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No. 1568506

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No. 1568513

File: 1655881131287.png (2.3 MB, 3878x2094, 973A2440-D953-47F7-B8B9-619BB8…)

Redditor asks about experiences regarding fucking "neovaginas" and real ones and the differences between them. Many handmaidens and troons throwing fits in the comments and insisting that they're functionally identical, but there are a few honest commenters.


No. 1568524

lol at the one degenerate moid saying his body count is over a hundred but he's under such massive drugs and alcohol influence each time he has sex that he didn't even notice he was sticking his dick into a dry flesh tube. Also he essentially got raped by the man he slept with if he didn't disclose he was a tranny

No. 1568535

even bigger lol at the fact that he couldn't even tell he was talking to a tranny to begin with. yet again proves how inherently selfish most moids are, only thinking about pump-n-dump. i swear if i was on heavy drugs or drunk like most scrotes, i would still be able to clock a troon with precision.

No. 1568539

I saw this, and instantly there was a post trying to say that neovaginas used the same exact muscles that men use to poop to move their "vagina" and that it was no different from a ciswomans. wtf

No. 1568540

File: 1655885761579.jpg (1.28 MB, 1812x4095, pt2022_06_22_10_12_43.jpg)

And this is the pinned comment.
Of course the only 'real answers' are one lying about it being the same and the other one putting down women and saying how trannies are ~tighter~.
Moids really try so hard to make vagina tightness into dick-measuring insecurity they have. It never really worked though, women know they get tight when nervous so it's nonsense kek

No. 1568545

Its funny I remember seeing similar behavior when it came to depth as well.

No. 1568547

I don't even feel sorry for them, they only have themselves to blame. Odds are that one had lied, cheated, and fucked over way too many people, even if his body count is only 10. Bar and club scrotes are even worse than NEETS.

No. 1568548

Read the thread, my new trigger word is "natal vagina".
And them coping how it's "functionally the same", good to know that anything a man can stick his dick into is "functionally" a vagina. If I get some modern Mengele to sew my colon into my armpits, I guess that's a neovagina too.

No. 1568549

The funny thing to me is that most of those upvotes are from cis women and trannies. If anyone's grossed out by neo vaginas it's normal men

Cis women will genuinely be our downfall

No. 1568551

>Cis women
Transsexualism was created by men.

No. 1568564

And is largely perpetuated by them. It's the old 'no homo' cope/predatory behaviour trying to harass and assault women and try to remove their protections in law.

No. 1568566

Men will chimp out about women who don't obey them and pickme hard enough, and yet turn around and seethe when women do obey scrotes because they begin to actually realise men are retarded.

No. 1568567

So? Bless women, I love em and I'm not trying to remove any blame from scrotes but on social media it's 99% cis women supporting trannies

No. 1568570

Women are more routinely shamed for not coddling scrotes/others. To stop handmaidens we need as a society to encourage women putting their foot down, but moids are against that because it means risking women putting their foot down against them.

No. 1568571

>Cis women
Are you new here

No. 1568573

Kek, troons hate chasers because chasers are troons in the closet. It's a fetish.

No. 1568574

kek what's a cis woman my unsaged friend

No. 1568576

All real women who do shit on troons are threatened with violence and or censored by tech trannies and moids who can only get the attention of tech trannies. Women aren't actually a fan of them nor see them as women, at best you will have a minority of women willing to pretend they are just like their ideal gay best friend or accept the lie that they actually empathise with women, but those who don't aka the majority as even reflected in polls where troons are shown to be unpopular with dem candidates, even the women, are silenced and ignored because it nets money to the pharma industry and erases womens capability to unite as a sex class by trying to make it a hate crime to not include men.

No. 1568578

* those minority willing to play pretend also do so believing they will never actually have to deal with troons, such as rich celebrities, and the men who say they troons are totally real women but refuse to date them because they know it's a lie.

No. 1568580

kek are you from the TQ club nonna

No. 1568581

File: 1655893169711.png (209.24 KB, 1150x614, Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 2.17…)

I don't get why people act like all women are forced into supporting troons. This just happens to be a post made by an acquaintance the other day. Does she sound like she was shamed into this? I think women are just as likely if not more to shame you for not supporting troons then men are.

No. 1568582

How do you know who upvotes it. Stop bullshitting

No. 1568584

Because if a women says no to a mentally ill male he can attack her. Simple as.

No. 1568585

Societal pressure is a thing anon. Look at men who chimp at women who say no to them, it's no different with trannies. Some may embrace them to be seen as 'accepting', but most are against it. Even the ones who do it to seem accepting don't actually think they are women but do it to reap the social benefits and be seen as 'progressive' the same way it used to be cool to be seen as anti or not SJW. For example, look at illuminaughti who used to be anti-feminist being all pro-tranny now because being anti-feminist fell out of fashion and pro tranny is in. Women get censored if they don't cape for troons. You say this as if someone could post tranny hate and get away with it unscathed and can post it without fear.

No. 1568586

I'm not talking about one on one situations in person. I'm talking about going out of your way to make social media posts. Are you saying someone threatened her into writing that?

No. 1568588

You know that can't be the reason they're all spouting that shit online. There's basically no danger there so no reason to be a handmaiden.

Why are you doxing your acquaintance kek

No. 1568591

No, she gets social credit for writing it the same way big corporations get street cred by painting their shit rainbow for a month. It's performance for social credit, not true belief, nor do most real women perform this retarded handmaidenry. Most non-clout based acceptance of troonery is by men trying to cope out of being gay or open the potential for sexually harassing women.

No. 1568592

>no danger online
Accept being fired and having your friends be attacked for their association with you. Their is a threat being anti-tranny online, not to mention being banned from the site.

No. 1568593

The Warrior Cats writer lost her job because she supported JK. There is absolutely a real world risk posting anything slightly negative about trannies online.

No. 1568594

>Cis women will genuinely be our downfall
Can you HSTS faggots try to blend in a little bit better maybe? I know you come here to dunk on the AGP "hons" and feel better about yourselves, but you are on a website for women and you don't fit in. Stop whining when we shit on gay moids and stop shitting on women.

No. 1568595

incredible how the troon mod pins their comment saying the only two real responses are the ones affirming their troonhood. I want to a-log

No. 1568596

Maybe it is copebeef type trannies. Funny thing is most male trannies, both hsts and agp are more likely to be right wing than left, with troonery being the only cross over ideal between them due to being massive coomer degenerates who hate women. Incel to troon pipeline.

No. 1568597

This anti-troon-ness also seems to only end up affecting women in the real world in ways of violence and job loss. Dave Chapelle supported JK same with Gervais but only got minor backlash in form of words at protests of the buildings for the netflix and not their irl homes nor comedy gigs, while a group of men went to JK's house to stand outside in hopes of intimidating her and the Warrior Cats women got fired. Women are easier to go after due to lack of real world positions of power and physical strength in a system which caters to male delusions for profit.

No. 1568598

Not to mention the rape threats.

No. 1568601

women who witch-hunt other women do it because they think it'll save them from the same fate i think

No. 1568602

stop replying to the faggot in the thread and report him instead

No. 1568603

They're not right-wing. Conservative ideology and tranny-dom don't go together at all. Especially not for HSTS trannies cause conservatives are homophobic. They are just incels and if they are racist it's because being white is the only thing they got going for them. None of them would be accepted by real conservatives. I agree that they are trannies and femboys like Cafebeef posting here tho, we know they are. We know they think they are better than other trannies and then they get upset when we make fun of them too or they out themselves by attacking women.

No. 1568605

Its an undeniable fact that a lot of male agps are conservative and also active in rightwing circles online. Just because someone is a reactionary edgelord doesnt mean theyre not a legitimate conservative. A lot of conservatives support transgenderism because they see it as a form of conversion therapy and also they accept troons more than actual women because, well, men are more comfortable around other men. You can see real life actual rightwing conservatives who are trannys or trannylovers everywhere. It doesnt cancel each other out at all. The only trans umbrella identity you will not find in conservative circles are nonbinaries because that is actually an inheritely leftist identity

No. 1568612

That's just not true, nobody on the right takes people like Caitlyn Jenner serious. The trannies you see parading around calling themselves right wing are clowns.

Conservatives are Christians and trannies are an affront to god because god made you a man or a woman and trying to change your gender is denying god's will. I live in an extremely conservative area and nobody here accepts trannies or ever would. That conservatives are trooning their kids if they are gay is also a myth. They will try to send them to "church camp" where they try to pray the gay away, but nobody is turning their kids into the opposite sex.

No. 1568613

Look up conservative christian parents who openly admit theyd rather have an hsts than a gay child. Many such cases

No. 1568615

I'm sure there are some singular cases that are highly publicized by the media because "LOOK! EVEN THE CONSERVATIVES ARE OK WITH TRANNIES!", but it's absolutely not accepted by the large majority of conservatives.

No. 1568616

Jax Faewood was literally able to forget the very simple and concrete concept of sex. Amazing.

No. 1568620

>cis women will genuinely be our downfall

moid alert

No. 1568621

This site is supposed to be anonymous but every single thread you make it obvious who you are. Maybe try to blend in better tranny

No. 1568623

File: 1655896372192.jpg (124.6 KB, 1000x474, 1612265181003.jpg)

what are you on about, I keep on seeing this claim and it has never made sense to me, like the one proof one gives is Iran allowing/forcing gays to transition but Iran is like an exception cause the decision to allow trannies to transition was based on one wierdo who bugged Khomeni who was a god king with a cult of personality, like I dislike TIMs as well, for various reasons but some of the claims made about them here are just absurd and not an actual thing, except maybe a couple of rather online spaces, spoiler alert someone who used 4chan all day isn't representative of 99% of people western right wing views

basically what happened was, that one specific tranny bugged Khomeini until he let him transition and he approved of it in one conversation, Khomeini was in his 80's during this and likely senile, but since Khomeini still has a cult of personality (some people believe that he never died and is actually the Messiah) they can't change those rulings

>Maryam Khatoon Molkara was born in the suburbs of Tehran as Fereydoon. She was tortured and bullied for her feminine behavior as a boy in the early days of her life. The harshest form of retaliation towards her identity came from her own mother. She moved to Tehran and started working in a saloon. Those were the days when Iran was ruled by the Shah.

>Maryam wanted a religious solution to her gender issue. In 1975 she started writing letters to Ayatollah Khomeini, who was living in exile in Iraq. She knew she was a woman, she knew she was living in the wrong body and she knew she could fix this. She went to Paris in 1978 to meet Ayatollah Khomeini in person (who was visiting France) as she couldn’t travel to Iraq because of the travel ban for Iranians at the time. She wanted to make him aware of the concept of transgenderism and have his verdict on sex reassignment within Islam. But the journey was not fruitful as she couldn’t meet him.
>Maryam was working in television as a man when Islamic revolution took place in Iran. She was immediately fired by authorities and was arrested for being feminine. While in police custody, she was forcibly injected with male hormones, as prescribed by a prison doctor. Maryam shouted, but no one listened to her. Maryam had links with religious clerics in Iran and a well-known cleric, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, came to bail her out as soon as he learned of what she was going through in prison. This incident made her stronger and convinced of her decision. Maryam wanted to undergo sex reassignment surgery, but she knew that it was by now no longer possible as Islamic revolution didn’t contemplate this possibility. But she had hope, as the country was under Islamic Sharia and Imam Khomeini was now in Iran and he was the head of state.
>One fine morning, she crossed all barriers at Khomeini’s residence in Tehran and reached inside his house. Holding the Quran in her hands, she shouted “I AM A WOMAN, I AM A WOMAN.” Security officials got confused by the band wrapped around her chest, which they thought was an explosive belt. She removed it to reveal her female breasts underneath. The female security staff in the house rushed towards her to cover her with a veil as soon as they saw her female chest exposed.
>She told her entire story to everyone in the room, all of her years of struggle. Ahmad, son of Ayatollah Khomeini, who was in the room listening to all this, was moved to tears. He took her to meet the Ayatollah in his compound. Ayatollah knew of Maryam as she had been trying to approach him for years. A team of government doctors was summoned and the issue was immediately discussed by experts. The discussion included the difference between hermaphrodites and transsexuals. Khomeini hadn’t heard much about the various gender conditions until then.
>Maryam left Khomeini’s house victoriously. She had a letter in her hand addressed to the Chief Prosecutor and the head of Medical Ethics giving a fatwa (a religious authorization) for her and for all those like her to have their gender surgically reassigned. That one daring step by Maryam changed the dynamics and made history in Shia Islam. The fatwa is available in Imam Khomeini’s Tahrir al-Wasilah (Volume 4), a book written as a commentary on a traditional theological text, and as a guide for Muslims.

and that's why Iran allows gay men(and women) to transition, I believe If it had been a lesbian who harassed Khomeni and convinced the senile old man that somehow lesbian relationships aren't Harem, I think he'd buy it as well at that point

No. 1568625

>That's not true! That's not true!
Yes it is kek. Conservative men like Roush V celebrate trannies, conservative parents prefer troons over gay kids (even jazz Jennings family has eluded to being anti-homosexual), and troons follow the neo-nazi incel to troon pipeline. Most trannies spout conservative beliefs. Sorry men aren't as based as you think kek.

No. 1568626

Troons are conservative men face it. Maybe if you policed your own trannies wouldn't be a thing. It's the same as conservative men who reee about the gays but then bang male prostitutes. Look at Nick Fuentes with his unite the right shit looking at tranny porn and dating femboys, same with Alex Jones getting caught with tranny porn, and right wingers supporting people like Blair White or other trannies as long as the parrot the usual conservative takes. It's just the 'no homo' mindset of men. Keep coping.

No. 1568627

couldn't tell if that naliedel person was a he or a she. Either way they look haggered from that heavy pot smoking. And their involvement in the LGBT community seems to be a giant cope to legitimatize a 27 poly relationship to themselves. And that little profile pic makes them look WAY younger than they actually look.

No. 1568628

nobody gives a fuck about your turbosperg. we were talking about western transgenderism

No. 1568629

New tranny superhero incoming. Powers sound dumb as fuck. Author is, of course, a gigantic broad shouldered hon in a scratchy pink wig, larping as being the zany manic pixie dream girl gf he wished he had.


No. 1568630

Right wings fags stay coping while embracing, creating, and encouraging trannies just like your retarded left wing brothers. The problem is moids and handmaidens.

No. 1568632

You clearly haven't met any conservatives in real live ever and all your views are based on /pol/tards and online grifters who are hated by most conservatives. Nick Fuentes was literally banned from attending CPAC, lol.

No. 1568633

>Real conservatives shit on troons and are soo based.
And real progressives aren't pro tranny.

No. 1568635

No true scotsman fallacy kek.

No. 1568636

this is an imageboard post caps

No. 1568638

Scrotes triggered once again when their tranny pandering called out kek.

No. 1568639

>Shela's ability to switch circumstances with another person is super fun to write, because it has so many different possible applications. If you're holding her at gunpoint, she can reverse it so she's holding you at gunpoint. If you're the Mayor of New York and she gets close to you, she can become the Mayor of New York for a while.

Watch out femoids! Now YOU will be the ones seething and dilating!

No. 1568641

I live in a conservative area, I assume you live in a very liberal area and all you know about conservatives comes from twitter. If I based all my judgement about left-wingers on what I read on twitter I'd assume every single one was a genderspecial snowflake with blue hair. I know this isn't the case cause there are plenty of normal people on the left who despise trannies. It's the same with the right, your examples of Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes are as little representative of the right as Shoe0nhead and Contrapoints are for the left.

No. 1568642

large groups of leftists and conservatives support troons for a variety of reasons. you cant no true scotsman fallacy your way out of your personal ideology being at least somewhat complicit in transgenderism

this is especially retarded. being pro tranny is a pillar of modern progressivism. just because you consider yourself a progressive and you dont support transgenderism doesnt make the ideology itself inheritely anti trans. leftism is universally understood as being pro trans

No. 1568644

If it is all women then why did troons exist before women even had rights and when conservative politics were considered popular kek? Remember Lili ELbe from the 20s, it being pioneered by male doctors, etc. No, it's muh wahmen. Men once again taking no responsibility for being unhinged fetishist women hating coomers. Can't wait until they detransition and start ranting about the feminazis like they did before trooning out like Isaac, etc. This is why the problem which spawned trannies will always exist, men will never self reflect, police their own, etc.

No. 1568645

Its weird right, a lot of overly online people really do correlate other overly online groups with real conservatives or left wing people
most IRL progressives are naive to the matter, they really don't get the implications of what the policies they are putting worth
using 4chan as an example of the average right winger is not an example of no true scotsman
the issue is this rather absurd claim of right wingers being supportive of transgender people over gay people, which is absurd and very clearly not a big thing in the real world

There is an interview by a Sunni Muslims YouTuber with a Shia Iranian gay trans person who follow Khomeinis ruling on this, its a big ass theological debate based on the rulings of a senile old man

No. 1568647

>my initial designs for Shela's costume as Escapade were…not good. I made a bunch of terrible sketches that I hope nobody ever sees.
No surprise to hear that trannies are even clueless when it comes to dressing FICTIONAL women.

No. 1568648

File: 1655897505064.jpg (1.84 MB, 1642x2052, Portrait_photoshoot_at_Worldco…)

Had to look him up and you're right

No. 1568649

Conservatives refer to Blaire White using She/Her and believe in shit like their being true trannies aka the more hsts ones.

No. 1568650

I think it's time to accept that leftists or women who are pro trans are not all just naive and clueless and well meaning. Its been a sad cope for a while. They do this because they want to

No. 1568651

So because trannies and gay people existed in the past when conservatives were in power that means they support it? They put them in jail, castrated them and lynched them.

No. 1568654

Him being lit half in shadow like that makes him look so menacing.

No. 1568655

i didn't know my sleep paralysis demon made comic books

No. 1568657

File: 1655897830437.jpg (61.28 KB, 729x546, silence.jpg)

>cis women
>it's always the woman's fault
>dox his "acquaintance" on lolcow

Self-ID is a thing in Malta and Switzerland. Transsexualism is 100% accepted by far-right men. Acknowledge your male privileges and stop larping as a woman.

No. 1568659

File: 1655897906036.jpg (1.37 MB, 999x746, gigahon.jpg)

it's not much better good light kek

No. 1568660

the main character is a TIM and the sidekick is a TIF and they have a deep bond cause they transitioned together as CHILDREN.

And for some reason Emma frost is alluded to being a lesbian for the the TIM character or something?

The only lesbian mentions of Emma frost I can find are just lewd fanfics and fanart, couldn't they pick a character with more of cannon preference instead of just choosing the most coomer one possible?

No. 1568661

Ok thanks for proving you are just retarded

No. 1568665

Men never take responsibility for their actions so the tranny problem and others like it will persist in society.

No. 1568667

Its a trend I notice among a lot of western radical feminists, they try to correlate every thing they dislike into one force which often ends up producing a very ridiculous sound and inconsistent premise but they still fully believe in it
so correlating the right wing, TIMs/TIFs, christianity/Islam into one single force is a result of this thinking

No. 1568668

>the main character is a TIM and the sidekick is a TIF

>And for some reason Emma frost is alluded to being a lesbian for the the TIM character or something?

Emma Frost has always been a coombait character, let's be real. Mommydom Pamela Anderson lookalike with mind powers and a posh British accent? It stands to reason the troon would be into her.

>The only lesbian mentions of Emma frost I can find are just lewd fanfics and fanart, couldn't they pick a character with more of cannon preference instead of just choosing the most coomer one possible?

Emma Frost can see into people's minds, she should easily be able to see the troon for the emotionally stunted, misogynist porn addict he really is and find him utterly contemptible.

No. 1568669

Yet you ignore the fact that conservatives have openly supported it such as Fuentes, White, Jones, etc. You just try and no true Scotsman your way out of it like usual, unable to accept that moids and conservatives aren't muh based tranny haters as they like to larp. Moid you are the retard and the reason trannism propagates not policing your own and thinking your lot are above it kek. Who do you think runs big pharma? It sure as fuck ain't women peddling the tranny surgery to the coomer incels who seethe about women just like you. It's people like you who encourage them.

No. 1568672

Is this not exactly what right wing fags do with trannies while they post about being incels? Is this you dyke-hater-chan?

No. 1568673

This sounds like that one insufferable kid on the playground everyone hated.

"Nuh uh, I was wearing a reflective bullet-proof vest and your shot bounced off of me, so ackshually you're dead now, not me."

No. 1568675

File: 1655898648344.png (311.83 KB, 775x500, cameltoeinstert.png)

yeah, i'm totally always trying to accentuate and accessorize a camel toe

No. 1568676

The strict sex roles of conservatism created trandgenderism and leftist queer theory of the 90s enabled and mutated it. Both sides are responsible. I'm sorry if some of you can't cope with the fact that your ideology has had their hand in the troon problem as well

No. 1568677

>Cis women will genuinely be our downfall
So your ignoring the people that are the actual problem (the tranny's) and saying its the other genders fault because you see some of them be nice to the trannies. You do know its not cis woman that are flipping their dicks inside out and creating neo vags. And some misguided females being nice to mentally ill weirdos online for clout isn't making males do these things. Males do these things cause they are prone to doing violent coomer driven things. Honestly it's such a fucking scrote thing to do, to try and blame a males actions on a female even when it doesn't make sense to do so.

It's the males that are doing it, they are responsible for their own bodies and actions. The only ones that might have some excuse for their horrific actions are the poor souls that where groomed into it as children honestly.

No. 1568678

Queer is not women related though? It's more academics, even not all academics peddle it. Don't see women like Dworking or Solanas talking about queering society. Queer theory was mostly a pedophile moid thing like the french academics who wanted to fuck kids.

No. 1568681

To add, it was mentioned that troonism existed before radfems or suffrage at all and was pionered by male doctors and only now adopted and peddled after american gays one their rights and charity orgs needed a reason to still given money and big pharma/coomers wanted to take advantage of the acceptance of the unconventional to push more degenerate peadophilia and sexual humiliation stuff. Most bills pro-troons are written and posed by men in government.

No. 1568682

are you serious, nick funteses is an overly online man banned from conservative rallies, I do not know who the other two you mention are but I am sure they are also overly online men who 4chan a lot, I am not defending conservatives or right wing people, I hate them very much but making stuff up about them is nonsensical
again what are you on about, what had that do with my post
that is likely the case

No. 1568683

Men will encourage other mens degeneracy and blame women as policing their own means they might end up being policed and not be able to be hedonistic and entitled as they so desire.

