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No. 692844

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her new boy crush Oscar.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/690290

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:
> Lost count of how many snakes she has >>690302
> Has started a second instagram as a photo dump @trailernickelding >>690345
> Has a consultation to start her snake sleeve even though she has no money >>690450
> Confirms that Kronos was rehomed >>690467
> Wants to buy a splotched sinaloan snake “because she’s been wanting one for years!!” >>690566
> Confirmed rehoming croc skinks >>690626
> Talks about memory loss while high >>690831
> Another example of hypocrisy >>690870
> Looks like all the enclosures are crammed into one room that the cats have access to >>690975
> After lots of excuses, finally uploads her addiction video >>691125
> Summary of video >>691187
> Will no longer get the milksnake because the breeder doesn’t think an addict is a place for it and she flips out >>691349 >>691377 >>691400
> Admits to almost letting Johnny OD >>691492
> Says she only bathed every 3-4 weeks during her addiction >>691864
> Sperging about Bree again >>691929
> Gets a calfskin leather Gucci bag from her manager and people are freaking out over it >>692586 >>692776 >>692777

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals:

> Recent Known Deaths:
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Kronos, croc skinks

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Taylor may have been kicked out of her first sober home, and Jake may have been trying to use her for her money hence his disappearance
> TND is trying to complete her “redemption” to youtube
> Jonny has already sold $5k+ computer set-up to buy drugs, has not mentioned streaming in a week or two
> TND has already relapsed, or is having some other mental breakdown causing such overactivity online
> Photos of black snake (Salem) with possible mites, TND claims is just aspen (bedding) dust

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 692848

Ha, thread pic is perfect

No. 692850

Good lord, every time I think I'm done reading about this bitch she says/does something incredibly stupid again!

No. 692858

File: 1566607347899.jpg (358.13 KB, 1536x750, Screenshot_20190824-024221.jpg)

Thanks for new thread anon!

Bet she's already abused the shit out of it.

No. 692859

File: 1566607391520.jpg (178.56 KB, 739x1282, 1566598258252.jpg)

love the op pic anon.
bringing anon's post >>692823 over from the end of the last thread because I've been predicting Oscar would have a kid he's ignoring and well…

No. 692860

File: 1566607431772.jpg (489.11 KB, 1536x1302, Screenshot_20190824-024204.jpg)

I guess she has all these appointments at 11pm, an hour after waking up?? Kek

No. 692862

anyone else feels she's just lowkey setting up an excuse to relapse?

No. 692863

File: 1566607813463.jpg (789.59 KB, 1536x1728, Screenshot_20190824-025048.jpg)

No. 692866

File: 1566608163825.png (160.67 KB, 720x959, 20190823_205436.png)

And true to form, animal-lives continue to be a joke to her stans…

No. 692867

Remember when she complained about how her doctor before told her how to get clean syringes and said it's basically a conspiracy or some shit?? But now, when her therapists and counselors are telling her what to do if (more like WHEN) she relapses, it "needs to be talked about" !!!!!!!!

No. 692875

That grammar though. The drugs have fried her brain to the point that she’ll have to redo high school.

Some of her intense stand will most likely cheer her on as Taylor kills an animal right in front of them. I bet 70% of them doesn’t care about animals and just care about how Taylor is “relatable” and can easily gain followers if they keep posting to her. Twitter is absolutely toxic.

No. 692876

Samefag. I also wonder if Taylor relapsed already. Seems like she loves to write paragraphs upon paragraphs about shit no one cares about whenever she’s high.

No. 692879

I think she’s read all the sperging here and decided to get off…

No. 692881

Notice she doesn’t mention a sponsor. Not surprising honestly.

No. 692884

She will now kek

No. 692886

That’s actually a common thing. If you’re going to relapse at least do it safe

No. 692892

I'm not disparaging the therapists, I'm disparaging Taylor for being a dumbass. In both cases, the professionals are looking out for your best interest but when the doctor told her how to get clean syringes so they weren't reusing she was like "ugh this doctor wants me to do drugs!!! It's a conspiracy to get money!"

No. 692893

Why is Bindi threatening in the feeding??? She isnt a wild skink…

No. 692894

>>692893 I low key feel like bindi died. Someone posted a imgur album and skinks just don't grow that fast https://imgur.com/a/vdElD0n

No. 692897


All those pictures her head size looks essentially the same. She probably just lost a lot of weight from not being fed on time. And Taylor being away so much, she probably isn't use to being handled anymore and doesn't take to humans as kindly as before.

No. 692900

>>692897 The issue isnt head size but the fact the skink doubled in length.

No. 692907

Yeah animals usually grow when they're younger…

No. 692910

The pattern matches, number of black bands match, I think it's just weird angles. The skinks look the same.

No. 692922

>>692907 Other people with healthy skinks had theirs take over a year to grow that much. I really doubt taylor sickly skink was able to do that.

No. 692926

If fed correctly a young BTS absolutely CAN double in length. They have voracious appetites.

No. 692942

It's a curled up skink vs a flat one. It's not a 1-1 comparison and people are reaching

No. 692956

I think she's been fucking around with the subs myself. Same thing she got politely asked to leave sober living for (the missing dose).

No. 692961

File: 1566617269556.png (709.46 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-23-23-28-03…)

Fucking EW.

No. 692973

Has Tay brought up her EDS since she got out of rehab? She is using the same excuses and complaints as she did when that was all she would boast about.

No. 692975

File: 1566618329330.png (47.6 KB, 592x412, manbabymamadrama.png)


Yeah, good luck dealing with this shit Taylor!

No. 692995

File: 1566619126957.jpeg (274.1 KB, 1242x1341, A7220418-789C-47D6-B9BB-32EDC7…)

He’s busy with baby mama

No. 693026

shush, she'll start on about it again

No. 693042

File: 1566621674517.jpg (413.22 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190823-214146.jpg)

No. 693075

File: 1566625092292.jpeg (62.34 KB, 1125x321, DA41C124-4886-44AD-825F-A0A328…)

Looks like Oscar might not have time to go down to San Antonio and see you anymore… plus, you’re going to be tapering off subs. No one is going to want to be around you when you’re whining like a little bitch from the taper.

No. 693149

Bahahha her new white trash boyfriend has a kid with some slag stripper. Amazing. She can really pick em

No. 693172

…when did she do meth? i don’t remember her talking about that in the video

No. 693173

I think we should leave these two out of the equation, just like JC and Jake's respective baby mommas and their children.

No. 693177


Is she aware enough to construct a textbook example of fear of abandonment, or is this True Taylor?

No. 693182

The only kind of interest this guy has shown publicly toward taylor, is all sexual advances like how obvious can it be that he just wants to fuck? Poor Taylor's going to cling to him like gum on the bottom of his shoe while he's just gonna stomp on her repeatedly.

No. 693184

“ so it’s not like I’m planning to relapse.”
she always says shit that points to what’s she is actually thinking. She is so transparent

No. 693188

Bindi is like 3 or 4 years old though I think.
But yeah, I also don't really think Bindi has been replaced, as another anon said the pattern matches

No. 693191

Checked her twitter photos. She looks like someone Taylor would be jealous about.(autism; non-integration)

No. 693198

LOL my money is on her finding a meme on tumblr and just making that hers

She ain't that original

No. 693214

Why is Taylor addicted to these manchild junkies with face tats?

No. 693241

lmao seriously? that woman has no business being discussed here

No. 693256

Then people shouldn’t post her tweets..????

No. 693258


With her fragile self esteem she's not about to date out of her league.

No. 693298

all we needed to know is the fact he has a kid. it doesn't mean it's a free for all on her looks, her job or her life.

No. 693302

I can comment whatever I want. I didn’t talk shit about anyone’s look or job. All I said was that TND is going to be jealous of her. Now stfu.(autism; non-integration)

No. 693304

just breathe

No. 693326

Anon, what twitter app do you use?

When was she doing meth? That wasn't mentioned in the "comeback" video at all. She drops this shit like it's no big deal. It's a little scary.

No. 693329

I wouldn't be surprised if she's said she used meth just for the junkie cred she thinks she'll get from it.

No. 693333

It's definitely for druggie points and praise for her "incredible comeback" from such hard drugs.

No. 693358

Didn’t she refer to cocaine as amphetamines in her vid? It’s for junkie cred and out of ignorance I believe.

No. 693415

I've been suspecting she used meth to counter the nodding.

No. 693434


No. 693449

File: 1566671600760.jpg (577.51 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190824-113336.jpg)

This just in: Only straight people can be biphobic

Taylor is so fucking stupid

No. 693455

"Leave Taylor alone, leave Taylor alone!" her stans scream.

but Taylor constantly gives every person who says one thing about her attention.

What the fuck? Move on, stop caring about what "BigDick7563" says on twitter/tumblr about you.

God damn. If she already addressed this shit, why address it again?

No. 693459


>but Taylor constantly gives every person who says one thing about her attention.

She also goes after people & whipping out serious accusations about them (eg: SouthTexasDragons, Ghastly, The girl who made that Morphe code, etc.) and her stans always swarm them without fail, so they're good & angry by the time Taylor is ready to approach them…

No. 693460

"Stop criticizing her! She's going through an hard time! She's healing"

yet she's always criticizing others, calling people out, judging people and pointing out Twitter users/Smaller YouTubers so her fans can harass for days on end.

you are 100% right.

No. 693463

File: 1566674118042.png (449.89 KB, 750x1334, C1ABD543-D35D-420A-A00D-02CB0D…)

No. 693465

File: 1566674147213.png (441.22 KB, 750x1334, 75A462C2-2EFE-4A5A-93B2-23CAF9…)

No. 693466

Cis is not a sexuality. You're even more confused than Taylor

No. 693467

File: 1566674212135.png (414.59 KB, 750x1334, 446AD7A6-18EE-403D-9E0F-13A1EF…)

So she tried meth and cocaine but it wasn’t her “drug of choice”.
It kind of alarming how every time she speaks on the subject of what she’s used there always another drug added to the list.

No. 693468


Normally I never accuse anyone of 'sending' fans after anyone, but by now, Taylor should already know that her fanbase is quite big & how emotionally attached to her they are.

What the hell does she think happens when she quote-tweets her critics/detractors? She places it right there on her page, a direct path to the 'offender', & her fans get all offended & are raring to have a go at them!

I'm not saying she should 'just lie down & take it', but she plays dumb & says shit like "I don't think I have that much power/influence…"

You do, Taylor. And your fanbase is very young & very angry. So much so, that they're willing to put themselves in real danger for you.

No. 693469

Tbh, TND is from a state like Texas and it’s clear from her immediate family (her mom) that she has no idea how to be appropriate when speaking about anything LGBTQ+.
It’s blatant ignorance and she hasn’t improved hardly at all since she was 16 (when she said she posted the bi-phobic post).
She’s literally the kind of girl who says “I’m not homophobic, I have a friend who’s gay and another who’s bi!!”
Jesus Christ this girl is stupid.

No. 693471

Sure, Jan. Sounds like you and your alleged LGBTQ friends are ignorant and uneducated af. That is some Taylor level ignorance.

As for Taylor's "omg I don't want to pick a label!" shenanigans, we don't want you either, bitch. We have enough problems without some silly little cotton-headed girl who thinks she can co-opt being bi or queer so she's safe from criticism while slinging homophobic shit herself. We see you, Taylor, you're being obvious and pathetic.

No. 693472

File: 1566675034815.png (67.32 KB, 572x762, comeatme.png)

"Just @ her"

…You literally cannot without risking the wrath of a thousand angry teens.

No. 693473

Sorry I offended you I'll just not post shit about Taylor anymore.

No. 693474

File: 1566675065928.png (360.34 KB, 750x1334, 02FE8239-FEF3-454D-A885-CA0458…)

No. 693475

literally 'i can't be biphobic when i'm a little queer myself.'

all you crave is dick and sleeping around with guys, and avoiding any responsibility of shit you cause and coming up with bs excuses to cover your shit.

No. 693476

File: 1566675090997.png (574.08 KB, 750x1334, 780493E8-DEB0-4DA1-A61E-B529C6…)

No. 693477


Wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to subtly get a rise out of Bree, who is actually bi

No. 693478

We don't have MannyMUA's address.

No. 693479


Gotta love how much her stans love this site!

No. 693480

Why not send some child support to your kid

No. 693481

It’d be hilarious if he did come here and checks out all of the drama surrounding TND and then ghosts her like Post did.

No. 693484

File: 1566676405335.png (6.58 MB, 1242x2208, 8429017D-1ECC-4623-937B-CB9CAB…)

He cleans up his timeline rants like this one faster than Taylor now that he’s following his baby mama.

No. 693488

Post knows what’ll boost or tarnish his image so he’s pretty smart when it comes to famegrubbing methheads. This guy seems like a retarded fuckboy who’ll see the gallons of milk as fake because it’s just too hard to believe Taylor would ever lie, manipulate, kill her pets, or relapse. Then again, he probably just wants to get his dick wet and move on to the next.

No. 693490

Why are you posting this week old milk

No. 693491

He obviously knows about Taylor. Didn't he tweet saying he likes girls who abuse animals?

No. 693492

Jfc she’s so ridiculous. Like yeah I think tits are nice but I don’t want to fuck girls or date them so I’m straight as hell. You can have a crush on a person or question your sexuality without being a dick. Her fake ass “queer with no label” so she can say biphobic bullshit is infuriating.

No. 693494

what?? when/where?

No. 693498

That was a fake tweet I edited as a joke, if you are referring >>690526

This is the real tweet >>690521

No. 693508

LOL ok come down off the cross, you little martyr. You didn't offend, you're just tragically, stupidly incorrect. Words have meaning, take the L and move on with your life.

I was just thinking about this! One of these guys she defaults to (junkie, deadbeat dad, dodgy af) is bound to look her up and have a rare moment of self-preservation… esp when they figure out she happily, willfully got with Jonny. Ewww.

No. 693514

File: 1566679062914.jpg (758.3 KB, 1536x1861, Screenshot_20190824-223646.jpg)

Of course she abused those too lmao. This fucking girl. Wonder if she'll run this little idea by her doctor and therapist also including her history with them, if it's even legit.

No. 693520

damn everyday is something new with this train wreck and had to read this all thread just to catch up!

This didn't aged well especially when she tweeted something homophobic few years ago regarding bisexual girls. She's really pulling things out of her ass just to get attention.

The moment I see the keywords drugs and addiction with multiple long ass paragraphs, I don't bother reading it anymore. It's usually the same old "I did this before and tried that so now I know exactly what this is and what I'm doing now to combat whatever illness that I currently have so ya'll need to listen to me because i'm important"

sad to see stans of hers that are so pretty get addicted to drugs as well and talk about it online as if drugs is a normal american hobby. It's not something to be proud of that you have to take multiple drugs to help get off a heavy drug that you chose to do in the start. I've hit rock bottom before but never have I chose to resort to drugs to get artificially happy or to look cool.

would be hilarious if his crush isn't even Taylor and she's there following him like a fly to poo

No. 693521

I know that you can get gabapentin from a veterinarian for things like degenerative joint disease, not that she necessarily did but it's an option.

No. 693522

She really has no self awareness at all huh. I used to abuse gabapentin -> I'm so sober I'mma get back on gabapentin!

God her glamorizing addiction and drugs is so stupid

No. 693528

Taylor: barely almost 3 months sober

Also Taylor: it has been a while, I can probably get on this drug I have abused before!!

But this is coming from someone who also claims she has the addict gene but got off coke "no problem" because it wasn't her drug of choice. Her narrative has so many holes in it for her own convenience it's literal insanity,

No. 693541

Kinda weird that she's never mentioned meth until now. She didn't mention it in her return video? But that also means she had used meth, and coke before shooting up with Jonny.

No. 693550

because meth is a trashy drug, trendy party drugs are one thing but meth just makes you look like trash.

No. 693557

and heroin isn't?
Look at the wreck it made of Taylor. She's disgusting as ever.

No. 693569

>butttt demi lovato used heroin!!1! im just a victim like her!1!!

No. 693582

File: 1566691872426.jpeg (226.79 KB, 1023x997, A5D22F3A-B1A9-4386-B2EE-1FBDAC…)

No. 693619

The funny thing is, her bathroom pics were worse than this!

No. 693639

File: 1566699022703.jpg (439.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190824-191051.jpg)

Sounds made up to me. When did she get the frog?

No. 693640


didn't taylor actually say, when discussing the "bree basically raped me" story, that she made it clear to bree she was straight and NOT into women, which is why she found bree's "advances" so offensive and creepy? but now she's bi????

No. 693650

File: 1566700534887.jpeg (532.42 KB, 1080x2160, 78741E7A-FA46-4F91-A7F5-7FF4CE…)

She mentioned it in this tweet, back in the old thread. She tries soo hard

No. 693651

She's only certain things when it's convenient to her.

Only bi when coming under fire for being homophobic, only against animal beauty products when going after other people for advertising them and never did meth unless it's something she can brag about doing.

No. 693652

I had checked Oscar's twitter because I was SURE he'd commented on James Charles face-tuned ass and I wanted so badly for Taylor to be like, "SEE?? I'M INTERESTED IN AN BISEXUAL MAN"

But sadly when I last looked nothing happened,lol.

No. 693654

how can she be proud of being triggering to other addicts? no wonder so many people relapsed in her sober living when she was around.

No. 693657

Can't help but wonder if she purposely does this shit to bring other addicts down to her level. I wouldn't be shocked at all if she tries to trigger addicts into relapse to feel better about herself, and/or to feel better about her own relapse.

No. 693675

Fucking hell he is actually hideous, Taylor is this the best you can do??

No. 693821

Remember that she didn't make the decision to go to rehab herself. Her mom and Betsy made her go. And in her own words, people in rehab thought she acted like a child, so I can imagine someone not only acting insufferable but also romanticizing drugs just like she does it on Twitter, except in real life in front of people who are battling addiction being triggering for them. It's no coincidence that the two sober facilities had her friends relapsing.

No. 693849

They don't recommend Kratom because there are few, if any, credible primary studies published in credible journals. Doctors cannot just prescribe things willynilly, bitch. The FDA has literally said, several times, that there are no studies on the efficacy and safety of it. We know it can kill people. That's one reason doctors don't prescribe it atm.
You're not a doctor, stop touting things as miracle treatments, that's fucking dangerous. You're not a biochemist or medical expert, SHUTUP.

No. 693889


she's trying to hit unprivileged minority bingo. a disabled, mentally ill,"bi," abuse victim, daddy issues, drug addict.

next thing she'll talk about was how she was groomed (unless she has mentioned something along that) and that she's not fully white, crying about how it's totally acceptable to embrace and study your nonwhite heritage. lol

she's making up shit and will continue to to avoid any resposibility over shitty things she says/has said.

No. 693893

Dont self post your own weird tweet.

No. 693901

Imagine being 23 and still living in your teens…yikes

No. 693917

No. 693918

It's just a matter of time before TND becomes TND the "porn star". Very sad.

No. 693932

seriously? nta but who the fuck has time to go back to a nearly two month old tweet on a separate account just to screenshot and post it here, especially if it’s not from a cow? nothing about that post says selfpost. it reads as though anon was just searching the taylornicoledean hashtag which the OP of the tweet used and came across it.

No. 693966

File: 1566744211245.jpg (207.6 KB, 577x999, IMG_20190825_074251.jpg)

TND is a master of projection.

No. 693972

Yeah Taylor I'm sure you just LOOOOVED being on drugs and how that made you feel and how it made you look "SHORT TERM" tho!! So like you must've loved sleeping the entire day away, having a scabby face, being unable to shower and looking like a greasy pig, having your whole body break out from cotton fever, not being able to eat, and the possibility of choking on your own vomit. I'm sure you just loved drugs and how they made you feel. Sooooo much.
She's fucking romanticizing it.

No. 693979

I was wondering if they shared a rig? I went back to try and find confirmation but I didn’t see anything. But if so i’d be most concerned with a lifetime illness too if I were TND. I’m sure JC is Hep C+, he’s a career junkie that will squirt out an animals meds just to use the needle, surly he’s reused others needles before that. Its obvious they didn’t practice harm reduction with all those dirty needles laying around.

No. 693994

Chelsea confirmed that he does indeed have hep C

No. 693995

This. Real talk, I wouldn't ever fuck her after all of this. Who knows what's she's caught from sharing needles with JC and fucking him. Anyone who's been with her after JC needs to be worried, and any future sexual encounters need to be fucking smart. I don't sex shame, but be fucking smart if you fuck with TND and don't want to get life threatening ailments.

No. 694000

So her genetics excuse all of her shitty behavior and inner turmoil, but not his by her own theory???

She’s such a fucking idiot. Cry me a river already. Even if she was doomed to be a heroin addict, why does she expect so much sympathy if addiction is to be expected? Clearly it doesn’t make sense and my brain hurts trying to make sense of it. Taylor Nicole Dean and Jonny Craig fucking deserve each other- pure garbage.

No. 694003

Taylor has not aged well AT ALL, but that being said it's also kinda dumb to compare a 22/23 yr old to a photo of herself when she was like 16 lol Don't cherry pick what you want to see. It doesn't make us look any better than the stans that choose to only believe in her lies. I am totally here to see TND called out for her bullshit but dont be stupid.

No. 694011

Uh, 7 yrs age difference doesn't look THAT bad in healthy people. My FB feed was full of 10 yr difference glow up comparisons from people now in their 30s. People who look better and younger than 23 year old Taylor. Hell, a lot look better after 10 yrs.

Look at Jenna Marbles. 32 and looks Taylor's age, in my opinion.

No. 694016

File: 1566755082119.jpg (302.55 KB, 1000x623, yup.jpg)

Recent video of 32 year old Jenna vs recent video of 23 year old Taylor. So I disagree about you claiming it's cherry picking to pick a 7 year old photo to show how bad she's aging. Jenna does not look 9 years older than Taylor.

No. 694017

Maybe TND's Munchie fantasy finally came true, a lifelong chronic health condition!
Except Hep C isn't cute or qUiRkY.

No. 694019

inb4 for the fibromyalgia saga begins

No. 694020

7 years is a big difference between 16 and 23.
Taylor looks fine in the photo attached.

No. 694021

File: 1566756890268.jpg (578.81 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190825-111528.jpg)

No. 694024

nobody’s under the impression that her face wouldn’t change at all over the years naturally. people post the before and after pics to demonstrate how she’s let herself go completely in terms of all forms of personal grooming and gone overboard with filler injections.

also read the rules and learn how to reply. you’re making your newness stand out.

No. 694025

That same person that streamed her heroin video comfirmed they will be streaming this new one when it comes it if anyone is interested.

No. 694027

No. 694031


you're delusional if that's your definition of "fine".

No. 694032

File: 1566759157670.jpeg (661.19 KB, 2048x1653, C8D816EE-C15B-44F5-8C5E-65ADC6…)

Talking about SA Zoo to the CEO vs for pity points

No. 694033

Isn’t it such a coincidence that she’s now claiming not to label her straight when this guy is also clearly bi? Lol

No. 694034

File: 1566759492172.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2688, 4695532F-6BC8-43DE-B018-0F69EF…)

So what was alll that talk that she’ll get demonitized? Watch her post even more about this now and not kn her 2nd channel where it should belong.

No. 694039

I would not be surprised as i've heard of people getting hep c from sharing cottons. Also she claimed ahe picked up every cotton she could find on the ground and made a rinse with it that lasted two days.

Also shocking was that there were no alcohol wipes to be seen ever. They really didn't take any precautions. Idk if san Antonio had a needle exchange but its not like she couldnt afford to buy her own. They really did throw all harm reduction out the window

No. 694043

Ah yes… keeping animals for entertainment fodder only… not caring for them… not contributing anything meaningful to the animal itself or animal keeping itself…

She is so close to getting it lol

No. 694044

the picture wasn’t from when she was 16 lmao. it was just a couple years ago.

No. 694046

Video is up and being streamed on twitch.tv/yikessmydude

No. 694049

her fashion is questionable but what are you trying to criticize? She's in cold lighting, it's a purposefully bad screencap.

Jenna Marbles is alright but she has a full pound of foundation, powder, contour on in the comparison.

but okay yeah I'm delusional. reach for the stars anon.

No. 694052


gee, where to start from her botched lips to her blown up right nostril. her face is fucked, it's not that hard to see even with the make up caked on her face. her lifestyle choices have taken it's toll on her and she's making it worse because she has no idea how to dress herself.

i'm not saying she's a goblin. but her appearance has changed drastically in such a short amount of time, mostly due to her insecurities and trying to please others and changing herself into something she's very clearly not.

No. 694053

And you think Taylor is there in nude face? Girl. Taylor has at least as much makeup plus fillers plus a ring light and maybe additional lights on her… and is absolutely looking worn out and aged before her time. Pity she's still acting like she's 15 on top of it.

No. 694057

Also bear in mind that this screencap is from something Taylor put out herself, willingly, at her great leisure. It's tweaked to the max not to show her jowls or eye bags etc. It's literally the best she can make herself look because trust and believe this bitch would not post it if she thought it made Jonn- sorry, Ja— no, uh, Oscar! look at her any different.

