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File: 1572046900507.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1920, taylor.jpg)

No. 722298

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/716645

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs.
> She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:

> A "big media company" is coming to interview Taylor about her addiction >>720088 feeble attempts to clean her trash-pile >>721242 of a room have been made >>721971

> Celia is still ill >>721911
> Went out clubbing >>721017 while at the same time saying she's fending off urges to relapse, then revealed she had a big fall >>721412
> Punctured Tofu's lung injecting RI medicine while high on heroin, then drives car to hospital high. Blames hospital for all of this >>715622 / >>715689 / >>715691 / >>715767 / >>715688
> Couldn't tell if Kronos, Tofu or Gucci were sick >>715762
> Told now former stan Destry she would pay for medical care for the blood python, doesn't follow through >>715608 / >>716137
> Flies into a massive narc rage after Destry came out with the tofu milk, threatens Destry >>715830
> Projects, lies about Destry's animals >>715840 / >>715706 / >>715846
> Calls Destry a liar >>715748 / >>715831 / >>715844 , guilt trips her >>715758 / >>715866
> Calls Bree a liar >>715906
> Admits to driving while high more than once, claiming she was fine >>715782 while also contradicting herself >>715793
> Talks about privacy >>715898 yet she or one of her stans doxxes a minor >>715983 / >>716409
> Mama dean joins in on the bullying >>715903 / >>715923 / >>715952 / >>716034 / >>716131
> Gets on her druggie burner phone to continue harrassment after Destry blocks her >>715958 / >>716029 / >>716030 / >>716031 / >>716032 / >>716033 / >>716075
> Claims she is too mature to react while continuing to react >>716074 / >>716070
> Threatens legal action we all know will never happen >>715945 / >>715959 / >>716431
> Dms leaked of her shit talking in her narcsupply groupchat >>716182 / >>716186 / >>716190
> Claims not to check lolcow after sperging about Onision for days >>715982 / >>708569
> Taylor and her stans mass report Destry's alternate account >>716217
> Destry backpedals hard to avoid the narc rage >>716498 / >>716510 / >>716584 / >>716589

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: new cowfish >>707579

> Recent Known Deaths:
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Is Taylor lurking on lolcow? >>708601
> Still getting fillers and denying it? >>708975 / >>709273
>Twisty's tail was broken under Taylor's care? >>715625
>Neglect of her snakes, croc skinks and frog, matching Breezexotics' claims >>715627 / >>715629
>Taylor getting blackout with bropeen in August? >>715634

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 722300

Inb4 her "big media company" turns out to be AETV for hoarders/intervention

No. 722302

I'm praying for Dr Phil but that works

No. 722303

They'd be entertaining either way.

No. 722305

Any twitter milk while threads went dark ?

No. 722306

File: 1572049775422.png (190.93 KB, 1415x494, Capture _2019-10-25-17-28-04.p…)

New tea she got a 10 gallon for a fucking betta. She wants to do a planted tank .. She doesnt need any more tanks. She's a fucking dumbass.

No. 722308

File: 1572049901706.jpeg (170.2 KB, 750x335, 97E6600E-A6EE-4DF3-9B41-19B9F4…)

Looks like she is getting another pet. I think she deleted the tweet of the betas she wants. It’s a koi galaxy from petco.

No. 722309

File: 1572049938978.png (604.08 KB, 750x1334, D847AA00-F4EE-4F17-9E65-8E3873…)

also can we talk about how small this tank is for that huge ball python. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 722311

File: 1572050023798.jpeg (509.5 KB, 750x1238, 299E372E-1704-4483-9AE6-0305E7…)

No. 722314

She should stop spending money on new pets and get some fucking enrichment and a proper enclosure for that poor snake

No. 722316

She had a tweet up last night asking which time was best for her followers to upload her new video. All those time options have passed today with no upload and I noticed earlier she deleted the tweet.

No. 722317

File: 1572050598377.jpeg (383.11 KB, 1125x1995, AD27DEE6-DF7C-4B89-9BEC-F26FD7…)

samefag but she posted this on her Instagram story last night and I think it’s funny she’s pretending she’s clumsy and just whoops fell

No. 722318

File: 1572050619206.png (17.34 KB, 690x213, planted.PNG)

She's gonna do co2 planted.

They are more difficult to get right than saltwater. They also take a colossal amount of maintenance that she just won't do. It's gonna turn into an algae infested mess.

Moving out in october LMAO

No. 722319

How is it even possible for a leg to heal that fast ??

No. 722320

File: 1572050974410.png (488.32 KB, 1242x2208, FE2DDAB1-69B5-4BF4-90C6-2B0290…)

I managed to screenshot her poll asking what time she should upload her video today before she deleted it. All times passed - no video. If it’s deleted it’s like it never happened!

No. 722321

File: 1572050983544.jpeg (112.3 KB, 750x688, 3D38503F-43DC-4D22-97A3-2CE391…)

is anyone surprised you lazy fuck?

No. 722322



I got bored editing so I watched the office again and fell asleep.

No. 722323

Her stans are brainless. This is the same kind of shit excuses she used when she was high out of her mind. She also always pulled the “being away from social media is good for my mental health” when she was silent for days on end while on a bender. She’s definitely using again and anyone who doesn’t see it is blind.

No. 722324

More pets in her tiny room is just what she needs

No. 722325

it looks filtered so that has probably smoothed out the little spots all over

No. 722326


10g betta tanks are really common, maybe the 2nd most popular size for them IMO. But planted freshwater tanks are a science and take a lot of fiddling to get right, and nano tanks are even harder. I don’t think it’ll happen.

No. 722327

Let's support a company that stuffs fish in plastic cups for profit.

She supports drug dealers and rapists, why am I not surprised?

No. 722331

lol I know, I thought she was against petshmo, but I guess not when she see an animal she is dying to have

No. 722334

File: 1572052355652.png (191.41 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191025-211226.png)

Already deleted. Wonder if someone called her out

No. 722336

People that faint don’t usually get injuries that bad. She must have been not sober and fall down some stairs or shit

No. 722339

File: 1572052609089.jpeg (128.21 KB, 750x293, FBEE5250-5E5C-4ECD-857D-22AC8F…)

Why do a learning experience when you can just do all the proper research ahead of time, and establish a healthy tank, then get a beta.

No. 722341

Oh great a small fish tank in an overcrowded room with 3 cats, what could go wrong. If you do a planted tank properly and pick the right plants and right lighting you dont need co2, co2 injections are for high tech tanks and require consistent maintenance especially on a 10 gallon. Get it wrong and shell just have algae blooms for days. Shes going to put all this effort into a new pet instead of fixing her current setups? How about that depressing fucking bin Sabor is in shoved into her closet like a piece of garbage? Shes disgusting

No. 722342

Bitch doesn't understand tank cycling and ammonia.

Co2 isn't magically like she thinks. It doesn't do shit if you don't dose, water change, trim, use good flow, skim surface film, use timers.

Knowledge of aquatic plants and their unique requirements is a level of complexity she won't take the time to learn.

No. 722345


Girl cant even be bothered to get timers for her other lights shes definitely not going to have the proper lighting schedule for high tech plants. She couldnt do a low tech planted tank clearly, want to bet it was due to shit lighting schedules and shit maintenance kek

No. 722346

Spelling mistake, she redid the tweet and reposted.

No. 722348

File: 1572053393311.jpg (294.46 KB, 1080x1175, 20191026_123005.jpg)

But yes people are getting annoyed and seeing a pattern I think.

No. 722349

yeah this definitely reeks of her hoarding tendencies but she's justifying it because its "just a fish". Her 150 is already overcrowded so I don't see this going well either. Not to mention that she has never had the care and always half assed things too much to maintain a planted tank. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

No. 722354

Why would she put a poll out with preferred release times if she's not done editing yet? Because in that tweet it implies she's finished, "worked on" instead of "working on".

She does this with every. Single. Video. She's always late. Always editing.

If it's so hard for her to Edit the most basic videos, and takes her weeks, why doesn't she reach out to someone to Edit for her so she can for ONCE put videos out on time?

R.i.p to all her fans who once again got hyped for nothing and now have to wait a couple more days. So professional. You're doing wonderfully and Amazingly taylor.

No. 722358

How long until she deletes her post about not uploading because more people are commenting about being disappointed and the most liked comments are the ones annoyed with her..

No. 722363

File: 1572055480702.jpg (732.86 KB, 1080x1921, 20191026_130352.jpg)

No. 722364

File: 1572055507471.jpg (928.85 KB, 1080x1736, 20191026_130409.jpg)

No. 722367

“Do a check up on”
Aka manhandle into a photo op. As her next photo she shared shows.

No. 722370

tired of doing what?

No. 722376

i really don’t understand why she asks about a video upload time without the video even being finished? so fucking stupid stop giving ur stans shit to look forward to and just finish ur cringey editing before asking

No. 722380

Why was handling him at all necessary for a checkup??? Maybe if he wasnt stuffed in a garbage can in her dark closet shed be able to visually check on him daily like shes supposed to instead of massively stressing him out like this

No. 722381

she'll kill that fish overdosing CO2, calling it now.

No. 722382

She is so uncapable if handling her own green tree python. wtf is she doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had them bite her on purpose. I feel like her stories are always some type of bloody triggering pictures. Coincidence ?

No. 722383

Taylor is such a scatterbrained dipshit.

I guarantee she has a mite infestation and multiple RI's in her room.

This is such a shitshow, She'd be better off tearing everything down and starting over. The infestation is so probably so vast she can't get rid of them. The high temp in her room probably exploded the population and they made they're way into the tubs.

No. 722384

File: 1572057667244.png (474.95 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191023-145031.png)

Old and not really milky, but relevant given the Destry stuff.

Destry tagged a bunch of pettubers to help raise money for someone else's pet.
I thought it was interesting that she didn't tag Taylor, but she did tag turtlemom.

No. 722385

she always says "I always (insert proper procedure here)" for no reason. This is a stupid thing to share regardless but it's like she always falls all over herself to prove how ~knowledgeable~ she is and it's such a red flag. Like she always has to stress how she never hurts them and is sooooo gentle which screams "guilty conscience" to me

No. 722386

Bettas can breathe air so unlikely

It's obvious she wants to do more fish tank stuff but she doesn't have the space and mama dean is breathing down her neck.

No. 722390

That whole situation was super strange. I honestly think tofu died, and was replaced, if a living animal starts to harden it usually means they are dead. Also I have seen quite a few baby Texas rat snakes for sale with the same morph for around $300.00

It seems like the minor still doesn’t sit well with Taylor. She tagged a lot of people that have beef with Taylor

No. 722412

not necessarily by suffocation, but CO2 overdose can cause a significant pH drop.
bitch can't even figure out how cycling a tank works, she won't be dosing correctly unless someone helps her. she's dumb as a brick

No. 722414


Did she say the snake started to harden? If so, yeah I can’t see how it would be possible for the snake to live. It’s not like rigor mortis happens in the window between life and death when something could potentially still be revived - if it gets to the point that the muscles start to stiffen the animal is 100% irreversibly dead.

No. 722415

Iirc she said that the area she injected was hard to the touch.

No. 722416

Got me thinking if she just watched a youtube video and thinks she can do it too so she went out to her favorite pet store to look for a betta. Then gets lazy half way through her dream of doing this and forgets about it like some 6 years old.

No. 722418

>>722317 there’s still dirt in the wound?? Girl, take a shower or at least wash out your totally-sober-at-the-club battle scars.

No. 722421

If she didn’t jerk back, how is there blood on the door? Lol.
>>722390 and maybe it’s because Destry was kissing Taylor’s ass in dms, but messaging random hate accounts for Taylor claiming that she was being silenced.
Destry is just a little girl with mental problems, and she wanted some clout, but got too scared.

No. 722424

omfg I’m crying “battle scars”

No. 722434

She’s been deleting tweets of people telling her it’s a bad idea and that she has no room for another tank. She’s even getting some hate comments too. Only people who haven’t seen her current living situation are supporting her it looks like.
I seriously hope she doesn’t put another animal in that smelly dungeon of a room. Ugh, makes me so fucking sad.

No. 722435

File: 1572069761941.png (399.9 KB, 750x1334, 47BB9A49-FD1E-468F-911C-3479A1…)

Comments on her post about missing the video upload.

No. 722438


Are stans finally seeing some light?!

Also taking bets that the "major media company" asks for a piss test, she gives some soggy bread of an excuse they respond "oh ok" and leave. Then she'll twitter sperg on how said company was sO MeAn!

No. 722439

Tinfoil but I’m almost wondering if the “major media” outlet isn’t Gimlet Media, they did a story about her on their podcast Reply All. It was a trainwreck then, with heavy overtones of “we think this girl is high.” - I wouldn’t be surprised if those journalist sniffed her out after catching wind of the redemption arc.
As a regular listener of this podcast it would be delightfully grim to see how this all plays out.

No. 722440

File: 1572071010125.jpg (471.96 KB, 1080x1410, 20191026_172142.jpg)

Her fans are starting to realise, some of them at least.
I also think some of her hardcore stans she messages are going to turn on her eventually.

No. 722441

Of course they will. She has the same problem (one of them) onision does: she doesnt grow with her audience. Shes stuck in this phase people usually grow out of at 16-19. She's incapable of self reflection and admitting to mistakes unless it has an immediate benefit to her. The older her fans get, the less they'll tolerate her bullshit.

No. 722443

File: 1572071821987.jpeg (337.25 KB, 1241x1782, 7D44E294-D56E-49DD-B17F-376A5E…)

Is this supposed to be satire?

No. 722444

File: 1572072036565.jpg (898.76 KB, 1080x1921, 20191026_173950.jpg)

She's hiding from Twitter I think. She's posting an awful lot on Insta.

No. 722445

File: 1572072081764.jpg (817.51 KB, 1080x1971, 20191026_174004.jpg)

? Okay..

No. 722448

She's really out here blaming substrate for mites??? Also, if she's been using it for 2 yrs, why are her snakes getting mites. Stupid.

No. 722450

Wouldn't spraying that directly onto substrate and then putting it into your enclosures cause problems for your animal? I know it's normal to spray down an enclosure, bedding and whatnot but usually you wipe it down/wash it after it's sat for a few minutes? Poor things are breathing that stuff in and their meals are being thrown onto it.

I don't know a single person who does this, substrate is rarely the cause of mites.

No. 722451

Taylor proving she still hasn't bothered to learn anything about tank cycling since the last one. Even with bringing over established filter media and if she used Stability, it's too early to be picking a fish. Especially one that lives in a plastic ramekin on a shelf and will be dead or sold within a week.

No. 722454


Well the Twitters wuz being so mEaN!

And I really, really hope that is satire

No. 722455

File: 1572075504903.jpg (809.2 KB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20191026-183522_Ins…)

Why even buy a product if you haven't researched it as well as look at reviews?
Why is she only now asking for opinions?
WHY is she so fucking dumb? She needs to just get off the internet, it's not like she's trying to get anywhere with it anyway.

No. 722460

Aha! So funny to support a man that raped a child, and assaulted 21+ other women. Great work Taylor, you always find the pieces of work.

No. 722462

The can has rust on the bottom of it smh she clearly hasn’t been using much of it lol

No. 722463


Good eye.

No. 722466

File: 1572078010491.jpeg (333.57 KB, 1242x684, 4977A96E-1156-4F9D-A050-330F35…)

Living for Bree throwing shade back at Taylor, and correcting the misinformation that Taylor spreads.

No. 722467


Shows how often she personally cleans her substrate if that's her routine lol

No. 722470

your fingers should have been not holding a goddamn phone when handling a stressed animal, dumbfuck.

No. 722472

how can she think it's safe to treat animals for mites for almost TWO years? Thank you Bree for the piece of actual info.

You know when kids get animals they usually want to overfeed them, or if they get a plant they water it until it dies? Taytay is like a child in her brain, she pours a bowlful of calcium, and she sprays all her substrate with chemicals. And she doesn't understand that too much is also bad. I think mentally she's about age 7.

No. 722474

I wish Bree would just leave it alone. She’s making her vendetta obvious.

No. 722475

why? so all of TnD's dumbfuck stans can treat all of their pets with chemicals for years so they too get as sick as for example Celia?

No. 722476

I disagree. The more people who call her on her bull shit the better. She spreads dangerous misinformation constantly.

No. 722477

File: 1572080657771.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, 20191026_050026.jpg)

Her bearded dragon/bts diet since she feeds them the exact same thing even though they have different dietary needs.

Let's break it down for a bearded dragon shall we?

Reptilinks - no
Worms - no (maybe a rare treat)
Kale - binds calcium dangerous if fed frequently in large quantities, assuming she doesnt know this also not good
Fuckload of strawberries - fruit should be 5% or even less theres like 15-25% strawberry in there
BONUS HIDDEN FOOD ITEM: Flukers Bearded Dragon Diet - garbage basically 80% water, sugar and soy

No. 722478

Taylor falsely accused her of sexual assault, and you want her to just leave it alone? Yikes.

No. 722479

File: 1572080865106.jpg (373.13 KB, 1080x1654, 20191026_050043.jpg)

Breakdown of the hidden Flukers she puts in the food. I'm assuming she doesnt mention it because premade diets like these for reptiles have poor reputations and are generally not healthy. Same goes for this one. If you have any knowledge of dietary information any of the ingredients following Sodium are LESS THAN 1% so the food is water, dried insects (minimal nutrients, soy, tomato pomace and sugar). If you look at the nutrition analysis protein is only 4% and its 82% water so they're basically just sugar water balls added on top for no reason.

No. 722480

She is "out of other fruit options" and her UTI-cats are surviving on only kibble. Time for another shopping spree, let's see, should we buy stripper clothes from a racist company oooor food for the animals? Tough choice!

No. 722484

File: 1572084724937.png (845.86 KB, 1242x2688, 73A9FE9A-C513-4D53-B3D0-77E3F9…)

Walmart version Taylor

No. 722485

File: 1572084787270.png (876.88 KB, 1242x2688, B86F4D97-3C9B-4916-8323-F71C01…)

Walmart Taytay part 2: Speaking from what I researched…the shade lmao

No. 722512

That's the thing, though: Almost all youtubers are expendable. But she thinks the ride will last forever.

No. 722514

Taylor reposted Destry's post for this fundraiser on her Instagram story days ago.

No. 722515

I agree. Brees high and mighty jabs are tired. I get correcting misinformation, but are Taylor’s viewers really going to plunk on over to your twitter to check their info? No Nope. Are the people who see through Taylor’s shot gonna even take her info seriously? No.

No. 722519

Jesus I hope she doesn’t feed kale regularly. why doesn’t she just feed insects, I doubt she has any on hand. Because like why are you feeding meat

Congrats for supporting complete creeps ig

lol the bottle is super rusty, why would you even have this ? Also if She was using it for two years ( which she shouldn’t use it at alll) shouldn’t she run out before it gets so rusty

Walmart Taylor even says she doesn’t know enough information so why is she giving an opinion

You have a really good point, I doubt she ever takes out her animals unless she has a photo or camera in the other hand

Omfg thank you Bree

No. 722544


That’s the thing though, she does have feeder insects because she gave some to Atta.

No. 722551


Provent a mite is toxic to hognoses…

No. 722558

Maybe this is what caused the 'incurable illness' Celia has then?

No. 722561

I mean it's possible, but usually it causes neurological issues. But I wouldn't completely dismiss it as the cause. Hognoses are just very sensitive to chemicals and pesticides in general.

No. 722563

In every video with salads she posts you can tell it's fucking kale. She actually changes the veg up very little, she pretty much only feeds the fruit, and she insists on feeding shit like unpeeled apples to her reptiles regardless of what disgusting pesticides may lie.

I doubt she even knows what radicchio, endive, chicory, etc even are. She sticks with words that she knows. I'd be willing to bet Twisty has hypothyroidism or something at this point with all that Kale.

It's also disgusting she gives him essentially no live insects in his diet. Reptilinks are shit, even insect based. Just feed your dragon live feeders.

No. 722565

Provent a mite is a pesticide and a lot of people will not use it anymore because it has been shown to be harmful to reptiles, especially smaller ones (like hognoses). Taylor is an idiot for using it as a preventative measure. If she is seriously using it on every bag, I hope she's leaving the enclosures empty until the PAM dries (it's toxic when wet or as a gas) and then leaving them without water or misting for two days, because if it gets into the water or mist, and they drink it, they've been poisoned by the PAM and obviously that's not good for smaller animals. It takes a quick Google search to see how many people have had issues with PAM and their animals dying or getting sick.

No. 722566


Mites are notoriously difficult to eradicate once established, especially in multiple tanks. The eggs and nymphs require constant substrate changing and cleaning, multiply that by how many snakes she has, she simply hasn't done it because lazy. This smacks of damage control.

>Guiz I got mites!!! But I'm treating so it's okay!!1!1

Spraying this shit willy nilly can absolutely cause respiratory problems. The stuff is absolutely carcinogenic for all reptiles and humans, especially in such an enclosed space.

The bottle itself looks like it's been stored improperly stored and it's old an unused. She's probably only treating her mites now, that's why we haven't see many of the other snakes.

Taylor you lazy fuck rehome your animals, they're suffering. It's obvious she relapsed on something and now she's getting a fishtank? fucking A.

No. 722567

File: 1572106876883.jpg (452.7 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191026-101952.jpg)

These ones have insect but still, a bearded dragon shouldn't be eating meat protein with every meal. And these aren't even the ones they have marketed towards beardies and BTS, which are 50/50 rabbit and fruits/veggies. So she's probably feeding the bearded dragon/blue tongue skink ones, and not these insect/rabbit ones

No. 722568

She's getting another fish tank because she likes to talk big but she's just like every other idiot I used to deal with working at a pet Store. Fish are expendable pets. "I just want something easy." She doesn't think fish are as hard as they are because she knows nothing about cycling a tank. She knows nothing about dosing with CO2. She talks about how her corals are thriving but her tank is overrun by GSP, which is so notoriously easy to take care of that everyone comes in to buy it as a starter coral.

Fish are expendable to her when in reality they're just another abused animal she fucks around with for the aesthetic of being the fish lady/reptile lady.

No. 722571

File: 1572107999958.png (1.15 MB, 1094x433, saltwater.PNG)

Pretty sure she's been paying someone to maintain her tank. Mama dean ain't doing it and she didn't during rehab.

It's pretty "dirty" for saltwater standards, way too many fish and too much food. Every time it's been shown the "blues" have been on to hide the crap. No surprise we haven't seen much of it, her "friend" (that she pays) from the LFS is probably looking after it.

The rocks are green and the water is yellow. Nutrients probably sky high due to overfeeding, probably 0 water changes being done, Taylor isn't mixing salt that's for sure.

She thinks co2 will be easy? gl tay lol

No. 722576

Exactly. Her tank is disgusting and she can't even be assed to quarantine fish. Unless she does have someone maintaining it for her, she can expect a crash really soon. She doesn't have any really nice corals because she doesn't know how to take care of them. That tank is crowded looking enough without taking her big fish into account. Poor Irwin…

No. 722582

Uhm no. Bree is doing the right thing pointing out this misinformation. People need to understand they can’t blindly trust tnd with basic care information (or any info at all really)

No. 722585

Shouldn’t the rocks have a good amount of coralline algae on them at this point? She’s had the tank long enough. The top rocks are green.
I agree it’s going to crash eventually.

No. 722587

Hypothyroidism can be bad news it effects your whole metabolism, weight, and hormones, you can only find out if a vet check the animals blood levels

No. 722592

Yeah no both did cocaine together she doesnt post her own care of animals. Shes all talk. I dont trust bree either she is trash. Esp the crying of her health. No one in bad health should be having hoards of animals to take care of.
"I'm working full time and have soo much health issues and still take care of my pets". How do we know what she says is truthful?
Stop bringing bree up she is trash.

No. 722601

File: 1572115339388.png (481.4 KB, 373x676, cheese2.PNG)

They should be but I doubt her alkalinity is high enough, all those excess organics is gonna drag the Ph down. Most reefs like nutrient poor conditions, the coralline won't grow if those conditions arn't met.

Can't even be bothered to clean the glass for a video.

No. 722610

I can’t believe she replaced the cowfish. Like it’s so weird how she is always replacing pets. In my opinion pets aren’t replaceable

No. 722612

File: 1572116212665.jpg (103.33 KB, 576x322, 20191026_145657.jpg)


No. 722616


You're right. To most people, pets aren't really replaceable, but there are people who will always get one type or breed of animal just because they like them.
In Taylor's case though she's been caught trying to pass off new animals as old ones that have died so it's a bit different. I sometimes wonder if she has any emotional attachment to these animals, because she barely expresses any sort of grief when they die, bar Cheese.

They're just accessories to her when it comes down to it.

No. 722617

File: 1572116981843.png (409.45 KB, 750x1334, D0E93767-F112-4FEC-A8BB-F8339C…)

Lmao I was looking to see if this was posted yet! I’m living for it too! It’s sad that anyone has to come behind her and “clean up” after her dumbass but it’s on brand for ol TND and this was in the comments about the disabilities.

No. 722620

She was in grief over lost content when cheese died, not because she actually missed him.

Replacement milk snake, replacement hedgehogs, replacement satanic leaf geckos, replacement Tofu and god knows how many more. Cheese the second is just one of many. She would also have replaced all the animals her mom forced her to rehome while she was in rehab, but the breeders she contacted refused because of her reputation and I think her mom won't allow any more animals (fish are okay apparently because well, they are just fish and Taytay hires someone to clean their tanks). We will see an explosion of replacement animals once she moves out.