No. 1568684

>You can't point out my hypocrisy reee!

No. 1568685

The swiss people’s party is switzerland’s leading far-right political party and the strongest faction in the national council. Far-right political parties love transsexualism because it gives them the authority to create government-mandated program to involuntarily sterilize a specific group of people.

>“The claim for tolerance, based on the notion that transgenderism in all its forms is a form of gender resistance, is alluring but false. Instead, transgenderism reduces gender resistance to wardrobes, hormones, surgery, and posturing— anything but real sexual equality.”

>― Janice G. Raymond, The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male

No. 1568686

Refer to picrel faggot failson >>1568657 muh based trads are trannies kek. Incel to troon pipeline lives forever.

No. 1568687

English isn't my mother tongue and maybe this is a result of not understanding its full nuances, but can you please explain what you are even trying to say, I'm trying to make a point and all you seem to do is just reply with some claim that has nothing with my statement
can you please by god explain to me what you exactly disagree with my statement

No. 1568689

Don't you understand anon, they don't stone immigrants on sight so they can't be muh based conservative. Nooo, no true scotsman. It's only conservative if moid-anon says so (please ignore all tranny conservatives like Jenner and White and troon fuckers like Jones and Fuentes).

No. 1568690

I think that women like this mistakenly believe deep down that respect for women is tied to women "acting good" and respecting men. Look at the way she phrases it, she definitely thinks it goes both ways, when it absolutely doesn't. On one hand, I don't blame them for wanting respect, but I do blame them for being blind and stupid, and agressive and spiteful on top of everything else.
Pretty much. They feel like if they concede an inch that women aren't exactly 100% like men, that's letting the bigots win.
The American libertarian party is entirely non-religious conservatives at this point.

No. 1568692

again what are you about?? when did I say transgenderism wasn't based on negative sex stereotypes, also I literally mentioned that I hate all conservatives, I just the think the claim that Muslims/Christian conservatives and right wingers all supports transgenderism is ridiculously absurd and makes no sense, most literally think gay and TIms are the same thing and see no difference between them

No. 1568698

why do so many troons have the same deranged stare. Like there must be a medical reason for it. It's so fucking creepy.

Can anyone else think of other mental illnesses or diseases that have the same kinda weird eye look related to it. It reminds me of other people stuck in psychosis.

Found a post where they suggest lazy eyes may be common with troons(thou honestly it's common in general), and one poster even stated that their vision got worse with HRT. I wonder if HRT increases the chances of pre-existing cases of lazy eye to get worse? Would be interesting to check before and after photos of peoples HRT.


No. 1568699

I realise now I came across that way, apologies, I’m really not trying to blame women at all. I was just seething because I saw a cis bi woman on the reddit thread (it’s in her bio, which is why I kept saying cis woman lol) agree that neo vaginas are tighter. Like it just feels like some women are enabling this misogyny. Idk I really am sorry for generalising. I’m not a tranny like everyone’s accusing me of though

No. 1568702

Nta but you remind me of a poster once who caped for conservatives and said that they're all anti-tranny yet used Blaire Whites preferred pronouns. "They aren't a conservative if they're pro tranny" yet it is against progressive ideals to believe in trannyisim yet you want to pretend to be based.

No. 1568703

Autism, maybe?
Autistics tend to have that empty, glassy eyed stare, and autists are overrepresented among trannies.

No. 1568706

Conservative men cape for and coom to trannies. Sorry you're wrong. No one even disagreed that progressives cape for trannies, just that it was purely a women thing, yet moids can't help but reveal themselves and try to scape goat women as usual. Also:
Kek, retard you are a tranny or pander to them. If you're a con, you're part of the problem. Don't use their fake words nor believe there is such a thing as 'true trans'.

No. 1568708

ah I know the post you are talking about, naliedel? It's that cis bio woman a 50+ year old autist with a pot addiction and using the lgbt crowd group think to try and rationalize her 27 year "poly" relationship with her husband named "gene". That person is obviously fucked in the head, I doubt they are even into half the bullshit your guys are sperging about. She doesn't seem to understand much about any of it and really only part of the crowd to explain away her degeneracy.

No. 1568711

I’m a woman

Huh? Sorry I don’t know what you mean

I see a lot of women in my personal life advocate for trans rights. I don’t see a lot of men do that. Genuinely correct me if I’m wrong but most libfems are women so why is it so controversial to say women are accelerating the trans movement? Do I blame them? No like we’re socialised to not be so confrontational and yeah, it’s not womens fault if men decide to be degens

That being said I agree my original two posts were incorrect and not well thought out

No. 1568713

well it's said that psychopaths/sociopaths have a certain stare you can recognize them by. I've met a couple and they all have the same eyes without a spark and like they are looking through you. You can definitely tell a lot from person's eyes. If their eyes look weird there is something weird with their brain. The simplest proof is that most cross eyed people have some kind of retardation.

No. 1568716

File: 1655901203195.png (64.53 KB, 762x476, Screenshot 16.png)

Solanes literally wrote that after wiping out majority of the male population, remaining men would be forced to serve women as "transsexual drag queens" tell me both isn't some Ideal AGP sissy fantasy, she even had a sympathetic transsexual prostitute character in her planned play, even though he was acknowledged as a male he was considered superior to other men cause he had given up his masculinity and acknowledged the superiority of women, which is maybe what she thought drag queen were doing, acknowledging the superiority of women by trying to imitate them, which is maybe the worst take regarding drag queens

No. 1568717

You don't really see anons caping for progressive men though, do you? The problem is failsons and the system which supports them and is built for them to take advantage of and encourages them to take advantage of it. Incel to troon pipeline isn't exactly full of progressive moids. Not to mention, in ot there's a troon or handmaiden for troons using the word cis who specifically wanks to right wing bdsm porn >>>/ot/1234684. Based cons. Totally not degenerates who need to be laughed at the same as gay con politicians who bang other men behind closed doors. No sir.

No. 1568718

dworkin was also quite sympathetic to troons. i think they didn't understand that troonism was going to become just another way for moids to dominate women.

No. 1568720

File: 1655901482969.png (76.05 KB, 761x580, Screenshot 52.png)

straight from the SCUM manifesto, the ideal male is a masochist in feminine Drag Queen attire
Nope, she laments that all men should be forced to experience lives of women to realize the superiority of women

No. 1568721

YWNBAW. You use the word cis. You're part of the problem.

No. 1568723

>Moids coom themselves into trooning out due to porn addiction
>It's women fault being too accepting that scrotes are retarded!
Male fuck off. Totally a woman.

No. 1568724

Oh fuck off, I already explained I just had the phrase in my head right after reading someone’s bio

Yeah, her

No. 1568726

Never forget, right wing, left wing, the whole bird is full of scrotes who hate women and want to erase our attempts at class solidarity.

No. 1568728

File: 1655902322197.jpg (191.75 KB, 846x586, it never ends.jpg)

Christian men have always tried to castrate themselves to ascend to "godhood". Can we please as a society progress past this ridiculous belief? Men are human beings with male reproductive systems who can produce nothing on their own.

No. 1568729

File: 1655902388958.jpg (261.46 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20220622-085142_Boo…)

No. 1568730

I mean no offense to you but I hate my comments like this by western radfems, western radfems never contribute anything for women in the third world, all they ever do is use our suffering as either tragedy porn or to belive they are more oppressed, British colonialist have done more for women's rights then western radfems, the feminists in my country understand that the world is made up of different factions all competing for their interests, there isn't some global conspiracy of all men working together because we don't the privilege to be utter morons

No. 1568732

it's not that there is a conspiracy, it's just that moids are inherently evil. if anything they do benefits women, it's by coincidence, not design.

No. 1568733

Are you dyke hater chan who seethed about polilez?

No. 1568734

>Uses the word cis

No. 1568741

File: 1655903299606.jpg (38 KB, 800x450, visible.jpg)

you can't be serious, are you really comparing illiterate religious fanatics who didn't even understand why the sun rose up, who castrated themselves out of a misguided belief that it would remove their lust and make them closer to god to modern transgenderism? again as stated are you actually actually serious, I don't even have the words to describe how utterly stupid that sounds, religious communities across the world have engaged in acts of self mutilation cause they think it would get them closer to god, even self castration has been practiced by Hindus, Christians and Buddhists and while it is absurd and nonsensical to think its in the same field as modern transgenderism is the dumbest statement I have seen
Also even the proof you posted it literally goes against your comment, cause it literally states the church rejected those cases and acknowledged the differences between men and women, so I don't even know why you posted that

No. 1568742

File: 1655903429106.jpg (358.39 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20220622-090938_Chr…)

Well, the new WPATH guidelines consider eunuch a legitimate gender identity. It's not a stretch.

No. 1568744

It absolutely is, please explain to me how illiterate religious fanatics who castrated themselves out of their beliefs that it would make them closer to god are in any way equal to modern transgenders

No. 1568748

What are you even talking about? OP was talking about left and right wing parties in the US/the west.

No. 1568750

What exactly do you think? That the men who buy into the modern tranny craze are any smarter than that just because they call themselves based enlightened atheists (who believe a "woman" is just "what you identify as", a fetid crotch wound counts as a vagina and that you can be a woman trapped in a man's body)? Both have/had retarded beliefs, and many trannies do delude themselves that their mutilated flesh, or their hormone-induced moobs combined with their dicks make them something superior. In fact, genital dysphoria and desire to "become a real woman" ("woman" being a concept that offers them both salvation and intense suffering, ie both God and Satan) isn't that different from the fanatic idea that by "desexing" oneself as a male, one can reach a preferable, purer, more Godlike state. Both are trying to not only solve what they see as a biological problem for the sake of the soul (or, in the tranny's case, the mind/"to be more of myself"), but to embody their dedication and faith to their conviction around God or gender

No. 1568751

These threads are starting to suck I blame the summer

No. 1568752

It is just some moid coping about ebil western roasties being responsible for all evil.

No. 1568753

As if modern religious men weren't illiterate religious fanatics. Castrating yourself was and will always be the result of a misguided belief. Patriarchy is itself the prevailing religion of the entire planet and its essential message is necrophilia because men can produce nothing but death. Transsexualism is men's pathetic attempt to emulate women's creativity.

No. 1568754

>its essential message is necrophilia

No. 1568755

This is kind of bleak, but the modern-day, cloaked acceptance of eunuchs (and eunuch fetishism) makes me wonder how many men with gender dysphoria and/or very specific sexual tastes way back in the past used appeals to religion to try and live out their fantasies undetected. Let's face it, men have always used religion to push their own agenda. As soon as religion went out of style in the west, they had to "unmake" reality with the "postmodern" approaches we see today so they could continue their work. If you erase meaning and try to call everything a "spectrum", you don't even need traditional religious indoctrination. You've literally made something more effective: dedicated cultists who think they're smarter than everyone else and that they're following science

No. 1568756

Ngl several years back I would have made posts like this shit too because I had drank the koolaid. I saw one in my FB memories the other day and just laughed because it sounded so uninformed and condescending. I think women like this just are in a period of denial and self-hatred.

No. 1568757

Pls no more religion sperging…

No. 1568759

File: 1655904838100.jpg (19.99 KB, 364x274, Marshall_Applewhite.jpg)

I guess that makes this dude a trans king

No. 1568760

>That the men who buy into the modern tranny craze are any smarter than that just because they call themselves based enlightened atheists
What in the world, absolutely not, how the hell did you think that was the point of my comment
>Both have/had retarded beliefs, and many trannies do delude themselves that their mutilated flesh, or their hormone-induced moobs combined with their dicks make them something superior. In fact, genital dysphoria and desire to "become a real woman" ("woman" being a concept that offers them both salvation and intense suffering, ie both God and Satan) isn't that different from the fanatic idea that by "desexing" oneself as a male, one can reach a preferable, purer, more Godlike state. Both are trying to not only solve what they see as a biological problem for the sake of the soul (or, in the tranny's case, the mind/"to be more of myself"), but to embody their dedication and faith to their conviction around God or gender
it is absolutely not comparable, I want to state that I hate religion more then you imagine, i have suffered due to my nation;s faith but religious people in my country have absolute faith in their god, they have not a single doubt and will do anything for them, they will cut off their hands and stab themselves in the head to proof their devotion to god, it is not the wishy washy porn fetish of a tranny(I really hate you for making me to defend religious people)
I'm from a country where 60% of the population illiterate, thee is a massive difference between illiterate people and people who can read, like I don't even know how to respond to your statement

No. 1568761

File: 1655904888103.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2102, 0FCA9526-FBBF-4AFA-8573-A35214…)

This thread has excerpts from his book that go into his degeneracy. All this and yet lesbians can’t ever just have a flag because every one is eventually deemed “problematic” and “exclusive”.


No. 1568762

Lmao the mod begging people to only look at the two comments (that sound fake) saying they’re the same/‘better’

No. 1568763

>comments like this by western radfems, western radfems never contribute anything for women in the third world
>… feminists in MY country understand that the world is made up of different factions all competing for their interests

If you understand that why are you complaining about western radfems not doing enough to solve third world countries?
Westerners would have to go back to colonizing to force that sort of societal change. It's up to the people living in those societies to change it themselves. We can provide occasional aid thru small projects but it takes people on the ground living within those societies to truly implement anything.
And western feminist problems may seem trivial to you, but ground is being lost daily. And people do not want to go back to the way things where. Don't be like the scrotes that try to de-legitimize and trivialize western feminism just because you might have it worse.

said comment that triggered that spergfest > >>1568726
>Never forget, right wing, left wing, the whole bird is full of scrotes who hate women and want to erase our attempts at class solidarity.

Literally stating that men are rotten and no matter what part of political leaning they are in they are inherently designed to want to oppress us. Because in the long run we are resources to them. It's not a conspiracy or some grand scheme were men unite to create some male driven hive mind. It's just them individually chimping out a mass, over securing the resources and means to further pass along their genes. That is what most power structures in human society boil down to, because in their violent little coomer brains deep down that's what females are to them.

No. 1568766

I didn’t even hear about that but I was too old when those books came out. However I know a lot of TiFs still seem to really like them? Was there a major backlash?

No. 1568770

Are you Paki-chan? You've never seen grown men and women weep for their dedication to this gender bullshit, vandalize women's shelters, physically assault women, disseminate CSAM, advocate for "corrective rape", etc for this, so I don't even blame you. It is a cult, the kind that's dressed up to look soft and wishy-washy. ME scrotes are more acclimated to violence because it never really ended for them and because of the more overtly violent nature of Islam, it's a huge mistake to compare Muslim fanatacism to Christian/Christian-related fanatacism

No. 1568771

Kek, you ran to ot to cry because anons called you retarded >>>/ot/1234914. Newfag stop trying to infight and post your shit in 2x where you can complain as much as you like.

No. 1568772

Based and correct.

No. 1568773

Men are ready to bluster about a depopulation conspiracy/muh white replacement/muh feminization of men or other retarded things but have a mental breakdown about evil conspiracy theorists when women point out they have a stranglehold on power and treat us as a resource.

No. 1568774

literally every women right's rally in my country has failed without police support cause Islamists come and just beat the women with sticks and stones and you know we're not all stuck in civil wars(other then certain sub-regions of the country) 99% of the problems for most Muslim nations are poverty and corruption, not war
I'm not defending transgender, Its just so many comments are just out of reality to a point that I'm constlay going "WTF this is so utterly stupid and makes no s

No. 1568775

I'm such of this. Are you gonna say a man was raped if a woman lied about being a virgin next? A tranny lying is not even remotely comparable to a man stealth removing a condom as there's no potential harm to anyone involved. This man does not deserve your sympathy. He'd fuck a dog if he was drunk enough and it wouldn't be the dog raping him then, either.

No. 1568776

I agree with you on this.

No. 1568779

They essentially mean that women are capable of giving life while men destroy everything in their paths.

No. 1568782

Sage your shit, you absolute dimwit. Also, there’s no such thing as a cis woman, women aren’t a subcategory of our own sex. Trans identified males are men.

No. 1568783

Necrophilia was a weird word to use to get that point across

No. 1568784

Did you mean to tag me in your response for just responding "what" lol?

No. 1568787

I agree lol it was a little strange and the meaning isn’t right (although I guess you could argue it from the angle of men loving to murder and getting off on it) but I see what she was saying.

No. 1568788

NTA but not really, it's fitting. Men can't create shit, and when they venerate their pale, lifeless imitations of women's creations, they are basically jerking themselves raw to something dead

No. 1568792

File: 1655906314328.jpg (22.47 KB, 319x500, 58e9dec2cc4da5107248b1bdc2d208…)

Its a lot more complicated then that, when religion was dying in the west people knew that something was gonna replace it, cause humans needs something bigger to believe in, an ideal to aspire an ideology and worldview and you might think women are immune from this but they aren't, in my country irreligious women turn to what Europeans turned too in the 19th and 20th centuries, nationalism and communism, all the prominent feminists in my nation have been some brand of ethnic nationalist, or socialist/communist and often times both at once, of course despite having mass appeal both these ideologies were crushed and stamped out in favor of Neo-liberal capitalism, most of the societal issues in the west including transgenders is a result Neo-liberal capitalism
I don't wanna sperm further but Neo-liberalism in the middle east has been x100000 even worse then what has happened in the west

No. 1568793

Ok but that's not what necrophilia means but whatever semantics ig. I understood the other point just the use of that word stuck out as odd

No. 1568794

This thread is going off the rails

No. 1568797

File: 1655906579578.jpeg (979.58 KB, 1284x1454, 434927FE-7775-4567-BE17-68D475…)

What the fuck is this word vomit this man is spewing? This argument is irrelevant because a woman is always going to be an adult human female. Men are exempt from ever being women, no need to bring in some wholly unrelated thing to try and make comparisons to metaphysical trans bullshit. The definition of “woman” is fine as is.

No. 1568798

I am pretty sure that there is a troll making purposefully Idiotic comments to share on "tra spaces" either that she is an complete and utter moron with little to no sense, who lives in fnatasy scenarios

No. 1568801

File: 1655907138982.jpg (95.03 KB, 1166x543, 78547824758.JPG)

also uses abuses his mod powers kek

No. 1568802

What country?

No. 1568803

Reddit moment

No. 1568805

how can people read comments like this and not feel disgusted? troons threaten to rape people on the daily and nobody seems to give a fuck. as a multiple rape victim it’s fucking terrifying to witness. why the fuck would I want to share a bathroom with these men? why the fuck would I even want to befriend any of them? I’m sick to my stomach.

No. 1568807

Imagine thinking writing this out is witty or clever in any way instead of making you come off as a massive, power-abusing scrote. I love that he thinks being a mod on Reddit means anything when it comes to real life. I bet he cries himself to sleep at night trying to deal with all the meanie terfs.

No. 1568808

Pakistan but most of the Muslim world has a similar story, democratic system almost never works outside western European nation states, In my "democratic" third world country, politics becomes a retarded contest, where every party, every minor group is massively and openly corrupt, all parties trying to undermine the other while jack shit for the country and people
even our US backed Military dictatorships got more shit done in half a decade then our democratic leaders in over 30 years(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1568809

Neckbeard moment. Imagine proving that you literally are an incel lmao

No. 1568810

99% of people don't even think about trannies on a regular basis. The women who support them only do so because they think they're pathetic castrated gay men who need to be coddled lest they go down the sewer slide

No. 1568812

Checked the thread, he most likely said this in a joking manner. Massive freudian slip though lol.

No. 1568814

Yeah the west should stop trying to force democracy on every country, some cultures are just not advanced enough to have working democratic systems. It's something they need to work out by themselves over time, the same way it took us thousands of years to develop in the west. Going to some third world country and saying "you are democratic now!" never works.(derailing)

No. 1568819

File: 1655908599822.jpg (333.86 KB, 720x968, Screenshot_20220622-103421_Chr…)

Found this creature while looking for someone else holy shit that chin lmaoo

No. 1568820

A female twitch streamer asked me to be part of her mod team since we were good friends online. I backed out the moment I realized the head moderator was a troon who told me to demand my respect and that non-mods were dogs who didn't understand our importance. Male mods are insane.

No. 1568821

Yeah but the joke wasn’t funny. It’s just typical reddit scrote/rapey male humor. Learn to sage next time.

No. 1568822

Kinda giving me Luna vibes with the hair and expression kek

No. 1568823

You definitely dodged a bullet there. I don’t understand where their sense of self-importance even comes from with this. It’s just the thing of giving a moid an ounce of power and they think they’re gods or something. It’s really pathetic.

No. 1568829

File: 1655909077383.jpg (69.26 KB, 526x531, 1655893482506.jpg)

has this been posted here?

No. 1568831

Its strange how many westerners radfems, rightwingers and self declared communists understand this, our nations are simply not advanced or stable enough for democracy, its why so many of our people miss the dicatators and wish there was another military coup, doesn't matter if its orchestrated by the US or Chinese, they want stability and security(derailing)

No. 1568844

What is it, six years later? And this pedo still can't write comics to save his life?

I can't fathom the stupidity in trannies who scream "cis men" when a troon is accused of something. You'd think they realize TW and "cis men" are one and the same.

No. 1568874

The trans flag was created by a pedo, how interesting. I'm sure troons don't even care, so many of them are pedos too

No. 1568884

Which one? I know the Warrior cats books (and the new series with dogs, apes, bears, etc.) were written by several authors. One of them went on to write a series about dragons that's also popular too.

But I appreciate female writers sticking up for things despite backlash.

No. 1568886

Her name was Gillian something maybe?, the more recent author. She's taking them to court or some worker rights thing for it.

No. 1568890

OT but I have a theory of the reason why so many libfems seem to support troons in women's sports is a result of shallow media pop feminism in the 90's and 2000's they they likely grew up with, which focused on proving that girls are physically equal to boys and that anyone opposed girls and boys competing against each other is a sexist man who needs to change his ways, I remember Hannah Montana, Degrassi, Proud family, Lizzie McGuire all had episodes about girls not being allowed in the same team as the boys(this being framed as a bad thing) one of the female characters joins anyway and utterly defeats the sexiest males easily and at the end of the episode the sexist coach realizes he was wrong about biology and changes his away
I think this led to an idea among a lot of young woke women who never actually did sports and are adults now, that there is no significant physical difference between male and female and anyone against boys and girls competing physically each other is just sexist and now we have libfems who have never played sports in their lives arguing that boys and girls categories should be completely separated

No. 1568892

you're absolutely right, I even know some handmaiden friends who don't do ANY sports at all and they buy into this shit because of crap like this

No. 1568895

I agree with you nonnie, I think a lot of anons in this thread are not spending time around normie women, of course deep down they know trannies are not actually women but they sure love to larp that they are and pander to them, i'm pretty sure i'd be ostracized by my all female friend group (we know no trannys) if I came out with anything even remotely terfy.

