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No. 1702244

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No. 1702248

can we just link the last 10 threads or something? there are so many old threads now that it’s annoying to scroll past them all

No. 1702252

god rooms like these are so tacky. do these people have to remind themselves every morning they're "kweer"? being a tranny is not a personality trait

No. 1702253


No. 1702255

lol kinda reminds me of Chris Chan needing that Sailor Moon poster to stay straight

No. 1702257

File: 1668714891583.jpeg (314.3 KB, 636x474, 3CBE79C2-E183-44A5-BE9D-C000F4…)

anyone else catch the irony here?

No. 1702269

ayrt, no need to apologize, i don't see why it's impossible. was just curious what stood out to you. sorry for the derail

No. 1702274

File: 1668716710389.jpg (129.49 KB, 804x972, FhvPO5IXkAAiVRk.jpg)

Always such rage towards others (read: women) from the people who claim being unkind to them kills them

No. 1702277

"Meta_Titty_Lover" it's seemingly impossible to find a troon posting on Reddit that hasn't chosen a disgusting coomer hentai username

No. 1702280

File: 1668717269989.webm (13.15 MB, 320x568, 2tBYajVZVYLxPClA.webm)

its like they don't realize the reason so many trans-rights activist got arrested was cause they were actively trying to assault people, were disturbing the peace, throwing liquids at women, while the "evil terfs" were being civil and protesting in their own lane, they didn't have to do anything or bribe anyone, the TRAs lost by acting absolute degenerates with no sense of optics

No. 1702290

File: 1668717646190.png (63.98 KB, 171x174, team reality.png)

>blatantly transphobic signs
reality is transphobic kek

No. 1702293

File: 1668717874507.jpeg (342.48 KB, 828x1167, DBF6231C-2DAF-4EDA-B2C4-FBB7FA…)

Ode to TERFs showed up for me, not as funny as Camp Trans or Trans Museum but kek nonetheless.
Such an interesting fixation on 90’s TERFs with the Michfest and “spelling ‘women’ incorrectly”. Maybe she’s mad no one hooked up with her at Michfest back in the day because she looks like Augustus Gloop.

No. 1702295

>intrusive thoughts
People always act like psychiatrists and other doctors gatekeeping psychiatric and medical terminology is unreasonable, but they do it because of shit like this. The majority of people can't be trusted with these words, because they just start wildly misusing them to suit their own personal agenda, especially narcs and males (a Venn diagram that is almost just a circle). You don't have "intrusive thoughts," you're just a violent misogynist.

No. 1702300

Ode to Troons:
you're full of shit
and everyone totally knows it
Icharus was a dude, too

No. 1702301


No. 1702304

the thread pic is perfect, i still can’t believe they let that sea monster win KEK

No. 1702305

>Spell women incorrectly
You know damn well why early feminists did that. "Women" as a word implies we're a secondary version of males, and disliking that is perfectly reasonable.
>mourn michfest
Btw Dana Rivers is going to jail, but he might be going to women's prison, even though he violently murdered 3 people (two lesbians and their son) unprovoked, just for attending a feminist event. It took several years for the verdict to be reached because society doesn't care about women, especially not lesbians, and the court was intent on trying to protect your precious murderer moid.

No. 1702312

File: 1668718986368.png (85.57 KB, 368x472, Fetching Keffals.png)

ode to troons, in the style of old school /b/

Troon, troon, total loon,
Filthy, pervert, stinking goon
Pedophile, troons out kids
His T level's on the skids
Cancel culture, hates the farms
He's a vulture, and he harms
Boys and girls who get the chop
And the rates of birth will drop
Shows up to protests fit to fight,
But he blames TERFs for his plight.
"Lesbians won't suck my dick,
The transphobes, they make me sick!
It's your fault we like incels speak,
And you have no right to peak:
The ladies rooom, the school board soon,
You'll all bow down to the dickless troon."

No. 1702317

>you can join us or become extinct
As long as women are under attack for trying to exist and gain much needed protections, radical feminism won’t go extinct. It may change some, but there’s a reason it’s only been growing in popularity the more women are sexualized, mocked, and essentially cosplayed. To be honest, I would have never found radical feminism or read more radfem theory were it not for TiMs and their aggressive predatory nature and hatred for women. They do all the heavy lifting when it comes to destroying their own goals and revealing their true intentions.

No. 1702318

Couldn’t delete so wanted to add. I know the poem is from a TiF but we all know who really controls the trans narrative. It’s not the people who were born female.

No. 1702321

Brought a tear to my eye – thank you, Mr. Lucas!

No. 1702322

ok, i’m joining you, i declare myself nonbinary. now what? gender is still not real, and sex still is.

No. 1702325

same, anon, I wasn't really interested in feminism let alone radfem and was more verging on being a tradthot until I started to learn the extent of the tranny menace and did some reading and thought "hey, these women have a point on a bunch of stuff" so…thanks troons, I guess?

No. 1702336

this whole thing has really highlighted the importance of sex as a class, solidarity with other women and that we will never have to stop fighting for our rights. the virtual world tries to disembody us and make us forget about our material reality but it's not something we can identify out of. erase the meaning of "women" and you erase our ability to fight against oppression. more and more women will start to realise this, when reality will inevitably come crashing down. and of course it will be the most vulnerable women who will be hit the hardest. only when it really starts inconveniencing women at the top, will things change, I suspect.

No. 1702339

I mentioned this in the previous thread, but due to their ideological roots, they believe what they consider "progressiveness" will always win out in the end, and that anyone against progressiveness is simply a reactionary who will never succeeded, its almost absurd how sure of themselves they are

No. 1702346

If trannies were supposedly always accepted and existed before colonization, why would supporting trannies be a "new world"

No. 1702347

>was more verging on being a tradthot
nonna don't tell on yourself like that. the right is just as bad (if not worse) as the left with their view of women as private property. I'm sorry but right wing women should not be welcome on this thread (this also goes to stonetoss anon - kindly fuck off).
Yes, I hate trannies and I hate the blatant misogyny displayed by their larping as their idea of what women are. but I also would never agree with any male vaguely leaning on the right- this is just a talking point they co-opt because it's relevant right now. watch them drop it like a hot potato once push comes to shove.

No. 1702348

before peaking, I was fully convinced that women and men were physically and psychologically exactly the same (I was very naive and young), and if that wasn’t the case, then that must mean women were inferior. Troons showed me the complete opposite. A man can’t become a woman; the more he tries, the more spectacularly he fails. And women are far from inferior to men, we’re actually the pillar of society.

No. 1702349

i like to go for walks at night and the number of rainbow and trans flags in peoples rooms is disturbing. i can see them through their open windows just in case anyone was wondering.

No. 1702351

NTA The only requirements for the board is XX, you don't need to be or believe anything else. She said she "used to be bordering on tradthot" until she listened to your viewpoints and agreed with them, and you're gonna say women like her should get lost before they even have a chance? After the last thread had multiple women in it who said reading the TiM threads peaked them and got them reading radical feminist literature? It's probably not a great idea to say women who disagree with you aren't welcome, unless you want to lock them out of becoming gender critical.

No. 1702352


I really wish the gen z ones would consider for 5 seconds that we already know what intense discomfort with your body feels like. We just weren't taught that that discomfort is your entire identity for life and were able to grow up and let it pass. They think we are all left shocked and speechless because we've never seen anything like this before and it's their job to educate everyone on gender. It's the exact opposite, a billion mundane dramas re-framed as a personal holocaust. "I feel uncomfortable in the shower now that I'm going through puberty." Yes, teenager. We know you.

No. 1702354

File: 1668722345422.jpg (66.35 KB, 946x2048, Fhy3o0sWYAQ1TCy.jpg)

This nasty bloke makes me want to alog daily, he KEEPS comparing troons to jews literally nonstop

No. 1702356

Agree 100%

No. 1702359

absolutely beautiful nonna thank you

No. 1702361

ayrt. I'm pro-women first and foremost. and yes that includes anti rw "bordering on trad". wtf does that even mean? so you and your rw retard nigel shit on trannies together? wow, such win for feminism.

No. 1702363

>I'm sorry but right wing women should not be welcome on this thread
please relax nona, it'll be okay, we won't hurt you lol

No. 1702365

kys retard

No. 1702367

we might as well welcome moids too then. but yeah you sound retarded, fuck off.

No. 1702368

File: 1668723157269.jpeg (477.22 KB, 1170x914, 5DECF3F6-B8E9-49F0-8198-E6CB23…)

troon child therapist, I’m scared for those children…

No. 1702371

you’re so real for this anon. i hate trannies but i can’t get into feminism at all because tolerant progressive women is the reason we have the tranny menace in the first place. radfems are a laughingstock in the real world and have no political influence so i’m not gonna support them either. i don’t feel right wing but i guess i must be because everything else is more retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1702372

makes me want to a-log too, so bad. literally just a mediocre white guy with very conservative views about women, scrounging for crumbs of fame and attention.

No. 1702373

I think new burger nonitas forget not everyone is from USA. In some places there isn't even "left or right" wing, we just despise what is happening to our spaces being invaded by delusional males.

No. 1702374

you should also kys retard

No. 1702375

nta but ew you sound like a moid

No. 1702376

i bet you supported trannies last year

No. 1702378

fuck off tranny

No. 1702379

I read this in an indian accent for some reason

No. 1702382

You could've asked her what that means instead of telling her to get lost.
Personally, I put women's safety from troons above hating troons in the specific way I prefer. If right-wingers are going to ban trannies from going into women's bathrooms, that's a win imo. If a tranny-supporter says that most trannies are safe but enough trannies are dangerous to prevent them going in women's changing rooms, that's a win imo. If tranny-only shelters and bathrooms are set up as a third option and they're banned from women's versions, that's a win imo. It's not my ideal win, but it protects women in the meantime so we can at least pee in peace while we fight for our rights in other areas.

No. 1702385

I'm that anon and what I literally meant was what I said: that I was more accepting of patriarchal views of women before I read radfem literature and it was the trans issue that caused me to read that literature. It's not that deep and you can fuck right off if you want me to fuck off, I've been posting next to you for a goooood length of time and you get this triggered by me mentioning a perspective I used to have? Chill. I'm not gonna get into any other political issue because this isn't the place for it, but in terms of tradthottery what I mean is my getting peaked on the tranny issue peaked me on other sex-related issues, so all you're doing is perpetuating stereotypes of hostile "feminazis."

No. 1702386

they truly believe in the idea of a "right side of history"

No. 1702389

we shouldn't be arguing with libs nona, but it's true that they seem to forget conservatives were at the forefront of keeping trannies out of female bathrooms over a decade ago at this point, way before "terfs" even had a presence in public discourse.

No. 1702390

File: 1668724009507.png (725.05 KB, 965x514, cheat.png)

Moid who was 72nd on boy's track team takes first place on girl's cross-country team at Seattle Academy. bleak af right now for young, female athletes.

No. 1702391

File: 1668724070279.jpeg (798.76 KB, 1170x1448, DEBFAF6A-5256-4F37-A01A-7ED552…)

stop derailing lets laugh at trannies

No. 1702393

>pepper sauce
I want to a log. It's hot sauce you fucking male buffoon

No. 1702394

based conservative tweeter blacking out all the females and face-doxing the troon lmao and yes, this comes from @libsoftiktok per the watermark, the narrative about the 14yo with the scrotes in her bathroom last thread came from Tucker, I'd wouldn't be surprised if the ugly Indian boy in a dress in the OP wasn't publicized by a right-winger…wanting to ally with the right over tranny issues doesn't mean we all have to start putting on the bonnet for the abortion issue or anything else, they are the only ones with platforms to criticize troons, you can't hardly do it on left wing platforms (I have seen a small handful of TERFy articles on CounterPunch but they do entertain weird perspectives from time to time, good luck finding it in any regular left-wing publication other than exclusively GC ones and who the fuck reads those other than people who are GC already.)

No. 1702395


TRAs have always wanted to fight the right wing because they don't want people opposed to all the other racist or corporatist shit they do to have an alternative. The reason JK Rowling is succesful and their biggest target is because she shows a path where TRAs get frozen out of both the left and right wing.

Make no mistake if this is allowed to just be another left right culture war it will just be frozen that way forever.

No. 1702397

>takes mediocre thing and makes it very hot
he looks x100000000 worse as a tranny though. i swear these men develop reverse body dysmorphia. they go from below average or normal men to comically absurd looking fake women whose proportions look so uncanny valley and bizarre, yet they somehow think they glowed up.

No. 1702399

you know what conservatives were also at the front row of? stopping women's access to abortion and other sexual health care.

No. 1702400

>bleak af right now for young, female athletes.
at my old high school they put the names of sports record holders on the outside of the gym, some of them go back to the 70's, i hate to think that one day that wall will be nothing but men and all those records that women held will be forgotten because of this. very bleak indeed.

No. 1702401

to me i think it solidified moids' belief that the standard is to be male and to be female is to accessorise yourself into becoming one. long hair, feminine clothing and bright colors dont necessarily automatically make you look better but their coombrain agp will never be divorced from reality. sad.

No. 1702402

he kind of looked like jake gyllenhaal before and now is a hideous freak. porn sickness is sad.

No. 1702404

These freaks are going to kill someone sooner or later, but are really good at keeping the positive press rolling in (except for the extensive documentation of their fuckery on Kiwi Farms)

No. 1702405

many women are prolife nona, including myself, so that argument doesn't work on me sorry. but like the other nona said, lets stop derailing and get back to laughing at trannies. i'm done talking about this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1702409

you're not wrong. it's so pathetic that the left cannot handle the smallest amount of criticism against it, and that is coming from someone who is more on the left. i just wish right wing women didn't equate feminsm with lib tumblr handmaiden shit, which functions in part to divide women. women need something in the middle because either extreme works against us.(derailing)

No. 1702410

sorry i'm done now too. let's go to 2X for this instead.

No. 1702413

then you are anti-women nonna. simple as. having a "hehe hoho haha troons ugly" attitude is not helping women's rights. what are you even doing here then? you just skip past all the blatantly misogynistic shit trannies do and to be like
>welp I also think women are cock hungry sluts who belong in the kitchen and need to greet their breadwinning husbands with a bj and a home cooked meal when he comes home from fucking his mistresses but those shoulders though!!
men will be men whether they dress up in suits or skirts and they will use they male advantage to oppress women at any point they can.

No. 1702417

Exactly. Wow, you laugh at trannies but are fine with women dying in numbers from ectopic pregnancies – so girlboss!1

No. 1702419

kek exactly. leftist men are a joke but you think right wing men are any better? and referring to radfems as a laughingstock shows how you really see women fighting for their rights. its fucking pathetic.

No. 1702423

i am pro-women, i just have a different idea of what that is. you seem incapable of understanding that. i will not answer anymore responses to this.(retarded derail)

No. 1702425

Kill yourself demon. If you force me to have a baby I will blast my pregnant belly off with a shotgun in your front lawn.

No. 1702435

File: 1668727121859.jpeg (556.51 KB, 1536x2048, FhygBptVIAAV6SL.jpeg)

the lipstick has me sent

No. 1702436

Many women are prolife and we have a thread on them for a reason. Tradthots will let their kids get molested and defend their rapists in between clutching pearls over embryos.

No. 1702439

> if we cut of a dogs balls it’s still a boy
exactly!! true kek

No. 1702441

I love you and I replied this to the prolife nona the first time I'm so embarrassed

No. 1702445

nona, do yourself a favor and be an enlightened centrist, the right is at the very least as retarded as the left.(derailing)

No. 1702447

ok, tranny.

No. 1702453

tradthots begone, you’re no better than handmaidens.

No. 1702454

Prolife for female fetuses only kek.

No. 1702464

File: 1668729035063.png (445.85 KB, 635x510, Screenshot 2022-11-17 18.50.13…)

that's not me btw (the anon who said that I was 'verging on tradthottery' before being peaked), can we get back to trannies?

No. 1702486

File: 1668730664075.png (331.74 KB, 512x512, 02431-3277050769-yellow electr…)

it's like they are inviting you to throw a molotov cocktail into their room.(a-logging)

No. 1702487

There is this really cute cafe where I live and they have great food but now they have not even just the tranny flag but the super ugly one with the "V" shape, I cringe so hard when I pass there and almost don't wanna go in there to eat anymore

No. 1702490

File: 1668731281431.png (39.68 KB, 1026x515, google.png)

my climbing gym put up that flag in the front! it pisses me off whenever i see it lol

semi-related tangent: it seems extremely noteworthy how many companies have jumped on this trend. clearly supporting trannies gives them some kind of political leverage or social relevancy, and now it's like you're singling your business out if you DON'T openly talk about your support and love for troons. that being said, so many troons talk about hating capitalism and big business. fucking google put some "honoring trans" bullshit on their homepage today, picrel. if troons are so critical of capitalism and soooo communist, how has it not clicked that these businesses are using their troon support for profit? why have they not either started cancelling businesses for trying to profit off of "minorities" (some of them say this but it never really goes anywhere), or why does it not make them consider the legitimacy of their own identities since they can be so easily hijacked for profit? and how do you think of yourself as a member of the most oppressed, marginalized minority in the world, while also noticing that every corporation with worldwide influence, major people with political sway, every billionaire, is backing you and declaring how much they honor your identity??? i know these are stupid people but this actually baffles me

No. 1702492

There is a daycare for elementary kids and younger near my home and there was a trans flag hanging outside of it for a year or two. Recently it was taken down, though. Hope a parent complained. Sick fuckers.

No. 1702494

File: 1668731549888.png (98.89 KB, 1164x410, Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 3.20…)

TiMs reinforcing predatory aggressive lesbian stereotypes. get your male aggression in check

No. 1702495

why is there so much animosity for female physical fitness?

No. 1702498

>it was taken down
i like to think that whoever put that up was also fired.

No. 1702499

yeah there is one too at the "Youth Center" where I live where I will definitely not be sending my kids to hang out in to get groomed while they loaf off and fuck around on their phones because that is what I have seen them doing there passing by (it has big ass windows and is on a high traffic street)

No. 1702504

Someone needs to do a study on gamer youtubers and the link of them trooning out. It's like every other month one troons out.
Kek, also, my brother told me some "women" he watched years ago got outted for being a groomer or creep, I knew it was a Troon the moment he said "woman" and "Steven Universe", low and behold I googled and guess what? It's a Troon, I cannot for the life of me think of what the youtuber name is right now though

No. 1702507

> gamer youtubers and the link of them trooning out
NLOB + autism

No. 1702510

File: 1668732775646.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1726, 72937EF1-419F-4D8E-BBC3-7002A2…)

it gets worse

No. 1702513

+ not living in the real world
+ being attracted to the hypersexualised female game characters and thinking their boners playing as those characters is uwu gender euphoria. many such cases.

No. 1702515

> being attracted to the hypersexualised female game characters and thinking their boners playing as those characters is uwu gender euphoria.
kek, everyone who was worried about video games causing violence was worried about the right thing for the wrong reason

No. 1702516

if I was a parent of those girls i’d be fuming

No. 1702517

Why did he take a picture of himself while shitting? disgusting

No. 1702521

because hes a man kek

No. 1702522

before: taking a shit
after: looking like shit
so no much of a change huh?

No. 1702523

i think there are two types of trannies: the ones who believe their own delusions that they’re the most oppressed group of women and everything they do is inherently revolutionary, anti-capitalist, and on the right side of history; and the ones who know they’re manipulating and gaslighting everyone, and knowingly weaponize their power and privilege against women out of misogyny.

No. 1702527

the smarmy blinking by this dude is so dumb, why does going to a protest now mean smugly acting like a petulant child and antagonizing cops? Also I love how she mocks the fact that the terfs had a private escort "to make sure they got home safe," followed by the clips with the police having to stand in a formation outside the parking garage so the evil terfs could leave safely without the trans horde WAITING OUTSIDE THE PARKING STRUCTURE attacking their cars side note but watching trannies stare down women thinking they're the tianmen tank man when really they're the mf tanks is never not funny

No. 1702537

File: 1668735353311.png (91.81 KB, 664x482, voicepassinglol.png)

why do they always call on themselves like this? They haven't progressed mentally past middle school.vo

No. 1702538

File: 1668735559380.png (36.17 KB, 594x202, alsolol.png)

game they were playing of course

No. 1702547

a tranny/tra did it 100 percent

because the male ceo couldn't get off on anything anymore.

No. 1702549

Looks like he got stung by a bee

No. 1702551

File: 1668736933212.jpeg (557.92 KB, 1290x3503, interdasting.jpeg)

stfu and post more trannies being inhumane

No. 1702553

i wonder if he complains about women not wanting him because of their own preferences like most transbiens do.

No. 1702556


No. 1702563

> I am only looking for a woman
my sides

No. 1702564

Preferences for me but not for thee

No. 1702571

>only looking for a woman not a man or trans

Oh my god he admit it

No. 1702597

that’s t4t for you. and if one of the partners is female, she may want to start taking the threats more seriously.

No. 1702607

File: 1668743432067.png (1.22 MB, 962x1316, p.png)

No. 1702616

This made my sock indention itchier than it already was.

No. 1702619

Refusing service for "misgendering"? So much narcissism.
(I doubt it was aggressive in any way, probably the guy casually said sir because he's obviously a man)

No. 1702624

i think the old man who tries to look like an alternative quirky art teacher is by far the cringiest tranny subcategory there is. not only are they cringe for being trannies, but doubly cringe for trying to look young and hip, so pathetic.

