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File: 1598955931845.png (100.95 KB, 256x256, sketch1598955899269.png)

No. 1031751

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Some notable troonacy:
>Self induced dissociative episodes by watching sissy hypnos are a core part of womanhood >>869584
>Beating up women you don't agree with >>900065
>Trans pussy has hair growing inside it… like a true woman! >>948223
>Using used tampons and putting it in your soiled diapers, and being encouraged by other lunatics. >>1029687
>This troon believes that everyone and no one is a woman >>1021387
>Troon writing a book about troons scavenging for industry made, ready to inject, safe to use estrogen in a post apocalyptic world. Makes sense? >>1014733
Some trans subreddits to explore degeneracy in:

Previous thread:

No. 1031754

Sorry if there were any mistakes farmers, it was my first time making a thread in snow.

No. 1031756

Great OP, i love the artwork, anon

No. 1031758

File: 1598956681829.jpg (183.56 KB, 800x1091, 20200901_033745.jpg)

I love how our only shared experiences is makeup and bras, teehee that's all we women are amirite ladies?


No. 1031786

I hate to know a tranny that plays rly good games but then makes fun of girls who don’t put 24/7 of their time into games. Loving that equality and sexism that they keep doing /obvious sarcasm

No. 1031790

God, they’re so stupid. I hate how they equate those things to womanhood. Sometimes I see threads were they talk about things like shaving their legs (and the rest of their body) for the first time and how “euphoric” it makes them feel and I just shudder. Like you can do that as a man if you want. It doesn’t make you a woman.

No. 1031799

having a functioning reproductive system and not a hairy, puss filled wound between your legs comes to mind when defining what a woman is

No. 1031820

shit that OP with the shared experiences of "being killed by cis men". Fuck off with that, the number of women killed worldwide by men is insane compared to the number of trannies murdered. NONE of them have lived that experience of being a woman followed through life by the grim specter of male sexual violence. Of course us natal women are the REAL enemy because we don't want to fuck them, wrestle them, or indulge their fantasies.

They're all fucked up, but the ones who act like they experience a fraction of the fear women grow up with make me far sicker than the crossdressers who want to pee next to me.

No. 1031839

File: 1598974970773.png (2.73 MB, 2156x1722, 1549956489900.png)

Well some of them do shove popsicles made from tomato juice up their assholes and take laxatives to emulate a period.

No. 1031844

Okay why tho. What girl enjoys there period

No. 1031867

>shitting yourself to stimulate a period

Someone tell them laxative cramps feel nothing like period cramps.

I hate these people

No. 1031870

Apparently ketchup goes well with smegma'!

No. 1031879

I hate men.

No. 1031883

i am a lurker, but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
What the Fuck. Experiencing my period is essential to my femininity, he said, whilst shoving blocks of frozen v8 up his ass. Im at a complete loss

No. 1031887

Is this.. for real
Shoving up popsicles in your ass to emulate period?!

No. 1031905

James Charles: suddenly a woman??

No. 1031912

File: 1598982265626.jpg (19.29 KB, 627x438, Momma 1.jpg)

so you guys remember Kevin Gibes? The ugly troon from last thread and Kiwifarms?
Well one of his troon housemates/Girlfriend attacked a woman.
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/kevin-gibes-kathryn-gibes-transsalamander-tenacious-unicorn-ranch-ragetreb-the-green-salamander-the-artwork-of-kevin-gibes.65259/post-7253071 here's the link to the post.

what makes me sick is the troons going, "Thanks for keeping us safe!"
From ONE FUCKING WOMAN? A group of grown men are thanking another ugly male for keeping them safe from ONE woman.

Fuck the world.

No. 1031913

File: 1598982427180.png (577.27 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20200901-080747_2.p…)

No. 1031944

File: 1598986144217.png (854.41 KB, 910x633, yaniv.png)

Yes this is real. Look up Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv, he is a troon famous for his obsession with periods and harassing women and even little girls in bathrooms by asking them for tampons.

No. 1031946

I would love for him to fucking die oh my god????

No. 1031955

File: 1598988956276.jpg (1 MB, 2921x1645, kQb6VnM.jpg)


Comparing 2017 homicides against women per state, to homicides against transgendered people in all of USA.

25 trans in all of USA vs 232 women in CALIFORNIA alone…

No. 1031958

He also filed 15 lawsuits against women who run waxing studios for refusing to wax his balls. He has his own subforum on the Kiwifarms, one of the most outrageous trannies I have ever seen.

No. 1031964

File: 1598990158557.jpeg (252.62 KB, 750x667, A06B6D85-F0AC-4E5C-95C7-CD8398…)

Totally normal female behavior. Absolutely not a fetish

No. 1031966

So men wanting to rape and breed women. Got it. How is this a verified account.

No. 1031973

ok but were they being killed FOR being trans? Or they took all of the victims that are trans and called it trans-hate?

No. 1031976

After reading this:
I wouldn’t mind if those transmurders numbers went up.(a logging)

No. 1031983

sasuga ginger trancel

No. 1031984

>Forgot my tampons in my other bag fml
This is like a fucking sketch comedy character holy shit.

$5 says a-logging posts like this are troon bait

No. 1031985

No. The majority are gay men who are killed by sexual partners (boyfriends or johns) or in a homophobic hate crime. I’ve only ever heard of one AGP getting killed and that was because he tried to rip someone off in a drug deal.

No. 1032001

When a trans gets killed they're usually a prostitute or otherwise engaging in some kind of known, dangerous behavior. Not saying anyone deserves to die (god knows how many hundreds of natal woman prostitutes are killed every day who don't deserve it!) but there are thousands of women who do everything "right" in their lives and still get killed by men. Domestic partners, spurned sexual partners, road ragers, tweaked out freaks, whatever. All manner of men murder women for existing-while-weaker or being sexually unavailable. After we've solved that worldwide crisis, we can move on to how tragic it is when a trans streetwalker gets taken out in the prime of their lives.

No. 1032063

But they looove to talk about the number of trans women assaulted and murdered every year. Even though the number pales in comparison to the number of women who have these things occur to them yearly. Gross.

No. 1032071

File: 1599002051843.png (11.89 KB, 420x276, asa.png)

Came across this old post, these plights really make my heart melt for clearly the most oppressed people in society

No. 1032116

That thread is a source of never ending horror.

You have no idea how far this rabbit hole goes… Whole communities of these fuckers and they even dig through waste bins in the ladies’ restroom.

It’s almost never the case of them being killed for being trans and quite often, TRAs scramble to find victims that are indeed trans because each year, they keep including GNC gay people in their statistics too. They even went as far as to count ftm victim of the Dayton mass shooting in trans murder statistics for that year, implying it was a hate crime. What’s worse, you see the majority of trans women screeching about being murder are all coddled, white first world crybabies while the majority of trans women being killed live in the most dangerous parts of South America. The two groups have nothing to do with each other.

Rose Of Dawn did a great video exposing how Trans Day of Remembrance is mostly a disgustingly exploitative and dishonest sham.

No. 1032122

It’s so fucking weird to go to these extremes. I can’t even begin to process the amount of brain damage these men have.

No. 1032153


No. 1032230

Why are the OPs always so fucking salty on these threads? kek. Why would you copy/paste the jannys retarded freak out over to the new thread?

No. 1032232

This is the most fucking repulsive thing I've seen in months. He is so transparently disgusting, you can really see how much he hates and craves women. It's insanity in full display.

No. 1032279

File: 1599050309479.jpg (362.65 KB, 1077x959, Screenshot_20200902-143812_Chr…)

gingercel big mad now

No. 1032281

Where to even start with this disgusting cumbrain mongoloid. I don't believe for a second that this is a "common kink," and if it is amongst trans people, then it's because…they're disgusting predators that want to rape and breed women? He's not really helping his case kek. In the original tweet >>1031964 he calls it
>the gender crit wet pussy carousel
which feels gross to even type, but that leads me to think that he wants to do this to GC people who most definitely would not think this is hot or be consenting to it.

Face what you are and what you aren't, tranny male predator.

No. 1032285

>I JUST fantasize about feminist cis women being forcibly impregnated by trans people and am egoistical enough to tweet about it, judging me for it is absolutely transphobic and transmisogynistic!!! get off my back you puritan terfs!!!
How the fuck this nutcase got a blue checkmark is beyond me.

No. 1032289

It's kind of insane how people like this don't even need to get a big, crazy smear campaign on them or whatever. All anyone has to do is read the shit they say themselves. It's also funny how he accuses "TERFs" of "gaslighting", but he literally called his hypothetical breeding facility the "gender crit wet pussy carousel". Constant projection.
This is literally his theme song lmao

No. 1032290

Their coomer brains always reason it so that "terfs" are just in denial about how much they desire their rotten girldick. It's a huge cope for them because that's what male socialization does to you.

also kek at the video, this is a piece of art

No. 1032295

I'm pretty sure that only 4-5 women dunked on his retarded fantasies but now he's acting like terfs on the whole globe ruined his life and put him in prison for horny posting

No. 1032301

If a straight man said he'd be cancelled. Why can't this straight man get cancelled too?

No. 1032313

If only.

No. 1032325

I love this video, it also just led me to discover this

No. 1032365

File: 1599061223816.png (417.56 KB, 620x813, The_T.PNG)

Love me some good troon drama. Pretty sure these two lurk /lgbt/

Ah yes. Obviously it is the turfs that are wrong.

No. 1032367

It's almost as if trooning out is just a convenient excuse for straight men to prey on women with no reprecussions.

No. 1032372

File: 1599062140664.png (42.99 KB, 739x361, vomit.png)

The amount of mental gymnastics they have to do to justify their desires to rape straight women for their political believes is really astonishing.

Fellow ladies, have any of you ever desired to be fucked by an ugly man in a dress pretending to be a lesbian? Cause I sure haven't.

No. 1032375

It's crazy how much they lie to eachother and themselves. Then whenever a trans person detrans all the people cheering them on & feeding them lies are gone.
They are kicked out the club, they never were trans and possibly a TERF or a liar.

Which is funny, these straight men can do whatever they want to "cis" women as long as they are trans. Gay transwomen still play with fire with "Straight" men, but still blame/come at women for all their issues.

Both sides claim they are women, but attack women the most because men stay on code.
In fact it feels like, troons come at gay cis white males more then straight men, so they'd rather attack their own community and the gender they claim they are then Straight men, the people who give the least fuck about transwomen.

That includes the "Straight" (aka bisexual/gay) dudes who fuck troons.

No. 1032376

I'd feel more deluded if I did want to be spitroasted by high-fiving troons in a "breeding facility."

His words, not mine.

No. 1032377

File: 1599062838562.png (Spoiler Image,580.09 KB, 1426x554, 2.png)

If any of you are curious as to what this hot desirable tranny looks like that wants to spitroast-rape-breed us…

How can you say you don't want his???

No. 1032381


that's some Zoidberg-eqsue physique.

No. 1032383

I love how both these men go right to, "People want to fuck us! People like tranny porn! Our bodies are JUST as desireable to the point where it's a issue!! Sex sex! Look how much sex we have and people want to have with us!! yall Jelly!"

Like okay? No one cares, he's just a ugly small dicked moob boy, who thinks just because people like trans women who attempt to look like women and have big dicks in porn, it means ALL transwomen are desired the same way.
coom brain.

No. 1032385

File: 1599063783066.png (Spoiler Image,7.71 KB, 532x214, transphobic.png)

I looked this person up further and they have a KF thread full of gems like this.

No. 1032391

OT/nitpick but fuck this guy for playing one of my favorite games too

If this is what hormones do to a man's body, what a joke. He just looks doughy kek.

No. 1032422

I'm not trying to defend them, but laxative cramps kinda feel like light period cramps.

No. 1032427

Love how JKR can get harangued for months for saying that even though she supports troon rights they aren't women, but these men can openly fantasize about committing rape and get off scott free. I wish the 41% thing was real.

No. 1032431

This thread is even more horrifying than the ones before, I can't believe what I'm reading, especially >>1031912 and >>1031964.
These misogynistic assholes don't deserve to be seen as women.

No. 1032437

What a fucking liar. He was talking about breeding gender crit women specifically, not the handful of women who actually like troons. He was fantasizing about raping and impregnating women who aren't sufficiently deferential to him.

No. 1032454

Kek those stomach rolls could rival Shayna's

No. 1032460

He's being outright dishonest. It was clear as motherfucking day that he was implying a scenario where he forcibly rapes the women because he specifically said they're "gendercrit" and tied up to be bred. And now he's suddenly trying to pull this retarded smug "akshually i never said it was NONconsensual!!! yall twansphobes just think nobody would fuck a brave and stunning transwoman!" gotcha. Fuck his narcissistic ass and fuck his narcissistic microdick.

What's really fucked up is that JKR didn't even say "trans women aren't women", she said that sex-based oppression is real and shouldn't be erased. Imagine that in 2020 you'll be cancelled for saying that women get oppressed for being born as women, not because they identify as women.

No. 1032466

It’s first world country logic being at play here.

No. 1032482

Obviously a man as sexy as him could never rape anyone cause all women would be willing to get down on his microdick that can't even get hard cause of all the titty skittles he swallows to grow moobs.

No. 1032516

how come theyre so horny if their penises don't even work from the estrogen? Wouldn't it diminish their libido?

No. 1032525

I find myself asking the same question. I mean, old men whose dicks don't even work anymore molest and do degenerate shit all the time. I assume they just feel arousal without actually having a boner.

No. 1032539

I dont know. maybe it was different for me. I feel like my laxative cramps were more intense and fast compared to the more dull pain that comes in waves when im on my period. also feels lower down.

No. 1032595

I think they constantly cycle on and off of hormones so they can still get their li'l boners AND be a disturbing tubular breasted orc. Living the dream.

Also yeah, what >>1032525 said, even men who can't get it up naturally act like disgusting pigs. Weinstein apparently had to inject his egg-shaped penis with something to get it hard, and still he persisted in raping women. Who knows. Since they're men, we couldn't possibly understand their minds.

No. 1032657

I've read firsthand accounts that after they get their balls removed the whole fetish evaporates, their sex drive/libido disappears, and their whole motivation for transitioning is put to question. Then they regret it. The balls are damaged by all those chemicals but probably still functioning. Maybe they get off on masochistically damaging their balls.

No. 1032662

Men are so disgusting pieces of shit, brb poking my eyes out.
Women have a right to their body you sick bastard wtf??

No. 1032693

the fetish becomes more of a mental thing and requires more and more stimuli to get the same effect as initially when they are first on hormones. there is clear escalation in the fetish. crossdressing doesn't give them boners anymore so they move to crossdressing in public, then they move to identifying as trans and getting off to validation in public or with a partner. in the end after the genitals are removed thats when libido is truly fucked. but estrogen does little to cave these fucks degeneracy, as it has more to do with mentality than hormones. pedos and other fetishes have similar results in results to castration or medical intervention. even fully castrated pedos reoffend, it's because they have a mental "addiction" to the fetish

No. 1032713


I thought he meant to say "rape fantasies" is a common kink, a factually incorrect myth that cumbrain men love to flaunt around to justify their disgusting lack of basic self control. Yeah there were studies done that showed the about 50% of women having fantasies about being "forced" to have sex, but it was defined in such a way that they were "ravished" by an attractive man who was so attracted to them that he broke thru their cold shoulder/defenses thru sheer willpower, like cheesy romance novel style, not being literally raped by violent force. Sorry for OT I want this info to be out there because everytime I see this shit being justified as "common" by scumbags such as above I see red

No. 1032730

Thank you, so sick of men parroting it as if women having "rape" fantasies (which almost never actually are what tapes are like irl) means rape is okay, or that women like rape ergo raping women is okay.

No. 1032735


I reccomend all you ladies read Yanivs thread on /pt/ if you want to see the epotime of fucked up crossdressers. Here >>681844

No. 1032775

File: 1599118118403.jpg (63.1 KB, 680x517, 20200903_091030.jpg)

I'm so glad Ana Valens is getting discussed here now, he's been one of my personal favorite cows for ages because no matter how low he stoops, if you just wait a week or two he'll inevitably stoop even lower. I hope he's not like this in real life but on his twitter he comes across as a giant sex pest, talking all the time about how fucking in public is praxis, hypnotizing nonconsenting partners into sex is great, all cis women need to be fucked by TiMs and so on.
His most recent controversy took the cake for me though. He put a vibrator against his penis and played a video game, with the vibrator hooked up to the game so that every time certain game actions were performed it'd vibrate. This wouldn't be horrifying by itself, just your usual cumbrain sexpest 'everything has to be sexual' shtick, if the game he'd chosen wasn't Fall Guys, a multiplayer game aimed at children. He forced several dozen nonconsenting people whose age he had no way of checking and who just wanted to play a fun, safe, children's game to jerk him off. And then he wrote about it online. His justification is that it's no different from wearing a butt plug to work, as if that's a normal course of action anyone who's not a complete penis-for-brains sexpest abomination has ever even considered.
Horrifying shit.

No. 1032782

File: 1599119984992.jpg (22.03 KB, 360x203, 20200903_095608.jpg)

Samefagging to offer this retraction and clarification: my previous post was wrong to call Ana Valens' forcing of nonconsenting strangers to stimulate "her" genitals horrifying as it was actually "performance art" which obviously absolves him of any and all responsibility for his revolting actions.

No. 1032789

Cis women who don't want to have sex with transsexuals deserve to be raped but lemme just sexually harass some people and possibly children online, trannies can't do wrong

No. 1032802

aren't the people who defend this shit ashamed? do people really think people are going to look back at this and think "yeah it made perfect sense to defend all these perverted fucks".

No. 1032805

The only redeeming thing about Ana Valens is that sometimes even other troons call him out for his absolute degeneracy but then again their reasoning isn't "shut up you misogynistic incel cumbrain" but "n-no you can't say that, you'll give terves more ammunition!". Yeah listen Ana, it's fine that you yank your girldick to the thought of raping and forcibly inseminating cis women and then try claim that's what "your cis women friends" actually find hot but you know, keep it in your NSFW hashtag!

I swear he's intentionally pushing the envelope to see how far he can go with his blatant woman hating, soon he's tweeting out his buffalo bill fantasies about brutally murdering women and wearing their skin as a dress. But don't you judge him for it because denying a trans woman's sexuality like this is literal violence and the reason why they're dropping like flies you mother fucking TURFV!!!!!!

Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug, or they're just as degenerate as he is. Pick your choice.

No. 1032807

Don’t you know that the entire concept of “perversion” is a cisnormative, Eurocentric construct designed to violently suppress queer folx? Homosexuality was considered perverse once therefore labelling anything a queer person does as perverse is queerphobic. If them expressing their sexuality makes you uncomfortable, clearly you are the problem and you need to educate yourself, Karen!

I’ve seen women I know defend creeps using this exact reasoning. They’ve brainwashed themselves into believing that men jacking off into little girls’ panties is progressive and women who feel disgusted by that are on the wrong side of history.

No. 1032809

There's literally people out there defending pedophiles jerking it to CP by saying "They are just dealing with their own sexual abuse trauma".

This is a fucking clownworld we live in and if you openly speak out about it you are deemed a bigot and "cancelled".

No. 1032813

No way. Laxative cramps would be more like “period poop” cramps.
As “affirming” as that might be to trannies, it definitely doesn’t feel the same as uterine cramps. They can NEVER know what uterine cramps are like because they will never have a uterus.
It sickens me to think they get off on just “knowing” what a period “feels” like.
Just shows how much of a kink it is because real women wouldn’t get their jollies of such a feeling. Where as trannies are so obsessed with feeling like a woman even the most unpleasant parts of our existence is fetishized to them.

No. 1032844

I'd post this in the vent thread but I don't want the troon troop to start a fight so I might as well share it here:
>There's a guy I know through mutual acquaintances
>This guy is a greasy weeb, has a literal incel mindset about "nice guys" being ignored, creeps on women all the time but thinks he's a catch and the dumb roasties just don't realize what they're missing out on
>He also has a sissification fetish
>I mean frills, lolita, bows, forced feminization, bondage, diapers, baby items, the whole 9 yards
>He literally lives for this fetish 24/7, it's basically his life style at this point
>He's not gay or even bi, it's just a degenerate fetish for him
>This guy always portrays himself as a small, shy big tiddied anime girl despite being a 6ft he-man built like a fridge and looking like a nerdy trailer park hillbilly
>Recently his friends have been suggesting to him that he's trans and that he should consider trooning out to be his "true self", some of his equally degenerate friends already did it
>He's actually starting to debate himself on if he should do it
>I want to scream

There's no stopping this crazy train. At least they usually end up dating only other perverted transbians because no woman would willingly put up with this hell.

No. 1032853

Why do men think sissification = trans? Do they think real women operate like this? Like those objects are feminine I guess, sure, but they're for CHILDREN, not women. They're fucking pedophiles. Diapers??? Come on. Just go find a femdomme and pay her to tell you what a worthless sack of baby shit you are then go about your life while she gets thousands to put up with you. I hate men. I hate them so much, and of course these fucking degenerate transbians are encouraging him. If he can be added to this thread as a cow, well.

No. 1032859

I hope they continue mutilating themselves then. It would be better for everyone.

No. 1032860

File: 1599143714090.jpg (59.8 KB, 1200x725, why2vd4uo5z11.jpg)

No. 1032885

I kinda agree, this will guarantee us that they will not reproduce more of these retards so let them mutilate their body away.

No. 1032896

If only. Most of the gross fetishist AGPs don't get their dick inverted, but instead continue to force it upon women. It's always the sad HSTS gay men in denial who choose to get the surgery and then become even more depressed when they don't get the beautiful designer pussy they were promised.

No. 1032903

lol oh yeah specially when they try to say they are lesbians while they look like bald hairy men, then call these girls transphobic because they dont want to date them, fucking gross its probably just a fetish to them, disgusting!

No. 1032911

Because men regard the things that makes them cum beyond anything else. If given a chance to have their spank fodder become their lifestyle, they're going to take it. Back before trooning out was so socially acceptable these guys were content to just cross dress and cum, then go on about their days.

No. 1032944

I know agp straight guys who have gone for the chop for the fetish reasons. The neovagina just needs to be made into a bigger fetish than the girldick so they get meme'd into it, shouldn't be too difficult because men's sexuality is basically build for memeing (see how before guys hated fat asses but now they love it, how they will develope fetishes just like that etc)

No. 1032946

What if all of these men being influenced to become "uwu traps" thanks to anime is just Japan's 75 year old planned revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

No. 1032968

i wish anon but unfortunately japan doesn't promote trooning out or any sort of body mutilation like american trannies do. we came to this conclusion on our own.

slightly OT but to add, japan is actually really good at keeping people normal esp with crossdressing. boys who do it can learn to do it really well and theres competitions you can win for being the prettiest "girl". learning how to dress yourself femininely and apply makeup appropriately is a wayyy better branch of trannyisms then overloading your body with HRT

keeps it more as a hobby rather then just being trans all the time and you can protect yourself well enough so that it wont interfere with real life

No. 1032972

File: 1599164685970.jpeg (425.1 KB, 621x988, A6F54815-30F1-4136-80A0-1062BE…)


No. 1032978

File: 1599165820275.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.55 KB, 1440x1280, EUcd_1jXsAIJ_o5.jpeg)

Is this one even trying? Why do so many of them just not give a shit about even appearing feminine at all? If my sexual identity was wrapped up in being a grotesque parody of femininity I'd put on a fucking wig.

No. 1032990

Not to go all weeb on everyone but Japan (and a lot of other Asian countries) have a pretty long history with crossdressing and homosexuality, they never had Christianity call it a sin until the late 1800s. They have a very different view on gender expression and the rare Japanese troons are usually hardcore westaboos who spent too much time with Americans.

This looks like the cover for all those gross self-published erotica books with niche fetishes.

No. 1032994

When you have mommy issues and daddy issues

No. 1033016

Oh my fucking god, the period diarrhea. I wouldn't wish my nightmare fucking cramps and once-a-month digestive issues on my worst enemy. I would give anything to not deal with it again and it's offensive that they literally get off to this shit.

No. 1033031

Isn't snapchat mostly used by kids? not to be all "won't anyone think of the chidren" but won't anyone think of the children??

No. 1033055

NTA, but what does something like that have to do with children? There's nothing sexual or explicit about it, and most zoomer kiddos these days are aware of trans people's existence if they don't already identify as ~genderfluid~.

No. 1033085

I guess you're right, it's not really sexual or inappropriate, it feels wrong to me because the relationship it's promoting instantly reads as creepy and abusive to me but that's just my personal prejudice on trans women ig

No. 1033152

Christ, all of them dress the same. And it always looks cringey.

No. 1033153

The age difference is incredibly inappropriate imo. Plus the ad is deliberately sensationalizing the man’s “transness” and that age difference between them. I don’t think we need representation of a gross, extremely unbalanced relationship.

No. 1033219

File: 1599196889231.png (109.17 KB, 576x475, ddjdj.PNG)

So more of Kevin Gibbs from Kiwifarms. This guy, Mode_View came under the radar of Kiwi for simping Kevin Gibbs.
This guy went from saying he had multiple personalities, to saying he was trans and now he's not.

Basically the dude admits that he wants to belong somewhere. He's fat, he's feels he's ugly with low self esteem, he's lonely.

He literally says that the trans community accepted him that he wants to be accepted by someone.

So what does Kevin and his Troonfriend do? They try to convince the dude he's trans. Even when the dude is saying, "No, I'm just doing this to be apart of something, i'm depressed! I'm not trans! It's not me!" they STILL keep trying to convince him.

here's a snippet of the conversation and it made me so fucking mad becuase it's grooming.

They don't care about this dude, they just care about him becoming another fucking troon.

Here's the full conversation on Kiwi, just click the spoiler- https://kiwifarms.net/threads/kevin-gibes-kathryn-gibes-transsalamander-tenacious-unicorn-ranch-ragetreb-the-green-salamander-the-artwork-of-kevin-gibes.65259/post-7266153

No. 1033222

File: 1599197085845.png (121.77 KB, 499x806, Grooming_2.png)

Kevin is "Kathryn" btw.

No. 1033223

File: 1599197180562.png (97.08 KB, 495x749, Grooming_3.png)

No. 1033226

File: 1599197300022.png (132.49 KB, 487x746, Grooming_4.png)

No. 1033229

File: 1599197636437.png (102.13 KB, 494x795, Grooming_5.png)

"Why would you argue with trans people about this? Who would know, you or us? Transitioning will help"


No. 1033251

It’s like some kind of cult recruitment.

No. 1033253

This shit made my skin crawl.
Aggression, followed by "There's nothing to be sorry for" with a heart emoji.
They're basically ignoring his concerns, claiming they know him better than he knows himself, and trying to shut him down at every turn.
And the final product is what? Being an ugly man in a dress that everyone has to walk on eggshells around because he will kill himself (or them) if he gets even the slightest sense that people aren't playing along. They know this shit is fucked up, but misery loves company.

