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No. 1582428

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No. 1582431

File: 1657167476580.jpg (120.13 KB, 1284x1059, FW_uCebWIAMs3Yw.jpg)

posting more unhinged troons

No. 1582433

File: 1657167531039.jpg (46.68 KB, 1083x597, FW5dSEhXoAExib5.jpg)

No. 1582457

Good threadpic nona

No. 1582460

Yes, and Kikomi cosplayer was fired from Dominos for making fun of a pedo creep troon. Go even the odds.

No. 1582473

Thanks, I needed a good reminder that troons are more hateful than I can possibly imagine.

No. 1582476

File: 1657172273999.png (23.35 KB, 596x217, jess_june25.png)

hey can someone provide caps to show she was fired? there's a tweet from her on June 25th that says that "work/school is all safe", does someone have access to dissenting info?

No. 1582488

Thing is it's all contract work for a branch of a huge company. Who would you even contact as the "boss". The office he works for only has a phone number for contact on their website. Email wise you need to phone them up and ask for the email to send proof, and then you gotta deal with it not being anon really anymore.

And that sounds like way to much effort tbh.
Thou going off how their company email is set up. You could run the chance of (firstname).(lastname)@aus.com working and just go off the name of head of Human Resources listed on the website. But honestly I think he is so far removed from all of this shit, it it would be a bit ludicrous. And closest I can find for HR for the Alabama office online is linkin regional human resources director from Florida. And that poor lady honestly doesn't need to be dragged into this scrotes bullshit.

No. 1582508

This happened to me with a podcast, the host brought on a guest that specializes in fly science/researcher. The researcher makes an offhand comment about naming one of the flies he discovered after RuPaul. The host proceeds to go on a full tangent explaining that rupaul has made some transphobic remarks in the past but since has now apologized. Nothing to do with the topic at hand. I exited out of the podcast instantly, handmaidenry is mainstream now and I should have ignored it but I just couldn't continue which sucked because the researcher seemed really interesting.

No. 1582510

Dominos said they would “investigate” they never said they’d fire her.

No. 1582518

Yeah, I mean they kind of have to say that they are even if they have no intention of doing so just so they don’t get brigades by terminally online woketards
Slightly OT but a plague on that old faggot’s house for making womanface minstrel shows mainstream. Anyone who uses RPDR reaction gifs on lolcow dot farm should be permabanned

No. 1582546

File: 1657183101333.png (16.11 KB, 983x147, Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 04-36…)

Jizzing themselves again kek

No. 1582549

I have a male acquaintance with a minor youtube channel, he made an entire video discussing female perspectives on sexism in video games… by interviewing a male enby-troon. At no point did he talk to an actual female. As expected the troon advocated for sexist things, but it's ok because he's "doing it as a woman". I'm so fucking annoyed but I can't call it out without our mutual handmaiden friends turning on me.

No. 1582559

File: 1657184906792.jpg (2.28 MB, 810x7390, Screenshot_20220707-050543_Boo…)

Ugh, I hate it when they use women's subreddits for their narc supply.

No. 1582570

File: 1657186395978.jpg (87.82 KB, 1080x1028, HIWJEODQ.jpg.jpg)

Crazy how they can be so close yet so far at being self-aware.

No. 1582572

File: 1657187154196.jpg (160.61 KB, 1536x836, meme-1-1536x836.jpg)

I hate it when they use "female" to refer to themselves

No. 1582577

His face is hilariously masculine

No. 1582582

File: 1657190634830.png (904.82 KB, 992x558, nota-Transgenero-1920-9.png)

After seeing that before/after, can we agree that "trans, not even once"?

No. 1582585

File: 1657191154477.png (181.7 KB, 354x246, emily.png)

No. 1582631

You don’t “admit” to yourself that you’re female, see. You’re actually just born that way. Well, not this man, but in general. Sometimes I can’t believe how weak men are that they let fetishes complete rule their lives. Why is it they have always been called the more logical ones when they obviously can’t think without relating something back to their dicks? Women should be ruling the world.

No. 1582634

He's 30 years old and too retarded to know what pre-cum is, but that doesn't stop his coom damaged brain from jumping to the conclusion that it "definitely would work as a lubricant"

No. 1582643

File: 1657203222746.png (35.89 KB, 603x427, 792E5D20-A3E9-4037-99CE-9D053E…)

What exactly am I trying to prove? I’m just existing in my natural body and learning to be comfortable in it because these males have finally made me appreciate what it’s able to do. I’m not the one mutilating myself over a fetish. I think that’s an ultimate sign of insecurity, as well as the rageful tantruming whenever someone says something they don’t like. Insecure is having to control the language and behavior of everyone around you like an abuser would do. Women are only fighting for the truth after being pushed down for so long.

No. 1582646

File: 1657203815190.png (465.04 KB, 373x883, 5A15CC77-CAB9-4AE8-8C28-63CCD2…)

I saw this webtoon mentioned on KF and I can’t tell if this is an own or not. The TiM really does look accurate, I’m surprised they wouldn’t have thrown a fit over it. Has anyone read this and can verify if it’s meant to be taken seriously?

No. 1582647

File: 1657203953241.jpg (52.34 KB, 575x1603, FB_IMG_1657202739508.jpg)

No. 1582651

They’ve started calling people who don’t agree with them snowflakes but they’re the ones who get triggered over literally anything. People are rightfully upset about things that have a large impact on them. That isn’t snowflake behavior. Snowflake behavior is malding and crying because someone accidentally called you a he when telling someone else who to give your coffee to. Or getting upset and screaming into the Twitter void because a woman at work dared to mention out loud that she’s on her period or found out she’s pregnant. Those are not normal things to get upset about. Watching your rights and spaces and words be given away is.

No. 1582656

File: 1657204457218.png (198.72 KB, 1520x1182, F545E92A-411F-4C89-99C0-F4A554…)

As of June this year, that study that troons love to claim shows women are AGP has been debunked.

No. 1582658

They really love to try to be smug and act like there aren't multiple posts of their cult friends saying shit like
>I want to murder her because she has what I want
>I transitioned to look like the girl that rejected me
>Do I pass as "cis"??
>I got missgendered and I want to KMS
And surely even more shit that hasn't been posted in here because at this point it's redundant since it's those four options worded differently.
Seriously, the only ones seething, dilating, coping, dilating and dilating a bit more are TiMs, because they have to know they fucked up and that it's too late to pretend nothing of this happened.

No. 1582660

i don't think i've seen more projection in my life holy shit

No. 1582665

File: 1657204906883.png (29.3 KB, 597x271, FD96AFE7-6FFE-49FD-AEC8-5B7FA9…)

I don’t feel like posting this entire thread because it’s just a bunch of word salad, but I’m so tired of them saying shit like this. I’ve always been a leftist and hate right wing MSM. I don’t like TiMs because I have ~lived experience~ as a female and realize they’re no different from regular men just because I’ve seen the kind of shit they themselves post online and say irl in their own fucking words. I’m not being brainwashed by the right because their arguments over what a woman is also boil down to stereotypes and usefulness a lot of the time. They genuinely can’t understand that people can develop their own opinions simply from living and watching. I don’t need anyone to feed me ideas when I can literally see with my own two eyes the kinds of things TiMs talk about on the daily.

No. 1582668

What lengths? Stating basic biology everyone knows? You're the one with the mental gymnastics, witch-hunting, death threats and thought-policing.
Yes because TIMS are typically predatory men. Also, projection.
Also if you don't wish to be a female, why the fake tits, estrogen, womb/period envy and larp as physically weak. Why piss and shit yourself over being clocked and not passing as us? Why consistently cope about how you're "better" than us? Moids always like to reverse shit on women so they can deny and gaslight us into feeling dumb and apologize.

No. 1582671

Sage for blogpost.

I used to be best friends with a MTF. Well, originally he was just a dude but a super emotional, sensitive moid who then just said “well I must be a woman then” and trooned out. I kinda thought, “Yes I’m GC but he’s not like the other troons!” while he was saying stuff about how he would love if men were misogynistic towards him, or how badly he wanted titties, and I realized he really was like all other troons. I started distancing myself from him though he was like my only friend and he committed suicide. I was super heartbroken even with all those weird feelings I had about his misogyny, but I literally haven’t felt anything about it after his mom sent me a copy of his journal. He kept a journal the week before he killed himself where he wrote about all his friends and whatever, and he asked his friends to publish it after he dies. In it, he talks about how I’m so mean for not inviting him to play Overwatch and makes me out to be some kind of villain for not inviting him, how I am a bad friend for that/abandoning him. I went from mourning to just angry that he pulled some narc shit and wrote such a messed up thing about me and wants everyone to see it. He literally sent me his suicide note (only me and his parents got it) and this shit traumatized me. I remember nonnies here talking about how TIMs always want to affect as many people as possible with their suicide, and seeing how he did all this to me, I sort of agree. Even the “good ones” are bad. Sorry for blogpost, I just wanted to share.

No. 1582673

What does transition from male to female even mean? At what point do you become a woman? Because there's post-op/pre-hrt TIMs. So where is the point of transition?

No. 1582674

File: 1657205402493.jpeg (Spoiler Image,257.44 KB, 1080x1920, 8228E612-FED7-4D59-8AD4-F23547…)

why do they always have the tiniest dicks? kek at the phone battery on this pic.

No. 1582676

i'm sorry you went through this and were demonized by him in his death and apparently while he was just living life, for literally no reason. no offense but he sounded like a piece of shit, not worth mourning.

No. 1582677

Damn, nona. I’m sorry you got treated that way. I hope you might can find a therapist who could work through it, but I realize that’s asking for a lot the way things are now. That kind of thing would take a big toll on anyone I think and you have every right to be angry. Are his parents or other friends going to try to actually have it published?

No. 1582679

It means everything and nothing all at once. You are a man until you’re a woman, which is a totally subjective spiritual and sexual awakening. The dick is both male and female, or it’s male until it’s just female one day.

No. 1582680

> They genuinely can’t understand that people can develop their own opinions simply from living and watching
They're projecting because they don't come up with a lot of their opinions. They just let their hugbox feed them the rhetoric and they spread the same shit over and over with no critical thinking skills like the moids they are. Like how scrotes always say "feminism is feminizing men and women are being radicalized into hating men" just projecting their weak-mindedness, spinelessness, and impressionable nature onto us. Men love hiveminds where their opinions are repeated on end and punching down whilst patronzing people with rehearsed lines. You can only expect so much from people that boil women down to degrading stereotypes. Also moids love to gaslight you that you're being fed lies and 'akshually' you know nothing.

No. 1582683

Holy shit lol I can't get this ratty motherfucker off my fyp no matter how many times I block him, I recently saw one of his TikToks about how arhcaeologists would identify him as a woman if they found his remains centuries from now because he believes being on estrogen for a few months has completely transformed his hips

No. 1582684

Thank you so much for your kind words! After realizing what a piece of shit he was, I actually feel little to nothing rather than mourning/grief. Sometimes I feel bad about that, kek.
Thank you for your kind words too- luckily my therapist doesn’t seem to be all TRA and against me when I voice my GC opinions! His parents don’t want to publish it (for good reason, I mean it’s narcissistic and seems like he was trying so hard to be some manic pixie dream girl) but his other friends want to, though I think they’ve given up (not 100% sure though).

No. 1582685

Samefag, I meant rather than mourning and grief, I feel little to nothing. Realized how I typed that out was retarded kek

No. 1582686

the complete lack of accountability is hysterical. can’t accept that their own terrible behavior and refusal to keep house has led them here. it all has to be an operation.

No. 1582689

File: 1657206837589.jpg (101.94 KB, 828x1066, FW4ph2AVUAEQ2Vr.jpg)

refinery29 published an article entitled, "Say Goodbye To Macy Gray — She Outed Herself As A TERF."

>On July 4, a day when selective freedom was celebrated in America, it was only fitting that Macy Gray chose to go on known bigot Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored and reveal herself as a transphobe on national television. After all, trans women in the U.S. are still fighting for their rights and for the freedom “Independence Day” claims all Americans are granted. In the controversial interview, Gray stated, “Just because you go change your parts, doesn’t make you a woman.” Gray’s statement is disappointing on a lot of levels, especially because it completely disregards the identity and humanity of all trans women, but also because Gray is a Black woman. Black trans women are being murdered at alarming rates around the world, and we’re coming off of the deadliest year for trans people on record. The womanhood of Black women is constantly called into question, and Black trans women are dying because of this ignorance. It’s frustrating to see the singer engage in the same violent rhetoric that upholds gender discrimination and marginalizes all Black women — including our trans sisters.
>Gray went on to say that she didn’t think people should be called “transphobic” just because they don’t agree, but this isn’t just about a difference of opinion. If someone refuses to recognize my personhood because of my Blackness, then they’d be a racist, simple as that. For Gray to claim that her comments are an issue of disagreement and not a transphobic attack is merely pretense. She also stated that while she supports transgender rights, she draws the line at athletic competitions (and clearly, recognizing trans women as women). You can’t support someone’s rights or claim to believe in their existence as you take away their basic rights — like their right to play on a school sports team. Trans girls and women are being barred from competing in sports in states around the country.
>Gray’s trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) behavior isn’t new (J.K. Rowling — who supported Gray on Twitter — and writer Chimamanda Nzgozi Adichie are other famous examples), but it’s even more upsetting considering that cis Black women should be supporting trans women because we’re fighting the same fight against the same oppressors. Our respective struggle for rights amidst the patriarchy are actually not mutually exclusive; they’re intertwined, and freedom for cis Black women isn’t possible without freedom for Black trans women. In a world where we’re constantly fighting against the patriarchy, we need to be banding together, not spewing divisive narratives that tear us apart.

>Gray’s comments are just another disappointing addition to the many celebrities that have outed themselves as TERFs. On the same day that Gray’s interview went live, actress Bette Midler tweeted in opposition to trans-inclusive language in the conversation about reproductive health, claiming that women are “being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name[s]”. It seems like every day we lose another fave to the TERF camp, and it just proves that celebrities are never the people to look to for true radical and progressive views. Many public figures claim to be for the cause, but it’s become clear that celebrity-branded feminism is not real, nor does it care about all people affected by the systems that they claim to fight against.

>“I think in this day and age, if you still have issues with women, then that's weird…I'm all about that — being for ourselves,” Gray once said in a 2015 interview with Marie Claire. The call is coming from inside of the house, because it’s time for Gray to reexamine her own issues with women. What’s “weird” is that she clearly has an issue with trans women who are doing nothing but being themselves. Why does Gray feel the need to question another woman's existence separate from her own? What gives her the right to question who qualifies as a woman? Do celebrities know that staying quiet and minding their business is free? On Uncensored, Gray defines a woman as a “human being with boobs” and someone who “[has] a vagina.” This is a stupid thing to say; not all women have boobs, including the ciswomen that Gray appears to hold close to her heart. Do women who remove their breasts because of breast cancer not qualify as women anymore?
>Ironically, Gray’s statement is right in one very important way: whether or not trans women get gender reassignment surgery, they are still women. Your parts do not inform your gender, so changing those parts doesn’t affect a person’s claim to womanhood. The diminishing of trans women to their “parts” is dehumanizing, and the dehumanization and denial of rights to trans women is transphobic.
>Being a woman is not a job. Trans women do not need any qualifications to be women, and they are women, period. While Gray may not agree, based on her comments, she is, in fact, a transphobe, and I, for one, am happy to say goodbye to any public figure that decides that trans lives are up for debate.

also depressingly the writer of the article is also a black woma(though she is wokie upper class immigrant) but still black

No. 1582692


Ohh that's why the tranny said she was dead. Lol good for her, I appreciate women who are in a position to hire security if needed and who already have money and fame, who can speak out in a way a lot of us can't without getting our lives fucked.

No. 1582693

>trans women in the U.S. are still fighting for their rights and for the freedom “Independence Day” claims all Americans are granted
Ohhhh my god always with this shit. What rights do they not have? They can literally do anything anyone else can, they can even buy firearms and make threats without anyone batting an eye. Using a bathroom you don’t belong in is not a “right”. Expecting everyone to agree with everything you say isn’t a “right”. At this point, they have more rights than women.

>it’s even more upsetting considering that cis Black women should be supporting trans women because we’re fighting the same fight against the same oppressors

People can choose to support or not support anything they fucking want. And the black terfs ARE fighting against oppressors. Men are the ultimate oppressors of every woman on the planet.

>While Gray may not agree, based on her comments, she is, in fact, a transphobe, and I, for one, am happy to say goodbye to any public figure that decides that trans lives are up for debate.

How did she say their lives are up for debate? She literally said people can be whatever they want. I’m so tired.

No. 1582694

File: 1657207462456.jpeg (123.86 KB, 1125x849, 9DE4DD62-6E49-42B9-BE9A-BED014…)

He looks like a dad who’s daughter made him do this as a joke.

No. 1582695

File: 1657207609678.jpeg (227.43 KB, 1125x1595, E3B474DF-4930-4694-BB36-7A5EB0…)

Handmaidens shut the fuck up and let the rest of us speak for two fucking seconds. Just because you feel like being a huge pick me doesn’t mean the rest of us want to continue to kowtow to this shit. Language absolutely affects us when we can’t even define what a woman is, and can’t even be allowed to use the word “female” either.

No. 1582696

why can't it take a normal picture without its penis being in view?

No. 1582697

I'm not saying I want to burn the world down, but I'm also not Not Saying that.

No. 1582699

post this on twitter and watch the troons screech about how it fake

coddling males: the post

No. 1582700

I'm so sorry nona, that's fucking horrible.

No. 1582701

tiny ass head bitch with a tiny ass brain to match

No. 1582702

Claiming that not allowing guys to race against women due to unfair genetic advantage is the same thing as being told 'you're not a person because you're black' is a hell of a false equivalency, this person is a terrible writer.

while i love hearing these tired, familiar arguments trotted out, they're like old fan favorites, you would imagine some of these walnuts could come up with fresh content after all this time. but no, keep on trying to co-opt and define words like 'well women describes your mental delusions, not your physical parts' like we haven't been using the word to distinguish between people's physical bodies LITERALLY ALWAYS.

Saying 'ignore what you see in front of your own eyes in favor of what they tell you to believe' isn't just stupid, it's incredibly dangerous to go out into the world as a woman with that kind of mentality.
Like if I see someone across the room at a venue, without speaking to them, there is zero chance I can figure out they think their 'gender identity' should be, but I can absolutely tell you what sex they are.

No. 1582703

File: 1657207976501.jpg (153.1 KB, 1170x883, FW63i4fUUAAAAOT.jpg)

No. 1582704

File: 1657208010850.png (Spoiler Image,686.23 KB, 950x558, 0CB19DA9-380B-4FBF-A62F-D0242D…)

Spoilered for TiM moobs. Just girly things, flashing your disgusting flesh lumps on a public Twitter thread.

No. 1582705

only tims are dumb enough to reply

No. 1582712

They can say all this and it's cool but if I say that I'm female they die? Men never learn the second half of sticks and stones, do they

No. 1582716

Sage for text post, but I was researching a cow and I discovered that apparently Argentina has a law where 1% quota of government jobs are reserved for "transvestites, transsexuals and transgenders" with no need to even change their civil status, which is absolute bullshit because even in the United States there is like 0,6% trans people max according to surveys, so 1% is clearly favoring them by a big margin, and because ofc the law seems to include literal transvestites (at least if "personas travestis" doesn't mean something else and my shitty Spanish is even shittier than I imagined). Of course, there is no trace of a LGB employment quota, and trans women are already whining that they should get priority hiring compared to transmen because transmen are violent male oppressors while trannies are poor widdle victims kek Adding to that that the president's only child is a bisexual drag queen who has a X gender marker on his passport because Argentina has self-id laws and a neutral sex marker, what just happened in that country to be so permeable to retarded USA cultural trends?
Fucking clown world, nonnas, I hope my own country won't end up like this as we already have self-id. Really nostalgic of the time when USA was only exporting lowbrow action flicks and greasy McDonalds to the world.

No. 1582718

That’s the thing with males, their suicides are always cantered around attention-whoring and guilt-tripping beyond the grave. They can’t even kill themselves properly.
Sorry he made you go through that anon.

No. 1582730

Holy shit this is amazing. Finally some proof that we don't get wet every time we put on a dress. One of the worst things trannies have tried to claim imo

No. 1582731

Thank you both for your kind words, it actually has made me feel so happy that so many people are giving supportive words and validating that what he did was outrageous and just typical male behavior.

No. 1582733

File: 1657209267149.png (225.97 KB, 598x1038, Screenshot 75.png)

This is gonna end up leading to Macy Gray appearing on Ben Shapiro's podcast and I will be solely blaming TIMs for this, The leftwing in the west will boycott and "cancel" any public figure if that person says enough something deemed "bigoted" or not in-line with current woke standards. in most cases these public figures meekly accept they will never come back from this tarnishment and quietly disappear
however when they choose to stand their ground the right will actually embrace them exclusively because of it.
The left hears someone being unwoke and decides "That's it, I'm done." The right hears the same thing and pulls up a chair. They weren't listening before, but they certainly are now and I fucking hate seeing it cause its depressing seeing the right gain more power

No. 1582736

Honestly that might just be an attempt to include gay men because most tims in south america are gay male prostitutes. It's actually a huge crisis. These are the ones that get actually murdered on the streets. American agps love to steal brazils tim mortality stats and pass them off as theirs. south am and north am trannys are so different from each other they might as well be a different species

No. 1582739

Don't delude yourself. They'll let her talk while she's saying stuff about trannies but the moment she starts taking about women they will shut her down and deplatform her just as fast as neolibs.

No. 1582746

Agreed because it’s so blatantly false. I’m so glad that researchers took the time to do this. I’m tired of men assuming that women have the same sense of sexuality as them instead of realizing that female sexual experiences are overwhelmingly shaped by male narcissism. They think every thing we do we either do for them or that we get off to things in the same way (like them saying we are AGP and get aroused from our own bodies or wearing lingerie, etc). First off, yeah I obviously get aroused from touching myself. That’s usually one way it works. It doesn’t mean I’m fetishizing myself, it’s just the way genitals operate. I’m not sitting there imagining how sexy I am while doing that because I’m usually focusing on the fact that it just feels nice or imagining having sex with someone. Unlike male troons, I don’t sit at the mirror wearing a pad in a lacy thong while jacking off to how hot and womanly I am. That is pure, defective male sexuality.

No. 1582750

File: 1657210057519.jpeg (5.93 KB, 206x245, download (1).jpeg)

He streams everyday for hours. pretty sure he is jerking off while people " debate" him. He looks like Micheal Cera trooned out

No. 1582752

I don't know.. If a friend of mine blamed all his other friends in his journal and suicide note and whatnot, I wouldn't have even distributed it to the mentioned people. I would've burnt that shit if it came with nothing but victim hood and blaming people that in his eyes weren't fucking perfect every time. If only to preserve his and the dignity of his friends. That narc 23 reasons why bullshit though.. As I said. I would've just burnt it all and never given it to the intended people. Maybe I'm callous that way..

No. 1582754

Its basic human nature, TIMs, TRAs, wokebros and libfems will rag on her, send her death treats and porn and the right will be seemingly the only one's who give her the chance to speak freely and some semblance of respect, look what happened to Ruby Rose, Russell Brand, Arielle Scarcella and Rose McGowan

No. 1582759

Yep. Even when rightwing media has let GC women speak, they never care about the feminism. They just want to verify their own thoughts about troons for reasons that don’t always align with our own. They tend to have a moralistic slant and agenda while we have a more realistic approach to it all and just want betterment for other women. The moment those people start talking about things like religion or values my brain turns off because I have nothing in common with either side anymore. They all just want oppression of women. I’m not saying it isn’t nice they give the evil terfs a platform, I just hate that this is what it’s come to.

No. 1582769

>also depressingly the writer of the article is also a black woman(though she is wokie upper class immigrant) but still black
Being upper class POC immigrant predisposes you to SWJ brainrot because those women come from countries where they enjoy what is incredible riches and a life of comfort and freedom compared to the rest of the population, double that if their og countries have still people dying of hunger in the countryside or is really retarded about female rights, and then they came to the United States where they see people with the same skin color than them, but not them, going through hard times either because they really are poor immigrants who crossed oceans with a suitcase and their whole family to work menial jobs or in case of African-Americans for historical reasons. In the current political climate saying "Actually, unlike those people, I had a privileged upbringing and never really wanted for anything" is anathema, so they need to fabricate stolen valor victimhood for themselves which is where SWJ ideas come in handy since even a millionaire can find reasons to be a little oppressed (what if you're sex-loving asexual and self-diagnosed neuroatypical and uhhh?), hence their championing of the most retarded and extreme opinions and causes and acting as the most loyal SWJ foot soldier ever, just like their rich white friends do too. Plus add to that that they used to think of themselves as an elite in their birth country only to see themselves associated with the poor and disempowered in America because of their skin color which must really ruffle their feathers.

