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File: 1548046271214.jpeg (304.88 KB, 946x1024, DD4674F5-891D-48ED-B423-597D1F…)

No. 628493

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/618237

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Has returned from over a month long hiatus (for now)
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotixs, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemmorage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Ursula (Halloween Crab) died of a mismolt, was possibly replaced with another female crab.
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 628494

File: 1548046334993.png (670.89 KB, 635x769, 36EB24D0-2BD7-4FE3-ABF0-DEBDFA…)

Honorable mention for thread photo.

No. 628505


Thank you anon!

I really hope she doesn't go to Repticon Orlando, the last thing her "comeback" needs is another new animal in another shitty enclosure

No. 628510

wearing 20 new animals as an accessory “so you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been for the past 3 years but first let me tell you about all the sad things in my life”

No. 628512

So I guess since she’s not ever going to address any questions it’s safe to say if an animal has disappeared for a while then it’s dead. Although to be honest I can’t believe a word she says. Before we know it she will be retweeting and defending herself with no proof though.

No. 628514

What a surprise, she's not gonna do the livestream and the other promised video. How are her fans believing her?

No. 628556

Honored that you thought my shitty shoop was worthy of thread pic anon. I cackled hard at the meme you made, her eyes look dead af lmao

No. 628558

File: 1548069729562.png (838.19 KB, 635x769, 1548046334993.png)

>her eyes look dead af lmao
Made me think of this

No. 628559

how fitting that "WARNING" is mirrored in her glasses

No. 628561

It might be nothing but it seems weird to me that Taylor is always getting a steady sub growth of 800-1000 subs a day. I just compared her socialblade with other creators that have around the same amount of subs who upload regularly and they get as many as she does.
Not saying she's buying them, I just don't understand how she is getting so many a day when she hasn't been uploading and her channel has barely been getting any views and so much drama happened just recently.

No. 628564

The videos showing off her hoard and giving pet care advice are the kinds of videos that will continue being pushed by the algorithm. It might be weird for say a vlog or commentary channel that hasn't uploaded in a while but not for animal channels.

For example if you search "betta fish, "betta fish care", "hedgehog", "feeding snake" etc TND's videos show up close to the top.

While I was testing those I searched for her channel and noticed "drama" and "animal hoarder" are high in the suggested searches. Kek

No. 628567

That makes sense, I would've just thought that people don't bother subscribing when they see that she has a shitty uploading schedule and hasn't been posting interesting content.
And lol at the suggestions, I hope she never lives it down

No. 628587

File: 1548090213124.jpg (239.02 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20190121-180006_You…)

I've been going through her old all my pets videos and I saw that she said it sometimes takes her 2+ hours to feed them… Jesus, that was 3 years and 30 pets ago. I really hope she was already exaggerating back then because I don't want to imagine how long it'd take to feed all of them correctly nowadays.

No. 628592

She said cleaning their cages too so hopefully that's where the 2+ hours comes in, she's probably exaggerating though so she'll look better and like she uwu cares about her animals

No. 628593

When was the last time we have seen the 2 hedgehogs?

No. 628595

File: 1548093826412.jpg (207.19 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20190121-185154_Twi…)

Doesn't she only have one left?

Also, found this gem. She doesn't even realize what a hypocrite she is lol

No. 628597

I thought there was Ella and Sarabi? I looked through her Instagram and last time they were mentioned seems to be August.

No. 628598

Oh yeah, one was also in the NY Mag interview. When she shook her out of the tube

No. 628605

Literally tells us to just listen to her word when it comes to her animal care & then says this.
Love that for her

No. 628614


I'd buy it takes that long. I have 3 cats, 6 fish tanks, and I feed a small feral cat colony. It takes 30 minutes-1.5 hrs to feed them all every night, especially with the cats if I have to wash dishes and such as that takes time. Plus you should really check on everything in a fish tank, and count the fish to make sure everything is swimming. This is why so many people can be sure she doesn't have time for 50+ animals. Even if snakes don't eat often, it has to take her 4+ hours if she were really checking everything, refilling water bowls, spot cleaning, etc. daily, and that's not counting the time she should be spending socializing some of her animals.

No. 628624

I was gonna chime in on this point too because there’s just no way this can be possible, she is really just…that bad?! I have one (1) reptile, one of Taylor’s most common in the great hoard, and it takes me about an hour each day to feed/clean/socialize/check him over, check temps. Just bare minimum stuff. If she was really spending 2 hours on 30+ animals no wonder they’re all dying or failing to thrive. This is madness. I can’t imagine what is going on now that she has 50 animals and is the most demotivated she’s ever been. Really puts just how terrible her care is in major perspective.

No. 628688

I'm just glad she finally stopped buying pets for the time being

No. 628696


But has she? I truly hope she's stopped, but I'm afraid that she's bought new pets but kept them quiet during her "time away" from social media. Especially with Christmas having just happened, last Christmas didn't she and Jonny acquire at least half a dozen pets between them?

No. 628698

What about that third milksnake she bought with the weird morph?

No. 628706


I agree, I spend on average 2 hours cleaning/feeding my rats. I do have a large mischief, but cleaning out a DCN can take upwards of an hour if you're doing a thorough job like cleaning plastics, replacing/washing fleece, etc. This doesn't even include the time I take to play and socialize with them.

This is why I'm horrified she got rats in the first place and I'm worried for her animals in cages like her hedgies. The smell of ammonia in that apartment must be awful.

No. 628708

So all that time away and nothing is going to change at all. I wonder if she will still do a video showing all of her animals and their enclosures. She's had enough time to fix them all up, but I guess that costs money and she'd be low on it.

No. 628711

If what we speculate is true and she hasn’t been honest about how many of her pets have died, we’ll probably never get another “all of my pets” type video, because then people would immediately notice who’s missing.

No. 628712

Does anyone know what became of those two black storm fish she got back in December of 2017? I see her post a pic of one in April of 2018 and that’s it. She made such a huge deal when she got them because they were a super rare & new designer morph that she paid tons to get

No. 628714

File: 1548120621759.jpg (647.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-195945_Ins…)

Getting stuff at disney when she has no money to spare

No. 628715

File: 1548120645812.jpg (758.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-195958_Ins…)

No. 628716

How does Jen have enough money to take Tanner to Disney so often??? Like i know Papa Dean has a good job but Disney world is so expensive

No. 628746


Tacky stuff too, what is this? A bracelet?

No. 628811

tfw your 50 animals are crammed into your 4 bedroom apartment in inadequate cages, but you're too busy spending hundreds at a luxury hotel and souvenirs at Disney World during your second vacation of the month to care

No. 628813

*two bedroom apartment

No. 628829

File: 1548142958358.png (22.54 KB, 675x148, YHzSsEN.png)

Crazy. The last time she uploaded something was December 10th, and that was the Google Photos promotional vid. Hilariously, this is her pinned comment on that.

No. 628830

Seriously so true. It’s so obvious the only way she manages to stay happy at all is by spending money. First it was with animals, but after rapidly accumulating them she realized she couldn’t do it anymore that fast. Now it’s with spoiling her manlet so they don’t fight and spending shit at Disney because she “needs this lil vacation uwu”

No. 628832

Well this has aged well lmao. It’s been nearly 2 months since she’s uploaded… honestly she is so lazy and talentless. She may not see it since she has money now, but her career is dying so fast. She may be steadily gaining subs but honestly that doesn’t mean anything. A YouTuber with 2 million subscribers that can’t break 100k views on a video is performing poorly and that says a lot about the content they’re putting out. I think people sub to Taylor because they find and watch her much older videos, where she at least put effort into them and had some kind of personality in it. Even her animals were given somewhat of a “quirky” little personality. Now it’s just those dead eyes and unoriginal, boring content. She’s falling, slowly but surely. Good thing Jonny will bring her lots of money home from tour as a little gift to her

No. 628845

File: 1548154126203.jpg (416.39 KB, 1080x1565, 20190122_114834.jpg)

No. 628846

File: 1548154291479.jpg (92.5 KB, 1080x452, Screenshot_20190122-115111_Ins…)

No. 628848


I thought she was done giving us attention?
Also wow imagine throwing an innocent person under the bus and then saying how they're making it up because you didn't want to be their friend. That's some ego right there.

No. 628849

Yeah like she would say the truth

No. 628867

"I've always been honest" bitch, when!!?

No. 628874

let's be real she probs got a shit ton of money for the google ad, so clearly she has money to go to disneyland. especially also considering the versatile reptiles guy says she makes 30k just from her old vids..i mean even if it's less. she has money, for now

No. 628875

I mean it really just shows just how LITTLE she cares about her channel and her remaining fans. She has zero loyalty to them at all. She doesn't have any interest at all in yt unless she's making money.

No. 628878

It really seems like she was hoping that the controversy around her would die out while she was gone. Guess she doesn’t know the old adage “The internet never forgets.”

No. 628889

File: 1548175455461.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 5B9D4B03-7DE3-4BF3-B0E5-4FC517…)

Dusty’s going off white knighting TND to try and get her attention.

No. 628892

How stupid do you have to be to believe Taylor?

She promised a cage walkthrough and then conveniently disappeared. And upon her return she refuses to do it because they're all just haters.

Real convincing.

No. 628893

File: 1548176612488.jpg (143.19 KB, 720x1145, IMG_20190122_165954.jpg)

"animals die all the time lmfao"

This sums up TND and get fan base's opinion perfectly. They don't give a shit about animals.

No. 628897

Dusty is one to talk about forums for information. I’m in a forum with him where just the beginning of this year, he was asking a bunch of questions about how to take care of his goldfish, but he’s acting like some kind of expert.

No. 628899

>information from forums, caresheets, and videos

Um why is that a bad thing again?? If Taylor took 2 seconds to look at a well-researched video, a forum with experts, or a well done caresheet she wouldn't have half the problems she does. What the fuck is he even getting at, you can only gain knowledge about animals by blindly buying them and learning along the way???

No. 628901

File: 1548177500638.jpg (200.64 KB, 1242x812, 0FZya9L.jpg)

No. 628902

File: 1548177579573.jpg (241.52 KB, 1242x1206, bg6Ll8Z.jpg)

No. 628904


I don't see anything wrong with this… i personally don't like him, but all i see is someone actually trying to learn about his fish and the best care for them. It's better than what Taylor does, pretending she knows absolutely everything and never admitting that she needs help with something she's not doing correctly so her animals end up dying.

No. 628905

File: 1548177718931.jpg (516.77 KB, 1242x1556, HkBRA1M.jpg)

Sorry to spam. Just want to show Dusty gets a lot of info from forums himself. This is the leaps Taylor fans will take to defend her. He’s not some animal expert himself. If anything his videos have information that he’s gotten from other people.

No. 628906

The point is he said What Ever gets her info from forums as if that proves she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but here he is getting his info from forums.

No. 628908

Thanks for clearing that up. In that case he is rather hypocritical.

No. 628909

I agree that Dusty is a fucking incel but let's talk about him in the general Pettuber thread. There is a lot of shit to say about him and it doesn't really belong here

No. 628911

Ignore that, Lolcow glitched out on me.

I agree, he’s a wealth of milk but we shouldn’t clog this thread with him.

No. 628922

With friends like Taylor who needs enemies. God I wish I was just making up stories. I wanted no business with this and I wouldn't put my name out there for rabid stans to come for me all on the account of bullshit stories. She can't be honest about literally anything and it shows

No. 628939

People over the age of 11 believe you. All the popular tweets mentioning her are calling her out.

It's not a "small group" that are sick of her bullshit. That's her trying to pretend she isn't fucked.

No. 628976


Taylor acting like it's a "small group" of people in particular "one person" lmao. She is really trying to downplay this entire situation to make it seem like you're just bitter about not being her friend. When in reality, multiple people have called her out and it's not just a small group that disagree with her pet care. Taylor is really pathetic. Bree, thanks for coming forward with all the info you have.

No. 629018

File: 1548206423436.png (848.24 KB, 1242x2208, 9161D51E-CEEB-47AF-9CDE-4C93B3…)

Mama Dean victimizing herself after “Bao” (short film about the dumpling) gets nominated for an award.

No. 629022

Lol that vacation must be going so well. She’s on twitter crying about a Disney film rather than enjoying time with her daughter she never gets to see

No. 629024

File: 1548206969755.jpeg (235.09 KB, 1242x1330, E9E7BE70-13E4-46DF-9B3B-C46250…)

No. 629027

Good luck with that considering the account is composed of a bunch of blurry pictures of a cat playing lol

No. 629031

"You are your son?" Assuming she meant to say ate, I can't believe how stupid she is. All the people who bitched about that short were too dumb to understand symbolism. How does she not understand that the short had an actual meaning? Will she ever hold herself accountable for the fact that she didn't research the film she was bringing her special-needs child to at all? Jesus Christ, get over it. Live and learn.

No. 629040

Does spreadsheet anon need someone to pick up the torch? It's way out of date.

No. 629055


Sharing evidence, asking questions, and airing criticism is only "threatening" to idiots and shitty people.

No. 629068

Dusty is self posting in the general pettuber thread right now and posting pictures of his face omg it’s so cringey.

No. 629075

link to the thread?

No. 629077

No. 629087

Taylor's health comeback is so fake especially when you compare her "internet break due to health" excuse compared to SolidGold. She came back by uploading an update video of her PETS. Taylor came back by talking about HERSELF.

No. 629091


Haven't you heard? All Taylor can ever do is talk about herself. When was the last time she considered anyone but herself? She barely mentions her special needs brother or shows compassion or sympathy for others or even her own pets.

If you just watch her videos or read her messages. Even the ones posted by jayce and breeze. It's always "me,me,me" or "I, I, I" with no literal idea of how selfish she sounds.

No. 629099


You're exactly right. I hate comparing the two because Solid Gold is like 12 classes above TND, but her coming back video was very responsible. She didn't talk about herself (not that she can't, it's her channel, but it is nice she kept the focus on the animals) and she admitted that with what was going on she had to rehome some fish. She didn't do anything stupid like replace them with identical ones or try to pretend they never existed, or avoid showing them. She also showed us her reptiles/amphibians in their enclosures, something TND promised to do and never does!

Meanwhile Taylor came "back," hasn't put out any videos, hasn't done her promised livestream, and won't even talk about her animals on twitter because she's too busy at Disney.

No. 629104

considering her channel is her full entire name i don’t see how anyone could think this isn’t “the taylor show” her animals are just props and it shows

No. 629136

File: 1548229536973.jpg (390.8 KB, 1073x1066, Screenshot_20190123-084456_Sam…)

Didn't she already have an all my pets and an announcement filmed?

No. 629137

Ofc "muh anxiety" she's in the wrong job if sitting for a few minutes with a pet gives her anxiety. Actually that's the simplest job there is. If she actually went to get real help She would have done something about her anxiety at every teeny weeny thing that isn't being lazy occurs. Hasn't been back for more then a week and it's back to the same crap

No. 629138


Didn't she originally say that she was going for 3 days? Did something happen and she left early?

No. 629154

File: 1548234007206.png (914.97 KB, 1080x1328, Screenshot_20190123-015730~2.p…)

Yep, in the text photo on this tweet (text was posted in previous thread). People's responses have also said 3 days.

I wonder why she would only go for two. I thought that even three days was short. Like what a waste of time and money for only two days? Guess that's what it's like when you have a bunch of disposable income and no idea how to handle your money

No. 629159


Taylor, you can claim anxiety all you want but seriously, the way you go about posting about yourself and your personal life online tells me you don't have anxiety. It's just a convenient excuse for you to be lazy or not do something. Being nervous doesn't mean anxiety.

I've never known anyone with anxiety to post themselves practically in lingerie online and take so many selfies to be judged and put themselves out there like this wannabe thot does. So sick of her using the "muh anxiety" card every. single. time. What are you getting anxiety over? WORKING? Doing your job which involves sitting in front of a camera, reading off Google and admiring yourself in the viewfinder? She has some nerve lmao

No. 629171

>I'll maybe film some videos next week if a sponsor stumps up the cash

No. 629195

honestly even if she really has anxiety, if she has this amount of anxiety that it impacts her JOB then she needs a therapist and DBT. i used to have extreme anxiety and when it impacts your life you need to find a way to cope
its not an excuse to do nothing lol. she makes people with anxiety seem lazy

No. 629196

Honestly it probably does stress her out to not get constant praise for each and every thing she does. She has no self worth. She has to get it through the internet.

I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a garbage excuse for a person.

No. 629201

God this! As someone with debilitating anxiety that I have to constantly be working on and practicing coping strategies to manage, it pisses me off seeing someone use it as an excuse not to try. You’re right Taylor, if you fall down, if you fail, if you can’t manage, you pick yourself up and try again…. but you haven’t fallen. You never tried to make the climb at all.

She really shouldn’t be trying to make a youtube career if her anxiety prevents her from having a regular schedule. Like no judgements, I get how hard it is to work on projects with bad anxiety. The projects just don’t get done. But trying to make your living off of something of this nature when you are unable to force yourself to make videos is a mistake. Getting a regular 9-5 job where she isn’t in charge of forcing herself to get things done will improve her anxiety so much tbh.

No. 629205


I think it may of been JC. I don’t have any proof but he made a story yesterday saying “new post coming tonight” and then deleted it after a few. Suddenly Taylor is home and he never made a post. He also never says things like that in the long time I’ve been watching his stories. Taylor refuses to admit any wrong doing with her animals but just imagine the info/proof that JC must have on her about them.

Tinfoiling hard but having dated an abuser like JC, this is the exact kind of stuff they pull when you’re trying to do anything without them.

No. 629209

File: 1548256136690.jpg (696.24 KB, 810x1648, Screenshot_20190123-160750_Ins…)

Ofc her snakes have been getting fat. She doesn't weigh them and feeds all of them once a week which is way overkill.

No. 629215

Wow that ball python is chunky. Really hope she's ACTUALLY feeding less often and not just saying that to prevent people from criticizing her.

No. 629216

File: 1548258054169.jpg (670.98 KB, 1064x1508, Screenshot_20190123-164028_Ins…)

2nd pic of that post

No. 629218

File: 1548259148998.jpg (892.76 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190123-165839_Sam…)

Wow that snake actually does look obese

No. 629220

Isn't there a thing with snakes that if you feed them lots while growing it causes them to grow fast but reduces their lifespan?
Aside from that YIKES he doesn't look healthy.

No. 629222

I don’t know diddly about snakes but base on the tail end alone, holy chunk.

No. 629223

Maui has been at a size where he (or she, honestly, she should get them resexed) shouldn't be eating once a week for awhile. No wonder he's obviously obese.

I don't understand how she claims to be an expert in anyway when she just does the basics and never really improves beyond that. 'Snakes eat like once a week' might be common-ish knowledge but a real keeper would be weighing, feeding, and adjusting the times they are fed to their needs ffs

No. 629224

You're correct, power feeding snakes like she's been doing can shorten their lifespan.

No. 629230

This is what happens when you feed an adult (probable female) ball a large rat WEEKLY. I think she once told me she was bumping down to a medium-large rat every 10 days, but that's insane. Her snake needs a medium rat every 14-28 days. Her snake is obese beyond repair unfortunately, and most likely has fatty deposits lining every single organ in his body. An obese snake with fatty deposits doesn't appear obese at the start, so seeing how huge Maui is, man his insides must look rough.

No. 629231

File: 1548261022822.jpg (334.18 KB, 1280x1032, tumblr_panz2i2Lbt1qga4pio1_128…)

Here's a good image. Snakes don't start developing fat on the outside until their nearing "morbidly obese". Most captive snakes can be considered obese. She's probably shaved a solid decade or more off of Maui's life by allowing him to get to this state.

No. 629232

Can you or other snake anons tell us what looks especially bad about him? I don't know a lot about snakes diets.

No. 629239

File: 1548261738128.jpg (212.73 KB, 1718x2048, FB_IMG_1548261601239.jpg)

Pretty much, his tail is way too chunky (it would almost look like he had "hips" around his vent if you looked at it closely), there is no spinal definition, when he's not even in a tight coil there are skin folds (fat). I've seen worse, but he is a very obese ball python for only being two or three years old.

No. 629253

File: 1548262813586.jpg (174.95 KB, 978x857, Screenshot_20190123-115535.jpg)

I don't know what's the higher lie here, her claiming that Mushu is fine (last time we saw her she was not fine and I doubt that changed) or her promise to make a video on it.

No. 629256

File: 1548264187506.jpg (97.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190123-182147_You…)

my most recent video got removed yay

No. 629259

Can you appeal?

No. 629261

Not sure yet, probably. What's confusing me is that from all the vids I've made this is the one that got taken down

No. 629263

Taylor herself must have complained to YouTube

No. 629266

How is reciting public information harassment and bullying. Whatever didnt send the video to anyone its simply posted online where you can choose to watch or not.

No. 629268

Yeah, it surprised me too, that video seems to have been the most positively received out of all your videos. Wouldn't surprise me if Taylor has reported all your videos at one time or another and this one specifically got removed because YouTube is fucking weird. I do believe there's a way to appeal it, but it takes a long time because this is YouTube we're talking about. The only suggestion I have at this point is to upload it to Dailymotion or Vimeo in the meantime so it can still be viewed.

No. 629269

The amount of drama channels that exist though… if you're a public figure, you're going to be talked about. Calling out animal abuse isn't bullying. If the video was auto flagged though after Taytay reported it getting an actual human to review it; might reinstate it.

No. 629270

I think out of all the videos this one would hurt Taylor the most, she doesn't want to get caught for lyibg about killing her pets. She 100% reported it, the info must be true if she's this scared

No. 629274

“Then it’s time to look up and get yourself out” girl, the fucking irony about your relationship lmfao
Agreed, whatever you should definitely try to get it appealed as much as you can. This isn’t harassment or bullying. She definitely took the video down, and I agree that if she is this scared of that video going around then she has everything to hide.

No. 629275

Yeah I appealed it. Probably gonna take a long ass time until something is done about it. Senor Ria said they are ok with reuploading it on their channel for now so we might do that

No. 629276

If Youtube keeps your video removed for "harassment and bullying" then i hope they also remove every other drama channels videos since it's basically the same thing, so definitely try appealing it. Taylor's just losing grip on her lies and it's starting to show so she's scared. There's only so much convincing she can do before more and more people realise that what she says never adds up.

No. 629297

Just got a mail back from Youtube, my account has been suspended.

No. 629302

No. 629304

I know there are other drama channels that still create content, I hope you can get this fixed.

Maybe it had something to do with the monetization?

No. 629305

this is like tea spill/MannyMua levels of bullshit. all you been doing is compiling public information as well as other people's statements…

No. 629307

I wish I could pretend it's because Taylor is a cashcow for YouTube but…
Senor Ria and yourself should look at reuploading on at least one other site, if not two, just to ensure that people can still watch it elsewhere. I'm sorry about your channel and hope it gets restored.

No. 629312

Thank you but it's ok. It was meant to be a throwaway channel anyway so I'm not crying over it. I sent in an appeal but they've already rejected the one for the newest vid so I'm not holding my breath

I doubt it had anything to do with the monetization, I've been able to monetize for over a month now. I had even earned like 30 cents on the Jonny Craig vid before I realized that it was monetized and I turned it off.

Sry for blog posting about this

No. 629313

Taylor, you're so transparent. Tattling to YouTube isn't going to make the video or the information in it go away. It will get re-uploaded other places, and all the info compiled in it is in these threads.

Trying to get people b& isn't going to fix your problems. Changing your behavior will.

No. 629317

Just curious because with the TeaSpill account suspension drama she got an email that said who put a strike on the video. Did you get any information on who might have submitted the strike?

No. 629318

File: 1548277786201.jpg (404.47 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190123-212433_Gma…)

This is all that I got. I'll investigate to see if I can see who reported it but I really think it's just upset stans.

No. 629324

Alright thanks. If you could prove it's her or even her stans you could probably see if a bigger commentary channel would be willing to cover the story. Taylor has enough subs to be worth commenting on.

No. 629325

I just looked into the Tea Spill thing and she got notified who it was cause it was a copyright strike while mine is for ~~harassment and bullying~~. I think what I will do is just uploading the vids on vimeo or something and letting everyone do with that as they wish, reupload on YT etc. If anyone else wants to talk about this pls send me a message on Twitter or something, I feel like this is getting off topic

No. 629330


I bet she's trying to hide that Gucci ate Gus. Everything in What ever's previous vids was basically Taylor's word against herself, so this new one was the only one with truly new info from other sources. Bet it really freaked Taylor out, and makes me wonder what else she's hoping Whatever or other anons don't uncover.

