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No. 640331

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21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/635136
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean (currently deactivated as of 2/14/19)
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Jennifer Dean refuses to actually help her daughter and blames others for the whole situation
> Colin from Slaves posted on here about his experiences with Jonny. His posts start at >>>/pt/637869
> Apparently are planning to move to a new house
> Implied she had an eating disorder
> Cannot keep story straight on rehab, has stopped posting about it
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Several animals that have been MIA were posted on Instagram after being mentioned on here. This includes several snakes, Ella, Mushu, Star, and Kronos
> Nemo has a UTI
> Star is overweight
> Mushu is not dead (somehow) but is kept on a crowded tank sitting above her dishwasher
> Kronos is not dead (somehow) but is still incredibly untame.
> Valentino (Sinaloan Milksnake) was allegedly returned to the breeder after regurgitating his food and developing a respiratory infection.
> Still no results from Chesse’s autopsy
> Most of her time is spent on Instagram going on possibly drug induced rambles, contradicting herself every other comment, and talking about how much she loves her animals and definitely does not neglect them

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Claims to be attending an outpatient rehab program, where they receive Vitriol injections
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Accused former friend Breezexotics of sexual harassment http://archive.is/HiCCr
> Has deleted Twitter once again
> Friends have gone on damage control, trying to save their own reputations
> Snakes are morbidly obese
> Has returned from over a month long hiatus (for now)
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotixs, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, conveniently when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemorrhage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Ursula (Halloween Crab) died of a mismolt, was possibly replaced with another female crab.
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.
> Had a mite infestation, Bindi (Blue Tongue Skink) had it extremely badly
> Mantis Shrimp died after only a few days instead of a few months as claimed
> Leopard Gecko is kept in a dark tub
> Valentino was not returned to the breeder and is dead
> Her and Jonny were evicted
> Is still using despite claiming to be clean

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 640332

File: 1550257714241.png (635.05 KB, 1536x2048, 86363F2E-5C58-4844-9169-33F04D…)

No. 640333

File: 1550257747220.png (375.8 KB, 1536x2048, 9041B4CE-00E2-4D5F-BA6A-AAC27D…)

All the milk from Thread #32 Edition 1

No. 640336

File: 1550258123079.png (83.1 KB, 568x396, ironknee.PNG)


No. 640387

Taylor has been silent on social media for several days now. I'm not sure it's a coincidence that she's been gone when this is the time she said she would be returning to YouTube – she'll probably come back in a week with "omg so sorry for the radio silence guize! it's just my eds/"celiac"/"migraines"/"""eating disorder"""/mental health that's been keeping me away! even though just a few days ago I was talking about how much better and clearer my head has been, that was just a lie! oh wait no I never lie! I'm feeling so much better!! but also awful and too sick to make any content for another month! anyway buy my merch to help fuel my drug addiction I mean! fund my recovery!!1!"

No. 640390

Meanwhile she's actually on another bender.

No. 640396

tinfoiling/nitpicking here but do you think she got the idea to make it sound like an "eating disorder" while lurking the last thread where everyone went on a long thread of discussing how quickly he's aged/lost weight in such a short time?

No. 640398

Yeah I think she definitely got the “inspiration” for her ED from lurking here.

No. 640404

I think she gets all her “inspiration” from here tbh. All she does is talk about the “haters” and every thing she does on social media is a passive response from this thread. I don’t think anything comes out from her own mind if she’s always next to a manchild who’s possibly telling her “let’s get high and play games babe… also i seen these cool pair of shoes”

No. 640421

File: 1550273829072.png (201.81 KB, 840x509, groupchat.png)

This did not age well…

No. 640432

god it just feels so gross and creepy to me that she has/had a twitter gc with her fans who are almost assuredly entirely minors

No. 640482

Yeah, it’s really gross. Not in the usual pedo way, but in the manipulation way. She knows that her fans are kids and teenagers who would do anything for their queen, and she’s using it to her full advantage. I can’t imagine the amount of lies she feeds them.

No. 640510

Thanks for the info on the tats.

No. 640512

If you wanted to go back to past threads you could probably find a more precise date for the snake heart but I can't be bothered frankly.

No. 640540

No problem. I was just wondering if someone knew off the top of their head. It's not that important to comb through threads for.

No. 640563

Congrats to you anon, I didn't know you could do that. No need to be so condescending.

No. 640565


September 22nd >>>/snow/694360

I didn't comb through previous threads. I searched for "site:lolcow.farm taylor nicole heart tattoo"


Cheese and Egg tattoos July 17th >>>/snow/638910

No. 640579


I wonder what the demographics of her viewers are. I'd be willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of them are under 25.

No. 640599

Thanks for that info. It'll certainly make it easier for me to find out information for myself. I can't keep track of all Taylor's shit anymore.

A lot of them strike me as teenagers or younger, given their inability to use proper grammar and critical thinking skills. But given the state of education these days, I could be very, very wrong.

No. 640611

File: 1550309147141.png (2.36 MB, 1242x2208, F3EF5109-B5FE-4A33-A9E4-2547C2…)

$750 for a pair of shoes

No. 640612

they never even seem to leave their apartment literally what is the point of Jonny getting new expensive shoes every week that no one will ever even see in the real world?

No. 640614


TBF if I wore shoes as fuck-ugly as Jonny does, I'd never leave the apartment either! Money really, really can't buy taste or class.

No. 640621

Because when they split up he can take the shoes with him. Its in Taylor’s dime so why not try to buy everything he can?

Also, those Balenciaga shoes are terrible and the last season. Maybe cop come common projects, JC.

No. 640622

Size 8 he so tiny(emoji)

No. 640624


>Jonny continues to flex with new shoe purchases and hinted at starting a new band

It's not about the shoes themselves. Jonny considers himself to be a functional addict, and like most addicts who consider themselves "functional" he is blind to his dysfunction. As long as he is able to live his rock star lifestyle (buying overpriced kicks and starting a new band) the façade of denial remains unbroken.

He only went to CleanSlate to humor Taylor and her fans and as a "functional addict" clearly resents it.


>I did the hard part and got crucified for it so I hope this is all worth it

No. 640625

So ugly what the fuck. Someone actually pays to wear those?

No. 640629

File: 1550317996777.jpg (78.16 KB, 1077x611, Untitled.jpg)

He's paying $760 for shoes whose condition is listed as "used, markings." I found the same pair for $770 brand new. What a dumbass.

No. 640630

Seeing people essentially lose jobs and then spend an unreasonable amount of money on shoes is… wow.
It's not unheard of but even teenagers seem to know that large purchases with no/little money coming in are bad

No. 640641


Fuck ugly shoes and they’re not even new? What a moron

No. 640661

They're basically a sock with a sole. A very expensive sock with a sole. Used to be popular around here in late 2017 and early 2018. Now you rarely see them. I guess Jonny's a little behind the times.

No. 640666

This POS buys $750 shoes but has most likely never paid $1 in child support towards his 10 year old kid he's never met. This "man" is scum to the core.

No. 640668


Sorry, but that's on the child's mother to hold him accountable. She should go get a paternity test ordered for his kid to prove he is the father since she and JC weren't married and then sue for support.

No. 640669

Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t so that her kid wouldn’t “inherit” jonnys debt. Idk how it works in the us, but honestly given the horror stories I’ve heard about the American debtors laws I wouldn’t be shocked if she at least believes it’s a possibility.

No. 640671

p sure the kid lives in Canada

No. 640672

Tbh i don't think the mother cares about child support at this point, it seems like she knew what a shit Jonny is even way back then and just wants to ensure her daughter never has that kind of influence in her life. Funnily enough last year in her deleted stream Jen had said Taylor told her she'd leave if the kid was really his. And Taylor wants to start a family with this POS? Lol

No. 640677

If I'm not mistaken, if you take a man to court for child support, he also gets visitation rights. That might be why. Easier to not claim him as the father, so he doesn't get any parental rights.

No. 640679

Idk why people bother posting shit when they know nothing and have nothing to contribute.

You can be required to pay child support without having visitation. You can be required to pay child support and be arrested for even contacting your child.

You can live in Canada and get child support from a US citizen.

In neither Canada nor the US are children responsible for parents debt.

At least do a Google search before you speculate about shit. You're just wasting space with your stupid posts.

No. 640681

Calm down. People were speculating about why she doesn’t pursue child support, and even if none of the reasons are necessarily accurate it’s reasonable to think that may be why SHE thinks it’s not a good idea. She may not know those reasons aren’t accurate. She may just not risk him to have any potential access to her daughter or put any emotional energy into. Who knows. People are allowed to speculate, milk isn’t flowing rn, stop policing the thread.

No. 640683

Honestly i would be happy that a douche like Jonny isn't trying to be in my kids life

No. 640688

All of this shit is incorrect. It's also derailing, so I won't get into it but it's not correct in the least.

No. 640690

I really wish everyone would stop talking about his kid, especially when there’s absolutely no milk involved. The last thing anyone on here should want is for him or Taylor to get it in their heads that he should try to have a bond with said child to prove people wrong about his character.

No. 640725

This is exactly what I'm talking about. You're a waste of space spreading lies that lead to parents not getting the money they need for their child. Stop spreading made up bullshit. Jonny should be paying for his kid.




No. 640727

No reason to get so upset with people anon pretty sure no one comes to lolcow for legal advice and if they do then that's their problem.

Pretty sure the mother just wants nothing to do with a person like jc. I mean the kids 10 now you really think she wouldn't have already considered the options for child support at this point? She's probably got her shit figured out by now.

No. 640729

This is the most logical explanation. I don't think there's really much more to talk about on this topic- we should just move on.

No. 640756

He mother is smart not to have anything to with him. Besides. You can’t get blood from a stone if you could, all his other debts would be paid!

No. 640757

Stop derailing about child support.

No. 640784

Taylor: I just want to share animals and spread the joy!

Also Taylor: Can only go two weeks posting consistently on Instagram exclusively before it gets too hard.

No. 640799

File: 1550361811340.jpg (203.09 KB, 1078x870, IMG_20190216_160254.jpg)

Lol wasn't he defending Tay's made up heat pad story before

No. 640814

Why is he writing a Bloods gang call across this? He’s such a fucking moron

No. 640829

File: 1550365436389.jpg (740.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190216-192057_Ins…)

(ban evading to spam threads again, sad)

No. 640860

He likes the vocals on this particular song. Why is this milk?

No. 640865

Because this person posts literally every story, every comment, everything Taylor and Jonny do. And it's getting excessive.
Is a mod able to actually talk to this person and tell them that not every story is milk? Sure, the song has the word "drugs" in it, but it's still not really milk.

No. 640870

It's okay to let the thread be a bit quiet while Taylor herself is being quiet. I know it's hard to get used to when the threads have been so busy, but she'll be active soon enough.

Inb4 "don't worry keep posting everything" anon appears again.

No. 640874

Stop posting screenshots of every fucking post Jonny an taylor make its seriously annoying and not milk. You've been told so many times by others and a Farmhand to STOP! How many times do people have to say it before it sinks into your head an makes you stop?

No. 640886

Yeah honestly I love how she pulled the “I’m going to take a break (kek) from YouTube, I think Instagram is my happy medium~”
And yet literally she can’t even stay active on Instagram. It’s just posting a few pictures a day of an animal. She’s unwilling to share multiple animals a day because it’s too much work for her. Now she can’t even handle posting ONE animal per day (when she owns 50??). Idk how she thinks she is going to be able to come back and handle YouTube when she’s literally doing nothing but binging drugs all day.
I know it’s kist speculating since she’s not being active but she was so set on showing up every day she was at the clinic. Now that’s disappeared completely. I think she definitely stopped going and is just on a binge again. This is pathetic on her end, it really is. But she’ll conveniently come back with “ohh, I just needed to stay off of social media for muh health so I’m still getting better!!” When it’s clear she isn’t.

Again, she will never be seriously committed to bettering herself with her rapist boyfriend Jonny around. Period.

No. 640888

Is she moving yet?? That MIGHT explain why, but I'm also not holding my breath. It's probably just what we're all thinking.

No. 640889


but anon "it's ok to go at your own pace!" kek recovery is still recovery uwuwu even when you're binging drugs all day! as long as you SAY you're gonna be healthier it doesnt matter if you put any work in uvuvuvu

No. 640923

now that you've posted that here, she's going to lurk and decide it's the perfect excuse to use. stop giving her ideas, people!

No. 640967


This is what I don't get. It takes a whole minute to snap a picture of an animal. She could get pictures of all of them in an hour or two, and then upload them quickly. What's so hard about posting a picture of an animal without manhandling them?

Is she THAT lazy that she can't be assed to take a picture of a pet that lives in a tank/cage maybe 20 to 50 feet from her bed?

No. 640968


The short answer is yes. The long answer is that she likely doesn't keep good husbandry in her cages all the time, so she has to remove the animal to take photos. Otherwise people will see her awful enclosures, empty water bowels, etc.

No. 640979

Ha.. Jen blocked me because I responded to one of her crazy posts about liars, telling her that Taylor Confirmed herself, that she posts pics of her track marks, and that Jonny is a known abuser so that's not a lie either. Basically, denying violence is condoning violence. Like mother, like daughter. If you delete all evidence, it doesn't exist, right? Delusional.(Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 640982

And speaking of Jen..

After reading some of her tweets (which I read in the voice of Kathy Bates character in Misery), Taylor's character flaws make sense. Her mom is delusional and refuses to acknowledge any bad things in the world, spending her days in fairy tale land (literally and figuratively). Taylor also refuses to acknowledge faults and is always the victim. The girl grew up with a sick brother and I'm sure all the attention went to him. I've known situations like this. What happened to the healthy kid? They were so desperate for attention that they too became "sick". They also started using drugs, rebelling, etc.. Cause ANY attention, even negative, becomes good attention. If you learned in your crucial stages of development that being sick gives you love and attention from the people you want it from most, it really fucks with your head. Just speculation.

To be a fly on the wall during her childhood. I really wonder.

No. 640987

JC posted on his IG that he’s on a movie date with Taylor and David Sherman. Idk how to save videos and upload or i would of shared it.

David Sherman is the road to rehab guy JC was video chatting with that was supposedly working to help him stay clean, months ago. I guess hanging out with him on a Saturday night is supposed to tell us they are clean?

No. 641006

Can you post a screenshot of this so others can see proof of what you're saying please

No. 641008

Nevermind I just deleted the post because on further inspection I realised its a clay model, an extremely realistic one, enough to confuse me for moment.

No. 641011

File: 1550408565439.jpg (88.63 KB, 768x1488, jonny.jpg)

video isn't needed, it's just the movie in the background

we've seen how great jonny's gone with this guy before, it doesn't bode well.

No. 641029

File: 1550422956376.jpg (629.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190217-110058_Ins…)

She literally said she tries to post every day, but it's been close to 2 weeks since her last post

No. 641033

Is that guy even legit or he's the new dealer? Another person for Taylor to spend on.

Makes it worse if all her "friends" use her for views and money. I wonder if they still talk to her? Probably not that much anymore cuz they won't gain anything anymore from her but drug drama

No. 641059

Definitely the start of another drug bender. It's not a hard thing to post one picture of your many animals a day…

Like talking to that guy was such a great help before. It obviously did nothing.
Not like I expect someone like Jonny Craig to be able to recover without being actual inpatient.

No. 641117

Is she that strung out she's not realising how much time has passed? I get the feeling she's probably on another drug binge. It's also hard to tell if she's even taking new photos when she posts, she could be reusing old pictures out of laziness.

No. 641133

so did she ever go to Elijah’s? or did that storyline just fade into existence? for someone that made such a big deal about this situation, from what I’ve seen he’s gone completely mute about it…

No. 641137

No pretty sure she didn't, not really that surprising. Elijah was dumb to broadcast that all over social media as if it was really gonna happen.

It's honestly kind of eerie how she just went silent all of a sudden but jonny is still posting to his story and stuff. Also wonder if she's gonna reactivate her twitter doesn't it get permanently deleted after 30 days? It's been what 3 weeks since she deactivated?

No. 641138

Wouldn't be surprised if Jonny got in the way of that plan or she chose drugs over everything

No. 641150


That's a really good point. If she were such an amazing owner, and cared about "education" for pet owners, wouldn't she WANT to show her tanks to show people good examples to follow? Like I get obviously glass can distort quality of images, but if she were "so perfect and my animals are in great conditions" or whatever she claims her vet says, she wouldn't have to handle them in pictures so much. Some of those reptiles don't LIKE to be held either.

No. 641152

File: 1550450195668.jpeg (19.38 KB, 527x226, XY6qTepHWen3RUm5tMsfOAYOCvZNe7…)

Some prehistoric milk here but it's nice to know Jonny literally hasn't changed in over a decade. He posted the girl's nudes after these tweets and called her a slut on stage he'd be reamed for that these days.

No. 641160


Elijah shouldn’t of put the situation on blast like he did. Maybe Jonny didn’t know, and he threw a fit so she’s quiet again. I hope she wasn’t trying to get out and the plan blew up thanks to him.

No. 641247

He probably twitter about it cuz he wants her stans and all the asspats from them. If they were serious about it, it would’ve happened asap and THEN tweeted about it.. yet here we are with Taylor probably strung out again while her manchild takes her credit card and buys expensive socks with soles

No. 641249

> hotter blow up dolls
His current sugar mama is morphing into one

No. 641263

does anyone know what happened to her mantis shrimp? i keep seeing reference to it being one of her victims (lol) but i don't recall its excuse of death

No. 641264

I hope to see a future in which Taylor’s fans hold her accountable rather than letting her create this narrative of perpetual victimhood.
If it’s not her mysterious illnesses, it’s migraines, it’s mental illness, it’s defending a confessed rapist, and now it’s drugs.

She always has something to hide behind to avoid being held accountable, and that’s what drives a sane person insane.
She hoards animals, neglects them, dehydrates then until they’ve died, poisons them because she has know actually knowledge behind most of her pets she collects for views.
This dumb bitch is not a victim.

No. 641274

Came here after 1 or 2 threads passed.. any updates on the necropsy? Loll

No. 641275

she said he passed away from old age because he was already a certain number of years old when she got him.

theres a screenshot about it back in thread #21 idk how to link it, its post 596484

No. 641278

No, no update on the necropsy Taylor has gone silent on social media so it's anyone's guess what she's up to.

No. 641308

if you copy and paste the url that is generated when you click on a particular post, then paste it here, it will resolve to a link: >>>/pt/596484

No. 641312

I forget who came out with it (maybe Bree?) But apparently the shrimp only lasted a few days before it died.

No. 641314

Yeah, Bree said that when she asked Taylor a few days after she got it about how it's doing and Taylor said "oh he deeeaaaad"

No. 641316

File: 1550484583715.png (19.38 KB, 583x208, 54336.png)

Its definitely for the best that she didn't go, unless she went quiet to plan the trip.

No. 641318

the first (and only) time she's ever mentioned suffering from migraines also coincided with the timing of one of her heroin relapses. It was last September, when she said she would be posting 4-5 videos that month (all about snakes.) she only posted one, disappeared for a few weeks, then came back saying "uhhh it's migraine season :(" despite never mentioning them before or since then. I'd lump them in with "mysterious illnesses" (aka heroin addiction)

No. 641323


Her migraines have been discussed throughout the threads. Search for site:lolcow.farm taylor nicole migraine

No. 641324

I think anon is referring to that suspicious block of them which coincides neatly with her heroin use.

No. 641341

I wouldn't be surprised if she starts posting again today, it seems like she tends to go on weekend drug binges.

No. 641350

She’s been silent for almost 2 weeks. Last post on insta was Feb 4 (I don’t count stories…they disappear…)

No. 641377

File: 1550506478248.jpeg (96.66 KB, 960x540, FAD86A35-9822-4A1D-8BC1-3B495D…)

No. 641390

It was complete bullshit too cuz if she knew it was migraine season she wouldn't plan anything. She just likes to bait her stans so they stay long enough to give her money while she binges out.

Stans: omg I miss you we need another vid!
Taylor: I will! I will on [insert date] just wait! continues to do nothing

No. 641399

File: 1550512317939.png (147.76 KB, 714x374, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 12.5…)

No. 641405

lol cry more

No. 641409

File: 1550514267097.jpg (442.14 KB, 1064x1841, Screenshot_20190218-192400_Sam…)

her twitter literally looks like a tween girls whose first bf broke up with her

No. 641414

But doesn't she judge and fight with minors on the internet while acting like she knows them better than they know themselves lol

No. 641415

I mean look at her twitter handle and profile pic. She's stuck in the tween years with her daughter. This family is so dysfunctional that I thought it only existed on tv..now they're more entertaining than the kardashians and its not even scripted

No. 641416

File: 1550515506954.png (341.76 KB, 750x1334, 28CB7910-3275-4008-9FF9-CA7ACB…)

No. 641417

careful with the likes if you don't want to expose your twitter nonny

No. 641418

It’s just a tea account

No. 641419

When is this woman going to stop acting like an edgelord tween on Twitter and be a mother to her heroin-addict child? No wonder Taylor is so fucked up

No. 641432

File: 1550518075998.png (24.67 KB, 515x425, jc.png)

No. 641493

File: 1550524532304.png (647.39 KB, 1275x542, Capture.PNG)

she just blocked my main and went on private. anyone know if she's going on a sperg right now about "the haters"?

No. 641494


No. 641496

This just screams passive-agressiveness. Who is he talking to? One of his now ex-band mates?
lol honestly often times the people who have to express how they are doing amazing and are so happy, then following it up with drama are the people that are the least happy with their lives. Sounds like he’s trying to shove in someone’s face how much better he’s doing than them.
He really can’t spend any lengthy amount of time without trying to flex his life and how great it is. When looking at it, it just looks really sad…

No. 641498


Not even your own husband Jen?

No. 641517

File: 1550528496801.jpeg (79.8 KB, 750x322, 550A14AA-D1C7-42C7-889E-54F9CC…)

I mean…

No. 641524

Jenn is so funny. She does this every time. Acts like she doesn't care, tweets about everything else as if her life is so great, then boils over and has a hissy fit. Proceeds to private account for a day or so, then comes back acting like love is all that matters, and she is going to only focus on good things from here on out. lol

No. 641544

File: 1550532179438.png (198.28 KB, 672x288, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 6.23…)

No. 641550

That’s a lot of emojis god, I think she broke.

No. 641552

Legitimately, is she okay? Her pinned tweet as well? She's a nutcase.

No. 641553

Pet care is so subjective. Tank tub or in between no matter what she is going to get bashed if she shows her enclosures. I see it every day in different care forums.

No. 641557

Is she on something(emoji)

No. 641561

sdfjdf that would honestly, and hilariously, explain the "nONE of you know how im dealing!!!!" tweet from earlier lmao

No. 641562

Minimum enclosure size is not subjective. Neither is providing the right diet. Or a clean environment. Or filled water dishes. Or the right humidity. Or water quality. Or any number of things.

No. 641563

>Pet care is so subjective
I mean, it's not. There is a minimum standard of care you need to follow or your animal will die, there is no two ways about that. If it were subjective you could argue you can keep fish in tanks with no water or animals that need UV without it. Just because people have different minimum standards doesn't mean the topic is subjective, there's an objective minimum standard that if not followed results in deformed or dead animals. Subjective does not mean people have different opinions on it, and always remember that people's opinions can be wrong.

>Tank tub or in between no matter what she is going to get bashed if she shows her enclosures.

She's deservedly gets bashed because she has no fucking excuse. She's rich and has no job or other commitments. There is no barrier to her having top tier care, neither time or money are an issue for her. Her animals should be living in paradises, not empty tanks with no water, inappropriate diets, inappropriate substrate and no enrichment.

There's a difference between people being nitpickers who need to put down other people's petcare when they're doing their best and deserved outrage at someone who has no excuse not even managing the bare minimum standard.

Don't emoji.

No. 641568

I do KIND OF see what this person means though. There's a huge battle between ball python owners regarding tubs vs proper PVC enclosures. Some people think small tubs are better than a 4x2x2 PVC enclosure. Clearly Taylor goes with the tubs because "ball pythons get scared in big spaces!!!!" So yeah, for a lot of species you can find a "bare minimum" and a "proper minimum". Taylor normally goes with the bare minimum, which is normally not enough. I hope this makes sense but it's pretty much why Taylor sometimes isn't lying when she says that the enclosure size she's using is "what her research said is okay"

No. 641571

If she put her ball pythons in nice, proper sized bioactive PVC enclosures with radiant heat panels and a proper thermostat (not any of that jumpstart shit), the only people who would have an issue with her are the "ball pythons like tiny cramped enclosures" people. She can do better and people would appreciate her for it. I have no idea what kind of point you're trying to make but it's a dumb point.

