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No. 1249292

Responding to obvious bait will earn you a week long ban.

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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Blogging about your tranny ex boyfriend, medfagging, and armchairing will result in a ban. This is a cow thread, not reddit. Do not engage troons who brigade this thread either. Ignore and report.

No. 1249303

File: 1623127300305.png (524.16 KB, 576x893, Screenshots_2021-06-07-21-42-0…)

… Yes.

No. 1249316

File: 1623129749637.jpeg (274.7 KB, 1364x2048, 1073359F-6BD0-4ABB-A9BB-F00D04…)

Don’t forget to sit down when you piss!

No. 1249336

Omg this is rich.

No. 1249339

Fucking kek

No. 1249404

What is this gender, trans-time period?

No. 1249413

File: 1623143017600.jpeg (318.29 KB, 828x1363, F5CBA019-A108-470D-B7F6-3E0726…)

No. 1249414

File: 1623143061896.jpeg (239.27 KB, 828x1247, A2CCAFB5-1B2E-4398-97B6-080D5B…)

No. 1249419

> 18
oof, that's a rough 18

No. 1249424

I just came across this extremely painful video

No. 1249430

Wow, didn't even TRY to make his shoulders look smaller with angles. He has the same hip-to-shoulder ratio as Johnny Bravo

No. 1249436

This troon and all the faggots agreeing in the comments should have been aborted. Why does YouTube allow this shit but “curse words baddd”

No. 1249438

At some point of the video he literally makes the argument of "kids should be exposed to kink because it teaches them to not be shameful of sex/sexual things". This is arguments groomers make.

No. 1249440


>pre HRT

Always cracks me up. Woke up one day and decided to be a woman. Fuck talking to therapists I guess.

No. 1249443

Theres already a thread.

No. 1249456

Seeing them feel the need to cover up their literal non existent male tits always sends me
That thread has a shitty op pic and thread name js

No. 1249459

Well thanks i guess..(im the op)

No. 1249477

ok well #1 this one is more active and #2 fucking sage

No. 1249511

File: 1623156018644.jpg (49.17 KB, 1080x258, sir.jpg)


No. 1249518

File: 1623157081166.jpg (34.67 KB, 231x244, m'kek.jpg)


No. 1249524

File: 1623157701609.png (Spoiler Image,615.47 KB, 1606x969, mywifedoesn'tlikemyboobs.png)

Lol cry more

No. 1249539

File: 1623159096985.png (Spoiler Image,7.61 MB, 3024x2232, bcaufield.png)

No. 1249544

maybe she dont like your moobs because she married a man?

No. 1249545

"small boobs" my ass. Small boobs are cute and feminine, this is just disgusting

No. 1249548

The sexual liberation and it’s consequences.

No. 1249549

a german "woke" youtube channel uploaded a video about an AGP regretting their SRS. somewhat interesting to note is that the youtube channel is part of a public broadcasting network that gets paid through the government and tax.
saged because not extremely milky but i thought some people might be interested, short translation below (vid is in german).

>AGP couldnt accept his penis, brave and stunning transwxmyn

>he can't remember how bad he really felt then in comparison to now lol
>therapist told him ONCE that he really needs to think about the surgery. apparently no one else questioned his decision
>was in a mental institution shortly before surgery
>tried to dilate, didn't have the mental strength to go through with it
>"my depression got worse with HRT" kek
now to my favorite part:
>cooming used to be a tool during the day to help him relax and fall asleep at night
>sexually, the surgery was a big mistake
>he's having FLASHBACKS to how great cooming felt
>"fuck, i'll never get this back"
>main reason he regrets it. has contemplated suicide because of it
>can still climax but it's not as good anymore/worth it

in lieu of making this post even longer and giving my opinion i'll just let it speak for itself kek. moids are the weakest link

No. 1249551

File: 1623160238454.jpg (Spoiler Image,955.39 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210608-144715_Fac…)

So I did a deep dive on Candi Cotton Pink because of the last thread… Cannot unsee

No. 1249552

The worst part is you know he made his wife take these pictures.

No. 1249556

File: 1623160343914.png (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 2708x1552, ENBYOUS_ANALOG.png)

He's non-binary, takes estrogen to grow boobs but then uses a binder to hide them? He gets enjoyment from wearing a dress as a man, wants to look like a woman, but then cries after being called sir and ma'am?

No. 1249559

Bump your thread when this one is full

No. 1249562

We live in a cursed era.

No. 1249564

Oh god holy fuck. That manicure relly just is like putting makeup on a pig.

No. 1249570

File: 1623161445153.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.25 KB, 480x360, thisbutaddnailpolish.jpg)

No. 1249577

Ganz schön dumm gelaufen

No. 1249580

File: 1623162456899.jpeg (10.11 KB, 300x168, images (20).jpeg)

Does anyone remember randy stairs? A Troon that shoot up a store because he believed his ghost waifu waits for him in heaven

No. 1249584

We talked about him in the last thread.

No. 1249586


No. 1249592

File: 1623162974706.png (441.99 KB, 2664x1240, ENBYOUS_ANALOG2.png)

Alright this guy is a total nutter. I'm sorry for his deluded wife and daughter

No. 1249600

File: 1623163500276.png (613.25 KB, 695x590, subtitles.png)

The translated subtitles are pretty wild. Also, he had his penis removed because he couldn't wear a bikini. How is that the first surgery anyone would get?

No. 1249606

>my wife being pregnant and breastfeedinf triggered me so I avoided being around her
what a selfish narcissistic piece of shit

No. 1249631

as a woman with small breasts I am both insulted and repulsed

No. 1249639

File: 1623165529498.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.04 KB, 900x513, 1621970773379.jpg)

No. 1249653

I love how in the comments there are non-woke people. This is beautiful.
Also they keep commenting stuff like "afab". How on earth do you assign a gender?? Do you put 72 of them in a basket and pick blindfolded, then yell: 'Halleluja, it's a demigirl stargender!' ??

No. 1249656

File: 1623166307629.png (524.31 KB, 836x563, 1622435455129.png)

No. 1249692

didn’t know Evan Peters was a tranny

No. 1249694

if you want to know more about him and the weird shit he was into, go to kf. his thread on there is like in the thousands. they’ve found a still active fan community for him, a bunch of his old cartoon shit he used to upload, a lot more evidence of his agp tendencies.

No. 1249698

So strange to see the discourse in another language. Like "transwoman" isn't offensive because that's just how the German language works but in English you'll get scolded for not putting a space. The moderator has her instagram linked in the description and her entire profile's in German except for the pronouns.

No. 1249699

File: 1623169542143.jpeg (144.08 KB, 540x960, 4FEF1133-B1CB-4827-A33C-3CC1CB…)

Sure are a lot of words here for “$30/hour Uber driver”

No. 1249700

File: 1623169586885.jpeg (137.03 KB, 540x960, B6F25693-A41C-4289-8E15-9B6448…)

I tried to do a side by side of these both so it was one image but it cut a lot of the text so here is second part

No. 1249709

>her entire profile's in German except for the pronouns
That's how you know she's terminally online kek

No. 1249715

>her entire profile's in German except for the pronouns
I’m not German but very close and have noticed a lot of local trans/enbies do the same. Everything they write will be in our native language yet they have English pronouns listed in e.g. their discord names. It’s weird because our language is gendered just like English is and the pronouns themselves sound very similar, so there’s really no reason for this. It just shows how extremely online these people are.

No. 1249722

File: 1623170779411.webm (5.96 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_qptnmjt3Vg1ykdvlm.webm)

At first I thought this might've been a troll but I checked his profile and he's being serious. Fucking bleak

No. 1249727

…untreated mental illnesses ahoy

No. 1249729

File: 1623171024487.png (49.6 KB, 753x266, troonbio.PNG)

samefagging to add his bio
What a weird and disgusting thing to fetishize. They're always begging for money too

No. 1249750

"after getting gaslit out of my W2 job" so you quit. like, just say that you quit. gaslit my ass. you quit bc you didn't want to work.

No. 1249755

Nta, but link?

No. 1249757

why the fuck is that his Twitter @? I hate moids with a burning passion fuck

No. 1249782

File: 1623173367232.png (318.09 KB, 1440x1352, so close.png)

They're so close to figuring out why encouraging gay teenagers to transition is not woke or good, actually. I have no idea if this person is a secret TERF, but I bet most of the emphatic RTs, comments and likes aren't.

No. 1249783

im also from a non-english speaking country and this is very common though the same terminally online people tend to use a lot of english words mixed with their own language lol, its even weirder because the only pronoun our language has is gender-neutral so why would you go out of your way to use the gendered ones in english

No. 1249790

File: 1623173842277.png (483.72 KB, 1440x1857, 75473.png)

Samefag, tell me again why childhood or teenage transitioning is good? It was a punishment for Turing and everyone agrees it was horrendous to do that to him. So how the living fuck is it encouraged to do this to children in 2021? They even gaslight us into believing they are preventing suicide by doing this, when many people report no increased happiness after transition. They always have regrets of some kind. You do not fix sexuality (which doesn't need to be fixed or concealed with a "third gender", or mental illness, with surgery. (Thanks to whoever this is on Twitter for making this point, whether inadvertently or not)

No. 1249799

idk why trannies keep posting these pics, those nazi soldiers were not expressing transgenderism, they were being either humiliated or doing it for humor or because they hadn't seen a woman in person in months.

The actual transvestites and homosexuals still went to the gas chambers.

No. 1249820

Why do they think women actually act or talk like this? Have they ever met a woman?

No. 1249824

holy fuck those people just continuously make up problems for themselves. you have to be a lunatic to think strangers in the real world are going to refer to you as a non gendered term. suck it up

No. 1249830

Just like everything else troons and genderspecials like to appropriate, those labels used to be intersex exclusive, as in they either got assigned male or female at birth despite ambiguous genitalia, or their intersex condition was only discovered later in life. Also some of them had their genitals cut off and were assigned something else, such as boys being assigned female because of course no boy could ever live with a tiny dick, better make him a girl! I'm sure all the troons are seething jealously at the thought.

No. 1249834

"I was smart as a boy but now that I'm a girl I'm a dumb bimbo slut who only thinks about clothes and sex, teehee!" this exact sentiment out of the mouths of countless troons is what peaked me back in the day

No. 1249835

tbf they were also just regular, misogynist moids and often perpetually on meth. tbh I'm not sure why those pics were posted bc the men in them are pretty blatantly just crossdressers/traps (I hate typing that word), not trannies

No. 1249837


>teeHEE I'm just so dumb now that I'm on estrogen like a real grill teehee I'm not a thinly veiled misogynist who thinks women are just dumb sex dolls with no value heehee

Fuck off. This dude can't join the 41 percent sooner.

No. 1249838

this is exactly right anon! thank you for saying so, I'm phone posting and couldn't get the words out. gender isn't assigned in 98.999% of cases but rather sex is observed at birth.

No. 1249863


Seeing them take up our spaces and our words kinda stings… i feel like sapphic now means you're a transbian or just a bi cis girl and saying you're a lesbian now means you MUST like dick? i hate it here

No. 1249864

File: 1623177744501.png (23.14 KB, 757x234, SBR1.PNG)

eggplant emoji knife emoji

No. 1249870

I've only ever seen sapphic used by bi/pans who are too afraid to admit they like men too.

No. 1249873

The gaze of Narcissus.

No. 1249876

What a retarded faggot

No. 1249880

i guess it gets to me bc I did use it when I was too scared of calling myself a lesbian, but it NEVER meant I liked ugly men cosplaying as women and that's def the connotation it seems to have

No. 1249885

Lupron was (is?) also used to chemically castrate sex offenders in a similar way, and now they’re giving it to gay/gnc/autistic kids. If this doesn’t become a big lobotomy-style medical scandal within ten years I’m building a rocket and leaving this planet.

By the standards of the times these men may not have been considered trans, but by modern standards, misogynistic scrotes who get a violation thrill from dressing in women’s clothes are perfectly valid and stunning transwomen. I say let them claim these nazis.

No. 1249903

>If you don't say my sweater is cute, you don't believe transwomen are women
Your sweater is ugly and even if it looked good, TIMs wouldn't be women. qq moar you misogynist prick

No. 1249916

Kek that sweater is hideous and he deliberately chose it to hide his adam's apple. I swear, troons have the worst fashion sense on earth.

No. 1249926

Why are there so many stories of older men getting jealous and trooning out after their wife gets pregnant? They act like this is proof that they're real women but they don't seem to get it at all. Women endure pregnancy for the reward of a child, but all troons care about is their fucked up fantasies about the unpleasant parts while completely ignoring the point of the whole thing. Like you already got a kid and didn't have to suffer for it, what's the fucking problem?? I hate them so much.

No. 1249935

They can't handle not being in the spotlight for once, so they have to opt into the role of the poor, of course most-oppressed transwoman

No. 1249943

File: 1623182033895.jpg (202.65 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20210608-145401__01…)

many such cases!

No. 1249947

File: 1623182298999.webm (3.2 MB, 576x1024, download (2).webm)

I've been looking at this guy's page >>1249722
and I'm disgusted, Why would he out himself like this, ugh.

No. 1249955

File: 1623183033342.jpg (88.99 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20210608-150005__01…)

why are troons so obsessed with "stealing" real women's boyfriends? could it be because they think a woman's worth is based on whether men want to fuck her the most? much to think about.

No. 1249959

Just solidifies how all that trannies do is for cooming. And the moment their cooming is taken away, the "crippling, suicide-inducing" dysphoria disappears.

My native language has no gendered pronouns at all yet all the troons and their sympathizers still put them in English in their profile kek. Once during some intersectional meeting an immigrant woman from an African country was asked for her pronouns and once she refused to recite them because she felt that it was demeaning that she was forced to use the language of the nation that enslaved her country she was promptly told that she's upsetting the trans people in the room, which of course made her angry. It was beyond hilarious to watch all the handmaidens scramble to decide whether they will take the racism stance or the transphobia one and which one will tip the scales.(blog)

No. 1249960

It's really funny that they think actual straight men would be interested at all. But yeah, they're just as obsessed with their sexual value as when they were men.

No. 1249966

HSTS are gay men who REALLY think they can take a "cis" woman's man. It's like gay sassy woman hating dude times 20.
Honestly it's a male born issue, in the closet chaser cheaters and woman hating bisexual/gay/DL men are what make these dudes think that every straight man wants them secretly or something.
What they don't know is the men who may have a fetish for them, more then likely won't date them or won't want to do anything but fuck them.

No. 1249967

Hi fellow Finnish terven!

The combination of "bi dyke" and that profile pic makes my blood boil.

No. 1249982

At least real woman's morning routine doesn't revolve around dilating. I'd kms if that was my existence. A gay scrote lusting after you but too ashamed to date you irl is a consolation prize I guess. Congrats

No. 1249990

Sorry for being stupid but in the process of what?
But yeah i also went through his profile and the comments keeps saying how he's so funny and gorgeous? Men really get praised for anything huh

No. 1250023

(off topic)

No. 1250048

Just a bunch of libfems who are forcing themselves to kiss this abomination's ass. Hopefully for some, that video is what will make them peak.

No. 1250053

File: 1623190821885.webm (2.97 MB, 1215x2160, lol.webm)

Not surprised about that pedo company.

No. 1250075

looks like crossdressing peter steele

No. 1250107

No. 1250124

almost every tranny online who admits they are trans is hypersexual and wont shut the fuck up about their girldick and masturbating and getting their stinky assholes blown out. real women rarely do this.

yes, there are porn stars and only fans girls but by and large the ratio of women who don't to women who do.. vs the ratio of trannies who don't to trannies who do.. you get the picture. but it's not a fetish, no. definitely not..

No. 1250145

Ofcourse no mentions of Lesbians, Gays or Bis, only twanz and ~queer~

No. 1250149

File: 1623197472203.jpg (53.95 KB, 400x398, 2723790d9d2dafc79743bc4236dcfd…)

No. 1250151

Some light in this bleak ass thread.

No. 1250154

Go off queen

No. 1250156

File: 1623197811886.jpeg (215.12 KB, 828x1035, 81046D9F-615C-43F6-A08B-E47D1D…)

No. 1250168

Based queen.

No. 1250176

They're the only ones that exist on this planet. The rest are just myths.

No. 1250179

File: 1623199692710.png (416.77 KB, 1440x2150, Screenshot_20210608-131328~2.p…)

"I'm sad because my partner spent years lying to me about who they are and what they wanted"
"Lol cis women are such selfish cunts"

No. 1250181

File: 1623199730804.png (297.13 KB, 1440x1401, Screenshot_20210608-131341~2.p…)

There are so many asspatting handmaidens in this thread too

No. 1250183

gaslit gaslit gaslit thats the only word these fuckers ever say. they find the idea of being abused at every turn so cute. how do you even get GASLIT out of a job?? did your manager try to convince you you never had a job in the first place??

No. 1250185

Does it ever occur to trannies that some people have to add sir and ma'am, aka gendered niceties, for their jobs? Considering all of these stories of getting misgendered are with service-industry workers and with more of this self-ID bullshit it's probably hell for them trying to discern what you want to be called without setting off a IT'S MA'AM and getting beaten to a pulp (if they're a woman).
ATTENTION, trannies who hatelurk/larp as farmers please share the next bit of information with other troons:
Many service-industry jobs will train their employees to say phrases that often include "sir/ma'am" because it's polite and makes the customer feel like you're taking care of them on an individual level. Eventually after working long enough in a job you'll have your job duties 'down', which includes the job phrases that you'll say without any conscious effort. The phrases come out automatically as you see a customer which results in errors sometimes where you say the phrase with a "sir" instead of "ma'am" (and vice versa). It's literally just a 'brain fart' (I hate that word idk what else to call it though). Bottom line is, these people are getting paid nothing, stop giving them a hard time. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're getting gendered properly anyways! You know why? Because you'll never be an actual woman. :")
This has been posted here before, I'm shocked so many anons are replying in horror. Now I'm wondering how many anons here actually follow this thread.(:"))

No. 1250189

this is some very oddly specific projection? like.. the options aren't either you love that your husband chopped his dick off and grew boobs OR you're an abusive/controlling/psycho bitch.

No. 1250192

File: 1623200498627.gif (511.85 KB, 750x350, 8x0i6UD8sakE9oeD1.gif)

No. 1250194

>my chef/maid/housekeeper/errand boy because I enjoy making him feel miserable and worthless
>implying that's not the exact role that women assume in relationships in one way or another most of the time

No. 1250196

I swear I remember a mypartneristrans post where a woman was talking about her mtf troon "wife" not doing any of the housework or w/e both before and after transition. Does anyone remember something like that posted here? It was at least within the last 5 threads?
Someone should at least tweet at him with the statistics showing that women still do more housework when they're the breadwinner of the household. Trannies are just sexually deviant and selfish men. If you really think women are "abusive" and "controlling" for being horrified that their partner willingly lied to them for however long and wants to become a freakshow giantess then you might want to look into some of the stories of the women who are killed by their abusive male partners (50,000 women worldwide per year as of 2017, but it's increased since then due to covid). Leave it to men to throw around abuse accusations because they more often than not don't experience it.

No. 1250199

Me, me, me. All troons think about is themselves. Validate me, support me, hold my hand. Anything other than “yes honey let’s be lesbians together! you’re so much prettier than me! I’ll do your makeup. You can totally mortgage our house for your surgery! For sure our kids can call you mommy too!” is violence.

No. 1250214

so their wives/girlfriends are supposed to sit around and watch as their men turn into slutty freaks and leave them with the kids and all the responsibility??

someone just posted a tranny complaining about how he couldn't watch his wife breastfeed his child or even talk about it. imagine being so selfish and porn-addled that you can't accept what boobs are literally for and support the mother of your child.

No. 1250233

Troons are the most selfish people on earth. It's completely normal for someone to mourn the loss of a partner they thought they knew. Most trans widows were married with children before their husbands trooned out and emotionally, if not physically, abandoned them. And of course women are going to grieve when their husbands change their names and cut their dicks off.

Kek 10 minutes on r/mypartneristrans completely debunks both of these retards. A lot of wives stick around and try support their husbands. No one is pressuring troons to stay in the closet anymore. And the vast majority of the shit the women on that sub complain about is how useless their husbands are after they transition… they're too busy fondling their moobs and buying lingerie online to lift a finger around the house.

If women left the second their husbands admitted to being trannies and never looked back, the whole trans widow thing wouldn't exist. The only reason it exists is because so many women try to make their marriages work until they finally reach their breaking point. And that's if their troon husbands don't leave them first.

No. 1250235

This troon looks like Israel Keyes in a dress kek. I'm legitimately scared.

No. 1250275

File: 1623205066445.jpg (Spoiler Image,233.74 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20210608-211432__01…)

trans "sex worker" with 7 followers

No. 1250280

File: 1623205260133.jpg (Spoiler Image,565.01 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210608-212105.jpg)

the buffalo bill vibes of this man are off the charts

No. 1250281

late but why do SOO many of them purse their fucking lips like this. anusface
this is outstanding comedy thank you anon. meinen penis. im losing my shit

No. 1250282

File: 1623205316585.jpg (50.94 KB, 400x323, 1621363010203.jpg)

>orange face
>more visible stubble
> shaved eyebrows
>still messy bg

No. 1250288


Image spending your hard earned wagecuck bucks to coom in sweaty stinky troon hole.

No. 1250295

File: 1623206182435.jpeg (84.04 KB, 750x726, 2F89D637-3880-4071-BED8-D62F02…)

Not the undercut and the bleached brows

No. 1250311

literal mra rhetoric. REEEEEEEE evil wimmenz oppressing my penis because she wants me to contribute to our partnership and livelihoods more than she wants to make me coom!!!!!

No. 1250329

i dont want to live on this planet anymore

No. 1250339

I posted a while ago about issues I was having with a TIM coworker. Well, I started working at a new company, and he took that as it being ok to actually ask me out. I said no. About a week later I come home to him standing outside my apartment complex at the time of his proposed date that I declined. I told him to leave and he refused until I started to call the police. I'm looking into filing a restraining order but the police I spoke to after that incident told me I will likely not be granted one based on that alone. Please pray I don't get murdered by him

No. 1250348

More like Not girl summer

No. 1250352

I've been half hatelurking and half lurking out of curiosity for months now and this made me officially peak. Jesus christ.

No. 1250357

GIRL wtf get some mace

No. 1250359

File: 1623213246565.jpg (Spoiler Image,589.93 KB, 2880x2880, Pennywise.jpg)

No. 1250365

Srry for blog but they're specially good at making us uncomfortable. I had one do this to me when he "presented as a boy" all throughout highschool, then he came out and apologized for making me uncomfortable and scaring me, and then proceeded to continue to do the exact same thing but now it's ok bc he identifies as a woman i guess?

No. 1250377


I'd rather be stuck in a room with pennywise than this thing. Less chance of being a victim of a sex crime

No. 1250425

Nonnie, wtf?! Are you okay? What did he say when you asked him to leave?

No. 1250455

Sage because completely off topic, but recently I noticed a new feature on tiktok where it will notify you of who was watched a tiktok you shared? so if one of you follows one of the links I've shared here, i can see who exactly it was.
Some of you have selfies or actual names as part of the username so heads up…

No. 1250461

Dont do gothic fabio like that

No. 1250462

Troons are too autistic for nuanced thinking anon

Fffuck how does he know where you live??

