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No. 1346220

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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No. 1346231

File: 1634120129538.png (611.96 KB, 640x927, chlhh7hsy8661.png)

>Madotsuki is transgender
They really fucking ruin everything uh? they are so incapable of seeing women as humans that every time they're portrayed as deep beings with complex psyches and traumas is always secretly "a trans girl", fuck them all.

No. 1346238

this thread pic is the funniest so far

No. 1346251

>the most notorious terfs can't clock him

No. 1346257

File: 1634124306832.jpg (47.05 KB, 680x578, wUdQaSn.jpg)

moids ruin everything i love

No. 1346258

This is so retarded, why would she be a tranny? There’s literally no hints at such things.

No. 1346261

File: 1634126295199.jpeg (147.71 KB, 800x457, 297EAD8C-FD1B-485F-9093-582FC0…)

What do the dinosaurs in the handle of terf Twitter mean?

No. 1346262

File: 1634126474513.jpeg (Spoiler Image,153.3 KB, 935x1160, 49C90AC4-8856-498B-BB65-D4B200…)

that bald spot tho

No. 1346266

Mado being a tranny is an old fan theory.

No. 1346269

Dinosaurs are a reference to labour politician David Lammy calling women worried about troons "Dinosaurs hoarding their rights."

No. 1346270

File: 1634128117774.jpeg (986.87 KB, 828x1530, D8D123BD-65F4-494B-895C-E0743C…)

This moid is always seething about women lol

No. 1346271

Looks like any greasy basic metalhead from behind, disgusting.

No. 1346289

>hoarding their rights
Wow, how weird for women to want to… hang on to our rights. I wish people this retarded couldn't be politicians.

No. 1346297

File: 1634132084450.jpg (73.91 KB, 848x477, 1201907.jpg)

Best thing is that british feminists did a demo where they dressed up as t-rexes, hoarding their rights.

No. 1346308

one can only hope he runs into the wrong group of bikers at the bar one night…. disgusting display of his view of women. wishing many things upon him now

No. 1346309

I love this. I wish they would do this in my country instead of doing protests for women's rights topless.

No. 1346311

Being a tattoo artist surely must be one of the most miserable jobs in the world

No. 1346312

Is he literally showing a pic of the new woman there? What a psycho. Pathetic, disgusting, disrespectful psycho. Ban me for a logging idc he should have his fucking head on a pike for daring to do this to any woman. Disgusting worthless sickles pig of a male. Kill him.

No. 1346316

File: 1634133610369.jpg (364.65 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20211011-214332_Twi…)

Ah, a new Mtf twat thread, I can finally share this with all you lovely nonnies

No. 1346317

I wonder how many TIFs and TIMs would de-trans if they couldn't use the internet for a month or two

No. 1346319

File: 1634134287396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,474.05 KB, 828x815, CAB1CEDF-F03B-4DC3-8C58-567AEA…)

I believe that the girl he’s showing is his actual woman friend cus she pops up in the next part of the video. But if you look through his posts he’s always seething about women and comparing himself to them, to the point where most of his comments are people calling him on his hatred for women. Picrel, I’d be pissed too if I looked like this

No. 1346329

completely agree that the internet is majorly responsible for the widespread obsession and acceptance with the trans/gender woo cult. it is absurd that it is not recognized as a mental illness/paraphilia.

No. 1346345

File: 1634136651795.jpg (221.63 KB, 810x1605, 20211010_112851.jpg)

well ladies, according to scrote worshipping handmaidens, our only chance at happiness is to be born with a dick

time to jump off my balcony

No. 1346355

I just want to know what he looks like to himself in his AGP delusion, because this tweet put together with this photo looks like a joke

No. 1346386

File: 1634139574103.jpg (387.53 KB, 972x2981, pinkcap.jpg)

I have featured this troon (picrel) once (something about him stealing and destroying his art teacher's things). He has since deleted his old account and made a new one with only a slight different change.
He posted two questions on r/askgaybros and the gays are not having it.
How do you see transgenderism as an homosexual ?
There's a rumor that you guys are transphobics, is that true ?

Sorry I can't archive cause the website is not working on my phone.

No. 1346389

what's with the obsession with skirts spinning/twirling? literally no actual woman past the age of 12 cares about this shit (at least not that much), if anything it's annoying when it's windy. literally anytime I see a person commenting that skirt/dress "omg it's spinny!!" or "omg it has pockets!!" I just assume it's a troon

No. 1346390

It's arrested development. They want to be little girls just like ftms want to be teenaged boys. I literally think it's a fear of growing older/taking on more responsibility like an adult would.

No. 1346402

File: 1634141532887.jpeg (166.97 KB, 2043x1215, E01B7AF1-3890-4FD3-8A29-EA0772…)

Uh oh.

No. 1346414

What's going on here? is it because of the dave chapelle thing or…?

No. 1346418

File: 1634142359104.jpeg (227.13 KB, 828x1171, CDA09450-E9CC-4BBC-9100-FE8F33…)

there is something deeply unsettling about troons taking mirror selfie’s in public women’s restrooms when there are other women present (and especially young girls - like how mister yaniv has done)

No. 1346421

real women wait until the bathroom is empty (or at least everyone’s in stalls), but then how would everyone know this is the WOMEN’S bathroom?

No. 1346425

File: 1634143177680.png (101.43 KB, 496x247, Screenshot_20211013-103903.png)

Which one of you was this kek

No. 1346427

>cried in the bathroom for 15 minutes but I didn't think she noticed
No shit, who keeps an ear out in the middle of the night so they can hear what people are doing in the bathroom. Think of how pathetic he was "crying" just so his sister could hear him and console him.
I wish I could say his sister is based, but she'd only be if she shut him down to his face.

No. 1346429

But it's dragons that hoard things, not dinosaurs. Is he retarded?

In any case, I love dinosaurs even more now.

No. 1346432

This is so unbelievably based, lib fems could NEVER.

No. 1346437

Nona he’s just using the word dinosaur to imply their mindset is stuck in the past, going extinct.

No. 1346442

I remember that theory. It's because she uses both the male and female bathroom in one dream world, and all the imagery resembling genitals, the uterus, eggs, etc.
Still stupid, since being sexually assaulted or having an abortion, miscarriage, anxiety or trauma around menstruation, etc or really any issue relating to the body/sex/etc would just as easily point to having dreams like that for a biological girl or woman. It's a reach to make using either bathroom in a dream without issue as "proof" someone is trans too, but I digress. Probably started as a joke, then got hammered a bit lol

No. 1346443

Reminds me of this person (because he's obsessed with Madotsuki being trans) called ladysaytenn, he used to go by lordsaytenn but some tumblrina made a callout post about him being into trans porn and all of a sudden he declares himself trans, claims it's how he always felt and looking at trans porn was just him coming to terms with his identity.
Suddenly the narrative shifted from him being a bigot for being attracted to trans people (which I don't get, don't they want people to be attracted to them?) to the tumblrina being a bigot for publicly outing him.
Wonder how many trans people are just chasers trying to escape being labeled transphobes by woke idiots.
Funniest part of that callout is the tumblrina writing
>it's creepy that he'd suggest a trans lesbian would want to see his nsfw blog
Kek the lack of self awareness, you're both creepy porn addicted men.

No. 1346444

You know what, I'll gladly have dinosaurs be the symbol of radical feminism

No. 1346454

If this were a women’s sub it would be shut down immediately.

No. 1346470

File: 1634146109241.jpeg (495.67 KB, 1170x1582, 3FAB790C-A15D-430D-A708-826A99…)

> that the boy was subsequently charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio.
> Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a May 28 report with "Offense: Forcible Sodomy [and] Sexual Battery" at Stone Bridge High School does exist.

Seeing shit like this makes me want to cry so bad and trannies like this >>1346418
continue to mock that they have wormed their way in to the women’s bathrooms.

No. 1346471

He's an angry gay boy who was lied to that he can become a girl. OT but I hate seeing kids (male or female) on social media all done up like they're insta baddies. It ages people and looks kinda ridiculous (in terms of lip fillers and drag makeup and stuff)

No. 1346476

It's funny cus trannies get so hurt if the scrote they want has dated trannies before or if they prefer them. They want the straightest man possible so it's weird this troon is upset his exes new girl isn't trans bc trannies get validated when their dudes likes real girls cus it must mean they too are a real girl or they pull femininity off so we'll even straights menz can't resist lmfao. These freaks will never be happy they want to wear our skin so fucking bad

No. 1346480

God handmaidens are so pathetic. Even in my TRA days I never trannies were actual women or were even close to that. This shit is so embarrassing how they can't see there is no diff between a TRA and dick worshipping tradwife

No. 1346486

Do liberals just never read the news or do they just not care when this shit happens.

No. 1346488

His reaction is wholly male. Just like men who fantasize about turning lesbians straight, they fantasize about turning straight men into tranny chasers. They want them to be straight when they get them ("I could steal ur bf, cissies!") but going back to real women is a hate crime because it means they aren't, in fact, "better at being women" than women. Scrotes always be scroting, even in spinny skirts.

No. 1346493

They just don't care as long as they can still get feel good points for supporting troons, ego for them is >>>>> the safety of girls and women

No. 1346497

The full story for this genuinely had me in tears. The moid assaulting the girls claims to be genderfluid and the dad said that he went there to say boys were taking advantage of the rule that gave students with a consistent, long term gender identity the ability to use the bathroom according to that identity, and the freak who raped his daughter was allowed to use the girls restroom even though he did not identify as a girl in a way that fit the guidelines. The fact that he only yelled at anyone after the school board falsely stated no girls had been assaulted in the restrooms and another parent told him his daughter was lying was probably one of the greatest acts of restraint I’ve seen out of a man.
I hate that 4W is the only non-conservative source actually reporting on this. All the right wing articles have long pointless diatribes about how the “threat of critical race theory” is somehow just as bad as fifteen year old girls getting anally and orally raped by troons. The whole media circus is a shitshow.

No. 1346498

it’s really being under reported and I can only really find it reported by more “right-wing” news sites because it doesn’t fit the current mainstream “liberal” narrative

No. 1346507

incredibly odd how they frame this like a good thing. lots to unpack here

No. 1346509

the woman in the background really accentuates his gargantuan male skeleton. L

No. 1346527

They color coordinated with the women's suffrage flag I love it

No. 1346576

And while the police were gathering evidence for the trial the rapist was enrolled in a different school and assaulted ANOTHER girl. The father was sentenced to 10 days in prison for disorderly conduct/resisting arrest by a judge famous for their anti prison pro mediation stance because how fucking dare you offer proof that trans inclusive policies have the potential to harm women and girls.

No. 1346583

Kek TIFs will worship the ground TIMs walk on while TIMs stomp all over TIFs.

No. 1346598

They obviously arent a tru trans, the would never rape anyone uwu
Or something like that

No. 1346599

No. 1346616

imagine saying this about any other demographic

No. 1346625

It's not reported on anything anyone remotely left leaning reads. I found out on the Daily Mail. Which linked to the Wire. Both are right wing and if you DARE post them on Reddit, people will hop down your throat screaming fake news and exaggerated outrage targeting trans people. And then the father provided recipts and then the police verified that what there was in fact a transgender rapist who was moved from school to school? It's all LALALALA PLUG UR EARS WE CAN'T HEAR YOU all across the internet right now. What has me seething is simply how people took the side of the fucking rapist because they were trans.

No. 1346636

also implying that they're very old

No. 1346650

Nearly all if not all girls here pick on absolutely everything about trans women. I genuinely don't understand you. You're extremely misandristic and anti-gnc by your own standards if you perceive trans women as men. Furthermore, you're ableistic for mocking their struggles. I wish females would stop finding issues for themselves, realise own privilege and stop punching down on any minority they randomly decide to hate.(dilate)

No. 1346656

People want to pretend TIFs are so mean and cruel to TIMs but that doesn't reflect the actual interactions.

No. 1346658

God this is so depressing to see as a yume nikki fan, especially since there’s way more evidence for stuff like the rape theory.
Stuff like this just makes me depressed, it depresses me to know that a lot of people truly believe that you can never find joy if you weren’t born with a cock and that so many people don’t see a problem with this way of thinking.

No. 1346659

Typical misogynistic ageism. Women's opinions have never mattered but they matter less because you're rendered invisible when you're 35+.

No. 1346664

You cant punch down if every hon is at least 6'5" tall and an average woman is 5'4". Impossible.

Go back to your tranny jannies overlords on reddit and cry some more on their titty skittles bosom.

No. 1346667

File: 1634164792180.jpg (90.26 KB, 827x928, FBl83h9XsAM0BQU.jpg)

Anons in the previous thread talking about transage being the next big thing were right.

No. 1346668

omg fuck off back to twitter if you don't like it here.

No. 1346672

Ignore the bait, please.

No. 1346673


Go back to Tumblr or spend some time browsing the last 30 threads. Seeing enough of these creeps brag about digging used tampons out of trashcans to shove up their assholes or discussing how females should all be spitroasted and raped for breeding programs should be enough to peak you.

No. 1346674

File: 1634164940694.png (472.22 KB, 667x629, trannies.png)

Trannies are walking punchlines themselves, is this why they can't take a joke?
Seriously what would this do? They already got your money.

No. 1346676

>You're extremely misandristic

No. 1346677

Pretty sure he’s being ironic. Right?

No. 1346681

I think transracialism would be hilarious but it would never happen anytime soon because this transgender bullshit was spread by the USA. While maybe identifying as another age or sex is acceptable, the US's troubling history with racism would make transracialism much more contentious. Race is the one thing that completely trumps all other discussions and issues in the USA. To be transracial would always generate far more than controversy than being transage, transabled, transgender, or transspecies, etc.

No. 1346687

Anybody who thinks transrace would be embraced like transgenderism is in America is delusional, and I don't see any other country capable of spreading transracialism anyway. No country has the same influence or cultural hegemony like the US does, nor do I see why any other country would want to spread such a ridiculous idea like transracialism.
But I guess this begs the question of why on Earth transgenderism was so rapidly adopted and caught on like the way it did in the US, then American influence pushed around to other countries.

No. 1346693


they weren't even fired they were suspended get over yourselves jesus

No. 1346696

File: 1634166341086.jpeg (104.74 KB, 828x992, CC0B4D3E-4B1C-4D67-9B8B-CF8618…)

The only way it’s okay in these gender special zoomer circles to trans your race is by pretending it’s a whole different “alter” living inside your mind.

No. 1346698

oh yeah DID is the new zoomer tiktok trend kek

No. 1346699

You're about as stupid as they come. Any woman is less privileged than any man, TRANS WOMEN included.

No. 1346704

File: 1634166825648.png (158.24 KB, 500x500, 4671562B-3949-4C87-9B78-127A7E…)

Men aren’t welcome on this site.
>language dysphoria
How are these people real?

No. 1346741

>why on Earth transgenderism was so rapidly adopted and caught on like the way it did in the US

My guess is Big Pharma (being able to profit off of it), American individualism (always thinking they can do whatever they want), Christianity (for HSTS), and the push among normies to embrace any liberal idea because of the growing threat of Western right-wingers (normies don't want another Trump).

I believe the transgender rights movement is really only something that could have formed in the USA, and while the TRAs have existed for decades (Janice Raymond wrote about it in the 1970s, Michfest was being threatened in the 1990s), I think it got really big in the past decade because of that shithole Tumblr.

Trans rights spread overseas easily because everyone uses American websites and English is the lingua franca. Anglophone countries are being the most retarded about it because the linguistic and cultural proximity makes it easier for them to accept American ideas.

The US using "LGBT rights" as an excuse to criticise and control nations that aren't obedient to the USA is also a thing. Sort of like how the US is screaming about the treatment of women in Afghanistan even though the US funded Islamists and US soldiers commit sexual violence everywhere they go. Despite what right-wing conspiracy nuts will tell you about transgenderism being a "plot created by radical feminist cultural Marxists who want to weaken Western civilization by turning everyone gay".

No. 1346745

File: 1634168204828.png (306.18 KB, 600x700, 7d3.png)

>Nearly all if not all girls here pick on absolutely everything about trans women

Yes. It's what they deserve

No. 1346761

Transage is going to be pushed by pedo activists. They can use excuses like:
>everyone ages at different rates because of genetics and environment
>some people's mental age is not the same as their physical age
>transage is common among neurodivergent people
>being anti-transage is ableist because some people have health conditions that make them look younger or older like dwarfism and progeria
>being anti-transage is racist because east asian people look young

No. 1346763

Tumblr was truly a cultural reset. I never could have predicted the absolute madness it would unleash upon this world.

No. 1346764

reading "transage" and mentally pronouncing it like sausage so either a fakeboi flesh dildo or a sausage made of amputated tranny meat

No. 1346767

>>being anti-transage is racist because east asian people look young
lol, that is possibly the most retarded argument and thus the one that'd be most popular

No. 1346778

>The US using "LGBT rights" as an excuse to criticise and control nations that aren't obedient to the USA is also a thing.
Not even just the American government now. Look at how American citizens will use social justice issues to virtue signal and bully others into agreeing with them or praising them. It's so crazy.

No. 1346780

File: 1634169710478.jpg (143.56 KB, 1124x1498, FBixHAxXEAU_k-S.jpg)

No. 1346789

>tell me you are male without telling me you are male

No. 1346794

Mainstream American media is also really weirdly pro-trans. Any story about a trans serial killer and whatever is swept under the rug. I know US mass media is already propagandistic bullshit used to manufacture consent like US capitalism ("These billionaires are making the world a better place") and imperialism ("the Middle East needs American democracy") but it feels more obvious with the transgender stuff. The news will talk about how trannies are the most oppressed group ever and how they "just want to pee" but then you see constantly see trannies being disgusting and entitled creeps everywhere else.

No. 1346796

This is crazy. Is Virginia a state where troons are widely accepted?

No. 1346797

File: 1634171313660.jpg (83.87 KB, 749x697, 823231.JPG)

I think someone in a previous thread asked about trans crime statistics. Maybe this would be helpful for her?

No. 1346799

yeah, i'm frustrated too – i live here and the WOKE MOB CRITICAL RACE THEORY!!!!!!!!! idiots have been shit stirring for months. i hate that this actual fucking issue is tied to them

No. 1346800

File: 1634171553328.jpg (100.26 KB, 576x1002, 09898.JPG)

>LALALALA PLUG UR EARS WE CAN'T HEAR YOU all across the internet right now.
You're right.

No. 1346805

Non-binary women always talk like this

No. 1346806

>fox news
well now they do

No. 1346807

>c*s “women”

Seethe, cope, dialate.

No. 1346812

File: 1634172121503.jpeg (809.06 KB, 1080x1223, D30BDA36-838A-4C82-913A-5BB032…)

So when this boy was moved to a new school after the sodomy…he moved on to abduction.

No. 1346818

File: 1634172595976.jpg (72.31 KB, 824x550, pritzker.jpg)

Nta but isn't that weird US media is pro-trans. After all, Trans™ is a multi-million (billion?) dollar industry; being against it would piss off a select few of powerful people.

No. 1346828

Loudoun is one of the richest counties in the US and in northern VA so it's essentially a rich suburb outside of DC. Extremely liberal for the most part

No. 1346838

The trannies that got in trouble/were suspended snuck into a virtual meeting where the higher ups were discussing stocks, which they weren't allowed to attend for their own legal protection (insider trading will land you in a shitload of trouble), but they're acting as if their bigoted superiors are doing it for transphobic reasons. They're such vile manipulators.

No. 1346845

It’s on the first page of r/news now. I first saw it on r/stupidpol which is left leaning. Since the story is growing it is now evolving into “rich district covers up sexual assault to protect their reputation”, comparing it to a football coach covering for their rapist athlete, and how them being trans and the location of the crime is irrelevant.

No. 1346852

File: 1634176173909.jpg (25.23 KB, 678x381, Martine-Rothblatt2-5773-678x38…)

Martine Rothblatt should be the face of the transgender-transhumanism insanity.
>At the heart of the emerging “Gender Identity” industry is a man in a dress, donning women’s breasts with the confidence only a man could acquire after a lifetime of being a first class citizen. Martine Rothblatt, born in 1954 is an exceedingly accomplished entrepreneur and lawyer. As the founder of United Theraputics, he was the top earning CEO in the biopharmaceutical industry. He identifies as a transsexual and transhumanist and has written extensively on the connections between the two. Rothblatt believes that human sexual dimorphism is tantamount to South African apartheid and that transgenderism is an onramp to transhumanism – which is for him an exercise in overcoming “fleshism.”

No. 1346854

What a coincidence that the two richest trannies in the world are straight white males. They always say TIFs have so much male privilege yet they can't access capital in the same way TIMs do.

No. 1346859

What made me peak was realizing that all the rich and successful trannies were TIMs. TIFs were only known for being in porn, giving birth, or being related to someone famous. The first thing that made me really angry was when I overheard someone say "the Wachowski sisters are two of the highest earning female directors of all time".

No. 1346863

I don't know what twitter and tiktok told him, but it definitely wasn't anything about the roots of female oppression.

No. 1346864

The Pritzker family has more sway in Trans™ dealings, Rothblatt is just the Elon Musk of biotech. Rich family, got all the right accolades so he can look legit; pretends to be an engineer and employs people to do stuff for him; all he got to show for is a fucking cult (Terasem Movement). lol

No. 1346866

>Rothblatt believes that human sexual dimorphism is tantamount to South African apartheid and that transgenderism is an onramp to transhumanism – which is for him an exercise in overcoming “fleshism.”
What the fuck?

No. 1346894

Like putting your brain in a robot body maybe? So being trans is a path to cyborg shit kek

No. 1346897

I hate how trannies even ruined turning yourself into a fucking robot.
Transhumanism has no room for transgenderism, as it is tied to the Ying and Yang. A corrupted Ying or Corrupted Yang would never survive the trials required to give up the human form. Tl;dr A cog will never be resistor.

No. 1346912

It's more like he wants science to reach a stage where genetic engineering is extremely powerful and a man can get a true sex change (on the molecular level) to become a woman. Very often on /tttt/ you will see the trannies talk about how the science needs to improve so they can get XX chromosomes.

No. 1346916

It's yin and yang.
And what are you even talking about.

No. 1346922

>how the science needs to improve so they can get XX chromosomes.
I can only imagine how disgusting would it look like, specially since they start larping as women in their late 20’s, after years of frying their brains with porn, and after they lose any sort of charm that they could have while young.
Like, even if they managed to get XX chromosomes with science, bone shrinking surgeries, womb transplants and multirotpockets with glass holders, they wouldn’t be able to become women, they would still be men with a past in which they were Harold from accounting who would joke about his now ex-wife.

No. 1346924

>which is for him an exercise in overcoming “fleshism.”
sounds like a line from the hellraiser series kek

No. 1346927

I thought David Cronenberg.

No. 1346929

I've seen furries/otherkin type people say they want science to advance to the point where they get cat ears and whatever the fuck.

No. 1346930

File: 1634179918790.jpg (141.02 KB, 1007x1056, 433432.JPG)

>transage is common among neurodivergent people
DID fakers are already doing this.

No. 1346937

Hellraiser 5 has a line about how "your flesh is killing your spirit" (incidentally that's a good description of autogynephiles and their addiction to cooming), but Cronenberg works too as both are body horror.

No. 1346938

DID is just another excuse for trannies to explore pedophilia and misogyny with a convenient excuse

No. 1346940

Trannies didn't "ruin" transhumanism, it's already equally retarded. All beliefs that you can fundamentally change your very being while still being yourself in any meaningful way are religious beliefs with no practical foundation. Transhumanism is a natural conclusion to what troons already believe in.

No. 1346946

AGPs talk about being raised as white straight men in a society ruled by white straight men as if it's some form of oppression. Yes you inbred prick, having a uterus in a society that commidifies and controls womens' reproduction is actually oppression, something your scrote ass wouldn't know anything about, since you never experienced it.

They're just going full mask-off MRA now, then acting shocked when more and more of their handmaidens are coming to their senses.