No. 1033286

Wow, what the fuck goes on inside these people's heads? This is creepy.

No. 1033287

I'm pretty sure these people have a.) a forced feminization fetish and/or b.) the need for everyone else to be as miserable as they are. Reminds me of that tranny discord that systemically brainwashed young depressed gay boys to start estrogen and "become the gf". They literally target vulnerable people who aren't in a balanced state of mind and then claim that transitioning is the silver bullet for removing all their misery.

Their crab bucket mentality is especially visible whenever someone decides to detransition or desists and they start claiming that m-maybe they're just nonbinary, have you considered that?!?! They absolutely need all the reinforcements they can get in order to keep their fantasy world together.

No. 1033292

There was this guy who I think managed to get the non-binary gender accepted in the USA or something and managed to get rid of a bunch of debt, who came out and admitted he fucking lied.

They don’t want people to admit they’re not really trans because then horrible Terfs are going to be right about the pedos and perverts who put on a dress just to play out their sick fantasies in public.

They can sort of accept de-trans (and even then), but accepting that their no-doubt policy has a very very obvious flaw of letting any liar in is not something they can accept.
That or they revert back to the no true Scotsman like Yaniv when they really do something that can hurt the trans image.

Imagine how they’d be ree-ing if someone came out and said “No, you REALLY are cis. Look you don’t care about passing, you want to keep your dick … Really you’re cis but you’re just confused and don’t know it yet”. Which ironically enough, holds way more water than pretending to be a gender you’re not.

No. 1033315

File: 1599216761370.jpg (620.15 KB, 810x2137, Screenshot_20200315-212139_Twi…)

This nigga warrants his own thread on lc as amusing as he is, I'm tired of kiwifarms in general. Theyre just arguing about women hitting the wall, and men turning into creepy AGPs because they grew up without a father. I am biased against that site in general, the users are insufferable/pol/tards and people saying " Not all trans ppl are like this, i have a friend who is so sweet and nonbinary" there is skipping through the highlights, but most of it is blogging and useless information.

No. 1033380

What the fuck? Just let these stupid motherfuckers stay depressed and estranged from society until they kill themselves instead of whatever this is. No sympathy for pedo pervs.

No. 1033389

Unironically agree.

No. 1033514

Why not buy clothes that fit? I’ve made women’s clothes fit men before. It doesn’t take much effort to make things flattering and even feminine-looking to the untrained eye. It really does blow my mind how little effort these guys put into being not gross.

No. 1033582

>shove popsicles made from tomato juice up their assholes and take laxatives to emulate a period
I want one of those doctors prescribing hormones and performing sex change surgeries to look me in the eye and honestly say: "No anon, this is not a mental illness. By snipping if her dick and putting silicone into her moobs I'm only helping her to look like her true inner gender."

No. 1033658

I'm pretty sure he's wearing the right size, it's just that AGPs have no idea how to dress like actual women do in reality. He's wearing what looks like a low rise schoolgirl skirt with a short blouse. He looks like a pornified 'not like the other girls' from 2003.

No. 1033689

Because well fitting clothes that make them look like the actual female equivalent of themselves don't cradle their engorgements enough. Its weird sex stuff all around. Women have to put up with "mutton dressed as lamb" comments and shit about how short skirts aren't to be worn past age 30 or whatever, but these sideshows parade around town doing second puberties and looking to be applauded for it.

No. 1033917

I'm in my 30s and still wear short skirts and shorts because I'm top heavy and petite and long or midi ones make me look like I'm wearing a sack, I'll never look as ridiculous as that guy even if people think I refuse to dress my age. AGP Troons dress like porn actresses but in the imagination of a man. They don't dress like any actual female on earth. HSTS on the other hand look slightly better. They manage to pull off the whole insta thot look which isn't that bad in my opinion and can look cute, they probably know better because they are gay men.(blogpost)

No. 1033918

File: 1599304923373.jpg (794.46 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20200905_142118.jpg)

AGPS don't even dress like adolescent girls. Most girls that age look fairly put together in my experience, like fashion conscious, casual adult women and they know how to match outfits together, at least they do these days. AGPs can never seem to piece outfits together. They don't look like a second puberty, even, no real female would wear what they wear. They either dress like a bad, poorly matched time warp or like a literal toddler.

No. 1033919

File: 1599305288767.jpg (179.96 KB, 510x726, Screenshot_20200905_142651.jpg)

Don't forget how they all want to be the not like the other girls girlfriend. If anyone grew up in the UK in the early 00s they'll know what I'm talking about, the way that they dress reminds me of Mel on the kid's show my parents are Aliens but more poorly matched. Probably their fantasy kind of girl and they want to become their own girlfriend.

No. 1034101


Like 35 year olds who still shop at Tammy Girl (there's some 00's retro for you).

No. 1034328

File: 1599397129203.jpg (58.68 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

why do so many of them look exactly like this? long horse face, giant nose, no chin…

No. 1034329

i love this. i love hearing this.

No. 1034334

Contrapoints? Is that you?

No. 1034354

it's cosmo

No. 1034358

Agree with this, but full on trannyism isn’t accepted in Japan. Trans people exist in japan, but it’s not the same as in the West - for example, any person wishing to have sex reassignment surgery there must be sterilised by law.

No. 1034389

Legitimately thought this was Contra at first glance

No. 1034536

does anyone have info on the person who made this song? apparently they dropped the GC politics and date a trans woman now, then came back as GC then went back to the trans woman (based on the comments of the vid)

No. 1034537

"beef"/0xCAFEBEEF is a regular poster on /lgbt/, I lurk from time to time and it's a ton of troons posting selfies. It's basically /soc/ mixed with /r9k/ but a billion times worse. Nonstop incest fantasies and misogyny, and the actual cis lesbians get harassed.

No. 1034598

>any person wishing to have sex reassignment surgery there must be sterilised by law
based japan

No. 1034606

Ah, that explains why some of his followers actually have the nerve to call him mentally ill and a "faggot in denial".
>actual cis lesbians get harassed
Of course… Haven't been there in a while but who harasses them, transbians? I thought everyone left them alone, or they used to anyway.

No. 1034607

yeah, she's a huge cow called elliot morais/laura/artemis whatever name she came up with this week. she goes from troon to radfem every few weeks too.
She has a lot of drama on tumblr, including being accused of pedophilia, constant sperg outs about being "uwu harassed" by her blood drinking fetish ex and her friends.

No. 1034608

There’s definitely a reason people call it /tttt/

No. 1034612

Nobody harasses them if they stay in their containment thread.

No. 1034621

Isn't that thread routinely plagued by transbians and other men trying to LARP and force their way in?

No. 1034625

Not even close to true, newfriend.

No. 1034631

Ok hon.

No. 1034660

AGPs have the classic smirk and the exaggerated brow lift to hide the manly brow ridge. Their trans timelines are always defined by increasing forehead wrinkles.
And they also can’t have any children under 18 years old if they petition to change their gender. Usually the people getting SRS and the subsequent gender change are very effeminate gay men who highly conform to female gender roles and aesthetics. You would never see Japanese praise a towering, communist orc transbian, but instead Japanese like glamorous mama-sans and comical, self-deprecating trans celebrities. Post-op Japanese trans women still get referred to as Onee, which is a group that includes regular femme gay men and crossdressers.

No. 1034662

Mtf hormones do that anyways, it’s one of those reasons why people get all up in arms about young kids starting them cause they’ll never be able to have children if they go back on it as adults. Ftms can still get pregnant on t tho

No. 1034684


At this point the smirk wrinkles in Kathryn Gibes' forehead are deeper than her neovagina.

No. 1034699

Sterilisation is a consequence of SRS, no matter where it is performed. The thing is that Japan requires people to undergo SRS before they can legally transition; no “female penises” there thank you very much. Until quite recently this was considered reasonable and afaik the same in many other countries. After all, trans people were supposed to have crippling dysphoria that makes them hate their genitalia, right? It’s only in the last decade or two that you no longer need dysphoria to be considered trans. The outrage against Japan’s policy was very disingenuous.

> they also can’t have any children under 18 years old if they petition to change their gender
This is a great policy IMO and the only thing (that I know of) that’s different from most other countries.

No. 1034717

Oh, god. The entire “am hole” saga is ghastly. Honestly, I think zero depth surgeries are the only ethical ones. They seem to be getting more in popular now as more word gets out about what horrific failures neo-vaginas truly are.

In addition to a Gender Identity Disorder diagnosis, they are required to be
>“20-years-old or older; be presently unmarried; not presently have any underage children; not have gonads or permanently lack functioning gonads; and have a physical form that is “endowed with genitalia that closely resemble the physical form of an alternative gender.”

No. 1034741

>LGBT board
>Lesbians have to be contained to a single thread so it it doesn't upset troons

No. 1034748


Guy looks like any other fat dude with bitch tits. No one could ever mistake that for a female body.

No. 1034766


The couple of people i know in my life with working problem-free neovaginas seem to be the anomalies, not the people who have problems going by the reports from actual NV-havers online.

No. 1034768

Hon please, there's more trannies than actual lesbians posting in cislesgen, always have been, and they won't leave. That's why most lesbians there got fed up and left.

No. 1034774

not even slightly true

No. 1034783

Most of the genuine lesbians in that board eventually join the discord meant for that board, so yeah it’s mostly all trannies larping in the thread itself

No. 1034802

Why do they call it “am hole”?

No. 1034809

>read this post
>go look up archives of the lesgen threads
>it's full of anons sperging over yuri, sexualizing and being creeps about women, "tfw no gf" whining, troons blatantly outing themselves as being "t-girls", people sperging about evil terves being mean to trannies, shitting on butches
Yeah I expected something like this tbh, there's really no way it would've gone any differently considering it's 4chan.

No. 1034812

Underrated post

No. 1034813

I don't know why i still get surpised when I hear that 4chin is full of troons and postitive about them. Why would troons want to hang in a place like 4chan?

Then again, I remember one of my few times on 4chan, I saw some dudes lusting after Blaire White and that troon who fucked Anthony Cuma, saying they were his "dream girls"
I always assume that troons are super liberal, so why would they want to hang out on 4chin?

No. 1034817

Then again, it makes perfect sense why women hating mentally ill men would love 4chin, so i'm not sure why I was ever surprised now that I think about it.

No. 1034823

The AGP being referred to (Kevin Gibes) is the "slutty bimbo uggghhhh fill me with dicks and cum uwu" type of fetishist. At one point he posted a tweet that just said "am hole", and the posters in his KF thread ran with it; now it's a nickname for both him and his botched neovagina.

No. 1034880

I had been wondering the purpose behind the AGP smirk but thanks to this post I finally see it. It makes a whole lot more sense now.

See here >>1034817 , they're mentally ill incels who want women to die or be given out as breeding slaves, why wouldn't they like trannies? The only 4channers who don't like troons are the edgy /pol/faggots who hate them only because of their association with gay people and feminists. Even altrighters are on board with trannies because they're either chasers who fantasize about a 25-year old with a Benjamin Franklin hairline will fulfill their anime femboy trap fantasies or being one themselves.

No. 1034969

I once saw a alt-right 4chan type flat out say that he was done with women because he could get a 10/10 trans women who looked better then the 4/10 women who rejected him, that troons have lower standards than actual women and thats why they are better.

So makes sense people who hate women would support troons because they are men and it's easier for bisexual men to get sex from other men then it is for them to get sex from women.

No. 1034981

File: 1599512694405.png (300.04 KB, 471x450, 6d12062_500.png)

>that troons have lower standards than actual women and thats why they are better.

KEK sounds about right. I've also seen altright troons, there's not a lot of them but they do exist.

Also, I know I'm late but I just wanna know what the hell happened with Gigi?

No. 1035004

I feel bad for him because I heard that his dick does not work, so he's married to that rich woman and only eats her out, like he can't even cum.
Imagine being a gay man and fucking up your body to look like shit irl anyway.
His tits are worst then blaire,hes another troon that people bring up when they talk about how passing some are, but he sounds and looks like a troon and at best he passes for a 50 year old woman with a LOT of work done.

No. 1035010

I had erased that fourth video from my mind so I'm just gonna pretend I never saw pic attached.

She went too far with the surgery, as most people do.

No. 1035014

I'm really happy for this thread, because it's difficult to find a space that isn't moderated by people that interpret everything as hate. I think the entire movement is fetishism/untreated body dysmorphia and I wish that this would be seen through that lens, not by the lens of catering to people who invent a new identity to justify their self destructive behaviours. The trans movement is so cult like it doesn't surprise me that vulnerable people fall for it, but it does confuse me in how much power it has gained. Why do companies care to cater to trans people by usurping female spaces as opposed to creating new ones that are separate and unisex? I wouldn't have an issue with people gaining their own space, but they insist so heavily on being something they are not. I don't want to see your floppy dick, and I don't want my daughter to see it either. Women fought for their space for a long time, why should this new subculture just usurp our spaces?

Sorry for blog ples no ban. I'm both upset and happy that I'm not alone

No. 1035023

This is not a ratfem thread, take your whiny sperging elsewhere.

No. 1035025

No. 1035033

Aging. It's okay not to pass while you're a cute twink, but now he's just another sad hon.

No. 1035051

So true. You'd think gay men, catty and "aesthetic" as they are, would be the first to understand its considerably easier and better to age as a man than age as a woman in terms of how society values your attractiveness, by and large.

Like someone else said, the best passing troons end up looking like 3rd rate MILFs in teen sex comedies at best.

No. 1035091

those alt-righters are delusional and only looking at people like blaire white, who pass.

any troon who actually wants to date some pepe-loving 4chan idiot is the type seen itt, which never pass, and have either botched wound-holes down there or a perma-flaccid penis. i shudder to imagine the typical Extremely Online troon's hygiene.

No. 1035100

It's because only older women tend to have larger noses, jaws, whatever. The only "passing" ones I've seen Are always non white because the secondary sex traits for those races are less noticeable.
That and instead of yelling at people to accept them they learn to put on make up and dress for their bodies.

No. 1035110

File: 1599521989032.png (168.35 KB, 564x663, 1587158261423.png)


agree we need a kevin/troon ranch thread, he is my favourite cow and an endless goldmine.

No. 1035113

>secondary sex traits for those races are less noticeable.

No. 1035119

would it be okay to make a thread and then copy paste the summary from Kiwifarms?

No. 1035122

File: 1599523538832.png (94.06 KB, 588x711, 1599432809977.png)

This man is disgusting

No. 1035123

File: 1599523628416.png (29.54 KB, 541x418, cont.png)

No. 1035124

File: 1599523755754.jpg (558.37 KB, 3351x2234, a96155f15e44a56cb1bcff6c19b8e3…)

i've said it before and i'll say it again

i'm fucking sick of seeing women in video games end up being troons

and they're always "lesbians" and they never pass and they're fuck-ugly

No. 1035143

They pass to you because you don't have enough exposure to those people. For instance, a lot of Asian troons that "pass" to white people don't pass to other Asians.

No. 1035146

Took me a half second to notice they were both troons, due to how revolting the right one is. Congratulations to the left for his DUFF distraction tactics

No. 1035156

i just want more women to look up to in the gaming industry but i can also see why we keep to ourselves

i am constantly reminded

No. 1035167

The mods will probably nerf you for daring to leave this containment thread, if I had to guess.

No. 1035182

There are other cows who are trannies like stwawbewwy milk and 4lung, i don't see what makes "miss kathryn" any different. He's not even just some tranny he's a cow cause he always thirstpost, ebegs and posts ugly nudes of his botched bergina , he is a pedo diaper wearing freak who collects toys while his troon harem runs an alpaca farm. It's quite comical kek, I'd rather read about him here than on KF

No. 1035187

if it’s low key and doesn’t get too derailed with radfem stuff and there’s milk beyond him just being a tranny then it would probably be fine

No. 1035200


The best part is he doesn't have a vulva. So much went wrong with the 'am hole' that it's basically just discoloured ball skin with a sore looking hole bored into it. No real uh, definition - no labia, no clitoris. Just hole.

(Some brave soul on KF paid for his gf's porn set of their romantic first time together. So romantic that Hayley monetised it! and it was only worth $10!)

No. 1035223


Kek I found this other song on the same girl's channel, the editing is so good and it's legitimately catchy

No. 1035225

I honestly believe body dysmorphia is something that isn’t only trans related and this is what trans people should finally learn. I’ve seen dysmorphia on literally cis fat / or skinny people and then they went on saying they are trans because they somehow can’t deal with it otherwise ???
Isn’t there some way where you can treat your body dysmorphia in a normal way ? Lmao. Being trans doesn’t solve your self hatred against THAT specifically

No. 1035232

File: 1599552267710.jpg (1.71 MB, 2560x1707, 1582484328740.jpg)

This reminds me of that group photo from the female-exclusive speedrunning event that was like 50% ratty hons, one was just a straight out dudebro who wore a skirt and sneakers with tranny flag colors.

No. 1035234

Am I stupid or are at least half of them troons?

No. 1035236

No, you aren't. At LEAST half of them are. When this was posted into /ot/ the resident tranny defenders started screeching about how "literally who cares speedrunning is embarrassing anyway stop bullying the ma'ams" completely ignoring the point being that a female-exclusive event is full of men in dresses lmao.

No. 1035244

At a second glance, I realised that "at least half" is an understatement…

No. 1035248

I patiently await radfem anons to forget this isn't a stealth thread for them to blogpost and sperg.

C'mon we all know /lgbt/ is just a containment board for trannies when they're not fishing for compliments on /b/.

No. 1035252

Just to add it's probably a good idea to put a warning re: radfem sperging, like "keep it in the containment thread" with a link here. I really don't want it getting nerfed, he's a great horrorcow and I hate having to wade through kf blog posting and misogyny to get to the milk.

No. 1035256

That was barely radfem sperging, holy shit. It was the usual observation everyone in this thread has had. Nobody can deny that most of the milk in this thread comes from mentally unwell men in dresses trying to force their dicks into female spaces and being borderline sex offenders while at it and the many parties enabling this behavior.

No. 1035262

This is my experience in the tech community as well. Every time you hear about a drama of some woman causing a ruckus and being generally an oversensitive pain in the ass it always, always turns out to be a troon. They have public, suicide-baiting meltdowns on their Twitter accounts, shit on women openly, enjoy the spoils of their long career as a man and then rake through everything they see with a fine-tooth comb to point out anything ~triggering~ and then wonder why people don't hire them (obviously it's due to transphobia).

One of them wrote a huge fucking twitter thread about how offended "she" was to visit a conference dedicated to a certain programming framework and was "disturbed" to see how many "white cis men" there were. Instead of calling for more diversity in general he went straight to demanding "more PoC trans women to be invited" or something, being an Asian trans woman himself. What's especially shitty is that people make no distinction between troons and actual women in tech so it's always the women who have to carry the stigma of crazy drama stirrers when it was just drugged up incel men all along.

No. 1035276

File: 1599562593294.png (8.79 MB, 2560x1707, troons.png)

This is my assessment, what do you guys think?

No. 1035279

I'm going to go with the same guesses as you but I'm 50/50 on the red-headed one in the leftside back row and I think the blonde in the glasses and black shirt next to her is a woman. Imagine being these girls though, coming to an event for women exclusively and finding out you're facing like 20 turbo troons in bad wigs and grandma dresses.

You forgot to brand the tranniest of them all though, the creature known as protomagicalgirl who's the violet/brown haired goblin in the back row in between the sea monster with the aqua hair and the one in a serial killer clown red wig. He has a thread on Kiwifarms and it's a hilarious read. Speedrunning is like a honeypot for autistic troons.

No. 1035280

I tried to count them but I'd feel bad if I accidentally counted a woman as a troon. You also forgot the purple one

>Just ugly


No. 1035283

>You also forgot the purple one
>You forgot to brand the tranniest of them all though, the creature known as protomagicalgirl who's the violet/brown haired goblin in the back row in between the sea monster with the aqua hair and the one in a serial killer clown red wig. He has a thread on Kiwifarms and it's a hilarious read.

The purple one is hiding its face so I didn't count them, but afterwards I looked them up and yeah.. very troon as anon pointed out.

No. 1035293

I think the redhead in the back is a troon too

No. 1035295

This is even more depressing when the mascot of the event was a hyena, of which the females of the species can have elongated penis-clitorises. Eugh.

No. 1035299

white men hated fat asses

No. 1035358

is that from frame fatales? sgdq2020 just passed & 90% of the "female" runners in that were dudes too. its worse in frame fatales tho b/c that event was literally created to highlight female runners, & hardly no actual women got to participate

No. 1035376

I think the person on one knee with the moose on her head is a woman. Just fat.

No. 1035390

Was gonna post the same. Also the one with the blue and purple hair and the skull shirt has very childbearing hips and tiny hands.
Either I'm very charitable or my troondar is off, probably miscalibrated by seeing so much sweaty gamercore condensed in one spot.

No. 1035395

The one on the front row with the blue skirt I would bet on female. The red head at the back I would bet male. But still,18 guys to 9 girls (with some margin). So feminist.

No. 1035454

psyop to get agps to mutilate their dicks? i'm all for it!

No. 1035456

well at least some of them are bio women. that makes me happy.

No. 1035465

File: 1599591297061.png (1 MB, 1080x2270, Screenshot_20200818-222708.png)

Remember the guy that Kevin Gibes was grooming? Mode_View, well this is his "Girl"friend.

No. 1035468

File: 1599591598480.gif (4.98 MB, 500x306, EF5AA3C3-D04A-4A4D-8538-D493B4…)

No. 1035472

File: 1599592086073.jpg (128.84 KB, 1200x900, 2_LBSmall.jpg)


reminds me of andy pipkin

No. 1035490

What is the response he's hoping for by asking that question with that picture?

No. 1035510

>immediately realize I'm tied up in the basement of a serial killer that wants to cut off my skin and wear it on himself because mommy didn't love him enough

No. 1035534

"Oh my god, I ask to suck your girl dick!!"
"Uwu i asks for pats from mommy milkers"
"I ask you to smother me with ur huge milkies uwuwuwuw"

Shit like that.

No. 1035539

File: 1599597165821.png (139.17 KB, 522x556, anarchist-housewife.png)

No. 1035557

File: 1599600453343.jpg (51.7 KB, 745x225, KxYFQSV.jpg)

No. 1035567

File: 1599602033803.gif (749.74 KB, 244x244, tenor.gif)

At this point I'm just waiting for them to label "lesbian" a terf dog-whistle

No. 1035587

Eventually saying you don't like Penis Havers is going to be considered a dog-whistle.
Also, I've seen more gay men hate people saying they are "Queer"/Queer being a slur then I've seen lesbians.
Then again, why do I expect a group of men upset women won't fuck them to come at their brothers?

No. 1035613

It basically already is.

No. 1035625

I think the one to the right of the redhead at the back is female, just an unflattering picture. Same goes for the blue skirt one sitting down, and maybe the other one next to the redhead. "Just Ugly" could be a troon too.
Group pictures like this make it harder to tell, you could clock them more easily from just a close up single photo.

No. 1035643

Because there are powerful trans women running medical companies that want to encourage trans humanism and designer identities in order to justify themselves and make a ton of money off everyone

No. 1035755

I had the same impression regarding that photo, but it's sad that this is even a mystery. It's like playing Where's Waldo but Where's Woman.
>well at least some of them are bio women. that makes me happy.
I agree, though it's really telling that this bare minimum is enough be pleased by. Says a lot about our society in currentyear that this is considered very much the norm for "female representation" in many areas.

No. 1035779

holy shit, it's like an ugly homeless version of philip seymour hoffman

No. 1035790

I just saw some tranny bitching how complaining about the retarded ass "bi lesbian" term is a TERF tactic so they're like half way there.

No. 1035845

File: 1599650652305.jpg (36.07 KB, 640x853, 20200909_062339.jpg)

No. 1035848


Oh noooooo. Is this in jest?

Underneath all that mess is actually a decent looking man.

No. 1035850

He looks like when straight male actors play trans characters, I guess they always need everyone to know there's still a hunky manly man underneath

No. 1035851

Noooooooo there’s no way this isn’t a joke or out of context

Also what’s wrong with his physique he’s ripped but it’s all uneven

No. 1035852

It's honestly especially tragic when an attractive man decides to troon out. Like I think Gigi Gorgeous was pretty cute as a man and now he just looks like a 50 year old Football wife with a plastic surgery addiction. Contrapoints was a pretty nice looking guy too and his results were the same as Gigi's but with a bit less bimbofying fetish.

No. 1035863

That reminds me that even on /lgbt/ they laugh about how no one cares about ftms. Troons seem to be really good at eating their own tbh

I genuinely wonder what is going through that dudes minds when he looks in the mirror.

No. 1035892

This is so sad, with that long hair he looks way too much like kronk, is that even considered trying to pass?

No. 1035898

THIS picture is how I feel done up with long hair

No. 1035925

Jeff Cavaliere in a wig, sasuga

No. 1035936

People don't pay attention to FTM's as much because they look better and act better then trans women. Imagine bragging that more people pick at you, pitty you, dislike you and think you are a abomination.
Women and men seem more likely to be in a relationship with a passing or non-passing Trans men then a trans woman to me.

People don't even truly care about all trans women equally, I'm certain there's more white transbiens but the focus is on "Black trans women" anyway.
It's a huge cope, I bet trans men are happy they don't get the attention that Trans women get. There's a lot more rotten eggs who makes everyone side eye trans women then there's rotten eggs on the trans men side.
Do they think people because tranny porn and pandering that means every trans women is loved, wanted and people truly care?

No. 1035951


Anyone else think about how cumbrain males fuck up female crime statistics? All these pedos and murderers that are "women".

No. 1035953

File: 1599669459758.png (360.73 KB, 585x685, Untitled.png)

Shame that this hashtag lost steam. Surely it was killed by the troons screaming TERFS!!! Because to be labeled a TERF is worse than pulling a gun on someone or molesting a child.

No. 1035954

>thinking it's entirely about sexual harassment
The fact he says this with such snotty conviction and holier-than-thou attitude really proves he was raised as a male who was told his opinion matters the most.

No. 1035974

This, also women tend to put more effort into their appearance and as a result are better at passing (when they aren’t trans trending fakebois). I also think it’s just easier for women to pass as men than for men to pass as women, even without hormones. I could cut my hair and put on a suit and pass for a decent-looking twinky dude, as could most women with a little bir of effort. But put most men in a dress and they look ridiculous. It’s way more work to make a man look feminine than to make a woman look masculine.

No. 1036036

I like to think that this guy is just trying to shock people and thinks that what he's saying is funny. The latter is just too gross.

No. 1036037

I have virtually the same glasses that this guy is wearing. I don't want to wear them again any time soon because I can't get this image out of my head.

