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File: 1659292035253.png (1003.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1659289328599.png)

No. 1603640

peak material:

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No. 1603649

This thread usually has some ugly threadpics, but that one's a goddamned jumpscare.

No. 1603650

KEK, I will never get tired of this thread pic. It captures his essence perfectly.

No. 1603655

Everytime a troon pops up everybody needs a trigger warning, it's the scarist shit I seen all week.

No. 1603657

Just ignore and report him and he'll go away, no one dare reply to anyone of his dumb posts

No. 1603662

the mtf subreddit clearly didn't give him enough pats that's why he came over here for attention

No. 1603663

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", racheal, elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1603664

File: 1659292422629.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1274x1705, A574E253-E2C4-4876-856D-56B2B9…)

GigaStacy has an announcement to make.

No. 1603673

This thread pic is so accurate it’s scary.

No. 1603682

I got a tear in my eyes this is beautiful. It's exactly what every woman is thinking when those failed males show up.

No. 1603686

who ever drew Anthony captured him perfectly. His buck teeth his dead eyes. Amazing.

No. 1603690

geez that cringe. I noticed wrestling fans and some new indie wrestlers are a special breed of autist. I hope the women in the sport will learn to take bumps from men if there is active troons in the business.

No. 1603691

They also remembered to add his greasy hair and manbrows.

No. 1603695

I don't get why trannies can't wrestle agaisnt each other TBH, unless they are too disgusted to touch thier fellow troons. Why can't they make their own leagues and fuck off from women.

No. 1603700

trannies discovered these threads and ruined it. Why do they have such a desire to invade spaces not for them?

No. 1603705

Anynonny have advice for when a friend troons out? I want to peak my friend before he messes up his health from HRT but he already came out and is in deep with online TRA spaces so I'm scared it's too late.

No. 1603709

Yeah it’s too late. Once a scrote has a sexual fetish take over his mind like that there’s nothing you can do. Find a reason to distance yourself from him before he accuses you of being a terf or skin walks you or both.

No. 1603712

Take her advice anon, all troons will combust into a frenzy of mental illnesses eventually and you don't want to be in the cross fire. The friend you had is gone now, he's just another tranny now.

No. 1603719

File: 1659294176911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 936.57 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220731-142503_Red…)

neovag warning, saw this shit on reddit & the comments are all saying it looks amazing.. wtaf

No. 1603722

the level of cope is off the charts, what sane person does this to themselves.

No. 1603723

Damn, I was afraid of that. Already had a friend speedrun a transition and go completely off the rails, so I was hoping I could get to this one before that happened. Thanks nonnas, I'll keep my distance.

No. 1603728

yup, that’s where a clitoris goes. For sure. Kek. Also it looks like it’s made out of play doh

No. 1603734

File: 1659294740318.jpg (Spoiler Image, 891.26 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20220731-142453_Red…)

this is what it looks like closed too. the "clit" hood doesn't even look like a hood it looks like a fucking tictac

No. 1603737

lmfao the texture of the “inner labia” lookin like thick rubbery pancakes. Maybe good enough to trick men, who are only looking for a hole to put their penis in, but never a real woman, hence why they never succeed in getting with lesbians.

No. 1603741

Stop namefagging, tard.

No. 1603744

Because they hate women and want to replace us… simple. It's why they become trannies

No. 1603761

It probably smells like smegma. Also have fun shaving the inner wound hairs

No. 1603770

File: 1659298379488.jpg (20.95 KB, 300x300, big thimkl.jpg)

WHERE IS THE CLIT, where is it?

No. 1603781


Agreeing with the others, exiting their life is best before they get even deeper. Soon they'll be asking for donations to help their transition and if you don't contribute you're "an evil TERF"

No. 1603788

RIP these threads. Women can't have nice things

No. 1603812

File: 1659300658988.jpg (123.93 KB, 1080x571, Screenshot_20220731-225101_rif…)

Kek troon lives are such jokes

No. 1603819

Why doesn't this retard stop taking HRT or bind his chest? He literally made his own problem

No. 1603856

File: 1659302631247.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x1897, Screenshot_20220730-224326_Chr…)

Yuri and hentai was his "why didn't I realize sooner" moment

No. 1603868

File: 1659303350783.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>never came (hehe) back

No. 1603936

File: 1659310250065.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 509.47 KB, 750x984, F9B0DEA6-B6EB-468C-99DA-A86CDE…)

literally a carved chicken stuffed with some cheese.

No. 1603938

literally nothing but a big gaping wound wtf

No. 1603947

Wow he must be really good at dilating.

No. 1603950

now that is really, really sad. congratulations on winning the thread anon

No. 1603953

It's like a cavern, I wonder if it has an echo

No. 1603963

i’m so confused how this stuff is even legal. like this is just mutilation, and you’re telling me they PAID for this?

No. 1603967

tony is honestly a mystery of the universe to me, right up there with the frame store in terms of sheer bafflingness.

No. 1603968

lobotomy 2.0

No. 1603971

these moids don't give a shit abt having a "real" vag, you never see them agonizing over their neos the way trans men do with theirs. they literally just want a hentai pussy. all the best "successful" surgery pics ive seen were literally just 2 small flaps of skin, no visible clit, inner labia etc. bc thats all they want, to be a pornified version of a real woman. its so sickening.
at least tifs want to look like real males. jesus christ

No. 1604025

File: 1659315428557.jpeg (241.48 KB, 1284x630, 9A780097-34AE-4EF3-B378-6EFEF0…)

Saw this out in the wild.

>what’s wrong with being predatory towards lesbians?

No. 1604038

I can't find it… is this what it feels like to be a man??

No. 1604096

File: 1659323056124.png (348.75 KB, 723x679, Screenshot Capture 56.png)

No. 1604103

File: 1659323565868.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, FNv6Qs-XEAY5ve2.jpg)

my sides nonnie

No. 1604108

File: 1659324497987.jpg (481.11 KB, 993x1614, y8pgpn86jb491.jpg)

Surgeons must make bank on FFS because troons who do the surgery still look the same.

No. 1604113

File: 1659324693232.png (130.95 KB, 1029x833, looks awesome.png)

the fucking comments

No. 1604114

File: 1659324834043.png (406.35 KB, 672x861, thats because you are a man.pn…)

No. 1604118

File: 1659325261925.png (68.47 KB, 1186x511, Screenshot Capture09.png)

>I could have been just another beautiful girl

No. 1604119

File: 1659325359619.jpg (Spoiler Image, 916.28 KB, 2486x3314, mods deflated nutsack.jpg)

nsfw wound hole
mind you this is after 4 revisions according to the troon

No. 1604121

Oh man, the thread pic is super depressing. Good job nonnas!

No. 1604123

File: 1659326020479.jpg (Spoiler Image, 785.96 KB, 1728x2304, zh3zqsh7kue91.jpg)

nsfw wound hole

is he pooping out of that hole?

No. 1604129

File: 1659326894023.jpeg (922.24 KB, 2048x2048, 4B98E883-4AB0-4167-B90B-922F7E…)

The troon is 25 and the girl is 17. Someone needs to keep that foundation away from him.
>>A transgender cheerleader who was born a biological male was kicked out of a Texas cheerleading camp and given a criminal citation after allegedly choking a female teammate.
>>“Well guys I’m officially retired as a cheerleader as of last night at 5:30 AM. A girl on the team was being very disrespectful and told me I am a MAN with a PENIS and that [guys] should not be on the team,” the cheerleader, Averie Chanel Medlock, wrote on Facebook last week. “I stood up for myself and she called her mom and dad because she was scared because I [stood] up for myself. Her father said ‘she still has testosterone and a penis and I will kill anyone who comes after my daughter.’ “
>>The incident took place at Ranger College, where police responded to a dispute between the members of the team, according to Facebook posts from team members. Medlock alleges that a teammate made transphobic and racist remarks before the altercation, with cell phone video showing other cheerleaders hiding in a room from an agitated Medlock.
>>The father of the girl whom Medlock allegedly choked was also called to the scene by his daughter and he has begun pushing for police to release body camera and CCTV footage of the incident.
>>“I ask you what you would have done when receiving a phone call at 1 o’clock in the morning from your daughter stating they had locked themselves in the room with other girls,” the father, Mike Jones, wrote on Facebook. “At no time did I ever say anything about your race or your gender.”

No. 1604133

Sad that he thinks his ONLY potential was to be a beautiful girl. Go to school, pursue a career, do some community service or something, like what the fuck? It's like they truly believe becoming a girl = nothing but shopping and sex and looking super duper cute teehee.

No. 1604140

File: 1659328262317.gif (1.66 MB, 498x280, 9FC8ACCE-5548-446A-A304-5CFBCA…)

if tims want to die so badly because they’ll never look like teenage porn stars, why won’t they stop spamming reddit with their self-pitying blog posts and just die already?

No. 1604143

horrific. i love that for him.

No. 1604144

it looks like a slimy butchered slug, but an attempt was made, i guess.

No. 1604146

>tim: chokes minor.
>also tim: is somehow the victim in the situation.
wtf, penis havers in dresses are unhinged monsters.

No. 1604149

I honestly don't understand how people can live such a shallow existence and such a shallow relation to themselves.

No. 1604167

Y chromosome psychosis. Simple as.

No. 1604198

Same, it's barely even recognizable as human

No. 1604203

Grim stuff. Not the anon upthread, but my friend also trooned out a while back and I worry what will happen if/when he gets to this point. Last I heard, he was planning ffs and then an orchiectomy. I feel really bad but I agree with other anons that it's just too late for these men. They won't listen even when their own peers are showing them to their faces why this is such a bad idea. The worst thing is that I feel like we'll be blamed later on, like "why didn't you say something?". What is there to say? Don't be deranged?

No. 1604204

And that's why I'm glad they suffer, assuming their alleged suffering is real and not just a larp. Imagine dating that same loser and having him demand to backseat drive your own life. One of my exes got ass blasted because I refused to enroll in college classes I knew I could never pass, the fucker said with complete seriousness that with a body like mine I could just fuck the professor and get an "A". And he was assmad that I didn't take his brilliant advice.

No. 1604234

File: 1659343468992.jpeg (321.97 KB, 750x1189, 4AD54664-F67E-4FBC-90BD-188FFE…)

So they knew he had killed two women before and had “accusations” of rape, one of them being an 8 y/o girl when he was 14, and still let him into a women’s shelter.

>“Our policy — in accordance with the law — is to place individuals in shelters based on their reported gender identity,” she said. “Being homeless or transgender does not make you inherently violent and are not connected to the crime that was committed.”

>he stated that he first dressed up as a woman for Halloween when he was about 13 or 14 years old. “It felt so good,” Marcelin said, who added that he did not claim a female identity until he met a transgender inmate at the Auburn state prison in 1993 who encouraged him to start taking Premarin, a form of estrogen that was developed for post-menopausal women.
>On July 30, the New York Times released a lengthy sympathetic profile on Marcelin and his crimes, utilizing “she/her” pronouns throughout. The article insisted “transgender people are far more likely to become victims of violence, not perpetrators,” and appeared to attribute Marcelin’s history of violence against women as part of his gender identity conflict.

Luckily, he’s detained in the men’s section of Riker’s Island but at the end of the article, they compare him to Washington state serial killer Donna Perry, who had been transferred to a women’s correction facility last year. He killed three women.


No. 1604235

Looking at this badly angled picture, the surgeon did all he could to feminize this literal neanderthal. They really think surgeons can transform thier sloped forheads, huge skulls and jaws into dainty female face and head. The lip injections just adds to his huge face. I really think these surgeons intentionally fuck them up because they are so whiny and delusional.

No. 1604239

File: 1659344333911.jpeg (177.21 KB, 750x651, 3766FAA0-4E41-4420-8D70-7D9778…)

This is the NYT article they wrote about him. Starting of strong with blaming women for his violence:
>Ms. Harvey, who by her own account struggled with her mental health, said she had to choke down rage when women challenged her manliness before she transitioned — making fun of her soft voice, for example.
> A homeless shelter worker and people close to Ms. Leyden questioned whether, despite her gender identity, Ms. Harvey should have been placed in a homeless shelter for women, given her history of attacking and murdering them.
> given her history of attacking and murdering them.
This almost sounds comical, as if it’s supposed to mock TRAs for putting tims feelings over the safety of women.
I’m not reading this shit but if anybody wants to, here’s the link

No. 1604240

Jessie Gender finally revealed the results of his facial feminisation surgery and then had a very long, very overwrought and melodramatic 'conversation' with his pre-surgery self. It goes on for about thirty minutes, but it is actually pretty inadvertently funny for any nonnas that can put up with him for that long.

No. 1604243

>Procedure previously widely referred to as 'facial feminization surgery'
>Procedure is now referred to as 'facial harmonization surgery'

Anyone else find this constant changing of terminology to be creepy and Orwellian?

No. 1604245

>she said. “Being homeless or transgender does not make you inherently violent and are not connected to the crime that was committed.”
Seeing some blithering idiot say this about a convicted murderer of women and unconvicted sex offender really makes you see how this shit is just idiot-grade Christianity repackaged. He has repented to Gender Jesus, so we have to pretend that what he did before never happened, because he's a reborn member of our gender church family. And not all Christians are even like this, gender crazies had to chose the worst parts of Christianity to re-skin. And a lot of them were smug atheists before they dove head first into this shit.

No. 1604246

File: 1659345564780.png (609.33 KB, 535x1600, ADEF7E40-6647-43A3-99A5-239F27…)

Friendly reminder that “transbians” are men who want to force a lesbian to suck their unwashed troon dick

No. 1604248

>Peels off fake beard while imitating the music that plays in Zelda games when you open a chest

No. 1604249

it's funny that the comic make the women actually sane

No. 1604263


For people who demand everyone accept them and their "identities" and sexuality, they're awfully disrespectful to others identities and sexualities

No. 1604266

Fucking deserved. This is so rapey.

No. 1604267

>"but literally two minutes ago you said you wanted to hook up.."
rape apes take estrogen and assume they're totally a girl now so it's okay to get mad when a woman revokes consent

No. 1604269


I remember when this was starting out and people pointed out that if you make the sex/gender distinction it would logically follow that sexual attraction isn't gender attraction and males can't be lesbians.

I don't think there was ever a real counterargument. It was one of the first things before I peaked where it was like "wow they really don't care if any of this makes sense"

No. 1604272


But trooning out totally isn't a fetish right?

No. 1604275

Of course it all started with porn. Sick people.

No. 1604276

>Those bad lesbian porn videos … taught me "Hey, those people really exist!"
Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1604300

Yes, they push very hard on these things

No. 1604304

File: 1659356095686.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x1157, 1659355862718.jpg)

Of course you do

No. 1604306

File: 1659356825413.png (245.35 KB, 750x526, C0276D8A-1C93-42BC-8472-F33661…)

They were reasonable and at most, a bit exasperated because women already have to deal with this shit every fucking day from men. The comic just makes the scrote look like an unhinged sex pest (which he obviously is).

Saw this tweet posted on ovarit. Why do many people pretend not to see this? Things like >>1604234, >>1604239 prove it so hard. On what planet would you EVER house a male who has a history of violent crimes against women WITH women. It’s fucking insane and inhumane.

No. 1604318

all these years and it still looks like deflated scrotum
sad! (not rly)

No. 1604320

the surgery just made him look older, hilarious

No. 1604322

KEK he now has the face shape of Bob Odenkirk. Sorry, Bob.

No. 1604327

Good lord I’m about to a-log so hard

No. 1604329

I can't see the difference

No. 1604332

Men love forcing Lesbians to suck dick huh?

No. 1604344

Where is the difference lmao

No. 1604365

File: 1659364697934.jpg (70.12 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop.jpg)

FFS is just a scam, unless they get an intensive nose job or have to get a double chin removed. Check out the before/afters on this site:

No. 1604366

Like, they literally just took the dick and balls off and hoped for the best? This is almost comedy.

No. 1604367

File: 1659364770614.jpg (54.05 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop (1).j…)

At least they fixed his nose, a big improvement, honestly. Too bad it does nothing to change his chromosomes.

No. 1604368

File: 1659364827651.jpg (48.95 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop (3).j…)


No. 1604369

When will men discover plucking their eyebrows?

No. 1604370

File: 1659364917258.jpg (72.52 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop (2).j…)

And this just looks worse. "Feminizing" weak potato faces just makes them even uglier.

No. 1604372

this made me remember a troon who was a male model or something and he become a regular ugly man after ffs. It was so fucking funny

No. 1604374

The last angry one is so cute. I want to date her.

No. 1604379

Dude is sucking his own dick so hard in that little prerecorded back and forth with his pre-surgery self.

No. 1604387

glad I'm not the only one kek

No. 1604396


I hate MtFs so much. You're a ugly scrote with a ugly dick in an ugly dress with an ugly wig on your ugly head. Women who are attracted to women don't want you. Men are the opposite of beauty most of the time, especially when they troon out. It just makes it more obvious that they're just ugly men with bad fashion and sometimes surgery

No. 1604397

>Men are the opposite of beauty most of the time,
Inside and out. The only reason most men have any good public reputation is because women are raised beat down and taught to fear truth telling as being trashy.

No. 1604406

File: 1659369266570.png (1.15 MB, 938x854, oh no.png)

People pay to look like that? Shaving with $2 razor would give the same results.

No. 1604408

He spent 2.5 days of his life having laser beams shot at his face and he still has a five o’clock shadow. Incredible.

No. 1604411

The surgery actually made this guy look even more masculine than before kek

No. 1604418

Its' hilarious. They totally light the after photos differently or photoshop them to mess with the lighting and it does nothing. They still look like men.

No. 1604425

Some even have makeup on after.

No. 1604426

No. 1604437

File: 1659371909611.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 893.04 KB, 1242x5559, DF63169F-F5B5-4292-B72D-0668B3…)

Someone left out their mince stew a little too long. The fact he sees nothing wrong with it (and wearing some cheap latex suit that’s strangling his neovag) is the cherry on top of this delusional horror show.

No. 1604444

Oh god, that’s fucking grotesque. You just know this man got his dick chop to wear that kind of fetish shit. I love seeing the cope after they do this.

No. 1604461

File: 1659373349420.jpg (55.87 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop (4).j…)


No. 1604462

File: 1659373385068.jpg (65.58 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop (5).j…)

No. 1604465

File: 1659373422884.jpg (51.3 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop (6).j…)

It's fucking nothing.

No. 1604466

File: 1659373485186.jpg (205.49 KB, 1600x1062, 2pass-testimonials-vertical-an…)

I wonder how much he paid for slightly larger lips.

No. 1604471

I think it looks good?
If they were too big it wouldnt suit the face

No. 1604472

I thought the same. At least the double chin hid his adam’s apple

No. 1604482

Which one is the before and which one is the after?

No. 1604487

pls someone let homer out of that latex suit

No. 1604493

why does he look more masculine in the after

No. 1604498

he looks like Prince Charming abusing synthetic hormones

No. 1604499

File: 1659376241977.jpeg (31.81 KB, 400x400, realwomyn.jpeg)

blocks ur path

No. 1604509

every tranny in my philosophy class

No. 1604515

That's hilarious. They tightened the skin around the jawline but his neck is still loose. It doesn't look human

No. 1604516

This one looks alrighy, what a shame when he speaks there will be no amount of lip filler that hides his nature

No. 1604527

the hair growing from inside of the neovag… ew. that probably is so uncomfortable

No. 1604536

holy shit, saved. This tweet perfectly explains what I've been trying to tell my friends but in a more efficient way

No. 1604571

File: 1659384467422.jpg (339.08 KB, 1147x1600, alucard castlevania.jpg)

I half agree, troonism made me realize that male male beauty is distinct from female beauty, its something gay/bi scrotes(along with faghags) can't understand or appreciate, its a natural occurrence, but it can only exist for a brief period but its glorious when it does, I have also come to realize there are no such as thing as "masculine and feminine features or traits" a man is just man and his features will always be "manly" in that regard

I think a big problem that ultimately contributes to troonism of both sexes is calling attractive features "feminine" when they aren't, like long eyelashes (men on average actually have longer eyelashes then women just because they're hairier), well-proportioned noses, thick/full hair, expressive and clear eyes, smooth skin(men on average have clearer skin then women), etc… Matter of fact is either men or women can have these features and they're universally beautiful. but men with these features will be called feminine even though in some cases these features are far more common among men then women

No. 1604579

Same, nonna. There's nothing more off-putting than a troon who's had 1400 surgeries. MTF's with fake tits and axwounds, FTM's with masectomy scars and a fleshtube. Sometimes I look at men who troon out and some of them were so handsome. They had natural beauty but now they look like greasy out of shape weridos with moobs. I agree, it's something the " I will fuck anything that has this hyper focused physical feature or anime clothing/ thigh highs" will never understand. These people are either autistic, low IQ, or coombrain or a combination of all 3.

