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No. 676017

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie (ex?)boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread:
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L (currently deactivated as of 6/29)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> TND leaves rehab early, reactivates Twitter, immediately starts blaming Jonny for EVERYTHING and takes 0 responsibility for her own mistakes
> Has already moved out of the atrium house (as if no one saw that coming)
> Says she's in a sober living house that's "not a facility" despite having a curfew and on-site staff enforcing rules. hints at plans for moving out soon
> Posts photos of select few animals outside of their cages (except the rats, of course, are always in their inadequate cage)
> Nemo has clearly lost weight, Star is chunky as ever. whoever was watching the animals was not being careful with proper feeding
> TND claims that blatant lies she has tweeted in the past were really Jonny using her Twitter account. Will unblock people he made her block, but anyone who made her "feel negatively" will remain blocked
> Promises to apologize to Jonny's exes that she's burned in the past, gives no timeline of when she might do this, says she just wants to "have fun" right now
> TND claims to have begun process of filing a protective order against Jonny for herself, despite no evidence in public court records to support this
> Claims Jonny tried to get her to sign an NDA but she refused. Says it took her "like 10 tries" to leave him
> Confirms that texts between her and Chelsea in Dec 2017 are real, but quickly deletes confirmation tweet.
> Jonny, in an incredibly uncharacteristic move, is silent on social media, refusing to bad-mouth Taylor, asking others to leave him out of it (possibly because he believes he still has a chance to get her back)
> Mama Dean tweeting her usual passive-aggressive threats of spilling milk
> TND changes Twitter bio to include "sober date" or 6/5/19, but quickly removes it within a day or two
> Anons speculate Taylor is manic and/or has already relapsed, and that's the cause of the ridiculous Twitter bender she's on
> TND meets new boy toy (Jake) while in rehab together, immediately latches onto him while insisting they're "not really together"
> Starts acting a hoe on Twitter, talking about how Jonny didn't fuck her for "13 months", she was "mentally single" for a year before splitting, and she wants to slut it up now that she can
> Takes sneaky photos of Jake when he's not looking, spam-posts them to Twitter because he doesn't have an account. gushes about how hot he is, says she wants him in her videos because "he's funny"
> Posts obvious after-sex photos with him in a hotel room. He finds her PUBLIC Twitter account, texts her about it, she short circuits and begins deleting tweets about him soon after
> Ironically calls him "super platonic best bro just friends" yet says she loves him and could consider marrying him ("just kidding! or is she? she is… or is she?")
> Couldn't be "by herself" for any amount of time, as she didn't break up with Jonny until after she had found a new guy who "gave her the strength" to ghost him
> Gets her fans to pester Halsey to write song lyrics by hand for her, tattoos them on her chest, looks real bad sis
> it's infinitely clear that while she may have detoxed in rehab, she did not learn anything about herself, or the trait of humility
> immediately back on her bullshit of "not caring about the haters" yet acting incredibly defensive about everything
> Doing EVERYTHING that professionals tell you not to do during recovery (moving house, impulse tattoos, new relationship, heavy social media use, etc.)

> Recent Known additions to the horde of animals: Tarantula, frog

> Recent Known Deaths: Moon crab (Ursula)
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Satanic Leaf geckos, all fishtanks not including the 150 gal, other moon crab (Triton)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Taylor deactivates Twitter after announcing she has broken up with Jonny
> Posts on multiple platforms that the relationship has ended but begs people not to tell Jonny. Deletes posts very quickly after
> Something happens that sends Taylor to the hospital for unknown reasons
> Jonny moves out WHILE Taylor is in the hospital, has someone drive him to NY State in a U-Haul truck with his most expensive toys (computer and some shoes and stupid Funko pops) in the back
> Jonny swears up and down they are still together and he only left to "take care of his dad for two months"
> Mama Dean confirms Taylor is in rehab for heroin addiction (surprise surprise she's been using all along)
> Jonny receives calls from Taylor while she is in rehab. She acts as though they're totally fine, and she will visit in NY as soon as she gets out
> Taylor is telling everyone a different story depending on what they want to hear
> Mama Dean spergs out when she realizes she's possibly being lied to
> Jonny is already talking to new girls, receiving gift packages from other women, is definitely not sober in NY
> Posts photos of his father's gun (he legally cannot own one bc of his restraining order from Chelsea) and pathetic attempts to threaten people
> Taylor stops calling Jonny and he throws a pity party for himself, taking a page out of her book by scheduling streams yet never following through

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Getting evicted from the new house
> TND is trying to complete her “redemption” to youtube
> Jonny has already sold $5k+ computer set-up to buy drugs, has not mentioned streaming in a week or two
> TND has already relapsed, or is having some other mental breakdown causing such overactivity online
> Photos of black snake (Salem) with possible mites, TND claims is just aspen (bedding) dust

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 676019

Thanks anon, looks great.

No. 676020

Holy shit. I know her most recent picture was awful, but putting it next to that pre heroin picture is really sad

No. 676021

File: 1562186506755.jpg (381.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190703-144117_Fac…)

Deleted his previous post

No. 676022

thank you! forgot to add:

> TND begins not-so-subtly implying Jonny forced her to use heroin, saying "he shot me up for a year"

> claims that she suffered "every kind of abuse" at his hands
> Acts like the #1 expert on addiction despite not being clean for even a month
> Somehow thinks people only get addicted to heroin if they're already in the "15% of people!!!!" who have genetic predisposition to addiction, regardless of it being one of the most addictive substances for ANYONE to use
> Tells people not to talk about it if they've never tried it (lol)

No. 676023

I just don't understand how this girl makes her career her animals and then once out of "rehab" all she talks about is getting mad dick and having fun.

This just makes it 100% obvious that her animals are only pay cheques to her. Honestly glad she is "rebranding" Hopefully no more animals will be harmed and only her pride will be killed from now on.

No. 676024

Another thing that annoys me is sober living houses have strict rules and they're serious about recovery.. And she's texting her sober house manager about food in the middle of the night. She had no respect for other people.

No. 676025

Can‘t wait for the day she get‘s kicked out, should be soon the way she is behaving. Btw, did Jen delete/deactivate her account? Can‘t find it

No. 676026


Yeah, but it'll be back by tomorrow. The cycle continues.

No. 676027

Why do i get the feeling she got that information " it took me like 10 tries to finally leave him" from here, maybe to get some sympathy or to justify how she jump to Jake's dick right away.

No. 676028

it makes me laugh how she claims those are her natural lips.

honestly, it may be true she hasn't gotten fillers in a while (not sure if I believe it) but it doesn't matter, because somewhere along the line, she developed that huge LUMP on the left side of her top lip. there's the lump that's right in the center, and then directly next to it there's another very obvious place that isn't how normal mouths work. Like how J* talked about with his botched procedure, it hangs down over her teeth when it should remain drawn tight. And it's been there for at least a year. She caused permanent damage to her lips with her addiction to getting them filled. now they will always look lumpy and unnatural, even after the most recent injections have dissolved.

No. 676029

well, she's already said that her account is about her life, not her animals, see >>675327 and >>675764

tbh she should just rebrand because she can't be fucked to even pretend to care about her animals anymore.

No. 676030

I hate to bag on another girls appearance, but when TND is such an inconsiderate cunt it’s hard to feel bad for her.
She looks TOO skinny and I’m sure she’s loving the fact she lost weight from heroin. She definitely edited her side boob in the pictures she posted and her face looks sunken in.
I’m all about posting selfies to show people you’re happy about your body, but she blatantly lies about herself CONSTANTLY and it makes no sense. Just tell the truth and say you got work done on your lips. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.
But it is embarrassing to everyone that she can’t even own up to her lip injections even though there are literal screenshots proving her wrong.
This girl needs to get the fuck off the internet. With how many people follow her drama, her entire life is going to be recorded by strangers purely because her dumpster fire keeps getting bigger, and it’s just going to keep popping up in her life.
But karma will catch up eventually.

No. 676031

This. Her acting like she’s queen bee of the sober house (life achievement, kek) is so arrogant. She always acts like being a mess and breaking rules is cute and quirky. Those rules are in place for a reason and she just skirts by them and laughs about it because she’s Taylor Nicole Dean. She’s always been this way, all of her bad qualities have only gotten worse, you’re not getting healthier uwu at all, sweaty, maybe try taking something seriously for once before your cheeks sink in so much they touch your teeth. Anon’s pic for the thread really brings it home, yikes.

No. 676032

File: 1562188227494.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, C5B17284-7AE2-4709-B28F-BB84F9…)

That dandruff girl.

But I guess I can’t be surprised since she’s known to never shower.
Why does she choose to be a greaseball and tell the world about it?

No. 676033

File: 1562188282584.png (172.18 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-03-17-10-54…)

I guess Jen doesn't want to face the music today.

No. 676034

i legit think she chose to say she spends weeks not showering for pity points because muh depression

No. 676035

This is not a thread for people to flaunt their heroic fantasies, or pysch 101 knowledge.

Read the rules. Don't blogpost or moralfag.

No. 676036

I love how yesterday TND was tweet splurging like mad about this new guy, and right after she finds out he saw her tweets she stops talking about him and just posts a greasy selfie.

It’s crazy, a week ago I had some sympathy for her and feared for her wellbeing because I thought she’d go to JC after gettin first out.
Turns out, she’s just as good at fucking up her own life and relationships as he is. (Maybe. JC is pretty masterful at that)

Now she’s just another YT internet drama story. I really hope WhatEver makes a new video about all this recent shit, unless she’s waiting for even more tea since we all know there’s gonna be tea fLOWIN throughout these next few weeks

No. 676043

I feel bad for this new guy. No doubt Taylor's told him about how possessive & potentially dangerous Jonny is, but to be flaunted around by his new 'friend' like a trophy just to make her ex jealous…

No. 676046

I don't understand why anyone is buying it. Let's say somehow she did fantastic in rehab and fell In love and is a whole new wonderful person, why would she have so much time to sit and reply to like every single response. Shouldn't she be too busy 'getting the d' to have time to tell us about it. Kinda another sign it's all just hyped up in her head and reality is probably way off lol

No. 676050

Someone on Twitter pointed out the protection order she claims she has against Jonny does not show up in court records.


No. 676051

this was already pointed out in the previous thread >>675995

No. 676052


Maybe this is what Jonny posted "thank fucking god" about?

No. 676053

I pointed that out in the last thread already and included it in the thread OP

No. 676055

>>676028 "These are my natural lips! Now…"

No. 676057

Well they would tell Jonny if there was a protective order against him… Since he has to obey it.

I honestly wonder if Taylor is lying about the abuse, she's obviously lying about him forcing her to shoot up. I'm sure it was emotionally abusive but not to the level she claims.

And sorry thought it was new milk.

No. 676058

File: 1562194278663.png (331.03 KB, 750x1334, 0DAD7B9F-E00D-4937-A32A-ED6D8C…)

No. 676059

rewired soul made a new video about taylor

No. 676060

File: 1562194497709.png (93.44 KB, 636x566, Screenshot_2019-07-04_01-54-41…)

taylor's reaction.

No. 676061

File: 1562194642844.png (136.83 KB, 681x505, Screenshot_2019-07-04_01-56-10…)

>he's literally my friend
yeah you can call it whatever you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you're very emotionally and sexually invested in him.

No. 676063

File: 1562194735170.png (624.35 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190704-005856.png)

No. 676064

File: 1562194779255.png (48.8 KB, 656x384, Screenshot_2019-07-04_01-59-29…)

No. 676065

File: 1562194862589.png (75.65 KB, 690x558, Screenshot_2019-07-04_02-00-28…)

she's such a dumb bitch… should've kept it to yourself if you didn't want the internet speculating about it.

No. 676067

Incoming super sperg milk from this video lmao. She is gonna twist and turn to try justify her shit and praise herself like no tomorrow.

She really is making Jonny look like an angel. HOW?

No. 676068

File: 1562195040302.png (80.82 KB, 676x586, Screenshot_2019-07-04_02-02-05…)

people who aren't experienced with addiction offering their opinion:
>reeee don't open your mouth unless you've injected china white hourly, you have no idea what you are talking about reee
people who are are experienced with addiction offering their opinion
>you don't know me reeee

No. 676069

for almost 1.5 years she blasted all over over social media how happy, drug-free and in love she was with jc and now she's pissed off that people don't really take her words at face value?

No. 676070

chris is a scumbag but isn't he actually a little bit experienced with drugs and recovery?

No. 676071

File: 1562195158272.png (58.72 KB, 684x418, Screenshot_2019-07-04_02-05-01…)

inb4 she relapses within a week of moving out of the home, if she hasn't already

No. 676072

File: 1562195201595.png (518.41 KB, 1125x2436, 5F872800-AA71-4E16-BF86-917786…)

She’s reading here guys lol

No. 676074

So far this video from TRS is quite decent considering he is more in his lane this time.

Good to see she still will not admit being wrong lmao. My ass they know and are ok with them being fuck buddies and it's gonna end up having them kicked out and she will relapse for sure. This girl I swear. She cannot look realistically and critically at herself,

No. 676075

File: 1562195323235.png (18.15 KB, 639x148, Screenshot_2019-07-04_02-08-03…)

only thing you changed was dropping the manlet and getting clean for a bit

No. 676076

people are worried about her and she finds it offensive

oh taylor. the cow that keeps on giving.

No. 676078

I'm sure Jake is gonna love this. he goes to rehab, talks to some chick for a quick fuck while inside, gets out of rehab, and discovers she's obsessed with him and plastering his name and face all over the internet. and it's getting picked up and spread by other influencers. that's definitely gonna help his recovery. I hope it doesn't jeopardize his job or anything.

>Maybe it's been proven by multiple experts to be a bad move, but I read ONE BOOK and it didn't say anything about it! so it must be okay! I read one book, so I'm an expert on healthy recovery too now! even though I haven't even been sober for a month…

God I hate that he calls her Nicole

No. 676079

Taylor you literally would not shut up about this guy who you just met. You're more embarrassingly obsessed than the internet ever will be.

And I bet nobody else is secretly taking pictures of each other and putting them all over their social media?
It's unhealthy as fuck Taylor get over it.
Do you want a cookie for being sober for FOUR WEEKS
Sit the fuck down.
We have all the right to laugh at this hilarious mess you are providing straight to us.

No. 676080

File: 1562195845579.png (47.24 KB, 663x349, Screenshot_2019-07-04_02-15-44…)

uhhh.. must be pretty important to you if you obsessively tweet about it for several days instead of having a quick shag and never talking about it publicly. what normal fucking person even brags about "getting dicked down" by a guy?

No. 676081

they're perfectly fine with a new sexual relationship, just like they were perfectly fine with you drinking alcohol to "calm your nerves" when you were claiming to be ~totally sober~ in April and May?

No. 676082

She is acting like recovery is a fun high school romance process and she dares to ask that lmao

No. 676083

File: 1562196168721.png (476.97 KB, 1198x508, Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 5.21…)

did she really just change her twitter name to the title of the rewired video

No. 676084

She is so fucked in the head holy shit, yet she really wanna pretend she good? Sis you far from good. I swear she acts like she is high already

No. 676085


But guuuuys she wants to be drama-free! /s

No. 676088

For some people any attention is good attention. If negative crap keeps people coming to her Twitter feed, she'll take it. The girl's a black hole for any kind of attention.

No. 676089

On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard do you think Jonny is laughing right now with how she is self destructing? And doubt she gonna run to Jake about this. I hope he sees her Twitter melt down and shows it to people there.

No. 676090

I dont get her. Does she have no understanding of the concept that her life might be way easier if she didnt share so much of it with her over 100k followers?

I had always dismissed the idea that someone would rationally WANT that much negative attention in their life but here we are…

No. 676091

0 cause he is probably too high on heroin to understand anything

No. 676093

File: 1562196733158.png (106 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190704-013213.png)

No. 676094

Is no one gonna comment on how her pupils are pinpoint again

No. 676095

bruh… the only thing entertaining about her life is how delusional and self-destructive she is.

No. 676096


She’s outside. It’s not that deep.

No. 676097


The “good choices” you’ve made? Do you want a fucking cookie? Yes look at you, you absolute MARVEL! All these amazing things you’ve done:
>baited your abusive ex
>jumped on the first cock to give you attention
>shat your personal life all over the internet
>put all your pets on the back burner
>got a terrible, spur-of-the-moment tattoo

Is that what she wants credit for? Because as far as I can tell, she hasn’t done a damn positive thing at all. She’s treating her treatment like a joke, won’t admit any actual fault beyond twisting it to make herself look like a martyr, credited a dude she’s known a month with more gratitude than she’s shown her own family who (although is crazy) have taken care of the animals she abandoned besides god knows what behind the scenes to try and get her help…

I mean I just can’t. I’ve gone from fan to doubter to disgusted to absolute disdain. I am a fucking hippie sap that wants to see the good in everyone and loves a real redemption arc, but this is ridiculous. This week she’s taken a shit on the last shred of hope or pity I had for her.

No. 676100

These people have been there for a year and have actually completed rehab. They're working super hard to be sober clearly.

Then again, you're a liar.

I think Jonny reads here and followed her social medias for a bit and realised that it doesn't matter what she says because she is coming off so fucking shit. She has lost any validity she ever had in 2/3 days.

No. 676101

I'm getting flashbacks to when she was laughing at people speculating over her being a drug user months ago. You don't get to say
>You have no idea what's going on in my life!
When the internet speculators have been in the right every time so far
>Internet right about her pet care being subpar
>internet right about johnny being abusive
>Internet right about the Chelsea texts being real
>internet right about her doing heroin and lying about it, several times over
That's just the shit I can be bothered to list

You're zero for four Taylor! Maybe if you hadn't lied all this time people would be inclined to believe you, but your ultra defensive, snarky responses and excuses are copypasted from the last four instances. You don't have any credibilty, it's time to shut up, show some humility and maturity and rebuild your reputation.

No. 676102

I love how her stans are going "mind your own business" in response to anyone speaking sense. Taylor doesn't WANT people to mind their own business, idiots. That's why she doesn't stop posting about her drama.

No. 676103

File: 1562197654884.jpeg (361.88 KB, 640x862, DBB1AFB7-71D4-4CCA-ADEA-DE7DD4…)

her stans are brain dead…WHY would we believe her given all the shit she has spewed in the past. The pee tests, her therapist said drinking alcohol was okay, and so much more.

No. 676105

God she’s such an idiot. She makes a mockery of all the people that followed the suggestions in early recovery and made it out. Now she’s an expert in the big book.

No. 676107

I don't know if this is a Blog posting or what but I just know from family members being in AA and them being a mentor in AA that relationships are frowned upon especially with mentors and mentees they usually have the same sex mentor and mentee for that reason so you won't confuse your sobriety into somebody else. So when she says it's okay it's a blatant lie she lies about everything she lied about her service dog she lied about not doing drugs I just I just can't with her.

No. 676109


Reposting from two threads ago with additional info:

The process of getting a Protective Order takes several weeks. If anything she has applied and is awaiting her hearing and has a temporary order. If it had been granted already it would appear in court records. Nothing appears when either of their names is searched.


Jonny's legal name is Jonathan Monroe Craig.

Also, since he is in New York, the sheriff is unable to serve him which will further delay the proceedings.



Once the application has been approved, a protective order hearing will be scheduled in 2 weeks to give the Sheriff's Office time to serve the perpetrator. Once granted, a protective order lasts up to two (2) years.

The Sheriff's Office will hand deliver the paperwork to the actor. The paperwork consists of an application for the protective order, the sworn statement you signed in our office describing the violence, and a Temporary Ex Parte Order to keep the perpetrator from bothering you until the hearing date. This includes keeping the actor away from your residence and place of employment.

If the perpetrator is served, you will need to go to court. A prosecutor and an advocate will go with you to court to represent you and answer all your questions.

If the actor agrees to leave you alone, an Agreed Protective Order will be issued. If he or she does not show, you automatically get a Protective Order by default. If he or she denies the charges, a hearing will be held in front of a Judge who will decide if you get the Protective Order.

Once you receive the Protective Order, the actor may be arrested if he or she bothers you or goes near your residence. However, if the actor is not delivered (served) the papers, upon your request and with a valid address, the case may be reset again for two (2) weeks, and again, if necessary.

No. 676111

Oh but don't be silly, anon! Rules are always different wherever she goes!
The facility she went to is tooootally fine with her hooking up with another rehab patient because everybody else does it. And they've known each other for 4 weeks so that is more than enough for her to gauge how great of a relationship that's totally not a relationship is going to be. Total nonsense that someone with codependency issues who's been sober for less than a month will relapse, you hater! /s

No. 676113

I think the thing that makes me the most annoyed is that her behavior makes a mockery of all the people who have struggled with and fought addiction. She treats it like it’s all for the lulz and she’s like, so totally fine and stuff. She’s pure trash.

No. 676114

>The process of getting a Protective Order takes several weeks. If anything she has applied and is awaiting her hearing and has a temporary order. If it had been granted already it would appear in court records. Nothing appears when either of their names is searched.

A lot of states do not put protective orders up on their court record websites. They're still public record, but you have to go in to the clerk of court with the docket number and pay for a paper copy of it. It's kind of a compromise between keeping it public and protecting the person who filed for.

I'm not saying that she's not feeding everyone a line of bullshit when she says she got one. It's very possible since it's Taylor. I'm just saying that if Texas is a state that keeps protective orders off their website, we can't use the lack of it not being up there as definitive proof she didn't really get one. I can't find anything doing a quick search if Texas does publish them electronically or not.

No. 676115

Agreed! She pisses me off so bad! I don’t know how rehab/sober living is anymore but I’m sure they aren’t telling her it’s ok how she is acting rn. A sponsor would tell her so I’m guessing she doesn’t have one.

No. 676116

The hearing information and date for it would be online though and searchable, even though the actual document would not be.

No. 676118

Literally my friend who I posted post-dicking pics on Twitter, yeah

No. 676119

You know that for sure? I'm not asking to be snide or anything. I just want to know how Texas' system works.

No. 676120


Personal information can be redacted.


Though she has moved to Austin which is in Travis County, the events precipitating the protective order occurred while she and Jonny resided in Bexar.

>However, if the actor is not delivered (served) the papers, upon your request and with a valid address, the case may be reset again for two (2) weeks, and again, if necessary.

I don't know what the procedure is if the respondent cannot be served. The atrium house is Jonny's "valid address" (assuming he was on the lease or received mail) until he legally establishes residency elsewhere.

Tinfoil: Jonny didn't return to San Antonio for his dental appointments because he was avoiding being served.

No. 676121

File: 1562201080805.jpeg (296.35 KB, 1125x1627, A07677E7-D012-44EC-829B-A7A877…)

No. 676123

File: 1562201141700.jpeg (377.3 KB, 1125x1591, A511A975-C7B6-4B04-968C-B11AB7…)

She really isn’t showing any enclosures huh

No. 676124


Gemini says stop over feeding me.

No. 676125

Gemini also says stop dangling me like a toy

No. 676126

File: 1562201251027.png (254.29 KB, 1395x1768, Capture _2019-07-03-17-44-04.p…)

So I wrote my sister this is her response will be in three parts sorry for a mass post

No. 676127

File: 1562201274366.png (140.63 KB, 1375x779, Capture _2019-07-03-17-43-07.p…)

No. 676128

File: 1562201301051.png (124.43 KB, 1404x771, Capture _2019-07-03-17-43-41.p…)

No. 676129

hahaha I was just going to type that, jesus these snakes are all fucking obese, how miserable.

No. 676130

You didn't need to ask your sister, anon.

No. 676131

I totally get that it is common sense. But it was done to get another addicts who takes sobriety seriously perspective. I think what pisses me off from this whole situation is that the fact Taylor can make this so lighthearted and is just disgusting. I don't know what's worse her fans backing up her behavior or the bulshit she pulls out of her ass.

No. 676132

Look at the skin folds on that snake. The way the skin bunches together as the body curls. That snake is obese. A snake in the "overweight" stage isn't even visibly overweight. So for this snake to be showing outward signs of obesity, it's been overfed probably the entire time she's had it. Which doesn't surprise me since she's in the past said she's fed adult male balls medium rats weekly. My adult females get medium rats monthly. Males get smalls monthly, or a chick biweekly. She's overfeeding these snakes by a lot, and their lifespan will be much shorter because of it.

No. 676135

This girl is probably going through some serious mania, she really needs psychiatric help.

No. 676136

File: 1562202576400.jpg (17.13 KB, 347x625, taylornicoledean.jpg)

How the fuck did she manage to do that?

No. 676137

Inb4 TheRewiredSoul broke it

No. 676138

His dick broke it.

No. 676139

"Got dicked so good he broke my cartier bracelet lmao but idc bc he so cute lmao look at this picture we took after we fucked hehehe just friends tho"

No. 676141

So is he new or did you spend all your time with him for a month or whatever bullshit you spewed to convince people it isn't a "relationship"?

No. 676142

File: 1562203693055.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2019-07-04-03-27-00…)

Aaaand on Twitter she still trying to taunt.

No. 676144

At least she put the damn animal down for the picture this ti-
So does that mean she's home suddenly, or that she had her mom bring/send her only her most instagram-friendly animal

No. 676145

She likely took a bunch of photos when she saw her animals recently and just posts them over the course of a week or two

No. 676146

From previous thread:
Jen has removed that Periscope, I hope you downloaded it before posting the link?

