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File: 1650935352652.png (855.46 KB, 532x780, 1650853384679.png)

No. 1511730

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1511735

no please not haru she doesn't deserve this

No. 1511739

File: 1650935573356.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.2 KB, 1124x1163, 079712FC-E721-423D-A78D-5D05FD…)

No. 1511746

File: 1650936135049.png (1008.78 KB, 748x1090, Stacy Cay on Twitter (2).png)

No. 1511751

File: 1650936435245.png (1.21 MB, 798x1237, Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 18-24…)

Imagine talking like that when you're built like a fridge

No. 1511759

File: 1650936698914.jpeg (208.75 KB, 827x918, CED0735B-31C5-4A4A-943C-8D0036…)

See how quickly it goes from
>I’m just trying to exist
>If you aren’t me, you’re secretly me and projecting! Now fuck me, foid!

No. 1511763

File: 1650936789674.png (1.03 MB, 874x1654, cabbagepatchkid.png)

No. 1511764

where the fuck did his toes go what the fuck

No. 1511766

Trannies go one day without mentioning biological women challenge

No. 1511768

File: 1650937194483.jpeg (193.29 KB, 824x758, 6B76A739-55C0-411A-B13F-7E0BC0…)

why are all their arguments literal word salad

No. 1511770

graduated from the Vicky Murder school of photoshop.

No. 1511773

File: 1650937603340.jpeg (522.29 KB, 750x1073, FCD0A549-D9C0-4E43-A3A9-44CF9B…)

No. 1511774

Isn’t this that famous writer

No. 1511781

At least his room is clean. But look at that giraffe neck.

No. 1511790

You were waiting for a new thread to post this weren't you kek

No. 1511801

File: 1650940428336.jpeg (67.05 KB, 684x665, 2653CB12-54FC-4C3E-8B85-6CE633…)

What’s going on with philosophy tube lmao

No. 1511803

what is the context for this because ew kek

No. 1511805

it’s giving creepy uncle who raided his zoomer niece’s closet

No. 1511812

File: 1650941558592.png (720.38 KB, 1420x1080, 1650941502060.png)

Fixed it

No. 1511815

>doing weird shit with his feet
>these knees
>roblox body
>that self steem
Yep dude, I can't believe you're a girl either

No. 1511819

Starting to look a bit like Eddie Izzard now.

No. 1511821

File: 1650942592631.jpeg (49.47 KB, 521x639, 79D1B349-D7E6-4903-A175-9B3859…)

new vid trying to skinwalk teenage Avril

No. 1511823

File: 1650942656729.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 13.56 KB, 221x249, 7C6FE771-8692-4349-9A1B-850419…)

Hol up…

No. 1511833

They are completely obsessed, it’s so sad. I scroll through these threads to laugh at them but the moment I click off it’s back to normal life as an actual real girl, but it seems these men spend all their time thinking about ‘cis’ girls, most likely not just online, they must drive themselves insane?? I bet they sit around talking shit about real girls just to mask their cope like the sad and pathetic men they are. Thank god I wasn’t born a male.

No. 1511841

File: 1650944044703.jpg (3.42 MB, 972x9351, Screenshot_20220426-012537_Red…)

Posted too late in the last thread. Reposting here for discussion.

TL;DR lesbian (surprise surprise a homosexual female) isn't attracted to her TIM 'gf'. She is a handmaiden and capes for troon despite self awareness about her sexuality excluding men. Quelle shock.

No. 1511849

this is so fucking sad, i wish i could drop a copy of the scum manifesto or something on this poor handmaidens doorstep. she's so close to getting it

No. 1511852

You can tell she’s sooo close to peaking and is wrestling with her “trans women are women” social conditioning throughout the post.

No. 1511854

Are women like this actually lesbians with brain rot or just bisexuals?

No. 1511856

HUGE body and TINY head

No. 1511858

Neither can I, or anyone for that matter

No. 1511867

unrelated to the post itself but be careful nonna, your icon is visible in the top corner of the screenshot

No. 1511884

guilty officer

No. 1511890

Great pysop but this reads way too much like peaking material

No. 1511901

File: 1650951334492.png (95.23 KB, 722x713, kek.png)

>Uhh it was cruel of you to date her even though you were judging her! You have some transphobia to deal with sweety, examine the patterns and behaviors that brought that person to your life. Btw date more trans people!!
Lol clown shit

No. 1511904

File: 1650951745609.gif (936.54 KB, 245x250, esther sad.gif)

There's no philosophy here, nor in the past or future. This channel is narcissism to the upmost. There's nothing but a man playing a character like a slimy little lizard. The whole field is a meal ticket and license to be vaguely subversive: nothing exists beyond his solipsistic self

No. 1511908

Agreed, it's too clearly and cleverly described to be real, I approve of their methods though.

No. 1511912

Why do troonies not spend money on skincare, hair products, Botox or even a nose job but think plastic tits will make them a valid woman? So much for it not being a fetish.

No. 1511914

the literal jump she did from gay to pan makes me think she is bisexual (more lineal on women) but is prejudiced towards bisexuality.

No. 1511915

>play stupid games win stupid prices

No. 1511930

I hate that fucking term. Scrotes always say that whenever a woman gets fucked over by a man but if a man's gf ever dare to look at another man or imply he's not perfect, they declare her as the demon and keep saying the manlet definitely didn't deserve it.

No. 1511945

The way she's trying to gaslight herself into liking men is sad

No. 1511965

So this is how their equation of transphobia sovles itself: for every act of transphobia you must fuck a tranny to compensate the ratking.

No. 1511967

This is so fucking sad jesus christ

No. 1512004

If she were really bisexual, she wouldn't have a problem with dating men, penises etc. on an attraction level. She doesn't even sound like a Kinsey 5, just someone who tried to give herself conversion therapy multiple times. Pan is the only truly acceptable sexuality in woke lgbt spaces in the west, lesbian or bisexual was considered too restrictive for a couple years until the troon thing truly blew up and suddenly they had to be included under lesbian and bi too.

No. 1512008

What a surprise, man negging women out of his league (or sexuality in this case) because he can sense she isn't attracted to him. Goes all /niceguy and tries to paint her as an abuser when the negging doesn't work and he gets dumped. He couldn't be more male.

No. 1512014

I've seen a few femme lesbians dress very femininely and even revealingly, so much so it'd make men uncomfortable. You can still tell she was offput by him being masculine and having a dick so that makes her a lesbian I'd say. She has trouble coming to terms with her preference for actual women and considering how she dated men in the past, perhaps she wanted to give them a try again but as always, the ugly negging man attacked her and made her come to her senses.

No. 1512015

You're probably right nonny.

No. 1512017

Did he get SRS yet? I really want him to suffer.

No. 1512021

Funny to hear of a male complaining that she dresses for the male gaze. Like, yes, that's what drew you in, lol. I'm sure he was mad because he knew that better than anyone

No. 1512022

He's either angry she's not as "lesbian" as he wants because they all have a lesbian fetish or jealous because other men look at her.

No. 1512023

Is he doing his best in skinwalking hontra again kek

No. 1512025

File: 1650960193277.jpg (214.91 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20220426-100055_Chr…)

Delusion. Love how male they get when they insult JKR. Evil feminist = man!! Older woman = man!!
Isn't telling her she doesn't pass bc of her looks even transphobic? Such a cope because she's very pretty anyway.

No. 1512026

He could pass for Hagrid I guess kek

No. 1512027

Lmao, he wishes. Even at her least fashionable, Avril Lavigne was incredibly cute.

PT looks like if someone's dad tried to start an MCR cover band.

No. 1512029

Why do troons call themselves femboys but foam at the mouth if you refer to them as he?

No. 1512032

>We cling to these "preferences" as if we're born with them
>As if
Shithead literally just came right out and said he doesn't think people are born gay. Trannies are homophobic, full stop.

No. 1512035

File: 1650961615680.jpg (2.67 MB, 2731x4097, pt2022_04_26_10_26_12.jpg)


No. 1512036

It's just a young big-armed man in a tubetop and a kilt, which part is supposed to look female?

No. 1512044

are people who say they pass just trolling or are they fetishists?

No. 1512049

That or they’re just coomers lol. They are so porn-brained that they see a skirt and it’s basically a woman to them, because they would stick their dick in it.

No. 1512055

File: 1650965886214.jpeg (156.15 KB, 1136x679, 7034AAD3-5D19-44DD-9F2B-8B133E…)

he’s really complaining about people using the pronouns that he chose….. these people will never be happy, and no wonder when he looks like that

No. 1512057

it's a giant powerplay. no matter what you do, you're wronging them somehow.

No. 1512061

They're sabotaging him by saying he passes… Imagine if the retard went out with that's outfit, he'd get mocked so bad.

No. 1512064

They're so dead set on calling out everyone, even when they all follow the rules the troons make up new rules so they can exert their abuse over the only few people who call them friends. They're nothing but abusers looking to abuse and control others.

No. 1512071

Dude is 99% Neanderthal male DNA. If he’s “any/all”, ooga/booga will suffice

No. 1512082

-100 (ugly male)

No. 1512087

File: 1650971286647.jpg (109.92 KB, 1076x509, FROnJWaWUAcmJbs.jpg)

Ffs we dont give a shit about your genitals, its not about genitalia or boobs or "passing", its about the fact you are biologically a MAN into your very DNA, THAT is why we dont want you in our toilets!

No. 1512093

File: 1650972129436.png (414.83 KB, 727x708, Sexual and class inversion, Ol…)

No. 1512094

>i feel like im going fucking insane
Yeah that process is painful.

No. 1512101

I like how the other guy is suffering from gender obsession, yet the tranny is replying in a longer statement that the wojak doest think about gender enough? How do they make this and not see the irony? Oh right they are retarded trannies.

No. 1512104

omfg whats the shirt

No. 1512105


No. 1512110

he would have been fine as a feminine twink but no got to do the larp.

No. 1512132

File: 1650978113382.jpg (147.79 KB, 966x491, Untitled.jpg)

never forget! it's mental illness

No. 1512133

the amount of tension in their muscles and their shoulders being yanked backward as far as they go. they know they don't actually look like this irl and even angles can't save them. the cope!

No. 1512141

I enjoy a certain sport. I also live in a very woke place. I looked up womens nights of my sport, and the website explicitly says it's a place for cis and trans women, which is bad enough, but then goes on to say it is open to "all non male identified persons" who feel comfortable in womens spaces.

The mens club is still just the mens though

No. 1512144

NTa but what about what they posted makes them not a woman?

No. 1512146

here’s the link if anyone’s curious about the rest of the comments. https://www.reddit.com/r/LesbianActually/comments/ubtxxq/my_ex_is_calling_me_transphobic_to_everyone_we/

as expected, it’s infected with “lesbian” troons (straight men)

No. 1512152

Anon you made me laugh irl LMAO

No. 1512154

File: 1650980600974.jpeg (653.21 KB, 960x919, 89347951-54DA-4EBC-B25E-A1FDF3…)

No. 1512155

File: 1650980652225.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1102x1122, BE3D1960-40DA-4F61-B7E5-1136BF…)

Rip lesbian spaces

No. 1512156


>the faceApp pfp


No. 1512157

i live in a not-especially-woke place and my climbing gym has the exact same shit to say about the "women's" meetup. it's everywhere now.

No. 1512158

true and honest women, y'all

No. 1512162

I remember that pic on the left. Was it from a serial killer?

No. 1512165

wait why do you think I’m a scrote ? i know it’s cringe to say “real girl” but I say that mostly hoping I piss off any actual troons lurking this thread… nonna you have me stressed, I don’t want to sound like one of them

No. 1512167

ntayrt but it's sort of like.. the lady doth protest too much. it reads like you're trying your absolute best to not be read as male. which should be effortless if you're not kek

No. 1512168

Dennis Rader (BTK) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Rader

so a troon mods r/LesbianActually. got it.

No. 1512171

File: 1650981763184.jpg (792.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220426-095451_Boo…)

OP's an MtF egg so I figure he's fair game.

No. 1512172

File: 1650981878692.jpg (44.28 KB, 1080x552, FRPOFUgaIAAFjYK.jpg)

Based housekeeping

Also only a moid would open the door to strangers in only a bra

No. 1512178

Looking back at my post, I totally get it, I think I was too heated and it just made me sound weird and cringe but I promise I’m not a scrote. (I still stand by most of it though kek but also I’m gonna be second guessing my posting style from now on.)

No. 1512180

>Waaaah the woman I flashed at her work misgendered meeee

No. 1512183

Yes, because despite a woman having a strong jawline, she's still clearly female. Not the same as your MTF chad jaw

No. 1512184

I don't think she's a troon, I've met women who looked like her before. Also I found this video and she doesn't have a troon voice.
Feel free to prove me wrong though, I did about ten seconds of research.

No. 1512187

Lol, this is the guy who had a tard fit about a group of normal looking people

No. 1512190

They literally think a pair of blow up tits makes them female lol

No. 1512191

Damned if you date them, damned if you don't. Hopefully more people realize that dating a troon is setting yourself up for a cluster B mess, constant walking on eggshells and having to gaslight yourself into arousal because you made yourself date someone of the undesired sex.

Here's an idea: being gay should not be seen as having a "preference", but an orientation. If you're a lesbian, you don't "prefer" not to have sex with a man (including agps), you don't want to, period. Why should it concern anybody who you want to date? Let alone some delusional tranny. The opposite is incel logic.

No. 1512192

They say this and then expect our support

No. 1512195

He is one ugly motherfucker.

No. 1512198

Sorry but no. It’s clear she is suffering and confused and you’re an asshole for saying that.

No. 1512201

I hate Reddit so much. Neither of these comments are hateful in any way.

I think you’re fine nona. I did not get the scrote impression from your post at all, I think people are just autistic and on edge.

No. 1512202

Literally how is his post cute. A housekeeper should not have to deal with this shit but he probably is so excited he could force her into his fetish.

No. 1512204

Yup. I’ve been out as bisexual since I was 11, but in the past few years I’ve had people tell me my preferences are inherently transphobic and I need to unpack them and identify as pan instead to make trans people feel included. Uhh, how about fuck no.

No. 1512208

File: 1650984621506.jpg (58.9 KB, 640x640, jonathan_yaniv-1.jpg)


No. 1512209

Don't worry nona, if anything I think it's much more likely that >>1512105 is the moid here and trying to make you feel bad. And don't second guess the way you speak, everything you said in your op is true.

No. 1512219

File: 1650985135028.png (23.09 KB, 585x261, 432423234243423234342.png)

I always think post like these are trolls, but then I look at the account and it doesnt seem like it. How can somebody actually write shit like this

No. 1512225

how dare he slander florence welch like this she does not look like a moid

No. 1512238

it's so funny to me when they're like "olivia wilde has a wide jaw too!!!" about female celebrities

No. 1512242

File: 1650987134159.jpeg (27.36 KB, 720x268, trans priest.jpeg)

this one claims to have gone from a 6ft chad priest (wtf) to a short goth slut that is too weak to lift a frying pan uwu

No. 1512252

Height change is delusional, but does he think the frying pan thing is cute? He's not even coming across a true and honest woman, he's coming across as some kind of bimbo blow-up doll. Even in ye olden dayes women had to be strong enough to carry shit. They'd do cooking, cleaning, laundry, mending, farming all while carrying a baby on their back. WBK but this retard would not last one day as a woman.

>[troon] could still use penis in a womanly way
>sex with [him] felt exactly like sex with men
So… this guy was forcing a lesbian to do PIV but in a Sapphic way??? Vomit.

No. 1512255

When menopausal women lose height due to bone density loss, a loss of just 2cm is a sign that your vertebrae are literally disintegrating (which is not as painful as you'd think).

This is the exact mechanism by which consuming estrogen causes men to lose an infinitesimal amount of height.

A height loss of 10cm indicates much more of his skeleton than just his spine is falling apart, and that it won't be long before he's bedridden, and then dead.

Fingers crossed that he's not lying about it.

No. 1512256

bragging about inducing osteoporosis by fucking around with their hormones kek

No. 1512257

I attended a women's hobby club the other day that promoted how diverse they were. The diversity was 3 troons and every other girl being ftm or non binary.

No. 1512260

File: 1650988338991.jpg (418.44 KB, 972x2454, Screenshot_20220426-164947_Chr…)

Apologies if wrong thread but is anyone interested in a lolcow chapter of JKR's Barmy Book Army?

No. 1512263

File: 1650988593102.jpg (113.43 KB, 828x1414, FRR6fdLXMAIIfon.jpg)

Men look like women, and women I dont like look like men, which is bad because thats ugly, but only on people I dont like

What kind of mind gymnastics

No. 1512264

No. 1512266

Actual schizophrenic behaviour, I can't imagine being this delusional.

No. 1512267

They don’t fucking see us as people.God I hate troons

No. 1512272

I wish I could meet other women like this irl

No. 1512273

b-but birther is a non-offensive term!! it has a place in medical journals and articles!!! its inclusive!!! it totally isnt an attempt to destroy womens dignity!!

No. 1512275

Right? Lol. Mask off moment. They have those at least 100 times a day. Same old brain dead incel logic just as usual.

No. 1512277

File: 1650989236859.jpeg (123.23 KB, 1080x1444, 1650935290947.jpeg)

reposting because this is just too funny

No. 1512281

HP books/movies/merch has been redifined as a 'dogwhistle' anyway so let's run with it.

No. 1512283

It's cool that JK even offered to visit the group someday.

No. 1512285

looks like a rocky horror character

No. 1512290

palpable female energy wow

No. 1512293

File: 1650990698637.png (707.5 KB, 1077x1303, euphoria.png)

No. 1512295

File: 1650991044166.png (473.16 KB, 600x489, F71CB63B-693A-40C2-8B54-5649BB…)

No. 1512301

File: 1650991728999.jpg (240.37 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20220426-124146_Boo…)

The magical effects of estrogen:

No. 1512302

File: 1650991753503.jpg (507.65 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20220426-124038_Boo…)

The magic starts as early as the first day!, kek

No. 1512303

File: 1650991754173.png (83.01 KB, 1736x417, 4.png)

this guy 100% jerked off afterwards.

No. 1512306

Proof men just want to be around women to feel "safe" because they know we're vulnerable. They want comfort at the expense of ours.

No. 1512308

well, I don't care about your born gender, I care about your aggressiv behaviour and that I don't feel save with someone that threatens women with rape because they disagree. There are trans people that hate all of you because you are ruining their lives with all this attention seeking, aggressiv and very male behaviour. And I dislike you for taking away dinosaur emojis, I want them back.

No. 1512311

File: 1650992232315.jpg (210 KB, 1300x1524, FRR_1ZvWUAYVPFD.jpg)

Well we dont have a penis for starters

No. 1512312

not being ugly enough

No. 1512313

File: 1650992360383.png (219.12 KB, 2046x1860, agpidentitycrisis01a.png)

I recognize the username. His based parents tried to convince him it was just a fetish (his dad even had transvestic AGP) and he transitioned anyway. He's practically an AGP stereotype.

No. 1512316

I'm a born woman standing 5'9 tall and I can lift that cast iron pan to show you the way out of the female toilets. As if being a woman has something to do with the stuff you can lift, but they will never understand that we don't need men to manage our life and can do things all alone.

No. 1512317

i loathe things like this.. each time i go and report stuff like this but nothing happens. despite how peverted it is

No. 1512319

My corsets are expensive and actually fit me, because I'm female

No. 1512320

>what's stopping y'all from looking like this
well I'm not male so…

No. 1512322

Biology and having self awareness. Hope this helps!

No. 1512324

Dont feel the need baby. I'm comfy in my shirts and well fitted jeans or slacks.

No. 1512325

>literally and figuratively sucks some ugly moid's dick to be an ally even though she finds him repulsive
>tolerates an unfulfilling relationship with him, is ashamed of her own natural preferences(is he? nope!)
>eventually breaks free, still maintains a "friendship"(handmaidenery troon-worship) with him
>he acts just like any other moid in return while she just stands there and takes it
Please be a based TERF psyop, this is far too enraging if true.