>Why did tranny shit takeover so fast in the US
Because trannies are white straight men and the US is controlled by white straight men. This shit wouldn't have taken off if the only people doing it were black or female.

Also trannies are cash cows for pharmaceutical companies because they're a lifelong captive market. Big pharma knows the only way it can escape criticism is by hiding behind a false pretense of social justice.

Name a more unstoppable recipe for evil than greedy corporations and rich white scrotes.

No. 1346948

Yeah, and also "flesh" gets mentioned a lot in Videodrome.

No. 1346950

>Long live the new flesh!

No. 1346951

Hi why hasn't this little shithead been identified yet? It can't be hard, just look at the town that school's in and search police records for a rap sheet that matches his. I want to know what this psycho looks like and smear his disgusting face all over the internet until he spends the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. I don't care if he's a minor, a monster like this does not deserve the protection of anonymity.

No. 1346956

>I guess this begs the question of why on Earth transgenderism was so rapidly adopted and caught on like the way it did in the US
For multiple reasons. First off, our academic institutions are every bit as captured as people tell you online, and have been for decades. Academia pushes a lot of this gender shit. Secondly, Silicon Valley. There's high overlap with trannies and tech sectors, just like tech has high overlap with autism (which also overlaps with trannyism, etc). All big tech companies over-represent in TiMS, just look at the Netflix controversy. Third, big pharma. Big pharma makes money hand over fist for this shit. Why give someone help for their delusion when you can validate it instead and they can pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to destroy themselves with experimental surgeries? Fourth, we all know the US has the most richfags. And a lot of trannies who shove in this legislation and capture once useful organizations like the ACLU are multi-millionaires, and, often, billionaires. They also often have a past as a billionaire conservative man who trooned out.

In short, it is literally the elites.

No. 1346964

Is this related to the facebook screencap in the previous thread(?) where a seemingly over-involved ally mother is making posts about how her "daughter" is being "cyberbullied" and it's all like, messages from other parents to her saying that her son is a foul rapist etc etc? Iirc the son in that was also 15?

No. 1346966

>Iirc the son in that was also 15?
This is why I say boys are also reinforcers of the patriarchy. They don't suddenly become oppressors of women when they turn 18 and become men lol.

No. 1346970

I used to think transhumanism would be cool. Living forever doesn't sound bad at all at first glance, but then I realized that all the big players in the transhumanism movement had god complexes and would only allow the technology to be used on themselves and not the betterment of people as a whole.

Now I think any biotechnology that isn't used to cure illnesses is evil. I have a huge problem with most reproductive technology in particular. Sperm banks were already nasty to me but egg donation, surrogacy, uterine replication tech are so much worse.

No. 1346973

you are so right anon. it frustrates me how people in thread deny that academia is completely corrupted by the filth of bureaucratic corporatism which leads to academics obsessing over identity (which is a purchasable commodity in current year) which, distasteful as it may be, does include race.

No. 1346975

It's called "transhumanism" but it's really just "godhood for the elites". We've already seen what a mess transgenderism has been, I would hate to see the day when transhumanism becomes advanced enough to start playing out.

No. 1346979

I've never liked transhumanism because I knew this man who was obsessed with sexy cyborg women (topless of course) in cyberpunk worlds and how he wish he could have his own consciousness transferred into those bodies. He is a big Ghost in the Shell fan.

No. 1346980

>Ghost in the Shell
Never understood why people liked this. It is no different from any other cyberpunk story with its scantily clad female protagonist mumbling on about philosophy.

No. 1346985

Scrotes enjoy objectification of women and having their egos stroked. Having an anime with sexy waifus mention surface level philosophical topics makes them feel smart, so they get to physically and emotionally coom.

No. 1346988

Because she beats up men while wearing little clothing! This is female empowerment!

No. 1346990

I love it when men will say the female character isn't poorly written or fanservice when she's an action girl and therefore a "strong female character" lmao

No. 1346992

Cyberpunk in general is a misogynistic bs. I hate that genre.

No. 1346995

It's like those hardcore torture porn hentai games. They sprinkle a little philosophy into the "story" and suddenly the scene where the 8 year old girl gets skullfucked by a giant insect is all forgiven.

No. 1346996

>which, distasteful as it may be, does include race.
You are right. Academia is fucked.

No. 1346999

File: 1634183915316.jpg (409.02 KB, 674x2048, wtf.jpg)

i dont know if this has been posted before, but holy fuck

No. 1347020

holy shit. there’s so much to unpack. i really think that dude is gonna kill a woman. that’s some legitimate buffalo bill type mental illness. also, why the fuck did he name the actual girl in his story greg? fuck him.

No. 1347023

accurate description of the braindead fans of muvluv

No. 1347027

Of course he will at some point try. Trannies loathe women beyond comprehension. Theres that one swedish tranny that murdered a woman and only got a slap on the wrist despite parts of her still missing iirc

No. 1347033

>three black male symbols penetrating the pink trans symbol
God I hope this guy doesn't have kids. Imagine your dad getting mindfucked by BBC sissy hypno

No. 1347036

Why are white men so addicted to BBC porn anyway? /pol/tards supposedly spam it to piss each other off but they always know which video is which and why would they have huge folders of BBC porn in the first place?

No. 1347037

I've noticed that rightoids claim to hate BBC but they are also very strangely obsessed with it and always make "jokes" about watching it.

No. 1347041

Muv-Luv Is super tame compared to the games I'm talking about but anybody who plays eroge with gore, rape and fetish shit is fucked in the head. People who play vanilla eroge are weird enough already.

No. 1347045

File: 1634188059681.png (623.26 KB, 680x675, d83.png)

I browse /pol/ every now and then and believe me its not /pol/tards who spam this shit, this whole thing is part of 4chan's racial conflict, most of the bbc spammers are confirmed to be asians and especially Indians, the whites and even non-white /pol/tards(they are a whole other thing but mainly Hispanic dudes) retaliated with "bleached" that proved ineffective but they are reraling with "buck breaking" from Tariq Nasheeds documentary tariq nasheed movie buck breaking: a threat to black masculinity

No. 1347051

Scrotes are fixated on sex and rape in every aspect of their lives, and use pornography for digital tribal warfare with one another. It's not just your boogeymen who spam BBC, bleached, buck breaking, and colonialism rape memes. I have seen countless political ideologies expressed via pornography. It's just how scrotes are.

No. 1347055

File: 1634188698581.jpg (181.05 KB, 500x1643, t5i737xz7v371.jpg)

I know scrotes are fucking dumb, buts its literally white(and white aligned) scrotes vs non-white scrotes in a never ending racial conflict of trying to "trigger" the other
one with bbc porn, the other with colonization and buck breaking porn
Its disturbing to witness, bit I have seen it play out on /his/(mostly with Indians)

No. 1347057

Don't pretend like white men don't engage in BBC spamming. These troons should tell you already that males are able to be so warped by pornographic thinking that they want to become objects and degrade themselves. Whether it be a woman object or a "sissy white boy" object.

You sound kinda like a coping white male NGL.

No. 1347058

lmao I forgot 4chan was funny sometimes

No. 1347060

It's the one /pol/tard anon who keeps sperging about Tariq Nasheed.

No. 1347061

not white per-se, though I did use to be /pol/ alignedI guess before turning towards radical feminism
I don't wanna blogpost or anything, it was a whole fucking journey I had

No. 1347063

>I did use to be /pol/ alignedI guess before turning towards radical feminism
Well I guess all the anons who said that radfems are just alt-righoids were right.

No. 1347064

>I did use to be /pol/ alignedI guess before turning towards radical feminism

No. 1347065

I think your right that a lot of the posters are incel Asians and Indians (mainly those living in western countries), who are using black men and BBC porn to get back at white men for (what they see as) taking their women. They can't use photos of Asian chads because the stereotypes run deep and have literally centuries of history.

But I do think the majority are white men who either trooned out or just 'sissies' that like the BBC porn. A big part of the fetish seems to be infecting the brains of other white men and corrupting them. Kinda like gay men and spreading HIV on purpose, they've fetishised their fear of either HIV or black men taking white women and submitted to it. Men do seem to go overboard with submissive sex, they're either raping/choking someone to death or getting raped to death themselves.

No. 1347066

I used to identify with radical feminism in the early 2000s and I'm so glad I left it ever since the "gender critical women" got in.

No. 1347067

Wtf are the games that make "violently raped and slowly dismembered by monsters until her body is just a convulsing brain" look super tame? I genuinely want to know (not for fetish reasons, my hobby is just studying horror media so I'd be curious to skim their plot on some website rather than play them).

No. 1347072

There are still some gems here and there

No. 1347073

File: 1634190191179.jpg (163.72 KB, 1258x1074, 948.jpg)

I'd say there's some white people involved, but definitely not the majority, the amount of Indian dispora in those communities was insane to see
I mean Tenda Spencer/Eurasian Tiger was the original bbc spammer


No. 1347074

kek trannies were sort of right for once

No. 1347075

Ever heard of Maggot Baits?

No. 1347078

Heard the name before but never looked up the plot of it, will do so when I have more free time. Thanks.

No. 1347081

Hi ladies, non milk and this is definitely blog posting but I genuinely need to get this out somewhere and I know all my friends will accuse me of transphobia and shun me if I told them about it. There is this man at my school, built like an ape, that dmed me after I followed him. I didn't know he was a troon at the time and was just trying to connect with people at my school via social media. I remember after following him looking at his posts and feeling something really off. Fat, acne ridden, colored hair, shitty mullet. He dmed me shortly after I approved his request and I responded back with a greeting. The first thing he asks me is my pronouns and after I told him I was a girl he said "Oh my pronouns are she/her" I didn't feel like starting shit over dms so I just said ok. We barely talked for two days and apparently he smoked some weed or something and confessed to me??? I just told him that was fine and I didn't mind but then my friend over discord a day or two later told me she had also gotten a message very similar to mine. We were super weirded out and I did get mad and say that that he was so traditionally male and predatory just from these small interactions and she agreed which was very reassuring. I did tell a counselor about this but she told asked me why I should be able to decide whos trans and whos not. I felt so taken aback by this, that someone whos supposed to listen to me brushes off my discomfort because its a "trans safe space" I just feel really lost and I am nervous he'll approach me. I'm a small woman and he's fucking 6 foot something at least. I just feel unsafe but it seems no one but my mom and my one friend are actually listening. I know this contributed to absolutely nothing but I just wanted to get that off my chest. Mb for any spelling or grammatical errors.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1347085

block this mfer anon, sounds like a serial creep and your counselor sounds like a moron.

No. 1347086

Delete this and post it in the vent thread for better advice

No. 1347089

agree with other anon that you should delete this and post elsewhere, but try to avoid interacting with him if you can. i dont know how easy it'll be for you to avoid him bc i've met some men online who will literally stalk me even after i ghost them for being creepy, so it's even worse that you know him irl. don't talk about this to your counselor anymore, there could be some consequences for you, lots of universities preach wokeness right now, just be careful about voicing your discomfort. i know it sucks but honestly just try to lay low and hopefully he'll stop bothering you.

No. 1347099

Block and/or ghost him, don't use the bathroom when he's in the same building as you, and buy yourself some mace or a taser. Assert to your therapist that her job is to help you with your feelings, not the strangers who mistreat you. If she responds poorly, consider finding a different therapist.

No. 1347102

Jesus Christ could you BE a more obvious scrote looking for wank fodder? Playing alien rape games to "analyze the plot," what a joke.

No. 1347112

I posted >>1347023
dipshit. If I was into gore porn why would I call people who enjoy it braindead? Mods should be able to see by my IP that I've spent weeks posting on this site. Why would I larp as a woman on lolcow if I wanted porn recs instead of just asking for it on 4chan?

No. 1347117

Sage because this is an old video on even older news. Sorry if this was posted in a much older thread.

TLDW: 24 year old very autistic man is mad he wasn't born as a ghost girl from the cartoon universe of Danny Phantom. Blamed his parents, society, and his shitty supermarket job for stepping all over him, somehow. Ends up shooting up his workplace and killing himself while wearing women's underwear underneath his work clothes.

TLDR: A very average day in the life of another average tranny.

No. 1347124

File: 1634198485588.png (959.86 KB, 1907x933, Former Hamilton Cast Member Su…)

The genderspecials are getting ballsy accidentally posted this with my info earlier

No. 1347128

File: 1634198631745.jpeg (322.06 KB, 1242x963, FAE27FD6-C44C-4A9B-8FB2-61E603…)

I’m on r/Virginia reading about the Loudoun county troon who raped a girl in a bathroom and other girls in different schools and I see this shit. There’s truly nothing more disgusting than trannies, they are the worst type of moid, period. Porn addicted disgusting fetishistic perverts should be the last moids that should be allowed to be around women and girls, yet it’s flipped the other way around.

No. 1347130

File: 1634198783522.jpg (117.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

looked him up, imagine this motherfucker in a woman's changing room

No. 1347131

It was posted like 2 threads back

No. 1347132

Please don't even joke about this, the minority of tradthots and schizophrenic and mentally retarded /pol/ immigrants here are not representative of GC/RF. Troons wish it were, but it's not, and letting it slide just gives them fodder to pretend people who know their ideology is bullshit are actually just right-wing bigots.

No. 1347134

He’s so huge he has to wear the skirt low rise style kek. What a freak.

No. 1347136

File: 1634199387282.jpeg (41.16 KB, 208x243, FADEC2F3-6D57-4138-AA45-B88366…)

Wtf does this mean?

No. 1347141

See >>1347033 also lurk more.

No. 1347146

it has been posted. if you want more insanity of this nutcase, i suggest going to kf where they’ve documented quite a lot about this loser.

No. 1347158

Do you think there will ever be a mainstream split between HSST and AGPs, now that "TERF" has somewhat entered mainstream culture, I can see AGPs and HSST also taking part in
in terms of oppressions olympics, HSST are very obviously oprsssed, often poor, from POC or white trash communities, in areas with high amounts of homophobia

No. 1347161

File: 1634201261652.jpg (14.66 KB, 720x405, 242166583_1705945889613005_462…)

honestly agreed, transhumanism is a huge passion of mine and i hate that it's being used to get these freaks off when they think "ohh it's a perfect way to make me truly female!!"

No. 1347162

It’s literally just autism. They see women in movies/television twirl around and they think that’s what women do. May also be a form of stimming.

No. 1347184

For the millionth time, HSTS are not based in any way. They are degenerate coomer rapists the same way AGPs are but they target lesbians and HSTS target straight men. I only feel bad for HSTS who transitioned as kids due to homophobic parents, the rest are in the same category of degens. Also, Blanchard typology isnt as clear cut as he lays it out. I've studied troonerism and seen countless troons in these threads and I have to say the homosexual troons also exhibit signs of AGP, and classic AGP's who go after lesbians turn bisexual/gay for more validation. All in all, the autogynephilia is the overarching fetish in both groups, meaning all trannies are AGPs at heart.

No. 1347196

I mean I feel bad for them, I remember like a year ago an posted a statistic about Homosexual transsexuals in New-Zealand and almost all of them were either from Maori or lower class white communities
I mean growing up in that environment as an effeminate gay men sounds tough

No. 1347210

lmao WHAT
not entirely. While I agree that corporate interests play a huge role in this since this is just how business works, I think you underestimate the social factors that attributed to the hype becoming so strong. That is the people’s need to fixate on something that just fits their current emotional needs. It’s a bit like successful guerilla marketing gone wild: An Idea was already existing in niche communities which had good potential to be profitable, so of course there was some backing by interested parties. But one of the main reasons the ‘campaign’ was so successful imo were the people who started pushing this on their own and further span the ‘mythological’ background needed for ideas like this to become something you can easily lose yourself in. In the end you don’t even have to do much on your own anymore while the campaign carries and evolves on it’s own, eventually mutating into something different over time. Remember that the ideological background of the dreams that get sold here is an amalgamation of what a lot of people yearned for already, that’s why it’s resonating so much and is what makes so many people zealously push it on their own. It’s just the perfect snake oil for a specific target audience at the right time, nurturing off misunderstood anti-sexism and traditional bigotry. Now the target audience practically exploits itself, which is a 10/10 in terms of marketing. But it would never be that successful with corporal backing alone if it didn’t hit a sweet spot in the current zeitgeist like it did.

No. 1347215

There's already sort of a split between them. AGP seethe over HSTS all the time because they think HSTS are more "pretty" and "true trans" than them. Just look at /tttt/. Most HSTS don't care about AGP or they are disgusted by them.
Some HSTS will call themselves "old school transsexuals" to distance themselves from AGP. HSTS are convinced that the GNC behavior they exhibited since they were toddlers is "proof" that they were "born into the wrong body" instead of just being gay. AGP generally don't experience dysphoria and they only get their desire to transition after puberty so the HSTS think this means that the AGP are "invalid" compared to them - even though both are retarded.
I don't like HSTS but I can sort of understand why they would transition and the only men I know who have detransed are HSTS so it seems possible that they can be "reasoned" with to some extent. But other HSTS are completely batshit and will do no good. AGP are completely and utterly hopeless. Even the ones that recognize they have AGP just refuse to detrans. In some cases they do detrans but then they retrans because the fetish is just too strong.

This is true. Most HSTS in New Zealand are indigenous men. Maori culture is very homophobic because all the men try to be macho and it's worse because of all the Christianity introduced by the European settlers.

No. 1347220

The New Zealand government and media is full of pakeha who they think all the gay Maori men trooning out is supposed to be "celebrated". I hear it's a similar case in Australia where they see the sistergirls/brotherboys and think its a good thing.

No. 1347231

"Fleshism" is what he describes as the "oppression of sexual dimorphism". A transhumanist goal of his is to give men truly female bodies. Not just the shallow surgical and hormonal imitations like what they have now but becoming completely biologically female right down to the molecular level. The biotech millionaires in Silicon Valley all have god complexes. The majority of them are not scientists themselves but they are devoted to promoting transhumanism and funding scientists to study immortalism, etc.

No. 1347234

it actually really bothers me specifically because imo its mimicry of little girl behaviour. i used to love long weighty skirts as a little girl specifically because i loved spinning in them… although i am autistic so maybe this isnt universal. but it definitely seems like a very infantile behaviour in the same category of other loli skinwalking shit.

No. 1347293

reminds me of the controversy around the term Fa'afafine, its a "third gender" term in Samoan society, about 1-5% of Samoans identify as Fa'afafine, which might seem insane but if you compare it to the average number of homosexual males in a population group it aligns perfectly
but the fact that people(western libs) celebrate this aspect of Samoan society is just disturbing if you think about, males who deemed to be so worthless due to being gay and effeminate that they are essentially "kicked out" of the man club

No. 1347311

File: 1634220035360.png (1.53 MB, 2188x1593, TRAs defending a rapist becasu…)

I'm reading the comments on TumblrInAction post about the Loutoun County rape and the TRA arguments are so predictable.

1. Obligatory TIF handmaiden saying how she is called "tranny" in the women's, she just has to use the men's bathroom now for sAfEtY. Sure, Jan.
2. It never happens.
3. The troon wasn't really trans.
4. News organisation are lying (just like how they tried to say Andy Ngo reporting about the WiSpa troon was fake because NYpost are conservative).

No. 1347314

File: 1634220339007.png (109.52 KB, 699x664, TIA .png)

The rest of the comments are pretty based though.

No. 1347315

How does typing "I feel absolutely awful for the girl who was raped, but" not immediately make her realize she's in the wrong? Redditors are a disease had to repost because I didn't get to the point where she stated she's ftm before the retardation got to me

No. 1347320

File: 1634221155829.png (733.06 KB, 1351x1603, crowder.png)

tranny jannies are working overtime censoring people from talking about the Loudoun rape case

No. 1347322

No one cares if its a ftm in the womens washroom though? And funny how she keeps using the womens washroom even though she identified as a male. Huh could it be something about a single woman being surrounded by actual men that could possibly harm her? She wasn't passing that well if they still called her a tranny.

No. 1347327

Right-wing is often used as a prejorative. But right and left as political terminologies are relative terms. Right wing describes people who are fine with the way things are. Far right describes people who want the way things used to be. It doesn't have to be the 1800s or 1900s as in most hyperbolies. Wanting things to be like in the 2000s (20 years ago) is technically far right. By definition, when the left succeeds it becomes the new right, then the right becomes the new far right.

If you recognize what the words mean, you can think outside of internet subcultures ("tradthot", "genderspecial"). It is entirely possible to hold both far left and far right wing viewpoints given the issue presented. It simply means you aren't fine with the way things are. Likewise, aligning with the left or right regardless of issue and context is actually insane.

No. 1347351

Tumblrinaction is an interesting space currently, so many r/GC refuges post there and often times get into arguments with the male userbase of that sub

No. 1347366

It’s very ironic and poetic, a few years ago TiA mocked feminists especially from tumblr

No. 1347370

Autogeynephilia is such a male-type sexuality, it's honestly freaky. So many (self-proclaimed heterosexual) men fantasize about "being the little girl", and when discussing what they would do if they were a woman they just say they'd all be whores.

They see women as objects and femininity like a costume. Most won't transition but I feel like 99% of males can seamlessly slip into AGP fantasies, since AGP is just another flavor of male sexuality (gynephillic, object oriented)

No. 1347377

What's the relevancy of TiA nowadays, isn't reddit currently both more convoluted woke and more porn filled than tumblr?

No. 1347389

File: 1634224419270.jpg (1.13 MB, 972x7727, Timinwashroomcomp.jpg)

Sounds like femboys who take the hormones and dress in woman's but still call themselves a he.

No. 1347398

Here's the thing I wonder though, how long do they think their supposed "femininity" will last, they have their early 20's at most to be considered diserable to even the average most porn sick male but after that their just schlubby, blading and visibly aging men
they went look "sexy" or "feminine" they will look like creepy looking wierods in women's clothing straight out of a rob zombie movie

No. 1347407

It can last forever for them because they are just that delusional. You've seen those men that tell themselves that they're more beautiful than us peasant women. They'll keep chasing that high no matter how awful they look.

No. 1347412

so it's "to be a woman all you have to do is say you're a woman and you are" until it doesn't work in their favor, then suddenly they never said that and that's not how it works? this ideology is retarded af. so it's okay to dictate and denounce somebody's "gender identity" as long as it's them deciding. they malfunction when you use their own words and mantras back on them lol

No. 1347420

File: 1634225783828.jpg (392.9 KB, 623x779, TV1-31.jpg)

what about any sense of reality, think of many how sissy fetishits just look like picrel

No. 1347437

The comments over in the r/Virginia sub made me want to kms. Troons and their enablers aren't even shy about their complete disdain for women.

No. 1347483

I have encountered non-white AGPs a couple times, the big divider between AGPs and HSSTs in the man who would be queen is class and environment
HSST grow up in conservative environments and are often(but not alway) from lower-income communities
a white gay kid growing up in rural Georgia more of chance of being HSST then a Indian straight guy in new york who comes from a family academics
for me Troonism is just a another new shade of bourgeois degeneracy

No. 1347487

None of the big media news report the assailant was trans and used this to gain access to a women's bathroom. It's just "a teen attacked other teens". Very nice.

No. 1347492

File: 1634229563713.jpg (151.44 KB, 900x1350, antmimicspider.jpg)

>it actually really bothers me specifically because imo its mimicry of little girl behaviour.
Aggressive mimicry often involves the predator employing signals which draw its potential prey towards it, a strategy which allows predators to simply sit and wait for prey to come to them.

No. 1347497

File: 1634229727958.jpeg (52.32 KB, 480x362, D1FEF1A2-AC2D-4326-B41E-68CD1A…)

Omg I finally watched this video yesterday and as soon as it got to the trans ghost girl part, it’s like I piqued all over again. I really wish he would have reached out to a therapist. Wanting to be a fictional character so badly and the OC’s reminded me of chris-chan.

No. 1347550

I have always said that the reason troons off themselves between 30-40 is because they have exhausted their worth as sufficiently feminine object, i.e, theyhey hit the "wall". Unless their male narcissism overrides their assessment of reality, then they become rapehons indefinitely.