No. 694063

Breakdown of things I saw in taylors video
2:03 she was supposed to go to a 90 day extended stay which she opted out of
2:15 "assistants" total bs she had one assistant tops and i wouldnt even call betsy that
3:00 she was only gone for a month refusing food is a non issue, she probably rehomed the animals based on if she was bored, with them or if the animal died
note: 12 isnt that many when her collection is this big
3:45 "if i was in peak health i dont think i would have a problem with that many animals" bullshit taylor absolute bullshit, no one can take care of that many animals, even full time with 0 videos being made especially not with the disorders she claims to have
3:59 but its in the whole video, the cats are in the animal room this is so fucking dangerous. I have people i know who have had cats kill dozens of animals when they get into reptile rooms
cats will force open enclosures and break in, then kill the animal
I wouldnt be surprised if her cats ate a few of her reptiles
7:00 shoving multis in rats is how your snakes dies of vitamin overdose
9:30 enclosure looks dry af
10:00 bp on aspen which molds with proper humidity for ball pythons
10:38 snakes should never be getting two feeders you should always be feeding just one
10:50 "if they arestill hungry" Proof tnd is feeding her snakes until they get obese, snakes are oportunistic and will not stop eating unless massively obese.
13:13 bonus points for the massive spine dent in her obese snake
`15:30 reptilinks suck and grain free dog food is better, too much fruit.
15:58 Total bs about them eating snails as a main diet, they mostly scavenge meat and dead animals.
17:20 giving a bearded dragon repti links is fucking insane they need fresh insects and should not be given fucking meat as a staple of their diet. The fact she is feeding them the same thing as the bts is fucking insane as they have wildly different needs.
26:20 keeping sick animals with healthy ones

No. 694065

In her video she wiggles dripping dead mice and chicks in front of her cats, ON HER HEADBOARD. Dead animal water dripping all over the place. WTF gross.

On mobile, so hope some anon can get good screenshots from the video!

No. 694069

File: 1566766120176.png (Spoiler Image, 5.49 MB, 2688x1242, 1B0C9CE7-6E3F-41BA-AA5C-DCDA71…)

Here u go anon

No. 694070

File: 1566766162574.png (Spoiler Image, 7.53 MB, 2688x1242, 30CAF16A-72D7-4AEF-BCEA-AC771E…)

No. 694071

File: 1566766193714.png (Spoiler Image, 5.47 MB, 2688x1242, A2AEDAFF-6006-4534-8CCE-80DEF6…)

No. 694072

File: 1566766243238.png (8.38 MB, 2688x1242, 9C3DCB77-8BDC-4EA8-B3EC-D2C292…)


No. 694073

three cats crammed into one tiny room…

No. 694074

File: 1566766282810.png (8.15 MB, 2688x1242, CEDCB764-CD06-497F-B51E-45F6BA…)

deM lips are botched

No. 694075

File: 1566766309884.png (8.25 MB, 2688x1242, 01C34206-CF55-40C2-B760-D92829…)

thoughts?(spamming shit caps)

No. 694078

youre so annoying. at least sage your tinfoil.

No. 694081

She's fucking nuts shaking dead animal juice all over, drops a dead baby mouse on the floor, plays with the dead chick going "What if he comes up to you in the forest and says, I'm a little chick…" laughs at her cats being freaked out then gets mad they won't eat it all while playing cutesy whistling music.

No. 694083

Those lips tho

No. 694085

File: 1566767403883.png (791.4 KB, 1242x2208, 54E25B84-0F4B-41DF-B874-C4F00F…)

Not to get political at all but she kindof reminds me of how Trunp talks with how hyperbolic she is

No. 694086

*Trump. I can’t type.

No. 694088

Her animals are spread all throughout the house.
Her hedgehogs look in bad shape. She wanted to give them up when she was in rehab, but her mom loved them too much. She pauses and says "I do too."

And it goes on foreverrrr.
And the cats are obviously uncomfortable, cause they don't eat dead things, and she is just laughing the whole time. It was weird.

The video is archived on that twitch stream I think, if anons want to see for themselves.

No. 694089

Can't remember her mom's birthday party, things she purchased, her 'break-up' conversations with Jonny, how exactly she got to rehab.

Remembers down to the adjectives used her conversations with this elusive rescue center and the time spent pouring over every set up with them…

even though she had to jot down a list to her parents of animals to dump on her way out the door to detox…

sure, Jan.

No. 694090

Anon, you can delete your post within 30 minutes instead of reposting and taking up 2 posts with your politicalfag bullshit.

Narcissists are narcissistic, shocking.

No. 694091

also didn't mention her hedgehogs mange and ella is missing most of her teeth… what the fuck. poor hedgies, aren't the surviving ones only like 2 years old too?

No. 694093

File: 1566768017209.png (1.43 MB, 957x712, mangetown.PNG)

Keeping her tiny hedgehog cages stacked when one has mange, truly amazing pet keeping.

No. 694095

Not to mention the fact that she admits in her video description that she 'thinks' these are all the animals that have been rehomed.

From her description to save you a click:

1. Tate, My Albino Pied Ball Python (he ate live food, my parents and my assistant who was in town both refused to feed live)

2. Gucci 1
3. and "Gucci 2" (escape artists, nippy towards my family and made them scared)

4. Toast (hoping to get him back going forward, he's the hardest one to feed and was too difficult for my parents to figure out. he has to be moved into a separate container and sometimes rejects frozen, and my parents absolutely wont feed live. it sucked to rehome my very first snake)

5. Kronos (his cage upgrade he needed would not fit in my parents + my parents are terrified of him and didn't even wanna open his cage to feed him lol. I miss him so much and am dying to see him)

6. Cersei, Tarantula (parents were scared. i miss her fjfjdjd i miss all these babies)

7. my 2nd tarantula, a pink toe, that I had not introduced on my channel yet. (parents were scared)

8. My surinam horned frog, Tyrion aka Nut. (My parents said his cage was leaking and the rescue guy was coming to pick up the animals the next day, so i put him on the list instead of trying to teach my parents over the phone how to re-build his enclosure)

9. Croc Skink 1 (cosmo)
10. Croc skink 2 (wanda) (due to their humidity needs, i figured it'd be best to have minimum animals requiring high humidity. aka why i only kept sabor) (my parents rly wanted sabor to go too, along with duck for apparently being aggressive but i refused on both, insisting the list was already long enough)

11. Phoenix, my Crested Gecko. He was sadly chosen simply due to my parents wanting a longer list. I actually listed both crested geckos to rehome which killed me, but my mom ended up letting me keep echo since he was my very first pet I ever owned.

12. My Scorpion, Loki. (parents were scared of him lol)

I think thats it??
Both of my hedgehogs were chosen to be rehomed, too. But, my parents didn't find a good home for them and ultimately kept them. BEFORE rehab I also rehomed my halloween crab, my satanic leaf geckos, and two of my fish tanks. I did this when moving to my new house

No. 694097

So what I gather from this is she only rehomed because her parents forced her to. I wonder if she'll ever grow up to be a functioning adult and make important decisions herself

No. 694098

weren’t the croc skinks names VISION and Wanda? Lmao when did that change

No. 694103

Her saying she revoked one of the crested geckos just because there was need for a longer list is… questionable. The hedgehogs were supposedly listed too - and why did the “rescue” people not take them? I’m sure they would be itching to get the “worst” looking animals out of the house.

Honestly the entire thing doesn’t make much sense in some cases so I fully suspect those animals died.

No. 694105

Do we know where the satanics are?

No. 694106

She rehomed those forever ago, where have you been?

No. 694110

Sarabi is the one missing teeth

No. 694112

defrosting those frozen rodents directly in warm water is just a cesspool of bacteria. and why gut load them w/ vitamins?? if you feed quality feeders there’s really no need for that to be a routinely thing

No. 694113

did bootleg version emma sampson fake losing her memory card where it just so happened to be the crab footage? or am i mixing up an animal here?


No. 694120

File: 1566771866587.jpg (522.55 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190825-232417_Ins…)


She tries to cover it up but can clearly see here that this video hasn't actually hit 1 million yet.

No. 694124

Granted, not very many videos hit 1 mil quickly these days on YouTube, it's a waning platform. Especially for someone like Taylor who's pissed her viewership away. People started dropping her the minute she got with Jonny and posted that one tweaked-out, reeling video, and her horrible upload schedule and terrible animal care pretty much put the last nails on her coffin. People moved on, she's not very interesting. Who the fuck has the time to sit and watch some entitled, tweaked-out cow ramble aimlessly at the camera for 20 minutes or more with no interesting content put in? Who wants to see what she's putting out there, with her stressed, mangy, diseased animals? Yeah her ship's sailed and she's not gonna make a million views unless she buys them.

No. 694126

At around 21:00 - 21:27 she pans over a dvd collection on the floor that quite possibly was put there by her disabled brother and sarcastically says “it’s good to be back in this house”.
BITCH you are LUCKY you even had a place to come back to after all the bullshit and pain you’ve caused to those close to you. Ungrateful cunt.

No. 694127

Wow, the views on her other videos are terrible, especially given that she has 1.7 million subscribers.

No. 694129

That's fucking astonishing. Is she fucking 15? Taylor really is the epitome of the overprivileged rich white upper-middle class girl. Her parents should have rehomed her pets wholesale as a condition of her moving back in since she's insistent on being such a little brat.

No. 694132

Nah man. I used to watch her videos when she was still living at home, and in less than two years she changed a whole fucking lot. Jenna has pounds of foundation and contour but so does Taylor.

A botched surgery and drugs do age you up. She looks at least 25 in the video when she's just about to turn 23.

No. 694133

“my parents rly wanted sabor to go too, along with duck for apparently being aggressive but i refused on both, insisting the list was already long enough”

she really is a selfish brat since she had no right to insist her parents didn’t have enough animals to take care of in her absence

No. 694136

File: 1566773155919.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 6ABFC56F-5BA2-4AE0-870B-F883AC…)

Paused the video for a moment, and boy she looks so rough. Just in general, weather she’s still using or not heroin fucking ages you, and she’s no accepting on to it. She looks like she’s in her 30s not a 22 year old, the lip fillers really don’t help either

No. 694142

I think part of it has to do with the way she dresses herself, she does not pick clothes, makeup styles, or hair that suits her bloated oval face, and her brows are waaaay too severe

No. 694146

"since i started using drugs" what strange phrasing or am i hallucinating

No. 694150

glad im not the only one. she's literally making being an addict a personality trait and that's just… not right at all nor a good message.

No. 694152

The way she bonds with other addicts on social media is also really harmful, because she's basically bonding in a "yeah man these drugs were my favorite and I tried this and this one" instead of actually, y'know, saying being an addict fucks you up and those around you.

One thing is finding people who know what you're going through, but another is to basically talk about your taste in drugs and one upping each other. I also cringed when she replied "omg twins" to someone who has BPD. Like, dude, no.

No. 694153


Hep C is treatable and, in some cases, can be eliminated. But getting Jonny new teeth was more important than treatment.

No. 694154

So in the video she talks about wanting to switch the cats to raw food diet eventually but hasn't had time to look into it (fine, whatever) and then says a friend tried feeding her cats chicks and they liked it… so she tries that with hers. But the way she does it is insane. She waves the mouse and chick in their faces as if they're going to strike at it like a snake, and then just waits and films them with the dead, thawed chick on her bed's headboard. Why not put it in a dish for them? Why did she think they would want to take food like that? She's so stupid. She even tells them "Y'all would fail in the wild" like they would find thawed, pre-killed mice in the wild. Can't imagine why a housecat wouldn't want that, Taylor.

That whole thing was just disgusting.

No. 694161

The snake she got in the recovery house that she 'saved' what happened to that? I can't remember if she even named it or not nevermind kept it?

No. 694163

Motley? I believe is it’s name? It was in the video

No. 694166

Likely when “vision” died and she replaced it and forgot she told us initially the name was vision. Speculation on the death/replacement but 99.99% likely. And since she can’t keep her stories/lies straight…

No. 694169

the animal chart is such a mess. my favorite was when someone put “DUPLICATE??” as the pufferfish’s morph as if anyone is supposed to know what that means

No. 694170

File: 1566777580611.jpeg (295.11 KB, 1936x1452, F3DE4B53-6F19-409A-8473-411681…)

just saw this in my Instagram feed

No. 694174

The trigger warning cracked me up for some reason. Watch her joke about it on Twitter because she totally never lurks here.

No. 694179

Not hallucinating

No. 694190

File: 1566781013790.jpeg (150.24 KB, 2048x1136, 8FF65082-AF9A-4C38-9B13-DF550E…)

well that’s an angle i never wanted to see

No. 694197

they were. she can’t even remember her own pets’ names she has so damn many lmao

No. 694201

i’ve literally NEVER heard of anyone gutloading f/t rodents, that’s just fucking unnecessary. why is she so desperate to play around with dead rodents? shoving syringes down their throats and dangling them in front of her cats while they’re dripping nasty water over her furniture? she creeps me out

No. 694203

cuz shes so quirky anon

No. 694204

The hell did you reply to

No. 694205

It's true that you get desensitised to your animals food, but the degree to which she's comfortable with playing around with dead mice is awful. Seeing so many of her pets that she "loved" die in such a short space of time, all due to her own negligence has probably fucked her up, or she just never cared about animals in the first place. It'd be disrespectful if she was doing the same thing with broccoli, playing with food is never cool. She had a pet mouse ffs, she should recognise than an animal gave its life so her unnecessary luxury pets could eat too and show a little respect.

Also what the fuck is she doing letting her cats near her snakes food?! A single lick could introduce fatal bacteria - cats are fucking covered in gram-bacteria that's absolutely deadly to reptiles. What she's doing is worse than preparing human food on a counter top that hasn't been cleaned after being used to prepare raw chicken. Let alone the fact that the cats are just allowed in the reptile room!?

No. 694206

I remember Taylor confirm her old skinks died and she bought new ones (obviously this after Bree's leaked and someone finding out she was contacting a breeder on insta)

She said she named them Cosmo and Wands to keep the couple names just like, Wanda and Vision.

Technically she didn't forget about that lie.

No. 694207

File: 1566782809013.png (228.35 KB, 1439x1222, Capture _2019-08-25-21-27-26.p…)

She did forget, apparently, because her original Crocodile Skinks were Drogo and Dany, and her new ones were Vision and Wanda.

No. 694208

>>694201 It's more than unnecessary it's dangerous to shove vitamins in there multi vitamins have fat soluble compounds that will build up and kill the snake via overdose.

No. 694209

If you asked, she'd probably say that she changed it slightly bc the memories of their old names were ~too painful~ kek

No. 694211

Are we not going to talk about how absolutely none of her bins/tanks had ANY substrate? Her snakes were living on plastic/glass with a little bit of substrate just sprinkled on top. Even her hognose, a literal burrowing snake, had less then an inch to burrow in. Absolutely horrible

Also what the hell is she doing feeding her beardie a bts diet?

No. 694212

I wonder why she doesn't use pictures of her own animals in the thumbnail what a clickbait hoe.

No. 694214

Can someone confirm if all the animals in her video and all the animals she listed in her description that she “rehomed” are all of the animals she actually had?

No. 694218

imagine being 23 years old and needing parents to decide things for you because you lack neurons in your brain. Instead of blaming things on her parents, she should be openly grateful for them. Without them, regardless if they're also dumb af, she'll either be a street junkie or a whore junkie with a guy that'll pimp her out. One day, all her stans will grow up and laugh at her as she tries to act 16 when she looks 40.

No. 694227

File: 1566786894523.jpg (201.47 KB, 726x998, IMG_20190825_193348.jpg)

Mama Dean being a famewhore and TND being a victim of Jonny to explain her bad behavior, in the same screenshot!

No. 694228

File: 1566787171653.jpg (233.85 KB, 800x996, IMG_20190825_193316.jpg)

This load of uwu victim bullshit is also in response to Mama Dean's fame seeking post.

The only reason TND is making videos now is because Mama Dean is pushing her to. Get the cash coming back in from her cow.

No. 694232

might as well force Taylor to make videos or else Taylor will just stay in bed all day, doing nothing, and not working.

No. 694237

Youtube it's her "job" there's nothing wrong with pushing the immature leech to work

No. 694238

File: 1566789054160.png (546.01 KB, 750x1334, D9B13357-C16D-413A-940E-45D382…)

Possibly about Oscar

No. 694254


Was she fucking high when she filmed that? Jesus Christ. I rarely comment since I came over from Luna’s thread but this legitimately pisses me off. Maybe it’s because I’m a cat person but “a friend tried it” is not enough research into this shit to try it yourself.

She just loves to be able to say “lol my animals are so stupid and quirky!”

No. 694262

Jonny is probably bamboozled by how Taylor used him. Tinfoil but I think she used him for rockstar fame, drugs, and of course attention from a man. The breakup probably shocked him because he thought he was the one who's the manipulator. I guess he found his match.

No. 694264

It bothers me that she chose to rehomed one of her cresties, one of her easiest pets to care for and one of her very first pets. Very clear she just wants the cool pets, everyone has cresties and she has another so why not just get rid of the one so she can inevitably replace it with something cooler, eh?

No. 694269

Just realized too that all her new "replacements" have unique markings and brighter colors. She rehomed all the ones that had natural colors and uninteresting to photo. She obviously doesn't care or have love for these creatures and it's truly the most irritating thing to witness

No. 694270

Great points, she claimed she picked based on them eating live and her parents refusing to feed live.

Cresties don't eat live rodents, so she can fuck off with that reasoning.

I completely agree with you guys; she's about aesthetic, not actually caring about them. They're just accessories for her lack of a personality.

No. 694272

I wonder if she's going to replace Bindi too? Then again, she's kind of a mascot towards her fans like Cheese used to be because she gets to feed Bindi dog food and other random things which makes it look QuIrKy in her videos

No. 694273

it’s funny how many ppl are asking for cheese in the comments section w/out knowing she killed him

No. 694275

File: 1566801942306.jpg (236.16 KB, 1080x1355, IMG_20190826_073154.jpg)

Taylor's inability to count again…


No. 694277

File: 1566802010049.jpg (105.71 KB, 1080x863, IMG_20190826_074518.jpg)


Has she magically found 8 animals in the last month that needed saving or something

No. 694278

Also forgot to mention she said she rehomed 13 pets last month but this month it's 12 >>694095

No. 694280

Sorry for this most definitely being common knowledge but what ever happened to her mantises? iirc she had an orchid mantis and ghost mantis.

No. 694281

How are you gonna say you love/take care of all your animals "amazingly!" and not even know which ones/how many you've fucking gotten rid of? I know this is old but in her new vid description with the "that's all I think!" like didn't she MAKE the list?? I'm pretty sure she didn't put off saying who she rehomed to put off speculation like she claimed, but because she needed time to remember what she got rid of

No. 694282

I believe they died. They don't have very long lifespans anyway.

No. 694283

I think they died last year. None of them lasted very long, especially the shrimp mantis which supposedly was too old when she got it.

No. 694291

What do you mean there's no record of her having one? As in, you think she's lying about owning it or you don't remember that entire thing?

No. 694292


This is what I thought too. Those cresties have been with her for a very long time and you'd think when downsizing you would start with the difficult animals first, followed by those you haven't been with you long. Yet she's rehomed some of her older animals like Toast, Phoenix and Cersei.

Also weird that feeding live is apparently an issue, even though she was in rehab for only 23 days. Snakes are very good at fasting so it's quite obvious she got rid of animals that were boring or she was no longer interested in as the list is all over the place in terms of what was difficult for her parents and what seems like a very random choice.

No. 694293


She had a mantis shrimp called Larry, do your research. There was a huge debate because he was shown once or twice. Taylor avoided questions about him for MONTHS then finally caved and claimed he died within days of her having him because he was "old". Huge discussion regarding the tank he was in too.

No. 694303

I remember it on one of the threads that she dumped the mantis into a partially cycled tank and those shrimp are delicate so that killed him. I forget whether was confirmed or something a friend of hers said because she's had so many pets die and there are so many stories as to why they did.

No. 694304

*mantis shrimp

No. 694305

My bad. I’ve been following for a while but this one I def forgot. Tbh it’s hard to keep up with her shit sometimes. Deleted and saged

No. 694338

File: 1566812972221.jpg (357.34 KB, 1536x929, Screenshot_20190826-114912.jpg)

That's… pewdiepie who says that. Not Dr Phil but sure Taylor. She is lying again to seem quirky and funny.

No. 694340

>teehee I'm a funny and quirky junkie.

I get wanted to lighten a serious situation but all Taylor does is crack jokes and brag about her being a drug addict. If she isn't the world's strongest resistance junkie she's the most hilarious one and the envy of all who wish they too could throw their life away for drugs to be half as cool as her.

No. 694349

idk why everyone here has such a boner for jenna. sorry but you can tell she's over 30 (and that's fine). taylor doesn't even look old in that particular pic imo, she just looks insane. she looks like a 20 something trying to pull off a 'teen' porn star look. wtf is even this comparison

No. 694354


nah she's just dumb and doesn't understand where the meme is from, but tries to use it anyway. cringy.

No. 694355

the fact that she chose to rehome only one of the cresties is shady, makes me think it died instead.

the way she talks about the rehoming clearly shows that her perspective hasnt changed at all. I guess it was a victory for her parents to get at least that many animals rehomed, the fact that they tried to argue for more is interesting. means that they at least tried, but as long as the hoard lives under their roof it's still enabling

the ranch meme started from pdp watching dr phil, stop embarrassing yourself anon.

No. 694359

That's what I was saying so how about you stop embarrassing yourself. Pdp was the one making the joke to "send them to the ranch!!" In those videos, it wasn't Phil saying that.

No. 694360

and showing your meme knowledge powerlevel made you feel better, did it? it's such a weird nitpick, the phrase's related to dr phil, it isn't lying to mistake who exactly said it in these exact words.

No. 694371

Screen shots are more legit with date stamps on them.

No. 694373

the filename has the date?

No. 694377

I'm also mad about her rehoming one of her cresties. Theyre so easy to take care of and shes had them the longest but ofc one was a basic morph if i remember correctly. But cresties are one of the most over saturated in the reptile hobby and they sit in rescues for a really long time.

Funny, how she rehomed the crestie and toast but her parents were okay with feeding Sabor? arguably one of her more 'quirky' snakes when he's apparently quite aggressive

No. 694381

For fucks sakes Taylor, why would you think walking up to a crowd of strangers and shouting idiotic bs was a good idea??? Getting addicts to rehab and getting them to stay there is already hard enough without fucktards like you around wasting space. What if it were families touring the facility. I sure as hell wouldn’t send my loved one there with some raggedy bitch screaming and hollering nonsense.

Nothing you do is “quirky” Taylor. You’re a full fledged moron. I hope she realizes how washed up she is soon for her own sake. Idk how any male (or female for that matter) watches her videos and thinks she’s hot and datable!? Also pick up your fucking filthy room already for christs sake. What other YouTuber with a million subscribers is filming in front of a filthy mess (hint: NONE OF THEM). They all have setups in front of a nice background. Seriously take a fucking hint already Taylor.

No. 694383

Jesus, Taylor can’t even have a single ounce of responsibility and apologize to the fans she blocked? What an absolute bitch

No. 694384

sage irrelevant shit about jonny.

No. 694388

Well, yes. That's why I said it & posted a screenshot.
Mama Dean has some backbone, even if it is only for cash & cred. Getting rid of some of the hoard was part of the deal. Tinfoil that making videos was another part of the deal for her moving back home.

No. 694401

No1 currr

No. 694405

Did Taylor rehome Cersei because Jonny hit on her on Twitter with a photo of her in the face?

No. 694416

These sound like the same anon, and this is some major tinfoil you're spewing. Honestly, in her latest vid she talks about how unhappy she is living with her family again. I think her motivation for making vids again is less mama dean and more Tay just trying to GTFO lol, hence all the talk about making sure her vids are monetized.

No. 694427

Eh, it may or may not be the same anon but it's hardly outlandish that they'd expect their entitled, lazy brat of a daughter do something productive every now and then. Like work at her career doing the easiest job in the world.

No. 694429

This is really how I feel about this whole situation. He got played this time.

No. 694433

Of course. Jonny's used to fucking over women who don't have crazed stans. He's used to doing dirt and it sliding under the radar. Jonny's bamboozled because he can't control the narrative or just harass/threaten Taylor like he did his other exes.

They used each other.

No. 694438


I mean, who wants to take bets on whether or not Taylor is currently living there expense free? She probably doesn't contribute shit around the house like running errands, cleaning, cooking or helping out with her brother. Her mom probably does her laundry. If I was Mama Dean, I'd be pushing her to make videos too so she can hurry up and get the fuck out.

No. 694439

How would she be “using” him for anything? Rockstar fame? He’s a washed up joke best known for scamming people and slaves was an opening band. She has 3 times the followers he does. How was she using him for drugs? She had a coke problem before him, she could have gotten her own drugs and wouldn’t have had to pay for his. Taylor is an idiot who ignored warnings about some loser dude but don’t strain yourself from reaching so far.

