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No. 1184917

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Arbitary rules enforced by tranny jannies apply to this thread, this means you might be banned for being too fucking based for your own good. Please don't say mean words to users you suspect are trannies because it makes them cry, seethe and dilate.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

and of course


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No. 1184919

Ily paint anon

No. 1184925

File: 1615809114966.jpeg (102 KB, 1180x923, evil.jpeg)

What the hell is wrong with women who do this shit to their children? This is child abuse.

The only trannies I am willing to feel bad for are these kinds, the ones who have been groomed since toddler-age by their mentally ill mothers who wanted a daughter.

No. 1184931

jesus christ the amount of damage that this will do to that child… not only will it ruin their bodies but when they're adults they'll need so much therapy to deal with that shit. imagine mutilating your 3 year old and thinking you're right. wtf. kids eat sand at that age

No. 1184932

wtf, where did you find this. who is this? is it satire?

No. 1184936

No. 1184940

This is so grim. Especially the cases where the kids changed their mind and the parents did not take it well, it really shows that the whole transition thing is actually for them and not their kids. Them being so overly enthusiastic and instantly wanting to start their kid’s transition, if possible with puberty blockers etc., must put so much pressure on the children. I think it is important to support your kids and take them seriously, but pushing them into a decision and forcing your ideologies on them is just wrong. I also wanted to be a boy when I was 7, but that was just a phase of trying out and playing with gender stereotypes. My parents respected me, let me wear ugly baggy pants and a few weeks later I wanted to be a girl again. I am thankful that they reacted calm and considerate without pushing me in any way.

Also it rubs me the wrong way that in that link, people call their 10 y/o kid pansexual. It is a child ffs, why do you have to project sexualities and teenager/adult topics onto them already?

No. 1184941

One thing I never understood is how the hell you "socially transition" a literal toddler. Most of them don't have a very nuanced concept of gender and the ones who do are getting bad messages from their parents.

No. 1184944

Munchhausen by proxy but make it woke

I feel so sorry for these children

No. 1184949

File: 1615812711783.webm (1.6 MB, 576x1024, 1615759352374.webm)

No. 1184952

Ew embarrassing.

No. 1184971

File: 1615815262567.jpeg (66.91 KB, 1080x608, 67233BDB-9CF5-4F5A-9363-99E1A5…)

No. 1184980

File: 1615816730240.png (97.58 KB, 802x541, kikomiapproved.png)

>We need a "Kikomi Approved" sticker in the upper corner of each thread pic

i made you something

No. 1184983

I love you more than you'll ever know

No. 1184987

ot, but I hope kikomi and board-tan hang out

No. 1184989

kikomi-sama, your art is amazing and was well-received on ovarit.com, email me at this burner email i put for the email subject of this message if you want a code there

No. 1184990

most based drawfag on this site right now. I could only dream of having your raw power

No. 1184995

File: 1615819613350.png (499.01 KB, 572x413, transwoman.PNG)

No. 1184999

I love you, anon.

No. 1185002

File: 1615820507270.jpg (159.69 KB, 720x1168, 20210315_155949.jpg)

Overwatch anons, does anyone remember tranny eeveea_ ?

He would always start making dramas and get offended over everything, get his nose everywhere (to try to make it all about him; eg someone elses convo, begins screaming MUH FEELINGS all over the twitter ) and would always make sure to talk shit about anyone for not being woke enough or disagreeing with him.

I checked up on him and it looks like he stopped being mercy otp, left ow comm for good and is a vtubеr now, but he still manages to keep screenshoting and talking shit about people from Ow and other communities.

Saging for no milk, just wondering if anyone remembers him

No. 1185003

absolutely bless Kikomi

No. 1185021

May I ask who is this Kikomi you guys keep referencing? I did a quick google search with no results except what looks like a fake twitter page. Sage for asking for spoonfeed

No. 1185062

Kikome is the anime girl in the threadpic, the comics about her are in the last thread

No. 1185068

File: 1615824649684.png (211.21 KB, 952x665, ughh.png)

taking down SuperStraight wasn't enough so now the white knights of reddit are after TumblrInAction.
this brand new tranny janny isn't even a ledditor and is already salivating at reporting the transphobes who dare mention how TRAs did the noble work of getting a women's shelter fundraiser shut down.

No. 1185080

File: 1615825426983.png (19.9 KB, 480x377, mOt63Cw.png)

I was just wondering the other day how this sub is still there after they axed the super one (rip). This sub has almost 500k people in it, so deleting this one would be more noticible. I really want to know how many twans mods reddit has at this point, prob around + 70%.

No. 1185081

File: 1615825558104.jpg (87.86 KB, 640x975, Gj3DkId3MPZnu6a7XQBnrpcOnYQoMi…)

No. 1185087

You know whats crazy? When I used to browse TumblrInaction there were legit racists sexist people there,but I was always seeing people who have no issue talking shit about everyone else but they'd be in trans threads like, "Okay this is transphobic, wow so much transphobia"
Everytime I see complaints about tumblrinaction it's about transphobia, nothign else that goes on there.
Just like I only hear about Notch's transphobia more so then the other shit people don't like him for.

No. 1185088

No. 1185089

r/TumblrInAction really became TERF central after they banned SuperStraight, it was fun to watch. There was a noticeable surge in more gendercrit content too after r/GC and r/itsafetish, but I guess that was still under the radar, now it'll get the axe, even though making fun of genderspecials has been their msin profile since years, but if it's mainly women, it's bad.

No. 1185090

I love how they target this towards terfs like terfs (aka women, aka lesbians) are the only people who don't believe they aren't lesbians and dicks are female if they are on a tranny.
I guess "Cis" men 100% believe that shit huh?

No. 1185102

File: 1615827622206.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 1615769657817.png)

No. 1185106


Ahh okay. I’m familiar with those comics, I just thought they were based on an actual person, lol. Almost glad its not.

No. 1185171

I was always wondering how they let TiA stay up despite their tranny hate (and overall legitimate bigotry) being way more malevolent and violent than any of the GC subs but I guess its time is up. However that sub is mostly frequented by white straight males so I doubt they'll ever get it banned.

Saw that a lot too. People would shit on the blue haired feminist boogeyman along with women and minorities yet drew a line at "transphobia". Assholes had no problem calling women roasties yet when someone dared to imply that trannies are mentally ill then it's all
>Hold that transphobia! As a transwoman myself…
Every time.

This peaked a girl I know to the point she publicly came out as a terf, and I doubt she's the only one. As a woman you really can't watch people protesting human sex trafficking being violently beaten up by antifa troons screaming about how being anti-porn is transphobic without opening your eyes and seeing it for what it is.

No. 1185175

File: 1615832970793.jpeg (30.56 KB, 730x720, nxDmQnF.jpeg)

The year is 2031. Men have dicks. Women have dicks. The "birthing bleeders" have been safely contained in breeding camps where they are regularly fucked and bred by women with their feminine penises. Men and women outside of the camps sit in their iCOOM-pods where they watch sissy-hypno-hentai in VR reality where everyone is a cute anime cat-girl. The TERF menace has been defeated. It is a brave new world.

No. 1185203

What a stomach turning alternate universe. Grim.

No. 1185207

any other britfags find it annoying af how the same women caping for trannies in female spaces are now the same ones pouring out paragraphs about female safety and male violence/harassment? even on tv. like you can't have it both ways. the moment you agree that males belong in our spaces is the moment you agree that women's safety doesn't really matter, so what is it? there's no difference between a tranny and any other male outside of the way they dress and a hormone imbalance lol and trannies who get beat up for how they look isn't and never was a female issue, nor is it misogyny, they've just forced themselves in like they do with everything else. they've hijacked the whole issue about female safety with their whataboutisms and retard screeching. can only hope it peaks a few people at least

No. 1185237

File: 1615837542903.png (1008.3 KB, 2040x1276, copeseethedilate.png)

Reminder that when troons go on about how superior they are to women because they "perform femininity" better than us, this is how they really feel.

Cope. Seethe. Also F for that troons wife.

No. 1185239

File: 1615837843965.png (178.64 KB, 1435x568, grooming.png)

Wonder how long this post was up before it was banned for being transphobic.

No. 1185251

bleak. when is femaletopia going to be created y'all.

No. 1185271

>let me borrow her body
jesus christ lock up this psychopath

No. 1185273

God its mannerisms make me shudder like the sight of a cockroach. You can see the endless years of browsing and internet culture in lieu of an actual world culture in this individual

No. 1185278

I agree with you, but what I have noticed is many other women in public online spaces speaking up against this shit too. One thing I'm proud of here is that sooo many normies understand tolerance ≠ blind acceptance, and criticism ≠ intolerance. I came across one tweet that was a TRA complaining 'don't forget about transwomen in the conversation on women's safety, they are most at risk', only for the replies to be nothing but 'not a single transwoman died last year, but x amount of women did.'

No. 1185281

At a point serious action needs to be taken against men who happen to have been brought up on another side of internet politics trooning out just to repeat their same rapey, forceful rhetoric but "as a girl" for identity politics protection. How the fuck can right wing males get lamblasted for doing this shit but as long as a guy identifies as a female and puts on a wig he can threaten to sexually assault women as much as he want? Im peaking all over again. They gotta goooo

No. 1185283

I used to work with several guys like this who made no secret of getting 99% of their socialisation on Reddit. They’d joke about the Holocaust, rape, domestic violence, police brutality against black kids etc. but if anyone ever made a joke about weird gamer dudes in striped knee socks they’d flip out and go “whoa whoa WHOA that’s uncalled for, don’t you know trans people are like super oppressed?” They’d only defend trans-identifying men, though. Female genderspecials were naturally fair game.

No. 1185287

I know many, many left wing people like this who rag on the expense of black people, non white people in general, women, ect but drew the line at transphobia and sometimes homophobia directed towards gay men. Its a pattern ive been noticing since the mid 2010s which is why I never cared for this bullshit. off as fuck

No. 1185294

Bet you anything that wife doesn't exist and is actually just a sex doll

No. 1185313

Don’t forget the violent rape porn and the CP

No. 1185316

Does this mean the transbians will finally woman up and learn to suck each others girldicks?

No. 1185323

Yes, everyone is a tranny loving libfem, I cba with it.

No. 1185330

File: 1615843466786.png (27.26 KB, 809x251, sis.png)

I know that in FtMs social contagion and ROGD easy to point out, but it seems like people should check on their son's friends too…

No. 1185334

Do you know how amazing it feels to shed your social conditioning and act like a clueless fucking old woman whenever someone asks you abo tranny shit? Just act like you literally do not understand them at all.

No. 1185345

It's awesome, they legitimately start to question their own beliefs when they come across someone who rightfully thinks they're crazy.

No. 1185347

Works especially well when you seem (by looks, accent or both) like someone from a conservative or backwards part of the world. In my experience, they'll try to geeeeently explain why your views are so totally and absolutely bigoted and why you should definitely change your views on such oh so sensitive topics, and think you just haven't seen the light yet. I very much did see it already, and all I'm doing is making fun of you, thanks kek.

No. 1185369

yeah, every single one of these agp transbians are if 4chan's /tttt/ came to life. puke.

No. 1185374

I should try that

sage for blogpost but I've always been semi-supportive of trans people cause I generally accept mentally ill people cause like, it's an illness, it's not their fault. I never hated people just because they were depressed, bipolar, shizophrenic, whatever
But I've always been wary concerning the whole trans stuff and apparently I was proven right.
While I still don't automatically hate every single trans-identifying person (as I said I support mentally ill people… AS LONG as they're not fucking pedophiles and rapists) these threats and the radfem part of twitter really helped me to feel more confident in my beliefs, despite being surrounded by TRAs all the time so THANK YOU ANONS

No. 1185392

Act like you’ve never been on tumblr, act so naive that they have no choice but to feel sorry for you, then when they tell you you’re uneducated, ask if they can name philosophers or educated people or activists etc to help understand the point of view of these schizophrenic lunatics. Then you can really get into the nitty gritty of why this shit has absolutely no basis in reality and is sexist and deranged. These libs are frogs being boiled in a pot. Bring them back to a fresh perspective.

No. 1185398

these “parents” must cream their pants when their toddler mentions one day that they don’t wanna be a boy or girl. most of these parents seem like they have munchasen by proxy. instead of illness (bc god, all the kids nowadays have cancer or immunodeficiencies. it’s not cool anymore!!!) they’ve turned to gender to fulfill their need for attention and asspats.

No. 1185404

this works for like, any hot topic or buzzwords. people eat it up, especially men, when you’re a woman.

No. 1185425

These sort of people love to appropriate marginalized and oppressed groups. TERFS are oppressed. Maybe we should start flaunting how oppressed we are until they snatch up and appear even more delusional.

No. 1185428

it's the menacing, predatory eyes and the excessive tongue with weapons hung on his wall for me

No. 1185433

I wonder why that is. Why do they have a reaction that's almost so visceral? any speculations?

No. 1185442

It gets them libfem coochie and it's still men they're defending

No. 1185443

Scrotes stick together. They'll act racist and all, usually because they're asshurt that "their" women are dating someone outside their race. Plus trannies make duh ebul feminazis mad, scrotes love that shit.

No. 1185477

File: 1615859828536.jpeg (257.17 KB, 393x1257, 2177FEEB-3BCC-4455-AADD-D84630…)

I’m still trying to wrap my head around why they want to be us, but hate us so fucking much? Are they upset that we’re living in a world now where most, not all, women are not subjected to men. So they’re trying to cope by becoming women themselves?!
Also, why do online dwellers cling to nazi shit so hard? Is it a purity thing?? Are women a symbol of purity in their eyes???

No. 1185482

you're thinking too hard on it anon. it's just because they're still incels that were raised on the most garbage parts of the internet, and they've just finally figured out that the secret to being allowed to publicly hate women was by being twans catgirl, and saying that every woman who does want you is a terf. that makes it okay. they've always been like this, they've always hated us, they just learned how to get away with it.

No. 1185494

File: 1615862648198.jpeg (795.43 KB, 1125x1730, 70CE6408-3D60-4211-BF70-2932BE…)

Troon trying to insult woman on the left, and wound up getting ratiod by her in the comments with “I don’t “pass”, I am”. Topkek

No. 1185495

kek I just scrolled by that same post. Good on her for shitting on them in the comments.

No. 1185501

The girl on the right is actually trans though? It's norweigan model Emma Ellingsen.

No. 1185507

File: 1615863426171.jpeg (145.87 KB, 1125x352, BF489994-94F4-4C1D-A27C-CFC8C9…)

That’s the point, anon. Woman on left doesn’t need to “pass” because she is a biological woman.

No. 1185508

Yes, that is a man, like the first vid on google.

No. 1185511

File: 1615863787594.png (1.87 MB, 2344x1280, paul1.png)

Paul begging for cash to fix another botched surgery.


No. 1185513

File: 1615863809870.png (1.4 MB, 2368x1308, paul2.png)

No. 1185515

File: 1615864211918.png (241.78 KB, 780x585, BREAKING-Jessica-Yaniv-appears…)

>no makeup
>bad lighting

>good lighting

Be fair if you want to make comparisons.

No. 1185520

I will never understand how these people feel so comfortable begging for money online. It's like they don't even consider actually working and saving money to pay for the shit they want like the rest of us do. Like, I would enjoy getting cosmetic surgery too but I can't afford it right now so what? I'll just postpone it till I have the money since it's not a priority. These fucks are so spoiled I swear to god.

No. 1185521

I do this with every SJW topic. Transphobia? Sorry, we don't have that in my country.

No. 1185525

i'm confused by this comment. women don't have to "pass". they… are women.

No. 1185527

AYRT, exactly. This idiot was trying to use it as a “gotcha”. There is no need for women to pass because we are women.

No. 1185529

this is why i can't see the "terf" thing as anything but misogyny. do men throw other guys under the bus saying regular men are too ugly and girly, unlike the strong and masculine and desirable trans men?
these people are obsessed with female hate

No. 1185545

if you need inspiration for the next comic

"I make freinds with lots of amab girls, every month or two I get free stuff from thier grieving family"

No. 1185576

> Are they upset that we’re living in a world now where most, not all, women are not subjected to men. So they’re trying to cope by becoming women themselves?!
Yes. It's jealousy and bitterness. They unironically think women are living on easy mode and that they enjoy being harassed and sexualized, so they want a piece of that cake as well. I mean they straight out have spergouts about how jealous they are of "all the pretty women" like this one >>1185237 . A true madonna/whore complex but they make themselves the "madonna" and evil terves are the "whores".

No. 1185592

Don’t forget heavily filtered. Let’s see them stood side by side in real life and see who “passes”

No. 1185593

File: 1615881918657.jpeg (13.6 KB, 275x183, 423BCBA7-7856-484F-9F3B-89A562…)

No. 1185597

Let’s not perpetuate the myth that they’re dying in droves, because they aren’t.

No. 1185598


someone should fix this(a-log)

No. 1185601

To be fair, usually I can clock every single one of these troons, but I watched part of his video and he legit looks and sounds like a girl. Probably started hormones as a child. Doesn't excuse anything though.

No. 1185607

What does he look like outside of those filtered and heavily controlled lighting videos though lol

No. 1185608

File: 1615885582781.png (100.04 KB, 779x340, emma.png)

>Ellingsen came out to her family and friends as transgender when she was around nine years old.

No. 1185611

File: 1615886229101.png (295.11 KB, 640x347, stupidstories.png)

Screenshot someone shared on a Discord server.

No. 1185612

Lmao, I'm from a shithole brown country and I always pretend to be "unable to keep up with being woke" when talking to patronizing whites, and they always try to patiently explain what's twansphobic or not to the ignorant brown girl. I always say "Transwomen are women but women is the gender right? And male/female is the sex? So transwomen are male women? Like they're male but they live/present like women?” And they always struggle to explain how that's transphobic and if they still persist I just say "But I thought gender and sex were different? I thought gender was the one that's a construct? So a transwomen's sex is still male right? Sorry it must be because I'm ESL” and they can't call me transphobic otherwise they're just being xenophobic towards me lmao

No. 1185613

File: 1615886482322.jpg (231.19 KB, 1134x832, GJP8n3H.jpg)

to give an extreme example, person on the right is a biological man. Person on the left is a biological woman. She is not on HRT but suffers from PCOS, a medical condition that only affects biological women. Face-wise, I´m sure many people would assume she´s a man in make up. Doesn´t matter. She´s still a woman, that´s why she suffers from PCOS.
Fuckability doesn´t make you a woman.

No. 1185619

why do so many mums want a daughter specifically, though? I really don't get it. Is there some kind of social dynamic that makes a biological mum resent their own boys? Could it be a trauma of some sort?

No. 1185622

File: 1615888829375.jpg (24.82 KB, 400x338, uMy3kLX.jpg)

I guess it´s because it gives you more oppression points. Trans men are boring and less oppressed because male privilege (lol). Men also don´t give a fuck about trans men because they don´t pose a threat. There are no male terfs, so again: no oppression points to win here.

Also, if you´re lucky and your son actually does turn out to look more or less like a woman thanks to blockers and HRT, it´ll be so much more spectacular!

No. 1185623

Looking at how boys are way shittier to their moms than daughters are (both in helping at home/respect and later elderly care), I'm not at all surprised women wish they had daughters instead of sons. Of course it doesn't justify brainwashing your son.

No. 1185624

kinda stupid question considering boy preference is more common everywhere in this planet

No. 1185626

File: 1615889887381.png (921.51 KB, 1035x1089, emmaellingsen.PNG)

Kinda crazy, it's her at 13 (allegedly), bottom her without makeup, her body is also very feminine, it's hard to believe that person was born a boy, seems like she was living as a girl since very young age, including hormones. That would be an extremely rare case though, I'm pretty sure she's not going around insulting other women like that twitter user.

No. 1185627

i can't be the only one who sees little boys with long hair with these young transitioning ones? like jazz jennings always looked and sounded like a prepubescent boy to me instead of a girl

it's kinda fucked up that these people assume an undeveloped boy = woman lol

No. 1185628

I used to like EeveeA, was nice seeing a guy main Mercy whilst defending the fact she was a fun technical character to play, then they became the lowest effort transgirl ever (literally just grew out hair, wow) and just got so fucking annoying and whiny I hit unfollow faster than a dps screaming for heals.

No. 1185633

passing and transitioning as a child doesn't make him more of a girl than some random transbian

No. 1185634

yeah jazz especially looks uncanny valley because of the shadow of the little boy you can see in his face

it just gets worse with age

No. 1185637

Definitely saw it with Jazz, but this one genuinely looks like your average Scandinavian girl. It helps that Scandinavian women are generally taller as well, just helps him complete that model look

No. 1185639

samefag but I watched his YouTube vid, and he's getting bottom surgery. Talks about it so lightly like it's nothing. Shame this ones gonna end up with a rotting ax wound as well instead of a micropeen. Also isn't interested in dating, I'm guessing because he never had a sex drive from blockers and then hormones. Sad.

No. 1185643

Troons: REEEEEE! How dare you call yourself a woman when you don't even wear 2 pounds of make-up and 3 instagram filters and had at least 4 surgeries and lip fillers to look as much as a sexdoll as humanly possible?

Women: I have XX chromosomes

No. 1185648

File: 1615895049496.png (1 MB, 724x767, 1615870153645.png)

Men who ruin themselves for their fetish… sad or funny?

No. 1185650

No. 1185651

File: 1615895461926.png (451.94 KB, 803x302, 44.PNG)

I love how they used the most filtered picture and I love how the woman got more likes then the troll.
Eden looks like a man in a wig to me (or like a little boy in the face) but also a bloated 40 year old woman/trans at the same time. People bring up his photoshopped pictures going, "he passes" but look at his shoulders.

No. 1185656

It's always weird to see the guy that are into hypermasculinity troon out. Like there is something in the saying "men who wear pink are secure in their masculinity" yadda yadda, but these guys have total black-and-white worldviews. The veterans and bodybuilders that get either traumatized/burned out think they need to reject masculinity to get away from their own self instead of just becoming like… less masculine.