No. 1250519

She's insufferable and otherwise has shit views but this was incredibly based. I remember somewhat witnessing it on real time and the video had a lot of likes (we're talking like, 100k+ IIRC but I could also remember it wrong) and a lot of supportive comments, not just from radfem-ish accounts

No. 1250524

I was so disappointed when she turned out to just be some conservative moid’s pickme handmaiden. Some of her tiktoks are so fucking based I almost thought radfems might have found a new St. Magdalen.

No. 1250527

Kek did anyone "e-famous" click on it? Please report back if you ever see anyone.

No. 1250534

kek nonny this is genius

really? i'm not really worried because i browse lc on computer and so i only open the web version of tiktok where i am not locked in and none of my tiktok accounts yes i have multiple have pictures of me/public videos/full name attached but this definitely sounds weird. do you get a notification on the app saying that ____ opened the link you shared or what? i'm curious

No. 1250543

File: 1623234414602.webm (2.8 MB, 640x360, I make misogynistic jokes and …)

Does anyone know who this is? I found the video on a radfem Twitter account

No. 1250561

He's >>1249722 , @girlsnightfightclub on Tiktok. The video you posted makes me unironically seethe, trannies really are just misogynistic males

No. 1250603

this guy is saying he's unironically a misogynist, and that he transitioned to SH. If this doesn't peak literally every TRA…

No. 1250634

>why do SOO many of them purse their fucking lips like this. anusface
It's either that or the Kubrick stare.

No. 1250638

yeah, I have a taser but I didn't have it on me at the time

said I was psychotic for calling the police on a "trans woman." honestly I am more worried about him defaming me and saying i'm a terf on twitter or something than actually murdering me, but I don't want to get doxxed by other TIMs online

unfortunately your address is 100% public information where I live via your voter registration

No. 1250648

File: 1623243018587.jpg (40.61 KB, 1080x366, Screenshot_20210609_065006.jpg)

yeah exactly that

No. 1250651

Not even trying to hide it


(Link because im mobilezoned)

No. 1250655

he just confirms what terfs have been saying for years lol, they're straight men who see women as fuckable objects, so being seen as a fuckable object by straight men makes them feel like women. Idk why he would admit to something that sad and pathetic but kudos to him for being honest I guess

No. 1250672

File: 1623245844324.jpeg (41.5 KB, 567x369, 35E2BA63-CA54-4AAE-A6FE-6E9754…)

Now wait a minute…

No. 1250721

These videos give me enormous wannabe stand-up comedian vibes

No. 1250739

Him constantly touching his hair is so fucking annoying.

No. 1250743

File: 1623251896565.jpg (33.13 KB, 1211x238, Youllneverbesmallenough.jpg)

State of this one is an absolute train-wreak.
You can find videos of "her" on Twitch and they're not even trying to be female, just want the label so they can beg for money.

No. 1250757

>first time having sex as a woman which means I didn't cum
Wow, a tranny misogynist that can't get a woman off and thinks that's female sexuality? Color me shocked.

No. 1250773

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts nonnie. I hope you'll never have to deal with that degenerate again.

No. 1250791

File: 1623255451402.jpg (25.13 KB, 263x400, s-l400.jpg)

Spot the difference

No. 1250796

The amount of anger I feel towards this hideous moid is immeasurable!!!!

No. 1250804

kek, all his comments on tiktoks are handmaidens giving him multiple ass pats for being a retard I guess.

No. 1250807

oh 100%. the comments keep asking him to pleeease get into standup can you imagine how groundbreaking? a white guy making misogynistic jokes? never seen that one before

No. 1250808

Literal insanity to me that handmaidens don't see an issue with his sexist bullshit.

No. 1250847

File: 1623259098758.webm (2.94 MB, 576x1020, 2106851625cc7c70f1694cebc84bb8…)

Sorry if this has been posted but I can't stop laughing at the walk. You can see just how calculated it is and how hard he's trying to swing those hip pads. Looks like a Silent Hill ghoul. The amount of energy and effort they have to put in to replicate even 1/1000th of our power is almost impressive. Still looks like a lady boy.

No. 1250850

jesus the arm swinging

No. 1250855

File: 1623259559176.jpeg (80.86 KB, 928x384, keep_on_truckin.jpeg)

is this a joke? straight up walking like this kek

No. 1250862

@1:16 compared to this.
show me the difference KEK

No. 1250885

>in the process of what?

No. 1250895

File: 1623262161085.png (895.09 KB, 1328x662, barks.png)

I don't know if this is old news but the wolf autist is a troon now who streams on twitch.

No. 1250916

File: 1623263516171.jpg (59.39 KB, 600x600, 3dd43b9f6212f999be5579ddc913ce…)

No. 1250934

like, like, like, like.. like.. like.. like..

does this retard do this purposely because he thinks it makes him seem more feminine (omg girls like TOTALLY like talk like this because like we're just like some dumb like.. bimbos or whatever teehee) or is he just this vapid and autistic?

No. 1250936

File: 1623264339107.png (1.09 MB, 915x1264, 45353434786.PNG)

No. 1250941

i've never felt sorry for gay men before until i saw this kek

No. 1250945

He is just that vapid and convinced that that's how you work your hips. He's fawned over for simply existing so of course he thinks his PS1 walk motion is peak femme queen model eleganza. He's the perfect woman, duh.

No. 1250949

File: 1623265103247.jpg (274.77 KB, 572x971, Screenshot_20210609-145748_Chr…)

These big meaty paws, good lord. Look at how they sway when he walks.

No. 1250952

Really? I got wannabe Cluam Sutherland vibes (Australian tranny youtuber)

No. 1250972

This needs to be a meme on terfblr/radblr

No. 1250975

Is that Loki

No. 1250985

Oh, trans YouTuber detransitioning! .. after a million videos on how great it is to be your true trans self.

No. 1250987

File: 1623266837318.png (204.26 KB, 291x317, 22.PNG)

Gonna post this again, because I posted it in the wrong mtf thread. This dude has a thread on kiwifarms and I saw someone say that they call him, "She" because he attempts to pass and he's a "HSTS" and actually has "Dysphoria". I kind of hate how the bar is so low, that "Not looking like shit" means people will take you seriously, but he acts like the average entitled troon. He's turning himself into a melted cheap blow up doll. He hates women, he regularly says dumb shit.
He said there's no such thing as a "biological woman" but because he looks better in a dress then a non-passing tranny and he's gay, he's more realer then the reast.
People do the same to Blaire.

No. 1250990

File: 1623266920141.png (967.5 KB, 900x1200, 1623081614087.png)

With all that work and photoshop, he still looks like a bloated corpse in the face.

No. 1250993

File: 1623267196696.jpeg (211.93 KB, 2000x1194, A5531D7A-7AD1-4F24-AE91-75595E…)

Those eyelids send me. He has normal almond eyes that slightly up turn but he went full face staples

No. 1250994

trannies transition without becoming a hypersexual perverted freak posting your wormy little cock and blown out hole on the internet challenge

why are they all sex workers despite being transgender totally not at all being a fetish (pinky promise!)

No. 1250995

That’s a FTM not a MTF

No. 1250996

File: 1623267305488.gif (106.3 KB, 243x320, c6507ae66f8f6a96528c76f008c707…)


Is he trying to be Chel from Road to El Dorado? Dude, modeling yourself after a cartoon character never looks good IRL.
Of course he chose a character popular with coomers

No. 1251010

love how he equates sex with cooming. the sad sad look in this mans eyes reminiscing about his good night-coom

No. 1251015

File: 1623267977669.gif (399.5 KB, 500x328, EULoPN4.gif)

i'm scared of it

No. 1251041

File: 1623269567850.png (384.82 KB, 1758x1084, Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 9.48…)

I was hoping and praying this one would have photos of himself

No. 1251044

File: 1623269652072.png (2.93 MB, 1670x1238, Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 3.12…)

I was not disappointed. Does it really not occur to these dudes that women hype each other up unrealistically all the time?

No. 1251045

File: 1623269726098.jpeg (110.51 KB, 640x536, 780068C5-BDBA-4A7F-A53B-80098E…)

Wow I’m sure your gf means it

No. 1251048

you can tell he's starting to skinwalk her ugh

No. 1251050

I have never cried laughing over a walk before but this did it

No. 1251052

This is the same prick that posted in an earlier screencap from the last board! The one about how much better looking he is than his partner and how she's seething at the sight of him in underwear now etc. Deluuuusions

No. 1251079

ew why is she still with him? Stockholm syndrome?? girl blink twice if you need help

No. 1251084

I really don’t get it, she’s really attractive and could probably get whoever she wants

No. 1251092

He's on estrogen according to him, which probably also just means he broke his dick and balls. Doesn't magically make you into a "woman" or femininize you, just outright chemically castrates and makes them hit early andropause.

No. 1251104


No. 1251127

She says she doesn't want her story to be fuel, but that's exactly what leads anyone to be critical of any institution or ideology. Enough instances of it going wrong.

>"terf": young women don't hate being women, they hate the way they're treated because they're women

>girl: fuck you im 14 I have it all figured out
>girl: turns out I don't hate my body or being female, I hated being sexually harassed and stereotyped. That doesn't make terfs right though!

No. 1251132

File: 1623275270624.png (6.81 MB, 4060x3088, NPD Example 1.1a.png)

I compiled a few users' pictures with their comments in this thread. As annoying as troons are I think this is a great example of the massive difference in male overconfidence vs female lack of confidence. I actually think we cis breeders can actually learn something from it–that is, whenever you feel insecure just remember that there's a man out there who possesses not even a modicum of knowledge/attractiveness but genuinely believes he's the smartest/hottest one in the room.

No. 1251148

File: 1623276159672.jpeg (99.57 KB, 933x903, CA9332E7-6612-4D5B-85D7-26396C…)


>living life as a teenager

>talking about his virginity
>literally 63

The absolute state of this pedo incel.

No. 1251149

LMAO, he wouldn't even be above average as a man.

No. 1251157

I'm not even amazed anymore for this kind of level of delution

No. 1251158

File: 1623276878951.jpg (59.09 KB, 700x480, Olivia-De-Havilland.jpg)

Absurd. Thanks, anon. Please post more! Does anyone know of sites other than Reddit or Susan's Place for troon lunacy? I always appreciate when they post selfies kek. Never disappointed.

No. 1251162

Looking at this makes me realize how fucking low the bar is for men. As males they would just be normal looking, but as women they're downright hideous. Even the less offensive ones would still be the ugly one in a group setting. Also their literal interpretation of the compliments reminds me of the autism theory. They can't comprehend that the women around them are desperately looking for something nice to say precisely because they look so awful kek.

No. 1251163

I haven’t been there in forever so that’s news to me but it’s absolutely pathetic that KF has fallen to the level of pandering to troons now. But it shouldn’t be too surprising considering they had one on the mod team

No. 1251167

to be fair, the thread was mainly shit talking. Plus looking at the type of troons that KF covers, this dude or Blaire are seen as almost normal.
Pedos, animal fuckers, troons who are disgusting inside and out. So someone who looks like they shower and doesn't look like complete shit isn't all that shocking to them.
It's not the majority though

No. 1251172

File: 1623277954466.png (54.45 KB, 800x585, F473D307-F1CC-44CE-BDAE-C0C72C…)

>I told the triage nurse that I use the name 'Maddie' now and she/her pronouns. She smiled and wrote that on my chart, and then yelled across the office "are you guys ready for him yet?!"….
my fucking SIDES I love her

No. 1251188

>living my life as a teenager, a girly girl with all the pomp and ditziness that goes with it

Yeah, that's what made me recoil

No. 1251192

4chan's /lgbt/ is one place you can find some of the worst kinds including nazi troons. there's twitter as well for the full range from furry to SWer to programmer. also I hear troons are abundant in the reviews of lingerie/maid costumes/women's skirts, especially on aliexpress and amazon. unfortunately I've seen a lot of their selfies with not-so-hidden boners in reviews on (nonsexual!) women's clothing from other store websites. sadly encountered the same on pinterest in photo replies. those last types might only be AGP crossdressers, so not always full-blown trans (yet)

No. 1251194

Idk how many of you lurk or post in the KF MtF thread but it went to shit. I think after the mass peaking that came with recent news stories like the Equality Act and that Reddit pedo admin, KF moids decided to hop into that thread. There's one user you can't avoid seeing, an incel who wants to fuck MtF trannies and detests women. He uses the thread to post shitty AWALT hot takes to justify tranny behavior.
I'm not a KF user but I loved lurking that thread and seeing it devolve to what it currently is sucks. I remember reading a lot of takes from actual women and gay men. Can anyone confirm if the thread was used by actual women and gay men? The gay men weren't super bad either, they were actually respectful towards women. Ofc the alt-right users existed but they weren't dominating the discourse of that thread as they are now.
I'd post this in the KF thread but that thread is full of scrotes who got banned there.
(Derailing )

No. 1251201

I read that thread too, just ignore the retards it's not that hard. It's kiwi farms, they're not going anywhere

No. 1251212

Thanks for the response, ik KF is trash but that thread was unique. Now it's getting to be unreadable. Can you confirm if I'm right in remembering that there used to be more women and gay men in that thread?

No. 1251213

File: 1623281486898.jpeg (284.38 KB, 1125x1380, ACDE6A08-5338-493C-B168-75C201…)

these threads made me peak so i bring some new milk

this dude pops up on my timeline due to viral tweets and basically fits everything discussed here
> delusion to the max
> giant neanderthal forehead, balding, and super jaw
> has had a slew of surgeries in the past year after gaining twitter fame in the trans cult, but still complains about ‘muh dysphoria’
> sex obsessed, constantly posting about girldick
> room is plastered with loli hentai bullshit
> went viral for burning harry potter books and was made fun of to hell and back

i can’t help but kek. hopefully this account provides y’all some laughs and anger

No. 1251217

the nips pointing in random directions made me lol

No. 1251219

Ebay too. I'm not sure how etsy works, if the store owner has to approve customer pictures, but one women's store front had a fat middle aged troon wearing her handmade/vintage see-through underwear with an obvious erection. I was going to buy from her, but after seeing the pictures and the possibility she thought it acceptable to have this AGP creep flashing her female customers made me go elsewhere.

No. 1251224

File: 1623282523493.png (Spoiler Image,920.38 KB, 1441x793, thot_piece2.PNG)

The man hands and chest hair triangle (bonus pimples from attempts at shaving it)

Also he has a hammer and sickle tattoo kek

No. 1251227

File: 1623283060094.jpg (136.32 KB, 1280x960, kara__the_clown_princess_of_cr…)

Deviantart, there's so many accounts that're nothing but selfies.

No. 1251236

File: 1623283529232.jpg (364.12 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20210608-213413__01…)

ugly white man wearing an ill fitting, cosplay quality cheongsam and calling himself a "girl" when he's like 40, average troon behavior

bonus points for naming himself after a comic book character

No. 1251237

I know exactly who you’re talking about and it’s super annoying.

No. 1251271

No you can't you circus freak

No. 1251277

As someone else noted, women tend to understand society pits them in competition with each other based on looks. That mixed with women needing to be 100% humble about their looks leads us to over exaggerate other women's looks to their face. You take a compliment with a grain of salt as a woman. The absolute delusion that this cute, stylish woman >>1251045 feels inferior is pure lunacy. You only have to view women's comments on how picky and critical we are of each other's looks to see how cheap compliments are.

I remember in a past thread, someone mentioned that their gynecologist said their neovagina wasn't distinguishable from a real vagina which is pure bullshit. If the incident was real the doctor was only being kind that it was good for what it was, a pile of mutilated sex organs.

No. 1251288

this reminds of that girl on American Mary that wanted to look like Betty Boop I hate it

No. 1251289

They also have a pentacle tattoo kek. Double whammy. Where’s that bingo card when you need it?

No. 1251338

File: 1623292007935.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 2160x3840, km-sextspack1 (18).JPG)

This is what he looks like, kek. The sentiment is retarded regardless of what the troon looks like, but I find it 20x funnier when the troons who say this stuff often look like scrawny, dumpy twinks.

Had to repost because pic related needed a spoiler. Sorry jannies.

No. 1251390

Must be rough to look so much like a fucking man, yet not at all masculine or attractive lol.

No. 1251409

she's born female dingus

No. 1251447

i thought this was a old picture of Nikoavcado he looks like him in the face

No. 1251462

>female friend groups tend to view others in the group as competition
It angers me how obsessed men are with this idea. Not only is it not true, but they really think they're worth fighting over. Pure delusion. Maybe the "women" they're referencing are kids reading off a script from some live action drama show for preteens. Who knows.

No. 1251492

imagine praising yourself for being a "woman" with qualities most women don't have (ie being 6'6") as if the whole reason you have those qualities isn't because you're yaknow.. not a woman?

No. 1251495

Agreed. I have a fucking awesome, supportive, lovely, amazing, close group of female friends and there is absolutely zero drama, fighting, jealousy, or negativity.

More proof moids don't know anything about women, not even after years of trying to be one. Their entire viewpoint of women is based off stereotypes and incel complaints and no real experience at all.(No1curr)

No. 1251510

File: 1623310509504.jpg (89.38 KB, 1122x823, E3cdKejX0AEG31z.jpg)

i am dying laughing at this little manlet getting manhandled by this absolute hulking frogbody

No. 1251513

tbf i think there’s a degree of truth in that but having competitive feelings doesn’t necessarily cause hostility or friction. i mean males compete with each other as well.

sage for ot

No. 1251518

kek meanwhile women just walk normally, the mental illness is real

No. 1251521

late but anon ily that film is perfect

No. 1251524

it's fucked how all of them have their nudes on the internet, truly not a fetish and much dysphoria uwu!

No. 1251539

Holy fuck, imagining navigating the world with a complete lack of self awareness and massive amounts of unwarranted confidence in your appearance… actual women can't relate, but it must be nice to be so blissfully ignorant.

The funniest parts are the tells from the people around them that they didn't notice. Like the gf who didn't let her tranny bf borrow her clothes because he 'looks better in them'. More like she'd be repulsed by it and doesn't want to be skinwalked. Or the 63 year old virgin blathering on about what a ditsy teenage girl he is and how a same aged woman resents him for it because she's jealous. Or maybe she's just rightfully disgusted by an elderly man and his blatant pedophelia?

No. 1251542

>women complimenting them by using self deprecation jokes to spice thing up
>oh my god why are they so jealous
Is this autism

No. 1251561

File: 1623317058956.jpeg (433.8 KB, 1079x1813, 16BDABE4-145C-4B11-B317-D37EA2…)

He looks like the joker

Pic unrelated, an oldie but a goodie

No. 1251562

His gf is hot af at least on that profile image. I don’t understand how someone that attractive could be into a balding agp.

No. 1251566

>i respect her pronouns because at least she tries!!
It's a cope for bisexual coomers lol. Nothing more, nothing else.
In much the same vein, that kind of troon is looking to please bisexual men who "act" and "look" straight, so it's all a balancing act of respecting how a bunch of men who hate reality identify.

No. 1251568

She looks like a super woke lefty so that's probably why. She thinks she has to be supportive of this and it gives her woke-points from the other retards.

No. 1251578

Blog but I have a few friends like that and it’s so hard to watch. Some have them have turned into softbois bc I can imagine the constant talk of how awful cis people are wears them down, so they’re essentially groomed by someone who’s supposed to love them into transitioning as well ??? I don’t see that phenomenon much on here but it’s rampant in my social circles and I feel like these women are just cucked by misogyny and self hatred. Why can’t AGP troons just ruin themselves instead of roping others into it

No. 1251597

The way this male moves his hands and keeps tucking his hair behind his ear is so rehearsed. You just know he stares at teenage girls at the mall and memorizes their gestures

No. 1251600

A lot of trannies don't reproduce (the ones who do are ftm or have trapped a wife and child before showing their true self) so their ways of reproduction is mainly by grooming people to join into their cult. Like vampires.

No. 1251606

Troons bring up intersex at every possible chance they can. Virtually none of them are intersexed. Intersexed people mostly hate them for having co-opted their problem when most of them just want to be seen as the gender they fit into the most.

No. 1251607

Seeing "sapphic" now 100% guarantees its a sex obsessed mtf community

No. 1251611

File: 1623326839395.jpeg (822.28 KB, 1152x2048, 28799714-7C1A-4812-92C8-8010A4…)

It gets better, anon! This cows milk is delicious.

> burned JK Rowling books to be an edge lord and got the internet screeching as book burning is frowned upon throughout history

> fetishizing himself and then bitches when the chasers and hand maidens come out
> acts like the next trans messiah when just botched and clockable like the asian troon higher up in this thread
> bimbofication, troon lips to the max
> sex worker (who would have guessed)
> loli shit plastered everywhere

What a wonderful world, ladies!

No. 1251614

Based cryptoterf nurse kek

All that makeup and thot clothing yet he still looks literally like a man dressing up for Halloween. The kind who gets compliments for his efforts but everyone can still clock a mile away.

And here he looks like a homeless transvestite, jesus that hair is tragic

No. 1251618

>I'm living my life as a teenager, a girly girl with all the pomp and ditziness that goes with it, and she is stuck where she is. I know she resents me.
>Her decades of living as a woman has taken it's toll on her, physically, and emotionally, and here I am, basically a spring chicken, right in the middle of female puberty, just starting my life as a woman.
Holy cope Batman. Literally a man in his 60's thinking horse piss magically made him into a teenage girl that surpasses the women his age.

God if these freaks actually were born and raised as women they'd know that these women are just humouring them with those "Oh honey I wish I had legs like that" comments and trying to make them feel better about themselves, and/or attempting to seem less ~transphobic~ to keep themselves safe. Yet alas, the narc troon train of thought goes straight into "She's jealous of me".

No. 1251626

>God if these freaks actually were born and raised as women they'd know that these women are just humouring them with those "Oh honey I wish I had legs like that" comments and trying to make them feel better about themselves
I mean, those that eventually come to this conclusion just end up killing themselves anyway. If only de-transitioners had more voice in the community.

No. 1251627

The woman looks very pretty. Run baby, run

No. 1251634

why does the 60 year old think puberty is a girls prime…?

No. 1251637

It's probably just that they don't understand the format of the 'im jealous of your x' compliment is designed to be self deprecating, and ultimately not all that serious or sincere, but I'm hoping at least some of those situations were like vidrel lol

No. 1251642

>tfw you wanna be a 6ft amazonian mommy but instead look like a skinnier Rocco from Mega64

No. 1251654

because they are (pedo)hebephilic sex pests who wank it to the thought of raping teenagers

No. 1251669

>right in the middle of female puberty, just starting my life as a woman.

This is really disturbing to me. When girls reach puberty, it doesn't make them women wth

No. 1251679

>living as a woman has taken it's toll on her

I'll never understand how deep this hatred is of women while also trying to become one. Are they angry society doesn't let them abuse and rape teen girls so they turn into one that way they can inflict the stereotypes on themselves?

Is it male ego that says "I can be a better woman than an actual woman" and start acting out their ideals because they don't exist in real life?

No. 1251683

What’s funny is that even if in some pics, they look like they pass thanks to angle messing with the perception of the size of their head, they never do IRL.

I’ve seen a few MTFs IRL and they’re usually the “straight ones” dolled up, fake boobs kind. Even when they do the MOST in terms of look it’s clockable in an instant, idk why they try to insist so much on pretending to pass when they have a 5head and hands they could fan to reverse global warming.