No. 641572

File: 1550534894794.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1975, C753C8A9-85C6-4808-97AC-EF7554…)

No. 641577

Is Jonny taking care of Nemo >>641572

No. 641578

Why does he all of a sudden decide to basically "livepost" this shit? This is such a weird thing to come from him. It's like he's trying to prove us wrong from our speculation of him mistreating T's animals if she were to go to Elijah. Also, kek at his spelling.

No. 641579

"I" took him to the vet.. not "we"… interesting

No. 641584

They waited 2 days of him not peeing before taking him to a vet when he has already been diagnosed with urinary issues? How… responsible.

No. 641589

I wonder if he thinks he’s the boss in that apartment and “owns” her and everything she has, especially her money

No. 641600

Sad thing is he seems to be more responsible than Tay, where is she during all of this?

No. 641620

He's trying to humanize himself so people will be fooled into feeling bad for him.
Passed out with one needle in her arm and the other in her lip.

No. 641626

Not to WK but I don’t fault it, he says he’s on meds and you can’t really expect immediate results. I assume he was waiting for them to work. What I do think is weird is that he’s documenting this and not Taylor. She’s clearly in bed right there so why isn’t she posting about any of this. Something seems weird tbh

No. 641636

She doesn't want to admit her animals aren't doing well. She gets so much shit and just denies denies denies, so it makes sense that she's just trying to pretend her animals are all perfectly healthy and "the vet said they looked amazing and I'm amazing and to keep doing an amazing job!!"

No. 641683

Is Taylor MIA because she's pretending to be in rehab? Also nemo wouldn't be having these health problems if he was on an all wet diet. It's not like she can't afford it. Ridiculous.

No. 641685


Not true. See >>>/pt/639657

No. 641697

Don’t start pissgate again the mods won’t be happy

No. 641709

File: 1550557522919.png (793.17 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190219-172434.png)

No. 641710

Anon, did you create this image? did he legit just repost something that he found while lurking here??

No. 641714

Screenshot straight from his instagram, he's lurking.

No. 641720

I didn’t create the image, I saw it first on Facebook. I imagine he likely got it from here though

No. 641744

Sorry I missed that section

Dont want to start round 2 but it is true. High protien diet is everything when it comes to urinary problems along with stressful environment and you know the water bowls are empty. Last I heard she feeds dry fromm which isn't great even though it pretends to be. Should be getting canned 2x a day and an actually good quality dry food like Go!(derailing)

No. 641746

Then let's not start round 2. But what's so great about Go? Looks like peas, potatoes, and fruit to me. Very starchy. Feed raw or gtfo

No. 641760

do you think it's possible taylor is in out-patient or actually getting sober? i have a feeling she might actually be getting clean because she hasn't been posting at all.

No. 641767


It was also posted on Amanda’s Twitter, and it’s likely he got it from there. She’s posted her analytics before and how someone from San Antonio is always on her page.

No. 641793

>>My son
>>We have missed him so much.

It reads like Taylor wrote this. She's the one who refers to the cats as her "sons" and talks about how she loves [insert pet name here] so much. Someone's learning well how to sound like he's all concerned about the animals. I want to vomit.

No. 641796

She’s back to song lyrics…

No. 641798

She was in jonny's story two days ago when he went to the movies with some dude and taylor (see >>640987 ), so I doubt she's in any type of inpatient unfortunately.

No. 641802

I agree, I think she just refuses to admit to anything else going wrong right now. She knows any issues happening with the animals now will rightfully be blamed on the heroin addiction.

Also, it doesn't really look or sound like they're moving? No mention of anything like that in any of their recent stories it seems like. Still posting pics in the same dirty bedding with the game controllers still out. No whining about moving all the animals. Looks like business as usual from the little bits we have seen recently.

No. 641806

Maybe she's mia bc she is moving over animals and enclosures to the new place?. I imagine that would be quite a process and I would personally want to get my pets moved before I bothered with my personal items. Obvs jonny is useless and the least he can do is watch the cats. Just my theory

No. 641808

She's being purposefully absent this time bc i think she's finally figured out that everything she says gets scrutinized to hell and back and she can't ever back up any of her little white lies she constantly tells. Better to not say anything at all.

No. 641810


That's exactly what she wants you to think anon

No. 641812

I am aware that's a cap of his Instagram, that's why I asked if the person who first posted the picture here had created it, or if Jonny could have found it elsewhere online and taken it from there

This. I think she's MIA because she doesn't want to have to lie about being/getting clean. Better not to say anything about recovery when it's all a lie, better to be quiet and just do your heroin and feel less guilty about shooting up since you're not pretending to be sober on the internet. Plus easier to be inactive and silent rather than coming up with excuses about why you haven't stuck to your own schedule for returning to YouTube.

No. 641817

>easier to be inactive and silent rather than coming up with excuses about why you haven't stuck to your own schedule for returning to YouTube.

You hit the nail on the head. She promised to be back to filming mid-February, but it’s been radio silence since the 4th. She knows she can’t keep her promise.

Either that or she is only talking to that creepy group chat she keeps with her underaged fans.

No. 641830

You know you're in bad shape when you can't get your shit together long enough to film a ten minute video on literally any of the fifty pets you own. Considering how popular "all my pets" videos are, she could film fluff and get views. It's just sad.

No. 641831


Jennifer's account is public again. I archived it a couple of hours ago, too.

No. 641837

Am I the only one completely not interested in the Jen drama. Not that I care if yall post it obviously but, her going off the rails every few weeks is just normal at this point. She reminds me of Donald Trump on twitter. She can't stop if she wanted to.

No. 641838

it’s not all that interesting, but having her shit archived here definitely makes her sperg out harder which is kinda entertaining. yeah she’s like clockwork, super predictable, but i find it a nice change of pace to read her crazy shit in between all the milkless speculation about what taylor might be doing offline rn

No. 641843


I let anons know that her account is open so that they could look at it for themselves and not keep asking about it or capping it.

I archived it for maximum annoyance of Jennifer since people who don't read this thread will be able to find it. So archive it every time she spergs out!

No. 641852

I don't want to diminish the work that goes into filming/editing because it DOES take time. I'd say she could probably get a video done from start to finish in 2 days, like 16 or so working hours, but she can't even give us that. Does she realize most people work 40 hours a week? lol

No. 641853

Taylor's edits aren't even that involved though. I doubt it would take her 16 hours, unless she heavily procrastinated.

No. 641864

There have been videos where she got brand deals that she's banged out in under a day. All she would have to do is film her "daily" routine of checking on/feeding/watering her animals, with a little added info about each animal. Then throw in some jump cuts and a quick intro/outro. It would be maybe 3-4 hours of work excluding what she should be doing to take care of her animals.

No. 641880

I reckon taylor an Jonny have been having some fights lately, he probably posts the nemo stuff knowing it makes her look bad and that it's gonna end up in here, He's a dirty cunt like that.

No. 641883


Idk if this has been mentioned before (didn't see it anywhere), but I noticed that she has deleted all of her posts with him on instagram so you might be right about the fighting thing

No. 641885

File: 1550620768834.png (23.14 KB, 1092x591, Capture.PNG)

This might be a dumb question, but does taylor's archived insta work for anybody else? It just looks like this for me.

No. 641886

File: 1550620797670.png (887.83 KB, 902x490, Insta5.png)


Not all of them

No. 641888


Ah yes you're right, I didn't go that deep into it. Apologies. But I believe there were a lot more of them together. There was a time when she posted quite a few of them in a row

No. 641891

Her 'Anniversary' post is gone, but other than that, he's still everywhere else.
She might have deleted that one because of the comments.

No. 641893

No. 642114

I agree; I think it’s weird that Nemo is going through these issues and only Jonny is speaking about them. “I took Nemo to the vet” just came off as bad that Taylor didn’t even go. She knows that saying anything makes her look bad because she works up her pet care as so perfect. “Nemo is LITERALLY my best friend ever guise!!” but says nothing about his UTI and vet visits. Makes her look worse that she won’t say anything, imo.

Since she was at the movies with Jonny last week it’s clear she’s not doing inpatient rehab. The only other acceptable excuse I could see for her absence again is that she’s moving. But I’m pretty sure Jonny would be bitching about that too so I’m skeptical that they’re already in the process of moving. I’m guessing this is going to be a typical “I needed a break for muh mental health” kind of thing. Which we all know is a BS lie. She’s probably on another binge like she was over the holidays.

No. 642136

Clearly never met a vegan before lol

No. 642373

Did something happen to this/me or is there just no new posts?

No. 642375

No new milk atm. They’re probably waiting to see if this thread will die if they wait long enough. Only thing going right now is Youtube messing up the monetization once again, so goodluck with Tay in the future. Youtube is starting to limit ads on channels even more now especially those that have comments that are not suitable for minors. I wonder if her videos are starting to get yellow dollar signs now

No. 642388

If she wants this thread to truly die she should get a new, non-internet job and take herself out of public eye altogether. at this point that's the only way it would happen (unless she completely fixed all of her sub-standard care and ditched Jonny and actually got clean and took responsibility for her fuck ups. basically stop being a cow. I doubt that will ever happen though)

if she did leave the internet I would just be so concerned for her animals. I feel like a lot of the times she's fixed her mistakes have come from people calling her out (with the monitor, for example.) Without rightful criticism her animals' quality of life would plummet.

No. 642392


At this point I feel like the best thing for her to do would be to rehome all her animals, go to inpatient, and get a regular job or do school when she gets out. She might still have money for classes left if she dumps Jonny soon enough. She wouldn't have to worry about criticism ruining her career if she stopped trying to make money off keeping her animals in public view.

No. 642398

File: 1550814293691.png (166.83 KB, 245x350, ThreadNecromancer.png)

No. 642458

Personally, I love her quietness. The longer she’s gone, the less relevant she becomes, and the less likely she will ever make another dime via youtube. All those times she complained about uploading because she was too sick is going to come back on her if she has to get a real job. Or maybe she will dump JC so she can find a guy with money.

No. 642467


Taylor has become so lazy and reliant on her numerous excuses to get out of working. I doubt she'd be able to hold a real job now. Who wants am employee that calls in sick because it's "migraine season" or is just a complete no-show because she's off shooting up somewhere? Pretty sure when Tay runs out of money, she'll just move back in with her parents.

Which would be for the best, it would force her to downsize her animals and maybe, just MAYBE she can focus on an actual education. She was interested in marine biology and if she got her shit together, she could go study and make something of her life. No idea why she thinks living in a small apartment, hoarding animals, shooting heroin and banging a rapist is somehow a good life.

No. 642471

I really do wonder what she's been doing this whole time though. Apparently she couldn't even be bothered to take Nemo to the vet ?

I think more animals died and that's why she's been avoiding returning. That and they obviously stopped whatever half assed treatment they were doing for another drug binge. Those 3 days they did go they wouldn't stop posting pictures about it.

No. 642472

I agree. She doesn't deserve income for being a pet tuber for the way she takes care of her animals, and putting them in that situation. Once she runs out of money (and drug money) she will have no option but to rehome them.
She won't be able to hold a real job. And won't make enough money with one, either. She has no experience or education. She fucked herself over.

No. 642484

I won't lie - a part of me wouldn't be surprised if she manages to kill off a majority of those still alive in the time it takes for her YouTube income to disappear.

No. 642541

has anyone seen her social blade. just checked and currently on -250+ and her subs for the last 30 days is down 68%

No. 642550

File: 1550876089912.jpg (117.66 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20190222-144818__01…)

Yeah but the other days the total gains have been positive still.

I was wondering if anyone knew why she gained 10000 followers on IG on the 15th, I thought Instagram was just getting rid of bot accounts?
Also, I like that she's clearly still on Instagram, she deleted something on the 11th and unfollowed and followed someone on the 16-17. I thought her taking a break meant actually staying off of social media but I guess it just means staying away from her critics.

No. 642555

It's ok to not post here when there's nothing going on. Take a note from Raven or Margo anons.
Posting the socialblade just shows desperation. There is no milk right now.

No. 642605

TND can barely handle her pets… you really think she can handle school? Lol maybe if she got an AA at a community college; she doesn’t have enough neurons to go to college.

No. 642710

File: 1550956534444.jpg (942.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190223-161539_Ins…)

No. 642711

Problem is a lot of people aren’t really asking about you Taylor. They’re concerned about YOUR ANIMALS. “They’re all safe” yeah I dunno the last few times we’ve been told that, a week later it comes out a few more died in some freak accident you made up. So sorry if you’re not exactly a believable person…
She’s lied so much that I really can’t take her seriously. Again, if she’s still with Jonny, she’s not being serious about turning her life around. I don’t doubt her animals are still suffering neglect but I just hope none of them have passed away again from it. She’s hardcore avoiding the criticism

No. 642713

Something random, and not milky, but I thought I’d add. JC is no longer friends with Colin or any of the current Slaves members on his FB. Something must of happened after JC made his “make that money band” post. It looks like JC and Taylor have completely isolated themselves. I’m not sure how this can help addicts.

No. 642714

I was stalking her comments earlier, a majority of her recent comments (on posts that even allowed them) were concerned fans asking where she was and if she was alright. Young fans, mind you, but way to turn it into a weird kind of guilt trip TayTay.
The funny thing is, there are no debates and no negative comments from what I can see - or at least very few. Is she making it up for pity from the same fans she's getting at? Hell, she's admitted before she has her comments restricted to prevent them from being overly negative or critical with filters, so she's just contradicting herself with her attempts to get pity.
"I gotta focus on me," she says, but she's also got to log into Instagram to push a bit more of her victim narrative into the mix.
I tried to have a shred of sympathy for her, being trapped in a relationship with a manchild and all, but the fact she can so blatantly turn even innocent comments from concerned fans into a pity party for herself is beyond me.
A part of me hopes that perhaps the world takes mercy on the animals that are suffering most - Mushu for example - because she's making no attempts to change and nobody is helping to sort their care out.

No. 642716

File: 1550958483270.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x2002, C081BE2B-7593-47AE-940E-CC04A3…)

No. 642723

Time away from social media should be good for her if she is actually working on her recovery, and hopefully she'll spend more time caring for her animals. She has such a defeatist attitude though just say you're taking a hiatus cause social media is a distraction to your recovery. She's always gotta make herself the victim, god she needs to learn how to take accountability and be responsible instead of typing out these long ass paragraphs about how everyone is so mean to her when as anon said >>642714 most of the comments she's gotten lately have been positive and wishing for her recovery.

No. 642724


You know Taylor if you were actually a good person, no one would be gossiping about you. Funny that.

No. 642725

The only real speculation is she's back on heroin, or (more likely) using both suboxone and heroin together. Oh and the (optimistic and positive) speculation that she went inpatient. She's a heroin addict living with a 10-year heroin addict, she can't stomp her feet and make that fact go away. People will assume she's still using until she shows by her actions that she's for sure clean.

No. 642726

"My social media is a platform I like to share my love of animals on"
The love you enjoy sharing so much you say you could post so many more images before going silent for weeks at a time? The love that involves you neglecting your animals to death, coming up with excuses to avoid showing them off, the love that makes you hold them in risky and sometimes painful positions to look cute?
"It's hard watching people debate on your mental state"
Your addiction to drugs and your laziness isn't debating your mental health. The comments on it are your fans saying to get well etc. - nobody can debate because you have limited your comments so severely. Unless you're looking here there is no debate, TayTay, you've silenced a vast majority of your audience.
"My animals are in safe hands."
I sincerely hope that means they aren't in her hands. If she's recovering from an addiction she's incapable of caring for fifty animals. At the same time shoving the care onto the likes of Betsy doesn't equal good hands. Either they're with her or someone unqualified to care for them.
You can see she clearly got the perpetual victim mentality from her mother, change a few words and Jen could easily have written the same thing.

No. 642729

File: 1550963653508.png (75.66 KB, 708x258, Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 6.14…)

No. 642730

>"My animals are in safe hands." I sincerely hope that means they aren't in her hands.

Sorry bb but she has often said shit like this. It means no change.

No. 642738

>All animals are still safe

I won't believe it until I see it. You've lied about an animal's condition for months in the past, you've lost credibility. Post an "all my animals" video with CURRENT footage and I'll believe it, until then, I'll assume at least a few are dead/dying.

Also, no mention of Nemo having a UTI. your animals are not all safe. He had to be catheterised after not peeing for 2 days. That's not normal.

No. 642741

I wonder if she’s with Elijah? Jonny showed himself with nemo at the vet and updated us. Not her. And she mentions that her animals are safe hands, not specifically hers. Tinfoil but i hope Jonny isn’t the safe hands she means.

No. 642746

she's not. he showed a picture of both of them in bed just a few days ago.

No. 642753

There is no way she'd maintain radio silence in LA, the mirror selfies would be out in force. My money says they're at home telling themsleves they're going to stop using and commit more to recovery any minute.

No. 642755

This is a really good call for her. Honestly, I don't think anyone thought it would be a straightforward process for her to get clean… but nobody is going to be sympathetic as she fails. bettwr to do it offline, go through the failure without the heavy criticism and just come back when shes actually clean and the accountability will actually be good for her.

No. 642756

All I'm gonna say is the past few times she disappeared from social media was to go on a drug binge. Idk why this time it would be any different. She obviously isn't in inpatient. She's also not taking care of Nemo since Jonny took him to the vet.

No. 642762

Talk about master manipulator. Instead of just saying, “I apologize for the absence but I will be taking a break from social media in hopes to recover from my drug addiction and focus on personal matters.” But instead she gives us a passive agressive essay that’s trying to blame everyone else for her choices in life. Lol ok Tay

No. 642776

How is this manipulative? Stop being a sperg. Glad she's actually focusing on herself so her poor animals don't get roasted alive again.

No. 642779

She is once again blaming everyone but herself for feeling bad and even tries to make her young fans feel guilty for asking how she is… that is incredibly manipulative. If she was actually sober Jonny and her would be bragging about that all fucking day, they obviously relapsed. Don't be naive, anon.

No. 642783

I'm sure she's as focused on her animals as always.

No. 642786

I assume as much every time she says it - it was more to touch on the fact that safe hands will never mean her own, I just phrased it terribly. Mb.

No. 642797


Tinfoil but do you guys think it's possible that she could have gone outpatient? It'd explain her absence and Jonny taking Nemo to the vet instead of her.

No. 642798

Guessing you mean inpatient. No, she was in bed with him in his story of Nemo a few days ago.

No. 642801

I don't know much about inpatient treatment but I'd assume it would leave her unable to post the rant she just did.
I think even if she had, she'd have been bragging everywhere about how expensive it was and how dedicated she was to getting better. (Or how those treating her say she's the healthiest heroin addict they've seen, there's nothing wrong with her etc. etc.)

No. 642809

Yeah, inpatient is extreme. They take your phone away and turn it off, etc. She wouldn't be posting at all if she were.

No. 642819

Really we don't know if she went with to the vet or not. All we have is Jonny saying I in his stories. Bet he's looking for asspats since he's suddenly all concerned about Nemo when he cares less about those animals than Taylor.

No. 642840

File: 1551040263946.png (58.24 KB, 622x535, Capture.PNG)

the only thing i could think she's referring to here would be tyler's stream….aren't you a few weeks late to that, miss?

No. 642861

Tyler’s livestream wasn’t even bad. She genuinely just cannot handle any amount of truth about the situation. What a fucking nut

No. 642872

File: 1551047302041.png (6.44 KB, 382x60, 1548650389793.png)

I remember Jen in the chat pretty much breathing down everyone's necks during Tyler's Live stream.

No. 642884

File: 1551049801505.png (5.76 KB, 256x96, insta6-1.png)

Here's something depressing. Not only are kids/tweens watching & being influenced by her, but parents with small children as well.

No. 642885

Apologies if this is whitekighting but being defeatist is very 21 yr old behavior. Still could take more accountability tho

No. 642886

this was tinfoiled and refuted a few days ago. the thread isn't even busy >>641683

No. 642914

Wait a minute… doesn’t Taylor have filters on her comments? And don’t you have to be a follower in order to comment?
While it’s possible to navigate around her comment filters/bans, I can’t foresee a whole lot of people successfully speculating on behalf of her absence without their comment being muted.
My personal speculation is she visited lol and read through some pages. Because she’s got to be bored right!!! And she knows she’s on the radar!!
$100 says her instagram message was meant to us lol goers.
Which really isn’t a huge deal at all, and nothing super groundbreaking… but I’ve been thinking about it.

No. 642916

She's most likely referring to here. Even though most of her fans either don't know about this site or try to avoid it anyway.

No. 642921

She's probably butthurt that we haven't all been starved out and moved on to the next cow. She's clearly a career cow, the Taylor threads are going nowhere, and she may as well get used to it.

No. 642929

I thought that was obvious.

"Debate on your mental state" = farmers discussing how she's definitely not sober. She can't actually use the words "heroin addiction" because a lot of her teenage fans don't know about it, so she uses this weird passive aggressive code. which makes it seem nebulous, but it's clearly about lolcow "tearing her apart" like girl we wouldn't have "fun gossip to tear apart online" if you were actually responsible, owned up to your multitudes of mistakes (and I DON'T mean by shifting the blame to breeders/commenters/"accidents") and committed to improving your and your animals' lives. it's because you refuse to do any of this that we still talk about how whack you are. always the victim, never in the wrong, that's Taylor ~queen of pettube~, who hasn't put out a video in almost a quarter of a year.

step one is booting out the rapist with liver failure. step two is rehoming the animals you can't care for. that's how to start improving the lives of yourself, and your animals.

No. 643010

File: 1551105877590.jpeg (679.03 KB, 1242x1619, E604C686-C358-415F-894D-6F3F96…)

No. 643024

File: 1551114094401.jpg (169.37 KB, 750x1334, 1548101509886.jpg)

Old milk from pettube thread but I just got caught up and was wondering if Emma's ackie was with TnD and Jonny when it died? I know Tyler and Maddie are more likely but wasnt emma visiting TnD in December? But maybe I'm just tinfoiling…

No. 643025

File: 1551114746362.jpeg (2.59 MB, 1242x2055, 98ADCBD2-B5D1-4461-A29E-A14EF6…)

I really feel like this is all him manipulating Taylor to make sure she doesn’t leave. It comes out that she’s going to stay with Elijah, and suddenly Taylor goes radio silent. Then, that road to rehab guy flies out to see JC and Taylor. Almost like he was saying “see babe? You don’t have to go, I’ll being the recovery expert to you.” And now he’s going on about how well he’s doing. Idk what the actual truth is but I’d bet Taylor is stuck and miserable.

No. 643028

His attitude of “lets hope it sticks” is exactly why it doesn’t. You can’t just hope to remain clean you have to actually put effort into it

No. 643063

Like a clean UA means anything. In those chain clinics no one supervises you while you're giving your sample and I'm willing to bet my life that Jonny is an expert and duping drug screens

No. 643065

Well on his way to 90? Neither one of them have been clean for even a month yet.

No. 643073

Yeah I can't find an exact date for that story she posted with the syringes in the back, but it definitely wasn't over 90 days ago.

No. 643076

The syringe story was posted January 29th. Not even 30 days ago lol but well on his way to 90! Stupid.

No. 643091

Well if you're going to have delusions, you might as well go for the really satisfying ones. But he had to write something on that low key flex of yet another pair of ugly shoes.

No. 643102

Tbh if she’s miserable with him that’s on her at this point. She’s had so much time and advice on how to get out safely and yet she’s still with him. I think she is addicted to the constant asspats and attention and validation he gives her. Getting it from her fans isn’t enough because that means she has to go through the criticism also to read the comments. Whereas she can go radio silent and avoid the criticism and Jonny will still enable her. She’s grown dependent on him.
There’s so many ways she could get out and make sure her animals as well as herself are safe. So many people would support her getting him out of her life. She wants this lifestyle.
I feel like this whole “getting better” thing is just being faked; they’re hoping the speculation and criticism will just die down. Last few times she went radio silent so suddenly, she was giving promises of getting her “health better”, but in reality she was on a major drug binge with her animals dying. Given that, I don’t think I can believe anything either of them say

No. 643163

Notice he barely ever says anything about taylor or how she's doing, he doesn't give a single fuck about her how tragic.