No. 1702635

The need for some mythical "perfect" ally is such leftist brain rot. We're not all gonna agree on every detail. We're better when we focus on what we have in common rather than eat ourselves over our differences.(derailing )

No. 1702640

File: 1668747995214.jpeg (222.88 KB, 690x1206, C666EBED-9DD5-47B6-99A9-CB2385…)

The obsession troons have kidding themselves they are more attractive than women is amusing… I swear they must live in a house of mirrors.

No. 1702651

File: 1668749799810.png (122.93 KB, 1103x569, grooming.png)

Oh my god, I've never looked at r/transadoption that's included in the links before and it's literally post after post of teens asking for someone to help them be trans?
the more 'popular' subs obviously have this same stuff, but it's at least diluted by crusty outfit pics and blogposts about euphoria/wanting to kill women/etc, plus they at least pretend to be semi-functioning normal people so normies will put up with them.

This sub consists mostly of unconfident teens posting about needing help to understand who they are, interspersed with committed troons offering their grooming services. absolutely disgusting

No. 1702653

tradthots literally enable moids of all kinds. offhand clowning is funny and if they can't take the smallest amount of heat, they can leave. it is very embarrassing to be in a thread about hating moids and how moids are debauched by nature when you are a self proclaimed trad.

No. 1702662

File: 1668751706402.png (219.35 KB, 800x1900, post1.png)

A self described "tomboy" and "sapphic" witch on reddit. A few of his comments, one being a completely unprompted rant about his genitals, another about him supposedly complaining about lesbians not wanting to suck dick, and best of all, a post revealing that he has a child.

He also has a comic series; at least he is open about it not being fit for children. It's called All Trans Cover Band! Had to keep that screenshot separate because it is really big. I'll sage these following two posts since they are just to get the images all up.

No. 1702665

File: 1668751745848.png (1.98 MB, 1260x4000, post2.png)

The comic. The disparity between how he draws himself vs how he actually looks is both mortifying and hilarious

No. 1702666

File: 1668751819020.png (Spoiler Image, 520.74 KB, 1000x1200, prettywoman.png)

And finally, here it is: What a beautiful lady!

No. 1702670

yeah we get it, you're a libtard, lets move on.(STOP)

No. 1702672

Those are not intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts have to be "egodystonic" aka you don't want to act upon them and they cause you great distress, not openly talking about them like your typical fantasies. Moid brain, of course

No. 1702673

oh my god just stfu already

No. 1702677

It’s not about being a liberal. It’s just retarded to get mad at tims but then you’re political beliefs are essential being a bangmaid for men. I bet many trad women had to deal with their degenerate moids transitioning and end up penniless because they don’t have jobs or any prospects. Or maybe they have to pretend to be in a “lesbian” relationship with their “wife” so they have a source of income. You can’t laugh at men but then willingly serve them.

No. 1702678

How embarrassing, troons are retard scrotes sane as leftwing and rightwing ones. Male retardation knows no political affiliation no matter how hard you cope. Scrotes cause troons, as it is male entitlement and degenercay movement. Women can have there rights removed while troons are enabled and retards will still ree its totes women who have done this, when majority of troons supporters and pushers and troons themselves are men kek. It’s literally just scrotes kek.

No. 1702679

Why would you make your life harder by naming yourself “Kamiron”? Honestly you probably could filter out troons from job applications just based on whatever batshit name they choose.

No. 1702680

Tradthots not realising troon handmaidens are tradthots who obey/pander to leftwing men are the same as them kek. Definitely the way to fix the tranny menace is to once again pander to retarded scrotes and their beliefs, just like the handmaidens do kek. They are the same people, weak women throwing women under the bus for moids.

No. 1702681

kek beautiful

No. 1702683

i swear some of them get off on showing their fat gut and being manly, it's like rubbing it on our face that they know they are men, almost those guys who go around in trench coats to expose themselves to unsuspecting women

you are the ones that keep going on about it, plus i thought clowning was funny no?

No. 1702687

There's a difference between clowning and being retarded. You are the latter

No. 1702694

They recieved a police escort totally not bc they would've gotten assaulted had the cops not been there but just because the bigot police support them and not snkinwalking predators. Also gotta love the quotations around feminist, as if a woman fighting for the rights of a man in a dress is more feminist than women actually fighting for women.

No. 1702695

Sweet, the new Blanchard typology just dropped! Now we can create a tranny sorting graph, where the x axis is "AGP" to "HSTS," and the y axis is "delusional" to "malicious."

No. 1702696

Anyone have a pic of what this scrote looks like in reality?

No. 1702697

Also love, "this is who the NYPD protect and serve"
As if it's a hate crime to protect women who are peacefully protesting for their rights and beliefs.

No. 1702700

Ironically every time someone has accidentally leaked their profile pics in here or other terfy spaces they have been cute. Well, except for that one furry KEK

No. 1702701

I couldn't find anything, but he did make a comic about his "trans journey," and it seems like he was groomed via roleplay on Discord. He also frames being trans as a choice between literally being forced to kill himself by some evil TERF version of death itself, or becoming a sexy anime elf paladin. If you're curious, just Google the name he put on his comics. I don't feel like saving one of those god forsaken things, even if it's only for a moment.

No. 1702709

We're all women who don't want men in our spaces. Troon hatred should be the great unifier of lw and rw women.

No. 1702726

If you ever see it happen to girls in your family/friends make sure to tell them a boy cheating to win isn't right and that it shouldn't have happened to them. It's not fair to let them think they didn't win because they weren't good enough and they need to know it's ok to be upset about boys in their spaces. These girls get bombarded with "you must accept these boys as girls or you are evil, so shut up and take it"

No. 1702736

TERF: Team Embracing Reality Feminists

No. 1702740

you don’t need to be a perfect ally or even a feminist, but pro-life tradthots have no business being anti-troon. If you’re ok with forcing girls to give birth to their rapists’ spawn, you have no business being upset that girls are also getting groomed by a self-harm cult that glorifies male predators. it’s common fucking sense.

No. 1702744

File: 1668764820830.jpeg (454.52 KB, 750x2286, 0410E7BF-F025-4FF5-BAAD-11D00E…)

your gender doesn’t condemn you because your gender doesn’t exist, it’s imaginary. having male privilege doesn’t mean that you don’t face other horrible problems in life, it only means you don’t face misogyny, that’s it. and those white women you hate? they live in fear of sexual harassment and rape. they’ve probably have been sexually assaulted too, most women have.

No. 1702752

if i was to argue the way you do, i would come back with something like "you have no business trying to protect women when you murder them in the womb.", but see, i understand you dont see it that way, so for me to put it like that would just be me flinging shit, which is pointless. it makes me think you dont really want to change my mind, you just want to scream at the sky.(mental disability )

No. 1702759

Nta but trannies are anti abortion because they are failsons, we have even seen this demonstrated recently in the tradthot thread >>>/snow/1693141 , >>>/snow/ 1693079
Trannies are a left way of controlling/subjugating women to enable failsons same way as anti abortion position is the same but on the right. It’s all male kek.

No. 1702762

File: 1668767636610.jpeg (348.93 KB, 750x730, 42E4532D-9389-4B63-9388-676E13…)

is this what you want girls to go through? shame on you.

No. 1702764

File: 1668767954000.png (104.37 KB, 1860x210, dawntroon.PNG)

gelbooru troon left some more comments on transgender_flag images
terfs and nazicels BTFO by facts and logic

No. 1702768

You want little girls to be forced to give birth. You can derail all you want but no one buys that you care about women.

No. 1702774

I think if you can see the depths of male depravity and still think your best bet is being a moid’s bangmaid then there really is no reasoning with you. You’re on an imageboard, I’m sure you have seen 4chan. There is no way a logical, lucid women would have seen that and sincerely think men are benevolent enough to be leaders.

No. 1702778

>teehee let’s go back to laughing at trannies together!
Yeah we will when you fuck off.

No. 1702781

These retards will post some off topic controversial shit then when people inevitably reply accuse them of derailing. They're probably trannies

No. 1702782

libtards fought for tranny rights, and so did many feminists until they realized it was retarded, so save your breath for someone who cares.
i only responded because they went full retard at the thought of a woman not agreeing with them. but don't worry i have other places to post about this sort of thing without all the spazzing from twitter activists whose brains got rotted in college. c ya

looks fake. bye(derailing)

No. 1702783

Back in the day the same alt right scrotes who claim to be gender critical now were defending their attraction to hsts and porn addiction by saying they're more woman than muh fat hairy radfem dykes or 'average western woman', because they perform femininity more. I 'member.

No. 1702785

No. 1702786

Go back, retarded handmaiden

No. 1702788

>looks fake
Kek ok you're definitely a tranny that probably thinks detransitioners are fake too

No. 1702804

IKR, what happened to 'transwomen are women'?

No. 1702817

It’s probably that hsts troon who whines about how we should “shut up and post funny agps” if gay troons are ever brought up. Probably decided to larp as a tradthot to make himself more believable as a woman. He talks the exact same way though.

No. 1702821

Samefag but it makes perfect sense considering most imageboard hsts troons have a fetish for polscrotes. Larping as the object of his chud’s desire lmfao.

No. 1702823

catty /tttt/ gayboy
please go suck incel dick elsewhere

No. 1702825

File: 1668780220306.jpg (287.13 KB, 720x3108, 69588ccf-403e-42b0-aae3-7ac242…)

This disgusting dickhead posts in the 4chan reddit subs for trannies, proudly boasts about being a big ugly hon, and says out loud what the whole tranny hivemind thinks: they really all are jealous of and hate natural-born women just for being women, female - and want to strategically hurt them via pushing their whole trans politics and "rules" into mainstream. Even the HSTS, because he claims to be interested in men only, but he could be lying.

It's strange how even the most "hetero" trans women have admitted to getting crushes on at least 1 cis girl before but don't prey on her because it might ruin his LARP of "comphet femininity". Also see Juno Dawson for instance, married a man but wrote a transbian book and reposts stuff on lesbianism now. Even the trannies who claim to be attracted to men somehow always defer back to liking females, proves how inferior in desirability and sensuality AMABs naturally are.

No. 1702835

Why do low-IQ numbnuts think that men can't possibly rape for no reason at all?! Yeah they do, if not why so many stories of guys hazing each other in locker rooms and the male military stories of commanders forcing their trainees to drink semen or get assfcked for "initation" or their other nasty reasons?! In conclusion, men rape whenever they feel like it and like they can get away with it. Facts

Men are not naturally benevolent chivalrous whiteknights, see r/nihilism, it's a sausage fest. Part of Man's true nature is they have a rapist mode in their lizard brain which can get triggered especially when in a compromising situation with a vulnerable female. That's why even troons who say they "would never" and its safe to share spaces with them almost always have a history of sex crimes or suddenly do it anyway. Their carnal nature of their flesh is weak, so they go ape like that.

No. 1702837

File: 1668781846417.jpeg (362.17 KB, 750x1555, 55DB5494-209B-492C-ACFE-663999…)

> You’re a man. You have a penis. You’ll alway be a man. You’re not a woman. You’ll never be a woman. You don’t have ovaries or a vagina. You’re stealing my woman hood. You haven’t had to struggle as a woman. You invalidate my entire existence.
Based queen. I hope she divorces this clown asap.

No. 1702840

there’s a reason we call men rape apes.

No. 1702842

Based Queen should leave him to cry and seethe alone.

No. 1702843

I always feel so bad for women who have husbands that troon out. Just imagine coming home one day and seeing your partner wearing one of your dresses with ridiculous make-up and calling you a terf for pointing out how stupid it makes him look

No. 1702844

I seriously can't believe we live in a world where stating scientific facts is a fucking hate crime. It's exhausting. One of my roommates is a troon with BPD and victim complex you better believe he tries to boss me around and I just don't respond. Wish me luck on moving out nonnas

No. 1702846

It's so funny to me that they say this–all the TERFs I know are cute. Not to mention, if TERFs were all ugly, we wouldn't bother them so much. They hate TERFs because they hate the idea of women that they want but can't have…because they're misogynistic men.
And then you have this male pattern baldness jumpscare of a person…yikes.

No. 1702847

it really doesnt matter if a terf is ugly or not, it shows that tims are in it for the agp coom and male validation, since they can force women to at least pretend to be attracted through fear (suck my girldick or youre twansfobik). radfems dont give a shit about what men like, because our personhood isnt hinged on whether or not we're fuckable.

No. 1702848

its only a matter of time until he commits a school shooting

No. 1702851

And it’s always the ones that never pass that act like this

No. 1702857

I'm not trying to say it does matter, just that calling TERFs ugly is one more example of male projection

No. 1702858

File: 1668784607515.jpg (183.09 KB, 714x2048, Fh2rKfAXwAA2v8W.jpg)

Okay so I can understand being super bad at eyeliner and eyeshadow when youve never done it before, that shit is hard to learn. But how do they always fuck up lipstick that bad?? Youre literally just coloring in your lips!!

No. 1702859

Good luck nonnie, idk how you have done it. They seem like they’d be the worst and scariest roommates.

I think a lot of the “terfs aren’t cute” and “terfs can’t get a man” stuff is just left over from the days they called feminists feminazis. Most radfems don’t care about fitting into societal beauty standards, which obviously doesn’t make them objectively ugly, but to men it’s like a cardinal sin for a woman to not care about being attractive to them. They really think that’s what should be at the forefront of womens minds at all time, appearing attractive to men. I’m still pretty new on this journey but dropping makeup and shaving have boosted my confidence immensely, I thought I would feel like an ugly troll because it’s the kind of message that’s been ingrained so hard, but it’s made me love and appreciate my body more than ever. Once you stop caring about appeasing men it’s like another side of yourself gets unlocked.

No. 1702860

he looks much worse w that big ass jaw

No. 1702862

i can believe yandev trooned out

No. 1702864

File: 1668785215405.png (787.37 KB, 668x826, Capture d’écran 2022-11-18 à 1…)

no way i rlly thought it was saul goodman with a wig

No. 1702866

You can really see the AGP in his eyes

No. 1702869

And in his smirk

No. 1702877

Those are some undeniable man legs

No. 1702883

It's because he tried to apply it beyond his lips to make them look larger, not realizing that it doesn't work like that.
Nona you can't do this to me, I'm going to be thinking about Saul Goodwoman all day now. How will I explain myself if I start laughing about it in front of others? It's not PC to say "I'm thinking about tranny Saul."

No. 1702884

After I got sexually assaulted last year by a troon I called a sexual assault survivor help line, and I heard a males voice on the other end. I was pretty confused by it and said "I'd prefer to talk to another woman" instead of being humble and understanding he said "I AM a woman" I hung up.

No. 1702889

File: 1668789606049.jpg (402 KB, 1079x1159, Screenshot_20221118-163628_Chr…)

>you don't have to be a perfect ally but don't be prolife
I agree with this 100%! I understand where sometimes new feminists can get scared away if they have been indoctrinated into the patriarchy for their entire life. People need not nitpick everything about random anons when they are 90% on the same side. That being said, to be actively against women's/children's rights (abortion) is usually where the line is drawn and something to keep to yourself on this forum because it's a shit take
Ugh, I sort of almost feel bad for the kids that read these threads and really think that they will get periods. But also I don't feel bad at all because it's a PERIOD. Something that really doesn't have much upside other than signaling a lack of pregnancy

No. 1702893

We live in hell. This is precisely the sort of thing radfems said would happen, but everyone else insisted that we would all be just fine if we stopped having female-only spaces and services. A moid will always be scary and unhelpful to a rape victim, even if he puts on a dress, and there's a greater chance he'll gaslight her over her trauma than if she got support from a woman, especially if he relates to the moid who assaulted her. In your case, there's pretty decent odds he would've put his job on the line to call you a liar and a TERF if you had been honest and said another moid in a dress attacked you. He set himself up for failure in assuming that women in crisis would be able to perform for his validation when they're coming to the hotline for emergency service after a traumatic event involving another penis-haver.

No. 1702898

I have a feeling troons on hotlines get off on talking to vulnerable women and having the power to keep her alive in their hands. (Or believing they have that power)
I'm so fucking sorry that happened to you and this makes me so incredibly mad and sad and makes me wish I could protest/do anything without losing my job

No. 1702899

And you just know that the faggot would be thinking he was the victim in this situation

No. 1702909

Definitely. There are tons of men out there who will use the phone to communicate with women in order to get off. I’ve heard of men calling crisis hotlines and doing it, it makes sense that they’d take a job or volunteer role with one just to get off on the trauma of women.

No. 1702916

>tolerant progressive women is the reason we have the tranny menace in the first place
i’ve seen this exact same sentiment on rightoid twitter. guess what. women are not to blame for the degeneracy of men .. a degeneracy which knows absolutely no bounds. why do we have to keep repeating this shit?

moids and trannies considering posting here, have you considered joining the 41% instead?

No. 1702917

“But not having a period really f's me
up. It's like a constant reminder that I don't have a uterus”

this is so funny to me, i have pcos and had maybe 2-3 periods per year most of my teenage years, and i’d always forget to bring it up to doctors pre-diagnosis even though im actually supposed to have one, it was something that took up such little mental real estate that when i wasn’t actively having one i never even thought of it, but a whole man with a dick is fretting this hard lmao? get a job king you have too much free time

No. 1702920

Yeah its important we remind ourselves of this whenever possible. Women had absolutely nothing to do with the tranny trend, that's all 100% men

No. 1702925

Does anyone here have the screenshot of that article where a survey found that TIMs were more politically conservative/right wing than "cis" people? I feel like it's incredibly relevant here. The moids that tradthots claim are "better" are the same moids who use 4tran and troon out. Men onall sides of the political compass are exactly the same, coomers who are trying to maximize their coom efficiency.

No. 1702927

the only reason women are handmaidens is because they're scared of men and/or the social repercussions (that men have created).

No. 1702931

prolife tradthots are just as bad as handmaidens who suck troon dick and support trooning out children, because they're also throwing women who need abortions (those who suffer from poverty, mental illness and such) under the bus and they want to force children undergo such a traumatic experience of giving birth at a very young age (which can also ruin their development not only having to rear another child but also dealing with possible complications that comes with giving birth)

both are misogynistic in their own way and both can fuck off. quit calling yourself an ally to women if you're willing to throw another woman under the bus for any reason (especially if its for the benefit of moids)

No. 1702938

Nona most of 4chan is left wing outside of /pol/ it's a huge cope to act like traditionally conservative men are more likely to troon out than left wing zoomer scrotes

No. 1702975

are we still talking about this?
> anon says she was almost a tradthot but then got terfpilled and into feminism
> someone who can't read spergs out at her
> pro-life anon hijacks the thread
> multiple anons take the bait
> still going hours later
idk, there are two subtypes here, the grown ass man who goes AGP hon in his 40s or later, Bruce Jenner type, they probably tend to be conservativeish apart from on the troon issue, not /pol/-tier raving lunatic right wing though; vs zoomer lefties trooning out for the trend who claim to be communists but don't know Karl from Groucho

No. 1702976

samefag and of course there are the Nazi femboy semi-troons but they're mostly into it for the meme IME

No. 1702980

>get a job king
KEK. I am so happy that you were able to remain so mentally unbothered by your PCOS when you were younger, nonna. I LOVE how much some trannies seethe about not being able to have periods because they aren’t able to fulfill that aspect of their gross fetish. Every time I get mine since peaking (thanks to these threads during the pandemic!!) I revel in it.

No. 1702981

This is why I have a hard time faulting them sometimes, because I was there at one point to. I just try not to interact with handmaidens but hope they will wake up at some point like I did.

No. 1702988

I am the ex-tradthot (not the pro-life poster) and I get it, >>1702927 this so much, not even fear, or maybe fear, kind of the path of least resistance but it puts you in a place of weakness that's not positive or healthy, that's why I'm so thankful that I got into radfem literature (because of trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with troons), it explains so much, but I don't know how far you can really compare tradthots to troon-handmaidens, except that yes, both are due to social pressures to conformity except the ideologies are different. It's a little different though from getting wifeyed up by your moid to caping for random creepy weirdos because of identity politics, idk. It still is subservience to men. Handmaidens are so creepy though, how they like to guide the troon through putting on makeup and choosing a dress and what not, it looks so much like a fetish on their part to me tbh. Which, won't lie, goes for some tradthots. Ick. Maybe they are more alike than I'd like to admit.(derailing)

No. 1703011

this is such mid 2000s webcomic, time just repeats itself

No. 1703031

So are we just going to pretend that the neo-Nazi/incel to tranny pipeline doesn't exist or what?

No. 1703038

Oh it exists, especially the incel thing, most younger troons were total incels, but I think that fewer of them have actual far-right politics than the memes say

No. 1703044

File: 1668801167887.png (65.7 KB, 1000x208, Screenshot_2022-11-18 Study fi…)

No. 1703060

Based, thank you nonnie.

No. 1703065

i can't help but feel sorry for the troons who are too stupid to realize that everyone else is pretending. none of them are having anything like periods. they just larp that they do.

No. 1703077

I mean, their whole existence is based on sticking to rigid gender stereotypes from a century or more ago so I believe it.

No. 1703092

Makes sense, you've got misogynistic lesbian fetishists, conservative gays who want to transition the gay away, "feminine" men who are regressive enough to think that makes them failed men, cross dressers who think they're better women, and men who think women have it easy among much other backwards moid degeneracy

No. 1703107

File: 1668806018993.jpg (193.24 KB, 1080x1723, Fh4Bmf7XoAABOJh.jpg)

Totally sane individual

No. 1703111

when people tell you to love yourself or practice self love and you take it too literally kek

No. 1703112

I wish someone could get it through their thick male skulls that PUBERTY SUCKS FOR EVERYONE.
Hitting puberty and realizing that we have very little control over how our adult bodies will look and even less control over the assumptions others will make about us as people based on how our bodies look is horrifying but it's a reality EVERYONE has to deal with.
this is why my best friend and I have a platonic Boston marriage, men can't be trusted

No. 1703114

File: 1668806537690.jpeg (579.53 KB, 1170x1526, 0EF87655-37C6-4BDF-9F38-A03AAD…)

I know r/196 is cheating but this made me laugh out loud when I saw it. And of course since the subreddit is 90% trannies, the comments are a huge circlejerk of ‘nooo cis girlies love us so much uwu’. Ironic that because of how Reddit is, any honest gender critical commenters are gonna get instabanned.