No. 1036038

On the bright side this whole troon trend is causing the more disgusting of the bunch to sterilize themselves.

No. 1036041

File: 1599683586027.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 20200909_152811.jpg)

Gay Jewish Girl / Furry / Tamaskan Dog / BLM Free Palestine /She/Her

No. 1036047

sometimes my hair or fashion resembles a troon's and i want to kms

No. 1036051

I really don't know about that. The most dangerous ones often keep their dick so they can continue to terrorize women. The whole 'girldick' movement seems pretty big to me.

No. 1036066

File: 1599687155947.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.8 KB, 300x300, IMG_1774-300x300.jpg)

I'm sorry Anon. Pic related

No. 1036089

What? Post proofs, anon.

No. 1036090

Why are you posting Camila Cabelo?

No. 1036131

I’m positive they’re actually cute on you though.

No. 1036146

Hormones make you unable to bear children and make your dick not work right even if you keep it and still have sex it doesn’t take very long on e or a large dose to have this happen either

No. 1036151

File: 1599695511284.png (174.5 KB, 1192x630, Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 7.44…)

Is it just me or does this just mask off portray how this troon views women only as sex objects? Not to mention more "just be a girl" cult shit. This account is full of r/ihavesex cringe and his disgusting porn, I almost feel sorry for these coomers whose lives revolve around nothing but porn and being ~sluts uwu~

No. 1036159

I feel sorry for people voluntarily sleeping with them.
There are SO many people on planet earth, pls at least don‘t take someone wanting to strip half the population off their human rights

No. 1036198


… this might be my brother
he´s def joking kek

No. 1036204


I also agree the "other" one standing next to the redhead is a girl.

Are speedrunning troons extra autistic? Because most of these pass about as well as a potato wearing a tiara.

No. 1036206


But ultra female Kevin Gibes claims to be a bisexual lesbian!

No. 1036254

NTA but this one at least talks about Jennifer Pritzker who's a republican millionaire troon transbian who owns a med company https://medium.com/@sue.donym1984/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq-movement-is-run-by-philanthropic-astroturf-and-based-on-junk-d08eb6aa1a4b
And here's another article about it: https://thefederalist.com/2018/02/20/rich-white-men-institutionalizing-transgender-ideology/ (yeah it's the Federalist but honestly no other publications agree to publish these findings)

No. 1036307

File: 1599732681386.jpg (64.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

anyone got some milk on Lo.Weezy? Recently he got exposed for saying the n-word, but i think he has some more sins. Of course like the most of them he is a hooker but keeps it secret. Also i think that he abuses his dog (in some of the vlogs he screams at him, pushes him and in one of them he put stack of money in that poor babys mouth)

No. 1036331

File: 1599741723441.jpg (273.22 KB, 1920x1080, Egh5uWRXkAUd2kJ.jpg)

he's ugly and the only people who ever talk to him seem to be beta males despite his constant horny posts about women, lol. i saw one female in the comments but she's a ftm furry.

No. 1036332

edit: it's actually a mtf who passes pretty well as a ftm who can't nail down the masculine part!

No. 1036333

final edit: after perusing comments a bit more i found a single cis female, but she also has an onlyfans and is black so i'm sure she's off the table as she can't be imagined into an anime futa. this is just a delusional man fucking other men, if anything.

No. 1036344

all of the one who get surgery and “pass well” kek look the exact same, they must use the same surgeon

No. 1036345

Kek oh my god anon incredible

No. 1036346

Also if it is your brother please tell him to call me when he detransitions

No. 1036348

Exactly. And then they go on/off HRT immediately when their dick stops working and then have a horny fit again. You constantly see troons whining about HRT killing their libido and them stopping it for a while just so they can masturbate again. But remember it's not a fetish!


No. 1036357

File: 1599747225564.jpg (3.76 KB, 265x108, Untitled (1).jpg)

his stomach looks like a disappointed asian father

No. 1036425

It's that generic tranny look. If I can glance at him and tell somethings off just from those pictures imagine how he really looks? He already has that huge head and lips, this is the "Insta Tranny Thot" look that all the HSTS get.

He literally looks like a knock off Nikita except he looks better without makeup then Nikita. I'm not surprised he's racist.

No. 1036440

Legit looks less like a tranny without the drag queen make-up.

IDK what I find more ridiculous, the trannies who don't even try to pass at all and are basically just balding straight men who try to be "lesbians" or the ones like Blaire White who are just gay men who think looking like a woman means looking like a Barbie blowup doll.

Men have no fucking clue what femininity is. They can't find a balance between putting in enough effort to look feminine and put together and going overboard with bolt-on tits and fake lips that look like they got stung by a wasp.

I fucking hate them.

No. 1036459

And they both think "being a woman" means that lesbians/straight men should 100% have no issues being with them.
HSTS are the worst type of gay men and transbiens are the worst parts of straight men, Both think they are entitled to shit that they feel "Cis" women are even though half the shit they want is shit NO one is entitled to.

No. 1036859

File: 1599840343503.png (194.01 KB, 1439x1085, Capture _2020-09-11-12-02-59.p…)

No. 1036860

what is their obsession with periods?

No. 1036863

womb envy

No. 1036877

It's actually pretty insulting how they reduce the menstrual cycle to nothing but stereotypes about being emotional and craving chocolate, but of course these fucktards don't actually give a shit about actual female biology since they already reduced us to nothing but tits and bleeding. Takes more than estrogen to have a menstrual cycle, your titty skittles aren't shit.

No. 1036879

Because they can buy themselves a fake vagina but they can't buy themselves a period. It's an obsession with what they can't have and what sets them apart from women.

No. 1036886

File: 1599842141368.gif (2.33 MB, 480x270, troons.gif)

I thought Mr. Garrison galivanting around talking about periods after transitioning was just retarded South Park punch-down humor but they were right all along, what the fuck is wrong with these males? Literal portrait of periodfags ITT related.

No. 1036898

sigh having the symptoms does NOT mean you have the condition.

even cis he's old enough for menopause as the actual answer kek

No. 1036905

Hmm, I don't get cravings, barely get cramps, don't get emotional. Guess I must not have periods. They're more woman than me! First they are like 'you don't need periods to be a woman' and at the same time 'b-but i totez get periods like a real girl uwu'. Periods are just shedding of the uterus, which they don't have. If I get cramps and get irritable because I ate something wrong, am I experiencing a period? Tards.

No. 1036914

that episode hits so different now

No. 1036918

"Cis" men have these issues as well, does that mean they are having a period? Or magically does having all these things equal a period for a transwomen and other shit for "cis" males?

No. 1036925

yeah and my symptoms don't come "every 28 days" they're spread out throughout like half of my cycle. literally all of our cycles are different and unique. these men sound SO uninformed when they say stuff like this.

No. 1036931

Women Are A Monolith That Troons Have Assimilated To And Perfected So Begone Females

No. 1036936

but anon as a woman, i HATE when my period comes because i just turn into this bitchy chocolate hungry demon!

No. 1036939


I love that episode my favorite line is when he tries getting an abortion. And he's talking to the doctor
"So if I'm not a real woman, I'm just a man with a mutilated vagina?"
"Basically, yes.


No. 1036952


PMS symptoms come from a drop in progesterone. After ovulation the hormone progesterone takes over and falls if a woman isn't pregnant and then menstruation commences. Cycle lengths can vary among different women and from cycle to cycle and the symptoms of PMS usually transpire before menstruation occurs. Not all women get PMS.

This dude is basically mansplaining the menstrual cycle.

Unless he was deliberately supplementing and then coming off progesterone his condition is not even remotely similar.

I call the placebo effect.

No. 1036964

Was South Park ever cancelled for this?

No. 1036966

They've been "cancelled" for a lot of things, but I think this Mr Garrison transition arc happened before everyone gulped down the last sip of dumbass juice and agreed that transdom was REAL and beautiful, and to be defended at all costs. I'm sure some people were offended, but the cultural tide had yet to turn in favor of trans and they were more of a weird sideshow that people didn't understand (or hate, for that matter, by the way)

No. 1036967

The episode came out in like 2005 so no. It was a funny joke back then but who would've thought it'd actually become the reality in roughly 10 years. Makes you think if it was based on them knowing some Hollywood behind the scenes troon pervs because rich white guys were the cause of all this.

No. 1036975

South Park always seems to predict the future and covers things before there is enough hysteria to get it shut down. It's pure creative genius.

No. 1036989

I'm pretty sure they added in a graphic scene of an actual sex change footage in that episode too. Not only that, in the episode Mr.Slave refuses to have sex with Garrison because he's only into penises (y'know cuz he's a gay man) and then Garrison tells him that he just has to stop being gay LMAO.
I can't fucking believe we're living in actual fucking South Park episode.

No. 1036995

Don't forget about the part of Kyle wanting to become a black man because he "liked hip hop and basketball" and his dad wanting to become a dolphin and the money hungry plastic surgeon willing to do all these crazy, unethical surgeries. When Kyle gets his "transracial surgery" he doesn't realize it's "aesthetics only, not for actual usage" and gets severely injured trying to play basketball. South Park predicted the future is the new Simpsons predicted the future. I fucking swear they knew enough celebrity degenerates to know this would become reality one day and they wanted to warn us.

No. 1037035

Kek they did add the graphics surgery footage I always had to turn away

No. 1037045

File: 1599861389422.jpeg (102.21 KB, 634x963, 4D19AAB5-9309-4CA2-9CCE-045218…)

guess matt and trey can get a one time invite to the radfem knitting circle for their clairvoyance

No. 1037162

File: 1599872771271.jpg (2.82 MB, 2656x3200, how is cyberbullying even real…)

i like to think he printed some screenshots from here

No. 1037170

File: 1599873074474.png (440.83 KB, 640x804, 4640F9B0-5559-4D91-8E0B-228A88…)

I’d say for not AGP mtfs it’s genuine dysphoria from not having a uterus. But they’re not the ones out here shoving bloodsicles up their bussies and thinking their shitty health is actually PMS.

No. 1037262

I wonder if any of those "hate posts" are the ones calling out his rapist ass.

No. 1037382


Apologies for possibly being dumb, but who is this?

No. 1037396

No. 1037504

The most recent season has an episode called Board Girls which is about MtFs in women's sports and how insane it is. Season 20 episode 7. Highly recommend it.
They've poked fun at the bathroom debate too recently, though I forget which episode.
They made fun of Bruce Jenner when he troon'd out and for a long time since. I think his character still appears sometimes.

Most recent season they had text at the end saying "#cancelsouthpark" or something, so clearly they give zero fucks. It's amazing that sort of stuff exists in mainstream media in currentyear. Their message is very blatant. Wish more media was similarly not so drunk on the "woke koolaid".

No. 1037565

this reads like an insane person's diary, it's so rambly and full of woke buzzwords. why is everyone in the twans community so crazy

No. 1037587

File: 1599937850535.jpeg (375.69 KB, 793x715, 95B1E149-BF25-474A-BB79-428890…)

This one just says "you're a fucking asshole" lmao, might be related to that. I think he intentionally didn't include anything that directly alludes to his sexual predator history, wouldn't want people googling "eli erlick rapist" and finding out the truth.

No. 1037598

i have no idea how someone with no uterus can get "period cramps". sounds like something is wrong.

No. 1037661

File: 1599946386805.jpeg (371.31 KB, 1204x1290, 217C10DB-753C-40A9-A8E2-D06D2D…)

He also demanded all his “tme” (female) followers “show the fuck up” to defend him from the meany teenage girls bullying him on tumblr

No. 1037666

File: 1599947004163.jpeg (556.33 KB, 1195x1597, 7C7D6142-AE11-49E4-ADF5-699C71…)

Also he looks like. this

No. 1037669

I'm confused. If he totally has the same experiences as "cis" women who grew up as girls and they're not unique, why is it trans-exclusionary to talk about growing up as a girl? Shouldn't he be able to relate?

No. 1037676

File: 1599947656051.jpeg (200.02 KB, 1536x1158, 8FD6F474-E62F-40ED-897D-5A0981…)

It’s a mystery

No. 1037696

File: 1599948983639.jpg (14.36 KB, 480x360, wot.jpg)

why do people still use tumblr ? i mean its not linear , shit community ,the user count is crumbling ,really why use it when its creator abandonned the ship

No. 1037703

It’s fun when you have a good group of mutuals. Also lots of personal cows there

No. 1037772

File: 1599958420360.png (572.85 KB, 753x632, menstrualinclusivity.png)

Imagine thinking women are gatekeeping periods while looking like pic related. Maybe someday he'll figure out that biology isn't a social construct.

No. 1037824

Yeah, this. When you take the pill and skip the placebo week for active pills, you don't get your period because you're sustaining a steady dose of hormones that overrides the natural menstrual cycle……like trans women take steady doses of hormones. It's so insane to see them larping periods, when their hormones are most similar to doing the thing women do to NOT get periods.

No. 1037894

Wow, couldn't even do his fucking eyebrows. Disgusting. The confidence of a mediocre man…

No. 1037901

File: 1599992376329.jpg (1010.32 KB, 2316x3088, d2qza8xkw1m51.jpg)

Titled "One reason I dress like a teenager who passes is that I never want to forget how hard it is to be yourself. If life feels easy maybe you're doing wrong."

One reply said "I dress like a teen girl who passes because 1) public nudity is not an option, so 2) teen girl who passes is the next closest thing .

J/k. Seriously though… I can be 40 and wear 2 inch shorts. I don't shave my legs for nothin, ya know"

No. 1037910

>40 and admits to wanting to be a teenage girl
>saying that the clothes teens wear are the next closest thing to being nude in public, making it obvious he creeps on teenage girls in public by sexualizing their normal outfits
But it's not a fetish and he isn't a ped!!

No. 1037911

The bg is creeping me out so much what is that face in the corner

No. 1037913

>sounds like something is wrong.
with his brain ya

No. 1037953

Silence of the lamb lookin ass

No. 1038011

What the fuck is he talking about, a "teen girl who passes" teen GIRLS don't need to pass as anything, they're actually female.

I seriously can't stand how little effort men put into looking like women. Those thin little lips and that dark lipstick, stupid unstyled hair, big ugly watch, unflattering clothing. This guy would be a disappointment as a bedroom crossdresser, let alone a true and honest MtF.

That head of hair at 40 is wasted on a total creep, what a shame.

No. 1038018

must be a self-portrait

No. 1038030

Most of the times I see blatant and unapologetic sexist things from troons on the left it's coming from anarchists specifically. Is there a reason why?

No. 1038046

File: 1600018273980.jpg (199.75 KB, 1080x1258, _20200913_182632.JPG)

Why do troons always insist that if a lesbian doesn't want to have sex with them, they're obsessed with genitals? I've never seen them bash straight women for only liking penises before, only when women have the audacity to like vagina

No. 1038049

Interesting how straight women are the least likely to be harrassed for not liking the opposite sex. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that pretty much all "straight" FTMs are actually biologically lesbians.

No. 1038053

it's not twitter

No. 1038086

I'd like to hear his explanation for getting period cramps without a womb. Dude basically binges on junk food, feels tired, icky and bloated, then gets stomach cramps and his mind goes straight to "Gee I must be getting my period!!!". I guess periods are just a mindset and not an actual biological phenomenon, those pesky women complaining about their PMS should just snap out of it.

40? This creep legitimately looks like he's closer to his 50's. He's giving severe buffalo bill vibes with that look AND the interior behind him. Yikes.

>Following your logic you would have sex with a trans man… because he has a vagina
Well yeah that's the fucking point doofus. I still see FTMs as women because they are biologically women. I'd pick a FTM over transbian girldick any day.

No. 1038098


I haven't seen a skirt like that since 2005.

Why are AGPs always stuck in a fashion time warp? Why do all their clothes look like clearance garbage from goodwill that has been in someone's dusty closet for a decade?

A HSTS would at least have the decency to go to a trendy store and wear up to date thot fashion. Not that I think the thot look when done well is a bad thing. It can look kinda cute but most women and teen girls don't need to dress that way every day to affirm their femininity. Our whole identity isn't based on sex.

Also, get out of here with that ageist, sexist crap about having to be a teen to wear (seemingly) fashionable clothes or a crop top.

He is probably a MGTOW and probably believes that women 'hit the wall' after college and all transform into sexless hags who wear nothing but midi/maxi skirts, Argyle sweaters and scratchy blazers.

It's interesting how all these AGPs have such misogynist beliefs and all seem to come from MGTOW. There is definitely a pipeline.

No. 1038118

straight men and straight women (not straight women claiming to be lesbians) seem to get the least smoke from TRA/trans women.
I think HSTS are around women more and pay more attention to women's styles and bodies to mimic it, while transbiens are just straight dudes who don't pay attention to women's style and only care about our bodies sexually
HSTS seem to go by the trends women go by, they pay attention to women for skin waking, while transbiens don't do that (and when they do it's always sexual, badly done and creepy).
Straight men don't care about female fashion, but gay men can/do.
Gay men are usually friends with women more so than straight men (transbiens).

No. 1038119

Sorry Anons, should have clarified more that the comment from a 40 year old was coming from another commenter. No doubt the original poster probably thinks the same thing though.

No. 1038121

File: 1600028921750.png (56.35 KB, 394x164, Capture.PNG)

had this saved to post here, it makes zero sense.

No. 1038125

Can someone explain to me why troons like this one always use this argument of "if a black person of there gender is considered there gender So am I". I see them use it all the time with black women saying shit like "if you would let a black woman use the same bathroom as you why not me" and it really bothers me.

No. 1038126

I'm confused, why is race relevant here? Why would a black man not be a man?

No. 1038134

Racism imo. I know why trans women bring up black women in this argument because they think we are masculine and act like men. I think they are going by the oppression chart and black people are at the bottom.
So in their mind whenever they want to describe how horrible they are being treated they bring up black people.
It feels like they are pushing for transphobia to be treated as seriously as racism is and the only way to do that is to say connect the two. Like how they now claim biological sex is white supremacy.
However, I don't know fully what this person is trying to say about black men, i know why they say it about black women, but I'm sure it's just as racist and fucked up.

No. 1038137

Wait, who on earth ever said black women are not women/feminine? Excuse me, this is a level of autism I have never dared to think of??

No. 1038145

This is not a black woman stereotype I've ever heard of. Are these troons actually being racist in their attempts to be more progressive and inclusive?

No. 1038148

File: 1600032377448.jpg (47.13 KB, 460x670, incel tranny pipeline tumblr_5…)

>Are these troons actually being racist in their attempts to be more progressive and inclusive?
Yes. This is a consistent thing with them, and everyone's expected to just pretend they don't see.

No. 1038151

File: 1600032673131.png (37.55 KB, 528x459, hhhhhh.PNG)

I have a few tweets from some of the shit Trans women and their "Allies" say about black women.

No. 1038157

wait is this troon implying feminity is a white western social construct and has not existed in every culture and race ever?

No. 1038159

I've seriously had it with these femcels using "we" and thinking if they support white men in dresses hard enough, maybe one day they too will have enough clout to try and force people to say they're pretty.
Like, that's not how it works at all, and the struggle of black women when it comes to western femininity (not femininity as a whole, by the way) isn't even slightly similar to a literal man trying to browbeat everyone into calling him a cute uwu teen girl. Stop dragging yourself, or at least keep this pathetic self-hating shit to you and you alone. Say "I don't meet the marks of femininity", "I am literally the same as a man" and call it a fucking day.

No. 1038162

File: 1600033588092.png (187.61 KB, 476x529, pp.PNG)

Here's another person, there first thought when they saw the story about trump is "black cis women can look like men as well!"
If the first thing that comes to your mind is "black cis women" when you see a article on how to spot a troon, that means you think black cis women look like trans women or can be mistaken for one.
what does that mean?

No. 1038164

File: 1600033618576.png (230.31 KB, 450x346, 555.PNG)

No. 1038166

yeah this is the new trend

that white people created the binary and colonialism erased QUEERISM because there was shit like 2 spirit & stuff before. but every third gender thing i've ever read was basically that homosexual men were not seen as men

and that white people created gender roles also

No. 1038167

File: 1600033808910.png (33.03 KB, 493x470, lld.PNG)

The points not "racists think black women looks like men" it's that these troons first thought it, 'Black women are going to experience transphobia because they look like transwomen"
We all know what they mean.

No. 1038168

I have never seen a black woman and confused one for a tranny I've never heard of anyone else doing it eitherup until now in these hypothetical tweets. These troons are on another level of audacity

No. 1038176

same. this is a new development for me, especially as a white woman living in a majority black city. i’ve never even heard of this point of view…

No. 1038179

here's the same troon who made a thread with 90% brown/dark skinned Black women saying that these women experienced "transphobia" because they are called men.
Notice how most of them are black, most of them are called men as an INSULT not because people think they are men. It's racism (in some cases) and people just being assholes because calling a woman a man isn't transphobia if they are NOT a transwomen/man.
This post got a lot of attention.

and this does not come off as them defending women from "transphobia" it comes off as them upset that Cis women (esp. black women) don't think they look like transwomen who can be "clocked".
These people weren't clocked and a lot of these people on the list feels like people he thinks people "clocked" because he feels they look like transwomen.

No. 1038180

File: 1600034824803.png (24.79 KB, 469x223, jfjfj.PNG)

No. 1038182

i always find it funny how trannies and their supporters try to use language like “people with uteruses” to be inclusive when there are still cis women that have had to have full hysterectomies and are still women/maintain their femininity kek kind of ends up working against them

No. 1038183

I've seen this one before. He seriously expects people to believe he's on the same level as Toni Braxton, Tyra Banks and Ciara (and that they're the same as him). I have to laugh.
I saw one post that was like "If black women "face transphobia", can we have access to the grants and other benefits trans people get?" and he wouldn't reply, kek.

No. 1038188

the term “transmisogyny” makes me want to blow my brains out

No. 1038194

That and it's the same reason why they're trying so hard to stay attached to LGB activism. They saw that black people in the USA and racial/ethnic minorities achieved a lot and gained more rights, then they saw that gay rights in the USA and many other countries also exist thanks to activism and trans people want to compare their cause to these causes.

No. 1038198

File: 1600036953377.jpeg (13.73 KB, 261x169, 7F2FD539-C894-45A8-A625-267258…)

Like… being called a man when you’re a woman because you somehow look like a man? But how is that transphobia? Shouldn’t a woman have to identify as trans to be considered trans?

No. 1038204

Cis women ARE immune from being clocked, and are incapable of receiving transphobia because they are not trans. Just because you say some shit on Twitter authoritatively doesn't make it magically true.

When people call natal women men, or say they look like a man, or suggest they have dicks, it is an insult, but not transphobia because they're not trans. No one is getting "clocked" because its just a tired old insult used on women with certain features, styles or attitudes.

Anons who've never heard this about black women before, just try and remember the nasty accusations about Michelle Obama having a dick. Black women do seem to get this specific "you look like a man" insult more frequently than white women do, just anecdotally. Racist yes, but not "transphobic". Compiling a list of insults towards famous black women and this guy's first thought is "will someone PLEASE think of the trannies this will impact!"

No. 1038207

"cis women with uteruses and vaginas that they received at birth"…wow. Tims feel so entitled to female genitals that they talk like vaginas are a possession they're being deprived of. So disgusting.

No. 1038208

you’re right, i do remember the michelle obama man insults, but it boggles my mind that they are somehow able to derive “transphobia” out of that and not just straight up racism. trannies on twitter love to talk about how exhausting it must be to be transphobic but it takes actual mental gymnastics to try to make some of the points they do

No. 1038222


Not op, but I've def seen racism of the "black women are masculine" stripe. I'm American for reference, and I saw a lot of "Michelle Obama is a tranny!!!" stuff back in the day, and general stuff about black women having more "masculine features." I'm not black, but I come from a pretty shit hick family and it's definitely something I heard in my house. It's also definitely been a thing on male-dominated chanboards and shit for years, especially places where men get really categorizing women like pokemon, a la "uwu slav/nordic/insert white ethnic group here women are perfect feminine waifus, black women are mannish last place" or w/e. With like, charts and shit.

I think TRAs think they're arguing that like, black women historically weren't considered to be real women like white women in the US b/c pure ladylike womanhood was something only (rich) white women could achieve, but they trip over their own feet by completely bungling the fact that black women were also simultaneously being exploited as female (breeding slaves, being used for really awful gynecological experiments, etc) in ways no mtf could ever suffer.

No. 1038231

*developed in conception

Fixed that for them

No. 1038344

I swear reading that line made me feel so grossed out. Recieved? What does he even mean by that? Just say 'born with' or something to sound less Buffalo Bill-esque.

No. 1038456

this is one of the best pics ive ever seen lmao

No. 1038461

File: 1600089062891.jpg (141.3 KB, 1024x768, south-park-strong-woman-compet…)

to be completely honest, as cringe as south park often is, they've made some incredible observations on society that were far ahead of their time. i appreciate their unapologetic takes even if i don't always agree with them. the TRA shit, though, they've got down.

No. 1038475

Seriously, this is 100% how it went down. Both troonery and right wing sperging is influenced by a dangerous blend of both male insecurity and entitlement.

They were too polite about this issue imo. Watched the episode and it was honestly pretty tame in terms of actual commentary. They definitely hammered the message in but it wasn't as snarky, unapologetic and on point as the Mrs. Garrison one from 15 years ago. That one spared no punches.

No. 1038502

File: 1600093662405.jpeg (223.07 KB, 1059x1385, FA83A849-B466-431A-A466-904099…)

Well, they talk about owning everything else we have, too. Although I think it’s funny he says “we will use your estrogen”. Dude, unless you’re siphoning it from women, you’re taking pills made from horse piss. Get over yourself.

No. 1038508

puke. Wasting doctors time and taking away appointments from women who are actually SICK and need treatment or prenatal care just so they can show their neo-vaginas and girldicks to a woman for their exhibitionism fetish. Truly horrible.

No. 1038518

>Patriarchy is slowly accepting transwomen as women

Gee I wonder why, it’s almost like a male-dominated system would support biological men and encourage them to take over women’s spaces.

No. 1038519

It’s because they believe their own crap rhetoric that the socially constructed idea of Man is white, straight, cis, etc - he is the default, literally. So each identifier that differs from this (black, gay, trans, etc) is equal to each other.

No. 1038540

Its really got to lay the lies on thick to validate its delusional perception of the world. Judging by the level of hair tearing that went into this emotional rant, I think acknowledging reality would probably be the death of this strange creature.

No. 1038541

>Your gynecologists

No. 1038564

>Patriarchy is slowly accepting us!
So, like, does he want to keep and uphold patriarchy? Is that what he's saying? I know the answer already, but it's good when they're brazen.
>Men prefer us over stupid radical feminists!!
Oh, so it really was all about getting sex? Thank you, please admit this more often so we're all on the same page next time you dumbasses try to chime in on women's issues and feminist discussions in general. Kindly keep your weird bimbo transformation fetish to yourselves and the bisexual men you're fucking. Go make the okama island from One Piece IRL if you want. Just quit trying to loop everyone else into your bullshit and presenting yourselves as the ultimate oppressed group. It's ugly and shitty.
I know there's trannies who frequent these threads to seethe, too.

