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No. 812246

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23 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/807296

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new girlfriend and mother of his child, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He introduced Taylor to heroin and facilitated her descent into addiction, but she used a variety of drugs prior to/since.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (Private): https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor’s pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update re: new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New Milk:

>Following her “heart went boom” (whatever the fuck that means) incident, Tayter brags about having to wear a heart monitor and tries to make it “fashion” >>807642 >>807426

>Continues to make light of her addiction >>807364
>Changes her bio on Twitter and Instagram to say she is returning on December 31st >>807459
>Posts selfies on Instagram looking greasier than ever, claims they were taken 5 days after a 2 day relapse, is clearly still using >>807658 >>807663
>Her claims about being sober after aforementioned relapse don’t add up, lending more credence to speculation that she is still in the throes of full blown addiction >>807704
>Posts unreadable screeds about her mental health to her IG stories while clearly methed out >>807833
>Continues to UwU-ify her heart monitor while trying to relive the MySpace “scene” phase she never had >>807841
>Queerbaits by thirsting over Miley Cyrus >>808091
>Decides that she wants to get her hair done at a salon during a fucking pandemic and with an immunocompromised brother, hair is meant to be half green but ends up looking like pond scum >>808230 >>808330
>Not content with a salon visit, she also gets an impulse ugly furby tattoo >>808333
>Spams her social media with endless narcissistic selfies showcasing her new look that is trashier than ever >>808422 >>808423 >>808424
>Anons observe that while spamming gratuitous pics of her hideous new tattoo her legs are noticeably clear from the scars she claimed were left by sepsis, yet another thing she has lied about >>808477 >>808528
>More meth sperging about how this is a new chapter for her >>808739
>Continues to post pics of her hideous furby hoard while not posting any pics of her animals despite her fans repeatedly asking her to >>808804
>Decides to self diagnose with ADHD, more ~mental health advocacy~ sperging on her IG stories ensues >>808818 >>808824
>Finally posts pics of two of her snakes posed awkwardly/dangerously on some of the junk she has accumulated >>808946 >>809034
>Claims she is looking into becoming a pagan, has totally been “heading that route” for ages u guise!!!11!!!1!! >>809088
>More unhinged screeds about mental health and recovery >>810134 >>810137
>Got two computers for Christmas, can’t keep her story straight about who paid for them, all while she can’t afford to feed her cats >>810947
>Floats the idea of becoming a streamer despite never talking about gaming >>810948
>Claims she hasn’t been on her phone at all, which is clearly bullshit because she has been mass deleting tweets, including one about apparently being featured in a tattoo magazine >>811567
>>December 31st rolls around, she tweets about returning to YouTube tonight!11!!11!! >>812012
>When asked about what time she will be uploading days that she has things to do first and wants to upload at a time when she’ll be able to interact with her fans, which is fucking retarded given that it’s New Year’s Eve >>812012
>To the surprise of no one, January 1st rolls around and Tayter is nowhere to be found >>812175
>A twitter account defending her silence appears and is quickly deleted after speculation that it’s actually her >>812213

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No. 812248

Shout out to >>>/pt/812226 for the thread pic, Happy fucken New Year, ya hags

No. 812249

Tysm for the new thread, you’re the real mvp

No. 812251

File: 1609493867944.jpeg (500.93 KB, 828x1255, 79A94110-42C0-4185-9C5E-D08840…)

kek looks like we weren’t the only people speculating about that sock account

No. 812254

File: 1609495223792.jpeg (668.79 KB, 828x1405, 26F66DC4-5832-402F-A300-F2F39A…)

her fans are not pleased, I cannot wait to see how she defends this foolery

No. 812255

Oh, she'll just blame her anxiety and say she knew "the mean internet bullies" is why she's putting it off. She should adopt this cycle into her hair care routine.

No. 812258

KEK thank you for the top notch thread pic

No. 812269

I wonder if she’s going to start sperging first or if Aggy will start ranting for her. This is so pathetic

No. 812273

How long til she deactivates her instagram and twitter

No. 812274

Very soon I bet. I know someone already said this but Jonny Craig OFFICIALLY posted more YouTube videos then taylor in 2020. Tay baby what is you doin.

No. 812278

Lmao - well one thing in 2020 that is precedented is tay continuously flushing her career down the drain yet again!

I am tinfoiling that she is doing this to garner more interest first before dropping her video? If not, she is full blown self-destructive. I actually feel embarrassed for her at this point?? Who knew it wasnt jonny that causes her downfall, she did it herself. Kek

No. 812281

File: 1609508872235.jpeg (1.2 MB, 828x1626, BC3EAD2B-B50E-4A97-8F23-116482…)

Was lurking her insta and noticed that she unarchived the selfie with jake - old brodick after taking it down initially?

I mean after all the shit he put her through, I am surprised that she have the pic posted back?

Sage since not milk.

No. 812283

File: 1609509196736.jpeg (142 KB, 828x484, 61CF0841-2DAC-45B4-B1BD-2788C6…)

I love how she changed it from “December 31st” to “tonight”.

>uploads in 2025

>See? I told you I’d upload tonight!!111!!!1!!

No. 812285

File: 1609509951972.jpeg (414.76 KB, 828x782, 18C9DDFD-A2C0-4A8E-AAAF-E93413…)

>I just won a 500 dollar bet

LMAO happy new year to you, random person on twitter

No. 812287

Even if she did chicken out last minute and decided she wasn’t ready to post a video, how fucking hard is it to just say that so your fans aren’t wasting their new year refreshing YouTube until 3am? That’s what pisses me off the most. How fucking selfish can you be? What’s left of her fan base are just enablers at this point. With that “take all the time you need” bs after she promised a video by midnight.

No. 812295

This girl is fucking sick in the head. She's obviously reading replies but it's all good cause attention is attention.

It's all just a big ploy to feed her narcissism. She gets off controlling her delusional fans more than making content.

It's been nearly 2 years since she's made any decent amount of content. Does she think her "fame" will last forever? LMAO

No. 812297

I’d already posted the new bio in the old thread.

No. 812300

Because nothing is ever straight forward with tayterthot, she needs to come up with some wildly elaborate fabrication to garner sympathy/attempt to distract everyone from the fact that her entire existence is a house of lies

No. 812314

Damn. She really ended 2020 on a huge lie and started off 2021 with everyone pissed off at her. That’s beyond embarrassing

No. 812321

File: 1609519381376.jpg (176.21 KB, 400x300, her.jpg)

Taylor Rn.

Jebait the fans for views on the old vids to buy more smack. Blame on haturs and stress. Rinse repeat.

Probably vegging out on the stash shes got hidden in her room.

No. 812325

That blinker fluid acct said her current relationship is the same and her relationship with Johnny? So does that confirm she's with Aggy and he does heroin with her?

No. 812326

I can’t get over Jens shady tweets at Taylor. Even her mom is getting sick of her shit.

No. 812328

EDS. Anxiety. Withdrawal. Wifi issues. Haturz. Boolies. Another hospital visit. "Family emergency." Broke her computer(s). COVID-19. Gluten. Relationship problems. "I never promised that." Animal emergency. Depression. BPD.

It's gonna be some combination of one or more of the above bullshit excuses. And it will be told to us in the form of a long-ass fake-ass drug ramble. Jfc, Tay!

No. 812335

To be fair, i dont think any of her fans are so obsessed with her that they're 'wasting their new years refreshing youtube til 3am'. The girl hasnt uploaded in almost a year, she's lost the majority of her real fans and all that's left are those of us still warming our hands on the dumpster fire.

I wasnt up refreshing youtube at 3am tho, lmao.

No. 812339

>I took the year off for my recovery

toppest kek

No. 812343

File: 1609524842256.jpeg (51.09 KB, 750x270, 7E864FEA-D682-4B7A-8173-5F11A6…)

I feel like this person is spot on. She tells her fans new video and then doesn’t upload one, her fans miss her so they just go and binge all her old videos and she makes money without even doing anything.

No. 812350

Plot twist, it’s another sock account to entice people to rewatch her old stuff instead lmao

No. 812359

How can she be THIS fucking lazy??? She has the easiest job in the world and can make thousands in a couple days doing what she supposedly “loves” yet she hasn’t uploaded anything in a year. If she doesn’t like youtube anymore she can just say that and go. It’s fine to lose interest or admit you ran out of ideas (how many animal videos can someone possibly make? Unless you have a dog or bird or something that’s trained well and does tricks then there’s not much you can really post. Reptiles are very boring animals.)

Taylor just leave youtube already and stop wasting your fans time with empty promises.

No. 812360

File: 1609534536546.png (211.12 KB, 750x1334, F2C3D202-79DD-4BEB-B6AE-3E528F…)

No. 812361

File: 1609534584996.png (332.8 KB, 750x1334, A7450005-094B-460B-BA64-A3CF6C…)

Never said anything before today. Yeeuuupppp.


No. 812362

Hmmmm. It’s so odd that the people defend Taylor in detail have no social media history.

Besides that point, I think Taylor needs to rehome her animals. This is the perfect time, the few fans left she has, doesn’t seem to care to much about the animals anymore. They seem more in interested in her. So it’s the perfect opportunity for her to own up to the truth. She doesn’t like animal care anymore the passion is gone.

1. Rehome your last few living animals, bc we all know she doesn’t have the same ones she showed us last

2. Maybe start streaming as a small hobby, and get a real part time job, so she can get use to the real world

3. Shut the fuck up about being a advocate for fucking everything. (She claimed to be advocate for : depression, ed, addiction, metal health, animals, the list goes on) in my experience you don’t proclaim yourself to be an advocate. Usually it’s what someone else describes you as, but what do I know.

No. 812363

File: 1609535013387.png (133.51 KB, 688x656, agggy.PNG)

Possible Tay vauge-baiting?

No. 812364

File: 1609535080208.png (549.44 KB, 1450x912, afffy.PNG)

No. 812365

File: 1609535153041.png (31.8 KB, 697x379, afgt.PNG)

No. 812366

File: 1609535167867.jpg (81.79 KB, 1079x445, Screenshot_20210101-130514.jpg)


No. 812369

File: 1609535424562.png (376.46 KB, 677x695, Mama.PNG)

mama dean throwing more shade

No. 812370

Shade? Ssshhhiiiiittttt more like "be kind to my pathetic poor baby adult child"

No. 812371

Is she high ?? She sounds high herself.

No. 812372

I interpreted it as her calling her own daughter a bad person. bad thoughts into bad actions describes every decision Taylor made in the last year (or last several years let's be real). if she's trying to say the opposite then she fucked up

No. 812373

i want her to speak on this so bad

also, do people genuinely still watch her videos? like we keep talking about her “fans” being upset. who is watching her videos after this long

No. 812377

The fact Taylor didn’t respect her fans enough to tell them a video wasn’t coming out, while also being active on social media that day was so disgusting.

No. 812381

she averages 30,000 views a day and is still gaining subs

No. 812383

Some fans are so retarded in her comments saying everyone is pressuring her to make a video and she doesn’t have to, and this video is nothing, she doesn’t owe us anything, yet she is setting the deadlines, she is pressuring herself and told everyone to hold her accountable if she disappears. She herself said she was using if she just ghost people. I hate it when some fans basically imply Taylor will kill herself bc we are so cruel for doing exactly what she asked. It’s either team hold her accountable or team enable her until she od’s

I would post screenshots but it’s just so many of stupid fans, that there is no point in clogging the thread

No. 812384

I'm convinced that those new accounts are her. Why else would a new account be replying to her when before today/yesterday they didn't even know she was promising a video as they werent on twitter. In all honesty she can't possibly enjoy looking after her animals these days. It's always so much more fun when you do it and can show them off and get the glory. Shes not getting anything from them now and they can only be a drain on her life. She clearly has no passion for them now they don't bring in the money. Shed be better off doing a video explaining she is rehoming them and then uploading her random rants and chats. No doubt some people would still watch them and it would get rid of all the haters.

No. 812388

The "she doesn't owe us/her audience anything" is inherently dumb. She wouldn't have a job or any income at all without people who want to watch her videos.
She does owe her audience SOME content if she wants to keep earning income from YouTube.

No. 812389

She truly treats them worse than she treated cheese's dead body.
She thinks the world revolves around her

No. 812392

To be fair though she has a lot more content she could do if she’d get on her own two feet and work on just correcting their horrible enclosures. She could have dozens of makeover videos, new enclosures and videos of that sort.
But she’s dumb and that would also be admitting she’s not the queen of perfect care.
Repost because I forgot to fuckin sage

No. 812394

It's fucked up she baits them into thinking she's gonna release a video and does nothing. Its manipulative and toxic behavior but not unexpected from a junkie. Once I can see them forgiving but this is like the 6th time its happened.

She's just so aimless and inconsistent shes lost the trust of her audience. I don't think there's really a way to recover from something like this, it's not what she's done but it's what SHE IS. She's a junkie now.

Taylor is a selfish, lazy, ungrateful toxic person who got away with alot of shit cause she was pretty. Drugs have made her so ugly and unlikeable that she's nothing like the old Taylor they knew. She was always a basic, munchie bitch but something seriously changed with her.

Drugs have become such a part of her identity, and she won't ever recover unless she gets help.

No. 812395

We're the one's who made you*

She uses her fans as doormats. You guys I'm getting my life together give me asspats!! I'm the chosen one! I only do drugs once in a while! So I'm most definitely sober I promise I'm going to post a video here's a day y'all I'm going to do it my life is going to go back to normal!

No. 812416

File: 1609549259517.jpeg (499.22 KB, 828x1037, 38ED0E7C-9858-4199-B13A-9D17E3…)

Look who’s back! Totally Not Taylor (TM) trying to make that account seem like it’s totally not Taylor

No. 812428


what the fuck is this useless sperging about this one person that's suspected to be taylor just because they're a new account? this is the dumbest tinfoil yet, there's literally no proof that it's taylor except that they praised taylor once.

No. 812431


It's fun to speculate. Chill.

No. 812436


>praised Taylor once

Except their post history is nothing but Taylor and the only person they follow besides the cast of Glee including actors who are dead is Taylor but okay

No. 812438

File: 1609550890392.jpeg (88.44 KB, 828x704, 1917C51A-C476-40F7-A77B-BDB47D…)

And now they’re gone again, right after being mentioned on here. Hmmm.

No. 812449

Doesn't really prove much tbh fam i'd love for you to be right tho. Im sure she's busy trying to write a script for a tweet or insta post explaining why she hasn't bothered to upload yet

No. 812459

It funny how the account was defending Taylor up and down and getting really pissy towards people upset about her not posting , and then gets called out for being Taylor. Deletes account. Then makes a post mad at Taylor for not making a videos. Gets called out again for being Taylor, than deleting the account again. I wonder if all their tweets will be deleted, or if it will stop being active completely. I know we don’t have soil proof but to many things add up

No. 812462

I really wish being a fan of hers wasn't so synonymous with defending her behavior. I actually like Taylor, and relate to quite a few of her struggles. But Making promises and not keeping them is not "healing" behavior, it's not what someone who successfully took a year off to heal would do. She openly talks about her bpd, anxiety, depression etc, and flaunts being a mental health advocate, but is ignoring the important part of that which is treating and controlling it, not using it as a crutch for her behavior. Lying about the video was shitty, and there is no excuse, only a very depressing explanation. Taking on addiction and mental health as an aspect of your personality is dangerous, because it becomes so hard to let go of after that. And people defending her with that as an excuse are really only proving that she should have never tried to do a comeback in the first place. Which is sad, I was honestly excited for her to make videos again. But if her mental health is still at this level she really needs to get off the internet and stay off of it, for a while at least. She doesn't need an audience of sycophants to clap while she spirals.

No. 812463

I think a lot of people here have liked her at some point (I actually didn’t know she existed before clicking on one of her threads so I can’t say I was ever a fan) and that’s why anons are so incredulous with her antics. She went from being a basic pretty white girl with adorable and unusual pets to being a greasy, dishonest, animal neglecting junkie pretty fucking fast. No one is holding her struggles against her, they’re just fed up with her endless lies and refusal to take responsibility for herself and her terrible life choices. Her mother’s enablement makes it all the more egregious.

No. 812466

I’m fucking dead. I thought I was bad at procrastination. She should be ashamed of herself. I mean a lot of people would kill to have a job that involves sitting in your bedroom and talking to a camera.

I wonder what the excuse will be this time.
Also congrats on some of her fans waking the fuck up and calling her out in being a lazy bitch.

No. 812469


Ikr, I just wish the people on her other socials who are telling people to lay off would realize they're doing more harm than any "hater" ever could. It sucks a lot to see someone who had such a recipe for success give in to the worst part of herself and gets a free pass from people around her, and anyone who might take a tough love approach is dismissed.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 812471

And all the money she spends on her hair and piercings and tattoos and ugly dollskill landfill fashion, you would think she’d at least want to show it off on camera seeing as she is a NEET with no social life. It’s fucking insane. The tweet that account that may or may not be her posted regarding “rehoming half her pets” is curious, if that’s the case then maybe she is ashamed of having to do that (when in reality people would probably praise her for it given that she can’t care for them) and knows that if she starts making videos without them people will be asking questions that she doesn’t want to answer. But that’s just tinfoil.

No. 812472

It’s kind of gross how many people have this savior complex and think that holding her accountable for lying (or just general rude antics) is wrong. Addict or not, mentally ill or not, if someone lies multiple times it’s acceptable to be upset.

Why does she deserve a pass for shitty behavior simply because she is “mentally ill” or an “addict”? She hasn’t once taken full accountability for her actions the past two years. At this point, she isn’t even close to rock bottom and this babying is telling her it’s fine and dandy to go on acting this way forever. Supporting an addict does not equal excusing their poor behaviors….it’s sickening that the internet thinks that what support is.

Sage for god damn blogpost.

No. 812473

I think bullshit “woke” idpol fuckery has a lot to do with people coddling her and YAAAAS BRAVE KWEEEEENing her.

>in this house we don’t shame addicts uwu

>normalise mental illness uwu

These people are fucking retarded tumblrfags who equate valid criticism with bullying

No. 812474

I think it's mostly young naive kids who think she's being forced by bullies to make these bad decisions. Part of being an adult is owning up to your shitty habits and choices. Kids really don't have any frame of reference when dealing with addicts.

It's literally all her, she dated jonny, she did heroin, bad friends, co-dependency issues, more animals than she can properly care for. Sometimes life happens but there's a healthy and UNhealthy way to deal with it.

No. 812476

I’m honestly in the camp that thinks that if animals died or had to be regimes she’d just pretend they were still with her.

Those idiots are complicit. Literally normalizing mental illness would be saying “hey if you can’t care of these animals as you aren’t taking care of yourself then we would like to see them rehomed until you’re in a better place.” Anything other than that is feeding into the illness. Because any thinking she just procrastinated with making videos and nothing else like the care her exotic pets need is deep into cognitive dissonance.

No. 812478

Same here, I actually like her, which is why it’s so disappointing to see her constantly make such shitty choices. Literally everything wrong with her life is her own fault and she can completely fix it if she just stops playing victim and owns up to her shit. Start taking recovery seriously, stop hanging out with shitty people, rehome your pets, film some videos (or at least put out a statement that you decided to leave) and STOP LYING!!! People will respect her more if she just honestly admits when she fucked up instead of making up all these excuses. Telling the truth is easier than coming up with all these elaborate lies. I actually do want to see her get better and it sucks that she doesn’t care about doing that. I get that mental illness and addiction are difficult to deal with but it almost feels like she purposely sabotages every opportunity she gets just bc she likes feeling sorry for herself. FFS, she can even turn her long ass instagram rants into their own videos; it takes just as much effort as typing it all out and she can make money off it too.

No. 812480

For fucking real. This absolutely spastic trend of using muh mental illness and muh addiction as a shield from any sort of criticism is the reason why people have entertained her bullshit as long as they have. A vast majority of her fans are not only young but extra naive on account of being raised on the internet in an age where it’s all fucking safe space this and -ism/-phobia that, not having any understanding that the real world is not fucking twitter or tumblr and doesn’t work that way. They’re all complicit in her becoming the living, breathing dumpster fire that she is.

No. 812482

This is what is so fucking maddening about the whole shitshow. She’s a pretty girl (terrible style notwithstanding), that’s what got her noticed in the first place for fuck’s sake. It’s not that her content was that much better than other pettubers, she was just miles ahead of them in terms of appearance (which isn’t hard seeing as they’re all pretty unfortunate looking frumps, but I digress) ergo more enjoyable to watch. Her looks opened a lot of fucking doors for her but she just had to choose the one that led to a codependent destructive fucking relationship with Jonny Craig and out of control substance abuse. There is no excuse for her not sorting herself out. She’s got a roof over her head and a family that obviously cares about her, why is it so fucking hard for her to just say “hey, I fucked up”? More tinfoil but I think the reason she is desperately clinging to YouTube in spite of very obviously hating it is because she is petrified of having to find a job. She’s a NEET, her only work experience is working at petco for five minutes, she’s a full blown munchie on top of the medical conditions (addiction included) she is afflicted by, she’s probably distracting herself with all her style changes and ever-changing obsessions like the furbies and of course drugs because she knows that the gravy train is making its final trip to the yard.

No. 812484


Her looks in comparison to the average person/per tuber is also honestly a shield in how she avoids criticism.
Cause if she was average looking or ugly more people outside this thread would have already clocked her on her bullshit which is animal hoarding. If she was ugly with a past iv drug addiction on top of being mentally ill and acquired this many animals people would have already called it what it was: animal abuse.

No. 812485

yea, it's a well documented phenomenon called the "halo effect"

She's fucking up her looks fast tho, the tattoos and style are just godawful. She just can't pull off the alternative look. Being an absolute liar, addict and general cunt isn't doing her any favors either. Animal owners are very passionate and couldn't give a shit what you look like, part of the reason why she gets so much critism.

I DO think taylor will turn it around (if she doesn't OD) but it'll be after years of addiction and decline. She isn't going to return to her pre-jonny days at this point, her effortless money days are long gone.

No. 812491

This is why I don't mock her on Twitter or anything, just here or in private with friends. All attention is food for her, whether it's a compliment or criticism or hate. Sure, she likes the ass kissing more, but the attention just feeds her cancerous narcissism.

That account was 100% her, the vocabulary and posts were a dead ringer. She built up her return…just to troll around on Twitter? lmfao.

She'll never rehome them, they get people to give her attention by having interest in them, and thus her. The ones she "rehomed" are 100% dead. She won't part with a pet unless it's a corpse.

No. 812505

Tana Mongeau is both has metal health problems and addiction problems, but you never see anyone white knighting her. She is always held accountable, so why do people always wk Taylor ? Where is the line ?

No. 812506

Tinfoil but a) Tana is absolutely fucking clapped, being a fugly 40 year old looking lot lizard makes it easier to criticize her, and b) every single fucking thing she does is without filter and it makes her deeply unlikeable; Taylor started off cute and wholesome but Tana has always been unashamedly selfish, vulgar and obnoxious and people have always criticized her for it

No. 812507

Taylor's image (till she was exposed as a heroin addict) was a wholesome, innocent, girl-next door vibe.

People still think she's some innocent victim of jonny's abuse. Something that's been disproven multiple times in the threads but largely unknown to YT. If you didn't know about the shady shit she's done she looks perfectly normal on the outside.

No. 812508

Exactly. Tana’s whole brand is “trash”. Unlike Taylor, she makes it abundantly clear that she gives zero fucks what anyone thinks of her, that basically tells her fans that she doesn’t need defending.

No. 812511

The way this bitch has 65 threads… I wonder if that’s a cow record

No. 812513

nah, honestly, I fully expect for her to just give up on her youtube career this year and the threads to finally die, it was fun at first but she's been silent for too long

No. 812522

Yep, the milk just isn’t the same anymore, it’s been rinse and repeat for over a year now.
Rehab stint, vocally wants to turn her life around and return to YouTube, sperges about muh health and addicting, massive drug binges followed radio silence that lasts months and so on (throw in a new dickbro and some shitty tattoos and a very rare animal photo inbetween)
She’s officially a washed up hag and nothing more.

No. 812548

imagine being such a disappointing person even your haters are ready to drop you. kek

No. 812554

File: 1609602201060.png (354.04 KB, 649x442, savage.PNG)

Fucking mama dean LOL

No. 812560

File: 1609603445288.png (763.13 KB, 828x1792, 98E55A6A-0EF5-43D8-853F-FEFBB3…)

This was all just a tactic for attention and views, I don’t think she ever planned to upload. Like other anons have said, this just sparked nostalgia and made people watch her old videos. She’s manipulating her fans for money for drugs, the bitch knows exactly what she’s doing

No. 812562

She would make a lot more money even shitting out a 5 minute video or just uploading her Instagram stories that have her pets in them.

It's the same as last time. She really thought she would make a video but when push came to shove that's effort. She's not some mastermind schemer milking views from her teen fans, she's a narcissist who wants praise and recognition. Which she got all month leading up to NYE.

No. 812567

It's not about the money for Taylor it's about the high.

Attention high, druggie high, fame high, possession high, control high, freedom high, emotion high.

She just wants an unending stream of feels, she can't imagine living without it.

No. 812573

holy fuck, don’t mock your daughter on social media, actually hold her accountable in real life

No. 812576

Except making a video would require her to do actual work. Not to mention she probably looks like shit and would have to take the effort to hide or cover her track marks. This was a way for her to make some money without doing anything. That’s just my theory tho

No. 812578

Kek the video is her getting whataburger ofc.Making fun of homeless people, then talking about abuse. No Taylor in sight, probably slumming it up with aggy.

Jen is what Taylor will be in 20years, it really is sad.

No. 812580

Her views are still going down month by month. December was a quarter of a million down from November so her tactic isn't working. She does get attention from both haters, fans and stans on twitter however and she probably loves watching them argue over her.

No. 812589

File: 1609609675344.jpg (502.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201228-093235_Sam…)

Found this in the old threads. If she knows this WHY announce the comeback video??? Shes literally been doing this for years. The self sabotage is real with this one.

