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No. 812246

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23 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/807296

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new girlfriend and mother of his child, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He introduced Taylor to heroin and facilitated her descent into addiction, but she used a variety of drugs prior to/since.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (Private): https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor’s pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update re: new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New Milk:

>Following her “heart went boom” (whatever the fuck that means) incident, Tayter brags about having to wear a heart monitor and tries to make it “fashion” >>807642 >>807426

>Continues to make light of her addiction >>807364
>Changes her bio on Twitter and Instagram to say she is returning on December 31st >>807459
>Posts selfies on Instagram looking greasier than ever, claims they were taken 5 days after a 2 day relapse, is clearly still using >>807658 >>807663
>Her claims about being sober after aforementioned relapse don’t add up, lending more credence to speculation that she is still in the throes of full blown addiction >>807704
>Posts unreadable screeds about her mental health to her IG stories while clearly methed out >>807833
>Continues to UwU-ify her heart monitor while trying to relive the MySpace “scene” phase she never had >>807841
>Queerbaits by thirsting over Miley Cyrus >>808091
>Decides that she wants to get her hair done at a salon during a fucking pandemic and with an immunocompromised brother, hair is meant to be half green but ends up looking like pond scum >>808230 >>808330
>Not content with a salon visit, she also gets an impulse ugly furby tattoo >>808333
>Spams her social media with endless narcissistic selfies showcasing her new look that is trashier than ever >>808422 >>808423 >>808424
>Anons observe that while spamming gratuitous pics of her hideous new tattoo her legs are noticeably clear from the scars she claimed were left by sepsis, yet another thing she has lied about >>808477 >>808528
>More meth sperging about how this is a new chapter for her >>808739
>Continues to post pics of her hideous furby hoard while not posting any pics of her animals despite her fans repeatedly asking her to >>808804
>Decides to self diagnose with ADHD, more ~mental health advocacy~ sperging on her IG stories ensues >>808818 >>808824
>Finally posts pics of two of her snakes posed awkwardly/dangerously on some of the junk she has accumulated >>808946 >>809034
>Claims she is looking into becoming a pagan, has totally been “heading that route” for ages u guise!!!11!!!1!! >>809088
>More unhinged screeds about mental health and recovery >>810134 >>810137
>Got two computers for Christmas, can’t keep her story straight about who paid for them, all while she can’t afford to feed her cats >>810947
>Floats the idea of becoming a streamer despite never talking about gaming >>810948
>Claims she hasn’t been on her phone at all, which is clearly bullshit because she has been mass deleting tweets, including one about apparently being featured in a tattoo magazine >>811567
>>December 31st rolls around, she tweets about returning to YouTube tonight!11!!11!! >>812012
>When asked about what time she will be uploading days that she has things to do first and wants to upload at a time when she’ll be able to interact with her fans, which is fucking retarded given that it’s New Year’s Eve >>812012
>To the surprise of no one, January 1st rolls around and Tayter is nowhere to be found >>812175
>A twitter account defending her silence appears and is quickly deleted after speculation that it’s actually her >>812213

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No. 812248

Shout out to >>>/pt/812226 for the thread pic, Happy fucken New Year, ya hags

No. 812249

Tysm for the new thread, you’re the real mvp

No. 812251

File: 1609493867944.jpeg (500.93 KB, 828x1255, 79A94110-42C0-4185-9C5E-D08840…)

kek looks like we weren’t the only people speculating about that sock account

No. 812254

File: 1609495223792.jpeg (668.79 KB, 828x1405, 26F66DC4-5832-402F-A300-F2F39A…)

her fans are not pleased, I cannot wait to see how she defends this foolery

No. 812255

Oh, she'll just blame her anxiety and say she knew "the mean internet bullies" is why she's putting it off. She should adopt this cycle into her hair care routine.

No. 812258

KEK thank you for the top notch thread pic

No. 812269

I wonder if she’s going to start sperging first or if Aggy will start ranting for her. This is so pathetic

No. 812273

How long til she deactivates her instagram and twitter

No. 812274

Very soon I bet. I know someone already said this but Jonny Craig OFFICIALLY posted more YouTube videos then taylor in 2020. Tay baby what is you doin.

No. 812278

Lmao - well one thing in 2020 that is precedented is tay continuously flushing her career down the drain yet again!

I am tinfoiling that she is doing this to garner more interest first before dropping her video? If not, she is full blown self-destructive. I actually feel embarrassed for her at this point?? Who knew it wasnt jonny that causes her downfall, she did it herself. Kek

No. 812281

File: 1609508872235.jpeg (1.2 MB, 828x1626, BC3EAD2B-B50E-4A97-8F23-116482…)

Was lurking her insta and noticed that she unarchived the selfie with jake - old brodick after taking it down initially?

I mean after all the shit he put her through, I am surprised that she have the pic posted back?

Sage since not milk.

No. 812283

File: 1609509196736.jpeg (142 KB, 828x484, 61CF0841-2DAC-45B4-B1BD-2788C6…)

I love how she changed it from “December 31st” to “tonight”.

>uploads in 2025

>See? I told you I’d upload tonight!!111!!!1!!

No. 812285

File: 1609509951972.jpeg (414.76 KB, 828x782, 18C9DDFD-A2C0-4A8E-AAAF-E93413…)

>I just won a 500 dollar bet

LMAO happy new year to you, random person on twitter

No. 812287

Even if she did chicken out last minute and decided she wasn’t ready to post a video, how fucking hard is it to just say that so your fans aren’t wasting their new year refreshing YouTube until 3am? That’s what pisses me off the most. How fucking selfish can you be? What’s left of her fan base are just enablers at this point. With that “take all the time you need” bs after she promised a video by midnight.

No. 812295

This girl is fucking sick in the head. She's obviously reading replies but it's all good cause attention is attention.

It's all just a big ploy to feed her narcissism. She gets off controlling her delusional fans more than making content.

It's been nearly 2 years since she's made any decent amount of content. Does she think her "fame" will last forever? LMAO

No. 812297

I’d already posted the new bio in the old thread.

No. 812300

Because nothing is ever straight forward with tayterthot, she needs to come up with some wildly elaborate fabrication to garner sympathy/attempt to distract everyone from the fact that her entire existence is a house of lies

No. 812314

Damn. She really ended 2020 on a huge lie and started off 2021 with everyone pissed off at her. That’s beyond embarrassing

No. 812321

File: 1609519381376.jpg (176.21 KB, 400x300, her.jpg)

Taylor Rn.

Jebait the fans for views on the old vids to buy more smack. Blame on haturs and stress. Rinse repeat.

Probably vegging out on the stash shes got hidden in her room.

No. 812325

That blinker fluid acct said her current relationship is the same and her relationship with Johnny? So does that confirm she's with Aggy and he does heroin with her?

No. 812326

I can’t get over Jens shady tweets at Taylor. Even her mom is getting sick of her shit.

No. 812328

EDS. Anxiety. Withdrawal. Wifi issues. Haturz. Boolies. Another hospital visit. "Family emergency." Broke her computer(s). COVID-19. Gluten. Relationship problems. "I never promised that." Animal emergency. Depression. BPD.

It's gonna be some combination of one or more of the above bullshit excuses. And it will be told to us in the form of a long-ass fake-ass drug ramble. Jfc, Tay!

No. 812335

To be fair, i dont think any of her fans are so obsessed with her that they're 'wasting their new years refreshing youtube til 3am'. The girl hasnt uploaded in almost a year, she's lost the majority of her real fans and all that's left are those of us still warming our hands on the dumpster fire.

I wasnt up refreshing youtube at 3am tho, lmao.

No. 812339

>I took the year off for my recovery

toppest kek

No. 812343

File: 1609524842256.jpeg (51.09 KB, 750x270, 7E864FEA-D682-4B7A-8173-5F11A6…)

I feel like this person is spot on. She tells her fans new video and then doesn’t upload one, her fans miss her so they just go and binge all her old videos and she makes money without even doing anything.

No. 812350

Plot twist, it’s another sock account to entice people to rewatch her old stuff instead lmao

No. 812359

How can she be THIS fucking lazy??? She has the easiest job in the world and can make thousands in a couple days doing what she supposedly “loves” yet she hasn’t uploaded anything in a year. If she doesn’t like youtube anymore she can just say that and go. It’s fine to lose interest or admit you ran out of ideas (how many animal videos can someone possibly make? Unless you have a dog or bird or something that’s trained well and does tricks then there’s not much you can really post. Reptiles are very boring animals.)

Taylor just leave youtube already and stop wasting your fans time with empty promises.

No. 812360

File: 1609534536546.png (211.12 KB, 750x1334, F2C3D202-79DD-4BEB-B6AE-3E528F…)

No. 812361

File: 1609534584996.png (332.8 KB, 750x1334, A7450005-094B-460B-BA64-A3CF6C…)

Never said anything before today. Yeeuuupppp.


No. 812362

Hmmmm. It’s so odd that the people defend Taylor in detail have no social media history.

Besides that point, I think Taylor needs to rehome her animals. This is the perfect time, the few fans left she has, doesn’t seem to care to much about the animals anymore. They seem more in interested in her. So it’s the perfect opportunity for her to own up to the truth. She doesn’t like animal care anymore the passion is gone.