No. 629331

File: 1548279579163.jpeg (281.21 KB, 1123x1367, A96D6189-021D-47F7-8FA3-3011BF…)

I’m surprised this photo hasn’t been posted here. People are speculating it’s track marks but I’m unsure.

No. 629332


My guess is because you were getting $ off it. That's why they pushed it.

No. 629335

It has been posted and talked about already. General consensus was pretty split as she does have EDS and easy bruising is a symptom of it

No. 629340

It might be because taylor is the sole focus of the channel

No. 629353

File: 1548284848405.jpeg (17.7 KB, 232x150, jesus christ.jpeg)

Nah guys, it wasn't Taylor.
This piece of shit asked his followers to mass report What Ever's channel. Pls report his channel for harassment.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 629358

whatever that sucks. You had some of the best videos and some of the most watched ones. Maybe put them on another platform. Don't let them win.

This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.

No. 629366


Who is the "someone else"?

No. 629369

I don't see his comment now, but earlier that Chris Suarezz guy had put down that they had won. I think he might have deleted the tweet, but he still like Dusty's original tweet.

No. 629371

I reported him for spreading hate because he obviously tweeted things that shows him trying to make TNDs fan go after What Ever. Hilarious how her and her fans speak of us as if we’re haters but once we speak truth, they start insulting us and trying to “destroy” a person who’s against them. I laugh now because an empty head with a hateful heart doesnt get you anywhere in the future

No. 629376

File: 1548287780716.jpg (876.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190123-095223_Ins…)

No. 629383

god taylors stans are fucking dumb

No. 629397

oh my god this snake is obese! what the hell?

No. 629404

She posted a picture of Celia a couple hours ago and she looks obese as well

No. 629409

Not to nitpick, but is that Jonny and a manboob? Or Taylor without a bra? Because if it's Taylor then her whole fashionnova body is def a lie. Her boobs are fine, but definitely not the huge size she makes them out to be

Also holy shit that poor fat snake. I have to imagine she has more than one obese snake since she overfeeds them all(nitpick)

No. 629414

File: 1548293064645.jpg (492.63 KB, 1080x1458, Screenshot_20190123-172333__01…)

Poor girl

No. 629417

“Most darling”. The way she writes gives me a headache

No. 629422

you can see how bad it is because she's so fat her scales are spaced apart and you can see the skin underneath. It should normally only look like that after a meal and only in the spot where the food is.

No. 629424

Taylor I'm going to get a necropsy done on my fish, and release the details Dean.
Taylor I'm making a video in a few days about my animals/cages!
Taylor I'm Honest…ly High Dean.

Taylor can't keep anything she says straight.
She doesn't want to deal with the haturzzzzzzz because she has no viable excuse.

No. 629426

She kind a looks dehydrated idk

No. 629436

Why r u bringing up some irrelevant kid? I doubt he could take anyone down

No. 629439

File: 1548296308465.jpg (344.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190123-181750_Ins…)

Predictions? last part is ominous…

No. 629441


>except for mice she bites those a lot

Remember a few months ago when herp anons observed that some of her snakes were too thin?

Then she got a trio of mice and was cagey about whether they were desexed.

Now her snakes are overfed to the point of obesity.

No. 629442

Praying that it’s that Taylor dumped his ass.

No. 629451

Maui is morbidly obese. You can see the rolls and his neck is hardly curled. The fact she's bragging about his size it's clear she has no idea how serious of an issue it is for snakes to be that heavy bodied

No. 629460

Suh a beautiful snake. shame she's going to have such a shortened lifespan because her owner doesn't know shit about proper reptile care.

I don't think it'll be about Taylor, I feel like he's leaving the band or something. Isn't he doing a solo tour later this year? Plus if Taylor dumped him she would have already been bragging about it to get asspats on Twitter, she knows EVERYONE wants her to dump him and wouldn't be able to resist milking it for sympathy and attention.

No. 629462

They haven't won at all, because these videos still exist on multiple people's hard drives and they'll be back soon enough.

No. 629463

Remember he's prone to posting emo shit like that when he's not with Taylor, so it might be bait for her to pay attention to him.

No. 629465

File: 1548298437268.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 8668F308-308C-42D4-8928-D9A339…)

I guess she’s too anxious to go to a petfest pop up in her own state

No. 629468

Yeah sadly I have to say I’m with you anon. I want that to happen but I know it won’t. When they inevitably break up (if he doesn’t die first of liver failure), there’s no way he’d handle it that calmly. It will be a shitstorm when she leaves him.
I didn’t even consider that, that’s true. He’s such a manipulative POS. I mean she’s manipulative too, but he’s such a baby when he’s away from her. Always begging for attention or making her feel guilty for hanging out with other people..

No. 629469

And it's rare she photographs the female rats. I wonder how many litters those poor things have had.

No. 629470

They were rats… but your point still stands.
Jesus Christ if you’re right, it really adds to her resume of being a horrible person. I mean, breeding feeders isn’t horrible. But deciding to breed feeders and lying to your fans about it under the guise of “I decided to keep these rats because they’re sooo cute uwu” is pretty crappy of her. Explains why she was showing them off for like a week and then we barely saw them again.

No. 629471

Ironic how she’s considered the “queen of pettube” but isn’t even one of the faces of this. She is so lazy lmao, the fact that it’s in her own state makes her look even worse. I wonder if she’ll even show up to petfest this year or make up an excuse when the time comes. I think she’s becoming more and more afraid of people seeing her in public/taking pictures of/with her when she isn’t in control of the angle, lighting, editing, etc. Every picture she posts is so edited and carefully posed, she practically breaks down when something is posted of her that shows her looking very unflattering.

No. 629478

Still waiting on pictures of those pets that are totally okay and not dead according to Taylor…

No. 629485

I think she's also afraid to be seen in public because people will question her about her animals, and she won't be able to hide behind a screen and buy time to come up with a convenient excuse, or be able to keep her lies straight without referring to her old posts to see what her story was before for consistency. Way too risky to get caught out in a lie in person.

No. 629488

I love how all these people with so many pets can afford to leave every month. Maybe it's so when things die they can blame their petsitter

No. 629489

It says "the planning team behind Petfest" over there on the right, so maybe she wasn't invited because she's too lazy to actually be on of the planners. And maybe I'm getting old and should start yelling at kids to get off my lawn. But I just can't take a group of people who are barely in their twenties as pet experts seriously. They don't have either the maturity or experience.

No. 629496

this is such a weird fucking comment, why are you nitpicking her breast size

all her snakes are giant… seriously how do you manage to overfeed a snake that you don't even have to feed every day?!

No. 629503

She may play the cold-hard bitch, but deep down she really hates herself. Its ok just run away to Disney with mommy. Too bad that wont fix your fucked up lips.

No. 629507


this makes me so sad bc you'd basically have to be feeding a hognose multiple times a week in order to get it to scale separation size

No. 629512

How to be a pet tuber
> buy 80 pets
> pick 3 you actually maybe like and only show them
> say all criticism is hate
> never actually care for your fucking pets
> claim to be super smart with no formal training

No. 629513

What boggles me is how you manage to overfeed one set of pets to obesity but then on the other hand you neglect the other ones to death. Like seriously wtf is she on? Messy as hell.

No. 629515

If her dumpster-fire of an apartment is any indication of her organizational skills then… I imagine She feeds them because she enjoys it and it makes her feel good about herself.

No. 629516

For real. The sad part too is her mother will never try to help her on the right path. She will never try to support her in getting away from Jonny, the drugs, the alcohol, anything. The last time she voiced how much she didn’t like Jonny, she was cut out of Taylor’s life almost completely. She’d rather be another yes-man if it means she gets to see her daughter. It saddens me. That’s just how controlling and manipulative Taylor is.

I’m surprised her manlet hasn’t made his “sad announcement” yet. At this point I’m definitely guessing it’s a cry for attention from Taylor and/or their fans.

No. 629517

jonny was suppose to be in europe and he’s posting about cleaning his tub. looks like his sad news is cancelling the europe tour.

No. 629518

Yeah and in his cleaning the tub story, he put some comment on there about how he should of taken a before pic. It’s been pointed out a few times how filthy the tub is. I definitely think he’s trying to keep her in line with his posts.

No. 629519

File: 1548307749770.png (828.05 KB, 1080x1920, 1537023393380.png)


Previous pics of Celia

July 2018

September 2018 around the time she got the rats
>>>/snow/688798 [pic related]

October 2018

No. 629520

Oh, so that is their tub at home? Or this is somewhere else, and he is just kind of maybe doing the guilt-trip thing of “oh look at me cleaning this filthy tub, too bad ours at home is filthy too because nobody cleans it”

No. 629521

Lol even Jonny was sick of her nasty shit.

No. 629522

Wasn't it pointed out in what ever's latest video, too? Apparently everyone watched it.

No. 629523

You can hear Taylor wheezing at the beginning of the Jonny's story. Doesn't sound normal at all.

No. 629524

File: 1548309000028.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1920, 1540151020530.png)


From October
>>>/snow/718264 [pic related]

No. 629525

So Maui has been pretty hefty for a while. I’d like to see her other snakes conditions if this is how he looks.

No. 629526

I know this is an old pic but it still triggers me that she holds her snakes like they're fucking rope. support them Taylor! they do in fact have bones and need to grip something rather than dangle 90% of their mass! you claim to be an expert yet you hoarded 20 snakes in one year and still don't know shit about handling them! we've all seen that video where you manipulated the snake like it was just a prop for your social media clout.

No. 629528

Poor diet seems to be a common theme in her care. Im almost certain Cheese's diet, and lack of water changes is what stunted him.

No. 629529

The most Ironic thing that would come of this is if Jonny ended up cleaning himself up because Taylor is such a disaster.

No. 629533

Nah, just imitating what she thinks he likes. Hes got her in his pocket, everything she does is to impress him.


>Thot wardrobe
>$$$ jewelry
>Reckless spending
>Crappy sex

He only cares about himself tho.

No. 629534

File: 1548310663172.jpg (459.49 KB, 1079x1476, 1542070555721.jpg)


Celia in mid-November


Sabor was noticeably filled-out in November

No. 629536

Yeah there's no way. As much of a mess as she is, he's 1000x worse as it's an integral part of who he is. I still have hope that she could hypothetically turn herself around, sober up, (actually) own up to her mistakes, and make a commitment to being better by rehoming some of her animals and possibly finding a different source of income. he, on the other hand, is a lost cause and is going to drug himself into the grave sooner rather than later. I think he's okay with that too, and is following the "live fast die young" way. Taylor still has some hope. He does not.

Taylor has some hope, that is, if she could just bite the bullet and cut him out of her life. I don't think she can truly get better until that happens.

No. 629544

She sounds like she just huffed something and was out of breath talking after then Jonny says something.

No. 629546


I thought I heard him say something about medicine but I'm not sure. He was mumbling. Either way if that is her wheezing it's almost scary.

No. 629550

how about posting the video here for those of us who don't have Instagram? this is an imageboard.

No. 629553

I just looked at it and it's really nothing crazy. You can hear Jonny mumble "s'nuts" and Taylor sigh. Not worth uploading

No. 629555

Video pans tub
>TND exasperated "I hate that shit" takes a deep breath

>JC "s'nuts"

No. 629563

File: 1548315289969.jpeg (396.29 KB, 1434x1866, 6156C321-E3D4-483F-B4BC-637F93…)

No. 629564

File: 1548315306721.jpg (1.16 MB, 810x4836, Screenshot_20190124-083424_Twi…)

Bree made a post about Taylor and stans are already flooding in

No. 629565

File: 1548315329071.jpeg (488.47 KB, 1668x1979, 01E9E37D-1BDF-49F2-A993-EADCCF…)

No. 629567

File: 1548315404036.jpeg (778.49 KB, 1548x1935, F206B0D3-0022-4694-A5C4-61EF15…)

Probably in a confusing order, it goes left to right.

No. 629568

holy shit taylor is saying that bree sexually assaulted her

No. 629569

Id like to blatantly point out I've never seen such a disgusting load of crap in my entire life.

No. 629571

Jesus christ…. That's just awful. We all know about what she texted Jayce and the relapse thing. I am livid.

No. 629572

You should post proof on Twitter, if you can, that what she said is a lie.

No. 629575

I agree. It's time to tell everything you know. Don't let her make you known as "the chick that assaulted TND"

No. 629576

Why are we supposed to believe any of this sexual harassment she made up out of nowhere when she doesn’t believe and mocks and laughs at her BOYFRIEND’S victims of sexual harassment and abuse and RAPE??

No. 629577

Which is pretty ironic because she's a rape apologist. She's such a shit person.

No. 629578

We believe you Bree. There's only one person between the two of you with a track record of compulsive lying.

No. 629579

I see TND's serving up yet another helping of DARVO for her stans. Stay strong, Bree. Those of us who aren't brainwashed idiots know the truth.

No. 629581

File: 1548316124301.jpeg (133.47 KB, 747x690, 3AD23AF4-DBBA-4BBD-8253-9BDE8B…)

She’s already trying to damage control

No. 629582

My Twitter statement still stands. She's a self conceited liar doing anything she can. There is only the smallest fraction of her story that is true the rest is beyond disgusting lies.

No. 629583

I’m so sorry Bree, she’s fucking insane and trying to save herself through any means she can think of. I really hope that this doesn’t affect you too badly.

No. 629584

It's really shitty because she's throwing sexual assault into the mix. I really do think that if her stans get to be too much, you should post proof of her lies, if only to get them off your back.

No. 629585

She is posting dm’s of yours on twitter to try and back up her claims just so you know so hopefully you have enough proof to defend yourself in case you need to

No. 629586

unpopular opinion im finding it hard to believe even taylor would make up a sexual assault story and have questioned breez motives from the second her condescending ass started posting. You're all being overly nice in hopes new milk but her word is not the end all be all

No. 629587

Ye this is the time to bring out every bit of evidence you have.

No. 629589

are you an autist anon? shes dating a rapist and has defended his actions AND made fun of his victims. she has lied about her animals deaths. what makes you think she wouldnt lie about sexual assault?

No. 629590

when did miss breez exotics become so credible when every single thing she's said has just been her word with no proof

No. 629591

File: 1548317238626.jpeg (165.14 KB, 914x1281, FFB3A951-9ECD-4A2B-9CF3-D134C8…)

No. 629592

She blocked me on instagram before I could get the rest of the conversation. I know what I said. She manipulated me into thinking I was wrong so I apologized. It was only after that I found out she had been talking about me the second I got home that I realized I wasn't wrong at all.

To accuse me of sexual assault to hide the fact she did coke with me is beyond disgusting. I've never seen such a gross cover-up story in my life.

I will post the entire TRUE step by step tmrw. The events are burned into my skull and I won't let her blame me yet again for her own bullshit.

No. 629593

File: 1548317396009.jpeg (251.55 KB, 1388x1307, 28074DBF-B5BD-4247-BE51-EB8B01…)

No. 629594

No wonder her leeches took her side over yours, she has been telling them you assaulted her all along. What a nasty person.

No. 629597

If Taylor wants her non-stans to believe her she really needs to post more than just that one screenshot that doesn't say much of anything. I don't outright completely believe Breez and will remain skeptical but as it stands Breez's story is more believable.

We know that Taylor lies all the time and has a victim complex but throwing out an sexual assault accusation seems out of place for even Taylor.

No. 629598

Wait you can't access a convo if the person blocks you on ig? That's fucked up.

No. 629600

Found this on a reddit thread


No. 629601

File: 1548318208866.jpeg (491.21 KB, 1477x1982, 00828B3B-A9C8-40B7-98B6-4A4E1B…)

No. 629602


Why does she act like VR hasn't been saying things about her too, things that completely line up with Bree's story and not at all with Taylor's (why wouldn't she mention "all of us were crying and triggered" or whatever she texted Jayce about if she's trying to make a sob story?)

Also I'm not really ever one to doubt sexual assault victims but given this and past things she's said, and the fact that she's dating Jonny fucking Craig, her story just reeks of hypocrisy with a healthy helping of homophobia in the way she's phrasing it.

No. 629603

thats from here

i think its time everyone else that was there speaks up.

No. 629605

File: 1548318497195.jpeg (195.98 KB, 922x1275, 3804CB4A-453C-4D2A-B243-1F4FB1…)

This is as close as Taylor has ever come to admitting she does/has done drugs.

No. 629607

File: 1548318558781.png (321.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-24-03-27-24…)

No. 629608

fucking incredible how the others involve in this incident are remaining silent.
I don't know if someone sexually assaulted me or I witnessed it I'd take them to the police, goes to show this was pulled from her arse.

No. 629609

You aren’t alone, I agree with you lol. Kinda nasty how immediately everyone declares she’s lying when breez has given us zero proof of anything. People are so desperate for milk they’ll believe anything ANYONE who even remotely interacted with Taylor says. Her “story” lines up with jayce because they literally talked to each other on the phone for hours before jayce came forward. And you guys really think Bree would’ve told us if she tried to assault Taylor? Come onnnnn. Not whiteknighting, hate Taylor (obviously) but do you guys realize how nasty it looks that you immediately scream she’s lying just because Breez has told some stories without a shred of proof (not a single screenshot)?

No. 629610

They won't. They're all either kissing her ass since she has the most subs of all of them or are scared to death to since she's shown she has no problem assassinating the character of anyone who disagrees with her. Maybe some combination of both.

No. 629611

Yeah, let’s not fucking say shit like that please. There are millions of reasons sexual assault victims don’t go to a police. You don’t fucking know “what you would do” if you were assaulted so keep that shit to yourself. You can believe Bree but don’t, in the same breath, use this as an excuse to victim blame

No. 629612

Honestly, I don't know if Bree's lying or not. But it's not like Taylor has been known to tell the truth and she's reacting like she always does. She turning the tables to make herself look like the victim so nobody will notice that she's done anything wrong.

No. 629613

I don't believe TND's story. She's cried wolf too many and times and is a proven liar. Its her word against hers.

No. 629614


No. 629615

I think that Taylor is probably exaggerating something flirty Bree has done. She knows that everyone will immediately side with the sexual assault victim.
She has lied about her animals dying, defended her rapist bf, ridiculed his exes and has also been biphobic in the past. I believe Bree when she said nothing like what Taylor describes ever happened.

No. 629616

Taylor whipping up drama like this is all smoke and mirrors to make everyone forget about the videos what ever put out. If she focuses everyone's attention on Bree, then nobody's thinking about Gucci, Gus or any other wonky thing that's happened to her pets because of her crappy care.

No. 629617

File: 1548319174585.png (191.36 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20190124-013744~2.p…)

No. 629618

If bree has some sort of proof though, why is she waiting till tomorrow to post it? why not post that now, especially with the alleged claims that are being thrown around? not whiteknighting or anything, just trying to look at both sides here.

No. 629619

Taylor calling her out for pressuring her to do drugs with her would have been enough for her stans to sympathize her so she had no reason to throw in this sexual harassment story. She is also dating a rapist as you guys want to name for a reason to not believe her so why would she want to bring up that story line and add attention to that. We can all agree that taylor is shitty but it's stupid to believe someone just because they also aren't a fan of her

No. 629620


Its late and some people have real jobs

No. 629621

Bree was upfront about her drug use when the story of the CA trip went public. Has she ever been revealed to have lied or even obfuscated about anything?

No. 629622

did ria take her twitter down?

No. 629623


I'd love to see them all defend each other against whatever bullshit she comes up with for everyone who speaks against her…but very few of them seem mature enough for that.

>>629620 this, and to be fair if Taylor were saying shit like that about me I'd probably want to get myself together mentally before going against her. Her stans are brutal.

No. 629624

My issue with the way they're working things is that they're very broad and general. "We told you to stop saying the things you were saying" "She was uncomfortable with what was happening". Specifics are kinda needed here bc theres a huge difference between drugs and sexual assault

No. 629625


So what Taylor is saying adds up to what Bree said about the trip, that Taylor brought the drugs and that she herself (Bree) didn't bring any. Taylor mentioned on her twitter that Bree was shouting about having cravings and begging her. Why would Bree be begging and shouting about cravings if she had her own drugs with her? Taylor brought the drugs but wants everyone to think she's clean, she went on about her addictive personality and how she "didn't want to go down that path" when Bree was supposedly peer pressuring her into doing drugs.

No. 629626

Seems like they're deliberately being vague because they don't want to be associated with cocaine.

No. 629628

File: 1548319762996.png (345.87 KB, 823x616, Screenshot (14).png)

No. 629629

This kinda lines up with what's been discussed in past threads
>Taylor brings drugs to the trip
>Convinces Bree to do them with her
>Taylor freaks out and throws Bree under the bus to their clique
>Sends Bree home
>Taylor and Bree were alone in the room when they did drugs so there's no way to know what actually happened which makes it easy for Taylor to change the narrative

No. 629630

File: 1548319786084.png (811.18 KB, 750x1334, 55A4B7D1-15EC-490E-B348-2A24BB…)

I laughed that she started with “I think you guys are missing the point”

No. 629632


Bree has already mentioned doing coke with Taylor. It's not a secret.


No. 629633

who are the two people interacting with Taylor in the screenshots of the gucci text and the hospital text ?

No. 629634


>Bree gets pissed and becomes "villian"

>Leaks incrimating info to get back at her for send her away

No. 629635

Why does she keep saying "addictive personality" like it's a fucking disease? Having a junkie bf around isn't triggering for your "addictive personality"? Just say you abuse(d) drugs and go.

No. 629636

Cant let hers stans know that shes not an angel pet mom

No. 629637

wait is she implying she knew from the start that she didn't want bree there because of drugs?
Like, I don't understand if you want to be nice to someone why you would pay for a trip you didn't want them coming on, say you don't want to do drugs but supply the drugs anyway?

Jonny is not fucking clean, even if he ''''was'''' he's still vapping and doing weed, what universe does this make sense in?

No. 629638

It's 4am in the morning. I'm only up for temporary damage control. If I'm going to lay out the trip for everyone I'm going to do it properly not in a rushed tired manner where information is easily missed.

Accuse me of many things, sexual assault? No, don't ever dare. I've been a victim of assault and I would not fucking dare. We were all drinking in the hotel room where there isn't many chairs. It was the bed or the floor. Taylor ordered pho and accidentally spilled the burning hot water on her hand. I have a tendency to want to care for people when I'm drunk so I got her a cold wet towel for her hand and applied it. She thanked me. I did not ever make sexual advances. I'm bisexual but that doesn't mean I was interested in her whatsoever and it is biphobic to think that adds up. I hugged Taylor twice during the trip. Avoided touching her for anything because "gluten"

If anyone knows what sexual assault is then this ain't fucking it. It's beyond appalling to make that claim and I will hear nothing of the sort.

No. 629639

File: 1548320178236.png (108.89 KB, 634x680, f1be73f9888c97d373b3ee84e42114…)

posting this here because these tweets will be deleted I can see it

No. 629640

It makes sense if you're buying friendships and happen to have a savior complex with a penchant for playing martyr when things don't go your way.

No. 629641

File: 1548320293692.jpeg (352.32 KB, 1385x1194, B9F5A26F-FD57-4299-A6F3-1AB180…)

No. 629642

Notice how in all of this Taylor hasnt once actually denied any of the rumors about her animals, she just wants to discredit bree so people forget about it. Like where is Gus' body? And did we ever confirm that Gucci died? Because what freak accident/unavoidable health problem happened this time? Also whatever happened with Kronos?

No. 629643


She fucked up bad.

No. 629644

File: 1548320632369.png (87.58 KB, 626x749, 9706f77c575616dbb25b2859e2ac67…)


No. 629645

I absolutely HATE that she constantly says she has an "addictive personality". Addiction is not a fucking personality trait. Just say you're a recovering addict and go

No. 629646


I think the Gucci ate Gus is fake, so says reddit. Gucci is dead tho if you believe another leak. Under reddit hobbydrama.

No. 629647

So much for "completely ignoring all speculations from this point forward" (Taylor, literally 3 days ago).

There's no way of knowing the truth here, so people shouldn't speculate or stupidly pick sides. Believing people who provide no real evidence one way or another is idiotic.

At the same time, Taylor is a chronic liar and often bangs on about one thing to cover up another. No way to know what, if anything, happened with Bree, but don't be surprised if more animals have died.

Maybe Mushu's dead. Maybe animal control took her monitor. Who knows what else. Not us because she's not providing updates on her animals. She's diving deep into the drama pit again. Didn't take long!

No. 629648

"Addictive personality" sounds like what 14 year old girls say about themselves to seem edgy and cool

No. 629651

File: 1548321069819.png (330.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-24-04-10-53…)

No. 629652

In case anyone wants to reread what Bree said about the trip in the last thread.


