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File: 1652113890354.png (692.04 KB, 1332x1942, bunker_trannies.png)

No. 1524211

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1524216

Aw, beat me to it nona. I was going to use the Jane Bender pic though.

No. 1524218

Wtf is this OP pic? Another tranny shitop like the last one we had?

No. 1524221

Most annoying twitter troon?

No. 1524222

Jane bender would have been a better threadpic. As for any lurking trannies, here is your reminder to dilate and seethe

No. 1524225

way to be morally superior by distributing cp and calling women whores for not playing along with your fetish. You sure showed us.

No. 1524227

Imagine being so delusional that you not only think you can be both a commie and a tranny (troonism is peak capitalism) but also that troons are somehow on the “right side of history”. It’s such an empty threat they have to use because they don’t have any purpose or genuine meaning beyond coom and if they did they would be able to prove their supposed point without spamming cp or violent threats.

No. 1524259

Yeah I think so. Wtf OP?

No. 1524293

File: 1652117804617.jpg (85 KB, 500x409, just-because-i-have-a-penis-ic…)

trannies talking about womb transplants

No. 1524301


No. 1524307

it was always obvious that shitty site is full of male incels (troons), imagine blaming women for child sexual abuse while posting cp

No. 1524324

there are too many.

No. 1524327

My personal one is the Anthony guy. He just comes across as such a condescending caricature and it gets on my nerves. Stacy Cay and Keffals are up there too.

No. 1524336

File: 1652119482598.png (157.33 KB, 275x275, acceptthetruth.png)

repost with an addition

No. 1524343

this or the original would make for a lovely thread pic imo

No. 1524345

At least it made me love you based ladies even more, and hate troons even more. Getting handed free peaking material by easily being able to point out that they're literally pedos and pro-pedos who happily spam cp and accept that others troons do it. No one one the side of sexually abusing kids has ever been on the "right" side of history, cope seethe dilate.

No. 1524364

keffals and that scottish one

No. 1524368

trannies are mad women work through their issues and CSA instead of being eaten alive by it and subsequently thrown into the porn meat grinder to produce more pedophiles, they became the monsters they feared and they can't make their rat brain produce any other assessment aside from "women fault they no protect me and they no get oppression like man" KEK. Wasting their mother's day/Sunday spamming CP and violence against women. They sure showed us retarded hole owners! The great culling is on the horizon and I can't wait until we get to see these defects lined against the wall.

No. 1524371

Sidenote 65% of male convicted pedos lie about being molested themselves and admit it after the trial.

No. 1524378

what site is this?

No. 1524381

Well, well, well, if it isn't the utterly predictable truth. Had to fact check that but I'm not surprised by any means. Rope! Rope them all.

No. 1524390

I miss fanny traggot. He was so mean to literally everyone, his family and followers and likely friends and boyfriend too, his fistula saga was pure schadenfreude.

No. 1524391

What happened to him?

No. 1524394

>and abmit it after the trial in an attempt to cover their own ass
Fixed it for you

No. 1524399

He went offline after he was posted to kiwi farms. Relieved I missed the cp brigade, makes me want to come off here but that’s what the terrorists want so I’m torn… I just never want to see that.

No. 1524410

This is here for you in the future and any other anons who may have seen CSEM here. Very, very helpful and I personally have consulted this brochure after seeing some IRL CP posted here. It also helps for drawn CSEM. You can overcome the trauma and pain that comes with seeing it. I've gotten to the point where I can rebound from it in about 2-3 days and be flashback free in about 2 weeks just staying on top of self-care and coping skills. It's imperative you do something to care for yourself psychologically after exposure. Love you, nonnies. You are strong and you will be okay.

This is a PDF link but I promise you this is legitimate, I am not pulling tricks or anything. This was pulled from the official NCMEC front page.


No. 1524429

nayrt but this is very thoughtful nona, thank you. Some of these tips are probably good for when gore gets posted here too.

No. 1524430

File: 1652127944889.png (401.11 KB, 530x758, hernandez.png)

No. 1524431

Ayrt, thank you for this and ily too <3

No. 1524435

File: 1652128918644.webm (5.86 MB, 576x1024, uglymoid.webm)

Remember the guy that was like "how can i be a straight man if I have my nails like this insert bucket hands with shitty nails". Look at this cow crossover kek.

No. 1524436

Waah waah what a poor little ogre man

No. 1524439

Blessed, anon. Don't let that faggot come in here and demean us having a moment of kindness because "i ;jus WANna laugh aT TROOONZ" This is a very nice resource. While we're speaking about this, I find it absolutely fitting that troon hates TERFS for discriminating against us, not knowing we hate them because of the threat they pose to women and children, by showing abuse of children. Good job, tranny scrotes. Radicalize us so we start showing this shit to our libfem friends and start demanding our spaces back.

JUST BE GAY. Dress like a fag, do what you want with your clothes and hair as long as your genitals aren't exposed and use the men's bathroom. I swear homophobes are more scared of you seeing their penis then you're scared of them.

No. 1524440

He's straight/transbian nonna.

No. 1524445

Le gasp. Another tranny sex pest

No. 1524446

Dear god…they act like fags to attract women. It's so retarded I can't even.

No. 1524451

why does he talk exactly like heath ledgers joker

No. 1524457

So the troons that spammed r/gendercritical with CP back in the day and made it shut down soon after are back at it again. It doesn’t surprise me whatsoever, no low is too low for these degenerates. So much for 41%, the worst of their ilk never have the decency or the courage to do the world a favor and stop wasting oxygen.

No. 1524459

Every cell in their bodies screams “genetic waste, do not allow to reproduce”.

No. 1524474

You're welcome. We should all try to spam the brochure PDF, screencaps of the best coping tips and of course cute photos when we see the raids happen. Another thing I do to get here is bookmark or jump to a specific thread I know is dead or cannot be bumped, then I check meta to see if there's been reports of spam. It reduces your chances of seeing it by a lot as they seem to consistently target the busiest threads on /pt/, /snow/ or just /ot/ as a whole since they know it's immediately visible on the home page.

No. 1524480

File: 1652133010053.jpeg (378.63 KB, 1242x1590, 4BFAC6B8-E425-4D47-82EA-1DA76B…)

The best way to avoid the cp posted by trannies is to just always scroll with caution and to automatically hide the pictures before continuing, if by context there’s nothing weird going on, show the picture of the post you’re looking at. This mostly works for mobile though, on pc is more difficult to avoid.
>mfw trannies keep bringing up kids in their stupid cult talks

No. 1524481

File: 1652133084491.jpeg (434.13 KB, 1170x1692, DC2AF306-213B-48DF-9CCF-21EE0E…)

i know this is a bit off topic but it’s so concerning to me how that reply got so many upvotes, 30 on the “a lot of us have done research” reply? how many porn sick fuckers are there. (reply on r/terriblefacebookmemes post says “dating in 2022 be like: i hope i didn’t get him pregnant)

No. 1524482

File: 1652133161083.jpeg (41.17 KB, 400x400, 4398AA97-9374-492E-9F61-014F27…)


No. 1524484

I'm genuinely starting to lose hope. Is everyone turning into these fucking porn obsessed freaks?

No. 1524485

this thing just told me it can't do the dishes because it has PTSD related to chores and also kicked me out for suggesting a "woman" do traditional "female labor" as it's "misogynistic".

No. 1524487

File: 1652133460531.png (66.53 KB, 666x816, hernandez.png)

My god, who would've guessed? A troon rallying for self identification would sextort and rape teenagers? Surely you jest, that has never happened before!

No. 1524493

When will this nightmare end?

No. 1524495

these two troons should box

No. 1524498

File: 1652133813604.jpeg (645.77 KB, 1170x1972, F9704853-18EA-42E1-B77F-F714E4…)

dont think this has been posted here before, fucked up

No. 1524499

They really just bought the lie of "female pedos never get caught or face consequence" and just made it their life goal to be that nonexistent group.

No. 1524500

Oh nonna baby it was

No. 1524502

Excellent way to lose your job and all credibility as an artist! Physically torturing someone over not indulging in your psychotic delusion is surely adult human female behavior.

No. 1524503

i am very sorry i will do better

No. 1524504

File: 1652133959482.jpg (167.09 KB, 941x1200, FSV8hhaXMAA6hZj.jpg)

No. 1524508

File: 1652134056234.jpg (152.65 KB, 691x1199, FSV8hhcXsAEJALj.jpg)

No. 1524510

File: 1652134182176.jpg (166.04 KB, 707x1200, FSV8hhkXEAECZAZ.jpg)

No. 1524514

File: 1652134505388.jpg (143.05 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20220509-104632_Fac…)

No. 1524518

File: 1652134655991.jpg (145.62 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20220509-104649_Fac…)

No. 1524521

File: 1652134758849.jpg (185.53 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20220509-104703_Fac…)

No. 1524526

File: 1652135059594.jpg (196.95 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20220509-104718_Fac…)

No. 1524528

You can't both hide a thread and report it though, which I think needs to be fixed. I want to hide it first and then report, not vice versa because that sucks.

No. 1524529

File: 1652135281890.jpg (254.14 KB, 1080x1638, Screenshot_20220509-104732_Fac…)

No. 1524535

What is this, a tranny dating manifesto?

No. 1524539

The fuck, this is so utterly retarded but it really shows how trannies are, they want to get their dicks sucked 24/7.

No. 1524540

>if he slaps you hard, you deserve it
>remember TIMs are very gentle uwu

No. 1524548

Is there any way we can report or gather info to report from the images posted?

No. 1524550

Gay troons wanting to be coddled like fictional women in films and have a real relationship rather than the pump and dump as often done with gay men targeting a fetish type of man?

No. 1524570

>>PTSD from chores
What did his mom ask him to pause his Xbox to take out the trash? What a fag. You're safer away from that situation.

No. 1524571

>Grown men calling their troonism "girlhood"
Yep no pedophiles to see here!

No. 1524575

Samefag but please keep being "scared" to talk to women in women's bathrooms. No one wants you there. You're disgusting. You will never be a woman.
Must be nice when your "fear" is only of words and not of actual physical violence. You know, like how a woman lives every day of her life.

No. 1524576

Does this creature have bell's palsy or something? Why does its mouth move like that?

No. 1524589

Retardation from taking horse piss skittles.

No. 1524592

KEK he really does

No. 1524598

File: 1652141086154.png (34.79 KB, 736x167, C8EC4E63-5246-44AE-BE7E-CDF7AD…)

I love when they show how blatantly misogynistic they are.

No. 1524602

File: 1652141476384.jpg (524.41 KB, 1536x2048, FRcJKbAXIAAk_Vh.jpg)

No. 1524603

>Ackshually, you’re not a feminist if you don’t support men!
When will this madness end

No. 1524605

He can't even put the top on correctly.

No. 1524618

Isn’t this swimsuit from lazy oaf

No. 1524621

Why is he wearing it like that kek

No. 1524625

its one of those sloped necklines made for women

looks like it or they just stole the print

No. 1524629

>Funkopop pillow
>Tattoo of actual terf patty
>Encrusted Teddy Bears

No. 1524632

Are those framed photographs of himself? At the very least, the topmost photo?

No. 1524633

Gosh I was just going to comment the same thing. Narcissism is real

No. 1524634

was just about to point that out kek. the agp narc smirk completes it

No. 1524635

File: 1652145327118.png (Spoiler Image, 38.47 KB, 1018x182, byeb.png)

Where the f is my empathy, this literally put a smile on my face. I'm completely and utterly blackpilled, especially after the CP raid.

No. 1524636

wait is that a fleshlight on his bed or am i seeing things

No. 1524638

Based nonnie

No. 1524640

File: 1652146105237.png (15.47 KB, 590x270, attention whore.PNG)

Eh don't bank on it nonnie. Probably just attention whoring

No. 1524642

One less child porn posting rapist is nothing to be sad over, you do have empathy, you just aren't deluded enough to care when god corrects injustice.

No. 1524643

>Telling him to do traditional female labor
Men really be trooning out so they don't have to clean the dishes.

No. 1524647

Looks like Mitchum roll-on deodorant kek

No. 1524663

late but thank you so much for this resource i saw way too much last night and as a survivor i was fully prepared for a downward spiral, but i ended up opening up about my feelings towards it with a female friend and my mother instead and am feeling so much better, obviously they asked who/why would do such a thing and i briefly described TRA ideology and it was overall a healing moment instead of causing more harm, having you guys here helped a lot too < 3 happy to know these scrotes are all emotionally stunted and will never experience the support system we have for each other despite the massive hurdles we face alongside it

No. 1524669

Glad for you nonny.

No. 1524684

Can they really shut down this website for the illegal content they themselves post?

No. 1524691

I doubt so, lolcow isn’t that popular for normies to mass report the site and I’m pretty sure that if a report were to be made, nothing would really happen because the admin/mods can just simply give all of the data needed to show that the cp comes from outsiders, if you think about it, the tranny saying that he was posting his cp and saying that he had even more to post was probably the most retarded move ever, because now they can’t even blame bots.

No. 1524696

They don't actually care if we hate them. Actually, it's a good thing if we do, because then they can screenshot the evil hateful terfs that are singlehandedly genociding them. They don't need support from us, just the men who make laws. They don't think we're worth convincing which is why they go full mask off with the CP. It's pathetic that they stoop to these depths to rattle us, while a single 'sir' from me in the checkout line is enough to make them post suicide threats on reddit.

No. 1524714

File: 1652155296330.jpeg (721.56 KB, 3011x1657, 22561319-0B6E-4B1D-96F2-F92A3C…)

perhaps this happens because tits (or in his case; fake bolt ons) ≠ woman? or perhaps because he is a man and always will be no matter how much he tries to disguise his body?

based nurse, keep it up

No. 1524716

File: 1652155781497.jpg (441.71 KB, 1819x1181, 1639878474420.jpg)

so these are the brave trannys who raided us yesterday, the capitalists are quaking in their boots

No. 1524722

kek they are all so ugly, there's no way that calico one is real is it? surely he must've edited someone else's head on as a joke?

No. 1524723

Stunning and brave pedophiles.

No. 1524725

Gave me a laugh kek. They have so much confidence for how horrible they look.

No. 1524726

Kek and as expected, they look like degenerates.

No. 1524732

haha holy fuck, what a sad horde of ugly men. they look almost worse than how i expected them too

No. 1524735

>Less BPD now
Observably false.

No. 1524736

File: 1652157441976.png (Spoiler Image, 306.63 KB, 711x535, a0f1b96af48e2a088bff7d63bd4b77…)

Reposted to remove unnecesary info, sorry.

leftypol, the successor of Bunkerchan
I used to lurk on leftypol ever since it was Bunkerchan (used to). At first, incels weren't tolerated (usually they resorted to making their own "leftist" incel boards), and female posters were treated with relative respect compared to other scrote imageboards. This seems to have been the norm ever since leftypol was a board on 8chan.
But around mid-2021 some stuff happened and the /siberia/ board became infested with them last year, to the point that they started to infest the other boards too. The mods said that they'd do something about them, but they either gave up or there are pro-incels among them, and a lot of users have been complaining about the porn to no avail - anti-porn posters are not taken seriously either, because nothing is more important to scrotes than their coom, so these people are called liberals for even suggesting that porn might not be good. (They justify anything because "muh morality spook", while ironically believing in anti-materialist trans ideology.)
It was also last year that it was discovered that an alarming amount of GETchan dot net users were, unsurprisingly, actual "pro-C" pedophiles and pedo advocates. GETchan is an older, small communist imageboard that originally splintered from a brony community, is full of lolicons and trannies that can't stop talking about loli porn and sucking dick, and used to be friendly with leftypol until this was revealed. This caused a massive controversy in both sites and a rift between them. The original GETchan thread where pedophilia was discussed and this whole incident were censored by both GETchan and leftypol mods, though ofc it was much more heavily censored on GETchan. Many leftypol users became disgusted with GETchan since there were already many anti-lolicons and anti-pedos on leftypol.
leftypol's reaction: https://archive.is/7YryK http://web.archive.org/web/20210525183313/https://leftypol.org/b/res/52805.html
Original GETchan thread (in PDF format): http://web.archive.org/web/20210525183335/https://leftypol.org/b/src/1621887878856.pdf
Anyway, it's a shame that the thread in these screenshots wasn't archived before being deleted, I would've loved to see it. I bet a certain unhinged troon from GETchan was present in that thread, the typing style looks familiar. But it wouldn't surprise me if it's an accurate representation of the current state of leftypol, since it was becoming full of extremely misogynistic incels, who would rather defend pedophile troons than women (they posted some truly horrendous shit about women sometimes, and gore), or if more of them had gone down the incel-to-troon pipeline resulting in more and unhinged tranny posters, or if some troons from GETchan posted in today's thread defending the CP spam, after all they believe that children can consent and TERFs are as bad as fascists. Back when I still lurked leftypol, there were only a handful of trannies, or at least the ones who were open about it were few, and usually attention whores who'd namefag or post their nudes.
The first poljak/chinletjak (chudjak) edit, meant to represent right-wing incel mass shooters, was created on Bunkerchan. It came specifically from an MS Paint drawing based on the El Paso shooter that had been circulating on 4chan. In late September 2020 /pol/fags found it and were super angry at the edit for some reason, so angry that they raided Bunkerchan with gore for several days non-stop and it got so bad that the mods had to use CloudFlare anti-DDoS protection that made the site nearly unusable. Thanks to the raid, the poljak edit became popular outside of Bunkerchan to troll /pol/fags, but despite being associated primarily with /pol/cels at first, it was eventually adopted by right-wingers, soyjak spammers, and others. Now the original poljak and its meaning isn't used that much outside of leftypol anymore, and people know it as "chudjak" or its tranny edits. But on leftypol, which is where poljak originated, it gets edits that represent different types of right-wingers, liberals, or anyone with reactionary beliefs (they see TERFs as reactionary because not believing that men can be women is reactionary idpol according to them) which I guess is why the butch lesbian (?) seen here >>1523723 exists, they see TERFs/radfems as reactionaries and anti-materialist. But the "feminist" edit seen in the OP is just a random wojak edit from somewhere else.
Pic related is one of the many poljak edits that were made during the 2020 /pol/ raid, but it was mostly criticized by other Bunkerchan users for being reactionary and just like something a /pol/fag would make. And honestly I don't disagree much, because male transphobes are always misogynists too, and transphobic "communists" are no exception, they don't care about how troonism affects women, they just pretend to care.
Sorry to disappoint you, but this one has nothing to do with leftypol mods kek, it's probably a random commie discord server. It's posted by /pol/fags a lot, but leftypol fags despise Discord, they and the mods use Matrix.

No. 1524737

Men have breasts too? Just not the same shape as women due to lacking certain glands used in breastfeeding.

No. 1524739

Damn, thanks for the rundown.

No. 1524741

File: 1652158474754.jpg (109.93 KB, 960x720, 1603421089033.jpg)

I have a similar history as you, I saw the leftwing chans devolve in real time, from an anti-degen but still left wing space that had a small but active female userbase who discussed socialist feminism and the role of women in revolution to a cesspool of degeneracy, at least half the users are trannies and likely there's not even a single human female on that board, unironic lolicons who will argue that being against distribution of child pornogpahy means your a regressive fascist, plus the practice of raiding other sides with porn is "based" for them, its bleak asf, r/chapo also had an effect on the community and they were majority of the new users after reddit banned their subs cause they raided every other Sub including r/GenderCritical

No. 1524744

i've browsed the shithole for a long time and they've tolerated incel shit for a long time, they alleged the deaf woman at chaz who was raped was lying for example
their afghanistan thread is basically covertly about shitting on women too, talking about how le based taliban endlessly in a manner no different to /pol/. i've seen multiple remarks about how women in the 'imperial core' all deserve to be raped and murdered by scrote subhumans because X, Y and Z. and they always cape for troons no matter what a troon does
if it smells like deranged borderline troon, it is

No. 1524750

File: 1652159878219.webm (1.06 MB, 576x1024, oiut67r5e4w3456789.webm)

Confidence is just lack of self-awareness, isn't it?

No. 1524751

File: 1652160034046.webm (13.65 MB, 576x1024, download (1).webm)

Jaw on the fucking floor and his username too. I hate everything. I wonder what the woman that originally asked this is thinking.

No. 1524753

File: 1652160132653.png (524.31 KB, 836x563, 7eeb7eb9566bfb893a4c24bb3d1d74…)

AYRT, this, sadly, seems to be a natural consequence of efforts to push trans idpol and possibly also incel shit online, starting from 2012 with OWS. Not to mention how normalized porn consumption and creation is now.
>they alleged the deaf woman at chaz who was raped was lying for example
I did not see that (I don't know if it happened when the CHAZ thing was fresh new or after, I don't remember anything about that incident) but it wouldn't surprise me. In 2020 it seems that the userbase was already pretty shit, but it definitely got worse last year. Much worse.
>their afghanistan thread is basically covertly about shitting on women too, talking about how le based taliban endlessly in a manner no different to /pol/
Those threads, not just the Middle East ones, definitely attract edgy misogynistic right-wingers disguised as leftists, yes. Much of leftypol's userbase is, after all, """former""" /pol/fags.
Funny that only a couple of years ago they were making fun of the far right for being incels or Nazi sissies with pics like with picrel, but now they're openly defending pedo troons and glorifying Islam while calling women whores or dogfuckers and wishing all women would be raped, enslaved and/or killed. I fucking hate incels.
Also, a lot of posters in their Internet Trash General must lurk/post in the leftcows thread, so they definitely know about this imageboard.

No. 1524754

File: 1652160151265.png (733.11 KB, 2066x2800, 6F35EC85-088D-49F1-9FEE-6315AB…)

No. 1524756

Omfg this cursed elf ass looking moid really put his dick in the petri dish

No. 1524757

the guy on the right is a major lolcow, he's a some palestinian transgirl who unironically supports Juche and posts pics of himself on 4chan so they insult him and he gets off on it

No. 1524758

That some of these freaks father children is seriously disturbing. I wish CPS actually worked and helped these children.

No. 1524759

I fucking hate feminine beta faggots so much its unreal

No. 1524770

No. 1524771

i would literally rather kill myself than let a man "breastfeed" my child

No. 1524777

Interesting, thanks for your info nonnas. I will not step a foot in one of those hives, so it's good to have someone on the know.

