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File: 1581722157650.jpg (1.88 MB, 1660x1660, 1581684633970.jpg)

No. 757702

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>754389

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Vice made a video portraying Taylor as the ultimate victim >>750592 >>750631 , Taylor, mama and papa spend hours sperging in youtube comments >>750952 >>750965 >>750977 >>750984 >>750994 >>751005 >>751010
>Taylor’s hands are covered with bruises suspiciously similar to when she was shooting up >>748749 >>748751 >>748870 >>749027 >>749460 . Taylor attempts to dispel rumors by showing off suboxone prescription (doxing her doctor in the process) >>748995 and blaming her EDS >>749634 >>749724
>Taylor goes on a drug bender with a new bro dick >>751010 >>751226 >>751410
>Gets new piercings >>751411 >>751440 >>751445 some of which promptly rotted off due to her bad hygiene >>753832 >>753842 >>754421
>Finger tats >>753255 >>754400
>Spergs about getting a restraining order against Jonny >>754698 >>754733 despite being the one constantly talking about him online and contacting him >>757442
>Taylor announces her relapse >>754966 >>754967 >>754968 >>754969 >>754970 >>755021 >>755353
>Taylor posts gross photos of her inflamed gums, freaks out when people tell her she has gingevitis >>755416 >>755759 >>755807 >>755811
>Still going on about the mystery amazing guy she’s been allegedly dating since November >>755807
>Taylor had her extra speshul veins poked at a new IOP >>755896 >>755902 >>755909 >>755918 >>755940 >>755955
>Jennifer freaks out at her parody accounts >>753492 >>753494 >>756022 >>756066 >>756205 >>756871 and tries to get them shut down >>756870 >>756872
>Taylor jokes about stashing heroin under her disabled brother’s bed >>755981
>List of Taylor’s overambitious goals for 2020 >>756425
>Keeps promising to start filming soon almost every other day but has yet to actually do it, last video was uploaded 1.5 months ago
>Still buying tacky shit from Dollskill despite claiming she’s against the company >>755807 >>757385 >>755427 >>755427
>New godawful haircut >>757167

>Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: –

>Recent Known Deaths: –
>Recent Known “Rehomed”: –

Unconfirmed Milk:

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 757707

thanks for the new thread anon, the pic is amazing

No. 757718

File: 1581725039489.png (510.87 KB, 658x627, Capture.PNG)

wonder if it's the mystery boyfriend

No. 757719

she uploaded a video on starting her freshwater planted tank nov 29 2019… she claimed she was gonna make a series all about it. never mentioned it again i dont think. wonder if she'll ever give us an update on that project

No. 757720

File: 1581726465983.jpeg (125.03 KB, 768x768, 4CEBDFCA-35B1-403D-9AA8-207250…)

found this old pic on facebook, it’s crazy how much her looks changed (deteriorated)

No. 757722

It's so weird seeing her with normal pupils and non-dead eyes. Granted people change as they grow up and age, but she looks like a 40-something barfly junkie now.

No. 757727

File: 1581727578483.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1705x2274, 70204CE3-158A-4976-985E-6780F9…)

With all the throwback photos posted in the last thread, let’s not forget that our sober kween was editing her face since long before facetune was a thing.

This is from the same era as the photo in the tagged post

No. 757728

Sis needs some foundation that actually matches her skin tone

No. 757729

Never mind, we haven’t seen the new “Cheese” since she presented him! How many months has that been?!

No. 757737

File: 1581729686468.jpeg (417.17 KB, 1242x1628, 538388A5-FE13-49B2-B1A6-2AF8A0…)

Again… what’s with the fucking dump on top of her animal enclosures? This seems like a fire hazard. Can’t believe between that and the pupils that no one calls this twat out.

No. 757738

File: 1581730036768.jpeg (539.67 KB, 750x972, 17520ACA-3FA3-4E3C-AB1D-64C0C7…)

Taylor’s hair looks like Forest’s phone case

No. 757739

she’s such a pig, how tf are the animals getting ventilation

No. 757744

Interesting coincidence. Idk if its enough to make a tinfoil for anything but imo it might be noteworthy

No. 757749

>>757737 ok but if she had all red hair it might actually kind of suit her

No. 757750

whoops, posted in the old thread


She definitely thinned the fuck out of her jawline in these. We know she's got a bigass head and this isnt fooling anyone.

Also, why does the backyard look like the side of a highway? She never gives a damn about where she's taking her thot photos which makes them even trashier than the crusty lips and blowjob face.

Jen's so proud.

No. 757757

i laughed, anon, nice one!

No. 757758

She's a slobpig.

No. 757760

This is what the kid who always had snot running into his mouth grew up in to.

No. 757767

Has anyone listened to JCs new song and can post the lyrics? Is it another diss track with anything milky?

No. 757774

I listened to it. I believe it’s about Taylor.


No. 757777


Definitely about heroin and Taylor. Relevant lyrics below.

"Forelsket (Euphoria)"

Two sides, every story, two sides
You won't listen to my side
You don't get it's my life, yeah
I cannot press rewind
I can't go back in time, girl
I know you're not surprised
I know the reasons why, why
Goodbyes, I'm not good at goodbyes
Promised we'd give it one more try
Tried to swallow my pride, yeah
Not fighting back this time
I gotta said I've tried, yeah
I got peace of mind
I control the silence

I wish that I could go back to euphoria
Only where I feel your touch and that's enough
One day I'll say that I knew we'd make it
I knew we'd make it

Will I ever feel love again?
Ever have faith again?
In myself or anyone else, yeah, oh
Nothing but questions, prayed for a lesson
Keep hanging on by a thread
All the doubting, all the hatred
All of the wishing I'm dead
Stay quiet, lowkey, no words from me
You knew your fate, just know I'll be
Right here with a new version of me
Updated 2.0 J C
Let go of all the baggage on me

No. 757784

I'm sure Syd loves these songs, especially the bits about him questioning if he'll ever feel love again. super confidence-inspiring while she's got his child growing inside of her

if/when he leaves Syd I'm sure Taylor will put herself right back out there for him. maybe not publicly, but this song saying "promised we'd give it one more try" and her amazing ability to make the worst possible choices makes it a higher than 0% chance

No. 757786

This doesn't sound like a dude who is in love with a new girl and has a baby on the way. It sounds like he is still down to get back with Taylor so he can be in "euphoria" again. If Jonny is sober right now it sounds like he is missing heroin something fierce.

No. 757788

so the toothless goblin wants his balding creatura back?

countdown to them 'finding their way back to each other' and Taylor alienating what's left of her fanbase. convinced that's one of the reasons she hasn't gone back to him now. she talked way too much shit about him and would look like a huge fool.

No. 757789

File: 1581743897775.jpg (308 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200214-211912.jpg)

Mama Dean on why she's killing her daughter

No. 757790

File: 1581744459224.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1796, B0E7EBE2-36B0-40B0-9B86-B92015…)

She said they were extensions yesterday since people are still wondering

No. 757791

File: 1581744515953.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1935, F956F57A-3672-488A-A36E-383845…)

Her Instagram post earlier with the caption included and a comment about being one month sober

No. 757792

A month again…2 weeks away. So only 2 weeks sober

No. 757793

Weren't those written before syd?

No. 757794

File: 1581745724748.jpeg (242.5 KB, 828x596, 83312794-415E-494B-9492-011EF4…)

No. 757802

File: 1581748105963.jpeg (349.9 KB, 828x971, C06A29F4-21EC-4F93-923F-A4BB7A…)

No. 757804

File: 1581748185884.jpeg (239.79 KB, 750x577, 8659A19D-4427-4E3A-ACC4-5408F0…)

go to bed, taylor.

No. 757806

File: 1581748284902.png (5.72 MB, 1242x2688, 3C12AE6A-E373-4E11-9E33-44A8CB…)

Mark my words. She will get her tongue pierced next

No. 757809

I thought she said she managed to get a date?

No. 757810

Holy shit this is scary, literally thought this was a picture of Taylor. That’s how much she looks like Syd. Wtf is going on with her

No. 757815

File: 1581751517956.jpg (527.1 KB, 1536x1206, Screenshot_20200215-082441.jpg)

No. 757817

File: 1581751573229.jpg (167.74 KB, 1535x357, Screenshot_20200215-082516.jpg)

No. 757819

Back at it again with the "if ppl say I'm using then I don't need to be sober!!!" bullshit, I see

No. 757820

dont really follow her or her thread but this is kinda fucked up. it's like she's throwing the responsibility over at her audience. "you made me relapse! and some stressful things!" I understand that addiction can be hard but to blame everyone but yourself and your shit discipline and self control isn't going to move you forward. it's a scapegoat that also guilty trips and plays on people's emotions in my opinion. hope she gets a grip and realizes she is the one responsible for herself and her addiction and if she struggles with maintaining control she should seek professional help that will help her with that.

No. 757821


I can’t comprehend why someone who heavily edits their pics doesn’t just blur out the dump in the background…
it literally takes a second to blur the mess out. Is she not embarrassed of her living condition

No. 757826

File: 1581756231329.jpeg (104.17 KB, 235x418, DD97DCAE-FA00-4560-A1EF-694626…)

Wtf is wrong with her eye in this pic?

This right here is manipulation and justification at its finest. accountability we don’t know her! Wtf is wrong with this raging narcissist junkie bitch that she literally finds any way but sideways to blame someone, something, or her horrible horrible woe was me circumstances on relapsing. I literally think she would blame her animals for her relapsing if she knew her fans would fall for it. Newsflash dumbass! It’s nobody’s fault what happens to you! You are in control of you body, you mind and what you do with the circumstances you are given. Log the fuck off if you can’t handle twitter. God damn I’m so sick of this bitch always blaming everything else. Take some initiative and accountability in your own life Taylor, it’s not on anyone else what you do. Get a hobby and put down the dope or step away from your child audience who you are teaching that they should blame what happens to them on the next person that comes along as well as other horrible shit.

No. 757827

Every single time. She is so fucking stupid she can never learn her lesson, you've already done this before dumbass. Your childish lies are so obvious now.

No. 757828

holy shit. your health is nobody elses business taylor. uninstall twitter if it makes you uncomfortable to be a public figure.

cannot believe she actually blamed her fucking audience.

No. 757829

Her mom is totally going to try to blame her fans when she dies from this.

No. 757833

>Wtf is wrong with this raging narcissist junkie
Narcissism and heroin

No. 757845

It's your house, you stupid bitch. You can lay down some rules for whoever lives there adult or not. Like sober the fuck up or get out.

No. 757846

if she's such an adult why do you clean up after her? jen is wasted space.

No. 757849

I thought it was taylor too, but obviously she’s not that pretty

No. 757852

Someone should do a comparison photo collage of pics from the atrium house to now. She’s so full of shit.

It’s our fault she relapsed, but yet she stayed up for 50 hours without sleep, sperging off her ass about her abuse and her ex boyfriend who wants nothing to do with her? She continued down this path for two whole weeks despite people telling her it might be more productive to her overall well being to stop and see a professional about it. But no, she HAD to give updates and refused to be ~silent.~

I’m also sick and tired of Jen’s manipulative ass. Could you imagine growing up and witnessing Jen’s manipulative tactics to get what she wants. Well we don’t have to imagine because the result is a fucked up piece of shit Taylor. Mama Dean has been obsessively trying to manipulate @twitter with all her ridiculous claims against her parody accounts. She’s a fool and it’s sad that she’s all Tanner has to rely on.

110% she will blame everyone else if Taylor dies from this. She’ll go on an @twitter crusade to get the horrible people off twitter that made her dimwit daughter pick up her phone, get in contact with her dealer, make mommy drive her to said drug deal, pick up the spoon and then shoot. It will be everyone else’s fault but Taylor’s for not getting proper drug abuse treatment. I’m sure she’ll also crusade against Taylor’s abuser and his innocent child. The irony of it all would be Mama Deans reaction would be why Taylor demised.

No. 757861

File: 1581778003068.png (2.33 MB, 1536x2048, 20200215_154636.png)

Found this on Twitter. Such a sober example!

No. 757862

So Tay's an adult that can't be disciplined or set limits for… but also a poor poor baby who's never at fault for any of her actions. Gotcha.

Jen, this is why your daughter is a junkie and a failure. Love her enough to give her some consequences for once in her life.

No. 757865

File: 1581779493326.jpg (466.65 KB, 1079x955, Screenshot_20200215-081237_Twi…)

No. 757866

being the wife of a musician, songs are made months or even years before they are produced. I understand that Syd can't force him to trash the whole album just because it was made before she entered the stage.

No. 757867

File: 1581781105869.jpeg (549.54 KB, 1125x1982, 5DE2568B-8EA3-43DD-9F57-CB10A6…)

this is in the comments of a recent post. possibly the tinder bro?

No. 757873

You know whatever happened to that “therapist” of hers they haven’t been mentioned for a while now

No. 757880

taylor does follow him at least. nothing milky on his profile though.

No. 757881

in that one screenshot where taylor was talking to one of his friends or whatever you could see that his name starts with "Th" cause she sucks at censoring, so this probably is tinder dude.
wonder if he knows shes also going out with that other guy.

No. 757883

that's a great catch. has she ever mentioned that the tinder dude is a musician?

No. 757885

yes this is the guy she’s seeing but can we please leave him alone, he legit has no milk whatsoever

No. 757886

if he's the one going through her hashtag on twitter >>755807 then he should know.

and how do you know, anon? am I talking to the cow here?

No. 757887

no, genius, i know this dude personally. i said he has no milk because he has no milk, and it’d really suck to see him get harassed by newfags who don’t know cowtipping rules here. there’s been a ton of that going on lately, when the rules state not to drag in uninvolved people to the threads if they’re not providing public milk.

No. 757889

Well, he's private now. That sure was quick…would be pretty fucked up if he's still checking here while flirting with her.

No. 757891

why would you confirm it's him then, genius

he was private already when the comment screenshot was posted. wouldn't be a huge surprise if he lurked though. someone sure is conveniently defending him.

No. 757892

because if i didn’t then some or many (let’s be real, probably many) retards would go and try to bug him about it if i didn’t. stop playing dumb for five seconds and acting like idiots didn’t see shit posted here before and then go and message and bother people, i.e. syd especially.

No. 757893

File: 1581790923701.jpeg (145.16 KB, 750x899, 3346A875-49A2-400C-ACD0-CF7C3F…)

“I can’t discipline my child, but I can subtweet her!!”

No. 757894

If you willfully date Taylor you are indefensible. Even without searching her threads / hashtag it's super obvious that she is piece of shit by just listening to her talk.

No. 757899

Yes. Death seems inevitable unfortunately but accountability isn’t. It’s everyone else’s fault that she uses….

No. 757900

well, the secret's out now. wasn't a very well kept one since taylor's stans obviously already knew based on the comment replies. and we know taylor likes to rant on the group chats.
the fact that there's idiots in the world doesn't mean we can't discuss the public comments he left.

No. 757902

Jen has the same issues as Taylor does regarding not being able to accept responsibility for her actions.

>Taylor is an adult which means I cant discipline her so it's not my fault as a parent if shes addicted to heroin

>Taylor it's not my fault you act out and make bad life choices because you weren't raised to accept responsibility or cope with your problems - look at other people, they're fine! Rise above!!

>My daughter does nothing wrong in the public eye EVER she is an extension of me and I love to tote around how YouTube famous she is because shes MY daughter so the criticism is HATERS and LIARS (except when she does something that bothers ME of course)

Taylor's mom is probably even more of a cow than Taylor is. Taylor learned how to deflect blame onto everyone else from somewhere and tbh this is a tinfoil but shes probably acting so poorly because she has no idea how to hold herself responsible for anything because her mom's too busy thinking about herself instead of putting her foot down and helping her obviously struggling daughter who she watches melt down publically almost daily.

No. 757903

Yeah but when ussing opiates (ie not suboxone) your pupils also get "pinned" at that small pinpoint size. They don't react to light whereas on subs they are alwaus smaller but they do react to light and hers see dont react to light.

Also on her hair - shr sounds like she's trying to convince people that it suits her aka sounds like shes trying to convince herself

No. 757907

Omfg, I literally thought this was Taylor and not syd. This skinwalking is getting creepier and creepier

No. 757909

Girl we don't need to pretend Syd is pretty just because she seems more sane than Taylor. If that was actually a picture of Taylor everyone would be ripping her makeup and pose apart.

No. 757911

Best thing you can do as a friend of his then is to warn him and maybe tell him not to accept a ton of follower requests. But just know if things go south between him and Taylor she will drag him publicly regardless. The dude probably has a storm coming either way.

No. 757912

Nta, but not everyone has the same taste as you, I personally think Syd is very pretty.

No. 757913

I second this.
We don’t need to call someone ugly just bc she’s with JC. I actually think she’s just as pretty as Tay but obv tay has messed up her looks lately. The reason we rip apart Tay for her makeup and hair is because she tries so hard to make herself look like Syd, and also because her looks are obviously more important to her than her pets, so it’s laughable she would put more time and effort into her uncoordinated “looks” than her pets.
At least for all we know, Syd isn’t an animal hoarder/abuser, so that makes her at least a tiny bit more attractive than Taylor, despite both their terrible taste in men.

No. 757915

Syd is pretty tho. I genuinely think she is attractive

No. 757919

her lips and mouth looks like an anal prolapse when she does that.

No. 757920

It really does sound like Syd is just posting all these compliments lmao

No. 757923

this or the fucking newfags.
yeah you find taylor ugly because she neglects animals and is a huge cow, we get it.
syd is a mentally unstable person who had a child with someone she'd been with for like a month to fix her life and feel less lonely. she's not that much better. nobody cares if you think she's pretty.

No. 757924

File: 1581803112561.jpeg (158.57 KB, 750x1206, 3EEFFB45-F252-4501-960E-BBC987…)

I found this guy interesting. He only follows 222 people, with one of them being Taylor.

No. 757925

He's another irrelevant druggie musician covered in tattoos. Taylor's type.

No. 757931

File: 1581804821741.jpg (781.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200216-091223_Twi…)

Lol I forgot about the whole definitely sub clinic corporates story.
Who we blaming next week Tay? Will we come full circle and watch it be JCs fault?

No. 757940

You'd think these men would know better if they see the shit she posts on social media but nope. Better run while you still can, lads. Otherwise they deserve her like her and Jonny deserved each other and it'll just be another milky dumpster fire. Forrest seems like her best match considering their trashy looks and drug addictions.

No. 757942

File: 1581812372641.jpg (Spoiler Image, 879.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200215-181940_Ins…)

Has anyone seen the guy on the bottom that shows her type of man

No. 757944

nice icon retard, and that pic is lil peep any girl has his pic anywhere

No. 757946

File: 1581813033124.jpeg (120.98 KB, 750x842, 917EB849-80FC-4082-8338-8532D4…)

Interesting Mama Dean would like a post made by her, didn’t she make a video a while ago shit talking Taylor for animal abuse??

No. 757947

File: 1581813599080.png (36.5 KB, 653x242, Capture.PNG)

is anyone surprised? it was not too long ago papa dean was dm'ing details to drama accounts and mama dean was joking around with them.

man the milk has really dried up huh.

No. 757952

File: 1581816060303.png (364.21 KB, 652x431, Capture.PNG)

lmao someone's missing JC again

No. 757954

File: 1581816947406.jpeg (497.97 KB, 750x1027, DBCF03DE-4DEA-420B-A7BE-FE2F50…)

taylor for the love of god get that shit off the top of your enclosures

No. 757957

File: 1581817733698.jpeg (300.82 KB, 750x1080, 6517913D-880A-430F-BE16-BC4CE0…)

No. 757958

nah, ready to glare follows tnd and regularly likes her posts

No. 757959

Probably one of the best pics I've seen of her in terms of not looking dead eyed and miserable

No. 757960

File: 1581818426995.jpeg (290.48 KB, 750x832, 3E85F20D-E07F-4277-A0D5-48A933…)

afaik no one said that? they said it was dumb for her to claim “one month sober on the 28th!” when it’s two weeks away

No. 757962

shame about the trump cheeto foundation though

No. 757963

File: 1581819598468.png (169.26 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20200216-042047.png)

No. 757964

I hate to white night but the vents of these types of enclosures are in the back. Clothes on top don’t do much besides look like a mess

No. 757966

In the last thread, there was a discussion about her only being 2 weeks sober. Still Funny to me that she reads here and pretends she doesn’t

No. 757971

File: 1581821605544.png (296.71 KB, 527x915, Capture.PNG)

No. 757975

Wtf does “I’ve been sober AROUND one week” even mean? Like either you’ve been sober for a week or you haven’t!? I hate the way she tries to play on her words.

I don’t think anyone would even give a fuck if she owned up to her druggie lifestyle. What else would anyone be expecting from her? At this point she might as well. Yeah she’d lose some of her following but she’d still have thousands of innocent children she could gas light.

No. 757978

File: 1581823661937.png (4.5 MB, 828x1792, B7C740AF-943D-4983-8499-F19BB7…)

I agree but I think it’s partly due to it being sideways. Still, she doesn’t look as dead in the eyes and has color on her face which helps. Still has those small pupils though.

No. 757980

What a fucking train wreck Jen is on her own.
I genuinely believe she could qualify for her very own thread with her behavior she exhibits regularly.
The simple fact that she will subtweet her daughter, or start posting weird ass poetry whenever her daughter relapses, only to be like “she’s the victim!!” Sorry Jen, but unfortunately you are just as bad as all of the people who have “hate” accounts for your daughter.
Your husband was giving them incriminating information and gossiping about her not that long ago either.

Taylor is probably always going to be in love with him, and obsess over him. He was the “rock and roll experience” she always wanted.

No. 757982

File: 1581824419642.jpeg (473.87 KB, 2048x2048, 52E2D40B-1BE9-4B05-AD6A-B7AF0C…)

Instagram vs reality

No. 757984

Im not sure if she is a junkie . I think she is a pretentious light weight from middle class burger land. She is addicted to her reflection and what ever basic thing is in vogue . She isn't original and she isn't ahead of the curve. She probably reads this thread and feels good , cos it reinforces her fake junkie goddess narrative. She probably uses once a week and chases it or mixes it into joint. This girl is spoiled beyond belief and I know your going to hate me but I think the drug thing is all for effect and will be her ticket to the Dr Phil show and a book deal.

No. 757991

File: 1581827945202.jpg (382.69 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200215-204000.jpg)

She won't shut up about it

No. 757999


She really needs to stop with the dead mouth/open lips thing that models usually do because that’s a big part of what makes her look so fucking dead and zombie-like. A simple smile >>757978 here and also actually doing her makeup and she looks miles less psychotic.

No. 758001

why would she, I think Jen loves being the victim as much as Taylor.

No. 758006

I wouldn’t call Syd more sane than Taylor; she got knocked up by a rapist like a month after dating him because she feels old at 27 and is jealous of her friends who have kids. She’s desperate, immature and retarded, just how Jonny likes his women. She seems just as crazy except it’s more pathetic considering her age.

No. 758007

you don't bruise a vein smoking it in a joint. she may well just play around with it but jen could find her od-ed one morning just the same. who the fuck wants to be luna anyway.

No. 758008

Lmfao she can’t smile with all that gingivitis

No. 758009


She needs to keep her mouth closed if she smiles, that’s for sure. The picture of her smiling with her swollen gums was pure nightmare fuel.

No. 758011

File: 1581838208203.jpeg (461.95 KB, 828x831, 9779151C-93A5-4DC7-97B1-499FD4…)

No. 758012

File: 1581838278658.jpeg (302.03 KB, 828x521, 775F83B8-2E64-4C94-A9E6-9AAC5A…)

No. 758013

File: 1581838317689.jpeg (125.98 KB, 989x1024, 809AFBEA-BEBC-4A08-A7F2-6C4813…)

No. 758014

File: 1581838350048.jpeg (175.05 KB, 997x1024, EE547C28-FB16-46B7-BBC9-198EBF…)

No. 758015

File: 1581838480680.jpeg (105.94 KB, 749x1166, EQ4Mya5XkAAtEID.jpeg)

Mama Dean threatening to ruin marriages if you question her daughter

No. 758017

File: 1581838616748.jpeg (344.27 KB, 828x1792, 28B1BD97-7235-4E66-9467-5C5903…)

Once again, Taylor contradicts herself. Is it a week or four days sober, Taylor?