No. 1604586

Their skulls and faces are still at least 2-3x the size of a females. Stand them next to a woman and the illusion is instantly gone. Some of them can larp as a gigantic woman but their man bones always is a dead give away. A neanderthal can never be feminized white men never pass, the fat one can pass as a drag pedophile.

No. 1604592

File: 1659385737452.jpeg (458.68 KB, 1536x2048, 3A22E876-0BD8-4B40-95E5-1FF141…)

Anthony is genuinely terrifying

No. 1604593

Transitioning into Donald Trump

No. 1604599

Since troons all do groupthink and have a lemming like desire to follow each other, I have a feeling when troonism falls out of favor in the span of like one year half will detransition or commit suicide realizing they have castrated themselves. They’re not capable of deciding anything for themselves. That’s the number one trait I’ve noticed among both HSTS and AGPs, a constant desire to be reinforced. When they don’t have outside reinforcement, they cave.

No. 1604601

>functionality is great
what do they mean when they say this? that it doesn’t rip apart when a tiny dick sticks into it? kek

No. 1604604

File: 1659386665501.jpeg (322.31 KB, 1241x1593, 8EB6E756-D1A5-474D-964B-511E9F…)

Wake up nonnie #transisbeautiful is trending on Twitter again !

No. 1604605

Trooning won't fall out of fashion in a year, to be honest you're looking more at something like 5ish years and then I predict that people will have more awareness that they don't actually say out loud but instead quietly shun troons with their actions (voting against troon things, not taking troons into activism, more womens clubs, etc)

No. 1604606

File: 1659386727238.jpeg (187.27 KB, 1242x1493, 09AED127-35B6-4D72-8026-AFC94B…)

No. 1604608

Samefag but in the 70s France had their youth protesting in the street for pedophilia to be accepted because they thought the morals/ethics of France were too strict. And over time, people seen how disturbing that was, and quietly stepped away leaving the nonces they advocated for to twist in the wind. It's the same now. Troons are just disturbed mentally ill people with an affinity for sick degenerates that have rallied a community of vicious advocates just because some wokie pseudo intellectuals said it was the right thing to do if you want to destroy bigotry, the exact same thing they did in France. People will abandon troons dont you worry

No. 1604611


No. 1604613

A troon I lurk went from saying he definitely didn't want to have srs and thought the surgery was insufficient (paraphrasing but basically agreed with us that it's butchery) a month or two ago to now posting about how he needs funds for srs so he can legally change his gender.
Like he went from sanity (this surgery is shit) to considering it within a couple months just because of other troons in his mentions. They definitely all rely on peer reinforcement, I can see it all hitting the fan at some point and everyone detransing or 41% as you said.
I can't imagine the horror of waking up to the fact you cut your fucking dick off in favour of what is basically a giant piercing hole in terms of upkeep/usefulness, it's amazing what men can meme themselves into.

No. 1604614

literally looks scarier in photos than he does in the threadpic art

No. 1604615

What are you talking about? In France it’s very common for grown men to grope 14 year old girls in public. I’d say the youth protestors and Foucault won that battle.

No. 1604616

Sanpaku, “Manson eyes”

No. 1604617

Assuming they aren't lying, it means they can stick a dilator inside it.
However, what they are trying to imply is that their new hole works great during sex.

No. 1604619

young people are gullible and stupid, i don’t think anyone under the age of 25 should be allowed to vote.

No. 1604623

File: 1659387229151.jpg (9.66 KB, 569x558, dogtoy.jpg)

Their long torsos creeps me tf out, skinny moids are built like dog toys

No. 1604625

>I can't imagine the horror of waking up to the fact you cut your fucking dick off in favour of what is basically a giant piercing hole in terms of upkeep/usefulness,
Troons with dementia forget that they are troons and wake up to that everyday. So that's something fun for nursing homes and hospitals to look forward to.

No. 1604626

They look slightly crazier on the right, money well spent.

No. 1604627

Men are fucking gullible and prone to radicalization and have been since the beginning of time. This whole phenomenon is just online echo chamber reenforcement, there’s a reason so many of them are former manosphere /pol/ incels. I’ve seen countless moids at Uni go through this

>Maybe I’m non binary

>Well, Maybe I’m she/they
>Ok, Maybe I’m just a woman, but I can have a penis
>Maybe I should get the axe wound

It’s darwinism in action, these losers used to be naturally culled by being sent off to fight wars or dying in factories of mercury poisoning.

No. 1604629

Just want to fucking gripe: it's absolutely bananas to me that feeling sad and worried every day is considered ~*mental illness*~, while adult males collectively claiming to look like drawings of Japanese cartoon girls and chopping their dicks off isn't

No. 1604644

this one almost almost passes but i know his full body, especially when standing next to a woman, will destroy the illusion

No. 1604650

Yup, FFS is pointless. They need a full skeletal reconstruction

No. 1604657

Nonnie, there are random creeps all over the world who grope young girls. But there definitely are not actual groups of youth out in the streets with signs and chants advocating specifically for pedophilia to be accepted because strict archaic religious morals (the equivalent to today's "white supremacist heteronormatovity") says pedos are a no no

No. 1604663

His skull is probably huge also but you can't really scale it with just a headshot in a photo.

No. 1604688

File: 1659392953908.jpg (138.9 KB, 750x1097, FZG41mpXgAAacCO.jpg)

The mental gymnastics these people will go through to claim they have everything women have to a ridiculous degree

No. 1604715


So glad to know they are subjecting themselves to voluntary bouts of diarrhea. Liquid poop next to a massive open wound? What could go wrong?

No. 1604716

Lmfao I love these threads so much

No. 1604730


No. 1604735

>What is having constipation on your period
Kek. They all think having a period is this one size fits all glove, no you mongs. Some women have heavy flows but have 0 cramps, others have light flows but intense cramping. Symptoms vary from woman to woman. It's not just "tee hee blood comes out my barbie pouch"

No. 1604743

always will that stupid collar huh

No. 1604758

why does he do the same face in all pics, it looks like he's constipated and in extreme agony

No. 1604764

it’s the cramps from his horse piss induced diarrhea.

No. 1604781

I love the divine irony of how in some photos the whites above his iris are visible which is considered a ‘yang.’ Trannies manage to be manlier than regular men even with their fucking eyeballs.

No. 1604796

Anon please what is "yang"? What do I need to Google to find out more

No. 1604799

Nayrt, I see Kibbe guides refer to a yang as a masculine trait. I’m guessing it means the same here.

No. 1604806

I really get mad when I think that the government supports and funds their vain cosmetic surgeries, castration and hormones for a depraved fetish, but important things that really could improve and better the life quality of actually minorities are ignored and/or underfunded. For example, dental care is extremely crucial, and in some cases, life-saving and lots of people can't afford, but no, let's fund this troon's fetishes and support him invading women's spaces. Same with insulin, cancer treatments, food stamps, etc.
Sorry for the unhinged rant, nonas, but those things really make me sad.

No. 1604810

it's his gorl face

No. 1604811

File: 1659407607374.png (613.8 KB, 838x863, 43.png)

>exposes his penis in the womens locker room

No. 1604815

Why are they desperately trying to mansplain and redefine periods to women
It’s not just estrogen, and their Y chromosome telling their body and every cell in it they don’t have a uterus. Men have mood swings from blocking their testosterone, it’s not healthy and it’s nothing like maintaining a uterus. The way they talk over women is disgusting.

Redefine men and leave us alone.

No. 1604824

It's so bizarre that most of these trannies who get government support are middle-class/rich white dudes who already have enough to save up for their own surgeries if they were patient. While actual medical conditions that are more likely to affect the poor/minorities/women are largely ignored even though they would literally die by not getting treatment. How the fuck can troons pretend as though they aren't prioritized over women when they are being treated with just as much support as before they "transitioned ". Why does no-one see the irony of them claiming to be the most "underprivileged" people on the planet, when they say getting boob jobs just as important as chemotherapy.

No. 1604826

File: 1659409262570.jpeg (574.1 KB, 750x1158, F1EC3683-0D09-49DA-9DD7-0CE7FE…)

the fuck is this makeup, the flashback on that forehead kek.

No. 1604831

Men are so fucking coddled. You can be a cannibalistic axe murderer, and the media would just create thinkpieces about how its all a woman's fault.

No. 1604837

File: 1659410128473.png (17.13 KB, 1068x145, Screenshot Capture 58.png)

No. 1604838

File: 1659410166103.jpg (320.93 KB, 1080x1183, Screenshot_20220801-230534_Chr…)

This is such projection kek

No. 1604839

Likewise for trannies, colon

No. 1604847

File: 1659411279756.png (119.66 KB, 1100x1080, 2022.png)

No. 1604851

File: 1659412272448.jpeg (213.9 KB, 750x977, 62E79663-FAEF-4704-86B1-9BB6B1…)

he’s literally schizo. he has actual hallucinations, one of them being that he’s a woman kek

No. 1604852

That's what I've never heard a TRA answer to. Men treat women like shit so we created women's spaces. White people make POC feel unsafe so they have their own community and cultural spaces. Gays and lesbians have their clubs and subcultures and even lingo. Cis people invalidate trans people so much that they… try to hang out with us more? Hate dating each other? Huh?

No. 1604856

every post on my partner is trans:
>i (f) have no self-esteem and my partner (mtf) discovered ‘she’ was a girl while i was pregnant/just had a baby/trying to get pregnant. our relationship is abusive, i constantly get gaslit and tormented by this ugly waste of oxygen in a dress who wants me to pretend i’m a lesbian, but i can’t leave because ‘she’ did a good job of trapping me without any resources or life of my own, and also i’m terrified of being called a transphobe.

No. 1604859

This poor woman would be happier by now if she left as soon as he pulled the gender shit. There was never going to be room for her feelings once that happened.

Interesting timing too, having the biological reality of fertility treatments going on. He really needed the spotlight back on him.

No. 1604862

This poor woman. Though honestly, I'm relieved for her that this went down before she managed to get pregnant. I really hope they don't demonise her in the replies, and she has enough support. Even though the husband leaving her is traumatic, she's free from the insanity. She just doesn't realise it yet.

No. 1604868

The replies are fucking heartbreaking. Everything from "why has it taken you 1.5 years to accept" to "you're a domestically violent narc". OP definitely needs professional help but that subreddit is a misogynistic cesspool.

No. 1604879

oh my god that's horrendous!
I guess the ratio of actual partners of trans people to MTFs is a bit unbalanced.

No. 1604881

They do see it. It honestly makes perfect sense in their eyes and is just another way to keep the oppressed underfoot.

No. 1604884

What? That’s all they do. Huge projection.

No. 1604886

Reddit comments under that post are calling her abusive instead of him for whatever reason.

No. 1604888

of course, that sub is full of troons and handmaidens.

No. 1604895

File: 1659417188580.jpeg (218.53 KB, 647x1280, B5CBD3EE-C3E0-4668-B6E3-E1BA27…)

this is a man with a wife and kids.

No. 1604897

File: 1659417590281.jpeg (563.32 KB, 750x1166, AE493909-DC22-4967-89C8-BDE3C4…)

is wearing 2 bras at the same time a thing? i’ve never seen anyone do that before.

No. 1604899

File: 1659417892668.gif (6.32 MB, 480x853, A44BF1D5-9882-4ADF-B98E-D83D86…)

he made a gif of his ugly ass self kek

No. 1604911

File: 1659419649415.jpeg (733.4 KB, 1170x1240, C4CF45A9-8E3E-4170-8FF4-FB9CD8…)

i cant stop laughing kek

No. 1604913

They're so retarded I swear.

No. 1604914

yeah and we hate being called womb havers and bleeders, birth givers, ovary havers and people with vaginas. His male entitlement really jumped out, he is an actual biological male though, can't change sex dumbass

No. 1604917

>decent looking moid
>becomes ugly as shit
I will never understand this, at least the ugly as fuck ones I can understand is out of desperation

No. 1604919

They all have this same shitty too small polyester knit skater skirt.
Things like this really make me hate males. Men were never evolved to live alongside women and children, anyone can see it in the destructive, completely dysfunctional ways they behave.

No. 1604921

how DARE you compare him to Bob nonna.
why do they always have such disgusting, greasy hair? Even the ones that shower more than once a month have this frizzy at the bottom oil slick at the top hair. Why is it that every single one of them unanimously can't do their hair? Is it just a male hormone or follicle thing?

No. 1604927

what scares me about this is that they’ve fucked lgb people in the process. i can guarantee when the tide turns, it’s also gonna get us because people lump us all into one degenerate group

No. 1604928

Moids don't understand hygiene or how to do hair. Their terminally bad hair is one of the most male things about them

No. 1604932

Lmao imagine paying to have a doughy face & a new double chin. Fucking retards

No. 1604934

It's basically guaranteed that gay people and feminists will be blamed for this whole thing, even though lesbians are probably the most vocally opposed and have the most personal experience with how horrific the entire movement is. Nobody's gonna care enough about nuance and the difference between libfems and radfems etc and we're all gonna be blamed equally. Straight men will, as always, get away with their atrocities and never be held accountable. We can only pray that most of them have cut their dick off or 41% by then so they can't enjoy it.

No. 1604935

Is he faceapped? Also they always let the male aggression come out, no composure whatsoever.

No. 1604936

Ahahahhahahah my sides

No. 1604940

"It was all because feminists made me feel bad, and I was too afraid to express my feelings."
And nobody will ever bring up all the terabytes of evidence of them screeching at women and demanding women not have any emotions at all.

No. 1604943

>It’s amazing what men can meme themselves into
Can they get memed into becoming decent people? Or does this only work with nefarious anti-social shit?

No. 1604945

I mean tbh the whole sharpening a knife in front of him & then running off to cut herself in the bathroom is manipulative. I don't think the tranny husband is any better but cmon y'all thats some psycho shit. They sound like a perfect match

No. 1604948

File: 1659427121967.jpg (592 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220801-234057_Red…)

Tranny I found in the actualtransbians subreddit & surprise he's a raging misogynist.

No. 1604951

File: 1659427300314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.68 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220801-234122_Red…)

Oops, deleted the first reply to myself bc I forgot to spoiler. Apparently likes having a strap on I'm guessing bc he's got a micro dick lol

No. 1604957

I had to look up what he was blabbing about under that, it was a Detective Conan opening for episodes 642-666. Jesus Christ. Now I fully know how my parents felt about anime. There's just NO WAY watching that much facile shit does anything good for a person.

No. 1604958

File: 1659428130877.jpeg (211.48 KB, 750x1231, 9C2609D9-05A5-4B88-B81F-00D124…)

the y chromosoids who post on actuallesbians are coomer scum, but we already knew that.

No. 1604966

for real. Which normal person would put up with this?
the sub is full of 98% trannies, 1,9% handmaidens and 0,1% half-way normal people (who are very left winged and overall support this crap). Reddit is almost full of man and transgender owmen clicking on the "I am female" discorts the statistic a lot about who uses reddit. Barley any women are there, it is the 4chan for lefties

No. 1604969

File: 1659430434965.png (104.38 KB, 726x657, Screenshot (380).png)

How delusional can one be? This is from the same thread as >>1604837

No. 1604973

Do they realise you have to lack a sry gene to menstruate so almost all post-pubertal women know that their genotype is female. The constant and bold presentation of scientific ignorance is admirable

No. 1604979

Yeah. I'm sure that after over 20 years of agonizing periods, a DNA test would show that I have a Y chromosome. Joke's on old stupid bigot me!

No. 1604983

File: 1659432965029.jpeg (555.64 KB, 828x1410, BBDB52A5-2C9C-4BEC-9401-92DED3…)

All my twitter timeline has been is men(mostly trannies) dunking on this one comic artist lately. In all fairness, yeah she should probably try therapy but it’s not fair for them to dogpile a woman who is clearly struggling with motherhood. They will actually never understand women’s struggles, they are so entitled to think it’s so easy for a woman to leave a marriage when they literally are aware of how women get trapped in marriages (they try it themselves before they troon out). They will never “get” female socialisation and it’s so obvious…

No. 1604986

i'm so sick and tired of these moids demanding validation from women. they know that the women aren't allowed to say what they actually think.

No. 1604993

why do they even care about this? Like why do they need to comment about her? A lot of comic artists also imagine things, so who knows if it is her own experience?
honestly they act like intersex people are 10% of the world's population and that a biological condition, where they have all the genes etc. and get hormones is comparable to them being the opposite sex and getting hormones. Imagine if humans gave male apes HRT hormones, would these trannies also say that because they get hormones they are trans female apes?

No. 1604994

File: 1659433805751.jpg (553.24 KB, 1080x1221, Screenshot_20220802-114929_Ins…)

hope she stays strong. Transvestites seriously hate and want to control women it's so fucked up.

No. 1604998

File: 1659434235433.jpeg (87.88 KB, 671x680, FY78FtkXwAAzQK8.jpeg)

I hope that the spiteful moid reactions to these comics peaks more women on moids and male behavior. It's just expected that you make sacrifices and suffer for men and their spawn, and the secret is that they don't feel guilty about it because they don't give a shit about you. Also, nobody should be breastfeeding an ambulatory moidlet.

No. 1604999

Someone should comment that he reacts to the comics the exact same way as all the men have been reacting. Males never lose their retardation, they just say ignore it and pretend I'm not a degenerate and chimpout and threaten to kill when not obeyed.

No. 1605000

The way moids react to this shit is such a blackpill, not a 'whatever', but 'shut up you bitch reee' because it hits the nail on the head. It makes them seethe. Men are absolutely worthless.

No. 1605001

File: 1659434718027.jpeg (219.35 KB, 960x1440, BDD9161C-3A23-4157-88B0-DA7385…)

Love when troons get reality checked.

No. 1605002

It's the sudden fall of progesterone at the end of a woman's menstrual cycle that causes PMS symptoms. Nothing to do with the hormone estrogen. Estrogen peaks just before ovulation as well as a spike in testosterone, which often gives women an energy boost. Estrogen is low in the luteal phase of a women's menstrual cycle and builds into proliferative phase.

These idiots know nothing about the menstrual cycle.

No. 1605003

What were the replies? Other trannies telling how validating it is?

No. 1605004

lmao what titties

No. 1605007

Not to mention that smooth muscle cramps are not a symptom of estrogen production in women. Smooth muscle cramps happen during a menstrual period in response to hormones called prostaglandins, which is what causes the uterus to contract so it can shed the unused endometrium. Some women get smooth muscle cramps in their gut and gastro problems around their period for this reason.

These men are literally just getting the shits in response to estrogen in their male body. This is nothing similar to what women go through at any point in their menstrual cycle or at any point in their lives.

No. 1605012

Poor woman, that fucking sub is the worst place to go to for any actual advice.. The troon could be the worst, abusive narc and they'd still find a way to defend him

No. 1605014

File: 1659438491092.jpg (189.41 KB, 1080x1080, FY8FWdRXEAU0Z1_.jpg)

I hope moids continue to have a field day with this shit and reblog it a million times over. Every woman needs to see it and realize that this is men. I wish FDS hadn't shit the bed, because more women need to get the message that men aren't even worth engaging with if they aren't providing a real tangible IRL benefit to your daily life.

No. 1605015

File: 1659438731379.png (540.64 KB, 741x692, transpassing.png)

r/transpassing is a true gem

No. 1605019

File: 1659438925357.png (8.52 KB, 436x71, sounding.png)

went to his profile, found out he identified as non-binary and liked to put things in his penis. jesus christ

No. 1605020

This person looks like a tim and a tif at the same time lmao

No. 1605022

they got married and had kids they both ruined their lives

No. 1605023

File: 1659439403199.jpeg (292.08 KB, 1440x1800, FY7XI7HaAAEQ8g2.jpeg)

No. 1605024

File: 1659439449105.jpeg (320.54 KB, 1440x1800, FY7XI7EaMAAkZRq.jpeg)

No. 1605026

its a thing cosplayers do to fake a larger bust size. I think some drag queens do it too. Maybe he picked it up from doing drag?

thou posting top-less pics of the bra layering seems redundant. TIMs are so weird and coomer-y about shit.

