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File: 1526904439957.jpeg (796.32 KB, 1440x1152, A57F4D06-7960-456F-9226-4183F6…)

No. 590174

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/572819

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

-Made two videos of her snakes, one of them just doing dumb shit like laundry and one of them eating
-Has been criticized for using eco earth for her snakes substrate but doesn't care because "she thinks it's good"
-Most likely she's keeping her monitor lizard because o may gash guys he's so tame and use to me and the pet shop insists he's CB
-Left her pets again to go meet Jonny's friend for their birthday
-Is soon leaving again for a holiday in Disney
-Recently spewed facts about animals which have been pointed out to be incorrect
-Everyone believed her GTP was dead since its water bowl was dry and it didn't seem to be in the tank but she's rubbed it in our faces that it's alive
-Impulse bought a mantis shrimp; chucking it in her predator tank until she sets up a new tank for it (it'll likely murder her fish or break out of the tank)

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

>Purchased Mantis Shrimp without proper set up

>Crackhead haircut

>Went MIA and missed Playlist Live because of "accidentally eating gluten"

>Is currently at Disney World with JC and is doing just fine

>Doesn't know how to dress herself

>Left 30+ animals with Betsy and her newborn baby

>No word about the monitor situation

>Pet mouse Gus died, lied about his age to make herself look better.

>Received new cages, only they’re improper sizes for most of her animals

>Continues to prove she’s not the animal expert her fans claim she is, caring for her animals improperly and giving terrible advice to fans

>Insists on keeping monitor even though he’s a danger to her other animals, is surprised when he displays natural aggressive behaviors

No. 590233

Also on the topic of the 'feeding all my animals' video anyone else seem to notice she dropped the whole box feeding, scenting and braining? She also said she fed Tate live the previous week but I swear he ate frozen in her last feeding video and she stated none of her snakes ate live and that Violet night be the first to have to take it. Also all these guys should probably be on rats, I'm not sure her obsession with small prey items but many of her snakes can take much larger.

Also I noticed her stressing the absolute crap out of the milksnake. My milksnake will eat if I just leave the mouse in her hide for her to find on her own time. I don't chase her with it no wonder Taylor got tagged!

No. 590269

she just continues to show that she has no idea what she’s doing. ball pythons are known to be picky and go on food strikes, there’s no reason to feed live. as for tate, why would she knowingly buy a snake she knew was eating live prey if she “dreaded” feeding live?

No. 590277

Because she impulse buys and finding one that was eating frozen would have taken time and energy. She's probably really not that bothered about feeding live, I don't think someone would buy a snake that was eating live if it really bothered them.

It bugs me so much that she got her first snake and then within a few months she had like 7 or so. Impulse buying and hoarding at its finest.

No. 590282

It looks like a small aquatics channel called her out for the crap feeding of the milksnake in the comments on that vid only to be attacked by a stan.

No. 590285

It is so disgusting that she hides behind her preteen and teen fans that are obsessed with her as if she's some kind of popstar rather than care at all about receiving any kind of input. She seriously is so delusional and has convinced herself she's only getting those comments because people are jealous of her.

No. 590288

What a damn liar. Compare this tweet with everything she says after the 1:20 min mark. She's getting sloppy with her lies.

No. 590291

File: 1526921763968.png (251.18 KB, 1080x1281, 1526842698305.png)

*this tweet

No. 590300

When she says none of the other fish got ich I believe she's referring to the fish in the 30gal (lionfish etc) not the 150gal. She does bullshit at the beginning of that video though when she's like "when I first got Cheese I treated him right away in a quarantine tank for 6 weeks"… even though there's tweets and instagram comments from the day she got him saying he's in the 30gal with the lionfish etc and she's "super paranoid about ich but he looks healthy".

No. 590409

File: 1526933346153.png (38.76 KB, 579x213, 93532959235.png)

lol, there's nothing about Taylor that is DIY

No. 590410

this person "elle" was just trying to make the point that jonny is not a goals boyfriend to have and mama dean is having another nonsensical fit over it

No. 590412

File: 1526933460359.png (726.31 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3681.PNG)


crap sorry i accidentally hit enter before i added the photo or saged my bad!!

No. 590415

lmao how does arranging shit in a tank mean DIY? I mean, I guess she did move it herself. Well done Tay.

No. 590421


Using aquarium shit you had on hand is like so common place. You tend to hoard things when you have aquariums because you never know when you wanna rescape or want to set up a new tank or if equipment goes out. It's not even impressive.

No. 590425

This is pathetic considering that Jen herself made numerous tweets against Jonny, now it's all ok and those are all deleted. I REALLY see where Taylor gets it from

No. 590429

File: 1526934433322.jpg (660.07 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180521_212118.jpg)

Urgh nothing big, but her mom just bugs me so much. I see where Taylor gets her sarcastic, horrible personality, and not being able to understand basic phrases like 'in the grand scheme of things'. She just gotta gloat about her daughters followers and bring up her own YouTube channel after being a sarcastic cunt.

She just totally creeps me out. I can't imagine being a youtuber and then have your mom try to make YouTube videos and comment on all your friends/YouTube friends twitters every day.

No. 590442

She likes to insert herself and her family every chance she gets. She would probably pull a Kanye if someone else in the youtube community wins an award, and she’ll interrupt the whole thing just to say that her daughter is better than everyone else and she comes second

No. 590446

Lmfao that is so true.

No. 590458

I cannot imagine my mum on twitter, let alone on twitter to tell off people who disagree with me. How can she not realize how shameful and embarrassing she is?

No. 590469

File: 1526936585223.png (353.45 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3682.PNG)

imagine being this obsessed with your exes

No. 590486

Does he even count as famous? I'd literally never heard of him before Taylor, doesn't seem to have any money, and him or his band don't seem to have many followers… Is he "famous" in the US? From his follower count I wouldn't even class him as well known but I might be mistaken.

No. 590492


He is. But not as famous as he thinks he is. He's definitely a narcissist.

No. 590494

Ahh fair enough. Would have expected someone "famous" to have more social media engagement than he does. I can see he is a narcissist 100%.

No. 590496


To be fair, he may have scared away a lot of potential fans from being an asshole.

I think he is well known in the music industry. He's supposedly pretty talented vocally. It's pretty sad he's such a prick.

No. 590508

Ahh that makes sense, thanks for clearing that up. I assumed he wasn't well known, I guess people just wish they didn't know him ahahaha.

No. 590511

He's not as talented as people try and say he is. Does he even play any instruments? The only band of his I'd heard of was DGD bc I actually liked them back when he was in the band but even then I had no clue who he was. There's a infinite amount of guys in the music industry who have way more talent, and not just vocally, than Jonny does in his left finger. I guess I'm just sick of people glorifying his voice like it's something special. I've seen people straight up excusing his behavior because of his voice.

No. 590515


Nope! Not saying he's the messiah of vocal talent! There are so many people out there better than him. It wouldn't even matter if he WAS the best singer of all time! It's not an excuse.

Just saying I've heard he has a good enough voice to be noted as fairly talented in the industry, but that doesn't excuse any of his behavior.

No. 590532

At first I felt really bad for Taylor getting involved with JC, but then I realized she's high on the narcissistic scale as well. They both enable each other and will block/send their fans to attack anyone who call out the obvious abuse.

Then I felt bad for Taylor's mom because she would tweet about her kid being with this abusive guy & seemed to click with his past abuse victims. Now, she's deleted all those tweets and acts like it's all ok. I can see in her tweets that she is also slightly higher on the narc scale and uses abusive language. It's a huge cycle playing out on social media and Taylor deserves whatever happens to her at this point, imo


No. 590550

What happened to her bettas? Haven't seen them for a while, and they weren't in her "feeding all my pets" video, has she addressed this already?

No. 590558

File: 1526942350895.jpg (46.4 KB, 540x318, IMG_20180521_183806.jpg)

No. 590564

What the fuck when did bettas and plants ever not get along?!?!?!?
What do you mean there were too many plants for the bettas, the tank looks sparse in terms of plants. If anything it’s got too many other fish

No. 590567

Somebody had commented right before her too saying that they'd been noticing issues and asking and that the fish were probs dead. Called taylor out basically, made me lol.

No. 590568

Thanks anon. Must of missed that. I saw someone asking about it on her twitter but she ignored it.

No. 590569

Maybe it's just me but I'd chose my animals over plants? This comes from someone who's a plant addict. Why didn't she just take some plants out? Clearly she got bored of them, she rehomes animals so easily.

No. 590582

Lol thank you for saying this. I never heard of him before he got with Taylor and people in earlier lolcow threads were talking so much shit but would always say “but he’s so talented!1!1” I listened to half of a couple of songs and was like lol srsly. He sounds like most shitty indie rock singers idg why you’d glorify his voice in normal circumstances let alone when you know all the shit he’s done

No. 590585


Okay but… She bought them for her mom

She just rehomed her mom's fish?

Because she didn't like the aquascape?

What a bitch.

No. 590593

no guys it was a betta sorority. There were hardly any plants in there so they can't hide from each other and so they're constantly stressed and picking on each other

No. 590595

It wouldn't surprise me if they killed each other. They had hardly any cover and betta sorties don't work out a good 80% of the time, with almost all never working out long term.

No. 590596

Remember when everyone told her betta sororities never work and she insisted they were all fine and she knew what she was doing? lmao

No. 590625

He's talented enough get several small gigs to fuel his habit.
I listened to one of their songs and they're okay, but they don't necessarily match his inflated ego. He honestly sounds like your regular emo band singer.

No. 590673

So who does she think Elle is? One of the 3 exes’s? When Chelsea, Amanda, and Liz all did their periscope videos, Mr. and Mrs. Dean were commenting how strong they were to tell their stories. Now they are lies?

No. 590683

I read it as her thinking it was that last girl she got in a twitter fight with and who completely demolished her at it.
>Don't make fake anything about me
I think she meant the screenshots she took of their conversation and there was speculation if they were real and Taylor went on twitter saying it was fake.

Taylor's mom is rivaling Cathy Ostrenga, honestly. How embarrassing for her.

No. 590685


It could be an ex but i doubt it because they've all been pretty vocal at this point

How sad is it that her mom is threatening someone that is trying to encourage young girls not to date someone like JC

No. 590687

Yes, the underage girl who took it too far with an extreme backstory and then photoshopped conversations.
Better not to give her attention.

No. 590754

She "rehomes" animals as much as she is "given" animals from strangers. Makes herself sound like a rescue instead of admitting they're dead and she impulse buys.

No. 590881

What's wrong with using Eco Earth? Impaction can be prevented by feeding on some paper towel or on something else.
Is there another reason people criticized it?

No. 590891

Personally i don't think there is a problem with using eco earth. I keep my crested gecko and ball pythons on it (mixed with a couple of other substrates) with no issues, but some people here have said it can cause bad impactions in leopard geckos, which caused concern for Taylors gecko before she changed to tile. I have seen plenty of people keep leos on eco earth with no problems though so i don't know, i guess it depends on the rest of the keepers husbandry whether it will work or not.

No. 590903

People here have said that it can into ball python's heat pits. Don't know how likely it that is though

No. 590909

It's unlikely for that to happen. If the snakes are digging in their substrate enough to get the eco earth stuck in their heat pits then there's something wrong with the overall husbandry (temp/humidity issues, mites, etc..), and not the actual substrate itself. But if people want to be extra careful then kitchen roll is a good option.

No. 590970

Her account exists. I don’t believe she, or her story was a fake or photoshop.

No. 591023

The people who say there's no issue with eco earth are always people that use it regardless of the warnings

No. 591028

I’d say less than 1 percent of the country has even heard of him. He definitely considers himself more famous than he actually is. The venues he plays in are tiny emo venues and he doesn’t even sell them out. It’s sad.

No. 591041


He was a bigger deal years ago, before the mac book scam and before he was kicked out of DGD. Since he was then kicked out of Emarosa he began to decline in popularity as people began to see how much of an arsehole he is.

No. 591110

I don't know enough about Leos to say that it's okay to use with them, but for ball pythons what's the problem? Breeders use it, pet keepers use it. And if not eco earth, then another brand of coconut fibre. Mix it with coconut husk chips and you have a good substrate. What would you recommend using instead? Can't use paper towels if you want a naturalistic setup for the snake. Can't use aspen because it moulds awfully quickly when sprayed with water and also doesn't hold humidity well enough. I don't understand the problem with Eco earth/coconut fibre, especially when you're not offering any alternatives or extra info about it.
Don't want to get off topic for much longer so i won't keep this going after this.

No. 591118

Coconut fiber is fine for leopard geckos AND ball pythons, point blank. It’s not the absolute best option for either, but it’s fine.

No. 591142

No. 591156

I use eco earth for my Leopard Gecko and it’s been fine. I tong feed her though, so she won’t accidentally eat the eco earth while grabbing food off of the ground. The issue with Taylor using it is because she just dumps crickets into the enclosure, so the risk of her Leopard Gecko ingesting the substrate is significantly higher. With the way she feeds, it’s good that she switched to tile imo. With ball pythons, I used to keep mine on eco earth exclusively. On a daily basis she didn’t get any in her heat pits, but occasionally when she ate she would get a small amount in them. I now use eco earth, but I cap it with a layer of repti bark and it solved the problem.

No. 591166

Do we really need a debate about eco earth again

No. 591167

Thank you for providing a good answer. I can totally understand now why Taylor using Eco Earth wasn't a good option since she didn't feed the leo properly, considering the substrate. When does Taylor do anything properly i guess.

No. 591182

Leopardgecko keeps her leos on eco earth, honestly if husbandry is correct there shouldn't be much of an issue of them being able to pass a little soft substrate, but Taylor doesn't dust her food and I doubt she has everything set up correctly (there's no visible thermometer so I'm not sure how she's keeping track of temps, she's never discussed themostats so no idea if she uses one but they shouldn't be relied on by themselves anyway, I use two thermometers because my thermostat is slightly off).

No. 591244

guys in the new vid taylor put her gecko on tile

No. 591259

We know, the topic of whether it's safe or not just returned. I should have made that a bit clearer in my previous post (>>591182), it was the latest video where she was using tile that I didn't see any thermometers, so I was saying it was a good thing she changed the substrate if she's not controlling her temps properly or dusting the crickets (are they the only thing she feeds her leo?).

No. 591313

Crickets seem to be the only insect she feeds her reptiles at all. She fed roaches in one video but that’s it

No. 591320

File: 1527019558801.png (489.52 KB, 576x509, 43674373474747437.png)

Wish I could add violin strings playing to this post

No. 591324


Abandoned by his mom, or abducted by Taylor before his mom had a chance to return? I bet they never even waited to see if they could find the mother to rescue her too and just made off with the kittens instead.

No. 591325

remember, we only see glimpses of her life. for all we know she is gut loading, dusting, and feeding varieties of food. just, you know, we've never seen that part of her life. /s

No. 591326

Has anyone ever asked her whether she does? She always shows so much, i'm just surprised that we haven't seen her gutload or dust any of her feeder insects.

No. 591332

LOL I almost fell for this thinking your were serious and nearly spazzed

No. 591334

i'm not sure if anyone has. even if she does dust or gut load, she probably just doesn't care to show it because it's not about the educational aspect for her. it's just about the money

No. 591336

weren't they inside a construction site building about to be destructed or something?

No. 591339

Two weeks? Is she just incredibly bad at time keeping or something or just have too many pets she can't keep track of how long she manages to keep them alive? She barely had the kitten a week.

No. 591341

Is she seriously trying to paint herself as a some kind of hero for buying a byb ragdoll kitten

No. 591344

File: 1527021131544.png (200.55 KB, 1080x905, IMG_20180522_213131.png)

How much do you wanna bet she ignores this like she ignored the person asking if she quarantines the other day lol

No. 591349

No no guys, she got Ghost at a petco adoption center! He was only 5 and a half weeks old, but she's an expert so they made an exception for her clearly.

No. 591351

The fact that he was from a likely feral cat probably means that he wasn't left by his mum at all. Not to mention the original story is that she took it from some random lady.


No. 591354

Ohhh yes the expert who is capable of looking after 2-week old kittens when they've never even looked after a cat.

No. 591359

>The fact that he was from a likely feral probably means he wasn't left by his mum at all.

Exactly. Even domesticated cats don't stay with their kittens 24/7. A feral mom less so, when she's got to go out an hunt so she can feed her kids.

No. 591361

Yes like the random lady who gave her a hedgehog, and the random person who left a fish on her doorstep, and the random girl who gave her a snake, and the random rescue company who happened to give her an under-8-week kitten which they can't adopt out which looked just like the kittens she happened to be searching for on the internet.

No. 591367

Just curious, has anyone ever seen her ask her followers not to attack people or be rude on her behalf?

No. 591497

of course not, she’s a coward, she hides behind her stans.

No. 591507

Taylor said that she fostered ghost before adopting him, didn’t she?

No. 591511

No she said he was from a Petco adoption center. I don’t recall her claiming to foster him.

No. 591512

she said she adopted him, if she said she fostered him initially that wouldve been a semi-decent lie tho lol watch her try claim he was a foster the next time shes questioned about the "adoption"

No. 591537

Why do people say she has a designer cat about Ghost? I've seen many comments about it in these threads but never proof.

No. 591539

Well you havent looked hard for the proof…

No. 591544

Learn to sage and look through old posts that show she bought the cat from craigslist and it was advertised as a 'purebreed'. There are lots of receipts down to hers and Jonny's location at the time.

No. 591552

There's a tweet in one of the older threads where she says she got him at the Petco Adoption event and she fostered him till he was old enough to adopt.

No. 591555

>>590288 She looks like an over used blow up doll.

No. 591569

>>591320 Notice how she doesn't post "I adopted another kitten". Nope, that kitten was bought from a backyard litter. She's such a fucking fake bitch supporting the pet killing industry by supporting backyard breeding projects.

No. 591593


She SAYS they were. Supposedly someone found them and brought them to Petco where she just HAPPENED to be and they gave them to her.

At the time it seemed unlikely but reasonable, but since she's magically come across too many other animals (the other kitten at an "adoption event" at Petco, the CL snake, and I feel like I might be forgetting another one,) it now seems really unlikely she just happened upon someone with those newborn kittens in a petstore that just SO desperately needed TND to "save" them.

No. 591606

Don't forget the couch, she got from the delivery men when it turned out to be the wrong order.

No. 591613


Yeah, I was one of the people she tweeted at so I remember it well. She originally said she adopted, then when people called her out on adopting an underage kitten she changed her story to fostered, and she just didn't say so because "I've never gotten why it's important to differentiate between fostered to adopt or adopted so I just said adopted but technically I fostered!"

Either way, there's no way a shelter a) had a 6 week old unvaccinated cat at an event, b) "fostered" him out same day without checking her credentials (involves checking with landlord whether she has permission for the animal and running a background check, at the very least, likely also involves getting info on other animals in the house) c) "fostered" to someone with another underage kitten from a different litter, that she didn't even get through the same shelter.

Oh and there are screenshots in one of the old threads, she also came up with some BS about how Ghost was separated from his litter because the mother stopped caring for them. A shelter would never want to split up a litter like that, they'd have all the orphaned kittens go to the same foster until old enough to be vaccinated, fixed, and adopted out. It's safer and healthier.

No. 591782

This makes me so angry lol she knows what she’s recommending is a) not a mix and b) a designer cat, why can’t she just say something like “all cats have different personalities I recommend going to your local shelter and asking for the biggest goofball they have” ?

No. 591784

File: 1527064182963.png (407.6 KB, 617x593, 4f8a52944b94e44c33a32d33d3378e…)

uum, anyone know if this was a spear tank or someone's enclosure?

No. 591785

This dumb bitch is gonna abandon these poor sweet cats the second they break anything. even though it'd be her fault.

No. 591788

File: 1527065254643.jpg (2.15 MB, 2936x4274, kitten.jpg)


proof from a previous thread

No. 591793


Not defending Taylor in the slightest here or believing her 'adoption' story but Ghost's markings look a lot darker when he was a kitten than those in the CL photo?

No. 591805

File: 1527068366404.png (189.33 KB, 750x1334, 3B3D5071-0649-4352-96A6-F028B9…)

I thought that too first but it actually makes sense. Pointed cats like siamese or ragdoll cats darken up as they grow.
If you look at the first pictures (the ones with bad lighting) she posted of ghost you can see he looks extremely similar to the ones in the ragdoll ad

No. 591837

It’s obvious she put in there for the fact that the damn lid is closed. Because someone he magically opened it, decided to get comfortable, and closed it. She acts like other people don’t own cats. My cat only gets into things that I’ve purposely opened for him to get in or it’s its already open. Ghost would have had it open more if he got in himself. She loves attention, gotta get that viral tweet huh?

No. 591875

I think that the little hatch in the middle of the lid is open. the cat could have easily slipped in through there from standing on the screen. not trying to WK, he shouldn't have access to animal cages at all.

No. 591888

It looks like her crestie enclosure. A cat would not be able to fit through the door of that

No. 591892

A cat could easily fit through that door. Have you seen the tiny spaces cats can get themselves into?
Cats like boxes/tanks. The small door is clearly open. It's not unlikely at all that cat would of got himself in there.

I don't like Taylor and a lot of her animal care is absolutely shit, but come on.

No. 591908

can petty Paige do a video on this girl ASAP especially on all the receipts about this kitten she supposedly adopted - like for real that was from a BYB, taken too early from it’s mom. I’ve worked in a shelter for years and we do not give away kittens that early, they can be fostered but only to people on our books who have been fully checked and have experience. She’s full of BS and this makes me so angry. I saw Happy Tails getting shit for being a BYB (though she didn’t sell her dogs), but no one gave Taylor shit for clearly taking a kitten away from it’s mom too early from an actual shitty BYB

No. 591937


Plenty of people gave Taylor shit for buying from a BYB off Craigslist. The difference is Happy Tails openly admitted she was BYB while Taylor evaded the receipts and instead had cover story after cover story. They both got shit, one half-assedly defended her choice to BYB and the other denied she went to a BYB. Not sure what you're talking about.

No. 591940

Kek stop it Anon, Petty Paige isn't gonna happen

No. 591942

File: 1527090803412.png (72.24 KB, 619x539, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.52…)


different than the other anon, but she said she was working on one… idk why you say it isn't going to happen, Petty Paige doesn't lie about videos like TND does.

No. 591945

Have you seen her crestie lids? There’s barely enough room to get her hand in there let alone a whole cat head

No. 591949

File: 1527091395283.jpeg (27.53 KB, 344x261, 0F849D0B-A662-4A7A-88F6-562B78…)

No. 591953

Half of the black boarder around that is the door, not just the screen. A cat can absolutely without a doubt easily fit through there, especially a young cat like Ghost. You haven't looked after many cats if you think that space is too small for a cat to get into.

No. 591957

Yeah exactly, I remember her saying she was going to do it hahaaa why did that anon say it wasn’t going to happen?

No. 591960

File: 1527092266931.png (1.04 MB, 1919x1080, IMG_20180523_171635.png)

There's more than enough space for a cat to fit through there.

No. 591965

If you still think a cat can't fit through there, there's more than enough videos like this on youtube.

I'm gonna drop this now. Can we actually stick to the shit she actually does that's wrong, and stick to commenting on stuff you actually know about instead of spouting off complete bullshit like Taylor.

No. 591968

File: 1527093065029.jpg (79.55 KB, 720x719, 20180523_123048.jpg)

No. 591983

Why would her crestie enclosure be sitting empty, horizontally, with aspen in it..?

No. 592006

File: 1527095113353.jpeg (164.9 KB, 750x1120, DD26B4B5-79F3-4B43-9397-625AE7…)

But don’t worry guys he’s sobered up. He’s a better man than ever. Totally not an alcoholic that needs to drink in the airport

No. 592042


Probably "rehomed" one of them and is already getting something to replace it.

No. 592074

she just got all new tanks so she has a bunch of empty ones. idk about the aspen tho.

No. 592086

I don't think the cresties had theirs upgraded

No. 592125

File: 1527102974315.jpg (57.5 KB, 940x620, fiqruET.jpg)

anon I know you're just linking this and didn't make it, but this seems absolutely insane.

No. 592129

how is it absolutely insane lol? she puts it out on the internet and it's not that hard to pull together a few receipts. no one believes that she's a liar, but we all do. so someone found the receipts and posted them.

