a video about pets. That simple.

No. 838710

I enjoy the sarcasm

No. 838711

>She didn’t even realize it’s not even technically diagnose-able condition

No. 838712

Decide a date lol ? Why not just upload it now. For gods sake she said she has shitty internet. Everyone knows how YouTube works. You can unload it rn, so then you just have to make it public. Like you can make a video public in the most shitty internet. So why doesn’t she upload it rn, so she doesn’t have to be like the day of “it’s not working guys lol might as well never upload it”

No. 838715

1 video isn't going to solve her problems. She needs to actually put effort into making regular content again for YT instead of posting thirst traps all day.

Her career and appeal is gone. Honestly what else can she do now? She already has a shitton of animals. Heroin addicts are not advertiser friendly and I think she's in for a rude awakening.

100% think this is just to milk her old videos, she'll promise stuff later but it'll just turn into nothing again.

No. 838716

I honestly believe she’s going to upload this time but only because she needs money. I think everyone on Twitter bashing her about being ‘successful’ was a wake up call and now she wants to move out and do more independent things but doesn’t have the money to, so she gotta get that ad revenue.

No. 838719

I remember @simplynailogical saying that the best advice she got was that you have 3 good years to make money on youtube and that's it and that you need to plan to pivot or change careers after because it's rare to make it big (as that creator was actually able to do however she also started a great nail company). I always think of that when it comes to Taylor. I agree she's in for a really rude awakening; Her core audience has had more than enough time to move on and forget her.

However Aggy is doing only fans last I checked on him so maybe she could move out with him and they could make some content because that's the only way posting thirst traps is going to make her money.

No. 838721

File: 1622605199166.webm (1.56 MB, 1280x720, gJl5brDiaJv4Q2uM.webm)

here's the video

No. 838722

Would not be surprised if that happened.

No. 838723

This is not good at all

No. 838724


what's with the 14 year old holds spork RAWR i am randumm!!! bullshit? this is fucking cringe. a grown-ass suburban white woman acting this way, looking like a damn clown, is just too much. she needs to be sent to the fields.

No. 838725

Welp, this is all the proof I need that she's still using, like, all kinds of drugs, jfc

No. 838732

God why the hell is she look like James Charles in 2018. Her face has yellow foundation and her skin is pasty if you look at her arms / shoulders. I know I’m petty, but it’s so off.

No. 838736


not to derail but this is in vancouver while she's in texas. 880 hastings street is in downtown east hastings while she's living in san antonio. it is not the same.

No. 838738


why tf do all generic youtubers use that same dumbass editing style with the inflating the face. pick something original

No. 838755

I love how she can't upload a clip without 7 random defensive excuses that no one cares about. Not even the video. Just a clip. The DRAMA.

No. 838756

it’s already off her yt, anybody save it?

No. 838759

anon you replied to the video.

No. 838763

Jesus christ. This is the "cutesy skit" you put up at the beginning of a longer video to quickly explain your absence before moving on to the real video. I can't believe she spent like 2 days hyping up this video when it's 13 seconds long.

My tinfoil for a while has been that her mom has been pressuring her to start making money again, and she's doing this half ass YouTube shit instead of getting a real job. She had a job when YouTube took off right? Working at a pet store? Or am I misremembering? I know plenty of anons think she's rich because she shows off so much tacky bullshit, but any purchase over $100 in the past few months she's had to split the bill with her mom.

No. 838764

Anon, are you illiterate? This isn't the whole video.

No. 838773

My bad, I thought she just posted a screenshot to twitter. Didn't notice the timestamping on the cap of her tweet.

Releasing this as a trailer is even stranger, she hasn't even returned to YouTube yet. Why would you post a teaser clip talking about how you're finally ready to make a return, when you're reluctant to even tell people when the rest of the video is releasing?

No. 838777

It's just more baiting for views, that and she's just pinging for attention. She just wants to retweet all the "so proud gurl", "omg so strong" bullshit.

She's a narc and an attention fiend so it isn't really that surprising. She's evaluating what she should say, and how should act based on peoples reactions on twitter. If people are still angry, she'll change the video to; so sad, so depressed uwu. If people are happy, she'll continue acting like a tumblr clown "OMG sober life is sooo hard LMAO".

It's just layers, and layers of insecurity that prevent her from making any immediate decision.

No. 838782

File: 1622661086107.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, F12A7E29-89E0-44CF-92D6-1115E3…)

The contour is terrible and not blended. The highlighter on her nose is not blended.

Her tits were in face tune. Like why did she blow up her tits, but didn’t fix up her face more.

No. 838783

Omfg you can see where the shirt and the skin morphed colors on her right breast

No. 838784

File: 1622661567154.jpeg (492.03 KB, 750x1204, 4EF9D1BC-8A62-43BC-AAE9-2DC69E…)

I’m so confused my internet cost $75 a month and it’s great. Why doesn’t she just hook up her pc to the router with a ethernet cable ? Why doesn’t she pay for some new internet supplier. Like she can drop $125 a month for her job.

She has like what “6” computers and wants to be the streaming queen but can’t do something like this ?

Also she keeps acting like youtube you jus upload the video. You upload and yes you can keep uploading it for 24 hours straight if your internet is literally garbage I know bc I’ve done it with shit internet. Then AFTER it uploaded THEN you make the video public. So I’m so confused bc to make it public you only click a button. You don’t need this ultra special internet for it.

No. 838788

Her boobs were edited into a giant uniboob. This is exactly what I expect from her at this point lmao

No. 838791

This. I know everyone’s tits are different but there’s usually a little more separation than that. It’s funny she’s always trying to make it seem like she has these big tits when we know from Jonny posting her nudes that she can cover them both with one hand.

No. 838802

her mom posted a 17min vid 3 days ago just fine so like usual taylor is full of shit and I don't think there will be a vid I think she just filmed that while taking her usual thirst trap post haircut selfies. Sad that she only is clean enough/decent looking enough for pics when she goes to the salon.

lmao same. I like how she made her arm anorexic skinny and her wrist looks like it blends into her boobs right where her bracelet is; she clearly struggled with that area.

it also looks like her nostril piercings' seriously migrating/rejecting and maybe still has the bump? lol. That's what she gets for changing the jewelry too soon and then putting the nose chain that turned her nose green while it was still healing. She always sabotages herself with everything she does.

No. 838809

File: 1622667374463.jpg (72.01 KB, 696x715, 1000x665158-e1407514016614_155…)

Oh yeah she's doing some drugs on some tinfoil look how black her fingers .tin foil gets black and they touch on it and their fingers get stained. Can you imagine she's getting high smoking it and her parents house with all the animals there that's a fucking shame.

No. 838816

Oh shit you might be right
I feel like she doesn't know how to shoot up so it would make way more sense if she was smoking H that way

No. 838818

I knew I recognized those black marks on her fingers! My ex always had em. But smoking it leaves a very distinct odor, not even a room full of animals and litterboxes would cover that smell.

No. 838823

Holy shit I think you may be right. Sober (from heroin), just moved onto meth instead.

I mean a bathroom fan and febreeze would explain it. Also easy to hide stuff in a personal bathroom.

Could also be "detoxing" cause she isn't "injecting it". Doesn't leave trackmarks either. But I think this latest saga is meth fueled not heroin.

No. 838826

I think her chest is a insecurity of hers. She always does that thing, where she pushes her tits together and leans forward in selfies to make them look bigger.
Like in this pic >>838441 and then in other pictures >>835354 it looks like her boobs just disappeared.

No. 838833

You can smoke heroin in the same way, could be either

No. 838834

Yea that and her Stephen King mouth. Her lips were small, but now they're freakishly over defined.

She just comes off so trashy and tacky these days.

No. 838849

omg now that you mention it it would make total sense! Disgusting because you can definitely smell it and that means her parents really don't care about her using in their home. Makes me think of a couple really twisted episodes of intervention where they think there kid is somehow safer because of it just because they might find her sooner if she ods. If she's smoking in her room (lbr she's too lazy to go in a bathroom and I do think I've seen foil in the background of some pics on her bookcase) then the cats and reptiles are probably getting a contact high. I've even seen addicts who smokes' pets get addicted and run up to inhale every exhale from their owner. Super fucked up shit.

jonny did used to always consider himself "sober" if he didn't inject. Looks like she's still following his lead lmao

No. 838851

File: 1622674634537.png (14.3 KB, 460x157, dragon.PNG)

sorry to samefag but going through her mom's twitter! lol I wonder if it's about tay smoking in the house. They're fucked up

No. 838853

File: 1622674815264.png (109.37 KB, 600x500, toxicwaste.PNG)

More mama being a toxic narc. Saying she has to know her weaknesses as if Taylor being called out for being unsuccessful was a good thing lol. She's really out here dissing her daughter on twitter knowing the "haters" check her twitter I'd lose my shit if my mom did that and would've gone no contact long ago but I guess when you need a free place to crash with a zookeeper.

No. 838855

What if it’s eye shadow ? I doubt it bc hers looks like a dark brow eye shadow with eyeliner and the stuff on her hands is black. Also who doesn’t wash their hands after applying makeup ?

No. 838856

Honestly it’s kinda sad I think point seeing these selfies I’m starting to feel bad. She is just at her house walking around and taking photos after getting all dressed up. Then taking off the makeup and fancy clothes and going back into her room. Like she never does anything. Doesn’t she have friends ? Or a life ? Like damn. It’s just oh I got ready to take a selfie. Now let’s go to the living room. flash okay back to bed.

There’s no way her animals are being cared for if she can’t even take care of herself or do shit with her life. I know she’s a addict and that sucks but she’s not the only one and it’s time for her to wake the fuck up and look at how pathetic her life is and she is still aging. Youtube will NOT last forever. Her mom is crazy for letting her keep up this lifestyle.

No. 838865

This passive aggressive shit pretty much confirms to me her and Taylor are fighting. There's probably so much drama at that house it's insane.

I think Taylor stays away from the house as much as she can. She is either in her room or out with Aggy and druggy friends. 100% agree about the animals, can't get up to piss, but animals are in flawless conditions…

No. 838871

It's eyeshadow the same way her trackmarks were just pet scratches and her EDS. Eventually these photos will be the "before" in her "before/after recovery!" posts a year from now.

No. 838875

File: 1622687186448.png (3.47 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210228-231427.png)

aggy and a bunch of those guys moved to austin. Idk if they moved back to SA since but she's not hanging out with them. And the the last time she posted about the goth girl she called her bff it sounded like she was dead (picrel). I really don't think she's hanging out with anyone unless it's a new bro dick but even then I have my doubts if she's as depressed as she claims (one of the few things I'm inclined to believe) then there's no way she has the energy to hang out with anyone. Copping drugs is one thing but hanging out is another

No. 838876

Literally this. Remember when everyone was commenting on her huge amount of fresh track marks in the pictures she posted after she split dyed her hair and she gaslit every single one of them, then like a few weeks ago subtly admitted she was using during that time. She’s definitely gunna tell on herself In a few months.

No. 838877

She posted selfies so the likelihood of there being a video this time is high. The likelihood of her being embarrassingly fucked up during the video is also high. Who knows when she'll actually post it though, her "my wifi sucks" excuse is because she didn't edit yet

No. 838922

How do you handle heroin to the the point where your palms are black? She's smoking out of her hand? The black stuff on her fingers looks weird sure, but it's is all over her palm, forearm and cheek.

She's wearing black lipstick and in the video she was touching her face a lot. That's my theory. More likely she took Vicky-tier thirst trap pics, where she's sucking on her fingers and it's lipstick transfer imo.

Also this photo is very clearly super edited to the point where she doesnt have cleavage, so it might just be the app fucking up. Most of the dark spots are near her dark hair.

I'm all for holding Tay accountable, but if she's been injecting heroin for like 2 years, I don't see why she'd switch to smoking it now. It's more obvious to those around you, and it's a waste of drugs because it's less effective than IV. If she still has trackmarks, why would she be taking it IV and smoking it at the same time?

No. 838925

She deleted her retweets of people praising her for uploading

No. 838928

She has never known how to properly inject heroin though, she mostly muscles it. Jonny used to do it for her and I don't think she ever properly learned to do it herself, so it'd make sense for her to smoke it since it's a lot easier.

No. 838929

The lighter on the underside of the foil leaves char marks on the foil that easily comes off on fingers
You're right though it could be her lipstick too

No. 838933

Dont think is lipstick since she doesn't look smudge and it's over her nails, where you hold the foil and use the lighter

No. 838937

At first I thought ehhhh she might have made a video. But right when she started to talk about internet issues (even though her mom posts long videos constantly on the same severe and I can name a million ways to improve your internet) I knew she didn’t film a full video and was just goin to end up ghosting

I’d be shocked if she uploaded I feel dumb, for believing in her for a second

No. 838943

As a smoker it definitely looks like ash or eyeshadow. Lipstick the type she is wearing doesn’t come off like that

No. 838947

she keeps getting more and more unsure of her upload time. She went from super excited “finally a new video tomorrow!” To “maybe tomorrow idk my wifis bad” to “I’ll have to pick a date to upload”. If her wifi is actually bad the later she uploads it the longer it’s going to take to go live, she said she already edited it so what’s she waiting for.

No. 838962

Because meth, not heroin. She's "sober from heroin" remember?

