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File: 1654926130098.jpeg (155.1 KB, 1539x2044, 5A4F2C6C-32F1-4488-B655-849E92…)

No. 1556918

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No. 1556942

File: 1654928009383.jpg (67.56 KB, 652x1020, IMG_20220611_081329_040.jpg)

No. 1556943

This is satire, right? What the fuck

No. 1556952

File: 1654929099066.jpeg (254.19 KB, 750x1176, D9AD2D5F-2E57-4C90-8AB9-AB8338…)

No. 1556954

Why the fuck do redditors still say 10 year old shit like "well folks that's enough reddit for the day!" "you sir won the internet!" don't they understand how outdated and retarded they sound? It's like saying I can haz cheeseburger in 2022.

No. 1556960

It is satire but hush, these threads are always circle jerking over stretches.

No. 1556964

Majority of these threads are posting things the trannies themselves post. Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1556965

File: 1654930362521.jpg (226.29 KB, 1644x1380, 20220611_0.jpg)

I don't blame them, I would too.

No. 1556966

This person certainly looks like a trustworthy medical professional who knows what the fuck they're doing

No. 1556968

What if he screams at me for misgendering him while I'm barely conscious and bleeding profusely due to a horrible car accident? I'd ask him to put me down and let me die.

No. 1556971

File: 1654930773361.jpeg (305.81 KB, 1242x1943, 16BA3A3D-3912-4274-B7A4-D34FF8…)

sage cause ot kinda but it’s so true, sometimes i go to the usual hellholes to laugh at troons and i just end up cringing over the way they speak, do these retards do this irl too? it’s insufferable

No. 1556972

Have you nonnas seen this? Eddie Izzard is playing a tranny Dr. Jeckyll.

The poster is hilarious. Clocked him from his silhouette alone.

"First look: Eddie Izzard in modern take on Jekyll and Hyde story" https://metro.co.uk/2022/05/19/first-look-eddie-izzard-in-modern-take-on-jekyll-and-hyde-story-16671723/amp/

No. 1556974

I'm sad that TERF icon, Florence Pugh, got caught up in all this

No. 1556976

Doctor Tranny and Mister Moid.

I can see it now - this hulking bull-chinned hon loping around the foggy, gaslit streets of Whitechapel in his stiletto heels, clubbing Cockney prostitutes to death with a bloody dilator.

No. 1556986

Holy shit. You weren't kidding about the poster.

No. 1556987

wait she's a terf??

No. 1556989

Is it a period piece? If so, this is so retarded. Troons didn't exist back then. There's no way a man could LARP as a woman in Victorian Britain without ending up in Bedlam.

No. 1556995

Not just blankets either, but "blankies".

No. 1557006

Funny how that's exactly how all the 30 year old male otaku groomers would talk to me online when I was in primary school. Nothing has changed besides them being now transwomen and having the victim status. I hope all the kids growing up on discord have fun working through their trauma.

No. 1557007

Florence Pugh a terf? spill the beans anon

No. 1557012

I’ve noticed a lot of users on the trans subs talk about their parents and act childish. They’ll post shit like “My mom is supportive, she bought me my first dress!” They’re either children, mentally challenged, or pedos acting like children.

No. 1557013

This is exactly how people would act on AOL message boards over 20 years ago. And the cringe thing is that it's probably the same people. At least they had the excuse of being 14 years old in 1997.
The troon form should definitely be the Hyde. It would be way too on the nose, though.

No. 1557014

Also could just be 35 year old man children who shamelessly live off their moms.

No. 1557017

that or "my mom deadnamed me while asking me to do the dishes!"

No. 1557027

>trans girl
>petite and cute

choose one

No. 1557030

thin yes, but usually not in a petite way

No. 1557031

File: 1654938206478.jpg (73.92 KB, 516x656, FU3.jpg)

he'd probably intentionally let you bleed out or "accidentally" hurt you on purpose if you dared to misgender him, then post on his fae/faer twitter how he punished a terf uwu

No. 1557032

It's funny how they are so nasty to women, then expect their fellow moids to grant them a reprieve, when they look 10x more busted than an average woman.

No. 1557034

Kek does that woman wear cat ears in the 2012 pic? Of course the tim prefers that over looking normie and pretty and happy in the 2020 pic.

No. 1557036

Proof men are delusional.

No. 1557038

File: 1654939129548.jpeg (455.39 KB, 750x550, 07C18733-8D62-428A-8393-F40E4C…)

Local Troon, the before pic is him calling himself a butch lesbian…

No. 1557039

File: 1654939178732.jpeg (439.15 KB, 750x550, 1F13447D-8C52-449A-AFE1-6F65CF…)

No. 1557042

File: 1654939425503.jpeg (315.26 KB, 750x541, 742A74F7-AB8F-4535-B63C-AAD28F…)

What he looks like now more or less, they always bloat up in the end don’t they?

No. 1557046

I use to really like Eddie izzard but since learning what agp is it's pretty obvious he is your prototypical agp. Disappointing

No. 1557052

A horror story featuring an agp? That is certainly a scary twist.

No. 1557054

Holy shit nona, as a young weeby teen I was constantly groomed by adult weeb men in their 20s, I never realized how they were acting EXACTLY like the troons are now. No wonder troons always made me uncomfortable

No. 1557055

Perpetual reddit manchildren who never grew out of it. Probably still tipping their fedoras.

No. 1557056

Damn, that sucks. I really like her.

No. 1557057

and it makes them look creepy and like Auschwitz survivors kek

No. 1557062

Petite isn't a synonym for thin

No. 1557065

She looks good in 2012 and 2020, I bet the troon was seething in jealousy before even sending that pic to the guy on tinder.

No. 1557068

did he not make a point to say that did not, in fact, want to be a woman, that he was just a transvestite. that it was not a sexual thing for him. (but of course we know now that it always is)
i feel like i remember exactly that from one of his old specials.
oh well he's done now. what a fucking idiot.

No. 1557075

No. 1557077

File: 1654948319282.jpg (27.32 KB, 214x275, kekyll.jpg)

Troon Jekyll does sound terrifying though.

No. 1557078

kek next thread pics?

No. 1557079

This tracks, given the sheer number of trannies with adult baby fetishes.

No. 1557080

That's a common reaction image, and this thread is only six hours old.

No. 1557092

File: 1654952318491.png (701.89 KB, 922x1552, Amazone REEEEEEve.png)

does anyone remember the giant tranny called "amazon eve" from american horror story: freak show? he's been a lowkey schizo for a while now, but recently he's decided to act racist towards black people because… some white dude on twitter was a little mean to trannies? i have no idea what's going on in his estrogen-fried brain tbh.

No. 1557098

File: 1654952913281.png (50.67 KB, 756x399, t4t.png)

Gay/bi man that pretends to be a lesbian hates dating women and only finds himself comfortable in a relationship with other gay men pretending to be lesbians because people that don't pretend to be a sex they're not make him sad. Who could have guessed? A man larping as a lesbian's only dating options are other closeted troons, it's almost poetic.

No. 1557105

correct me if I'm wrong but this sounds like a tif and not a tim

No. 1557106

samefag but >>1557104 also sounds like a tif
did you mean to post this in the ftm thread?

No. 1557109

File: 1654954280567.jpg (121.88 KB, 1079x904, 20220611_152549.jpg)

This poll is getting a bit of flak, but I can't begin to imagine the shitstorm of terminally online trannies if this was about lesbians:

No. 1557112

exactly if it was the other way around the backlash would be way worse

No. 1557113

The small no percentage will be women who identify as men, guarantee.

No. 1557116

Anon did you even read that

No. 1557117

wait i’ve been laughing at this since the last thread. you’re telling me that this bitch is the one who beats up the strongman in Freak Show?

No. 1557118

I know, I don't get it either hon! How could a moid prefer an attractive woman who is capable of bearing his children over a self-mutilated man? It just makes no sense!

No. 1557119

I know, I'm sad about Izzard too. I think he had a good niche going as a GNC male comedian before he trooned out. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though.

No. 1557120

White troons don't say any vile racist shit for 5 minutes challenge, starting NOW

No. 1557121

Nigeria, AH FUCK

No. 1557125

op is a lesbian dating another woman who believes she's a man. she is also pre-t and doesn't even know what agp is so i'm hopeful she'll peak in few months.

No. 1557126

File: 1654956972225.jpeg (467.67 KB, 750x1266, 13E40580-C46E-4286-B7E7-7750B6…)

We don’t hate you for no reason, we hate you because you’re unreasonable. Future generations will wonder how gender ideology descended into mass hysteria and why it was allowed to become a institutionalized hate movement against the female sex.

No. 1557129

the way men project and gaslight is so weird to me. i don't even get the thought process they go through when typing stuff like that. it reads like a satire or a troll post but they are actually serious.

No. 1557133

Damn he really is a freak show.

No. 1557137

I’m laughing because on the thread he asked for people why they would have said “no” and half of the people are like “I accidentally clicked the wrong one”.

No. 1557140

Wow I wonder what it feels like to have your rights stripped away. I’m sure women would have no clue about that.

No. 1557142

That makes much more sense, sorry I misinterpreted it wew

No. 1557145

your rights to do what? invade women's spaces? do irreparable harm to children?

No. 1557146

>Watching our rights be stripped for no reason
The irony. They literally campaign for the removal of womens rights by the inclusion of men in the word women and say nothing about the roe v wade stuff because it doesn't affect them. I have 0 sympathy. Oh no, you can't groom and mutilate children to seem less like it's all a fetish and can't cheat at womens sports. And still they're coddled with the prisons still placing men with women and draconian censorship and medical erasure of women pandering. It's totally genocide taking away all the fun things they like to do like target and abuse women/support sexist stereotypes using their bullshit 'you have to pretend I'm something I'm not' behaviour.

No. 1557158

Great job on thread pic!!

No. 1557163

Looks like she’s at a con

No. 1557164

File: 1654960965213.png (5.16 MB, 1170x2532, AB1D2ED2-579D-4446-BF71-0ABD1A…)

nitpick but it really fucking bothers me when people act like they’re super knowledgeable on a subject, as if the exact information and photos didn’t all go viral on twitter literally two days ago. like did you as a trans person even know this last week? “it’s interesting to look back on a time before trans people were politicized” please shut the fuck up

No. 1557165

>as a trans girl
>trans girl


No. 1557167

wow transurgery and strict gender roles, name me a better duo(sage)

No. 1557169

would you describe adam lanza's anachan ass as petite?

No. 1557196

AGP is going to occur in males; I respect the ones that still acknowledge they are male and stay the fuck out of women’s spaces. If more AGPs were more like Eddie Izard, the world might be slightly safer for women.

No. 1557200

Wtf are you talking about. Eddie considers himself a woman, he's just like any other AGP

No. 1557219

File: 1654965078849.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1646, B17A680D-3FA1-478A-9BF0-844D80…)

Don’t know if this was already talked about but why are mtf troons getting sponsored to advertise period products?

No. 1557226

File: 1654965294035.jpeg (235.39 KB, 1068x1819, F0E1CF6E-1300-49CA-818F-6EB49B…)

nonnas, how about a game of spot the male?

No. 1557228

gee. this is a really hard one. a real head scratcher. but wild guess, is it maybe the one in the middle with the large torso and the gorilla arms. but other than that that they totally all like real and honest wimminz.

No. 1557232

>only x10
You are very generous nonna.

No. 1557233

the death of womens sports

No. 1557240

I hope this is a joke. If not, time to find a new brand to buy from.

No. 1557241

>removes venus symbol from period packaging to not offend ftms
>hire mtfs to sponsor those same period products
fascinating marketing strategies being employed here

No. 1557242

Even in my dying moments I'd be too worried about calling him "he". No thanks. (Also, some people in the comments pointed out that a lot of amerifags who are conscious enough to refuse medical services do – because of the retarded unreasonable costs. But the trannies gotta make everything about them and their feelings.)

No. 1557246

Always is owned by P and G. They also own the Being Human company for chocolate, Oreos (hint why Oreo went full trans right retard on Twitter and I stopped buying them years ago) The parent company owns like 13 major brands though. They’re the owns most likely pushing it.

No. 1557252

Yeah ambulance rides are not cheap here. I’d rather suffer while a family member drove me to the hospital if I could. If saying no to the TiM EMT makes me transphobic then whatever.

No. 1557258

Yep fuck that. Never buying Tampax again.

No. 1557261

File: 1654966977571.jpeg (554.69 KB, 1691x1897, 6094DDB1-383D-4194-90EC-261387…)

here’s how he looked before the costume and also what he posts on twitter (because of course)

No. 1557267

so happy that the local drugstore brand are the best tampons for me, I already don't want to support something like P&G, Johnson&Johnson, etc and buying from a brand that sponsors troons, no, won't do. Hope this is just a joke, we don't need more troons believing that they have periods.

No. 1557283

wasn't he dating/married to an old black dude or am i misremembering

No. 1557289

This is no different to hiring a child or a dog to represent your menstrual product brand. Why would I want to buy menstrual products from someone who has never had a period? Do marketers somehow not realize that most people are extremely turned off when a pushy salesperson obviously has no experience using the product they're selling?
I'd love to see handmaidens explain how this is different from a white man being hired to play an asian man though.

No. 1557290

I unironically support every AGP I’ve met and ask if they are on hormones and considering surgery because I want them to 41%

No. 1557302

Glad I bought reusable pads a while ago, it's no surprise that companies like these don't care for women at all since they've been putting in their products toxic bleach and chemical substances that affect our reproductive health and vaginal flora. Ideally we would boycott on a mass level these brands but it's not ging to happen.

No. 1557304

No. 1557317

This is all a little bit funnier when you read about how many men transition because they "can't imagine aging like a man". They literally envy how women age.
In this case, I think the tranny knew about how some men post shit about "the wall" (aka lies so they can access MILFs easier) and thought he could get an "in" if he pandered to that. He forgot they were lies, and that even the men who try to take that shit seriously would still rather be with a woman they think is "past her prime" than another man wearing cat ears

No. 1557319

I bought some and never bothered using them out of laziness but now I’m going to read up on it. Better than spending more money every month for something I can’t help while men get paid money to shill products for something they will never ever possibly in reality go through.

No. 1557320

File: 1654969517788.png (715.62 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220611-194035.png)

No. 1557328

File: 1654969637272.png (836.2 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220611-053703.png)

No. 1557330

Same, I know reusable and cups aren’t for everyone, but I’m glad now I’m not still buying tampax or always. Plus they’ve honestly been better to me in the long run.

No. 1557332

File: 1654969759918.png (912.13 KB, 1333x809, Screenshot 2022-06-11 at 6.45.…)

cursed movie night

No. 1557336

The Wall people are being serious, pedophilia is tolerated and encouraged on the 4chan boards it originated on

No. 1557337

Nice addition nona kek

No. 1557338

It’s so funny when women are the ones who end up actually taking care of themselves and men hit “the wall” at like 23.

No. 1557341

File: 1654970162412.jpeg (41.02 KB, 1280x720, A4436CD5-D02C-4675-B7DE-D61F7A…)

Of course but the guys who invented this meme are coping for being hideous rejects in the first place. They’re ugly, chinless, balding. Every right wing 4chan guy projection of beta males is them talking about themselves. Pic completely related

No. 1557342

The same coomers who go on about muh wall will click on another thread to coom to chubby women in their 30s-40s, etc and call them mommy goddess gib milkies. Never take men seriously

No. 1557355

File: 1654970550364.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x1801, AF6C5A2E-83EF-465A-B92E-22C3D9…)

>they fear I will outshine the bride
Keep dreaming, scrote. They can have or uninvite anyone they fucking want at their wedding. Get over it.

No. 1557356

File: 1654970651063.jpeg (604.87 KB, 1284x1740, CB109BEB-636D-4DF2-A40E-B58E9A…)

It’s called post-nut clarity dumbass. A clear sign that it’s a fetish for you.

No. 1557359

File: 1654970762468.jpeg (762.24 KB, 1284x1224, 83DAC6C1-08DA-4E25-BDF6-D237AC…)

Press x to doubt.

No. 1557363

>outshine the bride
That's such a nice way of saying "You'll make all the photos ugly and embarrassing"

No. 1557379

File: 1654971580579.png (142.42 KB, 760x503, Screenshot_20220611-111613.png)

Fucked up thing to say. Of course people who escape your cult are branded as politically bad tho can't say I'm surprised

No. 1557384

Wedding, childbirth, anniversarys, birthdays, weird how they always have to troon out right before/during/after someone elses special moment. Its almost like it is narcissism and they can't let other people be in the spotlight.

No. 1557387

Of course he tells to everyone that his fetish makes him want to wear dresses all of the time just a week before the wedding, the couple must’ve been really fucking stressed while trying to decide whether to invite him or not, he should be glad he was even allowed to go as long as he dressed like a normal man.

No. 1557390

>tipsy lesbians while driving at 3am make fun of a random dude whose face they can't even see properly
>aggresively hit on
>happened twice in past 2 months
why are moids like this?

No. 1557391

Probably the least convincing story I've ever read, and gives away that his main communication with women is with prostitutes, since when do people talk to each other through car windows in any other situation

No. 1557392

These creative writing exercises of these men are getting more and more retarded.

No. 1557395

>happened twice in past several months

No. 1557397

>the wedding is in three weeks
>I came out to everyone as trans two weeks ago

narcissism, not even once

No. 1557401

Reminds me of when a troon told my friend group of women that most women have a trans girl fetish. This is how narcs operate. It is open lying to your face until everyone believes the lie.

No. 1557402

kek they're so close to understanding it's a fetish there, it is almost tragic. The guys who encase themselves in cement understand that after they orgasm they want out, and that it's not a lifestyle. Troons are retarded.

No. 1557408

they do that - remember the tattoo asshole?

No. 1557410

>guys who encase themselves in cement

No. 1557411

Also the handmaiden doctor. I dont't know if someone can find it.

No. 1557418

i also want to know more about this but also i don't

No. 1557428

can anyone dissect this word salad?

>'detrans' as an identity is very much cultivated by the movement to align trans-misogyny-beneficiary trans/trans-experienced people with trans misogynistic and cissexist movements

i'm not a complete retard and am used to translating jargon but i really can't tell what is being said here. i am not deep enough within internet gendie circles to parse this. i think i get the gist. who are these "trans-misogyny-beneficiary trans/trans-experienced people" they talk about? saying detrans isn't politically neutral is completely whacky. people don't strictly detrans for politically motivated reasons. have they ever talked to one of us? what an insane oversimplification.

absolutely a fucked thing to say. they are fear mongering around detrans people because detrans people know the truth about transition better than anyone else

No. 1557437

trans-misogyny-beneficiary = TMEs, aka women/transmen/afabs. The acronym TME is used to mean 'transmisogyny exempt' which is basically all people who don't 'experience transmisogyny'. Recently it's been warped to mean 'those who benefit from transmisogyny, basically a fucked up way of saying 'female privilege'

trans/trans-experienced = anyone who is, has ever been, or has had trans or a trans experience

No. 1557447

not to sound fucking insufferable but children do menstruate but agreed, why the fuck would I ever want this kind of rep for my brand from someone who is actually incapable of using them as intended?

No. 1557457

File: 1654976104932.png (877.08 KB, 1080x1658, racist.png)

deranged tranny amazon eve's twitter just keeps getting worse. he's doubling down on his racism and cries transphobia whenever someone tells him to stfu. helluva guy!

No. 1557465

I mean true, and companies that make menstrual products have at least featured teen girls before, usually for products intended for use with sports or a more active lifestyle. I don’t have an issue with that since teen girls obviously should have representation with period companies since it can be scary and uncomfortable. The only reason I’ve ever seen these men use these items is 1) for fetish purposes and 2) for their axe-wound discharge. If they want a product for that shit they need to make their own and stop co-opting products that have already forced women to feel embarrassment over showing/using. Think of the times where you’ve needed to change a pad or tampon and had to take measures to conceal it when walking to the bathroom because heaven forbid a man know you’re menstruating. And yet they think we should just be okay with males representing us or whatever. These companies are stupid as hell.

No. 1557484

I started mine at 9 years old and I got bullied so much for going to the brathroom so much and carrying my bag with me. Also, not wanting to change in the same room as everyone else because it was mixed for those age groups because of puberty. Having an AGP do an ad like that would've just felt insulting to me. At best, I would associate those products with trannies and feel weird using them.

No. 1557488

i dont wanna be a pedant either but it's obvious i meant prepubescent children and not tweens/teens since i specifically said "never had a period"

No. 1557496

My bad nona, I was just going off what other anon said and my mind went to teens and young girls who would be menstruating. I agree it would be stupid to see like a five year old advertising a tampon or whatever.

No. 1557499

File: 1654977910497.jpg (333.28 KB, 1080x2721, Screenshot_2022-06-11-13-03-28…)

Willing to bet he was told, "we think you would distract the other guests when the focus should be on the couple," and interpreted it as, "you will outshine the bride." Some tranny in the comments tried to be reasonable and of course he got down voted. A lot of other troons are encouraging him to crash the wedding.

No. 1557503

You know too that trannies have no sense of appropriate dress. He’d probably wear something very revealing on purpose for attention’s sake and thinks that the bride would be jealous because he’s such hot shit or whatever. They are so deluded.

No. 1557504

They always downvote the people with the most common sense. I hate TiMs but at least that commenter was being reasonable.

No. 1557509

>i saw a specialist who taught me that my genitals nor my sexual actions define my transness

It's so disturbing to see stories like this of doctors and therapists straight up lying to the faces of these people and being considered empathetic, compassionate and helpful. Though I'm sure from the specialist's POV it must be hilarious

No. 1557510

>outshine the bride
No, you idiot. They don’t want you to show up in tacky drag because you give everyone second hand embarrassment.

No. 1557519

The best part is that he didn't even clarify if they even gave him that excuse, his narc-brain just assumed everyone would be in awe of his newfound hotness, that all the attention would be stolen away from the bride and that's totally why he can't come.