No. 1185657

always funny and very gross

No. 1185659

SA- It also kills me how Eden, Blaire, Kat Blaque and Contra are seen as top tier "super passing" when it comes to youtube trannies, but I remember watching a Documentary on trans women from Thialand and a lot of them blew them out the water without even trying, not to say they are better or anything.
It's just wild how most bimbo troons are catfishes and never look the same.
Yet women are supposed to be jealous of these people. Surgery has gotten so crazy that people see a woman with a lot of it and assume they are trans, like those bimbo types. It's not a compliment it's, "You got so much shit done you look like a man trying to be a woman".
I've seen troons think it's a compliment and women wanting to look trans.

No. 1185660

File: 1615896029986.png (246.75 KB, 564x552, 1615871957761.png)

Men taking estrogen never leads to mood swings, depression, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction! Nope!

Your troon gf will always be happy and never have a bad day!

Oh and not being able to have a family is somehow a plus?

No. 1185661

File: 1615896177205.jpg (119.43 KB, 634x762, 36279492-9002489-image-a-21_16…)

His fake tan is really not working out

No. 1185663

I like the self-own that the trap can't cheat because I guess none of his friends want to date them.

No. 1185666

It's the same shit as with Jazz. No puberty, no sex drive, no desire to date. These people are essentially castrates and modern day eunuchs.

Literally the brainwashing memes they force on young boys in tranny discords and it's fucking grooming if anything. People really pushing the meme that the kawaii trap boygirlfriend is just a slutty hole made for male wish fulfilment that has no mind of his own. I didn't even realize how rampant it is until I saw a thread of effeminate, lonely gay teenage boys/young adult men talking about how they were treated as "eggs to crack" by older troomers wanting to convert them into literal sex toys.

No. 1185667

File: 1615896840161.png (615.74 KB, 954x578, no-make-up.png)

Funny how troons always use heavily filtered pictures with tons of make-up to "own" women without make-up on.

Reminder that they all look like men when you wash their face. Women still look like women.

No. 1185668

File: 1615896973218.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, 38715AB2-A595-4BDD-835E-165B3C…)


No. 1185669

Is… the unibrow intentional?

No. 1185670

"but big brushy eyebrows on women are super high fashion"
- troons too lazy to groom

No. 1185681

Just look at that linebacker frame on the left, lol

No. 1185683

File: 1615898444415.jpg (588.42 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20210316_124054.jpg)

He can filter his face but he can't do shit about his man body lmao

No. 1185692


fuck he looks like his giant head was placed onto child body what the fuck is this monstrosity

No. 1185719

Is he a fucking midget or what?

No. 1185729

>doesn’t buy weird shit
Excuse me, what?

No. 1185732

File: 1615902743848.jpg (576.85 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20210316_134936.jpg)

No, just weird as fuck proportions because transitioning into an instagram model when you were a skinny teenage tumblr fag doesn't work at all, it doesn't matter how many hormones he takes because you just can't get rid of the fridge body or giant man head

No. 1185742

oi, look at that stubby little midge

No. 1185751

based parents

No. 1185759

Holy shit how fucking short is his upperarm? Wtf is this shit?

No. 1185763

holy shit i forgot jamjars trooned out

No. 1185765

okay yeah, this looks like a man put his edited face onto a preteen body or a little persons.

No. 1185774

File: 1615907006104.png (87.36 KB, 732x447, frosty.png)

The person who posted this is 13…

No. 1185779

yeah, that's sad. it's a little kid.

No. 1185785

Happy (re)peaking!

No. 1185789

"always anal"
how is that a good thing? from what gay guys say, always having to prep hours in advance for penetration is miserable kek

No. 1185801

File: 1615909384549.png (856.55 KB, 750x1334, 9162EAEC-5D61-4DB1-988F-C7421F…)

“The woman community” these males want to be us so badly yet are so open about how much they fucking hate us, it’s unreal

No. 1185804

File: 1615909477755.jpg (61.52 KB, 675x1200, Ewm7laKXIAAXBQW.jpg)

aaaand she got blocked for that

No. 1185808

Holy shit

No. 1185817

Literal hell world

No. 1185819

File: 1615910211208.png (2.91 MB, 2252x1644, 02CECD87-1649-4D1E-B168-899E8A…)

Samefag to say if you have any friends who like memey YT compilation videos, and it can help them be engaged, then I think this vid is great. It catalogs all of the repeated rapey and disturbing behaviors committed by these AGPs (with a pretty good clip of Mag Berns response to Riley Dennis at the end too).

This in conjunction with picrel HAS to peak some people.

No. 1185821

The person harassing her in the first place is allowed to remain? Got it.
Even in petty school slapfights both people are punished, even if one was clearly in the wrong.

No. 1185825

Fucking disgusting

No. 1185829

File: 1615910971815.png (114.91 KB, 914x431, 10001.png)

I see r/TwoX got added, you can easily put r/actuallesbians to the subs of interest too, since it's half transbians. Also made a stamp using the Kikomi Approval, I hope drawanon doesn't mind the minor edit.

No. 1185836

File: 1615911375958.jpg (324.84 KB, 900x900, trapsvsgirls.jpg)

No. 1185837

Only the hole has to prepare, and who cares how they feel

No. 1185842

the opposite of a butter(buthis?)face. remarkable.

No. 1185844

Interesting. Would you say that they were raised with female socialization then? I mean Emma is still not a biological women…but like.

No. 1185855

I don't know if any parent can "transcend" their own ego and gender/sexuality stereotypes to really, 100% honestly see and raise their kid as the opposite gender and not some special case. And even then, there'll be environmental factors like other kids pointing out their peepee and worried relatives that might clue the kid in that they're not a normal girl, or at least it'll be apparent by like middle school age. There's also the biological factor, but I guess in the case of a kid castrated early it's a bit difficult to say what their mental development is like at all. I don't think anyone can truly be "socialized female" from childhood as a male, only "socialized trans", which will still put them closer to a "psychological passing" as female than the late transitioners.
The thing is that almost all examples of very early transitioners are from mothers that do it for attention, and shoves their kid into talk shows and public posts, so the kid never even has a chance to be "normal girl".

No. 1185856

File: 1615912779370.jpeg (422.55 KB, 750x964, AA361358-A9C1-47C3-A574-65A8B5…)

He’s good but still clockable.

No. 1185859

Ooh wow okay, thank you for enlightening me.

No. 1185868

File: 1615913247059.jpg (197.08 KB, 1200x675, 69668036.jpg)

They were probably the twin that got the short-end of the testosterone but I don't think they had any female socialization beyond deciding at nine to be female and getting on puberty blockers

No. 1185872

IDK why you keep posting these photoshopped ass pictures, how can we even tell? He looks like a IMVU character

No. 1185874

Oh so this person is >>1185856? He looks like a little boy in make up and happy to see his somewhat real face.
His face creeps me out

No. 1185876

File: 1615913813143.png (326.5 KB, 735x692, cf66x5mwtgs51.png)

based and TERFpilled

No. 1185877


sage for blogpost, but i just shared this video with my best friend, and i am pleased to say that this peaked her
that and the fact that as a nurse, she has to refer to mothers as "gestational parents" or else she could lose her job

No. 1185882

lol that scrote hairline

No. 1185885

Nayrt but I hate that orange tan and drag makeup trend. He'd probably pass even better if he toned it down and wore less makeup.

No. 1185888

File: 1615914825821.png (22.77 KB, 571x226, 12.PNG)

One of the responses

No. 1185889

What is that horrible stand-up clip from where the troon is talking about his girldick the entire time and calling it "she"? That alone can peak anyone.

No. 1185890

>vagina cleans itself

No. 1185892

Good looking, but look at that male neck. Lol some guys at my school (I’m Norwegian) was talking about him, saying “thats a boy!” and “no, it’s a girl!”.
When will they realise they’re never going to be women?

No. 1185898

The song from this is so fucking based, I love it, deserves more views

No. 1185899

File: 1615915431319.jpeg (429 KB, 1515x1388, 0839BAF5-7845-4D9A-8DB3-746FC5…)

this man makes me laugh all the time because the images he posts of himself look nothing at all like the one his boyfriend posted of him

No. 1185900

File: 1615915516580.png (284.57 KB, 572x318, wws.PNG)

I watched a video of his and what gets me is how close he looks to the face that Khloe Kardashian makes through filters. It's like his face is painted on and he looks older. Funnily enough he looks better and plastic in his videos, but in these pictures he clocks a lot more, when he moves his face it looks weird.
Is he getting the chop? Or does he already have it?

No. 1185901

he is also a kpoppie, isn't he?

No. 1185904

Kek, I went through his page and I couldn't find a picture, now i know why. Look at those shoulders. He's talking about how women looks but he's just a dude with eyelashes and long hair. Doofy asf looking.

No. 1185907

Hon needs to chill with selftanner and/or bronzer jesus. Also these eyebrows are atrocious

No. 1185909

The only way to truly pass is to aim for the Uncanny Valley. At that point they can't tell if you're even human, never mind male or female.

No. 1185912

It's been discussed just before. He's getting it soon.

No. 1185916

File: 1615916009891.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.39 KB, 849x720, Screenshot_20210316-193039_You…)

They should add a new level to peaking, call it superpeaking. This creature repulses me on a deep, visceral level. Everything about him makes my instincts scream DANGER. But they're just one of us girls, uwu!

No. 1185917

It's sadly a common trend here in Norway.
t. Norwegian

No. 1185923

idk i'm from here and he kinda looks like a little boy to me

No. 1185934

they're too retarded to realize that women don't have to be pretty to be women, they just have to be female. that's it. women don't have to worry about passing as anything because they achieve more than trannies ever will by simply existing

just because a male is pretty with filters and angles doesn't mean he makes a more "valid" female lol it's a physical impossibility. they hinge all their arguments on the "gotcha" factor of HSTS and literal children because it's all they have. even HSTS don't pass outside of carefully angled and filtered photos. they also continue to age like the males they are over time. it's an embarrassing, desperate cope

that gigantic hand though

No. 1185940

This is what the average actuallesbians user looks like

No. 1185945

File: 1615917567454.webm (18.74 MB, 1280x720, videoplayback.webm)

Saw this video on LSA about the first transgender black & asian sports illustrated model. I don't think the trans is ugly or anything but the voice and the downgrade from pictures is always funny.

No. 1185946

Its telling troons use "passing" to mean classically attractive. The woman on the left "passes" 100% as in noone would ever assume they were anything but female. The shoulders, the neck, hand size, facial shape etc etc are distinctly female. It's not a performance, it's not vanity, it just is.

No. 1185947

I think he was supposed to have it, but corona delayed it.

No. 1185948

File: 1615917640250.jpg (216.45 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

This is how he looks in pictures vs. the video, not bad looking but come on.

No. 1185952

File: 1615917762732.png (430.3 KB, 658x519, sss.PNG)

No. 1185963

We've come full circle

No. 1185984

File: 1615920375320.png (194.11 KB, 743x607, validd.png)

don't worry i don't mind any edits kikomi belong to you all my dear cisters…

No. 1185985

Not sure if this has been posted here before, but I saw Women’s Voices twitter post about this docu series and it’s absolutely flooring. Extremely well done and thoroughly investigated. Interviews with physicians, psychologists and detransitioners. This will peak anyone. Sage just in case I’m late to the party.

No. 1185987

Bless you

No. 1186002

Does anyone remember the reality show miriam’s secret or something similar? It was a dating show where the woman was a troon, i guess he came clean by the last episode, no idea

No. 1186025

Last I heard that trans woman died, if we're talking about the same show. I never watched it but I think that trans woman may have commited suicide?

No. 1186027

"Rivera was married to Daniel Cuervo, with whom she lived in New York City.[13] She was found dead on 5 February 2019, in her apartment in Mexico.[7] Her death was confirmed by Cuervo in a Facebook post and received news coverage six months later.[2][7] Her death was classified as suicide by hanging by the police, but Cuervo believes she was murdered as she received a death threat from someone who told her to "never come back to Mexico" and not prepare her funeral."
This is from Wikipedia

No. 1186029

That hairline and jaw really remind me of the uncanny "prepubescent boy with makeup" look Jazz has. I'd actually be interested in hearing the opinion of a straight man if he sees him as a woman.

No. 1186031

its always the fucking overfilled butthole lips

No. 1186032

Also learned he had a penis, so he was on a show trying to get with men who thought he was a woman and didn't even have a noe-vagina, a flat out penis.
Now a days if this show was to air, their would be people on twitter Shaming straight men if they reacted anyway that wasn't postitive.
His "i knew I was trans" story is generic though, "my brother liked baseball, I liked barbie dolls" & "I looked like a girl". They also did Trans porn.
Feels like all the famous trans have the same story.

No. 1186033

this one is even better

No. 1186034

you are the only drawfag i respect

No. 1186040

what an ugly male ewwwwwwwww

No. 1186043

I know no1curr but I showed my husband that photo and he thought the troon was an 8 year old boy wearing makeup kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1186056

i mean, from all the examples i've seen is mostly man-hating lesbians/feminists do this kind of thing, how shameful to give birth to a future rapist blablabla

No. 1186062


No. 1186063

Twitter is disgusting with their blalant troon pandering.

No. 1186069

thank you for this masterpiece

No. 1186075

Ah thank you, I'll give it a watch. I might of seen the trailer not too long ago I think.

No. 1186077

File: 1615926879332.jpg (69.47 KB, 451x680, EwmV_fYWUAQC5o5.jpg)

Reddit just doesn't care to hide it anymore.

>Trans activist Aimee Challenor, who left the Green Party when their election agent was convicted of child rape, and the Lib Dems when their husband admitted to being a paedophile, is now a paid employee of Reddit, particularly moderating children's discussions about sex & gender


No. 1186078

File: 1615926928188.jpg (50.36 KB, 423x680, EwmV_qhXAAQmAi0.jpg)

No. 1186083

File: 1615927032073.jpg (30.62 KB, 680x217, EwmV_xpXEAE6dPH.jpg)

No. 1186101

These “comparisons” aren’t necessary period. Women are still women, no matter how old, unattractive or poorly lit they are. The fact these troons see it as some kind of “gotcha” that our REAL bodies don’t resemble plastic bimbo sex dolls shows that their version of “womanhood” is phony, shallow and rooted in deep misogyny. But what else would you expect from a bunch of self-loathing male fetishists?

No. 1186107

That is the result of Toxic masculinity. These men try so hard to live up to strict, rigid masculine expectations that they (men) push among each other and osmetimes it can be exhausting. They feel like they have to be a certain way and if they don't conform, they are seen as failures of men when in reality, that isn't true. But these men think that the only way they can be less masculine or dare I say, even more on the Feminine side is to troon out. And I think this is why troons hate GNC men and women because these people are more than fine being themselves while not living some delusional fantasy.

No. 1186108

Troons think all men “only want anal” because the only men who pursue them are gay. Normal, non-pornsick straight men are gasp attracted to vaginas.

No. 1186109

File: 1615928823057.png (84.96 KB, 720x750, hurrdurrtitties.png)

I don't know why I still use Reddit, but how are AGP troons so blind to how male they sound whenever breasts are mentioned? Saw this comment, checked the profile, it's a transbian of course.

(kek at the women replying uhhh…no?)

No. 1186121


No. 1186137

I'm having a hard time coming up with a more male argument that "x is more woman than you because they're more fuckable"

No. 1186155

File: 1615932049563.png (227.52 KB, 491x878, unknown (6).png)

sage cuz no milk but i just came across this

No. 1186177

the one on the right using hair to hide the man jaw tho

No. 1186235

They look like completely different people. What the fuck.

No. 1186278

File: 1615942168701.jpg (41.12 KB, 680x691, 1614702477238.jpg)

No. 1186292

It just keeps getting better.

No. 1186312

File: 1615945521182.jpg (126.57 KB, 593x960, tumblr_bf88d2ea9b5d071194b1e4a…)

oh my god

No. 1186319

File: 1615946582458.png (87.18 KB, 720x406, Capture _2021-03-17-02-50-00.p…)

I tried to search for that post but damn, that troon checks almost every field on the worst trait bingo.

No. 1186322

File: 1615946644234.png (61.36 KB, 720x380, Capture _2021-03-17-02-43-51.p…)

The thathappened tier stories

No. 1186323

File: 1615946679509.png (856.27 KB, 720x993, Capture _2021-03-17-02-57-41.p…)

the lack of self awareness

No. 1186327

File: 1615946795895.png (127.4 KB, 720x708, Capture _2021-03-17-02-51-28.p…)

the coomer foundation

No. 1186329

File: 1615946859602.png (114.75 KB, 720x928, Capture _2021-03-17-02-54-27.p…)

the larping

No. 1186333

File: 1615947030191.png (144.38 KB, 720x713, Capture _2021-03-17-02-46-33.p…)

and the victim playing/yelling twansphobia at every chance, including at not being treated in an emergency clinic if you don't have an emergency

No. 1186340

that's a kid in fucking drag makeup. I remember being underaged and my parents losing it because I wore make up at all, but it's ok to help make literal boy kids ~acceptable or sexual or whatever? Like so many people are fucking failing this kid, if they wanted to give him/her a "feminine" childhood, whatever the fuck that means or any of these perverts thinks it means, that's 100% not it. This is like toddlers and tiaras but every day and if you criticize it you're a terf. no kid needs a fucking spray tan what is this shit

No. 1186347

I love cis women and their beautiful self cleaning vaginas. Scrotes can’t compare and they never will.

No. 1186349

lmao what a plot twist

No. 1186353

File: 1615949256713.jpeg (147.04 KB, 1180x752, A7789518-AF1C-4164-A3BB-2004AF…)


No. 1186358

I'm more and more convinced this is just some form of twisted self harm everytime I read those troon husband stories with the wives reacting like that.

No. 1186360

File: 1615949806689.png (68.31 KB, 720x439, Capture _2021-03-17-03-45-40.p…)

And I forgot, of fucking course a good mix of furry shit.

No. 1186366

File: 1615950341946.png (229.15 KB, 720x977, Capture _2021-03-17-03-50-01.p…)

>butches are the real troons!
>I haven't been clocked in over a year!!
>I even have been chased by desperate scrotes, you know this is proof, since that's all what womenhood is about!

No. 1186371

sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me

No. 1186374

I want you to know that kikomi is simultaneously the most cursed/blessed thing I've had the pleasure of seeing
is that buffalo bill?

No. 1186396

Someone already said this but way they equate womanhood to how much men want to fuck you and then even bring up misogyny is the least self-aware shit ever. If the female brain even existed this wouldn't be it. My womanhood has nothing to do with what men think about me. This is some seriously pathological shit where men are mad that we can exist independently from them and have the right to.

No. 1186398

birthing a son is the biggest L ever

No. 1186401

theyre right though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1186415

funny as fuck that they're assuming having a confederate flag on his truck would disqualify a guy from having a tranny fetish

No. 1186421

And on the post I saw on LSA someone was posting photos like the one of the left going, “wow she’s so beautiful!” As if you couldn’t see the thumbnail or watch the video & see he looks very different.

No. 1186426

“Hey you are lying, transphobic and misogynistic if you say you don’t like trans!”
They keep piling on words they think will scare people into being into trans or never expressing their lack of interest as if that’d make people be like, “i don’t wanna be those things! You are right!” Instead of, “fuck off, if not liking trans makes me all those things I’m fine with that”

No. 1186431

This was showing up in my recommended videos, and i wasn't sure whether to give it a shot or not. Thanks for posting about it, will definitely watch it soon.

No. 1186448

Literal demon

No. 1186450

>Just the most extremely straight cis guy fantasy, right everybody?
Well, yeah, thinking that female sexuality is being used as a breeding hole is very much of a straight guy fantasy.

No. 1186464

Hilarious to me that all a woman needs to do is say "no" and there are certain men who just completely lose their minds. AGPs are like the world's worst case of sour grapes. Puuuuuuuhhthetic.

No. 1186465

What woman thinks like this lol? Insane.

No. 1186481

It is always obvious when someone’s a tranny. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell from pictures alone but as soon as you see them IRL and get a 360 degree picture of that big ol skull and hear that manly voice and see that Adam’s apple bobbing you know. Even the width of their forearms is masculine. You see butch lesbians with their tiddys and their delicate little jaws and their small noses and their female voices and you know even if they wear a fake beard that they’re female. And with the position of the hips? Forget it. Surgery can never cover a mans boxy hips.
Just because some closet fags hit on you in public doesn’t mean you pass as a woman.

No. 1186484

> no one can tell the difference

nah, they're just being polite and pretending not to notice so they don't trigger you into a tard rage and get themselves ostracized. i bet he thinks a man looking at him for a moment too long because he's actively clocking him counts as ogling.

i'd love to know how not wanting to date or fuck an delusional man counts as misogyny. if that was the case then every gay man ever is a raging misogynist

No. 1186487

File: 1615972994954.jpeg (29.85 KB, 349x230, 484A0C83-54B0-439C-9963-0BA682…)

I love how all these troons take selfies doing the Kubrick Stare as if that shit is cute and not completely deranged and terrifying.

No. 1186490

Tilting their head down as far as possible to hide their huge jaws kek

No. 1186500

i think they don’t understand how censorship backfires. the more these troons and their lackeys ban and cancel opposing opinions, the more the average person sympathizes and agrees with those opinions. yeah, they’re the loudest right now but they’re inadvertently producing more opposition.

No. 1186502

File: 1615976743987.jpg (734.77 KB, 1080x3486, Screenshot_20210317_112505.jpg)

op you forgot the best part

No. 1186503

File: 1615976834965.webm (6.94 MB, 576x1024, growing_pains.webm)

Your boobs hurting means they are growing, ladies.

No. 1186505

File: 1615977171520.jpg (140.88 KB, 959x958, SGzuC5v.jpg)

yeah it really is interesting, I was wondering about that, too. But I find
very reasonable, being trans is a huge thing in the lives of children like this, also in their families´ lives. They keep going to doctors, they get meds all the time etc, that Emma was on TV for being trans, too. You might want to check out Jazz Jennings, he was transed from I think 3 years on and while of course it´s a TV show and to be taken with a grain of salt, the show gives some insight into the fact that, no, he really isn´t treated like a girl. Not like a boy, either, but truly different from what a girl would be treated like.
I don´t need to make a complete list because y´all know what I mean (I wonder why…I can´t get behind it..). Being expected to be the caring, reasonable, humble one. Shame about body, weight, looks. Learning that a fuckload of men all over the world enjoy the suffering and exploitation of people like you. etc etc

No. 1186507

Stfu sperg

No. 1186509

NTA but that's the only photos these types of tranny's post, also you can still clock him even with the imvu editing, kek.