No. 838972

File: 1622758909655.jpg (39.36 KB, 1080x222, 20210604_002211.jpg)

No. 838974


No. 838975

File: 1622760922282.png (2.21 MB, 1170x2532, DF6B7596-658E-403B-BCC0-EE2170…)

No. 838976

File: 1622761129509.jpg (18.13 KB, 474x266, milk.jpg)

Finally some fucking milk.

No. 838982

File: 1622763980307.png (2.86 MB, 1170x2532, E8DF9E97-9487-4346-9D2B-B5334B…)

No. 838986

Is anyone going to stream it?

No. 838988

File: 1622766061094.png (152.39 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_20210604-032019.png)

I can't believe this is happening

No. 838989

how long do yall think the video will be

No. 838990

For it first staying it was taking over an hour to upload I’d guess 20-30 minutes but that’s also some high hopes

No. 838991

File: 1622766615714.png (5.03 MB, 1170x2532, 073FD372-66F7-4EF3-A0E5-CCBA71…)

No. 838993

and it’s here. I bet she will copy Kurtis Conner or whatever his name is somehow

No. 838994

No. 838995

It’s literally just her ranting about herself for 45 minutes.

No. 838996

File: 1622766936748.jpeg (533.6 KB, 1242x1003, 2089AC97-C426-45FE-8E91-C225A2…)

She changed the title of her video about her aBuSe recently it seems

No. 838997

Her eyes are so glossy in the video. Like she looks like she smoked pot. Maybe I’m crazy but we’re looking the same girllll

No. 838998

Of course it is. That's what all of her content has been for like 3 years.

No. 839001

File: 1622767187813.png (864.67 KB, 750x1334, C4FD242F-911D-450C-AD0B-975EB8…)

She said these are here video attempts, but over half of them are just her taking selfies. Like what ??

No. 839002

yeah im not watching 45 mins of this lmfao just downvote and move onnnnn where the fuck are her animals

No. 839003

I hope her "hater callout" she's been promising for a year is in this video

No. 839005

File: 1622767411377.png (3.56 MB, 1334x750, 3A9966DE-3DAB-4F52-9B5A-F3DD32…)

How many times has she changed her diagnosis now? Her talking about mental health when she lies about having disorders is so infuriating.

No. 839006

7,000 views within minutes she has some stans for sure

No. 839007

and the comments

No. 839008

I’m 11 mins in and the track marks on her hand are VERY noticeable once she starts getting into talking and waving them around. It also looks like she put makeup on the ones on her shoulder and that shitty dagger chest tattoo? Like the tattoo looks super faded so if it’s NOT makeup that’s a big yikes

No. 839010

45 minutes of narc ranting. of course.
If anyone with too much time on their hands could write a quick summary that would be great.

No. 839011

How is that even possible ? c-ptsd. oh wait it's not. Anyone in the medical field can tell you that. Taylor outs her own lies. Can't be diagnosed with something that is not recognized in the untied states.

No. 839012

I've waited for a new video for so long that I legitimately forgot how annoying it is to listen to her talk about herself nonstop. Sheesh.

No. 839014

File: 1622768036118.png (743.39 KB, 1170x2532, 3DDB10D4-4908-4924-9EF6-CF2187…)

Yikes at the amount of tweets and deletes

No. 839015

The way she can only repeat stories of her life 2 years ago on every form of social media because she hasn't done anything other than sit on her ass all day has to get boring to her followers at some point

No. 839016

well those were the only 3 videos she released in almost 3 years lmao of course it stuck

No. 839017

File: 1622768507333.png (3.59 MB, 1334x750, BA39E712-ED6C-4888-BFDD-C5096C…)

I 100% thinks she’s still using but her hand marks actually look months old at least. I can’t speak for her shoulder though because she’s covered her whole upper body in foundation.

No. 839019

Why is she talking about 2017??? Bitch, where you been?

No. 839021

The self pity. The deflection. The lack of accountability. She's been gone over a year but she didn't seem to change much at all.

No. 839022

File: 1622768944406.jpeg (411.72 KB, 828x927, B0CFAFBE-52C8-4CB0-A59C-95C7F7…)


No. 839023

File: 1622769196256.jpg (666.27 KB, 972x2301, Screenshot_20210603-181258_You…)

Oh but there's more

No. 839024

Fuck me, i'm 10mins in and i'm absolutely disgusted. She really hasn't changed at all, she's just a washed up junkie and nothing more.

She never once says sorry.

No. 839026

Wow. She’s really going to say she spent this year alone. Like she didn’t go to that wedding and to maskless video shoots with Aggy.

No. 839028

Okay I watched the entire thing, literally 30 mins of it is her talking about the apartment and atrium house and deflecting all of her animal neglect onto anons who were calling the apartment complex/HOA and animal control on her. Then she dipped into the JC saga for 10 mins. She very briefly touched on her most recent relapses and the “heart go boom” thing but literally every single minute of this video was her narc venting about how shitty her life is because of everything and everyone but herself and how she’s been trying to “find” herself again to restart her career.

No. 839031

I’m so confused Taylor said HOA and animal protection her up her ass and at her house with the atrium yet that place was full of needles and the peak of drug use. Wouldn’t they call the cops if animal control saw that ??

No. 839032

Samefag but my favourite part was when she said something along the lines of she didn’t want to post videos while not sober because it was triggering for other addicts… as if she didn’t film while high and covered in track marks in the atrium house, post PICTURES of her track marks and sink full of used needles, and most recently the picture of her face scratched up while on meth with a needle in the background. It’s like she says these things and conveniently forgets she’s already done what she says she doesn’t want to trigger other people with

No. 839033

yea this shit is from 3 years ago, its so pointless now. Taylor is still stuck in the past.

No. 839036

This video is cracking me up. Turns out, this entire time, she actually got kicked out of the atrium house because of mean internet boolies making false reports to the HOA and annoying the SuPeR pReStIgEoUs residents - NOT because she turned it into a filthy, contaminated drug den.

No. 839038

This whole video just confirms she's always on this forum. It's nothing but bitching about "the internet", it's funny how a heroin addict is trying to moralfag.

No. 839039

"Some people really need to get help! Not me though, I was just shit talking you behind your back but I wasn't one of the really bad ones so it's cool" ok.

No. 839040

All I have to say is I don’t believe literally anything she says. She’s proven herself incapable of opening her mouth without a lie coming out. This video alone contradicts so many thing she’s told us before, I guess lying is hard when half the time you’re too high to keep your story straight.

No. 839041

Do you have this pic?

No. 839042

The first time she cries is when she mentions JC and says "I felt like I was replaced and thrown out and like my feelings didn't matter anymore" This is after calling him abusive multiple times.

No. 839043

File: 1622770596471.jpeg (98.17 KB, 545x306, B2791AA6-D5F0-41A0-B59A-69CB7F…)

One word. Hedgehogs…

No. 839044

yea cause she was. She can't handle that jonny played her hard.

No. 839045

I know she is talking about the forum left and right. I feel like this video was for us more then anyone. All her fans want is the pets.

No. 839047

Video is so boring, dumb bitch is just rambling about nothing again. Made it about two minutes in and realized it was a waste of my time

No. 839048

File: 1622770920880.jpeg (1002.17 KB, 2812x2318, ABC3CBAB-3081-4AF5-9AAB-758FB7…)

She uploaded on Instagram to promote her new video

No. 839049

File: 1622771074478.jpeg (642.13 KB, 2048x2048, D2410B16-128D-4DAE-897F-73E7EF…)

No. 839051

It's Jonny's fault she's an addict, it's our fault she relapse(s), it's our fault her animals suffer, it's our fault she hates herself, it's covid's fault she was depressed. But she's okay now. Her pets are great, no need to show them though. There's your update!

No. 839052

Ok but I was under the impression her popularity came from the animal content and everything around it, do people really care about her life and her non-existent personality to sit through this? I think not but I could be wrong.

No. 839053

wow you sure showed the haturs taylor. I guess enough people were waking up to her bullshit (she’s been haemorrhaging followers for a while now) that she felt the need to make this video for damage control. I’ll be very surprised if we see another video from her this year.

god em is such a disgusting pathetic cow.

No. 839054

Girl needs to hit the gym damn look at those flabby arms

No. 839055

Em is that you?

No. 839056

So many comments are just like "omg we missed you so much queen so glad you're okay heart emoji heart emoji" so idk man. She'll probably always have simple impressionable tween fans.

No. 839057

Nah just an anon with eyes

No. 839058

Hey now you should know by now nothing is Taylor’s fault. It’s her moms, ours, the breeders, the vet, her pregnant friend choose the monitor for christ’s sake .

No. 839059

don't worry anon her big advertising buck days are over.

No. 839060

she looks like Jean Smart in Hacks (fantastic show, worth the time to watch)
Jean Smart is 69 years old

No. 839061

I'm baffled this is the look she chose to make a comeback playing the victim. You'd think she'd try to look more wholesome or something and not like, well, a drug addict.

No. 839062

God the legs tattoos don’t fit whatsoever she needs to cover them up please for the love of god

No. 839063

File: 1622772913198.jpeg (144.93 KB, 702x1188, EA6E3013-9812-4AC7-B00B-4E1E37…)

Damn girl. Atleast try not to be obvious about it.

No. 839064

File: 1622772949567.jpeg (168.18 KB, 750x1362, CAFDEC68-F20A-4A50-9644-E1EF91…)

Sorry I had to post in parts. It doesn’t let me upload multiple pictures.

No. 839065

File: 1622773098665.jpeg (133.02 KB, 750x1290, 1A9095B4-A391-48C2-860B-C72E66…)

Last one. If you look at every photo in her new post dump, you can see literally the chair is a different shape in each photo.

You think that since she’s been photoshopping herself for so long, she’d at least be good at it

No. 839067

Another anon recently pointed out her tit was morphing into her arm in this same photo set, I can’t believe we missed this obvious mess lmao

No. 839068

Yeah it was obvious. Like girl stop photoshopping your body and start on your face

Her looks drugged up but only cares about her tits and ass size

I think she will start a onlyfans by the end of 2022 with poorly photoshopped breasts and more !

No. 839069

How dare you anon! That's clearly her phone messing up, her SIM card was broken, her camera has EDS, her wifi sucks so when she uploaded the photo it got warped, and the haters hacked her app and edited the photo.

No. 839072

I can’t wait for these excuses for if / when she has a fansonly

No. 839074

Weird, I'm watching the video rn and it seems like it's mostly about lolcow, or at least the concept of organized "haters" continually harassing her. She claims that people have called animal control on her for years and that got her kicked out her last 2 homes

No. 839076

Yeah I know she changed her story. I don’t think anyone on the forums would go that far. Maybe that crazy fat girl that was obsessed with Jonny ? I don’t believe it because she always changes her stories

No. 839077

Yeah us haters are totally the reason she got evicted… definitely had nothing to do with this >>839049

No. 839078

Literally the whole video is about lolcow. I don’t think her fans care about this. All comments are like “I’m so sorry you were harassed” but she was the one looking into the comments and haterzzz and shit. I doubt anyone called animal control after the small two bedroom apartment. I believe someone did once. But as someone who works with a apartment as a manager no one would get evicted over this. You can evict someone for being harassed if anything you contact the police. Managers are liable if they kick you for such a shitty reason.

No. 839079

You can really see how ginormous her head is in the second picture kek

No. 839080

I meant “you can’t evict someone for being harassed” like is not possible or legal

No. 839081

The fact that she took those photos to show later still blows my mind. You can't tell me she's not in her element when she's suffering for an audience. Messy as hell.

No. 839082

She said she was done making pet care videos around 24:14

Thank fucking god

She said it’s bc she is sick of the haters and not bc her pet care is bad

No. 839084

I'm gonna hold off searching for it for a while and see if YouTube still recommends her videos to people who watch a fair amount of animal husbandry content. or even drama/commentary which is probably what she'd like to be seen as now, but she has nothing to talk about besides herself. she won't ever go back to regular animal content now that she's made it to her favorite topic, herself

No. 839085

She also said her how-to pet care videos information are… basic knowledge. How she paused made me think she was about to say ; what she found on Google. Bc every quote she has in those videos are the first few articles about those so and so animals on google

No. 839086

What the hell is she planning to do with her channel now, then? She can't vlog because she doesn't do anything but sit at home, she can't make commentary videos because she isn't funny and doesn't have a good personality, she can't stream or make gaming videos because she's too flaky to uphold a proper schedule, etc. Is she going to go back to making "educational" videos about drug addiction kek?

No. 839088

I think she just means like she won’t tell people how to take care of their animals, and she will be drifting towards new content. Probs still show off her pets from time to time

No. 839089

As a veteran on the threads, a lot of people used to call animal control on her here, actually, mostly after she leaked her own adress on the first apartment. Idk if the same people just kept doing it after she moved to the Atrium house or whatever but they stopped posting about it bc it's a form of cowtipping and against the board rules.

She's perpetually stuck in 2017, and her 'humor' from that sneak peak is just peak 2017 YouTuber. It just can't last on the current landscape, specially now that ads pay even less and she's prob going to not get promoted by Youtube anymore

No. 839092

File: 1622777877702.jpeg (83.31 KB, 750x287, BFFF3FA5-B88C-4C12-A1E8-E14DEF…)

I think she will start fans only soon. Because that’s the new body positivity.

