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File: 1644169945916.png (499.09 KB, 1000x2000, 1643494258640.png)

No. 1436209

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1436217

An excellent thread pic, anon! Did anyone ever send it to the vtuber troon, or did I miss it?

No. 1436232

File: 1644171302404.png (543.86 KB, 1080x1080, Expectation.png)

Thanks anon, I'm not sure. I just made a comparison of the two images and wish I posted this one instead!

No. 1436258

If the tardanon who necroed an old MTF thread is right, that old troons go back to identifying as their birth gender because of dementia then it's another win for the TERVES/gendercrit crowd. It's all just a fucked up delusion, who'd have thunk!

No. 1436275

it never ceases to amaze me how women who want kids will still insist on being married to a man despite everything that can go wrong. unless you're dirt poor or something, sperm banks exist lol

No. 1436293

File: 1644175638362.png (648.59 KB, 1736x2268, trainsreddit.png)

Anyone else seen a lot of women reacting to how sexist trans "women" are in their portrayal of women? I saw a lot of normie women in the comments of that last AITA post of the last thread that were talking about how insulting it was that the moid expected the women to pillow fight, gossip, and paint their nails. It seems like normies are peaking en masse.

You'd think the trans movement being the coordinated trojan horse that they are would notice this and try to steer it away from that (see how they admitted to trying to lump themselves in with racial issues recently) but if you go on public forums it's still full of the same pre-teen comedy sleepover movie bullshit. I am crying of laughter watching them expose themselves for the sexists to alienate women (aka some of their biggest defenders) they are while headlines come out about them being sex offenders every day.

This is from today btw on r/MtF.

No. 1436295

It's true. The BBC did an article about it several years ago, like 2008 or something. You can find it by googling around. I would, but I'm lazy.

No. 1436297

they are autistic and narcissistic, they don't have the ability to gauge the reaction of the public, they just push and push and push to get what they want. they learn it from how tech and advertising currently operate, with brute force and repetition. the public becoming more cynical towards this methodology is desperately needed.

No. 1436299

Glad the banana eater finds it so funny. I always the fact that I couldn’t just eat a food like that in public without men being disgusting. Literally being a woman you can’t do ANYTHING without a man finding a way to get off on it. I just break the banana into pieces now but god. Fuck troons to hell.

No. 1436300

Samefag but meant to say I hated the fact. Was having an issue deleting my first post.

No. 1436306

I remember being self-conscious as a 12 year old sucking on the lollipop our science teacher gave us as a treat for good work. It's honestly uncomfortable and embarrassing and trannies have the gall to act all cutsie about it and giggle like tards behind their ogre manhands like their precious animes. Everything that makes women genuinely uncomfortable is euphoria boner material for these mentally challenged freaks. I can't wait to see their "movement" exposed for the fetish that it always has been and always will be.

No. 1436344

i absolutely hate these people. i am a legit transphobe now i don't give a fuck anymore

No. 1436357

File: 1644179233577.jpeg (1001.09 KB, 1170x1992, 6A1C1D59-C88B-405D-99EF-9A744A…)

Extremely progressive to say female hysteria is real. Misogyny is stored in the balls (and Y chromosome. Good luck getting rid of that one).

No. 1436358

Idk why but I suddenly imagined some fat, white 40-year old knuckledragging tranny sputtering this to some Mexican chollas and then getting a beatdown from them.

No. 1436359

Yup. If they were “real” women they would empathize and relate, not jerk off to our discomfort like every other man in the universe.

No. 1436362

>emotional fragility is stored in the womb
Hilarious since they are the ones throwing hissy fits if a woman so much as doesn’t even speak of them or dares to misgender them. Men have always been the weakest link. They get upset and angry at the drop of a hat.

No. 1436364

Also sorry for the samefag but like do they not understand how much women had to fight to have things like their own sports leagues? No shit “cis” women will fight tooth and nail to protect it too. Fucking idiot male.

No. 1436376

>52% of trannies try to commit suicide
>trannies regularly flip out in public over being called "sir"
>trannies need lesbians to suck their dicks otherwise their feefees get hurt
>trannies cry every time they are not included in women's spaces
>trannies pretend they are the most persecuted minority on the planet, despite no evidence
>trannies protest because BBC releases one article about them harassing lesbians
>trannies cry about apps for women not letting them on
>trannie get women fired over "twansphobia" in the workplace when misgendered
>trannies went to JKR's house threatening her because she said women have periods

Clearly.. fragility is stored in the prostate.

No. 1436377

and stupidity is stored in the prostate, which no surgery will ever rid him of. he can seethe, his retarded takes would only ever get 3k likes on twitter. in the real world, he would get ratioed immediately.

No. 1436379

They couldn’t handle even a tiny fraction of what women deal with on the daily. It would utterly decimate them.

No. 1436442

trannies can't take jokes, even if its dave chapelle telling them, and they must insert tranz rightz everywhere even if the protest is unrelated to them.

No. 1436448

File: 1644184286945.png (1.04 MB, 758x1066, Redwall Abbey Head Baker on Tw…)

dresses like a 5 year old.

No. 1436452

File: 1644184746489.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1155, 7C320AF5-A28C-473B-99D0-91CEE8…)

Bonkers to see hundreds/thousands of people validating bottom of the barrel scrotes. This is totes a cute uwu anime girl omg so pretty!! Why do AGPs never learn how to do hair and makeup kek the least they could do is put effort in to not look like a sex offender.

No. 1436457

he looks like a junji ito character

No. 1436460

That's so unfortunate

No. 1436463

Kek this Facebook scrote was my favorite to keep around for his uwu girlmode selfies. Ugliest dude I've seen barring Murderface's troon dad posted a few threads back.

No. 1436478

File: 1644186202729.png (15.15 KB, 1050x116, female brain.png)

guarantee they were making fun of you after you left lmao

No. 1436488

I know the artist of the pic in OP can never reveal themselves but: you have superb drawing skills and I wish I knew your main acc bc I wanna be your friend. Keep on keeping on

No. 1436489

Sorry for alog but I genuinely hope this moid kills himself. Fuck you, fucking degenerate, your naked hate for women fucking repulses us and we will never accept you as one of us

No. 1436491

KEK the fact he thinks they looked at him because they couldn't tell he's a man is laughable. When I see a tranny in person sometimes I can't stop looking because they are so disturbing and creepy you can't look away. Literal trainwreck. Those girls for sure laughed at him once he left. He was probably their inside joke for the day.

No. 1436493

The cope in this is palpable. Yes hunty they were staring because they’re jealous and not to make a mental catalogue to help make fun of you to their friends later, kekkkkkk

No. 1436495

I’m getting “Clint Howard in drag” vibes

No. 1436497

>the masculine urge to be treated like you've treated your gfs in the past
this reminded me of an ex that came out as a tim and started to skinwalk me. when i brought up that i felt uncomfortable because he was copying me, he kept insisting that he wasn't, and "always liked those things". he wanted the same color that i had at the time and even used the same brand of hair dye, started getting into the style and aesthetic that i liked, and started calling themselves "goth" despite me showing him the music before and hating it. took me a long time to 'reclaim' my identity after that, because it made me want to just go normie. anyways it's just crazy that these troons often use their girlfriend's as blueprints to what their girlsona will be.

ugh reminded me of middle school when none of the girls could eat popsicles or pickles, because every time you would try, you would get the ogling and jokes.

No. 1436501

Just wanna continue some of the period discussion from the previous thread: when you're on hormonal BC you don't have a cycle. It's not a real period, it's a withdrawal bleed from removing the supply of hormones from your system. The reason I bring this up is because it's the same reason trannies don't and will never have menstrual cycles from taking female hormones, the menstrual cycle is caused by fluctuating hormones. Taking a consistent supply stops it in real women so why the fuck would a male taking them cause it to happen?

We're all more empowered when we understand how our biology works.

No. 1436504

> anyways it's just crazy that these troons often use their girlfriend's as blueprints to what their girlsona will be.

They have no actual lived experiences as female, so they have to parasitically absorb what they covet instead of learning it naturally. Fucking disgusting and glad you got out nona

No. 1436528

File: 1644189730691.jpeg (172.04 KB, 750x1355, 3183F4FE-C5A6-4A3C-80C2-FB52C2…)

Imagine your creepy balding son looking at your breast or your daughters to see if their breast will be just as big.

No. 1436533

Mom, grandma, aunt. These are not titles, nor roles, these are objects with different features for me to observe. Breast size, Tire size. These things reveal worth of the object they attach to. Compare and compete. There can only be one.
Same as it ever was.

No. 1436539

the ones saying bigger are just fat kek

No. 1436540

I thought I was the only one who did this. I started to break off bits of the banana after boys in middle school teased myself and other girls for looking like we were "sucking dick" while eating bananas. I still eat bananas that way out of self-consciousness. It makes me so sad to think about how uncomfortable I was among all the sexism as a girl, I can't believe these moids just find it funny when they were the ones who were probably sexually harassing us as young girls.

No. 1436541

File: 1644191266486.jpg (781.37 KB, 3264x2448, k3lo5gm335871.jpg)

This is the same guy, is his hand covering his dick?

No. 1436546

File: 1644191471155.png (51.01 KB, 1027x275, Untitled.png)

A response to that post, these men are delusional

No. 1436550

lol they talk about women just like men do

No. 1436582

thank you so much OP, I was hoping someone would use this pic

No. 1436593

Someone I vaguely know online transitioned recently and his feed is full of all the sexist shit, now he's giggling and crying and screeching and his music taste changed all within a couple of months of titty skittles. I don't know how they don't get embarrassed how reductive and sexist their view of women they publicly post/announce is.

No. 1436618

File: 1644196878527.jpeg (2.29 MB, 2737x3450, 54CF7921-712E-4716-87F8-3F65B3…)

This dude had ffs but I think it just made him look more manly kek and why do they always have the most disgusting teeth?

No. 1436626

Troons once again ruining everything they touch.
https://www.politico.com/news/2022/02/06/nevada-transgender-rights-environmentalists-lithium-00001658(this is an imageboard)

No. 1436628

"Competition" lol. Competition for what? Some dusty scrote?

No. 1436635

Yes probably, they think our entire existence is built for men and we are all obsessed with male attention.

No. 1436650

If anyone did, she would kinda be cowtipping. I know that's more important when the cow in question is singular, but I honestly prefer it when we keep our spaghetti well-contained. I didn't used to care either way, but I've seen some unhinged farmers go and link back to threads here or attack unrelated people with the shit they find on here, so now I think a blanket ban on the practice is ideal.

Not only have I seen more normies peaking, but I've seen a reduction in the backlash when they do.
Saw a tweet a couple of days ago of some zoomers saying that "woke stuff's getting kind of boring" and the first thing I thought was "lol" and then "holy shit if this ends up as a dying fad then the people who got surgery will be the only ones who can't renege on it. They will become the tragic minority that they have always claimed to be." which is funny but also really depressing if only for the women and children who fell for it/were groomed into it.

No. 1436666

the moid is unable to comprehend life outside of some petty pecking order or hierarchy. moids exist to seethe and compete, but they also lack theory of mind, so they think women must be exactly like that too.

No. 1436668

I think it's really interesting that you say women are "some of their biggest defenders". I agree, but I think that no matter how conditioned we are to coddle men's feelings and make nice, women tend to defend the most vulnerable first. Normie women think that troons are what they are advertised to be in the media (soft scared uwu gays) but as soon as that illusion is broken, it's over.

my best friend in school was a gay guy, and I did feel very protective over him because his family was very homophobic. He asked me how to do a lot of the "girl" stuff troons are creepy about (how to get his hair soft, for instance), but he never once creeped me out with it because it wasn't a fetish, and he was respectful.

Many years later, I had a friend troon out, and I thought at first it was the same deal, but he was always furious when women had the nerve to give him any advice. I remember him coming on messenger and complaining to me about a girl at his college trying to give him advice about his eyebrows (he drew them dark and really angry) He said she was being a bitch because he was trans, but when he explained what the girl had said, (something like "wow that's a bold look. I couldn't pull that off. I think a grayish shade would suit your skin-tone even better") I kept thinking "That's not mean. That's just how some women talk to each other." But he didn't want to be treated like a woman. He didn't want to have to LISTEN to women because he knew everything and women were stupid.

That was years ago, and I think that was the first time I properly realized how typically straight troons tended to be. Like the worst 'make me a sandwich' kind of dudes with no respect for the people they're furiously masturbating over. He gave me a lot of other reasons to believe that, but in public he hid it in activism. Eg. He complained that the pussy hat protest was transphobic in a public facebook but then messaged me saying he just thought feminists were annoying. Kind of hope he gets kicked in the ~girl parts~

No. 1436669

File: 1644201839998.jpeg (38.57 KB, 673x358, C937EF44-1CB6-4037-9548-F85AF2…)

>Laurel Hubbard
The woman who “wouldn’t have medaled” in question would have been Roviel Detenamo, an 18-year-Ola Nauruan weightlifter who, if it weren’t for that balding overweight so-and-so, would have been the first woman from her country to attend the Olympics in 20 years.
Hubbard is a laughing stock in his own country and hasn’t shown his face publicly since he bitched out at the Olympics. His dad is the former mayor of Auckland and the owner of one of the most successful local food groups in the country. He’s probably sitting in his old mans mansion right now, twiddling his thumbs and daydreaming about all the spinny skirts he’s going to buy when his dad kicks it.
I was under the impression that the modern uber-inclusive Twitter socialist transgender was all about eating the rich and elevating people of colour, but I suppose all of that goes out the window when it comes to protecting their own. How incredibly male of them.

No. 1436672

Why the hell is this framed as if it's DGR's fault that the other groups are shitting their pants? You can just fucking ignore that stance if you care about the environment. THEY'RE being fractious, not DGR.

No. 1436679

Literally looks like he's having an anaphylaxis reaction to a bee sting

No. 1436681

>wispy hair, pinched face, zero enamel left on teeth, eyeliner a mile away from the lashline, style from 2003, and an overstuffed fridgebod.

oh yeah, it's troonin' time.

No. 1436695

File: 1644204379022.jpg (100.1 KB, 827x1054, FKztA6VX0AIj92_.jpg)

I weep for girls who see messages like this every day. It's so cruel.

No. 1436696

>indigenous people caring more about white tranny donors feelings and the popularity of their cause than the actual land.

it's identity grifting all the way down, isn't it?

No. 1436701

File: 1644204594072.jpg (4.82 KB, 281x234, E-irBtzVQAMXTs9.jpg)


>A transgender predator has been sentenced to 100 months in prison after sexually texting a child with mental health issues just days after being released from prison for committing his second rape.

okay then.

No. 1436710

File: 1644205999549.jpg (97.33 KB, 827x991, FJ9I9uAXwAI4LRX.jpg)


No. 1436728

File: 1644206984968.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1668x1712, F094F99C-010D-44C5-9CA2-27F405…)

Just a gentle reminder nona to please try and post a cap, any relevant cap, along with any link if you can. ♥ Thanks for sharing though, time to go follow https://twitter.com/deepgreenresist

No. 1436737

File: 1644207981372.jpg (311.42 KB, 1080x978, Screenshot_20220206-232536_Twi…)

Thank you nonita, will do on both accounts.

No. 1436739

This breaks my heart, will she be trying again? I hope she keeps following her dream, especially to spite that piece of shit moid. I hope this peaked her and she's a TERF.

The post you replied to has the exact same thing in the image attached.

No. 1436744

I've also seen straight women supporting transbians, likely because they know that they wouldn't be a target of the troon. Too many stories where a straight women berates the lesbian for not wanting to date the wahman tranny friend that she tried to set her up with. Most normie tranny supporters just are ignorant and don't know the extent of the crazy ideology or behavior.

This sort of lynching and brainwash is what made me take a long time to fully peak and be proud of it. There's no such thing as "transphobic" and even so, it's not a bad thing. The smallest amount of questioning or reasoning is considered "transphobic" nowadays; the word has got no meaning anymore. TRAs always try to equate it to racism.

You could replace "trans women" with men and "transphobic" with misandry and this would sound like every other post on reddit.

No. 1436752

File: 1644209244575.png (42.17 KB, 597x230, Screenshot 2022-02-06 10.46.35…)

I'm having trouble finding it, but I did stumble upon this little gem

No. 1436753

File: 1644209323875.png (32.12 KB, 597x230, Screenshot 2022-02-06 10.48.38…)

No. 1436757

>radical feminist organization
>lead by men

No. 1436776

Lierre Keith is a woman who is apart of WoLF and GDR. GDR is an green anarchist organization that supports radical feminism. The irony is that people should be angry with the group because they advocate for destroying dams and depopulating the planet to a few million to save it, not because they think transwomen are men.

No. 1436781

File: 1644213737349.jpg (142.44 KB, 1080x636, Screenshot_20220207_075900_com…)

There was an article about why women have begun to stop wearing bras. As expected most replies were women complaining about how uncomfortable/expensive bras are and how during covid lockdowns they weren't necessary. Then there was this comment.

No. 1436784

hilarious. please keep telling on yourselves, AGP freaks. If the public won't listen to us, then at least they'll listen to you… and you sound dumb as fuck.

No. 1436785

I really thought this was satire at first. Goes by Kayley Whalen, he's a trans-identified-male "athlete".
saged because he's mentally ill and very irrelevant, uses "trans kids" rhetoric as if it isn't grooming. Every time you affirm one of these pricks "gender" you enforce the stereotypes he's also projecting onto you. Any sane person would be repulsed

No. 1436787

samefag, someone please assure me this is satire, I would like to identify with the timeline where it is

No. 1436790

>and they all stand around and laugh at the sexual harassment the tranny won't ever get to experience

No. 1436795

it's never received well when i mention this, but women coddle men out of the womb. mothers pay more attention to male infants, make higher calorie milk for them (not even kidding, look it up kek) and coddle them as they grow up while relentlessly criticizing their daughters. there is definitely some biological "pity mechanics" women are programmed with towards males. and the hilarious thing is, even when boymom hags are completely self aware about it, they still continue doing the same thing - like this one for example:


female socialization is only one part of the picture, unfortunately

No. 1436798

>making higher calorie milk for male infants
This is probably a compensatory mechanism for the fact that (and this is well established in scientific literature, feel free to look into it) male infants are weaker, less likely to thrive, and more susceptible to perishing from illness than female infants, who are generally more hardy. Mothers literally do have to care more for male infants because of the crippling effect the Y chromosome has on general survival in the first few months of life. They are, quite literally, parasitic in the sense that they require extra care and coddling from the mother in order to stay healthy, and then when they grow up they repay our work by killing, destroying and abusing in their quest to spread their useless seed so the cycle can start again.

No. 1436802

File: 1644218112651.png (39.02 KB, 196x205, fffuck.png)

Kill yourself blackpilled retard. It's not received well for a reason kek

No. 1436803

We’re all transphobes here

No. 1436804

Fat nasty greasy motherfucker probably never did a push up in his life

No. 1436805

she's right though. Just because it makes you mad doesn't make it incorrect, lol. Are you a boymom or something?

No. 1436806

File: 1644218629996.png (12.1 KB, 247x286, FKf3zeOaIAAvSGu.png)

As someone whose given birth this fills me absolute rage, I created the miracle of life that is responsible for the entire human species and we're reduced to simply a "birthing person"

No. 1436808

>men uphold the patriarchy so their validation is juicier
They love the patriarchy

No. 1436809

average boymom.jpg

No. 1436810

The post it note saying “you have value!” No you don’t. You are a failure of a male and you will never be a woman. You are a parasite unto womanhood. This shows, despite claiming “emotional fragility is stored in the womb” that you are the depressed lunatic in sobbing hysterics every time you make skirt go spinny in the mirror. You have to stick those post it notes everywhere you’ll see your hideous reflection so that you don’t self destruct. So funny.

No. 1436813

I’m so sorry anon, I would be fucking pissed too. The only way you can possibly make them change it is to take this to social media and tag the specific hospital to incite a PR nightmare. We should try to get mothers and pregnant women to start boycotting these hospitals that use this language. Ik it’s futile but we could probably make a bit of a dent if it became a movement?

No. 1436815

why is 'father' still allowed? why aren't ftms pissing their pants over that word? how does the average person see this and find it totally reasonable that women have to give up everything but men get to enjoy their life just as normal.
the whole thing infuriates me like nothing else.

No. 1436823

Time to make a complaint as a MTF feeling dysphoric because he couldn't put mother down or an FTM because the secondary parent is assumed to be the father and not her.

No. 1436831

boymoms like you are genuinely retarded kek, no wonder tho considering your little parasite

No. 1436834

I'm not a boymom but can we not do this, we have to get together in spite our differences, otherwise the only one's you'll have opposing troons are a a bunch of subhuman radfems
and please don't spout me to some redfem theories written by some fat subhuman who isn't worthy of breathing the same air as normal people

No. 1436842

No. 1436846

How is that subhuman to point out an observed part of reality known in various parts of human history?