No. 1186510

It really begs the question, how do these people figure out they're "trans women" to begin with if womanhood can't be defined? How do you wake up one day and just "feel" woman when you're not born as one and can't identify with mostly universal female experiences? I know it's a fetish for these people and they're doing it for their jollies but how do they explain it to the handmaidens and activists who rally for their right to "identify as a woman"? How do you listen to some balding hulkster foaming at the mouth about how they're a woman because that's how they just identify as and accept it?

No. 1186511

File: 1615977623339.jpeg (838.08 KB, 1242x1814, 9F81025D-52AF-4E6A-AE00-1901C1…)

these people will go to war for their scammy tranny friends, geez.
"the asian american community was attacked stop talking about our mentally retarded tranny sister!!!!"
rashida and the fat bitch with the baby teeth (taylor?) liked the tweet as wel’.

No. 1186516

I wrote about this before, but I met a very passing trans in pictures but in person they looked harder and different. It's like the male features pop out when they talk. I feel like the ones who start young who look like little boys and are slender and small maybe pass in person but if it's like my situation, It just jumped out. This was before I peaked to.

No. 1186517

File: 1615978419815.png (17.05 KB, 789x249, d.png)

>Define female
>Opposite of male
So what is male then? Opposite of female! And we go round and round.

No. 1186519

File: 1615978563560.png (87.87 KB, 186x270, giuseppe_belli_in_lolympiade.p…)

Modern day eunuchs with a bit more estrogen and longer hair than they used to in the past. Poor things.

No. 1186526

File: 1615979326355.png (63.24 KB, 614x728, KSexFXO.png)


>Trans activist Aimee Challenor, who left the Green Party when their election agent was convicted of child rape, and the Lib Dems when their husband admitted to being a paedophile, is now a paid employee of Reddit, particularly moderating children's discussions about sex & gender

Bumping this:

Aimee's election agent was their father. And their father raped and tortured a child in the basement of the home that Aimee lived in, and "he didn't know." He also continued to employ his father for the 2017 and 2018 council elections when he was charged in 2016.

Eventually he gets suspended from the Greens, so he resigns citing "muh transphobia." Then he moves on to the Liberal Democrats until his husband goes on a passionate rant about fantasizing about children being raped by adults and then they get the sense to suspend him. According to Aimee his husband was "hacked."

No. 1186537

>I'm B because I'm the opposite of A.
>But what is A?
>The opposite of B of course.
>But how do you define A and B to know you're the opposite of either option?
>Stop questioning me, terf!
But remember it's totally scientific.

I knew about his dad being a sick child abuser and a ABDL himself but I wasn't aware of his husband being one as well. I'm absolutely not buying that he's just been unaware of this going on in his closest social circles, it's just not possible. Aimee has a whole closetful of skeletons but he's just better at hiding them.

No. 1186540

>how do they explain it to the handmaidens and activists
troon: I'm a woman and if you don't think so you're a hateful transphobic nazi
handmaidens: of course girl

No. 1186547

They got their foot in by saying "I want to wear girls clothes, use she/her pronouns and take drugs to grow tits and be left alone" and people said "fair enough". Then it changed into "I'm literally a female down to my last cell and SOUL, and woman can't be defined in any way that doesn't involve me" and even some handmaidens are starting to peak.

No. 1186548

this is the funniest shit I've seen today, he looks 3 foot tall

No. 1186553

File: 1615981828027.jpg (55.16 KB, 718x512, 572a8ea9d90ca0abec555737d08790…)


No. 1186561

The other option they use is:
>I’m a pathetic sack of shit and I want to kms because of my planned backstory with totally not fetishized details and tell me I’m a girl pls
>yes queen

No. 1186567

“Waaaahhhh! I’m obviously a woman because gross dudes want to fuck me! Womanhood is all about male validation!”

Fucking kek

No. 1186568

Yeah, the "Girl Dick" and telling people that a literal penis is female is where shit started getting crazy. I can even understand them pretending Neo-vaginas are the "Same" but telling people that a dick is "female' and gay/straight sex is different even though it's done the exact same way with the exact same genitals?
We went from,"We just want to look female and be called female" to, "If you don't date us you are transphobic" and now it's, "Okay, not liking certain gentials is fine, but if they have a neo-vagina/penis and you don't want them you are transphobic!"
Like when you think it's getting better it's still people telling you bullshit.

No. 1186579

So fucking obnoxious. Imagine needing all this make up so random people read you as woman. Could never relate.

No. 1186583

Intellectually challenged gay boy

No. 1186592

looks like a hippie dad and his daughter. it's creepy how much older he looks than her

No. 1186596

File: 1615986404257.png (232.25 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20210317-082901~2.p…)


Interestingly enough, a tweet responding to that said this and got suspended for it. Do the troons running Twitter even read what they ban? Lmao

Absolutely bullshit.

Oh my god modern day Buffalo Bill looking hairline jesus

No. 1186606

Twitter is so fucking pozzed

No. 1186626

File: 1615989812647.jpeg (73.09 KB, 1200x800, FDC3B65F-26B2-42A0-BC33-349E20…)

sage for tinfoil but I wonder if the popularity of more masculine women, eg very tall, has any connections to troons trying to make what is attractive about women masculine so they fit that standard better.

No. 1186629

I dont think this character is masculin at all wtf. I was happy to see an older looking, taller female character being recived this well. She still looks 100% female.

No. 1186632

She's hardly masculine, she has a very curvy body. If anything, very tall, wide shouldered classic fashion models with sharp jawlines are more masculine and generally accepted as beautiful already.

No. 1186633

I used her as an example because she was only popular for her height, and this idea of very tall women

No. 1186634

She is also popular for her huge tits and ass and being a creepy monster. The height just added to it.

No. 1186635

I'm a tall woman and idk I feel like she's more of a fetish than anything. Would the guys who like her actually date someone my height or taller? Or would they rather Troon out and pretend to be her?

No. 1186636

As soon as a female character hasn't a 'toddler face' it is somehow masculine… I guess? It confused me a lot when I saw the reactions about Lady Dimitrescu. I didn't believe that people would go crazy for her, but it's a nice surprise.

No. 1186639

here anon, please use these instead of ´

No. 1186640

Drag makeup is much closer to what you speculate than tall/amazonian women.

No. 1186643

twitter troons are insanely obsessed with her but i think it’s just bc she has massive tits and obviously has a dominating presence.

No. 1186652

File: 1615992587925.jpeg (469.2 KB, 828x1339, D170906B-7253-4348-B5A7-603C8C…)

troon who got ffs then decided he was a scrote again declares a little misogyny is okay uwu

very predictable final tweet in the thread

No. 1186657

Does someone have this image in better quality?

No. 1186662

it's almost as if men have never had to deal with sexism, so they're okay with it or something. Ugh

No. 1186663

meh feels more like the crossover between the whole "big mommy milkers" thing and monster fuckers getting jobs at game companies.

No. 1186666

this is exactly what it is . Most re fans are male and this is 100 percent a fetish. No hate at all yo tall women but she looks completely female, just tall and huge tits

No. 1186679

I remember when I was a child and my friend had the same thing happened to her, she cried and went to the doctor
Has a little girl ever reacted this way to her breasts growing?

No. 1186682


No. 1186684

Thank u so much for sharing this it's great

No. 1186688

File: 1615997232073.jpg (42.66 KB, 586x417, nothingnewtoseehere.JPG)

No. 1186697

lmfao. hopefully this is the start of liberals and faux feminists waking the fuck up and see how troons have overtaken female spaces and reproductive issues. Fucking kek.

No. 1186700

File: 1615998494218.png (117.94 KB, 867x571, Screenshot 2021-03-17 102725.p…)


Not sure if this has been posted in one of the MtF threads yet, but I thought it was interesting

No. 1186706

the handmaidens always argue with "Trans women take nothing away from women!!1" Yeah sure, but don't complain then when you left without the right to vote or even exits but then again some of those idiots would be fine with it as well. Empowering ALL womyn or so!1

No. 1186707

This character plays more into the mommy fetish than anything, anon. It's laughably popular within incels and, by direct proxy, troons. However in this fucking clown world I'm starting to believe in severe tinfoil shit like this because the tech (including video games) community in the US is riddled with troons.

No. 1186709

kek dozens of handmaidens are in the replies to the callout tweets saying "she deserves the birkin" and for people to mind their business and that it doesn't matter that this dude faked a whole ass kidnapping and raked in hundreds of dollars. wonder what their reaction would be like if a cis woman pulled this same shit.

No. 1186719

It really says something when they keep referencing to Buffalo Bill as if he was such a wonderful glowing example their already disgusting movement needed. Keep seeing a bunch of articles online about how unfair Bill had it/how transphobic Silence of the Lambs is because the Clarice tv show came out recently. Maybe get better role models? " Buffalo Bill doesn't get the dignity of their gender being acknowledged." Talk about a headline. kek

No. 1186731

File: 1616001417344.png (676.4 KB, 2048x1228, Screenshot_20210317-111519.png)

Someone sent this to me to post on their behalf. What a load of shit.

No. 1186735

>Why don't you police people who give me honest crit
Fucking retard

No. 1186744

>personal standards

No. 1186746

>shaming people for having bad teeth
If you have money for lolita fashion, you have money for private dental care. Why are troons so disgusting?

No. 1186754

and this is specifically THIN CIS people's problem becaaaaause?

No. 1186755

Same ita excuses, new package with an unnecessary bulge.

No. 1186758


Oh hey look, the reason why I stopped volunteering to help with Lolita events with my local comm.

Fucking 4 years of working my ass to death for their fucking con every year and the LibFem mod fucking praises the troon who dipped for two years. K sis, heard you loud abd clear. Never looked back since.

No. 1186764

>As soon as a female character hasn't a 'toddler face' it is somehow masculine… I guess?
I blame anime brainrot for this, honestly.

No. 1186769

The rampant transmisogyny of not centering men in a hobby with near zero male presence.

No. 1186770

It's crazy. They really went and made fucking Buffalo Bill their martyr. The embodiment of a deranged AGP. They have no shame and the mask has come off, now they're comfortable defending a serial killer that's described to be a homosexual in denial and killing women because he literally wants to wear their skin.

Lolitas are the bitchiest fucking people with the highest standards but they freeze altogether in front of men in their community. They're always creepy sissies/ABDLs who are there just for the fetish instead of the fashion, all lolitas hate them but standing up means to be cancelled. They used to be really good at gatekeeping fetishists and begs out of their community but after twansphobia became the highest crime they were basically fucked. I feel sorry for them.

No. 1186777

File: 1616006065714.jpg (39.64 KB, 640x628, juvhv2fwu9q21.jpg)

they're really going to invade every female community and space r they, huh

No. 1186778

Pleeeeease we need a pic of this felix in full Lolita garb

No. 1186783

this tbh

No. 1186786

Can confirm, Lolitas absolutely hate trannies. "Brolitas" were a meme even ten years ago and were only accepted if they were very attractive and unobtrusive, but Lolitas have always hated sissies (which trannies in lolita garb are) because of the clear fetishization and lack of fashion coordination skills. Of course you can't say it in public, but it's fully understood within the community except for a few genderspecial they/thems who relate to trannies.

No. 1186788

File: 1616006713169.png (987.02 KB, 1208x1198, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

They're in nursing, pregnancy and PCOS groups. Fashion communities never had a chance.

No. 1186790

>source: graham linehan
l m f a o

No. 1186797

Kikomi goals

No. 1186798

>pretended to give birth to a dead baby
No words. I think I just super peaked.

No. 1186814

File: 1616008222565.png (2.74 MB, 1550x2048, Screenshot_20210317-130914.png)

Here's your Felix.

No. 1186820

100% anon, that's exactly how I feel when I see this sick serial killer devotion. What's next, transing Ed Gein (the original prototype)??

They have systematically invaded every single woman-based subreddits and Facebook groups for years. It's absolutely disgusting and sad how much "cis" women bend over backward to accommodate and validate these sick fucks. I truly worry for our children's futures.

No. 1186825

Where’s the fucking PETTICOATS?!

No. 1186830

No. 1186832

There’s just so much to unpack that it’s better to throw it all in the garbage and hope for all of that shit to finally rot.
It’s always the retards with the shittiest clothes that get mad at the people with standards.

No. 1186855

I'd pay for someone to give this to a seasoned lolita to rip apart and then after she's done tell her that it's a brave and stunning trans wymmyn and watch her squirm.

No. 1186874

since when does scamming need a trigger warning

No. 1186878

how do you pretend to give birth to a dead baby?
like, saying the baby's born but it's not technically alive so you need emotional support?
regardless this is degeneracy

No. 1186907

I'll summarize what I can recall from this maniac, but it's a pretty old story
>married troon with a kid
>jealous of wife's womanhood and wants to be a mother (and has a breastfeeding fetish)
>obviously he can't birth a child, but he starts wearing fake pregnancy belly to simulate pregnancy and pretends to have pregnancy symptoms
>meanwhile wife is divorcing him, but allows him to stay in their home, so he lives on the couch until he finds a place
>he's obviously not looking for a place to stay but cries about being mistreated, while his wife is already dating other men
>carries the pregnant belly even in his workplace as a social worker
>also wears it home around his child (can't remember if son or daughter)
>joins group for women that have problems with lactating
>describes his plan to have a fake delivery to know what it is like to "experience stillbirth" while taking drugs for lactation to pretend to be a mother who lost her newborn
>women naturally freak out, but mods defend him
>his plan for childbirth is: at 39 weeks wants to kick his wife and child out of the house to be alone
>invite over a random stranger good samaritan woman to assist him for it to be more "authentic"
>wants to simulate contractions with those little electric pads they use for muscle pains (sorry, it escapes me what it's called)
>"delivery date" approaches
>the one woman that initially agreed to help him politely tells him that she changed her mind and doesn't want to do it
>he has to do it all himself
>it leads to a very "unsatisfying" birth that leaves him sad and angry
And I don't actually know what happened after that. Hopefully his wife found it in her to kick him the fuck out of her house.

No. 1186908

This type of treatment is why so many young men fall into the trap besides the fetish aspect. The fetish aspect is there but sometimes it's clearly about being validated, complimented and treated like they're special by the trans community. If they haven't ever gotten much positive attention before then I can see why it can become addictive.

No. 1186909

File: 1616015145114.jpg (123.56 KB, 710x565, bill1.JPG)

longish read but jesus, murica anons are fucked


>This means that American women will no longer be able to expect any single-sex facilities when using or being required to stay in:

>Shared hospital rooms or wards

>Locker rooms and public or group showers

>Multi-stall bathrooms

>Jails, prisons, or juvenile detention facilities

>Homeless shelters

>Overnight drug rehabilitation centers

>Domestic violence or rape crisis shelters

No. 1186911

just end it now

No. 1186912

I had a hunch based on the name and pfp so I looked her up, Felix is a he/it fakeboi complete with masectomy scars. She's just handmaidening for MtFs because of the prevalent narrative that transmen are privileged over transwomen (and probably to vent some spleen about being automatically called "she" as a woman in one of the most feminine alternative fashions).

No. 1186916

I wonder where "that-would-never-happen" handmaidens will be when abusers will put a wig on and erase their male history to enter rape/dv shelters. The type of men that won't shy away from stalking women for years before murdering them would surely never think of this one super secret trick.

No. 1186920

File: 1616015886911.jpeg (146.04 KB, 850x1222, FAEAA66C-4C32-4184-A656-0AB95A…)

sage bc it’s not really milky, but here is some sai (from #helpsai) drama. Apparently @seasonburbery is her priv account. Why do troons act like perpetual victims?

Taken from: https://twitter.com/kitbracadabra/status/1372013468283502598?s=21 and in comments and quote RTs people are still defending this scammer lol

No. 1186921

Welp time to start packing heat

No. 1186936

File: 1616017184898.png (1.14 MB, 828x1306, 6796203_1280.png)

This is the worst thing I have ever read

No. 1186950

"there's something that turns me on about men with surgery who still look like men, who cut their dicks off, so I can fuck their ball skin"
Is this suppose to be pro trans or anti-trans shit? I can't tell because I've legit seen articles where chasers talk about how they found they were attracted to trans from porn and it's seen as a "pro-trans" thing.

No. 1186951

Jesus christ, it was far, far worse than what I expected. Absolute lunacy. This is your cum-fried brain on porn.

But anon, they just want to pee! That's all they ask! That, and also be able to sexually assault women in vulnerable places and positions. But that's just because they need validation for their gender identity, you see they never got to experience the sexy sensual sleepovers where we had lesbian orgies as literal grade schoolers.

No. 1186955

The only reason Felix passes is because she's ugly. Just being honest.

No. 1186958

Overweight troons pass better because the fat obscures your features a lot.

No. 1186965

Imagine having hair INSIDE of your genitals. Fucking disgusting. And imagine the smell of that if it is made out off testicle skin. Do they shave inside of that?

No. 1186968

File: 1616021507448.png (190.95 KB, 1868x340, 1615701689626.png)

This has to be related, I am still trying to find out which comm this is, I'm losing it

No. 1186970

Who the fuck is she, I want to be her friend. Where are all the TERF lolitas at

No. 1186973

Apparently they mentioned the game will have pegging in it, so you're onto something.

No. 1186974

sage for derail, I've been asking around on /cgl/ too, we need to make our own comm with blackjack and no men

No. 1186975

Well you're not wrong. Lolitas used to be really good at keeping creepers and kinksters out but now they've gotten really lax about it. Add in the trannies and you've got a complete mess. Even /cgl/ itself has become more of a shithole than it already was.

No. 1186978

I’ve known Felix in real life for years and I am overjoyed to finally see their face on Lolcow. I’m a long time lurker but first time poster so apologizes ahead of time if I fucked up this post.

No. 1186981

You didn't fuck anything up! Can I request some milk on this person? We have a lolita thread as well

No. 1187004

I know Felix through my local community, not Lolita stuff. The things that make Felix a cow are related to “trans issues” including but not limited to
>suicide baiting so people would send money for top surgery
>believing that their back pain would go away with top surgery and then still asking for money after surgery when the pain unsurprisingly didn’t disappear
There’s other milk too but it’s not related to Lolita or FTM topics

No. 1187010

File: 1616024437908.jpeg (134.81 KB, 1073x955, 1FEA66BF-69DA-475D-88BC-43A94D…)


The fucking scam of it all. Get a job!

No. 1187014

shut the fuck up. just shut the fuck up. no one is attracted to masculine troons, it's about power dynamics being integrated into height differences. that character isn't masculine. tall women are not masculine. shut the fuck up.

No. 1187020

oh my god it’s literally kikomi irl

No. 1187058

Yeah, this character isn't masculine at all. IMO the height/strength and overall looks are supposed to play into a milfy-dominatrix kink, not make her resemble a guy.

No. 1187103

Thanks, girls. Guys don't believe me when people see tall women like myself as more "masculine" and this just proved my point.

No. 1187126

File: 1616034880442.png (1.25 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210317-223413.png)

Just saw this pop up in my newsfeed and as glad as I am to see more JK support, I'm sure the troons and handmaidens are screeching kek

No. 1187128

>strong link between identifying as 'transgender' and being on the autism spectrum
>ASD is prevalent within the tech industry
>tech industry is full of troons
Seriously, I think ASD should be a differential diagnosis for 'gender dysphoria.' Of course gender presents differently in autistics than the neurotypical population. Doesn't mean they should get mutilated or will be happier 'living as the other gender.'

Also I'm pretty sure autists are more vulnerable to the indoctrination. Like, you've spent your whole life feeling different, 'othered', socially isolated, and you find a community of 'people like you' (because ASD is so high in troons) who say transitioning will solve all your social problems, make you fit in, ick…

The troon population would be greatly reduced if being on the spectrum meant you couldn't be diagnosed with 'gender identity disorder.'

No. 1187137

Trooning out for some autists is just a new pokemon or digimon,they find a new tribe of freaks of their own and stick to it, but with troonism it's genital mutilation, hurting women and being shit at makeup.

No. 1187147

tbh if you don't agree with him about the violence you're fucking delusional, there's no way in hell that calling for attacks or death upon someone for stating that sex is biology and liking tweets from "a terf" or whatever the fuck is normal well-adjusted civil human behavior

No. 1187168

File: 1616038927659.png (376.05 KB, 977x727, Screenshot 2021-03-18 144140.p…)

except worse since it's condoned by medical professionals.
autistic women, especially younger girls, are especially vulnerable to this. Not the indoctrination so much, but influence from psychs. 'You were a tomboy as a kid? You aren't typically feminine? You find it difficult to connect to other women? Ok, let's give you a leg-graft meat sausage.'

No. 1187207

Watch retarded TRAs say shit like "you know you're evil when Voldemort agrees with you!!!1!" in response to this.

No. 1187216

It's hilarious how being next to a normal person makes him look like an absolute clown. The patchy, orangey fake tan, the cholo lipliner, the weird angry look the botox gives his eyebrows. The dude on the left is seriously his twin? They don't even look like they're from the same country. I can't believe people find this even remotely hot.

No. 1187218

I wonder if he's lurking. His account is locked and I couldn't find this photo on the sterlingweeb account anymore. Trannys love to dish out hate on bio women but when we throw it back at them they always fold and go private lol

No. 1187219

Fucking disgusting. I guess it was inevitable that we'd reach UK levels of dystopia here. Are there any western countries left that haven't completely bowed down to trannyshit?

No. 1187223

Well, a lot of people support trannies because they see them as fun full-time drag queens. Maybe being exposed to the stark reality is the only way this would ever end.

No. 1187245

MtF-pandering female enbies are a fucking plague. My comm has a bunch who are arguing that ‘sissy’ is a transphobic slur and anyone claiming to be one is just a poor repressed trans woman exploring her gender identity through kink. This means that even if a guy comes right out and says “I love my dick and only want to join your community to satisfy a sexual desire” we aren’t allowed to turn him away without being painted as literal nazis. Luckily the mods haven’t completely given in but they’re still way more lenient to sissies than they ought to be.