No. 722624

Cheese was the cash cowfish of the channel

(pun intended)

She'll never be able to properly take care of that many animals, it just isn't possible for one person. She doesn't even look after her animals now, her mom cleans the cages, probably feeds too.

No. 722625

I would say with the current amount she has it IS possible, but only for someone with spare time and actual work ethic. So definitely not taylor, lmao.

No. 722631

I'm also wondering if she ever takes her rats out of the cage? Rats should be out of their cage at least for 1 hour per day.

No. 722634


She's got all the spare time in the world. She doesn't do anything. She doesn't go to daily meetings, she isn't leaving her house, she doesn't have a job, she doesn't film or edit videos daily, she has absolutely no obligations. She's being paid to sit in front of a camera. She's in the perfect position to learn about the needs of her animals, take care of them, and give them good lives. She just doesn't.

And she absolutely should not be getting more animals with the space she has right now. Most of her animals are pretty hardy but that doesn't mean they're not suffering. I don't know anything about snakes or reptiles so I'm trusting snakeanons when they say they're not in the best living conditions. All I know is stuffing three fully grown cats into a bedroom with one litter box, surrounded by other animals with no stimulation is just cruel.

No. 722637

Oh they have plenty of stimulation. Chasing snakes, fighting each other over territory and watching Taylor sleep her days away. What cats and snakes wouldn't love to live like that?

Also that light bulb above Sabors tank is a disaster waiting to happen. I am so scared that the cats are gonna get burned or cause the lamp to fall and start a house fire. Do NOT keep an unprotected heat source dangling close to cats.

No. 722638

I’m so happy someone is talking about this. She needs 4 boxes, and should be cleaning them daily

No. 722640

How can she if her cat’s live in her bedrooms also you need to rat-proof the room so they don’t make a mess

No. 722644

also does she kick out her cats when she plays with her snakes ? My cats would try to eat my snakes if I did that. Snakes literally are a living toy to cats

No. 722646

Ayrt- exactly! There’s better ways to go about it than petty sub tweeting.

No. 722647

dont worry she only take them out for a quick photo shoot and if she can't stress them to move or bite her she puts them right back again.

However: snakes will stress very easily and having three cats chasing them through the glass of enclosures will also kill them, even though it takes a bit longer.

No. 722650

The cats could very easily slide the locks off the snake bins and get into them if they so decided some day. They watch her do it and have nothing better to do. Cats are smart I wouldn't put it past them to give it a go

No. 722655

whenever these retarded insta posts show up you can't help but think stop reading lolcow taylor, you can't sit with us.

No. 722674

File: 1572125933626.jpg (119.2 KB, 720x524, Screenshot_20191026-143438_Twi…)

I dont think this has been posted yet but she took down her sobriety date

No. 722677

It was posted already. Surprised none of her little minions have said anything about it

No. 722679

No. 722680


Some stans have noticed, as >>722435 shows.
I don't know what the purpose of her removing that was. If she's not sober and wants to keep everyone off her back about it, the smartest thing to do would be to keep it in her bio.

No. 722684

obvious forum slide is obvious

No. 722693

File: 1572132498361.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2320, Screenshot_2019-10-23-04-35-07…)

Poor Nemo. I wonder how often their litter box has been overflowing with shit and piss because she was strung out on drugs, too fucked up to clean it up. That'll help him with the chronic UTIs too.

No. 722703

Interesting to note that UTI’s are more common in female cats, yet her male has one.

No. 722704

Maybe start with talking to a vet. Obviously he gets chronic UTIs he is sharing 1 litter box with 3 cats

This is obvious, she is most likely using a cheap dusty litter. Why does she go to social media for pet advice so often. Talk to a vet, and if your vet is a dumb motherfucker, get a different vet

No. 722707

File: 1572134929598.jpeg (592.58 KB, 750x1251, DF396F25-7CC0-41FA-80ED-9F94FC…)

I just thought the last comment was pretty funny(dont encourage cowtipping)

No. 722708

I believe the UTI is indicative of her feeding the cats dry kibble, not the wet food she claims she feeds them (as evidenced by her video of feeding them crunchies).

No. 722709

I wonder if that's why almost all of her snakes have had "the sniffles" as she likes to call it, and maybe that caused the baby snake Valentino to get so ill she sent it back to the breeder.

It's sad how in every single feeding video she always says "usually I feed them something better but we ran out", anyone with pets tends to stay on top of the food, and you get a replacement before actually running out entirely. And since she loves to purchase everything online, she should not have that issue so frequently where she ran out of food for her pets. It's so fucked up.

No. 722710

Cats prone to UTI’s can be taken care of easily with the right precautions and knowledge. You have to give them at least a small can of wet food each day to keep them hydrated, and if you notice your cat struggling to pee or frequently going to the litter box without peeing very much, you can add some apple cider vinegar to their wet food (about a teaspoon depending on size of cat) and this is a common household item.
If she knew this, and this is just a simple google search away, she could easily afford the necessities needed to keep her cat healthy.

But oh wait. She never had cats before these cats and she never bothered to learn thoroughly before taking on 3 cats. Because what else should we expect from this animal abuser.(cat care derailing)

No. 722712

I feel like she didn’t expect to need to research a commen pet like a cat, but you most certainly do. Housing multiple cats together is hard enough with someone with experience. You need to have the time to play with every cat for at least 20 mins a day. That’s one hour of play time in her case. If she was doing that it would in her insta stories

No. 722721

Funny. Anyone I’ve known with male cats have UTI issues, not females

No. 722723

Female cats are more prone to getting utis, as well as older cats. It's just a bigger deal with male cats, because male cats are more prone to blockages which are more serious.

No. 722727

File: 1572140893356.png (217.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191026-214830.png)

No. 722729

“some times” you mean every time

No. 722732

File: 1572142153336.png (253.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191026-220905.png)

No. 722734

File: 1572142650872.png (165.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191026-221701.png)

Prove it, then people won't be dogging your ass about this shit

No. 722735

"Recovery and pain" guise. But she had enough stamina and not pain to fall down some stairs.

Don't promise videos, don't repeatedly push them back and don't get pissy when your tweens get mad about about the first two.

No. 722736

File: 1572143084980.png (2.52 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-26-22-24-24…)

what a bitch though.

No. 722738

Genuine question, do we know if shes developmemtally/mentally disabled on some level? Or is she just this good at missing the context?

No. 722740

File: 1572143520713.png (2.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-26-22-31-09…)


StOP hOLdiNg mE aCcOUnTaBLe!!!!!

No. 722741

File: 1572143579471.png (2.84 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-26-22-31-16…)

No. 722742

>i'll continue to post when i feel like it

then dont fucking start making promises and saying you'll follow a schedule you dumb fuck

No. 722746


"please check yourself" this bitch is so fucking entitled. what a way to talk down on your fans. i'm disgusted

No. 722747

>I've been kind to myself about how lazy I am this month
>Just like the 18 months I was "kind to myself" by staying drugged into oblivion
>how dare you point out the obvious similarities!!1! I'm telling you I'm clean (just like I told you I was clean for those 18 months), how dare you not believe me because I have a history of lying until I'm forced to tell the truth!! Onision isn't the most honest YouTuber (I learned that from lolcow) it's actually me!!1!!!!1!

No. 722748

Can someone tell me why her stories font looks like this? It’s usually a bold font and hers is the only one I’ve seen with this thin one. Sage for no contribution, it’s just been bugging me.

No. 722749


She got her lower arm tattooed Oct 6th. She uploaded pics of her in her slut outfit on the 17th. She showed a clip for the new amazing insanley edited video that will be coming out any day now and she is wearing that slutty outfit with her lower arm tattooed.

So she obviously filmed it about a week and a half ago and has been sitting on her ass eating fries and watching the office ever since.

No. 722750

It’s funny how much those comments get to her… because she hates being called out on her utter bullshit.

No. 722754

File: 1572144420409.png (929.3 KB, 1431x1116, Capture _2019-10-26-22-45-16.p…)


No. 722757

Wow. I wonder how many of her followers will see this as bitchy and shallow. She literally got a comment of someone being disappointed in her making false promises constantly and then goes off calling them entitled. Bitch doesn’t even know the meaning of that word.

This is the least self aware person I’ve ever seen

No. 722758

Unless her "chronic pain" is so bad she's curled up in the fetal position in bed crying with the intensity of the pain, she can fucking edit a short video and upload it. There are people out there with severe chronic pain who have to get up and push through with their lives because they don't have any other choice. Meanwhile this fucking cunt can't be bothered to do something you could sit in your bed doing even while in pain. Karma can't come for her soon enough.

No. 722768

i don't care, but just lemme take an hour or two to write impossibly long instas about how i don't care!

No. 722771

She sounds so entitled her self. Why is she so bitchy to fans, that are upset that’s she keeps promising to post a video then failing. It’s her job. Ugh I can even. They probably unfollowed you because they were sick of your bullshit.

No. 722772

“They weren’t even following me”

Does she not understand the concept of unfollowing? Also imagine being an influencer that spends time checking if people are following you. Can’t relate.

No. 722773

I just don’t get it I’ve had cats my entire life and lived in a place where the streets could be dangerous but cats are SMART. it’s totally plausible to let your cats go outside and learn to not run in the street and come back. cats are smarter than people think they are. they do not need to be locked up in a room PERIOD.

No. 722774

Honestly I’m kinda happy she is a total entitled bitch. She is just digging her own grave and fans won’t approve of her shitty attitude. This isn’t even a attack on her haters, it’s a attack on her disappointment and worried fans. lol maybe don’t make false promises to people that literally pay your bills

No. 722775

Nothing she does is right for any of her bags and that’s point blank.

No. 722783

File: 1572146947172.png (4.38 MB, 1125x2436, E100AB2A-D450-4575-A76C-F785EB…)

No. 722787

Now she’s claiming that she might have CRPS in her arm. CRPS is characterized by changes in skin color, muscle wasting, swelling, mottling of the skin, and SEVERE burning sensations.

Bitch where.

I’ve worked specifically to treat patients with this disease and it is fucking brutal. People resort to spinal cord stimulators and amputations. Claiming that she may have it minimizes the suffering of those that do.

She can sense that people’s patience for her bullshit is waning, better make up some new story for sympathy.

No. 722789

She has pain in her arms but can go get shitty tattoos. Ok then.

No. 722793

Right? Tattoos are a known irritant to people with CRPS, too. Getting one can trigger an even more severe inflammatory response and even make it migrate to other parts of the body. Absolutely miserable condition. Which she doesn’t have.

It’s also notoriously difficult to treat and diagnose, which makes a lot of drug-seekers and munchies latch on to it so they can receive opiates and asspats.


No. 722794

File: 1572147859394.png (301.58 KB, 1439x1397, Capture _2019-10-26-23-44-33.p…)

Bitch mode activated

No. 722795

File: 1572148258170.jpg (940.62 KB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191026_235047565.j…)

Mama D throwing her nut hat into the ring of insanity that is her daughter. Go put away the fucking laundry, lady!

No. 722796

File: 1572148445993.png (260.75 KB, 750x1334, 7EAA056D-908C-4024-AAFF-73A047…)

Some one is lurking

No. 722797


ah yes, people are so entitled when YOU offered up these schedules and set these guides for yourself on your own freewill through social media to your fans, and when you don’t follow through, how dare anyone question it. Who do they think they are, asking for her to take responsibility for empty promises SHE PUT UPON HER OWN DUMB ASS SELF and god forbid, not patting her ass enough and telling her it’s okay to be a lazy sack of shit? not tru fans

No. 722798

File: 1572148598874.jpeg (165.8 KB, 750x320, 1AF0833A-1593-49C5-ABD3-C2980E…)

Yes checking a forum once and awhile means your are obsessive 24/7

lol get over ur self

No. 722799

File: 1572148699882.png (286.57 KB, 750x1334, 91459517-8672-45C1-AE99-C2DF09…)

she needs to get off lolcow clearly she is triggered

No. 722800

File: 1572148777827.png (248.57 KB, 750x1334, FFCF08C4-CBEE-4513-912A-0F7148…)

No. 722801

YouTube is her job. Her main source of income. Imagine getting mad about having to work to make money.

No. 722803

File: 1572149013840.jpeg (181.82 KB, 750x388, 757F14E9-973A-4700-B331-0571F4…)

how many twitter accounts is she checking. also she is just saying that, what proof does she even have

No. 722806


my boss is a real entitled prick for expecting me to show up to work. /Taylor logic

No. 722807

Just keep on biting the young ignorant hands that feed you Tay. You'll be back to living at your par- Oh wait, you're already back there.

No. 722808

Does… she not realize that people who watch her content are paying with their time? People could choose to do anything and they choose to spend their time watching her stupid videos. And yeah… She does owe those people her career. It's thanks to her fans that she can live her shitty lifestyle and not have to get an actual job that will come with responsibilities. What a fucking bitch. I recommend that people do take her advice and watch other YouTubers though. And not just "in the meantime" but permanently.

No. 722812

I like how she tell people to not watch her content, but gets pissy when people will turn on ad blocker because of her bitchy personality

No. 722814

hi um i came here to check if my tweets ended up here…. its all good w me that they are but can u guys remove my name, handle and pic pls thanks

No. 722815

File: 1572150527505.png (149.42 KB, 307x774, sheneverfuckingstopstweeting.p…)

Had to post this in its full glory. Her train of thought is bizarre. Does she think money and time are in endless supply for everyone?

No. 722816

Uh, don't say stuff if you're not comfortable standing by what you said? Taylor's stans will come for you regardless if you're posted here.

No. 722817

File: 1572150635426.png (616.51 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 12.3…)


No. 722818


don't worry luv that one lil ss with your handle on it will get washed away by the flood of shit that comes from tay on the daily, don't draw attention to it and let the animal queen do the rest

No. 722819

idc about stans can u just respect my privacy and blur my name and pic from a forum i didnt choose to post them to please

No. 722820

File: 1572150975864.png (72.63 KB, 597x309, blockblock.png)

mah gawd she's a nutter

No. 722821


ever notice her "chronic pain and illnesses" don't affect her when it's something she wants to do, like go out and sit in uncomfortable positions to get tattooed, go out and get more pets for her hoard, spend time sitting around online shopping, spend time get slutted up to take thirst trap pics in mom's house, spend time getting into thotgear to go troll bars or parties

however, doing any kind of "work"? like cleaning her own room, taking care of her own hoard of pets, or producing content really brings out her ~illnesses~

No. 722822

She’s BIG mad. What a fucking bitch.

No. 722823

You can't post publicly but then ask for privacy, it doesn't work like that. I'm very confused why you care.

No. 722824


No. 722825


Agreed. Weird that the month with the 'most pain' she has experienced in a long time was the same month she went out dancing at least twice, got 2 full length tattoo sessions, bought and set up more fish in her overstocked tank, did 4 semi-nude photoshoots around her house, and apparently set up a whole new fish tank yesterday.

Dumb ass.

No. 722826

No. 722827

File: 1572151388608.png (149.84 KB, 480x300, I-dont-feel-like-it-480x300.pn…)

This is literally Tay and her fans.

No. 722829

why do ~you~ care… if reddit can blur ppls names and faces why cant u, especially on request. u denounce doxxing but wont delete my literal face when ive ~asked you nicely~ to. i didnt post it publicly to this forum, im not an influencer, its reasonable to ask for this. just do it out of courtesy, even if u dont get it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722830


No. 722831

You asked, they didn't delete it. They don't want to. You asked, they said no. This isn't Reddit my dude, the rules are different there. Stop embarrassing yourself and move on. In a few days we will have a new thread and nobody will give two shits about this on. If you don't want your Twitter handle it tweets to be public, private your shit.

No. 722832

You literally have your face posted all over a public forum like twitter and it’s sold to advertisers and the ilk, what shred of privacy did you expect other facets of the internet to maintain? Screenshots happen.

No. 722835

I thought it was through a sponsor? Or maybe I'm ignorant of how rehab and sponsors work since I'm not a crackhead

No. 722836


You ever hear of the Streisand effect? If you hadn’t said anything about any of this, do you really think anyone here would look twice at your account? You even said you came here to “check if my tweets ended up here” so… doesn’t that mean you knew about the possibility of someone capping them before you posted them?
People on Twitter/everyone following her are going to be more harsh about your tweets than anyone here because no one here is going to really bother, whereas any of them can see what you said/your account/your picture and reply to you directly. Like someone else said, Twitter is way more of a public forum than lolcow.

No. 722837

saw this coming as soon as I saw the criticism posted here lmao. hilarious considering she had that previous post asking people to hold her accountable. accountability is clearly beyond the scope of taylor’s last two remaining braincells

No. 722838

FIRST TIME EVER she's taking care of Taylor first guys. Super proud of her for not placing priority on her superbly cared-for pets that live like kings and never fail to amaze vets, helping out with her family and brother, and just generally selflessly helping others and contributing to society as she usually does. Even saints need a day of rest y'alllll

No. 722839

uuuh no, no-one gave her free rehab

impressive sperg

No. 722840

File: 1572154527596.png (290.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191027-013501.png)

How cunty can these two be.

No. 722841

“If you think you’re owed my YouTube videos, that you, as a fan have stuck around through to support me, you’re entitled.”
“I’ve been busy.”
“I’m just resting.”
“My chronic pain.”
Taylor, some of these people have bought your merch, stuck by you through thick & thin, and defended you to no end.
If you can’t be bothered to spend a few hours on a video, you need to find another job.
You are a lazy, chubby, cunt with no aspirations and it’s time to move on if you can’t give your supporters a fucking video.
Your mother cleans up after you.
You bitch online all day, and cry about how much of a victim you are. And everyone is sick of your bullshit.

No. 722844

File: 1572155981457.png (60.48 KB, 335x146, runescape.png)

>Public twitter account
>Comments on a public tweet posted by someone with a very large following
>Knew screenshot might be posted here, commented anyways
>"wHat ThE FUcK ~~~PrIvAcY pLz~~~"

No. 722846

Sorry hun, it’s public property you posted it on Twitter

No. 722850

Lol I doubt this is the same girl with the twitter posts. Who checks a gossip form to see if there tweets came up. It’s probably just Taylor or Jen being weirdos

No. 722851

>instead of keeping her head the computer editing / filming she is interacting and spending time with me

Imagine being happy that your adult daughter is failing to put any work into the single job she has so that she can fully live like a child under your roof.
Jesus Christ, if you know that you can't keep a commitment then don't fucking make them. It's not that hard. She wouldn't be in this situation if she didn't promise a video to begin with.

No. 722856

And this right here is exactly why Taylor is the way she is. People with chronic pain go to work, school/university, never miss deadlines etc (yes even during the worst weeks, Taylor). But mama Dean has told her it's OK and not her fault every time she's failed and never held her accountable. Great parenting.

No. 722858

Wait wait wait. She went from "I have crps" back to "I might have crps" back to "I have crps" back to " we think it might be crps" which is it. If her arm really has crps as severely as she says THERES NO WAY IN HELL SHED BE GETTING IT TATTOOED EVERY MONTH. Another convenient disability as an excuse for lack of posts

No. 722859

You get one "nice" account that praise Taytays every move and also keep up with her latest idiotic statements, and then you get one real account where you speak your truth. She will have that one blocked immediately because she can't handle opinions, but she reads them anyway because she has several accounts herself. You're welcome!

No. 722865

Taylor was literally the one who said she was sticking to a schedule because her life was so ~great and perfect.~ Taylor herself made a poll asking her audience what time they wanted the video released. If she’s been having such a hard time lately, why even bother asking what time to release it? Why hasn’t she sperged out on twitter to her fans about being a depressed cripple and not to expect weekly content due to her many ailments and illnesses. It’s only now that someone called her out that she decided to be honest with everyone about what’s going on in her depressing hard life. She would have never of said anything otherwise and continued pretending to edit and dangle a new video in front of her audience. Also the audacity of this ignorant cunt to act as if people’s views aren’t making her money and contributing to her piece of shit lifestyle.
She’s literally fucking insane going off because of ONE comment pointing out what she’s said in the past and being upset over the fact that she asked for a time to release the video but didn’t follow through because she FELL ASLEEP IN THE MIDDLE OF EDITING. Which by the way, how is that a technical difficulty like she claims she’s been having to deal with!?

No. 722867


anyone else notice that instead of defending her sobriety to the people who are calling her out saying she's relapsed, all she keeps repeating is that she's not back on heroin lol

No. 722868


part of me wants to believe this is really Taylor on her moms account and that mama dean isn't really that fucking stupid

No. 722871

"I am not back on heroin guise! I only use coke, meth, dilaudid, alcohol and weed! Totally sober I swear!"

This makes life so easy. Imagine if all you had to do to stay sober is just not take heroin but everything else is okay. We would instantly have billions more sober people in the world!

Sage for no new info. We all know her "sober" means that she is on literally every other drug she can get her hands on.

No. 722872


rehab is covered out of pocket or by insurance and its an actual facility with doctors, nurses, other people etc.
a sponsor is someone that you choose to "mentor" you thru your sobriety. like work the steps with, be there for you if you're having a craving, give you advice and suggestions on how to handle or get thru something. you also have to go to meetings and pick your own sponsor and ask them to sponsor you… Taylor doesn't even go to meetings (IOP is not the same as a NA/AA meeting and no one in there is "qualified" to sponsor anyone) there's no way she has a sponsor

No. 722873

it’s actually more common in male cats

No. 722874

She goes out of her way to say sober from heroin in every post she talks about here lately. It’s beyond obvious that she is doing that cuz she’s def using everything else like you said. I can’t wait for the inevitable post of “ well I told you gUyZ I was sober from heroin so I never lied to you all, see I’ve gotten to be an ever better junkie than I was before gUyZ!” She thinks since it isn’t her DOC(drug of choice) it’s ok and she won’t get addicted and she’s lying to herself if she’s thinking that way. I know we talk about how much Taylor lies to her fans but her greatest lies are the ones she tells herself probably daily at this point.

No. 722875

shut up, knobhead

No. 722878

File: 1572165641261.jpg (165.48 KB, 1080x934, IMG_20191027_083736.jpg)

Guess Taylor forgot she has debilitating migraines every single year from Sept-Oct. She must be gutted she forgot about one of her illnesses she could use for attention and to get her out of uploading videos.

No. 722879

Lmao 10 bucks on her having “horrible migraines” tmrw since you reminded her lol and A+ for digging this gem up

No. 722888

“She relapsed”
“Said i was using heroin”

hmm interesting choice of words there tay

No. 722892

she’s such a fucking bitch. she goes back on her promises to fans and doesn’t even slightly show remorse or apologize at all for it, just gives her snarky fucking attitude

No. 722894

lmaoo what happened “I started youtube to make other people happy and smile, I feel like that’s my purpose in life”? now it’s “I started uploading content that I like for ME.”

No. 722896

she’s seriously one to call other people entitled. she thinks she’s entitled to free rent, a personal chauffeur, sleeping all day despite being a grown ass adult, and the ONE THING she does as a “job” she can’t even fucking do consistently. she gets absolutely everything handed to her and she has the balls to call her fans entitled because they didn’t get a video after being told they would OVER AND OVER.

No. 722898

I wouldn’t advocate anyone letting their cats outside, they’re destructive to the ecosystem and can easily get lost or hurt. What she needs is to rehome them. She has no business having dozens of fish, reptiles, and rats with three cats, let alone in a tiny ass bedroom

No. 722899

I can’t tell if she’s being manipulative or just dumb, she still gets paid for ads that are skipped.

No. 722901

“my rehab was covered by insurance”
…ok? way to COMPLETELY miss the point

No. 722902

This whole charade is a way to miss the point. Her cats only have one litter box, Celia is sick due to being poisoned by Taylor for two years, Tofu is likely dead, she is back to hoarding animals and that fancy program probably turned her down. Of course she has to whisk up some twitter drama to smooth things over.

No. 722903

why is her mom so impressed that taylor is actually interacting with her? real low bar there. either that or tay is still locked up in her room all day and her mom is just covering her ass for god knows why. taylor didn’t even spend time with her on her birthday, why would she be now

No. 722904

damn nice catch, her list of ~invisible illnesses~ is never ending

No. 722905

Literally just log out??
Like her argument is, "I should be able to do what I want, my time is my own, I'm not a slave!!" but also, "I literally slave over YouTube 24/7 and have NO time to talk to anyone!!!"

No. 722913

File: 1572181648421.png (2.84 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-10-27-09-07-00.p…)

No. 722914

File: 1572181719067.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-10-27-09-07-11.p…)


So one of the last surfaces her cats can walk on, generating more heat next to her plastic containers of snakes. My God.

No. 722915

File: 1572181757781.png (2.6 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-10-27-09-07-37.p…)


No. 722916

Because to Jen with her attention whore attitude, those kids are just an extension of her, so she has to make them look as perfect as possible. Parents who have such attitudes often think that if you criticize their child, you're directly criticizing them.

No. 722918

Oh, mama Dean really IS that STUPID!!

No. 722926

"I'm editing sooooo much!!!" jesus christ no one cares, just get the video out, moron
If she edited as much as she posted about how she couldn't edit/is currently editing/"how dare they be disappointed in me, that's entitled" then she'd have a buffer of videos for weeks lmao

No. 722935

for all she shits on Onion, they share some similarities. Him wanting his videos to be ~film production quality~ and the videos turning out like all his other shit. Taylor ~editing for days omg so much work~ and it'll be the exact same simple editing she always does.

No. 722938

how funny is it going to be when she finally uploads her video and its just her regular editing? I hardly believe she has found this new passion for editing

No. 722939

Those plants are going to rot so quickly. Does she even have the stuff to do CO2 yet or is she pulling the “I’ll get it later” bullshit.