No. 1436852

"we have to get together"
"Bunch of subhuman radfems"
choose one

No. 1436859

I'm saying most 70 radfem seemed like subhuman so I didn't take their ideas seriously, subhumans can only create inferior ideas
that's a basic fact, not a statement excluding other women

No. 1436860

Dilate subhuman seether.

No. 1436861


No. 1436863

How much copium did it take to get to that conclusion? Seethe about biology harder

No. 1436867

Thanks for posting this, this helped me finally peak my mom. She said to me today "I guess I'm transphobic then".

No. 1436884

Why is FATHER on there then?? So you can't be a mother but father is totally okay to put on there?? The misogyny is so obvious its painful

No. 1436903

shut the fuck up, male

No. 1436904

>>1436859 basic fact is if you keep calling people with different opinions to yours subhuman you won't get anywhere and everybody will laugh at you. To me even the nastiest troons shown on here are humans and that's why we discuss them. If they were subhuman, animals, they wouldn't be such a problem would they… So for the love of satan, if you don't like radical feminista and treasure "basic facts" call them what they are - humans also.

No. 1436905

yeah why isn't "father" reduced to "sperm-giving person"?

No. 1436907

Radfems care more about women being raped, murdered, and brutalized than anyone. If that's subhuman to you then I don't know what to tell you. Keep seething, I guess. We'll still defend your right to exist and be safe from moids infiltrating your spaces.

No. 1436911

You're a man, seethe and dilate.

No. 1436914

It's always women who are forced to take the short end of the stick. They would never refer to men like this

No. 1436922

Same as how they put male sex offenders in women's prisons because they are afraid that the sex offender will get raped by other men, but not afraid that he will rape women in a women's prison. They only care about the feelings of men.

No. 1436923

File: 1644242066533.jpeg (77.59 KB, 750x687, 428809CC-050C-41AA-9463-745424…)

"We just want to pee"

No. 1436924

File: 1644242166667.png (392.11 KB, 540x450, 75D46430-BFE3-4C8C-B493-C1E8E3…)

Not milk and very old but this is the tranny everyone was sad died? I’ve never listened to his music or saw a decent pic of him til now, but I hear it’s shit and he’s ugly as hell topkek. Thanks tumblr

No. 1436927

pretty sure it's just men who are out there raping, assaulting and murdering the twans

No. 1436928

The way they tried to romanticize his death was stupid, in my opinion. You could see it all happening live (pretty much) because his friends were running around and asking for donors or something.

No. 1436930

if sincere, how the hell did you end up here

No. 1436935

File: 1644243759668.jpeg (133.98 KB, 1242x330, 8C3C8AD7-AB01-4CE4-BC12-D5B4AF…)

they're always miserable fucks

No. 1436948

File: 1644246550181.jpeg (90.78 KB, 828x812, C1E9488D-AD6F-46DD-9293-8956C3…)

So many of them talk and think like this, it’s so vile and creepy.

No. 1436952

sage for ot but do you have a source for this? i have a mirena but im pretty sure i still ovulate. i would be curious to find out what the deal is.

No. 1436962

>making trans women's lives hell
why by not allowing them access to lesbians? boo fucking hoo

No. 1436963

how can you not be miserable when your entire life is a lie?

No. 1436989

Once again, they’re all MRA incels.

No. 1436998


nice seethe, here's more for you: radfems are more similar to you because they believe they can soshulize their aboytions to be good people kek

No. 1437000

>dodging cock = obsessed with cock

trans wamyn are obsessed with getting murdered, misgendered and committing 41%

No. 1437004

File: 1644251393760.jpg (81.75 KB, 589x317, 4536546456.jpg)

no need to protect these assholes

i hope all these people kill themselves

No. 1437005

They always say the quiet part out loud.

No. 1437007

i see the "andrea dworkin was fat and therefore subhuman" sperg is back

No. 1437011

likely chinless kiwicel who recently recovered from discord grooming while his mom served him tendies and now looks for real wemen "allies" thinking we hate troons because they threaten muh skulinity or destroy western civilization or some other subhuman moid concerns

No. 1437012

File: 1644251687612.jpg (225.42 KB, 1084x1618, FKc7kCEVgAA5Yxa.jpg)

No. 1437013

sage for blog post but still related to troons
my coworker has been updating me on his tranny friend ever since we started a discussion on the movement
>tells me his troon friend had a very fucked up childhood
>got married to this woman who later came out as lesbian and wanted a divorce
>in true troon fashion he immediately comes out as a transwoman and immediately starts transitioning
>recently he got bottom surgery and it's already infected
I'm waiting for the next update to be about his friend killing himself next. he showed me a pic and he looks like your typical creepy 40 year old hypermasculine tranny with a shitty wig. you can see the mental illness in his eyes. thanks for reading

No. 1437019

File: 1644252215253.jpg (85.74 KB, 370x370, Speaker_SteveJones_370x370.jpg)

it's okay anon, we accommodate disabilities here. since you're a moid and therefore lack the ability to perceive information from nonmoids, we have alternatives - ill even attach an image of the crusty male who said it so he can be your e-daddy like kermit memerson:

>The Y chromosome is the most decayed, redundant and parasitic of the human genome: a microscopic metaphor for those who bear it. Men are not from Mars, but a mixture of society, stupidity and testosterone have created the crisis of modern manhood.

No. 1437020

Asian tranny incel obsessed with rape. i've seen it all

No. 1437021

>asian and still can't pass
>10head already male pattern balding

suicide fuel

No. 1437031

File: 1644252873233.webm (2.86 MB, 320x568, masterchief.freestyle.webm)

No. 1437032

sage for music sperg and lack of caps but i remember around 2014~ or so when it was revealed he's male (because this had been an anonymous project beforehand) and had yet to troon out, grimes called him out for essentially appropriating a woman's name since the electronic music scene has so few women to begin with. and then once he trooned out she had to do a 180 and grovel

No. 1437044

File: 1644253810799.png (118.04 KB, 740x953, i9iwtapctb.png)

this dude has confused being female with being retarded. Big surprise. The misogyny leaking out of this made me retch.

No. 1437047

Did the wife end up leaving kek

No. 1437051

Sage for blog, but a stranger at a wedding last night said they thought I was Hunter Schafer at first glance and I'm sill not over it. She meant it as a compliment…(no1curr, blog)

No. 1437053

This channel is a goldmine. States in a few vids he identifies as a girl.

No. 1437056

File: 1644254462228.jpg (44.92 KB, 670x671, 1616652397113.jpg)

Jesus Christ what the fuck was that, what was he even trying to say

No. 1437060

I don't know, I'm assuming he successfully pressured her to stay in the marriage. I'll ask the next time he brings it up.

No. 1437063

if this retarded moid had theory of mind or any idea of womanhood at all, he'd know that 9 times out of 10 being a woman means ceaseless and thankless CARE for others (especially retarded males like him), not being cared for lmfao.

though who am i kidding, this is a typical parasitic moid trooning out to tap into more caretaking resources from women kek

No. 1437064

File: 1644255075233.png (110.09 KB, 1024x718, hormone-graph-1024x718[1].png)

see pic related for how a normal menstrual cycle works. All the peaks and valleys are necessary for the release of an egg and subsequent shedding of the uterine lining.

There are two types of hormonal contraceptives, combined which contain oestrogen and progesterone i.e. The combined oral contraceptive pill (The pill), the nuvaring, and the patch. These work by preventing ovulation, secondary to this they thicken cervical mucous so if you do ovulate, it's harder for sperm to reach the egg. Source: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/contraception/combined-contraceptive-pill/ (This is just for the pill but they all work in the same way, the method of delivery just differs)

And progesterone only i.e.; The progesterone only pill (the mini pill), the intrauterine device (Mirena, skyla etc. not the coil - that's hormone free) and the implant. These can prevent ovulation but nowhere near as reliably as combined methods and they rely primarily on thickening the cervical mucous. Mirena is progesterone only so you might still ovulate.

Some additional info: If a doctor tells you the IUD has "Less hormones" they're bullshitting you and relying on the fact you're ignorant to meet a quota. They contain fewer hormones, yes, but they put twice as much progesterone into the bloodstream as the mini-pill does. Bayer pays doctors for every mirena they fit. I am heavily biased but I think progesterone only contraception is actually evil, and should be removed from use except for in exceptional circumstances, particularly the IUD. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-health/11678916/IUS-hormonal-coil-The-troubling-truth.html

No. 1437066

it's so funny when troons claim to have periods because they take the same dose of estrogen over and over

they have no idea how female bodies work

No. 1437076

File: 1644256252929.png (144.41 KB, 1326x604, Trannieswithdementiadontremebe…)

>>1436295 - samefag
Alright anon. I went and found it. It's about care for dementia patients in care homes. Also 2018 not 2008. Oops.

Dementia care advice for transgender patients drawn up

No. 1437079

i would easily kick his 5"0 ass if i came across this manlet in a womans restroom

No. 1437108

good think most of them don't live long enough to experience that kek

No. 1437110

File: 1644259053920.png (44.73 KB, 878x304, Screenshot 2022-02-07 183736.p…)

Something tells me this guy is mentally ill…

No. 1437120

File: 1644259909651.jpeg (142.39 KB, 827x946, AAD7F888-E1AB-44EA-A8A6-CED79F…)

kek this is so pitiful it's hilarious

No. 1437121

File: 1644259974083.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2736x2844, 57783BF1-5C10-4D13-9584-8C723C…)

>why no same sex couples in figure skating?
>hmmm ackshually women aren’t strong to throw each other
>that’s not true i’m a strong trans wammen
>huh?? problem solved!
and they’re dead serious…

No. 1437123

File: 1644260108103.jpeg (228.94 KB, 1791x940, 034429F1-EEF2-4BD9-A840-25245A…)

“yeahh i support you lesbians”
>literal porn ss
i need men to die out

No. 1437129

I love how they use a picture where his shoulders are hunched in and most of his body is obscured by water in an attempt to make him not look like an ogre.

No. 1437130

Wouldn't this refute the whole born in the wrong body, woman's brain in a man's form thing?

No. 1437131

Interesting isn't it? 'cause I've never heard of a gay person forgetting they were gay, almost as if it's an innate part of their identity and not a choice…

No. 1437135

Wait, does this creep thinking figure skating pairs means they're dating? Lmfao that's such a weird assumption??

No. 1437138

File: 1644261436357.jpeg (484.5 KB, 1536x2048, BB3D4A24-0FD6-4F72-BED0-E70507…)

Imagine going to work like this

No. 1437142

Free the dog

No. 1437143

File: 1644261761418.jpeg (890.72 KB, 1242x1538, F033B96A-BE7B-4B1A-8C26-2C7CBA…)

Haha. 12 likes and zero opposition. Perhaps anons in this thread were right about the normie awakening.

No. 1437145

File: 1644261801253.jpeg (13.73 KB, 320x187, 1A2A135E-A4B6-4DFA-9872-B64D9B…)

Reposting this because I think it’s genuinely baffling how much of a double standard troons have for being bad at singing

No. 1437149

I have literally never sized up another female like that in my entire life
Am I secretly a man?

No. 1437150

This faggot just privated moments ago. Sincerely hope he's contemplating joining the dead tranny club.

No. 1437151

File: 1644262201837.png (241.68 KB, 782x822, lol.png)

Kek, he got scared and locked his account. It's all "Reee I want to rape/murder cis women I am tough edgy cocainehitler" until his hairline gets laughed at. Probably the type of faggot who says women deserve to be murdered/raped, but constantly self-victimizes and thinks of himself as innocent

No. 1437155

it's always the bpd trannies working the shittiest jobs ever kek shit attracts flies i guess

No. 1437161

I like pony boy

No. 1437166

File: 1644262999790.jpg (304.03 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20220207-143832_Fir…)

stunning and brave twinkhon is now probably tweeting about hhhoww shee literally cnat breathe bc of tefr hawassment,,,, uwu

anyways if you search by who @ this el celibato involuntario, a goldmine of jelqing and mewing comes up also, is that some crossover with leftcows? some usernames sound familiar lmk

No. 1437167

Watch the video for Faceshopping and it’s clear what this guys idea of what women were

No. 1437182

What about it? I just checked it out, it's just some seizure inducing repetitive shit

No. 1437184

File: 1644263731367.jpg (86.19 KB, 1764x961, FK42IxBXMAMFHI2.jpg)

if you nonanitas hadn't spooked the bald ricecel you could've heard him rap btw

also pic related is his circle, anyone expected anything else?

No. 1437185

You following him, anon? Please share funny screenshots if so

No. 1437191

no lmao, just use advanced search to see who @ him and what they say kek

No. 1437197

You can tell the first pic is right after a salon appointment and the 2 others are his own styling.

No. 1437200

>I want to see a lesbian figure skating duo
Yeah I sure bet he does. Creep.

The self harm scars really nail the look. No offense to any nonnies here who’ve suffered from that, but displaying it while being this edgy seems like cow behavior.

They’re just average moids who think everything in the universe relates back to sexual competition while also screaming that sex isn’t real but that our brains are inherently sexed. Their logic makes no fucking sense.

No. 1437206

Sage for old milk + this has most likely already been discussed here but whatever.
This troon has a fit over sonic employees calling him sir and saying he looks like a man

No. 1437216

you can hear his rap here >>1437031

No. 1437227

File: 1644267284600.png (1.29 MB, 755x715, mental illness.PNG)

His singing is atrocious kek

No. 1437233

asians truly are better than white people even at being cringe wiggers(racebait)

No. 1437237

This is the cutest group of retards I've ever seen

No. 1437243

This is awful. Not to blogpost but I used to work at a Whataburger and I had years old scars. I was required to wear sleeves or a tattoo sleeve to hide it because it was "disturbing". Upper management made that call. I can imagine he's getting away with having open fresh cuts while working food service because he's a tranny. That's so disgusting, not only because it's a hazard but because it's so blatantly to display mental illness badges not even to actually harm one's self. Anything for ass pats on Twitter even if it means infected scabs in people's food.

No. 1437246

Kind of off topic but do you have a non-paywalled article to read about health concerns with progesterone IUDs? Estrogen pills made me violently ill and mood swingy when I took them, I can only handle progesterone only. Honestly I want a ligation, I don't want children, but doctors are so stubborn about performing them because fuck allowing women to make their own medical decisions without a man signing off on it.

No. 1437249

I'm so mad that Barney Greenway listens to this faggot. Like, I get that he's super left and doesn't get it, because he's old. But come the fuck on Sophie's music is pure trash.

Speaking of troons ruining the electronic music scene, is anyone here familiar with Sewerslvt? He incorporates Loli samples into his music and goes by "Junko Furuta". The Japanese girl who was brutally raped and murdered by her classmates… I wish normies were into PC music so they could fucking peak.

I named my industrial project after a TERF so that the troons can seethe over a woman actually making music in the scene. If you're a woman in the scene, I encourage you to make music even if you think you're not good at it.

No. 1437250

The concerns are primarily mental health and continuous bleeding, if you don't have either you're probably good. There's nothing like increased risk of cancer or anything serious and long term like that. I will try and track down some sources for you though anon.

No. 1437256

not only that sewerslvt also made the cover of an old project actual loli gore porn i used to like one of their songs before i knew anything about that but now every time i see someone listening to his music it makes me sick but every time i tell people about horrible shit musicians they like have done no one even cares most of the time

No. 1437275

File: 1644272315185.png (598.33 KB, 682x850, 0066050C-D4E3-49A9-A02F-671D3D…)

why do all of these shitty “breakcore” artists end up being some gross troon? picrel

No. 1437289


Lmao who tf is taking care of women? Unless you're some BPD living in mum n dad's house, but if you wanna be a failson just do it without castrating yourself. Actual, well-adjusted women are the ones taking care of everyone else. That shit is expected of you moreso than would ever be expected from a man.

No. 1437305

troids don't actually want to be women, they want to be what (they think) men used to be - coddled, with women having 0 recourse against moidry.

i remember some anons a few threads ago saying that there is a correlation between heightened interest in gender and imminent collapse of any given society, followed by some concave brain tradcel takes, but then someone replied with proof that male troon degeneracy historically coincides with women's heightened social status. and it really is simple - moids have evolved to be extremely sensitive to changes in hierarchy, because that ensures their reproductive access - so every time there is an even tiniest hint of women escaping male resource monopolization that they can't counter with violence, their reptilian brains and rancid ballsacks instruct them to default to manipulation, infantile pity seeking and female mimicry.

really simple formula: the more prestigious it is to be a woman + the less likely women are to depend on a man for food/shelter/protection, the more "gender aint real sweaty, im a cool woman and in a cool wommins club too" males there will be. the current society will either recognize this as a moid chimpout and extinguish it (unlikely), squander troons along with women in a right wing backlash (likely) or collapse altogether.

No. 1437306

i think you've mentioned your project in a previous thread, and i'm curious! understandable if you don't want to link here though.

No. 1437318

File: 1644275196398.png (2.48 MB, 1930x1438, 1643601959615.png)

the gossip on SOPHIE is that they were trans for careerist reasons (probably to reverse uno the grimes accusation of female appropriation) and that they intentionally wanted to be "botched tranny" as their ironic aesthetic.

No. 1437320

File: 1644275225985.jpg (52.1 KB, 609x1024, 1643603232925.jpg)

this info comes from their supposed "actually" trans ex.

No. 1437341

GROSS, it should be illegal for men to smile

No. 1437349

Are there any other pictures of him available? This kinda looks like a dude I know IRL but I'm not quite sure.

No. 1437358

>seething, resentful, uncontrollable lust towards whoever you're mad at or jealous of
>wanting to fuck whoever you hate
>hating whoever won't fuck you and wanting to fuck them as punishment/reassurance
>raging feelings of inadequacy and rejection that must be mitigated with coomer escapism

normal and sane female behavior, 100% passing

except you don't love trannies (least of all yourself) you worthless fucking jailhouse faggot, you aren't even attracted to them, don't lie to yourself. no matter how hard you cope, you will never retrain your retarded incel brain to be content with other twinkhons and you will continue to blow out your worthless dropped hotdog to pathetic revenge fantasies until you either 41%, get peyronie'd so bad your dick is a pretzel or get arrested for CP. other chinless subhumans have tried the settling for another incel cope countless times and never succeeded. the only thing it will do is remind you even more of what you can't have and never will, all the way until your (marked with your moid name) grave uwu

No. 1437361

I didn't save any before he privated his account but if you check his twitter (@GOVERNMENTRAPE) a day or so from now he does have other photos of himself on there.

No. 1437374

I wish I felt comfortable enough to. I mean I use a stage name. Maybe I will when I clean up my bandcamp.

No. 1437389

Nona kiss me I love you let's kill faggots like this together

No. 1437404

sorry to blog but SI anon here, anyone who was genuinely doing it out of psychological pain is embarrassed and would not have it all over their arm out to show off like that lol. that's just an attention whore. true self harmers typically try their best to hide where they hurt themselves

No. 1437414

i hope you do! need more women in industrial.

No. 1437417

>true self harmers
kek obviously everything troons do is for attention but this shit is embarrassing

No. 1437419

ok. some people only do it to go "look at my scars". hope you learned something today

No. 1437420

Sage for OT but im also an SI anon and showing off unhealed cuts is unequivocally cow behavior. Fully healed scars are different ofc

No. 1437424

Nta but I’m another iud nona and I appreciate you for this

No. 1437431

File: 1644282506843.jpg (118.59 KB, 692x774, Untitled.jpg)

reading shit like this makes me want to quit the thread bc it's too fucking gross, but i looked up the reddit post and feel better. reddit being based for once?? at least people are peaking due to this insane behavior.

No. 1437436

File: 1644282686195.jpeg (293.62 KB, 750x724, 66E05B35-57FE-4195-B90E-E9B737…)

What are they putting in the water supply

No. 1437442

File: 1644283262295.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.56 KB, 488x326, Are we finally real women.jpeg)

He took the call.

No. 1437457

File: 1644284100652.png (566.08 KB, 746x1014, Anne is engaged.png)

enjoy the thought nonnies

No. 1437459

love how it's TiA of all places that's peaked when they and KiA were defending this exact moid shit towards anita sarkeesian (drawing degrading porn of her, flash games about beating her up, etc)

No. 1437462

File: 1644284553204.png (2.39 MB, 1337x750, jesus.png)

was scrolling through the twitch and I came across this troglodyte, the channel is called transgurl43 and they have a surgery countdown timer

No. 1437466

are you fucking kidding me
attractive men NEED to be barred from transitioning this is ridiculous

No. 1437469

I think about this a lot. Half the men trooning out acted like dime a dozen moids beforehand but men don't seem to want to address that.

No. 1437470

>that guy
love yourself

No. 1437472

holy fucking shit. phew now my boring old wife is demented and rotting away in a care home i can finally indulge in my retarded disgusting fetish as much as i want! INSPIRING! moids will leave you to die alone and afraid in favour of cooming, dont ever forget it anons.

No. 1437473

pls be sarcasm

No. 1437474

the backbone of systematic moidry is pretending that it's only "the other" moids doing the "bad" moid shit. see: black moids, arab moids, jew moids, gay moids, cartoon moids, and now "female" moids

No. 1437478

File: 1644286264519.png (7.76 KB, 910x110, What if I turn out ugly What i…)


No. 1437483

File: 1644286792327.png (225.01 KB, 751x565, S Future Dead Girl Magdalene V…)

this troon is still dragging out the cobain was a troon all along thing he made up. Gay feminine man = troon in this retards head.