No. 1568898

I love the Sonic Boom parody of these kinds of episodes because it's true, this kind of stupid plot undermines the whole idea of gender equality.

No. 1568932

There's a little bit of that but women aren't that stupid, just look at me too and how woke women admit to feel threatened by men because they're bigger and stronger. I think it's more the "gay best friend" stereotype mixed with being raised to cater to mens (transwomens) needs before our own. And the "be on the right side of history" propaganda is easy to buy when you don't know much about troons and see them as gay version 0.2

A good portion are also literally kids and teens, so the gender differences aren't as apparent yet. They think because the chubby large girl who hit puberty earlier is stronger than the scrawny boy who's just about to enter puberty that means grown men and women must be pretty equally strong too. They don't have the lived experience of men sexually harassing and belitteling them for their gender yet, and those who do reject being female and larp as transmen as a cope.

No. 1568934

>Woman and Man has no basis in reality
Girl must be some solipist, thinking somehow that sex doesn’t exist because she says so. Why is there sex-based discrimination then if there is apparently no distinction? And what are these trannies trying so hard to skinwalk, if there is no such thing as woman? Is there such thing as Transgender anymore if there is no Woman or Man? Ffs she’s so stupid.
>I don’t respect YOUR gender identity
KEK I always laugh when TRAs say this shit. No normal, sane person gets triggered by someone accidentally mistaking them for the opposite sex. I don’t care if you call me a he/him you tranny taint licker, I know I’m biologically a woman and using the wrong pronouns doesn’t change that fact.

No. 1568977

I would like to point out the “who gives a shit about womens sports” handmaidens and leftists like Vaush obviously have never played a sport in their lives. They’re largely dumpy gamers and nerds who don’t understand things like competition or fairness because they have lived life on easy mode, and they openly hate women sometimes.

No. 1568986

nta but reminds me of how TRAs love to parrot the “nobody gave a shit about women in sports until poor and feeble transwomen wanted to partake in it”. That shit sounds like huge projection to me. Also sorry anon if that’s literally what you were talking about, I can’t stomach to follow Vaush and the tra twittersphere closely enough

No. 1568991

Do you guys think r/detrans is going to get booted from reddit next? This post and just thinking about how they banned TiA recently have got me thinking. Even on MTF they try to direct people to “r/actuallydetrans” or whatever it’s called because they say r/detrans is problematic. If they do, I hope it causes a stir because they really hate anyone leaving the cult.

No. 1568992

your example is literally a brainwashed child.

No. 1568996

File: 1655923026485.webm (14.42 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1655921981548.webm)

Thought you nonnas would get a kick out of this.

IRL Kikomi came up on my fyp

No. 1569001

File: 1655923366227.jpeg (266.64 KB, 750x1065, 6877C4CC-A0FF-4542-BE6E-3BB824…)

No. 1569007

enjoying being sexually harassed/objectified is peak male behavior, he's demonstrating to the world he thinks like a typical male

No. 1569013

That made me snort, theres no way this will be on tiktok for very long though before the masses will have the account deleted

No. 1569016

who is this woman? i love her

No. 1569019

Kek women are so funny I love us so much. I give this video 48 hours before its taken down for bullying and harassment

No. 1569021

NTA but yeah I don’t know why people here are so surprised. Kek, don’t you keep your views hidden from your femalelib friends? Women generally tend to be conflict-avoidant and accommodating/respons to peer pressure, and that translates into what you’re seeing now

No. 1569022

This might come off as harsh, but it's always been common for women to support stupid bullshit. Not only is following society's rules (supposed to be) the quickest way to an easy, peaceful life, speaking up for or outright advocating for them comes with social rewards. The woman you posted is not only keeping herself off the chopping block, she's getting some form of social credit.
Most people don't really want to upend the rules, they just want to succeed. This is especially true for women as a class that are already constantly attacked/oppressed, and a lot of women are very susceptible to being promised "solidarity" (which is why TRAs hijacked intersectionality as a concept). Man wants her to tap dance, she's tap-dancing. Doesn't mean we all have to do it, though. There's a good chance she doesn't even really believe all that nonsense, but she knows it's what she's "meant" to say. I guarantee that if you tried to debate her, she wouldn't have any responses (because she didn't think this through). She'd just get mad (but secretly happy for the chance to prove how much of an ally she is) and block you for being a TERF

No. 1569024

I love how this woman is wearing ridiculous clown makeup and a fake beard but still looks so effortlessly female (because she is).Troons could never. I love her.

No. 1569025

I love how accurate this is lmao, based, she's a legend

No. 1569041

For me, it's almost 7 and a half years. His comic will never improve because he shrugged of any criticism about his comics

Deep down, they understand both of the group are the same. But they can't say that because it will invalidate their whole movement/identity.
They unironically thought men attacked them because they haven't been groomed enough, or women are afraid of being out competed by them

No. 1569045

Drop her username

No. 1569047

File: 1655926555679.jpg (369.03 KB, 1080x1345, 1655756815762.jpg)

probably a combination of the two factors, but you'd be just how little the average libfem knows about just basic human athletics, I once got into argument a couple years back with 2 libfems who genuinely believed that men and women should be allowed to compete in the same weight classes in MMA, said women didn't even watch MMA except a couple Ronda Rousey matches, they made the same argument as picrel, that sex segregation is automatically bad and a determent to feminism

No. 1569049

File: 1655926590786.jpeg (146.11 KB, 770x1693, 2E247564-4121-49BF-9E95-23407A…)

this tranny randomly popped up on my twitter TL and he uses pictures of real women to le epically pwn da transphobes hehe!!1!

No. 1569050

File: 1655926617220.jpeg (214.25 KB, 1152x1816, 73D952B7-60DA-4FD5-9BF9-85DE4A…)

i hate it sm

No. 1569055

Holy thought she was a legit mtf who looks a lot like kikomi until

There was an incident back then about a girl larping (seriously delusional, unparody, a la real trannies larping as opposite sex kind) as mtf but she isnt kikomi though. She is a different type of fakeboi/tif. Forgot who she is

No. 1569058

So much for "seez men" and "twans uwumen(pronounce this kek)"

No. 1569059

File: 1655926767382.jpeg (412.48 KB, 1125x2057, 7E072CE3-187C-4794-B3D5-8BA21B…)

this has got to be a joke

No. 1569062

I mean, two can play that game. Remember the jokesters who would go into trans subreddits and post pics of real women to give them dysphpria? kek I think about that all the time

No. 1569063

it’s so embarrassing when other scrotes embarrass themselves by falling for this stupid ass troon bait and then troons think they totally pwned us. it’s always scrotes falling for it, women can obviously recognize other women.

No. 1569066

why is it all pics from the 80s

No. 1569074

>That shit sounds like huge projection to me.
Do they watched man competing in women sports? Probably not. They just want to criticize you back

No. 1569082

Don't need to care about women's sports to acknowledge that it's wrong and misogynistic from men to be able to play. Anyone who cares about fairness will be against this. Also very retarded and misogynistic implications from that "gotcha". Because 1. They're projecting; 2. implying women's sports don't matter and hence their right to a fair game doesn't matter so they're free to walk all over 3. implying troons resuscitated women's sports, as if we should be thankful

The amount of people that get made fun of on tiktok, also borderline traumatising, dangerous and illegal shit for kids to view stay up on tiktok, but you know this lighthearted and actually funny and true joke will get taken down instantly by the tranny brigade.

No. 1569083

Posts like this make me question if troons in general are aware that they're held to an infinitely lower bar of fashion/makeup/conduct than actual women. I'm laughing so hard at the socks and shoes combo.

No. 1569086

honestly, when were those people thinking that the women are him born? If you know any movies older than 2010, you will know the actresses. Also, I went on his twitter, you can tell immediately that he is a guy, even before you heard him talk. He looks like a child from a glam rock musician trying to imitate his dad. Gosh, I hate this social media time so much, before you would have some idiots in a single town, now they all meet on twitter and stuff like that and you have to face a whole group of idiots.

No. 1569088

This is based but I feel like only a conservative woman who likes the outrage would post this, can anyone confirm that it is indeed a republican handmaiden? I don't wanna jump to conclusions here but…

No. 1569089

There is also a twitter thread going around about how sex segregation in sports is only there so man cannot lose against…and yes, sports like shooting don't need to be segregated…but they ignore sports like weightlifting, swimming etc.
I would rather have segregated sports than seeing the olyimpic with 90 % men and a few women who managed to qualify

No. 1569092

Samefag but I found the tiktok it's @transjessder >>1568996 good luck to whoever made this bc trannies are insane towards women who tell the truth

No. 1569093

They have been trying to ban r/detrans since r/gendercritical was banned. They probably tolerate it so it doesn't get in the spotlight.

No. 1569100

The comments on that tiktok are delightful.

No. 1569102

File: 1655929998773.jpg (79.31 KB, 612x552, ellen degeneres is 5'10.jpg)

Thing is, any troon can edit himself to look like a woman. If you're not completely fucked, you can still find your angles and take flattering photos, even videos with the right lighting. Real life isn't as forgiving
I remember genuinely being surprised when NikkiTutorials turned out to be a man, but then I saw this picture and it started to seem so obvious

No. 1569103

>sex segregation in sports is only there so man cannot lose against
Seriously. Where the fuck did they get that information from? Troons just lie and gaslight about everything.

No. 1569105

Very ot but holy shit i tried on that shirt nikkie is wearing and it was a full on midaxi dress in me, unit shit.

No. 1569108

File: 1655930368222.jpg (44.73 KB, 401x500, geenadavis.jpg)

That's 80s actress Geena Davis tho, it's not even shoop.

No. 1569114

I know, I just mean that even if a troon edited himself to the point that he looked like an 80s actress, it'd still just be a flattering photo in the end

No. 1569116

>so I put them I my brown barbie hole for gender affirmation!
Wow irl kikomi is incredibly based

No. 1569118

Men are legit faceblind and stupid.

No. 1569120

I don’t even understand the look he’s attempting to go for it’s such a mishmash.

No. 1569121

Can you or someone cap some?

No. 1569132

I showed those tweets to my brother, first reaction was "That's Geena Davis", then I showed him the pictures of the twitter moid, reaction was "That's a guy". So, yes, sure, no man can tell if it's really a man or a woman. He even could tell that Nikki >>1569102 is a large Dutch guy while watching the ESC with me, guess I've educated him well.

No. 1569134

File: 1655931802608.jpg (1.08 MB, 3072x4096, 2022_06_22_17_02_46.jpg)

Here's a convo I capped earlier because I thought she was so based. I'll go collect some more

No. 1569138

Ty nonnie! Love that last comment. It just seems to go over TRAs heads when someone brings that up though.

No. 1569139

she's insane but bless her. her political affiliation makes no difference here.


love that edit op

No. 1569140

The first thought in his mind was definitely porn/sex because you can see the exposed bra, stockings with heels, the short shorts. No style or aesthetic to be seen except to be as pornified as possible.

As for actual aesthetics, it's all mismatched like you said. bottom half of heels with socks is pastel coquette LDR tumblr and the top half of the cutoff tank and denim shorts are edgy 2014 girl in the summer vibes. Two completely different styles, both of which were popular like 10 years ago. Men have no fucking taste kek.

No. 1569141


Nikki's a sht person but it's not like tall, big women don't exist. He just happens to not be one.

No. 1569142

File: 1655932194605.jpg (1022.23 KB, 2113x4097, 2022_06_22_17_12_21.jpg)

No. 1569143

File: 1655932229740.jpg (2.39 MB, 4096x4096, 2022_06_22_17_09_23.jpg)

No. 1569144

This. In early 1900s America, before women got the right to vote, there were numerous anti-sufferage groups formed across the US, campaigning against women’s right to vote, and the majority of their members were women themselves. These women actively campaigned against voting rights because they thought women voting would upend the social order that they were used to because it had existed all their lives.

No. 1569145

He's like 1.9m, that'd be an extreme of extremes in terms of women. Also he has a giant head even compared to men, nevermind women, which is why it's weird it took so long for rumors of him being a troon to circulate.

No. 1569146

Your profile picture is showing.

No. 1569149

I literally do not care kek its a spam account

No. 1569150

Idk how anyone can think Dylan is nice or sweet. He comes off as a psychopath.

No. 1569151

with that makeup and hair i bet she at least saw kikomi on twitter or reddit

No. 1569152

Alright chill, just trying to help.

No. 1569158

Dylan gives strong murder-suicide vibes, even the most brainwashed handmaidens can't REALLY believe he's a nice or sweet guy?

No. 1569166

>moids fucking tranny ass secretions
dear god

No. 1569167

My thoughts exactly anon, in reference to >>1568698 the troon stare as well as the castration.

No. 1569169

File: 1655934046534.png (1.41 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220622-223803.png)

Screenshot is from her only other tiktok and she used #feminism so I think she's actually based

No. 1569170

Did not mean to come off aggressive nonna

No. 1569175

kek let them tbh if they’re that stupid and depraved.

No. 1569184


here's her other account https://www.tiktok.com/@slxthkween truly based??

No. 1569187

It's fine anon. Mwah.

No. 1569193

The other day I saw a post on MtF saying that Dylan made some of them uncomfortable too which is hilarious to me. I’ll see if I can find it again.

No. 1569196

File: 1655936427746.jpeg (1023.07 KB, 1284x2256, 4D94DDA1-E62E-4131-B58C-711684…)

No. 1569198

Lmao the trannys super power is literal skinwalking? The jokes just write themselves at this point

No. 1569202

Handmaidens who aren't internal to the trans community often have this infantilized view of trannies that makes them seem harmless in their eyes, and they miss all the red flags until actual crime happens.

No. 1569209

she is absolutely based. i wouldn't be surprised if she was a farmer too. god i wish i had the balls to post terf shit like she does.

No. 1569217

File: 1655938021380.png (23.33 KB, 471x286, innocent troon.png)

Picrel is in response to a video she made about intersex being the inbetween of male and female and hence troons are intersex. All the tranny and tranny sympathisers in the comments trying to reeducate the TERF and telling her how toxic and problematic she is. Troons will say womanhood is a vague and nebulous concept that changes from person-to-person but then say shit like picrel. Must have a fixed definition for you to make it a dick-measuring competition (in typical scrote fashion). Every facet of womanhood is rooted in being born female. Imitation is futile. If you sculpt shit into a chocolate cake, no matter how convincing it is, it's still shit.

No. 1569219

I love how they try to act so unbothered all the time but then seethe and just keep talking about it. Like if you were unbothered you’d just report whatever you think goes against the rules and leave it be, or you know, just ignore it.

No. 1569224

I don’t understand handmaidens. Even during my worst TRA period, I never kissed TIM ass as hard as some of these women do. My only guess is that they see TIMs as a mixture of a sassy drag queen and a vulnerable mentally ill person or member of a minority that needs to be coddled and pandered to. I never saw TIMs as vulnerable, they act clearly male, and I don’t like drag queens because they look terrifying, so maybe that’s why I was never a proper handmaiden.

No. 1569226

File: 1655938804787.jpeg (316.61 KB, 750x1334, B1808D25-F753-4070-964E-8BB00E…)

Tall women exist, but Nikki is massive even for a guy.

No. 1569227

File: 1655938940396.png (690.15 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220622-182313.png)

UK troon on TikTok live. Baby screaming in the background and his wife is defending him from "trolls" while he argues with people on live for attention. Notice his outfit.

No. 1569230

File: 1655939909191.png (28.83 KB, 523x330, vomit.png)

AGPs are literally incapable of making jokes about anything but their fetishes. These faggotry has consumed their entire minds and personalities.

No. 1569231

Triple post with no replies: definitely the behavior of someone who is unbothered.

Also, you can't be "better" or "worse" at womanhood because it is not a quantifiable skill. That's like saying you're "better" at having brown eyes than someone else. The only way to suck at "womanhood" is to not be one to start with.

No. 1569232

Are you all sourcing these from terf twitter? This was posted already nona, today. Scroll up a bit.

No. 1569241

File: 1655941552039.jpeg (276.81 KB, 750x748, 96B4DBF3-E582-4CC8-8E9A-93A436…)

Lesbians..where did we go wrong? Why can’t anyone just be normal anymore?

No. 1569248

File: 1655942460261.png (1.61 MB, 750x1624, 01ADFF3D-707C-49E9-8CAD-A2BFDA…)

The buff girl looks just as male as the buff guy. Actualtransbians is nothing but conversion therapy propaganda at this point.

No. 1569249

Tumblr. There was this huge post but I can’t find it. I don’t think it had any sources.

No. 1569252

He got the ‘fucked up’ part right

No. 1569254

This. Lol. It’s not a competition you either are biologically female or you aren’t.

No. 1569256

File: 1655943501277.jpeg (376.82 KB, 750x869, C7A7BA46-59C1-4D14-AD09-7FB277…)

>mother of 4

No. 1569258

File: 1655944095178.png (336.06 KB, 601x610, Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 8.28…)

I'd bet my womb that this guy was never, ever mistaken for a "big strong man" kek. Here's the same fatass homo being "sad", posting on r/crossdressing. Never a fetish, always their ~truth~

No. 1569259

his wife is giving him the understatement of the century. imagine having four fucking kids with a guy and then he pulls the tranny shit on you
this dude is as far from a homo as possible, he's a stereotypical troonsbian

No. 1569261

his legs, torso, and head are all different shades

No. 1569263

does top left not say dm my ig for feet pics. not based

No. 1569268

it should be illegal for troons to draw

No. 1569275

File: 1655945476442.png (3.36 MB, 750x1624, 142716A1-36C0-4F34-9AB8-94416A…)

troon fashion at its worst.

No. 1569276

File: 1655945589323.jpeg (642.98 KB, 750x1100, 5C1F2DB7-B52B-4100-9758-384C99…)

if I saw this in the wild, I would scream.

No. 1569278

she sells feet NFTs too lol

No. 1569279

File: 1655945702063.jpeg (593.14 KB, 750x1147, 1B24DE80-7AF6-446A-9491-6A931C…)

what an unfortunate looking clown.

No. 1569284

File: 1655946275611.jpeg (1 MB, 1488x4921, 7FBDC0F1-BB08-4D1F-9E67-D3CC97…)

someone kill me

No. 1569286

Jim Carrey doesn't look well here.

No. 1569291

File: 1655946599899.jpeg (645.99 KB, 750x1195, 7EF3D3AC-0F85-4B71-B9B0-6614D8…)

it’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you are.

No. 1569299

Looking at the comments on this woman's post reminded me why I deleted Tik Tok. Literally raises my blood pressure but then I remember that most of these ppl are 10-18 and will probably grow out of it, but its disheartening because it reflects the mentality of my generation rn. Tragic

No. 1569300


they are all so fucking disgusting and hilarious looking, I cannot stop laughing. no amount of surgery or wishful thinking is gonna fix this, boys

No. 1569303

Why does a man who looks like a 50 year old math teacher think putting on a Hot Topic choker is enough to be ma'amed by normies who probably can't even tell he's "trying" to appear female?

No. 1569308

to be fair, they look like different characters, see the blonde dude at the back

No. 1569312

I like to call it “cargo cult femininity”- they get all their female influence from porn, anime, anime porn and the goth chick from 7th grade algebra they had a crush on

No. 1569313

My good sir it does not look like you are trying at all actually, 0/10, ywnbaw

No. 1569317

File: 1655949945580.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1927, B0FDFF5F-B4F5-4C80-86CF-53AE90…)

This isn’t particularly bad but it speaks for itself

No. 1569327

Legit Buffalo Bill

No. 1569328

cargo cult omg nona that’s funny

No. 1569329

KEK I love you, Nona

No. 1569334

>I want to crawl under a rock and die

Don't let your dreams be dreams!

No. 1569339

File: 1655952456026.jpg (6.91 KB, 184x194, 56246513.jpg)

What about trans people in particular attracts so much obsession from cluster Bs?(tranny)

No. 1569341

File: 1655952543437.jpg (186.63 KB, 750x847, typicalscrote.jpg)

imploring handmaidens like this to wake up and smell the stinkditch before they're in too deep. fucking respect yourselves.

No. 1569342

>Must check their political affiliations before laughing at a funny video
There is no hope for humanity

No. 1569343

samefag but fuck, imagine being with a scrote but instead of him doing useful shit once in a while like mowing the lawn he wears your underwear for coom and sounds like an anime girl in bed. christ. fucking bleak.

No. 1569345

File: 1655953220744.jpg (106.69 KB, 1080x1080, ig.slxthkween.jpg)

Uh oh, nonnies. Bad news

No. 1569349

The thought of a man trying to sound like an anime girl in bed is beyond nightmarish

No. 1569350

File: 1655953780103.jpg (83.75 KB, 1300x791, b6b8f730e55ad4eda5fa10bf096204…)

Guess my post hit a little too close to home ms janny. Should probably take your serequel sis,anger is heckin malebrained(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1569354

what are women in the first world supposed to do? what are some actionable things we can do?

No. 1569356

File: 1655954537201.jpeg (177.86 KB, 1242x921, E0DAFAB1-A037-4C32-A674-63DF37…)

i dread to even fathom what perverted horrors they dream up

No. 1569359

they are doing this in response to the 4w article about the WPATH standards coming from someone who spends all his time in eunuch forums. "we don't do that, and if we do, it's not that bad." eunuchs are trannies now, so it's okay that these guidelines came out of a fetish community. https://4w.pub/trans-health-authority-cites-castration-fetish-site-in-guidelines/

No. 1569360

You will be pretty soon for avatarfagging, fingers crossed.

No. 1569361

They just outright admit to their pedo natures every time.

No. 1569362

she was talking in relation to the death drive in the Jungian sense, men are in love with and erotize death and destruction.

No. 1569369


I was hoping that a brave zoomer terf would do this, but with the "male experience." Just to show how retarded gender stereotypes are and I figure she'd be less likely to be banned.