No. 643170

they didn't even start at the clinic then lmao. maybe they first googled it 90 days ago.

No. 643172

File: 1551150980121.jpeg (509.97 KB, 1242x1154, 86BD83FE-4CEC-4642-B1F2-CABCF9…)

I guess he’s starting a new band he can get kicked out of.

No. 643199

What ever happened to them moving out? lol. These two love to dream about things and tell everyone but it never happens.

No. 643206

File: 1551156211296.png (354.76 KB, 550x416, 1397003463744.png)

No. 643218

There’s a long exchange between Colin, Chelsea’s mom, and someone basically saying the band sucks without JC on Colin’s Twitter. It’s too long for me to screencap all rn but if no one has done it by the next time I check, I’ll grab them then. Only posting this now in case they start feeling badly for what they’re saying and delete the tweets.

No. 643233

Anyone know how to archive twitter threads?

No. 643243

File: 1551159788478.png (312.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190226-004011.png)

It's really not that milky, I don't think it's worth posting it all here. I grabbed the milkiest shots though. Just Colin saying "you don't know what really happened" without offering any information about "what really happened". so, the usual. I'll add one more below this, but other than that it's not worth clogging up the thread.

No. 643247

yes you can archive a specific thread on archive.is with ease. just paste the URL of the thread in.

No. 643250

File: 1551160893893.png (314.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190226-005850.png)

samefag, deleted last image because it really wasn't milky. just more of Colin saying he's done standing by Jonny when he's chosen drugs over the band so many times.

instead here is Chelsea's mother offering a little bit milkier/rarer information.

No. 643255

Chelsea's mother, you are welcome here, we have all the pages you need.

No. 643370

finally, a parent in this situation that actually seems to talk normally.

No. 643373

It's too bad Mama Dean already shut her out too.

Makes me wonder if she'll start reaching out to these people again when it's over between Tay & Jonny?

No. 643478

Neither of them can count worth shit

No. 643482

File: 1551277466328.jpg (544.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190227-092409_Twi…)

No. 643483

File: 1551277502029.jpg (590.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190227-092416_Twi…)

No. 643484

the caps are the same on all syringes, it's not like a "brand" that he uses. what is this person's point, I'm not following. the images of the syringes on the bedside are from these threads here.

No. 643487


Probably just raising awareness on Twitter that JC and Taylor are still using. Since this happened on Insta and was deleted when it was pointed out, so only evidence is here I believe. I'm glad that they can't just sweep this one under the rug and they are being called out on their shit still.

No. 643497

Mama dean apparently rescued a pigeon.

No. 643499

i don't think that pic is current, unless jonny is having #4 flown in from someplace else. san antonio is a bth town, it wouldn't cook up that pale. he could be getting it off a silk road type site, i guess, but why go to the trouble of waiting when you don't have to?

unless i'm reading this wrong, and the point of the first picture is to compare the safety cap on the sharp, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense as all sharps are tipped with orange? either way this feels alittle weird.

No. 643507

the first picture was taken by chelsea when they were dating. pretty sure she's just sharing proof and making a point of jonny still using since the second photo was taken after taylor and jonny said they were trying to get clean

No. 643509

thanks for clarification, anon. makes a little more sense now.

could we ask for a favor in thread that photos be posted with the correct info, if known? it would help reduce confusion on what some of the stuff we're looking at actually is.

No. 643517

lol, how can she pretend to advocate for wildlife preservation when she rescues an invasive species. she really knows nothing! she RTs everything single thing that comes from the Audubon Society but then she encourages the spread of a harmful species.

No. 643571

File: 1551317720744.png (676.4 KB, 750x1334, EC876C61-09BD-47D3-B893-D165FB…)

I swear Jonny posts things like this to piss Taylor off in a passive aggressive way. We’ve been speculating if they lied about moving, and if maybe that’s one of her excuses for her radio silence. Then Jonny comes and says they don’t even have a house yet, they’re still looking. She knows she can’t do anything about it because by the time he posts this stuff it’s too late. They must be miserable all the time, with all the passive aggressive stuff Jonny shows.

No. 643576


I doubt they're even looking at houses, Jonny just wants to flex and acting like he's living the good life by getting a million dollar mansion lol

No. 643610

I really don't think they're buying. I think they're looking for another place to rent.
This is just speculation on my part though.

No. 643617

lol like taylor's credit is good enough to get a house? and johnny definitely not.

No. 643650

when did they say they need to move out? 60 days or 90 days? cause if its 60 their time is almost up.
i dont think they understand how much time it takes to actually move, the only time taylor moved before she did it gradually and didnt have as much shit as she does now.

No. 643652


They haven't AFAIK.

No. 643654


Plus, heroin only stays in your piss a few days. At the clinics, it's tooo easy to sub your pee with someone else's.. And the reality is, these places are harm reduction. You can still use while going without getting kicked out or meds denied.

No. 643655

They’re supposedly being evicted and have 60 days

No. 643663

File: 1551349407040.jpg (393.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190228-112314_Ins…)

lmfao at this sticker, can he make it any more obvious he's hiding needles and shit?

No. 643667

whatever this was is already deleted. lmfao

No. 643670

it was a video of him filming the cats and a sleeping taylor, the sticker hid the space next to their bed.

No. 643672


Taylor posted this herself?

No. 643678

she said they will move within 60 days, chelsea said that they are getting evicted. afaik she supposedly knows from inside sources. feel free to speak up if youre lurking, chelsea.

No. 643686

He’s been into posting these unflattering candid videos and pics of her their entire relationship, but cute couple goals uwu

No. 643688

File: 1551369704248.png (809.34 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20190228-090018~2.p…)

She said they were moving in the next 60 days, on February 1. It's the 28th of February now.

"Time is almost up" clearly means something different to you than it does to me.

No. 643689

anon counts like jonny counts his sober days.

No. 643690

lol i thought she said it mid january, all their shit kinda blurs together at this point. she has said shes moving into a house soon so many times

No. 643699

The fact that it’s already deleted goes to show he was definitely hiding needles and shit and making it too obvious. Shows that he’s guilty of this lmao. There’s no reason to believe they’re actually getting clean. They just want to internet to believe it all so when she comes back (at this rate in a few months) everyone can shower her with asspats on “wow good job getting clean!! couple goals uwu”. When in reality we all know she’s still using/going to use.

No. 643701

Sorry for double posting but same anon, I just looked at his stories and he didn’t delete it. It’s a video where the sticker is only placed when he shows the nightstand, but nowhere else. Which is honestly worse because it makes it SO obvious he’s hiding things on their nightstand. Like needles that we’ve seen before. Why else would you ONLY hide your nightstand from view??

No. 643702


Also how fucking difficult is it to just clean off your nightstand lmao, the sticker is obvious and is so lazy. He could just clear off the table and not use a sticker, but that would require him doing something I guess

No. 643714

File: 1551390174867.jpeg (390.92 KB, 2048x2048, DB128233-6D47-4679-B95D-C003EB…)

if the timestamps on jonny’s story are correct then they’ve been in bed for 15 hours.

No. 643728

File: 1551395647902.webm (3.87 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_jonnycraig4l_533891…)

sticker story for all you blocked anons

No. 643769

Wouldn’t surprise me, this seems normal for them every day. Not having a normal job or even a consistent work schedule makes them able to do whatever they want literally 24/7. He loves to flex on people who work a 9-5 job. But honestly, what’s the purpose in your life if you’re literally just in bed 20 hours of your day? Maybe up to eat, feed some animals and drug use for the other 4? I just don’t get it. What a shitty life and terrible lifestyle. They seem miserable together on the inside but so desperate to push how happy they are for the flex to the “haterz”. I almost feel bad for them.

No. 643778

I don't understand how they just don't go stir crazy hanging around the house all the time. Is the ability to lie around all the time when normal people would be crawling the walls due to the heroin use?

No. 643782

they are either too high to use or going through withdrawals that would make them want to die, theyre not gonna have any desires to get up and do anything. i wonder if more pets have died

No. 643808

Lol same shit as last time. They're using again. Why else would he need to put a sticker over literally a second of the end table.

No. 643811

File: 1551459491880.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, AC34DEFA-5F0D-4857-9DF6-5419CE…)

They “are” finally learning? Not learned? So I’m guessing they may have been fighting or being territorial ever since star came into the picture… you can’t just throw an unfamiliar cat into the house and expect everyone to get along magically. Every cat is different. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just be responsible pet owners…

No. 643812

I think Star looks even fatter than she did last time we saw her. I could be wrong, this is a much better angle of her belly, but so much for Taylor's "diet plan and monthly (???) vet visits"

No. 643814

She might not be fatter. Everyone looks rather "large" curled up like that.

No. 643819

But don't you remember guys? Betsy is there 'every day' taking care of the animals!

No. 643846

weren't they talking about depression and all before? no wonder they're both always "not feeling well" when all they do is be cooped up inside on drugs. I'm not saying the cure of depression is being outside but if you're home 24/7 all day everyday, it's just going to make you feel like shit even more. their life is not goalz whatsoever

No. 643868

It's just a cover for being high and staying in bed, or being dope sick. Like 'migraine season' was. I'm sure it's a depressing life though, in between hits, but they have little desire to go outside even to buy their own burgers.

No. 643916

Blog posting but I see it come up a lot about how they can just stay in bed all day and I don't know anything about drug use but I can say from depression is it far too easy to spend 15 hours+ in bed when you have no motivation or purpose. I easily lose hours a day doing absolutely nothing other than just laying there.

Basically is really really easy to do nothing when you're mentally unwell which, yes Taylor chose this, but you can't be a healthy drug addict(indeed, this is blogposting)

No. 643927

they're using drugs

No. 643929

it can be two things

No. 643934

yes totally, I'm sure using drugs they way they are is depressing. depression can also occur during recovery I expect, but I doubt they're recovering, in fact the sticker on the nightstand virtually proves they're using.

No. 643985

File: 1551556146461.png (90.12 KB, 589x299, Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 2.49…)

Imagine exploiting your daughter's shitty situation for views on a vlog. What a pathetic excuse for a mother.

No. 643987

so fucked that she uses her own daughter as a buzzword for her vlog. Especially when said daughter is taking a break from social media rn

I skimmed through the video the only time she mentions her is to this couple that was holding a snake and she says her daughter has 15 snakes and lots of other animals and she's on YouTube the couple asks who she is she says tnd and say they've heard of her blah blah just mundane converstion then one of the staff says she remembers Jen taylor and tanner to which Jen also adds that Jonny was with them that's literally it. At the end there's a message that says hi taylor I love you written in the sand.

No. 643989

Can't believe I just watched a 25 minute vlog of a petting zoo.

>Starts with Jen and Tanner looking at kangaroos/alpacas/rabbits/lemurs/etc in some weird token-based petting zoo, and Jen speaking to all the animals in a weird baby voice. this continues through the whole video.

>Jen speaks to Tanner about the animals, and speaks to other adults about her son as if he isn't even there/can't understand
>brags to people holding snakes that "my daughter has 15 snakes and she's only 21, she has lots of animals and is ~youtube famous~"
>Keepers ask if it's Taylor, and then get excited that they've met her mom. Say they should get them in with the lemurs (for free it seems, just because of her daughter.) Jen laughs a lot and says she has visited before with Taylor and "her boyfriend".
This one sentence is the only mention of Jonny in the whole video.
>Tanner wants to name the rabbits "one Taylor and the other Dean." Jen finds this hilarious
>Taylor doesn't know that octopuses like to hide, said when she was there "there's no way an octopus could be in there" even though they're masters at hiding because they're incredibly solitary/anxious animals
>Jen continues talking to keepers as if Tanner can't understand her talking about him
>long, uncut segment of Tanner feeding rays
>shows an actually-grown cowfish that's at least three times Cheese's size
>Tanner is good with all the animals, asks to make sure it's okay for the parrots to be eating the food he was given, says it's weird to have birds on him but seems to enjoy everything
>Jen ignores Tanner and keeper talking, films birds climbing on her shoes
>makes a dumbass joke about "reindeers are better than people", gets no laughs, has to explain it's from Frozen
>feeds alpacas, tells them they're adorable, ignores keepers talking to Tanner again
>"If you need someone to feed animals, just call us, he will do the rounds"
(why not go take care of your daughter's neglected animals instead?)
>Talks to keepers about The Little Rascals, talks about Tanner like he's not there while he feeds alpacas
>feed kangaroos from bottles
>"thanks for watching, please like, comment subscribe, come back for our Florida videos" with weird Sims-ish music over it
>last shot is "HI TAYLOR" written in sand at the beach

No. 643991

File: 1551558169938.png (182.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190302-152051.png)

doublepost but the video description is weird as fuck and almost incomprehensible. "The sacrifice these animals are making" is just like ???? they did not decide to be there, they're kept in (for some of them, too) small enclosures to entertain whoever pays to see them.

No. 643992

She has 128 videos and most have < 100 views and more dislikes than likes. Get a new hobby.

No. 643996

this reads like an evil disney villain witch

No. 643997

"How dare everyone use my daughter's name for views!!"
>does this

No. 644000

>At the end there's a message that says hi taylor I love you written in the sand.

God she acts like Taylor fucking died

No. 644054

All I got from this is that she likes to use her children for attention, ignores the positive things that Tanner is doing, and desperately trying to either get Taylor's attention or just any type of attention. This family lacks any real foundation of love and family.

No. 644063

How long does Taylor have till Twitter deletes her account if she doesn't re-activate it?

No. 644067

It's already been over a month, she deactivated it on January 24th. >>630059 however she had had it deactivated for well over a month when she was gone from December to January, and she still got it back, so I guess she contacted support and asked them to reinstate it. Hypothetically she could do that again, not sure if it would work this time.

No. 644070


Is there any time requirement on reactivation? Couldn't she immediately deactivate it again?

No. 644076

I’m guessing she could reactivate for 5 minutes and deactivate again and not lose everything

No. 644078

File: 1551634837731.png (968.46 KB, 750x1334, 13D8645C-F917-45D1-B850-6333DE…)

Apologies if I’m wrong, but in Jonny’s story did he just pan over from the TV to the Switch, with Taylor naked right behind it? If so god he’s such trash. It doesn’t matter that nothing was revealed, it’s still weird and trashy and possessive to me.
Sorry for the awful picture, he was moving fast and I don’t know how to post a recording of stories on here.

No. 644079

Theyre probably so high right now cuz i’m pretty sure they love playing games while on drugs.

She’s in her underwear Anon but I feel like Jonny is the type to make her walk around naked as if hes in American Gangster

No. 644089

File: 1551647891945.webm (770.18 KB, 639x1136, StorySaver_jonnycraig4l_543397…)

she looks so bad, i thought that was a guy at first jfc

No. 644091

File: 1551648024297.jpeg (48.42 KB, 408x510, face.jpeg)

Either detox has been rough, she is sick, or something else. Doesn't even look like her… Makes me wonder if it's really her?

No. 644092

She probably logged in occasionally to read dms like she does in instagram.

No. 644093

Johnny strikes again with the unflattering videos. It's weird how he brags about hot she is, yet he keeps posting pictures and videos when she looks awful.

No. 644094

It's definitely her, facial features are the same. It's just a really unflattering angle and she just looks rough.

No. 644095

Hmm, this really confirms for me that they're not buying a house but renting it, if they're sticking to the 60-day move out timeline.

I've never purchased a house myself, but doesn't it usually take a long time to finalize the papers, and isn't there usually a 30-day gap between finalizing the contract and actually taking possession (at least on homes that were previously owned)?

No. 644098

I know a few people in real estate. It usually takes around 45 days to buy a house from offer to closing. I doubt they have the credit needed to buy anyway. Plus I'm assuming Taylor's YouTube paychecks are still large enough to disqualify them from a federally-backed loan (and might be seen as an unstable type of an income). These days you need a 7% to 10% down payment if you don't qualify for those kinds of loans.

No. 644099

Don't think anyone has mentioned this yet but the fact that shes probably driving around high on heroin or some other substance…… literally endangering everyone around her. Hope she gets pulled over and arrested

No. 644102

File: 1551650852727.png (236.88 KB, 352x592, taylorhousehunting.png)

No. 644103

50 more animals incoming

No. 644105

Including a bird.
As she once mentioned she'd get a bird once she finally got a house.

No. 644107

She looks like a junkie here, not like someone who detoxed a month ago and is now sober like she claims.

Chelsea said on Feb 2 that they're not just "house hunting" but dealing with an eviction. This is the first we've heard of them actually looking at houses (Jonny is not the type to hide anything he could possibly construe as a "flex") and someone said they will have 60 days to get out of their apartment. So they wasted the first 30 days not doing any looking for a new place. Somehow this just adds to the story that Taylor freaked out after everyone found out she's addicted to heroin, secluded herself, and went on another month-long bender to "cope". Now that time is getting tight they're finally venturing out of their hoard house/drug den to find a new place to ruin.

No. 644110

How much money can she have left? Neither are working and they burn through it like it's oxygen. I'm sure their addiction alone is thousands a month.

Oh and thanks for the ban for bringing up a topic twice and even apologized for it. Pathetic a holes you're as bad as Taylor

No. 644112

File: 1551654193288.jpeg (870.53 KB, 1242x2007, 37180522-C79C-48B9-9CAA-CFB7BE…)

I can’t believe he’s posting the name of a housing community that they might move into, lol. He’s gotta do this stuff on purpose

No. 644114

The "someone" who said they'd be moving in 60 days is Taylor lmao. See >>643688

No. 644116

No. 644117

File: 1551655237484.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190303-161908.png)

Taylor's posted this to her story (as well as the exterior of the house, will she never learn?)

The feature in the photo is unique, and the house it belongs to is for rent.

No. 644118

Got any more images of the house? Not really doxxing as I doubt she'll have the $$ to actually rent it.

No. 644119

googled this place and immediately found their pet rules right on the front page:

>Only dogs, cats or other common household pets are allowed.

>Unless otherwise limited by the terms and provisions of the restrictions applicable to your Subdivision, a maximum of three (3) dogs and/or cats is allowed.

No. 644120

It's for rent for 4k a month.

No. 644121

Nvm this is the house: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2-Amber-Gln-San-Antonio-TX-78257/26476078_zpid/?fullpage=true

$4k a month. Why would you pay that? If she has that money surely it makes so much more sense to buy a house.

No. 644122

It's not even furnished too. The bathroom in JC's video is from another house on the same private estate, so they're probably just looking round them all but they're all as stupidly expensive.

No. 644123

I think people were purposefully not posting the actual listing. Maybe don't dox a potential house she's looking at? I don't know if that's against the rules because she doesn't live there yet though

No. 644124

It's not doxxing as she literally doesn't live there and isn't going to be able to afford 4K a month to live there.

No. 644125

I'm sorry, what? You can get a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a garage and a backyard for less than half that price. She just can't be modest, can she? It's a bit pathetic that she's looking at houses in this price range at all.

No. 644126

It's her and Jonny flexing… well Jonny flexing.

I'm betting rn she doesn't move in to any of those houses because she can not afford them.

No. 644128

Why do the practical thing by renting a less expensive house when you can flex on all your subscribers with your beautiful home (that you are renting)?

No. 644129

I don't understand much about US real estate, but I thought Taylor makes $30-60k a month (when she's actually releasing videos, that is)? Surely she would be able to afford a $4,000 house?

No. 644131

No. Taylor likely makes around $500-9k rn per month. Although sponsorship's and posting new videos increases her revenue. With no new videos though the youtube algorithm isn't going to be kind, so it's fair to guess at the moment she's probably making $4.5k a month. That will only just cover rent, electric, water etc. It won't be enough to cover tax and other bills.

No. 644132

That's what absolutely kills me. If she could afford 4k a month in rent she could afford a down payment and mortgage. Renting to a landlord is like throwing money away. Here she is in a position not to do that and wasting the opportunity.

No. 644133

Well choosing to rent an ungodly expensive place just kinda confirms the eviction narrative. Home ownership would be more practial on her kind of budget if they had the time

No. 644134

She can’t even clean the tiny shithole apartment she has now. How can she take care of 4000 sq ft?!

No. 644135

Good opportunity to flex her disposable income by hiring cleaners.

No. 644137

File: 1551657680976.jpg (299.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190303-190117_Ins…)

No. 644138

File: 1551657716887.jpg (425.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190303-190119_Ins…)

No. 644139

if the landlord gets wind of that that's another eviction straight away. like how does she not learn??

No. 644141

Seriously sceptical as to if she's even actually put an application in. Maybe Jonny says he'll pay half kek.

No. 644143

If you own or rent a place attached with a homeowners association, don’t you normally have to go before a board of HOA members for an interview? If so, the one Jonny posted I can’t see happening at all.

No. 644144

Why would you even bother looking at a place if it's that much over your budget?

No. 644145

>> "It's $1000 over the budget I set for myself tho,…"

…But you just had to have that super-cool & super-rare CHIMERA ball python back in August, remember?

No. 644147

It's that expensive because the Dominion is a very prestigious area of San Antonio. I'm actually surprised it's that low. The San Antonio Spurs live there along with others that are apart of SA's elite.

No. 644150

HOA's won't interview you unless they're some kind of nightmare subdivision trying to control every aspect of the neighborhood. Most HOA's don't care about the people personally only that they pay whatever is owed. Unless the people living there are doing something that is disruptive to the neighboorhood they won't care, but what's considered disruptive can vary of course.

I have to wonder though if whoever is reviewing her application would google her since she would probably list she is a YouTuber on the application. A quick google search of her brings up all the drama stuff and a search of jc isn't very flattering either.

No. 644157

They most definitely would google her. They also more than likely would not rent to anyone who has an eviction on their record. Evictions FUCK you when it comes to looking for another place to rent and she’ll be asked to explain the eviction.

No. 644160

I'm pretty sure they just went there to try and flex on everyone. Wouldn't be surprised if this is all Jonnys idea and them wanting that rockstar life.

Living in California, i would have to say is that these houses are CHEAP AS F*CK so i don't know why Jonny is flexing so hard when their budget is $3000 on RENT and NOT a owned house. so much for "looking for a house!"…much like.."looking for a place to rent out"

No. 644162

He can’t pay half, isn’t he technically unemployed?

No. 644174

She already told VR privately that she couldn't buy, she has a tax debt.

No. 644177

Also Jonny no longer works (touring was his income). His royalties won't be enough to live on.

No. 644178

she applied for it even though she has exotic pets and >>644119. great use of your time Taylor.

No. 644179

The page where the house is listed says it accepts small and big dogs as well as cats. I'm not entirely sure they'll let her move her hoard of animals, especially if there's a HOA. I can already imagine them getting evicted because of disruptive behavior.

No. 644192

i will give taylor that she does sound a lot better and not so raspy and drugged up. Her face doesn't look too great though but i do think part of that is just not wearing make up and her pics without her wearing makeup look just about as rough. I think she's been clean for maybe a week? But i am sort of just talking out of my ass right now. any other anons want to weigh in on her sobriety?

No. 644193

Exactly how dumb are these two? Viewing houses that only accept 3 animals max. when they own over 50… What's the fucking point?

No. 644195

I mean, if you want to prevent doxxing why would you post Instagram stories of identifiable features of your potential house, it's surroundings and its estate name?

No. 644199

They probably figure that since their previous place "made an exception" that other places will too, once they're told that the animals are her "job"

No. 644204

No, that sticker story Jonny posted proves to me that they are still using. Just because she wasn't obviously fucked up for 3 hours doesn't mean she's sober lol

No. 644213


OH, for sure. There are a ton of higher functioning junkies out there. It's not all nodding off and being dead to the world 24/7. The use enough to get a good but not Debilitating high, then go about their rare days out.

No. 644214


I agree. Large fishtank = big, BIG liability. I don't know how big her saltwater tank is but 100gal+ is a shit ton of potential water. Ruins floors, corrosive, hard to clean, ya I doubt they'll let her keep it.

No. 644215


I live in a shithole 100+ year old apartment building and for any fishtank larger than 20 gallons you're required to have a renter's insurance policy with 100k+ liability. I don't think you're even allowed to have one bigger than 50 gallons unless you live on the first floor because of the weight of it.

No. 644225

I don't think she'd be able to rent anything with that amount of animals + fish tanks, lord knows why she's posting houses on Insta where people are no doubt gonna start contacting the landlord/whoever else.