No. 1437485

File: 1644287108953.jpg (45.52 KB, 750x490, andrew-wood-photo.jpg)

uhh kurt cobain isn't "feminine" in the slightest

and this tard doesn't know shit about the 90s, every male in a grunge or alt band messed with gender stereotypes, it was normal. picrel was the lead of mother love bone, just a guy who liked to be a little andro sometimes and no one was like "omg trans!!!" it was okay for men to express shit like this and not be questioned. man i miss the 90s.

No. 1437488

They're so desperate to constantly push that Kurt Cobain just HAD to be trans, it's pretty pathetic lol

No. 1437491

File: 1644287831427.jpg (1019.67 KB, 1740x2874, t9zd5mrsm3f81.jpg)

troons are so full of themselves

No. 1437494

File: 1644288109068.png (Spoiler Image, 248.39 KB, 633x623, One and a half months post-op …)

in what world does this look like a vagina?

No. 1437496

File: 1644288212586.png (6.51 MB, 2304x3072, 1A04B93B-39E1-46C6-8F2F-5C0E1A…)

Found this lard ass in the comments. Morbidly obese, tranny, and BPD? I give him 2 years before he offs himself kek

No. 1437497

how is it full of yourself to say you're the least attractive person in a group?

No. 1437499

the trash in the background really makes this picture lol

No. 1437502

Nta but he's full of himself for thinking he passes. And implying he is still hot, just not hotter than any of his female friends. He looks like a disabled high school boy.

No. 1437506

He’s implying he’s a hot girl, just not the hottest one of the bunch. He’s not even a woman but groups himself with hot girls.

He’s an ugly man talking about himself like he’s a 8/10 woman without a hint of irony.

No. 1437509

>at least I pass
>least hot person
>he thinks he's anything but ugly
c'mon this isn't rocket science

No. 1437536

I still don't understand the point of this. There's already a fuckhole right there. It's like a centimeter away. I don't know how any surgeon justifies this.

If your penis isn't giving you dysphoria and you want to keep it, why manufacture something like this at all?

Can anyone explain this to me!? Is it just a late stage pervert with too much money and a doctor with no moral compass?

No. 1437543

It’s a fetish. Every single thing you see a Troon say or do can be explained by this. 99% of their thought and personality is about cooming.

No. 1437548

you just described any male

No. 1437549

ashchaysurguyatretdsfa i hovered without reading and oh my GOD

the primal revulsion

No. 1437551

File: 1644293028431.png (Spoiler Image, 445.65 KB, 617x768, 1611847135593.png)

more ugly neo wounds

No. 1437556

Scrotes are horny gargoyles yes but troons are a whole other level of cumbrained autism. Normie men at least have fetishes that involve humans and sex acts. These guys want to fuck humanoid dogs with continence issues while dressed as little girls. It’s normal for troons to also be scat enthusiast furry pedophiles into no consent.

No. 1437558

I believe that the bottom gaping hole is the "vaginal canal". Very realistic kek it's indistinguishable from the real thing.

No. 1437559

File: 1644293682109.png (43.95 KB, 764x347, JadziaDani ( JadziaDani) Twitt…)

>40 old man troons out
>leaves wife, kids and career behind to be his true self
>leaves his wife and sponsors another ugly troon so they can be degenerates together

No. 1437562

Men do say that a vagina is just another hole right? It's not surprising they think getting srs is the same thing as having a vagina.

No. 1437569

To be fair most men are into raping women anyway. They'll swear up and down that they're not until you get them feeling safe in private.

No. 1437572

You’re not wrong actually. Troons just add further degeneracy to the usual pile of moid filth

No. 1437573

troid = cis male + porn + time

No. 1437574

(un)fortunately he will kill himself first kek

No. 1437575

Damn, nonnie, you tell em

The cope is so glorious sometimes

No. 1437579

Anime goes in there somewhere

No. 1437593

Can you please learn to sage newfriend?

No. 1437595

Why’d he want a second asshole??

No. 1437596


Is the lower gaping chasm that’s positioned underneath the “labia” meant to be the vagina? Is the top chasm a urethra?
Mengele would gag at this level of experimentation

No. 1437597

Also the fact that it's on his forearms but the upper arms are bare? Usually it would be the other way around so you could still roll up your sleeves without flashing your scars. Literally just attention seeking, how gross.

No. 1437598

Hentai brainrot
It’s almost comical that this procedure exists

No. 1437617

File: 1644299068899.png (Spoiler Image, 605.16 KB, 914x636, Le crescent troon.png)

Every neovag has the hole beneath the vulva BC that's the only constructable position on a dudes body. I tried to observe the anatomy in picrel and there are 4(four) holes on this mans crotch

No. 1437620

Lmaooo anon I love you, still having a hard time wrapping my head around how the dick tip and urethral opening are separate? Jesus Christ

No. 1437622

It really sets in just how insane this is when you see pictures like this, and to think this isn’t even one of the “bad/botched” ones kek

No. 1437632

Ohhhhh yellow is probably a fistula to nowhere. Seems like a standard feature of amhole installation with how common they are.
Doing gods work with the image edits anon

No. 1437641

They don't pee out of the red area. They use the surface of the dick tip to make a fake clitoris. So it's not the internal pee hole part of the tip, just the external skin. I want to off myself after typing this out.

No. 1437651

Is that why they always seem to have gargantuan urethras? They gotta take the entire tract and the meatus and make it fit a space that can’t even accommodate half the amount of tissue getting crammed in?

No. 1437654

anon your little clown drawing has me dying

No. 1437655

File: 1644303859722.png (Spoiler Image, 50.95 KB, 678x1283, diy srs guide.png)

it's constructed roughly like this from my knowledge that's why it always looks like 'that'

No. 1437664

Bless you and your illustrations anon.

No. 1437678

File: 1644307739580.png (53.37 KB, 300x349, AE5C5D5C-0110-4A79-A08D-108822…)

TY anon, very informative, but also

No. 1437687

made me laugh anon

No. 1437689

I HAD THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN TO ME, NONNY. my ex used to want to dress in only MY clothes, despite being built like a linebacker (stretched out my shit). I was okay with it for a while, thought it was kind of cute, but then he started talking about how he wanted to copy my mannerism and get my "feminine hobbies" and "feminine language/tone" it was like he was downloading me, like he was mirroring me. it was so weird! He trooned out about 8 months into our relationship, we lasted about 2 months of him being a girl. I'm bi, but like for actual woman and actual men (tho TIFs are cute, shoot me). He was a pretty man but fucking ugly woman. He was obsessed with going bra shopping? I took him once so he would shut up and he cried when no bras fit him, like sobbing like a child in the store, he was 100% flat chested. I've never been more embarrassed in my life.

anyways, hes dating another troon who passes about as well as a Guinea pig in a wig. they deserve each other.

No. 1437695

Literally a gaping black hole

No. 1437698

You are right about being the ugliest in the group, but unfortunately you still don’t pass.

No. 1437702

This is amazing anon, literally crying at the shaky, sweating surgeon hand.

No. 1437704

"We have to work together! You NEED ME!"
>Subhuman radfems
Y chromosome is lashing out again.

No. 1437707

Thank you anon Im laughing and my questions have now been answered. I appreciate the MTF thread educational edition.

No. 1437715

File: 1644312642288.png (129.45 KB, 1080x629, amy schumer.png)

No. 1437720

If a woman did this it'd be called transphobic and she'd be cancelled but of course when a man does it he's an icon..

No. 1437724

File: 1644313625166.png (623.21 KB, 1080x853, averageyurifag.png)

Current twitter trend 'Reply with a pic of you and one of your fav Anime characters' gives about the results youd expect

No. 1437730

The over bent feet and layers of clothing. Chris Chan level autist.

No. 1437737

File: 1644315078562.jpg (633.76 KB, 1389x1080, Screenshot_20220208-021024.jpg)

Tim or boymodder, (idek anymore) caught in a predator sting. The way in which he is acting is just uncanny really uncomfortable watch.


No. 1437752

Filthy pig but not a troon. It's so grim reading the coworker/friend in the comments who trusted this femme acting fucker around her kids.

No. 1437780

cobain did write something about wanting to fuck babies to death so maybe him being a tranny checks out

No. 1437799

what an icon

No. 1437812

The prehistoric part of the brain that deals with, uh, fashion

No. 1437815

How is he not a troon?

No. 1437818

What? When?

No. 1437826

where did you get this anon? was he doxxed

No. 1437842

Ntayrt but these are all on KF

No. 1437864

Where do you think you are anon? Do you think it's only troons we want dead here and not males

No. 1437869

it came up with the weirdo lawsuit thing

> "Undated journals written by Cobain sketch the album cover in a sexual manner, with semen all over it.

"In several instances, the journals describe Cobain's twisted vision for the 'Nevermind' album cover, along with his emotional struggles, 'I like to make incisions into the belly of infants then fuck the incision until the child dies.'"


No. 1437872

File: 1644334094867.jpeg (703.3 KB, 2066x1203, 9B51590B-1B9E-4550-8409-E8DA39…)

Tranny thinks the women in his life throwing him a couple pity compliments means they are jealous of him. Comments are telling him "hurrdurr cis women are so catty and bitchy".

No. 1437873

File: 1644334121266.jpeg (391.06 KB, 1170x874, 54E09C99-E3EF-42D3-A3FC-A1D12E…)

Based commenter

No. 1437874

I love these threads sometimes jfc anon lmao

Can someone translate

No. 1437878

Idk why anyone would be surprised a scrote is going to scrote, regardless of who it is.

No. 1437885

>calls themselves autist
Which one of you was this? Kek

No. 1437887

If this is true then good riddance, please claim him

No. 1437893

kek, this is what happens when you compliment a man

No. 1437894

Glad there is sanity somewhere. It’s so true too. As a woman who is very average looking, it’s way easier for me to compliment a woman who is either similar in attractiveness or less so versus someone who beyond gorgeous and therefore somewhat intimidating, who I might have some envy for. It’s funny these dudes don’t get how normal this is for women. I feel like complimenting people is almost like making small talk for me. Like if I’m talking to another girl I am probably going to say something nice to her about her appearance, and I’d say it’s 50/50 on if I really like something about it or if I’m just trying to make her feel good and make conversation. If a man seems less threatening I might do it then too, but for obvious reasons not as often since moids take any friendliness as an invitation.

Sorry for being autistic for a minute, there’s just so much more to this shit that men will never get because they’ve not been raised to make people feel comfortable or good about themselves.

No. 1437900

fucked up shit. He was only woke by 1991 rockstar standards insofar as he wasn't raping little 14 year old groupies (afaik)

No. 1437901

it's the same faggot who periodically cries about not getting to "just hate trannies but very carefully so cismoids aren't included" on here like moidfarms doesn't exist

No. 1437904

File: 1644335922053.jpeg (138.79 KB, 810x1630, DA3A5842-3191-4315-A1D2-4001D1…)

Kek this is what we are supposed to be jealous of.

No. 1437905

File: 1644335948697.jpeg (164.65 KB, 810x1633, CABB04B1-406D-4BE7-A4C0-1A4AA5…)

No. 1437907

also unintentionally shows what being nice to men gets you, you lie to this el celibato involuntario about his appearance to make him feel better and he goes "heh… obviously jealous, so catty and bitchy". it's like when men think they're funny because women have a habit of politely cackling at whatever the fuck they say. idk what these retards would do if one day we all stopped doing this lmfao

No. 1437911

it makes my skin crawl how they refer to women as women but to themselves as trans girls. it's so obvious that they're larping as (pre-) teen girls all the time. disgusting.

No. 1437921

also shows a moid tendency to infantilize themselves to dodge responsibility while selectively painting women as the only beings with absolute agency. they do the same thing with early 20s moid criminals, their "youth" is always emphasized to rustle the mommy jimmies (he's just a boi he dindu nuffin)

it's also to mentally prepare you for uwu innocent trans girls not being responsible for killing or raping a Cis Woman who obviously had it coming, duh

No. 1437922

>formal dress

A bodycon sweater dress and fishnets? Nothing formal about this.

No. 1437923

and in a way it feels like they're trying to add a power imbalance between them and women: like they're just little child girls against these adult women.

No. 1437934

They really don't understand how women talk for the life of them huh

No. 1437935

To trannies anything that isn't sissy wear and teen clothing is formal, the rule of thumb is: anything that covers your cock untucked with a few centimeters of insurance is formal. Extra points if you wear thigh highs that stop well below your dress or skirt.

No. 1437940

Yeah, Kurt Cobain was a tranny, confirmed

No. 1437944

That’s why he joined the 41% confirmed.

No. 1437950

"gal" is such a big giveaway that someone is not a female lmao

No. 1437953

the only ppl I know who use that word are 60+ yr old men lol

No. 1437960

File: 1644341013247.jpeg (489.45 KB, 828x937, BBFBACB3-9C67-4AE8-BEB8-FA5F56…)

No. 1437964

Am I the only one who is unbothered by this? I'm fine with them starting little anime gaming troon polycules together and leaving cis lesbians alone forever

No. 1437967

eww god, their self satisfied smirks just retch…and this supposedly SUPER HOT one in the middle kek, do they have surgery that moves your mouth further away from your nose cause he's straight up inhaling his own lips

No. 1437974

They're poly…so all three of them will whine about cis lesbians not wanting to join their uwu harem and touch their girl dicks lmfao.

No. 1437977

its probably the end result for most of them anyway, once they're done complaining to reddit about the evil tervians targeting poor little delicate trans flowers (def not violent 6'4 apes in 2014s freshest h&m)

anyhow cant wait for erins complication meltdown in about 2 weeks <3

No. 1437989

>in 2014s freshest h&m

fucking kek anon, it's so accurate it hurts. They all dress themselves so fucking unstylishly

No. 1437994

how do they feel during these get tohgethers and after them? do they all just think that playing enough pretend is going to make the reality going away?

No. 1437995

File: 1644342590827.jpeg (321.23 KB, 750x1114, 749E1D7B-F575-4E8E-B112-9FFB4F…)

what the fuck? boring troon makes mediocre music and gets immortalized and treated as some kind of actual goddess? this would never happen if a female musician died

No. 1437998

File: 1644342936761.jpg (292.04 KB, 1242x1666, 3224.jpg)

it's happening gals and pals and laydees in the back

No. 1438001

I have a feeling he'll be one of those troons to realize immediately that it was a mistake and then 41% himself after a few months or a year or two.

No. 1438009

I’m so excited!! The cope is going to be so delicious.

No. 1438012

oh the look of dread in his eyes…
soon to regret not having his teeth fixed instead..
I'm pumped!

No. 1438014

there's no way he'll admit to anything going wrong lol

No. 1438015

100%. I give him a year to 18 months because he's the type to try to pretend things are ok. He can't admit this was a mistake. Trans is his whole brand.

No. 1438020

He will absolutely not say anything bad about it and pretend its super amazing for a long time, until he finally breaks down over it and becomes suicidal.

No. 1438037

Yeah poly people don’t give a shit, they just want to keep adding onto their polycule and will flirt with anything with a pulse, even if that person is already in a relationship. They definitely still bother lesbians. No one is off-limits to poly people.

No. 1438086

Idk if it's just the fact this guy takes pics of himself in the exact same angle with the exact same expression over and over again but he had the deadest dead eyes. He always has that thousand mile stare.

No. 1438087

File: 1644349993832.png (121.4 KB, 1020x738, reddit.png)

No. 1438088

>I'm autistic

you don't say

No. 1438093

File: 1644350704310.png (101.66 KB, 250x250, 1559801270080.png)

sage for blogpost, but I watched that anime and it sucked. I could smell the male author a mile away. Yuri is 99% made by scrotes that know nothing about the lesbian experience and they always make it so blatantly obvious.

No. 1438094

>I'll over exaggerate my expressions a little, too

No. 1438096

I have come to believe the most parts of the internet are harmful to autistic people

No. 1438097

I heard this particular troon already had facial feminization surgery. Is that true? Because if si, damn, he must have looked downright cavemannish before, he still looks so obviously male

No. 1438098

File: 1644351505025.png (1.79 MB, 1196x1168, Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 12.1…)

holy shit he has, I didn't think there was any way he'd already had FFS because he looks so male but nope. yikes!

No. 1438099

File: 1644351587375.png (242.54 KB, 497x614, tvujmk43ulg81.png)

>vanishingly slim

"Cis" women don't use loli pics for literally ALL their memes formats tho. 99.9% of egg_irl is little anime girls pictures. At least be subtle idk

No. 1438107

File: 1644352692588.jpeg (499.34 KB, 1538x2048, A0F4FC48-DC9C-4044-84A1-7DCFB2…)

This was him in 2019 so. Yeah.

No. 1438110


No. 1438111

This literal who got that asteroid named after him because of the horde of trannies and handmaidens going after those poor researchers trying to do their job and spamming their webpages with messages from them asking to put a generic woman’s name on a rock.
In a few years, when all of this is over, everyone will assume that the name is of a random woman, and not of some ugly ass man in a dress who 41%’d himself after noticing that he dug himself in a stupid hole.

No. 1438114

File: 1644353303230.jpeg (218.16 KB, 1611x1047, A15CB981-0B4E-4687-A3A2-A82CB1…)

Samefag again sorry I dug a bit deeper and found his full male form kek

No. 1438117

Is he the one who shit talked his ex-wife on Twitter 'cause their kids were staying over at their actual mother's house on Mother's Day instead of staying with him and playing into his motherhood fantasy?

No. 1438118

can't believe he waited 6 months to pluck his eyebrows
although I wish he'd kept the nerdy girl turned emo bangs kek

No. 1438119

Yup! That's the one.

No. 1438121

my biggest fear is now having kids with a man who troons out and then insists he's their real mother

what a nightmare

No. 1438122

File: 1644353703921.png (99.15 KB, 649x773, stop the planet I want to get …)


Attending bristol uni peaked me. The LGBT society was a joke, I was going to join to find kinship with bi women but I saw one of their social meetings and noped the fuck out. Trannies with pink hair and cat ears and striped socks everywhere. This was like five years ago as well. Part of the reason I chose bristol was because of the history of inclusion - it was the first uni in the UK to let women attend, and my halls was the historic female halls. So fucking disappointing.

No. 1438124

Nona, this breaks my heart. I'm so sorry.

No. 1438131

Start the count down until this tranny kills himself.

No. 1438135

The way he's referring to it as 'Taco Tuesday' is really gross to me.

No. 1438151

Ugh, Rennfest, one of the places AGPs love to expose the public to their fetish. Every time I've been since about 2015ish we've played spot the troon. There are so damn many.

No. 1438176

op sounds like a farmer

No. 1438184

what’s the anime, nonna?

No. 1438188

Love Live! Strawberry Panic! And Sister Princess are made by the same woman.

No. 1438198

Look at that fucking chin lmao

No. 1438201

His chin before ffs looked less male kek. And the fucking butterfly wings where the hell is he going to dressed like that?

No. 1438217

sage for derailing but was it ever confirmed that he 41%'d? i thought it was an accident and he drunkenly fell off a roof or something

No. 1438231

Why do they all have such long ass horse faces ? Before they transition they look fairly normal (ugly but their faces don’t look so elongated) what the hell happens? Is it because they shave or something, I can’t work it out but it’s so funny.

No. 1438242

i mean banana is a banana but if you claim it to be a melon it will look like a weird fucking melon

No. 1438246

Yes it’s the slight stubble on the chin. Men’s facial hair is the slight equivalent to women when they contour with makeup. Even if the facial hair is only stubble, it can make a big difference.

No. 1438252

File: 1644363636597.png (138.58 KB, 1050x816, Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 18-37…)

Omg my god this response. I trawled this trannies post history and they claim to be a cis woman lmfao complete with strong female leads=masculine traits and saying having a real vagina doesnt even actually feel that great. Fucking cope tranny…

No. 1438259

File: 1644363977416.png (144.36 KB, 953x801, Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 18-41…)

No. 1438265

Him ~slipping and falling while looking at the moon~ seemed like a pretty coverup story because revealing that he actually killed himself for something shameful would be bad for twans representation & would ruin his reputation. I think the people close to him made the decision to go with claiming it was an accident to hide something darker. Tinfoil obviously

No. 1438267

File: 1644364217225.png (400.21 KB, 1043x2332, Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 18-43…)

Imagine just telling yourself cis women can't even feel anything in their vaginas lmfaooooooo. The level of delusion here.

No. 1438271

i actually think he was just an intoxicated retard who slipped and fell and his people were invested in painting him in a sympathetic light because they had a clout and financial investment in upholding his brand, much like lil peep's crew. sophie committing suicide would mean he had enough self-awareness to feel ashamed of himself and his actions, when he was actually just a vain, self-centered, and ruthless careerist.