No. 758020

File: 1581838781032.jpg (143.24 KB, 1231x2048, EQ4WlGiWoAA35bv.jpg)


No. 758021

File: 1581838882026.jpg (205.41 KB, 1241x2025, EQ4WlJ2XUAEwpWo.jpg)


No. 758022

File: 1581838980736.png (208.08 KB, 597x498, quorky.PNG)

sorry that was a shit screenshot. reuploading.

No. 758024

wonder if this is a case of Taylor talking to Taylor again. I think Taylor is the only one who can put up with Taylors gluten free jokes.

No. 758026

I cackled, this straight up looks like the after in those "before and after" drug comparison photos. Yiiiiikes.

No. 758028

and even in that post its 'around' 4 days

No. 758037

i swear the size of her chin is different in every picture

No. 758038

I mean, she looks like a different person altogether in every one of her recent pics - and none of them sober or under 35 kek

Her pupils continue to be so fucking pinned, it's ridiculous. Sober and clean my ass.

No. 758039

She constantly complaints about people discussing her “sobriety” while she is the one responding to that 1 comment on instagram so that she could scream victim later. Bet she lovessss the attention.

No. 758040

Actually who cares at this point, if she wants to ruin her life with more lies and drugs.. i’d say go right ahead, sooner she goes back to rehab, the sooner they will rehome her animals.

No. 758041

File: 1581850206507.png (1.74 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20200216-114951.png)

This straight up looks like a mugshot kek

No. 758042

Funny how Jen never back Taylor up with other troll comments on her cleaning up he room, enabling, being a horrible parent,!etc. Deep down I don’t think she could stand the way Taylor acts now but all she could do now is to be that supportive blind parent. Same goes to the dad. I actually feel sorry for them but then Jen probably is as messed up as Taylor in the head.!

No. 758044

File: 1581853472104.png (410.98 KB, 828x1792, 1F03C1D3-D763-4CD4-A658-187494…)

Posted 5:17 am her time. Good morning!

No. 758045

File: 1581853528888.jpeg (367.64 KB, 828x1417, CF13B970-63B5-4133-A6F6-D98B18…)

Omfg I posted the wrong screen shot please forgive here’s her 5 am tweet

No. 758047

File: 1581854815955.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2688, D8B1F905-3162-4C45-8A59-623FA8…)


No. 758048

File: 1581854839287.png (2.47 MB, 1242x2688, 88B1C503-A6D5-4D55-8E89-7E3FD1…)

No. 758049

File: 1581854861404.png (2.42 MB, 1242x2688, D70BF517-3422-40FC-9CC6-E36DDD…)

No. 758050

god this is so cringy, she’s 22 and acts like a high schooler

No. 758051

2 years

No. 758053

She literally got rid of the tails of her eyebrows so she could draw them on straight like Syd's, kek.
Tl;Dr: I'm bored w/ my animals so hopefully y'all are too, bc pet tube is dying, and I'm tired of being called a hoarder, so I need to find other ways to bring in income so I can move out, but I'm not desperate enough to like, find a real job yet bc mommy hasn't threatened to actually kick me out yet due to all my speshul physical and mental illnesses that no other millennial struggles with, including but not limited to a complete inability to get over my ex. #notlikeothergirlz

No. 758055


The shit she writes hurts my brain.

I have a legitimate question though

IF she was actually serious about “changing” her content and being more than a petuber would she not be better off just doing it on her main channel?
Isn’t really hard to build a channel now on YouTube opposed to years ago when she became successful?

No. 758057

File: 1581857295767.png (101.2 KB, 539x834, Capture.PNG)

muh trauma

No. 758058

File: 1581857355940.png (41.76 KB, 654x323, Capture.PNG)

No. 758059

File: 1581857530085.png (104 KB, 662x755, Capture.PNG)

so now she has recurring disassociation since she was 12 over an unknown event? quit making shit up to one-up people, taylor.

No. 758061

File: 1581857676047.png (58.94 KB, 655x494, Capture.PNG)

interacting with another h8er

No. 758062

File: 1581857931285.png (24.66 KB, 660x188, Capture.PNG)

jen is still trying

No. 758063

File: 1581858383924.jpeg (355.54 KB, 750x824, 8F52910E-3A31-450C-8DA3-2D2658…)

I forgot salem existed, it’s been what, a year?

No. 758064

you know she mentions her twauma uwu so much but was she EVER in therapy when she was younger? seems very unreasonable of her mother to not get her help she needed when she still had 'control' and Taylor was underage

No. 758065

File: 1581858859962.png (355.92 KB, 656x446, Capture.PNG)

someone is browsing her hashtag at 7am… go to sleep, taylor.

No. 758067

dont get me wrong, I think she's lying about almost everything…. but I do think it's likely she was sexually assaulted as a teen, especially given that she was interacting with older men online and posting her nudes. if it's true, then she def should've been in therapy. that's so young to have something like that happen to you and it would explain some of her behavior like promiscuity, getting into drugs young, dating older men, etc. the jonny rape story is bull though

No. 758068

before she was 12 though? that would most likely be a family thing, I don't think she started baiting older men online this young.

No. 758069

I think that is probably a lie. I don't know anyone who has ptsd from an event they don't know the details of. Wouldn't it be the opposite for ptsd? You remember the sights, smells, etc? I think she has claimed the rape happened when she was 13, but I don't know when her nudes were posted.

No. 758072

File: 1581861414241.jpeg (331.22 KB, 750x892, 6F49CF65-C88A-4CB2-8E7B-6531AD…)

No. 758073

File: 1581861603844.jpeg (130.54 KB, 1242x952, C4667408-590F-4E1B-AA81-AC1586…)

No. 758075

Lol, I want to see that. She's incapable of talking about anything other than "me me me me me" and doing research deeper than first few results that come out in Google. She doesn't have any hobbies, interesting personality and can't introspect. No one will watch whatever "content" she's planning to spew out.

No. 758076


I wish she would do EMDR since she won’t be able to handle it, break down constantly and blame her therapist instead of herself for refusing to work through the trauma.

No. 758078

File: 1581865344860.jpeg (179.94 KB, 750x568, C47D3994-603B-40B1-8AF0-667DDA…)

No. 758079

she has no details of said event but the "sights and smells" that "bring her back" would be details, no? how would she have no memories of said details, but be brought back via memories? sad that her audience lets her think they are this stupid.

No. 758082

omg you guys the smell of heroin being cooked gives me flashbacks to my ex. it's so hard to deal with, the sight of a needle registering and blood mixing with the drugs in the syringe gives me flashbacks to my ex. but it's ok bc I'm recovering!!1!

No. 758084

Okay regardless if they are in the back, the enclosures are in the closet, pretty much against the wall. If there are stacks of shit on top of the enclosures, the probability of the rest of the closet being a mess is higher. So one would assume that those animals get little to no ventilation. It’s fucking logic.

No. 758090

this. plus, her room being so messy doesn’t do much to convince me she keeps all of her animals’ enclosures clean.

No. 758091

good morning, jen has deleted her twitter account again

No. 758092

File: 1581870454555.jpg (8.46 KB, 350x350, IMG_20200216_102541_913.jpg)

someone posted this on twitter and I couldn't help but laugh

No. 758094

damn, it’s even uneven just like the real thing. so accurate

No. 758097

Since Taylor can't shoot herself up, I wonder who did it for her. Probably Forest?

Strange that Mama Dean didn't say a word about her precious daughter relapsing with her new friend.

No. 758102

He makes a great point

No. 758113

Taylor was so obviously high on uppers last night. Again.

She wants to do monthly rant videos about her haturz but couldn't even post her video owning the haters she was supposed to 6 months ago in the first place

No. 758122

I don’t know if the ventilation concern is true but I think this point is equally important. Also, if she’s just throwing dirty clothing and junk on top of her animals that just screams to me they’re completely an afterthought and not a priority or anything she takes pride in. Again, almost all pics of animals are taken outside of their enclosures so we never see what condition they’re actually in, while she herself also lives in filth. Thriving my ass.

No. 758123

Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but do we know which animals are in those vivariums (if there are any)? It concerns me that she never seems to have lights on, especially in the snake rack. I feel like her animals don't have a consistent circadian rhythms at all.

Also does anyone remember when she was going to have someone from the ASPCA on her channel, and then more recently her doctor? Lmao. So shocked that never happened.

No. 758133

Heeeyy youre right. Whatever happened to her "world reknown addiction specialist" doctor?

No. 758141

We all know that and her "therapist" were either both straight out lies or exaggerations Taylor used to validate her Twitter rants when she got an inkling of concern from fans about her drinking while being ~*sober*~ and her special addiction gene. Which is sad that neither mom Dean or Taylor think it's important to at least go see a therapist if shes been through so much trauma.

Its pretty sad that theres no one in Taylor's circle at all telling her the truth. Heroin isnt some glamorous party drug and shes not just "oops uwu relapsing". Taylor doesnt even seem like shes aware of how lucky she is to survive living in a heroin den with her junkie boyfriend. A lot of people dont make it through their addiction not to mention she could potentially die like a lot of ex heroin addicts notoriously do from relapsing. Taylor acts like the people who think popping pills are "aesthetic" only heroin is like 10x more lethal.

If Taylor thinks "relapsing is just part of the process !!" and her mom basically thinks "shes an adult so it's not my responsibility to keep her off heroin" things dont look like they're going to get better. Shes not even aware of how dangerous of a position shes in by maintaining the position she can just power through it by sleeping all day and finding another dude to be codependent on.

No. 758147

You can’t put every assaulted teen into a stereotype

No. 758148

You don’t know how ptsd works. She probably took this from a doctor. Smells and stuff can trigger forgotten memories.

No. 758154

had to be forest, there's been no sightings or new fiction stories about her 'friend' since she got 'clean' again.

No. 758166

File: 1581889719728.png (2.71 MB, 828x1792, 67A940C1-4288-40D0-ADEC-98A77D…)

This is going to send her over the edge

No. 758169

File: 1581890759546.jpeg (461.22 KB, 1242x1653, 71A3CDA3-4102-49EC-AE87-C3ADC9…)

Jonny released a song that’s 100% about Taylor. He says he’s hit 50 thousand streams, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them were Taylor crying her eyes out to the song.

No. 758172

or you know, it could just be bullshit. not every song means something, though i do think D.R.EA.M. was meant to annoy the shit out of taylor.

No. 758174

what it means is irrelevant, the only thing important is what taylor thinks it means. and she def thinks his new album will be all about her.

No. 758181

Didn’t she post something awhile back that he told her the album would be about her?

No. 758182

Most notably she has backtracked on that bullshit cold-turkey suboxone story. Here she says she had her suboxone readily available right next to her and merely made the conscious decision to stop taking it. Maybe she finally realized how manipulative and twisted it made her look to lie and blame the IOP that is literally only there to help her. It was almost as bad and unbelievable as when she blamed random internet users for her relapse…almost. On the bright side, she's run out of excuses and scapegoats for her next relapse.

No. 758190

>I don't wanna blow up everyone's feeds with my blabbering
How on earth is she not aware she already does exactly this? I didn't realize we were being spared from the full force of her narc word salad because she's a raving lunatic on twitter as it is. If she saves a fraction of what she posts to her notepad without tweeting it, I can't fathom how much incomprehensible drivel she blows out of her flat ass on a daily basis. Furthermore, how has she come to the conclusion that these rants will be any less obnoxious in video format? I've never been able to sit through her videos, in large part due to the fact that she always sounds like a snarky, self-obsessed airhead who just won't shut up.
>me and my thoughts
Why do uneducated bitches who still live at home and think that doing drugs is a personality trait suffer under the delusion they have anything of substance to say? This crusty megalomaniac needs to get over herself and leave the thinking to people with an average IQ. No one wants to hear her grating voice aimlessly stroke her overinflated ego and indignantly whine about her immaturely handled victimhood.

>one of my biggest passions in life to explore my passion for human connection
Are y'all reading this? I implore you do so if you want to laugh your ass off as much as I did. She's got to be the worst writer ever. It's just blocks and blocks of repetitive and convoluted text. And where do I even begin with that "passion for human connection" line? Pathetic.
>if you're here for the animals, please don't worry, because they aren't going anywhere
Oh my god, you ignorant slut. That's exactly what I'm worried about. Please rehome your animals for their own good.

I'm doubtful she'll follow through with all this extra content no matter how desperate for money she is, but if she does it will certainly flop. Better yet, her nonsensical rambling will expose how stupid and ridiculous she is. Can't wait for her to lose subscribers when the crowd that doesn't follow her on other social media get annoyed with who she really is.

No. 758195

File: 1581906647911.jpg (176.34 KB, 1536x439, Screenshot_20200217-033002.jpg)

Bitch what the fuck.

No. 758196

Is she searching JC tags on Twitter?

No. 758197

File: 1581907326127.png (35.36 KB, 661x236, Capture.PNG)

she sure isn't following the account she replied to so could be.

No. 758198

File: 1581907407100.webm (6.4 MB, 360x640, f4QbSBRNYvc5LHLl.webm)

She posted a video with Salem and she is so fucking shaky

No. 758204

Why does she tell on herself constantly?? I feel like this has to be intentional. You can see her arm involuntarily jumping around. Wtf man.

No. 758206

Tinfoil: she's lying and is perfectly capable of shooting herself up

In the caption she claims her EDS makes her hands shake "always", despite many of her previous videos showing steady hands. EDS has been her go-to cover up for drug use for about 2 yEaRs now

No. 758212

agreed too many uppers most likely.

She did this same shit around the time she relapsed with the bloody snake bite hands. I think it's a huge fake out claiming eds. She gets off on the speculation, if her haturs left her she'd go insane. She can't function being ignored.

faces of meth my dudes

No. 758213

File: 1581911326867.jpg (821.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200216-224352_Gal…)

Are these snake bites?

No. 758215

File: 1581911946071.png (383.45 KB, 542x368, Untitled.png)

i dont know why she keeps acting like she only used that one time during her relapse and now she's fine again. her timeline is that she used on the 28th/29th, which lines up with the hand tattoo pics. But on the 13th she had marks showing up on the opposite hand.

you're a self admitted heroin addict. stop blaming this all on EDS.

No. 758220

Luckily Taylor has shown us many, many throwback photos of her injection sites and track marks since leaving rehab.

This looks really familiar to one she posted, granted there were a lot more in the photo but same spot/marks. I can't find the photo but it was in the lot she kept posting when she was at her first sober living.

No. 758222

Idk what’s more retarded: Sydney putting JC on a pedestal for simply touching her belly or Taylor having an inevitable meltdown about it.

>> I want to continue to broaden my connections on my second channel to share more and more personal opinions of mine to further SHAPE WHO MY AUDIENCE IS- BEYOND THOSE JUST INTERESTED IN ANIMAL CARE.
Lol well at least she’s finally honest almost a whole year later about moving away from her self-professed animal mom image. She’s in for a rude awakening because no one wants to listen to her sperg live for 45+ minutes into her echo chamber. Adults aren’t going to put up with her bullshit lies and melodramatic exaggerations. Not to mention that she’s mentally stunted at the age of 16 and an adult audience is not going to be able to relate to her in the slightest. Her best bet is to continue to manipulate young children and ignorant adolescents about her drug abuse, animal care, and pseudoscience.

I agree 100% with >>758190

No. 758224

File: 1581916705771.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1125x1989, 3DF6C172-CEBB-464A-B4E1-13F4E2…)

I didn’t see this posted here yet, but just excuse after excuse of why she can’t upload on a regular basis. Oh and she makes it crystal clear that she reads here (see the last few sentences).

No. 758225

It's pretty standard for youtubers to have side channels where they post more varied content, and also to generate more income. If she had the platform youtubers like, say, Pewdiepie, then there'd be no need for her to have another channel, because her main channel alone would still generate enough income for her even if she branched out.

No. 758226

File: 1581917393369.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200216-222918.jpg)

Maui is obese, wow.

No. 758227

File: 1581917816139.png (70.49 KB, 433x527, Capture _2020-02-16-23-35-16.p…)

Posting the snakes one by one apparently. Time to see who's obese or missing.

No. 758233

She already admitted to shooting up herself a few times when it was convinient, I don't doubt she can do it on her own

No. 758234

File: 1581927123822.jpg (985.83 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20200217-081042_Ins…)


No. 758237

Listen man I don't know shit about snakes or reptiles in general but even I can tell that snake is obese.

No. 758244


I'm not going to debate the veracity of her sexual assault claims. However, I do think it's pertinent to mention that in the past she's said she has "PTSD-like symptoms", not PTSD itself. It's possible she recently went from self-diagnosed to formally diagnosed while in recovery. I just wanted to put the facts out there for any newcomers.


What really pisses me off is the lengths she's going to in order to one-up these poor survivors. It's just four part reply after four part reply of "sorry but me me me". What compels her to reveal all these irrelevant details that somehow correlate to every single comment she gets? It's like she's so self centered she can't handle that other people might experience trauma or something, so she has to redirect the attention to her. It comes off as super disingenuous and egocentric when anyone with half a brain can tell these people do not want to hear her longwinded backstory and laundry list of symptoms.

Regardless, I can't believe she has the absolute gall to complain about munchies making life harder for people with invisible illnesses when she's guilty of doing exactly that. She's the epitome of hypocrisy. It's disgusting how she puts on such a self righteous act just to gain wokeness points.

No. 758249

Ugh, she keeps cramming her snakes into this cheap terrarium and you just know she doesn't sterilize it between photoshoots. It's not even aesthetic, but she bought one package of black astrology shit from Dollskill and you know the rest. Btw, does anyone know where that snake beware sign in the background is from? Because I'm getting increasingly concerned she made it, which is far too lame for me to comprehend.
Lmao so true, anon. Idk what's grosser: the fact that this isn't the first time she's used the "I'm going to throw a gluten free bun at you" line, or that she was proud enough of this juvenile and criminally unfunny conversation to post it on her social media. I have second hand embarrassment either way.
Ditto. I'm not being hyperbolic when I say I have never in my life seen a more morbidly obese snake than this.

No. 758250

File: 1581933466242.jpg (732.71 KB, 1536x1404, Screenshot_20200217-105715.jpg)

No. 758251

I found the sign on Etsy, probs one of the items she bought from small businesses that she never made a video about lol. I bet she never makes that video because she's misplaced most of them in her many piles of junk.

No. 758253

I think her brother made the sign when she came back to live with them

No. 758255

I remember her saying he made it for her, but now I'm sure she copied the one from Etsy and claimed he made it. She only uses her brother as an, "aww" prop.

No. 758256

File: 1581939850505.png (404.91 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20200217-114142~2.p…)

Does anyone have any screenshots of her saying her brother made it? It's defos off Etsy but it's no longer available so I can only view it from Google.

No. 758267

The problem is Miss Retarded should have post her drug addicton videos on her second channel and just keep posting animal stuff in her main
But because she wanted more audience for her rants she probably already got demonitazed her main.

No. 758272

>this isn’t an excuse, it’s “describing my reality”
>I would “have” to push a video back
>I was stretching myself way too thin
>”self sabotaging”
>I’m not gonna “get release dates wrong”
>I’m just as tired of it as you guys!!!1!1!

shut the fuck up taylor. get off your ass and stop wasting time writing these bullshit essays on your instagram and actually spend some time doing your “job”. you didn’t “get release dates wrong” or “have” to push a video back, you’re too fucking lazy to take the time to make your half ass shitty content. you have no problem using your adsense money to get countless ugly tattoos and piercings and buy hundreds of dollars worth of dollskill but you don’t have the fucking decency to actually put out content for your viewers.

No. 758273

I believe it was us that speculated it was her brother who made it,

No. 758286

I'm pretty sure that she said in a video that her brother made it

No. 758291

Which video?

No. 758292

I just checked and I misremembered

No. 758293


Oh, is her EDS selective? She can stay still enough to sit for HOURS while she's being tattooed, but can't keep herself together for 40 seconds to hold her snake? HMM.

No. 758295

I swear she said she made it because her brother is super scared of snakes and he didn't want them in the house. Maybe not the current version but there was originally a paper version. I can't find the thread through

No. 758298

I’m not defending Taylor because she is a human piece of excrement, but her ball pythons are not obese. Females are bigger and more bulky than males. Google ball pythons, that’s what they look like. Y’all are discrediting yourselves saying they are obese.

No. 758303

>her ball pythons are not obese
maybe not all of them, but the ones with fat rolls at every slight bend sure are.
>Y’all are discrediting yourselves
so what? we're not a callout army. this thread aint that deep.

No. 758306

Maui is a /male/ ball python tho. He doesn't have the same excuse to be thicc that Violet does. I have a 9 y/o male ball python at home, same morph as Maui (pastel pied). He doesn't look like this. He only gets a single day old chick once every 3 weeks, not a huge rat every week like Tay Tays snakes. Look up a normal ball python feeding and weight chart before you embarrass yourself anon.

No. 758312

Can you stop? Everyone told you why you were wrong last time you tried this.

No. 758315

No, that's not what a healthy young male ball python looks like.

Has she ever mentioned his weight? She stuffs her snake food with extra vitamins and god knows what. For the same reason she also sprays her all of her substrate with mite poison for two years even though the snakes might not even have mites, because she is such a caring snake mom.

No. 758318

Can everyone stop? Discuss husbandry on Clint's Reptiles or Snake Discovery's channel.

No. 758322

You/whoever argued this got shut down last time you did this. Her ball pythons are obese. Violet may not be obese, but she's not healthy. Maui has surpassed overweight and reached obese. There should be spine definition, his spine is almost indented (fat around the spine), bulging around the vent, fat rolls at gentle curves in the body. Her snakes are unhealthy, her ball pythons and short tailed python are obese.

No. 758327

It was definitely us speculating. I know because I'm the anon who mentioned it looking child-like, and that her brother probably is feeling overwhelmed by all the pets and change to his environment.

No. 758329

File: 1581966119244.jpeg (59.73 KB, 640x493, DB857836-852C-4CD8-836A-597356…)

No. 758330

and it was a dumb fucking tinfoil. it's clearly a font and clip art, not something drawn by a child. and if it was, jennifer would have posted about it 10 times.

No. 758346

File: 1581975767362.png (594.46 KB, 538x1774, Capture123.png)

jen is back on twitter reminiscing about the good old times when her daughter fucked jonny craig

No. 758348


0hysical cringing at how he's making fun of her, to her, and she can't tell. She's still trying to put Jonny down in the middle of being made fun of for being nonsensical and hateful

No. 758349

Jesus Christ, the second-hand embarrassment is painful.

No. 758354

her mom has serious issues damn. No wonder Taylor's ego is so overblown. She doesn't have to do anything and her mom is constantly bragging about her. Reminds me of one of mama dean's videos where they're at the zoo or something and she tells an employee that her daugther has the animal they're looking at at home in fact that she has several. They guy sounds uninterested at first until she says her daughter is taylor dean. Then the guy calls his coworker over and says wow it's taylor dean's mom! And you can hear she's so pleased with herself after having a convo the guy clearly didn't care for and mama dean very obviously wanted him to ask questions . I had so much second hand embarrassment. She is so fucking thirsty for attention.

No. 758355

this entire interaction is peak cringe. jen, the guy thinks you're a dumb fucking boomer. stop talking at him you fat fuck.

No. 758359

In what world would you publicly taunt the guy who allegedly raped and abused your daughter? She’s such a fucking cockroach.

Between Mama Dean and Taylor, they make Syd and JC look sane. JFC that’s saying a lot.