No. 1512326


No. 1512328

>My pores shrank
>My veins disappeared
>Estrogen made me a woman overnight!
Retard cools down after his masturbation session and thinks it's estrogen turning him into a woman. Incredible.
God troons have no fashion sense. A detailed lace corset top with ratty cotton underwear?
No one calls you to help them move anymore because you won't shut up about sissy porn

No. 1512329

File: 1650993877920.png (164.14 KB, 500x313, download.png)

No. 1512333

Pretty sure this is a troll account, y'all:

No. 1512338

Yeah, his mom is right, but paraphiliacs rarely care about anything besides their twisted fetishes and will never be normal because of their inferior moid coom brains. Jeffrey Dahmer became a necrophiliac because his adolescent masturbation coincided with his interest in roadkill

No. 1512346

>Oooh Im just such a weak fragile womanly goth slut uwu
Remember it's not a fetish

No. 1512352

nonbinary is when you are amab, have all your hair still, and wear pink.

No. 1512361

oh you're right lol

No. 1512370

yes nona!! I want to have a chapter stateside. It makes me sad that I don't live on terf island.

No. 1512389

I know I’m late but holy kek anon you split my fucking sides open irl with this shit omg

No. 1512392

File: 1650998593291.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x2560, 22-04-26-19-41-58-465_deco.jpg)

Makeup artist? Lmao

No. 1512393

Ah yes, being a girl is when you gain 100 lbs in a year

No. 1512394

It must suck that their tweeting won't change reality and that trannies will still keep seething at Rowling having the one thing they'll never be able to possess.

No. 1512397

""Katy"" is quite literally a schizo. I can't wait until the age starts to show and he turns into a Yaniv monstrosity like they all do. There's only so much filters and drag makeup can do before sexual dimorphism rears its ugly forehead.

No. 1512398

KEK he saw edited selfies of women and women wearing pore covering foundation and thinks that's how we actually look. Men are so fucking retarded

No. 1512399

So that’s what ezra miller has been up to

No. 1512400

Troons regularly wear shirts with anime girls doing hacker shit. I have seen two in public wearing something that looks like that.
I think it’s because they have some bizarre pedophilic obsession with Serial Experiments Lain

No. 1512426

File: 1651001995382.png (170.59 KB, 758x648, Not Joanna Cherry on Twitter.p…)

not the trannies who have taken over everything nope not them.

No. 1512430

TIL women don't have pores

No. 1512434

File: 1651002540535.jpg (597.69 KB, 1001x1479, 1650998951514.jpg)

what is a joke

No. 1512442

File: 1651003215623.png (25.33 KB, 748x272, Erin Reed (@ErinInTheMorn) _ T…)

10k blocked and Anthony still won't block Rowling hm

No. 1512445

must be nice only having to worry about self-inflicted problems. shame.

No. 1512457

Oh no! Someone used the wrong pronouns! How will you cope!

No. 1512459

right? like shit war in my country and my family getting murdered by drones don't have nothing on Timothia's and their diaper/anime girl fetish, the real oppressed FOLKS out here

No. 1512465

Holy shit do these people really think someone using the 'wrong pronoun' is violence or hostility? I wish my problems were that small

No. 1512474

I mean there'd be zero problem if self-ID was never approved anywhere in the first place, since everyone's ID would state their actual sex. They act like "genital-essentialism" would be this huge utopistic thing with pedophilia and showing of genitals, but it's literally how the world worked until up to ~2012.

No. 1512479

File: 1651007108885.png (783.65 KB, 1089x956, 55343543453543545454.png)

No. 1512481

this is fucking hilarious

No. 1512482

Stop letting men into women's prisons! I hope he'll murdered by the other inmates or guards. disgusting

No. 1512484

Worst part is this is happening in the liberal cities of NYC where trannies are still held above women. I hate that he was put away for attempted rape but goes to a women's prison to rape. fuck this shit hole

No. 1512488

File: 1651007610827.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1428x2539, 97B4E869-6036-447B-A7CA-CDBF58…)


No. 1512494

File: 1651007913641.png (598.44 KB, 939x740, wtf.png)

wtf is going on

>being put in prison for crimes against women

>put in women's prison

so this can NEVER be challenged, even in these extreme circumstances. got it.

No. 1512495

i hope they make him choke on his own blood in there

No. 1512496

This and Lia Thomas. 2022 is the year peaking began.

No. 1512497

So he volunteers there and is constantly outside escorting women, but the catholic protestors that stand there everyday couldn't recognize him? It's such a fucking bizarre daydream for him to have.

No. 1512529

Kek first world problems

No. 1512547

File: 1651012671346.jpeg (425.33 KB, 1284x1804, CBE25487-1BB4-4090-A0EE-8856CC…)

I need to vent. I had signed up to this womens retreat having the promise of womb healing and connection but then this bitch goes and makes it inclusive to “all” women. I got a refund as I knew there would end up being trannys there and since she’s now posted pictures of the womens retreat having baths, saunas and other such things, more troons are signing up. She’s at least had the decency to reject those still identifying as the male sex but will end up making all the retreats open for all. These things aren’t cheap either and more and more “womens retreats” are being open to trannys and men, but you don’t see it with any of the male healing retreats. Ohhh no.
Images is from a male essentially saying he should be invited because it’s his birth right right after images were posted of women in hot tubs and the sauna.

When will this bullshit end?!

No. 1512552

File: 1651014318974.jpeg (188.86 KB, 828x1152, 39DFF4B9-A1E0-434C-93CB-4E40AB…)

just pitiful

No. 1512553

File: 1651014374164.jpeg (77.1 KB, 1024x877, 5677D1EA-E970-4892-830C-0FE433…)

Imagine having to block 25k people and then turn around and claim everyone actually supports you and you’re in the majority. Cannot understand this level of delusion.

I’m sorry nona. Maybe you can look through the negative comments and the people who liked those and message them to create your own small event. That way you can meet some likeminded women. Sad we have to do these things nowadays.

No. 1512555

Speaking of twitter has anyone ever compiled a TIM blocklist? I block any troon I see but there’s just so many…

No. 1512556

Glad you got a refund.

Why even bother calling it a woman's event?? I looked at the comments (I live in that neck of the woods and recognised the account) and she even says "It’s suuuper important to us that we’re a safe space for anyone who identifies as a woman or even wants to celebrate their female energies as a non-binary person!" kek

You dodged a bullet.

No. 1512560

File: 1651015434832.jpeg (322.63 KB, 803x738, 572C266B-6F87-4FA5-83BE-D41D08…)

Have other nonnas noticed AGPs infiltrating lesbian-only events? One of the four people who run DykeDay now is literally a man

No. 1512563

If a lesbian is a woman who is sexually attracted to other women why do these exist?

>lesbians who are trans

Mentally ill men in dresses are not lesbians because they are men

>lesbians who are asexual

Asexuality is an absence of sexuality, therefore asexual lesbian is an oxymoron because asexuals aren't sexually attracted to anyone

>lesbians who are non-binary

I don't even know where to start with this one

No. 1512564

Just disappointed as something like this would be wonderful where it is just women. Trannys think try to use the excuse of “some women have no womb like me!” Yeh, but they once had a womb and still had to go through shit, hence a healing event is something needed.

Shes been deleting comments that are negative when it comes to admitting that trannys are going. She’s going to shoot herself in the foot when it comes to some of the older women, if they’re not already handmaidens.

I would love to form a group but I couldn’t lead something like this. I wanted to go as after giving birth I ended up with uterine cancer and lost my womb. The pregnancy was absolute hell too, not to mention some of the public health services “couldn’t” refer to me as a women. It’s horse shit. Hospital was what made me lose it

No. 1512568

At least it's obvious even OP is taking the piss in the replies, I wonder how welcome men truly are there because those posts don't seem sincere at all kek

No. 1512569

I'm so sorry for what you went through anon, it's absurd that males who have never and could never go through or relate to these experiences are inviting themselves into clearly women-only spaces.
It'd be like me inviting myself to a testicular cancer healing resort, what would be the fucking point unless I
1. enjoyed invading men's spaces
2. Wanted to make the men there uncomfortable
It's impossible for a man to benefit in any real way from attending an event like this.

No. 1512570

yet but insincere in a undiscerning cult member sort of way, not based troll kind

No. 1512572

Sorry, anon. I deleted my post, it was insensitive. I had a hysterectomy and despite not wanting children, I struggled with it a bit. I can't imagine losing it to cancer. Looks like womb healing attracts many women who are seeking healing for emotional damage due to miscarriage, abortion, and stillbirths. I'm sorry a very private and vulnerable issue is being invaded. Despite my remark that I feel like I wouldn't need it because I don't have a womb, I understand women who are either coping emotionally and need healing or the physical trauma of the removing a major organ. I, myself, felt like my insides were a slushie and the healing was long and painful.

No. 1512573

I do love foraging and I don’t really have other women to talk to anymore as most are all for trans and raising a child this day and age is hard. Not in the sense the child is difficult, it’s the schools and garbage that is fed to parents via media. I’ve been to a few and they’ve been great. It’s like a holiday where I can switch off my mind from work and the rest of the world. No thinking about what to cook, clean, do and usually you’re around like minded people so there’s no general frustration. But this type of shit ruins it.
With letting trannys in you would have to walk on egg shells because they might be offended, then the other women are tense, then stripping down is going to be another stress factor on top of that.
These things aren’t physical healing, I don’t expect my womb back, they are supposed to be away to release stress and any built up emotions amongst others that understand. A care free environment, if you will

Tl;dr: womens retreats are mental release bitching circles with food and games?

No. 1512575

hugs nona. that is absolute horse shit and i can't stand that you've had to deal with this.

No. 1512578

File: 1651017545348.jpg (65.25 KB, 1280x720, marla.jpg)

Time to invade troon spaces and make them uncomfortable… as if that was possible, they'd piss their pants in joy. But I do remember someone doing troll ops by posting female selfies into transtimelines subreddits claiming they were 3 months on estrogen or something, that was kind of hilarious.

No. 1512579

That’s the thing! They trannys and men only started rocking up after pictures of women in bathing suits were posted! It’s not cheap at £160 and was for women only but now it’s turned into anyone rock up if you identify as a women.

That’s fine anon. I’m fairly open about womens issues as I was a neonate nurse and have seen many MANY horrible things that women go through and aren’t told about, or are told to keep quiet about it “for your own mental well being”. It’s horrendous. The UK health system utterly fails women in every way, even when you think it’s good, it’s not and you’re always left in the lurch. Sometimes you just need a good cry or scream out in a forest while chewing on some random weed you just picked. You also don’t need some unsolicited (girl)cock shoved in your face when bathing

No. 1512581

This breaks my heart, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else, it’s not fair at all. I really hope in the future there will be spaces safe for actual women, even if they have to come from mass-peaking due to things such as this happening.

No. 1512584

File: 1651018085653.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20220426-190432_Red…)

giga hon

No. 1512585

This is horrifying omg KEK

No. 1512586

Those hands haven't been near a sink for days

No. 1512588


No. 1512589

this mofo gotta have some bodies in his basement, I just know it

No. 1512592

Those eyes made me shiver

No. 1512595

god the fingernails lmfao

No. 1512596

That hand doesn't even look human like bro that's a gorilla

No. 1512599

I’m going to disagree with you only on the asexual part. You can be asexual and still a lesbian because you are romantically attracted to women but just not interested in sex.

The rest of this shit is dumb

No. 1512620

Are you lost, maybe tumblr would be more suited to your retarded kweer theories? If asexuality is a legitimate phenomenon, it inherently excludes any sort of homo or hetero attraction. An asexual should be equally lacking in attraction to both men and women. There's no such thing as romantic attraction without sexual attraction on some level, that's called platonic friendship.

No. 1512627

File: 1651021089805.png (1.19 MB, 1974x1189, Untitled1.png)

No. 1512628

That is not what asexual means…

No. 1512640

There is such a weirdly high amount of Latina women who hate their ethnicity and simp/marry conservative white men. Must be self hatred

No. 1512648

File: 1651023338591.png (269.49 KB, 759x808, r on Twitter.png)

>we're scared of being trans

No. 1512653

love you nona

No. 1512669

File: 1651024851590.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1647527961310.jpg)


So basically

No. 1512685

Yeah but that’s the liberal version. A conservative variant exists

No. 1512693

This is one of the stupidest takes I’ve ever seen them make. I don’t even understand how this is a conclusion they could come to. If anything, I’m way more comfortable in my “gender identity” bc I accept that I’m female and can do/wear whatever the fuck I want.

No. 1512699

Sometimes the copium is just fucking insane kek

No. 1512709

File: 1651026692614.png (182.51 KB, 459x737, johnny2.png)

looks like johnny greenwood the guitarist from radiohead might be a heckin TERF


No. 1512711

Was browsing Quora when I came across the 9000th misogynistic incel computer-science tranny. It's getting really annoying to see these freaks when I'm not even trying to find them

Copypasted because I can't screenshot on my phone
"I used to think I was straight. Now, I can't even be comfortable near a woman with large breasts, they do not turn me AT ALL they are useless flaps to me. As for vagina, it makes me throw up. I consider myself to very very gay at least for the foreseeable future, in actuality I'm technally bi/pan but have had horrible experiences with women and it's abysmal, and won't work. and thinking about women sexually makes me soft. I used to dread so deeply the fact that I had to put myself inside of one and pretend I like it. When I was younger my friend kept showing me his dick. He also had a round but still manly bubble butt. I used to fantasize about how really clean buttholes make vaginas look like filth. I would only sleep with a woman on her stomach, not moaning and anal only, and think of hot sexy men who I crave endlessly . Comparing a women saying “ come f* me" and a strong, man with a large penis a chest hair is ifinitely more attractive. Women think they are better than everyone else and hold standards impossibly high and have no mercy on you being the perfect boyfriend to them. I have a woman inside me, and wanna be one, and do admire women greatly though. I'd rather BE a woman.

At this point in time basically, women disgust me sexually"

No. 1512713

Kek GOOD I hope they try to cancel radiohead next that'd be a fun saga.

No. 1512722

That’s a lot of bullshitty words for a dude to say he’s just gay.

No. 1512731

kek what… honestly I love jonny and I hope he doesn't get involved so he can just continue living his quiet life tbh. Like he doesn't deserve any public cancellation shit. I remember his wife's twitter was filled with anti-vax shit tho so they are probably right-leaning in general maybe or something

No. 1512733

Oh Johnny, Sweetie!!!

Good fucking luck. Liberal artsy music snob moids will die for Radiohead.

No. 1512738

if you look up the interracial dating statistics, you'll see white men and Latina women are the most common couple in America

Also Latina women have the cultural concept of "'Mejorar la raza" improving the race by whitening the lineage

No. 1512751

>romantic attraction without sexual attraction is platonic friendship
Nta and off topic but I don’t think that’s true. Romance doesn’t always involve lust. You were probably attracted to people without arousal as a child, that’s all such people mean by asexuality. You can consider someone beautiful, really adore them and want romantic exclusivity, like some kind of objectifying reverence but you can’t look at them and become aroused. I’ve been working on becoming sexually attracted to people but the non sexual crushes I already had haven’t changed. Maybe proper asexuality wouldn’t involve romantic attraction but the concept exists.

No. 1512754

File: 1651030622043.jpg (360.9 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20220426-233312_Boo…)

Yet another transmaxxer

No. 1512756

File: 1651030876277.jpg (271.89 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20220426-234027_Boo…)

Really challenging gender stereotypes!

No. 1512758

Wtf i love Radiohead now. Also, it's so fucking creepy how people comb through Twitter likes to find something to bitch about

No. 1512759

Dehumanise a group of people to the point that you can wear their dna and socioeconomic existence as a costume.

No. 1512766

You guys are making this more complicated than it is. This you described has nothing to do with attraction/romance, this is just being obsessed or admiring someone. Thinking someone is pretty doesn't require wanting to fuck or date them alright but this doesn't prove that the split attraction model you guys are referencing is true. If anything it's utter bullshit.

No. 1512787

File: 1651034779410.jpg (740.13 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20220426-224540_Chr…)

No. 1512803

Is he trying to skin walk a 5 year old child?

No. 1512807

or, alternatively, his wife's likely deceased great grandmother

No. 1512809

Randomly coming out as troon, taking the name of your possibly dead great grandma and 5 year old daughter, how many red flags do these women need to just divorce? Really hope her next post isnt about molestation of their daughter.

No. 1512824

Based. now name the J.

No. 1512830

She needs to leave this idiot ASAP, being your wife means you should be the first to know, not the last. It means he actively hid his namechange and transition from her while being open with others.

No. 1512831

Amazing how many countries, esp the US, will restrict the rights of prisoners in various ways but still give in to this bullshit. Sure, take away their right to vote, make them live in inhumane conditions, outright kill them with or without sufficient evidence…but god forbid you disrespect their gender identity.
>I grew up in the church
I’m sure this has nothing to do with his weird and regressive view of women as a whole now, and fetishization/obsession with pregnancy. Probably just a coincidence…
I really don’t understand how anyone could interpret the events in this comic in a negative way at all. A small child asks a nonsensical question because they lack the ability to understand complex topics like gender identity, and the mom answers in a way that makes perfect sense and doesn’t make the kid feel ashamed for who she is or being a girl
Lmao I can’t even begin to express the joy I’d feel if any of the Radiohead guys were to go full terf on main. It’d be so hilarious watching their inceloid fans try to reconcile their hatred for women with their pathetic worship of their fave band
I think true asexuality is extremely rare. Most people who claim the label are autistic and fundamentally don’t understand the nuance of romance/sexuality in general or are victims of sexual trauma. I personally think it’s difficult to draw clear delineation between romantic and sexual attraction, since they so often blur and romantic actions very often are considered romantic because they have a subtle sexual undercurrent. While I don’t personally have a problem with an asexual woman calling herself lesbian if she exclusively dates women, I don’t think that label is technically accurate. Asexuality is defined by a lack of sexual attraction, much like atheism is a lack of belief in a deity. By definition, if you do not experience sexual attraction, you cannot be a homosexual. If you’re not a homosexual, you are not a lesbian.
tldr: the split attraction model is bullshit for autismos and gays who need to work out their internalized homophobia

No. 1512840

I refuse to believe a woman typed this

No. 1512848

This makes me so happy, I’ve always fucking loved Radiohead and Johnny Greenwood is the one I have the biggest crush on.

No. 1512860

Men are allowed to have an exclusive sexuality. If a woman said she was sexually disgusted by men and would only sleep with them if they had a bag over their head or something, she’d be banned, deleted and brigaded by trannies.

No. 1512866


They bring up various studies, one of which shows from a multiple answer survey only 10% detransition due to discrimination, 70% said their dysphoria was due to "other issues" (presumably depression and anxiety), 12% detransitioned for financial reasons, over 40% because their politics changed, etc. 46% of responders had undergone surgery, which is a tough pill to swallow and still say that detransitioners weren't serious/fakers. Another study showed that forums dedicated to the FtMs typically talked about feelings and the MtFs typically talked about sex. A very womanly thing to do is talking about being a cum slut, of course. They watch a stream/debate between Vaush and some Doctor specialising in sex studies, at one point Vaush (someone who barely made undergrad on a social science degree) says that there is no surpression in academia and that researchers can do anything they want, cancelling doesn't happen, and actually it's LibsOfTikTok that's firing people instead. Needless to say, the Doctor was quite annoyed he made such claims based on anecdotes from friends while she is an actual Doctor who was fired herself, and this came after Vaush declared that anecdotes weren't admissable (in response to her bringing up trans rape cases, it being such a new phenomena that data hasn't been created yet). Point is, the evidence is on the side of gender dysphoria being a fairly modern disease that is the result of environment increasing the stakes of illnesses like depression, with the MtFs uniquely doing so because of fetishes, probably as a result of continual porn addiction and chasing the high.