No. 812596

File: 1609612878356.jpeg (192.16 KB, 828x827, 3AEBE745-0AD9-4B1E-9019-B0E81A…)

No. 812598

Please don't feed the cows, you might catch their stupid.

Her MIA just makes it worse every day she waits. How hard is it to just apologize and be quiet?

No. 812599

>view tweet activity
is this a selfpost?

No. 812601

you should sage, but yeah i think it must be. hi aggy(hi cow)

No. 812602

definitely, you only ever see that when it's your own tweet. looks like somebody forgot to crop!

No. 812604

lmao he's as much of a cow as she is except absolutely no one is interested on him

No. 812605

This is hilarious, I love it.
I wonder if this is going to be like the Emzotic farce.

No. 812607

It depresses me to no end when cows “friends” come shit talk them in the threads.

No. 812608


I don't think he's smart enough to even know he had to crop that out.

No. 812609


You dun goofed

No. 812611

File: 1609618745804.jpeg (91.74 KB, 620x352, C7AD3025-47E8-4F4D-BC14-4347CD…)

No. 812612

"view tweet activity" LMAO hi aggy.

No. 812613

LOL inconspicuous

No. 812614

File: 1609619518100.jpg (154.8 KB, 634x1011, 31C345E500000578-3472681-An_Im…)

Aggy posting in this thread like

No. 812616

Can't mods expose all his other posts now?

No. 812617

File: 1609619679094.jpeg (58.56 KB, 828x350, 3B300028-0BF2-41D0-89E2-3CB542…)

I think he’s been subtweeting her and his narc ass couldn’t stand that no one had been posting them

No. 812618

File: 1609619707379.jpeg (31.34 KB, 828x163, 22DFAA25-00EF-4556-84D8-E13D26…)

No. 812621

Clever to take frightened dogs out for a drive to look at fireworks… also driving on the highway with one hand, while filming fireworks behind her with the other. Guess you can't blame Tay for not having any consequence thinking.

No. 812624

Have you even been reading the thread? These were already posted.

No. 812629

Yes, but mods only expose posters if they continuously break any rules, this is an anonymous site still

No. 812634

No need to be a dick about it

No. 812636

I swear I saw Aggy's screen shot on their Instagram story and now it's gone
Not milk but I thought it was strange.

No. 812639

Lmao nice narc self-post (tay sure knows how to pick em! Remember tay, you’re the company you keep and for this case a even more wash-up junkie rapper-wannabe)

No. 812642

We literally don't care about you and your average of 0 likes a tweet
Reported for Selfposting and Backstabbing your 'poor friend' who is bullied by the internet

No. 812652

On whose insta story? What did you see

No. 812664

I was the one who posted that Twitter image, because it mentioned Taylor. He posted his tweet & that’s where I took it from - his IG story. Just cropped out IG Story frame, he had just posted it a few min before. Sorry to burst the bubble for those who were hoping for a self-post situation

No. 812670

Has he deleted it now tho as I don't see it on his Instagram stories?

No. 812705

File: 1609642509425.jpeg (354.35 KB, 828x901, ACACA186-86CE-4772-9081-3D5CFA…)

Fucking hell her fans are retarded

No. 812706

“If something felt right for her while she was on drugs” is a more accurate way to say that

No. 812709

If you can’t deal with criticism get the fuck off the Internet. It’s just not the place for you. Where is this mentality of don’t criticize or it’s your fault they relapse with all the problematic youtubers and tiktokers who use drugs and have some mental issues. The few crazy Taylor stans are the ultimate enablers, saying valid criticism is too much for Taylor’s poor soul. If that is the case then her career is done. I honestly think she really fucked up her career with all the stunts she pulled in 2020, I doubt 2021 will be much different for her.

No. 812714

If you promise something you should follow through it really is that simple

No. 812717

Most likely

No. 812727

File: 1609649051630.jpeg (109.42 KB, 828x400, 817FAB91-10F3-461E-971E-33C5FE…)

More shade at Taylor’s drug binges?

No. 812763

It's so hilarious that she predictably disappeared after not uploading the video. What is she even hiding from anymore? Kind of hard to disappoint people who didn't expect anything from you in the first place. It literally cannot get any more embarrassing that it was last time she didn't upload. But I guess the pathological liar in her is trying to brew up some elaborate reason

I don't understand why she doesn't just say I'll upload when I want to stop asking me?? The only reason she still mentions videos is because it makes her money she didn't make money from it she wouldn't even bother

No. 812768

Even her fucking fans are saying that they are not surprised, just disappointed. Like take your L, sis. She is scared of losing her fans because she has nothing to fall back on. Not in terms of a career nor as a source of validation. She has no friends besides that Aggy degenerate, she is really reliant on approval from her followers the fill the void when she is not off her gourd and/or with brodick. If she announces that she is quitting YouTube, she will lose the few remaining fans she still has. They stick around in the hope that she will upload, until she announces that she is resolutely done with it there will always be a shred of faith amongst the younger/more retarded ones that she will return. Plus by repeatedly teasing a grand return she rekindles interest in her old videos which still make her money. With everything that has happened, even if she did miraculously decide to return to YouTube she would be hard pressed to find sponsors or even get approval for monetization

No. 812772

File: 1609678582138.jpg (446.04 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20210103-075447_Twi…)

Another burner account that's been going through and replying to all of her tweets. Wonder who this could be.

No. 812776

Not every account that was created in Dec 2020 is a burner.
This guy has a bio, pics, following, followers.
He looks more like a creep, following her for rather creepy reasons and trying to get into her panties, dms or nudes, via sliming his way up.

No. 812777

I used to be a taylor fan a few years back. I had mayor anxiety and her petvideos used to distract me. Now she gives me a feeling of stress with her fucked up behavior.

I understand that it is kind of hard to be a public person and you get a lot of harsh criticism. But other youtubers have gone beyond that. I know one who looked for a therapist and found a way to cope with criticism and also bullying. That's a grown up behavior. You can't change the people talikng about you but you can change how you react and how you are handling this. She is so fucked up still acting like a 14 year old and everybody who white knights for her is also a child.

No. 812779

I clocked this guy too, not because I think it’s her, but because he seems fucking unhinged and has been absolutely spamming the fuck out of her and everyone in her replies. Twitterfag warriors truly are a special breed of retard

No. 812782

He looks like some middle-aged predator praying on younger women/girls.

No. 812786

So if this was on his story then he reads here as he deleted it.
Or he is making stuff up to protect himself from losing Taylor

No. 812804

This is what I don't understand either. She's the only one putting pressure on herself. It's not like she has an actual job with deadlines to meet. She never had to give a return date so it would be rediculous if this is why she hasn't posted a video yet. Can you imagine this clown actually having a real job where she'd have to answer to people about constantly missing deadlines and due dates?

No. 812806

Honestly I think the only way she’s gonna keep her fans after this, is to say the reason she didn’t upload a video is because she relapsed again.
It could be why she chose NYE as an upload date, so she could say that it was hard with people celebrating etc.
Now if she says she relapsed, people will have sympathy instead of annoyance.

No. 812807

this, and I think there's a good chance the other burners are an overattached stan (maybe someone from the group chat) instead of tayter tbh.

No. 812812

But she literally told them the day of she is uploading that night

No. 812813

I thought he was bashing on Taylor, not defending her

No. 812818

You actually have to be sober to "relapse" LMFAO she never stopped using. It's always been sober (from heroin).

She KNOWS what she's doing isn't good. She knows doing meth isn't sober but she can't stop cause she's damaged in the head. If I had to live breathing in cat piss, a squealing smoothbrain brother, narc mom and broken home, I wouldn't want to be sober either.

Taylor needs to delete YT, rehome her animals, move out, and get a fucking job. She isn't gonna get better subjected to her idiot family. Especially when you have to deal with special needs kids, it's depressing as fuck, and probably contributed to all her shitty munchie coping.

No. 812833

I know Taylor's stans always say "get a life" but this guy really needs to get a life. He's literally psychotic and obsessed, more than her fans

No. 812844

File: 1609701473366.png (297.2 KB, 828x1792, C14D8838-7FD8-471A-9F07-D011EC…)

More subtweet from mama dean!

No. 812847


We really making fun of a kid for having Prader-Willi syndrome? Really?

This dumb bitch is clearly still shooting up heroin, doubt she even thought about actually making the video for a minute. Her comment sections on Twitter and insta are pretty angry, she's losing more fans.

No. 812852

All of you need to stop with this detective bullshit.

The last accounts you flagged were comments calling her out in her heroin addiction, yet now you think this guy is a Stan from her chat?

Honestly just stop, after the aggy self post and third possible burner account you are making us look like idiots.

Just stop. This is not milk. This is you acting like retards because her video wasn’t out so you have nothing else to speculate over. Milk will come back, calm yourselves.

No. 812854

It's not the kids fault obviously but it's taken it's toll on Taylor and her family. Her brother's condition has robbed her of having a "normal" family life, and she's coping with it really badly. She needs to remove herself from that situation, shes even said previously it triggers her/passive aggressive shit.

People go apeshit if you point out special kids hurt families, but it's the truth, some people don't handle it well at all. You can tell by watching mama dean she just isn't there upstairs anymore. but OT.

Her fans seem hella pissed, it's pushing their limits clearly. 2nd chances are fine but 5th and 6th…

Yea stop inventing burner crap, nobody cares about twitter randos.

No. 812857

>you are making us look like idiots
bruh this is an anonymous gossip site, why are you so pressed? i agree that calling every other account a sock/burner needs to stop because it's annoying, but how fucked must you be in the head to care about what people think of users on this website. imo the aggy one is still sus, there's no proof of that insta story so it could totally be made up.

No. 812858


IMO if it was really from a since-deleted insta story the anon would’ve just posted the whole screenshot and not meticulously cropped out any evidence that it was from a story.

No. 812860


Because it’s not milk. Who cares if it is a burner account? I’d be willing to bet you were right about the blinkers account, but again who cares. It’s off topic and now I need to read through pages of useless speculative nonsense from farmers who have no idea what actually counts as milk. Again, just stop. This Carmen sandiego
Logo got you all in mystery mode, there is no mystery Taylor is just a heroin addict.

No. 812863

that too, what's the point of cropping?

i'm assuming you didn't actually read my post just so you can sperg some more about those horrible farmers and their speculation. you're honestly more obnoxious than them, i can't believe there are people who care about their reputation on lolcow.farm lmao

No. 812870


Ok….I know we’re all bored but this is ridiculous. there honestly wasn’t any deep thought into cropping the screenshot from his IG story other than not thinking seeing it in the full vertical added anything valuable. In retrospect I can see how it the post time (minutes since it posted) could be helpful and will not crop in the future jfc

No. 812873

“Meticulously cropped”

Good god. We’re circling the drain here.

No. 812900

you know, overreacting by going on about how ridiculous it is to find the cropping a bit odd just make you sound more sus? you honestly didn't need to repeat yourself, i don't find proving whether or not it was self post that important, i just find the other anon ridiculous.

No. 812943

This has happened before too with a twitter screenshot that Taylor posted to her insta story.

Maybe now people will realize that when you're posting a cow's selfpost you shouldn't edit out the only evidence that you're not the cow.

No. 812971

File: 1609729156685.png (26.85 KB, 667x250, assy.PNG)

assy prob listening to Taylor bitch about her hate. I think i'm done with this cow for awhile, it just doesn't compare to the jonny days.

No. 812975

>>812971 Please just stop with the aggy shit. I swear nobody cares about him. I don't care if it's a s
Selfpost or not.

No. 812977

It’s clearly not a self post

No. 813091

Nobody cares. He does not belong here as long as it's not milk clearly related to Taylor.

No. 813092

Seriously. Aggy is probably the most boring brodick to date. Jonny brought all the best Taylor milk, Jake was insane and inspired her to do meth, but Aggy is just an attention starved Soundcloud rapper that gets 0 to 2 likes on his Tweets.

No. 813093

Agree with you anon, look I love the occasional aggy tard-post but can we all agree that if its not actual milk related to taylor and stop sharing his retarded posts?(any anon tinfoiling a subtweet from this narc rapper should not be posted here too imo)

No. 813102

This thread is falling apart from everyone being so desperate for milk. Can we just agree to retire this cow? She's doing quite literally nothing but drugs anymore. Yawn.

No. 813113

we dont need to "retire" taylor, you newfags need to just stop posting until theres milk. many cows don't have milk for literal years, or simply have milk every few years. its not uncommon. such as kiki, luna, and all the other crazies

all of you are fucking stupid, special shoutout to this anon who can't contain their twitter lingo

good god get the fuck off my bangadeshi cow farming forum and go back to your shitty tea drama gcs on twitter

No. 813115

When there isn't any milk and just very weak 'Tinfoil' don't clog this thread up - that's what the twitter hashtag is for kek.
Also remember that sageing doesn't mean you can post stupid sleep deprived theories that barely correlate to Taylor

No. 813131

File: 1609763242318.png (973.29 KB, 1125x2436, 40579E9A-6C3B-4288-A55F-6E6A08…)


No. 813132

No… obviously not. Go look at the Johnny & syd thread.

No. 813133

no you fucking retard. its about some random bitch who sent jonny money.

No. 813134

Genuinely was curious, I didn’t know which was why I asked. No need to name call…

No. 813136

Learn board culture before you post stupid shit, retard.

No. 813137

Read the rules, twitterfag

No. 813140

If you want to be spoon-fed info instead of lurking properly for updates then prepare for the name calling and try not to get your feelings hurt love.

No. 813141

So this dumb bitch still has "returning to YouTube tonight" in her IG bio. It's so embarassing, I don't know how she deals with it. Oh wait, the anxiety I'm sure she must feel just fuels her drug addiction.

No. 813142

File: 1609767830544.jpeg (143.4 KB, 828x591, F816B757-0215-43E9-8D85-0A84F5…)

Twitter as well. And she has definitely been online, because she deleted a tweet yesterday

No. 813143

What did she delete yesterday? I´m curious

No. 813144

ffs sage your autism and read the fucking rules before shitting up the board with your newfaggotry. But to answer your question, who the fuck knows?

No. 813145

I don't think I know any youtuber that is so gross to their fans.
Read the rules

No. 813197

I don’t get Aggy. Seems like he’s constantly negging her in a “your problems are a consequence of you being a lazy and unmotivated person who has no accountability” (he’s right) but he’s clearly enabling her at the same time. I know it’s just standard fare rise and grind Twitter nonsense about being “self-made” but you would think one of them would realize how hypocritical their situation is.

Who am I kidding. Taylor enjoys being ~aboosed~ and Aggy is a bit of a sadist. Match made in heaven.

No. 813199

Dude I agree he doesn’t belong here, I was just saying it was clearly not a self post

No. 813212


He still wants any clout and second hand fame he might get from her, behind all that tough guy shtick he's probably really annoyed a worthless junkie like Taylor is more famous than he is.

Worst thing we can do is enable him.

No. 813228

it looks like she deleted the tweet/s about the things she got for Christmas, the 53 laptops and 17 consoles she has now. maybe she's gearing up to give a "wow technical issues! every electronic device I have broke! including my phone so I couldn't update you!! don't blame me". which is going to be triple insulting since her mother is having no problems uploading videos.

No. 813281

Wouldn’t be surprised if she comes with an unexpected video of her usual plans but claim to have filmed it in 2020 but she relapsed and couldn’t but here you go! But in reality it was filmed in 2021 lol

No. 813328

It’s dark but I don’t see her living long enough to put out a video. She’s on a highway to hell.

No. 813335

She deleted the computer equipment tweet a while ago. Someone mentioned it in the last thread.

No. 813347

she’s def been online in the last couple of days, I’ve been checking her likes.

No. 813361

Do you mind posting a screenshot for those of us who don’t use twitter? It won’t show me unless I sign up for an account

No. 813365

File: 1609803430586.jpeg (645.49 KB, 1334x1447, 2C6DFAA3-0839-4F61-BD52-2BD4BD…)

sure, its just is super unmilky and not even definite proof since the tweet isn’t new, but the uppermost one wasn’t there when I last checked.

No. 813366

File: 1609803449471.png (317.59 KB, 760x1464, Screenshot_20210104-183607.png)

none of the tweets she has liked were posted in the last 4 days, but I did find these

No. 813367


I’ve been checking her likes too and I’m a fucking retard for not getting screen caps, because although the most liked tweet is four days old, she only liked in the past 12 hours because it wasn’t there yesterday.

No. 813373


it wasnt there when i looked on my lunch break 4 hours ago

No. 813374


I can't believe she did this again and people are still falling for it or supporting her. What really gets me is how she updates her bio the DAY OF to say she will be posting that day, then doesn't. She's a nutjob

No. 813377


I honestly think she did this on purpose

>see????? I had every intention of uploading, I even tweeted about it??????? but then???? [insert wildly embellished story rife with details designed for the explicit purpose of eliciting sympathy en masse as to why she couldn’t]

No. 813378

Good to know I’m not the only one who noticed this. You’d think she’d know how to cover her tracks (literally and figuratively) by now, but alas

No. 813452

farmhands please mark aggy’s other posts lol i bet hes been shit talking her for the past 5 threads

No. 813495

Hes probably pissed that fucking Taylor didn’t get him the clout he thought it would. She posts him all the time and people STILL don’t care because he’s that boring.

No. 813525

Why is everyone saying that Aggy is Taylor's fuckboy or boyfriend? I never got that vibe from them.
Was there any proof that I missed?

No. 813529

Name 1 man Taylor has regularly hung out with and not had sex with

No. 813557

File: 1609880101522.jpg (588.13 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20210105_204710.jpg)

I don't think they're dating but I think they're having casual sex,
At the very least exchanging nudes with Tay trying to lure him in to banging her.
Taylor literally can't function without male attention.

Speaking of their relationship, I have no idea how long the caption's been like this.
It used to be her long ass story about how she stayed up for three days to edit a video but all four computers broke and aliens stole her cat but her world renowned therapist told her to do a music video for her mental health

No. 813561

She changed it after coming back from her last video flake in sept, I noticed she changed when she was sperging a lot that period of time right and promising another video again, probably try to cover her cringy long ass caption of her fake excuse lol

No. 813563

Tyler rugge lol

No. 813571

File: 1609883731259.jpg (80.79 KB, 629x879, Oop.JPG)

Still a tinfoil that the blinker fluid person is Taylor but they did mention them being in a toxic relationship together(and a video of him messing with her animals?)

No. 813574

I operate under the assumption that he’s gay, he’s got that vibe

No. 813575

like toxic friendships don’t exist?

No. 813581

He regularly likes/comments on female porn stars twitter posts so…

No. 813594

I know. Still gives me gay vibes.

No. 813599

That's what I thought about Tyler Rugge but apparently he had a gf lol

No. 813625

I feel like there is nothing she can say people will believe besides her fans that are children. Everyday that passes it’s just making it worse and worse for her.

There is no excuse that can really cover this one. The only thing I feel like she’s gonna do is check herself in to “rehab” again and be like oh this is why I’ve been MIA teehee

No. 813631

lmao that is rich. i call bullshit

No. 813634

the only thing I can see gaining a bit of sympathy is a straight up suicide attempt. not even an OD unless she explicitly says "I had been sober but went out with the intention of buying drugs to kill myself". regular relapses just aren't enough of an excuse anymore. (this isn't to say I hope she ODs, just that her fans aren't gonna keep buying the same old bullshit so her lies need to get more extravagant)

No. 813638

Careful, you might give her some ideas

No. 813642


She simply failed to let everyone know that those errands she has to run before uploading were
1) Score
2) Party (maybe OD?????? Lmao)
3) Rehab I guess

No. 813644

I don't have anything new to add to the conversation.
Just wanted to say that I commented on her last promise of a video that I believed it was coming because it would be too embarrassing otherwise. That video didn't come.

Now this one I thought HAS to exist, right? I am boo boo the fool for sure.

I struggle with addiction so I understand the procrastination in itself. You hope to be productive when you set an official goal. Worst case you can't do it, best case it motivates you to actually do what you announced.

But damn, this pattern is just so hardcore embarrassing. Promising videos she has not already filmed in hopes it motivates her to do something OBVIOUSLY doesn't work for her.

No. 813648

It’s literally Maddie, they live together and are both pettubers/ ex friends of Taylor. Even tho it seems Tyler is friendly with Taylor again on twitter

No. 813650

Jfc if I read one more post about this stupid fucking Aggy guy. Taylor better come on with it and bring us some milk because these are the dumbest, absolute baseless tinfoils I’ve ever read in my life. I don’t even think these two are as close as y’all are making them out to be. He probably answered that question asking about where her videos at just to seem relevant, when in reality they don’t speak all the time. And I agree with who seems like the only other anon in this thread that’s not fucking autistic. Literally neither Aggy OR Tay give off a vibe that they are fucking. Like where’s the pics of them being affectionate? Where’s the online lovebombing? He doesn’t even stick up for her when she’s getting dragged to hell and back on Twitter. Anyone who thinks otherwise has obviously never witnessed real chemistry between two people. Like are you guys fourteen? Or does any time the opposite sex comes into the picture of someone’s life they’re fucking?
Aggy doesn’t seem like Taylor’s type, physically. And I’m pretty sure we would know if she had a thing for him. She probably hung out with him bc she has no other friends and addicts get VERY lonely and prefer the companies of others (speaking from experience).
And I don’t even need to remind you all why Aggy is sticking around.

No. 813654

File: 1609909638405.jpeg (295.58 KB, 828x1248, D15DB58D-2DD1-4A40-BC79-36DCE3…)

Fucking all of this. That Aggy loser and Taylor probably don’t have anything in common except drugs. He might even just be her dealer, who the fuck knows or cares, regardless, he’s not relevant or milky.

Anyway, this tweet of Jen’s made me chuckle

>always-connected technology

Yes, unless you’re Taylor who hasn’t been on her for phone AT ALL!!11!!!!1!11!! and still hasn’t surfaced following the NYE anti climax. I hope she tries to blame it on technology because even though her mother has been posting non stop and uploading to YouTube and she really is dumb enough to think people will believe her

No. 813657

She can’t continuously use the addiction/mental health as an excuse. Sure, she can say that’s why she hasn’t made videos but she can’t keep promising them and not going through with it and then blaming lack of motivation etc.
Any normal person would film videos on their good days and then upload it and schedule it to become public when they wanted it to and seeing as she claimed she already had it filmed, she could have uploaded it and scheduled it for December 31st but she didn’t because she never actually planned on releasing a video, she just wanted her fans to go and rewatch her old content so she could get the Adsense to buy more drugs

No. 813658

Reading thiz thread i only can say poor taylor. I know shes a piece of shit but deep down I still feel for her in some way. She had it all and throw it away because she wanted the druggie experience and now shes hooked on heroine and doesn't have the will to quit. Shes fucked

No. 813659

jfc not you again

No. 813664

tuna moment

No. 813667

Jesus, shut the fuck up.

No. 813670

I’m not even that anon, multi people spell it wrong, maybe don’t comment on it every time and assume it’s the same person when it’s not. Also like why be a grammar nazi, it’s so unrelated to this thread

No. 813677

Maybe cool it with the tism about how you feel sorry for poor uwu taytay and people wont assume youre that same retard

No. 813681

File: 1609930843162.jpg (250.24 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20210106-025328_You…)

This is from a while back but I don't think it was posted on here. If it was, please ~*chill*~

Anyway, the drummer plans on making a video, and he's been replying to comments asking him to in the last few days. No, it's not new milk but it would give insight to how things were behind the scenes for Taylor.

No. 813682

File: 1609930873930.jpg (103.57 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20210106-025346_You…)

No. 813689

Milk from someone who hasn’t already given their perspective is just what we need in the absence of Tayter, I hope to the milk gods that a video materializes from this guy

No. 813693

>Also like why be a grammar nazi, it’s so unrelated to this thread
Why be a whightknight it's unrelated to this thread? Cant believe how many people fall for this shit lmfao. Every vaguely attractive young girl on heroin deserves sympathy online, if you dealt with people like Taylor irl she would take advantage of that perception and rip you off hardcore.

Ugly people aren't the only scumbags in the world. You didn't even give a reason to feel bad for her.

No. 813710

Can we please stop with the Aggy bullshit and ~grammar nazi~ crap, doesn’t contribute at all to these threads and has zero milk or relevance.

She won’t stay silent forever, and it’ll be a shit show regardless of what excuses she pulls

No. 813740

He could be bi? Lmao since tay loves to claim that she is bi these days

No. 813760

File: 1609950007098.png (63.36 KB, 678x537, Untitled.png)

sage for not being the milkiest, but Jen is being ridiculously passive aggressive towards Tay. She uploaded a video with animals yesterday, she's been retweeting other pettubers who have been putting videos out, AND she's been vague tweeting psuedo-proverb stuff.

I get the feeling Tay's out partying somewhere lol

No. 813818

File: 1609964256849.jpg (236.27 KB, 1021x462, 2.jpg)

The drummer wrote more about the toor.
"limp bodies dragged out" sounds like people passed out on drugs?

I think drummers are used to band members using drugs so it must have been horrible If that guy chose to leave the tour despite a solid paycheck. The Slaves members were willing to accept jonnys behaviour and only took a backturn once jonny decided to not go on a tour with them so… I think the other members are horrible too.

No. 813833

Reevaluate your thinking lmao how absolutely retarded can you be

No. 813834

He literally says "from black out drunk/high" so yes

No. 813841

I can’t wait for Taylor to emerge from her drug den in the next few days to repost some shit about what’s going on in DC right now as a way to come back while deflecting criticism of her own embarrassment

No. 813885

literally who fucking cares though

No. 813893

File: 1609992934048.jpg (179.3 KB, 1080x1361, 20210106_231536.jpg)

What if tay tay is in jail lmao

No. 813894

Nah, she’s probably on a bender with some dude and not staying at home with mama dean. This tweet reads like she is telling Taylor she loves her, not that she is in jail.

No. 813928

Hmm. Didnt Syd just post about Jonny having cellulitis and finally realizing what he was doing to his body/life? I still think tay's involved with that dude in some way.