No. 592130

I have to agree it’s actually not that convincing

No. 592131

Yeah the cresties haven’t gotten new enclosures yet

No. 592138

One picture was more than enough to be evidence. The anon clearly didn’t see the door, I didn’t even notice it. Calm down

No. 592156

Sorry anon, the first picture of the door (closed) was an anon saying the cat couldn't fit through the door, which was said multiple times. All I did was post a picture of the door open, and a video to show the tiny spaces cats can squeeze themselves into.
I'm all for slating Taylor's shitty animal care, but not absolutely everything she does is wrong. Some of the stuff said on here is by people who clearly know nothing about the animal they're commenting on, which comes across just as ridiculous as Taylor, which is ironic. Don't be Taylor guys, fact check before you say it.

No. 592211

less of a stretch than taylor's version of the story imo

No. 592280


Yeah. It'd be a stretch if there weren't mountains of evidence to show Taylor and her denture gnome are compulsive liars.

No. 592303

File: 1527115002516.png (390.13 KB, 750x1334, AFAB7704-16CE-4FA0-A77C-A17AD0…)

I’m pretty sure the delivery men don’t have a say on whether or not they can give the couch away. Pretty sure they have to take it back to the warehouse whether they want to or not. Stop lying about such stupid shit Taylor

No. 592315

File: 1527115868690.png (780.44 KB, 1242x2208, 5AE71834-5E37-4B37-A5FE-B4B46A…)

Correct! Women can show skin AND be a positive role model. A woman CANNOT however: show skin, animal hoard, date a rapist/abuser, compulsively lie, impulse buy animals, do drugs AND be a positive role model.

No. 592318

File: 1527115970786.png (751.99 KB, 1242x2208, 7C218C4D-DF59-48A5-B6F6-C40118…)

No. 592362

All i’m getting here is that she’s telling children that it’s okay to show skin like her. She’s showing cleavage 99% of the time and in person, she wears blouses that has her ass hanging out. Women can wear whatever they want to wear because they’re adults but i don’t agree with kids under 18 being like that. Her stans are already dumb and are too innocent so imagine if they act and dress like her online?? Taylor easily manipulate them so imagine if a pedaphile were to?

No. 592373

I mean, that would be fair if she was intelligent or a role model

No. 592408

File: 1527121953406.jpeg (558.97 KB, 1536x2048, AF0680FB-27AD-4E53-8643-FDB48F…)

Bish we know you don’t have those curves. Stop kidding yourself

No. 592420


idk if the fact that its all collages and hard to read makes it unconvincing or what but like..
while she was looking for a second cat she posted a photo of kittens from craigslist to twitter saying theyre "in need of a home", and then deleted the tweet when people found out the photo was from a craigslist ad for $600 back yard bred kittens.
but! worry not! because taylor almost immediately found a kitten the same age and same breed at an adoption event! but the event doesnt foster/adopt out kittens at 5 weeks old AT ALL. never mind fostering to an inexperienced owner with 30+ pets in a 1 bedroom rented apartment with another 5 week old unvaccinated kitten, without even a background check or proof of a steady income. oh and also didnt give her any adoption papers (not that shes shown us anyways). the first picture of him she took was also in a different petshop than the one she claimed to have adopted him from, its possible that she travelled to this other petshop for some reason but like? idk why would she go to a different petshop and then take a photo of him rather than when she actually got him? (thats not proof obvs its just weird lol) she couldve met up w the breeder in public to collect the kitten and was closer to the other petshop tho.

so, is it really far fetched to assume that she bought the kitten she had her eye on, rather than this huge sequence of good luck?

No. 592428

I’ve had 5 cats. I didn’t realize the border was that thick

No. 592432

>Taylor describing herself as intelligent

>spells worse than a 4th grader

No. 592436

omg..with all the unedited pics we’ve seen of her body that other people have took how does she think she can get away with pretending she looks like that

No. 592459

Not trying to WK or anything but the first Craigslist kittens she posted on Twitter were of Persians, and ghost is a rag doll. Still both fancy purebreds but they are different breeds.

No. 592471

She doesn’t know what Ghost is. She says rag doll mix but has no proof/knowledge other than his appearance.

No. 592481

File: 1527129184489.png (183.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6197.PNG)

she literally could not make it more obvious that she's only in it for the money.

No. 592483


Yes but you can't be an intelligent positive role model while dating an abuser. I see so many more people talking about that and her animal care than the skin she shows, she just blocks them and pretends it doesn't happen.

No. 592570

Whaaa…. why is it so hard for her to be truthful about even the dumbest shit. That's not how it works.

No. 592602

File: 1527139936715.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1881, 73D47D59-2C14-4DBD-B5EA-4ECD22…)

No. 592603

So she hired a photo editor now?

No. 592604

File: 1527140303988.jpeg (117.46 KB, 1295x806, 1E11E24F-4C93-48B0-B630-1AA047…)

No. 592606

Sad to know some people believe her body is like that in person. Lol

No. 592610

god i can't believe her stans are so stupid to be okay with this

No. 592611

Lmao, I'm so ready for this. I hope it's even worse than playlist

No. 592618

File: 1527142428148.jpeg (450.83 KB, 1538x2048, D8F44B7F-653D-4157-B258-6FE6EF…)

she looks so…. old.

No. 592620

She’ll show up, because she doesn’t have to be on any panels answering questions she doesn’t want to answer like at Playlist.

No. 592631

The way she does her lips looks fucking terrible even with all that editing

No. 592633


Good lord she looks rough. And way older than what she is.

No. 592637


Where are her pupils?

Is this tube top summer 2K18 lolcow fashion? Luna just got the same in black.

No. 592647

Looks like a middle aged divorced woman

No. 592693


Is that a tattoo of diseased okra or a wang with teeth on her arm? jfc.

No. 592696

you notice if she talks about how she looks she goes on a sob story about her insecurities etc, just own that you want to post a picture of yourself and you want the compliments. Also clearly trying to get a sponsorship from fashion nova. Is she really going to make a video on her animal channel about clothing?! You notice she’s friends with loeybug she does a lot of fashion things, she’ll probably hook her up. Let’s face it she only really does videos if she can be sponsorships - fashion and make up people get so much

No. 592700

She's definitely posting more photos of herself right now because she's desperate for the Fashion Nova spon. Like 'look I'm pretty it's not just animals, I can be '

No. 592702

File: 1527159487137.jpg (52.33 KB, 628x594, 1.JPG)

Yeah Jen, you're the only one who actually counts. Not her other friends, her other family or all her fans who spent money and time to go just to see her…

No. 592709

Just a bit overdone on the chest enhancement…lol

No. 592715

She looks like she’s 45 years old, minimum

No. 592718

I don’t know if anyone noticed but her eye makeup is so bad and it looks edited because there’s not even eyeshadow on the other eye lmaooo

No. 592719

She literally has lips like Daffy Duck

No. 592748


I was just thinking someone should edit her lips into a beak bc that’s what they look like lmao

No. 592788

her pupils legit look like snake eyes. I know it's a nitpick and just because of the window she's using for light but it makes her look even creepier.

No. 592789

lmao the wang with teeth is actually a tattoo of an alligator that she got done that is a shitty copy of a much more talented artist's work

No. 592800


oh god, Jen. How is is "not her fault"? These people are mind boggling.

No. 592812

Not that its a big deal but shes definately high af when she took this. Her eyes are so pink lol

No. 592870

Most parent's wont allow their kids to go out like that, especially if they're under 18. No need to worry.
That being said she's being delusional af.

She wouldn't look THAT bad if it wasn't for her botched lips. I don't understand how she keeps getting them done when they're already half of her face and she can't speak. A good lip filler job looks hella nice, but this is a mess.

No. 592899

File: 1527185035824.jpg (174.97 KB, 992x688, tumblr_p62jx5TmGN1ql0luzo1_128…)

Granted Christina Aguilera notoriously just had a ton of work done, but it amuses me Taylor seems to be trying to emulate her new look and still somehow manages to look older and more haggard than the almost 40 year old.

God Taylors lips are atrocious, it's beyond me why she hasn't gotten them fixed, she can't possibly think that puffy asymetric lumpy W mouth looks good. Her prochelion [potruding ball in the middle of her top lip] looks so bulbous and ridiculous.

No. 592905

File: 1527185653695.jpeg (535.16 KB, 1935x1290, 895A7D34-5DA6-41D5-9713-757B58…)

She re-uploaded this for whatever reason but changed the editing slightly.

No. 592914

It's just in general not a good photo. It makes her look like she's 10 years older than what she is. The reupload is better than the previous one though, she doesn't look as awful.

No. 592918

She's going for such a _heroin chic_ look with that yellow-toned brown she used all around her eyes. The irony is killing me.

No. 592920

This hairstyle is just terrible. She keeps teasing her roots for volume and it’s just making it look ridiculous.

No. 592922

The pic's aesthetic is "glam mug shot"

No. 592936

Lmao looks like she's trying to hide how terribly off her foundation is. Her face and neck have like a 5 shade difference in the before

No. 592952

Fuck dude her LIPS look awful! Jfc her lips look insanely botched and huge, she needs to stop fucking with them. I like how she says “I don’t get them done anymore these r my lips guise” lol NO, no one’s natural lips look that fucked up. It’s always the biggest (no pun intended) feature I notice in her pictures and just… yuck.
Her manipulation/victim card she plays works so well on her young fans… “you can show skin and be a positive role model guys! I’m being bullied waaahh!” Sure you can Taylor, but you know when you can’t show skin and be a positive role model? When you date an abusice rapist, constantly lie, make excuses for everything, hoard 40+ animals, and make fun of rape victims.

She’s just so gross, inside and out. I’m a heavy believer in karma. She may be making her money and getting attention now, but she’s def not gonna be a long term successful YTer (like Jenna Marbles, who just honestly deserves her success) at this rate. She’s gonna go downhill and her lies, deception and disgusting personality will catch up to her one day for sure. Enjoy the “fame” while you have it Taylor, cause it won’t be around too long.

Sage for ranting/blogging, she is just such a manipulative and disgusting person.

No. 592962

File: 1527192319276.jpeg (317.19 KB, 750x1232, 7521C7B0-6944-4D4D-8D4A-151F49…)

Notice how she’s using depression as the reason why she’s been acting “different” in her videos lately. She doesn’t specify what she means by different, but we all know what she’s talking about. The awkward constantly blinking, twitching, slurred speech, sunglasses indoors, etc etc. Yeah honey those aren’t signs of “depression”.. that’s you and your rapist boyfriend abusing drugs.
It bothers me so much that she uses depression and EDS and whatnot as a crutch for EVERYTHING. She wants sympathy so much and her young impressionable fans just eat it right up. That’s the only reason she stays afloat is because most her fans aren’t adults who realize what a gross person she is.

No. 592965

Her M.O. for any damage control ever is "QUICK, BLAME MY ILLNESSES!"

She literally gives such a bad name to people who suffer from depression, anxiety, EDS, celiac and whatever other half dozen issues she claims to have.

No. 592967

She should get the back of her hair trimmed, like along her nape, if she is keeping this hair. the extra length back there makes it look like a mullet. I genuinely think the shorter hair would be nice if she just even tried to look healthier otherwise.

No. 592997

File: 1527196103850.png (231.11 KB, 1080x1327, IMG_20180524_215808.png)

There she goes openly twisting peoples words again. She asked why people sexualize skin so much and he replied with a simple but honest 'I'm attracted to the female body, the more skin I can see the more female body I can see'. He literally said nothing about touching or owning her because he could see some skin. Jesus fucking christ, how does her attention seeking brain work this way… Funny thing is I bet she touches dogs she sees though hahaha.
Let's be honest if you didn't want to be sexualized you wouldn't post photos with your tits and arse stuck out with those pouty lips. You know for a fact if you dress that way boys are going to be attracted to you, and I'm not at all saying you shouldn't dress like that, it's totally up to her how she wants to dress, but if you do you know for a fact boys are going to gawk if you're wearing tight clothes with your tatas out.

No. 593002

Wow what a hot take coming straight from the wokest[tm] petmom standing up to the sexualization of women while simultaneously dating an alleged abuser and rapist whose had restraining orders issues against him by his victims.

Your virtue signaling isn't fooling anyone Taytay

No. 593005

File: 1527196745136.jpeg (167.05 KB, 750x1086, CB99E018-D38C-412C-AEF1-3F1FA7…)

Anyone know what the hell she’s on about now?

No. 593016

File: 1527198286414.jpeg (245.37 KB, 1242x919, E5A234B2-1D02-4A39-BEBE-FB5913…)


I think she’s talking about Ariel. I feel like she thinks Ariel is every ‘troll’ that says anything to her. Personally I’d call her and Taylor out on my main if I didn’t think I’d get blocked and attacked by her teen fans for just saying I don’t agree with things. Taylor doesn’t open herself to critique and anyone that gives any must be a troll.

No. 593021

File: 1527199038523.jpeg (129.38 KB, 1242x413, 5AA03E61-6FB6-45C8-8504-F9E851…)

No. 593025

Eye roll.

No. 593028

Can we please stop discussing this bitch

No. 593030

File: 1527199723376.png (159.88 KB, 728x897, IMG_8331.PNG)

No response from her

No. 593037

I can't believe I'm about to defend Taylor here, but the argument that Nemo's mom possibly didn't abandon the kittens just seems entirely irrelevant. The condition the kittens were initially in seems consistent with them being born on the street. Regardless of if they had their mother with them or not, stray/feral cats being taken off the street is a good thing.

No. 593047

It kinda seems like she thinks the owner of that account is Chelsea because she deactivated a couple days and was back on May 22. She also unfollowed Chelsea on twitter but I found the real owner of the Ariel account and it was a young girl so she's delusional

No. 593048

oh come on “ariel”, we know you’re one of us.

No. 593057

File: 1527201875723.jpg (87.41 KB, 518x509, Fullscreen capture 5242018 342…)

double post but yup looks like they're threatening her over posting these texts as well lol. I hope Chelsea has all the messages and live streams this crazy woman did confirming these were real and to threaten the authorities is ridiculous.

No. 593060

Chelsea wouldn't do that and if Jen attacking her after pretending to be some kind of mom figure to her in support of the abuse she suffered at the hands of JC, I think I might have a cow.

No. 593061


I mean, that's not exactly true… kittens shouldn't be taken from their mother until 8 weeks, when they're physically and socially ready to be weaned. If the mother was around, and could/would care for the kittens, the female kitten TND killed likely would have had no trouble thriving at all. Source: I have a feral cat in my life about to give birth and have worked in cat rescue for years. The correct thing to do is to keep the kittens and mother together until about the 8 week mark, but in human company. That way the kittens can be socialized by humans AND cared for by the mother, then the kittens can be adopted and the mother can either be socialized or, more likely, spayed and released.

I'm with you though that there's no way to tell if she's lying about whether the kittens were abandoned or if she didn't bother to check, or whatever happened. It's all speculation, people just weren't paying close enough attention to her lies back then to question it enough.

No. 593063

With how “popular” Taylor is, it makes me mad that she doesn’t do any charity things.

No. 593072

JFC, it's "libel". If she's going to start threatening legal action, then she could at least spell it properly.

Mama Dean is so goddman pathetic. I think I actually hate her more than Taylor at this point.

No. 593088

Chelsea once posted a screenshot exposing more numbers of Taylor's than just her area code, and shortly before that time Taylor posted a vet bill for Nemo where the full number was in view and it matched what Chelsea posted. Has this been posted here before? I have screenshots of both in case Jennifer wants to claim Chelsea faked anything, as she's denying everything else anyway.

No. 593089

Not sure that's a good idea as it would show her personal info and I'm pretty sure that's against the rules

No. 593091

I definitely wouldn't post her full number. Chelsea has the last 3 numbers blocked in the screenshot, so you only see the few ones after the area code.

No. 593092

Maybe it'd be acceptable if the vet bill was blanked out as much as Chelsea's was?

I know those texts were old milk, but it's still such a mystery to me. It's so bizarre.

No. 593100

File: 1527206145051.jpg (61.46 KB, 720x893, 33317260_459698587821313_68040…)

Here's the vet bill. The number is in the upper right corner, Chelsea's screenshots exposes the same numbers in her text.

No. 593102

File: 1527206253496.jpg (69.93 KB, 750x987, 33379054_459698967821275_53047…)

And here's Chelsea's screenshot of her texts. I don't know if these have been submitted before but in the case that they're not, i just don't want Chelsea being made out as a liar when months ago Jennifer was relying on her and on the same side.

No. 593103

Ah, good point, I get you now.

No. 593111

Ha ha! And step son is a lawyer! That’s the bigger joke!!

No. 593113

oof this milk is so good thank you anon

No. 593118

Also on top of all this, you have to think about the poor mother cat’s feelings. If she was just gone to get food for herself/look for a new place/any other reason, just imagine the fear and panic she would feel when she returned to find her kittens missing. Of course we have no way of knowing if they were abandoned by the mother cat or not, but if they weren’t and she was just gone doing something I just feel so bad for. It must be really scary not knowing where your babies went and never finding them when all you want at the time is to care for them.

No. 593141

Jonny’s ex Liz gets her lips done and they’re done right.

No. 593177

Brightening the picture hides away imperfections. In the first picture the shadows make her skin look kinda dirty because of the shitty contour and tan. She still looks awful but the second picture looks slightly better.

No. 593179

What's she gonna do tho? Complain to authorities because someone tweeted mean things at her daughter?

No. 593180

I believe “Ariel” to be who she says she is. A third grade teacher. Canadian. Someone harassed by Jennifer.

What proof do you have that she’s anything other than that?

No. 593191

her obviously photoshopped DMs and the fact that she deactivated the other day after being called out. she also "just discovered" this site, as if she wasn't a part of it lol 99% of people who know the truth about taylor have seen this thread. this is how i learned about her

No. 593197

She posted a video on her twitter to prove that one of her tweets was real. I forgot what it was about but it was a screen recording that showed her display picture on instagram and some people that she followed so my nosy ass looked at some of their followers and found her account knowing her display pic. She looks to be about 16 and into animal care. (I put in all that effort because I was dying to know if it was one of the exes)

No. 593227

Referring to this psychotic maple leaf Ariel as Chelsea is an insult to her and all the process she’s tried to make after her abuse from JC. Jen and Ariel are both sideshows made for each other.

No. 593266

The fact that she used the wikipedia picture for sunglasses as her profile picture? And how she conveniently had deleted the DM's Jennifer supposedly sent her when asked to prove they were reaL? Not to mention that every time some questions were brought up on here she'd conveniently answer them on twitter.

No. 593271


I hollered at my screen when i saw that, like THIS BITCH JUST SAID LIABLE!!!! dying.


If you just google Taylor, lol cow is one of the first few sites to come up now. i'm surprised there aren't way more stans that have found us.

No. 593305

File: 1527220731105.png (327.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6212.PNG)

i just think this is unnecessary like instead of posting proof of the dms, she posts screenshots of texts with her boyfriend where he says "i told you to delete them" as if that proves anything

No. 593311

Getting some 2017 Cyndi Lauper vibes

No. 593312

File: 1527221124529.jpg (530.45 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_2191.JPG)

I'm gonna go ahead and be the first to guess that she's gonna pull the puberty card when she reads here and finds us talking about her sudden lack of pillsbury dough boy physique…

No. 593315

This is actually very easy to achieve without photoshop. She's resting on her left leg which bumps her hip up, and the baggy pants give off the illusion of a tinier waist because they're loose at the top. This is the same shit Kylie Jenner sometimes pulls to look like she has a tiny waist when she's actually built like a fridge.

No. 593322

Look man, I think Mama Dean is batshit and I highly dislike her, but this Ariel chick is only embarrassing herself more by posting "proof".

No. 593345

File: 1527222760071.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6213.PNG)

we all know her boobs aren't that big either like look at this lmao

also i noticed in this photo that her lips look normal? i think this from august last year i just did a quick twitter search for a fan photo with her so idk. but her lips look normal so "i don't get my lips done" is bullshit. the lips she does now literally look like fish lips

No. 593350

(sorry, i totally forgot to crop out her fan there and can't delete my comment to repost)

No. 593352

Does anyone think it's possible she got implants? Or it really is just Photoshop?

No. 593391

it's called a padded pushup bra…

No. 593400

File: 1527226757888.jpg (372.34 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20180524-234006_01.…)

Her lips look so messed up in a few areas, and her boobs actually look like her boobs in this picture

No. 593444

File: 1527234974553.jpeg (718.42 KB, 2048x2048, 0C3E987C-7DE3-4C71-B4D4-952B92…)

I feel bad for her in a way bc I know she was expecting a Kylie Jenner outcome with the lip injections (we all know she glorifies the insta-thot/famous lifestyle) but she would look ten times prettier if she just let them go back to normal or if she hadn’t gotten injections in the first place. Her other features are genuinely pretty— but the lips just ruin the whole effect. A little Facetune went a long way.

No. 593475

Reminds me a bit of a poor mans Debbie Harry (blondie) sorry very old reference.

No. 593478

It drives me nuts when she posts sooo many separate photos of herself within a day rather than just compiling them into one post like a normal person. She needs ass pats, comments, and attention for each individual photo or she can't function.

No. 593500

this is 10000000000000% photoshopped

No. 593538

it's obvious by the way she presents herself on youtube and social media that she needs compliments, she needs other people's approval, its such a shame that at only 21, she looks about 41, jesus. the sad thing is she's made her youtube career mainly on her looks and her terrible animal hoarding, once those fade nobody will give a shit.

No. 593546

yeah this is totally a thing, baggy pants with a drawstring waist hide uneven hips and the stomach pooch girls have under their belly buttons, where there are extra internal organs.

plus I don't think she's a pillsbury doughboy, I think she looks like an average woman. not stick thin but she's nowhere near fat. having hip dips like she does (the place between her hip bones and her thighs are curved in on the sides of her body) is pretty common, especially if you have wider-set hips but are not too fat for them to show. agreement on the boob shoop tho

No. 593560

facetune made her pupils bigger lol

No. 593593

omg yes, suspicious! maybe people were commenting because of the whole drug thing/pupil thing, i think its more a reaction to the light, but still, kind odd she decided to change that

No. 593607

I think the anon that posted that facetuned that photo

No. 593611

Push up bras don’t make boobs bigger, they’re for cleavage. Plus if Taylor had the size boobs she wouldn’t buy push ups at all. Big boobs that are full like that don’t need push up. (I’m a female w big ass boobs. Like the size she’s trying to have)

No. 593634

Push-up bras actually do make your boobs look bigger, well at least if they’re small to begin with

No. 593643

They just basicaly lift them up so they look more squishy and less saggy, so to say. May probably make ones boobs look a bit bigger, idk, bo to some extend. And not to that extend for sure.

No. 593646


But push up bras are generally padded and make your boobs look more rounded/full like hers do. I'm sure it's a padded push up bra/shop combo she's got going

No. 593652


She could also have a push up like the bombshell from Victoria's Secret that makes your boobs look like 2 cup sizes bigger, or could have added cutlets/etc. I agree push ups alone are more for cleavage but she definitely could be doing other stuff to make her boobs seem so huge (plus photoshopping them on top of all that)

No. 593654

I forgot all about those ones, I can just tell something isn’t right because her boobs in older pictures were definitely not that big and you could see which one was her bigger boob. Now they look too “twin like”. There’s no way could have big boobs nd push up without over flow of boobage if they’re full to begin with

No. 593718

wouldn’t surprise me if she had something done hence why she didn’t make videos for so long

No. 593742

File: 1527272329260.jpg (525.21 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20180525-141754.jpg)

She's not fooling anyone either way lol

No. 593756

her lips are so goddamn awful.

No. 593757

looks as though she’s not wearing a bra on the right. To be honest she might just have regular size boobs just look bigger with a bra on. I know mine looks miles bigger with a normal bra on. It also varies what type of top you wear.

No. 593776

she may wear push-up bras, but she's shooping her boobs like there's no tommorow. they're shaped weirdly, arms near the boobs are distorted and they have obvious blurry patches. i can point the exact spots if anyone's interested.

with each picture she's shooping her boobs larger and larger lmao it's ridiculous

No. 593784

point them out

No. 593822

File: 1527280155698.jpg (457.57 KB, 1078x1473, Screenshot_20180525-162857.jpg)

No. 593824

Why are her lips on her poor lizard creeping me out so much lmao

No. 593825


Because she's making way too sexy of a face while kissing it. Looks very weird and creepy.