No. 1512868

Oh so gender isn't fixed and immutable you say? So by your logic transitioning is pointless because trans people can go back to being cis at any point in time. Sounds a bit terfy if you ask me kek

No. 1512871

can all of you take your walls of pure text here? https://lolcow.farm/2X/ please

No. 1512885

Eat a dick

No. 1512894

sounds like he's trying to convince himself kek
sorry you can't read more than 3 sentences together

No. 1512897

>Sex is the only point of relationships
Is a really stupid moid take

No. 1512898

File: 1651045683841.gif (2.77 MB, 498x278, snooki-jersey.gif)

look bitches, you all have your own entire BOARD to nag, pseudo speculate and psychoanalyze the motherfucker trannies. This thread is to make fun of them not to nag over your brainwashed "sisters in arms" and scream hysterics over trying to peak everyone around you . So take your saggy sad ass back to spinster or ovarit with this hyperbolic bullshit. I'll take my ban miss ma'am mod.

No. 1512899

Dangerously based

No. 1512904

oh so you actually can't read! my condolences

No. 1512905

you are the one who can't read miss tranny PHD

No. 1512907

go and actually read the recent long posts, none of them are about "sisterhood" or hysterical or even about feminism. by the way this thread is also for women and not homosexual men yet here you are

No. 1512908

You only need to say it once

No. 1512910

File: 1651046589297.gif (856.25 KB, 335x250, WetSphericalAndeancat-size_res…)

it doesn't matter what the fuck they are about it isn't the place to be writing fucking essays about the troons. And I'm latina pull up see how I manhandle your ass first world hoe

No. 1512911


No. 1512912

if you wanna "cat fight" that's fine by me too

No. 1512915

>it's MA'AMhandle!!

No. 1512919

Sir do you know where you are?

No. 1512920

File: 1651047913773.jpg (Spoiler Image, 505.75 KB, 1080x1440, PhotoCollage_1651048489385.jpg)

Nik Heke back on their queen behaviour by making a thread about how troons swing their quandingles around in the womens bathroom. Take note of how some of them are outside the stalls near the sinks, and theres one with people just standing behind them washing their hands. If any lurking handmaidens see this: when it's you who just wants to pee, you're going to feel unsafe because there will be trans people masturbating to the sound of women and their daughters pissing/ hoping to flash you

No. 1512924

do YOU know where YOU are? go to your fucking board on 2X and stop shitting up the thread, this isn't reddit.(infighting)

No. 1512925

this has got to be a faggot larping

No. 1512926

do not associate my culture with your pasty ass faggots who stole it and claimed it as theirs(racebait)

No. 1512928

File: 1651048182685.jpeg (16.46 KB, 275x271, 1649057722490.jpeg)

No. 1512932

You should go to kiwifarms. You won't see women or feminists there. They also have tranny threads and most posters are faggots.

No. 1512933

Girl I'm mad as hell, I told them nicely enough and literally told me to "suck a dick", the fuck.

No. 1512935

>Anything that conflicts with my safe space hivemind is larp
God just shut up already, I just wanna laugh not read your annoying bullshit

No. 1512936

All of you need fucking glasses cause once again here's the ultra mother feminist board FOR ALL OF YOU

No. 1512937

File: 1651048504273.jpg (20.23 KB, 687x150, Jesus Christ.JPG)

oh even better it was "EAT A DICK" very feminist, thank you.

No. 1512938

File: 1651048528545.jpg (91.47 KB, 1004x1467, EVqRD0IXgAM2mOa.jpeg.jpg)

>I'm latina pull up see how I manhandle your ass first world hoe

No. 1512939

Imagine being this upset women are talking about trannies in the tranny thread. Smells like balls in here

No. 1512940

ya'll can still do it, just do it in the right place. https://lolcow.farm/2X/

No. 1512941

Kek'd tho
Talking about your "womb healing" and the friend circle that abandoned you and why all males are naturally literally Satan isn't talking about tranny cows

No. 1512943

The paragraph you were complaining about didn't mention any "womb healing" or man hate whatsoever. Take your meds ffs.

No. 1512945

She is obviously talking about the thread in general retard.

No. 1512946

I didn't complain about anything, "I'm latina" anon isn't me
I just agree that this thread is full of too much sappy uwu sisterhood blog posting bullshit
I'm here to laugh, not read about your personal problems

No. 1512947

kek, I love you.

No. 1512948

Right and the post that did mention womb healing was some anon talking about scrotes invading women's retreats for things like womb healing. Seemed to align with the topic at hand since they were piggybacking off another anon who posted a picture of a male trying to Weasle his way into a woman's only event.

No. 1512949

and they can do all that, just where it belongs.

No. 1512950

Triggered man who wants to read tranny thread for milk?

No. 1512951


Agreed, but I think the dumb newfags pouring in have no idea it exists, just make it a public board ffs

No. 1512954

The problem with making it public is that is gonna bring actual moids and create a shit ton of problems for the mods, who already doing this for free so we can have a space for women. they can literally just bookmark 2X and be there 24/7, problem solved, everyone wins.

No. 1512955

>N-no, you can't do something I don't want you to do on an image board!
Kek. Take your meds retard. Post milk or stop complaining. At least anons are on topic, you're just reeing about the thread.

No. 1512956

their hysteric walls of text aren't milk either, retard.(infighting)

No. 1512957

Are you the Depp thread retard?

No. 1512958

Neither is sperging out about anons troon related anecdotes.

No. 1512959

I'm amber-chan, nice to meet you.

No. 1512960

Still not milk, go here. https://lolcow.farm/2X/

No. 1512961

Kek, why don't you go to ree about women sir. Maybe Depp will fuck you if you cry hard enough.

No. 1512962

Why don't you go and nag about your entire family rooting for depp's abusive ass in the right board? https://lolcow.farm/2X/(mini-modding)

No. 1512963

Holy shit why does being annoyed by constant sperging make someone a man

No. 1512964

They desperately need to believe women are a bonded cult womb conglomerate and anyone who disagrees must be a tranny or man or even tradthot because women could not possibly disagree or be annoyed by them

No. 1512966

Non thread regular who is triggered, please relax and hide thread or visit KF if it makes you lose your mind so much.
>They need to believe
Okay scrote kek.

No. 1512967

>Implying the KF thread isn't full of the same cowish attention whoring "terf" women who feel the need to bitch about their personal lives constantly
>Proving me right once again by calling me a scrote

No. 1512969


No. 1512970

Keep coping

No. 1512971

Go back to kiwifarms please.

No. 1512972



I've been here for 5+ years

No. 1512973

Y'all shut the fuck up and post trannies

No. 1512974

No. 1512976

I’m the Nonna that told you to eat a dick and I stand by that statement now that I’ve seen how autistic you’ve become. I’m not a feminist, especially if that term is to be associated with the likes of you. Again, eat a dick, then maybe cry about it over on your precious board? But thank you for the lols. I’ve only ever seen troons this butthurt

No. 1512979

I bet this is the same fucking faggot that keeps complaining whenever we talk about any issue.

Ve a comer penes maricon de mierda, solo das verguenza.

No. 1512981


No. 1512982


No. 1512983

Based. They should just go back to kiwifarms where only incels and fagcels are posting.

No. 1512985

You have never looked at the tranny thread there, quit pretending
A more accurate suggestion is the tranny hate threads on 4chan if you really truly honestly believe anyone who doesn't like your cringy sperging is a moid

No. 1512986

Are you ban evading? Obsessed.

No. 1512987

No, but I am awaiting a ban for calling out this annoying bullshit, idc tho I mostly lurk these days anyway

No. 1512988

Why does white mâles are like this.(racebait)

No. 1512990

Why do you not know basic English and when to sage your shit?

No. 1512991

Then keep lurking and stfu.

4chan is the home of troons. All threads there are infested with troons and moids.

The only melt down greater than the current Twitter troon is here on lowcow. There’s a few other melt downs happen on other threads too.

Just report and move on

No. 1512992

The newfag on you is palpable
Nah, I'll post until I'm silenced
You've never been on 4chan, tranny hate is rampant and there are great tranny hate threads on /gif/ where "a-logging" isn't bannable
Only problem is it's coming from moids and I prefer the female perspective, doesn't mean I want to read your depressing ass diary tho

No. 1512995

>stop being hysterical and sperging about feminism
>the posts aren't hysterical nor about feminism though?
>it doesn't matter what they're about!!
you are so stupid

No. 1512997

the file name made me cackle, bless you nonna

No. 1512998

jfc the infighting, flick eachothers clits already

are there any more of these? they've been helping hugely to peak normie friends/nigels and are appreciated nonas

No. 1513002

I heard a man say "that just doesn't happen" about sexual creep troons masturbating in women's bathrooms just yesterday… fucking gross. I think it's very telling that troons NEVER condemn this type of behaviour and pretend it doesn't happen, even though it's easy to find on most troon spaces like reddit.

I also wish these were properly archived somewhere and tagged so I could find them again without having to scroll through lc threads.

No. 1513011

File: 1651057645098.jpg (547.51 KB, 1080x1949, Screenshot_20220427_140446_com…)

Video is him crying over a 1 hour podcast made about him and a 3 minute video (assuming tiktok) made about him. Does anyone know where these can be found?

No. 1513018

PragerU posted an hour long podcast reacting to him on their YouTube channel, that’s probably what he’s wailing about

No. 1513019

Can we do a background check on this moid? I bet he did theatre because that was fake af. He's definitely tranny-larping for clout of smth.

podcast is vidrel

No. 1513021

They're all tranny-larping for clout nona. Haven't you noticed how like all of them want to be influencers and shi?

No. 1513023

he has the same face for smiling and crying, creepy

No. 1513027

File: 1651060303387.jpg (570.05 KB, 720x3349, dylan.jpg)

he did theater and acting since at least 2014. and i thought he was past his mid 30s but he's only 26 kek
picrel interview with shoutoutsocal from 2021 which is him using media language but confirming it's for clout

No. 1513030

Then go hug your friend retarded demi lesbian androsexual faggot

No. 1513031

report what you don't like and stop derailing the thread

No. 1513032

File: 1651060564354.webm (15.55 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

ayrt. too much of a social life to be a tranny. Even for a HSTS. AGPS and HSTS alike seethe when you remind them how much of a man they are. Especially if you're an attractive woman. This moid seemed unphased.
I hate to say I told you so. Typical gay scrote.

No. 1513033

Grow up

No. 1513034

26? Jesus men age so badly.

No. 1513038

This guy is like something straight out of a horror movie.

No. 1513042


No. 1513045

girls toys from mcdonalds!! I can't

No. 1513047

Why do these men in their 30s always call themselves "girls"?
Also, I feel like the gendies are going to be mad the "TERF" is a conventionally attractive young black woman and not the stereotype of a "Karen" they can screech about whiteness to lol

No. 1513050

File: 1651063088804.png (56.09 KB, 620x736, jonny.png)

Unfortunately he is backtracking now, claiming "fat thumbs" for liking a different GC tweet by Suzanne Moore about male lesbians (This one: https://twitter.com/suzanne_moore/status/1518614110467936257 and link to screenshot thread: https://twitter.com/JnnyG/status/1519214115268571136 )
But… accidentally liking at least two GC tweets? Hmmm, maybe this is like JKR's early journey into terfdom. Remember when her PR team originally said she only liked certain tweets due to a "middle aged moment" or some shit? Or maybe Jonny's wife is terfy and gets on his Twitter sometimes kek.

No. 1513052

nta but I've also wondered this after meeting so many of them irl, and they always claim it's "for the childhood they didn't get to experience" but honestly, the ones I have met in my programming job this far have all been lolicons judging by their twitters etc. Take that as you will, but the conclusion it gives me is quite disgusting…

No. 1513053

They won’t care. They shit on black TERFs all the time too, adding in the bonus racism to boot.

No. 1513056

I guess it’s possible bc I’ve definitely done that before on Twitter, but I don’t really buy it either. Wish he would just own up to it. If I were a celeb I’d be extra careful of what I liked, on accident or otherwise, bc these crazies will stalk every move you make.

No. 1513058

man moment

No. 1513059

I genuinely hate that these are considered "right wing" views nowadays. She's absolutely correct but the fact she identifies as right wing is why TRAs claim all terves are nazis. No idea about any of her other views but there's a broken clock, at least.

No. 1513060

File: 1651063788928.jpeg (672.58 KB, 2876x1328, 9A9A9A73-A83F-46C3-9E47-0A7C3C…)

I just love how much she makes them seethe, also I really need to hit up a book store and buy a book of hers soon.

No. 1513067

The TERFs = nazis thing is just one of the stupidest takes in existence. How it is any different than calling women feminazis? They hate a woman standing up for herself so much.

No. 1513069

File: 1651064287804.jpg (11.84 KB, 290x290, 200084772.jpg)

No. 1513076

He is one ugly and disgusting moid. Sometimes I can’t believe the things that form in peoples minds. That part about the womb being cut out of a living woman just gives me chills in the worst way, like you know this motherfucker is going to kill a woman if he hasn’t already.

No. 1513078

File: 1651065066378.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.06 KB, 720x1230, delete.jpg)

How a girl looks like according to TRAs. spoiler for buldge

No. 1513082

No wonder he tried to change gender with a mirco penis like that. Wonder if he knows he won’t be able to get a designer pussy coin purse

No. 1513083

All of these videos are archived. Funny enough, the troons themselves are archiving it. They even post it themselves, their own self made porn, to websites tagging it as "trans woman masturbated in public". Millions of results. They are incriminating themselves on their own pornhubs, their own xhamster accounts, even on the OnlyFans they attach to their person Twitter. The people saying "this never happens" are the people making and posting the porn

No. 1513091

This enrages me. I had to undergo an abortion alone after a scrote stealthed me (fortunately abortions are readily available where I live), and I cannot imagine any woman who would find this "adventures at the clinic" post amusing.

>"a bond of sisterhood to the work"

YWNBAW. And the abortion clinic isn't about "bonding" it is about providing women with neessary medical care.

>"My first time was wild."

F* you.

>"I had the idea of pretending to be a patient."

You just wanted to be the center of attention. You probably had little concern for the vulnerable woman being verbally harassed. You lack the empathy for that.

>"intensely euphoric"

So many woman who face those verbal assaults are deeply traumatized by the experience. Even if the abortion was right for them, they live in doubt and depression. To find that sort of experience "euphoric" is an insult to all women in the unenviable position of questioning abortion.

No. 1513096

This is straight up fanfiction.

No. 1513103

Yeah seeing his previous photos and the fact that he's an actor makes it quite obvious this is clout chasing and he probably doesn't even believe he's trans himself. He's an attention whore

No. 1513109

File: 1651067354923.jpg (331.1 KB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20220427_154023.jpg)


No. 1513111

he 100% told her last to pressure her into being ok with it. "but how can i change it nowwww? everyone already calls me by that name so i can't change itttt".

No. 1513115

So predictable. It’s the same way they end up trapping these women in marriage and with kids, making them feel like they can’t leave. I’m not saying sometimes the wives aren’t to blame too but it can be so hard to escape an abuser, and once they tie you down or guilt trip you beyond reason it’s even worse.

No. 1513142

I've never seen anyone dismiss these posts as meaningless philosophy but she's so right. Troons are just spouting retarded and half-assed philosophical concepts to justify their body mutilation fetish.

No. 1513144

I bet he's constantly coked out.

No. 1513145

God i hate vaush, he’s such a misogynistic piece of shit. My boyfriend watches him and then made the dreadful mistake of dating a radfem kek, I’ve been chipping away at the bullshit he listens to, sometimes he’ll come to me with some bullshit he’s heard from wierdos like this and then waits for me to confirm or deny it. Like okay the guy had an intelligent thought but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

>40% because their politics changed

I wonder how much of this comes with the exiting puberty thing. I generally think as people get older they get a bit more politically conservative (I still consider myself very much a liberal) because your priorities change. When your young you want to shake everything up and change the world etc but as you get older you realise how important your family and community are, you’ll let the world burn just to keep them safe.

No. 1513146

>My boyfriend watches him
what? it's common knowledge vaush wants child porn to be legal. Is your bf a pedo too

No. 1513148

File: 1651069928305.jpg (292.09 KB, 1080x917, Screenshot_20220427-102834_Boo…)

Hmm… I wonder what concept would perfectly explain this.

No. 1513150

Males spend their pre teens and teens watching porn of women being degraded doing more extreme acts to the point where they need a new thrill and have to imagine they’re the woman now in order to get off. Anyway there’s no correlation

No. 1513152

People getting more conservative as they get older is a myth perpetuated by conservatives. They're a dying breed and they know it so they cope by saying we'll all be conservative one day. It's not true nonna.

No. 1513159

Wow, a regualar Hunter Schafer over here.
>tfw you're totally a gay man but gay porn doesn't turn you on because no misogyny and woman abuse
Like do they hear themselves? What is this retarded logic?

No. 1513161

What kind of “radfem” dates men who like Vaush lol

No. 1513162

>Another study showed that forums dedicated to the FtMs typically talked about feelings and the MtFs typically talked about sex.
Do you remember what study this was?

No. 1513172

File: 1651071928859.png (118.1 KB, 636x1124, D42B7246-BAF3-47BE-B65E-275576…)

his reddit spacing genuinely drives me up the wall kek, i don’t know what it is about this particular troon that makes him so exceptionally insufferable but it’s almost impressive the levels of cringe he is on

No. 1513176

It’s not a myth, you’re just college-age. People are actually defecting to conservatives en masse because of the troon/race hustler shit.

No. 1513177

Wow he had a nightmare!!! Literally the most oppressed person alive

No. 1513178

zoomer detected

No. 1513181

File: 1651072611259.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 388.68 KB, 1920x1440, A5211AE1-9C84-4124-B921-E1F694…)

Did you guys know moids in dresses are the only people on earth who receive death threats and hate mail? Thank god this doesn’t happen to women, idk how we would cope with the nightmares.

No. 1513189

she didnt say everyone will turn conservative but 'a bit more politically conservative' which i agree with 100%. kids are sheltered and will do anything to rebel against the adults so it's natural for them to be more liberal

also kind of a rant but they are not a dying breed, quite far from it. in the us republicans are the ones sane enough to say that men are not women. outside of the us and other western countries right-leaning parties are already using the mess american gender politics are and the influence it has over kids and the 'educated', english-speaking part of the population as a tool against the left. not to mention that liberals are fucking themselves over by indulging in fetishes and sexualization of everything that moves or used to move. when all these troons begin having serious health problems, rape and kill enough women or simply get bored, there will be a huge surge of detransitioners and people who didn't follow the trans movement but will use the opportunity to shit on women by saying feminism caused all this. add to it things like women advocating for being stay-at-home housewives dependent on husband's pay due to economical crisis, immigrants due to climate change, etc. and you'll have a very conservative, right-leaning vision of a society.

No. 1513193

becoming more conservative doesn't necessarily mean actually becoming conservative. I think it's normal for people who are very liberal to become more moderate with age

No. 1513205

he looks psycho

all those comments defending him fucking disgusting. stop putting troons on a pedestal losers.

No. 1513206

“I’m not sure if you know what this means uwu” Jesus Christ

No. 1513207

No. 1513209

File: 1651075869240.jpg (47 KB, 637x655, FRVoGK8XMAEWLKE.jpg)

No. 1513213

File: 1651076405425.jpg (28.52 KB, 399x399, wachowski-jr.jpg)

it's the trans movement that made me learn about moid degeneracy and now being straight is something i'm embarassed about so i'd say he is doing great

No. 1513220

File: 1651076542218.jpg (158.45 KB, 1080x879, IMG_20220427_173710.jpg)

An Australian troon has sexually assaulted someone (1/2)

No. 1513221

File: 1651076589458.jpg (213.74 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20220427_173703.jpg)

More details about the same troon sexually assaulting people in Australia. This troon is a medical professional (2/2)

No. 1513226

Not making me question my sexuality, but definitely making me question existence.

