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File: 1562556280835.jpg (155 KB, 1199x848, taylor.jpg)

No. 677997

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie ex-boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread:
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L (currently deactivated as of 6/29)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thepearlboy4L

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
>Jokes about getting her 30 Day Chip (see OP pic) and says she's still settling on which NA she likes most to get it from soon
> Acquired a new snake of a breed known for its neurological problems, claims it to be issue-free (just “goofy”) and a rescue. May be shopping for more snakes
> Appears to have been visiting friends in a hotel who left rehab for relapsing either multiple days in a row or overnight, took her brand new snake there for funsies and a photo op
> Despite the new acquisition, says she rehomed a great many animals while in rehab. Hasn’t been clear when, where to, which ones or exactly how many
>Jonny has been sadboi eating, says he fell and broke his toe, and is staying quiet for now
> Plans to rent a place in Austin for her pets and as a base to work from Youtubing while fulfilling the job requirements of sober living
> TND leaves rehab early, reactivates Twitter, immediately starts blaming Jonny for EVERYTHING and takes 0 responsibility for her own mistakes
> Has already moved out of the atrium house (as if no one saw that coming)
> Says she's in a sober living house that's "not a facility" despite having a curfew and on-site staff enforcing rules. hints at plans for moving out soon
> Posts photos of select few animals outside of their cages (except the rats, of course, are always in their inadequate cage)
> Nemo has clearly lost weight, Star is chunky as ever. whoever was watching the animals was not being careful with proper feeding
> TND claims that blatant lies she has tweeted in the past were really Jonny using her Twitter account. Will unblock people he made her block, but anyone who made her "feel negatively" will remain blocked
> Promises to apologize to Jonny's exes that she's burned in the past, gives no timeline of when she might do this, says she just wants to "have fun" right now
> TND claims to have begun process of filing a protective order against Jonny for herself, despite no evidence in public court records to support this
> Claims Jonny tried to get her to sign an NDA but she refused. Says it took her "like 10 tries" to leave him
> Confirms that texts between her and Chelsea in Dec 2017 are real, but quickly deletes confirmation tweet.
> Jonny, in an incredibly uncharacteristic move, is silent on social media, refusing to bad-mouth Taylor, asking others to leave him out of it (possibly because he believes he still has a chance to get her back)
> Mama Dean tweeting her usual passive-aggressive threats of spilling milk
> TND changes Twitter bio to include "sober date" or 6/5/19, but quickly removes it within a day or two
> Anons speculate Taylor is manic and/or has already relapsed, and that's the cause of the ridiculous Twitter bender she's on
> TND meets new boy toy (Jake) while in rehab together, immediately latches onto him while insisting they're "not really together"
> Starts acting a hoe on Twitter, talking about how Jonny didn't fuck her for "13 months", she was "mentally single" for a year before splitting, and she wants to slut it up now that she can
> Takes sneaky photos of Jake when he's not looking, spam-posts them to Twitter because he doesn't have an account. gushes about how hot he is, says she wants him in her videos because "he's funny"
> Posts obvious after-sex photos with him in a hotel room. He finds her PUBLIC Twitter account, texts her about it, she short circuits and begins deleting tweets about him soon after
> Ironically calls him "super platonic best bro just friends" yet says she loves him and could consider marrying him ("just kidding! or is she? she is… or is she?")
> Couldn't be "by herself" for any amount of time, as she didn't break up with Jonny until after she had found a new guy who "gave her the strength" to ghost him
> Gets her fans to pester Halsey to write song lyrics by hand for her, tattoos them on her chest, looks real bad sis
> it's infinitely clear that while she may have detoxed in rehab, she did not learn anything about herself, or the trait of humility
> immediately back on her bullshit of "not caring about the haters" yet acting incredibly defensive about everything
> Doing EVERYTHING that professionals tell you not to do during recovery (moving house, impulse tattoos, new relationship, heavy social media use, etc.)

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Spider ball python (possible name might be be Chip or Cobain)

> Recent Known Deaths: ~
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: ~ (many but not named yet)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Taylor deactivates Twitter after announcing she has broken up with Jonny
> Posts on multiple platforms that the relationship has ended but begs people not to tell Jonny. Deletes posts very quickly after
> Something happens that sends Taylor to the hospital for unknown reasons
> Jonny moves out WHILE Taylor is in the hospital, has someone drive him to NY State in a U-Haul truck with his most expensive toys (computer and some shoes and stupid Funko pops) in the back
> Jonny swears up and down they are still together and he only left to "take care of his dad for two months"
> Mama Dean confirms Taylor is in rehab for heroin addiction (surprise surprise she's been using all along)
> Jonny receives calls from Taylor while she is in rehab. She acts as though they're totally fine, and she will visit in NY as soon as she gets out
> Taylor is telling everyone a different story depending on what they want to hear
> Mama Dean spergs out when she realizes she's possibly being lied to
> Jonny is already talking to new girls, receiving gift packages from other women, is definitely not sober in NY
> Posts photos of his father's gun (he legally cannot own one bc of his restraining order from Chelsea) and pathetic attempts to threaten people
> Taylor stops calling Jonny and he throws a pity party for himself, taking a page out of her book by scheduling streams yet never following through

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Taylor might be out of sober living, relapsed and living in the hotel herself
> Getting evicted from the new house
> TND is trying to complete her “redemption” to youtube
> Jonny has already sold $5k+ computer set-up to buy drugs, has not mentioned streaming in a week or two
> TND has already relapsed, or is having some other mental breakdown causing such overactivity online
> Photos of black snake (Salem) with possible mites, TND claims is just aspen (bedding) dust

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 677999

Lovely, thank you anon!

No. 678001

That’s the perfect thread pic, great job anon

No. 678003

File: 1562556935339.png (6.12 MB, 1242x2208, 1562555647956.png)

From the last thread. She's making it very obvious she is still in a hotel. Girl relapsed already.

No. 678005

File: 1562557096443.jpg (853.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190707-203705.jpg)

Her lips are permanently ruined. Gj Taylor

No. 678007

thank you, I felt a little self conscious since it was so basic compared to our usual but I wanted to capture the stoned vibe of it all.

No. 678008

very streetwalker, her mouth looks like it hurts. that amount of filler can't feel good.

No. 678009


Every pic she's digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole. Obvious hotel setting in the background, posting her sitting on a bed that's obviously not a twin.
Watch she says she upgraded rooms at the sober house to a suite so she has more room to play with her snake and for the eventual cats

No. 678012

File: 1562557572368.jpg (46.93 KB, 1003x675, extendedstay.jpg)

it hardly needs saying but this same art is everywhere in this chain of hotels

No. 678013

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually turns to prostitution for drug money. If she hasn't already. This whole makeup done, tiny dress, hotel room thing is really giving off sex work vibes.

No. 678017

Holy shit this is hilarious. You've got a great eye, anon!

No. 678020

She has to be high. No one is this bad at keeping their story straight.

No. 678023

File: 1562558589052.png (2.64 MB, 750x1334, B3A1580F-0887-41A2-9B18-47D31D…)

So she had multiple outfit/hair and makeup changes on this one “visit” to her friends hotel room? Ooooookay

No. 678027

the joke about the chip isn't funny enough for multiple shots

No. 678028

her face looks so bad. i'll even go as far to say she looks worse than when she was with jonny. that's insane.

No. 678030

From the last thread because I didn’t realize there was already a new one:

I hope people start asking about her real 30 day chip on twitter. Now that she’s confirmed the clinic she’s staying at gives them out, there’s no reason she shouldn’t have one.

No. 678032


This looks like a fucking heroin kit to me. I can't make out the objects but look at the bag. It doesn't look like she had anything with her in that hotel room except that either. And the snake haha. It reminds me of those purple Crown Royal bags everyone using keeps their stuff in.

I don't believe the house tour thing either, why would a sober living advertise as pet friendly then make you remove the pets? Especially something in a tank that you can't just grab and people won't be allergic to. I have been to multiple sober livings and although I've never been to one that allows pets, the standard is just cleaning extra well so the place doesn't look so lived in and making your bed before people tour.

Also, the anon who said Suboxone has Naltrexone (Vivitrol) in it is wrong, it's a common misconception because Subs have Naloxone (Narcan) in them. It's supposed to block opiates/opioids (and usually reverse an overdose) but you can usually still "break through it" a little with a large enough dose. Even if you can barely feel it, most active addicts would take the tiny opiate buzz over nothing. Naltrexone is impossible to "break through" for about 3 or more days after stopping, and besides the daily pills called Revia they normally want you to get the shot in rehab which lasts around a month. It's a hard commitment to make, so a lot of addicts don't want to do it. But if Taylor's claiming she is doing 12 step meetings then she's picking and choosing her recovery, they would never ever encourage Suboxone maintenance especially after 30 days completely clean. They look at it as "replacing" one thing for another.

I have been on Subs for years and don't think about getting high at all, ever. Even when I somehow end up around it. I also have a real life. 95% of people who voluntarily attend 12 step meetings are newly clean or dry drunks who still are obsessed with getting high/drinking and need to sit around and tell war stories about them shooting up whiskey or some shit. My opinion has always been that it's honestly a toxic environment for anyone serious. No one I know who is serious about staying away goes anywhere near those. Rehabs and sober livings usually make you go and use the 12 step model because every other method is "unconventional". AA tends to "have more recovery" and have more people serious about it, but you normally aren't even allowed to actually admit you're an addict and have to replace "drugging" with "drinking" when you share. NA is kinda notorious for not taking anything seriously and is a revolving door, literally almost everyone there has under 2 years clean and still has other extremely unhealthy behaviors even if they aren't sticking a needle in their arm. Both drill that you will always still have the obsession with getting high into your head to make themselves feel better about still having it, and because that's what the outdated 12 step model pushes. It is "the only way", as written in the big book and they truly think that. It's extremely cult-like behavior. I don't know anyone "half in", everyone is either completely brainwashed by it or wants nothing to do with it.

No. 678035

She's probably going to order one online and make up some bullshit excuses until it's delivered, or just keep up the bullshit excuses.

This development is not surprising, but it is very disappointing.

No. 678037


Very. As much as I dislike her, I was really rooting for her to stay sober. But not surprised.

No. 678038

One other thing anon,
those shorts in that picture (on the bed) are the same that she has on today in the bathroom.

No. 678039

Order one or find someone else's to use.

No. 678040

I'm >>678032 and before I forget, I used to get my lips filled a lot at different places throughout the country and I would guess she has 3 or 4 syringes of Juvederm based on before pictures and the size of her lips now. Full syringes are always at least $400. She's spending a ton.

No. 678048

File: 1562560957295.jpeg (91.71 KB, 750x671, EF959003-DA3C-4ED7-80B5-7A2F74…)

hoe hoe siwa? I have second hand embarrassment.

No. 678049

File: 1562561204658.jpg (135.83 KB, 1344x964, taylor.jpg)

so did she lose her license and I missed it, what happened with this? she was able to drive not that long ago or am I imagining that. do they ask people to give it up while in sober living?

No. 678052

She's deleting any comments that say it's a hotel room.

No. 678053

Right, Taylor, this just happened. Like she didn't go out and buy a bag of chips to be quirky.

She might mean she just doesn't have the physical copy of it with her. Sober livings will usually encourage you to get one if it's not suspended or anything. The goal is to try to get you as close to "normalcy" as possible.

No. 678054

Welp, there goes all pretense of 'family friendly'. What is even happening to her? She seems to have gotten even more publicly self-destructive than when she was with Johnny. Is this normal for people who get newly sober/relapse?

No. 678058

Addicts tend to be extremely immature as it is. Now that she's not suppressing her feelings and personality with heroin she's on the loose. Combined with the extra free time from not finding ways to maintain your high all day and being around other emotionally stunted addicts constantly that will encourage this behavior and this is what happens to people like her.

No. 678059

File: 1562561945136.jpg (533.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190707-225835_Twi…)

Or do you mean on instagram?

No. 678060

The other thing about vivitrol is that she's been claiming to be on it since her daily clinic bathroom selfies. So it makes even less sense for her to back up to talking about subs.
May have expired? Someone else would have had to buy her all her precious ciders though.

No. 678061

everyone’s diff anon.
I use subs and get high in between re-ups.

Been like 2 years. She’s prob “chipping” for all we know.
I call bullshit on her sobriety dates

No. 678062

Her parents need to stop messing around and start cutting her off.
Sucks but the best they can do now is to refuse to support her financially. Taylor is not paying for any of this. I get that Jen feels guilty because all her time goes to Tanner but paying your daughter to self destruct in public is so fucking ugly.

No. 678063

she said she would try to get on it, but got subs instead because they hadn't been clean long enough, then all mention of the clinic stopped.

No. 678065

File: 1562562866933.jpeg (956.09 KB, 1242x1638, 9CB459A8-9336-4B54-B480-5741B2…)

No. 678066

File: 1562563053458.jpeg (623.48 KB, 828x1301, C2B7065E-093B-45EC-B31D-C87A27…)

She is so confusing to me ,,y’all. “Going to talk to a doctor about it tomorrow” is a blatant lie for her in my opinion, just like the one where she was visiting a friend in their hotel for a few hours, now it’s been days. I can already see her downfall, again.

No. 678068

That will be $25 for the hotel picture montage services, thnx. payable to Anon.

Why can't she have the shot since she's been clean 30 days. What's going on here.

No. 678069


Yes everyone's different, that's why I said it was my opinion. If that's what you're referring to. I think chipping is completely fine as long as it's not controlling you and you're safe. It's the fact that she's lying and romanticizing that makes me mad. And she's obviously high in the hotel pics. Claiming she was visiting a friend who got kicked out is obviously the lesser of two evils.

No. 678071

File: 1562563806091.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x1936, E1CF92C7-4A11-4D84-A9DC-D7D1E2…)

I’m not saying she is or is not using, but I did notice a plastic baggy. Again, it can be something totally innocent and it was just something that I noticed in the picture.

No. 678073

looks like blood on the bed in the lower left hand corner

No. 678075

Good catch, that’s disgusting if it is blood. I was rooting for her when she first announced her sobriety 6/30/19 I believe, but she’s creating a whole new journey to rock bottom for herself. She should vlog it for views!!!

No. 678076

I noticed the bag too but at this point I don’t know if she’s just doing it on purpose because she wants people to keep talking so she can try to hide behind her “people just can’t stop hating me” shit while she fucks off and makes a joke out of her sobriety

No. 678078

could be, could be makeup too
here's how to post and reply: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 678079


Looks kinda like the cellophane from a pack of cigs? And there's that blue bag again (I think). She's probably purposely including this stuff for attention.

No. 678080

I thought it looked like the shorts shes wearing in the other pictures.

No. 678081

Bored and thought I’d offer an opinion, was shared in recent threads obviously but her bizarre sleep schedules recently don’t correlate well with being sober, like others have pointed out she’s probably relapsed and now not sleeping well because of it.

And she’s still taking selfies with chips in a hotel room.

Didn’t she say she was waking up early tomorrow to go see her pets? And then in a reply said she was going to the doctors tomorrow to see about subs?

No. 678082

Agreed anon. How can you be so aloof that you don't even notice the one thing in the background that could easily be cropped before blasting it to 150k+ people. It's a sad and desperate cry for attention

No. 678083

My local na meetings are notorious for just existing to FIND drugs.

No. 678084

she’s pretty much back to square one with the impulsive behavior, defensiveness, snarky comments when called out, leaving shit in pictures like the plastic bag for people to speculate about that usually turn out to be right. she’s repeating the same behavior and her stans are eating it all up again.

No. 678085

Well she wouldn't have noticed it if she was high as balls. If she was even down between doses she would have been checking the background to make sure everything's hidden. But if she was peaking at the time, it makes sense that she would suddenly want to pose and take selfies and be so absorbed in the moment that she wouldn't see anything except herself in the picture.

No. 678087

File: 1562565253132.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, C387EE09-4C39-4574-8873-9B8A8D…)

Shorts pictures in the background of yesterday’s image, and she’s wearing them today. Very obviously still in the hotel. This bitch is a compulsive liar, and a junkie.

No. 678088

I don't normally like correlating stuff like this either but you're on such a schedule in sober living, normally waking up early as fuck naturally. At the majority I've been to someone will wake you up to see if you're okay if you're not up by maybe 10ish latest. Plus there are apparently 12 other people in that house, they're gonna be loud as fuck.

Same, dealers know that too and hang out outside at the end to find customers sometimes.

No. 678089

(I’m the person you replied to) yeah I completely agree, i didn’t think much of it when someone else pointed it out, but now that I’m noticing it more and especially with her being on twitter replying to ‘haters’ and posting selfies around 12am,, like honey what are you doing?? It’s a disgusting mess and I had faith in her when she said she was sober this time, but it’s one of the many times she’s claimed to have went to rehab and stayed clean, I feel dumb tbh!! These are such useful threads to keep up to date with though.

No. 678091

File: 1562566588799.jpeg (47.88 KB, 292x497, 11DC8140-1B89-4E91-87F4-1CF7B4…)


No. 678095

holy shit, she's barely holding her web of lies together right now. I refead the first thread the other day and her lies are really pathetic now that we know what really happed. She's giving me similar vibes right now.

No. 678098

File: 1562568710770.jpg (40.21 KB, 596x411, 1512520773675.jpg)

Never forget this gem.

No. 678099

Another thing stolen from Tana. Tana got reamed for it - I hope something similar happens to her. It's gross to use a kid's name like that.

No. 678101

I really do have this gut feeling that her and jake relapsed together, got kicked out and now live in a hotel so she’s trying to cover it up and make it look like she’s still in the sober living. Her lies aren’t adding up and there’s only so long she can keep lying before the truth comes out.

No. 678102

Honestly she's the type to leave sober living because of stupid drama or getting called out and say it wasn't "conducive to her recovery" and go on about how everyone was relapsing and how bad the house was. I can see the tweets now, "I HAD to get out of there and get somewhere safe then me and Jake found heroin on the floor guys!"

No. 678103

why she continues posting so many pics while she clearly has something to hide is beyond me. at least use an app to make the background of your selfies black or something. god she's dumb. her need for attention overrides absolutely everything else in her life. She needs to permanently get off social media to even have a chance of getting better.

No. 678108


You should delete this, it's too much and Tay will see it and use it as an excuse to leave (if she didn't already). Plus everyone normally has cell phones in sober living unless they sold it, so people suddenly doing that to the house line would be suspicious.

No. 678109

This is cow tipping. No one should go so far as to actually interact with the cow. And honestly, you shouldn’t feel the need to, it’s not that serious anon.

No. 678110

Why is shy lying all of a sudden trying to say she doesn’t have a drivers license?? lmao she literally bought a car and I can think of at least three times I’ve seen her behind the wheel of it

No. 678112

File: 1562571887363.jpeg (205.51 KB, 1080x1920, 3CEDB837-760B-40CC-90D0-5F0672…)

She’s the biggest fucking liar! she shows herself driving in her cheese funeral video, the one of her moving her axolotl, and in that crackhead video Jonny posted of them on fb

No. 678113

File: 1562571908342.png (928.43 KB, 1334x750, 9A571048-05D3-486A-81DA-93B7AC…)

No. 678115

I'm leaning towards that she just doesn't have the physical licence with her. that lie would be too ridiculous even for her.

No. 678119

Subs have naloxone in them, not to prevent a high, but to prevent you from shooting it. It only lasts a VERY short amount of time.

And then there's subutex, which has no naloxone in it

No. 678121

And vivitrol is a monthly shot.. If I remember correctly, she never stayed sober long enough to get the shot. She was on subs, though, because you can still technically use and get subs at a clinic, just no take homes.

In Rehab, you can't be on anything. My guess is that she started using again, stopped going to the clinic, and went to rehab when her mom and bestie staged an intervention.. Hence why she was removed from the clinic and would have to do intake again (you can't miss even one dose or they start you over. Miss usually 3? They kick you out.

No. 678122

I like how her “friend” introduced her to heroin - aka Jonny

Now her “friend” relapsed - aka probably her

No. 678124

She will definitely use everything in this thread to excuse leaving sober living and we will know just from that.

A part of me feels bad for her but a huge part of me expected this - addiction isn’t a choice or whatever she says lmao

No. 678125

From a 4K/month oversized house to a 1200/month extended stay hotel (not even as nice as a studio apartment)… my how the “mighty?” Have fallen. If she ever does manage to sober up for a minute and take a look at her life and what she’s thrown away that depression is gonna hit hard. Where oh where is Taylor dean’s rock bottom? I don’t think we’ve seen it yet.

No. 678126

File: 1562578128214.jpg (564 KB, 1536x1616, Screenshot_20190708-105854.jpg)

I have a feeling she slept in that outfit. I think she "spent the night at her friend" aka it's her hotel room. I wonder if she is so adamant on lying and denying about the hotel so her parents don't know and keep thinking she's being a good girl.

Zooming in, her face reminds me of when my father was off his tits. She doesn't look sober at all in this. Look at how her mouth is.

Suuuuuuure. Totally wasn't making the same joke over and over thinking she is real clever and funny. She is such a joke.

No. 678129

For a while I thought she is getting her life in order.. where is she keeping that snake?

No. 678135

Pin point pupils.
Hotel selfies.
Staying up late, sleeping in till afternoon.
Says "friends" relapsed.
Her information isn't adding up.
30 day sober chip miraculously not in her possession.
Ultra defensive behaviour.
Making a joke out of recovery.

She's relapsed. It doesn't take a genius to put it all together.

No. 678136

File: 1562583951297.webm (5.7 MB, 320x180, taylor.webm)

this must feel really sad and lonely. if it's really true she's relapsed and is living in this hotel and not telling her parents and getting help getting back into detox, fuck. what a way to live.

the snake has been seen in the hotel room with her, she says she had to take it out for a visit >>677947

No. 678137

there's pretty much no denying she's relapsed and it makes me sad af. now she's not even in her hometown with her family close and all her "friends" are junkies themselves. great

No. 678138

That really did not take long at all.

IDK why I'm so surprised when she left rehab early and bounced on junkie dick the moment she could. It's a classic guaranteed relapse formula. It's so telling she's in a hotel room with her snake and not showing off with her 30-day chip - something which is a huge milestone for any recovering addict serious about their sobriety.

No. 678139

and in a way there was a kind of 'safety' with buttfuck jonny always getting the dope to his specs and from people he knew I bet. this is random people, all junkies, random dealers and deals.

No. 678140

She also has no responsibilities. She's a shit pet owner but I'm sure seeing the few animals that had to be fed daily was at least some sort of motivation to not be high 24/7. Now she has 1 snake that needs to be fed once a week which takes maybe 5 min, so really she can do whatever.

No. 678143

I could have sworn she said she couldn’t risk/handle being around the people that relapsed/got kicked out. But here she’s “visiting”?

No. 678147

The dumbest part about her recent round of lies is that she could have EASILY covered up the hotel stay by staying that the sober living facility requested that she not take identifiable pictures of the house, then edited her selfies or taking ones in nondescript locations. She wouldn't have even had to change her behavior at all.
This saga is straight-up pathetic and hard to even laugh at. She had a great opportunity to get all aspects of her life together, didn't take it seriously, and pissed it away in less than a month to rebound with another junkie. If she thinks that her life was bad when she was with Johnny, it's probably going to get much worse from here on out, any financial support from mama dean notwithstanding.

No. 678148

that was her response when people asked why she was at the hotel with these relapsed friends. but it's obvious she went through several changes of clothes, selfie sessions, and playtime with her snake there.

No. 678149

does anyone know if the halfway house has a limit policy for relapses? Or are they no tolerance? She can find another in no time, but they have waiting lists. Her other programs should still not care. The avg opiate IV user relapses a looooot before the 5 year mark.

I think she needs to get probuphine stuck in her arm by her parents so she CANT use.

No. 678151

It seems like it's instant eviction:
>Failure to comply with drug testing will be considered relapse and will result in eviction
>A resident who fails to report another resident’s drug use will be evicted
>If a resident is found to be under the influence, he will be given 60 minutes to pack his belongings, call his current counselor, sponsor, call for a ride, etc, and leave the premises

No. 678152

I hope she does start vlogging. Get your popcorn! She might as well make $$ off it, right?

Watch her start using her 2nd channel now… haha

No. 678155

It's so obvious she has relapsed. The picture with the chip (thread photo) is crystal clear. She does it on purpose too to show off her eyes? or maybe as another anon said, she's at her peak she doesn't notice? but she would delete them after perhaps?