No. 1438274

I'm beyond sick of the misinformation that goes around how women work, who are they attracted to, how our vaginas function, all for our less abrasive and coomer nature to be taken advantage of by imposter "women" to spread the most regressive, anti-sex, misogynistic viewpoint on women's sexuality and biological function.

No. 1438275

lmao so what, do they all talk in high pitched soft mimic voices and talk about their nails and hair while trying to sneak in conversations about how cis people are so bad and evil to create an authentic uwu gurl experience? This shit is fucking hilarious lmao

No. 1438279

his description of women and little girls is extremely disturbing

No. 1438280

Nothing I could possibly say to make fun of this person would make them more miserable than they already are. The absolute cope

No. 1438283

Goddammit why is he always so fucking outraged? These people never are happy, EVER

No. 1438288

Imo they would have milked it if it was suicide. I think he just died by being a stupid drunk man. The moon shit is definitely bs though.
Is this a troon LARPing as a cis woman? Everything they're saying sounds so fetish-y.

No. 1438291

File: 1644365767296.png (48.52 KB, 982x330, Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 18-53…)

Literally this. The derangement on his post history is fucking reprehensible. I can't go through capping all of it but nearly every comment is some fucked up lying misogynistic cope. Here even a "not all men" and "women aren't even raped that much"

No. 1438293

Wtf with most of us haven't I would say all cis women who have any social or romantic interaction with males have been raped or sexually assaulted at least once, the absolute delusion. 1) Why do men feel the need to speak for us 2) Why do they feel the need to lie while doing so

No. 1438294

He isn’t attractive, he looks like that jew Jesus

No. 1438295

File: 1644366132419.jpg (450.16 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20220208-161859.jpg)

the coom is over

No. 1438296

File: 1644366178650.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x2163, 399EFB53-8AA6-4293-A486-D7D984…)

imo to me this just sounded like a self-hating woman that suffers from sexual dysfunction, so I decided to check out her profile myself.

She claims to be a former fakeboi, so she probably just hates women and hates being a woman, but is in the process of rejecting transgender ideology completely and finally dealing with her internalized misogyny.

Did you really go through the post history? Did you read the words she's writing? If you did, you either have 0 reading comprehension, or you're being extremely dishonest.
Because she literally denies that most trans people are actually trans. She's a borderline TERF and posts on /r/honesttransgender from a gender critical POV.

No. 1438298

File: 1644366252224.png (136 KB, 1132x798, Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 19-20…)

His whole post history is him larping as a misogynistic pick me girl. This is the last thing I'm capping and posting because it's honestly getting too disturbing to keep reading his disgusting posts

No. 1438299

>women walk around with tampons in all day and can’t even feel them!
Lmao since when?

No. 1438300

You're fucking retarded and clearly the reason why these tranny incels get away with pretending to be cis women if you're this easily fooled

No. 1438301

File: 1644366480972.jpg (21.53 KB, 275x238, 1607227762506.jpg)

No. 1438302

No. 1438310

>being attractive to men is the only thing women were better at than men
>men are better at performing femininity

Yeah…no the tiny percentage of passing troons are still only attractive to gay males, and would've been attractive to those same gay males pre transition. Only a man would write paragraphs about how men are better at everything other than being attractive with their whole chest. The larping as a ciswoman and speaking for us is definitely one of the stranger aspects of transwomen online, I don't get the point other than to create an "authentic female experience" for the 100% male online discussion hubs they frequent.

No. 1438314

He looks like he regrets it already.

No. 1438315

tbh I can't feel tampons unless I don't push them in far enough. sometimes I feel like I'm cramping because of them, but I can't actually feel them directly, y'know? Though I could feel the divacup when I tried it, and it annoyed me badly enough that I couldn't keep using it.

No. 1438322


thats literally every moid's favorite pastime, it's like there's something written in their genome that compels them to go online and post shit like "im a girl and i don't hate men". just look at this website lmfao

No. 1438327

I interpreted it as
> women don’t have a sense of humor therefore if I want to be a woman I can’t have a sense of humor

Nonnie I’m gonna cry, I thought he was actually having taco Tuesday in the hospital cafeteria.

No. 1438329

Women get hired at twice the rate in blind music auditions over men
Fucking moids disgust me most at least try to disguse their hatred of us

No. 1438337

>spends tens of thousands on shaving down the bone in his skull
>still can’t manage the effort to take a tweezer to those eyebrows

No. 1438344

usually I'm against throwing accusations around but I doubt a real woman would say vaginas aren't sensitive

No. 1438350

I hope he regrets it, I would tell him to join the 41 percent if he didn't have a poor 6 year old child back home.

No. 1438356

File: 1644370512721.png (2.63 MB, 1856x1233, rrin Reed ( erininthemorning) …)

he tried that look already, it didn't work

No. 1438360

File: 1644370817151.png (1.21 MB, 748x1306, Jessica Simpson on Twitter.png)

Manssica Simpman congratulated the fellow troon's chop as well.

No. 1438383

fuck, I hoped he had died of necrosis after his franken-clit fell off

No. 1438386

I would argue that the kid would be better off in the long run if that creature died early instead of sticking around for the rest of their life.

No. 1438396

File: 1644373237920.jpeg (380.93 KB, 1284x1319, A7F902E4-199E-4DB4-B905-1DA041…)

Fucking Starbucks. Free frankenvags and arm skin hot dogs for all the trannies! Bet they don't cover female specific health issues like this. Trannies gotta have their ballsack pussies and hair transplants that will recede eventually anyway. Why the fuck are these narcissistic individuals getting everything handed out for free just because they suicide bait everyone smh loonies are running the world

No. 1438414

I genuinely wonder what giving a fully grown adult some cross sex hormones even does except come with a plethora of health risks. Literally no visible difference in any of these troons except for some deformed moobs which will never reach the end of the Tanner scale. Doctors should seriously just give them sugar pills and tell them it's horse piss, most of the changes they experience seem like delusional cope anyway, everything from shrinking in height and growing female hips and having laydee orgasms (with an intact dick). Genuinely mind boggling. They have to spend fortunes on surgery on everything from their faces to their throats to even their hands to look more feminine, not to mention bolt ons and diaper ass BBLs and amhole construction surgery. Spend hours learning how to speak in a super annoying high pitched voice. All for literally nothing, they're still instantly clockable.

No. 1438417

catgender. pronouns nya/nyan.

This can't be real.. w t f

No. 1438421

estrogen is literally just an SSRI for them. it even kills their libido and makes them fat just like all anti-depressants. But that wouldn't make the medical and pharmaceutical complex any money while also sterilizing undesirables.

No. 1438423

here's some 41% fuel for any lurking troons: even giving them to puberty suppressed children is worthless because males are already bigger and more boorish at the fetal stage. male fetuses consume more calories, age their mothers more and produce more pregnancy/birth complications than female fetuses. you could block every drop of testosterone in a literal baby and give it artificial cross-sex puberty as early as 10 - it would still look like a botched moid past adolescence (much like kim petras or jazz).

tl;dr ywnbaw, humanity will sooner figure out immortality than how to turn moids into women lmfao

No. 1438446

File: 1644376885148.png (19.4 KB, 748x147, Hannah Evelyn Jones on Twitter…)

You won't believe what terfy thing Adele said!

No. 1438460

File: 1644377494878.png (321.3 KB, 567x642, 1491274733881.png)

KEK here we go anons

No. 1438474

kek what did she say PLEASE i need more high profile GCers

No. 1438479

No. 1438480

Kek she literally just said she loves being a woman and female music artist after winning a brit award. The brit awards recently got rid of male/female categories due to a troon being in it.

No. 1438484

Literally every female in my friends group has been raped or sexually assaulted (including myself)
This person is definitely larping and men are trash

No. 1438490

File: 1644379067434.png (1.23 MB, 1440x1291, issa man.png)

Wait I like Adele now, the categories are removed because one male, Sam Smith was offended to not be nominated/excluded from the solo male/female categories in 2021 due to being non-binary, so they just scrapped the categories altogether, perfect logic.
Idk they should have made a solo genderspecial category instead.

No. 1438505

thanks a lot faggot

No. 1438507

It wasn't just Spectre's story that was shit, but the theme song too kek.

No. 1438510

Britbong awards went full gender kool-aid and ditched male/female categories. She stated she was proud to be a woman and a female artist. Apparently women won most of the awards too.

No. 1438524

fucking hate this ugly cunt

No. 1438536

Barney listens to that shit? I am not surprised, and I'm a ND fan. Barney is pretty obnoxiously woke.

No. 1438547

Asagao to Kase san. It's a movie. It starts out ok, but becomes typical cute girls doing cute things real fast.

No. 1438551

Love Live isn't yuri though? yuribait yeah but not outright yuri
and I didn't say women don't do yuri, they certainly do, but there are more male writer than female ones, from what I've observed.

No. 1438552

a good reminder that men see relationships as inherently adversarial power games and if you're "into" them in any capacity you're taking the L in their eyes kek

No. 1438556

miss fuchi is a metaphor for troons

No. 1438565

The troons smile

No. 1438566

File: 1644384615914.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2675x3189, 4A2679BB-9E61-4F6E-BF8C-FF2A07…)

b-but it isn’t a fetish!!!!!!!! RESPECT ME!!!

No. 1438567

looks like white virgil texas

No. 1438571

File: 1644384969926.png (1 MB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20220208-004751~2.p…)

Yes those are carrots, you are a man

No. 1438573

Kek, it's a perfect analogy. Just like putting carrots in a peas can does not magically make the carrots peas, putting a man in dress-up does not suddenly turn the man into a woman. How dare we go against being forced to pretend the carrots are peas.

No. 1438574

If I fucking hate carrots but love peas, will Trans Vegetables Rights Activists force me, a pea lover, to eat the carrots pretending to be peas the same way they reee about lesbians not fucking men pretending to be women?

No. 1438575

Tbh I agree, it’s what’s INSIDE what counts. There’s no uterus, no eggs, no endometrium, inside of him. No label or she/they pronoun will ever change that gross Y chromosome in every cell of his body.

No. 1438588

kek it does

No. 1438590

File: 1644388806508.jpeg (124.87 KB, 586x657, 9F3FC76D-7B6C-4FAB-BF02-31E412…)

Love how he threw a mantrum about muh special label not being included, yet still didn’t win an award. He is fucking shit, throwback to him filming himself crying after a few months of lockdown, like a typical narc. I can’t find a good video of it on YouTube so here’s a pic.

No. 1438603


oh cool just what i wanted to see, a tranny talking about jerking it in the bathroom of one of my favorite cafes. fuck everything

No. 1438624

File: 1644396226535.webm (Spoiler Image, 10.56 MB, 720x1280, 2873814-e42a3fff850dd1c1e2d59a…)

here's another dozen places that have been ruined by a tranny jerking off in them!

No. 1438626

can we deport this dude?

No. 1438635

Admitting that being trans is a mistake

I think he meant that carrot are the "inner woman" and peas aka the can is the male body. But it's funny that it's was understood as carrot is male and he's desperately changing the can kek

No. 1438641

what the fuck

No. 1438642

>women aren't good at anything other than being sex-objects
Weird, how female students outperform male students in schools and universities to a degree that they have to start campaigns about "don't leave the boys behind" cause they do so much worse in every single subject.

No. 1438653

I hate men so much

No. 1438654

Real talk, where does the estrogen they inject go? These men look the same unless they get surgery. I also think the man tits are symptoms of the T-blockers. Do they even have estrogen receptors?

Moids really are mutants. Trans men pass really well its weird as fuck how MTF troons abuse estrogen but they still look like ugly greasy moids.

No. 1438658

Their body can't process it and they just piss it out
Why do you think they have so many health problems

No. 1438661

valerie solanas was right

No. 1438664

I'm pretty sure my nigel knows by now that he would be expected sign a "no trooning out" prenuptial agreement clause.

No. 1438675

File: 1644407436765.png (156.29 KB, 1229x768, hrt.png)

list of claimed HRT effects, they seem barely related to estrogen and don't help them pass that much: plenty of obese emotionally unstable men with erectile dysfunction out there

No. 1438676

went through this persons account and he def has some kind of farting fetish because the amount of times he mentions that is just…coomers leave women alone challenge

No. 1438685

i can't believe someone here actually thought that was a woman

just another paraphilic male

No. 1438689

Better to just make him get a life insurance policy and star a herb garden, just in case.

No. 1438696

lain doesnt deserve this

No. 1438698

File: 1644412256297.png (57.97 KB, 741x513, wat.png)

or maybe you just have a crossdressing fetish, dude

No. 1438706

File: 1644414655803.png (335.39 KB, 1462x502, happeepee.png)

This seems to be their favorite explanation. They're really trying to push the idea that it's a non-sexual bodily reaction to "feeling happy" and that it's a common occurrence for people in general when it's really not.

Nonas, have any of you seen a "cis" man talk about getting a euphoria boner? Terminally online men are usually disgustingly open about penis related phenomena, but I've only ever seen trans women mention it.

No. 1438707

File: 1644414704010.png (25.13 KB, 590x287, 1644411119062.png)

sure erin, the healthcare professional was totally fooled by your feminine graces and REAL vagina :^/

No. 1438710

I was waiting for him to say something like this but holy shit I wasn’t expecting it so soon kek what a nut job. He probably had that in his drafts just waiting until “taco tuesday” was over so he could post it. As if a nurse wouldn’t instantly be able to tell by looking at his face or his fresh axe wound, or maybe idk… reading the charts like they’re supposed to?

No. 1438711

So the nurse doesn't know what unit she is in, or the condition the patient she is caring for has? She just goes in cleaning a wound for somebody without knowing anything about them first? Seems likely!

No. 1438712

Also I know that real woman can get alot of issues during childbirth that can lead them to need aftercare for their vaginal area.
But its NEVER gonna look like a vaginoplasty, come on now. Even if the woman splits to her anus squeezing the baby out, its still not gonna look like somebody exploded a bomb down there

No. 1438713

notice how it's also never the doctor, always the nurse who validates the troon.. really works the noggin

No. 1438714

File: 1644416064421.jpg (135.01 KB, 1055x1448, FB_IMG_1644353122511.jpg)


No. 1438716

File: 1644416144454.gif (2 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)

No. 1438718

>reflect society
Lol, They're like 1% at most. The vast majority of people don't give two shits about narcissist tranny bs and weren't asking for this.

No. 1438720

File: 1644417002558.jpeg (40.34 KB, 764x401, 005C8B43-4A36-4230-BF64-E45FFF…)

Lmfao where??? I can so my see a skinny twink body that is trying to pose and use angles to force something that isn’t there.
It’s so odd how their lower bodies are so long, nothing like the average woman. It might sound silly but men have higher belly buttons than women and you can tell even with clothes(or a dress) on.

No. 1438724

omfg nonna im deceased
this was great thanks

No. 1438727

>women don't have the right to be unconfortable with a male in their locker room
>by @feminist
>over 150k likes
i fucking hate it here so much anons. it genuinely feels like a cruel joke on us. this is what mainstream feminism is and we either side with them or with conservative males who also hate us in different ways. can't have absolute shit in detroit

No. 1438728

Why do so many of them have this expression? Like they’re constantly pinching their lips together, or puffing out their cheeks? Also they have a dead look in their eyes. I worked with an MtF IRL and he had this exact same expression all the time with the blank eyes and puffy cheeks/mouth.

No. 1438731

File: 1644420563205.jpeg (395.31 KB, 1280x720, download.jpeg)

Most likely due to how anime girls make expressions like this, pic rel.

No. 1438738

He has the same body as the thread op pic.

No. 1438739

His obsession with his ex wife and being a mom is really creepy. I hope he dies from sepsis.

No. 1438745

Whatever site this is I'd like to ask why Father is allowed but not Mother. Just like how saying men os allowed but woman is a bad dirty word that's transphobic

No. 1438761

i cant tell if the people congratulating him in the comments are being serious or not kek

No. 1438763

File: 1644424265654.png (103.72 KB, 888x730, uhh.png)

i hate this

No. 1438764

please let's start a belly button psyop that troons can obsess over and compare if they have passable low belly buttons and demand for belly button surgeries

No. 1438766

At most he probably mentioned having a kid and the nurse made small talk asking how old he was when they had him. Which a delusional tranny would pretend meant the nurse thought he was pregnant.
I hate how they always make female nurses part of their fetish. They make them look stupid too by making up shit like this.

No. 1438770

Nope. Most guys won’t announce it because it’s generally embarrassing and they don’t want to creep or gross people out. Even what the redditor describes is just arousal. Their “euphoria” is just getting turned on and having a boner. I tried telling an ex-friend of mine who trooned out that saying “gender euphoria” is really creepy and to use something like “feeling confident” instead like a normal person (I assumed it was just a stupid term for looking good and feeling good about it aka confident), but he insisted that it wasn’t quite confidence, but distinctly “gender euphoria”. Now I get why it’s different and not the same. They call the arousal tingles that they get from wearing a tank top or a skirt “euphoria”, because simply saying they get turned on wouldn’t be socially acceptable (although a lot of trannies are getting braver with announcing their degeneracy).

No. 1438772

>You could've be "pregnant by proxy", but this still count.


No. 1438775

Yeah the nurse suddenly forgot she works at a plastic surgery clinic.

No. 1438776

its so funny when they act like the nurses have no idea as if both the doctors and the nurses dont refers to him as male behind his back

No. 1438779

File: 1644425898639.png (30.91 KB, 790x403, Lilith the Unconquerable on Tw…)

the doctor who operated on him is a troon himself so unfortunately no.
>20 likes on this retards post
Gawd I wish I could just go ham and tell these retards off.

No. 1438785

why does this make me think that there are more troon doctors purposely botching other troons vaginoplasties

No. 1438786

It's like clockwork, every single time some troon gets grs they say this. Do they honestly think Nurses are fooled by them? You think they don't know how to read charts?

No. 1438787

Do they ever get tired of fucking lying about hospital staff?

No. 1438788

sage but i shouldnt have called their penis invertion a vaginoplasty

No. 1438789

kek anon that sounds perfect

No. 1438790

pregnant by proxy. my sperm donor was sitting in the chair by the wall, playing fucking rocket league on his phone while i pushed out a 10 lb baby for three hours but yeah no he was pregnant by proxy. scrotes are so dumb with the ways they invent words to make themselves important.

No. 1438793

they can't cope with not being the center of attention in ever single situation

No. 1438795

File: 1644426977146.png (26.52 KB, 750x300, 34.png)

>feels right for my body
>you have to dilate for the rest of your life so your body doesn't accidentally close your wound hole.

No. 1438798

that tweet feels like one big cope

No. 1438804

That is so typical. Even the most helpful and attentive of scrotes (so under 1% of them) will never come anywhere close to understanding what it's like. When they get mad that mothers get custody, child support, etc I want to punch them for genuinely thinking that making a child is 50-50. Sure sperm makes a baby but females do all the work. Without us every child would be dead in months. Trannies thinking that they are deserving of being called mothers while doing zero work is just another case of the usual male laziness and entitlement. Sorry for sperg.

No. 1438808

He already regrets it

No. 1438811


kek at the quotations around “right”. time to cope, dilate, seethe, repeat

No. 1438829

Judging be the flag, I'm Brazilian too and what the fuck is this tranny talking about
No couple ever says "we're pregnant" here, this is something I only ever heard in American stuff
Best you can do is "we're expecting a child", when I hear the pregnant word from men it's always in the context of "MY WIFE is pregnant", no "we"

No. 1438837

Isn't he doped up on painkillers right now, if he was feeling anything at all it would probably be acute pain from getting his dick turned inside out kek. Jazz too said he felt happiest right after the surgery, but I bet it was just the meds. There's a reason people abuse/get addicted to painkillers.

No. 1438842

>sperm makes a baby
Sperm doesn't make shit, it just "contributes" half of the blueprint. Your body 3d prints the baby.

No. 1438846

"Makes" as in contributes to the making of. Didn't think I had to specify that because we all agree here.

No. 1438849

File: 1644430885375.jpeg (993.25 KB, 1170x1812, AB55EB6F-8B5D-4434-B45D-5EC669…)

No. 1438853

affirming feminine euphoria is when heroin addiction

No. 1438867

This reads exactly like the troon several threads back who "shyly moved the blanket back for the nurse to see" and "she gasped" and wanted to see his moobs and other pornsick fantasy shit he wrote after he had his dick unzipped. I know, I know, image board, sorry nonnas I don't remember which thread it was or I'd repost it.

No. 1438874

at first i thought the anon who posted this troons tweet accidentally recycled the one from the previous threads, they are so predictable

No. 1438875

I'm starting work at a hospital soon and I'm just hoping and praying that I never have to encounter a neovag in any capacity.

No. 1438876


Somebody asked Brian May what he thought about it:


At least Queen is still based. Imagine living through the the homophobia of the 70s/80s/90s and losing your close personal friend to AIDS just to watch these crybaby twans throw a fit about everything.

No. 1438879

Do American hospitals really let you administer your own morphine? WTF Amerimutts?

No. 1438880

Im glad I wasnt the only one who thought that, I was like am I having deja-vu or didnt I already read about the nurse seeing the mangina and falling over in awe?
They literally all have the same fantasies and lies

No. 1438884

It’s so wild how men feel the need to conquer EVERYTHING

No. 1438886

Ty for posting this nona. It warms my heart, but you know if any female musician said this same shit they’d get ripped apart.