No. 676149


dang Jen, make it more obvious that you're lurking lol

that or Taylor told her to take it down. I'm sure they're all lurking. I just can't wait for Jake to find these threads

No. 676151

Imagine being some guy out of rehab just trying to take a probably semiprivate post-sex selfie with a girl then this parasite The Rewired Soul makes a video about you. This guy is as big a cow as any other on his board and if you haven't watched Primink's video about him I suggest you do before giving this uneducated scumsucker any clicks.

No. 676152

idk, the link was broken as soon as it was posted, I doubt jen had the time to delete it.

No. 676153

as in, he's been a junkie? yes sure. but that's it.

No. 676154

Need to throw in about four y’alls and then you’re spot on

No. 676157

How about imagine taking a post sex selfie, then getting it blasted online by some manic self absorbed animal abuser without your consent? Sure I think TheRewiredSoul should’ve blurred the guys face, but so should Taylor. She had no right posting all these candid photos of these guy. She obviously didn’t even ask if he was okay with all of her twitter following knowing about his sex life, since she got caught red handed posting shit about him BY him. Then she even confessed he said he didn’t have a Twitter. Jfc.

No. 676158

Chris is problematic yes, but he's also a recovering addict and has actually spent a fair amount of time in and out of rehab over the years so I'm sure a lot of people here can agree that his opinion on the matter of her fucking another recovering addict is semi valuable compared to someone with zero experience such as her dumb fuck stans. I don't like Chris but he has Rehab/Mentor knowledge that many of us don't. He's just a poo head that thinks because he counselled some addicts he's a psychiatrist. He's got a whole bunch of issues on his own but yaknow, name an addict/ex addict who isn't problematic.

No. 676159

yeah, let's not pretend that he is the problem here. ending up in his video isn't any worse really than being posted into multiple drama threads all over the internet. In the end it's on taylor.

No. 676160

But if she doesnt show his face how will she brag about how hot her new fuck buddy is?? She cant take a shit on her own without needing asspats

No. 676162

well today is our lucky day then, because I've been a mentor at a bupe/sub clinic for 6 years and have 8 years clean. What she's doing right now isn't tactful but it isn't inherently against anything or indicative that she'll relapse. She's making sober choices and feels good about it, we see it a lot in group. AA is where you're not supposed to date within, but people still do and end up married sometimes. Whether she relapses or not is on her, not the dude. Whether he relapses or not is on him. If they relapse then they would have done so anyway, without the other.

Rewired soul is a fat, retarded cow. I never agree with him on much, and I certainly don't agree with him here, he's just going after the situation for his usual reasons. Nothing he has to say is useful or insightful.

No. 676164

Sorry but this is an anonymous thread, whether or not you say you have that experience can’t be proven so it doesn’t matter. For all we know you could be TND trying to convince everyone that her choices aren’t shit right now.

No. 676166

>Imagine being some guy out of rehab just trying to take a probably semiprivate post-sex selfie

except it was Taylor who took the pictures, all of them, smdh stans

No. 676168

i laughed because you know it's true with this bitch

No. 676169

She’s making sober choices? Sure. AA and NA follow pretty much the same steps and suggestions. I bet you are one of those “don’t come to an AA meeting unless your solely an alcoholic”. The steps are worded slightly different but they mean the same damn thing. One heck of a sponsor or mentor you are to even think this is ok what she is doing.

No. 676170

are you joking holy shit the cope is real gtfo

No. 676171

it’s fucking hilarious how one anon with actual experience is told their opinion means nothing because it’s an anonymous thread, meanwhile multiple people have posted claims with absolutely zero proof that had to be corrected by other anons, i.e. claiming taylor still follows jonny on IG when it’s been proven he doesn’t. and yet people still claimed that afterward and nobody said shit. ironic how if something doesn’t fit the preconceived tinfoil narrative it’s immediately thrown out as bullshit even if it’s true.

No. 676172

What ever you say!
Funny how at convenient times in all these threads there's always a therapist, doctor, psychiatrist, mentor, animal worker, mechanic pretty much any damn trade to suit the situation! I don't take it seriously when people spout shit about their alleged profession or what they do/have done in their life on an anonymous forum.

A lot of people spout that shit to make their opinion seem more valid than it actually.

I could easily say I'm a therapist thats worked in rehab centres for 10 years and I strongly advise against relationships between recovering addicts in rehab because of such and such reason and why it's never a good idea to make my opinion seem more valid. Doesn't mean shit. This is why we don't blogpost.

No. 676173

two completely different things anon lmao

No. 676174

I'm not a stan, idiot. I'm just not buying what he Rewired Soul (or Taylo), are selling. This guy likely had no idea what Taylor was about to do with the picture, since he contacted her about her twitter later after she made the posts. If it turns out he's in on all he posting later, we'll know he's an attention whore but for now notice how covert it's all been.

TRS is a pice of shit who comes for people at their lowest for the sake of a quick dollar. He stans Holly Conrad ffs.

No. 676176

That's a shit example, that person's app was glitching and showing them that Taylor was following Jonny, another anon did a further search to prove otherwise.

You on the other hand are just splerging shit to make your opinion more valid than it actually is.

No. 676177

of course anons post their opinions all the time. but when someone tries to bolster theirs with alleged qualifications, it's a bit sus. provide sources for your claims if you want to appear more credible.

No. 676179

Whether Taylor is "allowed" a relationship under Rule 9b Section c of the Rehab Code right now isn't relevant. We can just call this "bad judgement on her part" since it clearly is.

No. 676180

She loves the drama and speculation which is why she continues posting and retweeting shit. Case in point: this video.

I haven’t watched the video yet but way to go - jake will watch that video and find whatever’s videos and then will eventually find out about this site.

She’s so smart!

Also, thread 40 is juicer than ever.

No. 676181

he is an attention whore, but taylor tweeted about the video first, he didn't approach her.

No. 676182

don't give TRS any views or revenue, he's an absolute parasite and we have all the takes in these threads that we need.

No. 676183

Hey it’s our lucky day tho, lol.
Like nobody else around here has “actual experience” in recovery, sponsorship and mentoring. They just don’t give their qualifications. You however came in like a know it all and spewed bullshit. You can’t pull the wool over our eyes. It’s as easy as google if you are confused.

No. 676188

My apologies anon, I think I must have responded to the wrong post because I have no idea what TRS is.

No. 676189

TRS = The Rewired Soul. OT background but he's a reformed junkie who plays therapist on Youtube despite having no qualifications. He's likes to get into drama pingpong battles then pretends he's above drama/not drama/leaving the drama community. Taylor posting his video about her is kinda baiting him to make more in response out of "concern for her rehab journey" and a "lesson for others" which he will no doubt do. Battle of the Attention Whores is beginning, basically. Video is relevant to his character.

No. 676190

>she's making sober choices
are you sure, cause it looks like a trainwreck to me haha

No. 676191

Anon, this thread is about Taylor Nicole Dean? You might have confused their initials, it's okay, we understand.

No. 676192

shut the fuck up and learn how to assimilate and sage. you stick out like a sore thumb every goddamn time.

No. 676193

Idk man I don’t think her sleeping around is that big an issue and probably is kinda therapeutic after Jonny. Remember most girls in their 20s have had a hoe phase after a bad breakup. The biggest problem here is she’s not treating this dude as “a friend” or “a hookup” she’s infatuated with him, more like in the honeymoon phase of a relationship. Idk if Taylor has ever had experience with hookups so that’s kind of expected she’s catching feelings till she finds out he’s prob fucking someone else and that’s what happens when ur just “hooking up.” Eventually she’ll be forced to realize that you gotta keep your fuck buddies low key with low emotional investment or it’s basically the same thing as a relationship.

Now the big problem is she’s doing all of this fresh out of rehab so the big emotional let down that’s going to come when she falls head over heels for this dude and finds out the feels aren’t mutual like that could send her to relapse. And she doesn’t realize that it’s this possibility that everyone is freaking out about. No one could give two fucks about her getting dicked down, it’s her emotional involvement in this hookup that’s worrying.

No. 676196

You worded this perfectly. Taylor does not understand this because anything that isn’t kissing her ass equals ‘hate’ in her eyes.

No. 676198

yeah sorry anon, my hateboner is showing enough to drive me off topic for a minute

I guess there's also a worry that he could be in it for the ride, maybe going to launch a channel sometime, etc. the relationship would 'stick' for a while in that case but could be pretty destructive.

No. 676199

She also doesn't seem to want to accept that the good feels of leaving rehab for the first time and being clean will pass. She should be using it to her advantage to help her stay clean but instead she's using it exacerbate other natural highs, like the feeling of falling for someone/entering a new relationship.

I feel like she doesn't want to admit that she's having the honeymoon period with recovery too and is trying to seem like she's been happy this whole past month!And acting like it'll last as long as she's clean. Which is funny because it's obvious and normal and when she doesn't inevitably come down from that everything she's doing is only going to make it harder. She doesn't want to believe that it'll happen to her but lbr it pretty much happens to everyone who goes to treatment.

No. 676200


She is also on the rebound from heroin. Once it clears your system your libido and sexual function return in a heightened manner.

No. 676201

Is "bro" her pet name for Jake? Like how Jonnybwas "Daddy"? Tbh her calling J 'bro' 'CONSTANTLY- is the most disturbing part of this current meltdown.

No. 676203


Yeah, it wouldn't be an issue for her to go through a rebound phase if heroin wasn't involved.

I don't hate Taylor and I got a lot of shit here for saying she's not a bad person, she's just a fucking idiot.

I want her to recover. It seems like a lot of people are waiting for her to relapse for their own amusement and that's fucked up.

So I'm not concerned that she's hooking up with a random guy. I'm concerned that she's clearly infatuated with him. I'm concerned because it's so much easier to avoid relapsing when you're happy and have good things to distract you. But the moment something bad happens, like this new guy moves on, well… The temptation to escape your pain becomes a lot harder to resist.

I want her to get better. No one deserves to be a junkie. I want her to get real therapy about her codependency issues so she doesn't need to feel the need to fill the hole in her soul with animals, so she gives most of them away to people who can really care for them, and so she stops hurting herself and others.

Her animals deserve better and that won't happen until she gets real help and stops masking her issues with hookups and animals.

"By Myself"

Taylor, you haven't once proved the purpose of that tattoo.

No. 676204

File: 1562216773196.jpeg (408.54 KB, 1125x1379, BCB41B58-99EF-40B5-9F9D-BFA883…)

No. 676206

She's trying to be extra quirky and sarcastic by calling him bro.

No. 676207

anything milky in the comments?

No. 676208


Vaguebooking cunt.

He's a fucking idiot. How can anyone be attracted to him?

No. 676212

File: 1562218410281.jpeg (201.12 KB, 1242x1366, CC4D58B1-02D6-4AB2-B1AC-E13656…)

Sorry if this has already been posted but I didn’t see this one being mentioned. (Except for the rehab romance one)

I’m sure Jake has already searched her on YouTube. All her drama/gossip videos come up first HAHA

No. 676214

Never mind not worth watching. Sorry guys.

No. 676216

I read the rants. I said I DIDNT SEE THE VIDEO POSTED. Two different things. Let’s not derail now

No. 676219

Nothing. Just his followers asking what’s up.

No. 676224

pretty sure shes using again

No. 676225

I doubt it, honestly. She’s “high” off of freedom right now, wait until she’s settled down and gets bored, then she might start using again. Plus, she’s in a brand new city without Jonny, she doesn’t have connects

No. 676227

The fact that she stayed up till a dumb time last night makes me think she’s possibly using too. I think we will know for sure if she doesn’t brag when she’s 30 days sober and starts saying how proud she is of herself and whatever else.

The lack of mentioning Jake today makes me think that he either saw the red flags or straight up told her she was being inappropriate which is good, but I reckon it will only take another thing to trigger her and she will be back bragging about this new relationship.

She seems to be a lost cause and honestly these anons hoping she truly gets sober because she will behave better are naive. I hope she gets sober but I can already see that it won’t mean anything because she’s not willing to accept responsibility, is lying about shit and getting triggered by the smallest of things.

No. 676228

Oftentimes after leaving an abusive relationship the abused party has trouble acting in appropriate ways because they've had their boundaries so consistently violated that they no longer have a good sense for what is and isn't appropriate. That's why I think dating or even messing around with someone straight off the bat is probably not a wise move.

Taylor also seems to forget that she has an pretty huge audience and she probably shouldn't post these insights into her life so flippantly. Like, get a private, more anonymous twitter for your real friends and family.

No. 676231

Alot of non saged anons seem to forget taylor was a narc wreck before Johnny even entered the picture, Has addiction issues prior to Johnny, Has shown to have ill intent towards people online prior to Johnny and generally all around been the same bitch shes always been just now in an evolved state because we all get older and she keeps making the same kind of choices that serve her the most but will also make her seem like a martyr the most. Her animals have taken large tolls on her and her space yet she clings to them to matter how much it kills them or brings down her surroundings the same way she knew Johnny was trash but 'ive been a 5ever fan and post malone has a gf rn!!!".
At the end of the day she only caters to her own whims and as long as theres even one 15yr old on twitter she will continue being trash since someone believes shes not really in the wrong. She makes decisions with intent and her actions prove that time and time again.
rehab man is just a post malone replacement cause its been in the cards for her to upgrade for a long ass while.
(Its still funny she doesnt wanna recognize the upped sex drive being part of sober living (who knew downers killed sex drive!) and how thats one of the reasons hook ups and any relationship isnt healthy, because everything is just ten folded and there is NOWAY of being "casual" as you're getting sober from heroin. Par course for addiction is finding interests to fill up part of the time spent using and on said drug and fucking isnt a sustainable nor great way to patch it up as its an act that releases chemicals in your body and you now effectively can become a sex addict bc you replaced a with b. tnd might be next pnp kek)

No. 676232

I was def one of the ones that was rooting for her thinking shed be / do better after leaving jc, but this just showed me 100% that she will never change. in fact, she seems worse than what she was before. she came out of rehab being the narcissist she has always been, a lover of drama and speculation over her. she loves the attention.

where are her pet tube friends? how come they are not tweeting at her with support? lulz.

sage for no new info. just my 2 cents.

No. 676233

Insta follower update now to 271k. First started count at 276k back at the Atrium.

No. 676234

For whatever reason she lost them I think it’s good to point out that she’s an idiot for saying that she’s no longer animal focused. We all knew she wasn’t because those posts were few and far between but realistically a lot of people follow her just for the animals. They don’t give a massive shit about her abusive relationships or drug abuse and will not give a shit about her new focus on rehab and whatever the fuck else. She’s picking a really niche market that has little to no overlap with her current audience who are there to see the cute animals.

No. 676235

So how long until she tries to start a porn career?

No. 676237

File: 1562241397868.jpeg (238.05 KB, 1242x1181, DFEAD64A-6779-4697-B31A-2D090F…)

No. 676238

Trouble is Taylor has never had or known boundaries her entire existence!

No. 676239


She's gonna pull a Shayna at this rate lmao

No. 676241

That will put mama Dean over the edge! Haha

No. 676242

It amazes me that Texas is the only place anywhere that doesn’t follow the same early recovery suggestions. Like no new relationships, don’t move, don’t get a pet, 90 in 90, stay in rehab, it’s ok to have hard cider….. Shes still doing it her way and thinks she knows best and that is why she will never recover. She may stay clean from substances but just move onto a different addiction. Apparently that’s now dick. All the therapy in the world will not help this entitled bitch. Ditching JC and heroin is the easy part.

No. 676245

Sounds like she will be the equivalent of JC - a never recovered addict. Hopefully she won't abuse her SOs

No. 676247

File: 1562246686531.jpg (16.27 KB, 668x138, Screenshot_55.jpg)

As a non native Eng speaker I often have no idea what tf he's trying to say tbh

No. 676248

As a native English speaker I often have no idea what the fuck he's trying to say kek

No. 676249

Im wondering if Jakeyboi found out Taylor is psycho, ditched her and in a state of being upset she's messaged Jonny and that's what his tweets are directed at, the heartbreaking news he supposedly heard and what ever that means above.

He's acting freakishly chilled out over this whole ordeal that's happened.

No. 676252

I don't think anyone wants her to relapse for their own amusement, it's just that her inability to take responsibility for anything makes relapse inevitable.

It's sad. She's almost certainly going to die from this because she can't remove her head from her ass.

The web of lies she spins, however, are hilarious in their absurdity, and I can't wait to see what she tries to say next

No. 676254

I fucking love that SHE showed Jake her weird obsession and possibly scared him off. She can't blame us for cowtipping, or her fans for harrassing him, or Jonny for threatening him. SHE posted his face, name, and body on her very-widely-seen public social media profile, and gushed about him for two days straight, expecting him never to see it. He saw it and called her creepy, and she had no one to hide behind to shift blame as is her usual defense. It's delicious and exactly what she deserves.

No. 676255

Jake, if you are reading this.. just run, run bitch run! Don't stick your dick in crazy ever again.

No. 676256

You guys seriously didn’t believe someone from experience who posted last thread that relationships were not recommended in rehab and now you’re looking for proof/tin foiling about Taylor’s stupid fling. Lmao.

It’s only a matter of time before she gets kicked out for not taking rehab/sober living seriously if she hasn’t already gotten kicked out.

No. 676259

Same! She can't (but probably will) blame anyone but herself if Jake got freaked out and decided to cut shit short. I won't put it past her if she will manipulate him into sticking around telling him she will relapse without what they had though because "he is the best thing that ever happened to her" or some bullshit.

Majority of people have not spoken positively about her being all over this dude and saying it's bad for her right now to be so focused on being wrapped around his dick.

No. 676260

It kind of reminds me of how she posted her messages to post malone. She must act this crazy about every guy. Jonny was just as crazy so he probably was the only one that accepted it. They deserved each other. No normal man is going to be okay with this.

No. 676264

are you tinfoiling on all this, or did her fans really harass him? how? were they able to scope him out? i doubt tnd started following afterward.

No. 676268

did you read what I wrote? I said she can't blame it on other people, because they aren't the ones being creeps. no one scared him off but her. there's no tinfoiling going on in what I said in any way.

if her fans were being creeps, she could blame them, but they aren't, so she can't. because SHE'S the creep here. no one else.

No. 676275

I think at this point it's pretty obvious the whole sober living thing was a lie. Or she left after a couple days.

She says she isn't "moving him in" so no one should be concerned. She has no control over who moved into a sober living house.

Says she's moving in her 50+ animals to a sober living house.

Sober living is totally cool with her dating another newly recovered addict. Just like her made up outpatient told her drinking was fine.

Really fake texts between her and the person running the sober living house.

No. 676277

lol she probably means "sober living house" as in "I'm sober and I'm living in a house, that makes it a sober living house"

also her saying "it's a regular home, not a facility" adds to your theory. sober living/halfway houses are very much facilities, no matter how homey they feel. if there's staff there enforcing house rules and you can get kicked out for breaking them, it's not a "regular home".

No. 676278


What about needing a curfew though? She's mentioned having a curfew, so that suggests she's in some sort of supervised facility.

It just seems suspicious that any place that has a curfew would allow her to bring her animals.

But it's not impossible, I guess.

Wouldn't put it past her to lie tho.

No. 676279

taylor expects and often actually gets special treatment wherever she goes. I'm surprised her hoard was allowed in her rented apartment and house tbh.

No. 676286

I'm saying she probably did live in the facility for a few days and did have a curfew, but she got kicked out/left early because she didn't want to have to live with the rules. And that now she's lying and pretending she's still living in such a facility, but she's such a bad liar that she also talks about doing things that would not be allowed in any sober living facility. just illustrating that her story doesn't add up (as usual) is all

No. 676288

nta but seems like a tinfoil

No. 676290

File: 1562263397044.jpeg (165.46 KB, 750x1185, C8F336F1-6B8E-477F-93FA-D696F5…)

No. 676291

File: 1562263446516.jpeg (185.68 KB, 750x1210, 7A8DEE19-654C-4B54-91F5-504A94…)

Just proves that as long as one follower worships her decisions she will never feel the need to recognize her mistakes.

No. 676297

That isn’t what she meant by putting Jake in her upcoming videos?

TND takes bro dick dm for private

No. 676300

File: 1562266650461.png (962.08 KB, 750x1334, C397D098-AEA5-462A-A2D5-8707D5…)

30 days sober yet she removed the date of her sobriety from her bio and replaced it with “we get down with recovery in this house”

No. 676303

The only drug addicts that brag about how much they use are the posers. Even deep in their addiction, addicts lie and hide how much they actually do. Either that or they can't honestly remember. Not saying TND is lying, but she didn't need hospitalization before rehab for withdrawal from shooting up heroin every hour?
She's almost bragging about being an addict, like she thinks it's cool.

No. 676304

She did go to the hospital last year for an 'ear infection' if I remember correctly…

No. 676305

I mean before you go to rehab. If your addiction is so deep as to shoot up once an hour for almost a year, you will need to be hospitalized first because you can die from withdrawals.

No. 676309


Citation needed.

No. 676315

No. 676316

No. 676317

So I'm wondering if she's lying about how much she's been doing. I am sure she did mainline, she just wasn't injecting every hour for a year. It's not a stretch. She lies all the time.
Before I get told I don't know shit about the addiction/recovery process. My history is both my birth mother and my former best friend. Both heroin addicts. Both did multiple rehab stints. (One dead one pretends she's recovering)(blogpost)

No. 676318

benzo or alcohol w/d can kill you. heroin w/d sucks but is a joke.

No. 676320

File: 1562275247536.png (1.53 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190704-232025.png)

She's back again.

No. 676321

File: 1562275460497.jpg (163.61 KB, 1536x422, Screenshot_20190704-232350.jpg)

Let's not pretend it's a fun summer camp experience tho like Taylor thanks.

No. 676325

hell yea! let's normalize reading the warning signs and red flags before jumping in and dating a known heroin junkie rapist!

No. 676334

File: 1562278192736.jpeg (348.86 KB, 1242x1464, 51FE8166-1B42-43B5-A7D9-8FDE62…)

No. 676340


What a fucking train wreck this mother-daughter duo is LOL SMH

No. 676342

You do know they exaggerate the risk from heroin withdrawal so that they can charge your insurance right?

No. 676343

Jfc how embarrassing for everyone involved and also anyone even tangentially related to them

No. 676344

File: 1562279247332.jpg (181.93 KB, 1078x609, Screenshot_20190704-182716_Twi…)

No. 676345

File: 1562279313662.jpg (487.16 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190704-182803_Twi…)

Lol now the stans are mad

No. 676347

>we are 12yrs old

You're junkies taylor… thats what you're making yourself and your walking vibrator sound and look like. Immaturity and addiction go hand in fucking hand but not like any anons can say shit because shes the ~*expert*~

No. 676348

File: 1562280171529.png (3.78 MB, 1242x2688, DDC8D316-51DE-403D-AFB5-0787E5…)

Eyes look the same, just one is edited to be brighter, am I rite?

No. 676351

File: 1562280222877.png (11.93 MB, 1242x2688, 556D6286-8489-4485-B191-B4D767…)

let’s compare

No. 676352

File: 1562280244296.png (11.74 MB, 1242x2688, CB40D6B2-A505-47B1-A1C2-DB8F0E…)

No. 676353

People didn't like her last post so now she's posting this one to regain sympathy from her fans.

Straight up manipulation.

No. 676354

Pupils are the same. That's my observation.

No. 676355

Considering the fact that she seems to have at least a bit of make up on in the other picture… lol.
She looks bored here and wants to be interacting with the camera/audience in the other picture, there's really not that much change.

No. 676357

Same fake hair
Same fake lips
Same dead eyes
Same delusions

No. 676358

File: 1562280970999.jpeg (435.12 KB, 1213x1398, 5E23446E-8961-4B81-AA84-152116…)

No. 676359

People are going off on her in the comments, im surprised she hasn't deleted it yet.

No. 676360

take a shot every time taylor says “it’s a REAL disease”. her captions make it sound like she was born addicted. don’t think that’s how that works?

No. 676361

File: 1562281090164.png (228.9 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190705-085747.png)

Andddd here come the excuses

No. 676363

File: 1562281207166.png (636.72 KB, 1242x2688, 775AA568-A160-4698-9BC5-075F1E…)


No. 676364

To be fair in one she just looks like a greasy drug addict but in the other she looks like a greasy drug addict that found Facetune and a $3 lipgloss

No. 676365

doesn't matter if you were "acting goofy". You said your dickbro was trying to make him uncomfortable which is a rude thing to do to a stranger (or person for that matter) no matter what. plus laughing and joking doesn't mean someone is cool with being flipped off, God, she really is 12. Funny that actual twelve year olds are calling her out on being shitty though.

No. 676366

File: 1562281332219.png (436.06 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190705-090159.png)

No. 676367

File: 1562281336341.jpeg (613.85 KB, 1242x1925, CFA63525-5EA6-4926-839A-92D889…)

Anyone else notice that she now has “I make videos on yt SOMETIMES” ?!? Bahaha
She should put “rarely” instead

No. 676368


Again with the exaggerations.
>it was a super QUICK uber ride
>it was only an 8 minute ride AND I tipped him $12

As if any of this makes it okay. You’re a fucktard Taylor. Only you would pay for an 8 minute Uber ride.

No. 676369

File: 1562281490520.jpeg (470.39 KB, 1536x2048, 8D60ED9E-27C9-4509-B716-703622…)

Who is that? Looks like it would be her bRO FrIEnDd? Looks like an excuse to JUST post this photo. She is so transparent.