No. 1557538

Yeah OK 5 year olds would be stupid

No. 1557566

File: 1654981444674.jpg (14.15 KB, 256x256, RDT_20220611_14010615766918458…)

Pfft yeah ok, sure. Even with half of his face hidden, it's obvious how ugly he is.

No. 1557601

You know you're in the wrong when even a man with the username Confident-Sissy3285 tells you to chill out.

No. 1557631

They get so used to lying through their teeth and acting pitifully to manipulate women, they don't realize how stupid they look to women who won't be so easily used. It must be an inborn male trait, because even shitbags who grew up without a dad and never had a girlfriend clumsily do it.

No. 1557640

I was thinking that too. The bar is so low it’s in hell.

No. 1557650

File: 1654985910518.png (3.85 MB, 2796x1264, ?!.png)

The difference between the upper and lower part of his face is truly wild

No. 1557675

I'm still baffled by the use of scented tampons in the USA and honestly, that tells me everything about the people (and their gender) that design the products for us women.

No. 1557693

File: 1654987596016.png (85.24 KB, 452x471, Screenshot_20220611-150830_1.p…)

>The racial makeup of transgender adults and transgender teens was roughly the same. About half of both groups were white, slightly less than the relative number of white people in the general population, and a disproportionately large number of each group identified as Latino.
>disproportionately large number of each group (Youth & Adult Trans) identified as Latino.

It's almost like when you start claiming that biological sex is based to how one "feels", you can start to claim anything. Also pretty funny how racist they still are as a group by overclaiming Latino, as long as it isn't black!

The article is about the release of new demographic studies that show a sharp increase in Trans individuals in the last few years, with young teenagers disproportionately representing in the Trans population. 13-17 year olds make up 7.6% of the population but are 18% of trans individuals. 18-25 year olds are 11% of the total population but make up 24% of the trans population.
Article originally in the NYT but here's a link without a paywall https://dnyuz.com/2022/06/10/report-reveals-sharp-rise-in-transgender-young-people-in-the-u-s/

No. 1557701

Imagine looking this prematurely middle aged.
It's nice to know more of them are pulling and ADF and pretending to be Hispanic. There are probably a lot of fake Jewish troons in there are well.

No. 1557716

Nta but Eddie used just consider himself a transvestite. It’s in his “dressed to kill” special.

No. 1557718

i did not expect NC for top adult troon state

No. 1557719

Somewhat related, but has anyone noticed a shortage in the ultra/maximum absorbent tampons at stores lately? I'm sure it's to do with some sort of manufacturing issue, but the idea of men snatching up products to LARP with that actual women need, during a shortage at that, makes my heart ache.

No. 1557742

>>1557693 as someone who’s venezuelan it fucking sucks when they try to claim being latino because it is the easiest one to claim, there’s so many white/white passing Latinos and latino Americans who don’t speak Spanish making it easy for them to claim without people questioning them
>>1557038 is one of the trannys that would claim to be Mexican without having an inch of actual ethnic blood in him, he’s just white and pathetic

No. 1557753

I hear it's a nationwide thing. If anybody is looking for tampons, check Big Lots and Dollar Tree. They usually have off brand tampons, and I bet most women aren't looking there. I know DT usually has them at 6-8 per box, depending on the brand.

No. 1557756

Did this happen even once? I feel like this dude is so unconvincing he'd not even register as a transwoman to me, just an ageing rocker with that hair. Wouldn't notice anything amiss and therefore wouldn't think to complain. Is he interrupting emergency medical care to correct people who call him 'sir'?

No. 1557767

It’s hilarious. A lot of these troons are pedophiles and believing larping as uwu sexy little anime girls will get them more attention. It must be such a blackpill to realize moids & lesbians will still choose old, fat, and “used up” women over them, no matter what they LARP as. I think that’s a huge reason why they hate “ugly cis women” who “don’t pass” so much - that these women are everything they’ve been taught to find undesirable, and are still effortlessly more desirable than they could ever be.

No. 1557774

File: 1654992553158.jpg (105.05 KB, 1260x740, Screenshot 2022-06-11 200847.j…)

I just checked his profile and oh my god, the delusion of these troons
They really are going to appropriate and steal anything that belongs exclusively to women

No. 1557775

Right? Honestly fuck this guy. Burgerfag here, I once had to take an ambulance to a hospital 10 minutes from my house and the bill was $1300. Never again. But I guess we’re supposed to max out our credit to VaLiDaTE this troon, huh?

No. 1557783

>girlfriend gets pissed and says she is their woman

Thats male behaviour you fucking moid. Women love women in a way transbians will never begin to understand.

No. 1557786


I notice they didnt say cis lesbians in that post them getting hit on by other TiMs would actually make a lot of sense in this story.

No. 1557792

>You know too that trannies have no sense of appropriate dress.

If that couple don't hire a bouncer, it's 50/50 on him turning up in a white frilly gown

No. 1557811

It's funny and sad to watch the contradiction unfold. They treat women and girls like shit, think of them as shit, but they still crave docile, sweet female attention. I've been politely honest for years about how I just don't date anymore, and men always take it as a personal insult and go on the defensive, they all fucking know what they've done.

No. 1557812

As a North Carolinian, me either.

No. 1557876

File: 1654999043126.jpeg (229.09 KB, 750x1446, E56CC216-9868-4195-8E29-DB1E34…)

Like clockwork.

No. 1557882

It kills me how men swear up and down how much funnier they are compared to women and then have the nerve to post shit like this

No. 1557897

Cups, menstrual discs, and period underwear are the way nonnies

No. 1557900

"i am the most special person who has ever lived"

No. 1557901

yeah i wouldn't want a fucking clown in my wedding photos

No. 1557906

Wait April fools was over two months ago, kekekek

No. 1557919

They are so close to understanding….but the fetish is strong in this one

No. 1557921

They need to fucking realize that no, women don’t experience AGP. Their little study they like to cite is complete bull when it comes to how women think vs how these scrotes think.

No. 1557922

Apparently there is a tampon shortage. Wouldn't surprise me that trannies buying tampons to shove in their ass for validation is contributing to that.
It would make more sense to have a TiF advertise. That would add troon points while acknowledging biology. But I guess they would rather pander to moids.
I haven't used or bought any period products in months due to amenorrhea from stress, but if it ever comes back, I'm going to get reusable pads. Originally my reasoning was for the environment, but now I don't want to support any of these companies shilling for TiMs.

No. 1557930

File: 1655004805989.jpeg (628.39 KB, 750x3304, 8686DE41-A524-44D5-845A-059AAC…)

I think I found my new personal cow.

No. 1557932

File: 1655005020552.jpeg (584.42 KB, 1284x1638, 26A5DAB2-64D3-4788-A6AA-77747D…)

I’ll honestly be surprised if Reddit lets those comments stay up. Second one is from a female detransitioner.

No. 1557933

So much AliExpress teenager shit in that second photo.

No. 1557935

File: 1655005975845.webm (349.97 KB, 406x720, national news.webm)

I'm getting tired, nonnies. I'm almost at my limit.

No. 1557939

Isn't this just a moid thing? I only notice moids who claim to be so knowledgable in things that they've never been properly educated in. If they meet a woman with actual credentials then only moids with no background would be delusional enough to speak over them, it's male overconfidence lol.

No. 1557946

File: 1655007525361.jpeg (653.76 KB, 2055x2865, 9A59DDDC-3CA0-4BF8-8104-B72614…)

all the comments about his pop culture references, how much they like his personality, etc but no one is willing to talk about the elephant in the room. he is lost, he needs help with accepting and loving himself as he is. cutting his dick off with only lead to more problems. all the people gender affirming and hyping him up in the comments will cry fake tears when he turns up dead in a year


No. 1557950

samefag, forgot to post the YouTube link correctly, sorry!

No. 1557956

for the record, many paramedics and EMTs are utter sacks of shit. my friend worked as an EMT and had to quit due to PTSD after being sexually harassed and intimidated every day.

No. 1557957

File: 1655009270286.jpg (208.47 KB, 947x952, 1654632581476.jpg)

One of the worst things to do to a girl is to encourage her to have a male best friend. Move heaven and Earth to find her an actual friend, ffs.

No. 1557960

Fucking creepy.

No. 1557962

He doesn't even attempt to be feminine any way, shape, or form. I know that doesn't make you a female but he just continues being a hairy ass man. Only changes his pronouns and name then basically manipulates his best friend into dating him simply because he can't move on.

No. 1557964

I'm just hoping she'll dump his ass over an actual woman one day and he'll cry about it.(sage your shit)

No. 1557965

I knew an irl TiM who went to someone elses wedding in a white dress with the stomach cut out, a kind of nightclubbing dress more than a wedding one

No. 1557970

As a newcomer NC and the states, I’ve seen a lot in Asheville/Charlotte but I honestly thought Portland OG would be #1.

No. 1557972

this has to be satire right

No. 1557977

Yeah you'd think Portland would beat out Asheville, if for nothing than for sheer size. Asheville is pretty left though, but farther left than Portland? Doubtful. I'm around the Triangle area, in a small town, and I've seen a couple of troon teens/20 somethings come into my work and theres one older black dude that I'm pretty sure is HSTS. Either that, or he just has unfortunate moobs and is a gay dude. And a high school friend of mine transed. So yeah, its not unknown, but NC ranking that high is really surprising.

No. 1557983

File: 1655014307662.jpg (171.65 KB, 610x1280, tumblr_fa1c248e83ae9b55ab5ee6c…)

Might as well use an angle from the Hubble.

No. 1557984

File: 1655014342690.jpg (528.6 KB, 1500x2000, bJRWzToGym5EKF-Vo-GsO_OyodsnNL…)

No. 1557985

File: 1655014437874.jpeg (585.96 KB, 1536x2048, FU7qr4uWIAA7fHn.jpeg)

And some garbage from twitter. Imagine spending $25, let alone wearing any of this shit in public.

No. 1557987

where is this nona?

No. 1557992

File: 1655014811578.jpeg (655.86 KB, 1536x2048, FU7s6RdWAAAK4ma.jpeg)

Looks like Boston. From the same male.

No. 1557994

can he seriously not be bothered to take 10 minutes and put his clothes away before taking a pic

No. 1557997


No. 1557999

File: 1655015243578.jpeg (61.01 KB, 719x919, Screenshot_20220612-012639-01.…)

Again with the worn out jokes from 20 years ago.

No. 1558000

File: 1655015526354.png (1.41 MB, 1000x1285, eddie.png)

remade the middle image. I'm so glad I no longer have to look at this scrote's face.

No. 1558017

oh my god what a discord mod looking ass fat fuck. neckbeard and all. my eyes. leave that woman ALONE!

No. 1558024

Bravo anon.

No. 1558037

"Stop making yourself a walking freakshow at my wedding for attention. I don't want the other guests to be distracted by you"
"Oh my god she thinks I am going to be prettier than her???? I am going to outshine the bride uwu sigh this is the burden of being so beautiful and valid"

Male ego.

No. 1558038

Reminder tampons were invented by a man and using them is cringe.

No. 1558041

So were pads, IUDs and birth control anon. And I don't care if menstrual cups were invented by a woman, they're disgusting and I'll never use them. Men won this round(derailing)

No. 1558043

Go dilate.

No. 1558045

Pads were not invented by men, faggot. you think women were just braindead free bleeding retards until some man came and told them to put a cloth between their legs?Dilate.

No. 1558048

Women didn't wear modern day pads in the 1800s you fucking fag, they wore rags. Pads were invented by soldiers to stop the bleeding on wounds on the battlefield and later became modern sanitary pads. https://www.scoopwhoop.com/amp/First-Sanitary-Pads-Made-For-Men/

No. 1558053

please stop derailing with your inane spergy argument

No. 1558067

she's literally pretty in both pics, they can cope and seethe more

No. 1558080

>his stance
If I was president I'd make this troon's skin my lampshade. I cannot stand when they try to be cutesy.

No. 1558086

Such women. Imagine being a handmaiden and refering to those incels as 'she'.

No. 1558092

absolute kek. hetero moids would fuck a slaton sister before a troon.

No. 1558097

Its interesting how wanting our own spaces is a hate crime punishable by death in their eyes, yet we are the ones literally killing them

No. 1558100

michfest 2022

No. 1558102

Definitely thread pic material.

No. 1558103

File: 1655030549282.jpeg (262.84 KB, 828x413, 10254E9F-9EE7-4540-8D6A-6CA9EA…)

saw on fb that this drag race retard said this bullshit. the comment section was disturbing and blindly supportive.

No. 1558104

File: 1655030616179.jpeg (222.77 KB, 1439x1562, 9C1040A7-D9CA-4BA4-968E-E46CFE…)

more grooming material

No. 1558105

Dat Cromagnon Bowridge kek

No. 1558106

I also cannot stress enough how strong my despise is that this page’s name is in regards to keeping abortion safe and legal. The experimental surgeries the trans agenda supports will only harm abortion rights in the long run.

No. 1558109

that thing looks neanderthalian

No. 1558110

So he calls the kid his actual name instead of a made up one? Like we do with trannies?

No. 1558116

all moids do
it's not like trans diagnosis means anything so he's not wrong. trans is meaningless and so is doing the things around it.

No. 1558134

File: 1655038361754.jpg (3.01 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20220612_135057824.j…)

Lesbians peaking around the definition of lesbian and including non-binaries and troons.


No. 1558148

I somehow can't find an ounce of sympathy for someone who has the problem lied out in front of them but still plays the 'AFAB', 'transboy', 'nonbinary women' and 'identifies as a lesbian' word game. Get a braincell or two ffs.

No. 1558149

I think they're all trying to avoid getting the sub banned, not that they actually believe that stuff, so that is why most women in there will talk like that.

No. 1558150

That thread is full of based lesbians, I was genuinely shocked it didn't get deleted from r/actualtroons but then I realized it's from a subreddit with a similar name where all the lesbians fled to when the tranny menace descended

No. 1558151

File: 1655041113038.png (898.5 KB, 1307x813, Screenshot 2022-06-12 at 2.35.…)

Amazing work nonna! I have added it to my collection
What I don't understand is, if I didn't have periods and a company offered me free tampons or pads I would ask them to donate them to a woman's shelter or homeless shelter instead. Or if they sent them anyway I'd just go donate them myself. Men are so inconsiderate and only think about themselves

No. 1558152

I would have thought Portland too. Every person I’ve known from there has trooned out at some point. I used to think it would be a cool place to visit or live but now it sounds like actual hell on earth.

No. 1558153

I am old enough to have gotten the reference and was just thinking jesus, that’s a stale one. I haven’t heard anyone say that shit unironically in like fifteen or twenty years. These dudes really are just the og Reddit neckbeards.

No. 1558155

Menstrual cups have been the most hygienic product I’ve used and the easiest to care for but okay. Just because you couldn’t take care of it and keep it clean doesn’t mean others can’t.

No. 1558157

You just know the image on the right is making them seethe from jealousy and this is how they’re coping with it. She looks more feminine and womanly than they could ever hope to achieve, and that makes them rage.

No. 1558159

Jesus so did that just completely get rebranded by troons after the murders?

No. 1558169

File: 1655042812746.png (2.83 MB, 1277x3298, 63E5D12C-CF23-4A74-8246-61C7B5…)

>carves his chosen name into his arm
>tells mom this is her fault and he’s going to kill himself
Their such little attention seekers, aren’t they? I have a newsflash for troons and anyone else who does this kind of suicide baiting: it is not the fault of anyone else what choice you make wrt your own life. One of the first things a good therapist will tell someone who is the victim of someone suicide baiting them is that whatever the person in question does, it isn’t about or on the one who is having to hear it. I mean, I highly doubt this one will actually go through with it because most people who are so dramatic this way don’t, they just want reactions, but if anyone has ever experienced this, do not feel guilty for it. It isn’t your job. Obviously if you goad them on that’s different but otherwise nothing is on you.

No. 1558174

File: 1655043200878.jpeg (315.98 KB, 1284x663, 98F7329C-169E-46EC-90AA-1D84DC…)

Yeah I’m sure a lot of males enjoy playing as Jill in VR so they can look down and see boobs. Don’t think that means you’re a woman.

No. 1558179

OP made 115k karma in 2 years… Poor woman… I hope the other son is less retarded because this one is a lost case.

No. 1558181

Does reddit karma actually do/mean anything or is it just stupid internet points? Like is there a reason to go after it other than just being chronically online?

No. 1558183

i thought in VR if you look down you don’t see anything…

No. 1558184

The amount of karma just means the person posted and engaged a lot more than average.
Karma itself is easy to farm if you comment or post what people like, any crowd mentality comment gets upvoted and anything questioning something or someone's thinking gets downvoted so as long as you are a sheep and are online a lot actively participating, people will upvote your content which results in karma

No. 1558185

So they're admitting their identity is based on escapism and denying reality? Most people don't have a panic attack when they play as the "opposite" sex.

No. 1558187

You need some small amount (less than 100) to be able to create subreddits but that's it. Dude is just an attention starved narcissistic weeb.

No. 1558188

So it’s just something for people to ooh and ahh at? I just didn’t know if they actually get anything tangible or semi-tangible for it, like some kind of role in a subreddit or something.

No. 1558189

The fuck is the deal with the "pee" shirt? Is it a reference to the "we just want to pee" meme? And as if it's not bad enough to start with, there's an obese furry on it, too. Who the fuck would wear this, seriously?

No. 1558190

looks like a neanderthal you find at the history museum

No. 1558191

you can sell your accounts to spammers for a bit of money if you have a lot of karma

No. 1558193

Reddit regards people with high karma to be good users, they are preferred to people with negative karma and get taken more seriously but you only see the karma amount when you click on someone's profile

Also some categories only allow people with a certain number of karma to participate, but that's about it. You can buy anything with it, it's just fake internet points to show off to other degens

No. 1558195

Thanks. I just don’t really use it other than to get screencaps and never got the fuss about the karma thing.

No. 1558197


What is it with trannies and Blåhaj?

No. 1558199

File: 1655045680572.jpeg (194.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1_nMGXcs7ZQBrv6VSs5Slg6Q.jpeg)

Djungelskog is superior to Blahaj.

No. 1558201

probably because its a stuffed animal and most troons have a bizarre obsession with child-like things, also the fact that nothing is sacred

No. 1558215

I once made the mistake of telling a troon I had lots of stuffed animals I collected and his response was "ohh you're a little!". Coombrained

No. 1558226

I love him. He looks like Mike Stoklasa in bear form.

No. 1558231

kek nonnie think you accidentally erased a number from the post you mean to reply to

No. 1558247

Is there a chance they’re lying about being sponsored? Some influencers do that out of vanity.

No. 1558248

Djungelskog is a terf.

No. 1558255

File: 1655050118123.jpeg (247.35 KB, 1079x1712, DFBE47F2-DDCD-4223-9664-34F188…)


No. 1558256

Tims identify with big scary predators since that's what they are too. They think if they like something "childish and cute" like a stuffed animal that makes them seem more girly, but since they're male they naturally go for animals popular with boys such as sharks and dinosaurs. Tifs are slightly more aware and pick the "scary" animals specifically to seem more male.

No. 1558259

I've gotten their ads on tiktok before, they show up differently than other posts, they're real

No. 1558264

File: 1655050660860.jpeg (121.69 KB, 750x381, 1992A3C4-B3B2-4BB3-97B5-AA7D88…)

So, are you gonna suck girldick or not? Handmaidens are a disease.

No. 1558265

Always kinda sucks quality wise, I've always been using Libresse and the worst thing they've done is "our audience includes women and those who identify as women"

No. 1558267

Wtf do they even mean by the "agp debunked" shit? It's clearly a documented and studied fetish

No. 1558271

My theory is: that shark vtuber girl + that anime girls being drawn with plushie sharks

No. 1558275

>will you real females pwease protect us from those ebil female bullies uwu
Like they don't fucking threaten to rape, beat, and kill us. I stg men just love splitting women up no matter what. I can't believe handmaidens fall for this shit.

No. 1558288

File: 1655052331481.png (76.76 KB, 728x417, blanchardrefutal.png)

No. 1558294

File: 1655052847612.jpeg (379.36 KB, 750x955, 17262E09-616B-4CBC-AB26-EC03B7…)

The schrodinger’s genocide.

No. 1558298

Regular people don't want to say anything because they are starting to figure out you creatures chimp out from a simple "sir".

No. 1558303

Society as a whole is grey rocking.

No. 1558304

Okay by that logic I’m trans too!
….”What are your pronouns?” How dare you to ask such words of violence in a world that hates us! Would you ask Jews hiding in attics of Nazi Germany to prove themselves to you?! What makes you think that I would feel safe exposing my trans body in the middle of this GENOCIDE?!?!!!!

No. 1558312

File: 1655054186586.jpg (82.51 KB, 750x893, FVCxqn1WYAAbQOp.jpg)

Now a man can suck dick and be straight

No. 1558314

99% of all men ever would disagree

No. 1558320

Man they're clueless. If I met a trans person irl I'd be nice to them because I don't wanna get punched. And if I see some feminine guy in a grocery store I assume he's gay not trans, it's 2022 men can dress however they want

No. 1558321

>robin pfp saying "woman's dick"

No. 1558322

can't tell who is being ironic and who needs spoonfeeding but for posterity, the troons ruining something good as usual: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/ikea-blahaj-shark

No. 1558332

>"ohh you're a little!"
You're a what? Is this some kind of pedotroon talk

No. 1558337

its ddlg shit so yes pedo terms

No. 1558338

this is even worse when you know hes just going to add nude mods to any female character

No. 1558347

We need to give him terf colours

No. 1558360

Will laugh until I die if it becomes a thing where troons attack naive handmaidens for having an innocent bear in their own bedroom because the ~wicked terf witches~ claimed him.