No. 1038565

"There's hair in this undilated wound. Talk to your plastic surgeon, not me."

No. 1038567

>men prefer trannies over terfs
literally WHERE and WHO? if it’s all about sex to them then a man isn’t going to prefer them unless they are into dick in the first place…

No. 1038582

File: 1600099560524.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

No. 1038583

I don't know if men prefer either/even know what TERFs are, but at least TERFs are usually real lesbians that have each other kek. No one likes trannies, especially the hairy but balding ones.

No. 1038610

Men are more transphobic and homophobic then women, violently so at times including Troons who are homophobic, sexist and can be violent.
Even some of the men who fuck troons hate them, it's funny how they think every man who sticks their dick in them cares or accepts them. Or they think this whole war has anything to do with "Men" that prefer "troons" over "terfs".
Some men don't even care if a woman is legal before fuck them, don't even check, but this troon thinks they give a fuck about "Terfs"?
Do they think most men are TRA? I swear these woman-hating chasers/gay men and women TRA are fucking these troons head up.

No. 1038644

File: 1600105569305.jpg (5 KB, 166x240, 87232423.jpg)

It's not even a functional hole? It's like a woman going to a ballsack doctor with a groin lump. I wanna read troon experiences at the gyno, tf would they even do there, a pap smear?

No. 1038661

Idk about that but I know that for them "terf"=feminazi. If you look at reddit for example, they use trannies as a tool against women.

No. 1038664

The gyno would probably just poke around inside for a few minutes and call it a day

No. 1038673

File: 1600108604471.png (21.37 KB, 612x250, KEKK.PNG)

>Book is about murderous cis man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims
>Trans community immediately assumes it's about them

No. 1038682

Guess they've never seen Silence of the Lambs or missed the CIS MAN part. They tell on themselves. Who's unhinged?

Based JK Rowling, I forgive you for the insufferable fandom you've created for making trannies so mad kek.

No. 1038687

This. Holy shit, they just don't bother hiding it anymore. This guy is basically saying "The patriarchy you stupid feminists are fighting for is replacing you with men" and getting congratulated for it.
>Literally every man I know would take a trans woman any day over a stupid radical feminist.
Yes. We know misogynistic chasers love troons. We don't care. These people are using the "w-we're just better at being women than you ugly lesbos" cope like it mattered because all their coomer brains can think of is sex appeal.

absolute madwoman, no brakes on the JK train. bless her

No. 1038716

Lmao I love this.

No. 1038721

Lmao the joys of having serious fuck you money.

No. 1038736

She says "cis man", and they still identify. What happened to being a woman on the inside?
God, this is great.

Men can do whatever they want, women can't.

No. 1038739

Lmao why the hashtag #RIPJKRowling? She ain't dead so?

No. 1038752

She's not just #cancelled or #overparty, they're men so they gotta be violent and insinuate how badly they want to kill her/want her dead bc she's not playing their game. Really disgusting, actually.

No. 1038779

cross dressing men who think they are women threatening a woman but claim that women can stop the violence that men give agaisnt cross dressing men, yet the first thing these cross dressers do when threatened is threaten women, blame women and whine about how they are in danger from men because of women.

No. 1038790

This. I don't get why people think twans women are uwu delicate flowers in danger when they're always going into standard male rages when they don't get their way.

No. 1038896

File: 1600125197701.png (416.71 KB, 498x1187, b.png)

And then they were suspended.

No. 1038911

I don't get it, did the op said something else afterwards? Why is it transphobic? I'm confused

No. 1038912

I'm guessing because some of the 'girls' that are actually boys don't get periods at all and feel left out-

No. 1038913

How is that transphobic? Because she mentioned periods and girls in the same sentence? Holy shit.

No. 1038919

Same reason why JK Rowling got cancelled, talking about women menstruating is taboo again, but for a different reason. Nowadays it's not because men find it gross, but because men are jealous they don't have periods. Clown world.

No. 1038922

Women were always shamed for having their periods and speaking up about it. And now that women actual want to speak about their natural cycle, men want to shut them down again, this time using 'transphobia.' It's sexist and disgusting to women

No. 1038923

>This woman is unhinged!

Also TRAs:

Not just that. She didn’t include trans men, “nonbinary” or men that stuff capsules of tomato juice up their ass. Horrifically, the vast majority of people that attacked this poor girl are women themselves. All K-POP fans and mostly identifying as nonbinary. Obligatory BLM in their profile. These women are all fucking clones. Why is the combination of K-POP stan and genderspecial so prevalent? Oddly enough, I saw some actual trans men actually call people out for overreacting. Nonbinary assholes are the worst of them all.

No. 1038926

File: 1600130760814.png (1.55 MB, 1200x628, Untitled.png)

to be fair troons are probably mad because buffalo bill and all those serial killers who dress up as women are AGPs. so many AGPs are violently deranged and anyone who'd get up in arms about this probably feels like they're being called out.

No. 1038929

If you ask me transwomen get mad when women talk about their periods because they don't have one and they use Trans men and dumb as NB people to make it seem somewhat legit.

The tweet was towards GIRLS with periods, trans men are "MEN" with periods. Transwomen get mad about anything that a woman has that they don't have and they are the ones who throw fits. They want women not to talk about periods because it reminds them of what they are MEN cosplaying as women.
They don't give a fuck about trans men, in fact they are jealous of them as well because they pass better and are less disliked.

No. 1038930

Sage for blog- I had a mtf friend that seriously was everything you expect from a normal woman. Supporting girls, not fetishizing our existence, talking about periods without claiming she knows the experience.
She was just a fucking normal girl and I loved being her friend; why the fuck can‘t all ftm be non fetishizing assholes claiming „women have periods“ is sexist?
There are women, born women, with no periods, with short periods, with periods ending at some point which ddoesn‘t make them less female.
Yet the blood is sexist. I‘m screaming.

No. 1038933

there are plenty of mtfs who are totally normal and don't do all the horrific shit in this thread. they are sadly a quiet minority. the most insane trannies are the ones screaming the loudest with their male entitlement

No. 1038937

TBH I wonder how many are normal people who just cross dress and use she/her pronouns in real life, who go online and act a fucking fool. Shit everyone does it, I wonder if the people who do know how bad they make it for people like them who don't do that shit?

It's like those friends who are one way in real life and another way when you follow them on social media.

Sidenote- People made at JKR are just transphobic, acording to the trans women aren't men cross dressing they are women, so why get upset about a cross dressing character?
It also shows their hate for men who wear women's clothing (Like Jeffree/James charles) who don't think they are a woman because of it.

It's why so many of them get upset about femboys and shit. I guess the truth hurts.

No. 1038939

My mtf friend says twitter trannies make her want to detransition and that even though sometimes the things TERFs say make her feel bad, she tends to agree w them way more than the “trans community” kek

No. 1038943

Trans men ane nb do this shit too. Look at the PCOS subreddit drama, they managed to drive away women who had been there for years and stop new women who need help from posting because the language in some posts wasn't inclusive.

No. 1038947

No. 1038976

File: 1600135934649.jpg (186 KB, 1280x1699, fGUZ0Ev.jpg)

^Never too early to enforce gender stereotypes on a gender non-conforming toddler and prepare them for a lifetime of medical dependence! This is the same mtf artist that cries that gender ultrasounds and gendering babies at all is wrong. So how would one validate a child’s gender in the first place?

One of my mtf friends was this way but she was stealth for a very long time and socialized predominantly with women and quiet nerdy guys. Like there was literally nothing weird about her and she was very mature about things. But after she came out publicly, she suddenly attracted a huge amount of gender queer people that wanted to network with her and she was so eager to befriend people like her. Over the years, the kink and TRA anime memes start showing up on her posts and less of her genuine interests. She also became more depressed and her health issues are a dominant topic. I think the “community” ruins people more than their initial illness. You notice the “normal trans” always try to stay away from the online trans community.(Blogging)

No. 1038977

>sometimes the things TERFs say make her feel bad

No. 1038989

Every time I see that comic’s style I can’t stop thinking about those edits that are pretty shitty.

No. 1038995

lol, I've read stories about gynos humoring them by saying "I thought you were cis!" and "I couldn't tell the difference"

No. 1039004

I noticed that those mtf also are those who acknowlege, that Transwomen are there own thing with their own issues, experiences etc. seperate from cis women. And tbh this alone makes them so much more likable than those "TRANSWOMEN ARE REAL WOMEN" trannies.

No. 1039008

i think so many more women would be accepting of them if they took this stance and didn’t try to shoehorn themselves into women’s issues/struggles

No. 1039041

It doesn't even make sense because they could've just said "see I was talking specifically about GIRLS who get PERIODS, not agender nonbinary transwomen transmen who get periods" and it would've been valid even by their retarded narrative.

Basically this. They've conditioned gullible nonbinarytransmenwhatever i.e. biological women to be their pawns and attack whenever they see ma'ams being excluded. They're always super defensive when it comes to transwomen and it just feels like a different flavour of pickmeism instead of genuine worry for the troon's feelings.

No. 1039064

Right? I have a MtF friend, too, and she isn't like these mofos at all.
We could all just chill, but the jealousy and aggressiveness of these Twitter troons makes it kinda impossible.

No. 1039066

Can you all stop blogging about your ~trutrans~ TiM friends? Your friends are still men and they’re no more valid than people like Jonathan Yaniv.

No. 1039070

Nobody's saying anything about "trutrans", people are just talking about how they've had better experiences with troons who don't agree with twitter psychos. I have tranny friends that I get along with because they're very lowkey about being trans and good, kind people otherwise but I still think they're mentally ill for wanting to mutilate themselves and that gendered brain crap is a bunch of hooey.

No. 1039102

I hate this comic for many reasons.
The thing with early transitioning is really bad. For example: if you transition too early it can really damage your bone structure etc. and your body has to develop fully at first. Second of all, I thought early back then I was a boy but I was just tired of sexist guys that always thought I was weak, so overthinking things more properly is also good so you to don’t de-transit ASAP again. It’s for their safety and the safety for docs who try to help them. It comes all with a longterm cost.
>sage for bad english.

No. 1039103

the trans women who i thought were normal turned out to also have weird agp kinks too in the end, so when i hear people talk about normal mtfs i wonder how well they actually know them. though i know some more normal mtfs but those are gay guys the straight ones always end up being weird in one way or another

No. 1039118

"friends" these are troons self-posting about how they are good troons and totally not like other troons. Just like how fatties are the biggest fat-haters on the internet, but it's ok for them to hate on other fatties cause they are "good fatties" who are "trying to lose weight".

Men gotta invade all of our spaces, of course they are on here as well. I'm sure some are even mods.

No. 1039124

TRAs really love to downplay the effects of HRT and surgeries to begin with, especially when it comes to kids. They believe that if they just had the chance to eat horse pills and get surgeries at 10 they would be fully indistinguishable from a cis woman with no side effects.

It's funny how pre-2016 all the studies are saying that HRT shortens your lifespan and causes severe side effects and shouldn't be prescribed for too long seeing how it fucks up your body irreversibly, causes cancer, strokes and osteoporosis etc. but suddenly after the tranny trend started going in full swing it's seen as super safe and healthy with absolutely no side effects whatsoever. Even now HRT for women with hormonal issues (like premature menopause) is strictly regulated and studies are finding more and more evidence of how bad it is for you, but with HRT for troons it's just slam bam thank you ma'am, here are your titty skittles and there's your testo juice sir, no questions asked.

Stop your retarded sperging, jesus christ. You sound like a shitty low-grade bait for infighting.

No. 1039131

Yes exactly this! I think there was also a good YouTube video trending on Twitter of a British doc explaining these things and an actual women next to him was a little offended when he was just statimg facts?I’m a woman myself and the anti pregnancy pill should be enough of a warning as same as all the mtf and ftm pills they would just like to swallow down like M&M’s. A lot of ani Twitter really needs to take a step back from the internet currently and take a look at actual facts and not just live in their trans safe space bubble only, where everything does no harm to them and everything is just ‘for fun and horny reasons haha’

No. 1039136

Maybe this is all a huge social experiment or something, or this is just a way to get even more subjects to study about hormones and how they’re affecting the people of their respective opposite sex.


No. 1039157

Some women have penises.


No. 1039162

yeah some ftms do

No. 1039166

hahaha no

No. 1039167

File: 1600176026294.png (773.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200915-094736.png)

Can you believe this guy is actually only 24?

No. 1039168

Ugly fake "women" sure, whatever you want to call yourself if words don't matter.

That's a trailer park granny of 55.

No. 1039169

File: 1600176331506.jpg (124.05 KB, 1080x330, SmartSelect_20200915-092447_Ch…)

Honestly glad this fetishist is acknowledging being a fetishist. "big bouncing tits" because that's what makes you a woman.

No. 1039176

Rowling wrote this cis murderer in a dress book under a pseudonym that I and probably a fuckton of other people have never heard of, attention my ass. Still based as fuck. "Big bouncing tits" men are so nasty god diiiiiieeee. I literally could not hate these AGP fetishist more. They turn people into TERFs.

No. 1039178

What I really don't get about this umpteenth JKR debacle is that on every source, it's specified that the killer is a "cis" guy, why are trannies getting their panties in a twist then, I thought they were true and honest women?

No. 1039184

Because they know they're not kek.

On a serious note, it's because they "know" aka have decided that Rowling is transphobic and think that this is her way of coding transphobia into her writing. They think she views trans people as cis men in dresses/mtf as dressing up as women to encroach into women's spaces to hurt them. They view her writing as perpetuating that narrative which hurts mtfs and put them in harms way.

Ya know. As they threaten her and use #RIPJKRowling, derail conversations about real women's issues, fetishize our bodies and menstrual cycles, etc. Insanity and male entitlement tbh.

No. 1039195

I don't even care about JKR, but I'm gonna buy 10 books and gift them to everyone in my family.

No. 1039220

>big bouncing tits
God I fucking hate these men. AGP in full view. I wish trannies stayed in obscurity. hope he gets botched

No. 1039221

All creepy AGPs I’ve met (and even some creepy female enbies) made a big point of being “reasonable” and “not like those trans people on the internet”. They’re not stupid, they know that if they come in swinging with the fetishism and misogyny on full display they won’t get the kind of access they want. Some start pushing boundaries as soon as they feel slightly comfortable, others are more careful. In one case the guy spent years ingratiating himself with the group and had made many friends who’d proudly point to him as One Of The Good Ones. I even thought he was a mostly harmless HSTS. Then we found his secret second Pinterest account which was full of sissification, bimbofication and other AGP fetish content, including stuff that was eerily similar to interactions he’d had with girls and women in the group going back several years.

Trans ideology is inherently misogynistic. I don’t trust any of these fuckers.

No. 1039242

This reeks of mentally ill

No. 1039256

Bitching about JK Rowling for the umpteenth time? Check. Begging for money from strangers online? Check. Wanting "big bouncing tits"? Check. I swear to God, trannies are all the exact same. So exhausting.

No. 1039264

File: 1600188090910.jpeg (162.71 KB, 750x491, 2817D5B5-0A45-4E8E-8A67-0F6E55…)

A very “glamorous” trans woman posted this to her timeline. The lack of empathy is honestly astounding.

No. 1039265

Honestly hope he gets giant tits and has to deal with the awful back pain that comes with them

No. 1039268

Until a Troon gets a real period don’t ever talk to me again byeeeee…. fuckin stupid idiot.

No. 1039283

if only they would return the favor

No. 1039288

>roasties live on easy mode

No. 1039290

If he was a real woman a man would have told 'her' to shut the fuck up and stop whining by now.

This arrogant 'cis women have it so easy' is laughable. What a dumb fuck

No. 1039293

File: 1600192029958.png (825.73 KB, 674x576, 5A3013B8-2274-47CA-A001-E724E3…)

Similar experience here, I had a friend who came out as a trans woman and seemed normal, but then of course I find his tumblr blog and it’s weird catgirl thighhigh type shit. I do think there are “normal” trans women though (the non-transbians). Anyway anarchist-housewife somehow got fatter

No. 1039295

>cis women with real vaginas have it easy! Knowing that you have a real vagina triggers me. Do not interact!
>but also hairy neovag is cuter, tighter, and preferred by cis men. Trannies have bigger bouncier plastic tiddies unlike you inferior cissies. Ur being replaced by men who are better womxn than you. Stay mad cis bitches
>But before you go please tell me in detail about your period. I want one too. Can I sniff your used tampons?

No. 1039299

non-AGPS (gay men) are the ones utterly disgusted by female anatomy and demanding that we don't ever talk about female reproductive issues because it grosses them out. neither side is interested in not having their delusions catered to

No. 1039302

And AGPs demand you don’t talk about it because they get seethingly jealous

No. 1039308

I'm a full TERF now good job tranny.

No. 1039312

Why did you crop his name out?

No. 1039331

lbr those stories from troon twitter are as about as real as their menstrual cycles

I've noticed how those who are quiet and lowkey are that for a reason. They'll get torn apart too by this cult for not being as aggressive about anything. It's so radicalized by agps at this point

Expect a huge uproar and issues in the future from these people if they live long enough. When you read about life expectancies, transwomen are cut in half. Some say only 35 ys, many of them don't make to 50 while women live well into their 80s,90s,100s. But that shit isn't brought up with concern. It's transphobic to mention anything negative about transitioning. There's something sinister definitely going on. Like how there's few studies already published describing a strong correlation between people on the autism spectrum and those who are trans

No. 1039336

Well guess I’m gonna be a lesbian now with true girls (not trannies) lmao. They can have their weird ass men to themselves. Most of them are trash anyways.

No. 1039527

>Trans ideology is inherently misogynistic. I don’t trust any of these fuckers.
Exactly. I don’t care about the “cool” “normal” trannies who aren’t like the “crazy” twitter ones. They’re still creepy men and they’re no more of a woman than Jonathan Yaniv.

No. 1039538

Oh yeah, I forgot all those fucking years men catcall me, don’t take me seriously, follow me home, etc.
Being a women sure is easy!

No. 1039557

I guess being stalked and raped due to men not accepting "No" or men just being autistic incels is the easiest way to live as a woman!

No. 1039565

This is so ignorant and disrespectful

No. 1039599

File: 1600223944751.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.82 KB, 727x521, neo.jpg)

They love to say that they have "cute designer pussies". "Teehee even gynos can't tell I'm not a cissy!" "I'm tighter and wetter than your roast beef!" They say it so much that I got curious… I googled pictures of neovaginas.
Fucking disgusting.
Whenever I saw some that look real they always belonged to real women with MRKH syndrome- a biological female with an underdeveloped vagina. Nice cope tho boys.

No. 1039600

This is exactly how that hucow pro gamer died.

No. 1039603

Man that hole is just…in the wrong place…I wish I hadn’t seen that :((

How do these ppl say that “lesbians can’t tell the difference”??

No. 1039621

File: 1600226543063.png (203.93 KB, 500x796, transgender-pussy-prolly-fire-…)

You can tell where the ballskin is and wtf.. is that hole supposed to be the vagina canal part?
I bet you lesbians will totes like you if you cut your duck off and replace it with.. that kek

No. 1039622

im sorry but im really curious as to how they're supposed to clean it or does the ballsack hole always smell rank

No. 1039628

It's a rotting open wound. It smells like how your bellybutton would if it was near your ass.

No. 1039639


I always imagine them smelling like my friend's stretched ear piercings when he took the plugs out to wash them.

I was googling a long-dead grunge singer earlier to find a specific picture and found a tranny pic in the bunch, leading me to this delight:


Sadly for "Sarah", it's gonna takes more than professional lighting for her to look womanly.

No. 1039641


They don't, and trans lesbians don't count.
They do like to say that gynaecologists can't tell the difference, and on that I call bullshit.

No. 1039644


sage for nitpicking but his hair is so flat,,, do men just not know how to properly take care of their hair to get volume, or are they doomed to have such thin hair?

No. 1039657

File: 1600231840140.jpg (222.9 KB, 484x1146, Screenshot_20200916-065144_Chr…)

I think it's both. Those who are not doomed to shitty balding genes usually fuck up their hair by not taking care of it.

No. 1039684

Volume/thickness is definitely genetics and testosterone levels with men. I know some dudes who went bald at 23 while others have hair thicker than a Husky. I've never seen a man with long hair that is nice and conditioned and not a dry, dandruffy mess full of split ends.

No. 1039696

File: 1600238504813.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.78 KB, 1000x665, AP_18118266119042-1000x665.jpg)

excuse you

(spoiler because i love him and his picture does not deserve to be here)

No. 1039699

File: 1600238833042.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1303x637, moobies.png)

They just have fat guy moobs, and are on the smaller side anyways.

No. 1039704

let em do it, it's sad that people especially kids have to suffer because retarded adults, but at this point people WILL be made a example of by choice and grooming, except instead of people pointing and going,"See? Look at I am Jazz? This is what happens"
It's phrased as, "See? This is the price brave and stunning trans children have to pay to be themselves it's worth it in the end", I won't be surprised if they blame "cis" people when this all comes crashing down.
"If cis women understood transwomen are women then trans women wouldn't feel pressured to take hormones and trans children wouldn't want to "block" puberty in order to pass as female/male"

The amount of troons I see whining about how they'd magically look female had they "Stopped" puberty proves this, so imagine parents/childern looking up these trans folks who are men in wigs going,"I don't want my child to look like that!"and they don't even care about the risks.
People judge adults for getting work done, but have no issues with childern fucking with their bodies permanently in some cases to look less like a male.

No. 1039707

Just further illustrates that these autogynephiliac men don't care to know about what women and girls worldwide endure daily: fgm, rape, femicide, menstrual huts, etc. Yeah being a "cis" woman has no dangers or hardships at all. Fucking stupid troons.

No. 1039709

Ovary envy sounds better and is more accurate even though only god knows WHY men get degenerate enough to fetishize pms.

MTFs really need to catch the memo that the more they fetishize periods, the more cis they make themselves appear to be.

No. 1039710

it's funny that the same feminist who hate when women do this kind of thing, you know pitting women up agaisnt eachother and "Shaming female bodies" have NO issue when transwomen do this.
The amount of "feminist" I've seen praising and retweeting tranny fantises of being better then cis women is crazy. Yet they'd lose their shit if Kylie Jenner posts a picture of her photoshopped and worked on body, screaming how it harms young women.

But trannies saying untrue retarded shit like this putting ACTUAL female bodies down is okay.

No. 1039716

File: 1600243140849.jpeg (153.12 KB, 900x1200, cache.jpeg)

Dat autism stare, every single time, it looks likes they are all coming out of a factory at this point.

Look at Kim Petras, he is shilled as a successful trans kid story, but his pics are shopped to hell, but you can't fool anybody, and the older he'll get, his male features will get more prominent. He is basically a castrato of the modern age, and people are celebrating it like it's a good thing, it's depressing.

No. 1039718

It's pictures things like this that make me realise how much I hate the world. Thank God for this thread.

No. 1039720

File: 1600244289670.png (764.67 KB, 653x523, 194114a558bdce4effd91420b3a1f5…)

I remember when he did the TV circuit in the UK when he was like 15.It' funny because TRAs claim "bad photo" but literally every performance he does in the light he looks like a bloated corpse in a cheap wig.

Worth pointing out he works with Kesha's rapist and defended him on social media.

No. 1039721

Remember when Azalea Banks called him a "square-jawed ass bitch" lol

No. 1039722

File: 1600244567902.png (578.68 KB, 543x972, lol.png)

i'm laughing so hard

No. 1039723

>"If cis women understood transwomen are women then trans women wouldn't feel pressured to take hormones and trans children wouldn't want to "block" puberty in order to pass as female/male"
This is absolutely, 100% going to happen. Cap this post for 2030. When the big trans scam pseudoscience gets outed for what it is they'll blame it on women either because it was the Blue Haired Feminist shoehorning the medicalizing of young people or because they were so "small minded" people had to have medical intervention to alter their appearance.

>imagine parents/childern looking up these trans folks who are men in wigs going,"I don't want my child to look like that!"and they don't even care about the risks.

I remember reading some trans kid's parent's blog and she went on about this all the time. She had a young son that she started raising as a girl and she kept on freaking out about him growing hair and his voice breaking and was hellbent on getting him on blockers and hormones as soon as possible to the point she's currently looking into options to move abroad to a country with lesser regulation on putting kids on HRT. The balding men in dresses definitely give these people a good scare and that's exactly what they want. They know they look hideous and they use that to push parents into submission. I don't know if it's grooming by proxy or projection but either way it's just all sorts of awful.

The amount of times I've heard the "cis women have it so much better because they're not oppressed" come from troons is staggering. They literally think "transmisogyny" is a thing and that it's much worse than what any cis women could ever experience. Yeah I'm sorry a cash register worker called your hulking 6 feet bearded ass "sir" but I'm pretty sure you still have it made compared to a lot of vagina havers.

No. 1039729


I only saw the mod post, what originally happened?

No. 1039734

Someone flipped out and had a full peak trans meltdown because she couldn't talk about PCOS anymore as it was ~triggering~ the troons too much and you even had trans women posting there despite, you know, not having ovaries, making it probably some sick fetish thing for them. Reddit then kicked out female mods and replaced them with trannies and banned a bunch of female-centric and GC related subs.

No. 1039749

This is it, I fucking hate trans people. I'm a full on TERF now, no turning back. These people have no empathy, they're just misgynistic men in women's clothing.

No. 1039750

File: 1600253166565.jpg (42.41 KB, 470x596, cringe.jpg)

Found a highly weeaboo MtF on Facebook called Arisa Miyako with a very public profile and page. Goes out dressed in public like pic related.

No. 1039761


No. 1039772

Same anon, same. I'll never fucking understand why they want to be something that they actually vehemently despise.

No. 1039775

Even if he was cis he should be bullied kek

No. 1039786


I think Petras is probably the only convincing tranny I have ever seen. Those pictures are pretty bad but he doesn't look any worse than Iggy Azalea or Kesha when they go on stage.

I think it's mostly the early puberty blockers and the chubby face that makes him look like a girl and also the voice is very convincing. Nicki Tutorials also is very convincing with his voice (but IRL probably doesnt pass cause he's huge).

Those are like 1 in a Million tho. I think early puberty blockers help, but in the end they still grow up to be men… cause they are men.