>About the whole LA trip. Taylor was invited by Jayce who then invited Emilee Emma and I to California to go to the Sacramento reptile expo. I don't make a lot of money due to some medical issues and most of it goes into my animals so I told her I couldn't afford to go and she offered to pay for my ticket and the hotel. I was shocked that someone could ever do something that nice for me and I took the opportunity. (I will throw myself under the bus here and say outright that at that time in October I was having addiction issues with the drug cocaine but I have since made the effort and become clean following this event). Taylor also struggles with similar issues and while we were discussing the trip she dmed me and said that she was going to bring drugs to LA, me also being in that mindset agreed with her and didn't decline. She did indeed bring the drugs on the trip and we did do a small amount of them. I said that she did not have to, and never forced her to do anything (So to the stans dming me saying I did pls stop thanx). After a lot of them talking in private or avoiding me for the rest of the trip I was met with a 5v1 scenario where I came out the loser and was sent home early on a 12 hour connecting flight home in the middle of the night. I was made to believe what happened was 100% my fault and had never been more hurt.

>I did send them a long apology letter for what had happened. I left it for 2 days until I received word that they wanted nothing to do with me. I therefore deleted my Twitter but left my Instagram open and they all had my phone number in case they wanted to reach out like I hoped they would. No one ever came, I made a mistake but so did she and just as bad yet I wasn't deserving of a second chance? Eventually I started to see all the vlogs getting posted, myself being cut from them like I was never there, collabs being refilmed…etc. While they told me our friendship still mattered before they shipped me home I knew then It no longer did. I also started to hear that the entire situation was being blamed on me. False accusations are something I will not stand for.


>I did not bring drugs to this trip but I did agree to them being brought and therefore the group considered that worse then bringing them.

No. 629653

tbh anyone could be dead at this point, people brought her animals into question and suddenly she makes it about herself to derail.

No. 629654

File: 1548321101981.png (636.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-24-04-10-55…)

No. 629655

whos that from

No. 629656


Inbetween these two events something went down.

>Taylor spills hot Pho on herself and burns herself

>Drunk Bree gets a washcloth and rubs burns
>Taylor gets uncomfortable with Drunk Bree and sends her away

Bree is Bisexual so its possible she may have been drunk flirty and touchy.

No. 629658

"One of the girls from the hotel"

No. 629660

I just think it’s very interesting how, vague in a way, Emma is being. She never said Bree was rubbing up on Taylor, just that they told her what she was “saying” was making everybody uncomfortable. Which I assume is the whole talking about drugs. But she never says “we all told you to stop rubbing on taylor”. “you made all of us uncomfortable with how touchy you were with Taylor.” etc. Taylor was so hellbent on saying EVERYONE SAW yet only one has spoken up but hasnt been clear about what they actually saw.

No. 629661

looking at the rest of this tweets (for 629655 these tweets are from taylor)
WHO THE FUCK IS SHE TALKING TO??? flushed coke so she couldn't get it? so Taylor did bring fucking coke?

No. 629662

File: 1548321466978.jpg (84.73 KB, 576x1024, Dxqj0pyUcAAPrPB.jpg)

Not sure if you were going to post the last one anon but this tweet has 3 photos.
I'm so confused on what she's trying to say with all of this? I thought it was only just their group involved in all of this how is the hotel suddenly involved?

No. 629664

I thought the hospital ones were faked and the Gucci's death ones were someone pretending to be VR in a previous thread? IIRC.

I mean, it could have been drunk flirting, but it sort of comes of to me as her playing the ~innocent straight girl~ as part of her victim complex. We already know Taylor is biphobic from past tweets.

Has anyone but Bree confirmed how drugs actually got to the hotel room? Can't imagine Taylor's fans would react well to hearing Taylor brought them.

No. 629665

no she's confirming it was there but staying silent on who brought it. She hasn't even tried saying bree was the one who brought it so something is amiss

No. 629666

Taylor so far has not denied that she brought the coke and did it with Bree when it was brought up but no one will go into any details so who knows for sure but she sure is spinning it to not be at all her fault

No. 629667


Taylor brought coke and stored it in her wig.

No. 629669


I believe that but why did they make you leave?

No. 629670

Which wig

No. 629671

she was wearing the purple wig around that time wasn't she?

No. 629673

She kept them in her red wig.They made me leave cause Taylor was feeling uncomfortable after doing the drugs. She did coke a couple weeks prior to and was high on a Skype call. She was by no means clean at the time so you can't relapse if you aren't clean. It was mentioned to me a single time to not mention drugs, while I was drunk and word choice isn't the best. I never talked about drugs any other night of the trip. So to say I was going on and on is crap. No one confronted me, rather went around talking behind my back instead

No. 629674

Lets be real here everyone was doing the coke.
>I believe Bree pissed everyone by enouraging Taylor to do coke.

>In addition to that she was being too flirty and insensitive to her about her past abuse.

No. 629675

Wait, she brought coke on the plane by hiding it in her wig? Or did she buy the coke once she already arrived? … because I don’t believe she got away with smuggling coke out of an airport in one of the most stereotypical and played out ways like, ever lol

No. 629676

You'd be surprised what pretty white girls get away with

No. 629677

Iv'e heard of people just putting in their socks with luggage and getting it though.

No. 629678


What's this rubbing stuff with the burning pho? That's what she's claiming is assault. I do think TND is exaggerating the rubbing tho.

No. 629679

She dmed me asking if she should bring coke. My old Twitter is gone so I don't have the proof but she definitely does and is doing well to hide parts of our dms. If she were to unlock me I can fetch the rest of the conversation but thanks to Instagram I can't.

I made accusations regarding her animal care and my Twitter post was regarding that as well. She fails to address any of her animals and would rather make me out to be a villain and discredit my info.

Yes I did say that if they wanted me to be the villain I would. The meaning behind that isn't just being cruel cause I could but because if they're going to treat me like worthless shit then I'll see to it that they get what's coming to them.

No. 629680

I'm pretty sure you can reactivate an old twitter.

No. 629681

if its been gone fot more than 4 weeks i think everything is deleted

No. 629682


I tried for weeks and contacted Twitter support relentlessly. It's long gone and cannot be retrieved otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with a new one

No. 629683

I thought you made the new twitter while you had the old one still up?

No. 629684

Twitter holds onto your account for 30 days before deleting it forever.
The original assumption was Taylor was going to scrub her account but realised letting twitter take the whole thing down was faster and more efficient.

No. 629687

Bree has provided no evidence. Conveniently her Twitter DMs are gone and her instagram DMs are inaccessible since Taylor blocked her (is that an actual thing? Does anyone else know if this happens?)
On the flip side, the screenshots Taylor is posting are very limited and clearly crop out a lot of important info in her favor. I have a strong feeling their two opposing stories meet more in the middle. Idk.

No. 629688

I really don't get what Taylor thinks she's accomplishing with drudging up all this drama and lies. Sure she's distracting a few people from her animal care at the moment, but it's not like she can hide that forever. And why single Bree out when others have come forward too? I know all her fans are like 12, but it's just making Taylor look immature and petty, I can't imagine how she thinks she's winning anyone over with this.

No. 629691

Bree, I’m curious. Did Taylor know you were bi prior to this event? Blogpost but imo straight girls are so paranoid gay women are into them and constantly perceive them as hitting on them when they aren’t. It’s awful and shitty and I’m wondering if that could possibly be happening to you.

No. 629692

Tbh it doesn’t even matter really, it has nothing to do with her animal care. It smells so much like bullshit that defends herself by saying all of this about Bree and drugs instead of just showing her cages.
I don’t care what happened on that trip. I want to know how her animals are doing.

The once she showed since her hiatus are clearly obese, which is animal abuse too.

No. 629693

File: 1548324938437.jpg (44.1 KB, 750x414, 97fd4902-4d7d-413d-b5e2-305a58…)

never forget

No. 629694

File: 1548324963004.jpeg (438.29 KB, 996x2047, 9FC03B8A-367E-4135-B52C-87127C…)

No. 629695

File: 1548324993183.jpeg (370.16 KB, 996x2047, 490B84B8-D435-41B7-8626-64C940…)

Retweeted by Taylor. Confirms that it was Taylor who brought the coke

No. 629696

If she's so fragile with her "addictive personality" why on earth is she dating a known addict? Why is she joking about drugs all the time?

No. 629698

If they had to talk Taylor out of bringing drugs before Bree ever asked her to, then clearly that was originally her intention anyway? How can she say for sure that Taylor wouldn't have brought drugs on the trip then?

No. 629700


When Bree's absence from Twitter was first noted


>not new video related but has anyone else noticed that after the breeze exotics girl left the trip w taylor and co. she made one vague tweet like “i fuck everything up” along those lines over a month ago and hasnt actually tweeted since the trip w them? obviously something happened on that trip, i wonder if it had to do w taylor and obviously everyone else siding w taylor because without her they don’t get their clout.

No. 629702

See that's what I'm really confused about. Hes supposedly getting clean so wouldnt he talk about cravings and confide in Taylor about such things? That doesnt trigger her, but Bree talking about cravings does? Sounds fishy to me how she can have such an "addictive personality" yet be around a literal addict 24/7

No. 629704

The double standards here is mind boggling. Bree does and says some questionable things because of her addiction and she's treated Like an absolute villain but Taylor is treated like a victim who needs to be protected.

Why doesn't her "addiction is a mental illness which excuses anything bad that an addict does" narrative apply to Bree?

Why was no one trying to actually help Bree with her addiction after TAYLOR brought coke? Instead they all act passive aggressive towards her. It just further proves that the petfest crew are selfish people who only use each other for views.

No. 629706

File: 1548326911687.jpeg (397.97 KB, 828x829, 2B69842E-BF13-46BF-9FAC-A928E2…)

No. 629707

Taylor and the entire petfest crew are disgusting. It’s only an addiction if it’s Taylor. It’s only depression if it’s Taylor. It’s only bullying if it’s done to Taylor.

Sounds to me like Bree needed help but instead she gets bullied while Taylor plays the victim and yet again, makes a mockery of sexual assault.

By the way, where is Jonny’s sad news? Oh, he didn’t post it? Hmm, hey Taylor why don’t you worry more about your own abusive boyfriend cracking the whip to keep you in line.

No. 629708

File: 1548327046806.jpeg (377.1 KB, 828x784, 58FC3D2B-0CE7-4964-9B93-932AB3…)

No. 629709

Could she repeat the "we were so kind" line any more than she has? What's with her and the ultra specific phrasing? This absolutely feels rehearsed.

No. 629710

God you're right.. especially the part where someone said they were going to talk to Bree but Taylor had a panic attack about them talking to her so they didnt… this is all very fucked up and sad for Bree that they didnt seem to care about Taylor enabling her by bringing the drugs. Instead it's all turned and Bree's fault for asking for the drugs. They're disgusting

No. 629712

lmao does this person think this makes Taylor look good?

She confirmed Taylor brought drugs. If Taylor got caught this would have been a riot.
"But officer, somebody asked me to bring drugs, clearly it's their fault for enabling my ~addictive personality~!"

No. 629713

I will be doing a livestream tmrw to clear this disgusting story. It's easy to lie over texts but not in person. I will post here before I start if anyone cares to watch it. It's hard to tell a story when everyone else is against you supporting foul lies

No. 629714

File: 1548327555747.jpeg (354.77 KB, 750x1134, A00BAFAA-053D-4702-A40C-8F0E92…)

Saying they both partook

No. 629715

I'll watch it. Can you tell us around what time you will start?

No. 629716

This is fucking depraved. Taylor brought drugs, knowing Bree has addiction issues— supposedly they both take them, but it's all Bree's fault??

If anyone's gonna be blamed it's Taylor. She fucking enabled Bree and possibly the other pettubers to have drugs, smuggled them, etc. But the queen can do no wrong.

I genuinely feel sorry for Bree now. This is some high school level bullshit drama.

No. 629718

"I owned up to my mistake immediately to my friend group"
But you still managed to mislead all of your followers.
I always think TayTay can't possibly get worse, I thought killing six~ animals in a month was the worst that she could do, but this is close to taking the cake.
Bree was open and honest but gets penalised for it, but TayTay can spout bullshit that could ruin her entire life as these allegations often do and get off scot-free.
Thank you for trying to clear this up as soon as possible, and I'm sorry you're being harassed over such vile allegations. I wish I had the words to describe how appalled I am.

No. 629720

So these claims against Bree have popped up and she's immediately willing to clear things up in a stream.

People have begged Taylor to do the same and she has made excuse after excuse. Even if it was just a stream of her enclosures, just to shut da haters up! But nope, nothing.

Also to parrot another post here, Taylor bleats on about her addictive personality, but is in a relationship with a drug addict. And no matter what she says, he's never sober.

No. 629721


The only one who enabled Taylor to bring those drugs on that trip was Taylor. Oh and her addict boyfriend who probably put her in contact with his dealer in the first place, ENABLING her to take them on the trip. Jesus if a grown woman can’t make her own decisions and is apparently enabled by someone just asking her to do something, she should not be responsible for the lives of animals.

No. 629722

As it's 6am and I have yet to sleep I don't know what time I'd say late afternoon.

I never asked for drugs. I would never ask. I was offered. She dmed me directly and enabled me from the very beginning. The hypocrites decided my addiction was problematic and was more hurtful then taylor

No. 629723

File: 1548328222531.jpeg (180.48 KB, 750x988, FFAA65C8-2FC4-4E75-B497-FBB8F1…)

It correlates because you give zero fucks about sexual assault until you can spin it to make yourself a victim

No. 629727

I never said "I was horny" while touching Taylor. I never have been or will be sexually interested in Taylor whatsoever. She outright claims assault then jumps to being uncomfortable? She can't even lie about me properly for God's sake. All of them must be so used to this story that lies have become truth to them and know full well if they all speak up my word becomes less credible. Call me manipulative yet She manipulated me to be the enemy from day 1. She asked how much drugs I wanted and I said not a lot. I suffer from chronic pain and at the time used to escape it. She suggested to bring an 8ball. I was led into believing that she wanted to do them and being a fellow addict I agreed and said I could use it. How does that make me the sole enabler? I said many times we were both at fault. They went behind my back talking instead of saying anything to my face. And this sexual story? Just something to cover up Taylor's drug issues nothing more.

No. 629728


Taylor's old tweets about drugs and drug use have aged about as well as one would expect.

No. 629729

Ok so let me get this straight, the story so far is Taylor did bring the drugs for them to do but chickened out and shifted the blame to Bree.
Wait no, it's Taylor was asked/begged to bring the drugs by bree and despite being told not by herself and friend group to, bought it anyway?
Oh no wait Taylor asked if she should bring coke, was told yes if it was ok, then chickened out at the last second and was told by people not to bring it but brought it anyway and bree begged for it???

Which is it?? I don't know how much coke goes for in the US but it seems like a HUGE waste of money to buy coke just to use it as a prop. Not to mention I can't imagine it being that easy to get her hands on it? she would've had to gone out of her way to get the stuff in the first place so why go all this extra mile just because she doesn't want to admit she purchased / was in possession / did coke?

No. 629730

I don't know if Taylor's twitter would have kept the DMs from Bree's old Twitter, but I mean, that's a really easy way to prove that Bree did or did not ask for the drugs.

No. 629731

I wish I could come up with a substantial response, but all I can say is what the fuck. It's like she saw you as an easy excuse because you're bisexual and was just waiting to throw you under the bus. These types of allegations can destroy lives, and yet to protect her perfect image she's willing to do that to you.
Her friends rambled on about how she could kill herself after genuine concerns were raised about her husbandry, but I doubt they even considered the risks that come with their words.
Please keep yourself safe Bree.

No. 629732

File: 1548329340091.png (76.2 KB, 620x461, fc0b4a26703e1658528c71b406f906…)

"didn't know how to cut a line of coke"

No. 629733


Lol, but who is the addict here? Good job making herself look like the drug fiend, which she is

No. 629734

Taylor the drug gatekeeper

"She didn't even know how to cut a line of cocaine"

Holy shit lmao, the one subject Taylor has experience in I see

No. 629735

Taylor's and her defenders have been going on the whole time "IT'S BREES FAULT, BREES THE ADDICT"
If bree's so addicted that she begged Taylor to bring/give her coke as they claim, it's amazing she suddenly doesn't know how it fucking works and Taylor had to show her while simultaneously giving her the names of rehab places.

No. 629736


It's pretty disgusting that the group on this trip saw Taylor as 'poor girl with an addictive personality' but then viewed Bree as 'annoying worthless junkie'. Like sorry, but if Bree really was talking about her cravings, then why not be compassionate like they were with Taylor? This REEKS of favoritism towards Taylor for obvious reasons. I do believe they threw Bree under the bus at Taylor's request/lies to protect her image.

Like what a load of bullshit. Taylor lives with an addict who has a baggy of kratom in every pic, yet that doesn't upset or trigger her 'addictive personality'? She really can't own up to any mistake of hers. It was someone else who "manipulated" her into bringing drugs, doing drugs, etc. Taylor you're an adult, you can say NO. No one can force you to do anything, you made those choices yourself.

No. 629737

No. 629739

Taylor never chickened out of the drugs in fact she took charge. They we're her drugs, she paid so I let her portion it. I didn't need her to do them and she didn't need to do them. She wrote off my addiction issues So that she could he the victim.

No. 629740

Trying to figure out the thought process of Taylor and her "camp" as they attempt to put out a fire with gasoline lmao

No. 629741

she's already deleted this

No. 629742

If I had any doubts that Bree wasn't truthful, this squashes them completely. Taylor is so fucking stupid, first its "Bree is a big bad meanie addict she wanted to make me relapse" now its "She couldn't even cut a line of coke, what a loser." She's so bad at lying, this is so clear that she's just getting scared about her shit care being exposed so she's stirring up juicy drama to distract people and hopefully scare Bree into hiding from her deranged 11 year old stans.

No. 629743


Seriously. This phrase needs to make its way into the next thread pic, no matter how far off that may be.

No. 629744

File: 1548330142735.jpg (270.73 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190124-123916.jpg)

Thank you for deleting your replies.

No. 629745

~Cocaine at Petfest!~
Damn. What a cyclone of drama.
Why would any of her group chat friends keep sticking up for her after all this shit? Like I truly don’t understand the benefit- are they just wanting to feed off of any tiny bit of “clout” they can? I’d assume the Google sponsorships dry up when you start bragging about cutting lines of coke.

No. 629747

I think one or two so far have publicly said something, everyone else apparently has to hide behind Taylor and have her post their "SHE DIDN'T DO IT"
Why anyone would want to feed of her now is fucking beyond me.

No. 629748

Aside from dealers, no one takes the risk of transporting cocaine across state lines if they aren't fully planning to do some themselves.

No. 629749


Yeah that's something I've been wondering, did Taylor being the drugs from Texas or did she get them in California?

No. 629750

No drugs were purchased in California.

No. 629752

I honestly didn’t know who to believe until she said “She didn’t even know how to cut a line of cocaine”

Talk about self-incriminating

No. 629753

File: 1548331262196.jpg (565.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-215144_Sam…)

Here she says that people telling others to kill themselves basically isnt a big deal and its just an excuse because its dirceted at bree. But when bree worked with what ever it was such intense bullying outing her bs that maddie had to make a video besically saying taylor is threatening suicide. So gotta make sure tnd doesnt get bullied but everyone else MUST have thick skin towards this shit

No. 629754

File: 1548331404529.jpg (221.17 KB, 1080x1171, 20190124_070234.jpg)

No. 629756

lord shit is gonna get heated in the morning

No. 629757

File: 1548331795501.jpeg (724.02 KB, 2186x1461, 27611F5A-A938-42C3-924B-8FAC8B…)

No. 629758

File: 1548331816960.jpeg (491.54 KB, 1772x1444, 812CCB8C-EC37-4BCF-B30F-DBC061…)

No. 629759

File: 1548331848145.jpeg (889.67 KB, 1771x1446, 94ED3083-2430-4282-B7D7-D7C137…)

No. 629760

File: 1548331878395.jpeg (988.27 KB, 1757x1470, CFB02EEF-A4CB-4B40-8614-15268D…)

No. 629761

File: 1548332023641.jpeg (368.19 KB, 750x807, 7E14DA76-5C51-4108-83DF-EAA882…)

Especially now that Jonny is probably on his way home now…

No. 629762

Taylor: we're clean no one has proof
Slaves: lol

No. 629763

I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end for the pair of them, especially considering that it's been blatantly stated now that Jonny is not clean. This just furthers the point that Taylor is a liar.

No. 629765

So that’s why she decided to announce her “past addictions” and take it all out on Bree. God, this is so funny.

No. 629766

ok so, I was the anon making the evidence document (which I have now neglected forgive me)
However this is such a mess and kind of serious I'm trying to live doc this as it's happening. I'm wondering if people would be able to give a hand going through previous threads for past claims made by these two that they're clean/getting clean?

I'm willing to disclose my screen name (or make one for the sake of lolcow) and get a tripcode if needed.

No. 629768



Top kek at the comments, "But Jonny was doing so well!"

Who wants to update his Wikipedia entry?

No. 629769

bet Jonny will say something like “my girlfriend was in CRISIS I had to go back!!1” as one of many excuses for ghosting the band

No. 629770

Bree's first post to lolcow was just under a month (exactly 26 days) ago and the reason she posted was because of Jayce and I'm assuming whatever (and several of us) told her to come forward and share.
She didn't post until she got a trip code from the admins.

So why is Taylor claiming she's been posting to this form for months? if she has proof of this I'd like to see it or is her concept of time so fucked up she assumes it's months.

No. 629771


Called it!

No. 629773

Can’t find the post, but didn’t someone say something awhile back about his label drug testing him before tours?

No. 629774

Yes my first ever post was using the trip code. I read the forum like everyone else prior too. I never immediately jumped on here to talk about her, I tried making amends long before. It's when I found out the entire time she had been making shit up and going behind my back during and after the trip that I gave up being the nice guy and decided to post what I knew here. She has no concept of time. I left the group chats while IN CALIFORNIA, not after. I send an apology letter and let it sit for 3 days before deleting my Twitter yet She has claimed it was under 12 hours. Simple bloody inconsistencies, how anyone continues to believe her is beyond me

No. 629775

I'm currently writing up a google doc with the events in order, her claims as of now are so far away from what was said it's making me wonder if she actually read what was going on or just decided to pick and choose what might have happened.

No. 629776


You posted before you got a trip code >>629652

No. 629777


"and all my animals are still alive and happy i guess that's all that matters right?" prove it then? I'm sure the skinks would have been happy if you hadn't cooked or dehydrated them, same with the frog, the kitten who could have been an adult by now, and cheese?

No. 629778


Lol, when you about to board your flight but you remember you haven't cleaned your bath tub

No. 629781

>>629765 ugh I hope they don't blame Bree for Johnny's shit too like "he relapsed bc Taylor relapsed bc Bree made her take drugs!!"

No. 629782

The trip keeps disappearing and I don't notice but before I posted with the trip I still used my name. I was never anonymous

No. 629783

I love that instead of putting “we’ve parted ways” they’ve put that he’s been removed.
He can go on and on about how he chose to leave the band but he clearly didn’t

No. 629784

File: 1548335214569.png (54.85 KB, 600x435, rehab.png)

No. 629786


No. 629787

Yup tooootally his choice not to tour eye roll We know JC consistently prioritizes his “health”

No. 629788


Tin foil but maybe that's what he told her and she's dumb enough to believe it?

No. 629789

File: 1548335811996.png (155.52 KB, 1080x680, Screenshot_20190124-101421~2.p…)

No. 629790

Wait.. remember when she freaked out on twitter and called their relationship over?

Wasn't that supposedly over the fact he had relapsed? Does anyone have those tweets on hand??

No. 629791

Remember when Taylor was planning on going to Australia when Jonny was touring there? Oh how things have changed.

No. 629792

Holy shit. Next she's gonna claim they both were clean all along but evil junkie Bree somehow caused them to relapse when she wanted to lure Taylor into her lesbian cocaine cult but then they chose their health over their careers because they're just so brave and mature to own up to their past mistakes.

No. 629794


look at them both CHOOSING not to do their jobs, they really are perfect for each other.

No. 629795


I don't recall cleaning the tub being one of the 12 steps.

No. 629797

So first its I don't do drugs
Then were both clean
Then I was forced to relapse
Then I don't do drugs
Now they're both in a program for drugs

No. 629798

Wow, shit really hit the fan over night, didn’t it? I’m laughing so hard at Jonny’s situation. In my experience with bands, most of them will put up with a lot of shit before they finally kick someone out. If you’re the guitarist or especially the front man, those guys usually get away with he’ll because they’re so integral to the sound of the band and because of course the front man is the face of the band. That Jonny is getting kicked out over this is evidence that his problems have been ongoing and huge enough that the band would rather risk changing their sound and image than go on with this person. It’s hilarious that she’s claiming he had some epiphany that he needed to leave the tour right in the middle of it to go to rehab. Sure, Jan.