No. 839093

Taylor is a cow who lies and stretches the truth all the time but this did happen as she explained in her video. The old management at the complex had no real issue with her or her animals, but we’re annoyed at the people doxxing, falsely calling animal control, and posing as residents to file made up complaints.

No. 839094

didn't waste my time watching the dirty junkie's video but my favorite part so far is how the em chick apologized for being an anon on lolcow… like more people are gonna probably search up lolcow and find out the real taylor nicole dean KEK

No. 839095

why does she emphasize on how she never showered? it's so gross and disgusting i don't understand her reasoning behind stressing it???!??

No. 839096

I can't believe the amount of lies she spews in this video. I think She honestly believes all the bullshit that comes out of her mouth.

This girl is never going to have the good life again. Her easy money days are over, she's not gonna get a boyfriend, she's never gonna get love or respect until she changes.

No. 839097

Her saying it happened isn't proof it actually happened lmao. I believe people have done it but the idea she got kicked out of anywhere for it is totally fake. She said why she got kicked out of the apartment, her abusive bf punched holes in the wall and they made her pay a biohazard team to clean up all the used needles

No. 839099

Don’t be dumb it’s literally illegal to evict someone because they’re being harassed. sage your retardation.

No. 839101

Her saying it isn't the proof. I literally lived in same complex, and the management she she's talking about told me the same story.

That management was super lax and chill, which is probably why the owner's switch management companies to begin with. The second management was there to clean the place up. Taylor didn't get evicted at all, but the new management probably didn't want to deal with doxxers making fake calls. To them it wasn't worth it to work with a resident who was a junkie youtuber who had a hoard of animals that violated the lease terms to begin with.

No. 839102

If you lived there you can easily prove it with paper work and blur your private information. Don’t come at us with information that you can’t prove to be true.

No. 839103

Oh here come the stans. She got kicked from the apartment johnny punching holes and her own damn mother. Her mom called the office " because he wasn't on the lease". She talks to herself and no one was doxxing she wasn't supposed to have all those fucking animals in her house.

No. 839105

That’s super confusing because that’s not what she said was the reason before. Why did it change now ? Why is the story changing. Please explain

No. 839108

Sage for blog posting.

I’m not retarded, I’m not going to post my leasing docs and dox myself as proof for some anon. Feel free to believe or not believe me, it really makes no difference to me. I’m not here to WK Taylor, she’s just a train wreck I’ve been watching since 2018 when I learned who she was and that lived in the same complex.

Not a Stan, not a fan, not here to defend Taylor. I have no idea if she ever formally got evicted and if so for what the reason. If I were to guess she didn’t get evicted for being harassed, new management wanted her gone being a bad tenant, getting in screaming matches with Johny, and having a hoard of exotic animals that explicitly violated the terms of the lease, just as a lot of people have already speculated

But the doxing and fake calls to the complex did happen according to what I’ve heard the old staff say. And IMO harassing someone like that, especially to someone as pathetic as Taylor is equally if not more pathetic

No. 839110

Either post evidence or stop posting, no one believes you.

She posted a single document showing that she was visited by animal control. Compare that to the +5 clips she showed trying to prove she made an attempt at filming a video. If there was any actual evidence of harassment, she would have posted it all over the internet for victim points by now.

No. 839111

Taylor Nicole Dean new video summary
Thursday June 3rd 2021

> apologizing for being gone

> lol my hair so quirky and relatable
> new mic but doesn’t fit in the space she wanted
> “i’ve been finding every reason possible to not upload”
> filmed “several” videos and inserts a clip (3:20) but didn’t upload due to panic and felt it wasn’t genuine. tried to edit it but was never satisfied)
> didn’t want to upload because she was struggling with addiction
> doesn’t want to make a joke out of recovery by pretending to be in recovery
> didn’t want to record while using and felt it was unfair to do to fans
> all money she made was used to provide for her and animals
> would be a week sober and would try to return but never could
> depression
> summarizing career around 8 min mark
> she moved into an apartment and had shared the floor plan so people found out, got in trouble as people were making “false” reports about her mishandling animals
> career was building fast and didn’t know how to cope
> gets pulled to apartment front office for too many calls and complaints, gets kicked out, but also says she doesn’t get kicked out ? (12:30)
> finds home in dream neighborhood
> was in worst state of her life, abusive relationship, using
> 13:34 she signed a contract saying she was not going to bring in farm animals (said she never talked about this)
> jonny posted gate of neighborhood and people found her house
> agency said she needed to leave by april (doesn’t specify what time it was)
> she was going to fight it and go to court
> hoa meeting in may to speak case
> she’s not glad she didn’t have to deal with the case
> this all happened when she was very sick when trying to get sober
> mama dean took her to rehab
> couldn’t go to court due to being in rehab
> people found her living in austin (lol)
> calls start being made by anons and she got kicked out and went to a hotel (this is not true, she’s previously said she was kicked out for using)
> people found her in a hotel
> she starts believing she’s a bad person due to ~haters~
> assumed that people finding her animal care inadequate meant that she was inadequate (yes taylor this is true. you have a google doc full of dead animals. lol come ON)
> animals are a touchy subject and people get uncomfortable by people caring for them in other ways
> says she will look into tips when people share their animal caring ideas
> she thinks there’s a line and she said it doesn’t mean she’s abusing and killing her pets
> she starts losing herself because of people calling her out
~(yes taylor it’s all our fault you killed your pets and some are overweight or neglected. yes it’s our fault you shared your drug dealers number with underage fans and yes it’s our fault you exposed underage children to misinformation regarding addiction)~
> let every piece of criticism eat away at her
> she says she’s in a better place now and doesn’t engage anymore (that’s because you’ve been high for the last year and a half not using the internet)
> she doesn’t think she’s revolutionary or life-changing
> she happens to love animals and wanted to document her caring for the animals
> didn’t come on youtube to spread knowledge on animals, just wanted to document her love for animals
> wanted to take bits and pieces of what steve irwin did and wanted to include educational parts (so you came on here to spread knowledge)
> didn’t want style to be information on animal care
> believes people boiled down her pet care to abuse and doesn’t feel that it was and it was just different views and approaches

(we’re at 25:33 and basically this has been a gross oversimplification of very valid criticism myself and others have made over quite literally pet abuse and death. tldr; excuses and pussyfooting)

> took her leaving for 1.5 years for her to detach from public expectations

> left because the last thing she posted was about her ex and she wanted a break
> thought jonny craig could’ve changed but didn’t and couldn’t let go of it
> she was diagnosed with complex ptsd and was obsessing over him
> she never got over that role of taking care of him
> is able to build relationships that are healthy now
*talks about leaving the internet at 29 min mark

> doesn’t want to blame other people

> because of the hate and everything her brain broke and she logged off
> logged off because of jonny
> jonny felt like he had won
> crying
> stuck inside after relapse because of covid
> safe place turned into the drugs
> relapsed
> didn’t talk to anyone or shower for weeks
> went back to rehab again
> would try to get better and lost the battle
> started to find her identity because her soul and head wanted different thing
> end of the year had sepsis 4 times
> heart got bad because of EDs but also because of addiction, started wearing heart monitor
> kept relapsing after 5 days
> again not showering for weeks
> she would wake up in the morning to pee and would cry because she had to pee because she didn’t want to get up
> she’s found an outpatient program now for dual diagnoses
> relapses were shorter and shorter
> 6 months into 2021 is finally healthy enough
> it’s still been a struggle to stay clean and sober
> main goal is to start posting again
> more about uploading and trying

> animals are doing great and will make new animal content

> wants to use second channel to explore new topics
> says thanks for people allowing her to find herself again

No. 839112

File: 1622783265376.jpeg (434.1 KB, 949x631, DACB1AED-0BEE-4511-999D-65435E…)

She’s got a lot of bruises on both hands and shoulder. It does appear that she’s added a smoothing filter to the video. Nothing new but worth noting anyways.

No. 839113

I didn't even catch that Em specified lolcow so everybody could look up the Evil Hater Forums for themselves. Very sly.

No. 839114

yeah the whole video was blurry as fuck, clearly attempt to hide all her bruises

Unrelated, she changed the title of her previous video from "my ex was dangerous" to "him.". Even after two years, "him" still refers to JC in her mind, she's still obsessed with him.

No. 839117

The doxxing did happen from her stupidly posting accidentally her first apartment address to people looking listing of houses with atriums and putting together headset's of bedrooms from her sober houses
It got to the point it became almost a rule that anons had to stop doxxing every sober house she moved.

Now back to the point it's kinda funny how good the first apartment managers treat her and she omitted how she in return didn't pay on time, lie about the amount of animals she had (they didn't knew about Kronos if I'm correct), left in the middle of the lease and for the cleaning crew had to move things aroun needles

No. 839119

tbh I don't care if anons here were the reason she got evicted enough, I still think it's cringe as hell that people from here actually did call her apartment or HOA. "but the animals!!!" only goes so far as an excuse to doxx someone as often as this thread did

No. 839120

ok but not even tryna argue but when you go back to that time period, that was when taylor still had the family-friendly nice girl front but she was clearly deep into her addiction her animals were literally frying… i think it's too far ~now~ but remembering that time period before she exposed the caps of the syringes with jonny, i think, was reasonable for all the animal lovers who gravitated towards her videos in the first place

No. 839121

I personally don't blame anons, the doxxing explode after the death of the kitten and only got worse after every pet kept disappearing, but let's not pretend it didn't happen.

No. 839122

The doxing definitely happened and not just here. People on Guru Gossip also posted about calling animal control on her. I do remember her saying she had to leave her first sober living because people found it, but I also remember her posting pictures of herself with Jake in the hotel before that and saying she was going to the hotel during the day because her sober living wanted all the residents out of the house for at least 8 hours a day or something like that.

No. 839123


I had no idea who she was until she got randomly got recommended to me on YouTube, and within the first video I was like, "oh shit that's my complex". Even if she didn't post the floorplan, she made it pretty easy to find out what complex/unit number she was. Same story with the atrium house.

And yeah, she was probably an awful tenant, but tbh not the worse one in the complex. Management was more annoyed that non-residents were calling animal control, trying to "send gifts", trying to report Johnny, etc. By the time the new management took over, it was all new staff and Taylor and Johnny had already turned their apartment into a heroin den, which isn't a cute look if you are also trying to convince your apartment complex to let you keep a hoard of animals that they keeps getting calls from "concerned citizens" about. Even if they didn't formally evict her, they were probably super relieved to see her move out.

And trying to cowtip lolcows in real life is super cringe. Unless you are trying to tip the FBI off to a federal crime or something, it comes across as really obsessive and pathetic.

No. 839124

She also admitted herself in one of her previous sitting and talking about myself for 30+ minutes videos years ago that at that time she was impulsively buying animals and it wasn't healthy behaviour. Her pet care was definitely not great back then and people had legitimate reasons to worry but it's cute how she just brushes that under the rug like she's just the victim. Whatever fits the current narrative I guess. (Doxing is still shitty tho.)

No. 839125

Meh on the whole doxing and animal control thing. She bitched and moaned about having animal control called and complaints filed against her with her apt complex, and said she was going to film with the animal control ppl AND post pics of all the paperwork she got from them giving her props on her amazing animal care. Sh even talked about the hilarious emails from her apt manager laughing at all the dumb reasons ppl complained about her and how one day she would post them for a good laugh. She never did either of those things then deleted the tweets when asked too many times. I call complete bullshit unless proven otherwise, which she apparently could prove…but doesn't.

I think she is has carefully crafted a version of the last few years of her life that deflects blame off herself amd allows her to still think on herself with some pride. She has absolutely tanked her career, her prospects, her reputation, her credit, her finances and her health. She has plastered absolutely embarrassing moments of her life for thousands to see. I think she has to find others to blame for her failures to keep herself from ending it all. I wouldn't blame her either if she stopped keeping helpless animals trapped her her tiny pit of despair.

Anyway, new video was 0/10. Boring, self-serving drivel and no accountability whatsoever.

No. 839126

All that doxing crap happened 3 years ago. Honestly it isn't even relevant anymore, the only reason Taylor brings it up is for victim points.

She never apologies to her fans, she never admits that jonny was a bad choice, she never admits to killing/ replacing animals, lying about rehab, using meth in rehab, never acknowledges how literally everyone on this site called it from the start.

The only reason Taylor is crying is because she was exposed and her lifestyle was ruined. Truth is Taylor did that to herself, I honestly thought she'd improve after jonny, but nah she was always a cuntwaffle.

No. 839129


the doxxing shit that happened isn't even doxxing. if you've been to a place you'll realize where it is without intentionally searching for it. just like how that other anon posted that drug post, i instantly knew it was referring to vancouver. didn't dox anyone. same thing for taylor. wasn't doxxed.

No. 839131

Nah that’s bullshit. I remember people trying to find the hotel based on the pictures, and the sober house from the pool table. That’s not shit you just “know”, it’s straight up doxxing. Not trying to defend her, but doxxing is doxxing, no matter who you do it to.

No. 839132


no people knew it was a hotel because she wanted to fuck brodick and they couldnt do it on campus so she had to go off campus… to a hotel. no one found it from a pool table either. she lied about it in the video. check the threads. no one was calling her rehab.