No. 676371

Equals out to about a dollar per remaining brain cells in the back of the Uber

No. 676372

okay maybe I am dumb, but where did he call her creepy? I only saw trthe text about how he said he wasn't holding his phone upside down

No. 676373

File: 1562281982092.png (943.84 KB, 720x956, Screenshot_20190705-091122~2.p…)

>the bruised are from my EDS guys it's so chronic

No. 676374

File: 1562282006666.png (138.25 KB, 1156x478, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 7.12…)

No. 676375

I don't get why she feels the need to exclaim she's having dick every minute. Is she that desperate for attention or

No. 676377

File: 1562282093913.png (898.21 KB, 1242x2688, 85EBB69E-1F77-4299-8E28-A197DD…)

I’m usually on alert about how people interpret things?!?!?

I wouldn’t ever wanna make someone uncomfortable when she JUST SAID they were trying to make him uncomfortable.

No. 676378

Do you not know how to speak English?
You said she can’t blame people for cowtipping. Everything else you typed read as if it happened.

No. 676379

File: 1562282222095.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2688, E4D11800-8C5D-4D0D-9E29-D01870…)

only twice herself??

No. 676380

So will she ever confirm she was indeed slurring in some of her videos.
Lol at her saying he facilitated it as to put blame on him entirely.

No. 676381

She literally said in an older post how she’d be shooting up even when she didn’t want to. SHE was shooting up. Why does she always lie?!

No. 676382


A dozen threads full of screenshots says you didn't succeed at hiding them.

No. 676383

so she is saying that she was a hardcore heroin addict for a whole year and none of her pettube friends knew about it? at all? either they are some shitty ass friends or she is exaggerating as usual.

i dont doubt that she has been into heroin for more than half a year but i also feel like she hasnt been consistently shooting up for a year.

also, great job betsy for taking your son to a fucking heroin den when you knew exactly what kind of person jonny was.

No. 676384


>I had cotton in my artery…

Is this cunt that fucking stupid? How are you still alive then?

Basically she’s saying she let Jonny shoot her up so I’m guessing since he facilitated the whole thing and she had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it then she has no idea if he was even using clean needles on her. Lie better Taylor you nasty gutter junkie.

No. 676385

She's never going to get sober. She can't take responsibility for anything. She became addicted not because she tried drugs but because of DNA and a boyfriend who shot her up. So, how long until her mom posts about her death by OD and funeral?

No. 676387

It's highly unlikely she stayed sober up until this point. My tinfoil lite bet is she shoots up with Jake very late at night lol.

No. 676388

now that she's admitted she's been addicted for over a year, I want her to revisit her "why I missed my scheduled petfest meet+greet" story.

No. 676389

File: 1562283288348.png (82.06 KB, 1122x296, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 7.34…)

does this mean she is being sarcastic about being sober?

No. 676390

seriously … she has zero accountability and is tweeting about rehab like it was a summer camp - the timelines for everything are always off too. i don’t believe she wasn’t shooting herself up and she needs to stop blaming her genetics and JC for her own choices (not saying they didn’t play a role but humans have the ability to make their own choices)

No. 676391

No you idiot. It's her way of justifying being a dick to an Uber driver.

No. 676392

hi taylor.
you're the idiot.
learn to take some responsibility for your action. you know, like not telling all your tween followers that addiction is genetic making it seem like H is not as bad as it seems UNLESS you are that 15%. stupid bitch.(Hi, [cow])

No. 676393

Taylor: I’m an addict guise, it’s a disease, I needed it, I was shooting up even when I didn’t want to.
Also Taylor: I only did it to myself twice. Johnny did everything.

She will never grow up.

No. 676394

File: 1562283747132.png (685.53 KB, 1242x2688, 349CB952-114F-40F8-A86D-456C3C…)

She talks as if she’s this expert when she SUPPOSEDLY is JUST 30 days clean.


No. 676395

Ah yes shes with yet another man that she has to be the mother of, reminding them not to be shitty people!

No. 676398

File: 1562284207676.png (519.82 KB, 1242x2688, 945F3205-2A86-4EFF-B035-ECBFAF…)

He made another video lulzzzz.

No. 676399

New RWS video about her

No. 676400

wow. not even trying anymore eh nicole.

No. 676402

File: 1562284321535.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2688, 8D80C6D9-AC00-4E52-B8A7-C88B0B…)

Top priority seems more like finding another relationship / getting internet attention.

No. 676403

Lol she’s pretending her “better” pic isn’t a full face of make up (concealer, foundation, maybe even color corrector), while her heroin pic is just bared faced with heinous weave. What a twat.

No. 676404

Taylor has been extra manic on Twitter lately. Hopefully she's not on drugs…but every time she claimed to be uwu so sober in the past, she was high. So the odds of her actually being sober are slim.

RWS is a cow himself. The only reason he doesn't have a thread is because he's not interesting enough.

No. 676405

as I always suspected (by the bruising and location) she can't shoot blind aka if she can't see the vein she can't hit the vein. So I doubt Johnny was shooting her up for a yr because there are way better/safer veins that are less likely to collapse than your wrist and I'm certain he's capable and knows that. It's basic harm reduction that you want to avoid hands and groin and neck especially unless you actually have collapsed veins which I don't believe she has (permanent collapsed ones taylor not opps it collapsed I'll use it when it comes back). She seems like she's saying she shot up all over just to try for hardcore junkie points. It's all so cringe. She probably had the "artery incident" and was too scared and resorted to "easy" veins. Easy because they're visible but usually the most fragile

No. 676406

Not a WK but I can’t stand The Rewired Soul. Watch him make another 18 videos.

No. 676407

File: 1562285168921.jpeg (125.41 KB, 1242x527, 0313960E-62EC-43DA-BCE0-E3F825…)

BECAUSE SHE UPed THE SATURATION!!!!!! Her stans are just as retarded as she is.

No. 676408

File: 1562285222524.png (99.99 KB, 1210x274, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 8.06…)

but no disclaimer this was a serious post…

No. 676410

then don't share shit online, taylor. easy. oh wait, but you LOVE the attention.

No. 676413


Why does Dr. Taylor Nicole Dean keep saying that if you aren’t “born” with addiction, then once you withdrawal and that said substance is out of your system that you never have to worry about relapsing?

STOP. BEING. A. FUCKING. BRAINDEAD. PIECE. OF. SHIT with your tweets that deflect all self blame for injecting heroin every hour of the day. These tweets are DISGUSTING already.

No. 676416

I reckon Jonny actually was shooting her up, but not in the malicious sense that Taylor is making it out to be.

I think she asked him every single time, nagged and begged even. I think she thought it was safer because he had more experience injecting whereis she didn't, I also reckon that's why Jonny may have been kicked out of Slaves and didn't show up, Jonny may have tried to go but Taylor was withdrawing and not wanting to inject herself, she made Jonny come home and do it for her and that's why Colin blamed Taylor.

I think she shot herself up more than a couple times too but mainly relied on Jonny for help, it was probably an intamacy thing as well.

I hope that's also not why she's with this Jake guy, because she needs "help" and finds it easier to get the high when someone helps her out with it.

Given that Jonny's joked about injecting his ex, I'd say he's helped a few people out before.

Taylor's acting like she didn't ask for it but I bet my pennies she nagged and asked. Every. Single. Time. And think about it, the first time she ever tried it, it sure as heck wasn't going to be her injecting it, it most definitely would have been Jonny the first few times and it probably just continued because it was more comfortable for her that way.

No. 676418

You hit the nail on the head anon, I 100% agree with you and I think that is what bothers me the post about her.

She could definitely just be a chipper (someone who uses lightly or just on weekends) and just over exagerating how "sick" she was. sorry for drugfagging

No. 676430

File: 1562288317732.png (178.37 KB, 1080x1024, Screenshot_20190705-035741.png)

so she's really bringing her pets into the sober living house huh

No. 676434

him flipping people off and taylor having to explain to him not to be a shitty person? sounds likkr jonny.

No. 676436

There is no way that someone as a heroin addict shoots up another person without malice. They understand each time they are literally killing that person.

No. 676438

honestly really sad he made videos about her. He is so hated online that no one will take his opinions to heart. If anything this just gives taylor more ammo deflect all of her choices. "what does he know! uwu"

No. 676439

I'm guessing they meant without malice as in he wasn't physically or physiologically forcing her in that certain moment. who knows if he even has that much insight or if he thought he was doing a good thing.

No. 676445


Yeah, maybe a caged animal or two… not 50+ different animals? I'm not seeing how a facility is allowing her to have THAT many animals. The amount of enclosures she has is mind-boggling, they'd need an entire room just dedicated to her pets. Not to mention THREE indoor cats. So now all the other residents have to be mindful to keep the doors closed and not let them slip outside.

I can see the facility allowing like, one enclosure for a caged animal that fits in your bedroom. But she's seriously trying to cram 50+ animals into a sober house that isn't her own? Those cats are gonna piss on everything, they'll be so stressed with all these different people, surroundings and if there are other unfamiliar animals. She's either lying or (as usual) plain fucking stupid. Regrow some brain cells, Taylor.

No. 676446


She "had to hide her body" because while marketing herself as a "family friendly pet mom" she made the conscious decision to become a junkie, after making the conscious decision to shack up with a known junkie and rapist. I have zero sympathy.

No. 676447

>>676413 she's laying the groundwork for when she relapses or it comes out that she already relapsed.

"It's not my fault guyz! I'm born that way, #15% UwU"

No. 676448

If she only injected herself twice, who took care of it for her when she was traveling?

I'd like to see the timeline of her year on the needle compared to those trips where she got sick.

No. 676451

File: 1562291189216.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-04-21-43-06…)


Same room.

No. 676453

He's going to milk the Taylor train for a long time. He hasn't had a woman in this much trouble to harass on Youtube since Trisha. Please stop embedding his videos here, his takes are shit and he is shit >>676189
Drama Taylor has with him is the only interesting thing that's going to come out of this and he's the one manufacturing that to some extent anyway.

No. 676455

No one, because she was a casual user not the super junkie she wants everyone to think she is.

No. 676458

After reading the only review to the sober living that was posted a yr ago I'm 100% certain she chose a place that dgaf and isn't serious about recovery at all

No. 676459

File: 1562291706210.png (598.67 KB, 750x1334, 32839DAA-EA93-465D-8CF5-C28A64…)

No. 676460

File: 1562291730746.jpeg (375.06 KB, 750x1163, 7E0F5991-681A-4F0F-8AAC-95649B…)

No. 676461

File: 1562291740077.png (281.87 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20190705-045447.png)

No. 676464

File: 1562291850632.png (219.66 KB, 1080x1183, Screenshot_20190705-045511.png)

No. 676466

File: 1562291906431.jpeg (204.79 KB, 750x552, 55C45BD1-1835-4601-9C2D-AEF514…)

No. 676468

File: 1562292056319.png (223.05 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20190705-050045.png)

No. 676469

File: 1562292138452.png (229.99 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20190705-050154.png)

thats actually pretty chilling if it's true

No. 676470

It's not just your gEneTicS!

Heroin is no joke!

Taylor. You read here. Please stop saying it's a genetic thing. Anyone can become addicted to heroin. Even if they aren't genetically inclined for addiction, they will have a life long battle staying away from the drug after it leaves their system. Do you really think every person who relapses and goes back to using has hereditary addiction? No. They don't. Heroin changes your brain chemistry, regardless of your genetic makeup. It is NOT a drug that can have casual users. It ruins lives, genetics or not.

You are seriously giving out dangerous information.

Please. Research it more and don't just read articles that support your unsubstantiated beliefs.

Do it because you have a lot of impressionable kids that follow you. And also because you sound like a fucking idiot every time you spew your ignorant bullshit.

No. 676473

This. Bet they both romanticized the shit out of it at the time. Especially Taylor. She used Jonny and now she's using his stupid eagerness against him. Fucking viiiiiile cunt.

No. 676480

File: 1562292594181.png (174.7 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20190705-050644.png)

honestly I can't figure out why she needs to share so many pics of her trackmarks, fucked up scabby body so often. she seems so proud of her junkie-ness. what a munchie

No. 676483

Goddamn nice detective work anon

No. 676484


She was obviously dope sick on those trips, and we know she went to score with one of Jonny's buddies on one.

No. 676486

File: 1562292859918.png (209.58 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_20190705-051341.png)

confirming he punched walls, although idk if she is to be trusted tbqh

No. 676487

Not to mention she's parroting what he did to Liz (shooting her up against her will).

No. 676488

File: 1562292944351.png (126.19 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20190705-051505.png)

still not taking responsibility. the first time was a choice too, tay.

No. 676489


I bet Taylor will use her heroin addiction as a conversation starter.

Taylor at a party


Taylor: I had the worstestest addiction anyone can have to heroin. I can show you the album of pictures right here on my phone see i was on roxy’s, fentanyl, brown powder, dilaudid, tar and China white. How many people do you know who had to take that many different opioids and got a tolerance to all of them??? Huh, huh???

No. 676491


Heroin to 8mg Dilaudid and then to oxycodone?

Dilaudid is stronger than either of them (but with a shorter duration), and 8mg is a large dose for IV.

No. 676492

She puts “lol” after every sentence then wonders why people don’t believe her or take her seriously

No. 676493

To "spread awareness".

No. 676494

Liz was not shot up against her will. He /tried/ to shoot her up. And while Taylor's story is kinda sad, she did give in to Jonny and chose to let him shoot her up, it was not against her will.

No. 676495

I fixed it with moneyyy guysss

No. 676496

I wonder which animal had a respiratory infection….

No. 676497

first she's mentioned having a sponsor, only after we guessed here that she doesn't have one. make it more obvious that you're lurking tay

this makes a lot of sense. tinfoil, but she said she got that full-body rash "around February" and Jonny was kicked from his band in the last week of January. so what if he left to go on tour, she attempted to shoot herself up and totally fucked it up (causing that rash) and begged him to come home and do it the right way for her? and he got booted because he gave in and went home.

I highly doubt this is true. more likely she begged for the experience. he probably told her how amazing it felt and she was all for it, especially if she had already smoked it with him (since she confirmed Dec 2017 texts were true.) she was already addicted before it got to IV, so she was willing to make the jump.

No. 676498

*confirmed the texts were real, not that she told the truth in all of them. sorry

No. 676500

File: 1562293985125.png (223.03 KB, 626x1166, Screenshot_2019-07-04-19-31-24…)


Share with the rest of the class!

No. 676502


She knows that whet vets give out a syringe for resp infections they… don't include the needle right? It's a needle-less syringe for oral administration. Unless the vet is trying to inject it, which is not recommended and can cause burns/scabbing at the injection site. Also they would do that on site, no vet would just hand someone a syringe and tell them to inject their pet.

No. 676503

Not wk, but I had to inject my snake with a needle. I think every vet is different. But it still sounds weird to use those syringes to shoot up when you could probably purchase clean ones, or considering JC is a seasoned addict, would probably have his own.

No. 676505

File: 1562294513200.png (416.95 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-04-22-40-27…)


So it looks like a network of 9 different houses that all are co-ed sober living houses in Austin. Most reviews from people staying there are the same: it's a good place to be IF you are serious about recovery. This guy's review sums it up well…not a place to be unless 100% committed. If not, it looks like a place to chill and fuck your fellow roommates.

No. 676507

File: 1562294670771.png (836.47 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-04-22-42-56…)


For real, sounds super suspect, especially since one quick search on Amazon shows option after option of syringes to buy.

She bought him 5 thousand dollars worth of gaming equipment but he had to dig in the trash for a snake needle? Sure, Jan.

No. 676511

i’m curious if she is fabricating parts of this from stories she has heard in group therapy… all of a sudden she’s in tents scoring from homeless dudes?

No. 676515

I knew it had to be one of two or so near the University since the tattoo place was near there and cows being who they are…

No. 676516

In photos that Taylor posted herself, we all witnessed more than one orange cap.
There were some on the beside table, there were multiple caps on the bathroom floor during the move.

They were definitely sourcing more needles from somewhere, I think Taylor's talking about an isolated incident during the beginning where he used an animals needle, which is disgusting and shows the extent of their addiction and how much they truly did not give a shit about what happened to themselves.

No. 676517

omg does she not realise how incongruous this sounds? (rhetorical question since this is taylor). he went away on tour.

No. 676519

I've seen pics of the ones he used to use and I believe they're the same as she has the tiny red dots all over (not the rash but in the other pics and they looked like the smallest insulin needles you can buy which have orange caps on both ends. Even more why I don't think she collapsed all those veins and was just extremely dehydrated - Smaller needles tend to do less damage.

No. 676520

File: 1562296049468.jpeg (128.83 KB, 534x956, AE71180A-E04F-45D6-8FFE-3EAF29…)

No. 676521

File: 1562296086360.jpeg (137.6 KB, 588x999, 30C969C0-449E-472D-ABDB-FB76DA…)


No. 676522

File: 1562296107811.jpeg (136.18 KB, 547x989, A3F3286E-4E87-4A45-98C6-387731…)

I know these are old milk but I’ve never seen them, I was looking for reciepts from the beginning of their relationship since she’s going off about how she started shooting up with him…..some of these old texts to Chelsea are wild. Claims he got her on dope but back then she claims he forced cocaine on her too? Wished him dead a bunch of times but she still stayed for what, another year? And defended him and love bombed him all over SM. Fool me twice dummy.

No. 676524

Hey anon, where did you find this picture? I browsed their website gallery of their houses and couldn’t find it

No. 676525


Those are 29 gauge syringes typically sold at pharmacies for injection of insulin.


Bexar County, which includes San Antonio, is the only region in Texas that has a lawful syringe exchange pilot program because of local government support and a portion of a 2007 Texas health care funding bill that allowed for its creation.


Apparently selling them OTC without a prescription is at the pharmacist's discretion.

No. 676526


NTAYRT but it's a 360 image.

No. 676529

No. 676532

This vaguely lines up with the story about Jonny pressuring and nagging her to get high with him.
Emotionally abusive people do have a tendency to wear you down into agreeing or giving in to what they want.

But in saying that, going as far to agree to having HEROIN injected into you? I don't care how much someone carried on and bitched and moaned in my face, I would never ever cave into a request like that.
It makes me think deep down a part of her DID want to try it, maybe she genuinely thought she wouldn't get addicted but you're an idiot if you think trying heroin once is a once off thing like Cocaine or Ecstacy.

End of the day, she still agreed.
She still had him stick around, and kept letting him back in and didn't stick to her word when kicking him out. Why not call an ambulance or police while he was passed out in the bathroom and then get a protection order? She could have done so much to help herself.

No. 676534

I don't think this Jake guy is going to leave Taylor, even if he doesn't like her like that. She has money and is VERY gullible. Her splurging on the internet on how much he's perfect is a big sign to him that he's got her. Taylor will be back on the drugs once the honeymoon phase of being "free" and having a boy wears off. I'm sure she's going to start feeling "sick" again once Jake hurts her feelings.

No. 676537

No. 676538

File: 1562297274490.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-04-23-23-33…)


In the 360 pic there is a white board behind the couch next to the pool table that says Hartford House on it

No. 676539

It’s definitely the hartford house. I just looked at the gallery on their website and the pool table in the original 360 matches. They have like 5 different houses.

No. 676542

Way to dox yourself again, Taylor.

No. 676543

this whole story is giving me Luna&Lurch vibes. Luna wanted to get addicted to heroin and dated Lurch knowing full well he was a dopehead. Soon after she claims she begged him to shoot her up, he obliged and the rest is history.

Taylor had to have known about Jonny’s history with heroin when she got with him. Even if she was dumb enough to think he was clean at the time. Maybe she romanticized the heroin lifestyle like Luna and that’s what mama dean meant in her periscope when she said Taylor claimed not to even love him and to be doing it ~just to have the experience~

No. 676544

File: 1562297648767.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-04-23-25-47…)


And there's the same pool table, couches, and kitchen in their official web pic.
That's as far as my detective skills go but I'm fairly confident that's the place.

No. 676546



Patients looking to have their best furry friends with them during the treatment process, or who are unsure about what to do with them while they do the all-important work of getting help, can rely on Bridgeway Sober Living to offer aid.

No. 676547

inb4 she has to leave sober living AND stop therapy since people 'stalked' her
she should move to another sober living anyway, this one sounds shit.

No. 676551

I don't think an aggressive monitor, un-desexed rats, three cats, a cockroach collection, extensive fish tanks, racks of snakes and a few tarantulas is what these places have in mind when they say 'pet friendly'.

No. 676552

Well it's confirmed some of her Stans lurk here because a girl has already commented on Taylor's post crying about how "people on the webs have doxxed you!".

No. 676554

File: 1562298812245.png (173.17 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190705-135318.png)

Apparently use got her kicked out.

No. 676555



>roaches and mice

The more, the merrier!

Does she still have her roach colony?

No. 676556

>if it’s really happening
Keep acting like you’re not reading bitch, I hope you do get kicked out. Your mania can’t be good for anyone actually trying to recover

No. 676557

File: 1562298920465.png (788.21 KB, 1440x2006, Screenshot_2019-07-04-23-52-00…)


The only stalking that was done was looking at pics of the closest sober living house to the tattoo place she tagged. It's 5 minutes away and took less time to figure it out. 5 minutes. I mean, I'm no Einstein but she's a dumbass.

No. 676558


Consequences will never be the same.

No. 676559

File: 1562299009404.jpeg (319.73 KB, 1125x1730, 9D8EB394-7C4E-46D3-865B-C756C0…)

Dog yourself harder Taylor
She literally just confirmed speculation going on just a few responses up thread

No. 676560

File: 1562299137557.png (500.59 KB, 750x1334, bgOZf8W.png)

You got that right.

No. 676561


anddddddd already deleted

No. 676562

just imagine calling the police for a person you have never met in real life?

"uh hello? my favorite youtuber is being doxxed by a website!!"

dispatcher: ma'am how is the website doxxing her?

"they're screenshoting her photos that showing where she is!!"

No. 676563

What a dumb bitch.
Taylor has gone to such lengths to keep this website hidden from her Stans, does this idiot realise she's now encouraged a tonne of people to come looking for this website? What a dick head!
Nobody doxxed her, way to bring attention to something that would have otherwise stayed within this thread.

Be prepared for a flood of white knights soon.

No. 676564

File: 1562299624788.png (225.68 KB, 1440x1057, Screenshot_2019-07-05-00-05-32…)

Managed to snag before it was also deleted

No. 676566

She doesn't want people finding this website and that dumb fuck girl is doing the exact opposite of what Taylor wants.

Of course she's deleting the posts, she will probably delete that girls comments about it too.

No. 676568

As soon as Taylor realised that girl was talking about lolcow she deleted everything kek

No. 676569


I wonder if clients are not supposed to take photos and videos on the premises for this very reason?

No. 676570

File: 1562300105171.jpeg (265.55 KB, 1125x845, 6D50ABA3-3EFD-4260-8F99-165B31…)

Recovering addicts don’t obsessively talk about their addiction in the unhealthy way you do. What recovering addict blasts their track marks all over the internet and obsessively talks about what they used and when. They talk to their therapist about all that and work through their issues. You’re just glamorizing your addiction for pity points from impressionable teenagers. But go off Taylor.

No. 676571


>third place I have to leave

Wait, what was the second?

No. 676572

File: 1562300201598.jpeg (356.83 KB, 1242x700, 9AB702A1-50CA-409B-AFF3-7487A6…)

Taylor, you literally tagged the tattoo shop on insta with the entire address including the city, but go off

No. 676573

She’s referring to her apartment and the house that JONNY doxxed. She admitted it before that it was him, but no, now it’s lolcow who doxxed them.

No. 676574

The thing is, she's not just a heroin/drug addict.
She's also quite self absorbed and seeks a lot of attention, she's sadly one mentally ill girl.

Reminds me of her mum quite a lot, imagine if Jen was a young adult in this day and age with no kids, it would be a very similar scenario to Taylor I think.

No. 676575

didn’t she also post an IG story about Austin?

No. 676576

File: 1562300408638.png (17.26 KB, 603x168, aa23423.png)

No. 676578

She keeps throwing out that Y'all more than ever recently… Hmm

No. 676579

she's so fucking dumb holy shit. literally can't stop posting her pics and location for attention even if it gets her into trouble. she should work on her compulsion to post anything that crosses her mind.

No. 676582


Making that the reason for legally evicting her would be a real stretch. People calling the rental agency is out of her control.

No. 676583


What's she gonna do? Get the police to arrest people on the other side of the world? You're retarded Taylor and doxxed yourself by putting the info out there.

No. 676584

They're talking about the site in the comments
How long before some wk show up

No. 676585


Yeah, that was my point. How funny she answered at the sane time you did!


>Google earth


No. 676586

-you posted the floor plans of your apartment when you moved in, doxxing YOURSELF
-Jonny posted pics of the neighborhood sign, and eventually your entire ADRESS online
-you purposefully rented a home with a distinct feature (atrium) when people knew the city you lived in
-not to repeat others, but you tagged the tattoo shop with the full address in Austin that’s only 5min away from a sober living home? So that’s also on you boo

No. 676587

But I thought it was because everyone on the internet said you were so you thought you might as well!

No. 676588

Usually the way you speak is influenced by those around you. Maybe her boy toy uses Ya'll alot? or she's hanging out with people who are proud to be Texans so she's trying to fit in.

No. 676589

File: 1562300864742.png (91.58 KB, 667x827, coprse.png)

No. 676590

"Ooh I'm safe nobody knows where I am I won't give any info about where I'm at!"