Im convinced (as many here) that she loves the speculation.

Where is the chip, Taylor?

No. 678156

She just posted a video via twitter showing that she isn’t in a hotel.

Any h-anons, does she sound like she is on something? (Ie slurring? Not 100% sure)

No. 678157

File: 1562594040389.png (696.33 KB, 1242x2688, CF327E33-C28E-4144-8FEF-8142F5…)

Lol at her avid fan here that tweets at her 24-7 too.

When she first introduced Jake, kid you not, she tweeted “does she have a sister” like 3x. Loser person attracts loser “fans”

No. 678158

File: 1562594145556.png (2.05 MB, 1242x2688, 79AE1236-47E4-4425-A2FA-02875B…)

No. 678159

File: 1562594172680.png (6.22 MB, 1242x2688, 26892ACD-AC99-41FF-902D-92AD98…)

No. 678160

She’s doesn’t have the work ethic to start vlogging. she can’t even manage to make videos for her dying main channel that would actually make her money if she ever uploaded

No. 678163

File: 1562594474582.jpg (152.63 KB, 1290x1492, taylor.jpg)

So she's def there. The rules say they can stay out overnight so she probably did that with her relapsed friend and her snake - as you do.
>Every resident must spend at least 5 nights per week in the house
>Residents cannot stay out more than 2 nights consecutively
Good for her that she's still there.

No. 678166

File: 1562594633564.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2688, ECBC614B-55FC-4D1C-99CA-2325F6…)

No. 678167

File: 1562594711209.png (2.52 MB, 1242x2688, 6D5DCA8B-E44D-46D6-BF70-80F239…)

No. 678168

She WANTS to get on subs, not that she is currently ON them.

No. 678170

Ok so she just scheduled a weekend long dick appointment then?

No. 678172

File: 1562595662659.jpeg (209.65 KB, 1076x1407, 6126A262-7645-4BCC-B0A7-91399E…)

I wasn’t going to say anything because ‘muhh stop wk-ing’ but some people just happen to have small pupils? And she seems to do have pupils that are on the smaller end. (pic related is from 2015, so she should not be on opioids)

I mean, there is a lot of inconsistent bullshit (missing coin) and she sure seems to still lie about basically anything. And I do also take >>678166 with a grain of salt because who knows when that picture was taken.

But good god, there are some people here reaching

No. 678173

File: 1562595717526.webm (6.36 MB, 720x1280, y7LL_Mw43pjqPBWa.webm)

No. 678174

File: 1562595839103.png (39.1 KB, 607x314, Capture.PNG)

looks like it.

No. 678177

Yes because the rooms are SHARED. Just because they’re all in relationships doesn’t mean it’s going to turn into a huge orgy. Jfc the tinfoiling in this thread is out of control.

No. 678178

The beds look tiny as hell lol it would be awkward to fit two bodies on a single, plus the shared rooms. So it might be reasonable to believe that it's the norm to get hotel rooms to get "dicked down" (honestly never heard this term before wtf) ???

No. 678179

phew it's kinda good to be wrong

cue the anons coming in "this website is for MiLk not for cheering her on" blabla whatever

No. 678180

sus though that we have not seen photos of Jake, so to me, he relapsed after finding this thread.

if with him, she would have posted his photos in any way shape or form. Ie: his leg, the back of his leg - you know, to show people (aka jc) that she is with a boy.

No. 678181

File: 1562597127013.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3264x1903, 1D7FCA1A-4AFB-417D-B08E-263976…)

For someone as obsessed with their looks as Taylor is it must be hard to see how much she’s completely fucked herself up in such a short amount of time.

No. 678182

no joke she looks like shes in her mid 30s in the last photo. so sad to see how much she has changed all due to her lifestyle choices.

No. 678183

Im wondering if jake is still the guy shes fucking or if shes moved onto someone else? After a certain point she started calling him by his name bc god knows she wouldnt stfu about him but she just said "my friend got a hotel so ill visit him there" which makes me wonder? Just speculation

No. 678184

I feel like Jake said something about being uncomfortable about being referred to by his name and having pictures posted of him. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past Taylor to just be hooking up with whoever either

No. 678185

Good call. Or she’d say her “bro friend”.
Sage for ongoing speculation.

No. 678186

So it's her friend who relapsed. And she couldn't even go. No wait it's Jake. No wait he didn't relapse. What is she hiding?

No. 678187


So, did Taylor visit a friend that was asked to leave, or did Taylor visit her "bro friend"? On which she claimed he didnt relapsed?

No. 678189

File: 1562598226776.png (678.55 KB, 1242x2688, C21586F9-E896-4E84-B51B-ED15FF…)

No. 678190

File: 1562598250812.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2688, E652B1E9-6358-4B7D-B9D0-8D9F23…)

Real mature Taylor.
So above the drama right?

No. 678191

File: 1562598624360.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2688, 0F03A424-E3EB-49DC-858B-E57038…)

So apparently it’s still Jake.

No. 678192

In all fairness the curfew is for like 10PM and from their website it does seem like she can’t stay elsewhere for a night atm.

No. 678193

Is she still going to pick up her chip and to see her animals or is that delayed till she can be bothered?

No. 678196

She said yesterday she was going to the doctors today to get on subs, lol! adding this to the list of lies

No. 678197

It just boggles my mind how Taylor can act so offended that people question her extravagant stories when the last two years have been lies stacked on lies. She is delusional to think she has an ounce of credibility anymore.

No. 678198

File: 1562600302066.jpeg (483.31 KB, 828x813, EB1CBB45-50D8-4849-A1C2-5716CD…)

Greasy scalp but still cuddling with jake, maybe he’s a keeper

Also disappointed but not surprised on the name choice. This poor snake has really bad luck in life

No. 678199

Her stans are pitchforking and running with the lies she’s told, spreading them to anyone who questions her. “She’s just visiting a friend stop being creepy!!!” And then they go blind when others try to show them the actual facts of the situation. It’s hilarious to me

No. 678200

But wowe she can't imagine all this hate in her body!! Are you twelve Taylor?

No. 678201

…but she has a physical chip to be a reminder, no? It’s just such a weird thing I imagine these chips are pretty important for recovering addicts

No. 678202

File: 1562600763214.jpg (529.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-094533_Twi…)

Holy shit shes so cool

No. 678203

She is disgusting. She’s like a 14 year old bragging about being a pothead except she’s talking about being a fucking junkie. She thinks it’s soOoOo cool. I give it a month tops before she relapses, if she hasn’t already. She thinks she’s special and that this is all just an experience she can leave behind after 30 days and come out with a *~*cool girl junkie*~* story but heroin doesn’t give up that easily.

No. 678204

File: 1562601163327.jpg (215.54 KB, 1536x574, Screenshot_20190708-175230.jpg)


No. 678205

So fake urine is a thing. I’ve always used it successfully, even once a week js.

No. 678206

File: 1562601366780.jpg (620.45 KB, 1536x1444, Screenshot_20190708-175559.jpg)

No. 678207

…Jesus Christ the entire tweet chain is just such a mess. Imagine being abused by someone and blaming them for everything and then just saying “yeah I’m no longer a fan”

Like what are you even doing Taylor?

No. 678210

Yes, that's normal. Green Tree Pythons (GTP) are not born green and come into their colour

No. 678213

The heroin use. But not very well.

No. 678214

Sabor is my favorite of her snakes. She deserves more than he dishes out tbh. I honestly think she keeps him around because she believes that one day, he will be a docile creature that never bites. Then she can go on about how she tamed the savage Sabor.

“He bit me all the time guis, but I tamed him because I am good at snakes! “

No. 678215

maybe the deal was that she could only go see her pets if she is sober?

Would jen do something like that?

No. 678216

Nah, I dont think Jen has that kind of control.

No. 678217

She can tell her that she is not allowed at her house (where it seems the animals are right now) and if Taylor wants them back she would have to move them.

No. 678219

Exactly. I’m not giving her any ideas but it’s not that hard to pass a drug test when your actively using. I’ll believe it when I see her do a live test.

No. 678220

File: 1562605018265.jpg (496.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-105640_Twi…)

Keep pretending like you dont constantly check here. Hi Taylor!

No. 678221

Honestly these people probably join in the conversation too or run to twitter to see if stuff is true.

You’re all as bad as us already it’s ok.

No. 678222

Chips are totally optional, not everyone cares about getting them. I was in a program for 6 months and never bothered to pick one up because I didn't need a token to prove anything to myself. 5 years clean now, still never got one.
You can also lie about your clean time and get chips you haven't really earned. It's not as cut and dry as some of you guys think.

No. 678223

File: 1562605746846.jpeg (1023.28 KB, 1242x1820, 6EFCAC99-1D72-496F-B33E-5F37E2…)

No. 678224

File: 1562605819444.jpeg (466.27 KB, 1242x1286, 5A0D5CC2-886E-4D0E-BABE-E0D00B…)

No. 678225

File: 1562605841993.jpeg (547.51 KB, 1242x1497, 04C87ED0-50F7-4468-907D-01AB47…)

No. 678226

I can't tell the difference between TnD pre-JC relationship and now besides the fact that she looks more worn out and has a new gimmick other than her animals and chronic illnesses (jk she thinks addiction is p much chronic so lol)
Also she could have literally saved that clean pisscup from when she detoxed, stolen it from a clean friend etc just to have for proof 2 the haterz but thats tinfoiling.
However she still can't keep her lies straight, pretty much nothing she says is true, she LIVES on twitter for christ sake and all her behaviour is either erratic or straight up manic.
I mean all she does is tweet about cock and drugs as if her sobriety is a perfect excuse for her to openly talk about druguse fondly /being a wreck the same way anachans can start publically talking about binging/restricting/purging bc they're on the path of "recovery" which is bs for "openly being sick".
Idk shes become so disgusting and has ramped up the same gross behaviour shes had pre and post jc, I hope none of her teen stans take after her because her brain power tm truly is junkie white trash tier.

No. 678227

So she's saying that she's going to have her 3 cats living with her at the sober living house. But she's going to have to remove them from the property every time they have someone around for a tour?

No. 678228

God she is a mess. If I didn't actually have a job I would love to create a list of her excuses for not doing something, her list of promises that never materialised, and list of her total barefaced lies and the actual truth, along with all examples of her 'do as I say not as I do' attitude. Haha it would be never ending.

No. 678229

We have zero reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. None at all. As far as I'm concerned she's lying until proven otherwise.

The fact she's dragging more innocent animals into this should be enough to get people to realize she'll never change. Those of you saying we are, "reaching" about her relapse need to read back some more.

No. 678230

>Jake lives in sober living with me but we cant fuck so he has rented a hotel room for the past week just to fuck me!

Is that what shes saying now? This man who is supposed to be focusing on getting clean has not only a sober living place but also rents a hotel room to bang her? They both seem to apparently use this hotelroom as a literal hang out while they apparently cant be in sober living until 10pm even tho we have seen pictures of her hanging out there midday and frequenting the place

This bitch i swear, she aint clean and either lies to the sober living or does someshit cause from the reviews alone we know they're not Alkatraz.

No. 678232

This is honestly the dumbest thing she has come out with since she has been back, if you ignore the plans for her to have another place for her hoard that’s monitored 24/7.

No. 678233

How are you going to pay to live at sober living and not actually be allowed to, you know, LIVE there? Also first this was her friend's hotel room, then its Jake's rent to fuck place and now its been hers for 6 days?

No. 678234

Also the sober living place requires people to be in education/working/volunteering/whatever after a month there. It's dumb to expect people to be working 7/12 hours a day and not have anywhere to come back to.

No. 678235

File: 1562607992094.jpeg (536.93 KB, 1208x3028, C134E87C-D86E-4436-BBE6-855EE5…)

What lie?!? How about the fact that you can’t even keep your story straight about how many people relapsed. For fuck sake.

No. 678236

4 ppl relapsing doesnt mean she cannot visit only 2 of em though??

No. 678237

that seems counterproductive, putting too much emphasis on being clean. We're taught that thinking about opiates is the first step in a relapse. Harm reduction faces the realities of relapse, maybe she can find a home that has a strikes policy… but I think we all know she'd use it as an excuse to use. She'd probably see the strikes as "free spaces" until she gets "really" clean… ugh. Normal advice doesn't work on this terminally unique bitch.

Thanks for the info anon.

No. 678238

They don’t exactly what you put off the house but they want you doing things and not just laying around because boredom can cause a relapse. Taylor does nothing but lay around on twitter and obviously her house manager wouldn’t be too happy to have her on the couch on her phone all day so she just goes to a hotel room instead

No. 678240

It’s simply sad to watch. She SO needs to get off social media, her Stans continuously sending her enabling messages is only feeding her addiction, if these people knew they were actually HURTING a her by enabling her they’d stop.

No. 678241

Okay she chose to go to this sober living to follow two girls that we’ve never heard about before? If they’re such good friends why wasn’t she mentioning them since she’s been out?? It’s just Jake and the new snake.

No. 678242

File: 1562609241241.png (214.24 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190708-200724.png)

No. 678243

File: 1562609470743.jpg (230.45 KB, 1536x820, Screenshot_20190708-200928.jpg)

Taylor her literal Twitter cycle is she'll come in stirring the pot, have a melt down about it and then retweet stans sucking her ego. Pathetic. But no hate in her body at all and she feels pity for the haturz.

No. 678244

Can’t block a whole website hon.

No. 678245

>a friend relapsed (original, probably jake)
>two friends relapsed
>friends in hotel
>jake in hotel
>jake didn't relapse
>cuddle jake in hotel
>jake is in hotel but he didn't relapse
>can't live at sober house during the day
>here's sober house during the day
>cut off friends who relapsed
>must visit them because friends
>can't be around people who relapsed because bad
>bropeen is worth being in a hotel for
>snek is cool

did I miss anything? she is a fucking m e s s

No. 678246


Cause we can't trust a single thing you say, you dunce.

Give us a run down of what was rehomed. You don't need a video. Your thumbs seem to work pretty fine for all the time you're sperging on Twitter.

You say you don't read here, but weirdly enough you address issues being brought up here. So you're either reading or your hoard of flying monkeys keep you up to date I suppose.

You've broken promise after promise about videos and such because you're "waiting to feel better" yet you seem well enough to spend a stupid amount of time on Twitter.

You're little more than a glorified whore right hoe that happens to have cool (albeit neglected AF) animals that didn't ask to be put in your lousy care, and then bragging about how much you LOOOOOOoooooooOOooooooooVE Jake's dick to your fanbase which are majority young adults that might get the impression drug use is so awesome and rehab is a joke because that is what you are treating it as.

If I had a kid that started following you, they'd be grounded.

Sit down, Taylor. Shut the fuck up. Go to class. Get a job. Throw your phone in a lake and actually focus on something other than "your platform" which might has well be a dilapidated front porch made of plywood.


No. 678249

Sober living says they need to be out of bed and have their chore done by 10am on weekdays and 12pm on weekends. So why would they 'want' her out of the home starting at 7am?
Plus telling everyone to leave 7am-10pm is ridiculous also because of meals, obviously they're not gonna force everyone to never make their own meals. And like another Anon said, people who are working need a place to come back to before 10pm.
I just don't understand why she lies about everything maybe she's addicted to lying too

No. 678251

wtf are you doing right? you’re doing the opposite of everything that’s suggested to you in recovery, making tasteless jokes about sobriety, reminiscing fondly about the good ol days of shooting dilaudid, your fucking twitter handle is using a literal child as a perverted joke. Do something respectful and maybe you’d be respected?? Wowww ikr.

I also want to point out that Taylor has joked about accusations against her in the past as a way to make them look unfounded and too ridiculous to be true. “Hey guise i wasn’t actually really sick with muH EDS, i was shooting heroin!! Haha Crazy right? I abuse my animals so much! I got my sobriety tortilla chip!!” It’s not her ~super dark, quirky, dry humor lel~ it’s an attempt at deflection because she got caught. She has lost all rights to benefit at the doubt. Your fault Miss Hoe Hoe.

No. 678252

Where the fuck is her mom? Oh…encouraging her daughter’s shitty behavior on twitter.
Someone get this dumb cow away from the internet. In what world is coming out of rehab and going straight into social medial ok???? Getting dicked down? Like what? She’s in REHAB. How are her fans encouraging this? Let alone her fucking mom? I’m speechless. She’s disgusting

No. 678254

wait does she actually have EDS? I have EDS and EDS is painful af. Like constantly. Surprised she’s not talking about it more(no one cares; bloggine)

No. 678255

out of the house 7am—10pm

but she has therapy and shit up to 11 hours per day? (her words. she recently knocked it down to 7 i think)

No. 678256

Normally sober living makes you do groups not just kick you out on the streets for 15 hours a day. Why does this dumb bitch think no one else but her knows how drug programs work?

No. 678259

It’s interesting that her sober living facility is totally cool with their residents staying half time at nearby hotels, and that it is totally acceptable to spend your days out of the facility and not at work or groups, but just kicking it at hotels. Normally sober living has really strict schedules of wake up times, chores, differing groups, meal times etc. However Taylor’s sober living only requires that they’re home at 10pm 5/7 nights. If she is at a hotel all day and not working or going to groups, what is she doing there? How is this behavior conducive to getting clean? Many people who were using drugs before treatment were already doing nothing all day and hanging out in hotels using. I’m trying to be open minded, but everything is screaming dishonesty.

No. 678260

File: 1562612340898.jpg (331.81 KB, 1536x1145, Screenshot_20190708-205906.jpg)

No. 678261

File: 1562612444908.jpg (298.41 KB, 1536x1021, Screenshot_20190708-210050.jpg)

No. 678262

File: 1562612490470.png (434.94 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190705-021426.png)

Her lies are exhausting. The original friend who relapsed was a guy, coincidentally at the same time she stopped mentioning Jake's dick. Now it's 2 girls then four friends? Sure, Jan.

No. 678263

File: 1562612546426.jpg (679.98 KB, 1536x1825, Screenshot_20190708-210229.jpg)

No. 678264

File: 1562612715436.jpg (180.98 KB, 1536x747, Screenshot_20190708-210459.jpg)

I'm just gonna block she says

No. 678265

Sober living according to Taylor:

We don’t want you hanging out at the facility all day, so go hang out in hotels.

No. 678266

Better not go back to the house in between meetings, go to the hotel. Where do the residents go that don’t have YouTube money? Cuddles at the park?

No. 678267

Exactly. Hanging out in a hotel all day is no different than hanging out in sober living house all day. She would know that if she was taking recovery seriously, obviously the reason for that rule is to get people out doing productive things.

Also, if she isn't allowed to be there from 7am-10pm or whatever, that means the snake is alone for 15 hours? Or does she take it everywhere with her?

She is becoming even more of a fucking mess. Shocked anyone believes this shit hahaha

No. 678268

I find it funny she's gone back to calling him Jake now it's been mentioned here.

No. 678269

Taylor knows if it gets out that it WAS in fact jake who relapsed she may be blamed for it, because her manic ranting probably made him relapse!

No. 678270

File: 1562613202899.jpg (167.6 KB, 1536x589, Screenshot_20190708-211242.jpg)

"They're obsessed!" Coming from the drama / "hate" addict herself. Rich Taylor. Very rich.

No. 678271

I enjoy the fact that all of her tweets are directed at this website/tea accounts on Twitter. The ratio of hate accounts to support should give her a good reading on how many people actually care about her dumpster fire life.

No. 678272

DEAD! Ahahah(learn 2 integrate)

No. 678273

Taylor get OFF asocial media, and figure your shit out. Stop giving us so much milk honey if you don’t want people commenting on it!! As sad as this all is I keep coming back here because I’m endlessly entertained.

No. 678274

She’s a pathological liar right?

No. 678275

She’s so unbelievably blind to the way she’s acting— and in a few months if she ever comes out of this enough to realize— she will regret the way she’s acting right now. Jake is temporary and she’s being just as codependent as ever, leaving the rehab to go cuddle in a hotel? Yeah sounds like you’re doing great Taylor(emoji use)

No. 678276


Vulnerable narcissist tend to be.

No. 678277

I honestly feel bad for Jake because his recovery is being hindered by her behaviour. We don't even know the guy so we can't say how fucked up he is either.

No. 678279

Right!? Like she has so many opportunities to explore the city, visit a shelter, take a hike, go to a museum, ECT. There are so many cool things she could do she should take advantage of them instead of swapping one bed for another

No. 678280

Um excuse you? What's not productive about spreading your legs for other junkies?

No. 678281

I’m sure she’s missing Jonny cuz he knew how to have a good time! Ya know, shooting up heroin, laying around the house all day, and drinking sodas.

No. 678282

Tomorrow on Taylor's Twitter! With her dude best friend Jake a nature dick. You probably gave her some inspiration with this.

No. 678284

>Shes going to the doctor today for suboxone
>She was waking up early today to go see her pets and spend the day with them
>Now claiming to be hanging out at the hotel with Jake in between meetings
>Despite all her plans, sitting on her ass reading threads about her and raging on Twitter


No. 678285

Tinfoil here. What if Taylor paid Jonny off to stay quiet so she could play the victim? I'm not saying Jonny wasn't a shitbag or whatever, but it's really peculiar that he hasn't really said a fucking thing this whole time. Normally he'd go scorched earth on a person like Taylor especially the amount of shit she's been talking.

She built him is mega computer, gave him another little bit of coin and told him to go to his dad's and keep quiet. Meanwhile she gets all her fan tweenies back because their hero Taylor kicked the junkie to the curb.

No. 678287

I think this is very plausible. He has been strikingly quiet.

No. 678288

to be fair, if you had a bunch of randos playing detective and drawing the conclusion that you'd relapsed, you'd probably be pissed too.
she's clearly just being sardonic
Two relapsed drunks and a two freshly-sober junkies inhabiting the same extended-stay hotel? Sounds trashy as hell if it isn't a lie
>and now its been hers for 6 days?
Perhaps Jake is Taylor's new sugar baby

No. 678290


Having followed JC for years, he's likely being quiet because he still hopes Taylor + him can work out. He's also probably talking to many women and trying to find a new source. The last thing he wants right now is to appear nasty or negative, so he is going to be strategically quiet. You won't see any milk from JC about Taylor until he has a new gf and is ~ happier than ever ~.

No. 678291

File: 1562615647819.jpeg (417.55 KB, 1125x1687, A6AA4F5F-4295-4BB2-8327-69762B…)

No. 678292

File: 1562615776177.jpeg (399.34 KB, 1125x2256, 99B9C13D-3D6B-4E87-80C1-773DD0…)

I just did some ‘research’ after seeing her post and looked at a ton (50+) of snakes sticking their tongues out to see if they fork immediately. I have snakes but don’t pay that close of attention. Anyway, consensus is they should be forked as soon as they stick out from the snake’s mouth.

No. 678294

File: 1562615976075.jpg (3.15 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20190708_135829045.j…)

If people didnt already know she was at Hartford before, she definitely made sure they do now.

No. 678295

Hey, at least then she'll be actually listening to her rehab rather than being sneaky!

No. 678297

She loves the attention of people finding her because of her daddy issues

No. 678299

I don't really feel bad for him, he has a brain of his own and can think, no?

No. 678300

Interesting but not surprising coming from Taylor’s snake. Poor animals are just a cheap Instagram shot and money makers for her.

No. 678301

She mentioned respiratory infection before but that she was in the process of treating it

No. 678302

because her following is all mindless 15 year old girls

No. 678303

Taylor’s really just embracing the tainted heroin addict image, isn’t she?
Watching a bunch of tweens, and teens come to defend her is just the pinnacle of this saga.
She has taken trashy to a new level with her twitter splurges.
Don’t want people to question you? Don’t give us a bunch of conflicting information.
Don’t want people to know where you are? Don’t post fucking images all over. She acts like the anon finding her hotel is the creepiest thing in the world, when in reality people who travel frequently are going to be able to pick up different layouts of bigger chains. If it was a small little mom/pop hotel that might be a little more creepy. But the reality is Taylor has made this bed. She’s overstated every aspect of her life, gets pissed when her story doesn’t match, and blames everybody for her faults. She’s no role model, and the parents to these teens need to get her off their screens.

No. 678304

File: 1562618005495.jpg (558.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-143254_Twi…)

She knows she doesnt need to. She wants to be found for the uwu drama

No. 678305

File: 1562618038360.jpeg (188.28 KB, 749x1152, 796F648D-85B6-4593-9CCF-23B1B1…)

what happed to us getting her kicked out of sober living by “doxxing” her…

No. 678306

I kind of hope someone at least gives the place a heads up and makes her cut the self doxxing shit out.(Encouraging cowtip)

No. 678307

What a lying cunt… She didn't get kicked out because of stalker haters. She left to "get some dick" because her boy toy got kicked out. Either that or they both got kicked out for relapsing or breaking the rules.