No. 839133


she lied so much in this video. she said that she had to be removed from rehab not because of the doxxing but because she brought drugs onto the premises of rehab, she brought kratom for someone else thinking it was ok. she also said she treated it like summer camp. she didn't take it seriously, that's why she was removed, not because of doxxing. she can never tell the fucking truth

No. 839139

ty so much for the summary anon.

completely agree. you're falling for a narc's carefully crafted narrative to show her in the best possible light if you believe anything in this video.

well if that's how she justifies drifting away from animal videos, I'm all for it. she can now realise her full potential of being a vapid narc queen. I hope she jumps on the onlyfans train as well - I'm tired of the same old crap since 2017, time for a new storyline, tayter.

No. 839142

So if she's 6+ months sober, howscome she admitted she relapsed during the heart monitor saga?

I'm not even going to entertain the atrium house lies, she has herself contradicted on her own prior videos. Same with the rehab.

Lolcow has the screenshots you dumb bitch.

No. 839147

Nta but I believe you, anon, TND threads back then were a mess with a lot of vendetta-chans just like Em. They would constantly post about calling animal control on her or posing as residents to try to get her evicted even when people pointed out it was against the rules and, like you said, pathetic.
Also OT but thats a really nice apartment complex, anon, good for you lol, I was lowkey jealous of her when she first moved in.

This, I remember she was removed of one of the rehabs she went bc she was abusing the medication they gave her for withdrawal

No. 839172

Show one post that proves that. Clearly making up lies, and of course you agree with your own previous post

No. 839176

I think alot of anons are misunderstanding, she isn't going to stop animal content, she's going to stop "care videos". She's is going to continue to use her animals as props for her "all about me" YT.

She talks 0 about what she has done the last year and a half, because she was on a drug binge. Drugging it up with Aggy and co.

She's so desperate to have a boyfriend again it's pathetic. It shocking the mental gymnastics she goes through to justify she's a good person.

No. 839177

I’m literally a manger at a apartment. You said you USE to live there. You can blur out everything except the apartment complex. Even a bill or anything with just the complexes name printed is eveidence. No doxxing. You can even email a farm hand to prove it instead of posting on the forums. Don’t just come up with shit that is SO easily provable without doxxing.

If I hear doxxing be the excuse for one more thing from a anon or Taylor I will shoot my self

No. 839180

Still no mention of sepsis in her leg and the gazillion abscesses she apparently had. The biggest disappointment. Thought she'd actually address her fucked up behaviour and take accountability for her smackhead ways. Embarassing and I genuinely see this girl sitting on the streets toothless filthy and with a dirty needle in her arm in 10 years still thinking shes cool or somehow attractive bc shes a junkie. Time to to grow up and realise you're a joke Taylor. And that hair and lipstick is so tragic. How is she so delusional to not see how awful she looks? Like not even an iota of self awareness. What a mess. This is what happens when you delude yourself into thinking being a literal crackhead is "cool". Nope taylor. Just pathetic and so embarassing I almost feel sorry for you.

No. 839181

Anyone that doxxed got banned. You arnt suppose to dox, and I doubt anyone here agrees with it.

Also Taylor doxxed herself half the time. Like maybe she should watch what she posts.

No. 839182

She never had them. Her legs would be covered in scars from the 20 hugest abscess.

It’s like how she was never diagnosed with c-ptsd. It’s her new flavor of the month of illnesses

It’s like how two years ago she constantly had “severe migraines”

We won’t hear about her new issue in like six months from now it will change

No. 839184

No one cares about your campfire stories. Talk to a admin and prove it to them privately before you start talking out your ass. Like just leave why do you care what anons think when they won’t believe you

No. 839187

hypocrite cow
im 100% sure em still lurks lmao

No. 839190

I genuinely believe that all these youtubers are just pretending the all be kind shit is just for their own selfish reason, for clot whatnot. But I have to give it to em for being so bold and shameless wanting to be nice to tay given the history and the stuff she posted here. Nobody can flick a switch like that, they are such sociopath its insane..

No. 839191

In regards to the hotel and sober living with the pool table doxxing, those specifically were from twitterfags who either posted their caps here or someone else here found them and did. I specifically remember seeing threads of people searching for the hotel because she and brodick had the gun.

While I’m sure anons in this thread did dox her during the apartment days (I personally wasn’t here yet) the girls on twitter, for example, the fat bitch obsessed with JC, go above and beyond to insert themselves into drama. And I’m sure many of them lurk or fully post here because I’ve seen many caps from here end up on twitter moments later or vice versa.

No. 839196

I doubt TND was ever diagnosed with C-PTSD, but all the people who are like “it’s not a diagnosis that exists in the US” are so dumb
it’s not in the DSM, so US insurance companies won’t pay for treatment related to that diagnosis
private pay providers can diagnose anybody with anything, up to and including “demonic possession”

No. 839202

Tbh I remember the calls happening once or twice according to Taylor at that time. I believe it happened to an extent, but the lie is that she got kicked out of the complex over it when all the reasons you mentioned are closer to what we know actually happened

The second house, the atrium house they left because Johnny went to his dads and Taylor broke the lease to go to rehab right? I don't think calls were the cause of her leaving that house either but she's still presenting it as harassment being the sole reason

No. 839203

Yea it's just sad people fall for this pity party act. It's just adults taking advantage of naïve children for $$$.

Taylor doesn't care about her audience or her animals, she cares about the money and attenshun.

No. 839210

they were behind on the rent in the atrium house at at least one point, because jonny posted texts about that from the owner or rental manager to mock her english as a foreign language
like his numbskull ass has any right to mock

No. 839214


Stfu retard, what do you get out of proof that anon lived there? Move on.

No. 839215

Anons: Taylor talking about 2017 is so embarrassing girl move on
Also anons: the doxxing the doxxing the doxxingTHE DOXXING
Get over it, it was literal years ago and she shouldn’t of been posting pictures with identifying info to her thousands of followers while in rehab. You guys are just making her sound like a victim and that’s exactly what she wants. If anyone cares enough about that go read her old threads and stop posting in this one about stuff that’s been thoroughly discussed.

No. 839216

She’s manipulative as fuck like that. Her goal is to make people feel bad for her because everyone is so mean to her!! Even if people point out legitimate concerns

No. 839221

Because someone made a claim without being able to back it up.

But you are right, I’m the new manager in her old apartment complex. We actually to evict her when she was so high she passed out and shit herself in the hallway. We had to change all the carpets but you can still smell it

No. 839224

Sooo she’s not sober?

No. 839227

Easy, what I get is that she isn’t coming up with shit out her ass. Why should anyone believe a anon with no evidence. If you do believe them, then get back on the short bus.

No. 839229

Yea people seem to forget all the bad shit she did. She's still a pet hoarder, killer, rapist enabler, and all around shitty human being.

She tries to pass it off as "disagreements in care" nah bitch, you literally hoarded animals for clout. She impulse bought animals as props for her YT channel and then ignored them as they slowly died off. Half her snakes are obese FFS, this goes beyond disagreements in care. Not to mention all the other scummy shit when she tried to replace skinks without anyone knowing about it, or ruining a business reputation.

She still acts like she took care of her 20+ animals when she was nodding off, TO THIS DAY mama dean probably does all the work.

It's always "poor me" from Taylor. That's not even touching on Jonny who everyone warned her about from the start. She acts like she's a victim but she obviously knew what she was getting into. She wanted "the experience" and the druggie lifestyle, and now she's trying to say it was against her will.

No. 839230

Don’t forget about throwing Bree under the bus and making up a story about sexual assault.

The only friend she had to back her up with that story was Emma Lynne even though there were many other friends with them at the time. I don’t trust Emma because she has already lied for Taylor. When Taylor’s moon crabs died, and Emma was touring Taylor’s place. Emma posted a photo of the moon crabs saying they were hiding, and fine instead of a video. While they were 100% dead at the time.

Also Taylor harassed the minor though a burner phone after the minor blocked her. The same minor Taylor said abused her animals. Then Taylor rehomed a snake to them. The fact Taylor had direct message groups with underage girls is soooo creepy to me and inappropriate. You shouldn’t be talking to minors as a adult no matter what even as friend IMO. There is nothing you share in common, and she has a influence over them being their idol. If my child was talking to their adult idol through group messages, so many red flags would go off for me.

No. 839242

File: 1622832608222.jpeg (100.09 KB, 545x640, E7D73CCB-F990-4934-9B75-2EC464…)

Providing poof I lived there adds nothing to the conversation, but since y’all won’t stop sperging about it, here is the email residents got about the change in apartment management back in 2019. Taylor literally posted about moving out several weeks later.

Taylor’s clearly not telling the whole truth about WHY the new management didn’t like her, narks are always going to paint themselves as the victims. But the timeline does line up with her claim that the buildings old management was chill with her and new management was not.

No. 839260

Why does this screen shot look badly edited/ glitched in four different spots

No. 839261

Because it’s fake

No. 839270


holy fuck why are you guys sperging about this anon claiming to live there? just don't believe them retards. why are you so fixated on whether this anon lived there or not? who tf cares what they're claiming, just don't believe them.

No. 839272

not showering is a symptom of severe depression. i'm betting she thinks it makes people feel sympathetic towards her rather than just disgusted. she's a perpetual victim, haven't you heard?

No. 839275

File: 1622839702395.jpeg (161.77 KB, 750x1062, 2B6B032F-7C9F-44D4-8939-A5BEA0…)

No offense but mines better then yours

No. 839287


JFC. Don’t know what kind of proof you want if anything posted is just going to deemed fake. Do you want a picture of my signed lease? If I was going to write fake emails to pretend I lived in the same complex of some random lolcow 2 years ago, I would have at least made them more interesting.

Why do you give a shit anyways? Don’t believe me. That’s fine by me, but I have no reason to lie either. Fucking kek.

No. 839289

Why don’t you just let it go ? Like why do you keep going on about it.

No. 839298

File: 1622843402090.png (1.41 MB, 1284x2778, 4DCDCD1B-D7C1-4AAC-A6FC-FD8703…)

Kek I wonder if she was the reason for the “no exotic animals” caveat

No. 839299

I have been waiting for the OnlyFans saga for ages. If she wants to move out that’s probably the only way she can get the income for it since she totally tanked her YouTube and is unemployable thanks to her highly public shenanigans. But hey, if she starts maybe she will finally be able to afford to fix that massive honker of hers.

No. 839300

In the new video 30:47 she says about Jonny “ I felt like I was replaced and thrown out”

Clearly talking about syd and the pregnancy. During the pregnancy Taylor acted like she had no idea, but kept making shady low key tweets about the unborn baby. Sometimes I feel bad for her then I remember all her shitty actions. If she wasn’t such a shit human behind the scenes she might have my sympathy.

No. 839303

I can’t wait to see how bad she will photoshop her naked body if she does start a onlyfans. She’s been using bombshell push-up bras or sometimes just wearing two bras at the same time. Super trashy edited photos that’s are obvious. I don’t know why she wants such big tits. I feel like she thinks it gives her value bc it’s in most of her thumbnails. Like just get a boob job if that’s what you want so badly. I don’t think anything is wrong with wanting big boobies. Just sad trying to sell a fake reality, when it’s so easily obtainable

No. 839307


not to mention that halsey song where she says "i'm so glad i never had a baby with you" and thought halsey was literally speaking to her lmao. she's such a cow

No. 839309

File: 1622847209721.jpg (2.86 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210604_19454979…)

I'm not samefagging if that's what you're implying but here you go, there's actually quite a bit more but I'm on my phone and this is the best collage I can make that is still readable. Yes, she was doxxed and people called in animal control and her apartment complex about it, there's also apparently even a Yelp review (lmao) that clearly a farmer left on the complex. It's all stuff that's on the early /snow/ threads, before she even got promoted to /pt/.
No, Taylor isn't a poor victim of mean anons but this happened and most posters that did it got banned for a reason, now everyone can move on.

Lmao I bet she was actually

No. 839310

File: 1622847367664.jpg (436.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210604-174702_Twi…)

Wonder why she deleted this one

No. 839311

I’m pretty sure it happened on guru gossip too. I believe her but not to the extent she is making it. She did not get evicted over it.

No. 839312

Presumably because her pupils were the size of saucers a few days ago and we commented on it. She’s probably lurking.

No. 839316

god, everyone who's shovelled the cow shit is a fucking retard and should be ashamed.
I still have a hard time believing she got animal control called on her more than once, though.

No. 839317

Lmao looks like she lurked and got her feelings hurt, kinda weird to delete it after a day and 1k+ likes if it’s supposedly not true tho

No. 839319

File: 1622851515871.jpeg (687.02 KB, 2422x2581, 6D096598-F8FA-4AE4-BBA7-83ECED…)

Anyone who’s not brain dead knows pupils don’t naturally get that big. Girls got straight up meth/coke eyes.

No. 839335

Can't make your addiction/your bs recovery story your entire brand and personality then get upset if people think you're showing addict behavior.

No. 839336

File: 1622859360371.png (209.75 KB, 1818x640, Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 10.1…)

No. 839339

This was already posted last night when she first uploaded the video. Unless you’re posting to show that Taylor herself liked the comment, but that’s still not really milky enough to post unsaged with 0 explanation

No. 839346

You guys remember when she was gonna stream and bought all that equipment? She didn't even mention it in the video. Maybe she was so high she forgot she even said she was going to do that lol

No. 839359

thank you anon, I completely forgot about this! I now recall her huge rant about how she was never going show her legs again because she had huge abscess scars all over them from sepsis, and she's now shown them multiple times and they seem to be void of any marks. I guess just add it to her mile long list of lies she cant keep straight.