Even with fake tits they look like lollipops with their massive cranium and non existent hips. If they manage to fool you with that, good luck to them whenever they open their mouth. Plus they honestly just sound like sassy gay dudes when they talk. I think the YouTuber Roly has a MTF friend sometimes on his channel and it just sounds like 2 gay guys bantering around. Idk why they even try.

No. 1251691

you know what, I'll never make fun of those "boo hoo men never get compliments" reddit posts ever again. It is in fact important to accustom men to receiving compliments, not because of their feelings but because unfamiliarity with this form of social interaction, combined with the structural autism of the y chromosome, clearly has catastrophic consequences for society

No. 1251695

fat Alan Cumming

No. 1251712

File: 1623339122550.jpg (45.06 KB, 592x316, capture.jpg)

His followers tell him "you're the funniest person I know"

No. 1251730

i would kill for a side view of that walk you know he's about to break his back in half

No. 1251740

>structural autism of the y chromosome
Mighty hard kek, anon.

Typical male aggression.

No. 1251765

File: 1623343535577.jpeg (59.72 KB, 397x405, 9F4CF4B4-56E5-41D4-989D-35D6ED…)

Hmm. Woke satire is hitting the bottom of the barrel nonnies. Normal people don’t bring up their fetishes every minute , that projection kek

No. 1251773

How do they feel about the home of sexuals who wear wedding rings then?

No. 1251781

File: 1623344342214.png (Spoiler Image,2.36 MB, 2880x1004, chad-to-incel pipeline.png)

If you all want to see men fucking themselves over for moobs then I highly recommend r/TransBreastTimelines

Idgi, see the femboy thread who are all basically troons in denial (they take HRT) but also the most virulent misogynists I've seen in a long time.
Why are men so obsessed with wanting to be us if they believe us to be the lesser sex? Why not just be a man if you're so biologically superior?

No. 1251785

Because they’re failed men, and prob will never be respected by successful and mentally healthy scrotes, so they think they must be women.

No. 1251800

File: 1623345342288.png (163.97 KB, 800x800, CMkyjDVXAAA2A25.png)

holy fucking shit he has two rows of moobs

No. 1251801

it's the humiliation fetish, repressed homosexuality, le girl mode is easy mode incel ideology, autism or all of the above

No. 1251812

Not sure if all girls go through weight gain during puberty, but it feels like one day you're this wiry healthy kid then puberty hits and you gain this layer of uncomfortable soft fat. Isn't this guy uncomfortable? Having a great, toned, energetic body only to transform to this sloppy mess must feel like shit? This is a lot worse than the few pounds you get from puberty this is full on lard.

And are ftm as bizarre as mtf? Do they hate women too?

No. 1251819

File: 1623346712768.jpg (20.66 KB, 500x375, unnamed.jpg)

Looking like picrel

No. 1251835


No. 1251842

I wouldn't trust a troon to cook for me. Period.

No. 1251885

File: 1623349997789.png (1.51 MB, 2848x3188, poly.png)

A collection of posts about trannies becoming 'poly'. Mainly troons trying to force open relationships onto their partners…maybe troonism is possibly related to selfishness and sexual deviancy?
Actual screencaps from r/mypartneristrans is a nice response to tweets like these
>>1250179 >>1250181
> also, sorry I included the muslim poly transbian bc it made me bust out into laughter…who's gonna tell this man the truth that he's not actually as revolutionary as he thinks?

No. 1251887

File: 1623350166746.png (7.66 MB, 2048x2731, EF421799-0FB1-4F07-B293-302A9D…)

This ape and his greasy girlfriend make me want to a-log. It's a lesbian relationship everyone, very queer very pride!

No. 1251888

File: 1623350212363.jpg (107.77 KB, 1080x644, Screenshot_20210610-132344__01…)

massive cope

No. 1251889


Is this that peteseeger troon from Tumblr that calls himself a butch lesbian

No. 1251892

File: 1623350512592.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1242x2015, A3168763-A17A-47AB-9F83-3DE7BE…)

That's him!

No. 1251895

File: 1623350567702.jpeg (181.53 KB, 1242x670, 5999AC71-7F52-4531-B2D8-9AE1B3…)

Bonus heteros talking about having "nasty gay sex"

No. 1251896

Is there any reason why straight couples LARP as being """queer""" aside from woke brownie points?

No. 1251904

he looks like a fucking thumb, god. Imagine kissing that creature

No. 1251906

god I hate this fucker sm, lol at that piss poor ugly af attempt at looking like a "dyke". I used to have so many awful caps of him being disgusting.

No. 1251910

His face always makes me lose it for some reason, the concept of butch transwoman is so funny

No. 1251926

Same troon called his chode an "organic strap on" which was just a "MUH DICK" moment. Of course his libfem orbiters just kind of saw it as "STUNNING AND BRAVE" and gave him infinite asspats.

No. 1251929

Yeah that girl is in for a rude awakening when his mask falls. He is known for sending gore pics and rape and murder threats to any woman that didn't suck his dick on tumblr, I bet >>1251906 anon knows more as well

No. 1251992

This. I would love more Peteseeger caps, Peteseeger has plenty of dirt and potential milk.

No. 1251995

>My awesome wife is letting me date boys. I'm losing my mind like a teenage girl going to a Backstreet Boys concert.
jesus, so much to unpack here along with the fact that he has a kid. I am so sick of these middle aged men (peep the chosen band reference as well) fetishizing teenage girls and their stereotypes

No. 1252002

File: 1623355435670.jpg (Spoiler Image,733.54 KB, 1080x1731, 20210610_140326.jpg)

holy shit thank you for the treasure trove of troon delusions

No. 1252010

File: 1623355600650.jpeg (Spoiler Image,98.78 KB, 800x533, 2276BC29-F4BA-40EA-A7B4-E4CA98…)

Literally the same.

No. 1252020

this guy's got murder eyes

No. 1252029

File: 1623356196524.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.51 KB, 1080x1095, 20210610_141553.jpg)

Sorry, one more; the insane amount of back bending in some of these pics is hilarious

No. 1252033

Holyshit, the one with troon being mad because his wife want to casual fuck cis girl when he is out there to suck some guy's cock. How can someone be so selfish and self-centred.

No. 1252039

why do they all get dark pregnancy nips? is this what happens when they follow 4chan advice to avoid hon-dosing? imagine having so many stretch marks for literally nothing. it's like having to live with self-harm scars. how humiliating.

No. 1252044


the uninterrupted line of hair going down the middle of his torso. reminds me of a bloated cadaver that's just been cut open for an autopsy and stitched back up.

No. 1252063

what a mess. unwashed, soiled floor, boxers lying in front of the toilet, nasty stretchmarks.

I thought those were warts on his ass at first

No. 1252083

>Implying trannies have any respect for lesbians and gays to begin with
The only people troons consider to be "truly queer uwu" is other troons. Everyone else is a boring evil cissie.

No. 1252086

File: 1623357766941.jpg (402.6 KB, 540x696, 06deb93eda31fe2a151857b4046cb4…)

This fucking scrote.
He said in another post that another aspect of "feeling like a woman" is that he feels fucking "UwU care n comfort vibes" instead of "classic manly male brother" ones towards his younger brother "like a big sis". This is a grown man.
Is being a woman just a coom furry costume to these people?

>my parents can't stand me being me

A mystery.

No. 1252088

>Do FtMs hate women too
Yes, because they hate themselves and they imitate male misogyny as a way to "pass." Their misogyny isn't as rage-inducing as MtFs, though, it's mostly just pathetic.

No. 1252096

File: 1623358205760.jpg (381.47 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20210610-153409__01…)

seeing this shit gives me whiplash. the giant manly head paired with the hair and outfit of a teen alt girl is too fucking weird

No. 1252102

looks like The Ultimate Warrior in drag lmao

No. 1252107

>not a single hair clip
kek they really do fail on every level when it comes to fashion

No. 1252111

File: 1623359064047.jpg (90.56 KB, 1079x511, Screenshot_20210610-165817_Tum…)

I bet there are some in previous threads but idk. I'll look around! in the meantime, here's one of his recent misogyny posts

No. 1252130

They’re workout lines

No. 1252142

File: 1623360281228.jpg (71.76 KB, 750x609, Tumblr_l_875594542431349.jpg)

No. 1252144


please elaborate on weird tranny lingo

No. 1252148

File: 1623360538830.jpg (15.26 KB, 303x119, Tumblr_l_875900966432117.jpg)

No. 1252157

If you want some suicide fuel, not only is the last one still with her loser NEET trusband, she actively capes for troons on Reddit constantly and often posts about how she has BPD. I feel so, so, sorry for their kid. Imagine being 12-year-old and having a cheating unemployed tranny as a father and a misogynistic bippie for a mother.

From what I can tell, most of these pathetic doormats are still with their troon spouses. I'm really beginning to run out of sympathy for these pathetic, enabling doormats. Our culture seriously needs to raise women with more self-respect and boundaries. This bullshit where people feel the need to stay together "for the kids" needs to fucking stop, too.

Jesus, all those stretch marks and only a-cups to show for it. Honestly I'm kind of wondering if maybe he lost a lot of weight before trooning out and there used to be big rolls of fat under his arms. It just seems like an unusual place to have stretch marks otherwise.
Also the "breast" itself is discolored. It's all purplish red.

Whose dad tried to do a Sucker Punch cosplay?

No. 1252158

File: 1623360938032.jpeg (162.1 KB, 1005x667, FD0ED7C2-2175-4F18-B39A-7B9CBC…)

putting him next to an actual woman really highlights just how deformed he looks

No. 1252160

No. 1252161


The actual amount of troons posting lashouts against radfems with explicit graphic detail of how they would perform toruture/rape/murder scares the shit out of me. I honestly haven't seen many other examples with a trend of adressing an ideological group like this, with hyperspecific violent fantasies in text.


No. 1252169

It's an excuse for them to be homophobic with no consequences. Straights have realized they can treat gay people like shit if they claim or be trans or date a troon of the opposite sex and call themselves "queer."

This reads like an invitation for someone to kick him in the balls. If so, I'm happy to oblige.

That's by design, Timmy. Feminism is not and will never be for the benefit of males. Any self-described "feminists" caping for troons are virtue-signalling posers who don't know dick about feminist history or literature.

No. 1252170

File: 1623361622659.jpg (88.2 KB, 750x1088, Tumblr_l_875463422182597.jpg)

here's another rapist moment from him. also he goes by Alice, the most agp name ever kek

No. 1252171

They really think Instagram tier facetune is the way to structure an irl face huh

No. 1252172

For real? Damn, what an unfortunate face… Sorry guys. I tried.

No. 1252179


Telling stranger women to suck your cock really doesn't help the whole "not wanting to be percieved as a male" thing, but I suppose the moid impulse is stronger.

No. 1252180

Tumblr staff are useless at moderating their shitty site. This clearly constitutes sexual harassment, but instead they're going to waste their time squawking about "female presenting nipples."

No. 1252182

File: 1623362197136.jpg (525.53 KB, 1080x1690, IMG_20210610_225637.jpg)

No. 1252184

File: 1623362279054.jpg (199.04 KB, 1080x1085, IMG_20210610_225820.jpg)

And then op proceeds to misgender their own trans son

No. 1252187

It is always incredibly noticeable how they detail the sexual violence and murder they want to inflict on women they hate, yet can offer nothing more than a meek "punch Nazis" to the right.

No. 1252190

This is some disgusting fan fiction shit, thats why he "Misgendered" his child.
He probably doesn't even have one.

No. 1252197

A good point. They always go into intricate, graphic detail about the horrifying things they'd do to women yet never utter a word about all the actual male homophobes who are largely the perpetrators of violent hate crimes and actual bigoted hate speech against transsexuals. Male solidarity exceeds gender identities I guess.

Another thing that showed up in the compilation anon posted upthread, why do they always hate older women? They obsess over little girls, teens and young women in their very early 20's but seem to despise women over 30, especially ones with kids. As much as troons are dependent on cooming it has to go deeper than just "they deem them unfuckable", is it some weird mommy issue? Freud would have a field day with them.

No. 1252203

>When I finally came out as trans, [his ex] would suddenly no longer let me touch any of her clothes because I "looked better in them."

kek. yes i'm sure that's exactly why

No. 1252204

Rip Freud. You would have loved the trannies.

No. 1252223

He used to go by Alice, but he switched to Dorothy ("Dotty") recently.

No. 1252230

File: 1623364816596.jpg (30.48 KB, 750x479, Tumblr_l_875273019834388.jpg)

ah ok, I knew he went by "Dot" but thought that came before Alice. lol, fucking Dot. that's like one level below saying you're a butch trans woman named Pat.

picrel is another one of his rapist moments. anyone know his birth name?

No. 1252235

>there's a genetic component to being trans
y'know what else has a genetic component? mental illness

No. 1252243

They don't want to grow up and accept responsibility of any kind. An older woman has more socially expected responsibilities than a man does, and she doesn't even get respect for fulfilling them. Trannies want to be loved unconditionally regardless of how they behave or what value they bring to society - like a child. They idolize female adolescence because they're the group that receives the most sexual adoration. Trannies are narcissists through and through. They couldn't handle being the unseen supportive hand in the shadows. They need to be the center of attention, it's why cross dressing in the comfort of their own homes isn't enough. It's not just a fetish, it's an insatiable hunger for validation, love, and downright worship from society for simply existing.

No. 1252248

File: 1623366034892.png (41.98 KB, 532x319, 6130e6efd52e1a63d2802ffdf92e5c…)

This fucker is special.
Just representative of the whole "transfeminist" train of thought.

He basically dedicates more than half his account to this kind of angry cope and just resentment of "cis women" and the mock of female struggles.
He also had a "…imagine if I said this made cis women men" (read:"Y-you're the man, actually!!!") but appears to have taken it down lmao.
A whole crusade of retweeting another fucker who made fun of abortion (and then yelled at every woman who told him he was insensitive that his mom told him it isn't so bad and they should stfu like a manchild), "I don't think AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) spaces should exist and I admit bias", made fun of "cis women" for centering their reproductivity around so much of their gendered trauma ("What if I said my fear of men was in my ass???") etc. And this one funny moment a couple of months ago in which "trans woman Twitter" was implying to be intimidated by merely hearing AFAB.

So much of what seems like misogyny and entitlement and the abuse of their title of "woman" to essentially claim your entire experience. Oh, and raging cope of course.

No. 1252249

Are there any tranny tits that aren’t completely tragic sad little tumours. Was one on my server going off at me, saying I only had tits from all the birth control I’m apparently on, but also bragging about his c cup mommy milkers… swear they all look like this shit

No. 1252251

Why are they so far away from eachother? Jesus, they look like they've had a fight.

No. 1252255

File: 1623366321073.jpeg (1013.04 KB, 2880x3840, 20210610_190328.jpeg)

The hits keep coming from r/mypartneristrans

No. 1252263

Makes me think of this tranny I knew online, I clocked them immediately because while they did look vaguely like an extremely plain woman I figured a woman who looked that way would not have the confidence to have full face profile pics like that. They also went on at various intervals about how nobody in their college knew they were trans, slating less passing ones while in the doctors waiting room and calling me a fat 6/10 at best because I claimed hormone tits were barely any more natural than implants and usually look just as bad if not worse. The utter delusion. Even the top end of these creatures barely manages to look like an ugly woman

No. 1252266

>cis girls want to be trans so bad
Oh yes I've always yearned for five o'clock shadow, a receeding hairline, and sad man-tits in my armpits. How'd you guess?

No. 1252270

Any pics of him? That's usually the best place to start, if there's anything identifiable
ex: I managed to find the hockey player troon by the logo on his jersey

No. 1252275

>summer camp for trans kids my 6 year old is attending
I want to die. Btw he didn't misgender the child, read the post again, the 4 year old and the (trans) 6 year old are two different children. >>1252190 >>1252184

Also maybe I was exceptional as a kid but is it normal for a 4 year old to know the word "penis"?

No. 1252289

What the fuck kind of 4yo is trans? Either he made up a child for weird Reddit clout or he is forcing his kid to be trans

No. 1252298

I'm a kindergarten teacher and the kids call their penises "willy" "bits" or "peepee" or some other weird/cutesy name for it their parents have taught them- I've never ever heard a child that young say penis or anything. I guess some parents just want their kids to know the real anatomical word for it which isn't an issue but.. when you're teaching your FOUR year old to know the difference between a penis and a vagina, and saying the doctor can cut one off if you fancy the other… Well that's fucked up !

No. 1252302

I hate this ugly scrote, he has plagued my existence in tumblr woque circles every day and his ugly caveman brow haunts me in my sleep. I had to watch so many respected friends bow down to his Goodwill button-up be-dicked self just to avoid his chimp outs and it was so painful. Not sure how he managed to be an epic depressed and oppressed dysphorique tranz wommun while still presenting as fully male and being clocked as one, but he sure did manage to cry type and ree like one!
Nobody is more vitriolic than tumblr trannies, I swear. They may not post gore and CP, but they will write screed after screed of sexualized violence towards cis women and send it to them on anon. It's specific, detailed, and nasty. And then they'll go around claiming it's terfs who send these "I hope you choke on a girldick" messages because y'know, that's totally something women would do. Idk why anyone believes this, I can't see how it would benefit radfems in any way.

No. 1252317

File: 1623369172986.png (1.38 MB, 867x667, ms.PNG)

It's kind of crazy how Jazz is bigger than everyone in his family. I really hate his parents. The brothers are fit, the dad looks good for his age, the mom does too, the sister is average sized. Though the "Star" of the family, the person whose been paraded around as a "Inspiration" for "trans children" is hiding food to snack on and visibly depressed.

No. 1252318


No. 1252319

Isn't he the one where either KF or radfem tumblr found his personal facebook and he's still a man named Kyle or whatever? Maybe the "femme" hasn't found he's larping online as a lesbian with their couple pics.

No. 1252335

>Summer camp for "trans" kids
So an indoctrination camp where the focus is on what genitals the kid has. How perfectly ethical and not at all cult-like.

I've also worked with kids and it's unusual for a four-year-old to be that fixated on genitalia. It smacks of grooming or sexual abuse. Generally kids don't pay much attention in that sort of stuff until around nine or ten at the youngest.

No. 1252336

I've seen a couple videos of this troon in the past and the way his eyelids look when he blinks is so fucking creepy. I guess it's the least of his problems but it's legit scary

No. 1252354

Again with the weird fixations on "turning" married "straight" men. It's obvious here that they're picturing a macho Chad cheating on his wife with them, but the reality is that the closest thing they do to "turning" straight guys is convincing other pornsick soys to troon out. Ironically, the guys transitioning and turning into "poly lesbians" are not married to TERFs, they're married to pathetic handmaiden TRAs who enable their every selfish whim.

TERFs (those that are straight, that is) know enough about chasers and prospective troons to eliminate them from their dating pools. They avoid men obsessed with anime, Redditors, porn addicts, etc. It's not exactly hard to pick them out.

Anyway, he types like an ESL so I'm having a hard time understanding the rest. I think he's saying radfems hate troons because they "chose" womanhood and we didn't because we… didn't "allow" ourselves the "freedom," which basically means we didn't blindly accept all the stereotypical garbage our culture forced upon us. Thing is, in order for us to be "jealous" that you "chose" womanhood, we'd have to buy into the idea that you can choose your sex to begin with, which we don't. You didn't choose womanhood, you chose to play dress up and are nonetheless still a man. Gotta love the insinuation that women only experience adversity because we supposedly choose to– wow, such woke, much empathy for the marginalized.

Side note, we don't hate sex workers, we hate sex buyers.(Not a hivemind, not milk)

No. 1252361

Yeah, I was thinking that but I didn't want to shout sexual abuse over some random Reddit post. You'd be surprised at how oblivious kids are to other people's genitals though- I've had them straight up grab at my crotch when they're trying to get my attention just because of their height and utter obliviousness so it's really weird for a kid that age to have such a fixation on it- especially to be so knowledgable of their parents genitals that they can notice when they've changed. Ew.

No. 1252392

troons believe that the reason they aren't becoming instant uwu teen girls is because doctors are sabotaging them with an average dose of hormones and anti-androgens, a "hon" (ugly old crossdresser) dose. they take their dosage into their own hands with their own formulations expecting better results but tend to just gain a ton of weight. lol.

No. 1252394

Kek I thought it was hilarious that the female partner said she needed to get to know men to trust them before sex whereas the mtf troon just hops into bed with them with no concern whatsoever.
Older women are the most likely to call them out on their bullshit, that's why.
I swear this is because men spend too much time on the internet. If we banned them from using the internet altogether the number of men transitioning would plummet.

No. 1252397

just mommy things, showing your child your genitals.

No. 1252489

Maybe I just can't fucking read but i legitimately don't understand what he means? how do you chose (or refuse to chose) womanhood? what does he even mean by resent femmes?
Also why would anyone want to be a sad copy of a woman when they could just…be a woman

No. 1252504

File: 1623379927502.jpg (44.36 KB, 600x370, clymer.jpg)

One of the greatest TiM cows, once again proving why the T is incompatible with the LGB.

No. 1252519

this is awful

No. 1252521

its awful i cant imagine being his wife. shes probably so fucked in the head over this.

No. 1252528

Forced state funded transition as a form of conversion therapy for gay men is so progressive.

No. 1252530

Don't forget their dedication to cheating by ensuring their 'female' sports teams are almost entirely male! So admirable

No. 1252532

I hope she read that and is quietly planning her escape

Horseshoe theory strikes again. When you're so progressive you're right back at being plain ol conservative

No. 1252538

The fact so many of these start specifically during or shortly after pregnancy is scary.

No. 1252546


this infuriates me to no end. i have gone through this as the "Widow" and it is so fucking obnoxious to read shit like this. these people are narcissistic.

No. 1252551

It can't be a coincidence that both domestic abuse and trooning out are a massively increased risk during pregnancy. Having a woman locked down permanently makes scrotes decide it's the right time to show their true, evil colours.

No. 1252554

Nice lie of omission. They don't just "pay" for it– it's mandatory for gay people there. Either you get the chop or they execute you. Saying Iran "pays for gender-affirming care" is like saying Nazi Germany gave Jews free showers.

No. 1252572

Why the fuck is she standing like that with those dirty ass shoes? Is she trying to look more feminine?

No. 1252624

imagine a video that a tranny with a loading up a gun and gets ready,theres a big trans flag behind of him he looks still like a feminine male. he finally pulls the trigger and tore his head apart, the trans flag is full of his brain and blood,in the end you can hear discord message sounds spam in background(this is autistic)

No. 1252640

File: 1623386183338.png (261.79 KB, 1480x835, f8dsa97f08e4wua.png)

vanity tranny takes anti androgen drug and gives himself brain tumor, doesn't want to stop taking drugs. other trannies share more unregulated honscience https://transfemscience.org/articles/cpa-meningioma/

No. 1252663

>my stepmom went to pride to drop off my step sister so she consented to seeing kink
By this logic I consent to seeing gross ass hentai hoodies and troons wearing cat ears because I went outside.

No. 1252669

I wonder if there have been any studies about that. I’ve also noticed the pattern of husbands trooning out during their wife’s pregnancy, but that’s just anecdotal. I’d be interested in an actual study.