No. 1347552

File: 1634232207907.png (192.38 KB, 400x401, tumblr_ortaw9Sfkq1rj1kqdo1_400…)

You know the worst part(other then the 3 victims who sadly lost their lives over this bullshit) its that I remember people on Tumblr fetishizing him after it happened
wasn't Ted Bundy levels but for like 3 months you often saw old gifs or pictures of him being reblogged and there were also slapfights between the girls who were fetishizing him and TRA's who wanted his "pronouns" respected
I hate the modern world sometimes

No. 1347558

File: 1634232622077.jpg (50.88 KB, 400x400, tumblr_a34cdfa74c674dedeb53372…)

true-crimetard visiting the mall where the shooting happened

No. 1347568

File: 1634233107182.jpeg (893.65 KB, 1159x1319, 0C50B4BA-A48E-45A0-B173-C8A1F9…)

So HSTS aren’t the lesser of two evils I’d been thinking they were kek.
One AGP I see a lot is comedian/drag queen flame monroe. He admits that deep down he’s just a man with titties in a dress, and calls himself HESHEWE lol. He specifically goes for petite loli black lesbians. This part gives predator vibes of course. I don’t see a lot of black AGP’s but it makes sense that he used to be a gay top and is now a only into smol bean lesbians. Tons of tra’s and AGP call him self hating or a token. He supports Chapelle and all that.

No. 1347578

Nobody thinks HSTS are based, but there is a difference between Coomer rapists and gay men scared so deep into the closet that they cut their dicks off. One for sure deserves more sympathy than the other and detaching hsts issues from agp and identifying the latter as a greater evil is more constructive in some cases than just saying "tranny bad"

No. 1347579

Yeah… there's a lot of fucked up people obsessed with him. I am not sure if you have heard, but there is a guy named Sean Walker who was obsessed with Randy Stair and roleplayed as him to try to get Chris Chan to become a mass shooter.

No. 1347580

Ew he even said fan girls were something he was looking forward to! This is why humans don’t need to live forever. Why do a murderer’s pronouns matter?? Even more Chris-chan parallels.

No. 1347584

There is little difference between HSTS and AGPs. They are both meta-attracted, narcisistic gynephiles. The only difference is that HSTS use "straight" men to validate their femininity and AGPs use lesbians.
Their sexuality is focused on the self, their partners are tools they use to further prove themselves to be women/feminine.

No. 1347585

Literal yellow face.
This kind of tumblr psycho is so predictable. I bet there is fanfic shipping him with the Columbine shooters on ao3

No. 1347602

"Gay TIMs and straight TIMs are the same since they're both trannies"
So biology isnt important then? Hmm

No. 1347609

File: 1634236906931.png (459.76 KB, 1437x707, Screenshot (191).png)

not TIM related, but there's a TIF blog that ironically has him as her header and profile image

No. 1347611

File: 1634237063554.jpg (40.91 KB, 516x514, evbvzaq24jh71.jpg)

he gets (rightfully) laughed at in GAY subreddit, but in lesbian subreddit pic rel gets thousands of upvotes. women should just fucking stop bending backwards for anyone who screams "victim!!", because males will take advantage of that.

No. 1347613

unsurprisingly the guy who drew this is a pedo btw

No. 1347616

File: 1634237546061.jpeg (581.81 KB, 993x1278, EC84D2D1-5A5F-449D-A80C-9FAE37…)

Simping for transbian murderers, it might be worse than the columbine fan girls. This is what made me realize being an overly empathetic woman is dumb and can be used against you.

No. 1347623

They aren't rich white men, they're rich jewish men from the US.(המשתמש הוצא למרעה)

No. 1347628

Tattoo artists that get a good reputation and work in a specific style often vet their clients based on what they want done and would not be doing stuff like this. Enjoy your walk-in scratcher tatts, "cum dumpster".

No. 1347632

You mean a person who draws anime is a pedo? I am SHOCKED! Never has such a thing happened before!(bait)

No. 1347633

kek. They are jews.(/pol/sperg)

No. 1347635

very true, most women believe anyone can be fixed, a person can't just be born bad, perverted, awful. those mtfs have potential to change, there's just no way they'll be violent and pushy if we support them and show them some sympathy, right? because of this males are taking away our spaces, right to pick a sexual partner, right to privacy, all under the guise that "women are just helping victimized trans people"!!

No. 1347641

does anyone else screenshot posts that help them peak and to maybe help other girls realize this trans crap is bullshit? i really like this one anon. former TRA/tumblr sjw basically, don't think i'm a radical feminist now either, but just know i hate how males are just setting us back. also feel like males are setting up other males for failure, and profitting off of it, all for the coom.

No. 1347652

File: 1634240974354.jpg (607.3 KB, 1076x1608, Riot gruel.jpg)

Did anyone post infamous nazi punk turned terf tranny Steve Lye here yet - or is he just a KF thing? Unfortunately I am mutuals with him

No. 1347655

File: 1634241065623.jpg (577.71 KB, 1076x1563, Stevie boy.jpg)

Same fag but I feel his current profile picture was too steaming hot to not to post

No. 1347656

Any screenshots(no matter how awful the act) can be dismissed as anecdotal evidence, what you need us actual statistical data and research papers

No. 1347661

A lot of these girls are unironically attracted to these types of males, skinny, pale, edgy and with an /alt/aesthetic
Them being actual murders is just a cherry on top of thier edgyness
You won't see anyone simping for Chris chan or BTK for e.g

No. 1347667

Liberalism is also a Western thing (ironically evolving from Christian philosophy) so there is strong correlation between AGP and Western countries.

No. 1347668

These threads just proves moids ruin the world. They are parasitic perverted degenerates. I wouldnt even class them as people. Also got me thinking is when I was watching those predator sting catches on youtube and there are SO MANY scrotes who are pedos and rapists. Moids are degenerate subhuman trash.

No. 1347672

RE: Big pharma and the rise of trannies.

I disagree with the idea of the theories proposed by some anons in this thread. Making a show of supporting trannies is a great way to divert attention and resources from woman to the tiny tiny amount of men that chop their dicks off. Helping and supporting women is a lot more costly than pumping up some loonies with horse piss for the few decades they'll live before being found dead of auto-erotic asphyxiation or having them do to time in prison where they'll be profitable even if still on said horsepiss. Sure, some doctors might line their pockets with their money, but ultimately, keeping women silent and repressed is a lot more important. This also doubles as a way to silence women and get unearned praise when doing PR stunts.

No. 1347673

Of course the true crime bitches thirst over this degenerate moid. They are all hybristophiles.

No. 1347682

did you even read what i just fucking said
you're probably a coping hsts.

No. 1347685

Kek, they always say they are just looking for warning signs to know how to protect themselves but then they post about how Ted Bundy is sexy and treat the whole thing like it’s a fictional story.

No. 1347695

I am praying that this utterly defected y-chromosome offs himself soon, because these kind of fantasies never stay in their deranged heads.

No. 1347706

File: 1634244306857.jpeg (606.74 KB, 1396x785, 595E6D66-9926-46DF-9C4D-F18E40…)

When they started badgering men to fuck & validate them, I thought it was sort of funny and figured if they want to live as women good luck. I thought they were all hsts. AGP = serial killer in my mind now.

No. 1347710

can you imagine working at a weis in pa and some fat blue haired tumblr bitch starts taking pictures in your parking lot bc your weird ass autistic co worker shot up the place?

No. 1347714

the warning sign is that they have a dick between their legs.

No. 1347717

>250k on tiktok
These are almost certainly all zoomer handmaidens. How do you think Gen Z will age? I could see them having a backlash to this eventually

No. 1347726

These are the kinds of women who would be accomplices to mass shootings and murders for sure.

No. 1347743

File: 1634247452207.jpeg (33.25 KB, 370x278, B7B57C09-2ACB-43A2-9032-F5D6EF…)

There should be a thread on this site for Asian Male White Female spammers. Asian American moids are the original incels(racesperging)

No. 1347753

Stop fucking derailing with your /pol/ drama.

No. 1347758

This thread is way more /pol/tarded than usual.

No. 1347759

The white moids who fetishize Asian women are no better than they are; arguably worse since they often do have mixed race children they inflict Asian hatred/white worship onto while the 4chan AMWF spammers are forever alones and actual Asian men who marry white women don't have the same racial hangups as white men who marry Asian women.

And we did have a thread for them a few months ago, but it very quickly got taken over by aforementioned yellow fever white moids and was rightly locked.

No. 1347763

>The white moids who fetishize Asian women
It's super common and I think a lot of men with Asian fetishes also end up trooning out. I've always suspected some connection between transgenderism and yellow fever. It might be porn consumption since "Japanese" is the most popular porn search term.

No. 1347765

Also wanting to be an anime girl and equating Asian people with anime. I saw this video of a Chinese-Thai woman talking about gardening. It had nothing to do with anime at all but some of the comments were like "omg she looks like anime". Huh??

No. 1347769

>arguably worse
Anon if you lived in Southeast Asia then you would know they are definitely worse.

No. 1347772

Is there an ftm equivalent of Op pic

No. 1347775

File: 1634250525016.png (652 KB, 2246x1766, 1631892126254.png)

Went a few threads back to find this for you, nonita.

No. 1347784

File: 1634251087053.jpeg (97.68 KB, 891x782, A48F361C-D540-4AC3-867F-25F561…)

Oil London is a gay AGP right? He wants to bang jimin and be jimin. If he was straight, I could see him trooning into the female kpop star of his choice. Any time a white man is too into Asian culture/anime/tech it’s a red flag to me. Sorry to generalize.

No. 1347785

I think he must have a fetish for Filipinas or had some unrequited crush on a Filipina so now he wants to become his own Filipina girlfriend.

No. 1347786

A lot of white AGP do adopt feminine Japanese names.

No. 1347790

My god I have encountered "the MRA" before and they are so fucking embarrassing.

No. 1347791

OK but dresses with pockets are great, ditto overalls. Pockets that aren't front pockets on jeans/pants are great.

No. 1347795

Hot picture

No. 1347802

imo, they are far from the worst group of men because at least they aren't genociding their own women and using blm and slavery to get away with it.

No. 1347805

/r/AsianMasculinity is a goldmine

No. 1347807

Iirc this moid incorporates a lot of Thai culture into his Filipina LARP. He most likely has a history of being a sexpat in Southeast Asia.

No. 1347809

Plus his fake name "Ja Du" doesn't sound like a typical Thai or Filipino one. It sounds Cambodian.

No. 1347810

Eww so he’s most likely also a pedophile

No. 1347812

Oh I only attracted to asian gun nuts

No. 1347813

He's probably a troon, he's got the look (neon hair, ill fitting "girly" clothes)
AGP and a fetish for southeast asians? the chances of him not being a pedophile are 0.

No. 1347814

Most likely. A huge proportion of solo white male travellers in Southeast Asia are only in the region to have sex with children. The Cambodian-sounding name in particular makes him suspicious because Cambodia has a huge problem with child sex tourism.

No. 1347815

That chain is not supposed to sit their and will snap with one wrong move.

No. 1347818

I hate how so many websites headline this as "white woman claims to be Filipina". That is a white MAN. Why must we immediately accept that he says he is a woman but question his Filipino ethnicity?

No. 1347820

Oli London is trolling with his Jimin LARP, he's just a dysmorphic gay bong addicted to surgeries.

No. 1347822

Lmao the xe/xers on Twitter are all the ones who create nonsensical discourse about "queerness" and have 1.4 million tweets.

No. 1347823

I think he only does the Jimin thing for attention and he gets money that way. When people ask him questions about BTS he doesn't know how to answer them despite claiming to be a massive fan.

No. 1347825

Not to mention ethnicity is a literal social construct that shifts around every decade whereas sex is a biological reality that evolved 2 billion years ago with earliest prokaryotes.

No. 1347826

File: 1634253650885.jpg (Spoiler Image,895.6 KB, 1230x1136, puke.jpg)

don't you ladies love it when you go online to shop for shoes or clothes and see some disgusting pervert posting this nasty shit for his own sexual gratification?

just saw this when looking for shoes for my sister's wedding next weekend. i feel like i come across this shit way too often. imagine just a normal young girl doing online shopping and seeing it.

No. 1347833

>Any time a white man is too into Asian culture/anime/tech it’s a red flag to me.
Same here. White male expats in Eastern Asia all have a high troonout potential. You have the extremely misogynistic military men, IT guys from the Bay Area with anime addiction, underqualified "English teachers" losers, and retired 60+ year old divorcees looking for women a third their age (or less).

No. 1347834

File: 1634254526184.png (351.99 KB, 600x600, AC4080BA-C3FA-47C5-82B9-B0F6BF…)

Starting from the shoes and it truly got worse with each scroll.

No. 1347840

Huge amounts of white men in Asia hate feminism and seethe over "Western women" (they just mean white because Asians can also live in the West lmao). All the "oppression" these men claim to suffer is just being denied sex as a result of women being partially freed from total male control. They develop yellow fever because they want a submissive woman they can control and they know they can use their white privilege to find a white worshipping Asian girlfriend easily. Trooning out is also a reaction to not getting laid because now they have to satisfy themselves sexually by pretending to be women.

No. 1347843

pretty much everything about "male oppression" is women not fucking them

No. 1347850

We already had a thread like that and it was locked because it ended up being nothing but yellow fever white moids posting pictures of "ugly white women" to "own the ricecels". They also brought up black people for no reason and shat on them too, because of course they would.

No. 1347860

Has less to do with "white privilege" and more to do with rich privilege, as the men are often more affluent than the women who may be very poor. Asian men with money also get poor white women to be their brides.
>One infographic published by the state-run Beijing News urges young bachelors to look beyond China’s borders and includes a chart detailing the countries where they have the best prospects. According to the graphic, Ukraine is a good option due to the economic downturn and the number of beautiful women.

No. 1347866

I don't want to derail this thread so I won't talk about this anymore but if you think Asian people (both men and women) don't think of having white romantic partners as a type of "status symbol" then you are very misguided and haven't actually lived in Asia much before.

The following study even demonstrated wealthy international students in the US from China, Japan, and Korea had a racial preference for white Americans over Asian Americans.

No. 1347882

File: 1634260296385.bmp (1.11 MB, 681x568, delusions1.bmp)


No. 1347884

File: 1634260400867.jpg (105.35 KB, 703x1088, delusions2.jpg)

No. 1347886

File: 1634260540278.jpg (272.9 KB, 1000x1513, delusions3.jpg)

No. 1347890

File: 1634260837720.bmp (1.5 MB, 659x796, deluions4.bmp)

No. 1347893

File: 1634260962718.bmp (998.17 KB, 678x502, accurate description kek.bmp)

god, this delusional fag gives so much milk, im fucking drowning.

No. 1347898

Please report the post so that creature can vanish from the reviews.

No. 1347900

link to thread pls

No. 1347908

>larping as a woman
>larping as a southeast asian
>dresses like a child
>dyes hair in unnatural colors
Wow, the absolute pedo vibes.

No. 1347915

being a tattoo artist in a trailer park is the most emotionally distressing line of work outside the medical field

No. 1347933

>> A Tampa man who is white says he’s ‘transracial’ and that he identifies as Filipino instead because he feels at home in the Filipino culture, according to WTSP 10 News. Ja Du, who was born Adam Wheeler, according to The Independent, also drives a tuk tuk, basically a rickshaw, around Tampa. Tuk tuks are commonly used in the Phillippines.
>>Florida of course

No. 1347945

Does this guy just have a dent in his wall behind him from previously rage punching it or something? Or is it mold? Either way, how very ladylike

No. 1347967

This just shows how ugly men get the instant they are overweight. He went from slightly below average to horrible.

No. 1347969

My husband's really into asian history, should I be worried ?
though he's really only into ancient chinese history, the warring states period in japan, the warlord era in China and the ancient pre-Islamic history of the middle east
he really doesn't seem to care for modern history and culture of those places though and calls japan a fascist state most of the time

No. 1347971

he literally has a mustache. you mean to tell me, that this young moid would fuck himself looking like…this…? i will never fully understand their delusion, it's nuts.

No. 1347972

lmao just sounds like a regular autist to me, a fairly intelligent one at that

No. 1347973

>it/its fae/faer she/her
twitter is a fucking joke and it always has been

No. 1347974

I'm actually the autistic one, he has manic depression though

No. 1347975

if your husband isnt asian, hasnt had an asian relative like stepmom/stepdad thats the BIGGEST clue, that he is 100% a tranny and he loves asian porn. i'd try and get divorced asap.

No. 1347976

>he has manic depression though
leave immediately, for gods sake. safe yourself.

No. 1347977

I mean he's not just into asian history, he's also very much into ancient middle east and pre-roman europe, if it was just asian history I would be worried

No. 1347979

thank you so much for the history lesson luv i adore insane Tumblr drama

No. 1347985

File: 1634273576723.jpg (316.13 KB, 954x575, 111.jpg)

I've spoken about this before but unironically speaking, concepts like transage and transrace seem more way more "valid" and even some what plausible compared to transgenderism
I mean humans do age differently depending on health, environmental and genetics
just yesterday we were discussing Josh Peck, whose in early 30's but looks almost 50, meanwhile there are some 50 year old men who look like they're in their 30's and have the strength and energy of 30 year old men as well
and the concepts like race are just pure bullshit, often times the difference between "white" and "non white" are just one's name, accent, hair cut, and clothing. Most People from the fertile crescent (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine) look the same as most italians or greeks but one group is considered "white" and the other not and then

I mean you could really make a valid point about these concepts existing

No. 1348000

>filthy carpet
>lava lamp on an otherwise empty bathroom shelf
>exposed ass
>ratty wig
>literally in a basement
I fucking hate this


when did this thread become a trans widow advice thread?

No. 1348014

As transgenderism becomes more common, expect more and more trans widows.

No. 1348015

There is a transwidow thread: >>>/g/168719

No. 1348021

An interest in history is fine. As long as he isn't into some dumb shit like Imperial Japan or the Finno-Korean Hyperwar. If he expresses the dual state of treating Asian cultures as a hobby while also having a superiority complex over Asian people then I would be concerned. I'm Thai and a lot of white expats in Thailand love to lord it over the locals while claiming to "love and respect Thai culture". Thais are white worshipping as fuck so a lot of the time they get away with their shitty behavior.

No. 1348025

>he's not just into asian history, he's also very much into ancient middle east
lmfao when did the middle east become non-asian history? your husband doesn't sound like he's going to troon out btw. i do have some concerns over moids who like roman history but i think moids who are into wwii are the ones you should stay away from most.

No. 1348028

Ask people in a chatroom if Turkish people are white and prepare for a shitstorm.

No. 1348033

>Thais are white worshipping as fuck so a lot of the time they get away with their shitty behavior.
Reminds me of the white weeaboo philosophy + linguistics professor from a previous thread who trooned out, has his Swedish gf live in the same house as his Japanese wife + three sons, opened up an night club called "WAIFU", and is currently in a legal battle with the Japanese government.

No. 1348034

I'm not worried about that, he hates the roman empire, imperial japan and the Chinese empires, he really hates empires in general that destroy diversity and think a language or identity forced to disappear is akin to genocide

No. 1348039

>he really hates empires in general that destroy diversity and think a language or identity forced to disappear is akin to genocide
You are aware that languages and identities disappear even without empires? There are pretty much no truly autochthonous people anywhere in the world.

No. 1348051

Doesn't sound like a tranny but it does sound he has a pathetic understanding of history.

No. 1348070

he fellows the Derrick Jenson approach when it comes to understanding of societies and civilization, its better then him being a commie, alt-rightard, liberal or republican

No. 1348077

File: 1634282950300.jpeg (150.49 KB, 400x668, 03E535A5-7D65-4695-B1BE-ABC63A…)

this pretty much sums it up lol

No. 1348079

even back then it was understood that lowest of the low of the white race ever go to asia to date asian women
right now I assume any white man who dates an east asian woman is a lower

No. 1348088

My Vietnamese co-worker broke up with her white boyfriend when he trooned out but even back when they were together it was SO obvious he was was an AGP. He would always make inappropriate comments, had an addiction to Japanese pornography, and he even wore girly clothing in private (he would sometimes try to put on her clothes even though he was bigger than her). She was okay with the last one because she's kind of a libfem and just thought "men can wear whatever they want to". I guess she didn't expect him to become a tranny and complete narcissist. I don't even know what she saw in him apart from maybe being kind of tall.

No. 1348099

I know we shouldn't blame women for their crappy male partners, but I swear east asian women date the lowest of the low when it comes to white men
they have no standards at all

No. 1348153


Pick one. Finland is not Asian country

No. 1348166

File: 1634296139053.jpg (459.64 KB, 1432x1592, 1634248203993.jpg)

Here's and interesting thread where trannys discuss what made them transition/dysphoric. Unsurprisingly the answers ranged from uwu anime to hating women to having ~*special feelings*~ like some bullshit about being clumsy and ditzy.

No. 1348172

So, weak and/or autistic males with paraphilic tendencies? Color me surprised.

No. 1348173

ata, I mostly use text documents where I copy all the good pasta so I can read them whenever I feel like it or need to revision something.
> former TRA/tumblr sjw basically
I can relate to this a bit .. tbh ten years ago I had the galaxy brained enlightenment that what is now the established trans symbol would be the ultimate expression of egalitarianism in terms of gender, this was way before this shit became so big and I didn’t even knew any tra propaganda back then despite hanging out in political activist circles (Guess it just wasn’t a big issue where I live back then). Years later and I wonder why this shit resonates with young left-leaning people so much, been there and thought it was my own idea lol, speaking of misunderstood anti-sexism. At least I already came to the conclusion then that being a woman is only tied to the biological reality you can’t escape and nothing else, which doesn’t mix with tra logic at all. But yeah fuck coomers, they ruin everything.

No. 1348185

File: 1634299513762.png (37.11 KB, 2061x170, animegodesu.png)

>Lots of anime pretty much portrays women as adorable immaculate beautiful goddesses where even any of their "flaws" only serve to enhance their appeal. Meanwhile the men are usually portrayed as extremely average at best, with boring monotone outfits. If you dislike being male even a little, anime will magnify it so so much more.

I don't even know where to start with this one……..

>anime boy with cool swords and dark outfit does not make me coom

>cute anime loli makes me coom
>i wish to become the loli

No. 1348194

File: 1634301067897.jpeg (134.34 KB, 1587x1000, 70A6E390-87B1-48E9-B765-891EDE…)

what the fuck is up with this manipulative retardation

No. 1348196

I’m gonna elaborate that I said it’s manipulative because I saw people using it in the format of “we still have work to do”. I was sexually assaulted and almost died and never saw justice as I am sure many other women have dealt with similar events too. It’s a troons responsibility to disclose to their John’s that they’re actually male (as if anyone can’t already tell) to avoid the actual violence troons deal with (but you know, their hatred of being misgendered and all that bullshit matters to them more I guess)

No. 1348204

Anime just rots your brain. Especially if you are a white male. Maybe asians can handle watching that absolute brainrot garbage without getting a troon-tumor, but white men definitely can not handle the overstimulation of all the flashing colors, bouncing boobs and little girl panties. Anime is a weapon of mass destruction against men everywhere.

No. 1348205

>"we still have work to do"
Disgusting, we all well know that women aren't the murderers. Unless misgendering is on par with murder, kek.

(I'm so sorry to hear about your experience nonnie, that is awful.
I knew a woman whose friend's cervix was perforated during a "consensual" encounter and she almost bled out and had to go to the hospital, while the man ghosted her afterwards. Fucking grim.)

No. 1348214

kek ily nonita

No. 1348215

>friend's cervix was perforated during a "consensual" encounter
Jesus Christ, what?

No. 1348221

Third genders are very common across multiple societies all over the world. I think the reason why it confuses Western liberals so much is because there isn’t any common equivalent concept in their own cultures. Europe and the Middle East were dominated by Abrahamic religions which would just torture and kill off all the homosexuals instead of putting them in a third gender category. Now these liberals see something like kathoey and think “This is proof that trans women have always existed! If you disagree with me then you are imposing your colonialist Western gender binary view onto other cultures”.