No. 1605028

File: 1659440148631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.11 KB, 262x337, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

No. 1605037


they want to act like it's all so random or something when people are "assigned" with over a 99% accuracy rate. the actual prevalence of intersex (chromosomes not matching phenotype) is 0.018%!

No. 1605040

No. 1605041

Sex is observed, not assigned.
A doctor doesn't point to babies at random and say everyone born in the last 20 minutes is female and everyone in the next 20 minutes is male. It's not gym class.

No. 1605044

even then intersex people can feel like they are either more male or female or have more biological things, that points them towards one sex and will not sexualise it

No. 1605048

File: 1659443271874.jpg (69.48 KB, 800x533, 800px_COLOURBOX1265403.jpg)

TBF nobody in the mainstream media ever tells you that most men are sociopaths who will never love anyone outside the family they were born into. You get bombarded with lies until you finally have some kind of mental breakdown.

No. 1605051

They still molest their little sisters and beat their mothers. They don’t ‘love’ anyone, they simply tolerate their birth families so when Becky divorces him he has a safety net of women.

No. 1605057

>feel like they are either more male or female
What kind of tranny bs. Intersex people are either male or female people with a disorder, sex isn't a "feeling"

No. 1605059

File: 1659444908054.jpg (69.7 KB, 667x651, 1657753226621.jpg)

Do women who have had a hysterectomy and take HRT get these "periods"?

No. 1605065

sorry, it is hard to explain it in English, which is why used the word feeling. I used this to NOT support trannies, because intersex have biological features of both sexes so them taking hormones is making their already existing features more developed, while trannies are delusionaly thinking that they can use intersex people to explain their bs

No. 1605083

I still think its complex, I knew an intersex woman who technically was XY, but she looked 100% female, even had female genitals, she wasn't some tranny trying to pass, she was a woman with a medical condition and the fact troons use women like her for their own agenda makes me rage

No. 1605084

nayrt, and sorry if I'm late, but I'm just scrolling and saw this question. "yang" here likely refers to the "yin-yang", or yin and yang in ancient Chinese philosophy. a very fascinating subject overall, but I'm not here to go on a nerdy sperg in some thread I don't even post in. basically, "yin" (dark side) represents what is associated with the feminine energy, and "yang" (white side) is with the masculine energy. if you look at the eyes in the pic you referred, you can see they look like the "yang" side.
Not sure what it means in terms of the Kibbe stuff exactly but I assume the term was inspired by Chinese Philosophy.

No. 1605096

that's what I always think about, no woman that has gone through a hysto, even with all weird bodily changes, claims they still have periods just because they have the runs and aches.

No. 1605104

File: 1659448915485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.2 KB, 400x331, dr cockroach.jpg)

No. 1605113

No, because they are selfish old hags of women sucking up all the HRT for actual medical conditions. They don't get "periods" because the uterus & entire reproductive system has completely dried up and shriveled since they had the nerve to age over 50 as a female and remove themselves from the "fuckpool".
Only MtF who really understand and appreciate "womanhood" will get these phantom periods, because they are so intune with the feminine energy, because they have "Female Brains". Even when their dick gets hard and dribbles out pathetic spurts of low-value sperm, they really feel completely connected to the mystical feminine because they're having diarrhea.

No. 1605120

What the fuck? Is he trying to make a dick sucking angle face or something? Moids are absolutely disgusting.

No. 1605121

Then we should also stop telling anorexics that they are too thin, schizophrenics that the clowns that tell them to commit murder aren't real. Wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes

No. 1605126

Where does the confidence even come from? He looks like an unwashed beast. The autism is real.
It’s so fucking stupid. I agree that she should force her scrote into couples therapy or just leave or something, but we’ve had to sit through fucking decades of moids making boomer hate my wife jokes and comics. They cannot handle the LEAST bit of criticism about how selfish they are. It sends them into testerics.

No. 1605131

I hate them and I hate how women have been forced into feeling like nags and bitches just for asking a male to do one extra chore around the house. Men are useless I swear to god. It’s so much easier when they just aren’t around and aren’t making their own messes waiting for mommy or their wife to come clean it up. They prove her point every time they make these retarded edits.

No. 1605135

They are so predictable. They couldn't hide their maleness no matter how hard they try. They've been dunking on this account like all other MRAs because that's what they are.
Kek moids are so retarded, I hope they keep posting this shit so more women will see it. A lot of young women are already clocking their bullshit because they can't help but proclaim how useless and cunty they are every time a woman does something they don't like. Losers.

No. 1605144

File: 1659452256989.jpg (694.25 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20220802_165601_com…)

Just one day pls, just one day don't. Handmaidens are starting to truly piss me off at this point. Can't support other women to safe their lives but oh slaayyyy quwueen

No. 1605145

File: 1659452374713.jpeg (1008.69 KB, 1284x1876, 35E63050-5718-4A86-8122-78EEF0…)

If you nonas want a drop of something hopeful, a user on ovarit translated some tweets from Japanese women about the entire TiM situation. It felt nice to read. I’m sure moids would try to spin it as Japan being very conservative with gender roles just putting aside their absolute fetish for the country for a second to shit on these women. Nevertheless enjoy if you want to read them all.

No. 1605147

Really says something when an old washed up scrote gets 2k updoots while most women on there get under 1k. The woke pity votes are rolling in.

No. 1605149

You still sound like you are talking tranny bs. What do you mean exactly by biological features of both sexes? Intersex people are male or female.

No. 1605156

File: 1659453045838.jpg (754.88 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20220802_171102_com…)

The amount of different fashion subs this gross scrote posts in for uwudation and attention is almost unreal. Those cheap Walmart dresses that barely fit him like a potato sack and you can imagine the usual comments. The emperor's got his dick out and everyone's fucking clapping.

No. 1605158

I think she’s trying to say that some of them take HRT to try and normalize whatever reproductive organs they have that belong to the sex they are and troons use that as part of their agenda to be like see, I can do it too just in reverse. Or TiMs get upset that intersex people can get HRT or surgery to make them more “normal” but then they get attacked when they do the same thing for a fetish. I’m not that versed on intersex stuff so forgive me if I’m wrong.

No. 1605159

I really hope teen girls see it and realize that they don't have to choose a moid-polluted future. Gen X and millennials had to deal with the lie that men are just like us, just trying to get by and be good people, and if we would just relax and chill out and be a cool girl, all the problems would disappear. Scrotes have had 20+ years of the coolest cool girls, the most sex with the least obligations, the very least expectations. If scrote lies were true, you would see the highest, happiest levels of marriage ever.

No. 1605163

They have so many trans subs why do they need to infiltrate every female space. How do these goblins not see any of the other posters and feel embarrassed.

No. 1605165

>Really says something when an old washed up scrote gets 2k updoots while most women on there get under 1k
oldhagfashion is infested with troons. The community is two years old but the oldest moderator has been there for 7 months and the person who created it isn't a mod anymore. I bet the subreddit was originally created to celebrate old women with wild fashion, troons found it and infested it and then they took it over.

No. 1605167

kek nonnie you should be a poet

No. 1605170

You can tell he's not even going out, just jerking off at home. It has a giant liquid stain on the front, and obviously was wadded up on the floor.

No. 1605174

So that's exactly what I said. She's a woman with a disorder, not a man who feels like a woman

No. 1605175

Me too, I'm so fed up at this point. Completely obliviously yaaas kweening literal fetishists like fucking airheads and letting them invade every. single. female-only sub. While also witch hunting women for the most petty shit. I'm sick of them.
Right? It's so obviously a sexual thing for this moid, he didn't even bother brushing that $10 aliexpress wig lmao

No. 1605188

But we invade theirs….
I noticed since I've been subscribed. It sounded like such a nice idea, now I'm filled with even more disgust. Fetishists.
Since I just got banned from txc I feel like speedrunning some more bans from other subs. Wondering if I should go catty or obvious. While the former is more fun, they probably won't get it anyway but the later almost sounds too damn easy and quick. Start on the seam of his silicone breasts, throw in some shitty wig sprinkles and finish it off with a nice bake of clearly not fitting womens cuts.

No. 1605195

"It's not a very flattering look for you. It has a potato sack quality. You might have to look into professionally altering your dresses to fit your body type. Or rethink what kind of dresses you wear to fit you better. I might suggest no dresses at all, since most cuts would only underline your body type negatively. It's not naturally female, so they will only put it into more focus.

Also think about hiding the seams of your silicone breast shirt. It seems very fetish-y and inappropriate for outside wear. You wouldn't catch an actual women dead in something like that.

Do you know how to take care of wigs? I suggest you look into some tutorials on how to treat them more gently and appropriate. It looks very unbrushed, unwashed and incredibly superficial. Maybe invest in a more expensive one, since you do like wearing them all the time.

You might find better looking dresses at smaller boutiques than Walmart and clearance sales and so on. I'd look into better accessory options. It's clear you're rather inexperienced.

Maybe shave if you actually want to pass? Your chest too? Have you tried any make up at all? I'd suggest some tutorials and practising a lot.

All in all, this isn't a good look for you."

No. 1605209

This wouldn’t happen, as >>1604973 mentions, but even if it did…so what? As long as I was healthy, what do I care? Sex isn’t a costume I put on for the coom, so I would lose absolutely nothing.
Trannies think this scenario should frighten us because they can’t imagine having a genuine identity and sense of self based on things outside of one’s body—their own identities are shallow, narcissistic projections.

No. 1605213

Maybe J.K will be enough proof that these trannies only did this to themselves.

No. 1605222

Underrated post kek

No. 1605224

He would throw an aggressive man child tantrum after not even finishing the first paragraph because you said “not naturally female”

No. 1605234

I do wish to cause ultimate carnage on my way to get banned from as many feminist subreddits as possible while being a women.

No. 1605240

File: 1659461341310.jpeg (172.57 KB, 960x606, E1065106-6C30-4A4D-8F83-F900A2…)

you are part of those males, retard.

No. 1605248

File: 1659461986623.jpg (50.69 KB, 1031x227, Screenshot_20220802-193121_rif…)

not a tranny but I saw this comment on reddit and it's depressing

No. 1605266

this is just troon fanfiction, they make shit up for attention. the last thing i would notice if i saw this freak in public are his mosquito bites.

No. 1605268

Why is his mouth on his cheek?

No. 1605272

Well now they say anyone who did what they wanted is a used up whore and not worthy of marriage to their true princely selves that they've kept hidden away until they suddenly decided to settle down at 40. Kek fucking losers. Women only need a little bit of self esteem to be happier without men, but men can't live without a pair of boobs cleaning up after them and pretending their smelly cocks are actually good for anything.

No. 1605274

File: 1659463983504.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 295.86 KB, 828x544, E2C6C394-F4B5-4668-8E0A-512AE4…)

found a circulating screenshot of this troon telling some black guy that joining the marines straight out of highschool is exactly like nazi germany. went to go see what the damage was, first post was this. hilarious how they use any excuse for attention to have people look at their nasty bodies.

No. 1605290

moobs look so unnatural on moids

No. 1605303

Lmao the last comment is referencing that crazy "intersex" trannoid that schizo posted about his supposedly bleeding crotch that was his magical period coming through his taint (he mentioned seeing a seam on his taint and thinking it was covered labia), actual Chris-Chan tier unclit shit. Amazing they cite each other's delusions as if they are real. Who really believes that shit?

No. 1605304

File: 1659467422590.png (648.71 KB, 731x798, Screenshot Capture 35.png)

we got another month dedicated to insufferable trannies

No. 1605305

File: 1659467587689.png (38.18 KB, 760x413, Screenshot 58.png)

taking hormones you don't need
getting surgery you don't need
taking voice lessons
all for the idea of what a women is inside your head, where's the natural part?

No. 1605312

Truth. Men will always be born entitled to such delusional thinking.

No. 1605318

How do you even get to this level of handmaidenry? I literally see evil terfs caping for and defending infertile women all the time.

No. 1605319

Why? They already talk over women the entirety of women’s history month. Can they leave us alone now?

No. 1605322

Not really natural human variation if nature has found no way to make it reality, is it?

No. 1605324

Nope they got 3 months now, women's, pride and tranny month.

No. 1605326

File: 1659468332202.png (Spoiler Image, 520.12 KB, 663x795, ewwuwu.png)

No. 1605327

File: 1659468386376.jpg (54.37 KB, 590x577, FZBlWhcWYAEzf-O.jpg)

muh anime cat girl teehee

No. 1605336

If one cannot acquire the girlfriend, one must become the girlfriend - ancient tranny proverb.

No. 1605337

Nonna this is so poignant, I've never thought of it this exact way but youre so right.

No. 1605346

What a retarded tweet. Like, obviously, troons will still exist in a misogynistic society where men fetishize everything about women and have womb envy and make women hate their lives. OBVIOUSLY

No. 1605352

Why does one of them have to be dressed as a demon, every time.

No. 1605372

What is the point? Aren’t they supposedly 0.1% of the population? Nothing is enough for them.

No. 1605375

>decent looking
He looks like the Chudjak, raise your standards

No. 1605376

What is it with TIMs and shaving one side of their head?? They really have to ruin everything nice don’t they…

No. 1605377

As if men didn’t have long hair like this in the 60’s and 70’s?? Why the fuck are zoomers so retarded as to think long hair = woman?

No. 1605387

they want to be lesbians so bad kek

No. 1605388

File: 1659473045335.jpeg (373.66 KB, 818x2229, B93969AE-73E2-4920-BB2C-323129…)

Like how? Like a 60 year old man?

No. 1605391

File: 1659473321819.jpeg (302.87 KB, 750x719, 4B608B88-9488-40EB-AB8D-A1E139…)

The worst thing someone could tell them is the truth.

No. 1605393

File: 1659473677535.png (127.65 KB, 634x798, 40E0245F-49D4-45A6-BB1A-A6712E…)

this has to be a troll

No. 1605399

it’s not a troll, look at his profile.

No. 1605401

why do these moids think their lives will improve if they turn themselves into walking freak shows? if you can't find a girlfriend as your average moid you won't find one by putting on a dress

No. 1605422

ballsack pussylips

No. 1605423

>that last comment
Yes, you're on it lad

No. 1605436

Jesus Christ do these men ever spend a day offline? Simps, alphas, who the fuck cares. Women probably hate you because you can’t relate to them as a normal human being and instead see them as stacies and roasties or whatever. Men were already terrible but I s2g this kind of shit has made them even worse.

No. 1605443

Exactly. Men will have this weird notion of "women want alpha sporty chads who work out and are super buff!" No, we want you to fucking shower, do the dishes and be a normal person. Their brains are too small and demented to even try to understand that women have varied interests and that literally no one is telling him to be a Super Alpha Trad Chad Mega Gymbro (etc).

No. 1605447

File: 1659479175751.jpg (1.63 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-02-23-25-23-482_deco.jpg)

3 trannies in a row

No. 1605449

File: 1659479334694.png (1.51 MB, 2500x1379, mousepilled.png)

sir, you are an insane man who identifies as a mouse. nobody is jealous of/attracted to you.

No. 1605450

men are so fucking retarded its not even funny anymore nonnas.

No. 1605458

They sit there and whine all day and radicalize themselves with alpha male bullshit while the dudes they call chads are probably out there meeting people and doing things with their lives. I think a lot of this is just an excuse for men to shit shit harder on women under the guise of being incels or whatever. They don’t need to become women to get women because it’s not going to work anyway, but it’s interesting that many of them who go that route actually start paying attention to hygiene and say they feel better. Wow, who woulda thunk. Most of them need to get grooming habits and just be around people more, but instead they want to blame all their issues on feminism instead of looking in the mirror.

No. 1605459

>paraphilias: being raped and pedophile shit
I’m so tired.

No. 1605463

Timeless trio: trannies, narcissism and pedospeak

No. 1605467

women are so scary that they wanna be us

No. 1605469

I will never for the life of me understand why these men feel comfortable posting their face along with a list of their violent paraphilias. Are they not concerned about things like employers or families somehow finding it? I know it’s trendy now to be open about your kinks but there’s a time and place for that shit and on an out in the open twitter account ain’t it. It just blows my mind that they don’t worry about the implications this could have on their real life. And yet women are scared to even call a man a man for fear of losing their jobs. What the fuck?

No. 1605472

File: 1659480723774.png (534.13 KB, 804x792, FY3uwkXXwAEdj51.png)

No. 1605482

Wow, that's not even decent for 54. His skin is dry, thin, and papery.
Most men really have nothing going on between their ears. All those times you spent humanizing scrotes, there was just elevator music and coom playing in their heads.
Right? If a woman posts a photo on Facebook of herself with a pint, or in a skimpy Halloween costume, she could get fired. But men are out there telling the whole world about their transvestite pedo rape fetishes like it's nothing.

No. 1605487

we've had our appearance and behavior scrutinized and monitored since grade school. scrotes can get off scot free for anything, including rape. if he really were a woman, he'd second guess his online footprint lol

No. 1605497

File: 1659481506174.png (1 MB, 1080x1412, harvey marcelin.png)

another transbian serial killer? b-but this never happens!

No. 1605498

It’s projection. Men think women are superficial and only want alphas and chads because they believe women think like them. Men only want hot women they can flaunt as status symbols, or at the very least a woman they can use for sex. Sex and looks come first, everything else is secondary. Women, on the other hand, want an emotional and physical connection with a functional, reliable person they could potentially start a family with.

No. 1605502

why do they all have reverse body dysmorphia kek

No. 1605503

It's so fucking depressing to realize that after a lifetime of being chided to only care about who he really is on the inside, you realize that there is nothing on the inside. He's shit. Just an empty, horny shell who doesn't even see you as a full human being.

No. 1605504

File: 1659482536248.png (536.55 KB, 787x768, and another one.png)

another one to the collection

No. 1605510

It hurts my soul when women say they don't care about looks meanwhile their husband is jerking off to porn in the toilet

No. 1605516

it's like when they say that they don't care about getting to orgasm during sex. no moid would ever say that ever. it's a giant cope.

No. 1605521

trannies no longer just want to be "men" or "women" alone, so why not make an entire separate tranny classification? tranny bathrooms, tranny sports, tranny shelters etc

No. 1605533

talked about this with my uncle today, they have the gender neutral shit where he works in Ireland. He said it was wrong kek, I assume its because he knows what men are capable of and he could just walk right in on women. He kindly (and scrotishly) assured me that most people are sane and it wont last long. Im sure he said a similar thing ten years ago before it got this far and forgot, kek.

No. 1605542

Because it is ultimately about men having access to women in vulnerable spaces like bathrooms/changing rooms etc with less competition/threats of physical retaliation for predation from other men. It's all incel male supremacy shit.

No. 1605544

Seriously, send these to right wing outlets like the NY post, unfortunately it’s the only way to get these into mainstream news.

No. 1605554

scabs would be my guess

No. 1605555

fear itself. we were warned about this.

No. 1605565

it’s the stuffing.

No. 1605570

Today I learned "IRL" means "touching another person" and not "In real life" where all of the things he just said happen and exist in reality because of him, such as fiction, art, gore, whatever

No. 1605582

If men really wanted to know what women are attracted to, they could consult romance novels and movies that women like, but that's "frivolous woman shit". Yeah like >>1605498 said, it's all projection

No. 1605602

the closest we’ll ever get to this is these scrotes using lesbian porn only to then troon out

No. 1605623

Hoooly shit this faggot posted this god awful pic in so many subs yesterday. Was waiting to see this pop up here tbh

No. 1605650

I truly believe all men are homoromantic because of this. Scrotes pursue women for themselves but also only openly state their attraction to women who other men see as valuable (eg. men dating fat women/ugly women but denying or hiding it). This is because men play retard hierarchy games with each other while focus on pursuing the respect of other men. As you say, if men truly were trying to pursue women, they would not focus on achieving traits seen as impressive to other men, but those seen as desirable by women, which can be found in media made for women. Instead they try to exemplify traits media for men say women want rather than actively listening to women and seeing what they like in what grabs their attention, a homoromantic act rather than heteroromantic. I believe it is this way because scrotes along time ago needed to convince other scrotes to fight in wars for them to increase their own resources, so they over emphasised the need to be respected by men.

No. 1605671

File: 1659499698953.jpeg (219.55 KB, 750x839, 75585310-D32B-4BD1-84E6-C99D5C…)

No. 1605676

>Intersex people are male or female.
Huh? Doesn't that contradict the definition of intersex? People with intersex conditions do have biological features of both sexes, eg vagina and uterus but XY chromosomes, or genitals that look like a mix of male/female, or a vulva with undescended testes inside. They're rare congenital medical conditions and in no way makes it OK to bully lesbians into sucking dick or erase the word woman from the world.