No. 1252676

File: 1623387202706.jpeg (96.67 KB, 800x600, C28561B6-73B7-4FBC-BFC0-E2E3E2…)

Not the same troon but agreed. sometimes when I need horror fuel I go to sissification pages on Facebook and gawk at all the horrorcows that like their posts

No. 1252686

Is this from a literal horror movie? It's too terrifying even by sissy standards

No. 1252691

File: 1623388013400.jpeg (84.81 KB, 800x600, BDF677F4-5CA6-4F15-AA7C-147377…)

Nope just some random Facebook troon. He has like a hundred pictures in different outfits all in that same dirty bedroom. It’s extremely creepy, but pretty normal in terms of what I usually find on these voyeristic expeditions into sissy Facebook.

No. 1252698

That fucking stain UGH

No. 1252707

They take their photos in the rankest places. It’s never well-thought out backgrounds and outfits; it’s always 90s Factory 2-U throwaway clothes and rape basements. Makes your blood run cold.

No. 1252750

transwomen want to be cis so bad, ftfy. they project so hard since their entire identity is literally seething in envy that they are not cis women

No. 1252754

Its incredible how almost every sissy picture looks like it was taken in the 80s even if it's taken today

No. 1252764

I think he’s equating womanhood with femininity and thinks that non-hyperfeminine women are embittered because they can’t bring themselves to embrace the “freedom” of spinny skirts, sexual promiscuity and bimbofication. A lot of AGPs and BDSM coomers apparently view femininity/sexual submissiveness as freeing (“brain empty, only cock” or whatever) and think actual women feel the same when it’s actually the opposite. They can’t empathise with women and project their own feelings on us like always.

Any study about that would either have to turn a blind eye to the glaring similarities with increased DV in the same context, or get all researchers involved cancelled for transphobia. I’m sure sociologists could have an absolute field day with the trans phenomenon after the tide turns but in the current climate it’s career suicide.

No. 1252766

Yeah there's a lot of pretentious verbosity but the general mindset they're coming from is basically kind of one of the very persistent ideas among tranfeminists (like say, Julia Serano) is that:
> Femininity is not all constructionism and generally somewhat natural to most women and
> Misogyny centers itself more around the hatred of femininity than physical biological sex (I remember in another thread people were mocking a Vaush video for breeding the narrative that "Femininity is the centre of objectification, not just women" and then comparing butch women to femboys, this directly comes from trans-positive feminism; even though just a day before that I ran into a trending video and a full comments section of young women saying they've been catcalled even when messy, unfeminine and ungroomed)
And the common deflection of radfem critiques is that saying otherwise is itself an expression of your own internalized misogyny so the "refuse to choose womanhood" and then bringing up femmes and sex workers I believe is supposed to express that idea that your scrutiny is really based around your dislike for feminine sentiment and sexuality or "resentment" of their liberation from the idea these things are bad. Which yeah "resentment" sounded like a gross way of treating your rejection to conform.
Which feels bad faith like most trans arguments ("So you think ur a walking uterus??") but yeah.(derailing )

No. 1252773

File: 1623396904071.jpg (71.55 KB, 640x1149, 0zkzmdpee7z61.jpg)

one of the researchers of transfeminine "science"

No. 1252775

File: 1623397063279.jpg (70.1 KB, 640x640, 8ojes0s00gu61.jpg)

No. 1252777

This makes a lot of sense actually and describes what I've been observing.
>Trannies want to be loved unconditionally regardless of how they behave or what value they bring to society - like a child.
This is so accurate it's crazy. So many of them expect the society around them to bend to their every will and give them money and emotional availability at their command for the amazing virtue of being alive.

>cis girls want to be trans so bad
>a huge # of cis women refuse to chose[sic] womanhood
>also it's that we steal their husbands
This is the most delusional cope I've seen yet kek. Now cis women are actually jealous of brave and stunning trans wymmyn while being troons themselves and also losing their husbands to these amazing transladies. What a mouthful.

No. 1252784

If "femininity" (i.e., gender stereotyping) is natural and intrinsically associated with females, wouldn't that also be bio-essentialist?

It's a retarded argument because the criteria for "femininity" are different across cultures and history. The only things consistently portrayed as being feminine are things that pertain to childbirth because– shocker– women are the ones who give birth. All systemic misogyny can be traced back to men trying to control or commodify women's ability to create life.

Pregnancy makes women physically vulnerable, and therefore easier to threaten with violence. When humans stopped being nomadic and settled, men realized that in order for them to control their land, they needed to control their progeny (this is why humans went from matrilineal to patrilineal following the advent of farming.) The more they restricted women, the easier it was to oversee their lineage and maintain a grip on land and power. From the dawn of agrarian cultures, women have been subjugated expressly because they were capable of bearing children. All the other bullshit about "femininity" came later as societal constructs meant to enforce that subjugation. Misogyny has always been about our bodies– don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise.(derailing )

No. 1252785

he looks like he has an extra chromosome.

No. 1252787

“this is the last known photo of the victim

No. 1252795

He wishes.
>this is one of hundreds of photos found on the killer’s memory card wherein he’s wearing the victim’s clothing and scalp after murdering her

No. 1252802

Yeah I don’t want to cowtip of course, but in general if you ever feel like finding some horrorcows, just type sissification into Facebook and check out the pics of people liking their posts. Because you’re right, there are always hundreds. Instant nightmare fuel. (Don’t ask me why I sometimes seek out nightmare fuel, I can’t explain it.)

No. 1252837

Anon , u do gods work for compiling this. Made me very sad and extra peaked

No. 1252894

The background look like it belongs in a true crime scene. Where's the mangled corpse?

No. 1252897

And still some anons will go on about how any woman who likes weeby fashion is "dressing like a tranny!!1". Literally flattering these scrotes.

No. 1252899

Under the bed or in a closet uwu

No. 1252915

Hideous. Looks like a melted wax figure.

No. 1253192

File: 1623439879211.jpeg (878.64 KB, 1242x1328, 2CE5AD82-5AA4-45D6-878B-7A99AA…)

I wish I’d saved the pics I found where one of them had a woman mask on. I can’t find the profile again. I did find the masks though.
This has to be some kind of advanced form of severe AGP to wear a mask like this and not realize they look like serial killers.

No. 1253225

there's like an entire subgenre of troons like that. vice has a good video on them.

No. 1253343

Thanks, this is accurate. It's also applicable for a lot of abusive, sexually-narcissistic men who only date young adults, when they're in their late 30s+. They need a young, easily manipulated partner to worship them. They mould their partner into believing romantic love is unconditional, so girls eliminate their boundaries and demand no responsibility from them.

They're often paedophiles because they admire the unconditional, naïve love children exude.

No. 1253406

File: 1623454076692.png (4.67 MB, 828x1792, 1252E1B6-9F05-4C6A-96A9-02D460…)

Can these nasty frizzy male troons try a little harder? Or maybe just 41%?

No. 1253412

Transitioning happening during pregnancy is a way of men redirecting attention back to themselves.
Pregnancy is one of the rare times where people give more of a shit about women because women are extremely physically vulnerable but most importantly, they're carrying a baby. A man might feel biologically useless when the family is fawning over his SO's belly, talking to the baby, and keeping an eye of concern for her. With a combination of sexual deviancy, narcissism, and misogyny, he can transition and put the attention back on himself, away from the baby and his female partner. He can even guilt his female partner about her pregnancy because it makes him dysphoric.
Considering how hellish and dangerous pregnancy is for a woman, the men who troon out during/after pregnancy are a special kind of evil. I'm sure the MtF logic is "I was suppressing my true self for so long", to which I say that it seems pretty convenient that you manage to redirect the attention back to yourself during the one time people care about the wellbeing of your baby's mother more than you.
> inb4 janny bans and says that this is derailing or a sperg when this is a literal phenomenon among these cows and is worth discussing

No. 1253443

File: 1623456872826.jpg (380.49 KB, 907x1570, Screenshot_20210611-190932__01…)

The horrifying serial killer stare, the "She didn't just live, she thrived" tattoo, the begging for retweets and getting very few

No. 1253453

>that hairline at 18

No. 1253456

There is no way this coomer is 18 years old. The rot of his pornsick brain has poisoned his body and aged him. Seeped out of his pores.

No. 1253463

looks like a typical gross 18 yr old scrote to me. bad oily acne and no idea how to wash his hair. bet his sister/mom/cousin has no idea he's wearing their clothes.

No. 1253468

This is so disturbing, only men can be this degenerated and delutional.

No. 1253509

You are a undercooked gamer pig.

No. 1253512

I posted this in another thread, but tens of millions of men were conscripted in to the Wehrmacht during WW2, a couple of them happened to have been crossdressing perverts, a couple of them might have been doing it as a gag, and I'm sure a 4% of them were gay, cause that's the average rate in Homosexuality in males
But ad said these were conscripts not actual Nazis(derailing)

No. 1253560

not to go off topic but what would be the difference between german conscripts and actual Nazis? Hitler was a meth addict who was in love with his own half niece. it's not insane to think his party had a few freaks in it and the conscripts weren't the only homosexuals.

No. 1253613

File: 1623471906642.png (569.07 KB, 576x789, Screenshots_2021-06-11-21-14-4…)

Will forever be baffled by troon's poor oral hygiene and lack of self-consciousness. Crooked teeth are one thing… they can be fixed, but they don't automatically imply shitty oral hygiene. Stained teeth with food particles lodged in them are a different story. No woman would smile for a selfie if she had a grill like this. Chain smokers who guzzle tea have whiter teeth than this tranny as long as they brush and floss daily.

No. 1253620

And this fugly hairstyle. Always brushed to the side to hide their huge foreheads and balding. They all look the same

No. 1253626

File: 1623474125622.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210611_214502546.j…)

Kek clearly the cashier was calling this dude sir and his wife lied to save herself from having to deal with his dysphoria meltdown on the way home. But seriously, women need to stop humoring troons and this is a good example as to why. This moid is now walking around under the delusion he passes better than his wife. If he doesn't already see her as his competition, he will soon enough.

No. 1253630

>when your phone is more noticeably different than you are
Seriously man, two YEARS? Go back. De-coomify yourself

No. 1253639

>I then tried to comfort her
We are nothing like these premium faggots. We will not kill ourselves if we get misgendered on purpose as an insult or on accident. We will always be a woman.. kek.

No. 1253652

That's male confidence for you. Being roasted here for how ugly they are might be the closest they get to the female experience

No. 1253675

Truth. A woman with short hair wearing a baggy t-shirt might get sir'd by a cashier if they're only looking at her from their peripherals, but she's not going to chimp out and scream, "it's ma'am," or fret about whether or not she passes. Similarly, a GNC woman isn't going to question her sex if some moid accuses her of wanting to be a man because she likes flannel and refuses to suck his cock. Women don't have to think about how to be women; we just are. Only TIMs and TIFs worry about gender performance.

No. 1253676

They think we’re gonna take someone with a username like that seriously?

No. 1253690

Sage for Super off Topic, but most German conscripts were part of the Wehrmacht the state German Armed forces, Nazis had the SS which was the military wing of the Nazi party and was explicitly ​ideological and in line with Nazi ideology
So if your grandfather was just a German soldier who was either conscripted or joined the Army cause he believed he was fighting for his country, then he wasn't a Nazi, if he was a member of the SS then he was a Nazi

No. 1253693

Yup. It sucked balls to say the least.

People who don’t know history don’t understand that at the time it was join or die. Fuck Wehrkraftzersetzung.

Sage because way ot

No. 1253699

Every time I think I’ve found new limits to male degeneracy, they somehow push it further.

No. 1253718

File: 1623489518686.png (1.23 MB, 2336x1292, fumbletongue.png)

It's because in another post, someone replied telling him to smile more…

(because that's what women do)

No. 1253721

>technically her features aren't the most "feminine". Does not make her less hot or less of a woman though
Maybe because she is an actual woman unlike this moid whose five-o'clock shadow I can see even after all that face smoothing?

No. 1253727

File: 1623491505847.png (985.02 KB, 2528x1356, fumbletongue2.png)

No, no. Women at college had smaller hips than him and worse receding hairlines!! He's just got normal womanly insecurities…

No. 1253728

>The few things I'm happy about - hair, skin, eyes, body
Lmao the male confidence, what is he not happy about. Fucking delusional.

No. 1253731

File: 1623492322454.png (246.5 KB, 577x890, Noah-Get-the-Boat-Meme.png)

Seriously what the fuck is this, I have had nightmare's that were less frightening then this….. I can't comprehend for what purpose either
This crosses the line of an even most fetishes

No. 1253755

File: 1623496015292.png (Spoiler Image,5.61 MB, 1080x6216, pain.png)

That looks uncomfortable. Spoilered for the dick.

No. 1253760

If they think this a weird way of practicing for their neovagina then they have a rude shit smelling awakening waiting on the other side of the surgery

No. 1253762

Kek the cashier probably called him ma'am at first bc of his clothes then sir after hearing his voice. They're so autistic god damn

No. 1253774

huh, so that's how tucking is supposed to work. For some odd reason I thought they tucked the dick backwards between their legs instead. Looks like I learnt something I really didn't need to know today

No. 1253782

Will he ever get to the the acceptance stage and just stop?
He seems to be aware he will never look like or be a woman and trying to be is making him unhealthy.

No. 1253792

honestly I'm still confused, even after looking at this
is that excess skin from their pubic mound? or are they stretching ball skin?

questions I never thought I would be asking

No. 1253797

File: 1623501589808.png (395.59 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20210612-153925~2.p…)

Transmaxxing is a sub for men who actually admit that they are failed males. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

No. 1253805

File: 1623502520109.jpg (79.6 KB, 960x1312, 20210612_084541.jpg)

Hashtag no filter

No. 1253811

Normally I have no issues with the trans community but it's shit like this that annoy me so badly. Your partner coddles you to spare your feelings and you just run off with it and suddenly you've 'won' and are better than biological women. It just screams of men invading a woman's space to outdo them and be superior at the most basic thing a woman can have - her gender. The fact they're so delusional when everyone around them sees it for what it was, just trying to make them feel better and that pity turns into "Well now I'm more female than you! You even fail at being seen as a woman next to me! I'm going to go brag to all my trans buddies now."

Rage inducing.

No. 1253812

Why the fuck did he go for a childlike face?

No. 1253820

>Normally I have no issues with the trans community
well there's your problem

No. 1253824

You know why

No. 1253843

I don’t get it, how does he sit? Doesn’t it hurt? What about the balls? What is going on even? Men are so fucking weird, this is disgusting.

No. 1253845

The man's body with the artbreeder/faceapp/ai women's face pasted over the top. Reminds me of those old classic paintings which were clearly modeled by males or the artist themselves (big manly hands, feet, neck, etc) and they just painted a wig and big eyes over it and called it a day.

No. 1253847

I genuinely don't know what's happening here but it looks painful. I think tucking does just mean putting it between their legs >>1253774 and this guy is just psycho

No. 1253849

Wtf are the tally mark tats? Suicide attempts?

No. 1253850

cringe doctor who tats maybe?

No. 1253876

I want to say ball skin, but honestly at this point, who knows

that was my guess too. really bizarre thing to get tattooed, especially since I doubt most people will get the reference

No. 1253928

Why every boys who became a meme turn trans?
The "Super Mario in real life" boy is a tranny now.

No. 1253931

The MTF seething is real and only getting started since the Maya Forestater judgement in the UK.

Sage/sorry for link

https://mobile.twitter.com/siunanWTF71/status/1403093829507588096(Imageboard )

No. 1253934

Thanks for the heads up.
I havent noticed on here when you share a link, but in the past ive realized when someone shares a video, the receiver can also see a username in the link, maybe this has to do with notifying the sender if the reciever watched or not. So anons should also be careful when sharing links if they arent using a private account.

No. 1253939

File: 1623513867000.png (300.24 KB, 590x784, screenshot.PNG)

Here's a screenshot of the tweet.

No. 1253950

Sage for question : What/Who is picrel?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253955

File: 1623514395145.jpg (56.97 KB, 640x419, notte-michelangelo.jpg)

Alright, this is the very center of the uncanny valley, like this pic is swimming in the stream in between the mountains of obvious sexual dimorphism and genderless AI alien.

You mean like Michelangelo's tacked-on perfect orange shaped tits like in picrel?
Trannies can only dream of being a physical success in any single sex. They really do only clock themselves in the most ugly of features, don't see too many troons with a six pack, smh

No. 1253978

File: 1623516505452.gif (4.14 MB, 140x140, BABB5AEA-53D7-4A34-B61D-652AD1…)

Love to see all the litigation going on in the UK.

No. 1253982

Picrel is
>Picture related
>I.e. the picture anon attached to her post is related to what she has written in said post

No. 1253994

What's disgusting is a neovag and mutilated genitalia. If someone's so mentally ill they need to be the opposite gender, whatever, but a doctor willingly introducing unnecessary trauma to get a permanent wound is malpractice. You have a broken sex organ, a lifetime of care, possible infections that may be life threatening and feces coming through a hole made next to your asshole.

Any patient who comes asking for bottom surgery should have a doctor showing them how to tuck instead of fucking with their oath to do no harm.

No. 1254071

kek he fucking wishes. how painful and sad.

No. 1254095

wait so thats how dudes tuck?

No. 1254098

They can push the testicles back up into their body and just roll their empty sack up into the tuck

No. 1254136

I'm fucking dying that body couldn't be more male if he tried kek I'm really curious as to what his face actually looks like though.

No. 1254190

fascinating, someone post this on the other farms I want to hear the bepenised's thoughts on it

No. 1254582

It's your time to peak, anon.
Typical scrotes wanting to beat women up. What's new? Funny because they never plan attacks for the men who beat/kill them. It's always "waaahh this man hatecrimed us. Fuck you, terfs!!1!! This is all your fault!!!" Like ok.

No. 1254619

File: 1623551619979.png (505.56 KB, 576x684, Screenshots_2021-06-12-19-27-5…)

Jfc imagine thinking the photo on the right is an improvement.

No. 1254630

There’s no way that wasn’t posted as an obvious joke, come on.

No. 1254636

File: 1623552956663.jpg (268.78 KB, 1600x1600, 343fy2h02t961.jpg)

You can look up that user's posts yourself.

No. 1254649

Kek are you new here?

No. 1254653

My fucking sides

No. 1254655

File: 1623553903848.jpg (18.92 KB, 640x480, MT3hpahEfp66yYpi4vgeV0zAUjLj_d…)

Kek top middle

No. 1254683

I think she was asking what character the picture was of, which granted is off-topic but it's a retarded thing to redtext someone for. Also original anon if you're still reading this: it's Zoidberg from Futurama.

No. 1254703

He looks more masculine after transition

No. 1254708

File: 1623557013704.jpeg (443.52 KB, 1230x1795, 30C4F5ED-BF9B-479A-AF26-E299DF…)

the picture was funny enough

No. 1254710

File: 1623557057160.jpeg (443.71 KB, 1242x1914, AE382128-6621-4A85-B70D-804AC2…)

but this fashion advice made me laugh hard

No. 1254727

>Ass with as much curve as a plank of wood
That's too fucking funny.

No. 1254797

Real talk. Why are troons incapable of placing their wigs correctly? Instead of placing them where normal women's hairlines start, they place them where their hairlines start to recede.

No. 1254803

File: 1623565172039.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2426x4263, A0AAEBF9-1F90-4502-8A64-2A5754…)

> gets BBL but still gets told he has hank hill ass

my sides hurt

No. 1254809

Is this sub the only place on Reddit where it’s not a bannable offense to tell a TIM he looks male?

No. 1254815

File: 1623566229121.png (172.59 KB, 640x400, If you have problems you can a…)

No. 1254825

Could have been a cute goth boy, but instead he choose this, oh well he was likely some pervert to begin with

No. 1254891

Is that lump on his left hip/but cheek from the bbl?? It’s awful

No. 1254901

File: 1623576247942.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.97 KB, 697x782, qm4py9r2wwz61.jpg)

So this is supposed to be an erotic "sissy caption" and its so fucking intentionally funny, they can't just admit that their gay

No. 1254919

No, they are completely fine with that on porn subs. Like misogynyfetish and degradedholes, etc. It’s completely fine to specify “bio women only” on porn subreddits, just not feminist or lesbian subreddits.

No. 1254930

File: 1623577691149.jpg (392.3 KB, 1423x2048, thot_piece.jpg)

>thought his ass looked good

They really do have unwarranted levels of confidence eh no attempt made at posing

No. 1254935

File: 1623578005474.png (890.86 KB, 720x1341, Screenshot_20210613-145351.png)

Look at those fucking man hands

No. 1254938

Idk those don't really look manly to me. There are plenty of women with hands like that. Those legs however… You can just easily tell a moid from his non existent hips and ass. Even the skinniest women as a better shaped body.

No. 1254947

Believe me, I'm taller then most men and probably stronger then the average male but you can still see the size and proportion difference between men and women just by single body parts(no1curr)

No. 1254967

Idk how you think you're stronger than the average male after being in these threads. Men are built differently, that's why a shitty male athlete becomes a top "female" athlete in one easy pronoun change.

No. 1254974

yes. my hands aren't the tiniest prettiest womanly hands either but it's clear his hands engulf the phone completely.

No. 1254979

I know how big the gap between men and women can be, but I can say with confidence that I can best the average untrained and unfit male Of I had to

No. 1254992

lol, naïve at best, delusional at worst. Males are stronger than women, they would murder you easily. Don't let your overconfidence overtake you and expose you to danger.

No. 1254995

nah with proper training and fitness it is possible for a woman to overpower a skinnyfat scrote, its just not easy + uncommon. either way this isnt milk lol sorry 4 derail

No. 1255006

File: 1623585972266.jpg (7.7 MB, 2052x2352, thot_piece-hands.jpg)

No, anon. Just no.

No. 1255013

File: 1623587098224.jpeg (424.05 KB, 1920x1391, 20210613_014022.jpeg)

>Why is it so accurate
I can't do this shit anymore

Are these people joking or are they for real

No. 1255015

File: 1623587305766.png (542.58 KB, 479x827, man.png)

based delivery guy

No. 1255019

File: 1623587536409.jpg (1.34 MB, 2842x2128, PXL_20210612_124013813.jpg)

I saw this wall covered in handprints and some of them were stupid ace or pan flag themed. These two made me laugh though with the stereotypical names and the "woman's" handprint being larger than the "man's"

No. 1255023

File: 1623588344858.png (105.1 KB, 398x775, 420B58CC-4A37-46EF-8C38-5B6A07…)

well it’s great to hear that delivery man’s eyes are working well enough to be able to distinguish a man from a woman
i’m really hoping he saw the she/her pronoun pin and purposefully ignored it

No. 1255030

You're not considering the fact men are fucking crazy, a man will always beat a woman on sheer obsessive repetition. You can knock out some skinny dude once but the same dude would bludgeon you to death 100 times if that's what it took. Look up overkilling. It's not just about strength, though be aware a man your exact height and weight still has a higher muscle to fat percentage, stronger grip and stronger force of impact (kick/hit) than you.

No. 1255045

What’s with the lump lol You sure he got a bbl? That looks like from injectables, not fat transfer.

No. 1255065

That’s what came straight from the horses mouth.