No. 593827

not to mention this could potentially be a pretty big health risk for both her $ the gecko

No. 593847

but she's gotta get those likes anon and how can she get them if she doesn't put her animals all over her face

No. 593851

of course, my mistake /s

No. 593857


Her upper lip is on the eye of her lizard????

No. 593873


Because there's nothing sexier than salmonella /s

No. 593881

y does she have to sexualise everything, any pic she posts with her animals isn't genuinely in the moment loving the animal its so pose'y, like 'focus on me'. there are far better crested gecko videos out there, what monstrosity is she gunna make?

No. 593883

Probably first time she's held that thing in months, has to suction cup it on to her face with her hideous beaky lips

No. 593899

anyone else remember her saying about animals not being accessories, but thats all she fucking uses them for.

No. 593914

dang her hair is fucked up. those roots are so harsh, and it looks so dry

No. 593931

File: 1527286066191.png (545.51 KB, 634x539, 00000000000000000000000000000.…)

Speaking of crested geckos, anyone else remember the little baby crestie she got before she got Phoenix? what happened to that one?

No. 593938

File: 1527286794386.jpeg (47.61 KB, 640x640, 68ADDB21-E3B9-4BAE-A557-1F613B…)

No. 593940

oh my godddd this is old but good milk. crested geckos literally eat other geckos and that little one would be like a fucking snack to echo. she’s so damn irresponsible.

but to answer your question, I think that’s phoenix?

No. 593951

The baby gecko is no where near the coloring phoenix is so i highly doubt it. They don't change THAT much when they fire

No. 593952

File: 1527287577812.png (514.85 KB, 631x579, 00000.png)


No, it can't be. She posted she got Phoenix less than a month later and he was already over a year old.

No. 593953

It’s not. She had a third gecko that she never mentioned again.

No. 593962

You guys know she'll just claim she rehomed it, right?

No. 593970


She could very well get away with saying it wasnt hers, or she never bought it

No. 593976

It was another "shared pet" she got with a friend. I'm not sure what happened to it…

No. 593978

File: 1527289189878.jpg (218.91 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20180525-170020~2.j…)

It's this one, I think this is the last picture she posted of it

No. 593979

File: 1527289216743.jpg (172.59 KB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20180525-170005~2.j…)

Also this, on a picture of Phoenix

No. 593982

gr makes me so mad, babies and adults should never be together. Feel like she's always trying to get that next viral pic after her hedgehog bought her some fame, now she flogs the merch. So irresponsible considering how many people watch her, why would she do such a dickish thing

No. 593986

File: 1527289913222.png (44.05 KB, 630x453, 00.png)

According to this response on twitter she also housed Echo and Phoenix, two adult males, together at first, which is a huuge no-no.

No. 593989

Why not just…keep them separate I don't understand? She's suggesting she had another tank and space to keep them separate but chose to keep them together for extended periods of time….because…..???

No. 593990

This is one of the first things you learn while researching crestie care. Males and females can be together for breeding, females can SOMETIMES be together (but not recommended for new keepers at all) and males are a huge no no because fighting. No wonder neither have tails.

No. 594003

Once again, "animals aren't accessories" nah Taylor but you share them with your friend, wtf. She's actually a disgrace

No. 594004

I doubt she separated them, she just lied AGAIN to her stans. Just got caught out, probably didn't realise males could live together. The monitor situation really pointed out how little research she does before getting a pet.

No. 594008

File: 1527292142456.jpeg (768.21 KB, 1242x1858, E584B8BA-7AA3-4576-B8C4-B9C994…)

And…..she’s off again! Stupid bitch!

No. 594017

oh my god. now I’m convinced echo did eat or kill the baby gecko and that’s why it hasn’t been mentioned in so long

No. 594020

He probably did kill it. Judging by the fact she tweeted she was housing Echo and Phoenix in the same tank she probably housed the baby with Echo also and then when Echo killed it she bought Phoenix as a replacement.

No. 594038

File: 1527295143057.jpeg (229.13 KB, 1242x470, 905AD50F-F371-46F0-A950-3C23BD…)

Marks your calendars people! May 26, May 28 and June 1!!

No. 594039

fucking hell :(

No. 594041

It amuses me how smug and self satisfied she is over doing what she should have been doing for the last 8 months

No. 594046

we'll probably end up getting the first video on June 1

No. 594095

File: 1527303338898.png (21.83 KB, 736x160, TND Stingray.png)

Maybe I'm nitpicky, but jokingly commenting about someone's death whom you claim to admire and look up to is a little fucked up. I wouldn't be even half as upset if it wasn't for the fact that she actually tweeted at his family before. Losing a parent never gets easy, she should show a little respect if for no one else but the kids.

No. 594165

It's her copying mechanism! /s

No. 594179

does she think she's funny? this tweet is just stupid. how did she even think to herself "wow this is a great joke i'm hilarious"?

No. 594186

File: 1527314900837.jpg (934.97 KB, 1080x1770, taylorboobsdean.jpg)

compare with the original pictures

No. 594239

Any real fan of Steve Irwin knows he never blamed animals for the injuries he would get. Steve would never blame the stingray that killed him. Shitty joke from a shitty person.

No. 594240


Steve's family and the guy that witnessed the whole thing would be THRILLED to know shit like this is being tweeted.

Also she's comparing law breaking with something that was a complete accident, wonder how much she knows about what happened.

Whatever the case this is actually kind of a disgusting tweet.

No. 594249

Your red lines don’t really prove anything, anon. You just circled stuff and outlined a already visible things

No. 594250


I'm pretty sure she stole the "joke" from a tumblr post anyway, and the post always goes around with a reply saying that Steve Irwin would never have blamed the stingray. He, unlike Taylor, actually loved the animals he worked with.

No. 594256

How do you circle invisible things?

No. 594257

No milk here. This is ridiculous.

No. 594260

yea nothing pointed out really other than normal female anatomy lol

No. 594345

The top parts of the white shirt go inwards because there’s elastic at the top

No. 594356

lol i don't think you know how boobs work

No. 594366

I think she’s just wearing something like the bombshell add 2 cup sizes bra, or some other sort of padding. I think most of us can agree that her boobs are not naturally that big. Padding them and just posing to look thinner would be the smart thing to do, because then she can deny that the picture is altered.

No. 594440

While i don't doubt that Taylor may photoshop her body at times, the bombshell bra from VS has a loop on the strap just above the padding that distinguishes it from other bras which you can see in her recent 'feeding all my pets in one video', you can also see it in the cage upgrade video which i believe was filmed the same day that pic on her porch was taken, i don't think she photoshopped them to look bigger tbh.

No. 594441

She’s so ignorant it’s not even funny. Legal in several states does not mean legal nationally. And frankly she’s making fun of a big issue many families are facing because she’s wants to have a viral tweet so bad for attention. It’s like she didn’t even attend high school, the way she is still vying for attention. Steve Irwin died doing what he loved and it’s his passion for animals that led his family to still continue being animal advocates and aids. She’s a big fan yet says stupid shit

No. 594467

You need to sage by putting "sage" in the email box.

Does anyone have any idea what taylor was tweeting about yesterday about emergency dentists? It seems like her veeners broke, is that normal?

No. 594493

It is when you buy them for cheap off some back yard dentist. Other possibilities, abusing drugs has her teeth fucked, Jonny is physically abusive…

I personally believe back yard dentist

No. 594575

did anyone notice she deleted her tweet about posting new videos, including for today? guess no new video

No. 594577

Still on her instagram though

No. 594578


No. 594628

File: 1527370583129.jpeg (139.65 KB, 1242x277, 1E8632BF-7581-4809-BCAC-BAE883…)

In 2 hours, less 5 minutes…

No. 594633

File: 1527370968804.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, DCDD7540-D275-45BF-B23C-55C4C4…)

Omg. This woman turn her twitter from public to private as often as she changes her underwear!!

No. 594640

File: 1527371421456.jpg (497.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7504.JPG)

repost because my icon was showing. petty paige's TND video should be out next week.

No. 594702

>Square boobs

I'm dying laughing

No. 594704

It has now been more than two hours, hasn't it?

No. 594705

Oh I now see that she has in fact uploaded a video it appears. At least she's sticking to what she's saying?

No. 594714

No. 594725

Oh my god I've never cringed so hard at a video before…I'm mad at myself that I watched it on Youtube and gave her ad revenue

No. 594740


1) what's with the weird subtle sad piano music in the back, just cringey.

2) She's the worst mental health activist ever, this is all the MOST basic info, plus she's saying it in a way that makes it clear she's just badly echoing "mental illness validation!!~" stuff she read online.

3) UGH animals CAN BE really good for mental health, that's true, but also it's REALLY DANGEROUS to get an animal if you're not in a place to take care of it, or to balance taking care of the animal and yourself. Sure my cats help my anxiety, but they're not cures, not even slightly. You can't get an animal expecting it to fix you. (especially a fucking monitor! Sure, they're great support until you don't care for them properly and they bite your hand off…) You still have to be able to get up and take care of them, even when you don't want to.

3) "I'm going to go through my animals and tell you how they help!!!" god this is so gross. This is such a dangerous thing to do. She's straight up advertising pet ownership to her army of 13 year old followers as if they should just go out and get these animals JUST because they have mental health issues they want help with. And what the HELL is her thing about how holding a snake is a good "alternative" to self harm?!

4) A little more nitpicky but.. she still doesn't fucking know what a service dog is. "Your dog can be certified as a therapy dog and go out in public with you!" No, service dogs perform tasks and can go out in public/be allowed anywhere you are with the exception of sterile environments like operating rooms. Therapy dogs are trained to help OTHER people, so they're allowed in hospitals or nursing homes but aren't just allowed wherever their owners go, including housing. ESAs are allowed in otherwise pet-unfriendly housing, and usually allowed to travel with owners, but otherwise aren't allowed in public at all.

5) I don't even know where to start with the monitor as a good animal for support and calming…. what the HELL? And with BTS and etc, "They don't take as much time as other animals! If you don't have the time to devote to a dog or cat, these are great!" Okay no, if you don't have time for a dog or cat you probably shouldn't have ANY exotic pets, but you definitely should not have any pets that benefit from consistent interaction. (also since when do you not have to play with hedgehogs? Don't they like to be out?)

God. Sorry for the long post/rant, but this may be the most dangerous video she's ever put out.

No. 594744

The only good alternative to self-harm is getting professional help. She's giving out some terrible and downright dangerous advice.

No. 594750

Coming from the girl who impulse buys animals to fill the void in her life.

No. 594753

>monitor for support and calming
Personally, I find the fear of losing a finger or having a cat eaten to be very calming, anon.

No. 594754

Can someone upload a hook tube link? I’m on mobile and I don’t want to give her revenue

No. 594759

that is a hooktube link anon…

No. 594763

perfectly said anon

No. 594765

Wow, I’m an idiot. That’s what I get for not reading the link and just assuming it was YouTube

No. 594766

File: 1527383076250.jpg (353.78 KB, 920x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Old milk meme but i just found time to do it.

No. 594768

No. 594769

her eyebrows are different and it's bothering me

No. 594771

Who holds a monitor for calming oh my god. You should always be on your toes when handling a monitor because it can go bad so quickly if you don't know what to watch for (which she doesn't. Shes probably one of those people that thinks closed eyes means they're comfy when in reality it's a sign of stress. And stress leads to tail whips and bites. Even a hard tail whip can injure you) so in other words she's an idiot and is promoting dangerous stuff.

No. 594772

So let me get this straight. She’s basically admitting that her animal hoarding is her crutch for her mental illness, and people are still backing her like it’s a healthy coping mechanism? Absolutely pathetic.

Go to a fucking therapist and get actual help.

No. 594773

This made me so angry, so many youtubers deal with the same illnesses as she mentioned and yet they still put in the effort to do work. Also she said hers is a life long issue because it’s been diagnosed. Probably why she’s so obsessed with her other issues, if a doctor said you probably have it that’s it you’re a victim, you’re too ill, you have a perfect excuse. From someone who actually suffers on a day to day basis with this shit and still gets off my ass and goes to work, this video just really pissed me off.

No. 594778

i cant get passed a few minutes of this tbh, shes seriously talking about a snake as if hes a fidget spinner or something "the squeezing is extremely stress relieving" SIS DONT BUY A SNAKE JUST BC THEY CONSTRICT why would she promote that??
no one needs to buy animals, she keeps saying "if you have (insert animal)…", just tell people to volunteer at rescues if they wanna feel a snake squeeze their arm, why encourage people to purchase exotic animals (we know shes stopped promoting adoption bc of her hypocrisy lol)? cornsnakes can live 15 years easily dont tell people to buy them so they can hold them once a week for the ~therapeutic qualities~ theyre animals not fidget cubes, can she just treat them w respect + not promote dumb needless exploitation for once? i cant believe i used to trust her husbandry advice

No. 594788

man, Taylor just really disappoints me more than anything else. she could have such a good thing going on with her channel if she would dump johnny, actually work hard and be consistent…and stop treating animals like disposable props. she’s naturally pretty (at least in my opinion), she’s decently entertaining, people are obviously drawn to her, she could be spreading some quality knowledge about exotic animals if she put the effort in.

No. 594799


No. 594800

It's funny now that Jonny is away in Florida, she's getting more done. Meanwhile, he's on his own Twitter talking about Daddy is bored, is aim still a thing? And mama dean is on her lyric posting crusade.

No. 594802

>it's really important we have a good mental health
God her description of depression and anxiety is so fucking vague. taylor, we all know you lurk. You made a lot of blanket statements that suggest depression and anxiety are simple and you either experience it sometimes and it's not a big deal or it's this big scawwy uwu consistent across your life I can't function ever!!uwu! That's not the case, do some fucking research. People can have depressive episodes, people can have persistent depressive disorder, psychotic depression, premenstral depression, major depression. A lot of what you say could harm fans that are struggling without a diagnoses you prick. For someone who claims to have a diagnoses you don't know shit about depression.

No. 594805

He made an ask.fm omg is he 14 or 32? I can’t tell anymore

No. 594806

Anyone else also noticed it was a sponsored video? I don’t mind the odd one but it seems she’ll only do a video if it’s sponsored, even something like this! I feel that’s all the motivation she needs. It’s just disgusting.

No. 594808

Isn't it kinda telling also? That whenever he's around she doesn't do shit.

No. 594809

i don't really have anything to say that others haven't said already but…oh my god this video is just an awful idea. it's terrible. "cresties are so soft and calming!!!" you could buy a fucking piece of velvet to rub if you want to touch something soft, instead of, you know, an actual living creature. i can't believe she acts like each animal does a different, specific thing for your anxiety or depression.

no. animals just (can) help you feel better in general. it's not like snakes SPECIFICALLY help you because they feel cool constricting on your arm. you could wrap a wet rope around yourself for the same fucking effect. instead of promoting the idea that animals are accessories (even further than she already does) and that they help ~soothe your panic attacks~ why doesn't she make actual educational videos? god this is seriously some next level bullshit. i genuinely wonder if she was approached by "betterhelp" and just pulled this video out of her ass for the money.

No. 594810

it's super telling. like what do they do all fuckin day when they're together that she can't film one measly video, yet while he's gone she's going to make like four?

No. 594816

I’m 99% sure she made the video because of the sponsor. Just seems weird that she found a sponsor that was the exact same as the topic for her video, but then again I don’t really know how youtube sponsorships work.

No. 594821

File: 1527386759068.jpeg (435.66 KB, 1242x2108, FEE5CB9D-04AE-4631-8064-8AD948…)

No. 594822

File: 1527386836206.jpeg (401.2 KB, 1242x2150, F520C126-B14E-4589-A350-636AFF…)

kinda lame but mama dean really thinks all the haters are criminals now

No. 594825

and to answer your question, mrs. dean, no, no authorities will care that some twitter anons caused a strife in your family lol

No. 594828

"i have a crime to report"

"yes ma'am?"

"some internet trolls are being mean to me >:("

"…ma'am this number is for emergencies only"

No. 594830

File: 1527387149200.jpg (200.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6277.JPG)

I'm so pissed at these comments on her video. they're all acting like she's so brave for talking about this when she doesn't talk about anything important at all. She doesn't "teach" anything either. This video is probably the stupidest one yet if i'm being honest

No. 594843

Are none of them aware that is was a sponsored video? Did they even watch it? That's probably the only reason she made it. She was talking about that mental health channel and never made anything for it but oh once a sponsor comes along…

Someone tell her to call the internet police. She'd probably be like "what's their number?"

No. 594857

File: 1527390370722.jpg (10.04 KB, 480x360, fWhPpbr.jpg)

No. 594859

File: 1527390746272.jpg (640.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180526-211359.jpg)

Let me guess, they all crawled into this stick?

No. 594861

I hate how she talks about how relaxing it is to handle the crested geckos and let them 'just sit on you' don't get me wrong, handling cresties is lovely and enjoyable but I wouldn't say it's relaxing. They have a tendency to jump, sometimes you can tell when theyre going too but other times they just leap. You have to be alert and ready for it

No. 594867

File: 1527391703924.jpeg (167.09 KB, 750x1334, 03F43263-A7E2-4A1C-BC82-AA14EF…)

Oh my god barf

No. 594874

File: 1527392903741.jpeg (334.59 KB, 1323x1984, A0E89EE0-CDCF-4C61-97E1-4241F3…)

She’s still going with this lie even though we all know the store she got them from only sells wild-caught.

No. 594884

So to summarize her video:

Buy a shitton of animals to fill the empty void, give them barely minimum care and when you feel sad, BUY MORE BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU!

Christ this woman. I wish she would think sometimes. I know that's hard for her though.

One thing that helps me with my depression/anxiety is doing something selfless. Volunteering or at least giving something to someone/something.

Donate money (large or small). She has plenty. She goddamn flaunts it everywhere. Since Celiac is such a big deal for her, maybe donate to a Celiac-related foundation.

She wants to be an animal educator or whatever and she loves the Irwins so much, I am sure they would love a donation of any kind to their facility. For fuck's sake…

What I wouldn't recommend is getting an exotic. Yeah it could be fun for a while. But anything more than a cat, dog or a fish… I dunno I suppose I could see some benefit. However, these are advanced animals that need more care than someone in a depressive slump is willing to give themselves.

I know this won't happen with our speshul snowflake here but that bothers me so much.

sage for rant/blogpost

No. 594892

but anon if she doesn't buy more and more animals how can she cry about how she's such an uwu weak depressed girl with sooooo many animals to care for!

No. 594901

Soooo many things wrong with this video
First of all, snakes don't like to be handled. They tolerate it, but excessive handling is very stressful for them.
Monitors should not be used for calming yourself or someone else down. They can be unpredictable and are not the best "handling" animals.
Emotional support animals don't have a the same public rights as a service animal. That entire part of the video was a little confusing for me but it seemed she was trying to say that both ESA and service animals can get vests for being in public. ESA's get housing rights and some other stuff like that, but you still can't take them into non pet friendly stores and restaurants.
Geckos can be flighty and can jump into the abyss with no warning. I find the texture of mine nice but I also have to watch him to make sure he doesn't jump and watch his body language to be sure he's not stressed (because they can drop their tails when stressed/threatened). Hers seem calm but individual geckos have different behaviours.
Honestly, recommending that someone who is severely depressed get a reptile can be a bad thing. If she barely had the energy to shower, how was she looking after her reptiles? Some of which need to be misted twice a day? I know when I had a sudden depressive episode a year ago I had to have my boyfriend help me out with my animals as it was just too overwhelming for me to deal with them and my depression.
Also, she seemed to mention tegus not needing to be handled all the time. They need to be handled daily or at least every other day or they will never calm down properly. I know she listed off a few different lizards and pasted tegu into the left hand side but still.

Her video seemed to have good intentions but it was a little rough, and definitely could have more proper information and a little more effort put into it.

No. 594904

File: 1527397657197.jpg (382.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180526-230853.jpg)

Didn't she get them in February? Or maybe late January? Or did she just not post pictures of them or mention them for a month or two?

No. 594906

File: 1527397795612.jpg (622.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180526-231049.jpg)

February 2nd is the first mention of them. Why is she yet again lying about when she got an animal?

No. 594917

god damn the constant lying is getting out of control. so many little lies where you can tell she’s either a compulsive liar or she’s severely fucked in the hand and can’t remember for shit. but if any of her devout followers see her lie about something like this they’ll brush it aside like “it’s just a two month different omg who carez”

No. 594918

File: 1527399488787.png (111.55 KB, 1211x1211, IMG_3753.PNG)

same anon who commented on this before, and i thought maybe the lighting in her photos of herself was wonky, but she still appears (to me at least) to have a black eye in this video. i'm a makeup artist and if you don't color correct properly beforehand or use the correct method of application, it's extremely difficult to completely mask bruises for the average person. and this is what it looks like when you try to cover them using just concealer and foundation. trying to hide something would explain why she's suddenly been wearing a full face of makeup everyday.

perhaps it's from eds, but i personally don't know enough about it to know whether or not it would cause bruising under her eye. i do however, believe her abusive rapist of a boyfriend might have something to do with it as he's been known to give his girlfriends black eyes in the past.

if it is one, her giving a speech on mental health is even more ironic.

No. 594922

shes still talking about chelsea but she knows everything chelsea has released is real so she can't actually contact anyone lol

No. 594945

strongly disagree. her mistreatment of animals and people are a part of her personality. no fixing that.
i also don't think it's possible for her to gain an extensive education about the 30+ creatures she obviously knows little about.

No. 594955


I doubt she's talking about Chelsea. Chelsea even liked a comment Mama Dean made about the whole thing and they still follow each other.

No. 594961

File: 1527402764924.jpeg (187.12 KB, 1000x623, 93EDD1C4-7F4D-4228-8E8A-9B9321…)

Wow that’s an obvious black eye. Even how it travels downwards to the cheek bone. She needs to get out ASAP.

No. 594975

File: 1527404082631.jpg (22.05 KB, 474x233, IMG_2700.JPG)

Not trying to WK here but a lot of people's under eyes follow the same drooping and can get pretty dark, plus something about her wretched face tells me she's not smart enough to be able to cover full bruises so I'd just say she's developed a bad sleeping schedule (drugs will do that to you)

No. 594978

Eh anon then it would be both eyes. >>594975

No. 594980

It does look like it's under both eyes…except hair is shading the other side, so there's less direct light exposure, so her makeup is less transparent on that side (but there's still a visible line and a little darkness)

No. 594981

Does she usually blink this much in videos?

No. 594982

maybe she was having a calming cuddle with her monitor

No. 594984

File: 1527404698579.jpg (127.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180527-010531.jpg)

I just kind of fiddled with the picture on my phone and uh…there's definitely something funky under the one eye. Normally I'd say it's just a dark circle possibly from lack of sleep (she seems to have an erratic sleep schedule) but the other eye looks fine

No. 594991

I can only speak from myself, but I usually also have only one dark circle under my eye, it's mostly caused by sleeping on only one side in addition with thin skin.

No. 594992

File: 1527405592532.jpeg (446.65 KB, 2048x2048, DC87F21B-8146-4164-82CB-23D250…)

That’s 100% a black eye. Not bags under both, not lack of sleep. It’s a black eye.

No. 594995

File: 1527405727529.jpeg (41.54 KB, 1080x491, EE0E3D4B-BE6F-4DE7-931D-B16940…)

I literally just upped the contrast and dimmed the brightness. You can clearly see it is a black eye.

No. 595000

yikes one on the left looks p much like a black eye

No. 595042

Uroplatus information anon here. She's had to replace at least one of her satanics. Males and females are extremely sexually dimorphic and many individuals have unique markings. Males have prominent dorsal striations (leaf vein markings), tail notches and "leaf bite marks" as well as often having a small marking under each eye often jokingly refered to as gangster tears. In the latest picture the bottom gecko is female while the two top ones are male, their markings make this very obvious. Taylor started with a trio, one male and two females. While males can totally live together with no issues it just goes to show how stupid she really thinks we all are. They're extremely underweight and she feeds mainly undusted crickets which are absolute junk nutritionwise. Furthermore not dusting the feeders of a endangered animal that often suffers from calcium depletion and is being housed in a breeding situation is so incredibly irresponsible. Also fun fact as for how "expensive captive bred" ones are, there's a captive bred young male on fauna classifieds right now for $350 + shipping. I regularly see captive bred specimen go for sale you just have to know where to look and wait for one to be available.