No. 1524780

File: 1652165320993.png (628.71 KB, 952x833, troonmurderer.png)

No. 1524782

No trannys' parents loved them enough to get them braces

No. 1524783

Never underestimate the power of a fetish, it literally hijacks the moid's lizard brain.

No. 1524785

can wait to see the 'boyfriends' name listet on 'transdayofrememberance'

No. 1524794

File: 1652166929164.jpg (834.84 KB, 971x2427, Screenshot_20220510-011522_Chr…)

good news as of this morning

No. 1524798

What the hell is even going on in his lower half. Of course men hyperfocus on the tits and can't see he looks like stringed ham.

No. 1524806

I'm on twitter searching the name to see if any troons are defending him but it's been radio silence, and a bunch of terfs correcting what the real sex should be reported as. Good to see some peaking on that shit site

No. 1524809

The popular leftypol tranny knows a lot of AGP "femboys" like that guy from a bunch of edgy troon discord servers he's been in. Apparently a lot of them are huge lolcows. He has also known the one who made that server in the infamous screencap where they talk about grooming boys into transitioning.
>feminine beta faggots
Really? That's your problem and not the fact that they look nothing like women but still claim to be one?

No. 1524812

very male way to go out

No. 1524816

This is just a regular femicide but of course it won't be seen as one. Hell, if you didn't see the troon's face or knew his history you'd think they're actually talking about a woman killing a man. There aren't enough female on male murders on the news so I guess men feel like they have to "correct" that number themselves kek

No. 1524817

File: 1652169934074.jpeg (150.77 KB, 828x869, D39061DB-6382-4096-86CB-0D8E74…)

They’re trying so hard to equate making it illegal to give underage kids brain destroying puberty blockers to fucking abortion being banned.

No. 1524819

Does anyone else feel baffled at the constant crime wave of MTFs being reported on? How can people STILL say this doesn’t happen? Every day there’s a new troon serial killer or an agp rapes someone in a womens prison.

No. 1524822

Most people just look at the headline and see that it’s a “woman” that’s committed the crime and don’t read further. That way female crime stats go up

No. 1524823

I think it’ll be ignored until a celebrity or e-celebrity troon does something bad (like pedophilia or date rape bad) and gets caught. Lia Thomas rape arc?

No. 1524824

damn look at the chompers on that horse

No. 1524828

Right, it's like people have lost the ability to see the patterns. Except it's not a pattern, the trannies make sure to spell it out in big fucking letters and people still manage to ignore it.

No. 1524837

People can't even bring themselves to admit that male violence in general is a problem despite it being a consistent presence in nearly every society and culture all throughout history lmao, don't get your hopes up.

Wokies won't denounce them for obvious reasons, right wingers won't say anything because it draws attention to male violence, regular people just see them as a minority of perverted males so it doesn't catch their attention that much. Only radfems care enough about women and so little about male feelings that they're willing to speak up.

No. 1524843

My father was an idiot but at least he didn’t try to fucking breastfeed me out of some self- serving delusion. I feel so much pity for those babies.

No. 1524846

They really think giving the drug also used to forcefully castrate pedophiles is totally harmless and lifesaving to give to children. It ruins lives, it doesn't save them. They're on par with the anti-abortion people, they think they're good saints fighting bad people but in reality they're harming an already vulnerable group of minors.

No. 1524860

lifesaving is when you stunt a child's mental and physical growth because otherwise the 20% of them that still want to transition after puberty might not get the chance to "pass" for 2 years in total

not to mention these bone thinners will result in adults with immature gonads that won't be able to get the surgery or even (apparently) experience orgasms

No. 1524863

Empathy is overrated nonny, too many people take advantage of it. You're fine

No. 1524866

more trannies have been murdered by fellow trannies than by TERFs

No. 1524870

Of course, male on male murder is very common. We don't have enough Jodis.

No. 1524871

Have ANY trannies been murdered by "TERFs"?

No. 1524879

So unless the current spammer is lying, he's most likely from NZ based on his time zone. Any name/tripfags from that area in the tranny boards?

No. 1524884

no lol, there hasn't even been one murdered by a woman of any kind (i just spent like 20 minutes looking for an example)

No. 1524890

File: 1652183190781.jpg (619.3 KB, 972x3198, Screenshot_20220510-123318_Red…)

Been reading these threads for a while and thought to post this reddit thread here. Screenshot is related to ftm but the thread does feature mtfs.

I found it interesting how ftm who detrans are often victims of abuse or homophobia/being gnc. Meanwhile mtfs who detrans either realise it's a fetish or had it forced on by them a la conversion therapy like ftms. Very informative read nonas

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/swweab/extrans_people_who_have_detransitioned_or_in_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

No. 1524908

No. 1524912

File: 1652187027159.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1827, 3982F6B8-3359-44B3-AD48-C918A7…)

because an app changing your identity and mental state is so normal and relatable

No. 1524914

File: 1652187142791.jpg (619.3 KB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20220510-084704_Chr…)

No. 1524928

reported this post from the last thread, just got the update from FB about it and apparently it doesn't go against any community standards or guidelines

No. 1524931


Looks like a re-dead from TLoZ:OoT lmfao

No. 1524937

Ah so a man killed a woman. Tale as old as time, no? And yet I’m sure he will get notoriety for being trans and we will have this added to the list of “our” crimes.

No. 1524938

I’m sad this one killed himself. I hate when murderers do that instead of receiving the punishment they deserve. He should be rotting in prison. Men’s prison to be precise.

No. 1524942

I already hate him but god he is painful to look at too. One ugly motherfucker.

No. 1524943

He would've been put in a women's prison. I'm glad he's dead.

No. 1524945

iirc someone working in the security field said they don't really give a fuck about people being trans and internally treat these cases as any other man. Would be great if they also saved stats on troons murdering people, but maybe that's too much to ask for

No. 1524949

Never, not once. Literally hasn't happened. I'm willing to bet the day one case turns up it will be the girlfriend of a troon defending herself from his abuse

No. 1524951

File: 1652191798953.jpeg (346.93 KB, 1195x721, E91A86E8-5484-4FCE-BE46-09333C…)

>reeee they were never REALLY trans
Like clockwork.

No. 1524957

File: 1652192222046.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3446x1718, 88099171-DA2E-4DBD-B133-5B6263…)

it’s always funny to compare the troon to the memes they post, also notice how they always use real women in their memes to represent them, but reality tells a very different tale

No. 1524960

>with this little pill you can be hot
as if not everyone knows that ugly men make even uglier "women"

No. 1524961

Where is the “hot”? I can’t find it.

No. 1524963


No. 1524964

File: 1652193420393.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1284x1624, 713556F1-2C5E-4060-8019-40C45E…)

No. 1524966

he's manipulated her into thinking him being a rapist is an addiction and that she's the one who needs to show HIM patience and grace. this is why you never go to therapy with an abuser. they just learn new ways of getting into your head.

No. 1524974

they always look so gangly like anorexic horses

No. 1524976

File: 1652195448427.jpg (211.14 KB, 600x1239, passesverywell.jpg)


also imagine thinking the full extent of misogyny amounts to being catcalled. something he wishes happened to him.

No. 1524982

File: 1652195731454.png (131.51 KB, 1054x800, The Signs.png)

So I sympathize with many of these women stuck in relationships with TIMs and sissy fetishits but when I read some of their stories, I'm like "the red flags are right there, how do you miss them" like if a guy is up front about wanting to get pegged he's likely already brain rotted by porn and then talking about his kinky sub lifestyle, you fucking run, but in this case OP is such a fucking pick me that imo she deserves him

No. 1524983

File: 1652195773133.png (258.26 KB, 534x500, getonhislevel.png)


No. 1524987

File: 1652196246691.png (124.06 KB, 714x1296, t4t_nightmare.png)

No. 1524989

>calling himself a champion
>regular old narcissism
Yep, it’s just a dude with a mental disorder. He sounds and looks like he would be violent and insufferable in person.

No. 1524991

Ah, I see. She was hopeless from the start. Wild that these people can’t just make the connection that this is male on female sexual abuse.

No. 1524994

File: 1652196647548.png (25.35 KB, 835x265, cosmatical.png)

double sigh

No. 1524995

I don’t understand, what the fuck does she (or “he”) want to hear? “It’s not her fault she just momentarily cracked under the pressure of being stunning and brave and had to rape somebody”

No. 1524996

Jesus christ. Not to sound like a 4chan scrote but truly a Woman Moment right here. Being abused but caping and defending the moid whatever happens. I feel bad for her for being so fucking abused but like…. no words.

No. 1524997

He's funny and has great hugs, anon!!! Plus he's trying to work on it and failing! Don't misgender! Seriously, this woman is fucked up to the core. Let's hope she comes out of this not dead. Perhaps one day she'll see what a fraud all this was and come out as a vengeful queen terf.

No. 1524998

God damn, why are all genderspecials so obsessed with suicide baiting? This person is an adult and yet this is fourteen year old behavior. Editing the whole post to do that just because some people were trying to help you and they weren’t doing it the “right” way.

No. 1525000

File: 1652197561375.jpeg (716.69 KB, 1284x1347, 06057ACA-A301-4064-8CE7-C2AACC…)

Updated yet again.

No. 1525002

Wtf did she even mention she's trans??? Nowhere did I get that information. Were ppl supposed to go the bio to check prohnuns uwu??

No. 1525004

She said it in a comment that everyone was supposed to read I guess. See here >>1524987

No. 1525006

File: 1652198340522.jpg (591.76 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220510-085805_Red…)

I think she's just retarded/self loathing but holy fuck these are the people bolstering this movement??? SHE needs therapy not the rapist moid I can't

No. 1525007

This is absolutely pathetic behavior, wtf was she wanting people to say??

No. 1525010

Yeah, your trans person is bad as evidenced by telling reddit he's a serial rapist. Wtf did she expect?

No. 1525014

File: 1652198986230.png (670.44 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20220510-115851~2.p…)

She's a victim of male sexual abuse yet feels the need to coddle male abusers. A perfectly conditioned handmaiden.

No. 1525015

I'm convinced this is a creative writing excersize on both accounts. The account itself if 2 weeks old, and both of her (only) posts just try to profile a very undefendable man that she pretends to cape for… for some reason?

No. 1525018

Hope she and her cats make it out alive, can someone DM her an emergency number she can call?

No. 1525020


This is a FTM man pls stop misgendering KEK

No. 1525023

Poe's Law, we live in hell world where it's plausible enough. I know five women I'm friends with who make similar posts (though not quite as severe)

No. 1525028

Boohoo no one cares about my life story but my ex was found with CP before he met me. He didn’t tell him until the police discovered we were living together and he was told he had to tell me or they would. I was stuck in a lease, the whole thing was lie after lie with little dribbles of the truth. The police were vile to me. I ended up living with him for two more years where I ended up raped and beaten by this asshole, he stole my underwear, my makeup, I thought I’d end up dead.

Any man in possession of CP does not deserve any sympathy. I don’t believe a woman wrote this fanfiction, it’s a man’s self story. I hope he ends up with a rope round his neck, I’m sure blues his colour.

I fucking hate pedos more than anyone.

Sage for blogpost, take my ban, whatever.

No. 1525030

wtf how didnt he end up in jail immediately after the police found cp? the world is fucked, i'm so sorry for you anon, glad you got away

No. 1525031

you had sex with a pedo for 2 years cause you didn't want to break lease?

No. 1525032

File: 1652200709706.jpeg (32.15 KB, 500x596, F9F409A2-73CB-4731-AFF5-043B70…)

KEK troons are mad

No. 1525033

Women do incredible things for their moids. Like how many women have been complicit in MAKING cp for their moids, most recently the two trannies, one man and one woman case that was posted in these threads too. This woman seems to be so deeply scarred and mentally ill I do believe it's an actual woman idk. Not to invalidate your experiences, that's fucking awful.



No. 1525034

i love her so much, she is literally the only person somewhat famous to openly say what we all think (besides jk rowling but she could/would never say pronouns are retarded kek)

No. 1525035


No. 1525038

TIMs like to claim estrogen pills are “magical” and “make you hot”, but seemingly when women take hormone treatment for various reasons, they’re just worn-out or “failures”. Always damn double standards and misogyny with these stupid idiot trannies.

No. 1525040

>You're not really trans, so shut up! But you're also NB which makes you trans, haha OWNED!

No. 1525041

azealia seems like she would lurk lolcow

No. 1525045

azealia definitely lurks, also not to be that person but go listen to surprise me ft azealia which she was just openly talking about how working on it was such a good and positive woman in the industry experience for her considering how she's used to being shat on for her opinions! love u azealia hope everything continues to come up for you

No. 1525048

Tbh I’m not sure I never got to the bottom of what actually happened. I’m in UK and so the police have to inform you that someone is on the register and what it’s for but they don’t give any details - they also treat you like the biggest piece of shit, you’d think you were in trouble with them when your really just a confused woman with a lot of questions, it gave him room to manipulate the situation. He (completely behind my back) went to court and got put on the register and probation I never got to the bottom of exactly what happened. All I know is after he was investigated (before I met him) he tried to kill himself but someone found him and that had something to do with what happened but again I don’t have the details.
As far as I understand the uk don’t like putting them in prison because it’s expensive and our prisons are already full so they decide how “risky” those men are and a lot get left on the street. That’s why when a woman ends up dead and the parter who killed her has a criminal record everyone gets pissed off.

Not voluntarily. Also covid happened during that time and there were lots of confusing and complicated restrictions. I lost my job and the savings I had during that time, I did eventually leave around this time last year. People stay in far more abusive situations for far longer, women stay with men who rape their children. I didn’t commit a crime he did.

Anyway we don’t need to go on about it because we’ll get in trouble for derailing the thread. Back to trannies and their axe wounds

No. 1525049

They never care about what the detransisitoners have gone through, the abuse or trauma they’ve suffered. It’s always about how it makes the trans community look (like they don’t make it look terrible on their own). They love doing this to female detrans especially. All this, and yet they choose to overlook the criminals and pedophiles that lurk (and proudly stand) in their community. And heaven forbid you ever misgender a violent criminal. I’m confused sometimes though, because I’ve also seen them say some of the criminals “weren’t really trans” either, then advocate for self ID at the same time. So what is it? What is the answer? This whole thing has no ground to stand on, it’s always crumbling down because they never agree on what they’re talking about and change the goalposts arbitrarily.

No. 1525051

File: 1652201744363.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 371.66 KB, 1367x2048, B4E5BCB2-F99B-44D6-8390-5745E4…)

>self harm scars

No. 1525052

I’m sorry for what you went through.

No. 1525053

>fleshlight on the bed

No. 1525054


its mitcham brand deodorant anon

No. 1525055

God there needs to be a stronger warning for this shit, I audibly gagged. The moobs out makes it so much worse, and it looks like he's outdoors too?? Imagine going to some music event and this thing lurches towards you as a cold wind rises and a cloud passes over the moon, kek

No. 1525059

His eyes are so scary

No. 1525067

File: 1652203551625.jpg (176.19 KB, 960x960, FSZFU6EaAAAf6Zx.jpg)

Because women is when bra and wig

No. 1525069

This week on things that will never happen…

No. 1525071

Hate this shit that reduces womanhood to a stereotypical costume while we are told by TRAs that we can’t accurately talk about our biology or socialization or any other thing that actually makes us women.

No. 1525072

he made a comic where color symbolism is also the aesthetic and then made his girlfriend the same color as the furniture…

No. 1525074

Well, they view us as objects they can use at their disposal, so makes sense.

No. 1525078

just a bunch of men with a gross breast feeding fetish… those 3rd and 4th comments down. Nasty. Why in the flying fuck would you make the effort to induce lactation before you even have a kid if it wasn't some gross cumbrained fantasy? I'm so fucking tired of the 'mommy milkers' meme. I've talked to men who actually believe it's common for childless women to lactate when they're turned on. Fucking gross. Hentai is gross.

No. 1525083

>You'll be a gorgeous woman, and no one will be able to tell you're trans.
I love the dichotomy of being pretty or being clockable not only because no tranny passes face to face but because it's also so blatantly obvious that their fetish is all about being a BEAUTIFUL girl, if they end up looking even uglier with all the shit they put on themselves because they have the worst taste on clothes, etc…that only makes them even more miserable. Their male brains still see worthless any woman below their unrealistic stupid standards. That's why you'll never see a proudly flatchested TiM.

No. 1525087

It’s so true. This is why they shit so hard on older women who are terfs too. They can’t comprehend that women are women regardless of how “ugly” they are. They can’t imagine being a gross old hag so they chase youth and beauty they would never be able to obtain even if they weren’t just men with a fetish.

No. 1525094

They fucking changed the last panel. And badly so kek

No. 1525111

File: 1652206341006.jpg (925.25 KB, 965x4045, FSQtcUwWYA.jpg)

So a woman, who was a victim of "stalking & repeated assault" & struggling to be "alone with male people in particular" ran out of a spa massage session when she was faced with a TIM masseuse, despite specifically asking for a "female therapist".

Now the TIM masseuse claims to feel "discriminated against"

No. 1525112

Call him a "masseur" it's the accurate word in that context kek

No. 1525113

The client apologized and clarified in the most courteous and polite way possible. I do not understand how this TIM can believe he's the victim here. It is a simple request for an accommodation, not a death threat.

No. 1525115

she needs to leave

No. 1525117

why does this sounds like 2012 facebook boomer mom stuff

No. 1525122

This was posted last thread and everyone was calling it fake. Idk if it’s fake, just relaying the information.

No. 1525123

File: 1652207709150.png (44.25 KB, 711x448, EZA_shit.PNG)

There's a gaming website called Easy Allies, or EZA for short, that produces videos of their team playing games together. They have their typical "nerd dudes on a couch" thing going on, and it's family-friendly nonsense… except one of them, a co-founder, came out as a """woman""" last year.

Now that person is the "female voice" of the group, and goes on endlessly about sex, how he just loves "big tits" on a woman, and tries to steer their conversations and gaming sessions at every possible moment to his fetish, making vulgar commentary about female characters and "making them have sex together" with romance options like in Fire Emblem. He even talks about wanting to make love to his female therapist (because therapy is a recreational pastime, right)

This is all very out of character for the rest of the team and show. The audience for this is as normie as it gets, and yet even they are discussing it as a problem for enjoying the EZA series. They have no language to express it, or understand the underlying derangement, but they're waking up:


No. 1525124

I was wondering which one was the original and edited kek

No. 1525125

That’s disgusting. I hate how men feel even more empowered to be sexist pigs after they declare themselves “women”. Like it’s a get out of jail free card because “guise it’s not creepy now I’m totally female and just being one of the girls!”

No. 1525127

troons have no sense of shame whatsoever.

No. 1525135

okay, your partner is raping you, people try to help you and all you care about is the pronouns they use? I can understand the pressure someone is under, but you could just ignore the misgendering and take any advice and maybe see the bigger picture, that he will never change. Sometimes is think being trans is frying their brain.

No. 1525139

File: 1652209016573.png (553.68 KB, 911x512, meme.png)

nonny stop muh sides

No. 1525140

idk why but i fucking lost it at the bleeding rectum butterfly

No. 1525147

File: 1652209696253.jpeg (62.94 KB, 582x359, B783AC7F-97EF-43CA-A224-DF1871…)

>In a recording of the stream, Wynn says, "This will probably be the last stream ever because they're trying to get me to either kill myself or go into foster care or something. Instead of just giving me an education. Honestly, I just want to go to school. But they don't want me to go to school because I'm trans. I'm just really stressed out."

Why do troons lie so much? This lazy entitled white guy wants to stay home from school snd play fucking video games and is saying it’s fascism if they can’t.

No. 1525152

The breast feeding shit sends me to orbit. Like… you literally can’t you hulking great big man. They don’t develop the mature breast tissue that women do no matter how many of their grandmas estrogen pills they take.
They produce discharge when they take an abundance of fenugreek to “induce” lactation and it gives the baby a really bad tummy. Mothers have to be super careful what they consume when they’re breastfeeding because it all passes to baby but oh no hulking great big man with the gender feels that wants to sexually assault an infant? Let him shove his retarded undeveloped nipple in the baby’s mouth and let baby drink down his hormone cocktail. I’m sure he gets a great big euphoric boner from that.

No. 1525154

Didn’t he stop going to school because they wouldn’t let him use the women’s bathroom but still offered him staff bathrooms? Where are this kids parents?

No. 1525155

File: 1652210154019.jpeg (418.99 KB, 1170x1254, 30BD0F9D-B7F6-4FBC-BBA4-A58281…)

Of course OP is a troon

No. 1525157

Yeah it’s crazy. Women are expected to do everything they can to keep their bodies and milk healthy for breastfeeding. Having some loony troon who is taking god knows what and thinks he’s going to breastfeed is just incredible, as if the discharge they make would even be enough to sustain an infant. They can’t produce colostrum either so if they think they’re just going to grab a newborn infant and latch it to their manteet and provide it any sustenance they’ve lost their minds. Of course, it’s not like they actually care about the well-being or development of the child. They just want to jack off to it later.

No. 1525160

File: 1652210664226.png (800.34 KB, 844x583, kirbys.png)

The stuff that comes out of their moobs aren't the same thing women have when they get pregnant, fucking retarded moids. And that one comment where the fucking doctor is encouraging this, my god what these idiots will do for money.

No. 1525161

IME men who've been molested either grow up to be hypersexual, or behave completely normally and then suddenly kill themselves for 'no reason' and leave no note.
a lot of the pilots i knew working at a british airline had been molested at boarding school or by a family member and they were always cheating on their wives (with women and men) or going on sex trips in thailand.

No. 1525162

the two of them both look like they're about to eat my skin.

No. 1525168

>It's a mammal thing
KEK, so males don't just have womb envy, they also have mammary glands envy. What's the point of the million genders if according to these moids everyone is the same

No. 1525170

"we" want you to take showers because we can smell the dry cum on your fingers. fuck outta here

No. 1525171

Do they think the anime character in their avatar is some stinky, sweaty woman who smells like ass? Their standards of beauty are both impossible and the lowest denominator. I do not understand.