No. 1348225

It really doesn't help that many third gender types who get access to troon ideology ID as troons because it's a better cope than admitting your family and culture forced you to LARP as a woman instead of letting you be gay. Indigenous HSTS third gender types and white AGPs have a codependent relationship where the HSTS get to pretend it was their choice or true to themselves to "become women" and AGPs get to use them as a shield from still accurate criticism.

No. 1348230

File: 1634306658313.jpg (67.92 KB, 720x573, IMG_20211015_150639.jpg)

>because of a movie quote
I'm sorry but if this is real then it did not happen because of the quote, it happened because your faggot guy friend with bolt on tits tried to seduce a straight man

No. 1348233

How the fuck is that possible from normal intercourse?

No. 1348238

Why does he look more masculine post-troon out? Lmfao

No. 1348270

I'm not a medfag so I don't know if I used the correct terminology, but yes, she did end up with severe vaginal bleeding that warranted an urgent A&E visit.
As far as I know, this matter was not taken to the police…

No. 1348292

many, many such cases. SAD!

No. 1348299

he looks like a thumb

No. 1348330

I think women's clothes highlight masculine features.

No. 1348345

Those are meta attracted agps, real hsts main goal is straight men

No. 1348347

No. 1348367

>Omg this movie caused my friend to get rejected by her mega crush!
Cope, seethe, and dilate. As if a straight man would have been totally into it had he not watched that one retarded bro movie. When will TIMs learn that straight men like real women, lesbians like real women, and that troons are just plain unattractive to most people? No amount of screeching about how hot, submissive, and breedable troons are is going to hypnotize people into wanting to fuck or date them. Why not stick with chasers or other troons?

No. 1348374

File: 1634326862557.jpg (51.2 KB, 639x575, DJeq9EnVYAAFbmu.jpg)

hot maia and the transbians here to make women everywhere quake with jealousy

No. 1348395

These Western libs say that the concept of biological sex is a “western social construct” even though all cultures ever have known about biological sex. They will never address how transgenderism itself is deeply influenced by Christianity and Western philosophy.

No. 1348414

It's retarded, "western civilisation" is the only one that aspires to tolerance, all these other cultures these idiots worship gleefully crush everyone and everything that doesn't conform to extremely narrow archetypes. Societies only need "third gender" at all if they have very narrow and strict conceptions of what is acceptable gender expression to begin with (and don't outright murder everyone who fails to conform).
In the west conforming is optional, even if there are varying degrees of soft discouragement against being weird. In most places that's very different.

No. 1348425

What are you even talking about. You could get tortured or killed for being gay in Europe for centuries. Being a tranny is preferable to that.

No. 1348428

This made my day

No. 1348429

a bit mongoloid, but with a decent personality could bag a nice girl

incel degenerate limp dick fatty could bag absolutely no one, not even a loli dakimakura

looks like a sperg. maybe could attract a sperg chaser.

It's interesting that his "worst" photo is actually the best one posted of him. Trannies are so fucking delusional.

No. 1348433

>"western civilisation" is the only one that aspires to tolerance
Kek yeah right, even some random tribes in Indonesia knew homosexuality wasn’t a choice and wouldn’t put people through conversion therapy.

No. 1348435

idk maybe that anon believes chemically castrating alan turing and making him commit suicide was the progressive thing to do

No. 1348436

so either stereotypes, autism, or coom

No. 1348440

I'm sorry but random tribes in Indonesia aren't launching campaigns for trans acceptance and pretending black people are incapable of wrongdoings. Believe it or not, that is what "western civilisation" (translation: America) is doing. Western civilisation will run to the ends of the earth to ensure that some random black guy with a criminal history becomes an icon for equal rights and shit. Striving for tolerance isn't a good thing in this way. Little pockets of people in Indonesia aren't contributing to this destructiveness(racebait)

No. 1348441

I notice they specifically target Jews. Who typically are ugly nerdy losers with degenerate fetishes. Why are Jews always so sexually deviant?(racebaiting)

No. 1348443

Go back to /pol/ and seethe about Tariq Nasheed there.

No. 1348444

>Christians hated the gays
That's in the past, meanwhile your precious Indonesia is implementing more and more of sharia law. Very feminist and progressive. Where do you people come from all of a sudden? Comparing the darkest days of the west with cherry picked examples of cultures and times when that's obviously not representative of the modern world.

No. 1348447

Christians still hate gays, retard.

No. 1348448

Most don't care anymore.

No. 1348450

That’s because those are “cultural Christians”. Maybe if you lived in the Bible Belt you wouldn’t think that lmao.

No. 1348451

>”western civilisation" (translation: America)

No. 1348456

File: 1634332802997.jpeg (61.77 KB, 749x273, A7752AA6-17F7-4EF9-B2A3-EF1ED3…)

Dayum kikomi-chan is popping off this Halloween with their costume

No. 1348481

Our Queen Kikomi Constanza blessing us again with her glorious beauty. ♥

No. 1348490

When most people are complaining about western degeneracy, they start talking about shit that is exclusively a problem in America. People think western civilisation is all exactly like America

No. 1348492

Is this true? I might be sheltered but I never heard of Dementia people being more weird with their fetishes

No. 1348498

It's just something I noticed. Anecdotally, most of the kinksters I see are from that background. A lot of the academics heavily involved in queer theory and other deconstructionist degenerate ideologies are that as well.

No. 1348503

A lot of the sex/porn positive feminists are Jewish as well.

No. 1348505

Some cultures would create "third genders" for homosexual men (often specifically bottoms) but that identity group would often either be at the bottom of the social caste, or only serve the purpose of "playing" the woman in rituals because women were considered tainted and couldn't participate in certain religious activities. It's extremely misogynistic and homophobic, but it's an improvement from what cultures under Abrahamic religions have done, which is round gay men up and kill them.

I think maybe it's the west overcompensating. They feel bad for basically attempting to genocide homosexuals, so now they're trying really hard to be tolerant and to force their own version of tolerance in cultures where the time just isn't right yet. The west's interpretation of "third genders" in indigenous cultures is the "noble savage" fallacy, full stop. It's white people viewing something through a western lens and making an uninformed conclusion because of it.

These cultures might not be literally murdering homosexuals, but othering them and casting them into the lowest pits of society isn't "forward-thinking," it's subjugation.

No. 1348513

They pretend not to, but behind closed doors they are still very much homophobic. Cultural shaming doesn't get rid of bigotry, it just forces it underground.

The popularity of transgenderism is evidence of deeply engrained homophobia in our culture. It's no coincidence that the American South has higher rates of "gender dysphoria." It's conversion therapy. Did you get a son when you wanted a daughter? Do you not want your kid to be a filthy homo? No fear, just drill it into his head that he's a girl in a boy's body, and you won't just be rid of your gay son, you'll be praised by liberals for doing it!

Obviously there are plenty of Christians out there nowadays who actually do want to protect women and gay people, but that doesn't change the fact that Abrahamic religion is historically one of the biggest contributors to systemic homophobia.

No. 1348526

Ok celestia wannabe

No. 1348529

Here we witness the intellectual dishonesty of troons. Even accepting the premise of the image, it may be legal to use the trans panic defense, but it's also legal to argue in court that your victim was so ugly that you were doing humanity a favor by killing them, but that doesn't mean either defense has a chance of convincing a judge or jury.

You can be sure that if someone successfully used the trans panic defense and was consequently found not guilty, troons would hold that case up as the prime example of how much danger trans women are in, but we don't see it because it hasn't happened. Their 'activism' is about twisting the truth, presenting facts and then using them to get to a non sequitur conclusion, and fighting against threats that don't really exist.

No. 1348543


ah yes the options are
-unwashed hairy asshole
-unwashed hairy neovag
-unwashed hairy dick but no listen girldick totally has a different mouthfeel it’s so lesbian

No. 1348560

File: 1634342104371.jpg (283.89 KB, 720x875, 20211016_010544.jpg)

No. 1348563

File: 1634342279755.jpg (140.46 KB, 769x1240, IMG_20211016_010521.jpg)

"Does the nightmare never end?" - Ludwig the Accursed

No. 1348568

This is actual pedo shit.

No. 1348581

File: 1634345240128.jpeg (906.59 KB, 1242x1917, F10699C4-D016-482A-98BD-445623…)

Troon punches man who doesn’t want to date their troon friend lol. These people give me serial killer children vibes, where we can never truly be certain of the stories they post because they’re all clinically insane, but we can be certain that these are situations they fantasize about.

No. 1348588

File: 1634345972504.jpg (187.73 KB, 720x417, 20211015_205902.jpg)

Here's a 28 picture gallery of his house of horrors if anyone is interested.

Also per the picrel I really hope he just LARPS with a different name every month but all things considered I'm not optimistic and think there's some seriously devious shit going on here

No. 1348594

I bet they took these humiliating photos of the father to make him look like he is the deranged lunatic for protesting against the tranny rapist. God, I hate the media.

No. 1348595

File: 1634347271522.jpeg (25.21 KB, 237x170, CE070180-CF3C-4491-A340-49E884…)

Truly didn’t know what to be more grossed by but I think the most wtf thing are all the bras hanging in the bathroom (who the hell hangs their bras?) and scattered around the apartment, like decor. This man is def an underwear sniffer. If any neighbor is missing their stuff they should be combing these pictures for their long lost bras and panties.

No. 1348601

File: 1634348044646.png (115.32 KB, 540x518, d181380776a5a549b3_4a5a3.png)

>The US using "LGBT rights" as an excuse to criticise and control nations that aren't obedient to the USA is also a thing.
>Sort of like how the US is screaming about the treatment of women in Afghanistan even though the US funded Islamists and US soldiers commit sexual violence everywhere they go.

WikiLeaks confirmed this.

No. 1348606

This is serial killer shit. I'd bet money on this guy being a serial killer.

No. 1348611

Anybody who examines US propaganda could have seen this coming. The only feminism the US government cares about is it liberal imperialist feminism. Lmao how can they say they care about feminism while bombing women in foreign countries and letting men in their own country identify as women. Pure insanity.

No. 1348613

he looks like fucking Newman from Seinfeld

No. 1348614

File: 1634350892507.jpeg (27.51 KB, 400x400, 0327614001.jpeg)

100% pedo. The shit he has bought isn't even the type of thing any woman his age would have grown up with. The exclusively neon pink or candy pastel aesthetic for girls didn't exist before the 1980's.

No. 1348628

File: 1634353680726.jpg (112.8 KB, 827x1148, FBwoyncWEAQjI1x.jpg)

Look at them go.

No. 1348632

If this isn’t a sign to star homeschooling your kids, I don’t know what it is.

No. 1348657

I think there’s definitely a class of anime that does this to autistic men, but I wouldn’t say “all anime makes men want to be women”. I can’t imagine anyone getting gender dysphoria watching Paranoia Agent.
Then again, coomers will be drawn to the big tits short skirts magical girl stuff anyway.

No. 1348666

i want to die

No. 1348686

> who the hell hangs their bras?
Um, many many women? I don't normally do this but hmm possible scrote alert lol

No. 1348687

I often wonder why mtfs are so bad at even LARPing as women and don’t bother to make their living space look at all different to that of an average terminally online parents basement dweller.

This obvious pedo takes it way too far. Can you imagine being the cable guy in there?

No. 1348700

Christ, what's with the sudden sperging over Jews?

No. 1348704

Either its a scrote infestation doing a racebait psyop or its just the weird overlap you get between the "gender critical" crowd and edgy right-wing girls.

No. 1348707

NAYRT but I've never heard about any woman hanging her bras? What are they even hanging it for? to avoid non existent wrinkles?

No. 1348712

To dry usually in my experience, as underwired bras usually have to be hand washed so they aren’t damaged.

No. 1348713

People actually hand wash their bras? My bras have never been damaged in the washing machine.

No. 1348714

It prevents the underwire from popping out when you’ve owned one long enough.

No. 1348720

File: 1634364277859.jpeg (201.3 KB, 750x921, 48D321A2-E951-4419-A9EF-D57630…)

Oh no, one American corporation fired an employee for leaking confidential information after the company spent money on a show that only briefly, BRIEFLY mentions trannies! How dare that company try to break even or profit from their own product! This one instance erases the years of trans propaganda in multiple Netflix shows, including shows produced in east Asia where it’s obvious as hell because gay people don’t even have rights or acceptance there (see: Alice in Borderland, Itaewon Class).
Funnily enough in regards to this tranny employee and the other narcissistic troons gone rogue (Capital One hacker?), I think there could be a serious link between the self-centeredness of trooning out (in regards to troons’ families) and the selfishness of fucking over your employer at the slightest [perceived] inconvenience. The tranny actually did fuck over the company as the article says below and yet people want to cry transphobia as if a company should really continue to keep someone who is willing to sabotage them?

No. 1348721

god i'm fucking weeping for this girl and her parents. no one should have to hear that their DAUGHTER was fucking raped in the ass. i'd kill myself

No. 1348723

>walking out over some dave chappelle jokes
Why didn't anybody at Netflix do a walkout over Cuties being pedobait. Hmm…

No. 1348725

i do because i bought some dumb lacy bralette from victoria’s secret once and the girl at the register told me to handwash only. tbh she was right. that bralette has lasted a really long time

No. 1348726

I knew there would be backlash against Chappelle but this is ridiculous. Comedians make offensive jokes all the time about various minority groups but talk about trannies and you get cancelled.
I've noticed that when a woman says something people don't like, everybody resorts to calling her misogynistic slurs. It's also very common for gay men to be targeted with homophobic slurs if he says something people don't agree with. But you can't ever say anything critical about trannies. Even "misgendering" a tranny rapist is considered a human rights violation to these people.

No. 1348727

Based Netflix lol. Even though trannys are blowing things 1000% out of the water as usual. Walk out you seething freaks, nobody gives a shit.

No. 1348730

I don't know why any business would hire a tranny.
I can understand that it is wrong to reject qualified people based on their sex, sexual orientation, race, or disability but you absolutely should be allowed to discriminate against gender identity havers. It's just a straight man with his misognyistic fetish on public display. I can't believe trannies are considered a "protected class" under workplace discrimination laws. Nobody has made it illegal to discriminate against pedophiles, zoophiles, etc. but we make an exception for autogynephiles?

No. 1348736

Because nobody on the USA team had anything to do with Cuties, so it wasn't their problem to fix. Nobody wants to be the dumb American who doesn't get ~enlightened European art~. As for the walk out, nobody is going to complain about a day off.

No. 1348750

yo what? i've never put a bra in a wash machine. i guess it's fine if you grew up without a mom but if not who tf told you to smash those things up in the home centrifuge every week?

No. 1348754

Do they not realize that this is deep cult shit that anyone who isn't a core member is horrified by?

No. 1348760

File: 1634371995433.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.53 KB, 1109x1478, FBvSdTcWUAI8eVu.jpg)

simp for him, nonnies

No. 1348762

File: 1634372038593.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 694x519, simpformekek.jpg)

didnt you hear nonnies? SIMP FOR HIM.

No. 1348764

NGL, I gagged. Why are male bodies so repulsive?

No. 1348767

please no

No. 1348777

God I hope Blacks and Troons square up in the ultimate oppression olympics and only the winner gets to play victim. Chappelle talks a lot about how he is jealous of what the LGBT have achieved in a short time with being catered to compared to blacks. Black people also tend to be homophobic. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! JERRY! JERRY!

My money is on the blacks.(bait)

No. 1348786

How common are cults in America? Are people drawing comparisons between transgender movement and cults over there?

No. 1348788

>How common are cults in America?
Bizarrely common compared to other countries.

No. 1348797

This style of typing is very Tumblr-ish. A whole generation of people have been completely brainwashed by the culture of that godforsaken website.

No. 1348848

they're absolutely not, most radfem women nowadays come from tumblr/queerfem/libfem grooming and are leftists

No. 1348853

repeating this cultish mantra doesn't make it true and posting this right after what happened in londoun, VA to a girl in a girls bathroom at school is insensitive and disgusting. trannies truly are a cultish tumor festering in society

No. 1348875

My money is on the gays, no one likes black people, not even the other blacks(racebait)

No. 1348883

True. It’s just that this thread is completely riddled with celestias.

No. 1348884

Troons =/= Gay people.
OP proposed an "oppression battle" between just troons and black people, which is also a false dichotomy, since black people are actually oppressed, even if they are largely homophobic. Troons aren't oppressed, but are also largely homophobic. If we're going to humor this, I'm pretty sure the kind of leftists who parrot TWAW and BLM stuff would choose black people over troons if made to, since they have obsessive white guilt. On the other hand, I'm notsure if white guilt is enough to overpower their rampant sexism, homophobia, and egotism (racism is "old oppression" to them, they want to champion the rights of a "new oppression" group), and being given a choice might unlock some hidden racism in them, since they are largely retarded white people.

No. 1348886

Ah, this brings me back.

No. 1348888

That was me from the previous thread, thank you so much I really appreciate you guys trying to help with this. I ended up finding the original sources of the sex offense rates of trans inmates on the government of UK's website, I thought I'd share them here in case anyone wanted to see them too. The info was difficult to find and the trans rates we're not released until a women's rights group requested it under the Freedom Of Information Act.

Here's the link to Women's and Men's offense rates https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/offender-management-statistics-quarterly-april-to-june-2019 It's the fourth link down, the excel spreadsheet labeled Prison Population: 30 September 2019.

And here's the trans women offense rates https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/foi-releases-for-july-2020 It's the one about a third of the way down called FOI 200615022 transgender prisoners - offense breakdown tables. Make sure it's the spreadsheet with the stats and not just the letter.

Yeah so about 3.3% of the female inmates are sex offenders, about 16.5% of the male inmates, and about 49.7% of trans inmates are sex offenders. These numbers differ between month and year but remain within this range. The government of UK tried to hide this information and Google served me pages and pages of articles talking about trans women being victimized, which isn't even as prevalent as they make it seem, and they're probably being assaulted by other trannies. Sorry if this is annoying or unwanted, hunting for this info took forever and was hard to find so I thought maybe this could help someone save time.

No. 1348891

Yeah this thread has the stench of /pol/tards going on about Tariq Nasheed and “sexually degenerate Jews”.

No. 1348894

It’s a /his/ meme, anon.

No. 1348935

Ew at the fucking giant pair of red high heels just casually on the shelf with all that other shit.
Saged as in if I am literally wafting sage at you nonnas to exorcise the filth from the screen.
Each time I check this thread there's a new level of degeneracy.

No. 1348947

File: 1634397108368.png (231.78 KB, 306x636, 12312312.png)

Literally just a chubby guy in a dress, how can they delude themselves they aren't just gay dudes

No. 1348949

Thank you for your hard work nona, and thank you for posting it here.

No. 1348953

It's not gonna be blacks vs gays lol the gays have been pushed out their own community (unless they worship trannies) so it'd be the T's and Q's using black trans and kweer folxxx to mule for them like they've been doing

Alot of weird race baits here

No. 1348957

Lol trannies are even more dangerous than the "cis" men they are so afraid of. They need their own wing but imo they should be in gen pop at the males prison and let gangbangers and drug dealers who haven't seen their kids in forever do what they please to those sick child predator fucks

No. 1348961

Why is he picking his ass

No. 1348967

File: 1634398581311.jpeg (263.24 KB, 944x1172, 0DA9D9DE-7758-45F1-A50F-074754…)

His shooped face looks completely different in each picture

No. 1348971

File: 1634398815427.jpeg (31.62 KB, 640x360, D0EFB932-46C0-4B46-8E2F-34264C…)

No. 1348980

Nice serial killer den, the metal chain is a subtle but lovely detail

No. 1348988

The greasy hair and Apple Watch…he probably thinks he’s an artistic genius for using a camera strap, F21 black choker necklace and black Apple Watch to ~draw the eye across the photograph~~

No. 1348989


No. 1348993

reminds me of the serial killer's house in I saw the devil, he had his victims clothes and belongings displayed like hunting trophies
the BTK killer also used to dress up in his victims stolen clothing
I'm probably more scared of APGs then most other groups of males, even the most violent, tattooed criminal doesn't scare me as much as something like this >>1347420

No. 1348999

Nah, blacks will fight back! They are mostly religious, homophobic and conservative, they only vote democrat for the benefits. The reason Bernie didn't win is because he was too pro-gay for blacks to vote for him. If lefties are going to keep pushing for more and more degeneracy, they will need to buck-break black people first and get them on board: unlikely. But the only other way for this to go is if black people start voting republican, which is also unlikely cause then they are foregoing free money and abortions. I am curious to see what will happen, will our black KANGZ like Tariq overthrow the gays? Will white gays buck-break them? NEXT WEEK ON EARTH TV!(poltard)

No. 1349010

File: 1634402652687.jpg (336.02 KB, 1215x1357, FB0cuSsWEAIF74-.jpg)

Transactivism, the picture.
They're protesting an international women's rights conference (Filia 21)

No. 1349011

/pol/ pls go.

No. 1349012

If this isn't the most obvious astroturf I've ever seen, you're actually retarded.

No. 1349014

No. 1349015

So ethereal and feminine.

No. 1349016

it's funny because they desperately wish we would

No. 1349017

The ordinary incel sitting to the right really sells this. If anyone here is unpeaked and hatereading: This is who you're fighting for.

No. 1349026

>fat bitch with what looks like a staph infection on her MOUTH
you're fuckin ugly yo, your gender doesn't matter.

No. 1349031

Are you stupid?

No. 1349032

Thats his terf punching hand he's adding poison damage

No. 1349034

How do you know that the incel dude isn't a demure trans girl?
Note by the way that they would never show signs like this to a group of genuinely transphobic men. No. The goal is to sexually harass women, while knowing that we are a safe and peaceful target.

No. 1349041

File: 1634406207682.png (488.91 KB, 596x744, mrasgonewild.png)

Look at the "I am what I say I am" sign too. Insanity.

No. 1349044

What the fuck does a woman hating on fucking rapists has anything to do with wastes of spaces like trannies??
Jesus Christ I’m so fucking mad, I bet these faggots haven’t even been to motherfucking Ethiopia and had to look up what the fuck is a Tee-grey.
Like, fucking bastard, not everything is about you, retard, I just want to a-log.

No. 1349045

oh my fucking god, I know this is horrible but this juxtaposition is almost hilarious
these women are talking about living through ethnic cleansing and targeted rape and these fucking troons and likely their libfem handmaidens are probably complaining about how some one called them a tranny on twitter

No. 1349047

How optimistic of you to think that they would actually look up what the women were talking about.

No. 1349048

disgusting but i'm surprised by how organized it is

well, they're rapist rights advocates after all

No. 1349054

File: 1634407670716.jpg (508.44 KB, 1412x1920, inCollage_20211006_163733991.j…)

No. 1349058

File: 1634407855882.jpeg (19 KB, 120x144, E8735359-6016-40AC-838A-D25775…)

corpse husband lost weight? damn

No. 1349059

File: 1634408016905.jpg (547.4 KB, 1920x1917, inCollage_20211016_063610628.j…)

ruined lmao

No. 1349061

do you gyns think this is a /pol/tard who genuinely believes this shit or a tranny who is psyoping and trying to get radfems to agree with him so he can show other trannies how racist we are? just curious bc I have no idea at this point, all I know is that they’re obviously male kek

No. 1349062

Goes from incredibly hot gay guy to a connor murphy breakdown but blend it, mix it, add berries and cream and make it trans, good grief

No. 1349065

it's a psyop to make radfems look entirely humorless

No. 1349070

Why does he have two belly buttons?

No. 1349072

yes but your ideology is a threat to "trans" kids. aka homosexual, mentally ill, gender nonconforming children. fucking disgusting

No. 1349073

appendix surgery i think
he's straight.. well, a transbian and he has a child. he came out when his son was like 3months lol, its weird as fuck.