No. 1255093

File: 1623594934508.png (163.14 KB, 720x1130, Screenshot_20210613-192850.png)

As a Black woman I hate this so fucking much, "Da Evil White man crested gender and all us pure Africans were living peaceful were Nobel progressive Savages"

No. 1255099

>brain and braun
i see they got neither

No. 1255113

silly anon, reddit doesn't allow actual lesbian or feminist subreddits

No. 1255117

File: 1623596950121.jpeg (273.09 KB, 1152x2048, 9C9446F6-7519-49BF-81BA-037BD9…)

Speaking of unwarranted levels of confidence..
> that fucking shirt kek

No. 1255124

I'll admit he almost passes better then most troons, maybe in a low quality image I'd think this was a woman but looking closely at any single part of his body reveals his gender
His waist, his arms, his face all scream male

No. 1255127

File: 1623597752867.jpg (322.75 KB, 1152x2048, thot_piece2.jpg)

He doesn't pass at all. He looks like a HSTS gay man. His face in particular, despite having had FFS. He's just not ugly or obese like most troons.

No. 1255128

It's the hairline for me. Even troons who haven't started to recede have the instantly clockable forehead and hairline

No. 1255129

why the fuck his face look like a leather handbag

No. 1255130

File: 1623598073696.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1131x1100, 4A436A1B-B553-4C27-9D4E-15271B…)

The hips

No. 1255131

File: 1623598115182.jpeg (67.79 KB, 539x1078, F1B04BFB-1F3A-498E-9653-425BE9…)

That’s because he’s had more surgeries than you can count on one hand in less than a year, anon

No. 1255132

File: 1623598180237.png (1.55 MB, 922x1088, supremedelusion.png)

why do they lie on the internet like this?

Are they blatantly lying or is it the extreme narcissism of their existence causing delusion?

No. 1255138

I totally believe people were staring at that

No. 1255147

It's not everyday you see a skinny man with moobs in a crop top

No. 1255152

How does he know they are cishet?

No. 1255153

Because of course they couldn't be icky gay or bi men, ew!

No. 1255172

That dick LMAO

No. 1255181

At least give a warning or something before you post literal mutilation, like I clicked off cause I knew what was coming and Id seen this before

No. 1255185

File: 1623602735199.png (63.68 KB, 187x235, 1622219276202.png)

Genuinely fuck you anon for not giving us a warning. Although I do have to ask, is this relevant to the MtF thread? Just looks like a nullo to me.

No. 1255189

No. 1255191

Thanks nonnies, I just clicked it and it was loading and I read your comments and scrolled down to escape, hrrr dodged a bullet

No. 1255196

Because he can smell them with his lady brain, duh!

No. 1255198

Its a guy cutting off his dick and putting it in some sort of vile btw

No. 1255214

It's just a cope.
>P-people totally find me hot and line up to fuck me!! terfs are just old crusty women jealous of my looks!!! It's not like I'm insecure about being a 25-year old male who could pass being in his early 40s stuffing himself in second-hand teenage e-girl gear!
Anyway I would absolutely stare at him too but only in horror.

No. 1255216

File: 1623604562439.jpeg (794.58 KB, 1125x925, BCA2F82C-246C-4766-83D2-695450…)

soz if posted already, made me lol

No. 1255217

mental illness

No. 1255223

File: 1623605419971.jpeg (52.5 KB, 500x373, C0CCF912-5730-4E42-BB96-F27BF8…)

The amount of trannies I’ve seen post similar shit to this is hilarious. They think they’re getting stared at because they’re attractive, when in reality they’re just horror cows.

No. 1255229

Anyone staring at Liam Neeson in shorts over here is not cishet

No. 1255230

Look at the montage of anime butts on the wall…and yuri of course. In case anyone wondered what the most common troon inspiration is. Both guy and the decor is gross.

No. 1255233

What is it with the weird obsession over arousing straight men?
It's so disturbing to me oftentimes because if any girl thought of stranger men staring at her ass or jacking off to her casual pics she'd be disgusted, but these people keep celebrating the fantasy of having dudes do it to them on their Twitters

It's like being female is just being a male sexual fantasy

No. 1255234

I mean, there's the obvious to be picked at here, but are they so delusional they can't even tell they have a flat ass? It's like they have BDD but reverse.

No. 1255245

File: 1623606697696.jpg (350.59 KB, 1152x2048, thot_piece3.jpg)

Because they are men. It's their only reference and the only way they are able to conceptualise womanhood - external male validation (and also internal, because they themselves are men).

Histrionic. It explains why they wear overtly sexual, inappropriate clothing and makeup.

No. 1255246

>mama why are you soft down there
Yes totally a thing a tiny child is likely to say, never mind writing a fiction about showing your genitals to a child is already pedophilic

>Hentai on the wall
Are we surprised

No. 1255247

>It's like being female is just being a male sexual fantasy
I mean for men? yeah. no shit it is.

No. 1255256

Google autogynephilia. Most of the troons suffer from it, unless they're self-hating gay men trying to be straight women instead. It explains all the "hot" selfies ITT very well.

No. 1255258

They same about being with a man in a relationship with a woman, they think they are better than actual women and that they are irresistible.

I was watching a video about indonesian trans ("waria"). And some of them would laught saying that they had boyfriends that were married men.

And after that, one of them say he will understand the moment his boyfriend dump him because he has to "procreate" and have kids.

LMAO, he wanted to delude himself into believing the only reason why he would eventually be dump would be because he can't have children.

Not because he's just a cumdumpster for degenerates.

Only men can be so narcissistic, delusional and degenerate at the same time(reddit spacing)

No. 1255261

File: 1623607469927.jpeg (536.53 KB, 1455x2048, BE17DED4-0794-435C-9CEA-E5EA33…)

Look at the back wall. If that doesn’t scream fetish I don't know what does.
Women wouldn’t dare put this crap on their walls.

No. 1255266

Stop with the reddit spacing. Saged for no contribution.

No. 1255267

>That reflection in the mirror
Dude legitimately looks like the weird perverted brother who stole his sister's clothes and is trying them on.

>Surrounded with capitalistic ultraconsoomer merch
>Paying big pharma to get vanity bolt-ons
>Huge hammer and sickle tankie tattoo on thigh
You can't make this shit up.

No. 1255273

Was about to say the same thing about >>1255245

No. 1255314

These are man hands.

No. 1255320

I love how he assumes these random strangers are 'cishet' when it benefits him

No. 1255341

Was just going to post something similar. Listen, it's athletic males that change pronouns and compete with women, not your average gamer moid. If a woman is stronger than an average man, than you're going to be stronger than the below average ones. But as you said, when it comes to violence, their testicle addled brains allow them to be a lot more dangerous. Women just don't have the same killing intent and men are more likely, if not exclusively able to have homicidal delusions for the sake of sheer torture and murder.

No. 1255358

>Homestuck tattoo
That shit turned so many people into trannies, god.

No. 1255367

>troonism is explicitly created and enabled by capitalism
It’s like poetry. Do these retards really think they’d be allowed to exist under communism and be given free horse piss and botched tits for jerking off in the basement all day?

No. 1255380

I detest the assertion of these TRAs and libfems that white men invented sex-based oppression. As if scrotes of other races weren't already rapey, violent pigs for their entire existence.(racebait)

No. 1255385

They see male attraction as validating their womanhood.

No. 1255393

Wait weren't most homestuck fans girls, I can't think of any online spaces where there were any significant male homestuck fans

No. 1255398

File: 1623618602261.jpeg (675.3 KB, 1626x2033, 747DB8ED-4A52-4C6D-AD47-F3154F…)

I played bingo and came so close, ladies. I should get an extra point since he has both a hammer and sickle and a pentacle tattoo kek.
Tumblr was filled with moids obsessed with Hussie.

No. 1255404

Imagine going to visit this guy at his house and you see all that. Plastering your fetish all over your house is cringey as fuck

No. 1255407

The bingo needs to be re-arranged cause you can never get a horizontal bingo in the middle row cause you can't have both fat tumors and implant titties.

No. 1255413

File: 1623619700896.jpg (106.27 KB, 675x1200, wp5463040.jpg)

The Dreamworks smirk should be added.

No. 1255415

why is there so many cute biological girls dating trannies? i don't get it

No. 1255455

File: 1623622399472.jpg (26.68 KB, 300x232, brainwashing-1m0571k-300x232.j…)

No. 1255465

>cute biological girls dating trannies

No. 1255485

"so many?"

No. 1255530

kek the hammer and sickle tat. capitalism gave you those bolt-ons, faggot

i think this anon just hit peak trans. i remember realizing the same thing and there was no going back from there

No. 1255536


*why are so many cute girls/women getting shanghai'd into relationships with gross men who troon out then who hold them hostage in their own relationship only to gaslight and use their good will

Fixed for you anon. Those women are getting tricked. I sincerely doubt any of those women hook up with a TIM dude after he trooned out. 5hey wouldn't be bitching so much about not getting dates with real women on reddit if so. Most seem super butt man straight and lesbian women won't play peetend with them. Most date them because the man trooned out during the course of the relationship.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255539

True. fucking sad

I've seen a handful you wouldn't believe.
>>1251045 is a sad exemple of it. They could have so much better yet they settle down for this

No. 1255549

his fucking voice why do they all sound the same this just feels like a parody of being a woman

No. 1255610


Everything they do is an ott parody of stereotypical womanhood. It's embarrassing. And makes them so easy to clock and impossible to support.

No. 1255710

>because you're fat
>because you're infected
>because you're a rapist

No. 1255735

Zoomer weeb FTMs maaaybe otherwise where

No. 1255747

I had to hide this image before I could stop laughing

No. 1255766

his head is like a peanut, why do they take soo much jaw fucking lol

No. 1255818

physiognomy is legit. trust your gut and if you see a creepy looking face, chances are they're a creep. jeff the killer lookin ass.

No. 1255833

File: 1623645624503.png (716.83 KB, 720x1133, Screenshot_20210614-094026.png)

Sage for OT and fandom sperg, back when the comic still hadn't ended and Homestuck was at peak popularity I'd say 60-65% of the fandom was teen girls and the rest teen boys, these gender queers or whatever started infesting the fandom much later in the late 2010's
2 developments in particular led to an increase in TIMs in the fandom, one was the presterquest side game which implied the fan favorite Vriska was actually Trans and also some TIM winning a content that Hussy had set up him which allowed said TIM to make any canonical change to the series and the TIM wanted to the Alternate universe female version of the MC to be a "Trans girl" and Hussy agreed

No. 1255841

File: 1623646426003.jpg (317.55 KB, 1208x1182, newpic.jpg)

the third symptom was obviously "arousal". altho i honestly think this might be satire and just can't tell anymore

No. 1255874

I thought them claiming to menstruate was bad enough. Now they’re ovulating too. And we are “terfs” if we don’t take these idiots completely seriously.

No. 1255892

File: 1623650164677.jpg (28.44 KB, 250x547, kev.jpg)

I thought this was Kevin Gibes and wondered what the fuck happened.

No. 1255901

When will libfems wake up and see what kind of freaks they're supporting.

No. 1255906

File: 1623651486052.jpeg (43.33 KB, 574x555, D586600C-C858-46F0-8746-B669C4…)

I’ve been wondering for a while who would be the first troon to claim they experience mittelschmerz. Seems we’re getting close.

No. 1255936

Funny how a fandom known for being comprised mainly of geeky, emotional preteen girls became invaded by adult TIMs after a few years of being known by the public. A lot of the initial group became hardcore handmaidens or genderspecials, but none of them like any of the newer material, or even the latter part of the original comic. It's nice to see that some of them got out, like yourself. It feels like a cringy, but otherwise innocent comic turned into a breeding ground for grooming.
Also sage for sperg.

No. 1256014

Are you this new? Do you think this hasn't been done a million times yet? Troons get subreddits about PCOS and pregnancy banned for being "trans-exclusionary" in 15 minutes. It's absolutely futile.

No. 1256097

nonnie you missed the 'free dilate' space and you know he also has a speshul unique name so its definitely a bingo

No. 1256130

File: 1623671276117.jpeg (66.14 KB, 600x787, 22D19F39-AE43-47CF-A377-E6E8DA…)

Bless u, anon. I wasn’t sure whether to use the name space but ….. Bingo!!!!

It’s pathetic when they tick all of these boxes of being an AGP, especially on that bingo card. They say they want to be a woman so bad yet behave like a devolved sex obsessed mongrel with zero critical thought.

No. 1256237

File: 1623682602800.png (16.89 KB, 399x118, w9NyP7G.png)

and of course, a MtF creator is going off in his music about torturing women.

No. 1256241

Sewerslvt is trans? i have terrible taste in music and enjoyed a couple of their songs for the nostalgia factor but this is so uncomfortable

No. 1256244

yes, this is gossip but his real name is sheldon. back when he had a public twitter i confirmed that he is trans myself.

No. 1256247

File: 1623683880997.jpg (120.79 KB, 1478x356, IMG_20210614_171357.jpg)

He also writes songs about child rape and mutilation.

No. 1256251

File: 1623683988875.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.1 KB, 700x601, IMG_20210614_171536.jpg)

He even used a child corpse on his album

No. 1256269

File: 1623685810489.jpeg (21.34 KB, 316x202, 41BB2254-0E7F-4BE2-A80B-D47799…)

JFC that’s sick. i enjoyed his music but i guess MtF trannies just aren’t human

No. 1256277

File: 1623686291153.png (650.15 KB, 828x1792, 5D9EA73F-9112-4DC3-86A5-B4D340…)

i just got an ad for this “midol” thing on youtube, and for some reason they use the word MENSTRATORS for women who have periods???? idk it just made me really fucking annoyed

No. 1256280

No apologies for periods but gotta censor women. Okay.

No. 1256282

It's actually proof of the double standard and why so many dudes are trooning out. If people knew they were a pathetic man whining about their shit life, everyone would laugh. But when everyone is under the impression that they're a sad, uwu, woe is me alt-chick? Everyone loves them. I was never a fan, I never even cared to look at their music videos until today and hell.Everything about them is so male it hurts.

The song titles are literally
>" Cry for help"
> "someone please help me"
>"I'm so lonely"
> " I'm gonna kill myself."

Then suddenly sexually.
>"I'm getting off"
>"Soak those panties"

And then violent lmao.

>" I'm going to cut whores into pieces"

>"Crush those sluts"

No. 1256289

How about you say sorry to the homeless women you could've helped with period necessities instead of interviewing these twats.

No. 1256291

Is that text by a tranny? I wouldn't be surprised because who else would be so bitter to call women menstruators

No. 1256294

Yeah the more I look the more I realize MtFs are all cope no human. It's sad watching these things thrash around in the real world. It's like seeing a mutated bird without wings or eyes trying to launch itself into flight. Most humane thing to do is take em out back.

No. 1256302

I watched the ad. No wonder.. there's a they/them, lol.

No. 1256304

Fuck this erasure of women.

No. 1256317

Sewerslvt sent degenerate pictures of himself into his own Discord server

No. 1256342

File: 1623691035547.jpg (67.54 KB, 634x685, 44210601-9684949-Wow_It_comes_…)

>Face literally looks like a mask

>Body looks like something someone made in a videogame character creator.
>Some doctor actually said this looks good.
Historians will look back at this era and say that something hilarious was the cause.

No. 1256345

jesus christ he just keeps getting weirder and weirder everytime i see him - he's def gonna kill himself within the next 5 years OR get put in some sort of facility

No. 1256346

I can imagine he's in constant pain and addicted to medications.

No. 1256349

Uhm this is actually really problematic, sweaty. When menstruators talk about their icky gross period and their menstruator problems it could give a real woman who might be present dysphoria because she doesn't have a uterus to bleed out of. Like yes, trans girls get periods too obviously but they don't need to hear about the gross menstruators problems when they bleed out of their birthing holes, they should really sit back and be quiet and only let the real women (with girly penises) speak about these issues.

Very transphobic advertisement #CancelMidol

No. 1256356

Man, never trust a fucking tranny. I thought I was just being rudefem-my for not listening to his music anymore since finding out he was trans, but I guess it just proves you shouldnt ever give them the benefit of the doubt, ever.

No. 1256357

He's gonna die from his body malfunctioning.

No. 1256369

ALSO i don't realy get their whole point abt women apologizing for their periods - like the only period of time i've every been actually embarrassed of periods was when i was in middle school and just started getting them (while at the same time going thru all the icky weird puberty shit). now it's just something that i'm used too - and yeah cramps and pms are a part of it, but i don't really ever say sorry to anyone about it (like bro, if everyone's matured over the age of 15, then they know what periods are and are usually pretty empathetic/considerate in my experience).

idk, maybe i'm just young and never really had to deal with super assholes, but their whole campaign (about having to apologize? for periods? and making "all women" feel included) just seems turbo retarded.

No. 1256405

Trannies will do everything but put on some strip lashes. Like 2 in the history of these threads have ever made the effort

No. 1256423

They believe that overloading their bodies on estrogen will cause their brains to send chemicals to organs they don't have, and that they will experience the associated side effects. It's one of those things that sounds like it could be plausible if you didn't know anything about how the brain works.

Fun article to send to delusional trannies:

No. 1256437

I keep getting this commerical and the first time I saw "Menstruaters" I rolled my eyes. The video is about not saying sorry and feeling bad, but…uh trannies whine all the time about how women talking about their periods, "Hurts their feelings" or "Depresses them". They make women feel bad for talking about our bodies.
How many posts here have we seen trannies basically try to shut women down because, "You are complaining about something, I'll never have".
This is retarded.

No. 1256456

>we spoke to real menstruators
>real menstruators

I want to commint aliven't so bad right now, what the hell. Someone stop the ride, I want out.

The deal here might not be about including MtFs, I would guess it's so that FtMs don't feel bad bc "weh weh not everyone who menstruates is a woman!!! I am a man and I get periods!!" Or it might be the case of both.(integrate better)

No. 1256457

I've seen some terminal handmaidens use it as well, that it's "more scientifically accurate" or whatever. On the tranny side I see aidens and female themlets use it more than their male counterparts, MtF troons are more likely to say "women with dicks" than "people with dicks".

No. 1256472

File: 1623698190138.jpeg (192.45 KB, 828x1260, aWIYQus.jpeg)

His justification for using Junko Furuta's murder as an "aesthetic" for his music.
>To me, this innocent teenage girl who was tortured and murdered represents my own resilience to pain and suffering uwu
The way they don't even see women and girls as real human beings, but retarded symbols to reflect back onto themselves makes me want to puke.

No. 1256487

Only trannies wax philosophical about their horrible ethics like this. So many words used, just to say "I only care about myself."

No. 1256544

File: 1623701125100.png (Spoiler Image,630.02 KB, 1052x1248, sewerslvt.png)

Here's some examples, sorry for the autistic collage.

No. 1256548

Pretty sure this is also the tranny artist rym was split on for his other projects cause one of them used audio from a live-streamed suicide

Dudes just an edge lord and always has been

No. 1256553

File: 1623701751232.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>being so fat cellulite shows upfront on your thighs
When will the world wake up? those troons are inhumane

No. 1256557

Lmao that veiny arm and neck

No. 1256579

imagine preferring to be called a menstruator because you find the term woman so offensive

No. 1256592

Because low testosterone and abundance of estrogen makes them crave food

No. 1256593

they do this irl too.. I recently mentioned to a friend about my 39 eu shoe size being big for a female and shoes being hard to find where I live, and this troon next to us commented "WELL MINE IS 44 IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL". This delusional dude thought I didn't know he's a troon.

No. 1256611

There's some merit to a bio woman who uses this kind of imagery, because you could argue that it's tied to our shared experiences and fears as women. But when trannies use it it's two dimensional, it's inherently a cheap aesthetic or costume because there's no deeper understanding of the pain of being female. Sage for sperging

No. 1256677

Crazy how out of all the terms available it was the most dehumanising one that broke through. Even if you wanted to be supportive of trans women, surely "people with periods" would be better than "menstruators." Jesus, why don't they just call us baby factories or cum dumpsters?

No. 1256685

>has anyone experiences of symptoms of ovulation
>obviously I can't ovulate

Lmao. this is like getting a UTI and then taking to twitter to discuss your bladder cancer symptoms

No. 1256699

File: 1623707597807.jpeg (48.88 KB, 599x338, 229B9831-4438-4418-8FD5-354AAE…)

No. 1256706

File: 1623707878433.jpg (493.63 KB, 1210x595, Untitled237 (1).jpg)

No. 1256708

Oof if it's the audio I am thinking of, the girl in that one was literally twelve. Sick.

No. 1256712

Chaka Khan I'm Every Woman

No. 1256714

File: 1623708143901.jpg (609.43 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20210614-225838.jpg)

Feeling guilty for making a very obvious and valid observation. Tranny husband, not even once.

No. 1256725

Ngl I thought this was drawn by gimpgirl for a minute kek

No. 1256738

i don't really feel bad tho, she's clearly retarded so it's partly her own fault for putting up w and encouraging his deranged bullshit

No. 1256742

Beware of false flag https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/325925873
>t. lurker

No. 1256743

>Then I remind myself that I have seen her curled up in the bed sobbing crying because her dysphoria is so bad and I'm just grateful that we have the ability to take that away

Jesus fucking Christ a woman with PCOS denied services because they're "cosmetic" and she's babying a fucking tranny through discounted or free bimbofication because she knows he'll be clocked otherwise?

The absolute lunacy. These women deserve better.

No. 1256750

Just a Tuesday on lc

No. 1256775

True. But the shilling has intensified since May 7 according to archive. I'm sure troons is behind it

No. 1256882

>trying to understand what that sort of torment would've felt like
Very telling… Fellow menstruators, I know we all daydream about having been kidnapped as teenagers by worthless half-brained scrotes, trapped for 40 days, raped by appendages, matches, bottles, and metal rods, beaten, burned, force-fed yet malnourished, and eventually murdered because a man lost a board game, but have you ever really put herself in her place and imagined the incredible sensations? No? Then Move Aside So The Real Women Can Take Over, fucking bleeders

No. 1256895

Beautiful artwork anon. That fat manlet in the loli shirt looks exactly like this one troon that followed me and my ex around an anime con for the better part of an hour a few years ago. We ended up confronting him and he went on a gross sperg about how obsessed he was with the characters we were cosplaying and showed us the porn doujinshi he'd just bought. Anime and autism are a dangerous combination.

No. 1257018

File: 1623726097884.webm (334.11 KB, 640x360, ext_tw_video.webm)

Sage for no real milk, just posting a short clip from an old criminal minds episode

No. 1257033

went from apologizing for having periods to apologizing for being a women

No. 1257070

Handmaidens are pathetic

No. 1257088

>62% of menstruators under 40 have apologized for their period
Dehumanizing language aside, it's so funny how they can acknowledge certain things (like the kind of relentless misogyny and social conditioning that can make you apologize for bleeding), as well as the shame "menstruators" face just for being, you know, a certain kind of person who bleeds, almost like sex based discrimination occurs. Exactly the kind of thing they're pretending doesn't happen as a way to deny women male-free spaces. And isn't it funny how the Westerners made up gender, but women and girls throughout the world for centuries have been treated poorly and denied care just for having their periods? What about those girls who are made to live in huts while they bleed, are they going to write a cutesy slogan for them too?
Also, real menstruators is so hilarious and unintentionally twansphobic. Real menstruators, real people who bleed, not sperm producers who fake their uwu girl period with tomato juice and stolen used tampons. I love it, this whole thing is such a trainwreck.