No. 694440

No. 694444

I don't understand why some of you are mad she rehomed animals. I'm glad she was actually forced to rehome her animals, if they didn't actually die they went off to a better place where they can actually find homes where people will take good care of them and actually love them. I wish she would have allowed her parents to get rid of all of them but she still needs props to make her youtube money so unfortunately she still has most of her hoard.

No. 694448


I don't think people are mad she rehomed animals, it's about how sketchy the situation is. Saying how she rehomed them to a "rescue" and she's going to visit, go get back them, the rescue said they were AMAZING (except her hedgehog had mange) and all that.

Rehoming animals is good. Except she'll just replace them once she moves out of her parents home. Hell, the first fucking week she was out of rehab (or second) she got a new snake.

No. 694452

That’s the date the screenshot was taken…not the date missy wrote that shit. I can screenshot stuff today that was posted months, even years ago.

No. 694463

sounds like someone from lolcow lol

No. 694464

It's disappointing how she's using addiction as an excuse for being such a shit person and killing so many animals and people are eating it up. She's gaining subs on yt too. It makes me so mad to see her constantly manipulating everyone and getting away with it.

No. 694469

>>694444 Except she didn't rehome animals, her animals died and she said she rehomed them to cover her ass.

No. 694471

Stop treating tinfoil as if it's fact.

No. 694476

I don't think it's a massive tinfoil assuming some of the animals looked poor already (especially Kronos). I remember anons predicting the death of the crested geckos when she started moving the cages around back in her atrium house.

We all know the one hedgehog would have been part of the rehomed group if she had died but because she is surviving the most Taylor will say is that they considered it and said no.

You also should consider that her 'rehoming' is not what we would think of as rehoming. If the story that she left her satanics in some store where they died is true (which sounds probable considering the amount of aquatic animals I remember her leaving at stores and never having back) then it shows that not only the difference in 'rehoming' for us and her but also should show that for all we know she ditched some of her pets with people or stores. There's no godly rescue group involved or anything - and if there was I'm sure as hell that the hedgehog wouldn't have mange or still be with Taylor.

No. 694484

All I'm gonna say is, when Taylor actually rehomed animals she documented the whole process (dog + blood python)

But with all these other "rehomed" pets she's like o btw I rehomed them weeks ago and never said shit.

No. 694485

Yeah, I'm not mad that the crestie is no longer in her care, I'm mad that he's gone to a rescue. Something Taylor refused to get her reptiles from originally so she's just adding to the problem. On top of that a crested gecko will probably sit there for a very long time because of how over saturated they are in the market.

She could have probably found a good home for Sabor, who is an intermediate to advanced snake with someone in the hobby if she had extended any amount of effort and actually meant what she said about rehoming the more tricky animals.

Her mom is terrified of snakes so I can't see her being comfortable with Sabor at all.

No. 694488


The whole re-homing situation is bullshit to me because she easily could have made a big PR deal out of it like she did with re-homing the dog. She probably could have found a decent owner had she just said, "Hey guys, I need to re-home these animals while I recover, please send me an email with your info/qualifications" and made some big sob story over it.

What everyone needs to realize about Taylor, if she DOES have proof of something, she will fucking plaster it all over to show it's true. If it's a lie, she won't talk about it unless asked. She'd have signal boosted the rescue and others who took in her pets. She'd have made some sort of, "Hey look, I am doing the right thing by these animals because I am sick." But no.

I'm sure her "boring" pets are either dead, or dropped off at a Petco/Smart or someone that was so shitty she didn't want to share. People are upset that she's keeping the high maintenance ones (that are probably suffering) for aesthetic, yet ditching her boring easy maintenance pets.

No. 694491


The only thing that could ever clear her name would be to release the name of this rescue she apparently used. Most normal people would be willing to do this, and she could also use this as an ~animal activism~ piece by asking people to donate to animal rescues or the rescue she used.

Her poor animals are probably rotting in a landfill somewhere. Living with her must be hell.

So basically what >>694488 is saying

No. 694494

OH wow, yah, signal boosting the rescue to get it donations would have been an amazing move on her part! Dang.This just further proves to me they're dead or at Petco/Smart.

I'd ease up on my hate towards her if she actually did work with rescues. She could turn a lot around if she focused on how to admit when you have a hoarding problem, that it's okay to admit when you're in over your head for the sake of the animal, and how to reach out to rescues. Also discuss how we can support rescues. But, that takes admitting she has a problem, actually fixing the problem and actually working with rescues. So nah, she'll just sit in her filthy room and run her mouth about being an addict while more of her pets die.

No. 694500


I'm most confused about how she says she was on heroin and strung out for days/weeks and her assistant doesn't feed live, but somehow the snakes that ate live were still being fed. Nothing about her story adds up.

Honestly, some of her Stans would fight tooth and nail to get any animal Taylor may have touched.

Working with an actual rescue could make so much content for her, because with permission I bet she could film the animals in the rescue and get lots of cool and unique animals on camera! However, I don't think any rescue in a 1000 mile radius wants a hoarding heroin addict to be the 'face' of their cause.

No. 694501

She was in rehab when these animals were rehomed, but it wasn't actually even her- it was her parents. Honestly, who knows where Mama Dean put the animals. But her being in rehab is why we didn't see any information on when they were being rehomed.

No. 694503

While she was in rehab is the one time I can give her a pass for not showing it. But she has done this sooo many times before that where sick animals are suddenly rehomed and definitely not dead (ie seahorses). So it is still worthy of suspicion since this is her go to lie to pretend she didn't kill more pets

No. 694508

No, you're right, she's probably using rehoming as a guise for some of them, but others I'm pretty sure she wouldn't get rid of.
Also, finally watching her feeding video and her snake Louis is so disgustingly obese. He looks like he's going to split.

No. 694509

Okay, but why not signal boost them now that she's out of rehab and has been for awhile?

Like >>694500 said, she could bring a lot of positive attention/donations to rescues to help them out tremendously. However, she just likes to say, "I donate to rescues/causes so" whenever approached about donating money. I think she's lying, because if she did, she'd signal boost where, but you can't do that if you're lying.

At the end of the day, she isn't helping any animals out in any way shape or form. The bitch is advertising her dead baby cow purse more than any rescue.

No. 694512


>Okay, but why not signal boost them now that she's out of rehab and has been for awhile?

Because she hopes the rescue will give them back to her.

No. 694515

Ah! so this whole
>I'm going to try and get them back once I'm healthy
thing might actually have been a lie mama dean told taylor to convince her to rehome her hoard
>No honey see I spoke to the rescue and they said you might be able to get them back, so just give up a few more ok?
She isn't shouting out the rescue because she doesn't actually know where they were rehomed herself, because mama dean sorted it all out and wont tell her where it is until she meets certain conditions.

she is definitely using rehoming to hide what happened to some of the animals - she talks about it way to inconsistently. Her hedgehogs weren't rehomed because they couldn't find a home in time? OK. Why weren't they just taken to the rescue like all the other pets supposedly were? It's difficult to tease out exactly what's true and what isn't though, given that she lies about so much stuff.

No. 694516

where in texas does mama dean live again?

No. 694517

Okay… But… Why not help bring income and attention to the rescue helping her out… I'm sure they would agree to keep them from being adopted out if she would bring in some revenue to SUPPORT THEM TAKING CARE OF THEM.

No. 694518

…Because if she names the rescue now, then people will want to adopt her pets.
She wants them back once she moves out again.

No. 694519

Rescues can't make exceptions like this, even for "celebrities" There are only so many hours in the day, only so many volunteers and only so much money. They can't waste a space boarding an animal that isn't going to given to a new permanent home, if they did people would just start using rescues as a cheap way to kennel their animals

… oh shit. What if she just stuck them in a kennel?

No. 694520

Bullshit, refusing to acknowledge a rescue to help it generate donations out of fear that people will adopt her animals is a stupid excuse to defend her actions and potential lies.

If I were a rescue and YouTuber with her reach needed my help, I would jump on that to get the donations/exposure in return for keeping a few of them until she's better. Seriously, rescues need help, and Taylor could generate so much in funding that it would easily pay off for boarding her animals. Just think if how much she could get her stans to donate if she said, "They agreed to keep my pets from being adopted out within a time-frame of insert a month or so if I in turn can help them generate donations in return. It would be an amazing idea for the rescue to take advantage of.

My friend runs a rescue and has temporarily fostered pets for people who got ill. She's always looking for foster homes for these situations.

No. 694522

san antonio

No. 694523

>My friend runs a rescue and has temporarily fostered pets for people who got ill. She's always looking for foster homes for these situations.

Yeah, for people who get ill usually people who have no immediate friends and family who can care for the animal either. It's an exceptional circumstances thing, like for single orphaned people who get cancer and can't look after their dog themselves. Taylor wasn't ill, she had to go to rehab. She has a family willing to care for most of her animals. She doesn't meet any of the criteria for a rescue to make this kind of exception for her.

No reputable rescue is going to hold onto animals for a junkie, regardless of how youtube famous they are. Again, if someone can afford to kennel their animals a rescue would not take them. They're not kennels, they're rehoming and rehabbing facilities intended to put animals into new, responsible, permanent homes.

She's not shouting out the rescue because either
>a) there is no rescue
>b) she doesn't know where the rescue is because mama dean wont tell her, because she lied about taylor being able to get them back
>c) she did surrender them and the rescue (rightly fuckin' so) wouldn't agree to hold the animals for her, and she's afraid of someone else adopting them before her

Pick your tinfoil. My money is on b personally.

No. 694525


No. 694530

We're saying the same thing anon. I don't believe there is a rescue because if there were, she'd want to get cookie points for helping it get donations. I don't at all believe the reason she isn't naming it is because she's scared they'll get adopted; and that's who I am arguing with. She doesn't give a fuck about those animals, and how convenient would it be to say, "OH they were adopted and went to a very good home because I advertised where they were because I REALLY wanted to help the rescue." It's the perfect scapegoat to get more animals AND good person points. "Oh it got adopted because I signal boosted where my pets were, so I can go buy replacements now."

No. 694531

I think for some anons it's not the rehoming itself, because I agree it was the best thing for the animals, but rather that:

a) She is acting sketchy about certain animals which leads people to believe they might have died.
b) She still refused to rehome animals that are clearly neglected (like Mushu) because she thinks she's in any position to even take care of a plant. She still has too many animals that she has no business having.
c) She's rehomed them because she's thinking of replacing them. Once she is able to move out (if she's able at all because debt), she'll hoard animals again.

No. 694537

Too bad her stans are too stupid to realize this.

No. 694538

thats a valid thought. why rehome one crestie and not both? toast was her first snake, and she rehomed him.
echo being her first animal ever is just another excuse.

No. 694543

Taylor just can't stop blaming others for her actions or specifically her parents, she has low key blame them for her hedg getting mange, rehoming part of her hoard, not taking care of her pets correctly and who knows what else.

They should just cut her off and going no contact, they are enabling her and i can see her became one of those hoarders who keep death animals in her fridge.

No. 694549


No. 694550

highly doubt she wants any back. MAYYYYBE Toast. but shes a liar. so no.

No. 694573

echo wasn’t even her first pet, nala was. echo was just her first reptile

No. 694580

ok but why the sudden insistence over this one particular screenshot? if you believe it's old, say when it's from.

No. 694581

Well when she said she "rehomed" her leaftail geckos it was confirmed that she just returned them to the store she got them from so my money is on the fact that this "rescue" is probably just a bunch of reptile stores or similar

No. 694582

“Just her first reptile” idk I think that’s a pretty important one to keep. Especially being the easiest to care for. All the ones that have been rehomed should have been all the ones she acquired after moving out imo. She just becomes more and more unlikable the more I see of her and it’s so disappointing as a used to be fan. I can’t even watch her videos anymore.

No. 694585

Major tinfoil, probably wrong, but it just popped into my brain and I feel like sharing. isn't afroherpkeeper based in TX? he's a fellow hoarder who claims to "rescue animals" despite having 0 professional expertise or room for them in his overcrowded house. there's Taylor's "guy from a great rescue", he would be more than happy to take 15 new animals from her, and he hasn't posted videos in months. She could have told him not to say anything publicly and that she might want some of them back later, since he's not any kind of professional that seems more realistic for him to agree. I just don't understand why they wouldn't take advantage of it to film videos together, maybe Taylor doesn't want to give him attention.

unless of course she really did go to a rescue, and they lied to a hoarding junkie to get the animals out safely, and have no intention of returning them

No. 694603

Can we sage our off topic Oscar crap

No. 694637

are you forgetting Taylor even said she “wanted the experience” so clearly she wanted SOMETHING Johnny had.

No. 694658

you do know jonny is a serial abuser and manipulator, right? taylor is an impressionable idiot, all he had to do was say the right things at the right time and she was his. you seem to think jonny has something aside from a silver tongue.

No. 694668

Silver tongue? Have you seen how he writes on instagram and twitter? He had something she wanted and I'm guessing it was because he was in a band that was seeing some success and paid attention to her. You don't see her going after guys who don't have some kind of "fame."

And I don't buy she's impressionable people pleaser like she claims. It's just part of her mask so she can play victim later when eveerything blows up in her face. What she does she does to further her own agenda. It might not always be the most thought-out of actions, but she goes into things with her eyes wide open, not because someone manipulated poor little impressionable Taylor into it.

No. 694673

imagine confusing face tats and a fairly good music career (at the time) for a silver tongue.

No. 694676

File: 1566876589357.gif (1.86 MB, 370x281, tumblr_inline_o2yndos2oh1slyvx…)

No. 694683

This this is hilarious after he called taylor out and deleted the video because of her stans. This is a big F U to her

No. 694687


" shut up and listen to me because I'm an expert"

Sure is!

No. 694704

They died. They're not animals that live years, merely months to a year for the longer lived mantids kept as pets. They may be the only pets she has had die that she didn't actually kill directly or indirectly.

I think y'all are right, she's surrendered/rehomed or """rehomed""" the animals that aren't morphs at all, or have less vivid and colourful morphs. She's using them like they're a fucking flower pot or bouquet.

No. 694708

File: 1566886019172.png (38.33 KB, 594x403, img.PNG)

Looks like she's making call-out posts. Wonder how long until it's deleted.

No. 694720

File: 1566891146084.png (459.55 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-08-27-00-32-23…)

When has she EVER kept her mouth shut

No. 694721

File: 1566891270660.png (1.57 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_08-27-04.28.56.png)

Taylor went on a rant about how Canada supposedly doesn't have an opioid crisis because free healthcare (?) which was started from a tweet where she said she has been putting off getting her wisdom teeth out for months because she's scared that bc she's an addict they'll just give her Tylenol (which is actually fine). Then somehow breaking a bone is comparable to having cancer (?)

Pic related are some highlights.

No. 694722

Holy fuck can she stop spouting this bullshit about addiction? None of it makes sense and she's pumping her child followers full of misinformation! It's so frustrating to watch her continue this crap.

No. 694723

Didn't she say in an earlier tirade that non addicts CAN'T get addicted to things? She needs to be stopped. I can't believe people genuinely think of her as an authority to speak on anything.

No. 694724

File: 1566891650337.jpg (211 KB, 1536x426, Screenshot_20190827-094045.jpg)

Interesting choice of words here.

No. 694725

Where the fuck does she get her information?! Just because Canada has free healthcare (not really free btw) doesn’t mean drug companies don’t profit off meds…and there is definitely an opioid crisis there…not helped at all by the shit coming out of her mouth!

No. 694727

from the "professionals" on google and her shitty sober facilities.

No. 694728

File: 1566892171463.jpg (540.42 KB, 1536x1300, Screenshot_20190827-094949.jpg)

Here's a follow up kek

No. 694729

File: 1566892362832.png (1021.33 KB, 760x2456, Screenshot_20190827-044427.png)

So apparently tana mongeau and some other chick wore snakes as an accessory at the VMAs and I'm curious, didn't she do exactly that at an event (don't remember what it was exactly) where tana was in and even let her wear the snake? Hmm.

No. 694730

Silly anon, she was probably high at the time and thus not responsible for anything she did! Don't ya know she's got that addickshuun disease??

No. 694733

that must have been a very sheltered canadian, just like her

No. 694735

Umm..no? It’s not like anxiety or depression, given that those -mental- illnesses stem from imbalances in brain chemistry. Yes, neurotypical people can feel anxious/depressed without suffering from the illnesses themselves, that’s true. But the reason addictive substances are called -addictive substances- is because they literally alter your brain chemistry to become addicted. It doesn’t matter what your brain was like beforehand, no one person is immune to addiction because they just so happen to be lucky enough to not have the “addiction disease”. Her bullshit about detoxing and never having to deal with addiction if you’re not part of the special 15% is guess what? BULLSHIT! it wouldn’t be an opioid CRISIS if only 15% of the entire population got addicted.

No. 694738

File: 1566893014874.jpg (685.26 KB, 1536x1824, Screenshot_20190827-095526.jpg)

No. 694739

Silly you, because unlike Tana, Taylor knows her snakes behaviour really really well. She can take her snake to a party because she's an expert.

No. 694740

Every study I have read (long before I became interested in TND even) has claimed that addiction only becomes a disease or disorder after the initial drug use. There is no group of people that have special brains hardwired for addiction. It’s the drugs themselves that alter the brain that then turn someone into an addict. Any person can become an addict with an “addict brain”.

No. 694742

the invert "community" doesn't like this guy, he's like our own TND without the boy or drug drama. Tried to make hybrids of a hobby and wild type, hoards and cramps his Ts. Ironic coming from him.

No. 694743

File: 1566893923242.jpg (707.33 KB, 1536x1190, Screenshot_20190827-101839.jpg)

Years and years ago. 2017. LMAO.

No. 694745

LOL Taylor really is such a child. And she'll never grow up, either, if she never gets consequences for her fuck-ups. These never take responsibility types are all the fucking same.

At least the milk will keep flowing?

No. 694746

File: 1566894286094.jpg (1.23 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1566894301416.jpg)

No. 694748

File: 1566894511045.jpg (191.64 KB, 1536x744, Screenshot_20190827-102844.jpg)

Trust and believe she's sticking to an intense program though!

No. 694750

"Years and years” ago. She’s barely owned snakes 2 years. Definitely not been 3 yet

No. 694757

File: 1566899062717.jpeg (252.24 KB, 810x708, A67F0BAF-F5CD-4845-9EF6-1CFA3F…)

There are studies out there that show there are differences in the prefrontal cortex and in impulse control before drugs. Shown by studying addict and non addict siblings.

No. 694759

There are people who have a bigger predisposition for addiction, or who will get addicted faster/easier than others, but it’s not a “sip of vodka 4 years ago made me a heroin addict” situation. Their brains don’t differ nearly enough to say that they’re the only ones who can become addicted to something. Because that’s simply not the case. What’s different about them is bad impulse control -which is what contributes to them trying drugs in the first place compared to their “normal” counterparts- which is not a disorder nor a disease.

No. 694760

File: 1566901416062.png (851.35 KB, 2048x1320, Screenshot_20190827-062212.png)

Jesus, can't comment on a nice post without some trauma sprinkled in it, huh Tay?

No. 694766

In Canada you could walk into a pharmacy and buy an opioid based painkiller without a prescription. They would add caffeine to it so they couldn’t be separated from the base of Tylenol or aspirin. I don’t know if you still can though, but it was definitely recent. Canada definitely has an epidemic and all she would have to do is check their news occasionally to see that. But of course it doesn’t fit her narrative.
Doc’s will still prescribe opioids in the US for surgery, breaks, ligament tears, or heck an abscess tooth, even if you’re an addict. And it doesn’t make you less of a junkie to be able to take them appropriately, it just means you learned something in recovery, which Taylor clearly hasn’t.

No. 694767

I thought it was just codeine they could sell over the counter and not most other painkillers?

No. 694768

There's that and some individual differences in the 'reward pathway' that makes some people's brains respond more strongly to short-term reward. You're right though; there's literally no way that somebody could immediately spiral out of control over a few sips of booze. That's virtually impossible; even taking the psychological aspects of addiction into consideration, it takes time for someone to get hooked on booze.

No. 694769

Like the majority of Jonny's exes, she will also continue talking about him for the next few years.

It's sad.

No. 694776

Even anti-inflammatories are kept behind the counter at the pharmacies in Canada, at least in Quebec. We have a huge fucking heroin and pill epidemic. I live in a neighbourhood with million+ dollar homes and there's a fucking pill dealer that regularly deals in our ruelle (alley) so she's incredibly misinformed but that's pretty on brand for her.

No. 694779

Not sure to blog post. I’m in Canada in a hospital and was prescribed opiates, that I turned down. I don’t know how she comes up with information her dumb potato head.

No. 694781

This just goes to show how she vomits out all this information given to her without fact checking. Rehabs teach outdated information constantly. If she truly did some research on what she's tweeting out, she would be following a completely different narrative.
Especially about this canada doesnt have an opioid epidemic. Read a damn book or look at the news sometime, Taylor.

No. 694793

Yeah it was just codeine, 5mg with 300(?) - 500mg of Tylenol or aspirin. But we are also talking about bottles with 50 tabs in it. They definitely could be abused. I think they stopped selling them otc because of the opioid epidemic up there.

No. 694794

Yeah it’s sad that he traumatizes them.

Is this the same creepy Jonny Stan that’s been clogging up the past few threads? Gtfo.

No. 694797

> I fear it’ll look hypocritical

Ummm no bitch it will be hypocritical. Also lol she doesn’t want to say anything about Tana bc she craves attention/respect from Tana even tho Tana doesn’t remember her.

No. 694800

Clearly everyone who doesn't talk about how horrible Jonny is is simply a stan and nothing more.

I just think there's a time and place for people out of relationships like this to grow and while warning is definitely important, reflecting on your abuse to somehow one up one another is certainly not healthy.

Also would like to clarify that I did not mean all of his exes are doing this to the same extent.

No. 694801

I hope his exes never ever stop talking about him. The only reason he's been able to do this so many times is because his current victim doesn't know what he did to his previous ones. I hope these women spread the word about him for the rest of his life.

No. 694804

Except Jonny also still shit talks his exes constantly to this day, so what’s your point?

No. 694809


You can buy that OTC in the UK and we don't have an opiate problem.

No. 694810

oh yes, years and years ago…a whole 2 of them

No. 694811

er, taylor knew. lol

No. 694813

File: 1566923048781.png (8.8 MB, 1242x2208, 10BA176A-1E3D-4E6D-9D2C-A88AFD…)

good god

No. 694814

Is that the Gucci bag? Also, WHY ADD THE KITTEN BOW? The outfit would've been fine without it.

No. 694815

She's looking like Shayna again

No. 694816


the bow begs for old creeper dudes

No. 694817

this is hilarious since jonny made sure to tell everyone that he refused the vicodin when he got his dentures

No. 694818

apparently this is her “going to IOP outfit”……

No. 694819

I'm ready for ddlg fashion disaster Taylor. She should also stop sucking it in so hard and just lose weight if it bothers her that much, lol.

No. 694820

She warped the hell out of that photo. If you see the full image the floor on the left side is warped as hell.

No. 694821

tinfoil: she's got a terrible ddlg kink and thats why she keeps hopping between borderline pedo trash guys

No. 694823

The outfit was never fine! But the bow does make it infinitely worse.

No. 694825

I mean it's a tacky tank top and leggings, that is an normal outfit, not the most stylish but basic.
The bow is tacky, cheap and doesn't match. To me the outfit would be fine withot the bow.

No. 694827

why would you wear something like that around your family? why..

No. 694829

She wants people to ask about her tattoos so she can tell them how much of an addict she is. That is if she ever actually leaves her house.

No. 694830

I'm sure IOP told her to cover up, and be respectful, and this is her way of doing that.

No. 694831

File: 1566926839266.jpg (76.89 KB, 703x650, IMG_20190827_102717.jpg)

Funny you should mention that…sleeve coming soon!

No. 694833

File: 1566927169004.jpg (115.08 KB, 590x640, IMG_20190827_103119.jpg)

Only tried meth once.

No. 694834

Definitely wanted it again because of my ~addict brain. Tay, there are plenty of heroin addicts out there that can’t stand meth or vice versa, plenty of meth addicts can’t stand heroin.
She is taking this ~addict brain way over the top. She’s triggering and freakin dangerous.

No. 694839

File: 1566930179632.jpg (137.36 KB, 577x751, IMG_20190827_112006.jpg)

Sometimes I can't figure out if I'm in TND's, Shay's or Luna's threads.

No. 694842

File: 1566930597479.jpg (211.84 KB, 594x995, IMG_20190827_112825.jpg)

TND shaming others at 3am for taking their snakes in public.
Like she didn't at a YouTube party, her sober living AND the hotel as a scrunchie? (1/2)

No. 694844

File: 1566930644085.jpg (232.54 KB, 595x1000, IMG_20190827_112742.jpg)

Sorry for the image flood. She was up all night tweeting.