Proceeds to post location of tattoo shop, takes photos inside the sober house, makes IG stories with Austin in it.

She made it pretty easy, and nobody here is posting her information out to a large public audience, the intention was to read the Reviews.

The reviews were shit, it's a shit sober house.

No. 676591


She's worse than Raven at keeping her 411 confidential!

No. 676592

File: 1562301300075.jpg (712.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190701-230233_Twi…)

1. Why isn't anyone holding Taylor to higher standards when it comes to clapbacks @ strangers? Even before returning nobody blinked an eye at her assblasting trolls to her stans.
2.Someone remind Taylor about all her past drug abuse she's pretending never happened. She really has the audacity to be like "I did fentanyl for 5 months u DoNt KnOw Mmy STORY" stfu

You're not allowed to snap at someone when
1. You've been lying for the past 6 months about your sobriety
2. You're not being 100%. You give half truths, deflecting, using scapegoats and pretending your bast Substance Abuse never happened

Also why is NOBODY holding Taylor accountable for her Animals anymore? & when she does everyone just believes that her Animals came before Heroin? If you were projecting to the world to be sober & admittedly suffered mentally and physically there is no way your 100+ animals received the treatment they deserved.

STOP LYING TO YOUR AUDIENCE ABOUT YOUR ANIMALS CARE DURING YOUR DRUG USE. If you care as much as you say you do you will tell people the TRUTH. That is NOT the right message to send to anyone. If you were severly neglecting yourself there is no way your animals didn't suffer.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 676594

File: 1562301554938.png (30.72 KB, 600x315, dasteps.PNG)

Taylor there is more than one way to get clean and there is more than one way to stay clean. Believe it or not some people with the disease of addiction don't follow the steps and are doing great and have yrs. There are other step programs to that aren't aa or na. I don't want to discuss rws because he just seems like he also wants attention but to imply that if you don't follow the steps to recovery from aa/na you won't make it is laughable. If it works for her great, but she is contradicting herself so often and that shows that she doesn't fully grasp what she's spouting yet

No. 676598

I meant that in Taylor voice, not that anyone really stalked. Since it was pretty obvious which two sober living places she could be in if you looked at where the tattoo place is. No-one tried to name them or do any digging until she posted the inside and well… Just don't post from inside the place or the front stoop, it's not hard.

No. 676599

can you please. it's sperging. as in Asperger's. not splurging as in spending money in excess. this is me sperging about the word sperging. it's been days and others have pointed it out too. integrate.

you know this wouldn't be a problem (not that I believe her in the slightest about this) if she owned her own home, like she's been talking about doing for over a year. too bad she splurged on heroin for herself and her rapist pedo boyfriend instead of putting the money to good use.

No. 676600

Great, hope mods are ready for the influx of white knights

No. 676601

Taylor also showed the atrium house before renting it, backing up Jonny's self-dox on the same day. She said in the story she was applying for it then later told fans she had got the same house. What a fiasco, they advertised the whole thing themselves.

No. 676602

What the fuck would she know about this situation stfu you stupid priveleged white bitch

No. 676603

Is she going to "apologize" to that breezexotics chick too for blaming her for forcing her to do coke or was that johnny giving explicit details about petfest too?

No. 676604

No. 676606

File: 1562302775949.jpg (82.34 KB, 577x432, 34yz02.jpg)

No. 676608

File: 1562302919347.jpeg (409.69 KB, 1125x1628, 9F7A5A6D-96CD-4742-8785-9228E6…)

Good lord shut up you’re not even being helpful

No. 676609


What does she expect?

>Hay guise! I love this bar! It's only 3 minutes from my house!

Any halfbrain can get a gist of the area I am referring to from that alone.

>Omgg y'all need to stop stalking me at 123B Asspat Recovery Way! You shouldn't know that MY Special DICKBRO with my unique tattoo that ATHENA HERSELF WROTE FOR ME (oc donut steal!) Is living in the blue house with the big green pine tree to the left of the door way to GUISE STOP FIGURING OUT WHERE I LIVE! Y'all imma call the police!

I hope the sobriety place does kick her out. She can go not take baths or care for her animals elsewhere. Does dickbro even have his own place where her ark of mistreatment can live? That might be a moodkiller too…

No. 676612


The first two times she doxxed herself were totally on her but I think this time took a bit more searching. Looking at furnishings from photos? Come on, call it what it is. Stalking. Not to WK, but I do think it's a little fucked up to disclose this when you know Jonny lurks here.

No. 676613

addiction tip of the night !!
buying smack from homeless guys with sores who live in tents will give you cool stories to tell to your child-heavy fanbase

No. 676615

Samefag. It was stupid of her to tag the tattoo parlor.

Sorry for not saging. Forget we do that in this thread again

No. 676616

Where she lives is the closest sober living house to the tattoo shop, it took the other anon a couple minutes at most to figure out. She even just posted the pool table that’s the first picture for the house, come on.

No. 676617

I just can’t get over how she shouted that Jonny being a piece of shit was untrue, never doing drugs ever, the texts being fake, how when the drug stuff finally came out she assured everyone she was sober and in outpatient, etc and expects everyone to still believe anything she says. Anyone who DOES still believe her after all of that is insane.

No. 676618

Does anyone else think Rewired soul lurks here?

No. 676619


>so concerned about her safety to have applied for a Protective Order

>posts nearly a dozen pics identifying her location

No. 676620

File: 1562303911475.jpeg (314.61 KB, 1125x1698, 91BCED11-A628-4A7E-BA9C-7B63C2…)

Fuck recommendations from the people trying to help me, am I right guys?

No. 676623

“I never wanna visit that website again” lmao girl please stop acting like you don’t read here 24/7, it’s sad. How else would you have known so quickly that people on this site figured out the location?

God she’s literally so fucking stupid, saying she’s no longer going to give out her location and then proceeds to post pictures constantly of her surroundings and even tagging nearby places she’s been. She literally does this all on purpose to further her disgusting victim mentality.

No. 676624

Taylor: The doctors in my rehab know what is best for me
Also Taylor: Those same doctors who know what’s best for me recommended I don’t come back to social media, but fuck that lol

No. 676625

One of her followers lurks here and told her about it

No. 676626

Yes, I can read. I know she tagged the tattoo parlor and I agree that was really stupid. Can we stop repeating everything? We all knew she was in Austin and could speculate that she was in any of the half dozen nearby homes.

However I do think using photos from inside a private home is crossing the line and breach in privacy. I think that part was stalkerish.

No. 676627

He's probably self-posting his videos but yeah, seriously I think he does. He'll be working on an earnest "Taylor Doxxed in Rehab?" video rn. Greedy fucker.

No. 676628

"it's recommended I never come back to social media"

No shit. Do you even understand how easier your life would be if you would just STFU online?

No. 676629

File: 1562304773160.jpeg (700.15 KB, 1242x1552, 96259DD9-E8AE-4DB9-97DF-4BCA47…)

Well, turtle seems to be more of a fucking retard by each day. Taylor doxxed herself.

No. 676630

File: 1562304784131.png (13.51 KB, 295x171, images.png)


Nicholas Kardaras is a CEO of Bridgeway.

No. 676631

Who tf cares

No. 676632


Either this dumb bitch is one of Jonny's exs or is Betsy, either way is fucking retarded just like Taylor

No. 676633

Always so creative with speculating who tf all these anons online can be. God forbid they're just another online rando.

No. 676635


Taylor's only concern is that she might be kicked out, not that she is in danger from Jonny.

No. 676636

well yeah, no shit? have you never seen an abusive relationship before? if you actually read the thread you’ll see apparently jonny had access to her twitter. which actually makes perfect sense considering there are countless times that different anons said her tweets sounded like they were written by jonny, especially with his trademark writing quirks and typos. it’s hilarious watching people flip flop back and forth. taylor is literally proving initial speculations right and admitting that she lied in the past and apparently NOW the previous speculations sound like bullshit? amazing.

No. 676637

File: 1562306963520.jpeg (539.61 KB, 1242x1472, 20417EE7-C429-401F-A8C4-7417D4…)

No. 676638

they have a point. taylor didn’t actually doxx herself, she posted a nearby location which some faggot thought appropriate to use as means to figure out her sober living house. just because it was easy doesn’t mean taylor literally did it herself. this thread is getting fucking ridiculous with the a-logging and tinfoiling to the point it’s becoming a literal joke in other threads.

No. 676639

Whats ironic about this is that Jonny is acting more stable and mature in all of this.

Also, Taylor said HERSELF today, that Jonny NEVER physically harmed her, only went as far to emotionally abuse her.
She's not in danger.
God damn.
The person found the place to read the reviews because Taylor's behaviour has been nothing but sketchy and against what most rehabs teach their clients.

Anon was right, the place had really shit reviews which explains why Taylor's allowed to "dickdown" fellow rehab guys and act like a total manic spastic.

It's lolcow, this shit happens all the time and is only able to be done when the cows give out plain as day information on where they're at. It's a little creepy but reviews have pretty much told us exactly what kind of place she's in which explains why she's so la de dah acting like it's summer camp.

No. 676640

>jonny is acting stable and mature

autism at its finest. he’s pulling the ~wow is me i’m such a battered cheated on forgotten sad bby boy feel bad for me discord thot gang~ and you and multiple other anons are eating that shit up like it’s candy. give it a few weeks when he’s tired of playing this game and goes back to talking about how he wants his exes to die or get assaulted or threatens to expose some underage girls nudes again.

No. 676641

It's the fucking internet, dont be so fucking stupid to leave so many evidence behind when you now they are after you.

No. 676642

do you also blame regular people for getting doxxed or is it just your autistic hateboner for this bitch that makes you act this way

No. 676643

It may be creepy lolcow did it, but she easily posted all the pieces on her social media, she should be a lot more careful about her location given Jonny's history. He could easily figure out where she is too even if it wasn't posted here (he may not have the braincells, but he probably knows people who do, somehow the guy still seems to manage to keep some friends or at least dealers in his life).

No. 676645

What drug dealer is going to stalk your ex for you unless your paying them serious cash? And we all know Jonny don’t have that cash.
Anons went over the line this time period. It’s different when it’s raven in her husband lying to outsmart the internet and Taylor hiding from a man who has proven to be physically and sexually violent. Yes she dropped her city but Huston is a huge city and had what 5 sober houses by that tattoo shop? Anons could have totally just shared the reviews to laugh at without sharing the name and photos of the place she’s living.

No. 676646

>>676450 has been deleted but with no comment from mods.

No. 676647


That's fucking disgusting. You don't name items resembling genitalia after people you obsess over twitter. She's a sick and disgusting bitch tbh.


lmfao the narcissism is so strong, she's doing the narcissist's prayer off the bat.

No. 676648


Has she said she is hiding from Jonny? Has she said her location being posted puts her in danger?

>laugh at the reviews.

We're finding confirmation of our suspicions about the quality of the treatment she's getting, not humor.

No. 676649

Idk, I'm just guessing he has someone based on him finding someone to drive him up to NY in the first place. Unless Taylor paid that person to drive Jonny away, somehow the dude seems to get people to do shit for him.

No. 676653

>"Has she said she is hiding from Jonny?"

What kind of retarded question is that? Supposedly she has a goddamn protective order against him.

No. 676654

File: 1562310788663.jpg (615.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-011236_Twi…)

"Educated." Oh my god Taylor….

No. 676655

She’s also claimed to be sober in the past, when she clearly wasn’t.

No. 676656

This is the thing. If you're an online personality, or even just a regular goddamn human, be careful of what you post online. You could have an "actual" stalker who wants to find you and hurt you.
Tagging local shops is one thing, which tells people what city you're in, but posting images of inside a public facility that accepts clients is another. Its easy to fucking find and she should have been smarter. Not saying it's explicitly her fault for being doxxed, but everyone should reflect on what they post on their public social media lol good fucking god. She's an idiot.

No. 676657

"I inyected myself with so much cotton i almost became a teddy bear, my veins are still so full of cotton like guiseee!"

No. 676658

>jonny had access to her twitter
any of which she could delete, retract, or apologise for since its clear she also had agency over her twitter.

No. 676659

jesus anon, don't indulge in this black and white thinking. jonny's as shit as he ever was, no matter if he's making a scene online this minute or not. he wants his endless wallet and heroin supply back, and he probably took money to sign something to stay quiet for a while.

No. 676660

I’m sorry but wasn’t she already leaving because “I hit my 30 day mark guys I’m cured!!”
I feel like this only confirms she’s been reading here from anons speculating she’s using again/will get kicked out eventually. It’s just all another stupid ploy

No. 676661

Emphasis on the wording >ACTING

He's still a piece of shit but he's ACTING more mature, which is more than I can say for Taylor's dumb bitch behaviour lately.

No. 676662

ok maybe, but I think it's more likely he's only appearing to act mature since he's busy with his depression and smack. we all expected a social media blowup right away but that may well take time from him, especially if he signed something for a wad of cash or still thinks he can get back on the gravy train.

No. 676664


Then it's funny that her first and only response was being worried about being kicked out.

No. 676665

Your logic makes no sense. Ofcourse she wouldnt want to be kicked out if she is trying to get sober?

No. 676669


You're thinking of rehab which she left before 30 days. She's now in sober living.


Instead of saying, "Posting my location compromises my safety from my abuser!"

And using the words "kicked out" implies that she violated a rule. Why would she be kicked out for being a victim of doxing?

She doesn't want to get "kicked out" because then she couldn't be with Jake.

No. 676671

This place must be the dream for her. She's used to living in filth so that doesn't matter to her, she can nag and whine and cajole the people she's living with because they have no standards and thus she has no real responsibility, she's got bropeen to enjoy aLl tHe tIMe

No. 676674

Kids are literally taught this at schools these days, this is just a perfect example of how easy it is to find someone’s location.

A bit creepy? For sure.

No. 676676

The thing with Jonny having access to her Twitter is that she likely said some shit too and so did Jen. She enabled him and her mother jumped the boat and that’s that, she’s not even capable of apologising and honestly I don’t think she ever will be because nothing is ever her own fault.

Did Jonny shoot her up? I suspect the anon who said that she used him to shoot her up is right. That’s HER fault. Can I also mention that her batshit crazy mother was also very willing to help several times even to the point of basically following her everywhere? Abusive relationships are hard but seeing as Jonny did travel, she could have just ran. Instead she chose to go on these long twitter crying moments about how she’s not loved or whatever. See, in most abuse cases the victim will be socially isolated and terrified of their abuser and she never was. Even at the start of her comeback she was bashing Jonny like no tomorrow.

I wonder if she had him sign a NDA rather than he tried to get her to sign one. She has way more to lose than him and it was a very random thing to mention in general.

I feel like there’s a lot of new anons here already and I find it sort of funny how they also seem to be bashing Taylor.

No. 676677

My tinfoil is he tried to get her to sign one in return while she got him to sign one, but since he had nothing to offer her for it she declined. If he did sign one there would have been a lump of cash involved.

No. 676678

File: 1562320137354.png (130.81 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20190705-113841.png)

She is being very inconsistent with exactly how many hours she does therapy/meetings a day. Does not seem to be very honest. But we know how much she likes to exaggerate.

No. 676680

File: 1562320567251.png (121.37 KB, 1080x610, Screenshot_20190705-115512.png)

Sooooo which is it? 4 hours a day or 7+?

No. 676685

I'm sure that attendance right now is her choice and since the sober house is shit, no one is going to tell her she should go (other than maybe Jake), so keeping her lie straight is harder.

No. 676686

She was being sarcastic about Taylor’s obsession with Jake and getting dick, dumbass

No. 676688

Perhaps because she got kicked out of other places? I don't entirely buy the narrative that lolcow and social media drama were entirely responsible for getting her 'kicked out' of the other places either, but when the internet knows where you are living how can you stay there?

I'm here for the drama and to make fun of a cow for being a dumb cow. Not to fuck up someone's chances at addiction recovery, which is a life or death situation. That's fucked up.(whiteknighting, again)

No. 676690

you're probably rewired soul just tryna boost his name. he's lame.

No. 676691

I dont see how literally at best case scenario a handful of dumbass anons sent in complaints about her pets could have gotten her even near eviction when from the pictures and videos has clearly never known how to keep her home tidy and has had a year + in one of her homes where there wasnt a picture that DIDNT have a stain, clothing piles, syringe cap, empty bottles or all of the above.
She has never kept any home she was in looking decent besides when she gets help from actually responsible people and when she is a paying tenant and between few and far spam email about her pets its the maintenance of said apartment that will decide wether or not you get to stay bc thats what costs money to deal with and will depreciate the entire place.
Johnny is out of the fucking picture and just like before she even met him its the same old Taylor who has never been at fault. cocaine??? My fellow pet tuber forced me! Heroin??? Johnny forced me!!! Alcohol??? My therapist said i can drink so i do!!! Eviction???Vague internet stalkers!!! Pet death???They were already sick I just gave them the best last moments they could have!!! Lip injections??? Im natural!! Only had filler once! It was years ago what u see is me bby!!!
Johnny enabled her at best but acting like between those two hes the only bad guy and she is only going thru the stages as a 'survivor' is bullshit lmao.

No. 676697

>ark of mistreatment
topkek this gives me ideas for next thread picture

yes. see >>676400 which was posted right after an anon posting his new video, both unsaged, and he is the only one who calls her Nicole. It's pathetic honestly, dude, we do not want you here and do not think you're cool

No. 676699

Make an ark of all the dead animals and her at the front posing like Rose in titanic.

No. 676704

agree, like go find the place if youre so eager to but was it rlly necessary posting it here? also it has 2 extremely negative and 34 extremely positive reviews on google so all the "confirmed!!! it's a shit place !!!!" posts are..dumb.

the black and white thinking of this thread is ridiculous, also when it comes to jc…taylor is acting like an idiot so suddenly ppl on here honestly go "wow so jonny looks really reasonable right about now and akchually taylor is the lying abuser i guess? it's must be her fault after all that he relapsed?". ouch.

No. 676705


Her apartment and home were both absolutely disgusting and this is just from things we could see in the background of selfies/photos she posted. Piles of clothes everywhere, rubbish lying around, stains on the walls and just random ass shit thrown all over the place. Not to mention the amount of animals she has. Walking into her home any odd day is bound to raise eyebrows.

Also you damn well know that if she didn't have an Internet following, she'd be complaining to her friends and family about "ugh my neighbors got me kicked out! other apartment tenants kept complaining!" as if it's OTHER PEOPLE causing the problems, where she's the root cause of it all. It's not hard to see Taylor being evicted when she's a) an animal hoarder b) an absolute slob of a human being and c) a drug addict. People rent to her and then they see the chaos.

No. 676706

>when the internet knows where you are living
she could stay where she currently is, it's just people gossiping not knocking on her door. it's more a privacy matter in this instance. there have definitely been cowtippers over the animals but that's not going to be the case with the rehab since it isn't logistically possible to move them all in there, any pets she does have there will be by permission and arrangement. what would be a shame is if she uses this as a reason to leave sober living altogether. but wherever she lives she's going to post it, so staying in the sober living is no loss.

No. 676711


Or the facility has a rule against taking pics to protect clients' privacy and prevent situations like this. Considering their stance on social media use I wouldn't be surprised if posting pics from the house is prohibited.

No. 676716

File: 1562339994746.jpg (28.69 KB, 480x419, FB_IMG_1551465339865.jpg)

Here comes the wk yall (not taylor).

No. 676730

If she was so worried about being doxxed she wouldn't have tagged her location or kept posting photos of the area she is in. Guys stop feeding into her victim complex.

Like c'mon. It's obvious. Perfectly capable of taking a photo of the cactus on a table or something.

C'mon guys. Nobody knew where the fuck she was when she first got back on twitter. It doesn't matter if you are even popular on the internet or not, you don't post shit that shows your exact, specific location. She's just a dumbass and needs attention from the internet so badly that she is posting all this shit. For what reason???? She doesn't make money from twitter or instagram. She makes it on youtube. She literally has no reason to be posting this shit besides seeking attention under the guise of ~helping people~.
She could be making videos on youtube in some random room inside nobody would have known, talked about some things that could potentially help people, all while making youtube bucks, but no. She needs to fuel her internet and attention addiction.

No. 676731

File: 1562344917443.jpeg (504.65 KB, 1242x1769, 8F36634F-1EBE-4F09-9520-B10EA8…)

“my friend relapsing” ???

Think Taylor deleted this tweet from last night who relapsed? Jake?

No. 676733

File: 1562345200159.png (2.86 MB, 1125x2436, B59A3455-B6EB-4CCE-8AFE-34FAC8…)

She changed her bio again.

No. 676734


If it was Jake that means no more studmuffin bropeen for a while…

Then another spergout about how the internet made him do it because she plastered him all over her Twitter most likely without his knowledge/permission like a 14 year-old's locker and the latest boy band.

No. 676735

So which is it? The 4th or the 5th. Her “sobriety” is bullshit. It’s the one date you will not forget, ever. You will forget your age before your sobriety date.

No. 676737

Won t be surprised if it's Jake. With her boner for showing off her track marks and shit now I can easily see her trigger the fuck out of people. She is literally a danger to anyone's sobriety.

No. 676739

I like how she didn’t bother adding it until she had 30 days. She knew people would give her shit for being the ~recovery expert~ if she had added it sooner and confirmed she only had a couple of weeks.

No. 676741

I'm surprised how people outside of here haven't picked up on this. She is constantly showing off her track marks and other physical side effects (?) of h. You know, if people were doing that with something like self-harm people would be really quick to go 'that may trigger someone' and how it's possibly inappropriate.

No. 676742

But she did have it listed, removed it and it was 06-05-19. Now it’s the 4th? Sounds like bs to me.

No. 676743


The level of detail she goes into is honestly really strange to me. If you’ve gone through a horrible thing, why would you want to keep taking about it? All the types of drugs you did and how and when and oh look here are my track marks etc etc.
And I’m sure parents of the tweens that follow her would be thrilled to know the in-depth education their kids are getting about junkie-life.

No. 676745

File: 1562348009486.jpeg (625.47 KB, 1242x2132, C63BD940-ABDE-49C9-87B3-80C7C1…)

Wasn’t deleted here’s the question she replied to

No. 676747

Honestly same, I seen a couple people here and there being ex addicts in her replies. I also imagine her being 1000% as obnoxious if not more in person, and I can see her relapse real soon and take all her new "friemds" down with her.

The first time using H scenario she paints I think she was more curious seeing Jonny high off his tits rather than scared. Especially with her previous coke addiction. I think she was curious what it felt like and got tempted seeing him high.

No. 676750

File: 1562349342741.jpg (264.85 KB, 1536x871, Screenshot_20190705-195504.jpg)

Why the fuck is she involving herself. This is about the TRS video.

No. 676753

Because she’s a former addict herself and doesn’t like TRS. She seems to gloss over the whole animal abuse and neglect part of Taylor’s story to focus on the drug recovery part. I’m honestly seeing that happen a lot where everyone has kind of forgotten how all of this must have affected the innocent animals that she’s been hoarding.

No. 676758

Her animals have sadly taken a secondary seat (if not later) because she barely ever talks or shows them. Now that she turned herself into… whatever it is which isn't a pettuber those animals will basically be seen even less, she won't need to tell her audience if they're dead (unless they're the equivalent of Cheese which I can only see the cats as being) or have been 'rehomed'.

No. 676760

Yeah the only pets I can see the majority people caring about are the cats, Kronos, and Gemini (maybe 1 or 2 other snakes)

No. 676762


Because she isn't done and she gets edge points for pretending she had marks on her neck and stuff. If she truly had marks on her neck she'd take a ton of pictures. We only saw that rash that I honestly don't believe is even connected to heroin.

No. 676768

File: 1562356155074.png (21.65 KB, 594x138, more.png)

No. 676770

File: 1562356286580.png (23.42 KB, 594x141, mre more.png)

No. 676772

Ah yes, we are back to collecting animals.

No. 676776

“Lmao guise I bought a snake that has genetic problems JUST LIKE MEEEE”

No. 676777

Please stop getting animals…

No. 676779

Can I also just say that if this animal belongs to another person in the sober living place that she doesn’t need personal permission, the person could just ask themselves. Understandably she wants to own the snake but she clearly isn’t sure if she even can.

No. 676780

If caring for animals helped her mentally she wouldn't be where she is today

No. 676781

Guys i might be getting a spider(?) ball python. I don't even know if it is a spider because i'm too stupid to learn about ball python morphs, but as long as it's genetically and/or neurologically damaged i can use it to seek attention and boost my ego.

No. 676783

THEN CARE FOR THE 50+ ANIMALS YOU ALREADY OWN. You don't even do that.

No. 676788

File: 1562358579048.png (508.42 KB, 532x680, newsnek.png)

Well that was fast.

No. 676789

Taylor forgot to remove the sticker in the before pic.

No. 676791

She has someone to care for NOW? As if she doesn’t already have 20 other animals already she doesn’t care for

No. 676793

She used to insist that ball pythons needed to be eating mice first….the argument that she blocked me over was that sge should have been feeding Maui rat pups right from the start when she posted the "wow!! He's getting so big he can eat rats now!!" posts about him.
Also she really shouldn't be taking in more animals, especially an animal with a neurological disorder. It might not even be the guys fault that the snake is in horrible snakes. Some spider ball pythons do not thrive because of the neurological disorder they ALL have. Before she tries to say "he doesn't have the disorder!!! He doesn't have a wobble!!". They all do. It's part of the morph. All have the neurological issues, some just express it more often than others, and more pronounced.