She bought a breeding group of an animal that is facing extinction due to habitat loss in the wild and has them set up in an enclosure that will not facilitate breeding, but even if it did, does darling TayTay even have an incubator setup and tested, ready to go? Doubtful. Considering how many eggs a single female can and should have every year by housing hers so poorly she's actually costing the hobby a dozen viable captive bred satanics every year she keeps her trio from breeding with her absolute shit husbandry. She's no doubt clueless to the fact that many in the reptile community are seeing this and laughing at her stupidity. I know some herpers who have been in the hobby for decades and still don't think they could keep uroplatus species properly to allow for breeding which is crutial when it comes to rare or endangered animals! Her original wild caught trio should have gone to a breeder who knows what they're doing and could take those three wild caught individuals and house them for breeding to make dozens of captive bred babies during their lives which would bolster the captive bred market and lessen the number of those being taken from the wild. The more captive bred specimen of a species there are on the market the less will be taken from the wild. Steve Irwin would be downright disgusted by how she exploits her exotic animals. She has zero integrity and I cannot wait for someone whom actually knows wtf they're talking about to call out her shit care. Sorry for the long rant but I doubt anyone realizes the true impact of her getting those geckos.

No. 595043

I stand corrected. In the new pic they don't all appear to be underweight. The top male still looks good but is probably new. As I said both top geckos are very obviously male, look at their patterns and tails! If someone can repost the original pics we could probably tell which gecko has been replaced due to their unique markings. I've kept quiet this whole time just seething in anger over her geckos, but when I saw the new pic I totally lost it.

No. 595052

yea basically most sponsorships go down where you'll find a sponsor, they have a deadline, you suggest what video you'll make that links to their app, and they agree or disagree. with her following she could have charged thousands. do you remember ages ago she said she was doing a mental health video but the files mysteriously disappeared? well im glad she finally had the motivation to film it now she has a sponsorship, stupid bitch

No. 595056

File: 1527416968791.jpg (491.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180527-042955.jpg)

The two bottom ones are female, are they not? Both have solid tails

No. 595069

Actually, I think she is referring to that Ariel person…

No. 595071

Because making up dates to make the timeline longer is what she does best. She’s got a forked tongue that one! A real snake herself!!

No. 595079

what do you mean “both top geckos”? there’s one on the top and then two on the bottom

No. 595080

Mama Dean is the ultimate troll

No. 595096

No. 595111

Pretty sure they're referring to this >>594859 picture

No. 595121

You can even see all the makeup on the spot she used to cover it up. Weird. I think it goes kind of low for dark undereye circles. You can see where her's already are, it goes down lower than that.

No. 595130

File: 1527433684029.png (87.35 KB, 798x718, tnd fake.png)

I wonder how long a few weeks will take

No. 595138

Ugh I hate rack systems like yeah some animals may like the dark but they shouldn’t spend their whole lives like it unless they’re a naked frickin mole rat.

No. 595144

I'd be so annoyed if I lived in a luxury apartment complex that limited me to two animals and I saw this bitch getting multiple massive enclosures brought and taken from her place all the time. Isn't her lease up in a few months? You'd think it would be stressful for her animals to be moved around so much.

No. 595147

You realize the pet limits at most places usually only pertains to cats and dogs, right?

No. 595150

Someone contacted the apartment complex a while back and posted screenshots, I don’t know if it was here or on another gossip site. The person from the complex said that they normally don’t allow reptiles. In my experience when finding an apartment and having a snake, most places do not allow reptiles or have size restrictions on them. I doubt her apartment is aware of all the new animals she’s bought since moving in.

No. 595151

i find it hard to imagine that any apartment complex would allow THIS many reptiles. the ones in my town have like, a two pet limit for the ones that do allow exotics, and even then they don't allow snakes

No. 595152

Oh god. A 12 cage system, who wants to bet she’s going to have 12 ball pythons by the end of the year. Plus all of the other empty enclosures she’ has now. She’s going to get so many pets that it’s going to become harder for her stans to deny that she’s a hoarder.

No. 595163

File: 1527437875916.jpeg (332.44 KB, 1242x1796, A8D6A340-FBDF-44B9-B035-35F8D8…)

No. 595166

Brian Barczyk 2.0

No. 595169

“very large tubs”? 48 inches long is the MINIMUM for MALE ball pythons. females should have a minimum of 60 inches long. so the minimum or below minimum=“very large” to her apparently

No. 595172

Uroplatus Anon again. Though males often have tail notching I do not believe the bottom right animal is female. It's dorsal patterning which extends to it's head, the presence of twin "gangster tears" as well as the shape of it's vent and presence of hemipenal pores makes me believe it's a juvenile male.

Also note the wrinkling of it's belly skin in spots as well as the incomplete shed stuck to one of it's front hands. That animal is shedding poorly and not fully hydrated. Taylor can drop $1000 on endangered animals, but can't even spend money on a proper enclosure and misting system for an animal that requires 90+% humidity at all times and only drinks water in the form of droplets on leaves or decor or from the insects they eat… ridiculous.

No. 595175

She's actually going to keep her snakes in those tiny tubs?? Oh my god that is just so damn sad… If you have to keep your animals like that you are definitely crossing some kind of line.

No. 595187

File: 1527440048680.jpg (441.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180527-105431.jpg)

Okay so most female ball pythons get to be maybe 5 feet (sometimes a little longer, but generally a little shorter) but if they did get 80" long, her tubs would be way too small. Make up your mind taylor. Also, I bet she's one of those people who measures her snakes shed to see "how long" they are

No. 595195

Uroplatus Anon needs to learn how to sage and stop writing 10 page essays as if anyone cares.

No. 595201


Uroplatus Anon is coming with some great info on how badly she handles them.
So unless you can do it better, why not shut up ? :)(emoji use)

No. 595252

So she plans on having 12 ball pythons? She doesn't even have any adults yet does she? They're all still small and judging from her experiences with failing to feed f/t and trying to feed live, and the state of her gtp, she doesn't know how to even feed properly all the time. Nobody else must think its weird that this is a recent thing she is doing yet somehow she's crowned snake queen.

This. I think it's hilarious when people on
lolcow know more than she ever will about her animals.

No. 595255

uroplatus anon is talking about her shit animal care, which is kind of why these threads were made in the first place. pretty sure we all care and love this milk because it disproves more of her shitty lies

No. 595260

Umm. He’s explaining quite clearly how he’s drawing these conclusions…can you do better?

No. 595264

This is a image board, then use the f images to point out which geckos where replace and which weren't.
I'm tired of all this accusation of replace pets without any proof.

No. 595354

LMAO dude they explained it well, they dont know how to sage you think they can link a photo. Get over yourself

No. 595390

honestly, this happens every week. There are going to be people who don’t know how to sage. Just respond to the comment with a basic how to and move on. There’s no need to be a jerk about it, it actually will hinder more people with good knowledge from coming on here willing to share what they know. This forum isn’t the core of everyone’s lives, it’s for awareness and the enjoyment of her milk. Relax homie

No. 595396

Yall i dont care about the saging part I was annoyed at the idiot who keeps complaining when they gave actual good info

No. 595397

I didn't think her satanics were captive bred, I thought the shop lists them as wild caught. Like a good portion of their animals.

No. 595403

File: 1527457527788.jpeg (256.23 KB, 1295x1106, 41DA6559-A832-4E01-99FB-28BBDB…)

Here she is going against everything she said in her snake feeding video.

No. 595405

At least for once shes actually saying something correct

No. 595418

In her feeding all my pets video she stopped feeding so many snakes outside their enclosures, she's probably learned better since her snake feeding video. Way too late for someone who has over 10 snakes. But at least she seems to have stopped, and is spreading correct information for once.

No. 595425

Either that or she'll claim she was "quarantining" them.

No. 595431

File: 1527459467667.png (184.6 KB, 1268x704, Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 3.17…)

Thank god shes at least learning the basics

No. 595442

File: 1527460104179.png (1.06 MB, 1010x568, satanics.png)

Seriously though, what happened to the red eyed gecko? surely they can't change eye colours…

No. 595448

File: 1527460380631.png (407.25 KB, 694x364, satanics.png)

Also this one she showed a while ago had a wavy edge to its tail which I can't see in any of the geckos in the new photo on the right. Unless its the one hanging upside down, but then thats the one I would have said to be most likely the one that had red eyes… so either way one gecko is missing / replaced?

No. 595471

File: 1527462123245.png (289.79 KB, 750x1334, 429D6AE5-E241-40B7-AC3C-1B0041…)

Bish you never got into college for marine biology. You talked about going but you NEVER went. You were still in high school when you got your job.

No. 595497

There's no way she was accepted into any credible university to study marine biology

No. 595499

If I remember right she was taking classes online.

No. 595504

I though she only graduated from her online high school and that was after she started YouTube? Idk if I’m right but that’s what I thought.

No. 595559

Except she got the mantis shrimp after all of the this??? Which is wc???

No. 595566

File: 1527471479955.jpg (491.74 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180527-183748.jpg)

This is all I could find

No. 595572

Saw this in an article- "“She (Nala) had really connected with people,” said Dean, an online student at Northwest Vista College."

No. 595579

Taylor sweetie no college program starts you off with major related courses…you'd probably have to take biology or chemistry or an environmental sciences course before you ever started an actual marine biology class….

No. 595585

File: 1527473019075.png (113.12 KB, 750x842, IMG_2711.PNG)

Oh yeah I just checked, no marine biology classes, no marine biology major, because of course it's a community college. The closest being general zoology, but she'd need to take a writing class and a math as a prerequisite so she'd have to have gone longer than a semester and the current course has no online sections because there's a lab section associated with the class. (Photo is majors offered at the CC)

No. 595587

exactly, and i highly doubt she has the grit to get through all the math prerequisites before she even gets to bio or chem. she can't even make the effort to edit videos in bed.

No. 595593

How does she expect to get any hands on experience going to school online

No. 595602

I was wrong guys, she graduated high school in May of 2015, which would have given her time to start college

No. 595622

tfw you finally realize you're the same age as taylor… damn girl what is you doin

No. 595638

I graduated the same time. Typically if she went to CC she’d still have prerequisites to take then would have to transfer to actually get marine biology knowledge. My sister moved to Texas (near Taylor) so I asked her about it but based off the time frame I’m studying CS and I had to spend at least one semester doing prerequisites before I could even get into decent shit

No. 595657

This is so disturbing and sad and I don’t think for one second that’s just “dark circles.” It’s a black eye. From what? I’d bet my life Jonny got physical with her which would explain his love bombing on Twitter. Sucks that her mom views this site as ‘The Enemy!!1!’ Bc this is something she should really know about/be able to confront Taylor about. Those texts from Chelsea were not faked, but I can see Mrs. Dean being stupid enough to buy some excuse from Taylor that they were “photoshopped” or something.
As much criticism as anyone here has about Taylor and her animal care, I can say for a fact none of us would be happy with her being abused. Men like Jonny eventually kill, she needs help.

No. 595673

I can't stand Taylor and her husbandry, it pissed me off greatly when she made fun of rape victims etc… But she doesn't deserve this. I hope she gets herself out asap, her life is worth more than her pride.

No. 595715

Is it possible that being hit was why part of her veneers broke off? I don't know how sturdy those things are and the pic she posted + the screen cap of her eye seems to show that it's on the same side? Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 595740

Can you post/link to the veneers pic she posted? I absolutely think the two are connected. Needing an emergency dentist and having a black eye screams abuse to me sadly

No. 595748

I didn't ever see the original tweet about her needing to go to the dentist but it appears to be gone when I went looking

No. 595802

Marine biology isn't as fun as she makes it sound here lmao. She clearly has little to no clue what it is.

We all know she will use the abuse as some form of sympathy once they're ended, provided she gets out on time. She certainly doesn't deserve it, but I don't think I'm prepared for her victim card.

No. 595842

File: 1527511016306.jpeg (394.5 KB, 1242x1563, 3786EA47-89ED-4986-BD63-DCEE02…)

No. 595843

File: 1527511048919.jpeg (271.25 KB, 1242x1343, 33546111-1F25-4782-BDB3-DED353…)

No. 595844

File: 1527511073987.jpeg (276.38 KB, 1242x1346, 48D12A21-A255-4498-A1FE-8F563B…)

No. 595874

what is the context of this tweet? it sounds like mama dean has truly lost her marbles

No. 595890

Holy shit Jen, do you not realize how big of a narcissist you are and thats how/why you ruined your child, to where she actually sees that manlet as a healthy escape.

No. 595898

I didn't save the photo of the veneers but in the tweet i remember she was complaining about there being no dentist open during the weekend and there's a tweet of her replying to someone about emergency dentists still up so it's definitely been deleted. But the part broken off was the smaller upper side teeth that comes after the front teeth. With what Jennifer is posting aswell this is definitely suspicious.

No. 595904

File: 1527520208767.jpg (2.12 MB, 2048x2048, 1527520050265.jpg)

Wait I'm glad yall pointed this out bc I noticed smth weird under her left eye when she posted these pics but i didn't know if it was a reach.. really explains why she lightened the pics. I messed with the exposure and lighting to make it more visible. It also looks like she blurred that spot after her re-edit.

No. 595906

Wait sorry I think the pic on the right was by an anon, but nonetheless there is a bruise there

No. 595946

File: 1527524699151.jpeg (291.81 KB, 750x804, C62E34F1-B9F8-4E73-9836-3ECD3E…)

130K views only? Damn. What happened?

No. 595951

what happened is she stopped posting regular videos for months and then completely vanished when going to meet her fans at playlist. she has had too much drama going on and people are starting not to care

No. 595956

If he hit her, the hit would be more dark since she has EDS,you can see she easily gets scars. idk anything about hits and their life span. But it could be something else.

No. 595983


Based on timeline (and I'm not following it TOO closely, but a guesstimated timeline anyway), it's possible that the bruise was just starting to darken when she posted the pics and got darker before filming the video. It generally takes a few days for a black eye to get to its darkest/most prominent color.

No. 596012

Could it be that she just had some work done? Even minor cosmetic procedures can cause bruises, especially if she has EDS and is therefore more susceptible to bruising anyway.

No. 596022

people only watch her for her animals, they dont care about her as a person and her problems

No. 596042

File: 1527535089441.png (31.12 KB, 600x254, 439564396943693496436.png)

I don't know if he did or did not hit her, but if he did, the cycle is complete I'd guess. Abuse - love and promise to never do it again - she needs him still - abuse - etc

No. 596050

Ew.. I hate girls like her who get mad and bitchy towards their men every time they have a life outside of them. They are so codependent it's gross. I bet he's cheating on her.

No. 596057

not trying to wk but dude…it's not that deep. she doesn't seem genuinely mad about it it's a joke lol

No. 596122

File: 1527541267381.jpeg (465.65 KB, 1267x1647, C4A714DC-974E-4986-B73D-B09846…)

There’s definitely something under her eye, but hard to say if it’s a bruise or not.

No. 596123

File: 1527541282253.jpeg (419.51 KB, 1275x1653, F1AE3235-6FE9-4167-8449-A41889…)

No. 596134

I think her face looks kinda swollen on that side?

No. 596136

People are commenting thinking they're freckles

No. 596138

File: 1527542738481.jpg (837.74 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180528_172518.jpg)

Doesn't look like freckles to me

No. 596140

It looks more like a patch of super dry/rough skin that she’s covered with makeup than a black eye.

No. 596161

Why does she not take “glamour shots” with Nemo? Not designer enough?

No. 596162


I think you answered your own question.

No. 596170

Seems rather low to be a black eye, more like he aimed for her nose or cheek?
I mean… it could just be part of something she did that is made worse by her EDs so I won't make the full conclusion yet.
Deffo odd she isn't photoshopping this out tho

No. 596179

To me it looks like some kind of rash??

No. 596263

Weird. Could be anything but in the previous photos it was different looking.
I don't think she would be showing it like that so easily? It's pretty obvious unedited and she could easily cover it up with editing.

When did Jonny leave again? Have they even been together recently enough?

No. 596285

Her lips bother me so much. After that one photo of an anon edited. Finally realized that the ball shape in the middle of her lips is what messes up the appearance with the added caked on lipsticks that she wears

No. 596331

File: 1527557943774.jpeg (440.27 KB, 3444x3444, E2D61583-0385-419B-8264-BEF54C…)

Where’s the promised video?

No. 596339

I used to like Taylor. If she broke it off with Johnny it’s still too late. When you choose some abusive asshole over your fans it’s hard to come back from. She’ll just do it again next time she has a boyfriend - which won’t take long because girls like her always keep one eye scanning the room so that they’re not alone. I wish she put in the effort she’s putting in now with her channel for the past few months. I just can’t forgive it. RIP

No. 596345

lmao already going back on her word. how dumb are her fans to fall for this shit

No. 596348

The rest of her face is so obviously airbrushed in this pic. Why skip over the “bruise” or whatever it is?

No. 596377

I feel like she’s ruined her life because of Johnny. No respectable boyfriend is going to want to touch her when she’s proven that she will allow that filth into her body. Like, if I were a guy, I’d be like:
Johnny Craig?
Nah, bye.
Or Johnny Craig?
AIDS test first.


No. 596379

Most likely to get us to talk about it. She’s probably realising things are going wrong so she’s ‘crying out for help’ in a way.

No. 596383

Agreed. I bet she's wanting out and these will be the pictures for her sob story of "he hurt me and I covered it with makeup so you guys wouldn't know blah blah"

No. 596395

She ruined her life way before Jonny.

No. 596409

I mean it's not like she's had respectable boyfriends before him anyway. She herself has admitted she just can't stay single for long, so of course she'll pick trash to be with.

No. 596459

Her face looks like her lips are on upside down.

No. 596463

File: 1527570423282.jpeg (198.34 KB, 1298x1260, A3AEA123-310F-4923-898B-0588A2…)

From her liked tweets.

No. 596485

to be fair, she has a lot of these "freckles" on her shoulder, too.

No. 596516


it's a black eye. lucky for you if you haven't had one but it's actually reaching to consider it not one at this point. why are people so quick to assume the best in someone who has beaten his girlfriends in the past???

No. 596530

because abuse is a whole nother level of assumption, and the thought of it actually happening is horrible. i guess in this case it's absolutely not unrealistic, but it is also understandable that you would question it, simply because it's so fucking sad.

No. 596533


That, yes. Also we know JC is abusive and all around horrible, but we also know TND lies a lot and likes online sympathy. We're not there, we can't tell what's happening 100%. Hence the speculation.

No. 596537

100 percent agree. It’s pretty obvious. Sucks that Mrs. Dean would never believe her precious sweet Taylor wouldn’t tell her if Jonny hit her. Because I feel like her mom would never pick up on the signs of physical abuse.
It’s very crazy to me how she’s concerned for Taylor and calling police one minute, and the next they are (literally) acting like a Disney land fam

No. 596557

why does she always have to use her pets as props, she rarely just takes a natural photo of them, she’s so self obsessed she has to be in most photos of them whether it be her face, body part or hand.

No. 596587

trust me anon, i’m not at all doubting there’s a large possibility that jonny is physically abusive to her just like he was to all of his exes. i’m just saying it doesn’t look like any of the black eyes i’ve bore witness to, which obviously doesn’t mean shit considering i’m no professional on this.

on the other hand, if you and other anons are right and it really is a black eye, it’d explain why she’s been taking so long to release videos. maybe she has to take more time in between recording so swelling/bruising can go down. until they break up and she releases a clickbait “why we broke up” video, it’s all just speculation.

No. 596607

File: 1527592396933.jpg (68.67 KB, 633x411, petco......animals.jpg)

I thought that you were chained to the cash registers though? never allowed to work with the animals? since when did you have an official title and responsibility? I'm sure we would've heard this before, you love to talk about what an expert you are. or aren't. or are. or whatever works for whatever conversation you're in the middle of.

No. 596638

… What?
Pretty sure store employees normally go through the whole 'they need this and this, and if you have not owned this and this before we don't recommend this, instead we recommend this'', with group animals it's normally recommended to get two. Most pet stores don't blindly sell their animals.

We know she's probably lying but how hard is it to keep a fucking story straight?

No. 596659

From what I read, She was essentially a cashier. She never actually was one who went around and talked to customers. She just stood at the front. And that’s typically how cashiers are, they can only stand in the front and greet customers. You don’t go within the store and handle any animals or merchandise. I’ve been a cashier for retail stores and they’re essentially all the same tasks unless you’re assigned a different area with different tasks that day.

-another topic-
Based of personal experiences, people who abuse substances and people and never are held accountable often go back into those habits. I would not be surprised if she was being abused by him. I do not wish that on anyone, however i feel that it is happening. She is the type to use it as a crutch though, so that is going to be yet another hurdle in getting her to just be a decent human being.

No. 596706

UaruJoey / the king of DIY just posted on his instagram story a long, winding talk about how the aquarium hobby is full of channels with tons of views where the video makers aren’t actually knowledgeable about their subjects. He talks about how misinformation in the hobby is dangerous and warns people to be discerning. Says some people aren’t actually knowledgeable but instead just know how to get views, so you have to be careful.

While explaining what prompted this rant, he said that people have been lately asking him to collaborate with people who aren’t healthy for the hobby. Who was he asked to collaborate with last week, and who did he politely decline as not wanting to promote? Taylor.

(He probably also means many of the horrendous aquarium channels in the hobby, but what he said directly lines up with the timeline for when he was forced to answer about Taylor on camera.)

No. 596742

Petco anon- I've only worked there for the past year, but I have never heard of a "small animal associate' position? Maybe its different in Texas, but the closest position she could be referring to would be Companion Animal Leader, which is a manager position. And managers are definitely not chained to the register.
Maybe more Petco anons can help me out, but I am calling bullshit.

No. 596751

Petco anon here: she isn’t allowed to not sell an animal without a manager on duty permission. That would be why she was written up. But thought she quit not written up / fired.

sage for irrelevant but hey

No. 596755

Small animal associatiate isn’t a position it’s what you said. They are then a manager/key holder position and would barely be chained to the register unless needed. But even then- they hire cashiers for a reason.
AND at that point she wouldn’t be written up for not selling animals to people she would have every right to decline and not get written up.

No. 596762

Texas anon here: I just confirmed with a friend who works at Petco that she's never heard of that position (though she's only worked there for 6 months). Also, you can look up "Petco Positions" on google and that position is nowhere to be found.

No. 596769

File: 1527609857519.png (128.31 KB, 750x880, IMG_2735.PNG)

And everybody clapped.

No. 596777

My local Petco is a bit different, I don't work there, so I don't know everything, but I do go in every single week, sometimes twice a week, for bugs/cat food and pretty much know everyone by name. Everyone works the registers and everyone works the floors. No one is specifically assigned a position (like taylor claimed) or assigned to the register to where they cannot leave it (also what taylor once claimed). Everyone helps out, sells animals, and checks people out. It is not uncommon at all to go in and get greeted by someone walking around the store helping people out and getting animals, then go to the register and the same person be there checking people out. Most of the time you go in no one is even at the register, they are all on the floor helping people out. Now, my store isn't all that big and usually doesn't stay super busy, so that could be the reason. sage for irrelevant/rant

No. 596795

There is an Aquatics Specialist position. Maybe she remembered that position and figured there was a small animal specialist position also. But what happened to her complaining about her job because she was stuck at the register and couldn't leave it because 'I was a girl and they thought I couldn't lift anything even tho i knew more than anymore else about the animals and would of been better on the floor.'?? lol can she keep anything straight anymore>>596742

No. 596796

And now look- its TND that is traveling 2+weeks at a time, and leaving her animals to her pregnant friends instead of hiring someone. Maybe Tay should follow her own advice.

No. 596798

you would think she would try to claim that position since she started off on in the fish-hobbiest side of youtube before she started hoarding reptiles.

No. 596804

I worked at Petco in 2016. At my store there was a reptile expert and an aquatics expert, and cashiers pretty much handled the small animals when they didnt have a customer. She said before she was chained to the register so it's POSSIBLE she WAS the small animal whatever but since it's kinda an unnecessary position she was often put on register which is also right by the small animals. But small animals don't include bearded dragons, it's the birds and hamsters and such. I wasn't even a cashier at my store and that's still what I did 95% of the time. It's true everyone does a bit of everything. I was one stuck in aquatics for a shift. Sorry for blogging I'm just trying to figure out what Taylor is even crying about.