No. 1438888

The morphine is still dosed out - you can't just keep pushing it and overdose yourself, the pump will cut you off after a certain point. I've also heard from a few medical professionals that every now and then these are just placebo buttons.

No. 1438897

that's a lot of words for crossdressing fetish lmaooo I hope it gets published though, people need to wake up to the reality of AGPs. They're in denial and think all trans are brave and stunning gay black prostitutes HSTS

No. 1438903

File: 1644435166257.jpg (102.15 KB, 1080x876, kf225lf733881.jpg)

I'm sure there's more examples of troons saying this, that it would make for a good collage.

No. 1438906

File: 1644435237032.png (1.5 MB, 1052x1816, 1643148392260.png)

Posting this because I found it while I was searching for the pic above

No. 1438910

Just a skinny boy posing lol

No. 1438912

It's less "conquer" and more "poz"

No. 1438913

File: 1644435447240.png (Spoiler Image, 101.1 KB, 299x250, 61B2CCAA-7FF9-4BA3-887F-A1CC8F…)

The beautiful, awe-inspiring “vagina” for reference.

No. 1438914

>>1438913 this cave had me gasping

No. 1438915

Is that going to be an extra purse for him?

No. 1438916

File: 1644435606815.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, mexican-guy-laughing-distorted…)

what wattpad fanfic is this

No. 1438918

That’s…. a thanksgiving turkey….. Please… tell me that’s just a really weird looking uncooked turkey…..

No. 1438920

Chicken hole motherfucker

No. 1438925

have these scrotes ever laid eyes on a vagina in their lives?

No. 1438926

I kinda want to post this under the erin guys tweet now.

No. 1438928

Terf Queen Adele

>>“I understand why the name of this award has changed but I really love being a woman and being a female artist. I do!” she said to huge cheers. “I’m really proud of us, I really, really am,” she said.

>>Despite support from the audience in London’s huge O2 Arena, her comments quickly sparked outrage online — making her the latest high-profile figure accused of being a TERF, or trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

No. 1438930

File: 1644436120063.png (20.81 KB, 754x363, 99.png)

Oh and this one

No. 1438935

File: 1644436283248.jpg (123.81 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

yeah he wishes

No. 1438942

he was kind of hot in a caveman-ish way


No. 1438944

nonnie why…..

No. 1438945

File: 1644436736164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.26 KB, 720x1228, FLKI-xFXEAQC9rt.jpg)

No. 1438947

Because beauty standards for men are so low lmao!

No. 1438955

This needs a spoiler. There is a bollock on display.

No. 1438956

what heterosexuality does to a mf

No. 1438959

Had similar things happen where I compliment a very average moid and they just go on to tell their friends I'm super into them. I swear to god they only date women to impress their fellow scrotes.

No. 1438964

>muh mommy

Yes, if BITCH MOM wasn't LATE with the tendies you wouldn't become a coomer. Or did she forcefem you like the hot milf she is, tee-hee?

No. 1438965

File: 1644438175982.png (92.47 KB, 745x793, WanderingBlueJew614 on Twitter…)

this guy went full retard

No. 1438970

yo are people actually saying this to them or what
i really hope not, why do they keep saying this???

No. 1438973

kek what non-binary ""artists"" are there even?

demi lovato and sam smith? they're nobodies

No. 1438980

its positively insane what lengths they go to
back in the day it was
>"being a troon is a disgusting fetish which commodifies women"
that labelled you a terf, but as time goes on it descends further into innocuous and apolitical language that gets you smacked with the terf label
>"changing your sex isn't possible"
>"trans women should not be allowed in womens bathrooms"
>"trans women are males who identify as women"
>"im not attracted to trans women"
>"im proud to be a woman"
and every one of these phrases will net you endless quote tweets and (shaking in my boots just imagining) trannies gossiping about you in their discord (gasp)
at some point, medical textbooks will be fully void of diagrams if these moids get what they want
if any do slip through they'll probably be of men anyway

No. 1438989

>Men not taking responsibility for their behaviour example #2470
What about the dad who trooned out his daughter so he could continue being a pedo mentioned by the mermaids doctors? Stop trying to run from the truth coomer, degen moids are common, Munchausen moms are rare.

No. 1438992

Lol but I thought TWAW?? You can't even tell the difference, so why does it matter she shouted out women. Lol always showing their hand these fools

No. 1438993

Next they'll be reeing about single mothers.

No. 1438995

File: 1644439941033.png (333.57 KB, 700x393, puke.png)

u ok nonnie

No. 1438996

I wish it was a movement pushed by Munchausuen moms and not coomer moids looking to use their power to indulge in degeneracy 24/7, maybe it wouldn't have taken off so quickly then. More moms are trying to stop it then perpetuate it.

No. 1439001

For some of them no…it's legit a pipeline from incel to "becoming" the girl because a real one would fucking NEVER

No. 1439006

Shuli, your ugly face is manly as fuck and so is your voice, you're not fooling anyone, stop larping

No. 1439012

Love how the article the moid linked also mentions the mom's sister getting stabbed 23 times by her unhinged moid kek. Also:

>when you want mommies to coddle you

>they do
>they end up going along with your coomer desire to sterilize yourself

Whoda thunkt this would happen, beautiful

No. 1439020

They don't want vagina. They want the male idea of what a vagina is, a hole to be fucked.

No. 1439021

That was it. Thank you for reposting it, nona.

No. 1439023

Fucking cave of nightmares, goddamn.

No. 1439024


/u/KryptoKate2's user history can be traced back to r/blackpillfeminism. They're a deep fake of some sort. Why I left they're crazy comments out of the original post >>1437872 as much as I wanted to believe they were real and include them. My philosophy has always been that there's literally millions of these legit trooniacs doing and saying stupid things every day. No need to take the low-effort bait. I know it always isn't easy to tell, but it becomes second nature after awhile.

No. 1439029

File: 1644442481657.jpg (25.58 KB, 563x541, aghast.jpg)

>"Oh my god" she says. "Yours looks better than mine!"

Do troons really?

No. 1439031

nah thats just modern male beauty standards in action

No. 1439033

No. 1439038

File: 1644442839651.jpg (125.39 KB, 945x456, Blessed Andrea.jpg)

Can you all stop using "based"? You sound like men on 4Chan. Disgusting.

No. 1439041

it’s not that deep

No. 1439042

based andrea

No. 1439043

ugh this asshole is suddenly all overjoyed that he made exulansic go away. Remember when he cried that the mean terfs are speaking about him… Not sure if it's boogers or hair up there…

No. 1439044

Dworkin was based.

No. 1439045

unbased and shitty-bait-pilled

No. 1439047

Based doesnt come from 4chan

No. 1439048

>Women who aren't cam thots having a keen idea of what their vaginas look like
>Troons really think women contort themselves into a bagel, get an OBGYN grade speculum and a mirror, then stare at their vaginas every day because all men stare at their dicks every time they pee

Male = autism. Also, every word uttered by a troon only makes him sound more distinct from real women, it's remarkable. They truly can't win.

I could maybe see some unfortunate doctor saying something like this out of pity upon beholding a menagerie of shredded roadkill that is neovagina, but I think it's just moid lack of theory of mind/wishful thinking/need to compete with women in action

No. 1439049

It isn't bait. You are embarrassing.

No. 1439052

And what would "better" even mean in this context? Oh, right, he means his coombrained fantasy of hairless hentai innies. I have never ever in my life witnessed women comparing vulvas and discussing which is "better," and especially never in a medical setting. Imagine if your gynecologist said your vagina looked cuter than hers while your legs were in the stirrups kek

No. 1439053

neither did the word incel but here we are

No. 1439055

even if its bait what kind of progress will be made if we stop using "male" words

No. 1439056

Can you stop trying to tell people how to speak? You sound like an SJW. Disgusting.

No. 1439057

Integrate. Based is imageboard lingo, not 4chan moid lingo souly.

No. 1439058

Anon, please. I have a fetish for Jewish looking men that is sometimes questionable, too, but this guy ain't it. He looks like hairy mashed potatoes. >>1438995

No. 1439068

i never click any nsfw pic on this thread, you’re all so brave nonas

No. 1439069

that's funny because anecdotally many troons say their penis shrinks

No. 1439071

File: 1644445057193.jpg (990.84 KB, 500x231, oyyRv97.jpg)

And "trans women" are women. Good one nonny!

No. 1439072

it's astroturfed, 150k likes, yeah sure bot likes.

No. 1439073

dead eyes from dark triad traits or autism

No. 1439074

I'm going to unalive myself after seeing this

No. 1439080

the american healthcare system wants everyone sick to make money

No. 1439097

I don't know how old you are but when I was growing up it was normal for mothers to encourage their daughters to get to know their bodies by looking in the mirror. Hand mirrors exist. If you don't know what you look like down there that is genuinely sad and you should maybe try to connect with your body more. It is actually empowering and isn't a weird sexual thing like it is for scrotes/troons.

No. 1439100

embarrassing? perhaps. Based? absolutely

No. 1439103

File: 1644447025386.jpg (239.72 KB, 1080x2160, FLBbYWuWUAcED2I.jpg)

Found this cap online, when I went to their twitter to discover they had me blocked which is hilarious as I've never interacted with them or liked a tweet attacking them.

Any brit peeps may remember him from his colossal meltdown on celebrity big brother accusing other housemates of being transphobic. It was surreal-it was a irl version of those fights you get online when troons get triggered seeing real women (he also stated hes "drag queen phobic" and hated drag housemate courtney because courtney passed better as a woman than he did.)

No. 1439107

troons have the ultimate coomer fantasy since they're hairless(but zapped hair sometimes comes back, gl troons) and women who only groom and dont shave are probably considered nasty to troons.

No. 1439112

hides his five head

No. 1439115

ia anon, the scene where the old ladies look at their vaginas with hand mirrors in Fried Green Tomatoes stuck with me, and I vowed to never be one of those women who doesn't know what their own body looks like and doesn't know what an orgasm feels like. So many women are not in touch with their bodies, and it's honestly one of the reasons why so few of us are sexually satisfied. We've been conditioned to think women's bodies are dirty and only meant for male pleasure. Sage for radfem sperg.

No. 1439120

File: 1644447460720.jpg (229.28 KB, 1284x1116, FK7IAlhXIAIgb6A.jpg)

He's hiding/deleting comments that point out how the nurse wouldn't do this btw. Last time I checked there were a few comments calling him out but now they aren't there.

No. 1439130

File: 1644448348081.jpg (68.87 KB, 640x607, q28i6mt8bpg81.jpg)

No. 1439132

As if any woman has ever compared how her vagina looks to anyone elses. As if that is a thing we have ever been genuinely jealous about. These moids are so off base with these fanfics

No. 1439153


Why does the hair look so off?

No. 1439158

Plenty of women are insecure about their vagina/vulva because of standards in porn and the roastie meme but no one would prefer a literal dick wound chasm over their natural vagina

No. 1439164

It’s kind of poetic justice because they receive a hole that can’t stretch like ours, can’t lubricate like ours, doesn’t feel arousal in the same way, can’t help bring life to the world, etc. They get exactly what they want: a useless hole that is either filled with fecal matter or will tear during intercourse, or both!

No. 1439167

I mean they do get hair balls up there sometimes, so there’s that.

It’s depressing. Every woman should learn what is going on down there and how to pleasure herself. If you have a nigel force him to please you the way you want. Men have got to learn.

No. 1439171

Kek, someones a first time poster.

No. 1439178

Triggered 4fagger pissed we’re using your words without being retarded?

No. 1439180

there's not enough of it

No. 1439183

The @feminist account is known to be run by men, that's why they focus so heavily on shit like "free the nipple". Their account was never by women for women.

No. 1439184

would love some proof in order to spread the word

No. 1439186

kek you couldn't even sage this obvious cope attempt? male retard

No. 1439188

god I miss that subreddit and the discord server offshoot

No. 1439190

No. 1439191

thank you!

No. 1439211

File: 1644455042688.jpg (33.03 KB, 601x800, EKCntBw.jpg)

an irritating asshole that literally never shuts the fuck up about being trans, no matter the thread or conversation topic. posted this pic in yet another unrelated conversation to brag about how good they look for 45. looking like an escapee from the SCP Foundation. SCP-TR00N.

No. 1439214

My sympathies anon

Never not sounding like tranny serialkillers even when they're trying to reinvent science

No. 1439215

File: 1644455586125.png (85.66 KB, 199x240, 84395734543.png)

look twatter i self-posted in the troon thread on terfchan, xD leEPIC OMGAWD!!!! 500 followers here i come!

No. 1439216

he genuinely looks like he has a congenital disorder, ew

No. 1439217

samefag but no, i was excited to be able to have something to post of this moron because, they're annoying as shit and turns out, ugly too. sorry you didn't like my post though feel better

No. 1439221

File: 1644455982725.png (2.52 MB, 1395x1836, manhands.png)

The dress and hair are nice, ergo his style isn't as bad as many featured in this thread, but that male bone structure still shines through
>male hands, wrists and arms
>adam's apple

No. 1439223

File: 1644456280016.jpg (34.5 KB, 653x367, attachment-fb80a9f01c652ad5d61…)

Italian scrote fakes having "holy visions" and fakes blood running down his forehead like jesus to collect money from christian in exchanges of "miracles", then fucks off to thailand with the money to become a porny caricature and now is in jail. I hope his jail mates treat him good, if you know what I mean.
He forced a woman to have an abortion because he said that the fetus had downs or something and she fucking believed him because he was a friend of the Virgin Mary.


Translate this with google, it's fine, you can grasp it.

No. 1439230

munchausen's moms troon out gay kids, but most trannies these days are straight agp males who transition as adults. But I'm sure that's mommy's fault too somehow, because like a compass needle that points north…
thanks anon, I went through the account earlier and among endless pictures of feminine men and women, troons, minorities etc etc i saw exaclty zero pictures of gender non conforming women. Their feminism isn't about women but about femininity and not even some form of natural "real" femininity but a performance based entirely in makeup, clothes, drugs.. all that defines womanhood, and people's identity in general, is their choice of consumer products. Troons claim to be anti capitalists, marxists etc etc but this form of gender theory is one of the most capitalistic cultural movements I can think of. I'd pay to actually read what marx's thoughts on it tbh

No. 1439233

Classic tranny narcissism

No. 1439240

File: 1644457494311.jpeg (51.21 KB, 1127x298, CAA59AC5-B531-4C4F-A0D3-2B4940…)

How the fuck are they this stupid and clueless

No. 1439241

She's back though. Under another channel.

No. 1439242

File: 1644457500453.jpeg (80.37 KB, 600x610, FE7E27FE-AD53-48C8-8380-0D26BC…)


No. 1439247

bc they're moids, anon.

No. 1439248

nta but why are you calling him a they

No. 1439254

tbh its a habit from my former self as TRA, sorry! trying to cut it out

No. 1439262

File: 1644459501466.jpg (560.57 KB, 1080x2117, Bm8Pzw4.jpg)

No. 1439263

File: 1644459562278.png (519.57 KB, 719x562, FLGjkjkXsAQvHpl.png)

No. 1439281

post actual milk along side an ugly selfie, like an accompanying twitter cap of delusion. look at the other posts in this thread, there's nothing here to work with.

No. 1439283

lol the one on the left is a personal lolcow. I was waiting for him to get posted eventually.

No. 1439284

but there's a difference? there's a distinct difference between the two. is that what they're saying? tranny logic is fucking stupid.

No. 1439288

File: 1644462511970.png (61.14 KB, 508x585, 2C9DCD24-8371-4551-AEA0-3FFD2B…)

This is the same person who believes ovaries and testicles are the exact same, so clearly their knowledge on human anatomy isn’t the best.

No. 1439293

i mean, they're just wrong. simply on the basis that precum can get you pregnant. precum is lubricant secreted when aroused, yeah, similar to when women get wet. but similar is not the same word as interchangeable. many male and female reproductive organs are biologically homologous, yes, but they're not the same in function and cannot be just reversed and expected to act the same way.

No. 1439307

This has got to be a troll. This is either a terf who's too smart to play dumb realistically so she's going full retard with it, or it's an actual retard.

No. 1439312

what season was this? i wanna watch it

No. 1439316

>Fun fact: human genitalia are in fact completely interchangeable

We aren't mr potato head fam, they aren't, we are living biological tissue and you can't just pop in different parts like an oil change and expect everything to be fine. Even ciswomen who get implants to natural breasts suffer side effects such as autoimmune problems and torn muscle/nerves. Creating a whole new frankenstein part in truth probably has a 5% success rate but the medical industry has never been ethical when it comes to lining their pockets.

No. 1439338

File: 1644469537288.jpeg (152.62 KB, 827x824, B5822C3C-A267-41F7-8EB8-CDDC79…)

sage for not being milky, but goddamn…why do the stereotypes almost always have to be true

No. 1439341

Season 21, the uk version assumingly

No. 1439342

I’m almost afraid to ask but why….. do they need diapers?

No. 1439343

>this has got to be a troll
no they’re for real, I his their kiwi page is at over 1000 pages at this point.

No. 1439344

Either for fistulas or bleeding axe wound.

No. 1439346

It's a fetish, unfortunately. They get off on pissing themselves & being "littles"

No. 1439348

wishing this person amhole maggots

No. 1439351

File: 1644471731547.jpeg (113.39 KB, 1501x735, FFNKvGSXIAQQdXx.jpeg)

No. 1439356

they conveniently ignore that differentiation results in literally entirely different organs and secretions. also probably a retard virgin because you can literally feel that wetness and precum is nowhere near alike at all, it's nowhere near the same pH either

No. 1439357

sometimes I have the desire to post an actual vagina to one of those trans surgery reddits, like "hey, just got my new taco for taco tuesday"

No. 1439362

File: 1644474072004.jpg (199.84 KB, 633x424, Screenshot_20220210-061334.jpg)

I just had the thumbnail for Sophie from Mars' new video pop up in my recommended and it physically fucking revolts me.

This hulking moonfaced ogre posing with the cutesy peace sign like he's Belle Delphine. Sir, please stop.

No. 1439367

this dude looks like that pedo troon Aggy

No. 1439370

Who was he talking to? He’s literally so hideous and botched.

No. 1439379

when you hold the peace sign backwards like that it means "fuck you" rather than peace

No. 1439382

Please post Shayna’s!! >>1351765

No. 1439385

Shut up shaynafag

No. 1439389

>Mommy made me get addicted to sissy porn and anime, therefore we need to enslave women again
Scrote logic.

No. 1439390

I've been thinking the same thing. I think it's the eyebrows

No. 1439395

Maybe its just me but never have I ever heard a woman ask another woman "How old were you when you had your child?" It's ALWAYS just "How old is your kid?" (and then maybe following up with a "so you were about… so-and-so years old?" but usually its just assumed and not actually asked) So to specify by asking "how old were you when you were PREGNANT" it turns it from unusual to bizarre, because basically no one thinks of pregnancy first, only the birth. Women making small talk with each other isn't that complicated or nuanced but men are too self focused to be able to imitate it even a little bit.

No. 1439407

File: 1644481990229.jpeg (284.48 KB, 2048x1825, B9985FBC-FCF3-4EBC-8218-C15904…)


Agp narc moid writer troons out in his 70’s during the pandemic and gets a ton of applause

No. 1439408

these scrotes never dress or pose like women their own age would


No. 1439420

The opening line of the essay literally says he transitioned because he did the FaceApo gender switch and thought she was hot. They’re so delusional they think they look like a filter

No. 1439425

File: 1644485098766.jpeg (274.41 KB, 827x1009, 06B164E3-C742-4DEB-8812-3B15F6…)

This is making me laugh out loud

No. 1439426

Man learned how to use image editors and filters.
Man sees woman's vulva and wants it shocker…pretty sure a surgeon would struggle to make a ciswoman's exactly match another woman's (without extreme scarring and discomfort at least) due to the nature of vaginas being functional body parts attached to internal organs and not just for looks/fuckholes like troons/men think they are, expecting an inverted penis to look like a specific image of a ciswoman's vageen is really asking the impossible. Yet to see anything written by an AGP which had a grasp of material reality.

No. 1439435

File: 1644487082121.png (1.33 MB, 1272x1064, 8F78555C-5F2F-49A5-8903-7F64EA…)

No. 1439439

No. 1439440

File: 1644488258438.png (628.69 KB, 711x1125, stupidity.png)

How are Terfs and Nazis the same thing because Terfs know that troons will never be biological women? These idiots think they can bend reality by conflating every form of criticism towards some protected ideology big tech companies promote with nazism.

No. 1439441

they call everyone who disagrees with them a nazi

No. 1439443


Birthingpersonford kek I love this

No. 1439455

File: 1644489805825.png (317.28 KB, 568x1050, rabbotredprofile.png)

Inspired by Chris Chan.