No. 1257179

File: 1623739091307.jpeg (275.09 KB, 640x1062, CF7A3165-8B9A-48ED-AC2F-5B563A…)

The bbc is so obsessed with trannies I can’t take it anymore. Stunning and brave articles every day. Check out this blind faggot who is lucky enough not to be able to see his ugliness clearly.
“Valentina Petrillo could this year become the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Paralympics. For the visually impaired Italian, selection for the national squad would be a dream come true - but she says she understands why other athletes may have doubts and questions about racing against her.
"I'm happy as a woman and running as a woman is all I want. I couldn't ask for more," says Valentina Petrillo.
"I've got a fire inside me, that pushes me. An emotional strength. Obviously, my body's not what it was at 20 when I was at my peak, but my happiness pushes me to go further, to go beyond my limits."
Passionate about running from an early age, Petrillo's aspirations were seemingly dashed at the age of 14, when she was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a degenerative eye condition, for which there is no cure.
After finishing school in her hometown of Naples, she moved to Bologna at the age of 20 to study computer science at the Institute for the Blind. Here she took up sport again, becoming a member of Italy's national five-a-side football team for people with sight loss.
finally started running again, winning 11 national titles in three years in the male T12 category for athletes with visual impairment.
She is now 47, and recognises that this is her last chance to compete at the Paralympics, but she wants to keep running whether she gets to Tokyo or not.
In fact, it was only last September that she ran her first official race as a female para-athlete - at the Italian Paralympics Championship, where she won gold in the 100m, 200m and 400m T12 events.
Short presentational grey line
Growing up in Naples in the 1970s, Petrillo says she was a "streetwise kid" who often got into fist fights.
"I defended my brother who's three years older than me! Until four years ago, if you'd talked to Fabrizio (the name Petrillo was given at birth), Fabrizio would have given you the idea he was sexist. He was a tough guy who'd speak dismissively of women and then be a woman in his private space."
She clearly remembers the day when, aged nine, she put on her mother's skirt for the first time, "It was an incredible emotion. It was like touching heaven with your finger tip," she says.
But she knew better than to tell anyone; by coincidence, she had a transgender cousin, whom her uncle had thrown out of the house.
And so Valentina continued life, as she puts it, "dressing up as a man".
She achieved everything society expected of her - good grades at school, a stable job, a wife, a son - but still she wasn't happy.
There was no triggering event but on 14 July 2017, she realised she could no longer suppress her secret.
"I hadn't planned it. I was in bed with my wife, about to fall asleep, and I said 'Remember I told you I once dressed up as a woman?' She said yes. I said, 'In reality it wasn't once, I do it every day.'"
With her wife's support - after the initial shock - Valentina started living as a woman in 2018, and in January 2019 she began hormone therapy, which affected her physically and emotionally.
"My metabolism has changed. I'm not the energetic person I was. In the first months of transition I put on 10kg, I can't eat the way I did before, I became anaemic, my haemoglobin is low, I'm always cold, I don't have the same physical strength, my sleep isn't what it was, I have mood swings," she says.
"I'm not the same as before. Fabrizio no longer exists."
Hormone therapy for trans women is designed to lower testosterone levels and raise oestrogen levels to the typical values in women.
Quantities of both hormones are measured in a unit called a mole. Before starting therapy, Petrillo would have had about 20 nanomoles of testosterone in a litre of her blood (20 billionths of a mole). Since 2015, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has required female athletes to have less than five nanomoles of testosterone per litre of blood, while most women have fewer than two nanomoles per litre. Petrillo is now consistently well below the two-nanomoles-per-litre level.
Six months after starting treatment she had lost about 11 seconds in the 400m and 2.5 seconds in her speciality, the 200m. But it was a sacrifice she embraced.
As a sportsperson, to accept that you won't go as fast as before is difficult. I had to accept this compromise, because it is a compromise, for my happiness."
It has become Petrillo's motto: "Better to be a slow happy woman than a fast unhappy man."
In reality, she is not slow, just slower, as her gold medals in last September's Italian Paralympics championships attest.
She has also fared well in competition against non-disabled women, some of whom have protested that a trans woman has a major advantage.
Fausta Quilleri, a lawyer from Brescia and a runner in the over-35s "Master" category, last month sent a petition to the president of the Italian Athletics Federation and the ministries for Equal Opportunities and Sport challenging Petrillo's right to compete in women's races.
"Her physical superiority is so evident as to make competition unfair," she says, arguing that the IOC's exclusive focus on testosterone "makes no sense" when physique is also a factor.
More than 30 female Master athletes signed the petition.
"If she wants to run with us we would be happy for her to do so. We will always welcome her but we don't want her to compete with us for titles," Quilleri says.
Petrillo was hurt that some of the women at one event refused to be photographed with her, but says she understands their reaction.
"I asked myself, 'Valentina, if you were a biological woman and had a Valentina, a trans, racing against you, how would you feel?' And I gave myself answers - astonishment, confusion and doubt. I would have those things as a woman. So I believe these doubts and questions are legitimate."
However, she defends her right to compete in the women's category.
"I respect and comply with the IOC and World Athletics rules, I do the tests. I don't feel like I'm stealing anything from anyone."

No. 1257186

File: 1623739335538.jpeg (70.88 KB, 800x533, FCB3DA7C-FC2A-44CB-B797-719C6E…)

Petrillo is taking part in studies led by Joanna Harper, at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at the University of Loughborough in the UK, on the precise effects of hormone therapy on trans women athletes.
A transgender runner herself, Harper has been in the unique position of studying the effects of hormone therapy on athletic performance first hand.
"Transgender women are on average taller, bigger and stronger than cisgender women (women who identify with the sex and gender they were assigned at birth) even after hormone therapy, and those are advantages in many sports," she says.
But there is another side to it, she points out.
"Transgender women are now powering their larger frames with reduced muscle mass and reduced aerobic capacity and that can lead to disadvantages in terms of things like quickness, recovery and endurance."
Valentina Petrillo training
image captionPetrillo is 182cm tall - just under 6ft - and still 6kg (13lb) heavier than she used to be
It will take at least 10 more years of research to fully understand the effect of hormone therapy, Harper says. In some sports trans women will need a handicap, she suggests, but how much handicap isn't yet clear.
"Hormone therapy won't turn trans women into cis women but the goal, in terms of sports, is to mitigate the advantages that trans women gain by virtue of going through male puberty, to the point where you can have meaningful competition between trans women and cis women."
Meaningful competition is the key to defining all sporting categories, starting with the division of men and women, says Harper, author of the book Sporting Gender. From tall basketball players to left-handed fencers, acceptable advantage exists in sports all the time. "What we don't allow is overwhelming advantage, so we don't let heavyweight boxers get in the ring with flyweight boxers," she says.
"There are many people who don't think that trans women should be allowed to compete at all, and then there are many other people who think that trans women should be allowed to compete simply based on gender identity. And I believe in a middle-ground policy, where we allow for inclusion of trans women but have restrictions that are based on the physiology of sport and the biology of sex."
Short presentational grey line
No openly transgender athlete has yet competed at the Olympics or Paralympics, but this year that looks likely to change. Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, a trans woman like Petrillo, is in contention for a place in New Zealand's Olympic squad. Canadian Ness Murby, who competed in discus throw at the 2016 Paralympics, also recently came out as a trans man, and has been selected for the Tokyo games.
An article by Outsports names other trans women hoping to compete at the Olympics, but Petrillo is the only potential trans woman Paralympian mentioned.
She describes her life today as a visually impaired transgender athlete as an arduous journey that is far from over, but she is keen to share her story.
"I think my example is positive, of a trans person who does a sport they love," she says. "Maybe if I'd seen a Valentina on TV when I was an adolescent, my choices would have been different."
Valentina Petrillo en route this week to the European Para Athletics championship in Poland
image captionValentina Petrillo en route this week to the European Para Athletics championship in Poland
This is why she agreed to have her story fully documented on film - 5 Nanomoles: The Olympic dream of a trans woman will be released next year. She says making the documentary has helped her to get through some of the darkest moments of her journey, and surprised her too.
"Valentina is enjoying making this film! She really is and I'd never have imagined it. This is another thing that Fabrizio would never have done: Fabrizio would never have spoken on TV, or given interviews, or put himself out there. But Valentina does."
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-57338207(integrate, you autist)

No. 1257207

idk if this is considered off topic but I wonder how many anons ran in the same online circle as me back in the day, mostly on twitter and moreso on Facebook. does the name Ramona Knives ring any bells

No. 1257210

No. If it’s a mtf tranny post pictures and milk.

No. 1257212

unsure if we switched topics from sewerslvt but he also took footage of a young boy dying from a heroine overdose and used it in a music video, it was gross and heartbreaking.

No. 1257215

File: 1623743693217.png (47.85 KB, 641x375, 1W4Z8qm.png)

idk what he's up to
(besides seeing he's popular on twitter) but the guy I named back in 2015-2018 was obsessed with dating young black lesbians and then trying to tell people publicly that the newly 18 girls abused him and their claims of abuse against himself were unfounded. picrel is old but him; he's got a babymother and son.

No. 1257225

File: 1623744393801.jpeg (216.41 KB, 640x615, 5A7618DF-2413-4569-9C83-44161A…)

>you can’t hide away from the obvious
I couldn’t agree more, Penny.
https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1c9qWxLjZ78kCBNZlPNQCm0/older-lgbt-people-tell-their-stories(integrate, you autist)

No. 1257227

he got male privilege, more educational and career opportunities then his fellow women but damn did he suffer, poor guy

No. 1257232

Seeing those teeth I immediately knew the link was going to end in .co.uk

No. 1257237

because they're girlfriends prior to transition who for various reasons stick around during the process. They almost all leave a year or two later, ime. Wives with children usually stick it out for longer, but most eventually divorce within 5 years or so.

No. 1257242

File: 1623748471582.png (195.34 KB, 1368x512, Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 10.08…)

(picrel) does anyone remember reading about the reddit mtf wife whose husband had his balls cut off and the surgeon sent her a picture of them on a tray? He went to a nude female swim after surgery, with his cock but no balls self, now he's a girl and all kek. There was the option for a private changing room, but he declined, and went in the showers with teen girls. It was all over gc reddit, everyone was livid. Anyway, update for those who remember, I looked them up recently and she's currently going through IVF. I think they already had 3 or 4 children, one severely disabled. No sex life for years, which she was crying about. She's clearly fucking miserable. Why on earth did she want another child by this man? sage for boring post.

No. 1257259

i mean it would still be psychotically narcissistic even if it was done by a woman, it being done by an insane tranny is rly just the icing on the cake

No. 1257298

That, or very young bi/lesbian women who had the misfortune of being completely surrounded by TRAs after coming out. I’ve seen 18-20 year old girls be immediately targeted by transbians and agreeing to a relationship out of pure peer pressure.
Think you’re vulnerable and insecure as a baby lesbian? Now imagine being a trans lesbian! You want to be welcoming and inclusive, don’t you? You don’t want to be a bigot, do you? If you want to be given a chance and accepted for who you are, it’s only fair that you give Dennis Alice a chance, too! And then they’re stuck, because everything a TIM does is valid and brave even if it’s clearly abusive. They can’t help it, it’s because they’re so oppressed! Don’t like PIV sex because you’re a lesbian? Um yikes that’s kind of problematic sweaty, better unlearn that.

Some of these girls are from legitimately homophobic families which means they have zero support anywhere. In other cases the families aren’t even really homophobic but simply not up to date with the latest woke dogma, which to a brainwashed person is practically the same thing as being homophobic. They’re groomed to believe that anyone but their new Rainbow Family is bigoted, ignorant and will never understand them. Whenever anyone outside the woke circle questions Dennis Alice’s abusive behaviour, that’s just confirmation that TIMs are horribly misunderstood and oppressed and it’s their, the cis-privileged lesbian’s, duty to protect their vulnerable girlfriend from the bigots. I believe this is a big part of the reason that older women and particularly older lesbians are actively maligned as terves and Karens (do not interact!!), because if anyone is going to tell these girls to DTMFA it’s them.

TL;DR typical abusive relationship dynamics, backed up by cult-like social environment

No. 1257304

File: 1623758403855.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, uhh1.png)

My friend just sent me this and she said it's from a FF14 server. I am CACKLING at the cope

No. 1257305

File: 1623758438032.png (398.98 KB, 750x1334, uhh2.png)

No. 1257318

There are TIM moments that fill you with disgust. fear and existential dread and there are moments like this, the pure cringe and embarrassment you feel, you can't even laugh at them, I remember when Philosophy Tube made a tweet about turning into a cat girl with a filtered picture of himself(you can find it on the breadtube thread) and I had to get up and physically pace around the room to recover from the truckload of cringe

No. 1257400

Ich Habe kein penis and Ich muss CUM(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257405

XIV is infested with coomers and trannies. I ignore any female avatars with slut glams, especially if they are viera or miqo'tes. It's honestly gross.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257425

From my exp most of the troons are aura and miqotes, but especially auras

Unironically happy that people hate lalafells that I can just play without getting unwanted attention

No. 1257445

Occam's razor says that they're straight women who see them as men but play pretend with their super special gender identity.

What is it with troons and women's sports? Like there seems to suddenly be a disproportionate amount of men eating horse piss pills participating in female sports, I don't get it. Are male athletes scared that their life will be over when their career ends at a relatively young age and they have nothing else left? Or is it the trauma of masculinity like how a lot of army vets troon out too? There's so much to unpack here.

No. 1257450

File: 1623774233092.jpeg (642.11 KB, 1125x1769, 1771EC6B-7748-4AFD-9195-F47376…)

This is a troon.

No. 1257451

File: 1623774294941.jpeg (271.45 KB, 1112x1383, ABEFDB18-64E4-4527-8AF8-E31F55…)

Acting like he’s the victim. You’re not changed, you’re a rapist in a dress.

No. 1257454

File: 1623774593912.png (54.33 KB, 599x269, Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 17.29…)

dw guys he's just asking for a friend

No. 1257461

>It hurts because I'm not a sexual predator anymore
Huh? So he wishes he was still one?

No. 1257462

why do they parade around this shit like a badge of honor?

No. 1257468

dude based his username on junko furuta, used loli porn as his album cover, used a picture of an actual fucking dead child as an album cover, used videos of people killing themselves in one of his music videos, sampled an audio of a real kid calling 911 because their brother killed himself, and now made a song named "tortured lesbians ripped apart", and he still has a following. i'm now pretty sure he could actually kill someone and get away with it.

No. 1257489

drop the username i want to comb through the milk

No. 1257499

>I would have become a sexual predator
>I'm not a sexual predator anymore
He can't even be honest when he's trying to be, can he? This is just another example of a dangerous man trooning out to get free access to more victims, and/or to get a free pass from all the heinous shit he's done (or will do).

No. 1257503

>tried to pressure her
There isn't really a trying to pressure someone? You either put pressure on or you didn't. Just because you were unsuccessful in getting what you wanted doesn't mean you weren't pressuring, what the fuck.

Oh yeah, we're really going to tell a predator the legitimate uses for date rape drugs so he can find a way to obtain them legally. Is there a reason he can't google? Doesn't want that on his google history when the police come knocking, huh?

No. 1257522

Why would he tell on himself though, getting ahead of someone exposing him?

No. 1257543

File: 1623783373845.png (637.05 KB, 576x891, Screenshots_2021-06-15-11-48-1…)

>Trying a more natural look
The troon stare is so off-putting.

No. 1257557

psychosis eyes

No. 1257570

File: 1623785608250.jpg (90.69 KB, 584x1510, Sanpaku.jpg)

Off topic, but the fuck is going on in there? You'd think we'd all have common enemies.

>Hate degenerate scrotes.
>Hate degenerates

Unless /pol/ has changed drastically, it's been forever since I actually browsed that shit. Just my two cents.

Never forget the eye chart.(newfag)

No. 1257587

Nooooo dude what I didn’t even know he was trans and I loved his music. This is truly disheartening, fuck.

No. 1257590

/pol/ nowadays is just trannies and feds larping as neonazis.

No. 1257597

ShesMyCupofTea is the wife. MtF husband is ImHerCupofTea.

No. 1257598

samefag. He's deleted a fair amount, he used to be a prolific poster. I can't find the nude swim story. It's probably in the GC archive.

No. 1257606

File: 1623789231754.jpg (78.21 KB, 750x852, another day another twitter sh…)

Last time I used /pol/ everyone was debating if Peter Coffin's wife was real.

>Just everyday erasure of women.

No. 1257613

It's weird how he talks about people not recognizing transwomens "Accomplishments" but he doesn't mention one.
The only "Accomplishment" I see trans brag about, is that whole, "A transwoman started the riots" which is a lie and, "Women want to look like transwomen, we started lacefronts, BBL's were meant for us!"

nothing important or even true.

No. 1257614

Underrated comment this is sending me

No. 1257616

File: 1623791171440.jpg (199.91 KB, 601x945, bvbvbvb.jpg)

a tranny is a rapey creep? and nowadays he larps as his sexist views of women and wants to get into women's bathrooms? color me surprised! please tell him how brave he is and now he is not a perverted creepy man anymore now that he wants to wear womens skin uwu

No. 1257617

How is he even alive at this point? He's had so many surgeries and plastic shit installed into him, at some point he had those fucking ab implants too. It's astounding that he can still function and hasn't passed away on the surgery table, I can't imagine how fucked his internal organs are.

>Sensible observations regarding double standards and privilege and losing someone you fell in love with is "Bad brain thoughts"
>Help me brainwash myself back into self-sacrificing myself for my mentally ill manwife!
If I didn't know better I'd say r/mypartneristrans is just a gendercrit sub in disguise. Also love how in the recent threads a FTM is posting about her cis boyfriend not accepting her transitioning and people are extremely understanding towards his feelings while women married to male troons are just told to unlearn their bigoted transphobia.

No. 1257631

File: 1623793139165.jpeg (480.85 KB, 1242x2296, 3DE7A1DA-91FE-498B-88E2-87AD51…)

I know you guys are just dying to be updated but our long faced friend here just did a face reveal post surgery. FFS doctors just out here scamming people lmao

No. 1257633

I would ask for a refund kek. he looks like an oblivion character now. Also, do you have before photos?

No. 1257634

File: 1623793728131.png (166.62 KB, 301x398, dd.PNG)

No. 1257635

Dat 'tism stare

No. 1257642

Cut the doc some slack, they did the best they could trying to turn a massive man's foot into a woman's face kek.
Check the previous thread.

No. 1257651

File: 1623794535153.png (4.98 MB, 2880x1292, Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 6.02…)

cool header, lefty femgirl uwu. clearly you're not a creep anymore.

No. 1257656

File: 1623795126093.png (462.42 KB, 769x585, A271CFB9-08EF-45F4-B5FC-C0FBC7…)

No. 1257659

It’s been discussed before in a previous thread either here or another imageboard and it really opened my eyes to the pattern. Pregnancy is one of the only, if not THE only time a woman is the center of a family unit. Her and the child are constantly being watched over and cared for, whereas before she’d most likely be an aside relative to the head of the household.
Moids can’t take that they aren’t the center of attention for once, and forcibly take it back from the woman by trooning out.

No. 1257663

I'm so curious, what does his skull look like? I've never seen a face like that before it's hilarious.

No. 1257664

Yup, that and they assume they have the woman “locked down” after they marry and impregnate her, so she’ll have a harder time leaving if they troon out. It’s 100% a trap and attention seeking behavior.

No. 1257701

>we were in a dom sub relationship, he was the dom
her first mistake was trusting a man who's into bdsm

No. 1257710

File: 1623799584836.png (85.06 KB, 915x313, lisa-the-lesbian.png)

You are literally a gender conforming heterosexual dude

No. 1257711

This is just off the top of my head but I've heard that it's also common for domestic abuse to begin or worsen after a woman gives birth. It's not just her getting attention but also jealousy that all her attention is now on the child, plus now he's under pressure to focus on the child and not himself too. Add in all the existential and life stress that comes with having a child that these men are grossly unprepared for.

Imagine trooning out and ruining your life and family because you can't step outside yourself enough to handle becoming a parent when you CHOSE to do so.

No. 1257712

>What else could I possibly do?!

Stay the fuck away from actual lesbians, that's what you can do

No. 1257723

>Necklace made out of bullets
>Some of the bullets are painted with trans flag colors
>The other bullets (being worn by a whole ass man) are painted with the lesbian flag colors
How much effort do you think it takes to formulate the concept for something that clocks you as deranged and dangerous this quickly? And what level of delusion do you have to be at to not realize how threatening it would look?

No. 1257729

>Now I am too often the victim of unwanted sexual advances and groped by creeps
Why do so many troons lie about this type of shit? It's like they're all under the impression that sexual harassment/assault is something every woman deals with every day of her life. Seriously, no individual female experiences these things as often as every individual troon claims to experience them. Every time I read some tranny's account of being cat called, felt up, propositioned, etc, I laugh. And I'm sure the only way this particular tranny will ever experience unwanted groping from a male, it will be a cop arresting him for rape.

No. 1257738

Litmus test: whatever the troon is doing, would it have seemed to unrealistic and outrageous in the nineties to have depicted Buffalo Bill doing the same thing in the movie silence of the lambs?
It just shows how far the window of acceptance has shifted. In 1991, if he’d been wearing transgender bullet jewelry it would have seemed too on-the-nose and unrealistic for an AGP serial killer movie. But just three decades later, we are “transphobic” if we don’t immediately accept men wearing bedazzled bullets as legitimate lesbian women.

No. 1257741

File: 1623803974399.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.11 KB, 750x1281, unnamed.jpg)

dear GOD

No. 1257744

What is the point of being a "butch" transbian? If you don't want to transition and still want to present as masculine, just be a fucking straight guy who enjoys painting your nails and wearing a sports bra. Scrotes who call themselves dykes stand a snowball's chance in hell with successfully hooking up with a lesbian. Fuck, if forced to choose, I would take a straight guy to bed over a transbian any day of the week.

No. 1257751

I love how the lipstick forms a little cartoon moustache.

No. 1257756

File: 1623806051622.jpeg (434.07 KB, 1242x509, 18686D65-16B0-4930-9B5F-8598A3…)

From the same thread. I guess /pol/ forgot troons exist.

No. 1257767

File: 1623807672565.jpg (424.64 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20210615-203944__01…)

The troon who posted that "international woman's day" tik tok is back with more unmasked misogyny

No. 1257768

> what is the point of being a "butch" transbian?
the ability to retain absolutely every aspect of male privilege while getting extreme woke points in kweer circles

No. 1257778

because they fail so hard as men and need to be babied as fake trans to not be called out for being a white man and fucking up something that the entire world is designed for you to succeed in

No. 1257796

File: 1623814671604.jpeg (238.99 KB, 1152x2048, DBB7A5B4-CBB7-4FAA-87C5-607000…)

it’s always the same mommy and clown makeup bullshit

No. 1257798

Nearly passing in the face but damn that jutting man hip rofl

No. 1257799

File: 1623814992824.png (233.5 KB, 500x700, 968c6c3b3b4a734237f15b4c09cfe5…)

This is sad- After looking at all the commie pot belly demons on here, this is one of the most normal looking dudes. I can easily see him in that first picture, hitting the gym and in less than 3 months having a lot of definition. He's not fat and has the typical V shape a lot of us like.
So sad to see him go down the drain like that, such many cases.