No. 813929

Could be about syd, jonny literally looks like a bloated corpse I don't know why any woman would want that

No. 813932


does anyone else absolutely despise the way that mama dean types? it's always one extremely long run on sentence that seems to go no where. bonus points if it subtly shades her daughter. go take care of your disabled son and stop subtweeting.

No. 813951

File: 1610027085637.jpeg (459.35 KB, 1242x2323, 6974966C-87A4-4844-ABCE-7BC874…)

So we know she’s alive since she’s liking tweets about what happened in DC. The paragraph of text on Instagram giving excuses about why she didn’t upload this time is probably imminent.

No. 813960

ha, I knew she couldn't resist coming back to do some keyboard activism.

No. 813968

can someone tell her to stop filming while driviing for the love of god

No. 813970


She was just toting a heart monitor as a fashion accessory and thinks its okay to disappear on her fans with no update? But brave wittle Taylor will like the political tweets because even though she can't face her audience she CAN get ass pats for being such the activist!!

No. 813973

Shes so predictably its embarrassing.

No. 813982

Actually so funny that she’s obviously on social media liking things but still hasn’t taken the “returning to YouTube tonight!” out of her bio

No. 813993

Yup, she’s totally gonna use whats happening in DC as the reason she’s not active because it’s “upsetting so I’m avoiding social media uwu”

Nevermind the fact that she disappeared before this started happening

No. 813996

It’s a terrible excuse when it happened like 5-6 days after the video promise. You can’t be inactive for 5 days and your excuse is a event that happened a whole 5-6 days after the fact

No. 814045

I bet when she comes back she will say “heart went boom ouch before I could upload video”. And then the video will still never come.

No. 814131

I hope he comes through with the stories

No. 814169


Pretty sure Mama Dean is talking about Donald Trump in this tweet

No. 814187

How could that possibly be the case? Lmfao

No. 814213

this, she's been tweeting about trump and current events non stop and you gotta use jen logic when desciphering her - this is clearly about trump and his "you are special and loved" speech.

No. 814236

File: 1610134350238.jpeg (595.44 KB, 1170x1517, 76A64297-5958-41CF-A2D4-E66B9F…)

trump literally tweeted this to the rioters. he explicitly said he loves them.

No. 814245

God shut the fuck up with this dumb trump tinfoil. There is no milk so stop posting. None of this is important or relevant. Go read the news if you need any trump speculation. Unless you have face someone is doing something shut up.

No. 814287

Drink some water, Trump-anon.

I thought it was an allusion to the capitol situation too. A really soppy dumb Pepsi ad level "why can't we just get along?" take where she thinks politics can be solved with hugs and rainbows.

No. 814346

She mentions a drunk/high man. Not about Trump.

No. 814374


It’s not a “Trump tinfoil” - she clearly thinks Trump is drunk/high or out of his mind a needs a hug today or some shit. It’s important to point this out so people stop sperging out thinking every tweet of Mama Dean’s is about Taylor.

No. 814377

I'm 50/50 with this cow. Half of me wants her back just to prove we were right and she's off on a drug binge. The other half wants her gone so she can no longer get free drug money off of her views.

No. 814383

She’s been on a liking spree on Twitter again. Anyone who is still a fan after this is a fucking idiot.

No. 814402

File: 1610208619655.jpeg (198.84 KB, 828x677, 44C7B962-6C76-4166-B605-A3CE46…)

can you guys stop sperging out on her twitter/ig every time something happens. it’s cringe. cringey as hell. got us looking like a site for damn fools. come on now, lc isnt even her intended audience. looking like haydur nation out here.

No. 814406

File: 1610213276856.png (1.04 MB, 828x1792, 7BAF86DB-A1C7-42AE-8E66-56A5F7…)

No real fresh milk so sage but this asshole is really avoiding all responsibilities, sat there in her crack den bedroom liking loads of tweets.

When do we reckon she’s grow a pair of balls and confront her ghosting again??

No. 814407

she has 3 possible outcomes, jail, institution, or death.

No. 814414


I think she must have unliked them again bc I'm still seeing that tweet from October 2020 as her last liked tweet

No. 814424

sounds like a problem with your twitter anon, or maybe try scrolling a bit

No. 814431

I love when idiot junkies go full woke and slacktivist. Like when Lurch @‘s Nancy Pulosi bitching about his free government sheckles. Please let this be her next timeline

No. 814447

Damn, this really put a sad image in my head. While I wouldn't put it past her to be out on a bender or in rehab (again) it's more likely that she's just in bed surrounded by her plastic clutter and dying pets watching the office and liking tweets. At least if she's out doing drugs she's with her druggie friends.

No. 814540

My guess is she's at home hiding in an anxious flurry. It genuinely brings me joy to think about how much more uncomfortable she gets each passing day she ignores her platform. Each excuse grows more and more unbelievable the longer she waits. Keep it up Tay we love watching you dig your own grave (in more ways than one)

No. 814560

Yep, same here anon. I’m so sick of this same old cycle over and over and while there are some dumbass fans of hers that somehow still support her, it’s clear most are sick of it too. I’m glad people are finally speaking up and calling her out on her shit. She’s so predictable even they know she won’t do what she promises. I’m glad she’s unhappy and clearly not thriving, she doesn’t deserve it because she doesn’t put in the WORK. After leaving Jonny Craig she literally could have had the biggest comeback ever, even if it only meant putting out one video a month! She could have had tons of money flowing in, her own place, all the designer shit she wants, whatever. It’s clear she’s not passionate about animals anymore, she should have just switched her platform to whatever she cared about, all she had to do was go clean from drugs and be consistent with delivering content to her fans.

I genuinely think no excuse will save her this time and that’s why she still isn’t back. She knows nobody will believe her lies anymore. I think her best hope is to confess she doesn’t want to do YouTube anymore. It’s clear she doesn’t give a shit about her audience or platform. She should just admit she’s starting her Only Fans and be done with it. Otherwise, I don’t know how else she expects to make money? Mama Dean is pathetic but surely she doesn't expect her fully capable daughter to stay with her forever and make her take care of her and her animals. Judging by her recent tweets she’s sick of her behavior but is too pussy to grow a spine and kick her out. Enabling her is killing her slowly but surely. Sage for such a long post but this spoiled girl is seriously pissing me off. She deserves the unhappiness she puts on herself.

No. 814575

File: 1610295752973.jpeg (151.05 KB, 946x2048, C91BA3CB-9354-4038-89EE-B09A1E…)

as much as i love watching her downfall, i wouldn't count on it too soon anon. photo grabbed from TND thread. She's a junkie, just like JC ripped people off selling macbooks, she's going to run her channel into the ground but not before exploiting her young, naive fans for money through monetization. she knows exactly what she's doing. lol who woulda guessed by 2021 this worthless drug addict wouldn't even needa pick pocket or pawn shit for cash… she just makes a few pseudo-return posts and bam! drug money. cunt.

No. 814607

You know, even IF she woke up tomorrow and was like "This is it, I can't live like this anymore" and goes go the most expensive intense inpatient treatment center, to a halfway house then back into the real world, I think it will take the amount of years she's been on it (2017, so around 4) PLUS some more years to truly get her brain biochemistry back to semi-normal and healthy reward-center functioning. By then she'll be 28-30's and irrelevant. This bitch truly ruined her life. And that's what you get when you're an ungrateful, spoiled, manipulative mean person. I don't feel sorry for her at all. I agree with anon above about how she coulda had the most insane comeback after JC. shoot, she might've even made it where he was officially cancelled. It's hilarious to me how she blamed him and claimed he "shot her up" -bitch. YOU sought out tha rOcKsTaR lifestyle, YOU chose JC, YOU straight up ignored an entire scene of people who had been vocal in their experiences with him. If i were Taylor, i would give up to. But it's only a matter of time before her YT career is officially dead and she moves onto seeking arrangements or OF, let's be real. sorry for long rant.

No. 814614

IMO there is no way she can come back with out uploading a video. even if she goes silent for a month while she works on it or whatever, if she attempts to come back without it she will lose the rest of her fans. she can blame it on a mental break don or whatever and her fans will forgive her as long as there is something there.

No. 814623

I guess my argument is that she will make it for a little while longer even if she doesn't post. Think of the internet and people stumbling across her Twitter or IG. They see some crackhead but it sparks curiosity. They see "RETURNING TO YOUTUBE TONIGHT", go to her channel and start sifting through old vids. Only if someone clicked on a post and read comments could they see something wasn't right but most of internet browsing is surface level. I guess that's what irks me the most is that she knows what she is doing and it's so manipulative. I wish YT would recognize how monetizing this drug addict is only fueling her addiction.

No. 814639

File: 1610300822366.jpeg (685.35 KB, 2048x2048, 2C041C05-71F0-45E1-9B21-8A423C…)

don't do drugs, kids

No. 814643

We already know she fucked up her appearance, why do you keep posting these? Not to mention, the older pic is heavily photoshopped and there's far worse pictures of her now

No. 814662

File: 1610308308386.png (879.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210110-115116.png)

Got to love that it's been more than 10 days now and her bio is unchanged. Keep going tay would love to see you deplatformed completely

No. 814670

If there's one thing I learned from years of following internet cows it's that they will ALWAYS have supporters. No matter how transparently shitty they are. There's always equally shitty idiots out there to provide a fan base.

No. 814671

Why does everyone keep saying she's gonna start an OnlyFans? That's for women who have the ability to film themselves looking sexy, edit it, upload it, and promote it. Taylor cant even shower most days, she's not going to start an Onlyfans. I get it that OF is the current "guess i'll just be a stripper" but it takes a lot more than a pulse and a need for money to have any success at it.

No. 814672


Holy fuck this is soooo pathetic. The fact that she still has the loser posted on her Instagram is telling too. Wow just a bunch of losers

No. 814679

Because she shoops the fuck out of her self, she may have fucked up her face with those blown out lips but she can post body pictures that are photoshopped so she looks like the average “slim thicc” girl with big bewbs. Even though we all know from photos that have been taken of her she can’t alter she looks nothing like she portrays she does lmao. Nothing good lighting and photoshop can’t fix. There are sad, thirsty people out there I’m sure who would pay for her to have OnlyFans. Once her channel truly dies and doesn’t make her money, I don’t know how else she will make money for herself to blow on drugs and things she doesn’t need.

No. 814687

File: 1610315952767.png (312.01 KB, 1440x1533, Screenshot_20210110-135840.png)

My bad I didn't see it wasn't showing her returning tonight bullshit.

No. 814720

Anons have been saying that constantly since she broke up with JC. "She is going to make an OF now! Now! Ok, now! Just wait and see.." Boring tinfoil and it's getting old. If she does not have the willing to commit to YT, she will not have the willing to do OF either

No. 814721

this, I'm honestly as exasperated at anons here suggesting that she will lose all her fans as I am at her fans' braindead tweets. she still pulls in 20-40k views a day on youtube, which means there are new people stumbling upon her every day who don't know her behaviour. plus the thousand of people who don't follow her closely enough to notice her patterns but are still willing to stick up for her bc they think she's a poor widdle aboose victim.
the commentary channels haven't even descended upon her yet. she isn't widely shunned at all.

>That's for women who have the ability to film themselves looking sexy, edit it, upload it, and promote it.
ohh boy you certainly don't need all that, just look at idubbz's girlfriend lmao. tayter's got the promotion bit down (she has decent reach on sm) and she has scrotes drooling over her under every photo so there must be a market. and she seems to genuinely like dressing up and taking photos of herself, so I'm perpetuallty surprised she hasn't started an OF yet. my personal theory is that her mom won't allow it.

No. 814751

Well yeah can you imagine the subtweeting Jen would do lol, her daughter the heroin addict AND internet whore. Nice.

No. 814871

Because her mom totally does a great job of controlling what she does as is. I agree with you anon but at the same time, it’s clear her mom has no say whatsoever in what she does. She lets Taylor walk all over her, and she will STILL allow her to stay in her house and even take care of her animals while she’s off fucking around on drugs or even when she was in rehab. She’s showing that she has no plans on growing a spine and kicking Taylor out to show her she needs to get serious about getting clean. She’ll subtweet her whether she does OF or not.

Pretty sad how her mom released a video before she did, you can’t help but laugh. That was obviously clear shade to Taylor to get off her ass and do the video she promised, but she doesn’t care when she’s too busy being high.

No. 814902

Whats with all the anons having these weird hard-core OF tinfoils? Tater hasn't once even mentioned it. She gets plenty of attention still from her thirst traps and lives with her enabling mom. She doesn't need the extra cash because her pet videos probably give her enough to sustain her weird meth induced hobbies.

Scrotes have really brainwashed an entire generation if the first reaction to someone losing their youtube clout is "they're definitely going to show their asshole to strangers for money now" kek im sure they wish that was the case though

No. 814909


Anon are you forgetting photos she posted with hearts censoring her vag? Or her dominatrix slut bikini?

Not sure why you think posting slutty photos online for cash is such an unbelievable step beyond already posting slutty photos online.

No. 815018

If turtlemom/Angel/cosmixhoney can do it (OnlyFans- BARF, I KNOW). I'm sure TayTay could. If there's an audience out there that will pay for content from that absolutely repulsive, not even will EVER be pretty in the face, my 600 pound life lookin ass monster…. then I'm sure there's a market out there that get's turned on by girls who don't shower. Bc of this point I've seen it all (and I wish I hadn't).

There's people out there that pay for golden showers, watch girls take shits on cam, so I hate to break the unfortunate news but Taylor could potentially bank off of it.

Do I think she's intelligent and driven enough to keep up with it? Hell to the fucking no. This girl can't do the bare minumum for SHIT.

I genuinely hope that when she returns she does it with a surprise video. I am legitimately SO TIRED of her text walls of excuses that don't make the slightest fuck of a sense, and are obviously straight up lies. I wonder what kind of pathetic excuse/lie/sob story she's gonna have for us this time….

No. 815032

Honestly waiting to see what kind of bogus excuses she comes up with the subsequent reactions is the only thing keeping me semi interested in this greasy junkie. Hopefully some of the autistic dramu channels with large followings cover it, its about time they did

No. 815083

Sage but the fact that she's openly liking tweets as recent as 12 hours ago should tell her fans to just unfollow already. She's not in rehab, she doesn't give a shit about them.. It's all an act.

No. 815094

File: 1610438944175.png (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 828x1792, 9F669954-A0E7-482D-9A8F-FFA37C…)

The fact she liked a tweet from 12 hours ago yet doesn’t have the balls to apologize to her fans. Stupid junkie, I’m so excited to hear this excuse

No. 815097

Her fans are retarded but this is so fucking contemptuous, way to say “fuck you” to the people funding your plastic hoard, tacky ass sweatshop fast fashion landfill, fugly impulse tattoos and piercings, and class a drugs, you repugnant slob

No. 815280

Jeez, has this really devolved into speculating if she’ll get her tits out online? If she’s not doing anything milky just let this die útil there’s something worthwhile

No. 815293

Not trying to fight but why are people assuming Only Fans = tits and asshole out? Taylor could literally make an OF with just her wearing normal or slutty clothes, or even throw in her animals in the photo for ~mysterious uwu girl who likes snakes~ vibes and make money. Yes I’m sure she gets paid enough from past YT videos but why are we putting it past her to do something like OF, where she can take advantage of lonely boys who would pay to see her dress as she already does. Only reason I could truly see her not doing it is the fact that it’s another step and requires at least minimal effort. Doing any kind of work is too much work for her.

No. 815309

If you expect scrotes to settle at paying for the lewds she already posts on instagram you're dumb. Why would Taylor make the same content she puts on IG to put somewhere behind a paywall where 1/3rd of a people who follow her will see it?
Scrotes sperg all the time about thots using their sacred platform to post regular content they post on other sites. Even regular SW women hate that shit. Invetiably if you're a dumb attention whore comfortable selling your body online youre going to be pushed into doing more NSFW content once the original hype dies down and numbers dwindle. Momokun is a good example of that.

No. 815326

Can someone ban the scrote anon? You keep trying to argue about OF, a topic which died in this thread over a year ago. No one actually thinks she will do this, it was just a stab at her posting thot photos from her parents house.

Stop clogging the thread with your weird rants please

No. 815328

Also her nudes are already floating around the internet. I could see her doing a OF, she clearly loves the attention of lewds.

No. 815329

It’s not one anon, it’s clearly multiple. I myself wouldn’t be shocked if she got into only fans with her past history. If people are saged and not putting there tinfoils as fact, I personally don’t see the problem. It’s not like they are nitpicking

No. 815333

This is literally the first time I posted in a week, in this thread but okay. Hahah. I’m not going to infight with you. Have fun playing detective

No. 815337

Hahahah and deleted your post. Realized your wrong and really rude for no reason ?

No. 815372

Who are you even talking to? How about everyone shut the fuck up now unless there is milk? Just a suggestion

No. 815403

lol what a bunch of cunts fighting on their period hahaha ^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815468

i want milk. when is she returning?

No. 815551

At this rate, when someone posts her obituary.

No. 815586

Since she likes to be the little keyboard activist my bet is she will post something on Presidents Day on the 18th. Like blah blah political bs… (btw sorry about that video will explain when I'm ready uwu.)

No. 815617

I'd say slight possibility Jan 31st (very slight) it's probably the next time she pushed her deadline too.

I don't really expect much from the her at this point, shes given herself over to drugs.

No. 815656

File: 1610582608732.png (1.16 MB, 828x1792, B6C3B7FD-9CEB-409C-BC9A-CD8763…)

Oh so now she cares about current fairs and animals?

Also, still can’t address the fact she’s ghosted her fans?

Great job Taytor

No. 815660

lmao she is such a cunt, she can retweet shit but not reply to her fans. I hope she gets flayed when she decides to break her silence

No. 815673


I don’t even think at this point coming back with a video will help her. Like I know that’s been discussed before being her possible saving grace. But I feel like the ship has sailed. She’s cried wolf too many times. She also has no one else to back her up now - definitely not her mum. And not that aggy cunt.

No. 815674

it is just very tiring her endless cycle of "i'm doing great! life is great! i have so many plans! i'm soooo sober you guys have no idea how sober i am. i'm ready to live my life!!!"
to her just completely ghosting everyone, confessing that she relapsed and that she'll get help. rinse and repeat.

not even most of her fans are there to back her up, they're done with her bullshit. hopefully that's enough of a wake up call. she's going to lose her platform.

No. 815675

Is she really going to lose her platform though? People who don’t know who she is and stumble across her channel or are dumb enough to keep supporting her will keep earning her YouTube shekels. Obviously that has a finite life span but she’s still clearly getting enough views to fund her hoarding and drug binging. I don’t think it will have a serious impact unless the big drama channels cover her

No. 815698

Her career was dead as soon as she made her "Im a heroin addict" video. Even her big New Year's return announcement barely gained 2k likes. She stopped gaining subs on youtube, besides random clicks she is done for.

No. 815710

The return video will be up tonight, anon. Kek

If she ever addresses why she's ghosted her fans but still likes and retweets things I put money on some bullshit- "I wanted to keep being an advocate for the things I belive it, it's really important that I like these tweets because I have such a large following. no one would be aware of these issues if I didn't. Just doing my job. Also, no, I'm not going to do anything else for these causes, liking tweets is enough"

I really want to know what she thinks an advocate does.

No. 815748

Relapses. She thinks advocates just do relapses all year.

No. 815765

I think we all know that the twitterfags will accept just about anything from queen Taylor. It’s the new era of addiction voiding you of any personal responsibility because you’re such an uwu victim. And we know Taylor sees it that way as well, and that’s why this cycle continues.
They will give her a pass to kill her animals, never upload, and spread harmful info.

Things won’t change.
I would have to agree that at this rate, we will see Taylor’s obituary before her video.

No. 815798

File: 1610650482282.png (498.95 KB, 828x1792, 7F0BFE54-AC58-4906-A477-3DCA28…)

She is getting absolutely troll in the comments on her retweet there. Keep digging your own grave tay.

No. 815822

Boolies. Just a bunch of judgmental boolies. Certainly not people she's lied to and misled with bad info for years and years. These people were just dollar signs for Taylor all along.
But she's definitely going to use these responses (and others) as excuses for relapse after relapse, and to justify eternal shittiness.

No. 815823

File: 1610658816460.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, F9A0F44C-A6EC-4513-9658-F8EC6B…)

Sometimes my heart do break for mama dean then I had to remind myself that she is also enabler..

No. 815825

Jen is the reason why I am betting she is going to overdose and die.

No. 815834

Why ? She literally raised Taylor to be this way. I usually don’t put so much blame on the parents, but over the years of seeing mama dean online, I couldn’t imagine how I’d turn out being raised by that psycho.

No. 815848

File: 1610665562566.png (334.29 KB, 590x1280, thumbnail_Screenshot_20210112-…)

Her mom has been entertaining lately like a mild version of the Jonny days. she deleted this but I love the blatant shade towards Tay as she has wild caught fish (and has had other wild caught animals I think?)

No. 815901

Taylor has wild caught fish …. is this shade ?

No. 815912

…Did you even read the message you are replying to?

No. 815943

How is your message even relevant to Taylor ? Seems like your just trying to start a fight with another anon, because there is no milk.

No. 816020

NTAYRT but the message you responded to already says what you posted. I’m wondering if you can read too, anon.

No. 816038


I wonder if Taylor sometimes tries to retweet or like something on her alt account but is too high to remember to switch accounts so she accidentally does it with her main. It's hard for me to imagine that she really just gives no shits at all about her followers opinions and does all of this completely shamelessly.

No. 816062

I’m not even that anon but okay

No. 816100

this is actually an interesting tinfoil that I never seriously considered before but could totally see. I'm certain she has alt accounts because it's obvious she's addicted to the internet

No. 816115

oh she ABSOLUTELY has burner accounts. there is no way she's actually not on the internet during her times of silence.

No. 816182

You act like this is the first time a person has called someone else out on lolcow for not reading properly. Accusing someone of trying to start infighting is a good way to spark infighting. You’re derailing too. Anyway.

No. 816186


Can you all stop derailing the thread with infighting

No. 816304

I won't be surprised when one day she ODs & it's going to say RIP Taylor. Sad but true.

No. 816305

If someone paid close enough attention to Taylor's ass lickers, they could find her sock(s). There's no way that she doesn't white knight herself.

No. 816328

The people in this thread are being bigger cows than Taylor kek

Seriously, she isn't coming back anytime soon. There are other cows… I'm thinking it's slow decline from here on out, Not much of a career if you've been absent over a year.

No. 816373

She was at least more of a productive person while with Jonny Craig and that’s truly saying something. She actually sometimes uploaded and wasn’t mooching off her mom. I agree that this will be slowly developing.

No. 816400

Not yall acting like she hasn't been slowly declining for YEARS. People say "oh this is the beginning of the end!!!" every single time she disappears.

She has been doing this song and dance for YEARS even before Jonny. She would always promise videos and not mention them again and/or delay uploads 20 times over. The difference is now she is running out of excuses so she waits until people are really worried about her before returning that way they aren't as mad at her. She's simply gotten better at gaslighting her fans.

No. 816620

File: 1611012458039.png (555.89 KB, 1237x1877, trailor.PNG)

More likes from the past 17 hours. Still active.

No. 816713

sage your shit newfag, tweet likes are not milk. Sigh this site should just be called "Twitter news today" instead

No. 816728

Yes, we get it. She's still online. This has been posted to death in here. Of course she's still online but this isn't milk. Sage please or wait to post when something actually milky happens.

No. 816729

Give her a month, she will have used all the money from her latest get views scam. Then it will be "muh anxiety and [insert munchie faked disease here]"

No. 816830

do you not understand how adsense works? she makes a passive income every month still from her old viral videos, when she could be bothered to actually put 5 minutes of effort into something. sure she’s no millionaire but this pathetically hopeful tinfoil has been repeated 3947282 different times already. when she crashes and burns you’ll know. we don’t need to see this post every damn month.

No. 817064

What if I told you, if you skip ads the acct doesn't get the adsense views? You think the 12 year olds that view her watch ads?

No. 817070

Most kids that age watch shit on their phones and tablets, which do not have adblockers… so yeah, they will see plenty of ads trying to get a look at her cute animals.

No. 817509

I am DYING for Taylor milk.
~ Manifesting for something to go down by Valentine's Day ~

No. 817526

Wouldn’t that be a great day for her to return, so she can bitch and complain about how alone she is, “I don’t get any cuddles, Jonny was so aboosive and ruined Valentine’s Day for meeeee” The next time she tries complaining about her life or brings up Jonny to blame him for everything I hope she isn’t met with as many ass pats and sympathy anymore. She deserves to continue being called out for absolutely shitting on her fans yet again. Honestly just what a disgusting person. It’s incredible she has anyone left on the internet who even remotely cares about her with the way she treats them.

No. 817576

R/Taylorndean is now in session. Someone compiled a list of every single time she's promised her return videos this year.

Just in case anyones interested(no)

No. 817696


To save anyone the trouble of it, it's listed as 19 times. She's promised nineteen times between the months of February and December.

It looks like the thread is full of people who have finally wised up to her lies.

Saged for no contribution.

No. 817763


They excluded her changing her bio to “new video tonight” on January 1, though.

No. 817849


they did mention the dec 31 dates tho, i think they might have jus ran out of space to post it maybe. tbh im shocked no one has posted the google spreadsheet of her list of animals

No. 817890

This sub may as well be a fan group based off the way they "don't tolerate" the most basic of insults towards her.

No. 817996


none of us want to join that sub, it's defending her animal abuse and drug glorification lmfao

No. 818110

I mean… what did you expect. it’s an offshoot of the retarded twitter tag where you’re not allowed to laugh at tayter and everyone is on a huge moral crusade to eDuCaTe.

No. 818111

If you come onto the internet to talk shit about someone, ur not any better than any group. That subreddit is already a cesspool of art holier than thou attitudes

No. 818115

She's been liking a tonne of in the last few hours on Twitter

No. 818134

Not news, not milk. Not necessary to keep posting she’s liking shit

No. 818153

I love how she is ruining herself by letting her fans know she’s online but intentionally ignoring them

No. 818220

They properly saged, so get off their backs you fucking control freak.