Taylor makes it seem like she was trying to spread her superior knowledge and no one would let her because they cared more about making a sale than the animal itself. If she didn't think the woman should get a beardie her reply was not even funny or professional. You take that opportunity to educate them on the animal and suggest they don't get one. If you feel like you need to refuse them, get your manager. She has an answer for EVERYTHING though so I don't even know why we bother calling her out anymore

No. 596815

omg yea hahaaaa I wonder if she realised that she made that connection that’s she’s now that person, but instead of leaving behind one pet she leaves like 30-40+ someone should point that out to her

No. 596817

She made a point to say "doesn't want anyone coming to feed them" to exclude herself from that criticism lol >>596769

No. 596857

She said she was a cashier and her manager wouldn't let her do anything with the animals in her Petco video.

No. 596888

The flip flop so much about her time during Petco, first she never work on the floor because they didn't left her, later she not only work on the floor but she also take care of the cats on adoption!( That's why she take the kitten interested first place).
I don't understand how her fans can't see how inconsistent she is.

Says the one whom mice die during her two week straight vacation with her rapist bf, taking advantage of Tanner's special pass.

I don't understand why she made a big deal of her headhogh death but almost didn't even mention Gus death.

No. 596892

From the anon who knew the manager it sounds like she did multiple things including working on teh floor but maybe not selling to customers.

That explains how she got Gus (considering her story may be true, who knows really) and the picture of her with the crested (?) geckos posted a while ago

Also, I'm pretty sure she has people come in every other day/once a week rather than daily. I can't imagine a lady with a newborn coming in every day, and even then it seems like they discovered the mouse after he's been dead for a while.

No. 596895

File: 1527618257353.png (279.47 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-29-12-22-52…)

It didn't stop her to work at Petco tho. Good money.

No. 596900

Cause Taylor is a humidity expert with her fucking spray bottles lmao

No. 596902

thot mentality, gotta love it

No. 596912

File: 1527619152999.png (320.92 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-29-12-35-57…)

No. 596945

Still no word on the video that was supposed to be uploaded in two days after the one on the 26th!

No. 596955

She has no problem tweeting vague stuff like that towards people to correct them, but if anyone would make a similar tweet to her about her care she'd be pissed. She wants it all to be said to her in a delicate and helpful way but doesn't do that herself??

No. 596969

she didn't make a big deal out of his death because she wasn't home when it happened, so the only story she would be able to tell about it would be "I was called and told he did this" or "when I got home I found him dead"

No. 597043

I don’t really know about snake husbandry, but how can you tell it’s not humid from that picture? Is that type of snake suppose to be burrowed?

No. 597047

Its shed is stuck. That's a big sign of too low humidity

No. 597048

When you think about it Petco Employers and the info they give out is usually awful (of course there are some exceptions), but it's just occurred to me that she's a glorified Petco employee… here care and info is just awful.
(no offence to any petco employee anons, im just talking about the vast majority included TND being awful)

No. 597051

>>596123 Her face is getting so fat, those lips make her look like a blow up doll, but that trailer park local prostitute hairstyle fits her pretty well.

No. 597101

and most often then not we say we are not specialists. idk how it is at petsmart/daves/etc. but everyone is trained basic information for ALL possible animals that petcos would sell. Information we give out is basic (unless you know more) even our "caresheets" say clean the cage, make sure they have food and water. its up to the customer to do in depth research.
not every pet store treats the animals inhumanely / and genuinely cares about them.

feel bad for all of the petsmarts her stans are calling, emailing, etc. (not about the snake obviously not being cared for) but for selling those beta tanks she was complaining about the other day. not much they can unless higher up gets involved.

No. 597110

If they’re harassing petco’s and petsmarts then they can sue her because she’d be liable for basically sending her stand to attack them. Because she didn’t say not do it but she also kind of hinted at them being bad

No. 597117

File: 1527635614364.jpeg (86.06 KB, 1294x675, C124680A-6610-4922-81F7-7ED09E…)

I wonder if there’s more drama between her and jc?

No. 597157


No. 597173

File: 1527640653270.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 79B30D05-E214-4919-B47D-32F3A9…)

She has been posting so much about how amazing her cats are and how they help her so much with her mental health. Every time she does it she HAS to include something like “I was having a panic attack” or “I was crying”. We get it, you have mental health issues, a lot of people have them, no need to constantly post about it using your cats as an excuse

No. 597175


I think it's a game she's playing with JC, punishing him for being gone. It's part of the narc and enabler/codependent game. Personally I think Taylor is highly codependent because her mom is a narc, thus attracting her to narcs like JC. And instead of getting any better or trying to better herself, she continues the cycle.

No. 597178

Both of her cats look terrified there tbh

No. 597181

He JUMPED in? That's why he's nearly completely dry except for the one wet paw on the left and that's why there's a matching singular paw print and no water droplets anywhere else on the floor? Why does she lie over stupid shit
My cat sticks her paw in the water too all the time till she realizes it's wet.

No. 597207

Her mental health always takes a dive when Jonny is away. She was posting similar shit when he was gone for his tour.

No. 597213


If your mental health is dependent on another person, you are not mentally healthy.

No. 597227

I'm pretty sure Craig is the kind of guy who can ignored you for days until he remember you exist. She is probably freacking out knowing his cheating track.

No. 597233

File: 1527646323707.png (5.91 MB, 1242x2208, 0BF742E9-68B6-4682-B6D4-287B11…)

Lol. Poor darling. So alone.

No. 597234


100% this. Nail on the head

No. 597237

For anyone that hasn't been involved with a narc before.. they basically love bomb you and make you crave a fantasy they make up for you. then the abuse starts. they love giving the silent treatment, and the way they treat you.. when they are gone, it's like going through drug withdrawal. they are your drug. if she showed any signs of wanting to better herself or not using her animals for sympathy, i'd feel really bad because it is hard. but she did knowingly do this to herself.

No. 597238

bruh get some friends, get a personality. She’s wants us to pity her so bad. “I’m so lonely” idk maybe do you job??? Go to work??? It’s obvious this is JC but the point of telling a bunch of 12 year olds??

No. 597273

exactly! she still hasn't mentioned the video she was supposed to post yesterday.

No. 597350

File: 1527663579532.jpeg (78.51 KB, 1242x532, 6C383867-A9BC-4C01-8E6C-709B6F…)

No. 597351

File: 1527663599466.jpeg (370.98 KB, 1242x1430, 42441244-C866-44B9-87B2-75806D…)

No. 597353

File: 1527663810805.jpeg (314.01 KB, 1242x1136, 3AE0758F-C857-4E8E-9955-344D6B…)

Maybe she’ll apologise to all of JC’s exes soon?

No. 597355

WOWWWWW it starts!!!!

No. 597357

File: 1527664002783.jpeg (319.56 KB, 1242x1112, 9CA9B18E-C9EE-47E6-9DA4-1C2CCB…)

No. 597358

tbh these are kind of sad though like I want her to tell her stories because she didn't deserve them no matter what. it's possible to get trapped in an abusive relationship. she better follow through right now though and make a clean and quick sever. just pack his shit up and hand it to him when he gets back. only let him keep the teeth in his mouth lol

No. 597359

File: 1527664113969.png (105.24 KB, 741x891, IMG_2761.PNG)

No. 597360

Looks like she already deleted the bottom one

No. 597361


No. 597363

damn thank you so much to the anon who's grabbing these so quickly

No. 597364

Tbh I feel like this is all an act and in the morning, or when jc returns it’ll be like nothing ever happened…

No. 597365

It's not because you wanted to convince yourself that it wasn't true because you're a good person. it's because you believed you were better than everyone else and thought you'd be the one to change him when no one else could. Because you wanted to make him your pet project to get more attention because nothing is ever good enough for you.

Stop dragging this out. Just end it. if you listened to anyone at all that had tried to actually help you before, you would have been out of this situation a long time ago, so you have no one to blame but yourself. End it while you have the chance and get your life back together.

No. 597366


What are the odds she actually ends it vs the odds she deletes all this tomorrow and with some excuse like, "all couples fight!" or, "i never meant it, muh mental illnesses!!" and "don't worry guys we're doing amazing!"

No. 597367

Nooo please, Taylor, I know you read here, this is the best thing you could EVER do for yourself.
Change the locks on your doors and throw his shit out on the street before its too late.

No. 597368

Oh I would put my entire savings account on this

No. 597370

It's unfortunate that it took her so long to realize he's scum.

Hopefully she can learb from this.

And hopefully she doesn't delete all these and let that manlet back into her life. If this is all pointing where wr think that is.

No. 597371

File: 1527664730407.jpg (25.17 KB, 328x270, description.jpg)

I really just hope not for her sake but like when does johnny get back anyway? also she has changed her twitter bio not to include him anymore. let's see

No. 597372

She already knew he was scum. he just believed that she was better than everyone else and thought she'd be the one to change him.
The best thing she could do is just end it. He's probably cheating on her right now.

No. 597373

o shit u think??

No. 597375

File: 1527664933511.png (45.79 KB, 750x415, IMG_2762.PNG)

This happened last time as well, however TND is still in his bio across social media. My guess is he's ignored her since he left for better pussy and she's throwing a fit at 2:00 am, but hasn't actually spoken to him about breaking it off.

No. 597376

File: 1527664957008.png (72.33 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-30-01-22-15…)

No. 597377

File: 1527665039623.png (186.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-30-01-23-59…)

He still has her on his bio on insta

No. 597378

This just proves she's in an attention-seeking-fueled tantrum. Her goal was for him to see it and call her immediately so she could cry on the phone and listen to him promise to be better.

No. 597379

Tbh the last thing I would worry about while fighting with my s.o. would be social media

No. 597380

oooohhhhh taylor you're doing such a big fuck up if that's the case please pack up his shit and keep the cats omggggg

No. 597381

File: 1527665376590.jpg (45.68 KB, 521x358, abuse.JPG)

I'm happy that she's realizing he's a piece of shit that can't be "healed" or whatever the fuck she was thinking, but I can tell you all that this won't last.
She'll be back to him in no time and absolutely regret it

No. 597382

Except…she's posting on social media. She's 100% just following the cycle of abuse and doesn't actually want to end things

No. 597383

File: 1527665548767.png (326.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2764.PNG)

She didn't even last an hour, only 2 surviving tweets remain. How long until those are gone too? Place your bets people.

No. 597384

omg such sweet milk rn

No. 597385

I'm scared that he's going to hurt her over this. It's gonna make him so mad to see these and you know he will, someone will show him.

No. 597388

I also fear for this. I really hope she's geared up to have him fully kicked out, as in his shit is in a box and ready waiting for him along with a police officer to monitor the situation and a changed lock.

No. 597389

yessss or her mother and father lol

No. 597395

Been in this type of relationship before, i’m Gonna bet that she’ll go back to him and apologize once she sees him face to face. She’ll lose all of her courage once he gets in her face and will even tell him that it’s her wrong doing even if he’s the asshole.

No. 597396

Is he not answering your calls and text messages, Taylor? Lol he probably cheated on her multiple times by now while he was away

No. 597407

yea a bunch of flowers, a ‘sorry babes’ and she’ll be back with him. You can just see it happening. This is also why you don’t by pets for short term boyfriends hahaaa

No. 597408

Okay but can I actually say how fucking annoying her stans are?
They were the same people who defended her and were like "but she's soooo happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy reeeeee" whenever people brought up the rape and abuse allegations against him.

No. 597413

So all the tweets seem to be gone now.

No. 597416

List of surprised people:


No. 597418

Maybe I'm just a terrible person, but I frankly don't feel the least bit sorry for her even if there is indeed some active abuse going on. She was warned about what kind of person JC is by so many people, but was simply just too arrogant to listen. On top of that Taylor had the nerve to laugh at his exes who told her about the abuse they went through. She knew exactly what she was getting into, so she's really not in a position to cry about it on social media.

Saged for useless rant.

No. 597419

Welp, every single tweet has since been deleted and his name is back in her bio. Disappointed but not surprised.

No. 597420

wowww that is disappointing

No. 597427

Same hahaaa also do you think it’s because her latest video hasn’t done as well as the others, she’s trying to stir up some drama and sympathy, drive more traffic to her. She has no backbone and always wants a pity party for her. She needs to grow tf up

No. 597430

To be honest i think she threw a fit not because she wasn't getting attention on her video but because she wasn't getting attention from him. She had a meltdown like this during his tour, but much less dramatic so she can't deny it this time. Thousands of fans saw those tweets and replied with how proud they were lol. I can't feel bad for her anymore, she craves attention and nothing else.

No. 597431

Oh I see. Yea why does she delete so many tweets is stupid. Stick to your guns.

No. 597464

Lol okay girl, you're threatening to expose him now to scare him into talking?

At this point I don't know how sorry I feel for her. She is ALLOWING herself to be abused because she is codependent on him, yet she clearly knows what's happening. I've been there and it was just me turning a blind eye because ''this person is so good to me'' bs when you have no one.

She's trash and she won't listen to anyone here because all we are doing is giving her the attention he doesn't give her, until she's in such desperate need for Jonny.

Hi Taylor, you deserve better but you're also as bad as this dude in other ways.

No. 597465

File: 1527681385375.png (34.49 KB, 649x189, Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.53…)

Chelsea's been tweeting about what Taylor said. Good chance JC got her to delete everything.

I feel bad for blaming her for staying because I know that's typical of abuse, but I can't get over how willingly she put not just herself, but her animals in this situation, and doesn't get out.

No. 597467

She probably deleted them because he gave her the attention she needed. Dude doesn't want to be exposed for what he is even if we have all these people screaming this or that.

Considering he's out of town she could have easily changed the locks or ran away to her parents (though considering her animals, just change the locks or tell whoever's in charge that there is an issue and for safety, you want to do this or that).

She's playing a manipulative game and she's probably winning even if she gets beat up or screamed at

No. 597470


I'm not sure getting beat up or screamed at counts as "winning," but yeah she's probably manipulating him right back. I'm sure being in a relationship with her is hell just mentally, even if she isn't physically abusive like he is.

Regardless of what she's doing or not doing though they are pretty exactly following the pattern/timeline his exes said they would. Cat adoption, drug use, fight when he goes on tour, keep making up and taking him back believing she'll "fix," him, etc.

No. 597479

Now that we have yet another straight up confirmation of JC's abuse or whatever, anyone else notice that she keeps all her animal cages locked now? Makes me think to those texts where she said JC was threatening to flush a kitten down the toilet, she probably wouldn't put it past him to fuck with one of her animals to get to her.

No. 597482

File: 1527683899149.jpg (50.67 KB, 585x449, Capture.JPG)

Chelsea screenshotted and posted everything on twitter. Hell yeah.

No. 597484

Yea definitely - I’m not getting attention from jc, threatening to expose everything on twitter, manages to get his attention, delete everything to keep the peace, and the cycle continues. She’s desperate for any kind of love, it’s sad. Even in her mental health video she said ‘animals won’t leave you’ shows she has a bit of an issue. Girls like that pick he wrong guys and stay with them no matter what because they’re desperate for love and attention

No. 597503

It's never been a secret with Taylor that she's dated (in her own words) 'the worst of people' so she didn't have to be alone. I think having a disabled brother on top of having to be partially homeschooled/no friends etc and thus no attention has added to her co-dependence on men. Tbh i wonder if this 'melt down' was planned because her first posts about being lonely perhaps went unnoticed by him? No matter the angle of this situation though i don't look at Taylor the same as i look at the other girls. She's had constant warning, she has financial stability and independence, a family and fanbase always willing to help her out etc..She has all the choices in the world. Jonny's a POS but i don't think he threatened her as Chelsea said, I just think he gave her the attention she wanted.

No. 597505

Taylor and her entire life is just a fucking trainwreck

No. 597507

..aaaaand he's back in her twitter bio with a heart. That lasted long.

No. 597509

They're definitely not breaking up. She did this when he was gone one extra day on tour too, then immediately went back to defending his arrest a few hours later

I don't understand her investment in such an ugly ass manlet, she has definitely gone downhill appearance wise but she can at least do better than Jonny. I guess her trash personality and pretending to be mentally and physically ill is a major turnoff for non psycho men though.

No. 597510

"allowing herself to be abused" is a pretty shitty way to say it. more like "she was stupid thinking she could fix him, but now she's trapped in the relationship"

No. 597511


Since she's so afraid of not being in a relationship at all times etc, it's pretty clear to me that she has daddy issues. Nothing will make a woman more prone to being co-dependent on men than a strained/distant/nonexistent father-daughter relationship.

No. 597515


I would say that's a better way to put it, IF she didn't have two/three of his exes, her family, the public, etc. etc. screaming at her that this was going to happen. And also if she didn't call his exes liars. She willingly walked into this situation, ignoring everyone's completely legitimate warnings, preferring to minimize their experiences and call them liars.

I still feel bad, but not that bad. She kinda did allow herself to be abused.

No. 597537

I kinda agree. I feel for anyone who is abused, but a tad more for those without any forewarning. You can't jump into a pool and not expect to get wet, especially when theres a crowd of people drenched from doing the same thing. I wonder a lot about the psychology behind why women enter relationships with known abusers. It's very concerning and I do worry for Taylor though.

No. 597539

I wouldn't say she's trapped when she seems to know very well what is happening but is only using it to get attention from him when he leaves.

If she walked into this not knowing anything and genuinely felt trapped she wouldn't be making public announcements about it.

I also wonder if Jonny is less likely to beat her up in obvious places because he knows that she's more public than his previous exes.

No. 597541


Exactly. Honestly, in her case, it really seems to be for attention. She's constantly martyring herself with her "illnesses" and "clinical depression". She loves being a victim, either for the attention or because it's a learned behavior with her mother. I really do hate to say this, but she's kind of an attention seeker and constant victim….this plays into her narrative perfectly.

No. 597542

The thing I dont understand is, she has a large following and could really take a stab at his career if she came forward. She might be scared he would "expose" her for smth, but I doubt he would have any proof and people would be far less likely to believe him since their precious Taylor has spoken out. I hope she gains the courage to actually leave him.

No. 597543


I also hope he does post some dirt on her though, and expose some of the shit we speculate that she does but doesn't have any solid proof. Him exposing her for her shit animal care is probably one of the reasons she's still clinging on

No. 597553

Not surprised she deleted all the tweets. Ugh why do people give Taylor this attention and feel so bad for her?? She WAS WARNED literally as soon as they got together. She was told about his past and his ways as soon as they started dating! You can’t use the excuse “they were my entire world” a week into your relationship. If you cling to people that soon/tightly you have a major problem and understanding of what a relationship is. Taylor is a piece of shit for continuing this relationship when she was warned this ENTIRE time, allowing Jonny to continue being abusive and manipulative (even though she’s obviously manipulative as hell too). You’re showing your dumbass stans especially that you should go running back to a man (shouldn’t even call him that) that treats you like shit the moment he finally gives you the attention you want. You were warned. You are STILL being warned. Especially now… if she hasn’t already, I fear she’s going to get raped or he’s going to physically hurt her. Listen to your thousands of fans that were actually happy for you leaving him Taylor… Well, disappointing you’ve run right back to his arms already.
Sage for ranting but damn it I really believed she was really going to leave and change for the better with some time on her own. I should have known better. Taylor is an idiot and brings this all on herself with all the warnings she’s had/gets. At this point this is your fault Taylor. You could have ended this. Enjoy knowing you’ve been cheated on many times, but you’ll still run back to your charming manlet.

No. 597559

File: 1527691735242.png (177.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2770.PNG)

Taylors likes. Does she think it's cute that she's a public shit show?

No. 597561

File: 1527691852296.png (27.17 KB, 576x200, weirdo.png)


No. 597572

Ok BARF… she wanted/wants a family with JC?? Jonny acts like he doesn’t even have a kid, even though he has a son with one of his exes. So he’s a rapist, a druggy, and an abuser to you Taylor but you want to get impregnated by this manlet and raise a baby with him??
Jesus fuck. Please listen to yourself. You can hardly handle being alone, owning 40+ animals, and your “EDS + depression” seem to just flare up at the most convenient of times when you don’t want to do work.
Do you know what having a baby is like?? Literally your best friend just had a baby. You don’t just get to “take breaks” for a few months like you do from your job. Jonny sure as fuck would leave you the moment you saw your pregnancy test lmao. Grossssss

No. 597579

Laughing @ ur message

No. 597581

That's a different tweet in her likes, not anon's text lol

No. 597585

so next time you will commit identity fraud? tight

No. 597586

you don't get to leave for two weeks and have one of your friends come over every day to take care of your baby in addition to your 40 animals

No. 597588

Wow she might have actually saved her career if she had some balls and actually spoke out.
Even when this train wreck of an abusive relationship ends, I can just see how nobody is going to give a shit anymore. She’s spineless. Maybe that’s the truth behind her physical pain.

No. 597590

100% he’s not with her right now because the money has run out or is limited.

No. 597601

File: 1527694123910.png (161.94 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-30-09-18-49…)

It's soo romantic, she have the heart and he the moneybags.
Go on, Taytay, get pregnant. That's a show I would like to watch.Your baby won't care if you have flare up,you still need to feed him, change him and even if you do it, he will cry for no reason, unlike your animals.

No. 597603

Kek yes anon it's one of her likes, I'd never associate with someone who genuinely enjoyed Taylor.

No. 597605


lol same, i've actually had to distance myself from people who I've made aware of her shit but still support her

No. 597607

I hope for her sake she doesn't let him back in her life or the apartment.

No. 597609

>>597590 I never got a screenshot but she donated to someone’s gofundme for their dad and only donated $100. I believe she also mentioned being sorry she couldn’t donate more. So her money is definitely running out (also makes sense considering how many videos she’s been putting out lately).

No. 597610

I feel like one of the most frustrating things is that she has the means to leave him and save herself, she just wont do it.

No. 597614

File: 1527694622638.png (84.2 KB, 608x872, nope.png)

Predictable but I fear for her and her animals.
Just move out ninja style next time he's on tour Taylor.
Only tell your parents and leave it off Twitter.

No. 597632

File: 1527696008691.jpg (29.05 KB, 595x158, Capture.JPG)

No. 597634

I 100% agree with this.

No. 597635

File: 1527696021776.jpg (57.43 KB, 588x622, Capture1.JPG)

No. 597637


Mama dean seems aware of what's happening, maybe

No. 597640

I feel bad for Chelsea because JC is still massively obsessed with her and she still deals with that in favour of trying to bring Taylor to the light. And I get her motive, she went through some scary ass shit and she clearly doesn’t like Taylor but still wants to get her out before it’s too late. I respect her for that. I used to think she was just being obsessive and move on but I can understand that instict to protect and prevent someone from being abused.

It’s shitty of Taylor to basically make a mockery of the reality just because she wants attention because she got “lonely”. Grow up, you’re being abused and you’re using the situation as a crutch for attention. Get out and get help. I’m not even sure she actually loves him in all honesty

No. 597642

She’s aware. She’s a shit fucking mom. Her daughter is being abused and manipulated and she’s making subtweets like that’s suddenly going to make her get out. Personality and animal husbandry aside, Taylor is going through some fucked up shit and the fact that her mom is just like “love her! She’s perfect! You’re doing amazing sweetie!” We know you read this, so hi Jenny! You’re a shitty fucking parent to both your kids and I place so much weight on your shoulders for supporting a relationship where you know he’s an addict and abused.

It truly baffles me that she thinks a subtweet will fix everything and her delusions make me want to have her checked out.

No. 597643

they’ve been dating for like 6 months and she’s already thinking about having fucking kids with him?? LMAO

No. 597647

I wanna hear from himmmmm omg I want to know when he's getting back

No. 597649

me too, how do ya think he’ll react?

No. 597650

I think he's going to hurt her or the animals.

No. 597656

I think he does have some shit on her for sure. Probably animals dying, replacing them, empty water bowl, unclean tanks and so on. He could probably really expose her too

No. 597657

She'll probably find a way to blame it all on him since she never thinks she's in the wrong.

No. 597658

he has this power over her, but I don't think he gives a fuck if she talks about the shit he's done. we all know he's trash. I hope she stays strong against him and gets out

No. 597670

He didn’t say anything anywhere on social media last time they broke up. I think he even denied what had happened. But who knows what he says/does in private.

No. 597672

delete this. no pictures of people under 16.

No. 597681

Delete this please. No minors for safety reasons.

However, did not know he had a daughter.

No. 597682

File: 1527700173515.jpeg (289.09 KB, 1263x1592, 07398B89-F30F-4133-AA82-B1C51A…)

Is she just bad with time or does she really lie about everything for no reason? She posted that she got her lips done in October, definitely not well over a year ago.