No. 1513233

I'm 34. I have not gotten more conservative as I age besides getting peaked on trannies lol

No. 1513241

Jesus the stretch marks on his shoulder. Will he die of obesity or 41% first

No. 1513243

at least it was moid on moid and some poor woman wasn't involved.

No. 1513244

lol his entire army is in the comments caping for him.

No. 1513246

he senses that people find him to pathetic to bully, people don't want to be around him, and nobody would want his life. he comes to the conclusion that it is because he's trans, when in actuality, nobody is afraid of being trans, they're afraid of being a totally unaware autistic retard.

No. 1513249

ngl the what are you doing with my foot line made me laugh a bit. this reads like a scenario of a comedy making fun of trans people. crazy it's real life.

No. 1513258

he's probably overjoyed he's being bashed so now he has content to milk his fans over being oppressed

No. 1513269

i hate to break it to you, but other people will see you as a conservative nazi now.

No. 1513272

I'm not about to go onto porn sites to look up troons though, and I can't exactly direct people there to peak them or they'll think I have a troon fetish

No. 1513277

>i’ve been in advocacy
You’re a guy with a twitter.

No. 1513296

File: 1651080947228.png (987.01 KB, 1092x1090, fuku2.png)

ok matthew, move to michoacan where there are no mean cops bothering us. it's what you want isn't it? why don't you come here to be a beautiful rebel mr. american guy who has such a hard life

No. 1513299

>miss ma'am mod.
Stop talking like a male faggot. Unless you are one, in which case KYS. Gay men are still scrotes and shouldn’t post here.

No. 1513303

she's so brave and funny
meanwhile radiohead guy is moid celeb number 10? who wrote or liked something and then backpedaled within hours…

No. 1513311

File: 1651081835806.jpg (171.55 KB, 1080x2160, FRXd7Q5XMAIvv1u.jpg)

Feminine burps, lord help me

No. 1513319

>Come ooon, do some emotional labour for a bottomless pit of self pity and victimization

I don't think I will, moid in skirt.

Fucking hell, I must be a man then.

No. 1513321

File: 1651082628179.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, brobrandybryant.png)

Reminder that the studio is A-ok with their troon employee publicly hurting clients. They only took his name down to protect him and themselves from further backlash.

No. 1513325

Thanks, I was wondering what happened with that after he was posted a few threads back.

No. 1513326

But trannies are always the victim of course

No. 1513327

The comment section. Holy shit. Is all of his fanbase underaged girls?

No. 1513336

File: 1651083324277.jpg (233.83 KB, 1464x724, coomer.jpg)

No. 1513348

He is so fucking disgusting.

No. 1513351

it's nice to see this being spread to multiple circles. this is why I look for milk and post here.

No. 1513352

Can you link this article/document whatever it is? I can’t find it anywhere

No. 1513353

most probably considering it's tiktok

No. 1513356

the TIM youtuber “Eden The Doll” had vocal feminization surgery done in Brazil or something and it permanently ruined his voice because he got sick right after the surgery and coughed.

No. 1513365

Wish it wasn’t a prageru video

No. 1513368

File: 1651085943151.jpeg (499.24 KB, 2160x971, E07133A8-819B-43F5-AC63-974921…)

I hate Matt Walsh but god they’re so sensitive about every little fucking thing. If anyone doesn’t know, here is the desc for the book.
> In the book, Johnny is a little boy with an imagination who dresses up as a walrus by using spoons as tusks. When "internet people" find out that Johnny enjoys being a walrus, he is forced to decide between being a boy and a walrus, and he is not allowed to change his mind.

They make fun of women for getting mad over Manhunt, where they rape and kill women and do that entire torturous womb removal scene on a fucking black woman, and then they get up in arms about a stupid children’s book that’s meant to poke fun at them but that’s it. I’m so tired.

No. 1513371

File: 1651086260779.png (222.56 KB, 589x506, 683F3547-FE93-4E4B-9BC2-8E9270…)

No. 1513374

please god give me the confidence of an ugly troon

No. 1513389

It's probably been said before, but the thought of these people cutting their equipment off, getting it butchered and turned inside out and shoved inside them is just fucking insane. I know theres a lot of crazy body mods out there, but why would anyone in their right mind do this to themselves. It just seems like one of the most severe cases of misinformation I've ever heard of. These people genuinely believe this surgery with give them a vagina. Why is this always the first solution once these troons realize that they're "women"? It's never therapy or anything else that might help, it's always pumping your body full of hormones and then the most severe, irreversible solution. What the fuck.

No. 1513390

I've clicked 'not interested' so many times on this guys tiktoks and I still get them on my fyp. I swear he pays to promote this shit

No. 1513392

Thats why they always kill themselves post op

No. 1513393

delusion is not the type of confidence you want

No. 1513396

oh, absolutely. his agency is milking hard this transgender persona

No. 1513401

You’re so right. It really should just be referred to as a body mod. It cannot and will not ever be a legitimate sex organ again.

No. 1513402

said this so often already, but this is crazy nazi experiment shit
how do these butchers even practice their craft, give holes and fake dicks to animals and dead people?

No. 1513405

Samefagging to add too that they always say a vagina doesn’t make someone a woman but then they’re always signing their life away to get a “vagina” “installed”.

No. 1513406

File: 1651088459344.jpg (200.6 KB, 1178x2048, r4G1Qet.jpg)

$40K?? He better get his dick inverted so he stops being a horny menace

No. 1513411

i saw on ovarit this comment pointing out how amazon sells mein kampf and mao's little red book and despite the authors being responsible for actual deaths of millions of people no one cries. but when poor trans and tras get upset amazon has to hold a meeting. :.(.

No. 1513417

3k…40k… i should just throw away my morals and larp as a troon. 40k would easily cover 5 years of my rent and expenses…

No. 1513426

I'm convinced famous people read that tranny thread on KF (maybe not here). It's really popular for obvious reasons. Troon degeneracy is somewhat an obscure thing but the milk is endless. You're going down a rabbit hole from troon history to Blanchard's typology to SRS horrors. You never know who posts here or there, we're anonymous after all.

No. 1513427

Awful analogy, maybe they should've stopped hiring deaf police officers.

No. 1513432

No. 1513461

real talk how do yall navigate this shit irl? i live in a place where i would get fired for not using pronouns / handmaidening… i usually try to just avoid the conversations but i'm more frequently being pulled into them at work/school

No. 1513466

grey rocking works wonders with irl troons. most i know from work and such tend to bring up their transition at least once a fucking day. don't feed their fetish or ego and just be as boring as possible about it.

it also helps to fake being a normie. when my handmaiden friend said trans wimmin got periods, i rolled my eyes and said "you're joking right?" and she understood how stupid she sounded and tripped over herself trying to rationalize it. ask them to explain things under the guise of "learning more". then pick it apart like any normie would lol

No. 1513469

who give a shit

No. 1513475

she was answering the anon, calm down

No. 1513479

women who don't want to get kicked out of school, lose their jobs or become social pariahs?

No. 1513486

File: 1651093905437.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.31 KB, 922x2048, FRVF0x9WUAAhuoj.jpg)

Thirst trap thread

No. 1513488

File: 1651093926689.jpg (Spoiler Image, 216.06 KB, 922x2048, FRVF1I3XwAE6uyb.jpg)

No. 1513489

File: 1651094020469.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.55 KB, 922x2048, FRVF1qSXwAEYjg7.jpg)

No. 1513491

It’s the same assmad scrote from before.

No. 1513494


That's the frustrating thing about these TIMs tbh. You have so many teenage girls going up to bat for these walking disasters and they don't realize what they're doing and these moids know full well about that and take advantage.

No. 1513496

So you come in this thread to make fun of trannies but then willingly do everything they ask you to do irl. Pathetic really

No. 1513497

jesus I wish I had this much self esteem

No. 1513512

where do moids get this confidence? These are some ugly motherfuckers.

No. 1513528

I can't even bring myself to seriously call it a Hank Hill ass. It's an insult to Hank Hill.

No. 1513533

Lmao AGPs are so wild. He probably literally thinks he looks like a pornstar or whatever when he’s just a balding blob with an ass like two bean bags. The delusional confidence astounds me. So glad they post stuff like this so I can get some humor.

No. 1513537

Also my bad I honestly thought it was the same person at first just one pic with terrible makeup application. Good god they’re all the same.

No. 1513538

I thought he had a clothes peg on a zit on his ass at first kekekek

No. 1513569

File: 1651099258741.png (271.16 KB, 1309x1403, man.png)

he doesn't feel like a woman because he isn't. why are people willing to mindfuck themselves like this?

No. 1513571

The fact that people have to brainwash themselves this much tells me how cultish this entire movement is.

No. 1513578

treading on eggshells is fun in a relationship, especially when you have childhood trauma. i honestly think the handmaiden stuff is a trauma response too, much like 'fawning' is. hope she peaks soon before it turns really nasty

No. 1513608

File: 1651102134344.png (250.05 KB, 440x478, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 7.26…)

this is the funniest thing i've ever seen. how do you cough 'like a girl'? he talks in the video about making the cough sound 'cute and feminine!!'. im done.

No. 1513611

File: 1651102539270.webm (661.75 KB, 576x1024, LFc3MVBQ50x0Do2z(2).webm)

Being a handmaiden must be humiliating

No. 1513612

why is he dressed like a schoolgirl? that shirt is horrid

No. 1513614

Olivia Wilde has been my celeb crush forever and I wish they'd keep her name out of their filthy mouths.

No. 1513615

He calls himself "girl" must of the troons has pedo tendecies.

No. 1513618

File: 1651103484734.png (220.38 KB, 1878x898, malehubris.png)

Scrote castrates himself, is shocked he can no longer coom.

No. 1513620

File: 1651103553621.jpg (242.46 KB, 828x1792, FRXlhMnX0AAD70n.jpg)

No. 1513629

Because infertile women are still actual women. How are moids this delusional?

No. 1513632

He said it himself: infertile women. He's separating "trans women" from "women", what a transphobic asshole, he should be reported

No. 1513634

It’s because at the end of the day, infertile women are women. Regardless if they have a functioning uterus or not. Why are troons obsessed with body parts they’ll never have?

No. 1513645

You love to see it. Coomers are so stupid, they really think their fetish means they’re the opposite sex. I love when they do this to themselves, especially the old hons.

No. 1513647

Duh because infertile women are women. Dumb moid.

No. 1513660

When will troons ever defend actual women?

No. 1513661

File: 1651106847320.jpg (59.7 KB, 960x919, FRNUFgZXsAEmOPk.jpg)

Comments from a detranstioners tiktok. Truly cult mindset, if you leave the cult you will be shunned and silenced

No. 1513671

Exactly even despite infertility, their generic makeup is XX down to its core. Theres not enough surgery in the world that can erase that pesky Y chromosome from a male wearing woman face lmao

No. 1513697

“B-but infertile women tho!” Says the male who was fully fertile until his bimbo fetish compelled him to become a mockery of what he wants to be.

No. 1513700

File: 1651109863877.png (11.19 KB, 432x71, 17235.png)

Tranny cock warmers swear up and down they are so caring of others and hold their moral compass as a badge of honour, but always treat detransitioners in a disgustingly evil, dismissive and snarky manner as if their pain was just a complete joke to them. I cannot stand sjws.

No. 1513705

anyone have proof/evidence against "neovaginas" being exactly like an actual vagina

No. 1513710

being accidentally transphobic helps me a lot, and it's satisfying. deadn ame people if you can get away with it – e.g. if you've known them for a long time – then act all flustered immediately after. use the wrong pronouns, and correct yourself. make it seem as if you are making an active effort to see them as whatever gender they think they are, but your subconscious will never actually accept it. this breaks the tranny more than outright transphobia.

No. 1513719

white men are some of the craziest bastards out there

No. 1513732

File: 1651112361271.jpeg (991.97 KB, 1354x1646, 51F6F7D1-7B88-48F0-9A96-09E797…)

Twitter trannies are freaking out over being misgendered if Elon Musk takes control and allows free speech. What a bunch of narcs, there’s worse issues out there. Twitter is already a cesspool with extreme porn and pedo shit so imagine how it will be with free speech.

No. 1513735

I hate Elon but I really hope he causes a mass exodus of the trannies.

No. 1513737

File: 1651112587506.png (1.39 MB, 1160x1338, Screenshot 2022-04-27 a la(s) …)


No. 1513743

File: 1651113162574.jpg (5.51 KB, 275x183, index.jpg)

Looks like Zac Efron in drag

No. 1513744

the pedo shit is probably being posted by those same transsexual freaks

No. 1513769

>Intellectually I know she's a woman
How the fuck? Because he twirls in a dress and listens to taylor swift? Because he likes nail polish or wants to wear a bra? Because that's what a woman is, right?

Handmaidens like this are so stupid and cowards, they would rather be misogynistic than dare to offend a man.

No. 1513773

It's an inverted penis. Show someone a diagram of a man's vs a woman's reproductive system and then show them a video of a sex reassignment surgery. It just inverts the penis. There is no uterus, no ovaries, no cervix, no muscular vagina canal, no internal clitoris.

This is like asking to prove the difference a strawberry and strawberry marzipan. They're fundamentally different, and there's no way to effectively imitate a strawberry– it's too complex and unique, and it can only be constructed via natural biological processes.

If you're asking in order to prove this to a man, an effective strategy might be to show him an FtM phalloplasty. Men are generally low empathy and they tend not to understand female anatomy very well, but they react very viscerally to the empty flesh tubes made to mimic penises. It's clear to them that FtM "nutsacks" are empty skin, and the penis is missing the pieces that normally constitute a penis. There's no head, no details and spots of varying sensitivity, there's no natural boners, and the fake boners can't have the feel of thick soft skin around a firm pole.

It's fairly close to the same level of imitation, so from there, you can explain that the parts are just… fundamentally different. Vaginas aren't made of scarred skin, y'know?

No. 1513781

>I don't really see this discussed.
Yes, cus they shut everyone up who talks about the fucking awful results, but you get what you sow. Either way, another fetish fuelled scrote castrated who will probably not waste any more resources on his miserable and pathetic life by 41% anyday soon. They always say they don't regret but wait until he realizes this is not temporary..
I used to feel bad about them but I know better now. Can't feel anything but contempt.

No. 1513784

File: 1651116133055.jpg (4.31 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20220427_222107518.jpg)

Idk if this dude is gay or trans but like WHY THESE HARY ASS FEET BRO

No. 1513788


I bet he aged like shit because of the coke

No. 1513791

go put it in the "making fun of faggots who didn't do anything to you" thread

No. 1513814

File: 1651119008840.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1242x1556, E8A68E64-91B0-4916-9514-78C6E4…)

Troon sex workers are disgusting

No. 1513818

there should be a place to post troons for women with low self-esteem. 'no matter how fat and ugly you are these things are worse'
learn to sage already

No. 1513826

File: 1651120282754.jpeg (149.55 KB, 750x782, 239487924683298.jpeg)


No. 1513828

File: 1651120518037.jpg (30.17 KB, 736x413, 1643945992894.jpg)

No. 1513833

christ, break up then. I feel for people in this sort of toxic situation but at some point you have to take your life into your own hands kek

No. 1513837

File: 1651122165133.png (453.17 KB, 790x647, nko.png)


No. 1513838

I just wanna say I'm fucking PISSED I couldn't reply to the Kaitlyn Tiffany thread
Holy shit he does HAHAHAHAHA

No. 1513839

File: 1651122677020.jpg (125.54 KB, 500x698, japanesecinema.jpg)

>"Cute Coughs"
>those fucking gorilla hands

No. 1513844

Try this one - a whole bunch of micro organisms that most women never get in their actual vaginas, and the absence of one that most of us do have.


No. 1513850

File: 1651123996245.gif (1023.63 KB, 218x228, qJmO4VO.gif)

Wow the retard from Quantum Leap transitioned

No. 1513854

File: 1651124261100.png (634.34 KB, 748x1076, sissyasmr.PNG)

This was recommended on my youtube feed. I know asmr has gotten really sexual but I can't believe sissyhypnoasmr has been made.

No. 1513857

Where have you been nona? Multiple troons now claim they've been 'pink pilled' via this method.

No. 1513863

ohh yeah I thought it was just porn though but seeing it in asmr on youtube is so crazy. I remember watching whos body is it on sissyporn and all these men writing her asking her to help save them lol.

No. 1513878

File: 1651126375070.jpeg (79.11 KB, 750x278, B4A59C96-065C-46F0-A971-92C49A…)

This fragment made me do a sensible chuckle irl

No. 1513881

File: 1651127148025.jpeg (925.09 KB, 1167x1762, D21400C0-A7B8-4E3E-AACF-A2CDF7…)

Sage for slight rant. Subbed to an app development centred around female gamers being able to connect to each other/chat/share screen caps etc because it seemed fun.

Got this email today- it’s cute how they gave a spot on their panels to a fucking man with ‘they/them’ pronouns in space of an actual woman. Literally no one will discriminate against you for being non binary if you keep your mouth shut and let’s be real, you didn’t identify this way until you drank the Twitter kool aid.

Where as the second a woman gets on mic or gets discovered on twitch she’s harassed. If they had to include a dude they could’ve focused on how race impacts the gaming and esports experience in his case. Or, you know, let another actual WOC have his space/focused on her achievements etc.

So sick of this shit nonnies. I just want to find non moids to team up with and hoped a female only app would make it easier.

No. 1513883

tbh on the original post people were mostly telling him he looked like he cross dressed, someone even mentioned the programmer socks as a reason why he’d be clockable lmao

No. 1513887

This is why I mostly play single-player games, or older multiplayer shit. Can't stand sweaty moids screaming over OW or other gay shit games.

No. 1513891

File: 1651129352649.jpg (79.65 KB, 720x699, Screenshot_20220428-085402.jpg)

No. 1513901

File: 1651131551268.jpg (708.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220428-033201_Chr…)

Kairi jumping on the bandwagon

No. 1513912

we already knew their medically amputated dick wounds stink by default, but it's nice to see it mentioned in real studies kek i would actually like to know what exactly stinks so much, is it wound related bacteria and pus, simply dirt and sweat because they can't keep clean, or is it the constant fetal and urinal leakage (didn't something like 70% have continence problems after srs?) what do we call this troon specific smell, troonfume? transtink?

No. 1513915

There's also a flora for every body part and I've read their stinkditch is the closest to a colon. Imagine a constantly leaking colon, that's the smell and microbiome. Disgusting.

No. 1513916

Man! He looks so manly in this photo! Is he doing the whole detrans thing?

No. 1513919

just post them here nonnie, i always appreciate the confidence boost

the only thing hitting him was himself that time he tried to fake being attacked lol

No. 1513920


He's just an ugly man nona.

No amount of oestrogen was gonna mask his masculine features

No. 1513924

love you microbiome-chan for reminding people that bodily functions aren't cut and paste like troons like to think

No. 1513925

Still looks like a faggot.

No. 1513937

I hope all the faggot males lurking this thread get aids and die. Faggots are worthless, disgusting and even more useless than the average scrote. YWNBAW. You psychologically project onto the trannies because you also wish you could be a beautiful woman rather than a flamer scrote with a loose asshole.

No. 1513938

I wonder if they're going to end up censoring obgyn courses to protect troon feefees. The first three months to even get to do the entrance exam is all about how extraordinary the vaginal canal is and how hardcore the uterus is.

No. 1513942

Oh shit…designer vagina, everyone
I like how in all their stories there's always someone crossing boundaries and behaving inappropriately, nearly always being a random woman complimenting their completely unremarkable selves. Like anyone (usually staff, or young mothers in the street) would go out of their way to approach a random man to compliment him.
I find it hard to believe these stories aren't just peaking material, like are people really going through life like a character in the emporer's new clothes, trying to brainwash themselves into seeing something that isn't there?

No. 1513944

Hope kiwicels and 4chan-fags all fuck off.

No. 1513951

How do these handmaidens not see that this guy is most likely literally larping and appropriating femininity for clout? I feel like he doesn't even believe he's trans himself, his imitation of a woman is just too stereotypical, bad and offensive.