No. 818223

Jen's twitter is protected now after people kept asking her about Taylor

No. 818225

Yeah like, she IS aware that people can see her twitter likes, right??? She’s not fooling anyone by pretending to “take a break”

No. 818233

Ah yeah you’re right, let’s just keep posting every single time she likes something

No. 818235

I don’t think she’s that stupid, she just really doesn’t give a fuck

No. 818271


she's going to just guilt her fans in her long winded apology that "all the comments saying i'm ignoring them wanted me to come back even less." she doesnt give a fuck about anyone except herself

No. 818282

File: 1611562102526.jpeg (278.05 KB, 476x1077, 2E636420-27F4-4F3C-A3C9-5D25BE…)

Timeline pt 1

No. 818283

File: 1611562220684.jpeg (263.07 KB, 481x961, E69AD5DE-C719-49B3-A351-AD7FC8…)

No. 818291

You newfags sure have a way of exposing yourselves. This was already mentioned in 1-2 threads previous to this one.
We get it. She’s promised 20 something times to come back and she hasn’t. We get she is liking things on twitter.
We get it. Nothing is new.

No. 818294

Stop hating. It's not like anything else is happing atm. And it's a nice compact overview of last year.

No. 818309

anyone know why jen locked her twitter?

No. 818326

No. 818334

I actually appreciate seeing this list view of all her false promises on making videos, I of course know she’s failed to deliver so many times but reading this over makes me remember a lot of the instances I eventually forgot. And I think that’s part of what she relies on for her young fans who are too stupid/naive, they are going to forget her false promises at some point, or at least some of them. How can someone be this bad at something they claim is their “passion”, what a failure. I’m guessing the only reason she doesn’t just announce she’s retiring indefinitely is because she still has that outlandish dream in her mind that one day she’ll make the ultimate comeback, Jonny will be cancelled, she’ll make bank and be the pettube/junkie queen of YouTube again. But with her poor work ethic and obvious lack of desire to actually change, none of that will ever happen and she doesn’t even see that.

No. 818635

yall gonna really hate on ppl on twitter (or reddit, or fucking whatever) who are hardcore disapproving of her, just bc they dont meet up to ur lolcow standards? rly? bruh these are people that used to be fans and NOW SEE that taylor is as fucked up as we have been saying. and yall gonna bash them for that? s2g fucking crazy… someone spent the time on reddit to post a whole goddamn timeline on this year of taytays uploasing lies. bitches on twit more pissed than ever. we have been saying this for how long?? dont push people away who have finally seen her horrible disgusting bullshit .(integrate, you autist)

No. 818697

what is wrong with you

No. 818723

Sage for tinfoil but Halsey just announced she's pregnant, and all I'm thinking about is Taylor crying that she couldn't have Johnny's crack baby

I wonder if this might bring her out of hiding for a good sperg

No. 818727


No. 818754

I thought the same thing! Even though she was just posting her lyrics a year ago shading Syd with the “omg I’m so glad I never got pregnant with him I’m so lucky I wasn’t trapped~ uwu”. But we all know the reality is she was jealous of Syd for having his baby and naming it what they were already planning, because all along Taylor wanted to be the one to change Jonny and make him a family man, not that he’s doing a good job with that with Syd lol. I’ll be kind of surprised if she doesn’t come back to give some multiple paragraph about how much she loves halsey and she’s her idol, bla bla bla.

No. 818806

She'll end up hating Halsey cause she doesn't have anyone. Just like all the other tumblrinas that will cry when their bi girl settles down with a a 1%er and submits to the patriarchy with their white quadroon child.

She needs to stay gone and unfuck her life, hopefully shes in rehab and not following useless celebs that don't effect her at all.

No. 818974

It’s been proven she’s not… lurk more. She’s been online and probably already knows.

No. 818980

Is it weird that her and Jonny Craig are both silent on social media? What if they went to rehab together(emoji)

No. 818994

I feel like maybe she is in rehab, not because she wants to actually get sober but probably her parents are making her, clearly they are low on income/money and since Tays not providing anything and wasting money (presumably her parents money) on drugs, fast food, tattoos and useless junk and previous failed rehab attempts I can see this is everyone’s last resort to try kicking her pathetic ass back into gear, but most likely she’ll just use a rehab stay as an excuse for her multiple failures to upload and rinse and repeat. She’ll never return to YouTube and even if she does she’ll never be earning big dollars again, her parents just need to bite the unfortunate bullet and kick her out.

No. 818996

My only issue with this is Taylor's rampant need for attention. There's no way I can see her in rehab right now not posting online either out of a need for ass pats or sheer boredom. And the possibility of her not having internet access is shot by her liking tweets.
Who knows anons? Maybe she's caring for her pets instead of taking meth in mommy's bathroom.

No. 819003

Mental hospitals rn are allowing phones because of covid so the patients can have it for a limited time and talk to their family. Maybe it's the same with rehab facilities

No. 819005

when i was in an inpatient facility for mental health shit we had phones connected to the walls to be able to call our families. cell phones were taken away. taylor needs to stay off social media its clearly not good for her or literally anyone else lmao

No. 819016

Cushy rehabs allow people to keep their phones. There's one here in vegas that even lets you have stuff delivered from Amazon and Target. In my opinion, the good ones dont allow you to have a phone for at least 30 days so you focus on treatment.
Also, as much as she likes attention, the silence online with occasionally liked statuses has been done before when she's gone to rehab.

No. 819027

I agree it's for the best that she stops living with her parents but does she really have enough money to live on her own? Surely after a year of not uploading she wont be making much money off her videos anymore.

No. 819107

I doubt it's a money thing, It's more of a can't live anywhere else with all her pets thing. I'm sure she's got a decent amount saved but not enough.

She could probably rent an apartment EZ but she'd have to give up some pets (which she'll never do). A cat is bad enough, but 4 and an animal hoard uhh…

Apartments are cheap, especially in Texas but Taylor has expensive tastes. She likes getting high rn without having to pay any bills.

No. 819116

… How could you possibly be sure she's got "a decent amount saved but not enough?"

No. 819137

File: 1612015047415.png (10.89 KB, 598x221, tnd.PNG)

The whole tinfoil that Taylor is going broke is just dumb. She isn't anywhere near poor, she probably makes 40k a year doing nothing but coasting off her old vids.

She was probably making 300k+ in her prime, yea she threw away a lot on drugs but she isn't destitute.

No. 819139

This. She lives rent free, parents pay for everything, healthcare, internet, phone, food, etc. They might even be footing the bill for petcare. She isn't taking them to the vets anymore, so most of her 40k a year goes to drugs, tats, makeup, and dollskill.

No. 819145

Who are you even talking to? No one said she's broke. If you use reading comprehension you'll see most of us are simply saying she's not raking in the cash like she used to. She cannot afford to keep up the exact same life style she had when she moved out last time. That's a fact.

Also, you do know social blade isn't 100% accurate right? You're gonna tinfoil that she made 300k in a year but call people dumb for saying she makes less money now??

Some of these posts are reading like they're made by Taylor herself in an attempt to convince everyone here she's still rich

No. 819376

Isn't she managed by one of those shitty youtube traps that take a good portion of what youtubers actually make?

No. 819477


I never bought her bs that she had a manager. There was never any evidence besides a leather purse that was sent from her "manager" that we ripped her a new asshole for. She never got booked for appearances, she never had anyone tell her to stop posting her drug fueled posts or anything. I always that it was her lying to seem professional. Could be wrong, however.

No. 819485

File: 1612193754208.png (96.73 KB, 597x558, Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 10.34…)

Not milk but of course Emzotic is licking Taylor's ass lol.

No. 819498

Only few people understand addiction guys the 15% of TRUE addicts can only understand, everyone else is a poser

No. 819507

Emzotic needs to stfu and stop pretending that she suddenly cares as if she wasn’t talking shit on the TND threads. We all know she would’ve continued if she wasn’t caught. Her concern seems so fake, like she’s only doing it in hopes that Taylor forgets all the vile shit she said about her.

“No one understands her struggles” I don’t think anyone is saying that Taylor doesn’t have serious problems but what are the odds that she happened to relapse the day her video was supposed to drop, after hyping it up for months? The video wasn’t finished, it was probably never even filmed, so she chickened out and went silent to make her fans worry that something happened to her so they can hopefully not pressure her about the comeback video. Except her fans are starting to catch on this time.

No. 819514

LMFAO right? Emzotic has been posting a lot more recently on youtube as well probably as a diss to Taylor. We all know Emzotic is a piece of crap too, she just (used to) hide it way better than TND does. I'm sure emzotic is always glad when taylor fails. yet emzotic is always posting bullshit like this, literally so fucking fake

No. 819580

this is genuinely so embarrassing for her she was probably the top poster here at one point in time lmfao and we all know it. fucking kek

No. 819585


Jen did a NYE vlog
Don’t think anyone has mentioned yet.. I don’t think Taylor is home?(embed youtube videos)

No. 819625

File: 1612252096503.jpeg (669.9 KB, 828x1517, 9695EC49-4811-4C33-96BB-754E14…)

She deleted that charity tweet after all the troll comments calling her out and decided to chimed in on the Marilyn Manson abuse drama. Of course….

No. 819628

I think it's possible she's not at home, for any lazy anons out there, she mentions how "Tanner is at home with his dad" and seems to avoid saying Taylor's name or even the word "daughter" (she briefly talks about how a 'loved one was abused'). From her mentioning the "abused loved one" I wouldn't guess she's on bad terms with them, so maybe she doesn't want to mention Taylor at all but I think it's more probable that she wasn't with them. Maybe rehab stunt #1000?

No. 819651

RIP taylors youtube channel, we can call it now right? she's a twitter/instagram occasional shitposter with selfies and some "fans" remaining but she's not a youtuber by any means. pretty sure jonny craig has more fans than her even post-exposé vid. taylor you ruined yourself, get off the internet and into real rehab.
this whole "i'll be back uwu" shit is tiring and pathetic.

No. 819668

agreed I don’t think she honestly will make another YouTube video. I think exposing all her dirty laundry (like needles/ ex vid) was her biggest mistake

No. 819706

Yeah but honestly, with those kinds of gruesome images and details it would have made for the most incredibly comeback and she knows it. If she would have taken care of herself mentally and physically, stayed off the drugs completely and get over Jonny Craig, she could have made the biggest comeback on YouTube and social media in general. But she can’t use her dirty laundry to her advantage because she hasn’t grown one bit from it.

No. 819807

File: 1612350294465.jpeg (968.02 KB, 828x1394, 5CFF6151-44C0-4EF0-936F-044004…)

Not new milk so sage but someone pointed out that her pics were not taken in September (as she claimed) in these since there is a halloween card stuck on her wall - she also deleted those pics on twitter.

She honestly lie about the stupidest thing and never cover her tracks (or track marks) lmao

Wish she would come back, I am so bored!

No. 819875

can anyone recommend a different cow?? i am so BORED.

No. 819879

Shayna if you want to go blind, the milk never goes dry.

No. 819890

Yeah agreeing with >>819879 Shayna is a neverending mess

I can imagine Taylor is that kind of ~quirky alt girl~ who has Halloween decoration up all year. Would fit with her ouija board shtick.

No. 819924

Is she on the H? I wanna follow another junkie, I am also so fucking bored. I can't stand Tuna though, she's incredibly hard to look at honestly.

No. 819946

she smokes a lot of pot and is a sex worker with a bimbo aesthetic, now wanna be gamer. You can find her in /snow/

No. 820004

kek so off topic but this is giving her way too much credit

No. 820018

Topkek! Hard agree, I kinda wanna know what Tuna gets up to also but honestly all images in her thread should be spoilered because it IS incredibly hard to look at and fucking disturbing.(off-topic)

No. 820047

I actually tried going on some of Shayna thread after seeing the recommendations Not for me, its too painful and yes disturbing to watch but thanks and appreciate it anons!

IMO Tayter is interesting and has more shock factor since she still have a shred of decency lmao

No. 820093

FFS is she still bitching about Jonny craig? Girl move the fuck on, you were being a dumb groupie. Forgive yourself and move on.

It's not like he was lying about who he was, he was a drug addict POS and you knew that going in. Her fucking ego is massive, what happened to "I want the experience"?

I can't with this narcissitic attention slut, take some responsibly, you're a grown ass woman.

No. 820495

She could have had a following so easily on tiktok if she tried. I see Tyler Rugge on my fyp occasionally. She's probably too much of mess these days but at one point she was exactly the kind of person who would blow up on there. At least there the videos are so short she wouldn't have to put "so much work" into editing.

No. 820521

Needles in the background ? And peoples opinions in the comments? She would turn off all comments that’s for sure.

No. 820589

you can limit the comments and I still feel like she left the needles out to pose them for the pic (doesn't make it any better actually I think that's worse). They had most of the numbers worn off which is a sign that she had been reusing them for quite some time which is disgusting and typical for her being above harm reduction

No. 820766

File: 1612756751103.jpeg (94.28 KB, 750x785, 48FCF118-1522-49C3-BBC4-BCE6C0…)

Looks like at least some fans have had enough, because she seems to be losing Instagram followers fairly steadily.

No. 820775

last 30 days she literally has followed 30 more people lmfao what a fucking joke, now on twit her likes show she is simping for miley cyrus and crying over britney spears

No. 821427


Thekillerdoll made a video about her.(embed )

No. 821433

Who the fuck cares? I smell self-post

No. 821620

Plenty of people have made videos on her and they all contain the same shit these threads do, even less sometimes so no point linking it here.
There’s no milk right now and she’s dead silent, it’s been over a month, the biggest tinfoil being that she’s currently in rehab to avoid all responsibilities and consequences for her actions, we know she’s somewhat still around with her likes appearing on Twitter, but I doubt we will hear a peep out of her for a while longer. Kinda sad, I miss the shitshow that is TND.

No. 822112

So I cant help but wonder how taylors animals are doing rn…what with power outages in texas and the extreme cold (for texas) I cant imagine she or her mom are prepared for such an emergency with that many reptiles. I predict another mass death is occuring right now. Her suburb is in a power outage right now.

If she ever come back to the internet (I'm sure she will soon enough assuming she doesnt die) I wonder what she'll say as obviously this is quite a big local story she would normally be quite dramatic and whiney about

No. 822113

File: 1613453123961.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-02-15-23-25-52.p…)

Picrel San Antonio area outage map. Theyre in Helotes circled (also this is public info please don't think I'm doxing her)

No. 822120

File: 1613456412292.png (550.29 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210216-001345.png)


No. 822121

File: 1613456489325.png (523.5 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210216-001432.png)

She decided to go mia for a month apparently as of the 18th

No. 822122

File: 1613457029486.png (329.68 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210216-001416.png)

Reposting because I saged and Tbh this is skim-milkly to me

No. 822133

Welp a Texas anon with sporadic power coming and going. If anything they should know to be prepared for the worst no matter what. The weather is unpredictable. I feel bad for all those animals and Tanner.

No. 822134

"We're isolated" but knows that "ppl around the corner have had zero outages"… which is it? Are you oh so piteously alone and isolated with nO hElP or do you talk to your neighbours enough to know exactly how many outages they have lol

I feel bad for the animals and Tanner, but these well-to-do fucks whining about not having power for a little bit is so hilarious. So fucking unprepared to weather one shred of discomfort, it's pathetic.

No. 822140

File: 1613470024496.png (481.43 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-02-16-04-05-30.p…)

Update. I'm assuming some animals are still with us. Not sure how long her tank and mushu could last without filtration. I did see a vid of someone whose tank froze over

No. 822143

File: 1613470267112.png (238.09 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210216-040216.png)

Also she is going to bed. Really makes me wonder if taylor is even there to help or if rehab/crashing at other junkies houses tinfoils are correct

No. 822146

what is she whining about? it's like 0 degrees celsius there, grab a few heatpacks for the reptiles, go rent a generator that runs on fuel and you're all set?

No. 822147

File: 1613471960846.png (50.61 KB, 541x446, Untitled.png)

Jen's still going.

I might be her only whiteknight but jesus christ I can't help but feel sorry for her. It's 15f where she is right now. I still can't get over the fact she's fucking married, where is her husband whenever she's having these breakdowns?

I know Jen's a cunt but I can't help but pity her. Her life is shit, she's basically a single mom caring for a disabled child, and nobody outside of the internet gives a shit about her. She gets so much of her emotional support from random people on twitter, she's always daydreaming about escaping and being able to do things for herself, not for the sake of other people. When she's not day-dreaming, she's lamenting about how she's getting older and doesnt have the energy or time to do the things she'd delayed for the sake of a family.

tbqh my current tinfoil is that Jen kicked Taylor out in the first couple weeks of January, she took a "month break from twitter" on the 18th Jan because people tweeting at her daily asking where Tay is, and it was making her feel guilty.
>Mama Dean, is Taylor okay? She promised a video and ghosted. Everyone is really worried. >@tamonandpumbaa really blocked me and still can’t even acknowledge that her daughter is alive.. what fucked up human beings…
>Can you please tell us if Taylor is okay? Keeping silent is making everyone more concerned

it's -9 Celsius there right now. I thought she was being dramatic but it's legitimately really fucking cold there, and she's got a kid with learning difficulties to look after on top of that. She's freaking out because the heat wont stay on long enough to heat the property up at all, she's talking with random people on twitter about it. It's 4am in Texas, where is she supposed to find a generator at 4am in the middle of a snow storm, in the middle of a pandemic?

No. 822148

Millions of people are snowed in and without power right now in Texas. It doesn't usually snow there ever so they have no snow plows etc. It's not quite that easy

No. 822151

File: 1613472940433.png (32.46 KB, 539x303, Untitled.png)

lol Jen whiteknight anon here, nvm I don't feel sorry for her anymore.

Just take yourself and Tanner and sleep in the fucking van Jen, why are you making this a life or death situation where you have to move all of your possessions out of the cold?

No. 822152

welp hope she remembers to leave the water running a bit before she moves out to her van, otherwise they're gonna have some nice frozen pipes to deal with later too. Something tells me this is the end of Tay's animal hoard though…

No. 822153


Yeah right. It might be -9C outside but it's not -9C indoors if these retards aren't keeping the doors and windows open. Houses do not cool down that fast, and you can keep yourself warm by moving your fat ass once in a while. I live in the Arctic and this is fucking ridiculous even by histrionic American standards kek

I do pity Tay's pets and Tanner. Their fam has the money and resources, they had to have seen the weather forecast but apparently did absolutely nothing to mitigate the heating issues… and now they're dYiNg

No. 822154

So…. she can spend hours bitching on twitter but can't google how to keep your house warm when power is out? Hopefully she gets a generator now. It has to be killing Taylor to be going through a "crisis" and can't go online to get asspats and sympathy.

No. 822158

Well I guess this will be a convenient excuse for how any of her animals have died that have been gone since she last showed them.

No. 822162

Exactly what I was thinking, kek. Can already see her "comeback" video as a eulogy to all the pets that "died to the cold" whilst she conveniently adds ones that died beforehand to the list. She won't upload for another year and will blame it on her hoard dying.

No. 822168

She's never been this sad in her life you guys, she can't even think about stupid disney right now… Is she really freaking out this much because her son might freeze his toes, or are there 25-30 animals dying around her?

No. 822170

Omg. There are millions of people dealing with the same thing she is and she is honestly lucky that she is only dealing with power outage. I know of places where this weather happens all of the time, in colder climates and they lose power for days. And this storm brought tornadoes and killed people. Ya figure it out and not whine on Twitter.

No. 822201

Can you guy shut the fuck up about the weather no one cares

No. 822202

Taylors pets might be freezing to death while Jen is passed out in their van because she "gave up", of course we care

No. 822205

File: 1613491063918.jpg (46.63 KB, 720x723, terracotta.jpg)

No. 822206

Why don’t they have a small generator at least for reptiles. They can literally die.

No. 822208

This is literally happening all over the whole west coast, why is she so special? It’s a powder outage not a hurricane

No. 822209

White people problems right here. “Freezing to death” GET YOUR ASS TO WALMART GET AND BUY A GENERATOR. Also you don’t have to wait all night for a few seconds of power to warm up food. Just eat some crackers god damn.

No. 822210

I have a feeling a lot of pets have died from this, and they are going to have another why I rehomed a ton of pets video. “Trust me they are all at a safe farm with 30 professional to take care of them all”

No. 822213

it's hard to get to Walmart when there's snow on the roads. People in Texas have 0 idea how to drive in the snow and could easily crash in those conditions.

I really do suspect the pets are dying and that's why she's freaking out. Taylor's probably out with her druggie friends because she couldn't stay home for the storm and still get high. Mama Dean is at home, woefully unprepared, trying to keep her daughter's hoard going on top of a son who's probably losing his shit because of the change in routine

No. 822221

I would feel sorry for her but twitter is not a place for distress call? Like she is a grown ass woman, just like tay - mama dean is addicted to social media and only value herself with strangers on the internet for asspat. Good god, this whole family needs to go to therapy and get away from social media.

Also I really wanna know how they are like irl, they seems insufferable and kinda maniac, wont be surprise if none of the neighbours or people close to them are not extending any help.

But I m here for skim-milk kek

No. 822226

Knowing how big of a dumbass she is, she'd probably put the generator inside and they'd all get CO poisoning. It's happened to so many people already in the PNW.

No. 822231

File: 1613501902267.png (217.68 KB, 760x1072, Screenshot_20210216-135758.png)

did she just not take the warnings seriously? the forecast said it was going to be unprecedented and yet she seems surprised that it actually impacted her day

No. 822232

File: 1613502187889.png (302.97 KB, 760x1078, Screenshot_20210216-140129.png)

she is sadder about the power being out than she is about her daughter getting addicted to heroin, abused, in and out of rehab, and doing drugs in her bedroom.

it really makes it seem like animals are dying in that house

No. 822234

It's all me, me, me in those tweets no mention of Tanner or the rest of the family. You would think with a disabled kid at home her thoughts for comfort would be keeping him warm and happy.
Not to wk Jen but I do feel sorry for the situation they are in. This storm was way more then expected and the power grid overload is putting people at risk but being whiny on the internet isn't helping her situation. She should look at getting herself and Tanner to a warming center, fuck Taylor's pets if she didn't set them up with back up power ahead of time, there are no generators instock in any town with outages so no real helping them anyway.

Open unguarded flames with a developmentally disabled child who has poor impulse control that would be a recipe for a house fire.

Really have to wonder with all this if Taylor is in rehab or if Jen has just given up caring about were she is.

No. 822235


If a single animal died due to this, it is on Taylor. These animals should have been rehomed ages ago, anyone even paying a tiny bit of attention knows that.

No. 822236

OK it's not nuclear winter cold in Texas, even less so indoors, and she's throwing a massively melodramatic tantrum like a tired toddler with a blood sugar crash at an airport. Go eat a banana, Jennifer, jesus lol

This is inadvertently hilarious if not milky. So narcy, so overblown, so fucking self-absorbed. Do some jumping jacks you lazy cunt, and put on an extra layer of clothes. Light some candles. It's far from the end of the world.

No. 822237

Are the walls of homes in Texas really this thin? I live in a country where it easily gets to -15°C during the winter and even if you leave the heaters off rooms don't cool down an insane amount. They get colder but they usually stay at around 10-15°C. That's really not cold enough to send out cries for help on Twitter.

No. 822238

There are also groups of people in Texas offering to house reptiles for people without power. She has options and as her mother says their neighbours around the corner have power.

You would think they would be trying to reach out. Or that they'd have plans. Her snakes could be put in pillowcases and warmed with body heat.

Mushu should be okay if she changes the water daily. There are things they can do and it seems like theyre not even trying

No. 822239

It's doubly that cold where I am right now, anon, and while I know it is not easy if you're not used to it, it isn't exactly rocket surgery either. You move your body, you put on layers, you keep the room warm by limiting airflow and keeping everyone at the same spot. But no, these people are dYiNg in what's considered a t-shirt plus jacket weather where I live… I feel bad for the animals, but Jen's in a full on spiral.

No. 822245

Millions of people in Texas have been without power for 2 days and it was zero degrees this morning so can y'all chill? Yeah it might be colder where you are, but you have electricity……..

No. 822247

Generators are sold out in Texas also so stfu about that too.

No. 822249

Also to people who live in places where it's zero degrees Fahrenheit on a daily basis… Picture if it was 115 degrees Fahrenheit there (like it gets in TX during the summer.) You're not used to it. You'd be freaking out too. And we wouldn't say, "just get a fan and a/c units like we have!!" Those things would be sold out nationwide and people would be suffering.

No. 822250

I feel like people generally have ways to cope with the cold. The fact that Jen is prioritising how cold she is, and not how cold her kids or the animals are says a lot imo.

I'd agree but Taylor has a shit ton of animals, and at that point I think generators are one of the things you'd consider to buy just in case something went wrong.
I could see it being the case with a few animals since.. well, you could probably manually warm them somehow? But when you have a whole hoard of them it's not as easy tbh.

No. 822251

Summers in countries with seasons often get to temperatures of around 105 degrees, sometimes more. It's not really that unusual, and nobody here owns A/C units either. You just kinda tough it out lol.
Anyway, Jen freaking out like this when it's barely below freezing just once again shows that she's a melodramatic idiot. She should figure out ways to make sure the reptiles and fish don't die instead of whining about how cold she is on Twitter.

No. 822254

Some people have war in their countries.

No. 822255


Yes they do… and people here are dying due to cold weather. Both are fucking awful.

Bitching about it on Twitter and not being prepared when you have a hoard of hot-blooded animals is stupid, yes.

It's also gross that people on here are like, "zero degrees fahrenheit and no heat? just put on a jacket LOL."

No. 822258

**cold-blooded (sorry can't edit posts)

No. 822262

Yea pretty sure the animals are dying, Jen is a narc, but she's really losing her shit rn.