No. 1039789

It really depends, they pass but they look kinda "off" I think gay girly dudes who transition look better than AGPs but they usually overdo it and turn themselves into a sexdoll

No. 1039792

Banks was talking about Kim Petras' producer, the rapist and Kim Petras was watching her stories talking about how hypocritical and performative celebs are with stuff like #metoo but condone what that guy did. Til Azalea called him out and insulted his head shape kek

No. 1039794

File: 1600259609544.png (221.36 KB, 944x1544, pcos.png)

This seems to be mostly about fakebois REEEEEEEEing, because the autogynephile men probably just pretend they are women and therefor are not offended when someone assumes someone with PCOS is a woman.

But holy shit. I mean, you are basically giving yourself PCOS and all the symptoms by going on T, do you really need a place to whine about the consequences of your actions?

No. 1039805

If it's the fakebois they're traitors for trooning up women's spaces and allowing ftm to snake their way into them, because you know that's what AGPs are going to end up doing since twansphobia is going to get you hit with the banhammer. Reddit has always been trash, but I can't believe an internet space so misogynistic is bending over to cater to transphobia/racism/callout culture in the full blown retarded way.

No. 1039806

Wtf I love Azalea Banks now.

No. 1039809

dysphoria and dysmorphia are different things dummy.

No. 1039812

kill myself

No. 1039815

Let‘s not forget how we are sexualised everywhere and now they all think being a woman is literally just consistent of being dumb, with big tits and so much empathy for you etc. They should just wake up from their sexist dream of being a woman. They don’t know jack shit how hard it is as a real woman.

No. 1039820

Why do they all always look the same.
Always a short skirt with overknees + those arm sleeves and some furry shit thrown on them like collars, tails and ears. Come up with something new you guys. I seriously can‘t accept them, the way how they don‘t act and look more like normal woman

No. 1039830

It’s mostly fakebois, but trans males encourage it since “men can get PCOS/ pregnant/ cervical cancer/ etc. too!!” obfuscates the fact that these issues exclusively affect an already vulnerable and oppressed part of the population. It’s like #AllLivesMatter except this time it’s progressive.

No. 1039841

Because they all watch anime.

No. 1039844

It's been said before but womb/vagina envy. It's been around since forever. They hate women but they're jealous of their capability to create life and gatekeep them from sex which seems to be the ultimate endgame for all incel slanted men. Most of them unironically believe women have it on easy mode because of muh suicide statistics/divorce proceedings and even if they did transition to be a "woman" other men would still treat them as one of them, never a second class citizen like they would an actual biological female.

No. 1039847

>the term female is gender erasure, and therefore non-inclusive.

Just amazing. I fucking hate reddit so much.

No. 1039857

I… I hate to ask but which part does penetration go in? The hole or the Arby’s meat mountain on top?

No. 1039875

Well he said the white flesh at the 9:30 position of his "vagina" so… The cresent shaped dark void is where the fuck hole is (ew)

No. 1039883

Because they are just making cosplaying as an anime girl into a identity

No. 1039886

Are they usable without damaging since they're technically open wounds? It's one thing to dilate (kek) but another to have penetrative sex in an open wound. Which is SO degenerate, Christ. I figure that even with a neovag they have to cram it up the ass in true faggot fashion.

No. 1039900

is that also azaelias stories in the top? was she beefin with jameela jamill? holy shit i need details

No. 1039902

Something about the forehead and brow area always gives them away instantly. Can't even fix that with surgery, reminds me of Remilia afterall the surgery still looking distinctly male.

No. 1039907

My mtf friend refers to it as her "neanderthal-ass forehead/profile" kek apparently it's a thing bc another had replied with "omg same :/".

No. 1039915

I mean, I think of it as like a stretched earlobe? It does heal close but if there's scar tissue thats it, no that stretchy if thats the case.

No. 1039917

Seconded, jameela is so annoying

No. 1039922

>shoves popsicle up neovagina

No. 1039923

it seriously bums me out every day that no one cares

No. 1039931

shut the fuck up about your troon friend, nobody cares. what's with the random anons that suddenly came crawling out of the woodworks to blog about their super special nice cool normal mtf fwiends UwU?

No. 1039936

at least they’re not sperging like you lol

No. 1039939

No. 1039941

We get it you like to suck girl dick now can we move along from the MtF blogposts? Nobody cares your tranny friend is uwu different than the others

No. 1039942

so i'm sperging but this blogging
is fine?

No. 1039944

Someone asked, retard.

No. 1039945

Fair kek used to using she pronouns irl

No. 1039948

are we reading the same thread? someone said that trannies foreheads always give them away, and then blog-chan came in to talk about her troon friends. nobody asked.

No. 1039951

File: 1600282207463.jpg (195.35 KB, 670x864, 4398f67f_738f93a9_1280.jpg)

They're all like this

No. 1039955

Kill me niw

No. 1039956

1) Using "heated leather interior" to describe genitalia is some serial killer shit.
2) All orifices are going to be heated because they're inside the body, unless you're fucking a corpse. OP should've made his cringy comparison to cup-holders or something.

No. 1039964

Imagine having to explain this to your child. "Well sweetie… you see.. this man is very mentally ill. But you're not allowed to say that ever, you have to pretend that he is a beautiful woman or else you will get kicked out of Kindergarden for wrongthink."

No. 1039966

I completely agree, anon.

The peak trans stories on r/GC were always horrific and relatable. So sad they got so many wonderful spaces banned. It all started with neovaginaldiasters. I really liked when actual obgyn doctors gave input. They got banned and their website gets flooded with troon comments now. It's all so fucking ridiculous. When I see tampon/pad commercials for brands that didn't sell out like Always or women's deodorant ads I'm always shocked that their language's still geared towards actual females. Always wonder if they'll be the last time I see it before it's yanked and made inclusive. What a world we live in.

Women are still murdered worldwide in droves but let's continue to cater to the men and make their problems somehow worse and more serious.

No. 1039968

It‘s sad how right I was with the outfit description before. Can we collect more pics of such troons? I find this hilarious how much they fit into that niche

No. 1039975

File: 1600284061792.png (1.53 MB, 1040x1050, lollll.png)

saw this troon post in a facebook hugbox group. the caption made me laugh, because growing up as a girl is just doing our hair, nails and makeup right?

No. 1039976

Apparently you have never been invited to one of our special lolcow sleepover parties where we all braid each others hair, have sexy pillow fights and practise making out. Very sad.

No. 1039978

And don't forget the best part! It always turns into a giant orgy!!! Ugh…

No. 1039983

Growing up my parents kept my hair short, so I never learned how to style long hair either. Should I transition since I grew up with a male hair experience?

No. 1039985

I was there when it started. This whole shitstorm was because some poor woman was venting about how unfair it is that trans women go on hrt and look feminine while women with pcos don't have this option and there is no research being done about it.

This was deemed transphobic and she had to delete the post, people got mad ofc and then trans men and nb started to pop out and say the whole sub was transphobic. The result was this, you can't say women anymore, new users can't post, and there are trans mods without pcos recommended by reddit admins running things.

It's super sad, the sub used to be so active and supporting. There isn't another place like it.

No. 1039986

oof most subs dedicated to women's health are now in the hands of tras who believe that being a woman isnt inclusive.

Endo, pcos and even detrans were all knocked out but only endo and pcos were allowed to stay up because they changed their mods to be tras. Truepcos was made but deleted a while later. /r/pregnancy is gone for good. Fucking pregnancy because agps couldn't infiltrate it. Noone had a problem with that sub but them

No. 1039987

https://medium.com/@evastanford/transwomen-sexual-offenders-a-closer-look-6c507d9e2414 Has this article ever been posted here before? It's quite interesting.

No. 1039993

File: 1600285096341.jpg (101.25 KB, 640x748, pljhtbra54n51.jpg)

Damn, so like us, right girls? Don't we all eBay "sissy" clothing to wear in public as we glide around town in our cute pink scooters, fearless about being heckled, catcalled, or raped!?

It's not a fetish, it's an identity. This is a woman and us stupid cunts better just get used to it.

No. 1039996

File: 1600285480206.png (636.87 KB, 701x1242, cbc45d83570985_dbb22bf4_1280.p…)

His fucking belly omg

No. 1039999

Same anon, what the fuck? Usually I didn’t care about troons but this makes me think they are men with privilege who think they are better than women for putting a dress, they can fuck off

No. 1040003

He got ffs to look downs, I can’t

No. 1040004

>lost weight
>stress eating don’t care
kek, this is something special. He will never look decent.

No. 1040008

File: 1600288612751.jpg (71.79 KB, 950x980, 3672c2299e7a131d46073397fce8b9…)

i think we're picking the wrong enemy here, i don't mind gay ass boys who transition very early in their lives, pass well and have the ability to shut the fuck up about being trans and having a neovag. they know what it feels like to be discriminated against, that's why they want to pass as a woman as good as possible - agp's WANT to be discriminated against and think being a woman is getting catcalled and acting like some uwu dumb bimbo fuckdoll. for someone like kim petras or nikkietutorials it's what they truly feel like since their birth and i don't think they harm women in general. agp's do so actively with their fantasies of killing cis women or breeding them and reducing womanhood to wearing cat ears and getting fake tits. there's a huge difference between autistic transbian troons and ACTUAL mtfs who try to pass and if they hadn't transitioned, they'd be very feminine twinks

No. 1040010

These dumbfucks really thinking that every woman learns "girl stuff" automatically is what gets me every time. How does he explain all the male teenage "makeup gurus" and hair stylists? I didn't start using makeup until I was around 18 and I still barely know how to style my hair 10 years later because I'm not interested in that stuff. Plenty of women share my experience.

Except Kim Petras is a huge activist for early transitioning and transing kids. Nikkietutorials I can give a pass because she seems like a chill person and even hid the fact that she was trans until she was blackmailed to out herself but Kim Petras - nah.

No. 1040013

NGL, it's petty but it always makes me chuckle watching troons freak out at harry potter (the new game was revealed) and watching everyone else going, "POGCHAMP!"
And loving it.

No. 1040016

Like I see troons on reddit trying to insert the drama into game subs, NO BODY GIVES A FUCK and if anything most agree with JK.
Fuck off. Without JK there would be no Harry Potter.

No. 1040019

I mind it because they are ruining their body and recruiting other gay men who think they are a woman because "x, y and z".
This shit spreads, they don't just be trans women, nope, they promote this shit as 100% safe and we don't even fucking know if this shit is safe to begin with.
Trans shit always harms women, sure there are cool troons but it's harmful to women and childern. HSTS can be just as fucked in the head as AGP Transbiens.
Actual MTFs, whatever that is, do the same thing AGP's do.
We have AGP's cutting their dicks off just like the 'Actual" transwomen do.
They both do the same shit. Kim/Nikki are more dangerous then non-passing troons because they make people think that "stopping' puberty is 100% safe and has great results.
Gay boys, Lesbians and Tom Girls shouldn't be ruining their bodies permanently just because as children they decide that they are women or man. Parents shouldn't risk their child's health & mental health for them to maybe pass and look less male as adults. Then they STILL are not the gender they want to be, because once they come out trans, thats how people will see them.

AGP's and HSTS do the same shit, HSTS just sometimes look better doing it.
It's harmful.

No. 1040020

lmao i was thinking the sane thing

No. 1040021

File: 1600290486568.jpeg (84.64 KB, 1280x720, dogfecker.jpeg)

why does he look like yms

No. 1040028

Agreed, how the Fuck are you ok with being friends with a man who thinks he can just up and choose to be a woman. If they were so "normal" why are they Troons? Why can't he be a feminine gay dude? Men who think they can put on lipstick and catears are total misogynist pigs

No. 1040030

That's absolutely disgusting. "I told her it's transphobic not to date me", "she's still a valid lesbian" "I've always been in love with her". Just wow. congratulations dude you blackmailed your lesbian best friend into dating you because you have a sick fascination with her and always have. Wow.

No. 1040031

i'd love if they tried this shit with men, I've seen transwomen try and fail to tell men they are "transphobic not to date a trans women because they are trans" but in most lesbian spaces this is common rules online.

No. 1040033

Kek hilarious considering Adum is a gay furry. At least he’s stopped there so far.

Stop sperging already.

No. 1040034

The only men that will bite for that are chasers anyways. Straight men will not be convinced to fuck another man, even if he passes. Unfortunately, lesbians in kweer spaces are more likely to be coerced, and it’s sick and horrible.

No. 1040036

File: 1600292252185.jpg (89.78 KB, 1080x1080, cringe.jpg)

kek this one looks a bit more inbred though

No. 1040039

File: 1600292566252.jpg (26.92 KB, 436x154, cringe.jpg)

A sample of cringe on his Facebook page. This is how women act right?

No. 1040040

What year is it???

No. 1040042

File: 1600292975787.png (27.93 KB, 906x410, ggg.PNG)

a bunch of angry troons in the comments of r/games, I bet you 50% of the people whining about JK aren't even interested in the game.
They are just coming to make sure people remember JK is a huge terf.
and supposedly the devs have said JK has nothing to do with the game because they don't support her views, yet troons are still salty.

No. 1040046

Oh my god I can feel the grease coming through the screen. Why would anyone take a photo when their hair is so disgusting?

No. 1040049

I think I saw someone else mention this but always gotta love how they were supportive as hell and calling her super progressive for having Dumbledore be gay and implying Hermione could just as well be black but the moment she dares to imply that women face sex based oppression which is why sex shouldn't be erased because it'd erase the oppression women have to suffer through she gets cancelled right there and then and crowned the unholy queen of White Karens writing racist stereotypes and problematic white supremacy story lines. Shows how much Twitter wokeys actually care about gay people and black women and who were the ones pulling the strings I guess.

No. 1040058

File: 1600294190130.png (83.84 KB, 500x379, kfkf.PNG)

picture unrelated and they keep lying about what her book is about. I heard the guy dressed up ONCE as a woman.
Thats it.
To them they feel like they are cis men out to get women, so thats why they are offended.
People are mad at her for some shit thats not even in the book. I'm seeing people going, "I hope JK doesn't affect the game sales"
Nope. At best, it'd fuck up every single stream and comment section about the game, but other then that? People don't care.

No. 1040066

What happened to the pregnancy sub anon?

No. 1040068

I'm pretty sure it, like itsafetish and a few others, went private (locked down)

No. 1040069

Sorry nobody wants to hear about your troon friend, anon.

No. 1040085

Poor dog… She will likely be given away to a shelter because she no longer 'validates' the delusion of her masters.

In this insanity, it's good to know the dogs are alright.

No. 1040107

It's literally not meant to be inclusive lmao
What has he been doing to that (transphobic) dog?

No. 1040112


You're not wholly wrong - this is why Kevin Gibes (has own thread here) has problems with his new vagina, because he hasn't bothered to dilate properly and the hole is starting to heal up like his body wants it to. Dilation is something that trans women with neovaginas have to do for the rest of their lives if they want functional fuck-holes.

No. 1040120

Looks like there is still babybumps, and funny story, they use FTM to stand for First Time Mom and it makes for some confusing posts!

It really is unbelievable how they run women out of all of our spaces. Do any FtMs give a shit about being able to join testicular cancer subreddits, or insist on getting their prostates examined at the doctor?

No. 1040122


But the contraceptive pill and other hormonal drugs are used as treatments for PCOS, surely? I mean just from a quick look on an information website.


Probably explained it as stress eating while having PMS just like a laydeee does


This grosses me out. It's the evil twin of the already-grim "well try sex with me, a man, and see if you're still a lesbian". Sounds like he became a "lesbian" in order to get the girl he wanted.

I've seen examples in the Fakeboi thread here. It usually ends in the fakeboi getting zero interest from cis gay men and feeling hate crimed.


Probably nothing. Many adopted dogs have fears of men due to previous abuse or violence in homes where they lived. Some dislike women for the same reason, or children.

No. 1040124

I have PCOS and only certain meds can help. Metformin is one, and most doctors prescribe some form of birth control, mostly for irregular periods and pain.

No. 1040173

File: 1600308011999.jpeg (102.5 KB, 828x624, 1C76F40A-AE6E-4173-8338-250671…)

No. 1040177

yeah because normal cis women would be scared of you kek

No. 1040183

Looks like a more feminine hontrapoints

No. 1040188

Birth control is prescribed to regulate periods and try to keep hormone levels in the normal range, along with metformin and spiro. But none of these have a feminizing effect like they do for trans women and getting a doctor who takes PCOS seriously beyond birth control is a fucken nightmare, on top of little research being done about it despite being a really common condition.

I had seen the sentiment in that sub before that doctors and researchers are focusing on trans issues more than women with PCOS or menopause and womens health issues in general. For example lots of women on the sub wanted to get sterilized to help their pain but no doctor would do it no matter what, while trans men got theirs after counseling and a waiting period, trans women being taken seriously about their appearance concerns while women having a masculine appearance due to PCOS who want treatment for that being ignored, this sort of thing.

No. 1040190

Who would risk saying anything lol

No. 1040196

There is a huge crossover between trannies and furries so I wouldn't be too certain on that

No. 1040233

Her eyes are screaming inside.

No. 1040235

No one gives a shit about your TiM friend. He isn’t special or any different from the men in this thread.

No. 1040236

He lives on a ranch with some other manly troons who beat a woman up because she was a terf

No. 1040241

It really shows how much they don't know about female socialization as they constantly think women are just as confrontational as men and if they had a problem they would start screaming and slapping away. Not, you know, be awkward and silent because they don't know if this he-ma'am would beat them up if they told him this is the women's bathroom and that he needs to leave. Actually scratch that, it feels more like they're well aware of it but get kicks out of making women uncomfortable. Especially because he just kept pressing it with the "OH YEAH AND IT WAS A HUGE FUCKING DUMP, WHACHU GONNA DO ABOUT THAT TERFS HUH??? SOILED YOUR BATHROOM DIDN'T I???" gloating.

It's really strange how different standards apply to treating female illnesses and straight out castrating troons and stuffing them full of hormones. I absolutely get that women shouldn't be sterilized or given a hysterectomy until as the last resort because the possible premature menopause and other effects it will have will make things even worse, which makes it even weirder that being trans grants you all sorts of irreversible, butchering surgeries in less than 6 months.
>trans women being taken seriously about their appearance concerns while women having a masculine appearance due to PCOS who want treatment for that being ignored
Imagine claiming your ~gender identity~ is so strong you absolutely need to get your dick inverted and eat horse pills but it all breaks down if everyone isn't repeatedly telling you what a strong, beautiful better than womb carrying woman you are.

No. 1040242

File: 1600325086810.png (49.87 KB, 520x277, durfs.png)

Growing up female? Fascist. Talking about your first period? Fascist. Acknowledging and even resenting female socialization? Fascist.
TIMs are so obsessively jealous of females they will find a way to silence women on anything they want by calling it oppressive. It's all jealousy.

No. 1040259

Imagine if TIFs were writing these retarded "uhh making relatable posts about growing up biologically male is actually fascist????" posts. No TIM would whiteknight for them, ever. No TIM or cis male, not the even most soy filled male feminist, would ever bend over backwards assuring them that yes, indeed, you nasty transphobic cis men need to stop talking about your experiences. Their narc jealousy is the embodiment of that "I feel uncomfortable when we're not talking about me" meme tweet, it's literally the same shit as MRAs constantly shoehorning their whataboutism when talking about the discrimination women experience.

No. 1040260

Kek, talking about your tweens as a girl makes you a fucking fascist. Does this person know what fascist even means? Or are they just attaching a scary-sounding word to make people believe their narrative more? Clownnworld.

No. 1040264

Troons forcing the entire world to cater to their delusions sounds a lot more fascist to me, lol.

No. 1040266

I think about this a lot, I've never in my life seen a TIF act as spastic and perverse as a TIM. Nor have I ever seen any TIF say tht gay men have to have sex with them kek. Male entitlement.

No. 1040279

At this point I'm just convinced that the majority of troons suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. Talking about an experience that you, personally, don't find relatable is fascism?
God I fucking hate trannies

No. 1040297

It really is a double standard because sterilization by tying tubes has almost no side effects, it's the equivalent to a vasectomy and it can reduce the risk of cancer with certain methods but cis women go through hell to get it even when they already have kids or are almost on menopause, while trans can get on hormones right away and get their much more invasive and less urgent/useful surgeries within a year or so, less if they have money, but you can't even talk about it lol. On the stupid questions reddit a woman questioned why it's easier for trans to get the care they want and be protected by law to do so but women are constantly denied and the comments were full of people saying she was transphobic and trying to take trans peoples rights away instead or yknow trying to add to womens rights.

It's like a zero sum game to them, like the MTFs bullying female genital mutilation activists and opposing laws that would protect girls from being mutilated. You have to try hard to not be a TERF these days with the way these people act and how they are harming us.

No. 1040298

They do, askgaybros is constantly raided by TIFs trying to force them into that genital preference shit, but the gay guys aren't having it lol

No. 1040316

Yeah and there are no hordes of TIMs and cis men and women attacking them for being twansphobe genital fetishists. Really makes you think, doesn't it? I wonder why it always happens in female-centric subs?

No. 1040354

I honestly feel like a majority of them onky go through all the bullshit so they can invade female/gay male spaces and try to talk them into validating their butchered and/or incorrect genitals.

No. 1040385

File: 1600356456414.jpg (114.72 KB, 960x540, Sprecherinnen-BAGL_11-2018.jpg)

I had this saved, so might as well post it here: these are the representatives of the working group for lesbian politics of the German green party.

No. 1040394

I spy one, possibly two men.

No. 1040420

File: 1600360764487.jpg (29.44 KB, 560x315, 20100521_rh2_560x315.jpg)

Definitely two.

No. 1040429

I love how the TRA gets picked apart!

No. 1040457

File: 1600363969177.jpg (51.59 KB, 593x600, 5.JPG)

I feel like this is getting redundant but

No. 1040460

That's a nice way of letting someone down. No one is obligated to date or have sex with anyone. The pipeline of incel into tranny is just too obvious.

No. 1040464

Why do they always have names like "Lillith"? This one was an underaged prostitute and now is like a tranny Shoeonhead for the alt-right. For some reason those alt-right types all want to fuck trannies as long as they pretend to be "based and redpilled".

No. 1040465

File: 1600364558308.jpg (582.8 KB, 1080x1618, 20200425_131849.jpg)

dropped my picture

No. 1040470

File: 1600365105083.jpg (126.13 KB, 1440x983, 74371811_2509720852458149_7538…)

if that were the case we would have seen a huge rift forming between the nikita draguns and the jonathan yanivs, but it's not happening because they share the same goal of silencing and replacing women. also, both groups act like uwu bimbo fuckdolls, they just choose between anime catgirl or insta drag thot

No. 1040477

>Cartoon alter ego
>Alt right
>Sex worker
>Absolutely busted weeb alt girl looks
It's like any gay in denial incel's wet dream. It's a shame because he could be a cute twink.

No. 1040478

File: 1600366189500.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, IMG_20200917_150420.jpg)

I follow this one, If you don't read their bio it's exactly like the twitter of any libertarian incel lmao, whining about misandry and defending lolicon included

Also defends actual conversion therapy! a real treat if you want to lose faith in the LGBT movement even more.

No. 1040480

I saw this post on GC and it came off like it >>1040457
was written by a troon, most women know that most men on reddit are porn addicted troon chasers.

"What trans people experience almost constantly"
You mean what EVERYONE experiences, rejection? Funny thing is if this was a guy without eyelashes who didn't think they were a woman, people would call them an incel for making a video like this all because he was rejected in a nice polite fashion.

No. 1040485

File: 1600366844523.png (4.86 MB, 1366x1753, twink.png)

>he could be a cute twink


No. 1040489

>supports conversion therapy

fine send him to the camps

No. 1040494

File: 1600367483281.png (524.09 KB, 1794x1006, lillithlovett.png)

He is very delusional about his voice btw, here is an example of his voice: https://youtu.be/P6Kz4EDQJfw

sounds like he inhaled some helium

No. 1040495


This sad fag is going to call women’s vaginas crusty when “neovaginas” are literal wounds that become crusted over with scar tissue from their ballsacks. FOH.

No. 1040497


It’s because all the incel clowns can’t land real pussy, so they settle for tranny bussy.

No. 1040501

They want troons because they hate women, and like I said before, a lot of these types think they have a chance with a "10/10" troon before they have a chance with a actual woman of any "ranking".
Notice how alt-righters like this have very high standards for women and any attractive woman on their side they simp and want to kill when they step out of line.
Thats why they love Blaire, they think they have a chance with Blaire because he's a troon who has lower standards then evil women, who don't want the alt-right chads.

No. 1040503

It's just hilariously hypocritical cause they all LARP as trad and think you should have 10 children with a WHUITE woman and that homosexuals and trannies are mentally ill. But show them one tranny with a swastika tattoo on their butt and they wanna get all up in there. Even the ones who are not incels, it's just their fetish.

Lilith Lovett used to flirt with ArmoredSkeptic on twitter and he was dating Shoe at the time.

No. 1040509

If a man in a wig with a alt-right fanbase who hates gays but doesn't think it's gay if it's a troon (which is what the side they hate think by the way) feels comfortable flirting with your man you need to run and run far away.

No. 1040511

hahahahahaha oh my god, not sure what i expected their voice to sound like but it wasnt that, sounds like if mickey mouse became a depressed tranny

No. 1040512

Why would "progressive" men be so ashamed of calling themselves bisexual or gay because they like preop transwomen with dicks? Is this some kind of nonsensical virtue signaling? Is this homophobia?
Oh, and it's so funny when those faggots in denial get pissy when you tell them that males choking on feminine penis isn't peak heterosexuality.

No. 1040515

over 80% of trans people have personality disorders with the most common being NPD, there was a whole study on this

No. 1040516

File: 1600368691325.webm (729.19 KB, 1920x1080, lillith_lovett.webm)

Lillith's girly voice

No. 1040522

he's not even an attractive troon, men have low standards for them but come back and make 20 posts about a curved door or fake tits on a actual woman.
Not that I want those men to want us, but it's funny how chasers/alt-right can be so hypercritical over women.

They don't think they are gay because they think it's a fetish, so it's even more fucked up. They see transwomen as "dick girls" and a freaky way to get off. Not for them to date seriously.
Yet the troons fall over themselves thinking that these "Straight" men liking them proves something.

No. 1040524

>But show them one tranny with a swastika tattoo on their butt and they wanna get all up in there.
This actually gave me a good chuckle because it's way too true.

They really love to shoehorn this "you know men find us more attractive don't you?????" cope. Also holy shit what is that voice, he literally sounds like a depressed cartoon character lmfao. It's even worse than Shmorky, my god I'm in tears. Every time I see a delusional tranny trying to shit talk women while looking and sounding like that I feel a lot more confident in my femininity. I could wear my dirty pajamas and bed hair with no makeup and I'd still be recognizable as an actual woman.

No. 1040527

This dude sounds just like shmorky when he’d do that stupid high pitched voice.