But man would I love to tell this moid what cis women REALLY think.

No. 1703123

>four-headmate polycule

I'm so confused, how does this even work? Is "sex" just them masturbating while talking in 4 different voices?

No. 1703124

File: 1668806984931.png (709.54 KB, 1125x2436, 2D94CC07-6921-4C91-8C20-0223CF…)

Kek I had to google what that sub is

No. 1703126

wish more troons would follow in this schizo's footsteps and leave us tf alone kek

No. 1703146

>picture of a pouting cartoon Japanese kid meant to represent the OP, who is a fully grown white male
>OP's flair reads "thirsty lady"
This is why women are uncomfortable around you.

No. 1703162

File: 1668809898462.webm (14.35 MB, 480x852, skirtgospinny.webm)

had to share this compilation vid from skirt go spinny

No. 1703164

Fuck I'm so sorry Nonna, I hope you're in a place that's safe from the troon

No. 1703176

Yes I pressed charges and he is in serious trouble now, hopefully jail soon. It's what peaked me on top of the whole hotline thing. The next troon I ran into tried to be my friend and help me but made unwanted advances toward me knowing id just been assaulted days before. They really are all self obsessed coomers and I want nothing to do with a TiM ever again, though I do have some sympathy for TiFs for being misguided and hope they snap out of it.

No. 1703177

Oh godd I hate this so much lmao. You know it's bait and you know you won't actually be able to say what you want without being instajannied

No. 1703186

File: 1668812236029.jpeg (43.27 KB, 680x532, danarivers books.jpeg)

wtf apparently these creepy books by Dana Rivers are available on amazon

No. 1703188

Ok, sounds good. So will women's wages be raised or tranny wages slashed?

No. 1703190

any nona who hasn't seen What is a Woman: Wrong Answers Only on odysee neeeeds to watch it right now. you know it's really compelling when you're instabanned trying to reupload it to youtube.

No. 1703201

is hentai breastplate dude still teaching, anyone know? I'm not finding much recent.

daily i hate dylan thoughts, i hope he is involved in some huge scandal soon and disappears

No. 1703207

They're larpers who coom to Chinese drawings of catboys while writing platitudes about the greatness of Hitler on /pol/. They somehow don't realise their idol would've sent them to camps right alongside the "joos" they hate so much. Some goes for the commietard trannies. Basically all extreme historical social/political movements would've killed them off or locked them up except for the modern hellscape perpetuated by big pharma we live in today. I'm not sure why they feel the need to align with extremes of the political spectrum but I put it down to moid brain. Checks out seeing as their knee jerk reaction to discovering they're a degenerate fetishist is to mutilate themselves and prance around in public pretending eunuchs are women.

The amount of handmaidens crying in the comments of any anti-Dylan video is obscene. He's blatantly exploiting his position as a protected class to make a mockery of women and under 25s are still sucking up his ass.

No. 1703209

by looking in his eyes i can tell this man is going to kill someone one day

No. 1703210


yes i know, imageboard but it's a whole article and the website is aids. basically he's still teaching, journalists are trying to dig up information on him and they are being charged exorbitant amounts of money to do so. people are wondering wtf is in these files, why there are so many, and why it costs so much. and thats all we know right now

>A letter from Wes Roberts, manager of access, privacy and records, said board staff found 3,000 pages of relevant material. When the board added up the cost of photocopying, and search and preparation time, the total cost came to a whopping $3,085

No. 1703211

File: 1668815767286.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.72 KB, 640x853, image0.jpg)

Very feminine to have nude anime girls on your walls!

No. 1703214

ugly as sin

No. 1703215

File: 1668816088138.jpeg (76.7 KB, 512x512, download (3).jpeg)

So he printed the porn version of this Sakimichan drawing and put it on his wall. Normal shit

No. 1703217


No. 1703221

the fuck did this tranny do lol

No. 1703223


drug addict who is a serial impregnator (10 kids) and is prioritising his transition (fetish). maybe it's good if he gets sterilised tbh

No. 1703239

i hate her art so much, it's so ugly. people think detail = good but she can't draw faces OR bodies, she also never manages to capture a character's personality well either which is ironic because she pretty much only draws fanart. only coomer moids would decorate their house with this shit. even women who do like coomer anime art at least buy official merch, like the schizo hikineets.

No. 1703240

File: 1668817295751.jpeg (188.79 KB, 1080x1075, D56505BA-6470-4D41-951B-934D1B…)

I can’t take the “girls can be kinky” guy seriously at all and I’m bewildered that he even has a fan base after saying that shit

No. 1703249

File: 1668817663967.png (1.6 MB, 1186x1689, tranny3.png)

No. 1703255

maybe the second set of moobs on his back gives him gender euphoria?

No. 1703257

No it's the fact that these people have so much power to threatens others to abide by what they want.

No. 1703259

Look at that long ass skull. How does it even develop like that? Never stood a chance

No. 1703260

Legit answer to his question: most women, and people in general, are ambivalent about trannies because they know so little about them. Most normies just perceive it as a "flavor" of gay and assume that all trannies are self-hating homosexual men. If people are acting creeped out by you, it's because you're a socially maladjusted pervert in addition to being an ugly tranny (although the Venn diagram between the two is nearly a circle.)

No. 1703264

If they're so "outside the box" then why are all of them trying to be either an uwu anime princess or a caricature of the girl they had a crush on in high school?

No. 1703272

If they started a gofundme the fee would be covered in less than 24 hours.

No. 1703276

File: 1668819859944.webm (11.41 MB, 2160x3392, 3881427-284a693df60bb8dab49c7a…)


No. 1703277

>threaten systems of power
they're threatening women and gay people by suggesting sex isn't binary. there have ALWAYS been gender non-conforming people who were truly challenging what it means to be a woman or man, challenging heteronormativity and stereotypes. these labels don't make it a new thing - they erase it. the labels only appease those systems of power ffs. i'm so fed up.

No. 1703282

This needs more attention. This is the man who killed two lesbians and their child.

No. 1703283

Lmao imagine actually liking sakimichan’s art. Of course it would be a TiM.

No. 1703285

File: 1668820413665.jpeg (51.62 KB, 540x669, period awareness if a TERF tac…)

they're so threatened and ashamed of how fake they are that they feel the need to redefine what menstruation is just so they don't feel invalidated. it's unbearably pathetic.

No. 1703294

I just wanna thank this thread. I'm peaking.
About 8 years ago I went to a women's clothing swap, mostly people I didn't know. At one point, a woman came to the door with her visibly male friend. Facial hair, bald, wearing masculine clothes. No effort made to "pass". A girl saw him and said "Boo, no boys allowed!" people laughed, whatever.
Come to find out 10 minutes later, he's outside crying because he's actually a trans woman. Of course the tone flipped, he came in and everyone was falling over themselves to apologize and tell him how pretty he looked in the little dresses he tried on. Like pandering to a child. And I was just like, this is fucking silly. Because the AUDACITY. To walk into an environment where women are undressing, fully looking like a man, and then getting upset you aren't welcomed with open arms? And now its all about his feelings and making HIM feel comfortable? A man can just walk into an all-female space – a changing room, lockerroom, sauna with his dick out and women can't even question it? We're not even allowed to be uncomfortable because that makes us a TERF/transphobe. Women are fucking playing themselves. It's insanity.

No. 1703302

What do the reviews say? I need to know.

No. 1703310

This creature is literally insane biology dictates we do in fact own periods and womanhood. How can he be this retarded when we're the blueprint for his larp?

No. 1703311

glad you have peaked nona. we're so conditioned to "be kind" and protect men's feelings at all costs. teamed with the disconnection of our material bodies, thanks to living online. it's not until we're faced with the horrifying reality that we no longer have the rights we once took for granted (ie not having to undress in front of a strange man) - and are even denied the right to be angry about it without being labelled a bigot - that you realise how truly fucked up this is.

No. 1703313

Once again an agp telling on himself that doesn't even believe his own lie. Yet these women are arrogant because they actually experience a real period, something women have suffered with since the dawn of humanity and unequivocally scorned for having since the dawn of humanity as well.

No. 1703324

Isn’t that the Hasburg jaw aka a sign of inbreeding? These days it really feels like only the dumbest and most narcissistic people have kids among the western population.

No. 1703325

Ugh. I work at a charity that provides women with clothing for job interviews. I've had to deal with at least 10 men requesting new bras and shoes from us, and ofc we can't say no because discriminating against them will cause us to lose our funding.

One of these pervs forced his way into a skirt that was made for a petite woman and destroyed it. Literally tore it seam from seam. But we still had to fall over ourselves and comfort him for having an enormous man body and ruining clothes that were meant for vulnerable women.

No. 1703326

please god why do they draw such shitty stuff and how are they not embarrassed?? it’s like that one other comic that always gets shared here of the whiny troon with the green jacket, it’s so fucking ugly and the author shares it so proudly

No. 1703327

you should start "accidentally" losing their applications

No. 1703353

File: 1668824822606.png (1.04 MB, 748x1044, Five Times August on Twitter.p…)

this is honestly sad

No. 1703357

File: 1668825244342.png (424.41 KB, 748x730, twitter.png)

No. 1703358

>Cis women
>opinions of terfs don't count
What does he think terfs are?

No. 1703360

File: 1668825481645.jpg (1.62 MB, 4096x3672, FhtRX2fXoAEKuYp.jpg)

the "sigourney weaver" guy without the angles lol

No. 1703361

Straight lines all the way down, baby. Not a curve in sight.

No. 1703363

Wow, i'd never thought trannies would make me respect the nypd a little.
This is amazing!
I probably shouldn't respond to this but has there ever been a period of time where true feminism that actually puts women first and not the lib fem shit that panders to men has ever been popular? When you take that into account, radfems have absolutely nothing to do with the current trans menace. At this point, even lib fems barely have a hand in it thanks to big farma handing out titty skittles like candy on halloween. The negative stereotype of feminists of being aggressive ugly lesbians goes further back than you think. Feminism is one of the last frontiers of provocation in the western world. I understand where the other anon who wanted the former trad thot to leave comes from. The very big reason why we have to deal with troons and the reason why feminism has taken so long to see any progress is because of women being complacent with their role in society as 2nd class citizens with no care for the women who cannot afford to live that way without enduring a life of pure suffering, all because they are afraid to risk being uncomfortable in the short term. However, the troon problem is probably the only thing i am willing to compromise with conservatives on as long as they get the job done and platform as many radfems along the way. Hopefully the left-wing eventually will follow suit once the facts are shoved down their throats. Sorry for derailing a bit.

No. 1703369

jesus christ, i looked more into this guy and i feel sick. he has articles self published on the medium, a book on amazon, another article on prisonjournalismproject.org and he calls himself a feminist (!!!) he literally raped two 9 year old girls.

No. 1703371

File: 1668827376183.jpg (28.31 KB, 720x332, Screenshot_20221118_163808_com…)

it should grow a brain before it tries to grow a uterus

No. 1703381

KEK let everyone tell him that he will get his own uterus so he can chemically castrate himself already.

No. 1703382

Samefag. I am 22 and have had my period maximum 20 times in my life. Everytime I have one is a hellish experience. How can one be so fucking entitled even to suffering ugh

No. 1703386

This is exactly one of the reasons I peaked. More specifically, that one reddit/Twitter post about the troons saying that the diarrhea that they get allegedly from consuming hormones is their period.
Also, the ones that put frozen tomato paste or something like that on their neovaginas to bleed onto pads and 'have a period'
But how can the people that actually experience periods define them!!!1!!!1. They truly never stop being moids ugh

No. 1703393

Yahoo answers tier brainrot.

No. 1703398

File: 1668831428652.jpg (828.47 KB, 2160x2880, Fgvd_mxWAAA1Kxz.jpg)

nice chiseled jaw

No. 1703401

File: 1668831641437.jpg (450.87 KB, 2048x1538, FhsU3-tX0AEE5ZX.jpg)

totally passes now that we can't see half his face

No. 1703418

What in the unholy plaid clash fuck is happening here??

No. 1703424

overly forced selfie angle, agp smirk, choker, fishnet top, and a toilet in the background. textbook troon selfie, no notes.

No. 1703427

File: 1668836353293.jpg (1.04 MB, 2160x2880, mrcay.jpg)

Angles can only do so much for mr cay kek.

No. 1703428

File: 1668836895775.jpg (9.73 KB, 302x167, troonkel.jpg)

Kel Knight troon looking ass kek.

No. 1703429

This happens a lot in nations like mine, the left wing is made up of westernized young appeal who do not make any attempts to appeal to the masses and whine all day about losing, in EE it seems like the right wing doesn't have to win just make sure left wing parties embarrass themselves publicly

No. 1703438

Why the fuck would he emphasise those giant linebacker shoulders even more? His build is like a masculine caricature upside down triangle and he thinks he still passes based on that face alone kek

No. 1703448

holy kek the filter putting cartoon eyelashes ontop of his glasses. men are retarded

No. 1703456

Good eye nonnie

No. 1703463

>"You don't own womanhood or periods."
Buddy, even if we didn't, we would still have way more claim to ownership than you ever could. You can seethe about it, but we were the ones born female, and you're just a cheap imitation that has to redefine the words to claim they apply to you.

No. 1703464

full vid from the event, they really don't seem to understand that insulting and threatening police officers to their faces is gonna lead to them getting arrested and how they come across as bullies who push their weight around

No. 1703466

File: 1668844080518.jpeg (604 KB, 960x1496, 49A9C8D7-BA96-4240-BBDD-B7FC6B…)

the comments are what you’d expect. “omg no you totes might have dysphoria but because of sex trauma you only view it that way!!1!1!”. one person commented about agp and got downvoted. i wish this sub would get nuked

No. 1703470

Either he already has a desired answer, or this is bait to get trannies to say "omg no you're just like us, it's totally not a fetish!" to a textbook AGP.

No. 1703471

I can't believe how many of them admit to getting addicted to sissy porn like…how do you get addicted to a porn genre. What is wrong with them man

No. 1703476

That busted fucking honker is all I can look at

No. 1703478

File: 1668847306061.png (300.64 KB, 760x988, 3040babe-b419-5c17-9347-48d7e3…)

>TIM see's a gender diverse boy(probably just a very young boy with long hair)
>hc's the boy as being trans and wants the boy to notice him
>boy and his mom ignore him
>TIM gets upset and whines online

No. 1703480

women get addicted to porn too but they usually feel guilt or shame about it, not base their entire fucking identity on it. other than fujo gaydens

No. 1703481

holy shit
can't some conservative megachurch pay the cost? they hate troons more than women usually

No. 1703482

File: 1668849047979.jpg (69.57 KB, 576x768, Kayla-Lemieux.jpg)

never saw this pic of prosthetic man before

No. 1703485

forgive the multiple posts but this video is new too! he went skydiving with the breasts

No. 1703490

I feel like this guy is just exploiting meme status at this point.

No. 1703495

Fuck beauty pageants, I’m glad they’re being colonised by hideous people. They’re just another opportunity to give woke asspats and I love it.

No. 1703496

Cis people HATE possibility. I for one can’t fucking stand it, I live in constant fear of possibility.

No. 1703497

i fucking love not having a period. moids don’t know they’re living that their insides don’t just pour out of them once a month. they cry they don’t get periods and i know women who bleed for weeks straight because they’re on birth control or off it to try for a baby. it’s awful.

No. 1703498

keeeek when you discover the SNOW app.

No. 1703499

Well that sure isn't suspicious as fuck

No. 1703501

Does he really think anyone believes those lashes are real?

No. 1703505

When his wig starts coming off and after he looks like a drunk frat bro fulfilling a lost bet.

No. 1703507

File: 1668854504694.webm (2.57 MB, 576x1024, troon.webm)

Are these the same cops that are genociding trannies?

No. 1703511

literally this joke from Family Guy

No. 1703515

it truly is a terrible time to be a woman

No. 1703519

I hate that this shit is just normal now. This fucking huge, drunk troon kept following us around the club and he REEKED of BO, vinegar and piss. He kept trying to talk to us and my handmaiden friends were indulging him, but I just could not look at him and clearly he noticed this because he would not stop staring me down and forcing conversation. You can’t even greyrock these narcs without fear of them kicking off. It’s so freaky and gross, and I spent the whole time scared he was going to touch me.

No. 1703529

File: 1668858035600.jpg (169.68 KB, 717x1136, FhyEAHkVIAAkSDf.jpg)

No. 1703536

File: 1668858604681.png (2.62 MB, 2513x1115, tranny4.png)

Ok incel

No. 1703537

Ew I’m so sorry your friends put his validation over the safety of you and your group. I can only imagine how awful the troon in question looked/smelled. I hate them so much ugh. It literally is the bottom of the barrel scrotes who think this is the ultimate way to make any women they want HAVE to acknowledge them/like them.

No. 1703544

File: 1668860398941.png (410.68 KB, 799x631, screenshot.PNG)

No. 1703550

i wish this fat retard would stfu for once. who gives a fuck

No. 1703553

I'm sick of how villainized Rowling is. Of how emboldened trannies are to hate and assault any woman who dares say 'hey I don't think I feel comfortable with this' or 'maybe we shouldn't sterilize confused 12 year olds' and act like it's okay to dehumanize them. That they turn on detransitioners. I'm just so sick of of their mental illness being treated like the most important and valid thing. It's fucking insane, when will this madness stop? I wish the laws rolling back 'trans rights' weren't happening at the same time as women's reproductive rights being taken away. It's both because of fascist conservatives but it just makes them feel like they're just as at risk when it's like…women and children are dying painful deaths from forced birth, 'Lily'. So sorry 12 year olds aren't getting their titty Skittles.

No. 1703558

>chest balls

No. 1703560

Nonna, you are incredible. Keep on loving yourself and building yourself.

No. 1703561

>The broken AAVE

No. 1703563

File: 1668864412707.jpg (21.76 KB, 250x426, 3891933-04bc010a2a1becf8f7abdd…)

He looks like he's wearing a fat suit, small head and huge body with balloon tube breast, I feel sp bad for him.

No. 1703564

This dude needs to be on a watch list.

No. 1703568

we live rent free in their heads

No. 1703573

They’re always so dramatic and self-centered. Yes of course you’re “invisible” to total strangers in public, they have no reason to acknowledge you. It’s like troons never grew out of that childhood stage where they think everything is about them and they should be the center of everyone’s universe.

No. 1703575

I feel so bad. His poor face man that's gotta be so uncomfortable. Especially for someone so young. I really hate his mom and the fact that she couldn't just let him play with girls toys and clothes as a GNC male. Literally ruined her kids life for clout.

No. 1703581

File: 1668866464827.jpg (499.39 KB, 1080x1884, 6677765443e.jpg)

You look like a freakin melted blobfish sir

No. 1703585

He’s lucky to get any dates at all looking like a literal Eldritch horror

No. 1703586

This kind of thing is so disturbing because it means if they go through with it or even just crossdress, they’re forcing everyone around them to participate in their fetish because it’s all sexual for them. Coworkers, family, anyone they come into contact with. I don’t consent.

No. 1703588

Ew imagine having to walk past that to get to your seat. I’d just leave.

No. 1703589

It’s fucking weird how they act like anyone who isn’t them is just a huge monolith, like everyone who doesn’t ID as trans is just cool with the status quo and has never questioned anything or considered breaking rules. In the picrel they speak with such self-importance, like they’re the only people who’ve ever had a thought.

No. 1703591

Good thing I don’t want one to touch me then kek. The desperation and jealousy just seeps out of his words.

No. 1703592

Why do people get their lips done like this, it’s so scary.

No. 1703595

File: 1668868193022.jpeg (87.87 KB, 558x800, 915D7C3C-1438-424D-B342-AAB7EE…)

holy shit nonas sage for blog post but I saw a TiM In Action last night
>goes to only dyke bar in the city with friends
>men aren’t like, barred from the bar but it’s mostly butches and mullet femmes
>wall to wall women, heaven
>TiM walks in around 10 pm alone
>literally a full two feet taller than everyone with a massive barrel chest lol sticks out like a sore thumb
>literally pic related
>he keeps walking up to (more feminine) women and trying to talk
>girls are being nice to him but he keeps striking out
>leaves with heavy stomps at 10:45

if anyone sees a blog post by some dude saying Dorothy in Chicago is twansphobic please tell me it was amazing to see irl

No. 1703608

Jesus christ he looks like the breast plate teacher but with a little boy's face. This is depressing

No. 1703609

No. 1703610

Now this could just be a reaction to seeing Sanders again but was Jazz raped at university? Weird question to ask but his eyes struck me in this photo. Either raped or pressed into something. I think pretty much any sexual experience with Jazz would be rapey due to his developmental issues and the fact that I'm positive he doesn't have an adult sexuality despite claiming to be ~pansexual~ because he made it clear on the show he had no sexual urges and didn't even want to masturbate before his surgery to make it more likely he'd be able to orgasm afterwards. They've shown him have a crush on the show too at like 17 and he acted like a middle schooler would. I worry for this little big dude, he's got the mentality of a child and he was sent off to university convinced he is capable of having sex like a woman.
Cost to copy is usually only 0.20$ in Canadian schools. This number is super inflated. There must be something up in here or they wouldn't be scared to release these files. They should honestly be pretty boring for most teachers. I bet you the kids have been complaining and that's what they're hiding since they're claiming the students love the teacher despite the initial leaks coming from a student taping the fetshist in class
>describes porn addiction to a T in the later stages where you can't have sex or masturbate without it
>omg you're totally twanz!!!!
Thankfully if he goes on the pills it should break his dick more but he's going to start antagonizing lesbians now so I hope he loses his erections first and ends up t4t. I have no sympathy for most trannies but the porn addicts get me the most. The most misogynistic men thinking porn makes them women and getting into our places. I pray all their penises break before they rape any women

No. 1703611

File: 1668869059246.png (726.09 KB, 1170x2532, 5C63BC1A-C08C-4ECA-95AB-82D417…)

This is horrifying

No. 1703613

File: 1668869085808.png (741.81 KB, 1170x2532, 3301AD46-FE6F-48F6-B26C-0C226C…)

Part 2

No. 1703615

The trauma is so palpable in this photo, jesus it's so obvious teenage/child transition is abuse

No. 1703616

Exactly. Now everyone in this troon’s life will be forced to bow & scrape and affirm what a real valid girl he is, when he knows full well this is just about his boner while larping as a woman/bottom (because of course these roles are interchangeable for misogynistic moids!