No. 694847


only did meth once, yet brags "doing meth never made me sick like heroin did!!!"

bitch was u lyin then or r u lyin now, cos you really went out of your way to act like you were an expert in meth use

No. 694850

File: 1566931344594.jpeg (365.35 KB, 1125x1574, 5A8A19A5-15F1-4CEB-AA20-0A8940…)

She also posted these screenshots of some rando texting her in the middle of the night. After seeing this, I find it hard to believe that she was ever in fear of her life. She clearly used lolcow as a scapegoat to cover up her sketch behavior and deny the fact that she was kicked out of sober living.

No. 694851

Ah jeeze, she dresses like a randomized Sim lol

No. 694853

File: 1566931783799.png (7.93 MB, 1242x2208, 1EE5F400-EB89-4B04-9283-7E0D20…)

It’s so funny when bitches give themselves giant elbows trying to Facetune their waist in. Also her purse strap. Very subtle, A+ job, Taylor.

No. 694854

don’t even think that’s a tinfoil tbh

No. 694855

Clock that "I just pissed my pants" dark shadow trying to make her skinnyfat thighs look just skinny lol
There's nothing wrong with her body besides the brain it supports, why she gotta do all this

No. 694856

I still think she was on meth while sperging out in "sober living" aka the hotel

No. 694857

Probably the autist that bought her a gun. Strikes me as one of those socially awkward losers that obsesses over guns. Seems like sober living dude trying to get in her pants.

No. 694859

Taylor getting upset at Tana / the pet owner is golden.
If only she could focus that energy on bad pet care to her own. Mushu looks like shit, one of her hedgehogs has mange, and her cats are all seemingly overweight now.

Besides that, Taylor has used her own pets as props.
She threw her monitor into her disgusting swamp (pond) for the lolz high out of her mind.

No. 694860


Twitch is going down the shitter. Then again, she's a girl with tits so of course she'll do well there. Hell maybe she's break Jonny's shitty viewcount lol

No. 694867

File: 1566934668387.jpg (197.25 KB, 800x998, IMG_20190827_123536.jpg)

Showing off her track marks because she was the most addicted addict ever.

No. 694868

File: 1566934705184.jpg (254.45 KB, 800x1104, IMG_20190827_123609.jpg)

No. 694869

File: 1566934829704.jpg (229.93 KB, 800x994, IMG_20190827_123707.jpg)

No. 694870

sweetie,,,your cameltoe

No. 694871

Not just rehab, but NA/AA. They aren’t equipt to educate but do anyways. Anyone can chair a meeting and spew the same out dated shit Taylor repeats

No. 694872

File: 1566935164450.jpeg (679.97 KB, 1242x1275, BD50BAAF-D3C2-4D2E-84D7-E0D3E0…)

No. 694874

is it really that hard to lurk. this has already been posted: >>694833

No. 694875

Already posted 2 hours ago.
Lurk moar.

No. 694876

Lul at her strap and arms bending reality with her waist.

God, all her addiction talk is just filled with her showing off how “cool” she is that she’s doing all these drugs. I haven’t met or seen celebrities even proud of their addiction or their drug abuse history. She really really believes that being addicted to a substance is really amazing. Taylor is a lost cause at this point because I don’t ever seeing her changing into a decent human being that have common sense plugged into their brains.

No. 694877

You know she’s lying every time she says, “DoInG AMaZiNG”

No. 694879

File: 1566935892832.jpg (152.05 KB, 696x904, IMG_20190827_125644.jpg)

Other people made me feel ashamed of my drug addiction, which forced me deeper into drugs.
Not my fault it got worse.
Jonny shot me up every time.
The internet said I was a junky, so I became one!

No. 694880

And this stupid fuck didn't even include a date on their repost. What a shitty farmer.

No. 694882

File: 1566936443149.jpg (108.67 KB, 717x579, IMG_20190827_130505.jpg)

In my last video I introduced all of my fans to illegal drugs.
Today, I'm going to tell you what to expect to pay so you won't get ripped off!

(Sorry anons, lots of dumb tweets to cap.)

No. 694884

Oh so she's giving tips. Thanks Taylor!

No. 694886

File: 1566936742339.jpg (113.16 KB, 649x684, IMG_20190827_131152.jpg)

I'd never bring a snake in public except that one time. But never again!
Except those other times.

No. 694889

I realized what bothers me about Taylor's face. She counters her already small nose too much. In the pic where's she is blonde, her nose looks wider and it fits her face soo much better

No. 694890

File: 1566937209606.jpg (135.48 KB, 601x662, IMG_20190827_131735.jpg)

Allegations and scandals. Never. Proven. Once.

I'm losing braincells reading her Twitter today, all to bring milk to my fellow anons.

No. 694892

Never proven once? This is why it's so hard to feel bad for her and believe she is actually changing her ways.

No. 694897


>"…Accusations and scandals that were never proven once."

Bitch, your heroin abuse was outed after vehemently denying you were abusing ANY substance for almost a year, & now you're showing your audience an entire laundry list of ALL the drugs you 'tried' for the past year & then some.
You are in NO place to say that anything said about you & your behavior was "Never proven once".

No. 694898

All your dead animals are the proof Taylor

No. 694901

File: 1566939093561.jpeg (148.53 KB, 750x860, 326F29CD-B43D-4BB4-A7BE-AEABFC…)

Very old milk, but flashback to when someone last reminded Taylor about how wrong it was of her to bring her baby python to a party…

No. 694902

File: 1566939098672.jpg (522.37 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190827-135208.jpg)

She is so dumb and not self aware at all

No. 694903

File: 1566939303672.jpg (138.39 KB, 582x824, IMG_20190827_135303.jpg)

Taylor the addiction education expert, on her DOC. Citation? A junky told me.

No. 694904

we get it Taylor u did every drug on the planet

No. 694908

File: 1566939960884.png (60.13 KB, 472x576, tanalickssnake.png)


Weird, she didn't think it was such a bad thing to do last month…

No. 694909

Repzilla has a TND video up.

No. 694910

Save your views. He fell for her recent video too.

No. 694911

hot topic anime cowboy is a cow himself, who cares about what he says.

i cant believe shes basically giving her stans advice on how to finance your drug addiction. what the fuck taylor

No. 694912

Can you stop with your self posting for the love of GOD.

No. 694914


Grow up and at least add something to the discussion instead of deciding something is a self post because you don't like it.

No. 694915

He is so stupid and easily manipulated. Don't give him the money

No. 694917

No, Taylor you fucking idiot. No one expects for you to say animal abuse is okay but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. YOU are part of the problem.

No. 694920

This got me too. No one is expecting her to say it's okay, people just expect her to learn how to shut the fuck up for once. She herself said she shouldn't speak up on it. Yet here we are. The never ending circle of Taylor's life repeats.

No. 694929

It's because of the VMA's. Tana appeared with a snake on her neck again.

No. 694938

File: 1566948705859.jpeg (448.95 KB, 1242x1843, 46A7A853-856A-4749-AA99-D38C42…)

MY dilaudid was PURE just like my china white I’m the hardest and baddest and purest junkie trailer trash dean

No. 694939

Is this posted by the same stupidfag who couldn't figure out how to lurk from upthread? Include the date/time of the screenshot, dumbass.

No. 694951


just in, one single canadian who tweeted at taylor once now speaks for all of canada and now she parrots this information to her retarded stans. good work tay, you solved the opiod crisis.

No. 694963

Where in my comment did I say he wasn’t a manipulator? Taylor said at the beginning of the relationship that she “wanted the experience.” Johnny was actually in a band at that point so she probably thought she was going to get a bit of “fame” and live the “rockstar life.” No where in my comment did I say Johnny wasn’t also a shithead so I don’t know why you’ve just assumed that. She wanted to experience the “rockstar lifestyle” and I guess she got a drug problem instead.

No. 694975

Taylor can’t even count to one and wants us to believe that her dilaudid was ~pure~ and ~straight from the source~. Unless her dilaudid was still in the stock bottle sealed (which no pharmacist would ever dispense like that because they have to do a double count before dispensing controlled substances) she has no idea if it was fucked with. I doubt Miss I Was So Strung Out was using pill identifier prior to taking her precious dilaudid.

Straight up Jonny was the one who handled all the dealer transactions and she just gave him the money. This is why she’s such a fucking poser wannabe super duper drug addict who had her bf shooting her up because she didn’t know how.

No. 694978

The whole screenshot is retarded, Canada has a huge fentanyl problem I don’t know where she’s getting this from. I wish she’d stop pandering for woke points

No. 694980

How is he a cow? Is there a thread on him?

No. 694981

Taylor you have zero friends and no boyfriend bc you spend most of your 3 waking hours trying to one up everyone.
NO ONE likes that. Everyone on this whole fucking planet knows every single thing about you so let someone else talk.

Also, what youtuber snake died that she is sperging about?

No. 694983

Where is she even in this photo? Extra try-hard that she compulsively has to take photos of her ~tracks~ (seemingly in extremely public spaces????) to show off. Sorry for nitpicking

No. 694987

I think she’s talking about Brian Barzyck or however you spell it and his albino reticulated python who died shortly after being at a large event and handled by others.

No. 694989

primink did a video on him, you can check that out.

i also find it super weird that she took pics of her tracks and other junkie lifestyle things. like… why. thats nothing you need to document or be proud of, who looks at their trackmarks and decides to do a take pics of them every week?

No. 694990

So you’re q hypocrite because even in this tweet, you don’t admit to your mistakes

No. 695006

There's proof Sunshine had a really bad respritory infection, so it makes sense that she died after being at an event tbh.

No. 695009

yes and also the state of her bathroom with needles and blood everywhere. its almost like she fetishised it even at the time.

No. 695011

Sorry late to the game today. But did she just say $80 of heroin would last her a week? That’s 1 bundle a week. Just for some context, Tuna used or may still need at least that every day. I thought Taylor was the junkiest of junkies? Something doesn’t make sense here.

No. 695013

This outfit is giving me Tuna vibes..

No. 695021

If $80 of heroin lasted her a week there's no way she was ever on fentanyl. She would have OD'd immediately. Who the fuck pretends they are addicted to fentanyl for clout?

No. 695028

But you’re forgetting that she used the strongest China white every ten minutes, or whatever her insane flex was!

No. 695031

gross, he’s a piece of shit

No. 695032

Archiveanons, I can't get archive.is to capture TNDs twitter anymore. Not updated in 4 weeks. Suggestions?

No. 695039

whenever she wears something like this I keep thinking she relapsed, but really Taylor has the worst fashion sense of any cow. She was rocking the ‘heroine-chic’ look even before the heroine.

No. 695043

File: 1567010031078.png (1.08 MB, 951x534, tar.PNG)

Yeah she claimed these pics were from just before she went to rehab and there is very clearly a bag of tar in the pic. Also two shots are ready and they're very clearly tar as well.

Sadly not the first time I've heard of a junkie lying/wildly exaggerating their use.

No. 695044

File: 1567010120971.jpeg (653.78 KB, 1125x1911, 70209C3B-23B8-48E9-8FA3-6E1150…)

she just posted this on Instagram

No. 695048

File: 1567010756932.jpg (62.36 KB, 800x319, IMG_20190828_094323.jpg)

Translation: I wanted to get high so I almost bought drugs, but then I got my narc high, and made it through. Later I will go to meetings to humble brag about my support on YT and make it all about me. I'll get through this with your attention!

Also, "thousands upon thousands" kek.

No. 695050


It's working for me.


>Not updated in 4 weeks.

You know it's a manual archive not a crawler, right?


No. 695051

Okay, so she's going to make her fans feel responsible for keeping her sober? If she doesn't get the attention she needs, she'll relapse? This is all kinds of fucked up and I'd never want me kid feeling this kind of stress and worry about a stranger online they look up to.

These posts don't make your young fans feel good, it makes them worry Taylor, and that's really fucked to do to young people.

No. 695053

"Instead of looking at my hoard of animals whose lives depend on me I looked at fans licking my ass and that's when I realised I needed to stay sober"

No. 695054

I'm just now noticing this but what's with the aerosol can without the nozzle on it? Were they inhaling it for a high too?

No. 695055

But yeah Taylor, by all means go out and get more fucking animals. By her own admission she’s struggling “tremendously” with urges to relapse but she’s fIInEee gUuiIse because her animals will help her through it because she loves them so much and no one should be worried if she gets more animals.

This girl is mental. Seriously, her stans are fucking morons for sticking around this long and continuing to excuse her abnormal behavior. The detail she goes into is absurd. She was about to relapse yesterday but also found time to dress up like a cheap hooker and go to “IOP” (for once). She’s made it sound like this whole time she goes to meetings ALL the time yet somehow had to search for some to go to yesterday. It doesn’t take a whole lot of brains cells to see the gaps in her story.

No. 695065

Looks like butane fuel for a torch

No. 695066

File: 1567015440708.jpg (211.69 KB, 600x1099, IMG_20190828_110120.jpg)

Is probably not going to talk about how good it feels to be high ever again. But if she does it will have a trigger word.
She hates when people talk about how good drugs make them feel at AA/NA meetings.

No. 695067

Yah, anon. I just get an error on my tablet. I'll stick to screenshots.

No. 695068

So it triggers her in meetings… but she can rave about it online with people and it doesnt trigger her?

No. 695070


"if I ever do relapse"

Nice set-up, Taylor.

No. 695073

Didn't she just recently say though that she talkes with addicts all the time about loving certain drugs?

No. 695087

Yup and went on to say that it’s ~normal~ for addicts to talk about drugs and highs all the time. She even made it seem as if non-addicts just couldn’t understand.

No. 695094

File: 1567024084386.jpeg (652.56 KB, 1242x1593, 610EBF8F-C503-46AE-ADFE-79F2AD…)

Oh boy. Today’s look.

No. 695095

Is she not wearing shorts or anything…. Oof

No. 695096

Taylor this pastel goth or whatever the fuck this shit doesn't suit you because it's NOT your style.
Also, she's never matching.

No. 695097

I prefer her in fashionnova attire. This is just too tacky.

No. 695100

Like a wannabe trashy raver look for Oscar??? Lol

No. 695101

how do pastel pink/blue shoes go with a neon green and purple shirt


No. 695103

I think this wouldn't be bad if she were wearing some high-rise jeans or denim shorts…. and burned the fishnets obviously

No. 695104


If you're going to dress like this, at least have an aesthetically pleasing background that doesn't look like you're crouching behind the shed in your parent's backyard.

No. 695107

This lying ass bitch. Why does she even do this? This is one of her worst lies yet.

No. 695111

File: 1567026804964.jpg (309.23 KB, 1536x547, Screenshot_20190828-231241.jpg)

What a miserable life it must be dealing with this, and having a daughter like Taylor who doesn't help out at all on top of it all, making life even more difficult because of her hunger for attention.

No. 695113


Are we back to the no pants look like the failed meetup? Naybe she barfed on herself again.

No. 695114

Uh prader willi is a genetic disorder not a mental illness? I feel so badly for Tanner with his family constantly tweeting about him or jen trying to use him as a prop in her off brand youtube videos. Poor kid.

No. 695117

They don't treat Tanner like a person at all. Either Jen is publicly complaining about his existence of they are using him as a prop for views/likes.

I know people like to sperg out when the idea of taking Tanner away from mama dean comes up, but he would be much happier in an environment where people treat him like an actual living breathing person.

No. 695122

File: 1567033136901.png (11.83 MB, 1242x2688, 793BFF53-A85A-4FB3-87EB-5EF78F…)

Sending Taylor indirects lol

No. 695125

File: 1567033476590.png (842.6 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190827-233710.png)

He also posted this last night but quickly deleted it. I wasnt sure if it was worth posting but it did make me laugh

No. 695126

He literally sounds like an 14-year-old girl or twink trying to read someone.

Like dude, you look dirty, you aren't attractive AND you are an horrible person, sht the fuck up.

Taylor and him worry about the wrong things.

No. 695131

File: 1567035535390.png (771 KB, 750x1334, B4DEBF13-3098-4272-ADA7-6F01A2…)

I’m surprised this hasn’t been posted yet but I’ve been banned for 7 days so here’s a pic of her manhandling the snake with Tana after sperging about not being hypocritical about it on twitter wtf she’s not even supporting its whole body

No. 695134

So she goes to aa meetings, therapy, her sub doc apps, and now physical therapy for ex opiate addicts Hahahaha I think not. There’s no way with how much she stays up till dawn sperging on twitter

No. 695135


would a junkie really just leave those shots ready and waiting like that… did betsy really take these photos?… i thought it was kinda odd she stated in her vidoe "its not like I set the bathroom up to look like that" or something to that effect.

No. 695136

File: 1567035979430.png (232.41 KB, 750x1334, 1849CD38-890A-426A-968C-795278…)

Sorry hit send before posting pic

No. 695137

File: 1567036182512.png (248.51 KB, 750x1334, 397FB45C-353C-41A3-9CED-412536…)

Talking bout how she got needles

No. 695138

File: 1567036323357.jpg (185.87 KB, 606x1000, IMG_20190828_164959.jpg)

Changing the story again to include herself in LGBT like we've seen recently "due to me generally dating men"
Bitch, you've never dated a woman, you said so yourself.

No. 695139

File: 1567036337988.png (201.91 KB, 750x1334, 26370E35-265D-4024-8D5E-F4E383…)

Nobody believes anything that comes out of JCs mouth but ppl def shouldn’t believe what comes out of hers either cuz she’s a known liar! Lmao and how was he supposed to take care of u exactly, when he can barely take cAre of hisself? Nooo

No. 695141

File: 1567036630490.png (581.67 KB, 750x1334, D5BDFC7B-5B0C-4AB4-AF2E-E7160F…)

Omg guys see I was the worse most junky tracked up bitch there ever was, here’s a pic of my dead track mark! SEe sEe!

No. 695145


Fuck anon. Include the date in your screenshot, other anons have asked this too.
Your caps are WORTHLESS as receipts without time/date stamps. If you're not going to do it right, don't fucking flood the thread with day old, undated milk summerfag.

No. 695146

File: 1567037423617.jpg (147.1 KB, 599x715, IMG_20190828_170958.jpg)

Has been planning her tattoo sleeve for 2 years! Srsly guise. So srsly that it isn't even done being drawn.

No. 695147

File: 1567037560175.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 5666E9D2-D7E5-4535-93E5-E9C846…)

They were all taken yesterday, yeah they might be day old but nobody else posted them and like I said in the first one I’ve been banned for 7 days for something stupid so I just posted the pics that I took damn get off your high horse. I won’t post no more shit here damn u petty. Prolly get banned for sayin this anyways . Pic from her track mark post from Yesterday where she just has a random Suboxene strip just layed out on her bed like she used to throw her needles everywhere!

No. 695150

File: 1567038035649.jpg (36.91 KB, 596x279, IMG_20190828_171959.jpg)

Taylor "Can't keep a plant alive" Dean, animal hoarder and occasional YouTuber.

No. 695153

of course she can't keep plants alive, she never waters her animals either lol

No. 695157

File: 1567039585965.png (205.67 KB, 750x1334, AA982C0E-1DCB-46CE-9E2F-A16023…)

She’s got an excuse as to why she’s a dumbass GUYZ she was on opiates give her a break sheesh

No. 695159

But she could TOTALLY care for her animals guys

No. 695161

at least sage this stupid post

No. 695166

NTA but when in the fuck have screenshots needed dates? We're all able to access her social media.
You sperging out about dates is just as annoying as someone posting old milk. Shut the fuck up with your mini-modding.

No. 695167

…the fuck is she doing? literally just dangling it in their faces? god, she is so obviously desperate for attention and her animals are just props for her to get it

No. 695173

To be fair to them its taylor and she is known to delete shit randomly without rhyme or reason.

No. 695175

File: 1567043516912.jpg (473.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190828-185234.jpg)

What does this even mean

She doesn't adopt anything

No. 695176

Imagine dressing up like that to take pics in your parents' house's backyard.
Like at least put some effort, man.

No. 695177

Good. You forgot to sage your posts too!

No. 695178

I thought Betsy took those photos of the bathroom and then showed her mum?

No. 695179

Question - this might seem stupid, but how tf is there so much blood everywhere? Does it just squirt out after injecting if they don’t immediately compress it, or?? I’m just missing how there is that much blood splatters from drug use.

No. 695182

pls, she adopted that rescue "service dog" she abandoned with her parents and tanner

No. 695185

Definitely not a stupid question. The only thing I can think is that maybe JC was injecting into arteries. That happens far into addiction.

No. 695187

Ya she definitely just found a rare colored doberman at the pound, just like ghost was definitely a rescue.

No. 695190

And there's also the fact they were unkempt and didn't give too much of a shit about hygiene in general, what mattered was getting high.

No. 695191

H fag here. It's not super surprising tbh I'm sure it's a lot of old blood too since I don't think they really cleaned up after themselves, but when you shoot up you have to draw up the needle until you see blood to make sure you're hitting a vein, sometimes there's some blood left in the syringe after it's injected. Or if they tied off too tight and didn't take it off right away they could've bled at the injection site. But ya probably years of old blood stains gag.

No. 695193

File: 1567048518055.jpg (114.38 KB, 594x900, IMG_20190828_201307.jpg)

"Oh wow, we love cows supporting cows."
Plus, Taylor trying to appear totally-not-hetero again.

No. 695195

Ok so Taylor I know you read here - can you please get a fucking stylist or something? your fashion sense is actually disgusting and I’m going to scream if I see one more bad outfit. you’re happy to spend your money on garbage so invest in someone saving your wardrobe because sis you need it.

No. 695197

This is just sad, but for tanner. That poor kid is really going through the shitter and here’s the mum complaining about him or using him as a prop in her videos. I understand it’s tough but I just don’t think if I were her, I’d be publicly complaining about something my son can’t help/control. It seems like she has a lot of resentment towards him I just hope he doesn’t pick up on it - he’s probably already stressed out on his own. Taylor is such a shit sister, if my sister was like tanner I would be helping whenever I could. I don’t get how Taylor can just be happy sleeping all day or up tweeting about how much sHe LoVeS dRuGs!!! yet not help out with tanner or even just spend time with him? she’s a selfish bitch.

No. 695198

AYRT. Anyone willing to screencap Taylor while on a lolcow ban is a legit farmer in my book. My bad, another anon posted old undated milk recently.

Mind your own business, I don't see you capping.

Plus, not all farmers watch the cow up close.

This comment getting lost in shit posting is a travesty.

No. 695203

People with genetic disorders can also have mental illness…
Mama Dean is a nut but not only ending up with a moderate to severely disabled child but being his/her full-time caretaker is one of the shittiest lots you can end up with in life…I don't think anybody here can really judge whether she's acting appropriately. Tanner would probably be in better hands at a good facility, though.
It sounds like his good spirits are wearing off- hopefully he spills some dirt soon.
She comes off a bit like Luna, but instead of buying cheap shit off of Amazon to fill the gaping void in her heart, she hoards pets

No. 695204

People with genetic disorders can also have mental illness…
Mama Dean is a nut but not only ending up with a moderate to severely disabled child but being his/her full-time caretaker is one of the shittiest lots you can end up with in life…I don't think anybody here can really judge whether she's acting appropriately. Tanner would probably be in better hands at a good facility, though.
It sounds like his good spirits are wearing off- hopefully he spills some dirt soon.
She comes off a bit like Luna, but instead of buying cheap shit off of Amazon to fill the gaping void in her heart, she hoards pets

No. 695212

File: 1567054305017.jpeg (100.84 KB, 640x679, 2FC3B635-B9DC-4125-9721-A293C2…)

Instead of sperging about the same shit over and over again maybe you could upload something worthy for once

No. 695213

File: 1567054343211.png (614.86 KB, 640x1136, 379A581E-FD10-482C-9758-037F57…)

No. 695214

Didn't that cunt bring her snake to vidcon?

No. 695217

File: 1567055259458.jpg (243.21 KB, 792x1222, bindi-irwin-gala-dinner-family…)

I wonder what taylor would say about the Irwin's doing the same thing at the Steve Irwin gala dinner in LA. Granted it's for a good cause but it's still "parading a snake around a bunch of lights and noises". I find it funny she keeps bitching about it after parading a skink named bindi around a pet store.
Pic related

No. 695223

Says the woman who snuck animals to high school and a snake to vidcon to be used as a prop, and abandoned an adopted dog. And this wasn't "years and years" ago.

No. 695224

File: 1567057193121.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 91E2AFCA-E70E-467E-9C13-ABCB7E…)

Take a shot for how many times TND says 15% lmao we bee drunk as shit and just for milk sake here’s a pic of her holdin her snake a Couple days ago on insta not supporting his whole body again for AeSTheTic purposes of course

No. 695225

File: 1567057572663.png (173.85 KB, 750x1334, B456E139-2F6D-47F9-A520-11D259…)

Cap from her arguing over twitter with a girl that said addiction is a choice a couple days back. The best part was her saying in case u didn’t know your speaking to someone who is a professional drug addict lmao I can’t

No. 695227


the poor tattoo artist who will have to listen to her sperging about her drug addiction during her sleeve tattoo lol…

No. 695231

There is not a single person on the planet who has thrown their entire life away as efficiently as Trailer.