No. 676794

Honestly if I was Jen I’d be fucking fuming.

Can’t believe I could ever feel so bad for her mother.

No. 676796

Yeah, i could really see her trying to say that hers either has a really bad severe wobble that she's trying to "fix", or that it doesn't hae a wobble at all and that it's special.

So in case you're reading here Taylor. Every ball python that has the spider gene will wobble. They do that because the very first spider BP that was wild caught had a wobble and passed it on to all of his children since it's a genetic neurological problem. It's impossible to get rid of, but can be imprved with good husbandry.

No. 676798

New cage with a sticker on it. She bought a new snake and is pretending she rescued it.

No. 676799

File: 1562359373717.jpg (593 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-144238_Twi…)

No. 676801

If its humid enough for a ball python to be in a tank on aspen, i'm worried about her other animals. She's got a rat snake in a rack and such. I can just imagine all the moving plus different types of enclosures ect has made humidity for her pets all over the place. And who knows if Jen or who ever us caring for them, knows the humidity requirments or how to check for the variety of species she has. I get wanting to take in rescues/rehomes but sometimes its just not a good time. She should focus on her current animals

No. 676802

Her fish are gone no doubt, so is Mushu.
Kronos. Maybe the geckos.
She should be able to move her tarantulas/scorpion (? does she even have one) and the like but she probably won't.
At least one of the cats will be gone (Star) but she really shouldn't move them in general imo.

Basically, she's going to leave/rehome/'rehome' the animals she doesn't care for at all.

No. 676804


This seems the most likely conclusion, tbh.
This snake's 'story' definitely comes off as one of those "Random person wanted to give me their pet!" narratives.

No. 676805

File: 1562359708094.png (325.03 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20190705-144306~2.p…)

I wonder when we'll see who she "rehomed"

No. 676806

she posted the saltwater tank when she was visiting so not sure that's gone.

bitch… rehoming animals is the only thing you dont need to make excuses for. just do the right thing and rehome a good portion of them, you're in way over your head.

No. 676807

God forbid she just waits until she moves her hoard. Let's just add to it!

No. 676808

File: 1562359947336.jpg (696.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-145228_Twi…)

No. 676809

Rehomed or died?

No. 676810

File: 1562360006542.jpeg (138.69 KB, 800x1280, D-vWqxQXYAEkwqI.jpeg)

No water and she hasn't even had it an hour. RIP impulse Petco purchase snake

No. 676811

Who has she 'rehomed' these animals to so quickly lmao?

It honestly sounds to me like she handed them out to other people within the rehab/sober living house because she really doesn't seem to know that many people in general.

No. 676812

So she basically just Rehomed & Replaced.

No. 676813


There is a cat scratching post in one of the pics of the house she posted. How many cats and dogs already live there that will have to be introduced to hers?

No. 676814

lol, I called her starting to get new snakes within a week. It's not a good sign imo. And her getting it as a mEnTaL sUpPoRt animal is such bullshit excuse. remember her video where she talked about how each of her animals helped her mental health? All while actively shooting up and being as far from mentally healthy as possible.

No. 676815

File: 1562360393799.png (920.89 KB, 1242x2688, 81CF3AAC-A723-4F2A-A5E3-7A735F…)

No. 676816


Then they would already be in the house with her, unless I am misunderstanding your comment.

No. 676817

Calling it now, not happening

No. 676818

This is honestly the sort of shit I made up when I was a kid.

Also, why does she need permission to have animals if they're not actually going to live in the sober living place?

No. 676819

File: 1562360503167.png (819.82 KB, 1242x2688, 6498633B-B3DA-4717-A59D-ED0B87…)

No. 676820


>Taylor: I had to downsize my menagerie….UwU

>Taylor, 5 seconds later: I found a snake that I really need to take care of because that would really help me recover, unlike my other neglected 30+ animals apparently.

I hope to God someone imposes an animal ban on her in her life. Karma for all this asshattery.

No. 676821


One of the requirements of the program is that she be employed in 30 days. Hence "work environment".

No. 676822

She’s probably going to move a few animals with her (the cats or maybe her rat cage) then have the rest in her new (future) apartment? This is such a dumb idea

No. 676823

Why is she putting a ball python into a glass tank and also on aspen. Also, in an enclosure with proper humidity levels, those wood half hides are notorious for moulding. They're also not secure enough for a snake like a ball python, they like hides that are enclosed on all sides. That's a trash enclosure, even if it's temporary. Also, considering that animal is new, it should be on paper towels for quarantine. For three months. She can't bring her animals into that house now since there's a new animal that hasn't been quarantined. But we all know she doesn't care about quarantine proceedures.

No. 676824

File: 1562360719756.png (158.89 KB, 1080x893, Screenshot_20190706-000047.png)

taylor can't wait to make another snake obese

No. 676827

Aspen isn't going to help a dehydrated ball python.

No. 676828

The pictures look pretty shit but can anyone tell if he's actually underweight?

She also probably has no scales/hasn't even weighed him lmao. I wish someone taught her at least the basics of feeding snakes.

No. 676829

Aspen is actually worse than bare glass bottom because it absorbs moisture. So this snake isn't goijg to get magicaly get rehydrated because Taylor has it with that shitty setup. That would work for make like a kingsnake who burrows to hide and doesn't need it as humid. But for a ball python that set up is just stupid

No. 676830

File: 1562360965396.png (185.54 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20190706-000807.png)

the cats are staying

No. 676831

Whoever said her animals were with Jen seems to have been right then.

No. 676832

>I don't want to list off the reptiles yet

you mean, you need time to cover up their deaths/order replacements?

No. 676833

File: 1562361163703.png (168.12 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_20190706-001058.png)

bindi also staying

No. 676834


Its definetly underweight but its not terrible. It should get to a better body tone without too much hassle. But if her story is true, its probably small for its age as it hasnt had enough food to grow. But even stunted snakes can get bigger under proper care, even if not to the extent of a ball python who was fed properly.

No. 676835

I hope she rehomed Kronos. She must have though, I can't see her keeping him. She'll probably keep her cresties and snakes, maybe spiders as well.

No. 676836

File: 1562361336651.png (136.24 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20190706-001409.png)

a few snakes have been rehomed. no doubt they will be quickly replaced.

No. 676837

Looking at the way she's going to have her 'set up' anyone who's died probably won't be moving.

That being said, if she is rehoming animals as she claims she would still have to be moved to her location/nearby because they're close enough to visit or w/e

No. 676838

File: 1562361530005.png (212.19 KB, 1080x1161, Screenshot_20190706-001654.png)

deciding to rehome animals was harder for her than going to rehab. if this doesn't scream she has a problem, idk what does.

No. 676839

What's the point of rehoming snakes if you are just going to get more? Also, I'd bet money she rehomed the colubrids like the milksnakes. They're less interesting, she almost never posted them. In reality, it would have made sense to rehome the sstp (duck), the green tree python, and a few ball pythons. Those are the higher maintenance snakes. The sstp is almost guaranteed to be unhandle-able as an adult if she doesn't work with her. I can't wait to see her deal with a 6 foot 50 pound aggressive animal.

No. 676840

Bitch you can't even look after yourself let alone your 89th animal

No. 676841


Mushu is dead
Milksnakes are dead
Maybe twisty?

Those are the most notoriously neglected I can think of. Kronos is definitely gone, not sure who would take him though. Maybe he was put down.

No. 676842

File: 1562361952221.png (185.75 KB, 1080x767, Screenshot_20190705-152355~2.p…)

Pretty sure a lot of people would applaud her for rehoming. The problem is you're a proven liar Taylor. How is anyone to know that you ACTUALLY rehomed them instead of them dying off?
Also, why bother downsizing if you're going to IMMEDIATELY get another animal?

No. 676843

File: 1562362005701.png (486.8 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20190706-002228.png)

No. 676844

Betsy was supposedly co-owner of said monitor, theoretically she could have taken him. Doubtful but possible.

No. 676845

Milksnakes are hardy and have easy care I highly doubt they died. Mushu wouldn't be surprising though

No. 676846

What's with the red marks on her wrist?

No. 676849

File: 1562362363114.jpeg (260.4 KB, 1536x2048, D-vQ3pLX4AUKeaY.jpeg)

No. 676850

File: 1562362458136.jpeg (492.08 KB, 2048x1536, D-vQ3pPWwAUYHJU.jpeg)

No. 676851

Looks like a bruise rather than track marks to me. She’s got EDS so she’s prone to bruising. I wouldn’t think anything of it.

No. 676852

Because the thrill of those snakes is gone. Animals are just another addiction to her, just like tattoos.

No. 676853


>sober living program

>second living space (is it Bridgeway's property?)
>lights and cameras
>new assistant
>inpatient rehab

How is she affording all of this? Does she have health insurance coverage for the programs?

No. 676854

Oh wow. I'd bet money this is a Petco/PetSmart snake.

No. 676855


>her bro relapses

>immediately replaces him with the morph she's been coveting

No. 676857

does she seriously not see that she's incapable of slowing her roll in any way whatsoever? drugs, moving, rehab, not rehab, moving, hoarding, fucking, posting, attention, acquisition, five hours sleep, get up and do it again. sober choices? what? that's a shitty sober living house if they can't tell she's on an epic mood swing right now.

out of control. she needs to get her mental illness in check. the longer she allows this to continue, the more difficult the mania will be to treat. of course she thinks she can be an educator. her mania is probably telling her she's frigging maria montessori.

screw the heroin, bitch needs lamictal. double fucking trouble, wew.

No. 676859

Has it been confirmed that it was the bro who relapsed?

No. 676860

>Snakes are effortless
I can ignore them most of the time

No. 676861

File: 1562363671067.png (59.71 KB, 800x304, Screenshot_2019-07-05-14-48-44…)


Literally no clue why you'd think we'd believe this back story again.


What other friend has she mentioned?

No. 676864

File: 1562364186521.png (65.85 KB, 800x228, Screenshot_2019-07-05-14-57-04…)


Another expense.

No. 676865


>Literally no clue why you'd think we'd believe this back story again.

Oh look… another nameless-pet just happened to fall into her lap again!

No. 676868

If it's a Petsmart/Petco snake I'm 90% sure they keep their snakes on aspen bedding….so…

No. 676869

All the animals she ever gave to an aquarium place seem to have gone missing tbh.

No. 676870

How does she keep outdoing herself as far as how shitty she can become? She needs to rehab herself, not ANOTHER snake. She could have used her influence to find it a home like she did with the dog if this wasn’t an impulse purchase. And you wonder why everyone is shitting on you Taylor. If you wanted something to take care of why not bring one of your own animals who you have been neglecting for a year while you were catching a nod every hour. She sure made this new snake at home extremely quickly when it was taking too long to just bring Nemo or Gemini over. She isn’t fooling anyone, she wanted new. The whole reason she ended up with 50+.

I shudder to think about the animal situation. There is no way to tell that the rehomed pets aren’t dead. Saying they all miraculously survived, who knows what condition they were in (barely clinging to life like Mushu??) and had to be rescued, not rehomed. The only people who could know what happened would be JC or Jen. If they choose not to say anything, Taylor can spin it however she wants. Hoping Jonny finally snaps and or Jen gets fed up of being used and spills on her ungrateful daughter.

No. 676881



How about she focus on the animals she already has??

No. 676884


Jonny's discord?

No. 676886


I hope she rehomed the rats. PLEASE rehome them. She has no business caring for rats they require so much time and attention that she just does not have and never will.

My guess is she rehomed the bearded dragon, leopard gecko, the new croc skinks, Kronos (pleaseee) and some of her "boring" snake morphs that we hardly ever see anymore. That or they died.

We never hear about the hedgehogs anymore, they are probably long dead by now too. Honestly thank fuck she's been forced into a position where she has to rehome the animals. She never would have otherwise. Unfortunately within the span of what? A week? This cow has managed to get out of rehab, get a new tattoo, break it off with her ex, hop on the next erect dick, dox herself, come off as a manic psycho and get yet another animal despite having to rehome others. She never learns.

No. 676887

It has nothing to so with her. Totally unrelated, you're reaching.

No. 676888

File: 1562369444169.jpeg (212.85 KB, 1125x900, 5AED3F10-26A4-4D06-8CCA-664161…)

No. 676889

File: 1562369489677.jpeg (326.18 KB, 1125x1375, F20E3CF3-8A72-435C-96A7-556A49…)

No. 676891

Probably got rid of Mushu, the cresties, kronos, twisty, toast, celia, the invertebrates

No. 676892

File: 1562369738670.jpeg (273.12 KB, 1118x1281, 0CEDE164-2CED-4744-A9A0-7F9124…)

No. 676893


Fuck I hate her so much. REHOME THE RATS, TAYLOR. They sure as shit aren't getting any attention where they are now, and they won't in the future either. For one I'm glad they have short lifespans so they won't have to put up with her bullshit for 10+ years like most of her reptiles.

No. 676895

If one "guy" came to take all her animals I'm betting she probably gave them to a rescue of some kind. I really want to know what happened to them so I've been checking all the local rescues with adoptable animals on their sites plus petfinder, craigslist, etc, but haven't yet found anything that looks like one of her animals available for sale or adoption.

I really hope she rehomed all the non-snake reptiles, Mushu, and the hedgehogs, the frog, and maybe the inverts she has left too. Wish she'd rehome the rats.

No. 676896

Omg, she just called herself recovered. Recovery lasts a lifetime. I thought she was a big book thumper in her early recovery. What a special bitch.

No. 676899

She will probably keep the one crestie because I believe that was the first reptile she got. Toast and the milkshakes never got much attention so I assume them and maybe Celia. I’m sure will keep all her ball pythons but I hope she regimes duck. She is not capable of taking care of other snakes let alone larger ones. Mushu is probably gone. Im sure her leopard gecko will be gone as well and any other small lizards that I’m missing. She’s not going to get rid of anything that gets her a lot of attention or is unique like Gemini.

No. 676901

It's so obvious that she's lying when she talks like this. I've said this before (a long, long time ago) but she has no reason to bring up the the guy saying her animals were "sooooo well taken care of" just like she hasn't had any reason to say that for the past ALWAYS and yet she slips it into every. single. anecdote about other people seeing her pets. It's obviously an embellishment/defense mechanism. Why would every single person she's ever met comment on how amazing her animals look. No fucking way.

No. 676902


Exactly. It’s because she knows their care is subpar at best and is already on the defense about it. Which tells me that she fucking knows better. And that makes it even worse.

No. 676903

I'm glad someone said it. It's clear she lies when she goes into detail like this.
Same goes for her tweets about getting a new assistant, cameras, alert systems.

No. 676904

File: 1562371214714.png (66.81 KB, 1027x393, Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 7.52…)

geez. taylor really went downhill since the last time i've seen / heard about her. just started catching up on all this drama last night with "WhatEver"'s videos on youtube (very informative by the way!). after reading a lot of this thread i am thoroughly shocked.

i actually met TND a year ago, at playlist live. not in the.. typical way most would– going to a meetup, meeting them, taking a picture, etc. instead, she didn't show to the meetup. the creators present there were emzotic, tyler rugge. TND was supposed to show but, an hour in.. no show. two hours in.. no show, STILL. her mother was there, though. i went up to her with some friends i met while waiting and we politely asked her where she was. (jennifer had been following me on twitter for quite a while at that point as i was an AVID TND stan on twitter, would always express my support for her and tyler rugge) even she didn't know. she hadn't left her hotel room, and jennifer looked very worried. finally, we got a response. obviously this was a hot topic at the time, and if you've been on this TND drama for around a year now, or if it's mentioned in this thread somewhere, you obviously know that she decided to have her OWN meetup at 10 pm for the fans that wanted to meet her, as she was bedridden sick that morning. i begged and begged my parents to let me go, and we drove around 20 minutes from the hotel to go back to the lobby and wait.

she took around thirty minutes to show up, and while in line to meet her, i met a reporter and podcast director. i won't state her name, and i'll block her name from my screenshots, but the podcast was called "Reply All", and the episode i'm referring to is titled "All my pets".

anyway, she decides to shove a microphone in my face and ask me questions about why i'm here, why i want to meet TND, etc, etc. of i was happy to oblige because… it's exciting! right?

so i finally get to meet TND and, being the stan that i was at the time, i was ecstatic. now that i think about it, i shouldn't have been.

also.. kinda weird that TND decided to go to disney the next day; since she was 'bedridden' and could barely function, like she said.

later in july, i got an email from the reporter. she said she wanted me to hop on the podcast over Skype to discuss TND, her animals, etc.

i was SO EXCITED. like, SO excited. and now that i think about it, i really shouldn't have been.

i hop on Skype and we start the interview. she starts asking me questions about TND, JC, their animals, and all these things about them. she brought up emzotic's lolcow scandal, but i was unaware of this website at the time.

as i stated, i was a huge fan of TND at the time, and i answered every question positively. for example, she asked me; "Do you think TND takes good care of her animals, for having so many?", to which i answered "Of course!" and ranted about how she was a great owner and tries her best despite facing her sicknesses and the hate online.

long story short, my segment never made it into the podcast, fortunately. i would hate to have my social media put out there for everyone to know that i was a TND stan, as now i have a very bad opinion of her, her relationship with JC, her animals, everything.

however, i can't help but feel some sympathy for her and her animals. mostly her animals, though.

here's a screenshot of the email i got regarding the podcast, my response, etc.

No. 676905

bc this thread was first started about her husbandry…why did she put the ball python on aspen WHILE living an a super dry area

No. 676906

File: 1562371576773.png (152.01 KB, 1226x842, Screenshot (1031).png)

No. 676907

File: 1562371603510.png (33.9 KB, 1660x263, Screenshot (1033).png)

Reply to the tweet above.

No. 676908

thanks for sharing.

wouldn't it be great if Reply All did an update on this train wreck?

No. 676909

wasn't it fifteen plus a few tweets ago?

No. 676910


And she worded that sentence as conditional, implying if they were not in great shape then she would not be welcome to see them.

No. 676911


>"A month ago"

Are we gonna need a timeline based on when she swore up & down she was sober - when she really wasn't.

No. 676912

File: 1562372400863.png (151.47 KB, 1032x444, CL post.png)

Probably a total tinfoil but this was posted about 15-20 minutes from her sober living house yesterday, and today she has a new snake.

No. 676913

She's so dumb I wouldn't doubt she's going to try write it off as a "business" expense to the tax man

No. 676917

File: 1562374496252.jpg (206.57 KB, 750x1069, Image-1.jpg)

She gave her hoard to a rescue because they were too hard to take care of, but don't worry cause "rescuing" a snake right after is what's best for HER.

No. 676918


samefag but I'm fucking FUMING that she gave 10+ (or was it 15+, Taylor?) exotic animals to a rescue and is only concerned about herself. Caring for something to learn how to care for yourself? That literally wasn't working before. FFS.

No. 676919

soooo, friend relapsed into drugs and taylor relapsed into new animal purchasing/acquiring, got it.

No. 676920

File: 1562374762914.jpeg (485.05 KB, 1231x1827, C720E938-5551-4B8E-A21E-A5FD05…)

yet here she is explaining herself how many times already?

No. 676922


EXACTLY. I can't wait until her stans ask what happened to Jake.

inb4 Taylor says he was 'just a fling' and we never hear about him again.

No. 676923

File: 1562374861808.jpeg (232.96 KB, 1242x1057, C52BCF00-0ECD-496D-BBC5-9B030A…)

No. 676924

File: 1562374888274.jpeg (134.92 KB, 1242x777, 1452F645-DFDD-4F2C-965F-6B5ED5…)

No. 676925

I knew it, she'd rent a house that she can fuck around in and keep her hoard. Party. She'll be living there really soon since it will 'just make financial sense!', 'my animals need me!' and 'I did all my therapy!'

No. 676927

I wish she'd name the rescue, assuming she isn't lying about the whole rescue thing? I'm sure any of her somewhat local stans would love to adopt the animals she doesn't want anymore, and her whole "I can get them back thing" is fishy, why rehome them if you want them back? Or is that some weird Taylor-ism lie for "they never went anywhere and I never rehomed anything."

No. 676930


high maintenance, but no fucks given for placing that burden on this hypothetical rescue?

No. 676931


She needs to get off social media until she has her life together, but she's scared of losing her fame/fans if she disappears for a bit to do so. She'll lose them anyway if she continues being a mentalist on Twitter and going on about shooting heroin with street junkies. Recover - by herself (kek) - then come back and fictionalise her own redemption arc, otherwise she'll end up just another sadcow trainwreck.

No. 676932


"honestly I just wanted to rub my new fuck in Jonny's face"

No. 676933

we did watch all this unfold at the time including her lingerie meetup but it's always interesting to hear what someone who was there went through.

No. 676934

Petco keeps pythons and boas on cocoa.
That snake actually looks bigger than the hatchlings they usually get in, and since it's breeding season I'm sure there's a shortage right now.
If a reptile stays in one Petco store for 7 months, the only options for the store are to transfer it to another store or to adopt it out. They can't sell it, only adopt or transfer to another Petco that can sell it.

Tinfoiling, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got put up for adopting out so she bought all of the stuff right there at Petco when she saw it.

No. 676935

but don't bother adopting a reptile from a rescue guys, they don't need it.

No. 676936


Knowing that her mom wasn't tasked with caring for the entire hoard and the the more difficult to manage animals is a relief.

No. 676937


Holy shit I just realized… Taylor said it took her weeks to realize she needed to give up the hoard? But now she had given them up the day of going to rehab? Not saged because what the fuck is going on?

No. 676938

I think her story is that the rescue came to look at the animals the day she went to rehab, and the rescue was looking after them. And then she decided to rehome them to the rescue a few weeks in. I don't know if that's actually what she's saying, or how true it is though.

No. 676940

even though her story was that her mom was watching them by herself and decided to call in the rescue when she needed help… she is all over the place.

No. 676941

File: 1562377535744.jpg (506.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-194334_Fac…)

No. 676942


gotta get more pain killers somehow

No. 676944

How come this thread isnt in snow anymore

No. 676945

I started laughing one sentence in. Oh, Jonny boy. How you’ve literally fallen.

No. 676946

Taylor got herself an upgrade a long time ago because she's a fulltime cow.

No. 676950


Well if you believe her previous narrative, she already knew what it felt like. When making "why I'm an addict" excuses she says she's been on opiate painkillers since she was in grade school due to having EDS and got addicted to them.

When you take a new painkiller or a higher dosage you do get high, so I doubt she had no idea what Jonny's nod outs felt like.

No. 676951


I think people care about the axolotl. At least i do. Poor axolotl.

No. 676954

Oh, that poor axolotl. I hope whoever was pet sitting has looked up the basics on the Internet at least.

No. 676956

File: 1562379274848.jpg (688.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-201423_Twi…)

No. 676957


That's quite a severe requirement. I'm guessing they think having a job will stop people relapsing out of boredom?

But Taylor won't actually be "employed", she'll be "at work" by her own definition but not employed.

No. 676958


She's acting like this snake is gonna slither over to her when she's sad. It's not a therapy animal to her, it's an accessory. A temporary distraction.

No. 676959

It makes sense to require them to be employed. I guess it is to reintroduce them to society as functioning people who are self-sufficient, and yeah a job distracts you from wanting to shoot up.

But in Taylor's case, unless she gets an actual job that doesn't involve YouTube, she's going to relapse, because she will be back to having no structure in her life.

No. 676960

Betsy was her best friend in the whole world and is the only reason shes single, yet when she was talking about Jake she said hes the first person to really care about her or whatever bullshit she spewed? Taylor is a shit friend

No. 676963

It was put into pt a couple months ago

No. 676964


TND saying "I know my limits" might actually take the cake for Least Self Aware statement.

No. 676965


oh please, her mom worked it all out long before that

she might be a trainwreck herself but she's not stupid

No. 676966

Where did she say she was addicted to pain killers? I don't think she actually said that

No. 676967

THANK YOU!!! This guy is obviously a breakup revenge fuck. Surprised no one else has said it

No. 676968

Lol yeah she consistently does not know her limits, other people point it out, she insists she "knows her limits," shit hits the fan, and she's all "I didn't know my limits"
Next dumb decision:

No. 676969


>thinking the pleasurable effects of oral opioids are comparable to those of intravenously injected opioids

No. 676971

File: 1562381398092.png (103.05 KB, 800x927, Screenshot_2019-07-05-19-47-52…)



I was unable to find the Client Agreement online which goes into more detail.

No. 676972


Doesn’t look like her proclaimed 7+ hours a day to me…

No. 676974

Got to be jen.. nobody else in there right mind would say she's not stupid lol

No. 676981

If she was smart she'd see Star getting fat while Nemo starves. Feed the cats properly Jen - since you love to lurk so much.

I think she said she's an addict because of the painkillers she had while in hospital or some shit.

No. 676985

File: 1562383377092.jpg (712.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-212231_Twi…)

I thought you said you had professionals taking care of them

No. 676987

She acts like she's a sobriety expert. Girl sit down and just learn for once

No. 676988

So I don’t know if I’m a bitch or not but I just really do not believe a single thing she is saying about the animals right now. I don’t believe she has/had anyone but her mum looking after the animals. I also don’t believe that a guy from a rescue said her care was “perfect” and I also don’t believe she rehomed them. I think most of the animals died to be completely honest with you. She’s changing her story so much already, like how dumb do you have to be that you can’t stick to ONE story?

I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Fuck you taylor and rehome the cats and rats you shithead.