No. 678308

Shes not saying she got kicked out. Shes saying that she will if people spam the phone line. Which shes literally asking for.

No. 678309

You're right. I should have changed the tense of my post and added inb4 at the beginning. She's setting up the "stalkers got me kicked out of sober living wah!" lie right now. The lie will be more believable to her idiot fans if she complains about being harassed first.

No. 678310

She's addicted to Social Media. She really should take another break & calm tf down & people will stop talking about her.

No. 678312

seriously anon? maybe lurk more, before the drugs EDS was the only thing she talked about.

No. 678313

I also suspect it's due to the silent treatment being bigger torture for her tbh

I genuinely hopes he will stay quiet about her for at least a year. She keeps us up with the milk herself plenty and so does mama Dean.

No. 678314

File: 1562619480941.jpg (480.54 KB, 1536x1509, Screenshot_20190708-225609.jpg)

She is literally going for round 3 today huh. What happened to just blocking?

Tinfoil but got a feel it's our cow truly her self trying to bait and claim how much pain she is in. Also gotta add she only speaks about EDS when she needed to get out of doing shit.

No. 678315

I hate how relies to what seems like new anons or strangers to her are always met with “lurk more”

Not everyone gives a shit about her and in all fairness she ever only mentions it when it’s convenient

No. 678316

>honk honk

Bahahahaha! That actually made me laugh out loud. Not because her sense of humour is so quirky and not like the other girls, but because she's as high as a kite. Such a fucking mess.

No. 678317

I dont know about that. Would she risk going to her parents house high as fuck?

No. 678318

Gotta love how she also mentioned earlier that “thankfully they didn’t find the right place” but yet… she’s literally proving this is the one she’s at?? She honestly cannot handle not lying about everything lmao

No. 678320

this is exactly what I'm thinking. He's not ruining any chance he might have with Taylor('s money) until he has a new gf to buy him drugs and toys. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get back in contact with at least one of the other exes, too. Didn't he try to bounce back and forth between Chelsea and Liz before he got with Taylor?

Anyway once he moves in with whoever the new girl is, he'll go on about Taylor being his ~most crazy ex~ or whatever, especially if her PO against him isn't real.

No. 678322

of course she mentions it when convenient aka all the time to make up for the fact that she's lazy as fuck and she was obviously high all the time when she was supposed to make videos and take care of her animals, and kept using EDS as an excuse.

No. 678323

sadly no authority will care tho, taylor

No. 678324

I feel bad for every single person who's forced to interact with her. I'm wondering if he's still fucking her or if she scared him off completely.

No. 678326

File: 1562621940826.jpg (255.94 KB, 1536x1010, Screenshot_20190708-233855.jpg)

No. 678327

File: 1562622061302.jpg (342.79 KB, 1536x1152, Screenshot_20190708-234029.jpg)

These two I swear. Contradict themselves constantly.

No. 678328

Is that an unintentional dig at her own daughter?

No. 678331

File: 1562622401923.jpg (260.53 KB, 1536x870, Screenshot_20190708-234612.jpg)

Delusional and grandiose sense of self from mommy.

No. 678333

Does she still think everyone on lolcow is one person?

No. 678335

File: 1562622948331.jpg (243.2 KB, 1536x577, Screenshot_20190708-235549.jpg)

No. 678339

so Zazu, Larry, Cheese, the killifish, the seahorse babies, and any other I'm forgetting… are actually all just one and the same

No. 678340

It took her two whole days to come to that conclusion?

I know she was being 'dicked down' for the majority of it but come on.

No. 678343

According to Taylor the friends had a hotel room because they'd been kicked out for relapsing (number has changed from 2 and 4)
She said the next day she cut them off, but was still in a hotel room.
Now apparently she has had a hotel room at the same extended stay for 6 days, despite no prior mention of it. The snake has been spotted at the hotel as well, but that was in the room of the relapsed friends.

Also! Her recovery house was cool with relationships, but today she says they are not. So that's why they got a hotel.
The hotel is for their hookups according to her.

If you're confused, so are we.

No. 678346

Are hotels really that chill with you having a snake?

Like you know… if we run with the whole 'they want me to take my snake with me if they do tours' thing she was/is running with you have to also add the thing she said earlier about having numerous tours from 7AM-10PM (which we obviously know is pure bs). So her snake literally has to go with her everywhere. So that means she either has two set ups that she moves the snake between or she moves the entire cage and both of those make no sense or are practical.

No. 678347

File: 1562623711085.jpg (1.08 MB, 1536x1402, Screenshot_20190709-000816.jpg)

Thought it was just guys with hats Taylor?

No. 678348

File: 1562623723111.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2048x2048, F87B9E9B-6708-4C4F-A041-063E45…)

why does she always look scraped up and dirty. also track marks on her hand or??

No. 678349

That was Maui

No. 678351

Even her phrasing pisses me off. Babysitters take care of your kids for a couple of hours. She had to have people take care of her animals for MONTHS, when they should’ve been rehomed.

No. 678352

Her fingers look swollen? Then again, whenever we focus on her hands they always look manly and weird.

No. 678353

The extended stay pet policy says pets are welcome, but it's a $25 fee per day.
So realistically, yes.

No. 678354

File: 1562623936361.png (1.35 MB, 828x1792, C23F9F65-E3C9-4B6F-984B-BD2C0C…)

The stans are making me SICK
If you take a close look at her animals, Emily, most of them are getting ill, are overweight, and poorly housed. BYE!

No. 678355

I agŕee they look very swollen but that being said could be Texas heat potentially? Though I am really sus about her and I do genuinely think she is back onto SOMETHING.

No. 678357

File: 1562624185950.jpg (977.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-161445_Ins…)

See I'm a good pet owner hehe checkmate haters

No. 678358

If she’s so worried about the haters getting her kicked out, why did she admit that she’s breaking the rules of the sober house by staying in a hotel to fuck another resident and lay around tweeting. If anyone from there found out that she’s using a hotel to skirt by the rules, she could get evicted but honestly let’s not pretend she wouldn’t love that anyway.

No. 678359

The way she tries to pose her hands to show off her nails in pictures is very strange. They're the same nails you've had forever, who cares.

No. 678360

This is not her story to tell. She is probably aiding in these people relapsing by posting their personal shit all over the internet as part of her new Taylor the Wise Sage persona. Everyone in the world is just performing in the play of her life.

No. 678361

She’s making it so clear she reads here because I highly doubt any of her stand picked up on something that small when they think her snakes are healthy

She may as well come and talk to us

No. 678362

r people desperate to have her attention or what's the deal with the "she reads here !!!" cringefest every few posts?

No. 678364

File: 1562624688393.jpeg (362.12 KB, 1936x1452, F441CE3F-D022-4905-BB36-3B5476…)

I’m the one who posted the Instagram screenshot and info about tongues and RIs. I wouldn’t have more than glanced at her picture but someone commented about the tongue looking like an RI and then I took a second look. (That being said I looked at so many snake tongues and they fork right away so I guess Celia has a deformity)

No. 678366

Honestly she's probably been defensive with her pet sitters (pets primary caretakers tbh) because they mess around with her enclosure, which causes defensive behavior. The behavior tends to settle down when you're holding the snake. It's just cage defensiveness, from something looming over them, and invading their space. Once you pick them up you are more of their support, and they usually realize you aren't a harm. Not to mention she's actually supporting this snakes body correctly for once. It's not deep, you're not super special, snakes have some individual recognition. But what she's saying is just bullshit.

No. 678367

She’s either lying or exaggerating about the snakes being excited to see her. What’s more likely is that they associate her scent with being overfed and thought it was buffet time. Jen probably was not feeding them as much as they’re used to if at all, so the poor things probably think they’re starving or literally are.

She’s posing with Duck outside so it’s more likely that the snake is stressed and also leeching her body heat. I’ve seen snakes wrap around people’s arm and just lay their all chill at reptile expos. It’s not that they love all these random people. The human body is nice and warm to chill out on to snakes, especially if it’s an arm that’s just holding them instead of flinging them all around with a camera in their face.

No. 678368

Bree told us that Taylor reads both her thread and all of lc obsessively. Second, it's painfully obvious. It took her less than a day to subtweet us about her 'chip'.

No. 678371

Amen to that! Trouble is the majority of her tween following have parents that don’t give a rats ass on what their kids are following on the internet.

No. 678372

Is it just me or does her hand look swollen?

No. 678373

“she’s been a lovebug”…. she’s literally S-posing. a sign of aggression.

No. 678374

File: 1562626007854.png (941.17 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190709-004641.png)

So funny Taylor.

No. 678375

“I’m never looking at that website again!!1!”

No. 678376

File: 1562626147946.jpg (196.4 KB, 1536x720, Screenshot_20190709-004834.jpg)

How long till he is overweight?

Wonder if that'll cause his wobble to be worse if he is overweight.

No. 678377

File: 1562626272764.jpg (180.68 KB, 1536x780, Screenshot_20190709-005024.jpg)

Addiction is a mental illness guise!! In the mean time she's being a dickhead mocking strangers.

No. 678379

File: 1562626338613.jpg (165.67 KB, 1536x783, Screenshot_20190709-005223.jpg)

No. 678380

File: 1562626519229.jpg (382.37 KB, 1536x1155, Screenshot_20190709-005521.jpg)

No. 678381


Posting a homeless inebriated (probably mentally ill) man on your twitter and mocking him as whack.

She's a fucking psychopath.

No. 678382

"Honk honk" is a retarded white nationalist meme. Taylor has probably just seen it spammed on social media and is unaware of its nature, though.
Yes, it is painfully obvious, no need for a bunch of anons to speculate about whether senpai notices them ad nauseum

No. 678383

File: 1562626663170.png (1.06 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190709-005741.png)

No. 678384

>"the internet bullied me into doing heroin"
>does this

No. 678385

so because she, the great almighty taylor didn't know who the running man is because she doesn't know shit about austin, she makes fun of him? get the fuck out, bitch.

No. 678386

File: 1562626765599.jpg (359.62 KB, 1536x1109, Screenshot_20190709-005931.jpg)

No. 678387

So.. she just gave out her location. Thanks Taylor!

No. 678388

Where the fuck does she keep coming up with "sides of buildings"??? People found her sober house because she tagged the nearby tattoo parlor and they found the hotel because an anon recognized the room. It's so cute how she embellishes.

No. 678389

File: 1562626939958.jpg (221.22 KB, 1536x612, Screenshot_20190709-010204.jpg)

Instead she will just tag a place that's within walking range.

No. 678391

File: 1562627107275.jpg (290.85 KB, 1536x1061, Screenshot_20190709-010501.jpg)

No. 678392

Yeah, nevermind the fact she posted a video of the man being in "Austin"
I genuinely think she has a brain disability.

No. 678394

File: 1562627361453.jpg (340.3 KB, 1536x1259, Screenshot_20190709-010924.jpg)

No. 678396

Taylor: doxxes herself
Also Taylor: stalkers doxxed me I'm in danger waah! They analysed bed frame and walls!

No. 678398

File: 1562627588933.jpg (93.08 KB, 1536x356, Screenshot_20190709-011256.jpg)

Also taylor: shares town

No. 678400

And she deleted everything. It still shows for me currently but it says fail to load tweet once you click it.

Left up that she is being stalked though.

No. 678402

I didn't really understand the "can't share what town I'm in" stance either, Austin has close to a million people. Tagging a tattoo parlour near where you live is a lot worse in terms of ppl finding where you live than the name of the city you reside in

No. 678404

You're really not supposed to put heavy bodied snakes like short tails around your neck….even at that size, they can be hard to get off if they decided to constrict.

No. 678406

Moral of the story is that Taylor doesn't fucking think lol. She's constantly posting and deleting shit and acting like people are insane for seeing the shit she posts.

No. 678409

That doesn't work with her narrative that she has psycho stalkers tho nonny!

No. 678412

File: 1562628913292.png (4.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2019-07-09-01-33-08…)

Not sure if the same goes for reptiles, but for anarchids this would be very dangerous to do due to risk of parasites etc.

No. 678414


But then you tag the shop for your second tattoo.


Nice tattoo infection risk.

No. 678415

File: 1562629196391.png (2.1 MB, 1854x1094, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 5.33…)

Not a wk but i was creeping her ig the other day and noticed her hands have always looked kind of pudgy and swollen? This cap is from 2016. But i'm not sure, maybe it's just me
pic related

No. 678416


Funny how Taylor only cares about "disgusting rumors" when the are about her lol. I have no sympathy.

No. 678417

Not sure about you Cows but the drug thing, even though i do feel bad for her that she has a addiction, i don't hate her for it. I grew up with drug addict parents and i know it can be hard to get clean, but her animals, and the fucking list of shit she's done wrong is what makes me see her as a dumpster fire.("""cows""")

No. 678418

I don't think many, if anyone hate her for the addiction, it's her behaviour that's just disgusting. Her recent tweets being just another case in point. Her blatant narcissism is gross.

No. 678420

File: 1562629698754.jpg (585.65 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190709-014725.jpg)

She has left this whole interaction up lmao. She is so reckless and stupid. Wonder if she is gonna return to Twitter today.

No. 678424

File: 1562630219260.jpg (345.91 KB, 1536x921, Screenshot_20190709-015618.jpg)

Her stans are so insufferable and stupid. They enable her stupid recklessness.

No. 678425

Taylor whines abt ppl doxxing and then goes and posts a pic with her moms (I'm assuming) license plate clearly visible lmfao ok

No. 678426

There is no doxxing. She is doing it herself. She's willingly posted the pictures of her in her hotel, and sober house. She's posted the pictures in the tattoo parlor, and the license plate of her mom.

She's done all of this.

No. 678427


I could care less about her addiction. If she wasn't responsible for all these animals and the fact that she has a young audience, she could go get smacked off her tits and dicked down every day and she'd just be another junkie hoe cow to laugh at.

No. 678428

the funny thing is no one is gonna go stalk her. she really thinks shes that special. we are just using the info she releases stupidly to put 2 and 2 together.

youre not some famous person worth wanting to meet, tnd. calm your tits.

No. 678430

She's already admitted that nobody has bothered her IRL. Nobody.

No. 678432

She looks dirty because she probably is. It’s substrate-dust from the snake’s enclosure that was on the snake itself.
They’re animals, after all, so they’ll never be 100% clean.

And I don’t even know what you could possibly see as track marks. You should stop reaching before you pull a muscle, js.

No. 678433


Who are you calling cows in your blog?

No. 678434

Yeah because that would explain her greasy hair too right?

No. 678436

this thread is full of dumb ass nitpicking i swear to god

No. 678439

oh god, you are right, she has slightly greasy hair on a summer day in texas.
That's really awful because … … why exactly?

Like, I get the lying, the entire drug abuse/sobriety stuff, her lips, etc. but … c'mon. She's in rehab and even though her hair is, in fact, greasy she doesn't look like a total slob.

You guys need to chill your hate boner for a second and focus on what's actually milky.

No. 678440

You’re right anon. Let’s go back to focusing on her animal neglect and pinned pupils.

No. 678441

File: 1562632834976.png (864.79 KB, 1242x2688, 1DEB2831-FF06-4425-BC74-F0FAE1…)

She’s such a proud junkie.

No. 678446

I bet no one called her a crackhead.

No. 678448

Except I bet no-one said that Taylor and it's still lingering in your head from calling another man a crack head just in your earlier Twitter spaz.

Figured mentioning she wouldn't come back to Twitter for the night would lure her right back out.

No. 678449

File: 1562633704285.png (115.6 KB, 1440x467, Screenshot_2019-07-09-02-54-42…)


No. 678450

She is so obsessed with drugs and talking about them. Like we get it, you were/are an addict. Can she go one day without reminding everyone? Doubt it. Maybe if she stopped using addiction to define herself there would be some actual hope for her to stay clean.

No. 678452

File: 1562633891150.png (356.63 KB, 1440x973, Screenshot_2019-07-09-02-58-00…)

No. 678453


This bitch. She's so fucking toxic. Shes the type of person who fucking thinks any attention is good.

No. 678454

Heroin chic really only applies to people who are chic, first, then do heroin.

No. 678456


it must be exhausting acting like a perpetual victim all the time

No. 678457

lmao at her sperging she wasn't in a codependent relationship a few days ago. so much for that.

No. 678462

they can stay out two nights every week, but not two consecutive nights without permission. they have to say where they'll be beforehand or they can't go.

No. 678463

Ugh having a snake in contact with fresh tattoos can’t be good.

No. 678466

File: 1562636210340.jpg (713.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-193645_Twi…)

Can we copy strike pewdiepie?

No. 678467

No. 678469

Correct me if I'm wrong, but looking at the website and locations, it seems to be a different Bridgeway.

No. 678470

I'm glad someone else picked up on this.

Taylor, just so you know- honk, honkler, clown college, etc. is all alt-right rhetoric for how "nonsensical" support for minorities, feminism, or liberalism is. You look like a racist for using those terms.(derailing)

No. 678471


This would be the correct site.

No. 678472

>honk honk is racist
Jesus Christ the nitpicking. Fucking sage your shit summerfags

No. 678476

Cute reply, but she in fact looks like an entire slob. Hasn’t showered in 4-5 days, has been “getting dicked down” for the past 3 days, staying up late reckless on Twitter, we’re all just tinfoiling if she’s relapsed or not. SOME of us bored and nitpicking her looks on an anon forum of people who dislike her shouldn’t be bothering you as much as it is. I’m still gonna call her dirty and greasy. Anyway,,

No. 678477

It's one of those 'let's make this a new dogwhistle and the normies won't be able to tell that we're being racist but when they accuse us of being racist we'll tell them that we're just being silly xDDDD' forced memes that /pol/ came up with. Look it up, anon. Taylor almost certainly doesn't know its origins, but she should avoid using it if she doesn't want to get any more heat from the social media cancel brigade.(derailing)

No. 678478

I'm not surprised that neither person involved has any clue of what copyright means.

No. 678479

Woops! and a few minutes late to delete it as well. Sorry anons.

No. 678481


That snake looks defensive as fuck in the left photo…

No. 678482


>file a successful DMCA complaint for a thumbnail pic

Yaniv did despite it being bullshit.

No. 678485

File: 1562640529943.jpg (125.1 KB, 500x333, heheheh.jpg)

>I don't have access to the desktop version of YouTube rn
Oh? Did Jonny sell her laptop?

No. 678488

Ugh. If she'd fucking bother to read that snake's body language and handle him during daytime when he's not active, she'd cut down on her chances of getting tagged. But she'll never learn.

No. 678489

any new info on jonnys discord?

No. 678490

File: 1562641606144.jpeg (257.8 KB, 750x1281, C0204BE6-AC52-49D5-B8BB-B74899…)

No. 678491

File: 1562641660774.jpeg (284.87 KB, 750x1261, D1B62120-4B2C-46A3-B4EE-8199B8…)

Damn. He knew heroin was how he could keep her under his control. What a creep.

No. 678492

Nah just mods keeping anyone from talking about the general topic.

No. 678494

File: 1562641965668.jpg (669.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-211248_Twi…)

No. 678497


Didn't her mom say she was taking Taylor to a "tour" of a facility?

No. 678498

Damn…that's nearly a kilo worth of kratom if you're not getting it from a head shop. With all of that fiber she would never poop again

No. 678500

File: 1562642220593.png (483.46 KB, 828x1792, 8EFE1A2B-1BEB-481D-9C27-A4A7E4…)


No. 678501

File: 1562642231635.jpg (606.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-211655_Twi…)

No. 678502

"do" subs. everyone who is serious about their recovery knows that suboxone and methadone maintenance methods are a joke, and that you can easily get high off of subs.

No. 678503

File: 1562642312841.jpg (633.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190708-211831_Twi…)

No. 678506


Everyone's brain has opioid receptors (barring those with a rare genetic disorder).

No. 678508

Bullshit keeping her under his control she just said a few days ago she only shot herself twice what a liar now its " I ran out of H I had and rinses" which was it taylor he shot you up or you did yourself. Addicts lie I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

No. 678512

File: 1562642948818.png (626.18 KB, 828x1792, 7249F43B-0FA8-4C1D-B23E-36562D…)

No. 678514


The way she’s tweeting about relapse is suspicious to me. It’s like she’s laying down the groundwork for when she does so she can be like “guizzz I told you it’s my geNEtiCs and it wouldn’t surprise me if I got bAD again.”

No. 678521

Taylor's brain is special, anon. It's not like that crackhead's guy's brain, for example.

No. 678522

I’m laughing at her trying to pawn all of this off on her sick brain, not the fact that she shot up heroin. She’s deep in the cognitive dissonance. And Jonny wasn’t a drug to you— he shot you up then was your plug. You’ve been in a relationship with heroin this entire time Taytay

No. 678523



No. 678525


Fucking hell, she can't even say it was Betsy (I'm guessing) and her Mum who helped her get into rehab. It was GOD? LOL WHAT.

Also seizing and puking over herself in the bathroom, but she totally can look after all those animals… apparently this wasn't enough of a reality check for her since they've just been shipped off to her mother's house to be babysat. I actually feel bad for Jen. She's a full time carer for her PWS son, and on top of that she has this ungrateful little cunt of a daughter who can't even show her appreciation for her by getting her into rehab. Instead the instant she's out of rehab she talks about getting dicked down, glamorizes her drug abuse and gets tatted up. Oh and of course, gets a new animal while Jen cares for the other 50+ in her own home.

No. 678529

She tagged Betsy after someone asked

No. 678530


why the fuck would you go on subs or kratom or basically any substance if you're sober ?

No. 678533

She has it in her mind that subs and kratom are some easy way to keep her from wanting to get high ever again. She doesn't want to do the hard work she's going to have to do to stay sober.

No. 678534

She wasn't seizing from taking Suboxone too early, that's bullshit.

No. 678535

File: 1562648988826.png (736.53 KB, 414x760, tongue stuck together.PNG)

Im not entirely sure that Celia has a deformity because her tongue still looks stuck together in this pic. I think she has a minor RI caused by improper ambient temps and high humidity.

I've dealt w/ a minor RI before and the excess saliva caused the forks to stick together but not every time. I've watched back on my live pics of my hognoses and their forks split as soon as the tongue peaks out of their mouth. Hope more western hognose keepers can comment on this, but what's happening w/ Celia's tongue looks like what happened w/ my sick snake.

No. 678539

File: 1562651895163.png (360.11 KB, 344x653, healthy hognose.PNG)

I found some videos on Youtube and slowed them down to clip what I mean about the tongue forking on western hognose as soon as it comes out of their mouth.

No. 678540

Question about Tay's recent melodramatic tweets from the other day, forgot to ask then.

Has she actually had genetic testing for alleles and mutations associated with enlarged opioid receptors and other anomalies associated with addiction, or is she just claiming she's "part of the 15%" to feel special? I don't recall her ever having her DNA remotely tested.

No. 678541

File: 1562652894699.jpeg (109.26 KB, 828x795, 0A780525-E3A0-46EE-B12B-95BB72…)

Thought on the anagram? TPEEC?

No. 678542

wow anon, I was skeptical about this before, but that's some good sleuthing! By pretending this doesn't exist, by not changing her husbandry and not taking her to a vet to get meds, Tay Tay's snake is legit at risk of dying.

No. 678548


Of course not. She just claims that because she has apparently had addicts in her family before and just hopped on that likely to avoid any kind of responsibility.

No. 678550

She was literally posting depressing shit to bait him on Twitter each time he went away on tour and that would have been the best time to leave. She honestly just had so many opportunities.

Don’t get me started on these addiction stories of hers either since they all seem to be changing bit by bit from each other.

No. 678554

yeah, her whole argument was that her grandfather was an alchoholic and that she "just knew".

No. 678556

File: 1562658651208.png (1.07 MB, 2098x724, celia fork tongue.PNG)

I realized that I could do the same thing on one of Taylor's videos that featured Celia (she handles her so horribly omfg). Hard to see in the second screenshot, but it's the closest I could get to show that Celia had a normal tongue back in September 2018.

I only say minor IR because it can be treated by increasing the temps and lowering the humidity if caught early, but I still recommend a vet check up. I'm just worried that because she's away from her snakes now that she wont have time to stop it from getting worse or spreading to her other snakes.