No. 1605681

Certain intersex conditions only manifest in a certain sex, such as men can be born with X intersex condition, while you will never find a woman with X condition. They aren't actually a third sex, just there initial sex which experienced a birth defect.

No. 1605693

File: 1659503186677.jpeg (413.28 KB, 750x2128, 6C642E16-C115-4B4D-98A7-460475…)

>what spicy straight women don’t understand is that i want to rape real lesbians!

No. 1605699

I agree completely.

No. 1605712

So dedicated to your cause that you will literally dismiss an entirely real medical condition that’s been around for ages just because you worry it contributes to what you hate somehow. Brainrot 101.

No. 1605725

File: 1659507442544.jpeg (239.73 KB, 750x637, 8096FF1F-83F5-4A12-B5A6-5CCA60…)

>impersonating women is only offensive when it hurts men’s fee fees.

No. 1605726

File: 1659507505934.jpeg (773.61 KB, 2448x3526, 88CB5AC0-4B40-4515-816F-60C1B2…)

this is what he looks like.

No. 1605727

File: 1659507630422.jpg (22.23 KB, 540x304, spectrum.jpg)

nona I'm sorry that in this thread of all places, you have to deal with the people who are out-of-touch with reality and don't feel like taking 5 minutes to google to become educated on this topic.

type like troons or handmaidens

No. 1605730

It's the tranny who has been shitting up meta having a breakdown and being mentally ill as usual. Trannies hate mentions of intersex because then transition could be limited to those with intersex conditions which can be tested for, so mentally ill coomer rapists wouldn't be able to self-id. Actual intersex people are very against the inclusion of being added to the LGB(+retarded letters) because it treats it as anything other than a condition and tries to relate a simple defect as the same as being a pornsick rapist.

No. 1605731

Chaser women? Do those exist?? They wanted to transition to be get women, so now that is not enough? They HAVE to get the ones that do not want to be with them?

No. 1605734

They're regular men. It's not that they want a girlfriend, they want the girlfriend they want, usually someone not on their level looks wise who could do better but they think shouldn't be allowed to, or literally someone who can never want them, like lesbians. Scrotes fetishize lesbians because they see them as being less 'tainted' by men, so less competition from other men sexually and physically, no experience = can't see they are shit. It's why straight men think lesbians turn when they find the right dick, they're delusional and hate that they can't compete against other men because they have nothing to offer, not looks nor personality nor resources.

No. 1605737

And yeah, I think the rare chaser women exists, but usually they learn their lesson and revert to no-longer chasing. Usually the most chaser a woman is is the woke handmaiden kind who wants to call herself a lesbian for social credit, like the women talked about in the spicy straight thread.

No. 1605741

men are so aware of their worthlessness on a subconscious level that they think a man’s touch is enough to ruin a woman. they know they ruin everything they touch.

No. 1605747


No. 1605751

File: 1659513060184.jpeg (666.02 KB, 750x1189, 9DE969C6-64B2-4BB3-8F52-ED6B89…)

please die.

No. 1605753

Nice bait.

No. 1605758

File: 1659514429876.jpeg (963.07 KB, 1635x4097, D9AE2D2D-DECA-4879-8EAE-9C6224…)

judging by the bulge alone, i say no.

No. 1605761

Honestly think men and troons have something against older women and mother's. It's like the only women worthy of respect are young and pretty women (and girls - pedos sexualizing girls). They never talk down on females (inc underage girls) which moids deem to have "sexual market value". This is what united moids and trannies, it's like something in their Y chromosome. I was listening to s true crime podcast with a male and female host who are in their late 30's and they're a couple. The episode was about Gabby Petito and the moid kept repeating how young and pretty she was, of course they never discussed domestic violence in depth, just said both Gabby and he bf were equally toxic. What was weird was the female host was speaking about her "young and wild" days in Ibiza… I was like, Gabby was into hiking and travelling, not partying. They were a hippy couple. It's so weird how women sexualize younger women and girls just to tag along with moids sick coomer minds. If i hadn't peaked and a radfem i wouldn't have picked up on this. And no, it was like 1/3 of the show that they were speaking about her looks. Gabby was like 21 when she died. A fucking child.

No. 1605762

>>1605758 no pass jfc they're so delusional and blind

No. 1605767

They absolutely do. Look at the current Mens rights incel obsession with barren wombs and hitting the wall. It’s blatant hatred of mothers, womens bodies, and pedophilia.

Now that roe is overturned, prepare for men to get a lot more open about hating womens bodies, and not even pretending to understand how they work, not that they ever did, but it’ll get even worse

No. 1605769

I also want to note, men hate mothers and blame mothers for the actions of their children more than they hate younger women.

No. 1605770

What bothers me is that whatever these crazy troons do will be counted on the statistics for female crime. And now handmaidens and twitter troons that complain about "biological essentialism" any time a woman says anything negative about males will show you the totally real statistics about how women are totally just as evil and do just as much crime as men.

No. 1605772

I wish more was said more often about how men (and handmaidens) label and libel pretty young women as "party girls", assuming that a young woman is a drunk, drugged up slut. I don't care if they're "liberals" who pretend in public that they think drugs and sleeping around are fine. The men still judge you for it just as hard. Drinking and "partying" for men just means cruising for sex, and they assume it's the same for women. It disgusts me.

No. 1605774

OT but moid Twitter takes have been definitely ramping up from just a few years ago. I’ve seen multiple tweets now from right wing accounts talking about how C sections are degenerate and make womens bodies used goods, or how abortion is killing a crying baby and crushing their skull.

No. 1605778

If C sections are degenerate, and the woman can't give birth through her vagina, wouldn't the other option be abortion? kek

No. 1605779

Do they want symphysiotomies to come back?

No. 1605784

kek he has no clue whatsoever that these chasers are not women at all
>I post on various lesbian subreddits so often and I don't indicate that I'm trans
And there it is. Because every lesbian space on the internet, but especially preddit, has been infested with troons. It's other troons who are messaging him, not lesbians.

No. 1605785

File: 1659521433923.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, DC66A883-62D1-4B9E-92EB-CD0EFD…)

No. 1605794

File: 1659524181299.jpeg (822.56 KB, 750x1205, 2F95DDB2-369D-40FF-A8A0-8F51F5…)

Sage for nonmilk, but this came up on tiktok and I was laughing at how they think they can look like this and be perceived as female. They really all look like lonely boys. Also the name "Sylvelyn"

No. 1605799

There's so much about pregnancy that seems to trigger moids. They hate that their existence relied so heavily on the biological reality of our bodies, and they hate that our bodies have way more an important function than their male pleasure. I swear moids view babies as competition too. The fact so many troon out once their partner is pregnant or trying to get pregnant all ties into male hatred of mothers and motherhood.

No. 1605801

The worst part for moids is having to witness that they're just animals, regular mortal animals who are born and die.

No. 1605802

File: 1659525586167.png (854.8 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20220803-113354~2.p…)

Im cackling, he looks more masculine after transitioning.

No. 1605804

Dat FAS.

No. 1605805

Holy shit it's Rick Moranis

No. 1605806

He's being messaged by other troons. I'd bet money on that.

No. 1605807

File: 1659526429828.png (184.1 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20220803-113904~2.p…)

Looking at the nasty moids complaining about the minimal trans benefits at Starbucks is a rabbit hole, pic rel. He also had a wishlist for female clothes but all of it are Disney Halloween dresses

No. 1605813

If they can't be assed to iron their ugly flags, they're sure as shit not going to iron the dresses the put on to coom in.

No. 1605815

I know this isn't the point but why is she breastfeeding a three year old in this picture

No. 1605816

KEK I want a collage of all the troon selfies with a toilet in the background

No. 1605817

File: 1659528603095.jpg (87.84 KB, 749x561, Coconut_Head_scream.jpg)

Looks more like he was going for picrel

No. 1605820

IKR. When I was a young internet turd, I was turned off from "feminism" because all I could see of feminism were these crunchy moms breastfeeding kids until school age. Fuck that to hell. I didn't understand much about boundaries, but getting pawed at by a whining scrotlet is something I definitely knew did not belong.

No. 1605823

You absolute fucking retard, intersex are women and men that have faulty reproductive systems. Not magical non binary unicorns

No. 1605828

Anon don't reply to the troon, he's going to spam the site all over again

No. 1605830

I won’t lol. Anyway, does anyone else hate seeing the intersex O flag? Why are they treating a medical condition itself like a kweer identity. Awful

No. 1605834

"humans are two-armed bipeds, therefore faulty-born people without all limbs are not human"

No. 1605835

Y'know back in my day drag queens were called female impersonators and it was a bawdy comedy act.

No. 1605840

There is a janitor here that is a man dressing as a woman and you let them reduce an actual woman, so I look down on most of you for being so dumb and hypocritical, get used to being judged its what society does to idiots who failed(t. troon )

No. 1605842

every retard who calls drag "sexist" doesn't understand that the performers are playing characters, and it's a character they love. they aren't making fun of women. they're making fun of themselves, if they act stupid or ridiculous. it's a jester act. you can hate drag for being annoying or stupid or whatever but it's not at all "sexist".

we been knew

No. 1605848

KEK you think gay men who call women fishy and cunts love women? alright

No. 1605872

A troon with terf bangs?

No. 1605883

I was going to say this same thing. If C-sections apparently ruin a woman’s body and a vaginal birth ruins her vagina, do they want women to just be able to magically warp the baby out? I guess they’d prefer there was no baby at all but jesus. I know men have always been fucking idiots but the internet has really rotted them to the point of no return. I hate the way men view pregnancy and childbirth so much. I’ve never been through it and probably never will because of some med issues, but the fact that they focus more on what a woman looks like after instead of thinking, holy shit, you grew an entire human yourself just baffles me, especially when it’s supposedly the person they swore to love forever. I won’t lie, there are aspects of pregnancy that weird me out and scare me but it has nothing to do with how the body looks afterward and it’s fucked that men are so shallow they get upset at her afterwards for not having her pre-pregnancy body as well as getting mad she doesn’t do things like immediately start fucking him again.

No. 1605884

Sorry nonna lol had deleted to add some more but the joke is appreciated.

No. 1605886

File: 1659531958798.jpeg (846.4 KB, 750x1198, 2F7BFF29-BD00-42D3-A7FC-75A0F9…)

No. 1605888

True most of them think they are gods among men.

No. 1605891

If he had a euphoria boner that long he should probably get it checked out.

No. 1605895

she's not even talking about intersex people here she means troon girldick. i can't imagine how much extra it must suck to be intersex and also get dragged into this shit from either side.

No. 1605901

File: 1659532813711.jpg (72.25 KB, 540x567, tumblr_8fc2b5fdbd38bec2ab95e50…)

i wanna kill trannies so badly

No. 1605903

kill yourself you fucking retarded tranny

No. 1605910

Literally just slapped on a wig

No. 1605912

Well fuck off right back to where you came from you goddamn degenerate.

No. 1605918

Yes, they revere female artists and call each other fishy, not random women. It’s 2022 and drag is mainstream, keep up. Go rage about something that actually has to do with womens rights.

No. 1605921

drag is misogynist.

No. 1605930

Drag is misogynisctic crap that always looks ugly and cheap, of course gay men love it

No. 1605937

It's 2022 and trannies are mainstream, keep up. Oh you're not ok with that?

No. 1605940

All men have womb envy. They purposefully skew pregnancy into something strange and disgusting because they know deep down in their subconscious they will never experience what it's like to create life and feel the immediate and extremely powerful bond to protect and nurture something so helpless. They pat themselves on the back for being the "stronger" "more rational gender" but kill each other over perceived slights at their own masculinity. The only thing they can focus on is what a woman can't do for them after and how her body looks because pregnancy and giving birth is the foundation to human existence and they feel because of their moid solicitation if it doesn't involve them directly it means there's no point to understand or respect the undesirable parts of squeezing a 10 pound baby out of your pelvis.

Moids will happily talk at length and in detail about their masturbation habits so it's not like they find the idea of gross things to be gross. They find the idea of relating/respecting or understanding women's grossness in literally ANY situation no matter how reasonable to be gross though. Fundamentally they hate women when we don't exist just to keep their dopamine rush flowing.

No. 1605944

File: 1659535889491.jpeg (273.7 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpeg)


No. 1605955

File: 1659537084046.jpeg (122.27 KB, 828x1150, 59DB259B-BF58-40E3-A6C6-32EECB…)

No. 1605961

When you watch too much anime pedo porn

No. 1605965

yes mooni. What is your point? Does this tranny want a gold medal for that?

No. 1605977

>Trans people dont want you if you say bioessentialist shit like this
Yeah? We fucking WISH they did not. Saying "transphobic" makes them double down even harder lol.

No. 1605984

All of his friends are pedophiles too. God he’s fucking annoying

No. 1605997

File: 1659543589253.png (726.7 KB, 477x1356, FXWt-fmWAAAmyz-.png)

No. 1606010

File: 1659544090523.jpg (172.66 KB, 1080x1170, 6.jpg)

the comments are full of trannies coping and despairing

No. 1606021

File: 1659544630090.png (1.19 MB, 1172x1424, screencapture-reddit-r-trans-c…)

what's up with their obsession with the cuffed denim shorts? is it an anime pedo thing?

No. 1606022

common in hentai, 'thicc' women in doujins tend to wear these shorts.

No. 1606029

>The underlying reason for this is because they "socialized as female" before

Absolute mental retardation LMAO

No. 1606031

"terf" bangs were originally SJW bangs, it's just another thing they've done a switcharoo on, like how bisexuality used to be twansphobic because it implied sex is binary so they invented pansexuality, but now they're saying pan is transphobic because it implies aidens/trannies aren't real men/women.

No. 1606035

"Fishy" refers to the supposed smell of a vagina though. Which is a completely incorrect sexist stereotype that they think is hilarious. It's not. Gay men despise women.

No. 1606037

Why do so many people become handmaidens to those completely insane perverts? Why do they keep letting them hold any amount of power and censor to pander to those suicidal freak scrotes? I hate the modern world so much.

No. 1606039

File: 1659546079759.jpg (138.52 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20220803_190141_636.jpg)

No. 1606040

File: 1659546260454.jpg (146.87 KB, 531x1200, FYSNbaLWQAI8xzU.jpg)


No. 1606042

He sounds uber pathetic and should just die

No. 1606043

File: 1659546461062.jpg (164.81 KB, 729x1200, FZQFlLqX0AIv83k.jpg)

No. 1606045


This fucker is living in my head right now, all day I've thought about him walking around his neighborhood looking like Bill/Lenore from King of the Hill

No. 1606047

File: 1659546664761.jpeg (9.42 KB, 259x194, download (4).jpeg)

Fucked up my post sry. Anyways, picrel walking around and you fkn know the neighbors could clock that walking male fridge.

No. 1606050

I love how he uses computers as an example to explain human experiences. The autistic male coding is so deep you can practically smell the programmer socks through the screen.

No. 1606055

File: 1659547353666.png (65.58 KB, 633x433, Untitled.png)

this guy is a trancel gold mine. why do men act like women get social networks out of thin air? we work hard to create and maintain those. it's also not a privilege to have possibly spiked drinks bought for you and to be catcalled and honked at while walking outside.

No. 1606057

whatever you do, do not search "cis girls" on Reddit dot com without the safe search filter on. It's just
1. Trannys complaining about not being women/passing/serial killer analysis of female bodies.
2. Tranny porn comparing women to men and futa porn.
Just proof that no one normal uses this language and you shouldnt either. It's language designed by the patriarchy to group women out of how we can serve men sexually. Nothing more.

No. 1606060

oh i hope he gets a rotpocket and then kills himself

No. 1606069

It infuriates me that they equate harassment from men to something good or desirable. I don't want men to buy me drinks, compliment me or smile at me. I want to be left alone. Men don't do these things out of the kindness of their hearts, they do it specifically because they feel that they are objectively more important than whatever the girl they're harassing may have going on. The goal is to get you to drop everything and pay them some/any attention to stroke their own egos. It is NOT benevolent or desirable.

No. 1606070

lmao I forgot about this. they were always "sjw bangs" before and became terf bangs around 2016-ish

surprise, it was mostly incels/mras calling them sjw bangs before and 2016 was around the time they started trooning out in larger numbers. It's the exact same crowd that's done a switcheroo on the language.

No. 1606074

>women are privileged because men try to get them drunk to rape them

No. 1606077

File: 1659548631821.png (165.19 KB, 1511x869, Untitled.png)

women have workplace privilege you guys

No. 1606080

you just know this fat ugly fuck has some meaty mammoth neandarthal legs squeezed in pink fetish socks

No. 1606087

Males: commit 99% of all rapes
Females: complain about males being sociopathic rape apes
The fact that this fucking man thinks women are the ones mistreating the opposite sex is a testament to how utterly and fundamentally male he is and always will be. YWNBAW, so why don’t you go ahead and join the 41%

No. 1606102

File: 1659550547782.png (706.27 KB, 1152x2048, chrome_screenshot_165955050923…)

Cope, baldy.

No. 1606106

>give me a solution
>but none of these solutions
Always so spoiled and whiny.

No. 1606107

Notice how he doesn't mention what "hardcore sexist shit" they said that got him so butthurt. Because he knows it was accurate and true, maybe? Amazing how men say lies about women, and women will double down on fucking themselves over to prove what "cool girls" they are, but when you present men with the fucking truth it's just
Even if the "misunderstanding" involves dead hookers in a crawlspace.

No. 1606108

Pixielocks is shaking right now

No. 1606110

i'm 99% sure it was just women talking about their own negative experiences. women acknowledging their own reality is "misandry" to these moids.

No. 1606111

If you told me he was wearing his mother's scalp as a wig I would believe you, my lord that is terrifying.

No. 1606118

girls don’t have penises, period.

No. 1606120

God hates men. Notice how he acts bitter and miserable even when given genuine advice (“tea tree”)

No. 1606121

this is why we can’t be friends with rape apes.

No. 1606126

My thoughts exactly. I don’t want men to buy me drinks or approach me, I want them to leave me the fuck alone and take a hint.

No. 1606130

Only a rape ape would list sexual harassment as all the "privileges" women get. YWNBAW bitch.

No. 1606136

File: 1659553068130.png (907 KB, 924x758, 7C06F947-4054-4D51-B25D-418ACD…)

they think they’re misato.

No. 1606139

lol this, even most normie, non-internet poisoned scrotes act terrified of vaginas. Remember when Amy Schumer was considered the worst comedian of all time for doing hack my vagina jokes? As if male comedians don’t just talk about their dicks 24/7?

No. 1606140

Notice how he doesn't fully realize that doctors didn't rush to treat his hair loss because they knew a diagnosis didn't make it any more treatable. Nobody is going to prescribe a topical antibiotic for lifelong use unless you're dying of AIDS or something.

No. 1606158

Actually lol'd

No. 1606159

>i have hair fungus wahh
Kek deserved

No. 1606161

>blocked follicles create a breeding ground for bacteria
Can't he just, you know, wash his head regularly?

No. 1606173

damn they're really trying to erase tall women. being 6 ft isn't the fucking problem, it's being a MAN. there are plenty of 6ft + female athletes.

No. 1606177

>Fundamentally they hate women when we don't exist just to keep their dopamine rush flowing
You're so right. Women complaining and living for themselves fucks with their ego. Men see women as NPCs that exist to serve them and so hate every woman that doesn't engage in cock worship. Refusing to give a shit kills narcs and that's why moids try to infiltrate/subvert everything not centering them. Women that don't fall for that shit are like atheists or heretics. But they don't recognize it doesn't make them god-like, it makes them parasitic.

No. 1606181

Yep. Why after decades of women being in the workforce is there a sudden return to “women exist to breed and stay home” trad incel morality?

No. 1606203

It's pathetically funny how MRAs will blather for hours and never admit that a shit ton of men in the 35-45 age range fucked around and now there's no one left who will touch them. They can lie to younger scrotes, but women (and some men) their age know the truth.

No. 1606247

But let the handmaidens tell you "NOT ALL MEN" "Why do you dislike men? They're just squishy little guys"

No. 1606338

I wonder how they would react to this moid saying ALL girls are porn. They would probably defend it and go back to their onlyfans kms

No. 1606346

not my nigel! he only masturbates to rape porn when i’m not around!