No. 758363

“Maui and I have a bond”…. he is a snake stop anthropomorphizing snakes. I love having my snakes as pets but I’m not stupid enough to think they get heart eyes back when they see me… maybe for the food I’m holding for them tho

No. 758364

the way she holds her snakes without supporting their weight makes me cringe… girl ur gonna really hurt their backs

No. 758365

She thought that Violet rubbing all over her hand was a sign of her missing Taylor, and didn’t think about the possibility of mites or scale/skin irritation.

No. 758368


Tinfoil, but I think Jen might honestly be on drugs or day drunk. This is something an older person, like 80-something, would do to someone on the bus, because they're lonely and forgot how society works/it doesn't work the way it used to. It's more basic and readable than a social cue. This family is just fucking depressing. I feel so bad for them until I remember she was making fun of someone that's not even in her daughter's life anymore, just for the sake of trying to? Look interesting? Connect with someone? Hot damn, it gets dark sometimes.

No. 758376

lol "piercings which rotted off due to poor hygiene" i had the exact same thing happen to my piercings. when i was on opiates. due to poor hygiene. ive truly only recently began to see how gross and deceitful she is.. i used to pity her so much. i feel so bad for HER victims. think of chelsey. think of the underage girls shes doxxed. think of ALL the people she's literally publicly thrown under the bus.

No. 758379

File: 1581988054835.jpeg (308.9 KB, 750x791, 31469AA3-2B00-437A-A3A4-74E105…)

No. 758386

File: 1581989482768.png (411.93 KB, 595x738, Capture1.PNG)

No. 758387

File: 1581989583907.png (285.83 KB, 596x475, Capture1.PNG)

No. 758391

File: 1581990336083.jpg (345.12 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200217-203013_Chr…)


Mama Dean lurking JC's stories.

No. 758392

i’ve always thought she came off as the “wine mom” type who drinks a few glasses to get through the day. her life revolves around her children so much that she doesn’t have her own personality/life outside of being their mom and she seems lonely af because of it. its likely that her constant tweeting of nonsense at people stems from her being desperate for human interaction but i genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if she’s some sort of functioning alcoholic and drinking played a part in it as well

No. 758393

it's really funny tht she's giving snake weight advice to someone else on a post of her most obese snake…

No. 758395

File: 1581991299818.jpeg (196.17 KB, 750x630, 4EDEE057-FCB2-4C6A-8CD5-641DE0…)

No. 758396

brings me back to the good old times when papa dean was lurking JC's stories and freaked out over JC petting a cat bc he thought he was jerking it lmao

No. 758397

so yes? totally?? overfeed?? your snake!!

No. 758398

File: 1581993613058.jpeg (25.8 KB, 226x169, 29ACB506-C4B4-45E7-86AE-6775D2…)

A drawing? Couldn’t do better than that? The large one is if breeding size…a healthy snake.

No. 758399

File: 1581993682964.jpeg (281.79 KB, 1125x1739, 00F260DC-D8D8-4D77-B080-CC6BAF…)

those pupils are non existent but she’s been sober for a mont guise!!!1!!

No. 758400

She legitimately looks brain damaged here

No. 758401

she loves to blame her ring light but there clearly just her window reflected in her eyes. Once while using her ring light as an excuse she had taken pics in her room with the curtain closed. (during the vice shoot I believe)

No. 758403


Did she only get new teeth for her top teeth? Bottom are crooked af.


Right? But I feel like even standing in front of an open window at noon wouldn’t make them that god damn tiny.

No. 758404

File: 1581995875829.jpeg (500.37 KB, 828x1138, 9CBF39CC-A993-4165-9E45-4AA7E8…)

No. 758408

File: 1581996493293.png (93.06 KB, 600x696, Capture2.PNG)

taylor had to physically meet his rapist, you see, that makes her the most specialiest victim. unlike YOU

stop one-upping people jfc

No. 758409

File: 1581996563612.png (30.4 KB, 597x231, Capture2.PNG)

No. 758410

File: 1581996877106.jpeg (313.77 KB, 1125x1528, 6BE6BA24-C9B2-4321-8844-CEC0F8…)

Of course.

No. 758412

File: 1581998294664.png (101.61 KB, 534x827, Capture2.PNG)

going on about syd again

No. 758413

File: 1581998367507.png (59.24 KB, 538x471, Capture2.PNG)

No. 758414

So the guy who raped her in a gutter on top of broken glass has “no idea” because she never confronted him? or is this a different rapist story

No. 758415


I I I I me me me me me ME

No. 758418

File: 1582000519586.png (46.61 KB, 663x381, Capture1.PNG)

No. 758419

So you almost swatted your ex boyfriend and dox a 16 y/o but you cant give any names about you "first" rapist ??
This is smell like bs
She neeever gives details about this guy just "he gave me PTSD, he bad"

No. 758424

File: 1582001876879.png (60.88 KB, 660x489, Capture.PNG)

No. 758425

I hate that she refuses to admit she used to be the girl she is painting Syd as now. Taylor used to be the one who could not see the bad in Jonny, invalidating all his exes because she thought he could never be capable of the bad things he’s done and thought they were all liars. She always conveniently leaves that part out.

No. 758426

Kinda doubt her story too…

She had sex with a dude that turned out to be a shitbag. I bet she was just being a slut TBH. Same time frame when she was catfishing dudes on twitter.

Your not a victim of trauma, you've been a spoiled bitch your whole life. She wanted drugs so she could get high, party with the "cool kids", and raise her social status.

Timmy in Africa without legs has it bad

No. 758432

File: 1582005878321.png (578.43 KB, 658x765, Capture.PNG)

No. 758438

I've been reading through old threads and the shit she did to Jonny's exes is gross. And through her recovery she has never apologized or brought it up. Isn't part of recovery making amends? Shouldn't she cover some of the fucked up shit she did because of her abuse or drug use? She's mentioning what Syd said to her but I have no sympathy because she was so much worse to Jonny's exes when they tried to warn her and help her and she shit on them. Super gross.

No. 758439

Okay who tho? Romeo Lacoste? That model guy in San Antonio?

No. 758440

It's like she can't experience embarassment so I am forced to feel it for her…

Only real mental illness kweens understand that pills are the only way to cope with anything

No. 758442

Weird flex but okay.

No. 758447


She spreads shit information about drug addiction and pet care constantly. Such a hypocrite.

No. 758472

File: 1582025171771.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1125x1776, 813C4865-54CD-46FB-905B-E9B2C3…)

No. 758473

File: 1582025203563.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1794, 4B0B1A96-050C-4A45-8DA2-CA6242…)

No. 758474

File: 1582025335521.jpeg (205.73 KB, 1125x447, 6F6535D7-102C-4E00-943B-69372A…)


No. 758475

She spent a ridiculous amount of money on Gemini yet rarely shows him.

No. 758477


No. 758479


Read upthread, this is about >>758432

No. 758487

never owned a snake in my life and even I know you shouldn’t hold one like that… what in the world is that position?

No. 758488

that's because he carries the same weight to her as some shitty clothing she bought from dolls kill. throw it in the closet and haul it out for photos when she needs a dopamine hit. she has never cared about her animals. they're all a means to an end for views. the only reason we're seeing her sickeningly obese pets again is that her viewers are fading fast and she's desperate. the spiral into camwhoring is looming on the horizon.

No. 758489

The one-upping is so off-putting. You know she's an emotional vampire and totally exhausting one on one. She skinwalks everyone she comes into contact with–their lives must be incorporated into the story of her life, only better?? and more exciting?? Taylor has zero personality and zero sense of self.

No. 758495

Taylor, you do not make friends by constantly one upping or even just saying whatever your weird experience is that is similar to the person you’re replying to. Just say something fuckin nice land move on (insert twenty question marks and crying or angry emoji)

No. 758496

Whats up with his vent? Is that normal?

No. 758498

I hate how she always, as a rule, stomps all over some young fan's trauma by inventing something worse and MORE traumatic, then acts condescending about their story.
It's like she skims her tweets for the worst trauma stories so she can one up them.
No one has suffered like taylor nicole dean.

No. 758506

I'm pretty sure Taylor offered Syd money to get an abortion so Taylor and Jonny's story could keep going.
I would get mad too if a crazy ex do that under the disguise of helping an abuse victim uwu~

No. 758507

Good catch. It is open. I’ve never seen an overweight ball python in person. I wonder if that can affect their vent. Otherwise he might have been about to use the bathroom. Another thing I can think is sometimes they get stuck shed in their vent and if you aren’t careful removing it or leave it too long, it can cause irritation.

No. 758522

it’s such a shame she spent what, $8k on him? We haven’t seen him in MONTHS, and on top of that she more than likely keeps him in a snake rack.

No. 758525

It's so weird that she doesn't get into enclosure design. Most snake owners like building enclosures.

You can get really into it with wood and foam, painting it and theming it.

There's some amazingly pretty ones you been find online with real plants, waterfalls, in built humidifiers.

And those videos get tons of views. She's so dumb

No. 758532

that is what eludes me as well. she seems to find her pets SUCH a chore, while all exotic pet owners I know really like setting up enclosures and find it relaxing.
I really fucking hate her "can't even keep a plant alive lulz so quirky" act too. bitch you'd know how to keep any plant alive if you did 10mins of research. all you need to provide is the correct type of soil and the right humidity and light. it's not rocket science

got to be her dumbest flex purchase ever. honestly a random person would be more impressed by her cheaper snakes pattern-wise

No. 758544

Right… most reptile keepers love enclosure making. Even if you aren’t very good at design, and you use fake plants, you should at least TRY to make it as enriching and natural as possible and put as much effort in as you can. Her enclosures are boring and dull and messily set up. You can see she takes no pride in the enclosures she has and doesn’t care about them at all just by the way she throws all her junk on them

No. 758546

This is extremely distressing to see… this poor snake. You shouldn’t hold any living creature like that she’s gonna break his back

No. 758558

im confused bc many anons have said that taylor is doing exactly what johnnys exes did to her by putting her in an unsafe posisition and that she isn't acknowledging that she was in syds posistion but taylor is literally (albeit putting her on blast publicly) explaining that johnny is in syds head. regardless, shes fucking stupid and kinda evil for publicizing all of this abt syd when she has a large following.

No. 758559

arent there laws about how many animals can be kept as pets within a home in most states?

No. 758561

this is fucking insane. i feel like her behavior towards syd is borderline harassment and constitutes legal action

No. 758563

Texas is super lax about animal welfare laws in general. That's why people who own tigers and chimps and shit all live in Texas.

It is generally per county that the limit is set, to avoid hoarding situations.

No. 758564

Honestly, nobody can care for that many animals. I have 5 pets and they are all cage / tank pets and even that is really difficult. I don't understand how taylor, being so frequently ill & high and having depression, could do all that. I've heard several times that she has an assistant… but doesn't needing assistance mean that you are incapable of doing the work on your own?

No. 758565

i feel like taylor really doesn't get how common opiate addiction is…. like she acts like her experience is ground breaking & her accounts of her story are something that people need to hear or wouldn't know about an average addict.

No. 758566

I mean, having a lot of snakes can theoretically be alright. she could be even more hands-off if she'd put the effort into setting up bioactive enclosures… but what I don't get about her animal keeping is what's the point? shoving the maximum possible number of animals into plastic tubes and having an assistant/her mom take care of them… why? she doesn't even make videos anymore. she seems to hate taking care of the animals and treats any interaction with them like a chore.
>I've heard several times that she has an assistant
I don't think she's had an assistant since she moved back home. her mom seems to be doing a good chunk of animal care for her.

No. 758567

File: 1582064041754.png (40.94 KB, 651x287, Capture.PNG)

No. 758569


This 100%. I mean she keeps saying she wants to get in to aquascaping and literally the best aquascapers in the US are in texas.

She's got the money and time to make her enclosures look incredible! Sure it takes practice and work but it's fun as hell.

She should be putting all her pain and frustration into improving the live of her animals. It's really fulfilling to nurture a living creature and see it at it's best. Record it, throw some jokes and BAM you've got a video.

I feel like she's addicted to the instant gratification of showing them off. I don't think she actually cares about their well being, beyond the dopamine hit.

She knows her animals aren't happy living like this. No light, no water, too hot, cramped, wrong humidity, overfed. It's impossible to satisfy that many unique care requirements.

No. 758573

These threads have been preaching that for years yet there’s still idiot stans who don’t see this bitch could care less. Any hobbyist with the unlimited time and money that Taylor possesses would be dreaming up the coolest builds, but that would require actual work which she is allergic to. She’s always been an attention starved fame whore. Being the qUiRkY girl who brought her pets to school got her attention and it spun out of control from then on. Especially when revealing new pets is what brought in views and money. She then slapped them in the easiest enclosures for her, which now double as clothing racks. She’s even aware she needs to branch out if she wants to keep getting easy YT bucks but is too lazy to do so even though she has so many options that would be good for both her and those poor animals. It couldn’t be more obvious she never gave a fuck and ordering a new reptile to be delivered every week brought in views quicker and easier than anything else. Competing for the trauma Olympics on Twitter is more important to this cow. Saddest, most pathetic excuse of an animal owner.

No. 758578

congrats on your 0.5secs in the newest philip defranco video taylor, for once your inserting yourself into a trending topic paid off.

No. 758581

There is definitely something wrong with his cloaca. The beginning of a prolapse maybe, or irritation from something. Maybe constipation and straining to pass feces/urates….

No. 758583

File: 1582070887416.jpeg (407.31 KB, 750x1056, 834E4A67-D9B9-4996-A634-91AC7E…)

No. 758584

File: 1582070988544.jpeg (131.78 KB, 750x498, CB97E6B1-4365-4AA3-9534-D665A3…)

No. 758585

File: 1582071192475.png (99.87 KB, 661x484, Capture.PNG)

taylor's having a field day responding to every idiot that replied to her jake paul tweet.

No. 758586

File: 1582071378465.png (104.83 KB, 661x515, Capture1.PNG)

she's enjoying this sooo much

No. 758587

Doctor Laura is the type of person to ask you what you did to make your man beat you.

No. 758588

File: 1582072765834.png (60.6 KB, 661x434, Capture.PNG)

No. 758591

File: 1582074879924.png (102.25 KB, 662x775, Capture.PNG)

No. 758594


Just because you're mentally ill doesn't mean you have to act like a whiny bitch. No magic drug, medication pill, or therapy is gonna make you better. It takes alot of work, self reflection, and change of bad habits.

Learn to help yourself Taylor, shooting up heroin is BAD, stop doing it. Not taking care of hygiene is BAD. fastfood 24/7 is BAD.

Your bad habits are contributing to your mental illness.

No. 758596

File: 1582076944012.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 19AE9774-96AC-4F3B-920A-5C238A…)

Wtf is her fashion sense

No. 758597

Why does she need so many ridiculous ugly outfits just to lie in bed all day

>tfw you literally cannot comprehend taking a break from twitter

No. 758598

lmaooo the prescription bottles all over the counter are classy

No. 758600

Attention whore

No. 758609

For someone who never washes her hair that red looks really faded already

No. 758610


It’d even be a little bit better if she at least did her hair and makeup and wore these outfits in her bedroom to at least look like she’s dressing up, but she doesn’t even bother to fix her ratty-ass grease trap hair and yet is putting a whole outfit together while her hair doesn’t even look like she cared to brush it? She looks like 10 minutes ago she rolled out of bed and just put on brand new clothes. why

No. 758611

oof, that minecraft/roblox character body shape

No. 758613

We all know she shops her pictures but in this one you actually see the warped lines. On the left (her right).

No. 758614

File: 1582082992049.jpg (309.24 KB, 1080x1178, 20200219_042922.jpg)

No. 758618

It's a video..

No. 758619

she doesn't have one. all that $$$ and she can't buy taste. typical white trash.

No. 758620

it's a screenshot of a video. stop autistically circling her every selfie, please.

No. 758621

File: 1582086566925.png (547.04 KB, 596x886, Capture.PNG)

No. 758622

File: 1582086676178.png (1.64 MB, 662x883, Capture.PNG)

No. 758623

I thought he wasn't a real chimera?

No. 758625

sorry for the nitpick but her NAILS

No. 758627

File: 1582089204076.png (18.73 KB, 606x141, Capture.PNG)

it isn't a perfect split though?

No. 758628

It’s not even a nitpick at this point, I actually don’t understand what she could be doing if she doesn’t do anything all day to get her nails that visibly disgusting and then just not clean them it actually scares me

No. 758631


He's not a chimera, for the umpteenth time, whore. You were scammed. Most chimera don't even hatch/are birthed, most of their mothers terminate the pregnancy. Even chimeral plants don't last long, and they're far more genetically plastic than a snake. The guy who sold him to her never should have said "well maybe he's a chimera" or what the fuck ever in the video years ago, but she needs to stop promoting it.

Also he's an obese fuck, good god.

No. 758632

Do I see old bruising on her hand near Gemini’s head?
Idk if it’d be from those blood tests a while ago or if those woulda healed by now

No. 758633

What about the food encrusted blanket?

No. 758634

File: 1582093309014.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1936, DDA973D3-65C1-456F-B548-743967…)

No. 758635

“Don’t mind me just doing a daily photo of the snakes I have left that way people stop thinking I’m neglecting my animals lollll”

No. 758636


Wow, it's so weird that she posts about her snakes after several Twitter users who were using #TaylorNicoleDean called her out for not showing certain animals in months and speculating that they were dead/"rehomed."

This bitch has the nerve to say she's not self-absorbed and doesn't read that hashtag or here, but just so happens to post Motley and others? lmfao ok bitch.

No. 758637

File: 1582094610700.jpg (839.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200218-224206_Ins…)

Sure Taylor… I'm sure shitty hygiene had nothing to do with it.

No. 758638

Her nails are filled up with dirt and shit (in multiple pictures it wasn’t a one time thing) and she refuses to clean them and touches her healing piercings (and animals) with them just thinking about the infections is making me cringe

No. 758639

ew why would she post her pus leaking face.

No. 758640

WOW. How peculiar that her nose ring is infected!!! It’s because of the EDS though. Not because she can’t manage to take care of herself.

No. 758641

File: 1582095268380.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1931, Screenshot_20200219-085347.png)

No. 758642

why does she overshare so much. like who gives a fuck? i just genuinely don’t get it she puts so much effort into typing out these long ass posts and it amazes me that she has time to live tweet her entire life in extreme detail but not to make a youtube video once every two months

No. 758643

Iam so sick of seeing her call this snake a Chimera. Unless she has had both separate sides of him tested in two separate DNA tests and they come back as two totally unique sets of DNA then he is not a chimera. He is somatic.
I wish she would just get him tested so she can actually prove it but i think deep down she knows he's not actually a chimera.
Somatic animals in themselves are incredibly unique and interesting, i don't know why she can't just settle for that.

No. 758644

EDS does cause wounds to heal slower, but like always, taytay refuses to take any accountability

No. 758655

She’s such a fucking idiot. It’s probably a keloid from her touching it or infected from… her touching it. It’s not EDS.

No. 758657


Is she fucking serious?
First, if you have an illness that interferes with healing or your immune system ANY GOOD PIERCER is going to ask that on the consent forms. I wouldn’t do three separate cartilage piercings on a healthy hygienic person in the one day. (Over 15yrs experience) if she knows she can’t heal a SINGLE piercing while would she get multiple at once?
Cartilage piercings take months to heal, and the easiest to get infected. She’s beyond stupid.

I am beyond petrified of snakes so can’t google it. But isn’t it cruel to keep those big ass snakes in those tiny plastic tubs? Are they all kept in them.
If they’re sold as “snake racks” what are their actual purpose? Breeding? And what’s stopping them for getting out?

No. 758663

this poor snake looks like he's about to pop. what's the crap all over the bedspread or whatever it is? how do you let your hands get that filthy? does she ever wash them? what the fuck, this picture makes me angry.

No. 758665

Don't most piercers recommend not getting a shitton of piercings at once because it makes it harder for you to heal? And that if Taylor had considered how her EDS affects her and especially if she discussed it with the piercer she wouldn't have made such a dumb decision but she has to do everything impulsively - even if you take her at face value and assume it's EDS causing problems and not her lack of aftercare, it's very obviously her own fault and not sympathetic to brag about it at all. Also isn't refusing to take it out going to cause some really ugly scarring on her nose?

No. 758666

File: 1582116551293.jpeg (223.22 KB, 750x1074, 01516C3E-12B7-44F3-9422-5D1776…)

Spewing a bunch of bullshit as usual under her insta pic

No. 758667

File: 1582116726112.jpeg (214.62 KB, 742x1086, B64B0A06-33DB-47D4-8218-6CA5DF…)

Bullshit Continued …

No. 758669

Funny how she can answer that one question but not the questions on the gemini post about his cloaca

No. 758676

I think most piercers would recommend not doing this, but money is money. Most nose piercings get keloids for a bit, but hole would not stretch out without additional trauma. Between that and the oozing, she must have fucked with it a lot. I have no idea what the fuck she thinks the piercer will do. It’s an infected wound. They won’t touch that shit. She needs to just take it out, clean it, and let it heal. Tinfoil, but I wonder if this is just another way for her to self injure and gain sympathy? Like with the snake bites?

No. 758678

I really think Taylor is functioning at the level of a 15 year old. First of all, your piercing is shifting and there’s a bump because a keloid formed you retarded bitch. She googles everything but has no idea what’s going on? Secondly, what’s the piercer going to do for you? How are they magically supposed to fix an unhealed piercing that’s clearly infected? Newsflash: they’re not licensed medical professionals. I’m sure she’s too embarrassed to show her face again at the hospital for another infected piercing and rightfully so. Lastly, why does she make it seem like “hehe oops this happens all the time when I get piercings!” When has she ever gotten piercings documented on social media like this? Also they wouldn’t even attempt this many piercings if you’ve previously rejected a bunch of them before??

The comical part of all of this is that she’s now going to have a keloid scar on her nose. If she thought she was insecure about her looks now… just wait until you have a bump on your nose that you have to constantly edit out.
But woe is me, right Taylor? You have EDS and made irresponsible choices by getting all these piercings and we all need to feel sorry for your irresponsible decision making. Jen come get your moronic daughter.

No. 758680

It's recommended to leave an infected piercing in until it heals so you don't trap the infection under the skin and turn into a cyst.

The nose is a pretty dangerous place to get infected because it's common for staph bacteria to live in your nasal cavity. My bets are on this being a staph infection.

No. 758688

>my bets are it’s a staph infection
now this is why retarded medfagging is banned

No. 758694

The second she got those nose piercings I KNEW she was going to get a nasty keloid. Even people who take good care of their nose piercings commonly get them. It has nothing to do with EDS, hers is bad simply from improper aftercare

No. 758702

Yeah and when someone tried to warn you, you stalked her Tumblr and mocked her with your stans on Twitter and let them dogpile her.

No. 758714

Remember that stupid nose chain thing she bought? Probably already tried to change her piercing since she's an idiot. Now she will have a giant hole in her nose just like her ear

No. 758733


It's always her manager's fault. With that dumb ass Gucci purse, it was "a gift from my manager!"

No. 758734


Lmao this bitch probably never cleaned the makeup she piles on her face. Like she couldnt wait to show off her face piercings. That's her fault for not being responsible. We all knew that she couldn't take care of a piercing. She can't even be bothered to bathe not to mention take care of multiple piercings.

No. 758738

Saged but the bump people get on their nose piercing is hypertrophic scarring, not a keloid. A keloid is not temporary and rarely happens to non POC, because of melanin.

It’s misinformation and hypertrophic scarring happens to most people and is easily treatable. Keloids can only be removed by surgery or injections but are prone to regrowth.

Basically what’s happening to Taylor’s nose happens to most people. It’s not her super special invisible illness(No1curr)

No. 758742

Hear hear anon. It drives me insane to no end she uses mental illness to shield her shitty personality and yet refuse to make any changes!


No. 758751

Why does she even bother getting so many piercings if she knows her body will most likely reject them?

No. 758762

She gets the intital dopamine rush, then the narc high of attention. It lets her skinwalk Syd to her heart's content, without any long-term committment when she finds a new skinwalking victim. Also, it allows her to be a victim of her super special EDS and take no responsibility.
So, pretty much everything TND is known for except killing her pets.