No. 1582772

Tbh, with what the journal said, I would've done the same. I don't think it's callous at all, because what he wrote was just cruel and blaming people for not being exactly what he needed (when he never even reached out to people). His mom is a sweetheart and I feel so bad that she has to go through the process of losing a son. But the whole "make me a trans pariah" and "distribute my journal after I die" is just fucking weird. Long story short, I agree with you nonnie, I would've done the same.

No. 1582776

Agreed Nona. Its just so insulting reductive to imply women are AGP. We don't have to stop and compulsively masturbate every time we dress nice to go out to the club or whatever and that's exactly what they're implying when they say "all cis women are APG too, checkmate idiots." They're really just trying to deflect from their own fetishization of women by being like well everyone does that! No we fucking do not!

No. 1582785

Oh, so Argentina was not infected by the AGP tranny plague yet? Nice. I kinda assumed it was because I came to look this up after a news article about neutral language reforms in that country and all the TIMs quoted in there were AGPs. (And still the 1% seems excessively generous in that case, I know that the gay male prostitutes in South America are the ones getting killed but there aren't that many of them, are there?)

No. 1582811

This is part of why some older women warn women and girls to not be "friends" with males. You can be effortlessly conscientious towards males, but you don't know what a moid is doing or saying about you behind your back. The first time you refuse to do something, he will probably throw a temper tantrum everywhere but in front of you. I'm not blaming you at all, I had my fair share of male "friends", and all but one were shit.

No. 1582829

File: 1657214916995.jpeg (706.65 KB, 1242x3110, 3C18EA30-8BB5-493D-A408-8B7F12…)

Posting from last thread. What do you bet will happen to Peter Robinson?

No. 1582830

Kek, does he think he’s Franz Kafka? “Destroy my diaries after my untimely passing” lmaoo get real.

No. 1582833

File: 1657215094151.jpg (100.95 KB, 1242x944, fob7g0q2h9591.jpg)

your post reminded me of this tweet

No. 1582834

No one will give a real shit. They’ll just write him and Boy George and other men like that off as being a relic of the past and accuse them of senile ramblings even though neither of them is actually that old and know what they’re talking about wrt androgyny and shit like that.

No. 1582847

File: 1657216199871.png (889.46 KB, 932x914, 95032960.png)

No. 1582848

File: 1657216217615.png (144.33 KB, 640x476, 458C9F5C-A615-4808-97AE-A6122C…)

I have a headache.

No. 1582849

File: 1657216251150.png (584.87 KB, 967x884, 02198680503.png)

No. 1582850

File: 1657216290606.png (772.4 KB, 973x872, 09836298019.png)

No. 1582852

File: 1657216335909.jpg (933.43 KB, 1832x3510, p9sb2uihi3a91.jpg)

who's dad is this?

No. 1582853

File: 1657216383831.webm (3.23 MB, 640x1138, ElegantImmediateGlobefish-mobi…)

No. 1582856

is he using photoshop to make his hair look red? wtf is going on with his forehead color?

No. 1582859

>stfu terf
stfu rapey incel

No. 1582860

You know he posted this just wanting to be hugpiled lol like yasssss girl you’re adorableeee

No. 1582861

File: 1657216644749.jpeg (501.3 KB, 1242x1510, 842AB98D-259D-4BA1-8801-082E8F…)

She’s getting so much praise for this it’s unreal

No. 1582862

File: 1657216655870.png (219.32 KB, 2233x935, kek.png)

it's the face app. i heard its lead trannies to suicide after realizing hrt isn't magic

No. 1582865

why not it's easier than being against trans. literal smallbrain takes

No. 1582867

Based FaceApp making trannies 41.

No. 1582871

File: 1657217137131.jpeg (280.57 KB, 1170x828, 78769A04-0D60-4451-BBA1-C5ACC8…)

me when i lie

No. 1582873

You mean horny enough.
This is part of their disgusting exhibitionist fetish.

No. 1582879

File: 1657218288537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1242x5109, 2E73F6EA-24E4-490A-9A2A-B6D0AB…)

There’s so much fucking cope it’s unreal.
>g-guys he didn’t m-mean it… MARK STAYS WINNING!

No. 1582880

Didnt mean to spoiler sorry it’s safe!

No. 1582890

Always willing to forgive male celebrities but as soon as a woman speaks her mind she’s literally hitler

No. 1582894

Yep, it's never good enough for them she apologized and still they condemn her. Nothing is ever good enough for these fucking freaks

No. 1582899

thought this was Michael cera in drag

No. 1582909

You’d think this would show people how much of an MRA movement this whole thing is.

No. 1582925

they do that shit to overcompensate the shithole that argentina is, so wokies never revolt against their ruling class. even if argentinians try to revolt against kirchner-fernandez/right wing plant, wokies will be there to ruin every movement with identity politics. people just forgot that the whole latin america is a place for experimental politics and mass control.

No. 1582929

"traitor" is right kek.
Seriously though, I'm getting sick of celebrities (especially C-list indie singers like her) acting like complete assholes to their fans. Like what the fuck is this?
Thank god her career will dry up within a few years and even virtue signaling about terfs won't be able to save it.

>poor mark didn't know any better! he's a good ally! the terfs tricked him into liking the tweet! they made him do it!
I want to a-log. Anything men do can be excused and blamed on women, even if they commit the greatest twitter sin: having "terfy" opinions. They might as well scream "burn the witch!" at this point.

No. 1582941

It’s the same shit with anything a man does ever. “He didn’t know any better”, “he’s really a good person”, “he’s learned his lesson and will do better”. This is how they get excused for rape, murder, and even mundane shit like this. Meanwhile, a woman so much looks at a man the wrong way and she’s an evil bitch misandrist feminazi and every bad thing that’s ever occurred in the world falls upon her shoulders. I wish people would stop fucking coddling men. They’re not children.

No. 1582943

>you would imagine some of these walnuts could come up with fresh content after all this time
I'm 99% certain they can't, because they're like drones. They memorize the propaganda, and spout it out, and don't come up with anything new because they don't have the mental capacity to think creatively. They're mentally ill, or narcissistic as fuck, or both. They think you're not an actual human being, only THEY ARE.

No. 1582944

This is also why Women's Voices going on Allie Beth Stuckey's show about MTFs was a mistake

Stuff like this is so gaslighting
>If you notice reality it's just because you don't know any better

No. 1582945

Hell yeah, I remember that episode. That was a good talk, and damn eye-opening.

No. 1582951

i absolutely loathe this boring insufferable industry plant so im glad she's declared war on me.
she has had every pathology of a pick-me bluecheck retard from day 1. all the media does (because she's one of their own) is disgustingly praise her as 'the first and only female rockstar'. fucking vomit!! every time they do it they're pissing on big mama thornton, joan baez, grace slick, norma tanega, janis joplin, linda ronstadt, fanny, suzi quatro, olivia records ladies, joan jett, heart, poly styrene, chrissie hynde, jun togawa, sheila e etc etc. who all went MUCH harder. my list doesn't even include the gen x and millennial women in rock.

i cannot believe the audacity of the media and many on twitter to just shit all over and erase women's achievements. its like every generational cycle they want us to forget them in favor of their latest 'pioneering' plant in whatever genre they astroturf, probably to make it easier for disgusting troons to seize our accomplishments. if women are kept in year zero ignorance, women can be controlled.

nothing she does is revolutionary, she just plays up how much she is an ugly scrote's plaything and fat gays are like 'YASSS we relate kueen!'. i dont get why lana del rey gets so much heat for being a pick-me tard when phoebe is even worse

marilyn was always based and honestly the above applies to certain androgynous men too. it's easy for stefonknee to walk around unattacked in a tutu and larp around children for years - because scrotes are insane. they probably see stefonknee as exercising his divine and godly right as a patriarch (dressing like little miss muffet and grooming little girls to punish 'roasties'). little richard wears eyeshadow on the other hand and they go totally apeshit

No. 1582961

The reality denial is so strong. All these people admitting to liking Tweets and comments only to realize they're "TERFy" and walking back on them shows what a cult this really is.
Mark and Bette knew what they were doing, and the only reason they walk this shit back is because they're scared of their precious careers being hurt.

No. 1582979

File: 1657226399238.jpeg (Spoiler Image,571.12 KB, 750x1208, 6141BACF-6EF9-4C78-8CC0-4B59A3…)

why is there a dick head piece inside the hole? wasn’t that supposed to be the clit?

No. 1582985

>dick head
sis, that's a clit

No. 1582987

I think it may indeed be the 'clit', and the black hole underneath is the 'vagina'. His arsehole is even further back
>why the fuck am I analysing rotpockets, I gotta log off

No. 1582994

Why do they always look so fucking slimy?

No. 1582996

This one is breaking my brain.

No. 1583002

File: 1657228283834.jpeg (493.32 KB, 1242x965, 9F561C2B-B358-4058-9422-2EEA48…)

No. 1583004

this was posted before anon, and this woman is a tranny larper (for some reason lmao maybe a kikomi fan?)

No. 1583020

This is a real woman and a severely deranged and mentally ill rape fetishist who's so unhinged that even other rape fetishists don't want her in their "community". This isn't tranny milk. I don't think her tweets are even her real opinions. They're just her spankbank material

No. 1583024

File: 1657230714038.jpeg (217.04 KB, 828x582, 5E732887-FF49-4AEC-A3F9-EA3216…)

I hope the chubby handmaiden gets pilloried for this

No. 1583026

Jfc this is straight up one of the ugliest monstrosities I’ve ever seen I’d an hero if I were this hideous

No. 1583038

File: 1657231946121.jpeg (763.75 KB, 828x1179, 5AE3A50D-9782-4251-99D3-F777EF…)

This is so tragic

No. 1583040

File: 1657232438390.png (1.16 MB, 1019x535, Capture.PNG)

I was just coming here to post another decent looking gay male trooning out. Anyone remember this gay dude from Catfish? The one with Framel, his name is anthony.

No. 1583045

holy faceapp batman

No. 1583052

File: 1657233047019.jpeg (513.06 KB, 1242x1371, 3FD46875-2160-4C20-BF86-728053…)

No. 1583053

File: 1657233103198.png (10.18 MB, 1242x2688, 56DAEE75-F3C8-426B-BA3A-9F0587…)

“I’m pretty hot if I do say so myself”

No. 1583056

Typical moid behaviour, i'm sorry you went through that and I hope you can heal from it.

No. 1583058

Dude should have just moved to Atlanta. Plenty of gay black guys there.

No. 1583059

I don’t think anyone wants to lick a puss-filled wound or a flesh patchwork sausage. Anytime someone mentions oral on anyone with bottom surgery, I think of that one Reddit post where the woman was so disgusted by the stench of her husband’s rot pocket, that she had to drug herself.

No. 1583065

kek I don't think I've seen that yet, do you (or anyone else) have the screencaps?

No. 1583066

Same, you couldn’t pay me any amount of money to go down on either TiF or TiM SRS “genitalia”. I want to keep my dignity and my lunch. I would honestly be scared to get some kind of infection.

No. 1583070

Once again, that is not a larper but an actual transgender women. Many of you took a troll at face value and ran with it and backed down, pretending you ~*thought your trandar was broken*~ when seeing her and were not surprised she was a natal women when she is not. Exposes the stupidity and herd mentality in this thread honestly.

No. 1583074

I was talking to a friend about troons once and she told me, that a gay scrote friend she had, once defended troons by telling her to watch a porn video, where a pornstar was licking a troon pornstar Neovagina. He was basically saying thats how he knew it was like the same thing and the "Straight" men in the comments were saying it looked great. I felt sick even hearing about it.

No. 1583076

can you please stop derailing this thread and make a separate post about this individual? as far as i can tell, you all can’t even agree on whether they’re a tim or not.

No. 1583078

>ugly moid: grows out hair and gets moobs
also ugly moid: i’m a hot gurl

No. 1583085

Yeah a pornstar who’s being paid to do disgusting things is real proof that rot pockets are just like the real thing. Her gay scrote friend is an absolute dumbass.

No. 1583089

so it's an actual women than and you're just trolling? since you're referring to them by sex-based pronouns meant for women and not tranny moids

No. 1583092

File: 1657236437139.jpg (304.29 KB, 1062x894, r7UaaNF.jpg)

I'm only posting the half that mentions the oral sex, but here's the original posts >>1172495
>I have not in my life encountered a woman that smells like her
That's because he's a man, and what he has is an infected, inverted penis.
>told her she might need to heal more
It's never going to heal, it's a permanent puss-leaking wound.
I wonder what happened to this woman and if she's still with him.

No. 1583094

>”she” told me that my vagina isn’t a flower field either
All these men are such misogynistic losers. I bet he thought he was getting a perfect pornstar vagina, and then he has the balls to criticize a healthy, normal, functioning one.

No. 1583099

File: 1657236947691.png (1.57 MB, 1218x1106, tuckercarlsonnews.png)

Kind of inclined to agree with him, considering they encouraged troons, pedo drag queen story hours, BLM, rape-fugees, the list goes on and on…(derailing)

No. 1583105

File: 1657237215662.jpg (50.63 KB, 627x340, 7nowlME.jpg)

Samefag, but I was curious and looked her up…
>Scissoring is fun and we do it often but it doesn't get either of us off
Dude, I couldn't imagine putting your mouth near a gross infected tranny wound, but to rub your own vagina next to it or on it? The thought makes me want to throw up. That's the road to multiple types of infections and disease.

No. 1583108

How tf is this relevant, go do your woman hating somewhere else

No. 1583109

Seriously between tuckerfags and the rose posters the derailing is annoying.

No. 1583110

File: 1657237836463.jpg (22.93 KB, 700x255, BVMxEr5.jpg)

They did get a divorce at least. But she's probably going to need therapy after all of that. Maybe she found a better, non-abusive partner this time around. I kinda feel bad for her.

No. 1583114

>sad fact is many liberal white women and a few hyperwoke woc themselves, actually give troons the okay signal to use WOC for the troon agenda
>White libfems, otoh, have been brainwashed from birth to support white males at the expense of other women
>I hate when libfems bring up genetic freaks like Michael Phelps as a gotcha to TIMs in women sports
>I swear the whole issue of TIMs in women's sports have caused libfems enlarge to start denying human biology and observable physical differences between men and women

No. 1583119

Don't respond to bait, it's giving them the attention they want

No. 1583120

sorry nona you're right just got annoyed

No. 1583124

based on the art style i think its legit. theyre probably going for a "big strong gf uwu" thing and dont realize that it looks like a complete self-own. thats just speculation though because i am not reading that shit.

No. 1583125

gtfo faggot

No. 1583133

Where is the hot? I’m not seeing it. Looks like a someone who did math club as a kid.

No. 1583135

Based. Liberal women are cancer.(bait)

No. 1583139

File: 1657240776583.png (611.05 KB, 530x936, short.png)

>tfw no 15ft tall MtF girlfriend
The comic has a really weird vibe, it reads like a MtF wrote it with an idealization of bimbo tropes and "mean girl" fascination

No. 1583141

holy shit lol those proportions

No. 1583145

I hate tucker fags so much it’s unreal

No. 1583146

I need a nonna to take one for the team and read this to see if it’s milky and fun to laugh at.

No. 1583159

if this cartoon troon is a raging misogynist on top of being ugly and scary, then 10/10 for the realistic representation.

No. 1583162

Oh wow I'm so glad she left him

No. 1583165

Could you post it? I'd like to see the fuckery myself. Nvm if it could possibly be linked back to you though

No. 1583166

>the lesbianism of our sex life is very important to her
Imagine being married to a delusional man who's forcing you to LARP as a lesbian.

No. 1583168

I feel bad for this woman. It sounds like she was a total normie who didn’t know anything about this kind of shit and got sucked into going along with her husband out of naivety. Really glad she got out of it since so many of them just keep staying.

No. 1583169

The sad part is, he’d be much more likely to end up married to a faithful man as an attractive gay man than as a troon. They artificially narrow their dating pool down to chasers and then get bitter and call everyone transphobic.

No. 1583170

File: 1657245910999.jpeg (251.96 KB, 750x1426, 097613D5-3117-43E3-815D-AC3FB0…)

we love a based ex-wife.

No. 1583173

i'm not gonna lie, this is one of the few troons i've seen who looks better as a woman

No. 1583175

File: 1657246403167.jpg (190.61 KB, 1080x2220, t8fyq2dhfm991.jpg)

The jersey of a dead rapist in his closet is so fitting.

No. 1583182

He would have looked fine without transing if he just exercised and did basic hygiene. That’s the problem with so many of these dudes, they think hygiene is something only women do.

No. 1583190

>I centered my whole universe around her

No. 1583193

It’s funny because suddenly you’re all addressing her as a woman and ignoring all the horrific things she said just on the basis that someone lied and said she was cis. So contradictory and herd-minded.

No. 1583194

How can someone talk with any honestly and sincerity about “centring” their universe around their wife and yet do stuff like this, doubly so with a child involved.

No. 1583195

If he took of the women costume he'd look like a normal man and have a much better time dating. He probably thinks taking care of self = women, now that he's lost weight.

No. 1583196

a lot of them look somewhat better after trooning out solely because they’re putting more effort into their appearance, not because of the horse piss.

No. 1583201

Heavily filtered selfies don't own anyone or prove anything, tranny. Either way, imagine this deranged troll being your best gotcha. Pathetic, lol.

No. 1583203

Jesus, the honker on this one is like a merchant meme come to life

No. 1583210

You've showed your hand, troon. Fuck off an 41% already. You will never be a woman.

No. 1583212

File: 1657250777180.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220707-232109_Red…)

Nice $10 AliExpress costume

No. 1583215

File: 1657251364292.jpg (916.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220707-233432_Red…)

Fountain of youth! kek

No. 1583219

As if this moid would actually vacuum, mop, do dishes, do laundry, etc. Every troon we have seen is gross and dirty.

No. 1583220

Same as with the moids who go for the whole Jordan Peterson thing instead of trooning out. They think their lives are better because they've taken the redpill and decided to start protecting the white race when it's just because they learned how to wash their ass and work out. So many of the totally amazing and magical changes these men experience when they trans themselves are just because they think being a woman gives them permission to practice hygiene, feel emotions, put effort into their appearance etc etc

No. 1583231

I am a woman, I’m just watching you all fold and 180 over some dumb troll and you completely ate it up and changed tune without doing any research whatsoever and decided it as fact. Idiotic.

No. 1583232

File: 1657253538502.jpeg (209.19 KB, 750x644, 4E62C28B-C9E6-4851-9C78-CA3F0D…)

No. 1583233

File: 1657253654229.jpeg (237.28 KB, 750x740, 2710D91B-685B-46D3-B991-A6F846…)

No. 1583234

>you all
ah yes, everyone in this thread got bamboozled. you caught us, troon.

No. 1583235

Hey nonnnas, I'm sorry for off topic but I really don't know where else to ask this.
Have you encountered any MTFs in your gyms? And how do you keep yourselves safe in gym locker rooms?
I want to join a gym and get in shape, but I'm worried for my safety.

No. 1583236

Continually calling me a twoon might serve the purpose of making you feel better but you’re still retarded

No. 1583240

Why would you assume none of us looked into this person? Perhaps I could have researched them further, but I'm not interested in dunking on trolls. If you have evidence this person's a tranny, post it. Otherwise, go suck tranny cock elsewhere.

No. 1583243

Thats the neat part nonna you dont.
People are kowtowing to troons nowadays.

No. 1583244

Literally all you had to do was scroll through their twitter voice notes.

No. 1583245

File: 1657253968950.jpeg (871.73 KB, 1240x1668, 4F0792FC-FAC0-49E5-973E-ABECEB…)

All of the qrts are people melting over how “cute” this is. A male who is into females, with a fixation fon lesbians or vulnerable women. How tooth rotting sweet, what a crazy concept.

No. 1583247

File: 1657254051651.jpeg (199.07 KB, 1284x1709, 46946958-F054-427C-8FC4-B72777…)

TiMs will see things like this (male detrans) and still say terfs are the problem.

No. 1583248

I honestly recommend changing at home. If you need to use the washroom, look for another place.

No. 1583251

File: 1657254157622.jpeg (112.64 KB, 477x949, 66FA4C5C-8CAD-49FE-8927-9283C6…)

No. 1583253

File: 1657254266937.jpeg (102.98 KB, 471x884, 9F32B9C5-14AC-4C0A-B458-674F2D…)

No. 1583254

File: 1657254304559.jpeg (88.1 KB, 472x920, 50FA0E80-7C51-4DE5-9B12-DCF612…)

No. 1583255

I legit feel bad for him for having to have drank the kool-aid bcuz of murican culture. He did say in an interview that he wouldn't have trooned out and wouldve stayed as an effeminated gay guy if it werent for the peer pressure/"affirmation" he experienced.

No. 1583256

File: 1657254413449.jpeg (115.37 KB, 472x921, 0ABA3D82-32E9-46A4-BFF0-1CACA3…)

Troon has a race fetish (what else is new?) and is getting called out on tumblr , I know this is not as interesting as other things right now but i’m amazed by all the handmaidens speaking against this and getting called transphobic for it . I just hopes it peaks a lot of them.

No. 1583260

*raceplay fetish and a zoophile my bad

No. 1583261

How is that not his own damn fault, it’s not a vanity thing it’s full on chopping your balls off and inverting your penis what the fuck did he think was going to result, and how was he able to pay for all of that

No. 1583270

>how was it not his fault

He was brainwashed by the people around him, the idea of "being born into the wrong body" wasn't even on his mind until he migrated to the US (he was from Turkey).

>how was he able to pay for that

Sugar daddy paid for it and practically encouraged him to do it.

No. 1583279

Post proof that this pig in a wig is a real woman or fuck off. He’s so obviously a tranny.

No. 1583280

File: 1657256791986.jpeg (338.56 KB, 750x875, 79D22001-568D-4047-9AC4-EF725B…)

>I no longer like having pockets
Said no woman ever.

No. 1583282

File: 1657256821738.jpeg (361.02 KB, 501x1071, F075075F-752F-4AF7-9981-2B40B8…)

>talks like a tranny
>looks like a tranny
>calls himself a tranny
Are you stupid or something? He’s also a pedo like most trannies.

No. 1583287

Of course they like no pockets because then they have to consoom purses since it’s impossible to keep more than one penny in most women’s pockets if they even exist. Tee hee I love going shopping with my cute little bag like a true feminine woman! As if a bag constantly bumping against your body is more comfortable then keeping things on your person.

No. 1583294

you mean him? as you said he is male so if he's not a woman why are you referring to him as if he is one? it's a very simple question
nobody ignored all the horrible pro-rape shit he said either if you've bothered to read the last thread

No. 1583298

don't care if it sounds mean, I'm actually glad all these narcissists MTF or FTM are mutilating themselves, that way they will never be able to hide that they hate women for the rest of their lives

No. 1583304


No. 1583309

File: 1657260896541.jpg (507.14 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20220708-021407_Boo…)

Totally not a transvestic fetish for restrictive clothing!

No. 1583313

File: 1657261771821.jpeg (135.5 KB, 750x418, 2BDE38D8-671D-490D-A93B-89E3C5…)

> i want to be a 23 y/o bimbo that never ages, not a real woman.

No. 1583319

disgusting moid. hope he gets the rotpocket and has complications

No. 1583322

There’s no point in their transition if they can’t coom. It’s not about “living with their true self” at all.

No. 1583326

File: 1657263942376.jpeg (138.67 KB, 828x362, 5DE3ED05-AB63-43B6-94E4-5D2E9B…)

their “true self” will always be male and they know it

unrelated but i saw three troons today irl and it almost made me miss my conservative hometown

No. 1583329

File: 1657264823125.jpg (88.19 KB, 722x960, e3810a2d-492d-5eb4-8fb2-e1f8b7…)

They forget entirely about their 'true self' when they're old and have dementia because they're no longer fueled by the coom lmao. I almost feel bad for them since they don't understand (and I definitely feel bad for their family) but I guess it's just latent karma for being trash whilst lucid.

No. 1583335

>we have a child together
Literally every time. Why are they all fathers?