No. 644239

I wonder if her not getting approval for the animals is why they're getting evicted? Maybe someone came to do maintenance and saw either all the animals or drugs everywhere

No. 644246

Even if they can supposedly afford these homes and somehow got in even with the 50+ animals… I don’t understand what the fuck the point is of having all that space for just the two of them. Yeah it must be great to live in a lavish home (I do love the modern style) but she can’t even keep up with the tiny apartment she has now. She has to have her friend with a toddler come over and clean FOR her. Imagine how much they would trash this place?? She’d have to have several personal maids just to make it look decent lmao. So much for their “budget”
This all seems just to flex. I love how Jonny was literally talking about buying million dollar houses. And here they are looking at places that rent for like 50 grand a year. What a waste of money down the drain when with that kind of money, they could easily own a smaller and still really nice place.
I agree anon, as another CA anon I think it’s stupid that he has to flex about houses that are actually quite cheap. In California these WOULD be multi-million dollar houses. But here he is bragging about paying $4k a month to live in something that isn’t theirs.

No. 644257

holy shit she really looks like a druggie…..those sweatpants and the beanie really is not a good look for her. what happened to all the revealing outfits she'd wear to the clinic? kek, what was all the "my new passion is fashion!!!!" about, then?

No. 644259

you can't dm someone when they've deactivated twitter.

No. 644260

oh for christ sake, that's gotta be interesting. it's extremely easy to tell when a bird's neglected/just not treated well, and they're so sensitive as well. parrots jump through four houses on average before finding a permanent home. i really hope she adopts an older bird (a lot of them outlive their owners, it'd be super irresponsible to adopt a young one), but knowing her she's probably gonna hunt down a poorly researched breeder.

No. 644269

The one good thing that's changed about her appearance is she doesn't seem to be getting lip fillers anymore. Her lips look pretty normal here. I hope she doesn't go back to them, I wonder if she really did have an infection and that's why she got them dissolved. Or maybe she just can't afford to keep them up on top of a heroin addiction (as well as her boyfriend's needless spending and also heroin)

No. 644271

>> i really hope she adopts an older bird

I really hope she doesn't get a bird because it'll be dead from neglect in no time at all.

No. 644276

Holy shit why would anyone think that her getting a bird would be a remotely good idea.

No. 644294

well of course i hope she never gets one, but if she gets a young one i'll legitimately flip my shit. some parrots live over 95 years, so even if she somehow miraculously is able to keep it alive that long (doubtful), it would still have to be rehomed

No. 644310

I’m confused I thought she didn’t have a license? Did I miss that and she got one recently?

No. 644325

She had a car but didn't drive it because of anxiety or some shit. Made a big deal about it on ig when she started to drive.

No. 644341

i really hope she doesn't get a bird. At this point it would be better for her to just bankrupt herself to the point of moving back in with her parents. At least that would force her to get clean or get rid of her animals.

No. 644346


Taylor, when her bird with a lifespan of 95 years dies after one month: "he lived so long and lived his life to the fullest, I guess this is just his time, some animals have short lifespans, nothing I could have done!"

Really though we should stop speculating about her getting a bird, I feel like she'll decide to do it just to try to "prove the haters wrong." She shouldn't have any of the animals she does have, let alone an entirely new kind of pet.

No. 644347


true. I'm sure she'll also somehow prove that birds and three cats can exist peacefully together.

No. 644357

Does Jonny not drive?

No. 644396

As ridiculous as it sounds to rent with 50 animals, If she claims to be an animal educator for her occupation and even employs someone to help with their care, I can see them agreeing if she is paying loads in fees every month. I dont know much about renting houses but I can imagine it can be more lax on the rules vs apartments because you arent potentially endangering neighboring units

No. 644398

I agree. If she claims her job is an educator and she requires the animals for work, along with a big deposit I can see private landlords agreeing. However the issue is that most of these landlords will Google her and let's be honest, everything online is a red flag against her and Jonny which you would think would change their minds sharpish. Contrary to other people here I don't think she's going to be running out of money any time soon. Unless her and Jonny are blowing thousands everyday on drugs she will be making enough to keep them both. Someone said (V/R?) that Jonny paid the rent each month on their old place. I'd be concerned where his income will come from now.

No. 644402

The biggest issue with googling is the heroin use.

No. 644414

Most landlords just want people who pay their rent on time and don't destroy their property. Outside of that they don't care as much as you'd probably think. Her biggest issue would be a prior eviction if that's true.

No. 644431


This. An eviction will screw any chance of renting with an HOA.

If pets other than cats and dogs are not specified in the rental agreement, then she can have however many of whatever she wants. There is no local or state ordinance regarding the animals she has (I posted all of the animal-related statutes and ordinances in a previous thread).

If she owes back taxes, unless the IRS and/or Texas Board of Taxation has filed a lien, her debt will not appear on her credit report. Liens are public record, however.

No. 644442

Thats why it obviously isnt an eviction. Her lease must be up. It will be hard to impossible to find a place that nice that takes 50+ pets tho. Unless she settles for a far more humble home somewhere.

No. 644456

If she isn't getting evicted why is she deciding to move now? I mean I know she's been on about it for months but it's never materialised. If she's still using you would think the effort of packing up and shipping all her stuff and animals is the last thing she would want to be bothering with.

No. 644457


Her landlord could have declined renewing her rental agreement and gave her 60 days notice rather than the 30 days required by law.

No. 644465

I'm thinking it's this more than an actual eviction involving court proceedings. You don't get sixty days to move if your landlord decides to take you to court over it. Whoever owns the apartments probably decided it was much easier and less expensive to just not renew their lease than drag it through court.

No. 644467

She went threw hell at that apartment. With ACS and stuff. Wouldnt it make sense that she would want to move? Also Im sure if someone dug back they could find out when she moved in. Most leases are either 6 months or a year.Just for curiosities sake.

They'd be moving with more urgency if it was an eviction. Ive seen several neighbors get the 60 day notice. And most leave before the last day…because the sheriff locks you out of the house and jacks your shit on the last day.

No. 644481

She said she did a 4-month extension at the end of September…which was up on January 31st

No. 644483


Evictions are not on a fixed schedule, eg. 60 days. Info about evictions in Texas was posted in detail in the last thread.

No. 644486

I don't think they really want to move. Jonny's posted stuff about missing living at the mall. Besides, they're just starting to look for houses now that the pressure's on. Since one or the other of them has to document on social media every freaking thing they do that they think shows what a great life they have, they would have started flexing potential houses a while ago. They haven't done shit before last weekend although Taylor announced on Instagram that they're going to get into a house in sixty days' time.

No. 644492

why the fuck is johnny showing an address and date for where he'll be thursday on his instagram

No. 644497

Apparently he needed to let the whole world know when/where he is seeing the captain marvel movie.

No. 644514

Either he’s really not the smartest or he’s doing it on purpose. My money is on on purpose because I mean… how are you dumb enough to not only post that, but also recently be posting very unique houses you might move into?? Literally if he gets the home he showed, he would have just doxxed himself before even living there, kek

No. 644553

It's so people in the area can be sure to avoid that location when he's there. Kek.

No. 644558

He's been using herioin for a decade of course he's not smart, that shit turns your brain to mush.

No. 644571

the dumbass is probably expecting people to show up like “fans”

No. 644590

God the fact he even pans over to the cost of the tickets infuriates me. Wow he can pay for the good seats in the good screen, he must be living the millionaires life.

No. 644591

Perhaps they renewed, decided to move before the lease was up because "new sober life, new house, new healthy life" bullshit they've kinda been shitting out, and they've promised a person to sublease at a specific date.

They probably thought that it was as easy to rent a house as it is to rent an apartment. At their price range I'd imagine there's probably a hefty amount of paperwork and shit to go through to finalize the rental agreement compared to the apartment they're currently at.

No. 644608

File: 1551896387001.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, D7DF4C03-7E1E-407F-BD10-25AE55…)

Since when did she get another tarantula?As far as I remember she only had Cersei. Jonny answered this to someone on his newest insta post

No. 644609

this. you guys give jonny a lot more credit than he's due. he's nothing but an idiot who doesn't understand consequences.

No. 644612

There's only one on the Google doc, but that hasn't been updated since Nov. 28th because we haven't seen much from her since then. Idk. I wouldn't be surprised if she's hoarded a few more animals during her drug binge. drug+animal binge

No. 644617


She takes about wanting a blue looking tarantula awhile back, maybe she actually got one. Also does she have a scorpion like in the picture? Jonny might think they are the same thing tbh

No. 644619

I like how even in a drawn picture that's supposed to be cute, Taylor comes off as looking like a homeless heroin addict

No. 644624

She did get a scorpion but iirc we only got a quick instastory about it.

No. 644626

They're both 5'5. I think it's funny they drew the manlet as taller than her. Also no Nemo? weird they included Star but not the cat Taylor is ~sooo bonded with~ to the point she can't tell people he had to be hospitalized for a UTI and inability to urinate

They got Jonny's ugly-ass shoes right though

No. 644627

She does have a scorpion, or at least she did.

I thought that he might have confused them as well though lol.

No. 644629

File: 1551903869837.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20190306-132335~2.p…)

There is at least one Instagram post about Loki, I grabbed this today. She has another posted of him under a black light.

No. 644655

File: 1551911014041.png (603.74 KB, 1080x2038, Screenshot_20190307-002220~2.p…)

that fucking family

No. 644657


>>""I always tell my doctors that."

Taylor, please get your boyfriend tested.

No. 644660

File: 1551912928348.png (449.84 KB, 486x748, Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 5.55…)

No. 644673

>This art but with the dead pets

No. 644675

this is not the mindset of someone committed to quitting drugs

No. 644678

I’m sure she’s already gotten WORSE than the clap! Kek

No. 644685

ah yes what a woke child you have, Jen

No. 644691

File: 1551921975895.png (6.32 KB, 246x110, jc.png)

I wonder if he's referring to baby rats or how many animals are still alive.

No. 644696

He's just running his mouth again.

No. 644710

She can post crap like this to her story but can't take pictures of some animals? The same animals she's "so passionate about" and "wants to share with the world!"

It was so weird how she went from posting her rats pretty frequently (on both her story and posts) to not showing them even a little when she was active few weeks ago.

No. 644711

Welp it's been a while since I was here. Any updates on the cheese necropsy?

No. 644712

Girl no.

No. 644713

His reply of we got 27 more comes under someone asking if they got another Tarantula??

No. 644714


I…. God, please tell me that doesn't mean those females have had 27 babies. I hope not but it probably does. He pretty much just outed her for not fixing any of the rats.

No. 644727


He's probably high.

No. 644728

Because it’s “old news.” She usually post a million photos and stories of new pets then suddenly stops.. usually when she has a new addition. So i wonder..

No. 644735

Doesn’t Jonny have hep c? If so I’m sure she also has it by now thanks to sharing needles.

No. 644758

I’m pretty sure she got it way before needle sharing lol

No. 644763

why would they share needles? they're readily available these days and everyone knows the dangers of sharing. it's not the Christiane F era of IV drug use.

No. 644764

TND and JC ain't the sharpest tools in the shed

No. 644777


you're asking this about two people who shoot heroin and are addicted. if they're dumb enough to take drugs like that, they are dumb enough to share needles.

No. 644802

File: 1551964343473.jpeg (310.15 KB, 1242x1266, B77BE3E1-4309-4DA0-8529-D44D9C…)

The “27 more” comes up under the tarantula comment. He says only 3 under the rat question. Post properly to avoid unnecessary speculation…

No. 644803

they have no shortage of money to keep plenty in supply. at worst they'd reuse one. it could happen out of being disorganised but not out of want. they're not living on the streets.

No. 644856

They're not careful in the least. All it would take is some of his blood ending up in a wound of hers for her to get it. It's probably a small chance. But they're heroin addicts who spend some of their time sitting around picking their skin until it bleeds. I doubt Jonny's taking the precautions he should when he's high as hell and picking himself bloody.

No. 644912

Even if they don’t share needles, Hep C can still be transmitted through sex.. it’s rare but who’s dumb enough to even try? And through blood to blood like kissing someone with nasty ass gums that bleed. I’m pretty sure they get high, have sex, and never brush their teeth. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re like “why not share a needle.. i’m too fucking lazy to get up”

No. 644919

File: 1552004288144.jpg (55.06 KB, 675x1200, D1F919cX0AETr5o.jpg)

No. 644921

File: 1552005998867.png (660.23 KB, 1080x1166, tnd.png)

i felt.. inspired :)

No. 644925


needs more scabs

No. 644929

Daddy and I????

No. 644930

File: 1552009844102.jpg (65.46 KB, 576x1024, D1GKHQIWsAEQwTM.jpg)

He's referring to 'Scene Daddy'

No. 644933

Lmao love it

No. 644936

File: 1552013223674.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190307-214630.png)

Does Instagram notify you when someone screenshots your story? I just did without thinking. But Nemo's arm is still shaved like he's had an IV in, but didn't he get it taken out like two weeks ago? Shouldn't the hair have grown back a bit more by now?

No. 644938

Hair takes a long time to grow back on cats in my experience. It looks about normal for 2 weeks.

No. 644939

my cat got neutered around the same time and his fur is still pretty short from the iv, it's normal.

No. 644946

Also, no, it doesn't notify when an account takes a screenshot of your story.b

No. 644947

Hep c is very rarely passed through male/female sex… it is also curable lets not get too hung up on the hep c stuff guys theres bigger fish to fry. Too soon?

No. 644953

good thing no one was talking about sex, but rather needles and wounds.

No. 644957

Someone literally mentioned that it's transferrable by sex a few comments back. Don't be a dick.

No. 644979

And it IS still transferable via sex, even if it's rarely. Don't be pedantic. None of this is adding anything to the discussion.

No. 644980

tinfoil but possible: You can get hep c from using the same straw while doing coke. Last time on twitter she confirmed she did coke, and it was smuggled through her wig (kek.) What are the chances that they have shared straws? And also that she may have accidentally transferred it to other ppl :/ I hope she gets checked, and that other people who have done coke with her also.

No. 644991

Yeeeeeah, but you have to take pills daily for 2-6 months. Think either of those two are going to remember to take any sort of drug they're not addicted to?

No. 645069

File: 1552082669809.png (479.47 KB, 890x542, YT.png)

Looks like some people are re-uploading Taylor's videos on Youtube…

No. 645070

This is so good anon

No. 645138

File: 1552102589441.jpeg (368.27 KB, 1242x1011, E2227CBC-9C33-421F-B5F9-FAB8D8…)

No. 645152

Goherping did a video that feels like it might be a subtle jab at TND, anyone else get the vibe? the short of it is he did a 'memorial' video for his cactus and then revealed merch for it…a little like cheese? sorry if this isn't relevant milk.

No. 645171

Looks like Taylor wasn’t invited to her best friends baby’s birthday!(Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy)

No. 645175

you need to block out children under 16 anon

No. 645176


would want a drug addict hanging around your kid and other kids? honestly tay prob doesn't give a shit to show up.

No. 645178


or she was invited but JC wouldn't let her go, or they were just both too strung out on drugs to make it.

No. 645180


apologies, i figured that since it was already posted publicly on ig i wouldn't have to

No. 645181


it's a rule on lolcow. minors have to be censored.

No. 645182

File: 1552122369874.png (236.3 KB, 750x1334, 2D93E1FF-1278-4B7B-B80C-99AFDA…)

Was I blocked or is his Instagram deactivated?

No. 645183


i can't delete it, mods please delete it!

No. 645184

Seems like he's blocked you, anon.

No. 645186

can't you just log out and check this for yourself?

report it so they can

No. 645187

i mean its pretty natural that moms get tons of mom friends after having kids. you'd hope betsy was smart enough to cut the junkies out, maybe shes still in it just for the money.

No. 645199


yeah it is normal for moms to be friends with other moms. maybe it's just me though, but friends of my parents were invited to my parties when i was younger. you'd think that taylor would be invited since she's betsy's friend and would want to be there to celebrate her kid with her.

No. 645207

We don't know that she WASN'T invited. I think it's very likely that she's either a) voluntarily staying home to do drugs with Jonny or b) been coerced/threatened by Jonny to stay home.

No. 645255

File: 1552174599513.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 53C30DAB-B8F3-49A1-8383-208F48…)

It never ceases to amaze me how she can’t even keep up with her tiny, disgusting apartment but she thinks she’ll be able to handle upkeep on a two story with a huge backyard and pool lmao. Unless she decides to really put in money into house/yard keepers (we all know she wouldn’t do it herself), wherever she moves into is going to be just trashed within months…

No. 645258

I'm taking they didn't accept her offer for that other house that was over her budget.

No. 645260

The houses they’re looking at today def look to be in a smaller price bracket compared to the other homes they posted however many days ago. Cringe

No. 645261

They're running out of time to find a place, sign a lease, and move in before April

No. 645262

File: 1552178071157.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190309-193446.png)

No. 645263


>>Two story

I hope she can manage going up & down a flight of stairs several times a day what with her EDS/Chronic Pain & all…

No. 645289

Clearly neither of them have ever had to deal with a yard. Good thing it doesn't snow in Texas, Taylor would never be "able" to shovel snow from her walkway.

No. 645295

They can't handle a pool. It's a lot of work. It'll be green in a month unless Betsy's going to break her back taking care of it.

I'd take one look at at their junkie selves and reject their application on the spot.

No. 645309

Does this confirm that they’re leasing and not buying? I’ve never heard of someone “applying” to buy a house? Unless it’s applying for a mortgage? In which case, wouldn’t it look weird to a bank that they’d apply for 3?

No. 645310

They have confirmed they're leasing. Not buying. No need to speculate

No. 645354

one look at their junkie habits and 50 animals would make anyone question if they really want to risk leasing.

No. 645357

why would she look at any properties with a pool for fucks sake?
50 animals is already really bad but pools in backyards are even worse, you NEED to hire someone who can come check the filters/clean/etc and check it weekly while caring for it yourself

No. 645360

File: 1552216830305.png (2.87 MB, 1125x2436, 6352E397-7C7A-42B3-8040-D2CFA2…)

Cute house hunting outfit lol

No. 645361

Sorry, same anon from above, it’s a cap from Jonny’s Instagram story - I thought it had his username before posting!

No. 645381

To be fair, last time she went house hunting, she got called out for looking like a stereotypical junkie. so she's probably over-performing in hopes that the landlord (idk if they would be there to meet her?) will think she is classier than that. hoping to hide the heroin addiction by dressing nicely. though this outfit kinda just makes her look immature if anything.

No. 645408

Well yeah, usually people dress nice when house hunting because they will normally meet the person who will be renting it to you. Of course you shouldn't dress like a junkie wtf make a good impression

No. 645412

Her outfit looks more like she is trying to seduce the land lord though

No. 645431

That house has a huge fenced backyard I hope they dont think thats a reason to get a dog.

Also Jonny posted a pic of him wearing a D.A.R.E shirt lmfao

No. 645434

File: 1552252702795.jpeg (457.48 KB, 1242x2033, 37D0E5C1-5B5F-4F3E-B47C-DA453A…)

Sure. You’re not a clean junkie Jonny….you should be the poster leprechaun for a reason NOT to do drugs!

No. 645442


taylor's already failed in owning two dogs. that puppy she gave up after what, a few days? then she left kida who she got as a support animal with her parents when she moved out. dogs are too high maintenance for her, they aren't an animal you can just shove into a cage and forget about. cats for the most part can take care of themselves, so it's no wonder she's obtained 3 within a short period of time. dogs on the other hand are in another league.

No. 645450

Also why it was so appalling that she got bottle kittens, who are sensitive and need a LOT of special attention. Surprise surprise, she lost one. Idk how Nemo survived her mediocre care.


I thought the same thing. Most houses have a yard though, and we all agree she should be in a house with the number of animals she has.

No. 645460

The only reason Jonny's 'keeping the kids off drugs' is by doing them all before they can lmao. Come to think of it, his horrifying face is enough to keep anyone clean.

No. 645475


i am still disgusted that she got those kittens. she's never even owned a cat before, yet thought she could take care of bottle kittens with her sub-par care and zero knowledge. i'm not surprised she lost one either. she's so selfish.

No. 645478


But one survived, so she did "Good enough".

No. 645480

she didn't even "lose" one. she killed one out of neglect. making her "work for her food" by forcing her to chase after the bottle to eat, keeping them both on hot water bottles rather than heating pads which are much more reliable heat sources, and probably failing to stimulate her to go to the bathroom until it was too late. but guise! her vet said Taylor's amazing and all her animals were doing amazing, including the kitten even though she was refusing to eat! the vet said she was still totally fine even after 4 hours of her not eating, when not eating every two hours is already too long!

No. 645482



I work in a rescue in the ward where cats first go when they come in. Countless bottle kittens that have everything they needed, vet checked and weighed every single day and are often given to nursing Queens so they are given the best chance.

Taylor didn't do shit for those kittens.

No. 645485

The cat comments are a crack up. Cats are literally the easiest animal to take care of kitten bottle fed or otherwise.

No. 645497

I disagree. People think cats are so much easier than dogs bc they don't take care of their cats properly or give them the time and attention. Especially multi cat households. It can take a lot of work to keep the peace.

No. 645499


To be fair dogs do require more attention and training than a cat, so in a way cats are more chill because they don't need you to be looking after them all the time like a puppy.

This is not to say that cats are easy pets. No pet is easy or cheap to take proper care of, and it is true that a kitten died in Taylor's care, plus if I remember correctly, the vet records for the kittens were posted in past threads and they were less than stellar.

No. 645505

You don't need to hire anyone to take care of a pool if you're not busy or lazy. You just have to learn how to do it and stick to a schedule. It's time-consuming but not rocket science.

No. 645509

My god. Agreed on the cat caring. Seriously people. I’ve had cats all my life and they’ve all lived to ripe old ages. You all keep blabbing on about wacky food diets and how many litter boxes per cat and it’s so overblown and goddamn boring and dumb. The reptiles are far more sensitive. Her life is far more sensitive. The fact that she has shoved survivors under the rug and stayed with an addict and rape apologist is far more sensitive.

No. 645510

Just bc cats are easy to litterbox train? Cats are predators and should be played with at least 30 mins a day. They require more specialized diets than omnivorous dogs. Cats can get into all sorts of shit dogs cant even reach. People just dont give as much of a shit about their cats. They let them live outside til they die at around age 7.

No. 645513


Bottle babies are a LOT of work, of any species. Hell, even infant humans are a lot of work as newborns. The only advantage is that they can't move around, but they all require much more specialized care than a weaned baby.

No. 645514


The 'outside cats only live to 7/8' is such a stupid myth. There is something else going on if you have a cat that lives outside and dies at 7. I have a 16-year old cat who is indoor/outdoor. Christ some of your people just love to shove your views onto others.

No. 645522

Yeah, it's real easy to take care of a cat when you actually don't take care of it and let it be outdoors. Especially with all those predators considered they're domesticated and cars and dogs and harmful poisonous flowers. Kudos to you for having a 16 year old cat. It's still not the maximum lifespan for a cat.

No. 645523

Your individual cat isn't every cat. Cats that go outside TEND TO live shorter lives. Not to mention the extra health risks associated with outdoor living and the damage outdoor cats do to indigenous wildlife populations.

Of courses if you're taking your cat outside on a leash or in a catio, it's a bit different.

No. 645525

Stop the cat sperging.

No. 645547

OMG the the amount of crazy cat ladies in this thread. Good luck out there incels.

IMO reptiles are about equally as easy as a cat. And I very easily have kept both for years.

No. 645706

(minor:deleted file)

No. 645806

File: 1552428260398.jpeg (38.87 KB, 466x691, whywouldudothis.jpeg)

Why would you post something like this on your Instagram as a recovering addict? Seriously dude, every time everything seems to chill down something like this happens. This is why people doubt you're in recovery.

No. 645808

Because they're obviously not in recovery. Stopped posting selfies at the clinic, stopped mentioning recovery, and he hasn't stopped making these stupid jokes about using heroin

No. 645827

Yep. Exactly, they haven’t stopped using and are not trying to recover anymore. At this point Taylor just wants everything to be swept under the rug as usual. I’m sure she will continue to use with Jonny but will be more careful about what she does to avoid the blowouts on social media she kept causing. However, they’re inevitable when she keeps neglecting and killing her animals, then lying about it. Jonny is an idiot for constantly posting shit like that. Like wow it must be really funny being a drug abuser. It’s a month past when she said she’d be going back to trying YouTube, but here we are with nothing. I can’t imagine the day this girl can’t use YT for paying the bills anymore. She couldn’t handle a real job, not for a day. She’s on drugs and doesn’t function like a normal adult is supposed to.