Sadly, I don’t think even this will be enough to completely cancel Taylor. Pattern recognition seems to be a skill that her stans lack. Hopefully more people will see it though and start calling her out.

I’m still taking the claims about Gucci and Gus with a grain of salt, but they’re starting to seem all the more credible the more this goes on.

No. 629799

Taylor's deleting tweets faster than what I'm able to screenshot whoops

No. 629802

TBH they both seem as bad as each other. Taylor is a recovering addict who can't say no and wants someone to blame for her failures.
Bree is butt hurt they didn't like her or want her around and now wants her 15 mins of 'fame'
Meanwhile Jonny is probably on tour high not having a clue what's going on. It's kinda sad, for all of them. I can't imagine any of their life's are good tbh

No. 629803

Literally a PRIME example of her constantly lying and her fans eating it up. She even admits they’re both in a program so NO she’s not clean if she’s in a program. She had a month off social media and was clearly on a binge with her boyfriend to the point where he got kicked out of yet another band. She’s so insufferable, even if Bree is being false it doesn’t hide all of Taylor’s obvious lies.

No. 629805


It's currently a huge mess because it's late and things are moving way to quick for me to keep up but here's a start.

No. 629806

File: 1548338505714.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20190124-105922~2.p…)

For the first time in his life huh

No. 629807

Glad I didn't refresh the page, every single tweet about tonights issue is gone from her account.

No. 629808

File: 1548338539051.png (1019.66 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20190124-105928~2.p…)

No. 629809

same posting, even her own evidence against Bree….

No. 629810


He's not stepping down though, the band REMOVED him. Even when there's proof to the contrary of their lies, they carry on nonetheless. Wow.

No. 629812


There's an account on twitter that posts all of her deleted tweets. TNDTea or something

No. 629813


Don't you mean the tight position you put the band in? They had to cancel the first show of the tour with less than 24 hours notice!

No. 629814

Up until like 2 days ago he was talking about tour. It’s not like he was considering rehab before the tour and just waiting until literally the last minute to decide between that and touring…My guess is he showed up loaded in LA to meet with the band before tour and something happened that was the final straw

No. 629815

File: 1548339399321.png (52.48 KB, 420x184, hrthdeh.png)

No. 629817

How is she gonna cover this.

No. 629818

wow. hearing this from a person who knows them in RL is actually insane. He also has no reasons to lie.

drug addicts hoarding animals. Thats what they are.

No. 629819


Interesting that he choose to post his statement on Instagram instead of Twitter where the band posted theirs and where Taylor is defending him.

No. 629820

File: 1548339887645.png (74.53 KB, 633x519, b999fe1d051f44973a31fb783684ec…)

A bigger resolution, sorry anon yours was a bit difficult to read in places

No. 629821

File: 1548340044904.png (121.23 KB, 644x589, Skjermbilde 2019-01-24 kl. 15.…)

This tho.

No. 629822

File: 1548340126126.jpg (500.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190124-142642_Twi…)

No. 629823

Taylor: he chose to leave his band for rehab, im so proud of him ^u^

Gotta love how she leaves out he did it in the most horrible way possible.

No. 629824

I guess she forgot that he went home to Taylor and that they probably stuffed 10 grams of coke up their noses before they went to get "help" as well. She can lie all that she wants, this is nothing she can lie and try to cover up. I don't think they can dig themselves any deeper now!

No. 629826

Oh shit Taylor is in it now after she railed against Bree making her uncomfortable for doing drugs in front of her.

No. 629827

File: 1548342213870.jpg (35.5 KB, 610x272, Capture.JPG)

God I hope they air out the dirty laundry if Taylor and Johnny try to make themselves out to be troubled saints.

No. 629828

Señor ria got her channel deleted

No. 629829

what a day, the milk is flowing! this is why taylor tried to make bree look bad, she's getting out in front of the true story, which is that SHE is the enabler to jonny. TND can't bear to look bad or take any responsibility for her shitty life or shitty care at all.

i hope every pettuber defending her today gets this tweet shoved her in their hypocritical faces, srsly this is insane. i never expected this to come out.

No. 629832

Wonder what Chelsea thinks about all this.

No. 629834

I just wanted to say (especially since Taylor and everyone else reads here) that Bree didn't help at all with making any of my videos other than the last one I had made. I have started talking to Bree like 2 weeks ago. She needs to stop demonizing Bree if she wants to be taken seriously. She's honestly ridiculous.

No. 629836


Do you have any plans on starting a new channel and making a video about this situation?

No. 629837

TND and JC give new meaning to the phrase "there's someone for everyone."

No. 629839

Not really, I'd just get mass flagged again because of that neckbeard Dusty Hartl lol. Especially cause you're not allowed to have any channels if you got kicked

No. 629840

Bree please read this. Haven't been able to read all the new posts in this shit storm yet but this is important.

Usually when someone makes false statements about you you can only sue them for defamation if you can show it caused monetary damages. However, Taylor saying you sexually assaulted her makes this defamation per se. That means you don't have to prove how it's damaging, calling you a rapist is blatantly damaging.

You should take Taylor to court over this. What she just posted will be on the internet forever now. And I'm sure her stans will continue to harass you. Take her to court because the burden of proof isn't on you to prove it's untrue, it's on Taylor to prove her statements are true. Taylor will owe you a fuck ton of money.

No. 629841

Lol so timeline: Taylor left to go to Disney for 3 days. Jonny posts how he has to get a shot then fly to L.A. to meet the band. Taylor cuts her trip short and goes home. Jonny admits to relapsing and has been removed from the band.

He can’t be left alone without Taylor for a second or he does drugs. Sounds like she’s living the karma she deserves.

No. 629843

I agree. I'd even donate a few dollars to help with the monetary side of things. Accusing someone of sexual assault is fucked up.

Some anons believe Taylor about the sexual assault allegations, but if you look at how much her stories changed (first called it sexual assault, then advances for example) and how she has most likely been high all evening you'd realize that she just came up with this shit because she knew it would undeniably make her the victim.

No. 629844

My dad was falsely accused of sexual assault, even though he won the court case, that she was proven to be lying on the stand, people still don’t treat my dad the same. Bree you need to squash this, it can be so damaging. Take her to court.

No. 629845


Seriously Anon? What court is gonna take twitter drama seriously.

No. 629846

Elon musk is being sued for defamation for calling the cave diver guy a pedo on Twitter so… Apparently federal court will?

No. 629847

It really doesn’t matter if Bree doesn’t think she harassed Taylor. If Taylor felt uncomfortable with the exchange, Bree should apologise. Maybe she changed her wording because of people saying she’s exaggerating but we don’t know what constitutes as harassment for every different person. There’s a lot of other things to criticise Taylor for but I don’t believe this is one of them.

No. 629849

Taylor told like 200k people that Bree assaulted her dude. She is known as a sexual assaulter to probably around 5k people now. It would be taken seriously.

No. 629850

Normally I wouldn’t say any, but when it comes to sexual assault it’s a whole other matter. She put this public, it’s slander.

No. 629851

Bree already said she has tried making amends with everyone and she was obviously talking to Taylor on ig before this all went down. I don't think she needs to apologize if she truly believes nothing happened and Taylor really did lie. Only Bree knows what actually happened between them, I don't trust any of these randos that are coming forward about the situation simply because Taylor buys her friends.

No. 629852

Funny how she get to people’s throats so violently (sending hundreds of her stans, accusing someone of SEXUAL ASSAULT, getting the whole team to hate someone, that’s always all or nothing), but then when it’s her being attacked she acts like a deer looking at a car’s lights. She can’t get her shit together and mumble excuses as they come, contradicting herself more and more. Let’s bet she won’t address anything. Or even go into hiding.
Bree instantly said she’d do a livestream in order to clarify stuff, when we saw nothing from princess TND. IMO she would have really made her livestream long ago had she nothing to hide. I mean, she might be sick and weak all she wants, but it’s her career, her whole reputation, and damage control needs to be made. If everything that is being said is true she’d need to face the law, and you can’t not defend yourself when people are accusing you of such things and you are innocent. She clearly has stuff to hide.

Bree, I really hope you can retrieve stuff in some way. If everything you said is true, you should threaten her going to court. She’s bullying and diffamating, you have proof she sent people to get to you, and she has none backing her own story. The thing she said is not something you put on social media, that’s so fucked up and could ruin your life.

No. 629857

If TND gets sued she might have to actually do some work, top kek.

No. 629859

Kind of hard when she deletes all her evidence lmao

No. 629860


Work, lol. Makes sense now why she is back. He’s completely broke and she’s 100% responsible for all bills now.

No. 629862

She can't even blame haters for this, Jonny was the one who relapsed and the band called her out for enabling it.
If she tries to and I mean, she will, god it's going to be amazing to watch.

No. 629863


Twitter can prove that those tweets did exist and there's lots of screenshots of the tweets

No. 629865


Brb guys I cant stand all this drama. I gotta go to take a break for a couple weeks.

No. 629866

She likes to pretend what she deleted she never said. If she has to go to twitter about it she basically has to get tweets that show she couldn't keep her fucking story straight.

No. 629867

I thought you were actually Taylor for a second christ.

No. 629869

I don't think this is how Taylor planned her return to go LOL

No. 629870

oh damn, shit's going down

No. 629871


She thought everything would blow over if she just left, but she was wrong, hopefully this forces her to make some changes.

No. 629872

LMAOOO how long til she goes dark on the internet again? Not before she bitches about feeling so unjustly attacked, ofc. Not surprised at all to see him say she's an enabler. It's SO obvious that Taylor just can't handle being called a drug addict (which is why she kept whining about her "addictive personality" instead of just being forthright) so she had to throw Bree under the bus and stomp all over her. I can't wait to see her crying about how this is all too much and her boyfriend and herself are "recovering and need support rn, addiction is a disease!!!1" (which I don't even disagree with but we all know Taylor doesn't want to get better at all). I can't get over what a bitch she is to put another addict on blast for wanting drugs when she dates her rapist, drug addled boyfriend who we've all been able to see for MONTHS was not sober.

No. 629874

File: 1548348129448.webm (3.01 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_taylorndean_5080310…)

No. 629875

"Taylor Nicole Dean: cokehead, ATM, and enabler to her junkie rapist boyfriend"

hmm, has a nice ring to it.

No. 629877

Lmaooo you go Chelsea, like she said - karma is a bitch.

I love how she says she has an “aDdIcTiVe pErSonAliTy” over and over and gets so triggered by other users… but is dating a known drug abuser?? And she’s so sensitive and is such a ~victim~ of full on sexual assault… but yet is dating someone who has literally raped other women?? The fucking irony and hypocrisy is just too good. Well done, Taylor.
I didn’t even think about that, now that he’s been kicked he’ll probably only make money from the songs he’s been in right? Other than that he just lost his biggest source of income, the tours… now she really is going to have to take care of her 50 hoarded animals and her baby manlet all off her slowly dying income

No. 629878

Hopefully I’m linking this right, sorry if I’m not. I’m sure this was shared in the last threads but this is my first time seeing that second clip, what the fuck? Just to support the fact that she is still on drugs and has been this whole time… the first clip could be (barely) argued that it’s from her lips and not drugs, but that second one is undeniable. “Hey you… eeerrruuhhh…. uuuhhhh…” like wtf was she thinking saying she was “getting healthy” over this month long break lol

No. 629880

I'd love to see how she's reacting to all of this, I bet she's losing her shit right now

No. 629881

Judging from the Nemo clip above she's high as fuck

No. 629884

As of a couple of hours ago she’s already back to retweeting cringy shit about her stans kissing her ass. But as of right now she’s probably either losing her shit, on a drug binge to try to forget about it, or sleeping so she can just ignore it more.

No. 629885

File: 1548349772663.png (634.56 KB, 1242x2208, D87F6F26-F3F6-436B-AFDD-DD8597…)

No. 629887

Really love how Jonnys saying he “stepped down” when he was 100% kicked. Not even just for the airport incident but also for being high as shit during their last tour and also starting fights constantly with his own band members but alright Jonny whatever you say.

No. 629889

you can access DMs on instagram even if you’re blocked. i can still see old messages between me and my ex, you just can’t respond

No. 629891

Hes been kicked out bands like 3 or 4 times now for drugs, accusations, his behaviour etc. You cannot lie your way out of the fact. They’re so dumb for believing they can lie about something is literally blantantly obvious. I can’t even believe people aren’t putting pieces together that TND is a druggie and has been using drugs for a while and has been lying about it.

No. 629893

Did you block them or did they block you? That might matter (but probably not.)

No. 629894

I cant believe shes not taking this shit seriously, this is her living. Shes running an easy gig into the ground. She could be so much bigger its laughable.

No. 629897

Kek this whole situation.

Wonder how badly mamma Dean is freaking out.

Honestly I wonder if the next petfest can go ahead now, would a venue really want a bunch of cokeheads running it; especially when their audience is little kids.

No. 629899

i am confused why some people are taking a sexual assault claim so lightly and not believing people especially when there are more than 1 person saying it happened who were there. personally i dont think it is ok to not believe 1 persons claim but believe some1 elses? as a victim, what is the difference? its disgusting wnd hurtful. if people are saying she sexually assulted taylor, Thats a huge deal and should be taken seriously imho????

No. 629900


wait, is taylor actually saying she was doing heroine?
I've been reading her threads for over a year now and never bought in that she was using because it was always speculation and alleged texts. This is wild.

No. 629902


Usually I would agree but with how much TND has lied about ?? She's like the boy who cried wolf now. + she deleted her statement so a lot of people haven't even seen it. It's wild because there are so many lies surrounding this whole situation, so how do we know this is true?

No. 629903

at the moment only cocaine has been confirmed

No. 629904

I feel like the timeline is more like: Taylor and Jonny are doing drugs (probably heroin from the way she looks in her Instagram photos, that's more than just coke fucking her face up) constantly for the past few months. Jonny leaves for tour so Taylor's access to drugs is cut off, so she returns to Twitter to claim she's "been working on her health" now that she's gonna have to be clean for a month with Jonny gone. Jonny is clean for a few days while he's gone, but he gets sick of it, decides fuck the tour, I'd rather go home and keep doing drugs, the band says enough is enough, if drugs are more important to you than music, good riddance.

No. 629905

Shes a known liar and manipulator thats why, also Her "friends" arn't good testimony. There no proof either.

No. 629906

The only person that somewhat agreed with Taylor so far was that rainbow haired kid. Emmas vague shit doesn't even matter imo

No. 629908

if it happened it's definitely inappropriate, maybe harassment, ab so lu te ly not assault.

No. 629911

Time to sell the Funko Pops

No. 629912

This is too goddamn funny, because Colin is the dude who has covered for Jonny all this time. Why do I get the feeling they told Jonny to not bring Taylor to tours with them? I always found it strange that she went from being their shadow to staying home so abruptly.

No. 629913

Sexual assault is a loaded all-encompassing term. It could mean anything to rape or unwanted touching. From wiki.

>Sexual assault is an act in which a person intentionally sexually touches another person without that person's consent, or coerces or physically forces a person to engage in a sexual act against their will.[1] It is a form of sexual violence which includes rape (forced vaginal, anal or oral penetration or drug facilitated sexual assault), groping, child sexual abuse or the torture of the person in a sexual manner

No. 629915

Have any of Taylor's cronies corroborated that Bree was being inappropriate/touching her/lying on top of her? If they can't explicitly confirm that it was clearly unwanted sexual contact, and not just rubbing her hand with a cool cloth after Taylor burned it (whether or not Taylor wanted that, that is into way sexual assault,) I think Taylor is blowing this one detail out of proportion. I believe Bree when she says she lied on the bed next to her but was not sexually assaulting her. Of course, if anyone else who was in the room could make a statement saying otherwise, I would be much more inclined to believe Taylor. Right now it's a "she said, she said" and Taylor has a lot more to gain from exaggerating to make herself the victim with all the sht she's having to deny right now

No. 629916

i can still see messages from people who have blocked me and people i have blocked, so it no it doesn’t make a difference

No. 629917


Taylor is a proven liar and I’m not going to buy into anything she says as truth. Especially not when someone else’s reputation is on the line. There is no proof she’s being honest but there is proof she’s lying about the situation when it comes to the drugs.

No. 629918

Is it possible that Taylor leaving her Disney trip early and Jonny leaving the band are linked?

Has Jen tweeted anything that could give us some clues? She has me blocked even though I've never interacted with her on it.

No. 629920

I stand by Bree. Taylor is a known manipulator and would cry wolf any chance she gets at not putting any type of blame on herself. Taylor is cornered so using the excuse of sexual assault is her way of trying to free herself from any blame and focus on someone else which is Bree. As someone who is also bisexual, i’ve come across girls who would find out that i am and they would instantly assume i’m hitting on them when i’m just complimenting something that a straight person would. Her calling Bree this crossing the line that should be sent to court because it isn’t a joke or something to be used as an excuse to get out of something. This could personally harm Bree and her future.

And i dont know why taylor wants to play that sexual assault victim when all she does is passively make fun of Jonny’s victim. They got raped/assaulted by him and she’s still defending him.

She’s a horrible human being and Bree and the rest of the people who stopped being her friend should be glad theyre dodging a bullet. Now go get clean Bree. These type of drugs shouldnt be in anyones lives

No. 629921

Not that I believe TND, but we now know that Breez should be able to access her dms with her:

And lying next to someone rubbing them can certainly be sexual. TND is a liar but Breez's story isn't adding up either for me.

No. 629922

The two things are most likely related.

No. 629923

Because she’s the boy who cried wolf. She’s lied about so much shit that it’s a laughable idea to believe her. The biggest reason she isn’t credible to me is because her boyfriend has raped women. She’s even acknowledged this, she knows. And she even continued to make fun of his exes that he’s taken advantage of together. This is not the first time when someone has done her “wrong”, she conveniently brings up a sexual assault story. She doesn’t say it because it’s genuine, she says it because it helps deflect against criticism. Her stans eat it up and will blindly defend her even more when she brings up that she’s been sexually assaulted.
So that’s why nobody is taking her claim seriously. She is a proven liar. Fuck her, she’s lied too many times for me to even remotely believe her. She can’t even bother to keep the lie straight.

No. 629924

File: 1548352081556.jpeg (672.93 KB, 1234x1498, F38A8236-9FAA-433A-9293-9ADAB4…)

No. 629925


Taylor retweeted a girl who is corroborating her story.

No. 629926

Yeah I'm not gonna trust a sexual accusation made by someone who literally laughs at sexual assault victims and denies Jonny's abuse of over 3 girls

No. 629927

could you please post a screenshot (if it hasn't been already) for those of us who are blocked or don't use Twitter?

No. 629928

Rainbowhair said that Bree did rub Taylor and told her that she is horny. We don't know to what extent she rubbed her - I think it's more of a middle ground. Bree might have acted a bit flirty/like a mother hen and Taylor misinterpreted that and assumed she's trying to get into her pants cause Bree is bi.

No. 629929

File: 1548352272505.png (1.65 MB, 1125x2436, 7833BABC-D255-4518-8096-2CB1F4…)

No. 629930

No. 629931

File: 1548352310213.png (1.91 MB, 1125x2436, AF6E8999-A643-46FC-8424-3E8877…)

No. 629932

There's no way Taylor is sober, along with Jonny. In response from said band mate, he admitted that Taylor enables him. And that he decided to fly home to do drugs instead of play. Taylor cut her trip short.

Add two, and two together.
They're. Not. Sober.

This whole "we're in a program" sounds like damage control.

Taylor made false allegations, has lied about the entire narrative of Bree while simultaneously demonizing her… conveniently right as this information is about to come out.
If Taylor feels uncomfortable around drugs, how does she deal with Jonny? If she is uncomfortable with sexual advances, how does she handle knowing Jonny raped/abused several women?

Taylor Nicole Dean is a drug addict, a fraud, and an animal hoarder. There's no hiding it now.
I bet she's pleading with the band mate to take that tweet down as we speak.

No. 629933

If you look at the Taylornicoledean hashtag on twitter it's nothing but her and Johnny being trashed.

No. 629934

It's such bullshit that she is now saying they are both in a program. Rehab doesn't work that way, you can't do it outside of facilities.

No. 629936

but, since her boyfriend raped women she isnt capable of being assaulted or harassed???? not adding up to me. unwanted touching is unwanted touching, not a crying wolf
things arent adding up on her side either and she should be able to recover dms so why isnt she? esp if ther is more than 1 person saying it happened

No. 629937

"She enabled Taylor to bring drugs on the trip" Taylor brought the drugs by herself, she wasn't with Bree before the trip. Bree confirmed she would join Taylor in using the drugs but again let's not pretend Taylor is an innocent child who has no free will of her own and was forced to buy drugs and smuggle them in her wig just because another addicted person told her to. Stop putting all the responsibility of Bree here. At most, they're equally guilty here, but only one person bought and brought the drugs, and it was Taylor.

I can't speak to the claims about her touching her and saying she was horny. I'm just surprised that no one has shown that they mentioned it in any of their private conversations about the trip, because that would be undeniable proof that creepy shit was going on at the time, so someone should step forward with screenshots confirming there was sexual misconduct going on. as far as we've seen everyone was only discussing the drugs and never mentioned any inappropriate touching as another reason why Bree was at fault. IDK. I feel like that would have been reason #1 to boot her if it was going on since that would be undeniable on Bree and not Taylor's fault at all (unlike her providing coke), and no one has any proof that they knew about it at the time, despite all the proof they're providing about drug involvement

No. 629938

do you think a girl who makes fun of sexual assault victims understands the gravity of it? I don't. It was an easy claim for her to make.

No. 629939

That poor cat having to listen to that shit for who knows how long.

No. 629941


ofc it can happen, we're just saying that it doesn't seem likely that it happened from bree with everything going on.

bree said she would be doing a livestream later today on the situation, but i think she went to sleep since she had been up all night.

No. 629942

she has screenshot them now and posted one a few hours ago.

No. 629944

Who is the rainbow haired person? I thought only Taylor Bree Emma and Emilee were on that trip?

No. 629945

I’m pretty “believe the victim first and foremost” myself, but what makes it difficult to believe Taylor is that she’s not consistent in what she claims happened, it’s as simple as that.

No. 629947

A woman dating a rapist is capable of being sexually assaulted, yes. The point is we believe she is lying about it. Why would she be so sensitive about sexual assault and then date a man who has LITERALLY RAPED people?? It doesn’t add up. She acts sentitive so people feel more bad for her and in hopes that people will stop attacking her.
You can’t be against sexual assault and simultaneously be a rape apologist and make fun of his victims, who suffered sexual assault from him and more.

No. 629948

"sexually touches", it's not all-encompassing. rubbing a hand or whatever is not sexual touching.

No. 629950

So Taylor addmitted to bringing the coke for her. Ima just leave this here lol.

>Possession for sale of cocaine salt ("powder") is prohibited under Health and Safety Code 11351; "crack" cocaine under 11351.5. Penalties for possession for sale of cocaine salt are 2, 3, or 4 years in the state prison; for "crack" cocaine, 3, 4 or 5 years. Health and Safety Code 11352 pertains to selling or providing cocaine trafficking and provides for imprisonment for 3, 4 or 5 years.

No. 629952

It doesnt matter where they touch as long as consent isn't given its sexual assult. I think its retarted but thats the way its written.

No. 629953

File: 1548353494276.jpg (87.34 KB, 473x1024, WCBMrpXo.jpg_medium.jpg)

No. 629955


Interestingly clean slate only offers treatment for opioid and alcohol addictions

No. 629956

OH BOY the excuses begin. I hope the band mates spill the whole story in response to this claim of them blackmailing Jonny.

No. 629958

Wonder why she still follows him on twitter then?

No. 629960

exactly. i’d be more inclined to believe taylor but she has been biphobic before and twists the truth literally all the time, even if she has no reason to lie. at this point i wouldn’t put it past her to assume bree was hitting on her bc she’s bi and then blowing it out of proportion to make herself look like the victim (like she always does) and to trash bree to the point where no one would believe anything she says about taylor.

No. 629961

File: 1548353972908.jpeg (518.37 KB, 1242x1291, 50169994-78DA-4298-B633-F1420C…)

Re: Taylor. Looks like everyone on the band/music side has been aware of how toxic and enabling Taylor has been for Jonny.