No. 695239

lmaoo, cows herd together

No. 695240

“snuck animals to high school”? source?

No. 695241

i’m pretty sure it’ll be roman locaste again and in that case the pos deserves it

No. 695243


Really old milk and in earlier threads. She took her hedgehog to school.

No. 695256

You know why it’s an EPIDEMIC, Taylor? Because more than 15% of people are able to get addicted to it.

No. 695267

File: 1567097926633.jpg (182.35 KB, 596x916, IMG_20190829_095408.jpg)

Holy shit. Taylor being self-aware AND giving decent advice, even if it is only parroting what her therapist says. We'll see how long this "by myself" thing lasts this time.

Also makes me wonder what happened between her and Oscar. Did Mama Dean step in? Or is Oscar actually committed to his sobriety and noped out after reading/watching her?

No. 695269

I would have noped out after Oscar's stripper baby mama scandal but we all know Tay doesn't really have the best judge of character so who knows…

No. 695276

File: 1567100891025.jpg (101.11 KB, 593x552, IMG_20190829_104737.jpg)

Nah, anon. She is so sTyLiSh.

No. 695277

I wonder if Taylor is ever going to make a video about her childhood "trauma" It would be gold for her victim mentality and gaining even more sympathy, I'm honestly surprised she hasnt gone into detail about it yet.

No. 695279

I figured something like this was coming since the two of them have continued to thirst post but haven’t been hyping each other up. I want to believe she’s going to take her own advice but if she continues going to IOP or AA/NA, the men there are notorious for selling dreams to new cute girls just to get in their pants. She already fell for that immediately so let’s see if she learned her lesson. If not, just get your tattoo artist to do a cover up on your wrist tattoo Tay. Seriously. Your manic codependent unstable self is not equipped for a relationship and you should worry more about your poor animals than foaming at the mouth for every felon who DMs you

No. 695283

Do we know what her “childhood trauma” is? Or has she never said? I remember her saying something about early relationships like ages 12-14(?) possibly rape at that age?

No. 695286

Shes never outright said it but has alluded to rape

No. 695289

Also abusive relationships apparently. That's the excuse she used when saying she was safe with Jonny. "I've been in abusive relationships before"

No. 695291

File: 1567107271639.png (170.48 KB, 750x1334, 619EB914-FBB3-480B-8A01-162DAB…)

Haha she says he passed up pain meds to get Tylenol cuz they were oh so drug free at the time. What happened to that Tay Tay? Lmao sage for no new lies

No. 695303

Went to HS with her, can confirm. It was a big deal at the time. Like other anon said it’s mentioned in some very early threads

No. 695305

Her fashion sense is mostly buying what she sees the model wearing. She wouldn't be able to put together a cohesive outfit if her life depended on a it.

No. 695311

File: 1567112086416.jpeg (311.19 KB, 1242x2208, 8DFAF4E4-C1F5-4A3B-A084-4206AE…)

Or maybe her sperging about drugs and her track marks in such detail is, ya know, maybe not actually helpful? Kek.

No. 695313

Is she down to her last braincell? The community guidelines are right there in black and white for her to read but I forgot the rules don’t apply to her! All she does is romanticize the use of drugs and just in case the bitch needs a reminder, no, it’s not normal to post photos of your track marks 5 different times on IG. Nobody wants to see that.

Most public figures (if you can even call Taylor that) with a drug scandal will make one sob story statement and move on. Absolutely no one with any tact keeps beating a dead horse into the ground with photos of how bad of a junkie they were. Cut it the fuck out already dumb hoe

No. 695314

Why does she not realize that it IS possible to do everything she's talking about doing here without being a controversial piece of shit? You DON'T have to post pictures of your track marks. You DON'T have to talk about how much you love certain drugs and at what dosage you took them. You CAN raise awareness about drug use without being such a triggering bitch.

Also, something a bit funny I remember due to >>695137 being posted. Remember when she was posting very obvious photos of her hands and arms when she had the dog and when she brought the monitor outside into her filthy "atrium"? People here were saying "uhh aren't those track marks" and other anons were basically like "don't be stupid, her monitor probably scratched her." Hmmmm

No. 695326

Other anons or (tinfoil) maybe even her. She said in a recent post that when people would ask her about the marks she would actually say exactly that: they were bc her monitor had scratched her.

No. 695329

Haha it’s about time she had some sort of repercussion for posting all this “triggering” shit. Now maybe she might start taking heroin addiction/recovery somewhat seriously but I seriously doubt it. I can totally see how her posts make other addicts feel like they wanna relapse especially with all the sperging she does on twitter about how good all these drugs make her feel. It’s funny how ppl were “relapsing” left and right in sober living as soon as our girl comes around. Tinfoil it was because of her glorifying all her precious drugs, but I don’t really think it’s a tinfoil at this point with all the shit she’s been sayin on the internet.

No. 695335

You are so right. The 13th step. We are going to hear a lot of drama if she starts going to meetings on a regular basis. There are definitely plenty of 30+, junkie types there that can’t wait to use that opiate free appendage.

No. 695337

Yep. I keep wondering what "daddy" she'll pick up next because Taylor hasn't been overburdened with brains and seems so coddled she'll never learn a thing from her fuck-ups. AA/NA is full of dudes who are used to using impressionable, codependent chicks to keep their dicks wet and to get them booze and drugs. But hey, she's said she's a people-pleaser, so…

Five years from now, if she's still alive, I wouldn't be surprised to see her in some MLM. She's got that drive for hawking bullshit as loudly as possible, not taking on any actual information and being gullible as all fuck. Clock her being an aromatherapist cokehead or some shit.

No. 695339

Idk if Taylor realizes this, but she truly makes doing drugs look not that bad. She says they ruined her life, but literally nothing was ruined. Not once did she find herself without a roof over her head or money for food. She didnt lose her friends or family or career. She came out of her addiction making it look pretty fucking cushy and that's why it bothers me so much that now shes trying to be this beacon for addiction and recovery.

No. 695345

She doesn't make them look not only because of what you mention but because she never really intended to stop using. She's still acting and doing things of an addict, except she's replacing the drugs with men or clothes. The only reason she hasn't bought any new animals is most likely because her parents are controlling that aspect.

No. 695365

jfc Taylor, I’m literally begging you. this is like torture.

No. 695369

File: 1567130036955.jpeg (96.03 KB, 720x726, 5BFB2F5D-6EE2-44AA-8E81-AE838E…)

Idk if we can still post about Johnny in this thread I’m not very active here. But I saw this on my Facebook and got a good chuckle thought y’all might too.

Sage for no contribution

No. 695370

since jonny and taylor are broken up and not talking directly it's been decided not to bring him up unless he's relevant to the main cows (taylor or her mom)

No. 695375

you think she'll stoop to the point of smuggling in new animals to fill the empty enclosures in her racks/displays while her parents are out? I seriously wouldn't put it past her. but she wouldn't be able to post about the new additions because her mother hounds her social media

No. 695380

I mean she did sneak out to go meet Jonny and I doubt Jennifer drove her to go meet Jake, so I can see her saying she got a follower offering her an animal and how could she say no because she's obviously Steve Irwin incarnated. She admitted she was a liar and manipulative to her mom, so I wouldn't really put it past her to try to pull some shit like that.

No. 695405

I'm tinfoiling but what if Oscar is just trying to hit it without being in a relationship with her? Basically playing with her; tweeting things like giving flowers to his crush and bs to get in her pants. Then realized how crazy she got with Jake and how obsessed she was with him (probably scared off Jake too), and that scared him off since he's already having to deal with another girl, his baby mama, contacting him all the time.

Also being sober, Oscar is probably getting turned off by all her drug talk that she does 24/7 nowadays since she has nothing better to do.

This is what some guys that I used to know tend to do to girls who are "easy" and act/dress like Taylor.

No. 695406

This is old news but it triggers me that with all her youtube money and talk about how amazing her animals are, she still keeps her poor hedgehogs in items that you can buy on the sale rack at Petco.

There are youtubers with only a few thousand of subs that build mansions for their animals and here's a 1M sub pettuber that is turning her parents home into a Petco.

No. 695412


Yeah seriously. She can get a whole tattoo sleeve, that can be priced up to thousands of dollars, but cannot just simply get a couple of good cages? IN MONTHS?

No. 695416


sHe hAs PlAnS tO UpGRadE tHeM!!!

This is her excuse whenever she's called out for inadequate housing. Some animals will benefit from upgrades as they grow, but a majority will do just fine with the best cage right off the bat. She's just lazy and cheap. Why bother creating a enriching, spacious and comfortable environment for her hedgehogs when she grab a basic bitch cage off the Petco shelf, shove two plastic items in there and call it a day? What a Queen! When her mouse Gus was alive, his cage was cheap plastic shit too. Her rats have a DCN but it's poorly furnished with too much fabric, which can create ammonia build-up from urine if it's not switched out frequently (2-3 days) and cleaned. She could get custom base pans made and fill it with safe shavings so they can dig and burrow, plus keeps the cage cleaner but nope.

No. 695418

When did she admit to being a liar and manipulative towards her mom?

No. 695451

File: 1567171970945.png (231.92 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20190830-163141.png)

taking the rest of the evening off? from what, bitch? lmao

No. 695452

from talking about drugs, duh

but for real, how the fuck does the idea of posting this even cross her mind? does she seriously think she works so hard and deserves a night off? from doing absolutely nothing aside from sperging about drugs on twitter?

No. 695453

I always intrept that as her suddenly feeling embarassed/ashamed/overthinking her sperges or behaviour in general after reading here and now that she's sober she can finally realize how shit she's been. I guess thatd be wishful thinking tho

No. 695454

i don’t think she sees any point in owning an animal without posting about it for attention

No. 695462

File: 1567180983319.jpg (624.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-090219.jpg)

Looks like there's trouble between Taylor and her new felon lover

Or her new pedophile lover idk

No. 695466

They haven't even actually met in person…

No. 695467

She forgot to screenshot the part where she was sending thirst traps and being a psycho clinger. Would it surprise anyone if she was leading this dude on? Now she suddenly wants to focus on herself? Oh please.

But you get what you attract Taylor. Exactly like the guy said, you’re posting half naked pictures and expect to find a guy who’s going to let you push him around. She’s not done learning the hard way yet.

No. 695471

Uh this isnt how a decent guy acts. And sounds like Oscar deserves the harrassment, hes just as shit of a person with or without Taylor.

No. 695472

File: 1567183832028.jpeg (218.59 KB, 750x1190, F998B58A-2BF8-4D45-9FD0-31F3F6…)

It was Jake, not Oscar. This is in replies to the tweet. She already deleted the text screenshot.

No. 695473

File: 1567183962687.jpeg (214.52 KB, 750x1180, 2AC381C1-65C0-4871-9B65-4DA3BD…)

Even Oscar got in on it. I wonder if this means she won’t date him either, since she’s working on herself.

No. 695474

But is this Oscar or Jake? Sounds to me like she would dump Jake for Oscar and his clout. I can definitely see her stringing a dude along until the next best thing comes around.

No. 695477

File: 1567185724585.jpg (438.87 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-102135.jpg)

You date felon manchildren who abandoned their wife/kids for drugs

And you are confused they make bad decisions? What a fucking idiot

No. 695478

>"Men are trash" "Men make no sense"
Yet Taylor, you're as easy as a hooker on coke.

No. 695479

File: 1567185878422.jpg (324.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-102511.jpg)

I mean, he's not wrong. He probably googled her lol

No. 695480

Probably saw her tweets thirsting for any kind of "bad guy" dick

No. 695482

Not to WK but that guy sounds like a whiney ass that doesnt want to take no for an answer. Just cause you doing sexy stuff with each other doesnt mean you want to actually be in a relationship with the person nor does it mean you're leading them on.

No. 695485

All it takes is a block, anon, and she's free of him.
If it is Jake, do you really think he would find transportation an hour and a half a way to see Taylor? There's plenty of other trailer trash he can get with in a second to replace her.

No. 695486


She's alllllways the innocent one, huh? Tweet all your dirty laundry to your followers so they can pat you on the ass and take any responsibility away from you and put it on literally anyone else. This guy was bad news and everyone here knew it, but her stans were all about it until she changes her impulsive-ass mind, then all of a sudden they're not for it anymore. They should have seen from the get-go that meeting someone from rehab probably isn't the best idea but they were shipping it hard. But since Taylor found a more famous (I use that term lightly lel) dick, she's not interested in rehab guy anymore.
Also, "I need time to work on myself"? Hopping on whatever dick to fill a void isn't self-care. Hell, even just tell this dude "I'm not interested, goodbye." you don't even need to justify yourself or tell him why, but saying it's to work on herself is just bullshit when she's flirting back and forth with Oscar all the time.

No. 695487

File: 1567187491514.jpeg (678.38 KB, 1562x2048, 04631A60-C5E4-4291-9105-133261…)

Jesus Christ. Just taken and posted today. Her lips!

No. 695491

Oh man. Her lips look like they are splitting. She looks like James Charles when he's 40

No. 695493

Owch, her lips genuinely look painful.

She needs to get that filler dissolved and (if they're baggy like she says) some surgery to fix the lose skin. She would literally look 1000x better with normal lips.

No. 695494


u can see how greasy her hair is… why does every photo of her have greasy ass hair? does this bitch never shower. and her skin looks irritated. it's clear she's just not taking care of herself

No. 695496

Is that tears or sweat?

No. 695499


"I need time to work on myself"
As we can see, you clearly do need to take some time for yourself. I feel dirty looking at this picture.

I can't help but feel like after she does take time to focus on herself, she will try and tell everyone what steps to take in order to be "better" like her. She is a know-it-all as it is.

No. 695507

Not saying that guys aren't shitty and they will say things like this for no reason but this is taken out of context considering how much she's been thirsting over Oscar. She's lying to this guy about wanting to "work on herself" when it's obvious she's dumping him for another piece of trash. His wording is still manipulative but she's still lying to him. Aaaand not like she isn't also a manipulative piece of shit. As usual trash attracts trash though.

What the fuck? Why would she post this?

No. 695508

File: 1567191743417.jpg (163.37 KB, 596x931, IMG_20190830_120051.jpg)

In context. Someone on YT told Emma she had pimples, this was in response.
Next pics are of her in a face mask.

No. 695510

She brings up the “pink cloud” and how Jake was in it and therefore was nicer and somehow bamboozled her. Does she not realize she was doing the same, everything seemed rosier than it really was even though she was warned the comedown would be real and she needed to chill. Dating in rehab is heavily discouraged for a reason and she was told but she always knows better. The cycle just keeps repeating.

1000% accurate take right here. Rehab bro is trash and no means no, but is anyone shocked this is happening. She still has their sex selfie up on IG and was gushing about him and turned into a stage10 clinger, she didn’t make it seem like they weren’t serious on top of all of the other reasons this was dumb on her part. “i KnOw a GoOD tHinG wHeN i SeE one!” Lmao you clearly don’t. You will never find Mr.Right in rehab and she’s yet to learn shitty decisions have shitty consequences. She has an opportunity to turn this into a lesson learned but I don’t think any of us will hold our breath.

No. 695519

She expected a dude—who is a felon with an ex-wife and a kid, that assuming, gave her a gun and is in a sober home due to being an addict—to be an AmAzInG guy???

Instead of blaming men, you need to fix yourself before you start crying about how a boy hurt you that was obviously a red flag, and now you’re hitting up another dude that’s exactly like the previous guys you liked?? Lmao you’re an Idiot, Taylor.

No. 695522

What he said was fucked up, but we all know by now that Taylor ‘By Myself’ Dean is not dumping him for herself. She’s been publicly flirting with Oscar for weeks now so I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding with this ‘I need to make time for myself’ bs.

No. 695526

File: 1567198085994.png (2.58 MB, 1242x2688, 8FB6BACF-2B78-4D44-97EC-7CFC86…)


No. 695527

thought you knew him inside out, tay. lmao

>dates absolute trailer trash
>dramatic sigh men
peak comedy

No. 695538

I wonder why she always tweets and deletes right away. Why tweet it in the first place, and then CONTINUE TO TALK ABOUT IT, if you're going to delete the original tweets? Why is she so fucking annoying.
I'm glad this came back to bite her in the ass since it's just another case of people watching her act like a dumb fuck and her maintaining that she knows what she's doing(!!!!!) and once again, being wrong. (BTW ya the guy is kind of an asshole but he really isn't wrong in saying that she's just going to keep posting half naked pictures online for trashy dudes, he just forgot to include himself)

No. 695539

I guess she forgot he could stalk her twitter without having to sign up for twitter. I'm going to assume Jake is the one who probably told her to stop wearing the clothes she's been wearing and she broke it off with him and this is the aftermath.

No. 695543

sorry if I missed it, but where did she post someone saying she should stop wearing the clothes shes wearing?

No. 695549

Is she capable of having a private conversation? Not everything has to be screenshotted for Twitter so dumb 14year olds can gas up your every move. I’m starting to realize she will do anything for her social media narc supply, whether it’s the photos of track marks or curving junkies. It all gets her replies and comments which is her serotonin for the day. It’s honestly sad.

May be a tinfoil but first convo was with an iPhone and the second one with an Android, is it a different guy or does Jake keep a burner phone or something….Kek.

No. 695550

File: 1567204808134.jpg (197.7 KB, 594x985, IMG_20190830_153835.jpg)

Here. She sperged about it in multiple comments. It got lost with all the other milk yesterday.

No. 695551


Easy way to check. If she really stops going after Oscar then the “focus on myself” thing is true. If not then that’s not the reason her and Jake broke up and she’s lying about it.

No. 695554

Sorry, day before yesterday. Between "Can't keep a plant alive" and "professional addict" followed by pastel thirst posting.

No. 695558

File: 1567205822508.png (179.68 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_2019-08-30-15-56-37…)

This is how she explains that

No. 695559


she looks like if blaire white transitioned back into being a man.

she just straight up looks like a man with botched lips here.

No. 695561


so she says they aren't even dating in the texts, but then here she says to "go date someone else" if they don't like it. hmm.

also i'm not surprised that he told her change clothes, her outfits are fucking horrific. i'd be embarrassed to be seen with her in public. she'd get heads turning for all the wrong reasons, but probably thinks people are checking out her FASHION.

No. 695563

She never came out and said it explicitly, just vague posting. Though with today's text reveal, it makes sense.

No. 695564

God forbid someone care about you enough to let you know you're giving off the wrong impression. Better put on a sluttier costume! That'll show em. Winning attitude, if you can't handle her at her worst you don't deserve her at her best. That's why she's sooooo successful with men

No. 695567

Any milk you can provide us with from back then?

No. 695571

Looks like the corners of her mouth are tearing a bit, her lips must make it hard to talk and eat things.

No. 695573

proof or gtfo

No. 695574


Proof of her taking the hedgehog to HS is in earlier threads, go look yourself.

No. 695575


exactly my thoughts, shes kicking jake to the curb to gear up for oscar

No. 695578

read the old threads or GTFO

No. 695588

File: 1567218628851.jpg (129.04 KB, 591x897, IMG_20190830_192953.jpg)

Poll for uploading schedule.

No. 695589

File: 1567218732942.jpg (145.2 KB, 594x944, IMG_20190830_193021.jpg)

New content soon of updating the cage for her (one remaining) Crested Gecko.

Also, that stupid snake account, dumb.

No. 695591

File: 1567219207034.jpeg (52.64 KB, 748x360, 1080x360~2.jpeg)

She went indoor skydiving bc cravings? apparently. Made sure to tag her location live on Insta, and Mama D uploaded an oof picture of the clan. Cropped bc of Tanner being a minor

No. 695594

File: 1567219552070.png (241.89 KB, 1384x1145, Capture _2019-08-30-22-43-31.p…)


she legit can't keep her mouth shut ever lol

No. 695598

to be fair, I wouldn’t let a guy tell me what to wear either. Unless the outfit was not suitable for a certain event we’re going to I’m wearing what I damn well please. With some guys it’s just another way to control their other half.

No. 695599

File: 1567220432051.jpg (71.88 KB, 597x396, IMG_20190830_200021.jpg)

We're being prayed for, lolcow!

No. 695600

File: 1567220527225.jpg (105.14 KB, 598x498, IMG_20190830_200045.jpg)

"I listen to stories and repeat them as true ALL the time!"

No. 695601

we have a shit load of proof Taylor, shut up.

No. 695609

Taylor does this all the time.

The difference is we don't harass her and she sends her stans to bully people based on rumors, or straight up lies she KNOWS are lies.

No. 695615

>naming the snake after Mötley Crüe
>making a Twitter account for the snake
>using that account to tweet "cute" replies to her rambles from her main account
>using that account to address and appeal to a fanbase of children, tweens and teens
>named both "Motley" and "Chip", obv b/c ~rEcOvErEd AdDiCt~
>again, Mötley Crüe… "Dr. Feelgood", "Kickstart My Heart", "The Heroin Diaries"…

Pretty on brand for Taylor lol, I agree with you, I think the same thing every time I see a tweet from it in the replies

No. 695636

I agree it’s lame, but it’s a fan account not Taylor.

No. 695647

File: 1567239217434.jpg (201.24 KB, 1080x918, IMG_20190831_090847.jpg)

So it turns out that she didn't choose to keep Echo because he was her first pet and held sentimental value, it was mama Dean that kept him. Why choose to rehomed the easiest reptiles for your parents to look after over the temperamental snakes? Also seems weird that her parents kept bugging her for a bigger list but then chose to keep multiple that she wrote down (if I remember right her mom chose to keep the hedgehogs too?).

No. 695656

Why is Taylor sperging so hard about this dude when they weren't even together. lmao. Sure, he's an asshole but they weren't even officially together. She could just forget the guy and move on but she has to treat him as if they had a serious thing going on. hilarious.

No. 695657

I honestly wouldn't wanna be her friend even if she gave me money or shout outs to give me followers. Taylor will put you on blast to all her tween fans if she disagrees with you and treat you like shit (the whole breeze thing) then put you on blast again with a chance that she'll pick and choose what to show that'll make herself look good. She's a horrible person.

No. 695658

>mommy made me keep echo! but I don't want him! I wanted a cooler pet!!
Taylor is basically Dudley Dursley.
"36?! I cAn OnLy GeT 36 PeTs?! BUT LAST YEAR I HAD 37!! MOOOM"

No. 695672

Her parents are batshit but I actually feel sorry for them reading this. Taylor is such a spoiled brat making them care for all her animals while she's off relapsing and sleeping with other druggies.
With how little she did her Youtube during the past few months, is she even paying for their upkeep or afford to?

No. 695688

File: 1567253402072.jpg (273.25 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20190831_140443.jpg)

looked at the donations for this gfm she shared on twitter and her name is nowhere to be found. only anon donation is 20 dollars. so either she gave nothing or she gave 20 dollars. what a cheap fucking bitch. she can't be bothered to spend money on her own animals and she can't be bothered to spend money on other peoples dying pets that she could easily save. she'd rather spend her money on trashy ass clothes that she'll wear once for photos

No. 695691

That's really reaching, she might be who she is but it doesn't oblige her to donate thousands to every fundraiser there is on the internet, and the fact that others need money does not mean that those who have a little more are not allowed to buy themselves stuff anymore (however tacky others may find it). It wouldn't even be possible if she wanted to, she's not a billionaire either and there's millions of animals in need of help. By that logic everyone should just live off bread and water in the woods and donate everything else. Sharing the post with a large audience like hers can actually be pretty useful as lots of people will see it and lots of small donations end in a big one.

There's so much to criticise about her but this really is reaching far.

No. 695692


Agreed, she's not obligated to donate money to other people who should be taking care of their own animals. People should have vet funds saved BEFORE they get a pet and add to it when they actually get the animal. Emergencies pop up and it can be expensive.

Taylor isn't responsible for other people's shitty financial planning. We all know the only reason she donates is for ass pats anyway.

No. 695696

yeah ik it's a bit of a reach, that person should be able to take care of their own dog, and no, she's not obligated to help, i just feel that since she's sharing it for her followers to see, she could donate something herself at least. and yes, she's allowed to buy things for herself, but she has said that she's "broke" and yet she can still afford to buy a bunch of ugly clothes she doesn't need. i just think that it's funny that someone who cares so much about animals would rather buy clothes and wear gucci bags than help the animals she can actually help

No. 695698

She has no idea what it means to be broke, she probably just says this because she has some debt and thinks it's the same. Plus it gets her some extra pity points and asspats online.

But sharing a fundraiser without donating or talking about the fact that one donated is really nothing to get angry about. If she wrote that she donated and that others should, too, people here would tell her she just wants asspats because she gave some money away. When it comes to money and donations, no decision will ever please everyone.

I know that there's so many times where she makes people want to punch her in the face because of her stupid tweets but I feel like when it comes to spending, people are often quick to be scandalized when a 'known person' buys something for themselves because 'they could have helped someone else with it', when in fact, that's the case for everyone who has enough money to treat themselves sometimes. Saying that she doesn't love animals because of this is a little funny to me because love never means perfect care.