No. 1349078

I know the handmaidens would lie and say everything is roses, but what is life like dating a transbian as a woman? What’s the dynamic?

No. 1349079

I suspect on some level their bisexual and on some level probably okay with males crossdressing or their battered women staying with their partners out of obligation

No. 1349080

I mean I imagine a troon using their tard strength and male strength combined to fight off a fellow man. They complain about stuff like this and I see men mostly harassing them but it’s the ebul terves we need to worry about

No. 1349082

I'm glad it's of interest, I can post more .gov links if I find any more on trans statistics. I'd like to look into Canada's numbers next. I also have this.
https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/foi-releases-for-june-2020 It's the link about 10 down labeled FOI 200513008 assaults involving transgender prisoners. It's an FOI release that states there were 97 sexual assaults that occurred in female prisons from 2016 to 2020, and 7 of the incidents we're carried out by trans men housed in women's prisons. And keep in mind if the tranny has gone through the legal process of changing his sex from male to female on his legal documents then that man is housed with women and seen as female by the UK government. So some of the other 97 assaults could be men as well who are just placed in the female statistic.

I noticed that too Nonnie, even the trans men seem to have higher rates of sex offenses. I think it's because most issues that make a person feel "trans" seem to have comorbidities with other paraphilias and sexual disorders. Transgenderism truly is a mental illness.

No. 1349085

I dont even know where to begin. Please just fucking 40% yourself already.

No. 1349097

I was gonna ask about the baby bath in the back… tragic.

No. 1349108

File: 1634412705185.jpg (171 KB, 827x1382, E-8HRQYXoAABZa2.jpg)

Just woman things

No. 1349120

lol disgusting rat looking moids always think they're entitled to genetically blessed women just because other moids get a chance. no one owes you sex just because you find beauty a commodity and women objects, cope you emotionally stunted homunculus

No. 1349133

File: 1634415269222.jpeg (121.52 KB, 750x712, B05548E2-B9CB-45A5-9A01-D06963…)

Didn’t even try to hide its actual moid hair

No. 1349137

That VS waistband is holding on for dear life

No. 1349166

Lmao I used to work in a shoe store. Thank god I didn’t encounter any huns because we didn’t really have women’s sizes above 11. It would’ve been men’s shoes or nothing and even suggesting that would’ve been misgendering in their eyes.

No. 1349167

File: 1634418895809.jpeg (315.52 KB, 1620x2160, 01411518-8BEB-432C-A757-903351…)

Old news but Nikita was coping hard and might have opened a bigger divide between him and the women he counts on as allies.

No. 1349176

File: 1634419634591.jpeg (232.85 KB, 804x1329, 9FDD4BF1-E10E-4776-8251-11A4B5…)

Keep telling yourself that, drive to a real red state and you’ll see conservatives openly not look you in the eyes if you’re a women or a gay man. They especially hate any woman who “””looks”” like a lesbian. They will never accept you. They are pretending to do it nowadays because of other political reasons.

No. 1349182

File: 1634420592961.jpg (79.75 KB, 605x666, 43875402387549322.jpg)

the one on the right is killing me.

No. 1349184

probably a tranny since it's so cringe & try-hard

No. 1349187

The worst men you could date are East Asian studies majors and computer science majors. Even worse if he is both.

No. 1349190

I knew a Japanese language major who works as a programmer and he trooned out. There absolutely is some connection between being a tech bro and having yellow fever lel.

No. 1349191

Don't even compare Wayne Knight to that thing. At least Wayne looks like he takes care of himself.

No. 1349209


There isn't, it's anime.

Kid spends too long on his computer watching anime, eventually gets into pornsick shit in hentai or joins 4chan.

Parents think he must be doing something useful with his computer since no average human can even fathom how much this kid is permanently online.

Joins CS cause he gets to watch anime in class. Joins Asian studies to get in on that Koi Japanese Waifu, desu.

Troons out from porn sickness.

No. 1349213

Nice fanfiction but why do you act like you knew him in real life? He had a severe case of yellow fever. He had a half Korean girlfriend before he started his Japanese language lessons because he got memed into the idea that Japanese women were more submissive than Koreans so less likely to break up with him. He was always a bit of an autist and good at math but he wasn't really into anime. He never studied CS, he did math.

No. 1349227

white guys obsessed with azn kulture are a plague. white asians exist, there's random whites born and raised in china, india, turkey, japan, kazakhstan etc. i'm one of them. we don't act like weeb coomers, we're generally crazy but in a drinking or heroin-doing way, not a disgusting AGP way.

No. 1349236

Reminds me of the episode of King Of The Hill where Peggy manages to find a shop selling heels in her size (16 1/2) and doesn’t realise it’s a shop for cross dressers.

No. 1349250

>There isn't, it's anime.
No, it's pornsickness.

No. 1349254

There are definitely some female /pol/tard regulars here.

No. 1349278

holy fuck, why do pedos love wooden blocks so much.
and it's so fucking funny he's just upset he didn't have items marketed to girls. you're just admitting you're a consoomer. and your identity revolves around corporate marketing techniques. KEK.

No. 1349305

cults are not exclusive to any country, but they are more common in people with higher wealth and more college experience. to sort of say the trans movement could be an elitist takeover, it wouldn't be so farfetched given the knowledge.

No. 1349307


Maybe drink a cup of coffee before you sperg online next time.

The comment I was replying to mentioned a strong connection between CS majors and people that take Asian studies/languages. I was talking in a general sense, and not about whatever particular scrote you're talking about.

No. 1349309

This woman I know lurks here and can confirm she's the female pol tard, and dating a cheating pol tard scrote. I even suspected the angry tradthot chan from a few threads back was her lol

No. 1349310

the problem is that america is highly individualistic so any comparison between the two is treated as a personal attack rather than legitimate criticism

No. 1349322

a true big-body. wtf. he made himself look like..some sort of pinhead?

No. 1349325

I can't get over his flat man ass and how tries so hard to make it look "thicc" or whatever

No. 1349333

You replied to her, retard. Not my post about CS majors which was the one above.

No. 1349340

We did have an anon upthread say she was "/pol/ aligned…before turning towards radical feminism". She's the one that keeps sperging about Tariq Nasheed's buckbreaking and "muh gays blacks jews". I'm not surprised there is a tradthot-radfem connection considering there was that popular ex-radfem celestia who ended up becoming a full-blown neo-Nazi. I think it's a very minor, marginal connection. Most self-identified radfems don't have a Nazi background or will become Nazis (can't say the same for troons). However, so many trannies can pretend all radfems are just right-wingers in disguise because of celestia's reputation and groups like WolF allying with the Heritage Foundation.

No. 1349344

File: 1634452723517.jpg (34.04 KB, 483x207, 6566576.JPG)

Celestia was certified insane.

No. 1349354

Celestia=smart, other girls=dumb

No. 1349362

File: 1634455084673.jpg (49.24 KB, 500x667, e5c080b1520d14763af47b469f240e…)

we discussed this topic a couple weeks back, but the reason some "radfems" turn out like this has more do with their nature then any sort of pipelines or whatever, extremists go from one radical ideology to another radical ideology, many times these ideologies have nothing to do with each other and often times are opposed to each other, but they don't care really, these people don't have actual convictions in their beliefs, they are there for the hatred and violence
often times violent white nationalists becomes violent salafi jihadists and violent salafi jihadists become violent ethnic nationalists in there own countries

radial feminism isn't really about hating men, sure you can hate men and be a radical feminist but simply hating men doesn't make anyone a radical feminist without understanding theory and history
so these girls are nature can easily be pushed into simply hating non-whites

No. 1349368

reddit-chan, learn to integrate

No. 1349381

>women’s suffrage is evil because jews gave women the right to vote
Nazis see everything as a Jewish conspiracy.

No. 1349383

If I were a huge company (or a small one) I wouldn't risk hiring a troon. The potential cons outweight the pros. While I guess a diversity hire always looks good on paper, I wouldn't want it raping another employee or having it randomly decipher the coffee flavours in the break room to be a coded TERF attack and try to sue me

No. 1349403

There's no winning after a troon applies for employment at your business. Either you employ the scumbag HR nightmare, or they claim transphobia and start a defamation campaign.

No. 1349417

holy hell the tradthot mind is truly from another dimension

No. 1349442

this, sooner or later it always boils down to muh jews.They just can’t stfu about it, like annoying stans who feel obliged to derail everything into discussions about their favorite topic.

No. 1349505

I almost want to comb through these and see if I can find any sex toys among the children's things, but I don't think I could stomach it

No. 1349597

File: 1634493343309.jpeg (696.91 KB, 1164x1677, FCEFEDA0-4BB1-4EFA-A1F7-FEECB4…)

From r/mtf a few days ago… trannies are trying to die

No. 1349612

I think he is getting with chasers mostly
Like who is "begging to see his vulva" most straight men avoid that oddly clinical verbage
That or this troon gets off on telling tall tales to make other troons jealous/horny. the whole fetish is so rife with concocting bizarre pornographic stories

No. 1349616

He passes so well that straight men don't notice but there is not a single pic of him on his profile? You know a tranny would brag, especially to other trannie. This is either a LARP or just a delusional dude who thinks the gay men who hook up with him totally can't tell that he has a dick and balls.

No. 1349648

Kek straight men don't even know what a vulva is

No. 1349676

Men love to lie to potential sex partners, and humiliate them. They can't even turn off their trash nature when other men are the partners.

No. 1349686

I always wondered why they hate Chasers. If you think about it, they give them all the validation they want. Then I realized Chasers are closeted troons or eggs as they call them. It makes sense because troonism is a fetish. But I’ve seen Chasers advertise themselves as “cis straight men” and act like they don’t know the troon they’re dating is trans when it’s obvious trannies are male irl. It’s funny as fuck.

No. 1349691

This little Asian man is coping and seething because the guy he hired to play his boyfriend is with a Instagram model now who is a biological woman. Around the time of his tranny chimp out the gf revealed they were starting a family together and they have a family vlog channel. She’s blonde and white so he targeted black women because he can’t be a White woman and he thinks black women are beneath him. He looks horrible now compared to 2-3 years ago which goes to show troons age horribly and they look more male past the age of 24-25. The twink clock is ticking and his male Mexican genes coming though nicely.

No. 1349692

Sage for blogging but holy hell, I went to the Teddyloid concert on Friday and there were SO many goddamn MTFs there. You could clock them immediately. This one guy was so fucking disgusting and offensive on the eyes - he was middle aged with stringy, greasy blue hair dressed as a fucking maid. I'll try drawing him later for you all.

I feel so fucking bad for Teddyloid. He's such a talented artist, but because he happened to make anime music a handful of times, his raves and whatever attract the most severely mentally ill weebs. Imagine going to the states and being forced to take pictures with hordes of autists who don't bathe. Not like it's any better in Japan, but I'm sure he just wants normal fans.

No. 1349693

Did you get a pic?

No. 1349696

Unfortunately not, it was too dark at the venue.

No. 1349700

File: 1634503217122.jpg (400.04 KB, 1920x1080, x1080.jpg)

I mean what did you expect, when you appeal to weebs you get MTF train too

No. 1349741

>Appeal to weebs
Me!Me!Me! is anime because it's about how anime/hentai destroys men and makes them self-isolating coomers. GIRL was anime because it was a sequel to Me!Me!Me! that continued the social critique of modern Japanese culture, though from the opposite side (Japanese girls being expected to base their identities around how others perceive them, particularly by romantic/sexual connections to men, and how that hurts them). The themes are actually incredibly based, but troons (and most moids) just see big boobs and coom.

No. 1349765

Lol at mtfs at concerts that try to go groupie mode and do "girl" screams
It's like homer simpson blowing out your eardrums and everyone around them including other troons get visibly annoyed

No. 1349783

Ntayrt but thanks anon for yet another example of men taking literally everything at face value. So much for 'female brain' arguments.
Moral of the story is if you like a movie for it's critique behind it, don't make the mistake of thinking that moids who like the same movie like it for the same reasons you do. I have a friend who liked Wolf of Wallstreet as a movie because it's a 'cautionary tale about greed' (in her own words) whereas men who like that same movie are loser scrotes that admire the main character. Don't even get me started on the ape-brained smegmoids who love American Psycho–just run for the hills if you ever meet a man who likes that movie.

No. 1349787

Something can try to have a theme, but it doesn’t mean it succeeds. Me!Me!Me! is still about how if only the love of the protagonist’s big titty anime girlfriend was enough and he tries to “save her” while she reaches beseechingly for him and then he guns down a bunch of naked chicks.

The protagonist of GIRL is wearing a tiny pair of panties that you see the entire time. Very libfem “sex positivity” I guess.

Sometimes the message is in the medium.

No. 1349788

>sexualizing women and making it look cool to “criticize” it
Moids always do this

No. 1349813

They do because they can’t rationalize before, during or after cooming.
They use these surface level understandings of everything and put the most basic bitch of symbolisms to make it look “deep” and “complex”.
Oh, a girl has to be sexy while she is in the real world! That’s like so wrong! Look at her shaking her boobs! That means we’re evil!!
Same bullshit as Cuties, sexualize everything to show how sexualization is wrong.

No. 1349838

His career existed before that song came out. It's not as if he exclusively makes anime shit either, he has released albums that haven't touched anime at all. When you begin an artistic career, I don't think most people assume it'll go down a path where their works would attract autists.

No. 1349841

The sexuality and violence in Me!Me!Me! is representative of a cyclical negative force caused by the man's lack of real drive to escape from it, and the sexuality in GIRL is a representation of how men sexualize girls to a point of emotional turmoil (it's not "sexual liberation", it's shown to hurt her and be a bad thing). I don't support Cuties, because it sexualizes real children, but anime is art, and the girls in the videos look like they could be anywhere between 16 and 22 years old, so invoking sexuality for a message doesn't bother me. That being said, I want to understand how you people believe criticism of glorification of sexualization and the objectification of women should be done, without ever showing it. I'm struggling to see eye-to-eye here, since that's a whole chunk of modern human experience that you're saying "just don't show it" to, because what? Moids will coom to it? Moids coom to everything. I'm sorry to say, but if your issue with art is that it can be interpreted in a bad way, or that it represents any form of transgressive content (excluding actually criminal content like CP or snuff, that shit should be condemned), that's a fairly anti-art sentiment to have.
Inb4 I get called a moid. I'm just an artist who struggles with my own sexual trauma, and am sick of this faulty argumeny.(derailing)

No. 1349845

You're absolutely right. Not everything has be written plainly. You can do anything in art so we shouldn't have to limit ourselves. Not to sound pretentious but the average person just… doesn't get abstract critique pieces. It's similar to how people reacted to DyE - Fantasy. They didn't get it, they found it disturbing and "omg creepy", etc etc. These people didn't understand that it's a piece surrounding the fears of puberty and sexuality in young adults. It was really baffling how some people didn't see the message they were conveying in it though, it's written so clearly they might as well have spoonfed it to you.

No. 1349863

>That being said, I want to understand how you people believe criticism of glorification of sexualization and the objectification of women should be done, without ever showing it
There is a happy middle in-between not touching on a subject for fear of being offensive and going full coomer male gaze

No. 1349864

And I’m saying that it largely fails to impart its message and isn’t as deep as it seems, not that it shouldn’t be allowed or whatever. Don’t confuse my arguments with the others I haven’t said anything about Cuties.

For instance, Lolita is probably the most famous example of this form of critique and it succeeds because Nabokov was clear in what he wanted it to be, one man’s warped perspective where you can see the cracks through it.

Mex3 on the other hand takes a sharp turn into male power fantasy where he’s fighting the porn in order to get the girl who totes loves him, though he does get overwhelmed into a severed head, this framing makes it dissonant from the message the beginning. Instead he becomes a hapless and virtuous victim of the porn. A far more interesting framing would have been showing how his addiction affected or repulsed the real women around him. The scenes with the ex-girlfriend are not about how he affected her, it’s about what he lost with her as the object/damsel who still pushes together her breasts in every frame. It’s similar to leonid andreyev’s the abyss or Tolstoy’s Kreutzer Sonata where they’re supposed to be commentary on male violence and degeneracy but ultimately give the men an out for their behaviour towards women.

I think Mex3 is visually interesting and the track is fun, but I disagree heavily that it’s successful in its direction.

No. 1349866

Nonnie I implore you, read literally any book.

No. 1349869

Can you give me an example on how you would create a "safe" middle ground like that for a topic such as sexuality? Also, one thing to keep in mind, Japanese nationals are sure to have a much different approach and response to how anime and hentai has affected their country and media, so while we as mere consumers might come up with a ""correct"" way to portray criticism (which is exactly what you want to do), we aren't the victims of this particular topic and don't know the full extent of it.

No. 1349871

Did you reply to the right person? All I'm saying is that if you drop average joe in some sorta abstract art exhibition, they aren't gonna enjoy it as they prefer ideas and concepts to be given to them clearly.

No. 1349879

Doesn't that sound a little on the nose and focused on an external perspective? Me!x3 is about the male experience with porn addiction, not the female experience with porn-addicted males. Him trying to face it with a testosterone-fueled anger and failing is a pretty scathing critique, even if it's not the critique you would make or want to see.
NTA But if this wasn't a misdirected reply, you sound pretty closed minded.

No. 1349918

fuck off. I bet some incel could make an anime styled cartoon about himself raping staceys to death and weeb brainlets on here would still somehow find a way to praise it as a supposed critique of the patriarchy.
you don't criticize coomers by giving them what they want. not to mention khara is made up off pedophile coomers (anno loves strike witches) and fills their other work like nge with pointless fanservice of minors, but weebs expect us to believe these gross japanese men are opposed to porn culture? lmfao.
teddyloid is a coomer too and deserves his shit audience.

No. 1349924

Bold of you to assume that liking some anime and finding it insightful means liking all anime or condoning every action or belief of every anime artist, or even just the ones whose works one might enjoy. The nuance is completely lost here.

No. 1349925

Let’s be honest, mex3’s message would’ve made more sense if they’ve shown the ex-girlfriend being disgusted by him, instead of crying like he got murdered or like he died due to cancer.
That would’ve made more sense because it would’ve meant that he created a degenerate waifu to replace the girlfriend that rejected him because of his porn addiction and not some
>waaaaaahhhh booo hoo The ebil anime girls with stripped panties took him!!!!! And now he’s a poor miserable victim of the anime industry!!!!!

No. 1349926

Teddyloid just did the music, he didn't direct or animate it himself. Who knows how much of a say he had in the production of it. He was most likely told "write three musical segments of varying BPM about (topic)" and that was it. What is wrong with you?
>but weebs expect us to believe these gross japanese men are opposed to porn culture?
The Japanese view otaku as scum of the earth who don't deserve to live. You realize women live in Japan too, right? You know that there are women who are fighting against the mindless coomer shit? Don't fall for the "only the west is correct" mindset.

No. 1349928

Teddyloid whitenight-chan? this is not where I saw this thread going

No. 1349933

Anti-anime sperg comes in this thread every week to post ot about how much she hates anime and how it and all of Japan is somehow responsible for all of the West's coomer-related issues, and won't back down or leave no matter how badly the thread gets derailed. We should all collectively move on and talk about troons again.

No. 1349934

>What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you, simp? I called some man who works with porn a coomer and you get this offended? He makes music for softcore hentai and mixes orgasmic moaning into it (regarding his p&s music iirc), not surprised his audience is full of porn addicts.

>but weebs expect us to believe these gross japanese men are opposed to porn culture?
>You realize women live in Japan too, right?
I was talking specifically about the men at Khara, who made mememe, you fucking idiot, which is why I said "these gross japanese men".
I've talked to japanese women who think anime is shit, good on them, I hope they burn down the industry.

No. 1349937

the rebuilds are so bad

No. 1349942

trannies will never get womanly hips

No. 1349943

Troons get bad ratios on their bodies and Twitter accounts.

No. 1349945

File: 1634522773466.jpeg (256.52 KB, 1170x1740, 988EB781-06A0-4E1A-A78B-29B4BB…)

NikHEta posted this on Instagram. This shit is bizarre. He deleted all other posts and is trying to rebrand himself. As a popstar?! Backstreet Boys called they want their gig back. He needs to get out of here and stop with the #ripnikitadragun until he offs himself

No. 1349946

File: 1634522814727.jpeg (21.31 KB, 300x250, New_300x250_4d5df7f6-4a1a-415b…)

I like how this ad was interspersed multiple times between those photos.

No. 1349947

Oh my god, this is perfect kek.

No. 1349972

I guess you personally can sleep easy at night knowing he hasn't done any new porn-related work since mememe, and it's coming up to 10 years now. He's just been making normal music. But this is all off topic so I'll drop it.

At least we can both agree on one thing: fuck trannies.

No. 1349973

shut the fuck up faggot

No. 1349989

Tbh anybody who watches anime gets a bit retarded. I’ve never met a sane and normal anime fan. This also applies to myself because I like anime.

No. 1350009

the rebuilds are bad.

No. 1350016

It literally doesn't matter, stop derailing.

No. 1350033

>derail thread with essay on why you think a hentai you watched is feminist
>people call you an idiot
>baaaaaaw everyone disagreeing with me is derailing

No. 1350049

It is off-topic though you retard.

No. 1350056

NTAYRT but I feel like there is a connection between anime and autogynephilia. A lot of Japanese AGPs confess to getting "gender dysphoria" by watching anime featuring young women and girls but they're much quieter about it than those in the West because they get societally shamed for it and there is a deep pressure to conform.

No. 1350074

doesn't japan have a higher FTM rate then MTF

No. 1350082

cartoons seem to captivate and even trigger dysphoria in troons in a way that astounds me. anime, MLP, Steven Universe, Avatar, goddamn Peppa Pig… they infest any cartoon fandom like cockroaches. it’s really strange.

No. 1350083

It's probably more acceptable in Japan to be some TIF lesbian than TIM gay man. I feel like that's the case with many Asian countries.

No. 1350088

I have noticed this. Live action fandoms don't attract troons like animation does.

No. 1350092

Probably cause it’s much easier to have flattering troon characters (or head canon them in) when you don’t have to pretend a whole ass man actually passes next to a bunch of conventionally attractive actresses. Some live action shows have tried it but even the best passing troons available take some effort to blend in with everyone.

No. 1350105


IT is the idea of anime or cartoons being so up to interpretation. When you look at a blonde anime girl you can see it is a blonde girl. We don't know her actual facial details, the type of stylization leaves it up to the mind to make do with what is given. Anime is so popular because it has a whole fantasy and exotic feel to western men. "Look at this cute Japanese girl" then becomes " I could be that Japanese girl since it doesn't give specific details of the face, it could be anyone."

Why would troons hold onto this specific type of medium of art? Troons do like my little pony, steven universe, DnD, goth, witch, etc. These are all fantasy-type elements given to this idea of not being in this world. They don't see Japan as a country, they see it as a fairytale where they can rule over submissive Japanese women. These men were already going to fail at social life and love life given their lack of understanding other people. They convince themselves that they are just so special and quirky that is why everyone else sucks and they don't. They make excuses for their social retardation and hide in communities where these types gather. When anime or things they are into sexualize girls or idealize how great women are. These snowflakes convince themselves they are such a victim because they are born in the wrong body and they are more special than real women. They want to be part of women because they like women but they still want to be above us because they are men.

I don't think anime turns men into troons, they were already like that. Some men are born sick in the head, they find everything to fetishize. What is more perfect than fetishizing women in another country? What is even better than that? Trying to become like women they know they can't fuck. Before it was anime, it was vampire cults, DnD, etc. The last thing I will point out, porn only really focuses on women because porn is about the fetishizing of women having sex. Troons think women act like porn stars in bed and seeing how they dress when they troon out. They stereotype us and anime has nothing to do with that either.(sage your blog)

No. 1350109

File: 1634535109617.jpg (65.87 KB, 640x360, kykqCXG_d.jpg)

Not sex toys, but he has Victoria's Secret posters up in the same room as sparkly pink kid shit and a line of what I'm assuming is bottles of troon juice displayed under some necklaces. He is fucking vile and I really felt sick looking through those pictures. The fact that he needs this stuff to have been touched and owned by real little girls is incomprehensibly revolting. There is a bunch of stuff that seems to have come from a family of four girls so he has random decorations of actual girls' names in several places. I feel sorry for the mother and children that they came into contact with this pedo serial killer

No. 1350110

File: 1634535169384.jpg (224.75 KB, 640x1137, MsxEDZp_d.jpg)


No. 1350111

>You have years (decades) of amazing sex ahead of you.
Holy cope, Batman. Why would sex be amazing for a guy after he saws off his cock and balls? This is like telling someone they're gonna be a champion cyclist right before you amputate both their legs.