No. 629962

I absolutely hope he does too. I know he didn’t want to “air dirty laundry” about them but if she’s going to start spilling lies about him, I hope he starts spilling the truth in response.
I was also just going to say before she posted this, it’s interesting how this band mate came out saying she enables him. For him to give those kinds of details instead of leaving the statement as-is shows that he really put up with a lot of shit from him before booting him out. Jonny wants to make it seems all fresh roses and that he “chose” to step down. No bitch, you got kicked because they’ve put up with you too long.
I have a feeling that this is true, anon. She used to follow Jonny’s side during tour. She suddenly stopped, and she knows damn well he uses and drinks and cheats when he’s away, so why would she have stopped following him? I bet you this is why she’s pissed at this band mate. It’s very possible he made Jonny tell Taylor to stay home, so she’s had something against him for a while.

No. 629963

File: 1548354091727.png (86.43 KB, 638x488, Skjermbilde 2019-01-24 kl. 19.…)

This is just way too good.

No. 629964

Isn’t it kinda self-incriminatory to openly say “he got told that they’d air my dirty laundry if he didn’t comply”? Also it is hard to believe this when Colin has openly defended and even covered for Jonny before, for years.

No. 629966

File: 1548354114177.png (576.85 KB, 750x1334, 97A95DD1-3E37-48C2-AE55-C36287…)

Confirmed opioid use

No. 629967

I'm the gal she's replying too What is interesting is the band as a whole confirmed he was removed because of drug use. He picked drugs over touring.
But she says it's because he wanted to get clean??????

No. 629970

She’s working overtime to make themselves look like victims.

No. 629973

literally everyone who has ever worked with him, dated him or even knows him personally has said that jonny is a junkie who doesn’t want to get better. it’s taylor and jonny vs everyone who was ever associated with him. colin was right, taylor is retarded. her attempts to defend him right now are pathetic and she’s not doing anything but exposing the fact they both lied about ever being clean.

No. 629974

lol prepare to get blocked when she comes lurking

No. 629975

everything in her life is such a fucking soap opera. they're out to RUIN US!!! taylor, calm down.

No. 629976

File: 1548354770991.png (303.58 KB, 750x1334, 73385A3D-8C88-467C-ACE5-F47EB9…)

“The rewired soul” (mental health you tuber/recovered addict) might have a vid on her

No. 629977

I hope he doesn't make a sympathetic one.

No. 629978

File: 1548354851528.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2688, 78524ADB-AA12-4457-97C7-192240…)

No. 629979

File: 1548354870169.png (310.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190124-133314.png)

confirmed that she took a break from youtube so she could go on a month and a half long bender

No. 629980

you can’t relapse if you were never clean in the first place

No. 629981

Nah bitch hold on. You cannot make the band look like assholes for “not knowing how to handle an addict” and give them shit for having alcohol while on tour when you yourself enable him as well by buying gigantic bags of kratom, as well as buying weed and… alcohol.

You don’t know how to handle an addict because you’re an addict yourself. You claim to be sober when it’s clear you’ve never been. You’re a liar lmao.

No. 629982

How can ANYONE believe she’s taking decent care of her pets if she’s so unstable? She’s doing drugs and has a ton of health issues both mental and not. Even with her health issues alone it’s difficult. On herion cocaine and god knows what else???? Impossible.

No. 629983

typical junkie shit. you tell yourself you're going to rehab or the methadone clinic, so you binge like a motherfucker for a month or two before you 'stop'. good luck. jonny won't stop till he's dead and by using with him for…what? a year now? she's well on the road to addiction too. very smart, tay, very smart

No. 629984

I was just thinking the same thing! How are they enablers and don't understand addiction but she's somehow Mother Teresa? So much bullsht getting peddled rn, unreal. She's either got balls of steel or is too stupid to know just how bad she sounds.

Those animals haven't been cared for, ever. Period.

No. 629985

So why can't Jonny speak for himself? Why does Taylor need to fight his bandmates and stans for him? Is this too triggering for him lol?

No. 629987

What a goddamn hypocrite. She says she has an “addictive personality” and that she cannot be around Bree because of her addiction. Then brings up how it’s all Colin/Slaves faults because they wanted to be in a band with a known addict. MY GOD. By Taylor’s own logic how the hell did she then decide to be in a relationship with Jonny, a well known and well documented addict, but couldn’t be around Bree because her addiction is “triggering” her “addictive personality”? None of this adds up. But that’s Taylor’s logic for you.

No. 629990

Typical move for TND. “This person is HaTiNG on ME?!? Well im gona strike back with something worse about them!!!” Then proceeds to add something damaging to her enemies in her excuses. So yeah, i don’t believe one bit that Bree sexually assualted her. She’s just trying to turn the tables so shes the one who doesnt look bad. Only gullible preteens can believe all her bs

No. 629991

The hypocrisy is off the charts. She is disgusting.

No. 629993

Funny how she even said on Twitter she’d let him speak for himself. What happened to that? She probably knows it’s best for him not to speak because through drama in the past, whenever he gets involved he would get super aggressive online. He can’t have a conversation with people, he just gets angry and tries to push/shut them down.
Exactly! She can’t blame the band mates for doing something THEY aware strong enough to handle. If Jonny’s going to be such a baby about it, he should have actually stepped down a long time ago and left since he isn’t strong enough. If all these dumbasses really believed that she’s taking care of all of her 50 pets, I hope this is enough to make them realize otherwise. If you can’t even take care of yourself without being dependent on drugs, how the fuck do you expect to properly care for and nurture 50 other living things?? She is nuts, idk if she is stupid by saying all these things thinking it makes her look good, or if she really believes it.
Or she is on the drugs as we speak, high out of her mind. Let’s not forget she said “Bree didn’t even know how to cut a line of coke” like what the fuck sis LOL

No. 629994

File: 1548355773244.png (88.6 KB, 680x206, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 1.48…)

She's deleting the tweets. I saw this one as i hadn't refreshed her page yet, someone replied to the tweet how can they build each other up but still have both relapsed lol. Exactly

No. 629995

I sincerely hope she takes a peek at the site today and realizes how badly all of these posts look to people who have been following her for any length of time.

I also hope that Colin tells her to fuck off. Seriously, how dare she lecture any of his bandmates? She's the one who spoils Jonny, not them.

No. 629997

But Taylor, Bree didn't even know how to cut a line, come on, am I right?

No. 629998

She’s even managing to come between him and friends that have stood by him for years. Can’t stand JC and hope he gets everything he deserves but holy cow is she toxic.

No. 629999

So is she gonna respond to any questions asking her how she can possibly take care of all the animals she has while being on a 30+ day bender or nah

No. 630001

She has now deleted all of her responses to me, and a few others. I've kept the ss just in case they're needed.

No. 630002

This is hilarious. Two addicts in a relationship building each other up. Delusion as fuck. Two ‘recovering’ addicts should NOT be in a relationship.

No. 630003

Tbh Colin might snap. He’s done it to JC’s exes before and he doesn’t really seem to like Taylor. Which would be great considering he’s close to Jonny (or was) so it’ll be hard for her to play victim if he shows receipts.

No. 630004

Exactly. You can’t build someone up when you yourself are broken. She’s dumb as fuck or high as hell, or both

No. 630006

Jenn's silence on twitter is laughable. Taking the side of the ex's at first, then accusing them of being liars/manipulators, and now acting as if everything is fine as she posts about nonsense while Taylor admits to being the drug user everyone said she was.

No. 630009

File: 1548356596507.png (210.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190124-135945.png)

"I love him, the last thing I would do would be enable him" people enable addicts because they love them, and don't want to get cut off from them when they go back to their drugs if the addict thinks they're against them. also, you're addicted too, I don't trust that you'd be able to clearly say "no don't do drugs" when you're in the middle of an active addiction too.

No. 630010

File: 1548356676150.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2688, 31B05F82-2C65-4CC7-A284-85BC96…)


No. 630011

File: 1548356703808.png (487.84 KB, 1242x2688, F3BDD1FF-E002-432C-BF86-E43B58…)

No. 630012

File: 1548356751968.jpeg (83.89 KB, 473x1024, 95E78E90-1C64-41F7-ACF7-4CD570…)


No. 630013

Same! Well I took a scrolling video of all her responses before she deleted them. Just in case she says they’re photoshopped, which I wouldn’t doubt she’d say.

No. 630014

File: 1548356819690.png (604.07 KB, 1242x2208, A6DA16B7-077E-467F-8279-0E5B60…)

No. 630015

File: 1548356834027.png (996.29 KB, 1242x2208, B7C2B4AA-7A6E-443C-8779-C7DE8B…)

No. 630016

No. 630017

File: 1548356913964.png (830.63 KB, 750x1334, D361A6B1-CDEA-4B0B-B69F-489C36…)


No. 630018

File: 1548356922969.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2688, 3C22C423-1233-4F8E-869C-C8AA7E…)

No. 630019

File: 1548356928532.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, C653B951-5704-4A19-B880-3FE3EA…)

No. 630020

the fucking milk is pouring yall

No. 630022

File: 1548357108367.jpg (588.94 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190124-201127.jpg)

No. 630023

I wanna know how he knows about dead animals. I wanna see screenshots of Jonny telling Colin animals have died. I think that would put the final nail in the coffin of her career.

at the same time, this is so sad. Her animals are dying because she hoarded 50+ of them and then got high for a month and a half and left them all to die slowly in their enclosures

No. 630024

Please stop waving all this milk in my face, I'm going to relapse.

No. 630025

File: 1548357251711.gif (694.17 KB, 450x327, giphy.gif)

No. 630026

Today we've learned that Taylor not only snuck in coke with a wig, she does opiates (confirmed by her treatment she says is happening) and shoots up.

But Bree was the problem? And Taylor is the innocent snowflake?

No. 630027

File: 1548357303965.jpg (134.58 KB, 607x304, adasda.jpg)

Time to go to CleanSlate, anon.

No. 630028

Confused why her explanation of rehab has anything negative to do with the band that she had to delete it? LMAO shes fucking crazy

No. 630030

File: 1548357409311.jpg (157.96 KB, 592x346, asd.jpg)

Post the screenshots I need milk

No. 630031

File: 1548357413518.jpeg (903.45 KB, 1242x1644, A7EC4E97-FA2E-4044-8E17-B5C866…)

No. 630034

File: 1548357532878.gif (483.27 KB, 500x200, 1495259524513.gif)

>you went home from Disney because of withdrawls

Taylor's entire world is burning to the ground. This is glorious to witness.

No. 630035

Holy shit, he’s going there lmao. I love how Jonny is silent in all of this.

No. 630037

this sounds like taylor wrote it for him

No. 630038

so they’ve been using together since she moved in. so she didn’t almost break up with him and sperg out on twitter because he was using, obviously. so what the fuck happened last tour??

No. 630039

Probably cheated on her.

No. 630040

>Her animals are dying because she hoarded 50+ of them and then got high for a month and a half and left them all to die slowly in their enclosures

I don't fucking doubt this was what happened if even one of them has died in the time she's been shooting up with Johnny. If she can't even go drug free for two days with her family then she must have been using heavily.

Oh shit Mama Dean doesn't know her precious daughter is a druggie? Well she does now!

No. 630041

File: 1548357759972.png (124.22 KB, 639x562, Skjermbilde 2019-01-24 kl. 20.…)

No. 630042

I think he cheated on her. I think someone alluded to it, she caught wind and freaked the fuck out, and he lied to convince her to stay with him. this is all tin foil, but I'm not sure what else it could have been if she's clearly on board with the drug use

No. 630043

File: 1548357854124.png (189.14 KB, 643x751, Skjermbilde 2019-01-24 kl. 20.…)

She is STILL playing the victim. This is just insane.

No. 630044

So she thinks her mom cant help her, but Taylor thinks she can help Jonny??

Is she a 15 year old girl in a wattpad story..

No. 630045

File: 1548357911843.jpg (156.04 KB, 597x438, doubt.jpg)

>Going to sit back and let the drama happen
>Still replying and playing the victim

Never change, Taylor.

No. 630046

wooooooooooooo it's fucking pouring out here

i'm frigging giddy as hell. please keep responding and picking fights, taylor. please, keep it up. this is some crazy shit right here.

No. 630047

File: 1548357982741.png (187.93 KB, 640x745, Skjermbilde 2019-01-24 kl. 20.…)

No. 630048

She was so condescending with her “i understand you’re rightfully upset about your band breaking down”. Apparently more people are joining in with receipts.

No. 630049

Neither of them are going to get clean from this. She said they're not doing impatient and instead going for this blocker that's just supposed to magically get them over drug addiction in 30 days??

The fact that they're doing this TOGETHER means it'll do fuck all.

No. 630050

File: 1548358121529.jpeg (132.67 KB, 750x1055, 1BD1F342-40AF-456B-9451-EE669A…)

Taylor is in deep shit i guess

No. 630051

Exactly. Who is going to monitor them taking the blockers? Who is going to assist them during withdrawals. It's a recipe for disaster. Inpatient rehab is the only way to go

No. 630052

They have no business dating. Addicts can’t be with each other and that’s a rule to recovery for a reason.

Question, with all this proof that she’s actively doing drugs, can her animals be taken away? I know animals aren’t as protected as kids by far, but does this matter at all to animal control?

No. 630053

File: 1548358145878.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2688, 4710F281-113B-4325-BF29-15C412…)

pt 1

No. 630054

File: 1548358151232.png (193.71 KB, 640x553, Skjermbilde 2019-01-24 kl. 20.…)

Oh, it's on now!

No. 630055

File: 1548358198373.jpg (75.02 KB, 576x1024, Dxsx-hDU8AAECRb.jpg)


No. 630056

File: 1548358205298.png (291.17 KB, 594x751, Skjermbilde 2019-01-24 kl. 20.…)

No. 630057

They don’t want to get clean, that’s the thing. Chelsea has confirmed that Jonny has gotten into programs multiple times but has never completed them.

He had this Skype therapist or some shit, as well as getting into programs more than once while living with Taylor. If they wanted to be clean they wouldn’t even be in a relationship to begin with.

But Taylor keeps deluding herself into thinking she can have this soft uwu approach to everything.

No. 630058

idk if my twitter is messed up but she might’ve disabled her twitter again

No. 630059

File: 1548358321681.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2688, 7F187457-218D-43C3-B79C-6B52FE…)

No. 630060


Yep, it's gone.

No. 630061

Yeah I checked on my other account and it's gone

No. 630062

Yeah, same here

No. 630063

She is so fucking dumb. Does she think that this makes her look good?

No. 630064

She was so fucking stupid to get into his drug habit knowing it was killing him and I hope to god they weren't sharing needles or Tay's going to find out her and Johnny have something more in common past their drug of choice. Girl you might want to get tested.

No. 630067

Thanks to all screencapping anons for coming through! What a year, off to an amazing start.

No. 630068

File: 1548358456367.jpg (83.26 KB, 576x1024, Dxsx-kTU8AAXb4H.jpg)

2/2 Here's a bigger version of the text conversation.

It's gone.

Anything to play victim.

No. 630069

oh, she's got hep for sure. 100%. probably some other shit that hasn't even crossed her mind yet.

No. 630070

Hold on
> he got you hooked

Wouldn’t this basically confirm Chelsea’s texts aren’t fake like she claimed? Oh my God she keeps incriminating herself.

No. 630071

someone needs to upload a compilation of all the tweets to youtube. else she will pretend this never happened.

No. 630072

It's fucking astounding she thinks those messages make her look good.

No. 630073

she is probably high AF writing these. No way she could take this heat sober.

No. 630074

Right? What I take from those texts was Colin being aggravated that she was being obtuse. Colin is a piece of shit for saying Jonny’s exes lied, but no one can say he doesn’t care about Jonny.

No. 630075

I don't understand what she thought she was achieving posting this?? Colin looks like the rational one while she's bawwing about how he ~doesn't understand~ their twoo junkie luv kek

No. 630076

File: 1548358733748.jpg (168.47 KB, 1242x925, LgnkVgP.jpg)

Taylor fans continue to be delusional

No. 630077

She wanted this lifestyle. Maybe not now, but she definitely wanted it going into the relationship. She said before knowing Jonny she struggled with addiction (unsure to what). So she should have known she needs to stay far the fuck away from that strong shit, right? Right. Well she didn’t. She wanted this. And now she’s left trying to blindly fight everybody against her and Jonny. The most toxic, disgusting couple I’ve ever seen. This is why she won’t leave him; they enable each other and she WANTS this.

I’m so glad she is being called out left and right and being exposed for the addict she is. I was getting so tired of her “we’re so sober~” campaign. She made it sound like it was only alcohol for her in the beginning. Now we have proof, she has ADMITTED she uses this shit. All along, all these anons saying she’s using and shooting up, only to be called crazy and nitpicky by so many people… look who’s laughing now, Taylor. You’re a terrible person, and this is just karma.

Bet she’s gonna delete everything now, or disappear for another month, or she’s just getting caught up with this thread. We all know she lurks here. Idk how she could disappear for a month again, her money will NOT sustain her having to support the both of them forever. She was declining slowly but now she’s just rolling down a hill

No. 630078

we were just getting to the good milk and she deletes her twitter? how rude

No. 630079

Wait. Side note, did she not tell v//r that Breez brought the drugs. Now she's admitting they're her drugs?

No. 630080

She’s literally said multiple times that they are sober and even snarkily replied to questions of her doing drugs with “rumors of me doing drugs” like it’s not a rumor if it’s true you idiot.

No. 630081

absolute trash. anyhow, i guess we can put that whole 'track marks or not?' debate to rest now, huh.

No. 630082

didn’t taylor say that she would be uwu dead if she did drugs due to her illnesses?? does anyone have screenshots of that

No. 630083

LMAO she posted screenshots that support everything he said!!!! she’s sooo dumb

No. 630084

“Called me retarded” KEK

No. 630085

kind of scary that she’s deleted. Clearly, there are things she doesn’t want to get out. Dead animals, drug binges, abuse- what screenshots is she scared of getting out

No. 630086

What if jonny didnt want to go on the EU tour because 1. He couldnt smuggle drugs internationally, and 2. He had no druge dealer in EU to hook him up. So he had to stay home to get his fix

No. 630087

Who knows how many have died during the time she's been deactivated. You can't take care of that many animals while strung out on drugs constantly. Wonder what her bank account looks like now.

No. 630089

So sad that Taylor doesnt know the difference between a real friend and a fake friend. Sometimes, as a real friend, you gotta do what you gotta do to help your friend recover. In colin’s case, you gotta force them or else they’ll ruin themselves and their future. LUL for her empty headedness

No. 630090

I doubt it’s because he couldn’t get drugs. It’s easy to get them.

No. 630092

You could if you were on meth, maybe coke, due to all that energy - but on heroin? There's no fucking way.

No. 630093

heroin is extremely easy to get everywhere, anon. it's literally in every place that a band would bother to tour at.

No. 630094

Does Colin know anything about the animals?? Can he confirm or deny speculations on kronos being dead or taken away?

No. 630095


I really hope Colin comes forward about what he knows about her animals.

No. 630096

Can't wait to see what her PetTube friends say about all of this

No. 630097


The only thing he’s said in the screenshots is about all her animals dying the last few months and her anxiety being a coincidence because of that. I can’t tell if he’s speaking fact or just going off the rumors

No. 630098

Soon enough, one of us will see her behind a counter at a pet store sharing wrong information once again but this time, there’ll be no stans to defend her.

No. 630099


"Everybody makes mistakes!"
Aka, we can't turn our backs on those who gives us lots of views.

No. 630100

I can totally see JC being fucked up and telling him about the abuse that has gone on. Somebody has to have screenshots. Or the other pet tubers. Everyone has dirt on everyone but i think TDs rep is officially in the toilet and it is safe to spill the beans

No. 630101

Can we take bets on what happens next? Will she come back and pretend it was all a fake dream? Will she stay offline forever? There’s been so much spilled today I’m dying to know what happens now

No. 630102

This’ll be the perfect time to tell all because why the hell would they stay collaberated with her when it’s now proven she’s a druggie and her career is going down? There’s nothing left for them to leech lol

No. 630103

Holy fucking shit things have gone absolutely mental in this thread. Here's hoping they spill the beans on her pets.

It's slightly hilarious to me that he did this before a tour date in Bristol, which is easily the druggiest city in the UK, and a place where you could ask a random person on the street where to get heroine and they'd probably be able to hook you up.

No. 630104


It's even damaging to their careers if they stay associated with her, especially if she puts her name to petfest

No. 630105

She’s actually insane. She tried to blame so much on the band and then says “what is this?!” When they came back at her.

Also. In her first tweets about Jonny leaving the tour she says she asked him not to go because SHE FEARED he would relapse, and that the band was just guessing. So, then by saying they are using she is essentially confirming that tweet was a lie? It would be cool if one of the anons compiling things could put some of her lies next to tweets where she outs/contradicts herself

No. 630106

I'm putting my bets on her taking another 'vacation' filled with false promises of coming back, pet tours, etc but it'll be just as big a load of shit as it was this time.
I hope she proves us all wrong and dumps Johnny and cleans herself up.

No. 630107

All her “friends” have fallen silent. They aren’t going to defend her in this. At the most they’ll probably just say “shame on you you’re all bullies to Taylor waahhh!!”

Taylor truly is delusional. She can’t keep this up anymore. The act is over. It’s her and Jonny vs everyone else. She acts like drama just “happens” or seems to somehow find its way to her. No moron, YOU are he drama. You are the reason it happens. Literally every single person that know me either Taylor or Jonny (minus her fake perfect crew) is against her. With receipts. She has done so many people wrong. And it’s all coming back on her now

While this whole incident is hilarious and well-deserves, the only part that is now making me sick to my stomach is thinking about how badly her animals are suffering… and how many are dead already.

No. 630108

DAAAMMMNNNN what a gift to come back to this thread to!!
"hate forum" more like TRUTH FORUM
Jesus Christ we all called this. She is literally confirming what ever's video about her being fucked up.
I'm so glad FINALLY someone is confirming this shit. It honestly took so long, there are tons of poor animals living with them.

No. 630109

i wonder if jonny told her to get offline or if they got a call from the band's lawyer? her antagonizing the remaining band members and saying shitty things to them is certainly a novel route to take.

No. 630110

It’s like a fucking reality tv show. No one can make this shit up. Kek

No. 630111

There’s simply no way that anyone can care for animals let alone 50 plus exotic reptiles while strung out for over 12 hours at a time. Cats can take care of themselves and as long as there is food and water theyll be fine and the cats are the only ones that are regularly shown on the stories

No. 630112

There really needs to be a video on this, no talking, just screenshot after screenshot of whats gone down, theres probably still a lot of her fans that don't know about this thread, and it can be a bit hard to read through all the discussion as well as the evidence, I just think her fans deserve to know considering they can't access it on her twitter right now.

No. 630113

I feel like Bree's livestream will be the nail in the coffin and start the ball rolling on YouTube again, and with so much irrefutable evidence handy including the fact Jonny was kicked out of Slaves over his drug use? This could honestly end her career, or at least drive her away for long enough for it to end itself.
I don't think anybody will want to sponsor her after this. Or at least not anybody with the $$$ for TayTay's ego.

No. 630114

I could see her taking another long break in hopes the drama will die down. She’s not bright so that’s the only viable option she has right now.

I also don’t think her relationship will last any longer. Jonny’s income has been obliterated. Jayce mentioned he pays the rent of the apartment, so she can kiss those $2000 goodbye.

He’s going to be fully dependent on her now, more than he was before.

No. 630115

They’ll probably drop her from the event if she doesn’t get her act together when it comes near.
What a hypocritical moment that was. She had the audacity to go after him, delete the tweets then go “what is this, I don’t understand Collin” when he actually had the balls to stand up for himself and his band.
She’ll probably leave again. There’s no recovering from this like she has before. She HAS to change. I hope she does dump him and clean up.

No. 630116

Video is definitely needed because this is all gone down and now deleted while her fans are conveniently at school.

No. 630117

Agreed Anon. Milk must flow.

No. 630118

I am just SO happy we actually screenshotted all of this. Because this is pure fucking solid GOLD.

No. 630119

This. It’ll also be useful having no narrative when it comes to her stans trying to report it for bullying and saying its hate. Its not hate or bullying when it’s just all her bullshit tweets

No. 630120

I'm going to work on a video tonight.