No. 678557

probably why she wants to get back on subs

No. 678559

File: 1562659259126.jpg (672.51 KB, 1536x1703, Screenshot_20190709-094954.jpg)

I swear she has seen one too many chick flicks. She immediately locked every door and broke down sobbing? She really is trying to paint this tragic love story image, only for herself. While the truth seems closer to her manipulating and using Jonny as her walking H needle.

"He would always assure everyone I was fine while I was miserable" not only is that a blatant lie as Jonny plenty of times would say "Taylor is really sick right now" and cancel or reschedule his stream. I recall it recently even set off speculations of withdrawals.

So well put!

Yeah she's been spouting this for waaay long now as her crutch. Also now she has an addictive personality started in the very early threads already.

I think she is trying to bait and attention whore so she can then post some snarky remark how the "moo cows took her bait" and her being superior and all that.

No. 678561

File: 1562659392328.jpg (172.5 KB, 1536x491, Screenshot_20190709-100232.jpg)

She changed her location to this. Wowe you're so funny Taytay.

No. 678564

Wow so clever and quirky, kween!!! She's so good at not paying attention to the haturz.
Anyway, shouldn't she be getting to bed already since she has to be "out of the house" by 7am??? Lmao

No. 678565

anyone else get a bowl of chips to eat while reading this milk? thanks for the inspiration tnd

No. 678570

"her manipulating and using Jonny as her walking H needle" oh yea poor jonny with all those crazy women manipulating him into being the absolute worst piece of shit person on earth omfg lol

No. 678571

>"He would always assure everyone I was fine while I was miserable" not only is that a blatant lie as Jonny plenty of times would say "Taylor is really sick right now" and cancel or reschedule his stream. I recall it recently even set off speculations of withdrawals.

Maybe she meant ‘fine’ as in mentally or ‘is taken care of’.
And even if she did mean fine as in ‘in general’: she said in the exact same thread how she was or at least wanted to be high 24/7 so I wouldn’t blame her if she just either didn’t know, didn’t realize or doesn’t remember he was saying those things.

Like, the story still paints her as the victim so your point still stands, but I really think you’re reading way too many intended lies into this.

No. 678574

anyone that believes this lying cunt face is just as stupid as she is, really.

No. 678575

seems like it. I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 678576

not a native speaker, what are rinses?

No. 678577

File: 1562662600982.jpg (109.78 KB, 1536x248, Screenshot_20190709-102827.jpg)

ONLY used heroin for a year.
Also Taylor: "when my tolerance went passed the strongest heroin I could find i switched to it. It was cut with sooooome heroin and sold as China white but it was definitely fent"

Don't take me out of context as act like I'm pretending Jonny is innocent you dappy twat. I'm just saying Taylor isn't innocent either.

I imagine they both to the outside world wanted to come across as fine due to her being a youtuber. Hence why she lied for so long and denied her addiction. Strongly doubt she wanted him to go "shit guys gotta go shoot up Taylor real quick she withdrawing brb ". They both put on a facade everything was fine.

No. 678578

I could kinda see Taylor wanting to quit and Johnny kinda actively keeping her from getting help though.
Not in a super obvious ‘he’s keeping her hostage and shooting her up against her will’ kind of way. But in a very subtle way in which he would isolate the two of them from the outside world so she didn’t even really get the chance to reach out, even if she wanted to. And I do think Johnny is much deeper into this rabbit hole of addiction and that Taylor would at some point have (at least subconsciously) wanted to stop. Not like she ever seriously would have had the willpower.

So yeah, obviously she didn’t want everyone to know exactly what they’re doing, but I could see her (unlike him) wanting someone who could save her to actually see what’s going on but Johnny just never would have allowed for this to happen.

Don’t know how much of this is projecting though, kek. So sorry for rambling.

No. 678579

The problem with every Jonny story is that everyone here has a negative view of her. Yet we fucking KNOW she is as bad as him just in different aspects.

As the other anon said, she's even sort of romanticising all of this. It's literally the sort of shit you'd see on TV.

And if her experience is so so serious, why the fuck is she clearly not taking recover seriously?

No. 678580

Are you replying to someone or just talking to yourself? Because, you know, it's hard to tell.

No. 678581

What I don't understand is why she went along with the relationship if she knew it was bad from the very beginning. This "I was addicted to him" crap doesn't work, you don't fall in love with someone the second you see them. Especially if you already know they're horrible. It'd make more sense if they had an amazing time for the first month or so, but she literally stated it was bad from the start. So why'd you stick around? It reminds me of when kids claim they like cigarettes the very first time they try them to be cool, like it doesn't work that way sweetie. You hate the cigarettes, but you insist on trying them again and again until you finally like them. I feel like Taylor did the very same thing. She insisted on staying with Jonny simply because she liked the idea of being with a broken "rockstar". For the drama.

No. 678584

Some people just have self-destructive tendencies. For that her mental health actually is partly responsible. If you're mentally unstable, you make decisions you deep down know are bad. You just can't help making them anyway. Also: a huge lack of impulse control. People with addictive personalities (as in: people with mental illnesses that make you prone to addictive behavior) tend to seek short-term gratification. They'll immediately get hooked up to whatever gives them that boost of dopamine. They lack the ability to reflect on their behavior and act accordingly because their brains/bodies will be like 'but feels good'.

But Taylor would never admit that she's just weak like anyone else with a mental illness. So that's why she paints Johnny as the bad guy that maliciously hooked her up before she knew what happened. That's truly not how it works. She just gave in without ever taking a step back and questioning anything.

No. 678586

A rinse is when you take an old cotton and re-use it to get any dope that's left in it.

THIS is actually one of the ways to get cotton fever since old cottons gather bacteria really quickly. Which is why it's usually a last resort.

No. 678589

Seriously, especially since according to Taylor they weren’t sexual for the last like year. She wasn’t addicted to him, he was just her drug connect

No. 678600

No. 678601

Taylor manipulated Jonny as much, if not much, as he did to her. She’s literally THAT awful. She kept him around to hit her veins since she’s an inexperienced user who can’t even get herself high. She’s embarrassing.

No. 678603

It’s obvious she didn’t really use kratom. $60 a day would cause the wobbles really, really bad. I used it to get off methadone and I only use 3 teaspoons a day. Which is maybe a couple dollars. She just wants subs for a back up to h I bet.

No. 678605

It’s called precipitated withdrawal and it sucks. This I can believe happened if she was desperate to stop the h withdrawal. It’s way worse than if she had waited it out.

No. 678606

Can you please stop cowtipping
We are having generous amounts of A+ organic milk so don’t ruin it

No. 678609

Like this bitch hasn't been flauting her fucked up opie eyes in every single pic she has posted

No. 678611

Yeah that's exactly what I was trying to say. How manipulative she is on her social media is a big indication to me she is a lot worse in an actual relationship. She is a big emotional manipulator. The entire situation with Bree also is very telling. She wants everything to be both ways. She wants to be the biggest addict, victim, but also baddie and strong badass hoe. She doxxes herself, deletes traces of that and screams she has psycho stalkers. She screams she is scared of Jonny but continuously taunts him. She acts like her location has to be hidden no matter what but then blasts it all over social media not even a day after. She constantly lies and contradicts herself.

Jonny is a disgusting piece of shit, but Taylor is too. And she used him as a pet. He is comparable the dying green tree python she got.

No. 678614

File: 1562678128186.jpg (219.23 KB, 1536x811, Screenshot_20190709-150855.jpg)

Just noticed this one, and if this doesn't scream she still reads here I don't know what does.

No. 678616

Tbh I've got more respect for jonny. He's a talented dude so at the very least he's a genuine tortured artist. He's also dealt with things way more maturely. He's done some serious shit but at least he's seemingly starting to grow

No. 678618

Eeeehhh I think he's just choosing to be quiet. It's the better option. Let TND bury herself.
Right now she's just spewing hearsay to her hugbox. Unless she posts proof of him using her accounts to attack his exes, I don't buy it. The wording and the behaviors of those conversations match her syntax. It has been said before. Only our shitlord TND can be the bad guy in a relationship with a drug addicted abusing rapist. That's 20 kinds of special.

No. 678619

But how can you have this opinion when he has raped and drugged people?!

Anons here are so quick to jump on Jonny and give Taylor free passes.

No. 678620

"tortured artist" omfg more like talentless rapist. we stan

when your hateboner for tnd makes you "respect" jonny craig it's time to stop

No. 678621

its called manipulation, anon.

No. 678622

ppl literally going "i can excuse rape but i draw the line at neglecting pets and tweeting too much" rn?

No. 678623

yeh i don't have more respect for rapists and people who get physical with women or threaten to show teen's nudes. that whole rape, abuse, and ephebophilia thing is a turn off but that's just me.

No. 678628

Yes, they’re both creeps. Her revealing more creepiness lately doesn’t make him a good person.

No. 678629

Let's not go there again, anons… I think most of us aren't retarded enough to think that jonny is a widdle helpless addict who just wants to make his music but is manipulated by evil women.
Taylor is a shitbag too, though, and is definitely manipulating the situation right now to paint herself in best light possible. the truth is somewhere in the middle.

No. 678631

Way to be mature Taylor

No. 678632

It’s already been discussed and mentioned on multiple occasions that she reads here.

No. 678635

Every other post at this point is 'she reads here and we know'. Just let people discuss what they want to discuss, what is it with some anons suddenly dictating what people can and cannot try and talk about?

No. 678646

File: 1562687486374.png (377.41 KB, 619x442, 1.PNG)

taylor's up and tweeting

No. 678647

File: 1562687635799.jpg (119.17 KB, 1536x457, Screenshot_20190709-174648.jpg)

No. 678648

Or she's telling the truth 100% about Jonny but she's still a whiny self-absorbed baby. It's not always in the middle.

No. 678649

Lmao here she goes posting yet MORE pictures of all her surroundings to further prove which sober living she’s in. Jesus this girl really tries hard to be a victim. She is doxxing herself repeatedly.

No. 678650

She's already contradicting herself wrt her stories about Jonny though. It's never 100% true with Taylor.

Saying he shot her up every single time (with two exceptions) but that when he was gone, she shot herself up and her supply&rinses lasted her four days before she had nothing left. two injections (if her original claim is to be believed) won't last a "every hour on the hour" junkie for four days.

No. 678651

To be fair she claimed to muscle those shots which isn’t mainlining.

No. 678652

Her original words were "I only ever put the needle to my skin twice"

No. 678653

not WKing but she's a junkie. why do we expect her to remember details from when she was high or shaking? in court they barely expect people to get more than 20% of all details right but we're gonna hold a fucking junkie to every last bit of minutae ? she was bad a shooting up. jonny was good at shooting up. there's the story.

No. 678654

Taylor is the type of recovering addict every recovered junkie cringes at. She used for a year which is basically not enough time to build this tolerance she supposedly had. She’s the girl who sits in meetings trying to one up every other user “oh you like dilauded? I did too until I developed super tolerance after one time!!!”

Oh you got cotton fever? Well so did I but a piece of cotton actually got stuck in my ARTERY.

She’s the super junkie who wants the edge points for her drug use but anyone who actually used like she claims she did can see right through her lies, from her inability to hit herself after a year, to her ever changing timeline and super human tolerance. It’s all a facade, just like her exaggerated pet care (my vets say my animals are the healthiest EVER)

She’s fucking embarrassing.

No. 678655


Why does she have to dress like that at sober living? I mean, does she seriously go talk to her therapist wearing a crop top? Call it nit picky or being conservative but seriously, start having more self-respect. And in this case, yes her choice of clothing is a complete representation of who she is as a person. She’s an attention seeking narc even in rehab/sober living.(nitpicking)

No. 678659

Yep, it also extends to all her 'future plans' which are simply unrealistic even if she somehow does it.

No. 678660

Pal showing skin =/= no self respect

No. 678663

Please learn how to use this website.

No. 678665

Honestly, with this entire thing of her kicking Jonny out and /actually/ going to rehab, I can't help but think of all the times she bleated "I'm really 30 days sober!!! I'm working up to the shot!" Or previously to that, "I'm not a drug addict lol! I've never done heroin! I make Jonny take piss tests and I do them with him!" And then AND now, with her insistence of "If I say it, it's true! Why can't you all just believe me!" Along with her constantly deflecting legitimate criticism with jokes and mockery.. I just think of every time she's claimed that her animals are totally fine and if she says this or that, we have to believe her because she knows best. But no, Taylor, you DON'T know best, you're a fucking junkie and you can't have it all. You can't have been the worst junkie ever and have been able to take care of/manage your entire hoard (which would be a feat for a sober person). You have every excuse in the fucking book but no one believes you because you've proven time and time again that you're an uncredible liar who will lie about literally every detail of your life. She has lost each and every bit of credibility and that's why she'll never be able to escape scrutiny on the internet.

No. 678666

It also screams she knows nothing about about shit she’s “extremely educated about”. It’s 1cc to every 100units in a u-100 syringe.

It’s something any person who has to administer medicine to animals via syringe should know, let alone the biggest junkie on earth.

No. 678669

File: 1562694284979.jpeg (505.25 KB, 1125x1539, EF654224-43A5-434E-BFFD-AC3316…)

No. 678670

File: 1562694326852.jpeg (408.67 KB, 1125x1537, 5960B805-9A61-4479-98CC-4C675B…)

No. 678671

File: 1562694367750.jpeg (224.85 KB, 1125x1550, 6BDCC6F4-DA92-433E-83E5-BF8750…)

No. 678672

File: 1562694416845.png (670 KB, 1242x2688, 4E66D543-8E7A-4962-9775-C90D32…)

Compulsive liar is at it again

No. 678674

She really needs to do a collab with tuna slater

No. 678675

Just how people are supposedly calling you a crack head and thinking you shot up weed amirite Taylor?! So full of shit.

No. 678681

File: 1562695427700.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2688, B23B2F99-9E67-48FA-97D2-1703C1…)

No. 678683

She means calling the HOA not doxxing

No. 678684

File: 1562695567235.png (214.68 KB, 1440x895, Screenshot_2019-07-09-20-05-33…)

It totally wasn't like you blasted your location all over with the tattoo place huh Taylor?

No. 678685

File: 1562696016052.jpeg (310.48 KB, 1211x451, A02BF633-A663-4E50-A668-7508D5…)

What is it Taylor? I though you said you had to be out from 7 am to 10 pm?!

No. 678690

several faggots over the course of taylor’s threads on this site have literally admitted and been banned for contacting mama dean, jonny, and i think one person even admitted to calling ACS like over a year ago. do you seriously think there’s no way some newfag (because if you spend five mins in this thread you know they don’t read any rules) wouldn’t go as far as to call up her well known place of living and say some stupid shit? come on anon.

No. 678692

I'm pretty sure she reads here sometimes and then realises her lie/exaggeration was shit so she changes it to something closer to the truth.

At the same time, she may just be jumping from one statement to the next just to fit the situation.

I'm actually finding it funny how seriously she took the whole 'she's no longer in sober living' stuff though because she clearly needs to reference it constantly. Unless that was because some anons got her in trouble by calling the sober living place.

No. 678693

Jesus why are ALL of her snakes so grossly overweight

she said "they want you out from 7 to 10", >>678225 not "you cannot be here at all during the day". cmon y'all if you're gonna try to ridicule her, at least remember what words she used, otherwise you're just giving her more reason to scream about how incorrect we are about everything. They want people to be doing productive things and WORKING during the day, which she's admitting she's not doing because she's just hanging out in a hotel room. but she never said "I get forced+locked out at 7 am and they finally let me back in at 10pm"

No. 678697

Can we please stop cowtipping and trying to make her any more miserable? If she's still in that sober living and constantly people call there, saying she's fucking with Jake, keeping a snake, is a hoarder and probably relapsed…. don't you think they'd eventually kick her out because she's so problematic?

I know she posted the stupid tattoo place she went to, but since that one anon posted the sober living she's at, that shit went down.

I don't agree with what she does as well, but posting her location (even though she's posting hints as well) and calling the facility she's at ucks and shouldn't be done imo.

No. 678703

I mean who's to say she doesn't have crazy obsessed "worried" stans calling in, IF what she is saying is true? Which I'm having a hard time with currently believing since her bullshit tweets from yesterday how she was being called a crack head etc.

No. 678704

It is super funny to me that you guys think that bc she posted a picture where you can see her background, that it's her fault that y'all searched through sober living houses and found her. WHO CARES WHERE SHE IS? It's absolutely crazy that you found it. Very weird. Obsessive. Shes an absolutely crazy mess of a human, but you guys are not innocent. lol anyway, I love reading the drama so I'm gonna keep reading.

No. 678705

File: 1562698615696.jpg (109.15 KB, 1536x344, Screenshot_20190709-205644.jpg)

No. 678706

she's not wrong. you guys are too much haha

No. 678707

I guess the replies to her selfies didn't fulfil her need for attention and needed a good fill of drama again. Insufferable drama whore.

No. 678708

tbf i still fancy her(no one cares keith)

No. 678709

Sage your shit or leave newfag. Good god all these newfags, summerfags, and minimods in this thread are fucking annoying.

No. 678710

lol if you're not also into the drama wtf are you doing here. "i'm just concerned with her husbandry" hahahahaha(newfaggotry)

No. 678712

Go away Ashlyn (yes I caught that before you deleted your namefagged post)

No. 678713

Sage your shit and look at where we are. I'm not here claiming "I don't have any hate in my body" and pretending to be "So happy I don't focus on hate" like Taylor.

No. 678715

Lol yes. My name is Ashlyn. I do not care whatsoever if you know my name.(ban evasion)

No. 678718

Honestly, second this. I’m an active thread user but finding her location every time she moves is a little excessive/obsessive. Not to mention dangerous if she did actually have any psychotic followers/JC was crazy enough to do something.
I agree, she’s a huge cow/compulsive liar but maybe don’t post her locations if you recognize. If someone is really calling her sober living, it could just be some crazy that reads here for that information.

No. 678722

i didn’t mean she was lying in this tweet exactly. I was calling her compulsive liar as if that were her nickname. Learn to read.
She’s at it again with tweeting about online drama when she’s above it.

No. 678724

File: 1562701468245.jpg (99.26 KB, 1334x750, D6ok2M0U8AAInGD.jpg)

Are you really sure about that, Ashlyn?(ban evasion; derailing)

No. 678725

I think it’s ok to post her location even after she provides clues. We are allowed to put 2 and 2 together especially after seeing many times she’s a known liar.

Calling her sober living is a bit much though. Let her get kicked out on her own.

Calling her HOA for animal neglect though is something else and can’t bring myself to say the same about let her get kicked out on her own.

Animals > tnd

No. 678726

that girl looks like shes 13, stop trying to scare a child with this ominous shit. who cares about some random white knight

No. 678728


Maybe don't drag a fan's personal identity into this, it just makes everyone here look creepier, and she's probably a minor…

No. 678730

Stop moralfagging and derailing.
Report and move on.

No. 678736

She's changed her tune from,"when he was taking bathroom breaks he was shooting me up!!!" Insinuating no choice to,"when he took bathroom breaks it's because I BEGGED him to shoot me up"

So which is it Tay? Were you tragically forced and abused into it or were you begging for it of you own accord ?

No. 678737

It really does seem like she's the most obsessed person with reading about her own online drama. and the fact that she's been sperging about it since she left rehab is kinda crazy. Hopefully she is working with her therapist/team/etc to learn to let things go. Granted they can only help you with what you share so who knows if it's even being addressed.

I do have to say a lot of her behaviours seem like that one know it all/forever sicker than everyone/terminally unique addict but then she always goes and does something completely obnoxious where it's like ahh yep you're a narc.

No. 678738

Are you kidding? Stop it.
Fags like you are the reason any lc user is labeled obsessive and crazy. If you have that much freetime just spend it on anything else than trying to doxx and threat any users who write their mailadress into the email field.

No. 678740

it does make me wonder if she's still talking to him or if not if she's struggling with wanting to go back to him/her old life. It's probably uncomfortable going through all the big changes she made and it seems like she's flip flopping with her opinion of him.

No. 678743


That's exactly what that fucking creep rapist wants. That's why he's staying silent.

No. 678744

File: 1562706258933.jpg (379.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190709-144757_Dis…)

No. 678745

I feel like you guys are purposefully reading her tweets as blindly as possible. I don't think johnny ever forced her to do heroin (as she's half-said herself, it was her choice to ask for the first shot) but rather she would bother him for more while he streamed so he would feign bathroom time and inject her. I don't know why she never did it herself but I can't see him telling his ten viewers "bathroom time!" and sauntering off to jab a needle in a comatose taylor. even taylor's stories aren't that stupid.

No. 678746

I mean she’s been trying to bait him on Twitter and IG for a while now really. Idk why some other anons are acting like she hasn’t been actively trying to seek him out either - she’s been doing what he wants/wanted her/his exes to do.

No. 678747

She has alluded to it though. That is the problem. She's changed her tune so many times, and leaves certain pieces vague for a reason. There's more room for implication/speculation. Her story went from "he was shooting me up" vaguely to "I needed him to take breaks to shoot me up" and "the drug dealer came over and he asked me if I wanted to get high."
Her story has changed. It leaves a lot of room for confusion.

No. 678748


So he hasn't sold all of it for drug money yet that's interesting. Wonder where he's been?

No. 678750

Alluded as in literally used stories from his exes that she probably read here to begin with. There's a reason one (if not more?) don't want an apology from her.

It's like her also saying that Jonny controlled her Twitter yet there are multiple times she and her mother basically told his victims to fuck off.

No. 678751


TPEEC would be an acronym.

No. 678752

Not me. Lol don’t worry people!(ban evasion)

No. 678754

she never did it herself bc it takes practice and she is lazy af. plus then she can tell herself she's not really doing it although she brags about how much she loved smoking roxys and theres no difference lmao

No. 678755

Tbh I think she wants to be kicked out, she is literally taunting while posting proof(pinned eyes) that she is using.

She wants the drama and attention she will get from it, no doubt.

No. 678756

File: 1562710413778.jpeg (123.73 KB, 750x608, D15CBF7A-DE1C-4838-93CD-B3FAAF…)

So she tweeted this earlier but it’s now deleted. I thought she said she was hoping to get ON subs soon?

No. 678757

I reckon she was trying to 'fit in' with the people that asked/talked about it and now she can't be totally honest - not that she ever is.

No. 678760

Does she have memory loss or something? Or she's just borderline mentally disabled

No. 678761

File: 1562711666986.png (548.38 KB, 1440x2560, 1562538563673.png)

The other day

No. 678762


Wtf does “low grade opiate” even mean??? Is she trying to say buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist? JFC If you’re going to be a self-proclaimed rehabilitated ex- heroin addict educator, at least learn how to properly describe these medications and illegal drugs. You sound like a fucking moron and are spreading ignorance to impressionable children on your Twitter.

No. 678763

Sounds like she was on them during detox but doesn't have a maintenance script. These statements aren't contradictions.

No. 678764

Not wk just fact check. Suboxone is both buprenorphine and naloxone..

No. 678766


Yes, I know that Suboxone is the brand name of buprenorphine/naloxone. Buprenorphine is the partial opioid agonist… and naloxone is an opioid antagonist. So I don’t understand what a “low grade opiate” is. I wanna know what pharmacology textbook she’s reading that calls it “low grade.” Fact check.

No. 678767

She did say she took subs when she couldn't get heroin >>678491.
Her story is consistent.

No. 678769

Oh okay haha just saying cause u take buprenorphine and it's way diff than suboxone. I would say subs are more potent and have much higher potential of use. Not as an expert just fron experience. Neither are low grade they both contain very strong opiods. To a junkie like Taylor she probably saud low grade as a way to describe their ceiling effect. They don't get you as high as other opiates like heroin or oxycodone. She has absolutely no reason to get into suboxone after 30 days sober. She misses drugs and she needs to fight that feeling or she's gonna be replacing her addiction for another drug. But I have medical problems that result in pain. So she may want suboxone cause as an addict it would be irresponsible to get a script for more intoxicating opiates for her pain? Personally think she's full if shit, as excessive and personal her posting is; then if she had so much pain from eds I feel she would constantly post about pain from injuries or inflammation or joint pain. She just wants the drugs.

No. 678770

Different anon. Taylor's terminology is wrong. But other anon isn't wrong/ what are you saying?

Buprenorphine is a partial opiod agonist. It's high affinity but low activity. It's for moderate pain because it binds to mu receptors with high affinity but reduced maximal effect. It's "low abuse potential?"