No. 645839

Does this mean Jonny is an antivaxxer?

No. 645842

I didn’t even think of the idea of Jonny having siblings. I feel bad for her but clearly she wants Jonny in her life? What kind of person wants a relationship with a rapist like Jonny?? Regardless of if you’re family or not, that’s gross.
Also I see the picture was deleted because she’s a minor? I’m not the one who posted it but I’m confused how she is a minor if she’s in college? I guess she could be someone really young getting into college but can’t say for sure.

No. 645848

He might have sent it to her & she's showing him via photo that she got it, & he re-posted it on his stories.
It's normal for abusive people to reach out to younger relatives, because it forces the older ones to be more cordial with them.

Regardless, it would be best to keep his family members out of this.

No. 645850


It's easier to manipulate younger family members who haven't put up with your abusive shit for as long as the older ones have.

No. 645854

It depends on when her birthday is. Or she's been accepted but her birthday is coming up.

Idk how the farmhands know she's a minor but it's probably just a precaution.

No. 645860

No but your parents might have been

No. 645861

Couldn't have just posted congratultions to my sister on her success. Oh no he had to point out that he was buying her something. He makes me sick. He's such an arrogant self absorbed little gremlin. Constantly flexing like he's some rich kid living this amazing life when in reality he stays in bed all day, does drugs, plays some video games, sleep, rinse and repeat.

No. 645862

Not "He" dear anon, but "We".

No. 645869

and by "we" he means "I asked my girlfriend to bankroll my gift"

No. 645884

she's family unrelated to the drama anyway, doesn't matter if she's a minor or not in the end they'll still delete it.

No. 645976

File: 1552513629131.png (304.43 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190314-084640.png)

No. 645980

“I’ll” be moving into, hmmm

No. 645982


Taylor's never afraid to just say "I/My/Me"

All that "We/Our/Us" is more of Jonny's thing.

No. 645986

God, I hate her stupid emoji use. And the fact she doesn't proofread before posting something.

No. 645987


Just a little three-month hiatus to deal with drug addiction. You know, as you do.

No. 645988

dude shes an idiot. she got accepted to move into that dominion place everyone knows the address of already.

No. 645989

lol she’s saying it’s the atrium house and she got approved to live in it. No mention of Johnny being approved.

Also, still willing to bet they don’t end up in that house. Anyone with a brain can see thats a big financial liability that they don’t need.

No. 645991

Where is she saying this?

No. 645992

File: 1552518871988.jpg (614.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190313-171454.jpg)

Good luck spending 4k a month on rent

No. 645993

File: 1552519155628.png (282.57 KB, 720x1351, Screenshot_20190314-101553~2.p…)

Uhm does Jonny know that most places you RENT do not allow home improvements, renovations, any sort of unauthorised building? Some places won't even let you bang a nail in the wall for a picture to hang. They're going to fuck this up somehow.

No. 645996


Do these retards really think their landlord is going to let a damn MONITOR LIZARD live inside there? That's part of the damn house and a main feature, Kronos will cause so much damage. Jonny and Taylor don't have a brain cell to share between them.

No. 646000

File: 1552520724928.jpeg (632.12 KB, 1242x1800, 4B989F90-50FB-453E-877A-002B47…)

“I’m so so happy my journey can help others”….BARF! She didn’t help anyone!!

And apparently she’s not worried about having doxed herself…the police will protect her! Imagine Jonny’s drug dealer friends turning up. There goes the neighborhood!!

No. 646001

God, I hope none of their new neighbors have any teenage daughters…

No. 646003


I'm going to bet those police let animal control in, though. Like anyone here is going to take the time to go to your house, you dumbass.

No. 646004

>>646000 does she think the cops will keep out ACS if they're called on her again? They're allowed to enter the complex "without the approval of the homeowner," Taylor.

No. 646005

File: 1552521091418.png (3.79 KB, 272x58, insta8.png)

No. 646007


how much do you wanna bet that's just her deciding she'll hide all her animals?

No. 646008

Honestly they are so stupid for renting a $4k/mo huge house like this. You can easily BUY a nice home for less than this per month for the mortgage! This is all part of the flex they (especially Jonny) have to do on everyone to show how much "better" their lives are than other people's. With the kind of money she has she is literally throwing half of ten thousand dollars a month down the drain on something she will never own. I just don't get it.

This place is huge, too. I hope for the landlord's sake that she puts in a lot of money into housekeepers because with the way they treat the tiny apartment they have now already, this new place will be TRASHED with shit in no time. She will have to spend probably another thousand dollars a month just on housekeeping since she will never lift a finger and do it herself (and I'm sure Betsy doesn't have all the time in the world to do it when she has a baby to take care of).

I'm also worried her animal collecting is going to go on a binge again. She defends her quick collection of animals as ok because she has the money and space for them. To her, financial ability to care for = the best care. I feel like in a huge ass house like this, she's going to have TONS more room to get more animals so she will just say "oh well I have all this space, so they're well cared for!!"

No. 646010

So you have 4k in rent, housekeeping (if they'll actually get it),Taylor's inevitable animal binge with all the new space + her plans on renovating aaand Jonny being kicked out of his band. Willing to bet Taylor is gonna become one of those people who sponsor 9 out of 10 videos. Cue the sweat coin ad by Jonny too

No. 646011

funny, you say she uses "I/me/my", and an hour later she posts this >>646005 about "our" animals. we all know that even the animals that she bought as a "gift" for Jonny (something she vehemently speaks against, giving animals as gifts to people who aren't prepared for them) are really just an excuse for her to buy herself more animals.

No. 646012

I know this might be kind of tinfoiling but I kind of agree with you. The pet policy on the Zillow page says cats and dogs. Not sure how Zillow's description works, but why wouldn't they state that aquariums and reptiles (especially large ones like monitors) are ok?

Even if the landlord is cool with her having cats and fish and lizards, I HIGHLY doubt she told them how many she really has. I'm sure she did her usual "oh yeah I have like maybe 20 animals total including my fish tank" when in reality she has what, almost 60 or something like that?? I really don't see how any landlord would accept that number for a renter. I bet she also gave a sweetened up story about how she's an "animal educator~", so these animals are the only way she affords to live.

No. 646015


I agree with you she definitely downplayed the number. IME places say "cats and dogs" to differentiate from places that only allow cats or only small dogs or whatever, reptiles are never included because it's less common for people to have them.

A lot of rental places will let you slide with animals that live in tanks, but only if they're not likely to cause a problem. I can't imagine any rental agency looks at Taylor and thinks "oh yeah, she looks responsible." Plus the number of animals she has (including all her mammals, which don't live in their enclosures full time and are more messy/smelly than the snakes), and the fact that none of her tanks are small so a leak could destroy the flooring… no rental agency would take those risks.

No. 646016

File: 1552522136805.png (2.83 KB, 254x46, insta11.png)


Aww yeah! Kronos is gonna tear that Atrium to PIECES!

No. 646017

it would be so so stupid of her to make that his enclosure without serious alterations, which I'm sure the landlord would not allow. she would need light sources to allow him to bask effectively, and she would have to put in large logs/tree branches for him to climb, which would create risk of falling and smashing the windows.

No. 646019


there's probably also a risk of him escaping depending on how the atrium is built. If he's as great of a climber as she says he is and if he's great at digging like she says he is, he's probably going to escape. Doesn't his current cage for him have a lock on it?

No. 646020


…Not to mention temperature regulation. I'm sure he's hardy, but what if it gets too hot/cold in there?

No. 646021

File: 1552522666959.png (3.65 KB, 282x80, insta12.png)

No. 646022

4k in rent is just dumb. How much space does she need? Even if she is worth 1mil her spending is atrocious. 50k rent, drugs, animal expenses, 10k snakes, custom cages.

She's acting like her channels gonna keep growing, in reality there's only a window of a couple years before youtube isn't viable for her. A hotter TND clone will appear eventually and she will slowly fade into obscurity. That's if she doesn't OD before hand.

Heroin's gonna age her REAL quick. If her looks fade people will drop her like a stone. People on YT are intrested in the young and beautiful not heroin addicts. Karma is just waiting to catch up with her…

No. 646023

lmao it's a little late for that. unless she decides to go with somewhere else (given her application gets accepted) there's no other house that has an atrium like that one. plus with the amount of attention she's already given this place, it's kinda obvious she's gonna go with it.

No. 646024

shes not hiding her animals. i called the realtor. they are aware of it all up front. the dude even got mad at me for "wanting her to do unwell"(Cowtipping)

No. 646025


Yeah, it's more than obvious Jonny wants people to still fuck with Taylor. Gotta keep her isolated!

No. 646026

this is so creepy. let her destroy her own life, don't go tattling to her realtor. I'd be ticked too if some rando came out of the woodwork to stomp their feet about my business acumen.

No. 646027

Don't do that holy shit you're why people think everyone who posts here are crazy stalkers.

No. 646028

I found the address of the house by googling the neighbourhood that Jonny carelessly posted,looking at rental homes in the area, and looking at a brand-new story she posted of the house I had perused not 5 minutes before she posted it.

No. 646029

File: 1552524224669.png (111.94 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_20190313-184249~2.p…)

This person clearly hasn't been looking at her most recent videos

No. 646031

dudes she such an idiot. people are just going to keep calling and calling and calling that development/realtor. its not going to just end.

No. 646032

>lives in a gate community guarded by "actual police" to avoid criminals / creepy people coming in
>is literally dating and living with a rapist drug abuser

Oh the irony kek

No. 646034

You're wrong for this, anon, you creepy fuck

No. 646036

shes not going to be the only one to call…

No. 646038

File: 1552525110861.png (11.01 KB, 162x242, insta15.png)

No. 646040

it's impossible to have control of your life while you're still using heroin

No. 646041


…And living with a manipulative abuser who continues to make underhanded attempts at isolating you from your support system.

No. 646042

good addition. if she drops the rapist, she would have a much easier time of recovery too.

No. 646043

She totally just deleted all those comments just now too. She knows what shes getting in to. Its on her.

No. 646044

File: 1552526107048.jpeg (562.7 KB, 1242x1779, FEF1CC1F-FD78-4F2C-98E0-B662FE…)

No. 646047

>dream home
wasnt that the apartment?

damn the house is riduculous, does it hurt them to be a little humble?

No. 646048


Well, maybe if you didn't literally doxx yourselves, you wouldn't be dealing with this shit, Jonny.

All of the 'drama' & 'negativity' you've been going through is self-inflicted.
Taylor wouldn't be going through most of this awful shit if she didn't have you.

No. 646049

So she claims the realtors/landlord know all about the animals. Do they know she breeds roaches? And possibly rats? Idk….

No. 646050

Yeah no one here said "I googled atrium home San Antonio" and found it, her dumb boyfriend posted the fucking community name on ig. Lmao. Just more exaggerating about how people are sooo crazy online and she's suuuch a victim, wah wah

No. 646051

Just perused Zillow and some pretty nice houses there she could BUY for under 200k.

No. 646052


Exactly. When is Taylor gonna get that her boyfriend wants people to bother her?

He wants people to hate her. That way he doesn't have to suffer alone. Misery loves company.

What better way to accomplish that then by driving her crazy with paranoia & dismissing genuine concerns from her fans?

No. 646059

how likely do y'all think it is that she's actually sober?

i.. almost believe that she is. she sounds better and there hasn't been evidence of her using lately. again, may be another facade. but i genuinely believe she may be getting her life back together by moving into a new home? at the same time, i'm sure she will be still very defensive and childish in her responses but that doesn't mean she's using heroin. i can't wait until she does an all my animals video again though, i'd like to see who's missing and who died during her bender.

No. 646060


As long as she's still with Jonny, she won't get better.

No. 646063

File: 1552531829780.png (9.63 KB, 252x172, insta24.png)

(Regarding the Atrium)

No. 646064


I can't see how any landlord would be okay with this lmao

No. 646067

She's gonna lose something out there if it becomes a "reptile activity room." I'm just waiting for an animal to climb out or dig under…

No. 646069

Haha an activity centre! Translation 'I will probably try and make one video of me taking some reptiles out there for some walking. Other than that they will never see the light out of day again.'
I also can't wait for her return video. Hopefully she is more sober than she's been in a while but I almost guarantee there will be at least one animal missing with yet again another long winded story/excuse about what happened not being anything to do with her and not her responsibility at all. I personally agree the noon crabs had it but I don't think I would notice if she just picked up a new one and don't tell us.

No. 646071

File: 1552534041564.png (17.87 KB, 259x310, insta25.png)

>>"I am so happy and relieved to see only positive encouraging comments"

>>"Me and my son love your videos so much and love jonnys music as well "

>>"power couple af"

>>"clearly very successful and have worked hard to get here"

How… depressing.

No. 646072

This… its just a method of isolation from abusers. Jonny already severed the relationship between Taylor and her mom. Yeah they still talk and see each other, but only because her mom rolled over and suddenly decided to “like” Jonny, even though she hates him. She knows he is destroying is daughter slowly but surely, but she literally won’t be able to have contact with her is she disapproves of him because he will isolate her completely from her. Granted her mom is batshit crazy, but she’s still the only person in her life that seemed to somewhat care about her. All the perfect friends are very obviously fake and have been since day 1, and I highly doubt Betsy can care that much and support her rapist of a boyfriend when she has a baby to take care of and protect. Taylor really doesn’t have any real support or genuine friends. That’s why she relies on everyone on social media to shower her with ass pats and attention. Which almost makes me feel bad for her.

I don’t believe either of them are sober. Jonny already showed proof they are still using by displaying his blatantly obvious story on IG with the sticker covering the nightstand, where they previously had needles. Even if you want to believe he is using, but she is sober, there’s no way that will happen. For as long as he’s using, she will use with him. This is what Jonny wanted, the GF he can control and hook to drugs to be his miserable company and Taylor wanted the lavish rockstar lifestyle, even though it’s not very rockstarish anymore. I think she is being very careful about what she says and shows. But Jonny has not, which I think he intentionally does. He shows things she won’t, like Nemo having a UTI, trying to cover up their nightstand with heroin needles, etc. Shes being very careful so she gives the impression that she has gotten better, when she hasn’t. For as long as Jonny is around, she will never get better.

No. 646073

i just did some quick math, 3999 month/rent and 220/month HOA fee. that alone adds up to 50,628 for a whole year. lets be generous and say the 50k she made last year that goes back into her animals is still correct. that's almost 100k in just running the channel and living. i'm not even accounting for her drug habits or amenities OR having a caretaker at her house. she definitely wont have enough to keep up at the rate she's putting videos out.

No. 646074


>>"For as long as Jonny is around, she will never get better."

This. He's got her down to his level, right where he wants her.
Also want to add that they're moving further away from her family. Who wants to bet her parents won't be allowed in by security?

No. 646076

I doubt her parents ever even went over to their apartment. They seemed to only be together if they were at her moms house, out for food, or Disneyland. Their house has drugs in it. I’m sure Jonny made it a ground rule that they are never allowed in the house for that reason. I’m sure he tries to be innocent and tell it to her in a sugarcoated way too. “Oh baby your parents would just never understand!!”

It’s disgusting but true, he really has her right where he wants her. She is riddled with self-doubt, no self esteem, and feels like she is in a corner with people calling her out on her bullshit left and right. So Jonny is there to be the enabler and tell her she’s not doing anything wrong, they’re all just haters! He uses the “it’s us against the world” mentality in a very toxic way.

I’m wondering if he will be proposing to her soon just to get that added security that she won’t leave him. If she had to divorce him he’d just get more money from her, which is a plus for him. But honestly he has so much control over her probably has more dirt on her that he doesn’t show, so idk if she’ll ever work up the courage to leave him. Plus she’s hooked on the drugs he provides her.

I remember a long time ago when she “broke up” with him on Twitter Taylor even mentioned she wants to have a family with him, like ewwww. I don’t doubt when she reaches her breaking point and is about to leave him, he’ll find a way to get her pregnant and then they’ll get married. Then she’ll feel stuck even more.

No. 646080

I'm honestly baffled that anyone would rent to her. There's video evidence of her being a slob readily available, along with proof of heroin use. Not to mention 50+ animals. When I used to rent, we had a hard time finding a house that would accept 2 cats and 2 dogs. People wanted like 2 pets max.

I am genuinely so confused about how she's getting any rental to agree to a literal zoo. Especially these massive beautiful homes that animals could totally wreck. Why would you want junkie animal hoarders in your probably million dollar home?

No. 646081

I'm honestly baffled that anyone would rent to her. There's video evidence of her being a slob readily available, along with proof of heroin use. Not to mention 50+ animals. When I used to rent, we had a hard time finding a house that would accept 2 cats and 2 dogs. People wanted like 2 pets max.

I am genuinely so confused about how she's getting any rental to agree to a literal zoo. Especially these massive beautiful homes that animals could totally wreck. Why would you want junkie animal hoarders in your probably million dollar home?

No. 646086

File: 1552536401423.png (230.33 KB, 316x594, story4.png)


>>"He shows things she won’t, like Nemo having a UTI"


No. 646087

But how is he gonna flex the things his sugar mama gets him without doxxing himself and then playing the victim?

Yikes. I'd completely forgotten about the roaches. I would not want this white trash in my neighbourhood. The landlord is a fucking moron, and he deserves to have that beautiful home destroyed (and specially the Atrium) for allowing this piss demon to move in.

At this point she might as well be wiping her ass with $100 bills.

Eh. Taylor brought this upon herself. If she ends up completely ruining her body due to drugs, she kinda deserves it. She was warned by MULTIPLE people, but she had to be defiant because she's a petulant moron. At this point, I don't care what happens to her, I just hope her animals are safe, and I hope she doesn't get any more poor animals.

No. 646088

File: 1552536670833.png (181.78 KB, 352x594, story2.png)

Remember this folks. Keep it for future reference.

No. 646092

I like how it took her several weeks to say anything about it, Jonny did it for her lol.
Annoying how she goes on and on “omg he’s literally my best friend!!! uwu I love him so much” but doesn’t show when he is hurt/something is wrong and she’s getting him treated. She has to act like her animal care is so perfect… she’s always using this phrase “he’s perfectly fine”

No. 646095

probably paying extra. Large down payment? Insurance perhaps?

As long as she pay their overpriced rent, they probably don't care about animals. No shortage of greedy wannabe land barons. 4k in rent is outrageous for 2 people with no kids or steady income.

I wanna know how much moving all her shit is gonna cost. Its gonna be a shit show in a couple weeks. If this is them organized and settled what's moving gonna be like?

No. 646096


Sounds like an abusive/neglectful parent tbh.

"I LOVE my kid(s)!" is often their first defense when concerns of neglect are brought up.

…And there's always the defensive "Are YOU telling ME how to raise MY kids?!?"

No. 646097

She doesn't give a shit about her animals. She just likes they way they make her feel. As soon as she gets bored she'll move'em on to a "friend" or let them decline and die young. She's got bad habits enabled by her youtube success.

No. 646102

I agree with everything this anon wrote. I honestly believe everything she does now is on Jonny’s choice aka “commands.” I can totally see him suggesting things to her like, “babe if we live here! We can do all these things!! This place isn’t too much! We ballin’ baby” even if she refuses, she probably gives in because she’s too dependant to the point where she needs validation from hundreds of teens to tell her that house is perfect even if she knows she can’t afford it. What ever happened to budgeting, Taylor?

No. 646104

Yeah it's pretty coincidental that Jonny is suddenly sucking up Taylor's ass so hard after months of barely peeping a word about her, he's going all out with this love bomb phase of fake promises and "love U sah much BB" because she's just pulled a tonne of money out her ass to afford their house, so better make her feel loved so she feels it's the right choice! Jonny will go back to silence and not peep a word of her soon once the novelty of the new home wears off and Jonny's over it, then it'll be more shoes and kids toys to keep the ungrateful moocher happy. He's still been following more chicks and liking their posts including toopoor (vomits). Won't be long before he sucks Taylor dry, milks her for all she's worth and then move on to the next dumb and clueless pretty little fan.

No. 646107

File: 1552545683764.png (122.37 KB, 720x778, Screenshot_20190314-173309~2.p…)

Yeah babe sorry I got you hooked on heroin, raped some chicks and probs cheated on ya, all things that show love yeah? So let's focus on dem haterz baby so we can ignore the shitty things I've done. Gossip is worse than rape and heroin so focus on them babe. Btw sorry ur going through drug induced hell. Love ya tho!

Ugh he makes me sick.

No. 646108


I'm sorry, but no one is "dragging her down into depression". If Taylor is that much of a baby that she's depressed over strangers on the Internet, then she needs to get off social media. They never take any responsibility, not for their jobs, mental health or animals.

No. 646110

"waiting for his UTI to end" is such a weird way to phrase it, she acts like they went to a vet and suddenly he was good. UTIs in cats are just like they are in people in that it takes treatment to make them go away if they get bad, wtf Taylor?

He probably swears his music is about to take back off and he'll be able to help her with the rent and she believes him. Meanwhile in reality, both their careers are doing terribly right now and she's probably going to end up with him dying or leaving her so either way she's alone in that house she can't afford with a billion animals she also can't afford.

No. 646114

If your in a band at 32 your chances at being commercially successful are pretty slim. If Jonny hadn't wasted all his money from his earlier bands he could be living easy rn. He's a washed up nostalgia act for emo teens at this point.

No. 646115

he's probably on the search for another chick that doesn't have a dying channel like Taylor's. I'm betting big money that he'll leave her on the spot if he catches a girl that has 2x the money than Tay.

I'm all about people having free will and you shouldn't control your partner, but if someone loves you, they wouldn't even think of following a bunch of girls on social media because why?

No. 646118

If he wants her in this $4K house it's because he wants to keep her bound to him even more. He won't move out to go live in some apartment now.

No. 646151

Right? What fucking landlord lets you convert bits of their house into a reptile enclosure and have several reptiles roaming free?

No. 646160

Dude if she had even 1 brain cell. She would save money for like 3 months (if she can afford 4k a month save it stoopid) and just buy a gorgeous house in san antonio?

No. 646162


That's right Jonny, keep telling her that people want to 'hurt' her & 'drag' her down.

Always gotta make sure she stays just as paranoid as you are…

No. 646163

she cant do that bc she 1) has to leave her apartment 2) has a manbaby drug-addict entirely dependent on her and her money 3) has a bigass zoo of exotic animals, so what is she gonna do? take jonny + 60 animals to live with her parents? hm….

No. 646166

can we just appreciate what a total train wreck taylor has become in such little time? in october everyone loved her, she had trending tweets every other week, her videos werent doing amazing but she pulled in some views. now pretty much only her tween fans still support her, she hasnt uploaded in 3 months because she is shooting up heroin and has to get an overpriced house she cant afford cause shes getting kicked out of her luxury apartment.

No. 646168

Thing is she can kiss trending tweets goodbye because even those tween fans are beginning to question her animal acquisition. If she rolls up with another animal and some copy pasted Wikipedia info, I doubt it'll get far because people won't bother to repost it.
I'm pretty sure her YouTube career is screwed as well, I know I mentally tune out people who don't upload for ages or end up having no clue who they are. Even if they're still subscribed, I do wonder how many fans would actually click on a new video - especially a moving one. They subscribed for her animals, not some clickbaity vlog. (I'm placing bets on her calling it something along the lines of 'kicked out for killing my animals?!' just because she has 0 sense.)

No. 646169


It seems like everything she does now is some sort of damage-control. I don't like it. It makes me question everything she does.

No. 646187

Agreed. I think her first video or two might get decent views because there are people who want to see where she’s been the past few months. But, I think most of her audience has been lost due to how badly she has screwed this whole thing up for herself. A hotter, more popular (and more CONSISTENT) TND will come up and she’ll be in the shadows. How can you call someone who barely uploads the “queen” of Pettube? She has lost a lot of her fan base and has already lost it last year. Her past 2 videos (even being sponsored) barely broke like 100-200k views. For someone with 1.5 million subs… that’s awful views. I’m sure everything from now on will be clickbaity with a bunch of adrolls for views. She may still be making decent money but it is ever so slowly fading.