No. 722941

So, according to tays logic, cashiers/retail workers don't actually have to help you because you're not the one paying them. Fucking idiot.

No. 722945

No, according to Taylors logic, the cashier can say "I'll be there in five minutes" and then get pissed as fuck and ban you from the store when they haven't done shit for three hours.

No. 722946

File: 1572197021919.png (1.6 MB, 1152x2048, dpx6Xwa.png)

She’s actually lost followers. I expect they’ll all be back tomorrow though.

No. 722950

If you don’t advocate letting cats go outside maybe just don’t get cats. They are one of few domesticated pets that you can actually let free roam outside and if you don’t have the time to try and let them enjoy climbing trees and living life to the full us don’t get a cat. My 16-year-old cat lived in a suburban neighborhood much like Taylor’s the majority of it’s life and I had to move into a small apartment and a downtown setting where he can’t go outside and he has been severely depressed and aggressive ever since. If you’re worried about the ecosystem you have in your backyard and your cat possibly eating a squirrel or bird you’re a fucking pussy.

No. 722954

Jen is just as stupid as the rest of them. Go take care of your son and clean your deadbeat daughter's filthy room, Jen.

No. 722957


Bullshit. Just because your cat is depressed means that you're not giving it enough stimulation. Cats belong indoors like any other domesticated pet and letting them roam is irresponsible. They don't belong in a small apartment or in Tay's case a crowded room, either.

No. 722959

well the room should be super clean since the program was coming there to do a reportage. Oooohh wait…

No. 722960

Leaving any furry domestic pets indoors it’s entire life is cruel. be it a pig or a cat or a dog or a monkey or anything leaving any animal indoors it’s entire live is fucking cruel!!!! Y’all act like you’ve never seen the videos of monkeys who been tested on their entire lives seeing grass for the first time. animals like to be outside !!!!!!! I’m only posting that shit because y’all are clearly misinformed and it hurts my heart i’m only posting this shit because y’all are clearly misinformed and it hurts my heart

No. 722961

Cats can be held indoors and taken out on a leash just like dogs. They can also have an outdoors cage to roam around in. Letting your cat out without no responsibility is not only stupid but also very dangerous for the cat. So many tails I have seen chopped off, so many abused cats and crushed spines and tiny piles of blood and bones on highly trafficked roads. But that has NOTHING to do with our dear cow.

No. 722962

My cat is depressed because he had to move from having a huge backyard and places to roam to not having that you can’t tell me otherwise you’ve clearly never been through anything like that. I have a back deck that he sits on and looks outside the whole time because that’s where he wants to be but you know what I’ve taken him outside on a leash and harness and he scared as fuck because guess what I don’t live in a suburban neighborhood anymore. I live in a downtown area where there’s constantly cars and everything running by. My old ass cat is not depressed because of me and you can not convince me otherwise Lmao.

No. 722965

Just admit that you guys have never owned your own homes and had the ability to let your cats go outside and Rome around you’re all children who live with your parents who won’t even let you get cats lol

No. 722966

I guess all of you children are the type of people who will lock the dogs your mama paid for in cages so that you don’t actually have to train them lol

No. 722967

Your cat is depressed because you forced him into a situation he is not used to, and having him learn things he should have learned already as a kitten. If he would be used to living indoors he would be perfectly happy with that. If you slowly let him get used to being on the leash and train him with love and patience he might learn but ultimately you are a shitty owner for letting him go unguarded outside in the first place.

No. 722968

right? where's this major company that wants tay tay to do HER ADDICTION STORY? hmm.

No. 722969

Telling a grown ass adult how to take care of their animals is really pathetic just move on with your life we all know you don’t actually have pants you’re just here to talk shit about Taylor lol

No. 722971

Telling someone that letting animals who love being outside is inhumane is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever read.

No. 722974

holy fucking god what is with this cat idiot sperging all over the board? No one cares, dipshit, shut up and learn to sage.

Fr there's been radio silence about the BiG mEdIA CoMpAnY for a while now lmao

No. 722975

Australia is killing millions of cats because they are so terrible for the ecosystem and cause local bird populations to become endangered. Keep telling yourself you cat is extra special and self aware enough to become depressed. What a bunch of bs

No. 722977

I don’t think my cat is fucking special I literally hate him he’s awful but I just want all of you children to realize you don’t actually know what you’re talking about because you’ve never owned your own home and you’ve never been responsible for anything. :)

No. 722978

Ha ha ha ha so y’all like are totally OK with the murder of thousands of cats but won’t let them go outside because you’re afraid of them dying ha ha ha ha ha ha(cat sperg)

No. 722979

>cats belong indoors
No they don't. If you're living in a safe neighborhood where they don't get run over by cars/trains easily why would you not let them outside?
Cats are smart.

Now stop with this autistic sperg.

No. 722980

Ffs you're all autists. The general attitude to cats being outdoors vs indoors is different depending on where you are in the world. For example the UK cats protection will only adopt cats to homes with safe gardens because they consider it cruel to keep a cat indoors. However many shelters in the US will only adopt to indoor only homes. Attitudes vary across the world so just stop already…

No. 722981

I live in my own house with three cats and one snake. Difference between you and me is probably that you live in retarded Murica while I live in Europe, where we actually try to care for both humans and animals.

No. 722983

Outdoor cats are one of the biggest ecological crises humans have caused and are only second to humans in the amount of species they have directly caused to go extinct. They don't belong outside unless you live in the middle east, where cats are actually native to. Everywhere else they're a destructive ecological pest that causes ridiculous amounts of harm. They also live half as long as indoor cats. Saying outdoor cats are ok is on par with saying climate change isn't an ecological concern.

No. 722985

Shut the fuck up with all your cat blogging. No one fuckin cares about your personal car experience because it’s just that, personal. Actually fucking stupid to assume your shit story is a universal blanket to all other sentient beings story.

No. 722988

My only point was don’t own animals her like being outside if you’re not gonna let them go outside(ban evasion)

No. 722991

File: 1572201829594.png (303.68 KB, 1367x936, Capture _2019-10-27-14-42-29.p…)

So…Tay is paying Mom's bills? Or not? I genuinely think something is wrong with Jen's brain. Her tweets are like verbal vomit.

No. 722995


What I'm getting from Mama Dean's incoherent rambling is that Taylor does not pay any of Mama Dean's bills. She likely does not pay her own either.

No. 723001

I have a cat that's been indoors it's entire life and is not depressed at all because she has toys, can look out windows and go out on the balcony/just outside the door with my supervision. When I first got her we lived in the middle of the city so letting her out in a high-traffic area was no option. Even though I live in an area she could roam now she doesn't want to because she's happy and used to mainly being inside. So it's not automatically cruel to keep cats indoors - some drawbacks, but a lot of positives.

No. 723004

Sounds like this is where TayTay got her penchant for not paying bills at all? Jen is a complete nutter.

No. 723006

half the time it seems like she's the one who abuses drugs.

No. 723014

Oh my God it's candlegate again. Some of your are dumb as fuck. Her cats would be fine if they weren't locked in ONE ROOM all the time. People would flip the fuck out if she let them outside too so you don't need to all state your personal experience at once.(minimod, derail)

No. 723020

Every cat sperg got banned. Any further cat derailment will get a 3 day ban.

No. 723026


I don't thing she does, I think mama dean is just (in an insane and Jonny-like fashion) making fun of the idea that Taylor's fans have any impact on her income, even though they're like….nearly directly responsible for it
They're both so deliberately stupid

No. 723034


farmhand saves the day


Mama dean doesn't even pay bills. Everything she does comes from Papa Dean's paycheck. Does she even have a job besides playing maid for her own daughter and taking care of her disabled son?

No. 723036

I would count taking care of the son as a job

No. 723039

File: 1572213511713.jpeg (402.71 KB, 1242x1287, CF0A36B0-72E0-4E1F-B275-6377B8…)

No. 723040


That's why I said besides taking care of her son. My question was does she have like a 9-5 or a part time job that pays her money that she uses to pay bills, or do they all just rely on papa dean.

No. 723042

How many times a day does Taylor compulsively check her thread? Girl.

No. 723047

she's acting as if 10-6 is such a long time to be shooting, when in reality most people work an 8 hour day. Bets on her not being able to wake up at 10.

No. 723048

10am is way too early for her. She'll still be asleep when they get there lol

No. 723052

If it takes her 4 weeks to edit a video because she's literally too sick to sit on her laptop and click her mouse how is she going to manage a full 8 hours awake??? Oh yeah she'll be talking about herself, the only thing she's interested in, so it'll probably be really easy for her.

No. 723054

I've called this in the past and was correct; she'll stay awake until 10a tomorrow. Probably cleaning her filthy house with her mom. Then pass the hell out when they leave. Maybe she'll get her sleep schedule decent. Probably not.

No. 723057

File: 1572217865590.png (454.75 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-27-19-10-55…)


So…it's a youtube video lol she's been hyping this up like its cnn

No. 723058

I'm praying they spin this in a way where she looks bad/pitiful. Maybe it's secretly an intervention by Jen to get some pets out. I'm hoping it's something that exposes the reality of her if it's a YouTube channel.

No. 723060


Even in her full sized apartment without her mom and unpredictable brother around, with no drug rumors really raging at that point, the video done with her then was still cringe and obviously completely unplanned on her end. Now she Will be trying to show off prey animals with predator animals feet away, dogs outside the door, cats all over, a hot stuffy room with a new tank in the corner on day 2 of cycling, shit jammed in every corner of the room and piss/shit/debri from 20+ animals percolating in a 10×10 ft space. Hooker outfit with no ability to hide the angles…ick. I can't wait.

No. 723066

File: 1572219826932.png (2.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-27-19-43-01…)


No. 723068

Maybe you should idk GO BACK TO REHAB

No. 723069

Wow.. Its almost as if life isnt something handed on a silver platter, specially tailored to your smallest whims. Its almost as if you actually have to put some effort in to fix your fuckups, imagine that.

She needs to actually go to iop, stop taking what ever she's on, get a sponsor, and work the twelve steps. She needs to stop complaining about the consequences of her shitty actions amd actually work on bettering herself.

Hi tay, hope you see this. I know you browse.(hi cow)

No. 723079

how is she posting this stuff knowing theyre going to make a whole ass video on her addiction? self awareness where?

No. 723083

Right! Not only do the majority of people work an 8 hour shift but most work a very difficult 8 hour shift. Hard work with deadlines every day. Not to mention those that have to work OT at physically/mentally demanding jobs, even with CRPS, EDS, BPD, PTSD, Anxiety or whatever you are claiming today. Most people have to work and they don’t just have an easy Youtube job. Since you’re reading Tay, you should be ashamed of yourself for even using a very serious condition as the reason that you can’t get a stupid video done when you tell your paycheck you will.

No. 723084

File: 1572223844489.jpeg (803.38 KB, 1242x2130, D98FD8B3-E0D5-4761-A22D-4357A5…)

No. 723085

File: 1572223871429.jpeg (638.08 KB, 1242x1928, 68DF4B20-3772-470A-A7C7-7B515A…)

No. 723086

I just. Wow. They actually talk about him on social media like this.

No. 723087

Wow, agreed to film on her brother's birthday. Can't be in his own home on his birthday. You're a selfish bitch, Taylor.

No. 723090

That’s what I was thinking. The least she could’ve done is organized something around it. But nobody in this world matters quite like Taylor does!

No. 723092

Good job at blocking out the twitter users name kek

No. 723093

Isn't "myofascial therapy" a massage

No. 723100


Damn this girl really don't have love for her brother lol

No. 723102

Only cares when she can use him as a, "moral accessory." She'll use him when she wants to come off as a crusader for special needs.

I legitimately hope Jen has someone setup to care for him if something happens to her and her husband, or when they're too old to care for him. Taylor will dump him in an institute to rot away.

No. 723106

yea it's obvious she doesn't see him as a person, just an annoying needy creature that gets all of mommy's attention. She doesn't give a shit about him.

Special needs children can ruin family dynamics, Taylor is probably embarrassed by her brother and his disability, probably blames him for not having a "normal" childhood. Can't bring friends over, no attention, abnoxious behavior, ect. wah wah wah. Maybe this is her way of "getting back at him" for stealing mommy's love.

It's Jen's house, the sad part is she lets Taylor get away with it. She's an enabler that want's to keep Taylor with her so she doesn't have to deal with Tanner alone. Papa dean ain't helping that's for sure.

No. 723108

He's going to reach a point where he needs to be in a group home anyway.

I cannot fucking believe she booked this film crew to come without talking about Tanner's needs and a strategy for how it's going to work for him with her mother (his carer) first. Also being so oblivious it's his birthday, the worst of all possible days to have the kid have to be corralled somewhere. And she'll be too busy soaking up the attention to spend a minute with him. Way to fucking go Tay.

No. 723115

>>723084 What an insufferable cunt. Jesus

No. 723131

File: 1572236541518.jpeg (809.5 KB, 1936x1452, 3C619BDC-1E43-4936-A101-B0F554…)

interesting this is the best Bindi’s enclosure has looked … maybe ever and it’s ready just in time for the mysterious company coming tomorrow

No. 723135

the only person or thing she loves is herself. jen, letting her daughter cuck her in front of all those followers, damn that's disgusting.

No. 723138

File: 1572238024713.jpeg (993.33 KB, 1461x2631, 6B703B79-A2C0-4CE6-AFE9-E18C1E…)

Just as predicted, she’s redoing all of the cages before the company gets there. She obviously knows they aren’t in good conditions.

No. 723139

File: 1572238066012.jpeg (494.21 KB, 1457x2616, CBE7E6E8-ACF0-4B45-B090-90AF4A…)

No. 723141

she could not be more obvious with what she's doing. That enclosure seems like it would be bare minimum for a snake of that size. She's covering her shitty husbandry now that someone else will be doing the filming and editing.

No. 723165

What’s hilarious is she still managed to fix the cages last minute. Aren’t they coming today? (Monday)

Not surprised she redid it all for someone else that is filming. But waiting til last minute. Shows her ultimate laziness

No. 723174

File: 1572256660751.png (3.88 MB, 1242x2688, 8FA882D1-0CE8-45F7-97E7-EB1185…)

No. 723175

File: 1572256752216.png (536.72 KB, 1242x2688, A91EF960-2868-4F0F-A609-1970E5…)

No. 723176

does she not realise just how fucking obvious it is that she’s trying to cover her shitty care? what gets me the most is that clearly she KNOWS her current care is shit yet doesn’t give a fuck until she has to.

No. 723178

Depression means you’re experiencing chronic sadness, fatigue, overall unwell ness mentally.
Addicts get to check the fuck out because they’re high all of the time, and often end up hurting everyone associated with them because they put the drug before anything/everything. Also druggies are a community danger for a few reasons. I really can’t stand this dumbass bitch

No. 723188

Honestly her brother has a disability, I think she’s like actually disabled mentally.

No. 723190

>I've been busy covering my tracks, how'm I doing?

No. 723191

She has been non-stop sperging and posting pictures of quick-fix cage updates since 5pm yesterday and is still at it. Basically been up at 14 hours frantically cleaning and hiding her shoddy husbandry. As well as made the cats food from scratch lol this bitch I can't

No. 723195

lol and im sure shell incorporate all that in her interview too

No. 723196

File: 1572263111328.png (238.91 KB, 1439x757, Capture _2019-10-28-07-43-17.p…)

Sad that this was supposed to be Tanner's Disney bday trip today too, of course Taylor has to come first

No. 723197

I honestly feel she may be. I was following this entire drama a lot more until I had the realization that Taylor is IMO mentally disabled/ delayed on some kinda level. With that realization it’s all just mega sad and like a bad car crash u can’t look away from.

No. 723198

File: 1572263621557.jpg (1.34 MB, 1660x1660, inCollage_20191028_075044683.j…)


She bought a roll of freshpet vital for 4 bucks and is chopping it up and putting it in a baggie?? lol way to give your cats the liquid shits before a film crew arrives.

No. 723201

File: 1572265151253.png (396.05 KB, 1428x1189, Capture _2019-10-28-08-17-14.p…)

annnnddddd changed her bio back. all ready for those youtube ppl!

No. 723225

yikes she’s still using that god awful profile pic? in what world does that look good in any way shape or form

No. 723228

So they’ve been to WDW several times but she’s only now asking what foods are available for his dietary restrictions/allergies?

Am I missing something?? Or is this just another attention whore tweet to feel special if they actually respond to her?

No. 723231

Attention Tweet so people are well aware Tanner is having so much fun on his birthday despite not being able to be in his own home until after 6p.

It's a meltdown waiting to happen. Good luck, Jen. Pack him a lunch, idiot.

I love that Taylor is like, "They'll be here from 10a-6pm!" like 8 hrs of of talking about herself in the comfort of her home will be so hard, yet is perfectly okay with her special needs brother not being allowed back home for that long.

No. 723236

Oops, gotta cover up from when they acted annoyed about having to deal with his birthday…

No. 723239

The tweet from Jen is from October 2.

No. 723240


And if you’re a depressed addict?

No. 723242

Doesn't change the fact they've been there many times and she knows the food. It's still attention whoring, lol.

No. 723247

depression isn’t a choice

No. 723250

>>723247 haven't you heard from resident addiction kween taylor that addiction isn't either?

No. 723251

File: 1572277431187.jpeg (251.67 KB, 750x1112, EB4F3005-E559-4E13-B636-E87E16…)

sure Jan

No. 723252


That’s even sadder… it means they had a trip planned with the family and cancelled his special day for queen Taylor. I swear to god jf my mom promised me a trip to WDW on my birthday then cancelled it AND kicked me out of my own home on that day so my junkie sister could pretend to be sober for a film crew… Tanner doesn’t deserve any of this and I hope Taylor feels guilty forever for fucking up her disabled brother’s childhood even more than it was destined to be fucked with parents like the Deans. Gross

No. 723253

wait how do we know they cancelled it because of taylor?

No. 723255

>>723252 narclor isn't capable of feeling guilty, if anything it's poor her for having the stress of forcing her mom and liability, i mean brother, out of the house for her big Moment

No. 723260

Taylor is dumb. The hard life experiences that lead up to taking the drugs is not a choice. But the initial act of first doing drugs is a choice.

Some people go through hell everyday and choose to not do drug, instead they find ways to improve their life. What was so horrible about Taylor life that she needed drugs, and chronic pain isn’t a excuse, millions of people deal with chronic pain and they do physical therapy all day to deal with it. We all know she doesn’t do physical therapy because she would always be tweeting about it every god damn day. She just wants to party and call her fans entitled. Damn what a fucking rant

No. 723262

It just goes to show what a spoiled bitch Taylor is, and what a tool Jen is. She's like that mom from Mean Girls. I'm shocked they havent given Taylor their room yet,if it's bigger. Hell, I'm waiting for them to put Tanner in a group home so his room can be used for animals.

I started disliking Taylor when she fucked up their floors with her water change disaster and just, "lol they wanted to replace it anyways" in response.

No. 723266

That’s pretty much been her problem. Her parents have been cool with everything and fighting her battles for her. Her dad actually used to defend her in comments on her videos. Then they were cool with her flooding the floors in their house twice, cluttering their garage with empty fish tanks and miscellaneous pet supplies, cool with her hoard spilling out into the living room and kitchen, cool with the probably high as fuck electricity bill she probably gave them. And Jen went from no snakes to ok just one to suddenly there’s two and now three! Her dating Jonny was when they finally decided to try putting their foot down, and of course we all know that worked out splendidly.

No. 723270

I can’t wait for this new video of whatever company this is to come out. She’s posting evidence that she clearly had to redo alllllll her enclosures just for this film crew, her room is a 10000 degree cesspool of bacteria and cat urine, her brother is most likely going to cause drama because he’s being kicked out on his birthday, (which a big FUCK YOU to Taylor) and she is probably going to have shit in their video she doesn’t want her fans to see.

Can’t wait.

Also, if Tanner has a disability that’s usually already in the family bloodline, I feel it’s very possible TND is actually mentally handicapped. I feel like she doesn’t understand/comprehend certain simple emotions and concepts, and gets extremely emotional in response to not knowing how to deal with real life shit

No. 723272

I didn't even think of it that way. she's just gone back to her parents, she only left because she couldn't keep Jonny in a tank in her room like her other animals, so she rented an apartment. was she already planning on moving out before she met him? the threads started after she had met him and had moved out(or was just about to, I don't really remember) so I'm not sure when she decided

No. 723273

This filming thing is by a Youtube channel, probably not anything too huge because it's not like Shane Dawson gives a shit about her and I can't think of any other interview channels with a massive following that mean they can't reschedule. So why couldn't she tell them to change the date? It makes no sense at all. Surely anyone would be understanding that she can't kick her disabled brother out of the house on his birthday. I can't get over how selfish she is.

No. 723275

Being spoiled rotten isn't a mental disability, and I roll my eyes so hard when people think that way.

This behavior supports that rich spoiled kid who hit and ran. He's reasoning was his parents raised him to have no empathy for others.

Taylor is so spoiled that it prohibited her ability to socialize in school, so then she stopped going and dropped out. She's a product of poor socializing with the real world.

Taylor is what happens when you don't enforce proper socializing situations in an otherwise mentally capable kid.

No. 723278


Remember the last time someone came and filmed a video on her? The comments were a shit show pointing out her terrible care, because the film crew filmed things she usually hides. I can’t remember what the video was or if they had to take it down because the comments were a mess

No. 723280

I remember that one. She wore lingerie, put her rats with her cats, and held her snakes in her usual incorrect way. She looked high as fuck.

No. 723281


What video/channel was this?

No. 723282

The New York Magazine video? It's still up on YouTube and so cringe. I decided to rewatch it and the fact she recently splerged about people letting prey/predator animals interact whilst she's getting her turantula, bearded dragon and her hedgehog out whilst her cats are just roaming around is so Taylor, how does she not see how much of a hypocrite she is. Literally everything she talks about is "do as I say not as I do".
Also her outfit, jesus.

No. 723285

Bindi still doesnt have the minimum 6" of substrate required for a bts. Doesnt matter how many fake plants you add to make it look pretty blue tongues like to burrow. Shes depriving her of a very basic need

No. 723288

I’m rewatching the New York Magazine video and ooooohohohohohoooomg I completely forgot she was in her own apt at the time. She looks high as fuck, and so many of her animals shown in that video are either dead/sick. I have no idea how she is going to get a video that’s any better than this in her current situation.

No. 723289


Not sure how any film crew is going to get proper cameras, lights and people in her tiny ass room

No. 723290

Lmao that video only has 13k views and it was uploaded 11 months ago. I doubt this new collab video is gonna be anywhere near a success.

No. 723297

Omg exactly thank you, can people stop trying to push that she has some kind of mental handicap suddenly due to her shitty behavior? If she's truly being seen by "wOrlD rekNowNed doCtoRs"and constantly seeing doctors because of her EDS/other possible conditions then I'm pretty sure she would have come out by now that she's been diagnosed as mentally handicapped. Her mother takes advantage of Tanner and milks his condition for internet attention, and Taylor does the same exact thing with her EDS and drug addiction.

No. 723299

hahaha and it has 3x more dislikes than likes. amazing

No. 723303

Yup. Her lack of social experience because she's shelteted/lazy is not mental illness. That's her parents failing to raise a capable human, lol. I'm sure Tanner would be easier to manage if he were given structure and education, but nah.

I'm waiting for her to latch on to autism/ADD/aspergers eventually to defend her stupidity. Give her time. Once it becomes more socially accepted, I'm sure she'll magically have one, lol.

No. 723305


i remember when she was like it was a huge company/magazine too lol

No. 723306

File: 1572290390376.png (3 MB, 1334x750, 7B51821D-1CD3-47D9-9662-7F270A…)

sage for old milk but whyyyy did she wear this skirt

No. 723315

c'mon, you know why. Sex sells. Is the only "talent" she has. It's the entire key to her success. There's so many great pet based YouTubers with quality and consistent content, but they don't sell out with the sexy quirky girl angle. They want to educate.

I used to see Taylor sort of like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde at 1st. I didn't want discredit her for being attractive and dressing skimpy. Then I used common sense and watched other people.

I'm sure she sees herself like Elle, but she's not. Tay is ignorant, has no confidence and is uneducated. All she has to offer is her sexuality. : /(:/)

No. 723329

File: 1572293478000.png (430.32 KB, 472x804, oof.png)

No. 723330

File: 1572293525656.png (392.17 KB, 471x806, Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 4.10…)

No. 723331

File: 1572293538523.jpg (1.44 MB, 2560x1920, PhotoCollage_20191028_20120355…)

Beyond amazed at how selfish this girl is… I didn't realise it was Tanner's birthday, absolutely shocking - but all about her, as always, right?… Even down to looking good for the cameras, she can't fail at anything

Looks like she's deleted all the images of her enclosure upgrades AND added her sobriety date back into her Twitter bio. Probably to make everything look like it was normal to begin with.
Someone is track covering, as always.

No. 723332

File: 1572293581166.png (471.32 KB, 451x800, ooof.png)

No. 723334

I legit thought her mascara was beauty app lashes that weren't lined up right, haha. That eyeliner is bad, honey.

No. 723339

Yup she def lookz fucked up and her eyelashes look like shit..and lips extra balloony today..well this is gunna be a great video to watch when it comes out lmao ..least she isn’t wearing lingerie this time so that’s a plus right?

No. 723340

Looks like she's about ready to shoot a porno. You trying to whip a tit out tay? Classy

She just looks bad, she's trying but she's botched so much of her natural beauty it comes off phony. It looks so forced and contrived.