No. 839361

her ED makes her injection scars last so long, her logic not mine.

But anyways wouldn’t her over 20 large scars covering her legs be you know… covering her legs in scars that last long ?

No. 839364

File: 1622870579095.png (217.71 KB, 385x674, awertetg.PNG)

ah yes taylor just like 2yrs ago when you were posting weekly and dropping followers lol. Having a good response to 1 vid full of lies and excuses is one thing but maintaining it is another. She has never kept a schedule except for when she left that first rehab and that was probably because mama dean made her. Also I'm sure people don't actually want to hear her drone on about herself they always seem to just be hoping she'll finally get back to animal vids.

No. 839368

Silly anon, don’t you remember? Her EDS only exists when it’s convenient for her.

No. 839397


Did anyone catch at around 43mins she says about her pre-youtube life:
>I went from a sheltered girl who had never gone anywhere without her parents, who had never been to a party
>who was working at Petco and had no other social interaction

I thought she had such an addictive personality that she was craving vodka and coke like crazy in her teens after trying them once? Or did that happen on a family trip to Disneyland with her parents' supervision lol

No. 839400

I remember Betsy and her talking about going partying and sneaking off to drink alcohol when they were underage in those super old, messy Facebook posts.

No. 839442

She seems to flip flop between “JC is the reason I ever started using” and “I have such an addictive personality I used to be a coke addict and go on alcohol binges when I was younger” so there’s really no telling what’s the actual truth .. it could be either or neither. It’s worth noting though that JC’s ex band mate said Taylor was the reason Jonny got back into drugs, as he was trying to get sober when they met.

No. 839444

she was talking about coke way before jonny. she has mentioned time and time again she did coke and liquor before jonny got involved in her life.

lately she has been blaming jonny. she always mixes up stories and can’t keep up with her own lies.

No. 839448


>"I talk about suicide and depression."

>"I try to keep it light."

What an eloquent way of saying she talks about everything but what her channel's about and that's animals.

No. 839563

My theory is that if she starts streaming she knows she can’t use her failproof “my computer broke/my internet is too slow” when it comes to uploading content on YT because streaming requires both a good, working computer and decent wifi

No. 839565

If her internet is as bad as she says it is, why doesn’t she just pay for better internet? She still makes some money off her old videos so it’s not like she’s completely broke. Also she’s been making that excuse long before her hiatus when she was constantly blowing money on tattoos, dollskill clothes and shitty resin art on etsy. She definitely had the money back then to get better internet if it was actually that bad, and it would’ve been a priority too since she basically lives online.

No. 839572

or just hook up a ethernet cable to her router. it doesn’t cost like anything at all.

she talks about being a streamer but can’t even do something this easy.

No. 839601

Did she delete her last two videos?

No. 839608

All her “recent” videos are still up as far as I can see. Although she changed the name of her JC video to “him”

No. 839620

Yeah if she can’t even get a cord to be able to upload a single video, she wouldn’t make it streaming. There’s many annoying tech issues that happen constantly. I’m not saying she wouldn’t have viewers, her stans would watch, but her OBS would mess up once and she would quit.

No. 839665

File: 1623094979970.png (12.72 KB, 628x202, lmao.PNG)

Cows; cows never change.

Its just so disgusting how she sees this as improvement. How about upgrading your living situation and getting yourself sober?

The cycle starts again.

No. 839666

File: 1623095078353.png (340.65 KB, 604x703, agg.PNG)

aggy bro is still around too, seems like face tat saga is coming…

No. 839671

oh woah aggy tattoos now??? Sketch.

No. 839678

i’m so exited for the new shitty colored leg tattoos in now-2022. i bet she’s start a only fans soon after she realizes her youtube career as crashed. and she can’t get a job after the ugly tattoos. and she can’t stream because she knows literally nothing and chooses to bail on even internet commitment. i even love tattoos too, but i think hers are so badly done like the women on her arm and the furby, and the god forbidden boo

No. 839679

i need her to get a face tattoo

No. 839680

i support it, it would look so great yess

No. 839693

I mean, Taylor's self esteem is so low she absolutely would let a boy tattoo her eyeballs if she thought it would make him interested. She did heroin for a weak dick.

No. 839702

Her career isn’t dead but it’s certainly declined. Less than 12% of her 1.96 followers have watch the video over four days. That’s 3% viewership on average each day for her huge return, likely less assuming non sub views, so let’s say she is engaging 2% of her fan base each day and that will only decline.
And I doubt half of the people even made it halfway through the video.
It was awful content which has all been repeated before and isn’t likely to attract new followers.

No. 839704

Yes, and she keeps posting it on her IG to get more views. That really sucks, she got over a million when she came back last time. It's almost like people got bored of being lied to and lost interest. Plus we have new train wreck drug addicts like gabbie hanna to entertain us.

No. 839705

and on her twitter. i also noticed on her twitter she is getting less and less like on her posts about drugs and addiction. i don’t blame her fans she’s even becoming a borning cow. like all her personality is drugs now it’s so bland and trashy

No. 839706

she reminds me of gabby hannah i’m so many ways. gabby is being canceled rn. i wonder if taylor will ever be brought to light. they both like to have group chats with their underage fans, have those fans attack people, and municipalities them to do things for her.

No. 839713

File: 1623132580678.png (756.1 KB, 920x516, dumho.png)

back to using animals as accessories.. what a dumb bitch, for real. I think these pics are in very poor taste.

No. 839717

The only thing I find it incredibly damaging with her sharing about her heroin use with her young fan base, like she is treating heroin like a drug that you can come out off and that as long as you work REALLY REALLY HARD, you will be fine where instead the message should be dont ever touch heroin and it should be off limits and you can absolutely die and be found in a ditch. She is still not 100% honest about her recovery and addiction and her being MIA and only pop up when she is “sober” and even with the sepsis and her heart condition, she is still not fully honest about the situation. Any young fans if you are reading this, never ever touch heroin and meth, that is all. Welcome to my ted talk.

No. 839723

Thanks, you can go now.

No. 839732

dude her snake is around her boot that’s not cute and it’s just werid. why does she think her fans want this ?

No. 839733

File: 1623164247350.jpeg (196 KB, 750x827, 7DA86CA4-ECD0-4A0D-8CFB-BA40DB…)

this is a clear lie

No. 839734

they never said i was abuse. they said you weren’t holding the snake properly and you really are not. fuck i love snakes and this bitch is always making up excuses for her shitty habits

No. 839736

File: 1623165458883.png (232.11 KB, 750x1334, 52A5AC90-87CB-4EC5-8CF5-F9EC60…)

more rants about jonny. she tweeted like six long ass tweets about him last night. nothing else just jonny. like let it go he doesn’t even think about you anymore. she will keep looking subs

No. 839738

and if they like to climb and explore so much why do you keep them in racks that makes that impossible

No. 839763

i don’t think racks are a issue if they are big enough, but i know the exact website she got her racks, because that’s where i got mine.

she bought one of the tiny sizes that arnt recommended for ball pythons, but more smaller snakes like : mbk snakes, ks boas, hognoses, milk snakes

i would never house ball pythons or blood pythons in that rack because the measurements are just way to small for such large species

No. 839764

oh my god. This is truly disgusting, make it anymore obvious that your pets are just props to you. I like how she tried to play it off like she was outside playing with him when there's not a single pictures of him actually exploring like she claims. I'm pretty sure she specifically took him out so she could take pictures of her boots and probably put him back right after.

No. 839791

Just like how Kronos totally got into the pond at the atrium house by himself and wasn't panic swimming to get out.
Taylor totally didn't throw him in for views because he wasn't being interesting enough

No. 839804

I was thinking the same thing anon

yea just because she isn't doing animal care videos doesn't mean she's done with her animal channel. It's just going to be about attention and animals as props/possessions. She'll show off her exotic pets for prestige and clout but she won't actually take care of them properly.

She's obsessed with status, it's why she got a ragdoll, chimera snake, rare morphs. She just wants to feel powerful by showing off her hoard. It's just Narcissism at it's finest.

No. 839830

File: 1623211838118.png (46.8 KB, 619x352, poortaylor.png)

And now she's saying she's getting "abuse" for posting that photo.

No. 839831

This is so fucking laughable. That person was clearly complaining about you using your beloved pet snake as a fucking prop and as fashion accessory. The issue isn't that he is wrapped around your leg. Also, the snake isn't climbing up the boot. Look at the photo you can see the snake is looking down at the ground not up like you would expect if he was, you know, looking to climb up to somewhere.

It's pretty fucking obvious that she got out some boots she thought were sexy/goth/whatever and grabbed the snake for an edgy pic. Like who the fuck stands in their backyard wearing boots like that to let their snake explore?

No. 839834

She shouldn't think of it as getting used to so much as coming back to our/her regularly scheduled programing of taylor knows best and everyone is a big ol mean

No. 839835

all they said was she wasn’t handling the snake properly. they never said anything about abuse. she’s the one who just came up with that. she wasn’t handling the snake properly so why is she so mad at some random person just pointing out to fans not to hold your snake like that.

it’s not abuse, just not the brightest thing to do. it’s not even a big deal imo and doesn’t show abuse just some minor mishandling not a huge deal once again. no one said it was abuse and her bringing it up like that just makes her look bad.

No. 839843

Love taking my very expensive snake on a walk in my backyard in my full dollskill egirl getup to take candid photos of them climbing my limbs as I pose casually. Self timer with the flash on btw. Love to love animals. It's basically Steve Irwin behavior.

No. 839848

File: 1623232822492.png (8.62 MB, 1242x2688, 56F873AE-562B-40D3-86ED-CC087C…)


No. 839850

File: 1623232954762.png (8.45 MB, 1242x2688, E094C4BC-E672-453F-AC38-EB5EB9…)

No. 839851

File: 1623233059300.jpeg (468.29 KB, 1000x804, BDA04C53-3DD1-4427-920C-B3532C…)

No. 839855

Recently couldnt get out of bed To pee (probably during withdrawal) or bathe or brush her teeth but she suddenly is cured of such severe depression and able to do it all! While I do still think shes depressed I feel like you have to be when addicted to hard drugs its obvious shes exaggerating. In SURE its just the new iop program /s lol. This productivity is clearly sponsored by drugs. She must be really broke. I look forward to seeing that expensive dental work decay into an expensive bit of dental work

No. 839864

She’s got tackiness down to an art form. That plain white bra under a lacy top. She could’ve just not worn a bra, but gotta make her tits look big. So much effort just to look like a dipshit.

No. 839882

If only her tits were as big as her face.

No. 839886

File: 1623253649657.jpeg (268.47 KB, 750x741, 942E9979-6DA8-450F-BDFA-F0E871…)

she is talking about her homing the new cheese. like why she had a cow fish before and she is a expert right taylor ?

i think he is dead because we have seen this pattern time and tome again

No. 839890

New cheese has def been dead for awhile, honestly I don't think anyone is surprised.

If she can show a pic of new cheese right now I'll take it back, otherwise it's just another lie of hers. All of her animals that go missing are "mysteriously" rehomed. Just like the seahorses which she later admitted started dying off. Or her rats which "mysteriously" died after bragging about long hers lived.

All this "news" happened months ago and she's making it seem like it just happened. The lies are back in full force, it's shocking how much of her own bullshit she believes.

No. 839897

who called out right before the rats she would start “rehoming” certain pets here and there, over the next six months that are clearly dead

i saw quite a few anons call this happening weeks and weeks ago. do we just have many psychics in this forum or what ?

No. 839901

File: 1623260685567.jpeg (332.33 KB, 750x603, E27A0612-DF4A-4A88-9B4A-54A2F2…)

everyone has been freaking out about this model holding living creatures with one hand and not supporting their body, and it reminds me SO much of taylor.

also taylor was talking about the fish Iwrin. not the new cow fish. Iwrin has needed a bigger tank for literally years.

No. 839903

File: 1623261133578.jpeg (548.09 KB, 543x739, CF64B0CA-EA77-462D-ABE3-B6A217…)

speak of the devil she literally just posted these photos right now

No. 839904

at least she isn’t dangling them in the air in these ones and is somewhat close to the bed. still do not support this handling. i bet someone will call this mishandling again and she will scream “everyone’s saying i abuse my pets” even though literally people are just giving good advice

No. 839907

What is the correlation with junkies and hoarding cheap plastic uwu kawaii garbage? If it weren’t for the skink, I would’ve thought this was Luna’s thread.

Trash arrested development aesthetic. Girl you are 25 get on Wayfair and clean your hoard of literal garbage.

No. 839916

omg you guys it’s not abuse when i hold my own prop like this!!!! stop labeling it as abuse!!!!

just as bad as that emrata rat bitch.

No. 839920

>He's just TOO healthy so I have to rehome him

At least make it believable, Taylor.

It's sad how you can spot her "I found the perfect dick!" life stages by the stuff in the background. The Funko Pop era, the edgy girl era, the Furby era..

No. 839948

Is she trying to jump in the whole Cruella de vil bandwagon?

No. 839950

thought the same thing. i think she wants people to start calling her that, so she can be like oh the haterzzz.

No. 839990

She absolutely reminds me of a person you might spot in a trashy trailer park. High, unkempt, in outfits they think are sexy but are actually really unflattering. She must really think she can do the internet as a job forever.