No. 646196

This confirms

It's so obvious! This is his form of manipulation towards her. Keep people hating her and make it look like he will be there for her and protect her against the ~haters~.
It's such an illusion. Nobody here is going to be calling the police or animal control or whatever, actually it's against the rules here. People will act solo maybe sure, but it won't be on this website.
Gotta make it always seem like them two against the world. Keep her where he wants her.

No. 646197

what's with her showing her fish tank so much now? it's the only thing she puts online

No. 646205

it's kind of a weird house, actually. still listed on most rental realty pages if you look at the price and the city, so it's very easy to find, given that picture of the atrium. there's a lot of nice, affordable housing rentals down there, but that one has bizarre rooms due to the curved walls. she could have gotten something super nice for half the price.

it doesn't make much difference as it'll get trashed soon.

the fact that it's a gated community and that they're on a corner is going to put them in a fishbowl for their neighbors, who will likely be keeping a close eye on all those bins coming in. gated communities are filled with nosey assholes, it's just fact.

No. 646212

She only had three videos over the past year pulling in 1 million + views, the rest have done pretty poorly for a channel with as many subscribers as she has. That being said, I think her moving vlog will see some traction if she combines it with an "all my pets" vibe

Apparently, that neighbourhood is for the "upper echelon" of San Antonio residents. If course they'll be nosy, they're probably paying a premium and don't want addicted messy faux-riche kids moving in.

No. 646213


I sure hope none of the families there have any teenage daughters who are going through a 'rebellious' phase…

No. 646215

Your friendly neighbourhood rapist is in town!

No. 646218

it's funny, in that same community there's a few other houses for rent that are cheaper and nicer, given jonny's need to show off. unless she really thinks she's going to keep animals in the atrium?

No. 646223

File: 1552597802136.png (7.18 KB, 276x112, insta28.png)

Here's to many more 'dark' places in the future!

No. 646224

File: 1552597951058.png (60.61 KB, 300x584, insta29.png)

No. 646225

File: 1552598110705.png (4.9 KB, 266x76, insta27.png)

>>"I make more than 4x what I need for this house monthly!"

…Not enough for in-patient rehab though. :(

No. 646226

lmao too real. So if she moves in on Monday, we'll get her return to YouTube… sometime in June, right?

No. 646229


Well, now that you said it here, she's gonna pump it out asap.

Let's just see what unfolds…

No. 646236

File: 1552601897385.jpeg (185.82 KB, 750x874, BF641AEF-C93B-4560-A5AF-F72D20…)

this is the apartment, that means she’s raking in 16k a month.
How?! She’s inactive she should be getting under ten thousand right?

No. 646238

If you make more than 4x what the house costs to rent (so over 16k/month) then why aren't you BUYING a house? Why would you set your budget at 3k, or rather, why would you mention that it's over your budget?

No. 646239

Good. I hope she proves me wrong lol. We all called her bullshit on her "mid-February" return, so I feel comfortable placing bets on when a new video will come out. It's nothing new for her to promise a video tomorrow/two days/three days/this weekend/next week and then go silent for a week with no video or explanation. That's her M.O. at this point, has been for like a year now

No. 646240

God that is the ugliest fucking house.

No. 646241

I'd be so surprised if she made any videos in the next month. I can call it now. She will promise a moving in one and then when it doesn't materialised she will say so sorry guys I've just been suuuperrr busy and haven't had time to edit it. Then a few weeks down the line she will announce she's either lost the footage in the house move when she's been sorting everything out or she will claim she wants to get everything and everyone set up and all the enclosures perfect ready for her return to YouTube and have that as her return video. Then she will take another break before she actually does it.

No. 646242

… You mean like what she did with her last "moving video" where she promised another apartment tour once everything was set up, and it never happened? Lol.

No. 646243

It seems weirdly common for internet celebrities to rent despite the fact that their income source is most likely fleeting, their mortgage payments would be tiny (or nonexistent) with a few months of saving for a down-payment, and they wouldn't have to deal with a landlord threatening to evict them for their stupid attention-seeking antics. If she actually is raking in that much per month then she's either spending it like mad or too short-sighted to see how wasteful and pointless it is to rent when you're at the 4k/mo level outside of NYC or the bay.

No. 646244

Did she ever end up showing Cheese's necropsy results?

No. 646245

No. 646246


He gave her the means and encouraged her INTO the darkest time of her life. How can she thank him for something he has a large part in?

These landlords deserve to have their house trashed. There’s proof everywhere of their drug use, excessive animals, and poor house keeping. On top of that, JC has awful credit and no bank account. I only feel bad for the poor neighbors that get stuck with them.

No. 646247


…And the animals. Especially the new ones she'll inevitably get.

No. 646251

Oh wow that is tacky and very 70's

No. 646256


i don't think she's accounting for how much it'll cost to move and all the hidden costs to a house rather than an apartment.

No. 646258

House looks like a bathroom building at an amusement park

No. 646260

I doubt she's making that much. 10k a month on her best months, 3k or so on worst. Sponsorship deals 30k each. I could see maybe 200k year. That's before taxes and expenses and whatnot. Taxes on YT aka self employed is 15% plus. I doubt she realizes that money you earn isn't necessarily money you will keep after taxes. Her disposable income in reality is probably only 40k or so.

Hidden costs in time and money is huge in a luxury home. Large house = large upkeep = $$$. Heating/cooling, lawncare, utilities, repairs, furnishings, lightbulbs, ect. Her lifestyle is pretty decadent for such an unpredictable field.

Her spending rn is not sustainable when her YT career probably on has 3 years or so left. She's 22 in march and most successful youtubers start branching out into additional business ventures well before 25. If she was smart she'd reinvest that money into talks with big time companies or her own business. Her 1mil is peanuts.

No. 646262

Idk how many of you are home owners but there's also the appeal of renting bc houses are a lot of upkeep. Yeah you pay mortgage & own something instead of wasting money on rent but owning a house is also a lot of responsibility. And if you want to leave the area it can be hard to sell. I cant see someone her age wanting to 'settle down' even if they can afford it.

No. 646264

Lmfao lightbulbs? Really?

No. 646265

when you rent there is much less investment though, that's money going down the drain
Like other anons mentioned her wealth and lifestyle won't last

No. 646266


lots of lights = expensive. tho lightbulbs are probably the least of her worries lol. anon probably meant for her new animals and stuff like that

No. 646267

Renting is not money down the drain. Often times renting is cheaper that costs associated with owning a home.

That said, TND is wasting her money renting a luxury home, she could have a lot more for a lot less than what she pays. It's the prestige and faux sense of achievement she gets from living in a trendy area. It's a luxury expense that she won't be able to afford long term.

No. 646269

Oh yeah she promised a whole series on her brand new animal room. What did we get, one video of it when it wasn't set up properly. Probably now infamous for the scene when she claims keeping her animals in the closet is just like keeping them in another room cos the door is never shut. End scene of video-door is shut. Haha. It's a miracle she gets any views now. I swear a great deal of her followers are only there to keep up with the gossip.

No. 646270

It's not easy to get a mortgage these days. She'd need to be able to prove to the bank that her income is steady. They're not going to lend to someone who's only source of income is something as volatile as YouTube, probably doesn't have much of a credit history and is also probably doesn't have 7% to 10% of the total cost of the house on hand to put up as a down payment. You all think it's easy to go get yourself a mortgage, but it's really not. The days of handing mortgages and loans to anyone who wants them died about ten years ago when the sub prime mortgage market crashed hard.

No. 646274

Ah yes, nothing says "I love you" quite like a generic paragraph of "romantic" bullshit posted in a public domain by the rapist who got you hooked on hard drugs. Who said chivalry is dead?

No. 646289

If she's earning over 16k a month, she could easily save up enough for a sizable down-payment, which makes owning a home much easier. This is especially true in places where the living costs are low, like San Antonio.

If she was smart she would have been putting most of her sponsorship money away and doing something with it. Hell, the extra money she's decided to spend on rent compared to her apartment could have easily gone into savings, which is more than many people can afford to save.

Renting means you're not earning equity in property, or working towards something you can rent out or sell for a profit later on. Some people consider that a waste, but it's all subjective.
It's REALLY a waste when she could be renting a house for half the price, and invest the money she's not using for rent. In anything.

No. 646290

I'm still waiting for the inevitable cringey proposal…

No. 646291

How on earth, our landlord barely allowed my 50 gallon breeder because it's a liability for flooding if it breaks. In a house with rent that high they're going to allow her a 300+ gallon tank?

No. 646297

File: 1552616856639.png (85.5 KB, 300x582, insta30.png)


…Make that Thursday.

No. 646305

That place is gonna turn into a crack den. Inside and out. If they can't get up to do laundry or refill water dishes, I'm pretty sure they're not gonna deal with trimming all those plants and mowing the lawn. Lmao I'm giving it one month until that place looks like a mess that neighbors try to stay away from

No. 646311

didn't even realize it's 4 bed 3 1/2 bath. What are they even gonna do with that much space? That like a family of 5 house. so much why?

No. 646312

It's been posted back when they looked at it >>644121
I wouldn't worry about revealing it, Jonny doxed them before they even applied for it.

No. 646314

Preparing for the inevitable shopping spree to fill up the house. House is a money pit.

No. 646315

With her income she should have a massive downpayment ready. Too bad she's been blowing it on a massive pet leech, overpriced pets and a heroin problem.

No. 646322

omgggg i can believe anon called their realtor when watching the slow decline of her channel & her needing to move out in 4-5 months from loss of income will be way more enjoyable and milky. also im sure her rich gated community is gonna LOVE human waste like jonny walking around. and imagine her first house tour and trying to explain how, oh, like 15 pets died while moving because, uh, the movers left them in a truck or something (and not for the true reason of her nodding out & forgetting to check the heat or fill up water).

No. 646324


It would have to be an incredibly massive down payment and she'd have to prove to the bank her income's steady enough to not make them nervous about her defaulting in the future.

I know there are YouTubers who have scrimped and saved to buy a house, but they're the ones whose channels see steady views and get stable income. Her income's all over the place because she can't do her job on a regular basis. I doubt she's steadily pulling in $16,000 a month. Plus given their drug habit and flexing, they're spending it as quickly as it's coming in. If her credit's shot because she's not paying bills on time due to not having money at the time or being too strung out to actually pay the ones not on auto pay, it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 646326

File: 1552630489339.png (4.34 MB, 1125x2436, 7AF9451C-9DD4-432B-9D76-FF1967…)

A house like this is sooo much nicer and much cheaper. And also in a gated community. They’re so gross with their desire to get the most expensive place just to brag

No. 646327

Because she owes the IRS 100k in debt, which prevents her from buying a house, for starters.

Her saying she earns 16k a month is most likely a lie. Why else would she be so concerned about having a budget if she supposedly earns 4 times the amount of rent she has to pay?

Maybe she earns that when she's active on social media, but now? Highly unlikely.

No. 646328

Top fuckin Kek, fully furnished too. Had to have the atrium and flex points.

No. 646329


she owes 100k in debt to the IRS?? where is that from and who said that ! this may be old milk but it's new milk to me

No. 646330

It's in past threads. Jayce confirmed she owes money to the IRS because she didn't deduct taxes from her income, so she's 100k in debt.

No. 646331

Most likely paid off by now, old milk.

No. 646334

it's gated, the HOA fees pay for the landscaping.

No. 646340

She's totally pulling that if she averages out her sponsorships. None of her sponsorships are for less than $30K. Imagine living off your channel income alone - within your means - and banking your sponsorship cherries as they came in. That would be smart. But smart is not a heroin addiction, mess of a bf, and undone taxes.

No. 646350


If she owes back taxes, unless the IRS and/or Texas Board of Taxation has filed a lien, her debt will not appear on her credit report. Liens are public record, however.

No. 646358

Really though I want her to get the most expensive, unaffordable house because the bigger they are the harder they fall. She is clearly a narcissist because her sense of importance is sooo elevated it's insane. I bet you isn't worried at all about her youtube career and thinks it'll be easy to keep churning in money if she just posts here and there.

No. 646360

>I bet you isn't worried at all about her youtube career and thinks it'll be easy to keep churning in money if she just posts here and there.

Funny you mention that. Just earlier I was watching a video by Stef Sanjati where she basically had to go back home because she was getting into massive debt from an indefinite roadtrip she wanted to have. She had that exact mentality that her YouTube money was gonna be there and it was going to be easy, but soon enough her bubble burst.

Taylor thinks this YouTube "career" is going to give her money forever, when it's more than likely that this house is going to catch up with her finances and she'll have to downgrade, especially because JC has no income. Like it's trendy to see young youtubers getting fancy houses but those people have a massive audience compared to Taylor and they branched out into other things besides YouTube.

I don't want her to fail because then her animals would suffer even more, but goddamn is she financially stupid.

No. 646373

Not to derail about Stef but LOL because I used to love her and unsubbed when she started spending money on surgeries left and right and ignoring her audience. Like Taylor she also has a mom who will coddle her to death. So predictable.

No. 646388

I'm so curious when all this money will run out. She hasn't even posted a video in forever. I don't even understand how she is able to even live right now. How she's in 100k debt, plus maybe more because taxes just came around again? It's all baffling to me. She has so many habits that she sustains with so much money, including Jonny, and all of her animals. Then being able to move into a place even more expensive than she was living before??? Is she the one selling the drugs?? Hahahahaha

No. 646401

She probably had a lot saved up from when she lived at her parents home.

No. 646404

Colin (Jonnys ex band member) said that her parents took that money and she didn't get to use it

No. 646408

File: 1552677825867.jpeg (403.5 KB, 1231x2048, 7751CDDC-4E2D-484D-8DB4-E172A6…)

No. 646410

that doesn't sound suspicious at all

No. 646411

Who he trying to hack I wonder.

No. 646412

probably just changed his password when he was high and can't remember it now

No. 646415

Ive always lurked and never commented on this thread, so sorry if I reply wrong. But my first thought when he posted looking for a computer hacker was that he’s trying to get on the dark web. With all the fentynal out there and ODs going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re trying to find safer drugs or even try and order test strips. Plus drugs off the web are way cheaper than going through a dealer if they’re struggling for money.

No. 646417

You can buy drug test strips at CVS… You don't need the dark web for that.

No. 646419

I don't think CVS sells fentanyl test kits but I'm sure the regular internet does.

No. 646423


Dance Safe has been selling various testing kits for 20 years.


No. 646427

The dark web was my first thought, as well. I'll bet he's trying to get fake pee or something (can you get that on the regular web? I have no idea). Also, what a fucking idiot posting that where everyone can see it. He's not just an asshole, he's dumb as a box of rocks. I can only imagine the inane conversations he and Taylor have.

No. 646429

Dude that house for 2500 is significantly freaking nicer than that weird old atrium one too. She's an idiot. It'll be more fun to watch her fail out of the atrium house though.. so guess its better for us? lol

No. 646432

He deleted it lol

No. 646435

You can buy synth pee for like 60-75usd in headshops and online. Not on amazon tho.

No. 646448

File: 1552691114974.jpg (154.33 KB, 1080x1920, pLWeAkvl.jpg)

Is he trying to take lolcow down?
Could it be because they don't want their future landlord to be informed of this? Hmmm

No. 646450

Most likely trying to take lolcow down, also I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor's sold off some of her thousand dollar animals for drug and rent money. People like them resort to selling shit for other unrealistic purchases when they start running out of money.

No. 646455


When you're a guilty man, you try to get rid of the evidence.

No. 646461

That is too fucking funny. He's an actual spanner.

No. 646464

I wonder if him an Taylor have been having fights because of how much of his fuckery gets exposed here an she's thinking about finally leaving and that's why he's trying so hard to suck up to her an take the site down haha oh this is gold he's so dumb! Feeling a bit guilty Jonny? Getting a bit scared because all your manipulation tactics and abusive behaviour is getting laid out? Awww poor little baby! Go buy some spidey widey toys an make the sads go away.

Something tells me Jonny takes this shit way more personally and seriously than Taylor does.

No. 646466

Isn't this kind of illegal?

No. 646467


>> "Something tells me Jonny takes this shit way more personally and seriously than Taylor does."

He obviously does.
Taylor didn't pay so much attention to 'the haterz' until he came along.

He always has to keep her looking over her shoulder. Always. That way she has no one else but him to run to.

No parents.
No friends.
No fans.
Just Jonny.

No. 646470

Isn't heroin kind of illegal? Makes no difference to him

No. 646488

File: 1552697832059.png (319.27 KB, 302x584, insta33.png)

No. 646489

>puts up public stories and posts
>said posts are talked about on a board
>I'll get the whole board hacked!
there's a super easy step jonny is failing to see here

No. 646491

Where was this image posted? Sorry, just wondering what the the source is. Seems a pretty stupid thing for him to show off, yeah?

No. 646492


Taylor can be heard in this story, btw

No. 646501

She's just asking about furniture, it's not interesting.

No. 646505

yeah it's not super milky, but she is talking about spending $850 on a dining room table. another example of stupidly expensive purchases

No. 646511

Do they even eat at a table? I thought they just slovenly sprawl themselves on the couch and eat takeout!

No. 646512

people think she's stone broke but she isn't, she still has a ton of money coming in for doing nothing.

No. 646513

God. I wonder what her place is gona look like by the time they settle in. Something tells me it’s gona have tons of expensive things that is dirty from floor to ceiling. She’s spending money as if she has 15+ million subscribers and uploads frequently. Even OG youtubers don’t go all out like this two idiots do. They’re a mess and I can’t stop watching them ruin their lives that they chose

No. 646514

She won’t be rich for too long at the rate that she’s going. She’s in her early 20s that is addicted to drugs, never uploads, moving into a place that’s above her budget, and spending money left and right. Don’t forget.. her manchild is an adult who isn’t working, buying even more expensive nonsense, and leeching off her. Give it a few more years and they’ll start having an auction for their remaining tween stans because they need more money to keep up with their spending. Wouldn’t be surprise if she’s blowing off her whole check in one go.

No. 646515

Agreed. Before they know it they’ll be pawning everything they own.

No. 646516

I feel like Johnny is most likely reading these now. I dont see his search for hacker post up now so maybe he realized how stupid he is being?

No. 646518

Someone above said he deleted it.

No. 646521

So, uh, what are they trying to accomplish by taking this site down? First of all, the idea that you can "hack" a site so be permanently nonfunctional shows how stupid he is. Especially since this site is hosted by cloudfare who has survive the largest recorded amplification DDOS attack.

Second, taking down 1 site would just have the drama move to another gossip site or Reddit or something… The only way you're gonna stop the drama is by not neglecting animals til they die and not doing sketchy illegal shit.

Jonny, learn how to type words into www.google.com before you make a massive fool of yourself. I know you're a fucking dumbass with a sub-average IQ but I think you can manage to type some words at least.

No. 646522

Yes totally, but I'm saying she isn't broke NOW like some anons hope or think. As for the future, Jonny going solo will never get him the touring income that Slaves did, because he won't be able to manage himself and will be a mess. I'm sure she's factoring in his income going back up to Slaves levels as well as getting just as many sponsors and monthly views as she did before. And be real, sponsors are probably waiting to throw money at her still. Her bubble hasn't burst yet but this overpriced planetarium they're moving into will, like heroin addiction, be key to her future financial undoing. Greg is an object lesson in how bad it can get.

No. 646523

Cloudflare isn't a web host.

No. 646525

Fronted by cloudflare* whatever

No. 646530

it's true she has a lot of money, but she also has a lot of debt. she is irresponsible with her money. I never said she was broke, just that she spends stupid amounts on things she could get for a lot cheaper, like an $850 dining table

No. 646535

File: 1552714407468.png (29.83 KB, 584x268, twit5.png)

Some advice to Taylor from her good friend Elijah.

No. 646539

>FUCK LMAOOOOOOO all y’all influencers let that asshole tickler tattoo you just because he had followers y’all didn’t give a fuck about his shitty linework now ur stuck with shotty tattoos from a dude who wants his ass licked by kids help

No. 646541

File: 1552716877762.png (292.25 KB, 781x546, Connections.png)


You know, for a "Family-Friendly Pet-Mom", Taylor sure loves child-predators…

No. 646559


anon, is this you messaging him about his hacking offer?

No. 646565

Taylor is gonna have a pedophile’s work on her forever. Jesus Christ.

No. 646567

shit dude. so Jonny solicited nudes from a minor? and then when he threatened to publicly post this literal child porn, he laughed when she got upset? Am I reading this right?

Jesus Christ. rapist, pedophile, and threatening to revenge-post child porn. what a catch, Taylor

No. 646571


The age difference between them says everything you need to know. I know Taylor wasn't a minor when they started dating, but it's actually disgusting how he goes after younger women.

Then again Taylor also put out underage nudes of herself. So she's also distributed child porn.

No. 646573

It's definitely creepy and gross af when men date women 10+ years younger than they are, but technically it is legal. I'm 100x more disgusted to learn he's a literal pedophile who thinks it's cool/edgy to distribute child porn of young girls he's mad at. Both are gross, but one is a repulsive crime.

No. 646577

File: 1552752835872.png (186.24 KB, 474x912, Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 12.1…)

I don't suppose she's too bothered having the work of a pedophile on her forever if she's dating one

No. 646578

File: 1552752931225.jpg (57.1 KB, 675x1200, DRS09ZnVAAASO29.jpg)


Yes. Even when he started dating Taylor.

No. 646579

File: 1552752992289.png (388.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190316-121528.png)

Which tattoos of hers are from Romeo? It doesn't seem like any that she has would be easily covered up, especially the black blobs, like the heart she got to cover her track marks

No. 646581


>>"No more from weirdos"

Okay, cool, but you're still dating, fucking, & providing for one, Taylor…

No. 646582

She has a lot from him.

Snake with flowers on her wrist, By Myself, Nala, Cheese, a mantis tattoo, and a match and tree above her elbow.

No one can salvage that hideous heart. She'd need it lasered first.

No. 646584

Nala, the praying mantis, her fire + matchstick, by myself, the flowers/snake on her hand, cheese, and the blue bonnets. That's all i remember though

No. 646586


This is the kind of hypocritical attitude from her that makes me the maddest. Her boyfriend has done some of the same things. It’s not different

No. 646587

I believe the heart and crocodile tattoos are from a different guy. But not sure about anything else. She might as well cover up the “by myself” tattoo considering she completely goes against the meaning by dating Jonny

No. 646603

So true. You can't act like you have the moral highground when you're dating someone who does the same disgusting shit. She's such an unbelievable hypocrite.

No. 646607

THIS. If any of them are lurking FUCKING NOTE that this is the shit that is going to piss people off. Not to troll her or harass her for no reason. This is one of many reasons. Most of her problems would be solved if she just broke up with Jonny.

No. 646620

Everyone will support her if she breaks up with Jonny, fans and "haters". Like that time she almost broke up with him a few months ago, all the responses were more than supportive

No. 646621

I wonder if she has any clue as to how much it would positively affect her career if she dumped him and spoke out about her experience being in an unhealthy relationship with this has been ass musician/child predator, or she's just too blinded by being with someone she can enable and who will enable her into her vices.

No. 646632

Everyone point and laugh!

No. 646634


Something tells me that Jonny will never date a women is own age, he's the gross fuck who will continue interacting with underage girls and dating girls in their twenties.

No. 646639


…All while creeping on teenagers on the side.

No. 646670


Not very rare actually.

No. 646692

I doubt she would leave him so easily. They have like Sid & Nancy complex. They romanticize their issues instead of recognizing how unhealthy and fucked up their relationship is. I bet he gaslights her and plays all sorts of manipulative mind tricks. And Taylor gets off from being rebellious bc her parents coddled her & she knows people dont like their relationship. but instead of trusting people when they say he's a POS she romanticizes this 'us against the world' mentalitly. I will never WK her pet care and other shitty decisions but I do consider her a victim of Jonny and her own naivity. I just hope she puts her pride aside sooner rather than later.

No. 646713

File: 1552830154728.png (9.22 MB, 1242x2208, 370A72AB-4135-415E-A725-5A007A…)

Oops. Posted on the general by accident! Great. Nails are perfect for packing and moving! “Ooooh…I broke a nail!!!”

No. 646717

A new Cartier bracelet? she said her old one broke. wtf is this bitch doing with her life

No. 646719

File: 1552833879975.jpeg (124.74 KB, 1242x448, 8E8416B9-3F1C-4631-B3F4-EC8C08…)

No. 646728

She should get her tattoo fixed lol that thing is a travesty.

No. 646735


I dare say she's also posting this pic to display her track mark free arm to prove that she has "cleaned up".