No. 1703617

omg nonna as a fellow chicagoan i wanna find out this elusive dyke bar with no males, it's so hard out here everything seems taken by gender

No. 1703621

They said it’s called Dorothy

No. 1703622

Yep the autismo is two steps away to raping OP definitely

No. 1703623

Eh, they were being reasonable in the comments

No. 1703630

that rumour that he got in trouble with the higher ups and ""transitioned"" to make fun of them might be true then after all

No. 1703631

Love to hear it!! I really want to go on my next trip to Chicago.

No. 1703633

i'm an idiot. i thought she was calling the troon dorothy kek

No. 1703638

Destroy with fire. I have never had such an overwhelming urge to smash something with a hammer like Yzma from Emperor's New Groove. Outside of obvious LARPing (no sane person would "date" that) those lips look like they'll fucking pop and spew gross shit everywhere.

No. 1703673

Best of luck to the Chicaganons finding each other. Atlantanons, I know we hate exactly the same troons

No. 1703674

Based Chicago.

No. 1703675

Jazz’s own mother used to wake him up to shove a dildo-I’m sorry a “dilator” up his rot pocket because Jazz refused to. It didn’t even have to be someone at university. His mother was violating him with foreign objects before he ever left anon.

No. 1703677

ew, get new friends or peak them. there is no in-between.

No. 1703678

also the fact that because he started hormones so young it made it almost impossible to construct a vagina with his skin and he ended up hating the results, poor boy.

No. 1703679

I'm convinced men support trannies as a 'got ya!" to be openly sexist against women. I hate men

No. 1703682

This is such a disturbing story. How long will it take? 10 more years? Hopefully less to have people wake up and see this is sexism and pedophilia.

No. 1703684

File: 1668873955350.jpg (157.16 KB, 776x1117, Fh44hPuXkAA-j45.jpg)

No. 1703690

He had three revisions last I checked and his surgeon now recommends delaying puberty blockers.

No. 1703691

Did he get fatter?? Why hasn't he lost weight? Supposedly his binge eating disorder was in response to all his botched crotch surgeries but he's kept the weight on for years now.

No. 1703697

I don't get why he transitioned, by his own admission he's a content autogenophile

No. 1703700

you think he's gonna excercise? lol. its really sad that even with the hormones from such a young age he stills ballons up like a man with a pot belly and looking literally like doctor eggman.

No. 1703747

File: 1668878464939.png (1.37 MB, 1600x900, Screenshot 34.png)

damn Anthony looks uglier on tv then he does on his angled pictures. also peep the reddit tattoo on his arm.

No. 1703756

Well he's still super young, at his age you can drop weight pretty fast with even minor changes to your diet like cutting out soda. I think the fact that he's still so fat is a testament to how truly mangled his body really is inside and out.

No. 1703758

File: 1668879099993.png (159.71 KB, 765x689, (@JKarenRowling) _ Twitter.png)

some weirdo tranny made a JK Rowling parody account now if only it was funny..

No. 1703759

He joined a lacrosse team in college and his gay brother Sander keeps forcing Jazz to do workouts but the workouts aren't really suited for a hugely obese body (jumping jacks? carrying sander on his back?). I don't think he will lose weight easily and it doesn't help that he probably doesn't have much testosterone anymore. There's an image, I don't have it, where Jazz is lying down and his breasts are covering him in such a way that it looks like a weighted blanket.

No. 1703768

Sweet! I'm a big proponent of t4t.

No. 1703786

best of luck! There needs to be a troonmate support group because oh boy its rough

No. 1703796

His fucking wig flew off im dead nonnies

No. 1703817

I can't imagine weight loss from extreme binge eating during a time where he was borderline immobile from being post-op and/or severely depressed and traumatized would be anything but a herculean task, given he likely has bone density issues and his hormonal balance has been deliberately thrown into the garbage for years.

No. 1703821

Is this after FFS? Waste of money, they could've removed that chin

No. 1703822

Thats honestly terrifying, i had no idea Jazz looked like this now, he looks like he had developed macromastia. Poor child, he stood no chance.

No. 1703824

File: 1668884081791.jpg (1.06 MB, 4096x2212, 22-11-19-10-53-52-417_deco.jpg)

why is moid pattern violence so predictable

No. 1703825


"We represent choice" when you're literally on record on how AIN'T NOBODY OUT HERE "choosing" you or your friends. You have to laugh

No. 1703826

Hey, alteast he wants the same thing as us!

No. 1703828

His mouth looks like a prolapsed anus

No. 1703829

Yes Mark "Marcie" Bowers. I remember on the season of I Am Jazz when Jazz was doctor shopping for dick chop surgery the trans healthcare doctors didn't know what to do with him because they never performed GRS on a TiM that had their puberty blocked. They were all shocked by how small his penis was for his age. Bowers made the comment that no one foresaw that puberty blockers could cause complication for vaginoplasty because there won't be enough penile and scrotum tissue to work with.

No. 1703831

> no one foresaw that puberty blockers could cause complication for vaginoplasty because there won't be enough penile and scrotum tissue to work with
really shows you the quality of doctors involved with tranny medicine

No. 1703832

That would be fucking hilarious if true

No. 1703833

I honestly think the hormones fucked him up so bad there's a disruption of basic health

No. 1703835

File: 1668884941286.png (56.27 KB, 621x702, ostensibly.png)

>"This medicine will stop you from going through puberty."
>"Oh no! The medicine stopped your penis from growing! We never could have expected this."

No. 1703837

WTF so his own mother was molesting him!????

No. 1703838

So this is why he always takes pics at that same angle.

No. 1703839

he's also on a cocktail of psych meds iirc, easily can enhance weight gain

No. 1703840

You guys are retarded. He's obviously being extremely diplomatic and professional in his reply as to not piss off anyone or incite controversy

No. 1703843

>how is babby formed

No. 1703846

Last season of his reality TV show it was mentioned that Jazz takes 17 pills a day. 8 in the morning, 9 in the evening. My 71 year old grandmother takes less than that. I wonder what the cocktail consist of besides psych meds. I'm sure painkillers are in there.

No. 1703848

And so they can have gay sex without being seen as gay/bi

No. 1703850

I hope at least one is a vitamin

No. 1703855

he was on dating sites, which is a pretty far place to take the larp

No. 1703860

They always go for the jaw which has to do with good bone development, tongue posture and not mouth breathing and has nothing to do with testosterone, YET leave the giant man chins which has very much to do with testosterone.

No. 1703867

yikes the yellow teeth

No. 1703874

We probably do, there are a lot of memorable characters (and more trickling in from Cali). My gf and my bestie both peaked through interacting with these moids irl kek

No. 1703880

File: 1668887707802.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 462.58 KB, 750x1019, B7BE2F90-9289-4A5F-9112-9FFB9B…)

yep, that looks like a mutilated penis.

No. 1703885

I don't understand the advocacy puberty blockers are getting if taking that won't allow males to get their axe wounds when they're older?

No. 1703899

They are getting lifelong patients to fund big pharma
But really the tranny propaganda is all based on hiding information so I assume most don't know

No. 1703901

They need to pass anon!!!!!!

No. 1703902

Dear lord, that's disgusting. I think this is the first time I've seen a picture a TIM took while actively aroused. I wonder if they all do that, but none of them want to admit it?

No. 1703930

Because he's a dumbass agp escalating his fetish. Don't kid yourself, the vast majority of male troons would be fine as guys.

No. 1703931

File: 1668890694830.jpg (171.31 KB, 1080x690, Screenshot_20221119-153907_Boo…)

A boner is not a profound source of wisdom kek

No. 1703943

File: 1668892135711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.53 KB, 550x733, 226A62B7-77FF-488C-A682-E2EF15…)



No. 1703948

God every time I see a tiny dick like that I just laugh involuntarily. That’s biology trying to make sure they don’t reproduce.

No. 1703967

if a legitimate journalist was involved the fee would have been mentioned and the rest of the article would be about the contents of the files, this is so retarded

No. 1703972

its trying to turn itself back rightside-out again
im in awe

No. 1703977

He identifies as a bathroom… Interesting kek.

No. 1703986

good lord, nona, I don’t even know what to say. i’m so sorry that happened to you, we need to keep warning women not to trust these men and fighting for our spaces.

No. 1704008

>males being as violent as usual and threatening women protesting for their rights
>start seething uncontrollably as soon as the women point them and say "him! him! him!"
Nothing new at all going on here but good for these women, I support them.

No. 1704018

This is even worse than the usual pictures holy shit

No. 1704035

Looked thru a lot of MtF threads for this post but does anyone here have the screenshot of the reddit post where the guy is talking about 'drinking the koolaid' and decided to fuck a tranny only to realize he was disgusted with himself, and he went into descriptive detail about it? "everything screams male", "people don't talk about how women's skin is softer and male skin is rough", "even if the lights were off, the skeletal frame just feels bigger" and it was a black screenshot of the reddit post?

It was such a good descriptive post I wish I had saved it.

No. 1704036

File: 1668896807707.jpeg (491.62 KB, 960x1810, 9CF7FC23-A7C6-4206-8483-DA5A6A…)

grim. really fucking grim.

No. 1704045

I've seen a lot of trannies say "protecting women and children is a transphobic dogwhistle," but it's so much worse to see an actual powerful organization openly parrot that deranged view.

No. 1704050

Love that men in fucking dresses need to have their feelings protected more than the well being of women and children. Fuck this tranny loving earth.

No. 1704060

that must be bait. must be some right wing tactic, no way this is real

No. 1704065

Can y'all imagine protecting like 30 terfs from hundreds of oppressed folks? All cops are bastards, I'm spinning my skirt in protest!!

No. 1704082

File: 1668899345483.png (114.01 KB, 679x502, coded language wtf.png)

I just read the article. Non paywalled article here btw for anyone who wants to read: https://web.archive.org/web/20221119223752/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/11/19/ministry-justice-officials-warned-talk-protecting-women-could/

It was from a leaked email sent by 'Prison and Probation Service diversity and inclusion team' to bring awareness to "recognising transphobic coded language". This is really disturbing.

Other "hateful" language on the list includes
>"adult human female"
>"same-sex attracted"

No. 1704090

5 sexual assaults too many

No. 1704093

Why do troons wear headphones in public? Is it an autism thing? Do they think they look cute?

No. 1704095

Context? What's wrong with wearing headphones in public

No. 1704096

they copy women who do it

No. 1704098

They want to be (fuck) the lofi anime beats to chill and study with thumbnail girl.

No. 1704106

Notice how "adult human male" or "men" are terms that they never, ever try to fuck with.

No. 1704107

File: 1668901287609.jpg (49.13 KB, 500x696, Fh4xbEAWAAEo_Z1.jpg)

what happened to terf island

No. 1704110

of course. let's just ignore that the majority of crimes and violent acts are carried out by men!

these people are getting paid to compile a watchlist of non-violent women for speaking about feminism, anti-homophobia, women's health, motherhood and safeguarding when these women are statistically more likely to be victims of a hate crime themselves. meanwhile fuck all is being done to prevent violence against women. pathetic and i hope they lose their funding.

No. 1704117

It's official. We've gone full circle back to decades-past levels of sexism and homophobia under the guise of it being righteous.

No. 1704120

File: 1668903157808.png (518.06 KB, 1280x840, 1664340189785.png)

What's this then, MOJ? Hmmmm…

No. 1704129

For me this is one of the most damning reports of all and it's just ignored time and time again. How much clearer does it need to be that predatory men are taking advantage of this loophole to gain access to women's spaces?

No. 1704134

Gender critical beliefs are legally protected in the UK, so does whoever sent this out not care they've just opened up the MOJ to a lawsuit?

>The email, marked “official sensitive” and sent this month through the HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) diversity and inclusion team, has been leaked to The Telegraph.

>A Prison Service spokesman said: “This guidebook was published by a staff network, its content was not approved prior to being communicated and it is a network rather than a corporate HMPPS view.
>“Following its publication, HMPPS is reviewing the rules around internal communications to staff from network groups.”

So it was sent out by the DEI group and the official line is that it was not approved by MOJ leadership. I wonder if that spokesman is lying and trying to walk it back. You don't just send out an email to all your employees without prior approval from someone. And if it really wasn't approved, the MOJ would be much more aggressive in disavowing it.

This could just be an extinction burst, though. Sometimes, when you try to stamp out someone's behavior, people double down before they give up.

No. 1704139

>How much clearer does it need to be that predatory men are taking advantage of this loophole to gain access to women's spaces?
They know, they don't care. A terf group in the UK sued the prison dept to stop this and court was basically "Yeah, troons are rapey and are totally going to rape women if troons and women are locked up together, and women will totally be terrified to be locked up with a troon, but it's way more important to respect troons gender delusions than it is to keep women safe and to avoid undue distress in female prisoners, so the MOJ will just have to work that out."

No. 1704172

I don't, but are you talking about the post where the guy describes neovaginas by saying they're nothing like the real deal and more comparable to very deep bellybuttons?

No. 1704176

>same-sex attraction is hateful language
Years of progress swept under the rug by these assholes. I used to actually feel hopeful about where the LGBT was headed until the T started majorly trying to erase the rest of us.

No. 1704178

Hm it’s almost like people born male all share similar rates of violent crimes no matter what they wear or call themselves.

No. 1704180

you're telling me he can do more facial expressions that the one he does when he takes a selfie that looks like he's holding the biggest shit of his life

No. 1704264

File: 1668914658172.png (347.13 KB, 644x860, 1668689548227.png)

I don't know what exactly this man is trying to say, but I believe he's right

No. 1704271

File: 1668914970104.jpeg (118.14 KB, 750x387, E9BB18C0-8FA7-4D13-B5A3-9E462C…)

No. 1704273

I hope sanfran nonnies take advantage of this

No. 1704302

Wasn’t this study using MOJ data but the analysis was performed by Kathleen Stock and some other academics? In that case the MOJ can just look the other way and ignore those findings since they never contracted and released the study themselves. Plenty of studies that use government data are never acknowledged by the agency. They’ll probably take it down or “revise” aka obfuscate it if more people download it and replicate Stock’s findings to show that troons are actually this rapey and violent. It needs more mainstream attention for sure.

No. 1704309

Samefag, I mean that the MOJ may alter or private the dataset that this was performed from

No. 1704323

yes I think it's that post, i looked everywhere and couldn't find it, do you have it?

No. 1704333

File: 1668918907304.png (173.45 KB, 732x285, bellybutton.png)

Here you go nona, I looked up "belly button neovagina" just for you!

No. 1704336

That's the funniest shit I've read all day thanks nonna

No. 1704337

File: 1668919240563.png (93.96 KB, 794x666, rot pocket.png)

Also found this during my research kek. Ammonia, yogurt, belly button, and death, but totally indistinguishable from a woman's right? Off topic, but the troon subs seem slightly less unhinged a few years ago. I bet if this question was asked today all the replies would be delusional troons coping by saying their crotch wounds smell better than real vaginas.

No. 1704338

YES YES YES THIS! THANK you nona! I am going to spam this in the terf discs im in, they were asking about it haha.

No. 1704342

>Smells like bellybutton after 5 years
>Adding bacterial culture regularly to your surgical hole to “maintain” it

Wow they’re just like us, amazing

No. 1704347

Are these men shoving sauerkraut in their "pussies"?

No. 1704354

File: 1668921773620.jpeg (97.02 KB, 982x626, 97E0CC9D-7082-458C-94F0-73945A…)

It’s crazy to me men regardless of sexuality seem to innately prey on young people

No. 1704370

i think he’s trying to say just like how weed has become peddled and commodified to the public, libido has to where sexual perversion has been catered to, to the point where the “stoners”, or in this case, coomers, have manifested into literal sex demons where they exist solely for sex? so in summary the commodification and catering to sexual perversion has pushed a chunk of people to become hooked and seek a higher “high” to the point it integrated into their entire being and pushing them to live for sex and sexual pleasure, even if it’s subconscious.

No. 1704376

File: 1668923654170.jpeg (330.69 KB, 2094x973, EAC9847D-C792-4189-8E3E-7C6CB0…)


No. 1704381

You guys…. I have no one to talk to. My brother started dating a TIM and is now starting to show tell tale signs of going down that path as well. Idk how to handle it.

No. 1704386

Disown him immediately, all hope is lost

No. 1704388

i’d say cut him off. trying to talk him out of troonery will only get you in trouble, and he’ll cut you out of his life anyway for being a terf.

No. 1704390

It’s crazy how every zoomer man is either a Nazi or a tranny now

No. 1704391

I live somewhere where it would be socially unacceptable to do that. My family would never do that to him so I’D probably be disowned if I did that. Also I do love him and hope he comes to his senses later on….. idk I’m just so confused. All I can do is ignore it. I feel like it would be better for me to just go along with it and try to be neutral than make my stance on it clear. But I feel like eventually that will become impossible to maintain.

No. 1704392

I should add as soon as men learned victim complex idpol language a few years ago they started turning talking about social issues or mental health issues into wild narcissism. Any time someone disagrees with a man they are LITERALLY OPPRESSING them. He will use that to justify cutting you out of his life.

No. 1704396

I saw a car the other day with a huge trans flag decal on it. It covered most of the driver's side door. I would've taken a picture, but it was close to where I work and I didn't want to dox myself.

No. 1704398

of your entire family will disown you for being a terf and embrace your brother’s fetishism and tranny bf, i’m sorry, but you have a shitty family. be prepared for the worst case scenario.

No. 1704422

Greyrock. Distance yourself. Feign ignorance. Suddenly become 'sooo busy lately' all the time. Practice smizing while screaming internally kek.

I'd rather be disowned, speaking personally.

No. 1704511

> It's fucking insane, when will this madness stop?
Very soon, trust me
Remember how there was a massive backlash against hippies? And all hippies ever promoted was recreational drugs, chilling out, and world peace. Troons unironically promote castration, delusion, and not!rape; yea they have a limited shelf-life, and unlike hippies who were pretty young people, troons are incels and middle aged balding moids mostly

No. 1704513

but unlike hippies, troons have positions of power in government and a lot of sway in media and journalism. there are a lot of very wealthy trannies. troons are a massive cash cow for corporations and i don't think they're nearly done with them yet. not the same imo.

No. 1704525

I see what you're saying but agree with >>1704513
Most boomer hippies I know were amazing activists with truly good intentions and now either denounced it entirely as 'youthful folly' (and became capitalist af) or live off the grid farming and are still protesting and doing community outreach(the cool af one's). It's different with the troons they're narcissistic deluded monsters that society is bending over backwards to placate and are in fact in positions of power.

No. 1704532

just came across this deranged stop motion film where a TERF talks about her periods and giant handmaiden vagina shows up to defend the TIM. the terf friend brings up valid points about biological reality but is dismissed as negativity by the TIM and vagina handmaiden - who thinks vaginas are awesome and fun!

No. 1704534

File: 1668951290709.png (Spoiler Image, 616.67 KB, 460x621, hillebrecht.png)

this is the guy who made it. spoiler for man in a bikini.

No. 1704535

Of fucking course. Their autism cannot be contained.

No. 1704536

>For people assigned female at birth
Reminder, ladies
Your cooch apparently wasn’t there until the doctor labeled you according to your chromosomes

No. 1704538

Apology for the samefag but
Says a lot about troons that when that girl started explaining the real issues women face for no reason other than how moids treat them the troongina thing just vaguely threatens her to make her shut up

No. 1704540

I know the music literally turns dark and the vagina holds a KNIFE whilst threatening her. Fucking insane.

No. 1704541

Holy shit, finished the video, it goes way beyond vaguely threatening her, it threatens to mutilate her genitals and wear her tubes as a necklace, what the actual fuck

This shit is appropriate for Youtube but saying the word “fuck” isn’t?

No. 1704542

Yeah looks like a total expert on female experiences and the oppression women experience from the time they’re children.