No. 1583336

File: 1657267013911.jpeg (667.47 KB, 750x1150, 1723D68E-3BBD-468F-A521-BF0E5D…)

you also feel like a woman, and you’re neither.

No. 1583337

Seems like a troll to me tbh, and I don't believe that this is supposedly a woman either.
>they indeed made a cash cow out of me for the rest of my life
Yeah. "terfs" have been warning about this for ages.
In 5-10 years the tides will turn and there will be a massive scandal about all of this. And as always, the same people who sent "terfs" death threats will be the same ones asking "where were the feminists?".
This is why I'm starting to lose all sympathy.

No. 1583338

Kek, it's already started, just look at the detrans cows thread. Men being mental and don't give a shit what women say and just want to be babied, eventually realise their mistake but can't live knowing they fucked themselves up, and cry about women not babying them, or making them do it. I've lost all sympathy too.

No. 1583339

He should start feeling ashamed of himself

No. 1583340

This is going to be SO much more common for trans people, and it will be early onset dementia so not just the elderly. High levels of cross sex hormones are known causes of dementia in both sexes. Now look at all the "estrogen made me dumb, I'm a woman now uwu" posts, those are from YOUNG men who's been on estrogen, sometimes only for a month or two. They're literally giving themselves dementia in their 20s.

Idgaf about these troons ruining themselves for the coom, but the innocent kids they've groomed into it are going to suffer all of their lives because of these morons. They will have undeveloped brains from blockers, body parts cut off or implants inserted, bones weak and ruined. Then when they finally realize the abuse they've suffered they're already lifelong medical patients to the very people who gave them the hormones and surgeries, and their already underdeveloped brains now suffer from dementia as well, they have no physical strength due to surgeries. How are they supposed to fight for any kind of retribution like this? They will be swept under the rug when TRAs realize their horrible embarrassing mistakes.

No. 1583341

File: 1657268466087.jpeg (39.56 KB, 373x326, 1BF84418-B81D-43BE-A402-93F967…)

why did op use a screenshot of lindasy lohan attempting to kidnap refugee children on an instagram live? confused.

No. 1583342

i rarely feel sympathy for troons but this is genuinely sad, dementia is terrifying anyway but this is like next level scary

No. 1583343

>the same people who sent "terfs" death threats will be the same ones asking "where were the feminists?".
For once the fact that they decided to blame literally everything on terfs, aka feminists, means women have proof this wasn't us. They played themselves kek

No. 1583344

He went from average chubby-ugly guy to extremely ugly "woman". He has a transvestite face, he looks so male you assume he's just a drag queen who's not trying to pass as a real woman. It's really not an improvement nona.

No. 1583345

Unfortunately I doubt we're gonna get any credit. Conservatives are 100% gonna blame everything on feminists (and gays) without acknowledging the existence of radfems, and former TRAs will continue pretending radfems are just tradthots motivated by their love of gender roles. They've been frothing at the mouth over TERFs this whole time and there's endless evidence to show that… but just like they ignore any proof contrary to their worldview now, they'll ignore any in future.

No. 1583348

Saying women are AGP for thinking they look cute in a dress is equally retarded as saying a 5 year old is a pedo for having a crush on another kid.

Emma Watson being a MRA now is so disappointing. Saying troons should be in female spaces is just a variation of "not all men".

No. 1583350

File: 1657270671982.jpeg (396.82 KB, 828x793, 319C25B6-A461-4194-A45F-4AD5C0…)

This piece of shit is one of the degenerates posted in the femboy thread but now that he is planning on going full troon I figured I’d post him here. His “girlfriend” is a full blown tranny too they both need to 41%

No. 1583353

He looks like Toad from the old X-Men Evolution cartoon.

No. 1583356

>jerk off
The narcissism and projection are really preventing moids from understanding anything about women.

No. 1583360

If I looked like that as a woman (taking into account the fact that this pic is photoshopped) I would have killed myself for sheer disgusted and self hatred, what women would even be jealous of him? Even the ugliest, rudest women I know can get laid easily with a sort of ok looking man if they want to so that's not even a good reason to be jealous of this fat fuck.

No. 1583363

Holy moonface batman

No. 1583368

He wishes he’d age into an old lady, instead he’s going to age into an old man.

No. 1583369

honestly dont worry anon. ive never seen a tranny at my gym and i go every second day at different times, theyre a small population and the ones who actually work out are a minority within a minority.
if you do see one play dumb and complain to the staff lmao

No. 1583381

File: 1657275521201.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.75 MB, 2560x2560, himmlerkyuun.jpg)

I'm always genuinely amazed at how hideous he is.

No. 1583382

No amount of female hormones can salvage this mess lmao

No. 1583383

>now he learned and fixed his mistake
The abusive narc personalities jump out in every Tweet, like having your own thoughts and feelings is a mistake which must be fixed

No. 1583384

From my observation her fans are all middle-aged (40+) middle class white men, a demographic well represented in online troons, so it's understandable she'd virtue signal like this. These guys are paying her bills.

No. 1583387

>distribute my journal after I die

What is it with deranged men and their manifestos (ref incel shooters and the like).
If what they wanted to say had any worth people would've listened to it when they were alive, that's kinda how it works. It doesn't become suddenly valuable insight because they 41% or did a murder-suicide or some shit.
Sorry that you had to deal with that, anon.

No. 1583392

I kinda look like him and I've been called hideous all my life so no, he's absolutely not getting laid and actually he's the one jerking off to the people he hates (women).

No. 1583395

this must be the most disgusting mouth shape i've ever seen. Scrotes with small jaws alway have such weird chicken mouths

No. 1583410

File: 1657282341370.png (1.37 MB, 1024x1024, unknown.png)

Fucking absurd LMFAO. French troons have made themselves #1 and top of precedence at every Pride. Fucking TIM troons go before disabled people. That's how much of a joke 'intersectionality' truly is. Its ordered by which group can actually push their physical, financial and cultural clout around the most, Nietzsche-style. Those who can't are shoved to the margins. Yet all of us have to keep prancing around for this emperor's new clothes bullshit and pretend its soooo leftist so groups of scrotes and their associated handmaidens wont murder us

No. 1583411

His getting laid argument makes no sense anyway because he has a horny troonified boyfriend too. Of course he's getting laid, he's in a relationship. Trannies are the only ones who find each other attractive

No. 1583413

Yeah, I think that despite the endless proof that we have been speaking out about this issue for years, conservatives will take the credit for it and remain framing us as blue haired snowflake feminazis, since they are always at least 6 years behind on their insults. They're still talking about safespaces and manspreading even though the biggest sjws haven't used these terms in like…half a decade.
They don't give enough of a fuck to research different branches of feminism, it's all the same to them. They will never give credit to women, as always.

No. 1583416

Should I start lying about being a TIM? I have mannish features so if I try a little I can definitely get away with it. It seems like a way of getting male privilege without even having to go through the hassle of passing as male. I would like to lead a pride parade, sounds fun.
There’s a lot of Tim’s in my career field so I could blend in. Fuck it, I’m not a straight woman anymore. I’m a HSTS tranny. They brought this onto themselves.

No. 1583418

File: 1657283084905.png (249.46 KB, 1078x1160, Screenshot_20220708-081905_(1)…)

Just when I was beginning to tolerate Hontra for his reasonable take on the Depp/Heard trial he pulls out this gaslighting take

No. 1583421

>as if trans women are demanding cis women be called menstruators
Yes they ARE. Sure, it's all posed to look as if it's done out of respect for TiFs but it's so obviously done to make TiMs feel "included in womanhood". Otherwise these scrotes wouldn't constantly insert themselves into the discussion and compare themselves to women with hysterectomies and PCOS.
It's fucking insulting how they gaslight us about it to top it off.

No. 1583438

>calling women menstrustors and birthing bodies is """inclusive""""

Yeah no tif is asking for that. Note how "man/male/men" is not a dirty word that needs to be censored anywhere online or off like woman supposedly is now, again tifs are not the ones rallying for this shit, it's men.

No. 1583446

>93 scrotes updooted this

No. 1583448

Women don’t hate masturbate. That’s a deranged Y chromosome thing.

No. 1583451

File: 1657285965402.jpeg (540.71 KB, 1284x961, 04885209-D92F-4799-BB6C-0F9314…)

kek nona you weren’t lying

No. 1583452

No one is ignoring trans men to begin with! We just consider them women because they are

No. 1583455

KEK wow spot on

No. 1583460

stumbled across this channel, golden content really

No. 1583463

>killing himself bc you didn't want to play overwatch with him

Its good he rid the world of himself

No. 1583468

the way his bangs are cemented to his face

No. 1583469

File: 1657289825766.png (1.67 MB, 1080x3824, 08453A97-CE5F-4DD4-9342-1FEB3F…)

Man goes to female fitness sub to complain about losing strength due to HRT. Mods kiss his ass in comments.

No. 1583474

File: 1657290354508.png (223.12 KB, 1091x1399, 0F3F54F6-AC38-4AD3-BEAB-BE5785…)

That comment is such cope considering how many troons talk constantly about how miserable they are. And why assume that the evil “cissies” haven’t found happiness? How have the won anything? The conversation never goes like it does in the comic. Also I’m not sure why my image in >>1583469 isn’t showing up, but it will clicking the file name. Sorry for the mishap.

No. 1583475

the way his glasses dig into his fat fucking man skull lmao

No. 1583479

File: 1657290687605.png (772.69 KB, 569x1224, 32B926A9-20F4-4445-BF54-7A18F6…)

Why do they always act like getting their license marker changed means anything in reality? Still a scrote, still look like a scrote, still act like a scrote. Oooh hoo you really showed us terfs, too bad a card or piece of paper don’t actually make you female.

No. 1583480

I find it absurd that they can do this.

No. 1583482

File: 1657290830796.png (22.24 KB, 474x386, 2C8C41DE-C5A3-4FEF-B756-2D3E8D…)

Males who treat women like objects and womanhood like a state you can just opt in and out of are people without empathy.

No. 1583483

Me too mainly because it seems like legally it would make things much more difficult than they need to be, especially if (when, more likely) they commit a crime or need to do pretty much anything related to money or school, etc. I still think it’s funny when they use the birth certificate or license as a gotcha though, especially in this man’s case where he literally looks like the crimson chin.

No. 1583485

>Nooo don't make fun of pornsick autists noooo
If anything they aren't bullied enough

No. 1583486

I've honestly never seen a consistently happy trans person. The ones that present happy online (I used to follow trans tumblr/youtubers in my maiden days) all end up confessing they were actually dealing with depression and such the whole time. Trans people without a serious comorbidity such as lingering trauma, autism, ocd, adhd etc are virtually non-existent (unless you count enby trenders). Happy and healthy people simply don't troon out.

No. 1583489

Words don’t mean anything to these people…

No. 1583490

It's a piece of paper it changes nothing lmao
It's like changing the word "vegetables" to "candy" and then expecting kids to eat it because it's now candy. You ain't fooling anyone. All you've done is make the word "woman" mean "man" when it refers to you.

No. 1583491

There’s also no way to convince me that someone who feels comfortable with mutilating their healthy genitalia is happy. It just screams mental illness and self hatred. So many of them stereotype being male and female so much that they think jumping from one to the other will somehow heal them when really most of it comes down to the fact that seem to be unable to understand you can still be the sex you are and not follow rigid societal stereotypes.

No. 1583492

A person wanting srs should be proof in of itself that they are not mentally stable enough to get it. Why do we only encourage self-harm when it comes to trans people? Shouldn't we then also allow euthanasia for deeply depressed people, they're really just trans-dead. And liposuction for anorexic people, since they're just trans-skeletal.

No. 1583494

It reminds me too of those people with BIID who want to become blind or amputate a limb because they really feel disabled. It makes no sense and there has to be therapy or medication for this over cutting off a healthy limb or blinding oneself (as one woman did iirc). No one looks at those people and says, yep, that’s a totally sane person. Why is it any different for trans stuff? Imagine if there was a whole movement around BIID, the public would be confused as hell. How does this make any more sense?

No. 1583499

They don't seem to know that women wearing lipstick never ever eat anything. It's time for them to learn that, so maybe, if a transwoman reads here, if you wear lipstick, you don't eat and if you eat, you have to shit and if you shit, you are not female. That the definition of woman, a female person that never ever shits and to master that, it takes years of practice, hope they can get there one day.

No. 1583500

File: 1657294593456.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1413, not even trying.png)

transition is when you put on a jean skirt and some fugly green tights. got it.

No. 1583502

I’m no longer interested in donating my organs. My uterus deserves better than to rot inside a man or be used as a prop in horrific Frankenstein experiments. No thanks, I’m signing off.

No. 1583505

Can we not do this again, before the thread gets flooded with this? We all know troons can’t have babies, relax nonna.

No. 1583508

I know, I just don’t want them to play with my uterus anyway.

No. 1583510

They can’t and won’t, not happening, nona. Rest easy. A few threads back we’ve discussed why it can’t happen, and even if they tried they’d keel over and would get nowhere.

No. 1583530

File: 1657299892270.jpg (1.21 MB, 2147x2147, FXI-1E9WQAEHZuI.jpg)

I somehow forgot the existence of my personal cow and holy fuck he did it (his girlfriend is on the right)

No. 1583532

one of these things is not like the other. also holy shit why are they even entertaining this guy. the level of handmaidenry

No. 1583535

They all look offensively British kek

No. 1583536

uglies in the back, all uglies in the back!

No. 1583541

File: 1657301713056.jpg (16.23 KB, 297x475, 60759634._SY475_.jpg)

Recently reading The Transgender Body Politics which lays out the history of so "trans identity" and how it became mainstream, I haven't finished it yet but it starts off with the histories of various third genders around the world, all of them were homosexual men who were essentially kicked out of the man club but never considered female, sometimes they were castrated(examples such as India and Iran) and other times they were only considered eligible for raping when they were young boys and teens(examples being Greece and Japan) but despite the differences all third sex status were almost always based on homophobia and rigid status of masculinity of those societies, its pretty fucked up, but then you also have other unrelated movements that have been correlated with trans identity for e.g Christian, Hindu and some African religious groups that performed ritual castration being correlated with trans identity, mentally ill individuals like Jemima Wilkinson(The Public Universal Friend) along with various women who disguised themselves as men for reason or another being considered transmen or non-binary

No. 1583542

Looks like Masie Williams twin brother

No. 1583548

File: 1657302636564.png (833.61 KB, 626x914, day2.png)

How is it "social transition" when they don't even dress or act like women? Women don't dress like that. Wearing mismatched outdated ugly clothes isn't social, it's socially ignorant autist behaviour at best. It's like they're making themselves less socially accepted, so it's more like a social de-transitioning out of society.

No. 1583550

File: 1657302787691.jpeg (3.82 MB, 2319x4000, CE898D6D-D5D8-4BB9-8551-280054…)

Literally the ramblings of a pornified psychopath. How someone married this man idk he sounds absolutely terrifying.

No. 1583555

File: 1657302951001.png (75.85 KB, 594x761, f5f5f.png)

I just can't even the most "harmless" soft looking uwu troon is a massive narc, obviously translated but this isn't the first time he whines about being rejected while trying to find a date. Because it's the people who are wrong and never you who avoid disclosing that's you're actually not a girl? All of his friends keep telling him that bullshit he somehow believes being trans shouldn't be an important factor. I remember him rt-ing years ago something about how sex preference is transphobic he's so entitled.

No. 1583556

>"I liked the girly things, but never put any thought into why I liked the girly things"
Very "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

No. 1583558

Lots of solipsism. I hope his wife leaves him.

No. 1583564

oh this faggot still hasn't killed himself? what a shame. easily the ugliest fucking agp smirk i've ever seen.

No. 1583565

i JUST noticed that – that shit can't be comfortable, right??? i feel like that would just give him nonstop headaches. anything for the coom, i guess.

No. 1583566

he sounds like an actual fucking lunatic
>theeee girleeeeeeeee things
that's what he considers the entire female sex: a 'girly thing'

No. 1583570

I'm in a small town, so if you live somewhere larger its probably different. But I was using the gym showers for a while when my water was fucked up, and I never encountered a tranny at the gym. But yeah, like the other anon said, play dumb and complain to the staff if you do encounter one.

No. 1583574

KEK for real

No. 1583577

32! He doesn't look a day under 45.
You can tell it's the sort of sweatshop garbage somebody mailed from Asia, wadded up in a plastic bag. Even if he wanted to iron it, the polyester would just melt.

No. 1583589

File: 1657306271641.jpeg (525.83 KB, 828x1160, 5869E897-B4FC-4001-B3C1-742F2C…)

This is the fugly tranny he is fucking they’re both racist pro-IDF garbage too

No. 1583599

There needs to be massive repudiation of the boomer idea that fat, weak, lazy, pathetic males have anything in common with girls and women, or are better than healthy men. They're much, much worse. His wife probably thinks coddling this shit is as good as it gets, and is a healthy relationship because he's expressing his ~°*feelings*°~.

No. 1583600

Why oh why are trannies obsessed with witches now?

No. 1583605

File: 1657308411931.jpg (111.45 KB, 1080x1080, 1636471302480.jpg)

OT, but since Mark voiced english Majima, clearly terf Majima is real.

No. 1583616

File: 1657309381987.png (187.64 KB, 1202x837, kathy.png)

Kathy is also a terf apparently, kek.

No. 1583621

File: 1657309629942.jpg (366.48 KB, 2048x1522, 20220708_214702.jpg)

Now i want TERF Majima fan-art.

No. 1583623

I remember asking this threads ago kek. It’s because moids want to co-opt anything that has roots with women.
Ironic he wants to be a witch, because that was the term often used for women that were different or outspoken. He wants to prosecute women in the same manner, instead of “witches”, it is now “terfs”.

No. 1583627

File: 1657310090904.jpg (472.82 KB, 2165x1898, kathy terf.jpg)

They really hate women talking to each other. These tranny handmaidens are like little footsoldiers for scrotes policing who women can speak to.

No. 1583630

It’s the truth and she should say it. That TRA should be kicked to the curve. These people think developed western countries are the only ones that exist apparently.

No. 1583633

File: 1657310291527.jpg (185.79 KB, 1193x1244, kathy-2.jpg)

No. 1583635

Ffs, trannies want to be “seen the same as biological women”, but whenever someone even mentions the word woman (Like Adele or Kathy for instance), troons want to cry “transphobia!”. Which is it you whiny moids? If you’re supposedly women like you say you are, shouldn’t you assume you’re included in these statements? It’s just annoying and it doesn’t seem like MtFs can agree on whether they are trans “women” or “born women”.

No. 1583642

File: 1657310762872.png (1.67 MB, 1284x3328, 5612D5D9-29C9-4712-B030-639CB0…)

These people are so transparent.
>we need to listen to the voices of black queer women
>black lesbian talks
>no not you

No. 1583691

Jesus fucking Christ, these moids are almost as good at ruining their own lives as they are at ruining women’s spaces
>effeminate male
>marries dream girl
>she is fine with the fact that he is effeminate
>he is literally free to do all of his degenerate bullshit whenever
>obviously I can’t be happy until I lop my dick off you guys!!!

No. 1583698

More proof TRAs are MRAs. Now women cannot plainly recognize female oppression without being called an ebil TERF, it’s the new socially acceptable “feminazi” term for so-called progressives.

No. 1583722

This retard literally doxxed himself for uwu validation

No. 1583733

File: 1657318324809.jpeg (558.5 KB, 1170x1693, 0854080F-E450-4549-B7F6-723674…)

handmaidens have let the actual exclusionary group rot their brains like this. the response is to biden’s executive order. regardless of one’s opinion on the EO, crying about saying “women” is a huge kek

No. 1583735

File: 1657318525190.jpeg (524.89 KB, 1242x1119, 82667C57-5536-459C-B190-338927…)

No. 1583739

Nonnas it’s honestly getting harder for me to give a shit about handmaidens like this. They are so deadset on semantics instead of actual issues at hand. Originally I was very understanding of the plights of TiFs and “enby” women but their hatred of being associated with the word “woman” is making me lose my last fuck.

No. 1583748

I'm so glad for it. Every man who blows up his marriage this way, or who fucks around in his twenties until he DOESN'T get married, is one more woman free. And most of them won't be able to ensnare another attractive young woman, especially not that fat gross guys.

No. 1583753

I've given up caring about tifs and handmaidens. If they love men so much they can rely on mens' famous capacity for empathy

No. 1583772

File: 1657321879350.gif (2.79 MB, 476x480, 1653944175431.gif)

I mentioned that in one of the /ot/ pride threads weeks ago, they did this in my city in Lyon. I don't know how many cities used that system though, apparently that wasn't the case in Paris. I didn't go because at that point I don't care enough to walk for hours during a heatwave, but a black, gay coworker was told to go behind the group of white gays or something, which means he would have been separated from his female, white straight friends for hours. And the adjective "racisé" is meant to be an equivalent to "POC" in French, but out of context it seems like a super racist insult kek. If anyone irl called me "racisée" by retarded, terminally online white gays for being Maghrebi and told me to stay behind and separated from everyone during an important event I'd only feel insulted and stereotyped.

No. 1583775

I'm honestly so done with all that, women get treated badly by standard healthcare because, guess what, it's designed for males. Just one single example, as women were telling that the covid vaccine was causing them worse menstrual symptoms than they had before and other women telling that they hadn't their menstruation for weeks afterwards, the only answer women got was "oh, that's the stress" and after that, the discussion was done. And that's just one example, women aren't taken serious in many medical fields, you have pain and don't know why, well, you are hysterical, you can't sleep because of all the horrors in the world, well, have some benzos, you are addicted to benzos the doctor prescribed you, well, you are just a overall way to emotional human, show some strength, can't be so hard to get clean. I had a female doctor ones telling me that I'm too stupid to know if I'm pissing blood or have my period while having an urinary tract infection and I'm done being treated like I don't know shit because I'm female and those handmaidens can enjoy being treated like shit, they are mostly old enough to know what they are doing.

No. 1583808

The worst part is knowing that sooner or later, the trannies will turn on them just the same. They breed crows, and they'll gouge out their eyes

No. 1583814

In some ways, they already are. Both TiFs and TiMs make posts about how much they hate “cis” women, the first group is attempting to be misogynistic because it’s “manly” and the second have just always been sexist pigs. I wish the women who support this would wake the fuck up because they don’t care if you’re one of the “good ones”.

No. 1583818

they act like we are mad they are being accepted as a woman. And it's just some gender woo woo ideal we are trying to hold up.

But in reality we are more upset about them self-ID'ing into plausibly legal deniability when they do predatory shit in woman spaces.

low key they know that, they are rubbing it in our faces that they can get away with predatory shit with more ease. Cause moids get off on power trips like that.

No. 1583822

Men literally cannot conceptualize a world in which women aren’t treated as property, sexual or otherwise.

No. 1583823

File: 1657325239595.jpg (330.03 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20220709-114344__01…)

Rough 29.

No. 1583824

Yup they’re not being sneaky at all. They know it is an in so they can predate on women. It’s fucked beyond hell.

No. 1583827

Woke and trans really are the new flavor of racism and sexism.

No. 1583830

this should be trending more

No. 1583840

File: 1657328255247.jpeg (847.39 KB, 750x4075, 80CD2BFB-63E2-4AAF-B43B-0153BC…)

don’t worry hon, you’re not sexy.

No. 1583843

File: 1657328578042.jpeg (197.26 KB, 750x851, 6FEF6CBF-1DD9-4692-958E-ED98B6…)

his rot pocket is falling apart kek

No. 1583844

His ass looks like it’s deflating.

No. 1583845

File: 1657328862881.jpeg (311.47 KB, 750x2235, 6430A21A-ED28-4985-974B-467CEA…)

>I’m getting better at makeup
sure, janny

No. 1583851

what's always so funny to me, is that these troons seem to think women are just born with makeup skills. also, I would be too embarrassed to post some shit like this. Mirandasings satire tier. goddamn, is he blind or something?

No. 1583852

at first glance, I thought the title of that second picture was going to say "fresh out of jail."

No. 1583857

File: 1657329728193.jpeg (343.14 KB, 750x2353, B50E9375-0322-43E8-8450-F90CCC…)

do troons have eyes? how can they be so delusional?