Texas homes are built pretty shit too, they're made of cheap materials and if you don't have power it'll get cold very quickly. I can easily see mass deaths if they've been without power for 2 days. Below high 60's max is absolutely lethal for the snakes.

Can't say I'm surprised, something like this was bound to happen eventually. Horrible as it is, it's probably for the best in the long run. They have no business owning that many animals.

No. 822263

I was taking about ahead of time, because we have the weather apps on our phone… usually you prepare for storms you know. Especially if you have a hoard that depends on heat to survive

No. 822265

Texas isn’t the only place suffering with power outages. Can you please take your wking back to Twitter. There has been time to prepare for this event. It’s not like a earthquake or something that just hit them all a sudden. Taylor has already have power issues in the past. She has had plenty of time to think and prepare for a situation like this. Never has she once thought, if I have no power my animal will die ? She should have been responsible and got a generator ahead of time. So many pets lives depend on heat. Did she think there would be no snow storms for the next 30 years her pythons lives ? No power outages ? Don’t make me laugh. White knights give me cancer I swear.

No. 822266


No one is defending Taylor's dumb ass. Or Jen's. Just saying TEXAS is in a state of national emergency (yeah there are power outages elsewhere, that doesn't downplay the particular severity of things here) and it's serious. So peoples' retarded suggestions aren't needed.

No. 822267

Why are you so pressed ? Like take it down a few notches

No. 822269

Some people really, really cannot accept that a well-to-do white girl like Taylor had every opportunity to prevent this, and pointing that out on a fucking gossip site is somehow insensitive… They KNEW days in advance there was a cold front coming. They could have shifted their asses and got ready.

But nope, no one has EVER suffered like Texas is now, don't you know, so it's unfair to even suggest that grown adults use their damn brains and try and prevent their animals dying through simple preparedness.

No. 822272

If taylor loses any animals it's on her, especially after the skinks. She should've used that as a learning opportunity to always have backups, I do feel bad for tanner and the animals tho. Not like they can understand or do anything to be more comfortable

No. 822273

I agree with it being better. Presumably Taylor won't be able to get any more animals or have the interest to

That being said I'm honestly sad for many of the animals that may have been alive

No. 822274

On the upside for Taylor, she'll have plenty of martyred content for a video from this catastrophe. She'll be able to paint herself as the victim of the situation (when it's her who's failed her animals wholesale) and milk the tweens for pity points for losing so many of her pets… and also conveniently chalk up any dead or rehomed animals as "killed by the power failure and the crazy cold!!"

She'll get attention and asspats and pity for failing to keep them alive, and she'll love it. No more animal obligations on her, paired with attenshun!

No. 822276


People have suffered a billion times worse than the people in Texas are suffering. But that doesn't change the fact that people in Texas are suffering.

No one ever said, "stuff in Texas is the worst tragedy in the world." No one even insinuated that. You're pulling stuff out of thin air, in an attempt to claim that someone is whiteknighting and start a fight.

Again, Taylor and Jen are stupid AF and should have been prepared due to having a reptile zoo. It's not always possible to prepare even with a few days notice, but they should have prepared the day that the first innocent snake was purchased and thrown into an undersized habitat.

No. 822277

Amazing that a middle aged mother can’t heed warnings and think critically for two fucking seconds without tapping into her woe-is-me act.
PWS is a high maintenance disorder but there are many resources and support systems available at her disposal. I am a full-time caregiver for someone with this problem. She would rather bitch about how hard her life is to strangers online than help her high needs child and herself. Inexcusable.

We have been hearing for at least a week about this impending weather and regular spots on the news about how to safely prepare for this exact situation. Now she’s @‘ing mayors, power companies, and Disney on twitter??
Turn off your fucking data and CONSERVE your power! Why are you trying to stuff your high needs child into a van? Foresight and preparedness are not finite resources, HAVE SOME. This is a very panthers-ate-my-face situation for this dumb family… yet again.

No. 822315

Yeah she is crying and shaking on the floor because life isn’t so comfortable right now. I’ll bet there are millions of people that go through this every single day and there are, they figure it out quickly though. But that isn’t really the point, with money and prep they should have been prepared.
TND has a saltwater fish tank and whether you live in a warm climate or cold climate you should already have a damn generator, a chiller too for the summer in case the ac shits the bed or at least a kerosene heater for warmth in case the power shits out. She probably has none of them and they are suffering because of those financial choices.

No. 822364

The situation in Texas and Taylor is especially unfortunately given the fact that she has something to blame previous animal deaths on (because you know she will)

There’s no doubt in my mind that they’ve all died or are close to death at this point.

No. 822372

I wonder if she'll feel relieved that she's found a way to be rid of them while still being able to play victim to the weather and try to take no blame. at least cold is one of the more peaceful ways to go, rather than being roasted alive or having a high person puncture your lung.

No. 822437

File: 1613592964132.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, 47105C89-5270-40AC-BB8E-F1DCB1…)

Tinfoil, but honestly I think it’s safe to say at this point all her snakes have frozen to death. The lowest temp most snakes can live in is 65f (18c). It’s been way below that for almost 2 days. If her mom is really this freezing, there’s no way the snakes are okay.

No. 822441

File: 1613593577549.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2688, BA352B50-776F-4BE9-9C43-0C3D20…)

Well well well…

No. 822442

Taylor posted for the first time in forever talking about how she has materials in case of these situations even tho Texas has never had a snowstorm before(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 822444

I'm sure Texas has power outages regardless of snow.

No. 822445

well at least shes a bit more considerate than her own mother.

anyway as other anons predicted, this will be the perfect excuse for animals that have already died.

No. 822446

File: 1613595235350.jpg (632.47 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210217-125039_Ins…)

From her IG

No. 822448

File: 1613595598121.png (3.24 MB, 1242x2688, 91B5322E-D2FB-4B0B-8D1C-12D861…)

No. 822450

Okay I have seen a lot of people’s stories about Texas, but this one sounds pretty over the top with trying to make it as bad as possible. I’m not saying it’s not a tough spot, but I don’t feel right about how she worded this. Just gives the weird vibes.

Also how is she keeping them warm ? No generator. Is she keeping the snakes in her shirt to share body heat? Are the reptiles in the warm car 24/7 ? I’m so confused

No. 822451

Her stories disappeared for me. Did she delete them ? I can’t find them anymore

No. 822452

How fucking incompetent do you have to be to have to warm up in the van - only for it to overheat continuously? Can these idiots not warm up one room of the house with tea lights or candles?? Can they not fire up the grill and melt snow for water, and filter it with coffee filters after boiling it?? Fucking numpties.

And no, they are not fucking FrEeZiNg indoors if Taylor's got her limbs bare, fucking kek.

No. 822453

youre retarded.

but shes actually pretty coherent, maybe winter storm has ensured her sobriety to be truth this time around

No. 822455

“To deal with this much alone” - nice grateful daughter you are tay.

No. 822456

How ? All I’m saying is I don’t like how she worded about keeping the animals warm, yet it’s so crazy cold. It’s just doesn’t add up. It’s either they are warm or they are cold. Not both.

No. 822457

She’s cold.. they’re warm. What’s hard to understand?

No. 822458

It’s almost like you wish that upon them?

No. 822459

wtf are you talking about, you unsaged retard.

No. 822462


have a feeling the whole keeping her phone off trope is to prevent her from reaching out to dealers.


that cold there and no jacket? i’d love to see which dollskill outfit she chose to ride this out in

No. 822466

File: 1613599855557.png (39.58 KB, 682x370, tards.PNG)

I'm still thinking these two tards are/were dating. The whole phone thing is absolutely about dealers, but if she has the same friend circle it doesn't matter, she'll find drug easily.

LMAO I love all the vague baiting about "no support", "all alone", ofc Taylor will use a tragedy to promote "delayed content".

At least it'll be warmer in hell when she gets there.

No. 822467

I think this is just her being bearly smarter than LJ. What she actually meant was she is feeling sorry for people who are struggling with even more stuff than her. Not alone as in just her, but "considered without reference to any other" Example- The children alone would eat that much.

I hope that makes sense and I'm not giving a retarded explaination.

No. 822470

I wont believe a single thing she says until I see some nice, warm, happy animals (especially reptiles) on her story. Until then as far as I’m concerned she’s lying like she does about everything else.

No. 822471

Agreed, the ones we never see again will have been "rehomed"

No. 822476

lol I can't with this bitch - if she's not wearing long sleeves and pants, she's not cold. she's not freezing. she's not even uncomfortably CHILLY for fuck's sake.

the Deans really have outdone themselves when it comes to being histrionic. the only ones "dying" in that house are Taylor's neglected pets, if there actually are any left alive in addition to the cats…

No. 822477

I’m pretty sure she said it was a warm day today?

No. 822478

just barely above freezing in places. i know the majority of the thread is animal spergs but you guys are all just as fucking nuts. unless its a video or an aesthetic snake pic she wont post anything and you guys know it.

No. 822483

good to see her show at least some humility unlike jen's ridiculous narc ramblings. the savior act wasn't unexpected, she loves the "uwu I'm doing everything to save dis animal, literally giving them cpr while driving high and staying up 48 hours to check on them hehe" narrative. she likes pretending that she's competent.
I'm really surprised she's even home tbqh, could have sworn her disappearance was related to another rehab stay.

>bare arms
and there goes jen's "literally DYING freezing" narrative up in flames lmao. there are people routinely dealing with colder room temps than them if this pic is anything to go by.

No. 822485

I knew she would come back any time now to of course make this situation about herself and get pity/attention. And absolutely no excuse given for not dropping the video as promised and then ghosting for weeks.

Notice she didn't say WHAT measures she has in place to keep the animals warm. Total lie.

No. 822488

So the house is warm, the pets are warm, but she is cold while wearing a short shelve shirt. No sweater on, but yet she is freezing. You sound so retarded.

No. 822490

She "hasn't been on her phone" but was checking twitter and liking shit all the time. She saw everyone's messages, she's just choosing drugs over everyone right now. It's so obvious.

And her mom is still enabling her since she's still at home.

No. 822493

Yeah I was confused on that when she had Twitter on her phone the whole time and was active

No. 822496

I wonder why she is changing her number now. Shit got too real with domestic abuser Aggy?

No. 822498

I think aggy is just a stoner edge lord and not much more. Like he abused that rat which was messed up, but I feel like he only did that to post it online for more edge points.

No. 822501

I think he’s just her male friend too. I don’t know why your so mad about that ?

No. 822509

He has a domestic violence record

No. 822510

Are you just saying this, or do you have screenshots ? I’m really not up for taking the word of strangers on the internet

No. 822511

If they can’t have the foresight to survive in a dire situation without power then how can they take care of so many animals? If trailer supposedly can heat up the snakes and whatever else she has then why can’t the entire family camp out in that room? It’s probably bigger than the car and less expensive as far as fuel goes. And as far as hot meals go a propane camp stove works wonders without power and they are only about $40 at walmart. It can cook a lot and boil water. These people are way too privileged and dumb. Who tf can’t survive without power, in the cold or heat, for a few days?

No. 822513

please be less ignorant. yes taylor and her mom are retarded. but most texans have never experienced serious snow like this. people were snowed in for a while compared to other places that are usually more well equipped. going without heat and water for days sucks for anyone. this is majorly effecting the US and everything we do. other then that, yeah she sucks.

No. 822516

Lurk more. It was already posted in previous threads

No. 822517

So they never have any bad weather? Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and obviously snow? They live in a perfect place? Come the fuck on. Why don’t you be not so ignorant.

No. 822518

I have and literally just reread threads to find it and can’t find it anywhere in the old threads.

No. 822519



it took two minutes how dumb can you be

No. 822520

File: 1613620061259.png (653.8 KB, 750x1334, 081F557A-973F-4B90-B4B2-EA997C…)

She posted more stories.

No. 822521

File: 1613620110657.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 3D695939-F60E-40E5-9555-53BF2D…)

Here’s another…

No. 822522

File: 1613620156443.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, C9975C61-0355-4A31-B2B8-69B991…)

And the grand finale. For now.

No. 822523

Sorry I wasn’t looking for a tweet, but more like a legal document with the charges. Thanks so much

No. 822524

It’s funny she has enough power or internet to research all this information

No. 822525

Phones don't use electricity and can be charged quite literally anywhere even your car

No. 822528

For some reason Taylor posting informative Instagram stories like >>822521
is hilarious. “Oh no a huge storm is happening! Better go check the awol heroin addict’s Instagram story for instructions on what to do”!

No. 822530

She has flash on her phone. If she wanted to update people on her animals, she would. But she doesn’t.

Also, what will she do when the water runs out?

She claims she can’t post anything beyond the texts posts but what about the last year she’s been pretending to come back? What’s her excuse?
It’s not that she can’t update people, it’s that she doesn’t care to do anything unless she can get ultra super extra victim sympathy points.

She’s a worthless gal and will always be a cow.

No. 822537

Please tell me you realized cell towers from cellular providers, usually go out in these types of power outages. Cell towers run on electricity. Without them you don’t have a phone without wifi. So she most likely had wifi. Yet she is so cold. I’m just confused with knowing all this info. Care to explain since you know so much ? Thanks pal.

No. 822538

>snowed in
>without water

lol pick one

How about you be less ignorant and stop making excuses for people who should know better, kk? The forecast showed the weather coming well in advance, anon… it isn't a big stretch for a well-to-do fam like the Deans to buy a fucking camp stove, or a propane bottle, and some candles in advance. TX gets power outages regularly, they should already be prepared with a week's supplies for the whole household, they have zero excuse for being this retarded and martyred. If they're fRrRrEeEzInG! in short sleeves and starving while eating crackers, it is their own damn fault and they deserve to be laughed at.

No. 822539

Anon please tell me you're implying they drink the snow kek

No. 822540

Yes? You can melt snow, boil it, and filter it through a paper coffee filter, if you need water to survive lol

… that is, if you have a camp stove, or a butane/propane grill, like you should have, knowing this weather was coming for your Texan honeysuckle ass

No. 822541

so taylor just happens to have a generator to keep her animals warm but her whole house is freezing despite the fact that she's wearing a short sleeved shirt? sounds about right.

No. 822545

File: 1613638145604.jpg (98.05 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20210218-104406_2.j…)

Taylor not returning tonight anymore? What a shame, our hopes were so high. Just like her.

No. 822548

The only explanation I see is that the picture is old

Though I'm still confused on how she's keeping everyone warm? I get the snakes, but I can't imagine they're able to keep the temperature for all the other animals consistent right now, and with a generator I imagine that would be easier than she is making it sound

Also love the fact that she is posting on IG rather than Googling what to do, since according to some anons Texans are completely out of their depth here, which is fair enough, but you know… it's almost like we have Google which would give some simple tips.

No. 822555

With Mama Dean posting about how they're freezing and struggling to heat stuff up for 10-15 mins every few hours there's no way Taylor is able to keep her animals warm.

The only thing I can think of is when Mama Dean said they're trying to "pack the entire household into the van" maybe she meant the reptiles? But even then there's only so many bins you fit into a van. Someone's gotta be left to die and I see Taylor being so up her own ass that she won't admit to losing any animals in the freeze. She has to show everyone she's the perfect animal keeper even as a multi-relapsing druggie. She'll be the miracle animal mom who managed to keep all her animals warm and alive without power, the only one in Texas to pull off that miracle!

No. 822572

No one is talking about the hedgehogs. I have so much experience with them and they are so precious. If there temps drop they go into comas and there organs shut down. They NEED heat lamps so they are never below 70f. Those poor hogs. No way she can fit them in the van. Dear god I hope they have a generator and have my been trying to play the biggest victims. If they don’t there is NO way the hogs are living through this storm.

No. 822573

Bold of you to assume they're still alive to begin with. I think all of her mammals except for the cats have passed away. She could only ever keep her hedgehogs alive for 2 to 3 years, after all, and her rats would also be very old at this point.

No. 822574

Agreed. Last video I saw with the hogs was the “rehoming pets” video and the hogs were in cages that were tiny, compared to what they actually needed to fit the minimal requirements. Who knows, they could have died before the storm started.

No. 822580

Some of her reptiles could be fine even in the cold weather - many north american species do brumate in winter in the wild, so depending on when they were last fed and how gradual the temperature decrease was, they could be safely brumating right now.

Her tropical species are probably fucked though.

No. 822584

Anons calling us ignorant for expecting Taylor to have measures in place for the reptiles when this is unprecedented in Texas…

She should have measures in place for the power going out and other things, there are a bunch of other keepers on youtube who go through precautions to have in place for a number of different emergencies. Things to have incase of emergencies, those heat pads for posting, totes for evac etc. It's not ignorance its expecting her to have plans on how to care for her animals

No. 822586


Does this mean she's taking 2021 off for recovery as well?

No. 822593

File: 1613676518708.jpeg (142.39 KB, 749x773, 1E56A51A-DF56-4FAE-B7B6-F8DE61…)

Lmao she’s lost 1000 followers since you posted this.

No. 822606

Shes so full of shit. You can cgange your number online or call the company. It takes minutes. She clearly is just making more excuses at this point trying to get people worried foe her and pity her so they'll be understanding of ger never posting the vid

No. 822613


Not like it’s unprecedented either, this happened in 2011.

No. 822618


Not wk'ing AT ALL. She should have had precautions in place.

Just saying, Texas hasn't seen weather this cold in over 30 years. Yeah there was particularly heavy snow in 2011… but it wasn't this cold, it didn't last this long, and the power outages / aftermath the weren't as severe.

No. 822619

All the anons complaining like they can Google instead of Twitter should Google how bad it is really before thinking that it’s just poor planning. Taylor blows but it’s an actual disaster

No. 822631

While I agree it is a disaster, why are so many reptile owners prepare with generators, yet it’s so ImPoSsiBle to predict a future power outage for Taylor. Did she never think she would get a outage in all the pets lives ?

A lot of her pets will live 30+ years and depend on heat. She has had power issues in her past. You would expect her to be prepared for a outage, if her animals lives are at stake. It’s really not asking for much.

I don’t understand why every other large reptile collectors can be prepared for outages in Texas (and anywhere) , but yet she can’t.

No. 822632

What is going on in Texas isn’t what anybody is talking about. We are talking about the shit planning on TND’s part. Had she planned for any power outages, even ones that last just a few hours, then her entire family, pets included would be warm right now and not stuffed into a van. Yeah it sucks with what is going on, but when you have a 150gal coral tank, snakes and a myriad of other pets then you better account for that. Her tank is going to die if it can’t cycle or stay warm and we are going on days now. Body heat won’t heat a fish tank. I’m sure generators have been available before this, its not like there are regular generator shortages outside of a crisis.
So nobody really cares about what is going on in Texas as far as it applies to TND, we care outside of TND. And yes it is poor planning on TND’s part.

No. 822638

Thank you this is exactly what I’m talking about, I just suck ass at wording shit.

No. 822661

Her tanks are probably dead. She has a cow fish in that tank. That fish when stressed releases toxins and probably killed her tank.
This is so gross.

No. 822662

So bold of you to assume the new fish she only showed off on the first day in her tank two years ago is still alive. I'd consider all of her animals dead at this point unless she uploads new videos

No. 822721

>Kim there's people that are dying.

No. 822726

You're right these other posters are fucking retarded. Texas legitimately is going through an emergency. People do not have this type of weather ever here and our government sucks. Taylor and her mother are idiots but this shit is real jesus fucking christ

No. 822727

Totally agree. Im pretty sure her tank was doing fine as she had maintanence men in taking care of it, but no way will it be ok without power for a week. Also I think her snakes are ok, as they are literally bomb proof from what I've heard. Anything else however, they all went long ago. Either rehomed or died one by one due to her lack of care. I'm sorry but a heroin addict cannot and is not looking after multiple animals. She isn't even able to summon the effort for a shower most weeks.

No. 822728

You still ignore the fact, even without this emergency, she should have had a generator. Eventually her power was going to go out. Most people have at least one or two outage a year in my area at least. Side note : no snakes are not bomb proof.

No. 822738

These anons trying to excuse her by saying Texas is in a state of emergency should look at her like a zoo. Most 'good' (especially outside of US as they have better laws regarding this) zoos would be prepared for a power outage and have back up generators.

Though looking at some news articles, even the zoos weren't properly prepared but that just seems like a very American thing lmao.

On the other hand, other people who own this many pets would be prepared because it's the right thing to do.

No. 822739

File: 1613733092518.png (3.9 MB, 1242x2688, 6977FE21-6C8E-47D4-8BF8-E4122C…)

No. 822742

junkies are so irritating when they post shit like this. they know what they need to do, they know pretty much exactly how to do it, but they give every excuse in the world to not do it. she can say that she needs to do this on her own all she wants but the fact is she’s clearly too much of a pussy to do so. and she’s not willing to actually stay in rehab so I don’t know what the hell she thinks is going to happen.

No. 822745

Its currently 6 am in texas, she is either an early riser (which I doubt) or she hasnt gone to bed yet. Lmao this girl will need to pick her life up soon and live like a normal functioning adult. I cannot imagine wasting a whole year of my life like this..

No. 822755

File: 1613740700696.png (850.8 KB, 1242x2688, 08C43812-66D0-48F9-A882-C85FE7…)

And the cycle continues, she’s posting this “poor me” bullshit on her IG stories now to garner some pity from the remaining stans she has left before she hits them with the walls of text giving some shitty excuse about why she didn’t post when she said she would for the millionth time.

No. 822757

File: 1613740801591.png (1.74 MB, 1242x2688, CCDABEE6-46BA-4915-A2AC-B0B342…)

“mUh dEpReSsIoN”

Just say you’ve been relapsing all of this time then go.

No. 822758


I'm cracking the fuck up at her listing her business as "Cemetary" she's gone so try-hard edgy that she's managed to become self-aware

No. 822762

And, ironically, it is accurate. She is benefiting financially from killing animals slowly through neglect and laziness.

No. 822764

Apparently she's been staying up in order to look after her animals, who knows if she's telling the truth but that's what she posted the other day. >>822441

No. 822766

File: 1613743350819.jpg (321.61 KB, 1079x1278, Screenshot_20210219-090139_Sam…)

Lol. Us too, Jen. Us too.

No. 822768


Mothers who paint themselves as victims to their own children's toxicity lmao… harden the fuck up, this is embarrassing at this point. Be a mother or lose your child to addiction. Orrrr just vague tweet as per usual.

No. 822774

had a feeling after she broke the deafening silence with her "all my animals are doing amazing! no I won't post proof!" novel that she'd just use the storm as a way to sneak back online. now if people ask where the video is she can be like "omg can't you see I'm dealing with an emergency? there are more important things going on, my haytors are obsessed losers. yes my mother says we're freezing to death in our house, but that doesn't mean the pets that share the same house and air as us are freezing to death too."

pics or it didn't happen, Taylor. tell me how your rats and hedgehogs survived this.

No. 822780

Her hedgehogs and rats are long gone. It's been a couple of years so if she ever comes back she will claim they lived a full and happy life whilst adding a year onto their ages and contradicting what she said when she got them.

No. 822782

the storm is even a great opportunity for content. Just whip out a camera and film all the stuff she's supposedly doing to keep her animals alive. she could call it like a "how to care for your hoard pets in an emergency/emergency preparedness tutorial" thing and people would find it more relevant or interesting than a tenth "feeding all my pets" video.

but she's not doing anything she could film in the name of ~education.~ she hasn't named one strategy or detail of what she's ACTUALLY doing to keep her pets alive. We just got a novel of empty words. There's no strategy, there's no preparation, there's no care.

No. 822783

Literally American zoos are shit, especially in Texas bc there animal exotic laws are shit compared to other states. and don’t see how that is relevant to individual animal collectors.

No. 822784

Hahhaha if by “get over” they mean heal, then fuck yeah you need to get over shit and heal. Ever heard of accountability Taylor ?

These self diagnosing memes are killing me. The only people I ever see post these are minors and Taylor. It’s pretty funny and pathetic to think that not being healthy makes you special. I honestly don’t think Taylor will ever even strive to be healthy bc she thrives on the attention this addiction is giving her.

No. 822787

I can't help but feel like something terrible is going to happen to her remaining animals (if it hasn't already) because of the storm. Her cold-blooded animals are at huge risk for obvious reasons and after seeing that video of the frozen fish tank (not Taylors, just google frozen fish tank Texas), I can't stop worrying that it might happen to hers. I hope those animals are holding up.

No. 822807

To me this has always been one of the most slimy things about TND that she has been doing forever, but has especially gone downhill since she left Jonny. When they were together at least she would eventually show her animals (even if it was super late and didn't live up to full expectations, like that time she promised to show them on live just to prove to everyone they were ok and she never did). But at least we EVENTUALLY saw them, whether it be by Twitter/Instagram post, a video finally, whatever. But the fact that we literally have not seen her animals and enclosures in so long is very telling that more died, and she just doesn't want to face publicly announcing it because no matter her excuse she ALWAYS gets flak (because it's always lies and bullshit). Her mentality of "I don't oWe aNyBody an explanation!" is stupid, she literally built her audience because of her animals, it's only fair that we want to know if they're all ok, considering we've seen their shitty care and they've died so many times under her watch? She should have rehomed 95% of them when she went into rehab after leaving Jonny, and publicly announced it so it would seem at least somewhat more reliable information. If she comes out anytime soon saying any have died or were "already" rehomed it's her fault and I'm calling BS.

Sorry for the rant I'm just sick of the "all my babies are safe n happy!!" with ZERO proof. I feel so fucking bad for those animals because we all know they aren't and have never gotten the care they truly need and deserve. Taylor is fucking delusional.

No. 822814

This. She can’t come out with her disappearance excuse while fans are still upset about the video. She needs to play the victim a little and show them she’s in a “really bad place” so everyone will just forgive her out of sympathy. She’s so vile.

No. 822816


Seems like she's been desperate to be back on social media, but didn't want to acknowledge not posting a video, so she waited until something happened that she could address without having to explain herself. With as quick as she is to use her many self-diagnosed diseases as an excuse, I can only imagine she's just been using the whole time.