No. 1558367

A little is someone who fetishizes baby things like toys and diapers and pretends to be a baby in a sexual context. So yes pedo shit

No. 1558368

File: 1655058964203.jpg (94.13 KB, 1125x1089, FVElQvUWIAAzuJi.jpg)

Why are they always so racist

No. 1558370

File: 1655059001271.jpeg (124.34 KB, 897x904, D63EC65A-8A76-4DA2-9E54-B38477…)

old milk but if you know you know

No. 1558371

I am used to seeing things like this but it is still so aggravating

No. 1558373

File: 1655059362005.png (Spoiler Image, 2.71 MB, 750x1624, 3FD58B06-6069-409C-9633-23CF45…)

why would the butcher profiting off of your mental illness not tell you your rot pocket is beautiful?

No. 1558374

It's never been and will never be a violation of human rights to refer to a man as "he" regardless of how he identifies. It's also not a violation of human rights to call said male a sick disgusting rape apologist freak who has no place in society.

No. 1558377

File: 1655059468839.jpeg (411.95 KB, 750x2091, 9982CAF6-87BA-45AB-BB3D-CB4CF7…)

Same guy kek

No. 1558378

Why are men like this? Genuinely mind-boggling. They'll lose their minds over words or benign actions but don't give a shit about violence and abuse. At the same time they will claim they're the same thing and also believe they're logical, rational. I don't get it!!!

No. 1558379

"why" because that rot pocket made him filthy rich, and he got to cut off the dick of a mentally ill man who he likely secretly finds disgusting, and get worshipped as a hero for saving your life by doing it.

No. 1558381

First the "Amazon Eve" neanderthal, now this one? Lol it's like they're trying to peak black women

No. 1558383

Kek cosmetic surgeons always lie. I love that after years of incels calling vaginas axe wounds they're paying to get just that

No. 1558384

File: 1655060220864.jpg (273.3 KB, 1080x1265, RDT_20220611_12590473339134838…)

Even the super girly/kawaii women don't call themselves "good little girls". Even the actual teens. Maybe the creepy DDLG ones, but that's just a tiny percentage of them. How can ppl see this shit and not realize they're pedos??

No. 1558386

okay, that's the worst I've seen until now, it looks like a carnivorous plant, just not as beautiful.

why would you be so stupid and won't use a condom for anal sex? HIV is a joke, right?

No. 1558390

It's very funny how many troons either have Chris Chan's flabby featureless face and completely unmaintained seaweed hair, OR Peter Steele level gigachad brow/jaw

No. 1558405

File: 1655061512650.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 195.55 KB, 1536x2048, 1B4C5DDD-65C0-496A-8E15-15FE02…)

what the fuck is going on down there

No. 1558407

Unfortunately I know by the date. I can't believe this was ever a discussion that happened. The dude has progressed from simply an incel autism to a total schizo. Genderspecial zoomers who tweeted about the misgendering of a rapist are beyond mental.

How are people so quick to recognize his delusions of being an interdimensional goddess to cartoon characters as crazy, but not buying into his delusions of being a male lesbian is a hate crime?

No. 1558409

Suddenly I love my body

No. 1558410


No. 1558426

flapjack irl

No. 1558433

Sometimes I do get scared that if I am ever raped by a troon and I take it somewhere they’ll force me to use she/her pronouns which I am absolutely not doing. What will they do to me if I don’t? I mean this is a thing that has happened in court cases isn’t it? What do they do to the victims who refuse to play along?

No. 1558443

Are you really going to start arguing that using anything invented by men is cringe?

Technically not. Yeah, a scrote was the one to patent modern cotton tampons, but women were making tampons out of cloth and moss thousands of years ago.

No. 1558444

How do people post this kind of thing with no shame at all.

No. 1558445

File: 1655064836744.jpg (29.86 KB, 466x313, 61eFMe3MUCL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

No. 1558446

kek did he get ratio'd

No. 1558447

Robin would be a TERF because she's an old school lesbian from the 80s.

No. 1558448

File: 1655065064477.jpg (195.09 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20220612-151718_Twi…)

Troon activist makes rape joke and gets almost 14k likes.

No. 1558450

US probably has some stupid place where using abusers' pronouns of choice is mandated. But then, if you are giving a sworn testimony then isn't refering to a dude you believe to be a dude as a 'she' a lie?
Just agree that wearing a skirt with blood running down the legs onto the ground is the best option and stop derailing. Why would you talk about period in an mtf thread out of all places.

No. 1558452

Well he destroyed his own dick and is obviously still a man, so no lol.

No. 1558454

Don't disrespect venus fly traps like that nonnie

No. 1558456

>strawmans the argument
>rape joke
Very lesbian of you moid. Why don't you have a womb? It's because you're male. Everything about you, every cell and every thought you have have in your pea brain can be explained with this one word. Misogynistic sraight white men are now a part of the gay community.

No. 1558459

File: 1655065715594.jpeg (302.06 KB, 750x2117, 3C7F7BEC-5325-4C12-958A-EB4818…)

>transfem she/they
>constantly posts about girldick on lesbian subs

No. 1558461

Once again, no one has ever said that losing a sexed organ makes you the other sex. Trannies must have a defect in their brain that makes them unable to understand simple things

No. 1558462

My bad nonna. That fly trap looks magnitudes safer than the catacombs of his snatch.

No. 1558464

File: 1655066017710.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 840.62 KB, 750x1324, 0AF6F49F-7975-4DCE-B572-786805…)


No. 1558466

This shit worries me so much if I ever have a male child, how do you even prevent this shit, I feel so bad for his mum you just know he's abusive af to her too.

No. 1558469

Eldritch horror tier shit

No. 1558473

If it's a boy, it's an aboYtion. And you should aboYt it.

No. 1558479

What a waste of time and money spent on this XY. His mom should just take him out herself.

No. 1558480

I want to alog. I wonder how it feels for people to constantly say your genitals are nasty your entire life. Women sure wouldn’t know, getting told our periods are gross and we’re unclean, our labia looks like roast beef, etc. Fuck scrotes I have no sympathy for them. And yes. Dicks are gross looking.

No. 1558484

I honestly don’t think it’s possible to have a well-adjusted male child at this point in time. You’d have to keep him locked down and then he wouldn’t get socialized. If you get him internet he WILL find porn, they are discovering it earlier and earlier.

No. 1558488

last night i had a horrible nightmare that i was pregnant with a son. i woke up so relieved.

No. 1558492

because aids is for men who have sex with men and he's a woman nonny lmao

No. 1558500

File: 1655067743759.jpg (1.2 MB, 3264x3264, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

Just wanna share my tip to trigger troons on picrew. find a picrew that has male and female features and allows you to have no hairline, then make an accurate troon like picrel. make sure it has a tranny flag in it and try to include the lesbian flag to make it obvious it's a lesbian.
things to include:
- facial hair stubble
- creepy eyes
- agp smirk
- masculine bone structure and nose
- unkempt eyebrows
- eye circles, red eyes can be good for the pornsick stare
- violence like posing hands with knife, middle finger
- video games
- cheap poorly styled feminine attire, as skimpy as possible
- random accessories that are over the top
- scraggly hair with a receding hairline
- choker
click the finish button and it gets shared publicly where troons can see it (since they swarm the site).

No. 1558504

File: 1655067906823.png (1.47 MB, 1284x2720, 0E002EE6-E50B-4804-94BB-7D6D30…)

>I mentally imagined a naked young girl fading away in clouds.
Just another pedo who is addicted to sissy porn.

No. 1558508

File: 1655068039083.jpeg (699.38 KB, 1284x1167, 55C565C6-8EA9-4F24-8636-3335A3…)

How is this a compliment she clocked you as a man, bro.

No. 1558510

File: 1655068141077.jpeg (969.68 KB, 1284x1765, 0242A5F3-A015-4938-B248-F7911F…)

Yet another moid coming out to his wife when they just had a kid and have another on the way. Every fucking time.

No. 1558512

this is absolutely terrifying and I feel soooo awful for that scrotes wife and kids god

No. 1558522

File: 1655069171047.jpeg (518.89 KB, 1152x2048, C11B4B18-AD82-4D72-B01E-13617D…)

does anyone remember watching jallerbo's YTPs on youtube? just found out this guy's a complete troon now kek… kinda disappointed lol.

No. 1558524

>>1558522 goddammit i used to enjoy those because of the crazy edits and nsfw jokes that somehow skated past youtube's filters

No. 1558527

In this case it's just mental illness. This is just maladaptive shit. Nothing is inherently better or worse than anything else if you think hard enough about it. You could think of a flower field as a warzone if you were removed enough from your physical reality, you could think a cow eating grass is an act of violence on the grass. But well-adjusted people would think it stupid and insane, because regardless of if it's true or not - it manifests the inability to evaluate and hierarchize threats in relation to yourself, which is dangerous to you and others, and makes you a potential huge hindrance to their survival and well-being if they were to associate with you.

Trannies are maladaptive through and through. They are willing to compromise their body integrity for the sake of some stupid fantasy and act as if crippling themselves for life is an improvement, life-saving even. It's not that far out for them to think swatting a fly is equivalent to murder and rape. That's why the "why would they pretend to be something they're not and expose themselves to oppression" that handmaidens always use is bullshit.

Regular moids will do it sometimes too and have weird priorities because they have shit perception from being coddled but under patriarchy, it can hardly be called maladaptive.

No. 1558528

File: 1655069583707.jpeg (103.19 KB, 750x361, C55893DF-F114-497E-9A5C-2DD3D6…)

it breaks my heart to see women who are still in time to get out of their abusive situation ask reddit for help. troons are not gonna help you, they’ll try to make sure you’re putting the scrote’s stupid gender identity above everything else.

No. 1558531

anyone else deeply disturbed by how many of them laugh over how they had a nazi phase before they "found their true female selves uwu". like i knew it was a thing but not that so many MtF were like that (and probably are still like that) before they decided to become trannies. normalize publicly shaming them please

No. 1558532

File: 1655069874176.jpeg (566.43 KB, 750x1209, CA51D3BE-4C3A-46FC-9872-AE0BF3…)

you are a disgusting freak, that’s just reality bro.

No. 1558539

Hopefully they keep publicly talking about their nazi pasts, the 4chan-to-tran pipeline is legit and the more people realize most trannies are simply racist incels the better.

No. 1558540

You feel like a disgusting freak because you are one, scrote.

No. 1558543

File: 1655070156547.jpeg (308.01 KB, 656x1614, 335C3EA2-EA63-49FD-B8F7-B18AD9…)

>sux my shriveled limp dick you terfs

No. 1558544

Were the comments attacking and judging her or patronizing her? I feel like they would be.

No. 1558546

File: 1655070230719.png (346.06 KB, 918x252, 87623.png)

this turn of phrase always brings this to mind

No. 1558548

Cry harder nasty scrote. Leave lesbians alone.

No. 1558549

It's trying to retreat into his body to escape

No. 1558558

some big account needs to tweet about this pipeline until all troons are looked at with scrutiny the way other incels are. it's funny how the average alt-right moid is literally one bad decision away from trooning out…like these are the kind of insane repulsive people the trans "community" is made up of

No. 1558560

i'm late but that's fucking hilarious anon kek i'm going to do this too

No. 1558565

File: 1655071493945.jpeg (911.33 KB, 1284x1353, 1A21EE97-BFF9-44E8-9687-99C165…)

Definitely trying to skinwalk whatever alt girl turned him down.

No. 1558569

File: 1655071581597.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1284x2038, A290C393-5A5C-4C51-8F54-3B0433…)

kek at the man ass

No. 1558570

File: 1655071590073.jpg (68.61 KB, 700x500, 9-625e8478becc2__700.jpg)

this TikTok scrote is maybe the ugliest thing i've ever seen

No. 1558572

KEK that’s ninja

No. 1558574

>>1558570 ugh isn't that the dude who referred to a vagina as a "Barbie Pocket" god he makes my skin crawl especially the "day __ of being a GIRL" no you're a grown as man not a girl at least say "woman" instead of girl jesus christ
sorry for this he just pisses me off so much

No. 1558576

Isn’t he only twenty something? His skin looks like leather.

No. 1558577

File: 1655071831794.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 316.97 KB, 750x2384, 9E6CEBC3-7EFB-4D70-995E-FA5851…)

what a terrible day to have eyes.

No. 1558579

yep he's fucking disgusting. he's on day 90 something of his girlhood journey and looks even worse than day 1 if that was possible. he has the most amount of handmaidens saying the usual YASS QUEEEN shit in his comments for some reason

No. 1558582

File: 1655072090219.jpg (567.04 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_2022-06-13-01-10-25…)

scrote wants to normalize the bulge at the supermarket because everyone was (rightfully) staring at him.
kids are so filter free so i can already imagine some 5 year old in the cereal aisle saying something like "mommy why is that man dressed like a girl". if my little sister saw this moid while we were shopping she'd probably start screaming

No. 1558583

File: 1655072243719.jpeg (29.76 KB, 541x360, 4BAAFA20-1A7C-4A5A-9D44-F4986D…)

still waiting for dylan to come out as a gc troll.

No. 1558588

I really can't stand this pedo groomer troon

No. 1558589

troons' narrow hips in women's clothing are so repulsive they make me want to alog

No. 1558592

This is how fat men are. The dick get absorbed into the fat gut.
Men and boys need to have their bloated ass egos popped more often. It would be a better world if they were told that dicks are nasty and spread disease.
I agree. There's really no way to avoid scrote mentality at this point. You would have to live in a cult separated from the rest of humanity, with one communal computer and smart phone locked away strictly for business purposes.
It kills me how they never wash away the puss and sticky smeg before taking photos.

No. 1558598

File: 1655073754710.jpg (160.48 KB, 1065x644, IMG_20220613_013811.jpg)

ewww this is the first time i've seen what a surgically made vagina looks like. it suddenly makes this tweet so funny because they ignore that every sexual partner will be able to tell the difference between this monstrosity and a real vag. 'it doesn't matter' is just copium

No. 1558599

I never knew how weird looking dicks are on fat males until browsing through this thread

No. 1558626

lost chapter of junji ito's uzumaki where a troon's dick transforms into a spiral

No. 1558635

He does realise that this shit wouldn't fly with a Pakistani mom and daughter, he's fucking lucky she still sees him as her son. Hope he ends up killing himself though.

No. 1558639

File: 1655077024637.jpeg (172.63 KB, 750x680, A6DE8801-55F8-41A2-BAC4-1E6D78…)


No. 1558640

Damn, this is probably a really easy way to ruin their day. I might start asking them this and pretending to be a total normie on the topic then look at them weird when they say no.

No. 1558642

He doesn't even realize how lucky he is that his mom is providing for him as a grown adult, let alone tolerating and enabling his sick fetish shit by taking him to the mall to buy clothes that are sex toys.

No. 1558644

File: 1655077366125.jpeg (90.06 KB, 319x340, C349A641-22B3-4464-9897-C93D87…)

I think the part that makes me kek near to dying is the flower in the hair, like that’s somehow indicative of True Womanhood(TM)!

No. 1558645

File: 1655077398750.jpeg (101.73 KB, 721x721, images (29).jpeg)

An upholstery tack.

No. 1558646

Slightly off topic, but I gotta ask. Does anyone else think some of the women on ovarit are extremely stupid.

No. 1558649

No. 1558653


100% but this topic is better for 2x not the tranny lols thread.

No. 1558656

It’s the sign of a true fair maiden, didn’t you know nona? Did you not arrive into the world with a blossoming hair flower?

No. 1558657

Yes they come across as pick-mes all the time. There are a few good regular posters but many of them are just plain obnoxious and stupid.

No. 1558658

File: 1655078204556.jpg (950.62 KB, 1132x1756, 1655078021837.jpg)

The comments are even worse:

No. 1558661

File: 1655078366105.jpg (779.57 KB, 1280x1382, 1654922485878.jpg)

Same sentiment

No. 1558669

Scrotes never stop associating alcohol and sex. They really are pathetic predators.
It's funny, because when a scrote has a girlfriend with any needs at all, he'll hate her for it, and try to fuck up her life on the sly.

No. 1558671

It's so autistic that this one has arbitrarily assigned some human qualities a gender. Being shy is considered female??? Come on

No. 1558674

There are some women there who have peaked only recently. Give them time, peaking can be a whole process.

No. 1558676

knowing what most mtfs look like loving, clingy and fragile is definitely not a flex

No. 1558695

I mean I feel like they all do. They say they’re trying to escape gender but are just as bad as extreme conservatives about it, just in a different way.

No. 1558703

DARVO in action

No. 1558705

File: 1655082372739.jpeg (804.25 KB, 1284x1988, FC23256C-7DAC-4224-8D2C-84A72D…)

ye olde pickle jar conundrum

No. 1558709

File: 1655082516301.jpeg (393.27 KB, 1284x819, 4464777B-AB17-4E5B-901D-9C1445…)

Omg you’re telling me every person of either sex isn’t a hivemind and has both masculine and feminine qualities?? What?? Whodathunk!

No. 1558714

Estrogen apparently gives you regenerative abilities now kek. How much pickles do these troons eat?
>conflates masculinity with being male, you apparently can't like being a guy if you don't like strict gender roles
>"if i don't like it, everyone must be faking. akshually everyone is an egg and i'm the only one stunning and brave enough to live my truth uwu."
Well done troon. You've destroyed the "cis".

No. 1558716

Apparently they eat a lot of pickles because something about the HRT makes them crave them. I’ve seen it enough times that it’s kind of becoming a meme for them. Idk what the reasoning is exactly, maybe another nona knows.

No. 1558719

Hate to go full "man bad" but I'm automatically sus of any guy who is an EMT after two guys I knew in the field turned out to be rapists.

No. 1558725

OT but when I was about 19 I stupidly dated one who was much older than me and to no one’s surprise he had a history of going after young naive women with mental health issues (mostly EDs), so this doesn’t surprise me at all. I feel like men who go into that field are already a little off. When I’ve had to take an ambulance before they really creeped me out for whatever reason. Definitely would not trust a troon EMT.

No. 1558731

File: 1655084462748.jpg (265.84 KB, 810x1431, 20220612_203958.jpg)

>be honest please

No. 1558733

>Be honest
Okay it looks like your eyes are trying to slide off your face

No. 1558738

If someone were to be honest to him for even once, he'd 41% himself. Which is great.

No. 1558740

Most men these days are whiny weak little bitches with a victimhood complex, who want girlfriends to play the role of Mommy before being discarded for the next Mommy, the troon is right at least in that.

No. 1558747

File: 1655085023506.jpg (79.24 KB, 707x542, 1655084827869.jpg)

What is it with them thinking emojis are a girl thing? Far from the first time I've seen them express this.

No. 1558750

File: 1655085091579.jpg (146.99 KB, 1080x1532, 20220612_205051.jpg)

when can we start calling men people with prostates?

No. 1558757

Now. I already do. I like bepenised person too. And testerical as an insult. Yes they sound stupid but who cares, they piss off moids.

No. 1558775

File: 1655086409138.jpeg (1.15 MB, 750x5239, 3E2E66B7-31A6-4201-A36E-6FA9C6…)

I must be really bored because I clicked on a TIM’s profile and read an entire novel about how he’s ruining his life by being too self-absorbed and on the brink of self-awareness. Tragic. Sage for long and not sure if milk.

No. 1558782

I just want to be seperated from the T already nonna

No. 1558786

>"no makeup"
he's literally wearing shitty maybelline eyeliner and the pink & green tube mascara plus elf's color corrector on his eyes. only a man would think this could pass for "no makeup"

No. 1558801

And pickles. This obviously comes from the idea that pregnant women crave pickles but they extrapolated it into all women love pickles? Like..why lol

No. 1558803

Its not Michfest, anon. Its a "dyke" rally in Boston. However, the people that now own the land that Michfest was held on do hold different gatherings, some of which allow troons.

No. 1558805

File: 1655089327488.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x1911, 910A8C36-C210-4B35-8F61-0CFD43…)

sick of this attention whoring shit.. why can't they just post and go

No. 1558809

The pickle thing actually comes from the fact that anti-androgens make people crave salt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them used their pregnancy fetish as an excuse.

No. 1558810

Oh okay, thanks. That’s fucked.

No. 1558811

File: 1655089837466.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1717, 3A9E5E90-90A5-4B51-AB05-519A96…)

LOL this is what he looks like … yeah i can see why his gf was so jealous of his hot bod

No. 1558817

File: 1655090647632.jpg (32.9 KB, 800x450, mQkUrPkJGqjbgjP-800x450-noPad.…)

The absolute worst angle to take a picture for him

No. 1558828

"In terms of sexuality - I grew up in easy mode"
Watch how he quantified it so he could still pretend to be a victim in some other way. ISTG. And it takes years to get women who've been mistreated and abused to realize that all the shit they went through was wrong, and not just how life is.

No. 1558850

>testerical as an insult.
That's really funny and clever nonna, I hope it sees a lot of use

No. 1558870

of course they're falling over themselves complimenting this troon. give me strength.

No. 1558888

Part of my TRA larp now includes advocating for free and widely available SRS. I know that makes me sound sociopathic but I have peaked so hard to the point that the idea of men getting free mutilations is funny to me.

No. 1558894

So not worth it.

No. 1558898


why are agps so terrible at makeup and fashion? do they just put the cheapest wet n wild eyeliner, a thredup skirt from 2011, pop a euphoria boner and then pat themselves on the back? they will autistically hyperfocus on diying hormones,various porn genres and plastic surgeries but can't accomplish the basic task of following a youtube tutorial or looking at pinterest like actual woman do? it reminds me of that sissy fetish comic someone posted a while back that called hair dye "painting hair". they are out of touch with the places real women go online and how real women style themselves.

No. 1558904

the ones that advocate for kids to get surgery so they can stay young forever probably don't get their dicks cut off

No. 1558908

Because they literally only care about cooming and other men’s perception of what a woman “should” look like or act like.
They think that since to them, a woman with eyeliner and lipstick is a slut, they put that on their faces, they get the ugly platform shoes or any other heeled shoes they can afford because they think women wearing heels are trying to be sexy for men and they know that men like themselves find heels sexy regardless of who is wearing them.
They think bras, underwear, skirts, heels, long hair and big boobs are sexy because that’s what other men like they themselves think it’s sexy, not because women talk about them, because if they only wanted what women truly like, they wouldn’t have boners because women like normal stuff like anyone else because we’re just regular humans, but that’s not sexy, they want a caricature to imitate, and the moment they start imitating it they only care about the boners they have.