No. 1583865

literal queen

No. 1583871

File: 1657330993877.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, BFC6D99F-DFC8-48F6-9226-A30082…)

Sage for autism and reading the 4 chapters available online but… you nailed it. The whole thing frames the TiM as the good counterpart to the MC’s shitty boyfriend. The opening scene establishes the MC as bi-curious at least, idealizing lesbian/female relationships, she breaks up with shitty boyfriend in front of TiM, TiM drives her home and boosts her over her fence. MC mentions TiM’s great arms kek. MC is a typical bimbo-y rich heiress influencer but she’s a gamer gurl and loves the Mechagirl franchise. I guess she’s on a rebound arc because she gets ~feelings~ after hanging out with the TiM for like…an hour? But the series does lean in to TiM male strength (he grabs the shitty bf’s shirt with emphasized force, he has big ol arms - pic to follow) and he towers over the other three women who’ve been shown so far. Funnily enough this preppy blonde stereotype just slides right in to using female pronouns for him without issue.

No. 1583874

File: 1657331086246.png (1015.83 KB, 750x1334, 7285E0A5-7D72-4131-BC60-456DFF…)

Follow up with giant arms pic. Reminds me of TiM selfies, but the torso needs to be about twice as wide and without hip dips.

No. 1583878

kek, I'm amazed the artist isn't getting cancelled for making the TIM look like a man in drag

No. 1583887

Dangerously based tweet from Kathy Griffin. I expect she'll "clarify" it somehow, sadly.

No. 1583888

Real life kikomi PLEASE nonnie.

No. 1583890

fuck and have you seen the other one that says he’s roasting transphobes? an ugly dude wearing pigtails and talking over women while patting himself in the back for saying your mum jokes

No. 1583891

Enlightening, thanks nona.

No. 1583896

Y'know what's so fucking funny? A troon could easily see female and think it's including themselves without a problem, but they don't. The never do, they always get on edge and bare fangs and the mere mention and word "female" because they themselves know deep down, know they aren't and never will be female hence why even seeing the word without the prefix "trans" makes them feel excluded. For how much they claim to be female, and claim to be women they sure get pissy at the mention of it.

No. 1583901

Roughest 32 I've seen in my life

No. 1583905

why are they jills alters

No. 1583918

File: 1657338449034.png (180.93 KB, 2066x2070, validationfrommuslimwomen.png)

Another one of these Muslim women validation tales.

No. 1583919

File: 1657338535160.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220305-033412_Red…)

You can't make this shit up.

No. 1583927

File: 1657341299624.jpg (57.12 KB, 600x600, BEa5nrWCcAAWwzJ.jpg)

No. 1583930

Um can someone tells me what screams “terf” about this? Is the word female that horrible to people?

No. 1583931

Underrated comment

No. 1583934

kek anon, saved

No. 1583940

KEK nona

No. 1583941

Iran the progressive country that forces homosexuals to troon out.

No. 1583965

Yes. That’s actually, literally it. She didn’t specify that men are included.

No. 1583972

Ten years ago all the hate on this would have come from regular old misogynistic dudebros because they would have been like hurrdurr feminazis bad, they think women have it soooo hard. Now just using the word “female” is some sort of moral reflection upon you whether you even know what a terf is or not.

No. 1583973

>still caring about them at all
nonna let them go
they are not worth your time at this point

No. 1583976

File: 1657346521316.jpeg (156.24 KB, 750x851, 4DE2A99A-EAC5-4408-9509-AF42BA…)

my friend's "girl"friends new tattoo lol

No. 1583981

With the fucking yuri flowers too lmao.

No. 1583985

what are "yuri flowers" ?

No. 1583988

Nta but yuri means lily, and yuri is the term used for japanese lesbian porn ofc

No. 1583989

File: 1657347693454.jpeg (250.45 KB, 750x1687, DCF81C71-1B15-4579-AF3B-13D48F…)

colon vag issues.

No. 1583991

This entire conversation pretty much proves they only do this surgery shit for the pleasure of other males. It’s the gayest shit ever.

No. 1583992

yeah I knew the later lol but I'd never heard them called yuri flowers

No. 1584001

File: 1657350224574.png (3.58 MB, 2176x4208, E69AACB2-F802-4CEB-975F-494E39…)

it’s always so funny to stumble upon a compilation of /tttt/ users, they look exactly how you’d expect (also it’s wild how these men always have such disgusting looking hair)

No. 1584009

so i clicked on an anthony padilla video about autosexuals because I thought it would be about car fuckers but its apparently about people who wanna fuck themselves. all three of the interviewees are trans. One mtf and two nonbinary women (one she/they and one he/they). But the mtf is the one who creeps me out the most. i'd be interested in why all of them are trans but of course padilla is too "open-minded" and liberal to ask if their gender affects their "sexuality" and the comments are the same. so i guess we're entertaining crossdressing fetishes and straight narcissism now.

No. 1584014

File: 1657351376960.jpeg (3.19 MB, 2316x10768, 84F5F4DD-0761-49E6-8F25-DADD6A…)

Who’s grandpa is this?

No. 1584015

File: 1657351551943.jpeg (605.03 KB, 750x1211, 3C71B090-8999-4B58-8C9E-366FDD…)

found another shane dawson lookalike.

No. 1584017

File: 1657351890081.jpeg (874.44 KB, 750x1350, 26A55366-3FF1-431A-A6D5-AC0FE3…)

this isn’t the own he thinks it is kek

No. 1584024

No, we hate you because your degenerate fetish actively harms women

No. 1584031

buffalo bill if he survived

No. 1584034

I think the only rival of such unencumbered projection would be all the
>roe v wade isn't about u cissies it's about twans rights so shut up and center me u cunts
posts that trannies made

No. 1584037

File: 1657357638546.jpeg (418.64 KB, 1920x840, CD0A2450-DCAC-4DD7-86D1-CCDA64…)

>terf: is a woman
>tim: not a woman, will never be a woman
the end.

No. 1584039

I just realized who the TiM was. It's Samantha Lux kek. Nobody cares about that HSTS. He literally has a rotpocket but yeah sure I'm sure the "virgin TERFs" are so jealous.

No. 1584040

This is supposed to be Samantha Lux and Vanessa Vokey, right?

No. 1584043

>radical feminist
>appeal to conservatives
Wow. I never thought that level of brain damage is possible, yet here we are.

No. 1584045

longass nails are fucking health hazard especially for a male, you know they never clean that shit

No. 1584048

Classic male behaviour

No. 1584050

Embarrassing that this 30 year old man is dressing like a teenage tiktok girl

No. 1584051

Lmao the MtF troon looks like Skylar Astin in a wig

No. 1584052

I guess they're slightly less worse than MtF troons on reddit and Twitter because at least they're trying to look like a normal girl. But this being /tttt/ you just know they hate women while trying to appeal to other degenerate scrotes which makes them unpleasant to look at.

No. 1584055

OT but today was the day I found out Kobe was a rapist. Gross.

No. 1584057

She should just never clarify so they can't attack her lol. That's how I've been stealth terf-talking to handmaiden friends lately, I talk about female only issues and when they they ask/imply something is transphobic I pretend of cooourse I include troons in the word woman! Then I go on talking only about female specific issues with no regards to male biology at all. They really struggle to call me out again when I just keep agreeing with them and they've already "confirmed" that i'm pro-troon kek

No. 1584058

In which universe do /tttt/ users try to pass? That entire board is populated by "boymoders" who look like every other smelly unwashed obese virginal 4chan neckbeard

No. 1584060

Yes but this is a TiF. A female blaire white.

No. 1584063

He took his mother's middle name. Fucking nasty shit.

No. 1584064

This looks like the old incest freak from the Shayna threads

No. 1584075

File: 1657369773069.jpg (265.96 KB, 1200x1200, a0888675797_10.jpg)

that chin though

No. 1584080

File: 1657370785765.jpeg (213.28 KB, 1170x1046, 0B08D9C3-D3BC-41B3-96D3-C74991…)

washed up pheobe Bridgers posting this as if she isn’t this biggest dick devotee KEK

No. 1584081

already posted here >>1582861

No. 1584085

this whole obsession with wanting lesbians to validate them via sex reeks of incel shit

No. 1584087

You're not a woman until you've been a victim of femicide. Get after it, it's a very popular activity in Mexico.

No. 1584088

Love the irony of his "breasts" looking exactly like the flabby manboobs 45 year old alcoholics get.

No. 1584090

File: 1657374628190.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1997, BARF.png)

No. 1584091

File: 1657375235051.jpg (406.15 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20220709-094639_Red…)

It's all about the coom baby:

No. 1584097

lmao no, no you’re not

No. 1584100

Why do you keep posting this

No. 1584103

wait why do the tweets in your pic and in >>1582861 not match? Different dates and times?

No. 1584105

No he isn’t. He’s going on a date with another man who pretends to be a woman because somehow that’s better than just accepting no woman wants them and living the gay guy life.

No. 1584109

File: 1657377160215.png (204.78 KB, 1110x236, 48436.png)

I've read this book but I've done my own research into all of this that indicates its only half the story. There were a few groups that were homosexual men that chose the lifestyle, like muxe, kathoey, mollies and some berdaches in NA tribes. There were also a few eunuchs who chose to do it themselves. Obviously HSTS. All these groups could also OPT OUT of the identity most of the time, though berdaches were sometimes seen as witches and killed.

Nearly all the other 'third sex' categories I found when I looked into this were either boys sex trafficked out as street orphans or middle to upper class boys sold to aristocrats, monasteries and merchants to groom them for power, eunuchs included. Feminnelli (touted by many tumblr tards of yore as 'third sex') came from the boy brothels of Naples. The feminnello identity doesn't exist anymore. Why? Not because of modern transgender identity, but because the supply of boys after the devastation of WW2 ran dry and most of the brothels got shut down in the 1960s.
Hijra in India abduct and enslave orphan boys. The BBC admits this - but says its 'shocking' the Raj authorities tried to stop these insane troons enslaving, sex trafficking and castrating children for money.
The boys in nearly all cases do NOT CHOOSE their identity! IT IS/WAS IMPOSED!
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-48442934 (ctrl + F 'enslaved')

As for pederasty, the usual pattern was that the boy's father was busy killing, carousing or anything else like a usual elite scrote of the time, he was almost never there, which probably left generations of boys cloying for male affection or guidance. Even among aristocrats adult death was extremely common and widows were next to worthless in most societies with no way of making money. Sometimes it was (especially in Europe) because extra male children by inheritance law were simply useless, or particularly cruel step-parents. Many in the Islamic world came from Christian or Hindu families who were taken in raids or couldn't afford extortionate taxes so boys were taken as compensation.

The important link with troonery isn't as direct as what this book suggests IMO. The link with troonshit actually comes when you consider globally ALL these boys were dressed up as GIRLS and praised for their troomable qualities, despite the fact paradoxically scrotes loathed them if they showed off too many qualities that emulated their despised wives (i.e. """"""the wall"""""", being defiant, etc.). Despite being expected to look like and have the mannerisms of little girls, boys were mostly expected to never get a boner, be stoical, run away to indicate their ambivalence and shut up, or else they were faggots with 'woman branes' and contemptible. The only exceptions to this who were expected to put on a sexual performance seem to be lower class boy prostitutes from Japan (the inn boys), urban boy prostitutes in the USA and later on in Turkey when the rules relaxed, but all of these ones weren't expected to rule.

How many times ITT have we heard of troons who can't conceive of themselves submitting or even being nice in any capacity except when it's as a little anime girl, big titty bimbo or 'the gf'?

The few scrotes who preferred boys older, with body hair, with deep voices, with masculine body smell, with erections or preferred bottoming were considered weirdos at best, abominations at worst. A Japanese samurai was mocked for preferring boys like this. So scrotes can honestly miss me by blaming all this on fags.

The link with AGP, autopedophilia and target-error becomes obvious when scrotes become openly woman hating (like this generation of worthless scrotes). They mass revert to their groomer pervert selves. So now we have videos like pic related where scrotes are mass dumping comments like "Ancient fembois!!! This is the natural way of the world! Adult homosexuality is sick!" and cracking jokes meanwhile women are profoundly repelled and disgusted by all of the videos content. Without tards like Xiran or tumblr obfuscating everything, it becomes obvious what it is. The title of the video is pure bullshit and the scrote narrating it doesn't even believe in it.

Im not saying all AGPs are pedos, but Id go as far as to say a large portion of AGPs like >>1583254 only troon out because they can't rape boys or trap women in marriages anymore.

No. 1584111

File: 1657377681506.png (1.16 MB, 584x1848, EC208061-3E4A-4A6A-A58D-C1CBCA…)

Imagine being thankful to have been groomed by Kevin.

No. 1584114

File: 1657377728113.jpeg (244.88 KB, 933x933, 453F8972-23B2-4C09-B66A-97F392…)

I looked at why shein was trending and saw this troon in the wild

No. 1584116

File: 1657377877013.png (522.9 KB, 1170x1073, DC2AAD6D-3D13-44BD-88FD-2FE67E…)

Still better than citing your totally gurly feefees or the fact that you think you can have a female orgasm from playing with your taint.

No. 1584117

This is really interesting nona, and the type of posting that keeps me coming back here (besides the usual lambasting of misogynistic trannies)
I really wish we’d just remove ourselves from the entire LGBT “movement” because it’s becoming increasingly clear that the degenerate moids are running roughshod over us lesbians with their entitlement to not only our spaces but our bodies, as >>1584085 said it reeks of incel

No. 1584118

why do so many of them look like Shrek

No. 1584119

Kieran Culkin trooned out?!?

No. 1584122

Anon do you know what timezones are

No. 1584141

Easy. They have mental health issues.

No. 1584151

>be me
>lose the life lottery and be born in the middle east, surrounded by homicidal men who view me as nothing but property
>be married to a fundie muslim man who beats the shit out of me
>i am smart woman, I don't buy into any of that sexist crap, I am not even religious, but what can I do? I play along. It's the hand I was dealth with.
>we move to america. I take the beatings and rape, birth a bunch of children, I patiently save money (hiding it) and plan my move. I wait until the time is right. I will give my children a good life, somehow.
>it's time.
>I go to the battered women's shelter.
>everyone is busy, the resources are tight
>I see a tranny everyone seems to avoid, is doing no work. Just sitting there, twirling the hair of the ugly pastic wig around his hairy manfingers while chewing gum and blowing bubbles.
>wtf, no women actually do that. he saw it in some retarded american movie.
>disgusting specimen, a big beefy man wearing a mini skirt. His hair is oily and long. digusting, but he is my only chance. I dealt with worse, I can do this.
>approach the man and ask for help
>he asks me if I want to talk in private.
>I am scared he will rape me in some broom closet but I say yes. >Worst case scenario, I scream for help
>This is a typical digusting man. All I need to do is stroke his ego and pretend I am dumb, and he will eat from my hand.
>I take my veil off and he asks whether I am not supposed to wear the veil in front of stranger (he means men, because that's what he is)
>I indulge his fantasy and tell him I can remove the veil in front of other women
>he gets a boner from his gender euphoria.
>I try not to look. I am almost there. Me and my children will be safe soon.

Anyway, I am at a safe house now with my beautiful children and all it took was indulge a fantasy of a disgusting tranny for 5 minutes. Alhamdulillah!

No. 1584152

File: 1657383107639.jpg (437.4 KB, 810x1914, Screenshot_20220709-120810_Boo…)

>Cis women rub it out in public bathrooms all the time.

No. 1584155

My bad anon. It was just a stupid mistake.

No. 1584159

Never in my fucking life have I considered masturbating in a bathroom or any public space.

No. 1584160

truly amazing anon, far more accurate. Very based.

No. 1584164

File: 1657384270877.jpg (318.91 KB, 1000x1105, 20200629_3391.jpg)

Kevin's cracked a ton of eggs. His testimonial is also featured on https://turn-me-into-a-girl.com/

No. 1584169

these men have never interacted with a real female

No. 1584171

Holy shit, just because something is popular among porn stars (which is a tiny fraction of all women on earth) they think we're all wanking in bathrooms now? Porn isn't real life you guys, jesus christ.

No. 1584172

Ugly women are so unworthy to men that they don't even deserve to be called women. Moids are crazy kek
Projection. Exhibitionism fetishes are about as male as it gets.

No. 1584176

File: 1657385128996.webm (1.43 MB, 480x480, 1655335462554.webm)

That's only because of depraved pervert scrotes like webm related, who adore the fact they can enact any kind of debauchery or 'hardcore' on their fellow scrotes that a woman would throw them out or despise them for.
This along with the pederast stuff above is why TERF narratives need to shift away from pretending all nigels are 'normal' and prefer real women when they show their hatred of us and our bodies over and over. Many men are clearly deranged and just want a crumpled pile on the floor to rape

No. 1584182

>asks for more studies to be done on trans issues
>cites the latest studies on trans issues, often with links to said studies
>points out what literal trans people are doing and saying as proof
>wants to base society on reality

>ignores all studies, except a few flawed ones that have been debunked
>shuts down new studies from being done about trans issues because it's "transphobic"
>makes shit up all the time (getting periods etc)
>pretends "it doesn't happen/nobody says that" about everything they say and do
>wants to base society on their personal fantasies

No. 1584183

Hey I remember this guy. Had no idea he trooned out, that's pretty sad because he was a decent looking guy. I don't get these guys, if they want to dress up en femme, why do they feel the need to have to delude themselves thinking they are women to do it? Why can't they just put the dress, wig, and makeup on and just rock it without making an ass of themselves?

No. 1584188

The tweet wasn’t even talking about women though. It is talking about men masturbating in women’s restrooms and uploading it to porn sites.

No. 1584189

Yes but the justification they gave for it was that it's fine because "cis women do it all the time" too and we absolutely do fucking not. The only reason a man would even think that is because he's a pornsick idiot

No. 1584194

It pisses me off when people are like "samurais were gay <3 <3 <3" so what I'm getting at is most were pedos? Why do people point at examples of open gayness in history but it's always pedophiles. It pisses me off. It's ironic given actual gays were still ridiculed (the ones who wanted to bottom or be with a man who was not a child)

No. 1584225

File: 1657389814340.jpg (838.24 KB, 810x2303, Screenshot_20220709-135741_Chr…)

beyond parody

No. 1584226

You just know men like this are seething because they have to date each other.

No. 1584238

that’s genius, i’m stealing this tactic.

No. 1584239

File: 1657391027815.png (1.13 MB, 758x1024, AFB7BE00-E876-4B3B-9B09-E16867…)

No. 1584242

Why would a patient help a paramedic? What Can a patient help a paramedic with even?

No. 1584243

Based dying patients

No. 1584245

The patient is refusing a paramedic’s help, which means saying “No, I don’t want you to save me.”

No. 1584246

Based dying patients.

No. 1584249

Lol fat men and their oddly protruding, way too high gunt.
I'm glad that so many men have malfunctioned so hard. The truth is out there for anyone willing to look at it. 10+ years ago the root causes were not as obvious when they would do or say insane things. Predatory, pornsick nonsense is finally obvious for what it is.

No. 1584250

For some reason these 30yo literal porn addicts feign ignorance about pre-cum in order to imply it's due to HRT and womanly.

No. 1584262

I agree about their motivations but witches don't have roots with women. And that's not what a witch is. They see cringy LARPers and think it's woman thing so they want it.

No. 1584268

Nova is a fucking mysoginistic idiot. Listening to him talk is like nails on a chalkboard. His drag name is literally "Nova Gines".

No. 1584275


damn danny elfman trooned out?

No. 1584277

stoppp I read this before I looked at the original post and thought you were serious. I don't think I could survive tranny elfman

No. 1584285

File: 1657395922294.jpeg (51.08 KB, 820x805, 70EDE4E2-86CF-468A-BF8F-EEA1D1…)

the days of being a female are over. any ounce of respect has been lost due to men once again. im so fucking sick of the larping and entitlement from these fucks. companies and insurances willing to pay for these scumfucks to get boob and facial surgery but every other female and male who is uncomfortable in their skin has to pay for the surgery themselves? can i claim to be nonbinary or something and get facial fem surgery to look cuter? or can i larp gofundmes and say im ftm? im so fucking tired its why i cant look at these threads anymore but now its bleeding into my workspace and trannies are crying because saying your name is maddie while having a full grown beard and showing up with shit stains and male body odor to work isnt grounds for promotion. im sorry mods i saged

No. 1584288

Most women wont even sit on a public toilet seat let alone sit in there masturbating

No. 1584289

>the days of being a female are over
Nona… If you leave the house you will know this is not true. Relax and enjoy the milk.

No. 1584300

watched this interview with an ex-troon and he claims his dad sexually abused him. I think he's lying

1. he says the abuse stopped at 8 years old, then he changes it to 9 or 10.
2. the interviewer asks him if his dad abused others, like do you have siblings, he only mentions that he has a sister that he doesn't talk to (i wonder why)
3. later he talks about his brother's death. never mentioned if his dad abused him.
4. says all the troons he knew were sexually molested. he doesnt talk about AGP or porn. He also says his dad dressed him up in girls clothes to get molested in hotels and that caused him gender dysphoria.
5. his dad is still alive and he hasn't been arrested despite him having "footage of his dad admitting to it". I mean, if you want to protect children you'd make sure your pedo dad is in jail, no?
6. He was bisexual, but now he isnt anymore. Says his bisexuality came from being molested… mkay.
7. After the tranny shit he got a gf and a 2 yr old son, but when the interviewer asks when he was the happiest he says it was with his brother. You got a 2 yr old son dude.

I'm pretty sure he's molesting his son. Pedos always downplay the importance/love of their children, they hate them.
usually, i'm sympathetic to these stories but something about this dude rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1584302

>can i claim to be nonbinary or something and get facial fem surgery to look cuter? or can i larp gofundmes and say im ftm?
Yes. It's easy to larp for any and all tranny perks because trannyism is all a larp anyway. Most women would rather pay their own way if only to not have to spend your time convincing everyone you're mentally ill, but if you can stomach it then go out and get what you want using whatever means because who gives a shit

No. 1584308

Those are weird nitpicks. There's many reasons he hasn't turned in his father yet. Also csa mentally and emotionally disturbs you a great deal. Him saying he was bisexual due to csa is also very plausible because it can also lead to hypersexuality. He's detransitioned and clearly regrets his troondom so I don't know why you have to make the wild claim that he's somehow molesting his son? Very weird sperg

No. 1584310

I don't trust anything that comes out of a pervert's mouth if it seems rehearsed. They spend hours every day thinking up ways to excuse and justify their disgusting behavior, and ways to DARVO or just blabber some nonsensical bullshit and steamroll over people. And most men are like Boogie, they wallow in self pity and will lie about anything to get their way.

No. 1584329

yeah, he also claims his dad never touched his sister and that she was treated very well. He also went to live with his dad over his mom after their divorce becasue his mom was "loud" and screamed at him. Uh huh. I want to know why his sister doesn't speak to him.

No. 1584330

its not though he trooned out because of porn like 99% of straight trannies. this "x person dressed me up as a girl and molested me" bs is so fake.

No. 1584335

sorry for spamming but watch from 35:31 when he puts his hand behind his neck and says his dad was probably abused too. He's talking about himself. The tone of his voice is so creepy.

No. 1584336

92 more like

No. 1584345

Not gonna watch this but even this face in the video thumbnail is the face of a liar, I think you anon are probably right in your take on his story. (horrible though it is if you're right) there seem to be too many plotholes.

No. 1584352

His tone of voice seems normal, he’s trying to explain his fathers potential motives that lead to his abuse which is a very difficult thing to process. This guy clearly handles his emotions with stoicism, at least that’s the tone he decided to take on for this interview. I don’t blame him. Should he take on a tone of bubbliness and excitement? Get real

Also his “brother” was his best friend, not biologically related. I could see where the dad was only pedophillic towards his son and not his daughter. Lots of cases are reversed, where the daughter is abused and the son left alone. Just chill nona, touch grass and relax

No. 1584370

this is either just one person with a vendetta sperging or everyone is collectively armchairing and making crazy accusations about some random video of an ex trannys sob story. I dont know which is weirder

No. 1584374

File: 1657404231212.jpg (10.22 KB, 222x227, oil.jpg)

no matter how many times these threads are made, you will change absolutly nothing lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1584378

and no matter how much surgery you get and horse piss you take, you will never be a woman, troon.

No. 1584381

but im not even a troon, retard.

No. 1584382

File: 1657404741982.jpeg (278.51 KB, 750x581, 7E6F7A6D-9178-42BA-AE11-8FC794…)

the sheer stupidity of man.

No. 1584385

okay but why's that?

No. 1584387

nobody thinks a gossip image board is gonna change anything lmfao. but keep coming here and shitting your pants

No. 1584388

File: 1657404893289.jpeg (646.12 KB, 750x1150, 14E1A5AB-ACD0-4D73-A873-706785…)

that’s a look.