No. 695700

never said she doesn't love animals because of this, just that i think it makes her look cheap. taylor seems to be buying a lot of shit she only uses once, which is irresponsible imo, and i'd feel that way with anyone, rich or poor. you can spend as much money on yourself as taylor does, and still not be as irresponsible. the fact that she has a bunch of animals with subpar living conditions to take care of only makes this worse.

you don't have to agree that she is cheap for not donating, i saged that post because i know it wasn't milky but i really don't think there is anything wrong with criticising her spending

No. 695711

Yeah, you’re right. Not donating isn’t proof that she’s doesn’t love animals. But her extremely shitty care and her using them as props, discarding them when they no longer give her that high she’s always chasing, that’s plenty of proof that she’s not the animal lover she claims to be.

No. 695717

I think her spending habits 10 to show how impulsive she still is especially with the style of clothes that she chose to purchase because she knows she will only wear them once for Sherr I think her spending habits tend to show how impulsive she still is especially with the style of clothes that she chose to purchase because she knows she will only wear them once for shitty insta likes

No. 695718

I think her spending habits 10 to show how impulsive she still is especially with the style of clothes that she chose to purchase because she knows she will only wear them once for Sherr I think her spending habits tend to show how impulsive she still is especially with the style of clothes that she chose to purchase because she knows she will only wear them once for shitty insta likes

No. 695723

I agree on that, although she might even believe she 'loves' them in this childish way where you think the fact that you like them for some reason makes up for not properly caring for them. Seems like a very superficial love to me which is scary considering her age.

No. 695724

File: 1567274416716.jpeg (504.18 KB, 1242x1249, DE473849-819D-4EC2-9056-B75CCB…)

She bonded with him? Suuuure

No. 695743

Taking him into the atrium a single time and feeding him occasionally isnt bonding

No. 695746

The new and OG cages look nearly b the same. Just a pile of the exact same thoughtless fake plants. literally looks like a budget crestie setup

No. 695770

just a nitpick that she put him in the exact same kind of 20L tank when she could've spent her money on a front opening terrarium and not have to deal w/ the screen getting pooped on and worn out again. she's not smart about how she spends her money at all

No. 695772

File: 1567289143355.jpeg (99.47 KB, 960x866, 13F77B9E-6956-46EC-A679-CAD1A4…)

reminded me of taylor. kek

No. 695778

File: 1567290699439.jpg (321.33 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190831_182536.jpg)


Is it really just a nitpick though? She literally chose to cheap out and get the shitty 20 gallon zilla and tip it on its side which doesnt allow for any forms of uvb lighting, substrate for live plants (if she actually gave a shit enough to do that) and no easy door for maintenance plus they poop on the screen and its difficult to clean.

Most people go for the larger and much nicer Exo terra 18x24 front opening enclosure, it equates to 33 Gallons so its significantly larger then the zilla 20gal and its overall a higher quality tank. Of course it's more expensive but it really shouldnt be an issue for miss Taylor "spends thousands on clothes" dean

She basically just bought the same cheap tank and used the same cheap plants and decor from the old one. Literally no change besides shifting the locations of things and it actually probably being clean for the first time in a year and shes probably just milking the asspats for her minimal effort maximum reward.

No. 695797

Ew, that seems like some incel shit, anon

No. 695799

I love how whenever we call Taylor out for her shit taste in men, we get the incel card.

I'm a chick and agree with the anon who posted that. That's legit the guys she goes for.

No. 695802

Did she by some chance reuse someone's old tank?Can't remember if we ever saw one before, though I remember her talking about how great Exo Terras are constantly when everyone was calling her out about bare, tiny cages.

No. 695814

File: 1567303518011.jpg (129.14 KB, 587x923, IMG_20190831_190445.jpg)

Our girl is awake.

Two videos to hit 1m views since her "comeback".

No. 695816

File: 1567304394877.jpeg (574.67 KB, 828x1792, AC14CA03-B001-47CC-8506-4B76BF…)

Rich coming from Taylor “I did drugs with my ex because he was so abusive I was trapped” Dean.

No. 695821

and also belittling her friend by saying her friend didn't know how to do a line of coke.

No. 695822

File: 1567306284775.jpg (217.54 KB, 592x1005, IMG_20190831_195009.jpg)

>>695816 continued
Worried for Jonny and made sure he slept on his side. Except that one time she debated letting him die.

No. 695823

Good for her mom for not letting her go get ready for rehab/get tucked up again

No. 695844

File: 1567317891661.png (475.63 KB, 665x575, herewegoagain.png)

Y'all we are ALREADY postponing a vid on the same day she announced a brand new video schedule. That worked real well for a few hours lol.

No. 695845

How fucking long does it take to film an intro and outro lol.. not even surprised shes already pulling this shit

No. 695849

"instead of cleaning it I just threw it away!" top stuff Taylor.

No. 695851

She hasn’t even put out one video on time with her “schedule” lol. It’s literally the first one since she set a schedule for herself and it’s not going to be on time. She was like this before she was a junkie and will always be. Looks won’t last forever and she has no eduction and no work experience. She’ll go back to making minimum wage at Petco within a year and won’t ever leave her parents’ house.

No. 695852

What was the point in asking her stans what upload schedule would work best for them when she doesn't even stick to it? She now knows what works best for her viewers but doesn't care and just does whatever she wants. If you're not going to stick to it, then don't ask.
Also it couldn't possibly take more than 30 mins to sit down and record a couple minutes of intro and outro shots. So incredibly lazy.

No. 695853

Cut her some slack, anon. It's not like she has that many brain cells so scripting a decent intro and outro is going to take her a few weeks.

No. 695854

She just asks to give the illusion of structure to keep her fan's attention. Her fans don't hold her accountable, so why should she stick to it? She just dangles the idea of structure to create interaction with her fans.

Her young fans don't care about structure or content quality; they just want anything with her involved. I'm hoping as they grow/mature, her channel will die off.

If you're a fan reading this, please give Snake Discovery a watch; they have fun educational reptile videos. They post much more and better quality.

No. 695869

Right. And if that is even too much she could even type some things out or just record her voice over other shots.
There really is no excuse.
>When you can't even manage to do the easiest job ever for the best payout

No. 695870

she is literally only making regular videos when she is broke..

No. 695885

File: 1567355283297.jpg (106.7 KB, 583x558, IMG_20190901_092603.jpg)

When I've done it, it is a reasonable mistake. When other people (Jonny) do it, it is the most horrible thing to do!

No. 695888

go back to the pinkpill thread pls

No. 695895


didn't she literally say that jake wasn't bad for her to be around even tho they're both recovering addicts? what a load of shit taylor

No. 695896

Taylor "Do as I say, not as I do" Dean strikes again!

No. 695900

File: 1567361622298.png (60.13 KB, 752x361, Annotation 2019-09-01 141326.p…)

Oh the irony with Taylor "Instagram track marks" Nicole Dean

No. 695909

Im seriously thinking to just stop ss her tweets, she in this loop of saying the same thing over and over again.

She is fucking Luna kek

No. 695931

You’ve got my vote. It is legitimately the same thing every single day.
Tacky outfits, muh addiction, muh addict brain, muh [insert trendy illness here], Shade at Jonny, and loving dick while hating men. Rinse. Repeat.

No. 695936

This is coming from the girl who literally told someone who asked for a c/tw on her "I love drugs! Look at my trackmarks!" posts that it wouldn't be helpful since she's done posting about it.

No. 695949

Agreed. Plus the terrariums are much better at holding in humidity, which crested geckos need at roughly 70% (50-80% is the range). She’d have to mist the tank down once or twice a day at least. And she uses paper towels rather than a substrate (stuff on the ground) that helps to hold humidity, like eco earth or moss. I would think in Texas it’s a very dry heat and so it would be especially important to keep that up. We’ve already seen one of her cresteds with stuck shed which is a sign of bad humidity. Terrariums are not even that expensive.

No. 695951

Tinfoil: she didn’t feel like cleaning it so she just used Phoenix’s cage since Phoenix likely died awhile back.

No. 695953

wasn’t sure if it was a nitpick cause I don’t know a lot about cresties and I’ve seen similar 20L setups but they’re modified to have a substrate layer and accessible doors. I just know that she can’t apply problem solving skills to make her husbandry easier or better because the heroin fried the last of her brain cells. that’s just ~$80+ down the toilet and two tanks gone to waste cause she didn’t want to invest in a higher quality product that’s better for her animal. plus there are cheaper alternative brands or used on CL if she’s really that pressed about money.

No. 695963

I mean I guess it’s borderline. It’s not “hedgehogs in bullshit stacked tiny cages” or “rats in way too small cage” level of fuckery, but it does demonstrate how little she actually knows about what she’s doing or how little time she invests into research and providing optimum care for her pets. “Good enough” seems to be her standard, and this fits the bill.

No. 695992

File: 1567386676149.jpg (528.18 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-181200.jpg)

No. 695999

So we can expect the video in the next three days maybe? Two if we're lucky?

No. 696032

File: 1567390801367.jpg (477.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-191541.jpg)

No. 696034

What does she even do that makes her sleep deprived? She’s taking care of no one, she lives with parents so no bills, no job, doesnt seem as though she’s into video games, and doesnt go out. Lol wth does she even do

No. 696041

I have insomnia and it was a billion times worse when I didnt work. Having a job and hanging with friends/exercising during the day helps but Taylor doesn't interact with anyone and she doesn't work so her energy goes to bitching on Twitter about Tana. She needs a healthier lifestyle.

No. 696044

new video is up.

i only half-watched it but i found it odd she started the cage rebuild before having all her materials on hand. she also finally figured out how to use reusable cups i guess.

she also says he stayed in the same spot before she renovated the cage and now he's running all around it. but it's only been a day… of course he'll be exploring. it'll be more interesting to see if it makes him more active or not in a couple weeks.

No. 696052

Looks like she’s wearing a hospital band in her video. She didn’t even try to hide it, did she post about it on Twitter?

No. 696053

“it'll be more interesting to see if it makes him more active or not in a couple weeks.”

Hot damn. We’ll be lucky if we see it again before next September!

No. 696055

File: 1567395120027.jpeg (766.54 KB, 4032x3024, 177A5CC6-BBAC-4C77-9740-CF9D72…)

Her newest video was a mess and look at her hair or lack thereof. I think she only washes her hair bout once every other week. And The caption says it all lmao

No. 696056

Boomer screenshot

She had to be in hospital recenty

No. 696059

i dont get why people would leave hospital bands on AFTER being at the hospital. its an obvious attention whore thing.

No. 696060

I think it was probably from that skydiving whatever place she went ..I thought it was a hospital band at first but it’s green on one side

No. 696061

What’s a boomer screenshot? And she talked bout how he threw his tail when she let her friend hold him and he just threw his tail. They were prolly all fried out and manhandling the poor lil thing

No. 696065

"Boomer screenshot"=taking a pic of the screen with another camera.
Looks to me like another Cartier bracelet, not a hospital band.
But yeah, this video was a trainwreck.

No. 696072

Oh ok my bad lol I watch YouTube on my tv but this pic was just of her major bald spot not the bracelet

No. 696079

File: 1567399862265.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, screenshot.png)

It is definitely not a cartier bracelet…

No. 696080

LOL omg totally missed that. Was too distracted by all the cringe.(learn 2 integrate)

No. 696085

who fucking cares

No. 696090

Pretty sure it's not a hospital bracelet. If you pause at certain points you can read parts of the bracelet. It has the date (8/30/19) and has "All Abilities" printed on it. Also with the QR code, I don't think it's from a hospital.

At least look into it a little more before posting about it.

No. 696092

Hospitals use QR codes on the ID bracelets to scan when giving meds or taking someone for testing. So the code does not mean it is not a hospital band.

No. 696093

No. 696094

The skydiving pic, you can see the logo on the dude's shirt.

No. 696102

File: 1567408838789.png (537.45 KB, 595x398, Screenshot_106.png)

reminded me of taylor. lmao

No. 696103

Just a quick side/off topic thing. Because of Taylor (it seems) everyone and their mom (and still including Taylor) makes their stupid thumbnail with a “omgahh shocked open mouth” face. STOPP U LOOK STUPID. Wanna TNDers especially included.

No. 696104

In the video you can see the pamphlet inside the cage, which id think itd be a new one.

No. 696105

File: 1567410141440.png (4.32 MB, 1792x828, 4320BCE8-0314-4D22-8487-A785D7…)

What is up with her sleep schedule? Relapse tinfoil and sage

No. 696106

This pic made me watch the video because I thought it was some kind of rash lol.
I have to say, she seems much more like her old self now. Yeah her looks might take longer to improve but it's nice to see her enjoying what she does again. Not saying she's 100% cured or anything but I am rooting for her.

No. 696108

It's probably just that she has to stay up for awhile to go to her once a week therapy sessions because she doesn't know how to be a normal person and sleep accordingly to her schedule. She goes to bed at like 9am and wakes up at 11pm so she might just have to stay up instead of sleeping so late in the morning.

No. 696110

File: 1567412051162.jpg (260.68 KB, 883x493, RcCfFnE.jpg)

>she seems much more like her old self now
>but I am rooting for her
Same, anon.

Her rats' enclosure improved a lot too.

No. 696111

She looks like michael jackson on the new video.. (too much facetune)

No. 696113

I'd root for her if she started providing proper animal care and stopped being an absolutely horrible person. Not holding my breath.

No. 696115


I noticed her rat cage looking better too. And Bindi's cage is actually not completely bare for once. Still needs more improvements (more substrate and such) but it's better than what she was living previously.
It really shows how much her animals were suffering when she was on drugs, even though she says that it didn't affect her ability to care for them, it absolutely did and it shows. Still a long way to go because her care is still sub-par in many aspects, she still acts like trash, and still spreads misinformation, but for the animals in her care, it is a slight improvement.

No. 696119


If she takes care of her animals, I could care less if she was a horrible person.

No. 696144

At first I was like reee anon why did you direct link, but I just let this play in the background cause I'm tired and playing on my phone or whatever, and she wasn't actually too bad.
Some minor nitpicks like I don't know why she would get a new cage if the other one wasn't broken or anything (and she just got the same one?), and how she actually wanted to get rid of this animal but her mother convinced her to keep it (good on her mother because why would you want to get rid of an actual good track record for once she has on animal) and how she wants biodegradable cups to "save the oceans" but racking up plastic to inject heroin was fine of course.
I don't know. She could be getting better but she's still sperging on twitter for some reason and saying questionable things as always. It's wild to see now what is her actual personality vs. when she was on drugs. It still doesn't make sense to me how long she sleeps and such. I thought her sperging out and oversleeping were always signs of when she was using but from this video I don't believe she is.

No. 696153

ya lotsa anons here kissing her ass. She's got 3 cats in that tiny ass bedroom and a shit ton of reptiles + hedgehogs. I think she really just wants the cash so she can move out.

The only reason she seems more normal is because she isn't dressed super tacky and makeup is more traditional.

No. 696155

File: 1567437560189.png (511.16 KB, 609x719, TND.PNG)

>much more like her old self
>tits hanging out in the video

Checks out.

Gotta keep those horny preteens coming.

No. 696158

I think we have to be careful with praising her so quickly because it could just be a plan redeem herself that little bit more but also, chances are none of her animals are getting the correct socialisation and she will still hoard animals.

Sure, it's nice to see better cages but this just reminds me of all the other times she 'improved'

No. 696160

exactly. the only reason she seems like “her old self” is her makeup/hair/outfit in this video. she’s still trash.

No. 696170

are we going to have a jonny thread or does his milk go here? or are we giving up on jonny milk?

No. 696184

Jonny doesn't have enough milk to warrant his own thread. If he gives any milk regarding Taylor post it here.

I'm hoping you do have some JC milk on Taylor though… He has a special place in my heart because he's the one who led me to TND and the wonderful world of lolcow

No. 696186

She literally looks like cheap blow up doll

No. 696200


If you think about it, all her pets and responsibilities goes down the drain when she leaves her parents house. Sad to say but she needs to stay at her moms until she can grow up and make adult decisions for herself (if she ever will tbh). Looks like she'll never be independent if she relies on attention and crave being the most important one out of the bunch.

No. 696201

File: 1567454430095.jpg (959.89 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-130055.jpg)

Original is deleted for some reason

No. 696202

File: 1567454466725.jpg (1020.33 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-130010.jpg)

No. 696203


It's because once she's on her own or with someone who also doesn't give a shit, her care goes downhill. There's no one there to criticize her, or tell her that her animals need to be fed/cleaned. There is absolutely nothing stopping her from not refilling water bowls that day or getting her animals out. No one will notice so she'll just do it tomorrow instead.

Mama Dean is a bit nuts, but I do believe that when Taylor is living at home, her presence forces Taylor to actually take care of her animals to a certain standard. I mean she's already gotten Taylor to reduce her numbers significantly, which is a start. Once she moves out, new animal purchases will start rolling in and we'll see the decline of her animal care again.

No. 696204

i remember people pointing out her slurring/mumbling and she blamed it on her EDS which makes it so much less believable now. its obvious at this point her EDS was always an excuse for her being high and i don't think she ever really had that disorder. all the bruising, low energy, hair loss, etc everything is confirmed by heroin use and not a disorder.

No. 696205

File: 1567454695429.jpg (964.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-130019.jpg)

No. 696206

File: 1567454787725.jpg (790.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-130024.jpg)

No. 696209

Facts. She will never admit that heroin or any drug got in the way of caring for her animals.

No. 696210

It was obvious EDS was complete bullshit.
Her stuttering was obvious as heck. Pupils tiny af. Lolcow nailed it.

Also, she misses heroin daily? Yikes

No. 696212

>Lacked the energy to even bathe
>I took great care of my 30+ animals!!!

Her previous rationale for this was that she "hated herself/didn't care about herself enough" to shower but she cared enough about her animals. Not having enough energy to shower means she DEFINITELY didn't have enough energy to feed/water/clean the cages of ALL of her animals every day. I know not all of her animals would need to eat everyday (e.g snakes) but they would still need looked after. I get that this is beating a dead horse at this point but when she still REFUSES to admit that she was not and is not capable of taking care of her hoard, it still needs to be discussed. Especially when it's becoming more and more likely that her animal deaths while doped up were indeed from neglect over a long period of time.

No. 696214

What’s really sad is that she thinks she’ll get less criticism and hate by trying to cover that up, but it’s actually the opposite. If she was like “honestly, yeah—I was high all the time, my animals suffered and there’s no excuse. I fucked up and fucked up big. I own that now and am ready to do what’s right for my animals by rehoming many and being honest about my failure as an owner,” then I think people would be a lot less harsh. Sure, she’d get shit for that too, as she should, but not to the degree she is now. Now she gets hounded when people catch her in lies and are disgusted by the constant pretending. It would probably be a lot less if she started being honest. If she really IS working on getting back to “normal” then this would be a key first step.

No. 696215

>You can totally see how high I was in the videos from when I was using
>but I wont apologise to all of the people who correctly spotted it and who i sicced my army of twelve year olds on, blocked and otherwise used my social leverage to publicly harass and discredit

She posts shit like this but still insists "haters" say is baseless speculation that has never been proven? 99% of what "haters" said was that she was actively using drugs including heroin and that that was impacting her ability to care for her pets lmao. Eat some fucking humble pie Taylor, contrary to popular belief conceding the point actually makes you look more trustworthy and credible. You never fucking admit any wrongdoing without an excuse, and it makes you look like a scumbag who can't take responsibility for their actions.

Didn't someone make an estimate of how long it would take her to adequately care for every animal each day a few threads back? anyone have any idea what thread that's in?

No. 696217

File: 1567457870932.jpg (819.36 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-135837.jpg)

No. 696246

What's more triggering now is that if she ever gets any constructive criticism, she'll have stans going after them because they'll be "against recovery" and hate Taylor because she was once an "addict." She already done this to the breeder that refused her, so I won't be surprised if she'll do it again to people who are giving her criticism towards her animals and attitude.

No. 696251

This bitch will use the Jonny crutch for the rest of her life. Grow the fuck up and admit you refused to listen to anyone who had legitimate concerns about you dating Jonny Craig including your own family, got addicted to heroin with him, defended him tooth and nail, dismissed concerns from stans that something was wrong, and completely neglected your zoo.

If she hasn’t admitted her wrongs at this point with all the IOP she’s receiving, then she will NEVER genuinely apologize. She’s such a piece of shit and her whole entire life is one big fucking joke. I’m still in disbelief that people actually eat up the words she’s shitting.

No. 696269

>Also, she misses heroin daily? Yikes

Yeah anon… she's an addict… she's… y'know… addicted to drugs.

No. 696273

File: 1567472597627.jpeg (442.1 KB, 1124x1652, AB863BBD-1567-4E30-86D5-E7C5CB…)

new fashion shoot posted

No. 696274

Well you're supposed to wear hiviz working near traffic. Must a busy corner kek. Also dat cooter cover emoji

No. 696275

Just wondering why the theories anons had didn't work out. Before her Heroin video many anons claimed that the video would ruin her career and that "real" drug addicts would come out to discredit her. She seems to be doing just fine.. unfortunately again she doesn't face any consequences for her actions.

No. 696276

Because you'd look like a complete cunt if you made a video to discredit the addiction story of a poor young abused girl uwu.

No. 696277

at least she's matching somewhat

No. 696278

She's intentionally posing to show her vag

No. 696279

does she not realize that youre supposed to wear those mesh type things UNDER dresses and shirts? not just… on their own?
and can she stop squatting in her parents backyard like that? it looks like shes taking a shit.

No. 696282

File: 1567474010682.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-182726.jpg)

Oof her hair

No. 696284

File: 1567474075012.jpg (1.38 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-182709.jpg)

No. 696286

so do her parents think its normal that their daughter is making out with a tree in their garden with her nips apparently only shielded by some orange mesh and her wig?

No. 696287

Is that a pouch strapped to the front of it? That's like the stupidest thing I've seen today. >>696279
Either that or you wear it over a bodysuit.

No. 696309

Grey already? Almost like heroin use causes systemic organ failure or something.

No. 696310

I'm living for these trashy fashion shows in her parents' backyard.

No. 696313

Is it grey or is that just dry shampoo? Girl, you need to work that shit through your hair, not just spray it on like hair spray… smh

No. 696315

File: 1567482706222.png (498.49 KB, 760x1124, Screenshot_20190903-005005.png)

Am I the only one who doesn't see much of a difference

No. 696316

File: 1567482738365.jpg (78.69 KB, 1024x970, IMG_20190903_005014.jpg)

No. 696318

File: 1567482759650.jpg (124.39 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20190903_005018.jpg)

No. 696321

Big yikes.

I only say this because it's really fucked up that Taylor built her entire platform on family friendly content to then turn into this entirely non-family friendly content maker. She's gone from being about pet care to being mainly about being a recovering addict focused on her looks.

I fully support any one who wants to embrace the sex appeal side of social media, but such a high % of her following is kids/tweens. It's wrong to lure a young audience in with family friendly content and then just turn to this type of 18+ content.

I'd be mortified if my kids were following Taylor and wanting to be involved with her content.

She's toxic. She's crippling insecure to the point of almost dying because she has no idea how to function without constant attention, or drugs to dull her need for attention. No child should look to her for any advice.

Taylor, just stop clinging to the idea you can salvage being family friendly. Just go to the fucking IG sex worker world and get it over with.

No. 696322

I can't imagine dressing up like this to take selfies for the internet in your childhood bathroom at your parents' home… You can't see any difference in weight between the two photos, or any real change because she still looks pouty and "influencer-chic."

No. 696326

Not positive but the first one may have been right after she went to a real hairdresser BUT her hair looks so much better in the H one it’s laughable, at least Try to get ur tits in the right spots homie

No. 696331

is it just me or do her lips look a lot more normal and not swollen here?

No. 696332

This one looks way better lmao you can't see her massive bald spot

No. 696333

File: 1567486717719.jpeg (321.06 KB, 1125x1388, 72257640-7E6E-48E2-A516-7FEA35…)

will the addict part of her brain ever be okay at EDC?

No. 696337

How is this even a comparison??? She’s tweaked out on heroin in a tank top and pants and she’s half naked in the other sober? JFC thirsty for attention much? Seems to me she’s trying to piss bro dick off and desperately get the attention of Oscar. She’s fucking pathetic lol. This is why you’ll never find stability.

And for the record, yes women can take pics like this and respect themselves and be respected. Taylor is not on that level, so don’t compare apples and oranges.

No. 696338

I think the bob in the junky photo is kind of cute. The only way I can see a difference is the collar bones seen more pronounced in the first. It's really bad to even use those two photos as a comparison because her body is dressed entirely different.
Also the yellow foundation doesn't match the body and it looks really bad.