No. 840008


If new cheese is sooo healthy he's outgrown his tank already, she's implicitly admitting that original Cheese was actually stunted in his growth…

And now the story is her "health problems" (cough METH cough) delayed her upgrading the tank, she's admitting she genuinely can't keep up with the needs of her animals in her current state.

but that's all hypothetical because we know that fish has been dead for over a year.

No. 840019

File: 1623347066913.jpg (534.84 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210610_193604_com…)

taylor, please. How does she even come up with stuff like this

No. 840020

when did this bitch ever do photography outside of taking selfies and photoshopping herself

No. 840022

she did some here and there if you’ve been following her since 2014

also everyone she is not talking about rehoming the cow fish. she is talking about her other fish Irwin. he’s needed a 300 gallon tank forever. for years. so if she rehomes him thank god

No. 840023


I mean maybe we'll finally get to see her animals. But taylor being taylor she'll probably have jen drive her to the local zoo

Like I guess she was actually into photography for a time, but it's been years. She has access to a whole private zoo of exotic animals and could easily just start there. But instead she talks about doing it because she's lazy

No. 840048


She didn't actually take this photo did she?

Did she delete this because people were asking when tf she had access to a clouded leopard to shoot in a studio?

Funny a girl content with bragging about bruises and furbies would never bring up that time she photographed an endangered big cat lol

No. 840081

this looks like a taxidermied specimen. quick google search of natural history museums near her shows there's one that has multiple areas of taxidermied specimens on display so it's probably from that.

No. 840099

there's quite a bit of zoo animal photography when you scroll down on her ig enough. Her mom's in that zoo constantly so it's not that far fethched that Tayter would have a few hours to sit and get that shot. And there seems to be a clouded leopard in the SA zoo.

The photos actually have decent composition, not perfectly in focus but I've seen worse. Definitely a better hobby than shooting up heroin and hoarding animals.

No. 840103

the photo really does look taxidermy. i only think that bc i do taxidermy. but it would be in a museum for sure because it’s very professional. it’s just a photo so i couldn’t tell for 100%

how would taylor have that back drop at a zoo ?

No. 840145

Just realized you can totally see her nips through the dress in these pics ha I feel like she had to have known that?

No. 840157

i’m telling ya she is start a OF before 2022 ends

No. 840194

I don't think a single cow has incited within me the same measure of utter contempt Emzotic has. Every time I read her handle I want to backhand her stupid face. She makes me irrationally angry and I don't know why. Maybe it's her constant holier-than-thou attitude.

No. 840312

tbh OF is perfect for her and could make her happy for a while at least. she could just post pictures, keep narcing around, earn decent money and justify clothes hauls while not leaving her bedroom. too bad she prolly thinks she's destined to do bigger things

No. 840412

So is she just gone from the internet again? So much for the big comeback kek. (Do not lecture me about being naive again nonnies I’ve been here since thread one, it’s sarcasm.)

No. 840477

Confirmed upper binge lol now she coming down

No. 840489

File: 1623724859940.png (27.38 KB, 621x295, druggg.PNG)

apparently "ran out of meds" so she couldn't flim LMAO

No. 840490

File: 1623724962955.png (39.1 KB, 621x399, ffffffffffffff.PNG)

legit how can you be this fucking stupid? what did she think was gonna happen?

There's a reason doctors don't want you to stop medication suddenly, it seriously fucks up your body.

No. 840491

Why wouldn’t she just up the dose… or visit a pharmacy for an emergency supply?
There’s so many practical ways to avoid this.

No. 840493

According to her she’s been on antidepressants for years now and she just figured out you can’t miss a day/ mix doses? That makes zero sense. Any doctor who prescribes a patient mental health medication will tell them to be consistent and never raise or lower your dose without consulting them first. I don’t believe her, but then again I have a hard time believing anything she says so I’m biased.

No. 840496

I don't understand how she could run out of antidepressants early. And even if she did, sinice antidepressants aren't a schedule 1 drug and does have horrible withdrawal symptoms, so long as she isn't always running out of medication early, a doctor would prescribe her the extra few days of medication she needs.

On a real note, how does she think she can take care of 20+ animals when she can't even handle taking antidepressants correctly? She literally blows my mind and not in a good way.

No. 840497

oh for sure. she's too lazy to update her youtube, so i'd bet she starts her OF, makes some money, and then goes back to inconsistent uploads because she's a lazy fuck.

No. 840498

i’m so confused. how can you run out ? like the withdraw and symptoms from not taking your medication is pretty terrible. doctors are very persistent on making sure your informed when taking antidepressants. like how do you miss picking up a bottle at the pharmacy ? you take these pills every day and can clearly see when there are 5-7 pills left. you can make reminders on your phone to make a refill. my pharmacy will even call me if i miss picking up pills or forget to make a refill. maybe i have just a crazy kind pharmacy but i thought this was standard.

like i don’t even understand how it is possible to run out of antidepressants, i unless you dumped your pills in the toilet or intentionally choose to not make a refill. like you literally can see how many pills you have left.

No. 840500

she could have just contacted her pharmacist. you are never supposed to change your dose without your doctor.

one time my pill bottle got dropped and filled with water bc they arnt water proof. the same day i got a refill. another time my pharmacy couldn’t do a refill for a few days so they contacted other pharmacy in the area that could do a same day refill.

how did she not have her pills ? this senecio she made up does not add up to anyone that’s taken antidepressants

No. 840505

you don't have a crazy pharmacy. my pharmacy will also call me if I don't pick up my medication and if I don't answer, will contact my doctor. It's dangerous to cold turkey stop certain medications and antidepressants is one of those medications.

If she wasn't such a lazy fuck who can't even handle basic hygeine, this wouldn't have happened. Like you said, responsible adults put reminders in their phone and make sure they pick up medication that's important for their mental health and has physical repercussions if you don't take it. Especially considering she's been on this medication for years, she really has no excuse.

Agreed. I had a similar situation where I dropped my pill bottle and the pills scattered all over my kitchen, underneath my oven and refrigerator. I called my doctor the same day, he talked to the pharmacy, and I was able to get a new refill of my antidepressants. She has literally no excuse.

No. 840506

stop medfagging, this is just another lie like "my internet stopped working"

she didn't run out of antidepressants. she went on a drug binge. its that simple

No. 840507

…how do you go on a drug binge with antidepressants? They literally don't get you high no matter how many you take.

No. 840509

maybe it was referring to one of the drugs she is known to binge on, such as heroin, or meth, or coke, or even alcohol, but the text didn't say she was abusing her antidepressants.

you just wanted to medfag some more

No. 840510

well running out early of your medication is by definition abusing it. If she was binging out on other drugs…why comment at all? Just try to hide it per usual.

Sorry, didn't realize you were Taylor's personal mindreader as well as a mod on here.

No. 840512

we get it, you take antidepressants and therefore an expert. but none of this is milk it only clogs up the thread. This is just another lie.

If she was binging on drugs, why comment at all?

This is some top tier delusional nonsense. The dumb bitch has been addicted to multiple drugs for the past three years, and is known to be a habitual liar. But this lie is about antidepressants, so by your logic that means its true or else she wouldn't comment? What?

No. 840513


stop double posting.

do you have some kind of complex? In no way is knowing that quitting certain medications cold turkey is dangerous. Knowing that fact does not make me an expert, it's pretty common knowledge. I'm sorry that you weren't aware of that, which led you to believe I'm some kind of doctor or something. Let me clear the air, I'm not. I'm just not a fucking idiot.

Also, I have just as much idea as you do if she lost her antidepressants. You realize it's possible to do heroin/meth AND lose your antidepressants? I was responding to another user (make sure to double post and call them a "medfag" too, you're such a delight) who was talking about the consequences of cold turkey quitting antidepressants and how strange that is for someone who's been taking it for years.

You must be so much fun at parties. Mod on.

No. 840519


Her cash grabs are getting more and more transparent.

What’s fucked up is that people are literally telling her the content they want to see (her hoard) and yet she’s still stuck on the same story she’s been on for two years. Narcissism and general obnoxiousness aside, it’s a really stupid choice on her part.

No. 840520

don’t know why you guys are infighting.

but if she lost them, then it doesn’t make sense why she can’t refill the pills. why wait four days and change the dose without talking to your doctor ?

No. 840521


At the very least, you’d think she would at least tell Mommy and have her call it in and/or go pick them up. Four days without them “on accident”? And all the while having horrible side effects that nobody else in the household noticed and asked what the hell was wrong? Bullshit.

No. 840538

that's all i'm saying lol.


stop pretending you're a mod and shut the fuck up

No. 840551


People walking around with terminal cancer with less than 5 years who still manage to live their lives and get shit done and care for their families but she didn't have her drug so she could not take a walk to her expensive PC and click some buttons.

how did all those maimed, stunned PTSD-ridden soldiers come back from all those wars all those years and manage to pick themselves up and go to work and take care of their families but this privileged lil white girl who has never broken a sweat in her life can't do an internet thing while eating her fast food mommy brought for her

wah, headache? bitch people live with pain and suffering daily and do more in one day than you do in combined months

taylor why even live? life is too much for you. take a hint. i'll take my a-log ban if i have to, but FUCK this giant-headed ugly entitled goblin(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 840554

Tbf between relying on her parents or romantic partner to take care of her she's never truly had to be responsible for herself. She doesn't realize what she's inevitably going to lose because she hasn't had to be uncomfortable yet. Until then these minor inconveniences will seem like the end of the world.

No. 840584

File: 1623795842612.jpg (847.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210615-124502_Sna…)

Thought I recognized this hair from a snapchat story.(not milk, didn't sage)

No. 840596

is this Taylor or just a random person with her old hair?

No. 840613


Kek what is this plastic trash bag salon?

No. 840618

File: 1623818798835.png (811.37 KB, 1038x734, harehare.PNG)

This hairdresser is from the UK anon; that's not Taylor

No. 840627

File: 1623828593635.jpeg (218.9 KB, 750x551, D7A196FB-92D7-4FD4-8CC5-46B5B0…)

look at this retard on twitter. i’ve never seen someone post something so stupid. i hope they are being sarcastic. like i don’t agree with taylor or want to wk her, because she has done terrible things. but she is literally none of these things

No. 840629

File: 1623830231613.jpeg (1.9 MB, 3464x3464, 7E611F4B-C384-499A-A1B0-ACFF0C…)

Literally who cares. Either you’re self posting or you’re retarded.

Anyway, Taylor posted Salem today and made a few comments about her antidepressants, and Emzotic appeared.
The funniest part about Emzotic trying to cuddle up to Taylor is that the second Taylor stopped posting “pettube” stopped being relevant in a lot of ways.

No. 840630

File: 1623830546355.jpeg (770.29 KB, 1217x1998, EE3D71D0-AF45-4061-B346-43A302…)

Always has to make it about herself. Always.

No. 840639

that’s about her friend jfc

No. 840641

Yes, but look at how many times she uses “I” statements to posit herself as most important person here. This could have been entirely about the poster and her friend; “I’m so sorry that happened; my friend once successfully used narcan on a man on the side of the road passed out and blue. You’re right, everyone should carry narcan and know how to use it”

That’s pretty different to her using the tweet as a jumping off point to virtue signal about herself: “I was driving with my friend and now I always carry narcan” especially as she probably keeps the narcan on her for herself kek

No. 840652

Yes, that’s quite literally the point. A tweet from a prominent emo/alt band talking about narcan and Taylor couldn’t help but share a story about her friend, and how she is carrying narcan now. jfc.

No. 840658

it’s not when taylor stopped posting pet-tube become irrelevant. it’s when taylor got exposed. then everyone called her a hoarder, and a lot of people agreed it was wrong to keep so many animals. their was a lot of videos on the idea of pettube itself and is it moral. then pettube in itself crumbled.

No. 840659

the best part of her posting salem, is tofu should be pretty close in size. Tofu is a texas rat snake… if we didn’t have damming evidence of her replacing tofu, i would consider this high suspicious.

No. 840673

File: 1623862481964.png (480.18 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210616-114707.png)

Yikes buying a snake just to get the one you actually want is terrible. She really sees her pets as no more than accessories/content which is awful. No wonder her care is so shit

No. 840679

I'm like 90% sure she posted the dreaded n slur multiple times lmao(sage non-milk)

No. 840700

she did post some slurs and bi-phobic things on facebook in the past during the beginning of the career. but now she is a woke queen so i doubt anyone will believe it, even with the screen shots.

No. 840722

What fucking antidepressant dosage is she on to say it's 'only 75mg' of a difference? Is it a typo? Is there an antidepressant that actually has such large dosages?

No. 840728


nice selfpost retard

No. 840733

Zoloft can be prescribed up to 200mg a day, but that is really uncommon. Other stuff like Celexa is max 40mg and Prozac is max 60mg. I can't think of any SSRI where a 75mg increase is really possible, never mind insignificant.

No. 840738

I assumed it was Effexor, because it's the only common antidepressant where a lower dose for even a day can really mess someone up with brain zaps, etc. Whereas others stay in your system longer, which is why it takes weeks to get an effect from something like Prozac. And the dosing matches (having old pills, 75mg difference) if she was recently prescribed and they've been increasing the dose because 75mg -> 150mg and onwards in the typical titration.