No. 1584391

your words wont get outside of this echo chamber

No. 1584392

we’re here to laugh at ugly and stupid troons, it’s not that deep.

No. 1584394

they reached you and made you butthurt enough to post

No. 1584395

yeah, that’s the entire point of using an obscure anonymous board, retard.

No. 1584396

i am not butthurt, belive that all you want but im just laughing at the stupidity

No. 1584398

He said his father made a gazillion cassette tapes tape of him screaming for him to listen to at school. He also says his mother knew about all of it and 'was mad' but moved away without him years later and his sister hasn't spoken to him since age 9 (why?). He also casually mentions the brother's existence out of nowhere in his mid 20s
This sounds like a Limpida-style tumblr baeddel troon making up shit about their families, exes and random tifs kek

No. 1584399

ikr these troons are ridiculous it's hilarious. you should integrate tho

No. 1584400

File: 1657405301364.png (1.09 MB, 1584x1631, ifeqb5g3cu051.png)

>I'm just laughing at the stupidity

No. 1584401

anyway, keep malding retards.
ill be off forever

No. 1584402

nta but idgaf about male on male violence, no point in infighting over an ugly scrote.

No. 1584404

stop responding to bait, nonas, you're better than that ffs.

No. 1584405

File: 1657405674869.jpeg (Spoiler Image,629.46 KB, 750x1212, FE09F0FE-7A6F-474E-8EA9-C7E2A4…)

another atrocity.

No. 1584411

File: 1657405946272.png (1.73 MB, 828x1792, 032242C8-F5BA-4333-A570-83F5E3…)

Also… spotted in my own hometown where we love our gays and I’ve somehow managed to never see a troon irl (thank god/knock on wood) and it makes me wanna barf. Even legit gay communities are pissed about this shit rn.
Remember that game of “step on a crack and break your mama’s back? I will literally take the long way to the store now, fucking gross.

No. 1584412

File: 1657406017697.jpeg (376.08 KB, 750x1698, 84BF583D-5036-498E-88EB-ED9F5E…)

If the women’s restroom is so unsafe and invalidating, don’t go in there, idiot.

No. 1584415

this is so incredibly funny. he must pass relatively (i repeat, RELATIVELY) well because they clearly all assume he's a drag queen, but - again, they assume he's a drag queen. these moids can't win even with pick-me allies trying their hardest and we love to see it

No. 1584416

I just realised I once saw two of my local YouTube troons at a club bathroom and just drunkenly laughed at them so hard with some girls I didn't even know that I feel like they didn't wanna come out of their stalls before we left. I feel like I uncovered some golden nugget of memories right now Holy shit anons, I need to go slip some terfy stickers in there.

No. 1584417

>girls lifted his dress to look at his ass

I'll take "things that never happened" for 500, Bob.

No. 1584419

Yeah this never happened.

No. 1584424

true that we may not change anything exponentially, but these threads could certainly be “resources” to peak handmaidens out of troonism and see them for who they really are: AGP pedophilic freaks. And slowly, in that way, when troonism inevitably dies down, these peaked woman could talk more about how disgusting troons are, thus further eradicating trans ideals out of existence. Just as one’s existence effects the people around them, so does this thread. In the end, the only thing we truly need to do it wait until that time comes and fight in the ways we can.

No. 1584425

File: 1657406639293.jpeg (944.66 KB, 1284x1608, DB0F71F9-D9FD-4957-9F5C-EF1C86…)

>being a tomboy goth chick sounds fun
They always act like any woman is just a group of porn stereotypes they can wear or take off instead of just an actual human female who enjoys a certain style or whatever.

No. 1584427

sage your posts faggot.

No. 1584429

File: 1657406795092.jpeg (3.44 MB, 2785x8783, 295D81E8-9E47-4F71-96A2-6BAE6D…)

I found a really ugly one kek

No. 1584432

File: 1657406824227.jpeg (499.23 KB, 750x2392, B6A0B4F8-FA48-4FE2-A747-195064…)

No. 1584434

Sorry for samefag but, a few things…
1. “I’m literally in the women’s bathroom!” and then seethes about women being women.
2. Lmao @ trying to convince anyone that women would harass him to the point of grabbing at his clothes. That’s not our bag, bro.
3. Patio girls are right, if that even actually happened, which it didn’t.
4. Subhuman? Hard yes.

No. 1584436

File: 1657406936651.png (1.02 MB, 1334x2048, chrome_screenshot_165740549829…)

they really have no respect for anyone but themselves

No. 1584437

File: 1657406960221.jpeg (576.67 KB, 1284x1123, 6F3AC62C-5B93-4718-A98E-B53685…)

His brother is right, there is not being born “right” or “wrong”. You get the body you get and that’s just the way it is. He should be happy he was born without any substantial medical issues instead of moping around that he wasn’t born female. I’m so tired of these idiots acting like they “deserved” to be born female, no one “deserves” to be born one way or the other. Its just luck of the draw. They should be absolutely grateful they weren’t born as the sex that has the highest rates of being raped and murdered. This one in particular should be glad his step mother is even entertaining his delusions.

No. 1584438

>kinda feeling empowered by the freedom
empowered by getting your dick hard in public? wearing atrocious makeup and trying to skinwalk e-girls?

No. 1584439

File: 1657407126469.jpeg (741.81 KB, 1284x2256, 2919218E-BBD3-46C3-94EC-2D58D3…)

>going to lose his “girl” virginity in his ass

No. 1584443

File: 1657407249916.jpg (578.82 KB, 4168x972, the delusion of the moid.jpg)

>trolling troon who's trying to get internet fame by telling rape victims they should be arrested for killing their rapist in regards to the recent roe v wade ruling and bullies other NB and troons over their looks insists he looks like a real woman
fucking top kek.

No. 1584444

he looks like a corpse. scary lol

No. 1584446

Can we stop posting this one, it’s just going to start infighting again and it’s getting really annoying.

No. 1584450

Kekkk, the only true thing in that fanfiction probably was the women calling him what he truly is, a man

No. 1584453

File: 1657408262508.png (985.12 KB, 1312x2048, chrome_screenshot_165740810168…)

no real woman wants to look like a hideous ogre in drag. more tranny fantasies.

No. 1584457

did that moid actually selfpost a photo of himself with another moid just so he could go post this shit on twitter

No. 1584461

Years ago I thought people were exaggerating about "neovaginas" being a surgical wound that never heals. Even diabetics recover better after surgery than troons do. A normal surgery scar is already healing up nicely after 24-48 hours. This looks like a dog who ripped out his stitches on a Friday afternoon and didn't get to the vet until late Monday.

No. 1584463

if they want to crossdress so bad why can’t they just buy their own damn dresses? almost like this isn’t about the clothes, but instead about blatantly violating the privacy of the women in their lives

No. 1584464

clearly a tranny larping as a woman. Tranny relationships are literally just constant narcissistic abuse and hypersexuality, who the hell would want that

No. 1584465

Anatomically this is the worst one I've ever seen. He literally has a gaping hole. And it's below the entire neovag kek. He's going to get sepsis now because his insides are exposed to the air.

No. 1584466

Trannies love the redacted meme, like them being coomers has ever been subtle.
I presume the screencap is from tttt. Safe bet that the post was made by a mentally unstable trancel as well.

No. 1584470


wouldnt be surprised if this was an edit

No. 1584474

No, nobody’s helping you fund shit and you can’t have a uterus. Cope, seethe, die. Stay mad.

No. 1584476

wtf wtf wtf how can anyone, especially fucking surgeons, think this is ok? how can you be “proud” of that? does he have an extra hole??
“mtf butch” has to be an oxymoron

No. 1584480

Ok, I didnt know that.

Top fucking kek we shouldnt be surprised at the levels of delusion on display here, it really is their only way of coping with the reality they will never be real women.

No. 1584484

why does the skirt look like it's been photoshoped in kek

No. 1584489

It’s okay nonna. I just was scared it would derail into arguments again.

No. 1584499

No no nona, see that gaping hole IS the neovag. That's what he's dilating. The gooch is the only space on the moid anatomy where you can carve a hole, that's why they never ever look right no matter how long they've been healing.

No. 1584501

>does he have an extra hole??
I think some of the others are this way. The "vagina" isn't inside the "labia", the rot hole is positioned down under the entire fake labia structure. Modern pornbrained moids hate labias anyway, so it doesn't surprise me that they botch the surgery.

No. 1584503

The fact that people post these online for the world to see instead of freaking the fuck out that it looks so terrible or must be painful confuses the hell out of me.

No. 1584508

this needs to be posted everywhere

No. 1584516

File: 1657416821392.png (420.64 KB, 748x703, troon.png)

No. 1584520

File: 1657417133321.jpeg (111.44 KB, 750x1025, 452B5029-8E43-4BB4-A25A-FCD426…)

No. 1584522

That’s literally all men have evolved to do, and they can’t even leave us alone on this dumb obscure website. They can’t fucking stop and it’s everyone else’s fault while they rape and molest women and/or children. They don’t do shit about each other, only continue to take it out on those more vulnerable who have no laws protecting them.

No. 1584523

File: 1657417399295.jpeg (230.5 KB, 1201x1373, BC421DD5-8689-459B-9948-B854A5…)

No. 1584524

Why is it always goth girls with them?

No. 1584527

Jesus FUCKING CHRIST. Sounds like the leader of the Children of God cult, having children to literally write illustrated books on molestation. I’m convinced the abortion ban is about having access to more children to be abducted into human trafficking.

No. 1584528

Before he transitioned, he used to teach my class for a short while when I was around 5. When I was in secondary school, he (now a troon) came to my assembly promoting a book or something. One kid wouldn't stop talking so he said "you better stop 'cause that shit don't fly with me honey". No1curr just had to get that off my chest.

No. 1584535

so by that logic, any man that cannot produce sperm is a woman suddenly? cool cool cool

No. 1584538

They want to become the cute alt girl they couldn’t get with.

No. 1584540

That quote about gay men is so revealing about how they think of themselves + other effeminate and/or gay men. Not only do they acknowledge that they're still men, but that their view of gender is validated by heterosexual, misogynistic ideals. Gay men aren't really men, feminine men aren't really men. 'Women' are whatever a hypermasculine straight man is not.

No. 1584546

That's my hometown too kek. Our mayor is the worst virtue signaller, I hate him and what he's done to Broadway st. The rainbow stripes were cool at first but this looks like shit

No. 1584548

Don't those queer crosswalks confuse guide dogs? Not that troons and their virtue signalers would care.

No. 1584551

File: 1657421114636.png (271.2 KB, 662x612, kek.png)

*includes TIMs

No. 1584555

File: 1657421377182.jpg (107.21 KB, 621x625, 595EB2B6-70C9-4594-A89B-C82E16…)

get the popcorn

No. 1584557

File: 1657421661189.jpg (84.17 KB, 600x585, morans.jpg)

same energy

No. 1584558

unfortunately the author does state that men can make "copious" amounts of milk if a hormone imbalance occurs. From tumors to liver damage and he skims over what TIM's do to breastfeed by saying hormone therapy has side effects kek.

So honestly this article is being used as a gotcha from both sides.

No. 1584559

Ignoring the fact that “genocide” refers to systematic slaughter of ethnic/religious groups and not that of lifestyle choices, we can only hope

No. 1584560

trannies just shut the fuck up, histrionic drama queens. clearly they've never faced any real discrimination hence their imagined grievances. muh genocide.

No. 1584561

whatever men produce will never be the same as what women produce for their babies.

No. 1584565

I bet they don't give a fucking fuck or even acknowledge the current genocides happening in China, south east Asia and Africa atm. Hell I bet there is more than that I don't know about cause of western medias complete disinterest.

It's sickening they put their own petty bullshit on the same level as current ongoing atrocities.

No. 1584569


No. 1584572

A self-inflicted hormone imbalance is literally all these men have. I’m going to start thinking of it in that way more often. Normally people would think it’s a bad thing for the negative effects it will have on the body, but for some reason it is celebrated for them.

No. 1584574

File: 1657422583326.jpg (215.87 KB, 1200x1200, Ec19uX6VAAcKupj.jpg)

whats the difference dude

No. 1584576

File: 1657422789283.jpg (285.64 KB, 1020x1530, FXPK9X5WAAU1mPP.jpg)

you can see the face tune in this picture

No. 1584577

File: 1657422922191.png (Spoiler Image,600.39 KB, 745x606, troon.png)


No. 1584580

Holy fuck that “vulva” is horrendous. And that’s probably supposed to be a “good” outcome.

No. 1584581

File: 1657423394173.png (79.33 KB, 738x640, 44.png)

Adult human female, anyone else is not a woman.

No. 1584584

Why don’t they make this big a fuss about the word “man” or what constitutes manhood?

No. 1584586

File: 1657423842270.png (448.45 KB, 710x975, 29.png)

This totally happened

>I was told to use the women's washroom

By whom?

>rando lady comes inside the washroom asking whos here

for what reason?

>answers from inside the stall



No. 1584592

>we’re all in this together
No. No we are not.

No. 1584601

What a wonderful bunch of lies to say the day after Mexitroon called the most basic protection for women and girls "hate speech" against him.

No. 1584613

File: 1657425975711.png (35.46 KB, 758x516, 03.png)

No. 1584615

File: 1657426055898.jpg (94.22 KB, 816x1251, FWqhv4TXoAEMY8L.jpg)

he looked better before the surgery

No. 1584616

>if you give a man the bare minimum of attention he’ll beg for sex from you

why am I not surprised

No. 1584618

They sound like faghags so this is kind of believable tbh kek

No. 1584622

isn’t he married? poor wife.

No. 1584624

why do all the moids who are into stuffed animals have to troon out I hate it here

No. 1584625

oh god, what on earth did he do to himself??? opening this picture was like a jump scare, he looks awful

No. 1584627

troons are literally the white supremacists capitalist patriarchy, some of the worst men in society just happen to identify as trans now kek

No. 1584628

File: 1657426666732.jpeg (77.17 KB, 612x380, 4C60E5CD-1C06-4CF3-96A8-880845…)

Serving Venus Van Damme realness. Walton Goggins really took that role to heart.

No. 1584633

$30k of GoFundMe troon bucks pissed down the drain on that face.

No. 1584634

File: 1657426883410.jpeg (673.57 KB, 750x934, AA8E9798-9C21-408B-8935-4887A5…)

you should be grateful your transphobic dad is still buying you shit and hasn’t kicked your entitled ass out of the house.

No. 1584636

File: 1657426981127.jpg (425.3 KB, 2000x1430, media_FTdB8c6WIAIlMHe.jpg)

I'm assuming its petras lol

No. 1584638

It is like in nature, the animals who fail to acquire a mate through natural means mimic female animals to try and trick and sneak their way into mating by being seen as another women and therefore not a threat nor competition for other male animals. I think that's why they're so obsessed with bonding in the womens toilets, to be alone with women and have a shot at coercion or convincing them to be with them without another man present as competition/protection, and get mad when using lesbian dating apps and being paired up with other transbians, they know they are looking for real women and hope that being in search for a lesbian means they will have less competition (ignoring they are not wanted by lesbians, since men seem to think men > women, so women who want women just must have not met the right man yet and they can be seen as better than potential women girlfriends because they have something they don't/see themselves as superior). They're delusional, though that's obvious.

No. 1584646

That really makes a lot of sense, what a pitiful existence. It's a complete failure of a strategy since lesbians sure af don't want them but they also killed their chance of any straight women wanting them.

No. 1584647

File: 1657428565656.jpeg (335.69 KB, 750x2076, BA5C1F05-CB2E-40A2-9229-C30812…)

POV you’re at your high school reunion and this is what the ‘most likely to become a circus clown’ kid has been doing with his life.

No. 1584649

File: 1657428636742.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1125, NLISAP-20210624-Pakistan-Afgha…)

not directly related to Troonism but your post reminded me of a book I was reading. Captives: Britain, Empire and the World(its about various British explorers, soldiers and civilians who were captured by either Muslims or native tribes and who wrote about their experiences) according to the account of Joseph Pitss who was captured by barbary pirates when he was 14 and a slave for over 20 years, the misogyny he saw with Muslims was ridiculous even for his time, but he also saw how pederasty

>In his discussion of marriage, Pitts describes how the marriage agreement takes place between the groom and the father of the bride. The woman's possible feelings or misgiving about the union are not mentioned at all. Pitts appears to perceive women as having little to no power in their relationships with men.

>Pitts encounters violence against women several times in his account, most notably when describing the Imperial Turkish camps where he wrote that the soldiers are "apt to drink, and are abominably rude, insomuch that it is very dangerous for any woman to walk in any by-place but more dangerous for boys, for they are extremely given to sodomy

so it seem to be a recurring thing throughout history, the more misogynistic a society is, the more common boy rape seems to be, but why is that ? Afghanistan with bacha bazi is probably the last place where this practice can exist openly and the Soviets had to forcefully the end the practice in Central Asia

No. 1584650

this and terminal porn brain rot.

No. 1584651

File: 1657428866211.jpg (263.01 KB, 900x1200, kimpetraslol.jpg)

>looked just like a woman
And yet here we are. kek

No. 1584653

Right?! Like do they realize they're inadvertently calling men who've lost their balls to testicular cancer or accidents trannies (genital injuries from landmines are one of the most common injuries amongst soldiers)? I mean just the other day that pedo/rapist was on The Daily Show saying that some "cis men" athletes have hormone levels in the normal range for women. But now apparently that makes one a troon? Where's the logic?

I have a theory that the reason they try to use hormones as a litmus test for the sex of a body is because science doesn't know very much about the complexities of our endocrine system. It's therefore quite challenging for laypeople to grasp, ergo excellent fodder for gaslighting the handmaidens and normies. They have to capitalize off that lack of knowledge to try to prove their point because everything else about Mother Nature is ostensibly terfy. It's also theoretically the more changeable aspect of sex markers, since hormone levels do fluctuate naturally over time and amongst individuals.

They know they're never getting uteruses or vaginas (which is a god damn muscle, not a mere fuck-hole ffs). They know deep down that there is no difference between their moobs and any other fat scrote's moobs. But if twaw, then we wouldn't need trans as a qualifier. Ywnbaw because sex is a binary. Sex is not a social construct, although gender and trannyism are.

I would love for them to explain the difference between the bodies of a post-top surgery pre-HRT TiF and a woman who's had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. It's fucking insulting but the double standard is that they have a free pass to say anything offensive (e.g., cissies, menstruators, uterus-havers, birthing persons, etc.) due to male privilege and not be in the wrong.

No. 1584654

For sure, a combination of the addiction and lack of irl success with the lack of desire to improve themselves so instead they choose this mental method to live out the fantasy they believe they deserve.

No. 1584655

Always love imagining how an actual woman would be received, begging for asspats for her ugly dress and arrested development. Not as well as a troon, of course

No. 1584659

File: 1657429553828.png (1.32 MB, 2048x1377, pedos.png)

So I came across this on twitter and got curious as to why this tranny was incarcerated (which tranny lawyer never brought up btw) and lo and behold it's because he was pimping little kids.

I'd report the gofundme too.

If any of you would like to research this more in depth be my guest.

No. 1584666

It's always sex crimes.

No. 1584667

File: 1657430086482.jpg (299.34 KB, 720x1108, 20220710_001346.jpg)

Looks the same

No. 1584668

Just when I think they couldn't top themselves anymore in the delusion department, we have a new contender for unprecedented levels of projection. I can't help but feel like the whole
>women want what we have. they wanna trade so badly.
is straight up just them admitting they have male privilege and don't experience misogyny, right? Because implying women want to be men pretending to be women would be one hell of a take. These jealous little skin walkers are stealing absolutely everything from us and I can't take it.
>stop being chasers…oh but u do need to fuck us for twans rights
Lmao also "cotton ceiling" and all the outrage over lesbians' genital preferences would not exist if there were woman chasers. Estrogen must be frying this scrote's mind for him to do a 180 in the next sentence like that kek. Just gross and rapey on top of it.

No. 1584669

No. 1584672

They are so happy, that they 41 percent themselves.

No. 1584676

I always hate how they get that sunken indent right across their fupa (fat upper penis area) after they get the chop. That's definitely not how the mons pubis looks in women, but then again, nothing about their bodies is anatomically accurate to women.
>white supremacy capitalist patriarchy
I'm extremely leftie but this buzzword salad immediately tells me you have a shitty hot take on twitter.com, designed only to get woke clout from edgy sjw comrades who think virtue-signaling jargon is radical and impressive. Troon activism really was born out of this same need to one-up others, prove yourself, and be hypercritical amongst political spaces online.

No. 1584677

File: 1657431825444.jpg (577.37 KB, 1051x1318, 4e.jpg)

No. 1584678

Literally just shaved and put on longer nails lmao I will never understand troons

No. 1584681

It's funny because they'll come at your throat if you say "cis women and transwomen" talking about how you're othering them which is offensive because it implies you see them as different than real women kek. But if you only say "women" or "females" they will chastise you for not explicitly centering them despite all their insistence that twaw and they're totally female. Lmaooo clown ideology.

No. 1584684

lmao he's even got the super pronounced neanderthal brow ridge, that's nuts. dude's like a walking caricature and I guarantee you that every single person that sees/interacts with him IRL immediately identifies him as male. Even if he could shave 3 inches off that jaw there's no way he'd pass.

No. 1584686

Yeah in addition to all of the valid points you raised I think changing the birth certificate is especially confounding - more so than changing the sex on your ID. Even if you eventually troon out you still were born the sex your birth certificate says. No matter how much gender woo woo fantasy you believe, everybody knows the sex on your birth certificate literally just describe the genitals you were born with. SRS at a later date will never be able to go back in time to change that. They're totally departing from terms like AMAB/AFAB and are conflating gender with sex yet again. If they were in fact born female they wouldn't be troons and they wouldn't need to change their birth certificate as adults.

No. 1584690

lol right?! If they see the word 'women' and don't include themselves in that, they're just telling on themselves.

Logical consistency doesn't matter to them, their only goal is to get women to stop speaking and to cope with the fact that they aren't women. Any reminder that we exist and they can't become us is a transphobic insult.

No. 1584691

File: 1657435198686.jpg (23.35 KB, 480x360, How many times do we need to t…)

Hard agree. This is especially heinous and is prime peaking material.
See, this is what I'm talking about. Blåhaj is a radfem - how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, pornsick men? Leave her alone!

No. 1584692

File: 1657435721077.png (664.12 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20220710-144619_(1)…)

iT's NoT a FeTiSh

No. 1584696

As weird as this is nona im pretty sure he’s just a crocheter whos making tops for different cup sizes and trying them on

No. 1584698

File: 1657437220693.jpeg (404.07 KB, 1536x2048, FXFGi1IX0AElS-o.jpeg)

Resting moid face

No. 1584701

>POV you just said something that wasn't very trans rights

No. 1584702

he reminds me of the creepy custodian guy from harry potter, argus filch

No. 1584706

And of course he dove straight into religion. It's so fucked that any "seminary" is offering credentials to sex offenders. And this couldn't be from fundamentalists, this has to be a liberal organization that already picks and chooses what parts to uphold. Even if you think a person can be healed by God and reborn through sincere repentance, nobody on Earth can know if another person is sincere, so there's no reason to put a convicted sex offender around vulnerable people under any circumstances.

No. 1584707

File: 1657439161074.jpeg (711.41 KB, 828x1385, 9021DCB0-9F66-4182-AE92-2FF660…)

For some reason femboys have a fixation with Blahaj too, he doesn’t deserve this

No. 1584708

This is terrifying and should be spoilered, you can’t tell me that’s not the face of a murderous rapist

No. 1584709

You got mad at this for no damn reason

No. 1584710

File: 1657439793137.png (701.21 KB, 650x770, kek.png)

Wdym? It changes my day to the better with every hearty kek I emit gazing at these men.

No. 1584712

File: 1657440027048.png (604.53 KB, 810x1695, Screenshots_2022-07-10-15-59-4…)

it's a they/them tranny who constantly posts/spams crochet titty bounce videos

No. 1584713

Dat fat meat paw. I wonder how huge he would be if he wasn't hiding his torso behind a giant twenty year old shoe chair.