1. Rehome your last few living animals, bc we all know she doesn’t have the same ones she showed us last

2. Maybe start streaming as a small hobby, and get a real part time job, so she can get use to the real world

3. Shut the fuck up about being a advocate for fucking everything. (She claimed to be advocate for : depression, ed, addiction, metal health, animals, the list goes on) in my experience you don’t proclaim yourself to be an advocate. Usually it’s what someone else describes you as, but what do I know.

No. 812363

File: 1609535013387.png (133.51 KB, 688x656, agggy.PNG)

Possible Tay vauge-baiting?

No. 812364

File: 1609535080208.png (549.44 KB, 1450x912, afffy.PNG)

No. 812365

File: 1609535153041.png (31.8 KB, 697x379, afgt.PNG)

No. 812366

File: 1609535167867.jpg (81.79 KB, 1079x445, Screenshot_20210101-130514.jpg)


No. 812369

File: 1609535424562.png (376.46 KB, 677x695, Mama.PNG)

mama dean throwing more shade

No. 812370

Shade? Ssshhhiiiiittttt more like "be kind to my pathetic poor baby adult child"

No. 812371

Is she high ?? She sounds high herself.

No. 812372

I interpreted it as her calling her own daughter a bad person. bad thoughts into bad actions describes every decision Taylor made in the last year (or last several years let's be real). if she's trying to say the opposite then she fucked up

No. 812373

i want her to speak on this so bad

also, do people genuinely still watch her videos? like we keep talking about her “fans” being upset. who is watching her videos after this long

No. 812377

The fact Taylor didn’t respect her fans enough to tell them a video wasn’t coming out, while also being active on social media that day was so disgusting.

No. 812381

she averages 30,000 views a day and is still gaining subs

No. 812383

Some fans are so retarded in her comments saying everyone is pressuring her to make a video and she doesn’t have to, and this video is nothing, she doesn’t owe us anything, yet she is setting the deadlines, she is pressuring herself and told everyone to hold her accountable if she disappears. She herself said she was using if she just ghost people. I hate it when some fans basically imply Taylor will kill herself bc we are so cruel for doing exactly what she asked. It’s either team hold her accountable or team enable her until she od’s

I would post screenshots but it’s just so many of stupid fans, that there is no point in clogging the thread

No. 812384

I'm convinced that those new accounts are her. Why else would a new account be replying to her when before today/yesterday they didn't even know she was promising a video as they werent on twitter. In all honesty she can't possibly enjoy looking after her animals these days. It's always so much more fun when you do it and can show them off and get the glory. Shes not getting anything from them now and they can only be a drain on her life. She clearly has no passion for them now they don't bring in the money. Shed be better off doing a video explaining she is rehoming them and then uploading her random rants and chats. No doubt some people would still watch them and it would get rid of all the haters.

No. 812388

The "she doesn't owe us/her audience anything" is inherently dumb. She wouldn't have a job or any income at all without people who want to watch her videos.
She does owe her audience SOME content if she wants to keep earning income from YouTube.

No. 812389

She truly treats them worse than she treated cheese's dead body.
She thinks the world revolves around her

No. 812392

To be fair though she has a lot more content she could do if she’d get on her own two feet and work on just correcting their horrible enclosures. She could have dozens of makeover videos, new enclosures and videos of that sort.
But she’s dumb and that would also be admitting she’s not the queen of perfect care.
Repost because I forgot to fuckin sage

No. 812394

It's fucked up she baits them into thinking she's gonna release a video and does nothing. Its manipulative and toxic behavior but not unexpected from a junkie. Once I can see them forgiving but this is like the 6th time its happened.

She's just so aimless and inconsistent shes lost the trust of her audience. I don't think there's really a way to recover from something like this, it's not what she's done but it's what SHE IS. She's a junkie now.

Taylor is a selfish, lazy, ungrateful toxic person who got away with alot of shit cause she was pretty. Drugs have made her so ugly and unlikeable that she's nothing like the old Taylor they knew. She was always a basic, munchie bitch but something seriously changed with her.

Drugs have become such a part of her identity, and she won't ever recover unless she gets help.

No. 812395

We're the one's who made you*

She uses her fans as doormats. You guys I'm getting my life together give me asspats!! I'm the chosen one! I only do drugs once in a while! So I'm most definitely sober I promise I'm going to post a video here's a day y'all I'm going to do it my life is going to go back to normal!

No. 812416

File: 1609549259517.jpeg (499.22 KB, 828x1037, 38ED0E7C-9858-4199-B13A-9D17E3…)

Look who’s back! Totally Not Taylor (TM) trying to make that account seem like it’s totally not Taylor

No. 812428


what the fuck is this useless sperging about this one person that's suspected to be taylor just because they're a new account? this is the dumbest tinfoil yet, there's literally no proof that it's taylor except that they praised taylor once.

No. 812431


It's fun to speculate. Chill.

No. 812436


>praised Taylor once

Except their post history is nothing but Taylor and the only person they follow besides the cast of Glee including actors who are dead is Taylor but okay

No. 812438

File: 1609550890392.jpeg (88.44 KB, 828x704, 1917C51A-C476-40F7-A77B-BDB47D…)

And now they’re gone again, right after being mentioned on here. Hmmm.

No. 812449

Doesn't really prove much tbh fam i'd love for you to be right tho. Im sure she's busy trying to write a script for a tweet or insta post explaining why she hasn't bothered to upload yet

No. 812459

It funny how the account was defending Taylor up and down and getting really pissy towards people upset about her not posting , and then gets called out for being Taylor. Deletes account. Then makes a post mad at Taylor for not making a videos. Gets called out again for being Taylor, than deleting the account again. I wonder if all their tweets will be deleted, or if it will stop being active completely. I know we don’t have soil proof but to many things add up

No. 812462

I really wish being a fan of hers wasn't so synonymous with defending her behavior. I actually like Taylor, and relate to quite a few of her struggles. But Making promises and not keeping them is not "healing" behavior, it's not what someone who successfully took a year off to heal would do. She openly talks about her bpd, anxiety, depression etc, and flaunts being a mental health advocate, but is ignoring the important part of that which is treating and controlling it, not using it as a crutch for her behavior. Lying about the video was shitty, and there is no excuse, only a very depressing explanation. Taking on addiction and mental health as an aspect of your personality is dangerous, because it becomes so hard to let go of after that. And people defending her with that as an excuse are really only proving that she should have never tried to do a comeback in the first place. Which is sad, I was honestly excited for her to make videos again. But if her mental health is still at this level she really needs to get off the internet and stay off of it, for a while at least. She doesn't need an audience of sycophants to clap while she spirals.

No. 812463

I think a lot of people here have liked her at some point (I actually didn’t know she existed before clicking on one of her threads so I can’t say I was ever a fan) and that’s why anons are so incredulous with her antics. She went from being a basic pretty white girl with adorable and unusual pets to being a greasy, dishonest, animal neglecting junkie pretty fucking fast. No one is holding her struggles against her, they’re just fed up with her endless lies and refusal to take responsibility for herself and her terrible life choices. Her mother’s enablement makes it all the more egregious.

No. 812466

I’m fucking dead. I thought I was bad at procrastination. She should be ashamed of herself. I mean a lot of people would kill to have a job that involves sitting in your bedroom and talking to a camera.

I wonder what the excuse will be this time.
Also congrats on some of her fans waking the fuck up and calling her out in being a lazy bitch.

No. 812469


Ikr, I just wish the people on her other socials who are telling people to lay off would realize they're doing more harm than any "hater" ever could. It sucks a lot to see someone who had such a recipe for success give in to the worst part of herself and gets a free pass from people around her, and anyone who might take a tough love approach is dismissed.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 812471

And all the money she spends on her hair and piercings and tattoos and ugly dollskill landfill fashion, you would think she’d at least want to show it off on camera seeing as she is a NEET with no social life. It’s fucking insane. The tweet that account that may or may not be her posted regarding “rehoming half her pets” is curious, if that’s the case then maybe she is ashamed of having to do that (when in reality people would probably praise her for it given that she can’t care for them) and knows that if she starts making videos without them people will be asking questions that she doesn’t want to answer. But that’s just tinfoil.

No. 812472

It’s kind of gross how many people have this savior complex and think that holding her accountable for lying (or just general rude antics) is wrong. Addict or not, mentally ill or not, if someone lies multiple times it’s acceptable to be upset.

Why does she deserve a pass for shitty behavior simply because she is “mentally ill” or an “addict”? She hasn’t once taken full accountability for her actions the past two years. At this point, she isn’t even close to rock bottom and this babying is telling her it’s fine and dandy to go on acting this way forever. Supporting an addict does not equal excusing their poor behaviors….it’s sickening that the internet thinks that what support is.

Sage for god damn blogpost.

No. 812473

I think bullshit “woke” idpol fuckery has a lot to do with people coddling her and YAAAAS BRAVE KWEEEEENing her.

>in this house we don’t shame addicts uwu

>normalise mental illness uwu

These people are fucking retarded tumblrfags who equate valid criticism with bullying

No. 812474

I think it's mostly young naive kids who think she's being forced by bullies to make these bad decisions. Part of being an adult is owning up to your shitty habits and choices. Kids really don't have any frame of reference when dealing with addicts.

It's literally all her, she dated jonny, she did heroin, bad friends, co-dependency issues, more animals than she can properly care for. Sometimes life happens but there's a healthy and UNhealthy way to deal with it.