No. 696346

File: 1567490407153.png (4.16 MB, 1242x2208, 6028FCEF-6349-491F-8497-0A07D9…)

Maybe he’s stressed the fuck out because you’re dangling him around in the bright sunlight (and aren’t leucistic animals super sensitive to light?) and holding him like a prop?

No. 696349


she's basically exposing minors to 18+ or at the VERY least, suggestive content. nasty and trashy.

No. 696350

Her hair got so much dry shampoo she better not let her animals near it might be toxic kek

No. 696351

File: 1567491287940.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, BC68AFC3-E559-41E6-89F2-A8A14D…)

Plus she got blood on her finger sure he bite the hell out of her ass lmao

No. 696354

She gunna take up belly dancing now lmao

No. 696369

I mean obviously you'll look chubbier in the picture on the right because the… whatever you're wearing isn't your size, dummy. You look exactly the same.

No. 696372

Nice faux fetish gear there, Taylor. So edgy.

No. 696379

duh, but i guess I should have emphasized on the word "daily"

daily is quite a shock coming from someone that has never been an addict nor knows anyone personally that is. tis all. kanye shrug

No. 696381

File: 1567501993792.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190903-021152.png)

She is wearing it how the model wore it. She has no fashion sense so she goes off of whatever she sees on the website.

No. 696387


I'm on a tablet. What type of error, device or network? Sometimes it doesn't go through on their end the first time.

There are scripts that will archive Twitter if an anon wants to get that tech about it.

No. 696389

I call this one "need a boyfriend bad"

No. 696390

she could be "back to her old self" posting, but lets be real - she also needs the $$ which is why she has been putting in SOME effort into uploading as many as possible. Which goes to show her EDS was a load of crap. It was the drugs and/or she's lazy? i mean, look at her sleep schedule.

She's also dressing even more so like this now (skimpy) because 1. she loves the attention (nothing new) and 2. all these new views shes getting, she wants a bigger following. sex sells.

No. 696392

No. 696405

File: 1567518531976.png (308.33 KB, 800x977, Screenshot_2019-09-03-06-28-17…)

No. 696424

I think she actually looks younger in this before - other than that, I see zero difference

No. 696427

File: 1567527608042.jpeg (298.29 KB, 828x829, 79DE1A99-E1B7-4957-A63B-6E516C…)

Sage for nothing new, but it’s extremely worrying that an addict like Taylor is now “the new face of addiction” for the public. Constantly romanticizing drugs, says she misses drugs, shows pictures of her on drugs, her bathroom of needles, etc. It’s not good for this recovering addict in pic or any other addicts/children who watch her, I’m getting increasingly more uncomfortable and disappointed with her, she needs to grow up and mature. Her poor family.

No. 696434

Is it normal for recovering addicts to be posting pics of their arms/track marks? I can't imagine it's anything but triggering for other addicts.

No. 696436

This picture is so telling of how lonely she must be.
I will always support women being secure in their bodies, but usually if you’re posting this kind of shit then it’s either because 1. You’re a camgirl, 2. You work with sex and body positivity as a way of teaching people to be safe (there’s lots of yt channels that dress lewd for some occasions just to educate people about sex) 3. You are hella lonely and have no guy/girl to send your half nudes to, or 4. You need attention so bad that you’re willing to post revealing photos of yourself just for likes.

Her life is honestly so sad.

No. 696444

1 in the future. 3 could be happening behind the scenes but def 4.

No. 696472

Either she doesn’t know her size or she’s in denial about her size. So far we’ve seen that she wears her underwear hella tight, she got that one shirt too small so her boobs stick out, she got those garters that cut off circulation in her thighs, and now this thing. I wonder why she’s taking it in a bathroom mirror instead of posing in a bedroom or something.

No. 696474

you hit the nail on the head

No. 696475

That lingerie is way too small for her first off.

second, this is just a trashy attempt at getting more attention. I can't see any noticeable difference in weight between the two pictures. She just wanted an excuse to post a skimpy outfit.

No. 696484

>denial about her size

Yea she's stocky and skinny fat. 25+lbs in 3 months is crazy. She needs to start working out or start cutting down on mama deans cooking.

She's getting fat, she'll ballon to her mom's size no problem.

No. 696519

File: 1567538863150.jpeg (155.16 KB, 1125x1173, 021D703B-D52F-4459-8505-72F25A…)

Can’t help but feel like everything Taylor does is so calculated. It could be coincidental but go figure when the dude she’s thirsting over is publicly stating that he needs to get laid, she just so happens to post half-naked pics.

Also imagine your stans saying this about you. Good grief, little do they know that this implies that they know she has zero self-worth and will fuck whoever, so it’s okay to say shit like this. What a reputation to have.

Also Oscar is commenting on another girl’s pics even after miss Taylor posted her naked pics lol. I’m not going to post it because the thread isn’t about him but I found it hysterical.

No. 696528

I mean it’s not exactly flattering if you wear clothes too small on you, it makes a persons body seem fatter and not usually in a good way. I def agree that putting on weight can be attractive, but girl, wear clothes your size at least before posting this soft-porn picture on your Twitter. It’s embarrassing.
And Oscar probably thinks so too, hence why he commented on other girls pics and not ms. TND

No. 696531

File: 1567540954676.png (3.03 MB, 1242x2208, 3C239BE3-A2B6-49C8-994E-ECF1C7…)

Dippin that toe, putting the idea in everyone’s mind as a “joke” to test the waters. Just a matter of time before she goes full camgirl.

No. 696534

Honestly at this point that is way better than what she's doing right now. At least she'd be more honest that it wasn't about the animals and she just wanted the attention all along.

No. 696535

I feel like she has such a boring personality she wouldn’t make it as a cam girl… plus she looks like she’s 23 going on 35. Who would want to watch that?

No. 696547

Nah I think she'd have an okay career. I mean people buy Shayna's Porn and I consider Taylor better looking then Shayna.

Plus, do you think dudes give a fuck what these girls faces look like?

No. 696548


She wants to look "thicc" and curvy, hence why she wears underwear too small. So it looks like her curves are hugging her outfit but instead she's just spilling out because hey ho, she doesn't have the body she thinks she has. She's skinny fat. If she wants that kind of body, she needs to work for it instead of sitting in bed all day eating mochi.

No. 696552

I really wonder why she can't just come out and properly apologize to everyone she's hurt through this process. I genuinely want to believe that people can change and grow, but damn…it's really fucking hard with her.

No. 696570

she always does that when certain things. she "jokes"/ puts it out there. but for rhyme and reason.

No. 696577

File: 1567544842619.png (198 KB, 412x565, chrome_KQg95EGFeq.png)

No. 696580

The only noticeable differences I can see:
-her collarbone (which another anon already pointed out)
- her thighs look a little larger in the skimpy outfit, but it looks like she’s wearing leggings in the other which compress your legs anyway so there’s no way to tell any actual difference.
-her lips look smaller in the older picture??

Pretty much wearing two completely different outfits defeats the purpose of trying to show weight gain/loss. And it’s really shitty of her to choose a photo where she’s wearing no makeup at all and compare it to one where she has a full face on and say she looks “so much better uwu” because it’s a false comparison.

No. 696581

saw the girl.
looks really fake face wise to be just 20.
this guy's taste in women <

No. 696582

it really does defeat the purpose - she just posted it with the excuse to show weight gain lol.
she is so transparent, its really funny.
and now that an anon posted oscar's tweet about wanting to have sex - that's her main reason. Very calculated.

No. 696586

Honestly Oscar (or any person) would be so nasty to hit her up underneath a post like that anyway or in a DM. Who in their right mind would go “I saw your post about gaining weight post heroin addiction and ur sexy mami wanna fuk?”
On the same note, even though it’s obviously Taylor’s goal to get attention from the lingerie shot, who would want people to act like that when they’re talking about something serious like their addiction?

No. 696594

Kek she really put a trigger warning for muH unDeRwEiGhT boDay!! Her wide hips and chest in the first photo are not going to be triggering to an anorexic, don’t worry yourself Tay. This is not a Eugenia Cooney transformation, she literally looks the same. She may have felt sickly but was never wasting away like she’s dramatizing it. Even at her most sickly in her naked cotton fever pic her weight was fine for someone of her height and age. Just post your thirst trap and go, you don’t need a sob story for fucking everything. really reaching hard for asspats now and embarrassing yourself.

No. 696602

i don't care if it's tipping, topkek thank you for your service

No. 696648

Pretty sure whataburger gut isn't good weight gain. It's obvious she sucks it in and edits the shit out of her photos to hide it.

The only reason she lost weight was because of heroin.

She lost the right to complain when she stuffs her face with mochi for "breakfast" at 3pm.

No. 696651

File: 1567555022829.png (2.87 MB, 1440x2363, Screenshot_2019-09-03-19-51-40…)


looked for the outfit out of curiosity. it's "intended" to be a revealing clubbing dress. lol

she even bought the matching $28 fanny.

> Club Exx Kinetic Kitten Fishnet Dress ya energy is contagious, babe. You’re a glowing muse in this hott AF long sleeve mini dress that has a badazz fishnet construction, a high neckline and supa stretchy fit.

No. 696653

Top kek. As a recovering addict you should not go to clubs. She brought this to wear around the house or look like a hooker in public

No. 696661

File: 1567555571863.jpeg (453.66 KB, 1125x1604, BF4881E0-39C8-4AB0-9A89-57EF45…)

No. 696666

File: 1567555639552.jpeg (640.1 KB, 1125x1602, 3ADD7F17-37DC-4312-B008-B8CE4B…)

she just posted photos of Motley and these are two of them. I don’t know when each photo was taken, but if the first is more recent it’s not a good sign his tongue is ‘stuck’ like that. Snake tongues really shouldn’t be doing that.

No. 696671

>his wobble is so mild guise
>/gets stuck on back and can't right itself

No. 696673

not long before she makes a premium snap now

No. 696705

why the fuck is she taking a picture and not just…i don’t know….helping the poor snake? she makes me so mad.

No. 696722


She’s still calling herself family friendly??

No. 696726

File: 1567559397725.jpeg (900.15 KB, 1242x2016, 2C6751BB-3D88-4F5E-9045-9662AC…)

But I though he was “just being gOoFy teehee”

No. 696818

at least she's acknowledging and speaking out on the issues with this morph and not just parading him as a "cute wacky boy" like she was before, which could have made people think the morph's health issues aren't that bad. it's an improvement.

No. 696831

File: 1567566017838.jpeg (379.68 KB, 1424x1916, BC25863E-DAC8-469F-98B5-6C546C…)

I just came across this old post, but wouldn’t ACS have noticed the animals were living in a drug den? Especially during surprise visits? Even after she deep cleaned her apartment, movers still found needles lying around.

No. 696837

Holy shit. This is a massive contradiction. The moving men made her pay a fee because of all the needles, there were so many they found hundreds after she moved out, but ACS supposedly didn't notice it?

Honestly I suspected no one legitimately called back when this happened, but now I'm pretty convinced of it.

No. 696873

Kinda weird to post a lingerie pic when most her followers are minors. Yeah she’s an adult and can do what she wants but she has literal children following her, she should really make a separate account if she wants to post more lewd stuff and keep her main account mostly pet related

No. 696889

Agreed, she really shouldn't be exposing minors to this. It takes two minutes to make a new account and I'm sure all her horny men followers would jump right onto it. She's too lazy though.

No. 696933

She is getting more fish now. She "has some cute little guys coming". I am pretty sure mama Dean forbid her from getting more animals and is also forcing her to upload consistently. So Tay Tay dress like a pornstar instead, and buys as many fish she can squeeze inside her tanks. She is still using living creatures as a drug for herself, either the poor animals or all the horny men.

No. 696937

her hognose also had a stuck tongue.
no quarantine for that rescue ball python, dirty tubs, improper humidity. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s dealing w/ a potential RI outbreak right now.

No. 696988


yeah, a distant family member did drugs once upon a time so IT'S IN HER GENES to be a drug addict

both her parents are ham planets, so it's only a matter of time, right? she's MEANT to be a fat lard like the rest of her family, just like she was ~meant 2 b~ an addict

No. 696995

File: 1567576082946.png (68.3 KB, 887x544, fish.png)

this is an imageboard.

No. 697004


Oh good, just what she needs, more fish to ignore.

Any bets on one being another cowfish? Cheese 2.0?

No. 697008

Brooke houts who freaking hit her dog on yt because she accidently left that in her vid when editing was cleared of animal cruelty so that isnt saying much at all. Seems only the worst of the worst animal abuse ever leads to them being taken away sadly

No. 697011

her snake looks like he's completely lying on his back all the way along his body in that picture. is that a bad 'wobble' and what does it mean for the snake? he doesn't look well, poor guy.

No. 697046


A spider ball python "wobble" is a genetic neurological disorder. Every spider morph ball python has it and it can't be cured and the level of severeness is random for each snake. What Motley is doing is a good example of what the wobbble can do to them. His brain doesn't know which way is up.
Because he always seems to be the wrong way up (on his back), she either puts him on his back like that for photos because "he's quirky", knowing he can't flip himself over easily because he doesn't know his body is upside down. Or he does it himself, and if he does it himself he probably corkscrews as well but because i don't believe she's ever mentioned corkscrewing she might not have noticed if he does do it (it's a very common wobble symptom, he probably does it). He could end up having trouble striking his food if he doesn't have trouble already because his brain doesn't function properly, but she says he eats just fine so that's all we have to go off at the moment.
Stress and bad husbandry can make a wobble worse, but an unnoticeable wobble does not mean that the snake isn't stressed.

No. 697063

It's very likely Motley has a RI, when she was in sober living and got him, she also got that blood who had a really bad RI, which she handled without gloves and got bit by.

And since she does not quaranteen, it's probably spreading to her other snakes now. She doesn't strike me as the type to wash her hands between handling her animals either.

No. 697121

she absolutely doesn’t wash her hands in between handling animals, it’s been shown in videos where she’s handled multiple of them

No. 697187

File: 1567618706042.jpg (454.32 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190904-193823_Twi…)

You called it

No. 697190


I keep thinking about this. There is NO WAY she even had surprise visits but oh they ignored all the needles around, did she lie about them going to her house or? She cannot even say she AT LEAST wasn't the best owner while on heroin, could barely take care of herself and we are supposed to believe she took care of all those animals?

No. 697194

I don't think it has been talked about enough about all of the animals that probably died due to neglect while her getting sober/in rehab and she can just easily say they were all "put to adoption". She did not even take time to properly send her animals to good homes herself but just gave them away to that reptile rescue that of course already has to deal with tons of animals. She does not love her animals as much as she says but I think that's been proven already.

No. 697195

Not to mention there's 0 proof they actually went to a rescue

No. 697199

File: 1567619847801.png (21.25 KB, 584x138, a377dd72dd29cb27986b780bdbaa64…)

Did.. Mama Dean just out that Taylor is only a month sober? If they were celebrating Taylor's 3 Month Sober stint, why is it called 30 DAY sober soup?

No. 697207

Holy shit. Leave it to Mama Dean to continually expose her own daughters lies. I love that for her

No. 697215

File: 1567623127997.jpg (626.94 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190904-135300_Twi…)


No. 697218

Madison about to send Taylor to a swift relapse with a joke

No. 697229

She announced she was back living with her mom Aug 4 so the 30 days sober could be true and the real reason sober living didn't last. I don't understand how her mom would screw up how long she's been sober and why celebrate 90 days and not the 60 days when she first moved in.

No. 697230

Yea pretty sure she relapsed, she got kicked out of sober living for sure.

No. 697234

this is grotesque. had no clue that was the state of things with this particular snake. why buy this kind of pattern - it is just a pattern of coloration, right? - if the result is that they are likely stressed or in some kind of pain? so much dislike for her.

No. 697235

oopsie! better check mom's twitter to keep stories straight, this is such a joke omg

No. 697246


Yeah it's quite sad really. A lot of people try to defend the spider morph saying that the neurological disorder isn't even that bad. But it's totally random, you can't breed it out of them. and you can't try to line breed to make it less severe down the line. A lot of snakes are born having no quality of life because of it. Thankfully Motley doesn't appear to have a very severe wobble. The very first ever spider ball python had the disorder, so they all have it because they all derive from that one snake. It's bred simply because of looks. it's quite a strikingly different morph and people won't stop breeding them. I'm not certain how much pain spider BP's might be in if really any at all, but i can only imagine how stressful it must be to not know which was is up, all the time.

I see no indication that Taylor has a dislike for the spider morph. She talks about his neurological disorder as being quirky, and honestly that's just awful and adds to the misinformation about the morph. A lot of people find themselves rescuing spider ball pythons, but don't agree with the breeding of them. Taylor doesn't seem to be one of those people. She wants to parade around her poor damaged snake to make herself feel special.

No. 697251

File: 1567628341013.png (102.98 KB, 1440x796, Screenshot_20190904-161905.png)

Called it (screenshot). Yes, I know it was probably sarcastic.

While spider does create a unique look, I will never understand why breeders don't just use pinstripe instead. Very similar pattern, no linked mental health issues.

No. 697255

Since when does a "boring personality" come into play with a camgirl? They are there for tits and that's all.

No. 697259

Not in SW, but I would think that a worker would need to keep their customers interested to get decent tips. Think about Shayna.

No. 697274

File: 1567630794094.png (15.57 KB, 601x146, uhok.PNG)

Typo or?

No. 697275

another animal she’s wAnTeD fOr So LonG!!!!

No. 697276

Of course it wasn't a typo.

No. 697278

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just wait 10 more days and celebrate 100 days? Fishy fishy fishy

No. 697280

lmao this joke she made obviously means the last tweet she mad was not a typo hahaaha i love her throwin shade at her own daughter

No. 697281

Not that fishy.From wikipedia:
Typical coin milestone colors

Silver Chip – 24 hours of sobriety
Red Chip – 30 days/1 month of sobriety
Gold Chip – 60 days/2 months of sobriety
Green Chip – 90 days/3 months of sobriety
Purple Chip – 4 months of sobriety
Pink Chip – 5 months of sobriety
Dark Blue Chip – 6 months of sobriety
Copper Chip – 7 months of sobriety
Red Chip – 8 months of sobriety
Purple Chip – 9 months of sobriety
Gold Chip – 10 months of sobriety
Green Chip – 11 months of sobriety
Bronze Chip – 1 year of sobriety.

No. 697284

File: 1567631607025.png (196.43 KB, 1016x708, ex.PNG)

Almost exactly 30 days ago she was visting jake in Austin, she mysteriously breaks up with him, and this deleted tweet.

Super suspicious.

No. 697289

File: 1567631970444.png (192.66 KB, 900x900, tnd.png)

Why does Taylor feel she is qualified to make videos about abuse if she couldn't even tell her nasty tattoo artist (that everyone always knew was gross) was a scumbag?

No. 697303

File: 1567633523215.png (28.23 KB, 590x216, 5c73a8d8ed79af710c8a461da6915c…)

No. 697309

this is a huge reach

No. 697310

We know the truth fatty. The fact that she's so defensive about it raises even more eyebrows. Mama dean wants Taylor under her thumb and will do anything to keep her from going off on her own. She's afraid of losing her baby to drugs and getting shut out again.

No. 697311

she doesn’t deny it, though

No. 697312

I live for jennifer outing her own daughter.
we all knew she relapsed. its so obvious when she does.
this just confirms it and this is no typo.

No. 697319

Thank you for educating me! I'm not too well versed in the whole sobriety milestone thing (obviously lol).

No. 697330

Is it though? Regardless, Taylor is freshly out of a shitty relationship. She didn't care to listen to what people said about Johnny or tattoo artist. She keeps coming to Twitter with revelations that people are shitty months and months after people have already said the same thing. I guess I'm just annoyed because she's already going to make some uneducated video about addiction and I'd say she's just as uneducated about abuse. I know girls that are like drug-sniffing dogs when it comes to identifying abusive assholes and Taylor just seems so far from that.

No. 697361

Wait a freakin second, isn’t this the tattoo artist she felt uncomfortable with? The one tat kept hitting on her? After people started giving her shit about using him? I guess i will have to go back and read it again.

No. 697364

No, this is a different one

No. 697372

>classic "get a life" response.

I'll never get this train of thought. People like Jennifer seem to think that we're all checking on them first thing in the morning and that we are glued to their tweet feeds as if they were some A list celebrities lmao.

Unlike you, Jennifer, most of us actually do have things to do other than spending all day sperging on Twitter and/or taking softcore pictures of 20 dollar clothes in the backyard.

Maybe you should put the phone down and actually go check on your daughter instead of @'ing her on Twitter.

No. 697396

Her backtracking and bullshit excuse just makes it obvious she fucked up and outed Taylor. Autocorrect? Really? Come on.

What was going on in Taytay’s tweets/IG 30 days ago?

No. 697407

Taylor was 100% kicked out of sober living and living in the hotel because she was using meth after rehab.

Look at her personality then vs now, she was 5000% more annoying then and constantly sperging out about everything. And then she admitted to loving meth once she was actually sober at her mom's again.

No. 697418

File: 1567644940854.jpg (69.08 KB, 597x311, IMG_20190904_175231.jpg)

She very specifically says "sober from heroin". Sus.

Sage for no new milk.

No. 697419

>>697303 Pretty bold for a mother that drops tea on twitter about her own daughter, runs to drama twitter accounts when she's feeling bad, and talks about how exhausting it is to be Tanners mom.
She's not the type of person who should be calling anyone a bully. She fuels this fire just as much as Taylor.

No. 697428

>>This month

No. 697430

"underweight" get real Taylor. She's always been slim thick, even at her lowest. She really has to grasp for literally anything, and everything to make herself look like a victim for.

No. 697434

i might believe her mom slipped up if it was just mentioned one time in the tweet but the fact that it was twice is very sus

No. 697451


Retired sw here - a lot of girls don't speak a word of English and the tips you are referring to are most likely "extras" which have nothing to do with personality and refer to extra services. A lot of men who see sw prefer docile/submissive/silent fuckdolls rather than somebody with an interesting personality or conversation (although some want the full "girlfriend experience").

Taylor wouldn't make a good sw not because of her personality but because she can't be alone and would latch onto the first male to pay her any attention, and SW/client relationships rarely work out even if the client is interested in anything more than an hour away from the wife. She is too gullible to last in the industry, I can imagine her being that girl who fucks bareback because a client claims he's clean and lets them stay past the hour because she has no spine and can't kick them out when times up lol(blogging)

No. 697484

File: 1567651628256.jpg (783.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190904-224429_Twi…)

Again reiterating she is 3 montjs sober -from heroin-
Tinfoil- she is not saying she is 3 months sober from drugs in general so that when she slips up and outs herself as relapsing or someone else outs her she can claim "But guyzzz I was only sober ~~from heroin~~

No. 697488

Yeah honestly if you’re 3 months sober, you’re excited as fuck and that’s what you say. You don’t qualify it like this. Between her mom’s screwup, the shady story about leaving the sober living, and this… she definitely relapsed and used some other drug.

No. 697495

plus the pictures of her and Jake at a bar. Probably drank with him if nothing else

No. 697508


No way it was a typo. A) she describes it like “30 day sober soup” is it’s name and that they’ve been calling it that at least several times around the house, and B) she repeated its name twice back to back in one tweet.

No. 697513


She still acts like that sometimes though. Wonder if her mom is ever drug testing her at home to make sure she’s not hiding any use.

No. 697518


This may be a bit of a reach. Taylor obviously thinks heroin is the ~coolest drug ever and loves to name drop her China White every chance she gets. I feel like her specifying heroin is just for more attention seeking, not because there's some big conspiracy (though the 30 day sober soup tweet is telling enough and I don't doubt a relapse happened). Taylor is too bad of a liar to try to cover her tracks early in advance lol.

No. 697526

remember she was, by her own words, asked to leave sober living for having a missing sub.

No. 697536

I thought it was because she randomly gave someone else subs?

No. 697538

No, she gave another patient a sub which is heavily against the rules

No. 697547


I can just imagine her sitting in front of a cam and doing the "I am making a thumbnail and need to look shocked"-face for two hours straigth in her underwear. That's quality content!

Also I would still REALLY RELLY need to know where her cats were at the time when her house was filled with needles to the roof.

No. 697551

File: 1567658365709.png (187.75 KB, 750x1334, B74C1F83-D187-43BF-9636-92014D…)

Can you imagine Taylor sitting in a group of ppl sperging about her pain that’s oh so bad that she resorted to using heroin. I’m surprised they don’t laugh her out of the room

No. 697552

File: 1567658404919.png (188.2 KB, 750x1334, 72498038-18FE-4C1E-A0EE-3E1A85…)

I thought she went to NA when she was in Austin for her sober livings?

No. 697553

File: 1567658469159.png (173.41 KB, 750x1334, 4F7902F3-536C-4727-B172-E04A7C…)

No new news but I thought it was funny someone said something bout her always posting bout being sober and her response hahah sage for dumb shit

No. 697557

the fact that she thinks she can start a revolution kind of thing is…laughable and sad.