No. 1525185

I don’t get people with an aversion to basic hygiene. Showers and baths feel nice, and even in the moments of my life where I was very depressed, I still took them just because they made me feel an ounce better. I can understand if someone is so physically or mentally ill they can’t do it alone or they live somewhere where it’s not as easy, but these people who live in first world countries and have access to clean water or even just baby wipes could surely clean themselves if they wanted. No wonder people don’t want to be around them. It isn’t a quirky personality trait to not clean yourself if you are able, it’s just gross.

No. 1525202

great love to see this moid with his unwashed ass complete with pimples and hemorrhoids sitting on a sink in the womens room of a restaurant

No. 1525213

They want a mommy/full time carer gf to validate their fetish. Why the fuck does she have to shave his legs for him? Gross.

No. 1525214

File: 1652215497280.jpg (818.46 KB, 810x2474, Screenshot_20220510-164017_Boo…)

Another one to peak your friends

No. 1525218

File: 1652215651742.png (1.49 MB, 1108x1080, 1650442609565.png)

>moaning in high pitch anime voice

No. 1525224


The shop defended his tweet as "satire". And that was pretty much the end.

No. 1525231

Wish the shop would credit his troonism as satire too. It’s mind numbing that TRA don’t see the obvious comparisons between both blackface and gender woo and also Scientology and gender woo

No. 1525242

based, gender woo is literally Scientology without the payment funnel

No. 1525243

The degeneracy of it all. The fact that they get taken seriously by sections of society and of the government. Truly astounding and not at all concerning.

No. 1525271

It's Ma'amseuse

No. 1525272

File: 1652221819702.png (506.89 KB, 2066x1780, animegirlmoaneuphoria.png)

It's anime girl moan euphoria, anon.

No. 1525278

That last comment. Grim.

No. 1525282

Man raping another man? I don’t care. I sleep. Mimir. Snooze. 40 winks.

No. 1525284

File: 1652222781314.jpeg (483.25 KB, 1536x2048, B6A5CA3F-F237-4329-A335-7FB8A5…)


No. 1525285

File: 1652222819049.png (124.38 KB, 2046x1270, ourestrogendoesntcomefromdeter…)

>[Transwomen] age better than a cis woman, because we don't get menopausaul - after all, our estradiol doesn't come from deteriorating ovaries!

No. 1525288

I always find it hilarious that these scrotes crap on about e but it’s progesterone that gives women that “pregnancy glow”. E just makes us have more body issues than anyone will ever care to admit

No. 1525289

I hope 99 isn't his birth year. Moids are so childish

No. 1525290

They’re pressed because they want ovaries kek

No. 1525293

File: 1652223980196.jpg (871.26 KB, 1696x1697, 11.jpg)

here's the real comic for anyone wondering

No. 1525299

Lol the cope

No. 1525302

>transphobes tell me that in a few years my youthful feminine looks will go away
>youthful feminine looks
>transphobes tell me
Another one from the vault of tranny delusions. You'd have to have them to begin with.

Also these moids have been ravaged more by testosterone at 25 years old than any menopausal woman ever will. They're fucking stupid. Estrogen ages the hell out of them, as evident by these threads

No. 1525303

Isn’t the one who wrote it a woman?

No. 1525305

What’s the idea here, she realizes he’ll never pass despite her efforts? Also who the fuck needs someone else to shave their legs? Scrotes stay retarded.

No. 1525306

The OP is a TIF, not a TIM.

No. 1525307

File: 1652225347646.jpg (1.08 MB, 1308x2198, 22-05-11-00-27-55-181_deco.jpg)

Ok wolf man

No. 1525311

File: 1652225417446.jpg (99.5 KB, 1264x800, lynn-conway-ibm.jpg)

Well, I personally wonder if they know of any other hormones that exist apart from sex hormones. Could they name any that don't relate to their fetish? Here's a pic of the man that one guy mentioned btw.

No. 1525312

Website wouldn’t let me delete it after I realised lmao.

No. 1525313

It's fine lol. Girl is still out of her mind.

No. 1525321

Forgive me if I’m wrong and can’t retain everything mentioned in all 60+ threads about these losers… has this insta been mentioned yet? It keeps coming up in my suggestions on the burner acc I use to follow cows. Is my trannydar on the fritz or is this some weird twisted propaganda cuz it seems like they’re parading actual women (albeit, mostly plastic, granted, but they seem like actual women nonetheless?) around as trannies as if someone is trying to pretend they actually look like the real deal? I’m so fucking confused/disgusted here.

No. 1525333

36,000 people liked this. What causes this level of handmaidenry? Is it just zoomers?

No. 1525335

I don't know. Some of them look like plasticized HSTS to me, but once someone has that much plastic surgery they all start to look similarly botched and I have a hard time differentiating when they stop looking human in the face.

No. 1525337

File: 1652229514421.png (45.59 KB, 736x494, fake and gay.PNG)

This reads so fake. It really sounds like some ebil terf boogeyman story

No. 1525338

looks like a fag in boyb pictures tbh

No. 1525339

There is no way this is legit unless the sister is an edgy teen or something who is just looking to stir trouble. If she’s bringing up points about biology and sports, she’s likely done research on it. I’ve never heard of any terf wishing sincere harm on them other than seeing someone make a joke out of annoyance, and usually that is directed at men in general and not enough for a woman to write some violent fanfic about it because what would be the point? Most terfs I see online are just trying to prevent misinfo from being spread or volunteering for women’s orgs. Meanwhile though, they HAVE written graphic novels about killing and mutilating us (remember Gretchen and Manhunt from threads past), as well as horrific threats and fantasies. Also, what terf would spend money on “LGBTQIA+ flags” just to burn them. What flags? All of them? This is a shitty writing exercise.

No. 1525340

this sounds like his own incest fanfiction where he’s dominated by the uwu evil terves

No. 1525348

Grown ass men will never have a waist/hips like that tho, right? Hella shoop, at the very least, no? No man could
even look like this, right? Idk, dude, these assholes are making me feel brain dead at this point. Maybe I just hope they aren’t starting to creep this well?

No. 1525349

this is a pysop or at the very least a fetish, these are all stolen photos from biological female influencers

No. 1525353

Def 1000% the vibe I get, thanks for the confirmation.

No. 1525354

File: 1652231171192.png (199.5 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20220510-205104-963…)

NTA but apparently it's about the artist's actual gf being unhappy about him trooning out. At least he didn't frame her as an evil TERF caricature I guess?

No. 1525357

It's been a common strategy for people to fuck with trannies by posting pictures of cute biological women, especially on reddit.

This is the REAL Handmaiden's tale. Do all you can to help the person you love and die inside.

No. 1525360

If they have hips like that, its either because of BBL or illegal silicone injections. Someone here mentioned Eden the Doll recently and I watched this video where said that he and his friends used to hang out and get sketchy silicone ass/thigh injections together. I do think most of the pics on that account are actual women tho, probably a lot who have had BBL/injections themselves, making them being trans more "believable" bc it all looks kinda fake. Surgery and photoshop give both cis women and troons similar results in pics that you don't really see irl.

No. 1525372

Truly mind boggling. I trust your judgement but also wouldn’t put it past these fuckers for a second to create a whole ass account of complete bimbos pretending these freak ass excuses for men actually look like these human sex dolls.

No. 1525381

Samefag, obviously, but holy yikes… I genuinely hope it’s just someone trolling these fools and not one of these creeps trying to convince the world that any of these giant men actually pass or whatever. (It’s always the ugliest men that think they’re believable as women when even as men no one would them the time of day.)

No. 1525382


How could this ever be seen as loving? The woman's just furthering her boyfriend's delusions. He didn't look half bad before.

Guess the last panel is her finally regretting it.

No. 1525402

File: 1652236385302.png (447.87 KB, 967x691, 84634.png)

they're all hsts, harisu and blaire are on the page, it's a page made by a scrote for coom purposes
as azealia said, hsts in prisons made the bbl procedure take off (something that should make women question beauty standards)
an agp tranny would never make a page called 'transexual' allowing gross hispanic men to spam sex comments
i did find one VERY RARE jurassic-agp-sissy-from-baby-jane-hell and hsts-bimbo interaction

No. 1525408

surely this one is a terf trap, the hands and shoulders look very feminine.

No. 1525410

ehh something off about those legs/thighs

No. 1525416

File: 1652237596685.png (1.92 MB, 2224x1495, ughhh.png)

Males shut the fuck up forever challenge

No. 1525419

File: 1652237939900.jpeg (39.26 KB, 601x377, 1F93F19F-6926-469B-9012-901D39…)

Thomas Dolby won’t let himself be blinded by science ever again I guess

No. 1525420

As a wholly heterosexual female who loves her boyfriend/male friends very much, so down for this. Greater good etc.

No. 1525442

File: 1652239718399.jpg (69.87 KB, 1001x537, wallace.jpg)

No. 1525443

lol I hope every gym rat moid kills himself

No. 1525453

Guys I can't screenshot on my phone but if you look through his post history this man is straight up obsessed with not having ovaries. Like he wrote 5 whole posts about being lucky be doesn't have them wtf is wrong with men

No. 1525454


No. 1525455

I just remembered months ago this feud over a trans complaining on TikTok about some "oppression" thingy and me pretty much saying they can cut their junk off, but just keep it away from the kids.
I received dozens of replies of "dumbfounded" people, telling me they had no idea what I meant when I was talking about kids getting cancer inducing hormones was a criminal act.

No. 1525457

File: 1652241426522.png (112.44 KB, 849x968, Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 23-53…)

Lynn Conway is one of the TRAs who unsuccessfully tried to slander Bailey kek.

No. 1525460

File: 1652241547872.png (2.49 MB, 2040x1296, 111.png)

This is a woman at least. Her username is kitten something and she's a 30+ yo woman who uses a filter to look like a teenager.

No. 1525465

File: 1652242065286.png (2.57 MB, 1710x960, coconutkitty143.png)

Samefag, but her username is "coconutkitty143". Ready to Glare made a video about her. The account you found is definitely using pictures of actual women to mislead people.

No. 1525468

Nona, I love you so much

No. 1525470

File: 1652243046222.jpeg (801.86 KB, 1242x1441, 7EE3D7A1-99D1-4164-BB1D-C68168…)

Idk if this has been posted but I laughed

No. 1525474

he blinded me with science
and concealed his biology (XY)

No. 1525502

I do find it funny that they claim to get periods but when it comes to menopause, suddenly they can admit it’s all biological not in the lady brainz.

No. 1525513

I’m sure it won’t be long before they colonise that, too. There are HRT shortages for menopausal women in the UK currently, and I’m waiting for them to say they deserve it more because reasons

No. 1525526

No, this is an edit by lolcow or something. The first comic is the real one, it's supposed to be wholesome for trannies.

No. 1525543

I believe it, look up "tg fiction" or any of their sissy captions(warning cringe asf) and 99% of the time their using actual women
no the last comic was the original

No. 1525548

File: 1652256911043.png (71.35 KB, 320x238, 1356664235968.png)

Based China

No. 1525556

File: 1652258767766.jpg (12.14 KB, 223x226, ykdty.jpg)

A guy in a discord server is a major porn addict and has been getting worse. He also often complains about tfwnogf. Recently, he has been sharing more and more tranny things. Now he shared this https://www.wired.com/story/pokemon-crystal-unlocked-my-transgirl-heart/ (author pictured lmao)

It's like fucking clockwork man

No. 1525563

File: 1652260791286.jpeg (141.77 KB, 1768x936, davie.jpeg)

The fantasy world they live in. Projecting their creepiness onto everyone else

No. 1525569

It's their fetish. They wish to believe real women are as degenerate as they are. Maybe it is because of the incel to troon pipeline, and they mistakenly believe we are like them hating women because they will not fuck them?

No. 1525577

>we are like them hating women because they will not fuck them?
I don't think they're that genuinely deluded, it's gotta be a calculated DARVO attempt. Radfems make legit and easily proven accusations of trannies being sex pests, their only possible defense is that actually no, radfems are the real harassers!

No. 1525579

File: 1652262484364.jpg (85.69 KB, 637x836, swap.jpg)

It's a mixbag, there's a lot of creeps, but some of them seem to be just somewhat gay dudes looking for male validation wich bought into the whole dysphoria thing. Still degenerates, but nothing compared to picrel.
I believe the troon thing is the biggest cancer in their rainbow coalition, it will be more sincere for them to differentiate themselves intead of constantly breaking down boundaries until nothing makes sense anymore.
Like a question I once presented to a "gay friendly" troon once: "How can trans call themselves allies to a homo if they hate their own genitalia?" They can't answer, because they know it's either a fetish or they've been groomed at some point somewhere.
Same reason I don't trust FtM's, even if they're like that because of childhood abuse I will never stick around someone feeling comfortable mutilating breasts at will.

No. 1525583

File: 1652263009143.jpeg (888.08 KB, 2330x2400, A02CB788-E74F-4A05-80E3-FD927C…)

kek he fucking wishes

they’re so desperate for women to be their oppressors

No. 1525584

males want to fuck women they hate and they think women share this mindset

No. 1525586

what do these idiots thing objectification is if not dehumanization

No. 1525589

File: 1652263243521.jpg (34.63 KB, 1766x77, dwadf.jpg)

No. 1525590

File: 1652263318042.jpg (17.71 KB, 288x288, 20220510_150011.jpg)

No. 1525591

File: 1652263344697.jpg (297.3 KB, 1560x2104, 20220510_150203.jpg)

No. 1525592

why are you screencapping your own degenerate larps, tranny?

No. 1525595

male hands typed this

No. 1525597

File: 1652264258563.png (655.21 KB, 640x853, petermobeter.png)

this reddit user "petermobeter" has a severe case of the 'tism and an unintentionally hilarious web presence. thanks once again, MTFselfietrain.

No. 1525603

so he's self aware that he looks like peter griffin

No. 1525604

File: 1652265083559.png (377.14 KB, 587x352, firefox_2022-05-11_05-22-58.pn…)

Former manly PSO2 youtuber and streamer Anamana got groomed and is going through the usual spiraling of losing all followers and influence, pretending to be okay with it, and focusing on all the trolls because he has nothing to actually look forward to. At first he tried to pretend to be asexual but that's clearly not the case anymore as he's constantly talking about his girl dick being hard etc.

No. 1525605

sry forgot twitter, daily lols here

No. 1525610

File: 1652265964020.png (86.84 KB, 764x721, fuckingdisgusting.PNG)

my day is ruined, why did i look

No. 1525611

>self-proclaimed witch
>banner depicting a female pagan ritual
why do these clowns always feel the need to validate their fetish with this shit? we all know they're just terminally online suburban consumers

No. 1525613

this dude's head is calling for a return for phrenology(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1525616

it's sad how relaxed he sounds in his older videos in comparison to how strained his voice is in his newer ones where he's trying to sounds like a woman. you can tell he's miserable.

No. 1525617

No. 1525620

funny posts get banned for petty shit like this but transvestites posting cp stays up for hours okay yeah sure thanks farmcucks

No. 1525623

Imagine thinking a middle aged woman giving you a confused look is comparable to moids following and harassing you and possibly even killing you for saying no, these freaks live in bizarro world.

No. 1525628

Knew I wasn’t the only one who saw that shit the other day

No. 1525631

>Also who the fuck needs someone else to shave their legs?
I think it's part of the fetish, they want the woman to do everything and it's sexual to them to shave their legs. If they would do it alone, it's like masturbation to them, if someone else does it for them, it's like sex to them.

No. 1525659

File: 1652274394807.jpeg (101.27 KB, 960x1200, 66F66B84-8E2E-4380-B9B5-7BE126…)

I wasn’t familiar with this guy so I looked him up and lmao. Funny how the comments on that Reddit post are full of “no man could get away with that!” when a man is getting away with it right in front of their eyes and was apparently doing so even before his transition.

Objectification IS dehumanisation you retarded scrote, it’s right there in the word itself. Objects are not human. He doesn’t see it as dehumanising when it’s done to women because he never thought of women as human in the first place.

It’s an integral part of the whole sissification fetish that it’s done to them, preferably by attractive girls or women, while they pretend to be uncomfortable. Any time a troon asks someone to do his makeup or give him fashion advice he is involving her in his fetish.

No. 1525667

File: 1652274666844.jpg (58.6 KB, 752x564, intro-1612728291.jpg)

Dude looks like a redheaded Garth in a beanie now.

No. 1525686

Are radfems even that common? Online it's easy to find them but out in public I'd be surprised if I've met a handful.

No. 1525690

WHY would a radfem do this?? Do they realize we hate men and TIMs because they make us feel unsafe, gross and mocked, not because it gets us off (like their misogyny does foer them)? Biggest projection of the century right here

No. 1525691

File: 1652278237799.png (213.5 KB, 1480x1003, 92f12c67-a090-5479-805e-565e48…)

So I saw this post on Ovarit from troon in an LGBT bar and I think it summarises how most not-online women think about this stuff - which is to say, they don't. And troons see their complete indifference and lack of knowledge at all as being "Evil & TERFy". I don't think radfems are common, as you say, but I think the bar troons set for thinking someone is a radfem is just super low. Anyone who says something mildly out of line to them is a TERF, partially because they have no idea what radfems actually believe.

No. 1525703

They are incel men, so when they say radfem they just mean feminzai like they always did. That 'bitch ' who doesn't do what they want them to do. That's why the bars low, it's just fuck you non-compliant woman.

No. 1525710

They bother random people minding their business, and then call them "TERFs" when they get confused instead of immediately dropping to their knees and sucking their dicks. The delusion of thinking strangers are obliged to care about you or support your pet causes.

No. 1525711

File: 1652279343143.jpeg (10.2 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpeg)

No. 1525712

an actual lesbian in a LGBT bar? Hallelujah, that's rare af nowadays. I wonder if she'll ever come back after constantly being harassed by AGP's though.

No. 1525714

File: 1652279642313.jpg (579.89 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20220511_173138.jpg)

Eurovision anons, is one of the 3 in the Icelandic group a mtf or are they just 3 handmaidens? Every promotional photo of them has the trans flag and they wouldn't let go of the flag during the live semi-finals yesterday either.

No. 1525715

The thing that's the most crazy to me about this interaction is that the tranny immediately jumps on the offensive and accuses her of wearing a TERF flag and polices her clothing out of nowhere when she's a complete stranger, and then expects her to engage with him. These men are so socially inept and entitled. I wonder if this interaction peaked her.

No. 1525717

>Not Daði Freyr

Well Iceland doesn't stand a chance kek.

No. 1525718

>I asked her if she knows that it's creator is a TERF
Didn't they heard the news that the creator of the trans flag is a pedo yet still keep it?

No. 1525719

Van Gogh really let himself go during the pandemic…

No. 1525721

File: 1652280281903.jpg (150.39 KB, 597x868, Systur.jpg)

One just has a trans child. They're probably using the trans thing as a cheap way to get a shit ton of votes.

No. 1525726

So she has a child she has failed as a parent or has a personality disorder?

No. 1525727

Christ. I bet if people that had trans kids just said “k” and gave them no extra attention in their “transition” they’d be like “this sucks” and go back. It’s the fucking attention I swear. Keep them off the internet and they’d be fine.

No. 1525731

It’s literally this they know it gets shit tonnes of attention so it encourages the narc in them. Look at how many tranny go fund mes get filled but some kid with cancer? Nahhh.

It pisses me off but it’s all narc fulled. It’s further proof that the T doesn’t even want to be accepted the way LGBs wanted to (or at least the L and the genuine Bs) they just wanted to be seen as normal people doing boring normal things, but the T wants all the attention. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!

Kid drag shows are the new beauty pad gents, the stage show mums found a new grift. They’re all still pandering to pedos

No. 1525734

This is blatantly untrue because this isn’t how women work, but I wouldn’t doubt if some women got mad at him in a bathroom or something. That doesn’t make them radfems, this stupid moid. It’s just proof women feel unsafe with him there.

No. 1525737

ot but that guy is hot as hell, looks like the guy that plays mason verger in hannibal

No. 1525740

File: 1652281679797.jpg (39.62 KB, 735x693, 8e2ba9b28a41c146a092928ece8bca…)

this is just confirmation that most supportive trans parents are either narcs and or fetishits, like those moms of 11 year old drag queens, its sick really and driven purely by their narcissistic desire for fame and fortune, some people just shouldn't be allowed to become parents
I am a mother and so I'm disgusted by this shit, selling your children to pander to pedophiles, see that I almost start sympathizing with reactionaries

No. 1525741

Part of me wants her to have known but just put on a stupid act to infuriate him and protect herself from his ire.

Yep, absolutely.

No. 1525742

how did this shit go voted in Iceland?

No. 1525749

File: 1652282495907.png (407.54 KB, 558x613, male.png)

I just had to go googling, nonna. What do I even highlight from this article; it's all disgusting.


No. 1525751

File: 1652282807026.jpg (289.37 KB, 820x922, Iceland_pro_trans.jpg)

The kid is prepubescent and a TiF, so it's like a vegan cat, probably her idea.
It's a prepubescent kid, I don't think the kid came up with it herself and was probably just a tomboy, but her mum decided to use her for clout.
Iceland is apparently very pro trans, so quite easily tricked I guess. The group decided to rebrand right beforehand too kek

No. 1525756

please spoiler murderers in panties, I'm begging you

No. 1525759

Self harm scars on full display. I'm sure he was crying and suffering greatly when he made those recent clean, neat cuts on his thigh lol. Totally looks like they were done by someone on the edge looking for a (maladaptive) way to calm their emotions/mind and not like they were practically done with a ruler

I'll bet he was never a cutter before deciding he was a mentally ill tranny for attention. Probably grew up in a basic middle class family which didn't feel special enough

No. 1525778

File: 1652284980340.jpg (465.17 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220511-115054_Chr…)

This is just unnecessary and annoying. I bet there is no asterisk next to the word man or male on sites for viagra

No. 1525782

It already says females who can become pregnant, which pressed tranny added that asterix in?

The fact programmers and nerds are over-represented in the spinny skirts community is why we see so much of this shit online. They own the websites/moderate them/have endless free time to spam email about how they will 41% if the word woman/female etc does not come with disclaimers, etc.
In real life there's very little sign of this sort of nonsense.

No. 1525783

if sex is arbitrarily assigned, why would it have anything to do with whether someone can get pregnant or not? how does this make sense to anyone?

No. 1525813

File: 1652287277659.jpg (93.97 KB, 1050x983, ygkwljppqd681.jpg)

I found this. So all flags are evil then?