Is the implication here that PIV is the holy grail of sex? Because it isn't, not by a long shot. Most women don't even orgasm from PIV alone. Typical scrote logic, assuming that the thing they find most pleasurable is also the most enjoyable type of sex for women.

>Show me your vulva

I literally cannot think of a less sexy way to say this. The fuck kind of autistic shut-ins is this guy dating?

No. 1350114

>You have years (decades) of amazing sex ahead of you.
I would pay to observe the moments of revelation

No. 1350115

No. 1350117

The originals are bad too. The whole franchise sucks and only gets a pass because of nostalgia.

No. 1350123

despite all of that, there "neovaginas" can't even experience 1/100th of the pleasure an actual vagina is capable of
they are in for a world of disappointment and horrible health problems

No. 1350133

Ntayrt but DAE think that troons just exhibit normal male entitlement and behavior, taken to an extreme, and therefore it’s entirely possible for any man to troon out? I really don’t think actual dysphoria is as common as people think it is and that the numbers from the old days are also overinflated by cross-dressers and women with internalized misogyny and homophobia. I think the trans disease is something that can happen to any male in particular.
From what I’ve seen over the years a lot of them troon out with fantasies of becoming the girl that they could never date. I’ve been that girl and the truth is that even when you do give this guy a chance, he usually has a huge shock and breaks it off once he realizes you’re an actual human and not the idealized figure in his head. What these men are obsessed with is not Emily their next door neighbor in 9th grade but rather the idealized version that they created of her in their head. I’d guess all men have a girl like this that they fantasized about and this applies to gay men as well, just replace that with the popular girl he orbits or whatever female pop girl he’s obsessed with. In HSTSs’ case they’re obsessed with the extremes of performative femininity and overt female sexualization in contrast to the straight male who will typically fixate on the cute girl next door or the goth gf. That’s why you have so many HSTS who mimic bimbo aesthetics.
The reason I think this trans epidemic will get worse is because men and boys are more porn-addicted than ever, are more likely now to be virgins (by their own accord tbh), and of course remain absolutely obsessed with female attention and validation. If their attempts to actually get with their ultimate crush Emily will never pan out then the best option (in their sick moid brains) is to “have” her by becoming her. As I mentioned before, all men have a woman like this. Also it is near guaranteed that porn addicts will end up with sissy fetishes too considering that porn over time desensitizes the brain.

No. 1350134

Cartoons (not just anime) don't require as strict conveyance of reality as other mediums and are often targeted towards children, and troons are delusional narcissists who wish they could live as spoiled children forever. The sexual maladaption is a separate mental issue that blends into it, because they're equally as obsessed with sexual gratification, but the fixation on cartoons itself comes from difficulty accepting responsibility and letting go of the "safety" of childhood.

No. 1350137

Nice try but people disagreeing with you isn't "derailing".

No. 1350138

If it's not Emily, it's a Belle or some other pornstar. It is odd that men created many different areas of "hobbies" that are obsessed with womanhood. Drag Queens, troons, cross-dressing,
These men cannot get around to the idea of women are just people like them. We have to be part of their fetish. Porn is on the ready and porn addiction is not seen as a real issue among men yet so this issue is going to get worse. After seeing all this troon shit I now hate porn with all my heart. If I meet any guy who consumes that shit daily I will cut them off.
Something to consider is that it is widely considered okay for adult men to like anime while liking cartoons for young girls is considered not. So you will not see these troons coming out fully to everyone saying they love this little girl stuff. People would judge an adult man who is obsessed with hello kitty and MLP. People still give a side-eye for those shows and somehow anime is general enough where it is full of different mediums while still presenting as childish and into their fantasies. We have seen above that some troons want to be a little girl so any cartoons and girls things are not off limits. Anime is just one that has become widely accepted, unlike other areas that feature young girls.

No. 1350139

>anime is art

No. 1350143

Troons are autistic moids, the modern sociopath. They truly have zero empathy for other life.

No. 1350145

I gave the example of the ending of Seven to a Cuties defender in a previous thread. (Spoiler) Someone a character cares about is decapitated and they find the head in a box. No gore or violence is shown. If violent subjects like this can be filmed without showing violence, the same should be true for sexual subjects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1giVzxyoclE
Your definition of victimhood is bizarre, women all over the world are oppressed by porn culture, and hentai is part of that porn culture. I agree Japanese women are more victimized than westerners, but not men like the Me3 director. Japanese men who draw misogynistic hentai or buy it aren't more victimized than a western woman who has to deal with her male classmates walking around in imported ahegao rape hoodies.

No. 1350148

I already told you. No male gaze. You can talk about sexualisation of women without oggling them at any second, IE by focusing on the scrotes sexualising a woman while showing her body in a neutral manner (or not at all, yes this is possible). Camera framing matters. It's kind of like rape doesn't have to be shown graphically to be a part of the plot and to show it's effects on a character. You don't focus on breasts, thighs, moaning etc. If you really need to have a sexualised scene cause your galaxy brain cannot come up with anything subtle, at least have the decency to keep it to minimum and not make it the main event of your "sexualisation women is bad!!!" piece (like Me!Me!Me!).
IDC about Japan's relation to hentai, objectification of women still is bad
>we aren't the victims of this particular topic and don't know the full extent of it.
Are you high? I'm sorry but I dgaf about scrotes erectile disfunction, trooning out (why do you pretend cartoon porn addiction is only Japan's problem?) due to wanking too much to media created especially to pander to them while degrading women. Anyway I thought we were discussing the depiction of sexualisation of women in the context of criticizing it, not how much of victims pornsick scrotes are.
>Japanese men who draw misogynistic hentai or buy it aren't more victimized than a western woman who has to deal with her male classmates walking around in imported ahegao rape hoodies.
Quoted for truth.

Reposted mostly due to a retarded autocorrect

No. 1350150

Not gonna say crazies don't exist in live action fandoms of course (can't forget Supernatural fandom exists) but live action fans do seem more "normal" on average than people who like 2D shit.

No. 1350159

former Fujoshis here, from the documentaries I've watched about the lives of gay men in japan, there's an unofficial nation wide "don't ask, don't tell" mentality with gay men, as long as they keep to themselves and in there own spaces, no one really bothers them
however I didn't find anything with regards to gay women in japan

No. 1350182

this whole thing reminds of the film Zola, I remember people unironically praising the film cause it technically didn't show female nudity and we saw more men's naked penises then we did any naked women's bodies and since it was directed by a woman it was hailed as a feminist film
but it was a still disgusting film that featured sexualized women, twerking, racial fetishization and ultimately commodification the suffering of lower income communities

No. 1350227

Kek, you started defending coomer shit like Me!x3 after someone else said it appeals to trannies and then you accused everyone else who disagreed with you of "derailing". There is absolutely no reason for men to hypersexualize women like that. It's not progressive, it's just men doing what they always do.

Historically, exclusive homosexuality in East Asia was frowned upon but having male lovers on the side was sort of tolerated if the gay man fulfilled his "male duties" of having a wife and children. There was an expectation that all gay men be "functionally bisexual" and keep their homosexuality to themselves. Homosexuality became much more taboo after Western contact. Many East Asian people desired to become "Westernized" and started to think of homosexuality as a type of "mental illness" based on the Western understandings of psychiatry or as a "sin" through the work of Christian missionaries.

No. 1350233

like 90% of this thread is derailing lets be honest here Nonnie. Thanks for wasting my bedtime smoke trying to read through everyone's sperging about anime to get to some milk, should of read celebricows. night retards

No. 1350249

all that is true, though ironically China has worst current treatment and perfection of gay people compared to the rest of east and south east asia, mostly cause of there communist influence
after WW2 Japan seems to have gone to the "don't ask, don't tell policy"

No. 1350260

>China has worst current treatment and perfection of gay people compared to the rest of east and south east asia
Imagine thinking this when Indonesia exists.

No. 1350264

Or Brunei or Myanmar or Mongolia or SINGAPORE. Do people forget that being a gay man is still illegal in Singapore? Being gay in most countries is suffering.

No. 1350265

thats what happens when you drink abrahamic religion kool-aid

No. 1350267

Malaysia is also way worse than China. I think the Philippines is a weird case because they are majority Catholic but they were colonized by the USA and worship the West so much now they more willingly "accept" homosexuality to seem more Westernized.

No. 1350270

Human Rights Watch is pushing for Singapore to improve its "trans rights" even though you can already change your legal gender meanwhile gay men are still illegal in Singapore lel.

No. 1350273

Aren’t the gay and trans communities separate in Singapore?

No. 1350281

I feel like its true all over the world. The gay and trans communities are converging all over the world because of Western influence through the "LGBT" label. Even if gay and trans were considered separate things, people now think gays are obligated to care about trannies.

I'm not Singaporean but I lived there for a while and the country is like a shiny shopping mall with a UN seat. It is super advanced but also has some of the most retarded laws. Singapore is the result of one man playing irl SimCity for 30 years straight.

No. 1350284

oh yeah, I completely forget about the Malay Archipelago, I was thinking about continental south east asia(Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand)

No. 1350299

Looool I'm part Viet/hill tribe ethnic minority and no way is Vietnam less homophobic than China is. Both Vietnam and China fell under homophobic Soviet influence and it's probably worse in Vietnam because people are much more conservative, especially in the north. Thailand is the most accepting but it is still homophobic and has way too many trannies because of how heteronormative it is. You think Laos would be similar to Thailand but I have never heard anything about what gay rights is like in Laos (laos is invisible). I hear that it's so-so in Cambodian but they have bigger issues with child sex tourism to deal with. Its absolutely terrible in Myanmar because being gay is illegal and everybody is pressuring each other to have kids because the country is stuck in an eternal racewar.(derailing )

No. 1350311

I knew a Vietnamese American family who sent their lesbian daughter to a gay conversion therapy camp but they were Catholics so maybe that plays a part in it.

No. 1350318

Catholic Vietnamese are notoriously homophobic. A lot of Vietnamese Americans are Catholic because they were French collaborators so they were forced to leave the country. 6% of Vietnam is Catholic but 30% of Vietnamese Americans are Catholic.

No. 1350339

File: 1634563701452.png (121.45 KB, 1182x472, Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 14.23…)

Lol based UK cobbler chain is offering free HRT coverage…… but for women going through menopause.

What's fascinating about that film is that if you read any of the profiles that came out after the thread with Zola herself, she actually comes from a very middle class suburban family that she went back to after the events of the thread.

So while I get that there are some uncomfortable racial dynamics between her and the white girl, it really puts another spin on Zola eventually participating in pimping the other girl out when it comes to power. Both women are victims of the pimp of course, but it's weird how much conversation around the twitter thread and movie revolves around "white women behaving in damaging ways".

No. 1350369

and they deserve it, for ignoring basic understanding of female anatomy and that turning a dick inside out and making a hole is incredibly misogynist and will never come close to nature's perfection that is a vulva.

No. 1350371

I already posted this before but about 70% of Zola's story(in the tweets) was either made up or greatly exaggerated, they did go to Florida, they did strip and do sex-work and got robbed but no one get shot, no suicide attempt, no assault, no kidnapping, Z didn't fuck Jessica in front of Jarett though Jarett did end up discovering Jessica was cheating on him with Z later online, no sex worker making over 8000$ in a single night with random Johns she hooked up with on craigslist and Zola left out a major detail which was that she herself was a Sex Worker, but the film seems to treat Zola's twitter story as all fact and multiple times seems to gloat about that its a "#truestory" and "actually happened", when its just bullshit
the film didn't even mention the fact that the real Z was arrested for literal human trafficking and forced 15 underaged girls into prostitution

No. 1350438

when I was on Facebook I had mutuals with this freak. never forget the time he was flashing his chode in his pfp.

No. 1350554

File: 1634583489566.png (87.13 KB, 928x356, selfish.png)

The endless selfishness of troons still baffles me after all this time.

No. 1350556

File: 1634583697212.png (850.23 KB, 1024x682, ew.png)

same guy also posted this

No. 1350576

going through this dudes post history in general is just revolting, he checks every single nasty stereotype, good girl, spinny dresses,… https://www.reddit.com/user/Thats_pretty_hot/

No. 1350577

File: 1634584663654.jpeg (77.98 KB, 827x1015, F02846A1-E5F0-42D0-A818-7590CE…)

male behavior

No. 1350580

File: 1634584866036.png (186.76 KB, 1049x684, Screenshot (2).png)

his grandma gave him an earful kek
so true, this is peak selfishness

No. 1350581

File: 1634584882402.png (83.87 KB, 593x733, Untitled.png)

No. 1350582

>that assault
Bro she said she wouldn't use your faggot name in a calm conversation

No. 1350591

Definitely the guy you see wandering the toy aisle at thrift stores fondling the gross bags of bath toys that are still wet.

No. 1350613

I love the lazy direct translation
>that doctor has committed death-like condition to your and your wife's family

No. 1350631

his entire timeline screams that he'll join the 41%

No. 1350633

>I get very angry when I think what that fellow did to destroy your family. I wish him death
>I fear you will have a lonely life from now.
I hope grandma's curse is effective and she can enjoy her 89th birthday peacefully.

No. 1350634

Grossest thing ITT

No. 1350657

Good. Nothing of value will be lost.

No. 1350669

What an asshole. His wife nicely asked if he could just drop the dressup act for ONE day, or maybe even, just a few hours while she is pushing a whole human being out of her vagina and he still 'might change his mind'. I swear to god, every troon is a selfish little boy.

No. 1350684

you rarely see trannies who outright admit it, lol

No. 1350727

File: 1634600126666.jpg (182.84 KB, 1200x901, DeypIDFUYAA7GIs.jpg)

I just discovered a cabal of trannies claiming to be "women in game development". Was watching a GDC postmortem about some game called "Bard's Tale" and the game's creator mentioned some lady named Rebecca Heineman who was talking shit about him over the years.
First Rebecca claimed that the creator didn't include women characters in his game because "girls don't play these kinds of games". So creator guy showed some pencil sketches he'd done before the game's production; one was a woman holding a sword. But then it turns out that Rebecca was actually "Bill" back in the 80's, when he worked alongside the creator. So the skinwalker troon is gonna point fingers at everyone else but himself.

Second is that "Rebecca" works with other "veteran" troons at this shitty game company called Olde Sküül. Their games are dogshit (links don't work properly), their website is like what your grandfather would've made on Angelfire in 2001, and their PR is abysmal. But they all claim to be "women in the game industry". Makes me absolutely irate that mentally ill, scummy fucks like these want to weasel their way into the "endangered species" list of women in video games.

No. 1350746

Hate being an actual woman in games, feels bad man.

No. 1350750

Same, dude. One day we'll be able to point them out and call them for what they are without losing our jobs.

No. 1350759

Anyone got a list of female developers who aren't men in dresses or TRA handmaidens? I only know of the Heartbeat devs.

No. 1350761

Wish I did. Most dev teams are mostly male with a smattering of women… And when they do list women in games it's cringe mtfs like Christine love.

No. 1350764

Me if you can hook me up with some programmers and a lot of money.

No. 1350768

Even with all the unnecessary toys he bought, he has 40+ pairs of womens shoes, and a shower curtain nailed to the damn wall. No real furniture, or pretty/decent looking stuff. Just the same ugly cheap shit as every other scrote.
> I really don’t think actual dysphoria is as common as people think it is and that the numbers from the old days are also overinflated
IMO most of the "dysphoria" is just discomfort from being in terrible general physical condition. Almost all of these guys are obese shut-ins, and straight men by default have no idea how much work women do to be pretty. Troons apparently think stripper heels and tiny juniors department clothes make them hot. I question that, though, since they never extend that courtesy to dumpy or older women stuffed into the wrong clothes.

No. 1350787

I made the mistake of checking the comments under that thread. Make sure to never mention women in relation to a women related problem or else you're going to get a bunch of troons under your thread.

No. 1350815

Wait that’s a legitimate woman? I’m not trying to be mean just the hair and overall demeanor look like every other troon in games.

No. 1350833

NTA But nonnie please reread.

No. 1350846

Oh man sorry. My brain is fried tonight.

No. 1350880

File: 1634614307029.jpeg (473.51 KB, 828x1101, C9452A04-D369-451F-962C-0C49FE…)

Same man.
Absolutely revolting the way these grown men refer to themselves as "girls."

No. 1350886

my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

No. 1350897

File: 1634617516735.jpg (221.79 KB, 1007x479, tb.jpg)

>all trans are beautiful, I mean it
>uses creepily child like anime drawing with perfect skin as his avatar
bullshit. if it wasn't a pedophilic fetish and they really believed agps are beautiful they'd use images that look more like themselves to broadcast these messages, like picrel
who does he resemble more, anime child or garth ennis comic tim

No. 1350935

Worse than Cuties? I call bullshit

No. 1350947

File: 1634623343993.jpeg (379.72 KB, 828x751, E82F6C92-9046-4BE7-A068-C2A924…)

Most women suffer from some level of body dysmorphia and self-hatred, especially regarding their looks. It's normal to not love your body, but what isn't normal is being an adult and lamenting the fact that you don't look like a prepubescent child. These men should be put to death.

No. 1350962

File: 1634624409171.jpeg (59.45 KB, 640x430, 19ofXiM_d-01.jpeg)

Just posting more photos of this garbage dump to illustrate the ultimate pink pill epiphany I had about humans. From the time a woman gets her first apartment, she starts finding home-worthy furniture and other furnishings, even the dirt poor women try. Turn a man loose, and at 35 his house will still be filled with literal garbage furniture picked up off the curb, empty beer cans, and piles of detritus.

No. 1350964

File: 1634624611376.jpeg (78.36 KB, 640x360, M4SHz2F_d-01.jpeg)

Another angle of that green-gold vinyl chair that is cracking apart. And an ancient recliner, and single dinner table chair from some grandma's 1976 bicentennial colonial theme home.

No. 1350965

File: 1634624732767.jpeg (216.82 KB, 640x1105, 54xCiPv_d-01.jpeg)

And what seems to be a part of exercise equipment, or the bench from a show store. And cigarette butts.

No. 1350967

That faceapp covers his face more and turns his rats nest into human hair.

No. 1350970

based grandma

No. 1350982

File: 1634627969737.jpg (254.1 KB, 1464x852, foto_no_exif.jpg)

Anyone have an answer to this?

No. 1350983

File: 1634628263560.png (1.73 MB, 952x3672, o0mzseywngt71 (1).png)

So disturbing and the fact that this all happened in a span of two months.

No. 1350985

He's halfway there to being self aware.

No. 1350987

Someone can probably answer this better than I can but agp and paraphilias in general are often comorbid and come in clusters. So you have the fun mixture of personality disorder, fetish, and a male sex drive. Probably why there's so many sex related crimes committed by tims.

No. 1350992

File: 1634630304114.jpg (60.9 KB, 640x360, tumblr_c17afef01704f0af5ae32f1…)

Not a list, but one of Supergiant's lead art directors, Jen Zee, is a woman.

No. 1350996

NTA but this is so cool

No. 1350997

Could you link the account, I'm somewhat curious what other cringe he's leaked about his life

No. 1351004

Too bad there's a troonbian at supergiant

No. 1351016

File: 1634634752250.jpg (44.82 KB, 595x369, 43431.JPG)

…there's no fucking difference.

No. 1351017

File: 1634634862198.jpg (74.97 KB, 585x702, 4867343.JPG)

>Spanish man pretends to be a Japanese woman
>"I always thought they were a trans woman"

No. 1351022

I love her!! To me she's the reason super giant games got so much soul

No. 1351023

>can finally admit he loves Lana del Rey
Even Alex Jones admits he loves Lana Del Rey, despite spending the previous decade calling her a globalist witch. what the fuck is that imagined stigma lmfao

No. 1351025

damn, what happened to "believe women" and #metoo? does that only apply to transwomen and not cis women? wtf

No. 1351030

If Lulu said he was a trans woman ppl would actually defend him kek

No. 1351043

File: 1634639786938.png (3.73 MB, 1186x19932, troon periods.png)

Troon tries to troonsplain periods on r/BadWomensAnatomy and it doesnt go well, gets downvoted and called out. The mods removed TRA replies, not the replies calling the troon a moid kek

No. 1351054

It's all so tiresome

No. 1351060

I'm pleasently surprised by the redditors reactions

No. 1351061

Someone even tried to compromise and suggested that the troons use some other name. But no, that's never enough. Troons never want their own category and can't leave women alone.

No. 1351063

>Sounds pretty TERFy to me
Science is literal bigotry now nonnies

No. 1351065

Is the acrotomophiles comment subtly called trans women autogynephiles? Lmao love it

No. 1351066

The person who said that was joking. They where arguing against trannies having periods.

No. 1351068

File: 1634643297652.png (265.55 KB, 1334x914, 765432456.png)

No. 1351071

You can’t call it “phantom limb” if you never had the fucking limb in the first place. Stupid scrote.

No. 1351074

She’s so beautiful and I love her style. A tranny could never come close to this effortless radiance.

No. 1351079

Actually plenty of the deep end degenerate troons admit it and even wear it as a badge. They're the ones posting the "quirky" memes about how they started out as a bigoted pepeposter on 4chan and ended up down the become the gf tranny pipeline.

As a woman in tech I feel your pain deep in my heart anon, I'm so glad I've only come across Aidens at work and not a single MTF where I live.

I absolutely love how the one guy is like
>Well we get phantom periods!
>Like phantom limb syndrome?
>Y-yeah, that's exactly it!
And then gets obliterated by the
>Sorry, even that resolves itself without treatment
And then later on goes to say "C-can't you just call it a period anyway? Stop being such a nerd about it!". Male privilege is the privilege of not having to give a shit about female-specific disorders and the hell women go through with them. It's all just a costume for them to wear.
>I mean I'm not asking for people to rewrite the definition what period n' such is
Except he's literally doing that. Unbelievable, I can't imagine being a female TRA and not peaking hard after witnessing this.

No. 1351081

>periods are gender-affirming
does this not sound offensive to women who have amenorrhea

No. 1351085

File: 1634644995004.png (779.61 KB, 591x694, Vintage Shoe Salesman Fitting …)

lmao that is literally an old shoe fitting bench from a shoe store. Picrel is a "vintage" fitting bench from a quick search. This troon found all his homewares in the trash bin.

No. 1351087


Watch that whole post be removed by the totally definitely biologically female mods within a couple hours.

It happens in r/periods all the time. That sub is infested with troons and fetishits posting gross anime memes and "whose period is syncing with mine uwu" validation posts and the mods will not remove any of this shit but instead just ban anyone who points out how these posts are so obviously made by moids. Last time they were asleep this thread happened kek

No. 1351093

File: 1634647109262.png (3.37 MB, 3000x3000, maleConfidence.png)

No. 1351094

No. 1351100

Thank you, I couldn't stop trying to figure out what the fuck that was for

No. 1351101

The entitlement in thinking women exist just to affirm their fake gender, validate them by blatantly lying, and give up terms used specifically for their own bodies for centuries… over some mentally ill scrote delusions

It's cute that they're still trying to use "that sounds TERFy" as a subtle threat to make women fall back in line out of fear, but we stopped giving a fuck. You're a fucking man and nothing will ever change that, end of story. Die mad about it

No. 1351110

one of the posters wrote "mammals with a uterus will go through this process we call "menstruation"". it is a pet peeve of mine when people think this. only humans and our close relatives like chimpanzees menstruate with blood from the uterus discharged through the vagina. almost all other mammals have an estrus cycle and the endometrium is absorbed at the end of the cycle if there is no insemination.