>>day 4 of being a boy: growing out my 'stache

>>day 17 of being a boy: going fishing with my dad
>>day 33 of being a boy: shooting hoops with the boys

No. 1569371

Most female pedophiles are cis, sis(bored tranny)

No. 1569372

he looks like he would

No. 1569379

In a way that sounds way more wholesome than the barbie pockets and girlbulges

No. 1569382

File: 1655956569181.jpeg (77.74 KB, 828x466, 748075C0-9601-4F71-97DA-8D77F0…)

this is a racist /tttt/ troon who has been seething for days over women making fun of him on twitter, he and his circle of tranny friends are also self-admitted pedophiles

No. 1569385

He sounds like a bad super villain lol

No. 1569386

File: 1655956740795.jpeg (39.92 KB, 828x274, 2FBB1A7F-F0A0-4491-8E37-9955E4…)

another one - he's jealous of what he'll never be kek

No. 1569388

Is it bad or sad that ones like this where they outright say that don’t bother me anymore? it’s just so pathetic and they’re obviously seething over it while we are just living our lives as what we are.

No. 1569393

yeah it's obvious ones like this are coping and dilating over the fact they'll always be male and have that defective y chromosome
it's good for a laugh though

No. 1569396

File: 1655957702509.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1284x2256, C7794727-08D8-4363-A644-E03F1B…)


No. 1569397

File: 1655957779172.jpeg (669.25 KB, 1284x1233, B2E389C9-4DD9-4B6B-8AF4-08B15A…)

Imagine being a scrote and thinking this betrayal of privacy is okay.

No. 1569400

I don't even get what's yikes about this tbh chaposister. QRD?(ban evading tranny)

No. 1569405

I'm straight but these stories makes me want to be with women so much. This is truly so disgusting I can't imagine having children and then your husband "coming out" as a troon. What an embarrassment. And all these pictures makes me less attracted to moids too. Moids are degenerate subhumans.

No. 1569409

OK groomer

No. 1569415

File: 1655959007772.jpg (34.08 KB, 627x908, 1568912782473.jpg)

>documenting reality
>brainwashing children to chop off their penis
>not illegal

No. 1569418

Whatever panders to the pedophile incel groomer coom is okay to these scrotes.

No. 1569419

oh god is this from reikos tranny grooming server r9cute or whatever? I remember they used to groom kids as young as 13 into cutting themselves, trooning out, and posting nudes aka cp

No. 1569423

File: 1655959345092.jpg (68.02 KB, 717x1078, Screenshot_20220622-093434_Tin…)

No. 1569427

You have to be extremely selfish to make a woman carry multiple children, and then troon out. Like imagine forcing your own children to call their father "mom" and constantly have to walk on eggshells just so they don't trigger the dysphoria that you've turned into everyone else's problem. No father figure, not even two strong mother figures. Just a mother who's essentially taking care of multiple kids, but one is overgrown, oversensitive and supremely entitled

No. 1569428

Yeah, I remember that (might be that post, unsure), but I don't feel to bad for them considering they were typical polfag scrotes. Incel to trans pipeline and all that. Oh no, coomer incels have been tricked into mutilating themselves for coom. Nothing of value was lost. Only the underage stuff was really bad.

No. 1569429

Goddamn, that’s a rough 27. Broken record moment and all but men age like milk.

No. 1569433

Just a retard trying to continue infighting. Best ignore it. Can't accidentally double post 19 minutes apart.

No. 1569434

File: 1655959996236.png (307.9 KB, 1440x1987, Screenshot_20220623-064941~2.p…)

This is the twitter thread I was talking about

No. 1569436

File: 1655960218201.png (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 2484x2072, 1529961959476.png)

I wish it was a fake and all the content posted on this thread was an elaborate joke
Yes, those sickos. But not to be confused with another mental ward patient (spoiler for blood)

No. 1569437

the ones who were 18+ I don't care for but being a naive 13-14 year old and getting groomed into doing permanent damage to yourself is just awful
troons making kids suffer like that is disgusting

No. 1569441

yeah it's definitely not fake, there's a pedo troon cow on /w/ who was a moderator for the server
I hope all these freaks are put on some sort of watchlist so they can't harm any more children

No. 1569449

It's the same seething tranny who screeches "no u" and "fake" at everything because this is the only way he can get female attention. I think the fact that they rage so hard about being exposed is proof we're doing something right

No. 1569451

Yeah, with the recent exposure troons have been getting by pushing further and further, more people have started peaking so now they just go around claiming it's all fake to try and recoup what little support they have still in the normie public.

No. 1569455

File: 1655961424307.jpg (391.9 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20220622-173410__01…)

One of the replies to this was "HRT is a fountain of youth!" I am literally speechless, this man looks older than any 30 year old woman I've EVER seen including the drug addicts and tanning bed girls

No. 1569458

>I hope all these freaks are put on some sort of watchlist so they can't harm any more children
We do have another list, sex offender list. I think they should be required to wear a badge with their name on it

No. 1569459


No. 1569463

before reading the caption I thought he must be at least 40 holy shit is it the hrt that ages them so terribly? it can't be if he's only taking it 3 weeks…

No. 1569468

>felt cute
quick question: uhhhhhhhh why??

No. 1569470

This is just how a lot of moids (especially white moids in sunny areas) age honestly. My shock is mostly that he (and apparently some commenters) actually thinks he looks YOUTHFUL. Also why can troons not watch a single YouTube tutorial to make their makeup less appalling. No one online would let actual women get away with such a thing, they'd be bullied to hell and back. With troons it is only a hugbox

No. 1569472

File: 1655962280440.jpg (222.28 KB, 1080x1004, Screenshot_20220622-172740__01…)

Gramps really thinks he's gonna go from 60 year old ugly man to 30 year old pretty woman by taking horse piss hormones. How is this not classified as a delusional mental disorder

No. 1569474

File: 1655962395402.jpg (11.04 KB, 480x306, IMG_20200427_193724.jpg)


No. 1569476

the shitty makeup and male hairline makes him look older, he can't even be bothered to buy a nice quality wig and follow along with a makeup tutorial

No. 1569480

I know, and they have the audacity to accuse anyone who's calling out their behavior as “obsessed” or secretly want to troon out. Great job trannies, you made AFAB transwomen a reality, even if it's a satire

No. 1569483

You will never be a woman, die mad.

No. 1569489

I don't think that's the case though, cause If you look into some of these stories of husbands trooning you can always see some tell tale sings that these women just choose to ignore, for e.g a crossdressing fetish, a chastity fetish, into pegging e.t.c like I remember a post by a woman venting about how her husband was trooning out just as she was about to have her kid but then she went on to describe there relationship history and how he was into crossdressing, femdom and chastity and how even though it made her uncomfortable she went along with it to make him happy, then finally he started seeming more normal until his fetish went back full swing and he was completetly set on trooning out and the whole time I "WTF did you expect" I truly feel for some of these women but how do you get into a relationship into some dude who opnely admits he's into force femme and not expect him to troon out

No. 1569491


the eyeliner kek

No. 1569492

Everyone laughs at you behind your back because you’re a joke. Everyone knows you’re a pervert and a failed male. What is a woman? Not you, homie.

No. 1569497

The funniest thing is he is a man pretending to be a woman pretending the women who point out that he is a man pretending to be a woman/pretends men can be women are actually men because he cannot accept real women not bowing down to male delusions.

No. 1569504

It was funny when he was posting Isabelle Jankes and implying we're like her, considering she's unironically pro-trans and talked about having dysphoria (and wanting to transition to male) herself. Them and their allies are so abusive and deranged, I'm glad people are catching on that all the shit about TERFs is typical projection

No. 1569507

They’d have to be way creepier and talk about puberty and shit and sound pedophillic.

No. 1569510

Most pro troon men are pedophiles as we've witnessed with the whole UK law thing as well. Men have to cope hard about being degenerate incel coomers when people realise it.

No. 1569518

File: 1655965532133.jpeg (87.77 KB, 768x224, E6B132F9-2F4E-4F87-9796-35F2E8…)

Verified shitty indie artist is encouraging doxxing. It’s insane how people are this mad, and this aggressive. sounds about male

No. 1569520

File: 1655965666267.jpeg (404.96 KB, 828x1355, 44C5B3A0-7BAE-448E-9D19-8D5C87…)

Sorry if it’s been posted but I didn’t see it in this thread yet. Looks like the guy who wrote the big thread on his botched neovag surgery is suing. Honestly hope the best for him. His story was horrifying and he ended up being personally attacked by Monty.



No. 1569527

holy shit fuck this regressive retard for attempting to literally put another womans safety/livelihood at risk because of 10 seconds worth of satire. i'm livid at this comment and am for the first time in my life contemplating making a tiktok just to report it and no, i won't take it lightly look at what these people did to kathleen stock. what a fucking pathetic crusade

No. 1569528

Ironically in a thread where a tranny is posting that calling boys who put on their mothers bra degenerates is bullying children, we can see in real time troons and their allies try to doxx and frighten a girl for making fun of them and pointing out their bullshit. You want your proof trannies, it happens everyday and this is only a drop in the bucket. There's a reason people are peaking, and it's realising you aren't just sad gay men who are normal sans the playing pretend as the opposite sex thing.

No. 1569529

I wish the retarded tranny ITT took a second to read the site rules and realize doxxing is actually against the rules, so are males posting here. Gtfo don’t you have a little pole to sit on before your festering wound closes up?

Reminder that a woman could have the loosest and “ugliest” vagina in the world but it’s still more of a vagina than you will ever have. And we don’t have to split it open everyday so it literally doesn’t close on us. You will never have a vagina, you will be a eunuch in woman skin,
I bet you if you were even able to even penetrate a neovagina it would feel like a shallow bloody hairy flesh ditch, kinda how it looks. The smell is probably another thing ball sweat and necrosis maybe?

No. 1569532

He can only cope, seethe, and dilate that every thing trannies say and do is fake.

No. 1569533

>Tranny/believes men can become women through drugs and surgery like magic
>Calls others mentally ill
Kek, the coping, seething, and dilating is a long one today.

No. 1569535

the fact that it has been at it for hours itt is frankly super pathetic, you’d think he’d have some kids to groom or whatever other activities these men usually get up to

No. 1569538

he's been at it 4 hours straight kek 100% sure he's a bored highschooler on summer break

No. 1569539

File: 1655966754115.jpeg (454.05 KB, 750x2868, D2DF131E-3AF0-47E8-A3BF-801D56…)

white male midlife crisis be like.

No. 1569540

its unironically an indoctrinated teenager, you can tell by how cluelessly it flounders about

No. 1569541

I'm not shocked. Troons have no life and have the time between wanking and being a neet to cry on the internet. It's why a lot of men in tech troon out, they're social rejects.

No. 1569542

The bulge and emphasis on the forehead wrinkles LOL. If she didn't sell feet pics, she'd be perfect in my eyes.
Ew I see the kind of look he's going for. He'll never be her.

No. 1569543

fresh out of the public school curriculum

No. 1569545

I'm convinced he's just here to prove us all right about trannies, honestly. He can't even engage with anything actually said or the things posted, he just calls everything fake (with no proof, kek) and malds hard. This is what they all do when they have no power, throw tantrums. Even his Discord tranny friends must not care much about him, they're literally letting their friend dance like a sad little monkey for hours on end

No. 1569547

Old men trooning out is hilarious, imaging being so pathetic and lacking in self awareness at such an advanced age. People act like women are the ones who can't cope with aging, but you don't see 50 yr old women trooning out en masse in a desperate attempt to become sexually attractive.

No. 1569548

Agreed. Its just funny. So this is what coping, seething, and dilating looks like. Projecting his groomer tendencies on women because it means people will stop catering to his coom.

No. 1569550

Isn't it weird? They say women are the ones who "hit the wall", but if that were true, you'd think there'd be more of us pumping ourselves with testosterone the moment we're middle-aged in a bid to age like men. But it's always the other way around, instead. Hmm

No. 1569551

Male midlife crisis is truly iconic and has taken on a new hilarious and terrifying form.

No. 1569554

Considering his proof is just saying something isn't real and is a lie by pol and then getting deleted like an impudent, while being a typical 4tranner, it's pretty astounding.

No. 1569555

Of course she's a themlet.

No. 1569558

All he's done is provide me with reason #22934857701928 to never have a son.

No. 1569560

This is just like that time Tinashe said "shut up" to JK Rowling on Twitter. All this handmaiden shit, and still no one will actually buy their music kek

No. 1569564

Tranny moids will say shit like this and wonder why they are losing support and peaking people kek.

No. 1569566

File: 1655967946356.jpeg (552.73 KB, 732x3669, 3C4F3261-3488-4D21-A60C-107448…)

>military troon
like clockwork.

No. 1569567

Men live of projection as we have seen demonstrated by the tranny in this thread complaining about bullying children while being a groomer.

No. 1569568

File: 1655968143577.jpeg (1.08 MB, 750x1213, C9A81227-FBB0-4921-8E70-686D20…)

Let’s not.

No. 1569569

>waa I can't pretend to be a girl
My fucking god men are weaklings and should just off themselves. Just wear fucking makeup without doing all this extra shit if it makes you that happy, stupid faggot.

No. 1569570

KEK anon pls

No. 1569571

File: 1655968357231.jpeg (670.38 KB, 750x1155, 04ED3DCA-8CF7-48B0-BA40-8139AB…)

sorry for spamming, but my feed right now is sending me.

No. 1569573

File: 1655968500365.jpg (126.95 KB, 800x600, le sex offender face.JPG)

>Men live of projection as we have seen demonstrated by the tranny in this thread complaining about bullying children while being a groomer.
>I stalk and bully children but you are probably trans and therefore a groomer since you make me mald!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1569577

she got her account back dont worry!

No. 1569579

let the schizo troon talk to himself, just report and move on.

No. 1569580

I think that is the troon talking to itself.

No. 1569583

It's funny though, TRAs literally have to make shit up to make Rowling and other anti-troon people look bad whereas we literally just post things troons have said and done themselves… go figure kek

No. 1569585

Imagine coming home for the holidays and your dad looks like that and ask you to be called mom.

No. 1569586

File: 1655970090252.jpeg (787.44 KB, 750x4883, 3BA9BA1E-813F-4F6C-86E0-76470A…)


No. 1569588

File: 1655970205213.png (74.38 KB, 300x419, 50157483.png)

how many biologically female hair folicles does janny have left?(more than you, silly tranny )

No. 1569590

Of course he blames his parents instead of his own dumbfuck self for fucking up his college education. If he's 24 now, if he took a 4 or 6 year enlistment, his dumb ass still fucked around at a time most people were graduating. Don't let your friends date military scrotes, they're all this whiny useless leech of a man, even the ones who act macho. He will whine and cry around you, then use his job to go out and fuck bar sluts while you're at home worried that he's exhausted and about to break down. Fucking leeches. And they all are convinced that the women are leeching off them, even the ones who "50/50" their girlfriends on dates and never buy gifts.

No. 1569593

his ugly yellow teeth with one missing and that awful makeup is making me recoil in disgust

No. 1569594

Good for him, I'm sure he's the first of many detrans legal cases to come. It can only go one of 2 ways really, either they rule that taking off the genitals off a mentally ill man who's deluded himself into thinking he's female is bad. Or they'll rule that he had legit valid reasons to have his genitals removed, because "(s)he IS trans". So, will they admit that castrating mentally ill people isn't right or will they insist that it is right because mental illness isn't real and they're trans - even despite now claiming he's not? Both outcomes are bound to peak some normies

No. 1569595

File: 1655970832238.jpeg (275.67 KB, 750x748, 728BA04B-BAB2-4A10-B128-4C1283…)

>I’m glad preddit is moderated by ban-happy pedo troons.

No. 1569597

File: 1655971135135.jpeg (734.58 KB, 750x909, C3DACDE7-5C7D-4A30-B232-0ACFEE…)

how, just how.

No. 1569598

Good. I literally went totally off the grid because of rampant misogyny a lot of it perpetrated by trannies so I’m fucking glad they’re having the same experience. I don’t get Facebook, Reddit, tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter. I’m even banned permanently from reddit for pointing out the mods of r/feminism are men’s rights activists.(learn2sage)

No. 1569599

>It made me so toxic
>I got really toxic
>Twitter has made me more hateful
No, you're just a male. It's in your nature to chimp out all pathetic like when things don't go your way.

No. 1569605

File: 1655971846912.jpeg (557.52 KB, 750x1206, 93F715FA-3F57-4C25-8454-86EAE6…)

Eugenia Cooney as a 37 y/o man.

No. 1569607

the fuck is that expression kek

No. 1569610

File: 1655971966113.jpeg (363.22 KB, 750x1094, C904F04D-F7B2-4A71-9545-A3AFD2…)

No. 1569611

kek hulking man with a face like that this shit sounds threatening af

No. 1569613

Oh silly anon, can't you see? He's just a cute, quirky gal!

No. 1569614

File: 1655972176040.jpeg (614.34 KB, 750x1139, 602FDBA5-3E28-4D06-B2F0-C8B461…)

ugly men look triple hideous when they troon out.

No. 1569618

File: 1655972710449.jpg (115.86 KB, 1300x911, 1529328947216.jpg)

>you will be a eunuch in woman skin
Sorry, but there's physical differences between male/female skin. So, it's eunuch in women outfit and makeup

No. 1569619

Tranny selfposts are truly the biggest self own. These threads don't even really need milk or discussion, if the only thing being posted was selfies it would be just as funny and disturbing.

No. 1569620

File: 1655973010258.jpeg (144.85 KB, 750x456, 0BBC2A6C-9357-48DE-B5A1-E6FC79…)

does anyone want to buy this man’s testes?

No. 1569626

File: 1655974117167.jpg (273.33 KB, 1189x658, monkey.jpg)

Thanks for asking nony but I prefer monkey testicles.

No. 1569639


No. 1569640

this is the only way this will stop

No. 1569641

Yeah, it all thrives on the money being gained by the medical industry for performing the experimentation. Once doctors and drug pushers start to fear they could actually lose rather than gain from pushing trans stuff, it will fall apart.

No. 1569651

It's amazing how men with a midlife crisis rarely get the motivation to work on doing good or creative things that can live beyond them. They just double down on stupid self-indulgent shit.

No. 1569652

File: 1655977889046.png (96.67 KB, 2046x1150, donebeingaman.png)

He's done being a man. He just wants to wear panties and sip on wine, lol.

No. 1569653

File: 1655978682664.png (1.14 MB, 1011x820, 1550408660674.png)

No. 1569657

commented on the dylan video and got told to kms SO many times kek(don't touch the poop )

No. 1569660


No. 1569661

They'll end up doing it before any of us anyway.

No. 1569662

File: 1655980591158.webm (5.93 MB, 576x1024, hon_bingo.webm)

how is this anything but a self drag

No. 1569666

File: 1655981224839.jpeg (651.05 KB, 828x1426, E6F5332C-E29D-4E2A-9540-480A2C…)

jokes write themselves, ugly men are so bitter! cope seethe etc.

No. 1569670

There are a billion little differences between women and men, lots of them we don't even know about yet. Watch troons get dysphoric over their hypodermis collagen bonds being male kek

No. 1569674

File: 1655982240231.jpg (148.08 KB, 828x1369, FVjZ1yNWIAEwE9E.jpg)

> there's a smoothing filter so I feel like lying (…)
Yes, yes you are. Also I can see skinwalking e-girls with that blob eyeliner.

No. 1569683

I mean at least they're kinda self-aware that they're just greasy nerds performing yuri tropes. Although anytime I read "skirt go spinny", I want to step on their toes. I don't know how they manage to make something so innocent to be so fucking disturbing. Probably because the only people actually amazed by "spinny skirts" are little kids. And folk dancers, but troons aren't interested in actual cultural tradition.

No. 1569696

I hope he's in a gay troon polycule and hasn't triple ruined some woman's life by marrying her, trooning out, then coercing her to let him cheat.
If only the solution to men was as simple as lowering testosterone. If anything, it's the reverse, testosterone makes men behave, low testosterone makes them socially dysfunctional.
I hope she grows the ovaries to leave. 4 fucking kids. She's right, he did ruin her life.

No. 1569698

trannies threatening the world with a good time, exhibit #28962(sage your shit)

No. 1569701

> testosterone makes men behave, low testosterone makes them socially dysfunctional
how so? I don't know anything on the topic, but this sounds interesting. Do you have any sources/studies I could look at?

No. 1569704

File: 1655988133200.jpeg (132.72 KB, 854x1570, D944F13D-0D44-424A-A869-0ADC03…)

Kek she posted this pic too

No. 1569705

KEK this is so fucking brilliant and based

No. 1569708

Is she dare I say /ourgirl/?

No. 1569710

Somehow I don't think his wife sits around sipping cocktails and wearing cute lingerie. Absolute porn brain rot. Men are the inferior sex, they would not last a day as a woman.

No. 1569711

Shes so brave for this. Handmaidens must be ripping her apart in the comments. I hope this is a sign that more women are finally waking up and getting sick of being pissed on by trannys

No. 1569712

I laughed.

No. 1569713

Based irl Kikomi-chan.

No. 1569714

Here's a funny one.
And the worst part is that troon and non-troon alike get worked up into a jealous rage over this imaginary, idealized woman life, and take it out on innocent women.

No. 1569717

The comments are absolutely atrocious. I've never before seen so many people tell someone to kill themselves (because I'm not on twitter I assume) and swearing up and down that "Dylan is the sweetest girl on this app she doesn't deserve this!!"

No. 1569718

File: 1655990033269.png (127.9 KB, 382x381, this cat smells the gays.png)

>"i hope this is how i turn out"
Well that would require grandpa's skull to be destroyed and reassembled just like a 3d jigsaw puzzle because there's NO FUCKING WAY you can change a male facial structure to a female one. Keep using that app, gramps!

No. 1569721

File: 1655990269922.png (350.25 KB, 387x437, samurai cop.png)

I'm stoked for the Samurai Cop reboot!(learn2sage)

No. 1569722

Ain't nobody looking at your moobs kyle

No. 1569724

I think she had way too much trans bullshit to deal with and just snapped. I respect that.
There is a ton of hateful comments but also a lot of people supporting her.