No. 1525818

File: 1652287471695.png (532.09 KB, 640x1266, qc9qsmh3hdl51.png)

Wow they get really autistic about it

No. 1525822

File: 1652287522256.jpg (85.57 KB, 748x748, Ez52283WYAIH0U-.jpg)

No. 1525836

the labrys flag is based

No. 1525840

I thought it was the gender that's assigned at birth while sex is just here? I can't keep up with them and neither themselves.

No. 1525841

it's not my post i just posted it as an example of what i talked about here >>1525584 i thought it was obvious

No. 1525846

lesbians who are biromantic…
and gatekeeps sapphics that like men? yes that’s the whole premise of being a lesbian?
nonas i’m so tired why can’t they just leave us alone, sexuality is supposed to be exclusive that’s the whole point

No. 1525854

Why do they do this to themselves this is a decent looking dude if he wasn’t a complete fucking freak he could be attractive

No. 1525869

I love how there’s no examples of what she said just claims and we all sit here and are expected to believe it. Not even her name so we can’t look her up.

Also, maybe I’m thicker than pig shit, I’m not all up to date on lesbian culture but I thought a lipstick lesbian just identified more feminine lesbians the way there are butch lesbians, because more feminine lesbians don’t “look like” lesbians?

Also idc if their flags don’t include bisexuals. I’m really over gatekeeping and policing lesbians into who they sleep with. I’m bi and if a lesbian doesn’t want to be with me because I’ve previously been with men then that’s her buisness. I’ve not the time nor the inclination to argue with her. I don’t wanna be like the fucking tranny moid transbians that think they can bully their way into lesbians underwear

No. 1525872

File: 1652289269510.png (310.25 KB, 828x1325, normal opinions.png)

No. 1525879

File: 1652289736852.jpg (235.77 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20220511-191902_Chr…)

>failed as a son
>most shameful thing in my life
>humiliated that I would admit such weakness

What a misogynistic pos. So being a woman means being a shameful, failed man and it's really humiliating? Being woman is a weakness?


No. 1525884

File: 1652290377058.jpg (3.12 MB, 1100x8699, pt2022_05_11_19_32_02.jpg)

Oh. He's actually a self-admitted ex-incel who fantasised about hurting women.

No. 1525886

late but the side release buckles on his fetish gear are more shapely than him kek

No. 1525893

There’s something about him that reminds me of Randy Stair, the incel that wanted to be a girl so bad and shot a super market. It’s the way his posts reads. I could see this guy seething at other women enough to kill them, and then kill himself because he will never be a woman.
Also, really disgusting how he views women as weak. Sometimes there may be a physical disadvantage but in no way are women weak. There’s lots of women that can fight men. And you don’t need much physical strength with a firearm, taser, or pepper spray. This definitely reads as some fetish to him.

No. 1525894

Thank god they removed that post. Someone posts that ugly fucking serial killer's boudoir shots on every single thread and it makes me recoil harder than the botched surgery pics.

No. 1525896

>he/him lesbians

fucking KEK

No. 1525906

You have got to be joking, right? He looks like Napoleon Dynamite but worse. I know some anons in here have questionable taste but Jesus Christ nona.

No. 1525908

>trans, butch, stud, femme, nonbinary, neopronouns, and he/him lesbians. ALL lesbians
>none of these include bi/pan lesbians they don’t exist
But tranny, nonbinary, neopronoun, and he/him “lesbians” do? Why draw the line at bi/pan when these others are contradictory? Just say you hate women and go.

No. 1525909

carrot top?

No. 1525910

How does this make any sense kek. Looking past their awful violent tendencies, she still wrote the books. I would just double down on making sure people know and remember it, and this would peak so many normies.

No. 1525911

I hope he 41%s without killing any other innocent civilians in the process, but I’m not optimistic.

No. 1525914

He/him lesbians refers to butches who use he/him pronouns, but don't decide to transition and still consider themselves female lesbians. Kind of more in the way gay guys in drag call each other "she", it's not as serious and it predates trannyshit. It doesn't refer to TiMs.

No. 1525915

Yeah I really understand this on a historical basis and can see why some butch women would be more comfortable with or just accept people calling them that anyway, but the gendies have co-opted it and it’s very annoying.

No. 1525926

Yeah, whilst I know none of them would ever actually go through with murdering her because any AGP crazy enough to want to are useless no job no life no money perma online losers who wouldn't even be able to get to her house in the first place. Even if they live in the UK, most troons I see have the mental maturity of a teenager (can't drive, and even if they did they don't have a job and therefore don't have the money to). But if they one of them ever did it, they do realise it will prove her point and turn the whole world against them, right? Like, are they that dumb?

No. 1525934

cringe, a nonny needs to make the kikomi version of this

No. 1525948

sage 4 blogposting. reminds me of the time my guy friend came out as trans to me. he said he would transition to a woman but he loves "being a boss and getting shit done"
like dude wtf. sry for blogposting but it gets me heated to this day

No. 1525958

Carrot bottom

No. 1525959

A few of them did show up to her private family home and took selfies in her front yard. Unless she’s tightened security significantly since then, I don’t think it’s that unrealistic for one of them to become radicalised enough to try attacking her or her loved ones. I hope it never happens but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it does, or if the perpetrator gets excused as a poor misunderstood lil bby who was punching up against his oppressor.

No. 1525963

Kek I see the dude had not heard about Boss Babes, he should join an mlm

No. 1525970

They really just keep confirming the incel to troon pipeline don't they

No. 1525993

File: 1652297162821.png (57.76 KB, 610x441, FSV9pskXMAE4Z4D.png)

No. 1525996

fucking dumbass take. women cooperating with men in combat is completely different than women competing against men in sport.

No. 1525997

File: 1652297675869.jpg (509.53 KB, 1072x1430, 20220511_122755.jpg)

Get ready to read another story of a troon dying from a uterus transplant then crying at how doctors are transphobic for killing them

Remember when blanchard suggested that anime and internet addictions were influencing incels to tron out? They'll happily admit the pipeline is real online everyday but hate that other people point it out

No. 1525998

Comming to a womens bathroom near you ladies

No. 1526001

friendly reminder that they tried this with rats and that the only way they could create the hormonal environment required to sustain a pregnancy was to SEW a pregnant female rat to the male rat. and even then only something like 4% of the pups were born alive.

No. 1526010

they are really stupid. If someone would do something like that and it would be able to track it down to some mentally ill troons hating a woman for being just her and not being afraid of speaking up, the people outside of twitter/tumblr would start to really hate them. People outside of twitter already dislike them, but after such a thing, no way the trans community could recover from something like that. They forget that many people don't use twitter/tumblr or don't follow bullshit like them, they aren't brainwashed like others.

No. 1526014

honestly I think that surgery is a win-win because it kills the idiot who thinks they’re gonna become a woman just because they put a womb that their body is gonna reject within days. other organ transplants are already risky enough, this has to be a fucking human rights violation

No. 1526031

How are surgeries where a uterus was successfully transplanted into a FEMALE body equipped with the right muscles, structure and hormones to make it function even remotely related to transplanting a uterus into a man's body that doesn't know what the fuck to do with it? Also I love how the two successful examples are about real women, is this supposed to be encouraging to trannies? Kek

No. 1526040

Anon, love yourself. And go get your eyes checked, kek.

No. 1526046

I'm just in awe that this person seems to think being in a military combat unit is all about hand to hand combat like a fucking marvel movie.

No. 1526047

File: 1652300274924.png (43.7 KB, 743x268, Untitled.png)

how long until pregnant women are told they're terfs for not offering to be sewn together to moid with a pregnancy fetish?


No. 1526048

File: 1652300371617.jpg (48.82 KB, 540x960, FSgLE3FXsAEecxz.jpg)

I can never tell when a post is satire but generally speaking imagine having even a slice of a troons ego for a day

No. 1526049

That study is so fucked up beyond belief

No. 1526052

God I hope he kills himself. Unfortunately he seems like the type to take others with him

No. 1526057

FaceApp and its consequences have been a disaster for self-hating men. FaceApp subs are basicall full of troons, and so many of them talk about "the real me hiding inside" or think filters that reconstruct your whole face are realistic goals when you're a caveman looking guy.

No. 1526069

File: 1652302113662.png (68.92 KB, 593x395, Firefox_Screenshot_2022-05-11T…)

these people wouldnt survive a day as a woman

No. 1526072

>doesn’t feel safe
This guy knows Twitter isn’t real life and that most of the “people” on his block list are most likely bots…? Trannies will really do anything to get attention.

No. 1526077

File: 1652303010223.jpg (324.23 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20220511-225302_Chr…)

Rare based twoXchomosomes.
Scrotes really have nothing but their muscles to flex on women nowadays lmao and with handheld weapons like guns being accesable, women being more patient and better educated, calmer, living longer and machines being used instead of scrote chimp-strenght, they're starting to get obsolete. No wonder they cope so hard.

No. 1526078

I swear some of these gender scientists would become serial killers if they didn't have unfortunate lab animals to play God with. This "study" causes unnecessary suffering while contributing NOTHING to our scientific understanding of human gestation. All that research funding could've gone toward studying maternal-infant mortality rates instead of this sick Human Centipede-tier shit.

No. 1526082

But apparently gc people are the snowflakes.
>internally screaming at parabiotic
Y'all see that x files episode? This is sick. Agreed with >>1526078
Interesting how little attention is paid to experiments and research that might better women's lives.

No. 1526083

kek these reddit scrotes really think that all they need to do is say "I have slightly more respect for women than I use to" (which is clearly false anyway) and be showered with applause and awards. so glad this person pushed back and didn't coddle him.

No. 1526085

If they really respected women they wouldn’t see us as a fucking costume

No. 1526094

It reminds me of the experiments nazis did in WW2. Basically torture under the guise of "science". But they get free pass and it is socially acceptable to torture those poor creatures to feed troons delusions. Truly sad, really.

No. 1526113

There won’t be a story because they are gonna hide it once they kill their patient and then we are gonna see another article like this as if it were the first time again and it’s gonna be like a Mandela effect

No. 1526119

>I didn't believe they deserved respect because they couldn't fight for it
Literally what? What kind of male brained fucking nonsense is to be sizing up strangers to FIGHT on a regular basis?
Obviously this dummy has never been in a fight but this thinking is so strange. Most regular people don't know how to/can't physically fight, thankfully we live in a society where we don't have to solve our problems that way. These idiots are so weird

No. 1526123

>thumbs down image saying no thank you
very convincing kek

No. 1526138

File: 1652307413281.png (312.94 KB, 519x659, Longmire.png)

Another day, another TIM charged for child sexual abuse

No. 1526140

File: 1652307499198.webm (6.9 MB, 576x1024, 5f54044efa1a12af4b6962c4dc911b…)

I tought this was a troll or satire at first but its actually real

No. 1526141

What website is this? Why did they decide to call him a trans-idenitifed male instead of "trans woman"?? Ffs

No. 1526146

if i had that ego i think i would literally conquer god lmao

No. 1526147

File: 1652307972323.jpg (13.04 KB, 376x369, c1p3u.jpg)

This is the funniest video I've seen in a WHILE oh my god, no way this is not satire?? The music? The "beautiful sky today"?

No. 1526148

No. 1526150

it was the appearance of the burger that did it for me

No. 1526161

It's a fight of who dominates the terminology. Get ready for a confusing couple of years as people peak and others troon out.

No. 1526163

because it’s a feminist website

No. 1526168

im always torn about radfem websites using correct terminology, on one hand it makes me feel sane, but on the other hand it alienates handmaidens who may see it and they will just assume it’s ‘fake news’ because they’re not validating the pedophile’s feelings.

No. 1526172

Just for reference, the acronym people use here and on other sites “TiM” stands for Trans-indentified Male. It’s more grounded in reality than using MtF because a male cannot become a female.

No. 1526173

It won't alienate sane women who have the potential to be peaked, it will help them realize they don't actually have to bow down to tranny demands and ignore reality. Handmaids who will die on the hill of respecting the pronouns of violent criminals are too far gone.

No. 1526174

Not the bossa nova elevator music kek

No. 1526176

i guess i have more hope for them because i was a tif handmaiden from ages 12-19 and just assume other women will grow out of it as i did, but i supposed you’re right since a lot of them are are fully grown adults with no signs of change

No. 1526183

Nah there’s plenty of TIFs that still cling onto “lesbian” because they want to keep the label, you’re blind not to see that. It’s all over the FTM thread. There’s gendershit all over that picrel post, so it’s more likely referring to those assholes.

No. 1526188

How is this shit happening EVERY DAY and being suppressed wtf. Eventually the dam is gonna burst.

No. 1526196

This persons handle is a reference to a Nazi torture porn movie and before their account was locked they were literally posting dominatrix stuff. I fucking cannot believe how open they are about it being a fetish and not have ANYONE challenge it

No. 1526204

but only troons get hate messages amiright

No. 1526209

File: 1652312542953.png (25.95 KB, 749x302, Maddie Jean Grey's Lesbian Clo…)

No. 1526224

No I don't want you to kill yourself, don't be dramatic oh my god. I want you to lay off the porn, go to the gym and stop being a misogynistic coomer and start being a productive member of society. If your coom is more important than anything else and you become a danger to society (like attacking women for not sucking your "girl dick") then yes, please kys and fast.

No. 1526230

Hate this shit so much. They have no fucking idea what girls and teen girls go through.

No. 1526235

File: 1652314105637.jpg (53.17 KB, 320x512, topdf9aq94y81.jpg)

No. 1526245

we want you to leave us alone

No. 1526247

File: 1652314509418.jpeg (270.02 KB, 1242x1180, 5FBD9E29-1F9C-4990-A4F9-FB9253…)

Noticed his fake pfp and so I wanted to see how he actually looks…. kek it’s just as you’d expect.

No. 1526248

File: 1652314652667.png (118.25 KB, 896x673, FSAJdkzXsAAF6Zj.png)

No. 1526272

So all human beings are women?

No. 1526273

The filtered pfp is sending me. Oh he wishes.

No. 1526280


… Do you think they’re really gonna try it? This has ruined my day, haha, I feel so hot and sick reading this. Holy shit, what the fuck. Someone explain to me, if possible?

No. 1526282

File: 1652315913736.png (2.37 MB, 1500x1590, 987654323456d1s.png)

So much to unpack here KEK

No. 1526288

If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.

No. 1526290

They’re trying to teach midwives how to help males give birth in one publication. Not sure how to feel about that …

No. 1526292

so basically the story goes, some troon made a comic to say "transitioning can be complicated and good people in your life may have complicated feelings about it but they are still fundamentally good people who love you" and some other troon said "absolutely fucking not"
what a beautiful loving community

No. 1526304

It won’t work. Mother natures a massive TERF. The most probable outcome is the Troon would die.
Even if they did manage to put a uterus in a man’s abdomen he can’t support a pregnancy. His body will not produce the right hormones, it doesn’t know how. It’s kill him and the embryo. Others have pointed out in the past that their hips aren’t designed for carrying babies either, womens hips and spines are more flexible to accommodate the weight. Also a whole woman’s body is involved in the creation of a child, not just her uterus that’s why her whole body responds - even her hands and feet swell.
When they tried it with rats that had to literally see a pregnant female rat to a male one. It was a complete waste of time and sacrificed rats for no reason. Men cannot have babies. All they can do is wank off in our clothes and seethe.

They also can’t breastfeed and I’m sick of hearing them insist they can.

No. 1526315

Imagine blocking 200k+ accounts and still thinking you hold the popular position.

No. 1526319

there's literally no evidence to suggest they can breastfeed in any significant way. wow, by taking artificial hormones and drugs, they can lactate. but to breastfeed is a whole other beast. you have to have proper nutrition, a good supply, hydration (which judging by their skin no tranny has), and a decent letdown. there's no way a man will ever be able to have any of that.

No. 1526330

All humans including children and infants. What a meaningless definition.

No. 1526334

Uhh doesn’t the entirety of the woman’s body play into that, like you can’t just slap a uterus in a man and expect anything to happen? I read the article and they said it should work in theory, but like, no? Those are women it was done on, not a man?

No. 1526343

noooo anon i hate that youre right
sage for autism but the username is probably a reference to the song by japan going off of the references to the band and lead singer in his profile. its pathetic, it seems like he and the aidens in his bio are in a poly relationship thats basically a LARP as the band members. this is why i hate modern fandoms of old niche bands, theyre always filled with genderspecials, especially he/theys who think that because theyre attracted to the members it makes them a gay man. theyre always 5'2 and dumpy but think that they look just like the lead singer, bonus points if they name themselves after them kek

No. 1526345

If estrogen doesn't work on troons what makes you think transplanting a womb will?

No. 1526352

File: 1652319700193.jpg (294.15 KB, 1536x2048, FSbdBRCXMAQI5bO.jpg)

No. 1526357

File: 1652320045835.jpg (1.03 MB, 2378x3169, 3w72r3uotoy81.jpg)

No. 1526359

Oh, we know, but by all means let them go ahead and try. Troon pregnancy is one delusion I’m willing to entertain if it results in… well, its logical conclusion.

No. 1526361

i dont want to derail too much but i looked into it a bit more because i was curious and found a case study about a woman born without a vagina or uterus who underwent an intestinal neovagina surgery (like what trannies sometimes get) and a uterine transplant successfully. she hadnt been successful in bearing a child but she survived all the surgery and the embryo at least implanted. its also possible for women with ovarian insufficiency to bear children thanks to hormone supplementation. so all this, in combo with a c-section delivery, is enough to give rise to legitimate TRA speculation. the ethical concerns are valid and i hope a lot of people will raise them but unfortunately it isnt as far fetched as it seems. the only aspect that i didnt find a suggestion for was the male/female pelvic dimorphism but again who knows… its all very sickening

No. 1526362

File: 1652320434618.png (20.86 KB, 1075x204, Sick of “ally’s” not actually …)

No. 1526363

They’re WOMEN, they’re FEMALES. Who have a very different type of biology compared to MEN. It doesn’t matter if they have hormonal or missing parts, their bodies are literally made for that and know something is amiss and can use and accept the repairs.

No. 1526366

Thanks for the laugh nonna, the attempt at contouring his moobs to try to look like actual breasts is sending me.

No. 1526367

stop playing devil's advocate nonny.

No. 1526368

Butt and hip silicone implants are a bad idea already and never look good, but specially on a male. Doctors are just scamming people at this point.

No. 1526369

File: 1652320623110.png (9.78 KB, 1080x127, Am i the only one who gets ext…)

Keep triggering the trannies, ladies.

No. 1526380

Reminds me of the based anon who mentioned dressing in a way to specifically to trigger troons he ran into day to day in ot.

No. 1526382

Rip, wireless keyboard.

No. 1526390


No. 1526392

All human beings have a right to bodily autonomy unless they're women who don't want to have sex with troons

No. 1526432

It puts the lotion on its skin

No. 1526438

Did you read any of the stuff above you about how a woman's entire body and hormonal system is involved in the pregnancy?
I can think of multiple anons who've mentioned this lol, it seems like they hate women in revealing clothes and women in menswear the most.

No. 1526481

File: 1652331255588.png (12.75 KB, 973x126, Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 00-53…)

No. 1526486

I read that too. the confusing thing is, they’re making midwives do this but then they say it’s pointless because biological men don’t give birth and we don’t have the technology for it but then the article posted by the other nona says the surgeon doctor guy says he thinks the transplant will be successful. clown world, idk what to think anymore. i’m tired nonnas

No. 1526491

How do these people function on a day-to-day basis

No. 1526495

File: 1652332512847.jpeg (235.13 KB, 1284x676, 8923D272-11FC-4A70-A871-096D20…)

So fucking male.

No. 1526499

So like, guided bowel movements? Smegma hairball extraction? Or was it referring to TIFs?

Pregnancy affects and is affected by our skeleton, our hormones, our circulatory system, our skin, all of our organs. It puts extreme strain on our bodies and I’ve heard multiple medical professionals refer to it as running a marathon non-stop for nine months. Even healthy women in the prime of their life commonly start to suffer from organ failure near the very end of their pregnancy. Even if by some unholy miracle they manage to grow a fetus inside a necrotising uterus implanted in a delusional man, his liver and kidneys will probably give up halfway through. They’d have to hook up an actual woman to his circulatory system to function as a living dialysis machine just like in the rat study.

No. Men’s bodies are too weak. Are they also going to perform pelvis and spine transplants? Kidney transplants? A liver transplant? Bone marrow? They might as well skip ahead to a brain transplant to put a man’s brain into an actual female body.

No. 1526500

That doctor is from a country that thinks demon possession is still a medical diagnosis in some places. Please take his opinion with a grain of salt. Male pelvis aren’t wide enough. The male spine isn’t built to support it. It would snap. Female hormones and a relationship between the mother and fetus are necessary. Look at the study with the rats. They had to stitch make and female rats together to make it work. It’s a sci-fi fantasy by doctors with a god complex or a Frankenstein one.

No. 1526502

They don’t kek

No. 1526504

File: 1652333484795.jpg (777.56 KB, 1727x3072, tumblr_d6bf17a3a0e85138ada5ad3…)

Kikomi, this you?

No. 1526510

>They might as well skip ahead to a brain transplant to put a man’s brain into an actual female body.

Don’t say that, they’re going to want to start wanting our dead bodies next just for this purpose.

No. 1526511

File: 1652334022116.jpg (460.72 KB, 1212x1920, tumblr_797cfafd0e21171c3f2de69…)

What even is this?

No. 1526522

File: 1652335289530.png (3.09 MB, 1586x1576, gorlslikeus.png)

#girlslikeus on tumblr never ceases to frighten me

No. 1526526

Oh shit, this is the end goal for some of them, isn’t it? To swap with a TIF’s body. I truly hope it’s never possible.

No. 1526527


No. 1526528

Yep, Get Out style.

No. 1526529

Right, until they clog up the healthcare system and maternity units with their demands, and medicine focuses on keeping them alive at the cost of pregnant women. Not to mention more harvesting of embryos and organs from living women who may only accept due to poverty.