No. 1513952

This gotta be the most disgusting shit I've ever seen.

No. 1513954

File: 1651136363533.jpg (362.07 KB, 1080x1884, 20220428_050027.jpg)

Spotted in the wild. They kill me with the "second puberty" shit

No. 1513956

The Riddler looking rough here

No. 1513957

That's like saying going from skinny to obese is puberty, or that your lung cancer from smoking is puberty. It's not a second puberty, it's the body getting sick from taking unnatural drugs.

No. 1513963

File: 1651139722378.jpg (81.16 KB, 970x346, IMG_20220428_115429.jpg)

sounds healthy

No. 1513966

sounds like he skinwalked his twin

No. 1513970

do you think mtf threads should have a notable moids list? i know most posts are random trannies but i think anthony or this attention whore dylan deserve a mention. if yes who do you recommend to include?

No. 1513971

sounds like they're trying to say being gay and trans is hereditary traits

No. 1513972

No. 1513978

This study is wild, most of the "flora" is bacteria found in the colon,and infectious shit like staph and strep , you know, just like a real woman! No wonder dilating is so painful for these men

No. 1513980

God I hate when they expose you to their foot fetish shit. No one wants to see those boat oars.

No. 1513981

It's almost like the brother fetishized his sisters sexuality and literally Skin walked her to become a lesbian.

No. 1513985


Kairi getting absolutely mogged on this twitter thread kek


No. 1513987

>staph and strep
Holy shit. Imagine being such a coomer you risk a horrible bacterial infection. This is how we'll get outbreaks of tuberculosis and shit.

No. 1513988

Imagine risking a staph infection every time you fuck kek.

No. 1513989

Anthony being found in the reddit documentary was top tier.

No. 1513993

grandpa no..

No. 1514001

hairy where?? do you need glasses anon?

No. 1514007

File: 1651147301055.jpg (70.78 KB, 735x709, 0ce42fec18d196781c3245fa945d7a…)

kekk same energy

No. 1514011

Ok but how can someone be gay and have this shit of make-up skills? Green eyeshadow, dead bitch purple as his lips? And baby blue schoolgirl shirt? Ew.

No. 1514041

When you're so male socialized that you can't recognize a pity "I like your outfit" from some woman who needed to feel charitable for the day.

No. 1514046

I’m so happy to know I’m always going to be better than them. Even my bacteria and lack of whatever the fuck they got going on in their flesh hole says so. Often imitated, never duplicated. Sucks to be a troon.

No. 1514048

Why do they even refer to it as a “vagina”? It’s insulting to call something that disgusting and mutilated and pointless the same word as something that has a healthy function, is self-cleaning, and can work at creating new life.

No. 1514055

It’s so funny. They think they’re going to be able to carry a uterus and a baby in their body by tomorrow when they can’t even replicate any of the functions or appearance of the organs women naturally have. Men’s hubris knows no bounds and I hope the bite in the ass they get from it is extremely painful and infectious.

No. 1514057

Keffals or whoever that one is that is obsessed with ratioing JKR

No. 1514068

File: 1651153619396.jpg (113.3 KB, 948x928, FRa9RQLXoAECqYJ.jpg)

What exactly did you have surgery on? Because its sure as hell aint obvious

No. 1514071

That dress looks like it's gonna burst from how much it has to stretch over him

No. 1514075

he must be lying. he doesn't even have implants.

No. 1514078

ugh I feel sorry for the nail technician that had to work on this dainty and feminine ogre

No. 1514100

Where?! Where is female? What surgery did he have? I really hope he actually did have surgery, paid a fuckload for whatever it was just for it to go unnoticed. If so, based surgery

No. 1514103

It’s because of stuff like this I cannot be totally a doomer about the future, there WIlL be drs in the future trying to do just this and I’m sure it would be covered up once people start dying from the procedures. This stuff will
just be a cautionary tale in the future and people will get tired of playing pretend and giving attention to those playing pretend.

No. 1514107

>Be plastic surgeon
>Troon requests feminization surgery
>Realise there's no hope for deogrefication but need that cash for 5th car
>Put him under general anaesthetic, just punch the shit out of him as retribution for his actions
>Prescribe him massive amounts of opiates and let his delusional disorder take the reigns away from reality
>free government money
>Anyone critiquing your technique gets sent to the gulag for gendercide

No. 1514110

>you can't afford surgery so you lie just to larp and coom.
Wow these degenerates get more creative by the day!

No. 1514112

Implying asexuality even exists, if we take out autistic people who can't understand sexuality and romance on a cognitive level and victim of abuse.

No. 1514113

File: 1651156491628.png (411.87 KB, 1170x679, B1FD2DCC-BACF-438A-A9F4-903466…)

This guy. Insufferable.

No. 1514124

He just transitioned from looking like a man who sells weed behind a fast food place to a man who sells meth in a motel room

No. 1514127

File: 1651157573308.jpg (559.95 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20220428-105105_Chr…)

Pulling a Jussie Smollett. I'm dying kek.

No. 1514145

Trannies controlling their personality disorder symptoms challenge (Difficulty: IMPOSSIBLE)

No. 1514160

Based Slatz

No. 1514161

File: 1651160318565.jpeg (153.02 KB, 810x1537, 10C63674-F19F-4320-B56F-2E7F3C…)

They’re so annoying and fully lacking in empathy.

No. 1514167

What a completely empty gesture. Like he’s going to win lol

No. 1514172

>"New clothes"
Retard was probably writing this with one hand thinking of all the fetish gear he would stock up on. I'm so happy this movement seems to start imploding on itself.

No. 1514173

File: 1651161265669.jpg (319.59 KB, 1076x1950, FRcRw2IX0AM46ea.jpg)

British tv presenter gets stalked by the TRA movement for who she follows on twitter, unfollows to not be cancelled, but its not good enough ofcourse

No. 1514175

i put trans, asexuals and non binary all in the same loonie bin. fucking hell

No. 1514176

And here I thought the last season of Roseanne was bad.
>Call themselves communists.
>Salivate over winning the lottery and getting million dollar bodies.
Nothing ever adds up with troons.

No. 1514188

Coomers are Capitalist dogs.

Yes. I love how trannies often talk about the negative side effects of "titty skittles" so they're informed about the long term damage they'll be doing in contrast to the pros of relieving their mental disorder. I like how they talk about the bone problems teens will look forward to when stopping puberty, only to eventually go through it later.

No. 1514198

i hate a-frame deformity in eyes, i hate blepharoplasty

No. 1514209

File: 1651164263173.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, konnie and JKR.png)

based konnie. she does so much to raise awareness for good causes but will now be branded an evil TERF by these fools.

No. 1514227

What do you mean?

No. 1514228

At least he knows he's horsefaced.

No. 1514255

File: 1651166389237.jpg (92.62 KB, 595x880, 678732.jpg)


No. 1514259

Shane Dawson?

No. 1514265

File: 1651167136335.png (740.34 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20220428-132642.png)

silicone golem HSTSs think voyeurs are funny. women and girls being sexually assaulted in women's rooms is a punchline. women's natural fear and anxiety towards strange penis havers in our intimate spaces is delusional and hilarious. women are a joke and our pain is sexually exciting. this fag thinks he's better than all the AGP trans lesbians because he thinks he passes and transitioned to try and fuck straight men who would rather kill another man than have sex with one. and women are still a joke, a costume to wear, a "community" to "join".

No. 1514273

File: 1651167570314.jpg (327.43 KB, 1080x1953, Screenshot_20220428_193914.jpg)

so is shen gonna troon out or not

No. 1514274

to add, konnie also writes books for kids. she has all the reason to be interested in what is going on.
a typical moid mindset. and to think some brainless radfems and gcs are ok with hsts

No. 1514277

how did his mom know about his masturbation habits

No. 1514284

that's one thing that annoys me so much. I've been playing video games since I've been a little child, at first wasn't allowed, because it's a "boy thing", then was allowed to and since then I had to listen to men telling me that I only play to "find a boyfriend" and bullshit like that.
Why can't those trans and non-binary people make their own spaces and events and leave women alone, it's never been easy being a female gamer and I don't want to see a man taking away a spot a real woman deserves.

No. 1514285

I've had a horrible week (or year so far), but that face in the top right picture made me laugh so hard that I spilled my drink. He looks like an angry guy that lost a bet and now has to wear that dress for a month and hates his life.

No. 1514289

Hope things get better for you nona.

No. 1514295

thank you so much, I guess it will get better anytime soon, until then I will find amusement in this thread and maybe buy every book J.K. Rowling ever wrote, sit in a park and read them to annoy some troons.

No. 1514296

Lmao they’re so insecure

No. 1514299

File: 1651169463524.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 485.47 KB, 1078x1558, F01F2A45-269F-41EE-8A72-DDA5DD…)

Someone needs to put their grandpa in a home, this image is haunting as fuck. Not my pic, I didn’t like or rt but the amount of people who did scares me. Deleted to repost and spoiler, sorry.

No. 1514301

Christ, why is everything so filthy?

No. 1514312

elderly men are no different to toddlers. they can't care for themselves in even the most basic ways.

No. 1514315

File: 1651171046645.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1840, 9A986B18-DC85-4A8E-9F4D-50CA0E…)

No. 1514316

He looks absolutely psychotic

No. 1514317

The whole picture is just disgusting. How do moids not know how to take care of themselves or their homes even partially?

No. 1514323

File: 1651171952123.png (450.41 KB, 380x615, men are not women.png)

kek the state of that 'Feminist' account

No. 1514325

This person is so scary. They have that weird over the top glee of a theatre kid character in a movie. Just super smiley offensively gay stereotype type energy. It's almost manic

No. 1514327

File: 1651172272921.png (428.1 KB, 670x664, womxns history.png)

samefag but i just looked at this guys twitter kek. he is lecturing people on feminism and women's history month. very male thing to do.

No. 1514329

It's always womxn but never mxn. Wonder why…

No. 1514334

For real lazy fucks probably expected their wives to be their mommy housekeeping bangmaids for their entire life and have no way of functioning once their wife dies or leaves their ass. Men are pathetic.

No. 1514336

Has anyone else gotten to the point where if they just see someone saying this shit irl they turn and walk away. There’s no reason to give anything they say the time of day. Scrote and handmaiden opinions mean nothing to me.

No. 1514339

walking away will make them rage even more, my mother is (sadly) very male in her behaviour and walking away while having an argument or getting lectured about bullshit will make her explode. Trying to talk to someone like that, even in a calm, logical manner, will change nothing. So, walk away if a troon (are anyone else) annoys you, except if he is in a restroom or toilet and flashing everyone, then get the kitchen tongs and try to grab his tiny penis with that.

No. 1514340

that guy is 22, wtf? he looks at least 35

No. 1514348

well he is a gay theater kid

No. 1514353

Yeah I just never know what else do to. You’re damned with any move you make that isn’t bowing at their feet and declaring them the most female woman queen in all the universe before presenting yourself to them and taking your uterus out right then and there to offer it on a silver platter or whatever the fuck they daydream about. I guess if one lays a hand on you violently bc you walked away it can count as assault. Idk how walking away could count as provoking them, but I guess it depends on the troon climate of where you live. Honestly it’s in their best interest that many of us walk away bc idk about other nonnies but my patience level is wearing quite thin.

No. 1514358

you just described homosexuality

No. 1514361

File: 1651176257450.webm (4.72 MB, 592x1280, 9VQew8ZZhTZnLauj.webm)

I hope he bought that bikini

No. 1514366

Dude needs to sort out his acne or rosacea or whatever the fuck is wrong with his face pronto.

No. 1514399

Honestly what troons dont seem to understand is if a handmaiden keeps you around like this, it's because they see you as an interesting pet. Something amusing and they can 'omg let me dress you up' novelty. They wont see you as a woman, more as a gay male bff

No. 1514409

I've always thought of it handmaidens getting their RuPauls Drag Race gay bestie. Almost certain that handmaidens see trans the same as a gay guy and this is just their irl drag doll

No. 1514422

File: 1651179628633.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1158x1510, 23456HJ32RT67.png)

It doesn't look good, it looks horrific.

No. 1514423

File: 1651179634910.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, C32E9E42-112C-4421-AF00-6DF4FD…)

Every so often a wild Troon appears on my fyp and I hav 2 laff

No. 1514425

File: 1651179678538.jpg (69.3 KB, 588x508, youregay.JPG)


Brave tranny recalling their horrible time at conversation therapy spoiler alert: they just spoke to him in a room and repeatedly said "you're not gay."

>I would get there on a Friday evening, in time for mass. I would have food, and then it was time for prayer, which went on until 1am. Then I’d be allowed to go to sleep, but I had to be up for 6am for another mass. The lack of sleep was deliberate – to make you more compliant. It’s simple – if you’re tired, you’re more likely to agree to things.

>After morning mass, I’d sit for hours and hours in an office with someone talking at me. And I genuinely mean talk at me, I never got to speak. “You’re not gay, you’re not gay,” they said repeatedly. “Why do you think you’re gay?” They tried to convince me that being gay was a terrible choice. I told them that I wasn’t gay, it was my sexuality that I was in conflict with – my gender identity, or what I now call it: that I was transgender.

>But they didn’t understand it. They said I was a straight man. They were determined that through prayer, through these long talks, that I would reach a kind of holy conversion

No. 1514426

Legit thought this was a photo of someone’s dirty ass basement or a ditch

No. 1514429

File: 1651179836448.jpg (90.16 KB, 525x855, coomplainingtrannies.JPG)

Samefag, they're on something today.

No. 1514430


To be fair, it was a waitress - there's whole chains of eateries where the waitresses are supposed to flirt for tips. Maybe she knows how desperate for validation troons are and thought it'd be an easy big tip

No. 1514435

So annoying. They always gotta be up some woman's ass, snooping on women's social media to see if they're a "bigot". JUST FUCK OFF. For people always saying "my account is a safe space" they always love to branch out of their stupid fucking male smelling bubble. It's like they love the feeling of being triggered. Stupid sick fucks, get a life.

No. 1514459

Why do they always spread this shit about genital inspections like it’s not obviously immediately that a troon is a troon. It doesn’t matter if they pass really well, their voice and mannerisms will give them away. No one wants to see their genitalia let alone inspect it.

No. 1514465

There's NOTHING behind those eyes. Nada. Literally just ''woman shirt sex coom big pee pee sex blonde hair booba'' like tags on an Aliexpress product. Men are terrifying.

No. 1514476

File: 1651183459282.jpg (1.82 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3547.JPG)

newfag or whatever but I've read through some of these channels and think this might be the place for this? There's a person going by the name Addyson Coulter that I've caught hopping into kid's chats to find dates and push them into ddlg type sex where she's the Mommy and they have to do what she says as "her" children. She ships the Loud House kids together (even the baby) and rps them fucking with real kids. Her easy way in is saying, "Look kids, I'm trans so I'm LGBT too and that means you can show me your princess parts because I'm just like you and Mommy is a safe space– but you also HAVE to do what Mommy says or you're a bad girl and you make Mommy sad." There are teens out there telling her no and she just keeps pushing and pushing and pushing in every way she can find.


"She" is somewhere in Indiana now, working at BK next to a high school and living with a high schooler who has parents that think it's okay, even though she's 30 and the kid is in high school. There are also plans for the parents to have kids with Addyson, and for Addyson to be THEIR special third as well… while she's fucking their teenage child.

I sent her info to the police but idk what else to do after catching "her" in the act." Literally. As far as I know, she's still trying to have sex with as many kids as possible. She has that fetish where she gets people pregnant so she wants hundreds of babies out there fathered by her sperm. I couldn't get her phone or her laptop to send to the police, but I did send her victims to report her too and so far… nothing has been done. This is just a hate forum basically, but maybe someone out there has a fire up their ass to do some good and a contact somewhere.

No. 1514480

>She has that fetish where she gets people pregnant so she wants hundreds of babies out there fathered by her sperm.

No. 1514482

No. 1514483

You don't need genital inspections when you can just look at a troon.

No. 1514485

I didn't even mention that "she's" already been incarcerated for years in a mental hospital for raping her sister when her sister was like 11. Medication was given to "stop the urges for pedophilia" but she was like nah, I don't want to take those and threw them away as soon as she was released. Parents have already given up.

Also, for the record, using she/her pronouns because if "she" wants to argue this, I don't want to waste time with the "BUT YOU MISGENDERED ME SO YOU'RE WRONG" argument. I fully think Addyson is a man that uses "being trans" to get into LGBT safe spaces and I've already run into "her" trying to derail this convo because "I wouldn't gender her right so I was definitely wrong no matter what." Just trying to make sure nobody anyway can say anything at all about anything BUT that this person is a pedo. And I know nobody IN HERE would do it, but if it leaves the forum and other people read it…. there are people (you know it) that won't even read what I said if I "misgender." So no excuses. I said the thing in the "right way." No derailing. No defending possible. If I was just talking about a idiot, I wouldn't have bothered, but this is actual pedophilia. I want the focus to be on that.

No. 1514486

Why is ben shapiro wearing a bikini

No. 1514489

File: 1651184481879.jpeg (654.97 KB, 1284x2236, 00BA1D11-916C-45AD-87E5-CBB393…)

>I call my penis my clit: penis formally and in the doctor’s office, clit informally and in bed. I use “clit” because it’s fun and makes me feel less dysphoric, and also because it accurately describes how my penis enjoys and responds to touch. “Clit” is good direction for my partners. I’ve had sex with penises and vulvas, dicks and clits, and in my experience clits tend to like different sorts of touch and play than dicks. I have a penis that is a clit.



No. 1514490

File: 1651184503708.png (3.02 MB, 2402x1828, F74088C3-4B8F-4FA1-910F-34FE43…)

No. 1514492

you just can't talk to people being obsessed with themselves. And somehow, I understand that you are just done, I feel the same and I don't want to risk my safety and waste my time on people that don't want to change and are aggressive and violent against people that tell them that they are wrong. I once had to work with a MtF and he was very male in his whole behaviour, no single sign of being female and I got into a fight with him about some work stuff, I just told him to shut up and walked away, luckily he never bothered me again. Hope I can avoid working with people like that ever again.

No. 1514494

This isn't Kiwifarms, you can say he

No. 1514495

File: 1651184818963.png (79.14 KB, 720x469, FRdbpkQXEAA-2ny.png)

Can they really not see how racist saying this shit is?

No. 1514496

File: 1651184905751.jpg (108.95 KB, 640x599, q29xhyihi9w81.jpg)

It's not your "dysphoria" hon, it's reality.

No. 1514497

ugh, trying to sneak men in with minority women (who no one is questioning are women and those are meaningless statements). GROSS.

No. 1514513

Literally all those women are born women, troons aren't. Big difference.

No. 1514514

They really think it’s clever to call the women who face the most oppression men.

No. 1514527

File: 1651187185784.png (191.4 KB, 1194x738, girldick.png)

definitely not a fetish

No. 1514529

>if you find yourself speculating and posting about the erotic obsession with being a woman with any degree of frequency, 9 times out of 10 you’re just a filthy AGP or a gay man too repressed to admit it

No. 1514530

It's literally so malebrained to imply you'd only ever criticize something because it secretly turns you on. Like, what the fuck

No. 1514533

They literally are incapable of seeing anything in a non-sexual, logical way. It’s gross, no wonder their dicks are all broken.

No. 1514534

Classic projection. It's the trannies themselves that used to be racist incels and they admit it all the time

No. 1514537

File: 1651188461434.png (251.04 KB, 346x427, d6c.png)

>girls get peyronie's

No. 1514541

Things a pornsick autogynephile who jerks off too much would say for $400, Alex.

No. 1514544

tbh I don't doubt most men are like this, like the classic tale of homophobic men who are caught with gay porn or fucking a man.
As for women it's hilarious when they imply "TERFs" just want sum' of that girldick.

No. 1514545

Atheists say they don't believe in God, and then some Christians insist that atheists know God exists, they simply hate him.