No. 1569734

Can someone draw fanart of her please

No. 1569735

I still don't feel bad for him, it's his own fault for being a gullible 30 years old that got charmed by the idea of becoming a woman, as if that was possible at all. I will never stop saying it, that man would be the same kind misogynistic piece of shit as the rest of the trannies that we post here if he hadn't gotten the chop, now that he didn't get what he wanted, he's mad.
I'm glad he managed to get lots of attention though, because detransers are often seen as whiny people, and because nobody wants to listen the bunch of detransing women that there are, maybe they will listen to him.

No. 1569740

KEK we supporting this girl now

No. 1569743

by some of the comments the troons are emailing her university to get her expelled
mob mentality as its finest

No. 1569757

I tried to find her Instagram to support her, but she either deleted it or changed her username. Does anyone know what it is if it's still up?

No. 1569760

classic troon move at this point honestly, she was very brave to post that video imo.
Can't wait for the transcult fall into pieces.

No. 1569761

She has a twitter. @SLXTH666 and she's active on it. Apparently they have her legal name because she had it on her tiktok before removing it. I hope her college is a public university, or else she might get suspended because of the mob.

No. 1569765

one of us nonnas, one of us

No. 1569768

File: 1655995643931.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3564x2388, 38E08E2E-F3D5-486F-ACCA-BF1151…)


theres a hilarious thread on twitter asking “What happens if trans people lose the “trans debate”?” and it’s prime evidence that gender ideology is a doomsday cult, the hysterics in the replies are just incredible, if you’re bored i recommend reading the responses for a laugh. most of the replies/qrts are “we die” or “they kill us” or “nazi germany/literally hitler” but there are some really funny GC/terf ones too

also it’s interesting to see how even some troons have noticed the tide turning… hopefully they didn’t throw away ALL of their pants and ties

No. 1569772

Lmao at these nasty, crusty ass smelly pervs comparing their situation to jews in nazi germany they really think them being told not to shove their gross male bodies into womens spaces is the same as that?? Kek

No. 1569780

>even non-troon men get jelly
So what is the dichotomy troons claim to be different from "le seez men"?

No. 1569782


they just have to make everything about themselves

No. 1569785

Femboy or mtf? Or joint thread for the next one. He sounds simply chauvinistic

No. 1569788

Codingsocks was posted earlier in the thread, looks like a femboy >>1569666

No. 1569791

Why the hell do they think the feds would care about some crossdressing freak? I don't think crossdressing's even illegal in most of the Western world, and they can always pay for their freakish surgeries.

No. 1569793

Sincerely. If anything, the femicide that happens around the globe is more comparable to that then the minuscule amount of troons who are murdered each year. Iirc the number is next to nothing. People are just used to women being murdered and turn a blind eye to it.

No. 1569795

Where are these government-sanctioned troon death squads they're talking about?

No. 1569797

In their heads along with their “period” symptoms and terf boogeymen.

No. 1569799

File: 1655997280978.jpeg (1014.77 KB, 1083x1620, 080EB5CF-3C40-4D33-A8F2-21F9C7…)

Oh yeah this maladjusted man looks precisely like someone I would trust to handle a gun.

No. 1569803

File: 1655997593332.png (79.94 KB, 900x523, huh.png)

Clicked on the thread one tranny linked under it
>rape and assault will ensue because people will be forced to sleep in dorms they belong to

No. 1569804

Tbh even if that did happen I don’t give a shit. Male-on-male violence is not our issue to solve. Let them duke it out.

No. 1569806

The delusion is wild. Female safeguarding from men is not important, but apparently we need to think of the poor troons being in the space of their own kind.

No. 1569807

It mostly confuses me because FtMs going to male dorms inevitebly leads to more assaults. Also college isn't prison, guys can go and harass poor actual women, so why'd they care about 95% of the non-passing crossdressers?

No. 1569809

>thread 1/20
The word limit on Twitter is truly useless.

No. 1569813

according to his twitter bio and tweets he is a "sometimes boymoding mtf", he also thinks he's lesbian of course

No. 1569815

They're right but it won't be because they're trans, it will be because as a group they groom and abuse children and refuse to leave women alone. The world is headed for a very hard shift to the far right. "The harder you shoved it down their throats, the harder they will shove you in the oven" will come true.

No. 1569816

i am scared for her physical safety tbh

No. 1569822

And they call women hysterical. These men have likely never faced any hardships in life other than maybe not getting to fuck some hot cheerleader in high school and the second they think they might not get shit handed to them on a silver platter they freak the fuck out. It's insulting. People think you're gross ass degenerates and wish you would stop, that's it. No one is going to genocide you. You already have enough Big Troon money behind you to make sure nothing happens to you while women continue to get fucked over.

No. 1569837

yikes. These motherfuckers are all insane. Literally no one single trans person is a sane human being. NO ONE.

No. 1569848

autism nonnie, it's the autism. i say that with 100% seriousness

No. 1569849

File: 1656000383580.jpeg (183.63 KB, 750x1199, B5BB2095-AFBD-4A12-86DE-FAEC00…)


No. 1569850

Dylan is a "yt" too though lmao.(sage)

No. 1569855

Yeah but we know they don’t give a shit about FtMs since they’re women. All that matters is them and their egos.

No. 1569858

This dude looks like he could barely lift his arm and lives in mother’s basement. I don’t think she needs to worry about him, at least.

No. 1569861

the hand maiden comments are taking over the supportive comments unfortunately.

No. 1569862

im waiting for dylans crying response video kek

No. 1569863

kek i hate troons and not even i want any of those things to happen to them. i want to make it illegal for them to legally change sex, go into women's spaces and transition kids. that's it. that doesn't mean i want them dead.

No. 1569864

"yt ass", as if he isn't white himself? Fugly scrote

No. 1569866

if this gets taken down I hope someone can make a burner account and keeps posting this lmao. It's just too funny to die.

No. 1569867

what's up with the fanaticism around that moid? the handmaidenry is even worse than usual. is it that he's so gay?

No. 1569868

I'm never really sure how much is earnest, and how much is just manipulation. They should be embarrassed to do it in public, a normal man would at least reserve this kind of manipulation for his girlfriend(s) only.

No. 1569871

most of the comments supporting the moid are from the younger crowd and his audience is mostly on tik tok

No. 1569884

File: 1656002970816.png (697.77 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220623-184700.png)

"said things abt dylan without her consent" bruh do u even know how the internet works ? theyre so retarded

No. 1569886

A woman made a man cry so she deserves death threats, apparently

No. 1569887

This. At least on YouTube anyway, they tend to bend over backwards and kiss Blaire's ass by using she/her pronouns for him because they think he's a "true trans" and because the moid conservatives want to fuck him.
The only time I recall Blaire getting push back against Conservatives were Candace Owens (she called him a "grown man") and Lauren Whitzkie in the video related. Ironically it's by women who refused to validate his delusions but I haven't seen conservative men give him the same treatment.

No. 1569890

If you watch it, take a look at the comments section, it's pretty funny.

No. 1569892

I guess every vent post in the history of ever on reddit or twitter or anywhere else needs to come down immediately since those things were said without consent. Kek this dumbass. Mocking people and making satirical content is something others have done forever. They’re so sensitive.

No. 1569902

File: 1656004479591.jpeg (242.99 KB, 1170x1738, 78B41E6F-6413-48C4-AA3F-06168E…)

people are trying to dox her now. do they really think her manager at dominos gives a single fuck about this lmao. i bet she’ll get fired by corporate to save face which sucks. it’s really unfortunate that she’s absolutely going to feel repercussions from this irl. it’s all a bunch of 13 year old he/xir/its telling her to kill herself and sending emails to her college. this is the world we live in ladies

No. 1569908

poor her. how could they even think they're on the 'good side' when they act like this? is there any way to help her?

No. 1569913

I don't think anybody consented to Dylan's gay-yaniv impersonation in women's restrooms and tampon aisles.

Kek "without consent", you can tell this was made by a zoomer who is terminally on the degenerate side of TikTok. Most likely a baby-troon or handmaiden.

No. 1569914

The mental gymnastics on how Dylan's behavior is acceptable but this isn't is gold medal winning.
But society hates women. Why am I surprised

No. 1569919

ayrt, i just found her twitter and i honestly think she’s gonna be alright. she’s making jokes about being doxxed and is doubling down still so she’s still a queen and hopefully everything turns out okay for her

No. 1569920

Roosh is pro-tranny? I'd think his kind see it as degenerate. Then again, he has a fetish for abusing and dehumanizing women as well as eroding their boundaries so maybe he sees himself in troons.

No. 1569931

I would bet that either 1. this didn't happen and he's just written a fantasy scene to masturbate to; or 2. he left the bra there on purpose so his wife could discover it and he could get euphoric over forcing his fetish onto her. In either case, it's disgusting that he is bringing his child into his fantasy roleplay.

No. 1569932

Lol I think the white they/them troon complaining about "her yt ass" deleted this. Maybe he realized physical threats aren't gonna convince women you're not a… threat?

A lot of his older vids are typical troonery. He films all of them in the same fashion of obscuring over half of his face and sperging at lesbians/women. Now, I wonder where people got the idea that trannies are mentally-ill shut-ins that hate themselves…

No. 1569936

I liked the male-brained comment too about “well, she’ll just think you cheated on her and you can leave”! Like, that is a problem too dipshits.

No. 1569947

File: 1656006741121.png (1.28 MB, 1289x1306, 8FE11CC3-5F15-40BF-9716-572489…)

These men are not mentally sound.

No. 1569948

Idk what happened but she's based and I want to financially support her, since the troons are probably going to harass her job until they fire her.

No. 1569949


They're mistaking baby fever (men can get it too) for having a phantom uterus and they think they aren't sexist? Lmao

No. 1569951

Don’t. She’s a conservatard who thinks feminism has “ruined dating for men”. Watch her other videos.

No. 1569952

not to journal but holy god I am so tired of this shit, my partner thinks I am in a hategroup because I don't agree with any of this and I don't even hate trans people

No. 1569972

The only problem is that men dont want to be the femboys or trannies. As if you can call a chaser a tranny.

No. 1569974

every single picrew flag account commenting "kay why ess is a bot."

No. 1569976

it's actually more people "locally" than soros and even the name soros is tainted, you'll get lumped in with QAnon just mentioning him, which is why pritzkers and the stryker foundation is written about instead. which is why i'm leering of this washington times article laying that ground work. peter thiel = real and legitimate dark money tampering, george soros doesn't exist and if he does he's just a kindly elderly philanthropist.

No. 1569977

it's one account managing like over 40 sockpuppets, that's why it's all the exact same message and the only difference between the accounts are easily generated picrew avatars. the discord troon brigade is extremely threatened and is trying to use underhanded means to quash dissent.

No. 1569985

the worst part is the gloating about it "digital footprint", they know how they control people financially, it is their main tool. i don't care if this girl is republican or has some homophobic views. it's a bad precedent to fire people or threaten financial ruin and homelessness for wrong-think, and it has been for a while.

No. 1569988


8/10 bed is made so it's inaccurate to irl troons

No. 1569992

> its a big ass theological debate based on the rulings of a senile old man
No. It's based on the fact quasi-passing, youthful trannies and 'futa' fetishes make pederasts and GAMPs (a very large segment of males, regardless of ideology) coom. There is nothing more to it than that. Khomeini knew exactly what he was doing. The entire Islamic world, Sunnis included, only turned against pederasty with Western colonial enforcement of sodomy laws
Same as all scrote civilizations that somehow permit men to fuck male children dressed as girls or 'a third sex' category (nearly always male children dressed as girls) , while burning adult macho fags alive (tHeY cOuLD rAPE uS LiKe wE RaPe WoMEn)

No. 1569997

i absolutely love and adore her, where ever she is i hope she sleeps well, eats only the finest meals and gets amazing head. she deserves everything for having the courage to make fun of trannies this accurately with her face attached to it

No. 1569999

Wow, they are the worst. Literally the most violent group of individuals I’ve ever seen. I hope this girl is safe and doesn’t get murdered.

>death squads
It’s amazing the shit they will just make up kek

No. 1570000

lmfao toilet seat left up, so womanly

No. 1570009

The Washington Times was founded and still belongs to a literal cult, I wouldn't believe anything they publish.

No. 1570011

Amazing clip. Karlyn Borysenko's face through that was fucking hilarious.

No. 1570026

those guys don't have an ounce of self-mockery, why can't they just see the things that are true and laugh about them? They are so tiring and humourless.
Hope she and her loved ones will stay save and without any harm done through actions of some troons.

No. 1570033

File: 1656014110719.jpeg (100.6 KB, 828x529, 44C81772-3243-44A0-9276-49D50C…)

underaged handmaiden on twitter having a meltdown over her kek so angry in the replies

No. 1570034


lurch cosplaying luna

No. 1570043

File: 1656014729616.jpeg (579.23 KB, 1616x355, CBD0AA72-D7DF-4556-B004-3F30D0…)

No. 1570045


No. 1570046

lol, imagine what a scrawny ass man he is. that angle makes his torso look v fem.

No. 1570047

File: 1656015102390.jpeg (52.36 KB, 300x300, 62DCC0B0-A6B0-476E-900E-F7AAE0…)

>say goodbye to your life
Man, these dude are always power tripping at their keyboards, I hope nothing happens kek

No. 1570067

File: 1656017114617.jpeg (614.14 KB, 828x1615, 714909D9-5C7C-4B8A-A42D-A1BD13…)

I think she’s great honestly and it’s very brave to do something with your face attached. I hope she went thru the pains of making fake emails and not leaving a real name trail behind (you can search former user names attached to active handles) so she doesn’t actually get doxxed. Some people are saying it’s already happened and she herself said people are blowing up her phone. Makes me sad. Anyone harassing her deserves equal treatment.

Picrel she is unbanned and live again on TikTok and Twitter . I hope she’s a farmer. Keep roasting those nasty trannies, queen.

No. 1570069

Oh, that’s nice to hear. I wonder why the restored it. I don’t know how tiktok works really, I assumed they’d shut down any kind of content that goes against the TRA army.

No. 1570072

God I hope her and JK Rowling hang out publicly

No. 1570077

File: 1656017912957.jpeg (185.88 KB, 828x1504, AF1AC7C2-678A-471B-BE98-3D7DB8…)

Here’s a close up of her comment being restored. I think if she took a more serious and less troll-y approach to her reasoning like Kikomi and some other bio trans accounts did on twitter, she would have more success. Once you employ their own logic against them, it’s hard to beat. That’s why those accounts have been around for so long.

No. 1570082

Kikomi-chan looks especially brave and stunning for her first day of girlhood!

No. 1570085

Bro, you HAVE to wear mascara with shitty liner. Troons, kek(bro you NEED to sage your nonmilk)

No. 1570086

It's not even that, they're just perverse, horrible moids. Unlike some of the hets, homo wokesters will not be shy about their obsession w sexual shit, even on their work-related soc-media. One unfortunately v visible frog looking mfer just never understood the concept of TMI and talks about sexual shit he does with abandon - the last nasty shit I saw him say was about how he wasn't pregnant but "not for lack of trying". He is desperate for hundreds of thousands of normies to know that he gets diseased freaks' loads shot into him. Keep in mind that this freakazoid vacillates between openly hating on women and wanting use some poor lesbians to bear his devilspawn. Thankfully, I can't imagine any sane women wanting to co-parent with an openly misogynistic, aggressive asshole. But you never know. There's all kinds of idiots out there. ughhhh

newfag here but who's kikomi?

No. 1570087

A 2 meters tall woman doesn't have the same proportions as a 2 meters tall man at all, and this dude is nearly that tall. His head is huge, same thing for his hands, because of this a lot of people who only know him from his youtube channel thinks he's a regular fat woman, when he's not even that fat, he's just has very broad shoulders.

No. 1570090

File: 1656018801648.jpeg (336.07 KB, 828x1028, 109F7654-95BC-45F8-9EB9-BB290E…)

Tragic update. I hope she’s staying safe.

If you go back many threads you can find Kikomi. A farmer (lolcow user) in these threads decided to draw an OC character who is a AFAB transitioning to a male transitioning to a female. So she uses makeup to wear a five o clock shadow, makes a fake bulge under skirts, gives herself a receding hairline, etc. A woman playing a caricature of a man playing a caricature of a woman. The user made a ton of hilarious art that inspired someone to go and make a pretty based twitter account on her, which led to a bunch of other terf twitter accounts becoming “bio trans” accounts to troll the trannies. It could be argued this girl and all this stuff started here.


No. 1570092

File: 1656018842550.png (97.56 KB, 802x541, 7D10B4DE-F028-4680-BF36-36C31C…)

She’s is a creation of a nona here, a bio trans girl who just wants to fit in with the real ones. Just google her, there are comics.

No. 1570093

File: 1656018920803.png (4 MB, 828x1792, 0525D8EF-5D3E-4B35-A9C9-4EF725…)

She’s live nonas!

No. 1570094

Idk how she didn't see this coming tbh. Obvi I don't think she should have to deal with that, but she's pretty naive

No. 1570095

gurl that's just me in 10 years!

No. 1570098

they’ll be fine, they’ll go back to crossdressing in private as opposed to making a fake identity and civil rights movement out of a fetish.

No. 1570099

File: 1656019118123.jpg (243.03 KB, 828x1428, 4174c179-9fa0-51c0-92dd-79a00e…)

Pregnant anons check your bfs, the way he describes her she 100% sounds like a farmer. She's based and deserves better.

No. 1570102

File: 1656019192045.jpg (80.18 KB, 800x450, c71.jpg)

>potentially pregnant

omg is she instain??

No. 1570104

and this is why you should always keep an eye on your moids online activity. The second he gets addicted to sissy porn its over. You could be pregnant and ready to devote your entire life to a moid you're happy with and think is the one and meanwhile he will post about wanting to become the hentai loli of his dreams on reddit

No. 1570107

He should just tell her so she can get an abortion and leave

No. 1570109

If this is a farmer, I hope she's lurking and dumps her failscrote and aborts the failfetus. Also I hope she finds herself a real man and has his babies, if that's what she wants.

No. 1570111

It could be my soulmate and star crossed nigel4life, the second he even alludes to being a tranny I would divorce him, take the kids, financially ruin him in divorce court, and abort any potential unborn kids

No. 1570112

>she finds herself a real man and has his babies, if that's what she wants.

glad to see that none here is an actual radfem separatism :+)(:+))

No. 1570113

>troon fashion at its worst
I think this would look cute on a real woman. It’s not the worst tranny outfit I’ve ever seen.

No. 1570115

B-but stopping them from putting false information on legal documents so criminals can hide their past, flashing and sexually harassing women and girls in spaces where they’re vulnerable, and castrating children will make them, gasp, kill themselves! And you don’t want men who are a danger to society to die, do you?

No. 1570116

Some of us are just here for the laughs

No. 1570118

this isn't a separatist site. a lot of us are heterosexual women interested in dating men

No. 1570119

>warrior cat writer
Assuming you mean Vicky
>supports JK
BASED WARRIOR CATS! I KNEW FIRESTAR WOULDNT LIKE TRANNIES (just kidding I think he'd be a chaser) but Bluestar would hate trannies

No. 1570125

I sure hope it made dylan cry. Someone should teach that dollar store hsts version of buffalo bill some shame

No. 1570126

KEK it sounds like he knows she's going to abort and run. Like he's waiting to tell her until she can't abort and has to stay with him? PLEASE anons if this sounds like your bf please run run run and abort.

No. 1570130

i dont. link?

No. 1570133

File: 1656020760260.jpg (83.5 KB, 600x600, nanami.jpg)

are you the same person that was brother posting in the last thread?

No. 1570136

File: 1656020945883.png (364.86 KB, 1079x809, unknown.png)

how do they walk straight into the point and still miss?

No. 1570138

kek nonnie sometimes I feel that way too I can’t even lie.

No. 1570142

People should probably exercise more opsec when it comes to these things, but I also find it a very annoying situation. One video speaking against the grain and a whole bunch of kids simping for an agp go spread her dox.

I don't know if Dylan's info is already on KF, but you know damn well if somebody said what neighborhood he lives in, trannies would be making Nazi Germany comparisons within minutes.

No. 1570143

File: 1656021170552.jpeg (480.46 KB, 828x960, D35F146E-1DD2-423F-A651-733352…)

Here’s the whole thing. Too left to right to bottom right. Sorry for my sorry crop. He’s this close, and still misses it.

No. 1570145


The woman is either hetro or bisexual, willing to commit to a man long term and possibly carry his baby. It's safe to say she might want to get into another relationship with another man and get pregnant for him. Go whine about how all women should just be lesbians somewhere else.

No. 1570147

He should just kill himself it might work out better for everyone.

No. 1570150

It's really telling that he spends an entire paragraph seething about a site she won't tell him about. Whether it's here or ovarit, the point he has a problem with is the fact that he's not wanted in the space in the first place

No. 1570151

It drives me insane to see so many man do this, to wait until after they’re married or even worse, after his wife is pregnant/gives birth. They are the most selfish people in the world. I have to remind myself that majority men aren’t like this (agps) because otherwise I’ll lose any faith in men that I have remaining.

No. 1570156

to make this easy for anons:
- woman is 5'2, 30 years old
- man is tall, 35
- man is from "conservative" southwest area
- man does masculine/manly job (builder?)
- they live in a big city now
- they were friends for ~6 years
- dating for around a year now
- she thinks she may be pregnant as of 6/23, took a test recently

He's definitely waiting until she's too far along to abort or has any reason not to leave him. If it isn't LC but Ovarit I wanna make sure that women see his post and figure out before it's too late. Please circulate this info and post in radfem circles. He's definitely going to wait to tell her and we all know why.

No. 1570157

kek, nope, I'm not, first time I mentioned my brother, just found it nice that not every male is as stupid as the examples we post here.

No. 1570162

are men are stupid. your brother isn’t an exception just because he clocked a tranny.

No. 1570164

This is why moids don’t want us to have the right to abortion. They know we would abort their genetic waste as soon as they pull this shit on us. I hope she has access to at least an illegal method.

No. 1570166

It's posted on ovarit already, mumsnet is another possibility. But they tend to refrain from saying tranny and we don't so that's why lolcow seemed most likely imo

No. 1570167

All moids are shit and you're not doing anything for our perception of them by trying to prove your brother isn't lol

No. 1570173

File: 1656022293707.jpeg (1011.55 KB, 1141x1883, 1380C687-12E4-4F53-9F09-176A68…)

our sexualisation and harassment is actually POWER!!!