No. 758784

Just like the dress was no but with gift card someone gave her aka dress was a gift

No. 758787


Exactly. “nooo I didn’t purchase this from DK, I had an old gift card that somebody gave me!” Convenient.

No. 758801

Thanks for the correction. I knew lots of people get these bumps on their nose piercings but didn’t know that’s what they were called. I appreciate the information and apologize for saying it was a keloid instead (sage for no new info)

No. 758804

File: 1582157018234.png (282.36 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20200220-015957.png)

jen butting in to a totally unrelated conversation to give her valuable insight

No. 758805

File: 1582157090377.png (399.66 KB, 598x449, Capture123.PNG)


No. 758809

File: 1582157638127.jpeg (106.86 KB, 368x210, AB16335C-6840-441E-95F5-01ECD1…)

By WHY self injure something as prominent as her NOSE?! It’s front and center… almost as bad as her lips!

No. 758811

File: 1582157922418.png (101.01 KB, 603x447, Capture123.PNG)

looks like she finally found the block button

No. 758816

Why does she go and buy trashy clothes left and right from dolls kill? Why does she go and get tattoos almost every 2 weeks? Why does she go and fucks with her hair constantly? Why does she buy big ass makeup hauls of shit she'll most likely never use?

Because it's all out of impulse. She cannot control herself and needs that constant rush to feel good. She got so many piercings in one sitting because she had the impulse to look as edgy and as badass as she thought she'd look. She does things before she thinks them through, IF she thinks about them at all.

No. 758823

LOL okay. This is the first thing a sane person would have done. Not gone on a sperging spree, whoring for attention, for weeks and weeks and weeks.

No need to guess who Taylor gets it from, at least…

No. 758835

File: 1582163988109.jpeg (516.64 KB, 1125x1833, 697CE195-77FF-422D-ACCD-CB934D…)

She just posted six ball pythons- Louis, Violet, Maui, Frank, Chip/Motley, and Gemini. That Thomas guy commented too.

No. 758838

File: 1582164544707.png (451.81 KB, 598x763, Capture.PNG)

it's your crotch, taylor.

No. 758839

File: 1582164593007.png (28.05 KB, 597x227, Capture1.PNG)

No. 758847

The breeder should know his parents and be able to figure it out or at least have a couple ideas if there were multiple genes at play.

No. 758850


The breeder lied. He wasn't exactly too reputable himself with this promotion of chimerism.

It is openly speculated that Gemini is a piebald with a somatic mutation by several snake breeders/educators on Twitter. Clint's Reptiles had a fairly good idea, although he was taking her words a bit too seriously, and should have dismissed her altogether.

No. 758869

File: 1582169365354.png (20.54 KB, 600x149, Capture1.PNG)

No. 758870

File: 1582169539965.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, FB274A45-F54B-454C-9E73-6F7D8F…)

She lurks too hard

No. 758871

File: 1582169602682.png (432.17 KB, 597x620, Capture1.PNG)

No. 758873

Snake racks are usually used by breeders, rescues, and people with large collections. They're made to take up less space. They're not cruel by themselves depending which snakes you put in them, in fact some snakes prefer racks because they're good at keeping humidity, heat,and darkness in. The problem is how big the enclosure is and the fact trailer trash dean is their owner. I doubt her snake rack is big enough or has enough enrichment for the animals.
Snake racks have a latch on the front that keeps the snake from pushing itself out of the tub and the top is covered by the next shelf of the rack.
A lot of people don't use racks because you can't even see your animal and they're usually not tall enough for snakes that enjoy climbing from time to time like ball pythons. Not to mention it's such an animal hoarder thing to have unless you're running some kind of business. Also, If I remember right, not all of her snakes are in there. Some of them are in shitty tubs in her dirty closet too.

No. 758882

File: 1582172182303.jpeg (72.68 KB, 750x422, FE2E216D-78E4-4383-AE3F-75A8CC…)

Hm interesting that she cut out Twistys missing toenail/tip of his toe

No. 758883

Didn’t she say she wasn’t going to do this anymore?

No. 758887

File: 1582173164524.jpeg (193.81 KB, 750x1334, 3550B008-9C15-42D3-97FA-E9E1B8…)

No. 758892

Internet problems will mysteriously delay it, im guessing late tommorow

No. 758902

File: 1582175336336.jpeg (64.04 KB, 750x447, C0BA68DD-BAF4-487C-9E23-0A3E9A…)

She says Cheese #2 is still alive.

No. 758912

I don’t understand why she can’t just go live and show all her animals in like 10 mins. Why does it take a whole week to show her pets are okay.

No. 758915

I want her to upload so we can see if she’s slurring throughout the whole thing and if she’s hiding her arms. She sucks at hiding shit

No. 758919

Because her tanks and enclosures are in shit conditions and her mom is the one who tends to her animals for the most part. She needs time to make her animals look semi-decent and that's stretching it.

But obviously whoever asks this is a hater who has nothing better to do other than harass her. I mean just look at the pics she takes in her room with the enclosures in the background with a pile of clothes on top of them. Like yes, they have ventilation on the back… but they're shoved in a fucking closet.

No. 758921

File: 1582178613203.png (16.1 KB, 610x134, Capture.PNG)

No. 758922

>puppy dog eyes

Its a fucking snake Taylor you retard, jfc why is it so hard for her to talk like a normal human being?

No. 758926

Tinfoil: Her pillow is abusive because she is begging it to cuddle her and it…just…won't!

No. 758930

Twisty looks really poorly, his fat pads are non-existent .. is that an old shot of his toe?

No. 758934

She cleaned her nails too definitely lurks here even though she denies it.

No. 758935

LMFAO holy fuck her head is huge

No. 758945

File: 1582189963007.png (60.65 KB, 656x432, Capture.PNG)

jen is still going after the trolls and haturs

No. 758951

This was from the video on her giving him an enclosure rebuild

No. 758952

So so of the animals mentioned in that “rip Taylor’s animals” thread have been posted… except for Mushu and cheese 2. Tinfoil but she’s avoiding posting mushu because she’s dead and she won’t post cheese 2 until she can get a replacement bc he is also dead

No. 758953

well she did say she's posting her fish next >>758902 so it's too early to tinfoil.

No. 758956

… does this dumb bitch not wear gloves while cleaning cages?

What am I saying, of course she doesn't. Taylor's sense of basic hygiene must have made a suicide pact with her dress sense early on.

No. 758963

go take a shower and put your pants on, attention whore

No. 758964

these textwalls are getting bigger and bigger. it's like pressured speech, but written. she's nuts.

No. 758984

especially when there's tons of proof that when she was more 'serious' about her animals she constantly had her nails done. I think its just another testament to her laziness which she tries to flip in her benefit as usual

No. 758992

Tinfoil: her pillow smothers her til she's forced to shoot up cause nothing is ever her fault

No. 758995

Lmaoooo more like her pillow whispers speculations that she might be using again to her, sending her crawling directly to the plug's "tent"

No. 759055

Someone really need to tell the Dean family to sort out their priorities.. >>758945

No. 759060

A little tinfoil that I think has some merit..It’s nauseating trying to keep up with Taylor’s walls of bullshit text she’s always authoring but I notice how she said she’s “at a different place in her recovery!” And looking to get back into it deeper, guise. That basically confirms it for me that she’s just sober from heroin, if that. all I‘ve ever seen her do is cover shit up with this same vague, manipulative verbiage.

TND, high as fuck on uppers: I’M juSt aT a diFfErEnt pLaCe iN rEcOvErY

No. 759122

Saged for no screenshots, bc I'm browsing lolcow on my console rn. Maybe another farmer can post here. But TND has a retweet up of a tiktok where someone cleans their depressed friends room, and is REEing that you should never shame someone for their icky living space, because her room got so bad when she was depressed. But no acknowledgement of her disgusting bedroom/cell as it is right now.
So close to self awareness sometimes, Tay.

No. 759124

Sorry that I wasn't clean. She shares the tiktok, and in her retweet she is REEEEing about never judging anyone. The friend in the tiktok video is actually pretty awesome. Sorry cant delete and repost, again, dumb console browsing.

No. 759137

File: 1582249028217.jpg (695.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-20-17-33-54…)

Here's the tweet, I'm not even sure why shaming came up, seeing how the friend who made the tiktok wasn't shaming anyone and Taylor even says that. She very easily could have just said "this is a great example of the right way to treat your depressed friends!" or something but no.

No. 759146

She just can't help telling on herself, can she?

No. 759149

Her room always fell apart, but she expects us to believe her amazing animal care was always spot on and all of the deaths (including her cooking some of them to death) were all just accidents?

No. 759150

People may get mad at me for this post but, where can I get credible information/advice about properly housing a snake? Tbr taylors the only person i can think of that has information about this. are there any credible websites yall know of?(it's called google)

No. 759155


Check out Snake Discovery on YouTube.

No. 759156

Hahaha she is such a lurker. We have been bashing her room lately and how messy she keeps her area around the animal cages. WHENEVER someone has any sort of criticism Taylor plays the I’m a victim feel bad for me card. Doesn’t she realize she isn’t fooling anyone. It takes 10 mins a day to keep a room tidy. She just never puts anything away. She always has the room full of clothes and trash. Like pick up after yourself your going to be 25 before you know it still living at your parents with dying pets.

No. 759161

literally anyone who isn't taylor (or brian barczyk) on youtube is probably better. Snake Discovery is really good. Apart from youtube try just googling aspects of snake care. I don't have snakes personally so I don't know what websites are the best, but there are lots out there to choose from. There are also discussion forums and facebook groups for reptile hobbyists and you'll get a ton of good info from people there.

If you're up for it, try google scholar and see if there are any peer reviewed journals about animal care for the species you're looking into. Sometimes you get lucky with free ones. Even if they don't tell you specifically how to set up an enclosure, read about habitats in the wild (ie whether they're arboreal or not) and make sure your enclosure meets those needs.

IRL, there may be a snake and/or reptile group in your area that you can attend meetings for information. Failing that, look for a local reptile store, or exotic vets that can answer questions you may have. Get your info from more than one source and understand what is and isn't recommended for the species you want (the opposite of what Taylor does.)

No. 759163

File: 1582253260555.jpeg (262.89 KB, 1125x1469, 91AC6412-FD6A-4DEA-9E3B-63BF33…)

“Can’t do any of those? You still made it through breathing” aka how she justifies absolutely never taking care of herself

No. 759165

File: 1582253806648.jpeg (345.27 KB, 1242x930, B4A5A8FB-57CA-4FC4-BEAA-9D1CF1…)

I thought this was her, oh no

No. 759166

File: 1582254156425.jpg (736.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-190049_Ins…)

Her lips don't only look terrible they look painful af

No. 759167

I'm really starting to wonder if the fillers will dissolve or if she'll have a permanent ballsack on her upper lip for the rest of her life.

No. 759168

Another Jonny trip?

No. 759169

Clint’s Reptiles is also phenomenal.

No. 759172

How did her nose heal so fast ? Or was it the other side ?

No. 759173

File: 1582256230512.png (124.87 KB, 330x228, jeffreestar.png)

Her lips look so bumpy and uneven. She claims she got them done like 2 years ago and hasnt had them redone? She obviously could be lying but I wonder if she got them done w silicone-which is permanent. They remind me of jeffree star's lips before he got the silicone cut out. see the weird bump?

No. 759175

compare with >>758399 with >>759173
sorry meant to add to above post

No. 759176

That looks like a pipe burn on her lips

No. 759184

File: 1582260732406.jpeg (276.59 KB, 1125x2014, 72F9891C-C415-4883-9A52-E0B89C…)

She’s really into this new star light or whatever that she got

No. 759193

File: 1582264018131.png (917.04 KB, 750x1334, 02CE4A77-4373-431D-B191-452653…)

No. 759194

File: 1582264078822.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 503F0A86-4C06-466D-A82A-903175…)

Interesting timeline if this is her documented drug use..

No. 759195

File: 1582264236280.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 228F234A-170F-400C-9B92-3E57D2…)

Sponsor or not she’s sure loving flaunting what she’s used and when she last used (but even that’s massively debatable)

No. 759205

So, does this mean she’s not going to rehab in March?

No. 759207

File: 1582267238313.jpeg (125.47 KB, 750x664, 453C1AAF-A1AF-41AC-A5DA-01EA0C…)

I wonder which one

No. 759209

File: 1582268838258.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, 8453C872-4305-4F6E-A80E-577CA7…)

Old news but this video just popped up on my Facebook timeline and the comments are a mix between good and bad but most are bad and calling her out, I’m so happy people are seeing through her

No. 759211

File: 1582268913526.png (2.5 MB, 1242x2688, C7259D7D-14A0-462D-A570-2229C5…)

She says she’s 22 days sober overall

No. 759213

Aka Jonny hit me up

No. 759214

File: 1582269761961.jpg (348.03 KB, 1536x1143, Screenshot_20200221-082155.jpg)

No. 759215

Good catch there. No rehab I guess! Oops!

Gonna take a ban for this, but her refusal to put in the hard work after a relapse, through meetings/outpatient/rehab, is not surprising but I also don’t want the girl to die. Hope she goes back to rehab and takes it seriously, or ghosts her family and moves on, she’s becoming a huge burden to those around her.

No. 759216

File: 1582269923093.jpg (813.17 KB, 1536x1769, Screenshot_20200221-082422.jpg)

No. 759218

File: 1582271496321.png (154.56 KB, 538x762, Capture1.PNG)

not milk guys, just her usual preaching. the only thing funny about this is that the video depicts a person's room who has classes+2 jobs while taylor has a similar looking room with 0 responsibilities.

No. 759219

File: 1582271605943.png (135.19 KB, 539x878, Capture.PNG)

No. 759220

Idk why it bothers me so much that she can't even admit she inputted the wrong date, "idk why it said that, must be the apps fault". Also how do you not even notice you're almost 300 days off? I know she's low IQ but does she not even know how long a year is?

No. 759223

File: 1582271967943.png (18.02 KB, 533x169, Capture.PNG)

No. 759224

File: 1582272118628.png (43.83 KB, 538x346, Capture.PNG)

No. 759225

why does she have the 'full sobriety' only for heroin? seems sus

No. 759226

this is her explanation for what its worth >>759214

No. 759227

File: 1582274660714.jpeg (91.81 KB, 1277x630, D09000F7-063D-4938-919E-16C4F6…)

Not sure if it has any significance but her sobriety date for coke seems to be related to the date she announced cheeses death.

No. 759233

Yes but that implies that she actually gives 2 fucks about her animals or that cheese was the one supplying her with the drugs . Both those theories are fanciful and ridiculous.

No. 759234

The money amounts saved are interesting. She claims she was only spending thirty per day on d and sixty on coke… It would be so funny if after all that "junkiest junkie that ever junked" and "chyyyyna whiiiiite" and fent talk if she actually was just doing half a g of tar a day

No. 759235

more likely she did it cuz she knew she had to deal with the backlash.

tbh I don't believe any of these dates especially since jonny and her seemed to be doing uppers and jonny seems to be a bit of a cokehead at least part time. Also fucking rehab brodick was a massive methhead. She's full of shit as usual

No. 759237

Her new light looks like a black light, the blue bits are semen and blood.

No. 759238

this >>759235
she clearly doesn't care that deeply about the animals, but she cares A LOT about her public image and she knows that anything happening to her animals gets her in trouble. that's why she always desparately makes up stories and covers shit up. she cares but for the wrong reasons.

wtf is up with the bizarre nitpicks lately. almost makes me think em is back.

No. 759240

Some nitpicks are expected.

Stop trying to pretend that lolcow is a site where we're heroes, trying to save the animals and Taylor from drugs.

It's a fucking gossip thread. I'll be bitchy and nitpick.

No. 759242

File: 1582280930694.png (273.39 KB, 543x441, Capture.PNG)

hilarious how this 51 yo boomer is unable to leave social media and stick to her 'announcements'. it's funny how similar jen and taylor are and how horrified taylor is at the notion that she has anything in common with her mom.

I'm fully with the sentiment that this thread is not for anything other than laughing at how pathetic the cow is, dude. that said there's no need to invent shit to make her seem even worse than she is and nitpick about irrelevant shit. learn to reply and read the rules.

No. 759257

Nitpicking is against the rules retard. Go to GG if you want to post your weird ass “bitchy nitpicks”

No. 759260

'making it' via the intensely exciting route of 'breathing' sounds fucking nightmarish, but hey, you do you Taylor.

No. 759262

Jenny will quit Twitter when TayTay quits drugs.
Taylor takes after her mother so much that it's like looking into a mirror. They both go out of their way to start drama, can do no wrong, make the conversation about them, incite armies, and are both martyrs.

No. 759263

since when are bad jokes nitpicks? nta but i thought anon was making a dumb SVU joke about taylor being a pig.

the nightlight is bad for the snakes but it doesn't matter because while scrambling for ways to defend herself taylor straight up admitted that they're buried under mountains of cheap tat from dolls kill.

that (full sobriety) is ridiculous. what does she even mean, you're clean or you're not. what's great about those numbers is that she's almost certainly never been (fully sober) from anything. she's been staying busy at mom's house by getting high.

No. 759265

Funny alcohol doesn’t have a clock!

No. 759268

I don’t think users get banned for not wanting cows to die, we’re not the psychos here kek

No. 759270

“I only did it for the clip” is that anything like “I only hold them like this for a quick picture!”

No. 759271

Whoa! Somebody is a bit on the defensive side. Quit enabling your daughter, you’re only killing her.

No. 759290

I have one of those lights she is lying they light up the whole room almost

No. 759306

File: 1582305769473.png (2.51 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-02-21-12-21-45…)

Out of all the bands…really Tay? Really? You are going to your ex's ex-band's show?

No. 759307

File: 1582305884258.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-02-21-12-23-48…)

Ahh the old 11:11 thing which was 100% Jonny's shtick he did constantly. Soooooo desperate.

No. 759312

Aw bless, she's finally found a schedule. It's not for anything useful, or probably even real, but hey. She's doing a thing at the same time every day you guise! Queen of time management and living healthy!

No. 759313


Can’t wait to hear her bullshit fake “triggered” meltdown if god forbid, they play any Jonny-era songs.

No. 759316


She's constantly telling on herself. There are people who have 1 bad night of drinking and will forever associate a certain alcohol or food with that night. I'm sure everyone here knows someone who's like, "oh god, I can't fuck with Jager anymore" because of one really bad experience.

Yet Taylor was "raped" and "abused" and "forever changed and ruined" by a member of thi sband yet still follows them and brags about being excited to see them. She's probably sitting around in her own filth listening to this band while fantasizing about killing him and his kin.

No. 759318

File: 1582308543359.jpg (750.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200221-180744_Ins…)

the fact she really put a lock and key on the cupboard holding her jewellery when 99% of it is cheap costume shite is so funny to me

No. 759321

Hey bitch, nstead of organizing useless junk that only makes you look trashy and desperate, why don’t you take care of the hostages in the closet? Ya know, the ones buried beneath the filth? Guess it proves her animals are accessories. Lower on the list than her cheap ass jewelry that was probably made by children in sweat shops. What a sad excuse of a person.

No. 759323

She posted a video on instagram of her cleaning up her room which is a pit really… (so much for the animals still thrieving). I didn’t finish it now its deleted (probably got too much criticism) Anyone watch the full of it and could give us a summary?

No. 759326

Lol maybe Tanner will eat it…isn’t everything in their house under lock and key?

No. 759327

File: 1582313135242.png (79.56 KB, 544x611, Capture.PNG)

No. 759329

File: 1582313281635.png (91.38 KB, 661x652, Capture.PNG)

the piercer insisted, guys. taylor didn't have a choice! she's the victim of the evil piercer.

No. 759331

And if the piercer would have suggested she jump off a cliff to decrease the heal time of her ridiculous piercings…

I mean really? She tries so hard to act spineless. You have EDS, claim you 110% know your body will reject piercings because it has in the past, and you still impulsively got a bunch of piercings. Just admit you’re a retarded junkie and move along JFC.

No. 759333

And what about the first time she got multiple piercings in her ear? Even if it's true she should have learn from that and refuse the second nose piercing
But I really doubt the piercier insisted, specially if he was awarded about her skin condition

No. 759334

Those initial ear piercings wouldn't be permanently healed so I was kinda shocked that she went for a second round. Even someone without and uwu skin condition would really be pushing their body with that many piercings in the initial healing stage.

No. 759335

File: 1582315623751.png (352.96 KB, 656x455, Capture.PNG)

No. 759336

File: 1582315939272.webm (17.71 MB, 640x360, asdas.webm)

this one? she just posted it on twitter >>759335

No. 759337

File: 1582316023440.png (5.55 MB, 1242x2208, BF0BE29B-8612-4351-A901-8719F8…)

No. 759338

Ok and? Was he holding a gun to your head as he forced you to get more than one piercing? You could have said no. But you were doped up and made a bad decision, so shocking how that happens. How does this slimy bitch find a way to not be at fault for any of her actions, big or small. What a fucking narcissist.

No. 759339

No wonder her life is a mess. What the actual fuck!! Hasn’t she said herself that the surrounding environment has an effect on the person? I’m sure she was referencing Jonny, but still. What the actual fuck.

No. 759341

idk taylor it looks like you fucking picked at it? wounds dont just freshly peel themselves? she cant even admit to the harmlessly normal shit she does.

No. 759343

File: 1582317540778.png (106.82 KB, 756x965, taylorsbitchass.PNG)

Since when did she have a tattoo "fall off in chunks"

No. 759344

never seen anything like this. it straight up looks like she was stabbing and ripping at it while high on something.

No. 759345

she's making up munchie stories again huh. I don't remember ever hearing about all her piercings failing either before today.

No. 759346

piercers DO want to do double nostrils at the same time so they heal evenly, otherwise you have to wait until one side is completely healed and know exactly where it sits before you do the other side, because the swelling can make them look uneven.

she’s throwing her piercer under the bus and pretending he forced her into piercing double nostrils at the same time (COMPLETELY NORMAL and even recommended) alongside all her ear piercings she didn’t need.

No. 759348

Jfc she literally can't take responsibility for ANYTHING.

Kek she says it's "based on lies" but each of those claims have pretty much come straight from Taylors own mouth?

Bitch of course you're gonna see it every day bc you literally never put down your phone

Ah yes add that to your list of 735 videos you have planned for when you 'come back to YouTube'

No. 759349


So she is going to the same city Jonny is and coincidentally it's going to be on his birthday….mmkay

No. 759350

File: 1582319190498.png (61.82 KB, 738x570, lieslies.PNG)

Guys we have it all wrong. She owns up to her mistakes. Silly anons.

No. 759353

File: 1582319406233.png (104.68 KB, 731x758, lieslies2.PNG)

First it was "He shot me up every hour" now its "oh im responsible for my addiction and i have nEvER lIEd about my mistakes"

No. 759355

File: 1582319747554.png (84.66 KB, 659x756, Capture.PNG)


No. 759356

She’s also “blatantly” stated that she suffered no lasting repercussions from her heroin addiction. She’s blatantly stupid. She probably didn’t even know the word “blatantly” until an insta user used it against her. Am I correct Taylor?

No. 759357

bitch you posted pics from the atrium house supposedly from just before you got clean and it was def tar in the spoons and bags stfu with this china white bs

No. 759372

File: 1582325975194.png (5.14 MB, 1125x2436, 02CBAC69-A524-44FA-95CD-85B021…)

From her insta story

No. 759373

File: 1582325998148.png (4.86 MB, 1125x2436, B6AAC14C-BE7E-4F0B-9CC1-EDF13B…)


No. 759374

File: 1582326020616.png (3.13 MB, 1125x2436, 22AA03EB-CA39-4E4D-B27A-41C0BB…)

Shady but ok

No. 759376

Someone already posted that anon!

No. 759377

These are all songs that came out recently and have nothing to do with Jonny

No. 759379


She's a side sleeper. She shouldn't be getting piercings on both sides of her head at the same time. And she should be wearing jewelry made of implant grade titanium. And sleeping on pillowcases washed with bleach.