No. 597683

File: 1527700316584.jpeg (152.29 KB, 1242x528, D656A1B3-208C-4F85-AB48-49C57E…)

Hmm but she cares enough to attack people that were trying to tell taylor’s young followers not to date a man like Jonny.

No. 597687

File: 1527700725318.jpg (354.1 KB, 805x1371, Screenshot_20180530-131703.jpg)

An interview where Jonny mentioned the kid. I have a bad habit of hitting new reply instead of browse to add the photo, my bad! I hope I did this all correctly.


No. 597688

Mama Dean seriously freaks me out. She acts so psycho I can't even understand what's happening most of the time. Does she think she makes sense and anyone actually cares?? Or does she know everyone is mocking her and she plays into it for attention??

No. 597689

And who wants to bet when they do break up (bc lets be honest their shitty relationship won't last) he will expose all these things she did, but she will then go on rants and make videos about how he abused her. How he is making all these things up to slander her, lie and destroy her career just because they broke up. It will be poor me poor me, I'm a victim and you should feel bad for me.
You deserve zero sympathy Taylor. You were warned since day 1. I know this probably sounds cold but even if she really is being physically/mentally abused, I truly don't feel sorry for her. She brought this on herself when people told her he's a druggy and a RAPIST! What do you expect! I feel so bad for her animals though.

No. 597695

I used to kinda think the same thing, Chelsea did seem a bit like an obssessive ex and I thought to myself, just move on and you'll be happier. But I have gained huge respect for her since then. She doesn't want to see another young girl, especially with the potential Taylor has, get raped and abused by this disgusting human being. I respect her for it. Taylor said herself she wants to get called out on her actions. Chelsea has been calling her out since the beginning, and all she's done is mock and ridicule her in return.
lollll Taylor does not love Jonny. Those tweets she made says it all. There is no love between them. He just wants money and young pussy, and she just wants constant attention and to live the lavish lifestyle. I think she just denies it and tries to convince herself she loves him, that she is the one that will suddenly change him for the better. Idk why the fuck she'd want to get pregnant by someone like JC.

No. 597703


This exactly. Chelsea has gotten nothing but my respect from day 1. Honestly, the way she deals with this situation, especially now that everything she said would happen is now happening, is pretty classy considering the circumstances.

The best thing that can come of this is that her super young fans know what NOT to look for in a relationship

No. 597705

Did anyone notice how Jonny put Taylor as "his beautiful queen" in his Twitter bio

No. 597708

File: 1527702095456.jpeg (193.02 KB, 750x1097, 7EA4D15D-75DA-40E7-A105-C6E564…)

No. 597711

holy crap, he has a son AND a daughter? she really looks exactly like johnny

No. 597719

File: 1527702377935.jpeg (437.64 KB, 1233x1469, DE139845-DD5D-45F5-868B-C7F154…)

Look how tiny he is. Somewhere in that shirt is a Jonny Craig

No. 597721

I really fucking hope he doesn’t touch any of the animals. fuck taylor for bringing so many innocent animals into such an unsafe situation

No. 597722

The manipulation is fucking strong

No. 597724

File: 1527702638241.jpeg (233.35 KB, 1242x1070, 7CCD0C16-8B9A-4A6C-9CCB-DA4A75…)

No. 597725

Agreed. Taylor brought this shitty relationship and abuse on herself. But those animals do not deserve it. Fuck I can already see him shattering the glass to cages, hurting or even killing those animals, esp the sensitive ones. He already threated to flush the (now) dead kitten down the toilet… How do we know he wasn't serious? How do we know he isn't the one that killed the kitten in the first place and she bit her tongue as she said and covered it up for him?? Fuck dude I'm afraid for her animals.

No. 597726

Why the fuck would he actually like this oh my god. He thinks it's fucking funny that he's a rapist

No. 597747

No, he threat to flush Nemo. Thinking he kill the grey cat is reaching, either the cat die because it was fuck up since day 1 or die because of negligence of Taylor, at the end of the day it's the same shit.

No. 597750

File: 1527705358769.png (771.74 KB, 1125x2436, 7632C6B6-F9B3-4F78-A8F2-E184AB…)

No. 597752

File: 1527705390417.png (581.84 KB, 1125x2436, 0965A98D-D57E-4097-8764-8EA2F6…)

No. 597765


Fucking preach. She isn't ready to leave at all. She just wanted attention from her abuser.

No. 597773

very good example being set by the family friendly pet mom for her 12yo followers

No. 597781

I am a debt collector and that is exactly how I open outbound calls.

No. 597795

File: 1527708513043.jpeg (212.6 KB, 750x828, 12532309-3D8C-4DCD-BB04-5687BB…)

Since these satanics are so delicate, couldn’t a fall from this height cause damage? Why must she risk putting animals in bad positions just for Instagram?

No. 597798

can this bitch ever just take a picture of the animals IN their enclosures

No. 597800

no anon, obviously it crawled onto the stick like that all by itself and taylor picked it up for a quick pic then put it right back. and you can't see it, but she's only a couple inches off the ground in case he falls. it's just not in the frame of the pic. /s

No. 597805

Definitely wouldn’t be surprised f she owed money. She spends more than she makes and mostly on frivilous things, really would be surprised if Jonny spent money in her name and they’re officially running out. She doesn’t post enough videos to be able to have a constant stream of YouTube money coming in

No. 597812

>They're definitely natural again.
How high are you, fucking christ on a cracker.
They are so far from "natural" its absurd.

No. 597813

They change shape every month, just admit it and grow up. No one gives a shit if you get it done, they care if you’re lying about it. Lying about your lips is the last thing you should be focused on lying about

No. 597820

That seems oddly specific, how do you know this?

No. 597821

No parent would sit there and watch their daughter go through an abusive relationship, even if she chooses to be a part of it.

Then again, half of this thread went into melt down when she did try to help so I can't blame her a 100% even if she's a shit person.

Its obviously Taylor!! /s

No. 597824

/s means the person had just been speaking sarcastically. "end sarcasm."

No. 597851

All of this pretty much falls in line with the pattern his exes described. It'll take several times for her (or for her to run out of money) to break up.

I don't doubt for a second she got word he's using and/or cheating on her. But honestly this whole thing is partly on her because she got told several times he's a piece of shit. She even laughed at Chelsea.

No. 597872

Oh my bad hahaa sorry

No. 597879

Very much a reach, but I've had a few drinks and I feel like speculating: Could it be possible that Taylor purposefully and knowingly landed herself in an abusive relationship because she knew it would get her attention? I've dealt with a few narcissists in my lifetime, and those types of people will do absolutely anything to get their fix of narc fuel (which in Taylor's case is attention).

No. 597886


I don't think Taylor is a narc, I think she's extremely unhealthy emotionally and mentally. Yet, I think it's from her parents. She seems highly codependent as if all her worth relies on what she can do for other people and attention she receives. I think her and narcs are drawn to each other and that she'd rather stay in the cycle than educate herself. I also think it's why she keeps getting so many animals, she needs to be needed to feel worth but I think she's just deeply broken and won't get help.

No. 597897

File: 1527715986588.jpeg (410.19 KB, 1242x1719, 27D0295D-921B-411F-80A6-F342FF…)

Chelsea was right all along

No. 597898

I don't think Taylor got into the relationship specifically to get attention from fans, because in that case she would get loads if she actually left him and exposed him. I've followed her since she first got with her ex boyfriend Will, and at the time she said he helped get her out of her last abusive relationship and fell in love with him. After around a year she broke up with him and once (probably deleted now) said in an IG reply that it was because she was very young and needed to focus on herself. She seems to be in this cycle of 'I'm gonna focus on myself' and then 'no wait i NEED romantic attention from whoever will give it to me'. Perhaps though Jonny really does have dirt on her too.

No. 597900

I think it was for attention, but not in the sense that she was looking to be seen as a victim. I think it was more along the lines of "I'm a "famous" youtuber who is dating a "famous" rockstar", and thought she was gonna be hot shit for it.

She grossly underestimated JC and the impact he'd have on her.

From all the evidence gathered about her, she's a girl who's deeply depressed and lonely, and tries to fill the void by hoarding and having unhealthy relationships because that's the only way in which she can feel she's worth something. Like, all her life was online. She never developed a healthy sense of worth or any healthy relationships with other people.

All the luxuries she has, the animals, her appearance, they're all a front.

Girls like her often end up in abusive situations because their perception of themselves is so warped they can't distinguish what a healthy relationship should be like.

This is why it's so easy for men like JC to predate on girls like her. Because she lacks the maturity and mental health to realize she's being used and abused.

No. 597901

File: 1527716349257.jpeg (198.06 KB, 1242x895, 599418C2-0C6C-4953-94E4-AB5DB6…)

No. 597903


Definitely hit the nail on the head there. Especially considering how many times Taylor has bragged that she used to listen to Jonny's music as a pre/early teenager and now is dating him.

No. 597908


Did she really? I could of swore her say she didn't even know who he was until she started dating him

No. 597909

I can understand that being in a toxic relationship for however long can have hold and it takes time to heal, but I hate the fact these exes are making it about themselves.

No. 597912

File: 1527717110833.jpeg (253.92 KB, 1124x1351, 20DDE4FF-9F8A-4027-A1A1-E0C0F1…)

No. 597914

Chelsea isn’t making it about “her” in my eyes. Chelsea was raped by Jonny. She went through the abuse, rape, drugs, and cycles of the relationship while with him. Taylor got with Jonny, and Chelsea warned her. She did have her back and tried to tell her. She told her everything she knew, and what would happen. Guess what Taylor did? She and Jonny both laughed and ridiculed her on social media, calling her a liar.
Well look now. Chelsea was right and does deserve an apology. She did everything she could for Taylor and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Yet Taylor just mocked her in return. Chelsea was a victim and tried to warn her, many, many times. Now Taylor just outed Jonny as being abusive even though she’s now deleted the tweets, it’s all out there with screenshots. She’s finally truly proved herself as the one in the wrong (even though we’ve all known it already, she would just never admit it until last night).

No. 597915

File: 1527717225321.jpg (67.77 KB, 750x1187, 34162917_462266594231179_52328…)

No. 597916

File: 1527717241504.jpg (81.84 KB, 750x1005, 34036324_462266607564511_32969…)

No. 597917

i literally cannot stand her. how in the world can she just tweet shit like this when her daughter just cried for help to try to get away from her abusive boyfriend? even if taylor ""wants to stay"", her mom should get the fuck off twitter and go talk some sense into her daughter. or at least call her and ask her if she's okay.

No. 597927

I agree her mom needs to step in, but honestly guys I wonder how much she can really do? Idk much about how law enforcement can step in, the last time her mom was concerned about her when they started dating Taylor literally wouldn’t talk to her, what is she going to do? Call the cops and say my daughter won’t talk to me? She’s an adult, she makes her own decisions… now maybe if her mom showed law enforcement pictures of these deleted tweets, as a cry for help, maybe they could hopefully get involved. But other than that… if Taylor refuses to talk to her, what can her mom really do? Call for a wellness check randomly I suppose. Does anyone know when Jonny comes back home?

No. 597930

All of this just makes it way more messed up that Taylor keeps buying Jonny his own animals. First the bearded dragon, and now the milksnake a couple of days ago. I wonder if she’d let him take them if they actually broke up for more than 5 minutes.

No. 597933

(Same anon, adding to this comment)
Plus I feel like the problem is Taylor has already taken him back. If she was still like last night, outing him or if she hadn’t deleted the tweets, it would appear she’s ready to leave. While he’s away she should be changing locks and have his stuff packed up with a police officer there when he comes back. But Taylor has already gone back to “Jonnycraig4l ❤️❤️“. She took him back. She has no intention of leaving him at this moment. If anything she’ll just tell her mom “yeah we were just going through a rough patch I’m fine.” OR if she does admit all the abuse to her mom over a phone call, her mom needs to be recording the call to use as evidence she’s crying for help if need be. Im afraid for when he comes home, I feel like all her animals are in such an unsafe environment at this point. Taylor brings shit on herself but not on the animals, they don’t deserve it.

No. 597934

Being with a narc changes you. It becomes an out of body experience where you're watching yourself and going "what the fuck?! what are you doing??" but you keep doing it. You learn what sets them off and can manipulate them right back for a fix. It's gross but hard to stop until you learn to sit in those quiet moments when they're ignoring you, wake up and get out instead of pushing their buttons for more. And when things are good, you think "maybe that was just a fluke and we're good now" but that cycle starts again. You exhaust your friends who don't understand but want to help and then you start to feel like you have no one which makes it harder to leave. Hopefully her parents will step up instead of just passive aggressively tweeting about her. Pushing Taylor away won't do any good, but Jen is just seeking her own attention and helped create this monster.

I've been watching Jonny cycle through women for years and could recognize the pattern right off of instagram. It's stupidly text book, just like chelsea said

She's going to throw those fits several more times before she actually gets out and hopefully she can still pull herself together.

No. 597937

Jonny abandons all of his pets that he’s had with his exes. This will be no different and will be for the best at the very least. When he’s not with a girl to leech off of, he is always homeless until he finds a new girl.

No. 597938

Honestly if my ex and his girlfriend publicly humilliated me, made fun of the things I confided in her, straight up lied and made fun of the abuse I suffered because of him, and finally got to see her proving me right all along, you bet your ass I'll speak up about it. Taylor was a massive bitch to Chelsea for the sake of a man, so I am 100% behind her.

No. 597940

File: 1527718124153.jpg (68.82 KB, 747x1141, 34017490_462268980897607_97067…)

Taylor had a wellness check by her parents back in December, i think Jennifer is as lost as anyone else who's tried to help her tbh

No. 597943

In regard to animals, he has abandoned many pets, but he also can be vindictive. He took Chelsea's cat(s), I am positive of one but for some reason I think it was two. The cat was then forced to live in a druggie environment with blood spatters on the wall because he was going through one of his addict phases. He didn't want the cat, pawned it off on other people, just to keep the cat from Chelsea. She cried a lot about this on Twitter in the past, and it took her a long time to get the cat back. I would not put it past him at all to be vengeful about her animals or 'his' animals.

No. 597944

That may explain her constant crying while he’s gone. She calls it “panic attacks” but we all know it’s because Jonny wasn’t giving her attention. I wonder if he just wouldn’t call or text her back for days, which would def signal that he’s cheating on her, which we all know he is. He just wants pussy and money. She’s crying and complaining about being alone.
I find it so ironic she got her “By Myself” tattoo to show how she had to learn to be alone and be happy with her self.. You clearly can’t handle being alone and without constant attention from Jonny? Very hypocritical.

No. 597948


one named Pepper i think? Chelsea said he had ripped her from her arms when he was running off to be with Liz, and then Liz on her stream said Jonny lost said cat whilst he was living with her and that she found them by the porch or something days later.

No. 597952

Within the next few days, Jonny’s cycle will include him gushing about her on Twitter, how she makes him a better man, how sorry he is for the mistakes he’s made, how he wants to love her and cherish her forever and make it up to her. Because that’s his “queen”, obviously. He’ll also go on Instagram and post selfies of them, and of her, and gush some more about her looks, and how she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
And remember, he will never mention anything about her personality.. because he doesn’t care. It’s about her looks and money. He is so textbook abusive, it’s crazy.

No. 598052

File: 1527724401959.jpeg (203.5 KB, 1357x997, C6AB5483-710F-4BAC-BBD9-C71E01…)

No. 598053

File: 1527724413506.jpeg (190.24 KB, 1304x1428, C40A81EF-7991-41A8-9502-2E4BF7…)

No. 598060


WHAT?!?!?!?! How is accusing someone of abuse and everything else she said a premature reaction to a text that wasn't true?!?! TAYLOR IS CANCELED, I'M SO DONE.

No. 598062

File: 1527724667016.jpeg (193.27 KB, 1382x1101, 2419E605-FF02-4B8C-9A22-3D570B…)

No. 598063

File: 1527724675968.jpeg (195.36 KB, 1391x1126, 2D8C8EE1-6328-406F-8350-5FB75A…)

No. 598065

File: 1527724905232.jpg (140.65 KB, 471x352, tnd1.jpg)

No. 598066

Kek so everything you said you kept silent about suddenly isn't true and he makes you feel loved and valued suddenly? Ok TayTay, sure.

No. 598067

Is she suggesting abusing painkillers isn't serious?

No. 598068

File: 1527724990021.jpeg (242.21 KB, 1291x1425, 29C4FB50-CB98-4BE5-AC88-FCD552…)

No. 598071

this is such bullshit, lmao. where did she find out that it "wasn't true" if he isn't even in town? JC himself?

No. 598074

Looks like Chelsea was right. I bet anything he treated her or threatened to kill himself and now she has to cover what she said up.

No. 598075

File: 1527725332899.png (17.29 KB, 582x255, 32593259295329532532.png)


No. 598076

File: 1527725412277.jpg (86.01 KB, 471x140, tnd3.jpg)

No. 598079

Anyone wanna take bets on how long it is until Taylor is pregnant lmao. Liz & Chelsea said before that he always tried to get them pregnant and since Taylor apparently wants a family with someone she's known less than a year I feel like she's gonna be that girl who thinks a kid/engagement etc will save their relationship

No. 598080

But you spend the ENTIRETY of your relationship saying he was sober and acting snarky when people called you out on it. She's so fucking pathetic.

No. 598082

Holy fucking shit this girl is pathetic how the fuck do people still support her wtf

No. 598087

I hope these two don't breed.

I know it's a long shot… but I can hope.

No. 598089

How does she explain the multiple days before last night when she was crying about being lonely and couldn’t stop having panic attacks?

No. 598090

File: 1527726309074.png (101.31 KB, 750x722, IMG_2807.PNG)

Guys it's FINE if he uses, as long as he's honest!!!!! Duh.

No. 598092


what about the constant weed use???

No. 598094

being someone who is close to a person who dates an addict, this is a really familiar phrase, lol.
i don't care if you get fucked up, as long as you're "safe"!!
such bullshit. she's stuck on a really slippery slope.

No. 598096

He doesnt have the fucking personality of an addict that wants to change. He doesnt own up to anything and is just such an ugly soul.. he wont change.

No. 598100

Doing drugs is not a big enough action to warrant you going out and confirming everything about him is true??? Bitch lie better!!!

No. 598103

He's "slipped up". Bitch, he's never stopped using.

He's not sober if he's always drinking.

He's not sober if you have to make him take piss tests to make sure he's not using.

He's not sober if you have to be attached at the hip to make sure he doesn't use.

This is so infuriating.

No. 598104

Imagine if she had a kid. She'd probably do those stupid "weird dog" jokes a hellova lot more

No. 598108

Does she actually think anyone believes her? The lying is so bad it's painful to read.

No. 598119

no worries. it's a super useful way to clearly show you're being sarcastic since tone can be so hard to understand over text sometimes.

I feel so bad for these women (except taylor.) at the same time I respect their integrity and strength so much (except taylor)

this is what makes me saddest. the animals in the situation. taylor should rehome jonny and 80% of the other animals in the house, keep the cats and maybe JUST the monitor or the cats and like the fish or something idk

omfg he is an actual monster. poor cat. poor chelsea.

omg no this is so bullshit. all of it. drugs have always been involved and I believe this is all about cheating now, and he just turned it on her and made her feel SUPER guilty about those tweets so that now she's trying to make it up by defending him and everything, even though she's shit at it lol

No. 598121

File: 1527727742878.jpeg (155.34 KB, 1388x898, 176CE3DC-E837-4B75-A8C8-F88998…)

So she claims she was only freaking out last night because she thought he had been using this whole time, but at the same time they’ve been doing drug tests more than once a week? Sure.

No. 598123

I can’t imagine how much this stunt pissed off Jonny. I genuinely worry for her animals. I guess we’ll be hearing soon about another one who died and there was ‘nothing she could do’. Also, how tf isn’t she more concerned about the painkillers? It means he’s still in contact with a dealer willing to deal something harder than weed.

No. 598126

so he's "only" slipped up twice while they've been dating? that's a lot considering they've only been together since november/december lmfao

No. 598127

File: 1527728063416.jpg (175.24 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20180530-195353_Twi…)

No. 598128

File: 1527728095831.jpg (276.19 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20180530-195429_Twi…)

Apparently hes doing programs but theres no proof

No. 598131

File: 1527728238191.png (115.43 KB, 750x834, IMG_2812.PNG)

When people called her out that taking one Vicodin wouldn't do anything for him, she ASSURES us that the science of addiction and tolerance build up does not apply to Jonny and he just can't take anything!

No. 598133

If he's doing programs how come she is the one administering piss tests to make sure he isn't relapsing?

No. 598136

OMG these lies have me dying. Nightly piss tests, how romantic!

No. 598137

File: 1527728776741.png (127.4 KB, 750x992, IMG_2813.PNG)

No. 598143

So I guess she expects everyone to forget the "time and time again" and "from day one" shit in her tweets and believe this is a one time thing? LMAO okay

No. 598149

is she on drugs while she's writing this shit lol
"unconditional love from me as long as"…… that's not what the word unconditional means girl

this is why I think he flipped shit on her for tweeting that stuff and made everything into her fault. she's saying anything she can now to defend him even if it's utter bullshit

No. 598151

File: 1527730625681.jpg (171.09 KB, 1078x705, IMG_20180530_183543.jpg)

No. 598152

FUCK I'm so mad she didn't just spill everything. She was this close. Definitely more than just relapsing with PAIN KILLERS come the fuck on Taylor.
Everyone was supporting of her for one second and she fucks it up. Who would believe that they take piss tests more than once a week? Oh yeah, her 12 year old fans.
He is going to be so pissed at her when he gets home, I'm kind of afraid for her.
Surprisingly she has given no excuse for the spot under her eye, and coincidentally she just mentions about the shit she has been quiet about.

The amount of damage control and lying is astounding. All these programs and outpatient that has mysteriously never have been mentioned in any way. They definitely would have mentioned it and bragged about how much he is "getting better".

My bet is that "slipping up on pain killers" is code for "slipping up on shooting up"

No. 598157

this is so wild like tbh I didn't expect shit to hit the fan so soon but then I think about it and I'm like they've been together for so long! she gotta get out!!

No. 598184

She deleted all the tweets again.

No. 598191

Yup everything is gone.

No. 598192

File: 1527733279691.jpeg (299.38 KB, 1242x1403, 63D7B1F0-F805-4881-8E96-969219…)

Taylor liked this tweet.. some of her fans are clueless

No. 598195

File: 1527733305400.jpeg (468.87 KB, 1242x1705, A60998BA-BD5B-44CA-9AEC-16CAE9…)

No. 598197

I feel so bad for chelsea in all of this, watching taylor live through this even though she was warned. Chelsea is still fighting for her even though she's being called a liar.

No. 598198

i'm pretty sure they don't hand out restraining orders willy nilly

No. 598199

evidence is key……. I’m enraged. I can’t fucking stand these people.

I feel so bad for Chelsea too.

No. 598201

She deleted some but I’m still seeing most of them.

No. 598204

"oh hey jonny one sec stop trying to shoot me up, i need to grab my phone and take a video of this"

yep, evidence is totally key

No. 598232

File: 1527737184558.jpeg (400.62 KB, 1125x2436, 89D5A3CC-1C80-48B8-8CEA-B11DE1…)

This girls TL is an endless amount of excuses. If this doesn’t prove what a liar and manipulator she is, idk what will.

No. 598241

Is she ever going to move on with her life and stop being so dramatic about someone else's?

No. 598244

She lies and she lies and she lies. It's instinctive with her.

No. 598251

No. 598252

If I were Jonny I would be pissed as hell for her airing my shit out on Twitter of all places, warranted or not. That would be a normal reaction for him to have.

I don’t believe any of this. I don’t believe she received a “mysterious text” about him using. For DAYS before her little twitter meltdown, she was tweeting about how she “felt so alone,” “nobody cares about me,” “crying all day a bloo bloo bloo” and it’s obviously targeted at Jonny who was presumably ignoring her. She has her twitter meltdown and instantly regrets it, so she makes up a story for him and the public about a “mysterious text” that made her freak out and it’s totally not her fault, guys.