No. 1570174

File: 1656022331559.jpeg (103.52 KB, 828x1013, 9DC3DDF4-52F1-40DF-80D5-800053…)

Please, please let this be the beginning of the end…

No. 1570175

Do you mind pointing to the circle or whatever? I’m a new ovarit user but longtime LC user and getting used to their format has been sending me.

No. 1570183

It’s on Translogic.

No. 1570185

No. 1570188

knew this reaction would come, lol

No. 1570189

Men HATE when women talk about them behind their backs in secret. It makes them rage inside. I love it. Also so telling that he’s having these thoughts because of porn. AGP at its finest, everyone.

No. 1570193

Thank you! So I quickly scrolled through the threads and it’s possible this is just good bait. The reading and writing level is on par with coombrain but I refuse to believe a man is so retarded he would post this visibly where he knows she and her ilk dwell. It’s too good a setup.

No. 1570194

Never underestimate men’s stupidity, or overestimate their intelligence.

No. 1570195

File: 1656023084246.jpeg (21.73 KB, 622x395, EpEbq9fXIAI_LWX.jpeg)

>It was at this time that Helms began dating the woman Helms would go on to marry. She strongly disapproved of this fetish. Helms claims to have her told before proposing, but says, "Later in life, Donna would deny that I ever told her about my cross-dressing."
>Helms' fetish eventually motivated MH to divorce in order to pursue it full-time without wife Donna's complaints.
>After the divorce was finalized, MH began frequenting sex clubs which "afforded patrons the chance to watch people have sex in windowed rooms." Helms says these clubs "enabled me to fulfill each and every fantasy I had concerning sex with men. This included orgies, hot tubs."
>Helms authored short stories with sexual themes, including forced feminization and age regression. In one story, a man's wife dies after rejecting his cross-dressing fetish, and the man then steals her identity, wearing her clothing to clubs to have sex, even using her name.

No. 1570196

Dems obsession with coddling and protecting tranny groomers is 1000% gonna cost them elections. I'm not a conservative but republicans are the only ones willing to acknowledge a problem so obvious you must be wilfully retarded to pretend to not see it. The public knows this and will side with the people who are actually talking about the tranny problem

No. 1570197

File: 1656023278370.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1952x5751, E0DB5FF5-F734-444F-9777-5481E9…)

>mind blowing body changes
sure janny.

No. 1570203

File: 1656023527642.jpeg (551.03 KB, 750x2556, 67B4BBDD-BEDB-452E-A164-FB5012…)

>I passed so perfectly a wokebro instantly clocked me and told me how brave and stunning I am.
Same troon kek

No. 1570208

If not for climate change and roe, they’d have my vote, but you know that even if women did put them in power, they’d just turn around and fuck us over.

No. 1570209

They don't understand that they're not passing, but most people are just too polite/apathetic to actively clock a tranny unless he's in the woman's bathroom.

No. 1570212

No. 1570217

File: 1656024218794.jpeg (753.3 KB, 750x1190, 9BB461E1-1533-4163-A726-BD1CF4…)


No. 1570218

Did he delete his Reddit after posting? Can't find him

No. 1570219

What is even the point

No. 1570220

Even in these pics you can tell there are no hips at all. Male bone structure the whole way through.

No. 1570221

Not a yank but as an outside perspective I find it fascinating that the American left can't grasp that they're alienating everyone that should be benefiting from the more liberal side of things but still cry, bitch, and moan when the people they alienate have no choice but to defect to Republicanism for their own safety. I'm not conservative or anything but damn they really need a political party that represents the grey area for left wingers who aren't dangerous retards

No. 1570224

>he wasn’t even creepy, more of a gentleman
Sorry hon, but no. Doesn’t matter how senile an old man is it’s always creepy. Your male brain just doesn’t inform you of that because you’ve never had to worry a day in your life about men taking advantage of you.

No. 1570228

Sage for no milk but if she actually goes to CWU, they have a policy that "prevents discrimination based on gender expression." She should lean into this Kikomi bio-trans role and just say that's her true gender expression lel

No. 1570229

Bottle blond Stephen King

No. 1570231

When did Elton John troon out?

No. 1570232

I don’t even want to vote at this point unless it’s for someone GC and left leaning. Neither Dems or Republicans are selling anything I’m looking to buy.

No. 1570246

>Would I be terribly wrong to go ahead and have a kid and wait to come out to my girlfriend who I know for a fact dislikes trannies?
I suspect this story is fake and I really hope I'm right 'cause wtf

No. 1570249

This is why I find it hilarious when trannies get sir'd despite their boob jobs, porny costumes and a face full of makeup. Like they're obviously men but also obviously trannies, and you'd think people would just play along to avoid drama. But either people know they're troons and purposefully misgender them (power move), or they're so normie that tranny shit doesn't even register in their minds and nothing can distract from a trannies obvious maleness, not even fake tits.

No. 1570250

no better contender for a man so obviously named something like philbert or dan

No. 1570255

File: 1656026619706.webm (3.57 MB, 576x1024, 1DMOtAkwP0KaE5QM(2).webm)

Average tiktok user

No. 1570257

read the thread

No. 1570258

He's malding so hard kek

No. 1570259

Watch the video

No. 1570260

lmao my bad, but i really wish i hadn't

No. 1570263

ily for the reaction kek

No. 1570265

The fact that they don't have internal analysts telling them that and HRC is the one saying it is astounding. We're going to lose the right to abortion in my state and it's actually the democrats' fault too for being so fucking loony that women are polarized between them and the forced birthers.

No. 1570268

File: 1656027792858.jpeg (56.03 KB, 1024x574, 3nb6ax.jpeg)

No. 1570272

Be vigilant, anons! Never trust no matter how nigel! My boyfriend knows that I'm full blown TERF, but to imagine that there's men out there who know that about their girlfriends and hide it scares the shit out of me. I'm just thankful I don't have a uterus. I told my bf, if he ever troons out, I'm gone, but men are so delusional they think somehow they can keep you when you have a fucking boundary. This guy is the worst scum. I'm going to repost this next thread just in case anon is taking a break from the thread.

No. 1570275

And that will only fuck women over. It is literally easier to kill yourself here in rural Tennessee than get anything resembling good women's health care.

No. 1570282

For real it’s crazy that they’re trying to appeal to such a tiny percentage of the population and leaving women behind. It feels like a slap in the face.

No. 1570283

He looks like he's going to pass out kek

No. 1570284


that is the ugliest moid ive ever seen

also Jess account got banned. rip

No. 1570287

Its so funny and also telling that they all immediately jumped to calling her original tiktok transphobic when she is literally just copying exactly what Dylan does and looks like in an exaggerated manner. They KNOW that he is ridiculous, and seeing it on an actual woman is the only thing that will make them acknowledge it.

No. 1570289

Is he autistic?

No. 1570290

File: 1656029695426.png (720.46 KB, 586x1501, 16FD401D-4D5B-48EF-BC25-EA69ED…)

Ignoring the little girl slumber party fetishism for a second, why would he expect to be booked for a crowd that cannot relate to any of his jokes? I guarantee if a comedian who talked only about feminist issues and shat on men her entire show tried to book in some places, the response would be bad for her too. I already hate this guy for that one post where he talked shit about his family looking happy in a picture where he wasn’t invited, but god the entitlement. Like at least know what crowds to pander to.

No. 1570294

File: 1656029950656.jpg (1009.33 KB, 1000x2000, finakomi.jpg)

i was supposed to be retired because i haven't come up with any more funny ideas but since there's so much name dropping here's little something for you all love you crazy women

No. 1570297

Just the first few minutes are insufferable. Like he doesn’t even have a stage presence.

No. 1570301

Thank you for gracing us with your work again. Hope you’re doing okay!

No. 1570302


No. 1570303

Oh anon I really felt Kikomi's tears at the end. Bravo. The banana in the pants was an amazing touch. You're an icon.
Kek he's so obviously male in all ways. His voice is so deep and he's huge.

No. 1570304

Thank you lovely kikomi anon. We truly don't deserve you.

No. 1570305

> an old school old man that probably has glaucoma and going blind was polite to what he thought was an ugly woman

No. 1570306

I love you, thank you

No. 1570307


No. 1570308

They always fight and argue so hard for a group that doesn't even care about them at all. When was the last time you saw a MtF actually advocate for a random underaged girl on Tiktok?

No. 1570309

Literally never. I’ve never seen them do a single thing for women and girls at all, despite claiming to be women and girls.

No. 1570311

You are a goddess.

No. 1570312

let’s be real, it was probably a chaser.

No. 1570313

you’re a legend!

No. 1570314

File: 1656031023960.png (284.54 KB, 265x437, Capture.PNG)

>Racist troon: "If black women can be women so can I!"
>also troons

No. 1570315

Sad kikomi breaks my heart! Justice for afab trans girls!!

No. 1570319

Now that we can’t have abortions anymore, she is stuck with the demented tranny until she pulls a Jodi on him.

No. 1570321

Kikomi being sad and happy in the same category is hilarious. She needs her trans sisters!

God this gives me second hand embarrassment. The jokes are also male jokes that offended the audience at some point. "I asked what Netflix was and he explained!" "Yeah I know you're saying why did you ask?!" "We aren't that stupid, we know what Netflix is." Then something how he knows what it felt like to get respect from a man when he was a man. Fuck him. Also fucking kek at that body. His little icon makes him half way decent, but those shoulders and legs are the funniest part of the show.

No. 1570323

he doesnt get booked because he is not funny. simple as.

No. 1570327

He’s tall af and shaped like a broad inverted triangle. He looks ridiculous next to an actual woman, zero chances to pass IRL.

No. 1570330


No. 1570332

can't we email this tweet to this teen's school? like where does it end?

No. 1570333

>I’m trans, I have a dick, straight men won’t have sex with me, woe is me. Muh tits are big. I’m trans btw.

No. 1570334

>slumber parties are specifically something trans women were excluded from
Troons have the most insane victim complexes on Earth

No. 1570335

separatism is throwing in the towel. change society. don't give up.

No. 1570336

They truly know nothing about actual real life experiences of women growing up. Slumber parties are nothing that special and plenty of girls never experience it. You’re excluded because you had no friends, not because you’re trans. Let alone the way they think it goes where everyone is dressed sexy and kisses after pillow fights or whatever porn situation rotted into their brain, it’s gross how fixated they are on those sexualized situations when it’s nothing more than a play date or hangout between friends if you’re older. But sure if you want to get your freak diaper fetish pedo friends together to recreate some children’s party that’s ~valid~ because somehow it’s an essential part of being a woman?

No. 1570337

Yeah, grown men are excluded from slumber parties because they’re for little girls. Let’s keep it that way.

No. 1570342

they haven't even cracked 50k followers and are being a huge diva lol

No. 1570344

I wish more people could speak out but they wont because of this. Sometimes I wish the internet would just go out, probably for the best tbh

No. 1570345

It’s fucking weird and gross. Blog a little, but I grew up in the late 90s in a neighborhood with a lot of kids and we would occasionally have chaperoned mixed sleepovers. All we did was play video games and eat pizza and make fart jokes. Guess what happened at the sleepovers that were just girls? Same thing with maybe some boy band singalongs. Everything they think about sleepovers comes straight from porn.

No. 1570347

The slumber party fetish troons always trooned out as adults, so why would they (boys) have been invited to girls only slumber parties during their childhood?

(When a troon talks about missing out on "slumber parties" I always assume he means girls only slumber parties and not just slumber parties in general)

No. 1570349

Kek. I fucking love you anon

No. 1570350

lmaoo what an unfortunate shape those shoulders are MASSIVE

No. 1570351

This will work if she can afford to sue over being expelled/fired. But it's fucked up that a complete nobody might be punished for tamely mocking an internet celebrity on the internet.

No. 1570352

also do boys not have sleepovers ? my brother and his friends did plenty of times growing up. if he wasn’t invited to those it was probably because he had no friends

No. 1570355

You love to see it. One moment he's whining about how he shouldn't broaden his material at all and should keep it strictly about the gross identity group he belongs to. Then he's wondering why nobody is showing up when he's made it a point to alienate as much of a cis audience as he can.

I have no experience in stand up myself, but 36k doesn't seem that much in context. Most of those followers are probably fellow trannies (and adjacents) that follow him so they can all participate in tweet thread circlejerks of coping and seething. For all he knows, they're probably there for all the political shit and don't care about his comedy career in the slightest.

No. 1570357

Boys have sleep overs, but they don't get to do the "girly" things that ALL LITTLE GIRLS DO WITHOUT EXCEPTION like have pillow fights and talk about boys and do each other's hair and make up. Trannies who hyperfixate on sleep overs are pedophiles.

No. 1570359

I never did any of that girly shit as a child. Me and my friends were all tomboys so to speak.

No. 1570361

>pinned and liked by creator
boss bitch

No. 1570363

File: 1656035745505.jpeg (37.15 KB, 600x342, E7FAA0F8-C497-4660-8C00-37D522…)

No. 1570365

please come out of retirement nonna, we adore you, i hope you are doing well!

No. 1570366

File: 1656036002910.jpeg (432.03 KB, 750x909, F8DA9255-44B4-4DE4-A5BA-1CA103…)

My poor sides.

No. 1570368

palpably so

No. 1570370

File: 1656036610081.jpeg (751.3 KB, 2560x1920, 5C2AD559-D116-40CB-85D9-1445CB…)

Holy shit

No. 1570371

Slumber parties aren't only a girl thing though, plenty of boys had them too.

No. 1570373

Yeah but troons don’t care about those. They only care about the stereotypical porny girl slumber party with sexy pillow fights and lesbian awakenings or whatever.

No. 1570376

File: 1656037069184.jpg (296.04 KB, 1080x1961, carol_sundahl-1540039097095360…)

No. 1570377

They use the word "people" in the 3rd tweet? Why not "ass-carriers" to stay consistent?

No. 1570379

Irish government very recently removed the words woman and mother from maternity legislation, the world will be seeing a lot more "womb-carriers" type language. Thought we were over the worst of it globally but it might have just been the beginning.

No. 1570381

File: 1656037522476.jpeg (818.95 KB, 750x1129, 38679A6E-CB61-4810-A44A-B1A60D…)

skinwalking our goth high school crush, aren’t we?

No. 1570382

File: 1656037640641.png (8.87 MB, 1170x2532, D7EE13C6-16E7-4092-ABF3-FB9287…)

Weirdo tranny dubs himself the "mother" of all lesbian anime/manga and has an entire tiktok account dedicated to reviewing these stories depicting literal fuckjng children. And yet we're supposed to think they aren't pedos.

No. 1570388

okay adam scott

No. 1570389

Even if they weren't mixed, your friend's little brothers (sometimes older or male cousins) would get bored and hang out with his sister and all her friends. Just pizza and stupid horror movies. It's especially infuriating that they think that girls get to experience this made up fantasy. Frilly pjs, beautiful girls surrounded by pink stuffed animals and make up. All the girls I knew during sleepover age (middle school usually?) rejected pink anything, were self conscious and wore basketball shorts and t shirts to bed and shit talked how unfair our parents were.

No. 1570392

I really, really hope she sees this, he included lots of identifiers so there's a strong chance she will know it's about her. Possibly pregnant too. I've never hated porn as much as this moment, despite any awful thing I've seen acted out in porn or done because of it, this is the most heartless confession of a man's true being we've witnessed on a while. So banal yet so brutal. He doesn't give a fuck about her.

No. 1570395

File: 1656038993788.png (804.02 KB, 963x883, unknown (4).png)

why does he remind me of those alternates from the mandela catalogue kek

No. 1570397

muh authentic self
Gawd I hate this excuse. Putting on womanface is not being your authentic self stupid trannies

No. 1570402

it's the elongated midface

No. 1570403

Idk about you gyns, but I carry my womb everywhere in a pet stroller. If I’m in a hurry, I put it in my bike basket and go for a ride. Looking for suggestions on where to store my black birthing bodies, they take up a lot of space.

No. 1570404

File: 1656039873790.png (293.26 KB, 586x695, christ.PNG)

Jess got a discord and it's just children screaming in voice chat.

No. 1570405

kek how old are these people

No. 1570420

at first glance he and his house look like someone i know my soul almost left my body. nightmare

No. 1570421

File: 1656041863175.jpeg (149.2 KB, 750x1473, C19E81A2-254C-4636-9080-B5E2E4…)


No. 1570429

File: 1656042669208.jpeg (383.08 KB, 750x1440, 11911AD5-9AB5-4970-99B0-010F61…)

Troons are such abusers.

No. 1570437

why do these retards bother staying with parasitic troon mooches? it's obvious the troon just wants some sucker to leech off of while he sleeps around with other men and does nothing of value with his life

No. 1570438


The pornification and mysteriousness of girl's sleepovers reminds me of this old South Park episode where Butters is forced to crossdress and attend one.

>>"if they start lezzing out, just go with it"

No. 1570444

File: 1656043728577.jpeg (714.62 KB, 750x1156, ED33FC0F-8608-4D06-A39B-25C4A7…)

uncanny valley shit.

No. 1570448

I don’t think it’ll last nonna. A lot of people are sick of this shit, more openly now than before or a few years ago. These silly word games are starting to kill the movement.

No. 1570450

File: 1656044233969.jpg (1.54 MB, 4000x4000, FV5XLP4UYAA8q1H.jpg)

its 2022 and porpentine charity heartscape hasn't killed himself yet

"Nameless Grub asked 15 days ago
How are you so prolific?

-if I don't make things I become sick

-I actually make things instead of spending 99% of my time backstabbing or tearing down other artists

-I'm a poor and I'm used to making things quickly and cheaply

-Making things is the only way for someone like me to touch the world. Tens of thousands of people have cried, jerked off, touched, rubbed, licked, horripilated, and otherwise interacted with my stories who would feel sick, queasy unease at the bestiality of being around someone like me. There won't be acceptance for people like me in my lifetime, so this is the closest I'll ever get."

love peeks into the broken mental state of troons

No. 1570455

Yeah, also
>have HIS babies

No. 1570457

Taylor Nicole Dean looking healthier

No. 1570459

scary faggot

No. 1570462

Why is this such a trope? I can’t think of a single sleepover where I actually experimented bc that was reserved for more private times I had with friends.

No. 1570464

File: 1656046203020.jpeg (875.04 KB, 750x1214, 7A836554-E0C8-4439-BAF9-FAE0B6…)

>trans gal
>cis guy
same picture

No. 1570470

Are JNCOs coming back? I’m scared.

No. 1570474

tiktok e-thots were trying but i don't think it's actually happening.

No. 1570478

File: 1656047652710.jpeg (861.98 KB, 750x1334, C9A5198D-2C32-4137-A28F-0FA2AC…)

polka nots!

No. 1570484

File: 1656048701919.jpg (578.25 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20220624-012825_Chr…)

He married an MtF 4 years ago. GAMP/chaser-to-troon pipeline strikes again kek:
Wedding pics:

No. 1570485

yes, they're back kek

No. 1570493

File: 1656049484055.jpeg (Spoiler Image,736.07 KB, 750x1222, 8DE0AC65-795D-4275-AA9F-7739E6…)

spoiler for gross moobs.

No. 1570494

File: 1656049830262.jpeg (530.08 KB, 750x1198, 50CA8E31-FA09-4FC5-881A-10F9BB…)

the fuck is happening here

No. 1570495

File: 1656049969405.jpeg (731.16 KB, 750x1385, F95ADC24-EBBB-49DA-B644-5FD7E0…)

at least this one is aware of how gross he is.

No. 1570496

File: 1656049977300.jpg (147.87 KB, 1246x677, 1522708012180.jpg)

Soros exists. I'm grateful that you mentioned Pritzkers, Strykers and informed me how I might be associated with Qanon for mentioning Soros. But, let me further explain. In picture, soros transferred his wealth to his NGO. And his Twitter account is @georgesoros. And he had tweeted about troon rights and issues linking to his NGO website (https://twitter.com/georgesoros/status/1064896688605794304). Here's archived article https://web.archive.org/web/20211217055733/https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/voices/giving-trans-activism-support-it-deserves
>The International Trans Fund is a grantee of the Open Society Foundations.
>The Open Society Foundations provide financial support to trans-led or LGBT organizations that promote progressive, rights-based processes for legal gender recognition.

So, Soros is aware of trans movement and actively supporting it through his foundation.

No. 1570497

The unfinished basement giving such cute vibes lmao

No. 1570501

File: 1656050480824.png (93.82 KB, 760x533, Screenshot_20220623-225802.png)

What a revolutionary take that men have been telling women for 100s of years

No. 1570502

like moids would be ok with no actual women in porn kek

No. 1570503

that part I'm ok with tbh lmfao

No. 1570507

Thanks nonna. I hope she finds this post, aborts his troon spawn and runda far away from this perverted scrote. He is waiting until she's heavily pregnant.

No. 1570508

Woman not in porn sounds like a better world tbh. If troons could do one thing by existing let it be that.

No. 1570518

I'll admit I had a couple of weird sexual experiences as a kid and young girl at sleepovers (not like a group but one on one) but those were spurred on by the girls who came on to me being sexually abused at home. As adults they've apologized and explained what was going on that made them act like that. Other than those couple experiences the only even remotely "sexual" thing I can think of that me & a bunch of girl friends did at a sleepover was compare pubes because we were all self conscious about it & thought it'd make us feel better about ourselves lol

No. 1570520

moids literally can’t do art that isn’t motivated by their horniness, that’s why we have hundreds of years of paintings of naked women and little else. moids are empty inside.

No. 1570522

He also supports legalizing prostitution and completely unregulated immigration. He also sponsors everything on NPR and PBS, so that's part of why they run "muh feminist hijab" crap, cover up immigrant rape/sex abuse stories, and will never question why healthy males are >95% of the "refugees" coming from patriarchal hell hole countries.

No. 1570531

Porn is the only thing that men wouldn’t allow us to be pushed out of. All of the “cis women only” subs allowed on Reddit are degrading porn subs.

No. 1570532

File: 1656053903819.jpeg (10.1 KB, 200x124, E373DCE6-5D55-446D-815B-8ECCC1…)

Gender: male
Age: 10,000 BC

No. 1570538

Love you queen thanks for blessing us

No. 1570547

>patriarchal hell hole countries.
That's right. They should stop painting themselves as our ally if they kept pushing agendas that's harmful to women

No. 1570548

File: 1656056544269.jpg (422.84 KB, 1080x1884, IMG_20220624_084116.jpg)

No. 1570549

>step in front of a bus
Men always choose the most selfish methods of suicide. Just hang yourself you fucking loser. If you’re too fat for a rope then slit your wrists.