No. 1606367

He looks like he's trying to cosplay Jenny Nicholson

No. 1606382

lol when he said hes mad he has to adhere to male standards instead of female ones.

No. 1606383


genuinely shocked he actually realized none of this shit is real.

No. 1606406

He fucking peaktrans'd himself.

No. 1606435

File: 1659573368147.png (4.42 MB, 2537x5942, ss2.png)

fucking how is this allowed?

No. 1606476

this was written by teenage hands 100%. sorry about your indoctrination but this isnt matter of fact like youre posturing it to be

No. 1606479

they revere female artists because they are fundamental plagiarists and its inspo for their next woman suit, don't be a retard

No. 1606486

He probably is.

No. 1606489

stop responding to the scrote

No. 1606492

File: 1659577781694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.97 KB, 576x768, bq4w46d3tjf91.jpg)

nsfw mangled axewound

No. 1606493

Why do some women worship gay men? It’s disgusting.

No. 1606506

File: 1659578962709.gif (517.29 KB, 760x704, 1DD04E84-34CF-493D-89E5-34FF52…)


No. 1606518

File: 1659580180559.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 287.28 KB, 1280x960, f4RJHWx.jpeg)

nsfw the scrote is mad because its axewound looks like an anus

No. 1606520

So like… what's going on here. What's the black stuff? Isn't it like gauze or something? I think I've seen other examples where apparently that's the gauze but I think that's just cope because what is it doing on the asscheeks? Also how shit that stitch job. And I just really don't know what that red stuff is, I'm assuming raw flesh. In fact even the shape of this man's groin area is so fucking weird. Wow. What a beautiful creation of modern science I am so thankful this is where our money is going, not to curing cancer or anything.

No. 1606524

Post his commentary

No. 1606528

That's because it is practically a second anus. Too bad he had to find out the hard way

No. 1606531

Those black blobs are blood clots. That’s a giant blood clot there. Maybe the grossest axe wound I have seen just because of the amount of blood, but this is probably right after surgery.

No. 1606532

Serious question, but how does someone go pee with such a traumatic and painful looking wound? Seems like it would be excruciating

No. 1606534

it was excruciating to pee after a second degree tear after childbirth. i can't fucking imagine peeing after having my urethra pulled out of my sex organ and pushed into my skin.

No. 1606542

File: 1659582176930.jpeg (142.11 KB, 1080x1632, 154F37CC-B20E-43C5-971A-C3C81F…)

>>Won’t somebody think of the want to be rapists?

No. 1606543

File: 1659582260775.png (142.27 KB, 1080x929, D6D9F086-2E6A-4F83-85CF-424D98…)

She should run now

No. 1606544

kek, the scrote insistence that genitals have nothing to do with sex is one of the funniest copes of all

No. 1606546

File: 1659582395919.png (54.76 KB, 1086x374, 65DC5C67-4E78-4871-BC47-966865…)

If they do this they deserve to get thrown out. Rotten little things.

No. 1606548

File: 1659582494700.jpeg (146.94 KB, 1242x1326, 29AE19CC-EBFB-4FD0-BA72-090F51…)

Erin being Erin

No. 1606550

The L word was made nearly 20 years ago get over it. the revamp is super woke from what i hear

No. 1606565

Who's dumber Anthony or Colon

No. 1606569

If genitals don't matter why don't you date a TIM?

No. 1606570


It's stuff like this that makes me think conservatives are under-reacting. They don't fully grasp that there's literally thousands of these freaks online 24/7 telling children to actively destroy their family lives and isolate themselves.

I've seen it a lot where they will pick up the groomer thing just as a meme and then be taken aback when they realize, no, this shit is an actual cult that will fuck up your kids. It's not a joke or just another hysteria.

No. 1606571

>have you no depth?
my vagina has depth whether or not i stick something in it everyday hbu?

No. 1606575

File: 1659584435561.png (568.88 KB, 993x1063, Why Trans Singer Plastic Marty…)

>plastic martyr

No. 1606584

File: 1659584797083.jpeg (194.11 KB, 750x1600, C4A3B1F9-53A2-4F04-99C1-9FE4F5…)

gender aiden titties are a hella expensive hobby. also, when they get called capitalist coomsoomer trash and big pharma’s favorite cash cow, don’t they always claim HRT is dirt cheap? not so much so, apparently.

No. 1606585

based queen.

No. 1606589

But muh limp dick makes me totally dysphoric. We can have lesbian sex, this isn’t corrective rape at all. You don’t even have to look at it, I promise! Stop reducing women to their genitals, don’t you have any depth? Are you a terf or what? Because if you’re a terf and/or don’t want to have sex with me, I’ll use my male privilege and priest class status to ruin your life. Just the tip, think of it as a strap-on.

No. 1606595

conservatives are sexist and they’ll happily welcome troons like caitlyn jenner and blaire white with open arms, as long as they’re men.

No. 1606603

If trannies can change sex why do they have to change take estrogen for the rest of their lives? And why don't they just grow a mangina instead of getting surgery for one?
Lame trannies can't even grow their own vagina how sad.

No. 1606636

Lol no they don’t. Blaire tried to argue against some conservatives in a video call and they just called him disgusting and that they didn’t want to support him over and over

No. 1606638

Ugly ass irrelevant man trying to ruin a woman’s life.

No. 1606661

File: 1659588933287.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 736.36 KB, 750x1157, 87741DEC-09A0-4CC2-B21C-56D2DC…)

that shit ain’t a vagina, they need to stop trying to make rot pockets happen.

No. 1606676

both of them glow hard

No. 1606679

File: 1659589790844.jpeg (709.99 KB, 750x1219, 2953A5BD-F69C-4077-8373-6FB081…)

>moid: puts on cheap maid halloween costume.
>moid: i’m a goth gorl.

No. 1606687

They do. Like lefties, some conservatives embrace them (fuentes types, the incels who are rightwingers for removing womens rights to reject them/punish them for being competition for self-hating gay men, most troons are men who vote conservative ironically while supported by lefties who mistakenly believe that saying they identify as a woman means they empathise with women, and not what they really mean, that they see women as sex objects which their coomer pornsickness has brought them to), while some don't. Same way some lefties embrace trannies and others don't, as we've seen with the ousting of members of the dems/greens/labor etc lefty political parties shunning women who say no to the retard male larpers.

No. 1606694

File: 1659590430365.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 257.03 KB, 919x1920, D5725673-6F8B-4B8A-B303-8A6BD5…)

ew. spoiler for troon in underwear.

No. 1606699

File: 1659590784733.jpeg (317.23 KB, 750x757, 33F91171-57C1-44A3-A69C-990D3B…)

troons really can’t live without getting fawned over constantly.

No. 1606715

File: 1659591919741.jpeg (773.39 KB, 2208x2969, 338EC531-59C9-4B1B-8198-9F6204…)

sorry for the scare jump.

No. 1606724

Men aging like milk again.

No. 1606727

ew nonna

No. 1606728

*jumpscare. i’m so tired i can’t even type.

No. 1606749

File: 1659595191274.jpg (89.62 KB, 595x630, 20220804_083904.jpg)

This is what they give to children in Nova Scotia schools.

No. 1606752

>gendered objects
Ffs the sexism disgusts me. Only gendered objects are shit like tampons, not toys etc.

No. 1606759

I know some troon who is potentially like that, I feel like they can't stand being treated normally they want a benefit

No. 1606767

God damn it. When I was a kid I used to tell my parents and friends that I “wanted to be a boy”. What I actually meant was that I liked running around, playing in the dirt and playing with Ninja Turtles and stuff. It was the 90s and our teachers encouraged the boys to play that way rather than girls. I’m so fucking glad I’m not a kid right now with “woke” parents encouraging me to transition as soon as I said that. I wonder if we’ll see a wave of angry young adults speaking out in the future, frustrated that they were pushed into transitioning before their brains finished developing.

No. 1606769

I distinctly remember telling my dad I didn’t want to be a girl because girls were stupid. Adults telling me I could actually be a boy and grooming me into transitioning would have messed me up horribly.

No. 1606774

Hi, I’m Saul Goodman. Did you know you have rights

No. 1606775

Back to AMB with you

No. 1606780

Sounds fake as fuck but god do I hope it's true kek

No. 1606782

File: 1659598956914.jpeg (189.3 KB, 1638x2048, FZRovErWYAI2-Lm.jpeg)

No. 1606785

Does encouraging your dumbass kid to identify as nonbinary really count as pushing them to transition? Resentment of cultural misogyny is stupid pathologized these days but actually seeking medical intervention is fucking expensive so I doubt more than a fraction of kids expressing dissatisfaction with their birth sex actually go on to transition. I'm not here to wk reddit's transvestites but fuck nonas, reading here you'd think troonery lurks around every corner offering hormone blockers to children like DARE told us strangers would be giving us free drugs. Anyway we already have a wave of detranners the future is now

No. 1606789

File: 1659599637540.jpeg (225.56 KB, 1170x1416, 793383D2-4ECD-46F4-9DFD-4FED0F…)

No. 1606799

>Does encouraging your dumbass kid to identify as nonbinary really count as pushing them to transition?
Nta, yes it does. Why would you encourage your child to depersonalise and believe they were born in the wrong body? That’s psychological abuse, just let them be happy and normal. “Non-binary” hinges on ideas of girl = bimbo and that if your child doesn’t play into sexist stereotypes they aren’t a proper member of their own sex. It’s only ever by enforced gender trauma that girls become non-binary. Not to mention that the school of thought you’re offering them to does indeed consider non-binaries transgender, still encouraging mastectomies and hormones anyway (because they are misogynists who think breasts = bimbo, inherently sexual and less neutral than a masculine profile, despite the vast majority of humans having breasts).

No. 1606805

nta your're replying to but what do you think of parents raising children as "gender neutral", basically not giving into stereotypes unless the kids voices for it. (like gray rooms instead of blue/pink, or letting their son wear a dress if he expresses interest). I know a couple who were raising their girls "gender neutral" but the kids all seem to naturally perfer feminine stuff like pink, princesses, dresses, dance, etc.

No. 1606822

>Being cis woman without money is piss easy
Say that to women in poor countries. Say that to women that can't afford therapy, food or housing. If it's so hard being trans and easy being cis, why don't you just… stop your delusions?

No. 1606824

Men think women should be happy essentially prostituting themselves and that men being more degen and likely to buy sex because they see and treat you as an exploitable object is actually a privilege.

No. 1606835

I literally JUST saw this on the r/gothstyle subreddit and nearly threw up.
What’s up with crusty MtFs latching onto goth subculture?

No. 1606837

Men with a fetish for goth girls trying to become the gf.

No. 1606840

File: 1659606643532.png (162.58 KB, 2066x1830, beingtranswithoutmoney01.png)

This is insane. No wonder so many of them are on NEET bucks. State funded autogynephilia.

No. 1606841

He was presented with a community hero award by the “anti violence project” after going to prison for violently raping a three year old girl. Brain dead incels will call this female privilege
Those posts are prime examples of men being entitled little shits who think they are above everybody else and deserve more, identifying as a trans woman is just their way of getting it.
Since “white het cis men” are at the bottom of the hierarchy of oppression, they need the trans status to catapult them to the top, so they can expect everyone else to suck up to them again.
The whole trans thing really is just a loophole, from social settings to the literal law, to get put above every other human. After all, they are the most oppressed, prosecuted, experience the most violence, mentally illest, did I forget anything?

No. 1606846

Anon, I could literally talk about this all day. I think popular ideas of gender neutral parenting can be pretty shortsighted, where it feels like parents both over and underestimate their influence. I also think some haven’t understood their own prejudices in many cases either. Children should be offered things that are fun or will benefit them first and foremost, that’ll include gendered items, the point is just not to vehemently gender them. Ideas of how they should behave and who they are alone and in relation to other people is the important thing. If children notice their parents avoiding gendered items or decor, they may internalise those things having greater meaning, like when a rejection of girliness turns into shame in being a girl. Instead parents should override cultural stereotypes by presenting them more neutrally, like disinfecting something before giving them to your kids. Except the disinfectant is a discussion or even nonchalantly not saying anything about it at all.

Unless they remove their kids from society, they’ll pick up on gender expectations and will gravitate to what‘s exciting or what seems to be aimed at them, which is when parents should combat what those things mean and why, including the fun things that aren’t aimed at them (though it’s best to not introduce some gender issues until they appear). People who might see girls going for feminine things as justification of gender stereotypes, a failure of gender neutral parenting or who expect gender neutral parenting to make those things less appealing are really misguided. Everyone has their own reasons for liking things, good insight is understanding what those reasons are and then deciding if it’s worth challenging.

No. 1606847

They could even say it to women in their own country. Their solution to this is always “just be a prostitute” and then they’ll bring up homelessness statistics. Even though those are skewed towards men because of how downright deadly it is to be a homeless woman.

No. 1606849

This is what people crying over disco on tiktok does to the terminally online. He really thought his coworkers would form a prayer circle around him because he wanks in the mirror.

No. 1606854

File: 1659608971553.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 796.67 KB, 2880x3840, 20220804_062747.jpeg)

In a reddit thread about kinks, this self-proclaimed lesbian decided to share. Of course, username made it obvious that a troon was involved. "Fully passable" lel

No. 1606857

women are being forced to have babies they can't afford while childcare costs are skyrocketing. they're forced to return to work before their c-section scars have finished healing and/or while they're still wearing adult diapers for postpartum bleeding, but yes it's easy to be a poor woman. i hope all troons 41% themselves.

No. 1606858

that's disgusting. some women need breast reduction because of health issues or some women don't feel womanly enough because they have no breast tissue but no one cares about that, but sure, pay a men to get triple d plastic breasts and a fake hole

No. 1606861

Sons are the best argument for abortion ever made.

No. 1606864

Why does every troon look so demented, you know he took this photo wishing he could kill a woman and wear her skin. There is so much evil emanating from this one selfie.

No. 1606870

it's the same look crossdressing serial killers like btk had

No. 1606884

Now ask him what "being a girl" is?

No. 1606887

You could make the same argument with rape and racism. Just because it occurs naturally doesn't mean it's worth keeping.

No. 1606895

File: 1659616057414.jpg (73.59 KB, 1078x425, Screenshot_20220804-082558_Twi…)

They're starting to get it

No. 1606915

I thought we were trying to get AWAY from gendered objects. You know, girls can play with GI joes, boys can wear dresses, etc. and that’s fine and literally means nothing. I hate these people so much.

No. 1606917

File: 1659619383508.jpeg (209.35 KB, 1442x447, 8E3D3CFE-BFB9-4622-A568-E97F06…)

They’re trying to pass shootings committed by trannies as girls’ crimes now. Vile.

No. 1606919

Always so clockable just by how they type.

No. 1606921

They have been for a while, unfortunately. Can’t wait for researchers to see how the statistics of women’s violent crimes suddenly skyrocketed and for them to be like. Huh. I wonder why that could be. Couldn’t have anything to do with the amount of men suddenly claiming to be women and continuing their own rates of traditionally male crimes like rapes and murders. Nothing to see here, folks.

No. 1606923

Doesn't this mean one of the victims is a female, not the shooter?

No. 1606925

That’s what the passage is talking about but the perpetrator was a male.

No. 1606926

lmao i love that, i wish they were actually wary of us and left us alone

No. 1606934

It says 3 boys were arrested? Where's the tranny

No. 1606937

>lesbians having media and a culture around being lesbians is bad
Won’t someone please think of the moids??

No. 1606938

For them it's a performance for us it's natural. We could be unconscious and people would still know what gender we are

No. 1606943

She says she doesn't remember saying that but apologized anyways

No. 1606955


The basic idea isn't even true. The narrative that basically amounts to the idea people have gendered souls that can be mismatched is the neat way to encapsulate what is basically a collection of distinct disorders that can result in people mimicking the opposite sex.

Nobody is born trans, most cultures didn't develop any concept of trans. If the social conditions aren't right that construct doesn't manifest.

No. 1606970

Stop fucking up our statistics

No. 1606980

no lol, she’s a male with complete androgen insensitivity. she might even still have a ballsack inside her

No. 1606993

That's absolutely true, nonnie. Sage for ot but I am in a very small, very niche subreddit for women(I know, I know it's Preddit we're are talking about) and one of the rules is that no men is allowed to comment or they would get banned, but they were allowed to lurk, as long they followed that one single rule. The scrotes were absolutely livid with that rule and claimed misandry, tried to report and get the sub down and they tried to doxx some members in a chan. Eventually we had to private the sub and now the moids are accusing us of privating the sub so we can groom young girls.
All because we wanted a chill sub and didn't want scrotes invading our spaces.

No. 1607023

>accusing you of privating the sub in order to groom young girls
Men only know projection.

No. 1607037

The absolute audacity of saying he’s fully passable above a picture of his dick and balls dangalanging around

No. 1607060

>fully passable
as opposed to full smashable?

No. 1607078

File: 1659627625582.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 321.14 KB, 1242x2004, 29D6E9DA-8140-4371-BAB8-F62F04…)

Disgusting troon keeps posting poorly drawn naked "lesbians" on a r/actuallesbians and the handmaidens eat it up.

No. 1607083

File: 1659627899646.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 269.83 KB, 1242x2003, B6152E2F-1051-42AC-936E-3DC7C0…)

This is him. Reddit bio: "Just your local indigenous goth lesbian that advocates for free nipple/topless equality & normalizing nudity & draws stuff.". He is also autistic and a communist obviously.

No. 1607093

It's 2045 and paedophilia is mainstream, keep up sweaty MWAH XO

No. 1607097

File: 1659629582384.jpg (166.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

All the super effeminate drag queen fags hate women, the only women they "worship' are mutated degenerate porn stars like pic rel.

No. 1607098

Yep, men are deformed women so they will always retain female characteristics, doesn’t mean they’re one of us. XY’s have balls inside of them and their ‘vaginas’ are shallow holes that lead to nowhere. They resemble women so they mostly have female socialisation, but they’re men.

No. 1607107

Because then there'd be no troon hugbox,no fetish, no predatory behaviour and voyeurism towards women. Your whole desire for rolepaying in the first place. Also you're a misogynist LARPer that likes walking over women's boundaries and bragging you're better than women. You like being in the inbetween where you're exempt from being held to male standards but also female ones as well, which means you get anyone to do whatever you fucking want and you can shift the goalposts as much as possible. You can just pick and choose when to have male/female exlusive privileges in society whilst still having the overwhelming privileges that comes from having male biology. You can wriggle your way out of everything just by claiming "transphobia". That's probably why they kill themselves when they come to realize they're not getting what they want anymore, they're not speshul and that they irreversibly fucked their lives.

No. 1607129

Sorry for blog but I never go to public pools, gyms etc and the one time I do there was a troon! Luckily I was with my mom who is extremely based & he wasn't in the changing room at the same time as us. He'd clearly had some surgery but his hairline was still halfway back on his head kek.

No. 1607131

sage for blogpost but theres a mtf in my school. when i first saw them they didnt wear any makeup but they had long hair, and then they started wearing the ugliest eyeliner, i thought it was just an effeminate gay man or whatever but then my friends started using the she/her pronoun with them and they started using the most mtf name ever (its a greek mythology name, the name of the girl who opened the box in ancient greece). they havent been doing anything weird at least, aside from using the art of kim petras coconut song as a pfp (the zoomed in, hypersexualized girl with coconuts covering her breasts). they also paint their nails badly which is the funniest shit ever.

No. 1607149

I’m Mediterranean and hairy as fuck, I sure as hell don’t feel very womanly having a mustache and random body hair. I’ve wanted electrolysis or laser removal for a while and can’t afford it right now, I’d be laughed out of the room if I asked if I could have it for free because I “don’t feel feminine”

No. 1607150

You can say he noni, they can’t punish you for wrongthink here

No. 1607158

Pandora? kek. Trannies all come out of the same factory.

No. 1607162

they're all either someting artemis, pandora, lillith, alice or miku. names from mythology, children's books, anime/manga or the high school crush they're skinwalking.

No. 1607163

im honestly surprised more of them havent picked up names of pornstars

No. 1607165

They don’t see those women as human let alone worry of naming themselves after.

No. 1607166

File: 1659634674314.jpeg (99.85 KB, 719x854, screenshot12.jpeg)

Seeing shit like this just makes it too obvious that the explosion of troon theory and "gender studies" shit was just a way for men to get ahead of any kind of criticism of men exploiting women, corrupt it, and make sure that their bootleg version full of loopholes for men would be the only accepted version.