Jonny’s a piece of shit but so is Taylor. They’re both codependent and manipulative. Taylor was so quick to say “I gave you EVERYTHING,” like yeah… he was homeless, unemployed, and a fucking junkie with liver failure when you scooped him. Abuse is about power imbalance, and Taylor is the one who has power over him. He’s financially dependent on her for the most part. Her tweeting like that could destroy his life and career with how rabid her fans are and she KNOWS this.

Jonny’s an abusive rapist piece of shit, but considering who she is, they deserve each other.

No. 598257

No, her mom confirmed in an old periscope stream that Taylor was a fangirl of manlet prior to them meeting. She also said that T really wanted to date Post Malone instead, but ended up settling for Jonny lol.

No. 598276

Doesn't Post Malone have a long-term girlfriend though, Taylor probably took a friendly conversation with him as nearly dating him and he probably shaded her when she got too intense

No. 598277

File: 1527741489887.png (112.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6372.PNG)

gross. i guess he's home tomorrow

No. 598304

I want to write to all of the companies who hire her 4 sponsorships on her YT channel. I bet they don’t even know that they’re allowing some druggy rapist to shoot up on their dollar. Maybe Taylor will reconsider her position on social media when companies don’t hire her for round 2 and the money dries up. Then she’ll have no choice but to clean up her act. And Johnny will leave because there’s no more money. It’s a win win situation.

Also Taylor’s an idiot if she thinks that Johnny won’t try to sue her for her money when the relationship finally ends. He’ll try and take whatever money she has left by using screen shots from these threads and claiming for false allegations or w/e his lawyer says.

He’s got new teeth, more followers, a place to stay and a chick desperate to be b**ed. He won’t allow her to walk away for good anytime soon. At least, not until he has a new girl and knows taylor has enough money in the bank to be worth leaving and suing.

What is taylor getting?
Wake up girl

No. 598313

File: 1527746359629.jpeg (181.79 KB, 1242x1292, 47402CAE-FB12-4A9D-93D6-7B6094…)

No. 598314

File: 1527746465873.jpeg (359.9 KB, 1242x1686, 29AE0773-8877-4C5C-9C52-09A672…)

No. 598318

File: 1527747050186.png (71.65 KB, 619x629, jesus.png)

Wow much education, captive line-bred fish have a wild origin. Best animal educator ever!! Next she'll be letting the world know that goldfish are in the wild!!!

except they're not in the wild, and neither are bettas. they're both domestic species that have been hybridised with similar species in their genus lol.

No. 598323

God that Alana girl. Hope she goes to college.

No. 598326

"come home" she says like they didn't move in together after 2 months of dating lol

No. 598329

I was in a toxic relationship last year. The fact that Taylor is so wishy washy with whatever fuck ups Jonny does tells me she's fed up and wants to leave; I was the same way with my ex. She thinks she can fix him but she can't, like one of her animals. I used to snap at simple things my ex would do and break up, get back together, repeat. She's fed up and wants to leave stuck on the, well it's good sometimes cycle. I used to be a fan till she started dating this douchebag. Disappointed it's not over yet.

No. 598330

File: 1527748669691.jpg (30.56 KB, 320x200, image.jpg)

Lying is like breathing for Taylor at this point. I can't believe how dumb her fans are, you have to be dumber than dirt to think she's an honest person.
It's so obvious she's angry he left her at home to take care of her animals. He wasn't texting her much as she wanted either, so she she decided to narc rage on Twitter.
She probably doesn't even regret her actions. Her fans believe her, he's coming back to her, AND she has more negative attention from her "haters" to milk for sympathy; It's a win-win-win for Taylor.

I'm sure Johnny is abusive to her, but she's keeps choosing to put herself, her pets, and her family in danger all while laughing at the women he's abused. She's scum.

No. 598371

File: 1527755737939.jpeg (440.1 KB, 1125x1119, 72424195-9EFF-455E-BE09-801085…)

No. 598372

File: 1527755788639.jpeg (458.15 KB, 1125x1123, C3B2D1D8-8881-4C21-BA98-1F9751…)

Well DAMN… hahaha

No. 598396

I genuinely think she thought getting with him would elevate her status into somewhat famous, because she’s dating a singer from a band. But he’s scum and no one cares. She’s always reaching on twitter, trying to be something she’s not.

No. 598402

File: 1527764025006.png (42.85 KB, 612x315, ok.png)

arguments about your drug abuse/abusive ways aren't really normal

No. 598413

I am so shocked that mama dean hasn't said more on the situation to be honest…

When Taylor and JC do finally break up I am so ready for Jen's tweets.

No. 598422

''My impression was to leave because he had been lying''
I wouldn't be surprised if he's cheating or doing actual drugs. No way is this dude 'true' to anything. She is fooling herself yet again and many of us here seem to be familiar with the cycle.

You all were shouting how she's oh so abused but it's clear she wants to be there and she doesn't give a fuck if he's using or cheating as long as she has the attention she needs. She's excusing everything he does like there's no tomorrow and she's enabling him so hard.

When all of this fails and she ends up doing some petty shit for his attention, nothing will come out (and if it does there will be contradictions because she's a shit liar) for a while until she can make videos on it and act how she knew nothing and she didn't say anything about his previous exes lmao.

People here thinking anything juicy will come out need to remember that this is a bad liar talking and a drug user. They won't keep their stories straight for shit, though it's possible that Jonny may expose some of her animal care but will we really take Jonnys word for it? Not to mention she could probably keep him silent with some of that cash.

No. 598429

Oh wow, this is hilarious. It's so clear what happened. She assumes he's using drugs to a point she dumps him and goes on that rant, then magically believes whatever excuse he gave her. She absolutely knows he's lying but wants to believe he's telling the truth, so she does. This whole thing is riddled with so many lies from both her and him. She'd have been smarter not to address her rant lol. Her damage control has made it worse.

Every time something like this happens I expect it to cause her to lose a ton of stans.. Doesn't seem she can do any wrong though.

No. 598444


he said NEW FLASH. He probably thinks that's the saying, as dumb as he is. lol

Jonny's always been forced into rehab. Not one time did he says "you know what, i'm checking myself in." He's a lifelong addict with no desire to change. She's not going to be the one to change him. She's gotta admit that she's not the special magical partner who will change him. before she'll leave and she seems to have too much pride for that to happen any time soon.

When she's actually ready to be done, no one's gonna give a shit or even believe her because she'll have cried wolf on Twitter so many times.

No. 598447


he said NEW FLASH. He probably thinks that's the saying, as dumb as he is. lol

Jonny's always been forced into rehab. Not one time did he says "you know what, i'm checking myself in." He's a lifelong addict with no desire to change. She's not going to be the one to change him. She's gotta admit that she's not the special magical partner who will change him. before she'll leave and she seems to have too much pride for that to happen any time soon.

When she's actually ready to be done, no one's gonna give a shit or even believe her because she'll have cried wolf on Twitter so many times.

No. 598469

I think she thinks as long as she’s not around him he’s magically back to drugs and cheating. She NEEDS to be with him 25/8 to make sure he’s not doing any of that. That’s why they’re always together I bet. She’s trying so hard to fix him and force it.

No. 598471

Damn son. Taylor really knows how to pick them.

No. 598472


Uhhh, betta splendens/Siamese fighting fish are found in the wild.

"This species is native to the Mekong basin of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. The fish can be found in standing waters of canals, rice paddies and floodplains. It is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN."

This is like saying bc ball pythons are bred in captivity, there are no longer wild ball pythons lol

No. 598479

File: 1527776980229.png (74.09 KB, 554x458, IMG_8695.PNG)

when I was an athlete i got tested a lot and things can move out of your system fast. For example I knew someone who smoked weed the night before a test and was fine, so I'm a little skeptical about urine tests proving he's sober.

No. 598485

It really does matter how much he actually takes but he’s been doing drugs so long there’s no way he hasn’t built up some sort of tolerance and needs to up his dosage for the drugs he’s abusing. I don’t think they do urine tests at all, it’s just a lie she made. She has time to buy all this urine tests and test her boyfriend but can’t put out a YouTube video?

I like how she’s acting like her relationships grand but she doesn’t trust her boyfriend at all. Her lies just keep exposing her even more

No. 598487

Exactly… they both act like they are just in the most wonderful relationship and love each other soooo much, but god they’re just exposing how toxic their relationship is even more.
Jonny has already gone back to calling Taylor pet names and is any moment now gonna start gushing about her on Twitter and Instagram. And Taylor’s gonna eat it right up. They are both so gross

No. 598493

More things to think about…her audience. They’re going to think this is okay and normal and that this is a good relationship to hope for. Like you know you’re audience is young and yet to put this out there like it’s okay? No way she can be a mom. She can barely be a pet mom.

No. 598501

Most of her younger audience probably doesn't follow her on Twitter or doesn't see half of the tweets because she deletes them.

No. 598502

Why does she have to do drug tests if she has apparently never done drugs?

No. 598503

Idk you’d be surprised just how obsessive kids get about their “faves”.

No. 598504

what he has hep c??

No. 598506

She does the tests on him

No. 598527

Yeah and liver failure yet he’s drinking everyday.

No. 598541

hahahah what a dumb motherfucker i truly cannot wait until he gets what he deserves

No. 598556

I wonder how long it’ll take him to die. Taylor will be rid of his lying, cheating, leeching ass AND she gets the pity points “storytime: the love of my life DIED.” Funnily enough, her enabling probably is pushing him to an earlier grave.

No. 598574

Exactly! She admitted to Chelsea she smoked heroin with Jonny but wasn’t shooting it, but then said the texts were all fake and she never said that, never did any drugs ever. If she was really clean and never did drugs before, why would she have to test herself with Jonny? Such a dumb bitch. She is so strung out with the drugs she can’t even keep her lies straight.

No. 598578

Whenever said that her plan to keep him sober is by basically keeping him handcuffed to her 24/7 is spot on. Bet the first thing they did together when he got home was take a urine test to see if he’s clean.

No. 598583

File: 1527788716373.jpeg (349.94 KB, 1242x1506, DAD6F24B-697E-486D-8704-E9B369…)

so he was trying to get back with liz immediately after Chelsea and him were done as well as this other girl and Taylor. Taylor is just the one he managed to get lol

No. 598608

Although its been mentioned; Taylor "urine tests" Johnny twice a week… heroin stay at least 2 days in the system and is detectable..
The only other test that would detect it after would be a hair follicle test.
Alright Tay.

seems like someone better get tested for hep c tay.

No. 598658

lmao she’s supposed to have uploaded 2 new videos by now and of course there’s 0. inb4 “sorry guise that scare with jonny put me in bad place mentally, no new videos for a while :(“

No. 598720

idk if she has enough money to say that. she's gotta make rent on a luxury apartment. wonder if she'll truly have a house by september like she plans

No. 598722

File: 1527796932100.jpeg (416.5 KB, 1242x1979, 5DC55064-D10B-4AC1-AD03-C80993…)

It drives me crazy how she acts supportive of them now but passively posts lyrics like this

No. 598733

she is so cringy it physically pains me.

No. 598744

I’d be so embarrassed if that was my mom. My god poor Taylor’s dad and her brother. The women of this family are bat shit crazy.

No. 598745

File: 1527798631534.jpeg (378.97 KB, 1242x1602, 78DF2F60-B6F4-4BE9-8AC2-B2792C…)

No. 598748

pity me pity me everyone is angry for my stupidity

No. 598758

But she literally brought this on herself. At the end of the day it was an impulse that she decided to make their relationship problems public on twitter.

And people are calling her a liar because she disproved how her relationship is not as perfect and she's not the savior she pretended to be since last year. She's pretending people were calling her out on only one thing when she herself posted there have been several problems with Jonny in the past. She's a fucking joke.

No. 598782

WHY would u say some shit like "call me out on it" and be MAD when people are calling you out like… "wah wah I was being arrogant and now I'm having panic attacks bc the internet is being mean to me! ;^(" shut the fuck up, Taylor, you brought all of this on yourself

No. 598783

sage because someone prob already said this but my guess is that he threatened her. He probably has vids of her taking drugs or proof she's hurt the animals and she's pretending to love him to keep him from posting her shit online everywhere. when people blackmail you–and drug addicts do that a lot–you will say and do anything to get them to calm down and then try to figure out how to get away.

No. 598796

What happened to having exotic animals and that helping with anxiety?

Guess your animals couldn’t stop you from seeking attention and validation on the internet when you were throwing a tantrum.

No. 598800

That whole video was bs. It was just so she could get paid for the sponsorship

No. 598801

Doubt it. I think the level of abuse speculated here isn't happening, plus is dude smart enough to blackmail? I think it's a matter of her being co-dependant and going with pretty much anything he says.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's cheating on the side and she doesn't give a fuck as long as she gets her supply of attention. It's also likely she's just as psychologically/emotionally abusive as him

No. 598804

110% agree that that video was garbage. I want to know what her excuse is to all her 12 year old stans who ate that shit right up?

I’m so sick of this girl. We can only hope that Jonny gets home today (or soon) so they can love bomb each other and stay off the internet for days at a time like they know how.

No. 598860

At this rate by September she’s gonna be in a slummy apartment, half of her animals dead/taken away, and on drugs 4 months pregnant.
For someone her age she had so much potential for success young. She threw it all away

No. 598953

I hate to be that "achshually" person, but Taylor should've known that there are Betta in the wild (I personally think they're prettier than a lot of domestics) but ya

No. 598958

File: 1527813114693.png (1.17 MB, 1162x1603, tnd.PNG)

is taylor's cheese ever going to grow, tho?

No. 599004

probably not, her overstocked tanks have most likely already stunted his growth. idc if sge brags about a "$2000 filtration system" she had way too many fish in her 29 gallon (especially bc zazu has a p big bioload) and she always had too many fish in the 150 but from the looks of her latest videos shes added a whole lot more so its way overstocked theres no way she can maintain good water parameters

No. 599007

same anon, forgot to add that poor water quality is the main reason for stunted growth which is why i mentioned it (for anyone who didnt know)

No. 599017

File: 1527818469686.jpeg (221.39 KB, 1200x674, D715D815-C81E-4031-B4E8-4D8899…)

There are definitely more than the 6 she claimed there were. And Cheese is so tiny.

No. 599092

Anyone see Taylor tweet Bunny (grav3yardgirl) that they should be friends? it was in response to a tagged tweet but it irks me cause Taylor has tweeted at many other bigger youtubers in the past and knowing her i can't help but suspect it's for more attention

No. 599095

File: 1527823567968.png (4.05 MB, 1334x750, B51E469F-3567-4C09-850F-1D80D3…)

Was it really necessary for her to show her ass in the first 2 minutes of the video? Guess as the views go down the clothes come off

No. 599098

Lol graveyard girl follows Emzotic. They’ve been tweeting back and forward for a while. And wtf with that ass shot??

No. 599100

I love how she made a video about not buying blue tangs but she has that other tang stuffed up in overstocked tank /s

No. 599101

No. 599102

Most of her videos nowadays are sponsored lmao. I'm not against sponsors but after that whole incident with her cooking a non-gluten friendly meal and bragging about getting thousands of $ from it I'm put off, especially if there's one in almost every single video.

No. 599103

Taylor doesn’t get Bunny. Bunny won’t want to complicate her life with Taylor. Bunny has actual intelligence. I’m a huge bunny fan so if taylor Starts to cozy up to Bunny I will tweet nonstop about Taylor’s druggy boyfriend and Make a ton of noise. Swamp fam doesn’t need her taint. Bunny is pure.

No. 599106

I can see why. She has to make up for all the money she's spent or else she won't be able to afford the lifestyle she currently has.

No. 599108

There’s different top tier YouTubers. The intelligent ones like Shane D and Bunny and then there’s the trailer trash like Tana and Paul bros. She’s better off at the trailer trash end. The good YouTubers won’t want to jeopardise their images by giving Taylor a hand up. There’s plenty of other better PetTubers who deserve a bigger following and which are actually intelligent and not as cheap.

No. 599113

She’ll always have money. She has boobs and she isn’t afraid of letting filthy men into her body. She’ll be fine without youtube.

No. 599114

Sponsored by blue apron again but Johnny wasn’t home for this one
Sad that food just got thrown away cause tay can’t eat gluten right

No. 599116


Jonny was the one unboxing the food in the video

All that money and they still hardly leave the house lol

No. 599120

They don’t leave the house because it’s classic codependency.
100% they stay in bed all day playing video games, having mediocre s*x, staring at their phones and eating. That’s what amoeba do when they’re together.

No. 599123

I hope that Blue Apron sees that comment she made about only taking the sponsor for money and not because she's actually interested in the brand or helping people eat better. Taylor deletes/manipulates her way out of so much stuff i assume the brands who contact her never see how bad she actually is

No. 599128

Oh my bad clearly wasn’t looking and assumed it was just her. Still sucks Johnny ate for two or it still got thrown away cause Taylor’s sensitive gluten alergy

Anyways, rich that she sat here preaching that if you don’t notice your fish growing to upgrade the tank, look into your care etc. if they’re not growing for about five months.
But yet cheese has been that size for.. what a year now?

No. 599130

Am I insane or is Cheese bigger than these 2" she was going on about?

No. 599135

kinda annoyed at how much she slammed her hand/tapped on the tank. Isn’t that bad to do?

No. 599137

Blue Apron have been sponsoring shitty bloggers and now vloggers for years. They're not going to care about your self-righteous email.

No. 599144

Still be worth it ;)

No. 599149

File: 1527826190057.png (495.75 KB, 1114x628, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.0…)


No surprise it's since been deleted, still pops up when you google her name + blue apron though

No. 599151

This is the sort of shit that proves Taylor half asses everything
She sat in front of a camera after 10 minutes on google and spewed all the info she googled, then only kind of edited it.
She jumps from topic to topic to topic
>Stunted growth
>this is where they can be found :)
I didn't get past that part but I can only assume it gradually got worse

No. 599155

Lol if some dumbfuck brand rep was willing to pay me $15k to """cook""" some pre-packaged food I'd laugh my way to the bank too. Though she should still should keep those comments to herself if she wants dumbfuck sponsors to reach out to her again like that. I know I would.

No. 599158

It’s most likely for attention. I remember a few months ago she tweeted at Shane Dawson saying she had a dream they were at target or some other store idr it exactly and that in the store she was explaining to him fish care and that she wanted to re-enact that dream and do a collab. She tweeted this near the same time Shane made a video about how he likes to help people who have unrecognized talent get more attention and I thought it was too funny to be a coincidence. Her stans kept begging Shane to do a collab but that was months ago so thank god that never happened. He was probably able to recognize she’s disingenuous.

No. 599161

The screenshot has been posted in previous threads if you want to save the actual tweet

No. 599165

I definitely don't blame her or any youtuber for taking the money, but the thing is other youtubers aren't so disrespectful to more or less bash the brand and say that they don't actually care for the product lol. Even if everyone assumes it, you just don't go out and say it. It's a bad reputation/business move. I remember she posted on Instagram during that whole meet and greet fiasco about considering whether she should do youtube anymore because of her mental health and I'm like girl, if you can't handle simply filming videos in your apartment what CAN you handle?

No. 599173

Can anyone prove that the clips she used for Blue Apron are not reused from her first sponsor by them?

No. 599193

I get Blue Apron (it's actually a great thing if you're busy but still love to cook so stfu hater anons lol) and the meals in that video are the same I got like a week or 2 ago so yeah it's different. Also that means the footage is a few weeks old, and fun fact she seems to have gotten all vegetarian dishes for this box. Her muh veganism trying to come out again

No. 599197

Same anon but also lol at her still wearing that FashionNova top. Either she filmed all of the last few videos the day she did all those Instagram pics or she's just constantly wearing it hoping for a sponsor to from them to fall in her lap

No. 599199


You can see taylor's blonde hair in the corner whilst she's cutting the food up so it's not reused, however she uses tortillas in the video and unless they're corn tortillas there's no telling if they're gluten free. I'd hope by now she customized for the food to actually suit her needs and not just be wasteful

No. 599204


I think she filmed them the same day, her pattern seems that she only films on the days that she's done full face/makeup and posting selfies etc. I'm betting though soon enough she'll be one of those girls who only posts if it's sponsored

No. 599317

>that constant tapping on the glass
Now I don't know much about fish but isn't that stressful for them? At 7:20, one fish clearly gets freaked out. Why the fuck would she do that?

No. 599331

she’s a hoe. I don’t mind girls using their bodies a little but my god I think she realises she has 0 intelligence, so must use her body. If it ages as quick as her face, she’s screwed.

No. 599332

I think it shows how insecure she is. She knew the position of the camera, she chose what to wear and she edited the video, she just wants compliments from randomers online cs she thrives on attention like that. So sad.

No. 599342

Are they gluten free tho?

The hate from these anons comes from the fact that the sponsorship was proved to have been… well, she didn't try the food cause she couldn't.

No. 599346

has anyone started an anti Taylor nicole dean instagram or facebook like they do for brian? all this evidence could be put out there, and reach more people. like her saying how much she loves the blue apron food, with the tweet about being paid and not being able to eat it. we could post all the tweets she deletes. the internet doesnt forget taylor.(cowtipping)

No. 599362

I know this has been said but I just have to confirm that PEE TESTING YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER, especially once a week, is not normal or healthy in the slightest. either she was telling the truth, and their relationship is just that fucked, or she was lying, and she thinks that’s what a healthy relationship is like. which is concerning in itself.

No. 599368

Where’s that curvy figure??? Oh wait…

No. 599395

lmaoo I was waiting for someone to point that out. in all the pictures she post she’s a perfect hourglass but in candid pictures and videos she looks like a fucking box. not trying to put her down for her body, but she lies to everyone by making herself look curvy when she ain’t

No. 599399

and not just that but there's a difference between augmenting your figure and shooping yourself into a totally different shape. plus, isnt her audience mostly young girls? like, it's just not necessary to go all insta thot given her audience. i can understand tweaking your figure to look more shapely, but this is a boldfaced lie

No. 599403

exactly. it just makes her look insecure with low self esteem, even though we already know she is, she’s fucking jonny craig

No. 599432

is she wwearing a wig? or just extensions? either way it looks like shit, my natural hair is longer than that and doesn't merge into one tangled floof at the ends like that

No. 599440

what even is the point of chopping all your hair off if you’re just gonna wear a wig

No. 599467

File: 1527865062961.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, DBB64335-B258-479E-83FC-F613D9…)

It’s okay they know who she is. So fucking dumb lol.

No. 599475

I mean tapping on the glass in itself is a small and pretty insignificant thing, but it’s just one of the many things that shows how little respect she has for her animals. they’re just props to her

No. 599477

File: 1527866097737.jpg (56.55 KB, 640x640, 886d533122ace2b2b96cf0d120fef1…)

I just watched her new video and the opening is basically a less funny version of that Jenna Marbles video she made about her dog Kermit 2+ years ago.
Very creative

No. 599482

creative is her middle name. that’s why she’s done the all my animals/feeding all my animals videos like 5 times

No. 599485

File: 1527866692076.jpeg (14.88 KB, 189x189, 3B2E49D4-D153-43DC-95EF-98E42E…)

Yikes, paused at a bad time. Imagine kissing that

No. 599503

The mark under her eye is still there.

No. 599508

File: 1527868532817.jpeg (7.07 KB, 110x110, 77264C72-782E-46D6-9E94-A6B8D8…)

and this weird red mark by her mouth? it may just be smudged lip product

No. 599546

how does anyone sponsor these shitty videos?! this video is pointless.

No. 599554

File: 1527875564378.jpg (390.46 KB, 780x1023, koopa.jpg)

When she talks, all I can see is the "beak" in her lip and it reminds me of a koopa trooper.

No. 599556

true except she’s less cute

No. 599602

You can tell she over lines her lips and she honestly should stop doing that because it makes her lips look worse and they’re already botched. I also wish she’d stop wearing that nude lip, it’s jus not cute anymore

No. 599610

it's koopa troopa you uncultured swine.

No. 599638


i ate gluten before posting! depression! eds! why does the internet hate me for a misspelling of a popular video game figure i could have googled!? mean trolls!