No. 840748

File: 1623939403729.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, 22AF447F-E8B3-4DBD-AABA-0C9AA2…)

Girly is looking rough and that shirt is cringey as fuck

No. 840752

Yikes the scarring is extensive. Also look between her eyebrows lol she filtered & editited the shit out this so it's def so much worse (as we could see a bit in her hair cut pic).She's never going to look the same again unfortunately for her. Still rocking the greasy hair I see. Agreed shirt is cringey af.

She's trying so hard to push that she's sober that it couldn't be more obvious that she's lying

No. 840755

why the fuck does everyone this is a gay selfpost people were ripping on them on twitter too. all i thought was is retarded to call her things she isn’t, because it blinds people when you cry wolf

No. 840779

not to medfag but actually, discontinuing any SSRI or anti-depressant can have serious side effects or withdrawal symptoms. It's because your body becomes dependent on the medication and if you stop it suddenly, your body reacts to the absence of the substance it's used to. That's why if you ever want to stop taking anti-depressants, you have to taper down – it's not good for you to quit them cold turkey.

wait why do you think she's never going to look the same again? is it because of the awful fillers?

also that shirt. UGH you're no where near acting like a sane, rational person taylor. plus, people who aren't crazy don't need to wear t-shirts that say they're almost not crazy.

No. 840791

She won't look the same again because I've noticed the past few months that she is starting to have acne scarring - although it isn't from acne it's from her picking. For example her is scabby here >>835345 - her november set with the chains also show it pretty well. This pic >>838782 shows the discoloration proving that picking has happened well too. With all those pock marks combined with her hEDS (assuming she has it)

No. 840798

thanks anon.

am i blind? i don't see any significant scarring…just like 3 pockmarks? then again these Taylor threads move so fast sometimes I think I miss stuff.

Like I also don't see any of the scarring in >>840748. It's on her face right?

No. 840823

yea this whole scarring thing is a reach. Yea she's ugly af now, but her skin isn't that bad.

The previous pics she's having a breakout and she just covered it with makeup. I think her lip fillers, bloated hands and tattoos are the worst part of her appearance.

At her best she look normal, with her fashion/ hair/ makeup choices, she's consistently ugly.

No. 840860

Holy shit @ the swollen Jonny fingers

No. 840871

This is so true, she was kinda cute before she picked up this goth/e girl style, and now she always looks so damn rough. The trashy tattoos, harsh makeup, and tacky clothing does her absolutely no favours.

No. 840872

Getting too many Syd vibes from this pic, ugh

No. 840876

SNRIs do. Effexor and Cymbalta are notorious for horrible withdrawals if you skip a dose.

No. 840885

I actually don’t think she looks bad here. It’s so much better than the try-hard e-girl shit she’s been doing since Jonny left the picture.
I’d much prefer less makeup, less ugly Dollskill shit.

No. 840889

Right? Like she looks like a normal person and not like she tried to buy a personality for 39.99 on dollskill. It's the best she's looked in ages.

No. 840975

Her hand is wayyyy swollen. Not normal(sage your non-contributions)

No. 840977

She should absolutely stick with this more natural look, she hasn’t looked this good since like 2017.

No. 841019

File: 1624069314652.jpeg (228.89 KB, 828x1792, D4D80B00-6B30-4632-A40E-F93AB5…)

I’m not reading this


No. 841020

File: 1624069347584.jpeg (175.6 KB, 828x1792, F2D0B7FC-8C06-47ED-963B-ACCF1D…)


No. 841025

I'll summarize
>Some people think all drugs make you lose weight but that's not true
>Don't do drugs to lose weight
>You can be fat on drugs
>Don't assume someone isn't on drugs based on their weight
>Druggies eat poorly and sometimes they binge
>Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me
>Anyway don't assume someone isn't sober based on their weight
>Or do idk
>I'm insecure
>Me me me me me
>If you are in recovery just remember your body is cool
>Love your body! Or idk don't and change it!
>It will pay off if you learn to accept yourself, or don't accept yourself and change yourself instead
>There is no perfect weight number
>I'm a retard who can't follow my own advice
>I am on stimulants

No. 841069

thank you anon

No. 841096

File: 1624119252405.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 56.86 KB, 750x210, 3A76B07E-776C-44F6-88A0-E82A30…)

I could’ve missed it but I think this is the first time she’s admitted to using meth recently. I remember months ago anons were speculating her phase where she would post rants all the time was meth fueled and she kinda confirmed that.

No. 841099

nice catch !! yeah she was freaking out on twitter, when anons on the site were speculating about meth use. so proof she lurks and proof she did meth recently.

No. 841109

Taylor we get it, you’re getting chubby while Syd has gotten skinny and you’re jealous. Put the meth pipe down it’s so obvious

No. 841153

File: 1624173406611.jpg (969.93 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210620-031555_Ins…)

No. 841154

"No cravings" = she's on subs or methadone

No. 841157

god she must be so tiring to be around

No. 841158

She should get a diary.
Never seen this amount of text on instagram stories from anyone else.

No. 841159

So she's a month sober. So last month when she was ranting about being xxx months sober, she was lying. And her dumbass expects people to believe her now?

No. 841165

Well she could compile all that bullshit into a video diary or something like that, that way people would listen to her shit ramblings and she'd push her channel for the algorithm (I guess). But knowing our precious addiction princess, she's either too lazy and/or too high for that and it's easier to lay in bed and post paragraphs of text on instagram

No. 841169

File: 1624191249520.png (2.24 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210620-070308.png)

Yikes she really hasnt been able to shoot up without Jonny if shes still getting constant infections. Probably still muscling too.

Anon you didnt post the rest of her ramble

No. 841171

File: 1624191403598.png (3.45 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210620-070315.png)

Wow she really had picked her whole face are some point. And of course in her underwear again

No. 841186

This bitch is really only 4 weeks sober?! Jesus christ. I can't believe how much she lies

No. 841188

in another 4 weeks she will says she’s a month sober again

No. 841194

So she threw a fit on Twitter when people accused her of not being sober here >>835337 and once again she’s outed herself as being a liar. It’s honestly a little sad watching her repeat this cycle every few months, of “guys I’m totally sober stop speculating about every little mark on my body and my eyes and just believe me” and then a month or so later she finally admits she was using and lying to everyone.

No. 841196

Jesus she looks like she tried to eat a bee… drugs messed up her face but those lips are an eyesore

No. 841210

She should stop making fun of people for questioning the size of your pupil
Because they are always right

No. 841221

But if she gets a diary, how will she virtue signal/brag about her sobriety?

am i blind or something?! I seriously don't see any pockmarks.

No. 841235


Getting a diary would involve actually getting better from using and then losing an excuse to be a nutjob online. Can't have that now.

There's no way she's not still abusing subs. She's never stopped, and she always slips up and admits she's abusing them. The only time she's not doing heroin is when she's using subs to "help."

No. 841257

She's a typical narc, they have to post every single thought or feeling they have online, or else they don't feel "validated".

No. 841272

Wah wah, poor Taylor. She acts like these things just happened to her as if she had no hand in any of it. So detached from her own life and stupid decisions. Gotta get that munchie sympathy though!

No. 841341

I’m with you on that. Definitely not a WK’er but her skin looks fine to me, actually better than mine and I don’t have a drug problem. I think she looks better without makeup actually (aware it’s prob still edited)

No. 841347

Noticed she hasn’t updated her Twitter audience in almost a week.

No. 841359

I have an actual skin picking disorder and her skin (on her face) looks fine. I bet her arms are a whole nother story, or maybe she's nasty went inbetween the toes and shit(Medfagging)

No. 841411

Everyone keeps talking about her scarring and pockmarks but I seriously don't see any. Admittedly I've never seen a heroin addict IRL before, so I may have no idea what I"m looking for, but I genuinely don't see the scar marks that other anons are noticing.

No. 841418

It's the meth that made her pick at her face. She's using a combo of filters and make up, but she has them.

No. 841424

agreed, it’s just not in these lightings i’m pretty sure it worst on her right side. it looks like acne scaring, but either way i think it’s a stupid nitpick bc no one has perfect skin texture

No. 841433


You're not crazy, this is standard operating procedure for this thread when Tay drops off and milk dries up. Calling cows ugly is kinda the standby mode of bored farmers.
Just hide the thread and check back about once a month to see
>a new picture of a snake wrapped around her hand
>which starts a flood of speculation that all her other pets are dead
>reminders she never upgraded any enclosures
>debate whether bruises are track marks
>and surejan.jpg at her long-winded caption about how she's sooo excited to start taking pictures of all her animals soon

Rinse and repeat until she ODs or Post Malone texts her back

No. 841470

Thanks anon. I just started following the Taylor drama and I'm catching up on old threads. I've watched her "I'm a heroin addict" video so I know that she had issues with it, but I just don't see the prominent scarring other farmers are referring to (not trying to defend her, legitimately don't see it myself).

No. 841474

i’m thinking maybe image compression is playing a role specifically with screenshots posted ITT. maybe on anons’ original display when they’re viewing taylor’s story the pockmarks are more visible, but then screenshotting and uploading it with their individual phone’s settings/any app they might use to compile or edit images etc. changes the quality so the marks aren’t as visible? sage for tinfoil

No. 841487

As well as the fact that it was stated in her rant that she resorted to shooting in less visible places like the backs of her legs, would be interesting to find a pic as maybe that’s where her ‘horrendous abscess scarring’ is considering we’ve seen little evidence of that

No. 841599

I just saw her new video and I’m jaw dropped. She literally TRIES to look like a tweaking lot lizard from the 90’s. She has to have Hep C because she looks jaundice and yellow. And every single person under her comments are calling her “queen” and talking about how much they love her, etc. These people are totally fawked. She still has not taken ANY self accountability for her addiction. She talked about how it was hard to get up and go pee in the morning bc she was so depressed…awww poor Tay, guess what there are millions of other people in the world that feel the same way but they HAVE to get up and go to work a 9-5 so they can have money to survive bc they don’t make an undeserved $400K a year off teens watching their old YouTube videos. This girl needs a big fat dose of reality. She’s 24, living at mommy’s with her animals crammed up, she doesn’t even have a driver’s license or car even though she makes plenty of money to do so, she’s in debt up to her ears with the IRS and she strives to look like a $10 hooker. Get. It. Together. Taylor. You could’ve had the world by the balls, but you screwed that up. SMH

No. 841600

Seems unlikely our recovery queen was there for a lifesaving event and we didnt see a wall of text patting herself on the ass back then right when it happened lol could have been during a radio silent drug binge i guess but its unlikely. With her savior complex and need for validation she posts any time she gives a sick animal shots or meds lol no way her friend saved a life in her presence and she didn't try and get some hero clout.

No. 841604

taylor did say in one of her videos (can't remember which one right now) that a lot of her youtube followers don't follow her on social media so a lot of them don't know more about her other than what's been posted on youtube. they probably saw her "I'm a heroin addict" video and assume she's sober now.

yeah it's either image compression, the pics looking different on mobile, or i'm just blind and can't see the pockmarks/scarring.

No. 841619

Syd has gotten skinny?? Lol! It doesn’t matter how skinny Syd ever got…that girl is BUSTED and she has the little short body of an 11 year old boy. I don’t like either of them, but I’d rather have Taylor’s body and looks (when she’s hygienically clean) than Syd’s any day.

No. 841622

She is 24 years old, why does her room look like that of a 13 year old hoarder?

No. 841660

not trying to be spoonfed, but could you point out where you see the pockmarks? i keep staring at her selfies and literally can't find any.

No. 841736

Her skin genuinely looks fine. She had pretty bad marks on her face and body from h I think, but they seemed to heal up decently well. Im not sure why anons are pretending she has horrible scars on her face when she very obviously does not.

No. 841759

over the past few days taylor’s last video must have been on recommend or something bc it shot up in views by a lot. like 150,000 since last i checked literally a couple days ago.

No. 841772

I'm new to the Taylor drama and still catching up on reading old threads (but there are 65 of those motherfuckers so I still have a way to go)…but did anyone else find her "him." video to feel somewhat disingenuous? I watched her "I'm a heroin addict" video and found it compelling, but the video called, "him." felt really forced.

It might be because it was her 4th time trying to record the same thing or whatever so she was repeating herself…but idk it just felt kind of like she was forcing the tears to get people on her side, no?

No. 841793

She only made the video because she found out Syd was pregnant and was jealous about it. Of course it was to get sympathy from her brain dead child audience

No. 841822

Must be so satisfying to her that they already failed as parents less than a year in and abandoned the kid lol

No. 841940

Somewhat disingenuous newfag cracks me up

No. 841981

Honestly I don't know if Taylor still thinks she's a victim or it's all one big act, probably a mix of both.

The girl is completely fucking psycho that's for sure, and I don't think her "story" is going to have a happy ending. The problem isn't the world, YT, jonny or lolcow. It's her. She knows she's messed up but she refuses to take accountability or change.

She's just another washed up loser at this point.

No. 842003

I'm trying to catch up on all the milk but you guys made 65 fucking threads on her LOL.

yeah I mean I am new to this drama and despite trying to catch up (starting her first snow thread) for the last few days, I'm still only on thread #11. Hadn't heard of her before I noticed this thread on pt…I don't really watch "pettubers"

No. 842010

This is so accurate. As long as she keeps pretending her problems are other peoples fault she’s never going to get any better. She always goes on about how depressed she is but does nothing to change it, like obviously sitting around all day doing nothing is going to make you depressed.