No. 678775


More subs talk from her

No. 678777

File: 1562717755829.jpg (783.03 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190710_021538.jpg)

Obese as fuck

No. 678778

File: 1562717778259.jpg (687.89 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190710_021541.jpg)

No. 678779

File: 1562717826442.jpg (682.46 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190710_021544.jpg)

No. 678780

File: 1562717852817.jpg (716.12 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190710_021546.jpg)

No. 678783


don't you get it, anon? anytime taylor has tweeted something unsavory or something now appearing to be a lie or proven to be a lie IT WAS ACTUALLY JONNNY behind the keypad! if it was taylor tweeting, then jonny was FORCING her to by ABUSE AND MANIPULATION! taylor is a victim and has been victimised and had no control over any loathesome behaviours she's shown in the past bc it was all jonny's fault. did you know he's a rapist? he's a rapist! he's responsible for ruining this precious angel taylor who was such a shining light and full of hope!

nothing is her fault! it's her genetics or it's jonny's fault and if you disagree you are an obsessed stalker and a rape-apologist!

No. 678785

File: 1562718536790.jpg (171.21 KB, 1536x468, Screenshot_20190710-022848.jpg)

No. 678786

What is it with her taking her snakes outside for pictures? Like I understand the cages probably look shit but why can’t she just take pictures inside the house? Seems like a lot of effort to walk back and forth.

No. 678788


did she not say or allude to him being at the sober living? she said it was co-ed. she said they were allowed to do whatever they wanted there, then said the reason she had to go get a hotel was so they could bone since they "frowned on relations". I'M CONFUSED

No. 678789

Ah yes, she did say the the place also had several couples

No. 678792


I recall that too, and that like 8 out 10 or something were a couple/ hooking up?

Deleted because forgot to sage

No. 678793

File: 1562719816564.jpg (316.43 KB, 1536x859, Screenshot_20190710-024959.jpg)

No. 678794

File: 1562719911796.jpg (1.11 MB, 1536x1716, Screenshot_20190710-025139.jpg)

No. 678795

The fuck is this called, 11th Step House? She is so sketch.

No. 678796

Taylor has set the stage for her relapse.

This girl grew up with parents who clearly did not give her the love and attention that she needed. Her mother is a narc and tweets on the internet like a 13 year old. Taylor has no friends (and good god who would want to be friend with a toxic narc like her.) She wants attention and validation from the opposite sex constantly. This girl wants to call people “obsessed” and yet a month ago she was tweeting Post Malone who according to her blocked her number over a year ago. I also think she has come to the realization that Jonny never actually loved or cared about her and everyone was right about him. I’m sure that gets under her skin. She will never fill the void of being loved unless some sicko loved her and worshipped the ground she walked on. Currently no man actually loves and cares about her. She just has bro peen sticking it in her whenever he can. She is a victim in every aspect of her life on her own accord. Then she tries to act like a thug junkie on the internet to get validation from tweens who probably don’t even know what she’s talking about half the time. She gets tattoos referencing her drug addiction because I’m sure 15 years from now she will still be trying to make opioid dependence seem cool. She jokes about addiction and a drug that is killing people as I type this and justifies it as her “dry humor.” I guess only a junkie could find humor in heroin use and abuse.

No one wants her to relapse, but she has set this path for herself entirely. You did heroin Taylor, get the fuck over yourself and move on with your life. This bitch will milk heroin addiction for all its “worth” for as long as she can. She’s scum and will never be anything more in life due to her inability to acknowledge the mental illness she has.

No. 678798

You cowtippers hiding yourselves in this thread are really fucking cringy. The person who took the hotel art montage and posted it 5min later
on twitter like it was EvIdEnCe is also really fucking cringy. Get a life and stop harassing someone in real life who lives in a sober fucking living. Learn to control yourselves for a minute.

No. 678799

Kek she has another best bro friend already.

>inb4 “I just don’t get along with girls I’m such a bro!!!¡!¡”

No. 678803


That's one of the few things she's said that I believe. I tuned into his stream one day and he said he had to "help Taylor with something" and was gone for like 30 minutes. Silly me thought oh maybe he's helping her with some animal care stuff but nope. Totally shooting her up while all his subs waited for him to come back. So gross.

No. 678805

File: 1562721867074.png (524.27 KB, 828x1792, 05C869D0-D605-4A63-AC39-E7C5EE…)

No. 678807

So far she’s posted pictures of

Snakes missing are

No. 678808

No. 678809

Lol look that that chunk bro-ham. Cool 1999 nautical star tat. I bet he smokes menthols and used to ride motocross. She settles for the first dude who’ll let her wrap those fish lips around his dick.

No. 678810

File: 1562722978792.png (529.32 KB, 828x1792, 18ECDFDE-38CB-4939-A994-259037…)


No. 678811

She posted this picture of Louis earlier (I think it's Louis at least. I remember him being the pastel fire clown)

No. 678814

Taylor said she didn't want her channel to be about her drug use/recovery about a month ago.
Now that she realizes she is getting asspats/positive attention, she wants to pick the camera up. Huh.

No. 678815

natural lighting for photos, enrichment for the snakes. i agree the enclosures probably look like shit right now.

No. 678818

why is he being held like that???

No. 678819

she’s shit at handling all her snakes, she never supports their weight properly.

No. 678820

I don't believe she's relapsed or out of sober living but I sure as hell don't belie e she would be honest about it if she did relapse.

No. 678821

File: 1562726156479.png (316.98 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20190709-203427~2.p…)

"Time to acclimate" pretty sure he should have been left alone as soon as he was put into his new set up

No. 678822

These animal stan accounts are so embarrassing. Yikes.

No. 678823

File: 1562727157784.jpg (81.86 KB, 962x1023, IMG_20190709_205236.jpg)

No. 678824


Tbh it’s not really enrichment for them. It can put a lot of stress on the snake being in such a wide open environment like that, no hides, and she doesn’t support them when she holds them in a way that would help them feel secure. Plus it’s possible for them to get parasites from being around in the grass. All things she would know if she did proper research.

No. 678825

yaaaaas we stan a rapist!!!!! girl, if you don’t stop with this bullshit. just because taylor is a huge asshole it doesn’t wash away all of Jonnys sins. y’all were lowkey Jonny stans up in here this whole time??

I know I’m gonna sound like a bitch but I really don’t have any sympathy for Taylor at all. she wanted the “experience” and that’s what she damn well got. she’s a fucking fool. only things I care about are those animals.

No. 678826

I’m late on this but she couldn’t have had that high of a tolerance AT ALL if she was able to taper off of heroin in 4 days. On my rough runs, my doctors would have to extend my standard 5 day taper (that most rehabs use) by at least 2-3 extra days because I was so sick. She said she detoxed on subs from the 4-8th so this just confirms that her whole “I shoot fentanyl look at me look at me” shit was a lie. I don’t think she knows much about heroin at all, which leads me to believe she’s not done. I certainly wasn’t done when I was only 2 years deep into a toxic relationship and just started exploring with IVs and using myself, not just following my partner. She will have a lifelong struggle with heroin with many more relapses and rehabs.
Statistics show 99% of people relapse once addicted to heroin. There’s a 1% success rate, it’s fact.. not my opinion. Is Taylor really in that one percent? Like obviously not.(blogging)

No. 678829


"MUH ADDICTION DOESNT CARE" this dumb bitch doesnt stfu

No. 678830


she's so loud and proud about her ~1 yr of hardxcore heroin abuse~. how strange is it that you hear LESS from the girls who were kidnapped by ariel castro, held captive for 10+ years, chained up, brutalized, raped repeatedly for a decade….. they got free and all made a decision "i'm not going to discuss it, i'm moving on with my life" and are all doing well, working with different organizations and contributing to society without bombarding everyone they meet with their I AM A VICTIM story.

taylor is a giant piece of shit. she grew up in a 2 parent home, had a bedroom of her own, celebrated holidays and had birthdays acknowledged, had every opportunity to have a decent and wonderful life even if her mom is a retard who never mentally grew out of high school. she had it good, and even before jonny CHOSE to go partee~~~ and do petty drugs. she stalked a guy with nothing going for him, a loser drugee, and she decided to do heroin and now she won't shut up about it.

also, would bet all my future earnings she wasn't going as hard as she claims, someone whose only source of income is youtube dollars could hardly afford rent, hoarding animals, and scoring quality h every hour on the hour for a full year for themselves (much less 2 people) without ending up like luna slater selling her sagging vag and begging to get the next fix

taylor ur a poseur dude

No. 678832

I agree, you couldn't have given me a million dollars to stop using after just one year of injecting. Well, I would have told you I'd do it then dipped off to get high with the money or something shitty. Taylor hasn't seen the ugly side of stuff, in her mind she associates using with glamour. And how many IV heroin addicts get clean after 1 year anyway? She's just settling into it.

No. 678834

She doesn't seem like she's done. Talking about roxies, fent, and all of the hard stuff she did, and how much she loved it. It genuinely does not seem like she's done. The replies talking about how her life is better now that she's clean just read as disingenuous. I think she's happy she's getting so much love, and support now. I think she's happy about the attention. But I don't think she's done.
She's not following the rules all that well, or somehow seems to think the rules can bend for her.
She's not being honest with any of us, so how could she be honest with herself?
She can't even be truthful about lip injections, let alone the 90 stories she's concocted in the last three days about the hotel room.

Taylor's little sobriety kick wont last for long.
She shows no genuine will. She just wants the aftermath, and praise of sobriety. Not the dedication, and seriousness that it takes.

No. 678837

File: 1562733846005.png (830.25 KB, 828x1792, B22823E7-6155-4585-82BE-FD3A7A…)

The stans are at it again

No. 678838

File: 1562734522694.png (295.2 KB, 828x1792, 7585E896-B98F-49E2-A291-470B11…)

Big lie they’d still test you honey

No. 678839

This is just like that "animal services just ignore calls to my house now!" Lie again.

No. 678840

she's special guys!
but I think they'd naturally test someone who had stayed out, especially since she met up with some evicted residents? just seems like a normal time to test someone who is new to sober living.

anyone lame enough to pick up a phone and call this place needs to kys.

No. 678841

There’s no reason to say that a concerned stan saw her tweets about visiting relapsed friends and called them instead of haturzz doing it lmao

No. 678842

the helpful tip still applies
there are absolutely cowtippers lurking in this thread like >>678065

No. 678843

That would mean turtlemom, what ever, tndtea, and other accounts would also be considered cow tipping. Asking a question relevant to what’s she is doing is not cowtipping.

No. 678844

I'm talking about the cap they pulled from here and posted shortly after. it means they're a participant here to have seen it, know what it meant and use it so quickly. but by all means keep splitting hairs about whether cowtippers exist.

No. 678845

"my addiction doesn't care" okay, but you surely do? own up to your own choices, jfc

No. 678847

no because they’re not @‘ing Taylor when they talk about her, whereas that account is. that’s the difference.

No. 678848

File: 1562743044171.jpeg (195.83 KB, 1242x1242, DD15DD26-FEBA-442E-8EE7-A8B5F4…)

No. 678849

pol didn't come up with it, not every meme coming out of 4chan is from pol. Jesus christ, it's from int and news. At least get it right.

No. 678850


lol yes it does, don't kid yourself.

No. 678856

I know next to nothing about heroin but I was wondering:
What would make someone beg their partner to do heroin? Just kinda seems like you're getting less of your supply for no reason lol or is it to just get them off your back about quiting
I kinda feel like Taylor asked Jonny if she could try it. She said she started on a weak strain (again I have nfi about heroin so forgive me if that's not what it's called). Would she not have just had whatever jonny had? It sounded like it happened over a few hours of her telling him to stop and him begging her to try it before she caved.

No. 678858

one advantage would be her paying for it all

No. 678859

I guess it's just the shared joy.. Like showing your best friend a good cat video, game or sharing your favorite recipe. You want them to experience the same good feeling as you. And what anon above me said - she would pay for it lol.

No. 678860

Misery loves company, I knew I was truly addicted when I found myself wanting to give the smaller half of the pill to my partner or trying to buy pills w/o my partner knowing

No. 678861

It’s always been a fantasy with Jonny where he wants the girls he’s with to use with him, she already knew that prior to being with him thanks to plenty of people sending her reasons not to be with him but she’d just tell everyone to shut up and “his ex’s are crazy” and maybe give the block.
She acts like she didn’t know until she was too deep but that’s complete bullshit. I don’t think supply is ever really an issue with Jonny especially when he’s hanging out with people who actually make money (at that time Taylor)
She probably paid for his teeth to make it look like they weren’t doing drugs.
Whether he begged her or she just did with him we’ll never know because Taylor lies about everything but somewhere she had said she was with Jonny “just for the experience” (I believe to her mom?)
I don’t know if that was just for the experience of being with or becoming a heroin addict but again who knows what she started with because she lies about everything and seems to try to exaggerate her drug use for cool points or something

No. 678862

>he wants the girls he’s with to use with him

I don't know that much about his ex's backstory, but did they do heroin as well?
I wonder how many people Jonny got addicted to it.

No. 678863


Every time she shows this guy he's on his phone and/or not looking at the camera.

No. 678865

I suspect the majority of those pictures he's not aware she has taken them… still.

No. 678866

Nah hes threatened his ex'es to shoot them up, atleast one of them. All things which Taylor was told before she even was in a relationship with him, Tay was already a coke head and has stated she dated johnny for the "experience" and at this point its becoming obvious the experience she wanted was heroin kek.

No. 678867


She's using euphoric recall as a defense mechanism. You're actively discouraged from doing this and you're meant to be able to recognize it in recovery.
The fact that she's spouting euphoric recall on Twitter is a bit telling of what is going to happen.

No. 678868

Maybe, just maybe.. She's actually just recovering from a very serious addiction. She's obviously a garbage human, but this doesn't mean there's a hidden message behind everything she's doing. I don't even think she realizes how much she lies.

No. 678869

If she doesn't know she's lying then she's not really recovering? You also need to WANT to get sober otherwise it's not going to work. The way she is acting is not like someone who wants to be sober, because otherwise she'd be doing everything she can to get sober not sneak around with boys. Why can't she hang out with the girls in her own house? Why is she purposefully putting herself in situations that could compromise her recovery?

No. 678870

This girl is not done yet. Yeah it sucked being with jc, yeah dope sickness is horrible, but the rock bottom shit that most hear about is very true and she hasn’t hit it yet. She still has money, can get an apartment, her family hasn’t shown her tough love yet, friends are still there for her. TND has everything most junkies in recovery do not. She says she couldn’t even shoot up herself. She is talking about her fav opiates on twitter. Giving them cutsie nicknames. Jumping into a relationship with another recovering addict immediately after (or even before) she left rehab and focusing on that instead of focusing 100% on her own sobriety. If she hasn’t relapsed yet its only a matter of time. I wish all of this wasn’t true but it is true for the majority of addicts, TND isn’t special.

No. 678871

> The way she is acting is not like someone who wants to be sober, because otherwise she'd be doing everything she can to get sober not sneak around with boys.
How does solely spending time with 'boys' (jfc those are adult people in their 20's) prevent her from getting sober though?

>Why can't she hang out with the girls in her own house?

Women, especially when mentally ill (and I count addiction as an mental illness), can become very toxic. Especially when living together like that. It's just how women work, unfortunately. Just look at this thread
>I did really do heroin for such a long time
>look at how she dresses/her lips
It's ten times worse when being forced to live together in such a small space. Which is probably another reason why they encourage them to spend time out of the house, because otherwise things would escalate so quickly.

> Why is she purposefully putting herself in situations that could compromise her recovery?

What exactly do you mean though, I still can't tell?
She spent two nights fucking some guy at a hotel and now visits (another?) guy at his sober living. She has also talked about cutting people off that relapsed so she didn't put her own sobriety at risk. You can't possibly blame her for wanting to spend time with other recovering addicts because maybe she can relate to them? Also: Who else is she supposed to spend time with? How would going out and talking to complete strangers less harmful?

I do agree that lying won't get her anywhere. But she's in the process of recovery. She won't magically fix all her issues within (supposed) 30 days of sobriety. It takes a long time of therapy to break down and stop that kind of behavior.
Like, I'm genuinely wondering what you thought it would be like? That she detoxes and once that's done she'll be a completely new person that immediately always does the right thing, speaks the truth at all times, only makes reasonable decisions, gives away all her pets and is 100% at peace with herself?

She's still the same dumb bitch she was before she went sober. She's just clean (for) now. To get over all her personality issues it'll take months of therapy. Until then jumping onto any lie and take it as proof she's not really recovering or sober is pointless imo.

No. 678872

I think the issue isn’t her behavior but her inability to shut the fuck up about it online and stop being a cow. She’s not just minding her own business making mistakes, she’s intentionally trying to piss people off to get attention and is spreading lies and misinformation about heroin to her impressionable followers.

No. 678873

She’s deliberately going above the sober house rules with her 6 day hotel room. She’s also trying to bring multiple pets in, despite it only supposed to be 1. Getting tattoos, and buying another snake to feed the high/reward system, engaging in bullshit on social media. She’s not taking the rules seriously, or seems to think they can bend for her. That’s now how people who want to get sober act

No. 678875

imagine in a vacuum, a girl telling you she's in sober living but also has a hotel room. it sounds absurd, what's the point? Sure she's in 'sober living' at night, sometimes, but she's in 'addict living' the rest of the time.

No. 678876

Guess what anon? No one cares if you think it’s pointless. Stop trying to dictate what people should talk about on here. Look where the fuck you’re at. If you don’t think it’s worth discussing keep scrolling and move on.

No. 678879

MAYBE KEEP SCROLLING PAST HIS COMMENT? Look, I'm all for saying she's a garbage human, but all you guys pretending like you're experts on addiction and what she should be doing is absolutely ridiculous. She's trying to get over the number one pandemic killer is america right now.

No. 678880

That’s the point though. She did lie and seek attention before all of this. The constant need for attention is rather a symptom than a personality trait. And to get rid of this kind of behavior is a progress. She‘s still of the very beginning of that. So yeah, obviously she‘ll behave just the same as before. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she‘s faking being sober, you know what I mean?

See, that’s some valid points to criticize though not some picky shit like ‘she’s spending time with boys so she can’t be serious about recovery!!!’. I can totally see how what you said can lead to thinking she’s not serious.

No. 678881

he actually physically tried to shoot up one of his exes when she was asleep actually. Taylor said she wanted the “rockstar” experience. I think she was visioning more crazy parties with crazy drinking and coke handed out like candy. I don’t think she imagined sitting in her bathroom shooting up with dope sick Jonny. Hence why she went after post Malone first and Jonny was just what she settled for.

No. 678882

Well that's fucking socipathic and horrifying, on top of all the rape and shit.

No. 678897

Has anyone pointed out the timelines regarding when she got the hotels yet?
Taylor first posted about getting out of rehab on 6/28 >>673792

On 7/8 she said she already had the hotel for 6 days.

Why would you book a hotel room after only 4 days in sober living? I understand she may have wanted a safe place to have sex but after 4 days?

4 days is also being generous. Her first post was after 2200 so assuming she activated her socials as one of the first things she did after rehab she didn't even stay overnight in the sober house yet. Also she posted she had the hotel room herself around 1100 on 7/8, so she may not even be counting that day. I give it one or two overnights in the sober house before she booked the hotel.

I also understand she may be one of those girls who only get along with boys (lol @ girls after 20 years old who say that…just admit ur a hoe), but from >>678785 why not try making friends with girls that are LIVING WITH YOU rather than jumping ship after literally one day to hang out with ur best bro friend. Apparently it's cool to hang out at his sober living but he can't hang out at hers.

No. 678898

File: 1562771718020.jpg (401.19 KB, 1536x831, Screenshot_20190710-171505.jpg)

No. 678900

She sounds like a teenager trying to one up everyone. 'I can't do this because my tolerance for it is just SO high!'

Stay humble Taylor.

No. 678902

good post anon

No. 678904

Super hard on liver/kidneys? Not anymore than subs or methadone. She just wants subs because after being ~sober for a month it will get you a little high. Why start over after you have gotten over detox? Subs can be difficult to come off of because while the
detox isn’t as intense it lasts a lot longer.
Sorry, i erased it after i accidentally hit enter.

No. 678905

I still don't get why she would want to go back on anything when she's been off everything for a month now? It just doesn't make sense.
Plus, using Kratom as substitute is an even worse idea, since the quality and potency can vary so much. Yeah, it's natural but that's exactly what makes it more dangerous? And it soothes out the withdrawal anxieties because it literally stops you from being in withdrawal.

No. 678906

According to SocialBlade, her Taylor Nicole Dean channel makes around $6.9K - $110.4K a year. Her Taylor Dean Vlogs channel makes around $28 to $448 per year (honestly not even worth counting). She probably makes more from sponsorships.

– I would say it's safe to say she makes around $100K.

According to her New York Mag interview, she spends about $80 dollars per month to feed snakes. (~1K a year). She says she spent 15K on her 150 gallon tank (but after watching her fish tank haul video I figure she has spent more). According to customcages.com, the cage that she bought cost $5,449.95 per cage. (I think she has two?) However, it is safe to assume she got a large discount since it seems the company sponsored her. The snake rack (from the same company) is $348.81.

– She probably spends around $30 - $60K on her animals.

According to drugrehab.com (let me know if this is not a reputable source), a heroin addiction costs around $53,000 a year, but we have to multiply this by two because Jonny.

– $106K on heroin.

– She has been paying for her house for at least four months now (2,366 a month according to Zillow), so 9.5K.

– Extended Stay Hotel in Austin ($139 a night for cheapest option), for six days: $834.

Animals and heroin alone she is maxing out her budget. She has also been buying designer items, tattoos, lip injections, wigs, Jonny’s teeth operation, and possibly rehab costs if her parents haven’t helped her.

No. 678907


oh, i forgot about the funko pops (i really hope she sells them)

No. 678908

When you look at those numbers its a bit shocking. Not that i can believe anything she says but she did say that she had insurance. If so then that would be another expense unless she is still on her parents.
I wonder if he took them all when he had the uhaul? Wow did he make out on that relationship, teeth, toys, ugly shoes, free heroin, computer.

No. 678910


AND medical expenses (I keep coming up with things I forgot…)

No. 678912


This is an absurd post. All of that is speculation. Who cares about her finances? Can we please just get back to making fun of her for being a cow?

No. 678913

IIRC her parents took all her money from her when she was living there (and at the height of her career) so she probably had a bunch of money saved to blow when she moved out.

And don't forget what's his face said she owes a tonnn of money to the IRS. No doubt she is living paycheck to paycheck (if she's not already in a ton of CC debt) and has no money saved to pay off what she owes the IRS.

No. 678914

File: 1562776965186.jpg (245.65 KB, 1536x539, Screenshot_20190710-184218.jpg)

No. 678915

Her house was closer to $4k/month on just rent. It likely did not include utilities.

It's not that absurd. Her finances directly impact her ability to care for her animals. If she can barely afford what she has, she should not be adding to it.

No. 678916

Oh man, a kilo of what? What are they talking about?

No. 678917


No. 678919


What exactly is kratom? Isn’t that another drug?

No. 678921

Kratom is an herbal supplement that can have the same effects of opiates depending on the strain. A lot of opiate users, including myself have used it to get off all drugs. In very low doses it has helped with depression/anxiety/ptsd and a pain reliever for a lot of people. It’s honestly a great “drug” similar to marijuana.

No. 678922

Technically yes, inasmuch as coffee/caffeine is a drug. It’s an Indonesian plant that stimulates your opiate receptors but doesn’t apparently cause addiction chemically. A lot of opiate addicts claim it helped them finally get clean.

No. 678923

Samefag- she’s posted a photo last year with capsules/a substance that resembles kratom in the background of a photo. So I’m sure she has experience with it but was using it for pure recreational purposes. If you take enough it can get you really fucked up and tolerance builds quickly, which is why making your own capsules is tedious

No. 678925

File: 1562779231003.jpg (142.43 KB, 1536x396, Screenshot_20190710-192021.jpg)

No. 678927

File: 1562779299707.jpg (71.51 KB, 1536x226, Screenshot_20190710-192137.jpg)

No. 678928


She can also do washes or drink it as a tea, and slowly reduce her dosage. It’s simple to do, but just takes Time and Effort, so clearly it isn’t something she’s interested in…

No. 678936

>It’s an Indonesian plant that stimulates your opiate receptors but doesn’t apparently cause addiction chemically.