No. 1558919

if you can tell an agp's ideal type by how he dresses and acts (you can tell contrapoints wants to fuck natalie portman in black swan, these alt girl skin walkers, etc), what about hsts? the way they dress reminds me of bratz dolls, and they remind me of the gay men that collect fashion dolls in a way. they're gay men larping as the valley girl bimbos they grew up watching on tv. i wonder how much interaction there is between these two groups.

No. 1558928

They really don't care anything at all about women they aren't masturbating to. This complete obliviousness is the #2 reason why women and girls shouldn't nitpick themselves before dates. I guarantee they don't notice that you used the brown #5 eyeliner instead of brown #3.

No. 1558929

File: 1655099070132.jpg (1.63 MB, 1440x3330, Screenshot_20220613-013744_Chr…)

Once a greasy incel, always a greasy incel:

No. 1558934

File: 1655099935122.webm (3.47 MB, 576x1024, ranting_trans.webm)

No. 1558937

It irritates me when shitty straight men scapegoat and whine about religion. Everything about them is superficial and soaked in coom, if shame comes from any direction I'm not complaining.

No. 1558941

File: 1655101503583.jpg (1.04 MB, 3000x4000, 20220613_082428.jpg)

No. 1558947

I remember he revealed that he used to be alt-right. Anyone explain how since he is clearly not white? And what race did he talk shit about?

No. 1558949

File: 1655101712122.png (549.88 KB, 1374x1126, image001.png)

more content from them

No. 1558950

HSTSs and AGPs rarely interact with one another. I'll never forget this excerpt from Charlotte Allen's Transgender Triumph:
>And indeed, in real life, the two groups that Blanchard described seldom interact socially. Richard J. Novic (his pseudonym), a genetically male Southern California psychiatrist, husband, and father who becomes the lithe and stylish "Alice" every Friday night (Novic's 2005 book Alice in Genderland: A Cross-Dresser Comes of Age is a narrative about this double identity), describes the strict social segregation of the two groups on his website (he prefers the terms "started-out-gay" and "started-out-straight" to Blanchard’s more clinical "homosexual" and "autogynephile"): "We fail to see the two types because, with rare exceptions, we love-to-be femmes run into only other started-out-straights at support groups and conventions, and started-out-gays tend to see only their own kind at gay bars. Our tranny clubs in L.A. have typically hosted both, but even there, there's a striking qualitative difference between the "early night crowd" and the "late night crowd." Breaking out onto the scene in my early thirties I really hoped to associate myself with the younger, prettier started-out-gay DQs [drag queens] and TSs [transsexuals] but ultimately realized that the less fab, more soulful started-out-straight TVs [transvestites] and TSs were my true peers."

No. 1558951

what, you’re not jealous of this fridge shaped pixitery lookalike?

No. 1558956


Supposedly "Hell's Coming with Me" from Poor Mans Poison, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oDxynh7rG0&ab_channel=LyricsZone

I am glad that I'm in a slav-ish country where any troonery is frowned upon, but it'd be nice to not have the other side of the coin.

Feels like there's no place on earth left that's just normal, unless someone is starting a commune of women somewhere lol(learn2embed)

No. 1558959

Troons take testosterone blockers before getting their balls removed, those also block a hormone that regulates sodium so they get cravings for salty food. Idk why they fixate on pickles

No. 1558973

a full face of concealer??? what the fuck would that even look like lmao

No. 1558976

File: 1655103750811.jpg (137.21 KB, 1024x1024, 575ac5c1b16ff091d54afe1516258b…)

No. 1558982

File: 1655104717335.jpeg (243.55 KB, 981x2048, 16C83875-9A41-4587-BCDC-09A263…)

I see this one pop up so much on fb. He literally just looks like a scene boy from 2008. He probably thinks Gerard way is an egg.

No. 1558984

he looks like he's in his mid 30s, why is he still acting like a 13 year old

No. 1558985

File: 1655105247624.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1990, 480A2FFF-A310-49DC-917D-B90BA5…)

Looks manly asl..

I've noticed that trannies use "passing" aidens as examples of gender not being easily clocked but imo that's such a stupid argument. Testosterone is irreversible; that's why MTFs and detransitioned FTMs have to voice train, bc their voices can't get higher naturally. Some aidens and some HSTS who transitioned early do pass, but anyone who's gone through male puberty will never look like a woman. This ugly ass man will never look like a woman. It makes me feel ill looking at these men larp as us.
They look so uncanny valley, and idk if any other autistic nonas are also especially bothered by uncanny valley characteristics but that shit elicits a physical reaction from me it's so uncomfortable lol

No. 1558986

he looks like JP from grandma's boy

No. 1558988

File: 1655105541190.png (694 KB, 820x962, all grown up and saving china.…)

>let's get down to business
>to defeat
>the hons

No. 1558990

>Are you really going to start arguing that using anything invented by men is cringe?
nta but yes. yes i am.

No. 1558991

literally sobbing nona i was wondering why he looked so familiar

No. 1558992

when i first saw this and the raving hobo troon in the studded bustier, each time i thought it was screencaps from a geico caveman commercial with silly troon quotes in the caption. but then both times it turned out to be a real person sincerely claiming to be a woman.

No. 1558997

>how do you do, fellow cis lesbians

No. 1559004

it's like looking into tom cruise's soul

No. 1559005

Troons fail to realize that even if we judge them by female beauty standards they're more manly than if we judge them by male standards. Feminine looking guys are only ever feminine next to other men, next to women their manliness stands out as nothing but male. Even a pretty or decent looking guy still makes the ugliest of woman, as we've seen time and time again. Ironically, transitioning makes them look even more like men.

No. 1559007

Omg finally we have trans inclusive picrews! Kikomi must be so happy

No. 1559011

Where does it get shared? I made a few and I want to see my work pop up.

No. 1559014

This is weirdly great. Obviously it's gross that men are going into female spaces, but men are publicly talking about how they successfully openly infiltrated female spaces just by on the spot claiming to be trans. Exactly what TRAs and troons say no one would ever do, it never happens, how dare you question poor trans women!
The only rebuttal they have is "they're not REAL trans people" but who are they even to judge that? I thought you said people should shut up and not question any trans identities? Because that's transphobic!

No. 1559044

File: 1655111944370.jpeg (199.68 KB, 1200x1377, A84ED2A5-A80D-4105-9996-200CB2…)

so he admits it? it’s true that trans woman are men?

No. 1559045

They're complaining about FtM troons more than the other way around though

No. 1559052

A fash TiM? Color me surprised. I'm being sarcastic btw

No. 1559053

File: 1655112773592.png (96.76 KB, 659x768, 2022_06_13-11_30_05_chrome.png)

You think you're opening a thread that's really gonna call out and address stupid troon shit and it's just more definition-juggling. Gen-z is beyond saving

No. 1559055

I hate that all the proposed definitions and terms always still mean "feminine person attracted to feminine person", instead of adult human female attracted to other adult human females, who can be masculine, feminine or anything in between.

No. 1559056

File: 1655113297414.jpeg (180.22 KB, 720x1520, 1A15DA9C-7EBC-4248-823F-675CBA…)

I love watching troons destroy themselves.

No. 1559058

I know we've talked about this before, but damn i am so fucking SICK of these perverted white men dragging in Black people for no fucking reason. They show their neo-nazi incel roots the second we refuse to indulge in every aspect of their delusion. Pathetic.

No. 1559059

Good. Just one less complete cumbrain to reproduce and spread diseased DNA to the next generation. Less scrote sons, less daughters taught that their only value is in giving away free sex.

No. 1559060

I checked his Twitter and that TiM is a full on conservative though who just happens to be a TiM, he doesn't even try to larp as left wing or anything. He wants to be "one of the good ones" kinda like Blaire White.

No. 1559063

boo fuckin hoo tranny poo no coom for you

No. 1559066

Absolutely LOVING the fact that his post got at least one laugh react, because the whole post is indeed fucking hilarious. Amazing how close he is to saying/realizing the truth, that it’s literally just a disgusting fetish. 41% soon!

No. 1559067

are uterus transplants a tranny cope? i really don’t want it to be real but apparently they’re trying to 3D print wombs from male stem cells so there’s no rejection involved. medicine prioritising men w a fetish is honestly predictable

No. 1559068

>are uterus transplants a tranny cope?

They have to painfully dilate with daily to stop their hole from sealing over - do you really think they are going to be able to accommodate a baby even without organ rejection?

No. 1559069

File: 1655115802304.png (31.32 KB, 745x143, ds.png)

No. 1559070

i’m not a scientist or anything but it seems perfectly intuitive that if you remove your testicles you won’t be able to get aroused? what did this tranny think would happen

No. 1559075

They will never work don't worry about it. Mend on't even have the space in their body to grow a baby, for growing a baby you need s lot of different hormones in different times of day even, that can't be done artificialy and even if the man would be laying in bed on drip the whole pregnancy, the pregnancy hormones would kill him. So if they end up with a male cell uterus they won't be able to use it anway.

No. 1559076

Men have tried to become pregnant since the dawn of time. They have always had womb-envy since giving birth is the one thing that males can never do and it makes them entirely dependent on us. They have been trying to find ways to make babies that doesn't involve women for centuries and they will keep trying. None of their attempts have been successful so far and they won't be in the future either. Many men will die being experimented on by Frankenstein doctors. Ironically it is already possible to create a baby completely without a man and only two women. kek

No. 1559077

Not to mention that even if they can make artificial robo-wombs a thing in the future, men alone could never raise healthy offspring. There is a reason that god/nature gave this job to women. Women are selfless and prioritize the well-being of their children above their own, thus securing the safe upbringing of the next generation. Men are selfish, lack compassion and empathy and would never put anything or anyone above their own needs. If trannies could get pregnant and live their fetish those children would likely mostly be abandoned in trash-cans and make the entire process completely unethical.

No. 1559079

>create a baby completely without a man and only two women

No. 1559080

It's just tech/transhumanist sci-fi fanboys who think we've somehow outsmarted the human body because we can do surgeries and people won't die after. It's a complete fantasy. It's like Elon Musk going 'wouldn't it be cool to have a human brain interface/live on Mars? I'll throw money at that to make it happen' and choosing to misunderstand the basic barriers of reality that either prevent it from happening or make it undesirable.
We don't even fully understand all effective parts of normal pregnancy because it's so incredibly complicated and involves all systems of the body. It's pure arrogance to think we could somehow recreate it for the whim of some fetishist.

No. 1559083

Stem cells from the body of either sex can be extracted from sites like bone marrow. If isolated they can be engineered to develop into sperm and then used to fertilise an egg.

tdlr Science will eventually make moids obsolete thank goodness

No. 1559084

In small animals it's been demonstrated to combine your (stem cell) haploid DNA and another compatriots egg to create a fetilized zygote which gets implanted back into one of the women and goes on to become a healthy spawn maturing normally (it only produces female children because no y chromosome present). It doesn't work with m/m because they were aborted at the gene stage ironically (lul Valerie Sonas was correct). Self sustaining womens' seperatism (reproductively) will likely be possible in our lifetime

No. 1559085

Seriously? Anons please educate yourselves on the human body especially the female one, you sound just as retarded as troons that think they can get a vagina with surgery. Pregnancy isn't just your belly expanding, all of your other organs have to move to make space, how could a male body which doesn't have the tools to do that possibly do it?

No. 1559086

File: 1655118906206.jpg (3.12 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20220613_121444234.j…)

No. 1559089

ah, the two feelings sex pest males have towards women: wanting to penetrate her and wanting to wear her skin. pretty sure that's called misogyny. i think the meme should have just one button, as they always LARP as the type of women they want to fuck.

No. 1559092

File: 1655120402306.png (388.98 KB, 762x710, Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 7.47.…)

That would easily be his most horrifying work to date kek

No. 1559100

he's just admitting he's hurt by the truth that he's a man, and that he's openly a racist

No. 1559108

can i do that at home

No. 1559109

kek the same guy who got mad at me for calling our mtf tranny coworker a male admitted to me yesterday that he's scared to talk to the tranny because he's afraid he might accidentally offend him
didn't even correct me when i called the tranny a he this time

No. 1559112

File: 1655123883819.jpeg (107.03 KB, 960x960, 1AF73E4F-AEE9-4CC4-8329-E94920…)

No. 1559114


No. 1559115

the sociopath part of me thinks that we should encourage castrating fetishes in transbians so that more of them go and yeet their balls. male behavior is always memeable with fetishes

No. 1559116

Do you have an ovulating/+fertile wife a lot of medical equipment and above average intelligence? You need some crispr shit too, to overcome genomic imprinting which makes the babies unviable. Try and create those purebred babies Nona

No. 1559117

This. Men willingly neutering themselves is actually a great thing

No. 1559125

Aw, I feel like this is a silly ban when it wasn’t even sharing milk, just a song.

No. 1559127

Idk my guess is just because pickles are good for replacing sodium and a lot of people who aren’t troons drink pickle juice for that kind of thing. They probably just latched onto it hard once it started becoming a meme for them and now it’s just part of TiM culture.

No. 1559128

This made me kek

No. 1559131

I’m crying nona. He probably thinks he looks like Mulan but he’s just an ugly Li Shang in drag.

No. 1559134

Are we actually going to pretend there aren't brown alt-right moids?

No. 1559135

Exactly and since troons are indistinguishable from regular men (idc if they’re mimicking women, that makes them more dangerous to me because they’re making me participate in their fetish without my consent), how am I supposed to know who is ok and who isn’t? If anyone can self-ID, who’s to say that woman in the VS example’s bf might just be genderfluid and we should play to his whims too. Their entire movement is stupid and falls apart every single day because there are too many holes in it.

No. 1559136

ew, i seriously do not understand what scrotes want when they selfpost, what on earth are they hoping for?

No. 1559137

God all these additional definitions and shit just cause more confusion to people. It’s like the lesbian flag debate, every time a new one is made someone comes along to find something “problematic” about it. This only happens to lesbians, why is “gay” not defined as “non-women loving non-women”? I mean we know why, but the more they try to come up with all these stupid definitions, the more confused everyone gets. There is a word for women who are attracted to other women. It’s lesbian. I’m not going to stop using that word the way it is originally defined, they can’t keep pushing people out of identities they’ve held for lifetimes now when they don’t even understand what they’re saying.

No. 1559138

Can we stop having this question asked every single thread??? It's impossible. It's not even remotely possible. There's no point even discussing it

No. 1559140

I love the laugh react. What a dumbass. I know this phrase gets overused but this really is a prime example of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

I’m honestly still not entirely convinced they wouldn’t try this with humans and sew an entire woman to a scrote who is attempting this. They really seem to hate women that much.

No. 1559143

Yeah no bro I don’t think that’s common among “cisbians” aka actual female lesbians.

No. 1559144

Probably humiliation fetish or to get material of the mean terfs for wherever they post their caps.

No. 1559146

Whenever I come across an adult tranny I encourage them to get the chop, they’re already infertile waste of men, why let them keep the dick? Men were literally only useful for that and they can’t even do that, just get rid of the moid at that point.

No. 1559150

Based, I’ll be doing this as well.

No. 1559165

God just be gay and leave women out of this shit.
kek nona, perfect!

No. 1559166

I found out somewhat recently that YTP creator DaThings trooned out as well. the reason why I found out is because his more recent videos started making insufferable references to "trans girl things" (ie. HRT, knee socks). it's very funny to me that I was able to clock someone from their fucking YTP jokes. but also annoying as fuck because this happens to literally every male content creator that troons out. suddenly they feel the need to inject their stupid troon jokes into everything and make constant references to the fact they're trans. I've seen this happen countless times before.

No. 1559177

>>1558719 Every single man I know that’s in a situation where they have access to vulnerable people are creeps.. A rule of thumb about men is: if he can (rape, murder), he will. Teachers, doctors, police officers, judges, politicians, emergency healthcare workers and the absolute worst offenders- morgue workers. Chills down my spine. That’s also why trannies are so exceptionally scary, they’re trying to ‘overcome’ the rational fear women have of them and that’s exactly what a predator does.

No. 1559183

We should all encourage the trannies we know to get The Chop. All chops matter, because it’s one less rapist in the world and god knows how many would-be traumatised women saved.

No. 1559186

File: 1655130751984.png (77.09 KB, 2262x476, "science".png)

I occasionally do surveys/studies for beer money and something I've noticed is the recent conflation of cis/trans people.

Typically I ignore it, but picrel is for a study on women's health. Wouldn't this sort of thing skew the results? I don't expect the trans population to be so big that it'll mess up the experiment, but it's like damn. Why incorporate a man's response in the first place? How in any way does that pertain to a woman's health? No wonder women's healthcare is so fucked. How unfortunate

No. 1559189

File: 1655130988305.png (510.44 KB, 1744x536, D7B2537D-B687-4AED-8D7A-F319A5…)

Idk if this story is true, but if so, based kid.

No. 1559193

File: 1655131215470.jpeg (199.66 KB, 1242x1823, A77495C0-48B4-4498-866B-9D6A94…)

Sir, what “yard work” are you doing in that fit?

No. 1559197

Based wife's friend's kid.

No. 1559198

Is he saying a child whose brain isn’t even fully developed isn’t a good ally? Oh my fucking god give your balls a tug

No. 1559199

That's called raising your kids right kek.

No. 1559217

shitposting kid is obvious not a 'good ally' I guess he expected the mother to suck his girldick in compensation.

No. 1559230

File: 1655133256513.jpeg (87.32 KB, 1259x120, 177FFC2E-AE13-4BBE-9769-22AFB6…)

I was reading Amazon Eve’s wiki page earlier and this made me laugh.

No. 1559238

sounds like that kid posts here kek

No. 1559280

Extreme doubt.

No. 1559281

I looked up the pic of the girl who made this tranny want to die and it was just a selfie posted on actuallesbians sub. It was also removed by mods. Guess they didn't like how this random lady almost made the tranny 41 with her deadly femaleness

No. 1559291

Based. But I wouldn't doubt if trannies are gonna want to exterminate children next since kids don't hold back on what they think.

No. 1559293

Where did you even here that

No. 1559299

File: 1655138414474.jpeg (227.5 KB, 1284x615, 77B0CE11-855C-49E6-B02B-DDBDE4…)

What does this even mean? What is this fetishist trying to say?

No. 1559302

File: 1655138581881.jpeg (261.21 KB, 1284x649, 8E2490B0-AF79-4E65-AC81-721513…)

I know a TiF posted this but since it’s in MtF and a lot of the answers are from TiMs I’ll post here. The answers are so stupid, they’re very adamant that there isn’t a real answer and that the legitimate answer of and “adult human female” is just a conservative thing.

No. 1559303

File: 1655138674736.jpeg (415.04 KB, 1284x834, EC8F8452-1E40-4632-BEEF-4AEC90…)

No. 1559304

Testosterone is measured in levels it should be between 7-24 for a healthy male. He’s at 3 waaaayyy under so he’s suffering healthy complications and emotional distress and wants to die.

No. 1559305

it doesn't even says "cis" so it kinda implies what it should (cis is the norm, a trans woman is different than a woman)

No. 1559306

if it's in ng/dl it means it's almost non existent in that troons system. medsperg inc
a woman has anywhere between 100-240ng/dl (could differ it's from the top of my head) testosterone and a man is considered low test if he falls into the 200 range. a young peaking scrote has 900-1200ng/dl. it lowers after that but most normal men have about 500-800ngdl. it's always been a theory of mine that most trannies are brain dead and insane because they are crippling their body by removing all the testosterone because they're scared of it, truth is that test is what keeps you strong active and sexually functioning. they are at levels where even women would greatly suffer because no doctor will prescribe the correct amounts of t blockers. because then they'd have to tell them that testosterone is not all bad, and we all know that if you drank that kool aid you don't want to hear that.
tdlr they're killing them selves in the most pathetic way ever.

No. 1559309

I see. He doesn’t have my sympathy.

No. 1559312

File: 1655139031326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 407.35 KB, 1080x2146, IMG_20220613_183557.jpg)

>i involuntarily broke tinder and it's now showing me people from burger/leafland
>this is what burgernonnies have to deal with on the daily
i want to log off

No. 1559315

This post just screams permavirgin “omg hons i was shaking all over my body for ten hours“ kek
Imagine thinking the definition “woman is an adult human female“ has anything to do with conservatism and not just common sense. No wonder trannies look and feel stupid once telling this to a normie face to face without the help of a block button.

No. 1559320

Why would anyone trying to find a relationship post an image like this? I mean. Ignoring for a second that I’m sure this dude is fishing for lesbians, why this pic? He just looks like a degenerate slob.

No. 1559321

File: 1655139339444.jpeg (25.32 KB, 304x228, 1F09C6AA-4829-4128-A02E-E5158E…)

>usually won't unspoiler pics from this thread, but anon says it's tinder, how bad can it be?

No. 1559322

On the plus side I just realized that all the normies browsing Tinder have to see this, there's no way it isn't peaking them en masse

No. 1559324

>the patriarchy needs to burn
motherfucker you are the patriarchy

No. 1559334

Some news coverage of that drag show held in Dallas where they had encouraged children to come. The giant, glaring neon sign that reads “it’s not gonna lick itself” is disgusting but not surprising.

No. 1559335

No. 1559354

Women have less social protections, less able to defend themselves and are expected to fit narrow standards they didn't even set for themselves. When you have so little role in how you live your life already as a women people feel free to treat you as someone with no autonomy and a doormat knowing there are no repercussions because you're not a genuinely respected and humanised member of society. That's why its important for us women to do whatever the fuck we want on our own terms and fuck shit up.

No. 1559364

It's not acting if you play yourself.

No. 1559385

Wasn't this troglodyte in AHS freakshow?

No. 1559391

Most unironically have a terf humiliation fetish kek

No. 1559393

If possible email the people doing the study and point how how stupid it is and that you wouldn't buy from them if they keep erasing women. Companies are run by money and reputation

No. 1559405

File: 1655143950807.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20220613-191031_Red…)

Is that hair or bogeys? Men are literal children.