No. 1607167

It’s the narcissism. If a woman dared to name herself after a goddess she would become a local lolcow.

No. 1607171

also continuing but they got into trouble in school because they sent an email to our counselor basically asking them to call them by the new name (while the ftm just meekly corrects the teachers and workers sometimes) … and then the school counselor just fucking outed them to their parents. apparently the parents accepted them. they also just hang out with girls and i have no idea if theyre the type of mtf whos gay and wants to dress feminely without backlash, or if theyre an agp who managed to not be creepy and get fem friends

No. 1607174

okay handmaiden, good luck and have fun seeing where pandering to perverted scrotes will get you

No. 1607177

they name themselves after women irl and try to skinwalk them

No. 1607181

why are you mad about the school 'outing' a tranny? i'd rather parents know if the school is trying to groom their kid/teen

No. 1607182

Seriously, how the fuck did the asinine theories of a bunch of pretentious gender studies majors become so widely established in western academia

No. 1607183

File: 1659635759621.jpeg (166.9 KB, 828x473, 8ECC5DC3-2C94-419F-886A-86FE12…)


No. 1607184

Face-blind turbo-autists be like

No. 1607190

im not mad and also im not a handmaiden. i just thought it was kinda funny that the school decided to respond like that. like the school counselor just said “we can only do that if your family knows about it and asks us to do that” and the mtf said “please dont tell my parents” but the school counselor just didnt give enough of a fuck and told the family.

No. 1607192

“Aphrodite? pffff SOMEONE is into themselves, what a narcissistic bitch”

“OMG ARTEMIS SLAAY GIRL! You are such a queen how are you so perfect uwu”

No. 1607194

sage your whinge

No. 1607197

Knew a woman in the early 2000s who’s birth name was Athena. I always thought it was cool her mom gave her that name but I also wonder how she feels about it now. I’m sure some TiMs have gone with that one.

No. 1607198

It's okay if your mom gives you an over the top name, you're a baby so you didn't choose it. It's different when grown men are purposefully chosing the most terminally special name they can because they themselves are terminally special

No. 1607200

Oh yeah I know, I just mean I wonder if it gets annoying seeing troons choose a name you had that was kind of unique before. These days if I see someone with a goddess name I just assume it’s a male. I feel bad for her in that regard.

No. 1607224

They say this in public then seethe in private over their shoulders, hands, hips, chin, brow ridge, etc kek

No. 1607227

right, just like putting on blackface and tap-dancing was just white men making fun of themselves.

CuLtUrAl ApPrOpRiAtIoN gets screamed about so so so much yet no one sees an issue with drag queens.

No. 1607229

Handmaidens? That sub has to be at least 40% troon. It's more than a little ironic given the name, but then again, r/TwoXChromosomes has a fully TiM mod team, I think.

No. 1607233

It’s HE/HIM. Men and boys aren’t “she” or “they”. If you don’t use accurate language, it’s really hard to understand what you’re talking about.

No. 1607247

Everyone loses their mind over racism but misogyny? Doesn't exist. Though do people really care about racism if they ignore that black women were and are treated way worse than black men.

No. 1607253

File: 1659640763100.jpg (376.04 KB, 2324x1261, thin-lips.jpg)

No. 1607263

those women aren't being accused of being men, they're just accused of being ugly. an 'ugly' woman is still a woman.

No. 1607267

are those your lips before FFS?

No. 1607290

It's crazy once you realize they will push this gender studies shit on little kids, but nobody would seriously take a class of 5th grade girls aside and explain that relationships with boys will be exploitative unless the girls ruthlessly fight to maintain their dignity in every single interaction. That would be "stigmatizing" boys and "grooming" the girls. So well-meaning idiots unleash this idiotic gender crap that helps nobody.

No. 1607291

I knew an Athena - I thought her name was gorgeous and she was a beautiful, talented artist. She's now a theybie who goes by like Chuck or something and only dates FtMs. It still makes me sad.

No. 1607293

Omfg, why would she choose “Chuck” out of any name she could have choose…

No. 1607295

Meanwhile, the actual Chucks are throwing themselves on the alter of alteration and don't even have a thimble of her beauty even as she Chuckafies herself lol.

No. 1607296


it does legitimately scare me sometimes. none of gender theory had to be tested or proven in any way.

No. 1607301

tbf a lot of tranny names sound like they could be a pornstar/stripper pseudonym. see the sex offender who named himself Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love

No. 1607305

It's because they transition because of porn and anime. It turns them on introducing themselves as something extremely feminine and ""slutty"", because being a woman is embarrassing to them and that's their fetish

No. 1607306


I believe every moid that supports troons/mtf just jacks off to “t girl porn” in private. Either that or they have a past with drag. I haven’t been proven wrong yet.

No. 1607316

File: 1659645736744.jpg (28.1 KB, 700x350, vaush-youtuber-race.jpg)

textbook example n0 one: this dude definitely jacks off to futanari

No. 1607323

thats what Vaush looks like??!! i knew he was a stupid asshole but i didnt know he looked like an ugly soyboy
anyway men only defend tims because of 1-male privilege, they’ll always defend their own 2- because they fetishize them 3- to harm women. its always one of those reasons or a combination of those. if they dont defend tims, its because theyre embarrassed because its another male (one of their own) being depraved

No. 1607337

It’s true, I have met a couple while in college. One name Sylveon (I think after a Pokémon?), and Katniss kek

No. 1607341

I thought it was just a meme at first, but Indian men post unnecessary sexual shit EVERYWHERE.

No. 1607344

That'll be banned for racebait

No. 1607350

For some reason, I have a feeling that he will troon out in future, idk he just give that sleazy moid vibes all of them have

No. 1607368

A friend of mine recently had her little sister's Instagram picture go on the explore page. What ensued were literally hundreds of Indians, Pakistanis, and Arab men posting anything ranging from heart emojis to blatant sexual harassment. When one of her classmates responded to one of the Arabs (who wrote something like "embrace you and lick you"), he started grossly hitting on the classmate. Never mind the fact that it's obviously a different person responding, all they can think about is sex.

There are a lot of creepy old men who are obviously way too old to be commenting as well, but it's largely third worlders doing this. She is 15 and had to private her page for the deluge to stop coming in. It's very sad what girls have to deal with as the internet expands. When I was growing up, this would've been unthinkable.

No. 1607371

There's an old ricecel/Asian man hate thread on /ot/ from several months ago and it wasn't touched

No. 1607375

How delusional is he about that being 'adorable'. I guess he must be legally blind, those glasses aren't helping him.


Every time I see a nasty sexist shit on Instagram it's some Indian asshole (or a wannabe 'alpha' black guy). Every single time. All men are shit but jesus these guys absolutely hate us.
I mean absolutely no hate on respective women of color

No. 1607380

Jeez. That reminded me of when I used to post pics of myself on instagram, I kept getting random indians asking for nudes. No wonder I hate moids now

No. 1607404

File: 1659649988284.jpeg (118.51 KB, 1201x687, 43D03D31-D496-48B0-8275-161121…)

This thread is about trannies, idk what’s going on here

No. 1607407

Paki-chan got unbanned I guess…

No. 1607429

check meta, it's the same retarded tranny who has been rampaging over the past few days

No. 1607464

theres a pink pill thread already

No. 1607473

Nooo, not Athena becoming a chuck… we really do live in a society.

No. 1607476

It's even more disgusting when they do this on mommy blogger accounts, under photos of prepubescent girls, and the dumb asshole mothers leave it up or even encourage it. Male sexuality is a curse, and will bring down whole civilizations if they can't keep their men in line. All the more reason to be horrified by troons, and ofc troons are pedos as well.

No. 1607497

The only protrans men are trannies, tranny fuckers or men who are deeply misogynistic but hey redundant redundancy.

No. 1607499

This is why I encourage so many people not to post their kids online. The freaks are everywhere.

No. 1607503

File: 1659656920823.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 648.1 KB, 750x1280, 36816AA4-FCDC-4FED-A128-CD6250…)

welcome to the pus cavern.

No. 1607504

I wish it actually got used more.

No. 1607506

I wish I had more self control and didn’t open these while eating (or ever).

No. 1607509

> Male sexuality is a curse, and will bring down whole civilizations if they can't keep their men in line.
Truer words have never been spoken.

No. 1607514

It looks like someone silly stringed it. WTF am I even looking at?

No. 1607522

File: 1659658083184.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 470.74 KB, 750x2369, 164C1F1A-D4DD-412B-A804-C27D38…)

scrotum with a side of mystery meat.

No. 1607526

Wait Sage for being retarded but why is his lower half so much darker than his torso and hands KEK it looks bizarre, prob just lighting but I can’t help thinking it’s just discolored bc moid hygiene (or lack thereof). God this one is especially tragic with the deflated ballsack “lips”.

No. 1607547

File: 1659659214959.jpeg (147.4 KB, 750x406, 6C74F463-8F91-4BC2-91E5-AC88A4…)

another hairy stinkhole.

No. 1607565


why do they leave the balls.. wut.. just in the middle like that..

No. 1607569

It always amuses me when they don't tie down the bottom ends of the "labia" to anything, and the two ends are just dangling, flapping in the breeze.

No. 1607577

if someone told me to close my eyes and picture an elephant's pussy this is the image my mind would create

No. 1607583

Well they forgot to take some of the ball out?

No. 1607598

File: 1659662672839.gif (3.58 MB, 498x347, sailor-moon-cringe.gif)

They call this 'gender affirming'. How in the world is THAT gender affirming? It's a deflated scrote cut in half! Affirm what exactly?

Can't troons just tuck and tape their junk instead? That'd be much cheaper than a 50k dickchop inversion that does nothing but make an unhealable wound on their crotch

No. 1607609

> Can't troons just tuck and tape their junk instead?
but where’s the fun in that?

No. 1607654

No nonnie you need to encourage the dick chop.

No. 1607655

nice decaying axe wound tranny

No. 1607657

File: 1659666626190.png (97.39 KB, 738x950, Screenshot 12.png)

This is absolutely true

No. 1607658

File: 1659666826826.jpg (221.13 KB, 922x2048, FY14lCYX0AAG7Xr.jpg)

No. 1607676

>This tweet violated twitter rules
Now I'm curious

No. 1607697

troons: "We're the real feminists, the realest feminists to ever exist, in fact."
also troons: Unironically posting hundred year old misogynistic anti-sufragette cartoons.

No. 1607699

Sometimes I get upset about trannies before I realize that not a single tranny in the world is happy. To be a tranny is to be in constant misery and confusion. It’s well documented that after the “euphoria boner” stage when they first go on HRT or get surgery they sink into a depressing realization they have castrated themselves. Look at all the old posts on tranny subreddits. Many of the users haven’t posted in 3, 4 years. It’s because they literally all kill themselves when they realize they sacrificed their disgusting moid bodies for the coom. They’re almost all going to kill themselves or embarrassingly detransition in the next decade. It’s really beautiful. I’ve reached a sense of peace about it.

No. 1607703

I’ve noticed how the rhetoric has evolved from “feminism is intersectional!” to “if you don’t make transwomen the central focal point of feminism you’re a misogynist.” Fucking insane.

No. 1607708

File: 1659670259547.png (148.91 KB, 725x656, Screenshot (2).png)

No. 1607716

nah let them chop their dicks off that will only lead their way to the 41%

No. 1607720

It's honestly completely impossible to tell where there's sarcasm with transvestites. There's a tranny threatening to beat women to death on a daily basis.

No. 1607721

Probably said something “transphobic”. Too bad there is no option to report sexism or hatespeech against women.

No. 1607722

they’ll never be women, so they’ll never get what they want. they can’t win, only cope, seethe, and dilate.

No. 1607723

File: 1659671450611.jpg (1.04 MB, 810x3040, Screenshot_20220804-234556_Chr…)

No. 1607727

>tranny privated his account
wonder what happened

No. 1607728

so the J. person is a terf?

No. 1607733

File: 1659672572872.png (50.95 KB, 720x431, E9DDDAC7-20F3-4D13-8AE8-5AC0B2…)


No. 1607737

It's a fucking anime, I don't remember whether the teacher or one of the students is pretending to be a woman/girl so they could go there or teach.

I fucking hate men and am starting to hate anime more and more with these fags.

No. 1607752

can't tell if schizo troon or lost newfriend

No. 1607759


Sage your posts fag

No. 1607762

It’s the scrote who has been shitting up the site. Report and ignore. Ironically it counts as thread milk since it’s an mtf lolcow kek. Men and delusion, name a more iconic duo.

No. 1607767

Trying to smile while hiding those 19th century coalminer teeth.

No. 1607768


No. 1607777

Go dialate and 41% faggot nobody wants you here.

No. 1607779

File: 1659680048816.jpeg (324.52 KB, 750x1324, EE74E8BE-86B3-4738-A233-B06F17…)


No. 1607780

Now that is a sunk cost fallacy children

No. 1607781

File: 1659680667703.jpeg (81.24 KB, 729x1019, 526B8D34-D317-4266-8831-1072AC…)

holy shit

No. 1607782

The closest I could think of is the Mai Otome manga. the anime despite sharing the name is vastly different (the character's an actual girl instead of a scrote like in the manga)

No. 1607786

Two years. Two years of the body trying to seal that unnatural canal and the troon resisting with his dilator.

No. 1607797

the chad jaw

No. 1607808

Dude looks like an inbred habsburg.

No. 1607812

File: 1659685874832.jpeg (980.67 KB, 750x1357, 478531F5-D334-48E1-A93F-FD6CC4…)

looking like a sims townie.

No. 1607818

> slimming and shoulder-hiding angle
> choker with a pink ribbon and a … cat bell?
> anime waifu phone case
> candy raver bracelet
> tacky alibaba bag
> cat ears
> above-average-for-troon makeup cannot cover man face
> taken in the ladies room
> fish?

No. 1607819

File: 1659688100268.jpeg (263.04 KB, 750x735, 0525B0C4-E570-413D-9D4C-0F6F9D…)

That’s rich coming from a group that regularly fetishizes pregnancy and says degrading pornified things about pregnant women, calling them 'full of cum' or whatever

No. 1607825

we have a troon bingo!

No. 1607827

File: 1659688877049.jpg (247.25 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20220805-043911_Boo…)

Another one of these "cis bitches" posts:

No. 1607828

i would never say “welcome to womanhood” to a troon, but then i’d never talk to a troon in the first place. there’s a reason i carry pepper spray.

No. 1607829

File: 1659689227450.jpg (217.67 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20220805-044536_Boo…)

No. 1607838

the fuck is that guy doing at a high school prom. he looks 40

No. 1607840

>comparing the natural event of pregnancy which is essential in the continuation of our species to the unnatural event of trooning out for fetishistic purposes
Their retardation knows no bounds

No. 1607845

File: 1659690535080.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1908x4355, 91A41496-E53E-4963-B4FC-00282A…)

why are they all such a stereotype?

No. 1607846

File: 1659690725393.jpeg (6.92 MB, 3024x15925, 121017F0-C663-464A-BC75-167EBA…)

this mf’s face is so punchable.

No. 1607856

I don't even need to check to know this is a TIF, anon.

No. 1607859

oh shit, you’re right. i deleted it.

No. 1607861

File: 1659692220297.png (124.35 KB, 276x276, aaaaaa.png)

>garterbelts with 'programmer socks'

No. 1607862

File: 1659692284690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.98 KB, 700x439, MTg4MDE2MzE3MDg3ODg1MDk4.jpeg)

The one on the left had a huge infection on her implant and it burst. The skin was just hanging off her chest and she recorded a video for her twitter porn page crying. This is what happens when you dedicate your life to degenerate males. They are so fucking ugly and they look tired as fuck. Hair fried, skin looks horrible from tanning and years of makeup use, probably got cancer everywhere, fillers, implants, dead and tired eyes. This should honestly be on a billboard with the words "Don't give your life up for male validation". Spoiler for bursted breast implant/gore image.

No. 1607869

the dress is fighting for it's life trying to cover his torso

No. 1607873

judging from the hand dryer, he is at least 6'4.

No. 1607880

File: 1659694393991.jpg (54.3 KB, 612x408, deflated football.jpg)

Oh god, I hope she gets that fixed. Shit looks like a deflated soccer ball

No. 1607883

jfc the only ones who murder trannies are men but all they talk about is TERFs and wanting to hurt women. insane how so many women tolerate this

No. 1607884

File: 1659694864339.png (Spoiler Image, 784.84 KB, 1198x1230, Näyttökuva 2022-8-5 kello 13…)

Sage for derail but unfortunately the issue is that she hasn't even had the ruptured breast removed yet. picrel is a screenshot from a tweet from yesterday with the cancerous bolt-on still on display. The rupture happened in march. She will probably die from the infection soon.

No. 1607887


No. 1607891

is this motherfucker trying to look like the madame x painting??? holy shit

No. 1607892

whenever i feel like my life has taken a wrong turn, i will look upon this picture and remember that it's actually not that bad

No. 1607899

what the fuck, i cannot BELIEVE she still hasn't had it removed. HOW??? i remember when it happened and wasn't she begging for money for an operation back then? that is absolutely insane beyond belief

No. 1607914

That ugly "dress" looks like a pink trash bag. I am not American but I really thought that you are supposed to dress fancy to proms. I hate weebs so much
He looks what he is just what he is: an ugly man in a dress kek, it is fooling no one

No. 1607915

File: 1659701128925.png (Spoiler Image, 5.34 MB, 1125x2436, B3A46D4E-D7EB-455E-B529-92DCCB…)

Holy fuck, one of her thumbnails looked like vomit but it was actually the amount of pus that came from her infected breast. Holy shit, she must feel so exhausted from the constant infection

No. 1607919

Drag is mostly sexist. I've seen that Drag Race shit and whenever they dress up as real women (not just characters or personas) they present them as drunken retards, pill addicts, washed up hags or brainless fuckholes. One of these men portrayed Katharine Hepburn as some listless drunk and made fun of her Parkinsonian tremor that she developed in her seventies.

They got in big trouble when they did it to Patricia Quinn during that same episode, she shut that shit down quickly and called all of it (including the show itself) out. It was also funny when Richard O'Brien said trannies can have whatever rotpocket operation they want but they won't be real women kek

This is horrific. Do not even bother EVER entertaining the sexual delusions of scrotes, 'high-value' or not. This is where that road leads. Sophie might be a pornified retard wallowing in the gutter but I can guarantee the Real Housewives types have these issues too, Yolanda Hadid had to have hers removed because they were driving up inflammation in her body to unimaginable levels.

No. 1607920

Did he dilate with string cheese?

No. 1607932

File: 1659704069168.jpg (38.62 KB, 194x500, Mary_of_Egypt.jpg)

Its even intruding into usually non-woke academia, I went to the International Medieval Congress a few years back, and a lecturer gave this bizarre class on "Byzantine transgenderism" The first examples were related FtM and it was pointed out that breast reduction surgery was possible (the byzantine medical texts of the time mention it, initially as a way to deal with breast cancer).
the examples of TIFs given were all women who presented themselves as men to becomes monks (the eastern orthodox church did not have nuns during this time period)

>After nine years, they saw that the young girl was beardless and they called her ‘Hilarion the Eunuch’ since there were many such [eunuchs] wearing the habit. For her breasts, too, they were not as those of all women. Above all, she was shrunken with ascetic practices and even her menstrual period had stopped because of the deprivation.”

Anonymous, 'The Life of Hilarion', trans. James Drescher, “Hilaria,” Three Coptic Legends (Cairo: Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, 1947), pp. 69-82.
>In the case of Hilarion, the author emphasizes that he had stop menstruating and that his breasts were “not as those of all women.” This latter detail is repeated in the story of another trans monk, Anastasius, which explicitly tells us that as a brother was dressing him after his death, the brother “saw that on his chest he had women’s breasts, looking like two shriveled up leaves,” a detail preserved verbatim in both the Syriac and Greek versions of the text.
'Life of Anastasius', 7, trans. Susan Ashbrook Harvey and Sebastian P. Brock, Holy Women of the Syrian Orient (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1987), p. 147.