No. 1526541

they basically want to create the axlotl tanks from dune

No. 1526546

VERY nsfw anti-women tranny porn account that has an entire board called "cis girls are inferior" with your stereotypical talk about how women are dumb and worthless only exist to be fucked etc. My hatred for porn and trannies grows stronger by the minute(imageboard)

No. 1526551

friendly reminder that not supporting life affirming brain surgery means you literally want all trans people to die

No. 1526559

The black triangle is reappropriation of a Nazi classification system of "asocials", a tag that included lesbians. It's a symbol of rebelling against a genocidal patriarchal system that only saw women as breeding machines for the Aryan race and punished any one of those that stood out in any way. Troons and their enablers trying to make the "TERF=Nazi" connection are fucking disgusting.

Unrelated, but there was a similar discourse on Tumblr about how the pink triangle usage is anti-semitic because "gays didn't really suffer in the Holocaust" and "Hitler was friends with Röhm!", ignoring that it's a symbol that came directly from long-standing Nazi persecution of homosexuals and that Röhm was executed by the Nazi Party himself. People are weird.

No. 1526562

File: 1652344233663.png (726.49 KB, 600x1132, Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 04-27…)

Nice male fat distribution

No. 1526563

So this is it. This is where humanity has gone so far down the path you can’t even worry about being buried peacefully after you die. Now I don’t even want to die anymore but protect myself from these crazy ass transhumanists, I can’t stand this clown world anymore anons. Make sure you list your plans to get cremated and if you renew any gov ID/driver’s license ask if you can remove being an organ donor. I was an idiot for saying yes to that option

No. 1526564

But what about when they do not get the supermodel body host they DESERVE? That would make them so dysphoric!!

No. 1526565

>a biological woman was given a uterine transplant/neovagina and it was successful

no shit anon, she’s not a tranny and has the hardware for it to work despite the risks, how much dumber can I possibly explain this to you. even then it’s still unethical and sets a familiar precedence in modern history that we’re always uncomfortable with women being seen as ‘incomplete’ in the eyes of society and think that motherhood or womanhood is the center of worth in a female’s life that comes naturally to us when arguably it doesn’t. troons or delusional men are now here to reap social rewards and benefits in order to fulfill our repressive spots that we are starting to reject. they are happy to become what they think what is only a woman’s worth, conceiving children. they will do anything to avoid seeing how their views on the world would tear apart because they’re constructed like paper sitting in the rain and now i can only sit back and laugh how these retards will die from an infection because doctors contrary to how they’re viewed by society have never been for saving lives but scamming money out of people

No. 1526588

The hamburger was too much. I can't stop laughing kek, I refuse to believe this is real.

No. 1526592

>They’d have to hook up an actual woman to his circulatory system to function as a living dialysis machine just like in the rat study.

No greater honour as a handmaiden to be medically attached to a troon in order for him to fulfil his pregnancy fetish.

Reminds me of this episode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothing_Lasts_Forever_(The_X-Files)

No. 1526593

File: 1652351491196.jpeg (164.48 KB, 640x524, 988C9888-A19F-4762-8668-2C5DF9…)

im not disagreeing with the latter statement but she literally did not have key hardware, she ovaries but women without functional ovaries are able to get pregnant as well via ovarian tissue autograft, and allografts have been successfully performed in mice, ftm trannies undergo pelvic masculinization due to testosterone therapy and still manage to bear kids, etc. basically im aware of >>1526438 but my point is dont underestimate the potential and aggressiveness of scientists and doctors who are obsessed with playing God over any ethical concerns. its worth being devils advocate no matter how unlikely it seems now because the medical world is currently entrenched in this bizarre hivemind state. the amount of support that literal josef mengeles are getting is scary as fuck no matter the likelihood of it working in the next hundred years. this man is actually insane and yet phds are getting excited over this bullshit and writing papers theorizing how tranny pregnancy might be possible

No. 1526596

Biologically she's a woman, she has XX chromosomes. Even with some missing or problematic reproductive organs her body, even down to her spine and pelvis, is built for pregnancy. A defective male body could never ever compare. Also you'll never be a woman

No. 1526602

Not to mention that her BRAIN is built to produce the right hormones. Every cell in her body has xx DNA and she is perfectly compatible with female organs, even if sadly she was born without some of them. The key factor here is that she's female and literally every cell, organ, muscle and bone is built to withstand an eventual pregnancy.

Anon doesn't seem to grasp that a male body is VERY different, in every way. A pregnancy can't happen with just a canal, a uterus stitched in some random place and a few hormones (which is why every ftm subject died or had to have it removed). A male body can't rearrange it's own organs for a pregnancy, male hips and pelvis' shapes are wrong, and how can you possibly imitate the extremely complex hormone cycle (which still remains poorly understood) women get through that literally affect their whole body down to the blood? Are they going to give ftm pregnant blood transfusions, with a cocktail of meds so that his body doesn't destroy and poison itself??

No. 1526603

File: 1652353197766.png (58.82 KB, 738x618, yeet_master69420pc.png)

i would be absolutely terrified if i went out shopping for clothes and saw a crossdresser/tranny with a boner nearby. can't believe libfems coddle the shit out of these men.

No. 1526609

>ftm trannies undergo pelvic masculinization due to testosterone
What the fuck are you talking about. Testosterone doesn't change a woman's pelvis, shut up and go learn something before saying that women who lack a uterus are basically the same as troons

No. 1526614

Fr Trannies itt are so annoying. Even if they stole a uterus from a real woman and tried to Frankenstein a pregnancy they will not only fail, but they still wouldnt be a woman. Anyway on another note I cant wait to wear bikinis and form fitting clothes this summer to trigger them in person. Have you ever been around a Troon who wants to skin walk you? I have and I love making them seethe , I love making them feel like the ugly men they are with my effortless femininity, it just comes natural when you don't have a defective y chromosome dirtying your dna

No. 1526618

The long hair and eyeliner makes him look like an uncanny combination of a normal looking chunky pilot and a guy who plays in a shitty band

No. 1526620

File: 1652355494925.png (45.07 KB, 738x344, pregnancy reeeee.png)

would love to see more TIFs telling TIMs to stop whining about abortion and other shit that doesn't affect them

No. 1526626

Not to mention human blood, when it comes to and from pregnant women - is very dangerous to males.

No. 1526628

Men really think women’s bodies are basically men’s bodies with an added baby sack and boobs and a dicksleeve instead of a dick, like Mr and Mrs Potato head where all you have to do is remove the moustache and add a bow. So much of the attitude around trans surgeries can be traced back to this ignorance. Just cut off the penis and carve a hole and boom, vagina! Just insert some silicone sacks on the chest and boom, breasts! Now he’s indistinguishable from a woman because that’s what women are, just slightly altered men.

He looks like a regular guy who lost a bet and is trying to make the most of it.

No. 1526632

you're not playing devil's advocate because your points are retarded and severely misinformed. men and women have way more differences than just uterus/ovaries including different fucking centers of gravity. you're either male or 12

No. 1526635

File: 1652357159630.jpg (190.04 KB, 1284x1588, FSijCM0VcAAe0nJ.jpg)

No. 1526637

Men think women are just weak/defective men so of course they think their stronk bodies should be able to do anything female body does

No. 1526638

File: 1652357460820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.26 KB, 1125x1421, FSg5u2aaIAAY6mr.jpg)

Warning, nsfl, you have been warned!!

This post should be plastered everywhere to show people the truth about the trans agenda

No. 1526640

File: 1652358019407.jpg (117.16 KB, 1241x907, YC57qrE.jpg)

Great opinion piece, bro. You really solved the debate

No. 1526644

In ancient Egypt, deceased women (high ranking ones, at least) were left to decay for a few days before being given to the embalmers to deter men from having sex with their corpses. Now we'll have to deter them from using our bodies to larp as women and feed their fetish. The objectification of our bodies continues after death.

I wish there was an option to refuse your organs being used for troon surgery, because otherwise I would want my organs to save a woman or child's life.

No. 1526646

so ostracizing men is "distasteful" but ostracizing women is ok because "life isn't fair sweaty"

No. 1526649

If unfairness is okay in sports, let's legalize and encourage doping in sport. Let people who make use of doping and drugs compete with those who don't because after all, life in unfair. Also kek at him admitting that mtf (men) copeting with women is in fact unfair.

She wasn't feeling full, she was probably nauseated from whatever the fuck is coming out of his fake, structure-less manboobs.

No. 1526650

>"you need to accept men in women's sports though cause life isn't fair and neither are sports"


No. 1526654

Honestly, I wish I could chose for my organ donations to be only used for women. It makes me nauseous that part of me could belong to a member of the sex that has assaulted, abused and endangered my body my whole life.

No. 1526658

File: 1652360583970.png (113.4 KB, 712x497, galactorrhea.png)

This "breast milk" = galactorrhea just as their periods = diarrhea

Just taking another natural thing for women and turning it into a gross fetish.

No. 1526661

File: 1652361831411.jpg (51.71 KB, 700x468, am06oVo5_700w_0.jpg)

There is no bottom of the degeneracy barrel when it comes to men.

No. 1526666

I can’t believe 1) they still delude themselves into thinking this isn’t a fetish and 2) they’ve managed to convince themselves that women experience this too. Random boner in public, just girly things.

No. 1526672

The fact that this girl thinks she has male privilege because some MtFs told her so is fucking mind boggling. They act like the minute you declare you are trans your entire life history doesn’t matter and you’ve experienced either the privilege or oppression of your self-identified gender despite being raised as one sex or the other for your entire life and receiving all the things that go along with it. I feel bad for some TiFs but the fact that this shit doesn’t wake them up makes me feel like there is just no hope for some of them. I mean really. A man telling them there is “no place for them to talk” when it directly affects them?? If I were the TiF, I would find it hard not to use all that male strength and tendency for violence that obviously just comes from a change of pronouns.

No. 1526680

File: 1652364466730.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1284x2398, 9CFD7260-F92B-4193-8FD8-7AD24D…)

Okay question. How are people supposed to tell the difference between one man in a dress versus another? Do trans people experience “euphoria” (boners) or not? They are allowed to judge other men in dresses but we are not? They always want it both ways. What is the answer? Also always makes me kek when they say people are fetishizing trans people while being so purposefully obtuse about their fetishization of women.


No. 1526681

File: 1652364735925.jpeg (337.09 KB, 1151x364, 9F7C6BFA-200B-49E3-9D69-437A8F…)

>Crossdressers already have plenty of their own spaces online. They're perfectly fine to remain in those spaces.

Ok now change this to be about men who invade womens spaces online.

No. 1526687

File: 1652365201040.jpeg (250.16 KB, 767x409, ED87E640-F722-4A10-9959-95B226…)

Oh ok, they can’t even figure it out themselves. I’m not sure what they expect from the general public. I see a man wearing clothing that women traditionally wear, I’m going to make the assumption that he is a man wearing clothing that women traditionally wear.

No. 1526688

>If they are presenting as a crossdresser in trans spaces, they are subjecting us to their fetish. Plain and simple.

That's OK but when women don't want to be subjected to their fetish (and worse) it's not OK. Got it.

No. 1526689

why does every one of them either look like an ogre or Dylan Mulvaney

No. 1526692

I'm not a newfag or newly peaked, I know what TIM means. To clarify, my anger comes from the fact that they called him a TIM instead of "trans woman". Everywhere else, they are called trans women and their existence is validated but when they commit crimes, suddenly they're "male"?? I think they should be still called trans women so that more people understand that those criminal trans women are an issue. If I didn't know anything about trans people I'd probably think "trans identified male" meant trans man. Which is bad. Because that's not at all the case here.

I understand why they used TIM but I'm also irritated by that. Everywhere else, they'd be called trans woman. When they commit crimes, double down on that so more people realize the degeneracy. Idk. I was just irritated.

No. 1526696

Oh ok. I understand what you meant now, sorry nona. I agree with you on this matter somewhat. I understand what they’re trying to do but you are right too in that maybe using “trans woman” would help wake more people up to see that they aren’t just innocent little flowers or whatever. I think most people visiting the feminist sites that use this language are already peaked and know what TiM means, but for those who don’t I can see how it could be confusing.

No. 1526697

Interesting, I used to think the opposite. I used to think "trans woman" meant a woman who is transexual (and identifies as a man) before I peaked. It's all very confusing language but I do see your point.

No. 1526703

File: 1652366854145.png (113.01 KB, 708x411, screenshot wiki.png)

>All murders committed by MEN
>Still think TERFs are the biggest threat of violence against them

The majority were sex workers and poc. Also if this is anything to go by, TIFs are still more targeted for rape, despite representing as male.


No. 1526706

We could scream this at the top of our lungs and they won’t care because they are just men finding any fault the can in women who speak up for themselves and want to show the truth. Plus, it’s much easier to punch down at us instead of facing the people who are their own size.

No. 1526708

then why do them transition then kek can they keep up with their shit for at least one minute

No. 1526720

It's all about sex and validation. They only hate men when they don't want to fuck them or flaunt that they fuck them (hsts). They hate women when we dont want to fuck them or validate their fetish. It all comes down to sex and validation. Women have to validate them. Men can just exist and not be expected to truly think they are women unless they are fucking one. Women can't. Men can be a threat to EVERYONE. Men kill troons the most. Yet women live rent free in troons mind as a bugger threat because of jealously, Misogyny and hate. Men will always defend Men rather they mean to or not.

No. 1526731

>hot as hell
>mason verger
ot but you have disorder of the mind anon
shit like this literally makes me want to start killing men randomly and regularly. men are so fucking unga bunga caveman retarded they need to be put down.

No. 1526733

File: 1652370316724.jpeg (90.01 KB, 975x975, mento illness.jpeg)

the son of my sweet and kind coworker trooned out last year

>ugly lanky man

>balding even tho he is in his early 20s
>some of his long greasy locks are still hanging on for dear life tho
>undiagnosed but seems to be on the spectrum based on her stories about him
>she said that her troon son hoped that estrogen would prevent his hair loss and premature baldness kek
>his new name is literally the name of a goddess
>coworker is a huge harry potter fan and feels bad about it because jk rowling 'hates' troons
>regularly 'slips up' and calls him by his birth-name when talking about him
>son wanted her to remove all childhood pictures of him but she put her foot down and said no

nonas, i once tried having a convo about the dangers of giving men female hormones and acted like i was really concerned for troons kek. i said that there was very little research and that hormones may cause cancer, but she got really defensive..

i feel really bad for her, she is such a nice and supportive person.

No. 1526735

File: 1652370360492.jpg (142.86 KB, 720x1072, Screenshot_20220512-113913_Chr…)

So I was taking a shower and I looked at the back of my Honey pot (feminine care product) and saw the quote. I went to the site and realized they didn't say woman once and it's so weird to talk about women this way. Alien like. I don't know if this was talked about before. You can choose "female,male, non binary" or the quiz on the site though.

No. 1526738

Is his name artemis?

No. 1526742

no. he chose the name of the goddess of sex, love and fertility KEK.

No. 1526743

>company called honeypot
>caters to the gender people
>there is a higher likelihood of gender people to have pedophilic tendencies
You can’t make this stuff up.

No. 1526744

im sorry, this is so off-topic, but i fucking hate these "all body types" ads featuring a bunch of women in their underwear where NONE of them have a single hair anywhere on their bodies below their eyebrows. its so fucking hypocritical. is that the right word? i cant articulate why it makes me so mad. im sorry.

No. 1526747

>it's so weird to talk about women this way
Yeah. It's because they're using a description to talk about something that already has a name. Imagine we just said furniture to sit on with four legs everytime we wanted to say chair. Fucking retarded, it pisses me off

No. 1526749

OT but same
Sorry ladies it’s okay to be thicccc but having leg hair is still icky! These feminine care companies literally thrive off of women being insecure enough to buy special things for their vagina so they’re not going to promote feeling too comfortable in your own skin, just pandering by including models with different skin colors and weight. You see it everywhere now.

No. 1526753

You aren’t wrong nonnie. I am honestly glad that more companies showcase a variety of body types, even if it comes across as pandering, just because it’s nice to see how different things look on different shapes, but the body hair thing is still something people get hung up on. It’s annoying because I hate the implication that women are just naturally hairless or have to remove it to be seen as palatable. There are probably some in disagreement and that’s okay, do what you want with your body hair but I wish people would stop acting like it’s disgusting (mostly just in regards to women. People never say shit about mens body hair. The double standard is annoying). Sorry that’s OT I just had to agree.

No. 1526754

File: 1652372461727.png (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 1642x1690, 0l987654w12345r.png)

Someone kill me.

No. 1526766

File: 1652373353371.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2880x3840, 20220512_123231.jpeg)

Meet Jessica Phoenix Sylvia, a child porn addict and sex offender, soon coming to a neighborhood near you!

Found this troon on Dame magazine…they asked him to write about trans women in prison. They left out his criminal charges in the byline. Turns out he does lots of op-ed pieces for "feminist" magazines.

He's due to be released this year.

No. 1526769

File: 1652373541879.png (187.58 KB, 2470x538, dilate.png)

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1526772

Im just gonna add on from you. We know so so little about how a woman’s body supports a pregnancy. Not only does she make an entire new human being but she grows a whole ass organ to support the babies life and then chucks it out at the end. We know so little about what the placenta does except “feeds and supports the infant” that’s why crunchy mamas still eat the damn thing.
If you put a uterus in a man he’ll keel over and die. Like I said in the first post I wrote about this mother nature is a huge fucking terf. She’s so determined she even lets TIFs gestate a pregnancy even when they’re roided out from T.
They’ll do it, they’ll have someone stupid enough and they’ll put a uterus in him. Hell never leave the hospital and hell die and then we’ll listen to the chorus of violins playing over a tragic tranny death. Uwu she was a real woman. Cry me a fucking river. They’ll never even get a uterus to live inside him without rejecting let alone get to the stage where he could gestate a pregnancy. He can’t even produce enough estrogen to get his uwu soft skin so sexy and youthful, he’s certainly never gonna carry a baby.
All these animal experiments are futile. Let’s just sacrifice one tranny, mutilate him so he dies from his uwu gender affirming uterus transplant so we can get past the “lobotomy’s are good” part of this nonsense and skip to the “what are we doing” part.

No. 1526776

While being called "human with a vagina" is grossly sexist, the only good thing is that it ironically excludes troons when they're trying to be "inclusive". But as we know this is now transphobic because "a penis can be a vagina too!!!!!!"

No. 1526782

It's almost funny because being obese is not natural and literally hurts you… but something as simple as hair makes people freak out

No. 1526783

>abusive pedophile
>is now seen as an uwu innocent martyr

Seeing shit like this is making me hate the world more and more. Honestly it's always the same shit but diff flavor, we women always have to cater to men all the time, wheather they are troons or men in general. It's always the same, we are expected to welcome these freaks with open arms after they rape and assult either children or innocent women…

Sorry nonnas I needed to vent my only hope is that the 41% continues to grow and erradicates all these troons

No. 1526784

Their goal is to prevent us from calling ourselves "women" in any context that excludes TIMs, such as when we specifically mean "adult female human." It's becoming a test of handmaidenness because handmaidens will happily call themselves "birthing bodies" but absolutely no one else will.
Basically, we're not allowed to say "women's lives matter" because it's not inclusive enough.

No. 1526799

File: 1652376001705.jpeg (372.39 KB, 1284x745, D10A258B-6D7D-46CB-BC38-1A8978…)

Any other ladies out there getting abortions just to troll? I find this stuff incredibly annoying because it’s so insensitive to the women who are faced with making such a choice. I know some women are more affected than others by the thought process that goes with having an abortion, but I don’t ever see women making jokes like this. They know it’s a serious matter, and only males feel comfortable making jokes about it.

No. 1526800

calling out the patriarchy makes men go insane. troonism really is fetish and trying to escape responsibility.

No. 1526802

I know someone almost identical to who you described. His name is Greek but not a goddess. It's crazy how many of these people there are.

No. 1526814

autistic men are a menace

No. 1526817

File: 1652376909539.png (284.59 KB, 524x670, Peetz Smile And Optimism.png)

Does anybody here follow Foodie Beauty? Her ex/simp Peetz might become an interesting mtf icon:

>lives with a bpd fatty only because she broke up with him and he couldn't get over it

>in his 30s, has no job, does absolutely nothing in his life, rages on YT livestreams all day
>has a history of writing fanfics with pedophilic themes and rape scenes
>politics includes mostly pop lefty takes from Twitter, calls random shit "fascist" - basically a shut-in telling everybody how the world should be run
>once was speaking on prison reform and mentioned that society judged sex offenders too harshly

and now the interesting part:

>has a long history of simping for troons; saying stuff like TWAW and saying he would date a trans woman, but would never date a man

>refuses to answer if he would date a Pre-Op
>recently admitted to "reconsidering gender identity" after quite a few crossdressing streams

Basically, the dude might troon out soon. All the AGP symbols are there - social isolation, no friends, feeling of failure in masculinity, lesbian fetishism, no real aspirations or fulfillment - the kind of thing that brings upon the escapism of "if I just became a woman it'll all go away!"

No. 1526819

His hyperfixation on fucking Sailor Moon characters ruined my childhood memories of that show. He's so fucking gross.

No. 1526822

dead retard eyes. what environmental pollutant is causing this rash of autists?

No. 1526823

I watched a video where he was emotionally ranting about political shit and Chantel could'nt care less. On Null's friday stream he posted a video of this man SCREAMING on the top of his lungs because someone said something about MTF's not belonging in sports.

No. 1526831

Oh, I forgot to say he recently had a YouTube Live where he screams about the Florida bill and doctors no longer recommending puberty blockers or social transitioning. Dude is literally seething and yelling at randos because kids might not get Lupron or be told they should be addressed with a different name. Of course he goes by the twitter troon argument of "this will result in kids killing themselves!" ignoring that 80% of those who don't go on blockers lose their dysphoria later, while like 100% of those who do will end up on hrt.

Oh and funny, now he's talking about abortion. I guess he's at least not retarded enough to think this isn't a woman-only issue.

No. 1526840

>phds are hopeful.
yeah who wouldn't relish the opportunity to maim a rape ape?

No. 1526846

I also feel very alienated by that, I wish they would just say women and girls again, after all we know that we have vaginas and buy those products because we need them.

also something ot (sry), I only recently found out that scented tampons exist and therefore the "unscented" in the description gets me every time. Why would you need tampons that are scented, is there anything they are good for or is that just some stuff a guy thought of and decided that it's a good idea? And how do they smell, really intense or just a faint hint of something?