No. 676989

File: 1562383809992.jpeg (533.25 KB, 1125x1788, 6B5CB304-52EA-4C78-AE7B-E82F63…)

No. 676990


Not sure how to prove it, but I'm not Jen. I'm not WKing her, I just think she realised a lot quicker than most people what a trashfire Taylor had shacked up with.

No. 676991


So she could have been reunited with a beloved pet, instead she bought a new one. Instant gratification.

No. 676992


>"Sober living only allows one pet soooo ima have to find somewhere else…"


No. 676993

Don’t feel bad, anon. That’s TND 101 - don’t trust a goddamn word she says

No. 676995

File: 1562384558346.png (105.29 KB, 728x300, Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.4…)

What's that thing about one pet again?

No matter how many pets they allow i literally would never bring an animal into a sober living house. Can just imagine a cat getting out or an expensive reptile being stolen/sold when Taylor's out.

No. 676996

She’s basically said she’s not rehomed anyone but a few snakes…. 13 where???? Just fuckin say what you rehomed you twat

No. 676998

File: 1562384944803.png (200.69 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20190706-064714.png)

funny how there's always exceptions for taylor.

No. 676999


>I rehomed them while I was in rehab


>I refused to consider rehoming them during the first 3 weeks of rehab

>in rehab 23 days

So you made your list, found a place, and had them moved in 2 days?


There is a cat scratching post in one of the pics of the house she posted. How many cats and dogs already live there that she will have to introduce her cats to?

No. 677001

File: 1562385093197.png (204.26 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20190706-065013.png)

>I'm sure I'll get more snakes in the future
why of course you will

No. 677004

she mentioned it on Twitter a few months ago, probably during a heroin-fueled rant. she said she was prescribed oral painkillers as a child when she was in+out of the hospital, and "developed a tolerance" that led to harder drugs. I'm not gonna go look through old threads to find it, you can if you want to. it was obvious bullshit at the time, unless she had continued taking those painkillers all day every day from high school to a year ago, she wouldn't have such a tolerance that would require IV heroin for 'pain management'.

so the multiple professionals from the rescue (who supposedly stayed at your house while you were in rehab) had trouble handling the workload of all of your animals, but you somehow gave them A+ perfect care without fail every single day while shooting heroin into your veins every hour on the hour? this bitch

No. 677005

It blows my mind that her fans defend her on this, how the hell can anyone read this and think it makes perfect sense to get more snakes after rehoming other pets???

No. 677006


because we're up to our eyeballs in milk. Swimming in it, actually.

No. 677007


No one else has said it? Are you new?

No. 677008


Just one snake, guise.

Inb4 just one hit.

No. 677009

I guess you didn't follow that journey where she stopped criticising the relationship and started defending the guy for a long while.

No. 677010

She means she's looking for a house to rent in Austin where she can move all her pets to (to circumvent the pet rules of sober living), hang out in during the day, "work" (so she meets the job requirements of sober living) etc. Sounds like she's still planning to stay in sober living but hat will evaporate fast once she has a fun place to hang with no rules.

No. 677011


so she's not at the point where she's allowed pets, but she has the snake? Am I reading this incorrectly?

No. 677016

idk how to post a vid sorry but her twitter vid with her snake is weird. Unless they did it to be "funny" she's talking to the snake in her usual way and then you hear a guys voice say "who me?" and she says no she's talking to her snake and he says he "doesn't like her attitude" she responds with a VERY meek "ok". Yikes it gave me Johnny vibes and the way she said ok lead me to think it was a serious convo and not just joking. We have no way of knowing if it's her "friend" who relapsed but if it is and she's still hanging with him it won't be long before she gives in and uses assuming she hasn't already. Yikes. SO much is seeming like when she first got with Johnny

No. 677017

I agree. IF they're at a rescue, it's because Jen gave them up on Taylor's behalf. If not, they're probably either dead or dying and Taylor's just going to use this "rescue took them all" excuse to get away with not explaining that she killed her animals by neglecting them and then having to leave them in the care of someone unqualified while she did rehab, and then had the time of her life in sober living.

That is, if she ever gets back to making youtube videos about animals, because she's not exactly a consistent uploader and she doesn't really even seem to care about the animals she does have much.

No. 677021

File: 1562386222561.png (653.63 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-07-05-21-07-42…)

He is WAY too fucking thin.

No. 677022

File: 1562386249020.jpg (64.04 KB, 473x1024, IMG_20190705_210945.jpg)

No. 677023

File: 1562386272969.jpg (43.89 KB, 473x1024, IMG_20190705_210951.jpg)

No. 677025


This cat is going to die from kidney disease within a year or two, I bet.

No. 677026

No. 677028

File: 1562386650056.png (172.94 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20190706-070805.png)

No. 677031

agreed, this exchange sounds kind of strange. is she really saying "ok" though? such a weird sound I didn't think it was taylor at first at all.

No. 677032

File: 1562387283033.jpg (676.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-222733_Twi…)

She just can't keep her story straight

No. 677033

I just watched it a few times and I heard “hey” like she was talking to the snake as she poked him

No. 677035

File: 1562387495938.jpeg (281.02 KB, 1125x1258, 6F3C504B-CCD2-425A-ACBD-9F8EA0…)

No. 677036

File: 1562387539690.png (296.73 KB, 750x749, e65c25fcda970c614b2bb7e412d014…)

No. 677037


Nah, before that. Turn your volume up.

No. 677038

File: 1562387599796.jpeg (235.86 KB, 1125x1576, 3636AF30-9031-44F1-817F-0BB46C…)

I have some experience with spider morphs and that’s how they sit/lay because they have issues but LoL he’s so quirkyyy

No. 677039

File: 1562387682586.jpeg (160.86 KB, 1125x723, B647C344-7BF1-41EC-96CD-DE2B75…)

in response to him sitting weird, some of her fans think a good diet and care will fix his genetic neurological issues …

No. 677040

File: 1562387924070.jpeg (239.67 KB, 1125x1250, 65F5F8C4-1CC0-4CB2-807B-9589EB…)

but better yet she doesn’t think he has issues, he’s just goofy

No. 677041


Also is it just me or does the snake look fine, genetic problems aside? She claimed it was underweight and on the wrong sized prey. Even though Taylor herself is notorious for feeding the wrong sized prey.

No. 677043

Relapse from what, since they were constantly using?

So she was busy in rehab interviewing people to take Kronos, got it. We saw the process with the dog, it was whoever could come quickest, not whoever was best.

No. 677045

File: 1562388268608.jpg (953.4 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190705_214231.jpg)

Sorry I couldn't find a "before" photo with a more similar pose

No. 677046

Sounds like she’s manipulating people in rehab. Rehab isn’t an animal sanctuary. It’s where people struggling with addiction go to get clean. Yet this fucking idiot wants to bring in more animals, because other people don’t have them? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? God, I can’t stand her.

No. 677048

Can a cat lose that much weight in a month or do you think this has been going on for awhile…

No. 677050

I doubt it’s them being underfed but maybe him not eating from being so stressed. From their junkie lifestyle, to their owner just up and leaving can be incredibly stressful for a cat

No. 677053

File: 1562389293228.jpg (296.9 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20190706-065500_Ins…)

Didn't she say right when she got back online that she technically still has the house just had to move out because Muh memories of toxic relationship

No. 677056

How in the fucking world would she know how much a house needs for repairs, she’s a god damn general contractor now????? No one tells renters anything remotely close to that, MAYBE something like “we’ll be replacing the roof soon”

No. 677057

File: 1562389563077.png (175 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20190706-075945.png)

yeah reading her replies she seems to think she has a super special one in a million spider that doesn't have any issues at all.

No. 677058

And as a renter she wouldn't be responsible for it anyway so that makes no sense.

No. 677059

File: 1562389660518.png (156.07 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20190706-075923.png)

No. 677061

File: 1562389754559.jpg (562.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-230907_Dis…)


No. 677062

Cats are adaptable; he shouldn't have lost that much weight within a month if he was properly cared for and doesn't have underlying health issues.

No. 677063


To be fair, Jen doesn't know diddly squat about cats either so it's not surprising. My guess is that Star eats all the food, followed by Ghost and Nemo is getting whatever is left. He could also be a 'grazer' where he eats a tiny bit and stops… grazing is fine if you have one cat who eats throughout the day. Not so much if you have three cats + two dogs around to eat the leftovers. Nemo is missing out because I doubt Jen is going to sit there and supervise the cats eating morning and evening.

No. 677064

so is this an excuse to not stream the whole weekend like he promised? he doesn't have an illness that can conveniently flare up so gotta fake a fall.
if it's true, lol, he earned it.

No. 677065


He's sitting on his ass anyway, he's just being a lazy slob lol

No. 677074

They can get stessed af though and Star is getting huge so we know where the food is going.

No. 677076

every cow needs a hug circle, so luckily for Jonny he made this retarded community for himself before the split.

No. 677077

Sadly it the issue could easily be fixed with a microchip feeder that only opens for who it's assigned to. We're talking her cats lives here but I guess she's going to continue to ignore that Nemo is underweight and Star is obese. Ghost was looking a bit thinner too but not as much as poor Nemo.

She makes good money for someone her age too so she could afford it, though I guess diverting money for an overpriced house, cheap clothes, and especially heroin is more ~satisfying.


No. 677079

>"people found out my address"
>"my dumbass boyfriend took a picture of the community we're going to move in"

come on man, keep it consistent.

No. 677080


Clients who relapse are evicted immediately.


Previously she stated

>I rehomed them while I was in rehab

>I refused to consider rehoming them during the first 3 weeks of rehab
>in rehab for 23 days

So you made your list, conducted multiple interviews, and moved them in 2 days? While still inpatient?

No. 677081

I was actually wondering how that works I mean in theory he could keep it from them and unless he actually drops dirty on his next urine exam I doubt they would kick him out without proof or without him admitting it.

No. 677082

No, it looks fairly underweight to me. You can see how much its spine is sticking out here >>676850

No. 677085

They can, if sick, but I can't remember when he last looked healthy in pictures? I think it's been months since we saw him. Nemo was the one with bad UTI symptoms or whatever that was, and Jonny was posting about taking him to the vet a while back. I bet Nemo started having health problems then and they've been totally ignored since because of Taylor and Jonny just being focused on getting high, and then Nemo was under Jenn's care and she probably doesn't know to be concerned.

No. 677086

wait, i saw her post about a bird on her twitter. did anyone see what that was in reply to? she didn't get a fucking bird, did she?

No. 677087

Wrong thread? Nothing with a bird in her posts, replies, or likes on twitter.

No. 677088

File: 1562394273832.png (45.83 KB, 612x489, bird.PNG)

It was deleted. anyone catch what it said?

No. 677089

Maybe a tweet about rehoming animals in general? Birds are one of the few animals that will actually die from heart break from being rehomed/losing their bonded owner.

No. 677092

to me it comes off like whoever she is talking to is an authority / supervisor type figure at the sober living place… like i picture this guy was walking around, doing whatever supervising or other task he was doing, and taylor was doing her video with the snake, looking at the snake, guy hears "what are you doing?" and she responds a little bit quirky and sassy with "you're walking around, why would i ask you why you're sitting?". his response of "okay, i don't like the attitude" would make sense for a teacher / camp counselor / parent / position of relative authority, and presumably such figures would be present at the sober house?

No. 677095

Mushu could hav gone to the great hoard in the sky as well. But more likely is alive since Taylor will hide any losses under 'rehoming' right now.

No. 677096

Your icon is showing

No. 677097

File: 1562396400555.png (688.07 KB, 828x1792, 62991080-CC60-4CCD-BF60-A1891B…)

Sorry, here’s her comment again >>677096

No. 677102

Weird we haven't heard about bropeen in a while…

Also, someone should take the cocktus away from her. She's not fit to care for an amoeba or cactus. No one deserves that…

No. 677109

My heart sank to read this, honestly. Rehoming would’ve been Mushus chance for proper care. That poor axolotl has been visibly suffering for so long.

No. 677111

Why does this girl always think the rules don’t apply to her in any way?
> no pets for 1+ months but somehow got one anyway
> only one pet allowed but pushing for 3 cats
> relationships aren’t recommended but doing it anyway
> spider ball python magically doesn’t have the neurological disorder, defying biology because she’s just that special

Did I miss anything?

No. 677114


The fact that she is THAT obtuse to think a snake is “being goofy” in that pose is just photo proof that she literally has no idea what she’s doing and that she does zero research. Anybody with a mild interest in ball pythons would know what’s happening here.

No. 677115


i know fuck all about snakes and even i can see something is "off" about this one. taylor is just dumb and thinks she's special. also because she'll likely catch flack for owning a snake that is bred despite it's genetic defects. pretty sure someone mentioned these spider pythons a few threads back and wondered if taylor would hop on the hype train or if she'd avoid it because of the controversy around breeding them.

No. 677116


>get off social media

No. 677117


That poor fucking snake. If she just got it and moved it to a new enclosure, she should leave it alone for AT LEAST 48 hours at a bare minimum so it can adjust. BP’s are also very head shy and she’s just bopping it on the head and manhandling the poor thing like a toy. That poor animal has to be terrified and she’s just sitting here fucking with it for likes. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 677118


Oh duh, I missed a big one. Thank you.

No. 677119


Tinfoil but I bet that’s why she’s claiming it was a rescue. So she can justify to her fans why she owns a controversial morph. Easier for her to be like “but I wescued hims” versus “yeah I wanted it so I bought it off craigslist”.
Also tinfoil: wonder if that’s exactly what she did—bought it off Craigslist—feigned ignorance about the 1-2 month rule, and pulled a “but what am I supposed to do with him nowww I just bought him and all his stuff and guy who sold him (won’t take him back/creeped me out/was abusing him/other convenient lie) so what am I supposed to doooo” and they let her keep it.

No. 677121

honestly I hope she rehomes more animals now that she realizes that she gets genuine support for it.

No. 677122


I want to think that too, but it’s unlikely. While she’s rehoming animals in one breath she’s taking in another. All of her actions contradict her words (and some of her actions contradict themselves even).

No. 677123

Honestly the way she’s talking about revoking has made me at least 80% sure that those animals are dead. She’s moving Mushu who’s hard to move and looks to be her death bed but won’t move some of the easier animals or snakes.

And if by some miracle those animals are not dead, she is simply having a bit of a clean up before she starts getting more new animals and formally moves out of the sober living space herself. She’s not making anything “easier” other than her hoarding addiction

No. 677125


It just feels super suss that she's giving them to a rescue, but would "get them back" if she wanted? Like… a rescue isn't an animal boarding house. They typically want animals to find new homes ASAP if there is nothing wrong with them. Why keep them at the rescue or in foster care if they can have a permanent home? She's just straight up lying. I feel it's just convenient for her to say that. She either gave the animals to a rescue which means she surrendered all rights to that animal or they're dead. Which means she can choose to replace them if she wants to. The likely scenario here is a mix - she probably rehomed some and some are dead, so she'll "take back" (aka replace) the animals that garner the most attention when she announces which animals were rehomed.

No. 677126

She also said that the Rehomed animals will be nearby and she can go visit them whenever she likes, most of them anyway. This just isn’t realistic if she gave them to a rescue imo.

Basically her whole rescue story just isn’t realistic at all even if reptiles are harder to Rehome than mammals.

No. 677129

how are her fans SO oblivious? She doesn’t magically get all the exceptions in the world (not allowed to have pets but they let ME), she just manipulates the exceptions out of people. She probably brought the snake and then played the rescue card to guilt trip them. Major tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if she threatened to leave if they wouldn’t let her keep the snake. I know shit all about snakes but it seems to be a special morph so I’m sure she tracked it down rather than it randomly falling into her lap. How does she have enough time to find abandoned snakes with her 7+ hours of meetings a day?

No. 677140

If the cats have been with Jen, I wouldn't be surprised if they've been in hiding due to the stress of not only moving, but they also have a dog that has probably been up in the cats faces at some point and stressed them.
When cats go into hiding they will stay there for days and weeks even.

He looks skinny as fuck.

Also, if you're going to rehome the animals to "make it easier" on yourself, why wouldn't you rehome the high maintenance ones like umm the rats? She shouldn't even have cats, moving them from house to house is not good for them.

Does she plan on locking those snakes, cats, rats all up in one place BY THEMSELVES and only visit them during the day!? Are those animals just supposed to literally live on their own down the street and have to wait on Taylor to come visit for a couple hours a day!?

No. 677141

I think he's the one who relapsed.

No. 677142

>I know shit all about snakes but it seems to be a special morph so I’m sure she tracked it down rather than it randomly falling into her lap
It's not a special morph, it's a controversial one. You can get spiders in any exotic pet shop, the problem with them is that they all have neurological issues because the gene that causes the pattern is either linked to a gene that causes or directly causes the neurological issue. All spiders are essentially disabled, and breeding them is a massive ethical issue because there are no exceptions to this. No matter what Taylor says, that python will have a wobble, and she posted a picture of what is essentially the snake equivalent of a person with cerebral palsy holding themselves in a weird position.

No. 677144



>"So Becky did you find a job."

>"Yeah I got a part-time job at Walmart."
>"That's great, and you Taylor?"
>"I rented a place nearby so I can go and look after all my pets! That's my job! I get millions of views on Youtube!"

She actually thinks being an 'animal carer' is her job. How insulting to all the people who work in the animal industry. Looking after your pets isn't a job, Taylor. YOUTUBE is your job. You make videos for Youtube.

No. 677148

if she were really committed to change she'd pair up something like a volunteer position with going back to youtube. since sitting in her home with nothing but social media, animals and funkos has basically been her drug environment.

No. 677150

Honestly the fact that she is saying her snake is fine and is just being 'goofy' is what pisses me off the most. Your snake is not fine and it's really your duty as an 'influencer' to inform your audience of the potential dangers/ethical issues with stuff like this. I have no doubt the majority of her audience have no fucking clue these snakes have neurological issues (which is why she's trying to downplay them).

I don't understand why she doesn't just move her animals and make YouTube videos from the get go. There's really no reason for her not to do it too - she doesn't have to explain her heroin addiction, her abusive relationship or whatever else but she wants to for the sympathy points. Hell, she could even establish an actual upload schedule.

Taylor (because we know you read here), the majority of your audience does not give a shit about your personal life. They just want to see some cute animals that you neglect daily.

No. 677152


Exactly this. If she had to five a job title it would be a youtuber. She's not an animal carer and she's certainly not an animal educator. Noticed she said she never claimed to be in animal education but in bed video when she got her new set ups delivered to her apartment (remember that whole series she promised. Ha. Another promise never materialised) she was more than happy to tell the delivery men she worked in animal education. God she has such a high opinion of herself. A Stan said if she didn't have animals then she wouldn't have YouTube. Well she's barely done anything with her animals and she would probably move on to more vlog lifestyle posts. More accurately if she didn't have YouTube she wouldn't be getting paid to do anything at all with animals. Most YouTubers think ahead enough to use their platform for other incomes. She's had it easy getting her platform so big. No idea how. Bit she's done absolutely nothing with it.

No. 677155

This girl is a compulsive liar, we’ll never really know what happened to the animals (which died, which got rehomed) she’s a fucking mess and even if she makes a video, we all know it’ll be a pity party. Poor animals, just fuck her. And she’s not an animal educator lmao didn’t this bitch give her lizard improper care for weeks? She’s so embarrassing…and yet. I’m here for the car crash that I know is coming.

No. 677157

Taylor, working at Petco for a few months doesn’t make you an animal educator.

No. 677158

I’m confused: wasn’t she staying at the other one with the pool table?

No. 677160


Staff can’t and won’t force her to stay. If she threatens to leave, they would point out that that’s her decision.

No. 677163

File: 1562421392017.png (484.34 KB, 750x1334, 484D50F3-35A8-43F2-8085-F49310…)

Oh my god just keep your story straight and this wouldn’t be a problem

No. 677164

File: 1562421484002.png (404.68 KB, 750x1334, 3C5CB8B6-5594-4796-A492-306073…)

No. 677165

>>none due to me

Oh, fuuuuuck, girl. You’re really not paying attention in therapy, are you?

No. 677166

Anyone remember the “cage aggressive” snakes and the ones fed live? I wonder if this will turn out to be another lie.

No. 677168

nailed it.

No. 677169

Wasn’t Maui one of the ones that had to be fed in a shoe box? Or was that Louis?

No. 677170

File: 1562422169872.png (251.19 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190707-000742.png)

She really can't stop herself.

No. 677172

File: 1562422215843.png (1.54 MB, 1242x2688, 7EDE7268-9770-4CF7-8C6B-5D05D5…)

Nothing is ever her problem.
So this rescue is a temp place? Whatever you say, Taylor.

No. 677173

This is dumb. Not WK but her original post made sense. It’s clear she wasn’t bashing bisexuals but the wanna be girls that say so for attention.

She’s dumb for retweeting and bringing this up though. But again she loves attention!!!!

No. 677174

yup, you can bet her paradox banana ball python "Frank" is gone. There was a sign on his cage that said "asshole" or something similar iirc, he was "cage aggressive" or something like that.

Any BP geeks know what morph that new one is? Looks like common bumblebee to me imo, one of the first combo morphs that showed up (probs common enough for Petco)

No. 677175

File: 1562422375776.png (522.62 KB, 1242x2688, ACCAEC24-55CE-455A-9949-90D015…)

So how much is this gonna cost her? Paying for 2 places?

But again, rehoming and then getting a new snaked whether rescued (BS) or bought, this bitch is retarded as fuck and only thinks about herself. Water is wet though right?

No. 677176

She can't even prevent herself from feeding into online drama, knew or old.
How she gonna stop herself from not relapsing if she's this impulsive?
She's said so many times she's done with online drama, and now she's re-addressing drama from 6 years ago… Address drama is about all she's done since she got out..

Okay then

No. 677177

The new one she “rescued” is a spider

No. 677184

they are asking what type of spider

No. 677185

File: 1562424391908.jpg (614.65 KB, 1310x1500, e0a79d107b4a0ff220e1a9d61efdbb…)

looks like a bumblebee to me… (pic of a bumblebee for reference)

No. 677186

poor jen, she didn't even want taylor to have a snake… now she is stuck caring for all of them

No. 677187

File: 1562424685038.jpg (67.59 KB, 550x379, f1c82eb00bc469399c70770136036c…)

One thing it's not, for sure, is just a spider. Pic attached is of a spider, not the same pattern at all.

No. 677188

i think it is a firefly

No. 677191

If they're not going to be in that house, then why is she waiting a month? That makes no sense

No. 677193

None of it really makes much sense since the animals won't be in the sober house (other than maybe the cats). If they do somehow fall under their 'policies' then that also makes no sense because it's not just a few pets, it's up to 10 (if not more) and that doesn't seem to be allowed. Nor do they realistically fall under 'work' because then she shouldn't really have a pet in general.

I wonder if it will be a case of 'gotta wait a month' and a month later 'soon!' and that soon never really comes until she moves out.

No. 677195

File: 1562427437969.jpg (603.25 KB, 1080x1120, 20190706_103710.jpg)

No. 677197


At first she’s couldn’t be bothered to talk about her animals because “I’m getting dicked down by my platonic friend who I’m obsessed with and love. Also stop being annoying-my page isn’t just about animals.”

Platonic dick bro friend nowhere to be found

Taylor OBSESSES about her animals and rehomes 13, but acquires a new snake

If she doesn’t know what a dim witted twat she is by now, then I don’t think she ever will.

No. 677198

Oh great, here she goes spreading more misinformation about animals again. But now with something more serious like the Spider morph.
Taylor, yours has a wobble. It just might not be very noticeable (but the photo of it unable to right itself speaks for itself). it's IMPOSSIBLE for that snake not to have a wobble because the very first ever spider ball python had a genetic wobble. It passed it on to every single spider baby. Yours has a wobble. Stop spreading misinformation.

No. 677199

File: 1562428494693.jpeg (164.09 KB, 750x727, FA21DFCB-C589-46FE-A09B-8ABD0A…)

No. 677200

It bothers me here how and in >>677163 too how the snakes were “not her issue.” So who is the issue, will we ever know what’s really happened? And she’s admitting that there ARE issues, even though she swore everything was fine, she was never in over her head, she’s an expert, she knows what she’s doing, we’re all big meanies for ever questioning her, blah blah blah. Bitch even you know that’s not true. You fucked up and hoarded beyond what anyone can care for and instead of admitting it and creating a fresh start, you’re rehoming the problems and replacing.

Btw, your obese snakes in their shitty set ups still are very much your issue.

No. 677202

What is the significance of these alien hieroglyphics???

No. 677205


One of the very very few ways you can break your lease (in most states) without $$$ or legal issues…is by claiming to be the victim of domestic violence.

That is why they made police reports so long after the fact, to get the Protection Order. She wasn't afraid, it got her out of her lease AND she gets to play victim.

No. 677206

I believe it to be a pewter spider aka a spider pastel cinnamon or a "black widow" aka a spider pastel black pastel. It's definitely a spider with pastel and something else.

No. 677219

didnt she say she rehomed some snakes???

literally right here

No. 677221

File: 1562431618154.png (5.2 MB, 1125x2436, 6690AD28-CD28-4A36-A4C8-2887CA…)

So many things in this caption … but why does she have to wait a month to rent a separate place?? I don’t get how they’d know if she doesn’t say anything anyway.

No. 677224

geez. she looks awful.