No. 1351112

Typical scrote logic - begins with his wife’s struggles to accept his transition and ends with all the things that make him happy without even mentioning her feelings. I might be able to accept troons more if they actually gained some empathy for women’s experiences when they transitioned. But nope, they continue treating their wives as bangmaids who exist solely to support them, all while making themselves even more physically & sexually repulsive than the average middle-aged married moid. Fucking bleak.

No. 1351114

Toxic masculinity, misogyny and homophobia. Men can’t imagine ever enjoying or respecting a female artist without being women themselves.

No. 1351115

He could’ve easily bought a decent nightstand and other furniture at the thrift store instead of bags full of used children’s items if he wasn’t such a deranged pedo fetishist.

No. 1351119

It was performative, most people didn't really believe in what they're saying and only said it because it made them look/feel good. These same people (except MRAs and brainwashed kweers) are gonna grow out of "TWAW" as well, specially now that every month there are stories of sex pest TIMs reaching the mainstream and spreading like wildfire through social media.
Fascinating how the cultist TIM kept repeating over and over "i-it's the closest thing to a period", even when DocAntlesFatLiger pointed out that period symptoms happen during the drop of hormones.
Can't tell if it's autism or just denial.

No. 1351129

File: 1634653121322.jpg (219.42 KB, 1024x735, Maria_Stahl,_Diane_Siegal,_Rob…)

sage for OT but how did game development shift so heavily male ? from what I've researched during the early history of game development, women played a more proportionate role in the industry, it was only the Japanese Industry that seemed to 99% male

No. 1351134

i misread his post as
>I got high and im wearing a skirt with no panties
>and no shart!

No. 1351137

File: 1634654811260.png (919.29 KB, 1080x1101, ithaspockets!!!.png)

i hate seeing memes like this that are obviously made by TIMs. what girl is into any of these things and what girls clothing are they buying that even fits this like wtf? sage for a bit OT

No. 1351140

File: 1634655282241.jpg (104.87 KB, 685x763, margaterf.jpg)

Margaret Atwood terfed herself, cancellation is happening right now

No. 1351143

Literally where dude? The only mainstream media I see about them is positive. At least he is partially self-aware like other anon said.

I feel like they’ve just been looking for a reason to. I’m surprised she has been “woke” for so long.

No. 1351148

>attempting to cancel an octogenarian woman who's been focusing on women in her fiction for decades
why would they expect her, of all people, to side with TRAs and appease to them? She's not squeaky clean woke and always rejected labels so people would leave her the fuck alone. Retards screeching online and trying to brand her with the scarlet letter is just a pathetic cult tactic.

No. 1351156

im desperately hoping he forty-percents himself before he lays his hand on any real women. Jesus Christ.

No. 1351164

his profile has the female symbol on it now, looks like he's trooned out.

No. 1351171

>She's not squeaky clean woke and always rejected labels so people would leave her the fuck alone
well tbf a lot of anons and radfems seemed to dislike that about her as well, she's very adamant of not labeling any of her works with one political position or the other

No. 1351175

There's plenty of girls who like shooting and playing retro games

No. 1351179

This is obtuse. It's not about if women can be into retro games or guns (they can, we all know that), it's the generalization being made (use of the word girls, "girly" font, claiming to carry several weapons, a game, a cat, and beauty products on ones person at all times) that smells troony.

No. 1351181

She joined the dog pile on JKR she deserves it. These people always eat their own.

No. 1351184

She joined the dogpile against Rowling and act surprised when she gets the same after expressing similar opinions.
Not a terf? Does she not understand that it's the tras who decide that?

No. 1351190

Atwood wouldn't stand up for women before and now she wonders how it's got so bad. TRAs use her capitulation to TWAW as some kind of gotcha against feminists all the time so I have no sympathy for her.

No. 1351193

It's clearly an exaggeration for comedic effect, calm down. There's not even beauty products in the photo either. It's just an edgy meme, nobodys being generalized

No. 1351197

Her works are still some of the best feminist literature you can find. Sometimes, when giving scrotes an inch, they take a mile. I, too, would defend trans rights not understanding the amount of fetishism, misogynistic jealousy and narcissistic objectification. The flood gates opened as trans started becoming more bold with their status as a discriminated group.

No. 1351200

she refuses to call any of her works "feminist" though and is against others calling her works feminist, she's an odd woman

No. 1351201

NAYRT but from watching other game postmortems, there were more women in smaller game teams. I know on Paperboy, that ancient arcade game, there was a female technician who worked on it, Linda Sinkovic, but was fired twice during the game's production.

No. 1351204

I hate that most troons love guns cus had I never seen tranny gun enthusiasts I probably would've thought that meme was about women who like to shoot. But all I can picture is a buffalo bill looking dude with an AR and that stupid fucking smirk they all do

No. 1351206

girls i’m pcos and on contraceptives to stop my cycle.

but when i eat dairy i get moody, bloated crampy and shit. it’s basically like getting my period again. i feel so affirmed.

sage for what i hope is obvious sarcasm.

No. 1351211

still, the first graphic PC adventure game ever made was made by a team of mostly women, plus the team of Lucas arts was also very mixed

No. 1351212

Kek, pretty much. Pocket full of things chuds in game stores and school shooters would carry around but this time it's in girly spinny romper pockets and not semen stained cargos.

No. 1351218

Silly nonni don’t you know it’s of course only are Trans Sisters “TM” us silly cis women still don’t even get pockets because they used to burn us terrible terfy women for having them and using them.

No. 1351257

>it's totally ironic that r/badwomensanatomy of all subreddits would be this poorly misinformed about trans women's anatomy
So fucking funny

No. 1351268

She's not odd, she's just smart. Claiming that her works are X can limit her reach, female artists have to tread lightly when it comes to public perception.
If a female artist (writer, painter, etc) claims to be aligned to a certain type of ideology, or her works are X ideology, it will affect how people see her works and she will receive backlash for it. Separating the art from the artist is a privilege afforded to men only.
>inb4 JK Rowling
She only pandered to wokies when she got rich. Before that, she was quiet. JK can say whatever she wants about women's rights and nothing will happen, she's protected by fuckyou money and the HP series still being loved by millions. As much as TRAs want her to go away, she can't be cancelled.
Nothing will happen to Atwood either. Despite not being a billionaire, she's an established author and there's another book of hers that will be adapted to TV.

No. 1351274

they do poppers too?

No. 1351279

File: 1634668044242.jpeg (738.35 KB, 1242x1599, 054632F5-03BB-4ECC-BF5F-13E879…)

Would any kind anons like to take a guess at what the answer could possibly be for this question.

No. 1351284

The word "woman" still refers to "specific biology", and not gender, for virtually everyone outside of their echo chambers, and their attempts to replace it always fail terribly at meaning what they need it to mean to replace "woman", but they never learn.

No. 1351300

File: 1634669516129.jpeg (118.97 KB, 729x1250, FCEVjYRWQAw1vY1.jpeg)

What a self own. The TIF who made this is a dumbass and just goes to show how TIFs are disconnected from MTF troons. Yes, chasers are closeted troons, as opposed to straight men. The Chaser will eventually want to get topped and while wearing fishnets because ~its a fetish~

No. 1351305

Not much because it's a pretty new account. Must be his tranny burner account. https://www.reddit.com/r/egg_irl/comments/q85yg1/egg_irl/

No. 1351311

File: 1634669912054.png (1.32 MB, 1210x847, kek.png)

JK Rowling is trending on Twitter and I see this lmfao people really dont give a shit about trannies anymore

No. 1351315

File: 1634670034810.png (484.15 KB, 661x652, yesyouwill totallylooklikethis…)

did we ever?

No. 1351317

Incredibly based. I have a friend who loves to dig up these reddit wife of mtf stories and this isn't really far off from how they always sound. Like marrying a man with exclusively downsides! And he's now hideous to you!

No. 1351323

Seconding this. I've been angry at Atwood for the JKR shit, but she has always had to walk a tightrope and, most importantly, her work has always walked the walk, when the vast majority of comparable creators only talk the talk. Her work has consistently been about women's lives, struggles, and angers for DECADES now. She's lived through hugely different ages in women's rights, I'm not going to shit on her for not doing everything as I would have. I can still be pissed at her sometimes and not agree with everything she does, but you have to throw away over 50 fucking years of boundary-challenging work to pretend she's only worthy of scorn

No. 1351327

File: 1634670670559.png (306.03 KB, 672x891, definitions.png)

this can't be real

No. 1351330

>Drawing the TERF as a plain white woman
>Drawing the troons as beautiful and feminine
>Drawing the troon intimacy as cool and attractive women making out (fetishistic) instead of awkward and unappealing men in dresses tactlessly slobbering on each other
>Implying anything, let alone intimacy, involving even a single troon is enviable, instead of repulsive
So much cope in so few panels. T4t is just chasers continuing to chase and narcissists settling for other narcissists after no one else wants them.

No. 1351332

File: 1634670877216.png (843.59 KB, 737x707, Tranny.png)

tempted to leave a comment about the 5 o'clock shadow

No. 1351333

Women are a joke, aren't we

No. 1351334

File: 1634670928683.jpg (106.08 KB, 1080x1215, FCFaiUzXIAY_cM_.jpg)

from the replies, lol

No. 1351335

Troons are obsessed with sexualization generally especially dominance & submission. Pairings, romantic or not, are always drawn in a power play of some sort, even strangers in conversation. Such a male way of thinking.

No. 1351336

Either its someone with a sense of humor or some delusional troon.

No. 1351341

File: 1634671391099.png (7.21 KB, 653x181, twitter.png)

>troons need to be catered too because they don't know that they have a prostate and might get confused if it says woman only.
""Women"" with fleshhole is more appropriate I guess.

No. 1351342

Should've kept drinking.

No. 1351351

>masters of period
That's a string of words I never expected to see, yet here we are. Fucking kek

No. 1351354

This is just convoluted. Most men cannot tell you what a prostate even is.

No. 1351356

Idk nonnie, I'm feeling like I've really reached the status of period savant.

No. 1351358

This really just makes all trannies come across as fucking morons who need every little thing spelled out for them. But then again, hormone blockers do cause cognitive dysfunction over time.

No. 1351368

File: 1634672792915.gif (2.33 MB, 500x278, 70C124CF-10CA-4548-90FE-9BA463…)

The only thing scarier than a hun to me are the “female maskers”. Unapologetic creepy fetishists.

No. 1351376

>posted right after my post
Hi twitter user. >being in a thread making fun of mtf while defending these so called troons

No. 1351383

what? I went to find the tweet you posted to see the replies and found that image, calm down you weirdo

No. 1351388

Don't play coy. There wasn't a response there when I went to grab the screenshot.

No. 1351395

Alice Lai? (Seemed like the only one I could clock)

No. 1351404

If I started taking testosterone, then using their logic I would experience phantom prostate cancer. Fucking retards.

No. 1351426

Every single one of those guys who do the female masks remind me of BTK

No. 1351434

I guess I don't have periods cause I bleed without experiencing any symptoms 90% of the time. Anyway, how long til this sub gets nuked?

No. 1351441

My guess is that it's because back when the industry first started there were far fewer programmers around and the development process was more like electrical engineering. For example Nintendo couldn't actually produce their early games (including Donkey Kong) themselves and had to outsource it to a camera company who implemented whatever they drew up on paper. They were literally all ideas guys.

It would make sense Atari, Activision, etc hire the women who were already assembling circuits in electronics factories to have design input because they'll understand the hardware.

No. 1351444

men are so annoying

No. 1351446

hmm maybe it's because you are all mentally ill cross dressers?

No. 1351450

i love her art in hades!!

No. 1351454

And I suppose once videogame development became more abstracted and about how well you knew a particular processor, it shifted more towards male hobbyists and university graduates.

I am curious how many women were making games in the European/Japanese microcomputer market, where a single person could easily develop and distribute a blockbuster title by themselves.

No. 1351474

File: 1634682536528.jpeg (71.4 KB, 720x960, 75F9CB96-BEE3-4569-B541-5AFC5D…)

Agreed, once I found out BTK crossdressed as his victims all the AGP stuff made so much sense. Any scrote who falls for this on a dark drunk night deserves the horror.

No. 1351477

Coding was originally seen as an extension of secretarial work, so was done by women.

No. 1351485

This would make a fascinating thread. Discussing women who worked (or currently work) in video games. I know very little about early women except for like, Roberta Williams.

No. 1351489

File: 1634683602143.jpg (293.52 KB, 1500x1500, 91SpqDHdW1L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

He's probably got a foot fetish on top of everything else. But it def came from the trash, the seat is gone and replaced with a pizza pan.

No. 1351502

File: 1634685738350.jpeg (167.17 KB, 828x1003, B1B953EF-6DA4-487B-9591-2B78D2…)

I love buying products

No. 1351506

British women were called dinosaurs for caring about their rights, when they reclaimed the word and had fun wearing t-rex costumes the TRAs got jealous. Pathetic.

No. 1351508

It does not matter. All they can do is buy more toys. Their manchild brain thinks of dinosaurs as toys and mean women are trying to take their toys.

No. 1351536

>try to insult terfs by calling them dinos
>terfs love it and embrace it
>as a result your insult only ends up upsetting tims and making them throw mantrums

No. 1351572

>the magic of dinosaurs
They are just animals and they still exist today.

No. 1351575

File: 1634691189154.jpg (258.78 KB, 1079x1313, Screenshot_20211020_025253.jpg)

Thanks, I think I'm good

No. 1351595

Sure, but why is he wearing venetian ceruse?

No. 1351596

The trannies are probably already the majority of the mods so it’ll be allowed to stay

No. 1351597

Well the same happened with programming. It started as a female dominated field, but as soon as it was made clear that it was relevant work men started flocking to it and pushed, harassed and isolated the women in the industry and eventually it became a boy's club. Just more examples of men taking over and deliberately screwing things up for women.

No. 1351626

No. 1351641

seconding this! if any nonas are up to making an OP, im sure a few of us who've been posting here would love to contribute.

No. 1351660

Unironically BTK's behavior is just an extreme version of modern day troons. Men are fundamentally so obsessed with women that dating us, marrying us, having children with us is not enough–just at the number of AGPs who are happily married with kids prior to the troonery. Being in a happy marriage with your husband isn't enough, he needs to become you and assume your identity. Look at how many of them want to become 'mom' and want to be carbon copies of their spouses. Coddling their entitlement is just fueling their obsession with women that's likely to lead to something like BTK when shit hits the fan (a lesbian rejects him).
Men's lives, by their own accord, revolve around us and they seethe because it will never be the same for women. That's why you have them angrily stomping into our spaces demanding we be inclusive and moids lashing out and murdering random women who are just going about their day and existing. You NEVER see the reverse (i.e, woman killing moids for no reason). A misandrist can live out the rest of her life by actual female seperatism, a misogynist is at the mercy of whichever woman will bear his children and signal his self-worth to other men (and himself, kek). Just look at how many self proclaimed MGTOWs talk about actively being on dating apps on their own sub–so much for smegmoids doing us a favor and actually going their own way.
And of course back to the topic at hand just compare TIMs' obsession with specific women or female [anime] caricatures being a motivator in transition, whereas TIFs troon out largely because of internalized misogyny and homophobia.

No. 1351677

File: 1634699353093.jpg (28.55 KB, 600x314, -1QG4l0q.jpg)

"Rachel" Levine was made a four-star admiral this afternoon. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rachel-levine-sworn-in-first-openly-transgender-four-star-admiral
Fuck this government into the ground. This is giving me big "South American dictator-for-life" vibes.

No. 1351678

File: 1634699487569.jpg (117.17 KB, 1080x608, superjail_cc_306_pt1_bay7s_cc-…)

Why are so many of them named Alice? It's not a name I personally associate with passing lmao.

No. 1351681

And I thought the USA was improving on its tranny issue. It is actually getting worse.

No. 1351684

But…why? What has he done that warranted this?

No. 1351689

He has to be providing something to the social elite. Money at best, Epstein shit at worst. There's truly no way this useless, ignorant degenerate could get this much status and regard without shady background dealings.

No. 1351694

OK, so trannies are trying to take the magic of girls childhoods and turn it into a symbol of their obsession

No. 1351701

Men love kicking women out of their own shit lmfao even the things they say is our job like cooking and looking pretty, those industries are run by men (most prominent chefs, designers, and MUA are male). Now they want womanhood. Men are so insane. These fools are so jealous they're shaving their jaws and tucking their dicks up their butt cracks to imitate us I don't know whether to cry or laugh kek

No. 1351708

File: 1634705176148.jpg (243.42 KB, 1122x876, Untitled.jpg)

extremely rough 22. dead eyes. unhealthy appearance. showing off cone tits. obsessed with childrens' cartoons and lesbians. yep.

No. 1351710

File: 1634705263679.jpeg (248.87 KB, 1157x1116, EB17CC30-1846-4FD9-AE33-4403B9…)


No. 1351717

10 years of transition and he only got balder

No. 1351725

Murder victim's POV on the right

No. 1351726

I bet it's related to pedophilia.

No. 1351734

File: 1634708789151.png (323.18 KB, 1514x1194, 13.png)

this sounds so insane but so plausible if we keep changing the meaning of words so no ones fee-fees get hurt.

No. 1351740

can't believe how transphobic they're being by calling trans men women smh

No. 1351742

god it sickens me to no end when they say stuff like "anticipation of getting boobs." that's stuff that pre teen girls write about in their diary, and in a coming of age excitement kind of way not because of a fucking fetish. I remember being an AA cup at 17 just hoping they'll grow a little more because I thought no men would like me without boobs, meanwhile this disgusting scrote is waiting for his synthetic man titties to come in so he can jerk off to them. commit the 41%, I'm begging you

No. 1351773

File: 1634714698848.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2053, C276D04F-A6BA-400D-848E-B1216A…)

I’m sorry in advance for linking, I can’t upload this right now, but has anyone else seen or heard of Ceecee Jacobsen? Have you ever seen a more disgusting cope and admittance to just being an agp freak. He obviously has an onlyfans, before you even have to question it. Not worth looking into, though. He also doesn’t agree with needing to disclose you’re trans to someone you’re dating/fucking. Which is based because it hurts men and will get him killed, but is still gross. This made me fucking nauseous.

No. 1351777

This is just a healthy hobby, anon. How dare you kink shame.

No. 1351781

No. 1351786

File: 1634716141290.jpg (138.22 KB, 1080x560, 12.jpg)

New troon argument. But child rape exists!!!! That's why we should say pregnant people instead of women.

No. 1351791

He sounds likes he's read a women's perspective and is just recounting that so he doesn't have to reveal the fact that his wound doesn't actually work.

No. 1351793

Kek I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of Superjail every time I see a troon named Alice

No. 1351796

File: 1634716988326.jpg (341.19 KB, 1080x1896, Watchestoomuchanime.jpg)

No. 1351803

File: 1634717305448.jpeg (385.49 KB, 1170x1224, 961619AB-F829-4E79-B06F-841AEF…)

I’m fucking seething. Browsed this subreddit and they are using the term “boy mode”, nah bob you’re a full blown man (if you can call him that.) Females don’t have to have a feminine persona because they are women. You are a fucking skin walker. Of course this dude was in the military.

No. 1351808

Alice is way more likable than the average troon

No. 1351809

they force their ugly mugs everywhere. Look at his caveman forehead.
kek superjail is based af
I hope they keep playing these games with men and pushing them to fuck them. Let men fight it out with themselves.

No. 1351812

File: 1634718176549.jpeg (206.92 KB, 1170x687, CB8DC894-FDBE-487E-8C10-1062B7…)

No. 1351813

File: 1634718235765.png (5.45 MB, 1170x2532, 4D40F5E3-BE15-440E-BA7B-DE90AC…)

The picture! “Guys couldn’t stop staring at me”, and “hot as fuck.” Maybe because you’re a man in ladies clothing

No. 1351816

No. 1351817

kek. if that scrote was really a woman he’d be happy he doesn’t have to go through menstruation every month.

No. 1351823

>I'll finally be able to just exist in a state that isn't that of pure uncomfterbility and mascaraed. I'll finally be able to feel like an actual human being and not some sort of deformed creature.
This is what 21st century men have done to girl children. Fucking terrible. She's illiterate, but even a moron shouldn't hate her own body.
>I hope they keep playing these games with men
I'm the same. 99.9% of men lie out their ass to scam kind, trusting women into sex, then fuck up their lives. They aren't innocent. So, lie away, troons. If some roid moid pops off and beats you to a pulp, that's also good.

No. 1351827

Anon if ignoring is the most bigoted thing you imagine then I don't know how sheltered you are, the religion of the Arab pedophile is far worse then you imagine, you'd kill yourself if you lived in an arab worshipper country

No. 1351832

she didn't mention islam at all, retard.

No. 1351833

She replied to a derail from 3 days ago, just report and ignore.

No. 1351834

her post history is quite bizarre. she talks about wanting to have sadomasochistic sex with her cishet (sic) girlfriend.
I can’t help but think something terrible must have happened to her. the dad gives me weird vibes with how she talks about him scheduling the surgeries for her. she actually seems a bit hesitant to go through with it.

No. 1351839

File: 1634721938757.jpg (322.11 KB, 1080x1036, Mtf.jpg)

Troons are fetishizing getting assaulted now.

No. 1351851

I'm going to a-log. Troons will never stop having male privilege, they will never be harmed by other moids at the same rate as women are, and yet he has the audacity to say "oh no, trooning out will make me a victim umu". I'm sick of scrotes appropiating our struggles and getting away with it.

No. 1351853

Men are blissfully unaware of all the preferential treatment they have had in life when the single privilege loss they can imagine is getting raped.

No. 1351854

They always have, at least the AGPs. They fetishize being a female victim and it's completely disgusting. I wish libfems would wake up about this en masse.

No. 1351855

>oh no when I become a woman I will give up my male privilege and be raped and assaulted!!
Really telling how they themselves as men treat women.

No. 1351859

Buy an iron for Christ's sake

No. 1351863

Isn't this literally rape

No. 1351864

do you really think he cares

No. 1351865

If the story is true, it's rape by deception. I doubt that anyone he's been with hasn't clocked him or that he's been having "amazing sex", though.

No. 1351866

I'd hope their followers at least would have the decency to be grossed out by it but I'm being naive here I guess

No. 1351871

if it belongs to women they want it.

No. 1351872

>yall are so valid and awesome

i’ve come to hate the word valid. some wokies i know use it constantly and i don’t need your validation. stop pandering to fakeboys and troons who cry online that they have dysphoria and need validating.

normal people don’t act like that and being randomly told i’m valid is a fuckin insult.

No. 1351879


Is this actually legit and not a scrote fantasy? Something about the obsessive posting really makes me think it's some moid's coom fantasy

No. 1351881

Woke rape so it's ok.

No. 1351883

god mood, i wish there was a space for us to just be free and create shit without having some troons invading the space and declaring that every character has to be trans to fit their ideals

No. 1351900

Sounds like if Ebony Raven De'Mentia was a redneck with no taste who flips off the cis bitches with their preppy uteri.

No. 1351903

File: 1634731977373.jpg (129.88 KB, 1240x501, moidorfoid.JPG)

I have seen a DYI clitoris removal surgery, apparently it was some extreme submissive fantasy of just being a hole to fuck, so I could see a particularly messed up 19 yo girl actually wanting something like this.

But yeah, I agree that its highly suspicious. She doesn't say any specifics about the surgery, didn't reply to the comment that asked the name of the doctor, just vague "all the stuff my dad had to do to set it up" and then called it a white privilege move lol. She also says they've already removed her internal organs. I have a hard fucking time believing that a doctor would agree to surgically remove a healthy 19 yo girls uterus/ovaries and then seal her vagina shut. It's hard enough getting your tubes tied in your 20's.