>Those aren’t real transwomen! You can’t blame transwomen for the actions of predatory cis men!
>Those are just some transwomen! You can’t blame all transwomen for the actions of a few!

In my experience it doesn’t work to point out that none of this would happen without trans-inclusive policies, because to these people the feelings of one man in lipstick outweigh the safety of hundreds of women. Women and girls are acceptable collateral damage, especially the kinds of vulnerable women who end up in prison or needing shelters. It’s the same reason they shrug their shoulders at human sex trafficking because well, some women think sex work is empowering!

No. 1187248

This woman is based as fuck. Makes me wish the lolitas I knew weren't the libfem type that's throwing women under the bus to please sissy fetishist men in dresses (and diapers).

Basically. What used to be an obsession over Sonic the Hedgehog's cock is now an obsession over collecting tranny merch and trying to transform themselves into an anime girl. But it's actual doctors and politicians endorsing their desire to become an anime girl and "be who they are" when in the yesteryear they would've been directed to professional mental health care having come out as Kikomi the beautiful anime lesbian and inspired an episode of CSI.

No. 1187251

>MtF-pandering female enbies are a fucking plague.
Agreed 100%. I feel deep sympathy for depressed FTMs but handmaiden enbies have the same energy as straight girls who want a gay best friend but think lesbians are gross or tradthots who trip over themselves racing to throw women under the bus for male approval. I will never forget the enbie woman in my local gay community aggressively caping for MTFs and telling gay people that they should shut up about homophobia and focus on helping trans people (ESPECIALLY vulnerable trans wymmyn!) now because they're "more privileged".

No. 1187253

Tall women are absolutely beautiful. Only manlets don’t like them because they feel threatened.

No. 1187261

what’s insane is that rape/DV shelters won’t take in women underage due to legal reasons. so while abused young girls are suffering with nowhere to really go, they can be assured that men in dresses are a higher priority than them.

No. 1187268

Calm down anon, this was taken when he was still a child. There's no botox just awful drag makeup.

No. 1187291

I think I peaked my mom because i told her about the equality act and how pervs can use it and women and girl will be fucked over.

When i got to sports scholarships she gave me a disturbed look and was like "i have to go to bed, im sorry I agree with you but i cant." And literally left. Idk what to make of it. Honestly I just hope she spreads the word to every friend she talks to on the phone and they all hate it like rational people.

She really didnt know how far the craziness went I think because I had
to lay down and be alone when I realized it too. Its womens intuition screaming at us this is dangerous and everyone is tryinfg to brainwash us into ignoring it.

No. 1187295

Everyday we stray farther from god's light.

No. 1187305

people dismissing people calling out that Tranny who faked their kidnapping are funny because didn't the tranny say some "transphobic" shit anyway?
So they are just defending/dismissing what he did ONLY because he's a black trans woman, not the fact that black trans woman is transphobic and gives NO shit about the people who care about them. He's looking out for Shim and Shim only.

No. 1187307

Silly feminist. Yooooooouuuu don´t get to define what´s oppressing because you´re the ebil oppressor!!!!! That´s the first rule of leftard club. Enjoy your ban.

I´ve no access to twitter atm but I was surprised her account was still visible last time I checked. She is a very intelligent woman who does not take shit and is not going to be swayed. But she´ll pay for it.

No. 1187311

File: 1616066692530.png (1.33 MB, 2167x1088, cream-city.png)

The CEO of Cream City Foundation (the name should have been warning enough), who hosts the famous Drag Queen Story Hour, where Drag Queens read books to kids to groom them, has been arrested for child pornography. He is also a children's court judge.

No. 1187312

Like clockwork

No. 1187314

gay men are the ones who are gonna be blamed for this

No. 1187317

Good, they shouldn't be allowed to adopt kids. Imagine being raised by two pornsick hypersexual scrotes. This is the end result. Those poor fucking kids.

No. 1187328

calm down there edgelord

No. 1187334

Shocking. Not. I predicted this shit ages ago.

Fuck off back to /tttt/ Homophobe-chan.

No. 1187335

>I didn't believe that people would go crazy for her, but it's a nice surprise.
Her character designer said more or less the exact same thing, now that I think about it.

No. 1187336

File: 1616069587518.png (598.64 KB, 932x524, predator.png)

No. It's fucking true. Despite being only 3.9% of the population, homosexual men commit 26% of sexual abuse of boys. Not only that, but sexual abuse victims are more likely to identify as homosexual themselves later on. It is literally a cycle of abuse.

No. 1187338

And no one is shocked. I only feel bad for those kids, but fuck the parents who gave into this insanity as 'harmless'

No. 1187339

That's because they're degenerate scrotes that would fuck a sandwich if it could cry and be abused, not because they're gay. Take this shit out right now.

No. 1187340

Imagine whiteknighting for predatory scrotes just cause you probably flick your bean to yaoi and think gay men are pure and wholesome little twinks.

No. 1187343

Straight or gay is irrelevant, all groups of men contain sex predators.

No. 1187347

File: 1616070734164.jpg (232.31 KB, 930x768, JzbN8Kl.jpg)

blame the fucking wokies tho, not gay men in general(homo derail)

No. 1187349

As I said before, Despite being only 3.9% of the population, homosexual men commit 26% of sexual abuse of boys.

It even says in the fucking picture you linked that homosexual males are more likely to rape kids.

That doesn't even take into account that abuse of boys is incredibly under-reported.

No. 1187350

File: 1616071281996.jpg (65.3 KB, 828x728, sailor_coom.jpg)

Maybe stop arguing facts just because they hurt your feelings and get back on topic.

No. 1187351

Ok women(male)

No. 1187352

Lmao exactly. “We hate trans (wo)men, but degenerate gays who shove all the furniture in their house up their asses are A-OK”

No. 1187354

Not this tradthottery/polfag/false flagging tttt shitposting again. Make your own containment thread for homophobic bullshit instead of having spergouts over here.

No. 1187355

File: 1616071894886.png (128.88 KB, 750x513, eba06ec0-d4f5-48d7-a872-aa7a60…)

Stop derailing the thread. I don't care if the men are gay or straight, the moment they abuse children it's fucked up. Jesus Christ instead of focusing on the sexuality focus on the abuse and how scrotes are literally the ones comitting most of the abuse. The gay male population is smaller than the straight one so it's logical there's gonna be more gay abusers proportionally to how much straight abusers there are. Instead on condemming the secuality, condemn the abuse. Anyway. Stop derailing and focus on discussing disgusting troons.

No. 1187356

No. 1187357

>The gay male population is smaller than the straight one so it's logical there's gonna be more gay abusers proportionally to how much straight abusers there are.

No. It's not. You would expect it to be the other way around.(derailing)

No. 1187358

Yeah,that literally made no sense, kek.

No. 1187359

Either way it isn't about who wins the abuse olympics because we all know that in the end it's men that abuse the most. Abuse is fucked up and should be condemmed no matter if it's a straight or gay man doing it.

No. 1187361

File: 1616072715810.png (1.15 MB, 960x940, notall.png)

No. 1187363

No. 1187364

And ? People focus on the abuse. Not the sexuality. I have a feeling you're a scrote.

No. 1187365

>someone disagrees with me
>call them a scrote
>argument won

Newsflash: men don't care about protecting children, that's why children need a fucking mother and not two degenerate dads

No. 1187367

It's a scrote or a tranny trying to derail the thread to get it locked or banned for infighting. Stop engaging.

No. 1187368

And they need two mothers? Lol.

No. 1187370

File: 1616073529921.jpg (117.76 KB, 1080x1080, t6pfaeva5mn61.jpg)

Anyway let's go back to talking about trannies. The bangs can't hide the big male forhead kek, it's like they can't escape it no matter if they get a comb over or bangs.

No. 1187373

No. 1187374

>wears all black to look less boxy
>looks boxy
Pathetic, also, it’s funny how they always have to get some hair almost from the middle of their head so they can have a resemblance to bangs, might as well buy a wig, but like other trannies, he wouldn’t even pick a decent wig.

No. 1187376

File: 1616074058807.png (233.01 KB, 1255x705, incel.png)

No. 1187378

I find it particurlarly tasteless how they try to emulate the stereotypical goth gfs they always dreamed to date

No. 1187381

Wokism preaches that people who tick all of those boxes are above reproach; everything they do is deniable or justifiable

No. 1187382

It's so strange, if those were tights/pantyhose instead of stockings that outfit would be completely passable. But then they fuck up the hair and makeup that badly. I know trannies not being able to care for long hair has been discussed ad nauseum, but goddamn, actual women with thin hair and high foreheads exist and manage to make it look good. How do these scrotes look at their stringy ass hair in the mirror and go "just like a real girl™"?

No. 1187384

>You really think I would go through all this trouble just for a fetish?

No. 1187388


Tbh this is some of the better hair I’ve seen. It actually looks like it’s seen conditioner before which is more than can be said for a lot of the people in this thread

No. 1187389

You're not wrong. But we can't deny the fact that no matter what the scrote's forehead is still pretty much visible and very… male.

No. 1187391

File: 1616075073864.jpg (281.96 KB, 2450x1699, fylyhd3edmn61.jpg)

No. 1187392

The fucking choker. Is he joking ? sometimes there's no way they're serious.

No. 1187393

The seethe is strong in this one. Let's adjust for male ego inflation and say he had a moderately successful dating /sex life… Obviously he drank the kool-aid and assumed he would pull just as many girls, if not more, after transition.

He obviously enjoyed sex before transition, so why in a million years would he opt into an incel life? Easy answer: He didn't. His radiating repulsiveness came as a shock to him and the only way to cope is rewrite the story to make himself a noble gender martyr.

No. 1187394

I was thinking his styling is decent then I saw the choker. I'm dead

No. 1187402

No Anon he's choking

I don't think this one looks THAT awful, at least he got an actual women's haircut and the styling isn't terrible. Would maybe pass after FFS as a Cool Mom from Idaho who loves working on the ranch and driving a pick-up. The choker is so hilariously out of place though, it looks like his kid gave it to him and he put it on for a pic, not like an actual style choice an adult would make on his own.

No. 1187403

File: 1616077214799.png (1.31 MB, 1099x977, troons.png)

Attractive men do also troon out. All of these men could easily have gotten laid plenty. It doesn't matter, they are pornsick just like incels.

No. 1187406


So I guess another answer to “Where have the good men gone?” Or “What happened to the good men?” is mental illness. Damn.

No. 1187408

I remember the bottom right one, wasn't he the one who had a second wedding to be a bride? He looks pretty decent next to all these leotard wearing troons, but he probably manipulates his photos like crazy.

No. 1187412

If they think they are actually the opposite gender, why don't they just use men or women as rolemodels?

No. 1187415

File: 1616078945146.png (27.6 KB, 938x188, autism.png)

No. 1187417

Yes, he had a couple kids too. And he mortgaged his house to pay for his surgeries. He’s divorced now kek

No. 1187418

Baby face, sickly Victorian boy, creepy rat eyes and man hanging out shirtless at a gas station? 2/10 would not bang any of them

lol but seriously, not saying he never got laid but let's face it, those are the hottest 4 guys we've got on the list and I wouldn't say any of them would be constantly approached, have their pick of women and had to beat them off with a stick - like he's describing in the post.

Actually they all look a bit beta for lack of a better term, like they get girls sometimes but never their first pick. That makes men seethe and retreat into fantasies of being a catgirl lesbian who never gets rejected, I guess.

No. 1187421

Men choose porn over real women all the time when they become hyper degenerate. Am I supposed to believe his lack of real sex makes him less sex-obsessed? It's called AUTOgynephilia for a reason.

No. 1187431

you can always trust them to be incapable of differentiating fantasy from reality

No. 1187437

do you have any sources for your claim because the first thing i got after googling your statistic was that there is no evidence for that

No. 1187438

Late reply but I'm a TERF lolita and I'd love to be your friend! My comm is overrun with genderspecials and handmaidens.

No. 1187448

File: 1616081532856.png (38.92 KB, 867x275, study.png)


Dr Judith Reisman is also one of the people who exposed Alfred Kinsey for abusing children to write his report and one of my personal heroes. I like to imagine she would consider herself a TERF.

No. 1187465

how does the fact that lot of homosexual men have been victimized prove that it was other homosexual men who abused them? is it possible they could have been any other sexuality? i can't be seem able to open the full study to see the sources she uses in her citations

No. 1187467

For everyone else who isn't a cretin, Judith Reisman is a crackpot homophobe who supports insane conspiracies like the Satanic Panic and the idea that homosexuality created Nazi Germany.
Because it's unbelievably biased nonsense with stats that make no sense.
Let's all move on now.

No. 1187470

stop derailing

No. 1187479

File: 1616084137611.png (32.26 KB, 853x389, tteeeerffd.png)

sorry for continuing this but i just was afraid that some weird things will start getting floating around if we just take things that have been said there in face value

anyway have a guide to infiltrating terf spaces by tras https://archive.fo/K2IQ1

No. 1187481

Stop derailing with homophobia. I really think some TRAs are trying to shut down the thread

No. 1187484

But anon! They take nothing away from woman!

No. 1187486

covertly silencing women 101 kek

No. 1187487

>infiltration and replacement

So basically let’s colonize the world electric boogaloo 2 but with cis women communities? Kek, troons never seize to amaze me.

No. 1187488

Top right is a fucking tragedy

No. 1187506

File: 1616086600373.jpg (218.86 KB, 900x1200, ESBYhBWWsAYhhpR.jpg)

isn't the top right Stwawbwewymilk, aka Matthew Paul Wienecke? I wouldn't call that attractive. If it's not, boy is this tranny a doppelganger for his pedophile ass

Top left guy should have stayed in boymode because he looks like shit as a "woman." I hate to say the bottom two look slightly better but that's because they're just such boring like basic dudes to begin with.

Why does this not surprise me? Most website comments I saw were exactly like this >>1187147 literally saying that he's an idiot for not "reading her manifesto" and how she deserves anything bad she gets. Fucking disgusting. Didn't anyone even bother to READ her reasons why? Apparently not. Fucking normies are just as stupid as the TRA spergers.

No. 1187520

Yes. In a smaller scale, this is what they do to every subreddit and online community. And this is why there are troons in so many leadership positions in women’s committees and organizations on every college campus. And not only do they do this to women’s spaces, read how they have colonized all the gay and lesbian organizations.

>Reach top leadership via troon or proxy handmaiden.

>capture the organization.
>redirect money and resources to fixate on trans issues.
>hold anti discrimination legislation hostage unless trans shit is passed too.

No. 1187523

That's why the "block and stay safe" tumblr culture becoming commonplace is one of the worst aspects of current wokeism. People just parrot that JKR is a "tranphobe" and wrote hateful words. You read her open letter? All she says is that being born a woman you live in a completely different world from men. And people act like she's using her wealth to build a slaugherhouse for the trans youth.

No. 1187529

I'm more than positive that most people who say that JKR is transphobic didn't even read her essay.

No. 1187531

Of course they'd say dumb shit like this. They're retarded weebs who can't separate fiction from reality.

No. 1187532

File: 1616089957248.jpg (1005.45 KB, 1920x2560, 21-03-18-19-48-02-694_deco.jpg)

Not sure if this belongs here but the great peakening of 2021 is happening even on reddit, kek.

No. 1187533

Yes it's him. Obviously he's not attractive anymore as a fat troon. Idk what your point is supposed to be.

I don't know why anons feel the need to point out that "they personally" don't find those men attractive. They are attractive be societies beauty standards. Chiseled jaws, tall, in shape.

The point was that not only greasy bald incels troon out. Men who can easily get laid and have sex all the time troon out too. Cause men prefer porn and their fantasies over reality.

No. 1187535

tumblrinaction has always been like this for the most part, but it isn't a women's sub or mainly made up of women so it gets a pass from reddit and is allowed to exist

No. 1187538

Why do these people think HRT magically does all the work? They always mention "x months on HRT" and put their dimly lit male photo next to a filtered, edited girlmode photo with makeup and act like it's the titty skittles doing the bimbofication. The effects of HRT are very limited on a male body.

No. 1187542

File: 1616090978747.png (1.03 MB, 1936x1410, tiA.PNG)

Holy fuck, there is even more on the sub, more than half of the top posts are about trannies
I can't believe that in the end, tumblrInAction users are the ones standing up for gays

No. 1187551

>isn't a woman's sub so it's allowed to exist
Why of course, because only women can be evil terfs. Disappointed but not surprised. I'm still glad there's at least one sub where common sense is allowed and not immidiately shut down and banned.

No. 1187553


Funny that is is what will do Tumblrinaction in after so many years.

No. 1187554

Holy hell that last one. I have to believe it's a troll, or I'm leaving this planet.

No. 1187560

kek maybe get some better standards? That pedophile was never attractive, he's always been mentally ill and a pedo. You're reaching anon.

>>1187532 >>1187542
Good for them. More people need to wake up and speak out. Gays, women, radical feminists, other trans people, etc – they all have an issue with the TRA at large because of how abusive and gross it all is. Women like Emma Watson and Jameela Jamil need to read a few threads before they keep praising them.

Simple: mental illness luv. Also a major delusional echo chamber of similar troons. And also handmaidens bending over backwards trying to reaffirm their delusions.

Her essay was spot on and people can't handle reading anything longer than a tweet anymore before they decide to take up pitchforks and start crying twansphobia. Mass delusions and ignorance.

No. 1187564

File: 1616092693958.png (84.98 KB, 186x383, ok.png)

>maybe get some better standards? That pedophile was never attractive, he's always been mentally ill and a pedo. You're reaching anon.

He is objectively attractive and could easily pick up a girl. Your personal taste is an entirely different matter. Yes, he's a mentally ill pedophile and also a gross fat tranny now, that is completely besides the point. I don't know why that's so hard for you to understand.

If showed 100 women on this street this guys picture without telling them anything about him I am sure you'd get an overwhelmingly positive response.

No. 1187567

File: 1616092899776.jpg (29.81 KB, 619x478, 70296214_106316360766840_35793…)

Found this collection of absolutely deranged TRA screenshots. Enjoy.

No. 1187569

It's just the dumbass "Attractive people can't be shitty, they must be ugly" logic at work. Ignore that anon.

No. 1187571

NTA but you need to calm down and get over this troon cuz you sound like a scrote

No. 1187582

>everyone I don't like is a scrote
You need to stop using the same line whenever someone says something you disagree with.

No. 1187584

I think tumblrinaction is where all the gc refugees went, it won't get deleted because it's not for women plus it's also full of mysogynist mgtow types which reddit admins clearly love. terfs are based for taking over their sub btw

No. 1187586

File: 1616093951510.png (90.67 KB, 747x672, Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 2.54.…)

this really made me feel sick.

No. 1187587

>>1187582 I said it one time because you're sperging and derailing. Will you fucking shut up? Mods please control this retard

Thanks anon this is a great archive

"Won't Die Waiting" is such a disgusting and selfish response

No. 1187590

File: 1616094266500.jpg (166.54 KB, 694x717, image.jpg)

the hypocrisy is astounding.

No. 1187591

This is eye opening thank you

No. 1187592

Oh my god. Don't they realize how fucking insane they sound?

No. 1187597

Jesus christ imagine dedicating your life to this stupid ass psyop larp just to abuse women. Like there's literally nothing else in for them except the feeling of superiority over women and living out their fetish. I lost braincells reading this.

No. 1187599

>won't die waiting
Idk, the statistics would beg to differ. What is it, 41%?

>needs re-education
That totally makes you sound like the people on the good side /s

Wait, are they saying terfs are worse than fascists now?
I'm just, speechless. Wow. Wtf is wrong with these people

No. 1187601

>But when TERF's go after trans women and others, […]
of course they only care about the men in their ranks kek

No. 1187610

"Titty skittles" is absolutely hilarious and I'm stealing this from now on

No. 1187620

Yep they don't give a shit about trans men. I still think about that tweet about "keeping trans men around for uterus usage." Why aidens pander for these sickos, I'll never understand…

No. 1187626

what? i think you replied to the wrong post, i was saying the ftm lolita person was literally kikomi, i believe in tall woman supremacy

No. 1187628

Don't. That's the cutesy term TiMs made up for them to downplay the actual horror of them and make them more approachable and "fun" sounding. Anon was just using it ironically.

No. 1187635

Yeah anon, I highly advise NOT to use that term. It's like using the term "top surgery" instead of " double mastectomy" to minimise how altering/serious the surgery is.

No. 1187638

ntayrt but thanks this is really good advice. Really puts it into perspective. Reminds me of someone who said that it's crazy how people think diets are extreme but open heart surgery is not??

No. 1187650

>upper right
god, can men stop doing this to themselves please. why why why

No. 1187659


Good work anon; the how-to is a valuable post.
Time to recognize it and utilize the same system.
Till then, patience and power sisters

No. 1187660

>Terfs like to pretend it's "violence against women"
>anyway dox them, destroy stuff and harm them
Um sir

No. 1187661

I wonder how many trannies would be lining up for "bottom surgery" if it was just called "castrating penile inversion" or something.

No. 1187666

sorry to ask, but have TERFs ever done such things to trans people? Or actually murdered any trannies?

No. 1187668

File: 1616100181173.jpg (296.93 KB, 1040x585, Scientology-Flag-Building-Open…)

The thing is that one they already managed to do as >>1187520 mentioned and on the other hand, let's do not forget the dumb ass handmaiden supporters who want them in power positions because empowering ALL women!1

Call me crazy but with the bully tactics that are creepy similar to scientology, they will occupy an entire town at some point in the near future, just as the other loon club did.

No. 1187680

I really can’t imagine a woman actually trying to deliberately attack a huge ass man in a dress.

No. 1187686

100% anon…

Let them fuck it up for themselves. Get strong, smart, and active; keep sewing seeds, peak and empower other women, stay chill when they reeeee. You will find allies in being the example.