No. 1570556

kikomi looks so uguu kawaii in her banana hammock!

No. 1570565

>Democrat wins
Women might get to keep abortions but will lose to trooner groomers

>Repbulican wins

Byebye abortions but trooner groomers will also lose

Either way women lose

No. 1570567

File: 1656059769679.jpg (144.91 KB, 1280x720, 1566457732803.jpg)

>republican wins
>plan B pharma stocks

>democrat wins

>HRT pharma stocks

No. 1570569

KEK I was in a Zoom meeting with our cameras off and I saw someone in our chat was named Lilith, and I even thought to myself “aw, what a cute name to give your daughter.” Turned out to be a white man later. They love any variation of that name.

No. 1570574

he totally pass, as a fridge
>>1570478 jfc kill it with fire
>>1570494 that ugly ass wig deformed and his ugly torso eww
>>1570444 one reason why woman should never cover their faces in makeup like this, fuck the drag culture and these mofos.

No. 1570581

>Days like this make me want to step in front of a bus
Do a flip faggot

No. 1570586

Rule always proves true: >>1568726

No. 1570595

The difference being that it's easier to convince the democrats that trans identified men are a menace to women's rights. Hilary Clinton is already openly questioning trans "rights". With the republican it isn't only the right to abortion who is going to be abolished.

No. 1570596

Sometime I wonder if Faceapp was created by Russia to destroy the US.

No. 1570599

notice how she did not mention Dylan once and yet everyone knew perfectly who she was mimicking

No. 1570609

As someone with a very foreign name in a very homogeneous country, fucking grow up oh no someone laughed at your name and now you just rage quit? Men are pathetic and could never deal with women’s lives

No. 1570615

Kek, this never crossed your mind but you're so right.

No. 1570616

good, i strive to make any troon i encounter feel precisely like this. let's hope he follows through with his suicide bait

No. 1570617

If the moderate democrats start rebelling against the woke establishment, yes. That's under assumption they didn't get canceled during re-election campaign

No. 1570621

Wtf are you on about nona? George soros exist and "philanthropist"? K E K! Epstein was a philanthropist, jimmy savile was a philanthropist.

No. 1570622

i think the tides definitely will turn, but it's gonna take years of chemically castrating children and amputating healthy breasts.

No. 1570626

It pains me every time I saw healthy girl with big bewbs turned their breasts into chopping board.

No. 1570635

What does them being big have to do with anything?

No. 1570637

Of course this person would equate porn and selling drugs with art and music. As if the former two are something grand and to be proud of.

FINA's head is a man and we don't know to what extent women were involved in their decision. But of course, trannies will go after actual women first. They don't seem to go after men as much in this regars. I wonder why?

No. 1570641

Yeah that was a weird comment

No. 1570643

A very scrotey comment.

No. 1570645

Yeah if that jess girl who made the Dylan parody was a guy he'd just get a few kys at most and would be left alone as it will get called just a 'satire'. Trannies would get told to get a sense of humor. I can't imagine her getting such a witch hunt after her if she had been a guy. I've never actually seen a man have consequences of making fun of trannies, it's always women (JKR, Warrior cat lady, Jess…) who they try to socially disrupt and make them lose their jobs. Ricky Gervais straight up joked that trannies go to female toilets to rape women and got just a miniscule backlash.

No. 1570646

File: 1656073679631.jpg (352.92 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20220622-172347__01…)

46 years old according to his profile.

No. 1570649

the mlp merch…

No. 1570652

The "fuck terfs" mlp shirt while holding a weapon really does it for me kek

No. 1570664


i want to join so bad kek

No. 1570668

File: 1656076457397.png (130.79 KB, 510x594, CCEF7EFB-9CF4-425A-BD03-5AF209…)

Closet TIMs baby trapping women is becoming a common practice. Watch out, sisters.

No. 1570671

He wouldn't get further than "offi-
before they shot him through his fake tits

No. 1570672

Me too but I get too nervous to join discords like that. I would love to see the freak outs though.

No. 1570673

>thinking of myself as a woman makes me horny
And yet, it isn’t a fetish they will say.

No. 1570674

I hate this man. This dude is waffling on something that shouldn’t even be a consideration. He needs to tell her NOW so she can get an abortion if she wants and leave his ass in the dirt. You just know he’ll come out once the baby is already born to screw her over the maximum amount. They’re so fucking selfish!

No. 1570684

>>1570606 You need to be chimpanzee with downs’ level retarded to think some scrote in a skirt is more of a threat to women than being legally classified as livestock. You were complaining about trannies baby-trapping women in this same thread and now you’re saying “just don’t be a cumdump, tee hee!”
You are strongly advised to reach out to a local shelter and have yourself put down.

No. 1570691

what is trans women's music if not some nyeeh nyeeh eek keek i like a bobbie screeching with some autotune animevoice

No. 1570693

they can't do anything else than some very lame techno

No. 1570696

I agree. Aborting troons’ spawn > everything else.

No. 1570698

or sing about their moobs and being a hypersexual enuch who’s never had an orgasm like Kim Petras.

No. 1570702

…You do know some women/girls who get pregnant didn't have a choice in the matter, right? I literally know two kids who were conceived during a rape, it's not that uncommon in states that strongly restrict abortion rights

No. 1570704

If I got married and then once I'm pregnant and past the point of aborting my fucking husband goes "oh btw I'm transitioning now, teehee!" I would seriously consider homicide. They ALWAYS wait till it's past the point of no return to drop that bomb and it's not a fucking mistake.

No. 1570705

besides not thinking about the life of his wife, he isn't even considering the hell that unborn child will have to go through with him as a dad and the betrayal he will have caused. Honestly, I'm so damn happy that I don't want children and learned to never trust anyone, the idea of being pregnant and having a guy betraying everything I believe in and expected for my future with him, I would cut of his dick myself.

No. 1570706

Where I'm from the marriage gets automatically annulled if one of the partners transitions. I think that's pretty based and logical, I don't get how that isn't the case in every country.

No. 1570712

Giving moids(yes, including troons) legal license to permanently alter the course of a woman's life with an unwanted pregnancy is far, far more devastating than letting Sakura PonySprinkles-Galore né Jonathan wank in the ladies' room.

No. 1570716

The entire purpose of anti-abortion activism is to force women into traditional gender roles so we're tied to and completely dependent on a moid for life. These people are very explicit about this, it's also why they oppose birth control and want to classify the most effective ones(IUD, implant) as murder. Banning abortion absolutely does reduce women to legal breeding stock, any man can rape any woman and have her become his unwilling broodmare.

No. 1570719

File: 1656081569365.jpg (226.57 KB, 1080x1132, IMG_20220624_153817.jpg)

roe v wade overturned and trannies predictably making it all about themselves.

No. 1570723

Women should pretend to be pregnant to see how their moids react, if they troon out you can leave, if not oops false alarm guess i'm not pregnant after all kek

No. 1570726

Wanted pregnancies kill more women in a year than trannies murder in a decade. Losing abortion access is the bigger threat.

No. 1570727

GOD. I’m sorry to be so mad but I wish these fucking piece of shit men would stop making this about them. It’s obvious they don’t give a shit who this actually effects. Fuck Anthony here. Fuck all of them.

No. 1570728

I thought the lefty position was "no uterus, no opinion"?

Of course the tranny has to rear his ugly head to talk about his issues. Hope "Erin"'s axe wound starts necrotising soon.

No. 1570729

SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade to increase the "domestic supply of infants." Politicians and doctors are calling us "birthing bodies" and "uterus-carriers" instead of women.

No. 1570733

Trying not to Trans-log, but troons really hate when things aren't about them huh? I'm not on social media but thinking about hiding these threads becuase I know theres going to be so many troons running to talk about "trans" and even blaming "Cis women" for not supporting troons as to why this happened or some weird shit. I hate it so much.

No. 1570734

All the words they use to avoid saying, "Woman"fucking makes me want to scream, it's so disgusting. No dick havers or "Sperm producers" or whatever the fuck.

No. 1570737

Yeah that anon has lost her mind. Also, despite the one she replied to using the word “literally”, it should be obvious it was meant as a filler word because that’s how it typically gets used. They’re not actually classifying us as cows or anything, but they are effectively setting it up for us to be used in a similar way.

No. 1570742

oh my fucking god erin none of this actually affects you please sit this one out

No. 1570744

people in the replies are actually telling him to tell his wife asap but he keeps trying to deflect and say “oh but she’s pregnant idk if the timing is right” men are so fucking evil n selfish. ur wife decides to know that she’s having a baby with an insane fetishist who wants to mutilate his own body.

No. 1570745

If I was an employer and I got an email about an employee being "transphobic" I'd give them a fucking raise lmao I'll always support women standing up against sexism and misogyny

No. 1570746

File: 1656083643720.jpeg (1010.5 KB, 1170x1992, 9F50CDEA-35EE-49B8-ADBC-F87D01…)

No. 1570747

Both sides are so intent on dehumanizing us.

No. 1570748

File: 1656083667997.jpg (326.82 KB, 1500x2683, 2.jpg)

No. 1570749

Same, I hope her employer is cool and brushes it off but it’s probably gotten too big for that now.

No. 1570752

I genuinely believe my female boss would 100% be on my side if this happened to me, she's really based and I could just show them some of the billion troons masturbating around children in public. Even the men in my office are openly against troons after the Lia Thomas incident kek

No. 1570757

File: 1656084766877.jpg (334.4 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20220624-163138_Red…)

> Implying the stinky troon now gets his floppy moobs and girl dick out around his poor family.
God they're such cretins

No. 1570760

Jennifer Coolidge from an alternate hell dimension

No. 1570777

If her employer doesn't fire her, they'll start sending her employer death threats too. Did you forget who we're talking about? Trannies murder people just for existing in public after they've been turned down for a date.

No. 1570779

Do you honestly believe that doctors and nurses being trained to think of you as a "birthing body" or "uterus-carrier" won't have an effect on the quality of medical care you receive?
Pregnant women are already lied to when they have cancer or when something is terribly wrong with their pregnancy just because a doctor believes the life of the fetus is more worth saving than the life of the woman it's inside of. What will happen now that it's legal for a state to codify that value hierarchy into law? How many women will die of trauma injuries because a hospital wouldn't treat them until a pregnancy test is completed? How many women will die of sepsis because she had to wait for a judge to decide whether she should be allowed to live even if her baby is already dead?

No. 1570780

Don't go in a public changing room. Wow, turns out not being in a changing room with a tranny is just as easy as not getting pregnant.

No. 1570787

ok, scrote. no one’s having sex with you anyway, so you wouldn’t understand.

No. 1570792

nta but I think nonna here was making the case that it's, in fact, not that easy to not get pregnant and access to safe abortions is a more pressing issue for women than trannies?
either case, both are linked. both are anti women and feed off of each other, despite what TRAs keep saying.

No. 1570799

> “it is no coincidence”
Well, at least we agree on something. You’ve spent the last decade stripping women of their humanity, calling us “birthing bodies” “womb-carriers” and “menstruators”
Reducing women to “birthing bodies” with no reproductive agency of their own is fundamentally what anti abortion legislation is about—not that this 100% male wombless specimen knows or cares a single thing for the lived experiences of the women he badly mimicks.

No. 1570800

“We need to regulate women's bodies” rightfully sounds fucked up, it upsets people.
“We need to regulate birthing bodies” sounds like something you’d hear on a fucking dairy farm

No. 1570804

All this birthing bodies, menstruators stuff is just men saying the quiet part out loud, definitely helped me decide to never have a baby (at least not from my own body, adoption or something could happen)

Trans scrotes and right wing scrotes are the same scrotes, both of them reduce women to bodily functions, yet trans scrotes think they are on opposing teams somehow.

No. 1570807

The (underage) anon who keeps deleting their retarded takes is making this thread hard to read, can't even tell what half of the replies are directed at.

No. 1570819

not to mention that a lot of women who have died after being denied access to an abortion wanted to be pregnant. they just had complications that made an abortion medically necessary. it's not as simple as "just don't get pregnant lol".

No. 1570827

Why do these people act as if cons haven't been gunning to get rid of RvW since the 70's? Anti-abortion has been their thing longer than even anti-gay stuff has.

No. 1570836

File: 1656090691598.jpg (246.72 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20220624-120807__01…)

Nothing can EVER be about women, even when our rights to our own bodies have just been ripped away. It's always gotta be about trannies. Also the irony of a tranny making this tweet and inserting himself in the middle of the dialogue even though he will not be effected in the slightest…pure narcissism.

No. 1570841

Can they please stop bringing up intersex people? Because I have 100% never seen a single intersex person in their movement, just obviously AGP scrotes pretending to be “totes intersex” cough monopoly man scrote cough cough
I actually WOULD care to hear from people who are intersex about their experiences, but I strongly suspect that they find trannies just as offensive as we do.

No. 1570843

Even from the time when anti-gay propaganda was pretty common, actual trannies were exceedingly rare. I very much doubt reactionary groups like John Birch society were warning about Magnus Hirschfeld's work or something. The closest pushback you'd get is displays of transvestism like in Psycho - which were a public perception of homosexuals. None of this was essentialy about their skinwalking fetish because (contrary to popular belief) they really don't have this grand trans history they like to talk about.

Considering how many times post-Roe abortion clinics had wackos shooting them up and murdering people, trannies like Tony should really shut the fuck up.

No. 1570846

I've seen twitter users with actual expertise on DSDs (some even having one I think) lecturing the TRAs pretty well only to have the other side spaz out.

It's a bad faith argument. They only bring it up because they think it disproves the sex binary. They assume people won't dare to call being intersex a disorder because it's not PC. One TRA was bringing up women who were female despite having an XY karyotype. What they conveniently forgot to mention is that these women are born with functionless gonads and need treatment to experience puberty.

The thing is, the existence of intersex people never justified men calling themselves women. A guy with Klinefelter's or a woman with Swyer's existing doesn't mean a regular-ass XY man can transition into an XX woman. It's so stupid.

No. 1570847

Any intersex people that can get pregnant are still just women. Intersex isn't some mystical third sex, they're still either female or male-certain intersex conditions are sex-specific, and other present differently in females and males. This troon(and TRAs in general) have no idea what intersex conditions actually entail, they think they're all hentai dickgirls

No. 1570851

trans, trans, trans, TRAnNSss, and TranS.
Everything is about them even fucking abortion, I…. truly….

No. 1570853

Even if they could disprove the sex binary (they can’t) why would that support their point? That’s like saying biracial people prove that transracialism is a real thing—it makes no sense and has nothing to do with anything

No. 1570859

It’s so fucking tonedeaf. We haven’t even had a full few hours to let this settle in.

No. 1570863

Actually I’ve very much heard from intersex people that they hate being lumped in with troons and their issues are very different. This is part of why the ever-expanding LGBTQIAA+++ umbrella makes no sense and dilutes people’s ability to politically organize around common issues. What on earth do LGB people (sexual orientation), trans & nonbinary (gender identity) and intersex people (rare medical condition) even have in common?

No. 1570864

they mooch off of a womens rights issue, steal our slogans ("my body my choice"), egotistically self-insert and at the end claim "see? we DO care about your rights too! so you have to care about ours as well!"

No. 1570873

I swear to god these people are incapable of feeling empathy for women. I genuinely think they are convinced that this is ONLY bad for non women since all women are to these people are braindead whores who ask for being treated badly. their view of women is the exact same as a hardcore religious conservative misogynists

No. 1570886

On the off chance she reads here and wants to keep her job/education. I would play it off as completely sincere. Tell them you're a true and honest AFAB trans girl!!!

Also funny how she never even mentioned Dylan in her video but all the TRAs assumed it was an attack. Surely that must tell them something?

No. 1570889

Yes it’s been posted already.

No. 1570896

File: 1656096244971.jpeg (512.39 KB, 960x1231, 664AB914-9D20-4A82-A972-C8E2FE…)

Here’s what she said in response to someone asking what made her peak:

No. 1570901

oh my apologies, i was so pissed off i didn’t even check kek

No. 1570924

sorry about federalist link, check out 11th hour blog jennifer bilek

No. 1570937

File: 1656098097199.jpeg (142.54 KB, 640x634, 1A41D7E4-49A4-46A0-B6D2-007372…)

Start referring to men as "dick havers", especially trans women. If they had the chop then they are "former dick havers."

No. 1570949

It’s okay I feel you nonnie. I think everyone’s kind of enraged today.

No. 1570950

Could use prostate havers, I don’t think they get that removed do they?

No. 1570952

sometimes they do or at least moved, it's all mengele shit. I use prostate haver on the reg.

No. 1570954

File: 1656099182849.jpeg (62.94 KB, 632x432, 714F87E6-0A53-4822-83D5-5281A9…)

One of the top GOP donors is an AGP billionaire (the only trans billionaire). He’s given tens of millions to pro life think tanks and only very recently had a spat with the Republican Party because he’s trans. Thank you Jennifer Pritzker for helping overturn Roe!

No. 1570955

why wouldn’t troons be pro life? They want to control every aspect of womens bodies.

No. 1570959

File: 1656100320454.png (34.41 KB, 592x349, 2022_06_24-21_50_18_chrome.png)

Amazing, those are both equally important and worth focusing on

No. 1570960


the trouble is you have to find a way to dress it up in acronyms and academic speak so instead of identifying you as a normal person they have doubt as to whether you've absorbed an even newer dogma.

i probably wouldn't even type out the term first, just use acronyms and make them ask you what this crap means. "oh, EGI is external genitalia'd individual. it's the latest in penises"

No. 1570964

Can someone explain to me how the fuck tranny shit hasn’t been criminalized but abortion has? I thought conservatives were obsessed with it

No. 1570967

>Oh, no, Susan, you can't leave for an abortion now, Jennifer and Audrey are still not back from their surgery and pill-buying spree respectively. Who's gonna do the job?

No. 1570968

they should spend that money on making their game good

No. 1570971

don't forget having a child with that persons genetic disposition towards narcissism and autogynephilia

No. 1570972

this is a great idea

No. 1570973


it's amazing how easily corporations are able to spin the fact they'd rather you get an abortion than take maternity leave.

No. 1570976

probably the 2nd most evil man in existence in the US right now. the hate i have for this political family is up there with the sacklers.

No. 1570978

File: 1656101979514.jpg (74.44 KB, 1081x638, Tumblr_l_4282381690082156.jpg)

Pls do not ask for Lilith Sakura's real name, it will remind her of her trauma of being on watch list

No. 1570980

File: 1656102359804.jpeg (45.21 KB, 458x357, F6668F45-4497-46F0-A4E2-0BD6CA…)

> “it’s the latest in penises”

No. 1570982

who is the first one? jeff bezos?

No. 1570983

A lot of boys had slumber parties and a lot of girls never had slumber parties because their parents were too worried their friends' dads could molest us, when will this male learn? I guess he was such an annoying faggot none of his male classmates ever wanted to invite him to anything and they were right to do that.

No. 1570984

because they want to fuck up more people's lives.
trannies only make up like 0.3% of the us population

No. 1570985

File: 1656102756612.jpeg (265.9 KB, 1480x1349, 04605B94-28D0-4FB5-9912-EE7EC9…)

That didn’t take long

No. 1570986

File: 1656102783716.png (346.44 KB, 1152x835, 053D4514-1779-4426-83C2-DE032E…)

SA, interesting what they decide to keep and what they decide to ban. Hmmmm.

No. 1570988

His name is Anthony

No. 1570990

File: 1656103101308.gif (2.65 MB, 304x200, confusion.gif)

Why the fuck are they calling women who specifically had their wombs removed from their bodies against their will "womb carriers"? Are these journalists developmentally challenged? Wait, we already know the answer to that. Because by their logic these women aren't womb carriers then, since their bodies don't carry wombs, you know, so what do we call them then? Ex womb carriers? "Birthing bodies" doesn't work either since they've been sterilized by force to make sure they can't give birth. Hmmm, if only there was a word for this specific category of people…

No. 1570991

File: 1656103109717.jpeg (77.34 KB, 828x481, 56304449-0A17-4347-B530-9E17D3…)

So while roe has been overturned the Biden administration has instead expanded Title XI to troons, meaning they can ruin your life by saying they got raped by an evil TERF and it will be more difficult to convict troons prosecuted for sexual crimes

No. 1570995

Sage for rant, but can America’s senile grandpa please go back to the nursing home already? He was elected to be a non-Trump moderate that we could all tolerate, why in the fuck is he spending so much political capitol stripping away women’s rights and protections? The republicans already have that covered, Joe.

No. 1570996

Women have lost our first amendment rights and the mentally ill men are getting special “muh feelings must be protected” laws passed for them. I’m done

No. 1571002

Not only that their right to sexual assault is being codified. Read the fine print. This makes it even harder to prosecute sexual harassment done by “non binary” and trans moids

No. 1571009

Do you have an article you’d recommend, anon? Im having a hard time finding that fine print, and would love to be able to show it to the handmaidens in my life.

No. 1571012

That poor listen flavor hoodie…

No. 1571028

TumblrinAction too (was sitting around 470K+ subs before being purged)
I'm still mourning the death of two great subs nonna

No. 1571031

File: 1656105546543.jpg (423.67 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20210916-145015__01…)

inagine posting this and immediately getting someone saying that it happened to them too…

No. 1571035

Somwehre out there, today was a good day.

No. 1571044

File: 1656106183533.jpg (465.48 KB, 1080x2123, Screenshot_20210923-013838__01…)

and my fave: the guy who claims he's a macho straight man who got hrt boobs…for reasons and who lets his obese neckbeard housemate fuck him b/c "bottoming is easier". not making this up. dude made several threads on this.

No. 1571045

I literally had to tell my new doctor I’m a cis women today. She ask what kind of women I was. How is this now the new normal? I said “A women, I don’t know, straight cis women?” I was confused, if I was even using the correct terminology. I’m not even thirty, and the world has changed so much.

No. 1571048

you sure you didn't misunderstand…

No. 1571052

I mean, but of course. It’s one thing to create an obvious outlet for revenge porn/men to degrade real women that they personally know, another thing entirely to actually risk hurting a tranny’s very important, brave, and valid fee-fees on the internet. Heaven forbid. Then they might lose their stunning and inspiring euphoria boners!!!