Sage for piercer sperg.

No. 759382

Not only that, but the real kicker is when she was on tinder she tweeted about how traumatic it was when men would have DGD as their favorite band (probably all fabricated thathappened bullshit in the first place though). People heal differently, sure. But no one 180s from being like "omg saying that band's name is triggering to me" to "going to see my favorite band live" in two months or whatever. The whole thing is just inconsistent as fuck.

No. 759386

>twitter user: she plays the victim, blames everyone else, and never takes responsibility
>tnd: what??? I've never done that??? why would you say that about me??? there were some situations that I could see you being wrong about, but even if I messed up it still wasn't my fault??? so that's on you??? not me???
Lol I'm wheezing and facepalming so hard. Her head is far up her own unwashed, concave ass that everything goes over her head. Wooosh. It's actually aggravating how completely devoid of any critical thinking skills she is.

No. 759387


SHE had DGD and Emarosa and slaves in her spotify playlist that SHE chose to display on her tinder profile. Then overshare about the situation SHE willingly got into with Jonny when people said they also liked those songs.

No one required any of it from her. No one forced her to keep the songs in favorite playlist then post it to tinder then complain on twitter.

No. 759388


Interesting how she brought up the animal issues and not the piercing thing.

Like way to tell on yourself and drag up old things that were your fault but mostly forgotten. That totally distracted from all the recent things you pretend aren't your fault tay.

No. 759393

This may explain why her lips look the way they do .. scar tissue really messes these things up, makes them bumpy

No. 759394

"the light only projects right above my bed" my ass, it covers the entire ceiling. her animals' sleep cycles must be completely fucked.

No. 759405

File: 1582341082063.png (88.45 KB, 661x701, Capture.PNG)

quote tweeting haturs again

No. 759408

File: 1582341149730.png (96.35 KB, 600x704, Capture1.PNG)

No. 759409

she should really be more concerned about getting her video up than replying to her h8rs

No. 759415

I have that same jewelry box…it comes like that.

No. 759421

Okay it comes like that, was it a necessary purchase for her? Was it time well spent organizing? Was it money well spent for her considering she lives with a hoard of animals at her parents? If I was her, I would be selling my useless junk so I could move out, but Tay just keeps adding to the hoard. She’s leveled past animal hoarder. She’s animal hoarder/junk hoarder. The animals weren’t giving her the fix she craves, so she had to move to junk hoarding. >>759335

No. 759423

pretty sure she always hoarded random junk tho, hasn’t her room been a tornado since day one on youtube or am i imagining that

No. 759424

Tbh cats are as much work, just as much as a fucking dog

No. 759425

So, yes, she does hold on to loads of useless shit (see: funko pop collection). But honestly the only reason why she bought that stuff for her room was bc it was "trendy" and she's desperately trying to stay relavent. That "i cleaned my friends room" vid was all over Twitter and caused a mental health convo that of course she had to make herself a part of. And those dreamy ceiling lights have been trendy for a WHILE now. All she needed was light tape around the borders of her ceiling that change colors to be on trend, but instead she did that lazy loop of lights by her headboard that she showed in her Twitter vid. It's a shame she can't get her shit together enough to set aside $850 it whatever it would be for a normal apartment again. Doesn't she get how much her mental health would improve not having to deal with her parents and brother every single day? Does she understand that she doesn't have to move out into another atrium house? It can literally be just a normal one bedroom, seeing as how most of her stuff is in just a bedroom now anyway. Or is she really that attached to her live-in maid/nanny of a mother?

No. 759436

Of course no sensible advice from our kween like, ask your parents if they are willing to care for a cat while you are in school, or wait until after school to get an animal that will live for 20 years. That poor kids cat will spend its life locked up in a small room for storage just like Taylor's.

No. 759442


My GOD. Even when giving advice about pets she writes about three times as much as she needs to. She's incapable of expressing herself concisely and just repeats herself over and over. It hurts to read.

No. 759443

On the other hand, she thinks obsessing about her online fame is healthy and having criticism from strangers on the internet would push her to relapse is SUPER HEALTHY too?

Can’t with this bitch. You are the one that had issues tay

No. 759449

File: 1582371311775.png (164.76 KB, 750x1334, BE8A4191-A27B-4174-A32A-94D237…)

Did anyone see this video she posted before deleting earlier where her voice sounded all different? Im sure she was high off her ass lmao she’s such a bad liar

No. 759450

File: 1582371345349.png (199.93 KB, 750x1334, E0FB9983-520C-43A7-98E2-792DC8…)

High off her ass continued

No. 759452

maybe this is just a weird regional thing, but i have never, ever heard anyone call heroin 'china'. i've heard #4, horse, smack, dope, h, shit. who the fuck calls #4 china?

No. 759453

that’s god damn repulsive

No. 759454

Back ago very pure heroin was called china white. Now it's slang for fentanyl. She's a dumb fuck druggie clout chaser. The way she tells everyone on social media where she got her fix shows she's a goddamned nark. All dealers should be warned about her.

No. 759456

My theory is that her dealer saw what a dumbass rich dumbass she is and sells her ~the most hardcore purest shit ever~ which is just basic stuff branded to feed her delusions. She got money but no brains so she is the easy target for scamming.

No. 759458

More than that, she should watch the fuck out when getting her next fix. Dealers do not take too kindly on narks and who knows what they might sell her. It's not like Taylor's known for her good sense or discernment.

No. 759461

No. 759473

Jesus she really doesn't know anything about cats at all and I can't believe she would suggest this to an inexperienced child. They're independent and territorial by nature, and while most cats are fine with others, keeping multiples is not necessary.

No. 759474

she literally says that at the end of the tweet ffs. i can’t stand taylor but literally just keep reading the screenshot you apparently only saw half of before you posted.

No. 759491

File: 1582394382632.png (24.38 KB, 596x184, Capture.PNG)

jen is still posting cryptic shit on twitter. so much for giving up social media

No. 759492

File: 1582395585206.png (150.95 KB, 597x483, Capture.PNG)

just like jen and taylor are very well adjusted adult type people lmao

No. 759498

Okay so I watched this video about gluten-free foods. And how much fat goes into them. She discusses the Obesity and weight going up correlating to gluten free foods. She gives great examples. This reminds me of Taylor and her family. If they only eat gluten free stuff this is reason why they are fat. Them trying to be special snowflakes are contributing to her special needs brother weight. With that being said Taylor must be on some drugs or very good at Photoshop to appear like she lost some weight. It's kind of sad that Mama Dean doesn't give a fuck about any of her children. She only cares for her assPat's being a munchie mom. But maybe that's why she feeds him that so he can die early and she can be free from taking care of her son.(offtopic)

No. 759500

doesn't tanner also have celiac though? I'm not sure if I'm misremembering. If anything though, they're more munchie than they are trendy.
a fat boomer isn't exactly a rare sight and taylor isn't obese by any stretch of the imagination. eating greasy fast food like she does isn't healthy, gluten-free or not.

No. 759525

I don't truly think she has Celiac disease. She wouldn't be going out to eat like she does if she has it. (There is such a HUGE risk of getting contaminated while going out). I can also say that during her episodes where she featured Blue Apron, those were normal flour wheat tortillas that she was touching with her bare hands. A Celiac wouldn't or at least shouldn't do that to themselves. Blue Apron also doesn't cater to gluten free people.

No. 759527

yeah it's been clear from the start that she and her mother are both munchies and you can't really trust what they say about taylor's conditions.
it's also clear that taylor wants to be sick and pathetic, and actively seeks out experiences that make her a helpless victim. if she didn't, after all, she's be in an imminent danger of employment. and taylor loooves her infantile lifestyle.

No. 759528

Yep. I know no one cares, but my celiac ass flinches when she shows herself eating junk food and shit like Blue Apron. Good fucking luck trying to find fries that aren't cross contaminated… or anything else made in a fast food place, really. Fake flakes like Taylor are massively damaging to people who do have the disease, cause no one takes us seriously in restaurants and then we're sick for days.

Gotta wonder what happens when she hits 25 and all her shit health choices catch up to her. She already looks like twice her age lmao
At least Miss NEET won't have to worry about putting on the freshman fifteen, this bitch is never getting an education or a real job.

No. 759529

Thank you I feel like that doesn’t get discussed enough on this thread. Also didn’t she have LEGO candy that has wheat in it before ??

No. 759531

It is weird, if we take Taylor's massive list of uwu boohoo ailments in good faith. If she's got celiac, and EDS, and is "working on living better and healthier", why the fuck is she eating wheat and gluten containing and contaminated shit? It's an autoimmune disease FFS. If she was actually committed to getting better, she'd be exercising every other day at the least and eating clean, not sitting on her stinking ass doing nothing but pissing her time and money away.

It's not like that couldn't get her attention and asspats either, it's the beginning of a new year and "getting fit and eating smart" is such a cliche.

No. 759534

yeah but doing nothing and still getting asspats is easier. she doesn't need to get better as long as she's allowed to wallow in her wilth at home and sperg on twitter. and her mom isn't about to force her out, in fact I bet she actively doesn't want her to leave because she'd be stolen away from her by some man again.

No. 759542

Yeah, that mollycoddling Jen does? It's literally the reason Taylor is the way she is. Zero accountability, zero consequences, no responsibilities, no work ethic at all.

Jen wants to keep her at home so she doesn't get that phone call all junkies' parents and loved ones dread. She also does not want to do anything to upset Taylor so she doesn't up sticks and relapse as some sort of retarded rebellious toddler tantrum. It's failing basic parenting 101 - sometimes your kid just does not like what is best for them, and it's up to you as a parent to go "tough shit, this is what needs to happen anyway".

Jennifer, if you're reading this? Make your useless layabout of a daughter do something with herself. Anything. Exercise plan, volunteering, getting a job, enrolling in school. Anything. That Youtube thot racket is not going to carry her for long and then you're stuck with a leech of a junkie for the rest of your life.

No. 759547

According to her, she only gets gluten free items, or the fluten free versions of foods.

Now remember her animals are also thriving in fucking rubbermaid tubs in the corner. Goddamned animal abusing cunt. (I only say this because she hardcore lurks.

No. 759548

Yeah that is BS. Especially with fast food. The condiments are full of wheat and wheat byproducts and gluten, and no one is going to swap the fry oil out for a celiac customer's comfort. Most people with celiac have a seriously hard time eating out but this bitch keeps inhaling junk food like it's air lol

No. 759553

Wasn’t this useless bitch supposed to put out a video since last night? Or was she too busy bothering her piercer to do something about her infected piercing?

No. 759554

she sure was. and now she's been gone from twitter for over 24h which is slightly unusual.

No. 759560

Idk why she doesnt just start calling it an intolerance and quietly use what is probably her real conditions name without a 5 page notes essay. Interance won't kill but sometime people may seem like munchies before they finally pin it down. It could be what is contributing to her exhaustion and depression since it'll cause everything you ate before after to be malabsorbed as well. Of course it has to be superrr serious and special for her to consider it being something she could ever have. Shell be the person that dies from a cut or something equally stupid

No. 759578

She's probably recovering from a drug binge, it seems to be the only time she's actually offline.

No. 759591

Shit, she still on a binge. Yesterday was too much. The internet was too mean. It’s all our fault, or it will be the sobriety tracker’s fault with her Eric Cartman gymnastics. This fuckin bitch. Does this explain >>759491
Like this is nonsense. Sounds like someone is having a crisis, other than their whole existence being a crisis.

No. 759606

I hope her family forces her into an in patient rehab. The lack of self-control with the tattoos, the piercings, the hair, the spending shows someone replacing one addiction for another. This woman is going to kill herself if she doesn't get real help

No. 759619


Taylor would get 1 million points if she found a local shelter, volunteered a regular work week then tweeted about it and awareness to her "army."

Mega bonus points if she posted to youtube about specific pets for adoption.

Pet fix? Check.
Attention? Check.
Savior Syndrome fulfillment? Check.
Distraction and rebranding from jonny trash? Check.
She's just too fucking useless

No. 759632

Friday AND Saturday have come and gone. Surprise, surprise…no video…

No. 759638

yes, but this would take the attention off of her so we can't have that. She can't do videos unless she's in her underwear in bed. No dicks are going to be thrown at her if she's elbow deep in dog shit at a local shelter.

No. 759645

Jesus, who’d want to fuck that? She’s typically covered in grease. She changes her victim story more than she changes her underwear… I wouldnt touch her with a 10ft pole

No. 759649

Oh honey, you could put a ratty old Goodwill wig and a pair of sausages as lips on a fire hydrant, and there'd a be line of guys to fuck it. That's Taylor's core demographic aside from preteens lol

No. 759669

File: 1582471612815.jpg (49 KB, 626x478, ccle328l1iq21.jpg)

But that takes time out of bed, work, self motivation and discipline. She can't even manage to bathe herself.

Why do any of what you mentioned when she gets the attention and validation she craves just by sitting in bed crying about her depression that she does absolutely nothing constructive to treat. Lives in filth, doesn't bathe, eats filth, and never leaves the house.

No. 759702

No it's not, she disappears every time she has promised to upload a video and then failed. Gives her fans couple of days to forget about it. Then she starts sperging about being such a strong survivor again, in order to turn attention toward something else.

No. 759706

File: 1582488696572.png (454.12 KB, 512x2112, danny.png)

Sage as this only tangentially relates to Taylor.

Danny posted on his facebook about what allegedly happened between him and Emzotic.

It does explain all the sperging Em was doing on Taylor's posts a while back.

Tbh Taylor should be proud that somehow she's not the craziest bitch on pettube.

No. 759711

What the actual fuck. I don't follow other pettubers and know their drama, but I genuinely hope this guy finds peace and can move on with his kids.
Fuck Em, I hope this has consequences for her.

No. 759712

shes a fucking psycho holy shit

time to check back in with the pet tuber thread…

No. 759714

this belongs in the pettube thread and has already been extensively discussed there

No. 759722


Great contribution, anon. But consider that not everyone is in on that thread. I'm glad it was posted here, because I found it interesting and NOW will go check out that thread, as I had no idea about any of this.

No. 759729

I just thought it was relevant as Em was spamming Taylors twitter when she first started talking about dv and jc. Tbh it seems like Em is trying to skinwalk/one up Taylor which is ironic considering…

No. 759740

it does seem like it. it's disgusting honestly. em probably saw the attention and asspats it brought taylor and decided to make up all this abuse. its fucked up.

No. 759744

They are both fucking vile tbh. Full of lies and bullshit excuses. Just wait Taylor’s gonna crawl out of her crack den and spin some wild story about how a Twitter hater forced her to shoot up again

No. 759756

Taylor has been pretty quiet… I wonder what excuse she will use for not uploading on schedule yet again.

No. 759760

I cant even find the pettube thread. Is it in Snow? Pls dont ban me.

No. 759764


Yes, it's here anon.


No. 759767

Her mom too. Must be something happening for them to stay off social media for more than 5 minutes.

No. 759768

Good point. Tinfoiling, but I bet she's relapsed hard. Possibly even ended up in the hospital. It's weird that both her and her mom are absent.

No. 759777

Probably sleeping of another drug binge.

No. 759779

It wouldn’t be surprising. She was tweeting about drugs plus she disappears day after she was supposed to upload her video. That’s just her MO

No. 759831

File: 1582512822068.jpeg (381.07 KB, 750x854, E2DA08AD-3062-4F15-B558-A1C0A3…)

She may be being quiet but I was scrolling and saw that she liked this tweet she must of thought it was “so relatable”

No. 759833

File: 1582512895363.jpg (768.98 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200223-195416.jpg)

She's back. Why does she feel the need to comment on other "drama" when she gets so upset when others criticise her.

No. 759844

I became a fan of Creepshow after the Laur & LJ drama. And even more when i found out RewiredSoul had beef with her. I wish she would do a video on the Pettube Community, with focus on TND and Emzotic.

No. 759851

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she actually supports Taylor

No. 759855

File: 1582516025178.jpeg (406.12 KB, 1125x1110, 3BC909DC-7E59-46E6-8012-D865C3…)

Here we go again

No. 759857

File: 1582516064988.jpeg (816.53 KB, 1125x1764, 7ABDBAA0-C945-4DF9-9C35-72E2FB…)


No. 759858

File: 1582516193548.jpeg (334.96 KB, 1125x1005, EC9EC985-5903-46EC-AC3F-8CB520…)

Why’s he involved with her lmao

No. 759861

wow really? tay seems right up her alley but I guess she goes for current overt pieces of shit and maybe she thinks taylor is making changes? not sure if she was making vids when she was with jonny because then that would be odd to not make one

No. 759863

Yeah she is planning on making a JC video and talk about his ex's experiences
So we know she will bring up Taylor's sob story.

No. 759866

Are you fucking kidding me? Like Taylor should be the last person involved with that

No. 759867

Didn’t Trailer swap heroin for booze? Or did she swap heroin for meth? Wait, it was she swapped heroin for meth AND alcohol, but then stopped her subs so she could go back to heroin? Wtf all are equally devastating the only difference is alcohol is legal so it’s the family person’s choice as it’s less looked down upon. Whatever you gotta do to sleep better, Jen. So fucking stupid.

No. 759868

File: 1582518982973.jpeg (504.64 KB, 1125x1154, D7625A6C-51BD-472C-870B-90ED17…)

Back to talking about drugs

No. 759870

Didnt she say at one point she did meth around the same time that she did coke?? Which was it Taylor, coke and meth first or heroin first? cant keep her fuckin story straight

No. 759872

File: 1582519518718.jpg (472.59 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200223-204413.jpg)

Sure Jan. You have tweeted about how you loooove meth

No. 759874

File: 1582519688931.jpeg (398.29 KB, 1125x804, FA055EC2-B610-4E12-A79E-0010CC…)

No. 759875

File: 1582519726980.jpeg (423.63 KB, 1125x1024, 3F51F048-CDAF-4BDA-9463-3FC22D…)

No. 759876

File: 1582519756103.jpeg (138.98 KB, 1125x303, DB0E2083-39D1-4032-953F-9FE46E…)

No. 759877

File: 1582519759024.jpg (353.35 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_20200223-234348_Twi…)


I wouldn't actually put it past her to try meth at her mom's friend's birthday but that also implies that she cares about anyone else but herself to have been ther. Plus I don't think it matches up in any timeline for her "sobriety"

No. 759879

Is this bitch really trying to say she couldnt tell the difference between heroin and meth til she took it?
She's obviously on it now and has been for months.

No. 759881

File: 1582520022976.jpg (487.25 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20200223-234419_Twi…)

Screenshot taken from her comments on >>759877

Her lies are bizarre

No. 759886

File: 1582521357436.jpeg (470.5 KB, 1920x2017, 03ACB3C0-A20C-4D3A-B8F8-41468F…)

Taylor, you sure you don’t wanna go delete those comments? Cause you did want meth again lmao

No. 759890

File: 1582521910065.jpeg (481.34 KB, 746x1073, 31E154E2-7883-416A-B8F9-3437CA…)

No. 759891

File: 1582522010364.jpeg (835.09 KB, 1125x2304, AD039B87-BCD3-4549-8ACE-798006…)

No. 759892

A lot of drug addicts are like that but she has to pretend she is so special for it

No. 759893

File: 1582522733212.jpeg (300.95 KB, 1125x672, 58ECCBED-3382-4DC6-BC90-FCE40A…)

No. 759901

So… She admitted she was doing heroin before Jonny? Or she's high af


No. 759904

god here she goes sperging about this again. why she thinks creeping someone out while high as a kite is a cute quirky story I'll never know.

No. 759913

Yeah in her new story she tried heroin before Jonny lol. This girl cannot keep any of her lies straight.
I can't get over the lack of self awareness and not realising how desperate and cringe she comes across.

No. 759916


kek or else what? I agree but there's no consequence for taylor not doing something mama dean tells her to do.

No. 759925

I think she said that she tweeted about Post Malone while high on meth the first time, not that she texted him at that time, see >>759868, which could have been before Jonny

No. 759934

File: 1582536273059.png (827.01 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20200224-112404.png)


No. 759935

File: 1582536353925.png (540.35 KB, 902x1424, Screenshot_20200224-112505.png)

thread pic material

No. 759936

File: 1582536480948.png (776.46 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20200224-112709.png)

holy shit her upper lip is so swollen it looks bigger than her lower lip.

No. 759937

it's an instagram filter making her lips bigger.

No. 759938

… even for Trailer this is an incredible level of "boohoo poor widdle me, men are so meaaaan to me, aboosers all!" nevermyfaultism. She literally cannot grasp she's the one who's been a creep and a cringy, clingy, overstepping ho - but oh no, it's Post Malone's fault for blocking her drunken, tweaked-out, rambling ass?

LMAO Taylor people have no obligation to let you come onto them and sperg all over them, it's called boundaries.

No. 759946

From what I've seen shes made no mention of the lack of videos? Just rambling about that stupid Post Malone story yet again (which gives creepy stalker vibes) and how much she loved certain drugs. I guess all her fans are cool with not holding her accountable for anything she says or does (in this case doesn't do)?

No. 759948

absolutely no surprise there lol. I would have been shocked if she actually made the video or if her fans called her out.
I feel like the fans she has left actually enjoy her uwu rambling about drugs and men more than they like the animal videos. I mean, if they followed her for the videos, they'd be long gone.

ah apologies, I'd delete if I still could.

No. 759952

If texting Post Malone whilst high on meth was before Jonny, when she never even wanted to try meth "but the dealer swapped heroin for meth" then she was doing meth and heroin before Jonny. If this is whilst she was with Jonny she's a cunt and there's also no way neither of them could tell the difference between meth and heroin. Lies upon lies.

No. 759953

No no no. She texted post Malone while drunk - that was before JC. She TWEETED about texting PM while high on meth later on when she was with JC.

No. 759957

Ohhh I see, you're right. I think I lose brain cells reading her tweets. Got confused with the whole "I've only done meth once" "I did meth before I did opiates" "I only did meth because my dealer gave me meth instead of opiates" lol I can't keep up with it all.

No. 759973

Her bangs look like when a child cuts their own bangs wtf

No. 759979

File: 1582552053424.jpeg (977.97 KB, 1125x2334, C5B7AAA8-A29C-48A6-A603-F5B0ED…)

I can’t with her stans. If Taylor is so UwU shamed, why does she keep tweeting about everything she’s done?

No. 759987

Iirc she said she “drunk-texted” Post Malone after getting wasted at her mom’s birthday dinner.

No. 759988

She doesn't talk about Post Malone for any reason besides to make sure people know they used to talk. That's the only reason she brings it up as often as she does. No one else would tweet in detail about a dude they didn't even actually date years after the fact.

No. 759989

Wow she totally had a moment where she fucking cut her bangs like Syd's. I can just picture her at 3am having a meltdown doing this.

No. 759993


It wasnt 2019? Breezyexotics mentioned the post malone story back in 2018 so it must have happened prior to that even. What the hell is up with her timelines

No. 759995


It definitely isn't the best showbiz anecdote I've ever heard.

No. 759996

She went on a post Malone sperg last time she relapsed didn’t she? She thinks it’s relatable but it’s so embarrassing.

No. 759997


What's extra embarrassing is that she doesn't seem to appreciate that Post Malone, being a singer far more successful that Jonny Craig, gets groupies after him non-stop wherever he goes. It's not notable that you once threw yourself at a rockstar and he rejected you, Taylor.

No. 760001

wow cool lip butt

No. 760002

She looks like a horror show. Like, this shit is haunting. Why!? It doesn’t even look good. Like, at all. Like really. Somebody could write a B-horror film, Trailer being the monster. Ahh…soo many scenarios.

No. 760007

I’m pretty sure she did. I remember anons saying “wtf!? Why is she talking about another dude if she’s still with Jonny and he’s in the other room streaming???”