No. 1584714

it's always
>fuck terfs
and never 'fuck transphobes' oh gee I wonder why that is

No. 1584715

Telling someone to “shut the fuck up” generally warrants a degree of punishment from twitter on the basis of bullying but of fucking course that doesn’t apply to fat handmaidens with a blue check mark

No. 1584716

I think the downfall of TRA troonism will be not knowing their enemy. They think and act like it's older white conservative christians who never understood or accepted them and who just want to erase trans/gay people out of existence. In reality terfs are generally left leaning younger people who at one point fully accepted and advocated for troonism, and a large portion are lgb and poc. The problem for the troons who know it is that they can't admit that or the handmaidens will realize they're on the wrong side of history kek they're doomed to fail

No. 1584717

because "transmisogyny" affirms them but terfs are giving them reality checks

No. 1584720

File: 1657441123236.jpg (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220710-041819_Boo…)

The tale of Manlet and the Beast

No. 1584723

File: 1657442080508.jpeg (72.88 KB, 750x406, F6D7CBD8-DCCA-4AA2-9BB0-0D246D…)

I hate to admit it but I’m kind of a simp for Mark Hamill and I follow his Twitter account. At some point before liking Bette Midler’s accidentally rad fem tweet, he liked a post about the Highland Park shooter disguising himself in womanface. He’s since removed it from his likes as far as I can tell, but picrel remains in his likes. It almost seems like Mark was peaking but then cowered when he saw the backlash. I guess I should’ve expected this sort of fickleness from a neolib boomer moid.

Mark also recently liked a very pro-tranny tweet, most likely to take the heat off him and clean up his likes. Idk if it’s worth posting that dumb drivel or not. He liked a Ricky Gervais tweet too - I just can’t tell if it’s in support of troons or not because it’s a joke about a dump truck being named after Ricky. Mark has a serious Twitter addiction so I had to spend an ungodly amount of time perusing his account to find this stuff from just a few days ago and I may have missed something. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

No. 1584724

I think they know who they are up against. That's why they try so hard to silence and cancel terfs who dare speak up against the narrative lest they encourage handmaidens to peak.

Its not just terfs, they're also silencing/cancelling their victims (detrans folks, people who have been SA'd by trans predators, etc.).

No. 1584732

wow the answer I was going for was merely misogyny but this is a much better point: troons will play up any oppression points they can and conservative "transphobes" are useful to trick handmaidens into believing their narrative
nonna I know this handmaiden is obnoxious, but she looks like a totally healthy weight to me?

No. 1584733

File: 1657443368098.jpeg (893.38 KB, 1242x1252, 42038657-19E3-4BC3-9022-3DA427…)

wanting to convert lesbians with your dick bad unless it’s tranny dick

No. 1584735

> but why is that ?
Because these rapists just wanted to rape for their own pleasure, and women were considered property so if they decided to rape women they would have gotten in trouble with the men close to these women I assume. Like a father or brother would would have asked for some sort of compensation for "stealing his property" like forcing the rapist to marry his victim because now that "she had sex out of wedlock" she wouldn't have been able to get married and that was all women were good for back then. Meanwhile, if you do this to an orphaned or kidnapped teenage boy you'd have less risks, and it's not like they could even get pregnant or anything anyway. Muslims countries in general are so sexually repressed that all men are by default huge hypocrites. They'll bitch slap or insult their sisters for greeting their male classmates or coworkers in the middle of the street because they're imagining the wildest things in their sick heads from lack of interactions with the opposite sex, but will watch extremely violent porn on a daily basis.

I feel awful just from typing that, but that's my conclusion from watching the news, I remember some young girl in rural Morocco in the early 2010s who got raped by an old man, and her parents forced her to marry him because in that case she wouldn't have been too defiled for marriage, and she killed herself soon after that, and the rest of the country was shocked that there was still a law stating that if a rapist marries his victim he'd be treated as not having committed a crime anymore and couldn't be prosecuted.

No. 1584738

That's because he's being depicted as another fetish: muscle girls. You know, big, strong women who lift and can totes dominate you uwu. It's almost as if they view women as nothing more than porn categories you can choose from depending on your taste.

No. 1584744

It must have been very hard for him growing up with a dad who hated such an effective from of public transport.

No. 1584745

can't facetune his fucking manpaws LAWL

No. 1584759

I know you're getting some flack for posting this but I agree nonna, as soon as I saw this I knew there was something off about him and no it's not just because I hate moids/troons.

No. 1584770

I'll never understand why they're not grateful they even have chasers because normal people don't want to have anything to do with them, and they often complain about how lonely they are and how normal, non mentally ill adults should force themselves to date them. They have an easy solution to their problem and whine so much.

No. 1584776

>I genuinely think you probably need to step back and re-evaluate

REEE an anon is not sympathising with a moid enough for my liking! Not that sympathy for moids is one of the easiest ways for a man to fuck up a woman's life and it's perfectly healthy to reserve judgement towards men for your own safety. Nonna must pander to a literal strange moid in a Youtube video otherwise she's being mean

Take your thought policing back to Twitter.

No. 1584780

>but also they're 100% seeing me as a male

I can't control other people's eyes and brains REEEE

No. 1584788

They clearly don't take hormones and their side effects seriously. Anyone can just willy nilly take some hormones and magically become the other sex, no harm done whatsoever

No. 1584792

File: 1657453107719.png (1.55 MB, 2048x1555, klgu7t16jjg41.png)

The living embodiment of this meme

No. 1584795

File: 1657453194967.png (302 KB, 660x659, 54454324534.PNG)


No. 1584796

The real enemy of TRAs is Putin. I know this sounds schizo but with the incoming economic crisis, no one is going to give a fuck about troons when they can't heat their homes or feed themselves. Resource restriction also drives people towards the far right. When that happens all this gender bullshit will end very quickly.

No. 1584799

"number 1 rule: world doesn't run on porn logic"

then you scroll through their profiles then it's all just porn. Who's supposed to be delusional here?

No. 1584802

ok not only is this that meme of a twitter user making someone up in their head, I swear if anyone other than a tranny said this they'd be crying transphobia against the egg or whatever. it just comes across as a dig at TiFs but you know they never tolerate the reverse: us pointing out they're only taking horse piss to fulfill their lesbian fetishes and fail at attracting wlw. I think even the transmed crowd would be appalled by the delusion on display here.
>cotton ceiling and the outrage over lesbians' genital preferences would not exist if women were chasers
this and then the added absurdity of a woman who's not a troon getting on HRT with the serious medical side effects to intentionally try to look like an ugly transbian. as if it wouldn't already be easy af to land transcels if anyone actually wanted them. they're never t4t by choice, they've already admitted they prefer real women. and t4t is hypocritical if we're not allowed to be c4c anyway. how many times do we have to say that no woman wants look like a man trying to look like a woman. no one actually wants to be an irl Kikomi ffs autists.

No. 1584818

>not allowed to be c4c
one of the few good uses of tiktok was when some young moid came up with 'superstraight' when he found out he was really expected to suck girldick

No. 1584819

>totally not a fetish

No. 1584821

How does your mouth even start doing that? Has he never smiled in his life? It’s like a perpetual angry frown.

No. 1584822

Why is his hair all in front of his face like that? Looks like a scary muppet.

No. 1584823

Sometimes I can’t tell if they know or not. They always misconstrue everything we say and idk if it’s because they’re complete idiots or just trying to put words in our mouths to deter people. Maybe a little of both, because I’ve seen some confused ones out there but also some ones who are obviously just being sinister.

No. 1584826

File: 1657459683283.png (336.73 KB, 1080x1391, 03FC0852-F247-4314-935A-7B7A5F…)

She’s right and she should say it.

No. 1584829

Queen. I hope she gets even louder about all this gender bs and other women with big reach follow along.

No. 1584831

File: 1657460320455.jpeg (653.95 KB, 1284x1580, 93B4B342-D449-4C5F-9C6A-28795B…)


No. 1584833

File: 1657460530018.png (2.05 MB, 1270x2883, FA09115E-C923-436F-BD45-7D652E…)

This one is just kind of hilarious. Sucks when your skull is the size of Jupiter I guess.

No. 1584836

Just pay the doc another grand and he'll make your pisstube split and have a detour and come out of top and bottom of the wound

No. 1584838

Totally not a fetish

No. 1584840

I'm from a Muslim country and your analysis is spot on, women are always somebody's property to an extent, men avoid raping women cause they fear the wrath of upsetting her brother's and fathers, with boys its different, the boys often targeted for bacha bazi are poor orphans, those who have no one looking out for them, no one would give a shit about them if they disappear, that's just how it is in our societies, The Soviets had to forcefully end the practice in Central Asia, Reza Shah in Iran and Ataturk in Turkey, and the Communists in Afghanistan also tried to end, but "America" with their freedom and democracy had to put an end that, and let the tribal jihdaists rule the country

No. 1584841

KEK you can clearly see he edited his hand around the edges and erased his veins. Omg gurls estrogen is so magical it removes arteries

No. 1584845

The mythical "cis" female chaser kek. Right up there with mythical trans-inclusive lesbians, mythical cispassing transwomen, mythical "cis" women jealous of transwomen, their mythical periods, etc.

No. 1584854

File: 1657462697522.jpeg (74.05 KB, 750x604, 357D4CC3-8EE9-4676-8E08-04D9F9…)

No. 1584855

This one is a TiF. It says she was born female in the article.

No. 1584856

File: 1657462945128.jpeg (111.99 KB, 828x1219, 5F943FC9-461B-48D3-959D-CA275E…)

Cope harder Colin.

No. 1584858

true although unfortunately the troons still sperg about how it's bigoted for your sexual orientation to be superstraight all while pining for their lesbians. not only are they homophobic and biphobic, they also invented heterophobia apparently.

No. 1584868

File: 1657464372640.jpg (275.29 KB, 1080x1099, IMG_20220710_154400.jpg)

Based Rowling telling Matt Walsh to fuck off.

No. 1584870

this fucking idiot omg. no, men don't have skene's glands. the female urethral sponge is different from the male spongy urethra. why would he think he'd be able to squirt after getting the chop if he couldn't do it before? they're just hacking away at the bits during surgery, not actually adding any female parts kek. these porn freaks have no understanding of anatomy whatsoever or even the surgeries they're signing up for. I hope he feels like his dream is sufficiently crushed but I get the sense he's too dumb to ever fully grasp the hard truth. those trannies lying about being able to squirt were obviously just ejaculating. we all saw that horrifying gif of how the cum still shoots out of a rot pocket identically to a dick.

No. 1584872

The fuck? I used to be hospitalized or just have consultations at a pediatric hospital on a regular basis for a bit over a decade and whenever I told male nurses I'd rather have a female nurse to run tests on me, especially when I needed to be half naked, they were happy to call their female coworkers and I was never treated as a weirdo for that because everyone understood why a vulnerable teenage girl alone in a big ass hospital for two days straight wouldn't want to be in just her panties in front of a male stranger. I thought that was the norm but I guess that's not the case anymore? And JKR is right, these guys were just waiting for opportunities to say bs all the time, I bet they were staying very quiet a few years ago when being this explicit in their sexism was seen an socially unacceptable.

No. 1584876

not least because this grinning tradcath troll has a gun to defend himself from the troon jihadis

No. 1584877

My admiration for JKR grows exponentially as she uses her platform so effectively. I can't go full rad fem due to a pretty much guaranteed loss of employment like she mentioned. Wish I could show my support for this brave, based queen. And fuck Matt Walsh for blaming women for the rise of troons. Where's the hate for his complicit fellow scrotes? Typical.

No. 1584878

This just reminded me that once when I was getting a therapist, it was with a group that had a lot of TRA-leaning people. I was assigned to a male therapist and since a lot of my bullshit related to a rape I went through, I asked him if I could switch to a female provider. He wasn’t offended in the least and totally got it. These people who get so up in arms over a woman wanting another woman as a doctor/therapist/etc. are totally delusional. Sorry to blog it’s just. Normal people don’t get this upset over this kind of thing. Rapist and pedo men? Yeah. They do.

No. 1584879

Same I really wonder if more women would be brave enough to stand up if it weren’t for her. I know she has a platform of privilege just from her current financial and celebrity status, but it still makes me feel better knowing she has our backs.

No. 1584881

I hope the anons that defended Matt are seeing this. This is what he thinks of women, that we're just weak cowards because he doesn't even realize how we're treated by trannies since he's just a privileged moid with no empathy

No. 1584885

This. Even when they give women platforms to speak on the trans stuff they don’t actually care about women’s plight with it. They’re just trying to boost their own audience’s reasoning for it being something to laugh at and get up in arms over. These men don’t give a shit about women and are just as misogynistic as TiMs, just on the other side.

No. 1584888

I like that Colon and co pretend to forget what words mean when its convenient for them.

No. 1584890

Every woman that unfortunately dates a tranny eventually gets groomed by said tranny to take testosterone it’s so sick and gross.. I’ve seen it happen to my gf with her mtf ex and her ex now did it to the woman he was seeing not long ago

No. 1584891

File: 1657467055026.jpeg (459.17 KB, 828x878, 37308255-E0EC-47CC-AE0F-06B95B…)

kek this samantha lux scrote literally just looks like a gay retard with fetal alcohol syndrome, do these porn addicts think weak facial structure from FAS = passing? women really just are retarded and deformed men to them. gross.

No. 1584895

File: 1657467494565.png (499.04 KB, 647x421, kek.png)

must be face blind

No. 1584896

File: 1657467517759.jpg (464.59 KB, 1536x2048, FW5HZCwWAAEDtAt.jpg)

No. 1584897

Imagine if you said this about race or ethnicity

No. 1584899

File: 1657467991618.jpg (373.76 KB, 1536x2048, FXPX9EgWIAE5YId.jpg)

moob is out

No. 1584905

File: 1657468301343.jpeg (707.69 KB, 1242x1552, 1F9E1E4E-4854-430B-AAF2-F7D10E…)

She’s on it today

No. 1584907

File: 1657468717015.webm (12 MB, 624x1138, MariaClementeGarcia01.webm)

Here's a video of his mantrum

No. 1584911

File: 1657469275469.png (20.38 KB, 687x171, no.png)

another lie they tell themselves kek

No. 1584913

File: 1657469320987.jpg (10.48 KB, 190x281, aQYvG8F.jpg)

I respect her so much for this, more than for calling out troons. This trad scrote has been getting on my last nerve with the way he's profiting off of the situation with his documentary. Fuck this MRA moid to hell and back. He is worse than TRAs.
I'm so glad she's letting that fraction know we want nothing to do with them, since they are already starting to appropriate the situation for themselves. Walsh is already being quoted anywhere where this discussion is being held as if women haven't speaking up about this for years and it enrages me.

No. 1584914

we have reached levels of copium that shouldnt even be possible

No. 1584916

File: 1657469444768.jpg (32.59 KB, 595x304, Z13s7Yk.jpg)

double post but look at this shite. This retard really had some nerve quoting JKR in the first place when most of his tweets look like this kek

No. 1584918

Pretty sure this convoluted justification is a symptom of delusional disorder. But then again he did say mammals can change sex, so nothing new.

No. 1584923

They’re all secretly homophobic and hold stricter views on gender than conservatives.

No. 1584927

>that kikomi hair do

No. 1584932

No they have Mickey Mouse's voice, there's nothing, soft, shy or cute about that.

No. 1584939

The more power weak average men have over women and children, the more entitled and violent they become. It's just miserable. Just look at how fast normal-ish men go insane when they realize they can troon out and shout down women. If I could change any one thing in the developed world, it would be to stop teaching girls that boys are just like them, and their friends. Even in America in 2020 there are men still freaking out because women are allowed to run their own lives. Even the "liberals" get pissy about it and act like they're doing you some grand favor.

No. 1584940

File: 1657471428175.jpg (405 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20220710-123721_Chr…)

Added some replies from his sheep. The hits just keep coming from Colin.

No. 1584941

She's been on it for years now, she's a legend

No. 1584946

I don’t have to go on any nazi sites. They constantly talk about their nazi phases on reddit and twitter.

No. 1584947

God I am so fucking proud of her

No. 1584949

Everyday I love her more and more.

No. 1584953

She really understands that not every woman has the power to be open about what she is thinking. I guess that many of us here have to stay silent in some situations because of fear, might it be losing a job or having aggressive males coming after you. If you don't have a nice cushion made of a lot of money, losing your job can mean ruining your whole life. And if some aggressive male would send death threats to someone not famous, who would care? And if he goes through with it, who cares? She is famous, she is rich and she knows very well what power it gives her and where other women come from and I have every respect for her that she keeps going, because what she experience must feel horrible and frightening.
Also, over all these years guys told us to be silent, to shut up, to not stand up for ourselves, to not educate ourselves, they did everything in their power to make us small. Their silent, nice looking sidepiece, only alive to take care of their wishes. We learned to suppress our emotions, we learned to hide our pain better than any guy out there, we learned to grow up fast, we learned what others expected of us and now we have to be the ones that are strong and have a backbone, while most men lack independence and balls? Maybe it's time that men will stand up for us and protect women like they always say they would do, according to them, they are the strong ones, so why not stepping behind us and protecting us from the fallout of whatever comes after us when we speak up? (Yes, I know, will never happen, we still have to do everything while we have to care for those adult babies)

No. 1584954

File: 1657472558498.png (420.1 KB, 828x826, godihatetumblr.png)

Tumblr is still retarded

No. 1584956

Man FINALLY someone does. Matt's an annoying cunt with a serious mother and/or wife wound, I'm sure of it.

No. 1584960

Sounds like he has a cold

No. 1584966

File: 1657473922152.jpg (62.12 KB, 358x550, tumblr_o2ussfdXdK1sndzdgo1_400…)

>looked just like a woman

No. 1584967

>I have every respect for her that she keeps going, because what she experience must feel horrible and frightening.

She is very literally a hero for standing up to these violent bullies, it's kind of wonderful.

No. 1584968

That's the most boomerish hashtag misuse I've ever seen from anybody under 40.

No. 1584970

What an annoying moid. Hope they threw him out. The woman who shouted "No woman is born a whore!" and the one shouting "That's right!" are very based.

No. 1584972

That's how people use hashtags on tumblr. It's the opposite of boomer

No. 1584976

File: 1657474650443.jpeg (13.29 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

No. 1584985

The entirety of trans ideology comes down to "a woman is a born whore". I wish everyone understood this. Any and all of their behavior makes sense if you keep this in mind

No. 1584992

>thought policing
It was a random video about CSA, and the only relevance it had to this thread was that he’s detrans. Other than that it was completely irrelevant and anon just wanted to go on a diatribe about how he’s lying about some pretty intimate abuse. If you’re going to act mentally ill then expect your replies to treat you like you’re mentally ill. Get over it.

No. 1584994

they tell on themselves by posting it on twitter
There were a couple of examples that were posted here but I can't remember which threads they were.

No. 1584996

Talking about a tranny in a tranny thread is irrelevant, got it

No. 1584998

File: 1657477095872.jpg (83.34 KB, 485x907, chloe8.jpg)

No. 1584999

Please provide a complete list of what kinds of sex pests are off grounds for suspicion, so we won't offend your sensibilities in the future.

No. 1585001

is this moid trying to use some sort of reverse psychology to get women to send him pics of thier vagina? i'll believe a porn sick troon might send him that but real women don't do that like who's he trying to fool?

I think some troons know, and that they're deliberately trying to fool handmaidens into thinking it's just the white conservatie karens who opposes them. So they can point to their bigotry of racism, anti-choice etc, even though it's all things that GC terfs already hate and disagree with. It's why they're so violently saying "don't even listen to them" because if they do they'd know the troons were lying all along and the so called terfs were right. I constantly see handmaidens say "trans people would never do/say that" about things they say and do all the time, and you have maidens thinking Rowling is homophobic when she's one of the few authors who dared to have a powerful gay character in a childrens book series.

No. 1585002

File: 1657477416582.jpg (86 KB, 740x729, chloe7.jpg)

No. 1585005

File: 1657477652163.jpeg (171.74 KB, 982x1357, FWrV8R8X0AAkH0A.jpeg)

Being trans has nothing to do with this, this is the majority of men.

No. 1585007

File: 1657477749873.jpg (160.89 KB, 1135x1078, FXQO0k3X0AAxaWa.jpg)

No. 1585008

Sorry for blogsperging, but that troon saying this thread won't change anything is wrong. I was literally peaked from my friend sending me this thread, and I have since kept showing and telling the normies around me about all the troons posted here. This thread has helped inform a lot of people about troonism, and given us hope and courage to speak up for women's rights. All while letting us get some good keks over gross delusional troons, which always brightens my day.

No. 1585014

File: 1657478542834.jpg (121.1 KB, 640x853, tumblr_16786cf09c5ec95d5c4278c…)

Another lovely "dyke"

No. 1585019

File: 1657478828505.jpg (95.08 KB, 540x728, tumblr_6f456bbe01e701f6463e269…)

Just let your gunt hang out of a crop top, that looks great.

No. 1585020

it's obvious they're a newfag because the speed these threads fill up these days is insane

No. 1585021

File: 1657479049163.jpg (149.25 KB, 540x720, tumblr_9c2a6f0db29d3a64249c4bc…)

Here's one whose tan lines tell on how often he goes out like this.

No. 1585022

This ain’t Britney broski with a faceapp filter?

No. 1585026

any real woman would be absolutely destroyed for this and get hollered at and heckled and verbally insulted on the streets by everyone who passes. But when a tranny does it its stunning and brave. im sick to bastard death of this

No. 1585029

Women do it all the time and crop tops are super popular. They get ostracized publicly as well unless they’re in a majorly liberal area, it’s different irl than it is on the internet.

No. 1585033

they see dollars signs and a patient too mentally ill and delusional to see their work for what it is. some might think they are doing the world a favor by castrating mentally ill perverts / predatory homosexuals.

No. 1585039

damn, Danzig ain't looking too good these days.

No. 1585042

This thread is INFESTED with trannies. Some time ago I mentioned a fandom space that is mostly female here (a bright fucking idea) and lo and behold, a coomer tranny appeared in it right after. He took over the whole space talking about his fetishes. Be careful what you post nonnas.

No. 1585043

you get called Islamophobic for bringing this up. there was a documentary about the war in Afghanistan and how the soldiers were briefed in this practice and to ignore it when they see allied generals doing it.

No. 1585045

/g/ is also full of larping scrotes

No. 1585047

why do teenage boys want to sexual signal to older men? in comparison to the bacha bazi pic above this stuff is insane

No. 1585052

File: 1657482140019.jpg (134.68 KB, 1026x668, Screenshot_20220710_223642.jpg)

These people literally silence women on daily basis by threatening their jobs, their safety and their lives, yet they have the galls to cry about being silenced? Ugh.

No. 1585057

Yeah, it’s a whole lie and a half. The amount of normies I see … not liking or going along with the tranny menace agenda is growing. It’s not like how it was like two years ago. They’re all a bunch of freaks.

No. 1585071

That makes at least two of us who peaked here, nonna. I peaked after coming across the old GC threads here 4 years ago. They're desperate. They know their allies are browsing places like this.

No. 1585074

I hope the blatant pedoshit promotion these past few months has peaked a lot of people. I've been peaked for years, and the sudden swing into full blown public child grooming double peaked me. It also peaked me on regular gay men who are enthusiastic the same way as troons.

No. 1585079

They were groomed to believe that being a degenerate is a good thing and that it will give them all the love that daddy never gave to them.
I bet 20 dollars that the kids posting pictures of themselves on Reddit with retarded programmer socks and maid dresses are in discord grooming groups surrounded by autopedophiles telling them about the magic of horse piss pills and chopping their dicks off.

No. 1585088

Exactly this, I don't know when the first thread started but I remember seeing it on ot maybe and thinking how I love lc, shame about the transphobia! I even hid the thread until I had had enough and wanted to post a e-bugging troon and as I was doing that, I just skimmed through the thread and boom, peaked. Slowly peaking friends too by showing this thread.

No. 1585093

i might be super lost here but isn’t owlturd just a dude? is he transing now???

No. 1585098

It's edited I assume

No. 1585102

Same. I got shit from certain feminists online for not supporting him and was told to shut up and back him up, so fucking glad JK is also calling him out now.

No. 1585110

File: 1657490362540.jpg (19.36 KB, 225x350, 2829903219dd1c4b94e0a3528862a9…)

Like Limpida they all blame women for their troonery and if this ends that will become their official cope.
The way tradscrotes, kiwifags, etc. talk about this subject is almost as if they deserve a reward (i.e. become their fuckhole) for not being an AGP coomer, because if they weren't so """noble"""" they'd have become insane troomers squirting their scrote slime in kids bathrooms years ago. That was one of the things that peaked me on how all cuckchan and discord scrotes seamlessly transition from /polr9k/ to /tttt/ and back again so easily. Along with the pedophilia, scrote 'tism and loli-fagging of course… like the fact left-wing troon accounts on twitter and Nazi scrotes have pic related as an avatar 90 percent of the time with the same typing style is not just a coincidence.