No. 599640

def didn't do it because she wanted to, she had to because her hair was so damaged it was the only way to make it look semi decent

No. 599655

For anyone curious, Manda posted up a series of tweets from her relationship with JC. I think it shows pretty well how he goes from being all in love to trashing her. He also even says in one of the texts “post on twitter that I’m not using”

No. 599671


She may have some discoloration there. I looked up some old photos of here and sometimes there is a bit of a rash there. Not always. So it may fade and come back with some of her symptoms of whatever she has. >>599503

No. 599700

File: 1527892785917.png (278.9 KB, 519x894, Capture.PNG)

I know people were saying Johnny is too dumb to manipulate his gfs, but those texts make it pretty clear he knows what he's doing. Also the pics of him just laying there make me wonder if his creepy af insta livestreams were him on opiates instead of just smoking weed

No. 599716

Right. People think addicts are too dumb but they're conniving and manipulative. Pair it up with his trash personality and abusiveness and it all makes complete sense.

No. 599743

to add to that, dawn said jonny was "articulate and smart and sweet" when he was sober. so he probably is pretty intelligent, but he abuses that intelligence by using it to gaslight and manipulate. i should probably say "was" intelligent because we all know there are probably about three brain cells left in that manlet's head

No. 599766

You can't really compare ball pythons (Python regius) to captive "B.splendens" because our captive-bred bettas have been hybridised with other species in the same complex and aren't genetically the same as wild B.splendens. Ball pythons are all Python regius and the different colour variations are morphs.

A mixture of B. imbellis, B. mahachaiensis, B. smaragdina, B.splendens, B.raja = our domestic betta fish. Their differing colours/patterns/finage/temperament are through hybridising within the complex at some point in their lineage.

It's just funny that Taylor is licking up the praise off that girl for giving shit half-handed information that isn't accurate. For an 'animal educator' who keeps 'exotic animals for education' she's doing a shit job of researching her animals beyond the first page of google lol.

No. 599783

It's sort of like domestic leopard geckos and goldfish aswell, they're hybridised with other members of their genus in captivity and aren't actually a naturally occuring species in the wild. They're 'man-made'. It's just domestic betta's dont have an appropriate standard scientific name given to them yet, so they're named as the fish that comprises the majority of their genetic makeup. I don't rly expect it to be common knowledge, but in Taylor's case the girl asking the question was actually right & she corrected her with the wrong (short) answer instead of giving the more detailed accurate answer. it only pissed me off because of Taylors smug 'yes!! i know everything' smug answer.

Its probably the thing I find the most infuriating about her, her giving shit generic first page of google answers to every question asked and acting like shes an animal education master

No. 599805

File: 1527903013377.jpg (196.55 KB, 482x717, m18.jpg)


there's a few parallels with Taylor and him in this dump she posted.

"tell Twitter I'm not using"

No. 599806

File: 1527903088936.jpg (212.33 KB, 479x846, m4.jpg)

"If I use again, I'll be honest and tell you because that's better"

No. 599808

File: 1527903152198.jpg (316.83 KB, 597x719, m2.jpg)


and of course, bruises.

No. 599835

File: 1527906232465.jpeg (439.94 KB, 1242x1732, 2BDA5647-7611-493B-B4B7-5C6FC0…)

No. 599836

File: 1527906251799.jpeg (506.36 KB, 1242x1713, 9038BE1C-86AC-4417-96F6-3EDC51…)

No. 599837

File: 1527906327782.jpeg (441.74 KB, 1241x1667, F6B446B0-FEC7-4928-8506-2C04A4…)


No. 599840

File: 1527906451114.jpeg (395.05 KB, 1242x1486, 6908D492-0D81-4578-897B-8D58AC…)

her forgivng him for the nasty things he’s said

No. 599845

did jonny really fucking call taylor his “sponsor” when trying to be sweet and romantic…I am so done lmfao

No. 599855

No that was about his ex, I think someone once said that she was his sponsor

No. 599857

He literally STILL posts awful things about women and his exes? Did that talk just happen today bc if hes been sober for a while and still talks that way then yikes as fuck shes stupid

No. 599867

It's interesting how she uses the phrase "he'd no longer have me" instead of "I'd leave him" or "I'd break up with him". It almost sounds like she knows she's supporting/housing/feeding him lel

No. 599881

a sponsor is someone who like mentors you while you're trying to recover for addiction, someone who has gone through recovery themselves.

No. 599887

He still expresses himself badly of them, the fuck?

No. 599891

if nothing is truly happening, why is she replying to so many people about it? like if this was my life and my boyfriend honest to god 100% was not an abusive douche fuck, then i would be pissed. i would be like "alright everyone it's cool that you're concerned, but fuckin stop" and i wouldn't be able to be calm about it. i understand taylor has a following so she probably is being calm because of that, but that couldn't stop me if people were prying into my personal life. she's giving everybody jonny's sob story instead. it's almost like she's trying to convince herself everything is good by convincing everyone else

No. 599898

Because she's in full damage control. She wants to look understanding while trying to de-escalate whatever the fuck Jonny is surely telling her behind close doors by making it all public. And also the whole convincing herself about how good he is when not really.

No. 599909


Is she retarded? How she cant remember the tweets she made?
Nothing of what she said add up.
Honestly i dont care what happen to her, has long he doesnt use her pets to get to her. Which sadly i think he will when things crash down.
She is getting dry, they are spending more than she wins of Youtube, and when he no longer gets what he want like a little kid in a candy store he will punish Taylor.

No. 599926

thing is people all told his exes what they're telling Taylor. They only look smarter because they're on the other side. everyone who has dated him has been where she's at and didn't believe what anyone had to say. these are things you find out after, when its too late.

taylor is on here reading this stuff and i hope she knows that anything he might threaten her with (showing animal neglect, hurting a pet, showing nudes, etc) he won't do. he really won't. if he does he's lost his card with her. all he's got is public perception and right now she's more popular than him. her stans will forgive her, in the #metoo era his won't if she comes out against him.

safe for def but i want her to know that everyone who is making fun of her is doing it because she refuses to admit when she's wrong. they would turn and support her if she did. you can leave him and life will be better. whatever he's got on you, its not worth it.

No. 599990


can't wait to pull these receipts when she fishes for sympathy with the inevitable "feel sorry for me for being trapped and manipulated the whole time!!" video when this is all over.

No. 600128

File: 1527954820113.jpg (67.57 KB, 593x782, Deph-5IVAAAM_X7.jpg)

1/2 of something the mother of Jonny's daughter posted, source is Liz's friend. pic/name is blurred out for safety

No. 600129

File: 1527954841206.jpg (64.6 KB, 601x827, Deph-5SU0AAdGOu.jpg)


No. 600229

Whoa where did you find that?

No. 600250

honestly this is so relieving to hear. even his daughter realizes he's a danger to women. taylor you're dumber than a 10 year old lol

No. 600278


'cosmixhoney' on twitter, she's close friends with Liz and has been outspoken/present during this Jonny stuff for years. She posted these screenshots on her twitter but blurred out the moms name/user. She also pointed out that she's only 10 years younger than Taylor..Ew. It's funny how people maintain the belief it may not be his daughter when she looks just like him. Wonder what Taylor thinks?

No. 600283

Also when Chelsea went on a livestream and talked about him having a kid, she said his mother has a picture of the girl on her refrigerator. I wonder if that has anything to do with why Taylor hasn't met any of his family yet

No. 600350

No. 600351

File: 1527973608035.jpeg (268.26 KB, 1242x459, F82AD174-2FA1-43CB-8C9B-8EF73C…)

Fat chance! Not at the rate she’s lying and LOSING subscribers!

No. 600355

Keep in mind that a lot of people on YouTube may not follow her on Twitter, so they don't see the circus

No. 600357

this, i used to know nothing about some youtubers i used to follow and after finding them on twitter i realized they were absolute trainwrecks

No. 600358

Her mom's on a lyric-posting rampage again. I swear she has the mind of an edgy, "woe is me" teenager.

No. 600381

File: 1527976608387.png (392.1 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180602-175253.png)

No. 600385

File: 1527977185466.png (91.7 KB, 720x426, IMG_20180603_000527.png)

Her mom is so desperate for her attention it hurts

No. 600411


No. 600416

It's sad looking back on how early in the relationship Jennifer put in so much effort exposing the truth about Jonny and trying to help Taylor like so many others. I know that ultimately she probably realized Taylor won't leave unless she wants to, but now she acts like it never happened and we're the bad guys lmao. I understand she probably sacrificed the truth for a relationship with her daughter but stop pretending like nothing happened/is going on

No. 600435

I think it's understandable she's trying to get along with their relationship, but she comes off as incredibly hypocritical because of her need to make everything public.

Had she done the same as her husband and gone quiet after saying her piece of mind, people would have a different perception of her.
When shit goes down between them, she'll end up looking complicit in the abuse.

Any rational parent would probably not spend their entire on Twitter acting vague and trying to get their child's attention, but she's batshit. I feel really bad for Tanner because she seems to be with him 24/7. Her YouTube channel also comes across as her trying to use Taylor's e-fame to have a relevant presence online. I don't know man, she's really weird.

No wonder Taylor is this damaged.

No. 600436

their entire day* on Twitter, oops.

No. 600437

can someone post the video of jonny singing with some guys and taylor sitting behind them looking bored as hell?

No. 600445

File: 1527984907860.jpeg (292.05 KB, 1290x1216, D993643F-8586-4648-80A6-427C85…)

No. 600446

File: 1527984919927.jpeg (348.44 KB, 1369x1374, 2C321C7B-A66E-42A6-92DA-1259F6…)

No. 600447

File: 1527984981970.jpeg (152 KB, 1293x916, 4A437307-9CC8-4D33-B7DE-75A612…)

Is the bottom comment true? That’s one of the tattoos she got done by Romeo Lacoste.

No. 600449

It's very true. Your tattoos should not lose quality unless a lot of time has passed and/or a lot of sun damage has occurred.

I have tattoos that are years old and other than looking "settled" they look just the same as always from diligent sunscreen use, moisturizing, etc.

Doesn't EDS make skin way more delicate? That would explain smudging and blurring. Really no tattoo should have blowouts so soon, that's either a sign of bad skin or a bad artist.

No. 600450

Samefag but forgot to add, really it's a dumb move to continue getting tattoos if your skin doesn't hold ink well.

No. 600453


Partially, yes. The main reasons for tattoos looking smudged are; shit artists (ink getting in too deep or not deep enough, especially the later with make it bleed out, especially on bodyparts with thin skin/lots of movement), terrible care (not following through with instructions, using wrong products on the tattoo, tanning without proper sunscreen) and rapid weight gain/loss.
Apart from that, there might be small details that need to be touched up after it has healed and some colours tend to fade out a bit over the years. But she hasn't had her tattoos that long, so I'd go with shitty artist, shitty care or most likely both.

No. 600455


Yeah holding tattoos badly is actually an EDS thing. It doesn't happen to everyone with EDS, but since EDS can cause skin to be hyper elastic thing like tattoos don't always behave normally for us. I wonder if she even knows this, usually she's all over complaining about her EDS.

No. 600457

File: 1527986008107.png (272.97 KB, 962x716, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 8.33…)

that passive aggression though lol

No. 600459

File: 1527986236812.jpg (445.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180602-183816.jpg)

Is this some weird passive agressive jab at Emma Sampson for getting 20,000 subs? Or does taylor just need to make everything about her?

No. 600462


Jennifer's such a shitty person, remember when she was on the ex's sides and now she's just accusing them of lying?

also Jennifer just doesn't understand time… when Liz says "when you broke up" she probably doesn't mean the second they split. When did he start talking to Taylor anyway?

No. 600464

File: 1527986514255.png (213.92 KB, 628x738, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.40…)


oh wait, same anon here, went and looked at the comments and Jennifer's apparently both off on that timeline she lived AND can't read.

No. 600466

one of their first public tweets was october 17th and then they started dating roughly two weeks later

No. 600467


This makes me so angry. Liz tried to kill herself in part due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of JC. She doesn't deserve to be passive aggressively commented at by his current girlfriend's mom. SO DISGUSTING. I wish Jen would go away from social media all together.

No. 600468

File: 1527986767069.png (306.69 KB, 978x836, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 8.46…)

She's infuriating

No. 600470

why is this middle aged woman getting so involved in her adult child’s relationship

No. 600479

File: 1527987600856.png (316.89 KB, 978x1004, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 8.58…)

To think she used to be on the girls/fans trying to help side…She must be so desperate for Taylor's attention she has to start shading like how Jonny shades them lol

No. 600488

This infuriated me. To the core. I had to respond to Jen on my personal Twitter cause she blocked my fake one I use to call Taylor out a while ago. Fuck this bitch honestly. This is abhorrent

No. 600491

What’s also infuriating about this is Jennifer was (still is?) with fucking Taylor so really even more appalling

No. 600492

I've noticed this account called 'motchansteven', they reply to quite a few of Jennifer's tweets (just recently to Jennifer implying Chelsea has multiple fake accounts), 'he' has the same typing/grammar as Jennifer and they post similar things. Thoughts?

No. 600493


I didn't even think about that. Disgusting. She probably replied to the tweet in the first place because she's next to her

No. 600497

File: 1527988820420.png (179.89 KB, 972x604, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.20…)

For someone who DOESN'T want to sound like he's on drugs…He sounds like he's on drugs (or coming off) lol

No. 600513

Definitely at least stoned, which is fine- just not sober. Great job enabling all this horrible behavior, Jen

No. 600516

File: 1527989677840.jpg (205.51 KB, 1077x925, IMG_20180602_183424.jpg)

This piece of shit. When is her husband leaving her? She deserves it.

No. 600519

File: 1527989806435.png (257.68 KB, 960x586, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.36…)

No. 600520

File: 1527989813710.png (295.31 KB, 990x974, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.36…)


No. 600526


I can't imagine how much he disagrees with what she's doing, there's a reason you never hear taylor mention him or see him at all.

No. 600527

No. 600529

File: 1527990917481.jpeg (286.81 KB, 1337x1272, 52C35B03-9852-43F5-BF45-8DD9DA…)

I don’t know why she tries to get all of her ball pythons to eat mice anyway. They can eat rats even as babies. And even if she can get them to eat mice, they may not want to switch to rats later.

No. 600530

What an awkward response lmfao. It's like she can't admit Taylor is nothing but a gravy train for Jonny publicly.

No. 600534

Why doe she care about this timeline? What’s done is done. It was months ago.

No. 600535

It's jarring how recently this all actually happened to his exes. Nobody changes that easily, let alone in that short of time.

I can't imagine how they feel with Taylor's mother talking about them like that. I don't even understand why she's talking to them at all? To try to catch them in a lie? None of what they have said has been proven wrong, even a tiny bit. There is nothing to be skeptical about. They have an unbearable amount of proof and it is still not enough for Jen or Taylor.
Why would you ever want your daughter with someone like him? Why would you even associate with him?
I just can't believe how scummy they are. If he does end up physically abusing Taylor, which I hope he won't, Jen is going to look like the worst mother.

No. 600543

File: 1527992515449.jpeg (301.02 KB, 1293x1865, 63B076F0-B3D6-4C5C-A7A2-30B6B8…)

No. 600547

>this is actually why i started my youtube channel - cause I like taking pictures of myself with exotic animals

ftfy taylor

No. 600564

File: 1527995327840.jpeg (327.6 KB, 1291x1427, FCCF64D0-8E8B-4DC1-8BA0-B1D099…)

Because we all know he was severely dehydrated before and definitely wasn’t having full sheds.

No. 600584

It's almost like so long as Johnny crammed his breakup then his new relationship starting into a sequence lasting one week - that will be a relief to her?

No. 600593

sometimes i wonder how crazy people (even the psychopaths) become who they are, until I see all these posts from Jen Dean. Jfc, we're lucky enough that Taylor still has a tiny soul somewhere and even feeds her animals.

No. 600629

File: 1528003201136.jpg (71.42 KB, 630x465, 2018-06-02 (1).jpg)

She went nuts

No. 600630

File: 1528003227345.jpg (76.18 KB, 613x415, 2018-06-03 (1).jpg)

No. 600671

Jen's made her twitter private again. Do you think she'll manage a whole day this time?
Honestly, she's like a child who never learns, why force yourself into these situations and then cry when people LIKE A COMMENT that someone else posted. Constantly asking for clarification of timelines, being defensive and then replying with "Woohoo" when your daughter won the grand prize of an abusive, druggy man child makes you seen like a delusional fuck (which we already know she is).

No. 600676

This lady seriously needs to get on some medication. Like she's no longer just annoying, she's fucking psycho.

No. 600679

She's honestly like a child. Her replies to Chelsea came off as really condescending and like she didn't really believe them, so I really don't understand why she acts like that reply came out of nowhere.

No. 600745

thanks anon. holy shit I’d be so embarrassed of her if I was him

No. 600750

Music grad anon here. I honestly don’t understand what people mean when they say he has a good voice. He’s nasally af and slides too much between notes. He sings like someone who’s never had vocal training.

No. 600758

Can’t stand the druggie asshole rapist, but music training or not, he does have a decent voice! I’ve heard many who have had music training that is like nails on a chalkboard… everyone has their own perception.

No. 600773

Not to derail but Romeo is a shitty artist overall. One YouTube went to him then suddenly all of them feel obligated to go to him without research. All his tattoos end up blowing out within the first six months. Trust a big controversy over it; probs why she never says who did it because that fan base vs hers would be a mess

No. 600821

He definitely sounds untrained. His voice was “decent” 10 years ago.

No. 600887

File: 1528044438145.png (501.05 KB, 584x960, sillyface.png)

No. 600908

Honestly all this evidence out there that shows he’s clearly still abusing drugs and her having the audacity to think we are idiots and either are all “haters” just shows that she’s going to end up in such a bad place when this blows up. She’s purposely choosing him knowing what everyone is saying and it’s literally on her. No one believed for a second that he wasn’t fucked up in those pictures. She’s weird as shit for trying to keep those pictures as memories too

No. 600917

What if Taylor actually thinks that Jonny is sober and is just that stupid? Lol

No. 600922


She cares about the timeline because it diverts the attention and criticism away from her. Just a narcissist being a narcissist.

No. 600932

That bombed out face made my afternoon. Chelsea should've "Sure, Jan" gif'd her.

No. 601015

More like she realized she was too stupid to fall for it and is in hard denial that she fucked up.

No. 601067


She did not manage an entire day. It's open to everyone again, lol

No. 601090

lmao wowww. She's honestly hilarious, in a cringy, pathetic kind of way.

No. 601099

File: 1528057030118.jpeg (193.93 KB, 1286x657, 91767633-7ACC-4816-9887-29B7EE…)

No. 601101

File: 1528057077823.jpeg (277.27 KB, 1289x1985, 750F213A-341E-4887-A426-C81E56…)

He’s already tripled in size since she first got him. She really needs to get him into an adult cage and not just another small one.

No. 601172

The way she held his head in that video is a prime way to stress out a monitor. Even a "captive bred" one. She needs to be more careful about how she's touching him, especially his head and other sensitive areas.

No. 601192

She just made an Instagram post about that’s how she knows he’s CB because she can mess with his head and that he “enjoys” it. I don’t believe for a second that he is CB. Idk how he got so tolerant but I doubt it’s because she handles him everyday/ he’s CB.

No. 601205

File: 1528060874391.png (271.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6413.PNG)

i guess jen can't understand simple tweets

No. 601209

Why she keep saying she is stupid? (We know already Jen, you don't need to say it every tweet)

No. 601211

File: 1528061320628.png (107.58 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_2018-06-03-17-24-45…)

She's still saying shes getting a house, dont know why she'd get an apartment in the first place, or why she'd get those huge enclosures and so many new pets if shes just going to move again…

No. 601216

There was literally no point in her getting those cages if she was just going to move again. Also, what house is she going to be able to get with that many animals, unless she is literally going to buy a house.

No. 601217

File: 1528061622718.png (289.57 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6418.PNG)

she's not even denying the fact that jonny is an abuser

No. 601220

Not to mention she's implying the women who were his victims should just get over it, but because they're grown women she can't make them, as if they had a choice to move on from their trauma.

No. 601225

Okay, she's infuriating me. She should be included properly in the next thread. She's such a cow. She refuses to shut up and keep her twitter private. She's basically harassing rape and abuse survivors. But right, I guess she's "just stupid."

No. 601227


Why do she and Taylor keep talking like people are holding them at gunpoint forcing them to bring this shit up on twitter when, "i just want to focus on animals!!!"

Do they realize they could just not talk about other things? We'd have much less milk if they'd ignore comments they don't like, plus it's Taylor who has Jonny in her bio and is always bringing him up advertising she's dating him. She wouldn't have as much of a hard time if she were just quiet about it instead of badly defending shit we know happened.

No. 601233

exactly this. i think jen was inspired by her daughter to "just talk about the animals" lmfao

i didn't understand that part of the tweet so thank you for clarifying. god that's just sad. i don't understand her at all. i can't imagine publicly not giving a fuck about your daughter's well being. it's one thing to say "she's a grown woman she can make her own choices," but when she's clearly in an unhealthy relationship, that isn't so effective. she needs guidance and love, but instead her mom is pandering to jonny and what he wants (probably because there's no other way to have a relationship with taylor). it's sickening tbh

No. 601246

She just blatantly ignores every mention of Jonny wow lol

No. 601248

File: 1528063654011.png (441.11 KB, 962x998, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 6.07…)

She didn't last being on private even for a day lol

No. 601255

File: 1528064215590.png (365.68 KB, 988x948, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 6.11…)

She's had such a meltdown lol, there's dozen of tweets i can't even be bothered to screenshot it all. She keeps saying her point was only that Taylor never neglected her animals, even though Jennifer expressed concern during the early months of dating that Taylor was jeopardizing her animals safety because of Jonny?? I guess we all know why Taylor is the way she is now

No. 601257

File: 1528064281559.png (811.4 KB, 982x906, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 6.14…)

No. 601263

Lies by who? Manda? Liz? Chelsea? Even though they all have screenshots, and even a restraining order from the courts to back their claims? She's worse than Taylor (to me) at this point. I forget which one it is, but one of them was thanking her for being a mom like figure to her. Now she's throwing everyone under the bus to support an abuser.

No. 601267


I think that was Chelsea, as Jen and Matt spoke/were closest to her out of the girls during the first few months. Really disappointing to see her turning her back on them. I understand she wanted her daughter back in her life but damn, you don't have to be hateful. She's pushing her luck, I'm betting in a few months she'll be reaching out to twitter again about how horrible Jonny is.

No. 601269


ex girlfriends aside, her former feelings (about Jonny) were based on lies? what about all the public tweets where he was shit talking Taylors mom / family, that wasn't a lie and is enough to base an opinion on him as a person

No. 601283

Where is this? On her Twitter?

No. 601291

Knowing mama Dean’s rap…probably deleted by now!!

No. 601348

Jen is like a walking advertisement for the narc handbook at this point. Martyr games, diversion and gaslighting galore.

No. 601350

She based most of her initial feels on him on his fucking actions towards HER. What lies is she even talking about? Someone saved her live streams right? Someone should send her a link to remind her of the times she sat outside of Taylor's apartment bc she was that worried about her while Taylor flopped around inside with Jonny.

No. 601356

there is 100% no doubt in my mind that nobody is making shit up about jonny. somebody posted a folder with nearly 500 screenshots/pictures/etc. i'm not going to share it here because 98% of the stuff is screenshots that have already been posted here, and the other 2% is nudes of jonny and the victims. and trust me when i say i wish i had never seen jonny craig's dong. i'm sure you can find it if you search twitter enough

what i'm trying to say is the evidence is literally overwhelming, especially when you see it all in one place like that. even coming here for the first time was a shock and i had my doubts at first too, but the proof is endless. for jennifer to blatantly go back on everything she said is just mind boggling. it must run in the family to air your dirty laundry all over the internet and then pretend it never happened later…?

No. 601359

I can’t wait for this shit to blow up. I can’t wait for Taylor to do her “woe is me” charade when she finally gets her ass beat by him and coming to twitter for pity. Everyone fucking warned her and she treated everyone like shit for trying to help her and still give themselves a reason to support her but no. She’s going to use sexual assault and physical abuse as a crutch and I am so fucking over their shit

No. 601361

File: 1528070461069.png (625.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6443.PNG)

this made me uncomfortable lmao idk why it's just weird

No. 601362

pretty sure his schlong was posted in one of the earlier threads. it was nothing impressive lol but people can always go scrolling back if they really wanna see it

No. 601363


For me personally the only evidence I really even need is the fact that there's an actual protective order in place against him. It's been determined in court that he's a significant enough threat that one is necessary, and the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. To me that alone says that he is without a shadow of a doubt an abuser.

No. 601365

i always forget about that, but that's definitely incriminating too

No. 601366

File: 1528070721763.png<