This just puts the nail in the coffin for me that she’s relapsed AGAIN and AGAIN. She claims she did all these drugs before Jonny, but yet he tried to KILL her with heroin? She’s a fucking lunatic. She needs a one-way ticket to a mental institution. Not to mention she talks like a literal child…
>> meth meth meth tee hehehe lulz
>> I luuuuuuved COCAINE oh em gee guiseeee
But she’s soooooo strong and such a QWEEN everyone eyeroll

Only ACTIVE drug users like to get high and reminisce about past drug use and talk about being a pathetic groupie YEARS ago. We’re almost THREE months into the new year and she hasn’t done a single thing to move on from the past and save what’s left of her YT career. So much for her hundredth comeback lol.

No. 760017

Imagine a guy gloating that he harassed a female celebrity to the point that they blocked them. I don’t think it’d go over as well

No. 760022

Your point is great. They would be known as a creep.

No. 760024

Being she skinwalks her ex’s new gf, still constantly talks about jc, not to mention the childish text convos she posts, etc. etc., it’s fair to say she is the definition of a creep. Shit I forgot about rape allegations. Just because she is a girl, doesn’t make her not a creep. She def is.

No. 760025

Yeah, let’s teach/reinforce to impressionable young girls/boys that it’s okay to harass someone and make them uncomfortable with your unwanted advances because ~uwu such quirky personality trait.~ It’s not cute or funny in the least bit. Anyone who has ever been harassed knows how scary/uncomfortable it is. Ironic that she cries rape when these are often the kinds of situations that can lead to that.

But what can we really expect from the manipulative, pathological liar, narc, animal abusing, unhygienic druggie Trailer Nicole Fiend? Oh right, encouraging harassment while high on drugs because she’s so ~quirky and relatable.~

No. 760027

let's not forget her tween stan discord please, extra creep to add to the current level of creep.

No. 760030

Shit. There’s so much that makes her creepy. Okay, so she’s past just a creep, female speaking so have had creeps, this is like super stalker creeper stuff. Like mentally ill, lets get a no contact order. Sorry if it’s off topic.

No. 760053

File: 1582584336666.png (1.05 MB, 971x640, dumb.PNG)

She's changed and deleted things but this is from that 50th bday party posted July 2018. and it was Betsy's mom's bday aka "used to be a meth addict Betsy" and her former assistant. I always felt they had to be using together and Betsy always has tiny pupils as well. Tinfoil of course but just goes to show another aspect of her lies. Also Betsy was okay cleaning and doing whatever in a place where supposedly the dirty needles caused a cleanup crew to have to get checked? and the atrium house that was obviously a hep c den yikes. Why would a mom want to risk hep C if she wasn't okay with it to some (major) degree?! She's gotta be high af again must've crashed and is back

No. 760056

File: 1582587368195.jpeg (511.8 KB, 828x936, 61A60882-8CD9-401A-B176-B33F65…)

No. 760057

At her “friend’s” mom’s birthday. That is one lie she hasn’t veered from.

No. 760058

>tfw EVERY video is a ~comeback video~

and what happened to not public announcing when videos will be released?

No. 760063

nitpick? but wow what a bra it's doing good work for what we know isn't there

No. 760065

She's actually kind of blaming Post for her doing this because he was flirty a few times.. she's blaming him and meth lmao

No. 760073

She even paints herself as a victim in announcing a video upload. “ so insecure about myself” like stop trying to constantly make people feel bad for you

No. 760080

Yeah, love how she always victim-blames the people she hurts/wrongs in her process to self-victimize. It's just like when she invalidated, defamed, and bullied Jonny's exes and then gaslit everyone into throwing a pity party for her. It's so manipulative and self-absorbed; classic abuser behavior. Maybe she finally realized it kek. >>759934

No. 760087

File: 1582596412754.jpeg (837.33 KB, 1125x1247, E26736CE-4179-4642-B910-A5221C…)

No. 760088

File: 1582596437484.jpeg (542.8 KB, 1125x1239, F32026A8-F3F0-452D-B17A-A6A1CC…)

No. 760089

File: 1582596860173.jpeg (327.82 KB, 1125x754, 3D4AA112-FE77-465D-B728-315822…)

No. 760090

she is clearly COMPLETELY out of ideas and probably would prefer to talk about herself in vids but can't vlog becasue going to whataburger isn't a vlogable thing. Why would anyone even bother to watch this?

No. 760093

Just admit you're a tasteless poser and quit attention-whoring about it. I've seen more mature twelve year olds. Oh and so much for that eco warrior image she's been trying to cultivate since she flexes this tacky sweatshop fast fashion everyday. Btw anyone else find it hilarious that she was so arrogant she thought she could pull off the mullet shag, and now that she's got it she realizes it doesn't suit her fugly, manly mug at all so she's a self-conscious mess hiding behind cheap extensions?

No. 760094

LOL any bets on whether she'll show their enclosures in any detail? Yeeeeaah.

I'm real interested to see how poor Mushu is faring though.

No. 760107

File: 1582601667872.png (852.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200224-223405.png)

Vid's out.

No. 760109

the hair. made it last minute, as usual. she has been blabbing about this video for weeks.

No. 760110

New video consists of mostly 6 words, “It’s so pretty, I love it” over and over and over…

No. 760111

"It's cute"

No. 760112

any reason why her hands shake so much? can EDS make your hands really shaky?

No. 760116

File: 1582602687660.png (730.73 KB, 1248x635, Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 10.4…)

I noticed in a few different shots there's some weird bruising on her wrist i messed with the exposure a little. It isn't in focus but it is deffinitely evident in multiple shots in the video.

No. 760120

File: 1582602895508.png (692.31 KB, 1242x603, Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 10.5…)

No. 760123

oh she's been going on about the small business haul for literal months. at least it looks like she actually filmed it last week when she tweeted that she's filming again.

No. 760126

File: 1582603254693.png (226.14 KB, 598x838, Capture123.PNG)

No. 760127

She mentions maids coming to clean her room? Was her room really in such disarray that she had to hire outside help to clean it up? And we’re supposed to believe that she cares for her animals everyday and they’re “thriving”?

No. 760129

File: 1582603440775.png (758.81 KB, 531x917, Capture.png)

Looks like it was filmed yesterday, when she was playing with filters in the same outfit.

No. 760133

crap you might be right. why did I expect her to ever follow through with anything lol

ok I don't believe that for a moment. maid is definitely code for her mom just like it used to be code for betsy.

No. 760137

If she would just give up on the stupid pet tube image because she clearly doesn’t have the passion or drive for it anymore rehome her animals maybe just keep the cats and just make videos like these or actually get herself out of her house to vlog anything she’d probably have a semi successful channel again and it’s sad she just chooses not to and to be lazy and do nothing with that big of a following

No. 760138

File: 1582604843947.jpeg (139.5 KB, 1125x356, FD1052CF-B057-4C46-B0DD-112A05…)

No. 760139

she looks very chola, where's her loco scrape?

No. 760147


Push your tits together harder, Taylor. It’s not obvious enough already.

No. 760148

holy shit? in this pic taylor looks exactly?? like jen's twitter photo? maybe an anon can shoop some ugly glasses?? onto taylor? for a side by side??

seriously though i would love to see an unfiltered image of taylor, maybe something from the vice documentary, alongside a picture of jen. you know she hates the fact that she looks like her dump of a mother.

No. 760149

File: 1582606789707.jpeg (516.08 KB, 828x1048, 514F6B3A-7B09-481B-A2E5-DA75C0…)

To the other anon that said something about her outfit and day the video was filmed, pic related lmao

No. 760150

File: 1582606838342.jpeg (371.16 KB, 694x957, BA137600-10B0-4F36-9923-FCDC89…)

Also someone replied to the above tweet about her cutting her own bangs and I hollered when I went back to look. I’m…

No. 760152

going for that syd look of course

No. 760153

this is the biggest her pupils have been in a minute she must've been tweaked the f out. While on H they really tend not to get dinner plate sized like someone really high on just meth alone

No. 760154

the dead-soulless eyes, uneven bangs, her swollen jowls and yet this may be the best she’s looked in months

No. 760155

she was talking about having been rejected by PM while with jonny, thinking it's some cute anecdote meanwhile she's dating someone? I know, it's confusing to keep up with the lies

No. 760159

to see which animals are on death's door? to see whether she shows enclosures? we should have another twitch watch party for this vid lol

No. 760164

File: 1582609132098.png (87.31 KB, 1080x491, Screenshot_20200225-073719.png)

how about distract yourself with getting a job, going to school, making videos or caring for your animals jfc.

No. 760165

Watched a minute clip someone posted on Twitter of tay reviewing their art. It was literally just her repeating “I luv it it’s so cute it’s so pretty I luv it so much”.
Like can she not expand her vocabulary anymore than “cute” and “pretty” when reviewing art for someone else?? At least talk about the quality of it. Do your research or what it’s made out of? Something other than pathetic baby talk.

No. 760170

Not gonna watch the video and give her views…but what shop is that? Is such a cute snake!

No. 760173

You know what they say about idle hands, Taylor. Maybe you should get a fucking job and you wouldn’t need to worry about being so bored you relapse just for something to do. I thought a big part of recovery was creating structure where there is none so you don’t fall back on old habits to cope….

No. 760174

File: 1582611235752.jpeg (291.33 KB, 1242x1646, C1D3BC8C-B159-4EB2-A4F0-B8F52A…)

it’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?

No. 760175

No one told her it's doth. She just doesn't know how to read.

No. 760181

Didn't she request a bunch of free shit for this video? How is that supporting small businesses

No. 760184

She literally says this exact statement whenever someone corrects her. She says it for

-The piercer said you pronounce it this way

-The pet store told me it was this type of monitor

-my piercer said you need to get a double nose piercing so it’s even

I could keep going

No. 760186

idk if she ever admitted that but from the way she says certain things it does sound like she did. Or that she told them she was filming a vid before as opposed to after so they would know it's her.

also lmao at her buying a bunch of small mirrors. moar to snort her meth on

No. 760190

Really? She bought a glass dish someone literally glued dried flowers to the bottom of? I thought there were depths to human stupidity but she keeps challenging that notion.>>760174

No. 760191

I think it's dried flowers cast in resin.
I love art but you've got a bit of a point tbh because all this stuff together in one video just looks like a huge pile of clutter. no wonder her room is a huge mess when all available surfaces are covered in this shit.

No. 760192

>whines about boredom
>does not do her dead easy job, doesn't find employment, pursue an education, volunteer, or have hobbies

OK, Taylor lol

Poor widdle her is bored! Bitch, get a job and some schooling, you're boring us too.

No. 760199

I was thinking the same. Like instead of wasting money (I don’t think she actually paid for this crap) she should be using it to move out and get proper EVERYTHING for her pets. Instead she’s busy morphing into Syd and burying herself in garbage

No. 760205

pretty sure that's teratiger studio on etsy. she actually showed some cute shops with hand drawn art and stickers.
i think she bought some stuff for this video, but because she told the shops that she was ordering, they probably saw her name on the order and decided to send her a few extra things to make their shops look better and Im sure that was her intention when she mentioned it on twitter because most of the shops sent cards thanking her for giving them the shoutout on her channel

No. 760216

I really wish someone would post that "I'm giving up twitter for lent" screenshot every time Mama Dean tweets. It's astonishing how addicted this vapid boomer is to this social media

Also, did she ever mention what happened with going back to the piercer for her grossly infected nose?

No. 760217

He probably told her to take a shower

No. 760221

File: 1582639671209.jpeg (296.21 KB, 1125x909, 85C7A118-3FDF-4A19-98F2-6F06FF…)

Missed this from yesterday. Wow Jen way to throw your daughter under the bus

No. 760224

thing is, she doesn't really. she fucking tweets this bizarre passive aggressive shit but the moment someone else says the same things about her daughter, they're monsters and the sun suddenly shines out of taylors ass once again.

No. 760235

Going through the old stuff it seems that Jen, as messed up as she is, genuinely wanted to protect Taylor from Jonny.

She certainly could have taken a better route in how she handled things. Then again Taylor to this day has the shitty attitude of “I know better than anyone else, I can do what I want”

She’s a spoiled brat who won’t see the errors of her ways till she REALLY hits rock bottom. But even then, I feel like she’s gonna blame everyone else and continue her victim narrative

No. 760242

Well that's just it. She has NEVER been held accountable for anything. If she were truly forced to face any of her terrible decisions she'd have no choice but to blame herself. As long as someone is willing to rescue her, she will continue to spin the poor me narrative.

No. 760243

take a shot of china white every time tay says it's cute, promise you'll be dead before two minutes in

No. 760248

File: 1582647125451.png (393.94 KB, 598x560, Capture.PNG)

well of course jen wanted to protect taylor from jonny, she's posessive of her and doesn't want her leaving home/her for any man.

No. 760250

Is she serious? Like does she genuinely not understand that she's talking about herself here? Go clean your daughter's room and hop off Twitter like you said you would, you old lunatic.

No. 760251

Jen listen, your daughter is druggie fuck up and you should be ashamed. your a horrible mother who failed as a parent LMAO

The whole family is just sad, they just wallow in filth and self pity. Jen is toxic as fuck, no wonder Taylor is batshit.

No. 760254


It's definitely pronounced Doth and sometimes people say daith and you can just let it slide

No. 760287

Jen is still a rotund dumbass in denial but at least she's not using that sassy custom avatar emoji thing to decorate her every mundane tweet.
Baby steps.

No. 760290

File: 1582662597394.jpeg (59.73 KB, 498x498, 68C3A2B3-5E84-4600-AE7E-41D1C9…)

seriously, what the fuck is this haircut?

No. 760295

If Twitter is “yucky” then delete it dumbass. What is wrong with this family. Guess what? I have no social media. They are so self absorbed and obsessed with validation. Who would Taylor and Jen be without those few positive comments?

No. 760337

File: 1582672007053.jpeg (168.82 KB, 1252x1252, CzVTiOyD.jpeg)

She's dangerously close to looking like a junkie lord farquaad with those bangs and "haircut."

No. 760342

File: 1582674533971.jpeg (249.91 KB, 828x1792, 64AAFDDC-4C40-4E95-9EA1-29B173…)

So people can actually see thru the lies?

No. 760352

All this video is her saying "It's so cute", "It's so pretty", and "I love it" over and over in that stupid baby voice. Jesus fuck.

No. 760368

File: 1582684489881.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1847, 7AE9D1D8-A01F-4DDB-9B0E-BF022D…)

Ah yes this dress

No. 760369

File: 1582684554858.jpeg (1002.34 KB, 1125x1821, 11F2CD8D-FA50-4D41-8DB5-5FEA21…)

No. 760372

Wonder when she'll start her onlyfans >>760368

No. 760373

File: 1582684632127.jpeg (789.41 KB, 1125x2272, 7EEA545F-4855-4775-B045-3F0C21…)

No. 760374


I think my fav part is she probably put this on and did her make up specifically to take pics and film that pointless video. Then sat in her room for the rest of the night.

No. 760376

You know her mom took this picture. Yikes.

No. 760377

you know self timers exist right

No. 760380

oof she seriously looks like a cheap pornstar at the end of their career

No. 760382

File: 1582688212899.jpeg (927.28 KB, 1125x1494, 57F86BD6-4466-4683-8F4A-2550A9…)

I know this photo was already posted but as you’re scrolling by it she looks naked at first(repost)

No. 760384

No shit Sherlock, that's the point

No. 760387

She has pretty much exclusively flirted and dated pedophiles, and takes pictures like this with children. Mix this with her secret group chats full of children… How is she not a predator?

No. 760392

but she doesn't go anywhere. this is hilarious.

No. 760397

File: 1582694797498.png (141.37 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20200226-072509.png)

do her and her dumb stans not realize that timezones exist.

No. 760399

File: 1582695246486.png (108.77 KB, 595x515, Capture1234.PNG)

not sure what the original comment said exactly but wow those cunts can't handle being called out on their absolute crap sleep schedules.
no taylor, being awake 8pm-8am isn't normal unless you work nights. waking up at 6am on the other hand is pretty normal.

No. 760400

File: 1582695514556.png (570.05 KB, 742x555, Capture123.PNG)

No. 760401

File: 1582695881882.jpg (872.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200226-004411_Ins…)

No. 760403

Lmao the super obvious foundation on her chest! It always looks weird at I guess with the facetune and this would explain a lot

No. 760405

Bet ya she's gonna split it into two videos to squeeze out as much money as she can.

No. 760406


Yeah, it’s not the whole being up at 5 AM part that makes you a lazy, worthless druggie. It’s being up at 5 AM, then coincidentally not being on the internet at all for an 8 hour window after that, while not having a job… THEN staying up again until 5 AM tweeting while manic that gives it away. Since we all know she has nothing keeping her busy during the day and the only logical explanation for Taylor being away from the internet is sleeping since she can’t stay off of social media for long or she’ll shrivel up and die from lack of attention.

No. 760407

File: 1582701669095.jpeg (626.05 KB, 1125x2281, C6F0C59A-0AD5-4926-88D3-4C4FBD…)

Wow, showing all her pets?? In one video?? we haven’t seen that video at least a dozen times from her before.

No. 760409

it's a pet video format guaranteed to get views is why

No. 760415

her face is starting to resemble pnp's and I dont think that's a good road to head down

No. 760418


No. 760419

she doesn't even pay her parents rent what makes you think she pays her mom for cleaning her room lmao

No. 760432

Like the other anon said, why woulf she? Also wtf is w the allcaps

No. 760434

File: 1582723566038.jpeg (128.45 KB, 701x750, E6473AF8-8463-4D1A-8973-B44D4E…)

is it just me or are her arms looking skinnier

No. 760437

There’s been tinfoiling that she’s back to doing meth

No. 760438

File: 1582727005597.png (59.54 KB, 750x452, Capture123.PNG)

love that she has to have fans telling her to maybe provide some enrichment for her animals if she's so bored because she's too braindead to think of it herself.

No. 760441

File: 1582727521433.jpeg (459.14 KB, 1125x1320, B295ED8A-3C12-4632-8D34-4CE37C…)

You left out the best part

No. 760443

we haven't seen all of her hoard since she left the atrium drug den, so it would be good to see exactly which animals she still has, and their enclosures if she's going to show them (probably not though bc we all know they're dismal). we haven't heard about Mushu in months, I want to know where she is and if Taylor doesn't have her what her excuse is. Can't convince me that thing isn't dead until I see her in the Dean family home

No. 760445

Not trying to nitpick but her hair looks absolutely awful. It’s looks like a shitty Halloween wig.

No. 760446

I still believe the theory that "sober from heroin" actually means "using all of the other drugs"

No. 760447

Why does she really think it’s appropriate to post pics like this to her audience of minors? It’s one thing to enjoy a new outfit and post a pic, it’s another to post a picture where you are pushing out your boobs, giving your best attempt at bedroom eyes, and spreading your legs (which she did in two of the pics). Also nitpick but her over done lips make her smile look AWFUL

No. 760448

It's been confirmed over and over that that's what she's doing. She used meth practically as SOON as she got kicked out of rehab/sober living, she's been drinking and doing whatever drugs she feels like doing since then. photos of her drinking on multiple occasions, and her explicitly stating that she says "sober from heroin" to avoid saying she's 100% sober from everything, because she admits she's not.

No. 760451

Let’s not forget that she did a mini “makeover” for when Vice was gonna go to her house - let’s see if the upkeep is still the same or not

No. 760453

I’m pretty sure it was May 2017. It happened months before JC. Her mom even said she settled for JC after Post rejected her lol

No. 760462

If my understanding is correct, starting this year, it’s going to be harder to earn revenue on YT. It has to do with the targeted audience being under 13, which an algorithm does it I think. IT looks for colorful editing and what-not to help it decide if kids are into it or not. My bet is she isn’t going to do so hot anymore, her child audience.

No. 760468

This girl shitted away ANY potential she had over illicit drugs and some washed up drug addict. She’s had more than enough time to establish a “YouTube comeback” and all she’s done is sit around on her lazy ass, felt sorry for herself and lie about her sobriety. If she would have rather focused on her sobriety then that was also one of her options as well. She talks a big game about INTENSIVE ouTpaTiENt PRogrAm but has absolutely no personal growth or to show for it. She’s useless and irresponsible. If she were any other girl that abused heroin, no one would care if she dropped dead in a gutter. But narcissism runs deep within her, so she’ll never realize that one day no one is going to give a rats ass about her.

She tries so hard to humble brag about being better off without JC yet they’re both still abusing substances, do absolutely nothing with their lives and continue to be pieces of shit. Do her stans really need a gossip website to spell it out for them when she acts manic af, makes a bunch of promises and then disappears jfc!

No. 760484

Really puts it into perspective that Taylor is a lost cause. I’m genuinely sad for this girl.

No. 760485

Oof all she needs is a street corner


This is why Taylor is starting to double dip for both channels. She needs more cash because she's never going to find an apartment that will rent to 3 cats, fishtanks, shitton of reptiles, ect. If she can get a lease to begin with, mama dean won't cosign, and her credit is probably fucked.

Taylor's only option is to change her lifestyle. She can't keep doing drugs, living in filth, buying animals, eating fastfood, sleeping all day, dating shitbags.

Her ego is too big to rehome more animals, and stop buying crap. She's just gonna sit in her room and power trip on music and social media.

No. 760491

She was supposed to move out by now. But her credit history and rental history ensure she will never move out. She admitted she never paid her bills and she had holes in the wall all over her apartment. I'm also pretty sure she was evicted from the atrium house for not paying.

She will be 40 living in her parents house

No. 760494

She meant when her sperging on postmalone happened. Not the time he blocked her creepy ass.

No. 760495

she's going to sit in her room until she's 50 at this rate. I mean her snakes are going to live for decades (if she hasn't completely fucked them up). she should just rehome them already and get it over with. she will at some point anyway.

No. 760497

And what, her brother is going to take care of her? Jen is a fat pud, she ain’t going to last.

No. 760499

At the rate she’s going she’s gonna OD before she’s 40

No. 760500

I used to feel bad for her but at some point she have to be self-aware enough about her own crazy shit too. Her priorities on social media its fucking weird, I feel that this whole family rides on that for their income hence the desperation on trying to stay relevant online. Get a real job Jen and Tay.. christ

No. 760505

In addition to what you said anon, she basically set herself up for failure the minute she left rehab. Her goal post-rehab was for everything to go back to ~normal.~
It’s quite impossible and unrealistic to ever expect things to go back to the way they were before you let addiction take over your life, not only for her but for any addict. She should have kissed the fucking animals and the illusion of living in a mansion again good bye since a long time ago. Money, fame and hoarding animals is not a fucking reality for you anymore Taylor! Stop being a fucking twat and just accept it already. This is one of the reasons you continue to stay uwu depressed and turn back to drugs.
She didn’t make it in sober living because she had no intentions on staying clean or trying to learn structure and accountability. Luckily she has mama dean and brain dead stans who will wipe her ass and smell it too.

No. 760519

yeah this is sad
shes probably just going to die at this rate, her moms never going to make the decision to kick her ass out on the street. just gonna spiral with comeback videos and self changing galore

No. 760527

There's also the biggest issue when it comes to renting: she needs proof if income. A lot of youtubers and freelancers have an issue renting or getting a mortgage because they dont have real proof of income in the form of letters from a boss or manager and paystubs. Hell, here in vegas you can show up with $5k in your bank account, but if you cant provide
several paystubs showing that you earn 2-3x the amount of rent per month, you'll get turned down. Add that to her history in rentals and her thousands of animals and there's no way anyone would risk renting to her.

No. 760538

File: 1582758305981.png (36.27 KB, 1045x228, yikes.png)

If you're a heroin addict you need to change sorry. Who wants to love a heroin addict that can't take care of themselves? It's gross and if your a disgusting fuck nobody is gonna give a shit about you. People will say you don't have to change, but if you have serious issues that doesn't apply to you.

Society judges you whether you like it or not. People evaluate you on your career, looks and past behavior. She acts so entitled to good relationships when she has so little to offer in return.

She's clearly not over jonny. Sorry Tay but you weren't WORTHY of a real rockstar boyfriend. You chose to date a drug addict and got what you asked for.