No. 677225

she reminds me of the twins from the bratz

No. 677229

I'm almost %100 sure it's just a pewter bee morph

No. 677230

File: 1562432490789.jpg (157.05 KB, 1024x576, tnd.jpg)

No. 677231

If you look at pewter bees they have thicker bands like a “normal” ball python. Hers has thin markings like a spider or bumblebee. I’d put my money on bumblebee but with some bp morphs you can’t know unless the breeder tells you or you prove them out. Especially if hets are at play in the patterning.

No. 677232

File: 1562432983806.png (4.84 MB, 1242x2688, 9585DD07-F562-4251-B15B-E44B33…)

Idk it looks at lot like this bumble bee on morphmarket. I know bumble bees are usually a lot more yellow but some come out grey/brownish or darken as they age

No. 677233

File: 1562433204447.jpeg (652.34 KB, 1125x1873, 83C0525D-EFE9-4776-9976-8AECE7…)

Okay so she said she rehomed feisty or live eating snakes to help her mom out but we’ve seen photos of Sabor since. Why keep a more aggressive snake?

No. 677234

File: 1562433238258.jpeg (534.66 KB, 1936x1452, B26D3DD7-02B6-4C5A-9B72-8EF18A…)

Same with Duck. We’ve seen her recently but Taylor has talked about her being aggressive yet she still has her?

No. 677235

File: 1562433352918.jpeg (547.83 KB, 1936x1452, 800B7F8B-8386-4988-88B2-BAE69A…)

Prada is also a snake that doesn’t seem very handleable so she may have been rehomed

No. 677237

She’s so stupid she can’t even keep her lies straight even in the same week

No. 677238

File: 1562433548975.jpeg (576.16 KB, 1125x1904, 9A8764C8-AD86-47AF-8044-E00D71…)

Then Tate/Frank. She says Frank switched to f/t. However, I remember him being labeled as a jerk, I just couldn’t find a post. So Tate might be gone because he eats live still. She also mentioned in a post Violet switched to f/t. Anyway, I was curious which animals fit her “feed live or feisty” phrasing so I started scrolling through her Instagram.

No. 677241

She also had a few snakes that were fed out of their enclosures or required scented food and honestly, I don't think Jen would cope with that.

I'm going to list all the snakes in the video for future reference:

Celia - fine
Sabor - seems to eat fine but wasn't really discussed
Maui - cage aggression, fed in a box
Voilet - brained mice, fed in enclosure
Louis - fine
Salem - fine
Gucci - fine
Toast - brained mice, fed inside a plastic box inside enclosure but I think this may be due to his suze
Tate - brained + scented mice ('picky eater'), fed in enclosure
Lego - fine
Frank - agressive, fed in a box, 'picky-eater' - seems like she opens the mice too? It was blurred.

Honestly, this is old so there's a lot that has probably changed and I forgot she even had some of these snakes (not sure if she still has them)

No. 677242

Looks like a pewter bee to me, I have a female, who BTW doesn’t sit crazy like that, probably bc I don’t bug the shit out of her ffs.

No. 677243

Same. I almost wish Mushu would go already because at least she wouldn't be suffering constantly anymore.
$5 says when she finally admits it has serious genetic problems she tries to bring back the EDS shit to flip it into "but we're peeeerrrrfect together because we're both genetic messes!"

No. 677244

File: 1562434891456.png (1.21 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190706-124120.png)

No. 677245

Gucci is labelled as a 'psycho' in one of her videos too.

No. 677246

Poor fucking snake/ hairline

No. 677247

has anyone asked whether she missed vidcon because she was high (instead of it was gluten!!!)? Maybe she’ll finally admit it. She was high af in that best fiends sponsorship video.

No. 677251

She’s the pure definition of terminally unique

No. 677252

These are deleted now.

No. 677253

Man, her alopecia is getting worse. It doesn't help if she's not washing her hair regularly either.

No. 677257

Yeah some of this has changed and is reflected in Instagram captions. For instance, Violet’s most updated feeding post she’d been eating frozen for a few weeks. I scrolled through and made sure those Instagram posts I shared were up to date, if that helps. But stuff could’ve changed behind the scenes since she’s barely shared her animals this year.

No. 677258

Why won’t she leave this damn snake alone? Reptiles in general need time to settle in especially ball pythons who are more shy and, even more so, a spider morph whose issues can get worse with stress!

Also a lot of people recommend keeping spider morphs with more serious issues on paper towel so they don’t accidentally get a mouth of substrate if they miss their prey so her aspen might not be a wise choice for that reason.

No. 677263

>>677221 your icon is showing

No. 677266

Honestly the way she's talking about the snake makes me think she has not got a clue about its health and the effects it has on the animal's behaviour.

No. 677271

Somebody needs to teach this kid how to “adult”. I could blame Jen but Taylor ran away and moved out from her so fast…..w/ homeless Jonny Craig who lives off soda, dope, and Twinkies. Anyone see her old apartment tour? No food in the filthy fridge, Junk covering the whole stovetop bc they never cooked, soda bottles, cans, and fountain drink cups everywhere and then she points out all these different bougie looking high-up light fixtures and says they’re all burnt out and it’s like yeah Taylor, I BET they are, bc you’d have to get a ladder and probably buy special bulbs to replace it. normal adults think about shit like that before moving into a place. She probably just moved in and let them all burn out and then decided to move .

She needs to learn a routine though to stay sane and sober. ESP if she’s about to get a place by herself to sit in alone and “work” all day. I know she’s young and we all lived like a college kid in our early 20s living off cereal with no laundry or lightbulbs but most people also work real jobs and go to school during that time ….she took it way beyond when she turned her apartment into a heroin den. It’s time to grow up now.

No. 677273

File: 1562443424203.jpg (307.89 KB, 1242x1371, puh4NvK.jpg)

Her stans are so fucking gross. Taylor wasn’t even mentioned by name, but this stan just had to run and tell her. If she relapses due to “bullying”, her stans will have a hand in it. Taylor didn’t even have to know she was being discussed.

No. 677276

File: 1562443965246.jpg (588.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190706-141208_Twi…)

He'S jUSt A gOoFy GuY yA'lL

No. 677277

If the rescue came the day she left for rehab and lived in her house taking care of her animals how was her mom feeding them and why are they at her mom's house. She can't even keep her lies straight. I highly doubt their was a rescue at all because we know her mom has been and still is taking care of all her animals.

No. 677278

and why the fuck the ENTIRE sober house has to take care of u and you dumb ass snake? literally this bitch loves atenttion, doesnt matter if it good or bad

No. 677279

File: 1562444501759.jpeg (167.54 KB, 1080x1920, 2336545E-5FBB-4791-B5AC-64BF09…)

Also I rewatched the apartment tour after she tweeted saying the walls and doors were full of holes from Jonny all I saw was this one dent in the door to the en-suite bathroom that I’m pretty sure has been posted here before

Not saying she’s lying about him trashing the apartment, Chelsea made similar claims, but all I could see in the video is this one spot ….

No. 677281

Does she really expect us to believe she had the rescue ppl come into her heroin den that same day? We all know how she lives and that was at rock bottom of her addiction. Needle caps, weeks worth of empty beers strewn around…Sorry but if u have empty beers collecting on ur NIGHTSTAND thats an issue and these animal rescue ppl know all the signs so either she had Jen clean the fuck out of the place before they came or she’s lying and they saw the state of her home/animals and were like oh shit this girl is mentally ill

No. 677282

iirc there was also that review she made fun of and said was fake about how she was in her terrace with the snakes and that there was constant arguments coming from the apartment.

No. 677283

I doubt she rehomed any of her pets. None of the “stressful” snakes are gone, and she hasn’t admitted to anything else. I’m thinking Kronos was rehomed and maybe a few others died. Taylor’s doing a bang up job on her PR tour to redeem her animal tube career lol

No. 677286

File: 1562445072537.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2030, 8156DFC4-4D59-40E1-9DE2-2A1579…)


No. 677287

File: 1562445128017.png (181.66 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2019-07-06-22-30-22…)

Our queen of good decisions is at it again.

No. 677288

What a try hard. This is hilarious! What kind of person glamorizes banging heroin to their 12 year old army?!

No. 677289

lmao she tweeted the review and was like jOkEs oN u I DoNt eVeN hAVe a PaTiO

>cut to the 3900 times after that she showed the patio in videos and pictures a

No. 677290

Buying new animals can give you a temporary high. Getting attention online can give you a temporary high. Getting new tattoos can give you a temporary high.
She might not be smart enough to know what she’s doing, but she’s still playing into the same behaviors that she should be avoiding. While we’re at it, I think it’s safe to say Jake was the one who relapsed. She’s gone radio silent on him.
And yet, nobody seems to give a fuck in her sober house.
What a mess.

No. 677291

a moment of silence for this lipstick application

No. 677292

File: 1562445398170.png (Spoiler Image, 741.24 KB, 750x1334, FCB66691-E813-4C54-8FC3-1BB978…)

Forgot the pic

No. 677293

She keeps getting these stupid tattoos.

No. 677294

It's not a bumblebee. I refuse to work with spider but I have been working with ball pythons and their genetics for a very long time. I am almost certain this is a pastel black pastel spider or a cinnamon pastel spider. Cinnamon and black pastel are part of the same complex so they're both going to look almost identical. Either way, it doesn't matter. She got an unhealthy, neurologically damaged animal when she shouldn't have, and is keeping it in a horrible sub par enclosure and handling it way too often for a new animal. That's what matters.

No. 677295

File: 1562445683108.png (7.7 MB, 1242x2688, DD32A8CE-B6CF-46C6-ADD7-D0BD0B…)

Trailer trashy.
Also, what an ugly font. At least get some delicate, feminine looking font. You know, something small.


No. 677296

File: 1562445733604.png (1.26 MB, 1242x2688, 1EB929F0-01FB-48FB-8CED-4242D2…)


No. 677297

Do they recommend lip injections in drug treatment, too? Her new lips look even larger than Angelina Jolie Girl Interrupted days. WOW.

No. 677298

she’s glamorizing her heroin use… like she’s been “sober” for a month and is acting like she has 10 years of sobriety under her belt and she’s so EdUcAtEd now, smh. and her being so public about her process is going to hinder her future progress when she relapses.

No. 677299

File: 1562445902127.jpg (379.48 KB, 1242x1678, VUaKWE4.jpg)

No. 677300

hE’s JuSt SpEShUL n GoOfY

No. 677301

didn't they unfollow each other?
Emilee deleted all her collabs with TND and spoke out about cutting her out. am I right?

No. 677303


Also didn't she say the snake originally belonged to someone in the sober house and it was "neglected"? Why does everyone in the house suddenly give a shit about a snake just because she owns it? Somehow I can imagine her going up to the original owner and just bragging about how she's the "mother of snakes" and how they're doing this wrong, and why aren't they doing this, she's an expert. If the story of her getting it from another resident is true, why do I get the feeling she bullied, pestered and manipulated them into giving her the snake by making them feel they were neglecting it? Because the snake looks healthy to me and we have no idea what the original cage set up was like considering the tank looked brand new.

No. 677304

The atrium house probably needed so many repairs from her and Jonny neglecting it/literally beating the house to shit. She made a comment before that he would punch holes in the wall. So I’m sure that house got destroyed in no time. Not sure about Texas laws, but most land lords will repair anything in the house that isn’t from neglect.

No. 677310

File: 1562448240727.png (961.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190706-162356.png)

No. 677311

These tattoos look so dumb on her collar bones together.

No. 677312

So she’s able to go out and get tattoos, but that snake’s enclosure is all wrong and she hasn’t fixed it yet? Typical Taylor.

No. 677313

But those are her natural lips y'all, definitely doesn't overline or get fillers

No. 677314

File: 1562448828977.jpg (199.43 KB, 1296x730, divine_1980s_estate.jpg)


why does this immediately remind me of divine's drag lol

No. 677315

I don't understand how she thinks its healthy to get 2 unplanned tattoos within 2 weeks.

She probably didnt like the one alone.

No. 677317

what a hot trailer trash mess

No. 677318

it looks so unbalanced now. she should have gotten smaller more delicate looking font.

but thats what happens when you do shit impulsively.
she does that a lot as we all know.

No. 677319

This place must make a killing from that "sober living facility" she's staying in.

No. 677320

when are we getting milk from jonny. i can't believe he is acting like a 16 year old and not a 13 year old

No. 677322

She better do something with that hair or she’s gonna have none left

No. 677324

She looks like shayna here. It’s actually creepy.

No. 677326

File: 1562451072344.jpeg (517.69 KB, 1125x1897, E5DD2C3B-EFB5-4151-8534-D44843…)

No. 677327

File: 1562451108271.jpeg (433.24 KB, 1125x1842, 7A387A41-6E1A-45C0-B9EB-D6D2D2…)

More tattoos coming apparently!

No. 677328

File: 1562451131205.jpeg (246.19 KB, 1125x1499, EDFD6AB5-6E1E-4893-A3AB-61C910…)

No. 677330

what about getting an education? doing something useful with your money?

No. 677331

File: 1562451602020.jpg (798.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190706-161945_Twi…)

I'm sure you did, Taylor.

No. 677332

but she is already EDucATeD

No. 677333

The tweet at the bottom, she's saying "I haven't been able to get tattoos for a year because of my track marks"

anyone feel like counting up all the tattoos she's gotten in the last year (i.e. almost all of the tattoos she has)?

No. 677334

It just looks bad. Does she magically think tattoos are make her more attractive? Tattoos done well and thought out look great. This is just trashy, shes just gonna end up getting these removed, theres just too much going on with her chest now. The contrast in fonts just doesnt work, its schitzo.

No. 677335

>>677331 how the fuck is she sober yet getting tattoos this bad? those are so sad.

No. 677336

I wonder if she’s taken into accounts how tattoos are gonna affect her when her channel is dead on YouTube and she needs an actual job, especially if she wants an animal related job.

No. 677338

her dagger tattoo looks fadded and it been like a week

No. 677339

Surely her therapist would pick up on the fact that this is just her replacing a drug addiction with a distraction.

No. 677340

A therapist can only recommend that a client think over a tattoo idea before getting it, not ban them from getting tattoos. We have no idea what Taylor's therapist is saying to her.

No. 677343

The tattoos look really misaligned. It bothers me because the font just doesn't make sense and it's above the Halsey one. It would have looked better with a sans serif font and not on the collarbone, and smaller. Would have made more sense to put it on her arms, especially because it's about drugs. It really does look shitty lmao.

No. 677344

Do you not know how tattoos heal? It’s normal for a tattoo to look faded 1-2 weeks into the healing process.

No. 677345

File: 1562453655067.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190706-165301_Twi…)

Apparently they both have a history of sucking at animal care. No wonder they got together.

……the name ;)(don't use emoticons)

No. 677348

she is obviously so proud of being a druggie, seeing as she brings it up every five seconds.

Absolutely not a single soul in any universe:
Taylor: drugs ruled everyhtijng around me, i was on china white [the worst you can get].. i also do coke and other drugs because addiction is a genetic disease. did i mention i do drugs?

No. 677351

The place only allows a pet after a resident has been there in the program for one month (she's broken that rule already by obtaining the snake). With renting a separate house for her animals and youtube, that's what she's going to use to fulfil the "employment" obligation of the program she's in and they may possibly want her to do the program for a while before jumping into that. They might be trying to hold her back from doing that since it will be a disaster for her recovery and will 100% result in her leaving the program.

No. 677352

>one month

No. 677353

Yeah Jonny is an animal hoarder / abandoner too. Funnily enough. In Chelsea’s livestream she says he’s the reason she has all 4 of her cats. He collected 4 cats throughout their relationship and also tried to get another dog (she has a tiny old man dog mutt too) and she was like dude you don’t take care of the dog we already have. Said when they broke up he showed up high and physically took two of the cats from her and left with them. Even though he was homeless and broke. Ended up abandoning them with his next girl and chelsea had to get them

No. 677354


Of course she had to throw something in about her track marks, even on a picture of a tattoo by her collar bone. And of course the tattoo is drug related. Who gets a sobriety tattoo this early? It's pretty well known in the recovery community that they're never a good idea incase you relapse, especially so soon. But how would she find a way to bring up how HARD she had it without this "ask me how I'm a victim" stamp? I'm surprised she didn't get it on her face with a syringe next to it.

No. 677358

File: 1562456011314.jpeg (558.06 KB, 1116x1752, 3F38BA0C-CE9E-42DC-B17F-EB72BA…)

boy is she posting a lot today

No. 677361

Makes you wonder how she fits in her "7+ hours of intensive therapy"

No. 677362

Does Taylor have a legitimate disability involving her brain development? She is fucking retarded. Her twitter is incessant repetition of what a victim she is, and something about getting dick, and how horrible Jonny is. There's nothing of substance at this point. It's just repetitive bullshit.
How she even has even a quarter of a fan base left is truly beyond me. It's mostly little kids, and little kids don't need to be exposed to her annoying heroin splurges.
Yes Taylor, we know. You did heroin. We know you have track marks. We know Jonny is shitty. We also know you're never going to change, because your behavior is just the same as it was before.

No. 677371


because she's so uwu special and they know they are in the presence of a youtube star and are relishing the opportunity

seriously though it doesn't take "an entire sober house" to look after one snake that just wants to be left to chill.

No. 677373

Why is the whole sober house looking after it now? Hasn't it been there for months already? Why didn't they help before, when it was still getting neglected?

No. 677374


That'll probably mean as much as her "by myself" tattoo.

No. 677379


Let's not drag Divine through the mud here.

No. 677381


That makes no sense because she wasn't shooting up into her chest.

No. 677382

because the story isn't true anyway, and also she never specified who had the snake before

No. 677384


Absolutely the only thing she should be acquiring at this point is NA chips.

No. 677389

That Boo tattoo will never not be funny.

No. 677390

don't forget those two ridiculously looking tattoos on her ankles. lmao

No. 677391

Yeah the dagger looks even more of an afterthought now. I bet someone mentioned it being a good idea to add to the hasley lyrics and that was why she ran back and added it.

Lol at her thinking the acronym dream hasn't been around forever and that it's a miley cyrus song. If i saw someone with that my former self would've talked to them only because to be that blatant about using (and i guess mostly only other addicts would know) I'd think that she would be good for getting drugs/being crazy/a using friend. If that makes sense. Basically the opposite of what she's portraying it as

No. 677395

lol in about 10 years, she'll look so botched up with a bunch of tattoos of lyrics that teenagers loved for a month.

No. 677396

well, not that worthy

No. 677398

This. Taylor is dumb as a brick.
I doubt Jen's homeschooling helped, but Taylor was never going to be a nuclear physicist. Fuck, I don't think she could handle driving the short bus.

No. 677399


Exactly. I said this before but anyone who talks this often and this graphically about it isn't done yet. She isn't "sharing her experience to help others", that can be done without the "sicker than thou" details. She sounds like those girls in rehab that go in because their parents found out they were taking ecstasy on weekends then leave claiming they were a hardcore heroin addict. It's a sick contest with these people. No one truly out of it wants to relive the details. She's getting a rush from talking about it like that, and she's getting a rush from peoples' reactions to it. Anyone experienced in recovery has seen this before and knows exactly what I'm talking about.

No. 677400

Honestly she should go ahead and make an appointment to have that botched, blotted heart/snake mess lasered so she can have it covered. That tattoo is a disaster.

No. 677402

I'm completely triggered about how she's romanticizing drug addiction and recovery. There are people that are struggling to recover and can't speak up about it because they're not some popular online person, they would probably be looked down upon and can even ruin their careers. Yet Taylor is out there, getting tattoos about drugs and tell people about how drugs used to take over her uwu and joke about it. it's disgusting. If she was actually a decent human being, this would turn her life around and actually try to help other people since she has stans and money to support her but nope, talking about getting dick and how much of a victim she was is more important

No. 677403

"Hey everyone! Look at my tits!"
trash, just trash. the tats are on your collarbone, tay, you don't need to pull your top down that far.

No. 677404

The first word in the song lyric tattoo always looks like it says "Jared" with a messed up J or something to me. I don't know why my brain won't process it as "stared".

No. 677405

I agree. When the heck did heroin become the “cool” drug? Junkies used to hide in alleyways and were ashamed of their actions while in recovery. She can’t wait to show it off and tell war stories, which is very much discouraged. Just like cutters showing off their cuts to see who went deeper.

No. 677408

File: 1562464550244.png (24.58 KB, 717x196, dfwfwe.png)

Tinfoil: Anyone else get the impression emzotic is getting back on the taylor train?

No. 677417

Doubt it. She probably has her own drama going on. If I remember correctly, em has always disliked TND and I don’t think that at a time like this she’d stand behind Taylor’s decisions. And supporting her would probably lose her followers.

No. 677422

oh god, could she brag anymore about how she’s done drugs? never have I ever come across someone that makes drugs their whole identity.
I know this sounds mean but I really want her to go broke. I want her to have no money whatsoever so she is FORCED to give up those poor animals and move back in with her family.

No. 677423

I’m honestly surprised she has money at this point (assuming she does).

No. 677425

Taylor will never hit rock bottom. She'll always have her family to bail her out, or she'll marry some loser with a fat wallet. While shes young and pretty people will baby her. Too bad thats declining fast.

No. 677429

She could be using credit cards. Her views haven't really changed as of lately.

No. 677433

I was going to comment on how surprised I am that the track marks tweet isn't pinned, but I looked and sure enough it's the first reply to the pinned tweet. She's so predictable. Now that I'm actually looking at them, specifically the last picture that is of just her arm, something is extremely off. I kinda noticed it before but didn't maximize it. Now that I have, I'm going to go so far as to say it's photoshopped. Hear me out. I was an intravenous drug addict for years and this just isn't what it looks like, especially "hourly use". On anyone. I'm going to have to jump into detail here. Why are the bruises all the same flat shade of yellow? And why are the puncture wounds so shallow and sporadic? This looks more like when you scratch your skin too hard and get those tiny red dots, although I'm not sure what that's called. Mixed with some yellow photoshopped on. Bruises at injection sites on a bunch of different spots of your arm are not going to all heal the same or look that uniform no matter what stage of healing they're in. They're going to be yellow, sure, but they're also going to be purple, blue, and green. Even if this was days after, the puncture wounds are still going to at least be slightly raised and a tiny bit larger than those are, too. I'm not going to post any here but Google "track marks" and compare. Scroll through those pictures and compare. Where does a single person have that light yellow bruising all over? The bruises are all dimensional. It wouldn't even show it was all from the same time because it's a bunch of different spots on her arm, so bruising would be different even if she used a brand new needle for every poke. The bruising will always vary naturally but also due to different veins being at different depths, having to "dig" to register, and the needle starting to dull every time it's removed and stuck back in. I thought for a second she could have possibly taken a skinny pin used for sewing or something and poked herself just through the very first layer of skin where she saw veins going, but I don't think even Taylor is that desperate for attention. I don't doubt that she did shoot up, and I know people are going to say I'm reaching. But I'm 100% confident that it's fake. At best it's a few actual track marks edited to look worse. Honestly does anyone put that by her? Apologies for being so descriptive, but this is really disgusting to me that someone would do this and I want you guys to see where I'm coming from.

No. 677435

bit of a reach

No. 677437

Honestly looks like she is a skin picker when high if anything. Especially in her “acne” before/after photo. Probably messed with her skin too hard.

No. 677438

Hate to say that I really think she's exaggerating something like that, but not sure I'd say she went this far.

Also former IV user and her track marks aren't even close to a regular iv use much less hourly. She really only had any the last month or two (since the axolotyl vid) and the dots make me think they used 31g shorts which I've seen Johnny with in a pic. It was clear she was going for surface veins and didn't have a clue wtf she was doing so I wonder if she waited until bruises faded just enough to garner attention but not be omgz scary! But yeah tracks usually look so much worse especially when you don't know what you're doing. So I think Johnny was shooting her up often enough but she was also doing it because those are mistakes he wouldn't make (shitty small shallow veins that are subject to damage) also I don't believe her veins are as fucked as she claims. I have collapsed veins and they can still hit some for blood tests despite scar tissue and whatnot unless I'm super dehydrated, but that applies to everyone.

also have to agree that a lot of this seems like being a picker and maybe having semisensitive skin

No. 677444


I was going to say even with short tips the bruising shouldn't be that uniform but I left it out. I could be completely reaching because I view her as such an attention-starved nutjob but I had to at least voice my thoughts. I do agree her veins aren't possibly as fucked as she claims. She probably has smaller veins anyway then combined with dehydration, lack of movement and being a girl, she's not gonna have any bulging ones.

No. 677446

tbh I don't think it's a total reach and have to agree that it's suspect. I mean she did just get a d.r.e.a.m. tattoo where everyone can see it, yikes.

No. 677447


The idea about them being petichea (those little red dots) might work if she actually does have EDS, as people with it are more prone to those even with minimal trauma

No. 677449


Half of the time on here, even with people as blatant as Vicky Shingles I barely notice photoshopping. I'm just not observant or whatever. But this made me suspect immediately. And yeah IF those are real there's no way it was all Jonny with his 15 or so years of IV experience.


Do you kind of see what I mean? It still is a reach but I can't think of anything else that would cause little red dots that close together. She does get marked up easily.

No. 677451

Okay I see what you mean. It really does look more like petichea. Wouldn't be the first time someone exaggerates their level of use. There seems to be a type in the NA/AA world. Her story just doesn't add up as usual

No. 677455

>never have I ever come across someone that makes drugs their whole identity.
How many 12-steppers have you met? It's incredibly common for someone in recovery to make recovery and as a result their history of drug abuse the focal point of their identity. The way she's talking about her drug use doesn't seem atypical for a person who's in rehab aside from her inability to take responsibility for her own actions. There's a reason why people who successfully stay off the drugs often end up starting a career in the rehab industry. Being an addict defines who they are when they're using and continues to define them when they're sober.