No. 812476

I’m honestly in the camp that thinks that if animals died or had to be regimes she’d just pretend they were still with her.

Those idiots are complicit. Literally normalizing mental illness would be saying “hey if you can’t care of these animals as you aren’t taking care of yourself then we would like to see them rehomed until you’re in a better place.” Anything other than that is feeding into the illness. Because any thinking she just procrastinated with making videos and nothing else like the care her exotic pets need is deep into cognitive dissonance.

No. 812478

Same here, I actually like her, which is why it’s so disappointing to see her constantly make such shitty choices. Literally everything wrong with her life is her own fault and she can completely fix it if she just stops playing victim and owns up to her shit. Start taking recovery seriously, stop hanging out with shitty people, rehome your pets, film some videos (or at least put out a statement that you decided to leave) and STOP LYING!!! People will respect her more if she just honestly admits when she fucked up instead of making up all these excuses. Telling the truth is easier than coming up with all these elaborate lies. I actually do want to see her get better and it sucks that she doesn’t care about doing that. I get that mental illness and addiction are difficult to deal with but it almost feels like she purposely sabotages every opportunity she gets just bc she likes feeling sorry for herself. FFS, she can even turn her long ass instagram rants into their own videos; it takes just as much effort as typing it all out and she can make money off it too.

No. 812480

For fucking real. This absolutely spastic trend of using muh mental illness and muh addiction as a shield from any sort of criticism is the reason why people have entertained her bullshit as long as they have. A vast majority of her fans are not only young but extra naive on account of being raised on the internet in an age where it’s all fucking safe space this and -ism/-phobia that, not having any understanding that the real world is not fucking twitter or tumblr and doesn’t work that way. They’re all complicit in her becoming the living, breathing dumpster fire that she is.

No. 812482

This is what is so fucking maddening about the whole shitshow. She’s a pretty girl (terrible style notwithstanding), that’s what got her noticed in the first place for fuck’s sake. It’s not that her content was that much better than other pettubers, she was just miles ahead of them in terms of appearance (which isn’t hard seeing as they’re all pretty unfortunate looking frumps, but I digress) ergo more enjoyable to watch. Her looks opened a lot of fucking doors for her but she just had to choose the one that led to a codependent destructive fucking relationship with Jonny Craig and out of control substance abuse. There is no excuse for her not sorting herself out. She’s got a roof over her head and a family that obviously cares about her, why is it so fucking hard for her to just say “hey, I fucked up”? More tinfoil but I think the reason she is desperately clinging to YouTube in spite of very obviously hating it is because she is petrified of having to find a job. She’s a NEET, her only work experience is working at petco for five minutes, she’s a full blown munchie on top of the medical conditions (addiction included) she is afflicted by, she’s probably distracting herself with all her style changes and ever-changing obsessions like the furbies and of course drugs because she knows that the gravy train is making its final trip to the yard.

No. 812484


Her looks in comparison to the average person/per tuber is also honestly a shield in how she avoids criticism.
Cause if she was average looking or ugly more people outside this thread would have already clocked her on her bullshit which is animal hoarding. If she was ugly with a past iv drug addiction on top of being mentally ill and acquired this many animals people would have already called it what it was: animal abuse.

No. 812485

yea, it's a well documented phenomenon called the "halo effect"

She's fucking up her looks fast tho, the tattoos and style are just godawful. She just can't pull off the alternative look. Being an absolute liar, addict and general cunt isn't doing her any favors either. Animal owners are very passionate and couldn't give a shit what you look like, part of the reason why she gets so much critism.

I DO think taylor will turn it around (if she doesn't OD) but it'll be after years of addiction and decline. She isn't going to return to her pre-jonny days at this point, her effortless money days are long gone.

No. 812491

This is why I don't mock her on Twitter or anything, just here or in private with friends. All attention is food for her, whether it's a compliment or criticism or hate. Sure, she likes the ass kissing more, but the attention just feeds her cancerous narcissism.

That account was 100% her, the vocabulary and posts were a dead ringer. She built up her return…just to troll around on Twitter? lmfao.

She'll never rehome them, they get people to give her attention by having interest in them, and thus her. The ones she "rehomed" are 100% dead. She won't part with a pet unless it's a corpse.

No. 812505

Tana Mongeau is both has metal health problems and addiction problems, but you never see anyone white knighting her. She is always held accountable, so why do people always wk Taylor ? Where is the line ?

No. 812506

Tinfoil but a) Tana is absolutely fucking clapped, being a fugly 40 year old looking lot lizard makes it easier to criticize her, and b) every single fucking thing she does is without filter and it makes her deeply unlikeable; Taylor started off cute and wholesome but Tana has always been unashamedly selfish, vulgar and obnoxious and people have always criticized her for it

No. 812507

Taylor's image (till she was exposed as a heroin addict) was a wholesome, innocent, girl-next door vibe.

People still think she's some innocent victim of jonny's abuse. Something that's been disproven multiple times in the threads but largely unknown to YT. If you didn't know about the shady shit she's done she looks perfectly normal on the outside.

No. 812508

Exactly. Tana’s whole brand is “trash”. Unlike Taylor, she makes it abundantly clear that she gives zero fucks what anyone thinks of her, that basically tells her fans that she doesn’t need defending.

No. 812511

The way this bitch has 65 threads… I wonder if that’s a cow record

No. 812513

nah, honestly, I fully expect for her to just give up on her youtube career this year and the threads to finally die, it was fun at first but she's been silent for too long

No. 812522

Yep, the milk just isn’t the same anymore, it’s been rinse and repeat for over a year now.
Rehab stint, vocally wants to turn her life around and return to YouTube, sperges about muh health and addicting, massive drug binges followed radio silence that lasts months and so on (throw in a new dickbro and some shitty tattoos and a very rare animal photo inbetween)
She’s officially a washed up hag and nothing more.

No. 812548

imagine being such a disappointing person even your haters are ready to drop you. kek

No. 812554

File: 1609602201060.png (354.04 KB, 649x442, savage.PNG)

Fucking mama dean LOL

No. 812560

File: 1609603445288.png (763.13 KB, 828x1792, 98E55A6A-0EF5-43D8-853F-FEFBB3…)

This was all just a tactic for attention and views, I don’t think she ever planned to upload. Like other anons have said, this just sparked nostalgia and made people watch her old videos. She’s manipulating her fans for money for drugs, the bitch knows exactly what she’s doing

No. 812562

She would make a lot more money even shitting out a 5 minute video or just uploading her Instagram stories that have her pets in them.

It's the same as last time. She really thought she would make a video but when push came to shove that's effort. She's not some mastermind schemer milking views from her teen fans, she's a narcissist who wants praise and recognition. Which she got all month leading up to NYE.

No. 812567

It's not about the money for Taylor it's about the high.

Attention high, druggie high, fame high, possession high, control high, freedom high, emotion high.

She just wants an unending stream of feels, she can't imagine living without it.

No. 812573

holy fuck, don’t mock your daughter on social media, actually hold her accountable in real life

No. 812576

Except making a video would require her to do actual work. Not to mention she probably looks like shit and would have to take the effort to hide or cover her track marks. This was a way for her to make some money without doing anything. That’s just my theory tho

No. 812578

Kek the video is her getting whataburger ofc.Making fun of homeless people, then talking about abuse. No Taylor in sight, probably slumming it up with aggy.

Jen is what Taylor will be in 20years, it really is sad.

No. 812580

Her views are still going down month by month. December was a quarter of a million down from November so her tactic isn't working. She does get attention from both haters, fans and stans on twitter however and she probably loves watching them argue over her.

No. 812589

File: 1609609675344.jpg (502.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201228-093235_Sam…)

Found this in the old threads. If she knows this WHY announce the comeback video??? Shes literally been doing this for years. The self sabotage is real with this one.

No. 812596

File: 1609612878356.jpeg (192.16 KB, 828x827, 3AEBE745-0AD9-4B1E-9019-B0E81A…)

No. 812598

Please don't feed the cows, you might catch their stupid.

Her MIA just makes it worse every day she waits. How hard is it to just apologize and be quiet?

No. 812599

>view tweet activity
is this a selfpost?

No. 812601

you should sage, but yeah i think it must be. hi aggy(hi cow)

No. 812602

definitely, you only ever see that when it's your own tweet. looks like somebody forgot to crop!

No. 812604

lmao he's as much of a cow as she is except absolutely no one is interested on him

No. 812605

This is hilarious, I love it.
I wonder if this is going to be like the Emzotic farce.

No. 812607

It depresses me to no end when cows “friends” come shit talk them in the threads.

No. 812608


I don't think he's smart enough to even know he had to crop that out.

No. 812609


You dun goofed

No. 812611

File: 1609618745804.jpeg (91.74 KB, 620x352, C7AD3025-47E8-4F4D-BC14-4347CD…)

No. 812612

"view tweet activity" LMAO hi aggy.

No. 812613

LOL inconspicuous

No. 812614

File: 1609619518100.jpg (154.8 KB, 634x1011, 31C345E500000578-3472681-An_Im…)

Aggy posting in this thread like

No. 812616

Can't mods expose all his other posts now?