No. 630121

I agree with these anons. We needs videos of everything that went down today. No screen shots, or tweets should be missed. People need to know the awful person she has been to everyone. It would probably be a SUPER long video, so maybe breaking it up into parts would be better? Idk

No. 630122

Feels like it can go 1 of 2 ways. Taylor can either pull Jonny/drugs even closer due to this blow to her reputation/career, or she'll realize breaking up with him is the only way to save it and tries to cover all her behavior by exposing Jonny's abuse towards her in the relationship, getting tons of sympathy and views etc. Taylor isn't smart though, so she'll probably just cling on even more. Wouldn't surprise me to see Jonny in the hospital again like when he was with Chelsea

No. 630123

Can you imagine that POS being dependent on you? All those tweets were her showing the world that she's his ride or die and now, well, now she's got him. Enjoy learning what that's really about, Taylor, everything you thought you knew is going to get real different real quick.

No. 630124

Karma is a nice sight to come back to. Instagram may have just glitched and wouldn't let me retrieve dms but I have the entire conversation now.

I will be going live on instagram momentarily to clear the vile allegations. I encourage people to join and ask their questions to me as it does help if I miss something. I will accept being hated for many things but sexual assault is not one of them

No. 630125

Maybe it would be a good idea for one anon to upload a huge compilation of the tweets, stories, etc. with no commentary whatsoever. No opinions even on it. That way there is one solid video with proof, but nobody can come at it saying it’s “hateful” and it hopefully can’t get flagged/taken down too. Then everyone else can make their videos on top of already having the non-commentary one out there.

No. 630126

Is anyone else genuinely a little scared for Taylor if she does leave Jonny? She's manipulative for sure, but he is straight up abusive and I really fear he could assault or rape her if she tries to leave.

No. 630127

I'd like to see all of the tweets where she claims to be sober juxtaposed with the recent revelations, also the ones that clearly show johnny drinking on tour.

No. 630129

I hope someone can record this for the archive.

No. 630131

THIS is the reality check Taylor needed.

No. 630132

Definitely. However, people have been telling her about him. She chose the relationship, she chose to do heroin with him, she chose to pay his way. If she's smart at all she'll call the cops and have him removed from her home, but I doubt she will.

No. 630133

Taylor: makes up a bunch of crap about the band and Jonny

Colin: Hold my beer

No. 630134

you can no longer comment on her ig post

No. 630135

The only way for her to safely leave would be to get the police involved. But I remember from the secret interview that was done on her last year, she said she literally has no time alone besides going to the bathroom or when he’s on tour. Now that he will never tour again, she has 0 time alone without him. She’s going to have to work hard and smart if she’s going to get him out without getting hurt. She shouldn’t have waited so long, but that’s her fault. We’ll see if she actually has the balls to kick him out and stop being a POS. They are a horribly enabling couple

No. 630136

Ya at this point shes waaay over her head. I hate the bitch but I don't wanna see her get physically hurt.

No. 630138

Of course. Time for full damage control. She doesn’t want people talking about her, even though they will. I bet she’ll disable comments on all her IG and YT posts now.

No. 630139


could you post on here before you go live?

No. 630140

Can you save the live so I can watch after work lol

No. 630141

Yeah I guess we have to hope Jonny isn’t the one that made her deactivate her stuff and she isn’t being hurt. More than that though, I hope to god the poor animals are okay. Even though we pretty much already know they aren’t…

No. 630142

Bree, didn't you say that you seriously doubted that Taylor was doing heroin? What do you think about today's big reveals? Clearly she was using all along.

No. 630143

File: 1548360729580.jpeg (501.03 KB, 1242x963, 75028301-740D-429F-82E4-B732AA…)

No. 630144

File: 1548360757905.jpeg (506.03 KB, 1242x943, EE4430A4-B43A-412A-8BAB-533983…)

No. 630145

Same, I’m in school and can’t watch until later. Please upload the full thing here when it’s over!

No. 630146

That dude literally has the power to ruin her "carreer"

No. 630147

File: 1548360812768.png (240.73 KB, 500x944, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 3.12…)


No. 630148

File: 1548360815507.jpeg (312.29 KB, 1242x523, C1564793-E20B-4896-B233-825C25…)

No. 630149

She dug her own grave. She got with a notoriously belligerent, addicted, abusive rapist after multiple warnings. She claims to want to get better but stays with someone that has "tried" and failed to get clean a dozen times. Her mother is still around and I'm sure would take her back in if she just sobbed over the phone "mom I need your help". All she has to do is pack a bag and leave while Jonny's passed out, I really don't think she's as helpless as she and her stans are making her out to be.

Jonny doesn't want to get clean and neither does she.

Does anyone know if she had drug problems before getting with him?

No. 630150

wtf i love this dude

No. 630151

Fuckkk Colin go off… he seriously has so much power right now.

No. 630152

Praying for some real proof and info on the state of her animals

No. 630153

File: 1548360905561.jpeg (280.87 KB, 1242x743, 2444CAE7-08A2-4898-82C8-C2AF33…)

No. 630154

I think it was mentioned she had experience with coke but not a full blown addiction

No. 630155

youre not a junkie, youre a plain crackhead

No. 630156

If things really were ok with Kronos i feel she would be making videos?? Monitor videos are huge clickbait if she cared for him properly he could have been a huge investment for her channel.

No. 630159

Since this is anonymous I feel comfortable saying I had an awful vicodin addiction for 6 years. You have to REALLY want it for outpatient to work and I dont think either of them really want it…they're just trying to save face which is the wrong reason to get sober. Especially since they're using together. One of the first things I was taught was to get away from the people and environment I used in…so this all a load of crap and grab at sympathy because she got caught.

No. 630160

Even before all this she wasnt making videos about him. Probably because he isnt tame enough to do anything with other than look at

No. 630161

Calling all petfest crew members nows the time to speak up if you give any hoots about animal care like you claim

No. 630162


I had doubted it because she told me herself that she wasn't using opiates anymore despite raving about how much she preferred them over coke. Clearly I was wrong and her lies continue to even her friends

No. 630163

The only two people with those animals are abusive, hoarding monsters. We will not be getting proof anyone is alive anytime soon, if ever.
Before these poor animals suffer even more she needs to rehome them ASAP. It sucks for shelters to have so many dumped on them at a time but she needs to get them somewhere where they are better off. She’s full blown addicted and needs to not even think that she can handle taking care of anyone, let alone herself. Maybe her “assistants” are barely keeping everyone alive.

No. 630164

serious, never trust a junkie. life is so much easier when you learn that rule.

No. 630165

I just don’t understand why she didnt consider an ackie? Considering she has no large lizard experience and the whole hes for my pregnant friend’s first reptile story? Literally makes no sense.

No. 630166

>One of the first things I was taught was to get away from the people and environment I used in

This is why it's so laughable that she's even trying to claim they're going to get sober. I was able to get clean without any treatment and it was entirely because I cut contact with every single one of my friends and basically never left the house. She's such an idiot.

No. 630167

She probably doesn't even know what an Ackie is. She knows next to nothing about her reptiles and just tries to get the "biggest and baddest" reptiles to show off and make herself seem amazing to people that don't know any better, she has all of these crazy animals, she's not like other girls!!11!1!!
She's pathetic.

No. 630168

File: 1548361570543.png (276.52 KB, 1440x2880, 1513751550668.png)

Sure, Jan.

No. 630169

File: 1548361654798.jpeg (742.38 KB, 1242x1813, 85EED131-73CF-4BBA-9EA7-FD006C…)

No. 630170

File: 1548361708670.jpeg (272.83 KB, 1242x710, A58551A2-9CDA-4A8C-A4D6-25EB79…)

No. 630171

She doesnt lol. She uses working at petco as some sort of “degree” on her animal care. Makes a video about how you cant ask pet store employees how to take care of something. Buys a monitor and asks the pet store employees to teach her… hypocrite

No. 630172

maybe we can get this guy to open up about the animals. he clearly seems to have interacted with them. he also seemed remorseful with his ex and her cats.

No. 630173

I think she started off with good, innocent intentions but its spiraled into a shitshow. She's not in a good place right now to be looking after ANY animals. The fact that she disabled twitter shows that she's not capable of taking accountability for herself.

No. 630174

This gets more pathetic by the minute. No brakes on this train!

No. 630175

>>630047 your icon is showing

No. 630176

File: 1548361840927.png (323.76 KB, 750x1334, 482F42E1-FADF-4006-8EEE-A511FB…)


No. 630177

I wish i could see the look on her face when they tell her that the body has been too compromised to get any results. She tempered with her own evidence playing with his body in that pond. I knew during that video that she was on drugs

No. 630179

Any dms I had with people who I’ve blocked/blocked me are gone on Instagram

No. 630180

The autopsy was probably screwed when she froze it tbh.

No. 630181

I just remembered she’s just 21!!!! She’s so privledged that everything goes her way, i hope reality finaly smacks her across the face and realize that Jonny is just gona dig her grave deeper

No. 630182

Maybe..idk if he's had recent contact. The tweet was from 12/20/17 back before her "assistant" lies started. I just thought it was funny he said he wasn't getting drugs for Jonny.

No. 630183

So, how long will 'comments temporarily deactivated' last on her insta?

I predict it will go dark sometime tonight, she's got to be going crazy right now. People like her always freak out when they can't control the narrative.

No. 630184

Can someone update me about when Cheese died? She says in her video that she sent them Cheese 3 months ago. Has he been dead for so long?

No. 630185

File: 1548362166349.jpeg (252.51 KB, 521x748, CE09D3D7-D7E1-4C7F-8759-7CBA80…)

Having her dead fish made into jewelry will be sooo healing

No. 630186

File: 1548362252748.png (57.88 KB, 720x283, Screenshot_2019-01-24-15-36-40…)

No. 630188

File: 1548362284601.jpeg (169.18 KB, 750x1334, 32BD5A3C-3D0F-4142-A723-598736…)

Twitter is a war zone filled with toxic conversations AKA I totally fucked up and I’m trying to cover my ass without you little ones knowing.

No. 630189


She only likes instagram so much because she can delete peoples comments

No. 630192

She is deleting comments on instagram like crazy. People are still calling her out on the last video. Hahah

No. 630193

oof. this bitch. is she for real? what a lying liar. like, you were the one who posted those dm's in a fit of tard rage. no words. what a wild day.

No. 630194

No freezing would preserve his body he would have needed to be frozen asap and not thawwed out and played with the way she did.

No. 630196

What a dumb ass. She opened her mouth at Colin and he put the nail in her coffin. How are people still defending her? She admitted to lying to them for months.

No. 630197

Clearly his body was never given in to the vets office and now she has sent it in for cremation. The cremation would have been done automatically after the necropsy regardless of whether they had contact info for the vet or not and these organizations typically don't "hold on" to bodies for 3 fucking months. Does she really think people are too stupid to see through her lies?

Not to mention if they already have the results she would have been given them, why would they make her wait another day and a half when they're already months late?


No. 630198

freezing definitely doesnt preserve cellular structure, which is needed if she wants any meaningful conclusion from necropsy

No. 630200

Going live

No. 630201

which platform ?

No. 630202

She’s deleting every comment telling her to get into inpatient rehab or asking what is going on with her animals while she’s trying to recover. Even the nice comments.

No. 630203

i doubt that medical professionals would take that long and not contact her. This screams fake to me. Probably paid someone to talk in their customer service voice for her on the phone.

No. 630204

Today didn’t go the way you wanted, did it, Tay? Since I know you will be lurking here

No. 630205


No. 630206

Bree is live right now

No. 630207

What is Bree’s IG handle?

No. 630208

As though Cheese has been anything but a smear in a garbage can for months now. Sorry to be graphic but lbr about this shit once and for all. She does not care about any of these animals and you can hear it in her voice. She sounds like she's on the phone with a bill collector.

To be fair, it's tough to care about anything when you're stoned off your tits, but she chose smack over her pets. Someone or something always suffers when people choose to be junkies.

No. 630209

She couldn’t handle not gettting asspats from her stans so of course she has to come bring up the necropsy again on IG lol. Truly pathetic, she is simply running away from Twitter because she has no control.

No. 630211

s2g I thought the same exact thing at first. What's the doctor's name? Or is the 'tech' saying ASAP?

No. 630213

File: 1548363348265.jpeg (173.48 KB, 750x1273, C97D65C4-B0BE-4346-BC73-52A629…)

Clearly Jonny and Taylor are watching the livestream too. Why would Jonny be following her if she “hurt Taylor so badly”?

No. 630214

what was the point of her sharing this? all she did is expose herself, what a retard.
hmm that's weird then. i figured maybe instagram changed that recently because the messages between my ex and i are quite old but i just asked my bf to temporarily block me this morning so i could see if his messages were still there and they were. maybe i needed to refresh it or reopen the app first.
she was JUST exposed for lying and yet she CONTINUES to do it? the nerve. why is it so hard for her to own up to her shit? there's no shame in being honest and it's way more respectable than making up all these bullshit excuses. i know her stans are retarded but this is almost insulting.

No. 630215

Also what actual tech says knee-cropsey, you're doing it wrong honey.

No. 630216

>which is needed if she wants any meaningful conclusion from necropsy
biofag here; Yes and no. Unless you can freeze something instantly, i.e. with liquid nitrogen, the water inside the cells form sharp crystals and burst them, yes. It's not true that freezing as a whole is a no-no, the method is very important. Taylor doesn't have access to the correct technology, but she also has no other way to store the fish. Freezing a specimen would be preferable to allowing it to decompose. Letting it thaw and re-freezing it is an absolute no go though. Additionally cellular structure isn't necessarily important in finding a cause of death. You could still find toxic levels of drugs or a tumour or mass. These would be degraded by allowing decomposition.

Beyond finding something obvious like this, necropsies rarely yield results. At the end of the day it's an animal, not a human. The investigation isn't very thorough.

No. 630217

according to bree's livestream, emma confirmed that gucci ate gus.

No. 630218

I'm worried he's either going to try to hurt her, or try to kill himself. It would solve a lot of her problems if he offed himself now though. And she should not pack a bag and run to her mom's and leave him alone in the apartment with all her animals, I can just see him going on a rampage and killing all of them to get revenge on her for leaving him.

please please please record it for those of us who can't watch/don't have instagram!

No. 630220

I don’t think he’d threaten suicide unless she’s threatening to leave. Which it seems like she isn’t planning on doing

No. 630222

Chelsea is watching the stream!

No. 630223

Narcissist don't tend to commit suicide.

No. 630224

Today was ride or die day for her, she's not going anywhere for a while. If she was smart she'd get out now but even with everything that happened today, I think it's going to take her some time. Colin calling her out that way is going to make Jonny her savior rn. Messy.

No. 630225

He's way too in love with himself to ever follow through, plus even if this safety net collapses as it seems to be doing he'll latch onto some other gullible fan.

No. 630226

he already overdosed on Tylenol once. Wouldn't be surprised if he did it again now that he been fired and his life is going to shit

No. 630229

Duh. They have to both be clean for 10 days before they can get the injection…good luck with that!

No. 630231


Gotta love the retards still asking what happened to cheese

No. 630233

so is she not going to rehab? didn't she say in some of her deleted tweets that theyre both checking into rehab today? and now shes posting about cheese?cheese is dead, that's a shame, but what's gonna happen to the rest of her animals if she does decide to check into rehab? honestly, what's going to happen to her animals in the end anyway? there's no way she's going to get out of this smoothly.

No. 630234

Deflection tactic.
She wants to divert attention to cheeeeeeeeeeeessssssssseeeeeeee.

I also think she's high.

No. 630235

Lol she was too lazy to check up on the necropsy till shit hit the fan kek.

No. 630237

Whats with that camera placement? Can't look like she was crying or losing her cool earlier I guess

No. 630238


THANK YOU. I wondered if I was reading too far into it, but is she REALLY trying this "gay panic" """defence""" shit? Really? I get she's from the Bible Belt, but REALLY BITCH?

Cold cloth on burns…is not sexual assault. Her story isn't REMOTELY true. We KNOW she has mocked Jonny's victims on Twitter and to their face IRL. She thinks she can just lie about assault and then act like she hates rapists? Fuck off cunt, you're dating one and side with him.

I have 0 sympathy and empathy left for her. She went waaaaaaaaaaay over the line.

No. 630239

She’s not going into rehab today at least. They’re probably having one last binge before “committing”.

If last time was the best time for people to come forward with info about her animal care, now it’s the best time to come forward about her drug abuse as well as everything she’s lied about.

No. 630240


Do you have her being biphobic in screenshots or anything? It'd help with exposing and ending this bitch.

No. 630241

Senor Ria here.

I have been getting harassed by Dusty, and after everything going on I don't feel safe on the internet. I deleted my account, but I am back. If anyone has copies of my videos, I'll appreciate them. Otherwise, I don't mind starting from scratch.

No. 630242

what I want to know is why they don't get on bupe? If they're addicted to needles as well they can still IV it until they're ready to take them sublingually… that's why it's such a good harm reduction med. I guess they're getting the viv shot because they don't trust themselves not to use. How can they build each other up if they can't stop the other from IVing ops? It's so transparent. This isn't going to stop Johnny from using. You can break through vivitrol, it has a threshold. Swear to god, she's going to end up just like his exes and she's barrelling towards it like a speeding freight train.

They NEED to move out though. They cannot stay in the same house while they're doing this. When you go into opiate rehab they make you bring someone clean who will call the doctor or cops if they see you high. They're not doing that. They're going to continue to live together.

They should break up for their own good, but they won't. You cannot get better with other addicts all up in your space, Taylor. Especially not the addict who hooked you. I'd reach out to help her but she's fucking vile. Addict couples have it as part of their identity, they romanticize it. You can bet your ass they will leave one another if either one gets clean.

No. 630245

Dusty is a piece of shit, fuck him. Seriously though, what can he do to you? Dox you? If the answer is yes then I get it but the stans of hers need a real wake up call.

No. 630246

according to the stream for those who can't watch:
her crocodile skinks died of dehydration apparently. it was pure neglect and the heat mat story was completely made up.

her frog was fed an improper diet and died because of it.

her mantis shrimp is confirmed dead, she only had it for 2-3 days.

her leopard gecko is kept in a bin with no light.

No. 630247

Bree's just said the mantis shrimp lasted 2 or 3 days, not weeks or months like Taylor claimed. Yikes.

No. 630248

Didnt she tweet about girls turning bi for attention?

No. 630249

I mean, not to beat a dead horse but of course half her animals are dead, she's a junkie. Great that Bree is confirming deaths though.

No. 630250

"he dead" that was her reaction when she found out. she straight up doesn't care. so much for "I WANTED ONE FOR SOOOOOOOOO LONG" she just got it to show off.

No. 630251

No. 630253


I have some personal things that I am finally working out, and he is not worth me jeopardizing said things for someone like him. I want the young people to not be influenced into ending up like her, but I have worked really hard to build my life. Now that she played herself, it's a different story.

No. 630256

Is there still an updated google doc of her animals somewhere?

No. 630259

Do you still have the video files?

No. 630260

OMG can the next thread photo just be a mushroom cloud covered with her name and pics lmao.

No. 630261

Nope. my computer ran out of memory. But I'll put it back together.

No. 630270

If I'm hearing you right; look, everyone makes mistakes. The best thing is to learn from them and to try not to repeat them. Anything that he would say about you would be seen as so much bs anyhow, don't let it get you down.

As an aside, Bree confirmed that Taylor reads here all day, every day, in case anyone was interested.

No. 630271

File: 1548368704914.png (411.83 KB, 1125x2436, F3AFC1B0-302D-44FB-91B1-3A0E5D…)


No. 630275

Wait did she just post this or it's from before the shitshow?

No. 630277

She posted it during the shitshow.

No. 630278

Her twitter will probably be deleted until she calms down and figures out how to save her ass

No. 630280

Even if she dumps johnny and gets clean we all know she'll find a way to victimize herself. The animal hoarding isn't gonna end she's into deep now.

In a perfect world what she needs to do
>Dump jonny
>Get sober
>Excersise and eat healthier (99% of her health problems imo)
>Rehome some Animals (keep less that 10)
>Buy a house
>Take out her lip injections

No. 630281

You know, I actually gotta hand it to Bree for saying she’d go live and actually go through with it. At least she’s facing the music, which makes what she says more credible.

No. 630282

does she know she actually has to put effort into getting better and taking accountability is a huge part of it?

No. 630283

I agree. It was really brave of her and the smartest thing to do after those allegations.

No. 630284

Whoooo finally caught up to everything

Taylor's such an idiot. She should never have said anything about Bree in the first place and stayed quiet about Jonny's whole situation.

I know this is really irrelevant to everything else going on but >>629874 Ghost looks fat af. Could just be the fluff but hoo boy. Guess it's hard to keep your pets at a good weight when you're high all the time.

No. 630286

Taylor: "I'll go live to prove all these accusations about my poor animal care are false" doesnt go live and then disappears for two months so she can go on a drug binge

Bree: "I'll go live to prove these accusations are false, and I'll post DMs too"
Goes live same day and is posting DMs later tonight (hopefully)

No. 630287

at this point, I think she's so lazy to check on her pets and so drugged out to remember if she fed them, so she feeds them all the time and goes, "im feeding them so they're happy and healthy, those haters are wrong"

No. 630289

A part of my knows full well she could make a tearful video announcing her breakup, saying she was abused and put 100% of the blame on Johnny for everything that went down and her fans would eat it up.

Like, fuck me running if that's not exactly how this will go down

No. 630290

She feeds them too much kibble (too high in carbs) and not enough quality wet food if any. Probably overfeeds just like her snakes, its not like they can do anything in that tiny apartment.

No. 630292

Damn you right. A lot of it is fluff but he's got that swaying motion with every step that a normal weight cat's body won't do. Like the beginnings of a waddle

No. 630297

The stream will be available on my Instagram for the next 24 hours. If I missed something or you have a question I'm happy to answer it. Liars hide behind a screen and I'm doing everything in my power to be the most honest I can be despite what I'm facing for doing so. I will organize dms (I have like 30 screenshots of one convo cause it was so long) I don't want to clutter the thread so I'll line them up either today or tmrw. I don't have a ton of energy left today so likely tmrw. But I will share the conversation as promised

No. 630299

And males should definitely be fed wet food to ensure they take in enough fluid since they are prone to urinary crystals!!

No. 630300

she does look like she has more weight than Nemo. Ghost probably loves to eat and Taylor probably just leaves food out 24/7 and for Nemo (if anyone ask), he's probably not the type of cat that eats alot

No. 630302

thank you so much. If you post the entire conversation it will be good, that way Taylor can't claim you left out certain parts strategically to appear more sympathetic. that's something out of her book

No. 630303

Maybe Nemo's got better genes or gets bullied around the food cause he looks like he's at a healthy weight, at 8 seconds in >>629874 you can see his waist tucks in and the widening where his ribs are.

I wonder if she even feeds them wet food at all? It would probably be too difficult for her to keep track of.

No. 630305

dry food would be easier for her especially when she's obviously a lazy person. all she has to do is pour the food on the bowl and leave it until she sees it empty again.

just thinking about what she's lazily doing to her animals and the thought of her pets in a tube with no sunlight makes me angry and sad at the same time

No. 630309

File: 1548371001249.jpg (154.63 KB, 720x1146, IMG_20190124_230123.jpg)

Notice how she doesn't deny that Gucci ate Gus. First she says that she didn't eat one of the rats and then says that Gus died 6 months or a year ago.

No. 630310

Well… he’s a bit fat but not that much for a ragdoll. They are known to have a « belt » of fat. Imo it’s mainly the breed, but he seems a little big it’s true. Had it been a feral/normal cat then yeah, he’s be really fat.

I own one and weight management is different from others, you can’t feed them along with others in a « suit yourself » bowl.

No. 630311

She's so obviously high. Also love how she still can't keep track of time, he died in May 2018

No. 630312

File: 1548371192582.png (379.75 KB, 425x920, shrooms.png)

Can't believe all this new milk. And the image of Taylor losing her mind over shrooms growing in her satanic leaf tailed geckos tank makes me laugh my ass off. How do you manage to have a shroom infestation in one of your vivs? How do you let it get so bad it carpets the entire floor of the tank? Good god.

No. 630313

My sister's got a ragdoll and he doesn't have what you're talking about. He's been free fed his whole life too.

It can just come down to individuals though.

No. 630314

nitpick but she doesnt have any vivs, only fake plants

No. 630315

No. 630317

I don't think it's been mentioned but Bree confirmed in the livestream that Taylor had a mite infestation and Bindi had it the worst. Her armpits were extremely swollen from the bites.

No. 630318

I know some lines of ragdolls are more linear than others, maybe it’s her case ? If you google ragdoll you’ll see what I am talking about.

As for free feeding, well… blog posting here but I did too, in a slow feeder until i got another one. They need special food as they are VERY prone to bladder stones, and there can’t be in a competition for food (aka one bowl for all) as they can go into « bulimia » mode eating as much as they can.