No. 1704544

Yeah of course some fucking obese white guy living comfortable enough to wear a bikini outside thinks women have it easy, that motherfucker has it easier than 99% of people in the world just judging by that one photo alone. Trannies are all blinded by privilege it's the only real price of entry

No. 1704550

Sometimes I really wonder what they would do if they had to live as women for a month. I expect the first few days would be filled with masturbation, but once they have to actually go outside and interact with people, they’d get worn down because they aren’t getting taken seriously, men are talking over them, they realize getting cat-called or stalked isn’t actually the sexual thrill they think it is, etc etc. Maybe combine that with the domestic and emotional labor they’d be expected to perform at home and outside of it. Or idk I’m sure some of them would still be masturbating to that too. Y chromosome is fucked beyond reason. I want to believe they wouldn’t survive though because everything they talk about is so pathetic and makes it clear that they’re men who wouldn’t know what oppression was even if it bit them on the face. The fact that society takes TiMs seriously but not TiFs is still just a clear sign of their male privilege in action.

No. 1704551

Get your parents first. Start sending them articles that are good peaking material going "huh, now isn't this interesting mom/dad, what do you think in your infinite wisdom?". If your parents come to the conclusion themselves it would be easier than you telling them the truth about trannies since the propaganda of them just wanting to be happy and non dysphoric is so strong and you'll be fighting that and your parents.
Show them studies on transition not working, incarceration and crime stats, their REAL demographics which show most trannies are 30+ white men, throw in Marci Bowers who come out against puberty blockers right after badly operating Jazz, show them articles of detransitioners like the first enby in America, show them trans violence at demonstrations if your parents are old school and don't like riots, show the stats on HSTS vs AGP and maybe bring up a discussion on if fetishism is a valid form of "womanhood" if you're bold (base it on a reddit post that doesn't sound so awful it's fake and claim its a creep at school). They just have to be from a real and ideally non conservative sources to shield against the usual transphobia accusations and you should make them think you're coming to them for their opinion, not that you're here to change their minds (placate those parental egos). Try to drip feed it to them and you might be able to get the drop on your brother. He'll probably assume you were the one who turned them away but that's better than him turning them against you which you need to understand that your brother will do if he transitions because his identity requires it, you're the purest evidence in the house he's full of shit when he invents a girly persona that's nothing like his actual sister. Don't be afraid, don't hesitate, be stronger than him

No. 1704554

File: 1668953307319.webm (2.33 MB, 480x270, j-r44aOb4wV2VMeZ.webm)

some more autism for you nona. this time with bionicles (the antithesis to a pink makeup case apparently)

No. 1704559

Hahaha yes, excellent peaking material!

No. 1704563

File: 1668954331797.jpg (860.05 KB, 810x3106, Screenshot_20221120-091730_Boo…)

>but I definitely think my body thinks there is a uterus and trying to shed a lining that doesn’t exist.
Basically I think I’m having PMS symptoms.
>but I guess it’s evidence that HRT and my body is becoming female on a physiological level

No. 1704564

Gettint major red flags looking at this guy. He just LOOKS like a rapist

No. 1704568

what does waking up with a a sore throat have to do with anything

No. 1704569

they'll believe they're on their periods before they suspect covid or a virus

No. 1704570

I wish I could kill a moid every time a pornsick male mentions getting chocolate on their totally existing period.

No. 1704574

I swear sometimes they’re worse than fundamentalist religious people. The delusions they have about their bodies just magically being able to do things is wacky. Too much sissy hypnosis porn or what, I’m not sure.

No. 1704578

>may no transwoman ever touch you


No. 1704583

I keep obsessively checking here because I really want to see the "3000" documents on breastplate pedo teacher. Ik most will be shitty normal docs thrown in to distract from any problematic ones but I want to read them so bad. Dreaming that maybe some based worker with access will leak them. Apparently the fee is for the person to search to find relevant ones but if that's the case how do they know there are 3000 pages to print? This story is just so wild even though I normally hate cowtipping behavior i really want someone to go talk to the locals and get to the bottom of whatever is going on here. Sorry for sperging about this im just so blown away that this is happening. I'm blessed my nigel agrees that any future children will be homeschooled

No. 1704584

i hate troons and hate the stereotype that women crave chocolate during their menstruation. or anytime. It's somehow so offensive that these dumb stereotypes are being enshrined as "what women are"

No. 1704586

Me too. That stereotype is so pervasive that as a teenager I thought I was weird because I never craved chocolate on my period. It’s such a stupid pop culture thing, like all the stereotypes they make about girls sleepovers and whatever else men love to fetishize.

No. 1704588

not that anon but i do sometimes use my period as an excuse to eat dark chocolate because it contains iron. that being said, i always crave it no matter what.

No. 1704591

File: 1668956755035.jpg (334.45 KB, 1080x1859, 20221120_150318.jpg)

Does anyone have more information about this? Saw on r/mtf people telling people to stay in. And obviously pink news is spinning it as trans agenda which it may be considering trans week but not too much info right now afaik. But it could also be just normal mental illness or homophobia

No. 1704593

when isn't it some trans month/week/day of remembrance or another? i doubt someone who's not in the community would even know it was this week in particular

No. 1704595

File: 1668957175902.jpg (701.92 KB, 1078x1760, Screenshot_20221120-151022_Chr…)

Kek, that's the first thing I thought when I saw this.
It's so scary even if it was trans motivated, lgb is getting caught in the crossfire and trans are getting more statistics they can cry about. Its frustrating if it wasn't trans motivated because they are appropriating the violence towards themselves. Just a shit situation

No. 1704596

It's mainly a misunderstanding since women tend to want things that increase serotonin during their period for comfort since low estrogen levels make it harder to keep a positive mood, like favorite snack food and sweets. I always eat a lot of shortbread cookies when I'm on mine. TIMS misunderstand the stereotype and think they're like pregnancy style food cravings and not just seeking out whatever thing makes you a little happier for a minute.

No. 1704598

"freedom of information" in action

No. 1704605

This is like a new, dangerous form of mental retardation
How tf do you actually convince yourself you’re experiencing something that isn’t physically possible for you to experience?

No. 1704607

File: 1668958048568.png (872.57 KB, 1088x3968, peaktwox.png)

>I don't have any sisters, so I was going through my mother's laundry when I was 6.
>Happy Trans Day Of Remembrance.

No. 1704618

File: 1668958554762.png (752.23 KB, 1422x560, image5.png)

this one?

No. 1704622

Kek at the moid implying a girl vacuuming her brother's room is strange. Women live in easy mode! We just have to do the chores everytime, and then get shit for it

No. 1704624

Holy shit that is insane. They claim to be women and understand womanhood since birth but can’t even conceptualize how we are forced to do domestic labor since being children. Moid privilege.

No. 1704631

File: 1668959479485.jpg (48.16 KB, 1080x225, Screenshot_20221120-164533_rif…)

This 52 year old man (possibly a tranny now) goes on female subs to criticize teen girls for doing chores. I want to alog

No. 1704640

Straight up retards in that thread, not just the troon who is a psychopathic retard. Anyone questioning how a brother ended up with his sister's panties in his room is dumb as fuck. The only answer is sexual, he is a moid, they are panties, end of. If it's a little boy it isn't too late for him to understand boundaries, but if he's over 12 than it is hopeless.

No. 1704655

File: 1668960645390.jpeg (146.44 KB, 1080x1076, 7E9DB822-6249-49B2-900C-0A1D41…)

trooncel 1/2

No. 1704658

File: 1668960700087.jpeg (97.31 KB, 1080x861, E1096B5C-A863-401D-9E70-174332…)

heckin valid trooncel

No. 1704661

I think he's satirizing the "prude" and "conservative" terfs who, in their minds, hate the devils lettuce and are catholics who are afraid of Satan and demons.

No. 1704668

It's so creepy how troons get fixated on a specific girl/woman and try to become her. Women that skinwalk other women tend to be mentally ill, it's not normal

No. 1704671

File: 1668961551786.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1652, 392EC45A-8055-457D-9405-439725…)

Comments are dumb af

No. 1704674

Whenever I look at these troons, I feel the complete opposite of "gender envy" kek I end up thinking that I would rather kill myself than even resemble any of these beasts.

No. 1704676

It makes me really afraid for the girls/women they fixate on. I know nonas have mentioned it happening to them before and the guys always sound like potential serial killers.

No. 1704677

I can't stand how every time a man does something perverted a bunch of scrotes and handmaidens rush in to make up excuses for it and turn it around so he's the victim. It's even worse with trannies because everything they do is perverted and these girls are being pressured into accepting the behavior because of his 'dysphoria'.

I can't imagine how violating it must feel finding your underwear in your brother's room and then having hundreds of people online advise you to buy him his own pack of underwear instead when you try to ask for help.

No. 1704685

Long ago I worked at a trendy clothing store for teens/young woman. At one point a middle aged man started coming in. At first he was just skulking around, staring at people and making them uncomfortable. After showing up a few times, he actually took girls clothes into a dressing room to do god knows what with. Thats when we called the cops, he got kicked out. I can't help but think if that happened now, we wouldn't be allowed to do that. Even though this guy was clearly an unstable creep who was getting off on freaking us out.

No. 1704698

show him this >>1704333

No. 1704699

File: 1668963833259.png (151.26 KB, 400x642, FAD5CDC9-5137-4B91-9792-D66ED4…)

I highly recommend this book to peak your parents.

No. 1704703

agreed. this is a very soft introduction, with a focus on facts and data. it's very respectful towards trans people whilst being critical of the ideology so a good one to peak normies without scaring them off.

No. 1704704

File: 1668963996884.jpeg (28.7 KB, 680x545, unknown.jpeg)


No. 1704710

sage for blog but Nonnies I got online first thing because I witnessed the most brutal thing in a goddamn world. Dont want to give too many details in case identifying shit crops up in a tranny ree on Reddit or something BUT, I was in a [Terf Island] big retailer for Christmas shopping. It's about 70% skincare and feminine products, makeup, a pharmacy and then like 1 aisle of men's stuff. It's only the 20th but people are already a bit shitty to shop around re: Christmas presents and sales. Heard a woman in the next row say "-take your Madam's apple and leave then, most of us know what we want." Walked past and lo and behold; a tranny with the most Roblox shoulders I've ever seen in my life, dressed almost normally but you can visibly see where their wigs lifting from the front and it looked poorly combed at best.

From context it sounded like this gangly skeleton was pissing about in front of one section of a makeup aisle for a specific brand and would not move out of the way despite being asked multiple times (I heard "I said excuse me like five times" from the woman who was with a friend). I'm sure he's probably crying in a Discord server somewhere about how he was hatecrimed.

I expected to see a full freakout as so often seen online but he just kind of forcefully put down what he was holding (sending a bunch of lipglosses and shit to the floor for some poor worker I might add) and literally virgin walked away. Turns out all this "punch a terf" shit is just talk if they're not in groups. Given the area this was in, I'm surprised it didn't result in a public freakout-tier chavvy beatdown, don't get between a woman and her gift shopping, troons.

No. 1704714

File: 1668964386715.jpeg (474.08 KB, 921x1040, 7C0B579B-612C-4CB9-9409-C89A84…)


No. 1704715

Periods don’t necessarily make you crave chocolate. They make you crave carbs because there’s a drop in serotonin levels and carbs can help with that. Don’t tell that to troons, though.

No. 1704718

File: 1668964504557.png (1.96 MB, 720x1530, 2.png)

look at this monstrosity

No. 1704722

File: 1668964582418.png (979.13 KB, 954x892, 8.png)


No. 1704723

File: 1668964616346.png (958.37 KB, 964x918, 5.png)

No. 1704733

File: 1668964868018.jpg (797.98 KB, 1536x2048, Fgg9_WTXEAAUphS.jpg)

bro looks like an alien

No. 1704738

>madam’s apple
I wish I was brave enough to be like the woman who said that.

No. 1704741

Why are they always exhibitionists? I get so self conscious if I have a bra line visible because I know perverted moids like this man are going to be gross about it.

No. 1704743

File: 1668965143325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 859.31 KB, 1440x1328, IMG_20221117_070640.jpg)

keep some eye bleach handy after looking at this

No. 1704750

>trannies cry about not being able to have children
>they don't realize periods are also part of pregnancy

No. 1704754

File: 1668965366438.jpeg (431.55 KB, 960x1462, 1212CCED-7837-466C-8C09-C382A5…)

this is a private female only subreddit, but i shouldnt be surprised. moids love inserting themselves in places they shouldnt

No. 1704756

they're always feeling insecure yawn

No. 1704758

File: 1668965470973.jpg (226.06 KB, 1080x1768, DongerConsent3.jpg)

No Dong's consent story is picking up on twitter

No. 1704760

why aren't the mods vetting users? what's the point of being private if troons are getting in?

No. 1704764

Why is their hair always so fucking greasy? Do they do it on purpose because they know they don't have to try because handmaidens give them muh validation no matter what? Or are they just that blind to basic hygiene?

No. 1704768

Same reason they always have a disgusting lack of hygiene in general. Because they are still the crusty lazy unwashed incels they always were.

No. 1704771

File: 1668966077670.jpeg (96.33 KB, 722x906, FAC262A2-1AF8-40F4-A1EC-4A7306…)

he's so fucking creepy, there's something unhinged about him

No. 1704775

what happened? last time i heard he got accused of raping another tranny because he had dog hair and the other troon had a phobia of dogs, kek

No. 1704776

did he get his teeth done? , they look uncanny like straight out of a sims model. In fact, he looks like what you get when you press random in create a sim.

No. 1704780

File: 1668966474665.png (Spoiler Image, 132.97 KB, 250x334, 3889272-e11961d8e6ed4568798873…)

bad axe job

No. 1704782

If it mattered, this woman was likely working-class like most of us and are much less likely to put up with troonacy typically.
kek at Madam's apple though, it kept me giggling on the train home.

I have a passing theory outside of indecision/rudeness. This store tends to have quite pretty MUAs and female employees, specifically like 2-3 who work the higher end makeup aisles where stuff tends to cost a bit more.

If you go to those aisles and look like you're shopping they WILL offer help, and often have eyebrow grooming or colour-match for foundation where they'll sit you down and treat you quite nicely. Usually a bit too pricey for me but I experienced it once at a sister store and it's a very caring bespoke sort of service. I have been wondering since I got home if the troon was hoping to rope in one of these girls to play into their "visions of girlhood" fantasy only to be savagely called out about their Madam's Apple from a woman in a full puffer jacket and ponytail who looked more obviously female than he could ever wish for in his life.
Fun this is, if this was what he was thinking might happen - based off a super flawed and male understanding of how these stores work - he'd have been waiting a long time. They were in the more lower/mid-range ££ items.

If you want the attention of these MUAs, you need to actually go over and demonstrate you're going to spend money on slightly more costly product. Idk if this was the troons intention but after lurking a few of these threads, I theorise it's a strong possibility, which just makes this funnier.

No. 1704791

yes! it was that one but it was posted earlier. Thanks though!

No. 1704797

he just has terminal prematurely aging gay face that is highlighted by bad make up and aggressively male features.
He's a very thin Goid (gay moid), who is putting on an act. As a normal goid, he'd just be an average visably gay scrote. As "woman" he just looks horrid and creepy. He's just ugly and making a mockery of himself and more importantly women. I know the exact feeling you get, i get that from Liz Fong Jong, just very ugly and square shaped.

No. 1704801

he is a deranged gay man with no concept of the real world, and literally models himself on 50's housewives who are on the verge of a psychotic breakdown and addicted to tranquillisers. hope that helps.

No. 1704802

File: 1668967412010.jpg (275.12 KB, 1071x1153, az.jpg)

no he's just another schitzo on twitter

No. 1704807

File: 1668967600593.jpg (360.22 KB, 1538x2048, FbxLDykVUAYcbsK.jpg)

This troon has the worst hairstyle i have ever seen, my god

No. 1704812

male pattern baldness kek

No. 1704813

He has the eye wrinkles of a 90 year old wtf

No. 1704814

can you believe hes only 25? kek men age like milk

No. 1704817

This video is old, but man does ot piss me off…
All those moids are only kissing tranny ass while saying uwu I'm a male feminist! and everybody praises them for it.

No. 1704826

File: 1668968985190.png (102.59 KB, 503x816, image6.png)

ooooh sorry nonnie! while looking for it earlier i actually found that it was a lesbian who wrote the og post back in 2017 and not a guy like we thought. the whole conversation is actually a pretty good read if you're interested. i guess somewhere along the way it became a copypasta around 2021.

No. 1704834

$3k is not that much money in the grand scheme of things. I wonder if The Sun did pay the fee but there was absolutely nothing juicy in the documents. 3000 pages of documents about a teacher's tenure at a school can easily amount to just the teacher's credentials, records of courses/trainings they've completed, attendance records, disciplinary records (of students), grade records, etc. Do we expect there to be some essay he wrote about how he's gonna groom students in there?
Sorry for being a skeptical sally. I want to see him barred from schools forever too, but I'm very wary of the fact that right-wing tabloids are latching onto this and doing absolutely nothing with it. When they do that it usually turns out to be a hoax.

No. 1704836

I can't seem to scroll down on the page. saged for ot

No. 1704838

File: 1668969453553.png (1.99 MB, 1242x1501, unknown-7-1.png)

Personal cow.

>Has history of homophobia, racism and transphobia

>I believe he's on a spectrum
>Came out as trans probably to combat being exposed for homophobia, racism and transphobia in the past
>Has history of ebegging and spending money on dumb shit
>Has fetish/obsession for Micheal Myers and there's a screenshot of coom stains on the jumpsuit he bought for a costume

No. 1704840

No. 1704841

memeing men into believing they can be uwu animu traps when they put on maid dresses is the worst thing that anime has done to humanity

No. 1704848

Trannyism is literally autogynephilia which is an inherently voyeuristic/exhibitionist fetish.

It’s no different to ugly dirty old men who would flash kids when wearing trench coats with nothing underneath in the 70s and 80s, because it was the only way they could get attention and because it also thrilled them to throw their ugliness at others. This is the 21st century version. Never underestimate the degeneracy of scrotes.

No. 1704872

Gtfo tranny

No. 1704873

Me too, nonnie. I always get afraid that one day we will hear on the news that some random woman got killed and the troon used her skin like a suit.

No. 1704874

File: 1668971487502.png (111.1 KB, 589x784, FiB4p7fWQAAtZ4g.png)

hey ladies, did you know the suffragette flag colors were actually appropriated from the genderfluid flag? the chosen colors had absolutely no meaning what-so-ever, we just stole it from the trannies!

No. 1704875

Is he trying to do a side-swept bang but with just his regular hair? Odd.

No. 1704881

I think I remember this. Is it the one where pretty much all the women were saying TiMs shouldn’t get to speak over women or be in our spaces and can’t understand our experiences but all the men were defending TiMs? Says a lot doesn’t it. Men always trying to speak for and over us no matter how they ID.

No. 1704882

How are they that stupid? Maybe that’s why the love rewriting history, because they never knew it in the first place.

No. 1704886

why do they keep calling themselves shit like it? wouldn't that be "transphobic" or whatever

No. 1704890

> Why are you showing fresh wounds? Festering wounds are obviously more representative of how troon holes look.
Healed or unhealed, a Frankenstein mutilation is a Frankenstein mutilation.

No. 1704891

ah, yes, the flag those malevolent suffragettes appropriated all the way back in the early 1900s, because back then "genderqueer" was absolutely a thing.

No. 1704897

>I believe he's on a spectrum

Nona… Look at that face. Look at what he is wearing. He is definitely a sperg, and not even a functioning one.

No. 1704900

File: 1668973346887.jpeg (104.88 KB, 1169x1155, 55406506-6A73-44D9-923B-841AF4…)

No. 1704903

File: 1668973555167.jpg (1007.74 KB, 810x5967, Screenshot_20221120-143640_Chr…)

Transbians trash transmascs on r/trans:

No. 1704912

this has been posted a billion times already
every time i see an inverted penis i'm hit by how inhumane this is, those surgeons must truly hate troons to be able to do this to them. i guess they feel safe knowing that they can blame the psychologists for referring them there in the first place

No. 1704916

TIFs seething because they're either straight women crying NAMALT and wanting to believe in their imaginary ideal softboi, or lesbians with internalized homophobia trying to escape the "lesbians are ugly and predatory" stereotypes without realizing that those stereotypes are comparing us to men (who are often ugly and predatory) as a result of homophobic/sexist gender stereotypes saying attraction to women = male. Men who troon out have no problem continuing to be misogynistic and awful to women, though. Funny, that.

No. 1704918

You can really see the male vs female socialisation at play. When TIMs are upset you'll have women and TIFs scrambling to apologise and fawning over them but when it's the other way around the TIMs don't give a shit that they've hurt anyone's feelings.

No. 1704920

god bless terf island and its badass women.

No. 1704923

Yes. When its little girls they say “MUH FERTILIty”, yet faggots love little boys and very young men too(twink death is an example of this phenomenon), i think there is just something inherently evil and psychopathic about them.

No. 1704930

They are attracted to power and domination first and foremost, that's the only way it can be explained.

No. 1704932

Its strange. They never come out and just say it, are they in denial or just hiding it? Some genuinly think its just about “fertility” and its their “biology”, is it a cope?

No. 1704935

But….caterpillars don't need medical intervention to become butterflies, it just happens.

Where is the more accurate pic of the slug or whatever that nailed wings on and calls itself a butterfly? That one is more fitting

No. 1704936

File: 1668977098627.jpg (43.48 KB, 540x533, bee wasp misogyny.jpg)

Thank you to those who have been recommending this book! I just bought it with the intent of reading it and then gifting it to friend who needs it, she hasn't bought into this garbage yet but she works with some gender specials and I have been scrambling to find some way of peaking her without outing myself as a full on terf just yet

No. 1704937

>madam's apple
>roblox shoulder
goddamn i love this website

No. 1704939

is that a fetish

No. 1704940

nothing wrong with that. But "women love chocolate" feels like the dumb commercials from my childhood, where women ate chocolate like fiends and had orgasms while mopping. Male stereotypes

No. 1704944

God you just gave me a flashback against my will kek. Herbal Essence commercials from the late 90s-early 00’s scarred young me for life tbh.