Sage for encouraging nonmilk

No. 1187687

No, the one and only example they ever try to use of "terfs" attacking trannies is that news story from a couple of years ago where two drunk redneck ladies "attacked" a redneck tranny in a redneck bar. Those ladies were definitely not "terfs," just normie drunk women probably freaked out by the gross tranny… or he attacked first. The tranny also got arrested a couple of months later for attacking different women in another local bar, but of course that story was not reported by NPR, the NY Times, and other big news sources because it doesn't follow their narrative. They only report when a tranny is attacked, not when a tranny does the attacking: https://www.womenarehuman.com/man-transgender-who-previously-accused-women-of-sex-attack-in-bar-restroom-punches-another-woman-in-a-bar-police-say-geoffrey-jamal-lee/

No. 1187688

christ. im a dyke and even i think these men were better looking before.

now they’re just ugly women. and after bottom surgery they’ll be smelly ugly women.

No. 1187689

We literally looped back around to the same shit our mothers had to burn their bras for and now it's up to us to start all over again fighting men trying to take women's rights, speech and safe spaces away. I am so fucking tired.

No. 1187701


they are not women, anon. they are ugly feminine men larping as women.

No. 1187714

Literally just replace every mention of "Terfs" with "women" and it gets crystal clear.
Also top kek at calling terfs fascist when that whole blogpost are opposition silencing tactics that were used by fascists.

No. 1187719

That's what I can't stand about these fucking delusional twits. HRT doesn't change much of anything in the longrun. I fucking hate how these troons try to trick their viewers with their before and after pictures posting their unfiltered old picture alongside a heavily edited, ran through a face filter, and applied makeup and then act like the HRT made them look like that. It's bullshit and it tricks and suckers younger, impressionable kids to think that they can achieve the same only to be disappointed when not only does that not happen, they also had compromised their health in the process. It's gross, it's disgusting, and I wish more people would call this bullshit out.

No. 1187721

Why are you calling yourself dyke?

No. 1187723

I was watching the news in my country and for Father's Day (tomorrow here) they inserted a piece about a 20-something MTF called "Daddy's Girl" but hey, not a fetish

No. 1187727

Oh my god what a waste of a face, why the fuck would someone like him transition. Fucking porn.

No. 1187733

File: 1616104163847.jpeg (452.44 KB, 750x722, 4F6BF8A6-271E-4A3D-83FD-0EABC0…)

I might be late to the party with this, but in response to California banning underaged mastectomies on young girls the California department of insurance released a letter claiming that female breasts are an “abnormal structure caused by congenital defects”

Troonery gone absolutely wild. The natural hellfire that state receives is completely due and just.

No. 1187736

>Men say being a woman is a congenital defect
>Men are the ones with a Y chromosome
It would be funny if it wasn't so terrifying that they're making this into law.

No. 1187738

Nah anon, they wish they looked like ugly women, they look like freaks. I'm also gay and I rarely see troons that look better after transitioning. Something about that feminine styling makes men especially ugly to me. Maybe it's because they become easier to compare to women so the difference in anatomy is more jarring.

No. 1187740

Nta but some lesbians call themselves dykes, it’s not all too wild.

No. 1187742

God this shit enrages me.
It's so fucking stupid that they want to be included in everything.

At least more people are peaking, especially on tiktok, hilariously enough.
Two accounts that popped up on my fyp talk about the erasure of women by TRAs and AGPs and it's fucking glorious to see.
exulansic is a detransitioner
and jessica_ann_pin is the woman who got clitoral anatomy added to medical texts in 2019.
20 fucking 19!
Outrageous, holy shit.

No. 1187744

Absolutely disgusting

No. 1187745

Yeah, they all become 100x times uglier BECAUSE they are trying to 'pass' and their male features become much more prominent. Even twinks look more masculine and horseface-tier when they are in makeup

No. 1187748

No. 1187757

File: 1616106406260.jpg (233.97 KB, 760x760, 1582632591657.jpg)

No. 1187760

So where do all my "terf" Lolitas meet?

No. 1187765

At this point, California and Texas are the same levels of crazy. This is absolutely sexism and turning women into objects

No. 1187768

File: 1616107489832.png (40.56 KB, 741x288, fhusjdskdjsjf.png)

Thank you libfems. Women sharing female spaces with the most unhinged murderous incels out there was a great idea! I mean, what could go wrong…

No. 1187770

tbh i believe we'll be seeing a troon mass shooting soon…

No. 1187772

I mean, we already had Randy Stair committing a small-time shooting. It's only a matter of time before another troon is more successful.

No. 1187783

At first glance, I thought the Undertaker trooned out and got legitimately sad

No. 1187784

I glance at this thread from time to time but jesus christ they're retard. Around one percent of the US population serves in the military, among that 1 percent(around one million or so military members) an even smaller percentage is in the military, much less the combat arms parts of it. These dumbasses can't into math.

No. 1187786

I'm sorry the troons pissed me off I had errors out the ass. I meant out of that one million or so people an even smaller percentage is trans, and an even smaller percentage in combat arms. Fucking christ I hate their stupidity.

No. 1187801

Nta but you’re the one who is being retarded

No. 1187809

File: 1616111705697.jpeg (325.79 KB, 640x1034, 4C3887BD-377F-4FC1-83F3-FC501E…)

KEK these people are fucking MENTAL

No. 1187814

>throwing bricks and rocks through their windows
>shooting bullets into their home
>bodily harm is "corrective action"
Holy shit, whatever lunatic wrote this is trying to get somebody killed for real

No. 1187816

They don't see it as wrong because they don't see women as human.

No. 1187818

File: 1616113476168.jpeg (349.23 KB, 640x1041, F4591BE6-5D0D-44D6-B02D-EBB2FF…)

Haha forget rape relief right? How about a group for kinky sex instead

No. 1187819

the part about reclaiming a rape crisis center for the troons instead of terfs is honestly sinister af considering they have fantasies of raping women.

also kek at the fact they’re saying terfs aren’t feminists. what does the f in terf stand for then?

No. 1187820

File: 1616113977857.jpeg (506.48 KB, 640x1047, 771BADF8-7A99-4FA9-8471-965814…)

You all need to stop what you’re doing and read this entire fucking thing
>>TERFs are like abusive parents that beat and molest their children

No. 1187826

Fucking hell

No. 1187828

File: 1616114830762.jpeg (265.12 KB, 568x692, 631B95A0-85C1-4170-9693-30F952…)

My milkshake makes all of the terfs step out the yard
And they’re like
This is minimal harm
Damn right
It’s minimal harm

No. 1187830

File: 1616115441063.jpeg (164.6 KB, 640x970, 8975CCCA-2644-4CCC-A707-EBD4F3…)

The person who wrote this, Laura Izaguirre, has more deranged articles just like this one.
What does this mean??

No. 1187833

They more this shit goes public, the more people peak and the general populations tolerance of troons drops. None of their "take over the world and beat terfs" talk will ever happen. Too many people are fed up.

No. 1187838

File: 1616116185828.jpeg (62.93 KB, 810x540, 9363505D-E617-4C44-9362-3D633D…)

No. 1187843

File: 1616116552741.jpeg (238.51 KB, 640x916, 9B665218-C7A4-4269-A150-740C27…)

No. 1187848

File: 1616116879065.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.62 KB, 640x935, 17064420-B881-44B5-871D-9A3554…)

Spoiler because it’s talking about CSA

No. 1187855


holy fuck this woman is an absolute cow

No. 1187857

Is it a woman though? Could only find that one picture.

No. 1187868

File: 1616119816380.png (14.23 KB, 963x212, cancer.png)

from the about me "cis gender neurodivergent queer Latinx trying to find her authentic self"

No. 1187870

fuck trannies

No. 1187874

>fascism is a real and omnipresent threat
>infiltrate and replace TERF groups to suppress wrongthink

What a fucking retard

No. 1187888

This shit is so scary like wtf. Why are women always under attack like this and how do people not see the trans movement as just that?! Why are women so complacent?! It’s so sad… even on national women’s day, OUR DAY, I saw so many of my friends sharing things like, “don’t forget it’s sisters not CIS-ters…” and it’s like no it absolutely fucking IS exclusive?! I’m sorry I’m sperging but it’s just so heartbreaking. I’m scared to be a woman to other woman bc what if they see me as a terf and out me to the tranny over lords?! Obviously I’m exaggerating but that’s what it feels like!!!

No. 1187892

It’s like a chant for some propaganda, what the fuck.

No. 1187893

Honestly I have more respect for gays than I do for trannies. At least they know what they want and are after, and that's dick in their mouth and ass or giving it to other duds because they know that's who they're attracted to. Trannies have no fucking idea what is it they seek. Validation? Hope for some sort of "relief" after transition? Being "cute" and getting attention? Fuck knows, the list could go on forever.

No. 1187896

File: 1616125079465.png (304.67 KB, 582x636, Untitled.png)

why should i care about their goal?

No. 1187900

because in their minds, if you don't then you're racist and transphobic and you should kys
even people who make scam crowdfunders manage to give you a reason as to why you'd want to spend your money on what they offer.
these freaks are literally just:
>"i exist, i'm oppressed. give me money!!"

No. 1187916

the jokes write themselves

No. 1187917

You said it sister

No. 1187958

File: 1616133306978.jpeg (995.31 KB, 828x1504, CEB1608E-23A6-486E-9862-27D0F8…)

This showed up on my facebook feed from a relative commenting on it, what the hell is this thing?

No. 1187964

It’s the “human ken doll’, who transitioned to human barbie now, it’s a mess.

No. 1187966

Kek those tips will just give thr public proof how unhinged and violent trannies are.

No. 1187970

Honestly, at this point. I'd rather just be a right leaning retard, the lesser of two evils.

No. 1187978

^needs reeducation^
really showing who they are here. Very ironic that they see this as "anti fascist".

No. 1187980

Hey ladies, just being the mom friend here. If any of you have a terf social please take special steps to prevent doxxing from these maniacs.


Stay safe.

No. 1187993

wait, didn't he die of an overdose recently?
or i am getting him confused with some other tranny

No. 1187998

THIS is exactly why they sperg about us using alt accounts and throwaway accounts.

>it's a troll!

>it's all one person making sock puppets!
>if you really believed this then why are you scared to show your face!
>you're crazy because your whole account is obsessed with this one topic!
>the only way to prove you're not a crazy coward liar is to tell us who you really are!

A literal database. A database of women to stalk, harass and physically attack with impunity.

My only shred of hope is they're too retarded, selfish and mentally ill as a group to keep up the boring admin work needed to make this a reality. Anyone can write a manifesto, it takes actual skill and work to coordinate the effort to bring it to life.

No. 1188000

File: 1616145864376.png (91.85 KB, 511x491, Laura.png)

No. 1188001

File: 1616145972940.png (27.6 KB, 511x133, TERF.png)

No. 1188002

Pretty sure that’s rodrigo alves and he’s still alive

No. 1188005

File: 1616146556102.jpeg (254.3 KB, 640x1055, D0C3B3DA-F9DC-4B4F-AC6B-72AA7D…)

How do we get this psycho cunt her own thread?

No. 1188009

How do we get this psycho cunt her own thread?
No. It doesn't fucking deserve one.

No. 1188013

Why not? It’s funny af

No. 1188017

If that happens I bet they'll just cry transphobia and how they've been driven to a corner and they didn't really mean it

No. 1188020

It would be beneficial for people to stumble upon all her shit if they google her so I'm all for the thread

No. 1188021

She’s apparently not even trans, so she doesn’t technically belong here.
We only have 1 picture and she could potentially be a very well passing tranny but I say more likely CIS
She deserves a thread more than a lot of people here since she supports abolishing the SO register.
Anyone able to make a thread without being banned? Kek

No. 1188036

that… that's exactly what a tranny would say

No. 1188037

File: 1616153235414.jpg (402.62 KB, 1080x1177, 20210319_072152.jpg)

this comparison has me in tears

No. 1188041

These people should have their rights as a parent be revoked from them. Would it be this hard to just go get pregnant again and hopefully get a child of the gender you actually want? My family used to know some people who ended up having 7 children, all girls before the 8th was finally a boy like the father wanted, and they ended up raising all of them despite everything.

No. 1188044

don't know about western countries but eastern european ones still seem okay.

No. 1188045

Thread for Laura Izaguirre


No. 1188048

I'm from a western european country and people irl seem to be doing okay on a major scale. However, the tiktok generation is already brainwashed. One of the bigger tiktokers from here is a they/them.
The they/them agenda is found in Univerities too, I heard it from a prof first hand.
We're at the stage the US was in around 2015 and I'm fucking scared.

No. 1188049


No. 1188054

Comparison for who?

No. 1188066

I'm from Eastern/Central Europe and while most people are not following the delusional stuff America does (trans people in women sports, not saying 'woman'…), many aren't really informed. Men don't care, think trans people are similar to homosexuals and don't harm anyone. Normie women here while being pretty equal to men are mostly pick-mes (there are some feminist - libfem circles though). Hating silly feminist women from West is pretty popular. On the other hand zoomers are uwu empowered and brainwashed into tranny shit, usually having pronouns in their bios. Art students are hilarious with non binary stuff that doesn't even work in our language, polyamory and so on, everyone normal makes fun of them.

Usually people follow the 'he was born in a wrong body, let him dress as a woman, poor damaged gay soul' rhetoric. I think people don't realize transbians exist.
So I'd say while not ideal, it's better than Western Europe.
Countries that are more to east are generally shit to women though.

No. 1188073

Thanks amom ♥

No. 1188084

Eastern EU anon, people on social media in my place are mostly koreaboos or furries (which also usually tends to be a mix of 'non-binary' or pronouns in bio). Funnily enough, libfem furries always end up making a huge deal out of my country's news by adding a lot of bullshit into it without even giving proofs or anything, which makes me feel embarrassed for them.

As for other people, I would usually meet edgelord types who are way too into politics and 'women bad', or r-wing pickme tradthots who would always scream 'not all men' and will always talk shit about you or other women in front of men.

No. 1188086

File: 1616159065386.jpeg (453.48 KB, 640x930, 3B660931-C703-4893-8445-42B49F…)

Trans people are fucking evil
All across the globe
There is a metoo movement happening across the globe and they are going out of the way to dismantle it and make it about them
They are actively threatening and harming us. They’re exactly like men saying “get back in your place”

No. 1188088

No. 1188099

This is actually getting scarier every day

No. 1188102

>If you're a poor, queer, minority, you'll get branded a sex offender for doing nothing wrong
"for doing nothing wrong", huh?

No. 1188119

We have a thread for her now

No. 1188132

Shithole-post-soviet-EU here, most people are pretty casually homophobic still, nevermind the trans issues. But at university level, especially liberal arts/social sciences, there are activist groups. We even had Sophie LaBelle visit us once! And this is very anecdotal, but one guy wrote a short essay on how JKRowling is a TERF as our assignment, which made me feel sick to my stomach.

No. 1188140

It's all about labels. It always has been for these people, they're just under a different umbrella than before. Fucking fuck labels, these fucking retards have no fucking sense of self. Identity should be about who you are, not what group you decide you fit in.

No. 1188158

I’ve never been a big gun person, but I think it might be time I started carrying. I’m legitimately afraid of getting assaulted by them.

No. 1188166

Why do these people think that every woman who doesn't buy the whole TWAW bullshit are Trump Supporters? Especially when most women who are against trans nuttery are not even conservative?

No. 1188179

File: 1616167355701.png (40.72 KB, 649x836, gofundme.png)

No. 1188180

Its just social media, there's so many users and plenty of different ideas (eg, Super straights). Gen z isn't a lost cause, they're just kids. Look at all the millenials who grew out of it despite spending 20 hrs a day on tumblr.

No. 1188181

They think being a Trump supporter is literally the worst thing anyone could be, so they use it to manipulate anyone who slightly disagrees with the narrative. Extreme black and white thinking

No. 1188183

This is so fucking sad and infuriating

No. 1188195

Thank you amom - we need more of this .
Technologically-Empowered-Real-Females who hack.

No. 1188205

>When men can't get away with traditional misogyny any longer and resort to pretending to be females so they can keel abusing and oppressing women
Want all scrotes sent to the moon

No. 1188228

I'm from western Europe too, and I think the troon craze officially reached my country. Just saw a commercial on TV on one of our rather popular channels. Trigger warning in the beginning, starring a FtM (at least lmao), "Don't let words become weapons". I knew we were bad already, but to this point? I guess we'll be seeing the equality act too, some time next year or so.

No. 1188232

It amazing how far these mass delusions and entitled behavior has spread worldwide. It's a sickness infecting everywhere at this rate. Very disappointing to see this become "normal" and accepted…

No. 1188233

>Take a group that has harmed countless millions. Now require them to be sexually submissive toward the modern victims of those crimes. That is definitely a kink I am all about.

I'm sure that she means make women submissive to males but a group that disproportionately harms others is men
Either that's a troll or a male, it's hard to believe this shit is just a case of brainwashing

No. 1188236

I live in certral europe and in my town it is still rather "normal". I only remember seeing one troon in the wild and it was at least two years ago. But also starts here, in the past thread it was shown that they warn of "terfs" on the national TV channel. Today I took a piss at work and saw the sanitary bag for pads and such things at the bathroom stall that says " for women sanitary pads" I caught myself thinking for how much longer it will say that it is for women only. And I swear if I have to share the changing room and toilet with some troon in the future I will piss in the parkin lot for this.

No. 1188239

Honestly I just feel bad for these kids, Jazz and Ema and the other little boys and girls who were transed by their retarded narcissist parents

They have destroyed and mutilated their own children's bodies for a brief moment of fame, In a just world the parents and the doctors involved should be arrested

No. 1188240

There will be a worldwide backlash against troons soon, mark my word. younger Gen Z and Gen Alpha (who are almost old enough to enter middle school) will probably start an eventual backlash against the tranny movement soon. all the SJW and troons are mostly Xennials, Millennials and older Gen Z. Bunch of inept retards.

No. 1188242

if blacks can organize a movement that goes around burning cities, so can others organize one that goes around setting trannies alight instead(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1188246

Finland still requires trans patients to have a doctor's referral to enter the process which is lengthy and pretty thorough, you need to be deemed mentally sane to be allowed to go on hormones and have the surgeries. The law is constantly under fire from the activists who claim it's "humiliating" and "gatekeeping", but most citizens think troons are crazy and don't understand why they couldn't just be a masculine woman/feminine man since the culture has historically been quite egalitarian. There's only a small group lobbying for the cause and literally nobody takes them seriously because they're a bunch of infighting spergs that continuously shoot themselves in the foot. If they tweeted in English you bet I would be sharing their milk here.

I mean being trans is a pretty bourgeois condition, not that many people here are educated and wealthy enough to be preoccupied with ridiculous shit like mutilating your dick for a fetish. Praying that the self-identification shit will never pass.

No. 1188252

then you'll be demonized internationally for killing an innocent trans woman. Don't you know that your rights end where her penis begins?

No. 1188257

> tfw i used to live next to Finland and would always visit it to buy food and I saw a man in sailorfuku with stripped stockings

No. 1188259

Good going Finland! Considering how so many surrounding countries act, this is great news. Hope they can stick with it. This is how it should be worldwide: strict and not just "here's some titty skittles for you!!"

No. 1188262

your rights end where her penis begins
Haha, I'm wheezing anon. Can we get T shirts?

No. 1188265

>Finland still requires trans patients to have a doctor's referral to enter the process which is lengthy and pretty thorough, you need to be deemed mentally sane to be allowed to go on hormones and have the surgeries.
Afaik it’s the same in the Netherlands, yet I’ve met multiple trans people who have legally transitioned while being quite open about their severe, identity or body image-related mental illnesses (like anorexia nervosa, schizophrenia or BPD). They either lie to the psychiatrists and pretend to be mentally fine long enough to transition or someone in the system is knowingly fudging their medical history. One guy I’ve met claims to have multiple personality disorder with his main alter being a “tsundere catgirl loli”. His passport says he’s female.
So technically there’s gatekeeping but it apparently doesn’t work that well. It wouldn’t surprise me if certain mental health problems start being viewed as symptoms of trans identity rather than causes of it. I’ve already seen it with young FtMs and eating disorders.

No. 1188267

It's no use if those doctors see gender dysphoria as dressing/acting/playing like a woman. They'll still get what they want.

Additionally, they can just look up one of those tranny guides on the internet. Those guides will tell them 100% of what they have to tell the doctor to get what they want.
They're so fucking dumb, they will even PRETEND to have 'gender dysphoria' BECAUSE they think they have gender dysphoria and want to be MtF… it's literally retarded. If you have to pretend to have something, you should realize you don't have it.
And that is all taking into account that gender dysphoria is actually a condition that needs to be treated by cutting your dick off.

No. 1188268

File: 1616175955050.jpg (34.75 KB, 680x385, EwmsGVcXEAUqjHP.jpg)

words are meaningless at this point

No. 1188269

On reflection, I guess yeh, expose this creature, but my visceral reaction is don't even acknowlegde it"s existence, and definitely don't give it any platform to frame itself as a victim

No. 1188272

>kids get it
lmao they don't, that's why they're kids, they'll believe just about anything an adults tells them

No. 1188275

I fucking hate this clown world.

No. 1188276

Part of the reason for the functioning gatekeeping of titty skittles and surgery is experimental surgeries being practically banned. In the US, as well as in some European countries (like Estonia I think) private persons can consent to experimental surgeries. If there are complications after the surgery the doctors are legally more protected.

In Finland there's one clinic that I know of which prescribes illegaly high doses of hormones once the psych evaluation has been cleared though. It is also located in a city with a bustling black market for hormones. A lot of tr00ns move to this city for transitioning, and once they move elsewhere they are in the shit with their dangerously off balance hormones.

In Finland the psych evaluation process is very lengthy, a year minimum I think. It weeds out the young people who just parrot internet arguments pretty well, since they couldn't fill a single 45min visit.

No. 1188283

The fun part is that regardless of the restrictions to transition are (ranging from 1 year of therapy to 1 appointment) they'll still complain that it's infantilizing and patronizing. They'll never be happy until HRT is available at the vitamins aisle of every supermarket.

No. 1188285

Which city? Tampere is infested with troons and genderspecials, I can’t imagine it getting worse than this

No. 1188290

Which city? I'm finnish and have never heard of this, don't have any guesses either.

No. 1188300

Not long ago I was a handmaiden for these people and signed those petitions. Finland is full of these woke types and I wish news would report on this topic as what it is, before activists do it first and cement the victim status they want.

Tinder here is full of transbians too lol

No. 1188341

So what the fuck words are they using. Penis-havers? Vagina-owners?