No. 1040531

and the men who find them attractive are usually unattractive men anyway and they ONLY find them attractive. They don't want to do more then sex them but hey if it makes them feel good who am I to judge?
Let them live that fantasy.

No. 1040561

>if there ever was a rare misdiagnoses
Like teenagers don’t tell their parents they want to be rockstars, go to guitar classes for a year tops, and then never touch the expensive custom made electric guitar they got.
Really, I don’t get why they think a teen can suddenly consent to permanently change their body, I mean, anons, think about those cool ass tattoos you wanted as a teen, which are permanent, would you really want them now?
It’s kind of the same with the transition stuff, sure, it might sound cool to turn into some dream character you thought about, but it’s not the same, just as how the tattoo will stop being cool, funny or meaningful, the whole ass process of mutilating your body and going through even more violent than usual mood swings because of some horse piss pills will be horrifying.
These retards need to stop trying to convince kids and parents that transitioning is just the new solution to any problem in life, they sound so much like infomercials and old propaganda that it’s a bit scary and overall insane.

No. 1040562

File: 1600376077367.jpg (863.32 KB, 1080x1862, SmartSelect_20200917-165308_Ch…)

Troons have ruined Unique Vintage.

I'm extremely disappointed.

No. 1040570

This is a money move, they know trans folxs will throw money at any fucking thing thats "trans rights". The "black trans women" they claim to care so much about are the ones who suffer the most from "transphobia" aka homophobia, because they are usually poor mentally ill gay men, from bad homes and/or in bad areas.
They don't give a fuck about Harry Potter, yet these other troons are acting like they are dying because they can't enjoy a fucking book and buy merch. It's almost as if 90% of troons are straight white males who are in a place to care about this shit, instead of people in danger 24/7 and use the actual issues of black gay men and homophobia towards them (just like they use racism in general) to guilt people into going with their bullshit.
There's people out here trying to survive fucking covid, and we have troons threatening a woman and claiming she's killing them over a few statements and a book they didn't even read and is not about them.

No. 1040580

515k followers yet 700+ likes on the two most recent posts. I love when people overpurchase fake followers. Older posts are 1k-6k. So maybe 70k real followers.

No. 1040585

looks like kiwi the shoe skin walker

No. 1040587

sage for sperg but UV's taste was getting shitty anyways. Their recent lines have been ugly.

I bet I know exactly the vintage community tranny who led this 'riot'

No. 1040588

The name Lilith has a strong implication of feminism– in Jewish mythology she is Adam's first wife, before Eve, but she rejects him because she doesn't want her existence to be influenced by Adam (by being made from his rib or something like that, I don't know, I'm not Jewish). I think she then turns into the snake that tells Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

I hate they use that name because it's my pet snake's name too

No. 1040591

File: 1600378612655.jpg (113.24 KB, 1411x997, 947d9f5272c792f9bf0473cf67d473…)

Damn anon you right, also thought they sounded like a drag version of Victoria Jackson.

No. 1040597

File: 1600379270828.jpg (153.08 KB, 960x960, wr50w7hmzpn51.jpg)

Exactly, don't troons realize we're okay with them scooping up all the chasers?

I do think there are a couple things at play with other heterosexual men who fantasize about MtFs. I think one is definitely prostate stimulation, a lot of men may be squeamish to ask about it or engage in it but it will happen with a troon, so they become intrigued. The other is being able to see more visual signs of arousal, one of the reasons 'squirting' became such a porno fantasy is because men fail to understand female stimulation since we don't have super visible physical changes. So there is a fantasy there of seeing a "woman" with obvious physical changes when she is horny. Then the other is the perception that the sex drive of a MtF will be like that of a man.

With these things in mind I can even see why a mostly straight man would be interesting in a MtF - but it'd be a unicorn. One who looked like a woman in every way except for a fully functional dick. Shit doesn't exist except in anime. Anyway, the incel to tranny pipeline rolls on. It's not a fetish, real women just wear fetish gear, right?

No. 1040602

and at the end of the day they want troons because they are males with dicks and tits.
They don't want troons without the dick, It seems for straight claiming men it's a fetish more so then anything.
I notice how men who hide they are gay, usually have relationships deeper then sex with men, while "Straight" men who chase troons it's purely sexual.
Thats why i think some don't think they are anything but straight, because they know it's dick they are after, but in their head it's dick on a "Female" body and it's just sex based, it's not emotional.

No. 1040604

Is it this one? He seems a bit vexed that his gofundme isn't picking up steam

No. 1040605

File: 1600380230631.jpg (438.59 KB, 1080x1870, IMG_20200917_180211.jpg)

Dropped the pic

No. 1040606

Lilith was made from dirt same as Adam. She was his equal. She refused to submit to him so was banished and God made Eve from Adam's rib. She's meant to be a villian but she's badass.

Trannies using Lilith's name is disgusting.

No. 1040609

also a lot of "Straight" men get into troons because of porn addiction, they see trans women who look somewhat like women.
However, I've seen some chasers who'd fuck someone like Nikita and femboys like James Charles, all that matters is if you are a male whose feminized and wearing female clothing.
So in my eyes, it's all gay/bisexual. I just wish trans attracted guys would stay with troons and troons would stay with them because a lot of them are crazy closet cases and gross imo.

No. 1040612

don‘t you think muslims are kinda… biased around lgbt issues? in some islamic states gay men who kiss in public get stoned to death. it‘s like a study about the dangers of driving a car published by the international bicycle club

No. 1040623

File: 1600382781277.jpg (223.82 KB, 1200x1492, IMG_20200521_080601.jpg)

saw this on Kiwifarms and I had to repost it

No. 1040636

He should hear how many actual women get killed every year.

No. 1040707

If you only make up .000012 or whatever percent of the population, why do you insist on shoving your existence into literally everything?

No. 1040719

They use names like lilith that has strong ties to women and independence yet amass an audience that hates feminism and women in general for not falling in line with their ideology and hate. Even some replies called female dating strategy an awful feminist sub kek. Imagine getting triggered over some women who are just trying to stay away from toxic men and learn how to keep their standards.

I think it's a cope for being gay but feeling the pressure to appear straight. They could just be with transwomen and be cool with it. But they can't just be happy like that, they just have to drag women down too for no good reason

Untreated mental illness. Nothing else can explain how some men are shoving popsicles up their ass to simulate periods to feel "included"

No. 1040778

File: 1600397951237.jpg (331.01 KB, 1080x1847, IMG_20200917_225738.jpg)

I enjoyed this playing out in the comments of the Harry Potter post
>somewhat passing and generally well put together and hygienic looking HSTS offers up modeling services
>immediate response, already called in for a shoot

No. 1040781

File: 1600398041614.jpg (451.24 KB, 1080x1864, IMG_20200917_225706.jpg)

>around the same time holocaust troon offers the same

No. 1040816

This reminds me of the TRAs invading pagan circles that love to make every goddess trans, including but not limited to, the fucking MOON. Troons, Aiden's and their bootlickers are so fucking gross.

No. 1040827

So, why so many troons reblogged that post? Is there a different meaning or dogwhitle I didn't catch? I don't get it.

No. 1040845

Don't remind me. On /r/WitchesVsPatriarchy, everything is trying to be inclusive to include troons.

No. 1040854

File: 1600410441330.jpeg (298.34 KB, 640x964, 8CB6C3C8-1905-4509-9693-B9202C…)

Please share, anon!

Sure buddy, people are definitely ignoring you because you “don’t get sexual gratification from clothes”. I’m sure that’s it.

No. 1040866

File: 1600412400683.jpg (81.77 KB, 800x800, FB_IMG_1600411554443.jpg)

No. 1040871


That FUPA (fat upper penis area) is grotesque yet he will frame being ignored/turned down on his offer to model as being transphobia rather than the simple fact that he’s ugly as fuck.

No. 1040874

Oh yikes. I haven't been on there in ages. God they invade every fucking thing. Goddammit.

His chin and fupa are nauseating to look at. It's like his face is wax and it's melting down. Fucking ugh. Not a fetish at all. Yuck.

No. 1040883

reddit is a lost cause. The troons either become mods of female subreddits or female subreddits become "inclusive" of troons.
Then suddenly, you notice a lot of the women on the subs start calling themselves "Cis", then suddenly almost every comment is "i'm a trans girl but…" and every post is, "I'm trans and…"
Even FTM sometimes slip in there.Then you have a situation like actual lesbians where 90% of the women on the sub are men and because some of them don't announce it troons feel start feeling like they are 100% accepted by cis lesbians when it's transwomen that are telling them they are.

No. 1040892

>Shit doesn't exist except in anime.
And here we have found the root of the problem once more. Anime and hentai and young men who consume and coom all day. This is the Japs revenge for dropping the bombs on them. We need to ban anime to safe modern men from turning into trannies and tranny-chasers.

No. 1040915

>This is the Japs revenge for dropping the bombs on them. We need to ban anime to safe modern men from turning into trannies and tranny-chasers.
I unironically believe this.

No. 1040922

File: 1600424635388.jpg (192.37 KB, 1127x1409, issa dude.jpg)

I saw a pic of some dude with paris hilton and then realized the dude was tagged as cara, can anyone explain this one to me

No. 1040923

My post wasn't meant to be ironic in the first place. Anime specifically caters to vulnerable people and people on the autistic spectrum. The themes are all childish, most of the time the characters are high-schoolers. The emotions are so overdramatic and blatant that even an autist can understand them (they can't read normal emotions, but if a character suddenly has big heart eyes, even they get it).

Anime is also highly sexualized. The girls all have big bouncing breasts and short skirts and there are a ton of sexual jokes even in kids shows. I have been told by several men that they first masturbated to Misty from Pokemon.

They also feminize men in those shows, there are so many times they dress up boy characters in skirts to humiliate them. Trap porn, shota, dick-girls are all SUPER popular tropes in Hentai. And anime obscures the reality of what trannies would actually look like, cause everyone in anime has the same androgynous looking face anyways, perfect skin and nice colorful hair. You can most of the time not even tell if the character is supposed to be male or female aside from the clothes and the boobs.

(Children are also very sexualized in anime, the whole loli-thing is a tangentially related issue)

Normal japanese people don't even watch anime, japanese culture is nothing like it is depicted in anime and I'm sure a lot of them would be offended if you walked up to them talking like a weeb. It is entirely made to cater to western men.

My point is, it is absolutely no fucking coincidence that all these trannies wear schoolgirl skirts, thigh highs and cat ears. Look at places like 4chan, there are guides on there how to turn yourself into a tranny illustrated with anime pictures. "Why be a sad lonely incel, when you can be a qt catgirl instead? Take the titty skittles bro."

They couldn't even get it up for a real woman anymore cause they are so used to Hentai, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with real life sex. I don't want to sound like Venti, but if we ban anime and hentai then men would unironically be much better people. Also Belle Delphine needs a bullet through the head.

No. 1040924

That's… Cara Delevingne, who is female.

No. 1040926

I forgot to mention that most trannies are autistic and emotionally stunted, which is why they watch anime to begin with. I know I sound like a huge sperg, but there is 100% a fucking connection.

No. 1040941

Ok but just imagine you've never seen this person before. Forehead, facial structure, expression, brow ridge, flat chest, compare them to Paris, like just zoom into those pics there and get back to me

No. 1040942

Women don’t post shit in fetish wear on their instagrams unless they’re sex workers, yet somehow all of these AGP trannies have lingerie pics or wear fetish gear to the supermarket. Almost as if…

No. 1040944

If this was a random guy this thread would definitely register them as a non-passing troon. I've never seen a woman who looks like that in my life…but I've seen a lot of guys who do.

Also check their instagram and open the zoom call clip between their sister, mom and them and again, get back to me after comparing to actual females from that family.

No. 1040946

It’s just unflattering photos but very obviously Cara Delevingne and a woman. The middle one is fine and feminine in fact. You could’ve clicked on the tag and seen her IG instead of posting here.

No. 1040947

Are you trying to say Cara is a troon kek the paranoia is real, maybe you need a break from this thread. Relax, there are plenty of real men larping as women to talk about.

No. 1040951

>believing there are 0% troons in the modeling and movie industries

Oh, you sweet summer child

No. 1040952

File: 1600428233643.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1673, BFE8022F-A46B-4FA1-AD0E-0F2A7E…)

Unless they’ve been grooming her to be a troon since she was a toddler, I’m gonna go with she’s normal. Are you done with this retarded tinfoiling now?

No. 1040954

>It is entirely made to cater to western men.
I actually agree that anime is a huge factor in why a large amount of troons transition, but come on now.
Even if the average Japanese person isn't interested in anime or even looks down on it, the market is still huge in Japan and what the West thinks barely comes into it if at all.

No. 1040955

I direct you towards the thousands of Twitter moms who think it's literally murder! not to let their toddlers transition and put their kids on puberty blockers, etc. It's absolutely a common thing in the regular people world so I dunno why people have this mental block at the concept it could be a thing in the celebrity world. Also nikkitutorials kept it quiet until she was bullied into revealing it, so keeping it secret is also a thing.

No. 1040958

Is this a troon trying to make a point that some women don't pass? She has a square face shape and makes an unflattering face, still looks female. The thick eyebrows don't help.

No. 1040961

Lmao I saw this scrolling but I look like an ugly ver of Cara down to the hairline and this is one of my bigger insecurities. Some of us are just unfortunate looking

No. 1040963

She just has a manface. There's a reason a lot of trannies like her. They also use her as an excuse not to pluck their manly eyebrows.

No. 1040973

Can confirm Cara is just strong in the face, Idk what her heritage is but there's a lot of Dutch/German descent girls in southern africa with those genes. go to any private school and there's one girl in every class with that piggy neanderthal vibe

I think she plays up her eyebrows to look more androgynous and set herself apart. it's not a troon conspiracy it's just good branding

No. 1040974

File: 1600430230641.jpeg (14.42 KB, 480x156, 0FDDB0D8-0067-46FE-9955-5EC063…)

Twitter isn’t real life and Nikkie is an anomaly and from the Netherlands. Idk what else to tell you beside go outside.

No. 1040984

File: 1600431135351.png (791.3 KB, 1440x814, zoom.png)

Mom, sister, Cara, for those who think it must be their genes

Believe what you want but my eyes are saying this is a dude.

No. 1040985

Japanese people do watch anime. They almost all watch children's anime like PrettyCure, Shinchan, that Kappa one or Pokémon when they're little and most of my Japanese high school class (was an exchange student for a year) at least knew characters and stories from the hugely popular series. Quite a lot of them also actively read manga, played weeb games or watched a series or two. I guess once they work they don't have time to waste watching or reading it. But it's a myth that Japanese people don't watch anime at all. There's not that many weebs (wearing merch to school and shit) and people think obsessed otaku are creepy as hell but it's part of their culture.

No. 1040986

I don’t know, anon, some people just have unfortunate faces, the whole genetic lottery isn’t a joke, so she probably just looks like her dad. You can still clearly see she’s a woman, not a troon.

No. 1040989

Stop this stupid shit putting down women for looking like trannies. She doesn’t look like a tranny, she looks like a woman with yang features

No. 1040992

God I fucking hate these conspiracies. Leave unconventional women alone you paranoid tinfoil retard.

No. 1040993

Cara doesn't look any more trans than Dasha Nekrasova, which is to say she's obviously not and just a woman with a masculine face. It happens. This argument makes no sense.

No. 1040995

Seriously. Congratulations, tinfoil-chan, you’re letting men win by claiming real women with “unfortunate” features have to be men instead of just being fucking women. If you think every “ugly” woman is a man then you must go through life disturbed. Sucks to be you.

No. 1040997

Sounds like shane dawson when he did those shanaynay videos

No. 1041003

lmfao this nigga sounds like spongebob

also would bet that cara tinfoil anon is a tranny

No. 1041009

File: 1600436462462.jpg (99.78 KB, 1600x900, 119712299_323172809013590_5148…)

Uh, yeah I highly doubt that.

No. 1041012

File: 1600436819122.png (377.6 KB, 385x735, 22EE6730-7723-44A4-B4FC-E5E6C3…)

It’s undoubtedly a troon or handmaiden posting bait to derail the thread. They’re clearly assmad a woman who is continuously heralded as gorgeous and has been paraded down countless runways can— gasp! — have semi-unconventional, non-ultra feminine features and not have the need to slather herself in a vat of makeup for every event nor go under the knife to conform to beauty standards, whereas their precious troons would be getting clocked left and right if they even attempted the same.

>I can post cherry-picked photos too

No. 1041023

I’m completely over these internet experts that say they “study sex anatomy” online and go down that stupid, reptilian-esque conspiracy rabbit hole of how Hollywood supposedly grooms everyone to be troons since they were kids and that all of these men and women from the 1930s+ are secretly trans. Absolutely psychotic.

No. 1041052

I'll literally never understand how these people can look in the mirror and think 'yah, this looks good'. Like they can't possibly be that deluded? How on Earth do you look at a picture of an actual woman, and then make yourself into such a foul looking creature? Are they that dumb? Or do they just desperately want to believe that they're attractive?

No. 1041053

Role playing. Their stupid grotesque porn brains think they’ll get sexual attention and magically become “hot”. It’s literally just autogenophilia.

No. 1041058

>It is entirely made to cater to western men.
No, it isn't. It's targeted towards Japanese otaku men who just don't troon out whenever they see a cute lesbian loli girl. Most hardcore AGP trannies are a horror mix of bible thumping American puritan upbringing, repressed sexuality and immense jealousy of women.

No. 1041061

>It’s undoubtedly a troon or handmaiden posting bait to derail the thread.
Honestly this is how I feel whenever some unhinged anon posts spergy "all troons should be fucking killed" and "just 41% already" type a-logging posts and the OTT conspiracy theories about celebrities being trans.

Why do you think they constantly post these "I'm a cute sexy passing t-girl cis men worship, suck my girlcock transphobes" takes? They need to desperately convince themselves they look fabulous and not like a sad low effort bargain bin halloween costume.

No. 1041070

Exactly. Imo, not that it’s unpopular in the slightest, Cara is fucking stunning because of all of her features. I don’t think anything about her is unfortunate. I’d kill to look like her. Troons mad a “masculine” (debatable) woman is still beautiful and would never be clocked as a man while they can spend hundreds of thousands and still look uncanny.
Seconded about the spergy a-loggers.

No. 1041082

do trannies really think they look like cara delevigne now? jesus the delusions are strong…

No. 1041125

File: 1600448336266.png (5.55 KB, 644x87, fjf.PNG)

No other movement have I seen people immediety jump to "Doing/saying X is KILLING USSSS!!!" more then trans people.
I've seen them bring up death rates when talking about how people won't date them. I've seen them bring it up when shaming women for not dating troon chasers.
I've seen them bring it up whenever something is not going their way.
It's so fucking manpulative.
The worst thing is, whats killing them is MEN, thinking they are women and mental illness going unchecked, not JK, not women not fucking bisexual/gay men, not us not dating them..

Thank god this is downvoted.
I even say that troon Indya Moore whose dating a WHOLE predator of women, whining about JK, bitch you hate women and are dating a self admitted sexual abuser. Yet, here he is jumping to whine at JK & then the moment someone comes at him he'd bring up those death rates.

No. 1041129

Men always think that anyone who acts friendly towards them is flirting.

No. 1041132

Ever since comparing trans murders to natal women murders yearly, this scrotescript is starting to sound like a unintentionally hilarious punchline that gets more ridiculous over time.

No. 1041135

I think the number of femicides vs trans murders is considered irrelevant since it's just cisscum women getting killed, rather than their betters which are trans women? Just spitballing here but it's an odd thing that happens every time. Femicides are always swept aside.

No. 1041139

I wish I wanted to play this game so I could tell trannies that, not that playing a fucking video game is actually what that means kek.

Holy shit. You connected the dots, you’re right anon.

No. 1041140

Is this edited or is her left eye bulging out of her face?

No. 1041144

Most murdered transwomen are people of color who are doing sex work to survive. If you are comparing them to other LGBT folks in countries like Brasil or Mexico they are probably the same. Also cis women sexworkers. People having to do sexwork is whats killing them, not some terf. They should fightthe reasons why those people have to do sex work in the first place. But you know what, then those white incel troons can't make it about themselves!

No. 1041147

Fighting against the economic and coercive reasons for sex work existing while trying to improve conditions for sex workers and supporting them wholeheartedly = way too confusing for twitter morons so they just assume you're a prude who hates all sex work, heaven forbid we try and improve and extend people's lives in any way.

No. 1041165

She has very, very dark and strong eyebrows that make her features appear harsher than they are, which are also her trademark. It's not rocket science, and she doesn't look male in the slightest. Go outside.

No. 1041181

File: 1600454616608.jpeg (29.86 KB, 682x450, images - 2020-09-18.jpeg)

Yeah, her eyebrows just enhance her strong features but if you see her body and how other women look with similar low and strong brows you can see she is cis.

No. 1041193

File: 1600456389475.jpg (54.81 KB, 634x363, welp.JPG)

Is this the right place to share this post because it I made me regret lurking around tumblr because I should've known better.

No. 1041200

I can guarantee 100% this was written by a whiny cis woman.

No. 1041202

I guess there there a issues we share with them, but I believe, especially when ur a non passing troon, the discrimination you face is not motivated by misogyny but transphobia.

No. 1041203

File: 1600457478486.jpeg (127.7 KB, 851x1200, C9606076-AFEC-4E9C-9929-DD3887…)

This dumb bitch
She can date all the troons then kek

No. 1041208

And most "transphobic" violence is actually homophobic violence, as angry scrotes just see these guys as fags in dresses.

No. 1041221

I'll stop saying they are a danger to women when they stop blaming women for all their issues and saying we cause men to harm them or wishing death/attacking women online and off for different opinions then them.

I said this in Kevin Gibes thread, but a grown ass man with his balls cut off, attacked a woman for holding a sign, then other grown men started thanking him for keeping them safe from the ONE WOMAN holding a sign.

This whole thing is all about how we must feel bad for them, understand they are the most victimize women on this planet, what we can do to make sure no one harms them.

What the fuck are they doing to make sure we are safe? Seems like they want us to have their backs no matter what, but if we step out of line they hate us forever and we are the reason x, y and z happens.

No. 1041228

Kek, look at the contradictions in the tags.
>support trans women or perish
>idk it’s cisphobia and misandry hours for me
Very non-threatening, thanks wondertrainswoman, I feel so safe and validated now.

No. 1041234

Sir, before you can face misogyny you have to pass

No. 1041276

More black people or gay people get killed than troons and let’s not forget woman. I fucking hate it that troons make everything about themselves recently. Sit down, you are not the only “oppressed” one in this world. There is so much more going on in this world rn than their own stupid little drama.

No. 1041277

Yeah, what an odd nitpick. Unsure if it was innocent unfamiliarity with who she is or a passive aggressive dig by a troon but c’mon. Cara isn’t conventional in terms of looks, but that doesn’t = troon.

No. 1041279

What's tiring is that a lot of actual issues trans women face (that isn't just first world AGP problems) is just repackaged homophobia. Men resent and threaten them because they hate gay people and by proxy GNC men in general.

Yeah exactly. No TERF has ever killed or even threatened a troon with violence, it's always homophobic men.

Even when comparing statistics by adjusted to per capita cis women still get killed more than trannies. These white well-off American men in dresses really trying to use the statistics of gay PoC prostitutes getting killed in the sex trade as some sort of a shield to stomp their ugly feet to get whatever they want.

No. 1041410

cara is a butch lesbian who is really hot

No. 1041462

What's the deal with MtFs and the names Alice and Lily though?

No. 1041481

File: 1600501298749.png (360.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200915-160050.png)

I don't know which one is worse, the guy who doesn't think that there totally are fetishists and autistic people who have no idea what they get into by taking hormones because they are sold as magic pills that turn you into a hot woman, or the guy who argues that you can not transition and still call yourself a woman (despite the prefix trans- implying some kind of transition).

I'm 99% certain that they use Lily because of yuri manga, I've never seen any real woman of my age called Lily (not anglo, correct me if I'm wrong), so much that whenever I see someone put this name in their bio, I just assume they are a TiM. As for Alice, dunno, it kind of has some manic pixie dream girl connotations to me, it's a pretty rare name irl so it really makes them stand out.

No. 1041558

I've actually noticed a weird trend of theirs with double-names (Laura Jane, Charlie Jane, Emma Rae, etc). Not that there's anything wrong with an actual woman with a name like that. Just gross when men do it. Makes me nauseated to read their over-compensated word salad "feminine teehee" troon names.

No. 1041563

Alice is probably because of Alice in Wonderland, since they often see themselves as little girls. Lilies can be associated with purity and virginity, so it also fits their fetish.

No. 1041630

That tweet is a piss poor argument.
She has no fucking idea how far moids go to fulfill their fantasies.

No. 1041648

By that logic Jonathan Yaniv, Karen White and all the other pedophiles/rapists are True and Honest transwomen just like the rest of them. Their own arguments always bite them in the ass.

>No man would ever pretend to be trans to get access to women and children, that’s just TERF scaremongering!

>W-wait no that convicted pedophile isn’t really trans, calling him trans is actually transphobic because real transwomen would never hurt a fly!

You can’t have it both ways.

No. 1041654

They keep moving the goalposts every time they have to acknowledge the numerous rotten eggs in their community. Every time some troon gets outed for being a rapist/pedophile/so forth they revoke their trans card immediately and start claiming they weren't trutrans, just after they finished having a spergout about how all you need to do to be a woman is to identify as one. It's the same as when bringing up detransitioners, they just weren't ~true trans~. What's the guarantee that all these current activist will still be identifying as non-cis in five years then?

Their go-to argument though is that it was the evil transphobia that drove Mrs. Ma'am to rape ten women in prison for gender validation and that it has nothing to do with the completely ABSURD lie that some people transition for personal gain whether it's living out their fetish or avoiding being the prison bitch in male jail. Remember how that one hardcore tranny activist who forced women's shelters take in men in dresses was pressured to address case Yaniv and he just blamed the "terves" for not asking their "community" to condemn him nicely enough?

No. 1041661

kek, I'm not surprised at all.

No. 1041698

I'm pretty sure there are traps who take hormones and shit. Also, men get off to weird shit and I'm sure they know that. I bet telling men that hormones make their dicks not work and they have tits is something some men like. Isn't it called "forced femming?"

Either way, I no longer believe in trans trenders, it's just a way for trans folxs to try to disown trans people using their "trans privileges" to comment crimes. Does a woman stop being a woman when she does something fucked up? Can we say, "Well she's not REALLY a woman because she's making us look bad"?
Nope, they claim it's such a deep situation, they have "lady brains" and they'd die without transing, so saying that transwomen like Yanviv are fakes is transphobia.

Also, it's funny how they only disown them when they get caught going too far, yet there's plenty of trans women sharing Borderline pedophile fantasies, fetishizing lesbians, other transwomen, men and doing all kinds of shady disgusting shit right on twitter & being cheered on. I've seen them excuse other transwomen and praise them for stealing their female siblings' underwear and pads.