No. 760539

I mean not to blog but where I live I have never been asked to provide proof of income or had a credit check done to rent a place. These aren't expensive places like she prefers, but still. I don't think it would be that hard for her to find a place that will take her. The biggest issue is her animals.

No. 760542

More likely she will find someone to bum off of like jonny did. She isn't going to move out unless it's equal to or better than what she had. She's 0 bills with mama dean so she'll spent will nilly.

No. 760553

I'm quite certain Mushu is dead, she was in a bad state last time she was shown. If she doesn't show or mention her in this upcoming pet video we will know for sure.

No. 760561

Or if she says Mushu was rehomed.. that’s always code for dead lmao

No. 760597

Bold of her to say that when she’s skinwalking Syd

No. 760598

Dude where do you live

No. 760599

I totally believe that some animals like Kronos and whatever spiders/scorpions were still alive were rehomed. makes sense that mommy wouldn't want to deal with them while Tylor was failing rehab.

But Mushu was one of her oldest pets, and she always made a big deal about how much she loved her and how much effort she put into caring for her (read: almost killing her multiple times). She was in a TINY tank, didn't get much upkeep already, so she would have been one of the easiest pets for Jen to take care of. Any rehoming story will 100% be bullshit.

No. 760602

She confirmed that Kronos was rehomed because her parents found it to be too dangerous to deal with, along with other animals that they had no more space for/they considered dangerous as well.

No. 760605

I always thought it was weird cersei got rehomed considering she was one of Taylor's original pets when she lived at home, but suddenly tarantulas were too scary to have in the house? Plus they require almost no upkeep.

Don't get me wrong, if she did go to a better home, I'm glad. Just weird reasoning.

No. 760634

This whole rent/deposit/etc sperg is dumb. Quit anons. Stop comparing your experience to TND's.
Not to blog, but I've lived in multiple communities through the US SW. Sure, places run by managment companies want all that…but if you have a big enough deposit…or if you are working with a small landlord…they don't require much of anything. In shitty little towns, or in places like SA/Austin/Phx.
For math purposes, if her rent was $500 a month, and she put down a deposit of 2500-3k…almost anyone would rent to her, unless you're talking about her "gated" community or complex with multiple property amenities. But those places won't rent to someone with a hoard, bc they can find someone else without all the baggage to pay.
So stahppp. Its different everywhere in the states, and even more so across countries. She can make it happen, easily enough if she wanted to. Maybe not ther ideal space, but she could find a place with the savings she has.

No. 760643

Didn’t cersei die during moult or something?

No. 760645

She won’t though. She is going to suckle mommy’s saggy teet until something “better” comes around. Instead of the teet, it’ll be some nasty meth dealer’s tatted up D.

No. 760647

>with the savings she has
she admitted to withdrawing it all out/cashing out a 401k (if I remember right) on jonny's teeth…and if you mean recent savings well she's been blowing tons of money on dumb shit and ugly clothes and oh drugz while not making content and barely getting views. I don't think her "600 is like other peoples 50" as much as she wants people to think. It's easy to say that when you have no rent nothing living at mom and dads

No. 760653


One of her moon crabs died during a moult, you're probably thinking of that. She's claiming Cersei was rehomed but I wouldn't be surprised if that's a lie and she's actually dead.

No. 760664

File: 1582790778219.jpeg (157.49 KB, 827x1348, 576D4A72-7A90-47F7-8F5B-39589A…)

She said she had no motivation like five seconds ago, but now contradicted herself in order to justify her animal hoarding.

Also, can we unpack her lack of logic here? She started the tank in November, says it takes a ton of energy daily, but she just has to get the fish because she can’t stand having an empty tank or something? She doesn’t even know how many pets she has, and yet she doesn’t think that’s a sign she has more than enough already. This bitch really is dumb as shit.

No. 760665

File: 1582790910324.png (116.92 KB, 746x748, Capture.PNG)

I don't believe it for a SECOND she does this much upkeep with her planted tank. the thing looked like every other plant had died and been replaced when she last showed how much gRoWtH she had.

No. 760666


Has she always been this loose?
Was she this lazy and unreliable and batshit crazy pre JC or at one stage did she earn her YouTube fandom. I know she’s always been uneducated on animal care.
I only discovered who she was when she started dating JC and all the shit went down from there with her parents and the ex’s .
I then Googled her found this thread and followed since. I don’t think I have the mental capacity to tolerate watching her videos

No. 760668

>I'm already taking care of the tank daily…it's not like I'm adding another tank or cage that isn't already being cared for daily
Kek, implying that she didn't do exactly that when she went out and started up this tank in November. Having to wait for the tank to cycle does not negate the fact that this is very much still a new tank and pet, you hopeless numbskull.
>it really won't make much difference to add the betta
Ah, yes. What more could we expect from "lmao it's just a fish that died nbd" TND? Do we have to spell it out for her? The difference is that if you neglect it, the fish will suffer.

No. 760670

File: 1582792587654.png (84.13 KB, 661x687, Capture.PNG)

already choosing a designer betta

No. 760671

File: 1582792893475.png (394.45 KB, 662x738, Capture.PNG)

like jfc look at her tank, her plants are barely holding on, I'm not seeing any healthy growth at all. she isn't dosing that tank, at least not correctly.

No. 760672

She says "this kind of stuff (getting new pets) gets me excited and motivated to do things". So it's a short term rush for her since the old pets are not exciting and motivating anymore. She explained all of this in the video where she admitted being addicted to buying pets, why can't she see this herself now?

No. 760674

File: 1582793145629.png (65.6 KB, 664x452, Capture1.PNG)

sperging about snails. just take the snail out jfc, this idiot found one snail and is already hatching an excuse to get a puffer tank.

No. 760675

File: 1582793194983.png (44.42 KB, 658x364, Capture1.PNG)

her stans are all for it of course.

No. 760676

File: 1582793252639.png (26.13 KB, 658x188, Capture.PNG)

more info about the tank, already deleted for some reason.

No. 760677

File: 1582793396738.png (405.38 KB, 657x723, Capture123.PNG)

jen inserting her daughter into every conversation, as always.

No. 760680

>tHeRe'S sOmEtHiNg To Do EvErY DaY

Yeah right. Planted tanks do not need that much upkeep on the daily – and when has this bitch ever stuck to a schedule, any schedule? She can't keep a real job, can't even do Youtube videos on a reliable timetable, can't sleep like a normal person, and neglects her animals. She couldn'te even work a live-in rehab program for one month.

Come to think of it, failure is the only consistency she has.

No. 760685

>omg poor widdle bby snail uwu I can't kill it
Says the heartless hoe who has no qualms about bashing in the skulls of living mice and rats. Oh, and let's not forget that she feels no guilt or remorse over killing dozens of her actual pets. She's electrocuted skinks, stabbed snakes in the lungs, poisoned fish, murdered a kitten and lost countless others due to inadequate husbandry. Don't get me started on all the incorrect diets, dehydration, overheating, cramped living conditions, parasite infestations, exposure to hazards, untreated diseases and infections arising from neglect.

No. 760686

>Planted tanks do not need that much upkeep on the daily
yeah, hers definitely doesn't. if she actually does something daily, she's messing with it too much. you don't even need to do water changes if you don't have fish in there. you DEFINITELY don't want to be moving plant around constantly.
high tech tanks do need daily dosing, but she doesn't even have CO2 so there's no point getting that many ferts in there.

No. 760687


Notice how she didn't say "Didn't know that at all, but now that I do I obviously won't get one". What is there to look into if you already know the morph is prone to serious health issues?

No. 760688

File: 1582796311840.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20200227-113650.png)

she's buying third round of plants now because she can't get them to grow.

No. 760689

File: 1582796523842.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20200227-113914.png)

she has two filters to help with the cycle but is removing one when she gets the fish. wtf taylor… how does her pea brain come up with this stuff?

No. 760691

File: 1582796607271.png (643.58 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20200227-114229.png)

she got the puffer idea literally one hour ago and is now already "torn between them"

No. 760692

Already finding excuses to wiggle out of adopting too!
I guess it'll be a repeat of her buying the spider morph all over again.
Her best attempt at aquascaping is laughable. Looks like she hasn't topped off the water recently either.

No. 760693

taylor describing upkeeping their tanks as "redoing" them screams red flags. im sure she takes real good care of the animals whos lives will pay for her next high, which is exactly why you make an occasion out of a 75% waterchange.

No. 760694

to explain further, if one filter isn't enough to sustain the cycle (remove enough nitrogen basically), then it won't be enough when she adds the fish either. why she cycles a second filter in there and then removes it is beyond me.

planted tanks are not a good fit for her at all. she has 0 patience and you really need it with this hobby. the plants need time acclimating before they start to grow and every time you move them around the tank they need acclimate and grow new root systems all over again. it could be a couple of months in her setup before the plants really get going and she's already redone the tank two times since november. she's setting herself up for failure.
she needs to go high tech with CO2 to satisfy her need for instant satisfaction. I mean she has the money…

No. 760695

Is this dumbass really implying ammonia and ph stop mattering after cycling a tank? Does she even know what those two things are?

No. 760696

File: 1582797236828.jpg (710.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200227-173548_Twi…)

the deleted tweet about the blind betta

No. 760698

It's still not exactly slaving away lol, and we know this bitch doesn't do very much at all for her inhabited enclosures and aquariums, let alone an empty tank.

Taylor would not know hard work if it bit her on her crack-on-an-eggshell ass. It's going to be interesting to see what she'll do once her Youtube money runs out.

No. 760703

Thanks for posting. Taytor thot is torn between two morphs that are both prone to tumors then. People are pointing out her lack of knowledge and trying to educate her in the replies, so she better not feign ignorance.

No. 760709

First off that isn't a protein skimmer dumbass, it's a surface skimmer. Protein skimmers don't work on freshwater.

A group of puffers will likely kill each other in a tank that small. also need to be heavily dewormed.

No. 760711


Possibly nitpicking here but if you already have an axolotl in an inadequate tank why wouldn't you put the time and effort into redoing that before setting up a new empty tank for a theoretical future fish purchase that you haven't even decided on the species yet? Feels like an indicator that she gets much more kicks from thinking about and buying new animals than you know, caring for the ones she already has.

No. 760712

Because Taylor doesn’t give a shit about the animals she has. She wants to get a new one so everyone will go “wow, so cool”

No. 760713

if we follow this logic she should never have got to the stage where she's sticking her snakes in small plastic bins in a rack

and yet here we are

No. 760715

We know she dumb but wtf. Snails are helpful when kept in check. They are not “pests”, and her saying that proves how ill informed she is. Dude. She is the ONLY person I have heard say snails are pests. It’s personal preference. Some ppl use shrimp instead. This bitch dumb.

No. 760718

File: 1582808881427.png (636.18 KB, 658x1205, Capture63633565563.PNG)

>She is the ONLY person I have heard say snails are pests
idk my experience has been that many fishkeepers tend to think of snails as pests.
and some species CAN definitely overrun your tank. especially if your setup isn't healthy and has a lot of rotting organic matter and algae.
I haven't ever bothered eradicating snails in my setups personally. they're a perfectly natural part of the ecosystem.

No. 760721

the way she planted the tank just looks a mess. it's really busy. her plants are nice but like everything else, it looks like she threw it all together. there's no thought or care behind anything she does.

No. 760728

Thank you I was like what is a protein skimmer for in this “betta” tank??? Salty bettas

No. 760729

File: 1582815078712.png (3 MB, 1418x748, Ideal.PNG)

Give it a month, it will be an algae infested mess.

The older plants are visibly suffering, everything not dying looks freshly planted (less than a month) so it's misleading.

This is what the red plants SHOULD look like.

No. 760730

Yeah,all that Bacopa in there is brand new cuttings. That shit is so easy to care for and grows like a weed fast. I've never seen it sold that short before in stores (grows too fast) if she kills it, I'll be terrified. It's going to look wonky if/when it grows.

No. 760731

File: 1582816442262.png (601.91 KB, 750x1334, 23113E87-0B5C-4C27-A657-17B9B1…)

I know this is old and not milky but who the fuck hold a baby kitten like that. Holy shit, I help foster newborn kittens and this is sooo disgusting. She just wanted her tat in the photo, no wonder the kitten died

No. 760734

File: 1582817128992.png (4.29 MB, 1430x750, 1575138342636.png)

this. you can see that the plants she got in november are all rotting away or plain gone.
I mean plants not growing in an empty tank with inert substrate isn't exactly surprising, if it wasn't for the fact that she claims to be "dosing" (with what?) and cycling (which method? cycling has simply meant waiting for her in the past) the tank.

No. 760736

An absolute uneducated monster..

No. 760741

“When kept in check” it’s the fish keeper’s fault for allowing the burst in populations-poor tank maintenance.

No. 760744

not to mention when she literally admitted to considering letting jonnyboi die of an OD instead of calling for help and giving narcan topkek

No. 760745

I fucking hate this dumb bitch. This breaks my heart.

No. 760747

Yeah apple snails and other snails are added purposely to the tank now bladder snails AKA Pond snails are looked at by some as a pest because they can get out of hand quick but some fish hobbyist like them because they keep the ecosystem they eat the dead plants or decaying matter in the tank. Most people don't like them because they think they are an eyesore

No. 760749

Those ph/ammonia alert tags are so useless. No wonder her tanks are a mess. Someone of her ~caliber~~ ABSOLUTELY should have the dropper master kit.

No. 760750

and it's not like the proper equipment is that expensive. API master kit is like 40 bucks.
it fucking eludes me why she always insists on using the most gullible beginner level useless equipment in her petcare. if she can randomly drop a grand on clothes she should have no issue dropping it on her ~passion~. but who am I kidding, pet keeping has never been her passion, just a means to get attention first from school and then from the internet.

No. 760752


I must be drunk these don’t even look like the same tank. I know the decor is obviously different but the proportions… Did she get a bigger one? What’s with the optical illusion…

No. 760764

Hey Tay, where’s Cheese 2.0? Let me jog your memory in case you forgot, it’s the second cowfish you had,the one that was gifted, I think his name was Queso. So much attention and maintenance that goes into a tank with plants, hows the one with the cow fish? If it’s not shown before her 100th “All my pets”, it’s no longer around. Shit, if it’s not shown by morning tomorrow, morning as in morning, not afternoon, my call it’s dead. Chances are it’s been in that state for awhile, and that’s why it’s never shown.

No. 760766

She definitely kill it already
It probably only lasted two weeks like the mantis shrimp

No. 760767

IKR. She can’t even hold it properly, and it definitely looks like it’s still on a bottle, her dumbass probably flopped it on its back to feed it for cutsie pics. Her filthy ass probably doesn’t wipe her own ass, it’s doubtful she would wipe a kittens. The poor thing probably sat in a crate while the bitch was high off her ass, sleeping in her own vomit for 12 hours a day. A shit poor excuse of a human being.

No. 760768

she wants this one to go like "look my new fish literally has the same hair colour as me….isnt that so random……i'm such a weirdo heehee uWu"

No. 760772

Not milk/stating the obvious, but I can’t believe how depressing Taylor’s life has is. She was always an impulsive uneducated dumbass but she showed SOME passion/interest for what she did. She had the resources, connections, and money that could help her improve her care sustain her career.

This is the predictable outcome of her behavior- this is where her lies and excuses brought her. She’s a junkie rotting in her parent’s house, always the victim, making clothes and body mods her “therapy,” continues to avoid dealing with her issues , and now she doesn’t even have the drive to make it LOOK like she cares about her pets.

I genuinely can’t believe how sick in the head this bitch is and at this point there’s no question her animals should be confiscated.

No. 760775

She's definitely gonna kill pea puffers. For starters, they need a lot more than just "constant snails" to eat, but they're very sensitive to changes in water quality, so in a small tank where she can't even be assed to top it off, those things aren't going to survive.

No. 760776

You guys realize that this is an old, old pic, right? The kitten was Nemo’s sister, she died around the time that pic was taken and Taylor had a whole post about how she “performed CPR” on it.

No. 760778

It'll never stop being hilarious that this renown "pet expert" with several huge tanks still doesn't know how the nitrogen cycle works. Is she really that dumb? She's no better than those dumbasses that keep goldfish in bowls.

No. 760782

Sorry, wasn’t familiar with Taylor all that much until the end of the atrium house. Her lies led me here. So many threads, unlike her, I’d rather take care of my animals instead of dead-eye starring into a screen for 12 hours. Who has time for that?

No. 760784

Yeah it’s obviously a old pic the post says that. But I feel like it should still be talked about. This case was one of the sickest in my opinion

She took two week old kittens and left them in a bathroom, man handled them. Her vet stories don’t even line up she has different stories. She killed a fucking kitten. I can’t handle her. I never once saw a heat matt for them on a heat regulator. I rarely see heat regulator in her reptile setups

No. 760785

Her “cpr” She says herself she didn’t know what she was doing and the kitten was screaming. She killed it

No. 760804

you hit the nail on the head. not to mention the countless whataburger cheeseburgers she shoves down her throat

No. 760826

She was actually tolerable and even likeable before she became "youtube famous", but I'm guessing it's because she couldn't pull the "I'm an adult now I can do whatever I want!" card on her parents so she had some structure. A lot of us were followers of hers before she went unhinged.

No. 760828

That's not true. There are people who knew her in high school that have confirmed she was intolerable then. That was when she was distributing child porn and using the n word with a hard r. And when she threw a massive fit her parents paid to fix the stuff she ruined rather than buy her a MacBook. She has always been trash.

No. 760829

File: 1582847400814.jpeg (212.2 KB, 750x730, 286C48A8-5274-49B0-9D94-3C108D…)

No. 760830

>And when she threw a massive fit her parents paid to fix the stuff she ruined rather than buy her a MacBook.

I don't remember this bit. Could you fill us in?

No. 760831

Wonder who she stole this from. It's far too coherent to be her own words. (For one it doesn't take up five fucking images worth of sperging in Notes…)

No. 760834

File: 1582848279121.jpeg (416.82 KB, 1124x1896, 0523124D-FF0F-4B3C-8F6B-0C9224…)

No. 760835

File: 1582848305077.jpeg (806.66 KB, 1125x1929, FC70F402-4BA0-49C5-B542-048748…)

No. 760836

File: 1582848400680.jpeg (607.2 KB, 1125x1929, 0A04490B-638B-4FCF-BE77-A02E5B…)

No. 760838

File: 1582848563713.jpeg (697.66 KB, 1125x1929, 0A025B7A-745C-4689-BFA0-3D33F6…)

No. 760839

File: 1582848586335.jpeg (629.14 KB, 1125x1927, CE01C248-6505-4C8E-A089-A02640…)

No. 760841

File: 1582848703040.jpeg (598.14 KB, 1125x1905, B2F999CA-DD84-4AEA-BA6D-2AD34C…)

No. 760843

File: 1582848792365.jpeg (828.51 KB, 1125x2032, 3C9CACA0-6447-4465-8330-C0F73F…)

No. 760844

File: 1582848874840.jpeg (534.75 KB, 1125x1695, FFEB06AD-A086-4A1E-90AF-4A65F2…)

No. 760845

File: 1582849065952.jpeg (540.85 KB, 1125x1302, C0BD46F3-FA00-4046-A19C-9E66D2…)

No. 760848

… she is so close to being self-aware. So close. Yet it will never happen.

"Some" people have a victim mentality with no sense of accountability, huh, Taylor? Maybe you should really try and look in the mirror beyond taking your stupid selfies.

No. 760850

File: 1582849335953.jpeg (738.24 KB, 1125x1905, EC5516FA-69DE-43ED-9FE2-D7961A…)

No. 760852

File: 1582849791840.jpeg (630.84 KB, 1125x1773, 2EF1F92D-0B58-4A62-9261-411D2A…)

No. 760853

So… She claims she didn't drop out of highschool but stopped going. We're you homeschooled or are you finally going to admit you don't even have a HS degree?

No. 760854

Doesn't she have a "certificate" for her alternative education path or something? Not a diploma per se but some sort of chitty saying that she's done… uh… some HS studies

I swear she's getting dumber by the day though. Drugs and stagnation don't make you very interesting, Taylor!

No. 760855

File: 1582850172440.png (161.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200227-193558.png)

No. 760856

LOL who exactly is supposed to be saying this to her? She doesn't do anything all day and doesn't interact with people face to face. That's your own insecurities and self-loathing talking there, Tay-Tay, but anything for that sweet attenshun, right?

Also: Notice how she's the victim of a mean, mean person here, once again kek

No. 760859

Literally no one has said this

No. 760862

"That one topic" as if she doesn't respond to "haters" all day long about anything they disagree with her on? Okay.

No. 760863

I'm not talking about her personal life but about her YouTube persona, though.
It wasn't until after she got a platform that all of these things came out.

No. 760869

Projection much?

>User fuckup

>lives with mommy
>Chronic pain
>Attention whore
>Daddy issues

Nobody want's your life Taylor, they only watch you to remind themselves how UNfucked their own lives are.

No. 760870

I am lost on why she is running a protein skimmer on a freshwater tank.

She is also going to loose whatever bit of cycle she was able to get get the tank to do by removing the second filter. I feel terrible for whatever fish she puts in there.

No. 760873

because she’s genuinely retarded, anon. she doesn’t actually have any interest in keeping species of any kind, just likes being “that ‘hot’ girl who gets her tits out and plays with snakes”

No. 760874

It's not a protein skimmer people, it's a surface skimmer. It just skims biofilm that builds on surface of the water.

Her filter logic is just retarded. She just doesn't get cycling.

No. 760876

Says the dumb bitch who said, I’ve been in abusive relationships before and I know how to recognize them,” after she was being warned about jc. What happened Tay? Was jc “in your head”? Did he cloud the “warning signs”? It was totally 100% YOUR fault. You should have listened to your mother, listened to your fans that were trying to help, and recognized the abuse, as you were sooo capable of doing. Your grandeur complex, it’s laughable. You always know right, and yet, you’re ALWAYS failing. How, if you know best? It’s not a everybody makes mistakes matter. It’s pure negligence.

No. 760878

Why does she make herself out to be some holy kind hearted person. Nice people don’t always have to remind people how nice they are

No. 760883

Physically????????? I thought she said he never hit her. When’s the court case ??

No. 760885

How is her dating Jonny more painful then a adult/or older guy raping you with glass stabbing your back ??? Like what ??

No. 760890

>couldn't admit to the magnitude of the abuse for around 8 months
But you've been non-stop talking about the abuse and entire situation literally since you got out of rehab and hopped on your first rebound bro dick.

No. 760897

Because she wants to be seen as a martyr. She does a lot of talking but not a lot of doing.

Surely all the money she's spent on dumb shit could've gone to charity for abused women, or she could've raised a kickstarter for charities that deal with abuse victims.

But nah let's just sit in our room sperging about how bad we had it for asspats and validation.

No. 760899

This is deleted now. Did she get called out in the comments?

No. 760903

File: 1582870340159.jpeg (159.59 KB, 750x992, 4F4B9313-220D-4F0F-8843-3F61A2…)

No. 760904

File: 1582870401112.jpeg (174.81 KB, 750x1033, 388419BD-05DE-4716-A278-C72149…)

No. 760906

Please, can an anon make a pic with all the times she’s talked about Jonny since she’s gotten out of rehab, or maybe just a few to give us some timeline, since she really does have a lot of tweets about him and syd

No. 760909

File: 1582871515551.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2688, B7A729F9-8D78-4A6B-8FB9-C42F81…)

“iM LittErALlY 1 mONth SObeR tODay!!!.!.”

No. 760910

pretty sure those were two separate events people always conflate as one. someone pulled a screenshot from her private fb in one of the earlier threads, from when she was in high school and pouting about how her parents were re-doing floors instead of buying her a new computer. It wasn't until years later in a video of hers that she told people she'd recently ruining the floors in the house with her rodi system making water for her saltwater tank.

No. 760911

Heeeey, remember when she said the proceeds from some video or another were going to go to an "abused women's center" or something like that?? Did that really happen or am I making that up?

No. 760913

She said that about her Jonny video. Half goes to a womens shelter and the other half somewhere else, idk anymore.