No. 1526849

sure, had my 35th this year just yesterday, only forgot that there aren't any pro lifers waiting outside to attack me, because I'm not in the US. They are so insulting and stupid. I'm 100% for the possibility of abortions for every woman and I'm 200% for men to not being allowed to have a say in anything about it, not even in the debate if yes or no.
I know that it will never be possible to implant an uterus that is functioning like in a woman's body into a male body, but I know, if it would be possible, they would fight for a law, that women who want to stay childless have to donate their uterus to them. After all, our only quality is giving birth.

No. 1526854

File: 1652379363039.png (676.1 KB, 2594x1740, 34567a34567f.png)

In case any of you were wondering how to piss TIMs off more effectively, here's a helpful guide KEK

No. 1526856

Thats why I never gave a shit about this retard. All the pedo shit, terminal unemployment, shit talking his family (I really doubt what he says is true, even remotely, especially since he only brings it up to blackmail others), 'prison reform' (nearly always code for 'my group of scrotes should be allowed to do any atrocity they like', in his case AGPs), baby voice and whining about how troons are oppressed as well as endlessly trying to drag Chantal into his pseudointellectualism to validate his ego gave AGP vibes a mile off
Chantal might be self-centred and obnoxious but at least she's not stupid enough to make troon babbling and commands the entire focus of her life, unlike millions of handmaidens

Proves my point entirely. What 'color' is there here? He looks more mayo than Peetz does, how does anyone take this shit seriously? I bet he named himself after Synthia China Blast the child murderer troon

No. 1526858

They really delude themselves into thinking the average person can't tell? How retarded are they?

No. 1526864

Watch the trannies screaming for this

No. 1526866

File: 1652380079554.jpg (693.11 KB, 1080x2028, Screenshot_20220510-231924_Chr…)

Sage this because its not a dude in a dress, but I was looking up scholarships last night and I thought about entering this until I saw the highlighted part. I haven't been so aggravated in maybe a year. My friends (who also hate troons) are encouraging me to enter anyway, but I feel demoralized seeing this because how do I know some troon isn't on the panel? They could just pick a tranny winner for good PR. They're allowed to compete with us in athletics, use our bathrooms, wear our clothes, and also take scholarship opportunities from us? Fucking shit man. Please tell me that the pendulum is swinging back and people are sick of these freaks.

No. 1526869

File: 1652380257236.jpeg (207.04 KB, 640x638, DB11CDE2-8C5A-4A14-BB31-429076…)

I mean, it’s quite obvious even with the gloves’ excuse, specially if he’s surrounded by actual women, anyone could tell the difference and honestly, all the scenarios have to be made up, he got clocked the moment he tried to interact with these people and then he huffed some copium to pretend he was a passoid when that shit doesn’t exist outside of their filtered to hell and back pictures.

No. 1526870

please watch this guy

No. 1526873

Kek there are different sizes boxing gloves too based on hand circumference and bodyweight.

No. 1526879

biotrans exclusionists. you can still write a master's thesis on transracial doctor who.

No. 1526887

Nona that made my migraine worse.

No. 1526898

File: 1652382191071.png (531.72 KB, 757x938, top kek.PNG)

someone made a joke tweet and jpn + krn people have found it and are taking it deadly serious. kind of amusing and also based to see how many of them are furiously against this.

No. 1526903

so what can he do? He has a one inch neo-vagina and he doesn't have a penis anymore.
>>Makeup and hair doesn't make a woman
I feel a little bad for him, like imagine chopping your dick off, everyone around you cheering you on even though you are losing SO FUCKING MUCH. Then I bet after this he's not going to have half the support he had going in. Now he's a dickless man, with no sex drive, no working genitals. Health issues. Even if he does go by "non-binary" his dating life is going to be hell. I mean I guess he can find a guy whose only into anal and doesn't mind his broken front bits.
Damn. Whats sad that if shit went well he'd still believe he was a woman, because being a woman means everything is better.

No. 1526908

>>He had his surgery at 24
>>Says that he wishes they'd helped him with his other issues instead of focusing on the trans thing
>>Interenlized homophobia
>>Liked make up and was very feminine

He's from Sweden.

No. 1526919

File: 1652382968218.png (4.26 MB, 828x1792, 900D9211-312C-49F6-8FE3-88506F…)

he can’t seriously think this looks good? it’s so funny to go to the comments because they’re literally all a variation of “yas queen slayy” lmao they still treat him like a gay man

No. 1526935

this guy ends up on my fyp way too often and it always astounds me how hard he tries and fails to look female. i live in a rural area and 90% of straight women the same age as him put no effort into looking feminine (short permed haircut, men’s clothing, no makeup, usually overweight and work in healthcare or construction) and are still 100% clockable as women and probably see trannies as the mockery of womanhood that they are.

No. 1526937

apply for it, don't let a chance taken away from you because of a man in a dress. Make a troon cry because he didn't get the scholarship.

No. 1526947

it's the crying and eating mcdonald's that really makes this top tier

No. 1526961

Oh god, I could write a horror story based on this picture alone!

Ok, here goes: (S)he needs feeding. As he crawls his way behind you, you have no idea this will be the last breath you ever take. He grabs at your throat, pushing your head backwards in an almost tender gesture… As he sucks your soul out in needy gulps, his emaciated body comes to life. Slowly, but surely, you become dead, a mere carcass of meat and bones, no beautiful heart keeping them together, anymore. He has become "she". (S)he has been fed.

No. 1526963

i am shitting my pants nonnie, but if i might request something, next time you should describe him like a grotesque lovecraft monster to truly give us a good image of this ape

No. 1526972

Japanese/korean feminists are always based

No. 1526973

Thank you for the feedback! I will try to make it better next time. Was afraid of making it too long, but there are ways to incorporate everything.

No. 1526978

i couldn't find him for a while, thanks for posting it! I can't belive he realized finally.

No. 1526983

I have zero Adam's apple, not even the slightest hint…sure, Jan!

No. 1526989

They are so bad at biology. He said "if it came with ovaries" immediately after making the statement about getting pregnant over and over to get abortions. You can't get pregnant without ovaries to begin with, fuckwit. Unless he's seriously suggesting he'd have IVF just to abort the fetus.

No. 1526993

File: 1652389821379.jpg (1.39 MB, 1536x2048, Itputsthelotiononitsskin.jpg)

I couldn't help myself ik its retarded kek

No. 1526995

Lmao nice it literally looks like one of their retarded sissy/feminization pics with the stories.

No. 1526998

Kek anyone saw that one anon on movie room saying all nonnas on mtf thread lie and are on hysterics constantly?

No. 1527001

File: 1652390404935.jpg (82.29 KB, 750x1184, FSlVTD5WUAkqAOf.jpg)

Never go full incel

No. 1527002

can't wait until the body rejects "his" uterus and he completely fucks up his health because the human body is not a machine you can hack into like a damn computer

No. 1527009

Kek. I can't find any photos of the box that show the labeling rn, but I use Flex menstrual discs (seriously amazing and a godsend for someone who never got the hang of conventional menstrual cups), and the other day I realized the box has "by menstruators, for menstruators!" printed on the back. Like, is this really necessary?

>>Why would you need tampons that are scented

Nonna, there's a ton of scented female hygiene products out there: pads, liners, douches, sprays, etc. I assume it all exists for the same reason; men think vaginas are smelly and male advertisers want women to think so as well. All bullshit. (If someone does actually stink, they need better hygiene or perhaps treatment for some kind of infection, not scented pads.) I've never bought scented pads/tampons or other crap, but I had a coworker gift me with some scented pantiliners she didn't need, and they do have a really intense fragrance.

No. 1527018

Scented anything for your vagina or asshole will lead to so so many issues in the long run. Don’t put scented anything inside you

No. 1527032

Yet another example of why they will never relate to women. Young girls are not excited to get boobs as they are constantly perved on by men
So they're so desperate to be women they'll literally kill themselves without surgery but can't be arsed to dilate 3 times a day?
Slight blog but I did something similar to a TiF I worked with. She started getting on my nerves so when I was alone with her I said 'you know I can tell right? How long have you been on hormones' when she answered I said 'awwhhh best of luck on your journey!' in my best customer service voice kek

No. 1527036

Some of these serial killer types really need to be locked up with the key thrown away. If I ever face a man like this in a public bathroom (or anywhere else), I’m pepper spraying him and calling the cops immediately.

No. 1527037

File: 1652392088083.jpg (31.11 KB, 500x375, 88d90a5be26aa094ca19ce46483d0e…)

Anyone else remember a relatively popular Tumblr troon back in the day named Luna (lol, isn't it always?) who had Sailor Moon thigh tattoos? He regularly took pics of them and they went viral more than once. Pic related might even be his legs. I also remember him being an early proponent of aggressive GIRLDICK ranting and still looking extremely male in the face. I just wonder if he detransitioned yet considering his constant complaining of no girls wanting to sleep with him.

No. 1527041

I just bought this product and it's great feminine wash. At first I was going to put it back but somehow it said to me "no scrote was involved in the making of this" so I bought it anyway. Lol at trying to be sensitive while excluding men based off of biology alone.

No. 1527057

I love you, nonna, here's to a better world through art!
Also, I just noticed the creepy shadow he/it makes on the wall; the more I look at this picture, the more little details jump out about how terrifying it is. But the insane leer takes the cake!

No. 1527062

Such a divine attitude for someone named princess, and Mary, no less!

No. 1527081

really late to this but just wanna say thank you for this. even just seeing that other people have experienced this makes me feel better. i was 16 and years later i still sometimes break down when i remember it.

No. 1527087

I'm the nonna confused with scented female hygiene products. I've been buying stuff like that for over 15 years, I have never seen scented tampons or pads and only found out about it a year ago. I think we don't have stuff like that in Germany and I'm really happy about it, because I would honestly hate it and not tolerate the scent. Wonder if this is some male bullshit idea, because women all smell and we have to smell nice for them and bla. If I one day see something like that I might buy it just out of curiosity, kek.

that's just what I've thought, I can't smell that shit without sneezing and getting a headache, why should I put it into my vagina.

And thank you both for your answers to this off topic stuff.

No. 1527090

File: 1652396542616.jpeg (80.07 KB, 500x562, 516C2F9E-6464-4F4D-8A3C-DA09CB…)

Saw this on ovarit and it made me wonder if they really would put the blame on us once the uterus transplant/dreams of male pregnancy fail.

No. 1527091

I wouldn’t be surprised if scented period products only exist to prey on womens insecurities about how we smell down there (or at least the common misogynistic insults for the smells).

No. 1527095

File: 1652396880745.png (136.43 KB, 420x399, Viral TikTok Shows The Dark Si…)

to become their """true selfs""" teehee

No. 1527105

This man's face literally made me recoil.

No. 1527106

No. 1527109

File: 1652398191750.png (82.3 KB, 1715x486, std.png)

No. 1527114

The STD is god's wrath for suckling on girlcock

No. 1527117

And she calls herself a lesbian. If he has to take it doesn't it mean he might have those sti's? I wonder what she got. How disgusting.

No. 1527119

Kinda reminds me of victoria's secret Pink. They're going for a more non binary vibe now I guess which is just weird. Every time I'm inside the store it's filled with just women anyways kek.

No. 1527127

File: 1652399757427.jpeg (249.42 KB, 1242x1362, BEE99EEA-3CF0-4D23-BB5E-2DFEE8…)

somebody get me off this hell planet

No. 1527147

Same, it feels retarded to take myself off the donor list because of this shit but I refuse to let my body be used for fetishists. I can only hope by the time I die this nonsense will be over

No. 1527154

File: 1652402255897.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 1346x1428, gross.png)

The fuck is happening here.

No. 1527159

And men are in their clothing on the website now. Unless those are just non-binary aka women in denial of what they are. Its irritating how we're expected to include these morons everywhere.

No. 1527161

“I’m a lesbian in a man’s body” but with extra steps.

I don’t know but I’m glad it isn’t between my legs and that I have a functioning reproductive system.

No. 1527162

It looks like a mission bbq pulled pork sandwich contents left out on the sidewalk.

No. 1527167

Do they construct a "clit" from the glans or just push it in weirdly between the scrotal flaps?

Yes, I want to die for being able to ask that.

No. 1527173

File: 1652403690755.jpg (117.27 KB, 1008x768, cd73710opby81.jpg)

No. 1527174

File: 1652403723280.png (40.63 KB, 748x561, Sooz Kempner on Twitter.png)

No. 1527178

File: 1652403779127.jpg (125.16 KB, 657x963, FR9u5YlWUAA6PRN.jpg)

the real reason troons want to date lesbians

No. 1527179

What coomers deserve, the inability to coom any longer.

No. 1527184

Where are the hate speech reports for all the names women get called and for the threats on our safety? If they can call the police on something like this and get taken seriously, we should also get taken seriously when we show the evidence where they say they want to spitroast and breed us, skin us alive, call us cunts and roasties (gendered slurs), etc.

I blame it on the endless amount of “trans women” who are jacking off in public restrooms and posting it to porn sites, and the ones who are using baby changing stations to act out their fetish (if you nonas remember that one).

No. 1527187

they are all ACAB until someone says anything mean about trannies

No. 1527194

File: 1652404382657.jpeg (281.51 KB, 828x1327, A1BA6718-8948-4C85-8405-093044…)

They/Them, pronounced “They-slash-Them,”  is “a slasher horror film set at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp starring Bacon as Owen Whistler. Several trans campers join Whistler for a week of programming intended to ‘help them find a new sense of freedom.’

“As the camp’s methods become increasingly more psychologically unsettling, the campers must work together to protect themselves. When a mysterious killer starts claiming victims, things get even more dangerous.”

No. 1527199

There isn’t a single conversion camp for genderqueer people in the United States. There are, however, many for gays and lesbians.

No. 1527204



>is literally telling the truth lmao

No. 1527210

File: 1652405523123.png (86.82 KB, 1112x801, Cis husband came out as trans …)

No. 1527211

File: 1652405572658.png (22.71 KB, 746x289, female is not a feeling on Twi…)

troons are delusional nona

No. 1527212

File: 1652405686402.png (Spoiler Image, 591.1 KB, 1126x1040, Drawing naked lesbians to show…)

No. 1527214

File: 1652405827758.png (78.14 KB, 2095x852, Jealous of Cis Girls.png)

No. 1527235

File: 1652408000399.jpg (966.13 KB, 810x3129, Screenshot_20220512-212241_Boo…)

Straight up incel talking points:

No. 1527240

>"It's up to the individual to decide which trade off they prefer"
Yeah except if you're actually a woman there's no way to opt out of sexism. Also, I fucking wish women's biggest issue was people assuming they were predators instead of, y'know, actually being preyed upon.

No. 1527241

File: 1652408407596.png (173.75 KB, 1052x603, AITA1.png)

You can probably guess what the comments looked like lol

No. 1527242

File: 1652408522309.png (136.03 KB, 1050x510, AITA2.png)

No. 1527255

>expect you to carry the weight of all your troubles in stoic silence
Actually, women have to do that. AND are expected to put others’ needs before their own. Women are criticized for being “too emotional” all the time as well.
Also, men chimp out all the time. It’d be great if men shut up and didn’t bother anyone.

No. 1527260

So, apparently nonnas, that whole India uterus transplant tranny thing, right? I went to see what was up with it, or why some guy in India would pursue it and say he has faith in it working. Looking up, “pseudoscience in India” pulls up tons of recent articles about how that country suffers greatly from medical misinformation. So perhaps, that explains the silliness? Food for thought.

No. 1527263

File: 1652410777835.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 177.77 KB, 1125x1421, 2544B645-276B-4B4B-B844-8C97B7…)

I want to projectile vomit.

No. 1527278

>family reuniting with long lost daughter/sister/aunt
>how can i make this all about me???

No. 1527279


No. 1527285

>she’s “scared of me”
I would make sure that he never contacts me even if that means changing my phone number every week.

No. 1527288

They always baby trap them first

No. 1527290

File: 1652414252481.jpeg (144.57 KB, 826x996, 5F7BB563-242B-40FF-A679-504001…)

I know this belongs in the ftm thread but holy shit troons are gonna go crazy with this

No. 1527297

File: 1652415137641.png (Spoiler Image, 297.43 KB, 960x960, image_2022-05-12_211140458.png)

Low and behold, this is made by a fucking troon. His entire account is full of porn that he made and he seems to be a regular on the free the nipple sub. Fucking perv.

No. 1527311

so that's a man milking himself? is that discharge coming out of his man breasts? what am i missing here

No. 1527319

They always wanna have their cake and eat it too. Isn't it supposed to be super problematic to call a transman the mother instead of the father?

No. 1527320

How is this even possible? Trannies can't get milk glands. What the fuck is this? I want to die

No. 1527322

Please tell me these are t4t troons and he didn't actually feed that rancid moob discharge to an actual woman.

No. 1527330

Men do have the ability to secrete milk, though it is typically because of a disorder. The ‘milk’ they produce is not the same as a woman’s at ALL though. It’s usually discharge or a condition of the fluids the body is getting rid of. It is not fit for consumption, and babies shouldn’t drink it either.

No. 1527333

This was posted upthread
God I hope so

No. 1527335

Notice how he says "if it cam with" as if he's just purchasing body parts for his leisure.

No. 1527339

File: 1652420256394.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1384x1590, whytho.png)

To think this was done to a perfectly healthy body part.

No. 1527340

Wait does he think she only "found out" he's merely dressing up as a woman because others told her?

No. 1527341

The top one looks like a butthole, the bottom one looks like a butthole after visiting Chipotle.

No. 1527344


Happy birthing parent's day !

No. 1527354

File: 1652422131632.png (630.7 KB, 1092x612, 9BEA6806-CD5D-4A2E-8BB9-707CBB…)

So many of these biohazard groins look like picrel.

No. 1527360

File: 1652423234537.jpeg (246.06 KB, 828x1492, 18D077ED-9A14-4B18-997C-AB565C…)

this one started working at my job… so girly uwu

No. 1527368

Passive-aggressively remind him he’ll never be a woman every chance you get. Then, convince him to get the chop so he can cope and dilate for life.

No. 1527369

On everyone's behalf at your workplace, I hope some other XY scrote turns this pervert into a statistic. Amen.

No. 1527375

with one you nonnas sent bloodied pads to kat blaque? kek

No. 1527377

only a troon would be stupid enough to mail an enemy dna evidence. tranny gayop thwarted.

No. 1527379

wait what

No. 1527383

File: 1652426128929.webm (4.07 MB, 720x1280, tranzjen.webm)

It gets even better kek.

No. 1527384

why do the panties say shit like "itchy" and "smelly" wtf lmao
Won't refer to women as women, but will call vaginas smelly. Interesting branding choice kek

No. 1527387

Omg, this is so creepy.

No. 1527391

Is he being ratio'd? Please I beg someone check and post replies here i have to go to work

No. 1527393

"it's not misogyny if we pretend vaginas are not exclusive to women"

No. 1527398

No. 1527400

The actual fucking outrage is that this shit never happens to men. It's like you can be male or you can be unisex. The most leftarded tabloids will say "Most men found to be rapists" and then continue with "People of Uterus can do chestfeeding after pregnancy". Its the same old garbage of men being unable to let women have their own spaces and having to constantly invade it.

No. 1527402

File: 1652429032914.png (34.68 KB, 539x322, as a statement.png)

it's really never been about just wanting to use womens toilets in peace, has it? they really do just want to make us uncomfortable and masturbate to the idea of it afterwards

No. 1527411

File: 1652431569955.jpg (1.14 MB, 1068x1360, Tumblr_l_80201582149826.jpg)

>I don't want trans capitalists.

Like being a troon isn't the most capitalist shit.
Also a middle schooler could write something better than this.

No. 1527416

This reads like a horror story. A world neck deep in over-consumption, medicated to the gills, and completely delusional.

No. 1527417

legit deranged behaviour. Like after the transtrend, what's next? These people remind me of stalkers and killers.

No. 1527421

Aw now I feel sorry for him. He seems mentally challenged

No. 1527422

Yep, as >>1527330 says it's not the same breast milk as mothers feed their baby. It's called galactorrhea - a milk-like discharge. Women, men and children can get it, due to hormone problems or tumours.

No. 1527427

And imagine some trannies make their kids eat it

No. 1527430

Yep, and now he’s gone private like the coward he is.

No. 1527433

>physical contact
What extra physical contact do they think women enjoy? Did he fell for the porn/movie meme that normal female friends cuddle and shit? Because I don't think that's normal. We also only have physical closeness with partners who are, surprise, men - so they get to enjoy it too.
>hiding emotions
And women are called hysterical for being emotional. Men chimp out all the time, they're not expected to be stoic. If they are, they're doing a shit job.
>men throw away life for children and women
Women in my country are drafted too. Women are expected to throw their life away for children they don't even want, many countries try to ban abortions. Men have a tiny tiny tiny chance they're gonna get drafted, not comparable at all with how women are sacrificed for children and society. Also in emergency men and women evacuate together in most cases and it's usually a frigging mess, women and children first is a myth.
Women are shamed so so much more about aging. Wrinkles, stretch marks, boobs not being perky and so on. Women mutilate their bodies to stop aging. Boohoo you lose some hair and no one cares.

Only valid point is being assumed to be a predator which is something they did to themselves for actually being predatory lmao

No. 1527434

damn Mr.Robot season 5 looks awful

No. 1527438

woof, i'm scared

No. 1527444


dumbass question but couldn't they avoid this problem by just dressing appropriately ? why wear leggings and tight minis of all things.

They suck so much at artifice for people whose entire identity is based on it lmao. Like little boys who had all their clothes picked out by mommy their whole life.

No. 1527455

File: 1652439271467.jpg (91.15 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_20220513-125429_Chr…)

No. 1527458

No. 1527459

There's nothing inherently masculine about a penis, aside it being a male body part and the fact that it has been used since the beginning of time as the main tool used for raping women and children, which is essentially a male activity and issue. But girldick uwu

No. 1527463

There's nothing more inherently masculine than penis.

No. 1527474

File: 1652441803423.jpg (155.55 KB, 1080x454, Screenshot_20220513_143611.jpg)

Ezra Miller arrested again and this time using his trans card.

No. 1527476

he doesnt identify as a trans woman though, wrong thread.