No. 812617

File: 1609619679094.jpeg (58.56 KB, 828x350, 3B300028-0BF2-41D0-89E2-3CB542…)

I think he’s been subtweeting her and his narc ass couldn’t stand that no one had been posting them

No. 812618

File: 1609619707379.jpeg (31.34 KB, 828x163, 22DFAA25-00EF-4556-84D8-E13D26…)

No. 812621

Clever to take frightened dogs out for a drive to look at fireworks… also driving on the highway with one hand, while filming fireworks behind her with the other. Guess you can't blame Tay for not having any consequence thinking.

No. 812624

Have you even been reading the thread? These were already posted.

No. 812629

Yes, but mods only expose posters if they continuously break any rules, this is an anonymous site still

No. 812634

No need to be a dick about it

No. 812636

I swear I saw Aggy's screen shot on their Instagram story and now it's gone
Not milk but I thought it was strange.

No. 812639

Lmao nice narc self-post (tay sure knows how to pick em! Remember tay, you’re the company you keep and for this case a even more wash-up junkie rapper-wannabe)

No. 812642

We literally don't care about you and your average of 0 likes a tweet
Reported for Selfposting and Backstabbing your 'poor friend' who is bullied by the internet

No. 812652

On whose insta story? What did you see

No. 812664

I was the one who posted that Twitter image, because it mentioned Taylor. He posted his tweet & that’s where I took it from - his IG story. Just cropped out IG Story frame, he had just posted it a few min before. Sorry to burst the bubble for those who were hoping for a self-post situation

No. 812670

Has he deleted it now tho as I don't see it on his Instagram stories?

No. 812705

File: 1609642509425.jpeg (354.35 KB, 828x901, ACACA186-86CE-4772-9081-3D5CFA…)

Fucking hell her fans are retarded

No. 812706

“If something felt right for her while she was on drugs” is a more accurate way to say that

No. 812709

If you can’t deal with criticism get the fuck off the Internet. It’s just not the place for you. Where is this mentality of don’t criticize or it’s your fault they relapse with all the problematic youtubers and tiktokers who use drugs and have some mental issues. The few crazy Taylor stans are the ultimate enablers, saying valid criticism is too much for Taylor’s poor soul. If that is the case then her career is done. I honestly think she really fucked up her career with all the stunts she pulled in 2020, I doubt 2021 will be much different for her.

No. 812714

If you promise something you should follow through it really is that simple

No. 812717

Most likely

No. 812727

File: 1609649051630.jpeg (109.42 KB, 828x400, 817FAB91-10F3-461E-971E-33C5FE…)

More shade at Taylor’s drug binges?

No. 812763

It's so hilarious that she predictably disappeared after not uploading the video. What is she even hiding from anymore? Kind of hard to disappoint people who didn't expect anything from you in the first place. It literally cannot get any more embarrassing that it was last time she didn't upload. But I guess the pathological liar in her is trying to brew up some elaborate reason

I don't understand why she doesn't just say I'll upload when I want to stop asking me?? The only reason she still mentions videos is because it makes her money she didn't make money from it she wouldn't even bother

No. 812768

Even her fucking fans are saying that they are not surprised, just disappointed. Like take your L, sis. She is scared of losing her fans because she has nothing to fall back on. Not in terms of a career nor as a source of validation. She has no friends besides that Aggy degenerate, she is really reliant on approval from her followers the fill the void when she is not off her gourd and/or with brodick. If she announces that she is quitting YouTube, she will lose the few remaining fans she still has. They stick around in the hope that she will upload, until she announces that she is resolutely done with it there will always be a shred of faith amongst the younger/more retarded ones that she will return. Plus by repeatedly teasing a grand return she rekindles interest in her old videos which still make her money. With everything that has happened, even if she did miraculously decide to return to YouTube she would be hard pressed to find sponsors or even get approval for monetization

No. 812772

File: 1609678582138.jpg (446.04 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20210103-075447_Twi…)

Another burner account that's been going through and replying to all of her tweets. Wonder who this could be.

No. 812776

Not every account that was created in Dec 2020 is a burner.
This guy has a bio, pics, following, followers.
He looks more like a creep, following her for rather creepy reasons and trying to get into her panties, dms or nudes, via sliming his way up.

No. 812777

I used to be a taylor fan a few years back. I had mayor anxiety and her petvideos used to distract me. Now she gives me a feeling of stress with her fucked up behavior.

I understand that it is kind of hard to be a public person and you get a lot of harsh criticism. But other youtubers have gone beyond that. I know one who looked for a therapist and found a way to cope with criticism and also bullying. That's a grown up behavior. You can't change the people talikng about you but you can change how you react and how you are handling this. She is so fucked up still acting like a 14 year old and everybody who white knights for her is also a child.

No. 812779

I clocked this guy too, not because I think it’s her, but because he seems fucking unhinged and has been absolutely spamming the fuck out of her and everyone in her replies. Twitterfag warriors truly are a special breed of retard

No. 812782

He looks like some middle-aged predator praying on younger women/girls.

No. 812786

So if this was on his story then he reads here as he deleted it.
Or he is making stuff up to protect himself from losing Taylor

No. 812804

This is what I don't understand either. She's the only one putting pressure on herself. It's not like she has an actual job with deadlines to meet. She never had to give a return date so it would be rediculous if this is why she hasn't posted a video yet. Can you imagine this clown actually having a real job where she'd have to answer to people about constantly missing deadlines and due dates?

No. 812806

Honestly I think the only way she’s gonna keep her fans after this, is to say the reason she didn’t upload a video is because she relapsed again.
It could be why she chose NYE as an upload date, so she could say that it was hard with people celebrating etc.
Now if she says she relapsed, people will have sympathy instead of annoyance.

No. 812807

this, and I think there's a good chance the other burners are an overattached stan (maybe someone from the group chat) instead of tayter tbh.

No. 812812

But she literally told them the day of she is uploading that night

No. 812813

I thought he was bashing on Taylor, not defending her

No. 812818

You actually have to be sober to "relapse" LMFAO she never stopped using. It's always been sober (from heroin).

She KNOWS what she's doing isn't good. She knows doing meth isn't sober but she can't stop cause she's damaged in the head. If I had to live breathing in cat piss, a squealing smoothbrain brother, narc mom and broken home, I wouldn't want to be sober either.

Taylor needs to delete YT, rehome her animals, move out, and get a fucking job. She isn't gonna get better subjected to her idiot family. Especially when you have to deal with special needs kids, it's depressing as fuck, and probably contributed to all her shitty munchie coping.

No. 812833

I know Taylor's stans always say "get a life" but this guy really needs to get a life. He's literally psychotic and obsessed, more than her fans

No. 812844

File: 1609701473366.png (297.2 KB, 828x1792, C14D8838-7FD8-471A-9F07-D011EC…)

More subtweet from mama dean!

No. 812847


We really making fun of a kid for having Prader-Willi syndrome? Really?

This dumb bitch is clearly still shooting up heroin, doubt she even thought about actually making the video for a minute. Her comment sections on Twitter and insta are pretty angry, she's losing more fans.

No. 812852

All of you need to stop with this detective bullshit.

The last accounts you flagged were comments calling her out in her heroin addiction, yet now you think this guy is a Stan from her chat?

Honestly just stop, after the aggy self post and third possible burner account you are making us look like idiots.

Just stop. This is not milk. This is you acting like retards because her video wasn’t out so you have nothing else to speculate over. Milk will come back, calm yourselves.

No. 812854

It's not the kids fault obviously but it's taken it's toll on Taylor and her family. Her brother's condition has robbed her of having a "normal" family life, and she's coping with it really badly. She needs to remove herself from that situation, shes even said previously it triggers her/passive aggressive shit.

People go apeshit if you point out special kids hurt families, but it's the truth, some people don't handle it well at all. You can tell by watching mama dean she just isn't there upstairs anymore. but OT.

Her fans seem hella pissed, it's pushing their limits clearly. 2nd chances are fine but 5th and 6th…

Yea stop inventing burner crap, nobody cares about twitter randos.

No. 812857

>you are making us look like idiots
bruh this is an anonymous gossip site, why are you so pressed? i agree that calling every other account a sock/burner needs to stop because it's annoying, but how fucked must you be in the head to care about what people think of users on this website. imo the aggy one is still sus, there's no proof of that insta story so it could totally be made up.

No. 812858


IMO if it was really from a since-deleted insta story the anon would’ve just posted the whole screenshot and not meticulously cropped out any evidence that it was from a story.

No. 812860


Because it’s not milk. Who cares if it is a burner account? I’d be willing to bet you were right about the blinkers account, but again who cares. It’s off topic and now I need to read through pages of useless speculative nonsense from farmers who have no idea what actually counts as milk. Again, just stop. This Carmen sandiego
Logo got you all in mystery mode, there is no mystery Taylor is just a heroin addict.

No. 812863

that too, what's the point of cropping?

i'm assuming you didn't actually read my post just so you can sperg some more about those horrible farmers and their speculation. you're honestly more obnoxious than them, i can't believe there are people who care about their reputation on lolcow.farm lmao

No. 812870


Ok….I know we’re all bored but this is ridiculous. there honestly wasn’t any deep thought into cropping the screenshot from his IG story other than not thinking seeing it in the full vertical added anything valuable. In retrospect I can see how it the post time (minutes since it posted) could be helpful and will not crop in the future jfc

No. 812873

“Meticulously cropped”

Good god. We’re circling the drain here.

No. 812900

you know, overreacting by going on about how ridiculous it is to find the cropping a bit odd just make you sound more sus? you honestly didn't need to repeat yourself, i don't find proving whether or not it was self post that important, i just find the other anon ridiculous.