She's getting off on all the attention, once they're gone it'll be the same as it was before. She'll eat greasy fast food in her bed, watching shitty movies.

No. 723341

Why do some women like Taylor only line the complete outer part of the eye so thick. It looks silly. Trace more of your eye ffs.

She looks like a mess but at least she isn't dressed too inappropriate for once. Our girl has some social etiquette left after all. Can't wait to see what mess this video will be. Taylor will keep patting her shoulder for doing absolute bare minimum for herself or anyone else. Business as usual.

Really hope Tanner will have a great birthday despite all of this.

No. 723345


I love how again she deleted tweets, as this one is gone now… Yet doesn't realise her replies still exist and everyone else's lmao. Shady much?

No. 723358

File: 1572300184341.jpeg (25.99 KB, 396x496, 31BDDD2F-5322-4271-B880-FB201C…)

haha haha this photo made my fucking day

No. 723359

File: 1572300127229.jpeg (25.99 KB, 396x496, A9129D43-429D-4F00-8C12-498084…)

haha haha this photo made my fucking day

No. 723360

File: 1572300199017.jpeg (25.99 KB, 396x496, 860EA2F6-D0B1-46B8-AEE4-0EC50D…)

haha haha this photo made my fucking day

No. 723361

Someone photoshop this onto cheeses body right now

No. 723362

don’t be so sure yet, we haven’t seen the rest of her outfit. it could be pleather skirt and stripper heels again

No. 723364

File: 1572301790103.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20191028_182933008.j…)

Why is the top of her hair so…grey? In both vidoes with different filters?

No. 723366

bad foundation, doesn't match her skin tone.

No. 723367

Was she stoned when she did her eye makeup? Yikes. That’s so bad!

No. 723369

Dry shampoo

No. 723373

It could be baby powder. It good for people that don’t shower and have oily hair

No. 723382

File: 1572304133596.png (3.39 MB, 2246x1818, shedoesnteventrytolieanymore.p…)

No. 723383

File: 1572304234743.jpeg (217.79 KB, 1242x2211, 238947AC-3DE9-42D4-8EC0-68CD61…)

No. 723388

No. 723391

They took it down temporarily because they showed her address on a packing label or something.

No. 723396


Ya I dont see any of that wood or leaves in the before. Also maybe hes huge because hes a she

No. 723398

I wouldnt doubt that Taylor specifically wanted them to come today and not reschedule bc she wanted to get out of Tanner's birthday festivities lol

No. 723399

Thank you hahah

No. 723402


Seriously though, it's so shitty of TND to keep cowfish in a tank way too small and already overstocked. It was horrible of her to deny Cheese adequate care. It's even worse that after he prematurely died directly due to her negligence, she bought another. She didn't have to knowledge, experience, or space to get one the first time around. She knew damn well the second time that she wouldn't be able to provide for the next cowfish's needs, but she always thinks she's too special to give a damn about anything but herself. Literally everything she criticizes in her "Why You Shouldn't Buy Dory" video is exactly what she's done with cowfish. She is the very embodiment of what she claims to hate in her NY Mag interview. What a fucking hypocrite.

No. 723404

File: 1572308370788.png (1 MB, 1440x900, jonnycraig.png)

fucking a, she is gross

No. 723405

File: 1572308463345.png (1.06 MB, 1440x900, ew.png)

what did she actually clean though?(constant nitpicking)

No. 723406

Luna level eyeliner skills kek

No. 723407

File: 1572308656889.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-28-20-24-16…)

No. 723418

i feel second hand embarassed for her. lol I wonder if these people are there because of her cool animals and channel or is there because she's a whole mess.

If she didn't choose drugs, she could've been living in that big ugly house instead of being cramped in that room but I guess heroin is too AmAzInG to say no to.

No. 723420

damn I don't think I realized just how many of her snakes are in racks and not enclosures. there are so many different species in there, there's no way she's controlling temperature and humidity to each of their individual needs. no wonder Celia and Tofu got sick, and who knows who else. but guys she's never had any of her animals be ill!

No. 723422

File: 1572311198551.png (485.15 KB, 1242x2688, 978DA928-DC60-4D73-A615-9534F5…)

No. 723425

>and happy birthday to my little brother too I guess but back to me

No. 723427

File: 1572312662421.png (207.25 KB, 1437x1043, Capture _2019-10-28-21-28-58.p…)

Funny how it went from a big project to oh a big interview to oh just a youtube video lol

No. 723428

File: 1572312921355.png (833.09 KB, 1413x2072, Capture _2019-10-28-21-33-47.p…)

She never complains!!

Meanwhile Mom D constantly complains on twitter, throws tantrums, showcases her meltdowns and trash talks everyone including her own fanily all the damn day


No. 723429

The comment section will be a mess.

No. 723430

im so excited.

also, she moved her litterbox for the occasion.
but we know the truth, dont we, taylor?

No. 723431

really? can we finally close the case on whether or not she reads and posts here? it's getting pretty blatant.

No. 723433

Look at the timestamp, anon.

No. 723434

I’m thinking it’s buzzfeed or some shit

No. 723436

it's already known

No. 723442

WOWOWOWOWW tatertot has to work one full work shift?!?!?! Ahmazing.

No. 723445

>big media company
>camcorder and dslr on a gimble
gg taylor

No. 723447

It is most likely Barcroft TV or something similar. I know that's one of the biggest ones.

No. 723454

File: 1572320713101.jpeg (613.64 KB, 750x1334, F1365BC0-98D5-4510-AA87-64C011…)

What the hell is in those little aluminum foil looking things on her bed in her video withStar (who’s extremely overweight)

No. 723455

File: 1572320790665.jpeg (665.95 KB, 749x1334, DF831B56-75BF-4244-AEAC-827131…)

No. 723456

File: 1572320852848.png (88.25 KB, 750x1334, 1C904121-A5AC-4F57-B132-750D1F…)

Also the RewiredSoul wants to talk to Taylor lmao she’s as bad as he is with all her misinformation and misrepresentation

No. 723458

He's doing slightly better than she is. Perhapse he'll bring her to his level of shittiness, that'll ne quite a few steps up for tay.

No. 723459

They're calligraphy nubs

No. 723461

Calligraphy nubs, like anon said. I wonder if she's drawing dick doodles on her notebook again.

No. 723463

ah yes, these two despicable people getting together will result in wonderful things. he'd love the squeeze a dollar out of her and she loves attention.

No. 723471

What's with this whole horoscope moonchild earthly shit she's trying to pull lately? Does she not realise it makes her look even more crazy and dumb than she already is?

I called it a while ago she's gonna pull this whole spiritual bullshit.

She looks horrible and I hope this "company" she's shooting with does her so dirty in this video.

No. 723472

File: 1572324657894.jpg (326.81 KB, 1079x979, Screenshot_20191029-154955_Twi…)

How many times has she delayed this video now?
Didn't she say the weekend at the latest?
Ffs girl just get the video out, nobody gives a fuck about your stupid editing, it's going to look the same as it always does and we know it.

No. 723475

>Also, if Tanner has a disability that’s usually already in the family bloodline, I feel it’s very possible TND is actually mentally handicapped.
lmao what? PWS is a deletion, and what is 'that's usually already in the family bloodline' even supposed to mean? If somebody in a family has a chromosome disorder then any given person in the family is more likely to be generally "disabled"? Maybe you should get checked for a cognitive disability because that was a really fucking stupid post.

Taylor isn't mentally handicapped; she clearly has issues with executive function like impulse control and planning but that is likely in large part, if not entirely, due to her upbringing.
At this point she needs to shut the fuck up about that video until she uploads it.

No. 723479

File: 1572326667177.png (299.64 KB, 304x939, chrome_YBFf1fKN2q.png)

Star is absolutely massive

No. 723481

Star gets fatter, Nemo gets skinnier, Taylor gets higher. who will die first?

No. 723484

That's…not even remotely how Prader-Willi Syndrome works lmfao. TND is a fucking raging narcissist, not a person with a genetic anomaly causing her to be a toxic, vapid waste of space. She knows PRECISELY what she means and wants, she's just not as good as some other narcs at keeping her stories straight. She's manipulative and parasitic, which is why she feigns forgetting things and playing dumb when she's perfectly aware of what she said/comes across as.

No. 723485



She has GOT to be kidding me

No. 723487

Like mother, like daughter

No. 723488

File: 1572331682031.jpeg (513.74 KB, 1125x1186, 6C9DBDCD-9F18-479B-B737-859E09…)

How Taylor acts in regards to her cats annoys me because she shows she has no idea about anything cat related including their behavior. She kept asking “Star, are you okay?” because she rolled over and started playing with a toy. The other video has Star growling and yelling at Nemo when he tries to jump on the bed and see what’s going on. No surprise they’re not getting along in that small room but Taylor thinks it’s funny.

No. 723492

why are the cats locked in her room? mama dean doesn't let them into the rest of the house?

No. 723494

apparently her father is allergic, which was Taylor's excuse for accumulating cats she'd "~always wanted!" the second she moved out. Also, there are two dogs in the rest of the house and they may or may not be friendly to cats.

No. 723498

She's… Never seen a cat play with a toy before? Really? No wonder Star is obese.

No. 723510

who wants to bet she only got the cats toys for the “documentary”

No. 723514

film crew: "so you wanna film the cats doing something cute? that always brings clicks"
tay: "sure lets film while they are being quirky and killing each other!"
film crew: "um we meant like playing with maybe some toys…?"
tay: "toys?"

No. 723518

They look like the little metal bits of hair bands to me which would be really bad to let cats play with. Cats love hair bands but can easily swallow them.

No. 723526

hahaha taylor would probably suggest something like dangling wet dead rats in front of them

No. 723527

sage this shit, no one cares about that nut

No. 723528

The rewired soul is coming for Taytays 15%. He made a told you so-video today, about Taylor and her ex brodick.

edit: sorry forgot sage

No. 723530

The rest of >>723527 still applies, since we don't like him being plugged here.

No. 723535

Sage for tinfoil, but…

If it’s taking her 2 weeks to “perfect” the editing of this video, I wonder what she’s trying so hard to edit out?

No. 723539

She needs time to facetune the hell out of her looks.

No. 723542

I'm guessing she has to edit out some clips of Mauis empty cage.

No. 723561

File: 1572365169029.jpeg (493.58 KB, 1912x1728, FFA02A6F-FD46-4F74-B57E-01E8D2…)

Just in case Taylor decides to adopt this stan’s “she was a chunky stray” narrative. No she wasn’t.

No. 723563

Taylor stans are amazing. How dare you give advice that will help this cat have a healthy happy life?! Unfollow our queen now!

No. 723575

The fact that she's confined in a room is a problem of its own. Cats are normally semi-okay in small (not bedroom sized really) spaces if they have own feeding stations, litter boxes and the like (we have discussed this before) but if they're confined to one room, maybe sometimes two and have little entertainment and are gaining weight on top of that… lol.

I don't know what sort of shit her stans are on to think that three cats in one room is fine.

No. 723578

Their queen? It's like the old NIN song, I wear this crown of shit, upon my liars chair…

No. 723580

Wonder if she hasn't blocked all of twitter soon? Her comment sections are getting thinner by the day.

No. 723581

They are seriously delusional, almost cult-like at this point.

>TND makes a living off of trying to "educate" people about pet care

>Someone dare give legitimate advice in a completely calm way about TND's obviously obese cat

No. 723586

File: 1572372954721.png (6.56 MB, 1242x2208, E95D75AA-5853-4467-B753-06D74F…)

She was wearing that during the filming… I just can’t.

No. 723589

The person filming it zooming in on the cat instead of Taylor lmfao. This might actually be good.

No. 723608

I’ve seen worse from her. This isn’t that bad

No. 723614

have we speculated that this is secretly an exposé lmao how amazing would that be

No. 723615

seriously it is, though

No. 723616

I didn’t realize until I just watched the video myself that she’s drawing some diagram on the white board. I wonder what she’s trying to explain.

No. 723618

File: 1572383870986.jpg (102.97 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1_128…)


Oh GAWD, Tay trying to explain how her terrible behavior is addiction out of her control.

No. 723621

File: 1572384831911.jpg (114.78 KB, 828x1472, 77096708_538572900310605_54316…)

No. 723622

Probably that 15% she’s always yapping about lmao

No. 723623

File: 1572385230700.png (640.66 KB, 1242x2688, 09B093F3-E6A1-4E56-863E-3BD124…)

No. 723624

Did she seriously post this? She has three rats that live with cats. Pot calling kettle.

No. 723626



No. 723629

File: 1572386017258.jpg (827.8 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191029_174048.jpg)

This aged well

No. 723642


It speaks so much about her irresponsibility when she has to preface that a new video will be up with “this isn’t gonna change, this is a for sure thing.” lmao

No. 723654

I can't decide which is funnier, her thinking anyone is going to watch forty fucking minutes of anything she produces… or herself producing 40 mins of actual interesting content. She must be high.

… No, seriously Taylor is here, thinking herself some master of the long form. Nothing she has ever put out in her life has warranted more attention than five minutes max.

No. 723658

File: 1572397103537.png (6.3 MB, 1125x2436, A6F97786-A439-47B5-B2A2-5871CD…)

Hmm is she planning a new animal

No. 723660

how the hell would she fit that bigass snake in her room?

No. 723661

this bitch

No. 723664

oh my godddddd she plans on getting two more animals now. slow down lady like focus on researching one pet for awhile before even considering another life to take in

No. 723666

Why the fuck is she looking at more animals?!?

She got 2 new snakes this year, attempted to buy a third, a billion new fish, a freshwater tank with live plant.

If your snakes have masses inside them maby you'd think of tanking care of the ones you have.

It's back to heroin for her, she's acting exactly the same. Fucking cows man, they never change.

No. 723668

“Never heard of them”……. are you fuckin kidding me?? You have a billion snakes and you’ve never heard of the dwarf version of a Burmese??? Fuck off. Just wants her ass-patters to give her the go ahead to get one

No. 723709

wasnt she supposed to be moving into her own place by the end of october??? what happened to that

No. 723712

File: 1572418560925.jpeg (650.84 KB, 1242x1661, 2DEFED2D-353F-4D6F-8CBD-658324…)

I am unsure what universe has been transcended, but Mama Dean has really lost her shit. I’m also not really sure what’s happening.

No. 723713

File: 1572418615980.jpeg (937.48 KB, 1242x2154, 645F5C97-1221-4F20-A998-AB468F…)

No. 723714

File: 1572418786276.jpeg (872.1 KB, 1242x1722, 261DE083-0540-4101-AC77-D4A09A…)

No. 723715

File: 1572418914180.png (3.46 MB, 1242x2688, 012484C3-BAA2-4601-BDD6-8402C0…)

To be honest, I don’t know who is who. I don’t know what’s going on. I was under the impression @reallyjennidean was Jennifer, but @jenjenmouse seems to be her? I don’t know.

No. 723716

File: 1572419066136.jpeg (552.3 KB, 1242x2688, 6D559B3A-9B3A-487A-B19D-932B99…)

No. 723717

I'm pretty sure reallyjennidean is her. The other account has the same bio copied but they slipped in "#hoarding" (lol). I think it's supposed to be a slightly dramatized version of her, maybe?

No. 723718

November "at the latest".
I highly doubt she'll be moving out of her parents house any time soon. Homegirl's life is a mess.

No. 723719

File: 1572419411437.png (434.45 KB, 1242x2688, 64C6F3B6-6FFC-447F-8A19-A4CDD8…)

Yeah but

No. 723720

inb4 both accounts are hers and she's completely lost it

No. 723721

it's some autist who thinks trolling a middle-aged woman is hilarious. can we not give them more attention.

No. 723722

This account is fake. Really is spelled with an i. It says reaIlyJenniDean.

No. 723723

File: 1572420822076.jpg (153.35 KB, 901x1311, jen-twitter.jpg)

hopefully this makes it clear

No. 723724

and to make it really exact, this is the one that is the real account (we need to update the OP with it): https://twitter.com/reallyJenniDean
the rest are trolling her.

No. 723725

Yes, thank you! Looking back, I was not clear enough; what I meant to say was that both of the accounts anon posted earlier are fake but the one they posted was deceptive in that they were playing off Jen's actual Twitter @. Her Twitter is in fact reallyJenniDean. Thanks!

No. 723726

File: 1572422126982.jpeg (396.06 KB, 1242x1428, D349437C-7E10-423B-8674-A6F910…)

I find it funny that wanna be taytay continues to reply to tay related shit in order to show how in the wrong she is. This is the second related tweet I see. I posted the original one when she responded, “I’m not Taylor but…”

Isn’t she her friend? Is she no longer at sting quiet and speaking up on thing she’s actually doing wrong?

Emma I know you lurk here? Why not tell the truth about that crab (was it?) the time you lost the video footage so conveniently..?

No. 723729

Cant wait till shes "wanted one of these species for over 2 years"

No. 723735


"I've done my research for decades!"

Also I'm pretty sure Jenny has another twitter account by the name MelissaEileen4. If she would just stop blocking "haterS" and then have to constantly make new accounts to snoop on said "haters" this would be much less confusing.

No. 723742

Jennifer unblocks “tea” accounts and fights with them regularly. She even followed a few of them not that long ago (not sure why) and then deleted shortly after one of them went off on her. The thing about the account is that she would do something like that. She has done things like that.

No. 723767

File: 1572436206661.png (135.21 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20191029-231810~2.p…)

Maddie is throwing shade too.
I hope the others are finally going to speak out about TND.

No. 723789

can someone tell me what the fuck is the point in “trolling” mama dickhead dean? maybe i’m being dramatic but this is just gonna add to her stans argument of when they say we’re “nothing but trolls.” can they just calm down and stick to calling taylor out on her shit.

No. 723799

What I can tell you to do is just stop. Stop moral fagging. you are on a hate thread. It's a troll. Not one of us on this thread. The internet is a crazy place especially when you have a page open to the public. She deserves all the hate she gets.

No. 723807

I agree, it’s not like the twitter accounts are doxing/harassing anyone, it’s harmless fun. I for one think it’s funny.

No. 723855

Wasn't Emma one of the people who said she saw Bree sexually assault Taylor on the trip?

No. 723858

but who cares what her stans say

No. 723875

Yes, she wouldn’t say exactly sexual assault, but she highly implied it.

No. 723877

File: 1572463955363.jpeg (307.03 KB, 750x648, 5F6C5BCD-913C-4B77-96C6-E8BCA8…)

No. 723878

File: 1572463999733.jpeg (243.45 KB, 750x563, B27DBB1F-46E1-4096-A1D5-986955…)

if that’s a 45-46 gallon tank then holy shit she has the largest ball python ever

No. 723886

According to google that would be about 90 cm long. Ball pythons can get up to 120 cm long. Gallons is a retard measurement for snakes anyway since they don't use every gallon of the tank, only the floor.

No. 723901

File: 1572471592692.jpeg (64.3 KB, 750x202, BBBB45BE-1835-44A7-892B-252D3E…)

we will see

No. 723903

I'm not going to link it, but it's up. I'm not clicking but it's something about a "snake trend"

No. 723904

I will be posting a bullet point summary shortly to spare you guys that just want the details but don’t want to sit through the thing.

No. 723905

So it took 3 weeks of editing to make 30 seconds of shitty clip art looking transitions?

No. 723908

I bet she added all these weird animated clips as an excuse. Also she put in her recently upgraded enclosures in this video as if she did it weeks ago.

No. 723910

File: 1572474586511.png (853.56 KB, 797x788, custom.PNG)

Pretty sure this is a lie, gallon size doesn't mean shit when it comes to snake size. The amount of surface area is much more important than gallons of air.

No one I know of sells 45 gallons anymore, except for fish (very rare). She got it from custom cages.

No. 723911

File: 1572474640790.png (14.43 KB, 444x514, dims.PNG)


No. 723912

File: 1572474684568.jpg (727.34 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20191030-182541_You…)

No. 723913

The snake has literally 2 feet to "stretch out" in. A regular 40 breeder is 3 feet, and has much more room.

Works out to 45 gallons, but that's incredibly cramped for the snake.

No. 723914

Prove it Taylor, just take a simple picture.

No. 723915

File: 1572475967821.jpeg (74.48 KB, 640x480, 28D34B73-9311-435C-9290-1DD22C…)

Video Summary: “This snake trend is NOT satisfying | How to help bad sheds”

>decided to make this video because of this “trend” of peeling snake skin off
>decked out in “goth” gear, guess this is her new look kek… her “shirt” a black see through bikini top / bralette
>doesn’t want to create a “mob mentality” about this but wants to educate
>you shouldn’t touch your reptile when they are shedding, period (hasn’t she done this with hers?)
>(how is this 40 minutes long? Two minutes in and the point has been made)
>disclaimer for why she’s been gone for two weeks; adds text note correcting it to four (hasn’t she supposedly been editing this for four weeks now though…?)
>evidently she has been “gone” because she’s been spending all her time updating her cages; zero mention of all the “it’s been a rough time staying sober” excuse she’s been giving all month
>shows off updated cages
>Celia has dirty water bowl
>Tofu strikes at her

Where I’ve been for 4 weeks
>turns off fan because room is “so hot”
>”I took a week off and I just laid in my bed for a week and did nothing, aaaand stayed on my phone and looked at social media pretty much every day…”
>started reading negativity because she “somehow got a notification for one thing” and fell down a rabbit hole
>CONFIRMED: did not sleep for about 35 hours, forgot to take meds for the entire day
>went into withdrawals, was very sick at IOP
>stayed off social media for the next week

The Shedding Process
>gimmicky cartoony intro and music with credit to artist; she definitely did different edits to this but three weeks worth???
>everything sheds and why animals shed
>googles how to pronounce “ecdysis” and can’t figure it out
>causes of bad sheds
>keeps saying that if your reptile is going through a shed leave it alone (kek)
>description of different animals and how they shed
>don’t pull of shed because it can injure the snake
>cut to Star lying on the floor
>mid-roll ad, maybe that’s why this video is so unnecessarily long……
>importance of water dishes for snakes to soak in
>baths as an option; warm water (doesn’t mention temperature… which is vitally important in preventing neurological damage if it is too hot; what feels “just warm” to us may actually be much too hot)
>nitpick: she says “drowned” instead of “drown” (I.e. you don’t want your snake to drowned)
>clips of her putting Sabor in the sink and then in a box (doesn’t add an “anchor” item in either which is super important for helping the snake to feel secure)
>Duck in sink
>stuck eyecaps discussion
>recommends using blunt tweezers to help remove eyecaps (nooooooooo)
>cats crying in background
>meows back and forth with Star
>humidity requirements discussion
>says pillowcase method is dangerous
>camera falls over… all this editing and we left this part in? Um…
>puts a pillowcase on her head…….
>camera is dying apparently
>why stuck shed is bad
>claims Shed Aid products are a scam and a waste of money
>quotes a zoologist who says that water is the only tool you need

>outtakes of her not saying words right

Bonus: I had to pause at one point and got this amazing screen grab.

No. 723916

File: 1572476008780.jpeg (115.22 KB, 1235x693, 1BF70F0B-10CF-466F-AA85-B30758…)

Dunno why it flipped the image.

No. 723917

A normal 40 gallon breeder (smallest recommendation for ball python) this is literally the minimum

36 inches wide x 15 inches long

No. 723918

Please no one use damn tweezers to remove any animals eye cap

No. 723920

You should never need to regularly soak a shedding snake, and a snake that is soaking in its water dish (for all species I work with at least) generally means there's some underlying problem

No. 723922

Shes literally only wearing a mesh see through bra. Who does she think she making videos for

No. 723923

How how how do you forget to take your medicine (the one keeping you from relapsing on HEROIN) and that will make you ill if you forget to take it? She’s really reached an even lower point in her addiction than even Jonny has. Good grief.

I cannot wait for Monday… only time will tell.

No. 723924

File: 1572478274507.jpg (618.73 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20191030-172942_Twi…)

I though Maui had it rough. Taylor got Violet in Dec 2017 and shes in one of those tiny middle tanks.

No. 723925

What snake does the have out in the video? He's fat as fuck oh my god.

No. 723927

File: 1572479493990.jpeg (660.53 KB, 1936x1452, 127A5502-2FEE-433B-BF54-C7A47E…)

Her messing with snakes that are in shed/shedding

No. 723928

Well done, anon. I was hoping someone would find evidence of her doing exactly what she kept preaching about not doing. The Salem pic is especially bad since he’s clearly not in his enclosure but out for a pHoToShOoT…

No. 723931

what do you mean “clearly not in his enclosure”? he looks like he is to me

No. 723932

Salem is on carpet in that photo.

No. 723934

The Mexican king snakes eyes are fucking blue. What a hypocrite

No. 723943

oh god, i mixed up salem and sabor lmao. my bad

No. 723953

The video is so fucking annoying…She keeps stalling for 15 minutes and doesnt go to the point.

No. 723959

even though Sabor is in the enclosure, I still feel like that’s a strike since he’s such an aggressive and hands off snake that she shouldn’t be shoving a camera in his face and taking a photo with what looks like flash on

No. 723989

Thanks for the summery I wouldn’t be cable of watching 40 minutes of snake shedding in a slutty outfit. How is this video even so long ?

No. 723994

Longer it is the more ads she can manually put on it.

No. 723997

I’ve done the last couple summaries and I’ll be honest, this was the most difficult to get through—mainly because it was a lot of repeated and redundant information, like she was just talking to take up time. And despite all of that, she still had shit wrong or key points missing.

She’s also wrong, too. There are some instances where assisting to shed as in some of these viral videos are not harmful to the snake. You/your hands are essentially doing the same job as a rough branch or rock in the enclosure would. Necessary? Nah. But harmful 100% of the time as she claims? No.