No. 1527480

Piece of shit moid, let men search and manhandle him and lock him up with men.
Apparantly he identifies as not male when caught being violent

No. 1527481

He's a TIM (applies to nonbinary), belongs here.

No. 1527482

this dude literally beat a woman and i saw barely any callout posts about it

No. 1527485

>identifies as not male when caught being violent
towards women

No. 1527486

A few weeks ago I saw a shit ton of Japanese fujo on twitter joking about an American straight couple having a kid on the news but the mom is a TIF. They joked that it was basically omegaverse irl. I wish I took screenshots.

No. 1527489

File: 1652443285602.png (1.48 MB, 1424x1546, euphoria pregnancy.png)

Wanting to have babies for the euphoria (pregnancy fetish)

No. 1527491

This is a humiliation ritual. Come on now
>Women? No. You are humans with vaginas. Now, put on this underwear that reads "itchy", "smelly", "discharge" and "yeasty"
Where are the men calling themselves "people with penises" and wearing underwear that reads "jock itch"? Lol

No. 1527492

File: 1652443575948.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.18 KB, 800x585, 4412E4BB-4F9C-4474-AA0C-644A72…)

I know we go through this every five mins but literally no. Trannies can’t produce breast milk. What they produce is discharge, they might get some granular tissue but that about it.
Spoilering the image because it’s not milk. Womens breasts don’t mature until towards the latter half of puberty. Our breasts develop completely differently to mens which is why they always get the iguana eye look to their moobs.
They induce “milk” by aggressively using breast pumps for stimulation and taking high amounts of fenugreek to “lactate”. Because it’s a whiteish substance they think it’s milk but it’s not. They literally don’t have milk ducts and they can’t. It’s not going to happen their bodies just don’t develop it no matter how much estrogen they take.
And yes, if they have access to a baby they do try to have the uwu euphoria breastfeeding. Don’t ever leave a Troon alone with your infant. No it’s not good for the baby it gives them horrible tummy ache.

No. 1527504

>close future
KEKEK I wonder how brrr he'll go when he gets "his" uterus and dies of sepsis

No. 1527510

The comments on this video is vomit inducing level of stupid. Women cannot say ANYTHING on trans without being absolutely bombarded with idiocy.

No. 1527520


No. 1527524

It also turns out that, that doctor who says he has plans to conduct such a messed up procedure, is incredibly shady. I don’t usually mess with KF but I did check the SRS thread for anything and lo and behold, somebody posted reviews for that guy and described how terrible it was at the facility. Not only this, but I believe the reviews were deleted.

No. 1527525

where the hell are they getting this info and why do they never supply links or evidence

No. 1527534

File: 1652447135258.png (53.36 KB, 710x373, Screenshot 2022-05-13 171545.p…)

Jesus christ. Trannies just trust any surgeon

No. 1527539

when the troon dies, they will 100% blame it on him being a quack and insist that it would have worked with a different doctor.

No. 1527540

File: 1652447484245.jpeg (980.3 KB, 1242x1144, C4A29B4D-AFD2-4DEA-A209-52B33D…)

No. 1527546

The choices this artist made in terms of race and gender of the characters really speaks volumes to their delusion

No. 1527549

Isn't it a joke about how ridiculous gender math is though?

No. 1527553

File: 1652448941840.jpg (101.62 KB, 1124x1133, FSkNgEpXoAEelBa.jpg)

I know they think theyre "trolling" but they just sound like deranged psychopaths

No. 1527555

They never troll, just admit their actual fantasies.

No. 1527556

File: 1652449118167.jpg (45.6 KB, 720x682, 1602404613024.jpg)

Yes but why choose a black female to do the work in explaining to a green haired white guy? Seems intentional to me. Sorry for schizo derailing

No. 1527557

wondering this too nona

No. 1527562

File: 1652450203966.jpg (499.26 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20220513-095026_Boo…)

How do they even think of this shit?

No. 1527563

Because the punchline is that the troon is racist while the black woman is accepting and kind. It would have worked just as well to have the punchline be (black woman to white guy) "thanks,they called you a faggot" or (said to a white woman) "thanks, they called you a whore". They picked a punchline and drew the comic around it.

No. 1527564

Pervert? In their dreams.

No. 1527565

Yeah, it should be the opposite, the black woman should be telling him that some dude called him a retard or a faggot and the sorts, since most of the times it’s those “alt” people going full retard about genderfandom shit.

No. 1527567

Retard actually would work a lot better than faggot. I was kinda thinking faggot doesn't have the same punch as nigger, but retard does.

No. 1527568


No. 1527569

Company probably made by men. Most women know not to use "feminine washes" at this point lest we fuck up our pH.v
They are so convinced real women have a sick fetish for then. A lot of men have a thing for FTMs but I've never seen a woman willingly date an MTF without originally thinking they were dating a seemingly normal scrote.

No. 1527575

If anything, a woman would be more willing to date a fakeboi rather than a TiM.

No. 1527577

Men should really stand up to these guys more. The nonas who have said they have their bfs come into the bathroom to scare troons I feel conflicted on though, because on one hand I don’t want any man in there with me even just to prove a point, on the other it probably scares and angers troons to hear a run of the mill man come in and say it’s ok he’s there because he’s a woman too. I just don’t know.

No. 1527580

>poem about the narcissism fetish has every sentence having an "I"

Almost like pottery, if it wasn't so terrible

No. 1527584

Don’t have to imagine, it’s really happened. I would call that child abuse.

Men are the most emotional people on the planet. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen my uncle having a tantrum and stomping his feet just to see my aunt roll my eyes and smile and just keep doing whatever it was she was doing. The thing is that men don’t consider their testosterone-fueled rage an emotion. They’re allowed to have these outbursts with no consequence while the moment a woman tears up it’s because she’s just dramatic or manipulative or whatever else. Most women I know are the ones holding their entire families on their backs and many of them will confess to only breaking down in private when no one else is around

No. 1527586

File: 1652452025175.jpg (42.47 KB, 800x450, plant.jpg)

>A lot of men have a thing for FTMs

No. 1527589

They don’t want to dress appropriately though, because as much as they whine about these things it is part of their fetish. I’m sure it would be inconveniencing at times to have a boner in public, but if they were really embarrassed by it they wouldn’t wear those things and then go post about it online. Exposing other people to this is part of their fantasy, and I’m not just saying this to make it up. Cross-dressers and transvestites of old have confessed to this same sort of behavior.

I feel like this attempt should upset me but it’s just really pathetic. Like some creepy mouth breather saying a threat below his breath but everyone knows he would barely be able to fight a kitten if it came down to it.

No. 1527590

File: 1652452461737.gif (43.35 KB, 500x440, 0125B9D8-6344-4E6F-9E55-43BFB3…)

There was a poll that showed this, at least with lesbians, they were much more likely to date TiFs than TiMs. Hm. Now I wonder why that could be.

No. 1527591

File: 1652452496171.jpg (79.57 KB, 905x449, IMG_20220513_094750_248.jpg)

Literally every post you see saying that ANYONE wants to f*ck a troon comes from a troon himself. Not even troons want to, so it's extra funny seeing them use incel as an insult in an attempt to larp as women.

No. 1527593

Tried to delete my post to revise my statement. It seems no one really wants to touch MtFs. I thought the percentages for lesbians were different than I recalled, but I had to look again and now I wonder if they just felt coerced to answer that they would.

No. 1527594

They seem incapable of understanding that women don’t think that way. Women can enjoy and want sex, but we aren’t driven by it the same way. We don’t feel the need to use it as a method of control or humiliation, but they project their own feelings and thoughts onto us constantly. Like when they call us perverts who want to look in childrens underwear or whatever. No…that is just verifiably them. They really believe TERFs want to sexually subjugate them and it’s really insane.

No. 1527601

Nona where did that poll come from? I'd like to know if the survey was anonymous or not, because if it wasn't then I'm 100% sure the lesbians are lying. (If anonymous I'm only 90% sure)

No. 1527602

I hope this becomes the next thread’s pic.

No. 1527603

A link to the study but it’s locked unfortunately. I’m not sure if someone can get access. It’s also on Research Gate.

No. 1527607

I can try downloading it through my university proxy when I get home, unless some other uni nonna is quicker

No. 1527613

And she's obviously going out of her way to be "respectful" (= not upset the TRAs enough to get cancelled), you can see how insane she actually thinks this is but she's holding back her actual thoughts to avoid a shitstorm.

No. 1527616

Sorry nonna, I could not find access to it on my uni's site. My uni is STEM-focused so idk if that makes a difference.

No. 1527617

no problem, it's on sci-hub: https://sci-hub.se/10.1177/0265407518779139
reading it now

No. 1527623

File: 1652456936899.png (31.64 KB, 763x78, sfefsefslfkslkfsln.PNG)

Ok so the methods doesn't mention anonymity of the survey, so I think it's probably pseudo-anonymous, where your survey responses are disconnected from your name (which you have to give to get the monetary rewards for completing the survey), but the survey questions are so detailed that in reality you could probably identify any given individual based on their answers if you tried.
OT but also thought picrel was interesting. I would have expected a lot more trans/NB representation in the responses because of the nature of how these studies are conducted.

No. 1527635

No respectable doctor with an education in basic human anatomy will think about uterine transplants into male bodies. It's a certified failure. But butchers and dr mengeles will jump on the trend to get international attention….until the surgery fails. Troons will quietly die off if they keep flocking to them like bugs to light tho so might be good to not broadcast how high the failure rate of this surgery is

Scrote privated his tweets since everyone jumped on him kek

No. 1527638

what about… you know… the baby itself?

No. 1527646

File: 1652459154239.jpg (181.12 KB, 1170x1860, FSpihTCWIAU-Dwz.jpg)

I really dont believe this

No. 1527648

This doesn’t account for context though. Like if I was a not mie and you asked me if I’d date a Troon and the only ones I’d seen was the hyper feminised ones in the media I’d be like “oh sure”! Because I had NO idea how bad SRS is or how perverse, creepy and fetishistic those mostly men are. Most normies think a trans woman is larvane fox after he was tarted up for OITNB. They think that srs gives them normal looking genitals and no one can tell.
I wanna see the results after they were shown actual troons, actual neovaginas, actual faux penis and see how the results fare then.

No. 1527649

Fuck that was awesome, he's very well spoken about this. The fact that he even had 'bottom surgery' means the trans cult can't pretend he was never 'really' trans like they do with a lot of the outspoken detrans women.
People like this are gonna be the key to cracking the trans trend scandal wide open. So many lawsuits are coming. The best thing we can do to protect gay kids is to spread these stories that the trans cult is so desperate to silence.

No. 1527651

I highly highly doubt a woman would do this. Like… send a DNA sample of your crime to a man from a community that’s known for breaking into womens bathrooms and ferreting through the sanitary waste? Either a Troon did it to rile Kat up or he did it himself kek.
Honestly they tell on themselves

No. 1527656

>blood soaked
Usually, when a real woman uses a pad, the blood can be see through from the bottom of the pad, mostly when you consider it “blood soaked” which honestly, it doesn’t seem like it.
>sent me
Yeah, I don’t believe that, I seriously doubt any woman would send a moid used pads, specially tranny moids, since they love to steal used pads to live their fetish, it would be counterproductive.
He just wants to doxx a random woman because he hates her, in the unlikely case that’s they had been actually sent to him by a woman. Then it could’ve been that she’s unhinged and just stopped being a handmaiden for TiMs not too long ago and she thought this was a funny idea, unknowing of how insane are men in dresses and how she could get literally murdered.

No. 1527660

well yeah because sorry for my crude language, but ftm pussy is easy pussy. i don't think men like the post hormone type of ftms but those who are early in transition. men just need to pretend they are gay to validate the ftms gay larp and they get the ftms to do anything they want

No. 1527663

He definitely stole these from the womens bathroom

No. 1527664

yeah they are rolled up, i always do that before throwing pads to the trash

No. 1527668

File: 1652460365565.png (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 2034x1324, fatrotpocket.png)

Imagine calling your horrifying gash wound a "fat pussy".

No. 1527671

Yeah this is not really a “terf move” so to speak unless it’s just a very unhinged woman. I wouldn’t doubt it being another trans sending it to make women look insane.

No. 1527673

honestly beginning to believe this is some type of fantasy for tims with the frequency at which they obsess over it. like >>1527656 said, no real woman would ever do something like that. it’s obviously just a lie using an age old misogynistic stereotype of crazy period blood obsessed feminists to garner attention bc Kat can’t help but be the drama mongering catty genital obsessed faggot he truly is.

No. 1527674

dude came in these and posted it to jerk off to later

No. 1527684

There was a forum where men would talk about using grindr to find FTM and fuck them easily. They were saying it's the easiest way to get pussy and anal from a woman. It'd amazing how there's men who chase MTFs with their OG genitals and FTM with vaginas, but NEVER the ones with the neo dicks/ vaginas that they swear are like the real thing.

No. 1527686

File: 1652461209271.png (32.74 KB, 601x457, 0B26983A-DFB9-44FB-8A1C-F43FF3…)

Yeah sure. Hormones is all it takes.

No. 1527688

File: 1652461313009.png (43.52 KB, 667x280, 8E457080-81A8-4B96-956F-4ADB51…)

No. 1527692

File: 1652461384068.jpeg (427.3 KB, 2026x753, 38C5AB9C-A58C-4CCC-85B6-F3077A…)

Oh my god you idiots CHOSE to make yourselves infertile. So many of them already have kids anyway or freeze their sperm it is not the same at all!

No. 1527695

I can’t stop laughing it’s such a larp! Also… blood soaked? Where? I bet he fished them out of the bin at his BDSM club. Love how he opened them up like he thought there was candy inside kek

No. 1527697

File: 1652461475424.jpeg (121.16 KB, 582x785, D34CA6D1-F25D-4FFF-96B1-CF8246…)

Need them to stop latching on to every other fucking movement.

No. 1527698

these people think women just run on a steady supply of estrogen and progesterone and that's it, when it's way more complicated than that. if it was easy to replicate the hormonal environment of a pregnant woman then they wouldn't have had to sew rats together, they would just have injected the male rats with the neccessary hormones.

No. 1527702

People really are detransitioning more and more. This is quite ironically the only brave and stunning thing a (now ex) troon has ever done. And like clockwork he says he's autistic, almost every single detrans person I've seen has been autistic. Somehow autists are both dumb enough to fall for the trans lies, yet smart enough to see through them in the end.

No. 1527705

lol once again they think there are only 2 hormones in the human body

No. 1527709

File: 1652462080454.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1376x1678, hairydischarge.png)

No matter what you do, don't unspoiler if you're sensitive to vomit inducing shit. This fucker's ax wound is leaking a hairy discharge and it's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

No. 1527711

All men want is what they can’t have. It’s not infertility when you’re the sex that can’t carry children for fuck’s sake

No. 1527713

is it discharge or a dangling piece of tissue??? i have no idea what i'm looking at

No. 1527714

He doesn't realize he's the one making a mockery out of female infertility. He could impregnant a woman, but no, he MUST have children both ways because he's a man

No. 1527716

No. 1527723

>me: small brain that clicks before reading
>see a vague silhouette and brain closes and resets
Damn, that's gnarly as fuck.

No. 1527724

It's just sad that they learn this AFTER chopping their dicks off. I feel a lot of them only realize their mistakes because their sex drive is gone. He was probably getting all kinds of chasers willing to fuck him or even the few that'd date him. Maybe the chasers is what turned him off because he's one of the FEW who actually felt he was a woman from manipulation, support , mental illness and interenlized homophobia. Men care a lot about their sex drives, thats why even the ones who chop it off like Kevin Gibes, will ramp up their sexual fantasies and ways, because even if it's dead or they can't have sex, they NEED IT. It's important. They have to act horny even if they can't get horny. Mentally they are horny, physically doesn't matter if they can trick themselves.

I remember seeing a troon say he wanted to transitition to be like a trans pornstar, but was confused as to why his dick wasn't staying hard and shrinking, he wanted to basically "Look" female, take hormones for his voice and the changes it gave, but also be able to have a full set of genitals and a healthy sex drive.I don't know if troon pornstars take hormones a lot, but I heard some of them just get surgeries and voice train, or pop viarga or those dick shots to get hard. They think they'll be just like a real woman or just like the troons in porn. It's not like that. Porn and the trans community have fucked over a lot of men. I only feel a little bad for the HSTS ones who are groomed young or who suffer from interenlized homophobia.

No. 1527727

File: 1652463435676.png (406.53 KB, 720x680, FIXCOMIC.png)

No. 1527729

okay, I can stand a lot and I'm not bothered by much, I grew up with rotten.com and stuff like that and it never gave me sleepless nights, but those "breast milking" man and now this, it's nearly too much and I should read the text before unspoilering images ever again. He is falling apart, right? His body is falling down right through his axe wound…

No. 1527730

Why would he say they're blood soaked and then immediately prove that they arent?? Why is he already lying about this? Also they're rolled up in the wrapper. He totally got these out of a trash can

No. 1527734

We cant even grow a baby outside a body yet. The absolute state of retardation of this, if anyone was serious about trying to make babies withouth women possible they need to start with being able to grow a baby in a lab. It might be impossible, but we dont know because science isnt interested in womens bodies. And even if lab babies was possible most countries couldnt folllow through because of the ethical aspect of it. Its so stupid to even try to argue with the troons about how obviously males cant be pregnant, because its so far off.

No. 1527735

Or he has a female friend and they planned this shit. Either way, If this was true, why not do something more then run to twitter? If you have a name can't you call the police? Isn't this a hate crime or some shit? I seriously doubt he'd pass up getting a terf in trouble. MOST people would call the police about some crazy shit like this.

No. 1527740

I was just watching his interview with Arty Morty. I do feel quite bad for him. Passing as a woman was a way for him (in his mind) to escape the homophobic abuse, which he internalised. Trans ideology really preys on people as a way to escape their homosexuality. Now he is dickless and has declining health, mentally and physically.

No. 1527743

Thanks this is way more accurate.

No. 1527749

File: 1652464800426.jpeg (446.77 KB, 720x1152, EC462CF2-C847-47DB-946D-118178…)

What the fuck

No. 1527751

File: 1652464923656.jpg (165.42 KB, 941x895, FSpWosvWIAENaEd.jpg)

Some intense coping

No. 1527754

I don't care if my vagina is ugly, at least it gives me pleasure. Keep copin' troons

No. 1527761

Just from medical experience, if your doctor is calling in other doctors to come see, it's because what they're about to view is rare. They're never calling in the residents to come check out a "perfect vagina" kek

No. 1527763

All he kept repeating is that his sex drive is gone. This is why HSTS and AGPs are not that different. HSTS get off on attracting "straight" moids.

No. 1527767

And then everybody clapped. There was even an awards ceremony and karaoke machine.

No. 1527773

And then they all danced and sang into the night

No. 1527783

Would troonism even exist? All troonism is linked back to "I'm not like everybody else; I'm the exception to the rule/let me integrate into a part of society I know I don't belong in", whether that be out of porn addiction, delusion/mental illness, escapism or naivety. Or would the world just be a giant hugbox? Or would the world just cave in due to inconsistent logic?

No. 1527784

They really make this a dick-measuring competition even when their dick is mangled beyond belief. Incredible. They don’t seem to understand that most women are not naturally insecure about their vaginas. Every negative stereotype or insult about vaginas (that they’re dirty, smelly, unattractive because of hair or labia shape) comes from men trying to make women feel insecure. He is literally just adding to that by making it seem like this is a normal thing women would worry about were it not for the pressure of men and the standards set by them and porn.

No. 1527785

File: 1652467172783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 763.89 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220513-143923_Red…)

Oh, fuck. I looked up this user's other posts, and that is just absolutely heinous.

No. 1527786

worked? you mean grifted and complained and harrassed? what have trannies actually worked for?

No. 1527791

They’re aware in the states they don’t even use female blood donations for blood transfusions because the protein present after pregnancy will literally make men sick and kill them? Keep coping you defect.

No. 1527792

A spoiler is not enough for this. I literally gagged.

No. 1527796

File: 1652468331996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 578.04 KB, 1080x1375, Polish_20220513_144413180.jpg)

Ugh. It gets worse. If you value your stomach contents, don't unspoiler. I think it's ironic that they call their mengele'd crotch wound a 'she' or 'her' like a boat or a car, because they're, well, men.

No. 1527798


No. 1527799

>'that's normal don't worry'
None of what you're doing is normal, let alone having huge chunks of rotting skin drop from your wound is so called fine.

No. 1527801


No. 1527803

More proof that trannies are men, they brag about their genitals like men do.

No. 1527804

Truly man-made horrors beyond my comprehension. This is like some human centipede torture movie shit but with willing participants of men chopping their dick and carving out their asshole trying to have an aesthetic vagina kek really boggles the mind how we let this happen while people put off real surgeries that benefit their health.

No. 1527813

>post the pad
>Not the envelope
Cool story bro.

No. 1527818

That looks so fucked up, especially the gaping pig anus looking hole.

No. 1527822

I’m gonna fucking puke. I don’t know why I clicked this.

No. 1527834

It's the ultimate cope. They know they can't address any complaints of their behaviour because their entire existence is predicated on delusions. It's why they resort to "all those terfs talking shit secretly want to fuck me uwu". Ironically they're the same people bitching about how nobody will give them the time of day on any dating app.

No. 1527837

I didn't know "Rowling wants to fuck the pooners" is the current discourse lmao

No. 1527843

whenever people say they are autistic i just assume they mean narcissistic.

No. 1527886

Nona what are you talking about?

No. 1527887

ahahaha its funny he straight up calls that thing a vagina. i bet his surgeon doesnt.

No. 1527889

woops samefag but she means plasma, not actual red blood cells

No. 1527894

I'll believe it when he actually doxxes the person. If someone is unhinged enough to do this Jared Leto tier shit they deserve it. But watch him "be the bigger person" and not do the doxx - not bc he actually has morals, but bc he made it up.

No. 1527930

Ironic that his face very much passes to me. The voice might tip me off, but all the troons who post here would love to look like him. I don't care if he keeps talking about his sex drive because sex is a healthy function unless you're a coomer. That aside, I'm going to continue watching this person because they had enough enough insight to say they did not enjoy the female experience and how much is sucks. Any man who can at least see that has worth.