No. 1559408

File: 1655144052422.gif (1.17 MB, 500x260, 51159D6C-A0BE-4E53-A0FB-6F8165…)

Yes indeed

No. 1559410

So gross. Dude could go get a nosehair trimmer at his local Walmart and easily deal with that shit. Even my straight as hell manly dad does that.

No. 1559413

Lowkey transbians make me insecure in my attraction to women. They're so fucking predatory that it makes me feel gross when I look at a woman and feel attracted to her. Why do straight men have to corrupt everything.

No. 1559414

Even if they did do that, I don’t know where you’re getting this from; the Y chromosome would essentially turn the organ off and prevent it from functioning like an actual uterus is supposed to. It would essentially just sit there, and not do shit because the chromosomes involved are not able to produce or create the right information to have it function like a females. The brain is heavily involved in sending signals for hormone regulation, and you cannot program it into doing so with pregnancy.

No. 1559418

I wish insurance didn't cover these procedures. It's unfair that other people have to help cover the costs of these optional procedures. It would be great if these trannies could get castrated and go bankrupt at all once lol

No. 1559421

Why? You're not a troon nonna. Your atrraction to women isn't scrotey and perverted. Don't feel shame. (sage non-milk posts also)

No. 1559427

The hoops this cock-sucking patriarchial world will do so that a mentally ill scrote can give birth on a whim, where there are women with real, not self-inflicted problems in need of genuine help (with problems we have the technology to solve).

No. 1559429

Agreed. I’m about to start not paying my taxes, fuck this.

No. 1559432

you would have assumed a dad/bro got breast implants as a fun gag/lost bet? bless your heart nonny.

No. 1559436

they might not be able to rape with their penises anymore but that doesn't mean they won't rape. remember rape is about control not just sexual gratification. please don't act like these men are any less dangerous, because they absolutely are not and every woman should be wary around them.

No. 1559438

All the unsaged posts from today are written in a similar way so I'm going to assume you are one person. Learn to sage.

No. 1559459

There’s numbers for rapists in prison I forget how many but it’s way too high of castrated men who rape with foreign objects once they lose the function of their penis. Removing it doesn’t stop them. I’m pretty sure it was almost half.

No. 1559461

like how they can get free FFS but extreme orthodontic issues are never covered under insurance and are called cosmetic even if they're impacting your life. my insurance won't even pay for basic glasses but implants for trannies are covered.

No. 1559463

This, and this is why I roll my eyes when they act like the post-op ones are safer. No, they can still harm me and still hate me just as much as the ones who kept their dicks.

No. 1559474

File: 1655147768562.png (1.03 MB, 1242x2208, 32ECFD80-53DE-44E9-A063-B2F90E…)

I’ve noticed an increase in the more blatant Mens Rights Activist talking points coming from TRAs. Lots of crying about misandry. These guys really can’t help themselves.

No. 1559488

File: 1655148472268.png (54.73 KB, 625x330, Eoz9RrfXYAAuX6J.png)

i sleep well at night knowing that i'm objectively right in hating men because they commit 99% of sex crimes and 90% of the victims are female. everything they do is just coping over the fact that they aren't women and that they are, statistically, sex pests. as long as they don't stop abusing us, raping us, killing us, misandry is justified. you can't identify out of the male crime pattern.

No. 1559495

are yavin and thiel anti trans or pro trans?

No. 1559497

Rape with foreign objects is actually the worst way since it's extremely easy to impale, cause fistulas or huge internal bleeding, and kill the victim. I don't think they should get the chop, they should all simply log off and do therapy for their sex addictions and fetishes.

No. 1559500

This man has been on Twitter since August 1, posting 5850 tweets in total. That's 18 tweets per day. Of course he's terminally online, and of course he's also autistic. Need I say more?

No. 1559503


No. 1559510

this retarded ass scrote posted this on reddit, asking if he sounds like a girl. of course he’s trying to sound like some kind of loli anime girl, no grown woman sounds like this


No. 1559519

This is by far the most retarded thing I've ever listened to. Women don't sneeze like that, if he did that in public people would certainly laugh at him.

No. 1559523

The “almost” worries me. I wish it was definitely or surely.

No. 1559529

I’m praying this is true, men need to go extinct before they annihilate the entire human race with their ape nature.

No. 1559539

Men’s spines would collapse. Their spines are not designed to move to accommodate a fetus. By the second trimester the weight alone of the fetus would kill them. That’s not including the protein left in the blood after a women’s pregnant that could poison a man. (How would he deal with any of it if the blood of a women pregnant in the last 5-10 years could make him seriously ill?) Their organs can’t move to accommodate, they also have no uterus. Even if you shove one in a man. It doesn’t connect to his nervous system. His brain has no idea what to do with it. Combine that with the high likelihood of organ rejection and it’s going to go septic fast. Rotting inside them. Or maybe go through an ectopic pregnancy you know the highly dangerous one that kills biologically women? (I’m joking a male Doctor from the UK said that.) either way even if you managed to get it in there. The suppression drugs and horse piss pills would poison that fetus. Likely leading to a birth defect that even in actual women would have a natural abortion from an unviable fetus. There’s no way to get it to work. It’s Frankenstein. They don’t even have the pelvis to birth or support the child. Our entire makeup is built to accommodate a child they would have to splice the male into a female fucking body for it anon. Please learn how your body works.

No. 1559543

still sounds like a grown man impersonating a child kekkkk this made my ears bleed istg. when you have no idea what real women actually sound like

No. 1559546

Sounds like a little boy mixed with an alien. Weird unnatural voice

No. 1559557

east asians think all other races are below them. white males are acceptable sex toys but that's about it. burgers really need to get out more.

No. 1559559

I’m sure a helpful hanmaiden would volunteer as a tribute, anything for the most vulnerable demographic on earth, right?

No. 1559561

gerard way is an egg. lindsey is the only thing keeping him from trooning out and never bathing again.

No. 1559563

fun fact, low testosterone can give men depression. that’s one of the reasons why troons are miserable.

No. 1559566

Sounds like the shit you would hear down a dark hallway in a house haunted by a mentally challenged boy that passed away in the 1800s in a horror movie.

No. 1559573

I am dumb as hell and was typing Sage into the subject line instead of the email one. So sorry, Mods please don't ban me.

No. 1559579

fertilizing his garden, unfortunately

No. 1559580

>It doesn't work with m/m because they were aborted at the gene stage ironically
KEK that's hilarious, why doesn't it work with them? I heard it's theoretically possible, but would require a denucleated donor egg to work

No. 1559587

And they want us to be fine with them in our spaces.

No. 1559589

Does therapy actually work for men like this? I mean people with extreme paraphilias and violent fantasies.

No. 1559595

This is true in a sense that if you’re not dressing or acting fucking weird no one will really care that you’re trans except loud boomers that love to scream at anyone who makes them uncomfortable. It’s the fact that trans people are so obsessed with being Visibly Loudly Trans. News flash, if I saw a woman dressed in stripey socks and cat ears in public I’d also cringe, and your average person will cringe more if the person in costume is fat and ugly. Therefore if you’re a fat dude in an anime outfit people will think you’re gross sorry.

No. 1559600

File: 1655156286305.jpg (504 KB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_20220613-172854_Boo…)

They're such AGP coomers

No. 1559604

Wait anon I saw this person last week. Like in a grocery store. They were.. just as loud

No. 1559605

File: 1655156509013.png (275.75 KB, 1492x998, Capture d’écran 2022-06-13 à…)

Woman doesn't really mean anything actually !

No. 1559609

Agreed. Dental care is healthcare. Misaligned teeth crack and rot inside, even in your twenties. Men wanting to jerk off is not a healthcare issue.
"breeding kink"
Another garbage male who will hopefully waste his twenties and thirties on this shit, then be left SOL as none of the women his age want anything to do with babies, and all the younger women have better options than a broke worn out fool.

No. 1559611

File: 1655157102073.jpg (397.33 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20220613-174936_Boo…)

So conservatards made you trans kek

No. 1559619

I want to rage so badly reading this shit. No one knows what a woman is until it’s time to shut one up or hurt one or rape one or murder one. Every person since the dawn of time has known what a woman is. We need to be able to actually define it for legislative purposes. Why should we kowtow to a few people who want to call it “chestfeeding” or “health for birthing bodies”. Do they know how dehumanizing that shit is? These scrotes don’t get it because that shit doesn’t affect them. They just want the label of woman to mean whatever so they can masturbate to the idea of being seen as one (and they know good and well what a woman is too).

No. 1559625

Doubt it.

1. Extreme/dangerous paraphilias are never an isolated problem. Men who have them are fucked up in other ways and usually are too stunted to commit to treatment.

2. Therapy for paraphilias isn't really well researched compared to other mental shit.

3. Mental health professionals are only human and it's difficult for them to hide their discomfort around rapists.

A lot of these men just see court-mandated therapy as a place where they can recount all their fantasies and the creepy shit they've done without any consequences, making their (usually female) therapist squirm is fun for them or whatever.

No. 1559632

I have a very mouse-y sneeze. Troons quit it. All fucking pedophiles.

No. 1559647

Coomers are obsessed with this infantilizing word.

No. 1559655

No they should all be put in a "trans woman" prison where they can go at each other and all the guards are male.

No. 1559665

If "woman" means nothing, then how can they emphatically say transwomen are women? If there's no concrete definition of the word, there's no way to define what or who is described by it.

No. 1559682

Males should be required to have male therapists.

No. 1559684

File: 1655161025969.jpeg (180.58 KB, 827x933, CD356555-560A-4E7D-ABCB-6605FD…)

the self vicTiMisation kek, when they could simply try just getting actual therapy and stop watching pornography

No. 1559685

Idk if this has been posted, but it makes me kek. Don’t worry about opening it, it’s just a parody of the animaniacs theme song.

No. 1559690

File: 1655161621160.jpg (2.23 MB, 810x6604, Screenshot_20220613-185710_Boo…)

55 y/o hon pilot believes he's stealth.

No. 1559700

Spoken like a true autist.

No. 1559703

Men who watch anime and play video games need to be avoided like the plague.

No. 1559707

I have mixed feelings for the poor Catholic women he's using and skinwalking. He's skinwalking her, pretending to convert to her religion, and the shitbag still treats her like a dirty secret whore and won't marry her or even admit in public that he's in a relationship with her. I know that feel. But at least she can cut her losses and run faster if he's not legally tethered to her. Being treated like the secret whore is such a common dirtbag male thing to do, it just shows that they can want to wear your skin and still treat you worse than a Victorian house servant.

No. 1559708

i'm so happy this pedo asshole castrated himself

No. 1559712

Oops. Rather, treating a perfectly fine woman like a dirty secret whore is such a common male thing to do.

No. 1559757

File: 1655166504970.jpeg (591.27 KB, 1284x1080, 0A70CF37-2602-47C3-B701-EF2DD4…)

They are OBSESSED with the mysterious and powerful female orgasm. It’s kind of hilarious. I’ve had extremely good ones before but jfc it’s an orgasm not a religious experience.

No. 1559770

The gaudy rhinestone princess pin on a 55 year old man…ew. I've noticed princess stuff and things meant for 5 year old girls is very popular with AGPs

No. 1559771

Ew you peaked me again. Princess stuff is used to attract and "connect" with children and women are less threatening. Perfect for pedos.

No. 1559772

>please learn how your body works
Nta but no need to get testy that’s more along the lines of understanding how a males body works and why it wouldn’t regarding pregnancy

No. 1559773

Do they really just ask the point of chromosomes? Is this real life?

A women is someone born with female genitalia, who surpasses puberty, and therefore has become a WOMEN.

All these troons are trying to define and oppress a group who already has had it hard from the day they are born. Being born with a vagina means you have to work twice as hard as those born with a penis. Yet some people with penises and inverted penises feel the right to tell women what it means to be one. Tell a born women she isn’t passible enough. A women doesn’t need to be passible, she is a women. It is a fact, and you can’t take that from her. How would they know what it is to be women? They haven’t experienced one thing women go through. Haven’t lived the struggle. Trans “women” have experiences no women can relate too, because women are not men.

No. 1559778

imagine if someone made a similar post towards other social justice movements lmfao.

No. 1559779

Yep, trans coworker ikr asks me about them and tells me about “her” full body experience orgasms since HRT. Sounds exactly like these fuckers. I try to tell her it sounds like it’s all in her head, or she is on drugs because what she is describing isn’t an organism.

No. 1559781

Woman is a collection of attributes that exist to make men’s dicks hard. That’s the unspoken definition troons have. Anything else makes you a non-woman. You think of yourself as a whole human being? Non-woman. You’re unsexy? Non-woman. Unfeminine? Non-woman. Don’t like misogyny? Non-woman.

No. 1559784

Assuming you’re a real woman, you’ll never be as predatory and depraved as a moid, even if you tried. Relax, it’s ok to be same-sex attracted.

No. 1559787

Masturbating to sissy porn and objectifying women to the point they’re nothing but a sexual fantasy you want to make your own hardly qualifies as self-discovery and self-acceptance. It’s pure escapism and delusion.

No. 1559793

It makes me so angry. Like you said, being born female means you pretty much already start life disadvantaged. Do they have anything to say for the girls who are killed in China because they weren’t born male? For girls who are forced to undergo FGM in unsterile conditions in parts of Africa? For girls and women who have to stay in menstrual huts because they’re considered unclean? I’m pretty sure in all those situations, it was clear who is the potential woman (I say potential since some of these examples were about girls). Woman is not some mystery concept that is a limitless void. Men have known all throughout history what a woman was when it was time to rape one. This wasn’t a question until the past few years, throughout all of human history. Even their beloved two-spirit examples they like to bring up in various cultures were all just effeminate men who would have been outcast from society had they not been forced into a third role. Those men still weren’t women. It’s fine to refer to a woman when you can use her and put her in her place, but if she ever tries to defend her womanhood, suddenly it doesn’t exist. When they bring up genetic outliers I find myself annoyed too, since people with DSDs are still either male or female. They aren’t another sex, and they’re still outliers. They don’t represent the majority of the population and have their own unique challenges that should be attended to. Even intersex people have been upset over this shit. I’m so exhausted. I wish this argument affected men just as much just so I could see anything actually be done about it.

No. 1559794

why does it call itself a twink? isn't it somethingphobic since hes a tim?

No. 1559800

I think this is from some delusional "women have life on easy mode" manosphere shit circa Y2K. It also pairs with the notion that the whole female body is an erogenous zone, and women could orgasm just from men groping their breasts or butt or hip or whatever. I don't know whose ass this bullshit originally came out of.

No. 1559804

> I wish this argument affected men just as much just
Wait until more straight men get raped by deception. Maybe then we’d see a shift. Although, most TIMs don’t pass well enough to attract anything but chasers and gay men who want to larp as straight.

No. 1559809

seen this trend where they go around calling themselves "fagdykes" or "boygirl" or any number of other stupid shit like that…

No. 1559810

Idk I’m just going to blame it on Freud kek

No. 1559812

Is it bad that I wouldn’t really care about that? I mean I would be happy it woke people up, but I feel like I’m becoming numb to male-on-male violence. Somehow it always gets blamed on women anyway, so I can’t feel bad for a man who can’t even clock a troon and then gets angry it wasn’t a woman he had sex with. They can handle that shit between themselves.

No. 1559816

If anyone has it, will someone post the original link to this study for my files? I hate saving screenshots with no context.

No. 1559826

File: 1655172409689.jpeg (245.34 KB, 750x1954, 550C2A45-8BDF-4229-A65E-0F4207…)

>I just look like a dude who has boobs for some reason
Ding ding ding ding ding!

No. 1559836

If he had any trace of female socialization, he would just wear the wig.

No. 1559852

File: 1655174672247.jpeg (596.54 KB, 750x2567, 836EDEA6-28AC-47FE-9709-B91631…)

They’re empty shells without their fetish, it’s fucked up. And this scrote’s poor wife is going to therapy to brainwash herself into accepting her new role as a living prop. Fuck this guy.

No. 1559857

love how he admits he was an ugly lazy unhygienic slob before but all of a sudden now that he is larping as a women he decides to finally put effort into his looks and hygiene
moids are pathetic

No. 1559863

They are. Like why don’t they ever try basic hygiene first.

No. 1559869

Catch the lack of female socialization. He admits he doesn't care about other people and can't be pleasant around them unless he's feeling giddy and smug about this fetish shit. Women manage all sorts of turmoil and pain with smiles on their faces, and male shitheads like this will just assume women have zero problems.

No. 1559885

So your wife wants to divorce if you go on HRT, but you think it’s a good idea to get her pregnant and have your child while your on HRT. Sounds like the most selfish shit I’ve heard in awhile.

No. 1559896

>the laughing reaction
Facebook can be dangerously based sometimes

No. 1559900

I think that idea was there since humanity started but seeing how many weeb troons are there Japanese porn plays a role for them. I saw a documentary once where a moid filming avs said that blurring genitals made them look for other ways to catch men's interest. Hence the screams, the pedo baiting and the actresses reacting to having their armpits gropped. As a teen I remember seeing an ecchi anime where a porn voice actress who got an orgasm from listening to the audio or sucking on a finger. Trannies watch that shit and believe that's real life and how they should act.
Notice the woman is in therapy and she is still being gaslit into being with this piece of shit. I hope she runs away before having a child with him. Let him rot alone.

No. 1559913

File: 1655179967164.gif (2.86 MB, 314x292, Proko and anatomy are terfs2.g…)

>They don’t even have the pelvis to birth or support the child
Allow Proko to demonstrate.

No. 1559924

No. 1559958

Why do their wives always stick around? I honestly cannot understand. It's fundamental incompatibility at that point. There is no way they're scared enough of getting "canceled" and being labeled a terf to stay. I'd move back in with my mom and start my life over if I have too and it would 100% be worth it.

No. 1559974

Shut up she's right. If you think there's a chance a male body could be pregnant in the future you can't hate on trannies for believing the same thing

No. 1559977

The same reasons women don't leave when experiencing other types of abuse. It's no coincidence that both trooning out and physical/emotional abuse begin or intensify with marriage and pregnancy (ie once they've got her trapped and vulnerable).

I don't think they're that worried about being cancelled, normies aren't very conscious of tranny nonsense and would agree it's crazy if confronted with it, but I bet there's an extra element of shame when it's your husband doing something so pathetic and gross. Like, imagine having to tell people you're getting divorced because your crossdressing husband demands you call him a woman and yourself a lesbian… they probably think it's possible to get him to come to his senses rather than go through with ruining their lives for his fetish.

No. 1559998

File: 1655186261450.jpeg (469.61 KB, 750x2193, 1EF785A3-ACE1-4C96-B393-CF3AB5…)

>why i, an imposter, can’t stop feeling like an imposter. why i, a man, can’t stop seeing myself as a man.

No. 1559999

File: 1655186378627.jpeg (428.18 KB, 750x1218, B2FB0A63-B9FA-40F1-804E-552A26…)

No. 1560008

actually nona, get this. i have a friend who works in the coffee shop of a hotel. a chef from the restaurant in the hotel decided to randomly go downstairs to the coffee shop to bitch to my friend for 45 minutes about how they decided to come out as trans to their wife, and that their wife wasn’t accepting of it. mind you my friend has never spoken to this freak a day in their life - not sure why they decided to trauma dump on friend, but whatever

fast forward and it’s a week later now. friend told me that the wife has officially kicked him out and he’s living in the hotel. kek. at least some of them stand their ground

No. 1560010

Probably a mix of genuine love, denial, and sunk cost fallacy. I mean, most men are depraved in the bedroom, and day-to-day talk up foolish unrealistic shit, like little kids daydreaming. One of my exes would talk about joining the air force to be a fighter pilot, even though he knew he had health disqualifiers. I would just grit my teeth, I bet his wife is the same way. "Is he really serious about this, when will he move on to the next fixation?"

No. 1560036

literally looks like when shrek got turned into a human

No. 1560070

You know what, that makes them thinking chopping off their dicks won't matter for cooming make more sense. They genuinely seem to think they'll still be able to coom just from touching their own silicone boob implants alone

No. 1560279

File: 1655203390384.png (1.01 MB, 640x853, d5212q26me591.png)

I wish womens subreddits that had potential to be cute weren't haunted by men

No. 1560281

They're so selfish. They know they're men, every time you pressure a troon enough they go "well of course we know we're biologically men duh, no one is denying that" (even though 90% of them do openly deny that) so why can't they just respect women's spaces and go to any other group that is open for everyone? Why do they have to be dickasses and go specifically for the women's spaces? They clearly aren't doing just for the sake of the content, hobby in this case, or they'd be perfectly fine in any open group. Troons are obsessed with invading women's spaces, both online and irl. They either want to sexually prey on the women, or they want sexual validation for their AGP fetish. Women consent to neither, so fuck off.

No. 1560318

Funny how I have shaved head and still manage to look like a woman, I sure wonder why that is!

No. 1560321

I see someone else already linked the study the data is pulled from. The screenshot is from Fair Play for Women, "Study suggests that transwomen exhibit a male pattern of criminality"

No. 1560326

sage for ot, but does anybody know where i can watch what is a woman for free?

No. 1560327

Odysee has a few different uploads. Just search there if this one gets removed.

No. 1560328

File: 1655213718436.jpeg (291.49 KB, 828x889, 0D6FC535-55FB-48F4-83FC-9E218A…)

No. 1560330

ty nonna

No. 1560331

>I had very low self-esteem and thought being a girl would be easier for me.
I literally cannot kek at this enough. Dude I assure you if you have low self-esteem the last thing you want is to be a woman because both men and some other women will eat you alive. Much better off being a shitty male because well, you’re male and automatically get benefits from that.

No. 1560333

It’s probably because they wanted some ~girl talk~ and see women as emotional labor machines. So glad his wife escaped, hope she’s doing well.