The only hope we have is that male and female exist regardless of whatever idiotic words or phrases are used to describe it.

Can’t wait for the Uterus Bearers March of 2041.

No. 1188345

I mean by their brainless logic they also dismiss the Existenz of twans people because when there is no male/female, then there is no trans because there is no start to make. Why do you want transition when you are not male/female to begin with? Such bigots and twansphobes reeee

But on the serious note, these people are out there and brainwash children with this garbage.

No. 1188366

The Uterus Bearers’ March will just be the day men in dresses and retarded women with short hair, will pick a handmaiden and a Terf (a regular wxmxn) to sacrifice to the twans entity.

No. 1188373

Absolutely, I think they have 5 years or so left. The only reason normies are letting this shit slide is because they don't know anything - once presented with receipts, they jump on terf train real quick. Imo the biggest problem rn is major media outlets bending over for tranny bucks and spreading misinformation (like hiding that the serial child rapist of the week is yet another trans).
optimistic timeline? After Biden, burgers will get a based new world lol Either way, imo next US president is going to be conservative

No. 1188398

It's the same deal with France, and you need to specifically live as the opposite "gender" for two years before doctors and psychiatrists can decide if you can get surgery.

No. 1188408

File: 1616185401783.png (508.38 KB, 800x1200, kek.png)

I pray the kids figure out what a bunch of horseshit it is

No. 1188418

It doesn't weed out shit. I run in con circles and it's absolutely full of genderspecials and they're all on hormones. They're obviously and openly mentally ill but they still get access to hormones and "corrective" surgeries. Plus, TRA's are constantly trying to get rid of the evaluation process and make hormones available to underage kids as well. Absolute clown world.

No. 1188419

>tfw a ten-year old knows more than you
Tumblr University major is truly useless

No. 1188425

Youre that South asian arent u?

No. 1188469

This is 98% some money laundering shit.

No. 1188474

Average donation of more than $1500
That's horseshit.

No. 1188477

Ive straight up been called called conservative for saying that "xy's shouldn't be in shelters, prisons because theres probably a lot of women who don't want to see penis and they should be able to choose."
Idk how or when it became progressive to force women to accept penis in our spaces even if it makes us uncomfortable because men's feelings will be hurt if we don't.

No. 1188488

File: 1616190453314.jpeg (124.87 KB, 696x924, effigy-of-a-woman-is-hung-as-a…)

>Effigy of a woman is hung as a threat
>An effigy made to look like a hanged woman was suspended from a tree in the area.
What is one even supposed to do in that situation to fight back against those obviously triggered scrotes?

No. 1188492

Literally it. Give this kid a trophy. That's it. Male = XY, a broken and incomplete chromosome. This kid solved the trans issue, because trans people are all mentally ill

No. 1188493

Men will never understand why women need safe spaces because they're too self entitled and all they care about is themselves. It's how trans shit began. Men need to invade all spaces,including women's

No. 1188501

Jesus Christ.
What the fuck.

No. 1188504

But they just want to pee, anon! This is something totally normal people with no such a thing as a mental illness could do!
Seriously, what the fuck.

No. 1188509

What helps is the fact that one of the loudest, yet secretive "lgbtq leaders" julmaria is a faceless tranny (not publically) and completely cringe and often infights. It's hilarious yet nightmareish to see tranny bootlickers trying to apply shit from america and english to their language that isn't even gendered too badly to begin with, for example pronouns, we have none here. People also love throwing it out there how the eevul goverment wants trannies to "castrate" themselves to be deemed actually trans, but what they don't understand is that it means hormones, you should have been on high hormones basically long enough that you can't reproduce, no idea if that is actually enforced.

No. 1188517

>Tinder here is full of transbians too lol
I'm probably not in deep enough with the LGBT scene because I have seen maybe one or two, three at most, in my whole life in Finland. Most of the transwomen I've come across have been oldschool HSTSs, crossdressing sissies and the rest are fakebois.

Julmaria works in multiple positions of trust yet nobody has his dox. It's weird and highly suspicious, he must have some serious drama attached to him.

No. 1188537


I hate how they found a way to frame anybody who objects to this as a bigot/trump supporter (but also a trans exclusive radical feminist at the same time???)
It doesn't even make sense anymore. Whenever i see terf I just hear feminazi, dyke, or cunt. Its way too transparent.

No. 1188589

File: 1616197944384.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1996, 19E55E13-A2F2-4CB9-95C5-597616…)

you think itll ever click?

No. 1188613

this breaks my heart. all i see are men posing as women to profit off women's oppression. lord knows actual black women in need could of received this money instead. hellish times.

No. 1188667

ngl this anon is on to something…

No. 1188673


I’m dead serious when I say I find trans racial discourse more valuable than transgenderism. I think that the commonality actually speaks to a severe lack of culture of Americans in particular.

You can be an expat and be raised and experience a culture that is not wholly “yours” by birth.

Can you suddenly be white, Asian or black because you decided to be? Fuck, no. Jesus.

The same way putting lipstick on and taping your penis down doesn’t make you a woman because you like baking.

No. 1188676

I mean you're not wrong, the construct of race has always been changeing and never consicsent, Medieval Europeans and Muslims all belived they that all races were descended from Individual sons of Noah

>Noah begat three, each one of whom begat three: Shem ham and japheth,

>Sham begat the Arabs, Persians and Greeks, in all of whom is good
>japheth begat the Turks,Slavs,Huns,Gog and Magog, in none of whom their is good
>Ham begat the Copts, Sudanese and Abyssinians

>Ham begat all those who black of skin and curly haired

>japheth begat all those who are full-face with small eyes
>and shem begat everyone who is masculine of face and with beautiful hair

This was the Understanding of race before 19th century scientific racism, also even now the difference of who is "white" and "non white" is often just a name, accent, hair cut, and clothing. Most People from the fertile crescent (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine) look the same as most italians or greeks but one group is considered "white" and the other not

No. 1188678

> You can be an expat and be raised and experience a culture that is not wholly “yours” by birth.
And it makes sense, I mean, if someone told me ”hey, I consider myself more Indian than Chinese because I got raised in India surrounded by other Indians” I wouldn’t even bat an eye.
Why? Because that person can actually be raised as person from another culture because they will just be part of such culture and will identify with it rightfully so.
A moid can’t be a woman, even if you assume they were raised like one -which is impossible-, because moids just don’t know what is it like to be a woman and don’t have the required biological features that will make them a woman experiencing life as an actual woman.
No set of early birth hormones, surgery, nor random changes of the language around them can turn a man into a woman because it’s physically and socially impossible.
I can’t believe we got to the point of thinking about shit like this because men just can’t stay in their fucking lane.

No. 1188684

holy fuck I literally thought this was a meme mocking greedy ebegging troons but I googled it and it's real what the fuck

No. 1188698

File: 1616213122226.jpeg (Spoiler Image,233.41 KB, 1690x1210, 5805853D-B8AA-4B6A-961D-0A1ED5…)

If they were sane, they wouldn’t be unnecessarily removing organs but here we are

No. 1188707

The amount of libfems who genuinely, wholeheartedly believe that TERFs are all white Republican trump-voting conservatives astounds me. I guess that’s what happens when even reading radical feminist theory gets one labeled a cryptoterf. It’s too “terfy” to listen to a terf about what she actually believes, so instead they just make things up.
For example, does anyone else remember the “terf bangs” meme? Did anyone actually know a terf with that haircut? Somehow I doubt it.

No. 1188717

I've only ever seen those bangs on they/them libtards, actually. I could make a compilation of them just from my current instagram feed

No. 1188723


Exactly. How did we get here.

What I don’t understand is where the entire concept of intersectionality dissolved. We have this concept of “privilege” which communicates the idea of intersectional feminism quite nicely. We recognized early on that some people have very different everyday experiences to one another. There is a framework that exists which comprises the modality of being female. An enormous part of that IS socialization and how the world is structured against females.

Yet, somehow, the crux of transgender issues revolves around genitalia, and how it is to be used as an object for sex. It’s not even pleasure, but just sex- considering I can’t imagine that losing so much tissue and nerves would result in anything other than a dulled sensation at best.

If you had any other disease or disorder in which the “treatment” (gender reassignment surgery in this case) would maintain a suicide or mortality rate or 40%+-, you wouldn’t consider that treatment viable because it makes no difference in the outcome or longevity of the patient. It’s bizarre.

There’s this female activist on tik tok who expanded medical journals as late as 2018 to include a particular nerve in vulvar anatomy of biological women, because it affects the clitoris if severed. And you wouldn’t believe the autist screeching from troons and their enablers that it’s somehow detrimental to discuss female anatomy for biological women.

I don’t see FTM’s bitching about how biological men need prostate exams. Why is it only biological men who seem to invade in this way?

No. 1188732

No. 1188735

Everyone I knew with those bangs in highschool were artsy liberals with lukewarm takes and all trooned out, kek

No. 1188737

ot but she has a striking face imo. I've seen vids of her's recently, and it's interesting to see her progression of tiptoeing around usage of certain words to not offend them and now she's on her way to not giving a fuck.

No. 1188738

File: 1616217401254.jpg (149.19 KB, 829x1200, 14932497_web1_IMG_2393.jpg)

My only female coworker was going on and on about the first ever tranny silver state winner and how she's "literally the most gorgeous woman she's ever seen" and "passes so well" literally ass patting a man winning a females only competition. Nothing is safe from these disgusting men

No. 1188744

Rare sanity on TikTok

>tra who she's replying handle @mrsdiaper with a cartoon child avatar

No. 1188752

Its only libfems with those bangs.

Its funny because you have to be the most privileged and sheltered woman. They cant muster up sympathy for poor women in prison or shelters who don't what to be around men. They don't have any sympathy for any sex trafficking victim who doesnt think that "sex work" is empowering. They don't have sympathy for girls who have to rely on sports scholarships to get into college.

They seriously call radical feminism "white feminism" and don't see the irony. Liberal feminism is the exact definition of "white feminism". Even more annoying that they call us "white feminists" for not centering white men in out feminism and actually caring about underprivileged women.

I can see why men are "liberal feminists" it really is a win/win for them. The women really do seem sheltered or uninformed but fuck they need to wake up and stop helping men actively set our rights back. It really has to stop.

No. 1188763

File: 1616220279991.png (711.13 KB, 598x592, BjAHZ5CgnFE.png)

Here are some candids of "Miss" Silver State USA. He is the one wearing the stripped dress.

No. 1188769

I've been trying to find a picture of him next to a biological woman but can't seem to find one. Highly sus if you ask me

No. 1188780

File: 1616224236561.png (778.83 KB, 600x596, BL9TuXulxzK.png)

No. 1188792

He has a pretty face for a man but if an actual woman had shoulders like that she’d be ruthlessly mocked and called, well, a man. You probably couldn’t swing a weave in any beauty pageant without hitting at least one woman with a similarly pretty face and more conventionally attractive body. The bar is so low for men.

No. 1188802

All handmaidens need to see this.

No. 1188807

File: 1616234829804.jpeg (53.88 KB, 400x533, 644A3BC0-1540-4E1D-AF81-F03D41…)

Dying, wtf, guess i’m on the fascist registry then, fuck. can we please send these people to concentration camps and just fucking gas them? they make any sane person want to actually become a nazi do they realise this, kek

No. 1188811

I mean I have known several women who have stopped supporting/voting for all the Major left wing parties in our countrt once they peaked cause they all cape for troons, they don't all vote for the right wingers but they have only mostly stopped voting and I see many women across the US having a similar reaction with the Democrats

No. 1188815

My guess is either Tampere or Helsinki. I've heard my woke friends talk about the Tampere clinic.

No. 1188817

Women don't fetishize being a man the same way men fetishize being women. Men are gross.

No. 1188820

Somehow I feel like the rising amount of troons winning competitions made for women is to validate them and to not hurt their feefees.

No. 1188822

Would it be considered transphobic to give them their very own spaces so they don't have to invade ours? Trans categories to competitions for example? Trans only shelters?

No. 1188826

That's what happened and they're still not satisfied, having their very own trans spaces dedicated to their specific problems and needs is a given to them but never the other way around.

A trans category for sport and competition would actually be the most helpful and would be a kill 2 birds 1 stone solution but that would imply that "trans women are not women after all" so they need to be in (bio) women groups. It's all entitlemend and thirst for validation, really.

No. 1188831

samefag but I wanted to add to when it comes to being "trans" as an oppressed group they're fine being labelled as such and have their own group to gatekeep cis women. But they never want it the other way around aka "cis" women gatekeeping the trans when it comes to our specific struggle, because "women" is supposed to universal now. To the point that anything associated with female is not related to womanhood anymore, this is literally erasure.

No. 1188840

in their world it's transphobic to suggest that they have their own categories and spaces because "we're women like any other cis woman and we don't need to be separated"

just acknowledging that there's a difference is enough to be considered transphobic. i remember them getting all mad when they made their own tranny only space and handmaidens tried to join out of support lol "this is our safe space, trans only!" like… how are you not seeing the irony

No. 1188841

yes because transwomen are literally women, but at the same time they're more feminine and better than women kek

No. 1188842

wait this is>>118873 ? Yeah, not the worse looking trans but if that was a woman they would'nt be winning any awards. They just win for not looking like a man at first glance. Not because they actually are the most attractive "woman" there.
I think these beauty shows are retarded but I know deep down women who are naturally pretty and put a lot of work into their looks get mad as hell when these men win. Especially since they always look so different in person then they do in pictures.

No. 1188843

They’re allowed to have their own space because they are the number 1 most marginalised group of women in the entire world. Yes, that’s right, the entire world. They are more vulnerable and have suffered more than any other: abuse and rape survivors, immigrants, disabled, homeless, prison inmates, poor, black, Muslim, etc. Every day for them is a battleground, there are dysphoria triggers lurking around every corner waiting to devour them. They are raped more than us, abused more than is and killed ten times more than us. Any proof of anything otherwise is TERF propaganda.

No. 1188845

Thing is, the trannys are not even being compared to the other women, they are being compared to men. So of course people find them to be more impressive. They think “wow! I’ve never seen a man that looks like that before!”

No. 1188846

A few threads back there was an image describing a TIM athlete in a women's league, he was outfitted with his own changing room and bathroom but he insisted on changing with the women's team.
I understood the mentality a lot more when I read Sue Donym (also linked in a previous thread) report on autogynephilia https://suedonym.substack.com/p/the-elephant-in-the-room.
Basically autogynephilia is getting off on the idea of completely inhabiting a woman's life. There's quotes in there describing an AGP being aroused specifically by the idea of being in a women's changing room and not being aroused, because it would be normal and mundane for him to be there. So they don't want their own spaces because their especially sick fetish requires a constant audience of unwilling women.

No. 1188848

Well I mean that depends on what you mean, both TIFs and TIMs don't wish to be a real man or woman they wish to be a fantasy, TIMs wish to be a bimbo porn sex doll cause that's what they see women as being while TIFs wish to be pure uke yaoi boys

Obviously TIMs are worse but both have shallow and negative ideas about the opposite gender they claim to be

No. 1188862

File: 1616244411728.jpeg (115.71 KB, 640x389, 167AE0B8-ED29-4C72-84B3-C06F82…)

Really good article. I liked this bit especially. Gay trannies are tolerable, autogynophiles are foul and need to get the fuck out

No. 1188874

>pretty face for a man
No, anon, look at those fucking huge ass teeth and gums, gross. Motherfucker needs lips’ transplants because no filler will ever make them resemble normal lips.

No. 1188879

File: 1616248028371.png (575.89 KB, 632x604, you're just a man man.PNG)

I peak every time I visit r/actuallesbians. Nothing more "sapphic" than a man wanting to wear masculine clothes because he's attracted to women, right?

No. 1188882

I get so triggered by this shit like they already have a billion tranny meme subs but have to spam their creepy shit about their dicks and underage anime girls on the lesbian sub too. I know r/al was always a shitshow full of non lesbians but I remember only a couple of years ago it was mostly what seemed like teenage girls talking about their irl crushes or female celebrities they thought were hot. The troons can't even try to fit in with the sub's culture they just completely take over it to use those teen girls for validation.

No. 1188883

>troon usernames on reddit
>sapphic hollow
>lesbian cutie patootie
>women's usernames:
>some tired pun

No. 1188884

Hsts' are gross in their own right, too. Usually they're just as misogynistic as agps, and particularly amp up the "catty competitive woman fighting for male attention" stereotype and end up saying shit like "You call yourself a woman and look like that?"
No mtf is harmless or exempt from being a misogynist piece of shite. If you give them any room for doubt, they'll prove you wrong anyways.

No. 1188889

if there were a god, she wouldn't let atrocities like agp transbians happen but i digress

No. 1188891

a man who wants to "become" a woman who dresses like a man…and dates women…
so, like a straight guy who's effeminate? even that's unclear since some "butch" trannies just act like normal men, kek.

No. 1188893

A lot of them try to base their entire personalities/identities around lesbian memes/stereotypes because they have no idea how to act like a normal woman. They're especially obsessed with flannel and the sword lesbian shit. Honestly I wish we could come up with some ridiculous new meme to see if they'd try to emulate it too lmao.

No. 1188896

File: 1616250498980.png (398.01 KB, 1200x533, memes.png)

I made some memes too! So fun!

No. 1188897

At this point "sapphic" is just a troon dogwhistle.

>A lot of them try to base their entire personalities/identities around lesbian memes/stereotypes because they have no idea how to act like a normal woman.
The entirety of r/actuallesbians in a nutshell. It's full of cutesy lesbian aesthetic bullshit and not at all actual discussion of relatable things regarding being a gay woman sans maybe an odd "my mom asked me when I'm gonna get a boyfriend" from some poor teenager who hasn't yet realized that it's just men wearing lipstick posting there. I'm horrified by the thought that people will see that sub and think this is what the "lesbian culture" is all about, "cute" lesbian memes, creeping on celebrity women and various ways of saying "kill terfs". I'm always reminded of the contrast between 2X posts made by actual women about being abused or having medical conditions not taken seriously and the "transition thursday" tranny shit.

No. 1188898

I don't think a single person in that photo is female.

No. 1188904

Miss Mississippi and Georgia are definitely female but it's a bad photo and drag makeup that ruin their faces, but the two in the middle look as male as male can be. Also agree with >>1188792 , if he was a biological woman he would be torn to shreds over his looks.

No. 1188907

File: 1616251971379.png (2.28 MB, 1684x1180, nope.png)

they're all men

No. 1188912

Joke's on me, got them mixed up with the previous state winners and thought it was just the most unfortunate photo and styling ever lmao. Explains the amount of caked on makeup though

No. 1188913

I think sharing that link shared your tik tok account anon, be careful

No. 1188914

Trans beauty pageant? No uterus bearers?? How DARE they exclude us like this!?

No. 1188915

prob a bit late to the party but I've read a few times about the pantene ad on twitter and I had to look it up for myself and even when the ad itself is garbage, the comments under this tweet restored def a bit faith in humanity kekkk people are so fed up with it lmao

The ad shows a boy with long hair, so the mum said that he is "gender creative" and must be totemo a girl!1 Watch for yourself


No. 1188918

So being “sapphic” means dressing like a man, and femme lesbians don’t exist? Good to know. Their entire definition of “womanhood” is just a tired collection of stereotypes.

No. 1188941

Don’t forget their whole name as the user, something women never do for obvious reasons. And it’s always shit like:



No. 1188957

Except they would actually support this and have some limp 'well, they shouldn't have been so twansphobic then' excuse

No. 1188959

Wow, I missed this controversy completely. It's scary that big companies portray stories like these as if it was normal human behavior.

Also they say
>there's no place for transphobia in our comment section
but all of their commentsection is against the ad, so they must not be doing a good job.

No. 1189075

Corporations straight out supporting the medicalization of children. Shit like this is sending me into full doomer mode.

No. 1189084

I'm late but am I the only one who gets stroooonk psyop vibes from this? unless it's not a radfem or anti trans larp meant to peak women (not complaining, I encourage this kek) it's a seriously deranged tranny posting as a ~cis~. I refuse to believe a real woman wrote any of this sincerely and imo the facebook convinced me more.

based, ilu anon

No. 1189156

File: 1616275906444.jpg (1.71 MB, 1920x1920, 2021_03_20_16_58_03_004.jpg)

this is autism, right? the female handmaiden pandering in his comments is unreal. kill me.

No. 1189172

Why the fuck do men always alway always write in this insane hyper self centered way. Like fucking no one else would do this. Not even pregnant women can be protected.

No. 1189173

Just take your white male privilege and fuck off?

No. 1189182

We are all God’s children and he left us in a hot car

No. 1189189

he shouldn’t be using the internet. he has actual mental retardation.
ngl i can’t hate troons that are this retarded because…well, they’re just larping and getting taken advantage of by slightly less disabled NEETs on discord.

No. 1189190

yes, they see it as the equivalent of jim crow laws

No. 1189204

NTA but they are also constantly comparing sex segregation to racial segregation. It's how they beat people into submission; scream "RACIST" and "you would be on the wrong side of history!!!1!" until they back down. Not to mention constantly comparing black women to troons when accusing people of gatekeeping womanhood, and calling them hairy, manly, ugly and broad in the process. Because racism is totally the same as transphobia. But also transracialism is racist. For reasons.

No. 1189207

I have seen them compare sexual dimorphism science to phrenology, as in
>”phrenology was a phony science used to justify slavery, and now terves are doing the same thing using the fake biology of sexual dimorphism (which is junk science and has been debunked) to say trans women aren’t literally the same as female bio-women”
Not an exact quote but I’ve seen these takes on YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr.

No. 1189217

Looks like Fiona from Shrek,so that's a no from me.

No. 1189220

he looks like the admin of kiwifarms

No. 1189227

File: 1616283064977.jpeg (34.05 KB, 280x331, 92A7121E-6289-4F87-AB26-342ABE…)

Why is it that guys are obsessed with trying to be a Charo/Kardassian mutant?
Whatever happened to loving yourself ?

No. 1189235

>>1189182 My side hurts lmao. Fantastic.

No. 1189242

i thought you were exaggerating but holy shit are we sure this isn’t null?