I remember someone on Reddit telling a woman whose trans relative was stealing her pads, "They are going through female puberty, just tell them what they are doing makes you uncomfortable"
"Maybe they can't afford or are ashamed to buy their own pads, just talk to them"

People let so much shit like this slide, look on that egg irl sub. It's full of men getting hard in panties and stealing women's shit and being PRAISED for it or sharing stories about it.

It's only an issue when a trans woman gets called out for this bad behavior on a major scale, then suddenly he's not "trans" and everyone pretends like they don't see these people in the trans community being praised for bad behavior and then they go, "This never happens".

No. 1041707

File: 1600537352751.jpeg (151.66 KB, 1073x804, 7985DA4C-E88B-42E8-A363-AB02D4…)

when you cut your hair short and end up looking like someone’s autistic brother who’s constantly letting his kind parents down

No. 1041708

File: 1600537394813.jpg (69.47 KB, 1080x332, Screenshot_20200919_203837.jpg)

I was watching an innocent fashion vlog on YouTube and came across this in the wild. The comment was completely out of place and didn't relate to the video at all. You can see it's obviously a troon with a fetish. I keep seeing more and more of this as of recent. It pisses me off that women are being forced to include them.

No. 1041711

I went to his videos which are of him driving through traffic and talking, confirmed male.

No. 1041716

File: 1600538124879.jpeg (57.63 KB, 500x500, f84.jpeg)

okay but i may be drunk but i guess the point of this post is to disown people who fake trans making actual trans look bad?

excuse the boomer meme but img related

No. 1041717

A mixture of that, and an extra from Orange is the new Black

No. 1041722

File: 1600538612391.jpg (133.58 KB, 1226x1334, 9xepf.jpg)

I'm fucking wheezing

No. 1041723

that's depressing tbh

No. 1041724

there are no fake trans because all you need to be trans is to say you are the opposite sex. So how can they call out the fakes when the rules are all over the place?

No. 1041725

would'nt it be considered gatekeeping to say that if you do this or that, then you are not a true trans? Of course we know there's men in it for the wrong reasons, but I'm going by troon logic.
They can't even agree if you need BD or not. They have names for people who believe you have to be x or z to be trans.
According to them you can look like a flat out man but you are "a woman" because you say you are.

No. 1041728

Does anyone remember a guy on reddit a few months ago who had an abortion fetish? He had several posts roleplaying as a teenage girl who had an abortion and also wanted to be an abortion doctor or something. He was a teacher and used his student's name as his OC, the whole thing was bizarre and I was hoping he'd get a thread. I remember it being posted in /ot/ but I can't find it now.

No. 1041786

Maybe ask on the reddit hate thread.

No. 1041788

They have already moved past the trutrans narrative, now they are pushing that since there are no biological differences between men and women and you can choose your gender there is no point in poiting out how many "trans women" commit these crimes.
To them its the same as a cis woman doing it, no matter the reasons, and the solution is to trust everyone, ignore how men are the majority of sex based criminals and do away with gendered bathrooms, prisons and dorms so no trans person feels excluded ever. Cis women and passing trans women can go fuck themselves with their hysteria ig.


No. 1041792

File: 1600547861143.jpg (377.73 KB, 1600x1212, Timothy-McVeigh-Okla-Perry-Nob…)

dude looks like Tim McVeigh

No. 1041851


Holy shit, anon. Add unfiltered internet access and you've got the average troon.

No. 1042056

File: 1600609434614.jpeg (634.8 KB, 734x1626, 48373BE4-6355-4307-8E73-A1D2AD…)

>troon who claims to have DID gets castrated
>ends up having surgical complications
>”ten pound sack of blood” hanging off his crotch
>entire dick area and upper thighs turn black
He’s been sperging out on twitter since

No. 1042057

File: 1600609457120.jpeg (710.22 KB, 746x1690, 82406078-411A-490E-970C-19EDE2…)

No. 1042058

He looks like he's cosplaying raw chicken

No. 1042061

Did he post pics? I bet he's lying, you don't walk around with your genitals/legs rotting, that just looks like a regular small dick with balls underneath, he's some kind of new species of botched-tranny-surgery munchies.

No. 1042067

File: 1600611226853.jpeg (150.15 KB, 733x977, 07109398-7453-4A55-BD6C-AA6563…)

Why do AGPs love to wear fetish gear out , this Troon is 36 and dresses like a lazy town porn parody character

No. 1042068

File: 1600611305817.jpeg (Spoiler Image,933.72 KB, 1125x1663, 4C08577B-F865-45B3-9F8C-9A0BB4…)

I don’t disagree with your assessment but he did post pics

No. 1042069

Idk I believe it, those surgeries rarely go well and surgeons can't deny them even if the risk is super high for complications cause trannies persist and if they say no they are "transphobes" and might lose their job.

That tranny will join the (by now) 50% soon.

No. 1042072

File: 1600611719655.jpg (Spoiler Image,522.66 KB, 1536x2048, nightmarefuel.jpg)


Looks like he still has his dick and balls. What did he get surgery for?

No. 1042106

Yikes troon or not that’s pretty severe and shitty malpractice. I hope he’s able to get rectified in some way for his quality of life but also lives with the reality of “my fetish ruined my sexual capacity.”

No. 1042113

That looks so fucking weird, I thought removing the dick and balls was just chop and sew? What did he even try getting done?

No. 1042118

That meme is exactly what happens. More and more of these people are going to smart up, detransition, and speak against this shit until it’s as much of a joke as it was before.

No. 1042125

I scrolled through his twitter and apparently he tried to have his testicles removed, I think that might be the first step to making a fake vagina? Maybe having that done first and then in a second surgery turn the rest around?

It seems the surgery got botched and he ended up with severe bleeding so his balls are now filled with blood?

Idk the twitter is really full of whining about muh DID and muh pain pills and I am so high and hallucinating etc. This dude is gonna kill himself.

No. 1042135

Ohhhh nononononononononono why did I unspoiler it. Imagine doing this to yourself. "Gender clinics" doing this butchering should be banned, this is so fucking horrifying. I mean it's his own fault for falling for the designer pussy meme but these doctors should be put in fucking jail for agreeing to do this and exploiting a mentally ill person.

No. 1042147

File: 1600617963412.jpg (143.15 KB, 750x1086, EEZPiqbXsAAzNyQ.jpg)

Don't you fellow Girl Anons just miss these magical nights where we cuddled together wearing pink fluffy clothing doing each others' makeup and hair right after we got done making out in the lockerroom and rubbing our bodies together in the shower? God how I miss my early girlhood when we just giggled and gossiped while watching Disney movies!

No. 1042154

This is so laughably cringey. Imagine a women thinking men wrestle with their big bara tiddies glistening with sweat and use their jack off crystals together during a sleepover. They have like zero awareness about the world.

No. 1042159

My favorite fantasy is having a sleepover with a couple of guys my own age who accept me for who I am and I'd be wearing blue boxershorts, my favorite blue jockstrap, my favorite blue football jersey and a worn out blue trucker hat (in case you haven't noticed blue is my favorite color. I think it's because I resent missing out on twenty years of masculinity and I'm subconsciously trying to make up for lost time by being as manly as possible.)

It would be cold and windy outside but we'd be nice and warm curled up infront of a car engine. We'd spend the night working on the car, flicking boogers at each other, drinking beer, wrestling and watching porn while jerking each other off (again, I was robbed of a boyhood).

They wouldn't care that I wasn't close to passing or that my voice was feminine, they'd just accept me as one of the boys. We'd spend the night burping and would drift off to sleep one by one and the night would end up with me wrapped up in a cum-stained blanket drifting off to sleep knowing that for the first time in my life I'd been accepted for who I truly am. Sigh.

Probably not going to happen in the near future, but a guy? / girl? can always dream.

No. 1042165

This is fucking hilarious KEK

No. 1042166

>It would be cold and windy outside but we'd be nice and warm curled up infront of a car engine.
Lost it at that part.

No. 1042168

Yeah, this person has spent way too little time living in reality.

I love you, anon.

No. 1042173

>tfw you're trying to have a romantic makeover-sleepover with your lesbifriends but the glowing fireplace ignites your hairspray and the house burns down

No. 1042176

Men should try to be more like:
> men wrestle with their big bara tiddies glistening with sweat
The internet would be less boring.

No. 1042177

the whole concept of them "making up for missing out on girlhood" or whatever is disgusting to me and always feels like it's painted with shades of pedophilia

No. 1042184

But for real, why doesn’t he just organize a sleepover with other mantroons? Wouldn’t all of them be living the dream of the “girlhood” they got “robbed”? They could all do the exact same things he’s describing in the post.

No. 1042187

File: 1600622053388.png (147.77 KB, 720x635, what.png)

There are some tweets about a psychopath who apparently hurt that person in some way (i'm guessing a kick or punch in the crotch) and their penis got fractured and that is why they needed surgery?? i don't know if the doctors attempted bottom surgery on a fractured dick

If anyone wants to, search for fractured or psychopath in their tweets

No. 1042189

Men are so stupid. The best part about women’s friendships is being in your grossest and most comfortable state as possible, being stoned, eating pizza, and not talking to each other for like half the night.

No. 1042190

Queen kek

No. 1042191

Is this not what happens…

No. 1042192

Is the "support group" a women shelter ?

No. 1042196

I'm dead. Thank you best-anon!

No. 1042204

Exactly, because they say "girls my own age" but what age are they feeling right then? 7? 8? An adult man wearing a Barbie t-shirt having a sleepover with children isn't going to go over well.

No. 1042206

File: 1600623319876.jpg (1014.92 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_09-20-01.36.11.jpg)

Made a side by side

No. 1042211

File: 1600624279853.gif (380.12 KB, 500x281, 3162248164_1_4_zoIBJQk3.gif)

my sides

No. 1042219

Thank you, the shook cat ties it all together

No. 1042226

Honestly this, they imagine women to be on their best behavior and attire while interacting with their best friends because that's how they expect women to be at all times. During my sleepovers we wore t shirts and pajama pants, cussed while playing board games, talked mad shit instead of "gossiping", made dirty jokes, someone farts loudly and everyone laughs. Men expecting female sleepovers to be all about braiding hair, doing nails and having sexy pillow fights probably never had sisters.

No. 1042229

File: 1600627082476.jpeg (339.87 KB, 1242x586, 302B4569-D4A4-4FCD-9A42-CB850D…)

I'm sure his hematoma is painful but "perpetual childbirth"?? He fucking wishes.

No. 1042232

Jesus wept, imagine doing this to your healthy, functional body. Didn't Remilia (the tranny esports player) also get botched bottom surgery that left him with massive nerve damage and got him addicted to painkillers, which he apparently finally OD'd on and died? How is this mutilation even legal?

No. 1042239

i hate when i get pregnant and need to have a blood sack baby removed from my groin every few weeks </3

No. 1042241

I remember how people tried to dance around the fact that he trooned out for a fetish and thats what killed that guy.
Reddit who LOVE digging in people's past and talking shit had a lot of people, suddenly not thinking it's cool to do anymore when it came to Remila's situation.

No. 1042242

Their whole concept of feminity is based on what they see in movies and it's evident

No. 1042244

Im not excusing the doctor btw, but he'd still be here if he didn't troon out and get his dick chopped.

No. 1042255

Certain troons only want to troo around biological females, to feel accepted and like they belong. They'll never get that from sitting in a room full of other troons.

No. 1042260

Mfw they call themselves guy at the end of this screed

No. 1042265


Just proves that even they don't consider trannies to be women. And yet they demand that we do. If "trans women are women" they should be equally satisfied in the company of their own kind because there's supposedly no difference and they shouldn't be treated differently than biological women. Lol "peep that transphobia."

No. 1042266

File: 1600633555321.jpg (1.55 MB, 3264x1632, why.jpg)

I went to school with this guy. He posts memes like this and begs for money all the time.

No. 1042273

Ok you have to drop some tales

No. 1042308


Play stupid games - win stupid prizes knowwhatimsayin

No. 1042318

TIL penises can get fractured.

No. 1042333

I don't know why these retards go and whack their balls and or dick off and then act shocked and horrified that those parts no longer worked like they used to. I know this time is very extreme, but still. Bitching and moaning about how they shouldnt have to like him to treat him? That tells everyone he's clearly been acting like a shit demanding the doctors and nurses do this and that and fix "their" mistake. Like dude, this entire mistake is on you. If you didnt get your way, you would have lead a crusade about how it was your body and your right to get it done-so they bend to your will and your wallet and do it and you're still blaming everything on everyone else?? Maybe listen to hundreds of people who constantly say that these surgeries are awful and usually go wrong. I have no idea why trannies think they're in some magical timeline where these procedures are on the same level as getting a nose job. They swear it's all safe only to literally ruin their lives subjecting themselves to daily groin pain and management. Even the success stories are half miserable.
If it's the same one I'm thinking that is, he said that himself a few times on 4chan. That and that because he chopped his dick off, he no longer felt the sexual stimulation that was pushing him into doing it-because you know, no dick?!?! So then he just felt like a bored normal person sitting around with big honking tits which he couldnt even get off to anymore. It all became pointless, as he realized being a girl was the same as being a boy for the most part. Nothing had changed in his life like he thought it would. He was still sitting in his same room doing the same mundane shit, he just had no dick now.

No. 1042388

>Maybe listen to hundreds of people who constantly say that these surgeries are awful and usually go wrong.
They're surrounded by several thousand others that tell them they are brave and transition will make everything better. I have no idea how every social media tranny at least a huge following on twitter.

No. 1042391

I've been saying a while but it's like a cult, when you come out trans a whole welcome parade comes with it online, then when you get work done, the whole welcome parade full of misinformation, subjective information and overwhelming support.
Then when it goes wrong? Or you detrans?
It's quiet. Or they tell you that it'd get better or they just move onto the next "Egg".

No. 1042401

File: 1600655886411.jpg (158.96 KB, 800x800, pink-purple-blue-pastel-color-…)

i hate how i can't look at pastel pink and blue together anymore without thinking of troons and "MAPs" aka pedos. they ruined pastels.

No. 1042410

I know right, I thought it was just flesh and whatever.

No. 1042425

It's not a real fracture like a bone but the bursting of the corpus cavernosum in the penis. They are the structures that fill with blood in an erection. If we believe him here >>1042187
saying hw broke it means he has erection while "falling asleep" in a support group. In reality most of these type of injuries are during sex. Also there is no way a Dr. would do any other random surgery on someone so soon after a trauma like that, a large portion of people actually need surgery to fix the penis and have to be on blood thinners and the like.

No. 1042454

Tbh based on the photos it just looks like a standard Orchiectomy with some bleeding. If his testes were removed, the scrotum would be left to create this freak’s frankenpussy, hence the swelling.

No penile fracture or deformity is visualized, nor is any scrotal deformity. Tons of bruising, though, which can be expected. Aside from that, just an ugly dude with an ugly set of genitalia.

Medfagging aside, tl;dr:
This is standard bleating from a lookatme troon. Healthcare professionals “yes ma’am” and dance around these whiny dickheads because they’re afraid of being doxxed by like-minded degenerates. This man can fuck right off with his perpetual childbirth

No. 1042472

I work on an L&D ward. The screams I hear on the daily are truly unparalleled. This dude fucking wishes.

Also, I'm sorry, but most medical staff don't feel that bad for you. Let alone it causing psychological harm. When you see enough people in agonizing pain it kind of callouses to you.

No. 1042477

are you 50 anon or did he just age poorly

No. 1042543

File: 1600679873516.jpeg (588.13 KB, 1242x997, DBB19ED2-F870-4892-91BF-466F31…)

Ahh I wondered if he was just milking it for the pills lol. He's been nodding out on video and going on and on about how he's being tortured and he'll be on pain meds forever now.

No. 1042546

File: 1600680741567.png (244.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200920-103053.png)

These people have the worst porn in their faves (furry shit, penile vore, hypno, bimbofication…) but a frat boy wearing a dress at a party is too much apparently.

No. 1042556

>stop being bad at it like the rest of us have

kek, you're all still really bad at it

No. 1042563

>Nooo! You MUST conform to gender roles the way we dictate!

No. 1042564

So tylenol for the pain. What are the oxys for? The addiction?

No. 1042573

Trains community:
>it’s okay to experiment with gender and get used to your gender identity.
Also trains community:
>REEEEEEEEE don’t touch anything from your opposite gender!!!1! Only trutrains can wear pink high heels and dresses or blue caps and jockstraps!!!

No. 1042576

>either realize youre trans or fuck off
Jesus. What happened to "gender isn't real" and "clothes don't have a gender"? I knew they would come after GNC people at some point and give them the options of fully troon out or perish. It's nothing more than them being jealous of someone else having the ability to present themselves with traits and fashion of the other sex without denying biology and being contempt with who they were born as.

No. 1042585

These are the same sad dudes that psychotically campaigned to ban the word “trap”, even in reference to oneself, from Reddit because they are so damn jealous of those gay cis men having fun with crossdressing and looking so much better than them. They’re so deranged that they claim EVERY feminine male character is a trans girl in retaliation and try to pretend GNC men don’t exist.

No. 1042648

they already hate gay dudes who stay gay men and cross dress.
"fem boy" and "Trap" triggers the fuck out of some of them. As well as drag queens.

No. 1042820

why don't women just make a "r/ciswomen" sub? strangely enough, didn't r/twoxchromosomes get overtaken by troons too?

No. 1042825

https://blogs.feministwiki.org/socjuswiz/2019/10/20/masculinity-anime-and-gender-dysphoria/ this essay/blog post covers the same sort of topic. Some professor got in big trouble for making this connection, but all the extremely online troons are strangely into anime

No. 1042827

kek @ the assumption that troons aren't going to a) overrun that space as well b) complain to reddit that the sub isn't uwu inclusive enough and is somehow transphobic

No. 1042831

The transphobia is the point, Jan!

No. 1042838

reddit mods won't let it happen. probably mostly trannies themselves tbf.

No. 1042872

The way how this whole side describes a guy that I know who transitioned recently is scary to me ….this article is pretty good written

No. 1042916


NTA but applying foundation like an 80 years old woman is not making him look young


adding acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) to opioids can help them metabolise better

No. 1042919

I remember him also posting about not ever feeling like putting on makeup, dressing nice or going out unless her had to. He was such a depressed and sad horror cow, his tweets about the continuous pain and the meds just made my blood run cold for some reason.

No. 1042923

and funny thing is there will be more like him. Troons on reddit and Twitter cheer on men with obvious fetishes and mental illness to do this shit.
They'll just mark him down as one of the "unlucky ones" and blame everyone and everything but the true cause.

No. 1042948

Anon, are you in medicine or are you just like, majorly into this? I'd love to hear from anyone in the field, I have to imagine it's ridiculous rn

No. 1042981

File: 1600753305008.jpeg (84.97 KB, 720x837, D967AF17-4456-49C9-9451-A2240E…)

I hate how obsessed they are with sex.

No. 1042989

They're the fucking same as incels with this belief that everyone except them is living in some kind of Hollywood teen movie reality. All girls ever do in their minds is having girly lesbian sleepovers or getting fucked by their Chad boyfriends at prom. Their idea of womanhood, or girlhood, to be more precise, is nothing but caricatures. They don't want to be women, they want to be teenage girls.

No. 1042991

Having my doubts it’s not a fetish.
I know for a fact it’s been one for this guy. This is a self-proclaimed lesbian that almost exclusively makes wedgie and other fetish flash animations of female characters on youtube for the past like 8 years. An obvious deranged pervert who horny posts on the youtube community page, he moved from secretly wearing women’s underwear to posting himself in it online numerous times despite the protests from family. Of course he’s yet to move out, and he still acts like this online. He’s over 30 and is now a koreaboo because of BTS.

No. 1042998

Interesting how much they want to create specific experiences teens and children have because they "missed" it, nothing weird to see here.

No. 1043012

I'm a cis woman and I haven't been to prom either, does that mean I have to get fucked in a prom dress now?

No. 1043014


It's so funny how their ideas of female expereinces always lead to something sexual it can start off so innocent and come off as a quirky joke, but it's always leads to sex.
Like this is how some women describe shit women go through versus how a troon would.

Woman- "The first time I tried on a bra I was 11 years old. I went with my mom to get it fitted…"

Troon- "Today was my first time getting a bra and being fitted for one.I feel SO VALIDATED and sexy. I got it fitted by a gorgeous and VERY kind cis woman. Her name was Vanessa, I was so terrified that I'd be denied or it's be awkard, but it was NOT! Vanessa was so kind, even complemented my shoes. When I tried on the bra (in the female dressing rooms!!) I stared at myself and I saw for the first time a beautiful sexy woman. I got so excited (some would say maybe a little TOO excited lol)
I finally expereinced with cis girls do when they get their first bras, I twirled around and took a few pictures for my only fans and a video (Ha ha). I really feel like this is the beginning of something amazing for me!!

2 hours later on twitter

Hey folxs! I have a new HOT video on my onlyfans, it's not only hot but it's emotional, I got my first bra today and I took a little video of me being naughty in it, such a life changing (and sexy) expereince, please support a trans girl making a HUGE step in her journey!"

No. 1043016

Yes. That's the rules. You haven't experienced womanhood until you've been fucked in a wedding dress.

Oh, and have you attended a girly sleepover where you wear pink pyjamas, giggle, gossip, do eachothers makeup, have a sexy pillow fight then wrap up in your pink sleeping bag? That's another vital part of being a woman.

No. 1043035

I went from bustiers to ill fitting H&M bras back to bustiers/sport bras, guess I never had the real cis women bra experience kek

No. 1043038

I hate this trend of women refering to themselves as cis women~. I refuse to refer to myself as a cis woman or "real" woman. I'm a woman and I should not have to add a prefix to confirm to people that I'm not a man. I won't let men steal the word woman from me, they can fuck off.

No. 1043045

I mean I sometimes accidentally say "actual woman" when refering to a cis one, we still subconsciously make the link to biology. In the end inclusivity is really in the way.

No. 1043060

ah yes, have an experience that is mostly had when the people are minors

nothing sketchy to see here

No. 1043076

File: 1600774869361.png (36.11 KB, 858x356, DA128VR.png)

Transbians are a plague

No. 1043081

Why don't they set up a troon dating troon app? They have so much contempt for us normie cissies that they should simply fuck off to their own corner.

No. 1043083

>username is lesbianwithabeard
how the fuck did he think he was gonna get away with that verification with a fucking beard? what a retard

No. 1043098

Because they’re straight men that don’t want to fuck other straight men.

No. 1043100

But you'ra a bigot if you only care for genitals!

No. 1043106

Kek good for Zoe, keep them off before they even get the chance to bother women.

No. 1043128

I'm actually impressed at how well you got the voice down. You could definitely pass for an online troon, anon

No. 1043176

i hate that these fucks have gotten me saying "female" in cases where i used to just say women. they are monsters of language and i hate having to adapt myself to their vicious corrections like "not all women menstruate!!!". it's so tiring ree

No. 1043179

Use your powers to finesse money from TRAs

No. 1043195

Men can't help but make everything about sex, that's how you know they are men and not "women born in the wrong body".

No. 1043217

They’re already attempting to steal that word too.

No. 1043256

Ayrt, yeah I have a BSN and spent 2 years employed with a household name medical institution. They USED to cater to the needs of marginalized and vulnerable women. They have shifted their focus is aiding in HRT and SRS for these cows. It’s pandering and gross.

I don’t want to shit up the thread with medfagging but all these children are cut from the same uwu speshul cloth. And the political climate has allowed these MEN to infiltrate one of the last bastions of medical safety and privacy originally intended for women.

No. 1043259

its planned parenthood babe we know

No. 1043263

Oh god is it really? And if it is, disgusting.

No. 1043266

Hate to break it to you but >>1043259 nailed it. Looks like maybe this is isn’t news to some people here. Even the providers there are disgusted with the gender inclusivity safe space bullshit.

No. 1043267

Yes it is. I was scheduling an appointment over the phone to get tested there and one of the menu options included “trans care and HRT”

No. 1043287

Good fucking god. What do men need planned parenthood for besides STI testing? HRT? When women can't even have access to safe abortion or affordable birth control? This is where we're allocating funds? I'll never forgive them.

Providers as in BSN anon (sorry I might be a little lost kek) or, if BSN anon, do you notice other providers you work with that don't like it either?

No. 1043302

so would you say most providers are giving care without subscribing to the woke troon bs? do the doctors not even believe in the system that pp has turned into? so fecking sad

No. 1043314

In my personal experience there are a healthy mix of providers who are altruistic in subscribing to SJW nonsense and this further validates their liberal tendencies. They see themselves as pioneers of GNC inclusivity.

Other providers (mostly nurse practitioners. Physicians/OBGYN’s are typically not staffed or needed when abortions aren’t being performed) see the climate for what it is but are too afraid/in need of employment to speak up. PP has made a habit of employing new graduates struggling to find work and paying them more than most others, partially because at the end of the day the work they do is extremely taxing.

Anyway. The PP I worked for had a “gender counselor” with no actual professional credentials other than being MtF. This dude was in his mid 60’s talking to confused teenagers looking for guidance about how they should transition. I could make a whole other post about what a fucking degenerate creep this man was, but whatever.

“Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy” as they call it, is the fastest growing form of revenue PP has. Of course abortions will always be their bread and butter, but transtrender kids are cash cows, and they are kept on the hook for the foreseeable future in terms of follow up appointments, bloodwork, counseling meetings, etc., whereas abortions are typically a one-and-done type thing. Now that STI screening and birth control is widely and cheaply available online, PP is grasping at straws for the next best focus of their practices.

All new employees have to go through “gender sensitivity training” that typically lasts 2 days. They are required to introduce themselves as, “hello my name is Anon and my pronouns are xim/xir”

If a boy as young as the age of 16 walks in and says “I want to be a girl” we smile, nod our heads, and acquiesce. They are not even required to speak to a mental health professional anymore. We, as educated, wiser adults are under the thumb of this bizarre cultural shift.

Saged for derailing and medfagging but if any more anons have questions, I have answers kek

No. 1043317

Why do most troons have foreheads the size of a planet? I know tifs can loose their hairlines due to t, but is not as if I see lots of men with quadruple foreheads, it's mostly trannys. I'm going to guess it's because it's these type of men who are the most bitter that they're ugly and that women don't like them, but for some reason think becoming a woman will make them beautiful

No. 1043321

this is really interesting anon, thank you for your input.

I work partially in medical underwriting, and it's a bit more of the opposite. Medical carriers understand that 9 times out of 10 the troons will max out their plan (if they're smart and get the right plan, or if they're dumb and get a shit ton of procedures) and prefer not to underwrite them (talking about group plans not individual through the ACA). They are a HUGE medical cost to carriers and are seen as a liability to the group. They can adversely affect group rates and tend to drive premiums up and plan value down.