No. 646737

haha but the thing is, the last time we saw track marks they were on her left hand/arm, and this is a picture of her right. iirc she's right handed anyways so this really doesn't prove anything.

No. 646739


Not to mention the massive crocodile-head tattoo would cover them up sometimes…

No. 646745

File: 1552846108270.jpg (69.45 KB, 675x1200, D14CP96WwAE36Nf.jpg)

No. 646746

this would be a great time for her to boot Jonny. I don't think she will, but moving into a gated community would provide her security from him showing up at her door to throw a tantrum. I highly doubt he's on the lease, and she could find a way to send him out to run an errand and then notify the gatehouse not to let him back into the neighborhood. call those police who patrol the streets and tell them to watch out for him too.

she won't, but it would make it easier for her.

No. 646747

"We" kek. How much of the $4k rent are you paying Jonny? And with what income?

When she inevitably dumps him he will have nothing and be homeless once again, so enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.

No. 646749


Yeah, I doubt she's purposely using he tattoos to cover them up. She'd have a much harder time finding a vein there otherwise.

No. 646750

I honestly think it's going to be him that dumps her for someone younger and/or richer. He'll find someone new to mooch off of, and ditch her. I don't think she has the balls

No. 646752

I agree. I can't see her ever dumping him. She's too insecure and just couldn't cope on her on. She's got no one else from our view. Her crazy mum and possibly Betsy who obviously has her own life. He however I think can flit easily from one scenario to another just not giving a toss. He doesn't seem the type to actually give a sh!t about anyone long term.

No. 646755


True, but now he has a taste for the good life. What other reasonably wealthy woman would want Jonny in their life?

With Taylor he has a huge house, seemingly endless spending money to buy all his crappy toys and shoes, doesn't have to have a job, can do all the drugs he wants with no complaints, cheat on her, the list goes on. I honestly doubt there is anyone else who would put up with his shit who has the kind of money and lifestyle he is now accustomed to.

If he dumped her, what would he have? Nothing. Therefore, I reckon he isn't going anywhere without a fight.

No. 646756


Colin implied that Taylor's parents were using her fer money.
Whether that's true or not, Jonny definitely is.

No. 646760

You really gotta laugh at his fake-sentimentality.

He doesn't love her. He's already cheated on her, and he's just gonna live off of her and tug at her heartstrings when things aren't going his way.

Staying with a drug-abusing child-predator just because he makes you feel 'good' sometimes is not going to end well for her.

At this point, all she's doing is prolonging the death of her career.

No. 646761

File: 1552851805006.png (92.21 KB, 296x584, insta36.png)

No. 646763

File: 1552851895182.png (78.73 KB, 300x582, insta37.png)

>>"Gonna get all my shame and doubt off my chest and bare my soul"

No. 646764

You'll still be a manlet tho

No. 646766

Imagine having to post your every positive thought to try and prove yourself. Just do it and shut up

No. 646771


"I'm getting better guys, really!"

God damn it these two really need to learn the meaning of 'Show, don't tell.'

No. 646776

"My animals are THRIVING!" She says, as 3 of them die.

"I am SAFE." She says, as she reaches out to his ex in a panic.

"We are HAPPY!" - They say, as they go on another drug-binge.

"He is SOBER" - She says, as he posts another pic of himself with drugs/alcohol in his possession.

I've been done taking anything they say at face-value. The very reason people keep 'speculating' about them is because they both have such a shitty track-record when it comes to telling the truth.

No. 646778

is this him claiming he's been sober for 60 days? lmao what a joke, the truth came out on Jan 24 so it hasn't even been 60 days since they started going to the clinic. And we all know they were still using even after they started "seeking treatment"

so you're gonna admit to all the rape and abuse, the scams, the cheating, the drugs, everything? hm ok

No. 646785

File: 1552863287609.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190317-185325.png)

is that not an obvious injection site right under her wrist? also in the image she posted not on her story the back of her hand looks suspiciously bruised as well.

No. 646786

samefag but I could be wrong n that's why I'm asking h-anons to confirm

No. 646789

Looks like it.

No. 646793

File: 1552866732354.png (481.43 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190318-105119.png)

No. 646796

>what makes ME happy
so animal hoarding, heroin, and needless spending

No. 646800


yes just retreat back into your echo chamber of fans who will defend you in shitty animal care and reckless spending. how long do we give it before this bitch relapses and has to take another break because she needs to be healthy? fuck taylor.

No. 646801

you can't relapse if you never stopped using to begin with.

No. 646803

You can make plenty happy by making 3 extremely good choices!

1, leave Jonny, he's a piece of shit and you know it. A real man would tell you to put that nasty shit down and treat yourself better, not encourage it.

2, Slow down on the animal purchases, and don't replace dying ones with more. Stick with a reasonable amount of pets that you can handle, maybe less accidents will happen.

3, Leave Jonny, he's a piece of shit. Get you a MAN who won't let you inject shit into your veins, who actually values you enough to not put you through hell and back with their troubled misery. A nice farmboy or something Taylor, you're in Texas for fuck sake there's plenty, they'll probs have a great love animals too and not treat you like an ATM machine.

No. 646805

I initially read this as "needle spending" and didn't even think twice. She really took a nosedive in 2018.

No. 646811

Most of her content is shit. I’ve seen 10-year olds with better editing skills…

“I’m getting healthier”. WTF. It’s not like she was sick with the flu…she CHOSE (and probably still does) drugs. And don’t go off on the “it’s a disease” crap. Initially it was a choice. HER choice. Say it like it is.

And not reading comments?! Seriously? That’s how you interact and communicate with your followers. It’s not like her care is all that great.

And bets on how long it takes for that house to be trashed. The people who approved her application had to be desperate. Sure glad they’re not living next to me!

No. 646812


She says this same exact shit every time she pretends she's making a comeback from her "mental health breaks." How does anyone believe a single word she writes?

How many videos has she even made in the past 6 months-year? I doubt it even averages to 1 a month at this point.

No. 646814

File: 1552872875729.jpeg (283.95 KB, 750x1133, 1548035697567.jpeg)


As much as I appreciate the much-needed self-reflection here…she's done this before (See pic)

…She's still in a relationship with a drug-abusing, women-beating rapist & pedophile.

Sorry Taylor, but as long as you keep supporting & promoting Jonny Craig, the amount of people supporting you is just going to keep getting smaller.

No. 646816

Her Twitter is back up.

No. 646817

“I’m with my animals and I know they’re ok”. Like you were with your skinks who DIED because they weren’t given water? Or the frog from malnutrition? And for goodness sake, if you’re gonna LIE about a situation…at least make it plausible. The electricity one had more holes than Swiss cheese!!

No. 646819

I'm so glad I'm not in the same neighbourhood as her, especially a nice gated neighbourhood. Lol. Can't imagine seeing a nice property get wrecked by these immature addicts.

She's made 29-30 videos over the past year, depending on how you want to measure it. She hasn't made any videos on YouTube since December, and she usually does them in small spurts.

That averages to 2.5 videos/month.

No. 646820


Fun fact: These tweets were written on January 20, BEFORE she admitted to her heroin use.

No. 646822

File: 1552873447935.jpeg (608.83 KB, 1242x1000, 90A72A18-D09D-4813-A4B9-9C15DF…)

Omg. Shows you how much of a fan this twat is…she thinks tay tay is the one with PW!!! Favorite YouTuber my shiny white one.

Um, no. Taylor is the one that comes up with anew disease/illness when it’s convenient!!

No. 646824

It is?
I'm not seeing her profile anywhere…

No. 646825


Nevermind, it's back up.

No. 646828

It's back up and so are all the tweets that led her to delete in the first place. Her argument with Colin is still there. Wonder how long until she deletes the ~negativity~

No. 646843

File: 1552880057647.png (173.63 KB, 710x410, Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 11.3…)

No. 646844

File: 1552880082044.png (509.97 KB, 728x786, Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 11.3…)

No. 646846


Back on twitter & already fucking lying smdh

No. 646847

File: 1552881184531.jpeg (110.98 KB, 750x1021, 465596DE-E881-430D-A27E-81BA14…)

They’re becoming more aware

No. 646848

Looks like she’s cleared all of the interaction with Colin.

No. 646851

File: 1552881968512.png (303.64 KB, 2048x1536, 7807C1C3-2989-4007-B2A2-304A8D…)

lots of stuff going down. priorities, taylor, priorities.

No. 646852

File: 1552882022802.jpeg (419.39 KB, 1123x828, 2C458C74-7941-417D-A092-E81032…)

Down to earth? Sweet? Talks to her fans and best of all…takes criticism? Are we talking about the same Taylor Nicole Dean?

The one I know of couldn’t tell the truth if it were written out for her! Every animals age is extended from actual. The comments on her most recent tweet are nauseating!

No. 646856

Someone needs to reply with the screenshots of her using over a year ago

No. 646857

File: 1552883608694.gif (1.73 MB, 480x270, download.gif)


So, she thinks she can come back onto Twitter, lie through her teeth to all of her fans AGAIN & get away with it?

No. 646858

We all knew she wasn’t going to get clean. She spent a few days at the clinic (which the selfies are highlighted as “outfits she likes” on ig.
She realized staying on drugs was easier than facing the shitty reality she created.
So I guess we just sit back, and watch the chaos unfold.

No. 646861

what about this past september, when you fell through on your promise of 4+ videos because "muh migraines", just for it to come out that it was actually because you were using heroin again?

No. 646863

File: 1552886335967.png (85.7 KB, 316x420, twit8.png)

No. 646864

File: 1552886726842.png (246.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190318-012351.png)


No. 646865


Imagine being so willing to blame yourself in order to protect Jonny fucking Craig…

No. 646868

Her immediately going back to ridiculous lies makes it obvious they are using with no plans to stop

No. 646869

File: 1552887244065.png (19.48 KB, 572x180, twit9.png)

>>"I didn't lie about using. I only started 4 months ago"

No. 646871

so now she's claiming she was using in November? Despite claiming before she "relapsed" in December? And relapsed in September? and obviously whenever Petfest was? as well as early 2018?

was she ever not using? wtf this girl just keeps adding to the timeline of her drug addiction and making herself look worse like she hasn't been clean for a year

No. 646872


Looks like she already deleted these tweets…

No. 646874

whoo boy. And the one about them breaking up if they can't stay sober together. I wonder if Jonny is telling her to delete them, or she's just realizing she's setting herself up for failure the moment they fuck up and post proof that they're still using. She's only been back a few hours and already strugglin

No. 646875


She really thought she could come back to twitter & play everyone all over again…

Sorry Taylor, this ain't Instagram where you can 'moderate' other people's comments!

No. 646876

60 days now, but I thought it was 90? oh wait it's been neither.

No. 646877

File: 1552889640278.png (123.89 KB, 274x532, insta40.png)

Just gotta throw some shade huh, Jonny?

No. 646878

not that I don't want her career to spiral and crash and her to rehome her animals, but GOD this girl has been back on twitter for 25 seconds and she can't even ignore the "hate" already, she's instantly back to lying and defending herself all waking hours.

A normal person would reactivate their twitter and ignore the drama, but Taylor likes setting herself on fire for attention.

No. 646886

> I only started using 4 months ago
> I Have an addictive personality and was about to relapse when I met him.

So, you’ve been doing it longer than 4 months or what, keep the story straight please

No. 646895


She talks to her fans, yet she just said that she wasn’t going to be looking at her YouTube comments anymore. Yes she’s sooo down to Earth smh.

No. 646899

She just can't help herself. The best thing she could have done is stayed off Twitter and just focused on releasing a video or two a month on YouTube and even then to not interact with comments. As soon as she starts to read and comment on any platform it all falls apart. She is a compulsive liar everytime she opens her mouth. At least it gives us something to talk about. She's a train wreck.

No. 646901


This is so rude and disrepectful. But hey, I bet the band is enjoying actually being interviewed by places that wouldn’t talk to them before because he was there. As well as not having people trying to get them banned from venues due to his past. Oh, and probably really enjoying not having the lead singer get arrested for smashing a mic as a hissy fit.

No. 646911


trying to make it sound like he chose not to go rather than being kicked out…

No. 646912

File: 1552914332137.png (359.47 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190318-235909.png)

Pretty sure a few people have and would say this shit publically if it weren't for you blocking and deleting every tiny bit of critism or judgement. Personally I think Taylor could easily redeem herself and become a better person, but not you Jonny. Oh How we all wait for the day she is not a part of your misery anymore! Shes not perfect but she's better off without you. I'm glad reading all this gets to you Jonny, because it wouldn't if you weren't guilty.

No. 646913

> Humble
Jonny, you flex your ugly $500 shoes all the damn time…

No. 646914

Even in that video he posted of himself furniture shopping, he couldnt help but walk straight to the mirror and show off his shoes, he's a straight up vain, self absorbed narcissist.

No. 646916

Jonny, you're just a cunt, an ugly excuse of a man who deserves every single bit of pain you've inflicted to others around you. You'll get what you deserve, I fucking hope so. Hope you burn in hell

No. 646917

Yeah karma will get me for posting an comment on an annoymous site, but not get him and Taylor for their laundry list. If you’re reading this Johnny, it’s better to be quiet. Every time you open your mouth you sound stupider and stupider.

No. 646920

Sure, Jonny, karma is not going to get you for raping multiple women, but it will sure get us for posting anonymously.

No. 646922

"Oh well, I know I can ignore that trash and focus on being happy"

Right Jonny, if that's the case why didn't you start doing that ages ago? Clearly it bothers the crap out of you, you basically just admitted it.

No. 646923


He should be more worried about what karma is going to do to him. Also, maybe he should stop throwing shade at the band and anyone else he feels is acceptable. He’s not some God that gets to decide who deserves something nasty said about them.

No. 646924

Jonny you probably don't want to mention karma. If karma is real it's definitely going to work against the pedophile who threatens to spread child porn and the compulsive lying animal killer, not us.

Hopefully they both end up in jail with all the animals rehomed. I call dibs on Nemo, I won't ignore his UTI until he needs to be in the animal hospital for days.

No. 646926


also you're sperging out a bit. people don't usually go to jail for being shit people.

No. 646927

People definitely go to jail for sharing child porn. And yes, collecting and spreading child porn makes you a pedo.

See >>646541

No. 646931

Most homes like that, especially if they're being handled via a realty mgmt. company, pretty sure they would force him to be on the lease. It's a bad idea to have a couple only put one person's name on the paperwork, especially when the rent is that high. Also easier if you have to evict them, like say if they use the home to breed dubia or feeder mice or what have you. If they rented privately and direct from the owner, maybe he could skip out. But that house was on every San Antonio realtor site.

I'd love to run into Taylor or Jonny, really. He's a manlet. What's he going to do with those stroppy arms and his multiple organ failures? Drool on someone?

No. 646934

>got to a point where I was like if everyone says I'm these things, why not try them.

That's an interesting way of looking at the cause and effect, definitely. It's all our fault. Right.

No. 646938

Y'all are beyond creepy. Cyber stalking Jonny and Taylor like this and saying untrue things about them qualifies as slander. Jonny is not a rapist and Chelsea is about as delusional as it gets, it's sad that so many of you that comment on here believe her lies.

No. 646939

O good their rapist defense army has arrived. Fuck off

No. 646946

How is looking at their public IG, stories, and Twitter, stalking them? That's what the majority of this website is.

No. 646953

File: 1552925483996.png (52.56 KB, 1500x1000, signs-of-autism-in-girls-26030…)

Buy a dictionary and look up the word slander, you window licker. Slander isn't written. That's libel. Not to mention that nothing is slander or libel if it's true.

No. 646961

Get recked, everything gathered here is public knowledge and not considered slander by definition, most of what's said here is true, especially when it comes to Jonny boy and there's evidence in the threads to prove most of it, the rest is reasonable speculation based on evidence and when someone goes to far it's quickly called out so don't have a meltdown over nothing slowflake.

No. 646965

Love how that tweet she's responding to had concerns about Jonny's role in Taylor's drug use and she completely ignored it

No. 646973

So everyone else who has spoken out against him is beyond delusional as well? Yeah, that's totally more likely than him just actually being garbage. Lolololol

No. 646974


Apparently the court system which granted a restraining order against JC is also delusional.

No. 646977

File: 1552931955974.jpeg (116.6 KB, 750x959, 1548383491916.jpeg)


'Booj', you got a big storm comin'

This is from one of Jonny's former associates.

No. 646980

File: 1552932613193.jpg (112.7 KB, 675x1200, Dx0dwDAWoAYS6ry.jpg)


His (former) dealer…

No. 646981

File: 1552932709690.jpeg (318.93 KB, 750x985, 1548508180256.jpeg)


…One of Taylor's friends…

No. 646984

File: 1552933097374.jpg (101.58 KB, 576x1024, Dx0YIWHWsAAAIQS.jpg)


…A woman who worked with one of Jonny's bands…

No. 646985

File: 1552933168122.jpg (141.64 KB, 675x1200, Dx0VPt5W0AAgy6o.jpg)


…Another close friend of Taylor's…

No. 646986

If you ever meet someone who's got a bad reputation and they tell you all their exes or ex friends are crazy, delusional, liars, run for the hills because chances are they're an abusive, manipulative and selfish cunt. That's what Jonny does, blames everyone else and calls them crazy despite multiple people coming forward including exes, fans, dealers, his own band members. Classic trait of a narcissist.

No. 646987

File: 1552933339110.jpg (119.5 KB, 675x1200, Dxw5UK5W0AM7FbD.jpg)

No. 646988

File: 1552933465817.jpg (114.62 KB, 826x1200, Dx0aj9eXQAA5Ztb.jpg)

No. 646989

File: 1552933729098.jpeg (222.43 KB, 1242x1865, 8D28B72E-B579-4B32-9CBA-14FCD5…)

don’t forget Taylor and Chelsea’s conversation from December 2017 where Taylor says she’s been smoking heroin

No. 646992

File: 1552934352000.png (343.2 KB, 708x550, taylorsdeletedtweets.png)


…And last, but definitely not least, Taylor herself.

No. 646996

File: 1552934650214.png (435.25 KB, 496x926, Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 2.41…)

I'm sure her animals are gonna love this feature of the house

also she's speaking in that drugged out baby voice in her IG stories, not sure if worth noting

No. 646998

i think shes just being silly, in a story after that one she talks somewhat normally. please download their stories with an app like storysaver and make it a webm if you think they are worth watching. some anons are blocked and its always good to archive this kinda shit imo

No. 647002

Why does Jonny still speak like he has no teeth? Idk but the way he talks bugs me.

No. 647003

Why all the old screenshots? We’ve seen all of those on previous pages back in January.

No. 647004


Just showing 'Booj' up there that Chelsea isn't the only one '''slandering''' Taylor & Jonny.

You wanna come in here & blame Jonny's exes for all this drama? You better be ready to blame Jonny's former band-mates & associates, Taylors close friends & family, and Taylor herself as well.

No. 647005

the only person that's gonna get buzzed in is the dealer, it's not like she has tons of friends?

No. 647008


Jonny already isolated her from most of them.

…Of course maybe 'The Help' (aka Betsy) will probably be the only one allowed to visit.

No. 647009

Is anyone interested in making an effortpost with receipts and just linking to it in the body of each new OP? I feel like spamming the thread with old news isn't very useful. We can onboard newfags in the same way and also have something to refer back to when needed, like the google docs about which pets are alive and which are dead.

No. 647018

That house is actually disgusting. The edges of the carpet are dirty, the shower Jonny shows in his IG stories has old dirty tile and peeling paint, the patio connecting to the guest room is not maintained. Very dated. Also her voice sounds cracked out again, plus those pictures of her wrist with Toast. And to anon who hates how Jonny talks, same fucking here. He has a weird “baby” voice also and it sends chills down my spine. Anyone notice his lolcow shoutout when he’s talking about the mirrors?

No. 647027

Watching Jonnys ig story made me sick to my stomach.

Since you clearly read here: what exactly are you contributing to this house? Are you just supplying the heroin? Because we all know your washed up ass has NO money and would NEVER be in a house like that if it wasn't for TAYLOR. You did nothing. This isnt a win for you, you succubus.

No. 647029

I really don't get people shitting on the house itself, I think it's stunning lmao (maybe bc I'm a UK fag and you'd never get a house like that here)

No. 647031


Doesn't matter what the house looks like now. It's just gonna turn to shit a few months after they move in.

No. 647033

Can you guys post pics or videos of what you're talking about please?

No. 647034

I'm with you, I like the house for the most part (don't like some interior design choices but the atrium is cool).
Taylor and Jonny are just idiots who decided to move into a house that's out of their budgets and is easily identifiable. And this anon >>647031 is absolutely correct, it's going to get disgusting once they live there.

No. 647036

Oh yeah, that baby voice is a dead giveaway. I had an ex that smoked H and he always had that stupid baby voice right after he left his high session in the bathroom. I hate that sound and it sends chills down my spine but they all have it!

Also agree the house is dirty, outdated and way overpriced. I don’t want to imagine how that already dirty carpet is going to look with all the animals housed in that room. They’ll have to tear the carpet out after J & T either move or get evicted.

No. 647037

File: 1552942971362.png (330.58 KB, 581x489, twit11.png)

No. 647038

File: 1552943152770.png (217.16 KB, 304x584, insta41.png)


Just a friendly reminder that all of the money she gets from her fans enables Jonny as well.

No. 647039

Can anyone see what that stuff is on her pinky finger?

No. 647040

File: 1552943174894.jpg (954.61 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190318-140457_Ins…)

Kiki just posted this on her insta story

No. 647043

Someone should quote tweet her with this screenshot. "Only been doing it 4 months" my ass.

No. 647044

File: 1552944647195.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 1FEFD77D-ACA5-442E-8AA5-A113D5…)

When a crap ton of girls say one dude did this or that to them it’s likely true.
P sure he is referencing the most recent girl

No. 647045


He can go on ahead & mind his own damn business.
Just let this self-sabotaging cyclone take his course.

No. 647046


Calm down, Taylor. You're RENTING a house with a drug addict that belongs on the sex offender registry list. Make sure you guys update the court system with the new address for that restraining order.

No. 647048

so we're all supposed to believe Taylor without question when she says Bree sexually assaulted rubbed up on her, but the multiple girls who have come forward about Jonny raping/beating them are all liars, no matter what they say or the restraining orders they obtained against him?

so much for believing the victims, taylor. you're despicable

No. 647053

File: 1552945903774.jpg (93.79 KB, 434x552, full.jpg)

No. 647054

wow, humiliating 11 and 12 year old girls and then laughing about it on twitter? this guy is such a fucking asshole wtf

No. 647055


Never forget that kids this age make up most of her fanbase.

No. 647056

File: 1552946500789.jpg (89.52 KB, 675x1200, D1-QNCSW0AAhJzi.jpg)

No. 647068

File: 1552948518510.png (33.79 KB, 586x232, twitter2.png)

No. 647076

Looks black and sticky. A little heroin to jump start the move, shall we?

No. 647080

And it's very easy for her to lie and say Jonny was just along to help her evaluate houses but isn't going to live with her. With a house that expensive they're going to do a background check and with his rap sheet, he wouldn't pass it.

No. 647081


For sure. Remember when he was only going to 'help her move into the apartment'?

No. 647089

According to Taylor's recent Instagram stories, she's going to have her 'Animal Room' upstairs…


No. 647093

She's got 4-5 bedrooms now but is going to cram them all in one room. How nice.

No. 647097

I like how Jonny goes from posting stuff like this, to passive aggressive stuff, then back to this… he's literally just repeating the same points over and over about how "happy" they are. Honestly if you have to stress to people how "happy" and how much "better" your life is than other people's, then you have a shitty life. If you have to push how great your relationship is almost 24/7, you have a bad relationship. Lmao Jonny is so hell bent on proving to everyone his life is better than everyone's, which is honestly just sad.

They are no doubt experiencing a high from this upgrade in their house. Sorry but that's a temporary fix, something that will only make you feel good for so long… Jonny still isn't out of the picture so she isn't really getting better. Let's be real.

I figured when she returned to Twitter especially, she would be very careful about what she says. But NOPE, she's ALREADY back to lying! It hasn't even been a fucking day. Good god, she never changes. This is why she isn't getting better. She is literally still the same lying POS she has been for years.
This relationship between the two of them is not going to end well. Unless Jonny ODs before they break up.