It does, though. It’s not some plant opioid that magically won’t make you addicted. It has the exact same mechanism of action as synthetic opioids and opiates.

No. 678940

Yeah that confused me as I seen some people talk about how coming off them was just as painful!

I genuinely do not understand why she wants to get onto something so bad, especially after her deleted tweet >>678756 from yesterday.

No. 678941

File: 1562781104966.jpg (745.09 KB, 1536x1040, Screenshot_20190710-194956.jpg)

I would have imagined with the other visits she would give her rats some attention and love already…

No. 678943


I don't keep rats, but from what I understand, they need A LOT of affection and stimulation. It seems really selfish to have kept her rats, especially since they apparently have short life spans. I mean, to her it's 30 days, but to them it's a huge chunk of their life. It seems really cruel

No. 678944

Yeah exactly. It's so incredibly sad for them. At least they have another, but I still find this really messed up. They didn't ask for a junkie owner. They could be at a home with someone receiving love and care they DESERVE. She's been visiting her animals for a couple days now, and only now she's giving the rats attention.

No. 678946

When you have so many animals that you can't spend time with all of them when you visit, how do you not see that that's a fucking problem?? Why is she so blind?

No. 678949

Kek kratom does make you test positive on drug tests. But also, stupid Taylor is posting all of this on her public twitter where her sober living can see it? I'm constantly amazed at how dumb she really is

No. 678950

that is incorrect. kratom does not show up on a routine drug test.

No. 678951

File: 1562783553912.jpeg (195.94 KB, 750x768, 8A6C0B98-F4AD-4F86-B8F4-B732BE…)

“he kept comin home high, so I compromised and said ok”

She honestly has told so many stories. This sounds more realistic. he was getting high every day and she got jealous and said “‘me too!!”

No. 678952

File: 1562783775331.jpg (212.19 KB, 1536x346, Screenshot_20190710-203527.jpg)

Regurgitate your stans words more Taylor.

No. 678953

File: 1562784095543.jpg (526 KB, 1536x1419, Screenshot_20190710-204058.jpg)

Where she got it from.

No. 678955

How can she say this and then feed her reptiles baby rats lol

No. 678957

Great, from one drug onto the next one. I hope she's smart and doesn't meet up with a random internet person whose allegedly gonna sell her something…

No. 678958

because some of them aren't cute and therefore aren't worthy of life

No. 678960

40 fucking kratom tablets??

thats so much

No. 678963

But "muh toLeRaNcE!"

And has left them for over a month. And they will now still not get to see her much for who knows how long. They deserve so much better.

No. 678964

also im assuming they do not sell kratom in every smoke shop where you all live, jesus KRATOM IS NOT AN OPIATE.

No. 678965

Having Rats on you with fresh tattoos is disgusting rats Leaf drops of urine as a scent Trail to find their way back that's why when you have mice in your home and you scare them they could find their way back to the hole so quickly she's freaking disgusting

No. 678966

Not necessarily. I think the 'regular' sized capsules (that you can buy to fill them yourself) can fit about 0,4 to 0,5g of Kratom in them. The initial dose for someone with 0 tolerance is about 2-5 grams (depends on the strand and what kind of effect you want it to have) which would already be 4-10 pills.
However badly she's lying about her addiction and tolerance were, considering that she did heroin pretty regularly she must have had quite some tolerance. And Kratom is waaay less potent than heroin.
So 40 pills (or 16-20 grams) is not as much as it sounds.

There are cases in which people who took kratom were tested positively on buprenorphine. However, it's extremely unlikely for that to happen. It's much more likely to get a false positive for weed after taking pantoprazole.

No. 678968

correct me if im wrong but she has been adding different drugs to her story in the last few weeks? it used to be that she started with black tar and then ended up doing china white. now its fentanyl, dilaudid, and idk what else.

No. 678972

File: 1562786115421.jpeg (215.25 KB, 750x457, 2FB9D4DC-125A-423E-8318-DA7651…)

Also Taylor:

No. 678974

File: 1562786147590.jpg (556.02 KB, 1536x862, Screenshot_20190710-211529.jpg)

This video is a fucking mess.

No. 678976

File: 1562786168117.jpeg (300.36 KB, 750x831, 1644D595-DE3B-4B24-BD5D-86FA03…)

No. 678977

File: 1562786246223.jpg (597.37 KB, 1536x847, Screenshot_20190710-211628.jpg)

Feeder in tofus mouth as she's poking and prodding to get the other from his tail. Calling him stupid in a VERY annoyed tone.

No. 678978

File: 1562786298312.jpg (509.68 KB, 1536x912, Screenshot_20190710-211817.jpg)

No. 678979

File: 1562786354163.png (2.48 MB, 1125x2436, 6E3B8117-8BF6-42E2-823D-A609CD…)

So Tofu missed the prey item and hit his tail. She needs to set the camera down and get him off his tail instead of recording. I have a king snake who will get worked up and bite her own tail so it’s not uncommon but they can still do damage to themselves.

Also she’s thawing the mice and rats directly in a thing of water (not a plastic bag) so they’re soaked. That’s stupid because substrate will stick to it. And sure enough as soon as she dropped it, shredded aspen is stuck to it.

No. 678980

File: 1562786384721.jpg (460.54 KB, 1536x804, Screenshot_20190710-211854.jpg)

"YOU let go of both of them? Now you got aspen in your mouth"

No. 678981

File: 1562786538177.jpg (453.28 KB, 1536x733, Screenshot_20190710-212134.jpg)

It's covered in aspen at the end! Ridiculous.

No. 678983

File: 1562786627489.jpg (198.28 KB, 1536x498, Screenshot_20190710-212325.jpg)

I thought they called them all Taylor?

No. 678985

File: 1562786738700.jpg (559.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190710-202258_Twi…)

Jen's going to the house twice a day for at least 2 hours? seems legit

No. 678986

>"mentally ill" recovering women are toxic and should be avoided at all costs
>but men are ok and u can wrap ur legs around them every night, it keeps u away from heroin!!

Complaining about nitpicking/muh faxx while making baseless claims about addiction (and women) as if the men wont be just as toxic. Kek. Also ignoring the blatant issue of Taylors codepdency being part of her addictive personality.

No. 678987

File: 1562786867229.jpg (94.81 KB, 1536x264, Screenshot_20190710-212731.jpg)

The other version.

No. 678989

File: 1562787779765.jpg (242.33 KB, 1536x498, Screenshot_20190710-214103.jpg)

Someone asked why she didn't feed him in a different container without the bedding, her response is rich considering she did this with other snakes before??

I don't understand why she is feeding them soaked mice.

No. 678990

File: 1562787927487.jpg (83.12 KB, 1536x228, Screenshot_20190710-214442.jpg)

I guess she missed at the end how the mouse was literally covered in aspen at the end… but ok. Just that tiny bit!

No. 678992

This is just Taylor being lazy.

Just put some paper towel down over the substrate before feeding. Then there's no ingestion of substrate and no need to remove the snake from it's enclosure. The paper towel is easily removed once the snake settles down after feeding.

Also, dirt is very different from aspen shavings, Taylor.

No. 678994

Normally a bit of aspen/substrate is okay on mice but this is a bit much. I also thaw my mice as she does but giving them a bit of a dry with some paper towel really isn't that hard.

Cant imagine the snake 'spit it out', she's just bsing. She's right that they can take small bits of aspen (they'll pass it fine if they're healthy) tho.

No. 678995

That's a rat pup for a snake that should be on pinkie mice. That prey size is way way too large. No wonder he didnt eat it, also probably why the snake hasnt grown in a year shes starving it by being too lazy to feed the proper prey. She got slack for feeding all her big snakes mice now shes feeding her small snakes rats to even it out. She doesnt know basic snake care

No. 678996

Theres shit in multiple places in his enclosure as well

No. 678997


Hi Taylor ya snakes cant "spit." woodchips and Aspen if in their mouth will end up swallowed unless physically removed. And that wasnt a small amount of Aspen either. She should be placing a flat rock or plate in the enclosure to feed on if shes going to do this shit

No. 678999

File: 1562791943995.jpg (74.98 KB, 419x499, Screenshot_20190710-224857.jpg)

Here is another screenshot of how much aspen was on it. It's ridiculous.

Funny enough she seems to know it's too big as she asks him that initially. But because he strikes at it she just continues. I also hate just how much she is poking and prodding and dragging him around with her tweezers and won't be surprised if he is gonna regurgitate.

No. 679000

File: 1562792344102.jpg (504.94 KB, 1536x840, Screenshot_20190710-225750.jpg)


Watching the video again and he actually backs away from it a couple times. Here he pretty much went to the floor completely away from it when she wiggled it in his face.

No. 679001

File: 1562792458111.jpg (394.92 KB, 1536x1028, Screenshot_20190710-230059.jpg)

No. 679002

File: 1562792800152.jpg (102.21 KB, 1536x358, Screenshot_20190710-230636.jpg)

No. 679003

can all the anons who acted like jonny is some kind of victim here please just look at this screenshot?

No. 679005

I think the jc sympathizer anons are either him or summerags that dont know everything and need to read the threads. They are kind of pathetic tbh.

No. 679006


No. 679008


And the hotel room she shared with Jake where she took pics of them in bed.


Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is not weaker than heroin. It has a much stronger, but shorter, high.


A few days ago she said she went from heroin to 8mg Dilaudid to Roxies (oxycodone) which was her favorite. 8mg Dilaudid is a very high dose to inject intravenously or intramuscularly. When taken orally it has about 25% bioavailability; when injected over 90%.

If she did not or could not inject herself intravenously she could have smoked the fentanyl which greatly reduces the risk of overdose.

No. 679009

File: 1562794728111.jpg (127.76 KB, 1536x390, Screenshot_20190710-233824.jpg)

Gotta make money from something since she doesn't upload.

No. 679010

File: 1562794916835.jpg (386.57 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20190710_233941.jpg)

No. 679011

File: 1562795121576.jpg (157.07 KB, 1536x531, Screenshot_20190710-234504.jpg)

No. 679016

File: 1562795897940.jpeg (862.67 KB, 1125x1800, F99F0A13-161F-4E17-ABB4-2F158F…)

cow crossover

No. 679019

talk about a stressful feeding session for tofu. she should put a napkin down or flip over one of his hides or feed on top of it if she doesn’t want to dry the rodent before hand

No. 679020

Really she should be going by the weight of the snake but we all know she doesn’t bother to regularly weigh her snakes so. It’s just so fucked up because this is essentially basic snake care that anyone could google and should really know about. But it is Taylor and I’m not surprised.

Ironically the only good thing she said was the moving the snake to feed thing but she has done it before with Toast in one of her videos (fed him in a plastic box within the enclosure) so she could easily do it now too.

I wonder if Jen just drops the mice in for them. The whole moving away and not striking too much was how my hatchling behaved. I wouldn’t be surprised because she clearly isn’t a huge fan of snakes

No. 679021

That was a lot of Aspen. Do they have the ability to spit that much out?

No. 679022

File: 1562796549143.png (318.28 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190711-000811.png)

Wonder how Taytay gonna react to this type of attention that isn't just "LMAO HE SO DUMB" and critisize her. I think milk about to start flowing.

No. 679025

Snakes digest bones and fur no problem. They just poop the substrate out. Eating a bit of aspen will never cause problems unless the snake is too cold to digest.

No. 679026

You'd have to be pretty confident or pretty stupid to release that clip of tofu and not know the amount of hate she is going to get from it. Ive never owned snakes nor have much past a very basic knowledge and seen from a glance I can see that acting like that with a snake is not something to be sharing and celebrating.

No. 679031

Shes going to ignore it and pretend like she never saw the comment.

No. 679034

File: 1562797780431.jpg (334.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190710-162912_Twi…)


No. 679035


3+ years? I'm pretty sure she's only had snakes for a little over 2 years. Either the drug abuse has completely destroyed her memory or she is a pathological liar.

No. 679036

Even if they can accidentally eat a little bit and be fine doesn't mean she should have purposefully let it happen. It's something people generally avoid letting their snakes eat lmao
She just doesn't know how to care for her pets ever. If she is such a perfect "mother of snakes" it's something she wouldn't have let happen.
It's possible the snake can get splinters in his mouth also. Just not a smart thing to do. But we all know she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

No. 679039

File: 1562798150958.jpg (791.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190710-163554_Twi…)

No. 679040

Any news on Kronos?

No. 679041

File: 1562798372835.jpg (173.8 KB, 1536x337, Screenshot_20190711-003928.jpg)

No. 679043

File: 1562798690134.jpg (300.55 KB, 1536x594, Screenshot_20190711-004448.jpg)

No. 679044

She refuses to announce which animals are rehomed "to avoid speculation"

Which makes no sense at all

No. 679045

File: 1562798797541.jpg (287.75 KB, 1536x617, Screenshot_20190711-004633.jpg)

No. 679047

did this bitch really just tell people to trust her when she is a proven liar? Yes, in the wild they might ingest small pieces of substrate… not fucking wood pieces. Not to mention, these are domestic snakes in captivity. There is no need for them to be ingesting a bunch of substrate when their caregiver can make sure it doesn't happen. She is just trying to justify poor and lazy animal care.

No. 679048

It's so we can't speculate on which ones she killed and which ones actually got re-homed.

No. 679049

File: 1562798916250.jpg (182.41 KB, 1536x340, Screenshot_20190711-004754.jpg)

I like how she hyper focussed on the enclosure rather than her feeding size and other solutions people suggest.

No. 679050

File: 1562798974560.jpg (163.04 KB, 1536x442, Screenshot_20190711-004933.jpg)

No. 679051

File: 1562799018156.jpg (243.39 KB, 1536x479, Screenshot_20190711-005016.jpg)

No. 679052

Taylor, have you ever gone to school to learn how to properly care for these animals? No? Then guess what? You're fucking uneducated you piece of shit

No. 679053

She started getting snakes and tattoos in the same year, 2017. So yeah it's only been 2 ish years for both.

Don't do drugs kids

No. 679054

Here so goes, lying again. Didn't she have a few aggressive snakes that she conveniently got rid of? "my snakes have no aggression issues." Then saying she hasn't had to deal with any RI's yet stated herself she was treating an animal for a RI. I cannot believe how much of a blatant liar she is, wow.

No. 679055

File: 1562799157345.jpg (339.51 KB, 1536x691, Screenshot_20190711-005230.jpg)

No. 679056

File: 1562799224502.jpg (160.51 KB, 1536x371, Screenshot_20190711-005338.jpg)

No. 679059

File: 1562799283745.jpg (285.15 KB, 1536x620, Screenshot_20190711-005432.jpg)

No. 679060

She's shown multiple bite marks and blood from her snakes striking her wtf is she on about?

No. 679061

in one of her feeding videos from last year she said maui developed bad cage aggression and started feeding him outside lol.

No. 679063

The other day she posted one and "yes that's my blood" trying to be all quirky and funny. But ok Tay.

No. 679064


So if she’s aware that her snakes get super stressed if she ever takes them out of teir enclosures, why does she always choose to photograph them outside their enclosures instead of in them? Just cause she prefers Instagram attention over the happiness of her animals?

No. 679066

Didn’t she just say jc rinsed out a syringe to use that was meant for a snake with an RI? Maybe I’m confused but i think she said it recently.

No. 679067


Oh my god, two cows just crossed beams. Take cover for world implosion.

No. 679068


Psoriasis but sexy has her own thread on here. She was shredded on Tumblr back in the day for letting one of her reptiles die. She currently has a snake that looks like it’s in a shit situation.

She doesn’t have any room to talk.

No. 679070

File: 1562800002651.jpg (1.83 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20190710_170642671.j…)

No. 679071

File: 1562800383724.jpg (153.1 KB, 622x641, Screenshot_20190711-011225.jpg)

Taylor: my snakes never strike at me!

Also Taylor

No. 679073

File: 1562800639908.jpeg (402.4 KB, 1125x1783, ADE62152-9CCD-4059-B70F-DF3C5E…)

Here’s when she got her first snake. Silly me I thought mid 2017 to mid 2019 was two years but nope.

No. 679074


Not a wk, but most people discourage moving to feed snakes because it increases the risk of regurgitation. Taylor should be feeding with tongs and over a flat surface (like a bowl or a tile) to stop the snake from needlessly ingesting substrate and not associating her hands with food though.

And yea ingesting a bit of substrate is generally not gonna kill your snake IF your temps and humidity are good. I doubt her husbandry is good enough to justify the amount of substrate on her wet feeders.

No. 679075

lol yeah it doesn’t get wet and mold because the damn snakes always have empty water dishes.

No. 679076

File: 1562800918573.jpg (244.23 KB, 1536x543, Screenshot_20190711-012142.jpg)

Oh poor Taytay was yelled at.

No. 679078

File: 1562801183965.jpeg (174.51 KB, 1242x893, 3B98CB3B-1C85-435D-B8A6-6ECC5E…)

No. 679081

wasn't toast her first snake? The kenyan sand boa? Or am I mistaken?

No. 679083

toast was her first snake then she got the hognose like a few weeks after

No. 679084

But… we've SEEN her walk away while they're eating before.
Oh my god even direct replies
>not a single one died
Except that one that died immediately upon coming into Taylor's possession.
>My snakes get stressed the fuck out and refuse meals if I move them
>Look guys I wore my snake as a scrunchie to my dick appointment

No. 679085


Thawing directly in water rather than a plastic bag also encourages bacterial growth and isn’t recommended. Sigh. Does she research ANYTHING?

No. 679089

File: 1562802165530.jpg (387.02 KB, 1536x773, Screenshot_20190711-014250.jpg)

No. 679090


If the snake is hungry afterwards, and you can’t mice to larger prey, you can decrease the amount of time between feedings. Young snakes can eat every 5 days.

Does she read anything? Jesus Christ.

No. 679091

File: 1562802284571.jpg (1.16 MB, 1536x2000, Screenshot_20190711-014442.jpg)

No. 679094


Exactly, plus a little bit of aspen may be okay, but THAT much can cause choking or impaction. Some f/t (frozen/thawed) keepers will defrost the snake then stick it under a blow dryer for a short bit to both dry it and warm it up to seem more lifelike. Much safer for the snake.

No. 679100

File: 1562802775487.jpg (480.94 KB, 1536x848, Screenshot_20190711-015135.jpg)

By the way, is it just me or is this enclosure absolutely depressing, filthy and just generally bad? It's just a box with poop aspen and 2 shitty hides.

No. 679104

love how she took a flash pic of him after he ate a huge meal like he isnt at his most vulnerable state right now

No. 679105

Oh my god the scale spacing on that snake. There is no rule stating "once a snake eats multiple they must be sized up" I have a ratsnake that eats 2 pinkies every 5 days. It's the same size as that one. Sizing up would be dangerous regardless of how wide a snake can open its mouth

No. 679106

colubrids have fast metabolisms too so small frequent meals would be a lot better at his size

No. 679107

I thought that and scrolled through her Instagram and couldn't find her picture of toast,even though I KNOW she posted on Instagram when she got him. She must have deleted?

No. 679114

File: 1562803823644.jpeg (340.94 KB, 640x861, 98C59033-E5C0-42C1-BBB2-19949C…)

here’s a tweet from april 2017

No. 679145

File: 1562806882908.jpg (368.16 KB, 1536x1017, Screenshot_20190711-030059.jpg)

No. 679150

File: 1562807051507.jpeg (194.95 KB, 1242x899, 11E66CD8-8A8D-40E8-BD55-05DF27…)

Yup. She got her first snake right around the end of April 2017. Here’s a video she posted about it as well. One thing never changes, Taylor loves to lie about how long she’s owned a pet. “I’ve been doing this for over three years.” You’re literally hardly past the two year mark, Taylor.

No. 679151

No wonder Taylor is the way she is. Mama Dean is an embarrassment.

No. 679153

The way Taylor counts…2017 is one, 2018 is two, 2019 is three! Dummy doesn’t know you count BETWEEN the number, not the numbers themselves…

No. 679155

File: 1562808257706.jpeg (767.06 KB, 1936x1936, EDF855C8-AFF9-42DC-B7A6-EFA280…)

my bad, guys! I thought Toast was first but I scrolled through her Instagram and the first snake photo was what I posted. There’s the first time Maui and Toast are posted on her page. It’s weird she deleted the getting Toast photo.

No. 679157

Pretty sure Toast was first, then she went and got the hognose with Brian, then Maui later

No. 679158

File: 1562809105969.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1689, 5FDD4602-7A74-4834-AE40-F4BDC3…)

Isn’t it crazy how Taylor says she doesn’t claim to know everything about animals, but when given advice, the “professionals” she always mysteriously has around always say her pet handling/care taking is fine?

No. 679160

No. 679163


Considering they only poop like once every two weeks, and it’s just a little pile you can pick up with a paper towel, there’s no reason for poop to be in there.

No. 679166


Dude snakes will usually continue to act hungry after they eat, they're opportunistic, and will eat and eat if they are allowed too. Tofu really isn't that young to be eating every 5 days, that's more of a hatchling thing. Plus his species gets fat easily. A fuzzy is alright, I'd do two pinkies, it's better, but the fuzzy isn't outrageously or dangerously large, and a little aspen isn't going to kill it. She feeds most of her snakes way too often, and doesn't seem to do in depth research or pay enough attention to their individual body tones to feed them well. But this one is fine, for the time being at least. He cannot eat weekly for the rest of his life.

No. 679169

she calls the guy by name anyway, there's no rule here to scrub usernames

No. 679171

what is this supposed to be

Taylor 'obese snake' Dean on reptile feeding guys!

Can't she just see a doctor, why is her mother involved with this

No. 679172

Thats such a good point lmao.
Also wouldn’t the soaked rats cause moisture IN the aspen and develop mold?

And isn’t there a video where one or two of her snakes are labelled “asshole”? Non-aggressive my ass

No. 679173

File: 1562814345627.png (220.48 KB, 268x582, F6A1C097-2ED6-4AA9-95A8-20F33D…)

Frank, the “cunt shit”

No. 679174

File: 1562814373299.png (647.61 KB, 828x1792, 48E753D6-1D45-431E-B0B1-6256FB…)

Sad :((:()

No. 679175

Jen deactivated??

No. 679176

Not to be nitpicky but I’m pretty sure that says “evil shit”

No. 679177

You're right. Sorry!

No. 679178

the endless cycle continues

No. 679182


aw poor snake, the scales look like they're splitting. I don't know much about snake keeping, but that looks sore.

No. 679184


I'm guessing Mama Dean didn't fancy putting her hands into the snake enclosure.

No. 679188

File: 1562819822811.jpeg (431.27 KB, 1936x1452, A4C8EF30-A290-4BA5-9950-1E463A…)

Looks like she still has one of the hedgehogs

No. 679189

File: 1562819830311.jpg (104.54 KB, 859x1024, 77cb88b73af1b34589d1e07bcdaf07…)

No. 679190

Even if her hedgies don't mind being held like this, as an "animal educator" she shouldn't be showcasing this method of holding them. It's such basic knowledge for anyone dealing with prey animals not to hold them in a way that exposes their most insecure area.

No. 679211

Condoms exist and they would probably be better with some random junkie..

No. 679226

Or she can also take birth control like she wants to? It's not always just for sex..

No. 679227


I mean, I hope she's smart enough to be using condoms and BC in conjunction with each other.


I mean… yeah. BC isn't just for preventing pregnancy, but in this situation I'm pretty sure that's why Taylor is on it.

No. 679232

File: 1562851160010.jpg (205.59 KB, 1536x422, Screenshot_20190711-102544.jpg)

No. 679233

Huh? What did Jonny do?

No. 679238

File: 1562851920581.jpg (638.23 KB, 1536x1626, Screenshot_20190711-152905.jpg)

I think she's just having a pity party for attention. Or perhaps it's Jake related, I can see her pull this card too if things don't go as she wants with him. It's ironic anyways considering how toxic she is herself. (No, not defending Jonny, he is trash. Taylor is big fucking trash also though)

No. 679239

File: 1562852092494.jpg (94.55 KB, 1536x228, Screenshot_20190711-153408.jpg)

HAD to move out.. didn't she run away with Jonny to the hotel?

No. 679242


Oh shut the fuck up, Taylor. You deserve zero sympathy. None. You made your bed, now sleep it in. Enjoy the fruit of your "experience". You were warned and like the brat you are you didn't listen because you were stuck in your own bubble. His exes reached out, concerned fans reached out, friends reached out, your own PARENTS reached out and "someone you met" made you realize your relationship was bad? Her pity parties are pathetic. I have no sympathy for someone who didn't listen because they were so far up their own ass that they thought they could fix it and make it work. We all know you wanted the ultimate love story of having a "broken boyfriend" you could fix, Taylor.