No. 1439462

>Best Sam Smith
>Demi Lovato

ok that made me laugh irl

No. 1439464

File: 1644490398159.png (Spoiler Image, 570.43 KB, 1035x800, tumblr_pd4o7aTbfq1w2quqao1_128…)

He used to go by the name sqrlyjack and made Bubsy the Bobcat a suicidal transgender prostitute during his "edgy" phase kek

(spoilered for autism)

No. 1439470

File: 1644491288270.jpg (189.51 KB, 680x510, friendship ended.jpg)

No. 1439482

These are the same people that lose their shit at people who compare being unvaxxed to being a Jew during the holocaust. They are allowed to call everyone a Nazi and say trannies are as persecuted as Jews, but nobody else is!!

No. 1439488

From fat incel to fat scene boy

No. 1439498

the fact that he still congratulates him on getting a frankenhole even after having that happen to him shows what a screwed up retarded cult this all is

No. 1439521

It’s what dumb people do if they want to make a point. They think they’re being extra drastic with their comparisons but it just makes them look like disrespectful assholes who don’t know shit about history. You see this literally everywhere.

No. 1439530

i will never stopped being pissed that the trannies stole lain

No. 1439539

Misery loves company.

It’s gotten bad enough that when someone I know to be pro-trans calls someone else a nazi without further context, I just assume they’re talking about a regular person who said something like “only women get pregnant”. It has turned out to be true in every case so far. None of the people in question were even conservative or right-wing, just average centrists or even progressives who aren’t 110% on board with (or aware of) the latest TRA narrative. They’ve completely robbed these words of their power.

No. 1439541

The only thing reminiscent of nazis when it comes down to troons and terves are the doctors and surgeons mutilating their patients genitals

No. 1439551

yeah when TRAs etc use it they are just being extra hypocritical because many of them present themselves as leftists for whatever trendy reason (imo because leftists often want to include and support ‘marginalized’ groups at all costs so they have easy game there with their constant whining about oppression), while trivializing Nazi crimes with comparisons like this is actually despised in the irl leftosphere that is not twitter “activism”, at least where I live. As if some entitled troons whining because they can’t get free cosmetic surgery soon enough could relate to the horros some of our grandparents still remember.

No. 1439561

nonas who are the most 'stealth' troons you've seen or met? I've noticed that even when a lot of them seem to pass due to having started early etc. they can still be clocked. I met a MtF today who started Hrt quite young, he's smaller than the average male and has a slim build. he's got a voice that's hard to detect (think the euphoria troon) but he's still easily identifiable if one pays attention (adam's apple, big hands, the terrible shoulder-hip ratio and downright disgusting views of women).

No. 1439562

File: 1644504767655.jpeg (148.69 KB, 1242x878, 45D7B60C-E566-4DA1-8D79-6F8BE6…)

translation: i saw my inverted penis wound and it made me cry. it’s an unfixable mess and i will never be OK ever again, but i’m deranged so that’s totally fine.

No. 1439563

KEK next thread pic please

No. 1439568

What are disgusting views of women that he has, anon?

No. 1439570

So you agree? It was a choice?

No. 1439572

Because doctors are always men and nurses are always TRUE AND HONEST women.

No. 1439574

Is this Jonathan Yaniv?

No. 1439589

Isn't he still off his face on morphine? He could genuinely think it looks good the same way schizophrenics think they really are Jesus.

No. 1439590

I've only known him a couple hours tops due to work and he's already mentioned to me how terfs are so jealous of him because he passes so well and also said something like 'woman is an umbrella term and something that anyone can be if they want to'.

No. 1439626

Who the fuck just says that upon the first meeting with someone? So delusional and narcissistic

No. 1439632

I’ve met one once who was extremely small-framed and had a relatively high natural sounding voice. He had very conservative parents who got him on hormones from an extremely young age for being a gnc kid. He apparently suffered from some sort of stunted growth development from messing with puberty and was not very euphoric about all of this, told me about many health issues and a hard time relating to other people because of this. He was not delusional about being a woman and seemed kind of fed up with everything related to this. This was probably one of those extremely rare cases most mtfs desperately want to be like and he was not very happy about living like that, just used to it since such a long time that he doesn’t know anything else at this point. Noticeable, but only if you paid attention to the details like body proportions etc. Looked definitely way more ‘passing’ than this euphoria guy who gets claimed as a prime example but actually looks like a slightly androgynous dude with long hair at best.

No. 1439645

Saw three MTFs while out yesterday running errands in my small conservative town. They weren't even together or at the same shop. It's inescapable. One was looking at women's underwear and bras (that were way too big to fit him). He was practically groping them. Sickening to think an actual woman will buy them after a troon has touched and rubbed them.

No. 1439689

File: 1644511797623.jpg (261.07 KB, 1152x2048, FLDJ4yCVEAEF6sO.jpg)

he unprivated

No. 1439726

James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins retarded little brother.

Oh man, this freak tried to kiss Ginuwine and twitter was mad at the guy got sexually harassed because he was being honest. He just said he didn't want to date a trans woman. Then India forces himself on him and Ginuwine didn't even clock him. I swear this India troon transition because he thought women get away with being sexually aggressive. He also got facial surgery because people dogged on how manly he looked.

No. 1439741

File: 1644513829327.jpg (349.62 KB, 1024x768, mtf.jpg)

Pic from some discord but I refuse to believe this is created in 2022.

No. 1439750

File: 1644514104082.jpg (14.16 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

No. 1439769

i hope he 41%s himself

No. 1439785

in a few years this trend will die and people will realise it's just bs

No. 1439788

1 Paraphillias correlate with eachother
2 Side effects of hormone treatment make them piss a lot more, and I've heard some lose controll while sleeping…

No. 1439789

and then we'll have thousands (or more) mutilated men who will inevitably blame women for everything

No. 1439796

File: 1644515916138.gif (1 MB, 640x360, kek-splode.gif)

>irrelevant to male competition

No. 1439800

Meanwhile troon wounds have hair balls and fecal matter in it.

No. 1439801

Yeah but it is inescapable at this moment in time.

No. 1439861

File: 1644518474794.webm (5.2 MB, 672x1232, 2974203-ea2d7910b6d086fda3a554…)

never actually heard this guy talk before, i fucking hate this creepy little child voice they make

No. 1439868

These troons just sound depressed post surgery. They realized that they fucked up and still have to inject themselves with horse piss.

Here’s one on yt complaining about their pain after surgery and blood draining from their hole when they stand up.

No. 1439870

File: 1644518787058.jpg (553.08 KB, 1800x2206, merlin_186785829_01e34ceb-9dbd…)

patti harrison is the only TIM i didn't clock, until i read their wiki a year or so ago

No. 1439874


“definitely had a moment where I had a moment to myself on what have I done”


“There were moments where I felt like I regretted what I was doing”

What a cope

No. 1439875

this sounds like a male comedian impersonating a woman lol

No. 1439882

File: 1644519339268.png (1.23 MB, 733x1183, Erin, Trail Mom on Twitter (2)…)

why the cis specification? he's not going to be interested in you. He could be a troon all you know.

No. 1439888

And also incontinence from anal, assuming they're fucking dudes instead of harassing lesbian women

No. 1439893

this creature likes men at least, right?

No. 1439901

most of them are pseudobisexual to some degree

No. 1439909

no he's a lesbian

No. 1439913

File: 1644520387321.jpg (77.1 KB, 960x941, all is right with the world.jp…)

And nothing of value was lost!

No. 1439917

the FUCK is wrong with this moids teeth?

No. 1439933

Does he know that the nurses don't make the food? kek.

No. 1439934

Damn, how much money did the tooth fairy leave under this fellas pillow?

No. 1439945

>cafebeef bangs to hide the hairline of a mid 40s father of three

No. 1439949

>I shyly pull off my blankets and pull down my pants and she looks
>"Oh my god," she says
>She feels around
>Then her eyes move up to my chest
>Of course she saw and touched my lady bits

Why do I feel like this troon's nonexistent dick was hard writing this?

No. 1439951

Why would a paramedic even ask this question?

No. 1439956

He should have fixed his teeth instead of getting ffs jfc…

No. 1439957

Seeing this moid in action…scary.

No. 1439959

Omg is this the moid who started chimping out about "transphobia" because Ginuwine wouldn't kiss him? That shit was HILARIOUS

No. 1439966

TERFs: "the surgical wound from your dick removal procedure is a wound"

Also TERFs: shedding uterine lining from their wombs which generate it every month in preparation for pregnancy and childbirth

Troons: "Checkmate, TERFs! Who's the real woman now??"

No. 1439968

>terfs bleed once a month for a few days
>I'm bleeding every day all day
>therefore I'm a better woman than cis are
>checkmate Terfs

Troon logic

No. 1439969

thankfully, they'll never feel arousal again bc of the chop. probably never get another orgasm. take joy in the little things.

No. 1439972

I love how they equate any woman to being a terf lol, nobody is safe unless they're a tranny too

No. 1439977

Competing in women's sports is TERFy. Saying "I love being a woman" is TERFy. Bleeding from your vagina is TERFy. Just BEING a woman in a troon's vicinity is TERFy, because the mere existence of "cis" femaleness fuels their dysphoria.

If this shit doesn't peak the handmaidens, nothing will.

No. 1439981

>best broth ever
It's hospital broth.

No. 1439984

They're obsessed with "cis" people finding them attractive

No. 1439986

Right? How can you not see them as mentally unstable men when they're acting like that

No. 1439994

Tbh i hate saying this but that “outrage” about Adele’s speech is completely fabricated.

No. 1439996

It is, but it's phantom revenge for all the times they did sperg out about it and it's good this is getting people to realize trannies are bat shit crazy even if fake news

No. 1439997

I'm not American so the food is probably different but tbh sometimes I miss the hospital food
They gave me some bombass breakfasts

No. 1439999

Why not fix those teeth instead of getting an amhole installed

No. 1440002

Erin is just mad he can't get a cute normal man or woman and instead is in a relationship with a troon. He won't even describe his bf as cis or trans

No. 1440003

So was J.K's so it's w/e

No. 1440009

File: 1644527858796.jpeg (349 KB, 828x987, 20557EF8-227B-4642-A972-2D4469…)

Gross replies to Erin’s surgery post

No. 1440010

File: 1644527911644.jpeg (145.24 KB, 1326x708, F952AAC3-2BF2-44AA-B71A-D59BCB…)

Found in a 4chan lgbt tranny thread of anons fantasizing about being in a post apocalyptic america

No. 1440015

20k likes wtf

No. 1440019

Video games should unironically be banned for turning moids into this

No. 1440024

men should unironically be banned from video games, porn and all internet use

No. 1440045

there was this troon in that terrible the craft remake. standing alone he had me fooled for a bit but standing next to the girls was night and day.

No. 1440046

so why does he have to be a woman? why can't he just be an emo-looking guy who used to be a fat ugly guy? where tf did "i am female" come in? like literally am i taking crazy pills, why can't men just learn to groom themselves and use filters without adding the pretend-woman part?

No. 1440049

Add anime to the list.

No. 1440050

jeebus christ, man's an award-winning writer and can't even spin his troon confession to not sound like a massive fetish.

No. 1440051

File: 1644530007504.jpg (226.43 KB, 1475x829, 29craft-pix-videoSixteenByNine…)

No. 1440052

Because it makes them coom.

No. 1440053

File: 1644530048145.png (176.24 KB, 706x262, Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 4.54…)


No. 1440055

my God that disgusting pun comment sent shivers down my spine ew ew ew ew fuck ew

No. 1440056

but why does the thought of them being a woman make them coom more than being just an alternative guy?

No. 1440059

you must be new here. look up autogynephilia

No. 1440072

No i know, im just wondering why its so prevalent in common day moids?? like whats making them troon out so much holy shit

No. 1440075

sage for blogpost but a friend of mine trooned out and used that as a reason why he was more female than I was

I peaked pretty fast after that

No. 1440077

File: 1644531786250.jpg (61.12 KB, 522x456, 444445.JPG)

Remember when anons were saying we would start seeing loads of TIMs calling themselves radfems to pass themselves off better as women?

No. 1440078

porn. it's as simple as that, they watch porn, crave more degenerate shit as they get desensitized. some go down the bdsm route where they can only get off if they step on some poor womans face while getting their dick tip bitten off, some wear furry suits and shit in diapers, and some get hooked on cross dressing (or all at once). and since they're terminally online they get hooked on the idea of transitioning. i think mental illness, misogyny and a humiliation paraphilia combined with watching porn and being terminally online is essentially what turns most degenerate men into trannies. it's not a coincidence so many of them once were incels.

No. 1440081

It's either moid tendency to throw stones in glass houses (testosterone induced lack of self awareness), or retarded moidbrain "BIGGER AND MORE OFTEN = GOODER" logic, either way they just get more moidy when they troon out kek.

Trans women aren't "low T soyboys", they're actually hypermasculine and superstraight which adds to their coom-induced desire to troon out. Zucker and Blanchard agree. Just look at their neanderthal jaws.

No. 1440082

>libfems are identifying as radfems
>tradfems are identifying as radfems
>trannies are identifying as radfems

You have all these roaches infesting the movement and watering it down. This is why radical feminism means nothing now lol.

No. 1440084

File: 1644532696375.jpg (1.35 MB, 2448x3264, 1641587364588.jpg)

It's the wishful moid tone, anon.

Ever wondered why you can always clock men online even when they try to be subtle? You will notice this everywhere once you realize that men usually describe things in terms of what they'd like them to be, not what they really are. There's always this attempt at sounding affirmative while also adding levels upon levels of self-reassurance, it's hard to pin down exactly. This writing style is what always creates this distinctly masturbatory impression, it's not even the sexual nature of what they're discussing. They sound this way talking about PG-13 stuff like cars or money too.

On some level, men obviously absolutely loathe reality and every facet of it. I wonder if any psychfags have observed it.

No. 1440090

>thinking he won't be the one getting raped by said squads while all the wammins are monopolized by strong males who will murder him for even thinking about it

They have a hilariously retarded idea of the sexual reality in primitivist societies kek

No. 1440091

jar openers should unironically be banned from anything but hard physical labor that renders you disabled by age 25

No. 1440092

File: 1644533144513.jpg (176.99 KB, 1170x1528, 78666344354.jpg)

No. 1440095

File: 1644533192047.jpeg (337.96 KB, 828x788, 44B403AA-01E2-468F-927A-D02917…)

Jesus kek

No. 1440096

File: 1644533221904.jpeg (174.13 KB, 828x429, 02B68E4D-A07B-4E4D-9B63-E9C105…)

Totally not a fetish.

No. 1440097

Increased female mate choice stemming from female economic emancipation, increased status of females in society, and the resulting decreased reproductive prospects for low grade men. See also: Jordan Peterson, incel to tranny pipeline.
Some radfem writer observed that porn grows more degenerate as women become more emancipated. It's cope that lets men maintain the illusion of control and mate choice.

No. 1440099

hearty laughs were had, props to whoever made this.

No. 1440100

This is the consequence of spouting "blacks are masculine, asians are feminine, whites are in the middle" B.S Americans rightoid incels were obsessed over during the 2000s and 2010s.

No. 1440101

Blanchard once said that if women started calling themselves something other than women, trans women would immediately want to be called that too. It's this effect in action.

The paradox of trans visibility is that it makes trans people more clockable and less passable. Spreading the gospel among normies doesn't increase acceptance, it trains them to recognize and avoid you instead, thus (ironically) creating the previously nonexistent cis identity sectarianism. Because transgenderism is and will always be a form of cis-mimicry, it's not implausible that they'll try to become "terfs" as the public grows more "terfy".

No. 1440103

Troonacy is a white straight man's psychosexual hangup, so it's completely understandable.

No. 1440104

This is a troon that wrote this.

No. 1440106

agreed but I’ve seen a ton of Asian moids troon out online because they think they’re manlets lol

No. 1440107

File: 1644533768218.png (131.73 KB, 826x1032, ok retard.png)

Old red decided to tweet this, wondering what's got him in such a tizzy about women lately. Maybe all the news of those big mean terfs not taking the transgender movement's gaslighting anymore?

It's funny how trannies copy women, obsess over our bodies, our mannerisms, our pretty much everything then dare try to convince themselves and others that we are the predators! Ironic, because fixating on something you'll never be and trying your hardest to skinwalk the entirety of the female sex is intensely predatory in itself which is why MtFs overlap with sexual predators far more than even the "cis" male population (big achievement) kek

No. 1440109

r/hapas or r/asianmasculinity casualty. It's mostly western Asian moids who do this because they're below white men on the totem pole, so they identify with the white incel even though they'd be okay in their home countries.

Still very few black moid AGPcels, we all know why.

No. 1440110

Nah plenty of troonery is found in black and Asian populations too, but thy seem to be more of the HSTS vriety. The AGP types lean white, usually monied, male, I'll agree.

No. 1440121

Yeah, sure. You're "afraid" but continue trying to get in women's spaces. Seems legit.

You know what "afraid" really is? When a true and honest trans man doesn't want to go to "validating" men's prison. That's afraid. If cis women are as violent or worse than men, why even transfer to their facility?

Moids love pretending they're "afraid" of some evil deed women can do to them while actively working to expose themselves to said "risk" as much as possible for no reason other than entertainment or pleasure. "Muh false rape accusations", mewls the moid as dedicates his whole life to getting matches on tinder or manipulating women into sex they'll surely regret. "Muh divorce rape", squeals the front pole as he tries his hardest to get married. "Muh custody discrimination", wails the wurstie as he shits himself as soon as the woman says he can have 100% with no visitation from her. "Muh reverse rape" is in the same category. Where is your rape whistle, faggot? Why are you approaching the potential evil rapists for carnal pleasure?

This is no different. Women try to avoid things they say they're afraid of. Men not only don't try, but actively seek out whatever risk factor for whatever they claim to be "afraid" of, then proceed with the silly DARVO. This is why no one ever believes you and never will.

No. 1440123

Why do troons think that as soon as they take estrogen they become weak defenseless things, forgetting they still have their moid genes to defend them against the big bad terves.

No. 1440124

They don't really think that. They're lying, like all men.

No. 1440125

In some asian countries asian men can dress what could be considered "gay" in the states and still be popular with women so their heterosexual masculine identity remains in tact. maybe they should live there instead of a regressive conversion therapy culture

No. 1440133

>Still very few black moid AGPcels, we all know why.
I don't. Could you please explain?

No. 1440136

Black moids, though low tier socioeconomically, still have a very keen awareness of being more manly than white men due to white men's all-permeating BBC psychosis. For better or for worse, they don't feel the biological need to "hax" the male sexual/genetic hierarchy via female mimicry (yet).

No. 1440137

File: 1644536447480.gif (1.75 MB, 300x228, AUDACIOUS.gif)

loony troon got JOKES.

No. 1440142

File: 1644536814847.png (273.97 KB, 608x826, troondeloo.png)

Totally not a fetish

No. 1440143

White american men and some white men from similar (anglophone) countries constantly remind black men that they're more masculine than them with bigger dicks so yeah. Once you saw how many white american moids were obsessing over bbc and races being feminine/masculine that was the warning sign. Becoming a tranny was the logical step once you decided to forfeit your masculinity by insisting a group of men (and women) were more inherently masculine than you kek

No. 1440145

I mean yeah, no shit

No. 1440149

i think it's the same reason why hsts exist all around the world while you only see agps in rich liberal countries, and why agps within those countries are mostly middle class

Hsts are very gay men who transition out of gender dysphoria (internazionalized homophobia) in an effort to conform to a heteronormative society, agps are heterosexual men who transition to live their fetish. While hsts dysphoria comes from wanting to be more "normal" (a straight woman instead of a gay man), AGPs have the privilege of choosing to be freaks, when they could have stayed straight men.
This usually means they have a liberal community that will accept them and the economic stability to transition + have the free time to wear the programmer socks and listen to sissy hypno. Black people tend to be more socially conservative compared to white people esp when it comes to gender roles, and poorer

No. 1440153

I think they're just afraid because unlike with men, they can't use their frat boy logic to try to appeal to the weakest aspect of the male sex – their sexuality. A lot of troons pride themselves in being a "straight" guys' secret fetish and can relate to him in that way. But since women are a lot better at separating their sexual desire from their opinions he feels insecure that he can't get through women in the same way. Women probably seem more critical and thoughtful to him, so it unnerves him, which he falsely interprets as predatory (like most emasculated men who decide to take on this eunuch coomer male identity) instead of rightfully being the gatekeepers of society and ethics like we (generally) are. If a world was full of troons and men it would be nothing but chaos and violence. Women dislike trannies and other weirdos because we know they're very "off" and try to exert an abnormal amount of control over us by appropriating our names and forcing themselves into our spaces.

No. 1440155

File: 1644537395302.jpg (109.64 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20220211-004750_Chr…)

kim petras has gone full agp

No. 1440157

Kim Petras is like tranny Augustus Gloop.

No. 1440158

…..That's why I clarified Americans, and yes, Americans think like this IRL.

No. 1440161

wow. eloquently put.