People say they don't believe in gender identity, and this guy insists that they DO believe in it, they're just denying that they believe in it because they know it's really true and they hate that it's true.

It's the same picture.

No. 1514547

Right, I’ve never in my life heard of a TERF saying she’s attracted to a TiM, however, the troons have written fanfic upon fanfic about wanting to rape and hatefuck TERFs. Their projection is incredible. They can’t even think like the women they so adamantly declare that they are. They don’t even realize that most women are pretty neutral about dick in general and want to have sex with people they are attracted to as a whole and feel safe around. I can’t count on my hand a single time I’ve seen a woman wanting to “hatefuck” a man. It’s just not a thing that happens because women aren’t insatiable monsters who can only think of penetrating things to claim or corrupt them. Not saying some women aren’t coomers who get off to attractive celebrities or fictional characters, but the way women view sex is so far removed from how they do. If their bodies didn’t already show how male they were, their thought processes always do.

No. 1514555

File: 1651191212419.jpg (131.96 KB, 1060x1007, FRcuGiUXsAARhYm.jpg)

No. 1514557

File: 1651191256961.jpg (281.07 KB, 1789x1160, FRRKDq7UYAEI7fM.jpg)

The makeup in question

No. 1514559

Why do none of them pluck their brows? Do they see the instabrows trend and tell themselves, oh I have furry man eyebrows already so I don't need to do anything to them? clocked just from the nose up

No. 1514560

>Next time
No woman has or ever will ask this man why his cakey foundation or shitty eyemakeup is "better" than hers.

No. 1514561

They do nothing all day but dream of berating women publicly over fucking nothing. How is there even a debate over whether we should allow troons to exist or not?

No. 1514562

I wish that was true but I’m sure handmaidens do to “uplift their trans sisters” or whatever lol. They don’t realize that these women are being nice to them and treating them like they’re retarded, or it’s like an anon said earlier and the handmaidens view TiMs as their little pets to dress up and play with, while still never actually viewing them as female.

No. 1514578

File: 1651193356277.jpg (600.24 KB, 2048x2048, 20220429_034812.jpg)

Men always go on about how catty and bitchy women are but actually can't recognize a backhanded compliment when it slaps them in the face lmao

No. 1514579

File: 1651193430627.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1626x1638, gross23456.png)

This AGP incel fuck is still trying to flash the outline of his girldick to the 3 remaining actual lesbians on that sub.

No. 1514580

>girls get peyronies
FUCKING LOSING IT. admitting all of them have destroyed bent dicks from cooming furiously 24/7. i cant believe how many peyronies troons i have seen

No. 1514583

File: 1651193712837.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1852, TRAs cheering when a black les…)

Some screenshots from earlier. The Peakening is well in progress, mostly thanks to Rowling baiting these people into writing hateful things i.e.
>Rowling: men with penises and beards are not lesbian women

…and the ensuing discussions that follow.
But even in these handful of replies you can see some peaking happening.
Some white irish cismale book reviewer (someone posted his photo and he looks like Thom Yorke's incel son) posted lmao dead by dawn in celebration of a black lesbian being hospitalised. These are the same people (TRAs and troons) who compare misgendering or being refused entry into women's spaces a deeply hurtful, hateful act, yet the constant and unending cheering of violence towards women and women's deaths is A-OK.
Most of us have seen this stuff for years but it's great to see the peaking happening among normies…it's over, perverts.

No. 1514585

File: 1651193834423.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1342x1560, bumpydeflatedballsack.png)

Ew ew ew ew

No. 1514587

And yet they constantly say they weren’t socialized male.

No. 1514589

the mha posters in the background really tie this together

No. 1514590

One day these men will realise women humoring men by lying to their face is a thing, but that day is not today. The only good makeup I've ever seen applied by a man has been by male makeup artists. 0% chance this guy has good or even superior makeup application.

No. 1514603

His makeup skills are as terrible as you'd expect. Some pics from off his profile were posted earlier if you want a good laugh.

No. 1514611

File: 1651195759290.jpg (411.72 KB, 810x1580, Screenshot_20220428-212307_Boo…)

There's no hope.

No. 1514618

This one just looks like a ball sack still. Wonder how long until he offs himself?

Also, the only way these troons are going to go away is when straight women have to put up with this troon shit. The more men that end up getting “stealthed” by these troons, the quicker this troon trend will die off

No. 1514620

I refuse to believe a school would let a student where heels for a normal non-occasion even if they are a troon.

No. 1514626

Probably some geriatric troon having a classic larp on a forum. What are the chances of a school just happening to have heels in a men's size? Lmao

No. 1514670

What? Why would they care unless they had a uniform. If it’s public school you can usually wear anything you want outside of it being lewd or vulgar or whatever.

No. 1514675

Has to be a LARP

No. 1514679

File: 1651199664543.jpeg (480.23 KB, 1170x1121, 5B320119-643E-4B89-B5C6-CD64D3…)

says the guy who squirms over women talking about their uteruses

No. 1514685

Cope, seethe, inflate.

No. 1514687


No. 1514699

File: 1651200382938.jpg (19.44 KB, 250x326, allthatsuccessformoids.jpg)


No. 1514700

File: 1651200509630.png (185.76 KB, 584x829, allthatsuccess.png)


No. 1514706

It’s so creepy how they do this, such a man move to lurk on a woman’s page and stalk her every move. As if this makes him or TRAs look any better too, this will just push her further towards peaking (although perhaps in secret) because this is such unhinged behavior. Also the use of the words “babes” genuinely makes my skin crawl.

No. 1514709

Yes, the easy get more dick and are targeted because of their visible low self-esteem. People target trannies because they are desparate lay willing to be a fuckhole for the chance at sex since no one wants them for anything real, only to use them for sex kek. It's why men target chubby women, low self-esteem and more likely to let them do depraved shit. Have fun with the coomers.

No. 1514712

They think mimicing a seteotypical girly valley girl/chav girl makes them more womanly since the only women they see are in TV/Movies/Porn. They don't interact with normal women regularly.

No. 1514726

File: 1651201959467.png (343.16 KB, 2048x1229, 2143871A-86A4-4579-992E-BC9A81…)

Why the fuck are all moids under 30 gamer manchildren get a job and clean your room

No. 1514734

File: 1651202352675.jpeg (301.82 KB, 1242x1222, 1A385278-E6D8-4A7D-B66C-2ED494…)

shamelessly fetishizing the literal miracle of life haha just male things. there are troons in the replies saying they don’t even want kids they just want to be able to be impregnated, but oh yeah sure, it’s not a fetish!!!! my only comfort is knowing they will never be able to experience it

No. 1514736

Nah I believe it, I once did a workshop in a HS that prided it self on being really woke and they had the rudest fucking troon, dressed like some schoolgirl hooker in the biggest platforms clacking around and being so fucking rude. I don't know how the teachers dealt with his rude ass everyday

No. 1514737

OT but every male I’ve seen who uses the term “lads” or “LETS FUCKING GOOOOO” should be castrated

No. 1514745

Is there a reason Twitter specifically has such a huge community of Chapo trannies

No. 1514761

>Being pregnant: a huge fear for many women, a huge physical undertaking with health risks including risk of death, permanent physical changes, risk of depression, monthly periods to enable said pregnancy which can cause a lot of pain and distress since teenagehood, women take contraception with multiple severe side effects also since teenagehood simply to avoid it, and also to gain control over said distressing periods
>scrotes: soooo hoottt fetish coooom

No. 1514777

that's just being british lol

No. 1514794

>Be tranny
>seething coping and inflating
>has an abomination and calls it a "dick"
> gets "dick" from fetishits , straight men pretending to be "gay" and people who see her less than human
>will never be a real man
>male faggots will always hate her
> soon will join the 41% and will help increase the statistic
>parents will bury her with her birth name on her gravestone
>millions of years later when archeologists discover her body she will be labeled as a woman with varios body mutilations.

No. 1514795

What Reddit documentary? Sage for ot and being late to this shit.

No. 1514800

it’s so weird to me that men can fetishize pregnancy. being pregnant means your feet are constantly swollen, you have heartburn 24/7, your back is completely fucked, and you’re almost always constipated. who the fuck jerks off to the idea of that?

No. 1514801

File: 1651208039336.jpg (13.86 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 1514802

File: 1651208046302.jpeg (128.61 KB, 768x719, C80C5C3B-2592-4CD7-9F7B-0850E8…)

Happy Trans Visibility Month!

No. 1514805

File: 1651208684301.jpg (1.04 MB, 1536x2048, FRW_NjqXMAYDxQH.jpg)

No. 1514812

report to fbi. im not from the us but ovarit members always mention reporting pedos to them

No. 1514818

I should add the FBI is pretty conservative. Always has been. There probably wouldn’t be any “but they’re twaaaaans” people

No. 1514821

Can’t even register this as remotely human. It looks like a dingy hole in the ground in a basement.

No. 1514823

File: 1651209671811.jpg (470.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220419-175455_Chr…)

Oh, I recognize this one from his "my oozing girldick bleaches my panties" tweet.

No. 1514826

>11 days into women’s history month and men still won’t shut the fuck up
Tell me about it…

No. 1514831

Whos Peepaw is this?

No. 1514832

Wait do they think women have this? Their boiling fluids are toxic because of hormone abuse and somehow this is euphoric?

No. 1514837

Women’s discharge actually does bleach underwear over time because it is mildly acidic. Tranny precum does not.

No. 1514839

yeah, happened to me a lot of time when i was younger.

No. 1514875

Lmao my BMI is 18. Sounds like you're projecting, Tiffany.

No. 1514881

Was the depp/heard thread not enough attention for you?

No. 1514888

I haven’t mutilated or experimented on myself so I’ll always be the winner in this situation kek.

No. 1514890

Most FTMs who transition are fat since they see themselves as ugly woman and ugly men are more accepted kek.

No. 1514891

Is there some good books recommendation that are written by women and gender criticals? fiction or not, I'll take anything. Thanks nonnies.

No. 1514892

>t. Troon seething at the screenshots revealing the truth that trannys are unwanted, seen as a degenerate person of their birth sex, and at best an easy lay for men.

No. 1514893

Have you heard of our lord and savior Andrea Dworkin?

No. 1514894

I'm beyond pissed they're using Kira like this, she's one of the most kind people I know and you could never, ever pass as her as soon as you spoke fucking moids

No. 1514897

always wise to remember the old truth: cock is abundant and of extremely low value.

No. 1514898

Love it when a troon visits the thread. Tell me ashley how does it feel to know that you will never ever be a real guy and those that tell you otherwise are just being nice to you. Must be nice living in a delusional state of mind.

No. 1514901

I love having functional genitals, natural secondary sex characteristics and being recognised as the gender I am by society so much! Also even if I ever got super fat I will still be a woman, it’s so rewarding not mutilating my body.

No. 1514902

transtank is my vote

No. 1514910

typical tranny behaviour pushing drugs on people lmao

No. 1514911

You must first embrace the reality of your situation to overcome your faults. You will never be the opposite sex, and reeing in this thread will never change that, or change the fact that people can and will always see you as your biological sex. All validation you receive is merely a polite lie to appease you because they see you are mentally ill. You take more meds then us kek, you're the one transitioning.

No. 1514915

>t. Someone who is mentally ill and has to take a shit tone of medication/get unnecessary surgery/be a paypig and test subject for big pharma.

No. 1514916

You literally mutilate yourself to play pretend. Real women come here to laugh at you. This is how everyone feels, they just can't say it.

No. 1514918


No. 1514919

>Tranny telling others to dilate.
Kek. Okay, you sure showed us actual dilation and inflation enthusiast. At least we can set 100 feet within a school kek.

No. 1514920

Okay groomer trooner.

No. 1514921

Most trannies posted in this thread are literally fat white men lmao.

No. 1514928

Stop taking the bait. just don't respond.

No. 1514930

What the fuck is this shit, Raiden was created to appeal to women, he has nothing to do with troons.

No. 1514933

File: 1651221356126.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 331.07 KB, 760x909, FE38C975-1955-4F07-B6E8-F52203…)

Isn’t there something you’re forgetting to do today, maybe picrel? This is probably a troon pretending to be a gayden so that we say shit like “You will never be a man” and it can get off on it.

No. 1514947

It's so obviously women taking pity and lying to his face to make him feel better, and he thinks they're actually in awe of his middle school level makeup that doesn't match or fit his face. It's both tragic and entertaining how little they understand women.

No. 1514949

I know troons usually come in here posting pictures of dead women, but why don’t they ever just post pictures of their perfect pocket wounds?

Now that is some horrify shit!

No. 1514950

my god they are so stupid it hurts

No. 1514951

File: 1651224289865.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

Stop responding to the baiting retard nonnas

No. 1514952

File: 1651224362341.jpg (452.5 KB, 1536x2048, FPTg26RVcAMLzRS.jpg)

Nice clown makeup, TiMMAH

No. 1514953


I have seen an unusual number of TRAs calling out people for following/liking tweets in the last couple of days. Is this something TRAs have started doing more, or are more people liking TERF stuff?

(I'm not just talking about big famous accounts, there seems to have been a rise in follower scolding all over)

No. 1514959

It looks like the makeup done on corpses for open casket viewings kek

No. 1514960

i refuse to believe this is not a fake parody account. there is no way someone, even the dumbest moid would see those eyebrows and think it looks good

No. 1514965

same expression kek

No. 1514971

File: 1651227471170.jpg (111.71 KB, 750x1064, FReKkrxXMAI-Qwu.jpg)

No. 1514973

File: 1651227545429.jpg (797.73 KB, 1058x1882, Screenshot_20220411-102430_Her…)

Trans woman in my county (UK). Has made about 100 Lex posts with exactly the same phrasing. Psychotic

No. 1514975

Feeling like your life is at risk is pretty much a constant state for most women in public. Go to the men’s for that ~gender euphoria~

No. 1514990

It's always an anime girl huh. I bet they would find and actual pregnant woman disgusting.

No. 1514994

funny how they don't want a special, third space for themselves, no, they have to want what women have. Whining about feeling uncomfortable and unsafe in a toilet for men but not understanding how women feel having bearded, tall and ugly troons in their bathroom, while most of us know how many just pretend to be a woman because of a damn fetish.

No. 1515018

why should we as women risk our lives by letting trans identified men go into the women's room just to make some troons get euphoria boners.
it's still not on women to solve male-on-male crimes that have nothing to do with us, imagine having this little of a brain

No. 1515035

I guess we must live in the same area nonnie. I have also had the misfortune of encountering this creature

No. 1515070

oh so you agree? men are inherently more dangerous than women? good to know

No. 1515121

>Be male
>Think dicktention means anything
Trannies never let go of their XY solipsism I see

No. 1515126

File: 1651239471234.png (919.74 KB, 886x871, FRcX7UKXwAQ4pff.png)

Look how violent this makes terfs seem lmaooo none of this shit actually happens

No. 1515128

>”terf” was a neutral term

Why are they always lying? It was always meant to be used as a derogatory insult towards women.

No. 1515131

You nonnies should date each other.

No. 1515132

Terf is the updated term for feminazi. Incel to troon pipeline and all.

No. 1515138

Nonna pls delet and embed the video in a new message (put the link in the most bottom field that says Youtube), you will be banned otherwise

No. 1515139

I don’t know but I’m extremely careful of what I like and who I follow on there because of this. Unfortunately I have a lot of friends in the art community and it makes one hella paranoid so I just stick to giving hearts to art. The fact that they will scour every follower and like to make sure you’re not secretly having a different opinion is really fucked up, thought police in action. I hate that Twitter even lets people see those things without the option to turn it off.

No. 1515141

This made me kek ty

Exactly, if they really want to feel like women they can deal with feeling unsafe for five minutes a day. Can’t even go on a walk around the neighborhood without some trashy asshole saying something about it. Like other anon say it isn’t for women to fix male problems or deal with male bullshit. If I ever see one jacking it in the womens room you bet I’m filming and sending to police.

No. 1515145

Really? Women are responsible for a pile of corpses? I would actually throw a ball of paper at my coworkers head and deal with getting chewed out by my boss but some of this is so sensationalist it’s insane. They act like we are out there prowling the streets with AR-15s ready to shoot down any troony that we see. It’s not happening. Them however? Well, we’ve seen how often the pose with guns in their cute twitter selfies and claim it’s for the terfs. Projection. If they could make a corpse pile with women they would.

No. 1515147

Sorry if this was posted here before but I just watched this episode of After Life today and thought you guys might appreciate this bit.
While it‘s not totally anti trans, it at least calls out that an adult man saying he‘s an 8 year old girl has mental problems.

Sorry and thank you!

No. 1515149

can they just shut up with the mental health bullshit and that they don't get support for being suicidal. They should try being born a woman and see how they get treated by professionals. Either they don't believe you or you are just hysterical and your problem is based on that, not on anything else. The times I was talked down to by doctors because I'm a woman, I never got such an amount of help as a man not feeling okay with his born gender.

that's what I have been talking about with my brother yesterday. If I ever encounter a troon flashing or jacking of in a women's room, I will film, call the police and get my brother to hold that guy in place and that's the only time I will be okay with a guy in a women-only space, to make sure a troon doing stuff like that gets what he deserves and feels frightened by the sight of a man in a women's only space.

No. 1515151

I wonder how the artist feels seeing her art used like this

No. 1515152

Do they realize how retarded this sounds??? If you need hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of surgery and hormones, if you need to keep taking pills and dilating because your body is actively trying to go back to its natural state to be your "authentic self", that is not your authentic self!

God, can you imagine if trannies could get pregnant? I shudder to think what would happen to those poor kids.


No. 1515155

Thank you, this is great

No. 1515159

>exclude us from womens' bathrooms
They don't even pretend anymore this isn't about TIMs and only TIMs. Maybe they should update this and put something about us excluding them from sports too.

Saw some tranny the other day on tv talking about how there is basically no difference between women and troon that makes him have an advantage in sports and I think it's another mma troon? Anyone knows that guy? I thought it was so absurd they put him talking nonsense as if he is some type of doctor.. and also completely avoiding to mention the first mma troon fallon fox. I mean, you'd think he would be relevant since they were talking about the second mma troon.

No. 1515160

That stood out to me too. I’m sorry but it’s not a “right” for them to get to use our bathrooms and make us feel unsafe. Almost every place these days has a single use or family bathroom. They can go to those instead. And if not, they can suck it up. I don’t exist to validate these people.

No. 1515178

Honestly, if you become suicidal by people calling you a she without the s, you deserve to kill yourself.

No. 1515187

Lol that happened to some bigger Twitter artist she silently liked support for jkr and ppl started calling her out. Actual insane behavior

No. 1515192

The illustrations don't even make sense. Why are men peeking under what I am assuming are trannies' skirts a TERF thing. Men aren't TERFs they are just run-of-the-mill transphobes. The stick figures lying around bleeding and being heaped into a big, stinking pile is pretty fucking funny though. Really dramatic.

No. 1515194

Petition to call everything you want "life saving."
I need this life saving promotion to validate my identity as an employee. I need this life saving BMW to validate my identity as a driver. I need life saving fancy dinners to affirm my identity as a non-homeless person.

No. 1515195

Why do men think attractive/androgynous male characters are the same thing as trannies? Characters like Cloud would unironically be good models for inspiring men to not be ugly

No. 1515205

I have no idea. You think men in general would see the chars who are obviously meant to pull women into games and shows and it would make them want to engage in any sort of hygiene at all. It’d probably make them feel better too. The idea that a feminine man = a woman and that’s the only way it’s acceptable is just braindead.

No. 1515219

Trans by Helen Joyce
Material Girls by Kathleen Stock
Backlash by Susan Faludi

No. 1515230

I like that idea and definitely need those 10 million dollars to validate my identity as a trans-rich person, it's not my fault that people see me as poor, everyone needs to support me transitioning to wealth, because that's what my true identity is all about.
Still playing with idea to start a gofundme and larp as a ftm, if I would love attention, I would go for it.