No. 724001

Ad revenue. This is why some youtubers like Rice Gum stretch their shitty ass videos up to 10 minutes, so they can monetize them and put ads on them. Which is kinda funny considering she called people entitled and said ad revenue wasn't what paid her bills.

No. 724005

honestly, the video could have easily been 10 minutes at least.

No. 724006

Snake Discovery already did a video on this exact topic and it didn't take her a whole 40 minutes and it was more informative, clear and straight to the point.

Wow such editing bet it just took 4EvER!!! She's so full of shit.

No. 724016

She bathes her snakes in the kitchen sink for the video. Snakes, like all reptiles, can carry salmonella, and it's always highly recommended that you NEVER have them in the kitchen to avoid cross contamination.

No. 724020

but she edited for ~three weeks~, clearly it's her best work!! lmao
what a joke
I can't get over the fuckin' tweezers suggestion, holy god

No. 724025

File: 1572493696697.jpg (345.08 KB, 700x1257, Screenshot_20191030-204743_Twi…)

so…she didn't bring Kratom to sober living now?

No. 724031

I thought the Kratom was how she got kicked out of rehab. She got kicked out of sober living for sharing that one sub with a friend, or so her story goes.

Notice how her defensive statement is technically in alignment with what she's said, but also misses the point and leaves out a lot. "I didn't get kicked out of sober living for bringing drugs" yeah, you got kicked out of REHAB for bringing drugs, got kicked out of sober living for a different reason.

No. 724033

File: 1572495271979.jpg (369.55 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20191031-151331_Twi…)

No. 724034

File: 1572495301616.jpg (432.35 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20191031-151414_Twi…)

No. 724035

File: 1572495327992.jpg (552.08 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20191031-151433_Twi…)

No. 724040

AYRT i wasn’t moral fagging, i’m extremely aware of where i am. i was merely asking what the point is.

No. 724042

>>she gets leftovers out of the other food bowls even.
>>it seems to be her metabolism
Yes, it's her metabolism. It has nothing to do with her eating out of the other cats' bowls. Healthier food is not going to help if she's overeating, you dumb bitch.

No. 724045

it’s so infuriating that she’s forever putting out FALSE or dangerous information to her stupid fans. why would you ever think it’s ok to use (blunt) tweezers? i don’t own a snake but i would NEVER dream of doing that! anything could happen in a second. now what if one of her fans try to do this because “taylor said it’s ok” and seriously harms their snake?

side note but why did she put a pillowcase over her head?

No. 724049

Not to mention that she's crammed in a tiny room with someone who knows jackshit about cats so she gets no exercise and no playtime.

If her dad is allergic, then she should've rehomed the cats instead of taking them with her.

It's really cruel to keep them locked all day in her room, with one litter to share. If Star has trouble with overeating she should've taken care of it long ago.

No. 724068

The irony of Taylor correcting someone else's timeline! Lmaooooo

No. 724077

Taylor is so special her cat can generate fat out of thin air.

We already know she free feeds them. Stupid lying bitch

No. 724078

So she feeds all 3 cats the same amount regardless of their weight and excercise levels? Sounds accurate to me

No. 724082

The pillowcase was her being QuIrKy while she was discussing a shed-assist method, which consists of placing your snake in a damp pillowcase in their enclosure for an hour. FWIW she pointed out that this can be unsafe to do.

No. 724083

defiantly free feeds. If it was such a issue, she could put star in a kennel while the others eat, then let her out to eat her own meal. Metabolism my ass, it’s all about the calories they consume baby.and that chonk is definitely consuming a ton of calories.

No. 724085

Lol right, she did no fucking research about those cats… like you feed by weight and activity level. I forgot the math formula, but it wouldn’t be to hard to find on google

No. 724089

has she never heard of microchip feeders? They're feeders that are designed to close and only open for the cat supposed to eat out of it, she could get one for each cat and Star would never be able to eat the other cats' food. You don't even have to have a cat be microchipped (though it's negligent if hers aren't) because they do come with collar tags too. They're like $150 apiece, but she drops hundreds and hundreds on awful clothes, surely she could afford feeders to keep her cats healthy weights since animal care is supposed to literally be her job.

Also WTF is she on about with her other cats being perfect weights?? Wasn't Nemo terrifyingly skinny this summer when she was in rehab and I guess she's just forgotten about that?

No. 724090

Yes Nemo was extremely thin, probably from a parasite or something

No. 724091

also if Star is stealing their food that means they aren't getting all of their food. if they aren't eating the proper amount of food they're going to lose weight. again assuming she's feeding them a proper amount not just free-feeding in that cramped, boring space. if Star has nothing to do but eat and sleep and fight for territory, she's going to eat a lot. food is territory too.

No. 724101

File: 1572513548223.png (134.43 KB, 1080x713, Screenshot_20191031-101836.png)

2 years!!!

No. 724102

File: 1572513677720.png (198.06 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20191031-102027.png)

No. 724106

In the video she keeps mentioning how she's made this video to prevent people from following this trend because it can hurt snakes, but then why did she delay this video for so long? The videos of people taking shed off their snakes were out ages ago, if people were going to do it they would have done it already. If she really cared about snakes she would have quickly filmed and edited this video as soon as possible but instead she delayed it to get the editing ~*perfect*~.

She's pathetic and doesn't actually care about snakes in any meaningful way.

No. 724107

I find it HILARIOUS Taylor that you said in the video that you HAVE BEEN busy updating the enclosures WHEN YOU JUST DAYS AGO STARTED DOING THAT JUST FOR THE INTERVIEW YOU HAD on MONDAY. "I HAVE BEEN" = gives the time frame that you were doing this perhaps weeeeks ago and slowly but surely, but you tweeted days prior to Monday all the updates you were JUST doing (which you then deleted LOL) How stupid can you be? Stop tweeting out everything if you wanna pretend this make believe story line.

No. 724117

Lord, I'm so terrified she's not going to add the essential vitamins to the cat food and just feed them plain raw meat…Those poor cats…

Taylor, please properly research the essential vitamins you NEED to add.

No. 724119

Seems like a quick fix to not have to watch her cats so they don't eat too little or too much, so I highly doubt she'll do any research. Has she ever done research about anything before? No.

No. 724132

I'm also sure they won't immediately eat it all in the transition, my cats didn't, and she's going to have rotting meat laying out in her room… Ewww…

No. 724154

File: 1572530504971.png (969.18 KB, 1242x2688, 4C925807-C978-45A3-B06C-CEE6A4…)

No. 724157

I’m so sick of people being two-faced when it comes to TND. Have a fucking backbone and call her out on her shit to no end. Now Destry is giving jabs after that whole ridiculous fiasco? It reminds me of that other stupid PT that is constantly trying to kiss Taylor’s ass and then turns around and talks shit about her on twitter. I don’t get these stupid bitches; gives the Taylor milk a bad taste.

No. 724160

I noticed this too which is why I posted it. Destry is back at commenting after she almost she said she had major anxiety (?) with the whole tnd / mama dean / twitter group screenshots.

Either stick to your words or gtfo.
Who is the other that kisses ass and then tweets? What do you mean by “PT”?

At least Bree hasn’t backed down and hasn’t been bought yet. I wish more of these wannabe “friends” would speak up.
Walmart Taylor seems like she might after responding a few times.

No. 724162

If she doesn’t do the right research. She will kill her cats, and she will have to feed them based on weight and activity. Also not every cat will accept raw food, that’s usually something you start when they are younger

No. 724167

File: 1572535613447.jpeg (208.6 KB, 750x270, 3ED6005C-4C2F-49DD-9646-7092B1…)

entitled butthead

No. 724168

Jesus manipulation Christ!

"You're not my supporters if you get upset with my inconsistent uploads even though I TOLD you all I would be consistent, how dare yall"

What a bitch stick to your word taylor and ppl might not get as pissed off with you

No. 724171

File: 1572535992869.jpeg (1 MB, 3464x3464, 65153E89-D30F-4FE2-90BE-DCF4AD…)

It’s her metabolism, but she also eats the other cats leftovers, but she also was a stray so she eats ?

Seriously no excuse for this. She can’t complain about people over feeding their pets when she has this chunky money. Maybe if she exercises her cats they wouldn’t get so fat. It’s obvious in the banana cat toy video she doesn’t play or even can grasp how to play with cat

No. 724173

I forgot to mention the majority of pet cats were a stray at one point. Most people don’t have 500-700 dollars to drop on a designer cats. ( like Taylor and her rag doll that she “adopted” at 5 weeks old, even though that’s illegal ) being a stray does not mean they eat the constantly, otherwise most cat owners would have this problem. She free feeds, that’s why her cat is obese

No. 724174

There really is absolutely no excuse for Star being obese. Outside of medical reasons which I doubt Star has any cause she was perfectly healthy before Taylor got her, the only valid excuse she has is that shes too negligent and lazy to look after them properly and use problem solving skills. Raw diets are great for cats but if she cant even feed a kibble and wet food diet properly shell kill them on raw. Raw needs to be weighed for each individual for each meal, supplements added, especially taurine for cats and dishes and the area cleaned after each feeding to prevent bacteria growth. Shes a lazy fuck and cant even be bothered to make sure the cats eat properly as is. Raw feeding isnt a solution in her case and may actually make the cats ill

No. 724177

Bree is a coked out druggy she is a self entitled brat just like taylor.
And dester girl is just that a minor.

You both are idiots for putting bree on a pedestal. She isnt the knight in shining armor for this taylor is shit campaign. Bree has mental issues and let us not forget the deleting of her social media. After calling out taylor. So no I dont believe bree is the face of this movement.

No. 724179


Honestly, after the fiasco with Destry, I don't blame her for sneak criticizing. She's under age too.

It'd be nicer if more pettubers spoke up, like they did for freaking happy tails, but we've been saying that for ages. We all know why they don't. All has to do with Taylor's following.

No. 724182

I agree, does anyone else remember the videos she uploaded "playing" with nemo and ghost when they were kittens? She would just crazily swing toys around and yell at them like they were being dumb for not knowing how to play…
She really has no right to criticise anyone for having small enclosures for their pets when she currently has 3 cats locked in one room, that's like putting 3 bearded dragons in a 30 gal tank. I'd accept the cat situation if it's temporary (like 2 weeks max if there's no other option), but being locked in a room for months is so cruel.
It also bothered me when she said she had to downsize some of her pets to move into her parents… Rehome them instead of getting more pets then!!

No. 724183

Destry was bullied to fuck and back by Taylor, her mother and an army of militant retard stans. Who cares if she talks shit on Taylor? Good on her for having the courage to say anything at all after that shitshow.

No. 724187

Taylor publicly being shit is the only “face” that a Taylor being shit “movement” needs.

No. 724188

i don't believe that Taylor is gona switch her cats to raw or anything close to it, she just wants likes on twitter for suggesting it. It takes ALOT of calculations, research, and time to even give them one bowl of food so imagine having to do that all the time? She's already leaving cat food (i'm assuming in one bowl that's completely filled) for her cats to eat anytime. Star being used to living outdoors is probably fighting Nemo and Ghost for it and eating it herself. If she can't watch her cats weight, nutrition (Nemo's UTI) and their body language, she sure as hell won't want to deal with feeding them food that she has to manually prep; unless of course she subscribes to those fancy raw food delivery services.

If she does though, her cats might end up lacking vitamins and that's gonna pile up on the list of everything else that I dislike her doing.

No. 724189

please let her never hear of BARF, brings to mind horrific visions of her cats regurgitating bone fragments all over that tiny room and aerosolized salmonella for the entire dean family.

at any rate she's too stupid to do raw right and i'm here for the fuckups. what's that recipe going to look like? making your own cat or dog food and/or treats is fun as hell, but it's also a solid day's worth of prepping and freezing, along with making sure you've got the proper supplements in there for their age, so of course she's going to halfass it. if making their food is a measure of how much she loves her animals, of course her level of interest will be shallow and subpar. this is going to be a giant fucking mess.

who fucking free feeds obese pets anyhow? this idiot.

OT to this post but is she saying that snake shed should be pulled off? not giving her the views but that seems like a crazy thing to do. don't know a thing about snakes, so rely on the snakeanons for info.

happy halloween to all anons!

No. 724194

Haven't watched the video so I'm going off of the tweets and what >>723915 wrote but her using tweezers and pulling off the old skin from snakes is fucking stupid and I don't even own snakes! It's common sense to know that if you have to soak your snakes in water ALL the time just to help them shed is a sign that there's something wrong with your care. An owner who actually loves and care for their animals will reaccess their care and fix it. Taylor, in the other hand, will think it's quirky!!

No. 724196

File: 1572540129845.jpeg (292.19 KB, 1242x1371, 55639E6C-A095-4FC7-AFEF-529000…)

“After one of my cats refused to stop overeating” like really Taylor?? A stray is going to eat any food you offer them. You need to control star’s portions and feed them separately and ensure they are not able to get to the other cats’ food. Oh, and exercise. It’s not that hard.

No. 724205

>my three cats are trapped in a tiny, hot room for months on end with only one litter box between them. one of them overeats out of stress and boredom. one of them gets constant UTIs from stress and poor sanitation. rather than portion control or rehoming or moving into a bigger space (like I said I would), I'm trying a fad diet for them

going from the whole atrium house which had multiple floors and bedrooms, to one cramped and admittedly toasty bedroom is really cruel. do better for your cats, Taylor. not to mention your rats robably haven't left their cage more than a few times since moving there either.

No. 724208

>refused to stop overeating
As though the cat has the control over that lmao. You are the one who feeds them, bitch

No. 724219

TnD was calling the cops on her and threatening her. She didn't want a criminal record at her young age so she shut up. I think it's quite understandable and she has never sided with Taylor.

No. 724220

Good point, anon.

No. 724221


there are some pre made frozen raw diets out there as well as the freeze dried raw that she likely is using over making he own

I would not be surprised if she got the freeze dried raw one and didnt bother to rehydrate it

No. 724223

You know what's going to help your cats? Not some fucking trendy diet. FFS free them from your bedroom, play with them, put Nemo on a goddamn urinary diet for his UTIs and put Star on a weight management diet, and feed them fucking separately.

No. 724228

PT = pet tuber (sorry lol)

I’m referring to Emma because I believe she tried to make peace with Taylor post-rehab and now openly talks shit about Taylor. Sorry, I honestly don’t keep up with any of the pet tubers and their drama with Taylor, it all kinda blurs together.

I am not putting anyone on a pedestal. My point is that we can never get anyone who is in their right mind or prepared to not get manipulated by Taylor to come forward with milk. People are either getting paid off, not ready to be viciously attacked by her idiotic stans, being two-faced with their friendship or not mentally stable (credible).

I get Destry is a minor and was bullied, but seriously wtf were cops going to do to her? Seems like Destry could have shown cops the tweets Mama Dean was sending her. People get threatened at school everyday and staff/cops don’t do shit until people are getting killed with guns.

It’s gross that Taylor thinks she can pay people off or manipulate them into retracting their accusations against her and her pet care.

Bree, Chelsea, Destry and even JC (for fucks sake) all allowed themselves to be silenced by this evil cunt. That’s why Taylor continuously lies because she has never faced consequences a day in her entire life. She’s vile and repulsive.

No. 724234

File: 1572550713508.jpg (439.53 KB, 954x1737, IMG_20191031_123751.jpg)

Meanwhile 1 year ago…

No. 724235

oh my god I forgot about that, the cat kibble was just directly on the floor! Has she ever shown evidence she bothered to buy cat bowls since? Watch her try to feed raw by just dropping raw meat and all the bacteria it contains on the carpet, which will absolutely never be cleaned unless her mom does it for her.

No. 724237

File: 1572551124461.jpg (562.06 KB, 1536x1287, Screenshot_20191031-204539.jpg)

What wet food? Kek

No. 724238

This is TND. She flung thawed dripping dead rats all over her childhood bed and in her cats' faces. I'm pretty sure that's what she means by raw food.

No. 724239

File: 1572551343891.jpeg (201.42 KB, 1710x1125, B2488419-9317-4AB4-8AAA-5F2FB0…)

Yeah this photo can speak for itself..:

No. 724240

File: 1572551630188.png (2.02 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20191028-002353.png)

Also, this is what was on the kitchen counter here >>723198

I guess some soggy kibble is wet food in her eyes?

No. 724242

Omg… Poor things… Can you imagine living the rest of your life in a small dark plastic drawer. How is this even legal??

No. 724244

WTF. Who would make any creature live in a plastic paper file cabinet?

No. 724253

File: 1572553170278.jpg (167.82 KB, 1280x1280, duck_duck_goose__04885.1487531…)

I think it's this. That's her version of "raw"

No. 724278

nah, stella and chewy comes in bigger pucks that you break up. that picture is kibble.

No. 724289

Kek even in a mesh bralette Taylor can’t break 200k views in 24 hours. Last video didn’t even make it to 400k.

No. 724294

File: 1572563580875.png (109.65 KB, 1440x689, Capture _2019-10-31-16-12-39.p…)

Any guesses on which video was deleted?

No. 724301

Is that a trick question? Do you know? Or you’re really not sure…and you want someone else to tell you?

No. 724302

Surely Taylor can answer herself, she posts here enough.

No. 724312

No, it comes in "morsels" and also the pucks you're talking about. The morsels (which are in the post you replied to) are small nuggets.

No. 724313

Honey, that is called a snake rack and it's quite common amongst snake keepers, especially if you have a large collection.

Can we get back to why the fuck this cow is shooting videos in see through bras? Wtf

No. 724316

Snake racks are only beneficial to high humidity snake. A hognose needs low humidity, so I honestly don’t know why she is even using it for a hognose, because it makes them at risk for a respiratory infection. I don’t know where she keeps her mbks but a tub would be pointless for the species.

No. 724317

Is it the video when she got Kronos? Don’t see that one.

No. 724318

Snake racks are actually starting to become frowned upon for anyone other than breeders, and even breeders should be using proper PVC enclosures for their permanent animals. Keeping a 5 foot long snake in a 36x16x6inch tub is not nice. So "honey", why don't you go look at what the husbandry requirements for these animals. A ball python needs 4x2x2 feet of space, minimum. This is why most keepers no longer use racks. Large scale breeders are definitely not the best example for husbandry and care.

No. 724319

some of those ball pythons are obviously way too big for that rack, kindly fuck off and stop saying honey like an autist. it's very well established that tnd's snake husbandry is shit

No. 724321

File: 1572570249303.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2688, 54E9CB2F-9EF0-4428-B27E-B5199D…)

1. It’s not stealing an old username when it’s up for grabs if it’s not taken.
2. Lol at her always rounding up time frames.
Over a year when it’s just been a year?

No. 724324

File: 1572571180043.png (678.22 KB, 1242x2688, 8B4EBCF2-2BC8-4464-B861-5695F3…)

shut the fuck up you entitled twat

No. 724325

Shes…an animal caretaker educator. Why does she not realize she is going to be scrutinized. That's part of the gig. What is wrong with her.

No. 724326

File: 1572571335032.png (895.66 KB, 1242x2688, C74A20AB-3EBA-44F7-9099-C66E33…)

No. 724327

She is bound to get somethings mixed up, we cannot forget she has admitted to ~heavy~ drug use and a side effect of extended drug use can lead to a “loss” of time and time warping. I’m not defending the cow in anyway I just don’t think the timeframe mistakes should be considered milky anymore?

No. 724328

She lies about timeframes all the time, she lies about every little thing, it's her instinct to do so. But that has also been proven up and down so it's getting boring with the "two years Taylor really!!?".

Side note: the people harassing Jen on twitter are fuckwits. Stop posting your "trophies" here, you're embarrassing the way you think you're cutely disguising your cowtipping.

No. 724329

Super unrelated but I’m sick of seeing people use the word autist, like you clearly don’t even know the meaning. Autist people have trouble communicating with others, making there social skills basically 0, resulting in them having no friends, usually results in social anxiety issues and depression.They don’t deserve to be a insult, when all they want to do is appear normal like everyone else.

Taylor is a fucking moron who abuses animals and wants to party. Don’t insult autist people by grouping them with trashy Taylor

No. 724330

File: 1572572067065.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2688, 23086E9B-777D-46F0-A535-C8461C…)

it Is abuse though. So what’s your point bitch?

No. 724332

Someone is mad that people are fussy star is obese

No. 724334

The people aren’t lonely just scared your will sick your rabbid fans on there personal social media

No. 724336

Nobody cares whether or not you like the word autist.
Her strawmanning and lack of awareness is so funny. She used to call obese animals abuse! Lol!

No. 724338

Where the line tho, like should we use the word faggot, nigger, retarded too ?

No. 724341

I just don’t think we should word that are actual disabilities that effects people’s lives as insults. Sorry for being to PC

Last super lame pc post

No. 724342

Have you ever been on this website before? People use edgy language all the time. I don't use it or agree with it but what does sitting here and policing the way people talk do for you? People are gonna post how they're gonna post

No. 724344


No. 724346

How can she whine about people telling her that her cat is fucking obese? PUT IT ON A DIET, BITCH.

No. 724347

good to know you're positive that it's actual stella's in a blurry ass picture and not one of the fifty other freeze-dried foods for cats

No. 724348

Stop derailing

No animal goes from a healthy weight to morbidly obese in a night, Tay. She has been trapped in your bedroom for what? Like two months now? You didn't notice she was morbidly obese until people started calling it out in your video?

No. 724350

Did Taylor herself not call obese animals "abuse"? But when it's against her she has a problem with it

No. 724354

File: 1572574063970.png (917.45 KB, 1398x2048, Capture _2019-10-31-22-07-25.p…)

Giving me whiplash over here

No. 724358

I had a vet tell me that wet food is basically McDonald’s for cats, and I’ve used dry food ever since, she says she ONLY feeds them wet food because they are “dehydrated all the time”… bitch WHAT no wonder your cat is fat

No. 724362

File: 1572574686700.png (403.63 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-10-31-22-16-29.p…)

So in August this was a thing already but apparently she is JUST NOW working on it? God she lies so much

No. 724364

vets don’t automatically know about feline nutrition just because they’re a vet. Most dry food is crap and full of fillers. Wet food has less fillers because it isn’t formed into kibble.

No. 724371

This is such a stupid argument. There are a million types of cat food of all styles and price ranges out there and some are great and some are crap. You cant tell whether or not it's the right thing to be feeding unless you look at the nutrition info.

My bet is Taylor's been feeding them just dry food. Bc 1)an anon just posted several pics of cat food and 2)Taylor is a lazy fuck and giving her cats wet food would require Taylor to spoon out the food into a new bowl every day, when we know goddamn well she's puts food and water down and walks past them for days let until everything is bone dry

Sage for no milk

No. 724372

lololol look at her sperg!

Your cat is fat Taylor get over it, you're neglectful at best. Re-home star, 3 cats in that tiny ass room for months is terrible. If she had her animals best interests at heart she'd find them better homes.

No. 724373

File: 1572575645931.png (468.7 KB, 1242x2208, FE5D1A0B-9722-4649-B6BF-A6F116…)

Triggered. Kek.

No. 724375

File: 1572575875058.jpeg (470.71 KB, 750x1255, 6A3FFDCA-1640-4957-9CB3-668E01…)

No. 724376

>> my cat got obese, big deal lmao
>> I’ve been working on her diet since FOREVER

Yet her cat is still obese… what a repulsive cunt. How can you say “big deal” like wtf is wrong with this girl (rhetorical question)? Just because she’s a soggy hot dog that doesn’t give a flying fuck about her life doesn’t constitute her to afford her animals bare minimum care. Get rid of all your animals and go do every drug in the book like you’re dying to do Taylor. No one would even give a flying fuck about your well being if it wasn’t for all the animals you hoard.

No. 724378

File: 1572575993243.png (316.52 KB, 1356x1409, Capture _2019-10-31-19-39-51.p…)

Poor kid

No. 724379

File: 1572576030881.png (2.44 MB, 1427x2047, Capture _2019-10-31-22-38-43.p…)

She is so full of shit. She got Star on the 12 of October last year and by January she was fat as shit. In a large house, supposedly on a special diet and fed separately. She lets them graze, no question about it.

No. 724381

Considering she was strung out on heroin for months their fatness doesn't surprise me.

Probably free fed cause she was smacked out and was too lazy to feed every day.

No. 724382

File: 1572576424925.png (284.8 KB, 1440x1289, Capture _2019-10-31-19-46-26.p…)

Second half

No. 724383

File: 1572576684254.png (568.17 KB, 837x493, free feeding.PNG)

She was feeding her cats in the vlog video.

She's got 2 bowls and feeds star separate, all dry kibble I don't think she feeds wet at all, she's just covering her ass for UTI.

She claims she "doesn't have the time" to research raw food yet lies in bed watching the office and buying new fishtanks.

No. 724385

She is having a fucking sperg meltdown on Twitter again over being called out on Star being obese. Taking screenshots but not able to put them all together right now and don’t want to flood the board but it’s hilarious. Sleep schedule is obviously still a joke - silent until about 7 pm and then the sperg began and hasn’t stopped.

No. 724387

Ew, wtf those bowls look like they haven't been cleaned the whole time she's been there! Those poor cats need to be taken away from her. Even with 1 damn room she can feed them one at a time and no free feeding. No wonder Star is only get fatter and poor Nemo is literally starving.

No. 724399


Precisely. There are dry and wet foods of good quality. Generally anything over 70% protein and with a little as possible ingredients labelled "animal derivatives" is good. A lot of people feed dry food once a day and wet food the other time. The dry is thought to clean their teeth and the wet is good for their kidneys.