No. 1189245

it's not null, there are pics of him available already

No. 1189255

no that anon's onto something, look at him he could seriously be null

No. 1189257

No. 1189304

Lol this reminds me of a coworker I have who is trans too. He's a MTF aswell and he is annoying like this too. He claims his family disowned him cause he was trans so he moved into a friends apartment but his roommate/friend wanted him to stop being so lazy and get a fucking job to pay rent but he hates capitalism and is a advent communists but he caved and finally got a job in retail. So I am having a feeling that it wasn't his parents disowning him but more with the fact that he was a worthless neet who wanted to play dress up and eat tendies all day.
Also he doesn't pass and sometimes come into work with five o'clock shadow.

No. 1189308

Is there any stronger correlation than AGP and communism?

No. 1189309


some good replies to you but i wanted to add my favorite example.


this is a transwoman's account of the transgender community's response to being offered the compromise of a trans-only space.

TL;DR is that some transwomen were cool with post-op transwomen being let into changing rooms until the AGPs started whipping out their dicks and posting it on social media so radfems got pissed and withdrew the compromise.

then in 2015, the writer secured a £500K donation for a trans-exclusive shelter under the agreement that the trans community match the amount by fundraising. once the writer put forward the plan (which included providing advice and temporary housing) it was declined because "they wanted to use women’s services as a means of passing!"

No. 1189314

File: 1616304174629.png (200.79 KB, 1637x777, SgTf5nP.png)

where are these lesbian subreddits that talk about how disgusting penises are? i had no idea there were any places like that left on reddit

No. 1189316

Troons claim to be Marxists, but they are just lazy assholes and ultra-consumers. Troonism is capitalism and materialism on steroids: unnecessary drugs that benefit Big Pharma, plastic surgery, a ~kawaii new wardrobe~ typically consisting of cheap Amazon sweatshop-produced stripey socks, spinny skirts, and cat ears, trans flag and rainbow branded everything, and spending loads on whatever their nerdy interest is (anime, video games, collectibles, computer shit, porn, diapers). Troons don't care about anyone but themselves and always put themselves first. They would never be able to understand the first thing about collectivism.

No. 1189317

the thought of a hypothetical lesbian that won't take girldick is making him mald on a public forum
they're legit not even allowed on reddit anymore every lesbian space has been destroyed by men and handmaidens kissing their flaccid feminine benis

No. 1189319

AGP and autism, but honestly, the venn diagram for AGP/autism/tankie is largely just a circle.

No. 1189325

exactly, troons claim to be marxists because they think that under communism they would be provided for, catered to, and protected. but they're separatist by nature, they want to be in an extra special group that has nothing to do with class and everything to do with their individual speshul identity. the
closest they get to mutual aid participation is promoting other trannies gofundmes on twitter. we don't claim.

No. 1189326

File: 1616307890029.jpeg (191.52 KB, 1125x1118, B94A3B6B-A683-4136-8AC7-538726…)

No. 1189329

Literally factually untrue, Google it: https://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/html/facts_molestation.html

The vast, vast majority of CSA is committed by heterosexual men against young girls.(continuing to derail)

No. 1189330

i like that the old man is like “is this bitch insane??”

No. 1189332

My parents who were born and raised in the communistic Udssr told me that communists were very intolerant and that everybody who was different, was immediately in in danger. For example having a different sexual orientation or having a mental illness was your death sentence eventually. Nobody really knows what happened to those people because they were brought away and never seen again. Trans people would have experienced the same. It's so ironic how some trans people want communism when this ideology want everyone to be the same. They literally hate diversity. Same with Eastern European people calling themselves Nazis, when Hitler saw them as 'Untermenschen' and wanted to kill them.

No. 1189336

File: 1616311383973.jpeg (421.58 KB, 1242x1990, 0D1DC6DC-A2B1-4BDC-84A4-CD50D8…)

i hope LeAnne is having a great day
(i censored her last name)

No. 1189338

i love the troons who love the middle east and islam. just because some middle eastern countries allow grs, doesn’t mean they’re tolerant of trannies. they just view trannies as slightly more acceptable than gays because they can be in “straight” relationships. trannies are a loophole for them, not actual valid people.

No. 1189341

Its not countries, its just one country that does this, Iran and they do this cause khomeni allowed one tranny cause he pestered him and his family so much and since he has a cult of personality (some people believe that he never died and is actually the Messiah) they can't change those rulings

No. 1189345

File: 1616315299262.jpeg (89.74 KB, 548x639, D46D1C92-F2D3-40E2-A6D3-336906…)

>>please tell her she is valid especially if you’re a lesbian

No. 1189355

It's more like there's a strong correlation between transgenderism, autism and tankies like >>1189319 said. Agree with >>1189316 and >>1189325 too, troons rarely have any plans to do their part for the society and rather have delusions of being coddled and catered to in a communist society. Someone told them that in a communist utopia people would be lining up to serve them and the state would pay for their ultraconsoomer Amazon wishlists and they believed it.

No. 1189358

They remind me of Flat Earthers in their stubborn, smug insistence that they know more secret facts than you. They seem to think that saying 'biology is a construct' is some sort of gotcha when it doesn't even mean anything for their own logic. You might as well get a phalloplastic skin roll - up, put it on your butt and say 'um ACTUALLY some humans are wolf hybrids you bigot'

No. 1189359

>you yourself is a Lesbian

the illiteracy makes it so much better

No. 1189365

Whats up with this dude ? why does he always start his posts with "this princess this" or "this princess that". Plus what's with him literally ordering people to call him valid and shit ? All of his posts sound ridiculous

No. 1189366

Why do they always have this weird awkward Chris-chan smile? Autism? Honestly browsing his account is like a stroll through r/actuallesbians, nothing but patronizing "lesbian memes" and troon selfies as far as the eye can see.

Based LeAnne.

No. 1189371

JK Rowling really set up a tent in their heads rent free, even though the ones literally-literally killing trannies are working class johns who never read Harry Potter.

No. 1189372

what is hilarious about troons and genderspecials claiming to be marxists is that dialectical materialism rules out all of their gender shit. I highly doubt any of them have even read a single word written by Marx or any other communist/socialist philosopher.
Every actual communist (or sympathizer) I've ever met was a radfem / "terf" kek

No. 1189373

File: 1616324428927.jpg (75.84 KB, 1200x641, Ew50E1cW8AAdEdP.jpg)

Watch your child getting reported as a nazi because it doesn't want to date tranny janny

>A group of school teachers discuss the 'Super Straight' movement (in which people say they're only attracted to members of the opposite sex) and conclude that if a child says this, he or she needs to be reported as it's a sign of far right radicalisation #GetStonewallOutOfSchools


No. 1189374

File: 1616324461727.jpg (155.58 KB, 1191x2048, Ew50FCAXIAAzJGF.jpg)

No. 1189376

File: 1616324600917.jpg (230.38 KB, 1136x2048, Ew50FQ5XAAE_c_r.jpg)

No. 1189378

File: 1616324674418.jpg (117.69 KB, 608x1515, Ew50FfPWYAA-Zjo.jpg)

"You can date who you want BUT when …"

No. 1189380

So it's fine to never want to date a troon, but you're not allowed to say it out right? Do they really not hear themselves? Replace trans with "women" or "men", and you just the most homophobic shit for example.
>you can't generalize that you won't sleep with a man, because you're saying men all generally look or exist in a certain way!
>you don't know what is between a woman's legs, how do you know what their bodies look like?
>maybe they're planning on double mastectomy, don't say you're not attracted to female breasts!

No. 1189382


Replace "superstraight" with "homosexual" in this graphic and watch people peak even harder.

They're so in their Twitter echo chambers they take "genital preference transphobic uwu" as a foregone conclusion - meanwhile normies have no idea how homophobic the TRA beliefs are, telling people about the cotton ceiling is the easiest way to peak them IRL in my experience.

No. 1189388

File: 1616326891606.jpeg (113.72 KB, 736x736, 237643D8-602D-49E4-A3AA-53699A…)

They’re like a bunch of communists, wanting to send teenagers off for re-education and all their fucking newspeak. What do redditors and trannies have in common? They both love communism and hate freedom of speech and expression. They both love book burning. They both need chucking out of a helicopter.

No. 1189412

Being accused of 'transphobia', or having sex with a woman (as a gay man). Such a hard decision.

No. 1189425

Do they really think people give a fuck? Also they go, "You are transphobic" okay? So what do we do to fix that? Force yourself to think a neo-vagina is JUST like the real thing, even if you don't want to be with this person or the genitals they had installed? So just waste the trans person's time, trying to make yourself want to be with them?
Nobody cares, people who fuck troons will fuck them, those who don't will NOT.
Calling people transphobic for not wanting to be with someone they no longer have interest in, will only make people go, "okay, I'm transphobic, bye".
This shit makes people hate the T's.

No. 1189430

A gay man…? Inch resting

No. 1189432

File: 1616331579060.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 2880x3840, 884C792C-6911-42F6-9BDF-CF1F22…)

spoilering and sageing just in case.
faguettes need to hang it up with the she/her pronouns when they’re just sex-obsessed bottoms

No. 1189433

They're trying to rule by fear. They think getting labeled transphobic is the same as getting outed as a racist in your workplace, and so people will be too scared to talk about their disgust of sticking their tongues into surgical wounds. Except no one actually cares if you say "I don't want to date asian people", even though asians also vary a lot from individual to individual, because it's not affecting anything but your own private life.

No. 1189441

File: 1616332255349.png (489.98 KB, 900x2000, passingtips.png)

some quick passing tips

No. 1189442

I see you made her wear those cursed pink cat ears razer headphones

No. 1189448

Kikomi-chan is so valid!

No. 1189449

Kikomi should take T already I'm sure it will help with her troonification goal

No. 1189451

>>1189434 I love you Kikomi anon!

No. 1189453

is graham linehan a cow? idk who that is

No. 1189454

No, please! She doesn't need T she passes perfectly

No. 1189458

Western educational system is truly fucked, they sound like SS officers themselves kek how ironic.

No. 1189459

t is poison to trans girls so she can't

No. 1189461

he's a man that talks over women and wants to be the leader of terfs

No. 1189462

Kek, I actually agree with you anon not because she's tall, but because her face looks very troonish tbh I've never seen an irl woman have this kind of face even masc women.

No. 1189468

sometimes i wonder if some of these TIMs hate terfs so viciously because it's something only a female can be labelled with and they're envious. this label they themselves came up with is transphobic by their logic, since they can't be included despite being "women just like them". it's the only female area they can't hijack for themselves, yet it would be the most validating.

terfs just talking amongst themselves about things TIMs can never understand or experience must drive them insane because it forces them to acknowledge that they're not actually the same as women, which means they can't be given a derogatory label like terf, nor can they share the same opinions as most women. which makes them more aggressive and threatening. because male.

they can't even pretend to align with a terf because it's immediately voting against the fact that they're women. they can never just be an average, normal woman or mother doing mundane normie shit and they hate terfs for the fact that they are. they can never share the same worries and concerns and beliefs as terfs because they're the ones doing the invading and it highlights their maleness even more. the label terf is almost like a stamp of femaleness and i feel like they'd adopt it if there was any possibility they could. that's my theory at least.

live your truth, kikomi, you're so stunning and brave!

No. 1189470

Damn anon, this is such a good point. Never thought about that but it makes sense.

No. 1189471

I wonder if there has been a case of a TiM trying to pretend to be a terf and infiltrating terf spaces for ultimate validation.

No. 1189475

miranda yardley has entered the chat

No. 1189479

This gives me an unhealthy amount of joy. Kikomi is truly stunning and brave. An icon.

No. 1189481

And the woman is just like….I wasn’t touching your boobs. Most people would come see that and say “uh, ok” and leave.

No. 1189497

File: 1616341483024.jpg (142.24 KB, 680x756, 1616311325485.jpg)


No. 1189502

I love Kikomi. Does she have a scam gofundme to get herself a big ol' chin implant for her dysphoria?

No. 1189510

She/her but also he/him? Make it make sense. You can't be both. Just. No.

No. 1189516

But destroying your body with hormones is needed to get the full trans experience

No. 1189531

What the fuck is this shit, why is it here and how is it relevant.

Personally, I think the gays may enter this thread, given that they are also targets of trans sexpestery.

No. 1189536

I wonder how 2 opposite sex post op trannies would be able to have sex. The rothole can't stretch or self lubricate like a vagina and the meatsocks are always so swollen and huge I doubt they'd fit in.

No. 1189542

Anon you didnt need to make us imagine that

No. 1189546

This happened a while ago in a terfy lesbian discord, thankfully they'll never pass enough to do it irl

No. 1189555

Some troon made a guide on how to act like a victim and shame people for misgendering them.

No. 1189557

File: 1616344548146.gif (52.67 KB, 940x47, picasion.com_em3I.gif)


No. 1189562

File: 1616345058946.jpeg (403.44 KB, 1242x2214, 8819828B-0375-435B-9528-EFE7DB…)

Reddit this morning.
Makes my blood boil.
Al the comments go into how Neo vaginas are literally the same thing and they have their own flora

No. 1189566

it's funny how trans/tras speard this lie, yet you can look on reddit and see trans women complaining about the smell of their neo-holes.

No. 1189568

Respectfully, no fucking scrote is welcome here, faggot or not.

No. 1189569

What is that gallery? Can you post the link?

No. 1189570

My sides, anon

No. 1189572

Idk, man, sounds pretty hateful to want to punch feminists

No. 1189573

No. 1189574

File: 1616346233910.png (33.81 KB, 710x314, crotch rot.png)

it's true though, they have their own "flora", it's foul smelling, disease ridden and contains bacteria never seen before!

No. 1189576

File: 1616346282465.jpeg (208.05 KB, 640x1045, 2C5F5EB1-7D9B-45A4-A05C-093DF0…)

Sorry if this has already been posted but have you all read this? Absolute brainwashing. TERFs don’t try to “recruit” anyone KEK

No. 1189577

File: 1616346332674.jpeg (213.83 KB, 640x893, 447B20F5-4706-4457-8EE2-BCB598…)

No. 1189578

File: 1616346420425.jpg (Spoiler Image,483.14 KB, 800x800, SRS_Skin1.jpg)

Wow, could you tell ever the difference? (This is 4 years after surgery)

No. 1189579

File: 1616346452483.jpeg (250.09 KB, 637x1048, EF7D9FEC-BFA1-43AE-B397-FF2C09…)

KEK it’s “mostly CIS women is it??”

No. 1189580


it looks like he has a lentil stuck in there

No. 1189582

How does it fit with women's anatomy? Not only because transwomen aren't women, but something that doesn't even exist outside of the realms of plastic surgery isn't even anatomy.

No. 1189586

File: 1616346918060.png (648.44 KB, 720x834, Screenshot_20210321-221306.png)

Wow these people are psychotic

No. 1189588

File: 1616346954907.png (615.99 KB, 720x806, Screenshot_20210321-221332.png)

No. 1189589

>who have adopted the view that the only definition of a woman is strictly biological one, essentially tied to chromosomes and the genitals one born with

KEK there is nothing to adopt this way of thinking, because it always has been and always will be this way.

bottom right is a good reaction pic lmao RAWR

No. 1189590

File: 1616347171158.jpeg (65.43 KB, 659x343, CE32E925-B205-4B51-A881-25DD5F…)

They post this stupid pic, where they sperg about TERFs “flipping the script” and then..:

No. 1189591

File: 1616347205525.jpeg (256.72 KB, 640x1040, CD1A8909-9BA1-44D7-95DD-8FE3FA…)

They post the most insane, least self aware hypocrisy the world has ever seen.

No. 1189594

File: 1616347388317.jpeg (97.23 KB, 577x365, E60DD346-CA3A-4A4A-9B55-C2D2E7…)

No. 1189598

File: 1616347559277.jpeg (125.33 KB, 609x630, 9BFF3F8B-01BA-4BCD-B6A0-B78C21…)

No. 1189599

go dilate scrote

No. 1189600

They always tell on themselves with this shit. One moment it's so dangerous for trans to exist, but the focus is never the men killing poor "POC trans women" they care about.
It's all about TERFS because apperently TERFism convinces men who fuck troons to kill them to hide their gayness. If only TERFS didn't exist men would believe trans women are women and trans men are men.
If only.

No. 1189605

>not all transwomen have penises
They don't have vaginas either tho

No. 1189610

File: 1616348038342.jpeg (206.18 KB, 640x1052, 833B678F-4EE4-467A-921B-95D6A9…)

After this they post some more lies, and then this is the link that follows, which appears to be undercover terfism if you go on the site and click on the links

No. 1189611

File: 1616348114460.jpeg (364.97 KB, 640x1028, 1346A4D6-0084-4F25-9546-E063A1…)

One of the links I clicked on lead to this KEK.
The others where normal tranny bullshit, and others where removed/deleted.
Is this whole thing a subtle blanchardpill or did they get duped?
I think their brainwashing tactics are fascinating.

No. 1189619

File: 1616348570491.png (109.38 KB, 300x299, 9A8C6CFF-3C2B-4F48-B3A6-20BB76…)

What the fuck are they talking about here? And how much of it is bullshit?

No. 1189622

File: 1616348985621.jpeg (39.83 KB, 622x352, F2DADE08-49CD-452D-A076-72895C…)

>cisgender lesbians who struggle with the idea of being attracted to a trans woman

Always with this fantasy. Astronomical cope. We want their dick soooo bad. Yet the troons are the ones who literally make TERF porn and spend all day writing erotic degenerate fantasy tweets about terf-chans. They don’t understand this an entirely male behavior.

>cis-female gropers
Pure fantasy.

No. 1189626

Most people who encounter an unhinged man screaming at a confused woman about boobs are going to (probably correctly) assume he’s the one sexually harassing her.

Classic DARVO.

No. 1189629

>How do you know if they are planning on surgery in the future or not?
One of the most annoying "gotchas" is this shit about surgeries and treating a rotting neogina or a limp frankendick as the real deal and something you're looking for in a cis partner.

God I'm pissing myself laughing over this, thanks for blessing us queen kikomi

No. 1189630

it’s really funny to me that so many tims brag about “not being clocked.” trust me, we clocked you before you even opened your mouth, but it’s not socially acceptable to say “i know you’re a tranny”

No. 1189648

To be fair, a dumb scrote could probably not tell the difference. They can't even clock the burliest of hons with the deepest voices. I am sure even a typical gross neovag can fool some men.

Picrel looks like a very lucky one in a million result as well. Wonder how many botched neovags they had to sift through to find a passable one.

No. 1189651

This one is not bad looking all things considered. It’s mostly proportional and the scar is not entirely botched. Yet it’s still not a vulva. And it’s all wrong lmao the opening in particular is sending. The fact that this is the highest they can aspire to…

No. 1189656

yeah it looks kind of decent but the further down you go … like is that a flap of skin across the “opening?” is it connected to the other side? what is that. my god i don’t even want to imagine the mess that sits inside

No. 1189662

Most normies aren't even aware of the possibility to come across a troon, they'll often just assume it's someone with really unfortunate looks and genes. And even the ones who do clock them are just too polite to admit it. Nobody's going to say "Yeah, I figured so" when they admit to being trans.

No. 1189664

File: 1616351354555.png (132.43 KB, 718x521, flag.png)

This has probably been posted before but it still makes me laugh

No. 1189669

I don't fully understand what's going on with the openings of neovags. Like I understand that they can't just stick it wherever and it has to correspond with where the penis was, but they're always so seperate from the "vulva". It looks like a second butthole. It goes



If you're manipulating and using the same tissue/flesh, how do they end up so separated? I thought the hole was an inverted shaft and the fake vulva was ballskin but that doesn't seem to work out…geographically.

No. 1189675

This is literally how the TRAs groom young teens. I guess they’d be familiar with the process, plus they love fucking with language. Guess they confused themselves.

No. 1189678

I don't know why they acted like he was bullshitting, I can definitely imagine that a guy would be able to smell a difference, especially if he was intimate with them.

All vaginas obviously smell different but they always have an underlying vaginal scent. It's hard to describe but I've only ever smelt the vaginal scent when it comes to an actual vagina, it's not really a replicated smell. Unless you've got BV or a yeast infection, there's not really anything to compare it to, it's just a very distinct smell.

I thought /badwomansanatomy was all about knowing how it all works, but guess not

No. 1189687

Dunno, because in the one video I watched on "reconstruction surgery" the hole ended up in between the labia. And yet in every neovagina you see the opening being below the "scrote-lips". There must be a reason for his, otherwise I don't know why surgeons would be trolling them like this.

No. 1189695

Are they really trying to say a necrotic, open penile wound that needs frequent dilation so the body doesn't attempt to close it smells the same as a vagina?

No. 1189697

Because the "vaginal" opening has to go where the taint is, as it's the only place where men have enough room in their anatomy to fit a dilator. There isn't enough room where the dick was to put the hole as it still has the urethra etc.

No. 1189705

Have you read this thread? Trans people would be tolerable if they weren't a bunch of psychos who want to rape women for not wanting to fuck them

No. 1189708

How would they know if the groper was trans or not if trans women are just like women and you can't tell them apart. And it's apparently okay for trannies to grope others.

No. 1189727

File: 1616356881682.png (79.96 KB, 1450x599, jesus chroist.png)

i was going to try and post this in the ftm thread but it seems more for milky attention whores rather than discussion of the tranny lyf like on here

No. 1189728

This is the MTF thread though, take it to the fakeboi thread. Don't understand what's so milky about this anyway, it's at least more sensible than the ridiculous larping shit like you see on r/actuallesbians.

No. 1189731

i mean, i wouldn't call a 13yo getting a phalloplasty sensible but alt rite

No. 1189756

>no clitoral hood, clit looks weird as hell
>labia minora is made out of the wrong type of skin
>huge visible urethra (gross btw)
>vagina opening is literally a horizontal slit below the labia
lol anyone who knows the basic anatomy of a vulva could tell there's something very wrong with this one, it's considered realistic not because it looks real but because people are ignorant about real vaginas

No. 1189769

File: 1616360478225.jpeg (296.21 KB, 681x1798, EvAdBhkXEAUMW6S.jpeg)

havent posted in this thread b4 but anyone got more milk on this one?
>digibro/diginee/"bee"/ygg/golden witch?
>former pony yt'er turned anime yt'er turned…. just troon yt'er?
>self admitted loli conoiseur and pedo
>frequent the dick show guest

No. 1189770

File: 1616360724135.png (671.62 KB, 960x771, 1593996535788.png)

>Cisgender lesbians who struggle with the idea of being attracted to a trans woman

No. 1189771

No. 1189772

the dichotomy between the person in the front and the woman in the background is giving me whiplash

No. 1189781

In both that image and the earlier one posted, the male fetishist is a head taller than the actual woman. Can't even maintain their dumb larp long enough to draw a comic smdh(newfag)

No. 1189794

This is so ludicrous. I’ve never seen active recruitment in the TERF spaces I lurk. Almost everyone there says they’ve either always felt that way, or that they used to be a libfem and only converted after “hate-reading” terf content and then realizing it was right. There’s no recruitment.