Left-wing scrotes themselves are identical however, they just cloak it in passive-aggression. Hasan, Vaush, etc. act as if it's women's divine place in the universe to take fists to the face from angry troomers and certain other groups of scrotes, otherwise we must be killed and gulaged.
I'm beginning in some ways to think someone like Cynthia G is right: men are innately jealous of women and project their own fears of immodesty and being groomed (by other scrotes) onto us

No. 1585111

Yes, and most trannies read this thread to post trannies they don't like (i sideeye so hard when someone post those reddit post with no reactions or those twitter posts with no likes) and digitally self harm themselves (and since troons are terminally online i guess that is pretty bad for them but i wish they could do some irl self harming for a change). The problem is that they're in /g/ now LARPing as abused woman for fapping purposes and the autistic anons eat them up, /g/ is even more unreadable than /ot/ nowdays

No. 1585113

This thread fully radicalized me against pornsick males, with or without horsepiss. It re-peak me in a way because i was an edgy teenage "radfem" at 12 without a way to articulate what truly disturbed me so i was all edge with no sustance, know i know where my boundaries are and what was my problem from the start.

No. 1585116

Matt Walsh is as egotistical and cringey as a troon. If he was a leftist, he would troon out for sure. Same coin, different side.

No. 1585129

This vid was recommended to me and I actually watched the whole thing.
The first half of the video goes over the definition of woman as a social/economic class, citing other feminist works, and it actually makes sense. But then he conveniently sidesteps the definition of woman as a sex class. In the end, he even can't define it despite identifying as one. Also the reason why he's trans is because he "feels a connection to the women in his life". Okay? Why not just be a GNC man? Why does having a particular closeness to femininity and the ability to feel emotional connection to women make you think you're not a man? I really don't understand trans people.

No. 1585135

File: 1657494024641.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x2043, 5F091735-2138-4B47-8EF1-94AC02…)

Faye mikah has stopped owning the TERFs on Twitter and is now positing transition timelines!

No. 1585142

What is with his under eye circles and gray skin?

No. 1585147

You know, this makes me think about the conversations I've had with multiple people about how they think transgenderism is ridiculous. And these people were normie men/women/girls/boys. I didn't even have to bring it up.

I had such conversations when I was out of state for school, back home, traveling around, with people of all ages in all walks of life. I figure most people who are outspokenly pro-trans are just trying to be good. They think they're the equivalent of white people fighting for desegregation or something. I believe most people have good intentions.

All that is to say, its made me realize opposition to this is not that much of an unpopular opinion. I'm not concerned whether or not this stuff will eventually come to a halt, it 100% will, its really just a matter of when.

No. 1585148

File: 1657495599707.png (712.65 KB, 745x1256, 5C0D37DE-3F81-4628-BBC0-90DC96…)

Gay moid defending TiMs think women piss out of our vaginas. Men don’t know anything about female anatomy, more news at 11.

No. 1585149

>They can cum

No. 1585151

File: 1657495948378.jpeg (83.04 KB, 828x958, 45A4456A-164D-4427-A890-AA7AE8…)

Same scrote. No double standards to see here! Get to work sucking the girl dick, lesbians.

No. 1585152

File: 1657495998574.png (620.99 KB, 2048x961, chrome_screenshot_165749597983…)

No. 1585155

these peoples lives are without struggle so they resort to mutilating themselves for stimulation.

No. 1585156

I am begging, someone should ask his opinion on ftm dick

No. 1585157

File: 1657496403206.png (1.38 MB, 828x5277, 5DA0DC9A-4962-47D7-BBFF-3E9E2F…)

No. 1585158

Lies from the very first tweet. There are shit tons of straight people pretending to be gay these days. You couldn't say that a decade ago, but these days it's absolutely true.

No. 1585159

I bet you this is the same guy who stole leafy's chin who featured in the previous thread saying he looks more cis than most women but also would rather "kill himself" than be a cis woman. He knows reality, and the level of cope is making him run in circles lol.

No. 1585165

I just hope it makes nonnas feel a little better about themselves to know how much cope these moids are filled with.

No. 1585167

Where did the freckles come from?

No. 1585171

The same place that made His lips shrink, his chin shrink, and his nose as well. Dude needs to lay off the facetune/snow lmao

No. 1585177

File: 1657498852202.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1869, FC08A555-3CD2-472D-842A-C48571…)

I don’t understand how it’s become that men can do laughable cosplays as poor as this and still be treated with the same respect and regard as women, if not more…

No. 1585182

File: 1657499620562.jpeg (494.15 KB, 1170x1487, E69933B5-7436-496C-A9AE-FB48ED…)

I love it when TRAs completely misinterpret “one is not born but rather becomes a woman” as women being a feeling rather than a set of restrictive roles imposed on females since birth. Sorry for radfem sperg.

No. 1585188

I think you’re right, my experiences with normies are the same. All my friends are ardent leftists too. I’m convinced that people are just scared of being “cancelled” so they just grin and bear it. Non-troons who genuinely and actively advocate for muh trans rights are mentally ill and you cannot convince me otherwise

No. 1585190

File: 1657500788184.jpg (395.7 KB, 1406x1440, 1657387777017.jpg)

No. 1585203

Kek this needs a jumpscare warning, I can smell this image and feel the non-consentual touching from here

No. 1585212

>all of the angry trannies sending pictures and videos filtered and edited to hell and back of "passing" trannies
Kek, and the unnecessary angry moid sending her a death threat, classy totally not insane male in a dress. It's so shitty that she had to private her account, she probably got flooded with gore and other shit.

No. 1585217

You don't have to "learn how to be a woman". It's ingrained in you. It is what you are, no matter how you act or dress. I can't tell if this water-head is being stupid on purpose or not. They missed the whole fucking point.

No. 1585222

I couldn't find this account or this qrt, did she get banned for this based reply?

No. 1585225

Probably went private after getting sent death threats by totally mentally stable troons

No. 1585228

File: 1657505598467.png (24.44 KB, 590x266, 45363456456.PNG)

Sorry not sorry for not wanting to date a dude in a dress. So preferences are transphobic now? Lol

No. 1585234

>So preferences are transphobic now?
Have been for a while

No. 1585237

That argument is retarded because if a bi man doesn't want to date a gay man, doesn't mean he's homophobic, he just doesn't like the gay man asking for him to suck his dick.
I'm using men because giving an example with lesbians nowadays is useless because trannies would try to use any retarded argument against it, meanwhile, men and gay men are never discussed.
Also, they love to be a group when a woman rejects a fucking ugly moid in his 30's dressed up like a 15 years old zoomer, but not when one of them sexually harass women and children.
So if you reject a moid in a dress, you're somehow transphobique, because, come on, who wouldn't want to fuck a fatass in tight ass plastic clothes and his deceased mom's underwear? The 0.00000000000000000001% that looks less disgusting if you don't stare for too long at their pictures are videos are definitely the same moids that flood every subreddit and Twitter hashtag with selfies in their dirty ass rooms with their ratty wigs or balding rat's nests that they call hair, ugly outfits, and filters overworking so much that the fainting Chinese workshop workers making the plastic bullshit they buy with their retarded programmer socks feel bad about them.
The retard going
>let me post some actually attractive moids womanfacing
Is disgusting, because of course, only posts the 000000000000000000000000000000000000000,01% of moids that looks less disgusting if you don't look at them for too long, it reads like a fucking conversion therapy
>oh, you don't like the average moid? Well, with enough money he can look like this
Fuck off, I really hope nobody falls for that shit and whoever believes in that shit should get pointed and laughed at for being utterly retarded.

No. 1585239

File: 1657508800827.jpeg (137.21 KB, 827x800, 94C645EA-E8EF-4193-97B0-CF66D5…)

The delusion…

No. 1585242

The moid in the back is the tranny, the woman is actually working while the moid fantasizes about skinwalking her and being revered in some imaginary ancient society.

No. 1585254

File: 1657510144888.gif (2.14 MB, 500x288, tumblr_537bfadf2825148d505b2c0…)

The transwoman being the bearded person in the back, I assume, since even with all the technology, hrt, surgery and beauty products we have in 2022 95% of transwomen do not pass and definitely wouldn't have passed without those things

No. 1585266

File: 1657511826294.jpeg (389.96 KB, 1125x862, C475A3A3-2A2E-429E-A468-6E7BA2…)

This sub is so depressing. 95% of it is women struggling horribly with their moids transitioning and getting no advice. Often they’re trying to be supportive and accepting but the moid is being selfish, childish or emotionally abusive and they’re afraid to leave him because it would be twansphobic.

No. 1585282

File: 1657514119309.jpg (379.5 KB, 1080x1350, 5e.jpg)

No. 1585317

And who is socialized in this way, specifically? Who is being policed? Who is being taught 'how to be a woman'? It must be exhausting living with this level of cognitive dissonance.

No. 1585350

You have to go to gender studies class to learn any of this bullshit

No. 1585351

File: 1657522841323.jpg (584.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220711-030011_Boo…)

It's literally just a costume to them.

No. 1585354

>You’ve reached a point of being so devoid of any empathy for men that you are immediately suspicious
Wow more women need to aspire to be like this.

No. 1585355

Why do they never use any photos of actual transwomen?

No. 1585362

File: 1657524623034.jpg (623.23 KB, 810x2576, Screenshot_20220711-032215_Boo…)

>Natty vaginas stink too.
They get the festering hole they deserve:

No. 1585363

File: 1657524649548.jpg (657.26 KB, 810x2463, Screenshot_20220711-032320_Chr…)

No. 1585365

Vaginas do have a natural smell but if you have a "fairly strong smell" right out of the shower you just aren't washing properly. That's the one time mine has zero smell.

No. 1585366

>Men who identify as women still think women pee from our vaginas
They're just like us!

No. 1585367

I sidestep a lot of stuff on here and this isn’t really related to the screenshot but I genuinely would like to know why people aren’t allowed to say I am not comfortable navigating this genitalia sexually, sorry and it isn’t enough for anyone. It’s kind of scary that people are not seeing this is an acceptable response in any manner. Nobody owes you sex.

No. 1585368

Way to take the post out of context. I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for men for the things they do, but that was a CSA victim literally just discussing CSA and there were no holes in his story or any indication of dishonesty. My sentiment is more along the lines of the fact that if brainrot is preventing you from empathizing with someone who was brutally sexually abused by their own father, then you’re just a very sad person with little emotional intelligence.

No. 1585378

Nta, but newfag go waste your energy on 4chan telling incel men who think assaulting women and having their rights taken is based to have empathy for women. Like pedophiles (which are 99% men) lie about being molested as children because they know the jury will go easier on them, anon has every right to believe troons would lie similarly.

No. 1585384

>You’ve reached a point of being so devoid of any empathy for men that you are immediately suspicious
>Wow more women need to aspire to be like this.

ily anon, honestly the idea women should not be suspicious of moids, in this thread of all places, the "men dressing up as women and threatening to get you arrested if you don't agree they are a natal female" thread, like yes we will be fucking suspicious of men holy shit.

No. 1585389

Womanhood is when you're an adult female human. That's it. Of course you're not born know how to be a woman, you're born as a baby girl and become a woman by becoming older. What a fag, he thought he was smart for saying long words he doesn't even understand.

No. 1585390

File: 1657529846998.jpeg (521.68 KB, 750x1237, C846A4E0-5780-4BE0-9CD1-60C782…)

no, you will never be accepted as a lesbian because you’re a man. there’s no such thing as a male lesbian.

No. 1585391

They're making transphobia to be a good thing now, since they're saying having boundaries is a hate crime. They're shooting themselves in the foot all the time like it's not going to backfire. Can't wait for when it does.

No. 1585393

File: 1657530803128.jpeg (666.35 KB, 828x1386, 480E1B69-1055-47F0-B74E-CE36F6…)

I found this kind of weird, idk, being in an elevator and randomly trauma dumping about hating being trans. I know I’m being nitpicky but I’d find it strange

No. 1585394

I’m fortunate enough to have never been personally victimised by any males but that doesn’t stop me from being immediately suspicious of each and every one of them
Right? It’s innate. It’s our biology, not something we choose or learn. These moids are fuck tards

No. 1585395

File: 1657531427028.gif (3.21 MB, 130x191, 1655371220784.gif)

I hate moids who get molested since they just turn into porn addicted freak sissies, pedo rapists, or both. Men aren't human enough to cry over. You're more sad about his rape than he is. The only reason he's upset is because he's ugly and can't be a sexy female fuck object and recreate his sexual "trauma".
cope seethe dilate

No. 1585397

Its been 2 days and you're all still sperging about some random video of an ex tranny crying about his csa. Honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised if some degen male with a humiliation fetish posted that video as bait. This thread is infested with scrotes and troons anyway and so many of you are absolutely frothing at the mouth to fling yourself at any and all moidposted bait

No. 1585400

Weirdos sometimes try to strike a conversation with random strangers in that kind of situation, or in public transport, or queues, etc. It's annoying as fuck. So I'm willing to believe that this isn't a complete fiction.

No. 1585401

I just remembered this. I was in a discord that had a feminism channel that held a voice chat for the women but for some reason was allowed by the female creator to be run by a TiM and also the first person called upon to share their opinions was the other TiM and I can't remember why I was called on to speak but I said something along the lines of 'uhh how come the first two people to speak on this aren't even natal women' and the second troon spazzed out and left the feminism channel and didn't come back kek

No. 1585402

Damn kek how did the other people react?

No. 1585403

I literally posted in this thread twice today lol ur not reeling it back with your lame ass meta commentary and harebrained scrote accusations. Embarrassing.

I don't feel bad for some pedo who realized he was too ugly to larp his womanface fetish. moids don't realize the error of their ways on a moral level they are utilitarian coomers with no human souls, hope this helps x

No. 1585404

No one really said anything besides the female leader saying like 'let's keep it on topic blah blah' which sucks bc she's a terf but she didn't want to lose members to her discord by being outwardly terfish. the chat was made up of mostly radfems so… kek

No. 1585406

If he ended up actually speaking you just know he would have gone on about how sex work is work, trans women are women, and the cotton curling is discrimination on the same level as slavery.

No. 1585407

Wait so why did the TIMs even want to be there if almost everyone was a radfem or terf? They're so stupid. I bet everyone else secretly agreed with you.

No. 1585408


No. 1585411

Moids have a compulsion to invade all female spaces regardless of whether or not they're wanted. If men respected women's boundaries rape wouldn't be a thing.

No. 1585415

Their homophobia is rampant and disgusting. "surely lesbians will want want my dick" No they won't, never ever. Because they're lesbians. It used to be extremely rare for me to see anything homophobic (I live in an open accepting place) and when it happened people would roll their eyes and call it out. The past 3 years I've seen a lot of extreme homophobia and it's exclusively from trans people, and anyone who calls it out gets called transphobic and thrown out. I don't understand how any gay person is still onboard with supporting trans people at this point, they're not even trying to hide their homophobia.

No. 1585418

> Its really making me start to wonder if there's a lot of lesbians that are just going to naturally not be into me because I have a penis
START to wonder? I can't believe this is what this bullshit delusional ideology has come to lmao imagine saying this in all seriousness. Yes, every single lesbian on earth is naturally not attracted to you because you are a male and always will be? You encapsulate everything they're not attracted to, otherwise they would be bisexual. Oh my fucking god nonnas I'm tired

No. 1585422

Every single time. Men and birthgivers. Men and menstruators. Men and people with vaginas.

>Can men and other non-menstruating individuals using period tracking apps cause enough chaos to interfere with abortion prosecution?

Sounds like this Hannah Docter-Loeb knows EXACTLY who the men are and that they don't menstruate. Sounds a bit terfy and transphobic to me, she should watch her back before she gets canelled!

No. 1585424

Take the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs and post it as is and I assure you it'll be seen as nothing more than incel ramblings. Wild how you slap a flag on it and becomes acceptable.

No. 1585426

transgenderism feels more and more like a special interest autists have, only they'll attack you if you don't find gender as interesting as they do

No. 1585427

Nah I thinks it's a woman. Her hands are daintier than those of a moid.

No. 1585428

Her face is perfectly feminine, are you blind? She has some slack on her crotch. Jfc a woman can have a straight body shape, that doesn't make her a tranny.
I'm tinfoiling that this anon is an actual tranny trying to psyop us into believing black women are masculine again

No. 1585429

Might be, I think the bulge was sus though. Deleted just in case that really is an actual woman

No. 1585430

this one I don't think so, but H&M is infested with tranny models, it fucking sucks to see clothes modelled by linebacker shoulders and 1:1 hips to waist ratio. hate to see their adam's apples and huge man skulls

No. 1585434

File: 1657540960411.jpg (306.52 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_20220711-080141_Boo…)

Anything less than fucking them is unacceptable.

No. 1585437

File: 1657541161893.jpeg (782.61 KB, 1284x1215, F53C16AE-7FAA-4A99-A3B0-685A0C…)

This is another example that I saw the other day. Pregnant people and men. Interesting. And how do they know who these “men” are? I wonder what makes them “men’?

No. 1585439

It’s incredibly insulting that they’re boiling down an entire culture around lesbianism to fucking “pastels or biker chick”. They’re all about telling other people to learn “trans history” but can’t be assed to learn anything about the history of anything else they claim to be (women, lesbians, etc).

No. 1585442

Can you stop derailing? No one cares that you're an ~empath~ and care so much about the poor moids

No. 1585445

nonnie I'm Crying hahahhaah

No. 1585449

Nonna you’ve got to understand that this isn’t the place to die on this hill. Women come to this thread because we’re tired of men’s bullshit all the way around and don’t feel like coddling any of them whatsoever, because we’re expected to do it so much irl from birth to death. When something bad happens to them, it’s almost like schadenfreude at times because so many women go through this same shit and aren’t taken seriously either of it just sets them up for more trauma from men. Just let people get it out of their systems here because right now there are so few places we can do that. Sometimes it really is just as simple as saying “well, men say and do similar and much worse in person and online so we are going to too”. Do you think any male online would give a shit if it were a woman in the vid instead of the man? No, they’d be saying she deserved it or talking about how she looks, what they would do to her, etc. I’m honestly glad women are waking up to how little men care about us and how disturbing their thoughts about us. If you don’t agree, you’re entitled to that, but so is everyone else to think and say what they want about it.

No. 1585451

Now the troon is probably over on r/MTF gloating like “I met a cis woman and she was totally jealous of me! I guess I pass now”

No. 1585453

Even if this happened why would you write an entire post patting yourself on the back for it? It’s like people just want good boy points for being decent at customer service at work. Okay?

No. 1585459

File: 1657543534493.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1831, A4973559-5BCB-4E42-A025-2B903D…)

No child should be forced to be an activist for anything. This woman is actively taking away her son’s childhood.

No. 1585461

do the know, that kai is a male name? or maybe she named her child that on purpose, if he turns out to only be a gay boy

No. 1585462

It’s the equivalent of giving the homeless money and feeling good afterwards
> for some reason I felt so much lighter

No. 1585463

File: 1657544610658.png (2.09 MB, 824x2468, D1D6F39B-EFA6-4CA7-AC0E-CFBF2B…)

No. 1585467

I was like wtf is wrong with his frog neck? And then i realized he stuffed his fat disgusting chest into a breast plate that doesn't even match his skin

No. 1585468

File: 1657544975264.jpg (93.02 KB, 748x433, zipgexs074a91.jpg)

I sympathize with mothers whose porn addicted sons or yaoi brain rotted daughters troon out, but this is imo even worse, to destroy the body of your own child and gaslight into thinking they are trans, for woke fame, like Jesus Christ


this article features another underage trans child 'activist" who was made an activist by their narc mom

No. 1585478

65% of male child molester admit they lie about being csa victims to get sympathy during the trial. Women don’t lie about assault. Men do. They should be judged and looked at critically. They love doing it to us. They commit 91% of violent crime. 99% of rape on top of that. What violent men do to other violent men is none of our concern. Fuck them.

No. 1585480

>5 Dykes
>attention from a drunk bunch of lesbians Dykes
dude has only got one hand on the wheel. gross, I hope he crashes

No. 1585482

Honestly do not know why a moid-sympathising handmaiden would even be in this thread, it's probably a tranny or a male.

No. 1585485

I can't help but remember the multiple stories I've read where a woman asked for help after being raped, only to be subsequently raped by several more men that night. Or a woman who was stranded on the road, asked for help, and got gangraped, set on fire and murdered.
Or how men look up these rape and murder videos on porn sites after reading them in the news.
Strange men don't sympathise with us, in fact they take the opportunity to strike when they see weakness.
We should reserve sympathy only for family and friends, not strange males who are very unlikely to return the favour, and may even take the opportunity to harm us given the same situation.

No. 1585487

The friends and family moids have a strong chance of getting of on it too. A lot of older women will never tell you tell your abuse to another scrote. They’ll just use it. Women are not therapists or rehabs for broken men. They can suck it up or go check themselves into a ward since this the world they built. Stop sympathy farming for moids.

No. 1585490

the men making these assumptions about themselves are usually the Most debased motherfuckres you've ever seen. you will never be higher than the average man, meaning man as in human, you will never be more than an ape. you are not close to god. you cannot create. you merely ape your ideals, eat shit and produce other waste.

No. 1585494

File: 1657546429059.png (106.34 KB, 602x858, 720C6319-039B-442C-AAAF-7920F4…)

I’m agreeing with your first point, but telling you your male friends and family members will probably do the same as the rest Noni.
Anyway did you know Terfs kill on sight?

No. 1585495

Why are you mad at me? I’m on your side. Did you not read what I wrote? How does my post >>1585449 come off as handmaiden? I’m saying literally the same shit as you while trying to get nonna to wake the fuck up.

No. 1585496

Where did I defend my male relatives? I hate all men equally, my scrote kin included.

No. 1585497

nta but the issue wasn't that anyone was sympathizing with the detrans scrote. Franky I also dgaf about male abuse victims. The issue was that op was writing an entire paragraph sperging and clearly projecting for no reason and in turn completely derailing the thread. Which is why I think the initial poster must've been a male because a lot of the claims they made sound like the exact shit people throw at female csa victims. I think this was done on purpose to get everyone riled up and infighting
In any case, the alleged male csa victim doesn't even deserve all this attention

No. 1585501

>>Strange men don't sympathise with us
>> We should reserve sympathy only for family and friends, not strange males who are very unlikely to return the favour
Your word choice isn’t clear and can be read that family and friends are moids who deserve sympathy, I’m sorry if you weren’t implying family and friends can be men and women. It wasn’t clear and looks like you defending men you know in a roundabout way. I don’t assume all anons are the same.

No. 1585504

nta - Ive become so used to to gender madness that automatically I read "my scrote kin" as scrote-kin, as though it was some new gender identity.

No. 1585506

File: 1657547241513.jpeg (391.17 KB, 1284x765, 741591C2-F70B-4DCE-99D8-12F74E…)

kek I hope it made you laugh at least. Anyway, sorry for infighting but it felt like anons read my post weirdly or something. I’m not sure. I’m not on the side of moids and think the original nona who defended the CSA guy is an idiot. Anyway, here’s something to make up for it. How do these idiots not realize they have male privilege? He has all the rights of every person and THEN some.

No. 1585507

His whole story reads more like a sexual fantasy of his.

No. 1585508

Why does he want to be equal when his current status as a tim puts him leagues above the status of a real women?

No. 1585510

I think there's at least one other nonna you're replying to thinking it's me (friends and family sympathy poster), the anons above aren't me except for >>1585485 >>1585482

I meant more to say if any bleeding hearts insist on sympathising with a male, at least reserve that for known risks (friends and family) versus actual strange men.
Not discounting the dangers known scrotes also pose to women. It's a big topic but it just seems excessively naive to waste sympathy on stranger-moids given what they do to us when we're in need.

No. 1585512

File: 1657547453078.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1689, E1F99F15-E523-4C60-B63F-38577D…)

This comment
>”I wouldn’t have sex with you” is the new “as long as you don’t hit on me”
No the fuck it isn’t. Women have a right to say NO to men. Men have a right to say no to other men too. Guess what, people can have sex or not have sex with anyone they want! You can’t compare that male milquetoast homophobia of “no homo lel” to women declining sex with predatory men who have often lurked around to try and get lesbians to fuck them. I hate them so much.