Tl;dr if you work with a troon and have medical coverage through your employeer, sorry but you're going to pay more.

sage for med sperging

No. 1043327

File: 1600809842204.png (311.83 KB, 740x540, kek.PNG)

So everyone is a white supremicist because some troons want certain gentials and even make up a excuse as to why they can't be with dick havers.

No. 1043331

Are those madoka magica temporary tats on his titties or am I tripping

No. 1043332

File: 1600810738886.jpg (36.63 KB, 1997x321, RetardEra2425.jpg)

I got this from Kiwi, Resetera has a thread there and it's full of angry troons. They hate Dave Chapelle because of his jokes.
They are mad at him again and some angry troon/tra just wished death on him.
Funny how people from all walks of life were laughing at Dave's jokes about everyone else, but it's different when it's troons.
It's weird how these people claim they are the most attacked people on planet but always are wishing death on others.

No. 1043333

that'd be on brand but from what I can tell no, they seem like generic color splotch tattoos.

No. 1043335

> I could make a whole other post about what a fucking degenerate creep this man was, but whatever.
Spill the tea!

No. 1043340

>“Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy” as they call it, is the fastest growing form of revenue PP has.
Of course. "Follow the money" always stands. Get someone hooked on hormones and they'll be a steady stream of cash for the rest of their lives.

>I could make a whole other post about what a fucking degenerate creep this man was, but whatever.

Please do. I need to hear this.

I live in a country where all medical administration is strictly monitored and funded by public money equally and the difference in the atmosphere regarding troonery is noticeable compared to the stories I hear from countries where certain clinics and branches are strapped for cash. Doctors can be vocally critical of young people trooning out and as far as I know they recently even tightened the screening and can require now a full psychiatric evaluation before sending a patient to the trans clinic. You can't just stack money on the table and expect them to hand the pills and shots over. It definitely shows that big pharma money is greasing the wheels of the trans movement and they're looking for nothing else than to medicalize as many people to keep paying for their services. It's like a subscription, you'll be in need of medication and follow-ups for decades to come until you croak from a blood clot or cancer they cause, detransition or in the saddest case, commit suicide.

Being gay is now white supremacy. They're just throwing words at the wall at this point to see which one of them sticks.

No. 1043449

File: 1600826021045.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2208x2944, 3E1FC47B-6E02-4B87-BDAC-2A89CD…)

Did I get redditor MtF bingo?

No. 1043454

Seconding everyone else, I'd love to hear more about that dude.

This is all really interesting in general, op. Honestly, I'd love to hear any observations you made during your time there–anything that really struck you, being at ground zero of this moment. Actually, here's one specific question–when you say there are providers who see the climate for what it is, how did you find out? It's so hard for me to be honest about my opinions, I've never talked with anyone irl about them, even women I have a feeling might agree–I can't imagine doing it in an environment where my $$$ is on the line. But I'm really happy to know there are providers at PP who feel that way, as shitty as everything is rn. I have insurance now, but I'm always worried I'll lose it, and PP is the only place I've been able to consistent endo treatment.

No. 1043464

apparently only white people have concept of sex… what kind of racist shit is this.

No. 1043465

>HRT stops hair loss!!1!
Look at the top of his head lmao.

No. 1043466

i like how when anyone makes jokes about trannies they can openly wish death on people like the sociopathic fucks they are

yet when a sexist or racist joke is made it's never "I HOPE HE FUCKING DIES". Only when you attack the trans cult. Huh, that's so funny!

No. 1043468

Oh, how many times I joined discord servers where troon or gay male jokes was heavily frown upon on (but especially troons) or anything critical about them, yet people could make the thinly veiled hate-filled criticism towards black people and women as much as they want! yes, this means black women get the shortest end of the stick of the TRA ideology.

No. 1043472

What in the fuck is the bottom right referring to…
Also, imagine this calling itself a lesbian and actually expecting to date a woman kek.
Is there a reason that troons use “euphoria” to describe their gender experience, particular regarding bras?

No. 1043476


Because it's a pathetic fetish. They really cannot help but to act like perverted degenerate men.

No. 1043479

I'd assume it's the opposite of dysphoria

No. 1043490


Let me clarify that my role at PP was a clinic educator and “crisis specialist” - I did not operate as a practitioner dispensing HRT and referring patients to SRS. Fortunately the bulk of my duties were walking women through their abortion processes and providing emotional and moral support. A BSN doesn’t provide the licensure to prescribe drugs so that burden never fell on me. I don’t think I could sleep at night knowing I was directly contributing to these freaks.
You really do have to tread lightly to find like-minded colleagues. It took months of working alongside some of the NP’s and other staff before true feelings start trickling out. It would start with a shared sigh before the clinician would need to see one of these patients, or an eye roll. Then, you’re able to speak in confidence about your true feelings. The virtue signaling “pat me on the back, I’m doing so much good for social progress!” medical professionals are the most vocal so after a while, it’s easy enough to know NOT to talk to.

The MtF trans counselor we had on-site was such a human abomination. It was clear that his transition was facilitated by severe psychological trauma, as he decided to be trans right after his son was found dead by auto erotic asphyxiation. Shortly thereafter he “came out” and so began his career with us. His name used to be Lars and he started estrogen and changed his name to Karla. While the rest of the clinic had to wear scrubs, corporate had given him permission to wear clothing that didn’t make him feel dysphoric. This 6’2, 250lb old ass MAN has the fucking NERVE to walk around in the clinic in high heels, sequined mini skirts, and fishnet tights. This is not hyperbole.
We had a “locker room” which was an open corridor; staff at PP is required to change into their work clothes after they are in the building due to safety concerns. But because of being a “gender neutral safe space,” the locker room is accessible to anyone. Even though this asshole was special enough to not need to wear scrubs, he would always find a reason to stand in the locker room when women were changing. And yes, we were all subjected to the same creepy hyper sexual talk that every single one of these AGP’s is obsessed with.
“Ooh, cute bra anon!”
“What are us ladies doing tonight?!”
“Let’s have girls night!”
It creeped everyone out so fucking badly that many staff complained to HR and they were basically accused of being transphobic bigots.
Keep in mind that this person had no formal education in youth sexuality or social work, and his expertise is purely anecdotal. I’m pretty sure he was an insurance agent or some shit before he worked with us. Meanwhile, PP employed him to be the go-between for trans patients. Back when they were required to speak to a mental health professional, they would have to see “Karla” first. I have no doubt in my mind that this fucker got off on asking deeply personal questions to vulnerable children, talking about their sexuality, and basically coercing them to join that club. PP would then forward his notes to an actual licensed mental health professional somewhere off-site, and rubber stamp approve the patients to begin their transition. This is basically how they circumvented the requirement to speak to an actual counselor.

This comes as no surprise at all. Not only do these people max out their plans but they are also the squeakiest wheels. Everything about their lives is a fucking issue and they will seek attention in the form of medical care at every opportunity.

Trans patients I’ve encountered that have told me, “everything’s great! Life is good, no other issues” : Zero.
Not a single one of these dicks are satisfied until they’ve sucked the maximum amount of energy out of you. They know you’re on the hook to “care” for them and exploit that. God forbid you question their struggle. You will get Yelp’ed and Google reviewed to death until you are doxxed and possibly fired.

The clinic would get patient reviews and have meetings to discuss them monthly. Like clockwork, the women who were seeking abortions or STD treatments were always grateful and often prefaced their statements with “you guys are always there for me.” The MtF’s would squeal about how someone who had never met them misgendering them, or how someone in the waiting room looked at them funny and it ruined their entire day, just extremely petty shit that doesn’t actually have anything to do with their medical care.
If the transgressions were deemed bad enough, PP would bring their regional eunuchs to come in and lecture us about not being sensitive enough to their needs.

Jesus, that was a lot. Sorry for the wall of text and saged for more medfagging and blogging. Kek, so much for my NDA.

No. 1043502


> It took months of working alongside some of the NP’s and other staff before true feelings start trickling out. It would start with a shared sigh before the clinician would need to see one of these patients, or an eye roll.

Wow really reminds me of the Handmaid’s tale and not knowing who you can truly speak to.

That annoys me to no end because it’s the only movement you’re not allowed to criticise AT ALL. It reminds me of people who equates criticising Israel with being anti-Semitic.

I know some trans women (usually male attracted, super bimbo-ish) and obviously have no ill-will towards them but daring to say anything at all against transing kids or not allowing males in female sport competitions would basically mean I want to literally murder them. So fucking infuriating.

No. 1043508

What was the joke?

This is fascinating and it's nice to have the insider perspective/info. It's insane what troons such as this "Karla" are deliberately allowed to get away with (the dresscode and locker room leering stuff especially since those shouldn't even be matters of inclusivity).
Thanks anon!

No. 1043512

Evidence based medicine and people of reason are literal hostages to this batshit movement

No. 1043515

God, you know things are really bad when the company line at planned fucking parenthood is "accept sexual harassment for this sake of this creepy man's feelings"

Did you notice any differences in the FtM patients vs the MtF ones? God, as if Karla would have literally any perspective on why a teen girl would want to be a man

No. 1043517

It is my observation that there is a very distinct difference between how well-adjusted MtF’s and FtM’s are. The effects of testosterone are mood boosting though, so that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.
FtM’s are generally much more pleasant and realistic about their experiences and expectations. They cope with episodes of dysphoria better, and I think they are more forthcoming in what they desire to obtain with their transition.
I’m not unbiased though, as I do empathize with alienated teenage girls more than I do weaby neckbeards.

No. 1043527

>Trans patients I’ve encountered that have told me, “everything’s great! Life is good, no other issues” : Zero.
Not a single one of these dicks are satisfied until they’ve sucked the maximum amount of energy out of you. They know you’re on the hook to “care” for them and exploit that

If you’re still up for answering more questions, what kind of issues would they complain to you or other staff about?

No. 1043549

File: 1600842311744.jpeg (95.31 KB, 1242x327, 8D71FF3D-968B-494C-BA48-6F7772…)

So after crying for days about how he is in torturous blood-filled scrotum purgatory and will surely die soon, mr. orchiectomy here learns that brusing and swelling are common side effects of testicle removal surgery. Who would have thought.

No. 1043555

Looks like Moot is still wishing to become the little girl

No. 1043560

Good lord this is more horrifying than I had expected. Jesus. Seriously, I have no words, this is some dystopian world building right there. How are they even able to hire people with no medical training or experience to work with people who are looking to have life-altering, irreversible procedures done to them without feds being all over their asses?

No. 1043613

>more forthcoming in what they desire to obtain
That's unsurprising since women are much more socially adept.
Also it's not a fetish for them (at least never to the degree it is for even the more tame MtF fetishists). Most FtM fetishists end up being fakebois in a desire to live out some fujo fantasy, most ending up happily with another fakeboi - neither of which is on a strong, if any, dose of T.

Sorry to go a bit off on the ftm comparison. Just depressing how stark the difference is between the two groups and their behavior and motivations.
Oh well, MtFs can go follow their dicks out of the breeding pool.

No. 1043616

File: 1600852451094.png (363.36 KB, 502x507, lipstickalley.PNG)

This is from lipstick alley which i'm giving a break. I love how the first thing their defenders go to is sex though.
Too many women hating gay men on there for me. They are the main ones putting down women to defend transwomen.

No. 1043617

File: 1600852481083.png (421.02 KB, 536x572, lipstick alley.PNG)

No. 1043619

>Anal is mainstream
Someone's pornsick kek. Do they really think most women with factional vaginas actually do anal on a regular basis?

No. 1043622

they are gay men and transwomen on LSA so yes. They come in every thread about transwomen telling us how we are in denial, that our men are probably hitting up trans girls, all men are bisexual, we'd never know blah blah…
They ignore whatever ignorant shit that the OP was saying and start defending trans women and shitting on women.
I think they are mad because we had a few threads where women said they did not want to date bisexual men. You know that makes transwomen and for some reason gay men mad.
I think it turns them on to tell women that men pretending to be women are better women then us and are taking all the men, because thats all they bring up.

No. 1043655

I don't think I even understand the point they are trying to make. Why would straight men not want to fuck those women? Cause there are hotter transexuals available?

>Do they really think most women with factional vaginas actually do anal on a regular basis?
Most men who watch a lot of porn and don't have a lot of real sex think that, not just trannies. They think anal is just part of normal intercourse (and women totally love it!!).

No. 1043656


I think the point was that those two ARE trannies, and that straight men supposedly wouldn't mind doing them

No. 1043668

and that unattractive women are jealous because these trans women get more men then us, which let me know it was a troon or scrote.
because they always find the best looking t-women they can find and then pretend like all of them look like this and we are jealous because sex, men and whatever.

No. 1043674

Why do they keep thinking that women are mad because "men like us trans girls better"? Nobody fucking cares if men like troons better. It's a blatant proof of how they think women's lives should revolve around pleasing men and being concerned with how attractive they are in their eyes. Women and troons don't even "compete" in the same dating pool, no straight woman wants a cumbrained chaser who's only looking for a desperate fuckbuddy willing to bend over backwards to please him sexually, and the closeted gay guys wouldn't even want cis women.

Seriously, it's just next level retarded. The talking points women have have to do with "leave us the fuck alone, don't rape us, don't erase our sexual rights, don't coerce lesbians into liking your dick" and so forth and their narcissistic pea brains go straight to "A-hah, so you're just jealous that men prefer us over you?". I wouldn't care if I went without a man for the rest of my life if it meant these nutjobs would quit bothering women.

No. 1043683

Proof that pp anon was right/knows her stuff

No. 1043690

> unattractive women are jealous because these trans women get more men then us
I mean.. even if that were true, which it is not, it would only be because trans-"women" are sluts like men are and put out way easier than an actual woman. Their whole identity is their fetish, PLUS they are men so their standards are low. I would never fuck a tranny-chaser, you can keep them. They are not straight men either, if you fuck a dude in a dress, you're not straight.

Also let's not pretend like more than 1% of all trannies look like the women above. They have on professional make-up and probably enough money to get a shit ton of surgeries and have person stylists. 99% look like the ones posted in this thread. The kind of men willing to fuck those are the kind of men who I wouldn't leave alone with my bologna sandwich.

No. 1043706

So I'm a race traitor for liking men with real dick and balls?

No. 1043717

File: 1600871723157.png (415.91 KB, 603x411, well.PNG)

someone better tell him

No. 1043719

He looks like the retard that kills himself at the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

No. 1043724

The lack of self awareness. It's absolutely stunning.

No. 1043729

They do get on unattractive women's nerves but not because trans can have sex with more men, it's because the standards for them are ultimately lower and they're allowed and encouraged to be fake with makeup, plastic surgery, tight lacing, and so on. On top of that they're allowed to have a high body count without their self esteem or tightness of their asshole being questioned.

No. 1043737

Was never a hot chad but at least makes a better fake girl than most of the balding fatties ITT. But maybe I'm just losing my mind kek

No. 1043745

Who is this? I wanna see the rest of their shenenigans

No. 1043762

I agree with you anon, we're going down together
Can't wait to see a close up of his face tho

No. 1043763

Omg this person showed up on my feed just the other day, on a subreddit about hair care. Hundreds of upvotes and comment field full of flattery. Yet he's almost bald and uses shitty silicone conditioners generally considered a big no-go on that subreddit. Wtf.

No. 1043766

>bra straps give me euphoria

wtf is this bra straps are the worst thing that was ever invented. Too loose? They fall down all day. Too tight? Constant pinching. Just right? Impossible.

I hate troons and their unrealistic and idealistic view of womanhood.

No. 1043769

LSA didn't used to be pro trans, since when did they take over?

No. 1043774

File: 1600879114503.jpg (25.46 KB, 883x389, Capture.JPG)

You made me check

No. 1043798

As if women are running around, existing, and then, at some point:
Omg Nancy these bra straps. So strappy. Much wow. Totally adorbs.
Giving me euphoria!!

I‘m a ciiswoman, NEVER felt euphoria, I rather notice I hate being female when men from Iran catcall me in fucking Germany. So cool to be a girl!

No. 1043802

File: 1600881733791.jpg (131.9 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20200923_192211.jpg)

DoSomeMolly on twitter. Pic related, thats one of the replies on his tweet. I kinda feel sorry for this one

No. 1043808

File: 1600881945562.png (1.21 MB, 1124x2163, perverts.png)

yes, these are all men

also I modiefied that emoji just for you lovely terfs

No. 1043815

File: 1600882230885.jpg (40.48 KB, 356x512, unnamed2.jpg)

so it's not just the pregnancy, they're actually drawing a line from the birth of a child to an explosive orgasm now?

No. 1043823

Don't you know that pregnancy is a super erotic experience where you are horny all day and get to be "domesticated" by a man because you are so helpless? Every kick of the child inside you fills you with gender euphoria and it all ends in a series of explosive orgasms?

Wow being a woman sure is HOT!

Any bets on by what year they are going to put fake uteruses up these men's stinkditches that they can then fill with vibrating plastic fetuses to get their jollies off and feel like a real wahmen?

No. 1043829


Vibrating inflatable butt plugs are already a thing, I'm guessing that's where these degenerate men get their erotic pregnancy fantasy from. They're just upset that they can't shove one in their neovag and leave it there for months.

No. 1043831

File: 1600883222176.png (19.75 KB, 317x927, puke.png)

a fine addition to my collection

No. 1043864

Pregnancies is nothing like this. It’s more like vommiting and pain until birth. We’re is all the pain in this fanfic ? Clearly it’s men, because it’s all not real

No. 1043873

Holy shit that's deranged. Nothing is sacred to these freaks. Crave breeding and chocolate? is that what they think happens when you're pregnant? Like it is just an extra long period, which they also retardedly think means you want chocolate and sex?

Please, heterosexual males, you can eat chocolate as much as you like whenever you want, you don't have to pretend to be a woman to do it. We give you permission to eat chocolate any fucking time, and you can keep your dick and wear pants too.

No. 1043874

samefag but I see this ALL the time in the makeup community. Some low effort troon looks like an absolute mess on some makeup subreddit and they fall over themselves to fawn over him and say he looks GREAT with that fuschia lipstick and smudgy eyeliner! Can barely see your five a clock shadow, Miss Thang! I blame drag culture. If only these women knew how horny their compliments were making these guys, its not just some cute little kiki dish session. Their dicks are in their hands while they read your "gentle critique".

No. 1043876

they deserve to be made fun of 100% and i hope they feel left out for the rest of their lives for being fetishist weirdo creeps. this literally reads like satire by terfs yet they really are like that

No. 1043879

More like mid 30s. He looked bad enough as a man. He is an ugly "woman".

No. 1043880

It reads like run-of-the-hill pregnancy kink erotica. I thought they were just erping on twitter.

No. 1043890

>run-of-the-hill pregnancy kink erotica

Nothing about this is "run-of-the-mill" or normal. If this is normal and not shocking to you, you're probably pornsick too.

No. 1043921

I feel like there aren't enough "what the fuck"s for this. I hate this subspecies of men so much. Nothing about this says pregnancy. Just inflate or feed if you want a disgusting distended man belly. I don't want kids and am terrified of becoming pregnant, but even I know that pregnancy is more sacred and beautiful, hardships and all, than this. It's infuriating. There aren't strong enough words.

Kind of agree like what

No. 1043923

This kind of shit is all over AO3, such as the words used between prose and troon tweets. You missed by a long shot though, I most of what I write is genfic.

No. 1043924

Samefag that just replied, I do get what you're saying, but it icks/weirds me out when anyone sexualizes pregnancy.

No. 1043985

Thanks for the handle, he indeed looks awful up close.


No. 1044007

WAITTTT they think we orgasm when we give birth - please someone send this to his Mom.

No. 1044008

Actually I changed my mind, it's better she doesn't know how deranged he is.

No. 1044011

I only just read the right hand side of this. Just…they see pregnant woman irl and imagine all this weird fetish shit while looking at them. They think childbirth is orgasmic. JK Rowling has been too kind.

No. 1044015

Samefag, I wish Rowling would post something like this to her feed just so I can see the morons try to defend it. I would pay actual money to see that.

No. 1044025

NTAYRT but AO3 also has a shit ton of underage 'smut' too, doesn't mean it's normal or okay js. AO3 is like the weird ass lovechild of Tumblr & Wattpad I wouldn't use it as an indicator of what's run-of-the-mill & not

No. 1044030

Aaand his account is now protected. How tf do troons find this info out so fast?

No. 1044039

Somewhat blog but the amount of "pansexual" troons on dating apps is disgusting, because I only ever see them trying to push themselves onto women but never other men.

No. 1044084

In case you’re still looking he was discovered in this thread >>>/ot/491257
He has since deleted his reddit account, so there’s no more milk from him.

No. 1044134

You fucking nailed it fellow german femanon.

No. 1044145

File: 1600911839465.png (302.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200923-203402.png)

Ah yes, because all lesbians use dildos/strap-ons (including horse straps, duh) which means they also have to be cool with real dicks.

No. 1044166

As a straight female I find dildos to be kinda gross and weird, many lesbians agree with me. Penis is only ok when it's attached to a person I like.

Also nice projection to assume all lesbians have all the weird dildos as well as just human ones.

No. 1044169


Attractive women are attractive with or without makeup. I doubt the "hot trans women" would be as hot without the makeup plastered on. Its a facade.


HAIR CARE. With that hairline I'd concede defeat and buy a stocking cap.


Uggh do they hiss at you? I had issues with Arabic men doing that to me when I was a teenager. This is growing up female - wearing baggy jeans and oversized t shirts and trying to hide your breasts because yu get leared at in public. Definetly not euphoric.


Me too. I don't want a fuckin silicon dick with vein detail. Give me a nice textured glass dildo or something, or the real thing.

& yeh, it's the furry troons who get the tentacle and animal dildos.

No. 1044171

I just can't with the chocolate. Getting your period = craving chocolate! Being emotional = bring on the chocolate! Pregnancy = big special chocolate maniaaaa!

It's shallow dudes taking female stereotypes literally. I mean. There are probably some women out there who might be cukoo-nuts obsessed w chocolate. Not trying to disparage their reality. But it's, like, mostly a marketing thing, and has been forever. Most women are like, yeah, that's yummy, but so are a lot of foods.

Being a woman has jack shit to do with chocolate. Yet it seems to be a key component of their understanding of us. Annoying.

No. 1044192

>like I asked for it to be attached to me in the first place

Zinnia loves his cock, not sure why he's pretending he feels dysphoria here.

No. 1044194

Seems like 100% of their knowledge of females is based on particularly shitty Hollywood comedies and romances? Like no actual women were involved in the decison-making process at any point, since it's men who write and film all these movies.

Being a woman:
0-10 Sleepovers, disney, pink dresses, trying makeup, wearing fluffy clothing items
10-15 High school, miniskirts, flirting, looking hot, more sleepovers but more sexy ones, chocolate, boys
15-20 just shaggin' hot guys from dusk to dawn. Sometimes take a break to cry on the phone to your friends about one of the hot guys. Very skimpy outfits, long hair, chocolate.
20-30 It's a mystery, female experience stops at 20 according to these people, but for the very special ones: weird fetish shit about pregnancy and periods comes into play here, submission fetishes, and so on. This is advanced level trooning and must be approached with maximum caution.

No. 1044227

File: 1600924127739.png (641.24 KB, 1962x1298, 8429.png)

It seems more like they want to take over, but LSA users constantly downvote/mock them.
Just checked there and found this other inane tranny rant, same insistence that straight men want them.

No. 1044228

This is the average Discord user.

No. 1044236

File: 1600926062378.jpg (26.46 KB, 275x275, GHRHG.JPG)

>belly expansion fetish shit

Can they just not? why do they have to fetishize everything women go through

No. 1044239

You have no idea how badly I wish for this to happen. Or if she doesn’t have the gal to do it, somebody to hack the accounts of any of the HP cast that tried to “correct” her and post it there.

No. 1044246

Imagine being so detached from reality and the female experience that you think pregnancy is a hot belly expansion kink that causes you orgasmic pleasure instead of being a long, often very unpleasant journey that's still potentially damaging to your health. Is there anything left they haven't yet fetishized?

I'm fucking dying over this, it's legitimately true.

No. 1044251

I had to live in a mental health treatment facility with one of these freaks. They put him in the woman’s dorm, despite the fact that he was not on hrt, was attracted to women, and essentially presented as an ‘edgy’ cis man but would occasionally smudge on lipstick. they tried to house him with men but he lost it and demanded to be placed with women. He came from a super wealthy east coast family and they made the facility comply..

They put this deranged fetishist in an apartment with two young vulnerable women. He would constantly make creepy sexual fetishist comments and talk about his ‘lesbian’ relationships with other women in excruciating sexual detail. He had no respect for physical boundaries and would show up at my apartment, touch my hair and shoulders despite repeated requests not to, and overshare about his girl penis.

If we complained in a group setting or to a counselor we were just accused of transphobia. This whole situation is out of control.

Sorry for the blogpost.

No. 1044252

Also this ‘woman’ who dressed like a man, refused hormones, was attracted to women, and lived in an apartment full of women who were required to stay there, was 6’2” 200+ lbs and had been arrested for aggravated assault for punching a woman in the face.

No. 1044277

This is chilling, what the hell?! That facility should be held liable for the sexual harassment and emotional distress he caused for every single woman there. Why the fuck is society playing along with this delusional shit?

No. 1044282

File: 1600937507958.gif (2.87 MB, 140x140, 382F1B37-BB80-434D-AB17-D6FC40…)

underrated post anon I’m fucked up over this one

No. 1044297

With this logic are all straight women attracted to beefy, hairy, smelly macho men?

No. 1044301

You just know this was written by a misogynistic gay male who does not even grasp the reality of how heterosexual attraction works.

I almost feel bad for them sometimes. They can waste their lives putting on the most performative costume of feminity they can muster, but at the end of the day the vast majority of men still won’t touch their dicks (or stinkditches in a best case scenario). All they can achieve is thirst from chasers on the internet, which does not translate into reality, because even the most high profile ones like Blaire White are instantly clockable outside of highly curated pictures and videos they post online.
But then I remember that they hate me so whatever. Die fucking mad about it, trannies.

No. 1044302

Look at this amount of deranged level coping holy shit. Imagine thinking troons would look anywhere near feminine without abundant amounts of plastic surgery and photoshop and that straight men would rather fuck them than your average makeup-less woman. What happened to the claim about trans wymmyn being murdered all the time? Is it the female terves going around killing them instead of men being spooked by a girldick?

No. 1044304

If it's so easy to "perform femininity" and not something women are born with, then why are trannies so bad at it? kek

Also imagine thinking that women are pretty much born acting like men and only do "feminine" stuff so guys will fuck us. Absolutely insane. Do little girls only play with dolls,