No. 822828

Because most animal collectors are going to be smarter than an average zoo, especially if they're making money from their animals (much like Taylor once was)

No. 822861

You are just repeating my exact point

No. 822880

That's not how brumation works at all. It's nearly March and they can still freeze to death

No. 822909

Like mother, like daughter! Posting their dumbass dirty laundry online as if anyone gives a fuck about it. Jen is such a massive cow, it’s no surprise that Taylor ended up the way she did. Jen clearly never grew up and now her daughter has mimicked this, is dressing like a 13 y/o who discovered Hottopic for the first time, and does hard drugs with every intention to blame it on everyone except herself. It’s like poetry, really.

No. 822913

is jen a cali transplant?

No. 822930

I can’t say I’m not spooked by the notion that the universe is teaching Taylor a lesson right now. She should have rehomed them way long ago now a lot of them will die.

No. 822935

What lesson? She gets to not care for animals that pay her bills, be high all day, have nature kill off any responsibility she would have had for them, and garner sympathy for her loss. She has, in essence, won and now gets to have an excuse to relapse.

No. 823116

Where is Sabor?? The green tree python that was shoved in a closet in a large tupperware. We haven't heard/seen anything about him in almost a year. No way is a snake with an aggressive temperament being taken care of by Mama Dean. He's either dead "FrOm nAtUral CaUsEs" or hopefully rehomed.

No. 823126

We haven't heard or seen most of her animals in a year. He's with the rest. learn to sage.

No. 823331

File: 1613975084752.png (4.49 MB, 750x1334, 0D4AB4BF-D56D-4014-8C28-A05668…)

druggie text wall incoming

No. 823332

File: 1613975127966.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, A8A286DC-1FEB-49B4-B7FC-17E43E…)

No. 823333

File: 1613975175801.png (4.91 MB, 750x1334, 83DBA9E1-FBB2-4D1B-88E7-57B630…)

She still can’t be bothered to actually prove any animals are okay btw.

No. 823335

this chick is HOW old again? nice meth-fueled decor

No. 823336


No. 823337

It's the "trust me everyone, I have a personality" aesthetic

No. 823338


don't imitate my behavior but obey my instructions

No. 823339

This looks like someone threw up a mix of styles ; like a child’s disney bedroom, combined with a try hard edgy aesthetic. It’s so uncomfortable. She’s almost 24 right ? Living with mommy and not planning on working any time soon. Sad. Wonder if she plans on growing the fuck up ever.

No. 823355

either she's wildly exaggerating how bad it was or the animals are not as fine as she says. I just can't imagine her dealing with a large aquarium and the snake rack with limited supplies, lItTeRaLlY freezing temps, the car as the only source of warmth and burst pipes. something def is up here. unless she's considerably downgraded her hoard since we last saw it.

No. 823370

Yeah I thought the salt water was frozen solid like everyone else with no power. I’ve seen so many frozen tanks from texas. Crazy how her house was powerless, yet warm enough for everything to be fine at literally 10 degrees

No. 823379

blogpost, sorry. san antonio fag here, i was out of power for 3 ½ days and my house got down to a cool 45 degrees. a friend was able to save their tank by wrapping it in blankets…
but i wouldn't expect her to ever think of that. also, reptiles require a helluva lot higher temp than fish do, nevermind the lack of a basking lamp for days on end.
ALSO, she was not without power for 5 days. most of the city went out early monday and CPS had the entire city back up by thursday.

No. 823432

Anon how cold did it get outside at its coldest in SA?

No. 823441

Sorry anon, I just looked it up and saw the coldest it got was around 9. I was trying to find out if she was exaggerating about the pipes bursting because you said your house was 45 but it is entirely possible that they did burst. I know a lot of people did have pipes burst but I also know while it was cold in some places it was brutal cold in others. I just figured she was riding off other people’s situations to be the ultimate victim in this crisis.

No. 823454

No. 823459


The point at which pipes freeze varies dependent on the type of house - a solid brick-build with internal pipework needs to get down to -7/8 (20F) for a consistent few hours for there to be any risk, but obviously trailers, manufactured and modular homes are all higher risk at more moderate temps. And that's based on a brick-build in N Europe, where pipes are routinely embedded deep in the structure (blog, but my fucking heating went out just as Europe entered an ice-age. I know more about this shit now than I ever wanted to.) Houses built in warmer climates are much more susceptible to frost damage because they're not routinely protected.

But any decent reptile-keeper would always have some sort of backup. With the number she has it's pure negligence to not have a genny or battery array for emergencies, even if reptiles are in brumation. But no doubt she half-assed it and there will be another slew of "natural" deaths.

No. 823462

Oh absolutely. I am from a cold climate but I can definitely see southern houses freezing at 9. Up here it’s usually around -10–20 before ours freeze, but our houses are much more insulated. Even the double wides don’t seem to freeze very often.
100% anon. Whereas other people without vulnerable animals definitely wouldn’t think this would happen a reptile, fish owner should always account for the worst.
So she is preaching about being prepared I’ll bet she doesn’t actually go out and buy what she needs. That is if any animals are actually still alive.

No. 823467

"…that is if any are still alive."
Exactly. It's too late to do anything once the power actually goes out, and with a large collection the proper precautions take both money and planning. She's always chasing the next shiny thing and it's someone else's problem to take care of the boring bits.

I'd guess a lot of them were in brumation and that'll be the last anyone ever hears of them. I just hope she hasn't got enough money to replace them or there'll just be another menagerie of neglected exotics to serve as bimbo backdrop.

I hate it when cows drag animals into their orbit of insanity.Takes all the fun out of laughing at them, dunnit?

No. 823481

I really want to know HOW she saved all these animals. She doesn't explain even once how she pulled this off. They didn't have a generator, they didn't have hot water, it was supposedly freezing in their house, the car kept overheating after only a few hours in it… So how the fuck did she keep all her 20 animals warm, not to mention her 150g fishtank?

No. 823483

Me too. An anon earlier in this thread mentioned that this situation would make great and educational content but we know she didn’t even think about that because she really doesn’t want us to know how she didn’t do anything at all.

No. 823495

I think she is just going to fade away again, and never explain any of it.

No. 823501

No she couldn’t handle not having attention. I think she’ll probably just stop posting animal content for good and move to only posting selfies and the ‘aesthetic’ Garbage she normally post.

No. 823506

She should just rehome all her animals. Brook Houts rehomed her dog, now it’s Taylor’s turn. They both remind me so much of each other. Wanting internet fame, but there animals stole the spot light. I bet Taylor is upset that without her pets, no one really cares.

No. 823510

how the fuck is it overheating while idling? topkek. If that's true their van more than likely needs a rebuild or new engine ASAP.

No. 823518

Or even something as simple as a fan. I can see Jen ignoring any unusual sounds because she’s an idiot. Maybe even dirty coolant. I can also see her ignoring “stupid stuff like maintenance. But like mother like daughter.

No. 823521

I’m so confused bc whenever my old car overheats, your suppose to turn on the heaters to let off some of the heat off the engine. Like turing on the heaters helps cool the car. Or am I retarded ?

No. 823525

I'm guessing she couldn't turn the fan on, assuming she DID take the animals out there that needed extreme heat?

No. 823527

The radiator fan blows over the coolant so the engine stays cool so as long as the fan works the heat should be fine to idle and run the heat. It also could be a damaged hose or like the other anon said possibly a crack in the block. At any rate they have a problem that they have been neglecting. I shudder to think they have had coolant leaking on their driveway with all those and their neighbors animals. But I’ll bet the animal educator didn’t even know how coolant attracts and kills animals.

No. 823563

Remember when she said she was going to move out because she was cramped and had no room with all her animals and moving back home was temporary and all those times she was going to move out "soon!"? Remember when she talked about all the upgrades she was gonna do to the enclosures she just didn't have room since she was back home? It's disgusting how she has all that garbage everywhere when she SHOULD be moving out on her own and give her animals proper space and adequate enclosures. But keep decorating your childhood bedroom with ugly useless junk to fill the void, that's the better decision apparently.


No. 823595


>Ashnikko Demidevil

since when did she listen to anything that wasnt halsey or DGD

No. 823618

She likes Grimes lately (see Miss Anthropocene on the wall) so that’s probably it. Cry does slap tbf.

No. 823641

Yes, but it only seemed like she would finally start talking about moving out when she would fall iN lOvE with a new brodick, I'm sure she counted on getting a new bf that would take care of everything for her and would move in with her. Despite being far from her YouTube prime she has to still be making great money through views on all her old videos, I don't see why she doesn't just move out on her own into a decent little apartment or home, nothing huge like the atrium house, and if she really wanted to she could hire a housekeeper and even assistant to help with the animals so she could still have minimal responsibility and fuck around like she always did. Plus it would get her away from batshit Mama Dean, honestly I can't imagine he tensions in that house on a daily basis. With her money she has more than the capability to turn her life back around, so many others destroyed from drugs have come back from having it much worse than her. But it's clear she'd rather stay with her mom who will forever enable her, so she can completely avoid any responsibility whatsoever, and be the junkiest junkie who ever was on the internet for sympathy and asspats anywhere she can get it.

No. 823728

She has an eviction or two under her belt, she leaves the places trashed with used needlet, and animal neglect make for stains and smells that are difficult to get rid of. No one is going to rent to her and 30+ pets with that kind of history. Also, she doesnt have a real job. Lots of youtubers have discussed having difficulty renting because they dont have a traditional w2 or payroll stubs.

No. 823755

There wasn't confirmation of her getting evicted from the apartment or the atrium house. She was able to break the lease on the atrium house, she just had to pay more. Taylor said for both places she just needed to drop a big deposit for the animals. She also mentioned her paying cleaning companies to clean the atrium house and I assume the same goes for the apartment. She got an apartment and a house no problem before. She doesn't need a W2 or payroll stubs to rent. There are a ton of self employed people who rent. You just need proof of income from the last 2 year which she would be able to provide. With her level of income and the places she would be looking at, the owners don't give a fuck about renting history, they just want their money. There's no excuse. Taylor doesn't have her own place and provides shit enclosures with little room for whatever animals she has left because she is a shit person and doesn't want to do what's best for anyone or any animals. She wants to do what's easiest and requires the least amount of work. You're acting like she's ever even made an attempt to move out besides when she wanted to ride off into the drug induced sunset with her knight in shining China white.

No. 823794

A lot of rentals want you to also have rental history/good references and good credit.

No. 823796

I remember Jonny posting texts between him and the landlady in which he was a rude little brat after she told him they're multiple months late on rent. I wouldn't be surprised if they got evicted from the atrium house.

No. 823874

Yeah I thought they talked about that too.

No. 823888

I mean, if deadbeat junkies with a poorly cared for menagerie want to break their lease, you’d be a fool not to do it instead of having to chase them down for rent imo

No. 823912

If I remember, a few years ago Emzotic posted a video about the power being out at her old home, and how she tended to some of the animals, but out right said that some of her animals died due to the freeze. Not that Emzotic is any higher in pet care, but certainly not at the shit level that TND is at. At most I would guess that 20% of the animals she owns survived the freeze and that is gonna be the mammals (aka cats, seeing as the rats are nearing the end of their life if they're not dead already + the hedgehogs are def dead with her track record)

No. 823922

I'd still score Em way above Taylor any day. She may be nuts, but she's cashews. Taylor's burnt peanuts.

No. 823947


Wouldn't hedgehogs be in hibernation though? Then again, has she ever got any of her hedgehogs successfully through a hibernation?

Not sure how low a temperature they can survive but I'm guessing any mammal in hibernation was probably the safest, assuming it was healthy and the correct procedures were followed. Which is a dumb assumption bearing in mind who we're talking about.

No. 823956

The hedgehogs would have gone into hibernation from the cold, which could lead to their metabolic system shutting down. This can be fatal if the animal still has food in its intestines, which will then begin to rot instead of being digested. Of course, this could have happened to all the reptiles as well if they didn't have enough heat to digest and were recently fed before the cold struck. I am really interested to know how she kept all the snakes, the aquarium, the hedgehogs, the rats, mushus tank and bindi warm. Especially since their van got overheated after just a couple hours.

No. 824041

blog and also texas fag here but yeah my pipes burst from this storm. tons did all over tx, totally plausible, they're not built to be insulated for sustained temps like that down here. shit sucks and honestly i believe most of her story except for how she magically kept all the animals safe. they were either dead before or she exaggerated how little power she had

No. 824076

guessing they used a shitty coolant or mixed it with water over time, which then froze when temps dipped.

No. 824145

God, I hate those funko pops

No. 824147

I hate funko pops, period.

They're very Taylor: plastic, generic, with interchangeable glued-on bits for "personality". Small wonder she loves them.

No. 824155


sage because this isn't new milk but who tf wrote this? "Taylor completed her high school from O’Connor High School at Texas Connections Academy. Furthermore, she attended the University of Florida with a double major. She did a double major in Biology and Psychology and also in Geography and disabilities in society. Moreover, Taylor hopes to become a surgeon and have a career in medicine."

it literally sounds like she wrote it herself while she was on her bender. this is hilarious

No. 824183

never knew what a funko pop was before I started following tay because I normally hang with adult people. Funko pops are like littlest pet shop for adults, made in china, totally without soul, only manufactured for the purpose of becoming waste.

No. 824184

Yeah I read the whole thing and there are a lot of facts that are just lies. Like who wrote this.

No. 824208


Doesn’t really sound like Taylor’s writing, it sounds like an ESL person.

No. 824209

“Littlest pet shop for adults” kek anon I couldn’t agree more

No. 824223

Not to mention we don't even know those hedgehogs are alive. She hasn't shown them in over a year.

No. 824327

lmfao "#1 23 years old" what???? >>824155

No. 824379

File: 1614558291438.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 9DBF7DD0-3914-481C-9F9B-2B61C3…)

Peep the DGD song.

No. 824393

File: 1614561120194.jpg (334.11 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20210228-191442_Twi…)

Another arising

No. 824394

File: 1614561299284.jpg (96.95 KB, 955x2048, 20210228_191719.jpg)

No. 824395

File: 1614561485841.jpg (500.35 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210228-201632_Ins…)

No. 824400

File: 1614564924124.png (1.78 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210228-200311.png)

The shitty hair pic is probably old from when the stylist styled it

No. 824401

File: 1614565088247.png (613.61 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210228-201658.png)

She's so manipulaipive . clearly she is desperate for online attention again and wants to be online like old times without making content or being held accountable LOL

No. 824402

>I'm working on content today agai –
No, you're not. Everyone knows you're not. Stop.

No. 824403

I've been in that mindset where I wouldn't do anything until I felt ready/good enough, so I suspect it might be genuine, but it's Taylor, so it's unlikely she's actually going to follow up on breaking that mindset

No. 824404

How tf is she getting a vac??

No. 824405

This sounds like she is asking everyone for forgiveness for killing all those pets

No. 824406

I know ? I’m so confused. Literally in the same state as her. How the hell is she getting a covid vaccination

No. 824408

Honestly ballsy if her to pretend she's coming back after not explaining anything with the cold, she's missed out on so many trends, ideas and easy content pieces I don't think anyine expects or really even wants her to come back

No. 824409

she has over 10 diseases anon, plus a heart condition. i'm sure she lied and cheated the system, what a waste of a good vaccine.

No. 824410

If that profile photo is recent, then she just got her hair touched up again. I know, covid didn’t stop her last time.

Even if she gets vaccinated, and I have no fucking clue how she got on priority ? .. She should know you can still spread the virus with the vaccine. I doubt she gives a shit tho. She didn’t before, and why would she become all saint suddenly.

No. 824412

Yeah same. That is believeable but what isn't is that this is anything other than her wanting to come back and make promises etc. She has never proven us wrong since leaving jonny so I dont believe she will be getting help >>824395 vaccine or not (its not like not having the vaccine has stopped her or her family from acting like there's no pandemic)

No. 824414

I think it may have more to do with Jen protecting tanner and the family, she isn't one to care about anything and we've seen how much she cares about covid safety, can't say I can see taylor going to the effort alone

No. 824416


so the girl that loves getting diagnosed and hospital visits can't be bothered to get a vaccine? weird WKing here

i'm pretty sure the vaccine is a pass to make her feel better about sleeping around with random dudes and sharing injections with strangers.

No. 824419

File: 1614568585496.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3464x3464, FD9A6541-30EF-402E-851E-62CBC1…)

Pretty sure she got her roots done.

No. 824421

File: 1614569348517.png (3.6 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210228-212758.png)

Still covered in bruised and tracks on gands. Appears to be pretty bad bruising under shirt too. Not mention the obvious scabs on her face her being mia and looking high. Same shit diff day

No. 824422

File: 1614569383101.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-02-28-21-25-06.p…)

No. 824423

File: 1614569486698.png (3.89 MB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-02-28-21-30-45.p…)

Looking a fucking mess. May be just me but ditch still looks bruised as always.

No. 824424

Her eyes are super bloodshot and her lips are a complete disaster. Same old shit, different day.

No. 824425

This is why I can't keep up with the milk on this bitch anymore. Most boring cow known to man. Cycles upon cycles of the exact same behaviour, all her sperges sound the same to me now.

No. 824427


Whether you support getting the vaccine or not, how does she get priority?? It is so annoying to see her lie and be an overall bad person, just to constantly get special treatment

No. 824429

It’s the cheap fast fashion ali-express/ forever 21 style for me. smh.

No. 824431

Why is this bint getting her vax tomorrow? I just can’t with this whore.

No. 824433

“I have decided to forgive myself because you all clearly won’t this time” kek

pretty tweaked she’s getting vaccinated over people who take care of their shit and have to be exposed at work

No. 824436

Why the fuck is she showing more stupid selfies and not pictures of her animals that recently went through a life threatening situation? If she was a decent human she would of posted pictures of them to show they are okay and maybe mention how they are doing. Instead we get to see her nasty lips and fake freckles for the 100th time. Zero mention of her animals or how they are recovering. She has been saying the same shit for too long. What an awful cunt.

No. 824438

She's transforming into mumble rap Luna
Because then she'd have to reveal which ones are in bad shape/have died, most likely.

No. 824445

So she’s basically telling her fans how insecure she is so they’ll just give her positive attention and forget how shitty she treats them all the time. She’s frustratingly manipulative.

No. 824447

She looks eerily similar to that furby picture in the background.

I love that her excuse for posting selfies is that she never uses her phone… Like it's so much effort for her to snap a quick photo of at least one of her animals.

No. 824450

File: 1614584811271.png (1.04 MB, 1242x2688, 1C34EDED-F568-498A-B709-52F810…)

No. 824454

anon I don't even see an elbow ditch in any of these pictures, she was probably careful about that but what are you even seeing

No. 824455

How in the hell does this waste of space rate a vaccine when so many people working essential jobs and doing public-facing work are still going to be waiting for it for months?! Unbelievable.

No. 824459

It's almost like she lies about things for attention and clout.

Covid vaccine, videos, pet care, drug habits. Bitch lies all the time, then pulls the uwu fragile princess bullshit.

No. 824460

Lmao how much do y'all want to bet that she's going to "get" COVID arm and that it's going to be "life threatening." She's such a fucking medical miracle that I'm sure she's going to get the ~rarest~ of side effects that only 15% of the population can get.

No. 824461

yeah this. She's lying about getting a vaccine so the next time she posts a pic of her drugged out with a large group of people, she can say they've all been vaccinated so it's okay.

No. 824467

I mean who cares if she gets a vaccine tmr? The more people vaccinated the better for sure. The real thing we should be talking about is how her fans have already started kissing her ass and talk about how she’s “valid.” I don’t wanna sound like a boomer but there’s a difference between mentally ill and being a lazy privileged cunt

No. 824472

I'm always floored by her constantly going on and on about how she needs to forgive herself. Like, you don't get to forgive yourself for letting people down and being a worthless junkie. Show me any proof of her actually being rough on herself.

No. 824473

More cognitive dissonance posts from our mental health kween!! Your job is literally relying on likes and social media attention, tay! Sit the fuck down and go offline if you TRULY preach what you say.

No. 824485

Its more shocking to me that she yet again hasnt turn off comments on her sm posts or youtube or even regulate the comments which from time and time again shows that its the source of all her triggers. She either doesnt wanna get better or that she literally using it as a shield/excuse for her next drug use. (ie Mean comments caused me to relapse!)

No. 824497

File: 1614615735337.png (969.11 KB, 2048x2024, Screenshot_20210301-111959.png)

Sure you will.
She always acts so big and bad up until her responsibilities show up kek

No. 824498

She's a literal waste of space. She contributes nothing to society, except maybe support to drug dealers. She doesn't work, doesn't help around her home, doesn't make any effort to improve… only just spergs about herself and her fee-fees and then relapses. After the past year, with everyone on hard times, tolerance for her self-victimization is completely out the window. It's stunning how she had such a good thing going and completely ruined her own life. The future for this girl is very, very bleak.

No. 824501

File: 1614616027566.png (147.57 KB, 355x554, x0nGtDX.png)

lmfaooooo just like last time huh tay tay

No. 824504

spoiler alert she will never feel "all" better. lol her excuse will be I'm only doing a bit better but I'm not where i want to be. But yeah seeing another pissy vid like last yr would actually be really nice. that said the only way she'll do it is if people say please don't post your animals ever again. Gross. only u taytor gross animals.

It's so obvious animals aren't her thing and she wanted to get internet famous for herself but her animals took off. we've been saying it forever. The reason the vids on her vlog channel do terribly is because she's boring and has nothing interesting to talk about show/do. She literally only talks about herself when she does talk

oh and feel a bit better is prob when she isn't dope sick and on her next big meth binge when she has the energy and a new bro dick in her life to make her feel worthy. TBH I feel like all the redecorating is the meth. This bitch has always had completely blank walls except for funkos and that 1 zebra poster

No. 824505

File: 1614616533268.jpeg (413.16 KB, 1242x2078, C1925283-3BA2-476E-84C1-FE075B…)

Sure Jan

No. 824506

File: 1614616579641.jpeg (274.66 KB, 1242x1892, A075BBBF-BBC5-4579-B11E-97E50C…)

Take your own advice idiot.
Doesn’t this twat always say she’s doing better? Lol

No. 824508

>gonna work on the editing
>finishing in these next few days
She's publicly saying she's done something/going to do something in hopes that it will motivate her to actually do it in real life. All she's doing is sitting around getting high thinking about doing it. Like every time.
If anyone out there believes there is actually a video, she's editing a video, or that her animals are OK, they are retarded.

No. 824519

Taylor 14 hours ago
>I keep forbidding myself to post imperfect content until I'm fixed but I'm not broken I deserve to post selfies uwu

Taylor now
>once I'm all fixed I'm gonna post the most perfect badass clapback video of all my ghost animals and you'll see, YOU'LL ALL SEE

No. 824520

TND's Feeding ALL My Animals Updated Animal Room Tour 2k21

No. 824524

she's literally never apologized for anything.. other than apologizing to herself and throwing herself pity parties. gag

No. 824527

Is her skin yellower than before or is it just the lighting?

No. 824528

lets play a game: jaundice or reflection of her hideous hair

No. 824529

File: 1614623781506.jpeg (649.92 KB, 828x1369, E5D7B262-0FF3-4B46-A731-1BAEA6…)

I gonna bet that some of the animals she claimed rehomed in her first rehab stint definitely died. Also didn’t she got the second gucci to replace the original when it escaped its enclosure and was missing? Or was that just a rumour?

Can we also take some time to appreciate that the cow is back ! I am dying of boredom from lockdown and honestly missing evenings like these browsing the milk. Lmao

No. 824535

Why wait?? Do it now, give us that big, giant middle finger…

I just noticed she turned off the comments on her IG selfies post lol she was getting eaten alive

No. 824537

but.. she DOES have enough money to replace your animals (according to her, basically exposing her income). so literally how are we not supposed to expect she's in the process of replace them?

No. 824544

I’ve never heard someone say she pays off witnesses to her pets murders. What is she high on now ? This is hilarious.

No. 824545

Okay who called the “I was going to kill myself card” for why she didn’t post a video.

No. 824548


Ah yes, the "I got criticised so now I'm going to say my 'haters' made me want to kill myself for a get out of jail free card" gambit.

She's not even trying to be original at this point.

No. 824550

This is giving me Gabby Hannah vibes

No. 824562

Seriously what the fuck is this?? “Would you rather have me update fans or have me not off myself” -Taylor 2021.

No. 824567

File: 1614631076759.jpeg (82.32 KB, 750x406, DD7CE00D-1CFE-417C-962D-58C16D…)

So she doesn’t have enough ‘mental health’ to get up off her ass and walk less than five feet to snap pictures of some animals…. but we’re supposed to believe she’s 100% taking amazing care of them…? If her depression is really this bad, there’s no way she’s taking good care of herself, never mind her hoard.

No. 824571

I know this is honestly emotional abuse to her underage fans. I feel bad for the minor she bullied (with the burner phone) with these EXACT manipulation techniques.

You don’t tweet what I want, and I might just go kill myself. How dare you ask me for updates, when I’m active on social media liking tweets. If I did anything more then like tweets, I would have slit my wrist down the river. You would all miss me and it would be youre fault.

Talk about guilt trip. She will blame everyone else, when her last few fans just give up on her, and hop off the emotional train ride.

No. 824573

The thing is, she's been yowling about this for, what, over a year now? She's all big talk about how she's gonna get better and how she's waiting to be mentally "right"… but anyone who's grappled with mental health shit and/or addiction knows it's hard fucking work getting better. And Taylor's deadly allergic to hard work.

I'm still mystified about what exactly does she DO with all her time. She does not work, she's not educating herself, she's not going to therapy or working out, or working on her catalogue of narcissistic issues… or taking proper care of her animals, either. What the fuck does she do all day? Isn't she bored of doing fuck-all and being a waste of space by now?

No. 824574

Not that it matters too much but this isn’t a song that has anything to do with Jonny, this is a newer album with the current singer

No. 824577

Social media, random videos/movies, twitch streams, video games, shopping, junk food.

This probably 90% of the time when she isn't shooting up, typical NEET shit.