Some of this persons posts do feel like a moids either extreme submissive, imagining himself as her fantasy, or his fantasy of wanting to have an asexual virgin doll thing to basically torture and rape. Like picrels post screams of a moids fetish.

Also why did they say "I can't believe I actually wont have genitalia next month." When they said their dad set it up for March?

No. 1351916

I remember this person being posted to the FTM thread months ago and people were suspecting it to be this one cis NSFW artist girl who was obsessed with nullification i.e. full removal of the clitoris and vagina. I wish I could remember the twitter handle but all signs point to it being either an extremely dedicated troll or an actual woman who's just severely mentally ill. The amount of people encouraging her to go through with it and wishing her good luck is fucking staggering.

No. 1351919

the top reply was some moid saying "you can absolutely say women when it's appropriate" and it has like 400 likes. no one thinks it's fucked up that this man is telling an elderly woman that she can't say the word women? twitter makes me want to kill myself

No. 1351922

File: 1634734153093.png (38.62 KB, 1192x216, Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 14.48…)


this comment alone makes me think it's a moid tbh

No. 1351938

lol there is no way this is a real woman, I have never heard of a woman be so addicted to cooming and talk about "blue balls". I do know two who had hysterectomies and they basically have 0 sexdrive afterwards.

No. 1351940

Based, any state like this you can recommend in particular?

No. 1351948

Does anyone know if troon physical assault rates are documented? I'd love to compare them to female rates and gay male rates. I suspect they'd be far far closer to the latter than anywhere near the former.

No. 1351950

Had one myself and this is untrue. Although it does take time to recover your sex drive because your insides, even if you recover quickly from surgery, feel like scrambled eggs.
A doctor will not remove your ovaries for cosmetic reasons. I spent 10 years finding a doctor who would even give me a hysterectomy because of lifelong pain and prolonged bleeding. Removing your ovaries shortens your lifespan and they won't do it. This person is absolutely lying.

No. 1351957

Yeah the two people I know who had it done both were morbidly obese and had uterine cancer, so the hysterectomy was the only choice. It basically puts your body through early menopause, causes loss of bone density etc, so there is no way it would be done on a young girl with no medical reason for it.

No. 1351970

Not only does it have actual medical reasons to not be removed, but doctors are notorious for not listening to women who want anything done to prevent or stop pregnancy, anyway.

No. 1351973

>Also why did they say "I can't believe I actually wont have genitalia next month." When they said their dad set it up for March?
the girl writes like she's illiterate, so she probably thinks all 5-lettet M-words are close enough, kek. my personal favorite was mascaraed instead of (what i'm assuming was supposed to be) masquerade.

No. 1351983

Troll who can't keep track of their lies

No. 1351995

I admit I'm not familiar with Atwood, but her stuff really doesn't seem like what most TiMs or TiFs would like, so their lack of support wouldn't mean much considering she's already established. But I guess they just like to cancel

No. 1352022

File: 1634743392997.jpg (60.14 KB, 799x542, 1606926895797.jpg)

Combined with transage(bait)

No. 1352032

Pedophilia acceptance full steam ahead. Stop grooming young girls to prioritize men’s gross feelings over their own safety. Why does a grown man need little girls to validate him? Pedophiles love to chat up kids about childish stuff to get close to them. Now they can do this under the guise of "experiencing girlhood" by making little girl friends.

No. 1352044

that's /pol/ bait

No. 1352047

>> A misandrist can live out the rest of her life by actual female seperatism, a misogynist is at the mercy of whichever woman will bear his children and signal his self-worth to other men (and himself, kek).

So well put anon. They’re slaves to their own misogyny and need to possess and become us. It’s insane. As a hetero woman being voluntarily celibate and limiting male interaction has been worth it. The worst they do is call you a dyke and seethe kek

No. 1352066

i’m sure TIMs love to watch Handmaid’s Tale and think that they somehow are being targeted and discriminated against just like that. troons love to pretend to be just as if not more oppressed than woman. or they get off on the idea of women being enslaved.

No. 1352071

Could be a terf or a larper from /pol/ trying to prove how degenerate transgenderism is.
who tf misspells thanks while paying enough attention to capitalize and punctuate it? screams creepy adult pretending to be a kid (or it's tumblrina crytyping by a genuine teen enby).

No. 1352074

troons would get the wall for being gender traitors.

blog but i’ve still not recovered from what happened to the lesbian handmaid and her girlfriend in that show.

No. 1352076

File: 1634749574929.jpg (758.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211020-180319_Tik…)

so hsts's are just openly admitting to raping men now

No. 1352090

Is this some sort of tranny copypasta? I could have sworn there was a Reddit post about an “agender 19 year old” living in Manhattan with a father who’d arranged for her to have her “genitals removed” a few threads back.

No. 1352092

Is there anything more off putting than a ginger troon? Ginger males trying to RP as redhead women is like shit trying to pass off as chocolate.

No. 1352095

File: 1634750883238.jpg (643.11 KB, 1055x1500, Onee-san wa Joshi Shougakusei …)

>Pedophiles love to chat up kids about childish stuff to get close to them. Now they can do this under the guise of "experiencing girlhood" by making little girl friends.
It could be, they think little girls are naive and will not be creeped out by their approach and actions, while teenage girls recognized their behavior as predatory
>Why does a grown man need little girls to validate him?
Imagine an imagery where a daughter and her mother are having fun cooking at the kitchen or trying out outfits at store. I assumed most MtF associate this as female activities.
If they only have other AMAB as their friend, there's no difference between before and after coming out as troon. Therefore, in order to validate themself as the opposite sex, they need to insert themself among bio-women.

Make no mistake, they don't need "experiencing girlhood" argument to justify their behavior, trying to befriend little girls, as it's very common for older female to take care of their younger siblings or working as teacher, au pair.
If the protagonist in this image is MtF, it would be >>1338355(ban evading )

No. 1352098

These made up stealth stories are part of the troon psyop. They want men to think that there isnt a difference so men will fuck them. It's a tactic rapists and groomers use to get access to more victims.

No. 1352100

How is this not hurting/killing themselves? Why joke about tricking men, then cry when they eventually try to kill you? Then they blame “cis women” because we’re making moids feel gay and ashamed for banging them.

No. 1352103

question, maybe I have't paid much attention, but have any big names been splurging over Dave Chappelle?I'm not talking the usual suspects but big name celebrities? I feel like I haven't seen really anyone doing so (besides the usuals)

No. 1352106

No one. He's black, male and muslim lol

No. 1352111

I hope women keep making them feel ashamed lol. I can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who likes trannies ugh

No. 1352124

File: 1634753559670.jpg (363.67 KB, 1161x2048, FCCsm_HVcAIUsG4.jpeg.jpg)

(By Samwitch11)
If women claim it, they want it.

No. 1352127

The delusion. No one is mistaking hulking hons for women even with a mask covering half their face. They sperg about getting misgendered in masks all the time.

No. 1352130

They produce nothing of value, that's why they always took it from someone else(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1352132

People let samantha get away with this much more since he's a lot less disgusting looking than your regular troon

Troons have given him the Rowling treatment except now they're holding a march, he's getting protected by Netflix tho
There are lgbt aligned c list celebs holding a rally against him like Jameela Jamil and Jonathan Van Ness.
I think there were other celebs condemning him a few years ago from his last scandal.
When it comes to big names, Channing Tatum spoke against him now.
This is a huge deal honestly just on the walkout alone, I wanna see new ma'am vids

No. 1352134

I saw a troon comparing the silence from celebs about this vs. the Da Baby situation, I guess it makes sense. A lot of people in the black community aren't with all the super woke troon stuff or troon shit at all. Even if they are T friendly, a lot don't believe transwomen are women/TMAM and don't want to date a man into troons.
Funny how people can laugh at Dave make fun of everyone else, but the moment it's about T's it's a issue.

No. 1352135

They really think they're unclockable lmao

No. 1352140

>Even if they are T friendly, a lot don't believe transwomen are women/TMAM and don't want to date a man into troons.
That's just how normies are, troons are delusional for the TWAW stance and not aiming for common courtesy.

No. 1352145

There was a tiktok on a troon that got his assualted for not disclosing to their date and they were warning other troons to stop the TWAW non disclosure thing because its dangerous
He said before getting beat up he was one of those types that thought he didn't need to tell straight men he was a troon, but now that's changed.

No. 1352148

The day dinosaurs talk and fetch sweaters is the day terfs won't be able to differentiate between women and trans women

No. 1352150

File: 1634755186829.jpg (684.97 KB, 1080x1350, girlyhairline.jpg)

Ah yes, just a normal girl asking normal girly questions teehee

No. 1352160

I legitimately thought this was one of the Lone Gunmen.

"Who you are" isn't sexual deviancy or kinkdom ffs. People who make weird sex shit their entire personality gross me out, but the men who do it terrify me.

This post reads like he wrote it with a younger audience in mind. I know other anons might call me schizo but think about it. This doesn't read like an adult directing his speech to other adults. I truly believe he had young 'kinksters' (groomed adolescents) on the mind while writing this.

No. 1352162

>Has a fictional talking tranny dinosaur best friend
Clocked as an AGP furry without even saying he's a "transbian" or saying anything about furries.

No. 1352163

didn't know robin williams faked his death and became a troon

No. 1352164

Kevin Gibes long lost cousin.

No. 1352176

File: 1634757868378.jpg (191.91 KB, 675x1638, 'young'.jpg)

>I know other anons might call me schizo but think about it.
No, you aren't. He's inviting people to troon out. Young people doesn't want to be put under pressure, so he need need to say "take your time"
He definitely doesn't look like 17 years old(namefag)

No. 1352192

>My fellow GC sisters
Who talks like this? Am I right, my fellow women?

No. 1352193

You don't need to dig, just go on r/mypartneristrans and get ready to feel depressed.
Most of them are basically about them feeling horrible and getting treated with zero respect, having their family destroyed yet worried about how they can be even more supportive… So many have kids, your standard small normie family and then it suddenly happens out of nowhere.

Something that's so common is women feeling hurt because their troon partner is treating them like a man (just like in those comics with big cis women and uwu sm0l trans "girls"):
>when my (bi cisf) gf (mtf, 6 months on hormones) gets euphoric she breathes heavily, pitches up her voice, gets distracted, and stops talking mid-conversation. most of the time her euphoria is caused by a sensual situation (ie bending over in front of me with a short skirt) or being submissive (ie being the little spoon.)
>her euphoria sounds a lot like arousal and it makes me feel like she’s expecting the situation to become sexual. her hormones have given her a huge sex drive
>her very apparent euphoria seems linked to me being ‘masculine’ sometimes and it makes me feel bad when I notice it. I’m not super girly but I consider myself feminine and I would prefer our relationship to feel more like two equals

or this one
>I'm now doing most of the driving, I'm doing most of the yardwork, heck, I'm now the one getting handed jars to open and getting the occasional item off the shelf (despite my partner still being a good 6 inches taller.)

No. 1352194

Of course, they're men and that's what they do.

No. 1352196

>My (22M) gf (21MTF) refuses to delete dating apps
>If I bring it up she just raises her voice or gets physical until I drop it.
>She also threatens to move back home and resort to escorting because “she needs money somehow” as if there aren’t any other options.
just your typical normal gf, beats you for not allowing her to cheat

No. 1352201

holy shit libfems are pathetic lmao imagine tolerating this shit even for a day

No. 1352202

that's what reddit brainwashing does to women

and this is how degenerate scrotes get enabled
>I have been having a pantyhose fetish since puberty. I basically have no problem with my male body, it is just so, that presenting myself as a woman gives me euphoria (And I am having no more anger issues
and other moids advise him
>Someone else's expectations or "rules" about YOUR body are not boundaries. "You're not allowed to dress like that" is not a boundary. Its a cage. It's a rule. It's controlling. That's like an abusive boyfriend telling his girlfriend she can't wear shorts outside or talk to other men, because it's "his boundary".
not going along with his fetish = abuse

No. 1352222

>her euphoria sounds a lot like arousal
Unreal. Lost it at this part. r/mpit is prime peak material from top to bottom, how anyone browses that sub with their TRA-ness intact completely escapes me. One of the highlights of the current front page is someone whose husband detrooned in a blink of an eye literally because HRT broke his dick.

The poor women who follow through with this madness though. All of these posts are from heterosexual women whose husbands are trooning out and they're either scared out of their minds about it or coping by some overenthusiastic "yass my dyke ass can't wait to take my new, emotionally unstable trans lesbian wife shopping for dresses, girls night!!" garbage. I'm particularly sad about the wives who are trapped with small children or are even pregnant when their husband comes out to them.

No. 1352228

Channing Tatum said something like he’s sorry Dave is hurting others blah blah

No. 1352230

No. 1352231

men have such low emotional intelligence that they barely register as human.

No. 1352232

Medical consoomerism, don't know how else to describe it, as these look like product haul pics of a capitalist consumerist culture. all the likes come in from baby troons who want what they have, the same as regular hauls. makes sense because trans "treatments" exist to turn the mentally ill into money machines of the industry for life

No. 1352234

>Funny how people can laugh at Dave make fun of everyone else, but the moment it's about T's it's a issue.
Exactly and this proves his very point about them being untouchable and easily offended. Every other thing he says as part of his routines is making fun of everyone, of any group. Multiple instances where he even played out a white person insulting black people, an asian insulting black people, and insults whites/asians/hispanics it goes on but it's part of his humor which to me feels like it acts as an escape from societal tensions by joking about them for a bit, I'm sure that's what people go watch him for. You don't have to find it funny but it's his whole deal, yet the trans movement is proving him right in saying they are untouchable.

No. 1352237

That’s always it, it literally always comes down to that. And they loathe seeing you so happy without them, because they think hurting you is their right too, like how they treated their poor mothers. They could never be women and no amount of external anything can make them happy besides respecting womens autonomy so they have some sort of structure in their delusional violent sadistic toddler minds.

No. 1352238

Love how he talks about his "colour palette" with "bronzes and golds" to pretend he has a sophisticated sense of lady-fashion and it's just desert camo. Every time they try to flex their ~feminine aptitude~ they fail, like Clymer's famous ladylike "gold lame purse" that was made of painted pleather.

No. 1352242

Notice how agps trooning out neatly coincided with GamerGate. It’s literally all about them thinking their porn/war video games were taken from them by Mommy.

No. 1352245

File: 1634764552884.jpeg (247.85 KB, 827x1418, D2CD64BE-62A6-45B8-9A06-A12630…)

My favorite troon trope is straight men calling themselves gay because they’re women now.

No. 1352247

Always the same 'tism stare. It's bizarre.

No. 1352248

Kek almost every man I see who publicly dates or is known to fuck troons is a pornsick chaser.

No. 1352257

>The terror is consuming me
>But I still smile like a lobotomy patient

No. 1352264

it's so funny to me how obsessed they are with their fucking ugly ass pride merch lmao I've never seen tranny pride stuff that is not tacky as fuck

No. 1352277

every time I come on here I'm reminded of the movie American Mary and how the body mods on it were supposed to be crazy and unfathomable but here we are… trying to look like a barbie doll

No. 1352306

I'm convinced "penis envy" is just male projection.

No. 1352312

>That makes me like 17 even though I'm 57 in human years

What in the actual fuck

No. 1352342

File: 1634772750735.png (1.15 MB, 1098x825, statbat.png)


No. 1352343

Have these people never seen anyone in their 20s?

No. 1352349

Why can't people just keep their biological sex in mind and do the math themselves? Why does the water have to be muddied for everyone else who has no issue with self-acceptance, in favor of contagious mental illness and its vanquished?
40s to 50s at best

No. 1352351

Mid 40s.

No. 1352353

those eye wrinkles scream over 50

No. 1352354


No. 1352355

Nice foundation color, Frankenstein

No. 1352359

There's some leeway, since men really do age like shit. We all know he's not healthy, so he's under 60 for sure, since he'll probably look about 80 when he's 60. But he's definitely not a day under 45.

No. 1352382

eh, take this with a grain of salt bc i don’t really interact with lots of older men but the foundation and shitty hairline could be aging him, i could see this being a busted early 30s man.

No. 1352389

File: 1634776529039.jpeg (567.21 KB, 960x1102, 6C014EFF-C9CE-429E-986C-797410…)

No. 1352392

>morbidly obese
>loli icon
Jamie should have aborted him.

No. 1352393

do not bring a scrote to term

No. 1352396

Imagine your parents are Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis. Your grandparents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. And this is what you are doing with your life.

He’s adopted, just learned.

No. 1352398

File: 1634777161332.jpeg (60.92 KB, 900x598, DA6A46A3-AF8B-4EA5-A913-A1B86E…)

No. 1352399

I stand by what I said, even learning this new information.

No. 1352400

There's always a bunch of men in these threads when they shouldn't even be a part of this conversation at all.

No. 1352402

File: 1634777532401.jpeg (74.33 KB, 748x733, F5A4640E-1F3F-44CA-9916-A0BECA…)

No. 1352405

Always roll my eyes at the ones that won't pluck their fucken eyebrows. God forbid they do any of the ~womanly~ rituals that hurt like hell and are a pain in the ass to maintain. Probably think they look like Cara Delevingne lmao

No. 1352407

File: 1634777948117.png (57.39 KB, 653x362, tweettroon.png)

How to spot troons from a mile away.

No. 1352409

File: 1634778205098.jpg (684.83 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20211020-200231_Sam…)

I want to a-log everytime I see shit like this. Disgusting, subhuman creatures.

No. 1352411

Posting shit like this should instantly get you disowned and thrown into jail or intensive psychiatric care.

No. 1352412

Adam Driver but with eyeliner?

No. 1352414

>Most of them are basically about them feeling horrible and getting treated with zero respect, having their family destroyed yet worried about how they can be even more supportive…
I feel like this is the female experience in a nutshell. You bring your A-game, do your best, struggle past obstacles, and your reward is getting partnered with somebody who doesn't care about anything but his own instant gratification, and who just wrecks your shit in the end. And the whole time, you blame yourself, and ask how YOU can work harder to fix the problems.
Fuck free government sponsored laser hair removal, troons should have to wax their bodies just like women do.
He couldn't even wrangle a decent career, just video editor bitch for a unnamed YouTuber. With all the connections he should have, he should at least have got a stable media career with insurance and a retirement account. Even the troon sons of the Hollywood A-list are basement dwellers.

No. 1352422

File: 1634778955574.png (5.73 KB, 976x123, reddit.png)

>doesn't realize its emotional abuse
>she's the one who feels bad for confronting him

No. 1352425

>M trooning out and wasting his money on troon porn instead of building a life with the woman 6 whole years out of his league.
Men are pathologically never able to value what they have. He's going to end up middle aged, single, and living in squalor.

No. 1352428

This shit is why I just feel pity for handmaidens. I think 80% of them don't have enough exposure to troons to realize what's coming and the other 20% are on the edge of peaking anyway.
It always starts with porn, doesn't it.

No. 1352431

File: 1634780408960.jpeg (34.66 KB, 250x405, drink.jpeg)

>be jamie lee curtis
>your parents are hollywood legends
>you're an iconic actress
>literally a baroness
>you and your nigel decide adopting a boy
>you expand your family
>and save him from a system that would probably abuse the shit out him
>you care for him and provide him with a life filled with opportunities
>all is well… for a while
>the boy becomes an entitled, mentally ill retard
>or he was damaged from the get go
>he disregards therapy
>rots whatever sanity he had left with porn, anime and vidya instead
>troons out
>may be skinwalking some girl he's attracted to
>or your own biological daughter
>everyone says that he's finally being his true self
>and you're supposed to go along with it
>every step of the way

No. 1352432

eh, most of them were on the anti-gamergate side, such as secretgamergirl and the pedophile sarah nyberg who got defended by other antis. anita (the game taking mommy) is also a handmaiden who defended the wispa pedophile.
not caping for pro-gamergate people btw, many of them were pedos too, but trans was mostly on the anti side.

No. 1352433

File: 1634780792897.jpg (108.67 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1634773652373.jpg)

Jesus, he's huge. Also kek at the terrible undertale cosplay

No. 1352435

Such an unfortunate image.. you can tell he was always a little weirdo

No. 1352437

Zone mixes the voices of real children into his porn animations of kids, he and anyone supporting him should be shot.

No. 1352440

Really would not surprise me if Zone was a troon. He is worse than Shad

No. 1352454

I can't believe how many gullible coombrains out there actually believe that Zone is a woman. Back when DeviantArt and Newgrounds we're popular, it was very common for coom artists to lie about being women for whatever reason. I guess neckbeards really like the idea of a woman so consumed by NLOG and pickme-ism that she toils away for hours making extremely male-gaze-y rape pedobait porn of shitty cartoons from fifteen years ago.

Much like Sakimichan, he outsources work to other artists and sells it all under his own name along with things he actually made. Notice how Sakimichan, an actual woman who draws porn, has no qualms about showing her actual face.

No. 1352464

I just think it’s funny they always wear all their trans pride shit in general. Like dude. We know. You’re a fetishizing coomer. Don’t need flags to tell us that.

No. 1352477

I wish there was a higher res version of that horrible cosplay picture, it seems very meme worthy kek.

No. 1352487

File: 1634784071235.jpeg (184.99 KB, 1080x1178, 76EAD086-14A6-4248-AED7-171B1A…)

I get that this is a joke or whatever but it’s still a weird fucking cope. Babadook being reborn a gay icon with Netflix accidentally throwing it at number one recommended pride movies was great but this is just dumb.

No. 1352489

Some of his porn is dated 1999, if he was 19 then he would be 41 now, but his earliest known drawings are of Lisa Simpson and Angelica from Rugrats, which strike me more as the taste of a 30+ year old pedo than a teen.
So he's probably 50 or 60 now and all these coomers are masturbating to the thought of fucking this gross old man while he crossdresses as a little girl kek.

No. 1352490

File: 1634784274025.jpg (307.01 KB, 1000x1500, image.jpg)

No. 1352492

There is an almost zero chance a teenager year would draw porn of Lisa in 1999. He’s definitely a 60 yo balding pedo. The Zone tan news shit is so cringe, he hires a Filipina to voice it.

No. 1352495

the fact he cosplays as toriel is worse. it'd tolerable if he just went with a slutty girl cosplay/anime but he picked a motherly, and furry, character.

No. 1352498

Is this who I think it is posting this

No. 1352500

File: 1634784579233.jpeg (362.46 KB, 827x1291, 82A163AB-41E4-4BE7-A92C-9245C9…)


No. 1352502

Looks like Brendon Urie got into meth for a half a year

No. 1352503

File: 1634784662367.jpg (272.52 KB, 1078x1915, Screenshot_20211020-214858_LIN…)

guess who revealed their plastic surgery results after a couple of months


No. 1352505

File: 1634784725110.png (12.51 KB, 677x490, tw.png)

Dumb as hell

No. 1352507

File: 1634784883675.jpg (300.45 KB, 961x573, staymad.jpg)

There's a counter protest of the trannies protesting the Dave Chappelle special. It's fucking hysterical hearing people chant "JOKES ARE FUNNY". They look sane compared to the fucking Ed Wood Halloween party that is the trannies.


No. 1352508

nice balloon face

No. 1352510

he has no problem consuming his netflix shows meant for children while IATSE workers wageslave and die from heat exhaustion. every faggot thinks they’re stalin now

No. 1352511

File: 1634784941844.png (40.34 KB, 694x596, pedo.png)

know who else isn't transphobic? buffalo bill. I support this sort of representation. we unironically need more trans activist serial killers in horror films.
also that headline is giving me picrel vibes kek.

No. 1352516

idk I saw one of my irl woketard friends share this shit and could not help but post it here

topkek! thank you for providing this image

No. 1352517

chucky was made by a gay cis man, not a troon…god

No. 1352520

it would not go over well with woke culture but a modern horror movie about a troon freak would be an incredible honest look into the gist of their culture. norman bates isnt transphobic either.

No. 1352521

this is so upsetting

Look at that fat fucking nightmare, you know who. He looks like Barney Rubble. They really do anything they can to control the narrative huh.