No. 812943

This has happened before too with a twitter screenshot that Taylor posted to her insta story.

Maybe now people will realize that when you're posting a cow's selfpost you shouldn't edit out the only evidence that you're not the cow.

No. 812971

File: 1609729156685.png (26.85 KB, 667x250, assy.PNG)

assy prob listening to Taylor bitch about her hate. I think i'm done with this cow for awhile, it just doesn't compare to the jonny days.

No. 812975

>>812971 Please just stop with the aggy shit. I swear nobody cares about him. I don't care if it's a s
Selfpost or not.

No. 812977

It’s clearly not a self post

No. 813091

Nobody cares. He does not belong here as long as it's not milk clearly related to Taylor.

No. 813092

Seriously. Aggy is probably the most boring brodick to date. Jonny brought all the best Taylor milk, Jake was insane and inspired her to do meth, but Aggy is just an attention starved Soundcloud rapper that gets 0 to 2 likes on his Tweets.

No. 813093

Agree with you anon, look I love the occasional aggy tard-post but can we all agree that if its not actual milk related to taylor and stop sharing his retarded posts?(any anon tinfoiling a subtweet from this narc rapper should not be posted here too imo)

No. 813102

This thread is falling apart from everyone being so desperate for milk. Can we just agree to retire this cow? She's doing quite literally nothing but drugs anymore. Yawn.

No. 813113

we dont need to "retire" taylor, you newfags need to just stop posting until theres milk. many cows don't have milk for literal years, or simply have milk every few years. its not uncommon. such as kiki, luna, and all the other crazies

all of you are fucking stupid, special shoutout to this anon who can't contain their twitter lingo

good god get the fuck off my bangadeshi cow farming forum and go back to your shitty tea drama gcs on twitter

No. 813115

When there isn't any milk and just very weak 'Tinfoil' don't clog this thread up - that's what the twitter hashtag is for kek.
Also remember that sageing doesn't mean you can post stupid sleep deprived theories that barely correlate to Taylor

No. 813131

File: 1609763242318.png (973.29 KB, 1125x2436, 40579E9A-6C3B-4288-A55F-6E6A08…)


No. 813132

No… obviously not. Go look at the Johnny & syd thread.

No. 813133

no you fucking retard. its about some random bitch who sent jonny money.

No. 813134

Genuinely was curious, I didn’t know which was why I asked. No need to name call…

No. 813136

Learn board culture before you post stupid shit, retard.

No. 813137

Read the rules, twitterfag

No. 813140

If you want to be spoon-fed info instead of lurking properly for updates then prepare for the name calling and try not to get your feelings hurt love.

No. 813141

So this dumb bitch still has "returning to YouTube tonight" in her IG bio. It's so embarassing, I don't know how she deals with it. Oh wait, the anxiety I'm sure she must feel just fuels her drug addiction.

No. 813142

File: 1609767830544.jpeg (143.4 KB, 828x591, F816B757-0215-43E9-8D85-0A84F5…)

Twitter as well. And she has definitely been online, because she deleted a tweet yesterday

No. 813143

What did she delete yesterday? I´m curious

No. 813144

ffs sage your autism and read the fucking rules before shitting up the board with your newfaggotry. But to answer your question, who the fuck knows?

No. 813145

I don't think I know any youtuber that is so gross to their fans.
Read the rules

No. 813197

I don’t get Aggy. Seems like he’s constantly negging her in a “your problems are a consequence of you being a lazy and unmotivated person who has no accountability” (he’s right) but he’s clearly enabling her at the same time. I know it’s just standard fare rise and grind Twitter nonsense about being “self-made” but you would think one of them would realize how hypocritical their situation is.

Who am I kidding. Taylor enjoys being ~aboosed~ and Aggy is a bit of a sadist. Match made in heaven.

No. 813199

Dude I agree he doesn’t belong here, I was just saying it was clearly not a self post

No. 813212


He still wants any clout and second hand fame he might get from her, behind all that tough guy shtick he's probably really annoyed a worthless junkie like Taylor is more famous than he is.

Worst thing we can do is enable him.

No. 813228

it looks like she deleted the tweet/s about the things she got for Christmas, the 53 laptops and 17 consoles she has now. maybe she's gearing up to give a "wow technical issues! every electronic device I have broke! including my phone so I couldn't update you!! don't blame me". which is going to be triple insulting since her mother is having no problems uploading videos.

No. 813281

Wouldn’t be surprised if she comes with an unexpected video of her usual plans but claim to have filmed it in 2020 but she relapsed and couldn’t but here you go! But in reality it was filmed in 2021 lol

No. 813328

It’s dark but I don’t see her living long enough to put out a video. She’s on a highway to hell.

No. 813335

She deleted the computer equipment tweet a while ago. Someone mentioned it in the last thread.

No. 813347

she’s def been online in the last couple of days, I’ve been checking her likes.

No. 813361

Do you mind posting a screenshot for those of us who don’t use twitter? It won’t show me unless I sign up for an account

No. 813365

File: 1609803430586.jpeg (645.49 KB, 1334x1447, 2C6DFAA3-0839-4F61-BD52-2BD4BD…)

sure, its just is super unmilky and not even definite proof since the tweet isn’t new, but the uppermost one wasn’t there when I last checked.

No. 813366

File: 1609803449471.png (317.59 KB, 760x1464, Screenshot_20210104-183607.png)

none of the tweets she has liked were posted in the last 4 days, but I did find these

No. 813367


I’ve been checking her likes too and I’m a fucking retard for not getting screen caps, because although the most liked tweet is four days old, she only liked in the past 12 hours because it wasn’t there yesterday.

No. 813373


it wasnt there when i looked on my lunch break 4 hours ago

No. 813374


I can't believe she did this again and people are still falling for it or supporting her. What really gets me is how she updates her bio the DAY OF to say she will be posting that day, then doesn't. She's a nutjob

No. 813377


I honestly think she did this on purpose

>see????? I had every intention of uploading, I even tweeted about it??????? but then???? [insert wildly embellished story rife with details designed for the explicit purpose of eliciting sympathy en masse as to why she couldn’t]

No. 813378

Good to know I’m not the only one who noticed this. You’d think she’d know how to cover her tracks (literally and figuratively) by now, but alas

No. 813452

farmhands please mark aggy’s other posts lol i bet hes been shit talking her for the past 5 threads

No. 813495

Hes probably pissed that fucking Taylor didn’t get him the clout he thought it would. She posts him all the time and people STILL don’t care because he’s that boring.

No. 813525

Why is everyone saying that Aggy is Taylor's fuckboy or boyfriend? I never got that vibe from them.
Was there any proof that I missed?

No. 813529

Name 1 man Taylor has regularly hung out with and not had sex with

No. 813557

File: 1609880101522.jpg (588.13 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20210105_204710.jpg)

I don't think they're dating but I think they're having casual sex,
At the very least exchanging nudes with Tay trying to lure him in to banging her.
Taylor literally can't function without male attention.

Speaking of their relationship, I have no idea how long the caption's been like this.
It used to be her long ass story about how she stayed up for three days to edit a video but all four computers broke and aliens stole her cat but her world renowned therapist told her to do a music video for her mental health

No. 813561

She changed it after coming back from her last video flake in sept, I noticed she changed when she was sperging a lot that period of time right and promising another video again, probably try to cover her cringy long ass caption of her fake excuse lol

No. 813563

Tyler rugge lol

No. 813571

File: 1609883731259.jpg (80.79 KB, 629x879, Oop.JPG)

Still a tinfoil that the blinker fluid person is Taylor but they did mention them being in a toxic relationship together(and a video of him messing with her animals?)

No. 813574

I operate under the assumption that he’s gay, he’s got that vibe

No. 813575

like toxic friendships don’t exist?

No. 813581

He regularly likes/comments on female porn stars twitter posts so…

No. 813594

I know. Still gives me gay vibes.

No. 813599

That's what I thought about Tyler Rugge but apparently he had a gf lol

No. 813625

I feel like there is nothing she can say people will believe besides her fans that are children. Everyday that passes it’s just making it worse and worse for her.

There is no excuse that can really cover this one. The only thing I feel like she’s gonna do is check herself in to “rehab” again and be like oh this is why I’ve been MIA teehee

No. 813631

lmao that is rich. i call bullshit

No. 813634

the only thing I can see gaining a bit of sympathy is a straight up suicide attempt. not even an OD unless she explicitly says "I had been sober but went out with the intention of buying drugs to kill myself". regular relapses just aren't enough of an excuse anymore. (this isn't to say I hope she ODs, just that her fans aren't gonna keep buying the same old bullshit so her lies need to get more extravagant)

No. 813638

Careful, you might give her some ideas

No. 813642


She simply failed to let everyone know that those errands she has to run before uploading were
1) Score
2) Party (maybe OD?????? Lmao)
3) Rehab I guess

No. 813644

I don't have anything new to add to the conversation.
Just wanted to say that I commented on her last promise of a video that I believed it was coming because it would be too embarrassing otherwise. That video didn't come.

Now this one I thought HAS to exist, right? I am boo boo the fool for sure.

I struggle with addiction so I understand the procrastination in itself. You hope to be productive when you set an official goal. Worst case you can't do it, best case it motivates you to actually do what you announced.