No. 1560335

File: 1655214492538.jpeg (415.05 KB, 1284x1144, 22C754CF-7525-48A0-96C2-E58D27…)

This fetishist is absolutely going to sexually assault a girl.

No. 1560339

File: 1655214858122.png (574.06 KB, 1284x1309, 5AC9084F-C444-4168-868E-F7BEEC…)

This whole thread is a (literal) shitshow, but I capped this comment in particular bc to me it really shows how they do not give a shit about the worries or fears women have and speak about until they actually see something that somehow confirms it or whatever. We talk so often about rape and trafficking but since it has nothing to do with them (or since some of them are perpetuators of it), they don’t give a shit. And I will say these signs aren’t everywhere of course, I’ve mostly seen them at places related to travel, like airports and rest areas. It just pisses me off that they don’t care about womens issues while they claim to be women. I hate them and their lack of empathy for women so fucking much nonas.

No. 1560343

File: 1655215042430.jpeg (789.62 KB, 1284x1560, 1958BCB6-0FC4-4FAD-9BCC-E97B59…)

Breeding fetish and/or pedo who needs to be kept away from children.

No. 1560346

oh god my plan was to send my future daughter to catholic private school to avoid all the bs in the public school system in the US…don't tell me the troons are taking that now too(derailing)

No. 1560349

why do men think they have to troon out to participate in crafts?

No. 1560350

Didnt expect to see moid in there

No. 1560353

no one calls them "ladydique" havers except themselves, puke. where is "mentally ill?"

No. 1560354

File: 1655215462188.png (5.16 MB, 1245x5565, D62790C1-C184-4C2E-A6EC-D5B78F…)

17 year old kid is being forced by his parents to wait a few months before starting transition. This is of course abuse to most trannies, though one tries to step in as a voice of reason and is instantly downvoted and I’m sure will be excommunicated soon.

No. 1560357

"We're not groomers!!!"

No. 1560358

i'm former anachan so this is hilarious to me it's like me bitching about my evil parents for not letting me get rib removal surgery at 16

No. 1560362

I will always hate these bastards that think that teenagers and kids should be allowed to do whatever they want. It’s all about having access to the child, not about what’s best for them. Honestly, if I was that kid’s mother I would tell him to either get therapy to deal with his underlying issues or leave the house because I wouldn’t be able to look at him self-destroying in the name of social contagion and coom.

No. 1560365

File: 1655215997145.jpeg (431.48 KB, 828x1354, AAFB27AA-0D7D-4050-86BF-2F82FD…)

replies are great.

No. 1560366

Same nona and it’s crazy how much your brain at that age makes everything so dramatic, ED or not (though the sort of delusions on how you see yourself with that and probably legitimate gender dysphoria certainly don’t help). I know people want to get on HRT early now but like, at least in the US you can’t even smoke or drink or vote or rent cars before certain ages. I don’t understand why they think teenagers have any sort of mental capacity to be making drastic life decisions at that age (but OT I’m also of the opinion that sending kids to college straight at 18 is stupid because most of them don’t know what they’re doing with that either). I feel like people would benefit from having some time of self-discovery while they start adult life tbh. As a teen every little problem seems like the biggest deal in the world, his parents are right for using their position to prevent him from mutilating himself early.

No. 1560367

File: 1655216082747.jpeg (260.93 KB, 828x753, 176A1761-7BB8-4DFD-8C74-BE3055…)

Nazis > TERFs, apparently.

No. 1560368

How dare feminists not want men to invade their spaces and mimic/mock our beings. How dare we use stupid words for them after being called bitch/cunt/roastie/femoid/etc etc for centuries. It’s almost like it gets fucking OLD and women don’t mind retaliating anymore. Men cannot handle any criticism or attempt self-reflection I s2g.

No. 1560370

File: 1655216656717.png (1.09 MB, 1284x2583, 1892A84E-9EFB-4377-A375-99A4EA…)

No. 1560371

you made it sound so easy before but this is hard

No. 1560374

File: 1655217011069.png (256.47 KB, 958x1335, ladydique.png)

I've definitely seen GCs using ladydique in jest or to taunt. It's like when they use 'stunning and brave'.

Creep. "Why would you attend catholic school?" because that's what consists of the typical schoolgirl fantasy and especially for troons who love invading boundaries - the bonerifficness of not only getting accepted into the all girls school, but the all girls 𝑐𝑎𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑙𝑖𝑐 school + the uniforms that get sexualized to hell and back.

No. 1560378

no nonna you aren't going to be extracting anything from your own bones from home.

No. 1560382

Trying to guarantee your kids get raped, huh?

No. 1560385

File: 1655217591687.jpeg (127.79 KB, 1242x512, 0D67ACBE-B0FE-47F6-8C4D-CBEBC3…)

why do they do this shit? and they wonder why so many people can’t stand them. idc if it’s a “joke”, this song dropped in 1985 and kate bush is 100% a terf

No. 1560388

>Narcissist troons out because he's jealous of his pregnant wife and young child getting attention
It's almost like they're following a script at this point. It's awfully convenient that they only realize they want to castrate themselves right after they've fathered children and trapped a woman in a commitment with them.

No. 1560392

Where's that disgusted sigh Scully picture?

No. 1560402

File: 1655218228117.jpeg (16.89 KB, 500x359, CC41C2A9-7A58-45E9-8A32-64AB90…)

this one? i imagine a number of nonnas here look exactly like this while posting

No. 1560407

in what world is extracting cells from a bone and turning them into something else easy kek

No. 1560413

File: 1655218905783.png (1.57 MB, 1170x3189, 71182A50-CB7F-4CF9-90C0-B437A8…)

Actual woman complains about stalking issue, this is a troon’s response. Regardless of how I other other people feel about OF/online SW shit, I don’t think any woman deserves to deal with stalkers or stupid ass troons.

No. 1560419

>Regardless of how I other other people feel about OF/online SW shit, I don’t think any woman deserves to deal with stalkers or stupid ass troons

This is literally the crowd online SWers cater to though, it’s depressing watching these women find out over and over that coomers are not good people.

No. 1560420

love how this retard put both AGP and Autogynephile and they're in two different sections.

No. 1560423

How about just man? It’s not a slur if it’s the truth.

No. 1560426

lmao as if

No. 1560430

And this is why bullying needs to exist. I hope the girls make his life miserable and socially isolate him. He deserves it for being an entitled shit colonizing the spaces of an oppressed class struggling with violent misogyny and institutionalized erasure.

No. 1560431

as in blackface I guess, never heard that one before though lol

No. 1560432

Really? People here say it all the time, it’s picked up in the past few threads.

No. 1560433

really? I must be blind, skinwalker is a similar term I see all the time though, missing from the diagram

No. 1560436

>"her parents are literally torturing and disfiguring their child!!!"
>gets a surgery which requires you to permanently dilate a wound in your body which some troons claim it's so painful it gives them ptsd. And in the best of cases you get a fistula that causes feces to go through the wrong whole and constant infections

No. 1560437

I hate how they refer to normal, healthy puberty as “disfigurement”.

No. 1560439

I really badly want a modern/more studies for this. Troons must have gotten more violent after getting free access to women's spaces.

No. 1560447

It's more specific than skinwalker. It refers to male entertainers clowning as women and taking roles meant for women.

No. 1560478

Where did they post it? Is this a paid sponsorship? I need the proof/archive to stop buying the tampax ones nonnies

No. 1560482

I don’t even think it just applies to the entertainers, but male troons as a whole tbh.

No. 1560491

I bet he went to the new gym specifically because there's mommy yoga there

No. 1560526

File: 1655226575144.jpeg (401.22 KB, 1284x874, 1E7069BF-F3C3-4C2F-B899-E5BE3D…)

Being a totes real girl for a month is so fun you guize!! I loved the part of my life where my body hair just started disappearing because women don’t have any.

No. 1560533

I mean true, can’t deny how tonedeaf men are, even when they’re ackshully women.

No. 1560536

File: 1655227049961.jpg (92.72 KB, 720x922, tampax.jpg)

you're late to the party

No. 1560561

Even if they go by this, wouldn’t it make way more sense for TiFs to be the people featured in the ads? Why moids?

No. 1560562

“People who bleed” kek literally everyone bleeds. It’s funny seeing what strange specific descriptions they make up for female exclusive things without saying woman or vagina. Just say some women don’t identify as such, they still fucking are able to menstruate because that’s how they were made, it’s not like normal women choose whether to get their period or not because it’s some identity feature

No. 1560567

File: 1655228555343.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2160x1122, 7E4B773B-7F2F-4201-95CE-6159D4…)

Something something man stereotype of using 2-1 body wash/shampoo/conditioner.

No. 1560572

>people who bleed

I don't get how people don't see this type of language and realize how dehumanizing and far from woke it is.

No. 1560583

I love straight men who troon out and then talk shit about their own kind.

No. 1560587

This is part of a concerted effort to erase womanhood & femaleness from language entirely. If these companies just wanted to be PC and acknowledge TIFs and enbies, they could say "women and other people who menstruate" or some other vaguely woke shit that still acknowledges their core marketing demographic. But no, "woman" must be erased entirely. Meanwhile you can turn on any ad for men's razors or cologne and they revel in celebrating maleness & masculinity. No "people who shave their beards" language, no problems saying "for men."

I think (hope?) it may be a blessing in disguise though, as the discrepancy has become SO obvious, and it's coming at a time when mothers have been forced out of the workplace en masse and women's reproductive rights are under direct attack. Normie women are already angry, and I think this attempt to erase them from public existence for the benefit of a tiny group will peak the fuck out of them.

No. 1560589

File: 1655229432556.jpg (88.26 KB, 828x893, FVOWsCkXEAE1L6i.jpg)

What?? Whos talking about CHILDREN getting pregnant?? And even if a minor is getting pregnant, that person is still a female, a girl. Might not be called a woman yet, but its still the same. Kids are not different genders than adults

No. 1560590

It's almost like we have the word "girl" to describe female children kek

No. 1560592

yes but they ARE female you fucking retard holy shit. Did they think they were doing something with this tweet? Nice fucking try pretending to care about young girls too when in the same heartbeat you'd also encourage them to cut off their breasts.

No. 1560594


Ladydique is a classic in some Terven circles because of Karen Davis's song.

No. 1560596


Tinder is for fucking, nona.

No. 1560600

PLEASE tell me you have spoken to HR about this disugsting tranny sexually harrassing you at work!?

No. 1560609

It's not even tied to the word woman to begin with, all mammals get pregnant, and the sex that gets pregnant in ALL of the species is the female one. Advocating for women to not be able to refer to female specific issues as such is not a flex, it's just perpetuating patriarchy and oppressing women and girls.

No. 1560612

>kids are not different genders than adults
Once again, troons and TRAs showing how backwards they are by seeing children as property and not human, just like the old days.

No. 1560617

But how will the AGPs survive if they can't masturbate to the thought of being pregnant if it's not a woman thing! Transphobic!!!

No. 1560621

samefag but is this a weird way to also justify TiMs referring to themselves as "girls"? gross.
also wouldn't surprise me if there's TiMs larping as pregnant teens, because troids are all disgusting.

No. 1560622

File: 1655230549690.jpg (139.91 KB, 958x913, troon amazon.jpg)

I don't know if this was posted in previous threads but holy kek. Now if only it wasn't just staged

No. 1560624

Sometimes I daydream about making a fake but realistic looking troon twitter account just to fight TRAs with their own hypocrisy. You know most handmaidens are walking on eggshells not to offend troons or be seen as an evil terf so pointing out their own terf rhetoric to watch their brains melt would be kind of fun

No. 1560625

Equating men with gender delusions to children who've been raped is pedo talk

No. 1560626

>people who bleed
all humans bleed though? but only women have menstrual periods. i guess they want to be inclusive of the insane trannies that think their rotting crotch wounds with blood and pus are somehow a "period".

No. 1560633

If you're planning to send a kid to a catholic school, don't have a kid.

No. 1560648

Oh. I guess I just love myself too much to know tbh. I don’t just fuck random people.

No. 1560653

because they are women. the only time tifs appear anywhere is when they get pregnant.

No. 1560656

Good for you nona! The hookup culture is disgusting imo.

No. 1560666

sage for blogpost but I went to sonic with my scrote yesterday and the checkout screen showed my server’s name, I think Madison or something, and I was almost laughing when this TiM server arrived and my bf started saying “thank you buddy, appreciate it man.” He’s not very well versed, for lack of a better word, on any of this gender shit and I swear I could see the server’s face fall when he was taking back the tray … what I don’t get is that he wasn’t even trying, literally sporting a mullet, choker, and simple black outfit, I understand maybe he was one of the more tame ones and not so flamboyant but of course normies like my bf are going to clock you kek sorry for wall of text just had nowhere to put this

No. 1560675

File: 1655235141020.webm (524.15 KB, 720x1280, foryou.webm)

No. 1560698

i’ve never bought a tampax product, but they also own the always brand apparently, so i’m never buying their shit again.

No. 1560700

Right? Why can’t they say something like “women and non-women who menstruate”. If TIMs think are women, they shouldn’t have a problem with the word woman being exclusionary, no one is stopping them from buying tampons and sticking them in their dirty assholes.

No. 1560704

>slendertroon when you fail to colonise 8/8 women's spaces

No. 1560706

my first jumpscare since 2008, amazing

No. 1560722

every once in a while on ovarit there are posts about what period product brands went woke so i recommend checking there. same goes for period tracker apps btw.

No. 1560731

File: 1655239204168.jpeg (75.44 KB, 828x278, 9F59D911-A551-47C3-A45F-C118DA…)

this has gotta be one of the first times i clocked someone from text alone. what kind of rapey language is this? “hold still” yeah of course its a troon porn blog

No. 1560736

No. 1560737

I swear you really can clock them just based on how they write or what they post. On the actuallesbians sub I have a 100% accuracy rate with clocking them once I read it and check their profiles. Even if they aren’t posting pics of anime girls or asking for headpats or “uwu are trans girls welcome here”, they ALWAYS just write like moids. There’s always a weird sexual undertone to their posts that none of the ones from real women have. It’s pretty astounding. They should start running their text through one of those things that shows how masculine or feminine it is and be amazed because they really can’t hide their natural degeneracy.

No. 1560739

I'm a woman, I wait for my body hair to disappear, too and for soft skin and for that cute girl inside of me… but please, don't let my hips grow any more, it would give those troons dysphoria and I don't want to hurt their feelings.

No. 1560741

It’s just a joke about catholic priests nonnie. Nothing that probably hasn’t been said before about sending kids to catholic school. I personally wouldn’t anyway because my parents almost sent me and every kid I know who went turned out pretty weird and fucked up, even more than public school kids.

No. 1560742


Please post some examples!

No. 1560745

File: 1655240104403.jpeg (733.37 KB, 1170x1162, B5E8405F-F0AB-4CCD-98DF-12F8C3…)

all that money and not a single future customer

No. 1560747

don't do it, don't even think about it, there will be better options than catholic private schools. Like nonna >>1560741 said, the kids turn out wired and they are fucked up because rape and catholic priests isn't really a joke, it's sadly the horrible truth, same goes for punishment by nuns. If you have children and love them, don't put them in religious bullshit and especially not in something run by the catholic church. You don't want your children raised by a system where moids have the whole power and women are only alive to serve.

No. 1560752

I think you've cracked the code.
The same for them pretending to be innocent, weak, sweet, clingy uwu. You have to be strong, men will coerce, bully, and take advantage of you in every way possible.
I wish more women would wake up to how nasty coomers are. It's not just a crush.
That's guaranteed to fall apart eventually due to apathy and laziness. At least another restaurant will be able to buy their truck from the IRS impound.

No. 1560758

I know what you mean. It's always sexual and/or unnecessarily violent. Or when they really try to larp as a girl they act too smol bean uwu. They never type like a real woman

No. 1560760

I’ll try to work on a collection for you nona when I see them.

No. 1560762

File: 1655241191681.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x1719, AA59B392-05F8-4B1C-A799-13CCC1…)

I wish I could roll my eyes through a screen.

No. 1560764

File: 1655241220374.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1284x2052, 7F127698-E6F4-4B2C-B08B-672325…)

Saw a specimen today.

No. 1560768

even as an androgynous amorphous blob, i knew this was a tranny from the front page kek. so repulsive

No. 1560777

File: 1655242744514.jpg (68.55 KB, 1116x820, l3rVAre.jpg)

the two short finger nails…i see so many transbians doing that now for "aesthetic" coomer reasons. those fingers are probably only going in his butthole.
picrel, the larp these tims do is gross.

No. 1560779

They always complain that cisbians never give them a chance so you know they're doing this shit in vain.

No. 1560782

You can see the fat sweat on his forehead, disgusting.

No. 1560787

In my country, catholic schools are just like public schools but they just read a scripture and made us sing hymns once a year. Some dude in regular clothing was our pastor or some shit and he would pray for us if we asked. You could refuse if you had another religion. That's really fucked that it's like that. I didn't even know. How the fuck is that legal?

No. 1560794

“I was trying to say that, really, a man and a woman can't understand each other because we are a man and a woman. And if we could actually swap each other's roles, if we could actually be in each other's place for a while, I think we'd both be very surprised! [Laughs] And I think it would lead to a greater understanding.”
—Kate Bush on ‘Running Up That Hill’

Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.

No. 1560804

Does any lesbian even do this? It looks ridiculous when you have long nails but a couple of short ones, like they broke or something

No. 1560808

File: 1655245181345.jpeg (887.93 KB, 2643x1280, 39507461-9341-4B66-AB38-7EDA1C…)

seeing how troon coomer artists draw themselves vs how they actually look like is so jarring kek

No. 1560810

Based. So fucking glad someone on Reddit has the balls to call out these freak AGPs

No. 1560814

I've seen that art before and those girls and I'll admit I thought they were cute. Sad to see the artist is a tranny. I should have known better. Why does lesbian representation have to be taken over by troons?

No. 1560818

Ironically one is a troon.

No. 1560827

File: 1655247274701.jpeg (655.49 KB, 750x1265, C64D8593-C269-4777-9D2A-2A8C5B…)

dat jaw

No. 1560833

File: 1655247665337.jpeg (132.33 KB, 828x977, 6BBA0203-6953-4722-88E7-EADF15…)

Rent free!

No. 1560835

File: 1655247812962.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 505.98 KB, 750x2189, D0213826-3020-4E3A-92EB-A01F7D…)

why does this guy keep posting photos of his puss filled ax wound? it looks like shit, worse now that he’s trying to dilate.

No. 1560836

Probably a fetish for him or just wants to be an attention whore

No. 1560837

Nonnies don’t unspoil unless you value your sanity. That is so disgusting. “Just like the real thing”! kek how the fuck is this “healing well”

No. 1560838

File: 1655247927382.jpeg (188.6 KB, 750x495, C175590F-22D3-43D1-B81B-264211…)

now they want to amputate their feet kek

No. 1560843

File: 1655248279705.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2232, B0EAA276-708B-4191-B7C4-959CE6…)

Based Switzerland

No. 1560849

Forcibly silencing women? How original

No. 1560851

File: 1655248606393.png (769.47 KB, 1284x1098, CAA92D77-0E54-4E99-9491-B45030…)

So, this person is actually a detransitioner who was MtF and made a thread about their experiences. I didn’t post it in the detrans thread for two reasons: 1) I don’t think they are a cow (idk though this is the first I’ve seen them 2) there are some replies from some well-known MTF cows including India Willoughby and Colin Montgomerie. Maybe more but I didn’t read them all. This tweet in particular about the surgery skeeved me out though. Sorry if my image is confusing, just wanted to highlight some of the higher profile troons discounting this person’s experience. Here’s a link to the entire thing.

No. 1560853

>For those speaking out against the design, Weiss said that they’re simply reading too much into it. He explained that it’s not an attack on any one person, but rather a statement against “rampant narcissistic hypersensitivity and the pathological lack of humor.”

No. 1560855

I support him. He isn’t wrong kek. These people have narcissism with no bounds. I love seeing people turn on them because nothing is ever good enough.

No. 1560862

KEK the amount of people who showed up to the event. i bet that troons are going to claim that this is ~literal violence~ against them tho.

No. 1560863

This is horrific. Crazy that some trannies mass-reported his thread to try and get it taken down. Do they think they're the good guys? It's like they want people to suffer with them

No. 1560867

They’d rather “keep the Nazis” because they were Nazis before trooning out. Of course they’ll always stick up for their fellow violent racist moids over icky women.

No. 1560869

File: 1655249572442.jpg (201.34 KB, 1072x1208, Screenshot_20220615-012851_Chr…)

Even AI knows trannies are fat ugly clowns kek

No. 1560872

File: 1655249779535.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 923.47 KB, 2368x1589, 5E72D6CA-825A-4971-B262-8A7733…)

a march for women's rights in Zürich, Switzerland where women are used to enforce male privileges, incited against each other, and to cheer for the death of women who think differently

No. 1560878

samefag but idk why this posted with a spoiler kek, it’s sfw i promise

No. 1560880

Not the hemorrhoids too…

No. 1560884

Screaming in swedish right now nonas

No. 1560887

This is such a perfect indication how the very concept of an actual has been dragged through the mud to such an obscene extent that you need to mental gymnastics any given situation that exclusively affects women as Aktschually not being about women at all. "abortion bans are actually about minorities" "domestic violence cases are actually about uuuuhm idk educated the man better. What did YOU do to him to make him beat you". Women are not seen as worth caring about at all because to these people a woman is their eternal, ontological enemy

No. 1560891

Probably just a misclick, I’ve done it before on my phone since the spoiler and reply button are so close. Don’t forget you can always delete the post and repost if you do it in a certain timeframe.

No. 1560892

Hope those get covered in poop from the fistula, also they never get nice nails

No. 1560896

Why the fuck would you mutilate your feet to go down ONE size when 42 EU is within the regular shoe size range for women?