No. 1440164

AGP troonacy is a combination of bourgeoisie decadence, time/boredom, disposable income, and a sense of gross entitlement, which black moids currently can't access or get away with. If a black 67-year-old married father of two put on programmer stockings, abandoned his pregnant wife out of jealousy, called himself a lesbian and said he had a period, he would be rightfully laughed off the block and beat up and black women would have zero tolerance for it, meanwhile white moids are applauded for doing the exact same thing and their wives don't even leave them. Basically there is currently no tolerance for AGP debauchery among minority groups but that will change when the wealth gap starts to close. Black moids are also skeptical and distrustful of the medical industry because of things like the tuskegee syphilis study, meanwhile white libs are happily injecting their kids with puberty blockers. and lastly, black moids are considered desirable in the dating market (muh BBC/ hyper-masculinity) so they tend not to be incels and terminally online. but if there are more blackcels in the future we will absolutely see a rise in black AGP.

No. 1440178


i think it's an upperclass fetish for particularly spoiled moids, sooo many tech asian agps

No. 1440179

White people will uplift the AGPs of their community, brainwash themselves into thinking trannies are women, and make up a thousand excuses to let them get away with being pedo rapists.

Black people think AGP are insane and absolutely worthless, and they are not afraid to express this. Black HSTS are already hated but they can be sort of "explained away" by theories like sexual inversion or "souls being born in the wrong body" since a lot of people in the black community are religious and conservative.

Technology in general attracts those types of people. I work in tech and it's especially common with Taiwanese men for some reason.

No. 1440182

>black moids are considered desirable in the dating market
I'm pretty sure white men are the most desirable in the dating market (and yet so many of them are incels). The thing that black men benefit from is how black women are always pressured into choosing black men so black men feel like if nobody else wants them then they can just default back to black women.

No. 1440184

Black people also have black idpol to protect them from troonacy. It's being changed unfortunately, but wokes still tread lightly around the topic of who's more oppressed - white troons or black people.

No. 1440187

Yup. And this anon >>1440179 is right too, black people tend to rationalize HSTS as gay men who trooned out to attract men, whereas a straight man trooning out to attract women is seen as illogical and predatory. And Black women in general are less likely to be AGP handmaidens than white women. They already face more gender discrimination and sexual violence, and have more to lose by allowing unstable moids into their private spaces and competing with them for jobs. For example, I'm trying to imagine a straight black moid declaring himself a "butch lesbian" and demanding access to black lesbian spaces while changing nothing about his appearance. Nobody would coddle or validate him, he'd just be seen as mentally ill.

No. 1440192

True, but it doesn't matter as long as white moids have visceral feelings of masculine inferiority towards black men, which black men feel.

No. 1440197

I know this is racesperging but there’s lots of black and other colors kind of males who feel inferior towards males with white skin. The issue is that they never listen to each other so they create their own echo chambers in which they spew their lies to each other:
>white man is superior and I’m a faggot uwu
>black man is superior and I’m a faggot uwu
>girls will never love us because we’re white/black/asian/latinos/whatever
>so we will troonout to become the gf of the guy who is superior or get a gf because lesbian porn is hot.

No. 1440200

>black moids are considered desirable in the dating market (muh BBC/ hyper-masculinity)
BBC is just something white men obsess over and get paranoid about. They think white women need to be loyal to white men (whereas they can date whomever they want) and if a white woman falls in love with a black man then it must only be because she is a slut who only wants BBC.

White men get the most responses across all dating apps. Loads of non-white women think getting some white husband is supposed to be a "status symbol" and a lot of white men know their whiteness can attract non-white women so they become sexpats in foreign countries. Incels call the Philippines "Tutorial Island", call sex tourism in Southeast Asia "SEAmaxxing" and their main advice to each other is "JBW" (just be white).

No. 1440204

My reaction exactly, it reads like wishful thinking.

No. 1440209

Most moids think they should date whoever they want while "their" women should remain loyal and a safe harbor to return to once they're done dipping their busted wursties in literally everything. Just look at the seething anti-swirler moids, or any coloredcel community.

No. 1440214

But that's it right there, anon. All of this has to do with social status/money aka what incels themselves know to be cope for raw genetic quality/"alphaness". White moids (according to white moids) are of higher social, not genetic, status. They lose to black moids according to every metric of physical "alphaness" they measure themselves by, which also exposes the utter ridiculousness of racism as a concept. Every trait white moids celebrate in themselves is condemned in black ones - "muh they're all rapists and unhinged beast!", right after salivating to being an unhinged rapist beast as a pinnacle of muh skulinity. This is even played up in cuck porn, where white men are portrayed as impotent but diligent rich paypigs who have to resort to BBC to satisfy their trophy wives.

No. 1440226

Most Americans aren't thinking about interracial porn, period. It's a very /pol/ take. A couple of anons here spend a bit too much time there, I think.

No. 1440227

That is true. When it comes to black men they start applying the classical Greek theory that a large penis is a sign of low intelligence and barbarianism. When it comes to Asian men they take the Roman theory instead, so they go on about how a small penis is pathetic and un-masculine.
The white man's penis is "just right" and he believes he is genetically superior to other races. To him everything is about biological essentialism and not actually working to become the best version of yourself. If he is highly desperate to get laid they will start trooning out to become his own girlfriend and harass lesbians, or run away to a country full of non-white women so he can feel special in his whiteness.

No. 1440228

50% of Americans are coomers so I beg to differ

No. 1440231

Lol, this is what happens when you make retarded race pseudo science about why once race is more subhuman while your popular culture steadily removes the association of masculinity with sophistication and high class to attach the ideal of masculinity with a laborious and carnal class– you end up thinking the lowest classes of men are the most manly and in the US that is the black man due to the innate society based race caste of the country. Delusional white american AGP troons believe they're not that manly despite their lanky bodies and broad jaws because they're more ""civilized"" than the hypermasculine BBC and black woman they can use as a stepping point to push themselves into women's only spaces.

Nah, I rarely visit /pol/ or 4chan in general. Most of my observations are from REAL LIFE or visiting forums that have nothing to do with 4chan.

No. 1440233

Stop wasting so much time on /pol/.

No. 1440235

Wtf, how can you say it's just confined to /pol/ when i used to see swathes of american men sperging about black and asians for years throughout every corner of the internet? american men even causally talk about this stuff, although maybe not as detailed and obsessive as a /pol/tard would but the image is still there

No. 1440237

Speaking of JBW, I was researching something cosmetics related the other day, found myself on a lookism forum discussing the topic and went down the rabbit hole. There was some moid who claimed to be 30 but "pulling 18 year olds", and was immediately asked "which country". Turned out to be sexpatting in Ukraine.

They chewed him the fuck out, told him he doesn't actually look young and is only able to fuck what he fucks because he's foreign and is either exotic or an immigration prospect to local women, plus slav men are abysmally ugly. They all know JBW is cope and means nothing, that's why they seethe about impoverished foreign women suddenly no longer wanting them once they become "americanized". "Never bring your foreign wife to America" is their #1 advice for a reason.

No. 1440239

>troons out due to an app
How the fuck did this retarded sex ever make it to the moon? Oh, that's right. Forgotten women did all the legwork.

No. 1440241

File: 1644543461332.jpg (63.66 KB, 493x650, Untitled.jpg)

you seem to think these retards will do anything but cry and shit and piss all over their chicken legs if such an event were to happen

No. 1440245

LOOOOOL hes doing that thing where hes trying to tilt his chin down and still looks manlier than the girls who have their chins up or at normal height

No. 1440249

Lmao if you think white moids' pornsickness is limited to /pol/ users, you haven't spent much time around white moids

No. 1440250

huwite version of this:

No. 1440259

Oh my god. The voice. The teeth.
My only wish for this person is 41%

No. 1440266

You sound like a broken record, stop shitting up the thread already.

No. 1440274

We're not the same anon. The discussion was related to this, so hush >>1440092

No. 1440281

If troons are irrelevant to moid competition how did they land as the resident "faggots" and exiled by other moids in the first place

No. 1440298

File: 1644548089495.jpg (584.15 KB, 1080x1080, PCIMG_2022-02-10_21-50-53.JPG)

I didn't immediately clock this dude until I stopped getting distracted by the dresses and fairy wings and really looked at his body. He's really careful with his shoops and doesn't take candid pics next to actual women, but he can't hide that fridge waist and male arms, hands, jaw and proportions kek

No. 1440301

I live in New York and see troons several times a week. I have literally never seen one irl that passes. Even the HSTS ones with their bodies done look uncanny.

No. 1440310

Same. I've even traveled through Thailand where the troons are hyperfeminine and the surgeons are the best in the world, and they still don't pass. Occasionally you'll meet one who kinda passes standing still, but as soon as they start talking or moving their voice & mannerisms clock them instantly. The suicide rate makes sense when you realize they've all been lied to and told they'll one day pass as uwu dainty feminine anime bimbos if they just get enough hormones and surgeries, and they don't realize that'll never happen until it's too late and they've already mutilated themselves beyond repair. I'd feel bad for them if they didn't turn around and groom impressionable teens into the same fate.

No. 1440311

The visibility effect kek. Troons are now complaining that every basic straight joe schmoe can clock them in San Francisco so they can't get any dick.

No. 1440324

Seconding this, so many of them crawl around San Francisco that you'll know them when you see them even without thinking about it. It doesnt matter how hard they try, what they wear, how they adjust their voice. We see them so often that all of that fades into the background as the tell-tail signs stand out first, like the adams apple, the shoulders/back, the lack of hips, the nose and jaw, and especially the way they look at you. I dont think its talked about much, but trannies irl tend to have a very intense stare. It's a look that normal women never give. Don't know how else to explain it. But they're clocked the moment they step outside.

No. 1440329

It's hilarious because his head is the size of a beach ball and his shoulders are 8ft wide.

No. 1440333

File: 1644550781681.png (511.95 KB, 497x658, yuckj.png)

hey guys
this is apparently not intended to be a collection of the dumbest creeps in the world. It's in support of them. Almost every one of these videos would peak someone. I hope they keep fighting for visibility lmao

No. 1440334

troons are already bored of libfem validation, they're trying to get at the fringes of the few female groups who want nothing to do with them. They will not be satisfied until they were our skin, literally and metaphorically

No. 1440340

File: 1644551071584.png (664.18 KB, 754x745, Screenshot345.png)

>when you still look like a man in wig after estrogen and breast implants.

No. 1440341

the first video is about periods
fucking kill me

No. 1440343

File: 1644551169770.jpeg (190.41 KB, 828x691, B2304898-8D35-4ADF-9699-03852F…)

No. 1440344

I'm glad he's self aware

No. 1440347

File: 1644551481197.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1039, Screenshot 2022-02-10 225114.p…)

No. 1440349

Lmao bursted wursts I love you nona

No. 1440351

>but if there are more blackcels in the future we will absolutely see a rise in black AGP.

There already here, just give it another decade


No. 1440358

Bleghhh. Whole body cringe. Those women laughi in the audience are the very weakest links.

No. 1440363

He got shit on by radfem Twitter a while back when a video went around of him doing some shit standup where he talked about jacking off to pics of his female friends. It was around the time Dave Chapelles last special came out.

No. 1440367

terminally online logic applies though because that's who transition, agps and hsts are terminally online

No. 1440371

black moids are only considered desirable in the dating market by white men who feel inferior, most women are hesitant to date down economically because of the threat of violence and also because statistically women don't want to date men from chauvinistic/machismo cultures if they don't have too

No. 1440373

I'm gonna start calling FFS, HFS: Horse Face Surgery

No. 1440374

@GOVERNMENTRAPE looks stunning here

No. 1440377

File: 1644554463262.png (41.25 KB, 827x125, 2022.png)

i really doubt this is a genuine account

No. 1440378

this stuff is more common on the reddit redpill and other manosphere subs than pol.

No. 1440380

they've ruined nyc and frisko

No. 1440383

File: 1644554724674.jpg (18.13 KB, 236x211, 1631832980666.jpg)

getting the troll face FFS. i hope that's a heavy handed photoshop and not his actual skull

No. 1440391

Maybe the guy hired people to hold them at gunpoint so they’d laugh. That’s the only explanation I have.

No. 1440393

Yeah it seems like they get a lot of comments from “terfs” and never care or defend or anything. I want to believe this was created to peak people.

No. 1440394

Got any links to the radfems shitting on this tranny?

No. 1440409

File: 1644557640154.jpg (43.7 KB, 292x522, 12455443.JPG)

Even if turns to shit in the West, I hope radical feminism continues growing globally so it will make it harder for all the libfems to call it "privileged white feminism".

No. 1440414

File: 1644558765292.jpeg (7.15 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

No. 1440419

black moids are highly desirable in their own communities nonny. even the ugliest, poorest ones have harems of orbiters and tons of kids. and a lot of black women do date down, unfortunately, because black women are more educated and higher-earning than black moids by far. i know celebs aren't the best examples but it's very telling that nicki minaj married a rapist murderer and billionaire rihanna is having a kid with a woman beater who hasn't had a hit in a decade

No. 1440420

File: 1644559755903.png (339.69 KB, 960x2079, AF5CF390-28AC-407F-A5EC-BFC1EF…)

Sigh just another day in r/tallgirls

No. 1440422

Oh okay so they’re really discarding the entire concept of socialization now huh. If they’re saying socialization isn’t real, then what’s their alternative explanation to behavior differences? Are they trying to bring back “all behaviors are all biologically determined”, like we did centuries ago? How long til university sociology classes are forced to stop teaching socialization theory due to this pushback? Once upon a time I would have said that would be impossible, but it seems likely if this shit continues.

No. 1440425

Seriously did he just deluded himself to write that

No. 1440426

I could be wrong but isn't liberal feminism the more "white adjacent?" I remember someone in an older thread saying many of the feminists in East Asia are radfem and I can't imagine more non-white-majority countries (usually more conservative) being down with the degeneracy of liberal feminism.

No. 1440427

File: 1644562708507.png (55.96 KB, 796x308, scrote.PNG)

The start of friction between the biotrans

No. 1440431

>no friends
>can’t socialise
>0 physical ability
>no practical skills
>generally poor health and immunity thanks to poor diet and shut-in lifestyle
>hedonists who are addicted to instant gratification
>couldn’t go a single day without masturbating
Kek not a single imageboard poster would survive the first 24 hours of a cataclysmic event

No. 1440432

>believe in male socialization which is inherently transphobic
muh esoteric trapped in the wrong body lady brains! So much more progressive than socialization theories that are actually backed by solid science.

No. 1440437

ALL men are affected my male socialization. Oh the denials

No. 1440440

So they want to believe Latinas who support radical feminism are the white/white passing upper class women but the Latinas who are "trans inclusive" are the poor brown working class women…

If they were talking about India instead I bet they would say that radical feminism is only something rich Brahmin women support while Dalits believe "trans women are women" kek.

No. 1440441

They think men are socialized to uphold the patriarchy and oppress women but trans women don't get male socialization because they are not actually men.

No. 1440444

File: 1644567320279.jpeg (176.95 KB, 626x443, 4A7ED58C-1CEE-4FCF-8137-6F35E7…)

This account is definitely portraying them in a negative light. It’s disguising itself as one that isn’t in order to peak people and masquerade as an account that isn’t twanspobic. That’s my theory anyway.

No. 1440445

Yes, the account is run by someone I know. It's hilarious seeing the trannies and libfems in some of the posts going "i can't tell if this blog satire? you're giving the terfs more talking point!!"

No. 1440450

File: 1644568682259.jpg (119.29 KB, 483x874, 45435452.JPG)

This is hilarious

No. 1440453

If you want to read the rest here's a link to the post

My god are libfems dumb.

No. 1440457


No. 1440465


No. 1440469

I think anon is explaining what the TRA perspective is, not asserting it as fact keyword: "they (think)"

No. 1440481

File: 1644571952542.jpeg (486.83 KB, 828x1160, EBB9CA0F-5C3D-45B8-ACA8-5BF9F3…)

I’m dying. These are just a few of the reasons that bisexual positivity is recanting their support, my personal faves highlighted. How the fuck do people like this interact with the world outside of their phone screens?

No. 1440484

I was explaining the TRA perspective, you idiots.

No. 1440487

>6. they seem to only repost content made by a small handful of transfem tiktok creators which has most likely A) been taken wildly out of context, B) showcases the genuinely harmful beliefs of a select few trans women as if to present them as the norm, and/or C) been created by transmisogynistic trolls pretending to be trans women in order to make all transfems look bad.

lmao the tinhattery of this

No. 1440489

File: 1644572634765.png (122.22 KB, 232x490, kgvk901kfcj71.png)

what the fuck are these proportions

No. 1440490

Is Yurii his real name tho its someone familiar

No. 1440491

File: 1644572772117.jpg (354.35 KB, 1080x2150, Screenshot_20220211-114319_Ins…)

Came across this video and I can't believe she's using the word menstruators instead of women.. please end this shit already.

No. 1440501

i'm just going to start calling all tifs "menstruators" exclusively

No. 1440504

No. 1440506

This is insane. Coconuts already sounded like a parody of oversexed idol pop written by a scrote with one hand down his pants. It’s a shame that he’s lost it because heart to break was a bop.

No. 1440509


Kim is a gay male/HSTS. This doesn't read like AGP to me, it reads like "nobody has ever had sex with me because my parents cut my dick off when I was 16 but then it turns out men don't like eunuchs with axe-wound holes in their crotches, and I still have a fundamentally gay male understanding of sex and sexuality, but I am nevertheless pretending to be a sexy woman pop star, this is how you do it right?"

No. 1440512

The kids who are raised by these lunatics are going to be the biggest bigots and racists to ever exist. "Whitedevilia, why haven't you kneeled for Lord Floyd yet today? You know you don't get dessert until you make your daily tweet about how much you appreciate black people in our community? WAIT IS THAT A PINK SHIRT YOU ARE WEARING?? WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET THAT? I BOUGHT YOU ONLY GENDER NEUTRAL CLOTHES!"(racebait)

No. 1440515

can men who’ve had their dicks cut off still orgasm from anal sex?

No. 1440522

Estrogen shrinks and atrophies the prostate.

No. 1440523

I remember how mad people got that Magne's character was a mockery of trans women because he was so masculine looking when really he's a very accurate portrayal.

No. 1440525

I'm pretty sure this is a stealth TERF account, every single tiktok has a controversial talking point that the troon tries to get across to the viewer and not just TIMs doing stuff. This thing is to deliberately peak normies.

No. 1440535

i mean,the cat one IS a canonical trans man and the other is a TIM so it makes sense

No. 1440536

do you have a source for that statement made by the radfem writer? i would love to read it

No. 1440537

He looked genuinely happy in the before picture, in the after he looks like he's trying to recreate a happy expression but look uwu feminine

No. 1440541

Looks like a pedophile that sees his goofy kid self as an "egg" and projects that to all light hearted acting teen boys

No. 1440545

in a misogynist oversexualized society all HSTS have AGP tendencies. it's also what sells because AGP trannies are going bonkers over song titles like that, just go on twitter and see how many are claiming to be a throat goat kek

No. 1440546

>the "third eye" icon, which may be an attempt at appropriation of Indian culture.
I can already tell the blog owner is white.

No. 1440553


That track list straight up reminded me of someone I (very embarrassingly) used to listen to over a decade ago.. the person who made this song was featured in a few Shane Dawson videos back in the day and I'm pretty sure it was my first introduction to trannies. Amazing how that word isn't considered socially acceptable anymore when they clearly didn't even give a fuck back then… I warn you, it's fucking terrible. They should use it for police interrogation.

No. 1440562

This is all kinds of disturbing, old as it is.

No. 1440568

What are bio trans ?

No. 1440572

File: 1644587195048.png (844.99 KB, 1188x1026, laughs in otherkin.png)

i love when TRAs claim that "X never happens!" and then one of their own comes along and immediately proves that yes, X does happen. turns out that letting people identify however they want WILL lead to more idiots claiming to be a different species/age/race/etc. this grown-ass man identifies as a pony and occasionally a unicorn.

No. 1440574

I couldn’t get more than a minute through that ridiculous blaccent, screeching, weave-flipping mess. Some people have no redeeming qualities worth listening to.

No. 1440578

it's so blatant, I wish it would have been a bit more stealthy so it wouldn't be so clear, maybe it would have reached more people but now it'll just go on the blocklist.

No. 1440579

it's funny enough that all you gotta do nowadays is repost tiktoks from trannies to get cancelled as transphobic. that alone is peak material

No. 1440592

File: 1644589861755.jpeg (230.95 KB, 1221x702, 45288D4B-5B70-4316-99B5-52AC5E…)

How tf is this a real headline? They’re like determined to fuck up every little thing women have.

You are correct. It sincerely is a first world problem. I guess social media is what has helped it spread far and wide.

No. 1440594

File: 1644589908487.jpeg (627.71 KB, 1014x1341, BA80AD4A-6B4F-4F10-B85F-22BDEE…)

>TW don’t have utereses and can’t experience menstruation
No shit

Also dropped the link if you want to read.

No. 1440597

Based Taiwanese Ministry of Health & Welfare kek

No. 1440601

I bet in California they would allow it.