No. 1585514

kek the reason he doesn't see "anything terfish" on reddit is because reddit tranny powermods blow any user even alluding to the fact that there's a difference between women and males into orbit

No. 1585518

"unreasonable expectation" sir lesbians are sharing their lived experiences of men including transwomen trying to guilt trip and gaslight them into sleeping with them despite them knowing these women are lesbians, or even because they are lesbians. They see and experience it, which is why they try to make it as clear as possible by saying they won't have sex with you. There is no ambiguity, lesbians do not ever want to sleep with men, amab, tims, troons, males, people with dicks. Take your gross bigoted homophobia and leave.

No. 1585520

>those people are reachable
They just need to try OUR dicks and then they’ll get it. How are these men any different than any other man again?

No. 1585524

These moms who trans out their kids are perfect examples of munchausen by proxy, or FDIA as it's now called. It's scary how common it is now and how they all cheer each other on for being such "good mothers" after trooning out kids as young as 2 years old. Jazz Jennings is a really clear case of it.

No. 1585534

There’s nothing wrong with giving money to the homeless or paying a stranger a compliment, but running to Reddit to write an essay patting yourself on the back about it is cringe af. One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of handmaidens is that they aren’t driven by kindness or even liking troons, just virtue signaling to look like “good” libfems in front of other people.

No. 1585541

Mte, I’ve always been under the impression that “good”, humble people just do things to be kind because it’s usually the right thing to do (although not at the expense of someone taking advantage of you, you shouldn’t let people walk over you). But I’m just saying, the people who are doing things out of the goodness of their hearts or whatever aren’t usually doing it to be rewarded, that’s just kind of how they are. That’s another thing I kind of hate in regards to all this, the idea that virtue signaling related to going against your intuition somehow makes you a better person. “Oh, I’m not like those other women who don’t want you in our bathrooms. You’re always welcome to pee next to me,” some woman says, but inside she is fighting natural suspicion. That’s how it was in my case as a TRA at least, was still afraid of men but thought they were somehow different and I should walk on eggshells for them.

No. 1585544

I feel sympathy for children (female and male) who are abused. In fact my only real sympathies are with women & children, because they’re helpless to male violence. I do not trust adult males complaining about being molested. Too many of them have been caught lying for sympathy, plus even if he’s telling the truth who cares? What are we supposed to do about it? Take it to a therapist’s office.

No. 1585549

This just made me think of how women ARE expected to coddle men like that and many do because they’re sympathetic towards sexual trauma, but then men just use those same men as examples to hold up in womens faces like “seeeeee men get raped tooo” while not ever doing a damned thing to help those men and just acting like it’s womens problem to fix somehow.

No. 1585558

Ayrt and yup. No one should get abused, but I’ve noticed when moids discuss abuse there’s often an ulterior motive to trauma dump on strangers for sympathy, or to derail from the epidemic of abuse against women & girls on some #MenToo bullshit. I’d also feel a lot more sympathy if they held their fellow moids accountable for their violence, but they protect & cover for each other and at this point I wish they’d just go abuse each other and leave us alone.

No. 1585579

not to be dramatic but this shit always sounds like corrective rape to me. i literally can't believe that people don't see this as homophobic.

No. 1585585

You’re not being dramatic at all imo. That’s basically what they’re trying to do.

No. 1585589

It is literally corrective rape. Some of them admit that being open to trannies isn't enough if you're not actively dating them. Lesbians aren't allowed to date women without being considered transphobic.

No. 1585593

are you that weepy ftm from ot or a triggered moid?

No. 1585600

Imo this one looks more female in the face due to facial fillers, which many larping troids could benefit from to soften their man skulls, but despite the pillow face look that is rivaling gangnam unnies of Korea, you'll still be able to clock his male physique IRL.
I've told troons and moids this for a long time and they still don't listen to women who say that IRL there's 'cues' and little things like shoulders, hips, gait, and other subconscious things that all add together to 'clock' them. This is why it's virtually impossible to transition. Even if you were 'perfectly passing' you would still never escape the mental hell/obsession that they seem to have about it.

No. 1585602

Nvm I looked at the picture again and for some reason his eye/forehead area is giving 'man'. Maybe it's due to his lack of eyelashes kek. It turns out that the nose job and cheek and lip filler aren't enough, sir.

No. 1585610

And his life is nothing like a woman's. I like pop music and every Kim Petras fan I've ever met is a twinky gay male who uses "cunt" to describe everything. And yes, Kim Petras's fanbase is truly an absurd amount of gay men, take it from a pop fan who is used to gay men being the biggest fans of pop divas but also knows of a lot of female fans as well (which Kim Petras doesn't have hmm). He's literally a eunuch with a career influenced by other old moids who write shit like Slut Pop. I wonder if he's deeply depressed having no sexuality and yet singing about sex 24/7? I feel bad for him tbh.

No. 1585613

i saw so many trannies with kids in austin

No. 1585620

File: 1657557371197.png (4.07 MB, 2463x1947, D7539FE2-7893-47B6-89ED-B67D66…)

Can someone tell me why this same white moid who tried to get a lesbian bar shut down is being honored in an article for women’s day in Japan? These are from two different articles sorry for any confusion.
Here’s one about the lesbian bar - https://shingetsunewsagency.com/2019/06/06/lesbian-bar-in-tokyo-hit-by-transgender-controversy/
And the one honoring him - https://metropolisjapan.com/international-womens-day-2022/

No. 1585624

“Slut Pop” has some of the most masculine lyrics I’ve ever read, and makes it 100% clear he’s a eunuch who feels nothing below the waist. Even female singers & rappers who perform sexually explicit lyrics refer to a woman’s pleasure at some point. All his lyrics are bragging about his bolt-ons and sucking dick. Nothing about feeling any pleasure himself, just what he can do for moid boners. Every song is cold, bleak, anhedonic and male-centric.

No. 1585625

Wtf is this list? A white tranny, a porn star…

No. 1585631

Pig. He knows exactly what he's doing. I fucking hate men.

No. 1585634

>co-founder of […] WAIFU
of course

No. 1585638

What is up with this dude always posing in 3/4th angle? It's kinda creepy and eerie

No. 1585639

File: 1657558520089.png (1.89 MB, 1059x1196, Screenshot_20220711-124409-731…)

No. 1585647

File: 1657559044921.jpeg (63.96 KB, 720x690, 156AD41E-8CEF-40BF-84CE-F7FD01…)

Am I missing something here? All of those women look, act, and talk like women.

No. 1585650

File: 1657559127599.jpeg (55.83 KB, 720x689, 1B076340-B4F2-44FF-920B-5E1383…)

I’m sure he’ll get it back, but for now we can celebrate for a minute.

No. 1585653

Wtf? They're the ones always claiming those women are masculine. Why the hell would terfs say jk rowling is a tranny

No. 1585654

good old colonialism

No. 1585661

this is the most low effort meme I’ve ever seen

No. 1585672

File: 1657560420436.jpg (2.41 MB, 1920x2560, women.jpg)

Do trannies just struggle with women in 80s movies/older women or what?

No. 1585684

Didn’t you know? If you don’t look like some pedobait uguu moe anime loli, you’re obviously a man.

No. 1585685

Apparently. I get so annoyed about the Sigourney Weaver thing because Ellen Ripley was such a badass female role model and they can pry her from my dead hands.

No. 1585687

I know JK is probably just a poor attempt to clapback that they "totally pass more as a woman than her!!". I remember when they dug up that old pic of her mother claiming it was her and nitpicked about how manly she supposedly looked.

No. 1585689

File: 1657561507895.jpeg (282 KB, 1167x1406, 3A7758F0-BC81-4632-8062-B286FD…)

Is anybody else keeping up with whats going on on tumblr?? A pretty big circle of trannys got exposed (by a bunch of trans men lol) for pedophilia and grooming minor users. Currently they are all circle jerking over being “cancelled” by those pesky afabs. There’s so many screen caps idk where to start. Tumblr user weird001 is documenting it tho

No. 1585690

Translation: any woman that doesn't look like Anya Forger = troon in gen z scrote brains
No one ever confused Kelly Lebrock or Laura fucking Branigan for a tranny. How come they didn't mention Jamie Lee Curtis who actually was smeared as one during the 1980s (by moids)?

No. 1585691

Ripley was "average logical dude that overcomes challenges" and casted as a woman at the last minute. Amazing how well she fit into the role and still is 100% female. That's why men always need barbie pouches talk and extra feminine things to identify. Because real women just walk around being women. It's that simple when it comes to sex.

No. 1585694

Don’t forget about that terf luncheon where they were all shitting on her for having saggy breasts and saying that she and all the women there looked more like men than TiMs do.

No. 1585697

No. Eww. Post more milk though, what happened?

No. 1585699

Kek that’s pretty similar to what I’ve seen of a 4chan tranny discord server, there’s a bunch of accusations of users in there being groomers and sending creepy dms to other moids. I wonder how long it’ll be until troons start to talk about the “egg” phenomenon and how predatory it is to label everything that isn’t hyper masculine as an “egg” characteristic and to purposefully seek out lonely internet addicted young moids and alienate them from their parents who will “never understand”.

No. 1585700

Good lord

No. 1585703

What did he do?

No. 1585705

They do this everywhere. About 8 years ago they were doing the same shit on twitter/dumblr and locking their accounts to share lolicon and troom with each other
Hilariously their public accounts were the same ones shitting on fujos and retweeting shit like 'yaoi is aksually noncon, twansphobic and rape, fujos evil'

No. 1585717

Why are men jealous of us? For not being crippled with a Y-chromosome?

No. 1585718

It seems to be because he said "trans people will be eradicated" in a tweet. This is what they get for being paranoid schizos kek

No. 1585723

Lmao, a taste of his own medicine

No. 1585728

File: 1657563085095.png (235.22 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20220711-140743-344…)

Sometimes I'm actually kind of envious of the cope level

No. 1585729

Banned from reddit for pointing out that women deserve safe spaces. I'm so tired.

No. 1585732

Do you ever look at a bird and wish for a second you could fly? You don't consider that the bird is considered game and constantly shot at. You don't think about how that bird's habitat is destroyed by humans like you, you don't think about how that bird works every day to stay alive, you don't know think about how it's nests are destroyed by larger predators. Maybe that bird is flying because it's home is on fire and every bird it knows is dead. You see a bird flying and want to be like that bird, flying. That's how they see us. The way a small child sees an animal.

No. 1585736

Reading the post about bacha bazi >>1584649, it seems like Kim Petras is basically the 21st century Western equivalent of one - a male who’s been castrated and chemically altered to be permanently like a prepubescent young boy, performing sexually for adult pedophile gay men. History is repeating itself.

No. 1585738

The collective of tranny mods literally got subs for female only medical problems banned on grounds of "exclusion". It's over before it even began. Reddit is controlled by a group of misogynistic coomer trannys

No. 1585740

Not surprised, Reddit mods and admins are all either troons or troon supporters

No. 1585742

File: 1657563921606.png (254.16 KB, 1080x735, 02015575-681B-4019-8014-7E5541…)

The worst offenders are 2 users called foxgirl-maybell and tentaclewolf, both still active and posting last time I checked. They both have been caught posting about being pedos using “[redacted]” as code for pedophilia. I’m on my phone rn so I can’t collage a bunch of caps but heres an example

No. 1585746

File: 1657564010826.jpeg (1016.21 KB, 1242x5536, E837042C-4B7F-4621-82B8-EA1CEA…)

JKR bringing up this story of a transgender ally. 1/2

No. 1585747

File: 1657564083313.jpeg (619.37 KB, 1242x3137, 24C7090F-2D3A-4E97-A0DB-95F460…)

2/2 and the first response is ‘think of the children! No wait! Not those children, these children here!’ Lmao

These both adequately need attention ofcourse but the whataboutery is depressing.

No. 1585761

The fuck is wrong with TRAs. Obviously both of these situations are horrible, why do they act like you can’t simultaneously care about two different things?

No. 1585763

Absolute retardation. It's actually the evil terven radfems who are more likely care about women's issues in the non-Western world. According to libfem and TRA logic, those underage girls just need to stop identifying as girls - then they obviously won't be forced into marriages.

No. 1585765

File: 1657565174557.png (234.3 KB, 1080x688, 05F3B5BC-9526-4AA6-938D-45CF58…)

Oh and one more, user who goes by filthfiendish now who has said he wishes he “could experience [redacted] again for the first time” among other things. An it/its pronouns “dyke” btw

No. 1585769

Male trannies being pedos? Must be a day ending in y.

No. 1585770

kek I couldn't go to Goldfinger when I was in Tokyo because of covid so during the lockdown the bar organized some live events everyday on instagram and guess what? The only transgender people that are actually, truly welcome there are FTMs. As in, actual women. There was a whole day scheduled specifically so FTMs could meet and chat on instagram but nothing for MTFs.

No. 1585772

Honestly based. I still think it’s stupid to play into the trans nonsense but I like that they kept it female only.

No. 1585774

deport them both

No. 1585775

>under the age of 18

No. 1585777

literally the only way to remove tech moids is to entrap them, based fbi

No. 1585780

He's saying this as if she didn't give so much money to charity to help women and children she lost her billionaire status at least once.

No. 1585792

Wait, experience child molestation again??? And these people are roaming free on tumblr? Did anyone report them to the fbi/similar yet??

No. 1585795

File: 1657566402163.jpeg (464.44 KB, 1169x1960, 8FF57BAC-2FEF-4E35-A8B9-1F3F4E…)

Never tell males about sexual trauma they WILL get off to it

No. 1585802

File: 1657566582641.png (359.45 KB, 828x1194, 8B63F5F8-C6C6-4187-B273-923896…)

I’ve never made an FBI tip so I’m unsure how to do it but I’m strongly considering it. The “fuckfreak” user posted above admitted to sending this anon where they endorse “pro-c” (code for child rape), there’s just so much incriminating shit out in the open

No. 1585805

This was so awkward. People kept talking about how cute they were in the comments but it felt like they barely knew one another. Just weird.

No. 1585806

It’s exactly like the MRAs who say “men get raped too!” whenever women are discussing men raping women.

No. 1585809

Lol that neotrances called me out on being an evul terf years ago kek

No. 1585810

Ah, yes, pornhub, a repository of women doing things things that women totally do motivated by their own desires and wishes and not explicitly for their MALE viewers.

No. 1585816

File: 1657566998495.jpeg (142.54 KB, 1170x753, 9A68D3E5-B796-4E69-970B-17D408…)

Lmaoo. I would not be shocked if this has awoken some doubts abt transwomen in her mind tbh. iirc she already made a (now deleted I think?) post where she said the ppl being called out are “hiding behind their gender identity”

No. 1585827

This is literally the "kids in Africa/others have it worse" meme they always mock boomers for. Wokes are so far up their own asses and so devoid of any self-reflection that they don't even notice how hypocritical they really are. And they only post about women in third-world countries when they want to "dunk" on terfs. Very genuine.
Also interesting choice of words under a post about a perverted pedophile…
>consider contributing to solving those issues INSTEAD

No. 1585835

Well, hopefully she sees what kind of company she is in

No. 1585836

I think we need a kikomi comic when she tries to become a discord groomer kek.

No. 1585839


did they just completely memory hole the whole thing where they were canceling african femininst dealing with these exact issues for not saying TWAW?

No. 1585842

It was clear from the beginning that these degen scrotes would never actually be fazed at all by being "cancelled" for lovely "kinks" such as wanting to fuck your brother. Also who fetishizes trannys except mentally ill gross old men? They wish they were fetishized

No. 1585845

Lol no, it definitely is, Buenos Aires is covered in "KILL THE CIS" graffiti and lesbian spaces have become queer spaces. The whole hsts prostitute thing stopped being a problem in the early 2000s, tayrt either has very outdated info or thinks all latinamerican countries are the same.
The 1% quota is 100% real and like >>1582925 said is to try to get people to still support the "progressive" government despite the >50% inflation rate, unemployment, poverty, terrible enviromental policies, etc.
Abortion was only legalized last year but trannies have been able to get government funded hrt and srs for over a decade. We also have a non-binary gender marker on official documents now. Clown country.

No. 1585847

Damn, rip

No. 1585850

Projection + wishful thinking. They're all strong, strikingly gorgeous women and troons are seething with jealousy. It's literally just a list of women they want to skinwalk.

No. 1585852

Thank you, anonita, I'm too normie to explain this shit properly tbh, I avoid anything tranny related in my country because just knowing about it makes my head hurt, so I don't know how it works here but I know in Argentina people are sucking tranny dick 24/7 and it's just bleak as fuck.
All I can say is that the whole "well, let's pity the tranny prostitutes" shit is also retarded, they're men, they can defend themselves, they also often carry weapons, if he gets killed It's because of the coom, not because he can't work in construction or doing some maintenance work like anyone else, so don't come at me crying a river because men are men even if they wear a dress and prostitute themselves in the middle of the night, they deserve getting bullied and shat on for not being true to themselves.

No. 1585854

I love it when they try to insult JK's appearance. Not that it matters, but she's a beautiful woman who looks rich and well-kept. If any of these ugly moids got the opportunity to trade bodies with her, they'd do so in a HEARTBEAT.

No. 1585858

The English language Japan-based media is run by the same cabal as everything in America and England. The same way Peter Bright here
will always have people coming out of the woodwork to defend him. Like it would fucking kill them to admit that a member of their liberal chosen ones cult is actually a sex pest.

No. 1585859

Horrific, wish I could un-read. Are people really out here confessing their sexual trauma to moids?? Nooo. ALL of them will either

- fetishize & get off on it
- use it to control you
- hold it against you (see you as "tainted" etc.)
- use it to fuel revenge fantasies of violence against other moids (which they want to do anyway)

or a combination of those. NEVER forget they are not capable of listening with empathy like we are.

No. 1585860

Clown country indeed but us dykes we still have our spaces here. Lots "terfy" dykes in plain sight, only-woman parties, only-woman spaces. I think HSTS are still the majority (as i think they're in all LATAM), so even with all this nonsense you don't see many agps in the wild trying to aproach lesbians. The problem is that if you mention HSTS many anons read it as "the good trannies" but that is a lie. Even if HSTS don't hit on lesbians they still can be terrible. Also, i don't think our society is getting any more progressive but the opposite, no one cares. There is not even fake acceptance down here, inclusion is on paper but nothing actually changes (that also goes for things like abortion, sadly)
I don't think the nonsense there is truly comparable with for example burgerland nonsense. You aren't getting children drag queens or that level of lesbian persecution any time soon, because these are non-problems compared to inflation and "progres" are losing it's grip in society everyday.
t. argie dyke.

No. 1585862

I hope this obnoxious windbag is finally making the connection that tims are for the most part degenerate pedophiles and that the last half a dozen years she spent performatively tearing down random female users with her cabal of cringy girlbloggers and orbiting trannys did nothing but serve the lowest tier of of male degenerates

No. 1585863

File: 1657569316956.png (34.87 KB, 736x372, 00.png)

Trannys follow pedos and other people who want to murder "terfs".
Why doesn't anyone accuse them of this?

No. 1585865

moid supporting moid rights. Nothing new

No. 1585868

File: 1657569463857.jpeg (519.87 KB, 1170x1489, DC44342F-9F94-4118-998B-4A5C60…)

tras: terfs are white supremacists
also tras: black females are men

No. 1585880

File: 1657569713468.png (225.82 KB, 721x637, colon.png)

No. 1585883

My jaw literally dropped. I don’t get how they can say radfems are alt-right adjacent when they strip black women of their womanhood.

No. 1585886

Kek at internet restrictions being considered abuse by these people. Hopefully the son grows out of it after not being fed delusions by trannies online

No. 1585888

File: 1657570072517.jpeg (335.47 KB, 1170x1837, DBDA1307-98D6-4AA8-991A-7F9D1D…)

Manifesting this… speaking of tumblr microcelebs peteseeger (now butchdot) is noticeably still reblogging from some of the trans women called out. And still looking like a sunburnt bloated retro game collector

No. 1585890

File: 1657570237479.png (56.86 KB, 732x566, 59.png)

Why aren't tifs sent to men's prisons? and why isn't anyone complaining that they didn't respect their gender when they allowed a "man" inside a womens prison?

No. 1585892

File: 1657570279986.jpg (627.06 KB, 1386x2220, 22-07-11-21-10-39-559_deco.jpg)

Looks like he lost a bet

No. 1585899

File: 1657570666428.png (419.48 KB, 638x637, 25.png)

what number of troons sexually abusing minors are we at now?

No. 1585903

File: 1657570911537.png (375.3 KB, 752x793, 22.png)

No. 1585906

>sexually assaults a disabled teen
“b-b-but muh deadname!!”

No. 1585908

Lmao, do these Twitter-brained idiots know black people all across Africa have words for "woman" in their languages and know exactly what women are? And even if they're referring to white supremacy or whatever, a HUGE practice of slavery was raping enslaved women to breed more slaves, using them as nurse maids & nannies, conducting evil gynecological experiments on them etc., all BECAUSE they were women? No one has ever claimed black women aren't women. What they are called is "unfeminine" by hateful moids (who also claim they have too many kids.) So troons are just exposing their own definition of "womanhood" as adherence to feminine-coded gender stereotypes imposed by white men. So woke & progressive!

No. 1585910

thats only because sexism is too strong in latin america, but in a weird way. males here still get ostracized by their peers for doing things that can barely be considered "effeminate", instead of being yasss queen'd. same with women, most women would leave a marriage instantly when the crossdresser shit begins. men don't get any benefit from living their fetish, unlike in the anglosphere world.

No. 1585913

All the HRT did was make him look like the villain of a teenage boy adventure movie from the 80s, fucking kek

No. 1585922

>porn stereotypes

Or anime stereotypes…

No. 1585923

Internet is where you can b urself teehee , after getting groomed

No. 1585929


I have to say one of the strongest arguments for terfdom is taking the genderball out of the postmodern space where you can do all this absurdly hateful bullshit with it. Just, nope. XX and adult? You are a woman. That's it. You can't be conceptually not made a woman by people who hate you. Doesn't matter what race you are. Doesn't matter if you are the Queen or in the gutter. Doesn't matter what way the political winds blow. Doesn't matter what the nonprofits do. Doesn't matter whatever you want to do with yourself or your life. You are a woman.

No. 1585931

this is pure racism and misogyny, like these retards always conveniently forget that black people exist outside of the first world, where they have their own homogeneous societies. therefore, they have their own versions of "womanhood", just like asian or latina women. this doesn't mean that we aren't women because white women do things differently. only means that non-white people are also capable of performing their own strict gender roles. they think like being black is a universal experience, only to show off how retarded and racist they can be.

No. 1585941

he's on hrt?

No. 1585943

File: 1657573395493.png (38.28 KB, 733x313, 31.png)

Hi! Hello! <waves at you>

I'm another retarded twitter user here to edumacate you about the bad naughty word W**.

No. 1585949

>children as young as 5 have birthed a child
>woman is not an accurate term
This reeks of normalised pedophilia. Who is fucking getting 5 year olds pregnant?
>womanhood doesn't apply to you because you're black

No. 1585950

So, female. Woman = Female. The female sex. Why do they try to go so fucking hard with dodging actual science? Doesn’t doing all these mental gymnastics hurt after a while?

No. 1585952

Sure is lovely woman can be defined in a dozen ways nowadays: psychologically, hormonally, legally, excercizes in philosophy, and people will accept it as "valid", but not biologically, because that makes men in skirts feel sad.

No. 1585955

File: 1657574340194.jpeg (375.65 KB, 1388x760, 69F639BC-7A6A-4157-9415-095A76…)

Kek, says the woman that curates her life experience to accomodate mentally ill troons that think they can be a man and have a vagina.

No. 1585957

For fuck's sake, she really is the new Anita Sarkeesian, isn't she? Dorky, terminally online men with skull avatars making hours long videos about her and her tenuous supposed links to various shady, sinister figures. It's like GamerGate 2: Breadtube Boogaloo.

What's next, Shaun, you tranny chasing Scouse motherfucker? You gonna crowdfund $50,000 for your new documentary, 'The Rowling Effect'?

No wonder Jen left you.

No. 1585958

Cool. Still going to use it. In the case of a child giving birth, I will use the correct word, which is child. Why would anyone be using the word “woman” to describe a child who likely was raped and carried another child to term? We aren’t idiots.

No. 1585961

They know this, they are Black, they don't care.
I also think its retarded they keep repeating this line though. I've never seen a white supremacist who defined Black women as 'not women'. Jim Crow scrotes I read were well aware of our reproductive capacities.
I'd argue more moids, thinking mostly with their penises in general, define 'post-wall' women or widows across all cultures as 'not