No. 1704952

yes because that axe wound will look much better after all that stitches are off lmao. are you dumb?

No. 1704961

They do the same with shampoo and yogurt.

No. 1704964

our entire digestive and reproductive systems cease to function without regular spoonfuls of yoghurt and squares of chocolate.

No. 1704968

It must be. This is one thing I fucking hate about men in general. Anything that women have happen that we either don’t really think about or try to avoid or are made uncomfortable by, they get off on. It makes me sick to think about them seeing random women (or girls) who are minding their own business and completely unaware that some nasty scrote is ogling them and getting off to his weird perverted crap later. I never know if I should be happy or sad that I was completely oblivious to this for so long, that I was probably used as fetish fuel too when I didn’t even know it. Now they just let it all out, don’t they? I feel so bad for girls and younger women when this is the state of men and their behavior and they plaster it across the internet. Idk how you can really ever feel safe when the most mundane things are sexualized. Why can’t they just leave us alone nonnas? I feel like I have to cover everything and even then they will sexualize that too.

No. 1704969

yes! do you know this video? It's still great, I stumbled across this acct in 2014 or so and watched them all.

No. 1704974

oh god I never saw the chocolate one

No. 1704981

i know. i am having an extremely painful heavy period rn (thanks to endometriosis) and it makes me so angry that these troons are fetishising this kind of suffering. and it drives me mad how men talk about women's bodily functions like we are these mystical magical creatures because they don't care enough to try and understand the reality we endure, and now we're at the point where they think they can bypass that reality and larp as magical mystical women for fun and have the cute, fun "symptoms" of craving chocolate teehee. how can they be so fucking clueless about women and believe they are one just because these superficially "girly" things turn them on.

No. 1704984

shit nonnie you just gave me a nostalgia rush. Connor was such a qt

No. 1704985

File: 1668980900341.jpeg (55.02 KB, 960x494, 6CBDA5C5-F4ED-4C68-9F36-71AC19…)

lol i love these. here’s my fav variation

No. 1704986

I'm with you nonna, I'm the one whose endo destroyed part of her colon (had an emergency resection during lockdown in my country, because the damage made my small intestine slip into my large one). I find it absolutely vile that these men try to larp having periods when mine nearly killed me. I hated how hormones made me feel and am taking a break from that hell. I can already feel my period coming. But at least I know that pain.

Sorry for the blog. I just have a special hate for period fetishists. It's horrible what women have to endure, now they need to coopt the very things they shame us for

No. 1704989

I want her to be my friend, she's so smart and funny

No. 1704991

also love when they take midol for their fake period pains. I don't know any other women who take that for period pains. Last time I took that I was a teenager because of marketing. It's hilarious.

No. 1704993

Men finding out most men are straight

No. 1704996

I remember you mentioning it before. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I hope you’re doing okay now.

No. 1704998

Michael from roosterteeth if he trooned out

No. 1705005

the one with the diuretic in it is decent. the other is just more expensive naproxen

No. 1705006

I am, thanks, it's just a very personal reason I rage about these larpers. I was trying to think about what a TiF could larp to be just as offensive but came up with nothing

No. 1705010

Kek, but even wasps are more useful and worthy of respect than troons, they're pretty important pollinators. Troons bring nothing positive to their environment.

No. 1705026

Nta but The book is amazing. I downloaded it sketchily but as soon as I have a steady income I plan on purchasing it for myself to support the author and show the publishing companies not to be afraid to publish books like that

No. 1705028

Good to find another wasp-positive person on here! I study insects and they get such a bad reputation when they are pretty damn crucial to the ecosystem. (That isn't to say some of the parasitic ones aren't horrifying though)

No. 1705050

>man gets a simple lesson about vaginas and uteruses that only includes the "fun" parts like orgasms and pregnancy
>"wow vaginas are cool I want one"
>woman tries to talk about the reality of being female and how the man's idea of womanhood is based on a (sexual) fantasy
>gets immediately told to shut the fuck up and threatened with violence

Seems about right

No. 1705055

File: 1668986254547.jpg (286.53 KB, 1080x2144, Screenshot_20221120-181033_Twi…)

Thank god they're putting this dangerous birthgiver behind bars.

No. 1705059

File: 1668987093607.png (474.72 KB, 688x405, Christine Marie” Jentoft.png)

wtaf. i thought there had to be more to this but nope she is being charged for a hate crime based on "tweets she made between February 2021 and January 2022." those tweets were not hateful in the slightest, literally just questioning how men can be lesbians. the charges were made by this man in picrel. i'm angry.

No. 1705062

fucking dystopian.

No. 1705064

Target Women! I loved that. I wonder what Sarah is doing now.

No. 1705066

File: 1668988515879.png (73.94 KB, 982x450, hypocrite.png)

I, a man, was raped by a fellow man, but it's all women's fault!!

No. 1705073

the absolute state of europe, holy fuck

No. 1705077

kek the way he casually mentions he is also a man towards the end

No. 1705079

This post makes no sense. Why would he, as a tranny, hate trannies because he was raped by one? He tried his hardest to make the point that a lesbian who gets raped by a tranny can still support trannies but couldn't resist admitting he's a tranny too lmao

No. 1705093

No. 1705097

hope this dude suffers from an anorexia induced heart condition

No. 1705105

I'm starting to think brexit was right…

No. 1705107

think you meant to put this one in the leftcow thread nonna, happens to the best of us

No. 1705111

File: 1668990796395.png (423.76 KB, 632x694, pritzker.png)

i think they shared here because of picrel

No. 1705120

He gives me serious onision vibes

No. 1705125

“remake” yeah sure dumbass that’s what you’re already trying to do with the nasty ass pothole crotches on men called neovaginas
fuck out of here
if you call that and sewing arm skin rolls to vaginas new biology then you’re just as stupid as you sound

No. 1705142

I hope someone in charge can help her out. What has this world come to.

No. 1705146

think you're replying to the wrong post.

No. 1705154

lrn2read anon

No. 1705174

I wonder why Felix Biederman pushes him and troons so much…

No. 1705177

i re-read that dozens of times and only just noticed the word remake. now it makes sense. sorry nona i'm tired and slow.

No. 1705197

you just sent me down a rabbit hole and holy shit

No. 1705201

>trannies are pedos
wow couldn't imagine that being the case

No. 1705204

File: 1668994235177.png (692.06 KB, 746x923, Jake Shields on Twitter.png)

No. 1705220

haha i was the og nona you replied to, wasn’t the one who said learn to read but you’re forgiven no worries

No. 1705222

File: 1668995938481.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.65 MB, 320x568, more than a woman.webm)

Apologies if this was posted before, but happy (late) trans week !

No. 1705231

God this made me want to vomit. They all look the same…

No. 1705239

Terrifying. There's so many of them…

No. 1705271

he gets paid to

No. 1705284

File: 1669001683179.gif (5.21 MB, 275x275, patcat.gif)

why do i keep coming to this thread

No. 1705289

File: 1669002033557.jpeg (487.61 KB, 2048x1536, 288394D3-83C5-4F9F-B9D6-D6882C…)

it’s just all so depressing

No. 1705299

don't worry nona, we're here for you ♥

No. 1705301

even their skin is masculine wow
just bro you can be a pretty princess in a dress all you want, it's not illegal to dress up. you're just still a man

No. 1705302

same, I almost wished this thread moved a little slower

No. 1705304

samefage just look at the chest area of the guy on far left. that's just male flesh? idk how. but you can fucking smell the dive bar smell looking at a picture of six men

No. 1705313

File: 1669004048667.jpg (175.03 KB, 1024x600, Henry-VIII.jpg)

Yassified King Henry VIII

No. 1705317

No. 1705351

File: 1669010749277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 773.03 KB, 828x1152, C247755E-CB05-43D4-967E-27BC3D…)

Caught wind of this via a mutual. Troon pinged a graphic image of himself, being supported by two other copies of himself, shitting a baby out of his ass in his likeness’s with a self portrait sitting in the foreground and another flying via cherub wings in the background. This agp is palatable. I’d go so far as to say this is fetish art/cp to anyone else outside of major liberal cities. Spoiler bc it is disgusting and involves male genitalia.

No. 1705352

Sage for samefag but I meant to say painted* in that first sentence.

No. 1705361

No. 1705375

The delusion is so fucking funny with this dude. Like WTF, who's he really trying to convince? Oh yes, a straight man or lesbian would totally love to fuck that kek.
Humble yourself sir

No. 1705380

uh oh someone committed freethink

No. 1705391

Standard NYC degeneracy. Pure, distilled narcissism radiates from this image, it has a powerfully faggotty aura. It does make me think about how good a big shit feels though.

No. 1705394

>Raped me in cold blood
What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Can you rape someone in a warm blooded manner? This sounds like a twelve year old trying to be dramatic on wattpad

No. 1705396

That guy has obviously disfigured himself but fillers also have this tendency to migrate so you have to use more and more to achieve the same fullness – unless you have them dissolved you'll just end up looking worse and worse.
"A man LARPing as a woman committed a crime that is often done by his sex and this proves that women who on privacy for males and their safe spaces are wrong to fear males"

No. 1705401

pretty sure this is a very unfortunate looking tif

No. 1705404

I get that troons have a rape fetish, but can't they at least try to make their rape victim larp a bit more believable? You can absolutely tell this was written with one hand down his pants. I hope everything he fantasized about in that post and then some happens to him for real.

No. 1705405

File: 1669024126761.png (2.19 MB, 1164x1732, Clipboard.png)

No. 1705406

File: 1669024176122.png (1.17 MB, 878x1320, troon.png)

No. 1705409

Latefag but I wouldn't be here without trannies pushing me to my limit. I was always concerned with womens issues but troons made me 100% more passionate through disgust. Tims aren't capable of understanding women in any capacity.

No. 1705413

File: 1669026688271.jpg (37.88 KB, 550x367, ETfcEe5VAAEp2tM.jpg)


Eric Wareheim lookin head ass

No. 1705416

File: 1669026992338.jpg (315.32 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20221121-053014_Chr…)

Your atrophied dick cheese doesn't smell like vagina.

No. 1705418

off-the-scales narcissism. gross.

No. 1705421

File: 1669027901885.png (46.73 KB, 709x531, Screenshot_222.png)

Was just about to link this kek. He might wanna get that checked idk.

No. 1705424

File: 1669028768518.png (1.44 MB, 872x2083, yuck.png)

ugly goblin

No. 1705430

Yes, everyday is male violence against people who denied their entitlement day.

No. 1705445

File: 1669041034461.png (1.53 MB, 1038x2372, realizelol.png)

This guy is married, too. I feel sorry for his wife.

No. 1705447

>lived in Japan
yup he's definitely an autist

No. 1705450

I can't wait until these tards quit mistaking their yeast infections/dick cheese/neovag rot as "vaginal smell". Pussy doesn't have a strong odor unless something is wrong

No. 1705452

File: 1669041393477.png (336.17 KB, 648x539, CAPTURE.png)

currently troons are literally shaking cause of a video of random lady at speak women event, arguing decent men should call out troons if they consider themselves good human beings(as they are the only one's with the institutional and physical power who can) and for some reason, TIMs are arguing that this is literally calling for genocide


No. 1705459

Now that you bring it up, and I hate discrediting survivors, but the tickle detail is a red flag. Why mention this? It fits in line with a lot common fantasies that ticklefags post about.

No. 1705462

File: 1669042677688.png (1017.23 KB, 880x1251, tranny5.png)

No. 1705465

the dog collar, ALWAYS

No. 1705466

damn he looks just like my taste(i have shit taste). Cute nerds are such a time ticking bomb.

No. 1705467

File: 1669042864438.jpg (241.03 KB, 939x552, Screenshot_20221121-013527_Chr…)

Ok did a bit of digging into this and it appears that the troon she "misgendered" lied to get her in trouble for harassment. Take this source with a grain of salt though because its from another troon. I am still looking for more details because I refuse to believe this is the world I live in. Somehow it makes me feel a bit better if the law enforcement is being duped rather than the ones enforcing thought crimes

No. 1705469

Man saying women aren’t real people. What else is new.

No. 1705473

>women aren't real people so it's ok to literally murder them and not go to prison
>women should go to prison for tweeting that men are not women
the ugly agp smirk is the cherry on the top

No. 1705476

They’re really some of the most misogynistic men on the planet. It’s unbelievable.

No. 1705484

sigh sucks rhythm games are fun but have the absolute worst people surrounding them

No. 1705486

>Phallosophy Troon tries to get hormones from the NHS that he could easily get from a private healthcare service.
>He gets frustrated because they have no resources and the waiting lists are too long in the middle of Covid.
>Acts like a massive douchebag to NHS workers.
>Calls his minions and throws a massive tantrum he calls a protest.
>Demands that trans people be given everything for free immediately, no questions asked, or they will literally drop dead on the spot.
>Says dysphoria is fake (absolutely) and normal people also have it (no).
>Terrible acting, fake tears, over the top narcissism, horrible falsetto voice.

No. 1705491

File: 1669046091492.png (492.21 KB, 712x547, 1668131633445.png)

this annoying narcissistic creep makes me want to a-log really bad. i know this picrel has been shared loads but just a reminder that he never had gender disphoria and his "suffering" waiting for nhs plastic surgery was of course entirely fabricated for attention and drama. the tone deafness of this being post-covid and how people are waiting for cancer treatments on the nhs too.

No. 1705495

>OP claims to have been raped by another troon because the troon rapist was jealous of OP looking more female than him
>OP still has zero empathy for women who point out that troons frequently commit misogynistic sexual hate crimes
Most empathetic moid

No. 1705497

belongs in the breadtube thread

No. 1705501

>Using a pop socket with a sex toy brand on it

As if the dog collar wasn't enough of an advertisement that they're a coomer.

No. 1705503

What is their obsession with calling periods "bleeding"? Seems like another part of their fetish. Maybe I'm an eslfag but I'm pretty sure bleeding is when skin is forcefully cut open and blood is released in a way that's not natural, and periods aren't just blood alone like you'd get from a cut or something

No. 1705509

File: 1669047055969.png (86.21 KB, 2046x890, youseemlikemykindofwoman.png)

No. 1705512

why do we have to share this earth let alone our single sex spaces with these mysoginist creeps :'((:'()

No. 1705515

I think it’s just wrapped up in the jealousy and hateful misogyny. It makes me think of men who say things like “never trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die”. It’s a way to diminish the female body and experience.

No. 1705532

Most of the time the way mtf troons treat other mtf troons is bad enough already, imagine how much worse they actually want to treat "cis women" but are trying not to reveal the quiet parts for all to hear. For example, PhilosophyTube allegedly raped Hontra and trooned out around the same time Hontra admitted he was a trans lesbian, because in turn Hontra was aroused for another mtf named theryl and tried to neg theryl back into fucking him when there was no feelings from that side.

No. 1705536

File: 1669048820881.png (39.93 KB, 600x420, erintheconspiracytheorist.png)

He's such an idiot

No. 1705537

I'm not even from the terf Island but had to wait two years for tumor surgery and even here people cry and whine about troon surgeries not being accepted during covid, like you absolute mongrels I could have died, I was in pain for 2 years and you're crying? 41 cannot come soon enough

No. 1705541

Despite the trannytide of today, the NYC rally gives me hope. Definitely would have considered joining them if I knew about it beforehand. It would have been crazy though, with all the troons going ballistic

No. 1705544

he's right about normal people also having dysphoria, but the doctors dont tell the anachan to starve herself to death

No. 1705549

you don’t get it, you evil TERF witch!! they need their disgustingly large silicone titty implants so they could live!! its as important as ur silly tumor surgery!! (but fr though, i hope you’re doing well anon, that’s such a shitty situation to be in)

No. 1705551

Not mad, honestly. I really hope this dude chops off his dick and gets a rotting wound he has to dilate for the rest of his life or face excruciating pain.

No. 1705552

Kek anything is genocide to these people. Except the shooting I suppose. Was it actually a shooting aimed at trans people or was it a gay shooting and only, like, 5 trans were there?

No. 1705553

he can start with a shower

No. 1705560

File: 1669050416526.png (639.05 KB, 876x1314, charles.png)

Sure thing Charles

No. 1705561

bleeding/discharge from srs wounds and/or persistent cramps/pain from taking hormones seem like pretty clear signs there's something wrong, but many troons would rather delude themselves into thinking it's a period vs seeing a (qualified, non-deluded) doctor who'll actually help them. i guess i shouldn't feel bad if it's an adult moid who did it to himself but i cant help but wish these people got some actual medical (and psychiatric) help instead of strangers online saying everything's fine and normal when it's not.

No. 1705565

Kill yourself tranny

No. 1705569


No. 1705574

Stfu, if rapehons aren’t your problem why are NBs? Don’t you have a rope meetup on tttt that you’re missing

No. 1705575

Die unsaged tranny

No. 1705576

File: 1669051270838.png (67.01 KB, 606x788, 1664601726065.png)

No. 1705581

It's so important and life threatening to have a dick or boobs, yes totally comparable to a life threatening condition, prioritize them!! (I'm doing well now but the sheer amount of trannies, mostly tifs though who told me they were just as much in need of surgery as I was was unbearable kek)

No. 1705583

Who wants to bet the scrote in the thread is the black tranny who is upset people made fun of him for wanting a cute white dude to know he's just a 'cute girl inside' not a 'scary black man's keking my sides into orbit

No. 1705586

The best thing you can do to a moid is ignore him, nonnies

No. 1705590

Lol you can't even form a coherent sentence you waste of life

No. 1705593

Why are all the scrotes who come here absolute schizos?

No. 1705598

The tranny is cringe but so is this shit.

No. 1705605

Honestly I think the racist anon is just the troon samefagging to make us ebil terfs seem racist

No. 1705608

I'm sorry nonna it's too easy and fun to mess with him, I'll stop

No. 1705612

It gives strong "poor wittle me i'm such a victim everyone hates me i can't do anything" so maybe. Idk maybe everyone hates You because you're a nasty antisocial degenerate.

No. 1705615

Yeah the moment the tranny joins, slurs start appearing and it’s the only anon he’s replying to. Not suspicious at all

No. 1705617

File: 1669052377137.jpg (30.47 KB, 480x480, blake-edwards-and-julie-andrew…)


>I'm just trying to destroy the sex based rights that women risk their lives to get :))) Women finding my mentally ill male ass weird & threatening makes super unsafe. Here's my Venmo please send $100 as restitution uwu


& you know what's really bizarre, anons? I've been observing the twans community for years and literally none of the media dialogues actually spend time talking about the real issues – So there's the fact that a lot of these vulnerable young people are discriminated against in jobs/houding and that This is an issue that actually needs attention. Not even like 6 years ago there were gay men who trans who would asked what abt the biggest issue they faced would answer with "having to scrounge for housing". no one but the uber privileged and fragile ass hats actually cares about feminist think.

No. 1705622

What kind of male is this desperate for attention

No. 1705627

File: 1669052595251.gif (1.77 MB, 600x600, 6j9lzsznopj71.gif)


No. 1705634

kek nonna
This is basically Twitter summed up in eight seconds. Why do cartoons are so ahead of their times ?

No. 1705637

Nonas, you’ve heard it right from the horse’s mouth! Enbies are ruining the troon movement from the inside, just like troons did with feminism. I’m definitely going to larp as an enby now, hopefully volunteer for a troon organization and fuck shit up while pretending to be one of them KEK

No. 1705640

Samefag but i genuinely doubt that they actually feel like that when they self-victimize. I don't think that those autistic animals can elaborate such complex feelings, i think they're trying to mimic (the caricature of) female hysteria. That's why every time a troon tries to emotionally manipulate someone it comes out so fake, it's an xerox of an xerox. Even worse when they're actually autistic. realizing this and that most trannies don't believe their own líes and just want to coom is what peaked me tbh.

No. 1705642

File: 1669052914592.jpeg (490.07 KB, 1179x827, 80F103B7-1D9C-425F-9952-4345CC…)

Kek your community doesn't deserve support delete like a coward

No. 1705647

You can always ruin it even more and be like the scamnonas who stole like 5k out of trannies money kek

No. 1705648

God that whole you’ll never know the violence is bullshit. Most of them grew up as men, women are most likely to be robbed, kidnapped, murdered, or raped by men. Not men, or even faggots. No fucking trans people in America are being killed you’re being coddled and praised and shoving your bs in every aspect of life that you can. I hate this poor me bullshit fucking pussies.

No. 1705650

File: 1669053271658.jpeg (139.03 KB, 1079x1598, UgvROJpAke6a.jpeg)

they always have demonic eyes

No. 1705652

ok, tranny.

No. 1705655

Narcissistic idiot who will never be able to handle not being centered kek = every troon ever

No. 1705656

File: 1669053477211.jpg (398.59 KB, 810x1700, Screenshot_20221121-125126_Boo…)

This sub is such trash

No. 1705657

File: 1669053499247.png (1.32 MB, 998x1266, 3.png)

imagine your '''girlfriend''' looking like doctor eggman

No. 1705658

of course scrotes believe the defining factor of women are their breasts

No. 1705662

the troons infighting with each other is really lame lmao

No. 1705664

>You have no idea growing up in the mid 00 as a trans kid
Thank fucking God, I hope you freaks got relentlessly bullied and rocks thrown at you, trans shit being normalize is the worst thing that has ever happened to modern society.