Picrel Mary of Egypt, one of these women monks

They also mentioned the important role of eunuchs in byzantine courts(and brothels) often these were castrated orphan boys who would serve the various noble houses in the Byzantine Empire, as their doctors, teachers and record keepers, the Byzantines had learned this "enlightened practiced" from the Persians, and this horrific and unnecessary shit was presented as progressive and used as evidence for "historical trans identity" that was erased by regressive unenlightened western people

No. 1607933

Nonas, in those cases what surgery you do? Remove only the bursted implant? Get a mastectomy? Or remove them both?
She is going to die if she don't get rid of them, I don't get why she didn't yet

No. 1607936

This truly exposes on an esoteric metaphysical level how out of touch with biology and reality troons are. While I can respect an individuals desire to never be pregnant or have children, since the dawn of time, procreation has been the driving force of every species to propagate. And while we have free will and we can chose not participate, pregnancy doesn't evoke a visceral disgust reaction in people because deep down we all know its a natural part of life. Whether we want it for ourselves or not, Very much different from troon butchering and complete narcissism.

No. 1607960

Because they ARE demented. Have you ever met a well-adjusted, sane troon?

No. 1607963

Prom? This is seriously an 18 year old? Or is he someone's dad who somehow inserted himself into prom?

No. 1607966

kek anon he really does!!!

No. 1607990

AGP final boss

No. 1607991

People do do that to pregnant women though. Not everyone is all rainbows and smiles when it happens.

No. 1607993

Lots of losers, including troons, like to stage 'adult proms', for adults, who, for whatever reason, didn't go to their own prom and never got over it or who desperately want to recreate their original prom night. It's really pathetic.


No. 1607998

Just existing is oppressing and erasing them? They need to deal with their jealousy and rage issues. I always think of the posts where they say they saw a woman and despair overtook them just because of that. I imagine the woman just walking to work minding her own business or something and the troon skulking in a corner filled with envy while he’s planning how to take her down. They’re scary.

No. 1608001

I’m mostly concerned with the veiny moid hands. Ew.

No. 1608006

Report scrote. Don’t respond to it.

No. 1608009

File: 1659708591415.png (324.56 KB, 500x598, roland Betancourt.png)

this was the lecturer btw, its not even funny anymore how much this "type" of guy is prevalent in woke academia

No. 1608010

they're just incels who managed to look even uglier.

No. 1608016

Right? Ollie can fuck right off. Ugly and untalented.

No. 1608028

File: 1659709722133.png (44.29 KB, 700x528, sgssssss.PNG)

No. 1608029

File: 1659710058333.png (843.65 KB, 809x1001, Screenshots_2022-08-05-22-34-4…)

No. 1608030

Philosophy Tube? more like Physiognomy Tube. Anyone with two eyes can clock him with that square ass jaw, but the comments on his videos are full of simps praising his beauty. They're probably hearing-impaired too since the helium cartoon voice Ollie puts on does not pass as a woman's.

No. 1608060

File: 1659711790620.jpg (270.01 KB, 988x1919, 988px-Madame_X_(Madame_Pierre_…)

The fucking delusional narcissism. His ugly man body and inbred face could never.

No. 1608068

I mean he's still ugly tho

No. 1608079

Tranny Theroux kek

No. 1608085

Maybe she's incredibly delusional and thinks she can save up for a plastic surgeon to put in a new one at the same time they pull out the other. Because a regular hospital would surely put her on IV antibiotics and pull that thing out ASAP.

No. 1608089

maybe there are moids who are attracted to exploded implants

No. 1608091

No. 1608097

I wonder if the mutilated ball skin still has that gross "ripple" reaction when you touch it

No. 1608115

and blackface minstrels are also playing characters they love, totally not mocking black people. just a jester act…

No. 1608117

File: 1659715519244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.11 KB, 986x590, Screenshot_20220805-090455_Chr…)

No. 1608146

no elegance found at all in this picture with this hulking beast in it

No. 1608147

pregnancy is natural troon, taking hormones to become a poor excuse of a women isn't

No. 1608148

What the fuck is up with all of these replies to this nothing tranny? It feels like a selfpost and spaced out samefagging

No. 1608155

For real. He doesn't look bad compared to most trannies

No. 1608158

it's trannytube the tranny that copied hontra, he's "famous" so course he'll get more replies than normal. He's a scrote trying really hard to be an "actress" and does dumb interviews and rallies for troonism.

you realize hes editing his pictures so he doesn't look like a hulking mess right? Go look at his youtube channel or any picture of him and you'll realize it

No. 1608172

So sad that interesting female figures of history are just "trans" now. No, she can't be a female ascetic who wanted to become a monk, she was actually a boi in a gril's body! And eunuchs were le based nonbinaries! Disgusting. If they touch Hildegard of Bingen for some reason, I am gonna get very angry.

No. 1608174

One thing I don't understand is the crickets behind the historical connections between drag and minstrel shows. Drag has roots in mocking the mocking of African American women by white men. Old cartoons rightfully get shit for racist depictions and minstrel stereotypes but I've never seen anyone attempt to 'cancel' drag for it's problematic origins. Like I'm all for nuance in media and think things can evolve, but it's telling that there is a literal black hole of discourse when it comes to drags evolution from racist performances.

No. 1608183

It's PhilosophyTube

No. 1608202

File: 1659723229053.png (Spoiler Image, 957.11 KB, 1414x776, Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 12.45…)

Came across in the wild. In what universe does this look like a vagina?

No. 1608205

these moids are happy as long as they just have a "slit" because they don't know what vulvas actually look like

No. 1608206

looks like a bellybutton

No. 1608209

my laparoscopic belly button scar looks more like a vagina than whatever the fuck that pigs in a blanket ass skin origami does

No. 1608217

Looks like someone didn't dilate

No. 1608219

>you realize hes editing his pictures so he doesn't look like a hulking mess right?
Yes. So why are we nitpicking a picture that's so edited it doesn't look that bad, instead of making fun of what he actually looks like

No. 1608224


anime in question is called “I My Me! Strawberry Eggs”

No. 1608252

it’s philosophytube, he’s a narcissistic agp who’s youtube famous, that’s why the photo is extra cringey. maybe he should have his own thread, he’s a massive cow in general.

No. 1608259

Bitching about "welcome to womanhood" because trannies believe they are "women" already. Hence the dumb term AFAB instead of "natal woman", because they were "born a woman" (born a tranny) which itself is doubtful

I hate troons so much

No. 1608260

if a baby can be born a troon, that’s one more reason to abort all boys.

No. 1608261

oh they have already transed Joan of Arc, nothing can stop them now

No. 1608264

We knows how he looks like. That's the point nonna. Everyone saw the picture and immediately knew who he was even if the picture is edited. He looks horrible. You can't edit out the y chromosome.

No. 1608265

why don't these soyboys turn troon themselves and get it over with, he looks exactly like this faggot at my workplace who made a presentation about troon shit when it was really blowing up (2015-2016?) and he cited the fact that Facebook allows 72 genders or something as a reason why genderspecialism is real. He was kinda cute too but that killed it for me.

No. 1608274

File: 1659730619032.jpg (253.06 KB, 906x1280, Maria_Holic_Alive_2011_DVD_Cov…)

reminds me of super-cotton-ceilingy MariaHolic.
>In search of true love, Kanako Miyamae transfers to Ame no Kisaki Catholic school, inspired by how her parents fell in love with each other there. There is just one difference, though: because men make Kanako break into hives, she has actually come to the all-girls school to find a partner of the same sex.
>When she meets the beautiful Mariya Shidou, Kanako believes she has found that special someone; however, there's more to Mariya than meets the eye—it turns out that Kanako's first love is actually a cross-dressing boy. Mariya threatens to expose Kanako's impure intentions unless she keeps his real gender a secret, and to make things worse, he also replaces her original roommate so that he can now keep a close eye on her.
icing on the cake? iirc at one point the tranny threatens to literally rape the girl who figures out he's a man

No. 1608275

File: 1659730916623.jpg (818.47 KB, 810x1699, Screenshot_20220805-161952_Boo…)

Another reason to not eat out anymore kek

No. 1608276

based terf surgeon

No. 1608283

>if a woman is powerful she’s secretly a man
Just spit this back in TRAs face and watch them try to justify it. I don’t even bother confronting troons because they own their misogyny and will blatantly call you a fascist for not agreeing with that statement.

No. 1608289

File: 1659732561546.jpeg (513.31 KB, 750x1241, 21BCF447-6B9C-4F95-8985-4D59FA…)

i don’t think ffs will help you, bud. not with those massive man shoulders kek.

No. 1608297

AGP: the anime, basically

No. 1608299

get a face and body transplant

No. 1608301

File: 1659733615755.jpeg (109.13 KB, 750x1102, D24615C4-6FD2-44DA-A13C-A5CD0F…)

Well, I for one, am shocked

No. 1608304

is he saying that not acknowledging consent is inherent to being trans?

No. 1608307

Lmao consider getting born again

No. 1608315

I always thought maria holic was a parody of a very specific shoujo manga which name I forget, but it was the same premise and the characters even look similar, also the author is a woman

No. 1608316


So depressing. Can't even dress appropriately for prom, gotta wear Wish trash, plastic jewelry, fetish choker, and zero competence hair/makeup. I'd feel bad if some autismo girl was that clueless prepping for prom, but I can only laugh at this guy. Total failure. Belle with the balls.

No. 1608333

>offline trans people are a lot less sexual
that's because they know how to hide it

No. 1608338

File: 1659737641284.png (99.85 KB, 1112x589, 4QNt0Ck.png)

Oh, it gets a WHOLE lot worse with this guy.

Men will really do anything just to feel oppressed. This guy lives in Denmark, by the way. He's not exactly a homeless prostitute in Brazil.

No. 1608342

how many tifs are going into male locker rooms with their vulvas out? i'm genuinely curious if this is an actual thing.

No. 1608343

What an amazing hairline.

No. 1608348

File: 1659738921442.jpeg (72.4 KB, 1500x500, E5A05536-4110-4BDC-B394-89F498…)

Not sure if I should post this here or in the bad art thread but this was commissioned by a tranny

No. 1608350

karl marx would have been disgusted

No. 1608352

Men aren't worried about sharing their space because a TIF isn't a threat to them. Men can still overpower them.

No. 1608359

Not nearly as much as men would want them to!

No. 1608363

idk about everyone but most people i know, including myself, would try and talk someone out of a pregnancy if we knew she wasn't in a good mental, physical, or financial situation. Dumbass troons truly only get all their knowledge of women from scripted media

No. 1608364

No surprise there. I'd even argue that troons are a higher level of degenerate than your average moid because they are so coomsick to the point where they try to skinwalk women as a fetish. They can try all they want, but they'll always be disgusting scrotes and transitioning doesn't change a damn thing.

No. 1608376

sage for ot but I watched Mariaholic a couple of years ago and its honestly not as bad as that description is making it out to be. iirc the main character is actually a lesbian (she falls for multiple other girls throughout the show) and the boy isn't actually a tranny, he is only crossdressing because of a bet against his sister. its definitely dated but not troon propaganda

No. 1608394

I think it's downright laughable that this moid thinks existing as a TiM is more dangerous than as a woman. I mean, it's perfectly in line with how well they usually understand female problems and perspectives, and it is coming from the "I wish I got catcalled" crowd, after all, but that doesn't stop it from incensing me.

No. 1608395

File: 1659742313518.png (823.59 KB, 864x1225, Screenshot_20220805-193122~2.p…)

This moid never fails to make me laugh

No. 1608396

File: 1659742359652.png (1.75 MB, 864x1625, Screenshot_20220805-193040~2.p…)


No. 1608399

MILF = Moid I’d Like to Fell?

No. 1608405

Wtf the troon in the red tank top has such swollen nipples

No. 1608406

do they even try to hide their porn addictions?

No. 1608408

nice bolt ons troon

No. 1608409

Why yes sir, you are a MILF - a Man I'd Like to Forget.

No. 1608411

Troons all want to look like women from their favorite porn category. It's like clockwork.

No. 1608414

Man In Ladies Fashion

No. 1608421

Dude wtf are those areolas. Why isn't he wearing a bra

No. 1608426

File: 1659744924625.jpeg (255.9 KB, 828x1399, D8B05DC1-292F-4EDB-9A63-658B8D…)

WHY are there so many trans tankies? An ideology of working class vaguely conservative people, third worldists, and fucking Stalinists. What room is their lib shit in for that? The replies to this are hysterical. Tranny settle-for-Biden DSA screeching they are the real proletariat despite clearly being college educated and never having spoken to a real working class person in their lifetime. Imagine telling a catholic Mexican laborer you’re the REAL working class

No. 1608431

because they think that communism means they will get to watch anime and play video games all day without consequence

No. 1608436

None because they would get raped

No. 1608443

Men become tankies because they want UBI rather than getting a job so they can coom and play vidya all day, and state mandated gf. They see women as one of the resources that will be distributed and not kept from them.

No. 1608450

File: 1659747276901.jpg (96.94 KB, 1514x740, NVN.jpg)

Why is Kathy Rumer still allowed to perform SRS? And why do trannies still willingly allow her anywhere near their junk? Every butcher's results look horrendous, but Rumer's results are the worst by far. Troons would be better off cutting off their own dicks than allowing her to do it.
Warning: NSFL.

No. 1608455

maybe she's a cryptoterf

No. 1608458

First one to make me full on gag, jesus

No. 1608472

File: 1659749855255.jpg (45.23 KB, 1170x445, FZLWlcvXkAcleZZ.jpg)

so feminine

No. 1608474

one of us! one of us!

No. 1608478

torturing and raping women is being on the right side of history? to me it sounds like this degenerate is on the same ol’ male supremacist side if history, which hates feminists.

No. 1608490

>writing that
>thinking that other people are the ones on the wrong side of history
>thinking there is anything new about a man threatening to rape and torture women

Just another day on the tranny internet in 2022

No. 1608498

moid rage at women not taking their shit again, a tale as old as time.

No. 1608500

File: 1659752152050.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 3264x2448, GRS-Revision-2015-05-05-at-12-…)

it's alivee

nsfw closeup

No. 1608501

File: 1659752286645.jpg (455.21 KB, 2031x1616, FZatxCPWYAMibqk.jpg)

No. 1608502

holy shit, his body grew a brand new micropenis!

No. 1608504

File: 1659752569417.png (60.74 KB, 950x873, Woman 80 Banned From the City …)

No. 1608505

That male socialization coming through. Pretty much every pregnant woman deals with those negative comments to varying degrees.

No. 1608506

File: 1659752612458.png (50.29 KB, 743x569, TransgenderTrend on Twitter.pn…)

No. 1608512

ayrt and not to derail but ty for the context anon, I hadn't watched the anime before and was just going off the MAL summary

No. 1608520

File: 1659753920530.jpg (1.62 MB, 2624x3936, FZaWIJXWIAAKpl9.jpg)

ffs just made him manlier

No. 1608532

>giant man feet that can’t fit in the picture
what a dainty lady

No. 1608545

I don't get the kids that gas him up because all of these glam shots are terrible. It's bad enough his Habsburg-jawed selfies look like he skinned somebody, but there's nothing aesthetically pleasing about any of these full body shots.

No. 1608546

he got ffs? well, that was a waste of money.

No. 1608557

File: 1659759263177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.94 KB, 2001x2001, RDT_20220806_00095048255717198…)

shes creating lovecraftian level body horror irl

No. 1608562

i love her already. based queen.

No. 1608563

I can't wait for the lawsuits, it's amazing what evil lengths men and women will go to satisfy male sexual urges. The only surprising thing here is that they ruined boys lives to make them more fuckable.
It's a designer vagina, even a gynecologist can't tell the difference.

No. 1608565

gdi I always accidently scroll into the unspoiler while eating. fuck.

No. 1608569

i think this might be the worst one i’ve ever seen

No. 1608572

It is a parody and it’s hilarious

No. 1608574

File: 1659761548178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 693.31 KB, 3024x4032, RDT_20220806_00504451961699549…)

id say this one is the worst ive seen personally

No. 1608576

and other deranged moids would still try to fuck these

No. 1608581

its so deranged but when u think about it it kind of makes sense. it looks like such a male vision of a pussy. ofc other males wanna fuck these gaping wound holes, these are the same ones who can't be bothered to find the clit or have non-penetrative sex. if it looks warm enough they'll stick their dicks in anything. ive met men who rave about vaginoplasties but ive never met a woman who's even seen one. wonder why!

No. 1608585

It’ll never not be hilarious to me that he did this just to skinwalk contra and somehow does it better than contra. Acting career coming in handy I guess.

No. 1608586

File: 1659762164988.jpeg (427.28 KB, 1170x2149, 232418E0-9058-4C46-BA88-03554D…)

This tranny is so ugly. no one wants to hear what you think a woman is freakazoid

No. 1608589

exactly the type of autist moid to treat gender/sexuality classification like pokemon definitions

No. 1608590

File: 1659762537881.png (5.74 MB, 2348x2131, F4EAB71F-0433-4621-819D-ED339A…)

Can't fucking stand these ugly ass autist moids.. My eyes are genuinely burning

No. 1608591

Men are so nasty even to beautiful women, let alone dumpy or ugly women. I wish women would give ass ugly frumpy whore men their deserved treatment.

No. 1608598


it looks like a fucking slug

No. 1608604

File: 1659764635978.jpg (580.49 KB, 810x2066, Screenshot_20220806-013902_Boo…)

>Cuddling is one of the best things about womanhood
>I love that cuddling is socially acceptable as a woman

No. 1608605

File: 1659764685001.png (302.1 KB, 750x1334, 440C22C5-F45C-438A-8B60-837A0A…)

i found a TIM that genuinely believes he is 'intersex' and has had periods because he gets stomach cramps. has cited shoulder pain as a period symptom. posts constantly in menstruation and period subs. somehow has bled from his genitalia despite specifying that he has no female organs (because he is a man and not intersex in any way)

No. 1608606

File: 1659764740643.jpg (485.1 KB, 1508x1160, FZbkcLMXkAA9d37.jpg)

faceapp is a mistake

No. 1608608

File: 1659764909505.jpeg (206.87 KB, 750x775, 44114ABB-CA11-48FB-BA90-D34BB0…)

btw, should clarify that he is bleeding from his ass. and he believes this is him having a period. all doctors he's visited have told him he's not intersex so he looks for more to 'confirm' his 'condition'. apologies for retarded cropping on first post i was so bewildered that i rushed to screenshot it

No. 1608609

Why would a moid NOT “love” additional opportunities to feel women up?

No. 1608611

This creature is one of the ugliest motherfuckers my retinas have ever had the misfortune of registering

No. 1608612

File: 1659765119405.jpg (11.15 KB, 785x442, dobby.jpg)

he looks like dobby

No. 1608613

File: 1659765369315.png (188.99 KB, 603x657, Screenshot.png)

pretty much every woman who has disguised themselves as a male for whatever reason(either to travel safely, enter a male profession, disguise their identity) is now valid transman now, worst case of this is Hatshepsut, everyone knew she was biologically a woman, but it was part of her obligations and roles as Pharaoh that she does so(the ancient Egyptian term for ruler literally translated to as the "divine Son of Ra") she more then likely didn't even wear male clothing and just used male pronouns

No. 1608614

Instead of running to reddit maybe he should run to the doctor?

No. 1608615

File: 1659765598876.png (442.29 KB, 746x455, glowup.png)

What's the opposite of a glowup? This is it

No. 1608616

File: 1659765620450.png (297.25 KB, 380x568, nightmares.png)

him and his bolt ons

No. 1608617

looks like michael cera with a wig

No. 1608619

File: 1659766025852.jpg (355.55 KB, 810x1904, Screenshot_20220806-015918_Red…)

What woman can't relate to dick pic ewwwphoria!:

No. 1608628

This makes me sad and angry. I want to hug that poor old woman.

No. 1608631

File: 1659766680626.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 348.19 KB, 1536x2048, ewewnope.jpeg)

>worst one
let me introduce you to landon hiscock
he got a fitsula and ended up with a colonoscopy bag for life

No. 1608634

File: 1659766812913.png (338.44 KB, 778x1348, troon.png)

no one should be forced to date a tranny if they don't want too and women can rightfully change their mind anytime they want, it's not tranphobia to do so.

No. 1608641

good point. most of the men getting these surgeries are gay guys who’ve never seen a vulva fucking other gay guys who’ve never seen a vulva.

No. 1608644

yeah, i think that’s the worst one i’ve seen also, and i’m subscribed to the transgender_surgeries sub.

No. 1608646

File: 1659768074964.jpeg (566.53 KB, 750x1141, AF741CFC-7211-4DC8-B699-2AA451…)

>like a pro
not even the joker is this bad at makeup.

No. 1608650

Imagine thinking you were meeting up with the person on the right and then the fucking GHOUL on the left showed up.