But that’s just the breed tendency, all cats are different. Maybe he’s meant to be linear and is just morbidly fat.

No. 630319

Can someone re-up the livestream into a drive or make it an unlisted video? For the anons and boomers who don't have IG (me lol).

No. 630320

File: 1548372063678.png (183.9 KB, 750x1334, DD0CCAB1-F0A7-4CEA-8863-DA4BB4…)

Her dad replied to therockartist but deleted it so fast. Was able to screenshot before he did.

No. 630321

Re: sexual assault accusations. There's no way of knowing what's actually true. It's not like liars can't be abused. It's not like both sides won't defend their positions.

BUT, of the very small percentage of false accusations that do occur (about 5-10%, same as for most crimes), the vast majority of them are made by teens, parents of teens, and people who are known to be chronic liars. Research has been done on this. It's just a bunch of people like to ignore it for the sake of their agendas.

Taylor is a chronic liar and drug addict. Doesn't mean Bree didn't do something she shouldn't have, but it DOES mean Taylor's personality and typical behavior line up with the personality and typical behavior of your classic false accuser.

@Bree, if you have proof that Taylor's lying, you should share it, and you should probably sue her for defamation. This isn't 2003. Cases like these ARE taken seriously.

OTOH, if you don't have proof, say your piece and be done with it. The longer she drags you into her version of events, the longer she controls you and gets to hide behind you.

No. 630322

Things are not as they appear? Your daughter is a fucking drug addict dude, dont try to pin anything on the fucking band.

No. 630323

File: 1548372445207.jpg (505.63 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190125-002712_Sam…)

No. 630325


lol, probably the truth is that they're all fucking drug addicts or at least frequent substance abusers. How else do you name your whiny-ass boy band "Slaves"?

No. 630326


Kinda like how your daughter attacks and blames others to deflect from herself? lol

No. 630327



Not only because screenshots can be faked but because the timestamps on them often do not include the date and do not use UTC (screenshots taken in different timezones have different timestamps).

Archiving the page also preserves the context of replies.

Be aware that the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine will delist webpages upon request of the site owner.

No. 630328

lol someone cried daddy today

No. 630329


It's impossible to prove what occurred in person especially when the only people there see it fine to jump on and accuse me of assault. In all of the conversation about the events innapropriate touching was never mentioned in the slightest. The only crash on that trip were the drugs and accusations of me posting regularly on lolcow

No. 630330


Somehow I'm starting to feel like Papa Dean isn't all there either. What a fucked up family.

No. 630331

That's the thing, Bree doesnt have any proof bc it's her word vs. Taylor and her minions and we all know they follow along with whatever Taylor says. And Bree said there was no mention of this sexual assault thing by anyone until today.

I just dont know what to believe.

No. 630332

where did this come from and who said she has mushrooms in her vivs?

No. 630334

Thread anon here, your request has been noted.

I'll do it. If I can figure out how to do it, that is.

No. 630335

Bree mentioned that Taylor constantly has mushrooms growing in her satanic leaf geckos enclosure

No. 630336


People's belief (one way or another) isn't justice, no matter who's telling the truth. We should honestly drop it for that reason alone.

There's plenty else to focus on that has lots of evidence behind it.

No. 630337

bree's version of the story has never changed tho, while taylor's has quite a bit. the sexual assault accusation coming up today while the incident happened so long ago and has been discussed by taylor herself before, is just sketchy.

I also agree with this anon >>630336 tho

No. 630339

While I agree that at this point it's he said she said and that we'll probably never get the whole story, let alone the truth, we shouldn't really drop this either.

Springing a sexual assault accusation in this day and age is taken way more seriously than before, and Taylor has been notorious for her lack of support and blatant mockery of rape and sexual assault victims, which makes her a hypocrite, on top of being a liar.

Her story is constantly changing, and the people who supposedly saw everything going down are vague at best. Not to mention that she's called Amanda, Chelsea, and Liz liars, and laughed at them, yet expects sympathy for the same thing she made fun of them for.

I think that this is just something to keep in mind, especially when Taylor gets called out about Jonny's exes and tries to justify his abuse or says they're lying.

No. 630340

makes sense if she's always misting and not giving a damn about her pets. I wouldn't be surprised if we get photos of mold and other things growing in her reptile room due to her always in bed getting high.

No. 630342

Taylor loves to play the victim which makes the sudden accusation even weirder to me. It's probably made up because if she was that scared of the ~drama~ or fully outing herself as a druggie I doubt she'd have said anything at all. I can't see why she wouldn't have dropped this immediately after Bree started posting here if Bree truly assaulted her or was creepy.

No. 630345

Watching all this unfold was surreal. How could Taylor think that releasing those dm's between her and Colin was in any way going to help her? I honestly still don't get why she did it. It proved every bad suspicion that people had about her to be right.

Good to see her dad is as dumb or delusional as she is, guess it runs in the family.

No. 630346

A few threads back maybe 2-3 tay posted herself that theres mushrooms in the satanics cage and she had no idea what to do or if it was harmful

No. 630347

if Taylor had the balls to say it now once she was backed into a corner, why didn't she say it before? If she really was assaulted by Bree, her eyes would've opened up to the fact that her manchild's exs were assaulted (even raped!) and she could've posted something that she was wrong about it all and it was awful of her to laugh at them. BUT NOOOOO she decided it was best to bring it out once everything was going against her. It's obvious she said this so her stans can defend her even more and she'll have something to distract everyone with. It's pretty much like getting mad at a child and the child blames his friend so he doesn't get in trouble but sadly now a days, people resort to accusing people of assault and slander. If Taylor can fuck up a business reputation (that drama with that one reptile store) i'm pretty sure she doesn't give a shit about ruining someone else's future.

No. 630348

The whole South Texas Dragons thing pisses me off. She basically ruined a guys reputation and future revenue from something he had no part of. She got off so easy with that I would've taken her ass to court for damages.

No. 630354

I just want Colin to release the screenshots. Or Tudys and Sinjins. Maybe Chelsea could convince them, they owe her that after all the shit she went through ON HER OWN without backup.

No. 630355

File: 1548376653958.png (127.43 KB, 726x356, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 7.37…)

No. 630357

File: 1548377087433.jpeg (353.97 KB, 1180x1760, D66E5276-184A-4866-883F-576A63…)

No. 630358

File: 1548377132879.jpeg (459.86 KB, 1181x1950, 9E64D288-EE74-4EBC-87D7-35A06A…)

She’s acting like everything’s normal.

No. 630360

>some people
Don't vague you piece of shit. Chelsea went out of her way multiple times trying to warn you and your family about Jonny. You KNEW his story. You KNEW he wasn't a reliable person and yet you chose to ignore every single person who told you about him over and over again.

No. 630361

haven’t caught up in the thread yet but holy shit if taylor admits to bringing drugs to the trip, and blames bree for enabling her to bring it, doesn’t that mean taylor has easy access to drugs anyways? no normal person just.. obtains coke randomly and easily unless u live in a sus place. she’s basically admitting to her stans that she’s capable of buying drugs whenever. tell me again why her stans think her and jonny sober?

No. 630362

you should catch up and read the thread loooool

No. 630363


None of this helps anyone determine the truth. The court of public opinion is not where justice is served. It's where mobs and idiocy are born.

There's a good chance Taylor is lying because she is a liar and the timing of these allegations is super convenient. Again, classic false accuser characteristics. But there's also a non-zero chance she isn't lying about this, and no timing is perfect.

It's fine to say she's a chronic liar, a hypocrite, biphobic, neglects her animals, etc. These are all true statements for which there's evidence. But we can't know the truth about this one situation, and it's wrong to say otherwise.

It does abuse victims no favors when we speculate based on our gut feelings. This isn't pick your favorite sports team. Accusations should be taken seriously AND people should be truly innocent until proven guilty. The two can happen at the same time, but only if people keep their fucking mouths shut about shit they weren't around to see.

No. 630365

this is ridiculous they really expect those two to quit opiates cold turkey for 10 days for a fucking vivitrol shot while in an outpatient treatment program? It's hardly going to do anything for cravings.

If they make it long enough to get they shot. this is what's going to happen:
-get craving for heroin
-use heroin to satiate craving
-not get high because vivtrol blocks the effects
-use more heroin
-rinse and repeat
-potentially overdose

I don't know how long Taylor has been using for but at this point Johnny probably needs methadone if he stands any chance of quitting.

No. 630367

We all know if Taylor wasn't with Jonny both her mom and dad would be all over social media. But they learned the first time if they act like that they'll lose her entirely. So for now, or forever if Taylor never leaves, they're just gonna kiss her ass to keep that small shred of their daughter still left in their lives. Sad

No. 630368

Straight up, no fucks given if someone said they were horny and rubbed up against me or what the hell ever Bree is supposed to have done. I would laugh and tell said horny idiot to get the fuck off me. I can see why Bree would care, because it was said about her, other than that? No. I don't feel bad for Taylor about this specific instance that's being discussed and I'm not particularly sorry about that either.

No. 630369

I agree she thinks its a magic bullet. There's evidence to suggest heroin and hard drugs rewirie the way the brain works and no pill or shot is gonna change that.

It would take years to get him back to normal if that's even possible. he's not gonna change that's just who he is now

No. 630370

I'm starting to think that Papa Dean is a sock account run by Mama Dean kek

No. 630372

File: 1548379845194.png (307.61 KB, 750x1334, A6AD79A9-4F88-4229-9D50-1C054B…)

Yeah ok Taylor

No. 630373

File: 1548379856142.png (257.83 KB, 680x642, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 8.30…)

No. 630374


except that like 75% of what has been posted in the past couple days are her own words that she later deleted, not conspiracy theories lol.

No. 630376

File: 1548380312103.jpg (581.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-173729_Twi…)

Wow. Taylor's dad is not helping her any.

No. 630377

I thought this was the Shay thread for a sec lol

she lied for over a year about the heroin. when we say "I told you so" it's not that we're happy she's "relapsed", it's that she's lied through her teeth for months about her drug abuse, ridiculed people who brought it up with solid evidence, and has been finally caught out admitting to it herself

No. 630378

sooo bree who wanted to do some coke was so problematic she couldn't hang out with her and she had to send her home, but scumbag johnny got her into freaking heroin and that's not a problem ????? she said ''we make each other stronger'' or something WTF. how does that even make sense? Seriously?
dating and a rapist/addict who gets you into HEROIN is fine but some girl who wanted some coke is the devil?
so freaking nonsensical it's almost funny..

No. 630379

I agree. this reads like Mama Dean's tweets. It could be her or even Taylor herself with her crazyass

No. 630380

a family of delusional weirdos, okay

No. 630381

File: 1548380710444.png (532.54 KB, 750x1334, 1E8E57D4-E65A-4FAD-B1CB-80F6B5…)

Upsetting how things have changed in order for mama dean to keep her daughter.

No. 630382

I still remember those screenshots of Taylor retweeting people by joking about drugs and all. LOL all this time, people were saying that we're nitpicking by saying she's starting to look like a crackhead.

No. 630383

File: 1548380941896.png (355.7 KB, 730x960, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 8.44…)

No. 630384

File: 1548381059142.png (141.05 KB, 678x370, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 8.50…)

No. 630385

'It starts with the band'
meanwhile taylor was literally sending JC thousands of dollars on tour

No. 630386

i guess dad has been hitting the secret stash too, this whole family is high as fuck

No. 630387

File: 1548381186751.jpeg (154.73 KB, 750x331, 5EC6C026-3A7F-47EC-8BAF-23C18E…)

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

No. 630388

TND Dad is idiotic for defending her acting like she has barely done anything and it’s all Jonny and the bands fault… open your eyes dude your daughter is messed up. She said it herself “my body is f*cked…” she is messed up same w her boyfriend

No. 630390

*actual drug abuse evidence comes out”

Not substaintial I’ve covered both sides… don’t wanna talk about it

No. 630391

Her dad's behavior makes it glaringly obvious why the girl can't show an ounce of accountability for her actions.

To be honest though, the band can fuck themselves too, they stood by a rapist and abuser until it fucked with their gig, that's the bottom line. Everything was fine and dandy with Johnny being a literal rapist and abuser and it was cute to make fun of his victims and call them liars until Johnny's inability to function got so bad it fucked with their money. That's when the line was drawn for them, scum.

No. 630392

File: 1548381472251.jpeg (719.93 KB, 1242x1750, 367211AF-BAD2-4A23-8997-591C86…)

No. 630394

this man needs to get off social media and go get his daughter out of that drug hole instead of wasting time trying to fight people on the internet. All this shows is how shitty parents they are. I hope his ex wife and son is far away from them.

No. 630397

I've followed many cows throughout the years but I have never seen one crash and burn as fast as Taylor did. She got her first thread onöy a year ago and yet she has already outed herself to be a heroin addict and her career is getting demolished because she is known as an animal hoarder now.

It's fascinating but also just sad.

No. 630398

Oh my gaaawd. She really is THAT sheltered.
Taylor, girl, this isn't your own personal disney movie this is the real world.

She's so desperate to have that "I changed him!" "Look at me!" when in reality all he cares about is the drugs she pays for, the apartment he lives in and his fleeting sensations of pleasure.

No. 630399

It’s not helped by the fact she doesn’t seem to know how to internet, most cows last as long as they do because they’re better at playing dumb and don’t play all their cards out once unlike Taylor lol.

No. 630400

File: 1548382207945.jpg (263.07 KB, 956x1655, 20190125_030927.jpg)

Oh wow I hadn't noticed that she's been bleeding insta followers for a long time.

No. 630404

Coke that Taylor brought and had to “show” Bree how to cut. Lol

No. 630405

File: 1548382522492.jpeg (193.59 KB, 620x933, 575AC69A-F560-4545-BA29-B8C137…)

No. 630406

File: 1548382596232.jpeg (252.1 KB, 632x967, 655DBD36-C784-464A-88B5-8F7CD1…)

No. 630407


it's hard to believe this shit when you've heard it five times before

No. 630408

I hope this isn't cow-tipping, but shouldn't animal control be contacted again now that it's been confirmed she's been shooting up and neglecting her pets for at least 2 months? I'm worried her animals.

No. 630410

Animal control is useless unless it's an extreme situation. Police or something would be better for narcotics possession

No. 630411

it's cowtipping, stop

No. 630412

Animal control generally doesn't give a fuck about reptiles or rodents unfortunately, unless the numbers are in the hundreds.

No. 630414

This. I couldn't care less about what happens to Taylor or Jonny, but based on everything that has gone down today, it's more obvious than ever that she can't possibly take care of 50+ animals. That's assuming there are even more than 50 left at this point. She can't even fucking take care of herself. Thinking about the number of neglected animals in her apartment right now makes me so angry.

No. 630416

You anons are aware that you can do anything you want as long as you don't post about it right? You didn't make a pact with lolcow to never get involved with authorities, what you choose to do in your private life is your thing.

No. 630420


I mean, how many times has she said this and it's been the complete opposite? There's a point where you have to stop and really think if everybody around you is out to get you, or maybe, just maybe, you're the problem. She's supposedly working on her mental health and progress yet it's been confirmed she's been on a binge. She admitted she relapsed just hours ago.

Since she's pretty much reading this thread: You cannot coddle yourself out of addiction. This glorified version of self-care and recovery you have is destructive, and by refusing to actually own any responsibility in your own wrongdoings, you're setting your progress back.

No. 630421


They're aware. They just want someone to do it for them

No. 630422

Is anyone going to post the live stream somewhere for those without insta?

No. 630424

Sorry if I've missed some of the posts today, but are none of Taylor's friend pet youtubers defending her right now? This is different

No. 630425

Ok but
You deleted the only evidence to show you were innocent.
You were called retarted because you failed to see you were enabling Jonnys behaviour.
You never actually took the time to deal with it? You spent the whole month shooting up as said by the band.

No. 630426

Emma sort of did which is ironic considering Taylor threw her under the bus that one time

No. 630427

Two were when it was just Bree but none have opened their mouths since Slaves got involved.

No. 630428

File: 1548383491916.jpeg (116.6 KB, 750x959, F34745D0-185A-4DA2-8FE7-F6C04F…)


No. 630429


No. 630430

something fairly substantial happened, fatso, but if you want to play it that way feel free

No. 630431

File: 1548383572341.png (54.98 KB, 678x157, Screenshot_2019-01-24-18-15-10…)


In the comments she is letting her young fans think that the health issues she is dealing with are her EDS, migraines, and anxiety.

If her physical pain is a factor in her choosing to use heroin, she needs to address her health issues.

No. 630433


No. 630434


I can appreciate the theatrics, but at the same time I kind of wish they'd just post the damn receipts without hyping it up so much.

No. 630435

It's hardly theatrics, they don't follow this like we do. They get pissed off enough, they drop. Take the milk or don't.

No. 630436

Theyre probably giving Taylor to much credit, aka hoping she steps up and admits her mistakes but lol

No. 630437

I'm sure it's because of her "diseases". More like shes probably been busted for getting too many prescribed opiates or misusing them so they cut her off. And there was Jonny with heroin. Makes sense to me

No. 630439

Considering Bree was drunk it's entirely possible she made that horny comment and just didn't remember…not white knighting (especially after everything that was just revealed) just saying its possible it was said. I wouldn't really consider it harassment unless she persisted after Taylor told her stop.

No. 630440

File: 1548383831128.jpeg (282.1 KB, 1125x857, E3E30A14-36ED-4DB0-A91C-46585F…)

No. 630441

I don't think it's theatrics as much as it is a way for them to tell her to knock it off. Tudy was very quick to drop screenshots when she wasn't relenting. And her screenshots incriminated her even more.

No. 630443

“I don’t delete comments but I have a system that deletes comments”

No. 630444

Is this a private twitter because I can't see it?

No. 630445


She literally can not admit that anything is her fault.

No. 630446

No. 630447

That's true but she was also in a room with multiple other girls, do you really think she would make advances on someone in front of everyone else? It's weird

No. 630448

File: 1548383954746.jpeg (252.58 KB, 1125x991, EABB7584-B799-417D-9E50-8AB9E3…)

No. 630449

How is censoring any better kffjdnkdj

No. 630451


She needs to improve her diet and some get excersise. All I ever hear her eating is pizza and carbs. If we feed our pets shit they get sickly and weak.

No. 630452

No. 630454

Just wanted to add that Jonny has repeatedly cheated on Taylor and used H for the past year (which is obvious). This dates to his last tour (i know some people who are connected to CKY and he even hit on one of them)

No. 630455

Can I just ask a legitimate question here, as someone who has only been catching up on all of this today?

Why do people care so much about wrecking TND? Like what is the reason that so much time and energy is being put into this? Bree and Taylor are BOTH wrong as hell for everything that went down in L.A,

Idk, I just feel like all of this has gone far beyond people being "concerned about animals" and turned more into a gang mentality hell bent on messing with someone who is clearly unhealthy in many, many ways.

What is everyone's end goal here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 630456

This is a flat-out lie. she says she's been "working on her health and making such great progress in her programs and treatments" while she's been offline, but in this post >>629979 she admits that for the past month and a half she's been struggling with heroin addiction and has only recently started talking to a doctor to discuss possible treatments that she hasn't started yet in >>629966 and >>629978 so how are we supposed to believe anything that comes out of her mouth?

No. 630457

It's weird but if you're drunk and horny enough there is no filter lol

No. 630459

its because TND is a chronic liar and manipulator who is harming thousands of people and needs to exposed.

No. 630460


She's got a large fan base of impressionable young people. They need to know that her lifestyle is unhealthy.

No. 630461

I was going to but then I fell asleep. Let me see what I can do.

No. 630462

To be extremely wealthy and to have a house in Tahiti.


No. 630464


We have an addicting personality

No. 630465


No. 630466

Can we take a moment to appreciate Brees timing? to have Slaves come out hours after the shit show is starting to be hidden GOD that’s some good karma

No. 630468

Taylor if you’re lurking this please please check your dm.(cowtipping)

No. 630469

jfc. we've heard all these many times before. this just screams "YOU DID THIS TO MEEE. hurt ME. make fun of ME. ME. ME. ME" yet she's always posting things that are harmful towards other people and even shame them but I guess that's nothing unless it's about HER. Also, 90% of these things are easily fixed if she was actually an adult and cleared things up to people in a matter that's professional and clear. She could easily dismiss things by going live RIGHT AWAY (just like Bree did). but nope. we're hurting HER and we're bullying HER and now SHE can't function and SHE has to deactivate social media and get "systems" to delete comments for HER.

she's so fucking greedy and full of herself that it's irritating the hell outta me.

but i can't seem to keep my eyes off this thread because it's funny as hell watching her self destruct with her own ways. Karma is real and it's starting to creep up on her. good.

No. 630470

ty anon no clue why I couldn't see it.

as for the anon who thinks this is theatrical, the tweet is two hours old, I doubt he's going to say anything. Colin dropped bombs right out the gate.

No. 630471

taylor is absolutely disgusting for lying about Bree while her bf has a HISTORY of sexual assaulting and raping his exes and she publicly laughed at chelsea about it

No. 630472

Bc shes a shitty person who doesnt deserve to have the platform she has to support a rapist and provide awful pet care to stupid people and impressionable children?

No. 630473

Im still hoping his bandmates post the motherload of all screenshots. That imo is the wake up call she needs.

No. 630474

File: 1548384405339.jpeg (99.26 KB, 750x740, C46DF536-5188-46AD-BE1D-000337…)

Not sure if this is OT to post but the wooden teeth thing got me

No. 630475

Wanting her to get her shit together barely constitutes as wanting to wreck her. If you ever read any past threads you'll notice that a lot of us were actually subscribers. It's been mentioned several times that we actually want her to get out of the abusive relationship she's in and seek recovery. The "end goal" is for her to stop lying and own it for the sake of her animals, and even for her sake. Some of us are here for her animal care, while others are here for her involvement with JC.

No. 630476

because she's an addict. a liar. a manipulative 21 year old. she buys animals nonstop to get views that we only see once and they're gone forever. she gives wrong information. she's dating a druggie boyfriend that raped and assaulted his exs.

and ALL of her stans are under 17 years old. imagine your own child watching and following her everyday? knowing that she does drugs and makes fun of people? she's that friend of your kid that you never want them to hang out with because they're bad influences.

No. 630477

she got those wooden teeth installed on her dime, before them he was working with a mouth full of holes and rot

No. 630478

dont forget his herpes!

No. 630479

Oh shit if she dumps him shes out 50gs LMAO

No. 630480

File: 1548384769252.jpeg (101.82 KB, 750x295, F30D6EF1-C517-4624-8D4D-48A7B5…)

But you said you had something that deletes certain subjects for you?

No. 630481

The only way to save an Instagram live if you’re not the person who made it is to record your screen. So I’ll do that while I’m sleeping tonight.

No. 630482

You're an angel

No. 630484

>>630431 so glad she can't follow through on anything because good lord the last thing those of us with EDS need is Taylor making shit videos about how she uses her mild EDS as an excuse not to do anything ever, and as a cover for her drug addiction.

>>630447 I wish the others there would actually come forward about this. Until then, it comes down to who you believe but we can't say for sure.

Either way it really doesn't matter though. The best case scenario for Taylor is that she isn't lying about Bree but is still a hypocrite who mocks rape victims whenever they're someone other than her. The worst is that she not only mocks rape victims but also makes false accusations. Both are pretty damn shitty.

No. 630485

has this girl ever told the truth in her entire life, holy shit, this just keeps going and going, like taylor STOP IT

No. 630486

Don't do it Anon. Figure it out or don't ask here. We could get in deep shit.

No. 630487


They already visited her recently so if she was cleared your complaint is going in the bin

No. 630488

Delete this or you'll get banned for cow tipping.

No. 630489

This sounds like bait. Asking for her address even though you're saying you want to make a complaint again. Go away troll lol

No. 630490

It’s against form rules to ask for addresses, no one here is going to help you so take it elsewhere.
Stop tipping.

No. 630492

y'all misunderstood. i didnt ask for it, just said im unable to report shrug(sure)

No. 630494


jespiez did delete it herself.

No. 630495


We don't want to destroy her. Most people here seem to be ex-fans who were worried about her animals when she started to go downhill, and still are. We're also concerned about the fate of animals people get because they follow TND's (bad) examples in her videos

But at some point I think we on here have been following her so long and being exasperated for so long at the way she treats her pets and her fans that, it's not that we're actively wrecking her, but there's a certain satisfaction in watching her crash and burn all on her own.

Personally, what I really want is for this to be a wake up call, she can kick Jonny out, ACTUALLY work on her health, and care for her animals properly. I'd rather see her back in a year, drug and Jonny free, making videos about well cared for pets. But if she's not going to do that, then I at least hope she loses her platform and her animals get better homes.