No. 1705665

I feel sorry for his mother, should have gotten rid of him the second she found the porn stash

No. 1705666

kek they only seem bigger bc they have massive fucking torsos. fucking obviously they “look” bigger, the same way the rock has “large breasts”.

No. 1705669

File: 1669053949553.png (1.83 MB, 1082x1312, 3 (1).png)

No. 1705670

how about you go do something productive with your life? You are not going to convice us or make us feel sorry for you, jesus christ man do bake a cake or something we don’t care about your schizo meltdown. You just got here to ruin your own evening congratulations on life choises.

No. 1705671

File: 1669054007231.png (110.75 KB, 990x476, 4.png)

lmao troons are so fucking vile why do they lie to each other like this

No. 1705673

Trans people who get raped and beaten = Poor, primarily brown and black people doing sex work to survive
Trans people who harass women online and IRL, kill and rape women, post death/rape threats, nail dead rats to women's domestic violence shelters, try to force dick on lesbians, throw tantrums in women's spaces = Wealthy/middle class, primarily white AGPs with actual, documented NPD, BPD and extreme porn addictions (like you lol). Might do sex work purely to fulfill their deranged fetishes, not because they need to. This group also likes to claim the first group's struggles as their own, but many are white supremacists and nationalists. Since they're racist, they will never actually support the rights of the first group, and all their media will revolve around women not validating them and their girldicks/neovaginas hard enough, and men not paying them sexual attention. Good thing people are waking up to the bullshit, though.

No. 1705676

this reminds me: men may not be able to get periods, but they CAN get yeast infections! go forth and feel validated, twans qweens

No. 1705678

lol says the tranny. Typical, they really do think they have it worst of anyone.

Any farmhands wanna get rid of this pathetic scrote? His inability to type a coherent sentence is annoying

No. 1705679

lol they're so pathetic with the shark. so much consoom.

No. 1705680

I can't even imagine a woman being like "my mother is jealous of my breasts hehe". Stupidest shit I ever read

No. 1705682

File: 1669054258368.jpeg (578.06 KB, 1010x930, 4B1A607A-A50D-490D-A715-2D2A29…)

like a sex offender

No. 1705683

>Oh right fuck amabs
actually yes where do you think you are lol

No. 1705686

I BEG you please stop giving attention to the male

No. 1705687

children are not transition early to blend in society you willfully ignorant idiot. The transition early because being gay is seen as worse by their parents and their doctors then being a frankensteined "hetero". actual fucking psychologists that treat hstses have gone on to say that gay men who sell makeup should have transitioned because they are so feminine
transitioning is an inheritly regressive, homophobic thing.

If a parent socially transitions their child, It is very likely that the kid will be groomed and pressured into going on to puberty blockers and then hrt, affecting their brain development, bones and god knows what else.

parents who opt for the watchful waiting approach – those who don't tell their kid that they're actually the opposite sex, often end up with gay kids who grow up into gay adults more often than parents who transition their children who wind up trans as adult 100% of the time.

There is no real proof that a physically ill trans identifying adult the history of gender dysphoria in childhood is more well-adjusted socially than a homosexual.

No. 1705688

its the troon samefagging you can tell because he's the only person who uses the word ''schizo'' and by how he writes

No. 1705689

File: 1669054448965.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 652.19 KB, 750x1158, 8B8B6AB6-670A-45D6-A1C5-2175C1…)

the “clits” that look like small dick heads always kill me kek.

No. 1705690

Honestly not sure if this is Blaine or a different tranny, if it is Blaine then lol. Lmao. Dude is having a major breakdown, we love to see it!

No. 1705691

It's funny that he's baiting with deliberately fake shit "trans kids" do not exist anyways. There is just psychotic kids and narcissistic manchildrens who try to retcon their childhood experiences. Children don't come with gender roles integrated, there is no such thing as a magical gender soul. No one is buying that shit here. >>1705673
*Prostitutes get raped and beated, regladess of their gender. Don't buy the tranny narrative, i actually was forced to do an study on tranny prostitution for a woke course. Trannies aren't worse than regular prostitutes, it's just that regular prostitution it's understudied, unlike HSTS shit.

No. 1705694

XQC has seen better days.

No. 1705695

sounds fascinating, anon can you point us towards some resources?

No. 1705697

Stop replying to the scrote, we've had our fun antagonizing him. Just report

No. 1705701

File: 1669054678276.png (244.36 KB, 369x404, imma eat you children.png)

holy shit he's fucking MASSIVE, an absolute unit

No. 1705702

the cis trans dichotomy is bunk. you have been groomed and you are deluded. being a neurotic homosexual who cannot accept themselves for what they are does not make you the opposite sex.

No. 1705704

File: 1669054717898.png (567.91 KB, 536x690, faaaaat2.png)

No. 1705709

I know, it sounds stupid as hell. Most women who have some kind of boob envy grow out of it by the time they’re out of high school. I can’t imagine a mother being jealous of her son’s moobs, it’s laughable. It’s like they’re trying to mimic the catty way they think high school girls talk which makes sense ig because most of them have pedo tendencies.

No. 1705711

Whenever I hear it, it feels extremely game of thrones-y whenever it's referred to as bleeding. And we all know how that show sure loves women

No. 1705713

File: 1669055162794.jpg (109 KB, 604x960, tumblr_3d399c3e36e156d744d2c23…)

fishy kind out of what?

sir, You're not making any sense. get help

No. 1705714

Sounds like a story I read on LSA a while back where a black woman was working as a hairdresser and near closing time some freak was going door to door to various businesses with a shirt that said something like “does my outfit offend you” with some skirt and outfit situation that gave her the impression he was trying to flash her. He looked like a hot mess and came in clearly looking to do something to her but when she told him to get out SHE got in trouble because the white staff and manager expected her to play along and treat him like a customer. Apparently she quit and then they replaced her as the only black woman with a they/them gender black woman (prob has a septum piercing and weird hair color, etc).
Id argue that the LSA font had the “Gift of Fear” telling her that this moid was not a customer but an obvious perv. It was close to closing, she was the only woman there, the man’s shirt and behavior is insane, and yet she was told to ignore it. If you don’t cause a scene then it has potential to turn into a sexual assault or at least sexual battery since it seemed like he was there with the intent to flash her.

No. 1705715

Sorry the studies that I have are in my mother tongue but if i find something like that in english i would post it! But I will never forget 1) how hard it was to find an study that ask for the personal situation of prostitutes unlike with trannies 2)For crying so much about how their families abandon them, more than 80%+ of trannies have contact with their families after all. And that was on my shitty conservative 3rd world country mind you, in the anglosphere should be even higher. Maybe when i end this semester make an English version of what I wrote, but i don't want to dox myself kek.

No. 1705716

If your teenage son talks like this about you, he deserves the 18-years post-partum abortion.

No. 1705717

You need a loooot more bread to cover that up

No. 1705718

File: 1669055301165.jpeg (190.99 KB, 1080x1894, 301E61D1-E9DB-4AEC-91E8-4266AB…)

nonas theyre just like us!! they just wanna exist uwu

No. 1705719

is that schizo done ranting at us? How stupid do you have to be to look at crossdressing gay men and getting murdered by their boyfriends back in the '70s or earlier and try to pin the blame for that on women who don't want perverts in the same bathrooms little girls use?

this lmao

ok, np

No. 1705720

What a freak, this is actually fucking horrific and I feel bad for female TSA agents having to deal with these pervs.

No. 1705724

its one thing to guilt trip normal people with seeing eyes but making a female agent be a part of your degenerate fetish is wholly something else. totally innocent and brave tho

No. 1705726

Either he’s obese with floppy weirdly shaped moobs or bolt-ons that feel nothing like natural female breast tissue. If I was the mother (or father) of this scrote I would actually kill him, these moids have no idea how lucky they are. I would probably try to register him as dead at the very least and never acknowledge him if he talked about me like this. To think that you can give a child your world and they turn out to be like this, bleak.

No. 1705735

Troons that complain about “fake support cis women give to us” don’t realize that the women they’re trying to alienate are their actual supporters. I do not pretend to like trannies irl, myself and other TERFs I know either ignore the fuck out of them or stare at them long enough to let them know we know they’re males. I actually say irl how much I hate trannies and moids if someone asks so no I don’t pretend to like them at all and I think I can say the same for women here who are not the type to fake sympathy to erode our rights for the privileges of men. Dumb moids are so ungrateful that they can’t realize how much these “fake cis women” are sacrificing for them with the overturn of Roe v Wade and the increase of femicide crimes. They’ll slowly but surely alienate all of the pickmes who are still capable of coddling male feelings until every woman is team TERF. I’d actually argue that it’s not even TERFs job to convert women, we just have to let trannies rear their ugly caveman skulls and show them how deranged, perverted, and entitled they are.

No. 1705738

sir, if you're anti porn Why don't you join an organization and do some activist work instead of screaming to the void?

No. 1705743

Not trying to engage with the tranny but KEK
>forced on us for decades!!!
Like the degeneracy and rapehons you cultivate isn’t your own fault. No accountability, typical of scrotes

No. 1705747

Well obviously that's women's job. Women have to cook, clean, wash the laundry, take care of the kids, take care of their old parents, AND fight all the evil in the world or else it's our fault. Men can play videogames all day because they're depressed and have mommy issues.

No. 1705750

it's just darvo. They love wallowing in their self-imposed, perpetual sense of victimhood. yawn

I wish the dynamic IPs weren't a thing tbqh

No. 1705751

Most women peak by interacting with trans women. They are doing our job for us.

No. 1705757

please do not give the scrote attention by responding to him. i will be monitoring and deleting his posts.

No. 1705759

File: 1669056702563.jpeg (239.01 KB, 750x1053, C5267C62-6DA3-4CD0-8B87-9B5F23…)

Anyways not sure if this got posted here but I wanna derail from the attention seeking rupaul contestant

No. 1705760

Thank you!

No. 1705762

File: 1669056773233.png (272.32 KB, 750x1334, 79519CCB-1CBE-46CF-8F3E-C48DE9…)

No. 1705764

The answer is always yes but reddit will tell you no.

No. 1705766

turns out that the more forcefully you try to barge in to a space you dont belong, all you get is sticking out like a (hulking) sore thumb. sad!

No. 1705767

Now I kind of want to start larping as a theybie because I know it makes the troons seethe. I wonder, how does it feel like when even a they/them is more of a woman than they will ever be lol

No. 1705769

The best thing about this is that they literally can't relate to women if they aren't prepared to date them. That is all that matter to them.

No. 1705771

File: 1669056987139.png (262.67 KB, 750x1334, D9817A34-979A-460F-B767-304CAC…)

> lesbians just don’t understand that some of the most beautiful women are actually trans

No. 1705776

File: 1669057222459.png (242.24 KB, 750x1334, F8A2EE5F-235B-4080-86AE-B09555…)

No. 1705777

Not wanting to date a tranny is a hate crime

No. 1705779

>their identity as a woman is threatened by trans women
This is a painful level of cope.

No. 1705783

Male brains really can't. And did he say that lesbians have internalized transphobia? That makes 0 sense.

No. 1705791

I’m bi and am attracted to butch women but also sometimes even a TiF strangely. Still would never date one because the scars and surgeries and validation are too much. But TiMs? No, TiMs are just fucking ugly dude. At least a couple of gender special women have a very cute tomboy thing going for them. TiMs have always looked like cave dwelling science experiments to me.

No. 1705795

That's literally a 2% difference, how is that "disgusting"? Why are they so entitled? Lmao

No. 1705801

trans gunned down at club q? this faggot erase the fact that it was just a bunch of gays

No. 1705805

This is one of the most annoying aspect of troon activism. Barge into female-centric communities or those for lesbians who already have a hard time dating, and then start tracking engagement statistics and ask leading questions to reveal any degree of wrongthink just to get offended. You HAVE TO updoot the girl dick, young lesbian!

No. 1705806

File: 1669059492975.png (77.41 KB, 1023x900, sayingyouwouldneverdateatranny…)

Fine! I don't date incels then. Call me incelphobic kek:

No. 1705813

File: 1669059812448.jpg (946.35 KB, 1440x2196, IMG_20221122_064229.jpg)

FaceApp was a mistake. This whole time I've just been dying my hair and genderbending friends for fun with it smh

No. 1705814

kys tranny. ywnbaw. everyone hates you but are afraid to say it to you irl because you are a man and women are afraid of men. here we are not afraid. cope and die.

No. 1705816

File: 1669059913760.jpg (1.24 MB, 1440x2182, IMG_20221122_064444.jpg)


No. 1705819

It’s fine to not want to date someone “masculine looking”? Does this mean I can start telling troons that they’re too masculine for me and not get called a bigot?

No. 1705820

File: 1669060000877.jpg (1 MB, 1440x1903, IMG_20221122_064611.jpg)

please learn to brush your tongue

No. 1705822

I really wonder how retardation got to the point where incels look at a filter that copypastes a generic "ideal" female face on top of theirs and call it "the real me"

No. 1705824

They like to embody every porn-based and clumsy-manga-protagonist stereotype, but somehow the one stereotype none of them performs is keeping your room tidy.

No. 1705826

File: 1669060415797.jpg (1.38 MB, 1440x2415, IMG_20221122_064916.jpg)

Beautiful, beautiful!

No. 1705830

File: 1669060579724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 631.74 KB, 1440x1805, IMG_20221122_065538.jpg)

Uhhhhh wtf is wrong with them

No. 1705831

Wish I could trigger trannies with my art but I'm too scared of being doxxed, my friends and family don't deserve that.

No. 1705832

so grosss wtfff

No. 1705835

My tranny roommate walks around with his shaved hairy moobs out, it's so gross

No. 1705837

Kek the suffragette hair ties and skirt chain

No. 1705839

kick him out

No. 1705842

I don't think you know how roommates work nonna. Am I supposed to whine to the landlord about it in an ultra liberal town lol

No. 1705845

you can always lie that he did something to you, wink wink. it wouldn't be too far off from what he'd probably do anyway

No. 1705848

If I could afford to, I would move. I'm saving up.

No. 1705850

> genital preference is fine
> but transwomen have soo much variety
A hole that was created through surgery doesn't count as your genital preference being met. If genital preference really is fine then they have to accept that transwomen are a write off to alot of people. Its that simple.

No. 1705852

I'd be careful with that. People don't care about trannies being rapists and will protect them over women

No. 1705858

what the fuck are u waiting for to move on or kick that bitch out? could never stay w a troon near me

No. 1705860

That's standard for horsepiss, it just makes the nipples/areola swell but not the actual breast tissue as they obviously have none.

No. 1705865

File: 1669062237574.jpg (264.6 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20221121-151715_Chr…)

Just the kind of quality content you'd expect to find on r/lgbt

No. 1705872

>The difference between women and males is males are more likely to be unhinged and violent
No wait, I think it has a point

No. 1705873

what he means to say is
>a man is more likely to punch a woman in the throat
their male violent tendencies always show

No. 1705874

Yes reddit user, men are more violent than women. We get it.

No. 1705882

Have you asked him not to and explained that it's inappropriate behavior?

No. 1705885

damn that sucks. i think in a lot of contexts that would be considered sexual harassment, but troons have special protections.
i wonder if op starts dropping "terf" hints (wearing harry potter merch, a woman is an adult female human merch, etc.) that the troon will feel so uncomfortable he demands a new roommate or to be moved elsewhere?

No. 1705903

> (wearing harry potter merch, a woman is an adult female human merch, etc.)
dont do this is dangerous for you, they are moids after all

No. 1705909

I mean… he's not wrong kek

No. 1705928

File: 1669065374023.png (106.25 KB, 826x706, boo hoo.png)


No. 1705935

File: 1669065504698.png (161.69 KB, 852x898, whowouldhavethought.png)

Moids rape each other in prison, women deal with the consequences. What's new?

No. 1705949

File: 1669065860785.png (1.18 MB, 882x1406, vomit.png)


No. 1705957

Fucking same. A lot of TiFs are hot, but I could never be with anyone who was so self obsessed. The level of self obsession and superficiality that’s inherent with all types of troonery is incomprehensible and disgusting. Biggest red flag for selfishness and self centeredness.

No. 1705958

Every time I see one use that “girlslikeus” hashtag, it’s a 40+ year old hon kek

No. 1705961

There’s also the fact that they’re almost always making themselves lifelong medical patients. I would never leave a partner over a medical issue they couldn’t control but I’m not going to willingly sign up for one when the person goes in knowing they’re giving their lives over to big pharma for no reason. That sounds miserable. Plus, like you said, the narcissism.

No. 1705976

Oh yes, definitely that too. If I had to choose between dating a troon and an ana-chan I’d honestly pick the ana-chan, at least society doesn’t validate that mental illness and I wouldn’t be targeted for trying to get them mental help.

No. 1705983

gender non-conforming is hot. denying reality is not.

No. 1705986

tifs are almost always straight anyways

No. 1705987

I've seen a lot of trannies and news articles mention the club that got shot up was planning on hosting a brunch on TDOR, but this is the first time I've seen one outright claim trans people specifically were shot. Looking it up, the victims include one straight woman (who had a husband and child), possibly two TIFs (one confirmed), one TIM, and one straight man. I honestly think this was an attempt at a homophobic hate crime, but the shooter managed to almost exclusively kill the only straights in the bar that evening.

No. 1705992

Samefag but I just realized that if the name of the venue is "Club Q" and both the bartenders were TIFs, this could be the first ever case of a misdirected mass shooting (an attempted homophobic hatecrime targeting a club full of straights LARPing as gay). Straight on straight violence.

No. 1705994

>but the shooter managed to almost exclusively kill the only straights in the bar that evening.
i feel bad for laughing at this. What a weird timeline we live in.

No. 1706000

I know the pit of male degeneracy is basically bottomless but is that a dildo/butt plug on the bookshelf? The magenta curvy thing on the left?

No. 1706006

It's definitely darkly comedic in some ways. Granted, I have no idea what sexuality the troons were, and we couldn't really know, even if we knew what they identified as. But the fact that the place was presumably named after the word "queer" doesn't scream "HSTS" to me. Regardless, five people were killed, and 2 of them were confirmed to be straight. If even one of the trannies was straight, that's over half of the victims.

No. 1706009

It looks almost like a crank or a coat hanger, so I would assume not. The shape would be really weird if it were.

No. 1706010

it looks like a flamingo. you can see the beak.

No. 1706018

My guess was that their logic was "well if its just genital preference the numbers should add up to 100" not taking into account all the emotional baggage that you take on if you decide to put yourself through dating a tranny of either sex. Even if you take away all of the shitty trans ideology and mental illness from the equations you still have someone who let doctors fuck with their bodies and now are at higher risk of health problems and sterility. But no, the fact THEY ARE WOMEN means that you should overlook all the shitty things that make them trans (and men) in the name of equality.

No. 1706028

Anon that's a flamingo toy

No. 1706029

Apologies for blog but last year in college in a very liberal american state at a hyper woke (but actually super racist, homophobic, and misogynistic) college i was paired with a mtf roommate and there were zero other options other than live with an abuser (school also placed a girl in a hall with someone she had a restraining order against and made HER move out so its really wild). I was uncomfortable but as far as troons go they were mostly okay to me and I didn't full peak until recently so I was able to keep from exploding. Anyway, this is the world we live in were there arent options, we are forced to share our spaces with these people who are masquerading as us while able to physically being more harmful and aggressive. Its terrifying but it can happen to any woman

No. 1706030

it's funny when these same trannies refuse to date other trannies. it's ok for troons to be 'transphobic' to each other! "rules for thee but not for me".

No. 1706058

File: 1669072681807.jpg (507.46 KB, 972x2705, 20221121_231355.jpg)

This HAS to be bait to be posted on here yeah? No one in the comments has an issue with feeding a baby only hormone laden moob pus. If this is real neither the OP nor the troon should ever be allowed to care for children

No. 1706065

This reads like a fake post to me to be honest

No. 1706077

File: 1669073372160.png (88.04 KB, 1460x420, any advics.png)


No. 1706079

File: 1669073414457.png (252.42 KB, 1446x1016, lol.png)

2/2. im not sure a rapist has good sex tips but moids will moid

No. 1706083

holy shit shes 17.

No. 1706084

fucking hell the delusion, do these troons really believe hormones is like magic and will magically produce milk
i swear troons used to be self aware about themselves and their position, but it's like as the years have got on they've gotten more delusional as it's gotten more trendy. insane.

No. 1706085

File: 1669073554007.png (24.94 KB, 1148x228, Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 18-29…)

lol got this tranny janny so mad, he already banned me but keeps fighting with me in private messages.

No. 1706086


No. 1706087

literally. In the post me and other women were asking why we can't have the space just be for people with XX chromosomes. We were called out for being "terfs" and the tranny mod called me "fucked up for excluding women" kek

No. 1706090

why are trannies modding twox in the first place. jesus christ.

No. 1706093

Same reason why actuallesbians is overrun with memes about girldick

No. 1706104

We should just invade male only subs and spam them with talk about vaginas and other female things

No. 1706108

Why do they always think we are demanding "special treatment" when….that's literally exactly what THEY'RE doing lol

No. 1706111

Meh I see no point in it. It's a total echo chamber over there. I got banned for hate speech because I said trans women and cis women are not the same lol

No. 1706112


it's a real shame because the gender critical subs were about to overtake them. really can't win on reddit because of the way the admins and mods work. every once in awhile people catch on a bit to the corporate run subs or the white supremacist modding black subs but then they just forget again. it's an incredibly shit site.

No. 1706115

would a revival of the gc subs get immediately banned? or at least if they were made private? i miss tumblrinaction

No. 1706117

They would, yes.