No. 679244

This, amen. She’s so fucking pathetic after having that many people warn her but then “some guy” just randomly made her see the light?? Shut the hell up Taylor, deal with the consequences of your poor life choices.

No. 679246

I feel like she already knew it was a bad relationship, but she had reasons to cling to it. Not just because Jonny was her H provider. She's unable to be alone, she needs the validation. I think she waited to leave Jonny until she had another guy to go to.

No. 679249

And she's saying that after Betsy is the one who notified her mother, who then made Jonny leave and brought her to rehab. But this random guy, bless him, she owes it to him!! She says as her mother still watches over her hoard.

I really wonder that when she relapses and it's a scenario she won't take Jake down with her, if she will crawl back to Jonny. Because she uses people. They're assets to her, like her animals.

No. 679251


Exactly, she's such an ungrateful little bitch to the people who helped her get away from Jonny and get into rehab. Where is her thanks to Betsy and her mom? No where. She's sucking this guy's dick so much she's choking on it.

No. 679254

Even fucking lolcow had a lot of concern for her hahaha. I recall the earlier threads people were more sympathetic because she was obviously in for the ride of her life getting together with Jonny fucking Craig. Now we're like you stupid bitch, literally every part of the internet was trying to tell you not to do it. Even the later times there was speculation she was trying to get out, some anons were rooting for her. I was too, before we all realized what a lying piece of shit she is.

No. 679260

File: 1562860606234.jpg (650.23 KB, 1536x955, Screenshot_20190711-175608.jpg)

"Jonny pls give me attention and give me reasom to play victim more!"

No. 679261

sticking it to jonny in clothing form!

No. 679265


Easier for bropeen (or anyone)to get to. Cause dicking down is important

No. 679270

File: 1562862832362.jpg (132.82 KB, 1536x295, Screenshot_20190711-183256.jpg)

Except you kept prodding and poking and dragging him with your tweezers AFTER he let go of his own tail already and had the next fuzzy in his mouth already. And it made him drop that one too because of it.

No. 679280

File: 1562864115309.jpeg (220.95 KB, 750x977, 850ED5EF-5B73-4260-9A10-8BE441…)

How is she still tweeting about this? If she thought she was doing things right I don’t think she’d be so defensive. Or she’s just deeply insecure. Either way, I really think she needs more time away from the internet.

No. 679284

Everyone who's ever had issues with substrate (impactions etc) will have "never had issues with substrate" before their animal gets sick.

Just put down some paper towel or a plate or something before you feed, or thaw the feeders in a bag so they aren't wet, or dry them first. There are so many options, and she chooses to be defensive.

No. 679289

Okay not white knighting but she was feeding on aspen which is a fine substrate to feed on. The pieces are usually big enough the snake can get them off the food themselves and yes spit it out. I’ve had my sand boa do this with his food. If she had her snakes on sand or soil or other non digestible substrates I would understand the hate but this has gotten really dumb and nitpicky

No. 679291

File: 1562866698182.jpeg (649.98 KB, 750x823, 3A1568FF-0F67-49EA-BA79-AE3794…)

Poor thing looks stressed AF. Stressing animals out for photos isn’t cute Taylor

No. 679292

Snake owner here….
I may not have as many snakes as TND, but what I do know is that snakes are not used to having an over abundance of food. If they eat a proper sized meal, and get offered another directly after consuming the first, more than likely that snake will take it.
There are many snakes that have become obese and actually had wAY too many mice/rats undigested in the stomach because they continue to eat before digesting the first meal.
Just because they’ll take the food doesn’t mean they need it. Like another anon said, snakes are opportunistic and in the wild normally never has an over abundance of food available, so of course they’re going to eat a second large meal if offered.
She’s an idiot who doesn’t take criticism, and it’s going to be a detriment to all her snakes health.

No. 679293

He’s on shredded aspen which is smaller, sharper, and harder to get off for the snakes. If it was the bigger squares of aspen I’d agree. And, if you watch the video, it’s like a panko crusted feeder at the end with all the aspen on it.

No. 679294

I had baby corn snakes from middle to after high school. When I first got him, he used Aspen because that's what the people at petco told me to do. I fed him the way she just did, thawed pinkies, and eventually my one baby got a piece of Aspen stuck vertically in his mouth to where it held it open and he cut the roof of his mouth up pretty bad trying to close it. Lesson learned and I never fed them the same way again, and my current python doesnt use aspen, but yes as a matter of fact there can be issues with feeding on it.

No. 679295

I’m pissed she kept the bearded dragon, hedgehog and rats. Her poor mom. I thought she would have just kept some of the animals that don’t need interaction (snakes) and the cats. She probably just rehomed the “mean” or less cool looking animals.

No. 679296

YIKES. Is this supposed to be Twisty? He is incredibly dark. He is either extremely stressed or sick, I would be embarrassed to post a photo of a bearded in this shape because I would immediately get called out by other hobbyists for how unwell he looks.

No. 679301

He’s yelling at you because he’s stressed the fuck out, Taylor.

No. 679302

File: 1562869771112.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1811, B29D3144-5AB4-4D1E-8944-8C4E98…)

He’s darker now since she’s been gone, but it isn’t stress because it’s always been that way? What the fuck is she on about

No. 679304

File: 1562869903170.jpeg (227.46 KB, 1125x1002, 6F9C30DF-3E4B-40C4-A466-A4B56E…)

No. 679305

That's a nandina plant, they're poisonous to most mammals.

No. 679306

Isn’t the golden rule 10% of their weight anyway? The width rule goes more with animals that eat insects tbh

No. 679312

The general rule for /most/ snakes is as large or slightly larger than thickest part of the body.

No. 679313

Taylor deactivated her twitter

No. 679315

I have a white beardie that turns a darker gray in sunlight, I think they turn darker to absorb more heat

No. 679316

Are you sure twitter isn't just down? It is for me

No. 679319

No. 679325

Jonny is back on insta apparently promoting some band….they probably offered him 25$

No. 679332

File: 1562875490394.jpg (451.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190711-140448_Fac…)

No. 679342

File: 1562877213343.png (253.81 KB, 591x357, hoarded.png)

looks like shes getting more animals.

No. 679343

Jesus fuck can she go one week without the “someone wants me to take their animal! It has nowhere else to go besides the shelter so I’m gonna give it it’s best life uwu”

No. 679344

No fucking way. Its gotta be a troll.

No. 679345

File: 1562877464261.png (337.08 KB, 600x460, anothernewsnake.png)


Doesn't even have her pets moved into her 'new place' yet & she's already gotten TWO new one.

No. 679347

There's no way someone just gave her that morph of Blood Python. That one is worth some cash and wouldn't just be given up. It's from a breeder for sure

No. 679349

I thought her sober living had a one pet policy?

Also if she seriously has to move them out every time there’s a tour… lol.

No. 679350

She already deleted this.

No. 679355

I thought y'all were kinda lame with the whole "animal hoarder" crap. But now I believe it. That's ridic

No. 679356

Wow Taylor you’re so edgy and cool. How do you do it? Lmfao

No. 679359

animals aren't collector items, taytay. I suggest switching to pokemon cards for that

No. 679361

She “rehomed” multiple pets, yet already has acquired 2 new snakes in less than two weeks. Seems legit.

No. 679363

Good grief, so she rehomes her pets because her mom/ assistant cant take care of them but she 'rescues' others?

Just bring your problem snakes in to your sober living if youre going ot bring random ones in

No. 679364

Once again holding a heavy bodied snake like it's a toy.

No. 679365

holy shit, i legitimately can’t believe this. she really can’t fucking stop.

No. 679366

File: 1562879980491.png (44.92 KB, 580x408, dumpstertwink.png)

No. 679368

sorry but her fans are brain dead

No. 679370


>wAY too many mice/rats undigested in the stomach

Is monitoring their waste important towards preventing overfeeding, then?

No. 679374

Would a breeder sell someone a clearly obese snake?

No. 679375

The wording from this person makes me feel like this is where the snake came from

No. 679376

File: 1562880269426.jpeg (671.73 KB, 2048x1536, D_ORkSWXkAAa6w5.jpeg)

No. 679377

File: 1562880372944.jpeg (97.11 KB, 768x1024, D_OKAAHW4AAZD0Z.jpeg)

No. 679378

File: 1562880468617.jpeg (87.79 KB, 768x1024, D_OKAAGX4AAumHO.jpeg)

No. 679379

File: 1562880541943.png (33.6 KB, 192x146, tail.png)


Looks like she might have tried to grab him by the tail and he bit himself, because that's not his spurs or anything, its way above his cloaca.

No. 679380

thats literally what it means.

No. 679383

File: 1562880924913.jpeg (220.81 KB, 750x954, D1EAFE72-422F-4376-B08E-1FBEA5…)

It is this person’s previous snake. Not from a breeder.

No. 679384

Gotta keep enabling our queen's bad habits!

No. 679385

What. The. Fuck. Is she doing. What the fuck what the fuck

No. 679386

Still doesn’t excuse taking in ANOTHER (large) snake when you just rehomed animals and your mother is taking care of your 30+ other animals. Not to mention the sober living rules of one animal? But she can have two snakes and three cats because she’s speshul guise

No. 679389

Omg her face looked so normal once. She should’ve stopped at those lips, Jesus. Sage for no contribution

No. 679391

File: 1562881426080.jpg (161.52 KB, 1536x394, Screenshot_20190711-234250.jpg)

Until you suddenly are "So in love and obsessed with him" right, you hoarder?

No. 679394

His body shape is so sad for a two year old neutered male. His face is skinny and males tend to develop some sort of tummy pouch when neutered but he has nothing at all! His body condition reminds me of how one of my male tnr rescue cats looked when he was living outside basically starving with nothing to eat but Cheerios and rice that people would give him. He looks like a kitten, not a full grown cat.

No. 679395

File: 1562881666920.jpeg (558.7 KB, 1125x1682, 9FDA67FE-B212-41B0-B2B6-19B178…)

She just posted something with photos of all the cats. Made me think, has she ever said she got Ghost and Nemo neutered? They didn’t come fixed.

No. 679396

File: 1562881805402.jpg (255.77 KB, 1536x554, Screenshot_20190711-234928.jpg)

No. 679397

File: 1562881828907.jpg (166.35 KB, 1536x446, Screenshot_20190711-234909.jpg)

No. 679398

File: 1562881854686.jpg (121.67 KB, 1536x391, Screenshot_20190711-234840.jpg)

No. 679400

File: 1562882115667.png (41.59 KB, 588x384, enablers1.png)

Taylor has been known to impulse-buy snakes before. It's not that far-fetched.

No. 679401

Oh my god, she still has absolutely no business “helping” someone rehome a snake right now.

No. 679402

Would've helped if said you were fostering it in the first place.

No. 679404

this is so infuriating. you know she’s going to keep that blood python and not rehome it. that snake takes a lot of work to calm down, if it’s even a blood that can be calmed down, and she’s already off to a bad start with the bites and the way she’s holding it.

No. 679405

She looooves attention whether positive or negative. She KNEW people would assume she’s keeping it (wouldn’t be surprised if she still did) because of her track record. But then she wants to come back like “omg stop assuming things you meanies!!1!!”

No. 679406

Not to mention she's already caused the poor snake to bite itself likely by grabbing it by the tail which is the surefire way to piss off a short tailed python

No. 679407

Not to mention she's already caused the poor snake to bite itself likely by grabbing it by the tail which is the surefire way to piss off a short tailed python

No. 679408

Not to mention she's already caused the poor snake to bite itself likely by grabbing it by the tail which is the surefire way to piss off a short tailed python

No. 679409


At this point, it's safe to assume she's into baiting people now.

No. 679410

This tweet says enough that she was either baiting for this speculations and people to assume, or she is gonna actually keep it which my bet is on.

No. 679412

File: 1562882723873.jpg (150.07 KB, 1536x295, Screenshot_20190712-000448.jpg)

She's mocking someone for blocking her rabid fans she set onto another person again on top of this. Our queen of blocking.

No. 679413

File: 1562882870251.jpg (326.35 KB, 1536x665, Screenshot_20190712-000754.jpg)

Being called out for it

No. 679414

File: 1562883045216.jpg (137.01 KB, 1536x408, Screenshot_20190712-001007.jpg)

But they're not properly cared for nor are you in a position right now where you need to get more animals. Is she this fucking dense?

No. 679420

Shut the fuck up Taylor. Your Youtube channel is followed by millions - That's a big fucking number! You have a LOT of influence & you should already know that by now.
Either tell the truth, or tell your stan-army to stop attacking people, because you've been painting big targets on anyone who disagrees with you for years now & it's been old.

No. 679421

That snake is a blood python They are thicker body snakes then ball pythons.

No. 679422


Or that could be her blood dripped on.

No. 679425

File: 1562883891204.jpg (203.26 KB, 1536x484, Screenshot_20190712-002402.jpg)

She really has a way to twist things to make shit sound as dramatic as possible and sound like a big big victim.

No. 679426

File: 1562884002629.jpg (261.35 KB, 1536x542, Screenshot_20190712-002602.jpg)

She can't admit to how she focuses far more on the "hate".

No. 679427

File: 1562884120868.jpg (198.48 KB, 1536x319, Screenshot_20190712-002828.jpg)


No. 679430

Let's just casually forget the fact that she usually sub-tweets people with significantly lass amount of followers…

No. 679431

File: 1562884989764.png (142.15 KB, 584x492, caught.png)

CAUGHT! lmao

No. 679432

She is a huge cry bully.

No. 679433

that’s true anon, beardies can go dark when trying to regulate their body temp. The problem is that Twisty’s been like this. She came back to find him dark and he’s stayed that way, so it’s recommended the dragon sees a vet to make sure it’s not an underlying issue. Sometimes their colors permanently change in puberty (I feel like Twisty is already mature, I may be wrong though) but the other scenario is more common, so she can’t be risking it. And her blasé attitude fucking kills me “lol who knows why he’s so dark oh well” ughh. You need to find out, Taylor. You already waited forever to deal with his tail rot. Again, no pics of an enclosure. Who can guess what condition everyone has been kept in.

I have full bets on her not being able to rehome this snake and it going into her collection. She made it known it’s aggressive, finding a new owner may not be easy and so she will just give up. What’s another snake as long as they are cared for! /s

No. 679435

You'd think after "three" years of owning snakes, she would know that picking up a shorttail with one hand is not enough support and is a good way to get bit. But nope, this "professional" doesn't learn lol. Does anyone know what type of blood that is?

No. 679439

The snake is an Ivory Blood Python
Duck is a sumatran short tail python
Please get the species right if you're going to debate

Who just gives away a $800-$1000 snake
To Taylor of all people who doesnt even know that holding a blood python like that is super dangerous

No. 679440

i figured that it would be hard to sell it if its a problem snake, and the girl thought taylor would have better connections

No. 679442

It’s an ‘expensive’ juvenile blood python. Most young blood pythons have attitude issues (like a lot of young colubrids).

Most people looking for an expensive snake like that don’t care or even like it and that’s why they’re looking for the species.

No. 679447

And still not holding him properly, I fucking wonder why he but you

No. 679448

dunno if thats what youre trying to say here but like the name literally says, blood pythons are pythons, not colubrids.

No. 679451

What are you getting at? Sumatran short-tails are called "black bloods" by a lot of ppl, and blood pythons are a type of short-tail. It's literally a tomato/to-mah-to argument, smh. Talk about nitpicking…

No. 679452

No I was trying to say young blood pythons are usually aggressive. I know a lot of people who will jump in and go “that’s old news they’re just misunderstood!!” which true they used to be all wild caught but young blood pythons (just like young colubrids) have attitudes. People who are looking for a young blood python will be prepared for that and largely not care.

No. 679462

Why are the cats at the atrium house? I thought she had given that house up.

No. 679466

>he's always been like that / he's darkened a lot since I left / it's not stress
this is just gobbledegook.

No. 679467

lease isnt up, she has to pay rent and can use it until whenever it was agreed on when she signed the papers

No. 679476

so she's got this snake inside a lift and walking down a hallway held like that?

No. 679482


She's got a tighter death grip than most incels.

No. 679487

File: 1562892982647.jpeg (431.71 KB, 1242x1694, 71BA3AB5-F6D3-4A7A-888D-14FF06…)

and maybe even more animals.. if these tweets are true.

No. 679489


right, the cat pictures are also taken at the atrium.. there's no possible way that someone visited twice a day to give all the animals exactly what they need. especially if it was her mom since she's caring for a special needs child. betsy has her own baby to care for. what was the rescues role again? i think she mentioned something about giving some animals to a rescue.

nonetheless, no possible way that every animal that requires attention is giving the attention that they need. i bet a lot of the fish in her saltwater tank have died due to the lack of upkeep.

No. 679491

yeah well she lied and said the cats were with her mom. in truth the cats are still alone in an empty house she lied and say she doesn't have.

also this snake, it doesn't matter if it's a "foster" as she claims. she's attempting to game the sober house system by suddenly taking in rescues that she wouldn't touch before. if the sober house says one single pet, it doesn't matter if you're fostering or owning, it hasn't been 30 days (or whatever probation is required) and now she has two pets there. she's trying to force their hand with 'emergency rescues'.

No. 679492

You guys haven’t considered that she could be posting old photos of the animals and trying to pass them off as new.

No. 679493

that could be the case but taylor lying is even more realistic

No. 679496

Well the rat photos at least are recent, you can see her new DREAM tattoo

No. 679498

she didnt really lie she said she wasnt living thee anymore, any adult would know that nevermind if its a lease or she owns it theres no way she could get rid of it that fast. saying she lied about that is nitpicky and denotes immaturity/stupidity

No. 679499

She made a cat post with numerous photos of the cats. In two selfies of her and Nemo and her and Ghost her new tattoo is visible and in the photo of the boys together Nemo is really skinny which is newer.

No. 679505

she lied about the cats being there, no-ones being retarded about how leases work. cats are not pieces of furniture to pick up later and she already said they're with her mom. you're nitpicking others' posting here, whatever that "denotes".

No. 679508

Maybe if you weren’t fucking holding it like its a pool noodle it wouldn’t fucking bite you like that you fucking absolute retard

No. 679509


I don’t think so. My comment about the snake poop was an observation about how long it’s probably been sitting there.

No. 679511


Taylor you literally doxxed someone by posting their number to your twitter, acting as if it was an accident when it was clearly on purpose because they insulted you. Then when they came forward about getting death threats and YOUR FANS telling her to kill herself, your responded with something along the lines of "well those are the consequences lol"

No. 679514


Literally everything everyone warned her he would do.

No. 679515


I thought it was female cats who got the fatty pouch when neutered as it's a more invasive surgery than just popping the balls out. Both my male cats are neutered and are skinny, but don't look unhealthy like Nemo does.

No. 679516

People are arguing that she lied about having the house, not where the cats are staying. There´s many things you can call her out for but yelling LiEs at whatever makes us all look stupid, and delegitimizes your argument.

No. 679517

File: 1562898681551.png (58.69 KB, 592x360, Annotation 2019-07-11 233110.p…)

i wonder how many of them just followed to watch the soap unfold

No. 679518

try not to take it so on board. one opinion does not represent all opinions.

No. 679519

so if she loses followers is her life in the toilet? how is this a correlation?

No. 679523

It's also possible by the head shape that is part peterbald, oriental, or some other Siamese/Oriental breed.There are lanky cat breeds. Not WKing but the head shape does look wedge-ish in some pics.

No. 679526

He didn’t used to look like that though. There’s a marked and concerning difference in the last month or so.

No. 679534

Can this thread just end already? She is seriously a B- looking crack whore and is 100% mentally retarded. Like who the fucj cares what the next poorly conceived tattoo or heroin junky fuck buddy she spreads her slimy vag for?

But instead all of you treat her like she is the next coming of poor version Paris Hilton. She’s a dumb slur that will keep acting like a dumb slut, lets not give this drama fueled cunt any more fuel(no one is forcing you here)

No. 679536

Do you… do you even know what this website is for…?

No. 679540

File: 1562906318055.png (26.3 KB, 532x212, 1561783579608.png)

Reposting all of the screencaps about the house.

An anon upthread or in the last thread pointed out that having a protective order testifying that continuing to reside in the house endangers her safety would probably be grounds for breaking the lease.

No. 679541

File: 1562906371530.jpeg (272.3 KB, 1242x689, 1561843061120.jpeg)


Posted on the 29th.

No. 679542

File: 1562906427497.png (845.82 KB, 1242x2688, 1561848781012.png)

No. 679544

File: 1562906554989.jpg (296.9 KB, 1080x1343, 1562389293228.jpg)


She didn't mention her personal safety until the 5th.

No. 679545

a $4000 house needing $100k in repairs she couldnt even do bc it wasnt actually hers…. yikes

No. 679546

She mentioned somewhere she was “renting to own”, I so wish she could fathom telling the plain old boring truth for once or just about one thing

No. 679547

Didn't she also say the animals are at her mom's house?

No. 679548

so who was the person who came from the rescue and met you at your house right before you went to rehab? and told you all your animals looked ~amazing~

No. 679560

File: 1562911106871.png (205.06 KB, 750x1334, C55B92C6-FD44-407A-95D2-5FC400…)

Really begging for the pity points. It amazes
me how much support he gets. Hundreds of comments from fans sucking his dick

No. 679561

File: 1562911127535.png (169.38 KB, 750x1334, 0457E591-928C-4C0E-A24E-C9D140…)

No. 679562

File: 1562911220134.jpeg (37.31 KB, 750x286, CD14629A-87A2-41FE-B08D-693648…)

:( lmao(emoticon)

No. 679563

he cant possibly have autocorrect on… he purposely turned it off… why would he ever think that was a good idea….

No. 679567

File: 1562914505995.jpg (177.03 KB, 1080x985, cats.jpg)

she's said the cats are there for sure, and that her fish will be there

No. 679569

Hopefully tinfoil, but at this point I'm pretty certain she hasn't rehomed a single animal, and most if not all of them are probably still at the atrium house without proper care.

No. 679570

Yep. The amount of animals she’s showing says all. If it ever comes to moving time (which she said would be next month but expect that to be delayed too) the animals that die/died will be the ones “Rehomed”

No. 679571

She doesn't wanna list them but she will post all of them so people can make the list themselves. 300iq Taylor as usual

No. 679572

Uhhh she lost fucking 6 thousand on Instagram in the last month so…

No. 679577

I really don't understand how saying which reptiles have been rehomed causes people to speculate? People are speculating because she hasn't listed them, what difference does a video make?
Tbh the story has changed so many times, I feel like she's probably rehomed/killed some but needs to be sure what's left when she does finally move them and make a video. Be a bit awkward if she said who she rehomed now and then by the time she made the video more were missing.
I really don't feel like she rehomed any though - makes no sense to rehome some of your animals and then get 2 more in a week.

No. 679588

File: 1562924243826.png (134.38 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20190712-123627.png)

No. 679589


No. 679603

Wonder how many she bought?
You know money fixes everything!
Next tattoo Taylor?

No. 679606

WHY is she getting another defensive snake, that if female could get 6+ feet and 30-50 pounds (on the large side). If it's male, I hope she doesn't think she'll be able to breed it with duck because they're two different species and crossing them is highly frowned upon.

No. 679614

the second coming of Paris Hilton? are you drunk anon? I know this sounds crazy……but no one is forcing you here! and sage your shit.

OT: I’m not even shocked she got another snake I’m just mad. She’s treating this like a joke. I have no doubt in my mind the “rehomed” animals died, so why bring in TWO more? AND she’s lying out of her ass about not having any problems with them. I don’t get how her fans just go along with her lies? How can you be that dumb that you let this bitch get away with anything and everything?

No. 679615

“I am alive” sadly, god he really is like a cockroach. I’m actually bummed out that he isn’t lashing out, I want the milk. Tell us all her dirty secrets jonny. dammit, what a let down.

No. 679618

I think you're a 100% right with that. And she also enjoys the speculation, she's shown that time and time again. Even with this new snake how she initially alluded to it being hers and then suddenly claiming she is gonna rehome. Which I do not believe for a second she will do.

Her fan calling it an addiction and her going along with that shows where her mind is with these animals also. The fact her animals are still at the house, especially the cats and rats makes me so fucking sad for them. They deserve so much better than this. She's doing wrong by them.