No. 1515244

Oh noes. Is that because he feels weak?
It's funny how "/r/ActualLesbians" and "/r/LesbiansActually" are full of moids…

No. 1515257

When will they realize there are bo lesbians left? Iirc most lesbians made private subreddits or simply left the site.

No. 1515270

File: 1651252075172.jpg (116.71 KB, 1080x876, FRhtr_EXIAQXnQg.jpg)

Oh no not the leafletting, how absolutely horrible! Imagine feeling unsafe because of people handing out flyers

No. 1515275

>never felt unsafe until some feminists started handing out fliers
Behold! The most oppressed group of people in the world!

No. 1515277

How is this person running for office and can’t even deal with dissenting opinions? Really how did they even make it this far in life?

No. 1515296

>middle aged brick shithouse male shaking with rage over women handing out fliers
Who's feeling unsafe now again?

No. 1515300

File: 1651254538811.jpeg (198.54 KB, 1242x1842, F39D9F87-DC04-4D46-99E2-322671…)

These ancient hons are so nasty. Boob twinges? Going braless Grandpa please.

No. 1515304

File: 1651254883109.jpg (98.65 KB, 750x1153, FRhP8v8WUAAZMzA.jpg)

No. 1515309

File: 1651255577732.jpg (52 KB, 580x812, IMG_20220429_192130.jpg)

His hips are comically tiny here, either that or his head is gigantic

No. 1515312

Yeah it only happened to me when I was young, not as an adult but they think it’s happening to them because they’re having a second puberty. Cum stains on your boxers is not discharge bleach trannies!!

No. 1515314

berries n cream lookin ass. god his friends must really hate him to let him leave the house like that.

No. 1515319

File: 1651256173523.png (62.94 KB, 512x512, sneetch.png)

Not pissing anyone off when you're built like a fucking sneetch

No. 1515321

His friends are theatre gays nonnie they fucking worship this

No. 1515323

he looks like something out of an snl parody. These men dress like cartoons of what they think women look like

No. 1515333

oh, how many women must wish to have never felt unsafe living somewhere, but that strong, grown woman is afraid of paper, I feel so sorry for her.

No. 1515335

I saw a tranny changing in my gym's locker room. In that situation I always thought I'd just quietly block myself with a towel and get the hell outta there knowing those huns make a scene. Instead, I was in my bra and once I saw him look over at me I screamed out of surprise covering my chest. It looked like he was going to say something so I tried apologize, but the an old woman next to me asked me what was wrong and then noticed the guy in there. She gasped and shouted what the hell he was doing in the women's locker room. He tried to say he was a woman, but one more hispanic woman in her 30s came over and shouted "what the fuck?!?!" The guy put his pants back on and left. It was a weekday around 10am so not a lot of people were there. The older woman and hispanic woman were clearly normies because they were going to get security until I reminded them about trans rights and they looked at me as if I was retarded and said they were going to talk to staff. The older woman said crosser dressers should do that at home. They were really nice to be because I seemed shaken up and said they'd make sure it wouldn't happen. Fucking KEK. I took a few breaks away from the gym. I never thought I'd freak out like that.

No. 1515348

He looks like the ogre owned by polish people who wanted to discuss mad max

No. 1515359

File: 1651258665973.jpg (228.6 KB, 720x769, 20220429_135444.jpg)

He has serial killer psycho vibes with that big fake smile

No. 1515361

What is wrong with this guy, like, why his proportions are so weird?

No. 1515369

Is he anorexic? His head is massive on his skinny body but pictures I'd him from when he was just a gay guy don't look like that. Maybe he bought into the meme that starvin yourself will create a more womanly (or at least vaguely androgynous) figure

No. 1515371

My guess is the trannies and their enablers have decided to get bolder after they got so assblasted by Musk buying Twitter and possibly allowing gender criticals/rad fems back.

No. 1515372

He has a massive man head and an ana-kun body. Always the ugliest males.

No. 1515373

File: 1651259350972.jpg (296.55 KB, 981x926, actualmurderstats.jpg)

"anti-trans misinformation" oh you mean facts debunking trans people's lies and propaganda?
Like how "they just want to pee", but somehow thousands of them post videos of themselves masturbating in women's restrooms, often near children. The number of troons being sex pests in women's restrooms is literally HIGHER than all murdered trans people (male + female) in the entire world put together.

No. 1515378

Kairi's bathroom slap, top right panel kek.

No. 1515379

"Women putting out papers makes me feel unsafe", says the same people who once nailed a dead rat to a rape crisis center.

No. 1515390

This pic would be amazing if it had the sources listed. Troons and handmaidens will see it and just cry "NO SOURCE FUCK OFF TERFS" lol

No. 1515391

that's what pisses me off when i follow news from countries where self-id (or whatever else you all have there) is implemented - people who don't live on the internet don't know about it. there is no way a whole country as big as the us in the matter of few years lost their minds and forgot what a woman and what a man is. i could bet not even a majority, hell, not even 10% of the whole population is aware of what's going on.

No. 1515402

Most Americans don't know or simply disagree with this shit, so the whole narrative that "the entirety of the US has gone bonkers for trannyshit" is bull. In the average US town, people (black, white Hispanic, whatever) will generally react like these women did here. >>1515335 The cases of wokebros like in the Wi Spa video tends to be less a norm, and more a thing in certain more liberal type areas.

There's no denying our institutions are completely captured though, and it sickens me because regular people are not this fucking nuts.

No. 1515403

It would be also interesting to add crimes trannies committed against women and vice versa

No. 1515418

File: 1651262558382.jpeg (495.36 KB, 1284x716, 995B7BC0-9B08-4BB3-BC6E-2DC685…)

Honestly their violent crimes against anyone. Remember that one who took the axe to the gas station and hit like two or three different people with it, splitting one man’s head open?


No. 1515421

late but he looks like pewdiepie in a dress

No. 1515426

Only 9 years???

No. 1515427

File: 1651262966187.jpeg (26.11 KB, 319x272, warfield.jpeg)

and this case where a TIM killed a lesbian couple and their son for not believing he was a woman (being TERFs basically).


No. 1515440

File: 1651263709363.jpg (373.51 KB, 2100x1400, kim-petras-germanys-next-topmo…)

kek kim petras was on germany's next top model and the face of the girls when his lardwaist walked in, literally nobody knows him here

No. 1515442

File: 1651263743457.jpeg (113.49 KB, 996x562, profile_mag-996x562.jpeg)

No. 1515445

File: 1651263900288.jpeg (69.43 KB, 507x769, FRdVsoOXEAQ9gAv.jpeg)

No. 1515446

Omg his face. He’s gotten so chonky.

No. 1515449

That outfit is already hard to pull off, idk why he thought it'd look good on his obese ass. What's with the massive boobs too, it's like Jazz Jennings

No. 1515451

this looks like the fat metalhead from your math class traded shirts with his friend's older sister and the group sat in the parking lot laughing at it all lunch.

No. 1515452

how come you can tell from that blurry screenshot that he's about to go on a violent rampage

No. 1515455

kek he’s so fucking fat. the giant saggy old woman boobs are sad. can’t he afford a fitness trainer and dietician?

No. 1515457

This guy was put on hormone blockers as soon as possible, had cross-sex hormones and surgery as a minor, yet he still ages like a man and has no curves to speak of. He is living proof you can't escape your sex no matter how hard you try, or how early you start.

No. 1515494

File: 1651267172370.png (256.48 KB, 500x533, 1398177738631.png)

Lol ok women have RIDICULOUS standards to become a model, and this potato sack looking scrote can just walz in bc he was castrated

No. 1515498

Even the saggiest, oldest real boobs look amazing compared to these weird male chests. They always extends way too far out, looks like a condition of some kind but nah, just xy.

No. 1515520

This is absolutely atrocious. And this fucking psycho only got 9 years? I had to look up the fate of the victim he struck in the face, and the man almost died and has to have his face held together with metal plates. So terrifying, now I have to worry about one of these totes feminine psychos walking into my changing rooms with an axe and swinging it around because their tinder date went badly. Extremely male behavior.

No. 1515536

bigger boobs = more woman

something something it’s a fetish something something

No. 1515541

more details, including updates on the trial here: https://www.karadansky.com/state-v-dana-rivers-updates

No. 1515564


You know I find it quite funny that two of the most prominent examples of boys who trooned out and transitioned at young ages have become obese (Jazz Jennings) or are pushing towards obese (Kim Petras).

Like it's crazy but not surprising because as per usual, they aren't getting proper helped to deal with their issues like how with Jazz, his issues come from his toxic AF family. I don't know about Kim Petras' background but I wouldn't be surprised if he had a toxic family as well.

No. 1515566

I remember hearing about this psycho but OMFG he only got 9 years? Please tell me this is just a rumor. That fucker should be doing 25 to life for what he did.

No. 1515588

File: 1651272712760.jpg (83.17 KB, 750x832, FRi8y1HWQAIoolf.jpg)

No. 1515592

File: 1651272850891.jpg (88.33 KB, 750x925, FRi8y1HXoAEX1pp.jpg)

No. 1515593

>women state boundaries in the nicest way possible
>men unhappy

what the fuck is new

No. 1515596

And this is the one they drag out when they talk about the "passing" "pretty" ones. Question, is there a medical reason why they always end up chonky and oddly shaped? They don't even gain weight like men do, it's like weird. Jazz has it as well. His weight gain distribution is so odd. The only ones who get the chop and stay thin are ones who are naturally really thin. Notice that non of Jazz's family is that big and her brothers are gaining weight but in the way men normally gain weight. I wonder if they both eat to cope or if it's just how Kim is meant to be built and Jazz obviously eats his feelings.

No. 1515601

Yeah but a least you actually are those things or become those things unlike troons.

No. 1515605

You know when men complain/try to guilt women for not wanting them because of small things such as STANDARDS, they get called incels, weirdos and rapey. Which is true. When a man is mad a woman is a lesbian and tries to convert her he's called a creepy homophobic (true).
When troons do this very same thing, the WOMAN Is the one whose the bad guy, for simply rejecting them. Being a "Woman" doesn't mean every fucking woman into women wants you. Get over it, everyone else has to deal with rejection for things we can't control.
Not because we put on a skirt and want lesbians to fuck us. Funny how these "Women" act just like men when rejected. Almost as if…

No. 1515606

At least you actually are those things or can become those things unlike troons.

No. 1515617

>I don't know about Kim Petras' background but I wouldn't be surprised if he had a toxic family as well.
his parents trooned him outside of murica a decade before the troon trend even started in murica, his parents are definitely lunatics.

i think his body looks weird because he always wears clothes trying to hide his fat. if he didn't wear high waist pants squishing his gut, he'd have a normal fat man body. plus he's rather short for a white/german man, so of course he's bound to look even more stumpy. jazz is also short i think

No. 1515644

Why are they so fucking obsessed with people not dating them. People can have whatever preferences they want when it comes to sex and love. If someone I was interested in said they only date redheads I’d be like. Ok oh well, and go about my life. The same goes for ethnicity or anything else imo. And wouldn’t they rather people be up front about it? Most people don’t want to touch the mangled genitals of any troon because they’re also mentally ill. I sure wouldn’t want to be with a dude who wrote about being homicidal on twitter like that guy. Dodging a (literal) bullet.

No. 1515647

File: 1651275543149.jpg (317.61 KB, 1152x2048, left.jpg)

jesus christ Leftatlondon looks terrible now, I remember when he first came out he looks so different.

No. 1515649

Such feminine charm. Totally doesn't look like a basement troll discord mod with a Baked Alaska level bleach job.

No. 1515650

I bet a 41% is coming up soon. If that happens he'd get the sophie treatment except only terminally online twitter and tiktok users would give a shit.

No. 1515652

Why aren’t people allowed to find them unattractive? Even if someone is bi, it’s not even necessarily genital preference. People just might not be attracted to hormone moobs, excessive plastic surgery or receding hairlines lol.

No. 1515661

File: 1651276768514.jpeg (1019.92 KB, 1170x1790, DD41A7F8-83FC-45E1-BC73-8FCC09…)

nice premature forehead wrinkles bro

No. 1515663

File: 1651276821199.jpeg (422.12 KB, 1170x1539, E5F5831D-98F2-4BFB-9F28-46EF69…)

i guarantee this is a man.

No. 1515664

Now twitter OP needs to post the picture pre FaceApp woman filter.

No. 1515681

Because if people are allowed to find them unattractive, people can say they find them unattractive and that's the reason for rejection even if the real reason is they are the wrong sex attractive or not. It's about taking away the ability to reject them because ultimately they are loser incels.

No. 1515683

File: 1651278687265.jpg (18.52 KB, 320x320, 30698046_2054715364542818_6270…)

I remember him being on Stern TV from a very young age, they documented his transition right from the beginning and at first he seemed normal, but I guess the parents at one point realised that there is no going back and that there is more money to make if he will go through with it. Sadly, there aren't any videos to be found from that time, it would be interesting to see the family dynamic again. Picture attached is the only thing to be found from years ago.

No. 1515698

This is very unsettling. Obviously he was groomed. Peak example of what not to do with your kid, I can't believe there's people fucking up this badly. Not only did they troon him but did it for the public's entertainment. And something about it rings pedo alarm bells. Ones like him and Jazz actually do have my sympathy, what a nightmare situation.

No. 1515704

Misogyny. They think a feminine or good looking man is a woman because he’s not a jock. It’s incel logic, don’t try to get it

No. 1515712

To add to this there isn’t a single handsome AGP. A couple of attractive gay guys troon out but every agp I have seen is ugly and malding. They look like incels

No. 1515721

Something about straight or bi guys trooning out makes them hideous, even if they were attractive before. It’s probably the psycho incel vibes and the porn brainrot.

No. 1515731

File: 1651283897656.jpg (391.19 KB, 1080x1500, 02ik276317d0.jpg)

>Question, is there a medical reason why they always end up chonky and oddly shaped? They don't even gain weight like men do, it's like weird.
They end up with the same issues the castrati did, with added weirdness from taking estrogen. I don't think the actual medical reasons have been explored other than what leads to the gangly tall look, though.

No. 1515914

File: 1651293541804.jpg (217.35 KB, 680x477, 20220430_060210.jpg)

No. 1515941

Today I realized I don’t care if a transwoman kills herself or not. I’m a complete moralfag and never wish this stuff usually and Think of this stuff just for laughs but I truly think they are doing the responsible thing and preventing future rape when they 41%.

No. 1515949

It feels worse because trannies can't console themselves by just calling her an evil transphobe who deserves to get raped, she's simply a lesbian who will never be attracted to them even when she's toeing the line by using their lingo.

No. 1515965

File: 1651296910432.jpeg (135.69 KB, 949x1024, 93684FD7-267B-44C7-9E43-6A3389…)

Just an unbelievable article from hontra. It still awes me that this dude has fans who listen to him and believe he’s an actual intellectual. Note how he drags black people into his argument towards the end kek, what a predictable shit show.


No. 1515973

heidi is almost 20 years older than him and yet moids say it's women who hit the wall kek

No. 1515976

File: 1651298012373.jpg (637.58 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20220429-194252_Twi…)

This was a few hours ago so idk where the likes are at now, but the comments are nothing but she's so beautiful!! I love her smile!!! Where do I get her outfits!!!

God I hate his face so much and I'm steaming I had to see this creep on my personal account.

No. 1515982

It isn't actually written by him but it is mostly made up of his retarded tweets about the situation

No. 1515987

Oh so it’s satire? I was wondering cause it’s almost too cringe to be true, even for a troon. He has been tweeting things similar to the article so that makes sense. I guess it’s still a funny read then, and they totally nailed it (although I feel like a sucker for falling for it kek)

No. 1515992

Same. I used to have a bleeding heart for these people, but I hit new levels of peak trans every day. I don’t care if they’re the victims of their own sick minds or evil on purpose. Troons hate women so much they make far-right wingers look sane by comparison. I think troons deserve to reap what they’ve sown, which is death, disease, and contempt.

No. 1515997

"Oh no we have to hear what people /really/ think about us."

No. 1516004

File: 1651300964303.jpeg (355.13 KB, 1682x1137, 1DCB119C-F589-427F-87AD-9D42F6…)

Someone needs to take face app away from scrotes asap. Looking at his from 3 years ago and comparing it to how he looks more recently, I almost feel sorry for him, he really thought he could just switch into female like that… and now he’s just an old man with long greasy hair, bolt ons and an axe wound. Many such cases.

No. 1516011

>worse than people saying they’re transphobic
It’s because they have no ammo to attack with. They can’t brigade or get her banned because they know she has not broken any rules. All they can do is CS&D.

No. 1516027

File: 1651306408483.png (Spoiler Image, 957.68 KB, 1182x1337, screencapture-reddit-r-transpa…)


the comments are saying he looks like a "girl". these people are mentally ill.

No. 1516036

File: 1651309312183.jpg (273.93 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20220430-105435_Chr…)


No. 1516037

I think a lot of guys are easily fooled by anyone just wearing a bra, a friend showed me a 'girls' tinder profile and it was so obviously male even with it trying to hide its face.

No. 1516040

they equate being skinny as female. especially the tim's built, he could be a twink.

No. 1516041

No waist, legs too skinny, no woman has posture like that

No. 1516042

File: 1651311494340.jpg (26.37 KB, 500x375, MV5BMTQ2ODgwMzIyNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 1516043

File: 1651311716289.jpg (35.31 KB, 443x247, Screenshot 2022-04-30 024118.j…)

No. 1516044

At this point whenever a violent criminal is judged as guilty the sentence should be what they did to their victims. I don't give a fuck about ethics anymore, if you split a guy's head open with an axe you better be prepared to also receive an axe in the face too.

No. 1516050

What a stunning and brave woman!

Me too nonna. I’m glad you said so as well, it’s nice to hear that others have had enough and lost all sympathy for these creatures.

No. 1516051

File: 1651312782627.jpeg (197.33 KB, 1908x1146, karl.jpeg)

Really annoys me when they use these headlines with just 'woman' in the title. The stories are less surprising (but still horrifying) when you realise it's a man.

No. 1516054

File: 1651313060936.jpg (123.15 KB, 868x426, theaxemaniscoming.jpg)


The psychotic attempted murderer eventually worked out he will never be a woman. Like, an actual nutter was capable of seeing the truth in the end. Having the shit kicked out of him in prison might have helped though.

No. 1516055

Oh my god 33 months and post op? Good for him kek.

No. 1516061

File: 1651316060928.jpg (40.58 KB, 650x507, evieamati.jpg)

This guy tricked a lesbian into a date and the date went poorly and he messaged her blaming her for his violence.
>A (trans)woman who struck two people with an axe at a Sydney convenience store sent threatening messages to a woman she met on Tinder just over an hour before the attack, a court has heard.
>The court heard Ms Amati met up with M J, who was 25 at the time, earlier that night.
>The court heard that in the message exchange, Ms Amati said she felt as though Ms J* thought she was "ugly" and she could tell she was not "attracted" to her.
>"One day I'm going to kill a lot of people and it will be your fault," Ms J said was in one of the messages.
>Ms J* told the court the messages then escalated and Ms Amati called her a "sociopath" and said "people like you is what's wrong with the world".

No. 1516063

Unbelievable. They ALWAYS find a way to blame women.

No. 1516077

looks like butch hartman

No. 1516083

I'm so tired of seeing his ugly mug, Facebook keeps recommending articles about the "sweet" trans tiktoker documenting his journey to GIRLHOOD. fuck this shit lmaoo at least call it womanhood. Creepy as fuck

No. 1516096

File: 1651323507647.png (967.33 KB, 640x853, Mtinaro.png)

HRT is magic!

No. 1516097

Does he have a hernia? Imagine taking drugs to become a woman (even though it does jackshit) instead of taking care of your weight and health first

No. 1516098

I'll still never understand what they think giving grown ass men some cross sex hormones will change. I guess that's why they write the most delusional fanfics as they know nothing actually changes except making them more susceptible to diseases and stuff like blood clots.