No. 1571053

>“What kind of woman are you?”
There are two appropriate answers here:
1. “The only type of woman that has ever existed. The type of woman who has two X chromosomes and a vagina. The kind of woman who needs to see a gynecologist. The kind of woman who does not need prostate exams. Are you sure you went to medical school? These things were covered in middle school biology.” OR
2. Play dumb. “What kind of a woman am I? A pretty badass one, I’d say! The kind of woman who likes to let her hair down and breathe in the fresh spring air. The kind of woman who takes long walks on the beach and offers to help her friends learn to change a tire. Is that what you meant?”

No. 1571061

It almost sounds like a flirty question, so inappropriate, also can't she just look at your medical records to find this out?

No. 1571062

>it's 99% cis women supporting trannies

It's 90% trannies supporting trannies, zoom in on those profile pics anon

No. 1571063

Lol. I had this question asked of me once. I said "the one without balls" and the doctor lightly laughed. They're just forced into this shit because they took training too seriously.

No. 1571072

It’s got one of the shittiest most pornified chars in the series. He can have it.

No. 1571074

What did she even mean by this? What a weird question.

No. 1571085

Honestly it is so confusing, but I've come to the conclusion that enough scrotes deem troons fuckable for it to be the exception for all their views. Perversions always come first in priorities.

No. 1571122

It’s new training I guess she was trying to be PC? Pretty sure it was required.

No. 1571125

What is with this push to include gender non-conforming people in with the rest of the trans shit? They're constanly pushing "gender identity is not gender expression!!" as an excuse for why mtf "butches" and ftm "femboys" exist, but all of a sudden being a normal gnc person is enough to be included as a subsection of trans? Fuck off, my buzzcut doesn't make me one of you.

No. 1571131

I would just act like it’s 10 years ago and I have no idea about any of this crap and make her explain it all while I raise my eyebrow slightly. Then I will laugh like a maniac. Then just not answer.

No. 1571138

sorry for blogging but i am newly peaked and have nowhere else to seethe without getting into fights i do not want to have.

troons need to shut the fuck up today. just shut the fuck up. shut up.
"dOn'T fOrGeT tRanS pEoPlE aRe aFfEcTeD bY ThIs TOOOOO"
"pLeAsE uSe InCluSiVe LaNgUaGe!11!!"


No. 1571143

File: 1656115862243.jpg (137.07 KB, 828x1148, libsoftiktok-15404264545040465…)

another pedo tranny

No. 1571144

File: 1656115889364.jpg (92.9 KB, 828x930, libsoftiktok-15403387650753372…)

No. 1571155

…wow. This led me down a bit of a rabbit hole, and there are also apparently “Autopedophiles” who fantasize about becoming the children they desire. When trans people say they desire female puberty… that’s absolutely what it is. Pedophilia.


No. 1571158

File: 1656117408483.jpeg (994.6 KB, 1340x1871, B8677598-5B9E-4E01-9538-7A56A3…)

Just you know trying to learn more about adhd in women…

No. 1571163

I never knew about lesbians having to fight to keep NAMBLA out of the lgbt until anons posted about it. I don’t believe all gay men are pedos but a decent amount of them wanted to include boy abusing pedos and it’s glossed over.

No. 1571168

There's something funny about the way they wrote this, the focus on the anatomical differences and "who identify as female" makes me think it was a terf doing the bare minimum

No. 1571173

the vast majority of the famous troons are AGP aka heterosexual white men. they can't betray their own. never underestimate the power of male sex loyalty.

No. 1571175


i came here for the exact same reason. its basically the only place to vent about how fucking insane this is getting.

i used to be so rah rah for this shit and now the only thing i can think about is how we should have kicked them all out immediately. everything is getting sabotaged.

No. 1571193

File: 1656121142384.jpeg (92.51 KB, 750x365, 770BC319-8086-43B3-B67E-AC7B66…)

finally a based wife.

No. 1571201

File: 1656121534288.jpeg (568.58 KB, 750x1145, 55618424-2644-447F-9F95-F67792…)

Shane Dawson finally trooned out.

No. 1571202

>needless to say I'm homeless
hearty chuckle

Sounds like she walked in on him doing some AGP shit and kicked him out

No. 1571204

I would just act confused and say something like "One who likes reading?" or something, maybe a weight joke like one who likes drinking too much, etc. Don't dignify them. Make them feel embarrassed for asking, or try to find a new doctor.

No. 1571205

Good lol

No. 1571206

Because trannies can be men, while only women need abortions.

No. 1571207

She should tell them the Kikomi comics made her realise her true self and that she had been living a lie and is really a stunning and brave AFAB transgurl.

No. 1571227

File: 1656122795832.jpg (117.64 KB, 1060x681, Screenshot_20220624-175028_Twi…)

women's basic rights being stripped away, but the trans!!!!!

No. 1571239

"what is that supposed to mean?" would also be really effective

No. 1571245

kek, good for her, might he never find a home again, even a sleeping bag would be too good for him.

No. 1571250

>be female athlete
>get raped by tranny in locker room
>get pregnant
>try to abort the rape baby
>you get charged with attempted murder and probably some federal hate crime for transphobia

this shit is so depressing

No. 1571251

Men can never figure out curtains, not even when they buy actual curtains instead of a bed sheet or shower curtain.
Sounds like another instance of the stay-at-home deadbeat husband to troon pipeline. I've seen more women supporting their husbands than the other way around.

No. 1571253

what are they afraid of? If they would be in danger and needed to hide they can just cut their hair, put on some "male" clothes and they are good to go, no one would harm them, they could even go around and rape some women with their girldick and the women wouldn't be allowed to abort anything in some places. Nothing changed for them, they are still in power.

No. 1571256

because he's bought and paid for by drug companies and troon-filled tech companies

No. 1571258

File: 1656123944820.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3024x4355, AE851694-AB1A-4CDD-90D0-D7EE50…)

Human Shrek as a hon.

No. 1571267

KEK I really needed this tonight. Thanks, Nonna! I've already told my husband if he ever troons out or "discovers" he's bisexual, he needs to gtfo lol.

No. 1571268

But you don’t understand, silly menstruator. Boymoding is more painful and more traumatizing than having 1,000 rape babies! You’re just living life on easy mode, I would happily take all your feminine woes off your hands and wear them as a costume. What I would give to have your uterus so I could get pregnant with a fetish baby, feed it my nipple discharge, and give it up for adoption.

No. 1571270

anders and jos truitt were the OG troons of the feminist blogosphere. they built the foundation in the 2000s that has led to all reddit/other sm gathering places to have troon contingents in the first place, that later took over. janet mock was one of their sidekicks before he decided he wanted a better paycheck and dropped activism for a z list tv career

No. 1571292

File: 1656125680581.jpeg (202.96 KB, 750x832, 2D2FBAE7-E46C-4D56-8EAA-F45DF5…)


No. 1571299

the irony of the toilet seat being left up kekkkkkk

No. 1571301

More accurate representation of LGBT recently. I miss female lesbian media

No. 1571302

Their narcissism is hilarious. Also, note that he left out the brown and black kek

No. 1571306

Let's be honest, that's how it's going to look like either after this pride semester ends or by the next year.

No. 1571307

Not gonna lie I think lesbians deserve more honest rep and separation from these degenerates. Straight woman being crap towards lesbians is so fucking counter intuitive.

No. 1571314

if you transition are you effectively aborting yourself jw

No. 1571326

If only.

No. 1571327

>give it up for adoption
more like groom it into the troon polycule and soapbox about the 41% when it inevitably an hero's

No. 1571333

Aha, they don't want to love as women, they just want their lives on "easy mode". Not that it actually comes true because other men still treat them as part of their fraternity.

No. 1571337

God damn it. Right when I think my hate for troons is misguided it pulls me back in. Women are physically limited, genetically, by our reproductive capabilities, whether we can reproduce or not, our biology is catered to it evolutionary wise. We suffer for it. If you're born a woman, you don't get to skip out on it. Some testosterone raged women still get knocked up and let their faggot "girlfriends" feed it cottage cheese charge with no nutrients. It sucks being a woman. We deal by demanding rights, safe spaces, and dignity because of the sacrifices we make for continuing the god damn human race. These moids, wearing their spinning dresses can't even. They just worried they might need to work an extra part time job for their dick chop. I'm so full of hate. I'm just glad I don't need to dilate.

No. 1571343

TVTropes was once a terf, there was an example of a transwoman raping a real women, and then turn around to call him a man, kek. My best bet of that example is now cancelled or deleted.

No. 1571346

freudian slip GTFO moid you are not welcome here

No. 1571352

Because you are still misogynistic perverts. Being tranny lite doesn't make y'all any less repulsive. Now fuck off scrote

No. 1571358


go cry to one of your pedo discord servers or reddit. FUCK OFF.

No. 1571361

who cares about your bitch ass ego getting bruised, scrote. go dilate with a cactus.

No. 1571371

No they don't lol. They go after gay men. Some are definitely perverts, though.

No. 1571372

Stop talking to y chromos, they know and don't care.

Ugh. This surprised me and then it didn't.

No. 1571377

It seems like you don't actually know what a boymoder is.

No. 1571382

File: 1656131228305.jpeg (213.91 KB, 750x906, D85A87BA-E9DA-46BA-90A3-D9E57D…)

troons are preparing themselves to shoot shit up, apparently.

No. 1571385

i remember when i first started seeing that particular shift in the sex/gender narrative. i watched the argument go from "sex isn't the same thing as gender!! no ones saying there's a third sex, it's just that people's identities' don't always match with their biological sex!!" which seemed reasonsable to me. to "um ACKSHUALLY, if you examine most nonbinary's people's chromosomes you'd find that they're on a spectrum between male and female." and "biological sex is just a social construct bigot!"

No. 1571386

james charles at coachella

No. 1571388

File: 1656131798631.jpeg (895.29 KB, 1284x2529, A8AA2854-F051-4AC6-87F2-BA9BBB…)

No. 1571389

Uh, yes? You're still insufferable faggots all the same

No. 1571391

File: 1656132034788.jpeg (755.25 KB, 1284x1848, 655B232F-33E4-4AD7-A886-92ACDD…)

No. 1571392

File: 1656132171561.jpeg (418.99 KB, 1284x836, F8A86380-7598-419F-B7B5-5C81D5…)

This one is kind of hilarious.

No. 1571393

funny how you never see women suffering from infertility say shit like this. it's almost as if they know that they're women whether they're able to get pregnant or not while deep down these moids know they will always be moids no matter what.

No. 1571395

>"Boymoders are transwomen who attempt to present as male while transitioning with feminizing hormones"

Literally takes two seconds to google anon.

No. 1571397

File: 1656132421500.png (519.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1648715687688.png)

No. 1571398

today is a rough day to be subscribed to all the trans subs for milk ngl

No. 1571399

File: 1656132439535.jpeg (542.78 KB, 1284x1799, F9FD088E-FEB0-4497-A690-423A11…)

Posting these comments from a post that was about a man going to a job interview in womanface (the post isn’t very interesting, but these comments were. The last one is just so creepy. I guess it’s a body language thing but I have never interpreted smile in that way unless the context was obviously flirty. Is this just a case of man sees woman smile at him and thinks it means she wants to fuck?

No. 1571400

Trannies. They are just. Trannies. No one cares about tranny terms either so why bother googling it.

No. 1571401

body language analysis is pseudoscience.

No. 1571404

I mean the lesbians.

No. 1571405

The comments on that thread are so fucked. I hate men. I especially hate men who want to wear us like a costume.

No. 1571406

>gets called a fag
>gets euphoria from it
these people are the opposite of everything the lgb community stands for.

No. 1571412

>watching Woke stream the protests in hopes of feeling a bit better that people are angry
>fat TiM starts speaking and babbles on about muh trans rights under attack
I hate them all so much it's unreal.

No. 1571416

That sucks. When I was watching protest footage earlier it was all women shouting for actual women’s rights and it made me feel empowered to see people using the word and knowing what the fuck it means.

No. 1571417

buncha fucking narcs the whole lot of them

women are suffering but what about wittle 'ol moid me?

no amount of hrt and surgery in existence can get rid of moid behavior from males

No. 1571423

god these fucking moids. they see actual women being oppressed and they immediately think "how can i make this about me?"

No. 1571426

here's the full post
>I have been hearing more frequently the narrative that women's sport apparently exists as a 'protected category' so that women can win (because on this account without it no woman will ever win again)
>This is: a) not the reason why women's sport exists as a category and b) it is not true that women will never win again.
>This narrative is profoundly paternalistic and keeps women small.
>Let's unpack this a little: A. Women's sport exists as a category because the dominance of men athletes was threatened by women competing. We see this over and over again in the history of sport
>Exhibit A1: Figure Skating
>1902: Madge Syers enters the World Champs and comes 2nd (no rule preventing her, though no woman has ever entered before)
>1903: Women banned from World Champs
>1905: Segregated women's category
>Exhibit A2: Skeet Shooting
>1992 Barcelona: Zhang Shang wins the Gold Medal. The event had always been an open event (no gendered categories)
>1996 Atlanta: women banned from shooting
>2000 Sydney: Segregated women's category, fewer targets for women
>Exhibit A3: Football
>1920: Women's football thriving in the UK with 53000 strong crowds (men had been off fighting in WW1)
>1921: FA bans women's football (men had returned from WW1)
>1971: Fifty (50!) years later ban is lifted, women's football is still recovering
>More examples exist but the pattern is clear: Where women were included (or simply included themselves) it was only when they started threatening men's dominance/entitlement that we were segregated into a separate category.
>It is why we still see Sport & Women's Sport
>Women's inclusion was on the terms of those in power. They didn't want women 'taking opportunities' away from men so they segregated women
>It was never about a benevolent (still sexist) aim of supposedly 'giving women a chance to win'. It was about control. And the narrative (B) about women being inherently physically inferior to men? Concocted as a reason to segregate us without threatening masculinity.
>There are once again actually greater fears here that women may start to challenge men’s dominance more broadly. Indeed we are already starting to see this… Exhibit B1: ultra-endurance racing
>Yes, Women Really Are Better Endurance Athletes Than Men
At the outer edges of endurance sports, something interesting is happening: women are beating men
>Exhibit B2: surfing (this article is excellent!)
>This Woman Surfed the Biggest Wave of the Year, Here’s why you probably haven’t heard about it.
>Exhibit B3: The ban on men pacemaking for women
>Women Who Run Marathons Alongside Men No Longer Allowed to Set World Records
>In 2003, Britain's Paula Radcliffe finished the London Marathon in 2 hours, 15 minutes, and 25 seconds, the fastest time ever registered by a woman running the 26.2 mile race. Radcliffe's performance …
>Exhibit B4: shooting again (fascinating article here for how it tries to explain why women are winning)
>10m air rifle: The Olympic sport where women outgun men
>The air rifle event is one of only two Olympic sports where female athletes post consistently better numbers than males.
>There are some really lovely real-life examples and research studies that show that the more men participate against women, the more they come to accept that women can be good athletes
>Challenging the gender binary? Male basketball practice players’ views of female athletes and women’s sports
>Kane’s ‘sport as a continuum’ theory posits many women can outperform many men in a variety of athletic endeavors. However, because sports are typically sex-segregated, this athletic continuum is r…
>Towards the “Undoing” of Gender in Mixed-Sex Martial Arts and Combat Sports
>This paper addresses sex integration in martial arts and combat sports, discussing the implications of mixed-sex training for challenging orthodox Western constructions of gender. Drawing on qualitati…
>Inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes us all better.
>This is why I will always fight for the inclusion of trans women in women's sport. Just as cis women are kept small, so too are trans women kept small.
>"The idea that women and girls have an advantage because they are trans ignores the actual conditions of their lives" Our liberation (and excellence!) is bound up together.
>Upholding trans athletes' rights requires rooting out the inaccurate beliefs underlying harmful policies sweeping through state legislatures.
>Sport isn't inherently gendered. We manufacture strict binary gendered differences, and then we naturalise them. Understanding and interrogating this helps us to understand the panic and fearmongering around women's sport right now, and where we might go next.
>Capturing Semenya As the women’s 800m approaches, headlines about Caster Semenya proliferate — once again, seven years after she won the World Championship in the 800m and became a news headline, we have been …
>It is possible to have a different conversation here. Gender expansiveness gives us all permission to break free from - and take up space beyond - societal norms, and I'm very much here for that. Onward.

TL;DR some cherrypicked examples, reaches and exaggerated stories(such as a 17 year old beating babe ruth) she also used points that literally disprove her whole premise such as women being better overall then men in endurance sports then men due our physiology, like how men are better at strength based sports then women due to physiology

No. 1571428

Like clockwork, fucking jealous of an abortion ban of all things. And if they haven't done srs they are affected by it too since they can still get someone pregnant.
Moronic and narcissistic.

No. 1571429

>it can be a sign of arousal in women

Literally talking about us like a misinformed host of a nature documentary, bet he believes hard nips from the cold are signs of arousal too. Jesus, no wonder there are so many rapists if they tell themselves basic human communication is a sign of arousal

No. 1571431

File: 1656134799684.jpeg (575.67 KB, 750x1116, 8477FD48-8DCE-45B8-81EE-D623CD…)

who wants to bet he knows the girl he’s photoshopping into his photos because that’s the girl he’s skinwalking now as a grown man.

No. 1571437

File: 1656135389072.jpeg (255.91 KB, 750x1526, 99278DE5-674A-4EEF-BF8F-1BA6CE…)

she’s right.

No. 1571439

File: 1656135554118.jpeg (400.56 KB, 750x2317, AB495ECB-E6DE-484B-A158-96AF38…)

Same ugly moid, different year.

No. 1571440

File: 1656135642353.jpeg (687.99 KB, 750x1214, C0BC708E-F320-4FFA-8CA0-3B1F8C…)

imagine seeing this in the changing room.

No. 1571441

never going to the gym ever again

No. 1571442

>There are slight differences between male teeth and female teeth
Figures trannies only acknowledge sexual dimorphism in one of the few places where it doesn't actually exist. There are so many actual differences in physiology between the sexes, from fat distribution to bone density, but I've never heard anything about teeth.

Also what is this implying? That our teeth are connected to the nerves in our genitals? That our teeth are indecent? What the actual hell. Males shouldn't ever be in positions of power when they're this fucking retarded.

No. 1571443

Men tend to have prominent canine teeth and not front teeth, it’s obviously how their jaws are formed. I have met maybe two men in my entire life who ever take care of their teeth so please let them take the advice to never fucking show them or open their mouths.

It does sound ridiculous though and I highly doubt they’ve seen a woman’s smile in person so it’s understandable. If you didn’t notice how different male teeth are you’ve been spared by all their Ron L Hubbard and Brain Laundry smiles.

No. 1571444

Go to the gym in groups and scream. No one with active sperm should be in women’s spaces now. The gym is where you deserve to let out your anger and own your own body, not for their fetishes.

No. 1571445

If I ever get back into dating, I'm going to put "fetishes of any kind" and "wants kids" down as a deal breakers on my profile. Although, at this point, I might give up on men entirely.

No. 1571446

that's the kind of situation that would stay with him for years and keep him up at night KEK

No. 1571448

again she literally disproves her whole premise by listing spots where women perform better then men due to the way women's bodies are built, literally the same principle applies for any sport where strength is requires

No. 1571450

>Faggot on Reddit
>"My body count is in the 100s."
Does he seduce these women by showing them his herd of flying pigs?

Also "body count" is a fucking disgusting way of talking about sex, literally comparing women to corpses. Men need to be rounded up and gassed.

No. 1571454

Based anon speaks the truth.

No. 1571462

I didn't read Harry Potter as a kid, but I was super into Warrior Cats and this makes me proud of the women and furious with the publisher goon (a scrote of course) responsible for the firing.

Also I wonder if all the Aidens obsessed with Warriors pitched hissy fits about it, kek. I hope Gillian got some support from Rowling. They live close together, so I imagine she did.

No. 1571479

File: 1656140723727.png (229.68 KB, 400x400, miss fuchi eats again.png)

god i'm still not over "amazon eve" from ahs quitting acting because "wahh i only get roles as monsters and aliens"
this UNIT. i'm ugly as shit and still got roles as an extra. you have to be really fucking scary looking in person to not even get a catalog or hair model or club scene extra job

No. 1571483

A man who doesn't want kids is an even bigger red flag. That just means he is open about wanting no responsibility and instead wants to live a hedonistic lifestyle collecting marvel merchandise.

No. 1571489

men are a mistake.

No. 1571492

It's funny how you think men who want kids want anything different, they don't expect their lives to change at all. Mommy bangmaid looks after the kids, he gets the social cred and none of the responsibility.

You sound like a tradthot shill who wants childfree women to open themselves up to the possibility of having kids by dating men who want them… On today of all fucking days, fuck off

No. 1571493

Kek the absolute best and based

No. 1571495

>I feel like an imposter
You are. That’s not dysphoria, that’s called a conscience.

No. 1571499

Kikomi-anon-sama we love you so much, please draw more whenever you feel like it

No. 1571500

File: 1656145946937.png (158.17 KB, 1093x985, reddit.png)

Imagine spending thousands of dollars just to find out you can't fool anyone

No. 1571503

The fucking irony and nerve of these dickbrains to talk about "misogynistic violence" when they reduce these native women to "womb carriers". Verso books is literally perpetuating the same misogynistic violence themselves, fuck off.

No. 1571504

File: 1656146376706.jpg (1.58 MB, 810x6535, Screenshot_20220625-043448_Boo…)

>Wouldn't it be nice to not know how to fix things and have men do everything for you?

No. 1571508

File: 1656146830816.jpg (436.59 KB, 1104x1472, 934nruok4vw71.jpg)

I let out a mouthfart. Of course he has to be creepy in a cheerleader outfit too

No. 1571509

File: 1656146841530.jpg (125.44 KB, 1080x1080, eileenjoy64.jpg)

His profile pic

No. 1571511

I wish nothing but sweet suffering to them. kek

No. 1571513

that so male nose arc like the tranny from euphoria, you can tell they are dudes, ALWAYS

No. 1571514

File: 1656147357714.jpeg (19.96 KB, 400x526, images.jpeg)

He looks like Danny Devito on stilts

No. 1571515

mf looks like he's from innsmouth