No. 724400

“I’ve never done it myself but I’m giving advice about it!” Jfc this girl.

No. 724401

File: 1572577988866.png (217.59 KB, 1432x849, Capture _2019-10-31-22-31-47.p…)

Her reply under the old tweet about the lizard. Exactly the thing she is freaking out about other people saying about Star? She is legit nuts.

No. 724406

File: 1572578560923.png (33.47 KB, 598x316, taylor1.PNG)

of course when she's getting attacked she resorts to try to make people feel bad for her.

No. 724407

An important thing to note is that many vets are also sponsored by Hills, Purina, etc and benefit from shilling these brands, most of which are kibble (although they do have wet food options) but none of which are good foods. Vets don't care as much about your pets nutrition as you think and stand to gain by promoting these brands and their shitty kibble. Many high quality wet foods are better for cats than just the kibble, just don't feed them shit. It's all about making money.

No. 724416

Eye fucking roll. Get on a new website then.!

No. 724420

This is the real milk. Who gives a fuck whether one kind of food is better than the other? It’s a much debated topic among cat owners and isn’t relevant here. We should be talking about how YET AGAIN she
>has a conflicting timeline (re: when she noticed/started working on Stars weight)
>conflicting stories of what she’s done about it
>contradictory details about how Star got fat
>hypocritical remarks about overweight animals, and
>a clear lack of research/knowledge about her most recent idea for a solution.

I also love how her munchie-ness has spilled over to Star. She’s made several vague guesses as to why Star is fat (being a stray, stealing food, etc) and now suddenly Star has been diagnosed with “a slow metabolism”

No. 724422

Why can't she ever just admit she fucked up? Like ok, lots of housecats are fat. It's a common issue for cat owners. But instead of just admitting that she wasn't diligent about Star's diet or getting her to exercise enough (again, a problem many cat owners have) she has to do a bunch of gymnastics to avoid the blame and make it some inevitable issue. Getting a cat to lose weight isn't even that difficult, it just requires some diligence on the owners part.

But nah, Taylor is the "former" drug addict whose life fell apart in every way - EXCEPT for her animal husbandry! Somehow she was still capable of giving her animals perfect care while nodding 13 hours a day. Yep.

No. 724423

To me this is the most disturbing thing about her, no ability to take personal responsibility or own up to mistakes. This type of person scares me - you can show endless amounts of evidence that they are being misleading/lying/not accepting responsibility, and they will find every possible way to twist the past and the truth, so long as they avoid blame ever being put on them.

No. 724425

jfc take a shower every day, even depressed people do it.

No. 724428

File: 1572584581686.png (35.18 KB, 598x271, lloooool.PNG)

No. 724429

File: 1572584767789.png (257.16 KB, 1788x1188, Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 12.0…)


an interesting quick little read(armchair)

No. 724430


same anon here, actually you gotta read the entire thing… everything makes a little more sense now about her lol


No. 724438

File: 1572588265592.jpg (125.03 KB, 1536x353, Screenshot_20191101-070445.jpg)

No. 724439

Bree said that she got clean after that whole thing, and she takes good care of her animals. She actually stood up to Taylor when no one else did, she's not some rando who talked to Taylor once in passing. Trying to discredit her means that there's no one at all trying to put down Taylor, and that's simply not true. Having her speak up against Taylor means that every day we come closer to having the other pettubers speak out against her

No. 724440

That's why it sucks so much that she's dead set on making pet care and hoarding animals her "brand." It's one thing for her own life to be a mess because she's a compulsive liar, but now her pets have to suffer too because her image is more important than their wellbeing and lying is easier than just feeding her fatass cat less food. She can't even take responsibility for being a junkie. It's all "addiction is an unmanagable disease that literally injected heroin directly into muh veins!!!1" Nothing in Taylor's life is ever her fault, she's just a victim who happens to have lots of bad, unstoppable things happen to her that could never be prevented in any way…

No. 724443

I took in a stray literally the same week Taylor took in star. There's obviously the initial weight gain as they move to a healthier weight, but after that as long as you feed them the right amount for their weight and don't let them eat other cats' food they stay at that weight?? Plus it's pretty easy to see when a cat starts becoming overweight, just look at them from above…like when they walk by you. I swear I can't with her, poor Star

No. 724444


But cats and lizards really AREN'T different in how obesity is acquired. They put on weight due to a hereditary disease or a genetic anomaly, a lack of exercise and a PROPER feeding schedule, etc.
Guess what? That lizard and your cat are both fat fucking hogs because neither have controlled feeding times, they're both fed 24/7 and get 0 fucking exercise.

Prove she has a metabolic disease/issue. Where are the receipts from the vet, where are the test results? Which tests show that?
It's so fucking obvious that she has no idea how to take care of cats, now she's fucking diagnosing them with fake shit.

No. 724448

Yo you are acting like she is a big pet tuber shes got like only 400 subs. She hasn't made a video about taylor. Her Twitter platform is laughable. She's had an interaction albeit bad with Taylor she needs to speak on that with proof. People know where the screenshots destry posted came from bree knows. Jessica feehan knows. They let that minor get ate alive by her fans. The excuse. They promised not to say. Yeah they speak out but they know more. No one is holding them accountable for not spilling all the tea. You can't pick and choose what to release.

No. 724463

File: 1572600023409.png (5.5 MB, 1242x2688, BCAA6753-5A22-4F70-82DF-44BAC5…)

No. 724464

File: 1572600054256.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2688, 088E773C-48AB-4C92-85B7-3C1331…)

No. 724465

File: 1572600206896.jpg (354.33 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20191101-201245_Twi…)

No. 724466

File: 1572600237489.jpg (442.97 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20191101-201300_Twi…)

No. 724467

File: 1572600286898.jpg (623.1 KB, 1080x1530, 20191101_202319.jpg)

No. 724468

File: 1572600311156.jpg (566.61 KB, 1080x1663, 20191101_202239.jpg)

No. 724469

File: 1572600352828.jpg (383.63 KB, 1080x1262, 20191101_202204.jpg)

No. 724470

File: 1572600441233.jpg (499.22 KB, 1080x1667, 20191101_202016.jpg)

No. 724471

File: 1572600469287.jpg (558.94 KB, 1080x1738, 20191101_202055.jpg)

No. 724472

File: 1572600530623.jpg (459.69 KB, 1080x1702, 20191101_202222.jpg)

This whole thread is just full of people shitting on taylor and barely any of her stans have flocked to defend their Shepard and it's hilarious.

No. 724476

She's so full of shit, any other video about stuck shed by better pettubers than her won't mention using tweezers and neither do most websites I've personally looked at.

Research, she doesn't even know what that word means.

No. 724478

File: 1572601255879.jpg (634.05 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20191101-203747_Twi…)

Says the girl who accused somebody of rape.

Says the girl who said she wanted to let someone overdose and die.

Says the girl who sends her stans to attack people for asking valid questions.

Says the girl who doxxed, lied about and bullied an underage girl.

Says the girl who blames everyone else for her fuck ups.

Says the girl who shamed rape/abuse victims and invalidated them.

Says the girl who hurt multiple businesses with lies about their animal conditions.

Says the girl who lies constantly to her fan base.

I could go on.

Taylor, act innocent and sweet all you want, but you're a bitch deep down and you know it, you are as bad as they come, and you reap and you sow.

No. 724479

File: 1572601336728.jpg (567.31 KB, 1074x1839, 20191101_054129.jpg)

No. 724480

Oh my god she just cannot admit when she's wrong. Which is it Taylor, your obese cat eats the same amount as your other two cats, or your obese cat eats your other cats leftovers?
Imagine being 22 and not understanding feeding your cat less and exercising it more helps it lose weight in no time.
Imagine being 22 and thinking it's at all acceptable to keep 3 cats locked in a small room with minimal stimulation for months.
How anyone can stick up for this is beyond me. Absolute melt.

No. 724483

>had no idea she'd steal scraps
>mostly overweight because of her metabolism

LMAO WHAT. If you didn't know what or how much she was eating HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS HER METABOLISM. I just can't with this bitch everything she says is so fucking dumb. People have been pointing out your cat is overweight for MONTHS and only now you've realised and are doing something about it??? Jesus christ.

No. 724485

She's deleted Instagram?

Also big kek that jonny of all people is working harder than taylor does on her shitty videos. He's dropping music soon and I think it's gonna fuck taylor up and I hope it does.

No. 724487

File: 1572602060178.jpeg (205.97 KB, 1242x1749, 61E209C2-9A2B-4BBE-BAEF-B1E685…)

Did she delete her insta??

No. 724488

Yep! She did.

She also already deleted her apology about using tweezers on snakes.

Rough night taylor?

No. 724489

File: 1572602204573.jpg (137.63 KB, 1068x1869, Screenshot_20191101-055635_Chr…)

Her Twitter's gone

No. 724490

Being 100% honest stepping away from Social Media is a solid choice for her, the reasoning why may not be the best, but all social media does is work her into a fucking tizzy.

That shit isn't healthy.

No. 724491

I hope she deletes her YouTube next.

No. 724499

I guess she finally realized cats aren't exactly exotic reptiles she can bullshit about to the internet.

No. 724500

I really don't get this.. Does she never watch her animals finish their food when feeding multiple at once? Idk I thought it was common sense to check on how much they actually eat?

And if you claim that you know that Star loves food of all kind (fckn plain rice lmao), why would you NOT assume she won't finish your other cat's food?

Her brain is either just super fried or she just does not care in the slightest.

No. 724501

same fag english second language
*why would you NOT assume that she will finish your other cat's food/scraps?

No. 724502

She pulled a manic episode. It's ok wait till 7 p.m. her time, she'll wale up and reactivate all her social media. It will be back to her usual bullshit.

No. 724511

I completely agree. She can't handle social media and confuses criticism with hate. Sure, some critisisms are harsh, but that's because she refuses to listen like…ever.

To me it's obvious she is not stable and just at the beginning of a long recovery process and the only chance she has in succeeding is stepping down from social media and focus on what's really important.
I can't stand her, but I nonetheless don't wish her harm and I hope for her sake, for her pets sake and for her family's sake she truly gets better.
Honestly even die by sake, because she is insufferable

No. 724514

she has one million pets in a tiny room and has obviously been really fucking overwhelmed long before that, so now her cat is fat and she has to pretend she's been "monitoring" and "working on" it for a long time when it's surely one of the last things she worries about. when people call her out she probably thinks "oh god now THAT is a problem too??" because there is just… so much going wrong.

No. 724516

>so many notes
>endless articles
>waah waah abloo abloo
imagine the pity party she'd throw if she actually went to college and had to write one paper.

I'd agree, but she's going to be back as soon as she wakes up from her 17 hour nap.
Also seeing how she acted when she was offline for rehab, I don't think social media is the root of her problem, just a way to channel her narcissism.

No. 724519

She has that annoying "fuck you, I'm valid" phase for a while now.
Imagine a relevant public person behaving like that.

No. 724520


Star steals the other cats food, and snoops around for more food and even goes as far as trying to take food from Taylor's hand, which by the way, cats will do if you've given them your food from your hand and taught them it's okay.

So taylor herself, has claimed that it's an over eating problem she has from being a stray cat..

Why has she brought up the Metabolism thing then? For a stray cat when taylor first got her, she actually looked like she was a healthy weight and should have been kept that same weight.

All taylor has to do is watch them while they eat.
Once Nemo and Ghost are finished, take their bowls out of the room! Genius isn't it? Who would have thought it would be that hard. And don't fucking feed her pieces of your food.
And maybe play with her and encourage her to burn some of the weight off.

No. 724523

right? She keeps touting herself as an ~animal educator~ and yet presents basic research as going above and beyond when it's literally the bare minimum

No. 724525

Her twitter is @taylorndean not @taylornicoledean

No. 724526

LOL so how long has it been since her last flounce? Taylor was due one major attention whoring episode right about now kek

It's so fucking obvious she's never been told NO in her life or made to be 100 ‰ responsible for anything. No wonder she couldn't hack it in fucking high school and flunked out of a cashier job at Petco. She just can't handle being told she's failed at any little thing. Such a typical glass cannon narcissist, it'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic and bad for her animals - her "endless world class research, I totally know best!!!" mentality is so juvenile and dangerous.

No. 724529

You know what’s the sad part about this whole situation with her poor cats… I’m pretty sure she only got them because of Jonny. He tends to get pets with his exes (2 cats with Chelsea and a dog with Liz). Now Jonny’s new gf has a cat, so he’s satisfied. I’m pretty sure that’s the only type of affection JC is capable of.

He probably talked Taylor into the ~designer and expensive~ rag doll and then she couldn’t control her hoarding and got two more amongst many other animals. She’s in over her head at this point. It’s cruel to every single one of these animals. And her attitude about all of it is shit.

Monday, the fourth, can’t come soon enough lol or maybe this is partially why she deactivated her socials so she doesn’t have to deal with criticism regarding being sober.

No. 724530

What blows my mind is that she thinks she can give advice on things she's never had experience with. She admitted to not ever dealing with a stuck eye cap so where does she get the idea she can advise thousands of people on how to do it? Most valuable knowledge comes from experience, and since her animals are just toys to her she could give a shit less about the knowledge you gain from PROPERLY taking care of them. She just regurgitates shitty info she reads on the internet and calls it a day

No. 724532

File: 1572617979394.jpg (139.59 KB, 1076x2004, 20191101_101912.jpg)

My bad. That's gone too.

No. 724533

Her Twitter and socials will be back right around the time she either needs attention, this "company puts their video out on her, or right when she decides she needs money and releases a video.

She never stays away for very long and she only ever deactivates her socials when she's getting questioned, and comes back when it calms down and acts like it never happened.

Taylor's behaviour and patterns are like Textbook at this point, she's painfully predictable.

No. 724539

funny thing she will never say sorry for her actions either

No. 724540

for real though. For all of her expertise, she has NEVER cited even ONE source. everything is "I learned this from world-renowned experts!" and "I have ENDLESS sources", but we never see any evidence or data or anything to back her words up.

she can't think critically about her behavior. it's like she's on a train heading for a cliff at the end of the tracks. and when people say "you should jump off the train before the tracks end" she says, "OMG I spoke to the inventor of trains and they said I'm doing amazing at staying on the tracks? I've read so many books about trains and cliffs, and they all say that fall won't be fatal, and there are more tracks at the bottom" and it's like… can you back up either of those claims? can we get the name of ONE of those sources? are you really willing to throw your (and your animals') life away to prove you might be able to get away with only a few broken bones?

No. 724546

>Once I figured it out tho I stopped her???
Hasn't Star been visibly overweight since JANUARY? In 9 months there has been no positive change seen, if anything she looks worse now. And there's no fucking way being confined to a single room with 2 other cats is doing her any favors.

>And then they did the work to undo it

… Why tf is she acting like she already deserves asspats as if Star is back to a normal weight?! And holy fuck stop using euphemistic words like chunky, Star is obese or at the very least severely overweight.

No. 724547

I think a huge problem for Taylor is she intentionally or not presents herself as an expert and as though she’s presenting things she’s just knowledgeable about and experienced in. She would save herself so much grief if she was like, “So I’ve never had a stuck eyecap, but I did some research into methods to remove them. Here’s what I found. If you know any methods or have experience, sound off in the comments below”. She would get audience engagement, open up discussion with he audience instead of talking at them, and actual facts can be presented in a less hostile way all around. But she won’t do that because she’s rather google for five minutes and then pretend she’s known the stuff on google for years until someone tells her she’s wrong.

No. 724548

File: 1572622140675.png (333.65 KB, 1417x2077, Capture _2019-11-01-08-28-50.p…)

There was one fan who came along and told one of these girls on that thread that her son looked like a crackhead. Taylors fans are attacking a 6 year old boy. She must feel so proud having trash ass fans.

No. 724551

Taylor's shitty fans: "UM DONT INSULT ADDICTION????"
also Taylor's shitty fans: "haha your child looks like a crack head! Ha ha gotcha"

No. 724559

Her behaviour is getting increasingly similar to when she was at the height of her addiction last year when she would just come on and off social media out of nowhere just to avoid criticism.

No. 724583

Feel bad for Destry. She was obviously dogpiled by Taylor, Jen, and the stans. Who by the way need a good collective name as they're almost as rabid as kpop stans, but can't think of one.

Slow metabolism? You turned your cat into a frigging deathfat, Taylor. Stop putting food in the bowl! Seriously though, why does she have so many obese animals? People can get lazy with care but that doesn't usually mean the pet gets fat, if anything they stay skinny. How can she justify constant overfeeding to this degree. Feels like there's a connection between it and her brother's condition, which is all about overeating, but that's got to be a coincidence, so tinfoil.

Do love how triggered she is.

No. 724590

File: 1572630685249.png (195.33 KB, 1409x660, Capture _2019-11-01-10-47-37.p…)

Lol maybe momma dean finally realized screaming at her daughter wasnt working. maybe she finally had enough of her shit and kicked her out?! But heres to wishful thinking. Taylor does this all the time delete my page so the hate dies down and no one can look at the dislike she gets.

No. 724591

thats a troll account, not momma dean

No. 724592

File: 1572631192034.png (1.3 MB, 1376x2023, Capture _2019-11-01-10-58-46.p…)

No its not a fake account got the url on >>723723

No. 724593

File: 1572631203621.png (341.39 KB, 1408x1318, Capture _2019-11-01-13-56-05.p…)


No it's the real account, she was responding to someone asking Taylor to make a video on abusive boyfriends. She always manages to just miss the mark and say wise shit about other people that could perfectly be applied to her own daughter.

She also plugged her own YouTube channel after people started asking her where Taylor is. Great mom.

No. 724595

Thanks anon!

No. 724596

I wouldn't put it past Taylor to have some weird "feeder/caretaker" fetish.

Taylor gets off on the feeding because she's controlling and has total power over their lives. Probably because she doesn't feel any control over her own life. She'll make them so fat they can't leave and enjoys the begging and attention they give her when she doesn't feed.

She's fucked in the head.

No. 724597

Samefag but might explain the whole relationship with jonny.

>"I can fix him!! he just needs love!! If I take care of him I can get him off heroin!!1"

Taylor enjoys the power trip, just like she did when she silenced Destry and Bree. Too bad jonny beat her at her own game lol

No. 724599

TBF anon, thats how most people get sucked into this shitty abusive relationship, they see someone who they feel their LOVE and presence can FIX, and they are just misunderstood, etc. etc.

Most people will see red flags but feel they are SO special or just love them enough that they can fix and handle it.

However, in Taylor's case, she got with him for that expereince and thought it'd be different then with the other girls.

But it wasn't. As it always goes with these abusive people.

No. 724609

How is living w your mom successful…?

No. 724611

Man it’s gotta be hitting TND hard to see JC taking his new gf on stage w him and all that. He legit did not miss a beat in replacing her, the reality of how much he didn’t care about her in probably sinking in.

No. 724617

Wait what where can I find this tea?!

No. 724620

Her IG. JC tagged her in his story. He took his new gf to an emo night he performed at. It’s actually honestly sad cuz this girl is so fuckin taken w JC and all I can think is this poor fuckin girl someone’s gotta tell her (but she’d never listen) I wonder if that’s why TND deleted her socials.

No. 724623

People did tell her on her IG and her and her friend said the same shit Taylor said for a year.

No. 724625

im so sick of taylor comparing addiction and depression. they are NOT the same. depression you can't control, its inside you (duh), addiction comes from something you CHOSE to take. no one fucking chooses to get depression. shes so self centered.

No. 724627

Any dumbass that dates JC at this point deserves it. Taylor is probably mopey that she doesn't have another guy yet.

Taylor is fucked, she's dirty, nasty and straight up lazy. Yet, she thinks she deserves post malone caliber for doing nothing.

She's not that pretty and she's an annoying, lying narc with a fucked up family. No famous, successful guy is gonna want to deal with that mess.

If she wants a boyfriend she's gotta get off her ass and work for it.

No. 724632

You CAN control depression. Exercise, sleeping at regular times, staying away from toxic people, keeping things clean, good diet, sunlight, setting and breaking goals.

Taylor is living in filth, eats shit 24/7, breathes in cat shit air, wastes all day on social media, stressed out because of lies, shot up heroin and hard drugs. Gee I wonder why she's depressed.

If you act like a Victim you'll never get better. Taylor needs to grow up and act like an adult and get her shit together. She's got the easiest job in the world FFS.

No. 724636

She for sure still stalks JC and his new girl on social media, and I bet it pisses her off uncontrollably seeing them together and happy. Meanwhile the last guy she went with she claimed she "knows a good thing when she sees it", but ended up being a total psycho lmao. She thinks she deserves the world while offering nothing.

She really does need to grow up but it's obvious she never will. All of those things listed she does, plus imagine the 24/7 tension in that household. It doesn't seem like anyone loves one another, they're just engaging in Twitter battles all day and then deleting their accounts having mental breakdowns.

No. 724638

"Happy" This chick is the same brainwashed that Taylor is and Jonny's doing the same brainwashing that he did to Taylor.

No. 724639

People are even saying she's doing the same shit that Taylor did with people trying to warn her.

Jonny is still the piece of dirt he always is and that girl will see soon enough, PLUS, he just got a tattoo from a pedo.

Anyone who still fucks him after all this isn't any better then Taylor and should'nt be treated as so.

No. 724646

Almost every single mental illness, including depression and addiction, can be managed in some way. You just have to actually take steps to do it instead of lying around in your dark bedroom full of hoarded pets in mummy's house. But that would imply that Taylor has some responsibility and control over herself which is contrary the narrative her lazy ass has been pushing for years, so.

No. 724653

I mean it's not like doing all that cures depression in everyone, sometimes people live healthy lives and still have to do therapy or take medication, but you're absolutely right that until Taylor starts doing actual things with her life instead of eating junk and sitting in a room she never cleans full of neglected animals, she's never going to get herself to a better mental state. Minor changes are the first step, but she's entirely unwilling to take a single one.

And this girl has access to all the help in the world, she lives with her parents and probably has few if any real bills. It's not like she's having to work minimum wage jobs all day every day to feed herself and keep a roof over her head, she has all the time in the world to fix her sleep schedule and get to therapy. She's already supposedly in IOP and could easily afford to do regular therapy for her depression and anxiety she's always going on about, but she just won't take any steps to improving her or her animal's lives because anything that requires actual work is too much for her.

No. 724657

This tweet just proves she looks back on her time with Jonny all the time and wants to relish on her victimhood at maximum capacity..I know she’s still trying to get over him but reminiscing on the old days with him sure isn’t the way to leave him in the past. She purposely goes out of her way to stay in her struggles and it’s so annoying and shows how much of a “great” role model she is to her tween fan base.

No. 724658

It’s pretty clear that she’s stopped caring about genuinely learning new things about animals and that she only does it for her “job”, and even then her research is half-assed. Instead of having a passion for animals and their wellbeing like she used to (or at least that’s what I used to believe) she’s just become addicted to attention and drugs, and only cares about her looks, clothes, and how many people agree with/hate her online, all of which are shallow and fleeting goals.
She needs to be offline and find herself, but she’s also addicted to social media so that probably won’t happen.
It’s sad to see her deteriorate, mostly because those animals are victim to her abuse and neglect.

No. 724659

Just thinking back from a few treads ago we were talking about how bad it was for her cats to be left in the atrium house alone to fend for themselves which sounds like 10 steps up from where they are now in Taylor’s cramped, stale, humid, small bedroom still being left to fend for themselves. Just when I think her neglect and abuse can’t get worse she always makes sure to find a way to one up herself, it’s almost a skill she could put on a resume at this point(like she will ever get a job other than her halfass YT career) It’s maddening that she will come up with every excuse and pass blame to anyone when I think she full well knows what she does is wrong and will come back to bite her. She’s just too dumb to lie properly and cover her tracks. It’s cringe and laughable and infuriating all at the same time.

No. 724661

She's bored of her animals that's clear. They're only cool and interesting when they're new, she doesn't think about owning an animal that lives 20+ years. I highly doubt she'll keep the vast majority of her animals that long.

She's gonna start "rehoming" more I think. We haven't heard a peep out of her about Kronos. This was an animal she claims she didn't want to give up but It doesn't seem like she's upset. I think she's starting to realize she has a hoarding problem.

No. 724665

Pretty sure she admitted she rehomed Kronos because her mom was scared of him and not willing to care for him

No. 724667

Taylor must be pissed that she missed out on the ‘rock and roll’ perks like being brought up on stage and touring etc. New girl is getting it all and all Taylor got is a heroin addiction.

No. 724668

Isn't there a video of Taylor on stage and she just looks super bored?

No. 724670

Not in stage. Looked more like a place where they were out sitting. Yes she did look bored tho.
But imagine a stage full of people watching? She’d love the attention.

Just saw the girls Instagram. Taylor must be soo jealous.

No. 724671

its funny how this girl is a few years older than taylor but looks way younger and less haggard

No. 724672

oh damn this new girl wasnt just on stage with him but also sung with him
agreed that she does look way better and her style is much more authentic than taylors. she must be seething.

No. 724674

File: 1572653332284.png (3.68 MB, 828x1792, 165B5C33-8FBD-4968-ABE1-4809BF…)

>younger and less haggard
tbh she’s cute and has a little bit better style I guess (and she washes her hair semi regularly/actually has a semi cohesive style figured out for herself) but she looks 30 minimum and her tattoos are taylor-tier trash.

No. 724676

Taylor looked a lot better before her heroin addiction, too. I hope she gets out of there before Jonny fucks her up, too.

No. 724680

Being pretty doesn't matter when you knowingly get with a asshole like Jonny. Who cares if she looks better then Taylor, when Jonny's done with her no doubt she'll probably be worst off.