No. 647111

File: 1552953435076.png (44 KB, 584x366, kiki1.png)

No. 647113

File: 1552953504086.png (54.9 KB, 572x364, kiki2.png)



No. 647114

Of course, Kiki has to get her two cents in…

No. 647115

Jonny only started posting lovey Dovey shit when they got the house, he's sucking up Taylor's ass right now because of it but once this temporary fix wears off he'll go back to silence, and chatting up chicks behind her back because I'm sure that's what he does with how many new girls he's following each week. He doesn't care about her she's just a money deposit. I'm surprised nobodies asked her what Jonny's contributions will be since he's probably piss poor.

No. 647116

File: 1552954817598.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2645, Screenshot_20190318-201253.png)

From Taylor's instastory, am I dumb and these are leggings, or are these 2 new tattoos?

No. 647117

all the viewers… for the videos you haven't made in months.

No. 647119

Not defending Jonny but doesn’t Kiki have quite a few issues of her own?

No. 647120

Yes, she definitely does. She has countless threads here and on PULL.

No. 647121


Does it matter here? Jonny is obviously into girls with issues.

No. 647122

they certainly look like tats but what a weird placement.

does she follow back on insta, or do you have to have been a follower for a while?

No. 647123

She should have AT LEAST two animal rooms, one for reptiles and one for mammals. It would be constantly stressful for her rats/hedgehog(s) to live in the same room as their natural predators.

No. 647124

File: 1552956031685.webm (3.52 MB, 639x1136, 01-media-system.webm)

uploading webms of taylor's instagrams. jonny's arent interesting and I hate him so someone else can deal with that.

No. 647125

File: 1552956075709.webm (5.2 MB, 639x1136, 02-fountain.webm)


No. 647126

File: 1552956112450.webm (3.04 MB, 639x1136, 03-keys.webm)

keys and a bit of jonny

No. 647127

File: 1552956138255.webm (9.72 MB, 639x1136, 04-fountain.webm)

cleaning the fountain

No. 647128

File: 1552956178332.webm (3.07 MB, 639x1136, 06-animal-room.webm)

the future animal room

don't worry, this one seems to have a closet, too!

No. 647129

File: 1552956202935.webm (4.61 MB, 639x1136, 07-video-soon-guyz.webm)

last one. video coming soon u guyssss!

No. 647130

File: 1552956477588.jpg (36.37 KB, 436x812, skull_and_red_roses_tights_sho…)

They're tattoo tights. Looks like these ones.

No. 647133

Is she just wearing them wrong? The ones you posted have the roses and skills on the thighs, hers start just above her knees

No. 647134


She might have shorter legs.

No. 647135

She bought them a size too small, which is why they don't fit correctly.

No. 647138

These videos never play for me. Idk what I’m doing wrong.

No. 647139


why are we sperging about her tattoo tights?

how much do you wanna bet one of her animals is going to drown in the atrium fountain because she's too drugged up to watch them?

No. 647143

Don't know if you're on mobile or on a computer but, they never play for me on mobile try watching on your computer

No. 647144

File: 1552959461268.png (12.67 KB, 576x165, jcsparents.png)

Seems like his parents know exactly what kind of person he is.

No. 647152

Outdoor fountains require care or their filters will clog up and motors burn out. That thing's going to be nothing more than a pool of green scum as soon as it gets warm enough. Unless, of course, it's going to be Betsy's job to make sure it stays clean.

That atrium is so 70s looking and from the little I see in the videos, negatively affects the usable space inside the house. It's sad they're after features they can flex about rather than ones which are practical. Oh well. Not my house.

No. 647153

thank you anon for posting the webms!!

No. 647158

File: 1552962819491.png (342.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190318-223241.png)

honestly, with Taylor's "I have no human friends in Texas" tweet, I doubt Betsy has anything to do with her anymore, paid labor or not. I sure wouldn't want this rape-and-pedophilia apologist around my child.

No. 647161

Except his parents raised him, so…? Unless he was born evil, he must have had some kind of fucked upbringing to possess so much hatred towards women. Nature vs nurture debate I guess

No. 647188

That's the first thing you learn in psychology, it's not either/or, it's both. So he could have been born disposed to being an asshole, and his parents could have potentially fostered it, it's really a null point unless we could do a full analysis on him and his parents.

No. 647236


hi jonny. break up with taylor and go inject into your neck

No. 647255

File: 1553004493285.png (349.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1162.PNG)

some jonny tea was spilled in my fb group just now

No. 647256

File: 1553004516274.png (678.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1163.PNG)

No. 647257

File: 1553004552583.png (644.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1164.PNG)

No. 647258

there's more of the convo but its mostly nothing..they dated apparently. and he said he was using a trap phone.

No. 647259

What's the time frame of these?

No. 647260

File: 1553004754196.jpg (135.88 KB, 750x1334, Image-1.jpg)

No. 647261

File: 1553005132825.png (292.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1174.PNG)

No. 647265

this must be the jenna or whatever taylor was telling chelsea about in those texts

No. 647276

File: 1553008653411.png (238.05 KB, 328x625, Capture.PNG)

No. 647280

he's been doing nothing but talk about his comeback, now that he realizes people are expecting it of him he suddenly isn't going to do anything. classic.

No. 647281


Both him & Taylor are all-hype.

Remember the livestream she promised back in Nov/Dec?

Remember 'Serpentember'?

Remember Cheese's Necropsy results?

Shall we place bets on how long it'll take for her to edit her "Moving-in" video?

No. 647282

she's always been like that, even in the little ways. her animal care mistakes video was, what, two hours late? let's not forget the apology video she was supposed to make for the whole dragon fiasco

No. 647286

File: 1553010262024.png (267.13 KB, 722x406, rep1.png)


Yeah, and when she does deliver it's very skeevy and/or underwhelming.

I just remembered Repzilla's interesting analysis of her 'apology' letter to South Texas Dragons.

No. 647288

Is this the 17 year old Taylor was telling Chelsea about in texts??

No. 647290

File: 1553011386990.png (328.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190319-115922.png)

another example of Taylor not knowing shit about taking care of cats: just tossed them into an unfamiliar environment without any adjustment period. typically it's recommended to keep them in one closed room for a day so they know they have a safe space they can return to that is their territory. but poor outdoor cat Star feels unsafe in a new, large, open house, and Jonny finds it annoying that she's insecure.

also their house appears to have no doors separating the rooms, so of course it would be difficult to properly acclimate a cat, unless keeping them in the bathroom or closet.

No. 647300

Anyone find it a little weird that Taylor hasn’t shown her face since posting again on IG and Twitter? No tits out, cheap lingerie selfies for her family friendly brand?

No. 647304


Well, she is in the middle of moving…

No. 647310

And? She’s had plenty of time to get her nails done and take videos but her is always missing

No. 647314

her face is probably picked as fuck, before she disappeared after her initial reappearance she was whining about how ugly she feels, and how she wants to go back to looking pretty

No. 647320

I have been thinking about this. She posted what, 3? selfies in the clinic (and nothing more on behalf of her or Johnny and because they’re so hellbent on proving everybody wrong I feel it in my absolute heart that they would’ve posted more had they actually gone)
gal has relatively new track marks, gets on twitter (which tinfoil again but i feel like she got high and thought it might be a good idea)
and lies her ass off.
She will not get clean as long as Johnny is around (I know this has been said so many times before) and she’s definitely not clean now. She went from posting selfies constantly, to nothing. I know she’s moving now, but we know damn well Taylor’s selfie posting self would be flexing her hideous outfits in one of the bathroom mirrors.
It’s all tinfoil, but for good reason.

No. 647336

Agreed. This is major tinfoiling but I also wonder if sometimes Jonny gets a little violent and leaves even a small mark on her. She bruises easy so it would be obvious. I can see him “trying” to get clean, going through withdrawals, being verbally violent and pushing her around in some way physically, then using and then lovebombing her to make up for it. She is so vain and obsessed with the attention from others that I just can’t see why she would suddenly not show any of herself/her face (besides her nails).
They’re both definitely using, they just are so hellbent I’m making it seem like they’re better because they’re upgrading to a bigger house… I still don’t understand how to then, that = getting better and making progress. They didn’t even buy a house like was said all along. Poor Jonny must be upset he flexed that they were looking into BUYING million dollar houses, lmao what a joke. They’re renting a place that costs fifty thousand dollars a year, only to never own it. That doesn’t equal progress and getting better…
I can’t beleive she already lied her ass off on Twitter. She hasn’t changed one bit

No. 647339

I’m guessing she won’t show her face because she picks at her skin when she does drugs. She probably has some gnarly scabs she doesn’t want the world to see. The picture she posted on Twitter on 01/17/19 was really bad, you could see all the scabs. My guess is she’s gotten worse.

No. 647340

I’ve been keeping up with JC for years. They likely are sober right now and will continue to be so for a while. Everything will be great, they will thrive, and swear they are happier than ever. Then, the crash will happen. JC will likely be coming back to Twitter soon. He usually does during the highs, and when he leaves, that’s when you know things are starting to crash privately.

No. 647342

Chelsea said that whenever Jonny is in withdrawal he just turns into a whiny pussy that wants to be taken care of though

No. 647343

Taylor… she's crying. Cats cry like that when they're distressed. Maybe address your pet's needs instead of joking about how you want to be away from her

No. 647346


That's Jonny's Instagram story, not Taylor's.

No. 647358

Came to say this. Hence all the “hahahahahaha”s

No. 647363

Then… why are there new track marks on Taylor's hand? And zero mention of the clinic, despite posting it the first few times?
I have a hard time believing they are sober. Especially because they're both so obsessed with emphasizing how "sober" they are..

No. 647370

If they were still going to the clinic, they would be posting about it. 100%. They take every opportunity to show how "sober" they are. They're not going anymore.

No. 647372

also Jonny's obvious attempt at covering the nightstand in his IG story, also their stupid drugged-out baby voices and the injection point posted here just two days ago

No. 647373

On my iPad. Thanks I’ll try my computer.

No. 647374

They most definitely did not go back to the clinic after those first couple days lol. That was all for show

No. 647390

File: 1553045294932.png (376.85 KB, 844x508, insta49.png)

No. 647395

File: 1553046215842.jpg (45.82 KB, 640x480, Taylor-Nicole-Dean.jpg)


Taylor gets her nails done, Jonny gets his hair bleached, they both look just like they did when they first met.
Looks like they're gonna start all over again!

Let the facade begin!

No. 647401

File: 1553048176077.png (332.36 KB, 800x488, insta51.png)


>>"Had the privilege of colouring this gentleman's hair"

No. 647406

His hair is almost the color of his skin. He looks like a giant thumb with a beard.

No. 647407


ngl this hair color makes him look 10 years older

No. 647413

ugh every pic I see of him, my only thought is “damn this is what Taylor’s fucking?” Like she willingly ruined her life for this ugly ass piece of trash.

No. 647431

what popped out to be if it was 2010 when she worked w/ him he would still be with DGD (dance gavin dance) around that time. the guys in DGD saw how he was treating this girl more likely. i feel as if DGD has been silent on jonny's behavior unlike the slaves guys have. DGD's in their prime but they def have to know more then what's lead on.

No. 647432

No way in hell they're sober that quickly, especially when Jonnys been using for years. They havent even talked about any type of withdrawal or other pain that theyre feeling (probably now since theyre gona read this). Theres no more clinic photos or even any mention of it but all talk about how they're sober. Lol they're treating their problems and life in general as if anything is one day delivery. I hope having to deal with the upkeeps of a house will slap em to reality but im sure their life is gona go down hill even more because its basically Taylor thats paying for EVERYTHING and shes not even working.

No. 647435

File: 1553061005862.jpeg (187.14 KB, 750x449, EE26FE93-46DC-4745-9481-DE4219…)

Totally sober guys

No. 647441


looks like she deleted that retweet lmao

No. 647442

It's not a retweet, it's a liked tweet. It's still in her likes. Also, I searched her name to find her profile (too lazy to type it in) and there are lots of negative tweets in the search. In particular, the people responding to the tweet from >>646822 and setting her straight made me laugh. Taylor really fucked up. I can't imagine she actually thinks she can come back from this unscathed.

No. 647447

File: 1553069479343.jpeg (317.11 KB, 1242x2208, FF5A4D86-E740-43B6-BD8A-5C4D19…)

No. 647462

File: 1553089310730.jpeg (250.88 KB, 1112x1061, A3332FCD-3D56-4892-A7E0-28430C…)

No matter how much money she has or how she can afford them she doesn’t have the time for them, there’s only 24 hours in a day and some of them require hours away from their cage each day.

No. 647472

File: 1553094943501.png (2.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-111309.png)

now she has… allergies to food? celiac is an autoimmune disorder, not an allergy. (which she definitely doesn't have, she may be gluten intolerant, but celiac is way more serious than she treats her condition) you would think she would know the difference considering how often she uses it to get out of shit.

No. 647481

The hair stylists bought and decorated a cake just for Jonny Craig and Taylor Dean and then surprised them with it at JC’s hair bleaching appointment. Sure, Jan. If they lie about a lame ass decorated cookie, they you know they’ll lie about anything. Textbook junkies.

No. 647482


i think you're tinfoiling, that's a lot of work for a lie that doesn't benefit them at all. They probably have friends that work at the salon.

No. 647484

I’m listening to JC’s interview with scene daddy, and he made it 4 minutes and 50 seconds into the interview before mentioning his exes lol

No. 647485

lmao what did he say about them? can you write a post about what he talks about when youre done?

No. 647486

why does that just look like raw cookie dough?

No. 647487

File: 1553101407238.png (242.89 KB, 590x592, twitt.png)

Boy, I hope SLAVES is listening to this shit, especially @colin_vieira

No. 647493


Seconded, a transcript or a quick rundown would be appreciated.

No. 647497


He mentioned at barely 1 minute in that he was done with Texas girls when he broke up with his ex.
then around 4:10 the host says "you mentioned … your girlfriend has a lot of animals, are you an animals guy in general?"
>"uhm yeah I mean I've always been. Anyone can tell you man, I've owned like, I've owned cats and obviously you know, breaking up with girlfriends they take the cat. course they try to act like I abandoned them and shit. but if I had the opportunity they wouldn't let me take them. so I don't know why they talk shit. but uh yeah, they wouldn't let me take them even if I wanted to, so they just talk shit for nothing but uh - I love animals"

No. 647498

Holy shit hes psychotic

No. 647501


oh wow so sincere

No. 647502

Ahh, yes. A nice cat lover will always threaten to flush one down a toilet when provoked.

No. 647506

He also admitted he was only like 45 days sober…

No. 647509

File: 1553108130819.png (129.4 KB, 346x432, insta53.png)

No. 647510

I have nothing to do rn soooo:(this starts where the other anon left off)
Johnny says in the interview he's gonna do yt videos and twitch lmao
Admits he isn't doing anything at all rn
Talks about his "sobriety"
Had tours set up already and relapsed on the acoustic? Tour in California (anyone remember anything at that time?)
Band said to him every time he has problems in his life its the bands problem
Says he actually feels bad about the way he messed the bands life up (not to wk but this did sound kina genuine)
"every other tour I've relapsed"
"I'd be sober for like 3 months and then I'd relapse again"
Trying really hard not to admit Taylor's an addict too
Johnny says Taylor said (when the band broke up) come home well get YOU clean
"I think I made the right choice I hope I made the right choice" lmao
"Just wanna work on being sober wanna hit the 90 days mark I'm about halfway there" (how long have they been claiming to be sober?)
Slipped that Taylor does/did drugs
Uwus about how he had nobody to talk to
Says he's in a program at
road to rehab company
Talked 3 or 4 times to a therapist over Skype
Corrects himself he talks to him ALL the time
Had the therapist flown out and he supposedly stayed 2 weeks with them?!?( don't know if I understood him wrong cuz this sounds mental but his voice is horrible and mumbly)
They're both on medication that helps them stay clean
The therapist brought them to the clinic
Goes to the clinic 2 times a week supposedly
Keeps rambling bout the same crap

OK im done listening to this shit but I think I got everything that's somehow relevant
(I know we know most of this already but just for the record I guess also sorry didn't know how to make that shit green)

No. 647511

i feel like this could be tinfoiling or whatever but she truly does not look comfortable at all, being pulled so close to jonny like that. she looks terrified, and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. the way he's got his hand around her makes it feel even worse.

No. 647512

lmao if they were smart they would have taken pictures at the clinic every day they were there, but spread out posting them. too bad taylor felt like "flexing" her outfits every goddamn day

No. 647513


He said he relapsed "Every tour" then later says he relapses "Every-other tour" So take what you will from that…

No. 647515


He says he isn't shit-talking them, but literally says in the interview:

“I’m not here to put anybody down. I wish the band the best. They have been talking so much shit but i mean whatever if they wanna act like that they can. They’re adults they will get over it. They will figure it out”

No. 647528

No. 647531


>A single > makes text green, thank you for the summary anon!

Didn't they post pics of going to the movies with his therapist and people were tinfoiling it was probably just their dealer? Either way that's so fucking weird. A Skype "therapist" that flies in to see superhero movies with you.

No. 647545

File: 1553120160139.png (124.04 KB, 490x468, fb2.png)

SLAVES co-founder Colin's only reaction to the interview so far…

No. 647549

File: 1553121245303.png (227.1 KB, 520x388, fb4.png)


>>"it's not shit talking"

>>(Says former band-mates have been talking shit in the same interview)

No. 647569

It makes no sense that they'd fly in a therapist to stay with them. Therapists are supposed to stay out of their clients' lives, can't accept gifts from them or become friends. Whoever they appearently got to live with them is not a licensed therapist.

No. 647571

I wonder if ours a BetterHelp therapist lol

No. 647572

He looks like a pedo in that picture what the heck is he wearing

No. 647576

Apparently Jonny & Taylor are gonna start a Twitch channel, according to the interview…

No. 647580

Not surprising. They basically want a "job" that doesn't actually require working or effort. Taylor will get her tits out and be a Twitch thot and Jonny will handle the donations.

No. 647589


I thought this was a photo of the NZ shooter.

No. 647590

ooh, can't wait for all the unedited slip ups and stories that won't match up

No. 647592

Honestly they'd definitely only do it for the donations they would get… as if they have some kind of real passion or desire to stream. No full control over angles, what happens, unedited raw footage of them? It would be awful. She'd probably go full Twitch thot for sure and just go for the donations.
Also imagine the guilt she could pull on her younger fans, "all the money you donate would go to my animals! So they can live a better life! So please please donate to us!"

No. 647601

They've been saying this for months. Doubt it will ever happen.

No. 647606

Who would have known a couple Skype sessions could keep someone sober!

No. 647613


Everything supposedly involved in their outpatient rehab sounds sketchy as fuck.

No. 647624

wtf is up with her nose?? It’s so pointed

No. 647628

Is this an old pic or recent? I assumed you posted this from when they first started dating but I literally can't tell. All I was going by was Jonny's hair roots

No. 647631


This is an old pic from when they first got together.

No. 647637

>that snake escaping while the house screams

No. 647640

File: 1553150778170.jpg (358.03 KB, 1176x1499, dave-sherman.jpg)

It's the same guy he's been fooling around with over Skype, on and off for ages. Road to Rehab = Dave Sherman
They posted about going to the movies together >>641011 so they definitley hung out in person.

No. 647641

File: 1553151039147.jpg (313.06 KB, 1254x1613, dave-sherman2.jpg)

He probably has made decent money over the years traveling around and staying with musicians one on one. I can totally see Taylor paying him to come out for two weeks and keep Jonny's shooting up to a minimum. It probably involves some wonderfully delicate enabling.

No. 647665

I usually lurk but TND’s most recent post already shows animal cruelty.


You aren’t supposed to touch any species of frogs with bare hands, especially dry bare hands. It harms the frogs skin, and frogs generally don’t like handling in the first place.

The frog also looks kind of stressed, I’m not a frog expert but thats what people have been saying

No. 647666

can you post a picture? I'm blocked

No. 647668

That isn't her frog, but yeah as an 'animal educator'she should know better than sharing videos that clearly show defensive behaviour from the frog.

No. 647675


I'd like to see it because it would be a shit show. What would they even stream? Games? There are thousands of streamers who are both good at games AND entertaining. Twitch is becoming a very competitive industry. These two would flop hard in any gaming section.

Just chatting or IRL? So Taylor is moderately attractive, but let's be real. There are girls on Twitch who know how the game works and with JC in her stream, it just drives away the male preteens who would be her main audience. She's not hot enough to be twitch thot, sorry Tay.

Basically if Taylor's too lazy for Youtube, she's too lazy for streaming.

No. 647699

This streaming plan stinks of JC, pushing Taylor to use her remaining fans to get himself his own YouTube channel or a twitch account. So he can make money without leaving his drug haven. He’s quite good at masking his selfishness with fake concern for her. “Hey babe, don’t go see Elijah Daniel, David Sherman is coming to see us.” “Hey babe, why do your own thing and post animal videos when you can be on twitch and help me.”

No. 647704

The fact that they didn’t even want to go to inpatient (sorry I don’t buy the “it’s too expensive” shit)
should be enough evidence that they have no real desire to get clean.
They want to make a show long enough to make it seem like they’re getting clean, until people stop talking about it. But the reality is, people aren’t going to stop talking about it. Shooting up is a BIG deal. Killing off your animals because of your negligence while doing so is a BIG deal.

No. 647706

Its a video originally posted by Underground Reptiles lol. My buddy works for them..BUT everyone hates them too…Cuz theyre deep into the wild caught catch and resell game. BUT im 100% sure thats where the video came from originally.

No. 647707

If she makes more than 16k/month like she claimed then the "too expensive" excuse for not doing inpatient is absolute fabrication.

No. 647713

File: 1553199950914.jpeg (405.21 KB, 2208x1242, 238F412F-B3E5-4E70-9783-2CF538…)

What a tacky ass ugly couch kek.

No. 647715

Their couch clashes with the carpet so terribly… is it velvet? Looks like it’s going to be stain city in that house

No. 647716

It fits their ugly outdated house perfectly. Fucking ugly

No. 647718

What a thoughtful gift for the cats! I'm sure they'll have an amazing time tearing it to shreds.

No. 647719

they have no taste. tacky 70's architecture, gross carpet, gross everything and now a velvet couch, yikes

No. 647720

She has to be close to broke. They spend money like water. Where I come from, when you move in you pay first and last month, plus security. Even if the place is pet-friendly, pet deposit is usually half the rent. Add this tacky ass couch that they probably bought at an overpriced chain and we're already looking at about 18k for this month alone. That's just dumb, sorry. She is running out of time quickly and you know she has nothing set aside for a possible dry spell w/r/t youtube.

Just wow.

No. 647721

how can she post something like this as a joke? this is pretty awful. she should really know better at this point

this is the video for anyone who can't watch it

No. 647727

the heroin den is coming along nicely

No. 647731


Her account is public. You can see it in a browser.

No. 647744


usually i'd think something like this is nitpicky, but holy shit that couch is hideous. guess money can't buy class.

No. 647748

That house looks like something from The Sims or GTA and not in a good way.

No. 647758

Wasn't the house listed as pre-furnished?

No. 647759

No, that was another house of better quality anon found for half the price and furnished. Meaning they're wasting all this money furnishing a crappy huge expensive house they don't need because Taylor is obsessed with flexing about the atrium.

No. 647760


Irrelevant. Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, regardless of their past issues or problematic activities. She's a victim, we don't attack her for that.

No. 647799

I screen recorded and tried to upload her story with the couch because I can’t figure out wtf she’s saying after “got the couch put in”. It won’t upload to here and imgur deletes the audio. Anywhere else I can upload to figure out what in the world she’s saying?

No. 647809

Aside from her own safety, the fact that he even in the past threatened to harm her animals freaks me out.

I've been working in DV and the amount of abuse and animal killings related to DV is crazy and horrific.

No. 647811

old video i just watched.

at the very end of this she shows a clip of cheese and the saltwater tank spitting bubbles because the sump ran out of water.

the evaporation must been at it for a while for a sump to run dry, unless I am misunderstanding her.

No. 647814

No. 647815

Wow.by the end of all their expensive furnishing, their interier will look like a weird grandma is living there.

He’s 32 that thinks and speaks like a dropout higherschooler. Taylor must be so happy to be dating a “bad boy.” She must think that he’s a lost soul and she’s there to save him as if their life is a romantic movie. She lacks so much common sense and self awareness, tbh it’s fun to watch 2 dumb people choose to mess up their