But damn, this pattern is just so hardcore embarrassing. Promising videos she has not already filmed in hopes it motivates her to do something OBVIOUSLY doesn't work for her.

No. 813648

It’s literally Maddie, they live together and are both pettubers/ ex friends of Taylor. Even tho it seems Tyler is friendly with Taylor again on twitter

No. 813650

Jfc if I read one more post about this stupid fucking Aggy guy. Taylor better come on with it and bring us some milk because these are the dumbest, absolute baseless tinfoils I’ve ever read in my life. I don’t even think these two are as close as y’all are making them out to be. He probably answered that question asking about where her videos at just to seem relevant, when in reality they don’t speak all the time. And I agree with who seems like the only other anon in this thread that’s not fucking autistic. Literally neither Aggy OR Tay give off a vibe that they are fucking. Like where’s the pics of them being affectionate? Where’s the online lovebombing? He doesn’t even stick up for her when she’s getting dragged to hell and back on Twitter. Anyone who thinks otherwise has obviously never witnessed real chemistry between two people. Like are you guys fourteen? Or does any time the opposite sex comes into the picture of someone’s life they’re fucking?
Aggy doesn’t seem like Taylor’s type, physically. And I’m pretty sure we would know if she had a thing for him. She probably hung out with him bc she has no other friends and addicts get VERY lonely and prefer the companies of others (speaking from experience).
And I don’t even need to remind you all why Aggy is sticking around.

No. 813654

File: 1609909638405.jpeg (295.58 KB, 828x1248, D15DB58D-2DD1-4A40-BC79-36DCE3…)

Fucking all of this. That Aggy loser and Taylor probably don’t have anything in common except drugs. He might even just be her dealer, who the fuck knows or cares, regardless, he’s not relevant or milky.

Anyway, this tweet of Jen’s made me chuckle

>always-connected technology

Yes, unless you’re Taylor who hasn’t been on her for phone AT ALL!!11!!!!1!11!! and still hasn’t surfaced following the NYE anti climax. I hope she tries to blame it on technology because even though her mother has been posting non stop and uploading to YouTube and she really is dumb enough to think people will believe her

No. 813657

She can’t continuously use the addiction/mental health as an excuse. Sure, she can say that’s why she hasn’t made videos but she can’t keep promising them and not going through with it and then blaming lack of motivation etc.
Any normal person would film videos on their good days and then upload it and schedule it to become public when they wanted it to and seeing as she claimed she already had it filmed, she could have uploaded it and scheduled it for December 31st but she didn’t because she never actually planned on releasing a video, she just wanted her fans to go and rewatch her old content so she could get the Adsense to buy more drugs

No. 813658

Reading thiz thread i only can say poor taylor. I know shes a piece of shit but deep down I still feel for her in some way. She had it all and throw it away because she wanted the druggie experience and now shes hooked on heroine and doesn't have the will to quit. Shes fucked

No. 813659

jfc not you again

No. 813664

tuna moment

No. 813667

Jesus, shut the fuck up.

No. 813670

I’m not even that anon, multi people spell it wrong, maybe don’t comment on it every time and assume it’s the same person when it’s not. Also like why be a grammar nazi, it’s so unrelated to this thread

No. 813677

Maybe cool it with the tism about how you feel sorry for poor uwu taytay and people wont assume youre that same retard

No. 813681

File: 1609930843162.jpg (250.24 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20210106-025328_You…)

This is from a while back but I don't think it was posted on here. If it was, please ~*chill*~

Anyway, the drummer plans on making a video, and he's been replying to comments asking him to in the last few days. No, it's not new milk but it would give insight to how things were behind the scenes for Taylor.

No. 813682

File: 1609930873930.jpg (103.57 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20210106-025346_You…)

No. 813689

Milk from someone who hasn’t already given their perspective is just what we need in the absence of Tayter, I hope to the milk gods that a video materializes from this guy

No. 813693

>Also like why be a grammar nazi, it’s so unrelated to this thread
Why be a whightknight it's unrelated to this thread? Cant believe how many people fall for this shit lmfao. Every vaguely attractive young girl on heroin deserves sympathy online, if you dealt with people like Taylor irl she would take advantage of that perception and rip you off hardcore.

Ugly people aren't the only scumbags in the world. You didn't even give a reason to feel bad for her.

No. 813710

Can we please stop with the Aggy bullshit and ~grammar nazi~ crap, doesn’t contribute at all to these threads and has zero milk or relevance.

She won’t stay silent forever, and it’ll be a shit show regardless of what excuses she pulls

No. 813740

He could be bi? Lmao since tay loves to claim that she is bi these days

No. 813760

File: 1609950007098.png (63.36 KB, 678x537, Untitled.png)

sage for not being the milkiest, but Jen is being ridiculously passive aggressive towards Tay. She uploaded a video with animals yesterday, she's been retweeting other pettubers who have been putting videos out, AND she's been vague tweeting psuedo-proverb stuff.

I get the feeling Tay's out partying somewhere lol

No. 813818

File: 1609964256849.jpg (236.27 KB, 1021x462, 2.jpg)

The drummer wrote more about the toor.
"limp bodies dragged out" sounds like people passed out on drugs?

I think drummers are used to band members using drugs so it must have been horrible If that guy chose to leave the tour despite a solid paycheck. The Slaves members were willing to accept jonnys behaviour and only took a backturn once jonny decided to not go on a tour with them so… I think the other members are horrible too.

No. 813833

Reevaluate your thinking lmao how absolutely retarded can you be

No. 813834

He literally says "from black out drunk/high" so yes

No. 813841

I can’t wait for Taylor to emerge from her drug den in the next few days to repost some shit about what’s going on in DC right now as a way to come back while deflecting criticism of her own embarrassment

No. 813885

literally who fucking cares though

No. 813893

File: 1609992934048.jpg (179.3 KB, 1080x1361, 20210106_231536.jpg)

What if tay tay is in jail lmao

No. 813894

Nah, she’s probably on a bender with some dude and not staying at home with mama dean. This tweet reads like she is telling Taylor she loves her, not that she is in jail.

No. 813928

Hmm. Didnt Syd just post about Jonny having cellulitis and finally realizing what he was doing to his body/life? I still think tay's involved with that dude in some way.

No. 813929

Could be about syd, jonny literally looks like a bloated corpse I don't know why any woman would want that

No. 813932


does anyone else absolutely despise the way that mama dean types? it's always one extremely long run on sentence that seems to go no where. bonus points if it subtly shades her daughter. go take care of your disabled son and stop subtweeting.

No. 813951

File: 1610027085637.jpeg (459.35 KB, 1242x2323, 6974966C-87A4-4844-ABCE-7BC874…)

So we know she’s alive since she’s liking tweets about what happened in DC. The paragraph of text on Instagram giving excuses about why she didn’t upload this time is probably imminent.

No. 813960

ha, I knew she couldn't resist coming back to do some keyboard activism.

No. 813968

can someone tell her to stop filming while driviing for the love of god

No. 813970


She was just toting a heart monitor as a fashion accessory and thinks its okay to disappear on her fans with no update? But brave wittle Taylor will like the political tweets because even though she can't face her audience she CAN get ass pats for being such the activist!!

No. 813973

Shes so predictably its embarrassing.

No. 813982

Actually so funny that she’s obviously on social media liking things but still hasn’t taken the “returning to YouTube tonight!” out of her bio

No. 813993

Yup, she’s totally gonna use whats happening in DC as the reason she’s not active because it’s “upsetting so I’m avoiding social media uwu”

Nevermind the fact that she disappeared before this started happening

No. 813996

It’s a terrible excuse when it happened like 5-6 days after the video promise. You can’t be inactive for 5 days and your excuse is a event that happened a whole 5-6 days after the fact

No. 814045

I bet when she comes back she will say “heart went boom ouch before I could upload video”. And then the video will still never come.

No. 814131

I hope he comes through with the stories

No. 814169


Pretty sure Mama Dean is talking about Donald Trump in this tweet

No. 814187

How could that possibly be the case? Lmfao

No. 814213

this, she's been tweeting about trump and current events non stop and you gotta use jen logic when desciphering her - this is clearly about trump and his "you are special and loved" speech.

No. 814236

File: 1610134350238.jpeg (595.44 KB, 1170x1517, 76A64297-5958-41CF-A2D4-E66B9F…)

trump literally tweeted this to the rioters. he explicitly said he loves them.

No. 814245

God shut the fuck up with this dumb trump tinfoil. There is no milk so stop posting. None of this is important or relevant. Go read the news if you need any trump speculation. Unless you have face someone is doing something shut up.

No. 814287

Drink some water, Trump-anon.

I thought it was an allusion to the capitol situation too. A really soppy dumb Pepsi ad level "why can't we just get along?" take where she thinks politics can be solved with hugs and rainbows.

No. 814346

She mentions a drunk/high man. Not about Trump.

No. 814374


It’s not a “Trump tinfoil” - she clearly thinks Trump is drunk/high or out of his mind a needs a hug today or some shit. It’s important to point this out so people stop sperging out thinking every tweet of Mama Dean’s is about Taylor.

No. 814377

I'm 50/50 with this cow. Half of me wants her back just to prove we were right and she's off on a drug binge. The other half wants her gone so she can no longer get free drug money off of her views.

No. 814383

She’s been on a liking spree on Twitter again. Anyone who is still a fan after this is a fucking idiot.