No. 1560897

but if a real lesbian took a picture joking like this they'd ree themselves to death

No. 1560898

The lengths they will go through to wear us as what is essentially a costume actually scares the shit out of me. Like I know this is a stupid and foolish thing he wants to do to mutilate himself, but it’s just the entire concept that freaks me out. For me it is no different than those people who get their skin darkened or get procedures to make themselves look black or like another race/ethnicity (even Ollie London, I’m not Korean but if I saw that I would find it even more disturbing than I already do). I don’t see how this isn’t horrifying people on a larger scale.

No. 1560899

No. 1560900

Yep it’s only okay when they do it and fetishize lesbians, just like it’s only okay for them to have a genital preference for vaginas.

No. 1560904

Is this Dall-E mini? I tried to put “neovagina” but it didn’t work for me, it kept telling me to try later. Maybe I broke it kek

No. 1560905

I despise the condescending "educate men" bullshit so much there aren't words for it. Men have been educated, they just didn't give a shit. The only time they pay attention is when they can use some of the rhetoric against actual women.

No. 1560912

I bought Irreversible Damage and the End of Gender after seeing this last week. Thanks for the publicity, troons!

No. 1560919

File: 1655252955439.jpeg (157.45 KB, 750x498, 688D7265-5C6A-4978-9240-450A4A…)

This is why we can’t give them an inch. There’s no compromise to be made with people who want to deny reality. They can’t be women or trans women or anything containing the word woman. They’re men, no matter how they feel or how they look.

No. 1560941

File: 1655254635535.jpg (354.98 KB, 600x2891, 1655230108173.jpg)

No. 1560948

>fuck everyone who let this happen
I mean, they stay in their own bubble so it's kind of their fault for covering their ears like a child and screaming at the top of their lungs when you try to give them facts. But what does this mean when more start waking up from their own delusion in large numbers? Especially the teens who will grow out of it?

No. 1560951

File: 1655255313168.png (2.71 MB, 1542x1638, 1655061753766.png)

I forgot which thread I got this from the other day kek

No. 1560959

Is it really a TIM or just an ugly-ass doll the troons decided was a TIM?

No. 1560964

Thanks nonnie. I wanted to do that but didn’t have time early. Appreciate it.

No. 1560965

Also they weren’t born with the “wrong genitalia”. They were born as humans the same way as the rest of us, they just happened to develop as a male in the womb. There is no “right” or “wrong” genitalia or body, unless you want to make an argument over DSDs or whatever but I’m just talking on a broad scale for people who developed normally. I hate this “born in the wrong body” shit so much. Like, was I born in the wrong body because I don’t have super model proportions and suffered from body dysmorphia as a teen? No, even if I may have felt that way then. I just needed some therapy to work through my issues and now things are fine.

No. 1560969

This is true and nayrt but honestly I do find great fault in the doctors who play Mengele with this shit. It seems that many of them don’t even provide fully accurate information about what they’re doing to their patients, and this is a huge violation of the Hippocratic Oath imo. This is why I tend to side-eye plastic surgeons in general apart from the ones that require psych evals for their patients or do reconstructive work.

No. 1560973

I don’t remember what the entire article said but I kind of felt it was made to represent the entirety of modern day queer culture. Which like, as a B, they aren’t wrong. The community is fucked because of scrotes in general, but particularly male troons.

No. 1560977

File: 1655257378071.jpeg (327.45 KB, 750x1132, 036A35DC-3484-443D-9989-A33D0D…)

Women stop complimenting men challenge.

No. 1560979

File: 1655257527494.jpeg (423.15 KB, 750x1114, D085D9F2-04CF-40BE-AEB3-43FE0D…)

why can’t we even hate them shits without giving them a boner.

No. 1560990

Men have astoundingly found a way to get off from anything and everything.

No. 1560993

I agree but a lot of people (mostly scrotes) are legitimately mentally retarded and should be under full time care, society shouldn't have gotten to a point were severly mentally ill people cAN pay professionals to hack and mutiliate their body, this world is beyond fucked.

No. 1561010

File: 1655259224374.png (841.49 KB, 1096x1098, please shut the fuck up.png)

jesus christ i hate this motherfucker. troons, male troons, in the USA are the safest people living the best lives in the world and they're all convinced we're in the eNd TiMeS and ALL IS LOST and everything's sooo horrible and the mental stress is sooo triggering every day. fuck off mannie honchansky

No. 1561015

How very male. Lmao yes that’s what TERFs really want, to participate in your violent sexual fetishes kek

No. 1561033

The fuck are those nasty soyface mouths and expressions? Is this the cultural impact Rick and Morty left on those retards?

No. 1561035

They all look like the seething /pol/ incel meme

No. 1561045

File: 1655261628958.jpeg (857.33 KB, 750x1108, A1E5B74E-0390-4BCF-A0AA-025E9E…)

Nayrt but here’s a good example, they’ll always be men

No. 1561049

I have heard something like this before, like it feels… hard? when it’s aroused. but idk if that was the reason specifically, or it happened with every kind of surgery

No. 1561057

File: 1655262005266.png (459.54 KB, 400x533, 9B69EAFF-9FC3-41AC-BB6D-DB872C…)

Literal filth

No. 1561073

they dress like prostitutes because they think all women are prostitutes

No. 1561074

If you play smash bros with any man and actually win because it’s not that difficult if you’re not an emotional angry mess, they may want to fuck you but they won’t be fucking you, they will be fucking a monolith of their immasculinity and it’s not satisfying. Fucking at all. Not speaking from sexual experience, just vibe experience and men are the worst losers on the planet despite being the worst players unless they psychotically put their ego, dignity, and humanity on the line, lose it all, and may implicitly threaten you if you don’t let them win.

Like bitch maybe your violence is the issue not people with xx chromosomes god damn. I don’t see how they want to be women but dehumanize and alienate the concept of being a woman more than regular misogynistic straight dudes.

No. 1561080

do most anons not like to drink/go to bars? or concerts, or your popular male friend's backyard party?
i live in a brokeass former industrial city with too much meth and i've never had an issure meeting women. yeah i spend a lot of time outside of my house, and i get not everyone has the energy to do that. but my hangouts and social groups are all dive bars and i've never had tinder or other online dating, and get the same amount of sex and relationships as my friends do, while never coming across any transbians.
you probably don't need to have these apps, anons.

No. 1561084

Paul Dano with pink hair on the left

No. 1561086

>cinderella surgery
>feminizing procedure
Worthless scrote, why don't you just bind your feet lotus style and hobble yourself that way instead. Then you could larp women's oppression even more accurately!

No. 1561092

No pretty sure that’s just male inability to dress his own dumb fuck ass self

No. 1561093

File: 1655264484885.jpeg (449.61 KB, 1069x2725, 54F189C6-6C8F-4F83-88C2-9D4070…)

Fixed it.

No. 1561096

God I bet they really would get off to that.

No. 1561125

It shouldn’t be called “Cinderella” surgery since she already had tiny feet, the real name should be “shitty step sister” surgery.

No. 1561129

There's something very funny about moids comparing themselves to the wicked stepsisters who cut off pieces of their feet in order to trick the prince into thinking they're Cinderella.

No. 1561132

Imo he has all rights to be angry (as long as it's directed at right sources and not women, radfems and terfs). Sure, he made his bed and now has to lie in it, but I wouldn't blame him for being angry at the trans cult. The way it works is nuts. If they as much as see you looking at opinions they've deemed wrong, they attack you. They isolate you by warning others about your "problematic" behavior and while getting away of those circles is good for people, it can feel extremely scary if they're all you have in your life. And even worse, they start to spread lies about you that might damage your career and relationships, even destroy them completely. They really do act like a cult in lots of ways and it's just toxic and downright abusive, so even learning about new points of views can be hard. Let's not forget that Rowling hate didn't even start at her saying anything. She was called a TERF for liking a tweet by someone they dont like.

This is not to say anyone needs to feel sympathy for this man or any detransitioners, since in the end, no one forced them to do it and tbh women have enough issues of their own to deal with anyway. But as someone who was really heavily invested in these circles and almost started medical transitioning, I know what they've gone through. Sure women usually troon out as a way to escape the struggles of being a woman while men mostly troon out because of a sick fetish so it's not really the same, but I can still feel for him. That community doesn't even allow you to doubt or question your own feelings, as soon as you even mutter that maybe you're not actually trans you get pressured into suppressing those thoughts. And if you start regretting HRT/surgeries, you're automatically a terf aka worse than Hitler.

Sage for sperging but I'm just really happy he's talking about it how it is and people are listening. Also he's making troons seethe so there's that as well.

No. 1561135

I don’t feel bad for him because he should’ve known better, he’s a grown ass man, he was at least 30 fucking years old according to his “almost 3 decades” of penis having, and he decided to fuck himself up because some other retarded men told him that it was totally a great idea.
If he was still high on attention and updoots, he would be the kind of bastard that would threaten any woman that crosses his path by being aggressive, he would still fetishize us, I don’t trust trannies even if they’re regretting their choices, they still chose what they wanted even if they were grown ass men.
I could cut some slack to the young groomed kids, even those who just reached their 17s or 18’s because nobody suddenly truly matures until some bad shit happens.
But if you’re 30 years old, or even older, and you don’t have any bullshit sensors, then hell, that’s a very sheltered fucking life if I say so myself, just imagine being over 25 years old and believing in what some bozo with a fucking picrew icon says about becoming the opposite sex by taking magical pills and chopping some healthy parts off your body, dusty brained people, for real.

No. 1561141


No. 1561175

I meant pus. There’s clearly no puss to be found here kek

No. 1561196

Sage for OT what’s the link to this website?

No. 1561201

No. 1561204

fucking gold, could not have named it better

for non-swede nonas "bög" means "gay/fag" in swedish

No. 1561212

sage for slightly off topic but I hate how these troons have taken over lain and claim her story to be a trans allegory. can we take her back and make her /ourgirl/ instead?

No. 1561214

Troons all claim it's informed consent so it's ok, but it's not even informed consent if the patient doesn't understand it. It's like asking small clueless children if they like a funny cartoon picture of hitler and then accusing them of being a neo-nazis when they says yes. They don't know who it is or what it means just because you're asking. Troons don't know the risks because the whole community is lying about it, pretending to have great orgasms, functioning like a real vagina, the gynos and cis lesbians couldn't even tell, they now have a real period, saying being on meds for the rest of their life isn't a big deal, and telling the people with complications who dare speak up to shut up. The doctors know there's a 99% risk of fistulas and complications and that dilation is going to be literal hell for the rest of their lives, they don't care as long as they get money.

No. 1561215

File: 1655278372628.jpeg (565.56 KB, 750x1141, 4BC67E44-382A-4EA8-83A9-4E9D03…)

dead inside, lights are on but nobody’s home.

No. 1561217

the first one looks eerily similar to a tim enby i used to know kek

No. 1561220

File: 1655278671277.jpg (145.33 KB, 1200x800, regina-george-mean-girls.jpg)

so you agree? trans women aren't real women?

No. 1561234

File: 1655280800242.png (609.04 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220615-070317.png)

Anyway… New poll shows most Americans don't want troons in women's sports. Looks like the tide is turning. Good job Tervens.

No. 1561235

"I was promised anime girl transformation, not neanderthal transformation"

No. 1561240

File: 1655281385472.png (Spoiler Image, 654.88 KB, 540x719, Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 04-13…)

not an mtf but
6 months post op - Phalloplasty with urethral lengthening, scrotoplasty and no vnectomy

some weirdo on lgbt posted the first stage of phallo which looks horrific to stir shit up but the end result is not exactly worth it either. So many of these gals hate the feel of testicular implants/ suffer life-altering side effects.

No. 1561241

haha boys = cool and quirky and girls = boring lame karens

No. 1561242

and all T did for her is give her really thick & dark body hair. she either didn't weight cycle or weight cycling didn't work. so if you have grs you'll basically turn into a living femboy fetish for p*rn addicts if you have an hourglass shape.

No. 1561243

There’s a FtM thread just fyi.

No. 1561244

Except the appeal of a femboy is that he's a man, TiFs have 0 success as femboys despite constantly trying to market themselves as femboys

No. 1561247

do you think that normal men would find a woman who voluntarily opted for fgm (sewing up the vag) sexually attractive? p*rn addicted freaks is all she's gonna attract.

No. 1561263

Nonas, enter at your own risk. You may need eye bleach afterwards


No. 1561276

File: 1655286292734.jpg (1.06 MB, 810x3185, Screenshot_20220615-052608_Boo…)

TIMs going mask off MRA in the comments kek:

No. 1561277

File: 1655286325813.jpg (209.11 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20220615-053140_Boo…)

No. 1561278

>a stump that twitches

holy shitt, never seen this mentioned before. They really are all just lying and memeing themselves into mutilation and somehow blaming all the people who told them not to do it for their inevitable suffering.

No. 1561279

File: 1655286440612.jpg (296.75 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20220615-053306_Boo…)

No. 1561283

what? your supposed friend is saying "you're lucky not to have to deal with this pain (and you still have/had the ability to have biological kids without it)"
And he was like "I have absolutely no compassion for your pain, I don't care about having kids I just want it for my pregnancy fetish so I will be needlessly aggressive towards you"

No. 1561310

We're autistic anon

No. 1561311

this is a really great thing to do if you want to be more suicidal. render yourselg an invalid like Chinese women were during the hundreds of years which foot binding was a thing because of insane inequality between the lower and upper classes (having a crippled wife was the status symbol in China!). When women's handicrafts or domestic labor reduced in value b/c of the industrial revolution the practice gradually died out.

not even a lesbian but I wish him a very happy die :)))

No. 1561313


a known side effect of grs is loss of sensation. hrt kills libido. these men are either
b)insane & genuinely deluding themselves into thiing that f'ing up their body has increased sexual satisfaction

No. 1561315

LiVeD ExPeRiEnCe only applies when it suits them. Now they're all about muh transition scientific facts

No. 1561316

they have to delude themselves because facing the fact that they have ruined their previously healthy bodies for nothing would be too painful

No. 1561332

File: 1655293263182.png (192.49 KB, 1427x815, uifw.png)

Saw a sad pick-me or LARPing tranny on /lgbt/ talking about how they relate to trans women due to being unattractive. One tranny still attacked her for "having a fertile womb". Narcs are never pleased, I guess lol

No. 1561336

So fucking gross. Reminds me of the screenshot from that troon in an older mtf thread who was saying something along the line that his neovagina gets slimy when he's eating because he got the surgery that has the colon tissue or whatever and apparently that's what your colon does when you're eating to help facilitate digestion, is produce some slimy stuff. his neovag was producing smelly digestive colon slime because his body recognized that he was eating. And then the troons that complain about the shaft hair growing on the inside of their rot pockets. But they say its just like the real thing kek

No. 1561338

This works fantastic as tranny-hate fuel. I relate heavily with the girl in the post and I did actually empathize with troons for the same reasons at a point in time. No matter how much understanding you give these freaks they’ll still completely and utterly despise you.

sage for blogpost

No. 1561340

kek at the “deranged rants about cis women”. Moid moment

No. 1561343

Trans allegory my ass. Men see a complex female character and think she has to be male. I love lain and I related to her a lot as a kid, and I would love to keep the franchise away from moids but I'm afraid creepy weeb men who spend their lives online claimed her way before trans was a mainstream thing. Or, well, the tims are the same men so nothing changed. Now they simply started deluding themselves they can relate to a girl.

No. 1561347

File: 1655295056763.jpeg (488.1 KB, 2285x1748, 93E4D867-0C8B-4CCE-BE86-40AA6B…)

spoken like a true male. this man is cope personified

No. 1561351

how come literally any and all things real women experience must also somehow apply to trannys and yet when some sad femcel posts about relating to trannys in any way due to being ugly or rejected by society she is reeee'd at for appropriating muh transfemme experience

No. 1561358

i'm pretty sure j.k. rowling doesn't care about some mentally ill bastards sex life who castrated himself

No. 1561360

is that a wig i see


:| neither look good to me and i don't have a vendetta against gender larpers

photo's also washed out & filtered. fried hair-chan's teeth look bad. they look poor, which…is not good.

No. 1561362

I'm pretty sure she's talking about the drawing

No. 1561365

the art's not the kind that i like, either. looks too "uwu smol bean to me". idealization of that kind creeps me out. like the people who draw cutesy obese characters when irl, obese bodies are nothing like that.

No. 1561366

They'll always just view women as a collection of useful parts.
Same. I had a really ugly phase before my face finished growing, so I empathized with troons. Then I saw how they act just like the shittiest men.
This is the thing that convinced me that the FEMALE REPRESENTATION crowd is delusional about media starring female characters fixing the male audience. These geniuses can watch literally thousands of episodes of cartoons about girls, and they still completely lack empathy for real women and girls. Shit, just look at how many psychotic troons were bronies a decade ago.

No. 1561370

File: 1655297802976.jpg (163.6 KB, 1080x747, Screenshot_20220615-085444.jpg)

why is this guy applying liner like an inch above his lip?

No. 1561371

I guess ratios don't cure the degeneracy within

No. 1561374

Integrate and learn reading comprehension newfag

No. 1561377

Tim's always ragging on about srs surpassing god's design as if having a an anal fistula is some sort of gift. Wow your prostate gives you pleasure? Cool, I don't have one because I'm not a fucking man and all I need is what I was born with to feel pleasure. It's such cope lmfao.

No. 1561381

Do we ever know what happened to the fanny farting tranny who was struggling with his fistula? Did he die kek

No. 1561383

Fanny the tranny has a thread on kiwi. He locked down and disappeared after he realized it. They did manage to find his new account tho, hilarious. No idea whatever happened to the fistula. Sadly still alive

No. 1561384

And I’m supposed to feel sorry for him…why? I hate these incels who think women live on easy mode and have no issues (news flash, some of the things he mentioned happen to women too, we’ve notoriously had shitty medical care because people don’t take our pain as seriously and most med studies have focused on men). Also like, some women do get rejected by their families (not for playing pretend like him, but for being same-sex attracted). Idk why he assumes all women are a monolith who’ve never had problems before. Getting this body “for free” has been a burden for most of my life. Even as a child men treat you differently for being female, it only gets worse when you start hitting puberty. I’m honestly convinced most of these moids couldn’t last a day living as a real woman, because they don’t seem to understand how traumatic it can be sometimes, and they never will due to their socialization. I have zero sympathy or empathy anymore for these fools when they’ve brought this shit upon themselves and can’t seem to fathom having empathy for us. I literally just don’t care anymore.

I’m sure he is a scrote who has always made fun of girls and women for having periods too and probably called them gross growing up. I’m also sure he’s seething inside because he can’t experience it. They want to wear us while simultaneously hating us beyond reason.

No. 1561387

Its strange how the biggest group of oppressors (white men) want to larp as uwu so oppressed minority group all of a sudden. Really activates the almonds

No. 1561388

I can’t even listen to this dumbass because everything he says reads as major attention whore. I think his parents really didn’t love him or something. When I see his name my mind just goes into static mode because he’s like an annoying little fly.

No. 1561389

?Sadly still alive?


wtf, man. what has he done to you?((╯⨪⩜⨪)╯)

No. 1561392

This, she probably is just like. Okay? And walks away from the screen. It’s obvious they’ve stopped getting under her skin because the most she does is reply to one with something witty every now and again out of boredom. Like she has too much other shit going for her to focus on another scrote being perverted in a sea of millions.

No. 1561393

What is with the emojis? I’m glad people are coming to this thread but this is how you get banned. Lurk for a while or read the rules or something first.

No. 1561394

is this a /tttt/ raid?

No. 1561395

I agree so hard on your last point. I hate how any cool female character is now being transed because no woman is intelligent or strong or badass of course. I won’t go off on it since we have a thread for transed characters but god it gets annoying.

No. 1561396

i hate how every single fandom is infested by troons. it's impossible to like something without them screaming about how so and so is trans.

No. 1561416

I thought this was a metaphor on how they lie to themselves about being women to cover up their mental illness, emptiness and degeneracy. Hearing straight white troons complain about the world makes me eye roll because everywhere the go shortly becomes a hugbox.

No. 1561423

File: 1655302116710.jpg (607.32 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20220615-100538_Fac…)

Of course he waited until her trapped her in a marriage to Troon out. The supportive comments absolutely disgust me.

No. 1561428

Immediate annulment

No. 1561430

That is beyond fucked up. If you have any sort of life-altering things to tell your partner and you can do it before being married, you fucking do it before and don’t trap them with you. I hate men so much.

No. 1561431

On the fucking honeymoon, it's always the way - when she's pregnant, just gave birth, after getting married, on the honeymoon, whatever point he thinks he's got her trapped

Reminds me of the other moid behaviour which is to try and ruin every special occasion by creating drama on that day (e.g. christmas, birthdays, etc) but dialed up a few notches.

No. 1561436

File: 1655302473647.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2134, 1493E654-78CD-49DC-ABC7-B14336…)

Legit what is wrong with them

No. 1561441

>I’m honestly convinced most of these moids couldn’t last a day living as a real woman,

They'd spend the first few weeks jacking off at all the gender euphoria and scrote approval, then when being considered a full-time hole and subspecies kicked in they'd neck themselves, men have no idea

No. 1561443

File: 1655302785227.jpeg (359.89 KB, 1284x1162, A52EB04A-7F27-4221-8F6D-8077C5…)

Dude you’re never going to obtain “Pixar mom hips” no matter what you do.

No. 1561445

File: 1655302854032.jpeg (715.64 KB, 1284x1201, 0497440E-8943-42D4-967F-4FE65C…)

Someone needs to tell this man it’s okay to be gay.

No. 1561449

File: 1655302957262.png (3.16 MB, 2270x1484, 94985C7D-E5F1-407B-843B-300985…)

No. 1561450

Troons leave a smear of jizz and feces over everything they touch. One thing that brings me a little joy is how they ignore older nonsexualized series. Even with "retro" trending, they don't have a genuine interest in the things girls liked, unless it's easily jerked off to like CCS or SM.
I feel for these women. You get trained your whole life to think that finding a moid is how your real adult life begins. You probably have to deal with at least one LTR blowing up, or he ghosts you instead of proposing. So when any man agrees to marry you and goes through with it, you overvalue it to a ridiculous degree.