She won't have stans to pump her up, just fucked up credit and a bunch of angry people shouting, "i told you so!"

No. 724697

I honestly don’t believe Taylor is as depressed as she claims to be. She’s just the epitome of lazy. She can’t be bothered to do so much as to raise a pinky. Notice how she can go out with friends and dress up, go shopping, meet up with bro dick for drinks, and have a camera crew film her but heaven forbid that she has to edit videos or go to IOP looking like a decent hygienic human being. She’s only ever not lazy when it benefits her, plain and simple.

I don’t doubt to a certain degree she is depressed. She has absolutely NOTHING going for her and she’s a recovering HEROIN addict. She can’t even consistently upload videos to say she’s a full time YouTuber. And if she’s sooo depressed, why doesn’t she ask her psychiatrists (since they’re world renowned) for antidepressants? Heaven forbid that they’d actually help her mood and she’d be productive. Hell, she wouldn’t even know what to do with herself if she actually was in a good mood and had energy to be productive during the day. Like another anon pointed out, she genuinely doesn’t give a rats ass about any of her animals. They’re all suffering and neglected in their own ways. Like has Taylor even followed up with her Hedgehog’s mange? I imagine you don’t just give it medicine and not follow up at all with the vet. She couldn’t even be bothered to take her snake back in a timely manner to see what was going on with its mouth after they told her something was wrong. Idk how any supports this stupid girl still.

I think it’s been pointed out on here before that she has burner twitter accounts so it’s not like she’s missing out on her social media fix. And I’m sure she checks this site pretty regularly throughout the day.

No. 724698

I think people are bringing up looks because of how it's probably making Taylor feel more insecure in comparison. The girl clearly has better fashion sense and looks more put together. Taylor just posted how she doesn't bathe and lays in bed alone. She's definitely not thriving…

I'm blown away by her thought process on sharing about her terrible hygiene??? It just makes me more worried about the animals and not her.

I agree that looks are not important at all in who's better than who, because only trashy idiots get with JC, but it's important to Taylor.

No. 724706

Oh no, she's depressed. She really believed she would come back, jump right into being the darling of pettube consequence free. Her lies and hypocrisy put a spotlight on her. She has what now? Not enough money to get another house, a room full of pets she has to take care of or her you tube gravy train will be killed. What skills does she have? What education? A high school diploma or online school G.E.D mixed with a very public drug addiction isn't desirable to any prospective employer. She thought Johnny would be bereft without her. Guess what he found another chick so her illusion of being important to him has popped. She has no drivers license so she can only hitch rides or walk to get away.

No. 724710

Haha at the 12:35 is Mark they disprove what taylor said about helping snakes shed

No. 724717

this is incredibly fucking cringey, jesus christ if you need to flex about how smart you are on twitter then clearly you aren’t as well balanced as you pretend to be. farmers, please, leave this shit out of the thread, it’s literally just as embarrassing as when taylor tries to sound like an addictions expert.

No. 724720

>underdiv ochem + calc = expert on cat nutrition

lmao damn anon thanks I didn't notice this earlier. Those are some taylor level appeals to credibility.

No. 724721

I think the whole point was a response to taylors comment chill.

Forgot to sage

No. 724722


This is what got Taylor to delete her socials. Get over it,it's relevant

No. 724724

They weren't saying that just because they're undergrad with some zoology classes meant they were an expert, they were directly responding to Taylor claiming anyone saying she was full of shit is a 15 year old highschooler. Her tweet is even in the linked screenshot. I'm sure this person knows that you don't need to be an expert to realise that letting your cat eat everything in sight will make them fat.

No. 724725

i doubt some random midwestern teen moms bragging about their community college education is 100% of the reason that taylor bawwwwwleeted everything but go off

No. 724727

Whos a teen mom though. Yikes

No. 724729

I love Snake Discovery so much. If you're a Taylor Stan who lurks, please use them as a reference for care. Emily is actually trained and certified in various wild life care.

No. 724739

Too late, someone already took it to Reddit. It's on the front page.

For now there is no more milk until taylor comes back online (which she will).

No. 724740


I'm pretty sure a huge reason she deleted her socials is bc she claimed anyone critiquing her were just stupid haters jealous of her success and someone asked how being a 20-something addict living at home with her parents was successful. That's when she went off about how they don't understand how bad that hurt her because "muh mental illnes/addict diseased brain wah blah blah." Then poof she was gone.

No. 724748

so because bree has/had a drug problem she’s not allowed to call out taylor’s shitty behaviour? and who even said bree is the “face of the movement” there isn’t a movement, we’re calling the bitch out on her shit.

No. 724752

This would be the perfect way for her to frame her mini-crises, but it seems like she can't find the humility to do so. It would also take too much effort for her to read and evaluate different sources; she can't even figure out her cats' eating patterns, which is something that you passively come to know by virtue of taking care of cats, especially if you're a NEET who's stuck in your childhood room with them. She's in way over her head and that is preventing her from not only taking care of her animals' basic needs but figuring out what those needs are to begin with.
This is a gigantic stretch. She's just lazy, jesus christ, if a cow isn't interesting enough for you to follow without spinning up this dumb shit then just find a better cow.
Somebody who has a good job, works out, eats healthily, etc. may still struggle with mental illness, but being a structureless NEET makes anything you may have exponentially worse and can cause issues to emerge that otherwise wouldn't have. Taylor would almost certainly be in a better state if she did have responsibilities like keeping a roof over her head; like most NEETs, she has no self-motivation, no goals to work towards, no source of meaning or sense of purpose, etc. Her time is worthless and every day is spent simply existing and consuming someone else's resources like a parasitic mushroom on a tree. When you're stuck in a lifestyle like that, your sense of reality becomes small and warped and things that are mundane to the average working person become big events punctuating an otherwise stable sense of misery and existential anxiety. In order for her to improve her life and mental state, she needs to have some sort of strong external driver and structure. Most people do, but given her spectacular laziness and inability to take responsibility for herself, it's even more important

No. 724757

I find it hilarious that jonny is thriving and has a clean girlfriend who has somewhat talent and can get on stage with him.

Taylor could never, she's sitting alone in a pool of her own grease surrounded by what could only smell like mountains of animal shit, stale piss, grease and her own body odor, shoving her face full of junk and watching the office while she looks back at old photos and texts of jonny and has to deal with her crazy fucking family, having these major bipolar type ups and downs.

Ya doing amazingly wonderful taylor truly. You deserve all the critique you get you hollow nut case.

No. 724762

Not sure why you think any of us give a shit (this is a Taylor thread, not an Ava thread) and not sure why you’re self posting… but maybe don’t do that anymore.
Agreed! She will inevitably fall into the same behaviors as Taylor with drugs. Hopefully she gets out before it’s too late

No. 724769

File: 1572680858614.jpg (602.55 KB, 1066x1725, 20191102_034731.jpg)

im late but managed to grab this before she deleted twitter

No. 724770

Girl you're not in any position to be looking down on others lmao.

No. 724771

Saint Taylor the Perpetual Victim. Poor thing.

No. 724775

She likes to shit on others but can't take the heat when called out. There is always something that excuses the very thing she loves preaching about.

Star isn't obese because she's in a tiny room with a lazy fuck owner who does nothing but sleep and watch netflix nah, it's her metabolism.

Shames people about their age and education but when she gets called out on her lack of education and experience, it's just so unfair how dare you.

It's disgusting that her fans think it's fair game to harrass people who call her out but then go preaching about how everyone should be kind to one another. This girl should never have become famous, and I'm glad PetTube didn't take off.

Her "career" is honestly not going to last much longer.

No. 724776

>>jonny is thriving
?? he's still a rapist, he still JUSt got a tattoo from a pedo, im sure he's STILL addicted to drugs, he's still someone who not too long ago was calling his victims liars

If singing on stage to an new victim means he's thriving and having a "clean" girlfriend, thats a low bar for him.

Just because Taylors not over her ex, doesn't mean that all of a sudden Jonny and his new girlfriend are some type of #goals.

No. 724777

Taylor is incapable of taking responsibility for ANYTHING. Even if it's her fault it's not FULLY her fault.

No. 724780

agreed. Sure his new girl is way pretty - but she’s obviously just his next target. If u look through her posts she’s obviously very insecure. This is the type of woman he goes after. She’s out of his league, hell all of his exes are, but none of them realized it when they were with him

No. 724783

Yeah, just because he's been lowkey it doesn't exactly mean he's thriving lmao.

No. 724797

File: 1572686853074.png (987.97 KB, 750x1334, 06D98C90-5D8D-4AA3-BBF9-3D12DF…)

So I guess Jonny is already working on transforming another girl into whatever’s he’s into. Plastic surgery and extensions just sound all to familiar. She will be a Taylor lookalike in no time

No. 724798

He's still a piece of shit but compared to Taylor he's doing great I guess. Anyone looks good compared to someone wasting away in their mom's house in a tiny bedroom crammed with abused pets, sleeping 12 hours a day and sperging on social media for the other 12 hours.

No. 724812

God, she really thinks everyone has to be nice to her and kiss her ass so she doesn't relapse.
She's emotionally abusive towards the whole internet. "Someone said something mean and now I want to shoot up" just fucking do it, if you didn't already relapse, you're just waiting for the perfect moment to blame it on your haters.

No. 724813

>you're just waiting for the perfect moment to blame it on your haters.

The worst part is that she doesn't even have to wait anymore. Her stans are ready to harrass people the moment they see their queen getting called out. And it's even more fucked up because they're minors, and they've seen what she did to Destry yet they don't care.

She literally relies on minors to fight her battles for her on the internet. She's a fucking coward.

No. 724819

It blows my mind how any girl can go with a guy that has tattoos all over his face and looks like the junkie he is and think to themselves that they are not good enough to be with this specimen. That’s a really sad lack of confidence and self esteem.

No. 724823

I think it’s funny how she posts about him on Instagram constantly and he doesn’t really at all.

No. 724834

You two are on point.

No. 724837

He does post about her.
I also find it funny that HE calls her his “midget”
She shorter than Taylor (it seems) so since he’s short, he has to make himself feel offer by calling her midget.

No. 724838

He should seriously have his own thread

No. 724839

“i’m still melting in your eyes” kek how cheesy. i assume they’re still in honeymoon period then. taylor has got to be seething seeing this, it’s clear she wanted him back or at least wanted him to beg for her. i bet she thought she’d be the one moving on first.

No. 724844

it cracks me up that Jonny was doing covers at this show. the song they sang was The Used. He wasn't even booked to sing his own music.

No. 724860

Let's keep this thread about Taylor and leave Jonny out of it, y'all act like you hate him but you're just a bunch of fucking dickriders top kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 724862

fake news^^^


No. 724868

I'm just waiting for Jen to disable her account, too. Either than or finally spill the milk now that her daughter's off pouting for a while. I'd like to know what goes on in that house.

No. 724897

After seeing the recent hashtags of #TaylorNicoleDean on Twitter I’m for once shocked at how many people are legitimately calling out her bullshit and giving criticism. There more people who wake up and call her out on her hypocrisy and clear animal neglect, the better.

It seems like a lot of people didn’t really know until now that she’s been keeping 3 cats in a tiny room with 1 litter box for months. I’m wondering if she’s shitting herself because the “major company” that recently filmed her is going to show all of this in a way she doesn’t have full control over. If that video ends up releasing nobody will care about her sob, overdone addiction story. They’ll just see more proof of her animal negligence.

No. 724898

what sub?

No. 724899

Tbh I think he's just good at sniffing out girls with low self esteem and self worth
Seems to be a common thread for most abusers

No. 724910

File: 1572723149465.png (671.09 KB, 1389x2229, Capture _2019-11-02-12-29-57.p…)

Taylor's alt account?

No. 724911

File: 1572723183675.png (1.37 MB, 1409x1424, Capture _2019-11-02-12-30-19.p…)

Made in oct.

No. 724913

At this point, any time I see someone defending a cow with "GOOD VIBES ONLY / POSITIVITY / NO HATERS ALLOWED" in their profile, I assume it's a bored troll trying to piss off farmers or the cow's alt. It's so fucking heavy handed.

No. 724921

Anon is lying and probably submitted it themselves

No. 724928


Lol nah I didn't post it. I saw it on r/iamverysmart like 20mins after I saw it on this board. But go off

No. 724969


it was emo night is Arizona, all they do is get whoever they can from all these old emo/scene bands and have them either dj or sing covers and etc.

also tinfoil but what if what Colin said to mama dean about how Jonny was sober and doing good until he met Taylor was actually true and that they both spiraled enabling and peer pressing each other. not to w/k JC because he's still a piece of shit but with how much he's been working and traveling i almost want to say there's a good chance he's clean or at least on subs.. gotta admit the after math of him and tays relationshit is not what we are use to seeing with good ol JC

No. 724970

Has Tay Tay actually caught reddit's attention? kek if she thinks lolcow is hateful and too much for her delicate Texas Princess sensibilities…

No. 724981

well yeah, because he knows he can't treat Taylor how he treats his other exes, plus, he knows he has eyes on him aka her stans.

He could be getting clean but he's still that asshole he always was.

He's like Taylor, he never takes responsibility either, he's just not showing his horrible side on Social media that much.

No. 724995

Could someone link the reddit page where people are talking about this train wreck?

No. 724996

No. 725008

People on twitter speculate that it's Jen.

No. 725014

Most the comments are picking at the redhead girl, I actually feel bad for her.

No. 725016

Yeah because (like some people on this thread did) it's being taken out of context. She's not trying to say she's a genius or a vet or some shit. She's just saying she's not the uneducated 15 year old that Taylor claims all the people who disagree with her are. I did appreciate the comment where someone asks who Taylor is and people started breaking down that she's a problematic YouTuber though.

No. 725019

I mean, it was a bit embarrassing even with context. simply saying she goes to college would have been enough to outclass taylor, no need to list which classes she currently takes as an undergrad…

No. 725021

Yeah, but I understand her covering her bases because Taylor or stans could’ve claimed college means nothing in this context if she didn’t have classes related to biology/animals

No. 725024

I feel bad for her too. She only posted that as a response to Taylor's "you have no education and know nothing" right? It's not like she regularly goes around bragging on twitter about random undergrad classes.

No. 725028

jonny's pretty much of no fixed address, and until recently was wallowing on his dad's couch while still posting looking for collabs and trying to meet a new gf target. let's not read too much into his current state, he needs to parasite off others to live.

No. 725100

I'm not getting the Jonny praise, either. Unless he gets a job to support himself, gets clean, apologizes to his exes for the hell he put them through and stops being a complete asshole, I'm not going to consider a thing he does noteworthy. Since that's never going to happen, I'm not holding my breath. But if Taylor does look at him and think he's got it all with his new girlfriend, etc, then I'll be happy to have a laugh at her because it says something when you're upset your worthless, asshole, junkie ex-boyfriend appears to be doing just fine without your sorry ass.

No. 725104

File: 1572754119107.png (3.24 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-11-02-21-07-23.p…)

Two parts:
I guess when they say the apple doesnt fall from the tree. Mama dean looking worse for wear here. Grease ball and all.

No. 725105

File: 1572754199813.png (1.06 MB, 1370x1261, Capture _2019-11-02-21-07-36.p…)

Lmao shes out here rocking dollar tree knock off taylor. She should be wearing her daughters merch..

No. 725116

i’m not trying to argue but i really don’t get the johnny praise i’m seeing ITT recently.
he’s been a drug addict for YEARS, he knows by now just the right amount he needs to shoot up in order to function. there’s no way he’s clean nor is he on subs. sure he might not be shooting it up “every hour” now but he’s not clean. he doesn’t want to be clean.

in regards to what colin said, taylor probably did encourage him to take drugs again but if it wasn’t her that did it then someone/something else would have eventually. he hasn’t sought out any help in the past what ten (?) years. he’s never gonna be clean. yes taylor’s a shit head but so is he and the only reason he’s not talking about her is because of her stans. he hasn’t grown, he hasn’t changed, he’s just a pussy.

(sorry anon this isn’t all a reply to what you’ve said.)

No. 725119

Tbh I agree. Just because he's been quiet and lowkey doesn't mean he's successful or doing any better. He probably got paid off to keep quiet or signed an NDA. If this cunt sent the cops to a minor and aired all her family problems and information to the public, Jonny could get it much worse, especially from a pro at being a victim like Taylor. Not that he wouldn't deserve it, but he isn't stupid.

The girl he's with is a nobody, with no rabid stans defending her every action, so he can keep doing the same shit he's been doing and he'll get away with it until he finds a new victim.

If anything, it looks like she's salty over the fact he moved on so fast. Must've hit hard to see she wasn't that special after all.

And Colin isn't that reliable considering he was one of the people who kept covering up Jonny's fuck ups until it wasn't convenient for him anymore. Jonny wasn't clean when he met Taylor. He was drugged when he met Taylor's parents and when she sneaked out of her house to the hotel where he was staying in. And she had done drugs before, so if anything, they enabled each other.

No. 725135

the replies are all taylor stans and the votes are coming from reddit smoothbrains who see up arrows and click the same button so they don't feel left out, it's pathetic, really.

No. 725136

I didnt see any people defending Taylor.. most of them didnt know the context of her tweet and there were others explaining the context and saying redhead girl is right and Taylor essentially doesnt know shit

No. 725144

From what I saw, people shitting on the redhead girl, were doing so in the same way everyone on that sub does to people who mention education.

I didn't see any, "Taylor is an animal educator, she knows what she's talking about-" in any amount that stood out.

I saw people shitting on the girl for bringing up her education, like >>725136 said, I saw people, asking for the context, some people saying it didn't belong on the reddit.

People not even reading what Taylor said (probably because the text was smaller), people not knowing who Taylor was, and people explaining Taylor's bullshit.

There wasn't really any Taylor praise that seemed like stanning. If anything, whoever posted this, posted it trying to get the girl roasted.

No. 725149


i was afraid i was going to come off like i was praising JC with my initial post lol and i agree with what everyone is saying, its just interesting to think about (esp with baby taytay still pouting behind he deleted accounts). another tinfoil i have is that the reason why he's stayed so quite isn't because of her stans but he signed a NDA of some sort but in like agreement to keep his teeth lol either she paid them off as part of the deal or paid for them upfront and basically told him if you wanna keep those pearly whites you gotta keep your mouth shut.

No. 725156

I def wouldn’t put that past her..plus she was always slipping up saying she was still talking to him so that’s part of what they could have been discussing among other nonsense

No. 725162

What are they going to do? Repossess them? He might not be the most clever person out here, but I think he knows how to play the game and he knows it's going to bother Taylor more that he moves on than if he starts spilling tea. That gives her an excuse to turn it against him with her victim complex. He's not going to give her the satisfaction.

No. 725169

I don't think that's the case, it's not like he can just take his teeth out and give them back, taylor said herself she can't sue for the money either because she paid for them with cash as a gift.

I think Jonny is just smarter than Taylor and knows the best way to hurt her is to keep his mouth shut, move on, carry on with his music career and act like they never happened, and let taylor make herself look like the dumb fuck lunatic that she is, which she's done a mighty fine job of.

As much as jonny is a piece of shit, I still don't think he did taylor as dirty as she claims and knowing how taylor is, she would have given him just as hard of a time as he did her. She couldn't even come up with any decent stories so she stole one of his exes stories to make hers seem more believable.

He's a piece of shit, but I hope his silence and carrying on seemingly fine and happy hurts taylor and it clearly does, she deserves it all after how much she lies and fucks people over. It's all karma biting her in the ass.

No. 725170

Sf her Twitter is back up, hasn't posted anything though

No. 725171

I agree Taylor DOES have a victim complex, but just like Taylor is a serial animal abuser, Jonny is a serial woman abuser.

For once Jonny's having SOME type of consequences for his actions. I strongly dislike Taylor and everything she stands for, but I'm happy that regardless, Jonny finally got called out on and on a scale he's not used too.

I do think he feels moving on is hurting Taylor, because he can't hurt her the way he normally does.

Jonny's not acting low key because he's changed, no, the dumb ass is boxed in. He knows Taylor's going to put him on blast.

and that's the one tiny thing I don't mind about Taylor.

Even if Jonny has an new victim, we know that when this girl tells her war stories, AT LEAST she may have more people who'd listen, because Taylor's stans.

No. 725182

The top comments do but if you read further down there are people that explain why it’s out of context

No. 725216

File: 1572802583216.jpeg (272.07 KB, 1124x1145, 17F3AD95-980A-4E59-B393-415194…)

Jonny again saying over and over he’s never abused anyone and never raped anyone because no charges were pressed. Sage because not really milky but I’m only curious as to what makes him go on about this again, either he got triggered by something said on here about him or maybe Taylor even reached out to him during this latest breakdown? Or reached out to his new gf to try to warn her/split them apart? I wouldn’t put it past her considered she’s still completely not over him.

No. 725217

File: 1572802617287.jpeg (354.33 KB, 1124x1437, 730C5ECE-883C-42A3-B738-2E3382…)

Part of >>725216

No. 725220

File: 1572803433352.jpg (105.34 KB, 932x648, IMG_20191103_104909.jpg)

I checked, and noticed her followers count went down. Wow, did it!

No. 725222

isnt this just because she deleted her twitter? She just reactivated it. Give it a day or two. Her followers will reload.

No. 725224

Is it? I'm not Twitter savvy.
But what about he unfollows?

No. 725240

That's the exact amount of people she follows so when she deactivates I assume it's clearing them out like it does with her followers

No. 725255

He keeps saying "0 charges" as though that's proof that he hasn't done any of the things he's been accused of. Also lol @ him claiming to be clean.

No. 725256

NOT making excused for Taylor, as she's a pet abusing monster, but its not that she's not over him, it's that she is/was trapped in a cycle of abuse. It takes a long time to move on from abusive relationships, especially for someone like Taylor who went into it already with such low self esteem and no sense of self. People like that are especially susceptible to abuse.

No. 725259

I think he got triggered because of here. I mean a lot of anons (including myself) were talking about him.

Jonny lurks for certain.

No. 725260

I know Taylor stalks this thread and I just want to say. Taylor FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REHOME YOUR ANIMALS. You cannot possibly be taking appropriate care of them all. You sleep 13 hrs a day and when your awake you’re on Twitter and watching the office. You over feed star like if you fed her less you will save some money so you can buy more stripper clothes. Give them to friends if you want. GET TO REHAB, get a job, move out and THEN get the pets you can actually take care of. I really don’t think you can come back from this but to make it a little better make a video( don’t try to be QuRkY) be honest and say you fucked up and you rehomed everyone you will go to rehab and actually fucking try. Then get some mental help. Taylor when you don’t have YouTube and your parents get to old to care for you what will you do and have. Nothing. Grow up.
Your animals lives suck so bad. They have no mental stimulations in your small ass room not to mention the SMELL. Your snakes rarely have water so I dealt that you spot clean everyday so you have the smell of snake shit and cat piss because I don’t believe that 3 cats do their thing in 1 litter box. Not to mention you. I know you always have to say (Owo GuIsE mY eDs AnD dEpReSsIoN) GROW UP TAYLOR THE WORLD WILL NOT SUCK YOUR TOES AND EAT YOUR ASS AT THE SOME TIME. Fuck I go to school and have a job but guess what I still take care of my animals and give them the exercise they need. You can make a video about walking star because we know you need the money. And stop being a burden on your family. You kicked your lil bro out so you can film a pornowaitno a documentary about how not to keep pets. Your stans are getting older and your looks are getting worser so no one will defend you in a year tops. All the other pet tubers are using you. lol your the Brian barczyk of the pettube community. But hey atleast we know what breeders to not support because they love to throw snakes at you for clout but then get stabbed in the back because (GUYS RAWR XDXD MY SNAKE THAT I TOTALLY TAKE CARE OF DIED!!!!1!!1!!!)
Sorry for the rant my apologies

No. 725279

File: 1572824457863.png (8.85 MB, 1125x2436, F4F8E032-2584-4E40-9C71-9E1D28…)

Here he goes again with bragging about his shoes being more than rent when he doesn’t even have his own place lollllll. He really needs his own thread

No. 725280

Says the loser who was begging his fans to donate money to him so he could get his precious funko pops lmao get the fuck out of here and take a seat in the corner.

No. 725281

Why does everyone mention watching the office when talking about Taylor being lazy lol

No. 725282

Because she’s said that all she does is watch the office in bed all day.

No. 725286

Because all she does is rewatch the office over and over while her mom cleans her room

No. 725296

But do you have a working liver, Jonny boy?

No. 725300

is taylor's brother retarded?

No. 725303

Lurk more and sage your stupid questions you dumb ass.

No. 725310

Seems like you are…

No. 725313

Thanks for explaining. I showed my boomer-side.
To be fair though I'm a mean-girl GXer that wants to see this substance/animal/family abusing, egotistical, hot-dog-human POS be cancelled, ever since I saw my preteen stepdaughter's watch history with the words "Heroin Addict" in the title. Fucking sick.

No. 725342

Skinny jeans were made for tall people, Jonny. They just make you look like a hobbit with those enormous feet sticking out of them.

No. 725344

>Taking a pic bragging about his ugly shoes at a place he doesn't own with clothes Taylor probably bought for him.

No. 725354

This would only be funny if it were aimed at Taylor because she pays no rent, so yah, $0 is easy to have more than on ya' feet.

Besides that, he just looks like a huge fucking tool since his leech ass is always asking for donations. I don't fucking get how someone who is constantly asking for donations can brag about his shoes' cost??? Don't do drugs kids, or else you're brain is fucking fried like this turd.