No. 814402

File: 1610208619655.jpeg (198.84 KB, 828x677, 44C7B962-6C76-4166-B605-A3CE46…)

can you guys stop sperging out on her twitter/ig every time something happens. it’s cringe. cringey as hell. got us looking like a site for damn fools. come on now, lc isnt even her intended audience. looking like haydur nation out here.

No. 814406

File: 1610213276856.png (1.04 MB, 828x1792, 7BAF86DB-A1C7-42AE-8E66-56A5F7…)

No real fresh milk so sage but this asshole is really avoiding all responsibilities, sat there in her crack den bedroom liking loads of tweets.

When do we reckon she’s grow a pair of balls and confront her ghosting again??

No. 814407

she has 3 possible outcomes, jail, institution, or death.

No. 814414


I think she must have unliked them again bc I'm still seeing that tweet from October 2020 as her last liked tweet

No. 814424

sounds like a problem with your twitter anon, or maybe try scrolling a bit

No. 814431

I love when idiot junkies go full woke and slacktivist. Like when Lurch @‘s Nancy Pulosi bitching about his free government sheckles. Please let this be her next timeline

No. 814447

Damn, this really put a sad image in my head. While I wouldn't put it past her to be out on a bender or in rehab (again) it's more likely that she's just in bed surrounded by her plastic clutter and dying pets watching the office and liking tweets. At least if she's out doing drugs she's with her druggie friends.

No. 814540

My guess is she's at home hiding in an anxious flurry. It genuinely brings me joy to think about how much more uncomfortable she gets each passing day she ignores her platform. Each excuse grows more and more unbelievable the longer she waits. Keep it up Tay we love watching you dig your own grave (in more ways than one)

No. 814560

Yep, same here anon. I’m so sick of this same old cycle over and over and while there are some dumbass fans of hers that somehow still support her, it’s clear most are sick of it too. I’m glad people are finally speaking up and calling her out on her shit. She’s so predictable even they know she won’t do what she promises. I’m glad she’s unhappy and clearly not thriving, she doesn’t deserve it because she doesn’t put in the WORK. After leaving Jonny Craig she literally could have had the biggest comeback ever, even if it only meant putting out one video a month! She could have had tons of money flowing in, her own place, all the designer shit she wants, whatever. It’s clear she’s not passionate about animals anymore, she should have just switched her platform to whatever she cared about, all she had to do was go clean from drugs and be consistent with delivering content to her fans.

I genuinely think no excuse will save her this time and that’s why she still isn’t back. She knows nobody will believe her lies anymore. I think her best hope is to confess she doesn’t want to do YouTube anymore. It’s clear she doesn’t give a shit about her audience or platform. She should just admit she’s starting her Only Fans and be done with it. Otherwise, I don’t know how else she expects to make money? Mama Dean is pathetic but surely she doesn't expect her fully capable daughter to stay with her forever and make her take care of her and her animals. Judging by her recent tweets she’s sick of her behavior but is too pussy to grow a spine and kick her out. Enabling her is killing her slowly but surely. Sage for such a long post but this spoiled girl is seriously pissing me off. She deserves the unhappiness she puts on herself.

No. 814575

File: 1610295752973.jpeg (151.05 KB, 946x2048, C91BA3CB-9354-4038-89EE-B09A1E…)

as much as i love watching her downfall, i wouldn't count on it too soon anon. photo grabbed from TND thread. She's a junkie, just like JC ripped people off selling macbooks, she's going to run her channel into the ground but not before exploiting her young, naive fans for money through monetization. she knows exactly what she's doing. lol who woulda guessed by 2021 this worthless drug addict wouldn't even needa pick pocket or pawn shit for cash… she just makes a few pseudo-return posts and bam! drug money. cunt.

No. 814607

You know, even IF she woke up tomorrow and was like "This is it, I can't live like this anymore" and goes go the most expensive intense inpatient treatment center, to a halfway house then back into the real world, I think it will take the amount of years she's been on it (2017, so around 4) PLUS some more years to truly get her brain biochemistry back to semi-normal and healthy reward-center functioning. By then she'll be 28-30's and irrelevant. This bitch truly ruined her life. And that's what you get when you're an ungrateful, spoiled, manipulative mean person. I don't feel sorry for her at all. I agree with anon above about how she coulda had the most insane comeback after JC. shoot, she might've even made it where he was officially cancelled. It's hilarious to me how she blamed him and claimed he "shot her up" -bitch. YOU sought out tha rOcKsTaR lifestyle, YOU chose JC, YOU straight up ignored an entire scene of people who had been vocal in their experiences with him. If i were Taylor, i would give up to. But it's only a matter of time before her YT career is officially dead and she moves onto seeking arrangements or OF, let's be real. sorry for long rant.

No. 814614

IMO there is no way she can come back with out uploading a video. even if she goes silent for a month while she works on it or whatever, if she attempts to come back without it she will lose the rest of her fans. she can blame it on a mental break don or whatever and her fans will forgive her as long as there is something there.

No. 814623

I guess my argument is that she will make it for a little while longer even if she doesn't post. Think of the internet and people stumbling across her Twitter or IG. They see some crackhead but it sparks curiosity. They see "RETURNING TO YOUTUBE TONIGHT", go to her channel and start sifting through old vids. Only if someone clicked on a post and read comments could they see something wasn't right but most of internet browsing is surface level. I guess that's what irks me the most is that she knows what she is doing and it's so manipulative. I wish YT would recognize how monetizing this drug addict is only fueling her addiction.

No. 814639

File: 1610300822366.jpeg (685.35 KB, 2048x2048, 2C041C05-71F0-45E1-9B21-8A423C…)

don't do drugs, kids

No. 814643

We already know she fucked up her appearance, why do you keep posting these? Not to mention, the older pic is heavily photoshopped and there's far worse pictures of her now

No. 814662

File: 1610308308386.png (879.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210110-115116.png)

Got to love that it's been more than 10 days now and her bio is unchanged. Keep going tay would love to see you deplatformed completely

No. 814670

If there's one thing I learned from years of following internet cows it's that they will ALWAYS have supporters. No matter how transparently shitty they are. There's always equally shitty idiots out there to provide a fan base.

No. 814671

Why does everyone keep saying she's gonna start an OnlyFans? That's for women who have the ability to film themselves looking sexy, edit it, upload it, and promote it. Taylor cant even shower most days, she's not going to start an Onlyfans. I get it that OF is the current "guess i'll just be a stripper" but it takes a lot more than a pulse and a need for money to have any success at it.

No. 814672


Holy fuck this is soooo pathetic. The fact that she still has the loser posted on her Instagram is telling too. Wow just a bunch of losers

No. 814679

Because she shoops the fuck out of her self, she may have fucked up her face with those blown out lips but she can post body pictures that are photoshopped so she looks like the average “slim thicc” girl with big bewbs. Even though we all know from photos that have been taken of her she can’t alter she looks nothing like she portrays she does lmao. Nothing good lighting and photoshop can’t fix. There are sad, thirsty people out there I’m sure who would pay for her to have OnlyFans. Once her channel truly dies and doesn’t make her money, I don’t know how else she will make money for herself to blow on drugs and things she doesn’t need.

No. 814687

File: 1610315952767.png (312.01 KB, 1440x1533, Screenshot_20210110-135840.png)

My bad I didn't see it wasn't showing her returning tonight bullshit.

No. 814720

Anons have been saying that constantly since she broke up with JC. "She is going to make an OF now! Now! Ok, now! Just wait and see.." Boring tinfoil and it's getting old. If she does not have the willing to commit to YT, she will not have the willing to do OF either

No. 814721

this, I'm honestly as exasperated at anons here suggesting that she will lose all her fans as I am at her fans' braindead tweets. she still pulls in 20-40k views a day on youtube, which means there are new people stumbling upon her every day who don't know her behaviour. plus the thousand of people who don't follow her closely enough to notice her patterns but are still willing to stick up for her bc they think she's a poor widdle aboose victim.
the commentary channels haven't even descended upon her yet. she isn't widely shunned at all.

>That's for women who have the ability to film themselves looking sexy, edit it, upload it, and promote it.
ohh boy you certainly don't need all that, just look at idubbz's girlfriend lmao. tayter's got the promotion bit down (she has decent reach on sm) and she has scrotes drooling over her under every photo so there must be a market. and she seems to genuinely like dressing up and taking photos of herself, so I'm perpetuallty surprised she hasn't started an OF yet. my personal theory is that her mom won't allow it.

No. 814751

Well yeah can you imagine the subtweeting Jen would do lol, her daughter the heroin addict AND internet whore. Nice.

No. 814871

Because her mom totally does a great job of controlling what she does as is. I agree with you anon but at the same time, it’s clear her mom has no say whatsoever in what she does. She lets Taylor walk all over her, and she will STILL allow her to stay in her house and even take care of her animals while she’s off fucking around on drugs or even when she was in rehab. She’s showing that she has no plans on growing a spine and kicking Taylor out to show her she needs to get serious about getting clean. She’ll subtweet her whether she does OF or not.

Pretty sad how her mom released a video before she did, you can’t help but laugh. That was obviously clear shade to Taylor to get off her ass and do the video she promised, but she doesn’t care when she’s too busy being high.