No. 1561451

File: 1655303118560.jpg (25.65 KB, 300x300, e8a.jpg)

>I've also been jealous (…)
>i always wanted what they had that I couldn't

No. 1561453

Yeah it’s pretty funny. Very easy to clock troons based on the things they like, not just with anime but games and other hobbies too. I know for sure I’m more likely to find a TiF enjoying things like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley and knitting or other crafting hobbies. Meanwhile, scrote troons will be busy playing FPS games while cosplaying as ~girly~ twitch streamers or going to the shooting range. It’s just funny because they try so hard to subvert expectations but in reality they just solidify them.

No. 1561458

The way Twitter works for huge accounts like Rowling's, (as I found out a couple of years ago when replying to something, getting a small amount of engagement, then silence) is you have like a 15 minute window where your reply might be seen by someone opening the thread or its replies, and if it doesn't get enough engagement (particularly from blueticks) it actually vanishes off Twitter entirely, and is not accessible anywhere except your own page.
You can prove this by searching rowling's username and any of the random insults she gets barraged with, that we've seen screenshot compilations of - say search 'rowling girldick' - almost nothing will come up, though we know she's been tagged in thousands of posts like that.

So the vast majority of shit people tag her with, quote tweet, or reply to her with will never be seen by Rowling herself, or anyone else. I'm sure she has tagging filters on too, so she only sees bluetick @s, they can ree into the night about their sex lives to a children's author but nobody is listening kek

No. 1561460

File: 1655303516929.jpg (583.65 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220615-145005_Twi…)

Tweet by jk back in march with a great article around the cotton ceiling + predatory troons.

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/1530867304052973568?t=qBySrIA7NO8ZZerYqm2nCw&s=19

No. 1561468

wtf has happened to men's brains where I want to fuck men suddenly catapults into I want to be a woman like homosexuality exists, and I'm sure is legal in whatever country they are posting from, just fuck some men.

No. 1561470

Oh interesting, I never knew that. So they’re just screaming into the void for nothing.

No. 1561473

hsts are only attracted to heterosexual men. what they don't realize is that even if they transition no heterosexual man would want to be with a troon.

No. 1561476

They don't want to fuck men as a man, they want to fuck men as a woman. Same thing as that TIF that got really offended her girlfriend "saw her as a lesbian" and was depressed she couldn't stick her clit in her

No. 1561481

But isn't that part of the mental illness. The sense of delusion for these men and women of wanting something they can NEVER have or be able to do?

No. 1561483

No. 1561485

So I'm curious. Do any of you have surefire ways that help peak people when it comes to the trans ideology?

No. 1561488

That’s not a marriage baby. That’s an annulment baby!

No. 1561489

Just ask them "what is a woman?" Thats literally it lol

No. 1561492

i don't think there is one way, because there's no peaking handmaidens or trannies themselves. it depends massively on who you are talking to.

No. 1561493

most people disagree with tims in women's sports and prisons so i usually bring those things up. it won't work if they're already brainwashed though.

No. 1561499

Idk but the first thing that ever started to peak me personally was seeing posts of TiMs saying they were socialized just like women while simultaneously having lived life as a male for 35 years or whatever (and it being quite apparent through their tone and behavior). You might be able to use something like that as an “in”. It made me think about all the misogyny and creepy sexualization I received as a child and adolescent and I knew for sure that those men couldn’t relate to such things. Even ones who were sexualized or hurt as boys by men still can’t relate to it in the same way that it happens to a female child. Not to mention that the way girls are treated as they approach and go through puberty is filled with shame while boys are pretty much expected to thrive and act on any urges they have.

No. 1561500

I knew for sure that YouTube anime transbian was a troon as soon as he did a video about how strange and funny some Oedipus complex manga was. Almost nobody female is going to spend hours on some obvious male fetish bait, even the relatively work safe ones. He also called some shounen drama a shoujo series at some point, so he can't even differentiate between a male gaze romance and a female gaze romance.

No. 1561501

File: 1655305833168.png (69.08 KB, 590x656, bra.PNG)

Respoting for better formating and auto-translated but local troon e-begging for bras and even underwears because he is broke and it's expensive despite having no problem to throw money at idol gachas, regular bubble teas and cosplays.

No. 1561503

How the hell is underwear expensive? Does he need sexy Victoria's Secret ones or whatever?

No. 1561507

he just gets off on the idea of wearing used underwear

No. 1561513

Another thing is how girls act on their shame. A lot of men act like boys go through the same exact things, but they obviously don't. Compare all the shit tween girls do and go through, compared to how many boys do anything at all for their bodies. They grow up fatter and in worse shape than women, and it's all downhill. They don't even try to stop all their hair from falling out.

No. 1561517

Uh. Yeah, no. They can buy their own if they want to indulge in their womanface fetish.

No. 1561519

Yeah absolutely. Teen girls are basically still kids but are expected to perform femininity standards in order to basically sexualize themselves further. Removing body hair, going on diets, being expected to wear makeup or risk getting told their ugly/sick/tired. Meanwhile most men don’t even engage in the most basic hygiene. They expect women to be completely hairless, trimmed, perfectly designed for their pleasure but do nothing to even make themselves attractive to women.

No. 1561527

More like ”Can my biology prevent me from growing pixar hips?”

If they are this fucking retarded to think this is how anatomy and growth works, which they are, I’ll continue to have no pity for them. Absolute degenerates.

No. 1561530

Naive handmaidens will fall for this, yuck. When the fuck will women wake up and realise almost everything scrotes do is for their specific fetish and dicks.

No. 1561535

Smh normie men at least realize that you have to pay for your gross fetish, but apparently troons think it's a Human Right to sniff used panties.

No. 1561538

This dirty tranny has a full body yeast infection from never bathing, LMAO.

No. 1561542

File: 1655308407277.jpg (531.25 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20220615-165133_Red…)

His poor fucking wife, I bet they're constantly passing yeast infections to one and other because he can't follow basic hygiene. Also what woman writes like this? How anyone can look at this subreddit and think it's anything other than a fetish amaze me.

No. 1561549

>just wait until you get horny and it makes your underwear smell like vagina
Sorry I know that wasn’t the comment meant to be highlighted but ew ew ew hearing these males talking like that disgusts me so much.

No. 1561551

File: 1655309267668.jpeg (10.69 KB, 220x229, images (30).jpeg)

Just look at how people invent myths and excuses to keep boys out of the gym until at least high school. Really shows where priorities lie. Girls are already 3+ years into diets and shitty casual aerobics before even the boys on sports teams step into a gym. There's no genuine medical reason why they couldn't start lifting at 13 or even earlier, but people know that would be kind of fucked up and prone to distorting body image. If only they granted girls the same grace.

No. 1561553

>>1561542 >>1561436

this is actually fucking disgusting, "briney and yeasty" what the actual fuck that's not okay

No. 1561558

What others said but something that took me way too much time to understand - there are people who won't listen no matter what. All their opinions are based in sjw slogans and black and white thinking. You could bring all the rapes, all the fucked up stuff the trannies say on reddit and they will still chant twaw. Ofc once the general public wakes up and suddenly being a tra won't be cool anymore they will stop. So wasting your time and energy arguing with them is not worth it.

No. 1561559

Are you like 50? No girls my age (23) were ever on diets in high school, if anything most of them were overweight tbh

No. 1561562

not who you're replying to but i'm 25 and half of the girls in my year were on pro-ana tumblr

No. 1561569

Are you white by any chance? lol

No. 1561570

File: 1655310734639.jpg (329.77 KB, 1080x1281, IMG_20220615_182018.jpg)


No. 1561573

yep and so were they lol

No. 1561575

Are you kidding? Nayrt maybe I’m just an oldfag and problems are different now. A ton of girls in my school would actively talk about their diets, eating special k for every meal or only having a granola bar once they went on a run.

No. 1561576

How can anyone believe this? HRT doesn't make them grow Bartholin glands or Skene glands or the structures surrounding them; their homologous glands(Cowper glands/prostate) are in entirely different parts of the body, and perform entirely different functions. This dude is lying or just leaking pus.

No. 1561577

File: 1655310978368.png (32.13 KB, 104x143, Screenshot_1.png)

the placement of that bat though. kinda poetic if you think about it

No. 1561578

Agreed. I hate how the roles are just perpetuated by families sometimes too. My mom handed me a razor and taught me to shave at 11, we went to the clinque counter at 12. It’s just fucked up looking back, I’d never make my child do that shit.

No. 1561583

Sub them to mtf and ftm subreddits for a month. Make sure the reddit account is in no other subs. They'll peak by themselves kek

No. 1561584

Ayrt, part of me really feels like EDs got replaced by gender identity stuff. I know this is a convo for the FTM thread but a lot of the thought processes are similar just acted upon differently. For ref I’m in my early thirties now, so I was in HS in the mid 2000s.

No. 1561588

File: 1655311367432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 254.1 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20220615-121601.jpg)

nsfl warning

it's one of those benis-preserving "vaginoplasties". the lips look like fleshy balloons…

No. 1561591

No women wants to wear used underwear. My mom refuses to borrow mine or my sister's clean ones even in the event of an emergency. It's obvious what his intentions are. So gross and creepy.

No. 1561592

What the fuck is the point?

No. 1561594

haha wtf

No. 1561595

"Men will love me if I'm a woman!"
It's insane how disconnected males are from reality. Retarded faggot really thinks men LOVE us. Kekk my sides

No. 1561597

Idk if I’m just weird or what. One of my friends was getting rid of some of her nicer bras and offered them to me. They were cleaned of course and I needed to go bra shopping anyway so it wasn’t a big deal to me. We were close though, I’d never give some random scrote my underwear bc idk what he’s going to do with them.

No. 1561598

More like "men will fuck me if I'm a woman" gay moids are insecure about aging. Once they hit 25 they're no longer attractive to other gay moids. I bet this is a cope for many HSTS over 25 "HRT will make me younger and prettier!!" not knowing moids don't like women over 25 either and are pedophiles no matter which gender you are kek.

No. 1561599

He also thinks women can be as emotional as we want. Bro, what? Women get called irrational forever-children for so much as crying quietly at something that made us upset. Men get to have full blown toddler tantrums into adulthood and no one bats an eye

No. 1561600

Jesus why is it all so swollen? They look like they’re going to pop. Gross. You know they do this just so they can try to fuck themselves or whatever.

No. 1561601

Honestly even the most naive woman will raise the red flags at used underwear please I remember my friend's older scrote boyfriend asking me for my underwear on facebook when I was a naive teen (he offered money iirc) and even though he said nothing creepy, I immediately knew it was a weird fetish thing. TRAs are dumb but not that dumb, nothing stopping this scrote from going to the lingerie department himself.

No. 1561603

they're less likely to lose the ability to orgasm if they keep it. some TiMs (Zinnia Jones) call their micropeen a "clitty" vomit. Some have a fetish for this.

No. 1561606

Exactly. These freaks all just want to be desired, and they think women are the ultimate object of desire - because we're just objects to them in one way or another. Gay scrotes envy us or use us mother stand-ins, and straight scrotes want to fuck us and/or use us as mother stand-ins.

No. 1561608

But then doesn't it break the illusion of having a vulva? It's like without "transforming" the whole thing you just fucking put a random hole there.

No. 1561610

>Gay scrotes envy us or use us mother stand-ins, and straight scrotes want to fuck us and/or use us as mother stand-ins.

Getting this on a t-shirt

No. 1561611

makes me sick that all this time, effort and money is going cutting holes into and stapling flaps to men to soothe their feelings when I just want a birth control pill that doesn’t make me break out into a full-body rash

No. 1561612

there was a whole gallery of them. all of it looked worse than the regular penis inversion surgery b/c wasn't enough skin to mimic what the actual vulva looks like.

No. 1561614

samefag but the extent that the medical community has gone along with this shit while real women are right here really just makes me want to vomit

No. 1561620

File: 1655312321530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.26 KB, 800x450, Z(1).jpg)

agps gonna agp ig

No. 1561623

IDK if anybody has the scientific dick twitch study handy, but it was something like 10-15% of adult men getting dick twitches for 12-17 year old boys, and then it just craters after adulthood. That really changed my perspective on life.
Women will forever have to deal with husbands who come out of a closet at 40. A bangmaid is just too good a deal to pass up.

No. 1561624

faggot voice I like fisting strange men's assholes with rainbow dildos and when I see women in dresses and highheels I want to skin her alive out of jealousy! This means I am a woman because women are envious bitches that wear dresses, cook, clean and have sex with men! I am very smart. Will drinking horse piss make my hole smell like a filthy fishy cunt so I can trick truck drivers into fucking it? Wait no, don't leave- what do you mean you need to go somewhere? I didn't even get to extract the estrogen from your ovaries yet! I will never be loved by men the way a master loves his dog if I can't! STOP RUNNING BITCH!

No. 1561625


guys. I just found out that they call the franken neovag-benis combo "Non-Binary Vaginoplasty". one of them looked like a guy had wanted rudimentary pussy lips around his asshole….. oh god.whywhywhywhy

No. 1561635

sometimes i think i should just stay single my entire life and adopt or have a daughter from sex-selective ivf

No. 1561637

File: 1655314298941.jpeg (545.18 KB, 750x1052, 47A7E84B-46B6-4DE4-9B7A-0F7E45…)

Sounds like an interesting, horrifying study. While looking for that one I found this. Non surprising results. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0005796796000472?via%3Dihub

> > These results suggest that transvestites are in fact fetishistic, and that they are difficult to distinguish from fetishists proper.

Meanwhile the guy from Bill and Ted looks like shit.

No. 1561642

Wtf his eyes are on a diagonal slant. This scrotes entire face screams genetic garbage. No wonder he trooned out he's a total failmale

No. 1561647

I think we as a society disregarded the concept of monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo way too soon.

No. 1561651

File: 1655314916695.png (25.01 KB, 884x172, DC8B0437-B15A-48F2-9A6A-C5B5CA…)

Huh? Also, I thought this username sounded familiar. Turns out a bunch of his posts were in the last thread in this post >>1554390. He’s obsessed with lesbians and yuri and totally in denial that he is totally not just a straight man.

No. 1561653

i really believe trannies are so ill equipped to deal with modern life that they use the medical industry to self-harm themselves into disability. then they can be mentally ill losers at home with no feelings of guilty or shame, because society oppresses trannies and it's not their fault. i feel bad for the resources they are soaking up from people who actually need it.

No. 1561657


Sage for autism but Informed Consent is a whole legal thing at least in the states and for any other experimental treatment or procedure that's done as part of Human Research has a ton of oversight and rules and stuff. Medical Researchers get dragged to ethics boards for offering too much money to random people coming in to study if drinking regular or diet coke spikes your blood sugar more, and has to submit their 10 pages of consent documents for ethical approval, but Trans clinics give people a 1 page info sheet saying everything's reversible and it's accepted. Informed Consent can't be obtained from patients who are mentally or intellectually impaired. Informed Consent can't be obtained from patients who are being told the experimental procedure will cure everything that's wrong with them. Nothing about Trans "healthcare" meets the legal requirements for Informed Consent.

No. 1561659

Dall-E is blowing up everywhere and tons of people are using it. if you reload the page a couple of times you can try your prompt again if you get a busy signal.

No. 1561668

mtfs on /tttt/ love roasting ftms and calling them insane with zero irony. they can see it for what it is when women are doing it.

No. 1561677

I think we can hate TIMs and still recognize that the medical community has a lot to answer for in all this, like >>1561657. NHS doctors are forbidden from whacking off the limbs of people with body integrity dysphoria that isn't related to their sex, but somehow it's okay to hack a clearly delusional woman's tits off at her say-so? I don't care how old they are, they're being taken advantage of, and it's costing the rest of us a lot.
It won't be long before women demanding a non-tranny female OB/GYN are treated like they're demanding a white one.

No. 1561684

gay men are still men and have the same sexual entitlement. it's not enough to have to "settle" for other gay guys, they want to date hetero men and want the power and status of being straight.

No. 1561691

This looks like a child's drawing of a vulva

No. 1561699

File: 1655317535166.png (4.62 MB, 1284x8797, F24ED75F-6997-4FF4-91C8-4794F8…)

Another rape-obsessed incel who is on the trans pipeline. Why is it such a mystery to people why we don’t want them around us?

No. 1561708

Second this, show any normie MtF or any other kind of trans subreddit. It's all sexual and degeneracy.

No. 1561710

File: 1655318399307.jpeg (620.6 KB, 1170x1048, 8469D4BF-E6D5-4879-9DFF-021E3E…)

I hope winter comes around soon

No. 1561717

2008-2012 everyone I know in highschool was on a diet. Maybe the area matters? Most girls had a ED. Hearing someone puking in the bathroom wasn’t uncommon.

No. 1561723

File: 1655319476094.png (129.29 KB, 1598x260, Capture d’écran 2022-06-15 à…)

he also shared this, there's something really wrong with that guy

No. 1561724

File: 1655319478312.png (505.01 KB, 803x451, kitty.png)


No. 1561728

I LOVE how you can just tell this dude has a majorly FUCKED hairline and is probably balding just based on that greasy comb over and the thin, patchy hair that's pulled back into a bun kekkkkkkkk.

No. 1561730

File: 1655320112250.jpeg (101.51 KB, 599x1363, 9A03ADE4-8AF6-46DF-993E-1F686B…)

bretty much

colin "pronoun" montgomerie used to look like your rock band drummer from hs but he now thinks that he's hot enough to just not tell heterosexual men that he is a he b4 he sexually assaults them. he's admitted this on his twitter and faced 0 consequences! meanwhile, if you even hint that's he a moid you get suspended. he has a real talent for drawing out rage. just by being stupid. he recently whined about "transwomen not having the vote" 100 years ago. this dick's brain is so fried from all the synthetic E that he doesn't even know what he is lmfao.

>picrel, what kind of straight man would say no to another man who's been cut up and pumped full of carcinogenic homorones? uwu

No. 1561731

catholic schools in my country are also regular public schools (except for some boarding schools, which have horrible histories of abuse) as we don't have many private schools at all. The city I lived before had a girls-only catholic school, nuns and priests where working and teaching there and all the girls I met from there where kind of, well, fucked up. Also the fact that there are surfacing more and more cases of sexual abuse in the catholic church, I would never let my child near there, they even have their own court system, so nothing happens to priests abusing children. Sry for blogpost, thought it might be important for any nonna thinking about catholic schools as an option for their (future) children, don't want them in the hands of old, creepy moids.

No. 1561732

File: 1655320198489.jpeg (83.04 KB, 852x704, 4B069A95-2A27-4F76-9D43-EB75EB…)

What? Nayrt but not everyone on this site is a zoomer. The stats show there is a pretty good chunk of people anywhere from like 18-40s. This particular survey of the site is a few years old because I couldn’t find the most recent one but iirc it’s pretty much stayed the same. Idk why it would be surprising though, a lot of women come here to gossip or chill in their free time or follow cows that are relevant to them. This thread itself probably attracts a ton of traffic across age ranges because it affects women of all ages.

No. 1561734

>hearing someone puking in the bathroom wasn't uncommon
Anon…what the fuck. I promise you that isn't how it was for most schools

No. 1561737

At this point it's 50/50 whether an American incel moid will troon out or shoot up an elementary school first. I wish we had containment areas for these people. I guess they used to be called "state mental institutions" but we don't have those anymore.

No. 1561741

Women of all ages use this site, but I think zoomer jargon and memes are referenced more so there's an assumption it's all zoomers

No. 1561744

hope they do it, hope they can't walk after that. I wear a size 42, hated it while I was younger cause there weren't any cute shoes in my size, now I'm happy that I have large feet to kick some troons asses.

No. 1561745

No offense and nayrt but how would you know? Did you go to most schools? I went to public school and when someone had an ED or was trying one on for size it wasn’t always a secret. It wasn’t the most common thing ever but I definitely heard others throwing up on occasion and conversations about dieting/body image frequently. Idk why people think this was never happening.

No. 1561751

True, I understand. It’s still a silly (not calling you silly, just the idea) assumption to make and honestly if I never used the site before I’d still probably think the userbase was made up equally of zoomers and millennials since both are fluent with imageboards. I’m more surprised by the idea that women over 40 would be on here really just because of all the lingo and whatnot, like you said. I think most millennials are used to zoomer jargon because both overlap so often on the sites they use so sometimes it’s hard to know who is who until they specify.

No. 1561756

File: 1655320906280.png (777.91 KB, 1080x1958, ezra miller.png)

ezra miller's pronouns are they/it/ze? kek

No. 1561761

sorry for being retarded, but why is there a dotted line in the middle to signal 100? and why so many minors? kek i didn't expect them to be so candid about it.

No. 1561768

File: 1655321205358.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x1920, 22-06-15-09-10-38-211_deco.jpg)

Of course

No. 1561773

I'd rather burn my bras than give them to a troon.

No. 1561776

damn, why were my grades too bad to study medicine and become a plastic surgeon, I could and would have done that, I would be rich by now.

honestly, I would take "used" bras, it's not like our breasts are dirty or something, panties and stuff like that is something else, but bras, no problem. Still won't give them to a troon.

No. 1561781

I've seen a few oldfags who would be in the 30s-40s range based on what they say about themselves, surprised about the 50+ ones though, can't imagine reading a board like this at 50

No. 1561782

File: 1655322085020.png (187.81 KB, 1597x688, tabletmagazinebilek.png)

Bilek of 11th Hour Blog exposes the money and foundations promoting gender ideology to kids as young as seven. in tablet magazine no less, she beat the anti-Semitism allegations.

No. 1561786

I remember this smug know-it-all fag when he was on Breadtube calling himself 'Gutian'.

No. 1561788

Getting used bras isn’t that useful because they stretch over time, this is assuming it’s an old reliable bra that a woman has had for at least 2 years and that she used almost daily.

No. 1561797

File: 1655323110616.png (82.33 KB, 1212x344, Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 3.56…)

Can anyone explain how this is any different to just being a gender non-conforming human being? Which is to say, just be