No. 1527931

File: 1652476613734.png (29.61 KB, 585x315, 42323442342343234232.png)

Ofcourse he is not gonna doxx the person

No. 1527933

all the troons who are posted here*

No. 1527935

File: 1652476696300.png (67.69 KB, 592x583, 543534354354354354.png)

Also ofcourse everyone is against him because he is trans boohoo

No. 1527946

So the calls were coming inside the house then? I wonder if one of the other reasons he isn’t doxing is because it would hurt another “queer” person.

No. 1527957

you're allowed to ship used pads and tampons through the mail to whoever you want. they're listed as "used healthcare products" under "exempt human biological samples" and the only regulations are with respect to the packaging and labeling. if this is real, the person responsible could only get in trouble for not using the right size of box or not putting a sticker on the outside to warn the mail carriers.
so if he can't produce the package it came in to an investigator (which he can't because he got these from a bin on his own), doxxing anyone for the "crime" would be defamation, and if they suffered any consequences from it at all, they can sue him.

No. 1527959

People believe you're insane enough to fake this because you're insane enough to think you're a woman.

No. 1527960

If this person is openly queer than they can’t be a TERF right? Or is that not how tranny logic works?

Anyway this is giving me Rachel dozeal sending herself racist hate letters and pretending it wasn’t her who wrote them. Give over Kat we all know it was you. If you were gonna send a tranny your used pads to look at why would you roll them up like they’re garbage? You’d throw them in the package open and ready to be seen in a ziplock or something. You fished them out the bin.

No. 1527988

File: 1652480080655.png (55.31 KB, 1740x299, mc.png)

not acting like a frat bro makes you a woman

No. 1528009

I predict this trial will be a huge disaster for the medical industry with a 0% survival rate. They’ll try to cover it up but it’ll backfire. It will probably be the first time the public hears of SRS not being magic procedures

No. 1528014

A moid at my Work recently transitioned and was talking about it so I politely asked if they were ever considering getting bottom surgery and he immediately got defensive and offended and said he would never. So you’re just admitting it’s a fetish.

No. 1528016

I found the Cawthorn video dumb & hilarious, I guess that makes me a man? Brb, removing my arm skin and making a dick

No. 1528021

>if you’re not a frat bro you’re a woman
What the fuck is this logic

No. 1528026

File: 1652482575004.png (39.5 KB, 737x340, uterine troonsplant.png)

currently the top post on r/MtF, with almost 900 upvotes. these retards seriously think they'll be able to get pregnant someday KEK

No. 1528032

But like, realistically the only time scented tampons would matter is if you’re on your period. I question what woman needs scented pads when they’re already bleeding out of their vagina.

No. 1528042

wtf why are doctors telling troons that they can feed their baby then?

No. 1528046

And women wouldn’t still struggle with having babies at times despite the hormonal issues they may have. But no.

No. 1528048

Because transphobia and lack of concern for the child.

No. 1528050

Most frustrating thing I’ve seen posted here in a while

No. 1528051

tbh good, hope it culls many of them

No. 1528098

Will people peak after this? What else needs to happen?

No. 1528105

I think this plus the explosion of trans serial killers and Lia Thomases are what will end up peaking normies

No. 1528136

The chances that this trannie survive are low. Recently a man died bc doctors attempted to transplant a pig heart to him and he didnt last like a week i think.

No. 1528140

Whoa, holy shit. Was it like, a human heart grown in a pig or what? If this shit isn’t telling idk what is.

No. 1528145

He lived for two months with it. Apparently he contracted a pig virus or something. Imagine having terminal cancer and the thing that kills you is a cold contracted from your pig heart.

No. 1528147

He lasted whole two months, troons are never getting our wombs dw and even if some sicko tries, they will die.

No. 1528149

Crazy that implanting another species organs have a higher success rate than cross sex womb transplant. Sorry troons you will never be pregnant

No. 1528158

are the comments actually complimenting its axe wound?

No. 1528175

File: 1652490335495.png (5.08 KB, 1050x48, Dr Narendra Kaushik is plannin…)

that's because it doesn't apply to troons

No. 1528178

What? I don’t understand. It’s just another term for being pregnant why are they mad about it?

No. 1528192

Bc pregnancy is more than growing a baby inside. They are so ignorant.

No. 1528193

What? I mean, I honestly think that saying “carrying a baby” is not only quite disgusting tbh, because it makes seem like women are just baby carriers, and it’s weird that Trannies don’t like something demeaning like that. But it’s probably the most gender neutral retarded term that already exist that could be used for pregnant women.
Then again, it probably makes them angry because it’s not the same name as their favorite porn category so it bothers their special needs brains.

No. 1528199

File: 1652491791148.jpeg (49.27 KB, 500x364, 4704F33A-6950-48B5-B306-A633D7…)

i think the troon’s logic is:
>real women “carry their babies” in their uterus
>sometimes couples say “we’re pregnant” meaning “we’re having a baby” so i guess by some loophole a TIM could say he’s pregnant and people could interpret that as not technically lying/being delusional?

No. 1528202

File: 1652492036572.jpeg (41.22 KB, 1852x274, ABFE0416-4444-42CC-9320-291A66…)

Do they think about anything that isn’t overtly sexual.

No. 1528215

how else can these men pass on their genes

No. 1528231

Why would anyone put their return adress to be doxed when sending their used pads to someone? 100% fished them out of the trash, gross fucker even opened them up ffs

No. 1528245

I can't get past the fact that he said they were "blood soaked" and they have almost no blood on them

No. 1528249

Honestly, as tragic as it is, it would put an end to this nonsense. Everyone knows men, esp TIM, have virtually no capacity for child rearing and their lack of empathy and predictable abandonment of any offspring would solidify any reason for not allowing them to procreate.

No. 1528260

why would he take them out of the box/envelope they were in and put them on his floor? because obviously no one mailed these to him, it's probably his little sister's or something, the gross pervert.

No. 1528267

File: 1652496358970.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 386.06 KB, 1535x2048, FSf_SjdUYAAN1Av.jpeg)

Wheres that family guy picture when you need it.

No. 1528273

File: 1652497914225.jpg (326.84 KB, 1062x1757, Abuser.jpg)

I didnt know this happened interesting that his abuse came to light and then right after he started to troon out.

No. 1528274

Nah, not even that. Maybe them demanding uteruses from women and then dying but not even that. Our world doesn’t care about kids like that, at all, given some butchers like the dr indian fellow is even wanting to grant troons the ability to have kids to begin with.

No. 1528334

File: 1652501419740.jpg (3.27 MB, 2500x1811, 1627924693956.jpg)

I just don't understand these drag kids shows, how the fuck is anyone okay with this, I swear to god faghags should not be allowed to have children. cause no little boy in this world wants to become a drag queen and twerk for gay adult men

No. 1528339

-goes to meet masculine name for work training-
-bad falsetto- "Heyyyy nonnie, so I'm going by Rebecca now uwu"
-looks at her 5 o'clock shadow- "Okay"
-immediately goes back to deep masculine voice for the rest of the day-
thank fuck I never have to see them normally

No. 1528343

kids in drag is not different to kids pole-dancing: it's disgusting and it's abuse.

No. 1528354

File: 1652503032209.jpg (44.75 KB, 600x791, 1567803275610.jpg)

as a mother pic alone is enough to make fill me with rage, we have reached peak Weimar, someone once actually called me a fascist for being disgusted with kids in drag, what is wrong with liberals

No. 1528361

They don’t get the privilege that comes with this alone. Imagine being able to sound like a man every time you have an important phone call for instance. You’re taken more seriously.

No. 1528367

Officially the worst thing I've ever seen on this site. I've been here for years. Just… WOW

No. 1528372

>toddlers and tiaras but make it gay
Like I just don't understand how the parents don't see the similarities here? Let kids be kids.

No. 1528374

File: 1652504507990.jpg (336.11 KB, 810x2857, Screenshot_20220513-053619_Boo…)

No. 1528379

"We're not groomers reeee"
"Anyway here's my 10 year old son dressing up in sexually provocative clothes for adults to watch him twerk"
There's a massive difference between dressing up for fun or acting, and doing drag. Drag is inherently sexist and sexual in nature, there's literally no way around it.

No. 1528385

File: 1652506926695.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

I actually fucking screamed out loud looking at this
I do not even understand why so many straight women are into it, its just a bunch of misogynistic gay men acting like jackasses, like someone please explain to me what possibly could be the appeal of it

No. 1528393

Not that many straight women are into it still. I think a lot of people watched like the first 2 seasons of drag race and now it's only gay men that are fans

No. 1528406

I feel bad for the woman whose pads were taken from the bin by this moid. Fucking gross.

No. 1528409

I hold hope that spiritually, this doesn't fare well for the thief and what they've stolen holds extremely potent energy against them.

No. 1528410

>pinned tweet
He really thought he did something there, didn’t he?

No. 1528412

File: 1652510684627.jpeg (40.82 KB, 600x525, 9DB57A8E-0F1D-4D1C-BFD8-E658F5…)

This one nonna?

No. 1528415

Why can't men just go to therapy

No. 1528429

they even got the same shoes on kek

No. 1528430

Children and drag should never be mixed. They're children who don't have the ability to consent to or fully understand the sexual nature of what they’re doing, or that adults are cheering them on because they get off to that shit. Fucking gross.

No. 1528438

can't wait for the jussie smollett unraveling of this ploy

No. 1528444

Fake and gay. If it were a real woman's pad it would be WAY more bloody than that, but men don't know shit about women.

No. 1528475

File: 1652521338412.jpg (1002.55 KB, 1080x900, RDT_20220514_11384246301230446…)

The Wi spa incident, illustrated

No. 1528476

File: 1652521724896.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1125x1662, 7CC43459-4F0E-44E1-A28B-3B6D00…)

Chances are especially low, given the doctor's track record.
(Screencap stolen from Kiwifarms)

No. 1528480

File: 1652521928466.jpeg (919.49 KB, 1180x1218, C28A0390-9F7F-4013-81E0-53B1F9…)

They want to be oppressed so bad. This is obviously cosmetic surgery (that you PAY for, so wouldn’t need a doctor’s note) so how is that remotely similar to “gender affirming” surgery that uses insurance? If they get a job and save for it, they can get all the surgeries they want without question. If I could tell a doctor how mentally ill I am and get free plastic surgery I would not be crying about it.

No. 1528489

it's not gender affirming it's gigachad appropriation. This is how Leafys are born.

No. 1528490

that's an impressive result ngl. his future wife is going to be confused when her children are born looking like the before picture.

No. 1528495

>gender dysphoria isn't exclusive to trans people
We've been fucking trying to tell you. You're not special

No. 1528505

Exactly. What point is he trying to make here? That it's normal to struggle to fit into gender stereotypes and be fed up with how stupid they are? They are literally slapping a girl label on themselves and conforming to all the gender stereotypes. How it that a solution?

No. 1528508

File: 1652526364537.jpg (976.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220514-065801_Red…)

Dennis Reynolds trash bag dress energy.

No. 1528509

Meanwhile, in my country, """cis""" people actually need all of this if they want plastic surgery to be reimbursed by social security and mayyybe their health insurance for this kind of surgery. Nice try though, tranny. I have tiny breasts because of a health issue since birth and I've been told that a boobjob could potential be reimbursed if I prove that it makes me depressed, but I checked and it wouldn't have been fully paid for by social security. Trannies love playing victims huh.

No. 1528516

File: 1652527622999.jpg (1.17 MB, 3986x2229, disgusting.jpg)

I peaked my friend about AGPS and MTFS and today she found this disgusting motherfucker and went down the rabbithole. It's a they/them MtF femboy that constantly posts his ass or manlegs in typical tranny 'fashion' like maid costumes, catears, striped tights or fishnet stockings. Also has an OnlyFans and dreams about taking estrogen, having boobs or 'needing girlcock in his boypussy'.

No. 1528522

File: 1652528577612.png (25.85 KB, 737x319, Capture.PNG)

No. 1528523

File: 1652529154047.jpg (205.43 KB, 1080x1557, FStTmDgXwAAVcvr.jpg)

No. 1528524

this is the most disturbing thing i have seen in a while

No. 1528525

That child's face is censored so badly.

No. 1528526

Pedo detected

No. 1528529

You can see her face looking passed out (or drugged) ugh. this is so disturbing. why does he have to mention breasts in this context? sicko.

No. 1528533

File: 1652530724260.jpg (374.16 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20220514-081611_Tik…)

This neanderthal has been spamming my FYP lately. What's the connection between MTFs and making electronic music? Are they skinwalking 4Lung?

No. 1528537

Theyre all chronically online autists so all their interests have something to do with sitting down by a computer. So videogames, anime, electronic music, animation, bad art. You dont see any of these coomers having a special interest in hiking or garden scaping.

No. 1528539


No. 1528541

File: 1652532844971.png (398.02 KB, 545x755, James Challands.png)

Nonas, it's 2pm, time for your daily TIM being a pedo article!

Although other news sites are just reporting him as a woman, with no mention of self identification, of course.

No. 1528546

File: 1652533983353.jpeg (202.92 KB, 1078x1551, ACD7E1EE-5D61-4418-8DE7-1C1163…)

No. 1528548

>Blames 'male' self for offending
Every time

No. 1528549

The things his family says are just as stupid as the one he’s says. Why can’t these people get that not everyone is so one way or the other? A lot of us don’t want gender roles to exist and believe that both men and women can do anything they want, but also recognize that it’s important to make a physiological distinction between sexes, mostly for medical and safety purposes.

No. 1528550

Fucking pedophile.

No. 1528563

If surgeons are truly doing this it's because they are keenly aware of how effective a parade of enthusiastic enablers can be at recontextualizing a mentally ill person's shameful life decisions

No. 1528578

>living my true self
>can't even be bothered to shave his beard

No. 1528579

They'll use this to push for free government funded transitions, just watch. "Y-your honor it's my male self who is a pedo rapist, if you just pay for my SRS my woman-self will be a uwu pure innocent princess!"

No. 1528587

That's so terrifying! Writer anon here, I absolutely cannot improve on this. The long limbs twitching, the greasy hair, plus the male pattern baldness, the low voice, the creepy way he says "we can be friends" then stares into the camera in such a way… I swear he wants to consume the blood of virgins. Virgin girls, to be precise. They probably all do!

No. 1528589

I have the feeling that I'm suffocating, so hard am I laughing about this one. My brother also thinks he is a very cute woman now, we both rate him with 15/10

No. 1528592

File: 1652539498642.jpg (856.97 KB, 810x2679, Screenshot_20220514-104422_Boo…)

Getting turned on by your own "feminine" B.O.:

No. 1528599

File: 1652540420651.jpg (627.5 KB, 810x2114, Screenshot_20220514-105516_Boo…)

No. 1528644

agps are obsessed with number crunching, algorithms, machines, they love things like paradox games, dungeons and dragons, software development and speedruns. the most 'cerebral' electronic music (like idm) is suited to them, they almost never play an instrument or sing (if they do its bad punk music)
hsts are just likely to copy 'pop girls' singing/dancing who use electronic beats by default

No. 1528645

so what you're saying is that agps are autistic

No. 1528655

File: 1652548878173.png (83.29 KB, 849x646, Ray Muscat.png)

FFS. The media reporting it as 'Trans killed by girlfriend' but failing to mention that the "girlfriend" is a TIM and he killed this woman.

No. 1528656

Wow, the hypocrisy really couldn't be more transparent.

God, Pink News is so fucking insufferable. The TIM also shot his brother, apparently.

No. 1528663

Every single time. When they're a victim it's purely because they're trans, when they're the murderer no one can mention they're trans

No. 1528668

So a man killing a woman, once again.

No. 1528669

File: 1652549812643.png (564 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_20220514-133604.png)

I hate that they're not reporting the truth of this story because it leads to retarded comments like this on social media.

No. 1528673

How fucking stupid, bringing up trans death count failing to mention a trans identified MALE did this to a FEMALE. Have they anything to say about trans on trans violence? God I hate the world right now. I have nothing else for the second comment.

No. 1528682

They know EXACTLY who did it. And its not hard to google it either. They're just covering up for their TIM masters like the wispa shit. Both the media and Twitter users are hellbent on doing so

No. 1528683

Where is the blood? It looks like he intentionally didn't unravel the pad so you can't see what's inside. Sus.

No. 1528684

File: 1652551254597.jpg (371.35 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1652551990327.jpg)

This person was posting about abolishing the sex offender registry and I just new intuitively that they were a trans person. Says "dick giwl" in bio. Got all the hall Mark's of a true pure blood troon here: a pedophile who is into ageplay, posts about map rights, uses manipulation to get people to agree with them ("um you're a conservative nazi actually if you dont like pedophiles. And err abolish the sex offender registry! It's to protect homeless people and minorities, doesn't matter if people can't keep track of convicted pedophiles"). Whole account is their own pedo piss fetish comics. Disgusting

No. 1528687

i'd rather be a conservative than a pedo apologist

No. 1528689

File: 1652551734451.jpg (273.46 KB, 720x1046, 20220514_192347.jpg)

And of course where would we be without a furry OC pfp worh tranny flag colours pulling up in the QRTs to defend the widdle dick giwl who draws piss porn of little girls?

No. 1528691

Oh that's aggy. He has his own thread. He's already known for making pedo art so this isn't surprising.

No. 1528696

Does anyone have that video of the curly haired loopy tranny in the hospital, with their legs spread open getting their tubes yanked out of them?
its like a close up shot of the spread leg crotch area and it would get posted in tranny hate threads on /b/
I really wanna show my gf(newfag)

No. 1528710

File: 1652552887181.png (187.69 KB, 400x1000, enqOfuh_d.png)

You're either not from the US (/the anglosphere) or you don't know a lot of straight millennial women, because it's goddamn omnipresent.

Picrel is from the drag race subreddit; considering the demographics of reddit, it's safe to assume the actual percentage of female viewers is a decent amount higher.

No. 1528730

woke-os want to abolish the police and end prisons so they can nonce kids

No. 1528732

File: 1652555236397.jpg (606.29 KB, 1440x1216, Screenshot_20220514-150458_Chr…)

He's revolting.

No. 1528754

It's crazy how we can determine pedophiles based solely on looks. Troon or not they all have it behind the eyes, it triggers immediate fight or flight.

No. 1528758

>just because I want to purge followers
Starting his own NAMBLA team I see. And there have been much more intelligent and well litigated instances I've seen that try to either eliminate the sex offender registry to make criminal records unavailable to the public. All those claims are made by, you guessed it, pedophiles in prison with law degrees. It's hilarious because regardless of merit (so do manage to make a legal argument), no one gives a fuck and no judge would risk their career to give that shit a second thought. No manner of research will ever, ever make society go easy on pedos. Even liberals kind of rethink their anti-death penalty stance if you ask them it should only be applied to pedos and child murderers and 100% proof they did it.

No. 1528778

So they bother to write trans man but whoopsie forgot to write trans woman when identifying the murderer, whoopsie doopsie definitely no ulterior motive here

No. 1528785

Right it still makes it sound like a woman did this. These are not our crimes.

No. 1528789

13 tranny this year killed by another stupid tranny or male.

I can’t find all the stats but in 2019 there were around 1,695 women in the USA that died by femicide that they know of. 11 women are murdered a day in Mexico. Poland in 2020 had 400 women die to femicide, that’s at least one woman or girl a day.

So your all gonna have to forgive me if I shed not even one fucking skin cell of sadness for these retards that hang around unstable mentally ill men who murder them. Play stupid games.

No. 1528803

>13 tranny this year killed by another stupid tranny or male
Easier to just write 13 killed by males.

No. 1528825

File: 1652562503755.png (605.52 KB, 857x676, Polish_20220514_170717440.png)

Saging for non-milk but my co-worker sent me this photo of some Megaman game on the DS and I thought you guys would find it funny.

Unfortunate word choice.

No. 1528829

File: 1652562971329.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1958, DBB1C142-F20F-4A5B-8B3B-76BBCD…)

Every time I read or see something about these failed males getting on HRT or getting the chop and not being able to get off (or get off the way they think women do, which they always seem to fetishize and never actually understand because they’ve probably never made a woman cum in her life) I feel so happy. They already could never know what a female orgasm feels like and they absolutely never will. Even the ones who claim they can orgasm after getting an axewound won’t understand what we experience, that their little chunk of dickhead “clit” doesn’t account for all the nerve endings we have and the spasms they’ll never feel because they don’t actually have a functioning vagina. It feels like payback after all the “female orgasm is a myth” and men never wanting to help us get off during sex and all the gross things they’ve said about our reproductive organs for so long. In some ways I have to thank them for making me more comfortable with my womanhood after men have made me hate it over and over again.

No. 1528830

File: 1652563040662.png (55.7 KB, 746x390, unknown.PNG)

a big old 41 y/o man and he's shrunk? there's no way this is possible right

No. 1528836

File: 1652563280726.jpeg (209.22 KB, 1242x1680, C3DCE367-6037-4121-A0F9-D1C937…)

2 mutilated troons laughing at slightly less mutilated troons kek

No. 1528837

those "pleasure flares" are just hot flashes from the hormones he's taking

No. 1528840

But Robbie still has his dick, surely? Unless he got srs without me realising.

No. 1528841

It's like he choses the worst outfits possible for his body on purpose

No. 1528848

Doesn’t literally everyone experience that

No. 1528852

Taking testosterone shots sure didn't stop Buck from being a pickme NLOG who loves male attention. This is just sad.

No. 1528860

Apparently it happens when bones start grinding away, osteoporosis brought on by the drug cocktail. It’s something to be concerned about, not celebrated.

No. 1528865

File: 1652565118935.png (158.84 KB, 1739x736, tr.png)

trannies are insufferable.

No. 1528869

another pregnancy, another selfish fetishist trooning out. it just keeps happening and these women are handmaidened into staying.

>starting HRT after everything calms down after the birth

firstly, fucking lmao at the delusion that bringing home a newborn and raising a child is a calm period in one’s life. secondly, he so obviously views his wife’s pregnancy and childbirth as something to “get over with” so everything can be all about him again. they are so fucking disgusting.

No. 1528871

File: 1652565710034.png (28.1 KB, 851x373, seduction.png)

dropped the pic

No. 1528877

imagine being straddled by a sweaty, hairy, six-foot man wearing ill-fitting women's clothing with thin greasy hair in an awful side part. then imagine your discomfort is mistaken for arousal