No. 824588

>I get the same commenters
so you won't post a video for the at least 50 to a couple hundred fans that have asked to see you animals because there are 3-5 active hate accounts on twitter?

Wow crazy shit if true. whatever she's hiding about her animals must be bad because there was a lot more hate before. Is the only thing that gets her to anything for herself (like have/maintain a job) a man? Because she seems like that exact sort of woman. Other than that her life is exactly like it was with jonny just more meth and less coke dif fake friends

No. 824593

I thought she was getting her vaccination today. What happened to that ? It’s pretty late in the day now. Oh wait she was never on the priority list, and was just lying for the thousandth time.

No. 824598

What a way to twist her words

No. 824603

I’m a different anon, but how is this twisting ? I’m generally curious. She said that sentence basically but somehow turned it into a whole essay.

No. 824612

I’m definitely not twisting her words. Maybe you should read what she said again, either way it’s suicide baiting no matter how you frame it. She’s using her wellbeing to silence people who are asking genuine questions and giving genuine criticism.

No. 824618

It’s 100% baiting. She could’ve just not posted this message at all. Millions of people stay off the internet and feel fine, she could do the same but she wants the attention and drama.

Plus, she needs to stop stating she is in recovery all the damn time when she is just in constant relapse. Not to shame addiction but recovery = work and not once did she ever truly show her work. And not that anyone is owed the proof but she posted so much problematic shit from rehab and problematic “advocate” stuff that I’d love her to stop acting as if her recovery process is normal and should be patted on the back for it. I do hope she does recover but until then get the fuck off the internet.

No. 824669

>>824497 and guesssss which tweet is now deleted lmao

No. 824724

Tinfoil but I'm so convinced these devil's advocate type posts are just Taylor unable to resist defending herself

No. 824726

People who are unable to take responsibility for their actions and words generally tend to feel persecuted when others hold them accountable for what they put out in the world.

AYRT did not "twist" Taylor's words, Tay does not need help to sound like a spineless imbecile lol

No. 824735

so all within a 24 hour period we have:
>i need to stop forbidding myself from moving forward and returning to social media until i'm all "fixed"
>well i'm not gonna make a video about my animals until i'm ALL BETTER
>you shouldn't label yourself "better" or "not better"

No. 824765

She's high so we're seeing her doublethink plainly.

She's "not broken" when she wants to post selfies for asspats, simultaneously she's a fragile suicidal baby angel when anyone expects her to work.

At this point, so many of her animals are gone she'll make more money from promising imaginary content (thus bumping old video views) than actually posting a video, which will be filled with excuses about being an uwu addict so can't be monetized.

No. 824800

File: 1614712335575.jpeg (819 KB, 3054x2464, A374FD14-A388-4E51-8243-539C91…)

She’s totally definitely going to upload a video of all her animals …..just like last time.

No. 824871

Aw, and here we've been ragging on Tay for not having any consistency or routine - when she obviously has a regular, annual tradition of empty promises right around this time each year.

No. 824893

I fucking wish man. I fucking WISH

No. 825015

File: 1614791747934.jpeg (343.73 KB, 809x819, 88218CF1-CD02-4E33-BCA7-941672…)

Sage for absolute autism but I was looking through Taylor’s recently liked tweets and I noticed she was liking a lot of stuff Twitch girls posted so I autism’d harder and look through her following list. Idk if it’s recent but she’s following a lot of twitch thots and bigger streamers like Corpse, Soda, and Critikal. I’m wondering if she’s trying to make friends who can get her into the twitch sphere. Also tinfoil but I could totally see her trying to get with edgy boy Corpse for the clout

No. 825018

File: 1614792870202.jpeg (194.74 KB, 1242x410, 876D2CF7-A071-40EC-A49B-E4CEA1…)

TND hates abusers but has multiple FPS songs in her public Spotify playlist “qualiTEA.” If people aren’t aware, Front Porch Step is a singer who got kicked off of warped tour a few years back when multiple underaged girls came out with receipts about how he groomed them and then had sex with them. He was well in his 20s at the time. He took a hiatus but claimed he “found god” so that he could come back and make more music. Very ironic to me that TND has this massive victim complex and makes an hour and a half long video about her abuser but publicly supports a documented child fucker in the alt music scene

No. 825020

Hahaha that would be funny to watch her fail. I hope she does start streaming. It’s definitely been a valid hypothesis for the past few threads.

No. 825021

It’s only matters if it’s someone that abused her. She doesn’t really give two shits about other people’s experiences.

No. 825026

I don't understand when people like Taylor scream "victim" when they obviously went looking for trouble…

Isn't it obvious that Jonny is a piece of shit? Just look at him and his track record, it screams red flag. Don't play with fire then cry when you get burned. Truly, there's something deeply wrong with her, she obviously seeks out these types.

These big names won't touch Taylor, they're smarter then people give them credit for. They already know how to manipulate morons for money and they have nothing to gain from Taylor.

No. 825027

She should find an inpatient program honestly. It's difficult with Covid, but it's really the best and most efficient option. She probably pressures herself to do the work on her own, but most people can't and it seems like it's that bad. She needs a legitimate support system too, I don't think she ever replaced heroin with a positive coping skill, and she doesn't have anyone to talk to. It's sad she stopped trying but I know people are going to jump on me for that, my b.

No. 825030

She is definitely going to try to be a streamer. That’s is why when she showed her newly decorated room, most of the effort was put into her desk area.

No. 825033

which is hilarious because this dumbass seems to forget that no one would see that shit they would see her animal cages and the ones stuffed in the closet and her litter box and clothes and junk piled all around. Assuming the animals are even still alive

No. 825036

File: 1614801515010.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, streamer tay.png)

ohhh I think your 100% correct on the stream thing, she's got a mic and popfilter right next to the computer and some sort of display.

I doubt she'll do it but it's something she's obviously thinking about.

No. 825037

what are you all on about. she already said a few times she wants to stream, even went as far as saying she bought consoles and gaming PCs.

No. 825039

At least she actually put effort into buying shit LOL. I'll believe it when I see it though, she likes the IDEA of streaming, but it's actually MORE work then YT videos.

She talks alot of shit but never ends up following through. I doubt we'll see anything soon.

No. 825040

Well she says a lot of things, and never puts effort in doing it. We actually think she will try to do this. It will be great entertainment for the short time it lasts. At least half the people watching her first stream will be anons.

No. 825045

I hope she does even though it would be soooo boring. But it would be great to see her live and watch her unedited personality since people tend to put the best version of themselves online. You know she's too lazy to keep up whatever facade she's got going on.

Imagine if someone asks to see one of her animals on stream and she's like "I don't want to walk 5 feet across my room and take Maui out of his enclosure! My EDS has been horrible lately and I can't get up to show you guys every animal all the time! Maui just ate I don't want to bother him! I don't owe anything to you guys! When I'm feeling better I'll show all my animals and you guys are gonna feel stupid when you see how much they're thriving! I'm keeping my YouTube channel and streams seperate so I can't show you my animals on stream they are for YouTube only!"

The amount of sperging, excuses, and lies would bring this thread back to life again.

No. 825047

File: 1614805462424.png (60.88 KB, 857x631, twitchpartner.PNG)

I wonder if she's gonna try to be a twitch partner. We all know she can't hold up short-term obligations, let alone a month long one.

No. 825048

What the fuck is wrong with people buying all these funko pops literally what the fuck, it's so infantile and they're disgusting plastic effigies to inane crap, fair enough 1 or two but this is such a waste of money just to express how retarded you are sage for sperg

No. 825054

This is obviously not why everyone buys them but I know a few people who buy them when they’re regular price and then resell them for 5x more when they get “vaulted” and impossible to find. They’re ugly af but it’s a collector thing. In Taylor’s case, she just likes to hoard cheap garbage that makes her look like she has a personality

No. 825161

File: 1614894988078.png (12.44 KB, 667x160, jen rant1.PNG)

more Jen vauge baiting and sperging. Tay probably found a new fuck buddy.

No. 825162

File: 1614895029135.png (14.83 KB, 664x178, jen rant2.PNG)

No. 825163

File: 1614895076623.png (13.37 KB, 664x142, jen rant3.PNG)

No. 825165

wouldn't surprise me. I do think she only sees value in herself when she has a guy to lust after - preferably a toxic one. It could explain whey she suddenly felt confident enough to visibly come back to the internet

kudos to mama dean for always spilling the tea

No. 825167

File: 1614895961645.png (223.47 KB, 585x708, 1e1234.PNG)

and she's still going. btw anons this was a vid that flashed the words, beautiful, amazing, strong, special, loved, breathtaking so not just this one word

No. 825168

File: 1614896381052.png (577.93 KB, 601x705, ester.PNG)

okay and lastly would appear that they have officially kidnapped the neighbor's cat aka "esther". Mama dean would feed her outside (despite her being a healthy well fed cat) and only pet her outside but here she is clearly inside. I highly doubt their gated community has a cat colony just let to run free they are absolute garbage people just like stealing star who was literally overweight when Taylor came across her. 4 cats and 1 litterbox the smells of her room must permeate the whole house

No. 825169

decided I should share the vid showing how mama dean used to feed/pet Esther outside. I'm guessing they snatched her when they saw that there was a winter storm coming a few weeks ago

No. 825172

oh my god this pandemic turned mama dean off from disney? i never thought that would happen tbh. maybe now she can grow up and be an actual mother

No. 825236

taylor’s entire personality is based around pointless consumption. this photo showcases it perfectly, i feel nauseous from the sensory overload of plastic garbage.

No. 825237

Don’t forget that she is basically white trash that stumbled into temporary money. It’s not like she has exhibited a good sense of taste in anything, music, art, fashion, etc.

No. 825241

I realised that she has never had to struggle to get anything. Everything she ever wanted was always right there within a blink of an eye. But if you wanna be an online presence today you have to be brave. You gotta ignore haters and continue to do your thing no matter what anyone says. But she is not too interested to go up on the barricades and fight for anything at all, and certainly not for her stupid pets that she bought on a whim in a petstore once. God I am so happy to be born poor, at least I appreciate everything I own and don't let my snakes rot in a corner somewhere, like some dolls that got thrown to the side by a spoiled brat. She's not gonna stream even though she has the setup. It's just another useless toy to her. Just like the funko pops, just like that stupid stuffed duck, just like her animals.

No. 825247

4 cats and 1 litter box

what do you expect, it’s a taylor classic.

No. 825249

She is not white trash, she is white entitled privilege. She wishes she had a white trash upbringing so she could try to be the biggest victim.

No. 825257

>the whole fan base here on social media
what fan base

No. 825287

She certainly is white trash. she lives off fast food, has a back tat, and does meth.
not sure why you felt the need to defend her , she has always been white trash . Her family is lower middle class at best, where you getting off calling her privileged

No. 825288

Late to the party. I am dead.
Can't wait for her to stream LOL

No. 825289

i hope someone asks her this when shes live on twitch

No. 825296

The one of biggest factor of being white trash is being poor, and she clearly isn’t. She can afford the greatest rehab. Most people try to escape that trash life, and she is just a college age girl who is lazy and doesn’t want to leave her parents comfy life style bc the world is to scary. She didn’t grow up in some trailer park with meth parents. She has every opportunity in the world, that white trash dont. If she wanted to she could go to rehab and college rn. They are not on the lower end of middle class. Sorry for ranting, but Taylor is not poor. Being a wealthy and smoking some meth does not equal white trash. It’s just a stupid girl, who wants some online attention.

No. 825301

If tattoos, fast food, and drugs means white trash. then almost every white person in college fits that criteria. Youre kidding right ?

No. 825304


Except Taylor is a high school drop out and not a college student?

Wow so many anons acting like she is some classy bitch

No. 825308

You clearly don’t even know the definition of white trash and it’s not my job to educate you. Have fun sounding retarded.

No. 825311

Didn’t Taylor get a GED or get her diploma from online school ? If I’m remember correctly, she has a highschool diploma. If that wasn’t the case, she could get one with a easy 3 hour test. Why are you so hung up on this ?

No. 825315

please tell me how she is not privileged ? what opportunities were taken from her ?

she had a whole career given to her. nice comfy white suburban house to grow up in. if you look at her teenage photos, you can clearly see she had nice, new, name brand, clothes. I’m sure her parents would have helped/fully paid for her college, if she never got into youtube. she only got youtube career, because she WAS pretty. she did drugs bc she thought it would give her a personality/ look cool.

the fact she wants to be a victim so bad, because her home life isn’t something to cry about, proves that she is privileged to me.

No. 825321

lmfao being trashy isn't based on income or what social class you're in. You can be rich and trashy.

Taylor is trash because she's a gross pig who doesn't clean her animal enclosures, keeps used needles around (both in her own home and her mother's home she shares a mentally disabled child), and buys any tacky thing she sees.

She can be privileged and white trash at the same time. Trisha Paytas has had a decent income for years but she didnt magically become classy.

No. 825322

samefag, shares WITH a disabled child*

No. 825330

Being trashy is different then being white trash. Why does this even matter.

No. 825334

Apparently this anon gate keeps white trash. I didn’t know you could be white and trashy but not white trash.

Looks like anon is the white trash expert, weird flex but ok your opinion is the correct one my bad

No. 825338

I was just pointing something out. Chill

No. 825339

File: 1614974793839.jpeg (110.11 KB, 750x1243, 26DF7BDB-07DA-4208-85BE-841D66…)

Being poor is literally in any definition you look up on the Internet. Google, Dictionary, Urban. I’m sorry you can’t grasp the meaning of a slur.

White trash = slur

Trashy = adjective describing someone

Taylor is not poor. It’s that simple.

No. 825340

Maybe it’s because I’m not American, but when I think of stereotypical white trash, Taylor checks all of the marks: junkie, dates other junkies and abusers, hoards cheap plastic shit and animals, looks like a street walker, comes off as dense and uneducated. You don’t necessarily need to be poor to be white trash

No. 825341

Did you kill all your brain cells huffing paint or something ?

No. 825343

Anna Nicole Smith for example was also considered white trash because she had no class. Money alone doesn't make anyone classy. I guess you can categorise people in poor white trash vs. new rich white trash. If Tay would have any class she would not flaunt her wealth like she does, but would rather understand to humble herself especially in the face of serious addiction.

No. 825347

holy fuck you guys are retards. imagine sperging so hard over whether or not she's white trash

No. 825362

lmao i was thinking the same thing wtf jesus christ, also when did white trash become a slur what lmfao can yall stop shitting yourselves about the trashy topic

No. 825489

not white trash being a slur, fucking kek

you lot sound like the exact kind of people who think "Boomer" is a slur too…

interesting to see how much vaguetweeting Mama Dean is about to do now that they have electricity and heat again and aren't dYiNg… if only she would actually try to hold her useless daughter accountable for A Thing for once in her life.

No. 825497

FFS of course this bitch is white trash. Any person who drops out of highschool/gets their GED for reasons other than medical is a white trash idiot.

No. 825499

And don't call EDS wks that shit is munchie bs

No. 825513

she has a Halsey lyric tattooed on her collarbone of course she’s white trash

No. 825525

and the other collarbone says D.R.E.A.M.

it's trash

No. 825537

Also the whole “didn’t pay any bills for a year because I spent 40k on teeth”

It doesn’t get more white trash than that

No. 825807

I didn’t notice this before, but she contradicted herself within a few HOURS.
>“It doesn’t matter if I’m not as healthy as I’d like to be, I’m going to start posting again”
>“I’m not healthy enough to post my animals right now”
Her animals are deeaaaaaad

No. 825820


The word you’re looking for is “rehomed but in such a way that she’s incapable of providing proof or giving updates on their wellbeing.”

No. 825822


Rehomed to the backyard garden.

No. 825833

File: 1615308084919.jpeg (76.68 KB, 750x273, 5EF86525-6DBF-475B-B00A-0AB51B…)

This is random sorry but since when is Betsy a stripper? And the other hashtag accountant? Is that her way of saying Taylor’s assistant? Does she even work for her anymore or go over there? Taylor’s been ~so depressed~ but I haven’t heard her mention her assistant coming over to help in ever!

No. 825837

"accountant" is a tiktok slang word for stripper.

No. 825838

betsy only show up when tay is fresh out of rehab

No. 825842

She's been a stripper for a while now I think pre JC like when she lived in new orleans. She doesn't live in Texas anymore her and the other stripper in the friend group moved to Indiana I think so no she's not an assistant or anything to Taylor but yeah it is funny how she only shows up to publicly anyways, be a friend when Taylor pretends to be sober. Betsey is def not sober herself

No. 825851

File: 1615321617993.jpg (764.46 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210309-152625_Ins…)

No. 825910

Context please?

No. 825911

The man has a type.

No. 826044

The accountant hashtag may be because anisa (idubbbz gf) and other only fans hoes hide discussion of online sex work by calling it accounting

No. 826072

Unrelated, but it’s so funny she made fun of other hoes. Then became a huge one herself.

No. 826081

File: 1615434561743.png (416.81 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210310-214723.png)

I guess Her return Will most likely be on her moms channel

No. 826082

I like how she is trying to profit off her daughters fans missing/worrying about her. No Jen no. I doubt Taylor will even do that, be in a video she can’t edit herself.

No. 826083

Yeah seriously. Here is even more clout chasing cringe. The vid isnt milky. We only see the fish tank from far away and maybe a rat or hedgehog? Oh and the dogs and the cat they stole and some nasty chick who's hair was totally faded proving she just got it redone before those pics she posted a week or two ago

No. 826084

File: 1615435143537.png (1.35 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210310-215459.png)

No. 826086

Jesus Christ. Knew her hair was redone. Am I the only one that thinks Taylor mentioned the most recent selfies were old, to put out the narrative she hasn’t gone out recently-ish. God damn.

No. 826089


can anyone else see it ? I can’t anymore.

No. 826105

It’s still up for me, I clicked the link anon posted a few comments up. And yikes, Taylor is on screen for literally 2 seconds and you can just see how fucking greasy her hair is. She definitely got it redone before posting those selfies

No. 826106

It's there you just have to watch on youtube. You see a quick glimpse of taylor in the kitchen. The dogs liked the snow. The cat seemed glad to be inside. The way Jen talks to her pets makes my skin crawl.

No. 826133

File: 1615461124420.jpg (136.26 KB, 1682x1420, 68358358258.jpg)

Good fucking lord that's a fat dobermann.

I skipped around the video because I can't be bothered to watch a middle aged woman freak out about snow and talk to her pets in cutesy voices for 16 whole minutes, but the only animals I saw were the 2 dogs, the porch cat and a quick picture of a hedgehog. The hedgehog seemed to only be bundled up in some fabric.

No. 826134

File: 1615461204555.jpg (228.78 KB, 2095x1452, 783687363874.jpg)

Picture of the hedgehog.

No. 826170

File: 1615480070017.png (1.84 MB, 2460x1080, Screenshot_20210311-110856.png)

So watched Mom Dean's vid, here arw a couple of screenshots that are interesting.

Here is a pic of the rats' cage in Taylor's vid from 2019

No. 826171

File: 1615480151339.png (1.58 MB, 2460x1080, Screenshot_20210311-111317.png)

And here is the rats cage in the upper left of Mom Dean's video. Jesus.

No. 826172

File: 1615480201209.png (1.06 MB, 2460x1080, Screenshot_20210311-111138.png)

Fucking bare. Just disgusting.

No. 826173

File: 1615480393381.png (1.54 MB, 2460x1080, Screenshot_20210311-104021.png)

Last pic is of the pet kween herself heating up a snack in a short sleeve shirt during the horrific arctic blast sweeping through. Wearing her fav Jonny shirt. No sign of the axolotl on the counter, could only see one small fish in the saltwater tank.

Boxes all over the house, trash and boxes and pet supplies piled up everywhere, split second shot of the garage literally looks like a hoarder's disappointment room.

What a sad world.

No. 826176


u can hear tay saying "my camera's charging or i'd be getting a video of it out there." lol excuses of not filming to her damn mom I can't

No. 826178

I wonder if the cage is bare because there are no rats living there anymore.

No. 826184

That’s the only thing I can think of, bc rats enjoy there toys very densely placed.

No. 826185

I'm wondering that too. There also isn't any fleece in there to protect their feet which leads me to the same conclusion

No. 826186

Is the doberman a rescue or did they buy her? Gotta love Taylor 'animal lover' Dean having a dog with a docked tail

No. 826193

yea I'm sure they're dead, it's been 2 years since she got them and her care is awful.

No. 826194

I don't think she ever put much in the way of fleece in the cages to protect her rats' feet… but yes, it would be a miracle, if her "rescued feeder rats" were still alive and thriving.

No. 826195

File: 1615487447900.jpg (89.39 KB, 939x498, you live like this.jpg)

There's so much random crap everywhere FFS. No surprise the dog is a fatass too, jen is probably overfeeding cause "he needs love". Nah you dumbass he needs some fucking exercise, Taylor ain't gonna walk it that's for sure.

Jen must have one of those weird caretaker power fetishes. She can't have people leaving her miserable fat ass alone so she has to have control over other people. She wants Taylor to be dependent on her and doesn't want her to get better.

People like Jen are a fucking mess, they wanna drag everyone into their pit of misery. Taylor is awful but Jen is worse imo, she's the reason Taylor is so fucked up.

No. 826209

File: 1615491469583.png (1.47 MB, 2460x1080, Screenshot_20210311-143258.png)


Angle that shows the water bottle

No. 826210


No you can see the white blob on the bottom level (left corner) of the cage move and there is a half-full water bottle on the top. Maybe only one rat is left but there is def water and one alive in that shitty setup

No. 826211

wonder if there is a reason they keep the rats in a wire cage right next to a cat that they just picked up from outside

No. 826213

They didn't care before about rats being stressed or attacked so why care now?

No. 826262

I’m pretty sure it’s a viszla or Weimaraner but def obese.

No. 826271

Not to mention the really crappy filming. If she thinks thats a blizzard, wow. Thats a light snowfall in North Dakota!!

No. 826282

i remember taylor testing her with one of those genetics tests and she's mostly a dobermann with some weimaraner and other random breeds mixed in.

No. 826284

I don’t care enough to look it up but I’m sure in her video announcing that the dog was going to be her “sooooper speshul service animal :)” Tay claimed that she was a purebred Doberman? I remember her making a huge deal out of the fact that YES her new RESCUE dog was a SUPER RARE silver/lilac Doberman that she DEFINITELY needed for her CHRONIC condition. I always thought she got progressively worse but jesus, she really started with the lies so she could be the most special animal oracle right from the beginning huh

No. 826288

Holy shit! They have to put that dog on a diet, stat. That dog is fucked up. Poor pup…

No. 826294

Oh please. I bet Taylor loves reading shit like this so she can play the victim even more. Taylor's life was in a good place when she moved out. She totally fucked up her life on her own. Not saying Jen is a good parent, far from it, but Taylor is a grown ass woman who was given lots of opportunities to have a nice life. The house has some crap around and clutter but looks quite clean. It isn't some old shitty house that is falling apart. Taylor needs to be an adult, take responsibility for her shitty life and for being a shit person. Not just blame mommy and daddy.

No. 826296

That's a really stupid statement. No shit it's a light snowfall for somewhere that gets a lot of snow. They're in Texas, not North fucking Dakota.

No. 826313

ayyy north dakota anon here. can confirm, would kill for a texas “winter” instead

No. 826314

samefag i’m sorry i clearly didn’t read thread thoroughly enough

does anybody ever hear about tay tay in real life? i shit you not a year ago i was at petco and one of the employees was recommending her videos to a hopeful new pet owner five feet away. wonder how that’s going

No. 826363

I love how some snow has invigorated this fucking thread

No. 826452

Well with all the snow they just went through, this is pretty light.

No. 826453

That was funny because she was always screaming how they are purebred and everyone was like no they are not. She would always say they don’t look it because they ears aren’t clipped. Then after the test she would say oh they are basically pure.

No. 826603

File: 1615653167284.png (90.15 KB, 822x567, tnd comment.PNG)

TND left a comment on Danny Gonzalez's new video talking about her old (?) MCN…
The replies to her comment range from asking about her drug addiction to congratulating her on not becoming an annoying youtuber.

No. 826606

So she is comfortable on YouTube but not twitter

No. 826607

Sounds like the manager had a type.

No. 826614

They probably didn't want to renew the contract because she doesn't fucking post anything

No. 826639

This, the only reason she's running her fucking mouth is because of attention. It's just a wall of text that says nothing. Idk anything about this stupid situation but even I can tell she said nothing of value.

It's just clout chasing and humble bragging.

No. 826739

I'm sorry but how did you even find this? Self post much?
Just two random ass girls, never been mentioned before in here.
This especially screams self post because neither of you are following Jonny nor is he following you, so things must have ended badly and you came here to talk shit.

Thanks for the pointless post though!

No. 826790

The thread has already moved way the fuck on, but cool.

No. 826820

She’s the queen of making anything about herself. Yes Taylor, you definitely left your manager.. they totally didn’t drop you for being a dumb lazy drug addict who lies about posting.

No. 826853

Sorry I don't check it every day, this website doesn't even cross my mind every day LOL.

Imagine trying to be rude to someone for replying to a post from five days ago from a gossip/slander site.

You're making it even way more obvious that it's you, or Madi. Embarrassing.

Carry on! Sorry for "derailing" your precious thread.

No. 826855

Also I meant to integrate but JC has nothing to do with TND at the moment, unless one of them posts about the other. So I had every right to ask why it was posted. So now look who is the one not following the rules of the thread… Dumb bitch. Bye I have a life to get back to.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826862

I am always puzzled everytime she mentions her manager. Because, seriously, I cannot think of a single time or reason or event that she would need or use a manager for. Like, what did her manager actually do? Taylor mentions new ventures in that post and I cannot think of any venture she started, even at her peak. She 'attended' one pet fest but I can't see how her manager got her in there. She had some awful merch. Did she even have a career or achieve anything at all apart from the bare minimum of posting some videos. Again, why did she have a manager?!