No. 697559


"I also do daily updates on how much heroin costs and wheather diudalid or meth gives u a better high"

No. 697560

File: 1567659372553.png (477.4 KB, 750x1334, F2D1D1E8-5923-4A35-8498-EC2728…)

This was from yesterday …and yeah they knew you were going to relapse and you proved them right in my opinion. She tried meth or some other drug not H and used a few times and dumped Jakey boy cuz he was a asshole, user and dopehead. So just in my experience I think that’s exactly what happened. If she does go back to H or opiates tho she will go downhill quicker than last time if that’s her DOC..but she can’t right now on her subs cuz it blocks most of the good feeling of it so she will have to quit doing those too. Any other drug besides opiates she’s good to use on those subs tho, so that’s what I think she did. She could have even traded a sub for something else cuz they got a street price of $20 to $30 a pop where I’m from. So she prolly failed a drug test and traded the sub so that’s what really got her kicked out. But that’s just my hardcore tinfoil. Anyways staying at her parents house now is really good for her sobriety in my opinion unless mama dean gets all overprotective and smothers Taylor again and she will rebel hardcore.

No. 697561

and lets not forget she took her sober date out of her profile about 30 days ago for a hot minute

No. 697563

She goes to AA/NA meetings, those chronic pain clinic group, her sub doctor, whatever therapy/ IOP she does and whoever is “diagnosing” her ptdd, ptds, eds and whatever else. Good lord that’s a lot of doctors. If her fucking head itches I’m sure she goes to the doctor to get a pill for it. She prolly has doctor prescribed pills she takes for all her ailments. You would think she was a 50 year old woman. Hahah but then a few tweets ago I can’t find but she said my pain tolerance is so so high! Sounds like it lmao Mwah kek Lul

No. 697564

That's the reason she gave for having a missing dose, yes. And she was asked to leave.

No. 697571

its honestly hilarious she wants people to believe that when she also admits she sleeps all day and wakes up at 8-11pm? sure jan

No. 697572

> anyone needing recovery inspo, here you go

Barf she thinks she’s some sort of savior

No. 697574


Also she said that she watched the entire pewdiepie minecraft series in two days. I think the series is about 10 hours long if you watch it in one row. I don't care that she skip her meetings to watch youtube, but did the animals get fed that day?

No. 697580

Her mom probably fed them

No. 697581

Yeah her mom is probably a pro at feeding all her pets by now..she would be better off making the “educational” videos that Tay makes and prolly better at it tbh

No. 697582



Any bets on if she puts the new tank in front of her closet so she can't get to the strips of fabric she calls her clothes?

No. 697584

Usually women who dress in a lingerie or swimsuit is meant to be a fashion statement. They’ll either model in a bedroom or at the beach, not in their parent’s bathroom with old clothes hanging from the hangers. It’s obvious it’s not about her body changes or recovery, it’s about how many attention she gets from thirsty males/females. She’s stupid enough to believe that they’ll take her serious. No regular person will go into a serious relationship with a type of girl like Taylor. It only attracts idiots like Jonny.

Lmao her whole family is a mess. No wonder their daughter is morphing into a camgirl.

No. 697593

File: 1567682391964.png (18.96 KB, 582x106, e2a7162cee75a56dd270246ffc1932…)

She tells others to go get a life, but here she is, checking up here constantly. Even first thing in the morning, at that.

No. 697619

File: 1567695085861.png (656.73 KB, 800x1109, Screenshot_2019-09-05-07-37-20…)


When I was checking out San Antonio's pet and animal husbandry laws for an earlier thread I came across this story of a local snake hoarding case. Of course 136 pythons and 415 rodents will get media coverage, but the articles provide insight into how neglect and hoarding cases are handled in her area.




Pics of a bunch of the snakes and info on the rescue

No. 697622

God Taylor has become more insufferable than ever. “Lost cause” shut the fuck up, Taylor. The reason she doesn’t want to do sober living, got out of rehab as soon as she could, and doesn’t attend nearly as many meetings as she likes to pretend is because she isn’t the most ~*~ fragile damaged junkie ~*~ in those spaces. There are people with real trauma and years of use in those spaces. Taylor is a little girl from an upper middle class family who got into a relationship purposely with a decade long user for the experience. No one takes her seriously or thinks she’s a “lost cause”.

No. 697626

Wow mama dean you are so special. Talking to people irl? Amazing.

Sorry you're butthurt you outed your daughter. Maybe try not being a fucking idiot like your daughter next time. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 697631

Maybe she’s using the Jonny mentality of “I’m still sober if I don’t actually shoot up”

No. 697650

File: 1567700974135.png (482.21 KB, 1440x2789, Screenshot_20190905-122932.png)

Johnny, you're canceled, now spill that tea.

No. 697651


Taylor probably thinks she's sober and doing great because she's not using heroin, her +drug of choice+ because she was SO addicted that it was the end of the world. Other drugs, though? Those aren't her drug of choice, so she's not "addicted" to those and can quit at any time! This mentality is dangerous, but it's exactly how Taylor thinks. In her drug video she kept pushing about how she'd done other drugs but heroin was her "drug of choice" and clearly the one she was addicted to because she "lost so much" (lmao) when using it and obviously began that downwards spiral.

I wouldn't put it past her to think that using other drugs is fine because she's clean from heroin.

No. 697656

Why does Taylor expect a dude who was harassing his exes while WITH her to say sorry to her? It's not going to happen Taylor.

The only reason he's not trashing you is that you have an audience, other than that? He's the same dick he was to other women, to YOU.

You aren't special to this abusive asshole. Do you think he apologized to his exes who he's done worst too?

I don't think this fucker apologized to his own KID that he helped bring into this world for being shit. He has no respect for women/people.

I understand she wants a sorry but she needs to be logical about this. She's not going to get one and when she DOES she won't be over it.

and I thought she blocked him? Why even want to talk to him?

No. 697659

Took the words out of my mouth…

I get she was the only fucktard (and I guess a handful of her stans) who did not realize from the beginning that he never gave a single fuck about her. She was young, (at the time) attractive, wanting to be a rebel and had a ton of money. What the fuck did she expect from a POS with a repeated history of using women for money and a roof over his head. She just missed all the warning signs because she’s an attention whore with the intelligence of a pile of shit. Stop making yourself out to be a victim. You were warned and you let him manipulate the fuck out of you because you were willing. You’re the only ex who came out of a relationship with him addicted to heroin, which speaks volumes about the person you are Taylor imo. It’s always the same melodramatic nonsense from her and it’s so irritating. But by all means continue to post gross pictures of your body on the internet to find a knight in shining armor you fucking moron.

And instead of taking your sob story to Twitter, go talk to your therapist you see 7 hours a day or whatever bs lie you’re on now.

No. 697661

It's never her fault, and she'll never change because she won't learn a goddamn thing until she takes some (ANY) responsibility for herself.

She's still young enough to think the world will just bend over backwards for her because she's a pretty white girl with money, but she's too fucking stupid to understand her glorifying her junkie habits is going to put anyone with a brain off her. That Youtube money won't last forever especially with her already owing money to the IRS, and without that, she's got nothing. Who wants to hire a known junkie, animal abuser and idiot with an insufferable personality and no skills or education? It's a very competitive job market out there and Tay's pissing away the easiest job in the world by being so hellbent on being Best Junkie Ever in public.

No. 697701


But Taylor he's not at that part of his recovery yet and will do it when he's ready and that's ok or is that only a good excuse when it's you not apologising?

No. 697706

This is pretty much how all animal care cases work. Animals are removed only when it is very bad (100+ animals) and the conditions are absolutely filthy and animals not taken care of.

We can shit talk Taylor all we like but realistically she doesn't look like a hoarder and the most obvious issue is the lack of enrichment/water/poor diets, something that would be a slap on the wrist.

No. 697720

Then why say anything at all, Jen? Why even have a twitter? How does having a twitter or any public social media benefit you or your children in any way? Oh right, because you're narc.

No. 697722

File: 1567710886035.png (696.58 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20190905-221504.png)

>waah waah

No. 697725


>talks about drugs and romanticizes them daily

>gets shit flagged/removed by instagram for doing just that
>"I don't talk about drugs that much! I don't glamorize and romanticize them! It was horrible! it was horrible how much i loved china white heroin, and the high of coke, and how good meth was!"

No. 697726


once again thinking rules don't apply to her. suck it up, bitch.

No. 697755

She just can't celebrate in silence?

She's so dependent on others for asspats it's sad. If Insta pulled the plug she'd be hysterical. She acts like she's got a right to exist on their platform.

No. 697771

Wow, the emphasis on "HE" shows that she will never take responsibility, even though she was warned time and time again. SHE WANTED TO TRY H.

No. 697775

The way this reads to me personally is that she wants him to reach out again. And that will lead to her taking him back.

No. 697781

Yeah, thats what it is. She said she blocked him and put him on blast for contacting her but now she wants contact?

I guess she wants closure, but we all know that it's very easy for "closure" to turn into, "he's change, we want to go on this journey together. He's in counseling, we are back togeather"

No. 697784

Exactly. I'm glad others see that too in those tweets. I think she is lonely and desperate personally.

No. 697786

I think it's possible to get closure but from Jonny? Nah, she saw how he treated his exes. It'll take a long time before Jonny realizes he needs to change.If ever.

Taylor won't be the one to do it, so it's best she stops wanting closure in the form of "i'm sorry"

I do wonder if Jonny gets with another girl with Taylor be getting in their dm's & trying to "Save them" and posting the convos on twitter. I can imagine her doing that.

No. 697788

I kind of want her and Jonny to get back together so we can watch them crash and burn again

No. 697790


Crappy junkies seem to be her type. I am sure we will get JC: The Sequel soon enough.

Maybe the next one she'll get them a new nose cause they snorted so much coke it disintegrated.

No. 697825

Jommys ig story (sorry don't know how to post video) shows his teeth are already halfway gone. Or were they already like that? I feel like they weren't, cause he would smile. Super wide when he first got them and he had a full set of fake chompers

No. 697826

Jonnys* lol

No. 697827

File: 1567724868029.png (4.8 MB, 1125x2436, 23EADBBE-53FE-4EBF-A9AB-29C039…)

I’m sorry I know this thread isn’t focused on him anymore but check those missing teeth on ~pearl boy with the pearlies~ hahaha

No. 697832


noticed this too. i wonder how much money she spent on him, collectively

No. 697834

they were the temporary teeth. he hasn't had the new ones implanted yet but has stated he is going to pay the remaining money to get them done (yeah right). taylor has stated he didn't take care of them at all so not surprising that theyre falling out

No. 697836

not "new", i meant "permanent"

No. 697845

Tinfoiling but I think she got kicked out from the sober home for relapsing. Think about it, before she admitted she was kicked out, she was staying at a hotel. What if she relapsed with Jake at that hotel and used the excuse that she gave her pill away to make her sound like she was the victim in all this. It also explains why Jake turned into an asshole when she let him go (mama dean probably forced her which is another tinfoil) because his big connection to drugs and money is now gone.

My old rebellious teenage self would absolutely do this especially knowing that I can lie all I want online and thinking the people in the sober home will never know.

No. 697849

wouldn't be surprised if the new ones are falling out too since he doesn't take care of them. You still gotta clean your implants and crowns as if it's your real ones cuz bone loss is no joke.

No. 697858

I mean sure one could say that it wasn't her fault that she got into an abusive relationship, but she chose to get with him even though everybody told her not to because of that stupid savior complex mixed with daddy issues she has. She thinks she's the exception to every rule, ever.

>Only cats and dogs are allowed at the apartment I'm renting? Well I'M an exception and they let me move my hoard in, which included a monitor!

>Only cats and dogs are allowed at the house I'm renting? Well they made an exception for ME!
>Sober facilities have rules? Well not to ME because they understand how special I am!
>This man has a registered record of assault and abuse? Well not to ME because I'm the exception always!

His three exes made Periscope videos explaining his behavior. Chelsea's mom tried to reach out to try to help her and Jennifer, only for both Taylor and Jennifer to call Chelsea a liar and blaming her for putting Taylor at risk for leaking the texts between them. You're never gonna get an apology ever because Jonny doesn't see that he did something wrong because he's been able to get away with it until now, and if it weren't for your rabid stans he'd talk mad shit about you just like he's done it with his other exes. Not once has she had self-accountability and apologized for what she did. To her, she was the one who was wronged.

No. 697894

To be fair, there was a screenshot that emerged where "Taylor" had mentioned drinking, and then it said she was kicked out, and living with Mama Dean.
I know we all wrote it off like it was probably someone faking it, but it would make sense. Especially if it meant Taylor was only 30 days sober.

No. 697902


jesus christ, nsfw that gremlin

No. 697905

I think Jonny is keeping his mouth shut because he knows he still has a chance for Taylor to go back with him. Sure she's hating on him and everything but she's always trying to get him to come after her. He's just waiting until the whole "im a recovering addict, pay attention to me" dies down. She's talking about it so much that sooner or later, no one will care anymore and then she'll try to get attention by relapsing some more and that's where Jonny will step in

No. 697922

kinda like how you never apologized to Chelsea, and instead just blamed her and acting like SHE put YOU in danger.
but keep being a hypocrite sis.

No. 697925


why should JC apologise, taylor? he's an ADDICT. everything he does is because he's an ADDICT. nothing is in his control and nothing is his fault. he should be forgiven and you should have only empathy and understanding! OR DOES THIS ONLY APPLY TO TAYLOR because HER addiction is the worst addiction there ever was making her a very rare special case?

wasn't she also giving advice to ppl online who talked about family members who are addicts who hurt them and hurt their families–saying to them, "you need to forgive them, you don't understand addiction, it's not their fault"

why doesn't she have only empathy for JC? isn't taylor an advocate now for all addicts????????

No. 697926


also, a life HE introduced you to? bitch i thought you had a sniff of vodka with friends and it was all downhill from there? are we gonna stick to the story on where you fell off or nah

No. 697928

because it's not HER. She loves to talk about all of this recovering addict talk and how she understands and whatnot but if it's not about HERSELF then it's irrelevant to her.

She can joke about rape, drugs, and all kinds of awful things because it didn't happen to HER but if it did then SHE wants everyone to feel bad for HER and not anyone else.

She's as awful as Jonny but with a "pretty" white face to cover it up.

No. 697930

I personally think it's because he knows he's really done for this time. He doesn't have a band, or friends to cover for him, and he got with someone with a following. If Taylor wasn't a "public figure", he would've been trash talking about her. There might be a slight chance he's playing the "I'll always love you" card so she feels pity for him, though, but I really doubt they'll get back together, even if she wants to, because then she'll lose her following as well.

No. 697931

File: 1567739824397.jpg (358.46 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190905-201708.jpg)

She posted a blurry version of her sleeve she's getting Sunday.

Is she opposed to getting nice tattoos or something?

No. 697932

I hope she commissioned it or asked the artist if it was ok to use their art, but probably not.

No. 697933

"I have Vicky levels of talent and can't do anatomically correct hands, so let me cover that with hair & snakes, because my image obsessed client doesn't know the difference."
The blurring doesn't help, Tay.

No. 697935

I hope she picks a really good artist or else that elbow will look like a baseball bat growing from her chest.

Why can’t she just go on instagram and search for an amazing artist that is a professional at making their unique girl heads?? She’s the typical “i found this online so copy it please” girl that complains if someone else copies it

No. 697939

File: 1567741413228.png (77.08 KB, 637x349, Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.42…)

No. 697942

i think she mentioned the tattoo artist designing the sleeve for her

No. 697943

And that's not a sleeve, making anon's question relevant.

No. 697944

Yikes, I've got tattoos and my artist would never tattoo me under the influence. Where does she find such trash people? Is there a secret society?

No. 697945

Uh.. Taylor herself said that's the start of her sleeve? Anon phrased it poorly but she said that's going to be "the top of the sleeve"

No. 697946

dude calm down. im thinking this is gonna be part of a larger sleeve or something. she did mention it being under the works for like a month at least and they're starting it.

No. 697947

She brings up her addiction so much in every conversation that i don’t give a shit anymore. She’s an airhead.

No. 697950

No reputable tattoo/piercing shop will even let you be in the shop if you're fucked up. It's a huge no-no and you would IMMEDIATELY be asked to leave. If they did agree to tattoo/pierce you under the influence, you'd bleed more, you're more likely to be a nuisance or fuck something up in the shop, you're way less likely to take care of it correctly if you're drunk during the aftercare talk, and there's an established history of people trying to sue the shop after waking up with an awful tattoo the next day. Plus, it just shows that you're too much of a trainwreck to possibly be getting this for "the right reasons", as they say.
If she's been fucked up at her tattoo appointments, she either lied to her artists or they're junkies too. Might explain why she thought the snakeheart guy was being creepy, he was trying to decide if she was too fucked up for this and realizing he was doing an injection site coverup.

No. 697953


Lmao this is what my nightmares look like, how scary, no wonder Taylor resorted to Heroin lmao just kidding but what the fuck did she see in this ugly ass piece off a dogs ass? I just don’t get it! Taylor is actually a pretty girl if she would realize that and dress like she’s got some sense as well as act like it, she might have a chance at having a decent boyfriend and maybe a family one day. (If she wants that) but who am I kidding she will never do any self reflecting and realize it’s her shitty choices that got her where she’s at today. Hope she looks back at this time in her life and does a triple double yikes! Cuz I got secondhand embarrassment for her!

No. 697960

Of course Taylor would know all of the junkie under the table sex offender tattoo artists that run the gang of tattooed addicts. (Not all ppl with tats obvs) they prolly passing the needles around while getting tattooed. Hell just put the heroin in the ink and tattoo with it so it will always be a part of you Tay! Uwu

No. 697971

File: 1567751249637.jpeg (205.79 KB, 1242x1050, C187A397-6F4C-42A0-99C4-C129A2…)

Is this a message to TND
Also, what an ugly ass tattoo to put on your face.

No. 697972

File: 1567751296003.jpeg (197.47 KB, 1242x985, C620E229-496F-43C1-9290-572DF9…)

Oh wait there’s more
MOB (money over bitches) but you have “forever yours” ???
The contradiction.

Also what money?

No. 697975

Looks like someone traced junji itos drawing of tomie lmao

No. 697976

none of this seems like milk to me, but it says forever young, not forever yours.

No. 697983

My man here grabbing a bic pen to doodle on his face lmaoooo.

No. 697985

File: 1567754009617.png (343.86 KB, 800x717, Screenshot_2019-09-06-00-09-30…)


Lurk more or use image search.

No. 697987

File: 1567755528762.jpeg (38.92 KB, 309x432, 1D63FEF2-1839-41B5-9D5B-4FD72B…)

You’re right lmfaoooo

No. 697995

Other than being a woman at 3/4 profile and having long hair (different lengths and styles) and an arm raised (opposite arms in different positions) they don't look much alike at all…

No. 698025

She’s using “sober from heroin” because she’s on subs so she’s not “fully sober” and a lot of people in NA call out people on subs who claim to be fully sober.

No. 698026

is she…trying to get a tattoo of herself??

No. 698029

Well she's her biggest inspiration

No. 698042

Wait is this what she thinks she looks like? And it’s supposed to be her… because she’s missing croissant lips

No. 698044

what is this tomie ripoff lol. it's totally supposed to be her, look, it's covered in creatures like some kind of earth mother hippie crap.

No. 698046


Think it's a play on her "Mother of Snakes" title she gave herself, lmao.

No. 698052

Imagine being so self centered you get an entire sleeve of yourself lmao

No. 698057

She should get a tattoo of a girl with needles instead of snakes

No. 698070

File: 1567790877057.jpeg (297.01 KB, 1242x1693, 8847938F-E90C-4625-AFB5-5F2416…)

Tattoo is Medusa. Let’s stop the sperg. Taylor is a narc but the tattoo is not supposed to be her.

No. 698073

File: 1567791385960.jpg (215.84 KB, 1195x1600, medusa.jpg)

why, because she said so?

maybe try a diff design then, like a medusa with an entire head full of snakes for hair, not just a few strategically placed for aesthetics. this is her mother of snakes shit like above anon said and of course it's an idealized version of her.

No. 698075

>let's stop the sperg
How about let's stop mini modding?

Medusa has snakes as hair.
That tattoo just looks like a girl holding a bunch of snakes. I don't think it looks much like her but she's a total narc and I can TOTALLY see why anons are making that connection.
It's like when Vicky Shingles posts other people's drawings of tough sexy pinups and exclaims that it looks like herself.

No. 698079

Lol, “tattoo sneak peak” has been deleted off twitter.

No. 698085

Yeah I don't think she'll straight up say she's getting a tattoo of herself. She probably believes she IS Medusa or just ripping off from all her stan's tattoos cuz it looks like they're sending her their tattoos of medusa so Taylor automatically thinks, "YEA! MEDUSA! THATS MY TATTOO TOO!! ReLaTaBlE!!"

No. 698086

She posted the name of the artist of her sleeve in her stories a few days ago. i can't remember the name but maybe someone else does. But I looked the artist up then and tbh she's not good and it won't be a good piece.She won't be happy with it after a few month.

No. 698087

If you looked it up previously, it should still be in your history, unless you used an app to do it.

No. 698088

File: 1567794704605.jpg (518.95 KB, 984x914, 2426d73ea482c7fab72f07d7ecd995…)

I don't understand why she picks shitty ass artist to do her tattoos? She has 1M+ Subscribers that obviously gives her youtube money. She has the money to find the most amazing artist in the US, make an appointment, fly there, and get it done while taking the time to shop around in a new city (and take her self absorb photos). She's so stupid that i can't stay away from her dumb decisions

No. 698090

her body is covered with 4th grade art LOL

No. 698091

yes unfortunately I looked it up in the app straight from her story so it isn't anywhere in my history =/

No. 698092


No. 698094

This tattoo artist seems to specialize in small and delicate tattoos. Definitely wrong tattoo artist to do whole ass sleeve and maybe cover her old wonky tattoos.

No. 698095

and they have to cover the black mess on her ditch, don't they? She has to basically laser it all of then beforehand because this artist won't be able to do the job

No. 698096

Artist doesn't seem like she has a certain unique style that she's an expert on. Sure she's great with drawing but all her work is mostly impulse tattoos.

No. 698097

File: 1567796951989.jpg (185.58 KB, 800x916, IMG_20190906_120735.jpg)

At least the artist knows what an axolotl looks like.
Also kek at TND being tagged three weeks ago. Is this how she found this tattoo artist?

No. 698107

Not to WK but what do yall consider to be good bc she isn't bad at all? Shes probably the best tattoo artist Taylor has worked with. Granted the draw up Taylor teased was kinda ugly lol

No. 698108


half the axolotl is just a giant blob of black with no shading or texture. it doesn't look good. apparently this artist works on small, delicate pieces which look fine, but it seems the larger she goes the more wonky they turn out? definitely not someone to be working on an entire sleeve.

No. 698109

Taylor can afford artists that only focuses on larger pieces with more detailed looks. This artist seems she does anything with no specific focus so it ends up looking average than someone who focuses on one style which makes their art better each time. Not a fan of the dark over shaded work this artist does tbh.

Taylor is probably on another impulse buy so she's picking whoever is free or UnDeRstAnDs HeR

No. 698113

Definitely not Medusa and she would have had to ask specifically for not Medusa. Medusa’s defining trait is snakes for hair, this drawing is just a regular human girl with a few snakes in her normal hair.

No. 698121

The artist is kinda hit or miss but there's more good than bad.

Agreed that she's the best artist Taylor's worked with so far.

No. 698123

Tinfoil but Taylor can’t afford a really out of this world artist because she’s blown all her money on shitty clothes and her previous(?) drug life.

No. 698124

File: 1567802720806.png (481.93 KB, 755x837, Annotation 2019-09-06 164531.p…)

Gotta flex that junkie sink. She hasn't reached today's quota yet

No. 698125

File: 1567802766600.jpg (395.07 KB, 1181x2048, EDzvyPLW4AAU4wu.jpg)

No. 698128

What were they using the measuring cup of mysterious dirty liquid for?

No. 698129

>“I never talk about my drug use that much”

No. 698130

Jesus. We should start a countdown for when she's gonna bring up her track marks next. When was the last time? It seems like she can't go more than 12 hours without talking about their existence.

The more she goes on, the more I think everything is completely exaggerated and fabricated. I really do think that one picture of her arm was photoshopped to look worse, and I think the sink picture was set up for the photo, not just random. I'm even starting to think she purposely left the needle in the picture she uploaded. I also don't think she even lost 5 pounds in her addiction, let alone the almost 30 she talks about.

No. 698141

File: 1567806674109.png (700.49 KB, 1242x2208, 22E957EB-8F71-438B-A505-EE1D80…)

She’s done two fucking videos and is already like, “okay well that’s perfect now so lemme do shit on the side because I have such a routine!” Jesus Christ

No. 698143

Great. Now she can become an even more annoying version of the rewired soul and talk constantly about herself and addiction all the while wearing skimpy shit and giving unwarranted terrible advice.

No. 698145

The rewired thot

No. 698148

she didn't look for a decent artist even when she had money. she just can't be bothered to spend more than 10 minutes on planning her tattoos.

No. 698149