No. 630497

Then what was the point in your comment bc it definitely sounded like you wanted her address. You sound like a stan or Taylor trying to come here and make fake posts so they can screenshot and say "see! proof that all this website does it call ACS on me"

No. 630498

yep, medication helps but there also needs to be lifestyle and behavioral changes. Too much work for Taylor who can't even fill a water dish. she doesn't need to do that though because she's not an addict she just has an addictive personality.

I love this tinfoil

No. 630501

Has Jonny said anything yet? I think this is the most silent I’ve seen him.

No. 630502

To be honest, even if the other pettubers speak out, I'm failing to see why I should believe a single word they're saying when they've proven time and time again that they're a bunch of coward mean girls that will lick their queen bee's butt until it's bleeding. Especially when Bree is the only one in this situation whose story was consistent from the beginning.

No. 630503

probably getting high somewhere tbh

No. 630505

Lets be real here it's their source of income. They're not gonna touch Taylor with a ten foot pole if she flops.

No. 630506

Papa Dean speaks like an Intellectual™

No. 630507

I agree. I'm surprised Emma hasnt said anything considering Bree said she was the one who told her Gucci ate Gus.

No. 630509


Jen Dean just deleted these replies to Dawns tweet. Do you guys think Mama Dean is lurking?

No. 630510

They’re jumping before the ship sinks.

No. 630512

We got any Farmers in here working on videos? Its one thing for this to be exposed here but it needs to get out to the masses to make a difference.

No. 630513

Oh wow. She totally is, that's way too coincidental.

No. 630514

Heh, I hope people keep tagging him.

No. 630515

The current video makers all had their channels taken down by Dusty. I don’t know if others are re-uploading but the main two are trying to get their channels back.

No. 630518

lol that's so silly of her. 1 they're over a year old, not like it's any new milk 2 there are multiple screenshots of them on the internet, she can't pretend it never was her opinion 3 it only serves to show us she lurks here frequently. Maybe she'll claim they're fake and she's always loved Jonny

No. 630519

Dusty wants his dick sucked by Taylor so bad.

No. 630520

Don't give him that much credit, it was Taylors stans that got my channel suspended not his lol. Senor Rias channel is back up but just wiped afaik. In all honesty I am considering just YOLOing and making a new channel to cover this.

No. 630521

If Bree was sexually inappropriate with Taylor, that’s something Bree needs to work on, change about herself, and make amends for if possible.

It doesn’t make Taylor less of a liar about anything else, doesn’t change the fact that she’s been using heroin for a year and lying about it, doesn’t change the fact that she is likely to be too impaired to care for her animals properly.

No. 630522

Someone said that they were working on a video, but I’m not sure if it was Senior Ria or someone else.

No. 630524

Honestly, you should. This drama is so messy! A lot of people will be confused by all the insane amounts of drama/exposure rolling in today.
This needs to be documented so TND stans don’t forget it happened.

No. 630525



Our Care Model

Substance use disorder is a disease which affects people across all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, geographic and gender boundaries. We view addiction as a chronic disease and believe that long-term remission is achievable through evidence-based medical management, individualized to suit each patient’s unique needs, with coordination and monitoring of behavioral therapy.


Did you see his statement this morning? >>629806

>please respect the silence that will follow this message

No. 630526

While the drama is still fresh too. Maximum impact is ASAP because her twitter is down and shes scared.

No. 630528

Mister “I’m a nice guy” Dusty seems to have been shut up as well with the recent events so I don’t think you have to worry about him. (Thank god, the less that guy opens his mouth- er, types on Twitter, the better.)

No. 630530

I can piece together something quick today, I'll post it here for a view boost too. Gonna be busy this weekend so I won't be able to make it incredibly complex or well researched but whatevs

No. 630531

I think just put together the screenshots and dont add any commentary so stans cant accuse the video of being bullying

No. 630535

Let the master do their work lol. Its just better to do it before she gets a change to frame the argument.

No. 630538

I agree. But don't post something rushed and half-completed just to post something, you have made such well-thought-out videos before. I think the best course of action is to post a comprehensive list of screenshots with nothing but music playing over them. Let Taylor speak for herself, but don't leave anything she's said out.

No. 630541

File: 1548387516613.png (43.19 KB, 623x346, tnd.png)

even people from her past disliked her, unsurprisingly

No. 630545

Rehab for heroin is pretty damming. We gotta get her stans asking questions. How did she get addicted? How long will it take? How are her animals? Who is Jonny? Why was he kicked out? the band mate screen shots seem the most damming imo

No. 630546

"how to destroy your youtube career and future by yourself" by Taylor Nicole Dean

No. 630547

Evidence of neglect and bad animal care as well

No. 630548

This girl could have literally saved up enough money to retire by 30 if she just hadn't….. willingly gotten addicted to h..

No. 630549

I highly doubt either of them can get clean if they're both using.
How can two people who use help each other get clean. It's all a rouse.

No. 630550

Plus if they're both staying at home just sitting around doing what? and "getting clean". Gurl please.

No. 630551

Put it to mii music.

No. 630552

File: 1548388110078.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, F3AA3BDE-296B-4BDD-BF6F-12AFEA…)

If those aren’t track marks… but they are. Those are most definitely track marks. Sad. Hard to come back from iv drug use.

No. 630553

if it wouldn’t make her more famous I’d say put her on Dr Phil

No. 630554

this is so sad. She could've had the opportunity to go to college, become a Biologist or even a zookeeper without any educational debt. She could save up for a home in California like she wanted and even volunteer with Marine Biologist if she loves sea animals so badly. Now she's stuck with a jobless manchild who's an addict that will only supply her with drugs as her money gets depleted. Just sad

It's never too late for you, Taylor, to turn things around

No. 630555

I guess I'm just super drug stupid but people shoot up in their HAND!? I thought it was only in your arm where you get an IV. holy crap

No. 630556

show us the other girl too so we can see she's still alive!

No. 630557

I do t know if whatever is around but if she is, it wouldn’t be possible to reveal sources? if anyone from Taylor’s circle came to you I feel like it might be good to out them given Bree is getting all the blame and she revealed Emma told her about Gus.

No. 630558

If you shoot up in one place often enough your vein can collapse and then you have to find a new place. Surprised she went for somewhere so obvious. You can inject into any vein though. Some addicts will do it between their toes to hide it from others

No. 630559

she's in some weird ass fantasy where she uses heroin, gets strung out, then dreams about becoming clean with her junkie boyfriend and the process repeats

No. 630560

File: 1548388562886.png (126.09 KB, 800x632, Screenshot_2019-01-24-19-49-59…)



How much does this program cost? Is she still on her parents' health insurance? Does she have enough left in the bank to cover Jonny's treatment? He doesn't qualify for Medicaid.

No. 630562

You can get IVs in your hand. It hurts when they put it in and having that setup there is annoying as fuck. So I assume you can also do drugs with the veins there. Can't be comfortable, though.

No. 630563

Eh, I wouldn't go as far as to say she could've retired early, but she could've definitely been able to lead a comfortable life because she's in a position that gives her an immense advantage over her peers. She could've even given herself a full ride through college without having to worry about debt, but instead she's buying Cartier bracelets and animals she doesn't know how to care for properly.

She could still turn things around if she really put herself through some introspection and got her shit together, but that means admitting she fucked up and getting rid of Jonny.

No. 630565

I seriously wonder how many of her animals have died due to neglect during these past few months. We don’t know exactly how much she’s been neglecting them. Since she just spends all her time in her apartment, there’s a possibility she took semi decent care of them just out of sheer boredom. But it’s equally likely that she’s spent this whole time laying around high off her ass on drugs, only interacting with her animals when she wanted to handle them or to chuck food in their enclosures when she found a rare bit of motivation. I doubt we’ll ever know what’s gone down in that apartment, there’s only two people who know and neither will ever admit to what’s happened to the animals.

No. 630566


You have to rotate locations even before collapse and really to prevent collapse.

Track marks are so named because people often use the same vein but inject closer to the heart with each subsequent injection, leaving a "track".


Peripheral IVs (medical) are often placed in the hand and sometimes forearm. In infants they are placed in the foot.

No. 630567

Anyone else able to watch Bree's live video? She said it'd be up for the next 24 hours but all I'm seeing is her list of recommended pet channels. Hope someone was able to record it at least.

No. 630568

i cant see the vid either

No. 630569

For me, if you go to her profile and tap on her icon it’ll ask “watch Live video” or “watch story” and it’s there

No. 630570


It's up- it's not a story though. You have to go to her profile and click on her profile pic at the top. Not sure if you have to be following her or not.

No. 630571

Ok, update. I cannot record the Beezexotics livestream, I’m sorry. I can record video on my phone, but not audio, which is pretty useless. Unfortunately someone else will have to do it if you want the information saved, or Bree herself if she wants. I tried, I really tried, I’m sorry.

No. 630573

Taylor just posted a massive reply on her latest pic on instagram but I'm on desktop and can't get the full thing, just a heads up for someone who can

No. 630577

Im pretty sure it can only be watched on mobile

No. 630582

Your icon is showing

No. 630583

File: 1548390231888.jpeg (220.59 KB, 750x989, DE2D4984-190B-4104-88B2-CA2216…)

Part 1

No. 630584

wow. can someone count her excuses?

No. 630585

The fuck is she proud of herself for? She hasn't done anything she's still using.

No. 630586


Didn't one of his ex's get a Staph infection from johnny as well?

No. 630587

File: 1548390332426.jpeg (236.4 KB, 750x923, 70BF933D-78DE-4B49-AE42-5E8AE9…)

Part 2

No. 630588

Just a note, if you guys use an addon called Chrome IG Story you can download the audio and video files(separately only) from livestreams. I don't know how to compile them myself, but if it's needed I can download them to send to someone who knows how.

No. 630589


What does she mean she's been going to a clinic for 3 weeks?! Jonny literally just got kicked out of Slaves because he missed the flight to do drugs with her. That was like a day or 2 ago. She's literally delusional.

Also she had a staph infection….? Jonny had one of those too from using dirty needles and it put him in the hospital.

No. 630590

>he recovered
No he didn't lmao STOP LYING

No. 630594

she sounds like she's trying to convince herself more than who she's talking to. lmao

No. 630595

Still can't see it other than a list

No. 630599

Shes not taking anyone down with her? What about the girl she lied about saying she got cocaine and assaulted her? What about her family even if they are crazy? What about her fans that are mostly minors? Newsflash Taylor no one would care if you were a dope head if you didnt have a platform that caters to young kids. So she can freak all the way off for that selfish garbage. She is truly incredible. Strength? Yeah if you consider habitually lying as a strength.

No. 630601

The comment thread is gone, the persons icon is still there but no content or replies

No. 630602

Defeated story anon here, thanks! I have turned in for the night, but I would be able to use that on my computer and compile everything in the morning. Unless someone gets tired of waiting for me and does it.

No. 630603

Yeah I’m confused, they have to be clean for 10 days to get the shot in the first place so if they’ were for 3 weeks they should’ve been got the shot. None of what she said makes sense. She’s literally in the biggest pit of lies and denial. She’s the type to admit she has a problem just doesn’t actually believe it.

No. 630604

I honestly feel like I'm gaslighted right now. She said earlier they were JUST going to get into rehab, but now she's been in rehab for 3 weeks. Jonny has been confirmed to be using all this time, but she's saying he's on the final stages of recovery.
I cannot comprehend how she keeps lying and making her stories more contrived when there's fucking proof provided by no one but HER admitting neither her or Jonny are clean.

This is why she pisses me off so much. It's the blatant lying and self-victimizing. Look how she goes on a tangent about how she's such a people pleaser and how it NEVER works for her. Such a martyr.

No. 630605

The Instagram comments make me so mad. Everyone is kissing her ass.

No. 630608

I'm convinced she's on drugs now whenever she goes on these rants full of lies. She doesn't get how she lied to everyone? Every time she said they were sober? I guess to her it counts to be sober if you aren't using that second.
And she's saying she had been using for years? But thought it was a good idea to bring Jonny into her life why? "fuck bree tho for wanting cocaine!"

Also reminder that she got that mess of a tattoo on the underside of her elbow where all her veins are lol

What fucking druggyyyyyyy

No. 630609


lmao, I love how she randomly shits on that person for having "a dog as their photo on Instagram." Has she forgotten she's supposed to like animals?

No. 630611

The way she's typing is pissing me off. So many question marks?? She doesn't understand why so many people are so mad at her?? Like she's just trying to be positive and post her cute animals??

WHAT HAS SHE POSSIBLY DONE TO DESERVE THIS?!?! I literally can't with her.

No. 630612

"Someone with a dog as their photo"
um…What LOL is this supposed to be shade

No. 630614

thank you! Taylor sure does delete stuff fast and I was excited to share my first ~milk~ Do you think she’s checking lowcow that often and when she sees that someone pointed out a discrepancy she deletes? It’s kinda dumb to speak on the subject at all. She can’t keep a single fact straight.

No. 630618

I always think this. She gets fucked up and starts spinning these crazy elaborate stories and they all make sense to her and are kinda true in her mind because she’s on drugs. I definitely think she deleted Twitter and did a little dope of some sort to deal with reality hitting her in the face. BUT NOW… she’s back and ready to defend herself because she feels gooood. It’s textbook. She better wise up or sober up quick.

No. 630619

Getting addicted to heroin wow im in awe of her strength

No. 630620

It’s very very likely, she’s known to lurk and sometimes can’t help being vague about doing so.
As for her rate of deletion she’s always been quick, it’s better to hastily take a snap of something that seems big or else it might be gone in 5 seconds.

No. 630621

File: 1548392384427.jpeg (110.19 KB, 750x525, 191C4636-9B6E-4176-A547-5CD942…)

No. 630622

Fucking wow, I’m gonna change for the better my fucking arsehole.

No. 630623

Dumbasses. They’re talking about WhatEvers video…the channel that has been removed by YT…

No. 630627

Youtube can't let their cash cow fail. Gotta shut it down to keep those tweens watchin!

No. 630629

Way back someone said they were going to work on a YT video of all the screenshots from today. You probably already know, but make sure to put up a slide explaining you’re allowed to use material due to the Fair Use Act! Maybe it’ll help with making sure things don’t get deleted, or allow you make an appeal if someone flags it

No. 630630


No, they are talking about >>630372.

No. 630631

this is such batshittery on her part, go to fucking bed taylor and stop shooting up, you now have nine days before treatment

silly bitch who couldn't tell the truth if her life depended on it

No. 630632

There’s no such thing as “the Fair Use
Act.” Fair use is a doctrine within the body of copyright law.

No. 630633

How could someone post a link to a video that has been deleted?

No. 630635


You act like she actually has any plan whatsoever to get treatment and that's not just another lie.

No. 630637


Youtube is a private company with its own rules and is under no obligation to reverse its decision to remove or block content in response to a DMCA complaint.

If a counter-notice is received by the Copyright Agent, YouTube may send a copy of the counter-notice to the original complaining party informing that person that it may replace the removed Content or cease disabling it in 10 business days. Unless the copyright owner files an action seeking a court order against the Content provider, member or user, the removed Content may be replaced, or access to it restored, in 10 to 14 business days or more after receipt of the counter-notice, at YouTube's sole discretion.

No. 630638

File: 1548393502476.jpeg (171.84 KB, 750x987, 917E8684-E82F-48AC-B301-0A0803…)

“I don’t want to start a wild goose chase….but I am going to attempt to ruin someone’s reputation through speculation bcuz i’m obsessed with whatever”

No. 630640

OBVI ‍♀️ He hasn’t heard that Taylor has been in a program for three weeks trying to stay sober for ten days so she can get a shot that will make her unable to enjoy opiates for 28 days and that this all cake from her mouth hope via Twitter… but yes… who is whatever das important y’all.(emoji)

No. 630642

jesus christ you're right, this bitch is like lies within lies, maybe i need to go to bed, what a fucking day

No. 630646

Can this fat incel stop looking for a pity fuck from the junkie? It'd be starfish from beginning to end anyhow, junkies suck in bed. As if the maiden fair would look at it to begin with.

No. 630651

God I'm so glad slaves is officially done with Jonny bc now all of the of tour stories I know of regarding these 2 will finally come to light. They're an absolute clusterfuck of a couple

No. 630652

These kind of inadvertent admission are always very telling. I was going to say so at the time but thought I'd just wait and see, and well…

Still catching up on the tidal wave of milk but basically they could have just shut up about this, said Jonny was in a rehab program and been all love and light about their future. Least harm done. Instead Taylor decided to publicly attack Bree, in the process outing herself as having a coke dealer and smuggling coke on the plane to LA. She's also outted the Petfest group, some of whom also will be using otherwise why would she even tell them she was bringing coke for them to talk her out of it in the first place? Then holy fuck, who outs themselves as being a junkie who stays home every day to shoot smack. It seems very typical of junkies to think their self-absorbed endeavours are somehow honourable. What will her sponsors - her main source of funds, make of this?

No. 630654

Who is he on about? Is this someone ‘famous’ we should know about because wow that name has never come up once in any of Taylor’s threads

No. 630655

File: 1548395083453.png (721.08 KB, 800x1001, Screenshot_2019-01-24-21-39-59…)


And here are those marks healing, assuming this pic was really taken today.

No. 630657

He's trying to dox What ever.

No. 630658

I know but who is he saying he thinks is what ever? I’m trying to do a search for comparison but I can’t find anything.

No. 630659

I'm only able to get the first hour of Bree's livestream on Instagram. I can upload it in a bit. If anyone is able to get the second part once she re-started the stream that would be great but I can't seem to access it on Instagram.

No. 630660

She’s a YouTuber. I really don’t want people harassing her, though, because she doesn’t sound like what ever. She once made a video where she pointed out some issues in Taylor’s orchid mantis care. It was fair and very informative! But I think that’s where speculation came from.

No. 630661

We should not post this person's (supposed) name here.

No. 630662

As someone with former addictions with heroin and formally stated, I'm over 6 years clean.

I wanted to give a little insight on heroin for you guys.

You can smoke, snort and inject heroin.
Smoking and snorting are generally a "waste" of money but it's still a quick high. Generally something an addict does when they're in a rush.

injecting is far more "beneficial" as it gets you higher for a smaller amount used.

Most common injection points are
1: The elbow ditch veins and general area.
2: between the fingers.
3: between toes.

Some other locations, but not as common as they have high risk of overdose, blindness or too visible and easy to be exposed.

1: Neck veins.
2: Around the eyes.
3: Veins on the top of hands and feet.

So when going through Taylors pictures or videos, be sure to look for any bruising and marks in the ditch of her arms, her fingers or toes.
As these will be key points in pointing out how long shes been using.

Hopefully this helps you guys a little since I saw a few comments that were confused about the drug.

No. 630663

The sensible and smart thing to do would have to say that Jonny had relapsed again and was getting into rehab, and leave it at that. But Taylor hasn't been sensible nor smart when it comes to handle negative issues in her life, and she has to make it about herself no matter what. She didn't even make it about Jonny. It was all about how she is taking care of him, how she has an ~addictive personality~ and that's why she understands him, so she can't possibly be an enabler.

She shifted the attention to herself, and because of her sheer incompetence to deal with things properly without shutting down and getting defensive about how haaard she's tryyyinnnng, she admitted, in a matter of hours, everything she's been so hellbent on saying isn't true.

No. 630664

Seeing the way the top of her hands look do you think she was injecting there?

No. 630665


Bruising on the hand looks very much like drug use bruises. I can't really see any viable veins she would use on her hands though, which leads me to believe shes using the method between her fingers and her hands just react badly to being poked.

No. 630666

I think it’s obvious and evident on her hands. She has bruises and small insertion points along the vein right next to each other. They are more apparent in videos than in screenshots from the videos. I unfortunately have experience with this and I’d bet a lot of money on it.

No. 630667


I personally just don't see any veins that would be good for using on the top of her hands.
Although she could put more effort into popping a vein, although idk why she'd do that when between the fingers is just as effective and more discrete anyway.

No. 630672

dude, it's appreciated but come on, all junkies are different. i knew a girl who preferred shooting in her neck because she swore she got off faster and better that way. there are lots of anons who have histories with shit, we've had this discussion and at this point it's pretty much a dead horse, no pun intended.

do you have any info you're willing to drop re: taylor's relationship with jonny? anything provable? anything about her animals?

No. 630673

Why is she very clearly dosplaying marks like this?? Its on purpose right? Every picture with her hand in it has been showing the back area, front and center. Why?

Also huuuge tinfoil, but maybe her plan to get rid of jonny is to use with him/enable him till he dies and she can ride out the huge sob story of his death

No. 630674

Senor Ria, what were they titled? I should have at least one of them and can share on Drive.

Here's what I have so far. If I have titles I can search my hd for them. I never made a not of the author of each video:
>Taylor Nicole Dean is an Animal Hoarder -and her Relationship with Jonny Craig is NOT Goals-
>Taylor Nicole Deans Animal Care SUCKS -Proof - Evidence-
>Taylor Nicole Dean Roughneck Monitor Debunked
>Reacting to Taylor Nicole Deans Response to my Video
>Jonny Craig Makes Me Wanna Vomit
>Why I UNSUBSCRIBED to Taylor Dean- Pt 1

No. 630675

I have just realized that the second part of my Instagram live did not save to my profile. It must have deactivated the save after the first one because it was too long. I apologize for anyone who didn't get to see it

No. 630678

No worries, Instagram is shoddy like that. Thank you for streaming earlier and discussing the topics you did.

No. 630679

Bree would you be able to start posting screenshots to Instagram (if you have them)

No. 630680

way to go, dad. your daughter's shooting up smack, ya know the stuff that ruins lives and kills people?

No. 630681


I'm not going to post anything to Instagram. It's 2am and I'll have to do a lot of editing to put the photos together of Taylor and my final conversation. I'll get them on here in the afternoon

No. 630682

Oh it’s fine no rush, I was more thinking because people were showing proof on twitter of her lying and she wasn’t getting as many arse pats she ran to the one platform that still support her blindly.

No. 630684

She said she was in the hospital for staph so maybe that is where the bruising is from if they had to give her an IV or something.

No. 630685

yeah right lol

No. 630686

Wow….just seen that these shots she's talking about are $2000 EACH. That's insane. She probably doesn't care about the animals dying because that's more money she can spend on dope. That's exactly how an addict thinks. They don't possess a conscience.

No. 630687

Taylor said earlier this treatment was available for people who are only 10 days sober but claims in the same breath that Jonny is sober?? Does Taylor realize when you say someone is sober it generally means not just for a 16 hour period???

No. 630688

File: 1548400350893.png (143.93 KB, 300x282, 1547839091922.png)


She may have posted this pic in an effort to prove that she is no longer injecting. Those marks are a week to two weeks old. After the scabs >>630552 are gone and the surface of the skin has healed the area will remain discolored for a while.

This screencap was posted 6 days ago. The marks are darker.


She did not say that she was hospitalised for the infection, and she said that she was treated almost 2 months ago >>630583.

No. 630693

To be honest a lot of us thought that the marks were bite marks and yet here we are with her admitting she's a fucking addict, so idk what to believe, but I sure as shit don't believe her.

No. 630695

Ah yeah if it was 2 months ago then the marks wouldn't be there. Sorry I didn't remember how long ago she said it was.

No. 630697

This is exactly what I thought.

How is having your dog as your icon even remotely a bad thing? It's certainly more tasteful than Taylor's icon, a bathroom mirror selfie where she looks half dead.

Does Talor hate dogs or something?

No. 630699


She may be on her parents' health insurance, but I doubt he has insurance and he does not qualify for Medicaid >>630560.

Here is an article explaining negative aspects of the treatment model and its expense.


No. 630700

She posted a picture of one of the female rats and said her and her brother are perfect. Did the other female rat die? (I cant post a picture I'm sorry but its her latest Instagram post)

No. 630701

I have a question about this since I don't know about drugs or addiction recovery, but what is the best method to recover for a person like Jonny or Taylor?

No. 630702


I looked again and she does say sister as well, my apologies!

No. 630703

File: 1548402132093.png (1.32 MB, 1261x816, Untitled.png)

post in question

No. 630704

Anons with a history of IV drug use know.

Choosing to place her tattoos over the easier injection sites of her arms is a testament to how entrenched she was in her addiction. And her choice of an anatomical heart design was not-so-inconspicuous junkie humor.

No. 630708

oh honey just because you went for a (probably walk-in) consult at the clinic means nothing.
the future tense about the injection ("we are about to qualify") means they haven't been clean for 10 days at a time within the last 21 days. why does she put all this information out there?