No. 1189802

This comes from a group of people who will seriously tell you that enjoying lesbian porn is a sign of being trans, who will have a fucked botched hole in between their legs (kevin gibes) but will tell other troons it's just like the real thing and tell them to get one.
Most people peak from troons themselves.

No. 1189808

How could "TERF spaces" even recruit people? They're banned off of every site they step their foot in, if anything you'd have to beg for invitations to closed off communities with voice verification and shit. Trannies are doing a bang-up job driving people away from them themselves.

No. 1189816

Sage and read the rules before posting, newfag.
Exactly, you can't post anything even remotely terfy without at least a few people jumping you, you get bans and shit way too easily for this to be realistic.

No. 1189820

sage for blogpost but yep, I started lurking in terf communities more and more completely on my own. it's insulting to insinuate I was weak-willed enough to be "recruited" when my peak came entirely from having irl shitty experiences with trannies and coming to threads like this to make sense of it all. I was a total handmaiden, I wasn't converted or led to this way of thinking by evil meanie terfs, it was trannies themselves who pushed me this way.

No. 1189822

Honestly that's how a lot of women end up becoming terfs. Terfs don't need to "recruit" new people, troons already do the job of creating new terfs.

No. 1189823

File: 1616364699536.jpeg (388.2 KB, 2066x1400, 7EAF1CAB-5F04-4AC3-BCCF-5569B1…)

Does this go here?
His wikipedia is sending.


I’m surprised. It seems wiki draws the line at neo pronouns. They replaced all instances of “he/his”, to his last name. So now it just says Lonsdale 737372 times.

No. 1189826

I can't even figure out if he's serious or just fucking with troons with this stunt.

No. 1189827

That's unexpected. When I read Sam Smiths entry, I thought they went "Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith" all the time because he's a they now, and we don't do that in my language, and not because Wikipedia isn't entertaining that stuff.

No. 1189833

It's transphobic to say we come from women, but it's 100% okay for a man to say we come from trees and make that his pronouns?
More retarded shit to mass peak people.

No. 1189836

Would it be impossible for him to get that disgustingly ugly ass crimson chin shaved? It’s just so gross looking.

No. 1189867

he is going to ruin that nice face and body if (probably when tbh) he goes full troon. what a shame. he’s a really good looking guy.

No. 1189874

File: 1616368166525.png (74.21 KB, 1634x410, treeself.png)

From the edit history it seems this was the only way they reached a compromise, because people kept editing in tree correct pronouns. It doesn't sound awkward at all.

No. 1189875

100% taking the piss

No. 1189884

Part of me wishes that they would've just left those tree/treeself pronouns in both because it's pants pissingly hilarious and also because it would open a lot of eyes to this tranny madness.

No. 1189894

found the faggot

No. 1189895

File: 1616370116423.png (483.88 KB, 995x886, al.PNG)

Looks like it already has started. Taken from our favourite subreddit r/AL

No. 1189898

I wish someone could record themselves reading this out loud as if it was an audiobook, I want everyone to see just how ridiculous it not only looks like but sounds like.

No. 1189900

I’ll do it kek. What’s the best way to upload audio here?

No. 1189901

webm with no video as it won't get deleted

No. 1189902



No. 1189909

I hope this is what you had in mind

No. 1189910

Thank you! That worked great. I tried to embed, but it didn’t work. Hopefully mods will be ok with an embed link.

No. 1189918

I don't have a good feeling about this. I have a hunch TiMs are gonna hijack the radfem label and muddy it.

No. 1189927

Kek ty narrator anon

No. 1189936

File: 1616374707494.jpg (1.54 MB, 730x232, Screenshot (946)_LI.jpg)

No words

No. 1189937


No. 1189939

File: 1616374897295.jpeg (191.26 KB, 1242x1147, 6D032223-ABEB-4BF4-B30C-95F67E…)

I love you, anon, it’s perfect.

No. 1189950

File: 1616375735451.jpg (32.05 KB, 659x567, luv.jpg)

thank you anon i had a hearty kek <3

No. 1189951

Most do not and the ones who do don't do it because their vag is gonna close up, it's to train the muscle in cases of vaginismus or painful sex.

Also "small vaginas" is such a male thing to say. Guess the neovagina owners don't realise that an actual vagina is pretty strong and can clench hard enough to prevent the insertion of something as small as the littlest tampon. The actual size of your vagina is irrelevant in cases of vaginismus as it's the act of clenching that causes the pain. A woman can birth ten big babies and still have to dilate if she has it.

No. 1189954

the redditor isn't wrong, post-menopause cis women have to dilate, but not for the same reason trans women do.

No. 1189981

The classic.

No. 1189990

Holy shit this pedo is now a troon now? God what is with trannies and being pedophiles anyways? Everyone I see love looking at sim cp and sexualizing the idea of children being raped. It is disgusting and make me peak everytime.

No. 1189992

Because they know if they peak men, they will literally die and the whole thing blows up in their face. They just intimidate women into compliance or provoke them to try to frame them. It's just narcissistic abuse, but they won't do it to men who are better at it and won't hesitate to actually harm them.

No. 1190000

lmfao yeah because nothing screams real woman like a fucking nerf gun

No. 1190003

I don't think he's taking the piss, I think its a tactic to get some more cred and notoriety, I mean I think he expects people to make fun of him and these woketards love a victim

No. 1190007

Nothing to contribute other than that art looks like a trace from Wet Moon. A comic by Scott Campbell who became Sophie Campbell.

No. 1190016

it's disappointing to know that the most popular posts these days (i think when the superstraight movement started) on r/bisexual are all about troons and transgender being part of the people bisexuals are attracted to. i'm planning on leaving the subreddit soon.

No. 1190020


kek anon i love you

No. 1190027

>or that they used to be a libfem and only converted after “hate-reading” terf content and then realizing it was right.
Yep that's me. I actually used to defend the porn industry and the sexual "empowerment" bullshit.

No. 1190038

Checked the Instagram and it seems like a "self defense" page for troons

My 11 year old brother has more skill and coordination then this jackass

No. 1190056

File: 1616385030743.jpg (89.61 KB, 540x960, ross_campbell.jpg)

His name was Ross Campbell and he was discussed on these threads and the superfluous reboots thread, if other anons want to look it up. His depiction of women was always low-key coomerish and he apparently has a fetish for chubby goth girls and amputees. Then he became the goth gf, pic related. Autogynesmile included.

No. 1190061

yeah but vaginismus is when the muscles of the vagina squeeze or spasm during peneration. you can train or at least desensitize the muscles. their "canal" is an inside out dick that they cannot improve upon with physical therapy or muscle exercises. to say that tight muscles are the same as making sure an open wound doesn't close or rot is pure delusion.

No. 1190062

This is so dumb like do you see BLM speaking up and advocating for all the racism that white people face? Seems to only be a problem when men get their feelings hurt and want to barge into places where women talk about their sex-based life experiences and struggles. We get branded as evil and attacked for just wanting our own fucking movement, these trans people should find other places to roleplay.

No. 1190106

File: 1616393940917.jpeg (152.9 KB, 640x623, F96D7D8F-C16B-4C5F-B2E2-260B45…)

No. 1190108

>So, today I have had the immense pleasure of sitting down with the wonderful @fallon_fox.

>Fallon is either best known for being a pioneering trans-woman who participated in MMA against cis-women, or as the target for Joe Rogan's flimsy and prejudiced hate speech against trans women in sports.

>In this episode, we talk about everything from her early years in grappling sports, to her MMA Career, and trans issues in general. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.


No. 1190119

No. 1190131

File: 1616399861889.jpeg (266.86 KB, 640x871, 53189215-D764-4528-92B7-6AD9A0…)

I don’t know if you guys known it Rhys McKinnon has changed his name to “veronica ivy” and is also packing up his dilators and storming out of the US

No. 1190132

Ah, yes, Fallon Fox, the mentally ill man who broke the skull of a woman on the ring

No. 1190133

File: 1616400269943.jpeg (321.03 KB, 640x809, 09D4A973-8D24-4845-A86E-755765…)

Apprently Mckinnon lost his job or got fired? And his housemate turned out to be a nonce.

No. 1190135

Fallon Fox recently lost to real woman Ashlee Smith Evans. He’s sooo shit at fighting all he has is his superior male strength and he can’t even utilise that properly.
Entire crowd was booing Fox and someone shouted “kick him in the nuts!”

No. 1190136

“Undefeated with three wins”

No. 1190144

I'm very happy she beat up that piece of shit of a scrote but I have a feeling TRAs will use this clip to prove that TiMs CAN INDEED participate in women's sports because "look ! a women managed to beat one so it's ok to keep them here ! it is fair !". Still good to see a woman winning against these disgusting freaks kek.

No. 1190149

As someone whose done MMA for a long time I can accurately say he absolutely does suck at fighting, his grappling is just okay tier and his stand up is beyond mediocre, my 11 year old brother has more coordination and skill them him, hell I know 15 year olds that could kick his ass
They very much do but they forget it was a high level female fighter facing against a below mediocre level male fighter and victory wasn't assured in anyway, Ashely Evans Smith has gone on record saying the fight with Fallon was the most difficult fight of her life and Smith only won cause of her superior overall skill and versitily that negated Fallon's strength

No. 1190150

>but they forget it was a high level female fighter facing against a below mediocre level male fighter and victory wasn't assured in anyway
They probably forget that on purpose.

No. 1190154

It’s still clearly unfair. Her face was swollen af afterwards it looked like she lost. How is it fair when the worst can come neck and neck with the best? They’ll try to use it for their advantage but they’ll fail miserably.

No. 1190164

File: 1616404495072.jpg (91.11 KB, 1200x900, 1616404459086.jpg)

Like those 2 trannies you see in the news so much, they were ranked somewhere around the 400's of male track and field athletes in thier state alone and now their the top 2 "female" under 18 runners in the USA

No. 1190169

File: 1616404990854.jpeg (214.86 KB, 1125x1098, AB9236D3-B31D-49FA-8556-014CCB…)

willful ignorance

No. 1190174

File: 1616405296316.png (3.28 MB, 856x4095, hot trans culture.png)

I was browsing a Finnish feminist facebook group for women and found this brave and stunning womxn (absolutely not a fetish!!!1) whining about capitalism.

https://www.instagram.com/luisasovijarvi/ NSFL instagram, filled with disgusting pics of him trying to emulate hentai faces and some bulge pics and shit, and a poem in Finnish that reads "in spring the sun is honey and nectar, sperm sprayed on barely legal teenage faces blissful of pleasure" (sorry for the shitty translation, I can't be assed to make it better because it's so disgusting, but you get the idea)

No. 1190179

The "babygirling" AI thing made me gag. Absolute pedo.

No. 1190181

ahslee beat fallon 8 years ago
ashlee is a current UFC fighter
faggin fox came out as a tranny 2 fights into his mma career and has not fought since 2014
one of the few times i have agreed with dana white is that mtf are men who should never be allowed to fight women in professional sport.

No. 1190182

He uses that pic as his profile photo on facebook, it's so fucking disgusting and weird. It's a million times worse than when troons use editing to make themselves look more feminine, because atleast they're not trying to look like 5 year olds. I'm just waiting for police to find cp on his devices so he can appear as a ~woman~ in pedophile statistics

No. 1190183

This one is a horrocow if I ever saw one. He was dating a classmate of mine who was 16 at the time (technically legal), who he pressured into trooning out. Luisa (don't know the legal name) is also a drug addict with few job prospects, and once he came into my place of work and started selling his poetry book to my clients. Uninvited and unannounced.

No. 1190185


No. 1190188

File: 1616406451661.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.19 KB, 545x797, 14954_10152352231272934_721855…)

Holy shit, I knew there was something wrong when I saw pics of the girl on his profile. Fucking hell, poor woman

No. 1190189


Also he's trying and failing at being a video essayist

No. 1190190

Especially in a sport like this a trans category would be good. Maybe even life saving?

No. 1190191

You can be sure he's masturbated that picture of himself, these fuckers are like narssistic pedophiles

No. 1190199

File: 1616408095086.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3840x2880, 05970486-085A-414F-9A1D-B14DA6…)

why can’t i go a day without seeing a tranny

No. 1190200

Late but is it possible to look into who the donors are? Not advocating doxxing but rather I'm wondering if there's anything odd there

No. 1190203

Another anon upthread suggested money laundering, sounds feasible.

No. 1190208

i have seen this beast in real life, and witnessed autogynephile smile in the wild in his face

No. 1190216

I hate Colin Montgomerie.
However well he passes now remember he looked like this only a few years ago

No. 1190219

File: 1616412187827.jpeg (7.81 KB, 110x250, F558291B-2504-4A64-89A2-238AFD…)

No. 1190233

I'll give him credit that his voice is convincingly honestly but I feel the only reason he passes is cause of the shitty quality of his camera and nothing else

No. 1190240

File: 1616413410218.jpeg (222.78 KB, 640x983, FCF80653-E661-4E75-B576-73E129…)

If you look close you can see very small Adam’s apple bobbing.

No. 1190241

Denying that things have happened when there's evidence that it happened will get the gears in anybody's head. The way tras insist we just dont think about it because its transphobic is why I started reading these threads.

They should keep it up because the more evidence piles up the more people will see through the bullshit. Especially when their go to line is "this has never happened ever in history!"

No. 1190243

and the giant masculine head on thick man neck

No. 1190247

It's also annoying how they say they hate the southpark and futurama transphobic sports episode but have been fighting hard to make them reality. Then when they see someone clearly gaming the system and they're like "shes valid uwu. cis women are just jealous because transwomen are superior at sports! (and they're all sore losers who don't pass lol)"

Like first which is it? Second idk how they as a collective could have zero self-awareness when It comes to the sports thing and why they're being made fun of. Its pretty clear.

No. 1190253

File: 1616415101076.png (11.63 KB, 360x122, tranada.png)

sorry canada, but algorithms are algorithms

No. 1190255

They think that since there's no trans athletes exactly like the South Park parody guy then it's not about a real issue. baby brains

No. 1190266

It’s true, they can only look at things in either black or white which is ironic because they’re supposed to be something in between
If a character is liked by everyone and they’re cute or relatable, regardless of the characters’ actual sex, it’s a character they want to be and therefore “literally” a man in a wig like themselves and “positive trans representation yas kween literally me”.
If a character is ugly and made fun of and/or hated by everyone, that character “can’t be trans” because trannies are only the cute anime girls and not the actual caricatures they are, therefore, it’s not processed by their hive minds as something they should reflect upon.
The TL,DR is mostly: the autistic retards never learnt how to extract information from the shit they coomsoom.

No. 1190280

Good. It looked like he was about to get tenure and getting rid of a tenured professor is quite difficult no matter what a shitheel they are, so I’m glad to see him being booted before it ever came to that.

Also what is it with political celebrity TiMs and having pedophile boyfriends? Challenor is also surrounded by pedophiles and instead of thinking “hey maybe we ought to check his devices and attic for cp and kidnapped children too, just in case” they make him a Reddit megamod, no questions asked. How many confirmed child molesters does a TiM need to be intimately linked to before people stop wanting to openly associate with or employ him? More than two, apparently.

No. 1190281

+ huge head
+ tragic male hairline
+ thick, stocky neck (adam's apple or not)
+ jawline like a lantern

No. 1190302

>remember ladies to wail on disabled people in wheel chairs. That will totally make you look sane.

I just can't. This shit just writes itself.

No. 1190315

I feel like they are low-key trying to make people peak. How can people lack so much self-awareness?

No. 1190320

Idk how hannah mouncey isn't the same thing. Do we need to put a hat and sunglasses on him for them to see the resemblance?

It's been fucking with me that things people used to joke about like 10 years ago are reality now. They try to call these things transphobic when they should just stop acting like jokes.

No. 1190329

Good. Later cumstain!

No. 1190331

Hello, based department?

No. 1190332

She was very kind in talking about her feelings regarding the fight imo. I wish more people would listen to the women actually having these matches/races/etc because they’re just being truthful about the difficulty when there is an unfair advantage.

No. 1190339

Or the neopronoun shit. That's what peaked me at least

No. 1190358

They won't because people are bullied and conditioned to believe the "real woman" in this fight was the brave and stunning Fallon Fox, anyway.

No. 1190380

File: 1616428037817.jpg (94.72 KB, 719x258, Screenshot_20210322-113315_Chr…)

Late but this comment from the thread killed me. Literally no point if it's not cis lesbians validating them I guess?

No. 1190398

File: 1616429543265.jpg (509.21 KB, 971x1515, Screenshot124.jpg)

I'm not even mad at the timmie being part of a feminism panel bc the juxtaposition of agp face + insisting on pronouns compared to other members was so lolworthy

No. 1190404

actually embarassing

No. 1190405

File: 1616430167908.png (233.17 KB, 720x1306, Screenshot_20210322-205329.png)

This is what happens when a girl tries to talk about unfairness against trannies in sports, adult TRAs start mocking her


No. 1190413

the balding in the front…and he looks like he's on drugs, kek. both to make that face and to vet that picture. absolutely unhinged

No. 1190420

Real life. Also, hilariously, tumblr of all places still has a robust terf presence.

No. 1190422

he looks like the joker, fitting for an actual clown I guess

No. 1190426

Maybe every handmaiden that says we should let troons compete with women, should be required to square up with a one of equal weight, size and athletic ability, and just go at it.

No. 1190431

They’ll be like “noooo! Don’t make me punch her beautiful face! It’s so feminine and delicate itll just smash under my meaty manly hands!!”

No. 1190435

They don’t even notice that the man also stammered. A bunch of faggots shitting on an attractive young woman. Nothing new.

No. 1190453

Literally jealous men wanting to take away the focus of women’s empowerment campaigns. Like women feel more comfortable doing shit that “men would do” , because the media finally advocated for it. Men seethed, and are trying to steal the light. I’m tired.

No. 1190454

File: 1616433517083.jpg (28.97 KB, 588x178, kek.JPG)

>Trans people are being killed because YOU don't want to fuck them. Secretly you want to fuck them anyways!

cope harder


No. 1190456

Always whining about violence against trans people yet have violent fantasies about killing/raping anyone who doesn't want to fuck them.. It doesn't really matter if they act upon their thoughts. They're sick for even thinking about that.

No. 1190458

They're laughing because she stumbled over her words but honestly her saying man woman instead of trans woman was pretty much correct

No. 1190465

In a sense, in we take literal violence, I agree with her. Like the guys that murder trans prostitutes after buying them because of gay panic should just come to peace with their sexuality. But she probably means twitter thoughtcrime type of ""violence"".

No. 1190466

Haha, oh hell no

No. 1190477

File: 1616435736336.png (208.8 KB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20210322-225049.png)

So sage for OT but Vaneesa Vokeys channel got removed without warning just a couple hours ago, fucking hell its just so unfair that we aren't even allowed to express our opinions against these degenerates

No. 1190486

tumblr really is my go-to for terfism other than this thread and the one on crystal.cafe, even the retarded tra posts (which are still plentiful) are full of intelligent terf arguments in the notes. very wholesome to witness

No. 1190488

File: 1616437191018.png (665.64 KB, 814x860, troon.png)

Yeah I just noticed that too, I checked her instagram and came upon an older post with pretty disgusting comments. TRAs always jump to attack a woman based on her appearacen but then say shit like "omg you're so pretty queeeen!!!" to an objectively ugly troon. Sage for OT as well.

No. 1190497

they base their entire lives around looking a certain way and being perceived a certain way, it only makes sense that they think everybody else is as obsessed with passing and looks as they are. all they have are childish attacks on women's features because their science and arguments are easily debunked. god forbid you call a spade a spade to a bigbird built tranny though

pure misogyny and unhinged jealous hatred for women, i bet scrotes are loving that they can get away with it under the guise of being woke and progressive now

No. 1190500

if you ever look up the radical feminist on youtube who died of cancer, Magdalen Berns, the shit they said about her was absolutely horrendous. like 4chan incel shit, hoping that she died in extreme pain and wishing they could've raped her before her death.

No. 1190520

Only one of these comments will get you banned and is considered literal violence. Which one do you think it is?

A.TRA/Troon- "Penis Nose ass motherfucka! KYS!! Ha Ha"

B.Terf- "You are a man with a penis, transwomen are men."

No. 1190526

Vanessa gives me terf to trad vibe and I cannot explain why.

No. 1190528

Just noticed this when I went back to see if she had posted any new videos. I thought that it was some glitch since YouTube had seemed to go through another update but nope, her channel was actually removed.

That is so unfair. Even when she was criticizing these TRA loonbags, she never called them things like "Tranny", she just stuck to the ideology at hand as well as raising awareness to the transing of children. I seriously hope that Vanessa can find a way to return.

No. 1190534


Wasn't she a conservative/exposed as being chummy with conservatives? I'm trying to remember if it was her or someone else, i think it was her though.

No. 1190539

Her youtube comments were always full of neckbeards calling her their based mommy and begging her to become their redpilled tradwife and shit lmao it was deranged.

No. 1190541

I don't think she's a tardwife, but I do believe she kinda pretends to be a radical feminist for her image when she's actually not, I don't think she's right wing conservative but has political beliefs that I think Majority of us here have, she's a moderately left leaning feminist and there's nothing wrong with that but she's not a radfem

No. 1190543

No. 1190544

no matter if shes ugly (she's obviously not) she's still 200 more times a woman than them and that makes trannies seethe.

No. 1190548

File: 1616443828717.jpg (75.11 KB, 640x773, DPjqrBBltFAdA57hCYcFpGn1s-O4q3…)