No. 1257801

i have to respectfully disagree nonnie it’s just photo editing and shitty ffs. that lipstick is also something else kek

No. 1257805

Again with the fucking hentai on the wall. Really shows what they think womanhood is all about, being an uwu fleshy hole for scrotes. The shirt is funny as fuck tho, you see so many troons calling themselves "mommy" or "milf".
Cope, you're never gonna create new life.

No. 1257814

You can still see the moustache and neckbeard shadow under all the makeup and filters lol. Why would he make his hips look as tiny as possible too?

No. 1257821

File: 1623817286177.jpeg (438.64 KB, 1152x2048, 13D66E19-ACF5-4009-96CB-2A8768…)

> Putting loli hentai on the wall and then acting like it’s not a fetish like an absolute degen

Good eye. I didn’t see the facial and neck hair under all that blur and smoothing filter.

Here’s another one for you ladies. He is truly a horror cow

No. 1257828

File: 1623818135037.gif (326.74 KB, 112x112, 1619561792992.gif)

Hell yeah, look at those sexy birthing hips

No. 1257830

Just looks like a gay man trying on makeup.
She still has his money.

No. 1257835

Adam’s Apple look so gross when on a troon. It just screams male

No. 1257844

Is that a growth in his belly button? Disgusting.

No. 1257857

because men are used to getting by with no effort whatsoever. everything they do is half assed and yet they're still applauded for it. this cycle continues when they troon out and get a chorus of libfems applauding them for how brave and stunning they are for barely trying.

No. 1257878

An increasing number of “first woman in X position” or “highest paid woman in X field” are men who used a lifetime of male privilege to achieve success and then troon out once they’re set in their career. You see it a lot in male-dominated fields like technology, gaming and some branches of entertainment. In sports too, it won’t be long before a bunch of “women’s” world records are held by men. It’s not that TIMs are especially accomplished, it’s simply that men are doing what they’ve been doing for millennia except now some of them have skirts on and get applauded for it.

No. 1257887

i can’t believe people are praising this sick fuck for being an attempted rapist. proof that being a disgusting tranny let’s you get away with anything. i wish men like this would 41% themselves

No. 1257903

File: 1623828908096.jpeg (22.37 KB, 500x483, steve-smith-american-dad-857b2…)

steve with a wig on(sage your autism)

No. 1257911

How can they hate women if they ARE true and honest women just like natal women? Oh yeah, cause it's just a misogynistic fetish.

No. 1257918

He should just kill himself.

No. 1257924

File: 1623834294049.png (1.31 MB, 1152x665, thot_piece5.PNG)

You're not wrong

No. 1257927

ugly nerd VS ugly nerd (fetish pandering)

No. 1257980

it looks extra weird bc not only is he focusing hard on swinging his hips but he's pushing those man-shoulders back as far as he can. must hurt to do for even 5 minutes

No. 1257981

who is that poor woman with him? looks like a serial killer den with all the anime on the wall

No. 1258004

File: 1623851661049.jpg (1.32 MB, 1145x751, silvergelpen1.jpg)

His fiancee

No. 1258009

Wow, looks just like Pumpy the cam whore.

No. 1258013

>getting lung cancer to own the terfs

No. 1258032

You know what if she wants to willingly date a tranny then let her, I mean he's horrendously ugly as a woman but he's cute by male standards and maybe she has a dick girl fetish or something
better then him trooning out of know where

No. 1258051

He buried the lede, jacking it to gore porn is significantly worse than the more typical scrote behavior of pressuring women into sex, which 99% of men have done at some point

No. 1258055

Unfortunately, some women are just retarded and have bad taste. This doesn't end well for her, but maybe she's braindead enough that her inevitable suffering won't register in her brain.

No. 1258057

File: 1623858772891.jpg (296.73 KB, 437x760, silvergelpen3.jpg)

They seem well matched imo She's a degenerate Onlyfans thot too. It's funny how much effort she put into the ring tho and she proposed kek what a simp
>horrendously ugly as a woman
he's a man and was ugly without the FFS/BBL too

No. 1258063

sage for no milk but pretty sure she started sex work after he was already deep in it

No. 1258144

i think i hate this man the most

No. 1258172

I dont understand, he still has 10 inches of chin, is this supposed to be small chin now? Head on him like a skateboard in a wig

No. 1258175

File: 1623870717285.png (687.36 KB, 1023x893, what more could i do.png)

You're straight with a crossdressing and a humiliation fetish that you refuse to acknowledge. You can pay a woman to call you names but you rather have the world do it for free. This is what I think whenever I read these stories.

No. 1258256

File: 1623879446988.png (473.49 KB, 1860x1916, objectification is bad.png)

some background for fun: OP (u/laurenrossy1) is a stealthing tranny who never discloses to anyone he fucks that he's trans. not sure if any of you follow his account but he's bound to be murdered by some man that becomes unhinged after learning he's a tranny. the "passing" mtf tells none of his partners that he's trans apparently. according to him they all think he's a cis woman lol.
but despite wanting to pass as a woman, he also hates his 'kind' being objectified in porn which is like a totally universal female experience. kek.

No. 1258258

File: 1623879611973.png (558.7 KB, 484x766, w8JdQdmOVP_-pRZb_RXkbDKg34zdh6…)

On a witch subreddit and this currently the top post. Why do so many women coddle these men?

No. 1258265

Poor little rabbit

No. 1258283

We need pics of him. They always exaggerate how much they “pass”.

No. 1258289

stunning and brave with a five o clock shadow

No. 1258312

>expecting anything but gullibility and lack of critical thinking from a witch subreddit

No. 1258314

I like how everything they say is absolutely interchangeable with being a woman objectified in porn
>I hate that some people immediately think of that as their frame of reference for what trans is

Just replace trans with being female and you got it, being viewed as a sexual object is awful and only getting worse with the pornification of the internet and girlhood, with people joining sex sites as soon as they leave school.

Talking about noticing surgery scars on transwomen in porn:
>it's a sobering realization that she's not just some bubbly young woman having sexy fun

So apparently all cis women are quote related and nobody has a bad time in the porn industry except transwomen, this is really what they think
>her traumas are silently written on her body
Cis women have no traumas, got it, especially not sex worker ciswomen, just bubbly young women having sexy fun. This is beyond delusional.

No. 1258366

A Virginia Tech football player (Isimemen Etute) just recently murdered a gay man (Jerry Smith) who larped on tinder as a woman in order to rape young guys… Smith had a fake female Facebook where he used some woman’s pics and said he was a nurse and his FB was friends with 5,000 men and no women. He would blindfold guys on Tinder and blow them.

No. 1258380

File: 1623894459927.jpg (124.34 KB, 1080x1336, 195713222_371522711290849_8976…)

Imagine making an elaborate artsy event poster but it's just to advertise yourself ebegging to fund your continued spiral into mental illness

No. 1258385

File: 1623895041907.jpeg (895.67 KB, 3962x2911, 5DA38CF7-BA1D-4D8B-88AA-019CD3…)

Twittertroons are something else.

No. 1258392

File: 1623896195928.jpg (194.44 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20210616_200912.jpg)

i couldn't find pics but i did find this, hope you hate it!

No. 1258393

File: 1623896265496.jpg (159.95 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20210616_201707.jpg)

going through this man's post history is quite the journey

No. 1258421

Imagining this dude sniffing his necrotic dick cheese is not something I needed or wanted today

No. 1258431


No. 1258452

I am disgusted. How much do we want to bet that he doesn't even wash himself to begin with?

No. 1258454

I know this is gonna sound stupid, but the monster high doll part makes me so upset. When I was little I used to spend so much time on flickr looking at customized dolls like that. Just feels so fake and bastardized for him to mention them like that.

>I’d rather one masturbate to trans women than murder them or hate them

Anything to justify cooming huh.

No. 1258476

File: 1623904681740.jpg (109.51 KB, 1080x452, Screenshot_20210617-163200__01…)

The delusion.

No. 1258483

File: 1623904990395.jpeg (2.97 KB, 210x122, pikahuh.jpeg)

>mfw a tranny hiding he's a tranny is murdered by some fellow scrote

No. 1258484

it bothers nobody when a woman have those things, but hetero men don't want to fuck a man in a dress.It's not that hard to understand.

No. 1258492

does this dumb troon remember 'tAkE hEr swiMmInG'

No. 1258495

I'd love to see them say this to a scrotes face, I hear so many stories of troons, usually catfishing to get sex, meeting up with men and being rejected. They don't get all sassy and go, "I'm a WOMAN! Do you ask women if their bodies are real? What about debt? Or if they had a BBL? NO! So Why do I have to tell you I'm trans with a penis!!"

nope, they run to the internet to cry about transphobia and that some dude didn't want to fuck them.

No. 1258496

Yeah this retard really is a woman(bait)

No. 1258503

File: 1623907363888.jpg (56.83 KB, 640x459, tumblr_ce8a05536ad2b3360acf1ac…)

Reminds me of this meme, were not the one's murdering them, hell we don't tweet #KillallMTFs

No. 1258510

Yeah credit card debt.. a penis.. pretty much of the same level of importance when you hook up with someone. Men really get turned off when the woman takes off her pants and her credit card debt falls out.

No. 1258551

is he skinwalking his kid(Not milk - minor)

No. 1258575

Plenty of men think makeup alone is women 'tricking' them. Trannies are the über tricksters and the ultimate catfish by not only having a dick, but by usually being sliced and diced in all kinds of ways.

No. 1258577

Yep that kids gonna kill themselves

No. 1258605

Pretty offensive anon for the creditsexual community!

No. 1258610

Also how many women actually have nosejobs and bbls and other plastic shit in their body—not many! Too bad it’s a requirement for trannies. Go bankrupt.

No. 1258646

File: 1623935606513.jpeg (520.68 KB, 750x872, 5A997DD6-F8A8-45C4-BCFA-71186D…)

Sexy and valid gals!

No. 1258648

Men's delusional confidence always fascinates me. You look nothing like the model, literally no trace of any curve, yet you're brave enough to wear this and even take pictures with it to post online when you're shaped like a linebacker? A woman with a similar shaped body would be dead before posting such an unflattering pic like this online.

No. 1258652

File: 1623937521435.jpg (88.41 KB, 640x853, xfcxiz8q1u471.jpg)

Of course. Looking for new makeup inspo on reddit and giant troon man face with almost 3k upvotes. The makeup isn't even that good. Just asspats for the sake of it.

I hate handmaidens. Idk why they lean into their fantasy.

No. 1258655

why do these trannies all have incredible psychopathic, blank stares? he looks like he has 4 dead women in his yard and is wearing a necklace from each as a trophy

No. 1258669

File: 1623939824602.jpg (443.22 KB, 794x1115, SDDSFD.jpg)

graphic design is my passion etc sorry for those who are fed up with her

No. 1258670

ily kikomi anon

No. 1258694


i get that shit has been done to his jaw, but idk how good he would look if he hacked more of it.he has a long horseface in general and if his jaw became too small, his face would look way off. the hacking he needs for his face to be smaller and balanced is impossible

>help me be able to keep affording my hormones so i can transition into the ethereal living breathing monster high doll i know i am

is he serious? i honestly can't tell. if he is, he is going to have a terrible wake up call

No. 1258695

Surgeon must have fucked up bad if the “clit” isn’t anywhere the “vagina”.

No. 1258703

The only bacterial flora you have in your oozing inverted meat sock is a party of ecoli and Hepatitis types A through H. Gross.

No. 1258728

This isn't confidence, it's exhibitionism.

No. 1258734

The ubiquitous choker. Gotta try to camouflage that Adam's apple.

No. 1258737

File: 1623947074671.jpg (11.45 KB, 272x315, 6674863db38dbcf94e119b64434d65…)

That man is clearly 50 and the face he thinks a 50 year old woman is going to be running around wearing THAT on the beach is both horrific and hilarious. Sage for no milk but jesus this just really shows that this shit is a fetish.

No. 1258743

"How can this be possible?"

Lmao maybe it has something to do with your chopped up genitals rotting? Just a thought.

No. 1258747

Will black women ever be free of the clammy grasp of these cumbrains? The future is nothing but bleak

No. 1258757

File: 1623951032956.jpg (525.36 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20210617-192709_Twi…)

tranny crossover: FtM troon says MtF trannies are more represented because they were socialized male and FtM's were socialized female (ie. taught to be quiet).
trannies are seething because they can't see the truth that they were ultimately raised as males, no matter how faggy they are.

No. 1258761

File: 1623951675262.jpg (598.12 KB, 2048x2731, tumblr_e242897fbbcdbf613f055ae…)

Every time I see a popular tumblr joke about "ironically" hating women I look at the OPs blog and sure enough

No. 1258762

File: 1623951768301.jpg (689.29 KB, 2048x2731, tumblr_c93ff02f774714245eabc9c…)

Samefag, not sure which one is worse ngl

No. 1258777

Tissue box and printer beside the bed.

No. 1258779

Probably not for a while. Troons love to conflate their desire to be treated like women with black women's struggle to be treated like human beings. They can't wrap their heads around the fact that segregating spaces by sex has a completely different logic behind it than segregating spaces by race.

No. 1258787

File: 1623955056252.png (257.83 KB, 720x1213, Screenshots_2021-06-17-11-35-2…)

No. 1258789

Oh hey, it's this guy!

No. 1258792

>Hammer and Sickle

This is exactly the type of person Stalin would've killed.

No. 1258797

evilrashida is insane. always screaming about how some girl is “stealing” from him by reposting photos from fashion shows. he raised over $70k to transition last summer and is still begging for more. worthless retard.

No. 1258800

Ew, what the fuck. Why does it make videos too?

No. 1258801

suffy was a normal gay boy. i think having homophobic muslim parents destroyed his brain. that combined with troons on tumblr & twitter indulging him led to this. unrelated but are his eyes really that color or is it contacts?

No. 1258802

It's almost as if black people are sick and tired of delusional moids trying to say that their struggle is comparable if not straight up worse than what black people have struggled with. Isnt it so weird? It's almost like black people don't want to have women assaulted by mentally ill men in dresses, I wonder what that's all about

(Sage but I cant grasp this retarded troon shit)

No. 1258803

File: 1623956071275.png (519.18 KB, 680x1090, 5de.png)

No. 1258805

File: 1623956272465.jpeg (157.49 KB, 821x544, 869B312C-361F-4D3E-B0C3-061847…)

No. 1258810

>If you hate seeing men in porn, you might be a transbian
Kek men hate seeing men in porn which is why dudes are mostly silent and rarely shown from the waist up. Women also aren't nearly as into porn as men are, but there's still a whole genre of straight porn that's produced to appeal to women exclusively that focuses on both partners equally. I've also never met a lesbian who was into lesbian porn. Men are so delusional, fuck.

No. 1258821


Whys there old ass men in straight porn with young women? Who does that appeal to ? Also hate to get to too graphic but whys there a whole category for gangbangs and "BLACKED" ? I'm not disagreeing with you but men's fetishes are way more diverse than women's I think..(derailing)

No. 1258828

you answered the question yourself
>old ass men

No. 1258843

Oh for sure. I was referring more to mainstream, 1 on 1 hetero porn. Fetish shit is a whole other story, but even a lot of that garbage still films the men involved from the waist down. Whether it's barely legal, gangbang, interracial, etc, men self-insert themselves into every scene… seeing another dude's face is a boner killer for most scrotes, which is probably one of the main reasons they like lesbian porn so much.(derailing)

No. 1258865

If this is after a BBL what was it like before? An empty ballsack but on the back?

No. 1258867


Understandable someone with a face like that would feel innately feminine and feel compelled to match his gentle features with a set of titties, it would be difficult going through life being so incredibly soft and feminine about the face and having to painfully be referred to as male when it's so patently untrue

/safety sarcasm note since sometimes this type of post gets reported

No. 1258887

Black women are killed at much higher rate than that but these coombrains don't care.

No. 1258899

They don't even care that men are killing transwomen. Black women talking on a site made for black women, about not wanting to date men who fuck other men is more important.
I saw a troon/TRA on LSA saying something similar about "Dating pools' basically going, "if you want to make you're dating pool smaller by not dating trans attracted men go ahead" So maybe that was this dudes account.

No. 1258919

The troon homicide rate is laughably low, but they still love to cite it as proof that any trans person, any where, can be murdered simply for leaving their house in a dress. The orgs that tally troon homicides also fail to take the actual motives into account; most have nothing to do with the person's gender identity… drug deals gone wrong, caught in the cross fire, sex work, whatever. When a troon is murdered simply for being a troon, 9 times out of 10, it was because he catfished the wrong scrote. More people die in the US each year from lightning strikes.

No. 1258921

So men are killing trans people but somehow black women are to blame?

No. 1258932

File: 1623963721339.jpeg (266.84 KB, 750x1096, A4AB6140-EBA1-4515-AA12-A89574…)

lesbian on twt posts this jokingly & the quote tweets are full of troons & handmaidens calling her “transphobic”because “not all lesbians have vaginas”??(this is not a troon)

No. 1258938

i love kikomi and i want to see more of her

No. 1258948

I'm your biggest stan Kikomi. ilv <3

No. 1258950

It should be a bannable offense to post nonsense on Twitter, getting offended because someone has a vagina and you don't should net a 2 day ban on the basis of being incredibly fucking stupid.

No. 1258958

They started with the retarded "white women am i right??" shit to disguise their blatant misogyny and gain favor with black women and now that that's done they're going after them. Never trust a scrote ladies, no matter what ethnicity you are.

Someone explain this to me, what's the "transphobic" part here? Where is the vagina mention? What?

No. 1258959

File: 1623965611999.png (521.62 KB, 1440x1456, self awareness.png)

When your username is "lesbianism" but you get offended when someone replies to a text with I'm a lesbian. Gonna assume this is a male larper or handmaiden with no self awareness.

No. 1258960

Saying lesbians dont take plan B is "transphobic" because that implies lesbians don't have sex with men.

No. 1258961

They're jealous because not having a vagina means they cannot share in the gender affirming moment of having a pregnancy scare. They can't larp it so therefore it's transphobic violence.

No. 1258963

I didn't even think of this angle, if your lesbian girlfriend is getting you pregnant you are not a lesbian. I'm not even lesbian myself and this shit makes me want to gatekeep lesbianism. Vaginas only. Fuck off everyone else.

No. 1258964

>>1258503 sums it up. The "fragile men" committing murders aren't to blame, it's the evil nasty black women that don't even want to interact with them. The incel logic is plainly on display as usual, refusal of sex is the most heinous crime imaginable.

No. 1258965

File: 1623965865575.png (929.63 KB, 786x2048, Screenshot_20210617-173048.png)


A racist pedo coomer, imagine that

No. 1258968

and transbiens who think having a dick is a personality should shut the fuck up already, oh wait thats transphobic because…reasons.

No. 1258971

yeah. Apperently men are all for it. They don't pick at gay men or troon attracted men. They think all those men are straight.
It's just evil women who won't sleep with those men.
We are the reason men think it's gay, not the fact they having gay sex, sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass.
Not the fact that 90% of men who seek out troons want the ones with penises and interact with those penises.
Nope. Becauce evil cis women, especially black women.
Men literally tell them, "Women will think i'm gay and won't want to date me, if I date you openly." and they go, "Right, if only cis bitches dated yall then, you could treat me better".
It's retarded Pick he shit.

No. 1258974

Sage for derailing but you hit the nail on the head. Homestuck's male fans were mostly on Reddit, but the majority of the fandom during the comic's peak was on Tumblr, which had a majority female userbase. When Homestuck started going on a million hiatuses, people on Tumblr moved on to other things (Tumblr's structure also makes it easier to discover new things while Reddit doesn't.) Female fans moved on to other things, like Steven Universe, Stranger Things, Danganronpa, anime, etc, whereas male fans autistically stuck by Homestuck even as it continued to drop in quality.

I know a lot of people (former fans I guess you could say) whose attitude is basically "pretend everything after the credits doesn't exist." The epilogues were particularly unpopular with what few female fans were left. Personally I didn't like the fact that they turned one of the only gay characters into the comic into a cartoonish villain, completely ruining his arc about learning to be empathetic and give people space and I imagine a lot of other filthy fujoshis felt the same way. The one male friend I had who was into Homestuck is literally the only person I knew who defended the epilogues, and sure enough, he's a troon now.

TL;DR Hussie alienated all the fans except for Reddit neckbeards, and Reddit neckbeards are 200x more likely to troon out, therefore most Homestucks are troons now.(derailing)

No. 1258978

Ah, yes. Lesbians should know ALL about plan b because they're out there bouncing on girldick 24/7. Ffs, TIFs who identify as gay men can get pregnant, but lesbians can't… transbians definitely can't. And you would think TIFs who engage in risky sex with men would be just as familiar with swallowing plan b as gay men who engage in risky sex with each other are with swallowing prep.

No. 1258986

File: 1623967264134.png (287.45 KB, 1310x1052, Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 6.00…)

some more great takes from this user, whose understanding of womanhood is totally not misogynistic

No. 1258987

As far as I can gather, FtM get wholesale rejected by gay men so there isn't a whole lot of risk of FtM getting pregnant. Gay men seem to be better at establishing sexual boundaries than women, who have to open the doors to larping males lest they be labelled transphobic.
You don't see FtM angrily tagging gay males in posts and demanding they have sex with them, as seems to be a daily activity for MtF, as usual it's only the cis men acting rapey.
FtM are barely considered nor have a voice online in the trans community; any bullshit you read about trans or transphobia is nearly always about and by transwomen or their handmaidens.

No. 1258988

>most women want this type of sex

Reminds me of Belle's novel about how half of women love rape uwu when people didn't enjoy her awful rape porn

No. 1258990

"Around half or more have submissive tendencies" that doesn't mean they want to be hit and spat on holy shit!! How pornsick do you have to be to think submissive = "I want my boyfriend to beat the living shit out of me" ???

No. 1258991

The old ass (typically fat) men in porn with young women doesn't just appeal to old men. The similarity between old man with young woman all the way to teen with older married woman is it is a form of degeneration as the general gist of most male porn is about the woman being reduced/degraded to an subservient object. The old man porn usually doubles down on this because of the woman "losing" to a male that would be considered a loser/beneath you.

No. 1258992

>painful actions are not required during sex

I don't know a single woman that's into this but congrats on the coomer brain

No. 1258993

File: 1623967973516.png (649.57 KB, 1468x1368, Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 6.11…)

hit dogs holler

No. 1258999

You hit the nail on the head. Same with gangbang porn - it's the degradation and abuse of the woman that gets them off, the men are props.(derailing)

No. 1259000

File: 1623968470639.jpeg (159.71 KB, 1125x508, 53DC8488-7A43-4F98-B150-9C9246…)

I really should not have gone through this moid’s posts. This was nestled between a bunch of desperate art requests for his self-insert catgirl porn game OC to have “her” “tits” sucked. Thank god Reddit mods took this down.

No. 1259001

>As far as I can gather, FtM get wholesale rejected by gay men so there isn't a whole lot of risk of FtM getting pregnant. Gay men seem to be better at establishing sexual boundaries than women, who have to open the doors to larping males lest they be labelled transphobic.
Straight men have cottoned onto this though, and pretend to be gay so they can trick TIFs into fucking them.

No. 1259002

The world needs more misandry.

No. 1259003

>actual men
and what are you, sir? A biological female out of the womb?

No. 1259004

File: 1623968640100.jpeg (393.22 KB, 1125x921, CB80E230-35DE-468F-9F8A-5E49FC…)

Sorry for the samefag, but criminal record? What happened here?