No. 826940

Obviously she needed a manager for fielding the SEVERE amount of media requests and interview offers coming her way, anon!

This is entirely spitballing, but I think maybe her parents told her to get with an agency, hoping it'd bring her life some sort of structure, and that she'd have someone to give her a kick up the ass to actually work… That, or she signed up with one out of vanity lol

No. 826946

She did a thing with Brian Barchek (probably spelt his name wrong) but he's a really shitty mass scale breeder and the video they did together was awkward and painful to watch

No. 826963

well unless the manager told her to do coke and move in with jonny because drugs sell better than pets.

No. 826997

I'm pretty sure by manager she means the youtube multi-channel network she used to be with which was apparently Studio71.

No. 827025

The funniest part is that in her vice video at 4:36 she literally gives her management company credit for her entire career. So it's funny that she's talking trash about them now which makes me also think that she was dropped by them. I mean she hasn't posted in over a yr and the last yr that she did post she only posted like 4 vids so she isn't bring them in $. She hasn't done any colabs in like 3yrs and her last sponsorship was when she was fresh out of rehab and that was the only one in like a yr at that time.

No. 827121

Plus, she would always post the gifts that they bought her and bragged about it. Always full of shit no matter what comes out of her mouth.

No. 827156

Didn't she boast about a leather Gucci (or whatever) purse her "manager" supposedly got for her?

Yeesh, when she doesn't have control over the angles and filters she looks 20 years older than she is.

No. 827160

Think it was snake skin Louis Vuitton

No. 827162

Wow, great choice for an aNiMaL aDvOcaTe.

No. 827177

yup it was a gucci snake purse >>747615. She still had the fucking letter from them on her wall up until recently. Idk if it's still there but this seems like her acting out because she's butthurt/clueless without them

No. 827225

Tinfoil but I am sure they aren’t giving her the asspats she wants in her addiction cycle. They are probably tired of her not coming through with her video promises so now they are awful people to her.

No. 827397

File: 1616057546364.png (289.59 KB, 750x1334, DEC5C355-C7B8-422A-BF6F-E3FE12…)

No. 827398

File: 1616057684872.png (434.14 KB, 750x1334, 64F6B2C6-7D05-41E3-8CF8-6786C1…)

Making everything about her when it’s on topic too yet again

No. 827399

Of course another piece of her technology is broken again ~lol~

No. 827408

holy fuck she's sperging so much and her claims about youtubers being shallow like … pot.. meet kettle. she's absurd. it's disgusting how she makes this about herself

No. 827432


>OK leaving Twitter again bye

Surely if you weren't extremely online 24/7 you'd have no idea this situation even happened. It's not like the details made the news (or to be broadcast in the Dean house, the Disney Channel)

That she thinks not tweeting from her main account makes people think she's offline and "working on herself" - it's like a kid covering their eyes thinking they're invisible.

No. 827443

Why does she only post when she thinks she can gain victim points. She’s literally the only person that I don’t believe there stories. It’s just crying wolf at this point

No. 827454


Checks out, I don’t use twitter and have absolutely no idea what she’s talking about.

No. 827460

i do use twitter and still have no idea what she's talking about…

No. 827479

File: 1616094825567.png (559.22 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210318-140730.png)

When was she ever in la for 1/3 of the time? I feel luke she only ever went for a week or two every few months. She exaggerates so much always fucking lying

No. 827480

Blah blah I’m relevant blah blah

No. 827494

maybe i’m crazy but i 100% believe taylor that this serial rapist actually did try to intimidate her. anons, i think you’re sometimes blinded by your own feelings about taylor and you forget how random scrotes see her. they don’t care about her drug use, her animal abuse, or her leeching off her parents. they just see her as a pair of tits, and actually knowing her background they’d probably think they can get away with harassing her because she’s a junkie and therefore less of a person altogether. rapists are rapists. they don’t magically change their behaviour in front of people. she’s probably one out of one hundred he’s tried to mess with.

No. 827496


anon i'd believe it too if she didn't fake being victimized by bree and said that she was sexually harassed/assaulted by her at petfest or whatever. she's lied about being a victim so many times it's hard to believe that she's been actually victimized. also any time she uses the excuse of i just wanted to fit in makes it even less believable because she's not like 12 year old girl in middle school, she's a 24 year old woman who has her own autonomy.

No. 827519

anon I 100% believe her however it's the way she constantly has to use other people's traumas to dump her own traumas and make it about herself. That is probably her worst personality trait (aside from animal care) that she seriously should work on. I get what she was maybe trying to say because of her history of not being able to articulate what she means but if I didn't know her it comes of as selfish and lacking empathy. You can believe someone but still disagree with their actions

No. 827546

Where were her pets while she lived in LA 1/3 of the time?

No. 827569

You clearly haven’t been paying attention. This is the fifth sexual abuse story she has shared, and only due to relevance or to make herself look like a bigger victim. Suburban life must be so hard.

She lies about everything, her pets, her sobriety, her tech issues, why would anyone believe anything she says? Not to mention she spent the past two years hinting about abuse from her ex, but it turns out he just didn’t cuddle her so she decided to kill herself, only not really. It’s not like she has any credibility and this point, and lying to stay relevant has always been her style. Plus addicts are known to lie, her own words.

No. 827611

she means "that time I went to petfest once"

No. 827613

File: 1616153276311.jpg (14.49 KB, 461x383, CHpD15aW8AE2zyr.jpg)

Taylor is another privileged white woman who is centering herself in rape allegations that she has no part of. Anything she can attach herself to for relevancy. This is so gross and disgusting. She has done this to many people. Lies about being raped at 13. Lied about that fat bitch bree touching on her!! She should not be trusted. She sounds jaded. Anything to take someone who's doing better than her down. She wanted to be in the Cool Kids Club with Tana and all the others. They never accepted her. Can you blame them ?! They couldnt trust her and she never stuck. This is the same as that guy who was hanging out with j*. Attaching themselves to horrid allegations for clout is disgusting. We know that is what they do. They tasted popularity and they want to be attached to anything that keeps their names in the buzzing topics.
Whats really gross is PEOPLE actually believing that she came on twitter just to write that to help…

No. 827629

I literally believe every single victim, BUT Taylor. She lied about Bree. She didn’t even care what it could do to bree’s reputation. She lies about everything. Don’t believe someone who cries wolf. It’s her own damn fault no one can trust her.

No. 827662

File: 1616177151902.jpeg (243.26 KB, 1124x1218, 3DED131F-27C8-4A93-98A0-D8DAF3…)

Sage because it’s not milk, but fucking kek at this. The fact that Em was literally caught gossiping about Taylor on an anonymous forum about how much of an ugly junkie she was, and has come full circle to licking her asshole like this is just peak comedy.

No. 827666

I have no words. smh

No. 827680


don't you know? her pets are ALWAYS well cared for. also pretty sure she brought some snakes with her cuz she brought her snake to a party because she didn't know that would stress them out lmao..

No. 827685

Yeah she brought her snake to a huge YouTube party and let people pass the poor ball python around for photos.

Bring a animal for attention to a massive party, without concern for the animal.

Sounds like a average animal self-proclaimed enthusiast

No. 827686

Sorry she prefers the word “advocate”

So I mean self-proclaimed animal advocate.

No. 827793

Holy shit I didn’t know about traveling with the snake and bringing it to a YouTube party. I’m dead!

No. 827830


um, excuse you. how could you forget about that party or rave or whatever she went to where this random woman apparently came up to her and MOLESTED her, stalking her, trying to kiss her, making taylor want to die/hide?

taylor is never not being raped/molested/abused

No. 827837

I totally forgot about that. That’s was so hilarious. Good times, this cow has brought us.

No. 827841

Def Noodles read Tay's account of having her melons noticed at a party once. I'm sure she's riding a relevancy high like she hasnt experienced in over a year.

No. 827853

Def noodles is gay anyways and annoying

No. 827884

This is just a list of people, up to you what to believe:

-Ex-boyfriend who rape her over shattered pieces of glass or something like it
-Johnny Craig

No. 827907

That’s not all the people she has even accused of. Are you forgetting all the lies she has told before ? Way to push a narrative without even listing all the facts. Almost laughable if it wasn’t so stupid.

No. 827922

Tehmimi also referenced her tweets in a recent video as well. Sure she feels great being in multiple spotlights again. /s

No. 827944

Even if she isn't lying, she's only bringing it up now in an attempt to deflect lmao. She's not as dumb as she acts. She knows EXACTLY how to manipulate people. And what better way to do that than to plan the seed of pity. If they feel bad for her they can't be mad at her I guess??

I mean is she ever NOT "going through it"?? Has there ever been a point ONCE since she met Jonny that her life hasn't been a complete mess? All she EVER does is talk about her trauma. How could she possibly move on and improve when she still wallows in it so much.

No. 827946

Samefag but most other corners of the internet will defend Taylor if she is mentioned. I've compared her to ALR so much and the Haydurs attack the shit out of me for it. I guess when you're somewhat conventionally attractive, people let you get away with a lot more. She did a good job of keeping the nasty side of herself off YouTube. Really the only ones who know exactly how awful she is are those of us who pay attention. To anyone else she looks like a sad little victim addict. Definitely not white knighting but I guess I get why people still believe her bull shit.

No. 828036

File: 1616356433179.png (133.9 KB, 874x414, Screenshots_2021-03-21-15-53-5…)

insert eye roll here

No. 828050

of course she popped up for her birthday. surely going to whine that she can't do anythinggg because she isn't fully vaccinated yet but zomg I'm special and have 1 shot (hint hint ask me why!). I'm sure we'll be blessed with a rant or a cringy photoset and 0 update on her animals.

I wish mama dean would post Taylor's animals. It's obvious that Taylor told her not to because they have literally invaded their crowded house (probably why they have no space to put anything) and yet she always makes sure to keep them juust out of frame. idk it makes taylor's care seem even more sus when someone else is hiding it. it's not like she's "stealing" potential content from Taylor since she doesn't anything especially animals anymore

No. 828116

File: 1616394430798.png (829.24 KB, 828x1792, AC472015-A030-4C93-BC58-C6780A…)

The same speech she writes every goddamn year is here

No. 828117

File: 1616394474016.png (607.44 KB, 828x1792, 6450FF4F-3E40-41F3-90D4-841C8E…)

When is she not in a dark place?

No. 828128

She’s been in “a dark place” since she left Johnny, posts the same shit ever year like clockwork, mental health spurges, addiction/harm reduction, the occasional cracked out photoshoot spree (but they’ve become less and less over time) - yet doesn’t ever take any responsibility.

No. 828141

where’s your fucking animals tay

No. 828178

Based on my autistic calculation that she said she is sober longer than her first relapse in feb 2020 (she was about 8-9 months soner), she is saying that she is at least 8-9 months or more sober now - so she is claiming she is sober since July/Aug 2020?

No. 828179

HAHAHA but wasn’t the excuse for not posting September 4th was bc she relapsed ? Or was it the 10101010 computers not working. It’s hard to remember each excuse.

No. 828180

She didn’t say she relapse after her second rehab stint, but it was the time she was hanging out with the druggie sound cloud group + her needles marks that she claimed were old.

No. 828187

Ahhhhh thank you, it’s honestly so hard to put her timeline together without deep diving into past threads.

No. 828190

maybe bc i'm not an addict but idgi. how could the pandemic cause you to relapse? it seems like the perfect time to sober up.

also, i love the vagueness here. even luna with her druggie ass has definitively said how long she's been sober for. she may be lying out her ass, but she's given a number. i don't recall taylor ever saying anything concrete about relapsing or sobering up. it's always generic and flimsy like "end of 2019" or "old trackmarks".

No. 828203

This. Why are people still patting her ass on Twitter after she STILL has not shown her fucking animals. They 110% are dead/replaced. I love how indignant she gets about not having to prove anything yet is the absolute shadiest "pet educator" I have ever seen. Can she please just cut the shit and come out honestly to say she isn't interested in her animals anymore? Get it overwith and rehome them, become a junkie educator/funko pop YT channel or whatever the fuck you wanna do. At this point I'm so irritated that she is continuing with stringing those of us along who genuinely care about her animals, with the vague "I'll show them all in a video eventually!" BS. I could care less about her rapid decline, she's proven she is the biggest loser and will never change. But I do care that she puts on this show that her animals are "fine" when we have track record of horrible animal care, and her lying to cover it up so many times. This is no different, but it's sad we literally haven't seen some of them in YEARS. They're either dead which explains why suddenly they are never shown anymore (ie the new Cheese) or replaced to look close enough to the original that she can show a quick shot of them from a distance sometime and think she can get away with it.

Sorry for the rant but I'm just so over her with every new sob story she repeats over and over, just shut the fuck up and address the situation with your animals please.

No. 828207

Fully thought this said 'I struggle to remember I'm 23 bc I'm wasted'

No. 828208

not wking taylor because she’s a useless piece of shit, but stress and anxiety are common triggers for relapse

No. 828234

File: 1616467460555.png (821.89 KB, 828x1792, A938940E-B10A-4A3A-AD59-400636…)

Are we surprised she’s up at 4 am sperging about depression? Sounds like she’s preparing herself for a relapse again

No. 828235

File: 1616467517467.png (599.26 KB, 828x1792, BCA2FA99-73CD-4D2F-825E-5D86F3…)

Samefag but remember when she was into art and didn’t want fear to stop her yet we haven’t seen a single piece of “art” from her.

No. 828236


you wanna use your voice to ~*~*inspire hope~*~*~*~, excuse me trailer trash bitch, but weren't you the one trying to be hard as fuck when people were asking why you set a date for your video, fucked off, then went and hung out with the fuckboi who abuses animals?

you wanted to use your voice then to tell people "y'all are why i do drugs, i hate y'all, i am never coming back to youtube bc y'all putting pressure on me fuck off out of my life!"

bitch, you can't just go hard and then "hehe i want to inspire, hope 2021!"

No. 828251

While I love Taylor milk, it’s dry. I think we will continue to see this cycle of “booohooooo, poor me, I am a victim, I am so depressed and stinky and greasy!!! I eat fries in bed by day, and smoke meth by night! Depression is awful!”
I bet she listens to DGD and Slaves all day while wallowing in self pitty and a room that smells of cat piss and shit and reptiles.
What a pathetic thing she is.

I know a lot of farmers felt like her redemption arc might occur post Jonny but she’s even worse after Jonny. At least she was filming and slightly attempting life rather than whatever the fuck she’s doing now.

No. 828265

it’s so painful how she can’t just say something without a five page long backstory. just tweet “any recs for guitars for beginners?” done. not everything needs to be this big of a deal

No. 828282

Why is she acting like she only does things she's "perfect" at? She's been flaunting her subpar fashion, animal care, and drug use all over the internet for years with little to no shame. And what kind of delusional person picks up an instrument for the first time and expects to be "perfect at it?" Just google guitars for beginners and get on with your life, not every little thing has to be a sob story

No. 828287

I fucking know, right? She is delusional and completely devoid of any self awareness. And twitterfags are retarded enough to buy it

No. 828316

You know she's a dumb bitch when she uses liking music as a personality trait. I cannot fucking stand her.

No. 828323

File: 1616516024527.jpg (309.86 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20210323-101339_Twi…)

No. 828327

HAHAHA NOOOOOOO what the fuck crossover episode I hope someone replies

No. 828339

When cows collide kek
I wonder who is more desperate for attention… Tay or Tuna.

No. 828348

I think this is just her admitting she hasn’t actually been sober for any period of time since 2019. She flat out said she struggles to make it 24 hours without relapsing. She could be one week sober and it’d be her longest stint yet aside from her rehab stays.

No. 828368

File: 1616537453718.jpg (618.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210323-171333_Twi…)

Who else thinks they're litterally already dead

No. 828372

the cage was empty out in the open in Mama Dean's recent vlog. she's going to start posting old photos of them and then in a couple months they'll start "dying of old age"

No. 828379

It's not that uncommon if they are given a proper diet, exercise and mental stimulation.

No. 828380


Definitely setting the stage to announce that they’ve died. It’s a super weird way to point it out under any other circumstance. She knows that she can’t lie about them being alive much longer because it gets too unbelievable considering rats’ natural lifespans.

No. 828389

I CANNOT believe she tweeted this its literally cartoonishly suspicious

No. 828390

Holy fuck just take a picture tay

No. 828391

Tell me your rats are dead, without telling me your rats are dead.

No. 828471

File: 1616637288435.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2688, C916C6CD-BB6B-46EE-B664-24CD91…)

Sages because while a new post, it’s nothing “new”—just wash, rinse, repeat.

No. 828480


This could have been posted any time in the last three years.

No. 828492


Rats don't live long, and older ones almost always get cancer, so why not just say "hey, my rats are old and got cancer, they died, sorry!" like it's realistic, so why be so hush -hush about it?

No. 828495

She is setting up to have the oldest rats ever before she announces their deaths

No. 828500


A normal sober person would post a PHOTO of their rats and say something like "Omg it's been over two years already, love these guys!"

Nobody looks at their senior animals and says "Wow how amazing these things aren't dead yet? Hopefully they'll never die hehe" because normal people are hurt and sad at the idea of beloved animals dying. Not abstractly impressed they haven't kicked the bucket yet.

Let's see a photo of your immortal rats with today's newspaper Tay, you'll need evidence for your submission to Guinness World Records for oldest, best cared for feeder rats in the world.

No. 828501

"my rats died, I got new rats so I wanna post cute pictures of them"

No. 828509


honestly how fucking stupid do you have to be to continuously support this cow? the amount of tweets in support of her are ridiculous. she says this speech at least 3 times a year. you'd have to be braindead to not see the pattern

No. 828534

File: 1616692833403.jpeg (53.24 KB, 540x1005, 0029BF3D-33DF-4D2F-8861-53FB05…)

Today’s the day! I wonder what animals she’ll post… if any

No. 828535

It’s hilarious she’s can’t just take pictures of her animals it HAS to be about her.

No. 828536

There's literally nothing stopping her from recycling old photos. Hard to believe anything that comes out of this liar's mouth.

No. 828537

She's going to.. take pictures with her animals.. for her birthday? Fucking what? Why does she act like snapping a fucking photo is the most difficult, effort inducing thing in the world? Jesus Christ, Taylor, could you be any lazier that TAKING A PICTURE has to be an event?

No. 828540

File: 1616694369049.png (674.29 KB, 1170x2532, E15D47CF-4681-40F2-8D21-CD1D6F…)

But I thought you were just THRIVING this year??? I mean every time you came back you were talking about how good u are doing.

No. 828541

Wasn’t she to ‘mentally unhealthy and tired’ like less than 3 weeks ago to post any kind of animal pictures??? Now that’s it’s her birthday and she can make it about her and her huge face she suddenly has all the energy in the world. Funny how that works.

No. 828548

so fucking pathetic how many times she has said this exact same things for the past idk 2 years or something and it always means nothing

No. 828555

>i've really struggled this year!

bitch it's only march

No. 828556

File: 1616701012527.png (8.2 MB, 1242x2688, 6DD51997-7C32-4A65-B227-B5EC0B…)

This… this hair is just. W O W.

No. 828558


Sis you're going out in PUBLIC looking like that? Is it just the filter or is her hair different shades of green bruh

No. 828559

File: 1616701522978.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, A27D8FC3-AAE5-499B-B150-882378…)

She legitimately looks like a homeless crack head.

No. 828560


Her hair hasn't been brushed in a while, mate. Looks like me after a 3 day depression episode where I didn't brush my hair. Get a damned straightener, Tay, your junkie is showing.

No. 828563

Her eyes are completely dead. Not one ounce of life or sparkle behind them.

No. 828565

File: 1616703803251.jpg (133.44 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20210325-162157__01…)

This is supposedly because she air drying her hair but even still her shit looks damaged as hell. And she was just talking about wanting to dye it AGAIN.

No. 828566

I really don't think it looks crazy because she air dried it lol, it's just damaged and thin as fuck. She's been balding for a few years now.

No. 828568

File: 1616705023515.png (2.48 MB, 2057x901, Capture123.PNG)

proceeds to film a bunch of zoo animals instead lmao. you cant make this shit up

No. 828576

This is so shocking I actually had to go verify for myself you weren’t lying. WOW. She’s making fun of herself at this point and nobody can tell me otherwise. Also for me this confirms she’s has very little or no pets left.

No. 828590

At this point she has been playing this same record every single year for her birthday, I remember last year's sperg was about "i'm so happy to be sober at home just playin animal crossing teehee!" Also remember when she said she would going to film Animal Crossing content because she was ~so~ passionate and obsessed with it? You know, like everyone else was at this time last year.

I just… am at a loss for words. My guess is she is posting all this zoo content so that she looks like she still loves animals, since we have all been criticizing her lately to just drop the act and say she doesn't give a fuck about them anymore. That's at least what her behavior has showed especially over this last year. Also she looks like a total fucking crackhead, she deemed that this lifeless, unhinged look is publicly acceptable?? She's truly lost her touch with reality, you would think if she wanted people to stop accusing her of being high/unwell she would actually… make an effort to look alive? Jfc.

No. 828598

File: 1616710968046.png (27.17 KB, 743x206, Capture1234.PNG)

first year she hasn't gone on a huge jonny sperg on her birthday. but the night is still young I guess.

In other news, she's apparenly filming today! and getting a guitar that she will totally play more than once! how exciting.

No. 828599

File: 1616711076860.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, 44E54A0C-DE0C-4F99-8D98-324165…)

Not to shed light on the clout chaser junkie but this video of tay is pure gem, can someone record it and post a link here?

No. 828600

File: 1616711303611.png (1.75 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210325-171218.png)

I like how she says big enclose for 1 little guy I like as if she didnt completely refuse to do that for ALL her animals despite having the money. I really do think she has barely any living animals especially with her wining about the fish tank and how much she loves them starting with seahorses which as we know she's mishandled/killed horribly before.

Also I think she forgot to put a filter in this vid look how bad her skin looks velow her eye/above her mask! It looks like bruising/picked skin healing. Its literally purple. Her skin is otherwise grey. She is not doung good at all.

No. 828601

Oh good, and she even made sure to mention her EDS to mix in with her birthday! Gotta get all the sympathy points. Inb4 she uses the guitar hobby as a "I never would have thought someone like me with my horrible condition connective tissue disorder (EDS) would be able to manage such a feat, im so proud of myself :')"

No. 828615

File: 1616716254139.png (539.69 KB, 516x902, Capture1234.PNG)

No. 828616

Oh my god, I can't stop laughing. I can't wait to see her photo shoots with this guitar!

No. 828617

i was thinking earlier like this bitch doesnt even have a drivers license yet. dont you think thats like.. something very manageable to work on tay while ur ~healing??? like god

No. 828620

this bitch doesnt even know how to play a guitar yet

No. 828621

File: 1616717314702.webm (6.2 MB, 1080x2352, 21-03-25-20-03-55_01.webm)

She's obviously high as fuck. I can't believe he posted this and she's okay with it being out there.

No. 828623

Can't take pictures of her own animals that are literally at her house, but can go to the zoo and take pictures of animals there. Totally not suspicious at all Tay. Great choice.

No. 828625

"Only 3 yrs later" and despite taking all that time to put on makeup here hair is drenched in grease blech

No. 828626

Let’s be real, she only got a guitar to smoother it in DGD & anime stickers. She’s going use it to take her attention slut pictures,& then it’ll be wreaked in a week.

No. 828627

Holy shit she looks like Edward scissorhands. She really does have the most bizarre shaped head. But regardless of weird dome, industrial goth lite does not suit her.

No. 828631

>abstractly impressed they haven't kicked the bucket yet
vicious kek

No. 828654

Yeah, that "only 3 years later" has me wondering how long they've known each other.

No. 828661

Those pupils are pinned! Same size as >>828600 despite her being more in the sun there..

No. 828669

>it was cheap because it was part of someone's collection.
What? This seems opposite of what I would assume, anything deemed collectible would not be cheap. Any guitarfags here to estimate how much she spent on this?

No. 828670

I think she means by collection is that someone just had multiple guitars of their own. It was probably some new brodick that actually plays guitar and had just a bunch lying around.

It might not be expensive but it’s definitely to expensive for her considering it’s just gonna be a prop for pictures

No. 828671

File: 1616735703166.jpeg (241.43 KB, 2012x3200, 7DA0AB44-06AE-4157-BA31-B423AB…)

It looks like a Jackson, picrel. It's a beginner guitar for a lot of metal kids and you'll see them everywhere in pawn shops. They run like $300-500 brand new, so she probably didn't pay much.

No. 828675

Autistic guitarfag here, it’s a Jackson JS series, they’re pretty ordinary guitars IMO (guitars are pretty subjective depending on what style of music you play, the weight, etc). Not the worst but not good. They’re cheap and made in Mexico. As a new purchase that would set you back around USD 300, she probably paid half that second hand (unless she got scammed, which wouldn’t be surprising) which is dirt cheap for an electric guitar. Jackson were bought out by Fender about 20 years ago and people automatically assume that because they’re associated with Fender they’re high quality. As someone who has been modding guitars and gear since I was a teenager I’m curious to know what she’s having done to it.

No. 828676

Samefag, they’re such ugly guitars too, it just screams “emo poser”, of all the entry level guitars of course she had to go with this monstrosity

No. 828722

Is this even real ? Like she said she would take photos with her own animals. That’s a zoo, like it’s animals, but she’s missing the part of her own… like is this even real ? You can’t make this up.

Honey, you’ve been filming literally every time you come back to the internet. You must have a whole Netflix series worth of content by now, if you aren’t lying. Her fans were stupid, but the more years she waits to come back, the older they get. Before you know it they will all be old enough to see all the odd things that just don’t add up in your stories.

Just like the resin art, gamer girl streamer, and animal crossing lover ? Sure. At this point I like watching her burn money, so keep it up Taylor.

No. 828723

her hair is SO fucking damaged. all that breakage from the bleach, looks awful why would she go out in public like that

No. 828751

Air-dried frizz my ass. She hasn't brushed it at all.. then again if she tried she'd probably take whole chunks out.