No. 1440606

File: 1644590710381.jpeg (532.69 KB, 1768x2208, 15A709C4-182C-4D45-8DC3-810DC3…)

I have a hard time believing people aren’t clocking this dude.

No. 1440607

File: 1644590732470.jpeg (362.4 KB, 1125x1616, 96A35E6B-200A-4995-B77E-64CEB8…)


No. 1440609

He should say no and quit if they insist, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. The “dysphoria” he’s feeling is his conscience telling him he shouldn’t be putting his hands on teenage girls. I think patting people down at a club (beyond using metal detectors to check for guns) is fucked up anyway.

No. 1440618

they always find excuses not to listen to their conscience

No. 1440625

I can’t. The outfit and way he is standing.
Also how many times on the hourly are women harassed by construction workers? If we tried to get on the news for it it’d be laughed out of there. Like suck it up buttercup all they did was bully you like on a school yard, not even make sexual threats or innuendo. Again, they wouldn’t survive as us.

No. 1440643

The black woman is mugging with a strong jaw line at the same time. No question she's a woman. What a sad reality for trans women.

No. 1440662

all it takes is one smart person and that venue is getting shut the fuck down. because for one, we're still in a goddamn pandemic? i'm not letting a stranger pat me down. and two, a hulking 6'1 man is patting down minor girls? oh my god the charges are gonna be flying.

No. 1440667

File: 1644598831355.png (420.53 KB, 603x612, Untitled.png)

look they gave him a new jaw in photoshop

No. 1440670

File: 1644598962413.jpg (76.46 KB, 1200x632, 3e6983ce9fd59553e00cbe84f2a5b9…)

for reference what he actually looks like

No. 1440671

He looks like a fat little boy, I would feel sorry for him if he didn't choose to work with rapist moid producers and make gross coomer music.

No. 1440672

that's so funny. bro we know you're a fatty with a square jaw not a cute small faced bimbo

No. 1440679

Lol they just airbrushed 1995 Pam Anderson’s face onto his face. Who needs FFS when you have shoop?

No. 1440680

>I could take it all, love it big or small
>Make it hit the wall, I'm the throat goat
>I just sucked my ex, no gag reflex
>I just had to flex, I'm the throat goat
>These bitches can't suck like me
>Walk in, I'm the sucking queen
>Look around, all eyes on me
>Jack it off, I'ma suck it clean
>These lips go "la-la-la"
>This throat, Lady Gaga
>Boys say "Hallelujah"
>Give me that ya-ya-ya-ya, yeah
>And it’s got me very far (Far, yeah)
>Your man just bought me a car (Car, yeah)
>I sucked him behind thе bar (Bar, yeah)
>I'm a mother fuckin' star (Ah!)

Lmaooo, if these aren’t the MALEST lyrics I’ve ever read. No female artist in history would be caught dead doing this shit. HSTS truly are just gay men with extra steps, aren’t they?

No. 1440683

File: 1644600907690.png (187.15 KB, 1302x1222, Untitled.png)

Here are the lyrics for two of the songs

No. 1440684

Jesus, Jeffree Star myspace era tier lyrics. So feminine. Even the horniest lyrics written by an actual woman aren't this cringe and pleasure-less. This is pure male homosexuality.

No. 1440685

Oh, magnificent, very artistic, I can barely comprehend the complex lyrical work that had to be done to even imagine composing this.
This is why everyone hates pop music.

No. 1440688

Petras got castrated really young, does he even experience sexual feelings?

No. 1440691

Of course he has an anime avatar.

No. 1440692

Maybe if he still has his prostate, right? Because that’s men’s g-spot or something.

No. 1440693

I like how it had to go up several layers of bureaucracy before the obvious answer that trannies don't have periods was reached. It was clear to everyone at every stage but you can't say so unless you're an actual doctor.

No. 1440695

Coomers who get the chop are still coomers after the chop. Most will consume more disturbing content than they did before, desperately chasing their impossible agp dream of experiencing a female orgasm. He may not have a ding-a-ling but he still has a y chromosome, and porn sickness lives in the brain.

No. 1440696

File: 1644602110372.jpg (151.18 KB, 900x1200, 1626375571323.jpg)

This is what he actually looks like

No. 1440697

Jazz Jennings, another very early transitioner, said he never had an orgasm.

No. 1440700

Massive Lego head and not even an inch of muscle on his stunted frail body.

It's actually sad. His parents are evil for thinking this is alright

No. 1440704

I know this is old, but the hypocrisy around 12:26 really cracks me up

No. 1440708

It's all about the coom with them. I suppose they are men afterall.

No. 1440715

Wait what? I never noticed lmao. I was so appalled by the random tumblr speak and how old David Duchovny was that I barely paid attention to any characters besides the short haired girl.
Kek I see it now holy shit. God I didn't think this movie could get any worse

No. 1440720

Yep, it's because he went on blockers so early his dick and thus his interest in sex never developed. When jazz went in for his vaginoplasty one of the first doctors they saw said they couldn't operate on Jazz because there was no dick flesh to work with. It's really sad. They chemically castrated him at like age 10

No. 1440724

I think this could also be about lesbians. like if two women are having a baby and one is carrying it may be confusing to have two options for mother. i doubt its a trans thing because then there should be an option for pregnant father (plus troons who transition late love claiming to be mothers) also depending on state this could be about surrogates. they wouldn't consider themselves to be the mother, just the pregnant one. (my personal opinions on that aside)

No. 1440725

his parents robbed their own child of his future sexuality and fertility

it's sickening

No. 1440728

Gay male pop stans will eat this up

No. 1440730

Male chauvinist and checked out failedmale/beta LARPing their AGP fetish in public.

'fembrain' is just the brain of a male who didn't make the cut when it comes to masculine posturing. So upsetting how males see being a women as being a failure of a man.

No. 1440733

He kind of passes as a very plain looking woman. Shayna Clifford has exactly the same body to be honest, so do a lot of women.

No. 1440737

She might be fridged shape but she still has female anatomy. Where is the long pelvis and high bellybutton?

No. 1440742

Shayna's body and face are unfortunate but she looks unmistakably female imo. Petras has an old man body and the face of a gay man who went overboard on the plastic surgery.

No. 1440745

I feel like troons go to reddit just to block their conscience like actively listening the devil on the shoulder. Like if you know what you’re doing is wrong why would still seek approval for it? If you were confident in doing the right thing you wouldn’t second guess or feel guilty. Clearly his gut is telling him this is not the move to pat these girls down but he then goes to reddit for that -well ackshully!- Because best believe if they called him out for it he would cry transphobia. It’s sick, he’s sick. And they wonder why women are weary of them.

No. 1440746

I guess you are right. The q angle is still male and the pelvis is shaped differently. Most women are actually 'fridge' shaped. The hourglass shape is relatively uncommon. It's interesting why that's always the default shape for women when for most of them it's completely unobtainable.

No. 1440752

My brain mostly reacts to faces. There's something about the eyes and forehead area that's much more prominent with men. Hairline and nose can be fixed, but you can't change your skull, and the only gender ambiguous people I've seen are obese and have a lot of fat covering their bodies.

No. 1440756

Is menstrual leave a thing in the US? I’m in the EU and I’ve never heard of it.

I can just imagine men’s reaction if my country tried to create something like this.
>“Reverse sexism! Women are going to abuse this to slack off from work!”
>declare themselves women, take menstrual leave, play vidya all day
>“See! I told you so!”

Lesbians aren’t the ones lobbying to remove the word mother from medical literature, troons are. With any sensible lesbian couple the pregnant one would register as the mother and her partner would pick ‘other parent’ or ‘other’ with explanation or something. This is 100% about pandering to the TQ+.

No. 1440767

Nah, this does nothing to help lesbians or any women. They could use “birthing parent” and “supporting parent” if they wanted to be gender neutral. Erasing all references to women & motherhood but keeping “father” is a deliberate choice. We’re supposed to concede all aspects of our existence including motherhood to troons, but god forbid a moid ever loses his little fancy title.

No. 1440768

This is hilarious it reads like satire

No. 1440777

>>1440767 is right. This is about erasing women because the only thing men admit women are better at them is giving birth. Tranny agenda is them trying to take that, the ability to create new life, away from women. That's why fake wombs are being pushed too, so that men can reproduce on their own and eliminate women. Since women pick mates and raise the children properly, without women being involved, there would be a lot of genetic failures and children who get traumatized because of weird and borederline psychologically and sexually abusive households. Pedos could also farm babies with artificial wombs, that's why women should defend their reproduction rights and titles.

No. 1440778

I wish I was this naive.

No. 1440779

Lol no, burgerfag here and this is absolutely not a thing in the hypercapitalist hellscape that is the US. I’d be curious to know how it’s working out in Taiwan, but workers’ rights are extremely weak over here and you’re lucky if your job gives you any PTO at all. And if it did exist here it would just be used to further discriminate against women in the workplace, like “we can’t hire those dizzy dames, they’re costing us too much money with their dang period days! Yeehaw MAGA pew pew pew” We just take sick days if we’re lucky enough to get them, or we suffer in silence.

No. 1440785

American troons will get menstrual days before women ever do

No. 1440789

No he doesn't, tranny. Have you seen him in motion?

No. 1440800

If you’ve ever lived in Taiwan then you’d know the island is full of insufferable trannies and it’s unique in East Asia for its strong push of tranny acceptance.

No. 1440806

The fact that they have a “post-gender” tranny programmer as the Digital Minister is fucking hilarious.


No. 1440809

>The US puppet state is also the aggressive tranny island


No. 1440812

we already talked about this like a thread or two ago but we all know it isn’t happening, no matter how hard they try
artificial wombs aren’t what they’re cracked up to be and we’re nowhere near it being reliable at all in the slightest
try as they might they will fail, plus all of the fucked things governments could do with that resource so
the one thing they want to take, they cannot take.

No. 1440815

Notice he's talking about his dick sucking skills and before that was his tits. Maybe be does have songs about his neo vagina, but it's really male of him, why not talk about his 100% just like the real thing "vagina?". It's always gay men bragging about sucking off someone's boyfriend in a public place or some weird shit. Clearly he doesn't see his fake vagina as a flex (unless he does have songs about it). Also, I refuse to believe someone who trooned out so young with a neo-vagina and more then likely a shrunken prostate is enjoying sex. Kevin Gibes is very hypersexual yet he has a Botched dick hole that can't even fit a hole finger in it. Yet he spends 24 hours online horny posting. Even without a dick these gay males/ages still talk like disgusting coomers even wheb they can't coom.

No. 1440819

highkey i only see artificial womb talk online in weird circles and the occasional what if clearly biased and clicky baity article by like yahoo or some shit
it’s not enough of a necessity to be widespread at all
babies do not do well outside of their moms and what we have for them now is to support them when they have complications strictly

No. 1440821

Literally. I work in tech and two of the Taiwanese men at my company have trooned out like a lot of the white men have. None of the Hong Kong or mainland Chinese have done this. With Indians I bet they would never even dare consider it. It’s funny how much companies will talk about how we need gender diversity in tech but all of them treat the TIMs better than actual women.

No. 1440824

Ew just reading his description makes feel sick.

No. 1440828

y chromosome will become obsolete long before artificial wombs are ever a thing, and even then they still need x chromosomes to make functional humans kek all those articles about women being replaced with sexbots and artificial wombs are just males seething and projecting

No. 1440836

legit. it’s all it is, for a while it used to really bother me and make me scared but i’m like bro we’ll be long gone as a society before they even get anywhere with that or something else happens, but it’s all bullshit

No. 1440837

Kek @ thinking moids will be able to endure actual parenting. You must have never met a dumb moid who accidentally won a custody battle he started to spite the wife. The idea that putting gestation outside of women will "eliminate" us from being hosts to moid parasitism is naive and too optimistic. According to migtoes, sex dolls and hookers were supposed to do that decades ago.


It's more funny than upsetting, since men are anatomically failwomen.

No. 1440840

Anyone afraid of artificial wombs is an idiot. We already live in a world where poor women are exploited as surrogate mothers, if anything, artificial wombs would be used by the rich to avoid "ruining" their body with pregnancy.

That incel powerfantasy doesn't even make sense because for wombs to do anything you need human reproductive cells with unique DNA. And I believe scientists already managed to create sperm in a laboratory with DNA from a woman. Some animals can even experience "virgin births" where the females fertilize themselves, but it doesn't contribute to evolution since the child would be a clone and have health deficits, some lizards do reproduce that way though.

No. 1440848

i think a "whole pile of laundry" that was "abandoned" is troon-speak for "regularly stole underwear from the laundromat"

No. 1440852

western asian moids are westerners. they can't integrate when they come here, our native whites are more asian than them.

No. 1440860

i think he looks like if charles gray starred in a last-minute rocky horror show

No. 1440862

One of the least effort troons I’ve seen, even though he claims to have had some surgeries. I notice his wiki does not mention his birth name. Even though wiki policy is that if someone is “notable” before transition, their old name is allowed to be show on the infobox… BTW if you go far enough into the talk page it shows he’s edited his own wiki before.

No. 1440863

taiwanese people are kind of on a weird line between western and eastern without the strong national identity that singaporeans or hong kongers have, maybe that's why there's more agps from there?

No. 1440873

Taiwan is heavily influenced by American liberalism while also having conservative Chinese gender roles (actually, Taiwan’s gender roles are more conservative than China since it didn’t have a cultural Revolution and it is especially more “traditional” than the Westernized Hong Kong). Taiwan is also anime and porn-obsessed since it was a former Japanese colony. I remember when the literal transport ministry was selling special edition metro cards of Japanese porn stars which sold out immediately.

No. 1440885

well there’s a reason never to visit taiwan then

No. 1440896

How are they gonna get eggs again? Struggling to understand how an XX egg can be fashioned from an X and a half whychromo cell. At least to make female sperm all you need to do is kneecap one of the chromosomes.

No. 1440901

Singapore is too homophobic for that and Hong Kong is more influenced by Europe. The problem with Taiwan is how much it loves to copy the US because it looks up to it as a role model. It also does a lot of what it does to differentiate itself from China no matter how stupid it is.

Because China wouldn’t legalize gay marriage, a lot of Taiwanese marriage equality supporters said that legalizing gay marriage was something that would differentiate them from China. I support gay marriage but the Taiwanese gay community is also full of trans rights activists and pro surrogacy people. Because China doesn’t like trannies and thinks surrogacy is evil, the gay activists in Taiwan are now pushing for greater transgender recognition and legalizing gestational surrogacy. Just last year there was a TIM influencer in Taiwan who was pretending to be pregnant by claiming he got an “experimental procedure”.

No. 1440902


No, because the fake vagina is constructed between the prostate and the rectum so it’s no longer possible to stimulate anally. It might be possible if they got “zero depth” surgery but barely any of them do that because they’re all convinced they can get a rEaL vAGiNa

No. 1440906

File: 1644614317503.png (446.74 KB, 720x1219, Screenshot_20220211-231801~2.p…)

Who in the world is paying for this?

No. 1440910

Right after Taiwan legalized gay marriage a huge number of international surrogacy agencies (mostly from the US) poured in to give conferences lmao

No. 1440911

>My pants sit between my hips and my natural waste
Fucking kek

No. 1440915

augh yeah time to use women for the benefit of men let’s do it, i say, sarcastically

No. 1440916

based china for once on something

No. 1440921

both those fat fucks have nonce eyes

No. 1440924

"turn your bitch out" makes my skin crawl. not surprised to see a little misogyny creep in there. that's the only "derogatory" lyric and it's about women of course.

No. 1440925

Taiwan is literally Reddit island.

No. 1440927

shayna weirdly attracts other trashy lesbians like me ughhh i hate myself though. she's clearly female

No. 1440931


I interpreted that line as Kim being a non-native English speaker and not knowing what those words actually meant in context, and no one bothering to correct them. The only meaning that makes sense contextually is if Kim thinks it means “get rid of your bitch”

All the lyrics are so stilted and cringey in addition to being gross

No. 1440932

kek, ayrt. i'm from hong kong and never thought of us as more influenced by europe but now i realize i have literally met 2 americans in my entire life. should i educate myself on their culture more or do you think i'll be fine without it?

No. 1440934

Damn this explains why Taiwanese “feminists” on Twitter are always shitting on Korean feminists for being “transphobic”.

No. 1440937

File: 1644615884772.png (117.97 KB, 401x515, WHL.png)

lol natural waste's what they pay to get chopped off
also, it's probably my ignorance as a womb-haver, but I couldn't even picture what pants sitting between waist and hips even meant. It's not as if there's something between the two. I had to make this diagram to understand. I suppose if one has no visible hips or waist, it's hard to know where they start and end.
(I'm sure they meant half way between high-rise and low-rise, which doesn't really warrant mentioning. That's just where men's slacks tend to sit.)

No. 1440939

>never thought of us as more influenced by europe
Your pretentious English speakers all try to adopt British accents

No. 1440941

I generally agree with what’s being said here, apart from the whole wealth angle. There are a ton of AGP troons (usually the ones under 40, but still) who are clearly broke, even just from an anecdotal sweep of what’s online. Ethnic expectations of masculinity seem to have far more influence over the amount of AGP troons than wealth alone can accurately explain.

No. 1440942

File: 1644616335404.png (10.3 KB, 715x129, irwcm.png)

sage for unrelated, but I love Korean feminists. Everything I read about them inspired me so much, and they sound tough (and funny) as hell.


No. 1440943

looks like someones PR team and lyricists just learned about ayesha erotica huh

No. 1440944

It’s strange when I see American journalists say that countries like Saudi Arabia are full of sexist oppression and need a feminist movement….only to go on in the next paragraph about how the Saudis need to also support trans rights as a part of feminism. Women’s rights are incompatible with trans rights. I’m wondering if other anons have noticed this and find it really confusing like I do.

No. 1440945

KEK nonnie ily

No. 1440950

It’s cause Dr luke wrote it, silly!

No. 1440954

File: 1644617137646.jpg (85.82 KB, 680x484, main-qimg-9eb41f1f1c42ea135f0a…)

nta, but I think that it's more the wealth/safety of a country, not the individual practitioners. Cultures get more strict about gender roles when a country's trying to look strong. That's usually during times of war or hardship.
This picture was taken in Iraq in the seventies for example.

It's a horrible shame that instead of different cultures becoming free from gender roles we're going towards strict adherence to gender roles while managing to still shit on the same group of people who always get shit on because of their sex. Seeing troons coin "AFAB privilege" should wake people up, but it hasn't so far.

No. 1440956

File: 1644617292643.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.29 MB, 576x1024, 43279696a97f7d1d93c864750f130d…)

Saw this on my fyp. I swear tiktok keeps showing me the occasional troon and I dont even engage with tranny accounts.

No. 1440957

Those American journalists don't actually care about feminism, they just want to make America look like the "good guy" in every situation to justify US supremacy. WikiLeaks has already revealed that the US government was using "feminism" as an excuse to gain sympathy during its occupation of Afghanistan. This is why so many American journalists can seemingly support both women's rights and tranny bullshit.

No. 1440958

>In late 2005, Tang began transitioning to female, including changing her English and Chinese names, citing a need to reconcile her outward appearance with her self-image.[12] In 2017, Tang said, "I've been shutting reality off, and lived almost exclusively on the net for many years, because my brain knows for sure that I am a woman, but the social expectations demand otherwise."[13] In 2019, Tang identified as "post-gender" or non-binary, responding to a request regarding pronoun preferences with "What’s important here is not which pronouns you use, but the experience…about those pronouns… I’m not just non-binary. I’m really whatever, so do whatever."

the fuck

No. 1440959

US white trans women have something like a 60k median wage iirc

No. 1440960

Those titles are gross as hell. The my coconuts song disgusts me since it makes me think of his moobs.
Someone posted a video of him dancing with a gun like buffalo Bill. He has the most male bone structure just like stacy cay. Its alwayd the most non passning hons that think they pass

No. 1440961

literal clowns. who thinks that this looks good? this is the freakshow of the 21st century, only difference is that these people do it willingly to themselves.

No. 1440963

I agree, he just looks like an ugly Taiwanese moid with long hair.

No. 1440966

lmao @ all the taiwanese nationalists going on about how amazing this tranny is

No. 1440972

You’re confusing living in filth and dressing like shit for being actually poor. I know four agps from Uni irl who are all trust fund kids who get money wired to them from daddy but you’d think they were destitute by their unwashed look, socialist/working class fetishism and their frumpy hobo clothes.

No. 1440973

how did 400 people like this fanfic, the absolute state of twitter

No. 1440974

Dude on the left looks like an AGP Slender Man.

No. 1440975

Westerners say Eastern Asians are neotenous so Asian TIMs should have an "advantage" in passing as female but they don't realize that all the more "female-looking" trannies are just HSTS who put on pounds of makeup (and even then you can tell they are moids).

All AGP give off the same AGP look no matter the race.

No. 1440978

can't tell if this is based Adele or literally just her making a completely innocuous comment and spergs sperging

No. 1440979

File: 1644618626589.jpg (55.97 KB, 746x599, 4213243521.JPG)


No. 1440980

The latter.

No. 1440981

holy kek

No. 1440983