This is typical narcissist shit she's doing, expecting special treatment everywhere she goes. Wanting rules to be bent for her.

He sounds like Taylor here, ew.

No. 679625

Maybe the NDA she said he wanted her to sign was actually the other way around? Everything she says should be taken as the opposite meaning anyways.

No. 679633

File: 1562945853244.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2208, 729C2C1A-CFF6-4B01-A2E6-E871E7…)

22k views and only 1600 likes, she even retweeted it for more attention
Guess those new followers give minimal shits sis

No. 679637

she's too lazy to spot clean before feeding her snakes and the tubs are so bare

No. 679638

freud considers snakes to be a phallic symbol. maybe taylors snake obsession stems from ~muh daddy issues~. we havent been hearing about her bro friend a lot and now suddenly there’s 2 snakes

No. 679643

File: 1562948317703.png (388.74 KB, 622x714, Capture-2.PNG)

Not sure if anyone caught this, but from her feeding montage yesterday… Her snakes don't seem to be at the atrium house anymore. I'd assume they're with her mom. It's weird she'd leave the social cats and rats in a house alone while the snakes move in with their caretaker.

No. 679645

I pretty much believe this and some anons discussed it already a bit. She has WAY more to lose than he has and if she actually had to explain herself while being called out for lying she simply could not do it.

No. 679647

Her mom has two dogs and getting two dogs to adjust to three new cats is a lot of work. As a cat owner, it’s disgusting that she’d leave them alone for so long. Has she never heard of rover? If you’re gone for more than a week the animal needs someone there full time imo. Same with the rats. She thinks it’s cute how much they miss her. I think it’s depressing as hell.

No. 679648

I could actually see him signing it if she threatened to break up with him or something. I know him saying he loves her is bullshit but losing a house and his sugar mama is obviously a huge loss for him.

No. 679649

I don’t think Jonny is stupid enough to sign an NDA if Taylor wouldn’t. He has way more experience in the public eye and better connections. She’s already showing herself to be manic af and his return to social media is getting to her already (based on her tweets last night). I think he’s going to put a lot of his experience in the new music he’s putting out to create hype, with explanations to fans following the music. Right now, fans are hanging on to his every word. I also don’t think Jonny is an addict like Taylor is. I think he likes getting high, but has steadily proved himself able to be a functioning addict. Don’t get me wrong, he is a piece of shit, but he’s in control right now, and can’t say that much about Taylor. She just trades one addict for another continuously.

No. 679651


I'm that anon.
You can break your lease in Texas without $$$$ for 4 reasons. Active military called to duty, victim of domestic violence, your place gets trashed by fire, flood etc, or if your landlord is a creeper.

Texas Property Code §92.0161 provides early termination rights for tenants who are victims of sexual assault or stalking, provided that specified conditions are met (such as the tenant securing a protective order).

I still believe they only made retroactive police reports to establish a reason for a temporary PO. Punching walls and consensual drug abuse doesn't meet the standards. Jonny left town willingly when asked, and lives thousands of miles away. I don't know if they will get the PO. Better chances if they go to court, because Taylor Trash is young and white. Her lawyer brother probably helped with this.

No. 679669

File: 1562957707406.jpg (439.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190712-145340_Ins…)

Everybody is just going to pretend like she didnt say those cats were with her mom. Lol
Hi Taylor, we see you and you are a damn liar(cowtipping)

No. 679671

Stop cowtipping, we see you have the same icon.

No. 679672

Good‍♀️(emoji use)

No. 679681


That's the standard instagram icon people without custom icons have.

No. 679691

File: 1562964193292.png (53.71 KB, 782x505, tndattentionwhore.png)

But why. This is in response to the selfie she posted where her eyes are clearly red and puffy from crying

No. 679692

File: 1562964264541.png (261.98 KB, 1590x2048, tndattentionwhore2.png)

The selfie

No. 679693

File: 1562964351936.jpg (149.43 KB, 1536x335, Screenshot_20190712-224145.jpg)

Taylor "None of my snakes have ever tried to strike me" >>679059

Also Taylor

Let the fucking new snake settle you asswipe.

No. 679694

File: 1562964468222.jpg (382.11 KB, 1536x1023, Screenshot_20190712-224717.jpg)

Anon was right. Snakes are at her p parents while rats and cats are at atrium house.

No. 679695

File: 1562964622546.jpg (259.9 KB, 1536x527, Screenshot_20190712-224948.jpg)

Not strongly against how your rats and cats are lonely as fuck tho clearly.

No. 679698

File: 1562965296885.jpg (135.21 KB, 1536x439, Screenshot_20190712-230115.jpg)

"I love his code name"

No. 679699

File: 1562965595045.jpg (649.13 KB, 1536x1699, Screenshot_20190712-230529.jpg)

Acting like she only transferred him and left him be, but also claiming he bit her 8+ times already ???

No. 679701

File: 1562966569866.jpg (172.71 KB, 1536x468, Screenshot_20190712-232224.jpg)

She is so not gonna rehome.

No. 679703

>this is how a guy who owns a rescue and would totally know more than me set it up but I'm strongly against it but conveniently never said anything about it in the first place

Sure, Taylor

>that's the only way he'd let me!
so exactly like you hold every single other snake for a photo?

Sure, Taylor.

Can we change the Sure, Jan meme to Sure, Taylor because that's basically all her threads are.

Also lol at "his previous owner might have been mean to him" sure mean by giving him to none other than TND

No. 679704

File: 1562967968362.png (2.76 MB, 828x1792, 037105D2-FFB0-42BB-B731-26B897…)

No. 679705

>M A N G E

jesus fucking christ taylor(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 679706

She kills off her hedgehogs so quickly. I hope she just rehomes them, they need much more space than people seem to think. She feeds them crap too, they need a strict diet of insects to be healthy, I doubt she's been getting all her nutrition from crap kibble.

No. 679708

how the FUCK did a domestic hedgehog get mange?! where did the mites come from?? holy shit.

No. 679709

Probably from letting every single pet onto her bed, never uses any form of quarantine

Or could it be possible that Star brought it in?

She has mange but IS SO HAPPY NOW GUISE

No. 679710

So much for "professionals" looking after her pets. If taylor the dimwit can spot something wrong and not her animal caretakers then what does that say?

No. 679711

File: 1562969316543.jpg (126.44 KB, 1460x388, Screenshot_20190713-000639.jpg)

Wow you're so witty and funny Taylor.

Won t be surprised if more of her animals have mange honestly. Especially with how much she lets them outside in the grass etc come to think of it.

No. 679712

File: 1562969748202.jpg (350.46 KB, 1536x1002, Screenshot_20190713-001516.jpg)

"I would never waste my heroin by sharing "

Taylor English isn't my first language and even I understand they're referring to killing your brain with drugs.

No. 679713

I hate how she's constantly getting animals she has zero experience with. Like with Kronos, she clearly was afraid of him but she didn't want to give him away. Even though I'm sure he's one of the ones she "rehomed".

Why can't she leave the snake, who clearly doesn't want to be handled, alone? Does she have to be seriously injured until it finally klicks?

No. 679714


This is seriously alarming. Mange is incredibly easy to pass between animals, so I have no doubt in my mind that others are affected. How did no one notice? Why was no one knowledgeable going in to check on the animals? What the fuck is this dumpster fire that she calls "pet care"? I am fucking appalled. So appalled. For an animal to be left for a month with severe dental issues and a severe parasitic infection….that is absolutely horrifying. How much weight has this hedgie lost? How compromised is her immune system after (probably) struggling to eat for a month all while being eaten alive by fucking PARASITES? Taylor needs to rehome ALL of her mammals because she is clearly too fucking vapid and irresponsible to provide them with even basic care.

No. 679715

>needles all over the floor
>sick bong hits right beside the reptiles or whatever the animals were


No. 679716

They all looked PERFECT and so HEALTHY the random person told her so!

No. 679717

I'm betting Kronos was one of the only ones actually rehomed. Her parents wouldn't have been able to take.care of it for a start and to be honest I bet he's been a big burden on Taylor since it's grown bigger. The others however I'm betting she doesn't want to list and she knows the list will grow when she moves if her animals are in a bad way. I'm actually still baffled how she gets away with so much when she is such an awful liar. Her stories are all over the place. I wonder what she would say to someone who asked about the rent to own situation on the atrium house.

No. 679718

File: 1562970435543.jpg (146.77 KB, 1536x438, Screenshot_20190713-002714.jpg)

No. 679719

Did this dumb hoe forget she lit a whole blunt right beside her satanic leaf gecko cage and shared it on social media?
Keeping the drugs away my ass your home was a pigsty and your cats walked all over that bitch.

No. 679720

File: 1562971029618.jpg (89.52 KB, 1536x243, Screenshot_20190713-003412.jpg)

No you cow, you always quote tweet so your stans can protect your sore, bruised and fragile ego.

I'm honestly surprised that she hasn't resorted yet to taking screenshots from here herself constantly to make her stans be her self esteem team even more.

Didn't she claim yesterday she was gonna stop doing this anyways?

No. 679721

Does anyone believe she actually had anyone in at all looking after them? I'm betting her parents visited and looked after them whilst she arranged for someone to come and help move them to their house. Apart from rats and cats which I guess only got a visit every few days. What a ridiculous aim that she had experts house sitting them. In that case why would the hedgehog have been on such bad condition?? I do believe she has a contract for a company to come and maintain her saltwater tank though and probably has done since cheese died so I think that will be just fine.

No. 679722

I honestly think you're right. There is not much I believe her in. I think it's very plausible someone quick helped transfer her reptiles to her parents. And her cats and rats pretty much only receiving some minor interaction a couple times a week.

I believe she is currently still off drugs FOR NOW, but with how toxic she has been behaving, how she is acting like an addict in so many ways still but with other things, I see her relapse rather soon on drugs too. Especially by the way she has been pretty much acting like this whole situation is all fun and games. Clearly this has not shook her to her core at all yet. She isn't disturbed by it as many others are.

No. 679723

She claims on Instagram that she has always kept her balls on aspen because multiple people called her out on that being a bad substrate. She said she's "never had an issue before" and "will continue using it" until she has an issue. So now she's blaming the rescue for putting them on aspen. Keep your lies straight, Taylor.

No. 679725


Thanks for the info, anon!

Do you know what the procedure is if the sheriff is unable to serve him? It appears she cannot get a temporary order without him being given the notice in person.



Once the application has been approved, a protective order hearing will be scheduled in 2 weeks to give the Sheriff's Office time to serve the perpetrator.

The Sheriff's Office will hand deliver the paperwork to the actor. The paperwork consists of an application for the protective order, the sworn statement you signed in our office describing the violence, and a Temporary Ex Parte Order to keep the perpetrator from bothering you until the hearing date.

If the perpetrator is served, you will need to go to court.

If the actor agrees to leave you alone, an Agreed Protective Order will be issued. If he or she does not show, you automatically get a Protective Order by default. If he or she denies the charges, a hearing will be held in front of a Judge who will decide if you get the Protective Order.

If the actor is not delivered (served) the papers, upon your request and with a valid address, the case may be reset again for two (2) weeks, and again, if necessary.

No. 679727


Hoping she didn't relapse, but did she ever show her 30 day chip she said she was gonna pick up?

No. 679730

This shit right here is the worst. People have valid concerns and she makes inappropriate jokes about it all. No she was not drugging animals of course, but she takes what one person did not literally mean and runs with it, trying to paint a ridiculous picture without addressing the other points. It is textbook deflection and she does it constantly. Guilty conscience much, Tay? It’s sad that your only defense is to make awful jokes about the poor animals that have fallen into your hands.

It would be mature of her to come out and say “I don’t think my animals got the best care while I was in rehab, but I’m fixing it now and will keep you guys updated. I’m sorry to anyone who worried.” Instead she’s that twat of a child at the schoolyard who got in trouble and just mocks the other person to try to get out of it.

No. 679731


No chip.

No. 679732


Down the hall and in the elevator?


If any animals died from neglect because she was too high or too sick with withdrawals to care for them, then she did kill them with drugs indirectly.

Also worth mentioning is the risk to her animals from drug residues on her hands and clothes. Amphibians would be the most sensitive, and she switched to handling her frog with bare hands after being criticized for wearing cloth gloves.

No. 679734


No chip.

No. 679747


Didn't Celia try to strike her in that all my snakes video she did. Video footage on her own channel and she still lies.

No. 679748

um…she literally put the spider bp she rescued on aspen herself

No. 679749

File: 1562974705253.jpg (246.64 KB, 1536x552, Screenshot_20190713-013818.jpg)

No. 679750

The only protection order that needs to be served is on Taylor the Abuser by her animals!

Who is protecting them from her?

No. 679751

Her skin looks like shit again already. Enjoy the H, Taytay.

No. 679753

Why has it been so long to where she's just seen Sarabi now when she's been visiting the animals already? Is Sarabi one of the poor critters left alone at the atrium house? Has she not even been there till now despite going to San Antonio? Fucking hell.

No. 679757

She’s literally not obligated to share any of this but somewhere her brain is fucking broken and so she puts only the bullshit on social media for everyone to see.
Pro tip: you literally just have to fill water and pull poop RIGHT BEFORE the video, it’s just literally not rocket science. She has no reason to share about sarabi, NONE!!! But she just can’t help it, it’s actual insanity I can’t believe it

No. 679760

File: 1562976504165.jpg (758.19 KB, 1536x1894, Screenshot_20190713-020747.jpg)

No. 679761

File: 1562976537635.jpg (526.4 KB, 1536x1886, Screenshot_20190713-020824.jpg)

Here comes the blaming the "professional "

No. 679764

File: 1562977054015.png (288.7 KB, 828x1792, 8EDCC57C-DD8F-4C11-8C2D-9AE3A2…)

No. 679765

Closest she’s gotten to a chip is a gluten free potato chip…

No. 679766

File: 1562977317920.jpg (150.97 KB, 1536x444, Screenshot_20190713-022153.jpg)

No. 679768

File: 1562977474083.jpg (348.85 KB, 1536x1214, Screenshot_20190713-022400.jpg)

No. 679769

File: 1562977551728.jpg (114.89 KB, 1536x344, Screenshot_20190713-022550.jpg)

No. 679770

File: 1562977610629.jpg (75.9 KB, 1536x245, Screenshot_20190713-022642.jpg)

Claims she uses H for a year and cheese died 7 months ago.

No. 679772

Her stans are brain dead. I literally will never understand why they kiss her ass so hard. Omg your snake is still not on ideal bedding, your hedgehog has mange???, cheese would be so proud!! Cheese is dead is because of her shit care, just like the rest of her pet cemetery. Jesus Christ it’s nauseating.

No. 679774

[record scratch…] girl no

No. 679777

File: 1562978521793.jpg (104.1 KB, 1536x249, Screenshot_20190713-024121.jpg)

Setting up for those future announcements of who is gone!

No. 679778


At this point I feel like she has got to be taking the piss. There is no way she genuinely thinks she will get away with lying about literally every single time frame ever.

No. 679779

>”Everg video for the last year that I’ve uploaded on YouTube I was high”

Cut to 4 months ago when YouTube commenters pointed out she was behaving like she was high in the videos and she vehemently denied it.

No. 679780

As a hedgehog owner I am fucking enraged by this. Hedgehogs can get mites from their bedding, which is why its recommended you freeze it for 24 hours. Mites are normal- mange only happens in wild hedgehogs. There is no way in hell that Sarabi wasn't in bad shape beforehand, or at the very least already had mites.

Moreover, hedgehogs are solitary, but they love their owners and need time daily to be with them. If I leave for a week, even if they are at the vet, mine will be noticeably cuddlier and happy. Hers must have been so sad.

Taking a hedgehog outside when it is a nocturnal animal is not bonding. It's so sad, her hedgie videos used to be so good.

No. 679782

File: 1562979257747.jpeg (47.77 KB, 578x208, 6F3C0622-7F03-4868-9B96-880A13…)

but his shoes are more than your rent

No. 679786


Mangy hedgehog doesn't shock me. After Nala died did she even mention other hogs? I didn't even know their names! She never shows them off, they must have been stuffed in the closest with poor Gus.

No. 679787


You're supposed to handle frogs with wet hands, and keep handling to an absolute minimum. I guess that wouldn't work for her filming them though.

No. 679788


Who's the snake in the LCF banner she's in that's tryin to strike/deflate her lip?

No. 679789



No. 679790


No they didn't, she got internet famous from that fucking pic of Nala being held up in the air in the prone position. That's not cute, it's stressing the poor thing out.

No. 679791

It’s Celia the western hognose in the LCF banner. Hognose hiss and bluff strike but don’t bite. They usually only bite out of a feeding response

No. 679792

File: 1562980514472.png (640.99 KB, 1242x2208, 49325C45-6075-43A1-B7B2-432F2E…)

No. 679793

Think of her reply in terms of animal addiction/hoarding.

No. 679794

sounds like it will be a good stream. If anyone can tolerate anything past 30 seconds in

No. 679795

we can only hope that she eventually admits she has an animal hoarding problem

No. 679799

File: 1562982077404.jpg (450.79 KB, 1080x1670, 20190712_214016.jpg)

No. 679800

File: 1562982102745.jpg (443.53 KB, 1066x1637, 20190712_214027.jpg)

No. 679801

Wow! 3x/week @$600/week. $200 for each visit!!! Sign me up!!

No. 679802

Jonny is streaming. He is asking/ begging for donations this weekend, hence streaming all weekend now. because he is driving back to Texas for his shit.

No. 679803

and yet CONSTANTLY made fun of people on twitter for speculating over her pinned pupils?
I lowkey envy her gall, Jesus

No. 679805

don't forget the rescue who moved in fulltime! the house with no furniture in it is packed with people.

No. 679806

Didn't she also say she started using opiates when they started dating?

No. 679807

so much for the existence of a restraining order.

No. 679808

Half of what he is talking is asking donations, even PayPal. He’s not even playing anything yet. And someday he wants to life in back in Texas “once it’s died down”

No. 679809

File: 1562982655614.png (470.35 KB, 828x1792, 2DD25EDC-B234-4D70-84E1-D3BDC0…)

No. 679810

File: 1562982688488.png (388.39 KB, 828x1792, D311DF68-17F3-4A84-B972-CB1AD2…)

No. 679812


His stuff is in a storage unit and has til the 25th to grab it or else

No. 679814

File: 1562982955517.jpeg (633.6 KB, 1242x1633, 7B5538A0-AC9D-4525-B6C2-6ADA2B…)

So, she’s stated she’s been doing heroin for over a year….but here she says she started 3 days after cheese died…

This video posted November 17, 2018 days she filmed it “30 minutes ago” because she wanted to let everyone know “as soon as possible. So essentially she started the heroin on November 20 according to her own words…she was “outpatient” in what, February and May4-June4 in rehab? That wouldn’t have even been 6 months of using!

No. 679815

File: 1562982971917.png (288.62 KB, 828x1792, 10FA1B2F-EA11-4DBC-9CEF-F8E301…)

No. 679816

Didn’t she say a couple weeks ago that she lied and never “really” got help from rehab, she just kept using and said she went to rehab when Jonny was still in the picture? I thought I remembered that tweet. Hmmm,,

No. 679817

he is doing a q&a and is talking a lot about Taylor, if anyone wants to ask him things

No. 679818

No furniture? She went on a crazy spending spree when she moved into that fishbowl and bought all that gaudy furniture

No. 679819

File: 1562983727886.png (1.55 MB, 828x1792, CF5CC9B6-16A8-46B9-8BF4-89F754…)

No. 679820

File: 1562983765608.jpeg (111.66 KB, 768x1024, 5C4F5B99-2024-42E2-8243-6FED69…)

No. 679821

File: 1562983829707.jpeg (109.18 KB, 768x1024, 65591B6A-8CD6-42C0-ABE6-A8C755…)

No. 679822

She probably got when she had that dog in the house and it went unnoticed. Reaally makes you think about what other stuff she was neglecting behind the scenes. No way this junkie looked after her "pets" at all while she was high.

No. 679823


I know. But considering her drug use at the time it was an unnecessary risk. The drugs would be present in her sweat.


Good! The sheriff can serve you then!


He has to be served before even the temporary order is in effect.


>I am obsessed with myself.


No. 679824

He didn’t know what 800+800 is. And he didn’t know what month/number it is.
Wow he must be toasted, slurring and he looks like shit

No. 679828


But the thing about all day every day drug use, Taylor, is that it impairs your ability to realize how impaired you are.

Her hubris will be her undoing. Again.

No. 679829


Good call! Or cross-contamination from the rescue workers (inb4 she assumes they were to blame).


Did he say that on the stream?

No. 679830

She confirmed the texts from 2017 were real. She says she only used 1 year also. She also said she shot him up the first time even though they texts said she chose to smoke it. It's all bullshit.

No. 679831

File: 1562985750437.jpeg (521.15 KB, 1242x1336, 247B475F-8F94-4839-9183-BA78F7…)

No. 679832

So she was using jonny for other drugs just like anons speculated and worked her way up. She's not a seasoned junkie, she's a poser who freaked out that she was addicted and couldn't control herself.
She's been a user of other substances well over a year, I think veins came later and she freaked. I don't think she was using hourly like she claimed either.

Jonny is fucked. He obviously has no money cause he blew it on drugs and twisted tea.

No. 679834

File: 1562986326664.png (536.49 KB, 828x1792, 95F1D47C-34EE-411B-935D-1AA9B1…)

Add this to the pile of lies

No. 679835

File: 1562986354346.jpg (67.35 KB, 634x1026, 1555299933410.jpg)

The texts specifically say she smoked heroin. Not other drugs.

Her story of the first time she got high was that he shot her up. That's not true either.

No. 679836

It was an hour each time here. Now it's 4+ hours. Ya ok

No. 679837


"They're with my mom" implies they're at mom's house. "My mom's with them" implies her mom is at the house with them. I'm not sure if she was intentionally being ambiguous.

No. 679838

I think she's caught up in her own lies at this point. She keeps changing the story to make her seem like the victim and was forcefully being shot up. She smoked it here but I think heavy vein use came later.

No. 679839


Yeah that makes sense, going from abusing pain meds to chasing the dragon, then working her way up to shooting up for the stronger high.

But on the other hand she wants it to seem like her little experiment with heroin was a terrible addiction that controlled a whole year of her life where she was injecting herself hourly.

She's lost control of her own narrative at this point.

No. 679841

File: 1562988409182.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190712-212516.jpg)

These are the animals she's shown since coming back to social media. I think this might be all of the ones she currently has.

No. 679842

Anyone watching this want to transcript? Love to hear what he’s making up

No. 679843

File: 1562988610656.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190712-213009.jpg)

And animals we haven't seen.

No. 679844

You are missing mushu. Who has a 99% chance of being dead and not rehomed.

No. 679845

Didnt she show Twisty?

No. 679846

File: 1562988768345.png (891.33 KB, 750x1334, F3DBA96C-7B48-4E1D-A954-249B89…)

Let me know if any more are unaccounted for. Someone make her see this MUCH MORE THAN 30 ANIMAL LIST

No. 679847

Sorry I got croc skink and satanics mixed up!

No. 679848

She already said she rehomed her satanics when she moved. Allegedly to a pet store where they died if the sourceless texts are to be believed.

No. 679849

It’s over he’s streaming tomorrow all day 1pm on

No. 679850

Did he answer any questions about Taylor?

No. 679852

She did say she still has mush. We haven’t seen her yet, but we’ll see.

No. 679857

File: 1562989568495.jpeg (555.35 KB, 1242x1193, 3AF85584-03F2-49BB-8081-481183…)

No. 679862

File: 1562990529420.png (2.73 MB, 1125x2001, 6CA0B256-8C06-41F3-AE3B-CB96AF…)

His face is picked to shit and he sounds so faded

No. 679863

Yes. Hence why he's on my 'animals she's shown' list.

No. 679865

This is very inaccurate. Some of these animals were "rehomed" long ago. The top two lists are more accurate.

No. 679868

He said he introduce heroin to her and that she was in other drugs. Also he said he couldn't be served with restraining order and is in the minute 20 and 25 he also contacted Taylor's dad about his stuff on a storage unit. He is begging for money he doesnt have money.
He is saying that he doesnt force her to drugs . What a joke he is

No. 679870

why run to her with these questions, imagine feeling so het-up you need to do this. she just does more gymnastics. let's just enjoy the lies and contradictions for what they are.