No. 1259006

Connect the dots?

No. 1259008

I'm really beginning to think terfsbeware is someone larping as a troon to try and peak people.

No. 1259019

File: 1623969733527.jpg (384.71 KB, 553x1207, 20210618_003732.jpg)

A seemingly reasonable comment under the post (except it blames the CISHET man as if mtfs arent brute-forcing their way into women's spaces) but ofcourse he has to ruin it all at the end
>women dont see you as danger
>except TERFS who are women and care very much about their safety, but who cares about women anyways?

No. 1259021

If troons truly believed that they were women, they wouldn't be constantly be crying about "misandry" like this. They know that they're men and they're upset that women are holding them as a class responsible. Apparently women aren't allowed to be upset about systemic oppression at the hands of men because it might hurt the feelings of the .08% of men who delusionally believe themselves to be women.

No. 1259025

>criminal record
>gets dysphoric when his sister talks about sexual assault

I have a few guesses. Also lol at the charges were too recent I really hope this account is fake.

No. 1259034

Dude is unironically saying not all men while thinking of himself as a woman. Yes all men, especially TIMs, fuck you.

No. 1259035

haven't we already gone through terfsbeware before? doesn't he have another online presence where he openly threatens terfs?

or is everyone blending together now.

No. 1259058

“Most women want this type of sex” = “most pornsick coomer TIMs want this type of sex when they LARP as ‘women’”

And somehow they wonder why their dates keep killing them.

No. 1259062

Terfsbeware has been posted multiple times here already and his “why can’t women be more like my perfect anime waifus” post is practically copypasta at this point.

No. 1259063

Sage for non-contribution. Read the paper yourself, it is online.
It does NEVER say half of women fantasize about rape. Ever.
The topic was rough sex, to be captured like prey, primal play. No rape in any fucking way and I get so mad scrotes and incels use this paper, misuse it and justify rape like this.

No. 1259076

Does anyone else think TIM subreddit users all sound… mentally stunted? Like I'm not sure if it's because there's many groomed teenagers there or it's the mental illness, or just the Male redditor humor, but I get so uncomfortable reading them.

No. 1259082

I’ve read several of these studies and tbh I don’t even care if most women do fantasize about rape (although that’s totally untrue), either way it’s a FANTASY. The woman is in complete control of her own fantasies and can engineer every detail of the scenario for her pleasure. It’s the opposite of actual rape which is about taking away someone’s control and agency. The fact that pornsick moids & TIMs regularly use these studies to justify raping and abusing women irl is fucked up but unsurprising. Being unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality is a symptom of mental illness, so they’re just telling on themselves.

No. 1259109

File: 1623976382328.jpg (105.62 KB, 720x540, 41234.jpg)

It's the autism, robots on estrogen trying to pass as human women.

No. 1259122

File: 1623977185929.png (296.29 KB, 1446x1606, upvotes.png)

The sad thing is that this is manipulation by some incel scrote but there will be some handmaiden allies and tifs who see this, feel legitimate guilt, and then will be attacked after trying to give men the benefit of the doubt to appease troons.
I used to think that the TRAs on Reddit were a lot more politically correct and less obvious about their misogyny compared to twitter but it seems that it's gotten worse. Anyone else have an opinion on this? A lot of Reddit troons are lefty millennial to zoomer gamerboys who seem like harmless soyboys that are more likely to not be virulent misogynists but once they troon out they're suddenly whining about women 24/7 and being outright perverts. For instance, take the whole "staring at a pretty girl because I wanna be her uwu" which is so common on r/MtF but I would put money on it that the mtf's face and body language which is supposedly admiring the cute girl looks eerily similar if not the same to a "cis male" freak undressing you with his eyes. It's the same creepy shit except they blame it on muh dysphoria.
Who remembers that terfsbeware comment where he got upvoted for saying that he used to sneak into girls lockers rooms as a kid/teen? It's the last comment in picrel. Isn't it funny how alarming his post history is and yet the 'actually trans' crowd is upvoting these comments as if he's just another one of their own? For all we know he could be lifting these statements from literal incel forums/chats. But imo it says a lot that even the most ridiculous AGP bingo card tranny can pass as a legitimate stunning and brave WOMAN because: a) transwomen are men and 2) everyone knows/expects men (and esp these ones in particular) to be unsurprisingly sexually degenerate.

No. 1259133

File: 1623978194363.jpeg (359.86 KB, 1152x2048, A83F0875-DC04-44F6-8E1B-A3571A…)

>those eyebrows

No. 1259138

File: 1623978635213.png (52.4 KB, 713x360, terfsbeware assault.png)

Yeah, he's been around for a while. There's been some speculation about him being too much of a perfectly disgusting coomer troon and thus a possible peaking troll, but with troons who knows? They're all insane, sexist, and gross.
Picrel is him admitting to assault and battery charges, which may be what he's talking about in >>1259004 He's also admitted to "terroristic threats" aka bomb threats from when he was in high school, so he's a typical AGP violent school-shooter type.

No. 1259142

I thought terfsbeware might be a troll too, but the fact that it’s so difficult to distinguish between a larping troll and a “real” AGP is disturbing on its own. A lot of them really are this misogynistic and insane.

No. 1259151

>Right-wing misogynist on Ovarit.
From what I can tell, the site is mostly comprised of leftist and feminist women.
>Ovarit is worse than any gore site. Definitely worse than any hate group in existence. TERFs make the KKK look tame.
Ovarit is literally more tame than Reddit, but go off I guess kek.

No. 1259153

I wonder what Eden looks like in candid pictures.


No. 1259155

The fact that he gets so many upvotes makes the whole point moot anyways, if it is a troll it's clearly supported regardless.

No. 1259157

File: 1623980944363.jpg (313.67 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_20210617-214614_Red…)

oh no! pinkpill women/fds posters are ACTUAL feminazis and terrorists! I would love to read that """PhD paper" kek

No. 1259163

oh my fucking god 44, two digits, women murdered in 2020 during the mother fucking pandemic surged because of actual hatred and evil, i can’t believe he really said he has the same struggles as black women and ended it with fucking 44 who were all fucking murdered by other men

yeah i just looked it up, in 2018 alone up to around 50 women are murdered in one day.

No. 1259166

The only woman I've ever heard of who committed violent acts in the name of feminism is Valerie Solanes and she didn't even kill her target. Meanwhile misogynistic men kill and rape women on a daily fucking basis. There was even a mass shooter who went through the trouble of evacuating the male students from a classroom and only shot the women, because they were "feminist bitches" who deserved to die for daring to want an education.

But no, feminists are the REAL threat! They're terrorists who are going to commit mass genocide (source: trust me dude), just look at this teenage girl on Twitter saying KAM! Worse than the kkk!!1

No. 1259173

>nobody is forcing you to do kink

No. 1259177

Imagine the mental gymnastics required to hallucinate an armed cis woman army, when 97% of murderers are male.

>these monsters

So you agree you're not a real woman and you think cis women are monsters? Glad we got that straight.

No. 1259182

he said “terfs make the kkk look tame” and people agreed i need a fucking valium

No. 1259200

>the last post
Sir, you are a predator.

No. 1259329

File: 1623998340719.png (143.52 KB, 527x491, wow.PNG)

No. 1259330

File: 1623998554649.png (248.88 KB, 593x683, typical male.png)

>"it's not a fetish!1!"
>makes porn
Every time.

No. 1259331

Whats funny is a troon told him this was wrong and he basically started talking in circles. Mind you this troon lets his equally ugly boyfriend Kevin Gibes, call him "Daddy" but he was never socialized as male and does not have "male expereinces".
I also notice how troons get extra mad when it's a black woman saying something they don't like. Especially black female TRA's. They all expect black women to be on their sides. They don't ask, they don't pander, it's expected.
I truly feel they think this way is because they feel WOC are a hop and skip away from transwomen anyway. That for some reason we understand whats it like to be a man wanting to be a woman. They use the trauma that WOC go through due to their skin color and womanhood, to connect to them getting "Clocked" as men. Being attacked by their gay/bisexual MALE lovers.
They just latched on and somehow decided they were the biggest victims.

No. 1259337

File: 1624000359774.png (45.65 KB, 728x514, Capture.PNG)

No. 1259338

File: 1624000482850.png (Spoiler Image,96.26 KB, 268x250, 1623981599027.png)

I 100% believe this brave and stunning transwoman fears for her life and has to fight off attacks when walking alone at night.

No. 1259387

based kikomi

No. 1259389

do these people think that women never are outcasts

No. 1259391

Of course not anon, remember women live on easy mode.

No. 1259406

File: 1624012050117.jpg (854.04 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210618-122552_Chr…)

He just looks like a random guy, doubt much has changed for him.

No. 1259413

File: 1624013205494.jpg (32.54 KB, 350x708, 126201718490168765.jpg)

No. 1259415

the average "transbian"

No. 1259431

File: 1624018033663.jpg (54.4 KB, 771x342, thot_piece_stat1.jpg)

>either way it’s a FANTASY
Yes, I've had an ex say he wants to do the things he watches in porn therefore I must want everything I watch happen in the porn I like. It doesn't work that way; it's a fantasy not a wish (unlike for men, who genuinely want to degrade the woman in the video).

Anyway, here's thot_piece seriously suggesting TIMs make better parents…

No. 1259438

weird how men can’t separate fantasy from reality

No. 1259456

Lmao as if they'd take better care of children than those icky cis straighties. Who the fuck do they think they're fooling? They'd probably be delighted to have a kid to groom and manipulate so they can turn into a tranny too. It's their ultimate goal(sage non-milk)

No. 1259467

??? Men are not the ones carrying the baby, but they usually tend to be involved in making it? Sure, all female pregnancies (with cis women) are possible at a testing level, but most people get babies through regular male/female genetic material.

If anything, getting the snip is them actively removing their ability to have children. How can they make it cis women's fault that they decide to castrate themselves?

Yes, I know it's the women's fault because shut up terf, give me a rapebaby now and die.

No. 1259473

The post (which is very obviously meant light heartedly and not serious) doesn’t even mention women you sperg

No. 1259481

this dude has sex with kevin gibes' frankenvag for a sex tape btw

No. 1259493

File: 1624027947732.jpeg (279.61 KB, 1454x743, DD984D36-1682-4FAA-A0B4-E486F3…)

Anyone else think this is another man larping as intersex to grift?

> 'I'm not sure whether it was my parents' decision or the doctors' but I was assigned male at birth and had my womb taken out and my vagina stitched up.

This person claims they were born with both a penis, plus a female reproductive system and exterior genitalia. And they had a hysterectomy and vaginectomy performed on them as an infant. Conveniently he does not speak to the parents anymore so there’s no one to verify the medical history.

> It would be a miracle to go back to being intersex because that is who I am.

>'If I transitioned to completely female I would just be in the same boat I am now - missing half of myself that I was born with.'
> I'm starting to really want surgery to help put me back together, but I don't want to take away from what I have.'

Idealizing intersexuality. Even though this person identifies as female and takes female hormones, they want surgery to have a vagina and uterus “again”. Basically wants a futa.

> I'm starting to really want surgery to help put me back together, but I dont want to take away from what I have. I study yoga and eastern medicine and believe that I am capable of regrowing my uterus, but if the option for a uterus transplant is possible then I would like that too.

White hawaii transplant that calls the community their “tribe”, thinks it’s also possible to grow a uterus with the power of the mind.

>Please, if you know anyone who would do this unique surgery for me, that would help me so much. My research into uterine transplants shows that this surgery costs over $100,000, and that is why I set my goal so high. I just want to be whole again.

Crowdfunding for a uterus transplant with no consultation for viability, no doctor, with a deadline, apparently oblivious to the fact that this is an experimental surgery still in trials and that the transplants are not permanent. This person thinks they can be given an uterus and doctors would just leave it in there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1259496

File: 1624028140133.gif (546.82 KB, 244x164, 25A51CA7-3322-4EB5-B72F-859BD2…)

>did not have experiences as men
>went from being able to walk alone at night to fearing for my life

No. 1259499

File: 1624028415930.jpeg (314.76 KB, 1329x1034, F4A44E91-3303-4DE5-A1FD-F197B7…)


What do you guys think?

No. 1259502

Sounds like a lie. What intersex condition gives you a full female reproductive system and a vagina and male genitalia?(derailing)

No. 1259509


Probably bullshit. Male and female genitals are homologoues. You get either one, the other, or something in between. It's developmentally impossible to have both. So this person was definitely not born with complete male AND female genitals. If he indeed had vagina and uterus removed, that'd mean he was left with a phallus and nothing else. He says he learned about his intersex condition later in life…pretty sure he would have noticed the lack of scrotum.(medfag)

No. 1259519

File: 1624031978308.png (47.03 KB, 1416x220, intersex.png)

>tranny grifter claims to be intersex
>people call him out on not being intersex because it is not possible to have both fully functioning vagina and a penis
How is this derailing? Mods are fucking stupid.(derailing)

No. 1259552

File: 1624036086812.jpg (681.42 KB, 1440x1210, BiPRUVJ.jpg)

some reel woman perspectives in response to Maya Forstater ruling in the UK.

No. 1259554

Any sane person who sees this can tell this troon is full of shit just like Yaniv claiming to have a vagina and a period but for some reason this piece of shit publication isn't even questioning it. Amazing.

Yeah I don't get the mods' logic on this one at all. It's textbook MTF troon cow material, why the redtexts?

No. 1259573

Tranny janny is alive and well, I think his rage for cis women must surge a few times a month, which is when he logs onto his farmhand account to redtext every post in the MtF thread until the anger subsides.(derailing)

No. 1259608

He probably has, with those rapist-looking eyes of his. Why does this message sound so threatening? Also

No. 1259642


I posted an almost identical screenshot of a trans predditor talking about building a troon army to murder terfs a while ago on here. It also had several upvotes.

Thank god that the woke crowd and media has promised us that they're women who just want to pee!(redditfag)

No. 1259644

male privilege is being able to deny having male privilege

No. 1259659

Retard, all media is pedo media(sage your autism)

No. 1259664

File: 1624049029256.jpg (136.91 KB, 742x766, itsafetish.jpg)

forced my chicken-choking costume on my classmates for the last day of school uwu

No. 1259667

There's lots of bi men and bicurious "gay" men fucking ftms so there's a risk, but taking testosterone acts as a contraceptive so not much.

No. 1259683

Why are men

No. 1259684

File: 1624050178827.png (66.83 KB, 181x315, 1623981518821.png)

No. 1259686

File: 1624050285247.png (216.32 KB, 376x528, 1623981610322.png)

No. 1259688

File: 1624050325260.png (130.26 KB, 250x334, 1623981453095.png)

last one of this ugly fuck.

No. 1259692

He's so repulsive looking I swear. Skin like leather that's been left out in the sun, that stringy greasy hair with the "edgy" undercut, the 50 yr old man potbelly fat distribution…gag. Only a man would post photos of himself online
"feeling hot" while looking this terrible. No self awareness.

No. 1259701

File: 1624051380931.jpeg (127.47 KB, 1098x895, 4B4A8038-3D82-4130-8BD9-10F56A…)

“It’s not fair!!!!” The tranny cries. No the fuck you would not be a better “mother” than cis women you dimwit. You cannot even menstruate let alone would you have any idea how to navigate the world as a little girl growing up.

> and no, it’s just you who is insufferable

No. 1259702

File: 1624051435670.jpeg (26.59 KB, 236x180, 7FF7902F-9D69-4B17-BDA7-273F42…)

From lurking in lolcow I’ve noticed the same girls/women posting on hate threads like this are the same girls/women in the threads about weight loss and diet about how ugly and disgusting they feel. It’s just all pretty damn pathetic and transparent. Sheesh, so happy that you all keep you in this echo chamber. Idek about trans people having mental illness because it’s a looney bin here.(no one cares)

No. 1259706

Gut resting on the sink like a dainty waifu

No. 1259707

literally imagine going into a public bathroom and seeing this obese 5'11 man with greasy hair and skimpy clothes making retarded poses in the mirror (while testing his huge gut on the sink for some fucking reason? Is it some kind of fetish thing??)… I wouldn't know whether to be scared or burst out laughing

No. 1259708

How would you know anon? The post are anonymous, unless tranny janny is here to b8(ignore b8)

No. 1259713

you hit the nail on the head nonnie

No. 1259719

flying to meta to discuss this

No. 1259726

kevin has been documented to have inflation/feederism/pregnancy cluster paraphilias, so yes, it definitely is a fetish thing.

No. 1259757


He has like every fetish you can think of. He’s so repulsive. Idk how someone can live like that

No. 1259797

File: 1624059873880.jpeg (603.67 KB, 1242x1595, 8771BD1A-7E4C-43CD-B8AE-74E5F8…)

peteseeger off the shits. "I am trying so very hard" lmao

No. 1259805

My favorite channel posted this and I love him even more for this.

No. 1259860

You are so pathetic and stupid.(responding to bait)

No. 1259874

Tried to, anyway. Maybe touched the wedge to the am hole, but Kev neglected his dilation and allowed scar tissue to build up (and now thinks he has vaginismus like a real woman lol). Wedge did lick the am hole though, and survived.

No. 1259900

No one cares, Kevin. You're just making yourself look like a dipshit in front of any normal woman in there. If I saw a troon taking 500 selfies in a Target bathroom, I'd probably just leave and use the bathroom somewhere else. Frankly it's bizarre regardless of gender to take selfies in public bathrooms, unless it's in a bar or something.

Thank Christ this nutcase removed himself from the gene pool.

Right, because apparently all the anons on this site are the same ten people. Have you ever considered that the anons nitpicking Momo's tits and the ones ridiculing trannies are probably not the same people?

Even if there is overlap between the two, making fun of ugly cis women doesn't invalidate the sensible observation that people who hack their healthy genitals off are certifiably insane.(responding to bait)

No. 1259910

uncanny resemblance to Caroline Calloway

No. 1259913

File: 1624070596357.jpg (140.1 KB, 1076x696, Capture.JPG)

the way this is completely sincere…

No. 1259921

How else would he hide the erection?

No. 1259957

From what is this taken?

No. 1259962

>44 trannies died in the US last year
Lmfao. That’s nothing, hundreds of women gets killed every fucking day.

No. 1259970

you can say anything about CC but "looks like a tranny male" isn't one

No. 1259972

unfortunately it's obviously a troon. there's no intersex, or any, condition that causes someone to have both male and female genitalia. idk why there's so much redtext considering this is a thing mtfs lie about a lot because people in general aren't educated about intersex/DSD conditions.

No. 1259976

Because women all over the world have to go out and work so that we can pay taxes for trannies to sponge off so they can sit around the house wallowing in their mental illness. We have to walk home/get public transport/drive late at night.
I honestly can’t believe we are buxxing these fuckers….and they aren’t grateful. They are always asking for more. Can you imagine if feminism was incarnated as a human? Well, give that human a fucking tapeworm. That’s the contribution trans women have made. They’re the tapeworm.

No. 1259977

This would make a great lolcow banner

No. 1260064

File: 1624107575773.jpeg (141.72 KB, 1125x925, 55EF09BD-B162-4D64-A723-B600D3…)

Why do they make this shit up?

Do they just blatantly lie to their fiancé about this as well? Can you imagine being in a relationship with someone so sex obsessed and desperate to appeal to men that they tell you lies about small day to day happenings? The absolute mental illness is astonishing

No. 1260089

Agreed, it's an MtF tranny.

No. 1260093

"my femme" has anyone ever heard a real butch ever say this shit? fucking retarded. every butch i know just says "my gf/wife". "my femme" comes across really fucking weird. sage for offtopic sperg

No. 1260109

File: 1624114053215.jpeg (451.55 KB, 2048x2048, 50620205-7521-42A3-9DB3-2C8B93…)

This dude has been posting photos suggesting he is trooning out. (Even mentioned “wonder how beautiful I would look if I started HRT”) Look at the difference in the edit compared to a recent tagged photo kek

No. 1260165

All that Photoshop and he still looks like a man

No. 1260173

>Male-presenting heterosexual man talks about how hard it is to be "a butch lesbian"
Unreal. And it's usually these people who throw a fit when they see a butch lesbian dating a femme and wish those ugly nasty bulldykes would just transition already.

No. 1260181

If you believe Blanchard’s theory that AGP is a sexual orientation that is primarily towards themselves as women, you’re not just bankrolling their mental illness. You’re bankrolling them into becoming their own GF and sex fantasy object.

No. 1260185

Even with the excessive filters you could still see the 5 o'clock shadow(sage non-milk)

No. 1260188

An awful lot where ? This is the first time hearing about this.

No. 1260189

An awful lot where ? This is the first time hearing about this.(sage your shit)

No. 1260267

Sage your shit and maybe read the earlier threads, this shit seems to happen kinda often.

No. 1260290

what a waste of cheek dimples….

No. 1260311

File: 1624130752213.png (969.38 KB, 720x1519, Screenshots_2021-06-18-20-47-3…)

There's no way Jazz isn't going to an hero in the next 5 years. And that's if he doesn't die of a heart attack first.

No. 1260340

Jazz should just embrace it and go full on death fat feeder

No. 1260350

File: 1624132894084.jpg (212.47 KB, 863x863, Taking control .jpg)

Samefag but i went back in jazz's instagram stories and pretty much the same thing was posted back in march 2019. So much for taking control. The weight gain is probably due to hormones, cocktail of depression meds, and binge eating to cope with the botched surgeries. I blame Jazz's attention whore parents and corrupt fucking doctors.

No. 1260360

Haven't seen a photo of Jazz for a while, they clearly aren't happy and or have some metabolism/physical issues due to the sex change. The posterchild for early transition, literally and proving it's a mistake.

No. 1260361

TBH I feel like him eating and getting fat is him attempting to take back control over his body. His parents based his whole life on shit he said as a fucking toddler. As a teenager he had to deal with an exploding "vagina", has an actual sister who possibly can have children, who doesn't have the problems he has.
Doesn't need to get a fake TV boyfriend whose mother wasn't with the shit. Her siblings seem to live a decent life, with decent healthy bodies. So do her parents.
It's NO MISTAKE that the trans child, the one with the most attention, praise and all this pressure, is the one eating himself into obesity.(sage your shit)

No. 1260363

File: 1624133743508.png (1.63 MB, 1440x1433, pain.png)

Samefag, there's so much pain and resentment in their face, they can't even smile. This is a grimace, almost. Yet we are told early transition is the best path to happiness.

No. 1260372

Samefag as >>1260360
to be clear, just saw the other anon's reply

No. 1260377

Damn it’s even harder since he lived life before going on estrogen and not realizing that because he was a regular boy, he had a faster metabolism whereas estrogen makes it easier to retain fat. No wonder he gained so much so soon, binging aside.

No. 1260378


He must be so uncomfortable in that body. Pumped full of puberty blockers, then botched SRS, tuberous breast growth, now obese and all of it with a camera crew and his witch of a mother breathing down his neck.

Read somewhere that he's never experienced arousal or had an orgasm because he was basically chemically castrated before he could ever mature enough to do so. That is just really sad.

No. 1260382

absolutely miserable. he seems insufferable but it'd be stupid to pretend it's not his family's fault.

No. 1260385

Kek I agree anon. His parents ruined him thinking they were helping. He should’ve made the decision to troon out when he turned 18 it’s so devastating.