No. 677458

Second this. Soooo many of the 12 step recovered addicts only ever talk about their addiction/recovery and don’t have much other substance to them

No. 677460

Yes it does, but the way she is talking about it sounds like she is proud. Successful people in recovery talk about how it ruined their lives, jobs, relationships and how they have been able to overcome the worst part of their lives. It gives others knowledge and hope. TND is constantly talking about track marks, omg I’m a recovered heroin user and getting drug related tattoos when she barely has a 30 day chip.

No. 677463

File: 1562472315842.png (180.29 KB, 676x778, Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 12.0…)


No. 677464

Unrelated to current topic of discussion, but according to what was posted a few days ago on the thread the last subscriber count of hers (for insta) was 271k, now down to 270k.
Haven’t kept up with her twitter or YouTube though. But it definitely seems like she’s been angering a lot of her original audience with her recent “rescue”.

No. 677466

File: 1562472787375.png (41.29 KB, 917x504, oof.PNG)

oof I don't think she realizes that yt isn't going to be forever and that rn it's not a natural lull she's literally killing off her audience and not realizing how much work people put in to get one. Videos on addiction aren't very advertiser friendly

No. 677469

yeah but it's blindingly obvious she's going to relapse though. she won't take responsibility for a single action that contributed to her drug use and still secretly thinks the life was 'cool' which is why she speaks the way she does. she's sober but recovery has not happened.

No. 677476

File: 1562474200901.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, 06897B8D-F653-4396-87E6-D0F6EB…)

Her eyes looks pinned to me in these photos she just posted. She’s in a dimly lit room so they definitely shouldn’t be that contracted.
I don’t want to assume she’s relapsed already, but it does look suspicious.

No. 677477

File: 1562474222387.png (308.23 KB, 750x1334, 0CAA7E8A-5978-48B5-BB9B-683C4F…)

No. 677479

she's a 'dry drunk' i.e. she may not be using but hasn't addressed her underlying issues and because of that will never make any progress, relapsing again and again.

No. 677480

File: 1562474246170.png (359.25 KB, 750x1334, 88EA2034-E225-4D5C-ADC0-B7E4EE…)

No. 677481

File: 1562474267135.png (336.97 KB, 750x1334, C73B902A-65C9-4EE3-8B7B-F92625…)

No. 677483

File: 1562474291749.png (511.84 KB, 750x1334, 2658A8F6-D35B-40BE-BB6E-7BF11E…)

No. 677486

Pfft, this isn't just some stan, it's a girl with her own drama from the pettuber thread. She just got caught self-posting, assumedly to draw more attention to herself bc she's such a smol creator atm. She's just after Taylor talking to her, bc she herself is a Taylor wannabe, always talking about "muh depression". While their animals conditions are similarly terrible, at least Taylor doesn't constantly ask for money handouts the way Maria does.

No. 677489

having people like taylor around even if it's only na meetings can really shit it up for the people there who are genuinely wanting to work the program and get better. hearing her shares probably sets off cravings for a lot of people. i hope the group and/or leaders tell her to shut up when she starts jerking herself off about how romantic it all was.
she's a toxic cunt, but her type is pretty common in recovery and tbh she's probably getting bitched at often. too stupid for it to stick, is the trouble.

No. 677493

Didnt she make some garbage @Taytay on Youtube? Stop it Em, I have minimal respect for you either.


Someone give this woman an award. Obvs not Taytay

So weird that disaster just seems to follow her everywhere. Now that's less people to look after her snake for her, before she brings in the other 23+ they allow because taytay be speshul

No. 677500

Idk how to repost an instagram vid but damn if her actions didn't already suggest a relapse her last couple posts sure do (she posted miley's song about drugs and then the lyrics "ima get high as hell". She's such a dramatic vaugeposter like her mom

No. 677502

File: 1562478428857.jpeg (803.97 KB, 1125x1760, A53C89C9-4E2B-406F-AD1A-5DB535…)

WHennn iNn r3alitEe iM JuSt a DRuG AddiCT

No. 677505

uhhh they said "repost" as in post it here, not "report" as in get her in trouble with instagram lol

No. 677509

File: 1562478735125.jpg (80.15 KB, 725x1452, taylor.jpg)

it's not worth the whole vid.
I get she maybe likes the song but posting it with the lyrics is, uh, yeah

No. 677510

I already realised and deleted it basically immediately, maybe just a slow update on your end

No. 677512


Inb4 the internet triggers Taylor into relapse and she complains about it… on the internet.

No. 677517

Literally who? She's going to be so embarrassed once she wakes the fuck up and isn't proud of being a junkie, if she doesn't OD by then, that is. What an embarrassment to anyone who's dealt with or lost anyone to addiction. She doesn't know shit about fuck.

No. 677519

she doesn't seem to come off as proud beyond sharing the typical oft-exaggerated 'this is how bad I was' testimony, and shitty impulse tattoos are definitely not uncommon among even people who stay sober long-term. she's going to relapse for sure but she doesn't seem to be any different than the average junkie in recovery beyond her pet-hoarding tendencies.

No. 677522


Now that’s pic worthy

No. 677523


K that dagger bothers the fuck outta me. Some anon in the prev thread went on about it creating the illusion of a triangle on her chest bitch where and how did anyone think it was a good idea to put a dagger diagonally to script that is right aligned.

No. 677528


When I was inpatient after a suicide attempt there were many kids trying to one up each other’s mental illness(es), bragging about how they purposefully lied or manipulated the psychiatrist. I figured they just weren’t ready to fully engage in treatment. Sage for blogpost.

No. 677529


Pun intended? Kek

No. 677533

File: 1562481561538.jpeg (250.43 KB, 1241x1633, D-qpU67WwAA1cpj.jpeg)


Here is the full size image since anon posted a screenshot.

In addition to what you said, why was she using the small veins in her wrist when she hadn't even used all of the veins in her elbow or forearm?

No. 677534

The dagger in the lyric also refers to a shard of glass, so it seems even more misplaced.

No. 677535


And her tattoo is of a dagger in shards.

No. 677536

Also if she’s in therapy for 4-7 hours a day (which ever one is supposedly is) how does she have the time to be on the internet all fucking day as well as running around getting tattoos, seeing her animals, accumulating new one, etc.
sounds like bullshit to me

No. 677537

a bit off topic, but that fat louslittlezoo chick is also a wanna be. She also now goes on about her depression or anxiety and bcof that she won’t post for a few days etc. She’d also constantly comment TNDs post with the hopes of getting attention. Idk why people wanna be like this train wreck so much.

Carry on.

No. 677539

what an idiot. She could have gotten that shitty tattoo on her forearm you know since she went into rehab for H.

It’s known already she loves the attention and is glamorizing her addiction.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if she already relapsed. Would she be able to hide it though if she has? (Based on people here mentioning it stories and her latest photo)

No. 677542

File: 1562483162089.png (4.98 MB, 1242x2688, 0D638C4C-B22A-448F-A109-92E3E5…)

No. 677543

File: 1562484297964.jpeg (603.19 KB, 1536x2048, 55C645ED-17E7-4A04-96DD-13F6CD…)

No. 677544

Didn't Steve Irwin used to be her idol and the reason she got into "entertainment"/"animal education"… I guess now she's a ho she needed a more fitting idol.

No. 677547

I honestly feel like the rehoming/rescue shit is bullshit, what I think what could have happened is Jen has been trying to take care of the animals by herself this whole time on top of all the things she already needs to take care of and got overwhelmed, maybe something got sick/died and she “rehomed” some of Taylor’s animals and that’s when Taylor called Jonny while she was in rehab and Jen had to run to twitter to complain and the whole thing about her possibly getting any of her animals back is complete bullshit
I could be wrong and the animals haven’t gone anywhere and are all still just getting the bare minimum care but the way she tells it the timeline doesn’t add up

No. 677548

I feel like Kronos would have gone to rescue since Jen probably refused to deal with him?

No. 677551


It doesn't make sense because she posted a picture the other day with that part of her arm facing the camera and you could see in the daylight she had a vein going down her forearm which is probably the second most common injection area. But dOCtOrz tOoK hOuRs tO fInD a vEin! It's so obvious what she's doing. To everyone, especially former addicts. If she was anywhere near as bad as she claimed she'd be left with nothing. Her definition of bad is not wearing foundation in a picture. Think about that, there are people with AIDS and hepatitis out there homeless and sucking dick for one hit of dope and she'd probably say she was almost there. Or she'd think it's cool.

She likes having a "story".

No. 677561

Just a thought but if she honestly is still sober/hasn’t replaced yet wouldn’t she have gotten at least her 30 day chip by now? If she is so proud of her progress where are her photos of it?

No. 677571

File: 1562486365734.png (10.15 MB, 1242x2688, F4AFA5B4-0B8F-48D8-A4F3-F5F663…)


No. 677576

That same concern was posted above too. Yeah, her pupils definitely look suspicious.

No. 677578

Why would you get a tattoo that refers to drugs ruling your life if you're now supposedly sober?

No. 677580

She says it means “ruled” her life so she’s still sober oBvIoUsLy lmao lol lmfao hahahahahaha

No. 677582

well she does go on her twitter sprees late at night and is relatively quiet during the day.

No. 677589


Holy shit someone tell this bitch to clean up her room. Even in a house that isn't hers she's a slob.

No. 677590

that's an old pic

No. 677593

I’m still loling at the fact that her Halsey tattoo is already starting to blur. Should’ve placed it on her rib side..but I guess she can’t get it in the frame of her selfies if she did that

No. 677594

It could have been just another excuse to pose semi nudes. Watch her go get another tattoo now hahaha

No. 677596

Would this be pills giving her that effect /if/ she used? Also,
Would she be able to hide if she was using again? Maybe not H, but pills?

No. 677605

It's blurring because it's scabbed over, which is a normal part of the healing process for tattoos. once the wound heals completely it will look clearer again. you need to chill with the "wow it looks like shit already!" when you don't know what you're talking about.

yes it's a shitty tattoo but the linework is better than a lot of her other tattoos (not that that's saying much), can we drop it for now until we see the final result

No. 677606

I’ve stayed in a lot of extended stays all over the country (I travel for work) and this is EXACTLY what the headboard and walls look like in all of them. Chances she did already relapse and is no longer staying in sober living??? She makes me sick. Going on and on about being a drug addict but sober and romanizing a drug that literally kills and tears families apart. I wonder how much begging she’ll do to get JC to take her back and help her shoot up again?

No. 677612

File: 1562497773665.png (917.65 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20190707-050749~2.p…)

Taylor not knowing how to tell time again… She posted her first tattoo in 2017, she's been getting tattoos for a little over two years now. Idiot.

No. 677613

just googled what you mean and yeah, you're totally right.

No. 677614

I thought that too. Also there is was big red fire alarm light in that corner just like a hotel would have. The sober living doesn't appear to have a sprinkler system or any need tbh to have such an extensive system

No. 677619

I wouldn’t be shocked, I thought she relapsed the day she stayed up tweeting till 2AM (whenever that was now). Her romanisation of drug addiction can’t be healthy, especially when she keeps talking about it and showing pictures of it.

There’s obviously addicts who have been sober for ages and make that a central part of their identity but they don’t talk about it the way she does. If they did, I honestly don’t think they would be sober.

No. 677622

File: 1562500489674.jpg (450.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190707-055357_Chr…)

No. 677624

>extended stay
top fucking kek. she is an idiot

No. 677625

maybe she relapsed with her friend/s but didn't include herself when talking about it?

No. 677626

I'm thinking the same.
At first she said "A friend" and then earlier she's turned it into "4 of my friends".

Whats the chances they went out and then decided to all get high together.

No. 677629

No. 677641

the walls are the same color too, so sus.

No. 677642

File: 1562507228330.jpg (40.46 KB, 569x423, hhbedroom.jpg)

A pic of a bedroom from the Hartford House's gallery for comparison.

No. 677643

Sage for samefag, but looking through the galleries for the other houses it looks like none of them have headboards and it's multiple beds per room.

No. 677644

I don't know how she can look her parents in eye with that shit on her. Disrespectful and trashy. Shes always gonna remember how good heroin felt and how shes not supposed to have it. Its like she's having nostalgia for her drug binges and the tattoo is to commerate it.

No. 677647

No. 677648

I wonder how she will answer for this when it gets questioned

No. 677651

Could very well be that she is part of that fabulous 4 that relapsed. It wouldn’t surprise me if she isn’t there anymore but tries to play it as if she still is there which is why she got that tattoo.

Also sus because she hasn’t shown that 30 day chip when she shows off everything.

No. 677652

So is she at the Sober Living or Hartford?

No. 677655

Hartford is one of the houses owned by sober living. It's already been discussed.

No. 677656

She must have rented that place to fuck Jake. Everyone knew her sober house wouldn’t be okay with them fucking. Even their picture in bed is sus, because the sober house has twin beds and that was plenty of space for two grown adults. Taylor feels like a bad influence to the house. She thinks she’s above the rules that are set for the safety of the house.

No. 677657

She’s obviously just staying in a hotel/at a friends/somewhere else after lolcown Doxxed her

I wonder who’s paying for all her shit because I don’t see her having much or any money left.

No. 677658

File: 1562510202253.png (1.78 MB, 2048x1536, 72344D18-7934-4F25-92CF-5F197E…)

No. 677659

I thought that too but why is the snake at her "getting dick" location?

No. 677661

That's probably what she'll try to claim. But yeah, no reason for the snake to be there.

No. 677662

A more likely tinfoil is that she already relapsed and got kicked out of sober living. Wasn’t it yesterday that she was bragging about her sober living house mates taking care of her new petco snake? She’s not even living there. She’s been manic sperging on Twitter since day one and just got a second drug related tattoo. Sober people don’t act like this.

No. 677663

Good old Jen always confirming and suggesting stuff.

Honestly, I have said before that Jen is generally supportive but at the same time she sucks at keeping things private

No. 677664


the romanticizing is in the exaggeration, anon. Just because you think lots of people exaggerate how bad their addiction was, doesn't mean it should be blasted to a large and impressionable audience.

No. 677665

File: 1562511908107.png (301.86 KB, 1080x1061, IMG_20190707_165937.png)

No. 677667

The sad thing is she thinks she is so unique and different, the sickest junkie out there. But if she sticks with 12 step meetings for a few months she will see how many come out of rehab, act righteous, claim sobriety for life, hook up with other newly sober addicts, make impulsive decisions in the name of sobriety, exaggerate and glorify their use and then ultimately relapse, rinse, repeat. Maybe she won’t see herself as a special snowflake anymore then. Nah, I take that back, she will always see herself that way.

No. 677669

…does she expect her to get another tattoo of the exact same thing?

No. 677670

Heroin has a death list of much stronger people than her. It might not have killed her immediatly but were seeing the mental effects. Her brain is so fucked, pretty sure its permanant at this point. Her YT career was the highlight of her life and now she'll slowly sink into obscurity. This is just the start she's only gonna get worse when she finds out she cant make anymore money.

No. 677672


*Dear Miss Cyrus,

My daughter is Taylor Nicole Dean and she’s a famous YouTuber (I’m sure you know who she is). She’s a recovering heroin addict and I was the one who got her into rehab. Now that she’s sober, she’s been listening to your music a lot. Should I be concerned that she relapsed?*

OR she asked Miley to hand write some lyrics so she can go and get them tattooed.

No. 677678

Thinks she's the sickest junkie ever!! Pretty sure Jonny takes the cake compared to that bitch.

No. 677680

I've definitely found that the people who are not truly sober are the ones that constantly post about their sobriety, "doing the right thing", making changes, turning over a new leaf, etc etc. I've been clean for over three years and I never talk about it because why would I want to think about using all the time? Makes no sense. I think there's two ways this could be going - she could be lying and still using, OR she's on one of those newly-clean "highs" where you just get clean and you rave about how great you feel and doing the right thing, but those ones never last because that's just riding that first great feeling of getting sober, but sobriety is not like that forever so once that high fades you go back to using when you see how reality really is.

No. 677681

It's the same as people who keep posting about how great their relationship all over social media all the time. It's a way to overcompensate or even hide for the fact they're in a lacking and overall shitty relationship.

No. 677686

I don't think all her friends actually relapsed.

SHE relapsed and can no longer be around people who are still in the sober house. For obvious reasons, she doesn't give a shit about her or anyone's sobriety.

No. 677687

Or maybe she sent Miley a message asking her to say something to Taylor because she might listen to her idol and stop this romanticising shit

No. 677688

Well if we take a look at the previous year, how often did she cry "I'm sober! I go to a clinic! I'm doing outpatient! I only have a cider here an there"

She's claimed sobriety so much that I don't believe shit anymore.
I feel like the only reason she's doing all this is because the online heat got to much for her and she thought by doing this it would all stop, could have been a way to get rid of Jonny too but honestly this bitch lies through her teeth so fucking much and is so so messy, Ill bet she's using already if not within a month again once she gets enough ass pats and people lay off her a bit.

Where's her sobriety chip? Nowhere, just like the "photos" she was gonna take at that outpatient clinic she was at.

She's full of bullshit.
She's fried her brain.
She's not gonna change.

No. 677689

I disagree. I feel her manic behavior is enough to send 4 people around her back into drugs.

No. 677691

Sf but I bet if someone asked her "show us your sobriety chip!" She'd either take a few days finding someone else's to post or she'll make up some bullshit like "this clinic doesn't hand out chips we have a different system because SPECIAL"

No. 677692

She’s probably going to claim that she is visiting her “friends” that relapsed in the extended stay.
I’m sure she didn’t relapse on her own though. Her type is toxic to be around in early sobriety. She probably got 30 days and figured she had good control over her use.

No. 677693

If the Jake dude relapsed we will suddenly be seeing and hearing more about him again too.

Seeing as getting animals and tattoos is a way of coping for her I wonder if she will run back to Jonny too.

No. 677695

It is a very unnatural response to pat yourself on the back to this extent only 30 days after getting sober. Yeah, saying "guys I have 30 days" would be fine but to talk about it constantly is absurd. You kind of feel like shit when you get clean because you realize how bad you fucked up your life, your relationships, your money, your career, etc. I think she's putting on a big show for Jonny, a big "look at me, look how great I am without you, my new bf, sober living 4E" and publicly trashing him and blaming him for her addiction. When people do shit like this, it's for a reason. She was very upset about Jonny finding a new girl while she was still in rehab so I think this is all just a huge front to get back at him.

No. 677696

It's like 12 in the afternoon where she is and not a single post online.
Is she back to sleeping all day? For someone who's on the webs all-day I'm surprised she hasn't posted anything yet.

On the rehab website it says to be up, have your bed made and daily chores done by 10am.

No. 677697

god the upper lip, her bags

no wonder she is trying to look like some bad big lipped chola with the eyebrows, pony tail, tats, and hooped earrings

She looks like a boring busted white bitch

like her mom+ shayna mixed together

No. 677701

Which does seem like she has relapsed.
No chip to show off? So sus.

No. 677702

That was not my question if they are owned or the same. I asked which one she is in?

No. 677703

How common is it for people to relapse when they've just entered a sober living house? Honestly this is just sad; it's no surprise that she relapsed but to do it so quickly? It's like she didn't even give her life a chance to get better.

No. 677704

completely agree - i dated a heroin addict that was clean for 2 years and he was embarrassed about his previous lifestyle and didn’t like talking about it - i mean people cope differently with past traumas and mistakes but she’s really out here acting like it’s her “brand” and it’s bizarre especially after only 1 month clean (i don’t even really believe that).

No. 677705

Well, it's looking like neither.

No. 677707

If you only went to rehab for 23 days for heroin it's super likely you will relapse. Doesn't matter if you go to sober living or not. Girl barely learned anything to keep her from using, if at all.

No. 677709

Yeah I mean it’s pretty well known that the shortest traditional rehab is 28 days. So she definitely left rehab early for some reason.

No. 677710


tinfoil that Jake relapsed after finding lolcow

No. 677711

Yeah I can see her trigger the fuck out of people around her, and also people online with her posts actually. On her Insta I saw someone also point out how her track marks post was triggering. And her stans attacked lmao.

I find it interesting she appears to have stopped posting about him, and it seems they were together when she took those photos of her arms for her track marks post. Day later "a friend" relapsed. My tinfoil is she made him relapse.

No. 677712

File: 1562521439013.png (202.68 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190708-034257.png)

Holy fuck the first post of the day and it's riddled with defensive behaviour and drama related.

Can she not ignore people? Does she know how to use a block button?
I swear she LOVES this kind of stuff.

No. 677713

Yeah you worry about your "image lmao"

This is why she's a cow and will forever be. Narcissistic cunt.

No. 677714

Has anyone else noticed Taylor spends way too much time on social media to possibly be dedicating 7+ hours a day to recovery? My guess is by 7+ hours she means going to one meeting and doing that thing addicts do after meetings where you all go somewhere to get late night coffee and chain smoke. That doesn’t count as working on recovery, Taylor.

No. 677715

Honestly what did she expect from that guy?
That some in love sobriety fairytale would happen?

She knew the guy for a month, doesn't mean you truly know somebody and addicts are notorious liars.

It could have been his 10th time in rehab and he could have said it was his first time and she'd believe him. She's an idiot, she's so naive and would believe any word that comes out of a human's mouth as long as they have a dick attached to them.

I hope he didn't relapse and he just realised what a dramatic psycho she is after finding this site.

No. 677716

It's almost 1pm in the afternoon where she is and her social media addicted self has only just posted and it's drama related.

I highly doubt she's sticking to any program, I think she JUST woke up.

No. 677717


well she's not in detox…

No. 677719

She sure is defensive for someone praising a new life and positivity. She was defensive about fucking a new guy so soon, defensive about rehoming her pets while adopting a new one, defensive about covering her body in sobriety tats 30 days into her program… she has such a short cycle - impulsive behavior/defensive tweets/impulsive behavior/defensive tweets

No. 677720

She doesn't have that hate in her body anymore! Such silly anons we are.

No. 677721

She def just woke up.
It’s clear as day she is no longer in her sober living and Jake relapsed because she is no longer posting him.

As another anon said, he probably found the site. Most likely actually, you google her name and the threads pop up haha

No. 677722

samefag here. It’s also very obvious she isn’t in her sober living because she is constantly talking about how sober and recovered she is and just correcting herself by saying “recovering”

That, and she’s also a narsissistic cunt that WANTS to latch on to being a druggie. All for the experience remember? Lulz

No. 677723

File: 1562523032234.jpg (209.11 KB, 1536x1370, Screenshot_20190707-201003.jpg)

Gotta defend and enable their queen.

No. 677724

If she doesn’t really post during the day then that would lead me to believe she actually is still in sober living. I feel like she’s still going to meetings and classes and shit, but she is definitely falling apart.
She could also be recovering from her most recent relapse with her “4 friends” (which I assume includes Jake).
Relapse is a part of addiction so I feel like kicking those out who relapse is kind of counterproductive? But I’ve never had experience in a sober living home so idk if they just kick you out or continue to work on you

No. 677725

They usually want you to go back to rehab. It’s very unhealthy to have actively using people around ones that are working hard for their recovery. It’s accountability.

No. 677726

Wow she's woken up extra defensive today.
I wonder if it's because we're catching on to what's really happening with her right now.

She's going to go full meltdown soon.

No. 677728

If she has relapsed and it using something we are totally in for a ride.

No. 677729

All addicts use the term “recovering” addict after they have gotten help. They are recovering addicts for the rest of their lives. No addict is ever fully recovered. No WKing, just point out a reach.

No. 677730


Or she's sleeping all day like she used to.

No. 677732

She will never be fully recovered and always recovering, that’s a part of addiction from what I’ve read/heard.
It’s like she picks and chooses what to be accountable for, which is just another part of the dishonesty recovering addicts face.
I genuinely don’t think she’s trying to be lying, impulsive, naive and plain stupid. She’s just young, privileged, born with money and with ridiculous parents (at least her mom is crazy).
All of these consequences everyone keeps telling her will happen, WILL happen. She’s just never experience rock bottom before. Some people who are born with nothing who become addicted don’t hit rock bottom until they’re in their 30’s (from personal experience with a loved one) and even then, after hitting rock bottom they’re never the same.

She will never be the innocent little pettuber everyone once thought she was.

No. 677735

File: 1562526207039.jpg (366.38 KB, 1536x1501, Screenshot_20190707-210317.jpg)

No. 677737

File: 1562526427519.png (7.8 MB, 1242x2688, A9F60438-F160-47EF-AE96-30B97E…)

Those botched lips tho

No. 677738

What happened to twice a week?

No. 677739

File: 1562526467028.png (9.01 MB, 1242x2688, EE7F7F1B-64C6-4C4D-BB8C-54FCA6…)

No. 677740

Did we forget she was gonna call her snake morphine?

No. 677741

File: 1562526689032.jpeg (451.86 KB, 1124x1898, 430D69AD-7624-4EF0-ACCE-5E8596…)

No. 677742

In all fairness if she was in sober living rn the time makes sense. On the weekends they need to have their chore done by 12PM.

Obviously, she seems to be in a hotel and before she claims whatever else - the sober living place doesn't allow over night passes for the first month and only one for the second month.