No. 725366

He needs his own thread. This is supposed to be about taylor

No. 725376

Someone please make a thread for Jonny….My first and only post I’ll make.

No. 725383


While I have no way to verify this blogging, I tip my fedora in your direction nonetheless

No. 725385

Before this story he posted a candid video of his gfs ass when she had no idea he was zooming in on her cheeks.
He does he need his own thread

No. 725393

tbh I would agree, though it appears the recent caps are related to TND and at least somewhat belong here in her thread.

No. 725402

File: 1572862600129.png (5.33 MB, 1242x2688, E0DD8A09-4ED8-4FD6-A56D-9B5450…)

No. 725403

File: 1572862811150.png (5.55 MB, 1242x2688, 8406C644-253A-41E4-956E-702EE2…)

No. 725404

File: 1572862848933.png (3.14 MB, 1242x2688, 105E0DC1-C539-4EA9-B831-A3765E…)

No. 725405

File: 1572862908484.png (2.39 MB, 1242x2688, 2513E60F-FDCE-494C-8A29-21F6BD…)

U didn’t deactivate for harassment. U deactivated because you couldn’t handle the backlash that U YET AGAIN deserved

No. 725406


um, excuse u. don't you understand that pointing out someone's mistakes or not completely agreeing with them IS harassment? get a clue, h8r!

No. 725407

Yes, I’m a hater. So jealous of a heroin addict!!!

No. 725409

Me, too. Kek. I wish I was a "recovering" heroin addict living at home with my parents sleeping all day because I have no life or friends.

No. 725416


she is sleeping all day because of her multiple illnesses tho, remember? she's battling so much!!! WARRIOR!

No. 725417

From what I saw, no one implied all she had accomplished was a herion addiction. Taylor, if you hadn't had the snotty attitude of "everyone who disagrees with me is just jealous of my success!!!!" no one would have pointed out that getting hooked in herion and living at home with mummy at 22 isn't successful in many people's eyes. This just looks like another case of twisting people's words unless I've missed something. Take a slice of humble pie, you're not all that and your animal care needs some serious work.

No. 725436

Damn I'm so jealous that I don't shoot up my veins with shit, kill my animals with neglect, never shower and look dirty, just utterly filled with jealousy that I can't fuck abusive men and live with my batshit crazy family and cream all my animals into a tiny room… what I would give to live that kind of life..

No. 725443

What a roundabout way to say you are really embarrassed and ashamed of who you are. Your cats still deserve more than one bedroom and one liter box bb, get a grip taytertot

No. 725457

File: 1572875099755.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1756, CA18FACE-E8C9-4AD6-BD13-EE956E…)

No. 725458

File: 1572875159273.png (56.41 KB, 1061x580, 430905AB-CC9F-4D92-9DBD-A8C519…)

No. 725460

File: 1572875184591.png (50.71 KB, 1096x624, A4DF1CC2-3F91-4937-BABB-CD2958…)

No. 725461

File: 1572875234474.png (102.96 KB, 1212x653, DC295D50-B2DE-4CE1-AD5C-1E09A7…)

Taylor liked this post lol, she’s seriously insane. How dare u point out my mistakes111!1!1!1!1!!1 bullies!!!

No. 725463


Oh just like how Taylor cyberbullied an underaged child by releasing private information about her family?

No. 725468

So all I got out of reading those ridiculous screen caps is that she relapsed lol.

Who was even harassing her publicly that anyone caught wind of? Sounds like this is a made up story to cover her tracks (no pun intended). She contacted IG to retrieve screen shots that she deleted which disprove what? That’s she’s not an animal abuser? Do you know how fucking ridiculous this all sounds? She’s obviously having lots of self hatred right now and it just sounds like she relapsed. Plus today is her sobriety date… let’s see if this is all miss China white has to post all day.

No. 725469

File: 1572877071319.jpg (2.06 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20191104_091526919.j…)

I'm a little late to the party here so forgive me if this is stupid or has already been addressed but, in that top pic when she first posts Twisty on IG his tail looks fine to me. Looks totally different from when she posts about his surgery. Or am I trippin??

No. 725470

>>725458 >>725460
who the fuck is this lol. the grammar is awful. i can barely understand it

No. 725477

File: 1572877940010.jpeg (419.26 KB, 1125x1903, A5AF3CB7-FDC3-44D1-9D04-66A5CF…)

No. 725478

File: 1572878031846.jpeg (419.17 KB, 1125x1922, 36F47CD8-0966-45FC-86FA-86AA31…)

So it appears that she’s been catching up on her threads here. She is so fucking triggered that she is being called out on her BULLSHIT… please tell us how we’re all wrong and you’re the victim Taylor lol

No. 725488

I wonder how it feels to suffer the consequences of your actions like regular people, she boasts so much about being the hardest drug addict ever but when people judge her for that she's surprised?

No. 725500

it's been addressed in past threads when it was relevant. She claims that the dark coloration on the tip of the tail is evidence that it's already damaged, but bearded dragon anons say that it's very normal for their tails to get darker at the tip like that. There's no kink in the tail though, and there are videos of Jonny lifting it by the last inch or two of its tail, and a kink is visible after that, so really she's just too deep in her lies to admit the truth. that's basically her entire life though

No. 725504

Lmaooooo so who is she trying to bully into being quiet now? That's fucking disgusting. She tries to use her power to bully and manipulate.

I have the messages but don't want to post them. I got them back from Instagram!!
Bitch isnt special to have deleted messages back from ig.

Who are you trying to scare off taylor? Another one of your teens?

I also feel like she hangs with these children to feel powerful and control them. Just like her animals.

No. 725505

Slight tinfoil but she’s probably talking about Bree. She’s mentioned previously that she had deleted DMs with Bree that would prove her innocence, and Bree is who she has claimed to be “spreading lies.” Looks like she’s threatening her with the release of their instagram DMs if she doesn’t stop posting about her.

No. 725506

This is hilarious to me because I know exactly who she’s talking about, and that wasn’t said at all. She was flipping her shit about people calling her out about her obese cat and saying the people calling her out were all jealous 15 year olds with no education. It just got pointed out that being 20 something with no education, living at home with 20 animals crammed into one room, and a heroin addiction is not a good look.

No. 725508

>>not everyone who speaks about my animals actually cares about them.

She says this EVERY SINGLE TIME lol. I know it’s hard for her ~junkie brain~ to understand that people have a natural affection for animals, period. Some people are more empathetic for animals than others haha but she’s a narcissist and has never felt an ounce of empathy in her life. Bet she’ll have to google what that means.

Newsflash Taylor: most people care about the wellbeing of your animals because it’s FUCKED UP that you do not correct your husbandry to accommodate the zoo you have decided to hoard in a tiny inadequate space. Ask yourself why your animals have to suffer because you thought you could save a loser/narc/rapist/addict ex boyfriend of yours and YOU DECIDED that trying heroin was a great decision even though you knew you had an addictive personality.

She’s also danced around the fact that she knows she hoards animals. I believe she stated that she knows she accumulated a lot of animals fast. But she’s never actually addressed it as being problematic for her lol.

No. 725509

If she rehomed her fucking animals, at least half of her “haters” would back the fuck off. The main reason a lot of us think she’s trash is how she lies to cover her poor care, and that it’s pretty clear she KNOWS her care is subpar too.

No. 725517

so who is she talking about?

No. 725519

File: 1572888767891.png (443.39 KB, 1415x1400, Capture _2019-11-04-09-31-21.p…)

She fucking lies so much…. She didnt get kicked out because people were worried about her online presence she fucking relapsed with Jake.

No. 725537

Lets not soon forget that she also claimed to ~fear for her life~ AND continued to post pictures of her second sober living facility.

Take accountability for the fact that you started hopping on some seasoned druggie’s dick and did drugs with him. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM, you vile narcissist.

No. 725545

Not to mention when she went to a group meeting and posted a video of them on her story bc they were talking about YouTube and didnt know she was a Youtuber.

No. 725547

Tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them did and pretended not to so as to deflate her childish little ego.

No. 725559

so who's she bullying to get offline now? any bets? imagine being such a useless cunt that you spend all your time fretting over how to best destroy some teenaged kid who thinks you suck. absolute waste, boring vagueposts as usual.

No. 725571

Lately I've been wondering if she know this, and that's why she won't rehome the animals despite being clearly bored with most of them. She knows if she rehomes the animals she'll lose the positive attention they bring her with her 15 y/o stans, and the negative attention from people only sticking around because we're terrified for the animals.

No. 725578

File: 1572904111246.jpeg (943.34 KB, 1235x2081, 736F6AA8-F645-476D-9C92-483173…)

No. 725579

I’m confused. If this a SS of your tweet ore sending it out?

No. 725580

I wonder if this is about Bree. Bree has turned up the notch on criticism (which was very much so needed) and Taylor/her have always said they didn’t have screenshots because they had been deleted

No. 725584


The beautiful thing she’s dancing around here is that others’ identities were at risk of being compromised because she had no filter or respect for what she was posting online. Pics of your sexy outfit in the mirror of a room you share with other people? Talking about all the relapses happening after your location has been doxxed? Get the fuck outta here.

Another thing I find interesting: is she actually saying that she was too high profile of a celebrity for these sober living locations? They weren’t able to create a policy to deal with fucking internet trolls? That’s some shade. Poor Taylor, always victimized.

No. 725587

This isn’t my tweet. Somebody tweeted it under a semi popular tweet in TND hashtag on twitter

No. 725589

File: 1572908178432.jpg (875.92 KB, 1536x1694, Screenshot_20191104-235639.jpg)

No. 725591

File: 1572908266494.jpg (493.13 KB, 1536x964, Screenshot_20191104-235815.jpg)

No. 725598

Who said she killed most the pets she rehomed ? I Iove how she never has screenshots of the bullying. Anyways who ever you are, there will always be hateful people on the internet. Like just look away from your phone.

No. 725600

>Twisty’s tail happened

Seems like an odd way to put it, instead of saying “Twisty had problems with his tail from day one when I got him” like she initially claimed. Accidental slip / possible confirmation that she did shut it in a door?

No. 725602

how do people not see that she's clearly not sober? she's ranting day in and day out on twitter about how the scary internet has hurt her feelings, just like before

No. 725612

the amount of times she uses "I"


No. 725622

so she just lies in bed writing a thesis worth of justifications about herself. no wonder she doesn't have time to get in the shower. probably has tendonitis from all the sperging already.

dafuq is this shit and why do you expect us to read it

No. 725625

i love how she skipped over absolutely every single aspect about MAKING AMENDS

clueless cow. sad.

No. 725637

Once I merely mentioned she was doing something a little wrong with the way she handled a pet and she quote tweeted me and set her stans on me. I wasn’t even a ‘hater’ at the time. She sure knows how to look batshit crazy and turn people against her. Girl is so defensive

No. 725666

jonny please spill that fucking tea let's watch this bitch burn

No. 725669

Does anyone know when that company is releasing their video they went in and shot of Taylor last week?

No. 725672

he probably signed a nda for money, don't hold your breath

we don't know what company or channel it is

No. 725678

All of this only happened because she couldn't stop posting for 5 fucking seconds. I'm positive those sober living places had no photo policies in place that she violated

No. 725679


>My therapist noted that she thinks my life is still pretty similar to how it was when I was on heroin, except the fact that I put down heroin, which is a HUGE thing in itself of course, but still not an ideal place to be.

Sure, you "put down" heroin, but you replaced it with other things, like sex, at the beginning, then weed, now subs. And I also love how you put yourself on a pedestal for rehoming half of your animals and skirting around the fact that you have three cats locked up in your room with one litter to share.

If your dad is allergic to cats, they should've been the first ones to go. Animals can be and are therapeutic, but you have a "service dog" at home, so I don't see why you haven't rehomed even more animals, especially because BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION, you know that your lifestyle is still one of an addict.

You also haven't taken any accountability for all the things you've done to people, not only your fans, but Chelsea, Destry, Bree, etc. There is always an excuse for your behavior.

And when you get rightfully called out and cornered because you can't lie anymore, you run away and then claim harrassment.

No. 725680

Interesting she blames her parents asking her to rehome animals bc of their inability to or they don’t want to… If your dad is so allergic to cats couldn’t they find homes with people who aren’t?

No. 725681

>they were scared of my online presence.

More like they were fed up with you constantly acting like a child and oversharing shit on Twitter. I like how she just shows she doesn't even think before she tweets, because she was already thinking of leaving sooner, which implies there were issues that weren't related to her "online presence" at all.

No. 725682

The cats are the easiest to rehome out of her hoard. It's selfish for the cats AND her dad to live in a house that's not cat friendly. I honestly don't know how her fans don't see how cruel this is.

No. 725684

Locking multiple cats in a tiny bedroom all day every day is 100% cruel, especially when they already have territorial issues and one is stealing all the food to the point where the other is skeletal. She should just keep Star and rehome the purebreds, it'd be way easier to handle, no more territory problems or overeating, and she still gets to keep something fluffy.

No. 725685

Nemo isn't purebred. She's said before she can't rehome Nemo and Ghost because they're ~so bonded!~ but with her resources I'm sure she could find somewhere to take both of them, and find Star a home with someone who will feed her properly and give her opportunities to be active, like toys and actual space.

No. 725687

It's not like you can't rehome bonded cats with much issue. It isn't like they're bonded to her.

No. 725695

Rehoming a bonded pair would be pretty trivial since one of them IS purebred.

No. 725707

File: 1572939962102.jpg (373.65 KB, 1080x1113, IMG_20191105_074305.jpg)

Why does she never seem to hold animals properly? Guess that photo is too important. That poor cat looks so uncomfortable, it's too overweight to just hold with one hand.

No. 725708

File: 1572940246399.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1970, B3B019AC-A9C0-459A-9A62-97FD98…)

It looks like she has Star out of her room

No. 725711

Her parents probably aren't home, so she grabbed a cat to parade around and take awkward pictures of to "prove" they're not locked up in her room all the time.

No. 725722

Is her dad even at home most of the time? If he doesn't sleep at home very often I can see her putting Star in her parent's bedroom.

No. 725727


Yeah lol how do you think he'll sleep in there if he's allergic, the room would be full of cat hair etc. Even if the cat would not be there atm

No. 725731

that poor cat with the towel hanging off its nail….please

No. 725732

anons, when did Twisty "happen?"
I could have sworn she was already using at that time.

No. 725734

she had gotten twisty as a christmas present for jonny. according to her they had started doing drugs together right after he moved in late november

No. 725735

btw its 5am where she is now

No. 725736

Anon I can see your pfp!
I think it’s most likely that Jonny did sign an NDA, and have been saying this for a long while. Jonny has never remained quiet about any of his exes.

No. 725737

File: 1572952697980.jpeg (317.59 KB, 1241x2174, 7BE83EDA-87E1-4E5C-B110-E6E1E9…)

Thanks anon ;)

No. 725741

Does Taylor have a manager? I just can't see her going to a notary to set up a legal nda.

No. 725742

File: 1572953775481.png (6.59 MB, 1242x2688, E3CA4111-37C7-4F52-B261-8EFCC3…)

No. 725743

File: 1572953801519.png (6.11 MB, 1242x2688, 469BE633-5C7C-4E30-8965-EA97F7…)

No. 725755

What are u trying to say Taylor?
We already know you relapsed already. Who knows how many times.

Reminds me of the times her and Jonny would say they’re getting better / sober aka not using at THAT time but doesnt not mean you were sober. Just meant you didn’t have any drugs and couldn’t help but not use lol

Anyway, it’s so obvious she’s relapsed.
So based off the 30 day soup, what month is she really on allegedly? (Assuming she hasn’t relapsed then but who are we kidding)

No. 725762

She relapsed. How did she manage to forget it’s the fourth when every month before she threw herself a party and reminded us all on social media? You don’t go from remembering to completely forgetting lol. She doesn’t care and she doesn’t care because she relapsed.

Read between the lines in those stupid IG posts. The way she words things is very telling. To me it sounded like she was setting the relapse foundation. She talks about when her emotions aren’t in control that she’s “thought” about relapsing. Well yesterday she made a sperged out post about how her emotions aren’t in check lol.

Also who runs errands in the evening? Idk she always tries to make herself seem as if she’s a functioning member of society when in fact she sleeps all day long and does absolutely jack shit in her waking hours. Who is she even kidding anymore?

No. 725767

Why would she ever set up a relapse foundation? She would just never admit it. No ones going to drag her to rehab this time so there’s no reason to tell her stans the truth. I don’t think her mom cares if she’s using as long as she’s at home and not with Johnny.

No. 725775

So when it inevitably comes out that she relapsed she can say “guys I told you that it gets hard to not relapse. You’re not a failure. You can still succeed. It gets better!”

Which yes, it’s true. But she’s not saying those things to be supportive, but to cover her own ass. Lurk more, this is her ammo for her victim complex.

No. 725777

File: 1572963134403.jpg (1 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191105_090847191.j…)


I agree. She went from insisting constantly that attending IOP meant she had to be 100% sober or she wouldn't be allowed to go. Even in her latest Day in the Life video she mentioned twice about being drug tested before her session to prove she was sober and not lying.

Now she is casually tweeting about how normal it is for people to be high in those groups? How you can be high in IOP? Yeah, she's high on something.

(also, auto-caps changed pee to poopy lol)

No. 725783

why the fuck you lying.
a cow not doing anything cowish has never stopped threads being made. literally just look at Kota. she was one of the most prolific topics on this site from its very inception, she hasn’t done anything milky in several years and yet she still has a thread.

even if taylor was legit clean and rehomed 99% of her animals we’d have pages and pages and pages of people shitting on her appearance and tinfoiling about her eventual downfall and return to our pasture.

No. 725786

I would not be spending one minute looking at this bitch if I don't have to. I am here because I want people to realise what mistakes she is making, and to stop her from hurting more animals by giving dangerous advice. When she finally decides to rehomes her animals I am out of here. I am not staying around to watch her camshows or whatever phase comes next.

No. 725788

you’re in the minority, then. anyone acting like lolcow’s sole or even main mission is to help ~save the ambinals~ is delulu. there might be a chunk of people whose motivations are genuine but a bigger portion is “lol look at her shitty fashionnova and thinning hair and bad skin!! i bet she relapsed!” ad nauseam.

No. 725789

i can smell this photo

imo there's no question that she has used many, many times since she's been home. her manic posting sprees are proof of that. it's also why someone keeps telling her to get off social media. it's so obvious.

she's a dry drunk who relapses constantly. some anons have shit all over 12 step, but they do make some good points, one of which is said concept. taylor will always be a dry drunk and will never fully be in recovery. weird thing but lots of dry drunks are total fucking assholes so there's that similarity too.

No. 725790

File: 1572968015686.jpeg (292.31 KB, 1124x1284, CBB99E0D-E551-431C-BA64-3773E6…)

Holy fuck even her mom is retweeting how she needs to rehome her cats. Most likely confirming everything said in this tweet… her room must be disgusting and stink like cat piss and who knows if one of these days the cats are going to turn on one another. I don’t know why her mom won’t just put her foot down and either make her move out to have more space for those poor cats or rehome them.

No. 725792

Speak for yourself. Her shitty animal neglect, stupidity, and youtube popularity was what caught my attention. She never appeared to really like any of her animals which was puzzling. Why do so many teens like her? Then she got with Jonny and the rest was history. Of course it's great that she's such a fucking dumpsterfire of a human being, but the animals were what got me interested, I could give two shits about her skin.

No. 725793

lololol her mother doesn't want to clean the litter box any more. taylor, get your ass out of bed and take care of them ffs! jen is a spineless retard, her daughter needs to be out on the street.

No. 725795

that's the parody twitter account

No. 725809

>I remember how excited I was in rehab to walk up and get my 30 day sober chip

Bitch you were kicked out before 30 days. And didn't even get your chip at 30 days that's why you bought a snake

No. 725818

that's not Taylor's mom. Be careful not to feed the trolls

No. 725838

but what happens when the fake twitter is just as truthful as the real twitter? it's not like jen's fatass isn't the one cleaning the litterbox.

No. 725860

This was either tweeted & deleted or old but a few people are calling her out on her bullshit pet advice lol (1/2)

No. 725861

File: 1572990759619.png (767.27 KB, 750x1334, 82F170AE-4844-410F-A516-29AB3E…)

No. 725862

File: 1572990850279.png (193.38 KB, 750x1334, 883EB124-50CD-4D8F-AF27-A85035…)

No. 725865

says the bitch who didn't know what a fading kitten looked like

No. 725869

I am truly so tired of her 50 page long rants/“inspo” speeches. They’re so fucking annoying. Every single day she’s on her goddamn notepad talking about x,y,z and all I can think about is “if you even spent half of that time on your animals they’d be in such better conditions.”
Taylor, no one gives a literal fuck about your long ass notes app. It’s time to retire it. I know you think of it as “content” or something that will inspire somebody, but it doesn’t. Because it’s always riddled with misinformation, and garbage

No. 725893


"Relapses aren't necessary" ..what? She sounds so fucking idiotic when she says shit like this. This is what happens when you want to be an advocate for something but have nothing of substance to say.

No. 725894

lol, relapses aren’t necessary for recovery. real hot take there.

No. 725938

aww itty bitty shoes!

No. 726018

File: 1573018211317.jpeg (988.85 KB, 1125x1760, A6F8C6DB-0DD2-4435-A9D4-91D4F6…)

No. 726023

Clean “FROM HEROIN” . Always got to make that distinction.

No. 726026

File: 1573020674136.jpeg (563.49 KB, 1936x1452, A005F651-35CD-470A-9D0B-72E2A1…)

No. 726029

File: 1573020708479.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1932, 49CCDD9E-C982-4C0B-8FD2-C9A6BA…)

No. 726033

congrats on washing her hair I guess. her attempt to look fresh-faced is pretty transparent.

No. 726035

I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually had brain damage

No. 726037

>I have relapsed but it's not heroin so that means I'm sober.

It's really laughable how she always has to make that distinction as if we didn't know she's not clean. Or maybe she also does it to look like the most hardxcore junkie out there idk.

No. 726038

File: 1573022962671.png (5 MB, 1125x2436, CCC2E1D8-D195-4020-96FA-6D012B…)

Left out the underboob one

No. 726042


Ive never seen someone so desperate to type walls of text about themself. Sidenote: I feel like she had brain damage even before the heroin.

No. 726043

File: 1573025146405.jpeg (303.21 KB, 1242x1709, 5350DFB3-EA84-4D31-946F-7A2BA4…)

She can’t even keep up with her own shit.

Household items lol.
Sure Jan

No. 726045

since when is she purchasing gas…isn't momma dean her chauffeur?

No. 726046

File: 1573025441747.jpg (545.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191106-022926_Ins…)


No. 726047

what friends? lmao

No. 726051

"friends" is just code word at this point for Betsey who seems to not be sober (tinfoil) and to just be using Taylor for her $

No. 726055

LA. I feel like she’s showing this on purpose to let jc know.

No. 726060

Considering anything she does is for attention from someone, I wouldn’t doubt that’s her plan all along. Get some daddy Jonny time for one last time ughhhh I bout puked a Lil just typing that

No. 726064

iirc she JUST said there isn’t a four/five month chip so she has to wait for six. I can’t keep up with her lies

No. 726070

File: 1573034977062.png (133.05 KB, 408x242, sobrietychip.png)

you can buy those same chips on ebay and amazon

No. 726082

File: 1573038968225.png (556.53 KB, 640x1136, CD70D0D2-07DA-484F-BB62-D83723…)

she posted this too..

wasn’t she so scared for her safety?

Why is she openly showing where and when she’ll be that’s just such a dumb thing to do if you have a decent amount of followers

No. 726087


>$700 is my $50

She's buying scalped tickets, the event sold out. looks like admission was $150 originally.

No. 726091

Can't afford to get her own apartment but can blow 1,600 for 1 ticket? That plus airfare and hotel could be a deposit for a fuckong apt or townhouse. Goddamned she really is the gift that keeps on giving.
See, this is what happens when you live in a room not talking to anyone but an echo chamber.

No. 726094

Exactly my thoughts. She JUST said they don’t give them out. So she’s buying her own shit lol. What a faker

No. 726097

File: 1573044358050.jpeg (442.35 KB, 750x891, 5D9425E0-3251-4CA1-8F6D-51A74C…)

this is gonna give me nightmares

No. 726099

I read somewhere that scalped tickets won't get you in though? Not sure how it works but something about if you don't buy them through the official site you'll be turned away at the door because your ticket won't be read as valid. Hopefully she's not just wasted what could have been her first payment on an apartment… wtf is this bitch doing with her life?

No. 726104

She overlines her already injected lips.
Clown mouth

No. 726106

File: 1573045397574.png (301.4 KB, 760x1171, Screenshot_20191106-080214.png)

samefag, I had to check what the official AXS website said. I'm not sure if she'll be able to get in.

No. 726107

>Meet the seller at the venue on the day of the event

The concert sold out in minutes, alot of people are selling their tickets but i'm sure there are alot of fakes.

No. 726109

She definitely got scammed. We'll have to wait to find out but these tickets are like airline tickets. They won't let her in if her name isn't on the ticket. The name of the person that bought the ticket will be on the ticket.

For anyone that's unfamiliar, this is their only show and they haven't played together in a decade. It's very exclusive.

No. 726111

The only way I see it working out is if the scalper bought themself a ticket as well as a +1 ticket, and they're going to meet up and she'll get in as the +1. She better hope that's how it'll go down because that's really the only way.

No. 726115

File: 1573047666962.png (1.04 MB, 796x841, TND.PNG)

If she didn't over-line her lips.

No. 726117