No. 842051

Tip- use the "hide saged posts for this thread" option to get through more quickly. Although some of the commentary is classic. The rehab bro-dick era is my favourite.

No. 842109

ah thanks for the tip, never noticed that option before. but honestly, this whole saga would just be extremely depressing and horrifying if not for the random sassy/witty comments & gifs farmers provide, so i'm trying to catch up on everything in the old threads, including farmer comments. it's taking forever though you sassy mofos haha.

also god damn but this girl's drama went from 0 to 100 real quick. i went from a strong dislike/contempt for her to now being afraid for her safety due to her blatantly toxic relationship with JC. i have 50 more posts to go though so it's good to know she survived JC, but wow this is a roller coaster.

No. 842243

Lol anon keep reading, tay is as problematic as the next cow. Wait till you get to rehab dick bro era lmao!

No. 842434

What ever happened with her supposedly being diagnosed with bpd? And why do I feel like she later retracted that and said it was a misdiagnosis or some bs. The more I read her ridiculous self obsessed and unnecessary ramblings on things nobody cares about or asked for, along with the insane paragraph replies filled with useless stories to people's comments (which rarely ask questions and just say we hope 'ur doing well' to which she responds with a dissertation on her past drug habits or sobriety when nobody asked for a million details and stories on)….. the more I'm seeing quite clear signs of bpd in this girl.

No. 842435

The desire to appear like a tragic drug addict who has injected in every part of her body cos she's sooo unwell (you'd be shooting in ur groin and selling ur pussy for smack on the streets by now if u were truly the heroin addict u claim to be tay.. not fooling anyone) it's so tiring now. The desperation to appear sooo unwell and struggling when she lives at home doesn't work or pay rent and her supposed addiction hasn't actually taken anything from her or left her in the situations most actual addicts are in is not only sus but soo indicative of people with bpd.

Alot are attention seekers to the extreme and have to come across as the most unwell and most hard done by. And her ramblings on things literally nobody asked about or gives a flying fuck about shows how obsessed and out of touch she is with her privilege. Just tragic. I don't even attribute her essays and absurd comments/captions to meth anymore. This is legit a person with bpd who cannot stop talking utter shit and making endless posts instead of working or attempting to do something constructive with her time and I've seen it in soo many people.

She has no sense of self whatsoever and right now her obsession is with being a drug addict and tattoos and furbycore and being different it's so predictable and I know of multiple ppl who do and act the exact same and guess what they all have bpd. She probs doesn't say she does any cos she knows it's an attention seeking stigmatised illness and she is embarrassed of herself being so emotionally stunted and desperate at her big age but it is quite clear to see.

Classic bpd. The girl hates herself and continually embarrasses herself someone said she could've had so much and she really could've. The YT money could've got her her own place and she could've gotten a job with animals and gone travelling and had an awesome life but she fucked up big time and has no friends left or talent or respect except from random teens on Instagram. If I had a lolcow dedicated to me I don't think I'd ever be in the public eye in any way again like tay we know u read these are u not embarrassed lmaooo(Armchair )

No. 842436

Brodick era still makes me cackle the girl is going to be a 40 year old meth head with no teeth living on skid Row with her crackhead boyfriend and 3 kids in the system or being raised by mama Dean I can see it
Oh she for sure has BPD no question about it. She ticks all the boxes

No. 842440

always suspected she lies or grossly overexaggerates about the drug use. No photos or talk of the sepsis and million abscesses that she went on & on about not to mention her near death experience or whatever. She obviously can't shoot up or knows anything about heroin addiction when she talks about it sounds like she is parroting the Wikipedia page. I keep thinking she is either pretending to be a junkie or as severely addicted as she paints it out to be & acting in ways she thinks will make her seem that way but instead is just batshit or has some complex. Or she is genuinely a crackhead and will be dead by 30. If she was clean she would be going to meetings and we would be seeing posts about NA/the steps and her key chains. Weirdest heroin addict I've ever seen tbh. Either way it's more sad than anything else. Will belive it when I see the abscess photos we were promised and see evidence other than her looking greasy and unwashed in photos.

No. 842443

Sage retard

No. 842449


those are called meth rants. we've patterned it, when she writes super long long long posts, rambling on and on and talking about how much her life is improving it's because she's using meth again.

No. 842487

"her self-obsessed and unnecessary ramblings" are more indicative of narcissism than BPD 1 or 2.

No. 842489

Reading these is taking longer than I predicted…I'm still on /snow/. How will I know if I've entered the "bro dick" era? Any things to look out for?

I just finished reading about how she totally adopted a purebred rag doll kitten from a shelter at 3 WEEKS OLD. i swear to god if she kills one of these cats i'm going to lose my mind

No. 842491

Oh, you sweet summer child. You'll also need to read the Emzotic sidestory.

No. 842493

it's after Jonny leaves, so you'll know once that shit has gone down. his name is Jake and she met him during her first failed rehab attempt.

No. 842508

it's when she gets to her first sober living house i believe

No. 842518

P sure they meant borderline personality disorder as that's what bpd stands for and i agree that's certainly at play here

No. 842520

How is she using when she doesn't even know how to shoot up that's what I wonder. Who's doing it for her I just can't see tnd injecting herself tbh. She's way too dumb to know how to cook up and use a rig properly I wanna know who is being paid to inject her since Johnny left

No. 842521

Her hands looked filthy in a photo she posted fairly recently. People were saying she might be smoking it cos she can't inject herself. I reckon she's smoking it and smoking the meth too either on foil or in a pipe. The filthy hands are more indicative of using crackpipes and methpipes though. Man she's fallen. Why does Jennifer not kick her out doesn't taylor want the real junkie experience of living on the streets and scoring drugs with other crackheads as that's what she has become. Can't take a grown woman who lives at home and does drugs in her filthy room with hoarded plush toys seriously(emoji)

No. 842562

Oh my fucking god if you dipshits are going to insist on shitting up the thread with your autistic speculations, at least sage. Your wall of druggie rants are so incoherent and stupid it sounds like they were written by Taylor herself.
You just have to type “sage” in the e-mail field. That’s literally it. Thank you.

No. 842567

thanks y'all! good to know there's something milky and not just tragic ahead. i'll be looking out for the bro dick era and report back. can't believe i've never heard of this cow before.

No. 842667

but will she vape her heroin

No. 842669

honestly, anon here >>842109 inspired me to go back a bit and I found myself on the 38th thread on the end of Taylor and Jonny's break up. its a bit astounding to realize Taylor has made no progress since then(and the 10 previous threads beforehand) in and out of rehab and under the control of mama dean and whatever dick enters her life. I honestly feel bad she's so privileged in life to experience help for her addiction and had a chance at having her own place only to throw it away. it's such a shame. I know people in her position dream of having her circumstances to improve their lives. makes me feel an endless feedback loop of pity and disgust.

No. 842843

You can't vape heroin but alot of people smoke it the same way you'd smoke crack, in a pipe with mesh.

No. 842846

Learn to sage, bumbo.

No. 842879

File: 1625257367486.jpeg (216.25 KB, 828x438, 3FB81663-C4C8-4383-A2AE-7D5DE1…)

Tweeted just now. Her sense of time is warped.

Can count on Taylor for consistency and truth.

No. 842880

This doesn’t even add up. Can she do math ?

No. 842881

Every week is another 2 months sober of unsert especific drug

No. 842885

Two months, huh? So like when her rat was dying and she was selflessly looking after him 24 hours a day and rushing him to the vet every day to make sure he was doing okay and hand feeding him in bed? She was also detoxing from heroin? What a hero!

No. 842894

Sorry for off topic but does anyone have the link for the new Jonny/Syd thread. Shit just got hella milky I have all these screenshots to post but can’t find the thread

No. 842895

I also don’t mean do clog the thread but same here, if any anon could help out it would be appreciated. I can’t find it either and don’t know how to make a new one.

No. 842897

No. 842932

it was a joke you retard

No. 842944

Note the “from heroin” part lol.

No. 842947

Did she say in her latest video that she was going to make videos regularly again? (Cuz it’s been like a month)

No. 842948

lmfao idk how I completely missed that! Good to know she's probably still drinking and smoking meth.

I know she says she doesn't have a problem with booze but also she used to drink enough to be physically addicted to booze (said she went to the bar 3x a day with jonny and always left drunk obviously she is exaggerating but still) which has never really been discussed here. I wonder if she's been drinking this whole time. It's things like that and her copping that make me wonder if she's been illegally driving her car again or if mama dean is driving her to cop? I could see her set up something in her yard but they live in a gated community so there's no way that'd work people would def notice.

No. 842949

File: 1625324155690.png (515.07 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210703-105430.png)

So how many times had she now gotten new cages and can't wait to set them up and then finally take pictures of the animals? 4 times? 5? What a complete piece of shit.

No. 842950

I’m pretty sure this is the third announcement this year so far

No. 842970

There's no way this is an actual email from a reptile supply company, the lack of formality and wording makes me think this is (once again) Tayter herself.

No. 842972

The “email” is extremely unprofessional and looks like something a teen wrote up

No. 842974

To add to this, there are so many missing commas, and it just sounds like Taylor’s writing style. How they are rambling on, with something that can be summed up in a sentence. Using the same mannerisms. Just the fact this looks like no company email I have gotten. Also it doesn’t help taylor case she has been caught faking emails like three, five, I can’t even keep track how many times.

No. 842975

When she announced she was one month clean she also specified “from herion”. In my opinion, she’s literally admitting she is still using some kind of drug every time she says that.

No. 842979

Aren't most shipping emails automated? What's next, an explanation of the lunch the driver will order when he stops to refuel?

No. 842982

Well her giant pupils definitely gave it away even if she didn't specify lol. She really needs to stop acting like she's totally sober. it comes of as seriously manipulative. Plus she's giving advice to young people when she can't even do it herself and said advice isn't even helping her. Also some young people are taking her experience and vids/posts as being informed about addiction when she posts so much misinformation and anecdotal evidence.

lmao agreeing the email is fake. She never learns from her damn mistakes and never changes. I can't believe she is still going to act like people are this stupid, I'm sure she'll gaslight any fans who dare question her too.

No. 843010

Also how does something like whatevert she is describing will fit in her room or house. Sounds like breadcrumbing what's left from the her "petuber" fansbase.

No. 843160

I haven't watched yet but this girl covered another cow (ashley rheiner) and now she's covered Taylor. Tarrah is a recovering addict but unfortunately like with Ashley she's fallen completely for the BS. Video basically just talks about vid and gives her praise for being sober despite her not being sober (she'll find that out in a few months when Taylor inevitably tells on herself and notepad apologizes for it.

No. 843164

I just want a video from a bigger creator, that knows the ins and outs of Taylor pet keeping and those animals care. That can call Taylor out on all her bad behavior in the past. I’m not even talking about pets, but her lashing out at other people on the Internet. Then posting huge stories about being a victim, because she was called out for something, or proven to fake something cough cough emails. Someone that can tell Taylor what the best steps she should take to improve her career, and advice her to rehome her pets. Keep maybe 1 snake, so she can handle it. I wish people would hold her accountable and not use addictions/ mental illness to excuse being shitty to others, including minors. She has done so much of what gabbie hannah has done but no one cares. At least finally people are calling gabbie hannah out for using mental illness as a shield. I don’t feel like I’m asking much, or have any malice towards Taylor. I just want her to own up to everything, or have someone point out her mistakes / hold accountability. Maybe then she will actually improve and show some growth as a person for once. Stop being a spoiled entitled brat.

( I know the last bit is harsh, but she acts all sweet until someone says something she doesn’t like on twitter, then her true colors show. The entitlement is so strong with this girl. If you deep dive her tweets. )

No. 843258

File: 1625571009096.jpeg (479.49 KB, 1242x2192, 308864B9-7F17-4615-A2B1-8C79FF…)

Precious cow is going in for surgery I guess?

No. 843259

File: 1625571333353.jpeg (552.46 KB, 828x1234, EADB67B0-7B8F-4289-8047-7549B0…)

She also announced new content being “ready” which has no title or premises of what is about.. which based on past experiences, there is a no video

No. 843260

can someone briefly outline what "toxin surgery" is?

No. 843263

I’m taking it as Taylor speak for she has a severe abscess that needs to be surgically removed/drained. That’s usually what happens to IV heroin users. Seems like she’s being purposely vague though to make it sound more life threatening for pity points when she fails to upload again.

No. 843275

Sober "from heroin" again. That means she's definitely moved on to meth as her drug of choice.

No. 843279

I know I was thinking how vague this is, and how it’s phrased, I’m sure it’s a abscess. She never showed her over 20 all over the back of her legs or where ever that should be huge scares for years to come. I’m shocked she is going under and didn’t even say why.

No. 843280

Don’t forget weed and liquor means your sober. Even though it’s recently proven there are physical effects from the devils lettuces addiction. It’s been clear liquor is very addictive forever now.

No. 843281

Bro she said she had knew content ready after she released her last video weeks ago

No. 843298

Having an abscess drained is a very minor outpatient procedure. I wouldn’t even go as far as to call it surgery. In most cases they just insert a needle and drain it, some times if it’s far enough to under the skin they’ll have to cut some skin away to get to it but they will probably just use a numbing agent. It’s not like she’s going to be put under to get pus drained. Why is she so dram