She obviously didn't do it.

No. 760914

File: 1582875885976.png (121.38 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_20200228-094430.png)

No. 760915

File: 1582876158703.png (110.09 KB, 597x870, Capture.PNG)

>people don't like me talking about it so I'm going to talk about it reeeee

No. 760916

File: 1582876217774.png (78.64 KB, 593x592, Capture.PNG)

No. 760917

File: 1582876360725.png (21.11 KB, 599x203, Capture.PNG)

she seems to never be able to fucking stop when she gets going about JC again, it's always a 12-hour sperg.

No. 760918

munchie behaviour, drug abuse, instability of self image, permanent body mods, animal hoarding. is there anything this bitch isn't "suffering" from? there's nothing wrong with her, she honestly should have been forced to get a job and not be coddled so much by her family.
I know this is almost armchair but dude she's not crazy and suffering, she's just a manipulative, selfish narc with no self awareness. she makes JC seem sane by comparison and he's a massive junkie loser

No. 760919

File: 1582878099517.png (14.41 KB, 606x116, Capture.PNG)

wow who would have known sperging about your ex for 8 hours straight would ever put you in a bad mood.

No. 760925

I'd say there is a good chance they will be back together by the end of this year. Once Syd pops out the baby, father of the year JC will most likely dip and head back to TND. She was going to go to LA to meet with him once already and she's already got another LA trip planned. Them slinging shit at each other publicly is the perfect cover for being able to meet up in private and not have anyone suspect a thing. Honestly it feels like the whole "canceljonnycraig" thing is a smokescreen to keep Syd out of the loop.

This is a huge tinfoil but I feel like TND and JC where talking for months after she moved back home, they decided they wanted to see each other and rekindle things so Taylor planned the first LA trip. She probably watched his streams and stories and most likely stalked Syd and saw how lovey dovey or w/e JC and Syd where being so Taylor probably flipped out texted Syd telling her JC was going to leave her and then boom Syd whips out the baby card. Taylor probably thought Syd was lying and then once they announced it on JC's twitch stream(probably why Syd was so insistent that they do) Taylor probably got an ear full from JC and that's when they came up with the whole "JC abused me" story. I think it came up at one point that JC said he would be the "bad guy" if shit ever got bad for Taylor hell he even has a song about it at this point. It's just weird how Taylor went nuclear and JC has been pretty silent the entire time, I think he even said he wished her well or whatever in the vice documentary. It only seems logical that he wouldn't want to piss of his money ticket because he has every intention of getting back with her.

No. 760931

File: 1582885065979.jpeg (492.54 KB, 828x919, F17A54D3-C694-428B-B602-F8515A…)

It’s like 5am for her, druggy

No. 760932

File: 1582885089296.png (7.23 MB, 828x1792, DD246E56-7F88-4B21-AC3E-CE2F95…)

No. 760933

File: 1582885128429.png (7.08 MB, 828x1792, 69EC7BAF-8B00-402E-87F5-669B05…)

No. 760934

How much did her failed rehab stints cost her? That shit ain't cheap. Prolly explains why she can't move out. Private healthcare is expensive. Especially if you're a retarded munchie like Taylor.

No. 760935

where tf did she pick up that tongue in cheek thing and how does she not see how ridiculous it looks jesus

No. 760937

Could you imagine if she moved out? I feel like her mom won’t let her because Taylor would definitely get herself killed, either doing bullshit with a toxic guy, or turning her new apartment into a hoarders drug den and overdosing in her filth because she isn’t responsible for herself at all.

No. 760938

how can anyone resist this thirst trap with those soulless eyes and the weird snaggletooth.

already deleted for some fucking reason.

No. 760939

File: 1582887549692.png (369.31 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20200228-125837.png)

from heroin

No. 760944

So this bitch really stayed up all night sperging about Jonny again. I can’t with this bitch!

No. 760946

File: 1582891433317.jpeg (696.56 KB, 1125x1953, 912B7548-D7C9-456F-9B3B-E19254…)

rom hErOiN guise!!!!! But not all the other shit you’re taking…

No. 760949

"this is extremely hard to talk about"

It's yet to stop you, or make you reconsider your words and actions, Taylor.

God, everything in her life is "hard", "so difficult" and "extremely hard". She's such a spoiled, mollycoddled little twat.

No. 760955

Her admitting to the relapse is just her attempt at being honest to gain herself from credibility. She's going to take said credibility and use that to use more drugs and lie about it. The "from heroin" line is so telling.

No. 760956

Didn’t we hear this all before? She’s literally reusing old shit. Just like she’d do with her videos.

Just watch her say come out in a few days with another relapse story

No. 760959

File: 1582898314603.jpeg (99.69 KB, 640x640, 8D20838D-C42E-45C1-9AD1-30E6F9…)

No. 760960

Sooooo…… no planning each one for two years? Looks more like 30 days of planning at the max.

No. 760961

The king of drag.

No. 760962

Okay she looks fucking awful. From the way she’s doing her brows, to the shitty split hair, to the crosses under her eyes. Hers lips are so swollen and too big for her face and the lipstick/liner (why tf is she overlining her already massive lips?) is HORRENDOUS. Her pupils are pinned (you can tell this pic is taken at night because the room is so dark, and there’s only one light that isn’t even bright sooooo those pupils shouldn’t be that small). Her skin looks bad, her makeup is CAKED on and the extensions are so obvious and look real bad. I really think she’s hit a new low for herself, she’s looking worse and worse by the day. She looks methed out af. There’s no way she’s sober, she didn’t loOk this fucked up even on heroin. The style doesn’t fit her, and she’s trying so damn hard. It’s so sad because she used to be really pretty imo and now… now she looks like one of those “don’t do drugs” before and afters

No. 760965

File: 1582900507978.jpg (166.58 KB, 958x974, 20200228_142920-COLLAGE~2.jpg)

Can't unsee after last anon mentioned it.

No. 760967

File: 1582900953069.jpeg (90.42 KB, 750x558, 735977C4-5A93-4794-866B-9E4B16…)

A comment under her Instagram post… does she really think her fans are that gullible that she has “naturally” big lips. Her lipstick looks like a toddler drew on their makeup.

No. 760968

If she wasn’t sitting home 24/7 and went out and did productive things, she wouldn’t even want to sit home and talk about Johnny constantly. By her acting like this, it just shows how not over it she really is. I get being a victim and wanting to speak up, but this is like obsession. I really don’t understand how besides the hate she hates, just how absolutely cringe worthy she is. I cant even read her rants because they give me such bad second hand embarrassment.

No. 760969

Hahaha yes whatever op mentioned it ruined the beginning of the show for me

No. 760988


I genuinely don't even think she's the ugliest cow on here. UNTIL she does this shit? Why the fuck does she think it's hot to make it look like she has a goddamned cheek abscess? That look makes u look like a 40 year old cracked out whore……

No. 760989

Yo is this recent?

No. 760990

File: 1582908771501.jpg (444.86 KB, 1078x1454, IMG_20200228_085222.jpg)

No. 760995

Wtf. It only takes half a brain-cell to realize this bitch ain’t sober, she doesn’t want to be sober, sobriety will not happen for her. Taylor disrespects the people who actually struggle. She makes it like a “fun game” in order to keep herself relevant. “I’m sober from heroin! Teheheh” bitch have you moved to South Dakota cuz you look like you’re on meth. The outfits, the constant manic tweets, pinned pupils, next thing you know, she’ll be going door to door at 3AM snakes in tote, harassing the neighbors.

No. 760996


Does she ever take any responsibility for anything? Even the smallest, most stupid things are never her error.

No. 761002

I genuinely cannot wait until all of these lies blow up in her face (it’s bound to happen).

Then I want to see all these enabling fuck wit dick strokers back peddle and make more excuses for supporting her. It’s not even nitpicking at this point. The second this “thing” left rehab early, she hasn’t kept her story straight from one minute to the next. I’m offended that people genuinely think I (someone who sees right through her bs) needs to sit here, act stupid, and enable her aka support her ridiculous delusional “recovery journey” because she’s TAyLOr NiCOLe deAn. For fucks sake, this stupid bitch didn’t even complete rehab. According to her, she never took it seriously because she was chasing dick around every corner because JC (her rapist) couldn’t have sex with her bc opiates and non-existent sex drive. She even got thrown out of sober living lol. This girl is not someone I would ever support because she has no legitimate sobriety journey to support in the first place. I dismiss her uwu woe is me druggie complex just like any other bullshitting junkie on the streets. She’s not special and I’m sick of people acting like anyone who doesn’t believe her is an asshole. They can’t open their eyes and see this is textbook drug addict behavior.

No. 761008

File: 1582914511499.png (325.49 KB, 1174x1249, Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 1.26…)


I cant with the stupidity…

No. 761013

Gee, I don’t know.. where else could She put in thoughts about her abusive ex to cope with my trauma aside from my 250k twitter followers.. oh right A JOURNAL!

Can’t with this bitch, if she is honest about wanting to get better by talking it out - go to therapy, write in a journal. Heck, even to talk it out to her weird underage fans in a group chat. She just wanted the attention to be that poor abusive victim, constantly. Duffy got raped and contained for days, she left the public scene for 10 years…. there is healthier way to cope and this ain’t it tay tay..

No. 761014

Even if she does write it in a journal, you bet she is going to post pages and pages of her journal on social media. Cause ya know, she is such a champion for drug addiction and trauma now apparently.

No. 761043

hey at least that guy has a job

No. 761047

remember when she posted pics of her therapy doodles like she was the most creative artist ever and everyone told her all her weird horny scribbles needed to be tattoos?

No. 761057

It’s an edgy “teehee it looks like there’s a dick in my mouth” move

No. 761058

I wouldn't call it edgy, more… slutty and desperate. Which is very on brand for her kek

No. 761059

Why the fuck would she overline her already insanely huge lips?!?

Surely she looks as them and knows they don’t look right?

No. 761061

she going for that hooker look

No. 761076

No it’s cheap makeup. It made her do it.

No. 761077

And the fact she thinks OVER LINING and LIP LINER are the same thing. Hey idiot, over lining is when your lipstick goes past where your lips meet your skin. Stop it with the lip mods and maybe you wouldn’t have such a problem applying product correctly…or lay off the meth.

No. 761083

File: 1582944258541.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20200229-044331.png)

No. 761090

Is she really trying to push this narrative that after years of being a fan of Jonny Craig she was completely unaware of the allegations against him? It was like, what, 2017 or 2018 at this point? She had to have known why he was notoriously getting kicked out of bands more than anyone in the scene. He's had the most infamous reputation for the longest time, so she's really making herself look like a woefully naive dumbass. Plus, based on their tweets and what she's said in the past, I'm highly doubtful of her timeline for being official in the first place.

She should just admit that she loves to discredit, defame, and shit on abuse victims because she's a desperate pick-me. It sure is sweet to see her get a taste of her own medicine now that she wants to play the survivor role, although it pales in comparison to the harassment she put Jonny's exes through.

Notice how once her manipulation and gaslighting is brought to attention she instantly pulls out the
>This is horrible to say.
Her self-victimization is just proving op's point.

No. 761092

Last minute enclosure clean up? Gotta make it look like I care for all my pets video.

No. 761093

File: 1582947044309.png (121.26 KB, 1037x746, t.PNG)

No. 761094

I can try to dig through the archives if you want, but do you remember what she's said about this before? I'm thinking of this one time when she was talking about getting new pets right after she had admitted to impulse-buying and hoarding tendencies. Someone called her out on it and she replied with something to the effect of "I said I was addicted to buying new animals during my ACTIVE ADDICTION. Now that I'm off heroin, it doesn't affect me." It's impossible to follow her sorry excuse for rationale, but it seems like she's under the impression she can turn her animal hoarding off and on like a light. She's the stupidest cow.

No. 761095

they are a match made in heaven. both love to pull the victim card. just stfu already

No. 761096

File: 1582947783465.jpeg (220.37 KB, 1125x779, 2587B2AF-227B-4AA1-94DE-8F6ACA…)

No. 761099

>when the hell do I do that lmfao
Haha topkek. Says the self-obsessed cunt who got her ex's name to trend. The fact that she went on an all day and night twitter sperg about JC in the same breath is too much for me to handle. Need a collage with this for the new thread pic.
Wow, I guess you are the asshole in that case, Tay.

No. 761100

This is not a huge tinfoil. They were talking behind the scenes until like october or november. Til whenever she found out syd was pregnant. She admitted it in her long ass video about him on her channel. So it is very possible they are still talking now

No. 761101

File: 1582949919875.jpeg (275.44 KB, 1125x851, 0F723A4D-418C-42DD-864C-2AACE9…)

No. 761102


Except she wasn't at 8 months sober so wtf? She's gonna start lying about how many months she WAS sober now?

No. 761105

Why is she recording her pets at night? What did she do all fucking day long… oh right. She doesn’t give these animals the time of day literally lol
Like anons have said, we only ever see enclosure “upgrades” when she’s about to film and we never hear about them otherwise.

No. 761111

Filming? More like fixing enclosures…

No. 761112

You can’t call them enclosures, Kayyyy. They are CAGES. Trailer is to trashy for enclosures, she calls them cages herself. IMO proper animal people keep enclosures, cages are what the circus uses. Shit, they may be better than this bitch. At least circus elephants get to maul the occasional person, hers are stuck inflicting minor damage. We all know there is no shortage in that, the way the cunt manhandles her animals. She’s a victim of EDS allegedly, why the fuck would a person with that kinda ailment do that? You know, consider how she may be hurting them since she has “glass bones and paper skin”. It’s all about her all the time.

No. 761114

File: 1582958191644.png (873.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200229-013523.png)

More Tofu harassment for "cuteness".

No. 761119

File: 1582962333353.png (468.76 KB, 768x867, p1.PNG)

More mental masturbation and ego tripping.

No. 761120

File: 1582962510550.png (109.32 KB, 775x845, p2.PNG)

Pretty sure this means she got fined for turning the house into a smack den.

No. 761124


Pretty sure this is complete bullshit. If she was “renting to own” why is the house still available to lease? It’s been empty since she left, I feel for the owners there was probably that much damage they can’t find a tenant.

No. 761125

You got evicted lmao stop lying bitch

No. 761126

Bull shit. She was not renting to own. She pulls lies out of her ass to fit whatever narrative she pleases. It's absolutely insane. And she needs to stop acting like renting a house is some huge accomplishment. Plenty of people in their 20's have done that. Most of us don't lose it after 3 months because of our own doing either.

No. 761127

File: 1582964090450.jpeg (249.92 KB, 750x1085, 05ECC757-5C72-42C0-9836-AE7C25…)

It’s so disgusting that she’s trying to keep up the facade that she’s kind to all animals. Lmao this cruel bitch has the nerve to talk about not killing spiders when we all know she’s murdered dozens of reptiles, amphibians, fish, a kitten, etc. Even though she’s admitting to boiling the spiders alive (a weirdly sadistic method might I add), ofc there’s a million reasons it’s not her fault. Maybe it’s nitpicky, but this airhead doesn’t know the difference between ‘loose’ and ‘lose’ or ‘nest’ and ‘next’ either.

No. 761128

>It was so much in legal fees lol

>TEHEHE I shit the bed!! Mommy and Daddy cleaned up after me while I smoked meth with brodick!!

Bitch you ruined someone's property, explains her not being able to move out. She can't find any place that will take her now KEKW.

I want to see the reality hit when YT stops writing checks. Hopefully the owner fucked her over.

No. 761130

Wait what??

Why did she have to boil them? Did I miss something??

No. 761131

Pretty sure your not supposed to boil wood. It causes fibers to breakdown and makes it easier for mold and fungus to take hold. Plus cork floats so good luck boiling it retard.

No. 761132

File: 1582964767627.jpeg (266.08 KB, 1242x1131, ADF293C7-F28F-485A-A76F-94C402…)

Is this Mama Dean coming for Taylor?

No. 761133

File: 1582965796997.jpeg (238.29 KB, 750x886, 842326E2-B8D5-4B84-BE83-C8BCF4…)

It looks like she’s trying to boil the cork in a bathtub too, except there’s not a single bubble and, yup, the cork is floating.

No. 761134

File: 1582966005822.jpeg (94.95 KB, 746x522, FA3E0CEA-A42E-43C4-BEF3-EE251C…)

She’s a bonehead. This is her explanation >>761133.

No. 761135

This is the most blatant obvious lie I've seen. Heroin absolutely caused her brain damage.

she lies about the stupidest shit, we all know you're shit at pet care. If you'd just stayed quiet and took this person's advice and we'd never catch such an obvious lie.

No. 761137

>I moved into my dream home…I was dying…I can get this house while on heroin
>this is only half of the bottom floor and none of the top floor also
Okay, I guess we spoke too soon. Her bragging is grating and super immature.
Lmao exactly. Everyone knows renting a big house in Texas is cheap af. What's pathetic is that this really was the peak for this heroin-addicted NEET. She barely has a high school diploma and she chose to be unemployed over working at Petco. So we're supposed to be impressed that she briefly and temporarily moved out of her parents' house in her twenties. Kek.

No. 761138

She is painfully transparent. A while ago several people made some noise on twitter, trying to get her to show her animals/enclosures. What does she do in response? Spend a bunch of money and time buying new pet items and redoing cages.

Btw, why is she suddenly so obsessed with Animal Crossing?

No. 761139

1) How the fuck do you not know how much they cost? YOU ordered them, dumbass.
2) She is just now doing up her animals' enclosures. And it amounts to adding some corkwood to them. Fuck, Mushu and the plastic bin snakes really do not have a chance in hell.

No. 761141

Holy shit that's nightmare fuel. The fan tweet sounds exactly like something she would say if someone mentioned having to kill spiders lol, and the fact that she pretends she would have TOTAlly caught them all and saved them if only she had known what spiders they were, when clearly from her first tweet you can tell she was grossed out (which is perfectly normal, if spiders were her only victims we wouldnt be on thread 58).

No. 761142

Not that it really matters, but i saw the house for sale recently when I was looking to see what was going on with it. I don’t blame the owners for wanting to unload it with all the bad juju Taylor left behind in there. She fucked up though, that atrium was so pretty.

No. 761144

>Btw, why is she suddenly so obsessed with Animal Crossing?

I feel like Animal Crossing is something she saw her followers discussing since the new game is on the verge of release and she just has to be the most relatable sober kween who's had it so much worse than you.
Yet another part of her piecemeal "personality."

No. 761146

File: 1582978600686.jpeg (376.39 KB, 1124x2022, 32740BB9-9B3F-49D6-9FAE-E98530…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 761147

File: 1582978825470.jpeg (710.13 KB, 1125x2275, E7A8EF93-77D0-46E0-A2FA-8D085D…)

Ah yes, but putting animals without quarantining them first was totally okay to do guise

No. 761149

File: 1582979240854.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x2012, 4DB16C17-9BFE-4D07-86D7-82EE3F…)

No. 761150

File: 1582979271847.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1961, 13E2FB6F-ECD4-459B-BE7D-436AF1…)

No. 761151

File: 1582979297846.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x2133, 5CE7BF83-3082-4A66-B254-FBF27B…)

No. 761152

So she's actually upgrading the enclosures just to have them look good on camera. Again. Wow.

No. 761153

holy hell, she's monstrous. she looks exactly like a blow up fuckdoll complete with cheap wig. her self image must be in the toilet to continually have these injections done. her aesthetician should cut her off, it's so awful. apparently now that she was called out for overlining her lips she'll double down?

everything about her is unlikable.

No. 761156

>the atrium house was so pretty

umm do we not remember the carpet in the bathroom and that ugly 'pond'. Not to mention the absolutely ridiculous architecture.
It was a weird house to begin with

No. 761157

Taylor has probably given me brain damage but has she not tweeted this exact thing like 50 times already? When will she stop? We get it, you ruined a good opportunity by being a junkie. And?

No. 761158

The way this was written makes it sound like she boiled the spiders? Am I wrong? Why would you even say something that cruel?

Taylor makes herself look terrible with no help from anyone. When Cheese died the way she acted was so callous and flippant. That was the thing that stood out. Of course he was just a fish, but seeing the way she wrote about him compared to her actions in that 'funeral' video was a real eyeopener. She calls her enclosures cages, she overfeeds her animals, she neglects them to the point of death and then acts like a retard about it with her lmfao shit. She's disgusting.

No. 761159

Remember Jonny posting the emails from the landlord basically begging them to pay the rent?

No. 761160

She has to keep telling herself she accomplished something while on drugs to build her "sober" confidence up.

The thing is, she didn't earn the money to buy the house while a junkie. She had earned the money sober through luck with YouTube videos. Money makes things much easier in life; she got that house with easy money and her mom cosigning. Yet couldn't manage even that.

That was your peak, Taylor. You won't be at that level again with your attitude. You squandered it.

No. 761162

This, exactly. She just wants what she thinks is the cool girl points of being an edgy junkie, but she doesn't realize everyone with half a brain knows not to trust a fucking junkie. All of this rugsweeping is her desperately trying to make it seem "it wasn't that bad!" and "it wasn't my fault!" when the writing's on the wall lmao

She trashed the place, and escaped any consequences. She didn't even finish her rehab. And got kicked out of her sober living places. She keeps posting pics of her room being an absolute pigsty. She has no steady source of income. She still owes the IRA money, for fuck's sake.

Who the hell would rent to Taylor Nicole Dean?

No. 761168

Reads the last 24 hours of this thread

My word her dealer must think it's Christmas!

No. 761171

They are talking about lip Liner in those comments. Lip liner is makeup that is used around the edges of lips to shape them and add definition. There is no mention of fillers or having natural lips.

No. 761172

File: 1582990483180.jpeg (190.88 KB, 1125x1215, 1D3417B5-36BC-4815-9549-62A24B…)

Yes, listen you your mother. Taylor stop engaging with your haters for pity points

No. 761173

But if she stops she can’t go around saying how much of a victim she is. Cause her stans give her all the asspats in the world. But Taylor NEEDS drama in her life

No. 761174

exactly. the only people who think the atrium house was “nice” are taylor and people who’ve never actually seen a nice house. that thing was an absolute fucking joke, completely impractical and ridiculous. that’s why there’s no tenant. it’s not because of taylor’s “bad juju” it’s because the house is retarded fantasy bullshit that no clear headed adult would ever make the mistake of owning.

No. 761180

NTAbut what was wrong with the house? I only saw photos here and there but looked like it had a lot of open space and was very nice. I mostly only saw the bedroom/atrium though. Sorry if this is spoon feeding.

No. 761181

It looked like the sort of house that they shoot porn in.

No. 761184

Super outdated early-90's Contemporary style. Doesn't match the neighborhood. Huge ceilings and a massive amount of windows in the Texas summers. A circular floor plan. A really stupid looking dining room bell ceiling. A wet bar in the living room. Terrible bathrooms, carpet in bathroom. Just screams out-dated trash with too much money. Which is why TND loved it.

That, or for swinger's parties.

No. 761186

I don’t know much about cork rounds but is it safe to leave the spiders nest inside? Unless I’m wrong but that looks like the nest she was trying to kill…

No. 761187

File: 1582997873711.png (533.23 KB, 1185x1762, Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.3…)

No. 761188

Oh lookee, she's sperging on just like she does when she's high. "hahahaha", waiting for the inevitable "lmao"

She's so quick to take any criticism and pushback as an attack, and so keen to try and cut people down instead of having a discussion. "How old are you", my fucking god, she really thinks like she's still 14.

No. 761190

In today’s episode of that shit never fucking happened……. IF she ever got tied up by J she would fuckin file a police report so quick so she could uwu be a victim of domestic abuse AND a heroin CHinA WHitE addict that much sooner.

No. 761191

Sage for old milk

I just rewatched her JC video and she really should have scripted it before filming. its so obvious shes making stuff up. Speacially cause she had to put text over frames where she fucked up her info

also JC saying "everyone thinks im a rapist so i might as well be one"

didnt she say something along those lines as an excuse to why she relapse?? something "everyone already thinks im using, so i might as well be" ??