No. 1608652

No. 1608653

>when you gaze into the abyss etc. etc.

No. 1608654

men have two holes, women have three, trannys have four, now turn to page 5 kids

No. 1608655

I’ve never read something more retarded in my life.

does every man think gas cramps equal period? like dude your probably just constipated with shit. Have fun with your hemorrhoids.

No. 1608656

All I feel is regret

No. 1608657

File: 1659769911757.png (548.48 KB, 892x866, unknown (6).png)


No. 1608659

I hope he slips wearing those retarded socks and smashes his head into the stair railing, killing him instantly

No. 1608663

>she argued that i'm not a lesbian bc i sleep with men sometimes
ik hrt fries your brain but how are they so fucking stupid.. how are you gonna claim to be a lesbian when you are neither a girl nor are you exclusively attracted to girls….

No. 1608667

Because they just want to call themselves things that sound “sexy”. Woman, lesbian, cat girl, milf. This is how much porn occupies their brains, no space for logic

No. 1608674

>she kept saying she hooks up with “people who identify as women”.
that was her nice PC way of telling you she doesn’t want your feminine DICK

No. 1608675

File: 1659773534863.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.71 KB, 297x240, chelicerae.jpg)

No. 1608684

why are they referring to actual people that existed as "trans-coded" as if they were fictional characters written for their entertainment? they do this kind of shit too often for it to be a coincidence. i think internet fandom culture has damaged their brains and they can't distinguish reality from fantasy anymore.

No. 1608685

>WHY are there so many trans tankies?

No. 1608687

Hi Ollie

No. 1608703


No. 1608707

JFC I've seen tweens who have never picked up a makeup brush in their life do a better job than whatever the hell this guy did.

No. 1608717

File: 1659782570248.png (2.03 MB, 1700x1222, tranny.png)

Picrel is one of the most upvoted posts on that sub. I'm pretty sure that the majority of the people on that sub are just troons.

No. 1608719

File: 1659782667689.png (1.21 MB, 958x1506, 89786734586987086746356236475.…)

No. 1608721

He's another scrote rushing to meet up for sex. Moids are all the same. And the thing about him not being a lesbian is obviously there to avert the fact that she rejected him for being a literal a scrote.

No. 1608723

Yeah they're definitely cool with your balding head and square hairline that's escaping to the back of your head, just walk up and say what's up fellow honnies

No. 1608725

If I looked like this I would wear a paper bag on my head at all times. I'm serious

No. 1608727

File: 1659783932967.png (124.1 KB, 1212x553, Screenshot 2022-08-06 .png)

I'm bored so I looked it up and scrolled the responses. Typical trancel shit but this response gave me chills. "she's at least willing".Willing to do what? They're so fucking predatory. Another tranny said that he shouldve kept it short and "done the talking at the bar". Uh, women usually want to talk for a while and on the phone/video call before meeting up for vetting and safety reasons. The girl also expressed discomfort and suggested talking for longer before meeting up.

No. 1608729

File: 1659784009267.png (133.18 KB, 1093x557, Screenshot .png)

No. 1608736

File: 1659785400950.png (1.02 MB, 1080x576, Screenshot_20220806-072849_(1)…)

Picrel is old but this made me realize that even for successfully passing trans women it's all just to recreate a pornified ideal of what he thinks a woman is. Real women do not look like what he looks like now, cake-on makeup and plastic surgery. The costume wearing in this picture makes my skin crawl.

No. 1608741

Yeah let's try to bully the girl into meeting up with you, I'm sure that will work and make her feel safe and assure her that she's not going to get raped lmao

No. 1608744

The bottom two rows are like 75% Myspace angles, and the shoop is so ridiculous that subsequent pictures look like different people. Also I'd demand a refund if I showed up to a plastic surgeon with a Pinocchio nose like that and he somehow made it even pointier.

No. 1608745

the rage i feel seeing this. but its totally not a fetish for women being humilliated u guys!!!!

No. 1608746

Then date your own kind, freaks.

No. 1608748

We have failed the children this is disgusting. Based old lady.

No. 1608749

More proof that troons are socialized male

No. 1608750

You can tell he looks like a man anyway, nowhere near passing. He uses extreme angles and facial expressions to look more feminine

No. 1608754

There's no such thing as a passing tranny. It's either angles plus faceapp that they're using to hide their features.

No. 1608756

File: 1659791906020.jpg (8.46 KB, 236x236, d0f03e78ef3ef0f6fa506ab9d7c738…)

>la petite kris
>that thing

Also, bonus point for "Lilith". Why are they all named Lilith oh my god lol

No. 1608759

File: 1659792154349.png (186.31 KB, 1192x308, Skärmavbild 2022-08-06 kl. 15.…)

This is his pinned tweet lmfao

No. 1608761

File: 1659792886899.png (205.89 KB, 1190x372, gethelp.png)

No. 1608764

the male violence jumping out

No. 1608767

theres something so sad and hilarious about troons thinking their hemorrhoids/constipation is a period

No. 1608775

>period cramps
>pain in my arm
How do people this retarded even function?

No. 1608780

I was going to ask how feeling angry while working out is somehow a righteous anger, but then I remembered that men consider all of their feelings 100% valid and righteous no matter what

No. 1608782

I used to wear a man’s coat and hat when walking home alone late at night from the bar I worked at in order to draw less creepy attention…guess that makes me a tranny now lol

No. 1608783

I mean, obviously circumcision and chopping your whole fucking dick off are the same, so the comparison makes perfect sense /s

No. 1608784

> like she’s too afraid to even meet up!
So close and yet so far away.

No. 1608789


isn't this where self id should bite them in the ass? like you literally can't be trans unless you identify as so

No. 1608795

File: 1659797540196.jpg (154.49 KB, 1080x1489, FZeYpv7XEAAzJhP.jpg)

Taken from twitter, also eww.

No. 1608799

Why oh why does it have a tongue

No. 1608800

Oh god I actually thought it was Hontra at first

No. 1608801

How does he look like at least eight different Harry Potter characters at once?

No. 1608803

File: 1659798441451.jpeg (244.63 KB, 2000x1428, 60A552A6-BA0A-44D8-A9B1-713F5D…)

No. 1608805

Their idea that womanhood is defined by things like being sent unwelcome dick pics, being cat-called, or being in any other way treated with non-consensual sexual aggression enrages me so much. Fuck them to hell.

No. 1608808

>she’s too afraid to meet up
Uh, duh. Because she’s a female and a lesbian and you’re an overly aggressive scrote trying to lure her to have sex with you. It isn’t rocket surgery.

No. 1608809


I'm not sure you can even be a marxist and believe in gender ideology. From step one you'd have to reject TWAW because as a materialist you can't say that what you think you are overrides material reality. All the social aspects of womanhood are downstream from the material aspect ie sex. Marxist should be the ultimate terfs.

No. 1608811

Bizarre. Usually working out is supposed to help lessen your anger and clear your mind, isn’t it? That’s how it works for me at least.

No. 1608815

File: 1659799255025.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.72 KB, 474x593, gross.jpg)

did they draw an actual woman's body and then just add on the penis? it has hips and thighs like a girl, no troon has a body like this, so why can't they draw it realistic or will that be transphobic, as their real bodies are so male looking and of course we can't have that

No. 1608819

That’s called testosterone, sir

No. 1608820

I've noticed aidens tend to draw their ftm characters fairly realistically while mtfs will always be drawn as normal women who happen to have a dick. There's literal guides to drawing top surgery scars or their freaky T-clits but nothing for drawing gross tube moobs. I think an artist would be cancelled for drawing trannies realistically tbh.

No. 1608823


it is kind of telling because until recently dickgirl hentai stuff was supposed to be literal women with dicks. it wasn't supposed to be troons. troons got put in the crossdresser hentai category and marketed to gay men and straight women.

No. 1608831

That's exactly how the Euphoria tranny Hunter defined womanhood in his deranged psycho scribbles he put on Instagram some time ago.
Those men just can't see women as humans.

No. 1608832

Can you imagine meeting a cis woman who decided to name herself after a goddess? I’ll admit I like some of the names, but this is the kind of stuff the weird girl does in high school. Just another thing troons are universally applauded.

No. 1608834

I know a woman who just started calling herself Artemis and she’s the fucking worst, so yeah, somehow it makes sense that troons would also do this

No. 1608836

File: 1659801802289.jpg (6.54 KB, 182x277, index.jpg)

he treated his wife like shit, used her and Engels to do all his for him and had a huge forehead due to early balding. He would be a 21st century troon.

No. 1608837

why doesn't he have sex with other axe wound havers like himself?

No. 1608841

File: 1659802133178.jpg (188.03 KB, 1284x1395, FZKSUKyXoAAVF1Y.jpg)

No. 1608843

>so why can't they draw it realistic or will that be transphobic, as their real bodies are so male looking and of course we can't have that
Yes, that's exactly it. You draw realistic troons and get hit with accusations of transphobia and then the violent rape and death threats.

No. 1608846

File: 1659802258361.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x3697, 08F23B8C-FB31-4657-8AF2-2D8878…)

>Will women be able to tell that my skinned-dick rot pocket that leads nowhere except to infection is different from their vaginas?
Yes, you absolute fucking retard, women will be able to tell.

No. 1608849

Ngl if I saw him in a gym I'm not even sure it would register in my head that he's a TiM. He looks intensely masculine.

No. 1608850

It’s a blatant misogyny fetish. There literally isn’t a single element of the female experience—rape, pregnancy, having a period, their pornified ideas about “girlhood”—that males won’t fetishize.
Men were a mistake.

No. 1608853

They'll just say you're being transphobic and implying that trannies didn't exist in the past, when they always existed!!! Then they'll say that because Joan consistently crossdressed and did MAN things (ride horse!) that she was clearly dysphoric. I'm pretty sure she wore dresses in her off time though, and of course wore pants in order to ride horses for hours and avoid rape, but avoiding rape is a transman thing obviously.

No. 1608856

>basics that have to do with privilege
lmao what?

No. 1608858


One thing to point out is that white supremacist literally did the same thing all the time with black people. Whenever a black person would achieve anything they would insist that they had to mixed or somehow not a real black person.

No. 1608859

File: 1659803128446.jpg (845.27 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20220806-122326_Red…)

not even trying to hide the obvious faceapp + shoop

No. 1608860

Nice warped door frame

No. 1608863

File: 1659803634432.png (919.82 KB, 687x839, "rebecca".png)

For fucks sake lmao

No. 1608866

Big username checks out moment

No. 1608868

>when your door is curvier than you are

No. 1608883

Kathy needs to be awarded as the best surgeon imo, cutting men weiners and creating a botched hole that they have to live with it forever and cant have sex anymore because everyone will be repulsed by the hole, truly a genius behavior

No. 1608884

File: 1659806384047.webm (10.03 MB, 480x852, 6G08Ke7J1JzZwF9z.webm)

apparently this has been an issue with western communism since the 20th century

>The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism; or, still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Nonconformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting.

>"The trouble is that the socialist bourgeoisie, most of whom give me the creeps, will not be realistic and admit that there are a lot of working-class habits which they don't like and don't want to adopt. E.g. the typical middle-class socialist not only doesn't eat with his knife but is still slightly horrified by seeing a working man do so. And then so many of them are the sort of eunuch type with a vegetarian smell who go about spreading sweetness and light
>To this you have got to add the ugly fact that most middle-class Socialists, while theoretically pining for a class-less society, cling like glue to their miserable fragments of social prestige. I remember my sensations of horror on first attending an I.L.P. branch meeting in London. (It might have been rather different in the North, where the bourgeoisie are less thickly scattered.) Are these mingy little beasts, I thought, the champions of the working class? For every person there, male and female, bore the worst stigmata of sniffish middle-class superiority. If a real working man, a miner dirty from the pit, for instance, had suddenly walked into their midst, they would have been embarrassed, angry, and disgusted; some, I should think, would have fled holding their noses.

you have no idea how much pain I feel as a social feminist, cause vidrel are the people representing my movement to the world

No. 1608886

he looks like dobby trying to skinwalk luna lovewood while also wearing harry’s glasses.

No. 1608887

lmfao that shit looks like it claps when he walks

No. 1608893

File: 1659807150965.png (1.92 MB, 1374x1196, Capture d’écran 2022-08-06 à 1…)

My recommendation is to smash the whole face with a hammer

No. 1608894

At this point it’s very clear if any socialist project develops it won’t be by western DSA trannies and they will probably attack it as right wing and authoritarian. The communist party of Peru recently won elections and a central platform was getting rich LGBT westerners (digital nomad yuppies…) out of their capital city. Of course the Verso trannies would never acknowledge this happened.

No. 1608919

so far apart like the binary stars

No. 1608927

Tims will never understand that the reason women support other women getting mad is because women are raised to beat down their own negative emotions so far that their self-preservation instincts are destroyed. The average woman has been through hell and back before she finally gets mad. Men have no problems getting mad, they get ass blasted over everything.

No. 1608934

File: 1659809865315.png (296.61 KB, 516x720, D4351E01-7BD5-4619-AB7A-2F46A4…)

Men unironically believe anime is real and they’re avenging someone or something when they work out. I’ve literally read multiple scrotes online pretend they are a character in one of their medias like Darth Vader while they work out. Never underestimate how childlike men are. The appeal of men like Andrew Tate can be pretty much drawn to manchild obsessions with things like lord of the rings and dragon ball z, in my opinion. Pic related

No. 1608940

This makes me feel bad when I pretend that I'm Sarah Conner, its just something I like doing to motivate myself

No. 1608944

File: 1659810469120.jpg (65.37 KB, 720x801, Screenshot_20220806-202054.jpg)

what a downfall kek

No. 1608946

He looked cute, what the fuck did he do to himself? Some gays really need to calm down and stop being so insecure.

No. 1608950

File: 1659810629802.jpeg (240.93 KB, 750x642, F1588EA6-3E23-41A8-803A-3EA47D…)

based manager.

No. 1608958

What the hell happened why is he grey now??

No. 1608961

He must be extremely ill or he bleached himself, people would have found him more attractive before anyway.

No. 1608962

File: 1659811359181.png (353.09 KB, 1472x566, itsalwaysautism.png)

The same troon had a meltdown because he had to clean his room

No. 1608964

Should have been @legigantesquekris

No. 1608969

meth also makes skin grey

No. 1608974

samefag and sage for OT Orwell wrote this when he was recovering from getting shot, he had volunteered to fight Spanish civil war against actual fascists and according to him the one's who most frequent called for violent revolution were the one's who least likely went to fight, only Orwell and a small handful of other British communists volunteered, there in real war he lost his revolutionary fervor, he saw teenagers being forced to fight in the trenches, the mass graves of entire villages, he scuffed starvation, loss of comrades and finally getting shot in the neck in battle and almost dying

No. 1608983

This almost makes me believe it's all some grand psyop to prevent leftist politics from rising in the west but then I realize that a lot of mentally stunted adults love LARPing as revolutionaries.

No. 1608993

OT but don't feel bad nona, I like to invoke Casca or Guts (badass mercenary comic book characters) when working out, myself. tbh I don't see a problem with it, good for you for doing whatever inspires you at the gym.

No. 1608997

File: 1659813981494.jpg (1.31 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-06-20-19-38-093_deco.jpg)

Laetitia ky (a tiktok creator who is famous for creating intricate hairstyles) has been branded a terf. Trannies react very normally of course

No. 1608999

The most cringe thing about this picture is the fact you can tell the artist is a porn addict.

No. 1609000

Trannies fucking hate it when we as natural born females talk about our oppression. They couldn't handle being a black woman who has to go through this shit or a black woman period, the amount of micro-aggressions that pop off as soon as we don't agree with their bullshit is astounding. They also had to attack her hair first which is typical of white incels, I'm so tired of they're crap.

No. 1609001

oh based, good for her

No. 1609011

That's Sassssssy from reddit. He photoshops his pictures and videos the old fashioned way, not with automatic filters. It's interesting because in reality he passes way better than other autistic diaper furry troons but he's still too insecure to show his real face. It's almost like living in delusions won't make you happy.

No. 1609012

Countdown to triggered troons shrieking that she’s a man too because she’s black kek

No. 1609014

File: 1659814992390.png (232.8 KB, 432x659, Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 8.43.…)

samefag but here is her full statement for those interested. She is extremely based

No. 1609016

damn is he becoming white too?

No. 1609043

File: 1659817666772.jpg (75.68 KB, 900x558, france-defections-of-the-lefti…)

It literally was, the CIA intentionally introduced this RHETORIC into leftist groups to destroy them from the inside and the sad thing, these "intellectuals" that the CIA used didn't even realize they were being used


No. 1609044

I think the first I ever learned about anything vaguely trans is when someone told me to google “futa”. Ahh, memories.

Seriously though, I’d forgotten this was the case. It’s so obviously a fetish.

No. 1609046

Hope people keep this energy when I forget that my airpods aren't connected and blast nightcore in the gym.

The responses are a predictable "ermmm, but trans men and nonbinary people can have periods too!" Honestly, I'm impressed. I thought their canon had already established that trans women can get them too. Perhaps they aren't all on the same page quite yet. Even within this little bubble, lunacy of increasing eccentricity takes a while to be accepted. Am I alone in feeling like eventually there'll be a point where normal people just en masse refuse to accept it?

No. 1609048

File: 1659818333837.jpeg (42.17 KB, 1280x720, C85A567D-1FBC-44FE-A6B8-CC3DB3…)

No. 1609052


No. 1609070

what in the mandela catalogue type of bullshit is this

No. 1609078

I love her. I hope she never gives in and the hate just fuels her more. We need these kind of female role models who don’t back down when males and male supporters start bullying them.

No. 1609083

Very interesting that on her original IG post, most of the trans ID people defending her are TiFs. Almost like they can relate or something.

No. 1609098

Big head anon here, the standard women's hat size (57cm) doesn't fit me. I would never in my life step outside with one balanced on top of my head.

Troons keep finding new and bizarre ways to dress themselves.

No. 1609115

ilu nonny. reading berzerk got me in the gym. guts is absolutely my inspo.

No. 1609116

who’s giving jobs to these completely useless manchildren? i can’t believe this guy’s worst fear is to get kicked out of the women’s bathroom. with this level of autism, he should have actual problems to worry about.

No. 1609117

dropped my sage like a fukkin tard.

No. 1609118

thats one huge garden gnome

No. 1609119

This was the first post I saw when I opened the thread and, without context, read it not as a regular gym you pay for but instead as gym class in highschool or middleschool and it gave me a giggle

No. 1609120

Dumb and Dumber?

No. 1609122

that's what i thought. there is no way he managed to land a job if he can't even clean his room. the whole manager story must be a coomer fantasy

No. 1609124

No. 1609127

I remember my biggest fear at my last job was actually getting raped because my boss would ask me to stay late when he was the only one there and would try to touch and flirt with me. Once he kissed me on the head and attempted to grope me. HR did nothing so I left. No sympathy for a male who is getting told women get to decide if they want a scrote in the bathroom. We’re out here trying to protect ourselves from workplace harassment and men who want to take advantage of us.

No. 1609129

At this point I'm convinced 99% of the shit people post on reddit is a lie

No. 1609130


I hope this shit doesn't take off further here. Irish sports have enough trouble keeping young girls and women in the games because of all the focus and funding on the mens teams.

I wonder where this creep changed before and after the match?

No. 1609131

what a queen, her last two ig posts have me shook.

No. 1609133

File: 1659825348719.jpeg (382.77 KB, 1284x1140, 078FE1CF-EADA-4DF8-B598-A8B6C6…)

this is funny af. scrotes are so fucking retarded. how are they so bad at building strawmen

No. 1609134

The troons revealing that they don't see women as complete humans

No. 1609138

File: 1659825951097.jpeg (306.19 KB, 1284x832, E881B464-AFFC-40D6-9ABB-D22F60…)

samefag but here’s another one. anytime I see this criticism it’s coming from a white TRA dude, and they never see the irony in that. i love twitter kek

No. 1609140

Don't feel bad, Nona. I guess it's hypocritical of me, but I don't mind when women do it at all. Also, Sarah Connor is based and badasspilled.

No. 1609142

He's basically saying women aren't human wtf?

No. 1609144

Oh my god, when do terfs ever say shit like that? The point of radical feminism is to express that women are oppressed BASED on their female bodies and to also explain that although the female body has its own unique processes and parts, it doesn’t have bearing on things like intelligence, personality, etc. Thes