No. 1516100

File: 1651324018157.png (1.02 MB, 1264x530, yayitiscallie.png)

No. 1516101

File: 1651324084830.jpg (92.57 KB, 750x1111, FRjNlu-XMAElxck.jpg)

Death threats are not breaking twitter rules but misgendering is

No. 1516103

make sure to crop out the username at the bottom anon

No. 1516105

he really does look like someone who can't spell "doll"

No. 1516106

File: 1651324847242.png (611.58 KB, 640x807, Sexy SabrinaTX.png)

MTF selfie train never disappoints.

No. 1516107

File: 1651324957972.jpg (112.11 KB, 1088x1128, FRl6hb4WQAEPX0r.jpg)

No. 1516109

Lmfao so many of these men need to go back to the cave and stay there. Unga bunga

No. 1516110

this was posted in the last thread already, but might as take the opportunity to remind everyone that ratio addict keffals is an agp who transitioned to do porn and he admits to grooming minors to get them hormones that will permanently make them sterile and developmentally delayed

it's so hard to not see them as trolls making fun of trans people, how are they this delusional kek

No. 1516112

Thank you for reminding me of this episode.

No. 1516114

File: 1651325506956.png (1.1 MB, 1322x703, Natalie 19 89.png)


No. 1516115

Mid sneeze looking mf

No. 1516117

File: 1651326057074.jpeg (775.44 KB, 2640x1903, EF22C6CC-D687-4082-AC7F-E46BC9…)

can elon just delete twitter please

No. 1516120

File: 1651326355640.png (602.83 KB, 788x620, philnicau.png)

someone come get their grandpappy off reddit

No. 1516123

the image said "preferably people born with vaginas"
>"do they not realize this includes trans men who've had surgery and excludes trans women who've had surgery"

lol yes. they do realize. it's almost like people still see women and men as their real sex no matter how much they artificially change it.
it's so weird how I used to think transphobia was something bad, now it just means you're not a sexist and homophobic bigot. transphobia = predatorphobia

No. 1516124

I genuinely don't understand how anyone can see those images and go "that's someone who I want to see more of!" even outside of the whole trans thing. The stare is just so damn unnerving.

No. 1516130

File: 1651327232275.png (28.6 KB, 590x289, bimbo.png)

you have my permission to call yourself a bimbo, retard.

No. 1516131

handmaids are desperate to be allies in any way they can. they'll ignore the obvious creepy vibes a guy gives off if it'll gain them SJW points.

No. 1516135

File: 1651328020621.png (383.09 KB, 852x702, ratbrdd.png)

No. 1516136

I feel like I’ve seen this exact jpg in the Devlev thread kek

No. 1516137

File: 1651328250050.png (411.73 KB, 890x1082, anarchomastia.png)

i'm pretty sure this guy was outed as a sexual predator a few years back.

No. 1516138

File: 1651328258348.jpg (208.06 KB, 1109x1460, 20220430_091712.jpg)

No. 1516139

Yeah that's a hernia and holy shit it's huge. You'd think if he got the horse piss from a doctor they'd push him to getting that looked at and fixed.

No. 1516141

100% he's wearing his mother's clothes.

No. 1516145


Same. Even in my handmaiden days this dude would have freaked me the fuck out. You can just feel the personality disorders radiating off of him.

No. 1516147

So tired of their rape rhetoric and re-education sounding bullshit. “Regular reminder”: people have a right to fuck or not fuck whoever they want.

No. 1516150

File: 1651330448439.jpg (143.11 KB, 1241x1165, uMbZUbs.jpg)

Looking to see if I could drink on my meds and stumbled upon this picrel

No. 1516154

Why doesn’t the government just put these troops in a troons only prison but say the prison is a woman’s only prison. And if they say anything about it just being full of troons just say, that’s transphobic and those are all real women uwu

No. 1516156

File: 1651331192161.jpeg (179.04 KB, 749x972, AE77349B-5007-43C9-8981-8D18D3…)

An Insmouth resident (picrel.)

No. 1516157

Because men project themselves as the rapist. (The tranny men) and they wouldn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of other men.

No. 1516164

The ray of hope of Elon Scrote owning twitter is exactly this. Dumbass women who are clearly women yelling at people for "misgendering them" because they're binary, dumbass men who want to kill terfs and expect praise for their ugly and horrifying selfies…I can't fucking wait.

No. 1516165

Then they’d be being transphobic. They should respect each other’s identifies as women.

No. 1516168

Along with "stinkditch", I think "they ugly" is a very good excuse.

No. 1516169

KEK Who thought it'd be a good idea to photoshop a noose around Hontras neck

No. 1516177

File: 1651333983480.jpg (76.73 KB, 511x500, 6efv4i.jpg)

No. 1516183

Lol okay so why don't fat or ugly women use this line? Oh right, no rapist DNA in actual women.

No. 1516185

File: 1651335068911.jpeg (62.28 KB, 605x605, FRcREjJX0AESg1z.jpeg)


No. 1516187

ew those man hands kek

No. 1516188

men taking modeling and acting jobs from women who work much harder to maintain their appearance and skills makes me so fucking angry
he's an ugly tub of rancid lard who got where he is for no reason other than being male

No. 1516195

twink death hits transwomen particularly hard, times were better when people accepted that teenage boys can be feminine (and or gay) without being actual women.

No. 1516206

The fact that he went from one of the "passoids" to chubby babyfaced man in less than a couple years is proof biological sex is real
Literally once they hit a certain age they can't hide it anymore

No. 1516208

can't change biology kek

No. 1516209

He got castrated early too and even that didn't save him from his fat distribution kek

No. 1516212

File: 1651337997201.png (541.02 KB, 720x815, Screenshot_20220430-124142~2.p…)

visit etw.buzz/penis for more reasons why you need to be martyr mommy for trannies (they have simply nowhere else they could go)

No. 1516216

I can't help but feel like apps like Face App, Face Tune, and all those other beauty filter apps have created so many more of these troon men who fool themselves into thinking that they can look like those filters.

No. 1516219

Lmao it's not on women to take care of males having problems. Shoo, away with you.

No. 1516223

You have nowhere to go? The men's restroom is right there. Also good job comparing yourself to people who are actually suffering.

No. 1516227

why do they think that people having gential surgeries is a common thing people encounter in normal life?

No. 1516232

>we are refugees
Thats very tone deaf considering current world events

No. 1516236

they are obsessed with it because the whole plan with transitioning was to improve their value on the sexual market place, lmaooooo

No. 1516242

File: 1651339749873.jpg (61.04 KB, 680x599, FRlrHZ0XMAITQ8l.jpg)

No. 1516243

File: 1651339752655.jpeg (189.58 KB, 640x763, 1651302918915.jpeg)

chapo trans house supporting their subscribers

No. 1516246

i'm convinced people are actually bullying this person.

No. 1516252

i like how faceapp keeps their crazy eyed stare

No. 1516253


No. 1516255

after hundreds of years, men are finally the targets of the beauty industries self-hatred campaign and they stood no chance.

No. 1516260

kek even the beauty filters can't hide the agp dead fish eyes

No. 1516261

Is this Kim Petras? Jesus the Y chromosome isn't treating him well. If a female celebrity looked this haggard even with tons of photoshop she would be ripped to shreds. I'm the first to admit that he completely fooled me when he was in his early 20s and still passed for a teenage twink but once he started nearing 30 it's just getting more and more obvious. Men age like shit.

No. 1516263

File: 1651340537668.jpg (190.24 KB, 1080x1163, FRgcr7zXoAEN84m.jpg)

Imagine having the audacity to say that HRT for women with menopause is a privilege, when HRT is literally in shortage because of the insane tranny boom???

No. 1516265

The comments sucking up to him on twitter are just too much. How can you think that shit is wholesome at all. He looks like we'll be reading an arrest notice on him in 2 years max.

No. 1516267

medicine is never about helping anybody, it's only about money and prestige for the practitioners

No. 1516268

>nhs is a luxury, not a right
and you sir are a bot, not a human

No. 1516269

meanwhile he likely thinks hrt (life-saving gender-affirming care!!!) for troons is a human right. nevermind that these are healthy men taking away treatment from women who are suffering from depression, insomnia and pain during sex.

No. 1516276

such male behavior

No. 1516278

hontard's future

No. 1516282

hm, so, if I'm bisexual and don't have genital preferences, but still don't want to have sexual intercourse at all and especially not with a trans person because I'm just not interested and done with mentally ill humans, does that make me transphobic? Or am I humanphobic? Or am I insanephobic? Or, which would be the right answer, do I just don't care and want to be left alone? If I don't want to date, have sex, eat an octopus, etc., I just won't, I'm old enough to decide what's right for me. They wish they could put us back into an asylum for having an opinion and reading books…

No. 1516284

but nonna, women are just hysterical, we never suffer from anything, it's just all in our heads and if we just try hard enough, everything will be fine. After all, those are the men that tell us we can't stay at home because of period stuff, we are just whiny and it isn't that bad, but suddenly, on hrt, they have pms and cramps and know how we feel.

No. 1516285

File: 1651341758538.jpg (1007.44 KB, 1440x1816, Screenshot_20220430-081403_Chr…)

The current state of lesbian leadership

No. 1516289

File: 1651341952585.jpg (63.77 KB, 640x713, d2a62093ecfe60c1c8a65e999dad00…)

well, I'm done, I will transition into a plant now, don't want the human genetic anymore.

No. 1516291

This is why they have to cling to their trans identity, it cues everyone else to pretend they look good. They know they don't stand a chance of passing as a real woman.

No. 1516295

File: 1651342271269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.68 KB, 600x1618, FRmmv7MXoAI1Wbp.jpg)

Alot to unpack here

No. 1516322

File: 1651343856322.jpg (Spoiler Image, 820.64 KB, 1680x2000, gross.jpg)

found someone's furry tranny self-insert OC. hilarious how they have tiny gross cocks and flabby hormone boobs just like irl even in their fantasies

spoilered because its a naked pic of a gross oc with childlike proportions (of course)

No. 1516325

File: 1651344034008.jpg (331.17 KB, 605x593, 20220404_111250.jpg)


Can we burn the suitcase and the whole planet instead? This ugly man makes me wanna kms

No. 1516327

Nig Heke really stirred it up this time it seems. I cant remember him (him?) ever having as much of a noticeable response from trannies in the past, much less well known troons like this fat freaky cunt

No. 1516339

File: 1651344708457.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 2560x1920, 22-04-30-19-47-55-943_deco.jpg)

Spoilered for bulge

No. 1516340

Everything about him is so square. Those shoulders have angles and that torso is a 2x4.

No. 1516343

File: 1651345271178.jpeg (242.34 KB, 768x1024, 9D7F9058-1FD7-45DE-BD38-63FA10…)

No. 1516344

File: 1651345310318.jpeg (710.33 KB, 1536x2048, FB86B7E6-48B5-41B4-91C5-6FDC77…)

I’m actually scared of this man wtf his face doesn’t look real

No. 1516346

omg what is this cursed creature

No. 1516347

Those are the eyes of a psychopath

No. 1516351

actually demonic wtf

No. 1516352

File: 1651345658878.jpeg (285.39 KB, 768x1024, 6AFAA471-AC55-4EE5-AA8A-EC5CB7…)

No. 1516354

File: 1651345667977.jpg (29.3 KB, 225x350, fuchi.jpg)

it's her

No. 1516355

File: 1651345711928.jpeg (208.22 KB, 762x1024, D86FDF30-7F36-4835-927F-AF9DBC…)

Shout out to @nigheke3 on Twitter for exposing these creeps

No. 1516358

File: 1651345843063.jpeg (324.4 KB, 1600x1200, 54ABD4DB-EFE8-4014-8404-32146D…)

This is the type of customers Shayna Clifford panders to

No. 1516359

no offense but why do you keep giving "shout outs" to this random moid

No. 1516360

I hate this shit. I feel for GNC people who get asked this kind of thing by handmaidens. If any of you nonnies are in this thread I’m really sorry people are idiots.

No. 1516362

I just said “shout out to them” because they’re account was posted by another anon. Not literally shouting them out

No. 1516364

Classic moids.

No. 1516365

Idk I’ll be whateverphobic if it means I don’t have to touch their junk or interact with them in any capacity that doesn’t involve me just gray rocking.

No. 1516367

gigakek you can see the fear in her eyes through only her smile

No. 1516373

Pisses me tf off that there's an HRT shortage in America, which means menopausal women and women with hormonal conditions aren't getting treatment because these AGP freaks want to live out their sissy hypno transformation pedo fetish.

No. 1516374

I love that the petite women's fitness subreddits I follow are free of troons because troons are huge men. Kek
I tried to spoiler this but if it doesn't work I'm too lazy to fix it lel

No. 1516375

File: 1651346717088.jpg (27.88 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-118373679-612x612.…)

Jesus fucking christ, for real?

No. 1516376

why do coomers always have a thousand yard stare?

No. 1516377

i hate the moids but equally i hate every single handmaiden sitting there and looking at them with a smile. look at the composition of the photo and the body language - all focused on men. women are apparently too weak to walk a single step without having a moid to lead them. what an absolute bunch of dumb cowards

No. 1516378

thousand coom stare

No. 1516384

Nothing left in their brains. They can find no enjoyment in anything bc they’ve ruined their minds.

No. 1516389

he looks like he's wearing a skin suit?????

No. 1516394

Kek at least he actually has furniture

No. 1516425

Oof, this appears to be an elderly man who got an extreme thread lift except his skin was already so saggy it just makes him look like he's wearing a loose silicon mask. Mento illness

No. 1516431

File: 1651351805322.png (179.85 KB, 260x362, 1iuhiuft4tfg.PNG)

it brings me a little joy that no matter how early these moids take hormones, they still age like scrotes. even worse since they fatten up kek.

No. 1516442

I thought the crisis was in the UK? Or is it happening in the US too?
t. britfag

No. 1516446

Nonna, how did you find his pre-transition pictures kek??

No. 1516456

File: 1651354840638.jpg (39.67 KB, 690x390, yugioh-chin-joey-1167988.jpg)

>What do I pass as

No. 1516460

Two men pushing their bullshit onto a woman

No. 1516461

There is no way you can convince me this isn't a man literally wearing the skin of a woman. Nope nope nope

No. 1516462

I remember the first time I heard the word “transphobia”. It was when Kelly Osbourne talked about how her ex had cheated on her with a TIM, and how humiliating that felt for her (based Kelly). I clearly remember thinking “transphobia? That doesn’t sound good, I don’t like Kelly Osbourne anymore”. That’s how normies think, or rather, outsource their thinking to whoever holds power over a narrative. Troons always say that there’s no such thing as an ally turning into a transphobe, they were transphobic all along, which clearly isn’t the case. Most people want to be nice and kind, and go along with the crowd. Imagine how much bullshit and misogyny it takes to turn a handmaiden into a terf. It’s a lot, but anyone with a functioning brain eventually catches up to the truth. JK Rowling is the perfect example of an extraordinarily kind person who has turned against the trans movement because she’s too smart and honest not to. There’s something poetic about the trans movement not being self-aware enough to know or care that what they’re doing is a literal a witch hunt against an innocent woman, just like in the past.

No. 1516477

File: 1651356466282.jpg (37.53 KB, 430x645, 16923-ben-miller.jpg)

had no idea Ben Miller was a troon

No. 1516480

surely this is edited, what the fuck?

No. 1516506

it’s so good to enter the real world every now and then. i was out with my cousin tonight who doesn’t use the internet at all and she immediately clocked two trannies in a bar we were in and was loudly talking about how disgusting they were, she had no comprehension that anything she said was at all problematic she just spotted two freaks and wanted to warn everyone nearby. based normie, i love her.

No. 1516515

Once those old lesbians die all the lesbian leadership will be troons, reddit style.

No. 1516519

File: 1651359587389.jpg (129.84 KB, 958x800, download (4).jpg)

No. 1516520

I agree so much. It took literal years for me to grow so tired of their bullshit that I couldn’t take it anymore. Seriously almost a decade. So I do have hope that the way people keep talking up more is a sign that other people are getting tired of it too.

No. 1516531

File: 1651361299176.jpg (187.14 KB, 720x2106, HP_hate.jpg)

This isn't even funny, imagine having such a visceral reaction and fantasizing about wanting to murder a woman and her child, all cause the woman happens to be a HP fan

No. 1516534

Lol I don’t understand why HP is being used as a TERF symbol? Not everyone is so chronically online enough to relate it to trans people. They really believe the world revolves around them.

No. 1516535

Its just because Jk rowling had the balls to publicly say trans rights are invading womens rights

No. 1516536

he looks like a serial killer jesus christ

No. 1516543

File: 1651362774060.png (338.69 KB, 536x564, 423423324423423324.png)


Okay please forgive me for being old and not knowing how the fuck to get a tiktok video from twitter to play here, if any of you can do it please go ahead.
But this video needs to be seen here, what a narc asshole

No. 1516552

File: 1651363447312.webm (8.06 MB, 576x1024, R-l0YBkW_bk0ldjg.webm)

you can download them from various websites by just plugging in the URL. But you also need it to be webm format to post here. I have you covered tho.

No. 1516554

you are a man with bolt-ons. men see women as parts and are initially attracted to you because you grafted one female part on to yourself. when they realize you have a penis, intact or inverted, they are not interested. what is so hard to understand about that?

No. 1516557

File: 1651363874386.jpg (632.35 KB, 810x1739, Screenshot_20220430-200746_Boo…)


No. 1516563

File: 1651364121003.jpg (164.1 KB, 720x773, FQ8flIiXoAE50uo.jpg)

TIMs hatred for mothers just reeks of womb envy, there's not even denying it for a second. personally as a mother it makes me feel powerfuf asf, that I can do something that no TIM no matter how rich he is, can not even comprehend dreaming of doing

No. 1516574

Kek based undercover tranny hater aunt

No. 1516576

>This mean CRUEL bitch dares to test me by putting her nasty tits on display while feeding her baby!!! how dare she!!! why isn't the HR addressing my complaints!!!
There should be a scientific study regarding troons and their mommy issues.

No. 1516580

File: 1651366139597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.75 KB, 1670x1852, Screenshot_20220430-174714_rif…)

walk away

No. 1516583

this has to be a terf troll. they're not this stupid, right?

No. 1516585

Where is she? I can't see her, that ugly dude is in the way?

No. 1516587

File: 1651366821347.jpeg (145.85 KB, 1170x1158, 110845F2-9C00-44C5-91CD-07E5AD…)

No. 1516597

even the voices in his head think he's a man

No. 1516601

Male psychosis and hysteria

No. 1516605

He really does look like a villain from a Junji Ito manga. A oneshot about a waitress being forced to be polite to a skinwalker

No. 1516611

kek even his frantic narc word vomit is male, nevermind the uncanny fridge body with implants

No. 1516612

The rare four whites

No. 1516614

The things that man has seen (degenerate porn)

No. 1516633

Lol @ this tranny having the audacity to dictate what's "natural"

No. 1516643

This dude doesn't just have no hips, those shits go inward. It's almost fascinating.

No. 1516651

reminds me of that scene in ace ventura when all the policemen found out the chief was a tranny with a penis. they were all disgusted and brushing their tongues off. once a straight guy knows it’s a man with bolt-ons, they’re no longer interested.

No. 1516652

sage because ot and who cares but thank you for telling us of this sub. I'm short as well, so this is awesome inspo and advice!

No. 1516666

File: 1651379110345.jpg (94.89 KB, 720x787, Screenshot_20220501-061927.jpg)

Anyone know who's behind this account? It can't be a woman. I've seen them interact with Mallory Moore, a known TRA (and tranny?) who spread lies about Cuban Angel. Just search their name and Moore's @.

No. 1516667

Which Keffals tweet are they responding to?

No. 1516677

File: 1651380782571.jpg (46.17 KB, 713x468, Screenshot_20220501-065205.jpg)