No. 1706118

"Miss Greater Derry"
Greater for sure…by an order of magnitu–fat.
I'm saying you're fat, troon. Oh my God. It's comical seeing it next to real women lmao

No. 1706142

Are you a fucking guy or what? TumblrInAction was angry gamer incel ground zero. Pure garbage not worth for the occasional funny shot at troons.

No. 1706143

What's his user?

No. 1706145


the only comfort is i think it's backfiring to at least some extent because they are making the board cultures over there very noticeably male. they don't go after mumsnet or lsa as much anymore and i think it's because the radical difference between them and any trans hangout belies the idea of social transition. like hypothetically if transwomen are women they should be able to make a place like mumsnet but that clearly isn't true.

No. 1706147

I hate how every sub like that is a cesspool of right winged men. I just want a place exclusively for women without the unhinged rhetoric. Another nonnie said this earlier on in this thread I think, but the only safe space for natal women is on Ovarit. Wish there was some way we can get the degrading holes sub banned, but reddit is full of neet moids and porn sick losers, so that will probably never happen.

No. 1706151

Ovarit is so fucking lame and makes me feel like I'm in a nursing home. I already know my opinion about this subject without having to go to a site specifically about it. This one thread is good enough

No. 1706158

male projection.

No. 1706160


it actually might be easier to take over twitter at this point. as far as gc stuff it's a free for all now, they don't care and it seems like whoever was trying to mod it got fired.

No. 1706164

File: 1669077160849.jpg (349.44 KB, 1000x1333, Yue-Minjun-1.jpg)

cynical realism

No. 1706181

File: 1669078550789.jpeg (187.79 KB, 1336x1920, Fh5rwCOaMAABLVV.jpeg)

It's hilarious when you see the comparison.


it reminds me of this. where the women look like small children next to the hulking male.

No. 1706183

So gross. Why his moobs look like two tumor lumps?

No. 1706187

trannies are basement dwelling, chronically online losers who are either unemployed and moderating social media spaces, or working tech jobs. that’s why they control everything, their whole lives revolve around the internet.

No. 1706195

NEET life and the male desire to invade every corner of the internet (and world) devoted to just women and make it about their fetish and/or power trip.

No. 1706205

The dog's face says it all.

No. 1706210

based dog photobombing with it's ass

No. 1706223

Ovarit culture is just weird. I see more infighting there than I do here and we all know what it’s like here. Plus way too many women want to bring up their nigels for no reason.

No. 1706226

as a burger, seeing how cucked europe is on troon issues is perhaps the only thing that makes me feel patriotic

No. 1706229

Honestly, it's a mess here (in America), but it's not as bad as it is in Canada or the UK, unless you live in California. But California was full of pretentious freaks and sex offenders long before trannyism took hold, anyways.

No. 1706233

File: 1669080959866.png (54.68 KB, 484x360, 44565463435.png)

trannies are still having a normal one on tumblr today

No. 1706257

>liking pink and cute girl anime is bdsm culture
Please tell me they’re trolling I hate this timeline

No. 1706258

Girls liking girly things is "literally BDSM culture" WHAT my man, cold turkey from porn, get off the internet and look at some clouds. Sick of this shit.

No. 1706268

ugh agree, it sucks because you can't create individual circles for things either the way people can do subreddits, there are no culture-specific circles despite begging aren't a thing and it has the user interaction of the average graveyard. Radblr is reluctantly becoming home, maybe I'll give Lipstick Alley a try but I just want a moid-free zone that doesn't nerf the words I can use to describe troons.

No. 1706282

second one sounds like a joke, first one sounds like a "joke"

No. 1706288

Just say “you’re fucking ugly” if they really press you on it. It works for any troon because they are all hideous and if you find them ugly then that’s it. It will get them to shut up.
Agreed, butch women can be really hot to me but the gender special they/them lesbians have a way of appearing so dorky with zero sex appeal. Amberlynn Reid’s ex Destiny falls into the latter category imo despite not being an enby.

No. 1706293

If it's from the comment section I think it's from, neither are a joke. Bunch of troons harassing a minor because she talked about some pedo in her fandom.

No. 1706317

these are both sarcastic but they're still sending these messages to a 15 year old……. pedos

No. 1706322

the amount of girly blogs you see on tumblr with "not kink/ddlg" in their bio shows that a disgusting amount of people really do associate things like sanrio and cute anime with pornsick creeps to such an extent that girls have to specify their blogs are not for fetish purposes.

No. 1706324

Only a tranny would write this

start with MTF lmao

No. 1706328

File: 1669085655372.png (432.65 KB, 738x1107, Megan Brock on Twitter.png)

>surgeons who say they don't do surgery's on minors are lying
not a surprise

No. 1706338

they are doing it for free

No. 1706341

These freaks are always saying the most vile shit in a "playful" way so that if anyone calls them out they can say "obviously it was a joke, stupid TERFS can't detect humor!"

No. 1706358

How fitting.

No. 1706366

File: 1669088918739.jpg (413.67 KB, 720x3631, 1f949450-1102-4d16-9477-6fa896…)

One of the MRAs of Honey Badger Radio is a trans woman. Hannah Wallace, she reposts trans stuff like how sex and genes mean men can be XX and her Youtube has videos recording her trans voice and chest growth from hormones. The other Badger MRAs acknowledge and like it.

No. 1706370

wait… he is so right about the 'spiritually millenial' thing

No. 1706372

File: 1669089421736.gif (814.12 KB, 320x240, 2TPiioX.gif)

Ugggh why do they all have a complete inability to brush their damn teeth??

No. 1706374

Most TRAs spew this kind rhetoric – self titled "MRA" or not. Not that surprising, but it boggles the mind they consider themselves "leftists".

Also *he kek

No. 1706375

Who is “she”. I think you meant he.

No. 1706378

Should his fellow female "honeybadgers" acknowledge it and stop claiming an early-transitioned troon lying to be a natural woman in their group is not wrong then?

No. 1706423

Isn’t that trumps version of twitter? Kek is he trying to be one of the good trannies fighting for scrotes to appease right wingers? Because they’ve been trying to gun trannies down and bomb hospitals with them in it

No. 1706427

I guess the one benefit to gay spaces being colonized by spicy straights is that a homophobic psycho can't target a "kweer" venue without playing himself and taking out a bunch of heterosexuals instead.

That said, it would be nice if crazies didn't shoot anybody up, but I doubt that shit's going to stop happening anytime soon. If I hear one more person offer ~prayers~ I'm going to fucking lose it.

No. 1706432

File: 1669098082771.jpg (203.57 KB, 720x2062, 8018fa87-2f13-41dd-ace4-bbad9e…)

With their 2 other cis woman counterparts from the feMRAs, though they look masculine you can still tell Hannah is the trans woman here. Hannah has a male overbite and cheekbone-to-chin lines that really emphasise the male bone structure, how could the group not tell?

No. 1706471

john krasinki as a troon

No. 1706492

I grew up being told that ugly doesn't mean evil, but it seems as if the vast majority of the evil people in the world visibly smell bad.

No. 1706493

Foolish too, how come the feMRA group he lied to as being a cisgender and they still let him toy with them?

No. 1706507

Biofag here, sage for sperging, but breastfeeding is a key factor in the creation of a healthy and diverse microbiome for the child. Even shit like the mother's bmi will have an impact, so I can't imagine what a moid's breastfeeding would look like. They are basically fucking up their child's health for the coom.

No. 1706514

No. 1706517

File: 1669107967726.jpeg (58.81 KB, 679x517, FhsPzooXEAINT1r.jpeg)

Also there is this troon Erika Erving who snapped and went hard-right ever since he made the tweet against black people.

>Was a tranny way back in the 90s already, even got the dick chop.

>Fucked quite a few men and took their cum
>he thought he was a HSTS or had to be to fulfil his idiotic feminine fantasy
>Now realizes he's a "lesbian", female-attracted. And worst part is he knew he could have been a Chad with harems because of his 8 foot height and masculine face, but got his dick cut so he can't rape anymore and had to be fucked by other men whom he was not attracted to. He got most bitter about that.
>So after that racist tweet he also became an antifeminist just to try to hurt as many cis women and still jealous of them, despite being bitter about not remaining male to grow to be a Chad. Now he follows those 3 Honeybadgers and bitches against anything leftwing but still advocates for the full bullshit of TRA stuff, even accusing his fellow rightwingers of not being so trans-aligned sometimes.

No. 1706524

Lol you wish they’d want to fuck Jesus especially with his long hair he might even have a girl cock if this lasts long enough
This is snow not ot sage your “hot takes” faggot

No. 1706526

Trans women are very self-righteous and greedy cretin, they need to find Jesus to change habits, or else they might make the wrong decision to make their deal with Sat-n for their selfish instant gratification of their wants. Though its not good advice and they will lose because Jesus always wins. Every time a transwoman blasphemes God, He just becomes more powerful.(Dont bring religion into this.)

No. 1706527

Wasn't he in American horror story: freakshow?

No. 1706535

File: 1669110198669.jpg (173.27 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20221122-041845_Chr…)

Welcome to r/ewphoria!:

No. 1706536

File: 1669110224713.jpg (489.23 KB, 810x1677, Screenshot_20221122-042310_Chr…)

No. 1706537

File: 1669110331972.jpg (352.18 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20221122-043047_Chr…)

No. 1706538

No. 1706540

This has to be ragebait. I mean not only did this absolutely not happen but it’s also the shittiest fiction I’ve ever read, based terf whoever wrote this

No. 1706543

File: 1669110926465.jpg (48.92 KB, 405x720, hq720_2.jpg)

kek nothing can convince me that this wasn't written by our based sixthkween. it's too parodical

No. 1706544

File: 1669110959368.png (197.31 KB, 582x598, CAPTURE.png)

anyone else got recommended this ?

No. 1706547

funny, once I was actively suicidal on public transportation and a man yanked my earphones out to tell me to smile. no ultra feminine euphoria for me, lots of anxiety and anger yes.

No. 1706549

The two genders: male and whore

No. 1706551

Nothing more telling than their "gender euphoria" moments no actual woman can relate to whatsoever

No. 1706553

So he thinks he can't be both huh.

No. 1706555

File: 1669113497629.jpg (74.28 KB, 432x552, 20221122_110225.jpg)

No. 1706556

Trying to peak friends using this fact. If troons are women, why do they only feel like women over things that no woman ever feels but we fear and resent.

No. 1706557

I hope they all rot in hell

No. 1706563

File: 1669116715625.png (21.17 KB, 900x166, Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 06-28…)

>often by cis women

No. 1706565

>women commit SA just as often as men, maybe more!
Reddit incels are so dumb

No. 1706566

someone would have to be an actual conspiracy theorist to believe that is true. moids being more likely to commit SA holds true across every time and place.

No. 1706568

Men project their depravity but not humanity on to women. Imagine coping that women totes are just as dangerous/violent or criminal acting as men so men can block their ears and refuse to address the overwhelming destruction of male violence.

No. 1706569

>most of them wouldn't have reported it as SA until they compared notes with other trans women
Uh… isn't this just grooming? These kids probably had some awkward experiences that wouldn't count as SA, but some troons convinced them they got SA for being trannies or whatever

No. 1706571

They need to cope because it conflicts with their false belief that men are better than women, when in many areas the opposite is true.

No. 1706572

nta but yes

No. 1706573

This headline is a nightmare. Why can’t they just write the truth. Having to read something about a “mother who fathered a child” is already dystopian before the cp mention.

No. 1706575

At least they lead with the word "transgender" rather than just writing "a mother" so you can't miss or deny the trans part. It's not optimal but it works better at peaking people who are still in the cult who shut their brains off if you directly call them a man

No. 1706580

Men don’t identify as the sex that commits most horrific crimes like they identify as women kek. This is why most troons are male, more retard entitled men that think their beliefs should override reality than women.

No. 1706582

No. 1706583

Update on this, I told the mod to "just die already" and my account was banned sitewide for 'inciting violence' lol
The internet at large has become so lame tbh, I'm glad lolcow is here at least

No. 1706585

Mods ban this larping troon >>1706582

No. 1706586

nona i'm saying that the men claiming women are sexual abuses are using DARVO…

No. 1706589

File: 1669120683065.jpeg (201.27 KB, 827x1229, 40AAD5DA-3E10-464C-A440-40DEA0…)

Forgive me if this nightmare has been posted already, ladies/pass the eye bleach.

No. 1706594

kek he's not even trying to make his stuffing look anywhere close to real

No. 1706596

That's deffo part of this freak's fetish

No. 1706600

is that also supposed to be a "queen of spades" tattoo on his arm? i hate that i even know what that is.

No. 1706606

File: 1669122883316.jpg (157.83 KB, 733x730, 1669113155545.jpg)

HSTS logic

No. 1706610

To be honest that’s kinda true lol.. Ive been to thailand before and the ladyboys there actually pass

No. 1706612

File: 1669123367323.jpg (616.96 KB, 2048x1364, 1668345367075.jpg)

from the previous thread

No. 1706613

Compared to actual Thai women? doubt it tbh. I can believe that they do put more effort to look pretty instead of looking like some serial killer though.

No. 1706614

Damn, look at the size difference between the males and females.

No. 1706615

always believe women unless she’s accusing a troony and then she’s actually a fucking liar and maybe the aggressor deserves the benefit of the doubt uwu
Also blog but when i was in hs, there used to be this younger kid that seemed to be obsessed with me, and at some point started stalking me. A few years later he came up to me (as a trans woman now lmao) and apologized for being so fucking weird and literally terrorizing, only to keep doing it.
So all of that is to say that i really don’t think they don’t understand boundaries, they just don’t fucking want to respect them

No. 1706626

File: 1669124863397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.56 KB, 960x960, 277744504_344438234371585_7104…)

From his Facebook. Can't find his insta.

No. 1706629

File: 1669124995006.jpg (359.3 KB, 1080x1516, Screenshot_20221122-084852_Chr…)

Instagram model kek

No. 1706642

They moved him into the same NJ prison the day after they moved the other tranny rapist out.

No. 1706643

File: 1669126782339.png (681.52 KB, 943x1021, 2bzhd24ksd59.png)

do sissy fetishiss ever realize how incredibly unsexy and utterly terrifying they look(especially the older one's) like I think even adult men would be scared of him

No. 1706644

Fuck off moid. Asians are smaller than other races so an asian tranny might pass next to a white one, but he still will look huge next to an asian woman

No. 1706646

he just HAD to bring teenage girls into it. as if his creepy fetish wasn't already obvious. makes me want to die.

No. 1706651

>thinks teen girls obsessively touch and gawk at their own breasts, for sexual reasons no less
>”my first puberty”
Sir, you’re giving yourself a hormonal issue and having body mods done. You’re an old man. You’re not going through “second puberty”. Also, the reasons teen girls don’t act like you are because they’re children who are growing up and not perverted old pedophiles. And even if a teen girl does investigate her body as she ages, that’s fucking normal bc she’s not getting off on it, she’s learning how it looks and works. I fucking hate these creeps so much and the way they consistently try to spin women having AGP, which has been debunked multiple times and doesn’t make sense anyway. A woman touching herself and finding pleasure with how her body is intended to function does not equate to a moid obsessing over calling his dick a “clitty” or ceaselessly touching his moobs imagining himself in a state he finds degrading.

No. 1706653

Only 7-13% of TiMs get dick chip surgery. And ignoring genitals the best passing TiM still has a uncanny look about them.

No. 1706658

this ugly freak is wearing an estrogen molecule necklace. Real women don't need to signal to others what we already naturally produce in our bodies. I fucking hate these retards.

t. biochemist

No. 1706659

the even was named ''waifu'' too, ew

No. 1706664

File: 1669130266388.jpg (1.09 MB, 1021x2048, RDT_20221122_17143850611666186…)

This is one of the top posts made this month on r/actuallylesbians. More like r/actuallytrannies. Can I just look at marriage photos of lesbian ladies without being reminded of this shit?

No. 1706665

that sub is tranny central. try r/lesbiangang.

No. 1706682

That picture was posted on lesbiangang too

No. 1706687

What always gets me is just how their fake "lips" look. They just look wrong, even if you ignore the inevitable dick-"clit". What lesbian would ever want this? What man even?
There's no way he's not just projecting whatever fucked up mommy porn he watched growing up onto his mom. Probably some plot where the incest starts out of appearance jealousy. When I was young and dumb thinking I should get used to lesbian porn before my cringy "feminist porn" days kek I remember there was a LOT of plots built around female jealousy and especially tit size comparison and I wondered why I used to hate my chest size. Coomer scrote can't even have an argument with his mom without him turning it into a fetish

No. 1706689

I actually a have a lesbian mutual in the US who for the first time in her life voted for the republican party, according to her troon worship is so ingrained with the western left that if you aren't a troon/drag queen supporting turbo handmaiden, your basically a fascist for them, I don't know if she was in the right or not but I understand what led her to that point

No. 1706697

File: 1669133416325.jpg (537.32 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20221122-110616_Chr…)

Yeah, I think everyone got their hopes up about r/lesbiangang after seeing that critical post about r/actuallesbians. But it was removed hours later and it's like it never happened.

No. 1706698

I dunno, i still feel like the most updated posts are vaguely terfy (like 'the gender troubles' post appreciating butch lesbians) but it's only a matter of time before troons overtake that sub too. it was only ever going to be a temporary glimpse into what women really think and feel on reddit, as ever.

No. 1706699

File: 1669134111281.png (390.71 KB, 566x585, feeder troon.png)

← the guy who posted it. he also has a feeder fetish.

No. 1706701

I feel like it's a case of typical male entitlement, where men think that they know everything better than women do, they even know more about womanhood than actual women. Actually I noticed that it's a good way to clock a tranny in online spaces. They usually talk shit out of their asses with great confidence.

No. 1706703

he looks like fat nosferatu

No. 1706704

File: 1669134887389.jpg (33.47 KB, 800x485, NINTCHDBPICT0004777086082-1.jp…)

that is quite literally Gollum, imagine posting this and thinking you look good/better fucking unreal

No. 1706705

File: 1669134917683.png (424.18 KB, 736x780, 45678.png)

Can someone repost the slxthkween Dylan Mulvaney parodies? I can't find them on the internet anymore.

No. 1706708

File: 1669135117138.jpg (528.6 KB, 2880x2880, 20221122_183716.jpg)

You know, I actually decided to look up what users frequent in big wlw subs and the results are what you would except. Ar least the fashion sub seems OK mostly.

No. 1706718

File: 1669135670031.webm (5.89 MB, 320x690, PmJ9cmLvIqKygdbd.webm)

ex twitter moderator who had a history of overreaching as a censor, whining about the "hate" he's receiving since he lost the power of not being able to delete account. Now, he he plays the victim, when in reality he was the one used and abused power and got what he deserved

No. 1706724


No. 1706726

The good lesbian sub is r/Actuallylesbian/.

No. 1706738

Why are his under eye circles so dark and hollow?

No. 1706739

File: 1669138062903.png (83.36 KB, 660x421, perth pedo.png)

>literally an unstoppable pedo monster who constantly reoffends
>less supervision + more access to women and children only spaces
>supreme court justice thinks this will have a positive effect on the pedo's mental health and affirms his pronouns

I don't know what to say anymore.

No. 1706751

File: 1669138785475.jpg (450.66 KB, 502x499, JVwqcCJ.jpg)

here I tried to fix it; sorry for the janky english I just woke up and haven't had coffee yet
> do cis teen girls
No, we don't, I certainly didn't; I hated my boobs for a long time

No. 1706792

Sometimes I miss the good old days when a community found a member to be too harmful, they just killed them for the good of everyone else. He brings no joy to anyone in the world and directly harms thousands of innocent children on purpose. Idk what happened officer, he just like ran into my knife several times

No. 1706811

slxthkween on YouTube, that's her

No. 1706816

That’s one of the things that gets me. Most communities I’m a part of have no problem getting rid of a member who has done something wrong or is bringing the group down. However, with the trans community, they will defend any member to the end no matter how heinous what they’ve done is. And all the while they scream about not misgendering the person while ignoring the victim(s). The only people they’re fine with getting rid of are detrans with no sympathy at all. It really makes you not trust them because they’re so willing to defend predators over people who have been hurt.

No. 1706817

File: 1669143367303.jpeg (20.46 KB, 236x295, F6E9BC72-8EF8-4916-B024-EDF0A4…)

I unironically thought this was Davey Havok from AFI ultrakek troons be looking like picrel in profile.

No. 1706821

don't slander the moon like that

No. 1706828

Pretty pathetic to vote against her own self interests. Fuck troons but fuck the Republican Party even harder. Also a lot of troons vote republican.

No. 1706829

It's crazy to watch them interact with eachother on reddit because they all HATE each other but as soon as some faceless individual shows them their actions might have consequences they can band together faster than anything. I wish more women would be brave enough to do that but its really scary if you are in a position where you can lose your job, etc

No. 1706834

File: 1669144197417.jpg (395.55 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20221122-140610_Chr…)

Fuckin trannies

No. 1706836

File: 1669144395381.jpeg (439.55 KB, 750x1027, BA0DAB87-2DD8-4738-B8D8-C05BFF…)

troons get validated and coddled left and right, but when it comes to actually putting up with their bullshit, surprise! no one want to be a living prop in someone else’s life. everyone lies to these men’s faces and then ghosts them. people love to virtue signal, but they don’t actually like troons, their allies are hypocrites.

No. 1706839

fiona is prettier than troons lol fuck out of here

No. 1706842

guessing this was @malesofreddit account

No. 1706843

How is it hateful when it’s compiling the insane bullshit they post publicly themselves kek they know they’re fucking crazy and want to stop everyone from pointing it out