No. 814902

Whats with all the anons having these weird hard-core OF tinfoils? Tater hasn't once even mentioned it. She gets plenty of attention still from her thirst traps and lives with her enabling mom. She doesn't need the extra cash because her pet videos probably give her enough to sustain her weird meth induced hobbies.

Scrotes have really brainwashed an entire generation if the first reaction to someone losing their youtube clout is "they're definitely going to show their asshole to strangers for money now" kek im sure they wish that was the case though

No. 814909


Anon are you forgetting photos she posted with hearts censoring her vag? Or her dominatrix slut bikini?

Not sure why you think posting slutty photos online for cash is such an unbelievable step beyond already posting slutty photos online.

No. 815018

If turtlemom/Angel/cosmixhoney can do it (OnlyFans- BARF, I KNOW). I'm sure TayTay could. If there's an audience out there that will pay for content from that absolutely repulsive, not even will EVER be pretty in the face, my 600 pound life lookin ass monster…. then I'm sure there's a market out there that get's turned on by girls who don't shower. Bc of this point I've seen it all (and I wish I hadn't).

There's people out there that pay for golden showers, watch girls take shits on cam, so I hate to break the unfortunate news but Taylor could potentially bank off of it.

Do I think she's intelligent and driven enough to keep up with it? Hell to the fucking no. This girl can't do the bare minumum for SHIT.

I genuinely hope that when she returns she does it with a surprise video. I am legitimately SO TIRED of her text walls of excuses that don't make the slightest fuck of a sense, and are obviously straight up lies. I wonder what kind of pathetic excuse/lie/sob story she's gonna have for us this time….

No. 815032

Honestly waiting to see what kind of bogus excuses she comes up with the subsequent reactions is the only thing keeping me semi interested in this greasy junkie. Hopefully some of the autistic dramu channels with large followings cover it, its about time they did

No. 815083

Sage but the fact that she's openly liking tweets as recent as 12 hours ago should tell her fans to just unfollow already. She's not in rehab, she doesn't give a shit about them.. It's all an act.

No. 815094

File: 1610438944175.png (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 828x1792, 9F669954-A0E7-482D-9A8F-FFA37C…)

The fact she liked a tweet from 12 hours ago yet doesn’t have the balls to apologize to her fans. Stupid junkie, I’m so excited to hear this excuse

No. 815097

Her fans are retarded but this is so fucking contemptuous, way to say “fuck you” to the people funding your plastic hoard, tacky ass sweatshop fast fashion landfill, fugly impulse tattoos and piercings, and class a drugs, you repugnant slob

No. 815280

Jeez, has this really devolved into speculating if she’ll get her tits out online? If she’s not doing anything milky just let this die útil there’s something worthwhile

No. 815293

Not trying to fight but why are people assuming Only Fans = tits and asshole out? Taylor could literally make an OF with just her wearing normal or slutty clothes, or even throw in her animals in the photo for ~mysterious uwu girl who likes snakes~ vibes and make money. Yes I’m sure she gets paid enough from past YT videos but why are we putting it past her to do something like OF, where she can take advantage of lonely boys who would pay to see her dress as she already does. Only reason I could truly see her not doing it is the fact that it’s another step and requires at least minimal effort. Doing any kind of work is too much work for her.

No. 815309

If you expect scrotes to settle at paying for the lewds she already posts on instagram you're dumb. Why would Taylor make the same content she puts on IG to put somewhere behind a paywall where 1/3rd of a people who follow her will see it?
Scrotes sperg all the time about thots using their sacred platform to post regular content they post on other sites. Even regular SW women hate that shit. Invetiably if you're a dumb attention whore comfortable selling your body online youre going to be pushed into doing more NSFW content once the original hype dies down and numbers dwindle. Momokun is a good example of that.

No. 815326

Can someone ban the scrote anon? You keep trying to argue about OF, a topic which died in this thread over a year ago. No one actually thinks she will do this, it was just a stab at her posting thot photos from her parents house.

Stop clogging the thread with your weird rants please

No. 815328

Also her nudes are already floating around the internet. I could see her doing a OF, she clearly loves the attention of lewds.

No. 815329

It’s not one anon, it’s clearly multiple. I myself wouldn’t be shocked if she got into only fans with her past history. If people are saged and not putting there tinfoils as fact, I personally don’t see the problem. It’s not like they are nitpicking

No. 815333

This is literally the first time I posted in a week, in this thread but okay. Hahah. I’m not going to infight with you. Have fun playing detective

No. 815337

Hahahah and deleted your post. Realized your wrong and really rude for no reason ?

No. 815372

Who are you even talking to? How about everyone shut the fuck up now unless there is milk? Just a suggestion

No. 815403

lol what a bunch of cunts fighting on their period hahaha ^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815468

i want milk. when is she returning?

No. 815551

At this rate, when someone posts her obituary.

No. 815586

Since she likes to be the little keyboard activist my bet is she will post something on Presidents Day on the 18th. Like blah blah political bs… (btw sorry about that video will explain when I'm ready uwu.)

No. 815617

I'd say slight possibility Jan 31st (very slight) it's probably the next time she pushed her deadline too.

I don't really expect much from the her at this point, shes given herself over to drugs.

No. 815656

File: 1610582608732.png (1.16 MB, 828x1792, B6C3B7FD-9CEB-409C-BC9A-CD8763…)

Oh so now she cares about current fairs and animals?

Also, still can’t address the fact she’s ghosted her fans?

Great job Taytor

No. 815660

lmao she is such a cunt, she can retweet shit but not reply to her fans. I hope she gets flayed when she decides to break her silence

No. 815673


I don’t even think at this point coming back with a video will help her. Like I know that’s been discussed before being her possible saving grace. But I feel like the ship has sailed. She’s cried wolf too many times. She also has no one else to back her up now - definitely not her mum. And not that aggy cunt.

No. 815674

it is just very tiring her endless cycle of "i'm doing great! life is great! i have so many plans! i'm soooo sober you guys have no idea how sober i am. i'm ready to live my life!!!"
to her just completely ghosting everyone, confessing that she relapsed and that she'll get help. rinse and repeat.

not even most of her fans are there to back her up, they're done with her bullshit. hopefully that's enough of a wake up call. she's going to lose her platform.

No. 815675

Is she really going to lose her platform though? People who don’t know who she is and stumble across her channel or are dumb enough to keep supporting her will keep earning her YouTube shekels. Obviously that has a finite life span but she’s still clearly getting enough views to fund her hoarding and drug binging. I don’t think it will have a serious impact unless the big drama channels cover her

No. 815698

Her career was dead as soon as she made her "Im a heroin addict" video. Even her big New Year's return announcement barely gained 2k likes. She stopped gaining subs on youtube, besides random clicks she is done for.

No. 815710

The return video will be up tonight, anon. Kek

If she ever addresses why she's ghosted her fans but still likes and retweets things I put money on some bullshit- "I wanted to keep being an advocate for the things I belive it, it's really important that I like these tweets because I have such a large following. no one would be aware of these issues if I didn't. Just doing my job. Also, no, I'm not going to do anything else for these causes, liking tweets is enough"

I really want to know what she thinks an advocate does.

No. 815748

Relapses. She thinks advocates just do relapses all year.

No. 815765

I think we all know that the twitterfags will accept just about anything from queen Taylor. It’s the new era of addiction voiding you of any personal responsibility because you’re such an uwu victim. And we know Taylor sees it that way as well, and that’s why this cycle continues.
They will give her a pass to kill her animals, never upload, and spread harmful info.

Things won’t change.
I would have to agree that at this rate, we will see Taylor’s obituary before her video.

No. 815798

File: 1610650482282.png (498.95 KB, 828x1792, 7F0BFE54-AC58-4906-A477-3DCA28…)

She is getting absolutely troll in the comments on her retweet there. Keep digging your own grave tay.

No. 815822

Boolies. Just a bunch of judgmental boolies. Certainly not people she's lied to and misled with bad info for years and years. These people were just dollar signs for Taylor all along.
But she's definitely going to use these responses (and others) as excuses for relapse after relapse, and to justify eternal shittiness.

No. 815823

File: 1610658816460.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, F9A0F44C-A6EC-4513-9658-F8EC6B…)

Sometimes my heart do break for mama dean then I had to remind myself that she is also enabler..

No. 815825

Jen is the reason why I am betting she is going to overdose and die.

No. 815834

Why ? She literally raised Taylor to be this way. I usually don’t put so much blame on the parents, but over the years of seeing mama dean online, I couldn’t imagine how I’d turn out being raised by that psycho.

No. 815848

File: 1610665562566.png (334.29 KB, 590x1280, thumbnail_Screenshot_20210112-…)

Her mom has been entertaining lately like a mild version of the Jonny days. she deleted this but I love the blatant shade towards Tay as she has wild caught fish (and has had other wild caught animals I think?)

No. 815901

Taylor has wild caught fish …. is this shade ?

No. 815912

…Did you even read the message you are replying to?

No. 815943

How is your message even relevant to Taylor ? Seems like your just trying to start a fight with another anon, because there is no milk.

No. 816020

NTAYRT but the message you responded to already says what you posted. I’m wondering if you can read too, anon.

No. 816038


I wonder if Taylor sometimes tries to retweet or like something on her alt account but is too high to remember to switch accounts so she accidentally does it with her main. It's hard for me to imagine that she really just gives no shits at all about her followers opinions and does all of this completely shamelessly.

No. 816062

I’m not even that anon but okay

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